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  1. Judy Estes Hall (1940-2015). (United States)

    Sammons, Morgan T; Boucher, Andrew


    Presents an obituary for Judy Estes Hall, who passed away on November 24, 2015. Hall served as the Executive Officer of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists until her retirement in 2013. She is a recognized expert in the development of education and training standards for the profession of psychology, she also made significant contributions in the field of international psychology, where she was a renowned expert in cross-national credentialing and an advocate for commonality in licensing standards. She was the coauthor of one edited volume and author of more than 60 journal articles, book chapters, and professional publications. A passionate advocate for the advancement of women in psychology, a devoted mother and grandmother, a connoisseur of wine and international traveler extraordinaire, she touched the personal and professional lives of many. (PsycINFO Database Record

  2. Development of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City through agropolitan concept (United States)

    Subagiyo, A.; Dwiproborini, F.; Sari, N.


    The border of RI-PNG Muara Tami district is located on the eastern part of Jayapura city, which has agricultural potential. The past paradigm put the border as the backyard caused underdevelopment in border RI-PNG Muara Tami district, so that needed acceleration development through agropolitan concept. The purpose of the research is to define the aspect of physical, social, economic and border security to support agropolitan concept in border RI-PNG Muara Tami district. The analytical research method are border interactionan analysis, border security analysis, land capability analysis, land availability analysis, schallogram analysis, institutional analysis, leading comodity analysis (LQ and Growth Share), agribusiness linkage system analysis, accessibility analysis and A’WOT analysis. The result shown that mobilization from PNG to Muara Tami district could increase the economic opportunities with agricultural based. Border security of RI-PNG Muara Tami district is vulnerable, yet still condusive to mobilization. There is 12.977,94 Ha potensial land for agricultural (20,93%). There are six leading commodities to developed are rice, watermelon, banana, coconut, areca nut and cocoa. The border of RI-PNG Muara Tami district is ready enough to support agropolitan concept, but still have problems in social and economy aspect.

  3. Judy Collins shares a laugh with First Lady Hillary Clinton (United States)


    Singer Judy Collins (left) shares a laugh with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Apollo/Saturn V Facility. Both women are at KSC to view the launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-93 scheduled for 12:36 a.m. EDT July 20. Much attention has been generated over the launch due to Commander Eileen M. Collins, the first woman to serve as commander of a Shuttle mission. Judy Collins has honored the commander with a song, 'Beyond the Sky,' which was commissioned by NASA through the NASA Art Program.

  4. A new resolution of the Judy Benjamin problem

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Romeijn, J.-W.; Douven, I.


    Van Fraassen's Judy Benjamin problem has generally been taken to show that not all rational changes of belief can be modelled in a probabilistic framework if the available update rules are restricted to Bayes's rule and Jeffrey's generalization thereof. But alternative rules based on distance functi

  5. Conveyance characteristics of the Nueces River, Cotulla to Simmons, Texas (United States)

    Massey, Bernard C.; Reeves, William E.


    Analysis of discharge hydrographs for streamflow-gaging stations on the Nueces River at Cotulla, Tilden, and Simmons indicate that significant water losses occur along the 108-mile reach from Cotulla to Simmon during storm-runoff periods. Computed losses along the 83-mile reach from Cotulla to Tilden for 15 storm periods range from 32 to 59 percent of the total runoff volume passing the Cotulla gage. For six storm periods that occurred while the gage at Simmons was in operation, computed losses from Cotulla to Simmons averaged 48 percent of the storm runoff passing the Cotulla gage. Estimates of total-annual losses were made with the aid of a regression model developed to relate monthly rainfall totals to monthly runoff. Total annual water losses, estimated with the aid of the regression model, ranged from 46,000 acre-feet during 1969 to 368,500 acre-feet during 1967, and averaged about 174,000 acre-feet for 1966-77. (USGS)

  6. Statistical mechanics of the Huxley-Simmons model. (United States)

    Caruel, M; Truskinovsky, L


    The chemomechanical model of Huxley and Simmons (HS) [A. F. Huxley and R. M. Simmons, Nature 233, 533 (1971)NATUAS0028-083610.1038/233533a0] provides a paradigmatic description of mechanically induced collective conformational changes relevant in a variety of biological contexts, from muscles power stroke and hair cell gating to integrin binding and hairpin unzipping. We develop a statistical mechanical perspective on the HS model by exploiting a formal analogy with a paramagnetic Ising model. We first study the equilibrium HS model with a finite number of elements and compute explicitly its mechanical and thermal properties. To model kinetics, we derive a master equation and solve it for several loading protocols. The developed formalism is applicable to a broad range of allosteric systems with mean-field interactions.

  7. Statistical mechanics of the Huxley-Simmons model

    CERN Document Server

    Caruel, M


    The chemomechanical model of Huxley and Simmons (HS) [A. F. Huxley and R. M. Simmons, Nature 233, 533 (1971)] provides a paradigmatic description of mechanically induced collective conformational changes relevant in a variety of biological contexts, from muscles power-stroke and hair cell gating to integrin binding and hairpin unzipping. We develop a statistical mechanical perspective on the HS model by exploiting a formal analogy with a paramagnetic Ising model. We first study the equilibrium HS model with a finite number of elements and compute explicitly its mechanical and thermal properties. To model kinetics, we derive a master equation and solve it for several loading protocols. The developed formalism is applicable to a broad range of allosteric systems with mean-field interactions.

  8. Statistical mechanics of the Huxley-Simmons model (United States)

    Caruel, M.; Truskinovsky, L.


    The chemomechanical model of Huxley and Simmons (HS) [A. F. Huxley and R. M. Simmons, Nature 233, 533 (1971), 10.1038/233533a0] provides a paradigmatic description of mechanically induced collective conformational changes relevant in a variety of biological contexts, from muscles power stroke and hair cell gating to integrin binding and hairpin unzipping. We develop a statistical mechanical perspective on the HS model by exploiting a formal analogy with a paramagnetic Ising model. We first study the equilibrium HS model with a finite number of elements and compute explicitly its mechanical and thermal properties. To model kinetics, we derive a master equation and solve it for several loading protocols. The developed formalism is applicable to a broad range of allosteric systems with mean-field interactions.

  9. Menerjemahkan Permainan Bahasa Dalam Novel Anak Judy Moody, Girl Detective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Indah Sulistyowati


    Full Text Available Novel anak merupakan suatu karya fiksi. Dalam novel anak banyak ditemukan permainan bahasa. Permainan bahasa tersebut terjadi pada tataran ejaan (permainan ejaan, bunyi (permainan bunyi, dan kata (permainan kata. Ketika menerjemahkan permainan bahasa dalam novel anak (karya fiksi, penerjemah harus memertahankan efek yang ditimbul oleh permainan bahasa tersebut. Penerjemah harus menggunakan prosedur penerjemahan yang tepat dalam menerjemahkan permainan bahasa tersebut. Dalam novel anak Judy Moody, Girls Detective, prosedur penerjemahan yang digunakan untuk menerjemahkan permainan ejaan adalah prosedur penerjemahan adaptasi. Sedangkan prosedur penerjemahan kuplet, padanan budaya, dan adaptasi digunakan untuk menerjemahkan permainan bunyi. Terakhir, prosedur penerjemahan parafrasa, kuplet, dan penjelasan tambahan digunakan untuk menerjemahkan permainan kata.

  10. Allowing Boys and Girls to Become More Fully Human: An Interview with Judy Logan. (United States)

    Quarterly of the National Writing Project and the Center for the Study of Writing and Literacy, 1995


    Presents an interview with middle-school teacher Judy Logan. Discusses how this teacher, who is particularly knowledgeable about gender issues, responds to research reported in this journal regarding gender differences in students' choices of writing topics. (SR)

  11. Transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) approach for large juxta-anal gastrointestinal stromal tumour. (United States)

    Wachter, Nicolas; Wörns, Marcus-Alexander; Dos Santos, Daniel Pinto; Lang, Hauke; Huber, Tobias; Kneist, Werner


    Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) are rarely found in the rectum. Large rectal GISTs in the narrow pelvis sometimes require extended abdominal surgery to obtain free resection margins, and it is a challenge to preserve sufficient anal sphincter and urogenital function. Here we present a 56-year-old male with a locally advanced juxta-anal non-metastatic GIST of approximately 10 cm in diameter. Therapy with imatinib reduced the tumour size and allowed partial intersphincteric resection (pISR). The patient underwent an electrophysiology-controlled nerve-sparing hybrid of laparoscopic and transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) in a multimodal setting. The down-to-up approach provided sufficient dissection plane visualisation and allowed the confirmed nerve-sparing. Lateroterminal coloanal anastomosis was performed. Follow-up showed preserved urogenital function and good anorectal function, and the patient remains disease-free under adjuvant chemotherapy as of 12 months after surgery. This report suggests that the TAMIS approach enables extraluminal high-quality oncological and function-preserving excision of high-risk GISTs.

  12. Transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS approach for large juxta-anal gastrointestinal stromal tumour

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicolas Wachter


    Full Text Available Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs are rarely found in the rectum. Large rectal GISTs in the narrow pelvis sometimes require extended abdominal surgery to obtain free resection margins, and it is a challenge to preserve sufficient anal sphincter and urogenital function. Here we present a 56-year-old male with a locally advanced juxta-anal non-metastatic GIST of approximately 10 cm in diameter. Therapy with imatinib reduced the tumour size and allowed partial intersphincteric resection (pISR. The patient underwent an electrophysiology-controlled nerve-sparing hybrid of laparoscopic and transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS in a multimodal setting. The down-to-up approach provided sufficient dissection plane visualisation and allowed the confirmed nerve-sparing. Lateroterminal coloanal anastomosis was performed. Follow-up showed preserved urogenital function and good anorectal function, and the patient remains disease-free under adjuvant chemotherapy as of 12 months after surgery. This report suggests that the TAMIS approach enables extraluminal high-quality oncological and function-preserving excision of high-risk GISTs.

  13. TamiR159 directed wheat TaGAMYB cleavage and its involvement in anther development and heat response.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu Wang

    Full Text Available In Arabidopsis and rice, miR159-regulated GAMYB-like family transcription factors function in flower development and gibberellin (GA signaling in cereal aleurone cells. In this study, the involvement of miR159 in the regulation of its putative target TaGAMYB and its relationship to wheat development were investigated. First, we demonstrated that cleavage of TaGAMYB1 and TaGAMYB2 was directed by miR159 using 5'-RACE and a transient expression system. Second, we overexpressed TamiR159, TaGAMYB1 and mTaGAMYB1 (impaired in the miR159 binding site in transgenic rice, revealing that the accumulation in rice of mature miR159 derived from the precursor of wheat resulted in delayed heading time and male sterility. In addition, the number of tillers and primary branches in rice overexpressing mTaGAMYB1 increased relative to the wild type. Our previous study reported that TamiR159 was downregulated after two hours of heat stress treatment in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.. Most notably, the TamiR159 overexpression rice lines were more sensitive to heat stress relative to the wild type, indicating that the downregulation of TamiR159 in wheat after heat stress might participate in a heat stress-related signaling pathway, in turn contributing to heat stress tolerance.

  14. The Hosoya index and the Merrifield-Simmons index of some graphs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samaneh Hossein-Zadeh


    Full Text Available The Hosoya index and the Merrifield-Simmons index are two types of graph invariants used in mathematical chemistry. In this paper, we give some formulas for computed these indices for some classes of corona product and link of two graphs. Furthermore, we obtain exact formulas of hosoya and Merrifield-Simmons indices for the set of bicyclic graphs, caterpillars and dual star.

  15. The Great Unknown: Daniel Handler Interviews National Book Award-Winner Judy Blundell (United States)

    Handler, Daniel


    This article presents an interview with National Book Award-winner Judy Blundell. For nearly 20 years, Blundell has toiled in anonymity, turning out more than 100 mysteries, romances, and media tie-ins under various pen names, such as Jude Watson. But in mid-November, the writer-for-hire was suddenly shoved into the spotlight. That's when "What I…

  16. Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) to Treat Vesicorectal Fistula: A New Approach (United States)

    Tobias-Machado, Marcos; Mattos, Pablo Aloisio Lima; Reis, Leonardo Oliveira; Juliano, César Augusto Braz; Pompeo, Antonio Carlos Lima


    ABSTRACT Purpose: Vesicorectal fistula is one of the most devastating postoperative complications after radical prostatectomy. Definitive treatment is difficult due to morbidity and recurrence. Despite many options, there is not an unanimous accepted approach. This article aimed to report a new minimally invasive approach as an option to reconstructive surgery. Materials and Methods: We report on Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) with miniLap devices for instrumentation in a 65 year old patient presenting with vesicorectal fistula after radical prostatectomy. We used Alexis® device for transanal access and 3, 5 and 11 mm triangulated ports for the procedure. The surgical steps were as follows: cystoscopy and implant of guide wire through fistula; patient at jack-knife position; transanal access; Identification of the fistula; dissection; vesical wall closure; injection of fibrin glue in defect; rectal wall closure. Results: The operative time was 240 minutes, with 120 minutes for reconstruction. No perioperative complications or conversion were observed. Hospital stay was two days and catheters were removed at four weeks. No recurrence was observed. Conclusions: This approach has low morbidity and is feasible. The main difficulties consisted in maintaining luminal dilation, instrumental manipulation and suturing. PMID:26689530

  17. Voicing Gay Women's Liberation: Judy Grahn and the Shaping of Lesbian Feminism. (United States)

    Rio, Chelsea Del


    A closer look at the rich world of California feminisms demonstrates how Judy Grahn served as a central figure in bay area feminism, working to establish and support lesbian activist organizations, feminist publications, women's cultural events, and more. Two of Grahn's early political writings consider how lesbians sat at the nexus of homophobia and sexism. These writings demonstrate the formative role played by San Francisco lesbians in reframing ideas about "women-loving women" and the intersections of gender and sexuality in creating the oppressions faced by all women.

  18. TamiR1123 originated from a family of miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements (MITE) including one inserted in the Vrn-A1a promoter in wheat. (United States)

    Yu, Ming; Carver, Brett F; Yan, Liuling


    More than half of spring wheat cultivars have a dominant Vrn-A1a allele that has an insertion of a miniature inverted-repeat transposable element (MITE) in its promoter. In this study, we found that the MITE present in the Vrn-A1a gene (MITE_VRN) is a nearly perfect palindrome and it can form highly stable hairpin loops when expressed as RNA. MITE_VRN also possessed sequences of a microRNA in Triticum aestivum (TamiR1123). The P(32) labeled TamiR1123 probe detected two RNA molecules on a small RNA gel blot, one expected for MITE_VRN, and the other expected for TamiR1123. These results demonstrated that MITE_VRN was expressed as RNAs and TamiR1123 was originated from the MITE_VRN family. The isogenic line TDD carrying the dominant Vrn-A1a allele with MITE_VRN showed higher TamiR1123 and Vrn-A1a transcript levels than the isogenic line TDE carrying the recessive vrn-A1a allele without MITE_VRN. TamiR1123 were greatly up-regulated by plant age but slightly down-regulated by low temperature and short days. These findings have pointed to alternative regulatory mechanisms for plant development governed by Vrn-A1a in spring wheat.

  19. Resección de tumoración rectal mediante cirugía transanal mínimamente invasiva (TAMIS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jose P Rivera-Chavarría


    Full Text Available La microcirugía endoscópica transanal (TEM, por sus siglas en inglés es una técnica que se ha desarrollado desde los años 80 y tiene múltiples indicaciones. La cirugía transanal mínimamente invasiva (TAMIS, por sus siglas en inglés se ha introducido como un enfoque alternativo al TEM, con las mismas indicaciones y algunas ventajas. Se reporta aquí el primer caso en Costa Rica de TAMIS, practicada exitosamente en un paciente de 85 años con una tumoración rectal de 4 cm de diámetro.

  20. Exhibition of Woodblock Prints by Judy Ongg Held in National Art Museum of China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Our Staff Reporter


    <正>To mark the 30th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, the Exhibition of Woodblock Prints by Judy Ongg, co-sponsored by the CPAFFC and the China-Japan Friendship Association, was mounted at the National Art Museum of China from September 17 to 25. Sun Jiazheng, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Jing Dunquan, vice president of the CPAFFC and the CJFA, Jackie Chan, famous Hong Kong Film star, Dhanin Chearavanont, chairman of Chia Tai Group of Thailand, and Hisashi Michigami, minister of the Japanese Embassy in China were present at the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon.

  1. The Merrifield-Simmons index of quadrangular chains%四角链的Merrifield-Simmons指标

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    田文文; 田双亮


    Quadrangular chains is a connected graph that consists of several unit square sequences and any two adjacent squares have only one cut edge .This paper presents the Merrifield-Simmons index and itscomputational formula of quadrangular chains made up by unit square sequences un-der two non-isomorphic connected positions .%四角链是由若干个单位正方形序列且任意相邻两个正方形之间只有一条割边构成的连通图。研究了n个单位正方形序列构成的四角链在两种不同构联接位下的Merrifield-Simmons指标,并给出了具体表达式。

  2. Applying Roper v. Simmons in juvenile transfer and waiver proceedings: a legal and neuroscientific inquiry. (United States)

    Fabian, John Matthew


    In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court held the death penalty unconstitutional as applied to juveniles in Roper v. Simmons. The Court reasoned that juveniles were less criminally culpable than adults because they lack maturity, they are more vulnerable to peer influence, and their character is not as well formed as that of adults. Although Roper addressed the imposition of the ultimate punishment of death within the context of a juvenile's moral blameworthiness for a crime of murder, this article considers the application of the Court's reasoning in Roper to the issue of juvenile waiver. Specifically, the author asks the question whether Roper's ultimate language distinguishing juveniles from adults in capital cases should apply to the conventional practice of their trial and sentencing as adults. Despite the fact that juvenile transfer is a less serious sanction than the death penalty, this inquiry confronts the traditional objective of the juvenile court system, a system of punishment that was founded on rehabilitation rather than retribution. The author questions whether the punitive objectives of deterrence and retribution are satisfied by juvenile waiver and whether the mitigating effect of adolescence negates the trial of youth as adults.

  3. Organic seed: The production and the certification in the experimental field of the 'Tamiš' Institute, Pančevo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ugrenović Vladan


    Full Text Available The seed, the replanation and the planting material used in organic production, have to originate from a certified organic plant production ('The Official Register of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia', number 51/2002. In the beginning of 2009, in the experimental field of the 'Tamiš' Institute, there was established a demo-field according to the methods of organic production. A demo-field establishing process and a seed production were prepared according to the current Law on Organic Production and Organic Products and its accompanying regulations ('The Official Register of the Republic of Serbia', number 62/2006; 'The Official Register of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia', number 51/2002. During the first year of conversion period was established the seed production of soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill. Production of organic seed is submitted to double check, and requires issuing two certificates. According to the current Law on Seed ('The Official Register of the Republic of Serbia', number 45/2006, the established production of soybean was reported as a seed crop to the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as to an authorized organization for control and certification. All the necessary professional crop checking was per- formed during the seed processing. The seed production was successfully ended and resulted in acquiring the seed of the three soybean types organically produced, with the status of the first year conversion period. We specially emphasize a soybean seed type named 'Domestic Black', which, for its characteristics, rep- resents very interesting selection material for organic production. In the autumn of 2009, there was established the seed production of the only acknowledged type of spelt (Triticum spelta L - type 'Nirvana', in the demo-field of the 'Tamiš' Institute. There was used a declared seed, produced according the methods of organic production with the status of the second year conversion period.

  4. Brigadier General James Stevens Simmons (1890-1954), Medical Corps, United States Army: a career in preventive medicine. (United States)

    Marble, Sanders


    James Simmons began his career in the US Army as a laboratory officer and his assignments progressed into tropical medicine research. His interests and work evolved into preventive medicine (PM, as the Army termed public health), and he took both a PhD and a Doctorate in Public Health. As the Army's leading PM officer he was appointed head of PM in 1940 and guided the Army's PM effort through World War II. His responsibility ran from gas masks through healthy nutrition and occupational health to an enormous variety of diseases; by the war's end, the breadth and importance of PM was reflected in the Preventive Medicine Division, having fully one-sixth of all military personnel at the Surgeon General's Office. Simmons used his strong professional credentials to tap into civilian medicine for expertise the Army lacked and he established organizations that survive to this day. After retirement, he sought to expand the field of public health and raise another generation of public health physicians.

  5. 四元素链的Merrifield-Simmons指示%The Merrifield-Simmons index of four-membered chains

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    田文文; 田双亮


    四元素链是由若干个单位正方形序列且任意相邻两个正方形只有一个公共顶点构成的连通图.本文主要研究了n个单位正方形序列构成的四元素链在两种不同构联接位下的Merrifield-Simmons指标,并给出其计算公式.%Four-membered chains is a connected graph that consists of several unit square sequences and any two adjacent square have only one common vertex, this paper presents the Merrifield-Simmons index and its calculation formula of four-membered chains made up by raunit square sequences under two don't isomorphic connected positions.

  6. Reading Research on Core Values, Christian Ethos and School Transformation at England's Most Improved Academy: A Reply to Bragg, Allington, Simmons and Jones (United States)

    Pike, Mark A.


    This article presents the author's reply to the comments of Bragg, Allington, Simmons and Jones to his article "Transaction and transformation at Trinity" (Pike, 2010) wherein he reported a case study of Trinity Academy, which serves a former mining community and social priority area near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. In 2008, just…

  7. Gill reaction to pollutants from the Tamiš River in three freshwater fish species, Esox lucius L. 1758, Sander lucioperca (L. 1758) and Silurus glanis L. 1758: a comparative study. (United States)

    Lujić, J; Matavulj, M; Poleksić, V; Rašković, B; Marinović, Z; Kostić, D; Miljanović, B


    The study evaluated the effects of waterborne pollutants from the Tamiš River on gill histology and possible differences in gill reaction patterns between three freshwater fish species, pike Esox lucius L. 1758, pike-perch Sander lucioperca (L. 1758) and wels catfish Silurus glanis L. 1758 from the Tamiš River. Gills from analysed fish species showed moderate to intense histopathological alterations. The most frequent progressive alteration was hyperplasia of epithelium, whereas the most frequent regressive alteration was epithelial lifting. Circulatory disturbances were most often manifested in the form of hyperaemia. During comparative analysis, differences in gill indices, reaction and alteration indices, as well as in gill and filament prevalence between analysed species, were observed. Although all analysed fish species did show both progressive and regressive alterations, there was a significant difference in the level of expression of these reaction patterns. Gill index obtained for pike clearly stands out as the lowest. Wels catfish showed the highest progressive reaction index, significantly higher in comparison with the other two species (P < 0.05), while pike-perch showed the highest regressive reaction index, also significantly higher in comparison with the other species (P < 0.001). These results may implicate species-specific gill reactions and thus present a useful tool for better understanding toxic mechanisms of various pollutants.

  8. Yiorgos Kalogeras on H. Raphael-Hernandez’s The Utopian Aesthetics of Three African American Women (Toni Morrison, Gloria Naylor, Judie Dash.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Heike Raphael-Hernandez. The Utopian Aesthetics of Three African American Women (Toni Morrison, Gloria Naylor, Judie Dash. The Principles of Hope. The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008. Viii + pp. 173.Dr Heike Raphael-Hernandez’s book focuses on a close reading of two novels and a movie script. It also discusses briefly several other novels by African American women writers who have published their work since the 1960s. Many among these writers are already considered as major voices and their work ha...

  9. p-hacking by post hoc selection with multiple opportunities: Detectability by skewness test?: Comment on Simonsohn, Nelson, and Simmons (2014). (United States)

    Ulrich, Rolf; Miller, Jeff


    Simonsohn, Nelson, and Simmons (2014) have suggested a novel test to detect p-hacking in research, that is, when researchers report excessive rates of "significant effects" that are truly false positives. Although this test is very useful for identifying true effects in some cases, it fails to identify false positives in several situations when researchers conduct multiple statistical tests (e.g., reporting the most significant result). In these cases, p-curves are right-skewed, thereby mimicking the existence of real effects even if no effect is actually present.

  10. A Study of Ian Simmons's Global Environmental History%伊恩·西蒙斯的全球环境史研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    贾珺; 姜云珂


    全球环境史是环境史领域的一个重要分支。英国地理学家伊恩·西蒙斯对全球环境史的思考有着鲜明的跨学科特色。退休之后,西蒙斯对全球环境史的思考并未停止,反而更加深入——论文《世界尺度》和专著《全球环境史》都是他最新的研究成果。这些著述既体现了西蒙斯早年环境史研究中的大尺度(1argescale)特点,又体现了他在开阔视野下进行理论思考与实证研究的新发展。%Global environmental history is an important branch of the area of environmental history. British geogra- pher Ian Simmons's global environmental history study has distinctive interdisciplinary features. Simmons did not stop studying global environmental history in retirement, and his latest research achievements, The World Scale and Global Environmental History: 10,000 BC:AD 2000,indicated that he went even further in this topic. Through care- ful analysis of these works, it is not difficult to find out that they showed the same feature of large scale as appeared in his early research. At the same time, these works also represented his new approach to combining theory and practice in a broader perspective.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Micronycteris is divided into four subgenera, Micronycteris, Leuconycteris, Xenoctenes, and Schizonycteris. The latter includes Micronycteris (Schizonycteris minuta, Micronycteris (S. schmidtorum, Micronycteris (S. sanborni and Micronycteris (S. yatesi. Little is known of the biology of M. (S. sanborni, which is widely distributed in the dry forests of South America, but is known from only few sites. The scarcity of records of M. sanborni appears to be at least partly related to the difficulty of differentiating this species from the other members of the subgenus Schizonycteris. The present study identifies the key traits that distinguish this species from other Schizonycteris, reviews the geographic distribution of the species, and presents some notes on breeding patterns. Six new localities are presented for M. sanborni, and are analyzed together with those available in the literature, providing new insights into ecological and zoogeographic patterns. A number of the diagnostic features established by Simmons (1996 in the description of M. sanborni proved to have little taxonomic value, especially for the differentiation of M. minuta and M. yatesi, which it closely resembles. The primary external difference is the pure white color of the ventral pelage and the proportion of the white base (2/3-4/5 of the dorsal hair in M. sanborni, in contrast with dirty white or pale gray and a much shorter white base of the dorsal hair in the other species. A number of cranial traits are also important. The distributional data now indicate that M. sanborni occurs mainly in mesic and open areas, including disturbed habitats, in the Caatinga scrublands and the Cerrado savannas of northeastern Brazil, especially in areas with rocky outcrops. Micronycteris sanborni appears to be monoestrous, with births coinciding with the rainy season.

  12. Surface Observation Climatic Summaries (SOCS) for Simmons AAF, North Carolina (United States)


    0a~ vluaZ mc F" 8DmLY 0WRMMVATI STORM : 746930 8onno inIU: 9 AGG AIR PC P321W 0F RIWN)0: JUL 81 - JUN 91 TAT 20 U1T: 5 HONWMl HMq HORS: 12-14 WIlmar in...VISIBIILITY IN OThII Palm IN M M M a• 03 03 OR • 98 G GGE G( GI S G GE GO FT 17 6 5 4 3 2 1/2 2 1 1/2 1 1/4 1 3/4 5/4 1/2 3/8 1/4 0...3/8 1/4 0 ND0 OIL 57.9 59.3 60.3 61.0 61.2 61.3 61.3 6-.3 61.3 61.3 61.3 61.3 61.3 61.4 61.4 61.7 66 20000 62.2 63.6 64.9 65.6 65.9 66.0 66.0 66.0

  13. Hardin-Simmons University Faculty Handbook, 1975-1976. (United States)

    Hardin-Simmons Univ., Abilene, TX.

    The 1975 edition of the faculty handbook is divided into major sections covering administrative structure, faculty-administration relationships, faculty compensation and fringe benefits, faculty services, faculty-student responsibilities and relationships, and summer school employment. The university administration is described with regard to the…

  14. "Shake me up, Judy!": on Dickens, medicine and spinal cord disorders. (United States)

    Ohry, Avi


    Charles Dickens' ( 1812- 1870) works, were for a long time, a solid background for social, historical, psychological, literary and medical 19th century studies. In this article , some light is casted on Dickens, medicine and disabled people in his works, especially on paraplegics.




    The title of this legal research is "effort Sleman Resort Police in preventing and repressing practice football online gambling". background on which to base this legal research is, Sleman Resort Police efforts to prevent and repressive the practice of online gambling in Sleman regency. purpose of this study to determine the Sleman Resort Police efforts to prevent and repressive the practice of online gambling and what the barriers are, as well as one of the requirements to earn h...

  16. Searching for Judy: How Small Mysteries Affect Narrative Processes and Memory (United States)

    Love, Jessica; McKoon, Gail; Gerrig, Richard J.


    Current theories of text processing say little about how authors' narrative choices, including the introduction of small mysteries, can affect readers' narrative experiences. Gerrig, Love, and McKoon (2009) provided evidence that 1 type of small mystery--a character introduced without information linking him or her to the story--affects readers'…

  17. Stress, Neural Systems, and Genetic Code: An Interview with Neuroscientist Judy Cameron. Perspectives (United States)

    National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2006


    Research indicates some early life stresses can have a profound impact, resulting in changes in brain function and behavior, and even differences in the ways some genes express their particular genetic code signature. At various times during early development, different neural systems appear to have an increased sensitivity to stress and can…

  18. Stress, Neural Systems, and Genetic Code: An Interview with Neuroscientist Judy Cameron. Perspectives (United States)

    National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2006


    Research indicates some early life stresses can have a profound impact, resulting in changes in brain function and behavior, and even differences in the ways some genes express their particular genetic code signature. At various times during early development, different neural systems appear to have an increased sensitivity to stress and can…

  19. HPHT reservoir evolution: a case study from Jade and Judy fields, Central Graben, UK North Sea (United States)

    di Primio, Rolando; Neumann, Volkmar


    3D basin modelling of a study area in Quadrant 30, UK North Sea was performed in order to elucidate the burial, thermal, pressure and hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation history in the Jurassic and Triassic high pressure high temperature sequences. Calibration data, including reservoir temperatures, pressures, petroleum compositional data, vitrinite reflectance profiles and published fluid inclusion data were used to constrain model predictions. The comparison of different pressure generating processes indicated that only when gas generation is taken into account as a pressure generating mechanism, both the predicted present day as well as palaeo-pressure evolution matches the available calibration data. Compositional modelling of hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation also reproduced present and palaeo bulk fluid properties such as the reservoir fluid gas to oil ratios. The reconstruction of the filling histories of both reservoirs indicates that both were first charged around 100 Ma ago and contained initially a two-phase system in which gas dominated volumetrically. Upon burial reservoir fluid composition evolved to higher GORs and became undersaturated as a function of increasing pore pressure up to the present day situation. Our results indicate that gas compositions must be taken into account when calculating the volumetric effect of gas generation on overpressure.

  20. A Mid-Late Quaternary loess-paleosol record in Simmons Farm in southern Illinois, USA (United States)

    Wang, Hongfang; Lundstrom, C.C.; Zhang, Z.; Grimley, D.A.; Balsam, W.L.


    In unglaciated areas of the Mississippi Valley region, the typical full loess-paleosol succession contains the Modern Soil developed in Peoria Silt, weakly developed Farmdale Geosol developed in Roxana Silt, Sangamon Geosol developed in Loveland Silt, and Yarmouth Geosol developed in Crowley's Ridge Silt. Although a fifth loess called the Marianna Silt is reported at one area, the paleosol that separates the Crowley Ridge and Marianna Silts is not well defined. Previous thermoluminescence (TL) and optical stimulated luminescence (OSL) age chronology has suggested multiple phases of Sangamon Geosol developed in Loveland Silt, but clear morphological evidence of polygenetic Sangamon Geosol profiles have not been found. Recently, a thick loess-paleosol sequence has been studied in the middle Mississippi Valley in unglaciated southern Illinois, USA. Soil morphology and analytical results revealed five loesses and associated paleosol units. Two Sangamon Bt horizons were found separated by a thick ACtk horizon, interpreted to indicate two phases of Sangamon Geosol development. This well-preserved loess-paleosol succession provides one of the most complete mid-late Quaternary loess records in the middle Mississippi Valley to date, and is important for studying the stratigraphic framework and paleoclimate and environment changes. ?? 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. On the New Standards Project: A Conversation with Lauren Resnick and Warren Simmons. (United States)

    O'Neil, John


    New Standards Project directors believe that U.S. educational system must educate all students to high standards. Type of test administered heavily influences classroom practice. New system, consisting of portfolios; performance-based matrix exam tasks, projects, and exhibitions; and work selected by districts, teachers, and students will extend…

  2. Merrifield-simmons index and minimum number of independent sets in short trees

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frendrup, Allan; Pedersen, Anders Sune; Sapozhenko, Alexander A.;


    In Ars Comb. 84 (2007), 85-96, Pedersen and Vestergaard posed the problem of determining a lower bound for the number of independent sets in a tree of fixed order and diameter d. Asymptotically, we give here a complete solution for trees of diameter d...

  3. Cheating the Hangman: The Effect of the "Roper v. Simmons" Decision on Homicides Committed by Juveniles (United States)

    Flexon, Jamie L.; Stolzenberg, Lisa; D'Alessio, Stewart J.


    On March 1, 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the execution of offenders under the age of 18 at the time of their criminal offense was unconstitutional. Although many welcomed this decision, some individuals still remain concerned that the elimination of the specter of capital punishment will inevitably increase homicidal behavior among…

  4. Peran Trichoderma reesei E. G Simmons pada Pengendalian Damping-Off Semai Cendana (Santalum Album Linn.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. M. Widyastuti


    Full Text Available The sandalwood seedling has been planted in the nursery of Balitbang Kehutanan NTT to experience the destruction is about 20%, seedling is attacked by  damping-off. Biological control has been developed as alternate method against soil born diseases to eliminate  damage  on the environment. One of  the biological  agents  having high  antagonistic potential against soil born pathogen is Trichoderma spp. The direction of experiment  to search the cause of lodoh on the sandalwood  seedling and the application influences T. reesei on the control lodoh in the sandalwood seedling. Methods  of  the experiment was (1 isolation the sandalwood seedling of  painful and soil example  from NTT, (2 Postulat Koch test on the sandalwood seedling, (3 antagonistic test of T.  reesei  in vitro and (4 effectiveness  test of T. reesei against developing patogen in vivo. The result indicated that lodoh on the sandalwood seedling caused by Fusarium sp. T. reesei in vitro inhibited Fusarium sp. at average of 100% accordingly. The application of T. reesei as biological control agent against Fusarium sp. showed high  effectivity. The attact percentage of lodoh on sandalwood seedlings showed that the lowest one was growth on compost formulated with T. reesei (5%, whereas seedlings growth on compost without T. reesei,  unsteril  sands and soil samples  from NTT were 30%, 35% and 65%.

  5. From "Lawrence Kohlberg's Approach to Moral Education" by F. Clark Power, Ann Higgins, and Lawrence Kohlberg, with Judy Codding (1989) (United States)

    Schools: Studies in Education, 2011


    This article is an excerpt from "Lawrence Kohlberg's Approach to Moral Education." It refers several times to Kohlberg's "six stages of moral development." Stages 3 and 4 belong to the second level of moral development, which Kohlberg calls "conventional." At stage 3, one becomes aware of conventions as one sees what is right in terms of living up…

  6. 2005-2006 Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Lidar: Polk County (Including Hampton, Judy, Lake Wales, Peace River (North), and Polk District Remainder Tracts) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set is one component of a digital terrain model (DTM) for the SWFWMD Polk District. This record includes information about the LiDAR data for the...

  7. 2005-2006 Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Lidar: Polk County (Including Hampton, Judy, Lake Wales, Peace River (North), and Polk District Remainder Tracts) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set is one component of a digital terrain model (DTM) for the SWFWMD Polk District. This record includes information about the LiDAR data for the following...

  8. Long-Term Impact of Family Arguments and Physical Violence on Adult Functioning at Age 30 Years: Findings from the Simmons Longitudinal Study (United States)

    Paradis, Angela D.; Reinherz, Helen Z.; Giaconia, Rose M.; Beardslee, William R.; Ward, Kirsten; Fitzmaurice, Garrett M.


    Family arguments by the age of 15 and family physical violence by the age of 18 is found to significantly compromise key domains of adult functioning at age 30. The findings are based on data from 346 participants whose psychosocial development has been followed since age 5.

  9. Adsorption competition study between oxygenated compounds and hydrocarbons on molecular sieves; Etude de la competition d`adsorption entre les composes oxygenes et les hydrocarbures sur les tamis moleculaires

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kong Ming, L.


    The aim of this study is to determine the competitive behavior of methanol and l -hexene in an n-hexane solvent system using a 13-x and a molecular sieves as the adsorbent. Adsorption was carried out in liquid phase. Parameters such as concentration, flowrate, temperature and column, length were varied in order to assess their effects on the breakthrough curves. In methanol-n-hexane system, it was found that the concentration profiles of the breakthrough curves were not very much influenced by the parameters except for the amount of volume of feed processes. However, changes in the flowrate does not have a significant effect on the concentration profile. A higher flowrate, the profile assumes a more dispersive pattern which of course is expected due to lower contact time if internal diffusion is rate determining. In the case of l -hexane carries out at different temperatures and column lengths there were some differences in concentration profiles. This may be due to experimental difficulties in controlling the flowrate at the start of the experiment rather than inherent adsorption behavior. In the 3-component system, 1 -hexene breakthrough was very much earlier as compared to methanol. Desorption carried out at 383 k and with flowrate of 28{+-}l g/min and for 100 minutes for all cases showed little variation. Re-adsorption under various conditions showed marked reduction in the amount of feed processed. The breakthrough curves were simulated using an Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP) proprietary computer program which is based on selectivity and theoretical plates and which predicts very well for xylene separation. In the 1 -hexene-n-hexane system, the simulator predicted reasonably well in terms of bed volume processed, however, for the methanol-n-hexane system the simulator failed. For the program to be effective, some mathematical treatments needs to be done with respect to the handling of the numerical analysis. To describe the adsorption equilibrium, two different approaches were needed, one in which there is no competition between methanol and n-hexane and the other where competition may exist as in l -hexene-n-hexane system at 313 k and and 323 K. (author) 24 refs.

  10. Application value of Rigiscan penis hardness measuring instrument in judi-cial expertise of sexual function%Rigiscan阴茎硬度测量仪在性功能司法鉴定中的应用价值

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王彪; 周宇驰; 吴松; 符兴波


    Objective:To investigate the valuable application of Rigiscan penis hardness measuring instrument in the judicial expert-ise of sexual function. Methods:100 cases of ED ( penile erectile dysfunction) were assigned to our hospital for the judicial expertise by Rigiscan. Results:100 cases of erection last more than 5 minutes. The erection hardness of 12 cases was more than 70%,and the hard-ness of 76 cases was between 40% and 70%,and 10 cases were lower than 40%. Two cases were not erect and only hyperemia. The head and root expend more than or equal to 20% recorded by the Rigiscan with the number of 78,and 12 cases was between 10% and 20%,and 10 cases expend less than or equal to 10%. It is scored by the IIEF5. Conclusion:The application of Rigiscan in the judicial expertise was an objective and fair method. And the method can be accessed the grade of body impairment and can provide the reliable clinical data.%目的:探讨Rigiscan阴茎硬度测量仪在性功能司法鉴定中的应用价值。方法:对指定到我院作司法鉴定的100例阴茎勃起功能障碍( penile erectile dysfunction,ED)进行Rigiscan检测。结果:100例患者勃起持续时间都超过5 min。12例阴茎最大勃起时硬度≥70%;76例阴茎勃起硬度在40%~70%;10例阴茎勃起硬度在40%以下;2例阴茎未勃起,仅轻度充血。78例Rigiscan记录头部及根部膨胀增加≥20%;12例在10%~20%;10例头部及根部膨胀增加≤10%。结论: Rigiscan阴茎硬度测量仪是男性性功能障碍司法鉴定较为客观、公正的方法,能够直观地评价伤者的伤残等级,可有效地对患者的伤残等级进行评价,更好的为司法鉴定技术提供可靠的临床数据。

  11. The Judying Significance of ALT Detection for Organophosphorus Poisoning Patient%谷丙转氨酶检测对有机磷中毒患者病情判断的意义

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张大辉; 边剑飞


    Objective: To study the acute organic phosphorus poisoning patient severity of illness and al-anine aminotransferase correlation. Method: Detected 42 cases of patients with acute organophosphate poisoning alanine aminotransferase, and then analyzed the detected values and the relation to the severity of the disease. Result: The patients with acute organic phosphorus poisoning, associated with elevated alanine aminotransferase , and the elevated level of severity is related, in severe cases, alanine aminotransferase detection value was higher than that of the general patients, alanine aminotransferase, the differences were statistically significant (P<0. 05). Conclusion : Acute organophosphate poisoning patients with elevated alanine aminotransferase value is one of the indicators to judge the condition of serious.%目的:探讨急性有机磷中毒病人病情严重程度与谷丙转氨酶的相关性.方法:检测42例急性有机磷中毒病人的谷丙转氨酶,分析其检测值与病情相关性.结果:急性有机磷中毒患者中,伴有谷丙转氨酶升高,而且升高程度与病情严重程度呈正相关,严重病例谷丙转氨酶检测值明显高于一般患者,谷丙转氨酶差异有统计学意义P<0.05.结论:急性有机磷中毒病人谷丙转氨酶升高值是判断病情严重的指标之一.

  12. Teachable Moments: When Protests Erupted Following the Publication of an Anti-Reparations Ad in a Campus Newspaper, Brown University President Ruth Simmons Decided Her Community Could Benefit from Taking a Closer Look at the University's Historical Ties to Slavery (United States)

    Hamilton, Kendra


    It all started as a rather ran-of-the-mill campus controversy over race and slavery: an anti-reparations ad ran in The Brown Daily Herald; students cried foul, formed human chains and demanded "reparations" in the form of free advertising for the opposing side; still others responded with shouts of "political correctness." But then something…

  13. 75 FR 61775 - Exemptions From Certain Prohibited Transaction Restrictions (United States)


    ... D. Simmons Individual Retirement Act (the IRA), D-11597; and 2010-29, Boston Carpenters... beneficiaries of the plan. John D. Simmons Individual Retirement Account (the IRA) Located in West Chester, PA... Sale) by the IRA to John D. Simmons, a disqualified person with respect to the IRA,* of a 50...

  14. Physical chemistry of hydrated molecular sieves: combined study of theoretical and experimental approaches. Understanding and outlooks of hydration mechanism of alumino phosphates; Physico-chimie des tamis moleculaires hydrates: etude combinee experience/theorie. Comprehension et previsions des mecanismes d'hydratation des aluminophosphates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poulet, G. [Institut universitaire de technologie, 74 - Annecy-le-Vieux (France); Sautet, Ph. [Ecole Nationale Superieure de Lyon, 69 (France); Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), 69 - Villeurbanne (France); Tuel, A. [Institut de Recherches sur le Catalyse, UPR 5401, 69 - Villeurbanne (France)


    Microporous alumino-phosphates AlPO{sub 4}-n have drawn considerable attention due to their potential to act as heterogeneous catalysts and molecular sieves. Hydration of these compounds usually modifies the coordination of framework aluminium species and causes a reversible structure deformation. Here, a combined use of experimental tools and of a theoretical approach based on the density functional theory (DFT) contributes to a better knowledge of the interactions between water molecule and AlPO{sub 4}-n frameworks. Information on the behaviour of water in the pores has been obtained from the study of a model compound, AlPO{sub 4}-34. A dehydration/re-hydration mechanism has been proposed as well as a partially hydrated phase, in agreement with solid-state NMR and X-ray diffraction results. Then, a complete experimental study (infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, NMR) has been supplemented by static or dynamic theoretical approaches to get information on the calcined re-hydrated AlPO{sub 4}-18 phase. (authors)

  15. Uudised : "Barokkmaastike" lõppkontsert. Volbriööl Tallinnas. Uus Tallinna Trio, Eesti muusikasaadik / Imbi Tarum

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tarum, Imbi


    22. apr. Adamson-Ericu muuseumis toimuvast viimasest kontserdist sarjas "Barokkmaastikud". TAMi volbriöökontserdist 30. apr. klubis Hollywood. Uus Tallinna Trio kontserdireisist Norras, Rootsis, Lätis ja Leedus, kus esineti noorte muusikute vahetusprojekti "Upbeat" raames

  16. 78 FR 68135 - Environmental Impact Statement: Los Angeles County, California (United States)


    ... Podesta, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), 100 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, telephone (213) 897-0309 and . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Effective July 1,...

  17. Uudised : Estonia Seltsi Segakoor Barcelonas. TAM avab hooaja Viljandis. Meeskoor Tbilisi kontserttuur Eestis. Uus kontserdihooaeg EKMi filiaalides / Tõnu Ojala

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ojala, Tõnu, 1969-


    ESS osaleb 19.-22. sept. Barcelonas toimuval IV rahvusvahelisel rahvalauluseadete koorifestivalil "Euroopa... ja tema laulud". TAMi kontserdist 23. sept. Viljandis. Ans. Tbilisi kontsertturneest Eestis. Uuest kontserdihooajast E. Kunstimuuseumi filiaalides


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper shows the results obtained in field analysis performed at the Tamiš River, starting from the settlement Jaša Tomić (the border between Serbia and Romania to Pančevo (the confluence of Tamiš into the Danube. The Tamiš is a 359 km long river rising in the southern Carpathian Mountains. It flows through the Banat region and flows into the Danube near Pančevo. Over the years, the water quality of the river has severely deteriorated and badly affected the environment and the river ecosystem. In situ measurements enabled determination of physico-chemical parameters of water quality of the Tamiš River at every 400 m of the watercourse, such as: water temperature, pH value, electrical conductivity, contents of dissolved oxygen and oxygen saturation. The main reason of higher pollution of Tamiš is seen in connection to DTD hydro system. Sampling was performed at 7 points with regard to color, turbidity, total hardness, alkalinity, concentration of ammonium nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, iron, chlorides and sulphates in samples. The aim of the present work was to evaluate water quality in the Tamiš River taking into account significant pollution, which originates from settlements, industry and agriculture, and to suggest appropriate preventive measures to further decrease the pollution of the river's water.

  19. Water-Resources Investigations in Wisconsin, 2004 (United States)


    Engineering) Gerald L. Goddard, Hydrologic Technician Halward L. Hanson, Hydrologic Technician David E. Housner, Hydrologic Technician Judy A...impacts in zebra mussels; sedimentation patterns and the resulting effects on mussels, paddlefish, and navigation; and hydrologic assis- tance in...William R. Selbig, Hydrologist Todd D. Stuntebeck, Physical Scientist Judy A. Horwatich, Hydraulic Engineer Troy D. Rutter, Hydrologic Technician

  20. The Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy of a Low-dose, Aqueous, Intranasal Scopolamine Spray (United States)


    21. Simmons, R. G., Phillips , J. B., Lojewski, R. A., Wang, Z., Boyd, J. L., & Putcha, L. (2010). The efficacy of low-dose intranasal scopolamine...for motion sickness. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 81, 405-412. 22. Simmons, R. G., Phillips , J. B., & Lojewski, R. A. (2008...of Medicine and Surgery, Department of the Navy. 23. Simmons, R. G., Phillips , J. B., Lowjeski, R. A., & Lawson, B. D. (2008). A comparison of

  1. Bridges between science, society and policy technology assessment : methods and impacts

    CERN Document Server

    Ladikas, Miltos


    This book summarises the results of the project TAMI (Technology Assessment in Europe; between Method and Impact). This was a two-year project that brought together the main institutes of technology assessment in Europe, both parliamentary and non-parliamentary. TAMI created a structured dialogue between technology assessment experts and policymakers on current methodologies and their impact on policymaking. The TAMI team explored and assessed the whole spectrum of methodologies from the "classical" to the "interactive/participatory" and "communicative," identified good practices in project implementation and set the stage for impact evaluation based on objective criteria. Finally this report offers a series of policy recommendations based on the findings of the project. Science, Society and Policy, are three areas that technology assessment functions within and works for; this book is an attempt to improve the interaction amongst them for a more socially and economically sustainable Science and Technology p...

  2. Dhyana-thumb-pus hing Manipulation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHEN Guo-quan; CUI Xue-jun


    @@ The dhyana-thumb-pushing manipulation is the chief one inthe Dhyana Thumb Tuina School; it's also a characteristic manipulation and plays an important role in the TCM Tuina teaching and clinical treatment. The name came from Jingdechuanzhonglu() and was used in the Chan sect of Buddhism. According to the book, in Song Dynansty, Judi Buddhist Monk asked Tianlong Buddhist Monk for the dhyana. Tianlong erected a finger but said nothing, Judi deeply comprehended the dhyana. Later on, if someone asked him for the Buddhism doctrine, he did the same act. Before Judi died, he said: "I accepted a thumb Dhyana from Tianlong and benefited from it all my life."

  3. Fundamental Investigations into the Infrared Properties of Carbon Nanotubes (United States)


    Jun Li, Judy Wu. The effect of annealing on the photoconductivity of carbon nanofiber/TiO2core-shell nanowires for use in dye-sensitized solar cells ...Judy Wu. Development of Nanopatterned Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Electrodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Improved Light Trapping, ACS Applied...heterojunction solar cell photocurrent enhancement, Nanoscale, (06 2012): 0. doi: 10.1039/c2nr30735a 08/30/2011 1.00 Rongtao Lu, Rayyan Kamal, Judy Z Wu

  4. Task Group on Increasing Diversity in DOD’s Flag and Senior Executive Ranks (United States)


    Chairman, Community Outreach: Linda Griego Secretary: Joan Bok Treasurer: Dominic Tarantino Its General Counsel is Bettina B. Plevan, senior partner...Simmons College offers a liberal arts education for undergraduate women integrated with professional work experience, as well as, coeducational...graduate programs in health studies, education, liberal arts , communications management, social work, and library and information science. Simmons also

  5. Determination of the Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Polyurethane Foam by Guggenheim’s Method (United States)


    34Nonisothermal Chemical Kinetics," Nature, 228, (1970). 11 E.L. Simmons and W.W. Wendlandt, "Nonisothermal Rate Equations," Thermochimica Acta , 3...11. E.L. Simmons and W.W. Wendlandt, "Nonisothermal Rate Equations," Thermochimica Acta , 3, 498 (1972). 12. P.D. Garn, "Nonisothermal Kinetics

  6. Electron tunneling through alkanedithiol self-assembled monolayers in large-area molecular junctions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Akkerman, Hylke B.; Naber, Ronald C. G.; Jongbloed, Bert; van Hal, Paul A.; Blom, Paul W. M.; de Leeuw, Dago M.; de Boer, Bert


    The electrical transport through self-assembled monolayers of alkanedithiols was studied in large-area molecular junctions and described by the Simmons model [Simmons JIG (1963) J Appi Phys 34:1793-1803 and 2581-2590] for tunneling through a practical barrier, i.e., a rectangular barrier with the im

  7. 75 FR 47639 - Application Nos. and Proposed Exemptions; D-11569, Sherburne Tele Systems, Inc.; and D-11597... (United States)


    ....) John D. Simmons Individual Retirement Account (the IRA), Located in West Chester, PA, Proposed... section 4975(c)(1)(A)- (E) of the Code, shall not apply to the proposed sale (the Sale) by the IRA to John D. Simmons, (the Applicant) a disqualified person with respect to the IRA,\\11\\ of a 50...

  8. Suve suurim lustipidu / Laurence Lumiere

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lumiere, Laurence


    ABBA muusikale loodud muusikafilm "Mamma Mia!" : lavastaja Phyllida Lloyd : produtsent Judy Craymer : naispeaosas Meryl Streep : Suurbritannia - Ameerika Ühendriigid 2008. Filmi saamisloost. Lisatud nimekirjad "Maailma paremad muusikalid" ja "10 edukamat muusikali Põhja-Ameerika kinodes"

  9. Acquisition: Procurement Procedures Used for C-17 Globemaster III Sustainment Partnership Total System Support (United States)


    additional comments are required. We appreciate the courtesies extended to the staff. Questions should be directed to Ms. Deborah L. Carros at (703) 604...Jolliffe Deborah L. Carros Beth K. Schaefer Kevin A. Palmer Judy M. Chun Jillisa H. Milner

  10. 77 FR 7599 - Receipt of Applications for Endangered Species Permits (United States)


    ... personal identifying information--may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your... Applicant: Daniel Judy, Mount Dora, Florida Applicant requests amendment of permit to allow for the take...

  11. How to Be a Good Visitor to a Healthcare Facility (United States)

    ... Pingback: payday loans Pingback: Private Tour Pingback: Agen Bola Pingback: ... missguided coupon code Pingback: missguided coupon code Pingback: Bola Online dan Togel Pingback: Segala Macam Judi Olahraga ...

  12. Current Perspectives on Pronunciation. Practices Anchored in Theory. (United States)

    Morley, Joan, Ed.

    A collection of essays on pronunciation instruction theory and practice includes: "Teaching Pronunciation as Communication" (Marianne Celce-Murcia); "Learner Variables and Prepronunciation Considerations in Teaching Pronunciation" (Rita Wong); "Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension" (Judy B. Gilbert); "Pronunciation Tutorials for Nonnative…

  13. NIH Research Leads to Cervical Cancer Vaccine (United States)

    ... Issues Sexually Transmitted Diseases NIH Research Leads to Cervical Cancer Vaccine Past Issues / Fall 2008 Table of Contents ... in women, the cause of the majority of cervical cancers. Photo courtesy of Judy Folkenberg, NLM Writer By ...

  14. 77 FR 77185 - Veterans' Rural Health Advisory Committee, Notice of Meeting (United States)


    .... Members of the public may also submit written statements for the Committee's review to Ms. Judy Bowie... information should contact Ms. Bowie at (202) 461-7100. Dated: December 22, 2012. By Direction of...

  15. 77 FR 30593 - Veterans' Rural Health Advisory Committee, Notice of Meeting (United States)


    .... Members of the public may also submit written statements for the Committee's review to Ms. Judy Bowie... ] information should contact Ms. Bowie at (202) 461-7100. Dated: May 18, 2012. By Direction of the...

  16. 78 FR 19076 - Notice of Meeting (United States)


    .... Judy Bowie, Designated Federal Officer, ORH (10P1R), Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue... additional information should contact Ms. Bowie at (202) 461-1929. Dated: March 25, 2013. By Direction of...

  17. 2013 Review on the Extension of the AMedP-8(C) Methodology to New Agents, Materials, and Conditions (United States)


    13 Judy Day, Avner Friedman, and Larry S. Schlesinger, “Modeling the Host Response to Inhalation Anthrax,” Journal of Theoretical Biology 276, no...1 (2011): 199–208; Judy Day, Avner Friedman, and Larry S. Schlesinger, “Supplementary Materials for Modeling the Host Response to Inhalation...distributions relating dose to the onset of vomiting , agranulocytosis, and death were derived from radiation exposure accidents at the Mayak Production

  18. It’s in the Closet

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    <正>Story: Kathy and her sister,Judy,are cleaning their bedroom.Kathy can’t find her favorite doll.She asks her mom."Where is my curly-hair doll?"Her mother replies,"It‘s in the closet,dear."On the other side of the room,Judy is looking for her yellow pants."Where are my yellow pants?"she asks."They’re under Your bed,honey,"says their mother.

  19. Supporting Social Data Observatory with Customizable Index Structures on HBase - Architecture and Performance (United States)


    2211 15. SUBJECT TERMS distributed architecture, performance evaluation, HBase, Hadoop, Riak Xiaoming Gao, Judy Qiu, Evan Roth , Karissa McKelvey...HBase - Architecture and Performance Xiaoming Gao, Judy Qiu, Evan Roth , Karissa McKelvey, Clayton Davis, Andrew Younge, Emilio Ferrara, Fil Menczer...ICWSM 2011). [10] E. Bakshy, J. Hofman, W. Mason , D. Watts (2011). Everyone’s an influencer: quantifying influence on Twitter. Proceedings of the

  20. Event planning the ultimate guide to successful meetings, corporate events, fundraising galas, conferences, conventions, incentives and other special events

    CERN Document Server

    Allen, Judy


    This bestselling all–in–one guide to the event planning business is back and better than ever, fully updated and revised to reflect the very latest trends and best practices in the industry. This handy, comprehensive guide includes forms, checklists, and tips for managing events, as well as examples and case studies of both successful and unsuccessful events. Judy Allen (Toronto, ON, Canada) is founder and President of Judy Allen Productions, a full–service event planning production company.

  1. Mother-Child Interactions during Shared Literacy Activities: Education in a Fractured Bilingual Environment (United States)

    Quiroz, Blanca; Dixon, L. Quentin


    Research indicates that mothers scaffold the literacy skills of their children when jointly engaged in literacy-related activities in monolingual families (Tamis-LeMonda et al., 2001). Yet little is known about the linguistic environment of English language learners in the USA, a group at high risk for reading difficulties if they are only taught…

  2. Mother-Child Interactions during Shared Literacy Activities: Education in a Fractured Bilingual Environment (United States)

    Quiroz, Blanca; Dixon, L. Quentin


    Research indicates that mothers scaffold the literacy skills of their children when jointly engaged in literacy-related activities in monolingual families (Tamis-LeMonda et al., 2001). Yet little is known about the linguistic environment of English language learners in the USA, a group at high risk for reading difficulties if they are only taught…

  3. Magnetotransport investigations of (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs Esaki diodes under hydrostatic pressure (United States)

    Gryglas-Borysiewicz, M.; Kwiatkowski, A.; Lemaître, A.; Przybytek, J.; Budzik, K.; Balcerzak, Ł.; Sawicki, M.; Wasik, D.


    First investigations of ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs Esaki diodes under hydrostatic pressure were performed. The I(V) characteristics had bi-exponential character with two excess current regions related to impurity-assisted tunneling, which concealed band-to-band tunneling, resolved only in the logarithmic derivative of current upon bias. A decrease of tunneling current was observed under pressure. This is understood as a combined effect of the increase of the energy gap with pressure and a possible decrease of density of states in the forbidden gap. Tunneling anisotropic magnetocurrent (TAMI) showed nonmonotonic bias dependence, which stays in a reasonable agreement with the theory by Sankowski (2007). The overall character of the TAMI did not change with pressure, however, at negative bias an increase of TAMI was observed and at positive bias the minimum became shallower. The magnetic anisotropy of (Ga,Mn)As valence band subbands seems unaltered by hydrostatic pressure, but more in-depth description of TAMI is necessary to explain the observed pressure variation.

  4. Uudised : Muusikaline ringreis Mustpeades. Plaat kannelde ja kitarride kvartetilt. Jõulumuusika / Joosep Sang

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sang, Joosep


    Stuudio Cantores Vagantese kontserdist Mustpeade Majas 18. dets. Uuest heliplaadist "Holy Lake". Euroraadio jõulukontserdi otseülekandest Estonia kontserdisaalist 17. dets. 9. dets. Kadrioru lossis toimunud UNICEFi heategevuskontserdist. 17. dets. toimub Adamson-Ericu muuseumis kontsert sarjast "Barokkmaastikud". M. Voitese kontserdist Pärnus. TAMi uuest heliplaadist "Anno Domini", jõulukontserdist 23. dets. Kaarli kirikus

  5. Uudised : Kultuuriministeeriumis. Bellmani laulud Viljandi Linnakapellilt. Esiettekanne TAMilt / Reet Weidebaum

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Weidebaum, Reet


    15. dets. kultuuriministeeriumis toimunud koosolekul arutati muusika salvestamise ja plaadistamise probleeme. 12. dets. Viljandis ja 13. dets. Raplas toimunud Viljandi Linnakapelli kontsertidest, kus esitati rootsi 18. saj. muusikat. TAMi jõulukontserdite sarjast, kus esitatakse A. Kruusimäe "Missa adventus"

  6. Halb nali. Oma viga? / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Näitus "Halb nali" Tallinna Kunstihoones kuni 6. I 2008. Kuraator Johannes Saar, kunstnikud: Tamy Ben-Tor, Nathalie Djurberg, Peter Finnemore, Paul Granjon, Ivars Gravlejs, Igor Grubic, Zlatko Kopljar, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Marko Mäetamm, Jüri Ojaver, Julian Rosefeldt, Tommi Toija

  7. Halb nali. Oma viga? / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Näitus "Halb nali" Tallinna Kunstihoones kuni 6. I 2008. Kuraator Johannes Saar, kunstnikud: Tamy Ben-Tor, Nathalie Djurberg, Peter Finnemore, Paul Granjon, Ivars Gravlejs, Igor Grubic, Zlatko Kopljar, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Marko Mäetamm, Jüri Ojaver, Julian Rosefeldt, Tommi Toija

  8. Untitled (Death)



    Included in group show CABARET at Ramis Barquet gallery, New York, curated by Matthew Weinstein and including Kathy Burkhart, Arch Connelly, Kenneth Hung, Jorg Immendorf, Laurie Simmons, Jose Clemente Orozco

  9. Memory Book from Islamic Societies in Massachusetts


    Islamic Societies in Massachusetts


    Messages come from Harvard Islamic Society, Simmons Muslim Student Association, Tufts University Muslim Students Association, Islamic Society of Boston University, Westborough High School, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Shrewsbury High School

  10. An enantioselective formal synthesis of (-)-thujopsene

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chen Xi Zhang; Li Jing Fang; Fu Qiang Bi; Yu Lin Li


    Dihydromayurone (3), a key intermediate to synthesize (-)-thujopsene (1), was efficient enantiocontrolled synthesized from (+)-dihydrocarvone through 9 steps in an overall yield of 19.3%. The key step was the Simmons-Smith reaction.

  11. 77 FR 71777 - Trade Mission to Egypt and Kuwait (United States)


    ... Commercial Officer, Embassy of the Anne Novak, U.S. Commercial Service, United States of America, Email: , Tel: Washington, DC, Tel: (202) 482-8178, Email: 2 (02) 2797-2610. Anne.Novak...

  12. Contextual Awareness for Robust Robot Autonomy (United States)


    during planning time. This tradeoff was also a goal of work done by ( Roth , Simmons, and Veloso 2005) in limiting communication for distributed agents...Econometrica: Journal of the Econometric Society 122–136. Roth , M.; Simmons, R.; and Veloso, M. 2005. Reasoning about joint beliefs for execution-time...Preliminary results,” in Proceedings of the IJCAI 2005 Workshop on Reasoning with Uncertainty in Robotics (RUR 05), Edinburgh, Scotland , July 2005. [6] D

  13. Self-Defense of the Republic of Korea in the 1990’s (United States)


    1109. 11.Roy U.T. Kim, P.710. , pp.708-722. 13. Robert R. Simmons. The Strained Alliance: Peking, Pyongyang, Moscow, and the Politics of the...Inc., 1957. Kiyosaki , Wayne S. North Korea’ sroreign Relations. New YorksPraeger Publishers, Inc., 197b. Machiavelli, Niccolo. The prince, trans. by...Korea), 1960. Schwarzenberger, George. Power Politics, 3rd ed. New York: Frederick A. Praeger, 1961T. Simmons, Robert R. The Strained Alliance

  14. Polyester Culture: The U.S. Army’s Aversion to Broadening Assignments (United States)


    NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) 10. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S ACRONYM(S) U.S. Army War College 122 Forbes Ave. Car lisle , PA 17013 11. SPONSOR/MONITOR’ Colonel Thomas D. Boccardi United States Army Dr. Jason Lyall Faculty Advisor This CRP is submitted in...would like to thank Dr. Jason Lyall of Yale University and Dr. Tami Biddle of the U.S. Army War College for guidance and mentorship during this entire

  15. Web-Based Policy Interoperability via a Semantic Policy Interlingua (United States)


    by the user; ii ) the Mapper, which splits the query to several subqueries based on descriptions of endpoints; iii) the Optimizer, which reorders RIF Translation”, Ankesh Khandelwal, RPI Technical Report, March 2011 6. “ Gasping for AIR: Why we need...Department of Elemen- tary and Secondary Education., 2008. 6. L. Kagal, I. Jacobi, and A. Khandelwal. Gasping

  16. Effect of water regime on poplar cultivation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Letić Ljubomir


    Full Text Available The effect of water regime on the growth and development of plantations of hydrologically conditioned species, poplars was researched in the alluvial plain of the river Tamiš. The investigations were carried out during the period 2000-2003 on the area of FA "Opovo", KO Sakule, and the study results elucidate the very complex relationships between the hydrological conditions of the site and the growth and increment of the study poplar plantations, cl. I-214. .

  17. Identifying Efficiencies in the Supply Chain for Training Ammunition: Methods, Models, and Recommendations (United States)


    Standard Army Ammunition System–Modernized ( SAAS -MOD), Total Army Munitions Information System (TAMIS), and the Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System...current drive to integrate ammunition management into a centralized enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) system. Finding(s): As discussed earlier...activities do your ASP personnel execute that are not captured in the Workload Report accessible in SAAS ? How much time would you estimate each of these

  18. Kelios pastabos apie baltų parodomųjų įvardžių vietininko formas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albertas Rosinas


    Full Text Available ZUM LOKATIVUS SINGULARIS DER DEMONSTRATIVPRONOMINA DER BALTISCHEN SPRACHENZusammenfassungVorliegender Beitrag setzt sich das Ziel, die Bildung und Entwicklung des Inessivus und Adessivus Sg. M. der Demonstrativpronomina der baltischen Sprachen zu erklären.1. Auf Grund des Inessivus Sg. M. liegt, des Verfassers Meinung nach, der alte Lokativus * tami, dessen Endung -i im Litauischen durch die neue *ḗn ersetzt ist. Aus der Form *tami + ēn konnte nur lett. tamī und lit. *tamije, vgl. iamije BrP, entstehen.2. Das Ersetzen des Femininums toj durch Maskulinum tam(i in den südniederlitauischen Mundarten wurde infolge des Zusammenfallens der Lokativendungen von Substantiva der io, iā, ē, i und konsonantischen Stämme bedingt.3. Im Lettischen vorhandene Lokativus tamā bekam ihre Endung -ā aus der Nebenform tā und demgemäss tamie — aus dem substantivischen Lokativus der i- Stämme, der auf -ie auslautet. Die Formen tanā und tanī scheinen das Ergebnis einer Vermischung von Lokativus tamā und Illativus tan (demgemäss Lokativus tamī und Illativus tan su sein.4. Adessivus Sg. M., der in den altlitauischen Schriften und in den isolierten litauischen Mundarten gebraucht wird, wurde vom alten Lokativus und einer Postposition -pi<-pie gebildet:a tamip und tamimp — diese kommen nur in altlitauischen Schriften vor. Die zweite Form (tamimp hat ihre Endung -mp von támp, b die Form támp scheint eine Neubildung zu sein; aus der Silbe –mi- (tami-pi fiel -i- aus, um dadurch die Anzahl der Silben im Deklinationssystem auszu­gleichen, c die Form túmp in K. Sirwids Punktay bekam ihr unregelmässiges -um- nach dem Mus­ter Allativus Pluralis durch Vermittlung der Substantiva der u- Stämme. Derselben Herkunft ist wahr­scheinlich auch die in Gervėčiai gebräuchliche Form túnk, anstatt *támk.

  19. The Flipped Classroom in World History (United States)

    Gaughan, Judy E.


    The flipped Classroom is one in which lectures are presented as homework outside of class in online videos so that class time is reserved for engaging directly with the materials. This technique offers more personalized guidance and interaction with students, instead of lecturing. In this article, Judy Gaughan details her journey through choosing…

  20. A Study of Selected Adolescent Problems as Presented in Contemporary Realistic Fiction for Middle School Students. (United States)

    Compton, Mary F.; Skelton, Juanita


    Analyzed 15 popular fiction books in terms of problem-concerns of young adolescents. Five were by author Judy Blume. The books reflected personal, family, and interpersonal problems and a trend toward realism. Fiction can be helpful in counseling and in developmental programs. (JAC)


    Lack of Expression of EGF and TGF in the Fetal Mouse Alters Formation of Prostatic Epithelial Buds and Responsiveness to TCDD-Induced Impairment of Prostatic Bud Formation. Barbara D. Abbott, Tien-Min Lin, Nathan T. Rasmussen, Robert W. Moore,Ralph M. Albrecht, Judi...


    Detection of K-ras and p53 Mutations in Sputum Samples of Lung Cancer Patients Using Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope and Mutation AnalysisPhouthone Keohavong a,*, Wei-Min Gao a, Kui-Cheng Zheng a, Hussam Mady b, Qing Lan c, Mona Melhem b, and Judy Mumford d.<...

  3. Kahe kuninganna duell / Timo Diener

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Diener, Timo


    Mängufilm "Ühe skandaali märkmed" ("Notes on a Scandal") : stsenarist Zoe Helleri romaani järgi Patrick Marber : režissöör Richard Eyre : peaosades Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett : Suurbritannia 2006

  4. "Ühe skandaali märkmed" : kui kiindumusest tõuseb tüli / Andris Feldmanis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Mängufilm "Ühe skandaali märkmed" ("Notes on a Scandal") : stsenarist Zoe Helleri romaani järgi Patrick Marber : režissöör Richard Eyre : peaosades Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett : Suurbritannia 2006

  5. Wide Area Recovery and Resiliency Program (WARRP) Knowledge Enhancement Working Group: Multi-Agency Coordination After Action Report (United States)


    Kaski Charles Denver Office of Emergency Management Kellar Scott Arapahoe County/NCR Coordinator Krebs Kathleen Clear Creek County Krugman Jim USDA...Boand FEMA Region VIII: Tim Deal FEMA Region VIII: Judy McWilliams Jefferson County OEM/IMT: Tim McSherry US Forest Service: Jim Krugman

  6. Innovative Discipline. NEA Teacher-to-Teacher Books. (United States)

    Michalski, Marina, Ed.

    This book presents stories from teachers nationwide who tackled specific discipline challenges. Chapter 1, "Taking the Total Quality Road" (Judi Call, Beth Ziecheck, Janice Wright, and Kenneth Rigsby), discusses the use of Total Quality Management (TQM) in developing classroom management systems, explaining how Florida elementary…

  7. Impact of Commercials on Food Preferences of Low-Income, Minority Preschoolers (United States)

    Nicklas, Theresa A.; Goh, Eugenia Tsuei; Goodell, L. Suzanne; Acuff, Daniel S.; Reiher, Robert; Buday, Richard; Ottenbacher, Allison


    Objective: To determine whether fruit and vegetable (FV) commercials have an impact on preschool children's preferences for specific FV. Design: A year of extensive formative assessment was conducted to develop 2 30-second commercials: "Judy Fruity" promoted apples and bananas and "Reggie Veggie" promoted broccoli and carrots.…

  8. Administrative Judicial Decisions as a Hybrid Argumentative Activity Type

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Plug, H.J.


    This article focuses on strategic manoeuvring that takes place in Dutch administrative judi- cial decisions. These decisions may be seen as a distinct argumentative activity type. Starting from the char- acteristics that traditionally are per- tinent to this activity type, I will explore how implica

  9. The impact of television commercials on food preferences of preschoolers (United States)

    The objective is to determine if fruit and vegetable (FV) commercials have an impact on preschool children's preferences for specific FV. A year of extensive formative assessment was conducted to develop two 30-second commercials; Judy Fruity promoted apples and bananas and Reggie Veggie promoted br...

  10. The Japan Conference on English for Specific Purposes Proceedings (Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima, November 8, 1997). (United States)

    Orr, Thomas, Ed.

    The 13 papers archived here represent a sampling of the 23 presentations approved for the Japan Conference on English for Specific Purposes (ESP): "An Overview of ESP in the 1990s" (Tony Dudley-Evans); "'Easifying' ESP Texts for EFL Science Majors" (Judy Noguchi); "From Non-Communicative Exercises to Technical Writing: Profile of a Two-Semester…

  11. Naval Postgraduate School Research. Volume 9, Number 3, October 1999 (United States)


    Electronic Warfare Conference Naval Air Warfare Center (SECRET) 23-24 Jun 00 Thirty-Fifth Annual Colonel Allyn D. Burke Memorial U.S. Army Dental Symposium...Programs Judy Joyce Code: 91JJ Phone: 831-656-5041 Mail: Administrative Support Assistant Dolores Jackson Code: 91DJ Phone

  12. Socially Concerned Plates (United States)

    Birns, Marlanda


    Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party," an important icon of 1970s feminist art and a milestone in twentieth century art, consists of an enormous ceremonial banquet arranged on a triangular table with a total of thirty-nine place settings, each commemorating an important woman from history. Inspired by this piece of art, the author devised a lesson for…

  13. "Ühe skandaali märkmed" : kui kiindumusest tõuseb tüli / Andris Feldmanis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Mängufilm "Ühe skandaali märkmed" ("Notes on a Scandal") : stsenarist Zoe Helleri romaani järgi Patrick Marber : režissöör Richard Eyre : peaosades Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett : Suurbritannia 2006

  14. Kahe kuninganna duell / Timo Diener

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Diener, Timo


    Mängufilm "Ühe skandaali märkmed" ("Notes on a Scandal") : stsenarist Zoe Helleri romaani järgi Patrick Marber : režissöör Richard Eyre : peaosades Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett : Suurbritannia 2006

  15. Ship Production Symposium Held in Long Beach, California on September 11-13, 1985. Volume 2 (The National Shipbuilding Research Program) (United States)


    ME 04530 Robert Bellonzi Maurice Cunningham Jan Erikson Tom O’Toole Joseph R. Phillips -1052- BAY SHIPBUILDING CORP. 605 N. Third Ave. Sturgeon Bay...Michael Wade NASSCO P.O. Box 85278 San Diego, CA 92138 W.0. Appleton William S. Oakes Eric Bescoby Andy Parikh Judie Blakey Gordon Phelps Bruce Bongiorni

  16. 75 FR 42189 - Foreign Institutions-Federal Student Aid Programs (United States)


    ... is posted as background material in the docket for this NPRM. Transcripts of the regional meetings... German Academic Exchange Service. Judy Stymest, McGill University, and Alexander Leipziger (alternate... Title IV grant, loan, and work-study funds to students at what are really foreign institutions. In...

  17. Liberia 2008:The Reality of War

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    This Dear Diary entry,in the year's last issue of Women of China,is written by Judy Cheung,a British woman of Chinese descent.Cheung,a business executive who lives and works in China,writes about her humanitarian experiences in Liberia,and she offers her insights into the effects of war.

  18. 77 FR 75110 - Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request-Generic Clearance... (United States)


    ... other forms of information technology. Comments may be sent to Judy F. Wilson, Senior Nutrition Advisor... Food and Nutrition Service Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request--Generic Clearance To Conduct Formative Research AGENCY: Food and Nutrition Service (FNS),...

  19. Investigating the Existing Gap between Army Culture and Black American Culture (United States)


    Carlisle, PA; U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, June 1999), 57-58. 23 11 Richard W. Judy and Carol D’Amico, Workforce 2020...2008. In contrast to the patronizing slanders of antiwar critics, recruit quality is increasing as the war in Iraq continues. 30 Renford Reese

  20. Madalmaade nukunäitlejate paremik hiilgas Tallinn Treffil / Tiiu Laks

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laks, Tiiu, 1984-


    5.-8. juunini 2010 toimuvast rahvusvahelisest festivalist Tallinn Treff. Hollandi trupi DudaPaiva lavastusest "Needus". Nukunäitleja Neville Tranteri (Austraalia-Holland) lavastusest "Punch ja Judy Afganistanis". Stef Vettersi (Belgia) etendusest "Tema kõrgeausus Ottfriedi tundmatu maailm"

  1. Environmental Assessment. Dredged Material Thalweg Placement Site Mississippi River Miles 561.0 - 561.4 Island 241, Pool 12 (United States)


    from the first run: two hickory nuts (Obovarla ollvarla); one pig toe (Fusconla flava); and one zebra mussel (Dreisvena polymorpha). The zebra mussel...AVENUE COURT ROCK ISLAND IL 61201 JOSEPH 0. STOFFREGEN 304 SUMMIT Dist/Copies GALENA, IL 61036 JUDY WEIGERT 406 PEACH Dist/Copies EAST DUBUQUE

  2. Environmental Impact Statement, Auxiliary Airfield for Williams Air Force Base, Arizona (United States)


    INDIVIDUALS/LANDOWNERS Rudy & Judie Rowe (Cont’d) Rt. 2, Box 3 Florence, AZ 85232 Ruth K. Janzik Mr. & Mrs. Jack Schalberg Execo Wet P.O. Box 321 Realty...snake Callisaurus draconoides Zebra -tailed lizard Cnemidophorus tigris Western whiptail Coleonyx variegatus Banded gecko Crotaphytus wislizenii

  3. The Effect of Structured Preadmission Preoperative Teaching on Patient Outcomes After Abdominal Surgery (United States)


    In Chronic Health Problems. Professor Mary McVIcar Studies in Acute Health Crisis . Professors Judy Malone and Jean Clemente Ili TABLE OF CONTENTS...the page. Beth Devine was closer to that than I was and can probably clarify it if you need it. Wrren G. Alagnuion Helth Sience Center 119 Patient

  4. Impact of Commercials on Food Preferences of Low-Income, Minority Preschoolers (United States)

    Nicklas, Theresa A.; Goh, Eugenia Tsuei; Goodell, L. Suzanne; Acuff, Daniel S.; Reiher, Robert; Buday, Richard; Ottenbacher, Allison


    Objective: To determine whether fruit and vegetable (FV) commercials have an impact on preschool children's preferences for specific FV. Design: A year of extensive formative assessment was conducted to develop 2 30-second commercials: "Judy Fruity" promoted apples and bananas and "Reggie Veggie" promoted broccoli and carrots.…

  5. Inspiring Middle School Minds: Gifted, Creative, and Challenging (United States)

    Willis, Judy


    Teaching adolescents can be quite challenging. Dr. Judy Willis, a neurologist and teacher, explains the inner workings of the adolescent brain. She uses the findings of brain research in her classroom to explain how parents and teachers can trigger untapped inspiration in students. Middle school education has often been a "black hole" for gifted…

  6. Conversations with Today's Montessorians (United States)

    Montessori Life: A Publication of the American Montessori Society, 2007


    This article presents an interview with Montessorians, namely Judi Bauerlein, Jack Blessington, Dr. John Chattin-McNichols, Dr. Betsy Coe, Amy Henderson, Dr. Michele Monson, Anna P. Perry, and Bretta Weiss Wolff. In an interview, these Montessorians discuss their personal Montessori journeys and their insights on Montessori as a movement over the…

  7. The Multi-Disciplinary Graduate Program in Educational Research. Final Report, Part VI; Essays. (United States)

    Lazarsfeld, Paul F., Ed.

    This document, the sixth of a final report on the Multi-Disciplinary Graduate Program in Educational Research, is a collection of three essays. The first--Notes on the History of Interdisciplinarity--by Judy Rosen, brings together and outlines the general points and findings of the literature that has been generated in an attempt to evaluate the…

  8. 75 FR 21629 - HIT Policy Committee Advisory Meeting; Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... criteria are needed. Date and Time: The meeting will be held on May 19, 2010, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m./Eastern Time. Location: TBD. Please check ONC Web site for information on location. Contact Person: Judy... on its Web site prior to the meeting, it will be made publicly available at the location of...

  9. Immune Protection of Nonhuman Primates Against Ebola Virus with Single Low-Dose Adenovirus Vectors Encoding Modified GPs (United States)


    then fusing to TGA. The resulting plasmid also contained four extra amino acids (aa) at the C terminus ( MAAS ). HEK293 cells and the derivative T-Ag...Phil Gomez, Charla Andrews, Judy Stein, J. P. Todd, Vi Dang, Srinivas Rao, Sarah Norris, and Martha Nason for helpful discussions. Disclaimer: The

  10. Kernel Ada Programming Support Environment (KAPSE) Interface Team. Public Report. Volume 3. (United States)


    NWC MYERS, Gil NOSC MYERS, Philip NAVELEX NELSON, Eldred TRW OBERNDORF, Tricia NOSC P E, Shirley FCDSSA 2A-10 PURRIER, Lee FCDSSA OTB ROBERTSON...Sciences Corp. GRIESHEIMER, Eric McDonnel Douglas Astronautics JOHNSON, Ron Boeing Aerospace Co. KERNER, Judy Norden Systems KOTLER , Reed Lockheed Missiles

  11. F-35A Training Basing Environmental Impact Statement. Volume 2. Appendix A through Appendix C (United States)


    Fran Rosker David Ross Donnie Ross John Ross Sharon Ross Donna Rounds Todd Rounds Glen Ruark Judy Ruark Laura Sagerman Maggie Samuelson ...Martin Samuelson Norberta Santiago Stan W. Sapkos Ash Scheder Black John Schell Charles Schep Ed Schmit Peter Schmugge Jamie Schremmer Edgar

  12. Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory. 1993 Command History. (United States)


    MSC USN, Aerospace Physiologist Helen Karl , PRI USN, Aviation Survival Equipmentman Judy Strand, LT MSC USNR, Aerospace Physiologist Gretchen Wavell...Proceedings 540, pp. 32-1 to 32-10, 1993. Neri, D,F, and Shappell, S.A., Work/Rest Schedules and Petformance of S-3 Aviators During Fleet Exe,’ Lise 1992

  13. From the Field: Speech Therapy Outcome Measures--Interview with Dr. Pam Enderby (United States)

    Montgomery, Judy K.


    This article is an interview with Dr. Pam Enderby--a speech language therapist and professor at the Institute of General Practice and Primary Care at the University of Sheffield, Community Sciences Centre, Northern General Hospital, in the United Kingdom--conducted by Judy Montgomery, Editor in Chief, of "Communication Disorders…

  14. Keeping Seniors Safe (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Falls are the leading cause of injuries among older adults in the U.S. and can result in reduced mobility and loss of independence. In this podcast, Dr. Judy Stevens discusses ways to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults.  Created: 9/19/2013 by MMWR.   Date Released: 9/19/2013.

  15. Madalmaade nukunäitlejate paremik hiilgas Tallinn Treffil / Tiiu Laks

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laks, Tiiu, 1984-


    5.-8. juunini 2010 toimuvast rahvusvahelisest festivalist Tallinn Treff. Hollandi trupi DudaPaiva lavastusest "Needus". Nukunäitleja Neville Tranteri (Austraalia-Holland) lavastusest "Punch ja Judy Afganistanis". Stef Vettersi (Belgia) etendusest "Tema kõrgeausus Ottfriedi tundmatu maailm"

  16. There's no place like Ohm: conduction in oxide thin films. (United States)

    Scott, J F


    A pedagogical essay is given that alerts researchers to the errors inherent in assigning linear I(V) current-voltage dependences to Ohmic conduction. Such a linear I(V) is necessary but not sufficient, since other mechanisms, including Simmons' modification of the basic Schottky emission theory, also give linear I(V) at small applied voltages. Discrimination among Ohmic, Schottky, space-charge limited, and other models requires accurate thickness dependence I(d) data, where for Ohmic conduction I=a/d, whereas for interface-limited mechanisms such as Simmons/Schottky, I is nearly independent of d.

  17. Investigation of Chemical Durability Mechanism in Fluoride Glasses (United States)


    exhibiting the higher normalized leach rates. The addition of Na and Al to form the ZBLAN glass (Fig. 2C) in- creases the corrosion rate of all of the...leach rates vs. time from leachate anal- ysis for individual elements of glasses : (A) ZBLAL; (B) ZBLALPb; (C) ZBLAN . Figure 3: Compositionally...eel0angInvestigation of Chemical Durability flechanis s iR Fluoride Glasses . 12. PERSONAL AUTO*ORISI Catherine J. Simmons and Joseph H. Simmons 13& TYPEV Of RP-ORT 113

  18. Stern & Porr (2011 Response to Reviewers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Phyllis Noranger Stern,DNS, LLD (hon., FAAN


    Full Text Available At the outset we want to thank Dr. Simmons for his review of Essentials of Accessible Grounded Theory. Our goal with Essentials was to demystify grounded theory to afford the reader a solid grasp of traditional grounded theory. Dr. Simmons is notably a grounded theory expert and scholar, and we are pleased that he took the time to review our monograph. While there are supportive insights shared in Dr. Simmons’ review, we should address those claims that do not resonate with our intentions.

  19. Improving the Capacity of Language Recognition Systems to Handle Rare Languages Using Radio Broadcast Data (United States)


    0 0 taga 24 0.6 0 0 tami 623 19.6 0 0 thai 209 6.6 0 0 tibe 0 0 349 2.0 tigr 0 ...Da ri En gli sh Fr en ch Hi nd i Ko re an Ma nd ar in Sp an ish Vie tna me se 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 CTS BroadcastE E R Figure B.3: Equal in Sp an ish Vie tna me se 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 CTS

  20. Efeito da suplementação de vitamina A sobre a incidência de mastite em vacas da raça Holandesa Effect of vitamin A on incidence of mastitis in Holstein cows

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.J. Paschoal


    Full Text Available This experiment was designed to evaluate the influence of prepartum vitamin A supplementation on incidence of mastitis in Holstein cows. Forty two cows were randomly distributed into blocks according to the parity and divided in two treatments: control and supplemented with 180,000IU vit.A/day. The supplementation started 30 days before probable parturition date up to parturition. The Tamis test was performed weekly for clinical mastitis detection, and milk samples were collected for somatic cell counts. Vitamin A treatment decreased the incidence of clinical mastitis (P<0.05, however no effect on milk somatic cell count was observed.





    The Importance of Product/Consumer Attributes In Consumer Buying Decisions, by S.M. Fletcher, T.T. Fu, A.V.A. Resurreccion; Supermarket Produce Demand and Shelf Space Effects, by John J. VanSickle, German Molina; Package Size Preference for Meat and Poultry Products As Related to Demographic Characteristics, by Tami J. Gundry, J. Richard Bacon, U.C. Toensmeyer, R. Dean Shippy; Merrimack College to Offer Certificate Program In Food Retail Management, by James J. Corbett; Changes During Freezin...

  2. A new genus of the tribe Caliscelini (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Caliscelidae) from Vietnam. (United States)

    Gnezdilov, Vladimir M; Bourgoin, Thierry; Soulier-Perkins, Adeline


    A new genus Annamatissus Gnezdilov et Bourgoin gen. nov., including the new species, Annamatissus tami Gnezdilov et Soulier-Perkins sp. nov. is described in the family Caliscelidae from the Bi-Doup massif in Lam Dong Province of Vietnam. The new taxon represents only the second genus of the tribe Caliscelini known from Vietnam. An identification key to separate Gelastissus Kirkaldy from Annamatissus gen. nov. is provided together with a check list of the Caliscelidae of Vietnam and their distribution. New distribution data in Vietnam are given for Cicimora sicildia Emeljanov, 1998 and Gelastissus hokutonis (Matsumura, 1916).

  3. 75 FR 14491 - Potato Research and Promotion Plan (United States)


    ... Service 7 CFR Part 1207 Potato Research and Promotion Plan AGENCY: Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA... Potato Research and Promotion plan regulations to reflect the modification of the Harmonized Tariff...: Deborah Simmons, Marketing Specialist, Research and Promotion Branch, Fruit and Vegetable Programs,...

  4. Inter Annual Variability of the California Current System and Associated Biochemical Characteristics from Prolonged Data Series (United States)


    Huntsberger, D. V., and P. Billingsley, 1973: Regression and Correlation. Elements of Statistical Inference, 3rd ed. Allyn and Bacon, Inc., 218–243. Hu...persistence of California Current Fishes and Benthic Crustaceans: A Marine Drift Paradox. Ecological Monographs, 74, 505–524. Simmons, A. J., G. W

  5. Applying Counterinsurgency Theory to Air Base Defense: A New Doctrinal Framework (United States)


    its main responsibility is to engage and defeat forces attacking bases. The TCF 52 David Briar , “Sharpening the Eagle’s Talons: Assessing Air Base...and Simmons, 23. 63 Briar , “Assessing Air Base Defense” 25 defense doctrine is tied to

  6. Author: JC Knobel

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Cramp and Simmons Handbook of the Birds of Europe 225-233. .... Eritja et al Environmental Law in Spain 38; on the relationship between state law and .... enforcement authorities, and the raising of public awareness to boost surveillance ..... and mapping of breeding areas, dispersal areas and recolonisation areas; (8).

  7. 75 FR 77945 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ...: Dr. Mary D. Gunnels, Director Medical Programs, 202-366-4001, U.S. Department of Transportation... Wesley A. Roberson Charles J. Dawber Darrell A. Harmon David M. Taylor Richard C. Dickinson Thomas W... is only allowed 2 moving citations: Wesley M. Creamer Gregory C. Simmons Christopher J. Van Dyke...

  8. Abnormalities in Human Brain Creatine Metabolism in Gulf War Illness Probed with MRS (United States)


    Frederic Asche, Jr. Claud ia and Dennis Berman Toni C. Brinker Jean Ann Brock Dianne Cash Cullum Clark Mary Anne Cree Teresa and David Disiere...Boone Pickens Terry and Bob Rowling Annette and Harold Simmons Jane and Bud Smith Jill Smith Claudia and Gerald Stool Dee and Charles Wyly The

  9. School Choice Litigation after "Zelman" and "Locke" (United States)

    Liekweg, John A.


    In the past 2 years, the United States Supreme Court has decided two important cases that will bear directly on legislation and litigation involving school choice programs that provide financial aid to parents of children attending religious schools. Those cases are "Zelman v. Simmons-Harris" (2002) and "Locke v. Davey" (2004). The reasoning in…

  10. Two Months to a CD-ROM: We Did It and So Can You! (United States)

    Lo, Amanda Siewling; And Others


    Outlines the process of a CD-ROM desktop publishing project at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Highlights include the planning process; data generation and database development; data preparation, including data conversion and indexing; full text retrieval; assembly and production; and distribution. (three…

  11. Burlap bands as a sampling technique for green anoles (Anolis carolinensis) and other reptiles commonly found in tree boles (United States)

    Scott Horn; James L. Hanula


    A variety of methods have been used to study lizard populations including rubber bands, active searching and noosing (Campbell and Christman 1982; Karns 1986; Simmons 1987), pitfall traps (Fair and Henke 1997; Moseley 2004; Sutton et al. 1999), glue boards (Bauer and Sadlier 1992; Downes and Borges 1998; Durtsche 1996; Moseley 2004;...

  12. Burlap bands as a sampling technique for green anoles (Anolis carolinensis) and other reptiles commonly found on tree boles (United States)

    Scott Horn; James L. Hanula


    A variety of methods have been used to study lizard populations including rubber bands, active searching and noosing (Campbell and Christman 1982; Karns 1986; Simmons 1987), pitfall traps (Fair and Henke 1997; Moseley 2004; Sutton et al. 1999), glue boards (Bauer and Sadlier 1992; Downes and Borges 1998; Durtsche 1996; Moseley 2004; Whiting 1998), extraction by hook (...

  13. Vocabulary Development in Technology and Engineering Education (United States)

    Klink, Pamela; Loveland, Thomas


    Some students have trouble performing well on summative tests in technology and engineering education. This is largely due to the students' inability to apply the terms to real-world scenarios (Baker, Simmons, & Kameenui, 1995). Exams often provide situational questions and, with these, critical-thinking skills are required. Students may lack…

  14. Bone Sialoproteins and Breast Cancer Detection (United States)


    Chem. 265:15040–15048. [23] Rother, K., Till, G.O., and Hansch, G.M. (1998). The Complement System New York: Springer . [24] Fedarko, N.S., Fohr, B., and...phosphoprotein. Implications for induction of biomineralization . J Biol Chem 1993;268:12624–30. 5. MacDougall M, Gu TT, Luan X, Simmons D, Chen J. Identification

  15. Significance of pH on the Cytotoxic Potential of the Water Disinfection By-Product Iodoacetic Acid (United States)

    Significance of pH on the Cytotoxic Potential of the Water Disinfection By-Product Iodoacetic Acid Vicki Richardson1, Susan D. Richardson2, Mary Moyer3, Jane Ellen Simmons1, and Anthony DeAngelo1, 1U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2University of...

  16. Therapeutic Vascular Targeting and Irradiation: Correlation of MRI Tissue Changes at Cellular and Molecular Levels to Optimizing Outcome (United States)


    there is evidence that hypoxia also 1 L. Gray, A. Conger et al., Br. J. Radiol. 26, 638 (1953). 2 B. G. Wouters and J. M. Brown, Radiat. Res. 147, 514...Simmon, Gov. Rep. Announce. Index (US) 81, 2555 (1981). 172 K. D. Courtney and J. E. Andrews , J. Environ. Sci. Health B 19, 83 (1984). [18] dynamic

  17. Ship Navigation Simulator Study Upper Mobile Bay Channel. (United States)


    Garner III of the Mathematical Modeling Group, under the general supervision of Messrs. Henry B. Simmons and Frank A. Herrmann , Jr., former and successive...CHANNEL. SHIP AT COAL TERMINAL tee - .. . . . . ,STARO,.o--. ,, ;,’,: . . 0- NED ARIGO CHANEL SHI -AT: ,.. CA- TERMINA -e is* * %o*p -. I- a 4 a 6 10 18 14

  18. Professional Skills as Cornerstones of Liberal Education: Moving Students from Theory to Action (United States)

    Nitkin, Mindell Reiss; White, Shelley K.; Shapiro, Mary


    This article presents the Simmons World Challenge curriculum, an intensive, interdisciplinary program for sophomore undergraduate students that emphasizes student-directed collaborative learning and skills development. The authors present the curricular approach and assessment outcomes, and they relate this program to goals of the AAC&U's…

  19. Investigating Mycobacterium chelonae-abscessus Complex

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Keith Simmon, scientist at Isentio US discusses research that was done while he was at ARUP laboratories, discusses a new classification of Mycobacterium chelonae-abscessus complex.  Created: 11/17/2011 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 11/22/2011.

  20. Tax Credit Scholarship Programs and the Law (United States)

    Sutton, Lenford C.; Spearman, Patrick Thomas


    After "Zelman v. Simmons-Harris" (2002), civil conflict over use of vouchers and taxes to purchase private education, especially in religious schools, largely remained an issue for state courts' jurisprudence. However, in 2010, it returned to the U.S. Supreme Court when Arizona taxpayers challenged the constitutionality of the state's…

  1. Fit assessment of slopers for women with disproportionate figures

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Zwane, PEL


    Full Text Available and hip) conform to those on the sizing charts, have a 25cm smaller waist than bust/hip) and varied back waist lengths (Defty , 1998, and Simmons et al, 2004). The other three figure types are regarded as disproportionate, and they rely on custom...

  2. Browse Title Index - African Journals Online

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 51 - 100 of 636 ... Desiré L Dalton, Antoinette Kotzé, Mark Howitt ... Morné A du Plessis, Robert E Simmons, Andrew N Radford ... Tim Dodman, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Phoebe Barnard, Brian Huntley, Darcy Ogada, Andre Botha, Fleur Ng'weno.

  3. Using Contemporary Art to Challenge Cultural Values, Beliefs, and Assumptions (United States)

    Knight, Wanda B.


    Art educators, like many other educators born or socialized within the main-stream culture of a society, seldom have an opportunity to identify, question, and challenge their cultural values, beliefs, assumptions, and perspectives because school culture typically reinforces those they learn at home and in their communities (Bush & Simmons, 1990).…

  4. A Policy-Based Approach to Technology Systems (United States)

    Kuhn, Robert M.; Brookes, Kimberly H.; Bellos, Nephellie


    Discussions with a central IT organization about integration with existing systems on campus, support costs for the new implementation, and total cost of ownership frequently become adversarial. Simmons College, a small college in Boston with an enrollment of approximately 1,900 undergraduate and 2,800 graduate students, reframed these issues in…

  5. Environmental Effects on Low Frequency Transmission Loss in the Gulf of Mexico (United States)


    T. Kooij 1 Naval Material Command Cdr. V. E. Simmons 1 Washington, DC 20360 Attn: Code MAT-08T245 2 Commander Naval Oceanography Command Project...disagreement. Model runs using a range-aepen.dent normai mode model (SNAP) DD I A~7 1473 EDITION OF INOV 65IS ONSOLETE UNCLASSIFIED I. SEC1JITV

  6. Towards bridging the gap from molecular forces to the movement of organisms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Bjørn Gilbert


    and myosin are linear in nature [Huxley and Simmons (1971) Nature (London) 233, 533-538] and that the physiologically observed non-linearities (e.g. Hill's force-velocity relationship) are a consequence of non-linearities in the attachment/detachment ratios. However, this view has been disputed recently...

  7. Harmonic Force Spectroscopy Reveals a Force-Velocity Curve from a Single Human Beta Cardiac Myosin Motor

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sung, Jongmin; Nag, Suman; Vestergaard, Christian L.


    in thin filaments in the sarcomere, cycling between a strongly bound state (force producing state) and a weakly bound state (relaxed state). Huxley and Simmons have previously proposed that the transition from the strong to the weak interaction can be modulated by an external load, i.e., the transition...

  8. Novel Readings: Reimagining the Value of the University (United States)

    Aspenlieder, Erin


    This article considers the function and value of the university through the close reading of Tom Wolfe's 2004 novel "I am Charlotte Simmons". Comparing the neoliberal university with an idealized university committed to intellectual inquiry, the article argues for a consideration of the academic values lost in the contemporary…

  9. Tax Credit Scholarship Programs and the Law (United States)

    Sutton, Lenford C.; Spearman, Patrick Thomas


    After "Zelman v. Simmons-Harris" (2002), civil conflict over use of vouchers and taxes to purchase private education, especially in religious schools, largely remained an issue for state courts' jurisprudence. However, in 2010, it returned to the U.S. Supreme Court when Arizona taxpayers challenged the constitutionality of the…

  10. Cumulative toxicity of an environmentally relevant mixture of nine regulated disinfection by-products in a multigenerational rat reproductive bioassay (United States)


  11. After Brown U.'s Report on Slavery, Silence (So Far) (United States)

    Bartlett, Thomas


    This article, discusses Brown University's slavery report, a 106-page narrative examination of the early connections between Brown University and slavery, that has been greeted--so far--with silence. The report, done at the behest of Ruth J. Simmons, Brown's president and herself a descendant of slaves, is an unsparing look at a shameful side of…

  12. Alginate Immobilization of Metabolic Enzymes (AIME) for High-Throughput Screening Assays (SOT) (United States)

    Alginate Immobilization of Metabolic Enzymes (AIME) for High-Throughput Screening Assays DE DeGroot, RS Thomas, and SO SimmonsNational Center for Computational Toxicology, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC USAThe EPA’s ToxCast program utilizes a wide variety of high-throughput s...

  13. Sentencing Juveniles to Life in Prison: The Reproduction of Juvenile Justice for Young Adolescents Charged with Murder (United States)

    Singer, Simon I.


    In "Roper v. Simmons," the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the sentencing of juveniles to death violated the constitutional amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. Similarly, the Court most recently decided that life without parole for non-homicide offenses is also unconstitutional ("Graham v. Florida," 2010). Part of the reason for the…

  14. Are Adolescents Less Mature than Adults?: Minors' Access to Abortion, the Juvenile Death Penalty, and the Alleged APA "Flip-Flop" (United States)

    Steinberg, Laurence; Cauffman, Elizabeth; Woolard, Jennifer; Graham, Sandra; Banich, Marie


    The American Psychological Association's (APA's) stance on the psychological maturity of adolescents has been criticized as inconsistent. In its Supreme Court amicus brief in "Roper v. Simmons" (2005), which abolished the juvenile death penalty, APA described adolescents as developmentally immature. In its amicus brief in "Hodgson v. Minnesota"…

  15. Are Adolescents Less Mature than Adults?: Minors' Access to Abortion, the Juvenile Death Penalty, and the Alleged APA "Flip-Flop" (United States)

    Steinberg, Laurence; Cauffman, Elizabeth; Woolard, Jennifer; Graham, Sandra; Banich, Marie


    The American Psychological Association's (APA's) stance on the psychological maturity of adolescents has been criticized as inconsistent. In its Supreme Court amicus brief in "Roper v. Simmons" (2005), which abolished the juvenile death penalty, APA described adolescents as developmentally immature. In its amicus brief in "Hodgson v. Minnesota"…


    Chemical Analysis of Reverse Osmosis Membrane and XAD Resin Adsorption Concentrates of Water Disinfected by Chlorination or Ozonation/Chlorination Processes.J. E. Simmons1, S.D. Richardson2, K.M. Schenck3, T. F. Speth3, R. J. Miltner3 and A. D. Thruston21 NHEE...

  17. Implementation of supported conversation for communication between nursing staff and in-hospital patients with aphasia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Lise Randrup; Løvholt, Annelise P.; Sørensen, Inger


    access has prompted speech-language therapists to direct intervention at contextual factors, including communication partner training (Simmons-Mackie, Raymer, Armstrong, Holland, & Cherney, 2010). Aims: An implementation project is described in which supported conversation for adults with aphasia (SCA...

  18. Extremal hexagonal chains concerning largest eigenvalue

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In this paper, we define a roll-attaching operation of a hexagonal chain, and prove Gutman's conjecture affirmatively by using the operation. The idea of the proof is also applicable to the results concerning extremal hexagonal chains for the Hosoya index and Merrifield-Simmons index.

  19. Orbit Determination Using Vinti’s Solution (United States)


    Major, USAF Committee Membership: Dr. William E. Wiesel Chair Dr. Ronald J. Simmons Member Dr. William P. Baker Member Lt Col Scott G. Putnam , Ph.D...would become reasonable. According to General Robert Kehler, the Commander of Air Force Space Command at the time of the collision, 10,000 conjunction

  20. Toward affect-inclusive models of cognitive dynamics: Coupling epistemological resources and emotions

    CERN Document Server

    Gupta, Ayush; Elby, Andrew


    Many prominent lines of research on student's reasoning and conceptual change within learning sciences and physics education research have not attended to the role of learners' affect or emotions in the dynamics of their conceptual reasoning. This is despite evidence from psychology and cognitive- and neuro- sciences that emotions are deeply integrated with cognition and documented associations in education research between emotions and academic performance. The few studies that have aimed to integrate emotions within models of learners' cognition, have mostly done so at a coarse grain size. In this manuscript, toward the long-term goal of incorporating emotions into fine-grained models of in-themoment cognitive dynamics, we present a case study of Judy, an undergraduate electrical engineering and physics major. We argue that a fine-grained aspect of Judy's affect, her annoyance at a particular kind of homework problem, stabilizes a context-dependent epistemological stance she displays, about an unbridgeable ...

  1. An Analysis of Judy’s Personality of Independence in Daddy-Long-Legs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Daddy-Long-Legs written by Jane Webster in 1912 has been always well received since it was published. In the novel, Miss Webster portrays a female image Judy who remained positive although she grew up in asylum and bore the brunt of dis⁃tressing time. She tried her best to improve her ideas and person⁃ality and become a writer and paid back to Daddy- Long-Legs. As a result, she got real love from Daddy-Long-Legs and she al⁃so became a typical representative of independent females. The author of the paper aims making more teenagers take Judy as an example and learn from her. What’s more, we can gradually de⁃velop our own independent spirit.

  2. The National Shipbuilding Research Program. Application of Industrial Engineering Techniques to Reduce Workers’ Compensation and Environmental Costs (United States)


    NAME POSITION Eric Murray Controller (Risk Management & Workers’ Comp) Jim Paulson Manager Safety Brienn Woods Manager Training & Development Judie...making the distinction. Stretching is best done when the muscles, tendons, joints, etc. are warm and have good blood flow. These tissues are more pliable ...manufacturer, Safeguard technologies further assisted us in our efforts. I. Selection Criteria Waterproof Cold/Thermal insulation Long life Durability

  3. Viruses of foodborne origin: a review


    Todd EC; Greig JD


    Ewen CD Todd,1,2 Judy D Greig3 1Ewen Todd Consulting LLC, Okemos, MI, USA; 2Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon; 3Division of Public Health Risk Sciences, Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Public Health Agency of Canada, Guelph, ON, Canada Abstract: Enteric viruses are major contributors to foodborne disease, and include adenovirus, astrovirus, rotavirus, sapovirus, hepatitis A and E viruses, and...

  4. Administrative Judicial Decisions as a Hybrid Argumentative Activity Type


    Plug, H.J.


    This article focuses on strategic manoeuvring that takes place in Dutch administrative judi- cial decisions. These decisions may be seen as a distinct argumentative activity type. Starting from the char- acteristics that traditionally are per- tinent to this activity type, I will explore how implications of current discussions on the changing task of the administrative judge may be- come manifest in the judge’s strate- gic manoeuvring by means of the presentation of argumentation and the intr...

  5. Annotated Bibliography for Lake Erie. Volume I. Biological, (United States)


    Cecelia Santus Dorothy Terpln Lama Reynolds Judy Maith I TABLE OF CONTENTS Page I. Introduction .................................... 1 II. Subject...concerning yeast3 from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is also compared to that of the Great Lakes. Jenry, No ma Scott - See: Jessie Finley Klocke, et al...o. 433. Jessie Finley Klocke, et al, lHo. 434. 128 35. lienson, E. Bennette. 1966. A review of Great Lakes benthos research. Univ. MTich. Great

  6. Plain English for Army Lawyers (United States)


    TELEPHONE (Include Arta Code) 22c. OFFICE SYMBOL Judy CI irk 207-475.1Ull I FA-AR 0D FRM 1473, 84 MAR 83 APR edition may be used until exhausted SE CURITY...instructions during courts- martial . Contractors and contracting officers outdo each other in blaming lawyers for problems that crop up in Government...of legal practice -- from courts- martial to client services and from business transac- tions to administrative regulations. Although Army clients may

  7. Lived-in Room: Classroom Space as Teacher


    Harouni, Houman


    This paper is a portrait of a public elementary school classroom in light of the relationships, history, and ideas that have formed its physical space. In describing Judy Richard’s classroom, the author shows how a creative teacher’s commitment to seeing her classroom as a living space inevitably brings her to overstep the narrow limits of the traditional mandates of classroom management. The author presents this portrait as an example of the ideological and creative stance teachers can assum...

  8. Birth to Six: A Foundation for All That Comes Later (United States)

    Orion, Judith


    Judi Orion, a Montessori expert on the birth-to-six plane of development, delivers a no-nonsense call to arms about the vital importance of the right beginning to set the stage for all that follows. Although we often hear and read about the period from birth to two-and-a-half years, Orion communicates the urgency of responding to the developmental…

  9. The Role of Political and Economic Factors in Thailand’s Last Two Coups D’ Etat (United States)


    friend, Judy Wise for the hours of proof reading they graciously donated to me. xiv THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK 1 I. INTRODUCTION The...1988), 5. 2 Gregor Ferguson, COUP D’ETAT: A Practical Manual (Poole, Dorset: Arms and Armour Press; New York, NY: Distributed in the USA by...Chatichai assumed office. The economy flourished under the presumption that Thailand was politically stable. Also noteworthy, gross national savings and

  10. Determining the Optimal Work Breakdown Structure for Defense Acquisition Contracts (United States)


    Plus GCSS ARMY Army 83 RDTE Cost Plus GCV Army 25 NA Fixed Price Incentive IAMD Army 61 RDTE Cost Plus JAGM Army 26 RDTE Fixed Price Incentive JLTV Army...Other AIM9XBII Navy 34 RDTE Cost Plus AMDR Navy 26 RDTE Fixed Price Incentive CEC Navy 53 RDTE Cost Plus CH53K Navy 109 RDTE Cost Plus CobraJudy Navy 73...Navy 58 RDTE Cost Plus H1UPG Navy 84 RDTE Cost Plus JATAS Navy 20

  11. Plasmonic Graphene Transparent Conductors (United States)

    2012-01-01 FU LL P A P ER Guowei Xu,* Jianwei Liu, Qian Wang , Rongqing Hui, Zhijun Chen, Victor A. Maroni, and Judy Wu Plasmonic...decision, unless so designated by other documentation. 12. DISTRIBUTION AVAILIBILITY STATEMENT Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. UU...Box 12211 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211 15. SUBJECT TERMS surface plasmon, graphene, transparent conductors Guowei Xu, Jianwei Liu, Qian

  12. Kernel ADA Programming Support Environment (KAPSE) Interface Team Public Report. Volume 4. (United States)


    the document until further discussion has taken place among the group metbers. RACWG announced their editor, Reed Kotler . The RACWG plans to narrow...KRUTAR, Rudy NRL *LAPLANT, Bill HQ USAF LOPER, Warren NOSC *MAGLIERI, Lucas Canadian National Defense HQ MILLER, Jo NWC MYERS, Gil NOSC *MYERS, Philip ...HUMPHREY, Dianna Control Data Corp. JOHNSON, Ron Boeing Aerospace Co. KERNER, Judy Norden Systems KOTLER , Reed Lockheed Missiles & Space LAMB, J. Eli

  13. Columbia River Channel Improvement Project: Final Supplemental Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (United States)


    E ATTN: Robert Willis Attention: Judy Grigg P.O. Box 2946, Portland, OR 97208-2946 P.O. Box 1258, Longview, WA 98632-7739 Phone: (503) 808...the origin of many exotic species that could invade the Columbia River, the Chinese mitten crab, zebra mussel and Eurasian milfoil are known...found for their control. Transferred to the U.S. in ballast water and on the hulls of vessels, zebra mussels have caused great environmental and

  14. 25 Years Later: A History of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System in Arkansas (United States)


    all of whom assist in its operation and maintenance, have given generously of their time to assist the author in writing this book. Judy ...activities. This instability created ideal conditions for an Asian clam, CorbicuLa, (also called " zebra mussel") that first appeared in the United...26, 31.46 Comet 4 Corbicula 60. See also zebra mussel: Asian clam Cotton Belt Railroad 77 Critical Path Method 35 Crockett Addition. North

  15. Práticas restaurativas: alternativa à gestão de conflitos escolares

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Paula Araújo


    Full Text Available A obra Disciplina Restaurativa para Escolas de Judy H. Mullet e Lorraine S. Amstutz  trata das contribuições que a implementação de práticas restaurativas podem trazer na gestão de conflitos, na promoção de uma cultura de paz e na prevenção da violência na Escola.

  16. Prefetching J+-Tree: A Cache-Optimized Main Memory Database Index Structure

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hua Luan; Xiao-Yong Du; Sha Wang


    As the speed gap between main memory and modern processors continues to widen, the cache behavior becomes more important for main memory database systems (MMDBs). Indexing technique is a key component of MMDBs. Unfortunately, the predominant indexes -- B+-trees and T-trees -- have been shown to utilize cache poorly, which triggers the development of many cache-conscious indexes, such as CSB+-trees and pB+-trees. Most of these cache-conscious indexes are variants of conventional B+-trees, and have better cache performance than B+-trees. In this paper, we develop a novel J+-tree index, inspired by the Judy structure which is an associative array data structure, and propose a more cacheoptimized index -- Prefetching J+-tree (pJ+-tree), which applies prefetching to J+-tree to accelerate range scan operations. The J+-tree stores all the keys in its leaf nodes and keeps the reference values of leaf nodes in a Judy structure, which makes J+-tree not only hold the advantages of Judy (such as fast single value search) but also outperform it in other aspects. For example, J+-trees can achieve better performance on range queries than Judy. The pJ+-tree index exploits prefetching techniques to further improve the cache behavior of J+-trees and yields a speedup of 2.0 on range scans. Compared with B+-trees, CSB+-trees, pB+-trees and T-trees, our extensive experimental study shows that pJ+-trees can provide better performance on both time (search, scan, update) and space aspects.

  17. Incorporating Affect in an Engineering Student's Epistemological Dynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Danielak, Brian A; Elby, Andrew


    Research has linked a student's affect to her epistemology (Boaler & Greeno, 2000), but those constructs often apply broadly to a discipline and/or classroom culture. Independently, an emerging line of research shows that a student in a given classroom and discipline can shift between multiple locally coherent epistemological stances (Hammer, Elby, Scherr, & Redish, 2005). Our case study of Judy, an undergraduate engineering major, begins our long-term effort at uniting these two bodies of literature.

  18. What the 7th Grader Should Know About Microbes — Or, Is That “What the College Student Should Know?”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sue Katz


    Full Text Available Review of: Bacteria: A Class of Their Own ; Judy Wearing; (2010. Crabtree Publishing Company, New York, NY. 43 pages (48 with glossary and index. ISBN 978-0-7787-5388-9.and Archaea: A Class of Their Own ; David M. Barker; (2010 . Crabtree Publishing Company, New York, NY. 43 pages (48 with glossary and index. ISBN 978-0-7787-5387-2.

  19. Earned Value Management: Making it Personal; Making it Work!!! (United States)


    teammates regularly. Managers intervene only when there are significant delays. Each developer "buys into" her/his commitments because she/he made...Value (= BCWP) EVM Earned Value Management IQA Internal Quality Audit Performance BCWP / ACWP QMS Quality Management System WBS Work Breakdown Structure ...Earned Value Management : © 2010 Judy Bamberger Making it Personal; Making it Work Printed: April 3, 2011 / 9:03 PM 1 Created: 101002/v0.1 EVM

  20. Partnerships - Nutrition / Health



    Judy Bland: School Nutrition Program Employees Impact the Lives of Children. Roxie Rodgers Dinstel: Extension/Food Bank Partnership Unites to Fill Funding Gap in Alaska. Karen Ensle: Should I Eat the Fish I Catch - An Outreach Project to Pregnant Women. Susan Hansen: Child Care Providers – An Untapped Audience. Vicki Hayman: State and County Based Educators Team Up to Participate in Adolescent Calcium Research Project. Susan Holladay: Healthy Eating, Healthy Living. Luanne J. Hughes: Designin...

  1. Clinical Investigation Program. (United States)


    Houston Gerald B. Merenstein, MD, Univ. of Colo. Health Sciences Center (9) Dept of Pediatri -cs" . . . (10) Associate Investigators (11) Key Words...Patsology (10) Assoc’f ef Js1gators Willis Rieker, CPT, MC (11) Key Words: Rick E. Martinez , DAC blood component removal Judy Barber, DAC Patricia...89 Markowski, J.------------------------- 174 Martinez , R.-------------------------- 273 McCubbin, J.A.------------------------ 143 McCullen

  2. User Feedback Mechanisms for Defense Technical Information Center Services and Products. Phase II, (United States)


    these visitors are users or potential users of DTIC products L and services. A DTIC spokesperson summarizes the history of the agency and provides an...questionnaire and the user responses to it were studied and offered a number of useful insights for development of this qulestionnaire. Paul Klinefelter , Judy...questionnaire). * 5P. Klinefelter , J. Pickeral, and T. Lahr, 5, 7, 8, 21, and 25 April, 6 and 9 May 1983. 6 "DTIC-TOS Annual Historical Summary--FY82

  3. A Signal Detection Model of Compound Decision Tasks (United States)


    strict isolation (for many examples of such models see Egan, 1975; Macmillan & Creelman , 1991). The result has been twofold: A rich corpus of decision...Macmillan & Creelman , 1991). It is important to point out that SDT models are primarily decision models. They specify the rules and procedures for how...Broadbent, 1958; Macmillan & Creelman , 1991; Nolte & Jaarsma, 1967; Swensson & Judy, 1981; Tanner & Norman, 1954). To better understand how these two

  4. Anorectal function and outcomes after transanal minimally invasive surgery for rectal tumors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feza Y Karakayali


    Full Text Available Background: Transanal endoscopic microsurgery is a minimally invasive technique that allows full-thickness resection and suture closure of the defect for large rectal adenomas, selected low-risk rectal cancers, or small cancers in patients who have a high risk for major surgery. Our aim, in the given prospective study was to report our initial clinical experience with TAMIS, and to evaluate its effects on postoperative anorectal functions. Materials and Methods: In 10 patients treated with TAMIS for benign and malignant rectal tumors, preoperative and postoperative anorectal function was evaluated with anorectal manometry and Cleveland Clinic Incontinence Score. Results: The mean distance of the tumors from the anal verge was 5.6 cm, and mean tumor diameter was 2.6 cm. All resection margins were tumor free. There was no difference in preoperative and 3-week postoperative anorectalmanometry findings; only mean minimum rectal sensory volume was lower at 3 weeks after surgery. The Cleveland Clinic Incontinence Score was normal in all patients except one which resolved by 6 weeks after surgery.The mean postoperative follow-up was 28 weeks without any recurrences. Conclusion: Transanal minimally invasive surgery is a safe and effective procedure for treatment of rectal tumors and can be performed without impairing anorectal functions.

  5. Pancreatic involvement in chronic viral hepatitis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yoshiki Katakura; Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi; Kiyoe Hashizume; Chiaki Okuse; Noriaki Okuse; Kohji Nishikawa; Michihiro Suzuki; Shiro Iino; Fumio Itoh


    AIM: To elucidate the frequency and characteristics of pancreatic disorders in the course of chronic viral hepatitis. METHODS: We prospectively assessed the serum pancreatic enzyme levels and imaging findings in patients with chronic viral hepatitis and healthy control subjects. RESULTS: Serum amylase (t-Amy), salivary amylase (s-Amy), pancreatic amylase (p-Amy) and serum lipase levels were higher in hepatitis patients in comparison to control subjects. However, in asymptomatic viral carriers, only the serum t-Amy levels were higher than those of the controls. The levels of each enzyme rose with the progression of liver disease in patients with hepatitis B or C; whereas the levels of each enzyme within the same clinical stage of the disease did not differ between patients diagnosed with either hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus. Imaging findings demonstrated chronic pancreatitis in only 1 out of 202 patients (0.5%).CONCLUSION: Our data suggest that serum levels of pancreatic enzymes increase with the progression of liver disease in patients diagnosed with viral hepatitis. Pancreatic disease, asymptomatic in most cases, may represent an extrahepatic manifestation of chronic viral hepatitis.

  6. Correlation between mastitis occurrence and the count of microorganisms in bulk raw milk of bovine dairy herds in four selective culture media. (United States)

    Souto, Luís I M; Minagawa, Clarice Y; Telles, Evelise O; Garbuglio, Márcio A; Amaku, Marcos; Melville, Priscilla A; Dias, Ricardo A; Sakata, Sonia T; Benites, Nilson R


    Milk is the normal secretion of the mammary gland, practically free of colostrum and obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy animals. Mastitis is an inflammatory process of the mammary gland and it may cause alterations in the milk. The present work aimed to verify whether it is possible, by means of the counts of microorganism in the bulk raw milk in four selective culture media, to establish a correlation with the occurrence of mastitis and therefore, to monitor this disease in bovine dairy herds. The following selective culture media were used: KF Streptococcus Agar, Edwards Agar, Baird-Parker Agar, Blood Agar plus potassium tellurite. Spearman's correlation coefficient was calculated in order to compare the occurrence of mastitis (percentage) in each herd with respective selective culture media counts of microorganisms in bulk raw milk. Thirty-six possibilities were analysed (Tamis and CMT-positive rates were compared with the log-transformed count in four selective culture media) and there was a negative correlation between Tamis 3 and the Baird-Parker Agar plate count. The total results of microbiological tests showed that there were three correlations of the counts in selective culture media. Fifty-two possibilities were analysed and there was a negative correlation between no-bacterial-growth mastitis rates and log10 of KF Streptoccocus Agar plate count and there were two positive correlations between coagulase-positive staphylococci and log10 of Baird-Parker Agar plate count and Blood Agar plus potassium tellurite plate count.

  7. Pancreatic involvement in chronic viral hepatitis (United States)

    Katakura, Yoshiki; Yotsuyanagi, Hiroshi; Hashizume, Kiyoe; Okuse, Chiaki; Okuse, Noriaki; Nishikawa, Kohji; Suzuki, Michihiro; Iino, Shiro; Itoh, Fumio


    AIM: To elucidate the frequency and characteristics of pancreatic disorders in the course of chronic viral hepatitis. METHODS: We prospectively assessed the serum pancreatic enzyme levels and imaging findings in patients with chronic viral hepatitis and healthy control subjects. RESULTS: Serum amylase (t-Amy), salivary amylase (s-Amy), pancreatic amylase (p-Amy) and serum lipase levels were higher in hepatitis patients in comparison to control subjects. However, in asymptomatic viral carriers, only the serum t-Amy levels were higher than those of the controls. The levels of each enzyme rose with the progression of liver disease in patients with hepatitis B or C; whereas the levels of each enzyme within the same clinical stage of the disease did not differ between patients diagnosed with either hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus. Imaging findings demonstrated chronic pancreatitis in only 1 out of 202 patients (0.5%). CONCLUSION: Our data suggest that serum levels of pancreatic enzymes increase with the progression of liver disease in patients diagnosed with viral hepatitis. Pancreatic disease, asymptomatic in most cases, may represent an extrahepatic manifestation of chronic viral hepatitis. PMID:15962364

  8. The Challenges for Us Psychologized Moderns

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jill G. Morawski


    Full Text Available In a reparative history Dana Simmons boldly faces self feelings of imposture and guilt and engages them to consider how science studies can move beyond critical appraisals to undertake the greater, more important task of reassembling the self and studies of the self. For readers who are aware of their psychologized self-conceptions, her history promises opportunities for re-appraisal and re-assemblage. This commentary appreciates Simmons’ illumination of the race, class, and gender constituents of the psychologies of achievement which, among their products, have yielded the very idea of Impostor Syndrome. Further development of the kind of reparative histories advocated by Simmons demands attention to the enormity of our psychologized modernity and the complexities of reflexive psychology.

  9. Enhancing Women's Undergraduate Experience in Physics and Chemistry Through a PUI/MRSEC Collaboration Emphasizing Materials Research (United States)

    Goldberg, Velda; Malliaras, George; Schember, Helene; Singhota, Nevjinder


    This three-year collaboration between a predominately undergraduate women's college (Simmons College) and a NSF-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)) provides opportunities for physics and chemistry students to participate in materials-related research throughout their undergraduate careers, have access to sophisticated instrumentation, and gain related work experience in industrial settings. As part of the project, undergraduate students are involved in all aspects of a collaborative Simmons/Cornell research program concentrating on degradation processes in electroluminescent materials. This work is particularly interesting because an understanding and control of these processes will ultimately influence the use of these materials in various types of consumer products.

  10. Morphologies at High Redshift from Galaxy Zoo (United States)

    Masters, Karen; Melvin, Tom; Simmons, Brooke; Willett, Kyle; Lintott, Chris


    I will present results from Galaxy Zoo classification of galaxies observed in public observed frame optical HST surveys (e.g. COSMOS, GOODS) as well as in observed frame NIR with (ie. CANDELS). Early science results from these classifications have investigated the changing bar fraction in disc galaxies as a function of redshift (to z~1 in Melvin et al. 2014; and at z>1 in Simmons et al. 2015), as well as how the morphologies of galaxies on the red sequence have been changing since z~1 (Melvin et al. in prep.). These unique dataset of quantitative visual classifications for high redshift galaxies will be made public in forthcoming publications (planned as Willett et al. for Galaxy Zoo Hubble, and Simmons et al. for Galaxy Zoo CANDELS).

  11. Way of Research and Development of Artificial Perfumes%试论人造香料的研发之路

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper discussed the brief history of development of nitro musks and polycyclic musks. The structure-odor relationship of aromatic compounds (alcohols, aldehydes and ketones) and application of Simmons-Smith reaction in development of new artificial perfumes are also discussed. On the basis of these studies, the thought way of R &. D of artificial perfumes are summarized.%论述了硝基麝香和多环麝香的研发简史、芳香族化合物的分子结构和香气之间的关系,以及Simmons-Smith反应在开发新香料中的应用,在此基础上探讨了人造香料的研究和开发之思路.

  12. Ozonation and/or Coagulation - Ceramic Membrane Hybrid for Filtration of Impaired-Quality Source Waters

    KAUST Repository

    Ha, Changwon


    When microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are applied for drinking water treatment/wastewater reuse, membrane fouling is an evitable problem, causing the loss of productivity over time. Polymeric membranes have been often reported to experience rapid and/or problematical fouling, restraining sustainable operation. Ceramic membranes can be effectively employed to treat impaired-quality source waters due to their inherent robustness in terms of physical and chemical stability. This research aimed to identify the effects of coagulation and/or ozonation on ceramic membrane filtration for seawater and wastewater (WW) effluent. Two different types of MF and UF ceramic membranes obtained by sintering (i.e., TAMI made of TiO2+ZrO2) and anodic oxidation process (i.e., AAO made of Al2O3) were employed for bench-scale tests. Precoagulation was shown to play an important role in both enhancing membrane filterability and natural organic matter (NOM) removal efficacy for treating a highorganic surface water. The most critical factors were found to be pH and coagulant dosage with the highest efficiency resulting under low pH and high coagulant dose. Due to the ozone-resistance nature of the ceramic membranes, preozonation allowed the ceramic membranes to be operated at higher flux, especially leading to significant flux improvement when treating seawater in the presence of calcium and magnesium. 4 Dissolved ozone in contact with the TAMI ceramic membrane surface accelerated the formation of hydroxyl (˙OH) radicals in WW effluent treatment. Flux restoration of both ceramic membranes, fouled with seawater and WW effluent, was efficiently achieved by high backwash (BW) pressure and ozone in chemically enhanced backwashing (CEB). Ceramic membranes exhibited a pH-dependent permeate flux while filtering WW effluent, showing reduced fouling with increased pH. On the other hand, for filtering seawater, differences in permeate flux between the two membranes was

  13. The Temporal Program of Peripheral Blood Gene Expression in the Response of Nonhuman Primates to Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (United States)


    exhibited a highly homogeneous, time-dependent pattern of gene expression (Figure 1). Given the massive path- ologic changes, physiologic instability, and...compression. It is very likely that the observed gene expression patterns reflect many physiologic changes caused by systemic filoviral infection (for example...trafficking pathway. J Virol 2005, 79:547-553. 54. Simmons G, Wool-Lewis RJ, Baribaud F, Netter RC, Bates P: Ebola virus glycoproteins induce global

  14. Final LDRD Report for Projects # 52797 and # 93362: Rational Understanding and Control of the Magnetic Behavior of Nanoparticles.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, Z. John


    This is the final LDRD report for projects # 52797 and # 93362 that funded a five year research program directed by Prof. Z. John Zhang at the Georgia Institute of Technology Chemistry Department. Prof. Zhang was awarded this funding after winning a Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE) in 2001 with Sandia as the DOE sponsoring lab. The project PI was Blake Simmons and the PM was Alfredo Morales. The page intentionally left blank

  15. Development of the PCAD Model to Assess Biological Significance of Acoustic Disturbance (United States)


    Tyack, and J. Harwood. 2014. Using short-term measures of behaviour to estimate long-term fitness of southern elephant seals. Marine Ecology Progress...Rules for Categorizing Species’ Extinction Risk to Help Develop Quantitative Listing Criteria for the US Endangered Species Act. Conservation...Schwarz, S. E. Simmons, L. Thomas, P. Tyack, and J. Harwood. 2014. Using short-term measures of behaviour to estimate long-term fitness of southern

  16. Species Profiles. Life Histories and Environmental Requirements of Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (Gulf of Mexico). RED DRUM. (United States)


    highest at 25°C. Growth rates of long. In the upper Laguna Madre , postlarvae increased with increases in Texas , Miles (1950) reported ripe salinity (up...requirements of red drum; Seagrass provides habitat for food, however, low oxygen in lower Laguna and protection from predators. In Madre , Texas , is known...year round In Texas , Pearson (1928) reported (Simmons and Breuer 1962). that the estimated average lengths of fish of ages I to III were as follows

  17. Light Helicopter Family Trade-Off Analysis. Volume 7. Appendix R (United States)


    integracion necessary and to determine the most effective method for information presentation, hot: it should be displayed and when it should be displayed...Memorandum 76-26, US Army Research Institute for the Behavorial and Social Sciences, Alexandria, VA, November 1976. 4. Simmons, Ronald R., and Blackwell...and threat from natural or man made sources. The social environment is created by interactlons among physical- ly present members of a crew or with

  18. Impact of Parameterized Internal Wave Drag on the Semidiurnal Energy Balancein a Global Ocean Circulation Model (United States)


    enhanced dissipation rates over rough topography, indicative of internal tide dissi- pation. They compared these rates with the low-mode internal tide power... Ponte and Klein 2015). c. Energetics We analyze globally and regionally integrated and time-mean barotropic and baroclinic energy balances for the...Ray 2001; Simmons et al. 2004a; Kang and Fringer 2012), where f g indicates the area integral or area averaging, P is the tidal energy input, C is the

  19. Calling in Sick: Impacts of Fever on Intra-Urban Human Mobility (United States)


    Willis B, Nguyen CVV, Wolbers M, Simmons CP. 2013. Host and viral features of human dengue cases shape the population of infected and infectious...Methods Study area The study was performed in Iquitos, the largest urban center in the Peruvian Amazon. Human population density in Iquitos is high...Calling in sick: impacts of fever on intra-urban human mobility T. Alex Perkins1,2,3*, Valerie A. Paz-Soldan4,5, Steven T. Stoddard2, Amy C

  20. Strategic Detention and Intelligence Operations: GTMO is the Answer (United States)


    part of mitigating risk [such that the U.S.] needs to keep the detention facilities operating as best as they can [in order] to protect Americans...different meal choices ( vegetarian , bland diet, regular menu or high fiber); each main meal menu choice usually includes noodles, fish, meat, a...36 Shanita Simmons, “Mullen Says Guantanamo Mission Mitigates Global Risk ”, The Wire, Official publication of JTF-GTMO Public Affairs, available from

  1. The Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College Technical Report. Science Scholars Program (United States)


    Franklin Professor of Physics Harvard University Irene Little-Marenin Associate Professor of Astronomy Wellesley College 9 Nanette Orme-Johnson Professor of...Fellows DELIA DIX AGUILAR ROSEMARY A.JOYCE ROSALIND 1H. SHAW Fellow (Women’s Studies) Flo~wýArithropology) Fellow (Anthropology) olngGen State...Also I joined with Prof. Elizabeth Simmons of Boston University and Prof. Melissa Franklin of Harvard University (both women at Harvard during my

  2. Concurrent Simulation of the Eddying General Circulation and Tides in a Global Ocean Model (United States)


    APE) at the sea surface, and the globally integrated baro - tropic kinetic energy (KE), both computed via standard formulae which can be looked up in...baroclinic simulation of SHA), (4) the main baroclinic simulation of SHA, and (5) a baro - clinic simulation of SHA briefly mentioned in their appendix, in...Simmons. A.. Uppala. S.. Fuentes. M.. 2004. ERA-40 Project Report Series. the ERA-40 archive. 17. 31 pp. U.K. Kara. A.B.. Wallcraft. A.J.. Martin

  3. Integrating Planning and Control for Constrained Dynamical Systems (United States)


    Planning for Underactuated Mechanical Systems . PhD thesis, Carnegie Mellon University, 2006. [113] Reid Simmons. The Curvature-Velocity Method for Local...the system execute. If the mechanical system is incapable responding to the controls, the properties of composable policies will be violated. Thus...shape space. Mixed- Mechanical Systems Another natural extension is to apply the approach to so called mixed- mechanical systems , such as the snake

  4. Combat Veterans with PTSD after Mild TBI Exhibit Greater ERPs from Posterior-medial Cortical Areas While Appraising Facial Features (United States)


    within the past 30 days; (2) life- time history of bipolar disorder , attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , or psychotic disorder ; or (3) acute medical...Arbisi, P.A., Thuras, P., 2011. Longitudinal effects of mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder comorbidity on postdeployment...The effects of temporal unpredictability in anticipation of negative events in combat veterans with PTSD. J. Affect. Disord . 146, 426–432. Simmons, A.N

  5. Too Hard to Control: Compromised Pain Anticipation and Modulation in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (United States)


    instrumental for both facilitation and inhibition of ascending nociceptive input.52,53 In previous studies of acute pain stimulations, the anticipatory...OPEN ORIGINAL ARTICLE Too hard to control: compromised pain anticipation and modulation in mild traumatic brain injury IA Strigo1,2,3, AD Spadoni1,2...J Lohr1,2 and AN Simmons1,2 Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) is a vulnerability factor for the development of pain -related conditions above and

  6. Laboratory for Computer Science Progress Report 18, July 1980-June 1981, (United States)


    McLellan J. Gula J. Test S. Keohan Graduate Students T. Anderson J. Sieber D. Goddeau R. Simmons M. Johnson T. Sterling A. Mok T. Teixeira J. Powell C...least 1 MByte. 211 REAL TIME SYSTEMS "Functional improvements. A cooperative effort between Western Digital and the Nu team (Arnold, Goddeau, Gula ...been very encouraging. There is a mutual respect between the technical teams at MIT and WD, and consequent cooperation in design decisions. Jim Gula

  7. Proceedings of the Army Science Conference (15th) Held at West Point, New York on 17-19 June 1986. Volume 2. Principal Authors H through L. (United States)


    111 85_. Siering, George D. See Simmons, Ronald IV 127 Silber, Leo Hexagonal Ferrites for IV 111 Tauber, Arthur Millimeter-Wave Control Wilber , William...Analysis of C3%% Britan, Ronnie G. Contribution Wilber , William See Silber, Leo IV ill Willingham, Reginald A. Liquid Crystalline Side Chain IV 349 Singler...NEST POINT KEN (U) DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF FOR RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT AND ACOUISITIO.. 20 JUN 86 UNCLSSIFIED F/G 5/2 NL EhEmhohEohmhhIBhEEl/Ill

  8. Microwave-Driven Coherent Operation of a Semiconductor Quantum Dot Charge Qubit (Author’s Manuscript) (United States)


    Microwave-driven coherent operation of a semiconductor quantum dot charge qubit Dohun Kim,1 D. R. Ward,1 C. B. Simmons,1 John King Gamble,2 Robin...Fig.4a. Coherent microwave ac-gating of a semiconductor quantum dot charge qubit offers fast ( >GHz) manip- ulation rates for all elementary rotation...2014). [12] Kim, D. et al. Quantum control and process tomography of a semiconductor quantum dot hybrid qubit. Nature 511, 70–74 (2014). [13] Vion, D

  9. The Shock and Vibration Digest. Volume 14, Number 11 (United States)


    materials. Wear !74 72 1I and surface topography data for polyvmethyl methacrylate), L.L. Lehman . polylvinyl chloride) and high density polyethylene pins...General Ocean 82-2480 Cable Systems 6 - Structural Optinization on Geometria Configura. H.T. Wang and R.S. Cheng • ion and Element Sizing with...2381 Lehman , L.L............ 2445 Palmberg, B............ 2373 Simmons, P.E........... 2372 Leonard, J.W............ 2380 Pater, L.L .............. 2417

  10. Collagen VI: A New Candidate Breast Cancer Marker Linked to Resistance to Platinum-Based Cancer Drugs (United States)


    15. SUBJECT TERMS - None provided. 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 19a. NAME OF RESPONSIBLE...progression in whole animals with the Maestro scanner. I have already tested the feasibility of this approach in a few preliminary experiments (Fig...ductal epithelium during tumor progression. Images are acquired with the Maestro Fluorescence scanner (available at the Simmons Cancer Center at UTSW

  11. Eliminating the Lost Time Interval of Law Enforcement to Active Shooter Events in Schools (United States)


    States Department of Education, 2002). 41 Tonja R. Nansel et al., “ Bullying Behaviors Among U.S. Youth : Prevalence and Association with...2010 interview, Williams admitted that it was a “ suicide by cop” plan meant to “send a message to bullies ,” had no predetermined targets and...Pilla, W. June Ruan, Bruce Simmons- Morton, and Peter Schmidt. “ Bullying Behaviors Among U.S. Youth : Prevalence and Association with Psychosocial

  12. Environmental Assessment of the Trinity River Discharge on Productivity in Trinity Bay. (United States)


    salinities in this semiarid zone, thus occasional floods wreak greater havoc on the populations. The Laguna Madre , a coastal lagoon with little or no...values have been recorded, for a similar habitat, from the Laguna Madre in Texas (Thomas and Simmons, 1960: Parker, 1959), but the waters are much...hydrocarbon like materials. Z. Allg. Mikrobiol. 5:284-307. 1969. Geomicrobial effects on estuarine environments. un Simposio. Men. Simp. Intern. Lagunas

  13. Once more unto the breach managing information security in an uncertain world

    CERN Document Server

    Simmons, Andrea C


    In Once more unto the Breach, Andrea C Simmons speaks directly to information security managers and provides an insider's view of the role, offering priceless gems from her extensive experience and knowledge. Based on a typical year in the life of an information security manager, the book examines how the general principles can be applied to all situations and discusses the lessons learnt from a real project.

  14. Metropolitan Spokane Region Water Resources Study. Appendix B. Geology and Groundwater (United States)


    77 air6 %A b ®R~7 9 5 7I * -- @p"- - OMm .so = ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ cmm VIEER mCau 0wa SIMMONS mia~a am.GELG F H TUYAE *M6Wso MI.mtamIo 66 * WSm6 *4 Kip ...suggested by Thorn - thwiate Snow pack moisture storage is listed in Table 2 and shown in Figure H. According to the Thornthwaite method, this amounts

  15. LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A CrO2-based magnetic tunnel junction (United States)

    Barry, A.; Coey, J. M. D.; Viret, M.


    A tunnel junction based on the half-metallic oxide CrO2 uses a native oxide barrier layer and a cobalt top electrode. The I :V characteristic is fitted to the Simmons model with icons/Journals/Common/phi" ALT="phi" ALIGN="TOP"/> = 0.76 eV and t = 2.0 nm. The magnetoresistance is positive with icons/Journals/Common/Delta" ALT="Delta" ALIGN="TOP"/> R /R = 1.0% at 77 K.

  16. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Wound Cultures Recovered from a Combat Support Hospital in Iraq (United States)


    Iraq, USA300, Antibiotics , Community ac- quired, Hospital acquired. (J Trauma. 2010;69: S102–S108) Staphylococci have been reported as major pathogens...rifampin or fluoroquinolones are used as monotherapy, these agents are discouraged for routine use in SSTIs or combat-related wound injuries. For those...11. Heisterkamp C III, Vernick J, Simmons RL, Motsumoto T. Topical antibiotics in war wounds: a re-evaluation. Mil Med. 1969;134:13–18. The Journal of

  17. Factorization formulas for 2D critical percolation, revisited

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    R.P. Conijn (Rene)


    htmlabstractWe consider critical site percolation on the triangular lattice in the upper half-plane. Let u1, u2 be two sites on the boundary and w a site in the interior. It was predicted by Simmons et al. (2007) that the ratio P(nu1 ↔ nu2 ↔ nw)2 / P(nu1 ↔ nu2) · P(nu1 ↔ nw) · P(nu2 ↔ nw)

  18. Políticas do presente em Carlos Ríos e César Aira

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Carlos Santos


    Full Text Available Em Manigua, Pripyat e A la sombra de Chaki Chan, Carlos Ríos nos mostra uma face da con­temporaneidade: três territó­rios na mar­gem do Império, um aban­do­nado depois de um aci­dente na Usina Nuclear de Chernobil e habitado por seres con­tami­nados pela radia­ção, outro dispu­tado por etnias em vias de desapareci­mento e um terceiro disputado por gru­pos de catadores de alumínio. São relatos que se fazem com fragmentos catados na Internet, nomes, listas de palavras, peda­ços de histórias reutilizados em uma literatura que se faz com os restos de modos de vida que resis­tem em meio ao caos da guerra permanente.

  19. Prevalence and variability of eight non-metric dental crown traits in young students of three Cali high schools, 2002

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodríguez José Vicente


    Full Text Available Objectives: Determining the prevalence and variability of Eight non-metric tooth crown traits: shovel-shape (UI1, Carabelli’s trait (UM1, hipocone (UM2, distal trigonid crest (LM1, cusp 6 TAPI (LM1, cusp 7 TAMI (LM1, deflecting wrinkle (LM1 and protostilyd (LM1 in human dentition. Materials and methods: In this descriptive study, dental morphology were studied, through the ASU plaques system, in 100 young students from a racially mixed group Cali - Colombia. Results: The most prevalent traits were hipocone and deflecting wrinkle. The Carabelli´s trait expressed itself in low degrees and also low frequencies. Distal trigonid crest was absent in the sample. Final results showed the existence bilateralism in the expression of traits without sexual dimorphism. The prevalence of some traits indicates that the sample is similar to the Caucasoid dental pattern. The mongoloid dental pattern was also expressed but in low grade.

  20. Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening among Latinas in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region (United States)


    511-523; and Guerra, Carmen E., Phyllis A. Gimotty, Judy A. Shea, José A. Pagán, J. Sanford Schwartz and Katrina Armstrong. (2008). “Effect of...distrust (n=39). Missing values were imputed using an iterative Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method, based on a multivariate normal model and five...S693-S701. Pagán, José A., David A. Asch, Cynthia J. Brown, Carmen E. Guerra and Katrina Armstrong. (2008). “Lack of Community Insurance and

  1. United States Air Force F-35A Operational Basing Environmental Impact Statement. Appendix E: Comments (United States)


    Burlington has epilepsy and l oud noises can cause her to have a seizure . We do not need thi s noise in Ver mont. Judy Galloway 1 E-858 Germanos...mi litary. The planes are the sound of pride and freedom . Freedom isn’t f ree but it’s worth t he effort. Please keep up your efforts to bring the F...fight for and keep our freedom , I do think that all logistical , health , and social concerns must be looked at when proposing a basing of this nature

  2. The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Emerging Systems and Technologies, Volume 8 (United States)


    ERIM staff included Ivan Clemons, Jenni Cook, Tim Kellman, Lisa Lyons, Judy Steeh, Barbara Wood, and the members of their respective organizations that...Evers, R. Sepucha, and C. Whitney, Applied Optics 18, 2638 (1979). 41. C. B. Hogge , J. F. Schultz, D. B. Mason, and W. E. Thompson, "Physical optics of...the IEEE 61, 731 (1973). 55. C. B. Hogge and R. R. Butts, AFWL-TR-78-15, U.S. Air Force Weapons Laboratory (1978). 56. L. C. Marquet, Applied Optics

  3. Simplismo jurídico, algunas manifestaciones en la jurisdicción


    Cambronero Torres, Andrei


    El prurito por normativizar las situaciones cotidianas en corpus de leyes, ha llevado a una desmedida producción legislativa y a un consecuente reduccionismo del Derecho, a las normas positivas. Ante una problemática nacional, la respuesta suele ir acompañada de una legeferenda, como si la inclusión de uno o varios presupuestos "de hecho", fueran a moldear la dinámica social. Lo anterior, lleva a dos problemáticas actuales suscitadas, según personal criterio, en el simplismo jurídico: la judi...

  4. So long as they grow out of it: comics, the discourse of developmental normalcy, and disability. (United States)

    Squier, Susan M


    This essay draws on two emerging fields--the study of comics or graphic fiction, and disability studies--to demonstrate how graphic fictions articulate the embodied, ethical, and sociopolitical experiences of impairment and disability. Examining David B's Epileptic and Paul Karasik and Judy Karasik's The Ride Together, I argue that these graphic novels unsettle conventional notions of normalcy and disability. In so doing, they also challenge our assumed dimensions and possibilities of the comics genre and medium, demonstrating the great potential comics hold for disability studies.

  5. Olivia Records: The Production of a Movement. (United States)

    Morris, Bonnie


    This article looks at the early years of Olivia Records, setting the context for the historic release of the album Where Would I Be Without You. From its origins as a Washington, D.C.-based activist collective in 1973, Olivia became a hugely successful recording company, marketing radical lesbian recordings and performances that soon defined the "women's music" movement. Both artistically and politically, Olivia's woman-identified albums became the soundtrack for a generation awakening to lesbian activism. Pat Parker and Judy Grahn's 1976 spoken-word recording is a unique demonstration of Olivia's radical production values and expanding catalog.

  6. Unification Strategy for North and South Korea: The Most Prudent U.S. Policy Option to Solve the North Korean Nuclear Crisis (United States)


    wonderful wife, Judy; my two precious daughters, Hana and Kara; and my parents , Kwang-hi and Kun-ye for their enduring love and support. x...North or South Koreans, have a deep sense of pride that comes from thousands of years of Confucian heritage. As the Shufeldt mission of 1882 is difficult, if not impossible, to see these policies as ethically or morally principled. Korea was used by the U.S. as a means to an end

  7. Lycopene Supplementation in the Complementary Management of PSA Failure: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial for Prostate Cancer Survivors (United States)


    risk.] USTOO Nashville: Chapter facilitator: Judy Thurman Tel 615-329-6367 Email Contact: Yolanda Holmes, RN Tel 615-289...Coffey, RJ) 08/01/02 - 04/30/07 NIH/NCI (CA) SPORE in GI Cancer 5M01 RR00095-43 ( Wood ) 12/01/02 – 11/30/07 NIH/NCRR (RR...M, Bertram J, Grignon D, Banerjee M, Crissman J, Pontes E, Wood DP Jr. Lycopene supplementation in men with localized prostate cancer: modulation of

  8. Measurements of a Separating Turbulent Boundary Layer. (United States)


    operational. Diana Cantu, Judy Whirley, and Yolanda Contreras put the figures, tables, and manuscript into the present form. I I ~I ’I m_ I TABLE OF...high overheat ratio was used since Wood (1975) I showed that the range of flat frequency response is improved with a higher m overheat ratio. Standard...67, pp. 125-143. I Wood , N. B. 1975 "A Method for Determination and Control of the Frequency Response of the Constant-Temperature Hot-Wire Anemometer

  9. "Hello!" from Crosby and Nash

    CERN Document Server

    CERN Bulletin


    On Tuesday, 29 September, American musicians David Crosby and Graham Nash visited CERN. They also recorded a video message, commenting on their visit and sending their greetings and thanks to CERN's people.   (Video: Christoph M. Madsen/CERN.) David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills have played together for over 30 years in the Crosby, Stills and Nash folk rock band. Originally, together with Neil Young, they were all members of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young band, having played at the iconic Woodstock Festival and produced many legendary songs such as Teach Your Children, Judy Blue Eyes, Our House and Marrakech Express. ​

  10. Bat 21: A Case Study (United States)


    review from Library Journal : While he [Anderson] succeeds in telling a rousing questions whether this ought to be considered more fiction...Day in a Long War, Random House, 1989.1 27. Lane, Mel D. "Bat 21." Library Journal , Vol. 105, 15 October 1980, pp. 2194-2195. 28. Stone, Judy. " ’Bat...5. Ibid., 187. 6. Ibid., liner notes. 7. Interview, p. 88. 8. Anderson, pp. 186. 9. Anderson, copyright notes. 10. Mel D. Lane, "Bat 21," Library

  11. 《疯狂动物城》之人生主旨评析%A Comment on the Life Theme of Zootopia

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Zootopia tells the story of how Judy (a rabbit)realizes her dream through endeavor and struggle.Judy experi-ences a series of predicaments and faces many tough choices that can change her whole life.With a strong will and per-severance,she succeeds in getting out of these predicaments and solving these problems.Additionally,the movie dis-plays a deep relationship between success and respect,which also enlightens the audiences.%《疯狂动物城》讲述的是主角(兔子茱蒂)在动物城通过奋斗实现梦想的故事。在影片中,茱蒂遭遇了多次的人生逆境,并数次面临对错的拷问,但她在朋友的帮助下,以坚强的意志和韧性,走出了自身的困境,解决了这些问题。此外,影片展示了成功与尊重之间的深层次关系,对于观众也颇有启迪意义。

  12. Aaron Temkin Beck (born July 18, 1921- Biography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Fatih Yavuz


    Full Text Available he American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007. Beck is noted for his research in psychotherapy, psychopathology, suicide, and psychometrics, which led to his creation of cognitive therapy, for which he received the 2006 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI, one of the most widely used instruments for measuring depression severity. Beck is also known for his creation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale and the Beck Anxiety Inventory, and has founded the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in which his daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, works. He is married with four children, Roy, Judy, Dan, and Alice. He has eight grandchildren.the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007. Beck is noted for his research in psychotherapy, psychopathology, suicide, and psychometrics, which led to his creation of cognitive therapy, for which he received the 2006 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI, one of the most widely used instruments for measuring depression severity. Beck is also known for his creation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale and the Beck Anxiety Inventory, and has founded the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in which his daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, works. He is married with four children, Roy, Judy, Dan, and Alice. He has eight grandchildren.

  13. Hydrogen Flame Imaging System Soars to New, Different Heights (United States)


    When Judy and Dave Duncan of Auburn, Calif.-based Duncan Technologies Inc. (DTI) developed their color hydrogen flame imaging system in the early 1990's, their market prospects were limited. 'We talked about commercializing the technology in the hydrogen community, but we also looked at commercialization on a much broader aspect. While there were some hydrogen applications, the market was not large enough to suppport an entire company; also, safety issues were a concern,' said Judy Duncan, owner and CEO of Duncan Technologies. Using the basic technology developed under the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR); DTI conducted market research, identified other applications, formulated a plan for next generation development, and implemented a far-reaching marketing strategy. 'We took that technology; reinvested our own funds and energy into a second-generation design on the overall camera electronics and deployed that basic technology intially in a series of what we call multi-spectral cameras; cameras that could image in both the visible range and the infrared,' explains Duncan. 'The SBIR program allowed us to develop the technology to do a 3CCD camera, which very few compaines in the world do, particularly not small companies. The fact that we designed our own prism and specked the coding as we had for the hydrogen application, we were able to create a custom spectral configuration which could support varying types of research and applications.' As a result, Duncan Technologies Inc. of Auburn, Ca., has achieved a milestone $ 1 million in sales.

  14. A tribute to our teacher, Dr. Judith Hall: a child with the trait of the Earl of Shrewsbury. (United States)

    Stephan, Mark J


    "Organized human endeavor can be lifted an order of magnitude through teaching if it is inspiring" (Editor, Am J Dis Child, 1972). The benevolent influence of Dr. Judy Hall's inspiring clinical teaching in the field of genetic syndromes and birth defects is illustrated through the eventual surgical remediation of conductive hearing loss for a 4-year-old girl with unusual knuckles. The fascinating history of this child's syndrome has been further explored in the descendents of the first Earl of Shrewsbury. The legends of his story and his role in the Hundred Years War were immortalized by William Shakespeare in his play Henry VI Part I, but neither Shakespeare nor historians documented that the Earl actually had abnormal finger joints. Heterozygous mutations in the human noggin gene (NOG) cause a spectrum of joint fusions, including this child's traits. On behalf of practitioners of medicine, pediatrics, clinical genetics, and dysmorphology, as well as research scientists in the many domains of genetics, thank you, Judy, for your inspiration, enthusiasm, and teaching.

  15. Rapid wastage of the Hazen Plateau ice caps, northeastern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada (United States)

    Serreze, Mark C.; Raup, Bruce; Braun, Carsten; Hardy, Douglas R.; Bradley, Raymond S.


    Two pairs of small stagnant ice bodies on the Hazen Plateau of northeastern Ellesmere Island, the St. Patrick Bay ice caps and the Murray and Simmons ice caps, are rapidly shrinking, and the remnants of the St. Patrick Bay ice caps are likely to disappear entirely within the next 5 years. Vertical aerial photographs of these Little Ice Age relics taken during August of 1959 show that the larger of the St. Patrick Bay ice caps had an area of 7.48 km2 and the smaller one 2.93 km2; the Murray and Simmons ice caps covered 4.37 and 7.45 km2 respectively. Outlines determined from ASTER satellite data for July 2016 show that, compared to 1959, the larger and the smaller of the St. Patrick Bay ice caps had both been reduced to only 5 % of their former area, with the Murray and Simmons ice caps faring better at 39 and 25 %, likely reflecting their higher elevation. Consistent with findings from other glaciological studies in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, ASTER imagery in conjunction with past GPS surveys documents a strikingly rapid wastage of the St. Patrick Bay ice caps over the last 15 years. These two ice caps shrank noticeably even between 2014 and 2015, apparently in direct response to the especially warm summer of 2015 over northeastern Ellesmere Island. The well-documented recession patterns of the Hazen Plateau ice caps over the last 55+ years offer an opportunity to examine the processes of plant recolonization of polar landscapes.

  16. A new numerical benchmark for variably saturated variable-density flow and transport in porous media (United States)

    Guevara, Carlos; Graf, Thomas


    In subsurface hydrological systems, spatial and temporal variations in solute concentration and/or temperature may affect fluid density and viscosity. These variations could lead to potentially unstable situations, in which a dense fluid overlies a less dense fluid. These situations could produce instabilities that appear as dense plume fingers migrating downwards counteracted by vertical upwards flow of freshwater (Simmons et al., Transp. Porous Medium, 2002). As a result of unstable variable-density flow, solute transport rates are increased over large distances and times as compared to constant-density flow. The numerical simulation of variable-density flow in saturated and unsaturated media requires corresponding benchmark problems against which a computer model is validated (Diersch and Kolditz, Adv. Water Resour, 2002). Recorded data from a laboratory-scale experiment of variable-density flow and solute transport in saturated and unsaturated porous media (Simmons et al., Transp. Porous Medium, 2002) is used to define a new numerical benchmark. The HydroGeoSphere code (Therrien et al., 2004) coupled with PEST ( are used to obtain an optimized parameter set capable of adequately representing the data set by Simmons et al., (2002). Fingering in the numerical model is triggered using random hydraulic conductivity fields. Due to the inherent randomness, a large number of simulations were conducted in this study. The optimized benchmark model adequately predicts the plume behavior and the fate of solutes. This benchmark is useful for model verification of variable-density flow problems in saturated and/or unsaturated media.

  17. The SOS Response is Permitted in Escherichia coli Strains Deficient in the Expression of the mazEF Pathway (United States)


    conditions, LexA represses gfp transcription by binding to the SOS box in the gene operator, lexO. Under DNA damage, RecA becomes activated, and acts as a...abundant in free living but lost from host- associated prokaryotes . Nuc. Acids Res. 33: 966–976. 22. Davies BW, Kohanski MA, Simmons LA, Winkler JA...control. Gene 20: 11–24. 26. Hayes S, Szybalski W (1973) Control of short leftward transcripts from the immunity and ori regions in induced coliphage

  18. Species Profiles. Life Histories and Environmental Requirements of Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (South Florida). STRIPED MULLET. (United States)


    Gunter, G. 1945. Studies on marine No. 25. 29 pp. fishes of Texas . Publ. Inst. Mar.Sct. Univ. Tex. 1:1-190." -’’, . Broadhead, G. C., and H. P. Mefford...1977. Fishes of the Gulf of Paperna, 1. 1975. Parasites and Mexico- Texas , Louisiana, and adja- diseases of the grey mullet cent waters. Texas A&M...1975. Salinity and oxygen tolerances of eggs and Simmons, E. Gi. 1957. Ecological larvae of Hawaiian striped mullet, survey of the upper Laguna Madre

  19. Species Profiles: Life Histories and Environmental Requirements of Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (Mid-Atlantic). Bay Anchovy (United States)


    Laguna Madre of Pearcy, W., and S.W. Richards. 1962. Texas . Publ. Inst. Mar. Sc. Univ. Distribution and ecology of fishes Tex. 4(2):156-200. of the Mystic...ppt) in striped bass (Morone saxatilis) in the Upper Laguna Madre , Texas (Simmons Hudson River estuary were almost 1957). In the Mid-Atlantic Region...Seasonal abundance and distribution of marine fishes at a hot-water Fish . Serv. Fish . Bull. discharge in Galveston Bay, Texas . 76(2):438-487. Contrib. Mar

  20. Rational Handling of Multiple Goals for Mobile Robots (United States)


    AD.-A273 733 V * ~ 1. K ~Rational Handling of Multiple Goals for Mobile Robots Richard Goodwin Reid Simmons November 1, 1993. CM-S-93-204 ... I.f it...8217A ~~DEC99 oilsi VI-uI Best Available Copy Radonal Handling of Multiple Goals for Mobile Robots Richard Goodwin Reid Sinnos November 1, 1993 CMU-€S-93...Engineering Research Council of Canada. 93 12 8, 081 1 Introduction This report examines a method for handling multiple active goals for mobile robots . Specifically

  1. A Remarkable Collection of Rare Scriptures in a Small University Library Setting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Cardin Ellis


    Full Text Available Hardin-Simmons University was given two remarkable collections of rare Bibles and a Sefer Torah with the expressed desire of the donors for the collections to be shared with students, faculty and other constituencies of the university's Richardson Library. The library has tried to fulfill this request while attempting to preserve these treasures for future generations. As small university, without a trained archivist or preservationist, we have utilized resources outside our library and contiue to pursue sources to assist us in the maintenance of these special collections while still engaging them in the educational process.

  2. Design and Evaluation of Dual-Expander Aerospike Nozzle Upper Stage Engine (United States)


    Education and Training Command in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Joseph R. Simmons, III, BFA, MS September...67 Table 3.2: Existing DEAN Design Point[2] Design Variables Response Variables LOX Pump PR ( PRp ,LOX) 103 Vac Thrust (Fvac) 57,000 lbf LH2 Pump 1 PR... PRp ,LH2,1) 45 Vac Isp 472 s LH2 Pump 2 PR ( PRp ,LH2,2) 2 Mass Flow (ṁ) 121 lbm/s LH2 Pump 2 Eff (ηp,LH2,2) 0.83 O/F 7.03 Chamber Length (lc) 24 in

  3. Selected Abstracts of the 6th International Congress of UENPS; Valencia (Spain); November 23rd-25th 2016; Session “Lung and development”




  4. Development of Fatigue and Crack Propagation Design and Analysis Methodology in a Corrosive Environment for Typical Mechanically-Fastened Joints. Volume 3. Phase II Documentation. (United States)


    Schaum Publishing Co., New York, 1961, pp. 241-268. 79. J. R. Benjamin and C. A. Cornell, Probability, Statis- -* tics, and Decision for Civil... chemistry , and Engineering, ASTM STP 801, 1983, pp. 405-422. 116. T. T. Shih and R. P. Wei, "Influences of Chemical and Thermal Environments on Delay in...K-0004, November, 1984. 120. R. P. Wei, P. S. Pao, R. G. Hart, T. W. Weir and G. W. Simmons, "Fracture Mechanics and Surface Chemistry Studies of

  5. Generation and Evolution of Internal Waves in Luzon Strait (United States)


    S9 (19.34° N, 121.03° E) taken by Matthew Alford. The diurnal tidal energy flux is 14 kW/m at mooring S9 and 16 kW/m at the TOWCTD site. The...the oceanic response to and recovery from tropical cyclones in the western Pacific using long-term mooring observations and an array of EM-APEX floats...between model predictions (black arrows: Harper Simmons), S9 mooring observations (blue arrows: Matthew Alford), and TOWCTD observations (red arrows

  6. Programmable Nano-Bio-Chip Sensors: Analytical Meets Clinical (United States)

    Jokerst, Jesse V.; Floriano, Pierre N.; Christodoulides, Nicolaos; McDevitt, John T.; Jacobson, James W.; Bhagwandin, Bryon D.


    synopsis There have been many recent advances in the nano-bio-chip (NBC) analysis methodology with implications for a number of high-morbidity diseases including HIV, cancer, and heart disease. In their Feature article, Jesse V. Jokerst of The University of Texas at Austin; Pierre N. Floriano, Nicolaos Christodoulides, and John T. McDevitt of Rice University; and James W. Jacobson and Bryon D. Bhagwandin of LabNow, Inc. discuss the construction, capabilities, and advantages of NBCs. The cover shows arrays of NBCs. Images courtesy of Glennon Simmons/McDevitt Lab and Marcha Miller of The University of Texas at Austin. PMID:20128622

  7. High harmonics of the cyclotron resonance in a weak magnetic field (United States)

    Gramada, A.; Raikh, M. E.


    Harmonics of the cyclotron resonance have their origin in the disorder-induced mixing of the Landau levels which leads to the violation of the Kohn theorem. In a strong magnetic field, ω_cτ>> 1, (ωc is the cyclotron frequency and τ is the relaxation time) the amplitudes of the harmonics, σ^n, fall off rapidly^1 with the number n: σ^n∝ n-2. We have studied theoretically the opposite case, ω_cτPhys. Soc. Japan, 38, 989 (1975). 2. M. A. Zudov, R. R. Du, J. A. Simmons, J. L. Reno, preprint cond-mat/9711149.

  8. Novel molecular targets for kRAS downregulation: promoter G-quadruplexes (United States)


    quadruplex DNA and down-regulation of oncogene c-myc by quindoline derivatives. Journal of medicinal chemistry 50, 1465–1474 (2007). 9 Brown , R. V., Danford...KCl, the DMS cleavage pat - tern for the induced G-quadruplex in the WT sequence revealed a Fig. 2. Predominant G4 isoforms formedwithin the near kRAS...41 (2013) 4049–4064. [37] R.V. Brown , V.C. Gaerig, T. Simmons, T.A. Brooks, Helping Eve overcome ADAM: G-quadruplexes in the ADAM-15 promoter as new

  9. Transformer Specification Language: A System for Generating Analyzers and Its Applications (United States)


    vector arithmetic—in its solver. Quoting A. Nori , “[[98] handles] the complexities of binaries via its front-end Vulcan and not via its property...Components and Objects, 2005. [49] N.E. Beckman, A.V. Nori , S.K. Rajamani, and R.J. Simmons. Proofs from tests. In Int. Symp. on Softw. Testing and...M.Y. Levin, and D. Molnar. Automated whitebox fuzz testing. In Network and Dist. Syst. Security, 2008. [96] P. Godefroid, A.V. Nori , S.K. Rajamani, and

  10. Electron transmission through a class of anthracene aldehyde molecules (United States)

    Petreska, Irina; Ohanesjan, Vladimir; Pejov, Ljupco; Kocarev, Ljupco


    Transmission of electrons via metal-molecule-metal junctions, involving rotor-stator anthracene aldehyde molecules is investigated. Two model barriers having input parameters evaluated from accurate ab initio calculations are proposed and the transmission coefficients are obtained by using the quasiclassical approximation. Transmission coefficients further enter in the integral for the net current, utilizing Simmons' method. Conformational dependence of the tunneling processes is evident and the presence of the side groups enhances the functionality of the future single-molecule based electronic devices.

  11. Next-Generation Severe Weather Forecasting and Communication (United States)

    Rothfusz, Lans P.; Karstens, Christopher; Hilderband, Douglas


    Despite advances in the hazardous weather predictive skills of forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS) [Simmons and Sutter, 2011], the underlying methodologies used to generate severe weather watches (i.e., announcements that the potential for severe weather exists) and warnings (i.e., announcements that severe weather conditions are occurring or imminent) have changed little since they were first issued in 1965. The resulting text-based, deterministic (i.e., a single, most accurate value) messages lack the detail and flexibility to match the technology, science, diversity, lifestyles, and vulnerability of society today.

  12. Paramagnetic response of muscle-type systems

    CERN Document Server

    Caruel, Matthieu


    We provide a prototypical description of mechanically-induced collective conformational change (folding), relevant in a variety of biological contexts from muscle contraction to hair cell gating and integrin binding. Our study is inspired by the seminal Huxley-Simmons (HS) model which we reinterpret from the perspective of stochastic dynamics involving rigidly coupled bi-stable elements. In this interpretation the HS model can be mapped to a paramagnetic Ising model, however, the equivalence is not complete due to the presence of elastic elements responsible for negative susceptibility and quasi-critical behavior. We go beyond the conventional chemo-mechanical description of such systems, revealing both its strengths and its limitations.

  13. The largest $n-1$ Hosoya indices of unicyclic graphs

    CERN Document Server

    Yu, Guihai; Ilic, Aleksandar


    The Hosoya index $Z (G)$ of a graph $G$ is defined as the total number of edge independent sets of $G$. In this paper, we extend the research of [J. Ou, On extremal unicyclic molecular graphs with maximal Hosoya index, \\textit{Discrete Appl. Math.} 157 (2009) 391--397.] and [Y. Ye, X. Pan, H. Liu, Ordering unicyclic graphs with respect to Hosoya indices and Merrifield-Simmons indices, \\textit{MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem.} 59 (2008) 191--202.] and order the largest $n-1$ unicyclic graphs with respect to the Hosoya index.

  14. Westward movement of eddies into the Gulf of Aden from the Arabian Sea

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Al Saafani, M.A.; Shenoi, S.S.C.; Shankar, D.; Aparna, M.; Kurian, J.; Durand, F.; Vinayachandran, P.N.

    associated with the monsoon system over the Arabian Sea [Findlater, 1969], and its associated curl field begin to relax in late July and early August, a broad upwelling band begins to break up into several large eddies in the vicinity of Gulf of Aden (see...-September, the outflow from the Great Whirl causes the formation of Socotra Gyre [Simmons et al., 1988]. This mechanism, in which eddies pinch off from the Somali Current system owing to instabilities, is also active during May [Fratantoni et al., 2006]. [20] To examine...

  15. Is the death of the death penalty near? The impact of Atkins and Roper on the future of capital punishment for mentally ill defendants. (United States)

    Shin, Helen


    In recent years, the U.S. Supreme Court has created two categorical exemptions to the death penalty. In Atkins v. Virginia, the Court exempted mentally retarded offenders. Three years later, in Roper v. Simmons, the Court extended the protection to juveniles. Based on these cases, the practices of foreign countries, and the opinions of professional organizations with relevant expertise, legal scholars speculate that the Court may, in the future, categorically exclude severely mentally ill offenders from the death penalty. This Note examines the feasibility of such an exemption for the mentally ill and considers its possible repercussions.

  16. Intragenomic rDNA ITS2 Variation in the Neotropical Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) albitarsis Complex (Diptera: Culicidae) (United States)


    Maniatis T. 1989. Molecular cloning . A laboratoty manual. 2nd ed. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: (".old Spring Harbor Laboratory. Simmons MP, Ochoterena H...34’can R, Lee: Jc. 1990. Yeast precursor ribosomal RJ."lA molecular cloning and probing the higher onler structure of Ihe internal transcribed spacer Abstract We cloned and sequenced the rONA internal transcribed spacer 2 (lTS2) of 4 species belonging to the neotropical Al1ophr/u

  17. Novel Readings: Reimagining the Value of the University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erin Aspenlieder


    Full Text Available This article considers the function and value of the university through the close reading of Tom Wolfe’s 2004 novel I am Charlotte Simmons. Comparing the neoliberal university with an idealized university committed to intellectual inquiry, the article argues for a consideration of the academic values lost in the contemporary university, specifically the values of an intellectual meritocracy, academic identity and academic integrity. The article calls for a sustained and sincere conversation about the idea and ideal of the university. Cet article prend en considération la fonction et la valeur de l’université par le biais d’une lecture attentive du roman de Tom Wolfe, I am Charlotte Simmons, publié en 2004. Comparant l’université néo-libérale à une université idéalisée vouée à la recherche intellectuelle, l’article propose un argument pour examiner les valeurs académiques perdues dans l’université contemporaine, en particulier les valeurs relatives à une méritocratie intellectuelle, à l’identité académique et à l’intégrité académique. Dans cet article, on plaide en faveur d’une conversation soutenue et sincère sur l’idée et l’idéal de l’université.

  18. Technology and society building our sociotechnical future

    CERN Document Server

    Wetmore, Jameson M


    Technological change does not happen in a vacuum; decisions about which technologies to develop, fund, market, and use engage ideas about values as well as calculations of costs and benefits. This anthology focuses on the interconnections of technology, society, and values. It offers writings by authorities as varied as Freeman Dyson, Laurence Lessig, Bruno Latour, and Judy Wajcman that will introduce readers to recent thinking about technology and provide them with conceptual tools, a theoretical framework, and knowledge to help understand how technology shapes society and how society shapes technology. It offers readers a new perspective on such current issues as globalization, the balance between security and privacy, environmental justice, and poverty in the developing world. The careful ordering of the selections and the editors' introductions give Technology and Society a coherence and flow that is unusual in anthologies. The book is suitable for use in undergraduate courses in STS and other disciplines...

  19. “旅行圣经”走入中国

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    旅游出版业久负盛名的澳大利亚Lonely Planet(孤独行星)出版公司和中国的生活,读书,新知三联书店,近日宣布将一起合作开拓中国旅行书市场,这意味着Lonely Planet的书目将翻译成中文出版。1月9日,Lonely Planet出版公司首席执行官茱迪·施莱耶(Judy Slatyer)和三联书店代总经理张伟民在澳大利亚驻华使馆举办的新闻发布会上正式宣布这一台作。

  20. Noh Creation of Shakespeare

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Munakata Kuniyoshi


    Full Text Available This article contains select comments and reviews on Noh Hamlet and Noh Othello in English and Noh King Lear in Japanese. The scripts from these performances were arranged based on Shakespeare’s originals and directed on stage and performed in English by Kuniyoshi Munakata from the early 1980s until 2014. Also, the whole text of Munakata’s Noh Macbeth in English (Munakata himself acted as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in one play is for the first time publicized. The writers of the comments and reviews include notable people such as John Fraser, Michael Barrett, Upton Murakami, Donald Richie, Rick Ansorg, James David Audlin, Jesper Keller, Jean-Claude Saint-Marc, Jean-Claude Baumier, Judy Kendall, Allan Owen, Yoshio ARAI, Yasumasa OKAMOTO, Tatsuhiko TAIRA, Hikaru ENDO, Kazumi YAMAGATA, Hanako ENDO, Yoshiko KAWACHI, Mari Boyd, and Daniel Gallimore.

  1. NASA Administrator Dan Goldin greets Neil Armstrong at Apollo 11 anniversary banquet. (United States)


    During an anniversary banquet honoring the Apollo team, the people who made the entire lunar landing program possible, former Apollo astronaut Neil A. Armstrong (left) shakes the hand of Judy Goldin (center), wife of NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin (right). The banquet was held in the Apollo/Saturn V Center, part of the KSC Visitor Complex. This is the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and moon landing, July 16 and July 20, 1969. Among the guests at the banquet were former Apollo astronauts are Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin who flew on Apollo 11, the launch of the first moon landing; Gene Cernan, who flew on Apollo 10 and 17 and was the last man to walk on the moon; and Walt Cunningham, who flew on Apollo 7.

  2. Between Management and the Rule of Law: on the move towards a management model for the judiciary - Results from the project “Basic research into Court Management in Switzerland”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Lienhard


    Full Text Available The courts are the jewel of any state governed by the rule of law. Yet even the judi-cial system must modernise its methods of organisation and management if it is to guarantee sustainable jurisdiction. But how much management is itself sustainable within the judicial system? And what is the right way towards an optimized judicial system and well performing courts? An interdisciplinary research team from six uni-versities under the leadership of the Centre of Competence for Public Management at the University of Bern has considered this question in several dissertations and studies as part of a Swiss National Science Foundation project. This paper will pro-vide a reflection of the research work and future fields of research.

  3. Easily Retrievable Objects among the NEO Population

    CERN Document Server

    Yárnoz, D García; McInnes, C R


    Asteroids and comets are of strategic importance for science in an effort to understand the formation, evolution and composition of the Solar System. Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) are of particular interest because of their accessibility from Earth, but also because of their speculated wealth of material resources. The exploitation of these resources has long been discussed as a means to lower the cost of future space endeavours. In this paper, we consider the currently known NEO population and define a family of so-called Easily Retrievable Objects (EROs), objects that can be transported from accessible heliocentric orbits into the Earth's neighbourhood at affordable costs. The asteroid retrieval transfers are sought from the continuum of low energy transfers enabled by the dynamics of invariant manifolds; specifically, the retrieval transfers target planar, vertical Lyapunov and halo orbit families associated with the collinear equilibrium points of the Sun-Earth Circular Restricted Three Body problem. The judi...

  4. A blogger in their midst. (United States)

    Suitt, Halley


    It was five minutes before show time, and only 15 people had wandered into the conference room to hear Lancaster-Webb CEO Will Somerset introduce the company's latest line of surgical gloves. More important, sales prospect Samuel Taylor, medical director of the Houston Clinic, had failed to show. Will walked out of the ballroom to steady his nerves and noticed a spillover crowd down the hall. He made a "What's up?" gesture to Judy Chen, Lancaster-Webb's communications chief. She came over to him. "It's Glove Girl. You know, the blogger," Judy said, as if this explained anything. "I think she may have stolen your crowd." "Who is she?" Will asked. Glove Girl was a factory worker at Lancaster-Webb whose always outspoken, often informative postings on her Web log had developed quite a following. Will was new to the world of blogging, but he quickly learned about its power in a briefing with his staff. After Glove Girl had raved about Lancaster-Webb's older SteriTouch disposable gloves, orders had surged. More recently, though, Glove Girl had questioned the Houston Clinic's business practices, posting damaging information at her site about its rate of cesarean deliveries--to Sam Taylor's consternation. This fictional case study considers the question of whether a highly credible, but sometimes inaccurate and often indiscreet, on-line diarist is more of a liability than an asset to her employer. What, if anything, should Will Somerset do about Glove Girl? Four commentators--David Wein-berger, author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined; Pamela Samuelson, a professor of law and information management at the University of California, Berkeley; Ray Ozzie, CEO and chairman of Groove Networks; and Erin Motameni, vice president of human resources at EMC-offer expert advice.

  5. Zastosowanie wysokich dawek tokoferolu w prewencji i potencjalizacji działania dioksyn w doświadczalnym zapaleniu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ireneusz Całkosiński


    Full Text Available Emisja do środowiska toksycznych i stabilnych substancji chloroorganicznych, z których jedną z ważniejszych grup są dioksyny, stanowi istotny problem ekologiczny i zdrowotny. Polichlorowane dibenzodioksyny (PCDD, określane potocznie jako dioksyny, stanowią grupę 75 związków aromatycznych z przyłączonymi w różnych pozycjach i ilościach atomami chloru. Podobną budową i właściwościami charakteryzują się polichlorowane dibenzofurany (PCDF oraz polichlorowane bifenyle (PCB.W ostatnich czterech latach daje się zauważyć znaczące zainteresowanie biologicznym działaniem dioksyn i ich obecnością w łańcuchach pokarmowych. Wykazano, że jedną z ważniejszych dróg ich oddziaływania na organizm jest pobudzanie kaskady cytokin zapalnych i wywoływanie stresu oksydacyjnego. Skutecznym sposobem przeciwdziałania zatruciom może być podawanie antyutleniaczy oraz czynników przeciwzapalnych. Działanie ochronne wspomnianych substancji, w tym wysokich dawek tokoferolu, potwierdza wiele badań nad zwierzętami doświadczalnymi.

  6. Detailed SZ study of 19 LoCuSS galaxy clusters: masses and temperatures out to the virial radius

    CERN Document Server

    Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Carmen; Davies, Matthew L; Feroz, Farhan; Franzen, Thomas M O; Grainge, Keith J B; Hobson, Michael P; Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Lasenby, Anthony N; Olamaie, Malak; Pooley, Guy; Saunders, Richard D E; Scaife, Anna M M; Schammel, Michel P; Scott, Paul F; Titterington, David J; Waldram, Elizabeth M


    We present 16-GHz AMI SZ observations of 19 clusters with L_X >7x10^37 W (h50=1) selected from the LoCuS survey (0.142T_AMI, is derived from AMI SZ data, not from X-ray spectroscopy. Cluster parameters internal to r500 are derived assuming HSE. We find: (i) Different gNFW parameterizations yield significantly different parameter degeneracies. (ii) For h70 = 1, we find the virial radius r200 to be typically 1.6+/-0.1 Mpc and the total mass M_T(r200) typically to be 2.0-2.5xM_T(r500).(iii) Where we have found M_T X-ray (X) and weak-lensing (WL) values in the literature, there is good agreement between WL and AMI estimates (with M_{T,AMI}/M_{T,WL} =1.2^{+0.2}_{-0.3} and =1.0+/-0...

  7. Benzene air pollution measuring in the city of Pančevo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ugrinov Dragan M.


    Full Text Available The city of Pančevo is located at the confluence of the Tamiš and Danube rivers, 8 km from the country’s capital Belgrade. The basic pollution sources are HIP Petrohemija (Oil industry and NIS Rafinerija nafte (Oil refinery which are located south from the city. The measurements of air pollution were done according to the standard methods defined by the regulations of monitoring conditions and air quality requirements, as well as by the procedures for measuring benzene concentration (taking samples with the pump, thermal desorption and gas chromatography. Pančevo has the elaborate system of the measuring points as part of the local system of urban stations for measuring basic and specific polluters. Using this system the measurements were carried out during the course of 24 hours every day in the year 2009 at two measuring points named “Vatrogasni dom” and “Zavod”. By analyzing the obtained results, average yearly concentration is lower at “Vatrogasni dom“ measuring point (2,8g/m3 then at “Zavod” (4,1g/m3. The results that obtained at both measuring points did not exceed the allowed limited value of 5 g/m3.

  8. Did it really happen? Memory, history and myth in Eugenia Tsoulis´ Between the ceiling and the sky

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catalina Ribas Segura


    Full Text Available World War II, the Nazi occupation and several dictatorships forced many Greek men and women into migration. In 1952 Greece signed an agreement on assisted migration to Australia and more than “250 000 Greek and Cypriot migrants from Greece (1952-74, Rumania (1952-8, Egypt and the Middle East (1952-2 [sic], Cyprus (1974-84 and other politically turbulent countries of Eastern Europe and Latin America” moved to Australia (Tamis, Anastasios M. The Greeks in Australia, 2005: 47. The lives of those migrants changed radically as they left home behind. Some of them, or their children, wrote fictional texts explaining some of their experiences. An example of this is Eugenia Tsoulis´ Behind the Ceiling and the Sky (1998, where the main characters live their lives between present and past and between memories and myths, on the one hand, and facts and the lifeworld that surround them, on the other. This paper will analyse this novel and the sometimes blurred boundaries between memory, history and myth.

  9. Evidence for the endothelin system as an emerging therapeutic target for the treatment of chronic pain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smith TP


    Full Text Available Terika P Smith,1 Tami Haymond,1 Sherika N Smith,1 Sarah M Sweitzer1,2 1Department of Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA; 2Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences, Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy, Clinton, SC, USA Abstract: Many people worldwide suffer from pain and a portion of these sufferers are diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. The management of chronic pain continues to be a challenge, and despite taking prescribed medication for pain, patients continue to have pain of moderate severity. Current pain therapies are often inadequate, with side effects that limit medication adherence. There is a need to identify novel therapeutic targets for the management of chronic pain. One potential candidate for the treatment of chronic pain is therapies aimed at modulating the vasoactive peptide endothelin-1. In addition to vasoactive properties, endothelin-1 has been implicated in pain transmission in both humans and animal models of nociception. Endothelin-1 directly activates nociceptors and potentiates the effect of other algogens, including capsaicin, formalin, and arachidonic acid. In addition, endothelin-1 has been shown to be involved in inflammatory pain, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, diabetic neuropathy, and pain associated with sickle cell disease. Therefore, endothelin-1 may prove a novel therapeutic target for the relief of many types of chronic pain. Keywords: endothelin-1, acute pain, chronic pain, endothelin receptor antagonists

  10. Prevalencia y variabilidad de ocho rasgos morfológicos dentales en jóvenes de tres colegios de Cali, 2002.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Freddy Moreno


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Determinar la prevalencia y variabilidad de ocho rasgos morfológicos dentales: incisivos en pala (UI1, cúspide de Carabelli (UM1, reducción del hipocono (UM2, cresta distal del trigónido (LM1, cúspide sexta TAPI (LM1, cúspide séptima TAMI (LM1, pliegue acodado (LM1 y protostílido (LM1. Materiales y métodos: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo transversal cuantitativo para caracterizar la morfología dental mediante el sistema de placas ASU, en 100 jóvenes de ambos sexos pertenecientes al grupo poblacional mestizo, estudiantes de tres colegios de Cali y con edades comprendidas entre los 10 y 18 años. Resultados: Los rasgos de mayor prevalencia fueron la reducción del hipocono y el pliegue acodado. Se apreciaron frecuencias bajas de los incisivos en pala, cúspide de Carabelli, protostílido, cúspide 6, cúspide 7. No se observó en la muestra la cresta distal del trigónido. Los resultados indican que existe bilateralidad en la expresión de los rasgos y que estos no presentan dimorfismo sexual; además la prevalencia de algunos de ellos sugiere que la muestra observada tiene semejanza con el patrón dental caucasoide y preserva algún tipo de influencia del complejo dental mongoloide.

  11. Infant behaviors influence mothers' provision of responsive and directive behaviors. (United States)

    Lloyd, Carrie A; Masur, Elise Frank


    Mother-infant interactions are important to infant development because they are predictive of infants' social, cognitive, and language development (Lamb, Bornstein, & Teti, 2002; Tamis-LeMonda, Bornstein, & Baumwell, 2001). Because maternal responsive and directive behaviors are associated with differential infant outcomes, it is important to investigate influences on mothers' provision of responsive and directive behaviors. Yet, the dyadic interaction literature is predominantly unidirectional from maternal behavior to infant outcomes. Therefore, the current study examined infant initiating behaviors and consequent maternal responses in a sample of 26 13-month-old infants and their mothers, videotaped during 5 min of free-play. Findings revealed that infants produced a variety of initiatives, and that these different infant initiatives prompted differential patterns of maternal responsive versus directive behaviors. Further, results of analyses of divergent types of maternal directive behaviors - Responsive Directives, ReDirectives, and Intrusive Directives - also may help clarify major discrepancies in the current literature regarding the positive and negative effects of maternal directiveness.

  12. Measuring parent-child mutuality: a review of current observational coding systems. (United States)

    Funamoto, Allyson; Rinaldi, Christina M


    Mutuality is defined as a smooth, back-and-forth positive interaction consisting of mutual enjoyment, cooperation, and responsiveness. The bidirectional nature of mutuality is an essential component to the parent-child relationship since a high quality parent-child mutual relationship is crucial to encouraging children's positive socialization and development (S. Lollis & L. Kuczynski, 1997; E.E. Maccoby, 2007). Several coding systems have been developed in recent years to assess this distinct and crucial aspect of the parent-child relationship. The present article reviews the following four mutuality coding schemes: the Parent-Child Interaction System (K. Deater-Deckard, M.V. Pylas, & S. Petrill, 1997), the Mutually Responsive Orientation Scale (N. Aksan, G. Kochanska, & M.R. Ortmann, 2006), the Caregiver-Child Affect, Responsiveness, and Engagement Scale (C.S. Tamis-LeMonda, P. Ahuja, B. Hannibal, J.D. Shannon, & M. Spellmann, 2002), and the Synchrony and Control Coding Scheme (J. Mize & G.S. Pettit, 1997). The review will focus on observational coding schemes available to researchers interested a central element of quality parent-child relationships in the early years.

  13. Uniqueness and permanence dream of Brazilian slave society (XIX Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ênio José da Costa Brito


    Full Text Available Within a sequence of studies on slavery in Brazil in 50 years, we have the original study on the political dimension of this slavery from original documentation (Annals and Archives carried forward by Tamis Parron. In the nineteenth century occurred, according to the author, a politicization of slaveholding issues rather than the development of a policy of slavery. The smuggling of slaves and the defense of slavery are too significant to be set aside by historiography events. To Parron, external aspects such as change in American policy slavery and the position of England clearly interfered in the internal politics of Brazil. However, to the author, what existed was not only the defense of slavery with the clear involvement of the state, but also political game scenes by those who had different opinions. Some indirect events such as the Land Law   and the domestic slave trade were part of a politicization of the issue of slavery and consequently, the maintenance of the slave society.

  14. Progrès apportés par l'utilisation des zéolithes en cracking catalytique Advances Resulting from Using Zeolites in Catalytic Cracking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcilly Ch.


    Full Text Available Cet article a pour but d'exposer les progrès intervenus dans le cracking catalytique depuis l'utilisation des tamis moléculaires. II présente les nouveaux catalyseurs, compare leurs propriétés et leurs performances à celles des catalyseurs traditionnels et décrit les modifications et les progrès technologiques qu'ont entraînés l'utilisation des zéolithes. II se limite au cracking catalytique en lit fluide (FCC qui est le type de mise en oeuvre de loin le plus exploité. The aim of this article is to describe advances made in catalytic cracking since molecular sieves began being used. New catalyts are described, their properties and performances are compared with those of traditional catalysts, and the changes and technological advances resulting from the use of zeolites are explained. The article is limited to fluid catalytic cracking IFCCI which is by far the most widely used procedure.

  15. Dispersão geopolítica da ocorrência de Fasciola hepatica no Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil Geopolitical dispersion of the occurence of Fasciola hepatica in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicolau Maués da Serra-Freire


    Full Text Available During 12 years feces samples from cows, water buffaloes, sheeps and goats were examined by sequencial tamis filtration to show the occurence of Fasciola hepatica eggs. The material came from 129 municipalities of Santa Catarina State, and 5 g of feces per animal were examined. The occurrence of F. hepatica was confirmed in 64.82% of the municipalities. Considering the host, F. hepatica was confirmed in goats from Florianópolis, São José, São João Batista and Guaramirim municipalities; in sheeps from Brusque, Pomerode, Palhoça and São José; in water buffaloes from 9 and in cows from 86 municipalities. For this study, 13,762 feces samples were examined and in 3,814 the presence of eggs of F. hepatica was demonstrated. The percentage of occurence for host species was 27.86 in cows, 24.72 in water buffaloes, 16.92 in sheeps and 15.66 in goats. By the results it was demonstrated that Itajaí Valley at Southest Hidrographic Basin, in Santa Catarina State is an endemic area of F. hepatica, even though Uruguai Hidrographic Basin was not referred as a geographical record for this parasite.

  16. Le LHC peut-il produire des trous noirs?

    CERN Document Server

    Chardin, Gabriel


    Dan Simmons, dans son ouvrage Ilium, imagine que les physiciens de l'Institut de Paris, à la suite d'une malencontreuse expérience, ont laissé s'échapper un trou noir microscopique qui, avant de se précipiter vers le centre de la Terre, a détruit une part non négligeable de Paris, appelé désormais « Paris Crater ». Les physiciens de tous pays rassemblés au CERN autour du LHC, le plus puissant accélérateur de particules au monde, sont-ils des apprentis sorciers et pourraient-ils déclencher la destruction de la Terre, voire de l’Univers entier ?

  17. Measurement and understanding of single-molecule break junction rectification caused by asymmetric contacts. (United States)

    Wang, Kun; Zhou, Jianfeng; Hamill, Joseph M; Xu, Bingqian


    The contact effects of single-molecule break junctions on rectification behaviors were experimentally explored by a systematic control of anchoring groups of 1,4-disubstituted benzene molecular junctions. Single-molecule conductance and I-V characteristic measurements reveal a strong correlation between rectifying effects and the asymmetry in contacts. Analysis using energy band models and I-V calculations suggested that the rectification behavior is mainly caused by asymmetric coupling strengths at the two contact interfaces. Fitting of the rectification ratio by a modified Simmons model we developed suggests asymmetry in potential drop across the asymmetric anchoring groups as the mechanism of rectifying I-V behavior. This study provides direct experimental evidence and sheds light on the mechanisms of rectification behavior induced simply by contact asymmetry, which serves as an aid to interpret future single-molecule electronic behavior involved with asymmetric contact conformation.

  18. Baroclinic instability of easterly jets with applications to the summer mesosphere (United States)

    Pfister, L.


    A two-dimensional numerical analysis of baroclinic instability waves in zonally and seasonally averaged wind fields in the summer mesosphere is presented. The analysis is based on the linearized quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity equation of Simmons and Moskins (1973). Solutions are obtained for the wave structure, wave growth rates, and wave periods on the basis of idealized and realistic data, and the results are compared with one-dimensional analyses. It is shown that the wavenumbers of peak growth with periods of 1.4-3 days were consistently lower for the two-dimensional analysis than for previous one-dimensional analyses. The possibility of detecting baroclinic instability in summer winds at 80-100 km by means of nadir-sounding satellite observations is discussed.

  19. Alterations induced in Escherichia Coli cells by gamma radiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kappke, J.; Schelin, H.R.; Paschuk, S.A.; Denyak, V.; Silva, E.R. da [Federal University of Technology of Parana (CPGEI/UTFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)]. E-mails:;;; Jesus, E.F.O. de; Lopes, R.T. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Lab. de Instrumentacao Nuclear]. E-mails:;; Carlin, N.; Toledo, E.S. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica]. E-mail:


    Modifications occurred in Escherichia coli cells exposed to gamma radiation ({sup 60}Co source) were investigated. The irradiations were done at the LIN-COPPE laboratory of the UFRJ and the analysis at the Biology Department of the UTFPR. The E. coli cells were irradiated with 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 300, 480, 600 e 750 Gy doses. The samples were analyzed with Gram-stain, biochemical tests in EPM, MIO and Lysine Broth, Simmons Cytrate Medium and Rhamnose Broth, antibiogram and isolation of auxotrophic mutants. It was observed that for the received doses the E. coli did not show morphological alterations in the tests. Some E. Coli cells showed to be able to deaminade the L-tryptophan or they changed their sensibility for amoxillin and cephaloonine after the irradiation. The existence of aauxotrophic mutants after irradiation was also verified. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Barco-Ríos


    Full Text Available The graphics interface is useful in specifying and examining chemical structures and physical properties. In this scientific and technological research paper, the SIMMON (MMSP - Manganite magnetic simulation properties software is presented, as a visualization program, that allows to observe, the magnetization, susceptibility, energy, specific heat, the hysteresis loops and the resistivity of magnetic materials. This properties can be obtained from the simulation of different manganites Re2/3A1/3MnO3, where Re is a rare earth metal ions as La, Nd and Pr with valence 3+, which are bonded with Mn3+-3d4 ions and A is a 2+ alkaline earth ion such as Ba, Ca, Sr, among others, bonded with Mn4+-3d3. The based method for the simulations is Monte Carlo combined with Metropolis algorithm and Heisenberg model.

  1. Hormonal predictors of women's extra-pair vs. in-pair sexual attraction in natural cycles: Implications for extended sexuality. (United States)

    Grebe, Nicholas M; Emery Thompson, Melissa; Gangestad, Steven W


    In naturally cycling women, Roney and Simmons (2013) examined hormonal correlates of their desire for sexual contact. Estradiol was positively associated, and progesterone negatively associated, with self-reported desire. The current study extended these findings by examining, within a sample of 33 naturally cycling women involved in romantic relationships, hormonal correlates of sexual attraction to or interests in specific targets: women's own primary partner or men other than women's primary partner. Women's sexual interests and hormone (estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone) levels were assessed at two different time points. Whereas estradiol levels were associated with relatively greater extra-pair sexual interests than in-pair sexual interests, progesterone levels were associated with relatively greater in-pair sexual interests. Both hormones specifically predicted in-pair sexual desire, estradiol negatively and progesterone positively. These findings have implications for understanding the function of women's extended sexuality - their sexual proceptivity and receptivity outside the fertile phase, especially during the luteal phase.

  2. The distribution of plasmids determining citrate utilization in citrate-positive variants of Escherichia coli from humans, domestic animals, feral birds and environments. (United States)

    Ishiguro, N; Sato, G


    Sixty-seven isolates of citrate-positive variants of Escherichia coli were isolated from human, domestic animal, feral bird and environmental sources. With the exception of citrate utilization, all isolates were identified as typical E. coli by their biochemical reactions. The transmission of the ability to utilize citrate on Simmons' citrate agar was demonstrated in 53 (79.1%) out of the 67 citrate-positive E. coli variants obtained from various sources. Drug resistance determinants and citrate utilizing character were co-transmitted into E. coli K-12 by conjugation among citrate-positive E. coli isolates carrying R plasmids except for that isolated from horses. The other characters (haemolysin or colicin production, raffinose or sucrose fermentation) were not transmitted together with the citrate utilizing character. These facts suggested that the structural gene responsible for citrate utilizing ability in citrate-positive variants of E. coli was located on a conjugative plasmid.

  3. Properties of native ultrathin aluminium oxide tunnel barriers

    CERN Document Server

    Gloos, K; Pekola, J P


    We have investigated planar metal-insulator-metal tunnel junctions with aluminium oxide as the dielectricum. These oxide barriers were grown on an aluminium electrode in pure oxygen at room temperature till saturation. By applying the Simmons model we derived discrete widths of the tunnelling barrier, separated by DELTA s approx 0.38 nm. This corresponds to the addition of single layers of oxygen atoms. The minimum thickness of s sub 0 approx 0.54 nm is then due to a double layer of oxygen. We found a strong and systematic dependence of the barrier height on the barrier thickness. Breakdown fields up to 5 GV m sup - sup 1 were reached. They decreased strongly with increasing barrier thickness. Electrical breakdown could be described by a metal-insulator like transition of the dielectric barrier due to the large density of tunnelling electrons.

  4. The non-Mendelian inheritance of Lewis-c blood group substance, as demonstrated in the case of a Bombay, Le(a-b-c-) saliva. (United States)

    Savvas, R S


    A Bombay, Le(a-b-) saliva was shown to lack Pneumococcus type XIV activity, an unusual situation, since this sample should be rich in this precursor to the ABO blood group substances. However, the sample was found to contain a new serological specificity, Le-c. It is argued that simple Mendelian inheritance does not occur with Le-c and single gene control cannot be demonstrated. Failure to repress a fetal gene at birth, as implicated by the similarity in structure between Le-c and carcinoembryonic antigen [SIMMONS and PERLMANN], has been excluded as the mechanism of inheritance of this blood group substance, due to the inability to detect carcinoembryonic antigen in the test saliva.

  5. Effect of the degree of polar mismatching on traffic jam formation in fast axonal transport. (United States)

    Kuznetsov, A V


    This paper simulates an axon with a region of reversed microtubule (MT) polarity, and investigates how the degree of polar mismatching in this region affects the formation of organelle traps in the axon. The model is based on modified Smith-Simmons equations governing molecular-motor-assisted transport in neurons. It is established that the structure that develops as a result of a region with disoriented MTs consists of two organelle traps, the trap to the left of this region accumulates plus-end-oriented organelles and the trap to the right of this region accumulates minus-end-oriented organelles. The presence of such a structure is shown to inhibit the transport of organelles down the axon. The degree by which the transport of organelles is inhibited depends on the degree of polar mismatching of MTs in the region between MT traps. Four cases with a different degree of polar mismatching are investigated.

  6. Effects of Depth on Dredging Frequency. Report 3. Evaluation of Advance Maintenance Projects. (United States)


    to 1)rovide a p rede te rmi ned amiis’t () If L-;) Lhint c a pa( I it v he Ilow les jgz dtepth.i ItL is exclIus ive of the alIlIowah Ie ulre-lg Iig t...p roject s wh ichi infl tdod advance ma LI t ellal ce w Ii 11 h u h s wh I did ( to . Dlat I. used wv e of) Lb a I ned f rom p red redcge- aInd postdr...was conducted during the period 1978 to 1982 under the di- rection of Messrs. H. B. Simmons and F. A. Herrmann , Jr., former and present Chiefs of the

  7. Tunneling of electrons via rotor-stator molecular interfaces: combined ab initio and model study

    CERN Document Server

    Petreska, Irina; Pejov, Ljupco; Kocarev, Ljupco


    Tunneling of electrons through rotor-stator anthracene aldehyde molecular interfaces is studied with a combined ab initio and model approach. Molecular electronic structure calculated from first principles is utilized to model different shapes of tunneling barriers. Together with a rectangular barrier, we also consider a sinusoidal shape that captures the effects of the molecular internal structure more realistically. Quasiclassical approach with the Simmons' formula for current density is implemented. Special attention is paid on conformational dependence of the tunneling current. Our results confirm that the presence of the side aldehyde group enhances the interesting electronic properties of the pure anthracene molecule, making it a bistable system with geometry dependent transport properties. We also investigate the transition voltage and we show that confirmation dependent field emission could be observed in these molecular interfaces at realistically low voltages. The present study accompanies our previ...

  8. An overview of Aspergillus (Hvphomycetes and associated teleomorphs in southern Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Louise Schutte


    Full Text Available An overview is given of literature concerning the genus Aspergillus Link and its teleomorphs.  Chaetosartorya Subram.. Emericellu Berk. & Broome.  Eurotium Link.  Fennellia B.J. Wiley & E.G. Simmons,  Neosartorya Malloch & Cain and Sclerocleista Subram. encountered in the Republic of South Africa. Botswana. Lesotho. Mozambique. Namibia. Swaziland. Transkei and Zimbabwe up to 1993. The information is grouped under headings that indicate the field of research, namely general mycology, plant pathology, human pathology, animal and insect pathology, industrial relevance and secondary metabolites and mycotoxins. An alphabetical list of recorded Aspergillus species is provided and the relevant host or substrate is given together with a literature reference, while the fungal nomenclature has been updated. All the  Aspergillus species that are regarded as common have been reported from southern Africa. No in-depth research has been done here on this group, except for chemical work on mycotoxins.

  9. Multi-Level Modeling of Quotation Families Morphogenesis

    CERN Document Server

    Omodei, Elisa; Cointet, Jean-Philippe


    This paper investigates cultural dynamics in social media by examining the proliferation and diversification of clearly-cut pieces of content: quoted texts. In line with the pioneering work of Leskovec et al. and Simmons et al. on memes dynamics we investigate in deep the transformations that quotations published online undergo during their diffusion. We deliberately put aside the structure of the social network as well as the dynamical patterns pertaining to the diffusion process to focus on the way quotations are changed, how often they are modified and how these changes shape more or less diverse families and sub-families of quotations. Following a biological metaphor, we try to understand in which way mutations can transform quotations at different scales and how mutation rates depend on various properties of the quotations.

  10. Sintese de prolinas modificadas a partir de enecarbamato endociclico e estudo do equilibrio rotacional da ligação N-C(O) de seus derivados N-metoxicarbonilados por RMN 1H e calculos ab initio


    Italo Jose da Cruz Rigotti


    Resumo: Uma série de 4,5-metanoprolinas foi preparada a partir da adição de espécies carbenóides ao N-carbometóxi-4,5-desidroprolinato de metila. Em condições de Simmons-Smith modificadas, obtiveram-se, após, 96 horas, dois produtos na proporção de 1:2 (determinado por CG) em 50% de rendimento. Sendo majoritário o produto que possui o grupamento metileno do ciclopropano cis ao éster do anel pirrolidínico. A adição de diclorocarbeno à olefina forneceu produtos com estereoquímica relativa cis e...

  11. Implementation of supported conversation for communication between nursing staff and in-hospital patients with aphasia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Lise Randrup; Løvholt, Annelise P.; Sørensen, Inger


    access has prompted speech-language therapists to direct intervention at contextual factors, including communication partner training (Simmons-Mackie, Raymer, Armstrong, Holland, & Cherney, 2010). Aims: An implementation project is described in which supported conversation for adults with aphasia (SCA......-methods design (Clarke, 2009) was used to measure changes pre- and post-training for nursing staff, including assessment of quantitative and qualitative outcomes. All nurses and nursing assistants received a questionnaire before and after their participation in an SCA workshop, and seven members from the nursing...... staff also participated in individual semi-structured interviews about their experiences with using the SCA method. Outcomes and Results: Questionnaires from 31 nursing staff members showed that they rated their understanding of aphasia higher after the workshop and they perceived communication...

  12. Characterization of Atypical Isolates of Yersinia intermedia and Definition of Two New Biotypes▿ † (United States)

    Martin, Liliane; Leclercq, Alexandre; Savin, Cyril; Carniel, Elisabeth


    The species Yersinia intermedia is a member of the genus Yersinia which belongs to the Enterobacteriaceae family. This species is divided into eight biotypes, according to Brenner's biotyping scheme. This scheme relies on five tests (utilization of Simmons citrate and acid production from d-melibiose, d-raffinose, α-methyl-d-glucoside [αMG], and l-rhamnose). The collection of the French Yersinia Reference Laboratory (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France) contained 44 strains that were originally identified as Y. intermedia but whose characteristics did not fit into the biotyping scheme. These 44 strains were separated into two biochemical groups: variant 1 (positive for acid production from l-rhamnose and αMG and positive for Simmons citrate utlization) and variant 2 (positive for acid production from l-rhamnose and αMG). These atypical strains could correspond to new biotypes of Y. intermedia, to Y. frederiksenii strains having the atypical property of fermenting αMG, or to new Yersinia species. These strains did not exhibit growth or phenotypic properties different from those of Y. intermedia and Y. frederiksenii and did not harbor any of the virulence traits usually found in pathogenic species. DNA-DNA hybridizations performed between one strain each of variants 1 and 2 and the Y. intermedia and Y. frederiksenii type strains demonstrated that these variants do belong to the Y. intermedia species. We thus propose that Brenner's biotyping scheme be updated by adding two new biotypes: 9 (for variant 1) and 10 (for variant 2) to the species Y. intermedia. PMID:19494062

  13. 'Pinning and flux dynamics I' in the memory of Professor John Clem (United States)

    Weber, Harald W.


    The local Organizing Committee and the International Advisory Committee of EUCAS 2013 decided to dedicate the Session 'Pinning and Flux Dynamics I' to the memory of Professor John Clem, who passed away on 2 August 2013. Let me briefly summarize John's career and try to convey the incredible loss for the whole superconductor community. John was born in 1938 in Waukegan, a small town in Illinois. After school he obtained several scholarships at the University of Illinois. There he received a BSc in Engineering Physics in 1960, followed by an MSc in Physics in 1962, and earned a PhD focusing on the theory of superconductivity under John Bardeen in 1965. After two years of postdoctoral positions at the University of Maryland and the Technical University of Munich, he joined the Physics Department of the Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory in 1967, where he spent the rest of his scientific career. He became Full Professor at ISU and Senior Physicist at the Ames Lab in 1975 and was Chairman of the Physics Department from 1982 to 1985. He spent several sabbaticals in the US at IBM Yorktown Heights, Stanford and EPRI in Palo Alto, was named 'Distinguished Professor' at ISU, was a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Institute of Physics in London and, at the ASC 2012 in Portland he received the IEEE Award for 'Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity', especially for his theoretical insight into the nature of vortices in 2D superconductors, which he called 'pancake vortices'. John, who married his high school sweetheart Judy right after college graduation, immediately turned Ames into a much-visited center for scientists from all over the world (including myself), who were interested in vortex physics and the properties of the flux line lattice, flux pinning, flux cutting and vortex dynamics. But it was not only the science at ISU that attracted us, it was also the warm atmosphere created by John and Judy at

  14. Conformação de úbere de caprinos da raça Saanen: parâmetros estéticos ou funcionais?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. S. Santos


    Full Text Available RESUMODiversos fatores predisponentes são descritos para as afecções mamárias ou distúrbios secundários que comprometem a qualidade e produtividade de leite de fêmeas nas diferentes espécies. As características fenotípicas do úbere são consideradas na avaliação econômica de uma fêmea caprina, tanto pelo potencial de produção como pelo registro genealógico dessa fêmea. A limitação de estudos correlacionando essas características com a saúde do úbere gera a dúvida a respeito do significado da conformação do mesmo à saúde e produtividade da glândula mamária. Sendo assim, este estudo teve como objetivo relacionar os parâmetros da conformação do úbere com a celularidade da glândula mamária aferida pelo teste California Mastitis Test (CMT e contagem de células somáticas (CCS em 80 cabras da raça Saanen sem alterações no exame clínico da glândula mamária nem no teste de Tamis. Observou-se que a maioria dos parâmetros fenotípicos de úbere não influenciou a CCS, sendo considerados puramente estéticos. A circunferência e profundidade de úbere demonstraram correlação negativa com a celularidade e, por serem características de herdabilidade moderada a alta, podem ser parâmetros considerados para seleção genética de caprinos.

  15. Ibn Khaldūn’s Social Thought on Bedouin and Ḥaḍar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moh. Pribadi


    [Melalui kerangka teori sosiologi modern serta metode penafsiran teks secara historis-sosiologis, penelitian ini berusaha untuk menjelaskan pemikiran sosial Ibn Khaldun tentang masyarakat badui dan ḥaḍar. Ide Ibnu Khaldun tentang masyarakat dapat dilihat pada konsepnya mengenai dua masyarakat ini beserta solidaritas sosial mereka, dengan karakteristik masing-masing. Masyarakat nomaden yang identik dengan masyarakat badui memiliki struktur sosial dan spesifisitas dengan kecenderungan pada kebajikan, ramah, dan keseragaman; sementara masyarakat ḥaḍar memiliki struktur dan kekhasan sosial seperti pluralis, pragmatis, dan hedonis. Dalam hal gaya hidup, masyarakat badui tampak lebih dinamis daripada ḥaḍar. Cara hidup masyarakat badui ditandai dengan terus berpindah dari satu tempat ke tempat lain, dan ini membuat komunitas ini cerdas dalam merumuskan visi, misi, program, dan sasaran yang ingin dicapai dalam hidup. Spesifisitas badui tercermin dalam kesiap-siagaan mereka, satu hal yang tidak terlihat dalam komunitas ḥaḍar. Sementara itu, dengan kemakmuranya, orang ḥaḍar sibuk dengan aktivitas perkotaan dan pembangunan masyarakat sipil. Ibn Khaldun telah berusaha untuk memahami manusia dan keberadaannya secara individu ataupun sosial melalui ‘ilm al-‘umrān. Metodologi sosialnya mencerminkan pandangannya secara keseluruhan melalui pengamatan realitas sosial secara komprehensif. Penulis berpendapat bahwa metodologi sosial Ibn Khaldun yang menggabungkan data dan fakta sosial dengan agama bisa menjadi referensi dan contoh pendekatan yang komprehensif. Ide penting Ibnu Khaldun lainnya adalah tentang perkembangan kecerdasan masyarakat yang meliputi tiga tahap: tamyīzī, tajrībī, dan naẓārī.


    CERN Document Server



    Thursday 11 November 2010 at 20:30 / Jeudi 11 Novembre 2010 à 20:30 CERN Main Auditorium / Amphithéâtre Principal LE CHOCOLAT By/de : Lasse Hallström (UK/USA, 2000) 121 min With/avec: Lena Olin, Juliette Binoche, Johny Depp, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Peter Stormare, Leslie Caron, Carrie-Anne Moss   Vianne Rocher and her young daughter are drifters who are met with skepticism and resistance when they move to a conservative town in rural France and open a chocolate shop during Lent. As Vianne begins to work her magic and help those around her, the townspeople are soon won over by her exuberance and her delicious chocolates - except for the mayor, who is determined to shut her down. When a group of river drifters visit the town, Vianne teaches the townspeople something about acceptance, and finds love for herself along the way. Original version english / french with german subtitles Version originale anglaise / française soutitr&...

  17. Practicing Sustainability: Illuminating ‘Use’ in Wearing Clothes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alison Gill


    Full Text Available Aspects of the ordinary in everyday dressing remain elusive to fashion studies, meaning the life of what Judy Attfield calls ‘design in the lower case’ escapes notice. In this article, the authors assemble a practice-oriented perspective to illuminate ‘wearing’ as an outcome of sets of commonplace and routine practices related to dressing, that wear a garment in and out over time, and enhance the visibility of clothing use. The central example is a research project that tests the theory of loosening the meaning of clean by trialling alternative laundering techniques to understand the transition to sustain-ability, or less resource-intensive competencies in the spectrum of clothing use. The promise of an interdisciplinary conceptual framework that draws from ‘theories of practice’ at the intersection of cultural studies, sociology and design is also tested as appropriate for the analysis of the quotidian realm of wearing and laundering; the analysis is particularly assisted with sustainable design research about the transition toward sustainable ways of living such as the development of ‘slow fashion’.

  18. Reconceptualización del derecho a la libertad y seguridad personal: Análisis de la sentencia T-719/2003

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viridiana Molinares


    Full Text Available Presentamos un análisis de la Sentencia T-719/2003 de la Corte Constitu- cional Colombiana (Corte que con ponencia del magistrado Manuel José Cepeda tutela el derecho a la libertad y seguridad personal de la viuda y el hijo menor de edad de un reinsertado de la guerrilla de las autodenomina- das Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC. El análisis pone en evidencia el alcance de este derecho en el Estado colombiano mientras el conflicto armado interno, abierto desde hace más de setenta años, provoca su constante vulneración; y describe la intervención de la Corte frente a la ineficacia de los programas de reinserción por la dilación burocrática guber- namental, en el marco de la cual desarrolla precedentes para la protección del derecho en mención, bajo un paradigma de interpretación evolutiva y creativa de la Constitución, afirmando los postulados del garantismo judi- cial. Consideramos que lo aquí planteado puede servir de referencia para la adopción de medidas concretas a favor de desmovilizados de la guerra ante un eventual éxito de las negociaciones de paz que actualmente lidera el go- bierno de Juan Manuel Santos con las FARC.

  19. The art of thermal mass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Miller, B.


    From cave dwellers to pueblo builders, early people of the southwest used the earth to moderated the extremes of their climate. Now, at the turn of the 21st century, a Colorado builder combines ancient knowledge with high technology to create modern homes that stay naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With passive solar design, incorporating lots concrete mass, Judy Niemeyer builds custom homes that hardly even need thermostats. Before clients Ralph and Sharon Dickman stumbled into Niemeyer, owner of Tierra Concrete Homes in Pueblo, Colorado, thermal mass was not in their vocabulary. Now, when temperatures reach 100 F (38 C) in July and their neighbors are running up their electric bills, the Dickmans are saving for vacation. With the thermal mass integrated into their new home, they don't need a cooling system. And in winter, their gas-fired log fireplace is about all they need to supplement the sun. ``We love the natural lighting, the open feeling and the great view out the huge windows,'' says Sharon. And they stay comfortable year-round with very low energy bills.

  20. Research on Human Errors and the Countermeasures in Judicial Authentication in China%我国司法鉴定中的人为错误及其对策研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李国兵; 邱丙辉


    The existence of human errors in the judicial identification caused serious damage to the authority of appraisal conclusion and judicial justice image. In China, there is no legal norm for human errors in the judi-cial identification, therefore, this paper suggested that human errors in the judicial identification should be con-trolled by building a perfect judicial identification responsibility system and taking corresponding auxiliary mea-sures.%我国有关司法鉴定人为错误的法律规范缺失,司法鉴定人为错误的存在对鉴定结论的权威性和司法的公正形象造成了严重损害。本文建议通过构建完善的司法鉴定责任制度和采取相应的辅助措施等来防控司法鉴定的人为错误。

  1. Thomas D. Oakland (1939-2015). (United States)

    Jimerson, Shane R


    Internationally renowned school and educational psychologist Thomas D. Oakland died tragically on March 4, 2015, at his home in Gainesville, Florida. Tom was born on November 23, 1939, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Tom is survived by his first wife, Judy (Defferding) Higgins and their sons: David Thomas Oakland, of Houston, Texas, and Christopher Oakland, of Austin, Texas. Tom is also survived by his daughter-in-law, Patricia Oakland, and three children: Jacob, Sara Cate, and Brooks. Early in his career, Tom became actively engaged in international scholarship and collaborations. Tom was a prolific author, editing 12 books, more than 200 chapters and articles, and 11 psychological tests. Tom received numerous awards of distinction from state, national, and international professional associations. A diplomat in forensic psychology and neuropsychology, and a fellow of the American Psychological Society, Tom was also a fellow of four divisions of the American Psychological Psychological Association (APA). Tom is remembered by students, colleagues, friends, and family as generous, kind, thoughtful, and insightful-an outstanding school psychologist, father, and human being who gave his time and energy selflessly to advance the field and promote the development of children throughout the world. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  2. Image Enhancer: A Graphic Editor to Apply Numerous Effects in Digital Image

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abhisek Hazra


    Full Text Available Image Enhancer is an open source, portable graphic editor developed for Windows platform. It is equipped with an enriched set of digital imaging filters with advanced computer vision techniques embedded within, like Interest Point Detection (Susan Corner Detector, Linear Edge Detection (Simple, Sobel, Canny, Histogram Equalization, Dithering (Bayer, Burkes, Sierra, Jarvis Judis Ninke, Transforming to Polar images and vice versa etc.  Image Enhancer was released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL and the software was made available from the Microsoft’s open source project hosting repository Codeplex ( Image Enhancer was tested and hosted by several popular software archives like SoftPedia, CNET, Freeware Files, ZDNet, Soft Tango and others. A stable Release Candidate (RC version has been made available in which some major modifications were done which were not present in the earlier Beta version. The download link for the Image Enhancer (both Release Candidate & Beta Version from CodePlex repository is (

  3. 试析广场效应对司法公正的影响及其引导%A Brief Analysis and Guidance of Judicial Justice under the View of Square Effect

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Combining with the definitions of judicial justice and square effect, this paper discusses the topic of judi-cial justice under the view of square effect. It lists the cases of Zhang Jinzhu, Oriental James Simpson and the actions of some lawyers to analyze the different effects of this theory, and gives some advice to improve the judicial justice taking advantage of this theory.%以社会心理学的广场效应为视角论述司法公正,结合广场效应和司法公正的定义,以张金柱案、美国辛普森案以及近两年颇受争议的死磕派律师的行为为例证,论述广场效应对司法公正的影响,并对如何正确利用广场效应以获得司法公正提出若干建议。

  4. Study on Mediations of Administrative Regulation on Judicial Expertise from a Criminal Case%从一起鉴定案件看司法鉴定管理中的调解

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    By an accident injury identification case can be seen, auxiliary mediation can be usecl m tlae judicial identification management to dissolve contradiction and reduce the cost of justice. The administration of judicial authentication in the mediation should have 3 conditions: firstly , the parties have the intention to mediate, secondly, seize the opportunity; thirdly, do with ideological work patiently and meticulously. Judi- cial expertise administration departments of identification results more obvious cases, however unable to obtain the identification results of 5 cases for mediation.%由一起交通事故提出的伤情鉴定案件可看出,司法鉴定管理工作中可进行“辅助调解”,化解矛盾、减少司法成本。司法鉴定管理中的调解要具备3个条件:当事人有调解意愿、抓住时机和耐心细致做思想工作。司法鉴定管理部门可对鉴定结果较明显的案件、初查无法得出鉴定结果等5类案件进行调解。

  5. New fields coming on stream in 1995-2000; Les nouveaux champs en production de 1995 a 2000

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Legros, E.J.


    Following a relatively calm year in 1994, the final years of the century will see a large number of fields - mostly satellite fields - come on stream in the North Sea. On the British side, development of about 30 fields has been approved and these should come on stream by 1999. On the Norwegian side, the Ministry for Energy referred in February 1995 to some 15 current developments and 16 others being planned. A few significant projects operated by the major international companies and the Norwegian groups are described in this article. The most significant developments include those of Harding (BP is the operator) which will use the concept of the TPG 500 integrated platform; ETAP, a series of eight fields for which an Early Production System has been successfully tested; Foinaven, the first recovery from reserves in the West Shetlands zone. Development of the Britannia (Chevron/Conoco), Judy-Joanne (Phillips), Captain (Texaco), Sleipner West (Statoil) and Heidrun (Conoco) fields is also described. (authors). 2 figs., 1 photo.

  6. Responses to comments received on the draft final report of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Task Force on Radioactive Waste Management

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Task Force solicited comments on its Draft Final Report from a variety of sources. Letters were sent to over 400 individuals who had expressed interest in the interest in the Department`s radioactive waste, management programs, a notice was placed in the Federal Register, the morning session of the January 1993 meeting of the full Secretary of Energy Advisory Board was given over to discussion of the draft, and Task Force members and staff presented the effort at several professional meetings. Altogether 32 written comments were received. They are reproduced here, followed in each case by the Task Force`s response to specific suggestions made to improve the draft. (The panel did not respond to comments that simply reflected policy preferences or that praised the group`s effort.) With one exception, those specific suggestions are highlighted and given a letter designation from {open_quotes}A{close_quotes} to {open_quotes}Z{close_quotes}. The Task Force`s responses, written in the Fall 1993, are labeled in a like manner. For the one exception, a comments submitted by Judy Treichel, the Task Force`s response is printed on copies of her annotated pages.

  7. Relationship among science teacher personality characteristics and degree of teacher classroom implementation after in-service workshop (United States)

    Sechler, Phares Lochiel Coleman

    State departments of public instruction require that teachers periodically update their licenses throughout their teaching careers. Various professional development events such as in-service workshops, university offerings, and special innovative programs provide opportunities for novice and experienced teachers to grow professionally. The "Team Science" workshop was designed from models supported by research that described guidelines for successful workshop strategies. In evaluating the workshop, the question was asked "Why did not all teachers implement the ideas from the workshop in their science classrooms?" This study investigates the possible relationship between teacher personality characteristics and implementation of technology innovations. Team Science was an extensive workshop program planned to develop science teachers' expertise in using computer and video technology to teach in physical science, chemistry, and physics classrooms in rural school in North Carolina. Upon evaluating the four-year effort, it was found that the 23 participants implemented the technological strategies at various levels. At the higher end of the range of technology use, some teachers exhibited complete integration of the computers and interfacing devices into both the laboratory work and the classroom inquiry. At the lower end of the range, some teachers used the technology very little. The resulting question emerged from the data collected: Do specific teacher personality characteristics (independent variables) correlate with the degree of implementation (dependent variable) of the innovative ideas and tools used in the teacher's science classroom after the in-service workshop? To determine if there were any significant personality traits, each teacher was given five personality tests. The tests were Hunt's Conceptual Development Test, the Paragraph Completion Test; James Rest's Defining Issues Test; Simmons Personal Survey, an emotional tendency test; the Myers-Briggs Type

  8. Simulated and observed 2010 floodwater elevations in selected river reaches in the Pawtuxet River Basin, Rhode Island (United States)

    Zarriello, Phillip J.; Olson, Scott A.; Flynn, Robert H.; Strauch, Kellan R.; Murphy, Elizabeth A.


    Heavy, persistent rains from late February through March 2010 caused severe flooding that set, or nearly set, peaks of record for streamflows and water levels at many long-term streamgages in Rhode Island. In response to this event, hydraulic models were updated for selected reaches covering about 56 river miles in the Pawtuxet River Basin to simulate water-surface elevations (WSEs) at specified flows and boundary conditions. Reaches modeled included the main stem of the Pawtuxet River, the North and South Branches of the Pawtuxet River, Pocasset River, Simmons Brook, Dry Brook, Meshanticut Brook, Furnace Hill Brook, Flat River, Quidneck Brook, and two unnamed tributaries referred to as South Branch Pawtuxet River Tributary A1 and Tributary A2. All the hydraulic models were updated to Hydrologic Engineering Center-River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) version 4.1.0 using steady-state simulations. Updates to the models included incorporation of new field-survey data at structures, high resolution land-surface elevation data, and updated flood flows from a related study. The models were assessed using high-water marks (HWMs) obtained in a related study following the March– April 2010 flood and the simulated water levels at the 0.2-percent annual exceedance probability (AEP), which is the estimated AEP of the 2010 flood in the basin. HWMs were obtained at 110 sites along the main stem of the Pawtuxet River, the North and South Branches of the Pawtuxet River, Pocasset River, Simmons Brook, Furnace Hill Brook, Flat River, and Quidneck Brook. Differences between the 2010 HWM elevations and the simulated 0.2-percent AEP WSEs from flood insurance studies (FISs) and the updated models developed in this study varied with most differences attributed to the magnitude of the 0.2-percent AEP flows. WSEs from the updated models generally are in closer agreement with the observed 2010 HWMs than with the FIS WSEs. The improved agreement of the updated simulated water elevations to

  9. How to protect loess-palaeosol sequences? - Proposal of Loess Geopark in Vojvodina Province (North Serbia) (United States)

    Vasiljević, Dj. A.; Marković, S. B.; Hose, T. A.; Lukić, T.; Basarin, B.; Vujičić, M. D.


    Loess-palaeosol sequences preserve the most important continental record of climatic and environmental changes during the Quaternary. As loess deposits in the Vojvodina region (North Serbia) could be regarded as one of the most important European terrestrial records of climatic and environmental changes during the last million years that makes them valuable scientific resource. Unfortunately, these sites, due to their economic (e.g. agriculture and brickyards) and functional (e.g. remote sections as waste disposals) values, are constantly endangered by numerous causes and could be degraded or exploited permanently. This study will give proposal of establishing loess geopark as protected area that would include the most significant loess sections in the investigated area. The study is based on analytical, theoretical and practical suggestions and rules according to the general Guidelines and Criteria for National Geoparks seeking UNESCO's assistance to join the Global Geoparks Network. Loess and loess like sediments cover more than 60 % of the area and are preserved in six separate loess plateaus: Bačka, Srem, Tamiš, Banat, south-east Banat, and Titel Loess Plateau, which make it a surface large enough to serve local economic and cultural development. As the dissemination of loess in Vojvodina has a dispersed character, the potential Geopark should also have a certain number of separate locations. A fragmented approach should require less effort during the geoconservation practice, with separate processes, but identical aim. Therefore, one the initial steps of protection and recognition of (loess) geosites should be first achieved by national or provincial legislation and/or by management policies before inscription on the World Heritage List of recognition as a Global Geopark because these organisations by themselves do not provide any protection. As unique protected area of this kind in Europe and wider, role model for this loess geopark could be China, the

  10. Product wastage from modern human growth hormone administration devices: a laboratory and computer simulation analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pollock RF


    Full Text Available Richard F Pollock,1 Yujun Qian,2 Tami Wisniewski,3 Lisa Seitz,4 Anne-Marie Kappelgaard2 1Ossian Health Economics and Communications GmbH, Basel, Switzerland; 2Novo Nordisk AS, Bagsværd, Denmark; 3Novo Nordisk Inc, Princeton, NJ, USA; 4Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH, Mainz, Germany Background: Treatment of growth hormone disorders typically involves daily injections of human growth hormone (GH over many years, incurring substantial costs. We assessed the extent of undesired GH loss due to leakage in the course of pen preparation prior to injection, and differences between the prescribed dose, based on patient weight, and the actual delivered dose based on pen dosing increments in five GH administration devices. Methods: Norditropin® prefilled FlexPro®, NordiFlex®, NordiLet®, and durable NordiPen®/SimpleXx® 5 mg pens (Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd, Denmark and durable Omnitrope® Pen-5 devices (Sandoz, Holzkirchen, Germany were tested (n = 40 for each device type. Product wastage was measured in accordance with validated protocols in an ISO (International Organization for Standardization 11608-1 and Good Manufacturing Practice compliant laboratory. The average mass of wasted GH from each device type was measured in simulations of dripping with the needle attached prior to injection and while setting a dose. Statistical significance (P < 0.05 was confirmed by Student's t-test, and a model was constructed to estimate mean annual GH wastage per patient in cohorts of pediatric patients with GH disorders. Results: Mean GH mass wasted with the needle on prior to injection was 0.0 µg with Norditropin pens, relative to 98 µg with Omnitrope Pen-5. During dose dialing, 0.0–2.3 µg of GH was lost with Norditropin pens versus 0.8 µg with Omnitrope Pen-5. All Norditropin and Omnitrope device comparisons were statistically significant. Modeling GH wastage in a US cohort showed 5.5 mg of annual GH wastage per patient with FlexPro versus 43.6 mg with

  11. Optimization of O3 as Pre-Treatment and Chemical Enhanced Backwashing in UF and MF Ceramic Membranes for the Treatment of Secondary Wastewater Effluent and Red Sea Water

    KAUST Repository

    Herrera, Catalina


    Ceramic membranes have proven to have many advantages over polymeric membranes. Some of these advantages are: resistance against extreme pH, higher permeate flux, less frequent chemical cleaning, excellent backwash efficiency and longer lifetime. Other main advantage is the use of strong chemical agent such as Ozone (O3), to perform membrane cleaning. Ozone has proven to be a good disinfection agent, deactivating bacteria and viruses. Ozone has high oxidation potential and high reactivity with natural organic matter (NOM). Several studies have shown that combining ozone to MF/UF systems could minimize membrane fouling and getting higher operational fluxes. This work focused on ozone – ceramic membrane filtration for treating wastewater effluent and seawater. Effects of ozone as a pre – treatment or chemical cleaning with ceramic membrane filtration were identified in terms of permeate flux and organic fouling. Ozonation tests were done by adjusting O3 dose with source water, monitoring flux decline and membrane fouling. Backwashing availability and membrane recovery rate were also analyzed. Two types of MF/UF ceramics membranes (AAO and TAMI) were used for this study. When ozone dosage was higher in the source water, membrane filtration improved in performance, resulting in a reduced flux decline. In secondary wastewater effluent, raw source water declined up to 77% of normalized flux, while with O3 as pre – treatment, source water at its higher O3 dose, flux decreased only 33% of normalized flux. For seawater, membrane performance increase from declining to 37% of its final normalized flux to 21%, when O3 as a pre – treatment was used. Membrane recovery rate also improved even with low O3 dose, as an example, with 8 mg/L irreversible fouling decreases from 58% with no ozone addition to 29% for secondary wastewater effluent treatment. For seawater treatment, irreversible fouling decreased from 37% with no ozone addition to 21% at 8 mg/L, proving ozone is a

  12. Incidência de mastite bovina em animais homeopatizados

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erika Cosendey Toledo de Mello Peixoto


    Full Text Available A presença de agrotóxicos, hormônios e antibióticos nos alimentos está se tornando proibitiva, o consumidor em diferentes países exige cada vez mais alimentos naturais e de melhor qualidade. A mastite bovina continua sendo um grande entrave para atividade leiteira em qualquer sistema de produção seja ele tradicional, orgânico, ou biológico-dinâmico. Entretanto, para esses últimos, a doença representa um desafio ainda maior, uma vez que não se permite a utilização de antimicrobianos químicos. A homeopatia veterinária tem sido amplamente utilizada, porém há escassez de resultados referentes à sua efetividade quanto ao controle da mastite. Assim sendo, o presente trabalho objetivou verificar a incidência de mastite bovina, em animais homeopatizados na região de Marechal Cândido Rondon - Paraná. Para tanto, investigou-se a forma clínica e subclínica por meio do teste de tamis e Califórnia Mastite Teste, respectivamente. Dentre 795 quartos mamários avaliados, 0,25% apresentaram mastite clínica enquanto que 53,83% apresentaram a forma subclínica da doença. Adicionalmente, nesta mesma região, verificou-se semelhantes percentagens em relação aos animais submetidos ao sistema tradicional de produção; pelo uso de terapia alopática. Dessa forma, embora ainda haja necessidade de maiores esforços no controle da mastite subclínica, o tratamento homeopático foi capaz de controlar a forma clínica da doença, apresentando adicional vantagem sobre os sistemas tradicionais por possibilitar a produção de leite orgânico.

  13. [Indications for selective arterial embolization in the treatment of epistaxis]. (United States)

    Romagnoli, M; Marina, R; Sordo, L; Gaini, R M


    After posterior packing has failed, the treatment of choice for severe, recurrent posterior epistaxis is arterial ligature, usually through a transantral approach to the Internal Maxillary artery (LTA) or selective percutaneous embolization (EP). The advantages and disadvantages of each technique are discussed by various Authors. A critical review of the literature brings to light the discrepancies between the results of various studies: in a series by Strong et al. and in a review of the literature EP proved more effective than LTA (90-94% vs. 85-89%). On the contrary, using personal data Cullen and Tami reported that the results are analogous. As regards complications, these proved slightly more frequent, but minor, with LTA while the rare complications with EP were more serious. The per-patient costs fundamentally depend on the type of hospital management and the availability of a treatment center; the results of the various studies are not analogous in this regard. The specific indications for the choice of which technique to use include: LTA: ethmoid artery hemorrhage, severe arteriosclerosis of the carotid compartment and allergy to the contrast medium; EP: cardiovascular instability, severe anemia and all conditions which are contraindications for general anesthesia. In the cases studied by the Authors, of the total 203 patients admitted to hospital for posterior epistaxis between May 1995 and November 1999, 12 (5.9%; on the average 2.6 pt/yr) showed values lower than those found at other Centers. A total of 13 EP procedures were performed and the result was positive (stopping the hemorrhage) in 11 (91.7%). In one post-traumatic case there was a recurrence which could not be controlled by EP and thus the Authors resorted to surgical ligature. All the patients underwent fibroscopy after the posterior packing was removed and before establishing the indications for EP. A full 50% of the patients treated showed arterial hypertension and in all patients except

  14. Geochemical Methods of Inference the Thermoregulatory Strategies in Middle Triassic Marine Reptiles - A Pilot Study (United States)

    Surmik, Dawid; Pelc, Andrzej


    The oxygen stable isotopes investigation to elucidate thermoregulatory strategies in Middle Triassic basal sauropterygians is currently ongoing at University of Silesia and University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska. The results of similar studies on Late Mesozoic marine reptiles indicate that some of fully aquatic reptiles like plesiosaurs or ichthyosaurs could be warm-blooded animals. Our investigation is an important part of the aim of the research project "The Marine and Terrestrial reptiles in the Middle Triassic environmental background of Southern Poland" to solve the thermoregulation issue in basal marine reptiles and show how, and when did homoiothermy evolve in Sauropterygia.. Homeothermy and gigantothermy were important physiological adaptations which allowed sauropterygian ancestors to leave the shores and conquer the open seas and oceans. Badania nad paleofizjologią kopalnych kręgowców ostatnimi laty stały się niezwykle modne. Polegają one na kompilacji danych uzyskanych wieloma komplementarnymi metodami z zakresu fizjologii (badania współczesnych form, zgodnie z zasadą aktualizmu) i geochemii izotopowej. Szczególnie interesujące stały się kwestie gospodarki termicznej u gadów kopalnych, które silnie dyskutowane są w kręgach badaczy dinozaurów (Reid, 1997; Ruben i in., 1996). Badania na izotopach stabilnych tlenu szkliwa zębowego przeprowadzone na obligatoryjnie morskich gadach okresu jurajskiego i kredowego (Bernard i in., 2010; zob. także Motani, 2010) wskazują, że ichtiozaury i plezjozaury późniejszego mezozoiku mogły być zwierzętami stałocieplnymi. Brak obecnie jednoznacznych danych dotyczących gospodarki termicznej bazalnych przedstawicieli gadów morskich z triasu, choć przyjmuje się, że te zamieszkujące nadbrzeżne i marginalne strefy mórz zwierzęta były gadami zmiennocieplnymi (pojkilotermicznymi), podobnie jak współczesny legwan morski, czy też smok z Komodo. Czy przejście z pojkilo- do homojotermii by

  15. Antimicrobial sensitivity profile of Staphylococcus spp. Isolated from clinical mastitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thamires Martins


    Full Text Available Inflammation of the mammary gland, which is also known as mastitis, occupies a prominent place among the diseases that affect dairy cattle, having a great economic importance in the dairy sector. Mastitis may have different origins, however, infectious mastitis is the most frequent and represents a risk to public health due to the propagation of microorganisms through milk. Staphylococcus spp. are considered the microorganisms that cause the greatest losses in milk production, being that Staphylococcus aureus is the pathogen of major importance because they present high resistence to antimicrobials. Empirical treatment, without prior identification of the pathogens and their resistance profile, may contribute to the emergence of multidrug-resistant strains and risk the efficiency of the antimicrobial. In that scenery, the study aimed to evaluate the resistance profile of Staphylococcus spp. against some antimicrobials used in the treatment of cows with clinical mastitis. The study was conducted on a property in the state of São Paulo from January 2011 to June 2012. We evaluated 29 lactating cows that present clinical mastitis in, at least, one mammary quarter. The diagnosis of clinical mastitis was performed by evaluating the clinical signs and also by Tamis test. Samples of milk from mammary quarters were collected aseptically in sterile tubes for microbiological evaluation. Microorganisms were isolated on sheep blood agar 5% and Sabouraud agar with chloramphenicol. The sensitivity profile of Staphylococcus spp. to the antibiotics ampicillin, cephalexin, ceftiofur, cefaclor, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin, penicillin G and oxacillin, was tested by disk diffusion test on Mueller-Hinton agar. From a total of 106 samples of milk analyzed, 64 (60.38% presented microbiological growth, being observed isolation of Streptococcus spp. 29 (34.52%, Staphylococcus spp. 28 (33.33%, Corynebacterium spp. 17 (20.24%, filamentous fungi 4 (4.76%, yeast 4 (4

  16. Extraction of pectin from apple pomace

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Helene Canteri-Schemin


    Full Text Available As apple-processing units are now in expansion in Brazil, industrial by-products like pomace play an important role in pectin manufacture. The objective of this article was to determine a pratical follow-up to the extraction of pectin from apple pomace and to characterize it in a laboratory, on a small scale, aiming at establishing the optimum conditions for acid extraction. The highest yields were obtained when [1]apple pomace was dried and ground to obtain an apple flour to be used as raw material, [2] citric or nitric acids were used and [3] when the citric acid concentration was 6.2 g/100 ml and the time of reaction was 153 minutes. The apple variety in itself was not significant in pectin yield. The degree of esterification (DE = 68.84 % of the product obtained, as well as its physical looks, show the success of pectin extraction.No aproveitamento de resíduos das indústrias processadoras de maçã, em expansão no Brasil, a pectina alimentícia surge como importante subproduto. Os objetivos deste trabalho foram os seguintes: extração e caracterização da pectina de bagaço de maçã em bancada, em que as condições para maior rendimento de obtenção em relação ao tipo de ácido, ao tamanho das partículas e à variedade de maçã foram estabelecidas. Objetivou-se também a otimização da produção, levando-se em conta o tempo e a concentração do ácido cítrico. Foram considerados métodos de extração mais eficientes quanto ao rendimento: [1] acidificação com ácido cítrico ou ácido nítrico, [2] cominuição do bagaço, usando a farinha como matéria-prima, com partículas retidas no tamis de 106 µm, [3] concentração de ácido de 6,2 g% e tempo de extração de 153 minutos. A variedade da maçã não interferiu significativamente no rendimento. A alta metoxilação (DE= 68,84% das pectinas produzidas em bancada confirma o grau de maturidade das matérias-primas usadas nos experimentos.

  17. The use of ozonation and catalytic ozonation combined with ultrafiltration for the control of natural organic matter (NOM) and disinfection by-products (DBPs) in drinking water (United States)

    Karnik, Bhavana Sushilkumar

    Commercially available titania membranes, with a molecular weight cut-off of 15, 5, 1 kD were used in a ozonation/membrane system that was fed with water from Lake Lansing. The effects of ozonation on permeate flux recovery and membrane fouling was investigated. In addition the effects of ozonation/membrane filtration hybrid process on the removal of the natural organic matter (NOM) and the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPS) were monitored. The commercial membrane (CeRAM Inside, Tami North America, St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada) was coated with iron oxide nanoparticles (4--6 nm in diameter) using a layer-by-layer technique and sintered in air for 30 minutes. Surface characterization was carried out using electron microscopy techniques and atomic force microscopy, to study the changes in structure and surface morphology of the membranes. The removal and survival of bacteria in the process was also evaluated using fluorescence microscopy and microbial assays. Finally the surface catalytic reaction was investigated to propose the mechanism responsible for the improved performance of the hybrid process. The permeate flux through a titania coated ceramic membrane was significantly affected by ozonation. A minimum threshold ozone concentration (2.5 g/m 3) could achieve complete recovery of permeate flux after fouling. Ozonation/filtration decreased the concentration of chlorinated disinfection by-products up to 80%. With catalyst coated membranes, the concentration of dissolved organic carbon was reduced by >85% and the concentrations of disinfection by-products decreased by up to 90%. Furthermore with the coated membrane, the concentrations of ozonation by-products in the permeate were reduced by >50% as compared to that obtained with the uncoated membranes, thus reducing the risk of potential regrowth of bacteria in the distribution system. Application of the hybrid process lead to greater than 7 log removal of bacteria. Surface characterization showed that

  18. Get rich quick: the signal to respond procedure reveals the time course of semantic richness effects during visual word recognition. (United States)

    Hargreaves, Ian S; Pexman, Penny M


    According to several current frameworks, semantic processing involves an early influence of language-based information followed by later influences of object-based information (e.g., situated simulations; Santos, Chaigneau, Simmons, & Barsalou, 2011). In the present study we examined whether these predictions extend to the influence of semantic variables in visual word recognition. We investigated the time course of semantic richness effects in visual word recognition using a signal-to-respond (STR) paradigm fitted to a lexical decision (LDT) and a semantic categorization (SCT) task. We used linear mixed effects to examine the relative contributions of language-based (number of senses, ARC) and object-based (imageability, number of features, body-object interaction ratings) descriptions of semantic richness at four STR durations (75, 100, 200, and 400ms). Results showed an early influence of number of senses and ARC in the SCT. In both LDT and SCT, object-based effects were the last to influence participants' decision latencies. We interpret our results within a framework in which semantic processes are available to influence word recognition as a function of their availability over time, and of their relevance to task-specific demands.

  19. Gap state charge induced spin-dependent negative differential resistance in tunnel junctions (United States)

    Jiang, Jun; Zhang, X.-G.; Han, X. F.


    We propose and demonstrate through first-principles calculation a new spin-dependent negative differential resistance (NDR) mechanism in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) with cubic cation disordered crystals (CCDC) AlO x or Mg1-x Al x O as barrier materials. The CCDC is a class of insulators whose band gap can be changed by cation doping. The gap becomes arched in an ultrathin layer due to the space charge formed from metal-induced gap states. With an appropriate combination of an arched gap and a bias voltage, NDR can be produced in either spin channel. This mechanism is applicable to 2D and 3D ultrathin junctions with a sufficiently small band gap that forms a large space charge. It provides a new way of controlling the spin-dependent transport in spintronic devices by an electric field. A generalized Simmons formula for tunneling current through junction with an arched gap is derived to show the general conditions under which ultrathin junctions may exhibit NDR.

  20. Storm tide monitoring during the blizzard of January 26-28, 2015, in eastern Massachusetts (United States)

    Massey, Andrew J.; Verdi, Richard J.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) deployed a temporary monitoring network of six storm surge sensors and four barometric pressure sensors along the Atlantic coast in eastern Massachusetts, from Plymouth to Newburyport, before the blizzard of January 26–28, 2015 (Blizzard of January 2015), to record the timing and magnitude of storm tide at select locations where forecasters had predicted the potential for coastal flooding. Additionally, water-level data were recorded and transmitted in near real-time from four permanent USGS tidal stations—three on Cape Cod and one near the mouth of the Merrimack River in Newburyport. The storm surge sensors were deployed at previously established fixed sites outfitted with presurveyed mounting brackets. The mounting brackets were installed in 2014 as part of the USGS Surge, Wave, and Tide Hydrodynamic (SWaTH) Network (, which was funded through congressional supplemental appropriations for the U.S. Department of the Interior after the devastating landfall of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 (Simmons and others, 2014). The USGS received this funding to enable better understanding of coastal flooding hazards in the region, to improve preparedness for future coastal storms, and to increase the resilience of coastal cities, infrastructure, and natural systems in the region (Buxton and others, 2013). The USGS established 163 monitoring locations along the New England coast for the SWaTH Network, including 70 sites in Massachusetts.

  1. Special issue of clinical pharmacology: advances and applications in new protein therapeutics modulating tumor immunity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frankel AE


    Full Text Available Arthur E Frankel Department of Internal Medicine, Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA Until recent decades, the role of the immune system in harnessing tumor growth was based on anecdotal observations of increased cancers in immune-compromised patients, the benefits of graft-versus-leukemia in allogeneic stem cell transplants, and the limited but reproducible anticancer activity of several lymphokines, including interferon and interleukin (IL-2. Vaccine studies and infusions of "activated" lymphocytes yielded variable clinical responses and disease control. An improved understanding of the molecular and cell mechanisms of the innate and adaptive immune system in cancer-bearing animals and the discovery of an immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment then led to development and testing of a battery of new drug and cell-based approaches to trigger antitumor immunity. This issue of Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications highlights some of the new protein-based compounds that are radically changing the cancer therapeutic landscape. The purpose of this collection of reviews is to inform the readership regarding the importance of the seismic change in cancer therapeutics and stimulate efforts to find novel niches and combinations of agents similar to recent advances in the application of cancer pathway inhibitors.

  2. Metastasizing Ameloblastoma - a perennial pathological enigma? Report of a case and review of literature. (United States)

    Jayaraj, Gifrina; Sherlin, Herald Justin; Ramani, Pratibha; Premkumar, Priya; Natesan, Anuja; Ramasubramanian, Abilasha; Jagannathan, Nithya


    The Ameloblastoma is a slow growing locally invasive odontogenic epithelial neoplasm with a high recurrence rate and a low tendency to metastasize. Metastasis in Ameloblastoma was first described by Simmons and Emura in the 1920s. Slootweg and Muller proposed the term Malignant Ameloblastoma to describe a well-differentiated ameloblastoma that metastasizes but maintains the characteristic cytologic features of the original tumour and the term Ameloblastic Carcinoma to an ameloblastoma with malignant cytological features. About 2% of ameloblastomas undergo metastasis. So far there have only been two cases of Metastasizing Ameloblastoma reported from the Indian Subcontinent. We present the case of a 22-year-old male Indian patient, who presented with a diffuse swelling in the left posterior mandible. Radiographs revealed a multilocular radiolucency in the left mandible. On histopathological examination, the lesion was diagnosed as follicular ameloblastoma. Four years later the patient presented with a swelling in the left submandibular region. Histological examination revealed metastatic ameloblastoma within the cervical lymph node. Copyright © 2013 European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Understanding the dynamics of teacher attention: Examples of how high school physics and physical science teachers attend to student ideas (United States)

    Lau, Matty

    Attending to student ideas is critical for supporting students' science learning (Driver, Guesne, & Tiberghien, 1985; National Research Council, 1996). But, paying attention to student ideas in science class is difficult and does not happen often (Davis, 2001; Feldman, 2002; Levin, 2008; Levitt, 2001; Simmons, et al, 1999). Researchers have looked at how institutional expectations, curricular materials, and a teacher's cognition influence how that teacher picks up on and makes sense of student ideas (Ainley & Luntley, 2007; Levin, 2008; Rop, 2002; Tabak & Reiser, 1999; Wallach & Even, 2005). I argue that we do not yet have adequate ways of characterizing and understanding teachers' attention at the level of the interaction. I have evidence that suggests that when we look in such a fine-grained way, many of our current explanations for what teachers do and pay attention to are not sufficient. The aim of this dissertation is to build on the burgeoning body of work on teacher attention by looking at how to characterize a teacher's attention as that teacher interacts with students in the classroom and studying how a teacher's attention is situated in the teacher's framing of his or her interaction with students. In short, a person's frame or framing of the situation is his or her definition of what is going on in the interaction (Tannen, 1993). I discuss the implications for how we can support teachers' attention to student ideas and some areas for future research motivated by the findings of this study.

  4. Advances in the development of vaccines for dengue fever

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simmons M


    Full Text Available Monika Simmons1, Nimfa Teneza-Mora1, Robert Putnak21Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Department, Naval Medical Research Center, 2Division of Viral Diseases, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, MD, USAAbstract: Dengue fever is caused by the mosquito-borne dengue virus (DENV serotypes 1–4, and is the most common arboviral infection of humans in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. There are currently no prophylaxis or treatment options in the form of vaccines or antivirals, leaving vector control the only method of prevention. A particular challenge with DENV is that a successful vaccine has to be effective against all four serotypes without predisposing for antibody-mediated enhanced disease. In this review, we discuss the current lead vaccine candidates in clinical trials, as well as some second-generation vaccine candidates undergoing preclinical evaluation. In addition, we discuss DENV epidemiology, clinical disease and strategies used for Flavivirus antivirals in the past, the development of new DENV therapeutics, and their potential usefulness for prophylaxis and treatment.Keywords: tetravalent dengue vaccine, live attenuated vaccine, purified inactivated vaccine, DNA vaccine, antibody-dependent enhancement, antivirals

  5. Fundamental algorithm and computational codes for the light beam propagation in high power laser system

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GUO; Hong


    [1]Sacks, R. A., The PROP 92 Fourier Beam Propagation Code, UCRL-LR-105821-96-4.[2]Williams, W. H., Modeling of Self-Focusing Experiments by Beam Propagation Codes, UCRL-LR-105821-96-1.[3]User guide for FRESNEL software.[4]Hunt, J. H., Renard, P. A., Simmons, W. W., Improved performance of fusion lasers using the imaging properties of multiple spatial filters, Appl. Opt., 1977, 16: 779.[5]Deng Ximing, Guo Hong, Cao Qing, Invariant integral and statistical equations for the paraxial beam propagation in free space, Science in China (in Chinese) Ser. A, 1997, 27(1): 64.[6]Goodman, J. W., Introduction to Fourier Optics, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1968.[7]Born, M., Wolf, E., Principles of Optics, New York: Pergamon Press, 1975.[8]Siegman, A. E., Lasers, New York: Mill Valley CA, 1986.[9]Fan Dianyuan, Fresnel number of complex system, Optica Sinica (in Chinese), 1983, 3(4): 319.[10]L

  6. Theory of molecular conductance using a modular approach (United States)

    Hsu, Liang-Yan; Rabitz, Herschel


    This study probes the correlation between the conductance of a molecular wire (the property of a whole system) and its constituent backbone units (modules). By using a tight-binding Hamiltonian combined with single-particle Green's functions, we develop an approach that enables an estimate of a conductance decay constant in terms of the Hamiltonians of molecular backbone units and the couplings between two nearest-neighbor units in the off-resonant tunneling regime. For demonstration, we examine several representative molecular systems in a framework of the Hückel model (the simplest atomistic-level model). The Hückel model can be reduced to a single-orbital-per-site formulation [A. Nitzan, Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem. 52, 681 (2001)], and each energy level in the single-orbital-per-site picture can be expressed in an explicit form including the synergistic effect of all molecular orbitals of a molecular backbone unit. Based on the proposed approach, we show the correspondence between the complete destructive quantum interference and an infinite injection gap and derive the preconditions of the modified Simmons equation and the rule of intramolecular series circuits.

  7. Accuracy of the DIBELS oral reading fluency measure for predicting third grade reading comprehension outcomes. (United States)

    Roehrig, Alysia D; Petscher, Yaacov; Nettles, Stephen M; Hudson, Roxanne F; Torgesen, Joseph K


    We evaluated the validity of DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) ORF (Oral Reading Fluency) for predicting performance on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT-SSS) and Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10) reading comprehension measures. The usefulness of previously established ORF risk-level cutoffs [Good, R.H., Simmons, D.C., and Kame'enui, E.J. (2001). The importance and decision-making utility of a continuum of fluency-based indicators of foundational reading skills for third-grade high-stakes outcomes. Scientific Studies of Reading, 5, 257-288.] for third grade students were evaluated on calibration (n(S1)=16,539) and cross-validation (n(S2)=16,908) samples representative of Florida's Reading First population. The strongest correlations were the third (February/March) administration of ORF with both FCAT-SSS and SAT-10 (r(S)=.70-.71), when the three tests were administered concurrently. Recalibrated ORF risk-level cut scores derived from ROC (receiver-operating characteristic) curve analyses produced more accurate identification of true positives than previously established benchmarks. The recalibrated risk-level cut scores predict performance on the FCAT-SSS equally well for students from different socio-economic, language, and race/ethnicity categories.

  8. Open Praxis, volumen 4 issue 1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Editor Open Praxis


    Full Text Available - Correlation between Performance and Quality of Academic Staff in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN Olubiyi Adeniyi Adewale, Timothy Olugbenga Ajadi & Juliet O.Inegbedion (1-7 - Benchmarking E-Learning in UK Universities: Lessons from and for the International Context Paul Bacsich (9-17 - Structural equation modelling of factors affecting success in student’s performance in ODL-Programs: Extending Quality Management concepts Per Bergamin, Simone Ziska & Rudolf Groner (18-25 - Quality Assurance in Open and Distance Learning in India S.K. Gandhe (26-32 - Leading innovative approaches to the financial crisis Sarah Guri-Rosenblit (33-38 - TOWARDS KNOWLEDGE BASED ECONOMIES - the contribution of open distance learning strategies in addressing equity and inclusiveness issues in small states like Mauritius Jheengut (39-63 - New Approaches to Quality Assurance in the Changing World of Higher Education Maria Jose Lemaitre (64-75 - Entrepreneurship: New Challenges for Higher Education Institutions Josep Lladós (76-87 - A Psychometric Study in the Performance of Distance learners Ravi K Mahajan (88-94 - Managing Quality Assurance for Distance Learning Programs in Malaysia Mohd Ismail Ramli (95-101 - Employability and lifelong learning Hazel Simmons-McDonald (102-113

  9. Transport properties of La{sub 2/3}Sr{sub 1/3}MnO{sub 3}/LaAlO{sub 3}/Pt tunnel junctions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Galceran, R.; Balcells, Ll.; Pomar, A.; Konstantinović, Z.; Sandiumenge, F.; Martínez, B. [Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Barcelona - CSIC, Campus UAB, Bellaterra 08193 (Spain)


    Magnetotransport properties of La{sub 2/3}Sr{sub 1/3}MnO{sub 3}/LaAlO{sub 3}/Pt tunnel junctions have been thoroughly analyzed, as a function of temperature and magnetic field, to test the suitability of LaAlO{sub 3} for insulating barriers and spin injection processes. The insulating behavior of LaAlO{sub 3} maintained down to 1–2 nm (corresponding to 4–5 unit cells) renders this material useful as tunnel barrier. The temperature dependence of the junction resistance, R(T), down to 200 K confirms direct tunneling as the dominant conduction channel. The barrier parameters of the junctions, φ{sub 0} and s, are estimated using Simmons' model in the intermediate voltage range. The energy of the barrier was estimated to be φ{sub 0} ∼ 0.4 eV at room temperature. The dependence of R(T) and φ{sub 0} on the magnetic field shows an anisotropic tunneling magnetoresistance of ∼4% at low T when changing the direction of the magnetization with respect to the current flow.

  10. Tunneling of electrons via rotor-stator molecular interfaces: Combined ab initio and model study (United States)

    Petreska, Irina; Ohanesjan, Vladimir; Pejov, Ljupčo; Kocarev, Ljupčo


    Tunneling of electrons through rotor-stator anthracene aldehyde molecular interfaces is studied with a combined ab initio and model approach. Molecular electronic structure calculated from first principles is utilized to model different shapes of tunneling barriers. Together with a rectangular barrier, we also consider a sinusoidal shape that captures the effects of the molecular internal structure more realistically. Quasiclassical approach with the Simmons' formula for current density is implemented. Special attention is paid on conformational dependence of the tunneling current. Our results confirm that the presence of the side aldehyde group enhances the interesting electronic properties of the pure anthracene molecule, making it a bistable system with geometry dependent transport properties. We also investigate the transition voltage and we show that conformation-dependent field emission could be observed in these molecular interfaces at realistically low voltages. The present study accompanies our previous work where we investigated the coherent transport via strongly coupled delocalized orbital by application of Non-equilibrium Green's Function Formalism.

  11. Breaking the sound barrier: oral health education for children with hearing impairment. (United States)

    Shetty, Vabitha; Kumar, Jithendra; Hegde, Amitha


    In our study, a visual oral health education (OHE) program was specially designed for children with hearing impairment. Its efficacy in improving their oral health status was evaluated after periods of reinforcement and nonreinforcement. One hundred and ten institutionalized children with moderate-to-severe hearing impairment aged 6-14 years were selected for the study. Oral health status was evaluated at the start of the study (pre-OHE level) using the Modified Gingival Index (MGI) and the Turesky-Gilmore-Glickman modification of the Quigley Hein Plaque Index (MQPI). Salivary Streptococcus mutans levels of the children were also evaluated. Brushing skills were assessed using the Simmons index at the start of the study. Significant decreases were observed in the mean values of both the MGI and MQPI from the baseline up to the values obtained at the end of both periods of reinforcement and nonreinforcement. Significant reduction in S. mutans counts was observed, from Pre-OHE levels up to the levels at the end of the period of nonreinforcement. Brushing skills of children improved significantly at the end of study, notably in areas where brushing was previously deemed unsatisfactory. The OHE program specially formulated for the hearing impaired children was effective in improving their oral health status significantly.

  12. If he can do it, so can they: exposure to counterstereotypically successful exemplars prompts automatic inferences. (United States)

    Critcher, Clayton R; Risen, Jane L


    After incidental exposure to Blacks who succeeded in counterstereotypical domains (e.g., Brown University President Ruth Simmons, Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison), participants drew an automatic inference that race was not a success-inhibiting factor in modern society. Of note, participants' automatic inferences were not simply guided by their explicit reasoning (i.e., their beliefs about what these exemplars signify about the state of race relations). Studies 1-3 demonstrated the basic automatic inference effect and provided evidence that such effects unfolded automatically, without intention or awareness. Study 4 replicated the effect in non-race-related domains. Subsequent studies examined what features of exemplars (Studies 5 and 6) and inference makers (Studies 7 and 8) prompt automatic inferences. Study 5 suggested that counterstereotypically successful exemplars prompt racism-denying inferences because they signal what is possible, even if not typical. Study 6 demonstrated that when these exemplars succeed in a stereotypical domain (e.g., Blacks in athletics), similar automatic inferences are not drawn. Those most likely to draw automatic inferences are people predisposed to approach the world with inferential thinking: participants dispositionally high in need for cognition (Study 7) or experimentally primed to think inferentially (Study 8).

  13. Nonpolar resistive memory switching with all four possible resistive switching modes in amorphous LaHoO{sub 3} thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sharma, Yogesh; Pavunny, Shojan P.; Katiyar, Ram S., E-mail: [Department of Physics and Institute for Functional Nanomaterials, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-8377 (United States); Fachini, Esteban [General Studies College, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931 (United States); Scott, James F. [Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB0 3HE (United Kingdom)


    We studied the resistive memory switching in pulsed laser deposited amorphous LaHoO{sub 3} (a-LHO) thin films for non-volatile resistive random access memory applications. Nonpolar resistive switching (RS) was achieved in Pt/a-LHO/Pt memory cells with all four possible RS modes (i.e., positive unipolar, positive bipolar, negative unipolar, and negative bipolar) having high R{sub ON}/R{sub OFF} ratios (in the range of ∼10{sup 4}–10{sup 5}) and non-overlapping switching voltages (set voltage, V{sub ON} ∼ ±3.6–4.2 V and reset voltage, V{sub OFF} ∼ ±1.3–1.6 V) with a small variation of about ±5–8%. Temperature dependent current-voltage (I–V) characteristics indicated the metallic conduction in low resistance states (LRS). We believe that the formation (set) and rupture (reset) of mixed conducting filaments formed out of oxygen vacancies and metallic Ho atoms could be responsible for the change in the resistance states of the memory cell. Detailed analysis of I–V characteristics further corroborated the formation of conductive nanofilaments based on metal-like (Ohmic) conduction in LRS. Simmons-Schottky emission was found to be the dominant charge transport mechanism in the high resistance state.

  14. Pseudobulbar affect: prevalence and management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmed A


    Full Text Available Aiesha Ahmed, Zachary SimmonsDepartment of Neurology, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA, USAAbstract: Pseudobulbar affect (PBA may occur in association with a variety of neurological diseases, and so may be encountered in the setting of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, extrapyramidal and cerebellar disorders, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and brain tumors. The psychological consequences and the impact on social interactions may be substantial. Although it is most commonly misidentified as a mood disorder, particularly depression or a bipolar disorder, there are characteristic features that can be recognized clinically or assessed by validated scales, resulting in accurate identification of PBA, and thus permitting proper management and treatment. Mechanistically, PBA is a disinhibition syndrome in which pathways involving serotonin and glutamate are disrupted. This knowledge has permitted effective treatment for many years with antidepressants, particularly tricyclic antidepressants and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. A recent therapeutic breakthrough occurred with the approval by the Food and Drug Administration of a dextromethorphan/quinidine combination as being safe and effective for treatment of PBA. Side effect profiles and contraindications differ for the various treatment options, and the clinician must be familiar with these when choosing the best therapy for an individual, particularly elderly patients and those with multiple comorbidities and concomitant medications.Keywords: pseudobulbar affect, emotional lability, depression, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis

  15. Particle Physics (United States)

    Cooper, Necia Grant; West, Geoffrey B.


    Preface; Introduction; Part I. Theoretical Framework: 1. Scale and dimension - From animals to quarks Geoffrey B. West; 2. Particle physics and the standard model Stuart Raby, Richard C. Slansky and Geoffrey B. West; QCD on a Cray: the masses of elementary particles Gerald Guralnik, Tony Warnock and Charles Zemach; Lecture Notes - From simple field theories to the standard model; 3. Toward a unified theory: an essay on the role of supergravity in the search for unification Richard C. Slansky; 4. Supersymmetry at 100 GeV Stuart Raby; 5. The family problem T. Goldman and Michael Martin Nieto; Part II. Experimental Developments: 6. Experiments to test unification schemes Gary H. Sanders; 7. The march toward higher energies S. Peter Rosen; LAMPF II and the High-Intensity Frontier Henry A. Thiessen; The SSC - An engineering challenge Mahlon T. Wilson; 8. Science underground - the search for rare events L. M. Simmons, Jr; Part III. Personal Perspectives: 9. Quarks and quirks among friends Peter A. Carruthers, Stuart Raby, Richard C. Slansky, Geoffrey B. West and George Zweig; Index.

  16. Development of an Instrument to Examine Nursing Attitudes Toward Fertility Preservation in Oncology. (United States)

    Grabowski, Maria C; Spitzer, Deborah A; Stutzman, Sonja E; Olson, DaiWai M


    To develop an instrument to measure staff nurse perceptions of the barriers to and benefits of addressing fertility preservation (FP) with patients newly diagnosed with cancer. 
. A prospective, nonrandomized instrument development approach. 
. Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. 
. 224 RNs who care for patients with cancer. 
. The instrument was developed with content experts and field-tested with oncology staff nurses. Responses to a web-based survey were used in exploratory factor analysis. After refining the instrument, the authors conducted a confirmatory factor analysis with 230 web-based survey responses. 
. Self-perceived barriers to providing FP options to patients newly diagnosed with cancer.
. The results supported a 15-item instrument with five domains. This instrument can be used to explore oncology nurses' attitudes toward FP in newly diagnosed people with cancer in their reproductive years. 
. A more comprehensive understanding of attitudes and barriers related to FP will guide the building of optimal systems that support effective FP options, resources, and programs for individuals with cancer.

  17. [The effect of the synthetic detergents on the formazan formation of various environmental bacteria (author's transl)]. (United States)

    Dákay, M; Fodor, F; Nikodemusz, I


    The authors studied the changes in activity of the dehydrogenase enzyme purifier of in the hygiene important bacteria, caused by different concentrations of various detergents with the aid of the triphenyl-tetrazolium chloride test (TTC) (Simmons-Williams test). The cation-active CTAB, in a contentration of only -0.008%, inhibited the enzymatic activity in all bacteria tested, whereas the non-ionic detergents (Praewozell and G 3707), even in high concentrations (5%) produced no inhibiting effect. The anion-active detergents (DBSNa-LSNa) differed in their action on the test bacteria, but Str. faecalis appears to be the most sensitive species, but Micrococcus was also sensitive. In the case of Str. faecalis a 0.03% DBSNa concentration and a 0.008% LSNa concentration was needed to produce the same effect in micrococci. E. coli pathogens proved relatively resistant to anionic detergents; a complete inhibition of the enzymatic activity was brought about by a 1% DBSNa and 0.63% LSNa concentrations. The results suggest that the TTC testing method is suitable for the evaluation of the action of ionic detergents in the organism.

  18. Extensive Fires in the Western U.S. (United States)


    The summer of 2000 is shaping up to be the worst U.S. fire season in four years. On July 27, 2000, fires were burning in Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado), Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. The Mesa Verde fire has threatened some prehistoric archeological sites. Ironically, other sites have been unearthed as vegetation was burned away by the fire and as firefighters dug trenches to serve as firebreaks. In a bizarre coincidence, one of the fires came close to the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, the third nuclear site affected by fire this year. This image from GOES 11, the newest NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES), shows smoke plumes and heat signatures (red) from many of fires in the western United States on the evening of July 27. For current GOES images and more information, visit the GOES Project Science page. Marit Jentoft-Nilsen and Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC, based on data provided by NOAA

  19. Animation of Sequoia Forest Fire (United States)


    Continued hot, dry weather in the American west contributed to the spread of numerous fires over the weekend of July 29-30, 2000. This is the most active fire season in the United States since 1988, when large portions of Yellowstone National Park burned. One of the largest fires currently burning has consumed more than 63,000 acres in Sequoia National Forest. This NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) image shows the fire on the afternoon of July 30, 2000. Note the clouds above the smoke plume. These often form during large fires because updrafts lift warm air near the ground high into the atmosphere, cooling the air and causing the water vapor it contains to condense into droplets. The soot particles in the smoke also act as condensation nuclei for the droplets. View the animation of GOES data to see the smoke forming clouds. Image and Animation by Robert Simmon and Marit-Jentoft Nilsen, NASA GSFC, based on data from NOAA.

  20. Tunnel conduction in epitaxial bilayers of ferromagnetic LaCoO₃/La₂/₃Sr₁/₃MnO₃ deposited by a chemical solution method. (United States)

    Lucas, Irene; Vila-Fungueiriño, José Manuel; Jiménez-Cavero, Pilar; Rivas-Murias, Beatriz; Magén, César; Morellón, Luis; Rivadulla, Francisco


    We report magnetic and electronic transport measurements across epitaxial bilayers of ferromagnetic insulator LaCoO3 and half-metallic ferromagnet La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 (LCO/LSMO: 3.5 nm/20 nm) fabricated by a chemical solution method. The I-V curves at room temperature and 4K measured with conducting atomic force microscopy (CAFM) on well-defined patterned areas exhibit the typical features of a tunneling process. The curves have been fitted to the Simmons model to determine the height (φ) and width (s) of the insulating LCO barrier. The results yield φ = 0.40 ± 0.05 eV (0.50 ± 0.01 eV) at room temperature (4K) and s = 3 nm, in good agreement with the structural analysis. Our results demonstrate that this chemical method is able to produce epitaxial heterostructures with the quality required for this type of fundamental studies and applications.

  1. Alginate Immobilization of Metabolic Enzymes (AIME) for High ... (United States)

    Alginate Immobilization of Metabolic Enzymes (AIME) for High-Throughput Screening Assays DE DeGroot, RS Thomas, and SO SimmonsNational Center for Computational Toxicology, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC USAThe EPA’s ToxCast program utilizes a wide variety of high-throughput screening (HTS) assays to assess chemical perturbations of molecular and cellular endpoints. A key criticism of using HTS assays for toxicity assessment is the lack of xenobiotic metabolism (XM) which precludes both metabolic detoxification as well as bioactivation of chemicals tested in vitro thereby mischaracterizing the potential risk posed by these chemicals. To address this deficiency, we have developed an extracellular platform to retrofit existing HTS assays with XM activity. This platform utilizes the S9 fraction of liver homogenate encapsulated in an alginate gel network which reduces the cytotoxicity caused by direct addition of S9 to cells in culture. Alginate microspheres containing encapsulated human liver S9 were cross-linked to solid supports extending from a 96-well plate lid and were assayed using a pro-luciferin substrate specific for CYP3A4 (IPA). We demonstrate that S9 was successfully encapsulated and remained enzymatically active post-encapsulation with 5-10X the CYP3A4 activity as compared to 1 µg solubilized human liver S9. Ketoconazole, a known inhibitor of human CYP3A4, inhibited CYP3A4 activity in a concentration-dependent manner (IC50: 0.27 µM) and inhibiti

  2. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Fed by the Hepatic Artery Arising from the Superior Mesenteric Artery: Angiographic Analysis and Interventional Treatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    MUWei; LIQiang; YOUJian; CHENJie


    Objective: To investigate the angiographic characteristics and the interventional catheterization techniques of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) fed by aberrant hepatic arteries arising from the superior mesenteric artery (SMA), namely SMA type. Methods: Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) manifes-tations and the data from interventional treatment in 41 cases of SMA type HCCs were retrospectively reviewed. The frequency of the aberrant arteries was summed up statistically and their anatomic charac-teristics (such as origin, course, branches and distribution) and the relationship with catheterization were described and analyzed. Results: Of 350 HCC cases, SMA type HCCs were found in 41 cases (11.9%),including accessory right hepatic artery (15 cases, 36.5%), replaced right hepatic artery (16 cases, 39.0%),common hepatic artery (8 cases, 19.5%) and celiac artery arising from SMA (2 cases, 5.0%). Of the 31 cases with accessory or replaced right hepatic arteries, right hepatic arteries were small or absent on celiac angiograph in 29 cases (94.0%), and there was an avascular zone on the right liver. Superselective catheter-ization was successfully performed in 25 cases (61%) by using RH catheter, but the rest acquired successful superselective catheterization by using Cobra, Simmon catheters and microcatheters. Conclusion: SMA type is a commonly seen variation of hepatic arterial blood supply. A knowledge of this is very important in transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for HCC.

  3. Art, Aesthetics, Design, And Data: Reaching The Public Through Scientific Visualization (United States)

    Simmon, R.; Allen, J.; Ward, K.; Carlowicz, M. J.


    The primary challenge in science communication is attracting a broad audience while maintaining technical accuracy. Scientific topics are often and reflexively considered boring, dry, or difficult by non-scientists. One way to overcome this hurdle and gain the public's attention is through beautiful and striking imagery. Imaging techniques borrowed from art and design can generate interest in technical or abstract concepts. NASA's Earth Observatory routinely uses imagery to communicate current Earth science research. Earth Observatory designers collaborate with NASA scientists to produce imagery using the principles of data visualization. Curiously, the popularity of images tends to be inversely correlated with the scientific content. Simple photographs and illustrations tend to be viewed more often, and more widely shared, than maps and graphs. However, maps of tree density and melt on the Greenland ice sheet are among the most popular images published on the Earth Observatory. These graphics share some features both with each other and our most-viewed natural-color images: clear, relatable themes, intuitive color palettes, and a clean aesthetic. These similarities may explain their success, and provide a roadmap for future data-rich visualizations that engage viewers while communicating complex science.This map of tree density in the united states, based on the National Biomass and Carbon Dataset (NBCD) is one of the NASA Earth Observatory's most popular data-based images. (Map by Robert Simmon, based on data from Woods Hole Research Center.)

  4. Combat veterans, mental health issues, and the death penalty: addressing the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. (United States)

    Giardino, Anthony E


    More than 1.5 million Americans have participated in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past seven years. Some of these veterans have subsequently committed capital crimes and found themselves in our nation's criminal justice system. This Essay argues that combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury at the time of their offenses should not be subject to the death penalty.Offering mitigating evidence regarding military training, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injury presents one means that combat veterans may use to argue for their lives during the sentencing phase of their trials. Alternatively, Atkins v. Virginia and Roper v. Simmons offer a framework for establishing a legislatively or judicially created categorical exclusion for these offenders, exempting them from the death penalty as a matter of law. By understanding how combat service and service-related injuries affect the personal culpability of these offenders, the legal system can avoid the consequences of sentencing to death America's mentally wounded warriors, ensuring that only the worst offenders are subject to the ultimate punishment.

  5. Azilsartan/chlorthalidone combination therapy for blood pressure control

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheng JW


    Full Text Available Judy WM ChengMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USABackground: Edarbyclor® is a combined angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB and thiazide-like diuretic (azilsartan and chlorthalidone, and was approved on December 20, 2011 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA for hypertension management.Objective: To review the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, safety, tolerability, and role of azilsartan plus chlorthalidone for hypertension management.Methods: Peer-reviewed clinical trials, review articles, and relevant treatment guidelines, were identified from the databases MEDLINE and Current Contents (both 1966 to February 15, 2013, inclusive using search terms “azilsartan”, “chlorthalidone”, “pharmacology”, “pharmacokinetics”, “pharmacodynamics”, “pharmacoeconomics”, and “cost-effectiveness”. The FDA website, as well as manufacturer prescribing information, was also reviewed to identify other relevant information.Results: Azilsartan is a new ARB with high affinity for the angiotensin 1 receptor, approved by the FDA for hypertension management. Unlike other ARBs, azilsartan has no clinical data supporting improvement in cardiovascular outcomes, and is not approved for indications other than hypertension, which a select few other ARBs may be used for (eg, diabetic nephropathy and heart failure. Chlorthalidone is a longer acting thiazide-like diuretic that has been demonstrated to improve cardiovascular outcomes. Combination treatment with azilsartan/chlorthalidone is effective for reducing blood pressure. Compared to olmesartan/hydrochlorothiazide and azilsartan/hydrochlorothiazide combinations, azilsartan/chlorthalidone appears to be more efficacious for reducing blood pressure.Conclusions: Azilsartan/chlorthalidone can be considered an antihypertensive therapy option in patients for whom combination therapy is required (blood pressure >20 mmHg systolic or

  6. La cultura de la corrupción en El miedo a los animales de Enrique Serna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heréndida Rodríguez Radillo


    Full Text Available Enrique Serna es considerado como uno de los escritores más sobresalientes de la narrativa mexicana contemporánea, posición que ha obtenido gracias a la excelente recepción crítica que tiene su obra, a la respuesta por parte de los lectores y a los premios que ha conquistado, como el Premio Mazatlán de Literatura 2000, por El seductor de la patria ; el Premio Narrativa Colima 2004, por Ángeles del abismo , y el Premio Narrativa Antonin Artaud 2010 (Francia, por La sangre erguida . Aunque los temas que desarrolla Serna son diversos, una constante define su obra: la crítica social, cultural y política; así como la denuncia que hace en contra del poder. En 1995 el escritor mexicano publicó una novela de corte policiaco no convencional intitulada El miedo a los animales , en la que explora la corrupción que existe entre la policía judi - cial y el aparato cultural mexicano. El objetivo de este artículo es interpretar cómo está representada la cultura de la corrupción en El miedo a los animales, no como un fenómeno social propio de las instituciones, sino como una red cultural que permea en todas las dimensiones de la vida social. Este artículo se fundamenta en la propuesta teórico-metodológica de Roman Ingarden y se llevó a cabo a partir del análisis del estrato de los objetos representados.

  7. Musical Structure as Narrative in Rock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Fernando Encarnacao


    Full Text Available In an attempt to take a fresh look at the analysis of form in rock music, this paper uses Susan McClary’s (2000 idea of ‘quest narrative’ in Western art music as a starting point. While much pop and rock adheres to the basic structure of the establishment of a home territory, episodes or adventures away, and then a return, my study suggests three categories of rock music form that provide alternatives to common combinations of verses, choruses and bridges through which the quest narrative is delivered. Labyrinth forms present more than the usual number of sections to confound our sense of ‘home’, and consequently of ‘quest’. Single-cell forms use repetition to suggest either a kind of stasis or to disrupt our expectations of beginning, middle and end. Immersive forms blur sectional divisions and invite more sensual and participatory responses to the recorded text. With regard to all of these alternative approaches to structure, Judy Lochhead’s (1992 concept of ‘forming’ is called upon to underline rock music forms that unfold as process, rather than map received formal constructs. Central to the argument are a couple of crucial definitions. Following Theodore Gracyk (1996, it is not songs, as such, but particular recordings that constitute rock music texts. Additionally, narrative is understood not in (direct relation to the lyrics of a song, nor in terms of artists’ biographies or the trajectories of musical styles, but considered in terms of musical structure. It is hoped that this outline of non-narrative musical structures in rock may have applications not only to other types of music, but to other time-based art forms.

  8. Cardoso's Destiny of"with the Law as the Life"%卡多佐“以法律为生命”的历史归宿

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴春雷; 范红月


    文章在对《卡多佐》以及《司法过程的性质》研读的基础上,通过对卡多佐的家庭环境、大学生活与法学教育、律师职业的锤炼、法官经历与学术研究等诸多方面的历史考察,分析了他选择“以法律为生命”的历史必然性,既是他把法学教育与司法实践有机结合起来的一种表现,同时也始终伴随着洗刷自己父亲耻辱的使命,以至于把自己塑造为接近于完美的法官化身。%In this paper, by the study of Cardoso and the Nature of the Judicial Process, through investigation on Cardoso's family environment, his campus life and law education, exercise as a lawyer, judge experience and academic research, and many other aspects, the authors analyze the historical inevitability of his choice about"with the law as the life". This is not only the performance that he combined the law education and judi-cial practice, but also the mission of removing out the shame of his own father, which made him as a perfect embodiment of the judges.

  9. On the Fact Jurisdiction of the Appellate Body of WTO From the Respective of “Completing Legal Analysis”%从“完成法律分析”看WTO上诉机构的事实审理权

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Shortcomings of WTO dispute settlement mechanism makes the Appellate Body suffer from practical difficulties in the trial program. Giving fact jurisdiction to the Appellate Body can effectively draw a clear line of demarcation between fact jurisdiction and legal jurisdiction so as to make up the deficiency of legal jurisdiction. Meanwhile, it proves reasonable and workable in terms of effectiveness, support of the rule of law, and consistence with the original intention of the dispute settlement mechanism. Thus, the Appellate Body should be given limited fact jurisdiction and combine it with the establishment of review system, so as to save judi-cial resources, effectively settle disputes and protect due processes with legal and institutional support.%WTO争端解决机制存在着一定的不足,这使得上诉机构在审理程序中面临着现实困境。由于赋予上诉机构以事实审理权,不仅能够有效地解决事实审与法律审界限不明的问题、弥补单纯法律审的不足,还在实际效果有效性、法律规则支持性、争端解决机制设立初衷符合性上具有明显的合理性与可行性,因而有必要赋予上诉机构以有限的事实审理权,再结合发回重审制度的建立,为实现司法资源的节约、争端的有效解决与正当程序的保护共赢提供法律和制度的支撑。

  10. Diagnosis and management of pre-eclampsia: an update

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Judi A Turner


    Full Text Available Judi A TurnerDepartment of Anesthesiology, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USAAbstract: Pre-eclampsia is a significant, multifactorial, multiorgan disease affecting 5%–8% of all pregnancies in the US where it is the third leading cause of maternal mortality. Despite improvements in the diagnosis and management of pre-eclampsia, severe complications can occur in both the mother and the fetus, and there is no effective method of prevention. Early detection and identification of pregnant women most at risk of developing the disease have proven challenging, but recent efforts combining biochemical and biophysical markers are promising. Efforts at prevention of pre-eclampsia with aspirin and calcium have had limited success, but research on modifiable risk factors, such as obesity surgery, are encouraging. Obstetric management of severe pre-eclampsia focuses on medical management of blood pressure and prevention of seizures using magnesium sulfate, but the ultimate cure remains delivery of the fetus and placenta. Timing of delivery depends on several factors, including gestational age, fetal lung maturity, and most importantly, disease severity. Anesthetic management includes regional anesthesia with careful evaluation of the patient’s airway, volume status, and coagulation status to reduce morbidity and mortality. The potential complications of general anesthesia, including intracranial hemorrhage, in these patients make regional anesthesia the preferred choice in many cases. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the contraindications to neuraxial anesthesia and to prepare always for the possibility of encountering a difficult airway.Keywords: pre-eclampsia, diagnosis, risk factors, complications, management, anesthesia, prevention

  11. Academy Sharing Knowledge (ASK). The NASA Source for Project Management Magazine, Volume 11, March 2003 (United States)


    APPL is a research-based organization that serves NASA program and project managers, as well as project teams, at every level of development. In 1997, APPL was created from an earlier program to underscore the importance that NASA places on project management and project teams through a wide variety of products and services, including knowledge sharing, classroom and online courses, career development guidance, performance support, university partnerships, and advanced technology tools. ASK Magazine grew out of APPL's Knowledge Sharing Initiative. The stories that appear in ASK are written by the 'best of the best' project managers, primarily from NASA, but also from other government agencies and industry. Contributors to this issue include: Teresa Bailey, a librarian at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Roy Malone, Deputy Director in the Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) Office at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), W. Scott Cameron, Capital Systems Manager for the Food and Beverage Global Business Unit of Procter and Gamble, Ray Morgan, recent retiree as Vice President of AeroVironment, Inc., Marty Davis, Program Manager of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland, Todd Post, editor of ASK Magazine, and works for EduTech Ltd. in Silver Spring, Maryland, Dr. Owen Gadeken, professor of Engineering Management at the Defense Acquisition University, Ken Schwer, currently the Project Manager of Solar Dynamics Observatory, Dr. Edward Hoffmwan, Director of the NASA Academy of Program and Project Leadership, Frank Snow, a member of the NASA Explorer Program at Goddard Space Flight Center since 1992, Dr. Alexander Laufer, Editor-in-Chief of ASK Magazine and a member of the Advisory Board of the NASA Academy of Program and Project Leadership, Judy Stokley, presently Air Force Program Executive Officer for Weapons in Washington, D.C. and Terry Little, Director of the Kinetic

  12. Antibacterial efficacy of core-shell nanostructures encapsulating gentamicin against an in vivo intracellular  Salmonella model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashish Ranjan


    Full Text Available Ashish Ranjan1, Nikorn Pothayee2,3, Mohammed N Seleem2, Ronald D Tyler Jr4, Bonnie Brenseke4, Nammalwar Sriranganathan2,4, Judy S Riffle2,3, Ramanathan Kasimanickam11Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, 2Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, 3Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute, 4Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VAAbstract: Pluronic based core-shell nanostructures encapsulating gentamicin were designed in this study. Block copolymers of (PAA–+Na-b-(PEO-b-PPO-b-PEO-b-PAA– +Na were blended with PAA– Na+ and complexed with the polycationic antibiotic gentamicin to form nanostructures. Synthesized nanostructures had a hydrodynamic diameter of 210 nm, zeta potentials of –0.7 (±0.2, and incorporated ~20% by weight of gentamicin. Nanostructures upon co-incubation with J774A.1 macrophage cells showed no adverse toxicity in vitro. Nanostructures administered in vivo either at multiple dosage of 5 µg g–1 or single dosage of 15 µg g–1 in AJ-646 mice infected with Salmonella resulted in significant reduction of viable bacteria in the liver and spleen. Histopathological evaluation for concentration-dependent toxicity at a dosage of 15 µg g–1 revealed mineralized deposits in 50% kidney tissues of free gentamicin-treated mice which in contrast was absent in nanostructure-treated mice. Thus, encapsulation of gentamicin in nanostructures may reduce toxicity and improve in vivo bacterial clearance.Keywords: gentamicin, core-shell nanostructures, Salmonella

  13. Instream Flows Incremental Methodology :Kootenai River, Montana : Final Report 1990-2000.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hoffman, Greg; Skaar, Don; Dalbey, Steve (Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Libby, MT)


    Regulated rivers such as the Kootenai River below Libby Dam often exhibit hydrographs and water fluctuation levels that are atypical when compared to non-regulated rivers. These flow regimes are often different conditions than those which native fish species evolved with, and can be important limiting factors in some systems. Fluctuating discharge levels can change the quantity and quality of aquatic habitat for fish. The instream flow incremental methodology (IFIM) is a tool that can help water managers evaluate different discharges in terms of their effects on available habitat for a particular fish species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service developed the IFIM (Bovee 1982) to quantify changes in aquatic habitat with changes in instream flow (Waite and Barnhart 1992; Baldridge and Amos 1981; Gore and Judy 1981; Irvine et al. 1987). IFIM modeling uses hydraulic computer models to relate changes in discharge to changes in the physical parameters such as water depth, current velocity and substrate particle size, within the aquatic environment. Habitat utilization curves are developed to describe the physical habitat most needed, preferred or tolerated for a selected species at various life stages (Bovee and Cochnauer 1977; Raleigh et al. 1984). Through the use of physical habitat simulation computer models, hydraulic and physical variables are simulated for differing flows, and the amount of usable habitat is predicted for the selected species and life stages. The Kootenai River IFIM project was first initiated in 1990, with the collection of habitat utilization and physical hydraulic data through 1996. The physical habitat simulation computer modeling was completed from 1996 through 2000 with the assistance from Thomas Payne and Associates. This report summarizes the results of these efforts.

  14. 行政规范性文件的司法审查问题研究--基于《行政诉讼法》修订的有关思考%A Study on Judicial Review of Administrative Normative Documents Based on Reflections on the Newly-amended Administrative Procedure Law

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The newly-amended Administrative Procedure Law stipulates that People’s Courts can con-duct judicial review on administrative normative documents below the level of rules and regulations. Based on the existing system of power allocation and the reform of judicial system, we take judicial theories and practices in western countries as reference to integrate the prospect of legislation with its practicability.Besides, we discuss concrete issues on system design and judicial application like the i-dentification of the subject of review, the ways to file a lawsuit, the content and intensity of review, and the classification of court decisions and their enforcement, so as to establish a mechanism of judi-cial review which meets the realistic needs of China.%新修订的《行政诉讼法》规定了人民法院可对规章以下的行政规范性文件进行司法审查。在立足现行权力配置体系和司法体制改革的基础上,参考借鉴国外的司法理论和实践经验,将立法的前瞻性和可操作性有机结合,对审查主体的设置、提起诉讼的方式、审查的内容和强度、裁判的种类及执行等具体制度设计和司法适用问题进行探讨,以构建符合我国现实需求的审查机制。

  15. Corruption in Romania in the Transitional Period and Its Coun-termeasures%罗马尼亚转型期的腐败现象及其治理

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    罗马尼亚长期以来一直受腐败问题的困扰,尤其是在行政、司法及医疗领域。为此,罗马尼亚政府在立法和机构设置上都采取了一些治理腐败的措施。但是,反腐败的政策和法规得不到落实、政府反腐败意志不够坚定以及有罪判决率低等多种因素制约了罗马尼亚政府的反腐败工作,致使其长期停滞不前。理性地分析罗马尼亚转型期显现的腐败现象及反腐败过程中出现的问题,对我国反腐倡廉建设具有一定的借鉴意义。%Romania has long been seriously plagued by the problem of corruption, especially in the field of administration, judi-ciary and medicine. Romanian government has taken many measures such as legislation and institutional settings to curb this problem. However, anti-corruption policies and regulations fail to be implemented, the will to fight corruption is not sufficient and conviction rate is low. Due to the above factors, Romania’s anti-corruption work has long been stagnated. The rational re-flection and analysis of Romania’s corruption and anti-corruption will provide experience and reference for China to fight a-gainst corruption and uphold integrity.

  16. Continuity and Evolution: The Idea of “Co-creativity” in Chinese Art

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper seeks to explore an important characteristic of both traditional and contemporary Chinese art, that is, co-creativity. The author believes that co-creativity is a particular Chinese cultural sensibility that establishes the continuity of Chinese art and allows it to endure despite historical, societal and political changes throughout the centuries. This paper starts with an introduction of the idea of co-creativity in Chinese culture. One of its embodiments is the relationship between 'yin' and 'yang'. 'Yin 'and 'yang' both engender and fulfill each other, which is a co-relational and co-creative process. It then analyzes how the idea of co-creativity is demonstrated in traditional landscape painting through the expression of the oneness with nature and invitation to join a journey with the artist. Lastly, it demonstrates this continious co-creative cultural sensibility through analyzing two contemporary artists’ works. The author reads the submissive openness and vulnerability in Chinese female artist Chen Lingyang’s works as a continuity of the co-creative spirit of 'yin' and 'yang', nature and human. Chen’s work, rooted in her cultural sensibility, expresses a totally different statement of women’s desires and conditions than does that of American feminist artists Judy Chicago and Carolee Schneemann. Likewise, performance artist Ma Liuming’s 'Fen-Ma Liuming in… 'series seems inspired by nature’s image of co-creating the world. Different as these works may be in their formal aspects—from painting to poetry, from photography to performance— “co-creativity” is at the heart of Chinese cultural expression.

  17. A Tentative Study on Double Values of Network Language--- Based on the observation of network events/cases%网络言论的双重价值探析--基于网络事件/案件的考察

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Network language is a speech which is expressed by the Internet. In modern society,it is an important form of citizens' speeches. As a new thing,with the authenticity and false features coexistence,network language has positive and negative values. In the field of private rights,the network language enables citizens to take better advantage of their freedom of speech,while the disorder of network remarks will cause great damages to citizens' legal rights. On the Referees of judi-cature,the network language is the positive factor in promoting and safeguarding judicial justice. However,the huge force of public opinion will occasionally hinder the independent exercise and authority of judicial power.%网络言论是公民以网络为媒介所表达的一种言论,它是现代社会公民言论的重要表现形式。网络言论作为一种新兴事物,由于其真实性与虚假性并存的特征,因而具有积极与消极、正面与负面的双重价值。在个人权利领域,网络言论的自由表达有利于公民言论自由权利的行使,而网络言论的不当表达则极易导致对其他公民合法权利的侵害。在司法权力领域,网络言论的自由表达是促使司法公正的积极因素,而其不当表达则会侵犯司法权,损害司法独立和司法权威。

  18. Social acceleration and the network effect: a defence of social 'science fiction' and network determinism. (United States)

    Hassan, Robert


    This essay is a response to Judy Wajcman's essay 'Life in the fast lane? Towards a sociology of technology and time' (2008: 59-77). In that article Wajcman argued that recent developments in the sociology of temporal change had been marked by a tendency in social theory towards a form of 'science fiction'--a sociological theorizing, she maintains, that bears no real relation to actual, empirically provable developments in the field and should therefore be viewed as not contributing to 'a richer analysis of the relationship between technology and time' (2008: 61). This reply argues that as Wajcman suggests in her essay, there is indeed an 'urgent need for increased dialogue to connect social theory with detailed empirical studies' (2008: 59) but that the most fruitful way to proceed would not be through a constraining of 'science fiction' social theorizing but, rather, through its expansion--and more, that 'science fiction' should take the lead in the process. This essay suggests that the connection between social theory and empirical studies would be strengthened by a wider understanding of the function of knowledge and research in the context of what is termed 'true originality' and 'routine originality'. The former is the domain of social theory and the latter resides within traditional sociological disciplines. It is argued that both need each other to advance our understanding of society, especially in the context of the fast-changing processes of technological development. The example of 'technological determinism' is discussed as illustrative of how 'routine originality' can harden into dogma without the application of 'true originality' to continually question (sometimes through ideas that may appear to border on 'science fiction') comfortable assumptions that may have become 'routine' and shorn of their initial 'originality'.

  19. Deduction and Analysis of the Interacting Stress Response Pathways of Metal/Radionuclide-reducing Bacteria

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhou, Jizhong [University of Oklahoma; He, Zhili [University of Oklahoma


    Project Title: Deduction and Analysis of the Interacting Stress Response Pathways of Metal/Radionuclide-reducing Bacteria DOE Grant Number: DE-FG02-06ER64205 Principal Investigator: Jizhong (Joe) Zhou (University of Oklahoma) Key members: Zhili He, Aifen Zhou, Christopher Hemme, Joy Van Nostrand, Ye Deng, and Qichao Tu Collaborators: Terry Hazen, Judy Wall, Adam Arkin, Matthew Fields, Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, and David Stahl Summary Three major objectives have been conducted in the Zhou group at the University of Oklahoma (OU): (i) understanding of gene function, regulation, network and evolution of Desulfovibrio vugaris Hildenborough in response to environmental stresses, (ii) development of metagenomics technologies for microbial community analysis, and (iii) functional characterization of microbial communities with metagenomic approaches. In the past a few years, we characterized four CRP/FNR regulators, sequenced ancestor and evolved D. vulgaris strains, and functionally analyzed those mutated genes identified in salt-adapted strains. Also, a new version of GeoChip 4.0 has been developed, which also includes stress response genes (StressChip), and a random matrix theory-based conceptual framework for identifying functional molecular ecological networks has been developed with the high throughput functional gene array hybridization data as well as pyrosequencing data from 16S rRNA genes. In addition, GeoChip and sequencing technologies as well as network analysis approaches have been used to analyze microbial communities from different habitats. Those studies provide a comprehensive understanding of gene function, regulation, network, and evolution in D. vulgaris, and microbial community diversity, composition and structure as well as their linkages with environmental factors and ecosystem functioning, which has resulted in more than 60 publications.

  20. Introduction of new technologies and decision making processes: a framework to adapt a Local Health Technology Decision Support Program for other local settings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Poulin P


    Full Text Available Paule Poulin,1 Lea Austen,1 Catherine M Scott,2 Michelle Poulin,1 Nadine Gall,2 Judy Seidel,3 René Lafrenière1 1Department of Surgery, 2Knowledge Management, 3Public Health Innovation and Decision Support, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB, Canada Purpose: Introducing new health technologies, including medical devices, into a local setting in a safe, effective, and transparent manner is a complex process, involving many disciplines and players within an organization. Decision making should be systematic, consistent, and transparent. It should involve translating and integrating scientific evidence, such as health technology assessment (HTA reports, with context-sensitive evidence to develop recommendations on whether and under what conditions a new technology will be introduced. However, the development of a program to support such decision making can require considerable time and resources. An alternative is to adapt a preexisting program to the new setting. Materials and methods: We describe a framework for adapting the Local HTA Decision Support Program, originally developed by the Department of Surgery and Surgical Services (Calgary, AB, Canada, for use by other departments. The framework consists of six steps: 1 development of a program review and adaptation manual, 2 education and readiness assessment of interested departments, 3 evaluation of the program by individual departments, 4 joint evaluation via retreats, 5 synthesis of feedback and program revision, and 6 evaluation of the adaptation process. Results: Nine departments revised the Local HTA Decision Support Program and expressed strong satisfaction with the adaptation process. Key elements for success were identified. Conclusion: Adaptation of a preexisting program may reduce duplication of effort, save resources, raise the health care providers' awareness of HTA, and foster constructive stakeholder engagement, which enhances the legitimacy of evidence

  1. Deficiency of α-1-antitrypsin influences systemic iron homeostasis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghio AJ


    Full Text Available Andrew J Ghio,1 Joleen M Soukup,1 Judy H Richards,1 Bernard M Fischer,2 Judith A Voynow,2 Donald E Schmechel31US Environmental Protection Agency, Chapel Hill, NC, USA; 2Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Pediatrics,3Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer Disease Research Center, Department of Medicine (Neurology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USAAbstract: There is evidence that proteases and antiproteases participate in the iron homeostasis of cells and living systems. We tested the postulate that α-1 antitrypsin (A1AT polymorphism and the consequent deficiency of this antiprotease in humans are associated with a systemic disruption in iron homeostasis. Archived plasma samples from Alpha-1 Foundation (30 MM, 30 MZ, and 30 ZZ individuals were analyzed for A1AT, ferritin, transferrin, and C-reactive protein (CRP. Plasma samples were also assayed for metals using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICPAES. Plasma levels of A1AT in MZ and ZZ individuals were approximately 60% and 20% of those for MM individuals respectively. Plasma ferritin concentrations in those with the ZZ genotype were greater relative to those individuals with either MM or MZ genotype. Plasma transferrin for MM, MZ, and ZZ genotypes showed no significant differences. Linear regression analysis revealed a significant (negative relationship between plasma concentrations of A1AT and ferritin while that between A1AT and transferrin levels was not significant. Plasma CRP concentrations were not significantly different between MM, MZ, and ZZ individuals. ICPAES measurement of metals confirmed elevated plasma concentrations of nonheme iron among ZZ individuals. Nonheme iron concentrations correlated (negatively with levels of A1AT. A1AT deficiency is associated with evidence of a disruption in iron homeostasis with plasma ferritin and nonheme iron concentrations being elevated among those with the ZZ genotype.Keywords: α-1

  2. Persistent hypotony after primary trabeculectomy with mitomycin C Hipotonia persistente depois de trabeculectomia primária com mitomicina C

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viviane R.F. Guedes


    Full Text Available Purpose: To describe the clinical findings and treatment modalities of persistent hypotony following primary trabeculectomy with mitomycin C. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 9 eyes with persistent hypotony, which was defined as intraocular pressure less than or equal to 5 mmHg for more than 2 months. Results: Mean hypotony duration was 7.4 months (standard deviation (SD ± 6.7 months, range 2 to 23 months. Associated findings included choroidal detachment (2 eyes and maculopathy (5 eyes. All patients who developed maculopathy were relatively young (mean age = 37 years old, SD ± 16, range 18 to 79 years. Treatments included bandaged contact lens, autologous blood injection, phacoemulsification, resuturing of the scleral flap, scleral patch graft, and Simmons' shell. After treatment, intraocular pressure (IOP raised in all patients (mean final IOP = 11.1 mmHg, SD ± 3.5. On the first day of hypotony, the mean IOP was 3 mmHg (SD ±1.7. At the last follow up, visual acuity (VA was unchanged in 3 eyes, worsened in 2 eyes (by 2 Snellen lines, and improved (by 1 to 4 Snellen lines in 4 eyes. Of those eyes whose VA improved, 3 had undergone phacoemulsification. Conclusion: Hypotony after trabeculectomy with mitomycin C can be reversed with possible improvement in vision.Objetivo: Descrever os achados clínicos e as modalidades de tratamento da hipotonia persistente após trabeculectomia primária com mitomicina C. Método: Foram retrospectivamente analisados 9 olhos com hipotonia persistente, a qual foi definida como pressão intra-ocular igual ou menor que 5 mmHg por mais que 2 meses. Resultado: Tempo médio de duração da hipotonia foi de 7.4 meses, desvio padrão ± 6.7 meses. Complicações associadas à hipotonia incluíram descolamento de coróide (2 olhos, maculopatia (5 olhos. Todos os pacientes que desen-volveram maculopatia eram relativamente novos (idade media de 37 anos, desvio padrão ±16. Tratamentos incluíram lente de contato

  3. Patient education for phosphorus management in chronic kidney disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kalantar-Zadeh K


    Full Text Available Kamyar Kalantar-ZadehHarold Simmons Center for Kidney Disease Research and Epidemiology, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, University of California Irvine’s School of Medicine, Irvine, CA, USAObjectives: This review explores the challenges and solutions in educating patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD to lower serum phosphorus while avoiding protein insufficiency and hypercalcemia.Methods: A literature search including terms “hyperphosphatemia,” “patient education,” “food fatigue,” “hypercalcemia,” and “phosphorus–protein ratio” was undertaken using PubMed.Results: Hyperphosphatemia is a strong predictor of mortality in advanced CKD and is remediated via diet, phosphorus binders, and dialysis. Dietary counseling should encourage the consumption of foods with the least amount of inorganic or absorbable phosphorus, low phosphorus-to-protein ratios, and adequate protein content, and discourage excessive calcium intake in high-risk patients. Emerging educational initiatives include food labeling using a “traffic light” scheme, motivational interviewing techniques, and the Phosphate Education Program – whereby patients no longer have to memorize the phosphorus content of each individual food component, but only a “phosphorus unit” value for a limited number of food groups. Phosphorus binders are associated with a clear survival advantage in CKD patients, overcome the limitations associated with dietary phosphorus restriction, and permit a more flexible approach to achieving normalization of phosphorus levels.Conclusion: Patient education on phosphorus and calcium management can improve concordance and adherence and empower patients to collaborate actively for optimal control of mineral metabolism.Keywords: hyperphosphatemia, renal diet, phosphorus binders, educational programs, food fatigue, concordance

  4. Music-based memory enhancement in Alzheimer's disease: promise and limitations. (United States)

    Simmons-Stern, Nicholas R; Deason, Rebecca G; Brandler, Brian J; Frustace, Bruno S; O'Connor, Maureen K; Ally, Brandon A; Budson, Andrew E


    In a previous study (Simmons-Stern, Budson & Ally, 2010), we found that patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) better recognized visually presented lyrics when the lyrics were also sung rather than spoken at encoding. The present study sought to further investigate the effects of music on memory in patients with AD by making the content of the song lyrics relevant for the daily life of an older adult and by examining how musical encoding alters several different aspects of episodic memory. Patients with AD and healthy older adults studied visually presented novel song lyrics related to instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) that were accompanied by either a sung or a spoken recording. Overall, participants performed better on a memory test of general lyric content for lyrics that were studied sung as compared to spoken. However, on a memory test of specific lyric content, participants performed equally well for sung and spoken lyrics. We interpret these results in terms of a dual-process model of recognition memory such that the general content questions represent a familiarity-based representation that is preferentially sensitive to enhancement via music, while the specific content questions represent a recollection-based representation unaided by musical encoding. Additionally, in a test of basic recognition memory for the audio stimuli, patients with AD demonstrated equal discrimination for sung and spoken stimuli. We propose that the perceptual distinctiveness of musical stimuli enhanced metamemorial awareness in AD patients via a non-selective distinctiveness heuristic, thereby reducing false recognition while at the same time reducing true recognition and eliminating the mnemonic benefit of music. These results are discussed in the context of potential music-based memory enhancement interventions for the care of patients with AD.

  5. Expanding antitumor therapeutic windows by targeting cancer-specific nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-biogenesis pathways

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chakrabarti G


    Full Text Available Gaurab Chakrabarti,1,2,4 David E Gerber,3,4 David A Boothman1,2,4 1Department of Pharmacology, 2Department of Radiation Oncology, 3Division of Hematology and Oncology, 4Harold C Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA Abstract: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH biogenesis is an essential mechanism by which both normal and cancer cells maintain redox balance. While antitumor approaches to treat cancers through elevated reactive oxygen species (ROS are not new ideas, depleting specific NADPH-biogenesis pathways that control recovery and repair pathways are novel, viable approaches to enhance cancer therapy. However, to elicit efficacious therapies exploiting NADPH-biogenic pathways, it is crucial to understand and specifically define the roles of NADPH-biogenesis pathways used by cancer cells for survival or recovery from cell stress. It is equally important to select NADPH-biogenic pathways that are expendable or not utilized in normal tissue to avoid unwanted toxicity. Here, we address recent literature that demonstrates specific tumor-selective NADPH-biogenesis pathways that can be exploited using agents that target specific cancer cell pathways normally not utilized in normal cells. Defining NADPH-biogenesis profiles of specific cancer-types should enable novel strategies to exploit these therapeutic windows for increased efficacy against recalcitrant neoplastic disease, such as pancreatic cancers. Accomplishing the goal of using ROS as a weapon against cancer cells will also require agents, such as NQO1 bioactivatable drugs, that selectively induce elevated ROS levels in cancer cells, while normal cells are protected. Keywords: reactive oxygen species (ROS, NQO1-bioactivatable drugs, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH, glutathione (GSH, biogenic pathways, antioxidant

  6. Consensus Coding as a Tool in Visual Appearance Research

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D R Simmons


    Full Text Available A common problem in visual appearance research is how to quantitatively characterise the visual appearance of a region of an image which is categorised by human observers in the same way. An example of this is scarring in medical images (Ayoub et al, 2010, The Cleft-Palate Craniofacial Journal, in press. We have argued that “scarriness” is itself a visual appearance descriptor which summarises the distinctive combination of colour, texture and shape information which allows us to distinguish scarred from non-scarred tissue (Simmons et al, ECVP 2009. Other potential descriptors for other image classes would be “metallic”, “natural”, or “liquid”. Having developed an automatic algorithm to locate scars in medical images, we then tested “ground truth” by asking untrained observers to draw around the region of scarring. The shape and size of the scar on the image was defined by building a contour plot of the agreement between observers' outlines and thresholding at the point above which 50% of the observers agreed: a consensus coding scheme. Based on the variability in the amount of overlap between the scar as defined by the algorithm, and the consensus scar of the observers, we have concluded that the algorithm does not completely capture the putative appearance descriptor “scarriness”. A simultaneous analysis of qualitative descriptions of the scarring by the observers revealed that other image features than those encoded by the algorithm (colour and texture might be important, such as scar boundary shape. This approach to visual appearance research in medical imaging has potential applications in other application areas, such as botany, geology and archaeology.

  7. Roles of Microwave Oven in Preparing Microbiological Growth Media

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christian Prijana


    Full Text Available Background: Sterilization of a growth medium before being utilized is a very important step in a microbiology laboratory. The common method for this purpose is by using the autoclave. However, autoclaving takes more time. To overcome this limitation, we tried to use the microwave oven. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of microwave oven in preparing the growth media. Methods: This was a laboratory experimental study conducted at Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Padjadjaran, from October to November 2014. The growth media used were: MacConkey agar, in petri dishes, inoculated with Escherichia coli; Sabouraud agar, in petri dishes, inoculated with Candida albicans; Kligler iron agar (KIA, in reaction tubes, inoculated with Escherichia coli and Salmonella Typhi; Simmons citrate agar, in reaction tubes, inoculated with Klebsiella pneumoniae; Mueller-Hinton (M-H broth, in reaction tubes, inoculated with Escherichia coli; and Motility Indole Urea (MIU semisolid agar, in reaction tubes, inoculated with Proteus sp.The media would be heated by microwave for 1, 2, and 3 minutes. Results: From the total 54 dishes/tubes of various microwave-sterilized media, contaminations were only seen at 5 dishes/tubes. Most of the media, except the one-minute-heated Mueller-Hinton broth, were sterilized more than half dishes/tubes. The identification function of all media in this study was performed well. Conclusions: The utilization of microwave oven as an alternative sterilizing apparatus for microbiological growth media is very potential, particularly for two and three minutes duration of heating.

  8. Internal waves and modern and ancient hiatuses in pelagic caps of Pacific guyots and seamounts (United States)

    Mitchell, Neil; Simmons, Harper; Lear, Carrie


    Locations of recent non-deposition and ancient hiatuses in the pelagic caps of guyots and seamounts are compared with paleotemperature and physiographic information to speculate on the character of internal tidal waves in the upper Pacific Ocean through the Cenozoic. Internal tidal waves are generated where the ocean barotropic tide passes over the Hawaiian and other major ridges in the Pacific basin. Drill core and geophysical evidence for sediment accumulation, non-deposition or erosion are used to classify broadly sites as either accumulating or eroding/non-depositing in the recent geological past. When these classified sites are compared against results of a numerical model of the internal tide field (Simmons, Ocean Mod. 2008), the sites accumulating particles over the past few million years are all found to lie away from beams of the modeled internal tide, while those that have not been accumulating are in areas of high internal wave energy. Given the correspondence to modern internal wave conditions, we examine whether internal tides can explain ancient hiatuses at the drill sites. For example, Late Cenozoic pelagic caps on guyots among the Marshall Islands contain two hiatuses of broadly similar age, but the dates of the first pelagic sediments deposited following each hiatus do not correlate between guyots, suggesting that they originate not from universal factors (e.g., water chemistry) but local, probably physical factors, such as internal tides. We investigate how changing boundary conditions such as ocean temperature and basin physiography may have affected the geometry and vigour of internal tides through the Cenozoic. Changes in the geometry of ridges underlying the Solomon, Bonin and Marianas Island chains caused by plate tectonics and subsidence may be responsible for sediment hiatuses at these far-field guyot sites.

  9. Using Twitter to Measure Public Discussion of Diseases: A Case Study (United States)

    Schwartz, H Andrew; Hill, Shawndra; Merchant, Raina M; Arango, Catalina; Ungar, Lyle


    Background Twitter is increasingly used to estimate disease prevalence, but such measurements can be biased, due to both biased sampling and inherent ambiguity of natural language. Objective We characterized the extent of these biases and how they vary with disease. Methods We correlated self-reported prevalence rates for 22 diseases from Experian’s Simmons National Consumer Study (n=12,305) with the number of times these diseases were mentioned on Twitter during the same period (2012). We also identified and corrected for two types of bias present in Twitter data: (1) demographic variance between US Twitter users and the general US population; and (2) natural language ambiguity, which creates the possibility that mention of a disease name may not actually refer to the disease (eg, “heart attack” on Twitter often does not refer to myocardial infarction). We measured the correlation between disease prevalence and Twitter disease mentions both with and without bias correction. This allowed us to quantify each disease’s overrepresentation or underrepresentation on Twitter, relative to its prevalence. Results Our sample included 80,680,449 tweets. Adjusting disease prevalence to correct for Twitter demographics more than doubles the correlation between Twitter disease mentions and disease prevalence in the general population (from .113 to .258, P correlation between disease mentions and prevalence of .208 ( P correlation to .366 ( P <.001). Compared with prevalence rates, cancer appeared most overrepresented in Twitter, whereas high cholesterol appeared most underrepresented. Conclusions Twitter is a potentially useful tool to measure public interest in and concerns about different diseases, but when comparing diseases, improvements can be made by adjusting for population demographics and word ambiguity. PMID:26925459

  10. Topiramate improves neurovascular function, epidermal nerve fiber morphology, and metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boyd A


    Full Text Available Amanda L Boyd, Patricia M Barlow, Gary L Pittenger, Kathryn F Simmons, Aaron I VinikDepartment of Internal Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA, USAPurpose: To assess the effects of topiramate on C-fiber function, nerve fiber morphology, and metabolism (including insulin sensitivity, obesity, and dyslipidemia in type 2 diabetes.Patients and methods: We conducted an 18-week, open-label trial treating patients with topiramate. Twenty subjects with type 2 diabetes and neuropathy (61.5 ± 1.29 years; 15 male, 5 female were enrolled and completed the trial. Neuropathy was evaluated by total neuropathy scores, nerve conduction studies, quantitative sensory tests, laser Doppler skin blood flow, and intraepidermal nerve fibers in skin biopsies.Results: Topiramate treatment improved symptoms compatible with C-fiber dysfunction. Weight, blood pressure, and hemoglobin A1c also improved. Laser Doppler skin blood flow improved significantly after 12 weeks of treatment, but returned to baseline at 18 weeks. After 18 weeks of treatment there was a significant increase in intraepidermal nerve fiber length at the forearm, thigh, and proximal leg. Intraepidermal nerve fiber density was significantly increased by topiramate in the proximal leg.Conclusion: This study is the first to demonstrate that it is possible to induce skin intraepidermal nerve fiber regeneration accompanied by enhancement of neurovascular function, translating into improved symptoms as well as sensory nerve function. The simultaneous improvement of selective metabolic indices may play a role in this effect, but this remains to be determined.Keywords: diabetic neuropathy, skin blood flow, skin biopsy, diabetes

  11. Transbrachial artery approach for selective cerebral angiography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Touho, Hajime; Karasawa, Jun; Shishido, Hisashi; Morisako, Toshitaka; Numazawa, Shinichi; Yamada, Keisuke; Nagai, Shigeki; Shibamoto, Kenji (Osaka Neurological Inst., Toyonaka (Japan))


    Transaxillary or transbrachial approaches to the cerebral vessels have been reported, but selective angiography of all four vessels has not been possible through one route. In this report, a new technique for selective cerebral angiography with transbrachial approach is described. One hundred and twenty three patients with cerebral infarction, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, intracerebral hemorrhage, epilepsy, or cerebral tumor were examined. Those patients consisted of 85 outpatients and 38 inpatients whose age ranged from 15 years old to 82 years old. The patients were examined via the transbrachial approach (97 cases via the right brachial, 29 cases via the left). Materials included a DSA system (Digital Fluorikon 5000, General Electric Co.), a 4 French tight J-curved Simmons 80-cm catheter, a 19-gauge extra-thin-wall Seldinger needle, and a J/Straight floppy 125-cm guide-wire. Generally, the volume of the contrast agent (300 mgI/ml iopamidol) used in the common carotid artery angiogram was 6 ml, while that used in the vertebral artery angiogram was 4 ml. If catheterization of the vertebral artery or right common carotid artery was unsuccessful, about 8 ml of the contrast agent was injected into the subclavian or branchiocephalic artery. Definitive diagnosis and a decision on proper treatment of the patients can be easily obtained, and the results were clinically satisfactory. Moreover, no complications were encountered in this study. This new technique making a transbrachial approach to the cerebral vessels using the DSA system is introduced here. Neurosurgeons can use this technique easily, and they will find that it provides them with all the information they need about the patient. (author).

  12. 建筑工人有意识不安全行为抽样调查与分析%Sampling survey and analysis on consciously unsafe behaviors of building workers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    曹留峰; 张学清; 徐琳


    In order to quantitatively study the status of consciously unsafe behaviors in perception of building workers,this paper,based on analyzing security situation and unsafe behaviors of domestic con-struction industry,defines consciously behaviors and unconsciously behaviors of building workers.Using randomized response technique for sensitive questions named Simons model,this paper carries out sam-pling survey on consciously unsafe behaviors of building workers in 2014.Results show that estimated value of consciously unsafe behaviors of building workers is up to 45.8% and the standard deviation is 0.032.through interviews at construction sites,this paper analyzes the cause of consciously unsafe be-haviors and puts forward the methods and measures to reduce them.%为了定量研究建筑工人有意识不安全行为状况,在分析当前国内建筑行业安全形势和建筑不安全行为的基础上,对建筑工人有意识不安全行为与无意识不安全行为进行了界定,运用敏感问题随机应答技术 Simmons 模型,对建筑工人2014年度有意识不安全行为进行抽样调查.结果表明:建筑工人有意识不安全行为的估计值达45.8%,标准差为0.032.通过施工现场访谈,分析了建筑工人有意识不安全行为发生的原因,提出了减少有意识不安全行为的方法和措施.

  13. 退变性脊柱侧凸的分型与治疗%Classification and treatment progress of degenerative scoliosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Degenerative scoliosis ( DS ), known as de novo scoliosis developing after skeletal maturity without a previous history of spinal deformities, is associated with the asymmetric degenerative process of intervertebral discs and facet joints. It frequently involves the lumbar and thoracolumbar spine, and can give rise to symptoms of persistent low back pain, radicular pain and intermittent claudication as well as cosmetic concerns. In the presence of severe pain and progressive neurological deifcits, and when nonoperative treatment is ineffective, surgical management should be considered. A perfect classification scheme will help guide the operation decision-making, and while a uniifed standard for the DS classiifcation is lacking. Thus far, several classiifcation schemes have emerged to describe DS in previous literatures, including the Scoliosis Research Society ( SRS ) system, the Schwab system, the Simmons system, the Aebi system and the Coronal Imbalance system. The classiifcation schemes stated above are still not perfect now, but there is clinical signiifcance in each of them. Regarding the surgical management of DS, the primary aims are to relieve pain, normalize both sagittal balance and coronal plane deformity, restore normal function and improve the quality of life ( QOL ). However, due to the disparities in patients’neurogenic symptoms, general conditions and demands for QOL, the choice of treatment strategy is the key point of contention, especially aboutfusion segments. Although Silva and Lenke proposed the Lenke-Silva Treatment Levels I-VIto help guide the surgical planning, the question of fusion level selection still remains largely unsolved. All in all, comprehensive assessment before the surgery and selection of appropriate surgical approach play pivotal roles in improving the QOL of patients with DS.

  14. Mexico (United States)


    This true-color image of Mexico was acquired by the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), flying aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft. In areal extent, Mexico is the third largest country on the continent of North America (not counting Greenland, which is a province of Denmark), comprised of almost 2 million square kilometers (756,000 square miles) of land. Home to roughly 100 million people, Mexico is second only to the United States in population, making it the world's largest Spanish-speaking nation. To the north, Mexico shares its border with the United States-a line that runs some 3,100 kilometers (1,900 miles) east to west. About half of this border is defined by the Rio Grande River, which runs southeast to the Gulf of Mexico (partially obscured by clouds in this image) and marks the dividing line between Texas and Mexico. Toward the upper left (northwest) corner of this image is the Baja California peninsula, which provides the western land boundary for the Gulf of California. Toward the northwestern side of the Mexican mainland, you can see the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains (brownish pixels) running southeast toward Lake Chapala and the city of Guadalajara. About 400 km (250 miles) east and slightly south of Lake Chapala is the capital, Mexico City. Extending northward from Mexico City is the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, the irregular line of brownish pixels that seem to frame the western edges of the bright white cumulus clouds in this image. Between these two large mountain ranges is a large, relatively dry highland region. To the south, Mexico shares borders with Guatemala and Belize, both of which are located south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Image courtesy Reto Stockli, Brian Montgomery, and Robert Simmon, based on data from the MODIS Science Team

  15. Impingement of Deep Mantle-Derived Upwelling Beneath Northern, Subducted Extension of the East Pacific Rise and Palinspastically Restored Cenozoic Mafic Magmatism in Western North America (United States)

    Rowley, D. B.; Moucha, R.; Forte, A. M.; Mitrovica, J. X.; Simmons, N. A.; Grand, S. P.


    Reconstruction of the retrodicted whole mantle flow, based on presently imaged distribution of variations in seismic velocity and its correlation to density (Simmons et al. 2009), over the past 30 Ma, in the North American fixed frame of reference, reveals that the northern, now subducted, extension of the East Pacific Rise is coincident with mantle buoyancy arising from near the core-mantle boundary and extending to the base of the lithosphere (Moucha et al. 2009 GRL, in press). Divergence of the reconstructed flow near the surface is independent of the surface plate(s) and results in predicted geological manifestations distinct from those predicted by traditional plate driven models of flow. Most particularly the retrodicted flow-related dynamic topography results in progressive west to east sweep of surface uplift, that is now centered on the Colorado Plateau (Moucha et al. 2008, 2009 GRL, in press). In addition, and the primary focus of the current study is the relationship between this retrodicted mantle-wide flow and the history of magmatism within the western U.S. and adjacent Mexico. There is a close spatial correlation between the impingement of upwelling with palinspastic restored western North America (McQuarrie and Wernicke, 2005) and onset and distribution of magmatism, particularly of mafic compositions as revealed in the Navdat ( database. Although often attributed to effects of opening of a slab window (Snyder and Dickinson, 1979, McQuarrie and Oskins, 2008) associated with continued plate-driven separation, this model predicts active mantle flow induced upwelling and divergence resulting in mantle melting that sweeps across east-northeast across southern Basin and Range to the Rio Grande Rift with time and as seen in the distribution of magmatism in this region.

  16. Behavioral Risk Profile of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Beijing, China: Results from a Cross-sectional Survey with Randomized Response Techniques

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Guo-Zhu Geng; Ge Gao; Yu-Hua Ruan; Ming-Run Yu; Yun-Hua Zhou


    Background:Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is spreading rapidly among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China.Anonymous questionnaires or direct interviews have been frequently used to study their behavior.The aim of the study was to describe the behavioral risk profile of the MSM in Beijing using the randomized response techniques (RRTs).Methods:A cross-sectional survey of sexual behavior among a sample of MSM was conducted in two HIV counseling and testing clinics in Beijing.The survey was carried out with an anonymous questionnaire containing sensitive questions on sexual behavior.To obtain the honest responses to the sensitive questions,three distinctive RRTs were used in the questionnaire:(1) Additive randomized response model for quantitative questions,(2) randomized response model for multiple choice questions,and (3) Simmons randomized response model for binomial questions.Formulae for the point estimate,variance,and confidence interval (CI) were provided for each specific model.Results:Using RRTs in a sample of 659 participants,the mean age at first homosexual encounter was estimated to be 21.7 years (95% CI:21.2-22.2),and each had sex with about three (2.9,95% CI:2.4-3.4) male partners on average in the past month.The estimated rate for consistent condom use was 56.4% (95% CI:50.1-62.8%).In addition,condom was estimated to be used among 80.0% (95% CI:74.1-85.9%) of the population during last anal sex with a male partner.Conclusions:Our study employed RRTs in a survey containing questions on sexual behavior among MSM,and the results showed that RRT might be a useful tool to obtain truthful feedback on sensitive information such as sexual behavior from the respondents,especially in traditional Chinese cultural settings.

  17. The Mechanisms Underlying the ASD Advantage in Visual Search. (United States)

    Kaldy, Zsuzsa; Giserman, Ivy; Carter, Alice S; Blaser, Erik


    A number of studies have demonstrated that individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are faster or more successful than typically developing control participants at various visual-attentional tasks (for reviews, see Dakin and Frith in Neuron 48:497-507, 2005; Simmons et al. in Vis Res 49:2705-2739, 2009). This "ASD advantage" was first identified in the domain of visual search by Plaisted et al. (J Child Psychol Psychiatry 39:777-783, 1998). Here we survey the findings of visual search studies from the past 15 years that contrasted the performance of individuals with and without ASD. Although there are some minor caveats, the overall consensus is that-across development and a broad range of symptom severity-individuals with ASD reliably outperform controls on visual search. The etiology of the ASD advantage has not been formally specified, but has been commonly attributed to 'enhanced perceptual discrimination', a superior ability to visually discriminate between targets and distractors in such tasks (e.g. O'Riordan in Cognition 77:81-96, 2000). As well, there is considerable evidence for impairments of the attentional network in ASD (for a review, see Keehn et al. in J Child Psychol Psychiatry 37:164-183, 2013). We discuss some recent results from our laboratory that support an attentional, rather than perceptual explanation for the ASD advantage in visual search. We speculate that this new conceptualization may offer a better understanding of some of the behavioral symptoms associated with ASD, such as over-focusing and restricted interests.

  18. West Africa (United States)


    With its vast expanses of sand, framed by mountain ranges and exposed rock, northwestern Africa makes a pretty picture when viewed from above. This image was acquired by the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), flying aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft. The Canary Islands can be seen on the left side of the image just off Africa's Atlantic shore. The light brown expanse running through the northern two thirds of the image is the Sahara Desert. The desert runs up against the dark brown Haut Atlas mountain range of Morocco in the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the semi-arid (light brown pixels) Sahelian region in the South. The Sahara, however, isn't staying put. Since the 1960s, the desert has been expanding into the Sahelian region at a rate of up to 6 kilometers per year. In the 1980s this desert expansion, combined with over cultivation of the Sahel, caused a major famine across west Africa. Over the summer months, strong winds pick up sands from the Sahara and blow them across the Atlantic as far west as North America, causing air pollution in Miami and damaging coral reefs in the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. The white outlines on the map represent country borders. Starting at the top-most portion of the map and working clockwise, the countries shown are Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Fasso, Nigeria, Mali (again), and Algeria. Image by Reto Stockli, Robert Simmon, and Brian Montgomery, NASA Earth Observatory, based on data from MODIS

  19. Large-scale Models Reveal the Two-component Mechanics of Striated Muscle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Jarosch


    Full Text Available This paper provides a comprehensive explanation of striated muscle mechanics and contraction on the basis of filament rotations. Helical proteins, particularly the coiled-coils of tropomyosin, myosin and α-actinin, shorten their H-bonds cooperatively and produce torque and filament rotations when the Coulombic net-charge repulsion of their highly charged side-chains is diminished by interaction with ions. The classical “two-component model” of active muscle differentiated a “contractile component” which stretches the “series elastic component” during force production. The contractile components are the helically shaped thin filaments of muscle that shorten the sarcomeres by clockwise drilling into the myosin cross-bridges with torque decrease (= force-deficit. Muscle stretch means drawing out the thin filament helices off the cross-bridges under passive counterclockwise rotation with torque increase (= stretch activation. Since each thin filament is anchored by four elastic α-actinin Z-filaments (provided with forceregulating sites for Ca2+ binding, the thin filament rotations change the torsional twist of the four Z-filaments as the “series elastic components”. Large scale models simulate the changes of structure and force in the Z-band by the different Z-filament twisting stages A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Stage D corresponds to the isometric state. The basic phenomena of muscle physiology, i. e. latency relaxation, Fenn-effect, the force-velocity relation, the length-tension relation, unexplained energy, shortening heat, the Huxley-Simmons phases, etc. are explained and interpreted with the help of the model experiments.

  20. Spin Dependent Transport in Si/SiGe Few-Electron Quantum Dots (United States)

    Simmons, Christie


    Si/SiGe quantum dots are of interest for quantum information processing due in large part to the existence of spin zero isotopes of both Si and Ge. We present the results of transport measurements and integrated charge sensing in silicon double and single quantum dots.[1,2] We observe two effects arising from spin dependent transport in a double quantum dot. First, and as expected, for one direction of current flow we observe spin blockade -- the canonical example of spin-to-charge conversion in transport. In addition, when current flow is reversed, we observe a second effect: strong tails of current extend from the sharp triangular regions in which current conventionally is observed. The presence of these tails is explained by a combination of long spin relaxation times and preferential loading of an excited spin state. We also present charge-sensing measurements of single and double quantum dots using an integrated quantum point contact. The charge sensor signal from single electron tunneling is well correlated with conventional transport through the system. When the tunnel barriers are large and transport through the dot is not measurable, charge sensing remains a viable means to track charge transitions and is used to confirm individual-electron occupation in a single quantum dot. Work performed in collaboration with Nakul Shaji, Madhu Thalakulam, Levente J. Klein, H. Luo, Hua Qin, R. H. Blick, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, A. J. Rimberg, R. Joynt, M. Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson. Work supported by ARO, LPS, NSF and DOE. (1) Shaji, N. et al. e-print arXiv:0708.0794 (2) Simmons, C. B. et al. Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 213103 (2007).

  1. Music-Based Memory Enhancement in Alzheimer’s Disease: Promise and Limitations (United States)

    Simmons-Stern, Nicholas R.; Deason, Rebecca G.; Brandler, Brian J.; Frustace, Bruno S.; O’Connor, Maureen K.; Ally, Brandon A.; Budson, Andrew E.


    In a previous study (Simmons-Stern, Budson, & Ally 2010), we found that patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) better recognized visually presented lyrics when the lyrics were also sung rather than spoken at encoding. The present study sought to further investigate the effects of music on memory in patients with AD by making the content of the song lyrics relevant for the daily life of an older adult and by examining how musical encoding alters several different aspects of episodic memory. Patients with AD and healthy older adults studied visually presented novel song lyrics related to instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) that were accompanied by either a sung or a spoken recording. Overall, participants performed better on a memory test of general lyric content for lyrics that were studied sung as compared to spoken. However, on a memory test of specific lyric content, participants performed equally well for sung and spoken lyrics. We interpret these results in terms of a dual-process model of recognition memory such that the general content questions represent a familiarity-based representation that is preferentially sensitive to enhancement via music, while the specific content questions represent a recollection-based representation unaided by musical encoding. Additionally, in a test of basic recognition memory for the audio stimuli, patients with AD demonstrated equal discrimination for sung and spoken stimuli. We propose that the perceptual distinctiveness of musical stimuli enhanced metamemorial awareness in AD patients via a non-selective distinctiveness heuristic, thereby reducing false recognition while at the same time reducing true recognition and eliminating the mnemonic benefit of music. These results are discussed in the context of potential music-based memory enhancement interventions for the care of patients with AD. PMID:23000133

  2. Evaluation of significantly modified water bodies in Vojvodina by using multivariate statistical techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vujović Svetlana R.


    objective technique to identify natural groupings in the set of data. CA divides a large number of objects into smaller number of homogenous groups on the basis of their correlation structure. CA combines the data objects together to form the natural groups involving objects with similar cluster properties and separates the objects with different cluster properties. CA showed similarities and dissimilarities among the sampling sites and explain the observed clustering in terms of affected conditions. Using FA/PCA and CA have been identified water bodies that are under the highest pressure. With regard to the factors identified water bodies are: for factor F1 (Plazović, Bosut, Studva, Zlatica, Stari Begej, Krivaja, for factor F2 (Krivaja, Kereš, for factor F3 (Studva, Zlatica, Tamiš, Krivaja i Kereš and for factor F4 (Studva, Zlatica, Krivaja, Kereš.

  3. Book reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Rich Puerto Rican Citizen: History and Political Identity in Twentieth-Century New York City, by Lorrin Thomas (reviewed by Jorge Duany Livestock, Sugar and Slavery: Contested Terrain in Colonial Jamaica, by Verene A. Shepherd (reviewed by Justin Roberts Daddy Sharpe: A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Samuel Sharpe, a West Indian Slave Written by Himself, 1832, by Fred W. Kennedy (reviewed by Gad Heuman Becoming Rasta: Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica, by Charles Price (reviewed by Jahlani A. Niaah Reggaeton, edited by Raquel Z. Rivera, Wayne Marshall & Deborah Pacini Hernandez (reviewed by Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier Carriacou String Band Serenade: Performing Identity in the Eastern Caribbean, by Rebecca S. Miller (reviewed by Nanette de Jong Caribbean Visionary: A.R.F. Webber and the Making of the Guyanese Nation, by Selwyn R. Cudjoe (reviewed by Clem Seecharan Guyana Diaries: Women’s Lives Across Difference, by Kimberely D. Nettles (reviewed by D. Alissa Trotz Writers of the Caribbean Diaspora: Shifting Homelands, Travelling Identities, edited by Jasbir Jain & Supriya Agarwal (reviewed by Joy Mahabir Queen of the Virgins: Pageantry and Black Womanhood in the Caribbean, by M. Cynthia Oliver (reviewed by Tami Navarro Notions of Identity, Diaspora, and Gender in Caribbean Women’s Writing, by Brinda Mehta (reviewed by Marie-Hélène Laforest Authority and Authorship in V.S. Naipaul, by Imraan Coovadia (reviewed by A shley Tellis Typo/Topo/Poéthique sur Frankétienne, by Jean Jonassaint (reviewed by Martin Munro Creoles in Education: An Appraisal of Current Programs and Projects, edited by Bettina Migge, Isabelle Léglise & Angela Bartens (reviewed by Jeff Siegel Material Culture in Anglo-America: Regional Identity and Urbanity in the Tidewater, Lowcountry, and Caribbean, edited by David S. Shields (reviewed by Susan Kern Tibes: People, Power, and Ritual at the Center of the Cosmos

  4. Topologiacl Models of 2D Fractal Cellular Structures (United States)

    Le Caër, G.; Delannay, R.


    du tamis de Sierpinski. Au total, la répartition des cellules dans les structures cellulaires 2D avec n geq 3 et P(3) ne 0 évolue de manière régulière lorseque le désordre topologique, commodément représenté par la variance μ2 de P(n), s'accroît. Les fortes corrélations qui existent entre les cellules, en particulier dans les structures naturelles (μ2lesssim 5) diminuent progressivement quand μ2 augmente, la répartition des cellules étant proche d'une répartition aléatoire pour μ2sim 12. Enfin les structures évolueraient vers des structures fractales, pour lesquelles μ2 est infini, mais cette dernière transition reste encore à caractériser.

  5. Safe Vibrations of Spilling Basin Explosions at "Gotvand Olya Dam" Using Artificial Neural Network (United States)

    Bakhshandeh Amnieh, Hassan; Bahadori, Moein


    Ground vibration is an undesirable outcome of an explosion which can have destructive effects on the surrounding environment and structures. Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) is a determining factor in evaluation of the damage caused by an explosion. To predict the ground vibration caused by blasting at the Gotvand Olya Dam (GOD) spilling basin, thirty 3-component records (totally 90) from 19 blasts were obtained using 3 VIBROLOC seismographs. Minimum and the maximum distance from the center of the exploding block to the recording station were set to be 11 and 244 meters, respectively. To evaluate allowable safe vibration and determining the permissible explosive charge weight, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) was employed with Back Propagation (BP) and 3 hidden layers. The mean square error and the correlation coefficient of the network in this study were found to be 1.95 and 0.995, respectively, which compared to those obtained from the known empirical correlations, indicating substantially more accurate prediction. Considering the network high accuracy and precision in predicting vibrations caused by such blasting operations, the nearest distance from the center of the exploding block at this study was 11 m, and considering the standard allowable vibration of 120 mm/sec for heavy concrete structures, the maximum permissible explosive weight per delay was estimated to be 47.00 Kg. These results could be employed in subsequent safer blasting operation designs. Wibracje gruntu to niepożądany skutek prowadzenia prac strzałowych, które mogą negatywnie wpływać na otaczające środowisko oraz znajdujące się w sąsiedztwie budowle. Głównym wskaźnikiem używanym przy określaniu szkód spowodowanych przez wybuchy jest wskaźnik maksymalnej prędkości cząstek (PPV). Przy prognozowaniu wibracji terenu wskutek prac strzałowych prowadzonych na tamie Gotvand Olya i w zbiorniku zbadano zapisy 3-składnikowych prędkości ( w sumie 90 zapisów) z 13 wybuch

  6. Prediction of Sand Production from a Saudi Sandstone Reservoir Prévision de la production de sable pour un réservoir gréseux d'Arabie Saoudite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Al-Awad M. N.


    Full Text Available Sand production is encountered in some Saudi oil fields. Six sand samples produced from different wells in a Saudi oil reservoir were obtained. Sandstone samples obtained from the same reservoir were subjected to uniaxial and triaxial failure tests. The debris produced from the sandstone samples and the six sand samples were characterized for their mineralogy using X-ray diffractometer and grain size distribution using standard sieves. Statistical analyses were employed to check whether a statistical difference between the sand samples produced from oil wells and debris collected from the failed sandstone specimens is significant or not. The critical oil rates of the Saudi oil reservoir were also calculated for different well inclination angles. Results show that, no significant statistical difference between the sand samples and debris exists at a confidence level of 95%. Two obvious failure mechanisms, splitting and shear failure, are responsible for sand production from the studied Saudi oil reservoir. The maximum sand-free production for the studied oil reservoir range from 960 to 4080 barrels per day. La production de sable est un phénomène rencontré dans certains gisements pétroliers saoudiens. L'étude a porté sur six échantillons de sable provenant de différents puits d'exploitation d'un réservoir gréseux. Des échantillons de grès issus de ce même réservoir ont été soumis à des essais de compression uniaxiale et triaxiale. Les débris des échantillons de grès et les échantillons de sable ont fait l'objet d'un examen minéralogique par diffractométrie aux rayons X et granulométrie sur tamis standards. Les méthodes d'analyse statistique ont été employées pour vérifier si la différence statistique entre les échantillons de sable provenant des puits et les débris des échantillons de grès est significative ou non. On a également calculé les taux critiques de production du gisement saoudien pour diff

  7. Anti-localization Reform in China's Judicial System---From the perspective of "the Circuit Court of the Supreme Court"and"the New Intermediate Court"%论我国司法系统“去地方化”改革--以“最高院巡回法庭”与“地方新中级法院”为视角

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    设立最高院巡回法庭和地方层面的新中级法院是我国司法系统“去地方化”改革的两项最新举措。最高院巡回法庭的设立确实能够在“案件分流”“便利当事人”以及“最高院本部的重新定位”等方面发挥作用,但就“去地方化”这一首要目标而言,其效果却微乎其微。对于地方层面的新中级人民法院,虽在省级框架内确实能起到去地方化的效果,但首批选择北京、上海两个直辖市作为试点并不具有示范效应。我国司法系统去地方化的关键在于省一级,因此,我国应当在地方层面推广新中级人民法院、在省级新设大区制高级人民法院、在国家级完善最高院巡回法庭等方面继续深化改革。%The establishments of Circuit Court of the Supreme Court and new Intermediate Court are two meas-ures in the anti-localization reform in China's judicial system.Circuit Court can play an active role in diverting ca-ses, facilitating the parties and the reposition of the headquarter of Supreme Court.It may not be effective, howev-er, in terms of avoiding localization, which is the primary aim of the establishment of the Circuit Court.As for the new Intermediate Court, on the one hand, it can avoid localization in the provincial administrative division;on the other hand, as two direct-controlled municipalities, Beijing and Shanghai may not be appropriate pilot cities. Therefore, since the key issue of the anti-localization reform lies in the provincial level, China shall deepen its judi-cial reform in three aspects:(1) promoting the new Intermediate Court in the municipal level;(2) establishing the cross-boundary High Court in the provincial level;(3) improving the Circuit Court in the national level.

  8. Viruses of foodborne origin: a review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Todd EC


    Full Text Available Ewen CD Todd,1,2 Judy D Greig3 1Ewen Todd Consulting LLC, Okemos, MI, USA; 2Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon; 3Division of Public Health Risk Sciences, Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Public Health Agency of Canada, Guelph, ON, Canada Abstract: Enteric viruses are major contributors to foodborne disease, and include adenovirus, astrovirus, rotavirus, sapovirus, hepatitis A and E viruses, and norovirus. From a foodborne transmission perspective, norovirus is the most important; however, hepatitis A is associated with more serious illness. Foodborne viruses are transmitted through contaminated food, but also in combination with person-to-person contact or through environmental contamination. These viruses survive well in the environment, are excreted in abundance in feces, and have a low infectious dose, all of which facilitate spread within a community. Many colonized individuals experience mild gastroenteritis lasting a few days or are asymptomatic, although viral excretion may continue over days or weeks. Severe illness tends to be restricted to the very young and elderly, especially in closed communities such as schools and homes for the aged. In the USA, norovirus is considered to be responsible for two thirds of all foodborne illnesses occurring in a wide range of institutional settings, including schools, colleges, child care centers, cruise ships, prisons, and soldiers on campaign. Norovirus outbreaks also occur at one-time events, such as banquets, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and potluck meals, and are most often introduced by infected food workers producing, preparing, or serving food, or through self-service buffets. Often the infections are introduced from the community into institutions where they can infect the majority of residents unless quickly controlled. In countries where economic assessments have been completed

  9. The Establishment of Judicial Complaints Commission: to Strengthen the Judicial Supervision%设立司法投诉委员会:强化审判监督

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    我国司法制度与人民民主权利及经济、社会发展不相适应,司法能力与人民群众日益增长的司法需要不相适应,司法腐败日益凸显。不公正的司法判决不仅背离了公民的根本利益。而且引发了社会成员对法律与法院的不信任情绪,对社会稳定产生了极其恶劣的影响。地方性司法和司法监督方式是造成司法腐败的制度性因素。应当在省、自治区、直辖市人民代表大会设立司法投诉委员会接受终审裁决的原被告当事人的投诉,一则使人大在任命法院人员时依法真实地授予他们审理权限,同时也真实地加于监督管理,力求司法公正;二则对我国目前地方性司法设置一个监管性闸门。%China's judicial system does not meet the people's demand of democratic rights in the econom- ic and social development; its judicial capability does not meet the people's growing needs of social justice; and what worse is, the increasing judicial corruption has become more prominent. Unjust judicial judgment not only deviates from the citizen's fundamental interests, but also causes the distrust of its social members to the law and courts, so that the social stability has been extremely destroyed. Local judicature and judi- cial supervision is the cause of corruption in the judicial system factors. To solve the problem, judicial Complaints Commission should be established in the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government; and the People's Congress accept the party's complaints of the final judg- ment. These measures may insure the rightness of people's Congress in the appointment of court person- nel, in the clear warning of them the permission of law truly granted them in the trial, and in the actual su- pervision of them so as to guarantee the justice of law in practice.

  10. Lower body positive pressure: an emerging technology in the battle against knee osteoarthritis?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Takacs J


    Full Text Available Judit Takacs,1 Judy E Anderson,1,3 Jeff RS Leiter,1,2,4 Peter B MacDonald,2,4 Jason D Peeler1,4 1Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, 2Department of Surgery, 3Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 4Pan Am Clinic, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Background: Knee osteoarthritis (OA is the most prevalent medical condition in individuals over the age of 65 years, and is a progressive joint degenerative condition with no known cure. Research suggests that there is a strong relationship between knee pain and loss of physical function. The resulting lifestyle modifications negatively impact not only disease onset and progression but also overall health, work productivity, and quality of life of the affected individual. Purpose: The goal of this investigation was to examine the feasibility of using an emerging technology called lower body positive pressure (LBPP to simulate weight loss and reduce acute knee pain during treadmill walking exercise in overweight individuals with radiographically confirmed symptomatic knee OA. Design: Prospective case series. Methods: Twenty-two overweight individuals with knee OA completed two 20-minute treadmill walking sessions (one full weight bearing and one LBPP supported at a speed of 3.1 mph, 0% incline. Acute knee pain was assessed using a visual analog scale, and the percentage of LBPP support required to minimize knee pain was evaluated every 5 minutes. Knee Osteoarthritis Outcome Scores were used to quantify knee pain and functional status between walking sessions. The order of testing was randomized, with sessions occurring a minimum of 1 week apart. Results: A mean LBPP of 12.4% of body weight provided participants with significant pain relief during walking, and prevented exacerbation of acute knee pain over the duration of the 20-minute exercise session. Patients felt safe and confident walking with LBPP support on the treadmill, and demonstrated no change

  11. A famciclovir + celecoxib combination treatment is safe and efficacious in the treatment of fibromyalgia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pridgen WL


    Full Text Available William L Pridgen,1 Carol Duffy,2 Judy F Gendreau,3 R Michael Gendreau3 1Innovative Med Concepts, LLC, 2Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 3Gendreau Consulting, LLC, Poway, CA, USA Objective: Infections and other stressors have been implicated in the development of fibromyalgia. We hypothesized that these stressors could result in recurrent reactivations of latent herpes virus infections, which could lead to the development of fibromyalgia. This study evaluated a famciclovir + celecoxib drug combination (IMC-1, active against suspected herpes virus reactivation and infection, for the treatment of fibromyalgia.Methods: A total of 143 fibromyalgia patients were enrolled at 12 sites in a 16-week, double-blinded, placebo-controlled proof-of-concept trial. Randomized patients received either IMC-1 or placebo in a 1:1 ratio. Outcome measures included a 24-hour recall pain Numerical Rating Scale, the Revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ-R, the Patient’s Global Impression of Change (PGIC questionnaire, the Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory, the NIH Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS, and the Beck Depression Inventory-II conducted at baseline and weeks 6, 12, and 16 of the study.Results: A significant decrease in fibromyalgia-related pain was observed for patients on IMC-1 treatment versus placebo. PGIC response rates were significantly improved with IMC-1 treatment. Overall, patient self-reported functioning, as measured by the FIQ-R, was significantly improved. Fatigue was also significantly improved as measured by the PROMIS fatigue inventory. The safety profile was encouraging. Despite the celecoxib component of IMC-1, gastrointestinal and nervous system treatment emergent adverse events were reported less frequently in the IMC-1 group, and study completion rates favored IMC-1 treatment.Conclusion: IMC-1 was efficacious and safe in treating symptoms of fibromyalgia

  12. Vitamin E tocotrienol supplementation improves lipid profiles in chronic hemodialysis patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daud ZAM


    Full Text Available Zulfitri A Mat Daud,1 Boniface Tubie,2 Marina Sheyman,2 Robert Osia,2 Judy Adams,2 Sharon Tubie,2 Pramod Khosla1 1Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA; 2Great Lake Dialysis Clinic, LLC, Detroit, MI, USA Purpose: Chronic hemodialysis patients experience accelerated atherosclerosis contributed to by dyslipidemia, inflammation, and an impaired antioxidant system. Vitamin E tocotrienols possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, the impact of dietary intervention with Vitamin E tocotrienols is unknown in this population. Patients and methods: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel trial was conducted in 81 patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis. Subjects were provided daily with capsules containing either vitamin E tocotrienol-rich fraction (TRF (180 mg tocotrienols, 40 mg tocopherols or placebo (0.48 mg tocotrienols, 0.88 mg tocopherols. Endpoints included measurements of inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein and interleukin 6, oxidative status (total antioxidant power and malondialdehyde, lipid profiles (plasma total cholesterol, triacylglycerols, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, as well as cholesteryl-ester transfer protein activity and apolipoprotein A1. Results: TRF supplementation did not impact any nutritional, inflammatory, or oxidative status biomarkers over time when compared with the baseline within the group (one-way repeated measures analysis of variance or when compared with the placebo group at a particular time point (independent t-test. However, the TRF supplemented group showed improvement in lipid profiles after 12 and 16 weeks of intervention when compared with placebo at the respective time points. Normalized plasma triacylglycerols (cf baseline in the TRF group were reduced by 33 mg/dL (P=0.032 and 36 mg/dL (P=0.072 after 12 and 16 weeks of intervention but no significant improvement was seen in the placebo group. Similarly

  13. Bleb related infections: clinical characteristics, risk factors, and outcomes in an Asian population

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yap ZL


    Full Text Available Zhu Li Yap,1,2 You Chuen Chin,1 Judy Yu-Fen Ku,1 Tat Keong Chan,1,2 Gillian Teh,1,2 Monisha Esther Nongpiur,2,3 Tin Aung,1,2 Shamira A Perera1–3 1Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore; 2Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore; 3Duke NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore Purpose: Comparison of the demographic, ocular, systemic and microbiological characteristics of eyes with bleb related infection (BRI and bleb related endophthalmitis (BRE. Methods: Retrospective chart review of patients with BRI from January 1996–July 2013. Identification done via the center’s longstanding endophthalmitis audit, BRI audit and laboratory database identifying all conjunctival swabs from blebs. Blebitis was defined as anterior segment inflammation with mucopurulent material in or around the bleb, with anterior chamber cells but no hypopyon. BRE was defined by the presence of hypopyon or vitreous inflammation. Results: Twenty-nine patients with blebitis and 10 with BRE were identified. Mean age of subjects (n=39 was 68.4 (±13.3 with a preponderance of men (74.4% and Chinese ethnicity (74.4%. BRE patients were 10.7 years older than blebitis patients (P=0.026. 28 (71.8% subjects had primary open angle glaucoma. The presenting intraocular pressure (IOP dropped in blebitis but almost doubled in BRE (P=0.011 compared to average preinfective IOP. Two weeks after treatment, IOPs in both groups returned to close to preinfective levels. Subjects with blebitis more often had an avascular bleb (88.0% while those with BRE trended toward a moderately vascular bleb (50%. The distribution of causative microorganisms between the groups was similar. Conclusion: Our study indicates that risk factors are similar in both groups even though the visual outcome and clinical course, in the form of IOP findings and bleb vascularity, can diverge significantly. The decreased IOP in blebitis subjects represents objective evidence of subclinical leaks or bleb sweating. Keywords

  14. The effect of transdermal opioid use on breakthrough opioid and sedative prescribing for rural patients with chronic pain in Northwest Tasmania: a longitudinal study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henshaw J


    Full Text Available John Henshaw,1 Judi Walker,2 Dom Geraghty3 1Rural Clinical School, University of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS, 2School of Rural Health, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, 3School of Human Life Sciences, University of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS, Australia Purpose: The aim of the study reported here was to determine the frequency of prescribing of immediate-release (IR opioids, and benzodiazepines, with both oral sustained-release (SR and transdermal (TD opioid maintenance treatment, in a rural population with chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP. Subjects and methods: A longitudinal study measuring IR opioid and benzodiazepine dispensed prescriptions (scripts by route of maintenance opioid administration over time (monthly for 1 year. Subjects were opioid-treated CNCP patients from Northwest Tasmania. The outcome measures of mean monthly scripts were analyzed using generalized estimating equations with robust standard errors. Results: Details of 12,191 dispensed scripts were obtained from 140 subjects over 12 months. Mean monthly IR scripts with oral SR opioid maintenance were 0.21 (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.10; 0.32. With TD opioid maintenance, this was nonsignificantly lower (P = 0.06 at 0.04 (95% CI 0.00; 0.15. Mean monthly benzodiazepine scripts with oral SR opioids were 0.47 (95% CI 0.32; 0.62, and unchanged (P = 0.84 for TD opioids at 0.45 (95% CI 0.28; 0.62. Conclusion: There was a nonsignificant trend toward reduced prescribing of IR opioids with TD opioid-maintained, compared with oral SR opioid-maintained, CNCP rural patients. Benzodiazepine prescribing was similar for both groups. The rationale for use and the provision of breakthrough opioid analgesia for CNCP patients are complex, both for patients and their prescribers, while the regular use of benzodiazepines compounds the sedation from the subjects' maintenance opioid. The prolonged analgesic affect of TD opioids may benefit rural and remote CNCP populations and reduce the risk of diversion

  15. 机制创新破解社会管理难题——基于福安市创新交通事故调处机制的实践分析%Mechanism Innovation to Solve the Problem of Social Management: Based on the Practical Analysis of Fu'an Innovating Mediation Mechanism of the Traffic Accident

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    缪匡华; 王旭东; 曹剑光


    In order to solve the increasing and complicated road traffic accidents, institution like traffic police, court, insurance, legal aid and social assistant funds combined their efforts to build up a multiple processing center under the help of comprehensive management committee of Fu' an city, which is used as a multi-type working platform for people's mediation, administrative mediation, judi- cial mediation and committee settlement of insurance claim. Through a series of effective mechanism, the above departments could realize "seamless connection" and provided one-stop service for the client to resolve the disputes timely, effectively and thoroughly. This social management innovation mecha- nism still exist problems needed to be improved to guarantee the client's procedure option and prevent the alienation phenomenon which deviated from the goal of this innovation mechanism.%为解决日益增多且错综复杂的道路交通事故,在福安市综治委组织协调下,交警、法院、保险、法律援助、社会救助基金等机构联合成立多元处理调处中心,作为人民调解、行政调解、司法调解与保险理赔等多位一体的工作平台;通过系列有效的机制促使事故处理的上述部门实行"无缝对接",为当事人提供"一站式"服务,促使纠纷得到及时、有效、彻底解决。本项社会管理机制创新的进一步发展还存在一些现实困难,需要不断完善协作机制、充分保障当事人的程序选择权和防止出现背离本项创新宗旨的"异化"现象发生。

  16. A study of the necessity of criminalization of the football gambling of special football parties%足球特殊主体赌球入刑必要性研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



      足球赌球是一项具有严重社会危害的行为,尤其是其会引发一系列的足球违法犯罪行为。当前,足球运动员、裁判员、足球官员、足协管理人员等赌球行为,并不能视为刑法上的犯罪行为,司法反赌因此而受到限制。该部分主体赌球的严重危害性,决定了其入刑的必要性;从刑法自身完善的角度来考虑,有必要将赌球纳入刑法规制的范围。球员等赌球入刑不仅可以严密法网,而且对预防足球赌球以及与足球赌球有关的违法犯罪行为,甚至其他体育事业的赌博行为都具有积极意义。%Football gambling is an act seriously hazardous to the society, especially, it will trigger a series of football related illegal and criminal acts. Currently, the football gambling act of football players, referees, football officers and football association administrators etc cannot be deemed as a criminal act in terms of the criminal law, therefore, judi-cial anti-gambling is limited. The serious hazardousness of the football gambling of such parties has decided the neces-sity of its criminalization;from the perspective of the perfection of the criminal law itself, it is considered necessary to include football gambling in the range of criminal law regulations. The criminalization of the gambling of football players etc can not only reinforce the legal system, but also play an active role in preventing football gambling and football gambling related illegal and criminal acts and even the gambling act of other sports undertakings.

  17. Un análisis de las reformas judiciales de Argentina, Chile y Uruguay

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elin SKAAR


    Full Text Available Este artículo trata sobre las reformas judiciales en Sudamérica, durante los años 90. Muestra que tanto en el caso de la Argentina como en el de Chile, las reformas a los códigos de procedimiento estuvieron motivadas por tres factores centrales, vinculados con el doble pro­ceso de democratización y liberalización económica: i la preocupación con la violación de dere­chos humanos que provenía de los pasados regímenes autoritarios; ii el deseo de crear ambientes legales estables tanto para los derechos de propiedad como para la inversión extranjera; y iii la preocupación pública en torno a tasas de criminalidad cada vez más altas. Las reformas consti­tucionales que afectaron a las Cortes Supremas tanto en la Argentina como en Chile estuvieron vinculadas por razones estrictamente auto-interesadas. En última instancia, estas reformas fue­ron el resultado de compromisos políticos entre la izquierda y la derecha en respuesta a parti­culares eventos nacionales. En Uruguay, los frustrados intentos por desarrollar reformas en el código de procedimientos criminales y en el ámbito de la Corte Suprema pueden atribuirse a una combinación de falta de voluntad política, la carencia de apoyo a las mismas reformas judi­ciales, y una falta de recursos económicos. Notablemente, el análisis muestra que en ninguno de los tres países examinados las agencias internacionales han jugado un rol significativo a la hora de promover reformas u ofrecer asistencia financiera o técnica en favor de los cambios en los códigos de procedimiento o en la organización de las Cortes Supremas. Ello sugiere que estos dos tipos de reformas judiciales en el Cono Sur han sido motivados, ante todo, a partir de deman­das nacionales, y no a partir de una presión internacional –lo que muestra una diferencia impor­tante en el contexto de reformas que distinguió a estos tres países latinoamericanos–, y el que se dio en otros países de la región.

  18. Effects of protein and omega-3 supplementation, provided during regular dialysis sessions, on nutritional and inflammatory indices in hemodialysis patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mat Daud ZA


    Full Text Available Zulfitri A Mat Daud1, Boniface Tubie2, Judy Adams2, Tracey Quainton2, Robert Osia2, Sharon Tubie2, Deepinder Kaur1, Pramod Khosla1, Marina Sheyman21Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Wayne State University, 2Great Lake Dialysis, LLC, Detroit, MI, USAPurpose: Malnutrition and chronic inflammation in dialysis patients negatively impacts prognosis. However, intervening to correct this problem (through nutritional supplementation is often hampered by poor compliance due to both medical and socioeconomic barriers. We have therefore performed a pilot study to investigate the technical feasibility of “directly observed treatment” of nutritional supplementation (protein and omega-3 fatty acids, administered during regular dialysis sessions. Secondary end points included observation of nutritional and inflammatory status of hypoalbuminemic patients undergoing hemodialysis.Methods: Main inclusion criteria were serum albumin ≤ 3.9 g/dL (3 months prior to the study. Sixty-three eligible patients agreed to participate. Two intervention groups received 30 mL of a liquid protein supplement plus either 2.4 g omega-3 (1800 mg eicosapentaenoic acid + 600 mg docosahexaenoic acid or a placebo, three times per week after their routine dialysis session for 6 months. Serum albumin, plasma lipids, and other indicators of nutritional and inflammatory status were measured.Results: Directly observed nutritional supplementation resulted in a significant improvement in the low density lipoprotein cholesterol/high density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio in the omega-3 group as compared to the placebo group (P = 0.043. For the omega-3 group, serum albumin was also marginally higher after 6 months as compared to baseline (P = 0.07. The observed increase in C-reactive protein in the placebo group over 6 months was not apparent in the omega-3 group, although there was no significant difference between groups. Nuclear factor kappa B, malnutrition-inflammation score

  19. Segmentation of the Himalayan megathrust around the Gorkha earthquake (25 April 2015) in Nepal (United States)

    Mugnier, Jean-Louis; Jouanne, François; Bhattarai, Roshan; Cortes-Aranda, Joaquim; Gajurel, Ananta; Leturmy, Pascale; Robert, Xavier; Upreti, Bishal; Vassallo, Riccardo


    We put the 25 April 2015 earthquake of Nepal (Mw 7.9) into its structural geological context in order to specify the role of the segmentation of the Himalayan megathrust. The rupture is mainly located NW of Kathmandu, at a depth of 13-15 km on a flat portion of the Main Himalayan Thrust (MHT) that dips towards the N-NE by 7-10°. The northern bound of the main rupture corresponds to the transition towards a steeper crustal ramp. This ramp, which is partly coupled during the interseismic period, is only locally affected by the earthquake. The southern bound of the rupture was near the leading edge of the Lesser Himalaya antiformal duplex and near the frontal footwall ramp of the upper Nawakot duplex. The rupture has been affected by transversal structures: on the western side, the Judi lineament separates the main rupture zone from the nucleation area; on the eastern side, the Gaurishankar lineament separates the 25 April 2015 rupture from the 12 May 2015 (Mw 7.2) rupture. The origin of these lineaments is very complex: they are probably linked to pre-Himalayan faults that extend into the Indian shield beneath the MHT. These inherited faults induce transverse warping of the upper lithosphere beneath the MHT, control the location of lateral ramps of the thrust system and concentrate the hanging wall deformation at the lateral edge of the ruptures. The MHT is therefore segmented by stable barriers that define at least five patches in Central Nepal. These barriers influence the extent of the earthquake ruptures. For the last two centuries: the 1833 (Mw 7.6) earthquake was rather similar in extent to the 2015 event but its rupture propagated south-westwards from an epicentre located NE of Kathmandu; the patch south of Kathmandu was probably affected by at least three earthquakes of Mw ⩾ 7 that followed the 1833 event a few days later or 33 years (1866 event, Mw 7.2) later; the 1934 earthquake (Mw 8.4) had an epicentre ∼170 km east of Kathmandu, may have propagated

  20. Editorial. (United States)

    Reardon, G


    The focus on gender and the environment highlighted important features of articles included in this issue. The general concern was that women are not considered in the thinking about economic development and environmental issues. The Joan Davison article noted the close relationship of women to their surroundings and degradation, which was affected by debt and structural adjustment, trade, aid, war, and the social structure. Women's access to land and their marginal role in society, law, and economic life needs to be addressed by the environmentally aware. The Judy Adoko article reported on the outrageous criticism by development workers in Uganda of women using wood for fuel, when little attention is focused on the commercialization of firewood. The important communication was that women are limited in their choices and make the most of what they have out of necessity, and not out of a short-term solution compromising their children's future. Environmental stability can be achieved in part through removal of the causes of women's poverty. Women's time and energy are tightly constrained; Irene Guijt's views reflected the concern about assumptions that women's participation in environmental protection can be secured without direct benefit to them. The problem of women's health was considered by Joanne Harnmeijer and Ann Waters-Bayer, who focused on increased agricultural productivity projects which have not taken into account the increased burden of work in time or effort or in terms of the impact of children, both as producers and as a demand on time, energy, and health. Population control has been justified because of its impact on consumption of natural resources in developing countries, without due consideration of developed countries consumption patterns. Hazards in the environment and work place have increased with increasing international trade and industrialization. Industry attracting women workers has been established without concern for sanitation

  1. 实用主义的法官法理学*--透视霍姆斯大法官的司法哲学%The Judge’s Jurisprudence under Pragmatism:A Probe into the Judicial Philosophy of Justice Holmes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Oliver W.Holmes is the landmark in American jurisprudence and judicial history whose judi-cial philosophy has significant influence on American legal thoughts and judicial practices since the last centu-ry.According to Holmes’judicial philosophy,the principal duty of the judge is to abide by the legislation on behalf of the majority,even if the legislation is defective.However,to respect the legislation is not because the court lacks the fact -finding ability,but because the judge shall not depend on personal knowledge of facts in making judgment.In Holmes’judicial opinions,some inconsistencies arise between his defense for free speech and association and his respect to social dominant powers or legislations.Both the classical judicial self-restrain theory and the strict judicial activism constitute Holmes’pragmatic jurisprudence,which is one type of judge’s jurisprudence in American indigenous legal context.%奥利弗·W.霍姆斯是美国法理学与司法史上的一个里程碑,历经百年,他的司法哲学仍然意义深远地影响着美国的法律思想与司法实践。在霍姆斯的司法哲学理论中,法官的首要职责是遵守代表多数方的立法,即使立法存在缺陷;然而,对立法机构的尊重,并不是因为法院缺乏发现事实的能力,而是法官在裁判时不得依赖个人对事实的认知。在其撰写的司法意见中,霍姆斯为言论自由与结社所做的辩护与其对优势社会力量或立法的尊重之间存在着矛盾。正是古典的司法自制理论与狭义的司法能动主义,共同构成了霍姆斯的实用主义法理学,这是一种美国法律本土背景下的法官法理学。

  2. Reviews of recent publications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Modernism by Constantin V. Ponomareff Spanish Studies Cardenal, Ernesto. The Doubtful Strait . Trans. John Lyons by Juan Carlos Galeano Garcia Marquez, Gabriel. Of Love and Other Demons by John Cussen Lindstrom, Naomi. Twentieth-Century Spanish American Fiction by Norma Helsper Meyer, Doris, Ed. Reinterpreting the Spanish American Essay: Women Writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries by Judy Maloof and Fernando Unzueta Nantell, Judith. The Poetry of Francisco Brines: The Deconstructive Effects of Languages by Anita M. Hart Taylor, Diana and Juan Villegas, Eds. Negotiating Performance: Gender, Sexuality, & Theatricality in Latin America by Anne M. Pasero

  3. Abortion foes get turn to ask Supreme Court for constitutional protection. (United States)

    Denniston, L


    The US Supreme Court began hearing arguments on the constitutionality of a Florida judge's order which placed limits on anti-abortion protesting. This case will be the last abortion--related decision for Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who was the author of the original decision granting the right to abortion in Roe vs. Wade, before retiring from the Court in September 1994. Anti-abortion activists claim 1st Amendment protection, much the same as Dr. Martin Luther King's marches in advancing Blacks' civil rights. The case involved a Melbourne abortion clinic. The murder of Dr. Gunn outside an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida, will be used to support the need for protection from extremist violence. The conflict appears to be over the right to save women's right to abortion and over simple, peaceful protests and prayers against abortion. One anti-abortion foe, affiliated with Operational Rescue and initiating the appeal to the Supreme Court, is scheduled to testify before the Court: Judy Madsen, a protester who has counseled outside clinics. Ms. Madsen says she is exercising her freedom to protect human life. Other testimony will come from Reverend Ed Martin of Ocala, Rescue America's founder, and Shirley Hobbs, a homemaker from Orlando. Representation will be made by lawyer Matthew Staver, who will argue that the ruling was directed to a political position. Other support will come from religious and anti-abortion groups and the AFL-CIO. Testifying for the clinic, the Aware Women's Center for Choice, will be the owner and operator Patricia Baird Windle. Over the past 5 years, the Melbourne Clinic had been a target for the nationwide anti-abortion campaign by Operation Rescue. Because of the conflicting rulings between the Florida Supreme Court, which ruled to keep protesters away from clinic grounds and staff homes, and 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling of unconstitutionality, no protection is afforded the clinic. Previous protection had occurred due to a 1992

  4. Preserving reptiles for research (United States)

    Gotte, Steve W.; Jacobs, Jeremy F.; Zug, George R.; Dodd, C. Kenneth


    unable to go into as much detail as we would like in this chapter. A number of publications give more details on some topics discussed in this chapter, such as Pisani (1973), Pisani and Villa (1974), Etheridge (1996), Karns (1986), McDiarmid (1994), Cortez et al. (2006), Foster (2012) (and subchapters therein), Reynolds and McDiarmid (2012), and Simmons (2015). Although some of these works focus on amphibians, they also apply to reptiles in many aspects.

  5. Exploring Earth Systems Through STEM (United States)

    Chen, Loris; Salmon, Jennifer; Burns, Courtney


    During the 2010 school year, grade 8 science teachers at Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, New Jersey, began using the draft of A Framework for K-12 Science Education to transition to the Next Generation Science Standards. In an evolutionary process of testing and revising, teachers work collaboratively to develop problem-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) units that integrate earth science, physical science, and life science topics. Students explore the interconnections of Earth's atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere through problem-based learning. Problem-based learning engages students in (1) direct observations in the field and classroom, (2) collection and analysis of data from remote sensors and hand-held sensors, and (3) analysis of physical, mathematical, and virtual models. Students use a variety of technologies and applications in their investigations, for example iPad apps, Google Classroom, and Vernier sensors. Data from NASA, NOAA, non-government organizations, and scientific research papers inspire student questions and spark investigations. Teachers create materials and websites to support student learning. Teachers curate reading, video, simulations, and other Internet resources for students. Because curriculum is standards-based as opposed to textbook-based, teacher participation in workshops and institutes frequently translates into new or improved study units. Recent programs include Toyota International Teacher Program to Costa Rica, Japan Society Going Global, Siemens STEM Academy, U.S. Naval Academy SET Sail, and NJSTA Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award Summer Institute. Unit themes include weather and climate, introduction to general chemistry and biochemistry, and cells and heredity. Each if the three 12-week units has embedded engineering challenges inspired by current events, community needs, and/or the work of scientists. The unit segments begin with a problem, progress to

  6. "That thing in New York": Impaired naming vs. preserved recognition of unique entities following an anterior temporal lobe lesion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Roberts


    Full Text Available Background Anterior temporal lobe (aTL damage often results in semantic impairment. As such, the contribution of this region to semantic processing has received considerable attention. Two theories exist to explain aTL function based on conflicting neuropsychological investigations. The first proposes bilateral aTLs form a “hub” implicated in multimodal semantics (for review see: Jefferies, 2013. The second assumes distinct functions. The left is thought to function as a repertoire for knowledge of entities with unique lexical-conceptual associations (for review: Ross & Olson, 2012. These items represent an extreme end of a continuum of semantic specificity spanning unique (e.g., Eiffel Tower over less specific (e.g., tower to nonspecific (e.g., landmark – often denoted by famous faces, landmarks and proper names. LaTL function, therefore, is to link semantics to language systems for naming, whilst RaTL is involved in familiarity and recognition (e.g., Eiffel Tower -> a building in Paris; Drane et al., 2013. Evidence for each theory has proceeded in parallel but there has been no attempt to directly test them in a patient (Simmons & Martin, 2009. The novelty of this study, therefore, was to determine whether LaTL lesions disproportionately affect unique entity naming vs. recognition. Method WRP, a 51year old right-handed male, three year post-HSVE has a LaTL lesion with destruction of the temporal pole, extending to medial temporal, amygdala and hippocampus and atypical connectivity particularly involving the uncinate fasciculas. There is no evidence of either cortical or white matter damage in the right hemisphere. Previous work with WRP revealed a mild/moderate category-specific semantic deficit (Roberts et al., 2012. This new study focuses on unique entity picture naming, recognition and word-to-picture matching (WPM. Results & Discussion As predicted, results (Table 1 show that WRP was severely impaired in naming different categories

  7. Dal manichino alla real doll. La bambola nella visualità contemporanea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandra Olivares


    of Laurie Simmons, Beatrice Morabito, Azusa Itagaki and Elena Dorfman, emerge the urgency to recover humanity and vulnerability, peculiar features that mass-medial messages have for long time tried to cancel in the name of depersonalizing ratification and culture of success at all costs. That’s how the doll from the classic stereotype of women-object, of a body increasingly manipulated and artificial, becomes a subject to love and care for or to share real experiences and emotions. Reflection of a society suffering from autism and narcissism?

  8. Electrical characterization of single molecule and Langmuir–Blodgett monomolecular films of a pyridine-terminated oligo(phenylene-ethynylene derivative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henrry M. Osorio


    Full Text Available Monolayer Langmuir–Blodgett (LB films of 1,4-bis(pyridin-4-ylethynylbenzene (1 together with the “STM touch-to-contact” method have been used to study the nature of metal–monolayer–metal junctions in which the pyridyl group provides the contact at both molecule–surface interfaces. Surface pressure vs area per molecule isotherms and Brewster angle microscopy images indicate that 1 forms true monolayers at the air–water interface. LB films of 1 were fabricated by deposition of the Langmuir films onto solid supports resulting in monolayers with surface coverage of 0.98 × 10−9 mol·cm−2. The morphology of the LB films that incorporate compound 1 was studied using atomic force microscopy (AFM. AFM images indicate the formation of homogeneous, monomolecular films at a surface pressure of transference of 16 mN·m−1. The UV–vis spectra of the Langmuir and LB films reveal that 1 forms two dimensional J-aggregates. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM, in particular the “STM touch-to-contact” method, was used to determine the electrical properties of LB films of 1. From these STM studies symmetrical I–V curves were obtained. A junction conductance of 5.17 × 10−5 G0 results from the analysis of the pseudolinear (ohmic region of the I–V curves. This value is higher than that of the conductance values of LB films of phenylene-ethynylene derivatives contacted by amines, thiols, carboxylate, trimethylsilylethynyl or acetylide groups. In addition, the single molecule I–V curve of 1 determined using the I(s method is in good agreement with the I–V curve obtained for the LB film, and both curves fit well with the Simmons model. Together, these results not only indicate that the mechanism of transport through these metal–molecule–metal junctions is non-resonant tunneling, but that lateral interactions between molecules within the LB film do not strongly influence the molecule conductance. The results presented here

  9. An in-depth analysis of personality and other participant characteristics in a Web-based course for science teachers (United States)

    Boyette, Todd Randall

    The purpose of this study was to analyze the role students' personality and other characteristics play in their experience and achievement in a web-based course for teachers. Participants in the study were 17 inservice teachers enrolled in Technology Tools for Science Teachers in the 2002 spring semester. "Tech Tools" is a web-based class designed to teach teachers how to use various technology such as digital cameras in the science classroom. As part of the class, students are required to attend four face-to-face sessions during the semester. Personality data was generated by the administering of three instruments: The Simmons Personal Survey, The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory. Students also completed an entrance survey at the beginning of the course. All e-mails and Instant Messages sent to the instructors and all posts to the class listserv were collected for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Additional data was collected through Instant Message interviews with ten of the students conducted at the end of the course. Results indicated that characteristics such as assertiveness, courage, sociability, self-esteem, rule consciousness, and teaching experience, were strongly correlated with students' final grades. Traits such as anxiety, tension, apprehension and Privateness strongly correlated with students' amount of communication. Qualitative results indicated that students who are open and receptive to new ideas were better able to handle the rigor of the course, while students that enjoy change appreciated the content and format of the course. Self-esteem seems to impact the opinions of students regarding their experience in Tech Tools and Social Boldness seems to impact their opinions about the value of the face-to-face sessions. Other findings included how the amount of teaching experience of the students affected their perceptions of the workload involved in Tech Tools, how the requirements of

  10. Comparison of novel lipid-based eye drops with aqueous eye drops for dry eye: a multicenter, randomized controlled trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simmons PA


    Full Text Available Peter A Simmons, Cindy Carlisle-Wilcox, Joseph G Vehige Ophthalmology Research and Development, Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA, USA Background: Dry eye may be caused or exacerbated by deficient lipid secretion. Recently, lipid-containing artificial tears have been developed to alleviate this deficiency. Our study compared the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of lipid-containing eye drops with that of aqueous eye drops.Methods: A non-inferiority, randomized, parallel-group, investigator-masked multicenter trial was conducted. Subjects with signs and symptoms of dry eye were randomized to use one of two lipid-containing artificial tears, or one of two aqueous artificial tears. Subjects instilled assigned drops in each eye at least twice daily for 30 days. The primary efficacy analysis tested non-inferiority of a preservative-free lipid tear formulation (LT UD to a preservative-free aqueous tear formulation (AqT UD for change in Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI score from baseline at day 30. Secondary measures included OSDI at day 7, tear break-up time (TBUT, corneal and conjunctival staining, Schirmer’s test, acceptability and usage questionnaires, and safety assessments.Results: A total of 315 subjects were randomized and included in the analyses. Subjects reported instilling a median of three doses of study eye drops per day in all groups. At days 7 and 30, all groups showed statistically significant improvements from baseline in OSDI (P<0.001 and TBUT (P≤0.005. LT UD was non-inferior to AqT UD for mean change from baseline in OSDI score at day 30. No consistent or clinically relevant differences for the other efficacy variables were observed. Acceptability was generally similar across the groups and there was a low incidence of adverse events.Conclusion: In this heterogeneous population of dry eye subjects, there were no clinically significant differences in safety, effectiveness, and acceptability between lipid-containing artificial tears

  11. Spin-dependent transport properties of oleic acid molecule self-assembled La{sub 0.7}Sr{sub 0.3}MnO{sub 3} nanoparticles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xi, L., E-mail: [Key Laboratory for Magnetism and Magnetic Materials of Ministry of Education, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000 (China); Du, J.H.; Ma, J.H.; Wang, Z.; Zuo, Y.L.; Xue, D.S. [Key Laboratory for Magnetism and Magnetic Materials of Ministry of Education, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000 (China)


    Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Spin-dependent transport property of LSMO/oleic acid nanoparticles is investigated. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Transport properties and MR measured by Cu/nanoparticle assembly/elargol device. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Non-linear I-V curve indicates a tunneling type transport properties. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Tunnel barrier height around 1.3 {+-} 0.15 eV was obtained by fitting I-V curves. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer LFMR of LSMO/oleic acid molecules value reaches -18% with current of 0.1 {mu}A at 10 K. - Abstract: Spin-dependent transport property through molecules is investigated using a monolayer of oleic acid molecule self-assembled half metallic La{sub 0.7}Sr{sub 0.3}MnO{sub 3} (LSMO) nanoparticles, which was synthesized using a coprecipitation method. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was used to confirm that one-monolayer oleic acid molecules chemically bond to the LSMO nanoparticles. The transport properties and magnetoresistance (MR) effect of the oleic acid molecule coated LSMO nanoparticles were measured by a direct current four probes method using a Cu/nanoparticle assembly/elargol electrode sandwich device with various temperatures and bias voltages. The non-linear I-V curve indicates a tunneling type transport properties. The tunnel barrier height around 1.3 {+-} 0.15 eV was obtained by fitting the I-V curve according to the Simmons equation. The magnetoresistance curves can be divided to high-field MR and low-field MR (LFMR) parts. The former is ascribed to the influence of spin disorder or canting within the LSMO nanoparticle surface and the latter one with strong bias dependence is attributed to the spin-dependent tunneling effect through the insulating surface layer of LSMO and oleic acid molecules. The enhanced LFMR effect for oleic acid coated LSMO with respect to the bare LSMO was attributed to the enhanced tunneling transport and weak spin scattering in oleic acid molecule barrier.

  12. Regenerative medicine in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: current position

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Álvarez D


    Full Text Available Diana Álvarez,1,2 Melanie Levine,1 Mauricio Rojas1–3 1Dorothy P and Richard P Simmons Center for Interstitial Lung Disease, 2Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, 3McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA Abstract: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF is a progressive, irreversible disease of the lung that has no lasting option for therapy other than transplantation. It is characterized by replacement of the normal lung tissue by fibrotic scarring, honeycombing, and increased levels of myofibroblasts. The underlying causes of IPF are still largely unknown. The focus of the current review is the possible use of stem cell therapy, specifically mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs, a multipotent stromal cell population, which have demonstrated promising data in multiple animal models of pulmonary fibrosis (PF. The most studied source of MSCs is the bone marrow, although they can be found also in the adipose tissue and umbilical cord, as well as in the placenta. MSCs have immunomodulatory and tissue-protective properties that allow them to manipulate the local environment of the injured tissue, ameliorating the inflammation and promoting repair. Because IPF primarily affects older patients, the issue of aging is intrinsically linked to many aspects of the disease, including the age of the stem cells. Animal models have shown the success of MSC therapy in mitigating the fibrotic effects of bleomycin-induced PF. However, bleomycin, the most commonly used model for PF, is imperfect in mimicking IPF as it presents in humans, as the duration of the illness is not parallel or reversible, and honeycombing is not produced. Furthermore, the time of MSC dosage has proven to be critical in determining whether the cells will ultimately have a positive or negative effect on disease progression, since it has been demonstrated that the maximal beneficial effect of MSCs occurs during the early

  13. 贮藏温度对柿子醋褐变和返浊的影响%Effects of Storage Temperatures on Browning and Turbidity of Persimmon Vinegar

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨联芝; 吴文江; 李颖; 王慧荣; 乔明武; 詹丽娟


    柿子醋在贮藏期间极易出现褐变和浑浊沉淀现象,严重影响其食用品质和商品价值。采用分光光度法研究4,12℃和25℃(常温对照)贮藏温度对柿子醋贮藏期间褐变和返浊相关参数的影响,结果表明:和25℃贮藏条件相比,4℃和12℃均能明显抑制多酚氧化酶(PPO)和过氧化物酶(POD)活性,减少总色差值ΔE增加,从而降低褐变度;同时,4℃贮藏温度明显降低柿子醋透光率下降,贮藏30天后,透光率可达78.6%。柿子醋在贮藏期间 pH 值变化较小,其在25,12,4℃贮藏条件下分别增加了1.5%,1.1%和0.8%。%The persimmon vinegar is prone to browning and produce muddy and precipitate during storage,which seriously affects its quality and commercial value.This study investigates the effects of storage temperatures of 4,12,25 ℃ (normal temperature control)on browning and turbidity of per-simmon vinegar during 30 days'storage period.The results show that compared with the storage con-dition of 25,4,12 ℃storage temperatures obviously inhibit polyphenoloxidase and peroxidase activity and reduce the increase of color differenceΔE value,thereby reducing the browning degree.Moreo-ver,4 ℃ storage temperature results in 78.6% transmittance rate,which is higher than the control group after 30 days'storage.The pH value of persimmon vinegar increases little regardless of treat-ments,increasing by 1.5%,1.1% and 0.8% at 25,12,4 ℃ storage temperatures respectively.

  14. Thermal properties of andesite from Popocatepetl and Volcán de Colima, México. (United States)

    Cardenas-Sanchez, Enrique; De la Cruz-Reina, Servando; Varley, Nick


    The thermal conductivity (K), specific heat (Cp) and the coefficient of heat transfer surface (H) are the basic parameters to describe the process of cooling a volcanic rock fragment released in an explosive event. The analysis of the cooling process by conduction, convection and radiation of heat in volcanic rock fragments, has been limited to basalts, and various minerals such as olivine, pyroxene, quartz, etc. (Miao & Chen, 2014; Branlund & Hofmeister, 2012; Romine et al, 2012;. Schön, 2011; Stroberg et al, 2010;. Schatz & Simmons, 1972). There are no detailed studies on the thermal properties of the andesites, abundant in continental stratovolcanoes, and particularly susceptible from lava domes with frequent destruction processes, such as Popocatepetl and Volcan de Colima. Previously, we developed an algorithm for calculation of the grain-size distribution, degree of fragmentation, the thermal energy released and its possible correlation with Volcanic Explosive Index (VEI) from the cooling curves of fragments from vulcanian and strombolian explosions. These curves were obtained from sequences of time over incandescent deposits recorded at selected pixel thermal images of vulcanian activity in the Popocatepetl and Volcan de Colima, Mexico. However, the model was limited by the lack of thermal parameters of the andesites, forcing a first approximation using basalts data. We present a simple model for the cooling process using andesites samples from Popocatépetl and Volcan de Colima. First, the samples were subjected to a rounding process to minimize surface effects. Then, heated to 800 ° C were extracted from the muffle and cooling rate is measured. The thermal conductivity and coefficient of surface heat are determined using a thermal camera and three thermocouples embedded at various depths within the sample. An inversion method was implemented to determine the thermal properties parameters , by comparing the observed data regarding cooling model for a solid

  15. Anisotropy in the lowermost mantle beneath the circum-Pacific: observations and modelling (United States)

    Walpole, J.; Wookey, J. M.; Nowacki, A.; Walker, A.; Kendall, J. M.; Masters, G.; Forte, A. M.


    The lowermost 300 km of mantle (D'') acts as the lower boundary layer to mantle convection. Numerous observations find that this layer is anisotropic, unlike the bulk of the lower mantle above, which is isotropic. The causal mechanism for this anisotropy remains elusive, though its organisation is likely to be imposed by deformation associated with mantle convection. The subduction of the Tethys ocean (since 180 Ma) is predicted to have deposited slab material in D'' in circum-Pacific regions, making these regions cold, encouraging the phase transformation in the MgSiO3 polymorph bridgmanite to a post-perovskite (ppv) structure. These regions are probably rich in ppv. Here we present new observations of anisotropy from shear wave splitting of ScS phases recorded in the epicentral distance range 50-85 degrees. These observations are corrected for anisotropy in the upper mantle beneath source and receiver. Due to the layout of events and receivers we primarily sample D'' beneath the landward side of the circum-Pacific. A detailed pattern of anisotropy is revealed. Anisotropy predominantly leads to SH fast wave propagation with an inferred average strength of 0.9%. This is consistent with many previous observations. However, we do not limit our observations to the SH/SV system. Many observations show non SH/SV fast polarisation. We interpret these data for tilted transverse isotropy (TTI) style anisotropy. We resolve non-radial anisotropy at unprecedented global scale, in turn placing new constraints on the D'' flow field. We test the ability of the flow model TX2008 (Simmons et al., 2009) to fit our observations. This is achieved by modelling the development of a lattice preferred orientation texture of a ppv layer subject to this flow field using a visco-plastic self consistent theory (Walker et al., 2011). Due to uncertainty in the slip system of ppv three candidate glide planes are trialled: (100)/{110}, (010), and (001). The seismic anisotropy of these models is

  16. Conduction and rectification in NbO{sub x}- and NiO-based metal-insulator-metal diodes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Osgood, Richard M., E-mail:; Giardini, Stephen; Carlson, Joel [US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), 15 General Greene Ave., Natick, Massachusetts 01760 (United States); Periasamy, Prakash; Guthrey, Harvey; O' Hayre, Ryan [Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado 80401 (United States); Chin, Matthew; Nichols, Barbara; Dubey, Madan [RF and Electronics Division, US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, Maryland 20783 (United States); Fernandes, Gustavo; Kim, Jin Ho; Xu, Jimmy [Division of Engineering, Brown University, Box D, Providence, Rhode Island 02912 (United States); Parilla, Philip; Berry, Joseph; Ginley, David [National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado 80401 (United States)


    Conduction and rectification in nanoantenna-coupled NbO{sub x}- and NiO-based metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diodes (“nanorectennas”) are studied by comparing new theoretical predictions with the measured response of nanorectenna arrays. A new quantum mechanical model is reported and agrees with measurements of current–voltage (I–V) curves, over 10 orders of magnitude in current density, from [NbO{sub x}(native)-Nb{sub 2}O{sub 5}]- and NiO-based samples with oxide thicknesses in the range of 5–36 nm. The model, which introduces new physics and features, including temperature, electron effective mass, and image potential effects using the pseudobarrier technique, improves upon widely used earlier models, calculates the MIM diode's I–V curve, and predicts quantitatively the rectification responsivity of high frequency voltages generated in a coupled nanoantenna array by visible/near-infrared light. The model applies both at the higher frequencies, when high-energy photons are incident, and at lower frequencies, when the formula for classical rectification, involving derivatives of the I–V curve, may be used. The rectified low-frequency direct current is well-predicted in this work's model, but not by fitting the experimentally measured I–V curve with a polynomial or by using the older Simmons model (as shown herein). By fitting the measured I–V curves with our model, the barrier heights in Nb-(NbO{sub x}(native)-Nb{sub 2}O{sub 5})-Pt and Ni-NiO-Ti/Ag diodes are found to be 0.41/0.77 and 0.38/0.39 eV, respectively, similar to literature reports, but with effective mass much lower than the free space value. The NbO{sub x} (native)-Nb{sub 2}O{sub 5} dielectric properties improve, and the effective Pt-Nb{sub 2}O{sub 5} barrier height increases as the oxide thickness increases. An observation of direct current of ∼4 nA for normally incident, focused 514 nm continuous wave laser beams are reported, similar in magnitude to recent reports

  17. Conduction and rectification in NbO x - and NiO-based metal-insulator-metal diodes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Osgood, Richard M.; Giardini, Stephen; Carlson, Joel; Periasamy, Prakash; Guthrey, Harvey; O' Hayre, Ryan; Chin, Matthew; Nichols, Barbara; Dubey, Madan; Fernandes, Gustavo; Kim, Jin Ho; Xu, Jimmy; Parilla, Philip; Berry, Joseph; Ginley, David


    Conduction and rectification in nanoantenna-coupled NbOx- and NiO-based metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diodes ('nanorectennas') are studied by comparing new theoretical predictions with the measured response of nanorectenna arrays. A new quantum mechanical model is reported and agrees with measurements of current-voltage (I-V) curves, over 10 orders of magnitude in current density, from [NbOx(native)-Nb2O5]- and NiO-based samples with oxide thicknesses in the range of 5-36 nm. The model, which introduces new physics and features, including temperature, electron effective mass, and image potential effects using the pseudobarrier technique, improves upon widely used earlier models, calculates the MIM diode's I-V curve, and predicts quantitatively the rectification responsivity of high frequency voltages generated in a coupled nanoantenna array by visible/near-infrared light. The model applies both at the higher frequencies, when high-energy photons are incident, and at lower frequencies, when the formula for classical rectification, involving derivatives of the I-V curve, may be used. The rectified low-frequency direct current is well-predicted in this work's model, but not by fitting the experimentally measured I-V curve with a polynomial or by using the older Simmons model (as shown herein). By fitting the measured I-V curves with our model, the barrier heights in Nb-(NbOx(native)-Nb2O5)-Pt and Ni-NiO-Ti/Ag diodes are found to be 0.41/0.77 and 0.38/0.39 eV, respectively, similar to literature reports, but with effective mass much lower than the free space value. The NbOx (native)-Nb2O5 dielectric properties improve, and the effective Pt-Nb2O5 barrier height increases as the oxide thickness increases. An observation of direct current of ~4 nA for normally incident, focused 514 nm continuous wave laser beams are reported, similar in magnitude to recent reports. This measured direct current is compared to the prediction for rectified direct current

  18. Bringing Terra Science to the People: 10 years of education and public outreach (United States)

    Riebeek, H.; Chambers, L. H.; Yuen, K.; Herring, D.


    seen wide distribution in books like Our Changing Planet and films like An Inconvenient Truth. The Blue Marble, courtesy Reto Stockli and Rob Simmon, NASA's Earth Observatory.

  19. Adjusting wheal size measures to correct atopy misclassification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhang H


    Full Text Available Hongmei Zhang1,*, Wilfried Karmaus1,*, Jianjun Gan2, Weichao Bao1,*, Yan D Zhao3, Dewi Rahardja3, John W Holloway5, Martha Scott4,5, Syed Hasan Arshad4,51Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, The University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA; 2GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA; 3Department of Clinical Science and Simmons Cancer Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA; 4The David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Center, St Mary’s Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight, UK; 5School of Medicine, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK *These authors contributed equally to this articlePurpose: Skin prick testing (SPT is fundamental to the practice of clinical allergy identifying relevant allergens and predicting the clinical expression of disease. Wheal sizes on SPT are used to identify atopic cases, and the cut-off value for a positive test is commonly set at 3 mm. However, the measured wheal sizes do not solely reflect the magnitude of skin reaction to allergens, but also skin reactivity (reflected in the size of histamine reaction and other random or non-random factors. We sought to estimate wheal sizes exclusively due to skin response to allergens and propose gender-specific cutoff points of atopy.Methods: We developed a Bayesian method to adjust observed wheal sizes by excluding histamine and other factor effects, based on which revised cutoff points are proposed for males and females, respectively. The method is then applied to and intensively evaluated using a study population aged 18, at a location on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. To evaluate the proposed approach, two sample t-tests for population means and proportion tests are applied.Results: Four common aeroallergens, house dust mite (HDM, grass pollen, dog dander, and alternaria are considered in the study. Based on 3 mm cutoff, males tend to be more atopic than females (P-values are between 0.00087 and 0.062. After applying the

  20. Molecular Models for Conductance in Junctions and Electrochemical Electron Transfer (United States)

    Mazinani, Shobeir Khezr Seddigh

    This thesis develops molecular models for electron transport in molecular junctions and intra-molecular electron transfer. The goal is to identify molecular descriptors that afford a substantial simplification of these electronic processes. First, the connection between static molecular polarizability and the molecular conductance is examined. A correlation emerges whereby the measured conductance of a tunneling junction decreases as a function of the calculated molecular polarizability for several systems, a result consistent with the idea of a molecule as a polarizable dielectric. A model based on a macroscopic extension of the Clausius-Mossotti equation to the molecular domain and Simmon's tunneling model is developed to explain this correlation. Despite the simplicity of the theory, it paves the way for further experimental, conceptual and theoretical developments in the use of molecular descriptors to describe both conductance and electron transfer. Second, the conductance of several biologically relevant, weakly bonded, hydrogen-bonded systems is systematically investigated. While there is no correlation between hydrogen bond strength and conductance, the results indicate a relation between the conductance and atomic polarizability of the hydrogen bond acceptor atom. The relevance of these results to electron transfer in biological systems is discussed. Hydrogen production and oxidation using catalysts inspired by hydrogenases provides a more sustainable alternative to the use of precious metals. To understand electrochemical and spectroscopic properties of a collection of Fe and Ni mimics of hydrogenases, high-level density functional theory calculations are described. The results, based on a detailed analysis of the energies, charges and molecular orbitals of these metal complexes, indicate the importance of geometric constraints imposed by the ligand on molecular properties such as acidity and electrocatalytic activity. Based on model calculations of

  1. Annealing effects on electrical behavior of gold nanoparticle film: Conversion of ohmic to non-ohmic conductivity (United States)

    Ebrahimpour, Zeinab; Mansour, Nastaran


    This paper reports on the electrical behavior of self-assembled gold nanoparticle films before and after high-temperature annealing in ambient environment. These films are made by depositing gold nanoparticles from a colloidal solution on glass substrates using centrifuge deposition technique. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of these films exhibits ohmic and non-ohmic properties for un-annealed and annealed films respectively. As the annealing time duration increases, the onset of non-ohmic behavior occurs at higher voltages. To understand the underlying mechanisms for the observed electrical conduction behavior in these films and how electrical conduction is effected by film morphology and structural properties before and after annealing, systematic comparative studies based on scanning electron microscopy (SEM), UV-vis absorption spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) have been performed. The morphology of the films shows that the assembled gold nanoparticles are distributed on the substrate in a random way before annealing. After 2 h annealing gold nanoparticles exhibit a higher filling fraction when examined by SEM, which means that they coalesce, upon annealing, with respect to un-annealed films. The UV-vis absorption spectra of the films show that there is a red-shift and broadening in the absorption band for the annealed films. The observed phenomenon is related to the plasmon near-field coupling effect and suggests that the nanoparticle ensembles interspacing has decreased. The structural and crystallinity of the films exhibit amorphous structure before annealing and pure crystalline phases with a preferential growth direction along the (111) plane after annealing. The XPS analysis further suggests the existence of the stable thin oxide layer in the phase of Au2O3 in the annealed films. The I-V characteristics have been described by Simmons' model for tunnel transport through metal-insulator-metal (MIM) junctions. The Fowler

  2. Visual Symptoms in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    DR Simmons


    Full Text Available Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs are common developmental disorders thought to affect more than 1% of the UK population (Baird et al, 2006, The Lancet 368, 210. Whilst the current official diagnostic criteria for ASD concentrate on signs and symptoms associated with social behaviour, it is also well known that sensory difficulties are a major factor in the presentation of this condition (Simmons et al, 2009, Vision Research 49, 2705. Over the past few years we have been investigating these sensory symptoms of ASD using a combination of questionnaire and focus group data, with the aim of clarifying precisely what they are. Concentrating on the visual symptoms, our questionnaire data revealed that individuals with higher levels of autistic traits complained of more visual symptoms than those with lower trait levels. Specific issues highlighted included problems with bright light, especially artificial lighting and, more specifically, flicker from fluorescent lighting (a particular problem in supermarkets. Some individuals also complained of specific colours in artificial lights. Note that the symptoms associated with these aversions could be particularly strong and involve headache and nausea. The focus group (n = 6 of adults with ASD revealed more detail about these issues. It became clear that low-frequency visual flicker, once noticed, can be hard to divert attention from. Also, seeing certain colours (eg, red would “hurt”. Another symptom reported by a number of individuals is distress caused by strongly repetitive patterns like shelving or grids. General sensory issues highlighted by the focus group included the importance of having control over sensory stimulation in order to reduce sensory stress and how certain types of sensory stimulation could be calming in some situations (although none of our sample reported visual calming experiences other than seeking out natural lighting. Our data provide a fascinating insight into the complex

  3. Community perceptions of a rural medical school: a pilot qualitative study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nestel D


    Full Text Available Debra Nestel,1 Katherine Gray,1 Margaret Simmons,1 Shane A Pritchard,1 Rumana Islam,1 Wan Q Eng,1 Adrian Ng,1 Tim Dornan2 1Gippsland Medical School/School of Rural Health, Monash University, Clayton, Australia; 2School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands Background: This paper explores local community perceptions of a relatively new rural medical school. For the purposes of this paper, community engagement is conceptualized as involvement in planning, delivering, and evaluating the medical program. Although there are several reviews of patient involvement in medical curricula development, this study was designed to pilot an approach to exploring the perspectives of well members of the community in the transition of institutional policy on community engagement to one medical school. Methods: An advertisement in the local newspaper invited volunteers to participate in a telephone interview about the new medical school. An independent researcher external to the medical school conducted the interviews using a topic guide. Audio recordings were not made, but detailed notes including verbatim statements were recorded. At least two research team members analyzed interview records for emergent themes. Human research ethics approval was obtained. Results: Twelve interviews were conducted. Participants offered rich imaginings on the role of the school and expectations and opportunities for students. Most participants expressed strong and positive views, especially in addressing long-term health workforce issues. It was considered important that students live, mix, and study in the community. Some participants had very clear ideas about the need of the school to address specified needs, such as indigenous health, obesity, aging, drug and alcohol problems, teenage pregnancy, ethnic diversity, and working with people of low socioeconomic status. Conclusion: This study has initiated a dialogue with potential

  4. Caractérisation structurale de l'adsorption des isomères para- et meta- du xylène dans la zéolithe de type faujasite BaX Structural Characterization of Para- and Meta- Xylene in Bax Zeolite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mellot C.


    Full Text Available La séparation du para-xylène des isomères aromatiques en C8 est réalisée industriellement grâce à l'adsorption sur tamis moléculaire zéolithique. Une amélioration des propriétés de séparation des tamis, et en particulier de leur sélectivité, nécessite, entre autres, une bonne connaissance des interactions entre les molécules d'adsorbat et la structure zéolithique. Pour ce faire, nous avons fait appel à deux techniques de caractérisation physico-chimique : la diffraction des neutrons et la spectroscopie infrarouge. Nous avons étudié une zéolithe BaX de type faujasite sur laquelle nous avons adsorbé, à l'état de corps purs, les isomères para- et méta- du xylène. Cette zéolithe est connue industriellement pour ses propriétés sélectives performantes pour le paraxylène. Les analyses ont été réalisées en considérant tout d'abord un faible taux de remplissage, voisin d'une molécule par supercage de zéolithe, et ensuite à saturation où la zéolithe contient sensiblement trois molécules par supercage. La diffraction des neutrons permet, à basse température, de localiser les molécules dans la zéolithe et de préciser leur interaction avec le cation Ba²+. La spectroscopie infrarouge permet une étude des caractéristiques vibrationnelles de l'adsorbat en fonction du taux de recouvrement. Une synthèse des résultats obtenus à l'aide de ces deux méthodes d'investigation nous a permis de dégager un modèle de remplissage des supercages pour les deux isomères considérés. Ainsi, des différences significatives sont mises en évidence. En ce qui concerne le para-xylène, pour un taux de remplissage inférieur à deux molécules par supercage, les molécules de para-xylène viennent se positionner au voisinage des cations en site SII de la supercage. La troisième molécule de para-xylène introduite dans la zéolithe n'est pas en interaction avec un cation Ba²+ et sera localisée dans un nouveau site F

  5. The current pattern of reconstructive surgery for breast cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Kh. Ismagilov


    operations were skin-sparing radical mastectomies that were first described and performed by B. A. Tothu P. Lappert in 1991. In 1997 G. W. Carlson proposed to classify incisions for skin-sparing mastectomy successfully used to the present day. The investigation conducted by R. M. Simmons et al. (1999 indicated that skin-sparing mastectomy did not result in an increase in the incidence of local recurrences. The types of skin incisions, which were offered by G. W. Carlson in 1997 and used by R. M. Simmons in 1999, imply the preservation of the inframammary crease and a major portion of a skin graft, on the one hand, and the removal of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC, on the other hand, which in turn diminishes the final aesthetic result. B. Gerber et al. were the first to describe NAC preservation for BC. As regards the rate of local recurrences after NAC-sparing mastectomies, the vast majority of investigations performed in the past 10–15 years allude to the fact that NAC involvement is not more than 25 %. A. M. Munhoz in turn proposed a classification of incisions during NAC-saving mastectomies. In spite of all advantages of NAC-sparing mastectomies, their results are not always predictable. Main problems, such as wound healing difficulties or ischemic necrosis, are associated with the larger number of postoperative complications. Transfer of the patient’s own flaps does not always presume skin- or NAC-sparing mastectomy, as the possibility exists of preserving the skin on the most transferable flap. However, ruling out a patch symptom during subcutaneous or skin-sparing radical mastectomy considerably improves the aesthetic result of a performed operation. Taking into consideration that the incision types offered by G. W. Carlson and A. M. Munhoz depend on the site of a tumor, the surgical visibility problem is of relevance: visible postoperative scars, a difference in the skin texture, or restored NAC, all cause the women less satisfied. Thus, by

  6. 2012 best practices for repositories collection, storage, retrieval, and distribution of biological materials for research international society for biological and environmental repositories. (United States)


    Third Edition [Formula: see text] [Box: see text] Printed with permission from the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) © 2011 ISBER All Rights Reserved Editor-in-Chief Lori D. Campbell, PhD Associate Editors Fay Betsou, PhD Debra Leiolani Garcia, MPA Judith G. Giri, PhD Karen E. Pitt, PhD Rebecca S. Pugh, MS Katherine C. Sexton, MBA Amy P.N. Skubitz, PhD Stella B. Somiari, PhD Individual Contributors to the Third Edition Jonas Astrin, Susan Baker, Thomas J. Barr, Erica Benson, Mark Cada, Lori Campbell, Antonio Hugo Jose Froes Marques Campos, David Carpentieri, Omoshile Clement, Domenico Coppola, Yvonne De Souza, Paul Fearn, Kelly Feil, Debra Garcia, Judith Giri, William E. Grizzle, Kathleen Groover, Keith Harding, Edward Kaercher, Joseph Kessler, Sarah Loud, Hannah Maynor, Kevin McCluskey, Kevin Meagher, Cheryl Michels, Lisa Miranda, Judy Muller-Cohn, Rolf Muller, James O'Sullivan, Karen Pitt, Rebecca Pugh, Rivka Ravid, Katherine Sexton, Ricardo Luis A. Silva, Frank Simione, Amy Skubitz, Stella Somiari, Frans van der Horst, Gavin Welch, Andy Zaayenga 2012 Best Practices for Repositories: Collection, Storage, Retrieval and Distribution of Biological Materials for Research INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR BIOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL REPOSITORIES (ISBER) INTRODUCTION T he availability of high quality biological and environmental specimens for research purposes requires the development of standardized methods for collection, long-term storage, retrieval and distribution of specimens that will enable their future use. Sharing successful strategies for accomplishing this goal is one of the driving forces for the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER). For more information about ISBER see . ISBER's Best Practices for Repositories (Best Practices) reflect the collective experience of its members and has received broad input from other repository professionals. Throughout this document

  7. Comparing the accuracy of ES-BC, EIS-GS, and ES Oxi on body composition, autonomic nervous system activity, and cardiac output to standardized assessments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lewis JE


    Full Text Available John E Lewis1, Stacey L Tannenbaum1, Jinrun Gao3, Angelica B Melillo1, Evan G Long1, Yaima Alonso2, Janet Konefal1, Judi M Woolger2, Susanna Leonard1, Prabjot K Singh1, Lawrence Chen1, Eduard Tiozzo1 1Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, 2Department of Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL, 3State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IL, USA Background and purpose: The Electro Sensor Complex (ESC is software that combines three devices using bioelectrical impedance, galvanic skin response, and spectrophotometry: (1 ES-BC (Electro Sensor-Body Composition; LD Technology, Miami, FL to assess body composition, (2 EIS-GS (Electro Interstitial Scan-Galvanic Skin; LD Technology to predict autonomic nervous system activity, and (3 ES Oxi (Electro Sensor Oxi; LD Technology to assess cardiac output. The objective of this study was to compare each to a standardized assessment: ES-BC to dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA, EIS-GS to heart rate variability, and ES Oxi to BioZ Dx Diagnostic System (BioZ Dx; SonoSite Inc, Bothell, WA. Patients and methods: The study was conducted in two waves. Fifty subjects were assessed for body composition and autonomic nervous system activity. Fifty-one subjects were assessed for cardiac output. Results: We found adequate relative and absolute agreement between ES-BC and DXA for fat mass (r = 0.97, P < 0.001 with ES-BC overestimating fat mass by 0.1 kg and for body fat percentage (r = 0.92, P < 0.001 with overestimation of fat percentage by 0.4%. For autonomic nervous system activity, we found marginal relative agreement between EIS-GS and heart rate variability by using EIS-GS as the predictor in a linear regression equation (adjusted R2 = 0.56, P = 0.03. For cardiac output, adequate relative and absolute agreement was found between ES Oxi and BioZ Dx at baseline (r = 0.60, P < 0.001, after the first exercise stage (r = 0.79, P < 0.001, and after the second exercise stage (r = 0.86, P

  8. Late Quaternary Megafaunal Extinctions in Northern Eurasia: Latest Results (United States)

    Stuart, Anthony


    archaeological records in collaboration with colleagues at Durham University, Royal Holloway, University of London and Southampton University. It is clear from the results that environmental change had a major impact, but the geographical and chronological patterns are complex and there is striking variation in extinction dynamics between species. For example cave bear and spotted hyaena show early extinction in Europe c.28 cal ka, whereas cave lion and woolly rhino disappeared in the Late Glacial c.14 cal ka, and mammoth and giant deer persisted in limited areas well into the Holocene. Our current NERC funded project (3 years from March 2009) extends the scope of our research to include several species that survive to the present day: e.g. musk ox, reindeer, horse, red deer, and moose, and is also extended geographically to Alaska, and the Yukon. Modelling of vegetational changes during the last 40,000 years (by our colleagues at Durham: Judy Allen, Yvonne Collingham, Brian Huntley, using LPJ-Guess data from Paul Valdes) is providing much better geographical coverage than the available pollen data, and also structure and productivity of the vegetation - both of considerable importance to the mammal fauna. Comparing the chronological and geographical dynamics of extant and extinct species promises to shed light on why some species were lost whereas others survived. Moreover, by using a niche-modelling approach we hope to show whether or not species became extinct due to habitat loss, or whether other factors such as human hunting might have been involved in their final disappearance.

  9. 法治系统中的法律职业养成制度--以司法考试制度为中心%The Cultivation of Legal Profession in the Legal System under Rule of Law

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The overall goal to modernize national governance will push forward the process of rule of law in the country and the construction of rule of law with socialist characteristics, which has been explicitly raised in the 3rd and 4th plenary sessions of 18th CPC Central Committee. Legislation, law enforcement and the construction of judicial authority are all key elements for rule of law, and so is the improvement of legal profession. The profes-sionalization and normalization of judicial authority and improvement of legal profession admittance is such a comprehensive project that all relative aspects like legal education, legal profession admittance qualification and the structure of legal profession should be taken into consideration. Legal profession cultivation system is the foundation. Legal profession admittance qualification deeply in-fluences the development and trend of legal education and the qualification of judicial authority. It is imperative to construct a virtuous circle among legal education, legal profession examination and the guarantee of legal identity based on bar exam. By applying the research method of Systems Theory, this paper sets the connection among rule by law, legal profession and legal profession cultivation as the starting point, inspects and researches on legal profession culti-vation and admittance as well as the guarantee of legal identity, with a view to contributing to improving the judi-cial authority that meets the need of the construction of a well-being society and rule by law.%党的十八届三中、四中全会明确提出了国家治理体系及能力现代化和全面推进依法治国、建设社会主义法治国家的总目标。“徒法不足以自行”,立法、执法、司法主体队伍建设是推进法治的关键要素,法律职业建设成为实现依法治国的关键性要素。推进法治专门队伍正规化、专业化、职业化,完善法律职业准入制度,涉及法律职业制度的各个


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vladislav MANEA


    Full Text Available În acest articol autorii scot în evidenţă aspectele generale şi particularităţile infracţiunilor contra vieţii săvârşite din imprudenţă. Unei analize minuţioase este supusă problema imprudenţei în legislaţiile străine; de asemenea, imprudenţa, este tratată şi sub aspectul atitudinii mentale a făptuitorului faţă de infracţiune la momentul săvârşirii acesteia. Actua­li­tatea temei investigate este determinată de progresele tehnologice şi ştiinţifice din care societatea umană are numai de câştigat, fapt ce poate fi observat prin metodele de tratament al unor maladii sau stări patologice; prin modul şi tehnicile de desfăşurare a muncii sau chiar prin simpla deservire efectuată de anumiţi subiecţi (fiind utilizate gadgeturi, drone etc., de unde pornesc nu doar aspectele pozitive, dar şi cele negative care se manifestă prin infracţiune. A fost analizată literatura juridică de specialitate din Republica Moldova, România şi din Federaţia Rusă, de asemenea şi practica judi­ciară în domeniu. Totodată, sunt formulate concluzii şi recomandări menite să contribuie la o mai bună înţelegere a circumstanţei „lipsire de viaţă din imprudenţă”.Some explanations regarding the imprudence in the cases concerning manslaughter: study of the comparative criminal law This article is intended to highlight the general and particularities aspects of criminal offence of the negligent manslaughter in accordance with the legislation of the foreign countries, also this study is intended to analyze the imprudent manslaughter, in another aspect, namely the mental attitude of the perpetrator at the time the crime was committed. The novelty of the investigation can be expressed in the fact that there are taking into account the scientific and technological advancement of human society, method and techniques of conducting maintenance work or simply being used by certain subjects gadgets, drones, etc. from

  11. 59例过敏反应死亡案例分析%Analysis of 59 Anaphylactic Death Cases

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李正东; 刘宁国; 赵子琴; 沈忆文; 陈忆九


    Objective To analyze the cases of anaphylactic death cases and explore the standards of judi-cial expertise of anaphylactic death for providing evidence for judicial expertise. Methods Fifty-nine cas-es death due to allergic reaction in Shanghai were collected. And details of medical history, clinical manifestation of anaphylactic reaction and postm ortem exam ination findings were review ed for all cases. Results In the 59 cases, there were 58 cases died from drug allergy, including 77.6% of them were an-tibiotics. The rates of treating in standard hospital and illegal clinic were 37.3% and 61.0%, respectively. The allergic sym ptom s were dyspnea and facial cyanosis. The time from contacting allergens to death ranged from 1 m in to 3 d. The concentration of total serum IgE ranged from 50 to 576.92 IU/m L . The results of clinical manifestation and pathological anatomy had obviously changes. Conclusion B ased on the exclusion of all other cause of death and synthetically analysis of details of cases, medical history, clinical manifestation and anatomy, the conclusion of anaphylactic death can reached. The details of cas-es including clinical history, exposure to allergens, and clinical manifestation play an im portant role in diagnosis of anaphylactic death.%目的:通过对过敏反应死亡案例分析,探索过敏反应死亡法医学鉴定标准,为法医学鉴定提供依据。方法收集上海地区1998—2008年59例诊断为过敏反应死亡案例,对案例中死者的临床病史、过敏反应临床表现、尸体检验结果等进行分析。结果59例过敏反应死亡案例中有58例死于药物过敏(其中77.6%为抗生素),正规医院与非法行医各占37.3%和61.0%,过敏症状主要为呼吸困难、颜面发绀等,自接触过敏原至死亡从1 min到3 d,血清总IgE浓度50~576.92 IU/mL,临床表现和病理解剖检查结果也有明显改变。结论在排除其他死因基础上,综合分析案情、病史、

  12. Un análisis de las reformas judiciales de Argentina, Chile y Uruguay Judicial reform in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elin SKAAR


    Full Text Available

    Este artículo trata sobre las reformas judiciales en Sudamérica, durante los años

    90. Muestra que tanto en el caso de la Argentina como en el de Chile, las reformas a los códigos de procedimiento estuvieron motivadas por tres factores centrales, vinculados con el doble pro­ceso de democratización y liberalización económica: i la preocupación con la violación de dere­chos humanos que provenía de los pasados regímenes autoritarios; ii el deseo de crear ambientes legales estables tanto para los derechos de propiedad como para la inversión extranjera; y iii la preocupación pública en torno a tasas de criminalidad cada vez más altas. Las reformas consti­tucionales que afectaron a las Cortes Supremas tanto en la Argentina como en Chile estuvieron vinculadas por razones estrictamente auto-interesadas. En última instancia, estas reformas fue­ron el resultado de compromisos políticos entre la izquierda y la derecha en respuesta a parti­culares eventos nacionales. En Uruguay, los frustrados intentos por desarrollar reformas en el código de procedimientos criminales y en el ámbito de la Corte Suprema pueden atribuirse a una combinación de falta de voluntad política, la carencia de apoyo a las mismas reformas judi­ciales, y una falta de recursos económicos. Notablemente, el análisis muestra que en ninguno de los tres países examinados las agencias internacionales han jugado un rol significativo a la hora de promover reformas u ofrecer asistencia financiera o técnica en favor de los cambios en los códigos de procedimiento o en la organización de las Cortes Supremas. Ello sugiere que estos dos tipos de reformas judiciales en el Cono Sur han sido motivados, ante todo, a partir de deman

  13. USGS contributions to earthquake and tsunami monitoring in the Caribbean Region (United States)

    McNamara, D.; Caribbean Project Team, U.; Partners, C.


    USGS Caribbean Project Team: Lind Gee, Gary Gyure, John Derr, Jack Odum, John McMillan, David Carver, Jim Allen, Susan Rhea, Don Anderson, Harley Benz Caribbean Partners: Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade-PRSN, Juan Payero ISU-UASD,DR, Eduardo Camacho - UPAN, Panama, Lloyd Lynch - SRU,Gonzalo Cruz - UNAH,Honduras, Margaret Wiggins-Grandison - Jamaica, Judy Thomas - CERO Barbados, Sylvan McIntyre - NADMA Grenada, E. Bermingham - STRI. The magnitude-9 Sumatra-Andaman Islands earthquake of December 26, 2004, increased global awareness of the destructive hazard posed by earthquakes and tsunamis. In response to this tragedy, the US government undertook a collaborative project to improve earthquake and tsunami monitoring along a major portion of vulnerable coastal regions, in the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. Seismically active areas of the Caribbean Sea region pose a tsunami risk for Caribbean islands, coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic seaboard of North America. Nearly 100 tsunamis have been reported for the Caribbean region in the past 500 years, including 14 tsunamis reported in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Partners in this project include the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the Smithsonian Institute, the National Oceanic and Aeronautic Administration (NOAA), and several partner institutions in the Caribbean region. This presentation focuses on the deployment of nine broadband seismic stations to monitor earthquake activity in the Caribbean region that are affiliated with the Global Seismograph Network (GSN). By the end of 2006, five stations were transmitting data to the USGS National Earthquake Information Service (NEIS), and regional partners through Puerto Rico seismograph network (PRSN) Earthworm systems. The following stations are currently operating: SDDR - Sabaneta Dam Dominican Republic, BBGH - Gun Hill Barbados, GRGR - Grenville, Grenada, BCIP - Barro Colorado, Panama, TGUH - Tegucigalpa

  14. 婚内向“第三者”赠与法律适用的困境及出路%The Dilemma and Way-out of the Law Application of Bestowal to the Third Party during Marriage

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭英华; 左惠


    In recent years,with the social development and people′s living standard improvement,there are increasing cases of bestowing property to the other man or woman in marriage.However,due to absence of clear definition in exist-ing laws and chaotic law application,similar cases are trialed differently,which are faced with both legislation and judi-cature dilemma to law application.The ideal approach should be “differential treatment and individual case processing”:based on the public order and moral custom,to investigate litigants′ subjective state of mind in an all-round way,to judge the nature of the bestowed property:jointly owned property or personal property,and to judge the value of the be-stowed property.At the same time,innovations of law application should be proposed to seek an interest′s balance be-tween the spouse victim and the bona fide “other man or woman”.And such innovations are of definite practical signifi-cance in solving disputes within and beyond a marriage,maintaining traditional marriage and family morality,improving the efficiency of the judicial case and safeguarding judicial justice and authority.%近年来,随着社会的发展和人民生活水平的提高,婚姻关系存续期间夫妻一方向“第三者”赠与财产的案件越来越多,因现有法律无明确规定,导致法律适用较混乱,同案不同判的现象普遍存在。理想的做法应是“区别对待、个案处理”:立足公序良俗,全面考察当事人主观心态;区分赠与财产的性质是夫妻共同财产还是个人财产;区分赠与财产价值的大小。同时,为寻求赠与方配偶和善意“第三者”之间的利益平衡进行相关法律适用制度上的创新,以期有利于解决婚内外纠纷、维持传统婚姻家庭道德观、提高司法办案效率、维护司法公正及法律权威。

  15. Próba kognitywnego ujęcia mądrości (na materiale przysłów polskich i litewskich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monika Bogdzevič


    ądrości (na materiale przysłów polskich i litewskich Zamierzeniem artykułu jest próba przedstawienia semantycznej i aksjologicznej treści pojęcia mądrości tkwiącej w świadomości dwóch odrębnych wspólnot językowo-kulturowych – polskiej i litewskiej. Przeprowadzona analiza mieści się w nurcie badań językoznawczych, traktujących język jako źródło wiedzy o człowieku, jego mentalności i systemie wartości, sposobie postrzegania i interpretacji świata. Narzędziem opisu jest zaproponowana przez Jerzego Bartmińskiego metoda definicji kognitywnej. Językowo-kulturowe obrazy człowieka mądrego, stanowiąceukonkretnioną wizję abstrakcyjnego pojęcia mądrości, przedstawiają go w opozycji do człowieka głupiego. Obraz człowieka mądrego obejmuje cechy jego charakteru oraz wyglądu, mechanizmów zachowań, charakterystycznych miejsc przebywania oraz uwidacznia związek z zajmowaną przez niego pozycją społeczną. Wiele parametrów kognitywnych mądrości ujawnia się w trakcie analizy różnorodnych relacji człowieka z otaczającą go przyrodą (roślinami, zwierzętami oraz wynika z bardziej skomplikowanych układów – ze stosunków z innymi ludźmi. Materiał analityczny stanowiły paremia polskie i litewskie, traktowane jako rezultat poznawania świata, obserwacji życia codziennego, zderzenia z różnymi jego zjawiskami. W badaniach wykorzystane zostały kompendia przysłów polskich i litewskich: Nowa księga przysłów i wyrażeń przysłowiowych pod red. Juliana Krzyżanowskiego oraz Lietuvių patarlės (Przysłowia litewskie, Patarlių paralelės (Paralele przysłów pod red. Kazysa Grigasa. Ujęte w strukturę definicji kognitywnych kulturowe wizje człowieka mądrego, mimo istniejących różnic, pozwalają wyodrębnić sporo wartościowań podobnych albo nawet wspólnych, charakterystycznych dla kultur polskiej i litewskiej.

  16. EDITORIAL: Global impacts of particulate matter air pollution (United States)

    Bell, Michelle L.; Holloway, Tracey


    development of dose response relationships that take into account how the high degree of source and demographic variability affect PM health response. We look forward to the continued growth of research in ERL contributing to air pollution emissions, distribution, and impacts. As the integrated study of air quality connects to economics, energy, agriculture, meteorology, climate change, and public health—among other subjects—its advancement is well-suited to an interdisciplinary, open-access journal like ERL. Thanks to our authors for contributing to ERL's growth in global air pollution research with such excellent work. Focus on Global Impacts of Particulate Matter Air Pollution Contents The articles below represent the first accepted contributions and further additions will appear in the near future. Major components of China's anthropogenic primary particulate emissions Qiang Zhang, David G Streets, Kebin He and Zbigniew Klimont Impacts of roadway emissions on urban particulate matter concentrations in sub-Saharan Africa: new evidence from Nairobi, Kenya E D S van Vliet and P L Kinney Potential influence of inter-continental transport of sulfate aerosols on air quality Junfeng Liu and Denise L Mauzerall Can warming particles enter global climate discussions? Tami C Bond

  17. Coupling study of the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model with WRF model to simulate the streamflow in the Guadalquivir Basin (United States)

    García-Valdecasas Ojeda, Matilde; De Franciscis, Sebastiano; Raquel Gámiz-Fortis, Sonia; Castro-Díez, Yolanda; Esteban-Parra, María Jesus


    high-resolution 35 yr period (1980-2014) dataset, driven by Interim ECMWF Re-Analysis (ERA-Interim) data [6]. Finally, the real streamflow daily time series were compared with the ones obtained by the previously calibrated VIC with SPAIN02 dataset and with WRF dataset, using different groups of meteorological variables. This last analysis allows us to check the robustness of VIC and WRF coupling, and to find the most relevant meteorological inputs for Guadalquivir streamflow system. Key words: Regional Climate Models, VIC, WRF, calibration, meteorological variables Acknowledgements: This work has been financed by the projects P11-RNM-7941 (Junta de Andalucía-Spain) and CGL2013-48539-R (MINECO-Spain, FEDER). [1] [2] Lohmann D, Raschke E, Nijssen B, Lettenmaier D P, 1998: Regional scale hydrology: I. Formulation of the VIC-2L model coupled to a routing model, Hydrolog. Sci. J., 43(1), 131-141. [3] [4] [5] EUROCORDEX: [6] Dee DP, Uppala SM, Simmons AJ, Berrisford P, Poli P, Kobayashi S, Andrae U, Balmaseda MA, Balsamo G, Bauer P, Bechtold P, Beljaars ACM, van de Berg L, Bidlot J, Bormann N, Delsol C, Dragani R, Fuentes M, Geer AJ, Haimberger L, Healy SB, Hersbach H, Hólm E V, Isaksen L, Kållberg P, Köhler M, Matricardi M, McNally A P, Monge-Sanz B M, Morcrette J-J, Park B-K, Peubey C, de Rosnay P, Tavolato C, Thépaut J-N, Vitart F, 2011: The ERA-Interim reanalysis: configuration and performance of the data assimilation system. Q. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc. 137:553-597.

  18. Navigating emotions and identity: Learning to teach science in a high needs school (United States)

    Rose, Karen J.

    As student populations in the United States become more diverse, teacher education programs are challenged to find innovative and effective ways to prepare teachers for the twenty-first century. However, the goal of "science for all" continues to elude many students in urban and high needs settings where science achievement gaps persist, teacher turnover is high, and novice teachers are often hired to fill those vacancies. Researchers have examined teachers' beliefs, attitudes, practices, as well as content and pedagogical knowledge and made progressive strides in illuminating the complexities of urban classrooms and how we can better prepare teachers for these settings. However, only recently have we begun to venture into the affective areas of teaching to investigate how these areas of human nature interact to influence instruction. This research follows three preservice teachers placed in a high needs school during their student teaching semester. In this case, a high need is described as a school with more than 30% of the students who meet the poverty criteria under section 1113(a)(f) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. This case study explored the connections between preservice teachers' emotions, identity and the implementation of student-centered science instruction during the participants' student teaching experience. Data collection included observations, interviews, and physical artifacts. The interviews included the Teachers' Pedagogical Philosophy Interview (Richardson & Simmons, 1994) and the Meta-Emotions Interview (Gottman, Katz & Hooven, 1997) as well as general interview questions that illuminated the participants' views on teaching, their emotions, life history and identity. Multiple naturalistic observations were used to describe the interactions between the preservice teachers and the students during the implementation of student-centered lessons. Physical artifacts included weekly journals and lesson plans. These artifacts

  19. Obituary: James N. Kile, 1958-2007 (United States)

    Cliver, Edward W.; Lang, Kenneth R.; Willson, Robert F.


    . During the summer of 1997 Jim was an instructor for introductory physics laboratories at Simmons College, and in 2002 he developed and taught a synthetic aperture radar measurement and signature intelligence course for the Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, Ohio, where he was appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics in the Department of Engineering Physics, a position he held until 2005. On the local level, Jim assisted in astronomy education projects, such as nighttime telescope viewing, in the Needham public schools and stargazing/astronomy courses at several Massachusetts Audubon wildlife sanctuaries. Jim met the love of his life in the mid-1980s, and he and Elaine were married within the year, on 19 October 1985. They shared a passion for birding and a love for nature witnessed up close when hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Jim had a wide range of interests. He was an accomplished folk musician, playing the guitar and ukulele. He was a devoted "Trekkie" who could quote every line from early Star Trek episodes and was a life member of the American Radio Relay League [ARRL]. Jim had the warm and open personality characteristic of those raised in the snow-belt. He was always good company. His courage as he was dying, much too soon, was a great source of strength for his family. Jim is survived by his wife Elaine C. (Smith) Kile, his father David R. Kile, his sister Diane Kile and her husband David Galson, his brother David M. Kile and his wife Susan Kile, and four nephews, one niece, and a great niece and nephew. He was predeceased by his mother Betty Jane Kile.

  20. Book reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available The African Diaspora: A History Through Culture, by Patrick Manning (reviewed by Joseph C. Miller Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, by David Eltis & David Richardson (reviewed by Ted Maris-Wolf Abolition: A History of Slavery and Antislavery, by Seymour Drescher (reviewed by Gregory E. O’Malley Paths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World, edited by Rosemary Brana-Shute & Randy J. Sparks (reviewed by Matthew Mason You Are All Free: The Haitian Revolution and the Abolition of Slavery, by Jeremy D. Popkin (reviewed by Philippe R. Girard Fighting for Honor: The History of African Martial Arts in the Atlantic World, by T .J. Desch Obi (reviewed by Flávio Gomes & Antonio Liberac Cardoso Simões Pires Working the Diaspora: The Impact of African Labor on the Anglo-American World, 1650-1850, by Frederick C. Knight (reviewed by Walter Hawthorne The Akan Diaspora in the Americas, by Kwasi Konadu (reviewed by Ray Kea Tradition and the Black Atlantic: Critical Theory in the African Diaspora, by Henry Louis Gates Jr. (reviewed by Deborah A. Thomas From Africa to Jamaica: The Making of an Atlantic Slave Society, 1775-1807, by Audra A. Diptee (reviewed by D.A. Dunkley Elections, Violence and the Democratic Process in Jamaica 1944-2007, by Amanda Sives (reviewed by Douglas Midgett Caciques and Cemi Idols: The Web Spun by Taino Rulers between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, by José R. Oliver (reviewed by Brian D. Bates The Latin American Identity and the African Diaspora: Ethnogenesis in Context, by Antonio Olliz Boyd (reviewed by Dawn F. Stinchcomb Reconstructing Racial Identity and the African Past in the Dominican Republic, by Kimberly Eison Simmons (reviewed by Ginetta E.B. Candelario Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora in the Wider Caribbean, edited by Philippe Zacaïr (reviewed by Catherine Benoît Duvalier’s Ghosts: Race, Diaspora, and U.S. Imperialism in Haitian Literatures, by Jana

  1. Conceptualisation of groundwater recharge from the Wairau River, New Zealand (United States)

    Wilson, Scott; Wöhling, Thomas; Davidson, Peter


    lateral direction than it can be recharged from above. We propose that this stratigraphic anisotropy can inherently create hydraulic a disconnection in a braided river environment. A numerical model of the Wairau Aquifer has been developed to test our conceptual understanding of river-aquifer exchange dynamics (Wöhling et al. 2015). The numerical model is only able to integrate and accurately simulate the variety of available observational types if disconnected conditions are simulated consistently over the majority of the recharge area. This confirms our hypothesis drawn from indirect observations. References Brunner, P, Cook, PG, & Simmons, CT, 2011. Disconnected surface water and groundwater: From theory to practice. Ground Water, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 460-467. Wöhling, T, Gosses, M, Troyer, J, Ede, M, Davidson, P, Wilson, S (2015). Towards modelling Wairau river - aquifer exchange flux dynamics: Data integration and upscaling. 2015 NZHS Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  2. Validation and uncertainty analysis for monthly and extreme precipitation in the ERA-20C reanalysis based on the WZN in-situ measurements (United States)

    Rustemeier, Elke; Ziese, Markus; Raykova, Kristin; Meyer-Christoffer, Anja; Schneider, Udo; Finger, Peter; Becker, Andreas


    FDD-V1 based on ETCCDI diagnoses were detected particularly in regions with large precipitation totals especially in Africa in the ITCZ area and in Indonesia. The overall comparison reveals geo-spatially heterogeneous results with areas of similar precipitation characteristics, but also areas that still remain challenging for the reanalysis' fidelity to represent the FDM-V7 and FDD-F1 based diagnostics. The results serve good guidance where improvements of the future IFS model versions should be most effective. Peterson, T., Folland, C., Gruza, G., Hogg, W., Mokssit, A. and Plummer, N. (2001): Report on the activities of the working group on climate change detection and related rapporteurs. Geneva: World Meteorological Organization. Poli, P., H. Hersbach, D. Tan, D. Dee, J.-N. Thépaut, A. Simmons, C. Peubey, P. Laloy-aux, T. Komori, P. Berrisford, R. Dragani, Y. Trémolet, E. H ´lm, M. Bonavita, L. Isaksen und M. Fisher (2013): The data assimilation system and initial performance evaluation of the ECMWF pilot reanalysis of the 20th-century assimilating surface observations only (ERA-20C), ERA Report Series 14, Schneider, Udo, Andreas Becker, Peter Finger, Anja Meyer-Christoffer, Bruno Rudolf und Markus Ziese (2015): GPCC Full Data Reanalysis Version 7.0 at 1.0°: Monthly Land-Surface Precipitation from Rain-Gauges built on GTS-based and Historic Data. DOI: 10.5676/DWD_GPCC/FD_M_V7_100

  3. Environmental literacy of Hispanic, urban, middle school students in Houston, Texas (United States)

    Meuth, Amber M.

    With the global crises facing the planet that bring major implications, (Hart & Nolan, 1999; Hungerford & Simmons, 2003) it is imperative that there be an environmentally literate citizenry who can identify, solve, and prevent environmental issues. Since middle school students are evolving into participating citizens and are developing the ability to think in abstract terms, they are a critical group to study regarding levels of environmental literacy. Additionally, with the increased resource needs and decreased air and water quality in highly populated urban areas, focusing on the environmental literacy of students living and attending school in urban areas is essential. The purpose of this study was to describe the levels of environmental literacy of a group of Hispanic, urban, middle school students in Houston, Texas. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who attend a charter school in Houston, Texas were given, the Middle School Environmental Literacy Survey (MSELS). This survey has been developed to measure components of environmental literacy as related to domains identified critical to environmental literacy (McBeth et al., 2008). The four domains include ecological knowledge, environmental affect, cognitive skills, and behavior. Data collected from the survey was used to determine levels of environmental literacy in the following variables: ecological knowledge, verbal commitment, actual commitment, environmental sensitivity, general environmental feelings, and environmental issue and action skills. Descriptive statistics were calculated and analyzed for each grade level and as an entire sample for each variable in order to generate a profile of the group. Composite scores were calculated in the four domains (ecological knowledge, environmental affect, cognitive skills, and behavior) and were compared to high, moderate, and low levels of environmental literacy set forth by top environmental education researchers (McBeth et al., 2008). Additionally, two

  4. Geologic map of the Frisco quadrangle, Summit County, Colorado (United States)

    Kellogg, Karl S.; Bartos, Paul J.; Williams, Cindy L.


    New 1:24,000-scale geologic mapping along the Interstate-70 urban corridor in western Colorado, in support of the USGS Central Region State/USGS Cooperative Geologic Mapping Project, is contributing to a more complete understanding of the stratigraphy, structure, tectonic evolution, and hazard potential of this rapidly developing region. The 1:24,000-scale Frisco quadrangle is near the headwaters of the Blue River and straddles features of the Blue River graben (Kellogg, K.S., 1999, Neogene basins of the northern Rio Grande rift?partitioning and asymmetry inherited from Laramide and older uplifts: Tectonophysics, v. 305, p. 141-152.), part of the northernmost reaches of the Rio Grande rift, a major late Oligocene to recent zone of extension that extends from Colorado to Mexico. The Williams Range thrust fault, the western structural margin of the Colorado Front Range, cuts the northeastern corner of the quadrangle. The oldest rocks in the quadrangle underlie the Tenmile Range and include biotite-sillimanite schist and gneiss, amphibolite, and migmatite that are intruded by granite inferred to be part of the 1,667-1,750 Ma Routt Plutonic Suite (Tweto, Ogden, 1987, Rock units of the Precambrian- basement in Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1321-A, 54 p.). The oldest sedimentary unit is the Pennsylvanian Maroon Formation, a sequence of red sandstone, conglomerate, and interbedded shale. The thickest sequence of sedimentary rocks is Cretaceous in age and includes at least 500 m of the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale. The sedimentary rocks are intruded by sills and dikes of dacite porphyry sills of Swan Mountain, dated at 44 Ma (Marvin, R.F., Mehnert, H.H., Naeser, C.W., and Zartman, R.E., 1989, U.S. Geological Survey radiometric ages, compilation ?C??Part five?Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming: Isochron/West, no. 53, p. 14-19. Simmons, E.C., and Hedge, C.E., 1978, Minor-element and Sr-isotope geochemistry of Tertiary stocks, Colorado mineral belt

  5. Crossing borders between social and physical sciences in post-event investigations (United States)

    Ruin, I.; Gruntfest, E.; Lutoff, C.; Anquetin, S.; Scolobig, A.; Creutin, J.-D.; Borga, M.


    In natural hazard research social and physical scientists tend to approach post-event investigations within their narrow disciplinary lenses. Efforts that are called trans-disciplinary often add social science but do not integrate it effectively. For example, an economist might be brought in to address a question of "value" without any understanding or interest in the context in which the value will be applied (e.g., Merrell et al. 2002, Simmons and Sutter 2005). At the same time, social scientists would benefit from some knowledge of geology, meteorology, hydrology, forecasting operations, and hazard detection systems in order, for instance, to understand the nature and types of uncertainty in the physical systems. Proactive partnership between social and physical scientists in post-event investigations needs a background knowledge and a preparation about several issues from both sides. Moreover neither physical nor social scientists necessarily understand and appreciate the contributions that they can reciprocally bring to their works. Post-event collaborations between social and physical science are rare. The few examples of multi-disciplinary work, when examined closely, are not integrated collaborative projects but patchwork quilts of a variety of specialists taking separate aspects of an issue. There are examples where social scientists and engineers are engaged in one project, but the efforts tend to include social scientists as an "add on" to an existing physical science investigation. In this way, true integration of information, data and knowledge from different fields is lacking and the result is that neither the physical nor the social science perspectives gain a comprehensive picture of the issue under scrutiny. Looking at the flash flood problem, the atmospheric and hydrological generating mechanisms of the phenomenon are poorly understood, leading to highly uncertain forecasts of and warnings for these events. On the other hand warning and crisis

  6. Study on the Extraction Technology by Ultrasonic Assisted and Antioxidant Activity of Total Flavonoids from Persimmon Leaves%柿叶黄酮超声辅助提取工艺及其抗氧化性研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    卢鑫; 张琳


    研究超声波辅助提取柿叶总黄酮的工艺条件及其抗氧化活性。采用单因素试验与正交试验,考察乙醇浓度、固液比、超声功率、浸提温度及提取时间等因素对柿叶总黄酮提取率的影响,并以柿叶总黄酮体外清除DPPH自由基能力为指标,评价其抗氧化活性。结果表明,超声波辅助提取柿叶总黄酮最佳工艺条件为乙醇浓度为70%,固液比1∶20(g/mL),超声功率350 W,超声时间40 min,浸提温度55℃,提取2次,柿叶总黄酮得率约为0.70%(以干柿叶计);在0~100μg/mL范围内,柿叶总黄酮抗氧化能力高于VC,对DPPH自由基的体外清除率达85.96%;超过100μg/mL时,清除作用基本稳定不变,浓度和清除率不显示量效关系。通过拟合线性方程计算柿叶总黄酮的IC50值为5.45μg/mL,表明柿叶黄酮是良好的抗氧化剂。%The extraction technology by ultrasonic assisted and antioxidant activity of total flavonoids from per-simmon leaves were studied. Single factor test and orthogonal test were made to study the effects of ethanol con-centration, solid-liquid ratio, ultrasonic power, extraction temperature and extraction time on the extraction rate of total flavonoids from persimmon leaves and clearing DPPH radical scavenging ability in vitro of total flavonoids from persimmon leaves was taken as an index to evaluate the antioxidant activity. The results showed that the best condition for extraction technology by ultrasonic assisted from persimmon leaves was when ethanol concentration was 70%, solid-liquid ratio was 1∶20(g/mL), ultrasonic power was 350 W, ultrasonic time was 40 min, soaking temperature was 55℃and extraction was made for 2 times, then total flavonoids from persim-mon leaves could be 0.70%(calculated in dry persimmon leaves;in the scope of 0-100μg/mL,the antioxidant capacity of total flavonoids from persimmon leaves was higher than Vc, DPPH free radical scavenging rate

  7. Great Times Now and In the Future For Telescopes Afar in Education (United States)

    Pennypacker, Carlton


    substantial GHOU program is now being mounted in Chile, for instance, with a 30-teacher workshop held the first week of this January, good participation by Chilean and International Universities, research, and education organizations. Our GHOU educators are selfless and share everything, including curricula, software, training, other materials, and themselves. For example this spring, teachers from France will fly to Paranal with their students, and train Chilean teachers on Black Holes in galaxies and measuring exo-planets, all with real .fts image, on their way to the VLT! Finally, I describe a collaborating group with GHOU, the International Asteroid Search "IASC" (led by GHOU'er Patrick Miller of Hardin Simmons University) -- IASC has found phenomenal success with enabling students to discover asteroids, with approximately 50 to 100 asteroids a year being discovered by this group of international teachers and students.

  8. International Astronomical Search Collaboration: An Online Student-Based Discovery Program in Astronomy (Invited) (United States)

    Pennypacker, C.; Miller, P.


    The past 15 years has seen the development of affordable small telescopes, advanced digital cameras, high speed Internet access, and widely-available image analysis software. With these tools it is possible to provide student programs where they make original astronomical discoveries. High school aged students, even younger, have discovered Main Belt asteroids (MBA), near-Earth objects (NEO), comets, supernovae, and Kuiper Belt objects (KBO). Student-based discovery is truly an innovative way to generate enthusiasm for learning science. The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC = “Isaac”) is an online program where high school and college students make original MBA discoveries and important NEO observations. MBA discoveries are reported to the Minor Planet Center (Harvard) and International Astronomical Union. The NEO observations are included as part of the NASA Near-Earth Object Program (JPL). Provided at no cost to participating schools, IASC is centered at Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, TX). It is a collaboration of the University, Lawrence Hall of Science (University of California, Berkeley), Astronomical Research Institute (ARI; Charleston, IL), Global Hands-On Universe Association (Portugal),and Astrometrica (Austria). Started in Fall 2006, IASC has reached 135 schools in 14 countries. There are 9 campaigns per year, each with 15 schools and lasting 45 days. Students have discovered 150 MBAs and made > 1,000 NEO observations. One notable discovery was 2009 BD81, discovered by two high school teachers and a graduate student at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. This object, about the size of 3 football fields, crosses Earth’s orbit and poses a serious impact risk. Each night with clear skies and no Moon, the ARI Observatory uses its 24" and 32" prime focus telescopes to take images along the ecliptic. Three images are taken of the same field of view (FOV) over a period of 30 minutes. These are bundled together and placed online at

  9. Energy transfer during stress relaxation of contracting frog muscle fibres. (United States)

    Mantovani, M; Heglund, N C; Cavagna, G A


    (o) after Delta t(isom): a maximum of approximately 5 nm per half-sarcomere is attained when the fast tension decay is almost complete, i.e. 30 ms after the stretch at 4 degrees C and 10 ms after the stretch at 14 degrees C. After slow stretch, when fast tension decay is small or nil, the increase in phase 2 shortening is negligible. 5. The increase in phase 2 work during fast tension decay (Delta W(out)) is a constant fraction of the elastic energy simultaneously set free by the recoil of the undamped elastic elements. 6. Delta W(out) is accompanied by a decrease in stiffness, indicating that it is not due to a greater number of cross-bridges. 7. It is concluded that, during the fast tension decay following a fast ramp stretch, a transfer of energy occurs from the undamped elastic elements to damped elements within the sarcomeres by a temperature-dependent mechanism with a dominant rate constant consistent with the theory proposed by A. F. Huxley and R. M. Simmons in 1971.

  10. Synthesis, Properties and Structure of a Novel Unsymmetrical Bis (phenoxo) Bridged Binuclear Copper (

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LU; Tong-bu


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  11. Betons durables a base de cendres d'ecorces de riz (United States)

    Wilson, William

    initiale, rétention d'affaissement et résistances mécaniques. L'optimisation du dosage en RHAI a démontré que 10 ou 15% en remplacement du ciment améliore significativement la durabilité, que les résistances mécaniques sont peu affectées par le dosage en RHAI, et que 20% (ou plus) de RHAI entraîne des problèmes de maniabilité associés à une consistance rhéo-épaississante. Suite à ces optimisations, le bon potentiel des RHAI pour améliorer la durabilité des BHP a été déterminé en comparaison avec la fumée de silice (FS) et le métakaolin : le retrait endogène a été diminué par un effet de cure interne, les perméabilités aux chlorures ont été diminuées au même niveau que par la FS, et la résistance à l'écaillage a été améliorée possiblement par diminution du ressuage de surface. Finalement, l'augmentation de la viscosité par les RHAI a été utilisée avantageusement dans les BAP où un dosage de 10% a permis d'éviter la ségrégation sans utiliser d'adjuvant modificateur de viscosité très coûteux. Une deuxième phase a consisté à optimiser l'utilisation sur bétons de RHA produites avec un four à écorces de riz artisanal fabriqué selon un modèle actuellement utilisé au Burkina Faso (RHAG). Ces RHAG ont été broyées à la même granulométrie que les RHAI et des performances mécaniques similaires ont été obtenues. Une méthode de caractérisation simplifiée adaptée aux réalités du terrain a aussi été développée : elle permet d'optimiser le broyage en limitant les outils nécessaires à un tamis de 45 tm et à une balance. Un béton pour dalle a par la suite été développé à partir d'une recette typique de béton du Burkina Faso : ce béton avec RHAG a développé des résistances similaires à un contrôle, tout en permettant des économies de 23% sur le ciment. En conclusion, ce projet a réussi à illustrer le potentiel des RHA pour favoriser le développement durable dans différents types de b

  12. Ideologi Politik Khawarij Ibadiyah Dan Sistem Monarki Dinasti Rustamiyah

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Choirul Rofiq


    الملخص: إن الإباضية فرقة من الخوارج. والإباضيون أتباع عبد الله بن الإباض التميمي. واعتبرت هذه الفرقة أكثر فرقة اعتدالا من الفرق الخارجية الأخرى، فاستطاع الإباضيون إقامة الدولة الإباضية بسبب اعتدالهم تحت قيادة عبد الرحمن بن رستم الفارسي. إن سياسة الدولةالرستميةالمتعلقة بتغيّر الحكومة تبنى على مبدأ الوراثة. وهذه السياسة لا تتفق مع النظام الإباضي الذي يقرر أن الحكومة حق لأي مسلم لديه شروط معيّنة ليكون أمير المسلمين بدون تفضيل على أشرف الأنساب أو القبائل الخاصة. بعد التحليل بالطريقة السلوكية، هذا التاريخ السياسي يبين لنا أن هناك عدة العوامل السياسية الدافعة إلى الحكومة الوراثة في عهد الدولة الرستمية. أولا، المقارنة بين عدد السكان الفارسيين والبرابر. إن الفارسيين أكثر عددا من البرابر فيسهل على البرابر انقلاب حكومة الرستميين الفارسيين اذا كان أمير المؤمنين منتهك نظام الإسلام. ثانيا، تأثير الدول المجاورة المبنية على مبدأ الوراثة. ثالثا، قوة تأثير القبيلة النفوسية على عدة السياسات الرستمية. Abstrak: Iba>d}iyyah adalah sekte Khawarij yang dipimpin ‘Abd Alla>h ibn Iba>d} al-Tami>mi>. Kelompok ini dinilai sebagai kelompok paling moderat dibandingkan kelompok-kelompok Khawarij lainnya. Berkat sikap moderasi inilah, maka Iba>d}iyyah berhasil mewujudkan kekuasaaan politik pada era Dinasti Rustamiyyah di bawah pimpinan ‘Abd al-Rah}ma>n ibn

  13. Five-year review of an international clinical research-training program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suemoto CK


    Full Text Available Claudia Kimie Suemoto,1,2 Sherine Ismail,1,3 Paulo César Rodrigues Pinto Corrêa,1,4,5 Faiza Khawaja,1,6 Teodoro Jerves,1 Laura Pesantez,1 Ana Claudia Camargo Gonçalves Germani,1,7 Fabio Zaina,1,8 Augusto Cesar Soares dos Santos Junior,1,9,10 Ricardo Jorge de Oliveira Ferreira,1,11 Priyamvada Singh,1,12 Judy Vicente Paulo,1,13 Suely Reiko Matsubayashi,1,14 Liliane Pinto Vidor,1,15 Guilherme Andretta,1,16 Rita Tomás,1,17 Ben MW Illigens,1,18 Felipe Fregni1,18,19 1Collaborative Learning in Clinical Research Program, Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (PPCR, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA; 2Discipline of Geriatrics, Department of Internal Medicine, University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, Brazil; 3King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Care Department, King Khalid Hospital, NGHA, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 4Discipline of Internal Medicine and Medical Semiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP Medical School, Ouro Preto, Brazil; 5Discipline of Pneumology, Department of Internal Medicine, Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte (Uni-BH, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; 6Canadian Centre for Advanced Eye Therapeutics, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 7Department of Preventive Medicine, University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, Brazil; 8Italian Scientific Spine Institute (ISICO, Milan, Italy; 9Hospital Osvaldo Rezende Franco, Betim, Brazil; 10Nucleo de Avaliação de Tecnologia em Saude, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; 11Department of Rheumatology, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal; 12Department of Internal Medicine, Saint Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA, USA; 13Portuguese Institute of Oncology, Coimbra, Portugal; 14Acupuncture

  14. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available -Sandra L. Richards, Judy S.J. Stone, Theatre. London: Macmillan Caribbean, 1994. xii + 268 pp. -Lowell Fiet, Errol Hill, The Jamaican stage, 1655-1900: profile of a colonial theatre. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1992. xiv + 346 pp. -Supriya Nair, Bruce King, V.S. Naipaul. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1993. viii + 170 pp. -Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Donald E. Rice, The rhetorical uses of the authorizing figure: Fidel Castro and José Martí. Westport CT: Praeger, 1992. xviii + 163 pp. -Graciella Cruz-Taura, Juan A. Martínez, Cuban art and national identity: The Vanguardia painters, 1927-1950. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1994. xiv + 189 pp. -Graciella Cruz-Taura, Luis Camnitzer, New art of Cuba. Austin; University of Texas Press, 1994. xxx + 400 pp. -Gary Brana-Shute, Richard Price ,On the mall: Presenting Maroon tradition-bearers at the 1992 festival of American folklife. Bloomington: Folklore Institute, Indiana University, 1994. xi + 123 pp., Sally Price (eds -Erika Bourguignon, Stephan Palmié, Das Exil der Götter: Geschichte und Vorstellungswelt einer afrokubanischen Religion. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1991. vii + 520 pp. -Carla Freeman, Daniel Miller, Modernity, an ethnographic approach: Dualism and mass consumption in Trinidad. Oxford: Berg Publishers, 1994. 340 pp. -Daniel A. Segal, Kelvin Singh, Race and class: Struggles in a colonial state: Trinidad 1917-1945. Kingston; The Press - University of the West Indies, 1994. xxii + 284 pp. -Evelyne Huber, Patsy Lewis, Jamaica: Preparing for the twenty-first century. Kingston: Ian Randle, 1994. xvi + 272 pp. -Diane Vernon, Elisa Janine Sobo, One blood: The Jamaican body. Albany NY: State University of New York Press, 1993. vii + 329 pp. -Robert Myers, Patrick L. Baker, Centring the periphery: Chaos. order and the ethnohistory of Dominica. Kingston: The Press - University of the West Indies, 1994. xxviii + 251 pp. -Riva Berleant-Schiller, Debra Evenson, Revolution in the

  15. Transport of dense pollutants: nonlinear random walk modeling and experimental validation (United States)

    Zoia, A.; Latrille, C.; Cartalade, A.


    Fickian transport with uncorrelated particles paths is recovered. We have tested the proposed random walk model on experimental measurements of dense contaminant transport obtained with the BEETI experimental device, a dichromatic X-ray source coupled with a NaI detector [5] This setup allows quantitatively assessing the contaminant concentration cℓ(t) inside a vertical 80 cm column (as a function of time), at various sections ℓ. The injected contaminant is KI and the column is filled with homogeneously mixed Fontainebleau sand. As a salient feature, contaminant profiles are sensibly skewed (depending on the flow direction) and therefore non-Gaussian. Monte Carlo estimates of concentration profiles and temporal moments have been computed and a good agreement is found between simulation results and experimental data, for both downwards and upwards injection, at various flow regimes and molar concentrations. The proposed random walk model is admittedly simple, since the full spectrum of interactions that actually take place between the velocity and density fields [2-4] has been condensed in a single nonlinear coupling at the scale of particles trajectories. Yet, despite its simplicity, it compares well to the set of dense contaminant transport measurements. Finally, the random walk approach has been rephrased in terms of a more general nonlinear master equation [6], thus providing a link with the Continuous Time Random Walk (CTRW) formalism [1,7]. The CTRW framework can be used to deal with heterogenous and/or unsaturated porous media and this allows extending our model, so to make predictions about pollutants behavior in such complex materials. References [1] B. Berkowitz, A. Cortis, M. Dentz, and H. Scher, Rev. Geophys. 44, RG2003 (2006). [2] S. M. Hassanizadeh and A. Leijnse, Adv. Water Resour. 18, 203 (1995). [3] C. T. Simmons, T. R. Fenstemaker, and J. M. Sharp Jr., J. Contam. Hydrology 52, 245 (2001). [4] H.-J. G. Diersch and O. Kolditz, Adv. Water Resour

  16. Theory of generalized tautology in revised Kleene system

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WU; Hongbo


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  17. A new routing assignment model for Internet

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHI; Caixia


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  18. Unified characteristics line theory of spacial axisymmetric plastic problem

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YU; Maohong; (


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  19. Incipient motion of sediment by waves

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DOU; Guoren


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  20. Analysis of silt behavior induced by water waves

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIN; Mian


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  1. Pseudo minimum translational distance between convex polyhedra(I)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHU; Xiangyang; (


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  2. Axial electron channeling statistical method of site occupancy determination

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YE; Jia


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  3. The Effects of Imitative Vs. Cognitive Methods on The Speech Development of Children With Autism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monireh JALILI*


    Full Text Available How to Cite This Article: Jalili M, Jahangiri N, Yazdi Aa, Ashrafzadeh F. The Effects of Imitative Vs. Cognitive Methods on The Speech Development of Children With Autism. Iran J Child Neurol. 2014 Winter; 8(1:37-46.ObjectiveThe present study was performed to examine the effects of two speech therapy methods on six verbal behaviors of autistic children, including oral speech, listening, organizing, speaking, semantics, and syntax.Materials & MethodsIn this study, thirty 6-8 years old children with autism were assigned to one of two groups: imitative and cognitive groups. Before starting the main procedures of the study, the children of both groups were homogenized concerning their autism level. In the first phase of the study, the speech development level of the two groups was measured in a pre-test, in which both groups showed similar results. Then, both groups of children received 6 months of speech therapy instruction, during which one group was taught using an imitative method, while the other group was being worked with cognitive method.ResultsAfter 6-month treatment period, a post-test was done, and the t-tests based on the data of the two groups revealed a significant difference between the results.ConclusionThe statistics showed that after the teaching period, autistic that worked with cognitive method gained a better development in their speech abilities, comparing to those worked with the imitative method.Reference:Samadi SA, Mahmoodizadeh A, McConkey R. A national study of the prevalence of Autism among five year old children in Iran. Autism 2012;16(1:5-14.Fombonne E, Simmons H, Ford T, Meltzer H, Goodman R. Prevalence of pervasive developmental disorders in the British nationwide survey of child mental health. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2001;40(7:820-7.Fombonne, E. The changing epidemiology of Autism. J Appl Res Intellect Disabil 2005,18(4:281-94.Filipek PA, Accardo PJ, Ashwal S, Baranek GT, Cook EH Jr, Dawson G

  4. 一株斑点叉尾鲴致病菌的分离鉴定%Isolation and identification of a pathogenic bacteria strain in channel catish ( Ictalurus punctatus )

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    任燕; 巩华; 陶家发; 梁慧丽; 刘礼辉; 石存斌; 吴淑勤


    A Gram-negative, rod shaped bacterium( designated as strain GD091027) was isolated from the liver of diseased channel catish (Ictalurus punctatus). Artificial infection proved that GD091027 was the pathogen of the disease.When artificial infection dose reached 1.0 × 107 CFU/fish, the challenged channel catish presented 100% mortality and the LD50 to channel catish was 6. 2 × 104 CFU/g. The isolated GD091027 was preliminarily identified as Edwardsiella tarda with the characteristics of gram-negative bacilli, motility at 25 ℃ or 35 ℃, growth in 3% salt water, Oxidase-negative;non-fermentation of glucose, maltose, sucrose, D-Mannitol, L-arabinose; non-utilization of Simmons citrate and malonic acid, lysine decarboxylase-positive, ornithine decarboxylase-positive, produce of H2S and lndole, methyl-red-negative.A phylogenetic tree was constructed by comparing the 16S rRNA gene sequence of the isolated GD091027 with other relative bacteria species in the RDP and GenBank databases. In the phylogenetic tree, the isolate and some E. tarda strains converged and constituted a branch, which confirm the identication of the isolated GD091027 as E. tarda. The drug sensitivity results showed the isolate GD091027 was highly sensitive to 16 kinds of antibiotics, such as ampieilin, gentamicin, tobramycin; while resistant to rifampicin, sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim, and penicillin. According to the morphological,physiological, biochemical characteristics and 16S rRNA gene analysis, the isolate( GD091027 ) was identified as E. tarda.%从斑点叉尾鲴(Ictalurus punctatus)肝脏分离到的一株细菌GD091027,对该菌进行人工感染试验、生理生化特性测定和16S rRNA序列测定并构建系统发育树,同时进行了抗菌药物敏感性试验.结果显示:当人工感染剂量大于1.0×107 CFU/尾时,能引起斑点叉尾鲴100%发病死亡,对斑点叉尾鲴的LD50为6.2×104 CFU/g.分离株GD091027为革兰氏阴性短杆菌,氧化酶阴性,在25℃、35

  5. Selected Abstracts of the 6th International Congress of UENPS; Valencia (Spain; November 23rd-25th 2016; Session “Lung and development”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    --- Various Authors



  6. Frof Guest Editors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark J. W. LEE


    social interaction. He emphasises that rapid development of technology and unique characteristics of the creative society require a shift from traditional teaching concepts to student centered learning in education. The third article arrived from Elisabetta Cigognini, Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Maria Chiara Pettenati and Elizabeth M.C. Guerin from Italy, the authors of the fourth article, examine the use of Web 2.0 and social software tools to facilitate the development of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM skills that they believe are critical for lifelong learning in the knowledge society of the 21st century. They contend that:Social networking tools and methods provide… tremendous opportunity… to lead the learner into a learning and knowledge landscape in which PKM skills and competencies are both the enabling condition and final outcome of the… learning experience. From the implementation perspective, they also propose an instructional design model to support such applications, based on Connectivist (Siemens, 2004 theory. The special issue goes with an article by Eren Kesim and Esmahan Agaoglu (Turkey, who take on the view that Web 2.0 and social software herald a major paradigm shift for the field of distance education. In arguing their case, the authors examine Web 2.0 in the context of historical development of distance education, tracing the evolution of learning technologies since the 1960s. The article concludes with a discussion of emerging trends and implications for educators, institutions and learners. The fifth article, “Bounded and unbounded knowledge: Teaching and learning in a Web 2 world”, Judy Nagy and Chris Bigum (Australia discuss how the advent of the ‘read/write Web’, incorporating web-based software that gives anyone and everyone with Internet access the ability to publish online, poses ongoing challenges and issues for traditional distributors as well as creators of content and knowledge. In the same vein, these changes have caused

  7. Outcomes From AAS Hack Day at the 227th AAS Meeting (United States)

    Kohler, Susanna


    will be a huge first step.Gender in Astronomy Conferences: Jim Davenport (WWU), Ben Nelson (Northwestern), Mehmet Alpsalan (NASA Ames), and Erin Maier (University of Iowa) analyzed data collected during the conference on the gender breakdown of who asks questions after oral presentations. Now in its third year, one new finding from the study is that women dont ask questions as much as men do, but they tend to ask questions more when the speaker is a woman or the first question-asker is a woman.More from #hackaas at #aas227: Gender of speaker vs. 1st to ask a question for all 3 years of Gender in Astro survey Erin Maier (@fallelujah) January 9, 2016The Early Reference Project: Many pre-1950 publications lack up-to-date citation information because the text is digitally archived as an image. Brendan Wells (UC Santa Cruz) worked with representatives from ADS and Zooniverse to set up a crowd-sourced platform to identify references in these old papers.Glassdome: Ellie Schwab (CUNY) and colleagues Paige Godfrey, Munazza Alam, and Cam Buzzard began work on a website modeled after glassdoor for safely sharing experiences throughout their astronomy careers. Glassdome will feature career path stories, department reviews, and salaries, all optionally anonymous. The site is hosted by ScienceBetter and is under development.Observing Run Sharing: Sometimes near the end of a long night at the telescope you have observed everything you need but still have time left. Short of choosing randomly or hoping a colleague is online in the middle of the night, there is currently no good solution. To address this, Brooke Simmons (UC San Diego) designed a web app that would allow astronomers to submit their favorite night sky targets. The project is still a work in progress.ArXiv Podcast: Ruth Angus (Oxford) started a podcast featuring astronomers summarizing their new papers submitted to astro-ph in one minute. Its like audio astrobites! If youve recently published a


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Putu Gede Eka Ariawan Suyasa


    Full Text Available Mechanism of acute myocardial infarction (AMI is previously due to atherosclerotic plaque rupturewith occurs because extra-cellular matrix of plaque fibrous cap destruction or degradation by proteaseenzyme matrix metalloproteinase-9  (MMP-9, which released by macrophage cell.Increased plasmaMMP-9  is  predisposition  factor  of  atherosclerotic  plaque  rupture  in AMI  and  followed  by  acutethrombosis inside coronary artery lumen which caused myocardial ischemic and clinical sign of AMI. Ifthe ischemic process continuous and ongoing that can caused myocardial necrosis which can increasedplasma troponin. High sensitive troponin T (hs-TnT newly and more sensitive detection of plasmacTn-T  than conventional.The aim of  this study was  to determined  the association between plasmaMMP-9 with hs-TnT in AMI patients.This study was a cross-sectional observational which performedin 62 patients with AMI which enrolled by consecutive sampling at Sanglah Hospital Denpasar fromDecember 2011 until December 2012. MMP-9 and hs-TnT plasma level were measured 48 hours afteronset IMA. Sixty two patients AMI were involved in this study consist of 35 STEMI patients (56.5%and 27 NSTEMI patients (43.5%, the mean plasma MMP-9 was 23.9 (SD 0.42 ng/mL and hs-TnT was464.7 (SD 39.3 ng/mL.The results of this study were positive correlation between MMP-9 and hs-TnTAMI  patients  (r=  0.507; Y=  -  650.6 +  46.7(X1; P<0.0001;  plasma MMP-9  and  onset  of AMI wereinfluenced to plasma hs-TnT with formulationY = - 815.0 + 46.5(X1+ 20.7(X2; (â MMP-9=46.5(95%CI: 24.7 to 68.4; P<0.0001; â onset AMI=20.7(95%CI : 2.1 to 39.4; P=0.030 and there was more strongercorrelation betweenMMP-9 and hs-TnT in STEMI group than NSTEMI. [MEDICINA 2015;46:22-27].Mekanisme terjadinya infark miokard akut (IMA didahului oleh proses ruptur plak aterosklerosisdan diawali dengan destruksi atau degradasi matriks ekstraseluler fibrus cap plak oleh enzim proteaseyang

  9. Climate data, analysis and models for the study of natural variability and anthropogenic change

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, Philip D. [Univ. of East Anglia, Norwich (United Kingdom)


    grid resolution is coarse (5° by 5° lat/long) the changes in storm activity are similar to those developed from the pressure triangle approach with station data. Analyses of humidity and pressure data In Simmons et al. (2010) we showed a reduction in relative humidity over low-latitude and mid-latitude land areas for the 10 years to 2008, based on monthly anomalies of surface air temperature and humidity from ECMWF reanalyses (ERA-40 and ERA-Interim) and our earlier land-only dataset (CRUTEM3) and synoptic humidity observations (HadCRUH). Updates of this station-based humidity dataset (now called HadISDH) extend the record, showing continued reductions (Willett et al., 2013). Analyses of Proxy Temperature Data In Vinther et al. (2010), relationships between the seasonal stable isotope data from Greenland Ice Cores and Greenland and Icelandic instrumental temperatures were investigated for the past 150-200 years. The winter season stable isotope data are found to be influenced by the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and very closely related to SW Greenland temperatures. The summer season stable isotope data display higher correlations with Icelandic summer temperatures and North Atlantic SST conditions than with local SW Greenland temperatures. In Jones et al. (2014) we use these winter isotope reconstructions to show the expected inverse correlation (due to the NAO) with winter-season documentary reconstructions from the Netherlands and Sweden over the last 800 years. Finally, in this section Jones et al. (2013) shows the agreement between tree-ring width measurements from Northern Sweden and Finland and an assessment of the link to explosive volcanic eruptions. An instrumental record for the region in the early 19th century indicates that the summer of 1816 was only slightly below normal, explaining why this year has normal growth for both ring width and density. GCM/RCM/Reanalysis Evaluation In this section we have intercompared daily temperature extremes across

  10. Obituary: E. Dorrit Hoffleit, 1907-2007 (United States)

    Trimble, Virginia


    American Association of Variable Star Observers, where MMO papers still turn up, though perhaps not so many as in Dorrit's day. She would also continue education and public outreach activities in the local community that her predecessor, Margaret Harwood, had established. Summer research experience for undergraduate opportunities have become common, but they were rare in 1957, especially for women students, and the ones who came to MMO (more than one hundred over her term) were undoubtedly very strongly motivated. They left even more so, with the striking result that about 25 of the Hoffleit students became professional astronomers. A few of the earliest are now retired; many remain in stellar astronomy, but others have spread across the Solar System and the galaxies. According to a list compiled by Dorrit, with minor additions, these are, in chronological order: Margo Friedel Aller, Andrea Knudsen Dupree, Barbara Welther, Gretchen Luft Hagen Harris, Nancy Houk, Martha Safford Hanner, Diane Reeve Moorhead, Nancy Remage Evans, Catherine Doremus Garmany, Jane Turner, Jean Warren Goad, Karen Alper Castle, Marcia Keyes Rieke, Judy Karpen, Karen Kwitter, Esther Hu, Bonnie Buratti, Harriet Dinerstein, Melissa McGrath, Constance Phillips Walker, John Briggs, Deborah Crocker, Edward Morgan, and Karen Meech. The program went co-ed shortly before Dorrit handed it over to Emilia Belaserne). A special paragraph must go to Janet Akyüz Mattei. She came to MMO in the summer of 1969 upon the recommendation of Paris Pismis, an Armenian-Turkish-Mexican astronomer who had known Janet in Turkey and was a very old friend of Dorrit's (and of mine). Janet's own obituary sadly appeared in these pages (BAAS, 36, pp. 1681-82, 2004), the last 30 of her only 61 years having been spent as the director of AAVSO. Among the many important things Janet did in that directorial capacity was to persuade Dorrit Hoffleit to write up the story of her life for publication by AAVSO in 2002, from which much of

  11. Logarithmic conformal field theory (United States)

    Gainutdinov, Azat; Ridout, David; Runkel, Ingo


    algebra which possesses at least one fermionic generator. In turn, these Nichols algebra generators are represented by screening operators which naturally appear in CFT bosonisation. The major advantage of using these generators is that they give strong hints about the representation theory and fusion rules of the chiral algebra. Simmons has contributed an article describing the calculation of various correlation functions in the logarithmic CFT that describes critical percolation. These calculations are interpreted geometrically in a manner that should be familiar to mathematicians studying Schramm-Loewner evolutions and point towards a (largely unexplored) bridge connecting logarithmic CFT with this branch of mathematics. Of course, the field of logarithmic CFT has benefited greatly from the work of many of researchers who are not represented in this special issue. The interested reader will find many links to their work in the bibliographies of the special issue articles and reviews. In summary, logarithmic CFT describes an extension of the incredibly successful methods of rational CFT to a more general setting. This extension is necessary to properly describe many different fundamental phenomena of physical interest. The formalism is moreover highly non-trivial from a mathematical point of view and so logarithmic theories are of significant interest to both physicists and mathematicians. We hope that the collection of articles that follows will serve as an inspiration, and a valuable resource, for both of these communities.

  12. From Editor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ugur Demiray


    GRACIOUS, Muttom and F. L. Jasmine Anne SHYLA, Manavalakurichy, India. This present study disscuse Multiple Intelligence and Digital Learning Awareness of prospective B.Ed teachers was probed to find the relationship between Multiple Intelligence and Digital Learning Awareness of Prospective B.Ed Teachers.The 4th articles are from, USA which is on “eFACT: Formative Assessment of Classroom Teaching For Online Classes”, conducted by Gina G. BERRIDGE and Judy WELLS from University of Southern Indiana and Samantha PENNEY, from Indiana State University. Their paper explores the pilot of an evaluation of student learning through anonymous feedback at mid-semester in seven online courses. Electronic Formative Assessment of Classroom Teaching (eFACT is a process of gathering anonymous student feedback through a faculty consultant using e-mail.The 5th article again from Turkey which is titled as “Language Learning in Second Life: American and Turkish Students’ Experiences” written by Cem BALCIKANLI, Gazi University, Ankara. This study reports the Second Life experiences of American students learning Turkish as a foreign language in the University of Florida, the USA and of Turkish students learning English as a foreign language at Gazi University, Turkey.The 6th article from again Zimbabwe on “Examination Management As A Way of Achieving Quality Assurance in ODL Institutions: The Case of Zimbabwe Open University” written by Onias MAFA and Enna Sukutai GUDHLANGA, imbabwe Open University. Their paper discusses the examinations management at ZOU with a special focus on the setting, administering, marking right up to the publication of results. It also discusses the challenges that ZOU is facing in conducting examinations. It will finally emerge with some valuable practical suggestions on how ZOU can improve on its examination management and thereby achieve quality assurance in all its programmes.“Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions About Their Problem Solving Skills in

  13. The Ranking of Financing Methods in Urban Old Texture (Case Study of Isfahan City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Moayedfar


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