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  1. Luanda-Holanda; irregular migration from Angola to the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Wijk, J.


    Against the backdrop of push-pull and social network theories on migration and criminological theory on human smuggling, this article tries to answer the questions of why and how Angolan asylum-seekers migrated to the Netherlands since the end of the 1990s. The study shows that the migrants can be

  2. Irregular Migration of Egyptians


    ROMAN, Howaida


    Euro-Mediterranean Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration (CARIM) After defining irregular migration and tackling its different dimensions, the analytical note proposes to analyse the causes and dynamics of irregular migration in Egypt. It highlights furthermore the determinants of EU Policies in the realm of irregular migration, and Egypt’s policy-making approach towards irregular migrants. The conclusion emphasizes the necessity of forging coherent and effective polic...

  3. Linking Poverty, Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Migration literature suggests that poverty, irregular migration and human trafficking are causally linked. However, empirical studies linking these aspects of migration are scarce. This is because, as clandestine activities, data collection on these aspects of migration presents serious challenges. As a result of these ...

  4. Exploring health implications associated with irregular migration ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Although there have been several negative media reports on the plight of irregular migrants from Ghana, research on issues related to their health has been rather scanty. The study assesses health implications associated with irregular migration from Ghana using both the Techiman and Nkoranza Municipalities as a case ...

  5. Irregular Migration and Vulnerability to HIV&AIDS

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 31, 2012 ... 123. Maphosa: Irregular Migration and Vulnerability to HIV&AIDS. The increase in the number of women migrants is a growing trend in international migration worldwide. Migration in Southern Africa is also experiencing this trend (Dobson 2000; Zinyama 2000). Migrant women, especially the irregular ones, ...

  6. Irregular Migration and Vulnerability to HIV&AIDS: Some ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Mobile populations are at very high risk of HIV infection. At the same time, they can be catalysts in its spread. Migration from Matabeleland region in. Zimbabwe to South Africa has several features that increase this dual disposition of those involved. These features include the largely irregular nature of migration, ...

  7. Irregular Migration - between legal status and social practices

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund Thomsen, Trine


    Arnfinn H. and Rogstad, Jon 2.Book reviews by null 3.INVISIBLE IMMIGRANTS, VISIBLE EXPATS? Americans in Finnish discourses on immigration and internationalization by Leinonen, Johanna 4.Migrants in the Scandinavian Welfare State by Brochmann, Grete and Hagelund, Anniken 5.TOWARD AN IDENTITY STRESS....... Language and religious affiliations of an immigrant adolescent in Norway by Haque, Shahzaman View Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles Previous Article Next Article Go to table of contents Download full text pdf (PDF, 425 KB) Irregular Migration – Between Legal Status and Social Practices Narratives of Polish...

  8. Serbian migration policy concerning irregular migration and asylum in the context of the EU integration process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Stojić-Mitrović


    Full Text Available In this paper I would like to present Serbian migration policy concerning irregular migration and asylum in the context of the attempts of the Serbian state to become a member of the European Union. I would describe the history of the asylum system prior and after the implementation of the independent asylum system in Serbia in 2008. My presentation of the Serbian migration policy would be channelled by the analysis of some particular political issues, such as the externalization of the EU borders’ control, as well as some relevant elements of the European integration process, like visa liberalization. The second, more culturally specific dimension of the issue would be accessed through the demonstration of both legislative and public conceptualizations of the irregular migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia.

  9. Cycles of judicial and executive power in irregular migration. (United States)

    Marmo, Marinella; Giannacopoulos, Maria


    This article argues that power struggles between judiciaries and executives are fuelled by tensions of securitisation, border control and human rights over the issue of irregular migration. The article juxtaposes three paradigm court cases to render the argument concrete, focusing on two Australian High Court decisions (M70 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and CPCF v. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection & Anor) and one decision from the European Court of Human Rights (Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy). An examination of these cases reveals each step of this cycle: the executive attempts to produce a buffer to avoid or minimise migrants' protections and judicial review, yet such manoeuvring is countered by the judges. Following this, new steps of the cycle occur: governments display disappointment to courts' interventions in an effort to discredit the exercise of judicial power while the judiciaries maintain the focus on the rule of law. And so the cycle continues. The key argument of this paper rests on the paradox resulting from the executive's attempts to curb judicial intervention, because such attempts actually empower judiciaries. Comparing different jurisdictions highlights how this cyclical power struggle is a defining element between these two arms of power across distinct legal-geographical boundaries. By tracing this development in Australia and in Europe, this article demonstrates that the argument has global significance.

  10. High attack rate for malaria through irregular migration routes to a country on verge of elimination. (United States)

    Wickramage, Kolitha; Premaratne, Risintha G; Peiris, Sharika L; Mosca, Davide


    Irregular migration in the form of human smuggling and human trafficking is recognized as a global public health issue. Thirty-two cases of Plasmodium falciparum were detected in 534 irregular migrants returning to Sri Lanka via failed human smuggling routes from West Africa in 2012, contributing to the largest burden of imported cases in Sri Lanka as it entered elimination phase. Beyond the criminality and human rights abuse, irregular migration plays an important, but often forgotten, pathway for malaria re-introduction. Active surveillance of the growing numbers of irregular migrant flows becomes an important strategy as Sri Lanka advances towards goals of malaria elimination.

  11. High attack rate for malaria through irregular migration routes to a country on verge of elimination

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wickramage, Kolitha; Premaratne, Risintha G; Peiris, Sharika L; Mosca, Davide


    ... of imported cases in Sri Lanka as it entered elimination phase. Beyond the criminality and human rights abuse, irregular migration plays an important, but often forgotten, pathway for malaria re-introduction...

  12. Irregular migration and informal economy in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe: breaking the vicious cycle? (United States)

    Maroukis, Thanos; Iglicka, Krystyna; Gmaj, Katarzyna


    The flexible and cheap labour that European “post-industrial” economies are in need of is often facilitated by undeclared labour. The undocumented migrant, from his/her part, relatively easily finds work that suits his -- at least initial -- plans. What lies behind this nexus between irregular migration and informal economy? To what extent can this nexus be attributed to the structural features of the so-called “secondary”, as opposed to “primary”, labour market? And how does migration policy correlate with this economic context and lead to the entrapment of migrants in irregularity? Finally, can this vicious cycle of interests and life-strategies be broken and what does the experience of the migrants indicate in this respect? This paper addresses these questions via an exploration of the grounds upon which irregular migration and the shadow economy complement each other in southern Europe (SE) and central and Eastern Europe (CEE) (two regions at different points in the migration cycle). In doing so, the dynamic character of the nexus between informal economy and irregular migration will come to the fore, and the abstract identity of the “average” undocumented migrant will be deconstructed.

  13. A strategy of attrition through enforcement: the unmaking of irregular migration in Malaysia


    Low, Choo Chin


    This article reviews Malaysia’s attempt to achieve zero migration irregularity by focusing on workplace enforcement, and examines how Malaysia’s migration control has become a struggle between the state and employers. Applying the framework of “enforcement through attrition,” this research examines three newly introduced principles governing workplace enforcement: employer sanctions, the Strict Liability Principle, and the Employers’ Mandatory Commitment. The shift to employers in Malaysia’s ...

  14. The governance of international migration in Turkey and Morocco: Irregular migrants’ access to right to stay

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Üstübici Önay, A.E.


    This thesis analyses migrant experiences of illegality in Turkey and Morocco by taking into account how both countries responded to increasing pressure by the European Union to govern irregular migration within their territories. In dialogue with literatures on the legal production of migrant

  15. Migration as a social determinant of health for irregular migrants: Israel as case study. (United States)

    Fleischman, Yonina; Willen, Sarah S; Davidovitch, Nadav; Mor, Zohar


    More than 150,000 irregular migrants reside in Israel, yet data regarding their utilization of and perceived barriers to health care services are limited. Drawing on semi-structured interviews conducted with 35 irregular migrant adults between January and September 2012, this article analyzes the role of migration as a social determinant of health for irregular migrants, and especially asylum seekers. We analyze two kinds of barriers faced by migrants when they attempt to access health care services: barriers resulting directly from their migration status, and barriers that are common among low-income communities but exacerbated by this status. Migration-related barriers included a lack of clear or consistent legislation; the threat of deportation; the inability to obtain work permits and resulting poverty and harsh living and working conditions; and discrimination. Barriers exacerbated by migrant status included prohibitive cost; poor and confusing organization of services; language barriers; perceived low quality of care; and social isolation. These findings support recent arguments that migrant status itself constitutes a social determinant of health that can intersect with other determinants to adversely affect health care access and health outcomes. Findings suggest that any meaningful effort to improve migrants' health will depend on the willingness of clinicians, public health officials, and policymakers to address the complex array of upstream political and socio-economic factors that affect migrants' health rather than focusing on narrower questions of access to health care. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. El plan del delta - Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Editorial, Equipo


    shines on one side of the structure, whilst the opposite side is cold. Finally, a model of the whole structure was completed, and tests on it showed that there were small discrepancies between the analytical and test results, but these were well within the admissible margins of error.Holanda carece de recursos naturales de superficie, por lo que su desarrollo se ha orientado hacia la industrialización y máximo cuidado del suelo para la explotación agrícola. La parte occidental del mismo se halla a más bajo nivel que el mar, y en ella habita el 65 por 100 de su población. En su origen, la costa presentaba un carácter recortado de islas, ensenadas y promontorios que la mano del hombre transformó, primero, en lagos (polders, y después, en tierras fértiles. Estas obras marítimas protegen las tierras áridas por medio de diques que exigen esmerada conservación, y aun así, no son raras las violentas inundaciones. Uno de los grandes problemas que esta situación crea lo constituye el complejo abastecimiento de aguas, vías de comunicación y desagüe de los ríos hacia el mar en la zona del Delta, es decir, del suroeste del país para la protección de la cual se ha constituido una Comisión nacional. Después de serios estudios se llegó a la conclusión que la mejor defensa de los embates del mar es la de cerrar los brazos del mismo que se internan en el continente. El complejo de obras hidráulicas constituye el plan de mejoras y defensas para cuyo desarrollo y ejecución se ha previsto un período de veinticinco años. El proyecto general es muy ambicioso y comprende obras, no sólo marítimas, sino viales y estructurales, en las que las obras de fábrica son variadas y de distinta naturaleza. En este trabajo se describen, a grandes rasgos, los temas principales objeto de los 11 apartados en que se ha subdividido el proyecto general de ejecución y, además, se complementan las descripciones con datos adicionales referentes a las obras ya empezadas y los m

  17. Open University of the Netherlands. Universidad Abierta de Holanda

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Berlanga, Adriana; Sloep, Peter


    Berlanga, A. J., & Sloep, P. B. (2011). Open University of the Netherlands. Universidad Abierta de Holanda. Presentation at Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD). February, 25, 2011, Bogotá, Colombia.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Merita H. Mece


    Full Text Available Irregular migration on the Western Balkan route has marked an unprecedented number during the last five years. Evidence indicates that both, non-European nationals and Western Balkan citizens have been involved in this complex migratory flow being exposed to various risks of human trafficking. But Western Balkan countries are source, transit and destination countries of human trafficking while their states are not well organized to implement a comprehensive and well-coordinated regional response to combat it. This paper aims at examining challenges faced by the Western Balkan countries to converge anti-trafficking response while facing increased irregular migratory waves. Using secondary data it illustrates various disparities and differences among them concluding that a well-coordinated, multi-faceted and integrated regional response is needed to combat this humanitarian problem.

  19. Explaining Crimmigration in Indonesia: A Discourse of the Fight Against People Smuggling, Irregular Migration Control, and Symbolic Criminalization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anugerah Rizki Akbari


    Full Text Available Controlling migration in the world's largest archipelago brings various challenges to Indonesian authorities that differ from other countries. The difficulties become even more complicated since Indonesia has been known as the most favorite transit country for people who want to migrate to Australia due to its strategic geographical location, which is situated between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Following this, the decision of choosing the mechanism of criminal law to deal with irregular migration from the start leads Indonesia to its acknowledgment as a country who is vulnerable to the trend of crimmigration. The criminalization of immigration-related conducts, the authorization of investigative power to the immigration officers, and the implementation of the 'selective policy' in the very first Immigration Law (Law No. 9/1992 justify the underlying situation in Indonesia. This condition is even harsher when Indonesia joined the fight against people smuggling since the new law concerning immigration (Law No. 6/2011 also increase criminal sanctions for immigration-related offenses. Nonetheless, this punitive approach stands as a symbolic strategy, which is barely enforced by the Indonesian authorities and it serves nothing than responding the problems with erroneous actions. By doing this, the Indonesian government has shown its weaknesses and inabilities to control crime problems to an acceptable level.

  20. A phase-field simulation study of irregular grain boundary migration during recrystallization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Moelans, N.; Zhang, Yubin; Godfrey, A.


    We present simulation results based on a phase-field model that describes the migration of recrystallization boundaries into spatially varying deformation energy fields. Energy fields with 2-dimensional variations representing 2 sets of dislocation boundaries lying at equal, but opposite, angles...

  1. Controlling irregular immigration at the European Union’s southern maritime border. An emerging system driven by “migration emergencies"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Lopez-Sala


    Full Text Available Over the last 25 years the southern maritime border of the European Union witnessed the interaction of considerable and increasingly complex irregular migration flows in the Mediterranean with the progressive construction and implementation of restrictive migration control policies by the European Union and its member states at their external borders. The article describes the evolving migration patterns and changes in migration routes both as a stimulus and a consequence of locally stepping up migration control at the emerging hotspots at different parts of the border, creating deviation effects in migration routes with alternative points of entry and higher costs and risks for migrants. Special attention is given to the impact of the 2015 refugee crisis on border management and the new challenges it poses to the asylum system and the protection of fundamental rights.

  2. Ionospheric irregularities (United States)

    Fejer, B. G.; Kelley, M. C.


    The paper describes in detail the recent experimental studies of the E and F region irregularities and also the extensive work on plasma instability theories developed to explain them. Both radio wave and spacecraft-borne experimental techniques are described in order to allow a common ground for the understanding of the data from ground-based and in situ experiments. To date, theoretical work has been mostly concentrated on the low-latitude irregularities and, together with computer simulations, has been able to explain many aspects of the experimental data. These theoretical efforts are also discussed in some detail.

  3. La arquitectura en Holanda al margen y después de las vanguardias


    González Capitel, Antón


    4. La arquitectura en Holanda al margen y después de las vanguardias 4. l. La arquitectura de Dudok y algunas consideraciones en torno a Ja obra tardía de Oud y de Rietveld 4. 2. La revisión de la modernidad originaria en la segunda posgue1rn: el Team X y la obra de Aldo van Eyck

  4. Irregular Neutrosophic Graphs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nasir Shah


    Full Text Available The concepts of neighbourly irregular neutrosophic graphs, neighbourly totally irregular neutrosophic graphs, highly irregular neutrosophic graphs and highly totally irregular neutrosophic graphs are introduced. A criteria for neighbourly irregular and highly irregular neutrosophic graphs to be equivalent is discussed.

  5. Creación empresa exportadora y comercializadora de rosas a Holanda


    Calderón Martin, Pedro Alonso; Núñez Guacaneme, Oscar Javier


    En este proyecto de creación de empresa cuyo tema principal es la exportación y comercialización de rosas a Holanda se analiza tanto los factores sociales, económicos y financieros que rodean el entorno del negocio europeo del sector floricultor, como las variables internas de la organización que mediante estrategias y políticas logran consolidar la empresa a nivel internacional. En este contexto se aplican conceptos de competitividad y estrategia para incursionar de forma importante en estos...

  6. Legal aspects of the EU policy on irregular immigration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Voinikov Vadim


    Full Text Available This article addresses the issues pertaining to the adoption and development of legislation on irregular migration in the context of uncontrolled growth in the number of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East to the EU. The article attempts at studying the EU legislation on irregular migration, classifying it, and analysing the prospects of EU migration legislation in the light of an increase in irregular immigration into the EU. The author systematises, classifies the current EU legislation on irregular immigration, and analyses the conditions, in which this legislation was developed. Using the legislation analysis method, the author proposes the following system of EU legislation on irregular immigration: rules preventing assistance to irregular immigration, rules preventing employment of irregular immigrants, rules on the return of irregular migrants and readmission, rules on border control, and rules on collaboration with third countries. The author pays special attention to analysing the current state of irregular immigration to the EU, which was dubbed the ‘greatest migration crisis in Europe’. The conclusion is that the European Union succeeded in the development of pioneering legislation on irregular immigration, which can serve as the basis for reception by other states. However, changes in the political and economic situation in the EU’s southern borderlands made the current legal mechanisms incapable of withstanding new threats. It necessitates a radical reform of the legislation on irregular immigration.

  7. Informal labor and irregular migrant workers


    Meeteren, Masja


    textabstractIrregular migrants, also referred to as “undocumented migrants” or “illegal migrants,” are immigrants who do not have legal permission to stay in the country they have migrated to and frequently take on informal and precarious employment. They may have entered the country legally – on a tourist visa for example – but are not allowed to reside or work there. There is broad consensus that the numbers and the global scale of irregular migration have increased over the last decades. A...

  8. Exploring health implications associated with irregular migration ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    When I arrived in Libya, I worked at a "connection house" (a place where social vices such as the sale of illicit drugs, gambling and commercial sex activities are common). This influenced me to engage in many bad habits like smoking all kinds of drugs, drinking, gambling and so on. One day there was a security swoop at ...

  9. Estudio de las competencias profesionales del Arquitecto Técnico, haciendo especial referencia a la profesión en Holanda, Bélgica y Alemania




    El proyecto se divide en 3 partes. La primera trata sobre la historia y actualidad de la profesión de Arquitecto Técnico en España; la segunda hace referencia a la normativa Española y Europea, y en la tercera se analiza el ejercicio de la profesión de Arquitecto Técnico en Alemania, Holanda y Bélgica. Navarro Vives, VM. (2012). Estudio de las competencias profesionales del Arquitecto Técnico, haciendo especial referencia a la profesión en Holanda, Bélgica y Alemania.

  10. Tentativas de Mitologia (1979, escrita de si e memória de Sérgio Buarque de Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raphael Guilherme de Carvalho

    Full Text Available Resumo Este artigo tem por propósito situar Tentativas de Mitologia (1979, último livro publicado em vida por Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, como peça central de uma escrita de si do autor, espécie de autobiografia intelectual. Antologia de antigos textos de crítica historiográfica e literária, introduzida por um ensaio autocompreensivo, Tentativas de Mitologia lhe valeu a consagração da trajetória com importantes premiações em 1980. Considero, em favor de tal interpretação, além da instância prefacial, o teor da seleta, a unidade do volume e os sentidos impressos na recepção e premiação do livro, visto entre rememoração e comemoração de toda uma obra.

  11. A montanha e os caminhos: Sérgio Buarque de Holanda entre Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Wegner

    Full Text Available RESUMO O objetivo do artigo é investigar a gestação de um projeto intelectual de Sérgio Buarque de Holanda: estudar as bandeiras, as monções e seus desdobramentos. Nesse sentido, analiso a trajetória do autor durante o primeiro governo Vargas, especialmente o momento em que lança Raízes do Brasil, em 1936, e o estabelecimento do Estado Novo no ano seguinte. Argumento que é nesse contexto que Sérgio Buarque passa a estudar a história da sociedade paulista, pensando-a como uma alternativa para a modernização da tradição ibérica.

  12. Patriarchy and Brazilian social thought: a feminist reading of Oliveira Vianna and Sérgio Buarque de Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Leandro Rezende


    Full Text Available The paper discusses the relationship between patriarchy and formation of the Brazilian nation from a feminist perspective. From the works “Populações Meridionais do Brasil”, by Oliveira Vianna e “Raízes do Brasil”, by Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, I question the reference to the concept of patriarchy, bringing to the debate on the formation of Brazil the underlying asymmetric relations between men and women brought by such a concept. This approach allows for further discussion on the relationship between public and private spheres and the nation's formation, going beyond the criticism of the overlapping of public and private realms, present on Brazilian social thought patriarchal domination analysis.

  13. Irregular Hamiltonian Systems

    CERN Document Server

    Miskovic, O; Miskovic, Olivera; Zanelli, Jorge


    Hamiltonian systems with linearly dependent constraints (irregular systems), are classified according to their behavior in the vicinity of the constraint surface. For these systems, the standard Dirac procedure is not directly applicable. However, Dirac's treatment can be slightly modified to obtain, in some cases, a Hamiltonian description completely equivalent to the Lagrangian one. A recipe to deal with the different cases is provided, along with a few pedagogical examples.

  14. Imágenes del jardín en la Holanda del Renacimiento y el Manierismo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmen Toribio Marín


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se resumen los principales registros visuales existentes en fuentes bibliográficas sobre los jardines holandeses de la segunda mitad del XVI y la primera del XVII. La investigación se inicia con datos de las referencias literarias de la época sobre el jardín por parte de humanistas y escritores neerlandeses destacados. La selección de imágenes se basa en gran parte en la inspección de todos los tratados importantes de jardinería holandeses, como los de Vredeman de Vries, Van der Groen, Hans Puec, Philip Vingboons o A. van Langelaar y, así mismo, los de alemanes con gran repercusión en Holanda, como el caso de Joseph Furttenbach, o franceses como el de Mollet. En lo relativo a láminas y grabados se han seguido las fuentes bibliográficas y de archivos indicadas en el propio trabajo y en sus notas. Con todo ello se compone un conjunto de referencias que, aunque no es exhaustivo, sí es original y altamente representativo de los materiales existentes sobre el tema.

  15. Contraception and irregular menses. (United States)

    Hopayian, K; Houston, A; Cooke, I


    A fictitious patient with obesity, hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome is discussed by 3 British general practitioners to illuminate management of this type of case. The patient is 24 years old, expects to marry next year, has irregular menses averaging 6 weeks apart, and is requesting an explanation for her irregular periods as well as oral contraception. The 1st physician would exclude hypothyroidism, then evaluate polycystic ovary syndrome by assaying testosterone, LH, FSH and prolactin, next find out the significance of the patient's questions in her mind and finally prescribe a triphasic pill. The 2nd doctor would withhold the pill on the grounds that it might compromise future fertility if she has a primary endocrine imbalance. She would check rubella status, assay progesterone, LH, FSH, prolactin and testosterone on Day 19 of the cycle, and probably prescribe Marvelon oral contraceptives. The 3rd doctor would use a hirsutism score, investigate the polycystic ovary syndrome by ultrasound and an essay of sex hormone binding globulin and the LH:FSH and prolactin, next find out the significance of the patient's questions in her mind and finally prescribe a triphasic pill. The 2nd doctor would withhold the pill on the ground that it might compromise future fertility if she has a primary endocrine imbalance. She would check rubella status, assay progesterone, LH, FSH, prolactin and testosterone on Day 19 of the cycle, and probably prescribe Marvelon oral contraceptives. The 3rd doctor would use a hirsutism score, investigate the polycystic ovary syndrome by ultrasound and an assay of sex hormone binding globulin and the LH:FSH ration between Days 2-6 of the cycle, and rule out congenital adrenal hyperplasia with an assay for 17-alpha-OH-progesterone. Since the patient might be anovulatory because of obesity, major long-term weight lose is a priority. Prescription of pills would depend on family history, smoking, and the degree of hirsutism and endocrine status

  16. Entre el mito Bátavo y el mito de Venecia: identidad nacional y republicanismo en la Holanda de Espinosa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martínez, Francisco José


    Full Text Available The present paper opposes two ways of legitimizing the political systems: the appeal to the history and to the national identity and to emphasize the institutional mechanisms. For it centres on the Holland of the XVIIth century where they face the batavian myth and the myth of Venice; the first one reconstructs a mythical history that carries the love of the Dutches back to the freedom to the time of the revolt of the batavians against the Roman empire; the second one emphasizes in the institutional mechanisms that assured to the republic of Venice her maintenance in the time: asuitable scale of power, systems of voting secretes; etc. It ends up by being argued in favour of the second procedure, for his major rationality and capacity of adjustment opposite to the historical - mythical justifications of difficult control and scanty flexibility for the negotiation.

    El presente trabajo contrapone dos formas de legitimar los sistemas políticos: la apelación a la historia y a la identidad nacional y el destacar los mecanismos institucionales. Para ello se centra en la Holanda del siglo XVII donde se enfrentan el mito bátavo y el mito de Venecia; el primero reconstruye una historia mítica que retrotrae el amor de los holandeses a la libertad al tiempo de la sublevación de los bátavos contra el imperio romano; el segundo hace hincapié en los mecanismos institucionales que aseguraron a la república de Venecia su perduración en el tiempo: una balanza adecuada de poderes, sistemas de votación secreta; etc. Se concluye argumentando a favor del segundo procedimiento, por su mayor racionalidad y capacidad de adaptación frente a las justificaciones histórico-míticas de difícil control y escasa flexibilidad para la negociación.

  17. Cultura, dinheiro, alteridade: a materialização da missão e o diaconato mundial das Igrejas Protestantes na Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Rickli


    Full Text Available Resumo Este artigo aborda os aspectos materiais de cultos e campanhas ligados à atividade missionária da Igreja Protestante na Holanda. Ao focar as ações desenvolvidas no país de origem, ao invés dos encontros nos campos missionários, o texto pretende investigar como as obrigações diaconais e missionárias cristãs abstratas se tornam produções rituais tangíveis e concretas, através da mobilização de um conjunto de elementos litúrgicos. O texto toma este processo como parte das negociações de alteridade em jogo no empreendimento missionário protestante. A descrição e a análise de alguns rituais observados durante a pesquisa etnográfica na Holanda permitem mostrar como a mobilização desses diversos elementos materializa e torna acessível aos sujeitos protestantes aspectos relativamente abstratos de suas obrigações missionárias.

  18. ‘Parado na esquina’: Performances masculinas e identificações entre ‘bondes’ juvenis na Nova Holanda, Maré, RJ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carla dos Santos Mattos


    Full Text Available No contexto do Rio de Janeiro, a criminalização mais ampla dos moradores de favela, baseada na acusação de que eles são coniventes com traficantes, impõe aos primeiros a “limpeza moral” como recurso de apresentação de si. A partir de pesquisa etnográfica sobre os “bondes” (grupos juvenis “parados na esquina” (socializando entre si em um ponto de encontro da favela na Nova Holanda, no Complexo da Maré, no contexto pré-implantação das Unidades de Polícia Pacificadora, este artigo analisa mecanismos de distinção entre “bandidos” e “moradores” que não passam pelo recurso de “limpeza moral” do “favelado”, imposto como característica específica de “construção das margens do Estado”, no sentido proposto por Das e Poole In Rio de Janeiro, the broader criminalization of favela residents, based on the accusation that they connive with drug dealers, imposes a “moral cleaning” on the former as recourse to self-representation. Based on an ethnographic study into the “parados na esquina” (in English, “standing on the corner” bondes or funk posses of youths in Nova Holanda, in the Complexo da Maré favelas, preceding the implementation of the Pacification Police Units, the article ‘Parado na Esquina’: Male Performances and Identifications among Funk ‘Bondes’ in Nova Holanda, Maré, RJ investigates mechanisms of distinction between “gangsters” and “residents” who do not undergo the “favelado” “moral cleaning”, imposed as a specific characteristic of “constructing margins of the State”, in the sense proposed by Das and Poole.Key words: favela, crime, youth, gender, UPP

  19. Mixed migration after the Libyan Revolution


    Samuel Cheung


    Irregular and mixed migration is still of great concern in post-revolutionary Libya, made more complex by the securitisation of border control issues and the inherent challenges of an interim government consolidating its authority.

  20. Cartography of irregularly shaped satellites (United States)

    Batson, R. M.; Edwards, Kathleen


    Irregularly shaped satellites, such as Phobos and Amalthea, do not lend themselves to mapping by conventional methods because mathematical projections of their surfaces fail to convey an accurate visual impression of the landforms, and because large and irregular scale changes make their features difficult to measure on maps. A digital mapping technique has therefore been developed by which maps are compiled from digital topographic and spacecraft image files. The digital file is geometrically transformed as desired for human viewing, either on video screens or on hard copy. Digital files of this kind consist of digital images superimposed on another digital file representing the three-dimensional form of a body.

  1. Edificio Van Leer. Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Breuer, Marcel


    Full Text Available This building houses the offices of a large industrial firm. The central part of the building is H shaped and has two floor. The general services, washrooms, dressing rooms, stores, archive and mechanical equipment are housed on the ground floor. This level also provides communication between the offices in the wings and the staff canteen. The top floor has a hall-cum-reception room, the exhibition of the firms products and a section of the offices. The two lateral wings, which are Y shaped in planform, are taken up with offices on both floor levels. This building clearly shows the touch of a master designer in its layout, finish and details. It is a most perfect solution in terms of its location, its function and its human requirements.El complejo aloja las oficinas de una gran empresa industrial. El cuerpo central del edificio principal—en forma de H—tiene dos plantas: la baja comprende los servicios generales, aseos y vestuarios para empleados, almacenes, archivo, equipos mecánicos, etc., y sirve de calle y comunicación entre los niveles inferiores de las alas de oficinas y la cantina para empleados. La planta alta alberga el vestíbulo, utilizado también como sala de recepción, espera, exposición de los productos fabricados por las factorías de la empresa y parte de oficinas. Las dos alas laterales—con plantas en forma de V—alojan, en sus dos niveles, las oficinas generales. El planteamiento, acabado y detalles de este inmueble muestran la mano de un maestro, que ha realizado un trabajo perfecto, teniendo en cuenta el emplazamiento—Holanda—, el lugar y el cometido a que se destina el edificio.

  2. Vivienda unifamiliar, Boekelo, Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salomonson, H.


    Full Text Available The ground floor of this dwelling separates very clearly three zones of the building: daytime quarters, nighttime quarters, and garage. The first includes a livingroom, a dining-cum kitchen freely connected with the terrace, and the kitchen itself. The second zone has two bedrooms, a service bedroom and washing facilities, and is connected with the daytime zone by a corridor. On the second floor there is a large bedroom, bathroom and terrace, as well as a dressing room. This is situated above the living room. Professor Byhouwer was responsible for designing the garden. This is a very simple, well differentiated, and integrally designed country home.Esta vivienda consta de dos plantas y sótano. En la baja aparecen claramente diferenciadas tres zonas: de convivencia diurna, de convivencia nocturna y garaje. En la primera de ellas hay una sala de estar y un comedor-cocina en comunicación con una, amplia terraza, y la cocina propiamente dicha. En la segunda, a la que se accede por un pasillo-distribuidor, están los dos dormitorios principales, el dormitorio de servicio y un aseo. La planta superior aloja un espacioso dormitorio, provisto de terraza, baño y vestidor; todo ello constituye un cuerpo de edificio que se alza sobre la zona, del vestíbulo principal y comedor. El jardín fue diseñado por el profesor Byhouwer. Esta casa campestre destaca por su elegante sencillez, acertada diferenciación de planos y feliz juego de volúmenes.

  3. Vivienda unifamiliar, en Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salomonson, Hein Salomonson


    Full Text Available This house has a ground and a top floor. The ground floor comprises an ample entry zone, the living space, with large rooms, and a service section, including kitchen, garage and other ancillary facilities. The top floor involves the sleeping quarters. It is possible to enlarge the capacity of the various rooms of both floors, by incorporating the terraces. This was a necessary requirement, owing to the intensive social life that its occupants anticipate. Basic materials used include steel windows and external doors, travertino floors in the hall, white painted brickwork for the external walls and Oregon pinewood for the internal partition.Consta de dos plantas: baja y primera. La baja comprende: una amplia zona de ingreso; la zona de estar, con amplios salones; la zona de servicio, con la cocina y dependencias anejas, etc.; y el garaje. La planta superior está ocupada por la zona de dormitorios. Existe la posibilidad de ampliar la capacidad de las diferentes habitaciones de ambas plantas, mediante la incorporación de las terrazas exteriores. Esta condición era necesaria, dada la gran vida de relación prevista para la zona noble. Materiales fundamentales: carpintería exterior metálica, de acero; solados de travertine en el hall; fábrica de ladrillo pintada de blanco en los cerramientos y pino de Oregon en el exterior.

  4. Iglesia en Hoorn, Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Van Oerle-Schrama-Bos, Arquitectos


    Full Text Available This church has room for 862 persons and has been designed in accordance with the most recent liturgical practice. The basic constructional elements are reinforced concrete, and untreated or white painted brick. The inner design seeks mainly to achieve a diaphanous and luminous environment.Tiene una capacidad de 862 asientos, y ha sido realizada de acuerdo con los más modernos principios litúrgicos. Los elementos fundamentales de construcción han sido el hormigón armado y el ladrillo visto, en su color o pintado de blanco. En su interior se ha atendido primordialmente a conseguir un ambiente claro y luminoso.

  5. Asistencia de los reclusos con problemas de salud mental en Holanda Health care for prisoners with mental health problems in Holland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. van ´t Hoff


    Full Text Available En este trabajo, se ofrece una visión general de los presos que necesitan atención debido a un trastorno mental y que, por ese motivo han sido internados en lugares con atención especial, con distintos niveles de seguridad. Los presos con trastornos psíquicos son un factor importante en las instituciones penitenciarias en Holanda. Los servicios que existen actualmente para esos presos intentan ofrecer la mayor atención y apoyo posibles.In this study, a general picture is given of prisoners needing health care as a result of mental disorder and who, for this reason, have been interned in special care units with different security levels. Prisoners with mental disorders are an important factor in prisons in Holland. Services currently available for this type of inmate set out to offer the best care and support possible.

  6. The Irregular Moons of Saturn (United States)

    Denk, Tilmann; Mottola, Stefano; Tosi, Federico; Bottke, William; Hamilton, Douglas P.


    The 38 irregular moons of Saturn, all but Phoebe discovered between 2000 and 2007, outnumber the planet's classical satellites. Observations from the ground and from near-Earth space have revealed orbits, sizes, and colors and have hinted at the existence of dynamical families, indicative of collisional evolution and common progenitors. More recently, remote observations of many irregular satellites with the Cassini spacecraft produced lightcurves that helped determine rotational periods, coarse shape models, potential hemispheric color heterogeneities, and other basic properties.From Cassini, a total of 25 Saturnian irregulars have been observed with the ISS camera. Their rotational periods range from 5.45 h to 76.13 h. The absence of fast rotators is evident. Among main-belt asteroids of the same size range (~4 to ~45 km), one third of the objects have faster rotations, indicating that many irregulars should be low-density objects.While the origin of the irregulars is still debated, capture of comets via three-body interactions during giant planets encounters does the best job thus far at reproducing the observed prograde/retrograde orbits. Data from the ground, near-Earth spacecraft, and Cassini as well as modeling results suggest the population visible today has experienced substantial collisional evolution. It may be that only Phoebe has survived relatively intact. The small particle debris drifts toward Saturn by P-R drag, with most of it swept up by Titan. Only remnants of this process are visible today.Our current knowledge on the Saturnian irregulars will be summarized in a chapter [1] in the book "Enceladus and the Icy Moons of Saturn" [2]. The talk will give an overview on the chapter's content, which covers the following topics: Orbital "architecture" (a,e,i), sizes and colors, Cassini observations and results, Phoebe, origin, an outlook.[1] Denk, T., Mottola, S., Tosi, F., Bottke, W.F., Hamilton, D.P. (2018): The Irregular Satellites of Saturn. In

  7. Analysis of irregularly distributed points

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hartelius, Karsten


    The present thesis is on the analysis of irregularly distributed points. The main part of the thesis is concerned with enterpolating and restoration of irregularly distribyted points. The least squares methods of kriging and Kalman filtering and the Bayesian restoration method of iterated...... is described as a robust estimator which may be appled straightfor- wardly to a wide range of point patterns and processes when the correlation structure is known. We give a qualitative and quantitative comparison of kriging, Kalman filter and iterated conditional modes. The Kalman filter have in a case study...... on fusion of maps with different spatial resolution, shown to provide a powerful modelling of autocorrelated noise structures. The Kalman filter have shown to be superior to ordinary kriging in precision and computational speed. Simple kriging has same statistical properties as the Kalman filter...

  8. High-Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities. (United States)


    Owen, and J. A. Klobuchar , "Recent Studies of the Structure and Morphology of Auroral Zone F- Region Irregularities," Radio Sci., -8, 6, 1167-1180, 1983...We present observations of electron density variations in the F1 region of the ionosphere at two locations near the magnetic equator . Oscillations in...just off the magnetic equator during equatorial spread F conditions. One, a Javalin sounding rocket, was launched by NASA from Natal, Brazil, on 18

  9. Evaluating Terrain Irregularity by Robot Posture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tomas Luneckas


    Full Text Available A method that allows evaluate the terrain irregularity by a robot posture is presented in this paper. A necessity to evaluate terrain irregularity is pointed out. Description of irregular terrain is given. A possibility to evaluate terrain irregularity by feet coordinate standard deviation is proposed. When deviation is σ = 0, all robots are in one plane. Bigger σ the more robot legs are scattered, meaning robot is walking in irregular terrain. A method to evaluate robot horizontality according to terrain by position of three planes is introduced.Article in Lithuanian

  10. Acoustic and Linguistic Interdependencies of Irregular Phonation (United States)


    as in pronunciation of many consonants and during whispering. An example of irregular phonation at the end of an utterance is shown in Figure 4. The...Dilley, et. al. [23] and Pierrehumbert [24] have found that, "glottalization [roughly, irregular phonation] of word-initial vowels is influenced by full...intonational phrase boundaries significantly affects whether or not irregular phonation occurs during word-initial vowels . Specifically, they found that at

  11. The total irregularity of a graph

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Abdo, H.; Brandt, S.; Dimitrov, D.


    In this note a new measure of irregularity of a graph G is introduced. It is named the total irregularity of a graph and is defined as irr(t)(G) - 1/2 Sigma(u, v is an element of V(G)) vertical bar d(G)(u) - d(G)(v)vertical bar, where d(G)(u) denotes the degree of a vertex u is an element of V......(G). All graphs with maximal total irregularity are determined. It is also shown that among all trees of the same order the star has the maximal total irregularity....

  12. Processing of Irregular Polysemes in Sentence Reading (United States)

    Brocher, Andreas; Foraker, Stephani; Koenig, Jean-Pierre


    The degree to which meanings are related in memory affects ambiguous word processing. We examined irregular polysemes, which have related senses based on similar or shared features rather than a relational rule, like regular polysemy. We tested to what degree the related meanings of irregular polysemes ("wire") are represented with…

  13. default and irregular attendance at treatment centres

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    a face to face interview. The questions covered .... dance behaviours — (regular versus irregular) — and the single most important reason month ... Phone. Hula. Nature. Job). 8. Table 2 shows the distribution of the regular 2 nd irregular attenders among the various occupational categories encountered in the present study.

  14. OGO 6 ion concentration irregularity studies (United States)

    Mcclure, J. P.


    Research is reported concerning the ionospheric F-region irregularities. The results are based on in-situ OGO-6 measurements of the total ion concentration N sub i. A proposed mechanism for the generation of equatorial F-region irregularities and the morphological results, and the occurrence of Fe(+) ions in the equatorial F-region are discussed. Related research papers are included.

  15. MAVEN Observations of Ionospheric Irregularities at Mars (United States)

    Fowler, C. M.; Andersson, L.; Shaver, S. R.; Thayer, J. P.; Huba, J. D.; Lillis, R.; Usanova, M. E.; Espley, J.; Ergun, R. E.; Mcfadden, J.; Mahaffy, P. R.; Connerney, J. E. P.; Benna, M.; Elrod, M.; Mitchell, D. L.; Mazelle, C.; Jakosky, B. M.


    Ionospheric irregularities associated with horizontal magnetic fields below 200 km altitude are observed at Mars. Plasma density modulations of up to 200% are observed during such events and appear correlated with fluctuations in the magnetic field. The observed fluctuations are likely Doppler shifted and represent spatial structures at length scales of 15-20 km or less. Conditions in the Martian ionosphere below 200 km are synonymous with the terrestrial E region, where ionospheric irregularities have been extensively studied. Interestingly, the irregularities at Mars appear to be electromagnetic in nature, in contrast to the electrostatic nature of irregularities at Earth. It is currently unclear what the primary drivers of these irregularities at Mars are, and further study is needed to explain these important phenomenon within the Martian ionosphere.

  16. Rupture Strength and Irregularity of Fracture Surfaces (United States)

    Ficker, Tomáš


    Textural irregularities of fracture surfaces of cement-based materials seem to be an interesting source of information on some mechanical properties. Besides compressive strength, the flexural strength is strongly correlated with height irregularities (i.e. roughness) of fracture surfaces of hydrated cement pastes. This correlation has been a subject of experimental study. An analytical relation between flexural strength and height irregularities has been inferred. The formula contains height parameters, which represent basic descriptors of surface irregularities of fracture surfaces of cement pastes. These irregularities are governed by the capillary porosity of cement pastes with different water-to-cement ratios. The relation yields values that are in agreement with the empirical formula published in the technical literature.

  17. Bioinspired irregularly chirped broadband reflecting multilayers (United States)

    Chiadini, Francesco; Fiumara, Vincenzo; Scaglione, Antonio


    Dielectric multilayers consisting of alternating layers of two different materials with thicknesses irregularly decreasing with depth in the structure are included in the cuticle of some beetles whose shell exhibits broadband reflection in the optical wavelength range. Emulating these structures, we propose and numerically analyze irregularly chirped dielectric multilayers. Analysis was performed using a dedicated genetic algorithm (GA) that searches for the multilayer configurations maximizing the reflection for normal incidence over a large wavelength range. We found that the GA leads to the irregularly chirped reflectors that significantly outperform the regularly chirped ones proposed and analyzed in the literature.

  18. The irregularity of graphs under graph operations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdo Hosam


    Full Text Available The irregularity of a simple undirected graph G was defined by Albertson [5] as irr(G = ∑uv∈E(G |dG(u − dG(v|, where dG(u denotes the degree of a vertex u ∈ V (G. In this paper we consider the irregularity of graphs under several graph operations including join, Cartesian product, direct product, strong product, corona product, lexicographic product, disjunction and sym- metric difference. We give exact expressions or (sharp upper bounds on the irregularity of graphs under the above mentioned operations

  19. Irregular Variability In Kepler Photometry (United States)

    Schlecker, Martin


    The transit method is the most successful tool for exoplanet discovery to date. With more than half of all known exoplanets discovered by Kepler using this method, the mission also revealed a number of objects with dimming events that defy the common explanations, the most prominent being KIC 8462852 aka ``Tabby's star''. I embarked on a search for objects with such irregular transit signatures in the data of K2, the two-wheeled successor mission of Kepler. My method is a combination of automated pre-selection of targets showing downward flux excursions and visual light curve inspection of the selected subset comprising about SI{1.5}% of the initial sample. In addition, I developed a tool to constrain the effective temperature of a planet-hosting star from photometry alone. This software finds broad application in any science case where a photometric spectral type estimate is necessary. I used existing transit models and Bayesian inference to perform a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) analysis of a planetary candidate I discovered. This putative gas giant is in a SI{1.32}day circular orbit with an exceptionally tight orbital radius of a ≈ 0.012 AU. My analysis revealed a scaled planetary radius of R_{p}/R_star = 0.0927±0.0026 and an edge-on orientation with an inclination i=89.8+3.0-3.4. EPIC 217393088.01 is one of the closest-orbiting exoplanets ever detected and the first giant planet with such a small orbital radius. An additional major finding of my search is EPIC 220262993, which exhibits aperiodic, asymmetric dips in flux with rapid dimming rates and up to SI{˜25}% depth, lasting for SIrange{2}{4} day. In previous works based on optical and mid-infrared photometry, this object was inconsistently classified as a possible quasar or a white dwarf. We conducted follow-up observations both photometrically with GROND on the MPI/ESO SI{2.2} meter telescope in La Silla (Chile) and spectroscopically with FIRE on the Magellan/Baade SI{6.5} meter telescope. With

  20. Could Chocolate Guard Against an Irregular Heartbeat? (United States)

    ... Could Chocolate Guard Against an Irregular Heartbeat? 13-year study ... 23, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- There's delicious news for chocolate lovers: New research suggests the sweet might help ...

  1. Examining U.S. Irregular Warfare Doctrine

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kimbrough, IV, James M


    ... of insurgency and terrorism. In response to the associated strategic challenges, a growing debate occurred among military historians, strategists, and leaders about the proper principles necessary for contemporary irregular...

  2. The K-Spectrum of Ionospheric Irregularities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    D'Angelo, N.; Pécseli, Hans; Petersen, P. I.


    Laboratory measurements in a cesium plasma device indicate that the wave number (power) spectrum of irregularities produced by the Farley instability is of the type P(K) ∝ K −β, where β ≃ 3.5-3.8.......Laboratory measurements in a cesium plasma device indicate that the wave number (power) spectrum of irregularities produced by the Farley instability is of the type P(K) ∝ K −β, where β ≃ 3.5-3.8....

  3. Locating irregularly shaped clusters of infection intensity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Niko Yiannakoulias


    Full Text Available Patterns of disease may take on irregular geographic shapes, especially when features of the physical environment influence risk. Identifying these patterns can be important for planning, and also identifying new environmental or social factors associated with high or low risk of illness. Until recently, cluster detection methods were limited in their ability to detect irregular spatial patterns, and limited to finding clusters that were roughly circular in shape. This approach has less power to detect irregularly-shaped, yet important spatial anomalies, particularly at high spatial resolutions. We employ a new method of finding irregularly-shaped spatial clusters at micro-geographical scales using both simulated and real data on Schistosoma mansoni and hookworm infection intensities. This method, which we refer to as the “greedy growth scan”, is a modification of the spatial scan method for cluster detection. Real data are based on samples of hookworm and S. mansoni from Kitengei, Makueni district, Kenya. Our analysis of simulated data shows how methods able to find irregular shapes are more likely to identify clusters along rivers than methods constrained to fixed geometries. Our analysis of infection intensity identifies two small areas within the study region in which infection intensity is elevated, possibly due to local features of the physical or social environment. Collectively, our results show that the “greedy growth scan” is a suitable method for exploratory geographical analysis of infection intensity data when irregular shapes are suspected, especially at micro-geographical scales.

  4. Identifying equatorial ionospheric irregularities using in situ ion drifts

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    R. A. Stoneback; R. A. Heelis


    Previous climatological investigations of ionospheric irregularity occurrence in the equatorial ionosphere have utilized in situ measurements of plasma density to identify the presence of an irregularity...

  5. Simulations of boundary migration during recrystallization using molecular dynamics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Godiksen, Rasmus Brauner; Trautt, Z.T.; Upmanyu, M.


    process is not uniform as assumed in many recrystallization models, but that the grain boundaries migrate in an irregular fashion and exhibit a strong dependence on the local presence of dislocations, which can distort the local migration process significantly. (c) 2007 Acta Materialia Inc. Published...

  6. Illumination of mesospheric irregularity by lightning discharge (United States)

    Füllekrug, Martin; Mezentsev, Andrew; Soula, Serge; Velde, Oscar; Evans, Adrian


    Theoretical model calculations recently predicted the existence of mesospheric irregularities which assist the initiation of sprites. Here we report the experimental detection of a ˜3-19 km3 large mesospheric irregularity at ˜80-85 km height which is illuminated by the electromagnetic field of an intense positive cloud-to-ground lightning discharge. While the lightning discharge causes a prompt group of four sprites above the lightning discharge, the mesospheric irregularity is found at a horizontal distance at least ˜15-20 km away from the sprite group and it rebrightens ˜40-60 ms after the sprite group occurrence. This rebrightening is driven by a local quasi-static electric field enhancement with a charge moment ˜4-20 Ckm which causes the irregularity to develop a downward descending luminous column from ˜75-85 km height. The quasi-static electric field enhancement is caused by the reorganization of residual charge inside the thundercloud during a high-level activity of intracloud discharges with ˜10-20 pulses per ms. Such mesospheric irregularities might have an effect on the wave propagation of 100 kHz radio waves which are used for atomic time transfer and marine navigation.

  7. 'Migration & Integration'


    Lisa Pilgram


    Migration, Integration : [kommunalpolitische Herausforderungen]. - Augsburg : Geo-Anwenderzentrum, [ca. 2004]. - XVIII, 281 S. - (Angewandte Sozialgeographie ; 49) (GEO-Taschenbuch). - Zugl.: Augsburg, Univ., Diss., 2003

  8. Restructuring surface tessellation with irregular boundary conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsung-Hsien Wang


    Full Text Available In this paper, the surface tessellation problem is explored, in particular, the task of meshing a surface with the added consideration of incorporating constructible building components. When a surface is tessellated into discrete counterparts, certain unexpected conditions usually occur at the boundary of the surface, in particular, when the surface is being trimmed. For example, irregularly shaped panels form at the trimmed edges. To reduce the number of irregular panels that may form during the tessellation process, this paper presents an algorithmic approach to restructuring the surface tessellation by investigating irregular boundary conditions. The objective of this approach is to provide an alternative way for freeform surface manifestation from a well-structured discrete model of the given surface.

  9. Irregular menstruation according to occupational status. (United States)

    Kwak, Yeunhee; Kim, Yoonjung


    This cross-sectional study explored associations of irregular menstruation with occupational characteristics, using secondary analyses of data from 4,731 women aged 19-54 years, collected from a nationally representative sample, the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey-V during 2010-2012. The associations between irregular menstruation and occupation were explored using multiple logistic regression. Compared to non-manual workers, service/sales workers had a greater odds of irregular menstruation (adjusted odds ratio [aOR]: 1.44; 95percent confidence interval [CI]: 1.04-1.99) as did manual workers and unemployed women (aOR: 1.56; 95percent CI: 1.10-2.22, aOR: 1.46; 95percent CI: 1.14-1.89, respectively). Compared to regular workers, temporary workers and unemployed women had aORs of 1.52 (95percent CI: 1.08-2.13) and 1.33 (95percent CI: 1.05-1.69), respectively. Also, when compared to full-time workers, part-time workers and unemployed women had greater odds of irregular menstruation (aOR: 1.41; 95percent CI: 1.00-2.00 and aOR: 1.29; 95percent CI: 1.03-1.63, respectively). Furthermore, compared to daytime workers, shift workers and unemployed women had greater odds irregular menstruation (aOR: 1.39; 95percent CI: 1.03-1.88 and aOR: 1.28; 95percent CI: 1.04-1.59, respectively). Women with these occupational characteristics should be screened for early diagnosis and intervention for irregular menstruation.

  10. Ensemble forecasting of irregular leadership change

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Beger


    Full Text Available Using updated Archigos Data, as well as structural and event data, we construct a split-population duration model of irregular leadership changes. These are leadership changes that occur outside of the normal, legal framework for leadership transitions. Our model was estimated in March 2014 and produced probability estimates of leadership changes in many countries in the world. We used a wisdom-of-the-crowds approach to combining estimates from various different models. Ukraine and Thailand are among those in which we had the highest predictions for irregular change of leaders.

  11. Puente sobre el Oosterschelde, Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hoving, H. T.


    Full Text Available This new bridge, forming part of the Delta project, is made of concrete, and was built by successive overhangs. Precast units were mainly used. The bridge is 5,000 m long, and is 11.85 m wide. The main spans are 95 m in length, except one, which can be opened up to sea traffic, which is 40 m long. The free height of the bridge over the sea is 15 m, which is insufficient for large ships. This required that one of the spans, in deep water, should open up, on hinges, and provide free passage to large ships. The intermediate bridge supports are of special interest. They rest on piles which go down to 38 m. They are hollow, cylindrical, of 4.35 m external diameter, and are driven into the ground in several stages, as they penetrate through the sands at the bottom of the Oosterschelde. To drive them in, an excavating device, inside the pile, was utilised, and also a dredging and suction mechanism, to clean out the bottom, and allow the piles to sink by gravity. But when external friction did not allow this to happen, the piles were weighed down with up to 500 tons of ballast. A series of three of these piles, in a row, makes up each bridge support. A cross member over the pile heads supports, in turn, the bridge deck. The bridge was built in successive sections, overhanging from each support, and then finally connected with a central portion. Use of precast units has been very extensive, so that the bridge can be justiaflably regarded as being prefabricated.Este nuevo puente, que forma parte del Plan de obras denominadas del Delta, es de hormigón y se ha construido por el procedimiento de voladizos sucesivos, utilizando, en su mayor parte, elementos prefabricados. Tiene una longitud total de 5.000 m; una anchura de 11,85 m; tramos principales de 95 m de luz, salvo uno, levadizo, que tiene 40 m. La altura libre sobre las ag^uas del mar es de 15 m, que es insuficiente para las naves de gran tonelaje; esto exigió que uno de sus tramos, en aguas profundas, fuera basculante, de dos hojas, lo que permite la navegación de grandes embarcaciones. Presentan particular importancia los apoyos intermedios, constituidos por pilotes de hasta unos 38 m, cilíndricos, huecos, de 4,25 m de diámetro exterior, hincados en fases sucesivas, que atravesaron las arenas del fondo del Oosterschelde. Para la hinca se utilizó un dispositivo excavador —instalado en el interior del pilote— y un sistema de dragado de succión para limpiar el fondo y permitir el descenso por gravedad; pero cuando el rozamiento en la superficie exterior no lo permitía, se procedía a lastrarlos con cargas de hasta 500 toneladas. Una serie de tres de estos pilotes —dispuestos en palizada, sobre los que se solidarizó un cabezal de arriostramiento, y sobre él, los llamados elementos de pila constituye cada apoyo o soporte intermedio. La construcción se hizo por trozos sucesivos, colocados en voladizo y dos en cada tramo, cerrándose con un dispositivo especial en la clave. La prefabricación ha sido tan extensa, que bien merece el nombre de puente prefabricado.

  12. Variedades de batatinha (Solanum tuberosum L.. I - Comportamento de 12 variedades procedentes da Holanda, Alemanha e Suécia Behavior of twelve potato varieties from European sources

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. J. Boock


    Full Text Available No presente trabalho são relatadas experiências com 12 variedades de batatinha (Solanum tuberosum L., recebidas da Holanda (Prinslander, Irene, Froma e Barima, Alemanha (Merkur, Sabina, Linda e Concordia e Suécia Konsuragis, Eigenheimer, Voran e Jätte-Bintje. Essas experiências, em número de seis, das quais três no chamado período "da sêca" (março-julho e três no "das águas" (setembro-janeiro, foram executadas nas localidades de Campinas, Louveira o Capão Bonito, no Estado de São Paulo. Ficou evidenciado o seguinte: a dado o bom estado de brotação dos tubérculos, as porcentagens de falhas no plantio "da sêca" foram baixas; já no plantio "das águas", as variedades de brotação lenta, como "Voran" e "Sabina", falharam muito; b "Prinslander" e "Konsuragis" resistiram bem à sêca prolongada, e "Barima" o "Linda" mostraram ser muito sensíveis; c "Linda", "Voran" e "Merkur", principalmente a primeira destas, apresentaram boa resistência a Phytophthora infestans, e "Jätte-Bintje" foi muito suscetível; "Voran", "Irene", "Prinslander" e "Barima" não ofereceram resistência a Alternaria solani; d "Merkur" e "Konsuragis" foram as mais produtivas para as duas épocas de plantio, sendo que "nas águas", "Eigenheimer", "Barima", "Concordia" e Jätte-Bintje", também produziram bem. Outros aspectos relacionados com variedades foram estudados.Twelve potato varieties imported from Holland (Prinslander, Irene, Froma, and Barima, Germany (Merkur, Sabina, Linda, and Concordia, and Sweden (Konsuragis, Eigenheimer, Voran, and Jätte-Bintje were compared in six experiments carried out at three different localities in the state of São Paulo (Campinas, Louveira, and Capão Bonito. The experiments were planted twice a year, once during the so-called dry season (March lo July, and another time during the rainy season (September to March. The following results were obtained: a plantings made in the dry season had a good stand, whereas this was

  13. Gendering Migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirjana Morokvašić


    Full Text Available Migration patterns, migration discourse and underlying representations, migrants’ experiences, obligations and duties as well as the expectations relative to their migration are gendered. Since the pioneering feminist migration scholars’ questioning of men as a universal reference and the invisibility of women or their stereotypical representations as dependents in the mainstream production of knowledge on migration, the scholarship has evolved considerably. It is argued in the paper that the ongoing process of cross-fertilization of developments in two separate epistemologies, each initially questioning monolithic and essentialist visions of a “migrant” on one hand and a “woman” on the other, produced a fecund subfield of research “migration and gender”. The paper provides an insight into this, reviewing work on the issues related to gendering different phases of migration. Bridging migration and gender brought to the top of research agendas issues that used to be on the margins, creating new visibilities but leaving out other gendered dimensions of complex realities of migrant experience.

  14. Água potável, água residuária e saneamento no Brasil e na Holanda no âmbito do Programa de Visitação Holandês - DVP: Dutch Visitors Programme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Matos de Souza

    Full Text Available RESUMO: O presente trabalho se desenvolveu a partir da participação no Programa de Visitação Holandês (em inglês, Dutch Visitors Programme - DVP, que permitiu o conhecimento da estrutura da prestação dos serviços de saneamento ambiental da Holanda e, posteriormente, possibilitou a realização de uma análise comparativa simplificada desses serviços prestados no Brasil. Dentro desse contexto, foi verificada uma grande disparidade em relação à gestão como um todo dos serviços de saneamento entre os dois países, como já era esperado. Apesar de ambos apresentarem pequenas diferenças nos padrões de potabilidade de água e diretrizes de lançamento de efluentes, notam-se grandes diferenças não somente em relação às características geográficas e ambientais, como extensão territorial e disponibilidade de recursos, mas, principalmente, em relação à gestão e ao envolvimento das partes, i.e., governo, prestadora de serviços e população atendida. Enquanto o Brasil foca em elevar os seus índices de atendimento sem se preocupar com a qualidade e com o impacto no ambiente, a Holanda, com elevados índices de qualidade e atendimento (quase totalidade, preocupa-se em buscar parcerias, novas tecnologias mais sustentáveis e um envolvimento mais efetivo da sociedade nas questões relacionadas ao saneamento ambiental.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    IRREGULAR REPRODUCTIVE CYCLES IN THE TONGALAND. LOGGERHEAD SEA-TURTLE, CARETTA CARETTA L. (CRYPTODIRA: CHELONIDAE). G. R. HUGHES. Natal Parks, Game and Fish Preservation Board, Pietermaritzburg. ABSTRACT. The concept of sea-turtles exhibiting regular reproductive cycles is widely ...

  16. Spelling Pronunciations: Transforming Irregularity into Regularity (United States)

    Landerl, Karin; Thaler, Verena; Reitsma, Pieter


    In a 10-day training, the efficacy of spelling pronunciations on German speaking 5th-graders' spelling skills for irregular words was examined. Poor spellers were less efficient in learning the spelling pronunciations than age-adequate spellers. On post-tests, 1 week after the last training day and between 5 and 12 weeks after post-test 1, poor…

  17. Extracting Periodic Signals From Irregularly Sampled Data (United States)

    Wilcox, Jaroslava Z.


    Successive approximations formed in Fourier space. Algorithm extracts periodic signals from sparse, irregularly sampled sets of measurement data. Pertains to data processed via fast Fourier transforms (FFTs). Data represents signal components with initially unknown frequencies spanning large spectral range and includes frequencies not integer multiples of minimum FFT frequency.

  18. Synchronizing data from irregularly sampled sensors (United States)

    Uluyol, Onder


    A system and method include receiving a set of sampled measurements for each of multiple sensors, wherein the sampled measurements are at irregular intervals or different rates, re-sampling the sampled measurements of each of the multiple sensors at a higher rate than one of the sensor's set of sampled measurements, and synchronizing the sampled measurements of each of the multiple sensors.

  19. Spelling pronunciations: transforming irregularity into regularity

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Landerl, K.; Thaler, V.; Reitsma, P.


    In a 10-day training, the efficacy of spelling pronunciations on German speaking 5th-graders' spelling skills for irregular words was examined. Poor spellers were less efficient in learning the spelling pronunciations than age-adequate spellers. On post-tests, 1 week after the last training day and

  20. Locating irregularly shaped clusters of infection intensity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Yiannakoulias, Niko; Wilson, Shona; Kariuki, H. Curtis


    Patterns of disease may take on irregular geographic shapes, especially when features of the physical environment influence risk. Identifying these patterns can be important for planning, and also identifying new environmental or social factors associated with high or low risk of illness. Until r...

  1. Smoking and respiratory irregularity in panic disorder. (United States)

    Caldirola, Daniela; Bellodi, Laura; Cammino, Stefania; Perna, Giampaolo


    The biological mechanisms underlying the link between smoking and panic attacks are unknown. Smoking might increase the risk of panic by impairing respiratory system function. We evaluated the effect of smoking on respiratory irregularity in patients with panic disorder (PD) and healthy comparison subjects and the role of the respiratory disorders in this effect. We applied the Approximate Entropy index (ApEn), a nonlinear measure of irregularity, to study breath-by-breath baseline respiratory patterns in our sample. Both smoker and nonsmoker patients had more irregular respiratory patterns than healthy subjects. Smoker patients showed higher ApEn indices of baseline respiratory rate and tidal volume than nonsmoker patients (R = 5.4, df = 2,55, p smoking in healthy subjects did not influence the regularity of respiratory patterns. Respiratory disorders did not account for the influence of smoking on respiratory irregularity. Smokers had more severe panic attacks than nonsmokers. Smoking may impair vulnerable respiratory function and act as disruptive factor on intrinsic baseline respiratory instability in patients with PD, possibly influencing the onset or maintenance of the disorder.

  2. Cohort migration. (United States)

    Taeuber, K E


    Most migration analyses focus on net migration and are concerned with areal redistributions of population. Migration may also be studied as an event in the life-cycle of an individual, and migration rates may be defined as properties of cohorts. A number of efforts to examine migration as a cohort process has been hampered by the character of available data [or the United States. Rather than await the development of a registration system-either directly or via social security and tax records-the collection of residence histories is suggested as the most feasible approach to obtaining suitable data. A schematic representation of residence histories clarifies their relation to other types of migration data and illustrates the need to design such surveys with specific research purposes in mind. Exploratory work with the 1958 Residence History Supplement to the Current Population Survey (by Beale, Shryock, myself, and various colleagues) demonstrates the utility of this approach.Local studies have made fruitful use of residence histories but typically are unable to delineate birth cohorts or other appropriate base populations exposed to risk. Development of cohort migration techniques analogous to the life table approach to mortality or cohort Jertility analysis requires national data. But migration, unlike Jertility and mortality, involves events that are reversible and repeatable. Hence the demographer's stock of analytic tools requires expansion. To the sociologist-demographer, experimentation with cohort migration models seems to be getting at one of the crucial methodological problems of sociology, the analysis of social mobility. A mutually profitable interchange with students of social mobility is envisaged.

  3. Fitting Irregular Shape Figures into Irregular Shape Areas for the Nesting Problem in the Leather Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guevara-Palma Luis


    Full Text Available The nesting problem of irregular shapes within irregular areas has been studied from several approaches due to their application in different industries. The particular case of cutting leather involves several restrictions that add complexity to this problem, it is necessary to generate products that comply with the quality required by customers This paper presents a methodology for the accommodation of irregular shapes in an irregular area (leather considering the constraints set by the footwear industry, and the results of this methodology when applied by a computer system. The scope of the system is to develop a working prototype that operates under the guidelines of a commercial production line of a sponsor company. Preliminary results got a reduction of 70% of processing time and improvement of 5% to 7% of the area usage when compared with manual accommodation.

  4. Globalization of international migration: Social challenges and policy implication

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I A Aleshkovski


    Full Text Available In the second half of the XX century, the humankind witnessed the insurmountable and irreversible power of globalization processes, which influence all spheres of social life and establish a global system of interdependency between countries and nations. Globalization within impetuous changes in global political, social and economic systems has determined dramatic shifts in the international migration processes that lead to the new stage of migration history. In nowadays globalized world, international migration has become a reality for almost all corners of the globe. The author considers features of the recent trends of international migration: the unprecedented growth of the international migration flows; the widening geography of international migration that involves nearly all countries of the world; qualitative changes in the structure of international migration flows; the key role of economic migration; the permanent growth and structural intricateness of irregular migration; the increasing scale and geographical widening of forced migration; the growing importance of international migration for the demographic development of the world, countries of both origin and destination. All these trends combined prove that the international migration patterns have become more complex. The author analyzes the legal framework of the international migration processes, and gives recommendations on the ways to improve the control and regulation of migration processes. Specific issues related to the social challenges of international migration are also discussed in the article.

  5. Parallel Programming Strategies for Irregular Adaptive Applications (United States)

    Biswas, Rupak; Biegel, Bryan (Technical Monitor)


    Achieving scalable performance for dynamic irregular applications is eminently challenging. Traditional message-passing approaches have been making steady progress towards this goal; however, they suffer from complex implementation requirements. The use of a global address space greatly simplifies the programming task, but can degrade the performance for such computations. In this work, we examine two typical irregular adaptive applications, Dynamic Remeshing and N-Body, under competing programming methodologies and across various parallel architectures. The Dynamic Remeshing application simulates flow over an airfoil, and refines localized regions of the underlying unstructured mesh. The N-Body experiment models two neighboring Plummer galaxies that are about to undergo a merger. Both problems demonstrate dramatic changes in processor workloads and interprocessor communication with time; thus, dynamic load balancing is a required component.

  6. Generating Performance Models for Irregular Applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Friese, Ryan D.; Tallent, Nathan R.; Vishnu, Abhinav; Kerbyson, Darren J.; Hoisie, Adolfy


    Many applications have irregular behavior --- non-uniform input data, input-dependent solvers, irregular memory accesses, unbiased branches --- that cannot be captured using today's automated performance modeling techniques. We describe new hierarchical critical path analyses for the \\Palm model generation tool. To create a model's structure, we capture tasks along representative MPI critical paths. We create a histogram of critical tasks with parameterized task arguments and instance counts. To model each task, we identify hot instruction-level sub-paths and model each sub-path based on data flow, instruction scheduling, and data locality. We describe application models that generate accurate predictions for strong scaling when varying CPU speed, cache speed, memory speed, and architecture. We present results for the Sweep3D neutron transport benchmark; Page Rank on multiple graphs; Support Vector Machine with pruning; and PFLOTRAN's reactive flow/transport solver with domain-induced load imbalance.

  7. Investigation of ionospheric irregularities by radio holography (United States)

    Tereshchenko, E. D.; Popov, A. A.; Tereshchenko, A. D.; Khudukon, B. Z.

    Methodological aspects of the design of a radio-holography experiment for the investigation of ionospheric irregularities are considered on the basis of a theoretical examination of the formation of a diffraction field by two coherent satellite signals. The equipment needed to implement such an experiment is described, and results of first observations performed at high latitudes (in the Murmansk region) on February 8, 1978 are examined.

  8. Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities Study from ROCSAT Data (United States)


    DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release: distribution unlimited. Fig. 1. Density observations from the polar orbiting satellite SWARM-A on...propagation and co-planed LEO and GPS orbits . P1i (rk) is the kth occulting LEO position from the ith GPS satellite within a RO observation, and P2i(rk...shows data taken by ESA SWARM satellite on March 16 and 17 indicating density irregularity was observed on March 17 but not on March 16 at Indian

  9. [Internal migration]. (United States)

    Borisovna, L


    Very few studies have been conducted that truly permit explanation of internal migration and it repercussions on social and economic structure. It is clear however that a profound knowledge of the determinants and consequences of internal migration will be required as a basis for economic policy decisions that advance the goal of improving the level of living of the population. the basic supposition of most studies of the relationship of population and development is that socioeconomic development conditions demographic dynamics. The process of development in Mexico, which can be characterized by great heterogeneity, consequently produces great regional disparities. At the national level various studies have estimated the volume of internal migration in Mexico, but they have usually been limited to interstate migration because the main source of data, the census, is classified by states. But given the great heterogeneity within states in all the elements related to internal migration, it is clear that studies of internal migration within states are also needed. Such studies are almost nonexistent because of their technical difficulty. National level studies show that interstate migration increased significantly between 1940-80. The proportion of Mexicans living outside their states of birth increased by 558% in those years, compared to the 342% increase in the total Mexican population. Although Puebla has a high rate of increase, migration has kept it below Mexico's national growth rate. Migration between Puebla and other states and within Puebla has led to an increasing unevenness of spatial distribution. Between 1970-80, 57 of Puebla's municipios had growth rates above the state average of 2.8%/year, 6 had growth rates equal to the average, and 129 had growth rates that were below the average but not negative. 25 states with negative growth rates that were considered strongly expulsive. In 1980, 51.7% of the population was concentrated in the 57 municipios

  10. Irregular Wavelike Structure in Saturn's Rings (United States)

    Pollard, Benjamin J.


    We have searched Saturn's A, B, and C rings for irregular wavelike structure using Voyager Photopolarimeter (PPS), Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS), and Radio Science (RSS) occultation datasets, as well as ring reflectivity profiles derived from Voyager images. A maximum entropy technique for conducting spectral analysis was used to estimate wave frequency power in relation to radial location for each dataset. Using this method we have found irregular structure in the PPS and UVS inner B Ring occultation datasets previously identified in Voyager imaging data. Both finer structure, with a wavelength of around 20 km, and large structure with wavelengths of 200 to 1000 km, are visible in the occultation data and appear similar to that seen in the imaging data. After removing ringlets from the C-Ring data, we have identified what appears to be a 1000-km wave sustained throughout the ring. The large dominant wavelength appears in all datasets; however, tests are currently being conducted in an attempt to verify its existence. Irregular structure with a wavelength of approximately 20 km has been observed in the C Ring reflectivity profiles, but not within the occultation datasets. This leads us to doubt it is caused by ring surface mass density fluctuations detectable by the occultation experiments.

  11. Parallel Computing Strategies for Irregular Algorithms (United States)

    Biswas, Rupak; Oliker, Leonid; Shan, Hongzhang; Biegel, Bryan (Technical Monitor)


    Parallel computing promises several orders of magnitude increase in our ability to solve realistic computationally-intensive problems, but relies on their efficient mapping and execution on large-scale multiprocessor architectures. Unfortunately, many important applications are irregular and dynamic in nature, making their effective parallel implementation a daunting task. Moreover, with the proliferation of parallel architectures and programming paradigms, the typical scientist is faced with a plethora of questions that must be answered in order to obtain an acceptable parallel implementation of the solution algorithm. In this paper, we consider three representative irregular applications: unstructured remeshing, sparse matrix computations, and N-body problems, and parallelize them using various popular programming paradigms on a wide spectrum of computer platforms ranging from state-of-the-art supercomputers to PC clusters. We present the underlying problems, the solution algorithms, and the parallel implementation strategies. Smart load-balancing, partitioning, and ordering techniques are used to enhance parallel performance. Overall results demonstrate the complexity of efficiently parallelizing irregular algorithms.

  12. Caring for the Unseen: Using Linking Social Capital to Improve Healthcare Access to Irregular Migrants in Spain. (United States)

    Mason, Deanna Marie


    To describe a novel strategy using linking social capital to provide healthcare access to irregular migrants with low literacy, low numeracy, and limited cultural assimilation in a European metropolitan area. Public data show numerous shortcomings in meeting the healthcare needs of refugees and irregular migrants surging into Europe. Many irregular migrants living in European communities are unable to access information, care, or services due to lack of social capital. An overview of the problem and traditional charity strategies, including their barriers, are briefly described. A novel strategy using linking social capital to improve healthcare access of irregular migrants is explored and described. Information regarding the impact of this approach on the target population is provided. The discussion of nursing's role in employing linking social capital to care for the vulnerable is presented. Immigration and refugee data show that issues related to migration will continue. The novel strategy presented can be implemented by nurses with limited financial and physical resources in small community settings frequented by irregular migrants to improve health care. The health and well-being of irregular migrants has an impact on community health. Nurses must be aware of and consider implementing novel strategies to ensure that all community members' healthcare needs, which are a basic human right, are addressed. © 2016 The Author. Journal of Nursing Scholarship published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of Sigma Theta Tau International The Honor Society of Nursing.

  13. Decomposing graphs into a constant number of locally irregular subgraphs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bensmail, Julien; Merker, Martin; Thomassen, Carsten


    A graph is locally irregular if no two adjacent vertices have the same degree. The irregular chromatic index χirr′(G) of a graph G is the smallest number of locally irregular subgraphs needed to edge-decompose G. Not all graphs have such a decomposition, but Baudon, Bensmail, Przybyło, and Woźnia...

  14. Runtime buffer management to improve the performance in irregular ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    This paper presents a heterogeneous adaptable router to reduce latency in irregular mesh Network-on-Chip (NoC) architectures. Regular mesh-based NoC architecture may become irregular due to variable sized IPs and needs new routing algorithms to ensure throughput. Therefore, an irregular NoC mesh is considered ...

  15. On irregularity strength of disjoint union of friendship graphs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Ahmad


    Full Text Available We investigate the vertex total and edge total modication of the well-known irregularity strength of graphs. We have determined the exact values of the total vertex irregularity strength and the total edge irregularity strength of a disjoint union of friendship graphs.

  16. 16 CFR 501.6 - Cellulose sponges, irregular dimensions. (United States)


    ... 16 Commercial Practices 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Cellulose sponges, irregular dimensions. 501... REQUIREMENTS AND PROHIBITIONS UNDER PART 500 § 501.6 Cellulose sponges, irregular dimensions. Variety packages of cellulose sponges of irregular dimensions, are exempted from the requirements of § 500.25 of this...

  17. Geophysical properties of the ionospheric irregularities responsible for radio scintillation (United States)

    Mcclure, J. P.


    The properties of F-region ionospheric irregularities are described based on in-situ measurements of the actual waveforms of ion concentration. The spectral properties of the irregularities are discussed. In high, middle and low latitudes most of the irregularities observed fall into a single 'noiselike' category having power spectra which can be approximated by f to the negative n-th power and S to the n-th power, where S is the irregularity scale size and n is approximately 2. Thus the spectral components have a maximum gradient which is almost independent of their size. Other categories of irregularities are also observed occasionally.

  18. Optical sizing of irregular snow grains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. A. Kokhanovsky


    Full Text Available We discuss a possibility of snow grain size determination using spectral reflectance measurements in the near-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Errors related to often made assumption of the sphericity of grains are studied. Also we introduce a new method for the snow albedo and snow pollution monitoring using measurements in the visible part of the electromagnetic theory. Both exact and approximate methods of the radiative transfer are used for the solution of corresponding inverse problem. It is assumed that snow grains can be presented as randomly distributed irregular fractal particles. The developed techniques are applied to both ground and satellite data.

  19. Migrating Worker

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Hans

    This is the preliminary report on the results obtained in the Migrating Worker-project. This project was initiated by the Danish Ministry of Finance with the aim of illustrating the effects of the 1408/71 agreement and the bilateral double taxation agreements Denmark has with the countries included...

  20. Dateline Migration. (United States)

    Tomasi, Lydio E., Ed.


    Presents data on international migration and its effects in and between various countries in North America, Europe, and Africa. Discussions include refugee, immigrant, and migrant worker flows; the legal, political, and social problems surrounding immigrants; alien terrorism and law enforcement problems; and migrant effects on education, social…

  1. Depth migration and de-migration for 3-D migration velocity analysis; Migration profondeur et demigration pour l'analyse de vitesse de migration 3D

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Assouline, F.


    for the application of migration velocity analysis. We are interested in particular in an important problem: the influence of irregularities in seismic acquisition on the quality of the depth migrated images. Indeed, 3-D seismic acquisitions show irregularities which are characterized by offset variations as well as a non uniform spatial sampling of the data. To overcome the first kind of irregularities, we propose to introduce the concept of migration by offset class in which are migrated all seismic traces that belong to a given offset class, and we show that such a migration relies on a sound theoretical basis whenever the offset varies smoothly with the midpoint coordinate. These theoretical considerations are validated experimentally: offset classes constructed so that the offset varies slowly with the midpoint coordinate allow to obtain the required imaging quality for migration velocity analysis. The influence, on the quality of the migrated images, of a non uniform spatial sampling of the data is, as for it, much more important than the one linked to offset variations: the computation of the superposition of migrated images associated with each midpoint requires the use of a genuine numerical integration formula. We study quadrature formulas based on polynomial interpolation procedures of the function to be integrated. We recommend to use the Hermite interpolation based numerical integration formula if we are primarily interested in amplitude variations in the case of gently dipping layers, and the Lagrange interpolation based numerical integration formula for the imaging of structures involving some complexity. Moreover, the implementation of these schemes of interpolation consists of a preprocessing of the data and does not really increase the CPU time required for running the migration itself. Of course, these approaches require that the distribution of midpoints is dense enough so as to take correctly into account the variations of the function to be


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacinta Palerm Viqueira


    Full Text Available Se presenta propuesta de nexo entre legislación favorable a las organizaciones de auto-gobierno y existencia de organizaciones sólidas; se presenta caracterización instituciones de auto-gobierno heterárquicas y jerárquicas; se presentan la capacidad de negociación y resistencia al Estado. Con estas herramientas se explora para el caso de Holanda la historia de la gestión de sistemas de control del agua, el marco jurídico para las organizaciones de auto-gobierno y la relación de las organizaciones con el Estado. Se muestra la burocratización y profesionalización de la administración de los sistemas de control del agua, así como la consolidación o unificación de organizaciones con el propósito de lograr economías de escala.

  3. A teoria da história como hermenêutica da historiografia: uma interpretação de Do Império à República, de Sérgio Buarque de Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arthur Assis


    Full Text Available O presente texto oferece uma interpretação de Do Império à República, o livro de Sérgio Buarque de Holanda que reconta a história política brasileira da segunda metade do século XIX. Baseando-se em conceitos desenvolvidos pelo teórico da história Jörn Rüsen, o artigo detém-se particularmente em três aspectos do referido livro: os artefatos teóricos que presidem a interpretação da crise da Monarquia brasileira, os padrões narrativos que dão suporte à constituição de sentido sobre essa experiência do passado, bem como o contexto atual de orientação que serviu de parâmetro de significado/sentido à interpretação e à representação. Esta análise pretende ilustrar que a teoria da história é não só um meio para explorar abstratamente as complexas questões ligadas à produção do conhecimento histórico, mas também uma ferramenta para a obtenção de imagens concretas acerca da prática intelectual dos historiadores profissionais.

  4. Computing proton dose to irregularly moving targets (United States)

    Phillips, Justin; Gueorguiev, Gueorgui; Shackleford, James A.; Grassberger, Clemens; Dowdell, Stephen; Paganetti, Harald; Sharp, Gregory C.


    Purpose: While four-dimensional computed tomography (4DCT) and deformable registration can be used to assess the dose delivered to regularly moving targets, there are few methods available for irregularly moving targets. 4DCT captures an idealized waveform, but human respiration during treatment is characterized by gradual baseline shifts and other deviations from a periodic signal. This paper describes a method for computing the dose delivered to irregularly moving targets based on 1D or 3D waveforms captured at the time of delivery. Methods: The procedure uses CT or 4DCT images for dose calculation, and 1D or 3D respiratory waveforms of the target position at time of delivery. Dose volumes are converted from their Cartesian geometry into a beam-specific radiological depth space, parameterized in 2D by the beam aperture, and longitudinally by the radiological depth. In this new frame of reference, the proton doses are translated according to the motion found in the 1D or 3D trajectory. These translated dose volumes are weighted and summed, then transformed back into Cartesian space, yielding an estimate of the dose that includes the effect of the measured breathing motion. The method was validated using a synthetic lung phantom and a single representative patient CT. Simulated 4DCT was generated for the phantom with 2 cm peak-to-peak motion. Results: A passively-scattered proton treatment plan was generated using 6 mm and 5 mm smearing for the phantom and patient plans, respectively. The method was tested without motion, and with two simulated breathing signals: a 2 cm amplitude sinusoid, and a 2 cm amplitude sinusoid with 3 cm linear drift in the phantom. The tumor positions were equally weighted for the patient calculation. Motion-corrected dose was computed based on the mid-ventilation CT image in the phantom and the peak exhale position in the patient. Gamma evaluation was 97.8% without motion, 95.7% for 2 cm sinusoidal motion, 95.7% with 3 cm drift in the

  5. A preference for migration


    Stark, Oded


    At least to some extent migration behavior is the outcome of a preference for migration. The pattern of migration as an outcome of a preference for migration depends on two key factors: imitation technology and migration feasibility. We show that these factors jointly determine the outcome of a preference for migration and we provide examples that illustrate how the prevalence and transmission of a migration-forming preference yield distinct migration patterns. In particular, the imitation of...

  6. Shape Properties of Irregular Surface Data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The presented work of this paper addresses the two shape properties, positivity and monotonicity of irregular surface data. The data is initially triangulated and a side-vertex scheme is adopted to interpolate the data over each triangle. Each boundary and radial curve is a rational function with three parameters facilitating 18 parameters in each triangular patch. The presence of these parameters leads to an automotive scheme for shape preservation and shape control. The data dependent constraints are derived on 6 of these parameters for preservation of positive and monotone properties of data, while, remaining 12 are free for shape modification. This scheme is local, does not constrain step length and derivatives, equally applicable to both data and data with derivatives.

  7. Irregular activity arises as a natural consequence of synaptic inhibition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Terman, D., E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210 (United States); Rubin, J. E., E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260 (United States); Diekman, C. O., E-mail: [Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey 07102 (United States)


    Irregular neuronal activity is observed in a variety of brain regions and states. This work illustrates a novel mechanism by which irregular activity naturally emerges in two-cell neuronal networks featuring coupling by synaptic inhibition. We introduce a one-dimensional map that captures the irregular activity occurring in our simulations of conductance-based differential equations and mathematically analyze the instability of fixed points corresponding to synchronous and antiphase spiking for this map. We find that the irregular solutions that arise exhibit expansion, contraction, and folding in phase space, as expected in chaotic dynamics. Our analysis shows that these features are produced from the interplay of synaptic inhibition with sodium, potassium, and leak currents in a conductance-based framework and provides precise conditions on parameters that ensure that irregular activity will occur. In particular, the temporal details of spiking dynamics must be present for a model to exhibit this irregularity mechanism and must be considered analytically to capture these effects.

  8. Aspects regarding the limicoline birds' migration in the IBA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    MULLER Johanna Walle


    Full Text Available The IBA “Jijia and Miletin ponds” (code 014 is situated at 40 km north-west from Iaşi city, around the confluence point of Miletin and Jijia Rivers, forming Vlădeni wetland. During the migration periods – in spring and autumn – we can count in Vlădeni wetland territory large flocks of limicoline birds (thousands exemplars, being represented 28 species; some of them are very rare in this part of Romania: Pluvialis apricaria, Pluvialis squatarola, Gallinago media, Lymnocryptes minimus, Arenaria interpres or Limosa lapponica. During the spring migration, but also during the autumn migration, we recorded 25 species, three species being different from a season of migration to other. During whole migration period, there are two super-dominant species Vanellus vanellus and Limosa limosa. We notice the irregular presence autumn migration of Gallinago media. In December are still present 5 species of limicoline birds.

  9. The uses of islands in the production of the southern Euroepan migration border

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nathalie Bernardie-Tahir


    Full Text Available The political uses of islands under the dynamics of EU border production and management are explored in this four-paper collection. Although the island migration model is not unique per se, irregular migration to southern European islands does have some specific features, including the extraordinary media attention it draws. From this perspective, the scientific analyses offered here aim both to show the particular situation that these islands find themselves in within the European policy framework for controlling irregular immigration and, more generally, to illustrate how these island places are like the development of film into photograph, revealing the issues, complexity and stakes particular to undesirable migrations.

  10. Logistic Incentive Structures Reflected in Irregular Logistic Procedures (United States)


    34 Washington Head- quarters Services, Directorate for Information Operations and Reports, 14 November. Festinger , Leon . (1950) Social Pressures in...Group Norms and Responsibility for Property A-22 3.3 Communication Networks and Irregular Logistic Procedures A-23 4.0 The Psychological Dimension A-25...Irregular Logistic Procedures A-31 4.2 Motivational Psychology Perspective A-32 4.2.1 Job-Related Incentives and Irregular Logistic Procedures A-33

  11. Irregular Shaped Building Design Optimization with Building Information Modelling


    Lee, Xia Sheng; Yan, Chung Pui; See, Zi Siang


    This research is to recognise the function of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in design optimization for irregular shaped buildings. The study focuses on a conceptual irregular shaped “twisted” building design similar to some existing sculpture-like architectures. Form and function are the two most important aspects of new buildings, which are becoming more sophisticated as parts of equally sophisticated “systems” that we are living in. Nowadays, it is common to have irregular shaped or ...

  12. Avoiding irregularities on the nasal dorsum in rhinoplasty. (United States)

    Casanueva, Fernando Javier; Cardemil, Felipe


    Palpable irregularities along the nasal dorsum are a frequent complication of dorsal handling in rhinoplasty because resection techniques are used. This is often a result of improper management of the dorsum after resection. The surgical technique for handling of dorsal irregularities following dorsal resection is described. The key steps to avoid irregularities are diamond rasps, autospreader and morselized cartilage as camouflage. Following resection of the hump, the anatomy of the nasal dorsum should be adequately restructured; thereby we achieve an adequate aesthetic result and ideally preventing irregularities on palpation.

  13. Drug Intoxicated Irregular Fighters: Complications, Dangers, and Responses

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kan, Paul R


    .... Although the nonmedical use of drugs by combatants has a long history, recent encounters of professional armed forces have demonstrated the need to reinvestigate the reasons irregular combatants...

  14. Dispersion of the Himalia family of jovian irregular satellites by planetesimal encounters (United States)

    Li, Daohai; Christou, Apostolos


    Giant planets are believed to have migrated significant radial distances due to interaction with a primordial planetesimal disk (Tsiganis et al. 2005). This process profoundly sculpted the solar system, shaping the distribution of the different types of heliocentric objects: the giant planets, the Trojans, the Main Asteroid Belt and the KBOs. Meanwhile, the same migration may have influenced the distribution of objects in the local planetocentric system as well. Since migration is achieved mainly by planet-planetesimal encounters, we focus on irregular satellites far from the host, thus susceptible to planetesimal perturbations. Specifically, we aim to reproduce a puzzling feature of the jovian Himalia group of prograde satellites: a wide spread in $a$ and $e$, with all group members being $>200$ m/s from Himalia and apparently too high to be consistent with a purely collisional origin. Here we investigate the evolution of a pre-existing Himalia group during planetary migration.We do this in a two-step procedure. Firstly, we perform migration simulations and record the states of planetesimals approaching Jupiter. Secondly, a nascent, closely-packed Himalia group with velocity dispersion of a few 10 m/s is integrated under the gravitational disturbance of the planetesimal fly-bys. We find that these planetesimal encounters disperse the group dramatically, bumping $\\sim 60\\%$ of the members to $>200$ m/s with respect to Himalia. Particularly, $a$ and $e$ suffer the most variation while the change in $i$ is often limited, matching the actual values for the observed group fairly well.Current models posit extensive collisional processing of the irregular satellite population following the planet migration phase (Bottke et al. 2010). In evaluating the collisional probability between a group member and Himalia, we find that the closer they are, the more likely that collisions occur. This suggests that members adjacent to Himalia are more likely to be collisionally

  15. Advances in electron dosimetry of irregular fields; Avances en dosimetria de electrones de campos irregulares

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mendez V, J. [Departamento de Radioterapia, Instituto de Enfermedades Neoplasicas, Avenida Angamos Este 2520, Lima 34 (Peru)


    In this work it is presented an advance in Electron dosimetry of irregular fields for beams emitted by linear accelerators. At present diverse methods exist which are coming to apply in the Radiotherapy centers. In this work it is proposed a method for irregular fields dosimetry. It will be allow to calculate the dose rate absorbed required for evaluating the time for the treatment of cancer patients. Utilizing the results obtained by the dosimetric system, it has been possible to prove the validity of the method describe for 12 MeV energy and for square field 7.5 x 7.5 cm{sup 2} with percentile error less than 1 % . (Author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Illegal migration is a mobile phenomenon, which ignores national borders, a threat that originates outside the community and extends to Western societies. This phenomenon is becoming larger and irregular migrants are often in a precarious situation and exposed to the criminals involved in various manifestations of organized crime. The future risk factors of the illegal migration are the demographic bomb, because the population is decreasing in European countries and increasing rapidly in poorer countries, droughts, floods, deforestation, that cause conflicts between climate refugees , extreme poverty, totalitarian regimes, epidemics, can trigger millions of people, the elderly and the working population imbalance which leads to the permanent import of immigrants To combat this phenomenon, states must engage and cooperate with each other. Measures taken by states must balance their integration policy for immigrants, legally residents and asylum policy to comply with international conventions. Also, states must adopt anti-immigrant policies, consisting of subordination visa policy to the interests of international security and exchange of information and, not least, to continue the Schengen process, as a value of humanitarian law applied in the field. The aim of the research is to characterize this dangerous phenomenon for the society and the goal is to identify strategies to combat illegal migration.

  17. Cryptic organisation within an apparently irregular rostrocaudal distribution of interneurons in the embryonic zebrafish spinal cord

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wells, Simon, E-mail: [Discipline of Genetics, School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia); The Special Research Centre for the Molecular Genetics of Development, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia); Conran, John G., E-mail: [Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia); Tamme, Richard, E-mail: [Discipline of Genetics, School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia); Gaudin, Arnaud, E-mail: [School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland 4072 (Australia); Webb, Jonathan, E-mail: [Discipline of Genetics, School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia); Lardelli, Michael, E-mail: [Discipline of Genetics, School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia); The Special Research Centre for the Molecular Genetics of Development, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5005 (Australia)


    The molecules and mechanisms involved in patterning the dorsoventral axis of the developing vertebrate spinal cord have been investigated extensively and many are well known. Conversely, knowledge of mechanisms patterning cellular distributions along the rostrocaudal axis is relatively more restricted. Much is known about the rostrocaudal distribution of motoneurons and spinal cord cells derived from neural crest but there is little known about the rostrocaudal patterning of most of the other spinal cord neurons. Here we report data from our analyses of the distribution of dorsal longitudinal ascending (DoLA) interneurons in the developing zebrafish spinal cord. We show that, although apparently distributed irregularly, these cells have cryptic organisation. We present a novel cell-labelling technique that reveals that DoLA interneurons migrate rostrally along the dorsal longitudinal fasciculus of the spinal cord during development. This cell-labelling strategy may be useful for in vivo analysis of factors controlling neuron migration in the central nervous system. Additionally, we show that DoLA interneurons persist in the developing spinal cord for longer than previously reported. These findings illustrate the need to investigate factors and mechanisms that determine 'irregular' patterns of cell distribution, particularly in the central nervous system but also in other tissues of developing embryos.

  18. Generalized frequency-domain synthetic aperture focusing technique for ultrasonic imaging of irregularly layered objects. (United States)

    Qin, Kaihuai; Yang, Chun; Sun, Feng


    In ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT), the phase shift migration (PSM) technique, as a frequency-domain implementation of the synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT), can be adopted for imaging of regularly layered objects that are inhomogeneous only in depth but isotropic and homogeneous in the lateral direction. To deal with irregularly layered objects that are anisotropic and inhomogeneous in both the depth and lateral directions, a generalized frequency- domain SAFT, called generalized phase shift migration (GPSM), is proposed in this paper. Compared with PSM, the most significant innovation of GPSM is that the phase shift factor is generalized to handle anisotropic media with lateral velocity variations. The generalization is accomplished by computer programming techniques without modifying the PSM model. In addition, SRFFT (split-radix fast Fourier transform) input/output pruning algorithms are developed and employed in the GPSM algorithm to speed up the image reconstructions. The experiments show that the proposed imaging techniques are capable of reconstructing accurate shapes and interfaces of irregularly layered objects. The computing time of the GPSM algorithm is much less than the time-domain SAFT combined with the ray-tracing technique, which is, at present, the common method used in ultrasonic NDT industry for imaging layered objects. Furthermore, imaging regularly layered objects can be regarded as a special case of the presented technique.

  19. International migration: The state-sovereignty-migration nexus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Chigudu


    Full Text Available Commonly, international human migration is blamed for corroding states sovereignty, especially stemming from policy circles, academic literature and citizens of the host countries. This has attracted the attention of the media highlighting hazards of being a migrant, with some countries viewing migrants as enemies; and, Cuba provides a vivid case. Yet in other countries, migrants are viewed as important contributors to social and economic development, with Mexico, the Dominican Republic and India serving as examples. This article locates migrants in the framework of human rights as guided by international law without prejudice to the demands of state sovereignty, but linking the two in the context of developing international standards. Migration is seen as a feature of human history dating back to primordial time. Nothing appears surprising in the movement of people across borders, defining a migrant through emigration and immigration while giving due respect to the sovereignty of states, both sending and receiving. The article discusses the nexus between migrants and state sovereignty in order to highlight the mutual benefit grounded in international law. It attempts to portray a more positive image of the migrant person in light of the global world, socio-economic development and human rights fundamentals. The main challenge remains that of implementing human rights, which appear to be at the crossroads of individual rights and state sovereignty. The paper reveals how the challenge can be overcome while maintaining the structure of rights and freedoms without infringement on states’ sovereignty. It concludes that migrants remain on the periphery of effective protection from the vagaries of the citizens, partly because the state has a tendency to confine certain rights to its citizenry. States possess discretionary authority to control the ingress of foreign nationals into their territories though sometimes they fail to do that as evidenced

  20. Regularities and irregularities in order flow data (United States)

    Theissen, Martin; Krause, Sebastian M.; Guhr, Thomas


    We identify and analyze statistical regularities and irregularities in the recent order flow of different NASDAQ stocks, focusing on the positions where orders are placed in the order book. This includes limit orders being placed outside of the spread, inside the spread and (effective) market orders. Based on the pairwise comparison of the order flow of different stocks, we perform a clustering of stocks into groups with similar behavior. This is useful to assess systemic aspects of stock price dynamics. We find that limit order placement inside the spread is strongly determined by the dynamics of the spread size. Most orders, however, arrive outside of the spread. While for some stocks order placement on or next to the quotes is dominating, deeper price levels are more important for other stocks. As market orders are usually adjusted to the quote volume, the impact of market orders depends on the order book structure, which we find to be quite diverse among the analyzed stocks as a result of the way limit order placement takes place.

  1. Irregular Homogeneity Domains in Ternary Intermetallic Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Marc Joubert


    Full Text Available Ternary intermetallic A–B–C systems sometimes have unexpected behaviors. The present paper examines situations in which there is a tendency to simultaneously form the compounds ABx, ACx and BCx with the same crystal structure. This causes irregular shapes of the phase homogeneity domains and, from a structural point of view, a complete reversal of site occupancies for the B atom when crossing the homogeneity domain. This work reviews previous studies done in the systems Fe–Nb–Zr, Hf–Mo–Re, Hf–Re–W, Mo–Re–Zr, Re–W–Zr, Cr–Mn–Si, Cr–Mo–Re, and Mo–Ni–Re, and involving the topologically close-packed Laves, χ and σ phases. These systems have been studied using ternary isothermal section determination, DFT calculations, site occupancy measurement using joint X-ray, and neutron diffraction Rietveld refinement. Conclusions are drawn concerning this phenomenon. The paper also reports new experimental or calculated data on Co–Cr–Re and Fe–Nb–Zr systems.

  2. Multiresolution Analysis Adapted to Irregularly Spaced Data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anissa Mokraoui


    Full Text Available This paper investigates the mathematical background of multiresolution analysis in the specific context where the signal is represented by irregularly sampled data at known locations. The study is related to the construction of nested piecewise polynomial multiresolution spaces represented by their corresponding orthonormal bases. Using simple spline basis orthonormalization procedures involves the construction of a large family of orthonormal spline scaling bases defined on consecutive bounded intervals. However, if no more additional conditions than those coming from multiresolution are imposed on each bounded interval, the orthonormal basis is represented by a set of discontinuous scaling functions. The spline wavelet basis also has the same problem. Moreover, the dimension of the corresponding wavelet basis increases with the spline degree. An appropriate orthonormalization procedure of the basic spline space basis, whatever the degree of the spline, allows us to (i provide continuous scaling and wavelet functions, (ii reduce the number of wavelets to only one, and (iii reduce the complexity of the filter bank. Examples of the multiresolution implementations illustrate that the main important features of the traditional multiresolution are also satisfied.

  3. Decomposing graphs into a constant number of locally irregular subgraphs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bensmail, Julien; Merker, Martin; Thomassen, Carsten


    . This is the first general constant upper bound on the irregular chromatic index of bipartite graphs. Combining this result with Przybyło’s result, we show that χirr′(G)≤328 for every graph G which admits a decomposition into locally irregular subgraphs. Finally, we show that χirr′(G)≤2 for every 16-edge...

  4. Characteristics of low latitude ionospheric E-region irregularities ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The autocorrelation functions, power spectral densities, signal de-correlation times are computed to study the temporal features of ionospheric E-region irregularities linked with daytime scintillations. Derived spectral index ranges between −2 and −9. Assuming velocity of irregularities, the characteristic lengths of the ...

  5. An investigation into design of fair surfaces over irregular domains ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Design of fair surfaces over irregular domains is a fundamental problem in computer-aided geometric design (CAGD), and has applications in engineering sciences (in aircraft, automobile, ship science etc.). In the design of fair surfaces over irregular domains defined over scattered data, it was widely accepted till recently ...

  6. Irregular Migrants in Belgium and the Netherlands. Aspirations and incorporation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meeteren, van M.J.


    In 'Irregular Migrants in Belgium and the Netherlands', Masja van Meeteren studies the different ways in which irregular migrants live in Belgium and the Netherlands. The book offers an empirically grounded theoretical critique of the dominant research practice that focuses on 'survival strategies',

  7. Over rough and smooth : Amputee gait on an irregular surface

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Curtze, Carolin; Hof, At L.; Postema, Klaas; Otten, Bert

    When negotiating irregular surfaces, the control of dynamic stability is challenged. In this study, we compared the adjustments in stepping behaviour and arm-swing of 18 unilateral transtibial amputees and 17 able-bodied participants when walking on flat and irregular surfaces. Experimental findings

  8. Effects of irregularity and anisotropy on the propagation of shear ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The propagation of shear waves differs between geo-media due to layer's structure and irregularity present in different layers. This paper studies the propagation of shear waves in a monoclinic layer with irregularity lying between two isotropic semiinfinite elastic medium. The displacement in the monoclinic layer is obtained ...

  9. The Recent Development of Croatia's Population – Regular and Irregular Population Trends

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan Lajić


    Full Text Available The recent development of Croatia’s population is burdened by many phenomena, due to which we can define it as irregular. Aggression against the newly-independent Croatian state, as well as the wars in its neighbourhood, brought about mechanical population movements that to a great degree enter into the category of forced migrations. The war death rate in the early 1990s and the strong refugee and expellee flows caused the strongest depopulation in recent times. Depopulation was present not only in war-effected areas – its further consequences were felt throughout Croatia. The mechanical, rather than the biological component determined this regressive development. The paper identifies the key modalities in migration flows in Croatia, which show that it is at the same time both an emigration and an immigration country. Wars in former Yugoslavia, which were to a high degree characterized by inter-ethnic conflicts, resulted in migration flows of people to their ethnic core areas. Thus, Croatia has received a strong immigration current made up of Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, whereas emigration from Croatia to the latter countries mostly involved rural Serbs. Besides these migration trends, members of the ethnically Croatian (majority population and also other groups from Croatia, have migrated to Western Europe, which was a continuation of traditional migration trends. Among these migrants there is a large contingent which could be denoted as part of the “brain drain”. The census conducted in 2001 applied a different methodology than earlier censuses. The problem of different census methodologies is especially pertinent in a country which has a large number of refugees and economic migrants that cannot be classified into the category of emigrants. Thus the 2001 Census registered that Croatia has 4,437,460 inhabitants, or 7.25% less than in 1991.

  10. Decomposing Oriented Graphs into Six Locally Irregular Oriented Graphs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bensmail, Julien; Renault, Gabriel


    An undirected graph G is locally irregular if every two of its adjacent vertices have distinct degrees. We say that G is decomposable into k locally irregular graphs if there exists a partition E1∪E2∪⋯∪Ek of the edge set E(G) such that each Ei induces a locally irregular graph. It was recently...... conjectured by Baudon et al. that every undirected graph admits a decomposition into at most three locally irregular graphs, except for a well-characterized set of indecomposable graphs. We herein consider an oriented version of this conjecture. Namely, can every oriented graph be decomposed into at most...... three locally irregular oriented graphs, i.e. whose adjacent vertices have distinct outdegrees? We start by supporting this conjecture by verifying it for several classes of oriented graphs. We then prove a weaker version of this conjecture. Namely, we prove that every oriented graph can be decomposed...

  11. Effect of small ionospheric irregularities on radio wave absorption (United States)

    Chen, H. C.; Fejer, J. A.


    The ionospheric absorption of a radio wave caused by small-scale irregularities with a gaussian autocorrelation function is calculated for various values of the linear scale height, the radio frequency, the scale size of the irregularities, and the mean-square fractional electron density fluctuations. The absorption is due to scattering of the radio wave into plasma oscillations by the irregularities. It is concluded that the absorption due to such irregularities with a mean-square fractional electron density deviation greater than about 0.000001 exceeds the normal collisional height-integrated absorption. Absorption of this type could play a significant part in heating experiments or in an ionosphere containing naturally occurring irregularities.

  12. [Rural migration in Poland]. (United States)

    Rakowski, W


    Migration of the rural population in Poland from 1946 to 1983 is analyzed, with a focus on rural-urban migration. Consideration is given to regional variations in migration patterns, the causes of migration, and the impact of migration on areas of origin.

  13. Cavitation at migrating boundaries during high temperature fatigue

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Raman, V.


    There is growing interest in the role of migrating boundaries during high temperature deformation. One area of current interest is the manner in which grain boundary migration can influence deformation and fracture at elevated temperatures. Much of the detailed treatments of intergranular cracking and cavitation during creep deformation have centered on effects occurring at stationary grain boundaries. The conventional idea represented in numerous publications is that grain boundary sliding plays an important role in intergranular fracture at elevated temperatures. The large stress concentrations developed at irregularities on grain boundaries are frequently cited as the principal reason for the easy generation of cracks and cavities. This article concludes that high temperature fatigue can cause significant migration and sliding in Al-3% Mg and Pb-2% Sn solid solution alloys, and that microcavitation and cracking takes place at the migrating boundaries in specimens tested at large strain amplitudes and low test frequencies. Cavities may be isolated within grains due to boundary migration.

  14. Migration of birds (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report covers the migration of birds. Topics covered include why birds migrate, when birds migrate, speed, altitude, courses, distance, major flyways and...

  15. On the edge irregularity strength of corona product of cycle with isolated vertices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Tarawneh


    Full Text Available In this paper, we investigate the new graph characteristic, the edge irregularity strength, denoted as es, as a modification of the well known irregularity strength, total edge irregularity strength and total vertex irregularity strength. As a result, we obtain the exact value of an edge irregularity strength of corona product of cycle with isolated vertices.

  16. Implications of the Debate on Irregular Migration in the European and Spanish Asylum Regime

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Víctor Merino Sancho


    Full Text Available Las actuales corrientes de refugiados y los motivos de huida buscando protección en terceros Estados son distintos de los que justificaron el surgimiento del régimen ju­rídico del asilo. Sin embargo, este régimen apenas ha sufrido cambios, al menos en relación con el concepto establecido internacionalmente en la Convención de 1951. Por su parte, los caracteres actuales de las migraciones han tenido como respues­ ta primordial, por parte de los poderes públicos, políticas basadas en la lógica del control de los flujos migratorios. La imposibilidad de distinguir claramente entre migraciones forzadas y voluntarias, a pesar del empeño mostrado por los Estados, ha provocado que esta lógica acabe afectando la normativa de asilo en perjuicio de la protección que significa e implica este derecho.

  17. Malaria burden in irregular migrants returning to Sri Lanka from human smuggling operations in West Africa and implications for a country reaching malaria elimination. (United States)

    Wickramage, K; Galappaththy, G N L


    The number of malaria cases among irregular migrants returning to Sri Lanka has not been investigated. In the first 6 months of 2012 we screened 287 irregular migrants returning from seven West African nations to Sri Lanka for malaria to ascertain the risk of infection during migration. Four men were diagnosed as having malaria: three with Plasmodium falciparum had travelled to Togo and one with P. vivax had travelled to Guinea. The risk of contracting malaria was 14 cases per 1000. Facilitating a safe return with selective screening for at-risk inbound migrants flows is desirable as Sri Lanka advances towards its goal of malaria elimination.

  18. Combinatorial Processing of Irregular Verbs: Evidence from Aphasia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stacey Rimikis


    Taken together, the results of Experiments 1 and 2 indicate a combinatorial morphological deficit affecting both regular and irregular verb production. The errors in producing irregularly-inflected verbs are similar to the production of regular verbs, and not similar to phonologically-matched monomorphemic words. These findings are consistent with full-decomposition accounts of morphological processing and inconsistent with accounts that posit differential processing of regular and irregular verbs. We will present additional analyses from these tasks and related tasks involving morphological comprehension and production across modalities.

  19. Orbital maneuvers around irregular shaped bodies (United States)

    Venditti, Flaviane; Rocco, E. M.; Almeida Prado, A. B.


    Abstract (2,250 Maximum Characters): In the solar system there are many small bodies called asteroids. The large majority of these bodies are located in the asteroid belt, between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. The Near- Earth Objects, or NEOs, are objects with perihelion below 1.3AU, which include comets and asteroids. The NEOs are considered to have orbits passing close to the Earth’s orbit and, in the case of asteroids, are called Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs). Among the NEAs there are bodies considered potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs), whose minimum orbit intersection distance with Earth is 0.05AU and that have absolute magnitude (H) of 22, which would mean an asteroid of at least 110-240 meters, depending on its albedo. One of the major characteristic of the asteroids is the irregular shape, causing the dynamics of orbits around these bodies to be different from a spherical shaped one. The fact that an object is not spherical generates a perturbation on the gravitational field. The disturbing force can be determined considering the shape of the specific body. A satellite orbiting this body would suffer the effects of this perturbation, but knowing the disturbing force, it’s possible to correct and control the orbit according to the desired mission. The polyhedron method is a traditional way to model an asteroid by dividing the object into smaller parts. The data used on this work are composed by a combination of triangular faces. The total disturbing force is a sum of the force on each piece of the model. Therefore, after the simulations are obtained, it’s possible to apply the desired corrections of the perturbation using continuous low thrust in closed loop, making it possible to perform maneuvers near these bodies. One of the important applications of the study shown above is in the ASTER mission, that is under study by INPE and several other Brazilian academic institutions, which goal is to send a spacecraft to an asteroid and then

  20. Genetic variation among populations of Pythium irregulare in southern Australia

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Harvey, P. R; Butterworth, P. J; Hawke, B. G; Pankhurst, C. E


    Isolates of Pythium irregulare were sampled from seven cereal crops throughout South Australia to determine the extent of genetic diversity within this pathogen and the scale of genetic differentiation among populations...

  1. Approximate design calculation methods for radiation streaming in shield irregularities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Miura, Toshimasa; Hirao, Yoshihiro [Ship Research Inst., Mitaka, Tokyo (Japan); Yoritsune, Tsutomu


    Investigation and assessment are made for approximate design calculation methods of radiation streaming in shield irregularities. Investigation is made for (1) source, (2) definition of streaming radiation components, (3) calculation methods of streaming radiation, (4) streaming formulas for each irregularity, (5) difficulties in application of streaming formulas, etc. Furthermore, investigation is made for simple calculation codes and albedo data. As a result, it is clarified that streaming calculation formulas are not enough to cover various irregularities and their accuracy or application limit is not sufficiently clear. Accurate treatment is not made in the formulas with respect to the radiation behavior for slant incidence, bend part, offset etc., that results in too much safety factors in the design calculation and distrust of the streaming calculation. To overcome the state and improve the accuracy of the design calculation for shield irregularities, it is emphasized to assess existing formulas and develop better formulas based on systematic experimental studies. (author)

  2. Irregular Community Discovery for Social CRM in Cloud Computing (United States)

    Liu, Jin; Liu, Fei; Zhou, Jing; He, Chengwan

    Social CRM is critical in utilities services provided by cloud computing. These services rely on virtual customer communities forming spontaneously and evolving continuously. Thus clarifying the explicit boundaries of these communities is quite essential to the quality of utilities services in cloud computing. Communities with overlapping feature or projecting vertexes are usually typical irregular communities. Traditional community identification algorithms are limited in discovering irregular topological structures from a CR networks. These uneven shapes usually play a prominent role in finding prominent customer which is usually ignored in social CRM. A novel method of discovering irregular community based on density threshold and similarity degree. It finds and merges primitive maximal cliques from the first. Irregular features of overlapping and prominent sparse vertex are further considered. An empirical case and a method comparison test indicates its efficiency and feasibility.

  3. School setting and irregular lunch consumption among adolescents

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pagh Pedersen, Trine; Holstein, Bjørn Evald; Rasmussen, Mette

    level variables and irregular lunch consumption. Lunch consumption was measured by lunch frequency questions. Results: We found that the school level factors, “Availability to canteen” and “Adult present in lunch breaks” were associated with irregular lunch consumption. Students with no access...... the association. Conclusion: The structural setting of the school was associated with children and adolescents’ regularity of lunch consumption in a multilevel model controlled for individual level factors. From the findings we can conclude that availability of canteen and school stall did not promote regular......Abstract Background: There is little knowledge of the association between the structural setting of the school and irregular lunch consumption among adolescents. Objectives: To study whether the structural setting of the school was associated with adolescents’ irregular lunch consumption...

  4. Land Elevation TINs (Triangulated Irregular Networks) for Jefferson County, WI (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Land Elevation TINs (Triangulated Irregular Networks) in this directory are generated from 2 foot contour lines from Jefferson County. Little is known about the...

  5. Irregular Warfare: Impact on Future Professional Military Education

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Paschal, David G


    ... to operate effectively in an irregular warfare environment. The utility of a decisive war between nation states continues to decline and will eventually reach critical mass based upon the extreme imbalance of military power and a U.S. monopoly...

  6. Associations between structural characteristics of the school setting and irregular lunch consumption – are there gender differences?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pagh Pedersen, Trine; Holstein, Bjørn Evald; Krølner, Rikke

    .52 (1.26-1.82). At the individual level, irregular lunch consumption was associated with being a boy, attending 7th grade, medium and low family social class, migration status, and living in a single and reconstructed family structure. Analyses stratified by gender showed similar results but among girls...... schoolchildren, and 2) examine whether gender modified these associations. Methods: Danish data from the international cross-sectional study ‘Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children in 2010 were used. Data were collected among schoolchildren aged 11, 13 and 15 years from a random sample of 75 schools....... The schoolchildren (N=4922) completed a self-administered questionnaire at school (response rate=86.3%). School principals (N=69) completed the school setting questionnaire (response rate=92 %). Associations between school level variables and irregular lunch consumption were estimated by multilevel logistic...

  7. NEOWISE: Observations of the Irregular Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn


    Grav, Tommy; Bauer, James M.; Mainzer, Amy K.; Masiero, Joe R.; Nugent, Carrie R.; Cutri, Roc M.; Sonnet, Sarah; Kramer, Emily


    We present thermal model fits for 11 Jovian and 3 Saturnian irregular satellites based on measurements from the WISE/NEOWISE data set. Our fits confirm spacecraft-measured diameters for the objects with in situ observations (Himalia and Phoebe) and provide diameters and albedo for 12 previously unmeasured objects, 10 Jovian and 2 Saturnian irregular satellites. The best-fit thermal model beaming parameters are comparable to what is observed for other small bodies in the outer solar system, wh...

  8. Edge irregular total labellings for graphs of linear size

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandt, Stephan; Rautenbach, D.; Miškuf, J.


    As an edge variant of the well-known irregularity strength of a graph G = (V, E) we investigate edge irregular total labellings, i.e. functions f : V ∪ E → {1, 2, ..., k} such that f (u) + f (u v) + f (v) ≠ f (u) + f (u v) + f (v) for every pair of different edges u v, u v ∈ E. The smallest possi...

  9. Effect of irregular interproximal dental restorations on periodontal status

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matvijenko Vladimir B.


    Full Text Available Introduction. Research of effects that irregular interproximal dental restoration have on supporting structures of the teeth and examination of evolution and course of changes in tissue structure is quite a poorly studied topic. Aim of this study is to examine and assess clinical and radiological changes in periodontal tissue caused by irregular interproximal dental restoration in particular group of patients with different age and sex. Methods. Irregularities which were assesed in this study are divided into two groups: a gap (cracks occurring between dental restorations and the gingival walls in Class II cavities, b prominence of dental fillings out of the teeth anatomical sphere, resulting with the positive step in gum third of tooth in Class II cavities. The study was based on whether in the particular forms of irregularities of the dental restorations are differences in the degree of change in the periodontal tissue, depending on the material from which the restoration is made, and the materials used were composite fillings and amalgams. Results of this study show that irregular dental fillings significantly affect the inflammatory response in periodontal tissue. Irregularities in the form of unfilled space cause major changes in periodontal tissue. Composite fillings cause a higher degree of inflammation in relation to amalgam fillings. Conclusion. Improper tooth fillings cause periodontal tissue damages.

  10. Formation and detection of high latitude ionospheric irregularities (United States)

    Lee, M. C.; Buchau, J.; Carlson, H. C., Jr.; Klobuchar, J. A.; Weber, E. J.


    Measurements of Total Electron Content (TEC) and airglow variations show that large scale plasma patches appearing in the high-latitude ionsophere have irregular structures evidenced by the satellite phase and amplitude scintillations. Whistler waves, intense quasi-DC electric field, and atmospheric gravity waves can become potential sources of various plamsa instabilities. The role of thermal effects in generating ionospheric irregularities by these sources is discussed. Meter-scale irregularities in the ionospheric E and F regions can be excited parametrically with lower hybrid waves by intense whistler waves. Ohmic dissipation of Pedersen current in the electron gas is able to create ionospheric F region irregularities in plasma blobs or plasma patches (i.e., high ambient plasma density environment) with broad scale lengths ranging from tens of meters to a few kilometers. Through the neutral-charged particle collisions, gravity waves can excite large-scale (less than tens of kilometers) ionospheric irregularities simultaneously with forced ion acoustic modes in the E region. The large-scale ionospheric density fluctuations produced in the E region can extend subsequently alogn the earth's magnetic field to the F region and the topside ionospheric regions. These mechanisms characterized by various thermal effects can contribute additively with other processes to the formation of ionospheric irregularities in the high latitude region.

  11. Design Optimization of Irregular Cellular Structure for Additive Manufacturing (United States)

    Song, Guo-Hua; Jing, Shi-Kai; Zhao, Fang-Lei; Wang, Ye-Dong; Xing, Hao; Zhou, Jing-Tao


    Irregularcellular structurehas great potential to be considered in light-weight design field. However, the research on optimizing irregular cellular structures has not yet been reporteddue to the difficulties in their modeling technology. Based on the variable density topology optimization theory, an efficient method for optimizing the topology of irregular cellular structures fabricated through additive manufacturing processes is proposed. The proposed method utilizes tangent circles to automatically generate the main outline of irregular cellular structure. The topological layoutof each cellstructure is optimized using the relative density informationobtained from the proposed modified SIMP method. A mapping relationship between cell structure and relative densityelement is builtto determine the diameter of each cell structure. The results show that the irregular cellular structure can be optimized with the proposed method. The results of simulation and experimental test are similar for irregular cellular structure, which indicate that the maximum deformation value obtained using the modified Solid Isotropic Microstructures with Penalization (SIMP) approach is lower 5.4×10-5 mm than that using the SIMP approach under the same under the same external load. The proposed research provides the instruction to design the other irregular cellular structure.

  12. Investigating the origins of the Irregular satellites using Cladistics (United States)

    Holt, Timothy; Horner, Jonti; Tylor, Christopher; Nesvorny, David; Brown, Adrian; Carter, Brad


    The irregular satellites of Jupiter and Saturn are thought to be objects captured during a period of instability in the early solar system. However, the precise origins of these small bodies remain elusive. We use cladistics, a technique traditionally used by biologists, to help constrain the origins of these bodies. Our research contributes to a growing body of work that uses cladistics in astronomy, collectively called astrocladistics. We present one of the first instances of cladistics being used in a planetary science context. The analysis uses physical and compositional characteristics of three prograde Jovian irregular satellites (Themisto, Leda & Himalia), five retrograde Jovian irregular satellites (Ananke, Carme, Pasiphae, Sinope & Callirrhoe), along with Phoebe, a retrograde irregular satellite of Saturn, and several other regular Jovian and Saturnian satellites. Each of these members are representatives of their respective taxonomic groups. The irregular satellites are compared with other well-studied solar system bodies, including satellites, terrestrial planets, main belt asteroids, comets, and minor planets. We find that the Jovian irregular satellites cluster with asteroids and Ceres. The Saturnian satellites studied here are found to form an association with the comets, adding to the narrative of exchange between the outer solar system and Saturnian orbital space. Both of these results demonstrate the utility of cladistics as an analysis tool for the planetary sciences.

  13. Red material on the large moons of Uranus: Dust from the irregular satellites? (United States)

    Cartwright, Richard; Emery, Joshua P.; Pinilla-Alonso, Noemí


    Ground-based, near-infrared (NIR) observations of the classical Uranian satellites show that their surface compositions are dominated by a mixture of H2O ice and a dark, spectrally-neutral constituent. Analysis of data collected during the Voyager 2 flyby of Uranus indicates that a spectrally red constituent is also present on these satellites, primarily on the leading hemispheres of the outer moons. We hypothesize that the red material originated on the irregular satellites, which are redder than the classical moons. Impact events on the irregular satellites eject dust particles from their surfaces and into orbit around Uranus. The orbits of these dust particles decay due to Poynting-Robertson drag, and the dust slowly migrates inward. These dust particles eventually cross into the orbital zone of the classical moons, where they are swept up primarily by the leading hemispheres of the outer moons, with a fairly homogenous distribution across their southern and northern latitudes.The data collected by Voyager 2 were over the southern hemispheres of the classical satellites (sub-observer latitude ~81°S), when their northern hemispheres were almost entirely shrouded by winter darkness. We collected new ground-based, NIR spectra of these moons now-observable northern hemispheres (sub-observer latitude ~24 - 35°N). Analysis of these new data indicates that the degree of reddening is greatest on the leading hemispheres of the outer moons, consistent with the Voyager 2 observations. Thus, longitudinal and planetocentric trends in reddening on these moons are apparent at both northern and southern latitudes, supporting the hypothesis that their surfaces are mantled by red dust from the irregular satellites. Additionally, our analysis indicates that the degree of reddening is greater on Titania than Oberon, in contrast to the analysis of Voyager 2-era data. We will present work related to our analysis of red material on the classical Uranian moons.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrian Pop


    Full Text Available The paper aims to assess the main migration effects upon Romania following its accession to the EU, with a special focus on Moldova as Romania’s immediate neighbour and ENP partner state at the EU Eastern border. It relies on key findings drawn from current literature in the field, statistics provided by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform of Romania, and personal interviews of the author with relevant authorities and experts both in Romania and Moldova. The paper surveys the major source areas and countries for irregular migration affecting Romania, the methods and routes used in irregular migration, various aspects of Romania’s visa policy towards Moldova, the main features of the process of regaining Romanian citizenship by Moldovan nationals and the most important characteristics of migration from Moldova to Romania. The paper also introduces a number of recommendations on regulating labour migration, combating irregular migration and organized crime, control procedures at border checkpoints, visa policy, and dissemination of information, whose aim is to help improve the migration policies of Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine as well as their cooperation from a cross-border perspective.

  15. Ionospheric irregularities over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia during selected geomagnetic storms (United States)

    Kassa, Tsegaye; Damtie, Baylie


    We have analyzed the effect of geomagnetic storms on the occurrence of ionospheric irregularities by considering seven case studies in the period of 2013-2014 over Bahir Dar, Ethiopia (11° N , 38° E). We inferred the irregularity indices from GPS phase fluctuation by computing the median of 1-min rate of change of total electron content (fp) along the ray paths from all satellites observed. The Fp -index was calculated as an hourly average fp -index values along the ray paths from all satellites observed during each hour. Our results revealed that the irregularity level was inhibited during post sunset hours of the main phase of the storms we considered. On average, the irregularity index has dropped from 400 (0.4 TECU/min) during quiet time to 50 (0.05 TECU/min) on disturbed time with an amount of 350 (0.35 TECU/min). However, in some of the cases, immediately after the onset of the storm, we observed the enhancement of irregularities. We found that only the observations on 01 June 2013 and 19 February 2014 exhibited a correspondence of the time of occurrence of the minimum of the Dst-index with inhibition of irregularities noted by other researchers. Our observations of the enhancement of irregularities on 17 March 2013 and 19 February 2014 can partly be explained by the orientation of the IMF BZ . Other measurements such as neutral wind, electric field are required to explain the observations on 29 June 2013, 06 July 2013, 09 November 2013 and 27 February 2014.

  16. Novel Method for Border Irregularity Assessment in Dermoscopic Color Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Jaworek-Korjakowska


    Full Text Available Background. One of the most important lesion features predicting malignancy is border irregularity. Accurate assessment of irregular borders is clinically important due to significantly different occurrence in benign and malignant skin lesions. Method. In this research, we present a new approach for the detection of border irregularities, as one of the major parameters in a widely used diagnostic algorithm the ABCD rule of dermoscopy. The proposed work is focused on designing an efficient automatic algorithm containing the following steps: image enhancement, lesion segmentation, borderline calculation, and irregularities detection. The challenge lies in determining the exact borderline. For solving this problem we have implemented a new method based on lesion rotation and borderline division. Results. The algorithm has been tested on 350 dermoscopic images and achieved accuracy of 92% indicating that the proposed computational approach captured most of the irregularities and provides reliable information for effective skin mole examination. Compared to the state of the art, we obtained improved classification results. Conclusions. The current study suggests that computer-aided system is a practical tool for dermoscopic image assessment and could be recommended for both research and clinical applications. The proposed algorithm can be applied in different fields of medical image analysis including, for example, CT and MRI images.

  17. Black rain: The burial of the Galilean satellites in irregular satellite debris (United States)

    Bottke, William F.; Vokrouhlický, David; Nesvorný, David; Moore, Jeffrey M.


    Irregular satellites are dormant comet-like bodies that reside on distant prograde and retrograde orbits around the giant planets. They are likely to be captured objects. Dynamical modeling work indicates they may have been caught during a violent reshuffling of the giant planets ˜4 Gy ago (Ga) as described by the so-called Nice model. According to this scenario, giant planet migration scattered tens of Earth masses of comet-like bodies throughout the Solar System, with some comets finding themselves near giant planets experiencing mutual encounters. In these cases, gravitational perturbations between the giant planets were often sufficient to capture the comet-like bodies onto irregular satellite-like orbits via three-body reactions. Modeling work suggests these events led to the capture of on the order of ˜0.001 lunar masses of comet-like objects on isotropic orbits around the giant planets. Roughly half of the population was readily lost by interactions with the Kozai resonance. The remaining half found themselves on orbits consistent with the known irregular satellites. From there, the bodies experienced substantial collisional evolution, enough to grind themselves down to their current low-mass states. Here we explore the fate of the putative irregular satellite debris in the Jupiter system. Pulverized by collisions, we hypothesize that the carbonaceous chondrite-like material was beaten into small enough particles that it could be driven toward Jupiter by Poynting-Robertson (P-R) drag forces. Assuming its mass distribution was dominated by D > 50 μm particles, we find that >40% ended up striking the Galilean satellites. The majority were swept up by Callisto, with a factor of 3-4 and 20-30 fewer particles reaching Ganymede and Europa/Io, respectively. Collision evolution models indicate most of this material arrived about 4 Ga, but some is still arriving today. We predict that Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, and Io were buried about 4 Ga by ˜120-140 m, 25


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grav, T. [Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, AZ 85719 (United States); Bauer, J. M.; Mainzer, A. K.; Masiero, J. R.; Sonnett, S.; Kramer, E. [Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109 (United States); Nugent, C. R.; Cutri, R. M., E-mail: [Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States)


    We present thermal model fits for 11 Jovian and 3 Saturnian irregular satellites based on measurements from the WISE/NEOWISE data set. Our fits confirm spacecraft-measured diameters for the objects with in situ observations (Himalia and Phoebe) and provide diameters and albedo for 12 previously unmeasured objects, 10 Jovian and 2 Saturnian irregular satellites. The best-fit thermal model beaming parameters are comparable to what is observed for other small bodies in the outer solar system, while the visible, W1, and W2 albedos trace the taxonomic classifications previously established in the literature. Reflectance properties for the irregular satellites measured are similar to the Jovian Trojan and Hilda Populations, implying common origins.

  19. Edge-partitioning graphs into regular and locally irregular components

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bensmail, Julien; Stevens, Brett


    -partition into χ'irr(G) classes, each of which induces a locally irregular graph. In particular, they conjectured that χ'irr(G) ≤3 for every G, unless G belongs to a well-characterized family of non-decomposable graphs. This conjecture is far from being settled, as notably (1) no constant upper bound on χ'irr(G......A graph is locally irregular if every two adjacent vertices have distinct degrees. Recently, Baudon et al. introduced the notion of decomposition into locally irregular subgraphs. They conjectured that for almost every graph G, there exists a minimum integer χ'irr(G) such that G admits an edge......) is known for G bipartite, and (2) no satisfactory general upper bound on χ'irr(G) is known. We herein investigate the consequences on this question of allowing a decomposition to include regular components as well. As a main result, we prove that every bipartite graph admits such a decomposition...

  20. Regulation of Irregular Neuronal Firing by Autaptic Transmission (United States)

    Guo, Daqing; Wu, Shengdun; Chen, Mingming; Perc, Matjaž; Zhang, Yangsong; Ma, Jingling; Cui, Yan; Xu, Peng; Xia, Yang; Yao, Dezhong


    The importance of self-feedback autaptic transmission in modulating spike-time irregularity is still poorly understood. By using a biophysical model that incorporates autaptic coupling, we here show that self-innervation of neurons participates in the modulation of irregular neuronal firing, primarily by regulating the occurrence frequency of burst firing. In particular, we find that both excitatory and electrical autapses increase the occurrence of burst firing, thus reducing neuronal firing regularity. In contrast, inhibitory autapses suppress burst firing and therefore tend to improve the regularity of neuronal firing. Importantly, we show that these findings are independent of the firing properties of individual neurons, and as such can be observed for neurons operating in different modes. Our results provide an insightful mechanistic understanding of how different types of autapses shape irregular firing at the single-neuron level, and they highlight the functional importance of autaptic self-innervation in taming and modulating neurodynamics.

  1. Track Irregularity Time Series Analysis and Trend Forecasting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jia Chaolong


    Full Text Available The combination of linear and nonlinear methods is widely used in the prediction of time series data. This paper analyzes track irregularity time series data by using gray incidence degree models and methods of data transformation, trying to find the connotative relationship between the time series data. In this paper, GM (1,1 is based on first-order, single variable linear differential equations; after an adaptive improvement and error correction, it is used to predict the long-term changing trend of track irregularity at a fixed measuring point; the stochastic linear AR, Kalman filtering model, and artificial neural network model are applied to predict the short-term changing trend of track irregularity at unit section. Both long-term and short-term changes prove that the model is effective and can achieve the expected accuracy.

  2. Exploring Manycore Multinode Systems for Irregular Applications with FPGA Prototyping

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ceriani, Marco; Palermo, Gianluca; Secchi, Simone; Tumeo, Antonino; Villa, Oreste


    We present a prototype of a multi-core architecture implemented on FPGA, designed to enable efficient execution of irregular applications on distributed shared memory machines, while maintaining high performance on regular workloads. The architecture is composed of off-the-shelf soft-core cores, local interconnection and memory interface, integrated with custom components that optimize it for irregular applications. It relies on three key elements: a global address space, multithreading, and fine-grained synchronization. Global addresses are scrambled to reduce the formation of network hot-spots, while the latency of the transactions is covered by integrating an hardware scheduler within the custom load/store buffers to take advantage from the availability of multiple executions threads, increasing the efficiency in a transparent way to the application. We evaluated a dual node system irregular kernels showing scalability in the number of cores and threads.

  3. Low frequency sound reproduction in irregular rooms using CABS (Control Acoustic Bass System)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Celestinos, Adrian; Nielsen, Sofus Birkedal


    of an irregular room model using the FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) method has been presented. CABS has been simulated in the irregular room model. Measurements of CABS in a real irregular room have been performed. The performance of CABS was affected by the irregular shape of the room due to the corner...

  4. Modeling of Plasma Irregularities in Expanding Ionospheric Dust Clouds (United States)

    Fu, H.; Scales, W.; Mahmoudian, A.; Bordikar, M. R.


    Natural dust layers occur in the earth’s mesosphere (50km-85km). Plasma irregularities are associated with these natural dust layers that produce radar echoes. Recently, an Ionospheric sounding rocket experiment was performed to investigate the plasma irregularities in upper atmospheric dust layers. The Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) uses a rocket payload injection of particles in the ionosphere to determine the mechanisms for enhanced radar scatter from plasma irregularities embedded in artificial dusty plasma in space. A 2-D hybrid computational model is described that may be used to study a variety of irregularities in dusty space plasmas which may lead to radar echoes. In this model, the dust and ions are both treated with Particle-In-Cell method while the dust charge varies with time based on the standard dust Orbit Motion Limited charging model. A stochastic model is adopted to remove particle ions due to the dust charging process. Electrons are treated with a fluid model including the parallel dynamics of magnetic fields. Fourier spectral methods with a predictor-corrector time advance are used to solve it. This numerical model will be used to investigate the electrodynamics and several possible plasma irregularity generation mechanisms after the creation of an artificial dust layer. The first is the dust ion-acoustic instability due to the drift of dust relative to the plasma. The instability saturates by trapping some ions. The effects of dust radius and dust drift velocity on plasma irregularities will be analyzed further. Also, a shear- driven instability in expanding dusty clouds is investigated.

  5. Criticality predicts maximum irregularity in recurrent networks of excitatory nodes.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yahya Karimipanah

    Full Text Available A rigorous understanding of brain dynamics and function requires a conceptual bridge between multiple levels of organization, including neural spiking and network-level population activity. Mounting evidence suggests that neural networks of cerebral cortex operate at a critical regime, which is defined as a transition point between two phases of short lasting and chaotic activity. However, despite the fact that criticality brings about certain functional advantages for information processing, its supporting evidence is still far from conclusive, as it has been mostly based on power law scaling of size and durations of cascades of activity. Moreover, to what degree such hypothesis could explain some fundamental features of neural activity is still largely unknown. One of the most prevalent features of cortical activity in vivo is known to be spike irregularity of spike trains, which is measured in terms of the coefficient of variation (CV larger than one. Here, using a minimal computational model of excitatory nodes, we show that irregular spiking (CV > 1 naturally emerges in a recurrent network operating at criticality. More importantly, we show that even at the presence of other sources of spike irregularity, being at criticality maximizes the mean coefficient of variation of neurons, thereby maximizing their spike irregularity. Furthermore, we also show that such a maximized irregularity results in maximum correlation between neuronal firing rates and their corresponding spike irregularity (measured in terms of CV. On the one hand, using a model in the universality class of directed percolation, we propose new hallmarks of criticality at single-unit level, which could be applicable to any network of excitable nodes. On the other hand, given the controversy of the neural criticality hypothesis, we discuss the limitation of this approach to neural systems and to what degree they support the criticality hypothesis in real neural networks. Finally

  6. Irregular Shaped Building Design Optimization with Building Information Modelling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee Xia Sheng


    Full Text Available This research is to recognise the function of Building Information Modelling (BIM in design optimization for irregular shaped buildings. The study focuses on a conceptual irregular shaped “twisted” building design similar to some existing sculpture-like architectures. Form and function are the two most important aspects of new buildings, which are becoming more sophisticated as parts of equally sophisticated “systems” that we are living in. Nowadays, it is common to have irregular shaped or sculpture-like buildings which are very different when compared to regular buildings. Construction industry stakeholders are facing stiff challenges in many aspects such as buildability, cost effectiveness, delivery time and facility management when dealing with irregular shaped building projects. Building Information Modelling (BIM is being utilized to enable architects, engineers and constructors to gain improved visualization for irregular shaped buildings; this has a purpose of identifying critical issues before initiating physical construction work. In this study, three variations of design options differing in rotating angle: 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees are created to conduct quantifiable comparisons. Discussions are focused on three major aspects including structural planning, usable building space, and structural constructability. This research concludes that Building Information Modelling is instrumental in facilitating design optimization for irregular shaped building. In the process of comparing different design variations, instead of just giving “yes or no” type of response, stakeholders can now easily visualize, evaluate and decide to achieve the right balance based on their own criteria. Therefore, construction project stakeholders are empowered with superior evaluation and decision making capability.

  7. Malaysia and forced migration

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Arzura Idris


    This paper analyzes the phenomenon of "forced migration" in Malaysia. It examines the nature of forced migration, the challenges faced by Malaysia, the policy responses and their impact on the country and upon the forced migrants...

  8. Migration and revolution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nando Sigona


    Full Text Available The Arab Spring has not radically transformed migration patterns in the Mediterranean, and the label ‘migration crisis’ does not do justice to the composite and stratified reality.

  9. [Artificial cycle therapy of acupuncture and moxibustion for irregular menstruation]. (United States)

    Wu, Jie; Yang, Lijie; Chen, Yajie; Li, Qing; Chen, Lin


    Through the discussion on TCM physiological characters of females in follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual phases and treatment principles, the clinical application of artificial cycle therapy of acupuncture and moxibustion was introduced for irregular menstruation and the typical cases were attached. It is suggested that the menstrual cycle follows the growth-consumption rule of yin, yang, qi and blood. The corresponding treatment principles should be applied in accordance with the change rule of menstrual cycle. Hence, it is worth to adopt the artificial cycle therapy of acupuncture and moxibustion for irregular menstruation in clinical application.

  10. Essays on temporary migration


    Mestres Domenech, J.


    My thesis dissertation focuses on the temporariness of migration, its diverse effects as well as on migration selection. The first paper, A Dynamic Model of Return Migration analyzes the decision process underlying return migration using a dynamic model. We explain how migrants decide whether to stay or to go back to their home country together with their savings and consumption decisions. We simulate our model with return intentions and perform policy simulations. The se...

  11. More Myths of Migration. (United States)

    Basch, Linda; Lerner, Gail


    Challenges "myths" about women and migration, including (1) the causes of migration are economic, not racism; (2) migrant women receive support from feminist groups and trade unions; (3) transnational corporations are positive forces in developing nations; (4) migration today has little impact on family life; and (5) most migrants cluster in…

  12. Introduction : irregular migrant domestic workers in Europe : who cares?


    Triandafyllidou, Anna


    International migration in the last two decades has been increasingly gendered. Women have become important components of international migration flows both within Europe (from East to West) and from developing countries in Asia and Africa to Europe. Female migration has been encouraged by both push and pull factors. On the push side, the implosion of Communist regimes in central eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics has left women unemployed, without a welfare state to rely on and/o...

  13. Professional Irregular Defense Forces: The Other Side of COIN (United States)


    city. When the Chechens fired from these positions, Russian returned fire inevitably hit civilian housing, schools, hospitals, and daycare centers ...trained for irregular warfare. Background organizations such as schools and training centers need to be established...Pennsylvania and the south, since it was seen by the British as the southern center of the rebellion. General John Burgoyne’s army maneuvered from Canada

  14. Regularisation of irregular verbs in child English second language ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Basing their conclusions on studies that were conducted on acquisition of English and German noun and verb inflections, these researchers proposed that, through the Blocking Principle, the use of the regular inflections with irregular verbs and nouns is automatically and subconsciously blocked. The present study was ...

  15. Effect of election irregularities on socio–economic development of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Since the fourth Republic there have been trends of bad leadership in the State resulting from election irregularities committed that produce leaders in the State. The nature, extent and magnitude of rigging associated with elections in this state are posing a serious threat to the state quest for stable socioeconomic ...

  16. Structure Irregularity Impedes Drop Roll-Off at Superhydrophobic Surfaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Simon Tylsgaard; Andersen, Nis Korsgaard; Søgaard, Emil


    -off angles is found to be caused by a decrease of the receding contact angle, which in turn is caused by an increase of the triple phase contact line of the drops for those more irregular surfaces. To understand the observation, we propose to treat the microdrops as rigid bodies and apply a torque balance...

  17. On a new process for cusp irregularity production

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. C. Carlson


    Full Text Available Two plasma instability mechanisms were thought until 2007 to dominate the formation of plasma irregularities in the F region high latitude and polar ionosphere; the gradient-drift driven instability, and the velocity-shear driven instability. The former mechanism was accepted as accounting for plasma structuring in polar cap patches, the latter for plasma structuring in polar cap sun aligned arcs. Recent work has established the need to replace this view of the past two decades with a new patch plasma structuring process (not a new mechanism, whereby shear-driven instabilities first rapidly structure the entering plasma, after which gradient drift instabilities build on these large "seed" irregularities. Correct modeling of cusp and early polar cap patch structuring will not be accomplished without allowing for this compound process. This compound process explains several previously unexplained characteristics of cusp and early polar cap patch irregularities. Here we introduce additional data, coincident in time and space, to extend that work to smaller irregularity scale sizes and relate it to the structured cusp current system.

  18. Size and Albedo of Irregular Saturnian Satellites from Spitzer Observations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mueller, Michael; Grav, T.; Trilling, D.; Stansberry, J.; Sykes, M.


    Using MIPS onboard the Spitzer Space Telescope, we observed the thermal emission (24 and, for some targets, 70 um) of eight irregular satellites of Saturn: Albiorix, Siarnaq, Paaliaq, Kiviuq, Ijiraq, Tarvos, Erriapus, and Ymir. We determined the size and albedo of all targets. An analysis of

  19. Predictions of Stellar Occultations by Irregular Satellites up to 2020 (United States)

    Ramos Gomes, Altair; Assafin, Marcelo; Beauvalet, Laurene; Desmars, Josselin; Vieira-Martins, Roberto; Camargo, Julio I.; Morgado, Bruno Eduardo; Braga Ribas, Felipe


    Due to their orbital configurations, it is believed the irregular satellites of the Giant Planets were captured by their host planets during the Solar System evolution. It is important to know their physical parameters such as size, shape, albedo and composition in an attempt to access their origin. The best ground-based technique to do so is by stellar occultations.With the release of the GAIA catalog and the publication of a large database of positions of irregular satellites (Gomes-Júnior et al., 2015), the position of the stars and the ephemeris of the satellites are improved to better predict stellar occultation.The present work predicts such events for the 8 largest irregular satellites of Jupiter and the largest irregular satellite of Saturn, Phoebe, up to 2020. Another motivation is the passage of Jupiter in front of the Galatic Plane in 2019-2020 increasing a lot the number of stars to be occulted. The same happens with Saturn in 2018.

  20. Convection-diffusion lattice Boltzmann scheme for irregular lattices

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sman, van der R.G.M.; Ernst, M.H.


    In this paper, a lattice Boltzmann (LB) scheme for convection diffusion on irregular lattices is presented, which is free of any interpolation or coarse graining step. The scheme is derived using the axioma that the velocity moments of the equilibrium distribution equal those of the

  1. Wheel-rail interaction at short-wave irregularities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Steenbergen, M.J.M.M.


    Short-wave irregularities in the wheel-rail interface are at the basis of track and vehicle damage and deterioration. On the short term, they result into high dynamic train-track interaction forces and a high energy input into the system that must be dissipated in the different system components or

  2. The extended structure of the dwarf irregular galaxy Sagittarius

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Beccari, G.; Bellazzini, M.; Fraternali, F.; Battaglia, G.; Perina, S.; Sollima, A.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Testa, V.; Galleti, S.


    We present a detailed study of the stellar and H i structure of the dwarf irregular galaxy Sagittarius. We use new deep and wide field photometry to trace the surface brightness profile of the galaxy out to ≃5.0' (corresponding to ≃1600 pc) and down to μV ≃ 30.0 mag/arcsec2, thus showing that the

  3. Modeling irregularly spaced residual series as a continuous stochastic process

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Von Asmuth, J.R.; Bierkens, M.F.P.


    In this paper, the background and functioning of a simple but effective continuous time approach for modeling irregularly spaced residual series is presented. The basic equations were published earlier by von Asmuth et al. (2002), who used them as part of a continuous time transfer function noise

  4. Endo-reduplication and irregular division lead to genome ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Table of contents. Endo-reduplication and irregular division lead to genome heterogeneity in Entamoeba histolytica · Slide 2 · Slide 3 · Differences between a mitotic cycle and endo-reduplicating cycle · Heterogeneity of genome content is observed in cells arrested by serum starvation followed by serum addition · Slide 6.

  5. On a conjecture about edge irregular total labelings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandt, Stephan; Rautenbach, D.; Miškuf, J.


    ′V. Functions with this property were recently introduced and studied by Bača et al. and were called edge irregular total labelings. Our result confirms a recent conjecture of Ivančo and Jendrol' about such labelings for dense graphs, for graphs where the maximum and minimum degree are not too different...

  6. Buckling analysis of partially corroded steel plates with irregular ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    For the structural safety assessment of corroded structures, load carrying capacity reduction should .... Elastic buckling assessment of corroded plates with irregular surfaces is only on the basis of numerical analysis with ... Ahmad Rahbar-Ranji. Eigenvalue analyses are performed using computer code ANSYS (version 5.6).

  7. Effect of irregularity and inhomogenity on the propagation of love ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dispersion equation for Love waves in a fluid-saturated porous isotropic layer over a semi-infinite non homogene-ous elastic medium with half-space rectangular irregularity was derived by perturbation technique and Fourier transformation. Analysis of the dispersion equation indicated that the phase velocity was strongly ...

  8. Effect of irregularity on torsional surface waves in an initially ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The present paper is concerned with the propagation of torsional surface waves in an initially stressedanisotropic porous layer sandwiched between homogeneous and non-homogeneous half-space. We assumethe quadratic inhomogeneity in rigidity and density in the lower half-space and irregularity is taken inthe form of ...

  9. Effect of irregularity on torsional surface waves in an initially ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The present paper is concerned with the propagation of torsional surface waves in an initially stressed anisotropic porous layer sandwiched between homogeneous and non-homogeneous half-space. We assume the quadratic inhomogeneity in rigidity and density in the lower half-space and irregularity is taken in the form ...

  10. Illegal Migration and Human Smuggling in Central and Eastern Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Futo


    Full Text Available The analytical and statistical services of border management organizations in Central and Eastern European countries have registered and accumulated a vast body of knowledge on the demographics and mechanisms of illegal migration over the last one-and-a-half decade. This paper attempts to tap this resource by summarising the results of a yearly survey among border guards of 17 countries. A set of quantitative indicators of illegal migration is developed, presented and interpreted, based on the answers of the border services to a series of quantitative and qualitative questions. This empirical material is used to evaluate the dynamics and pattern of illegal migration in Central and Eastern Europe on the one hand, and to examine the development of border management strategies on the other. The impacts of legal and institutional reforms are investigated in light of the temporal and spatial variations of border apprehension statistics. The interdependence of the two processes is reviewed from the point of view of national border management authorities, perhaps the most authoritative source of information on the issue. The results of the authors’ annual survey indicate that the progressive development of migration control mechanisms at national and international levels seems to have a significant impact on irregular migration flows as most indicators of illegal migration have significantly decreased after the turn of the century. At the same time, the geographical distribution of illegal migration flows in Central and Eastern European countries has become more complex over the years.

  11. Comparison of correlation analysis techniques for irregularly sampled time series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Rehfeld


    Full Text Available Geoscientific measurements often provide time series with irregular time sampling, requiring either data reconstruction (interpolation or sophisticated methods to handle irregular sampling. We compare the linear interpolation technique and different approaches for analyzing the correlation functions and persistence of irregularly sampled time series, as Lomb-Scargle Fourier transformation and kernel-based methods. In a thorough benchmark test we investigate the performance of these techniques.

    All methods have comparable root mean square errors (RMSEs for low skewness of the inter-observation time distribution. For high skewness, very irregular data, interpolation bias and RMSE increase strongly. We find a 40 % lower RMSE for the lag-1 autocorrelation function (ACF for the Gaussian kernel method vs. the linear interpolation scheme,in the analysis of highly irregular time series. For the cross correlation function (CCF the RMSE is then lower by 60 %. The application of the Lomb-Scargle technique gave results comparable to the kernel methods for the univariate, but poorer results in the bivariate case. Especially the high-frequency components of the signal, where classical methods show a strong bias in ACF and CCF magnitude, are preserved when using the kernel methods.

    We illustrate the performances of interpolation vs. Gaussian kernel method by applying both to paleo-data from four locations, reflecting late Holocene Asian monsoon variability as derived from speleothem δ18O measurements. Cross correlation results are similar for both methods, which we attribute to the long time scales of the common variability. The persistence time (memory is strongly overestimated when using the standard, interpolation-based, approach. Hence, the Gaussian kernel is a reliable and more robust estimator with significant advantages compared to other techniques and suitable for large scale application to paleo-data.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrian Pop


    Full Text Available The EU migration strategy in relation to its new eastern neighbours has started to take shape. Among other things, it includes: applying the Global Approach to Migration to the eastern regions neighbouring the EU; securing the necessary funding for migration management through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI and the Thematic Programme for the cooperation with third countries in the areas of migration and asylum; promoting mobility partnerships and circular migration; concluding short-term visa facilitation and readmission agreements; and opening the first Common Visa Application Centre in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. In addition, the EU has improved its regional focus by the help of the Black Sea Synergy European Commission Communication and extended for 2008-2009 the mandate of its Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM, which is set to tackling irregular migration, drugs and cigarettes smuggling, and stolen cars and guns trafficking.

  13. Factors associated with menstrual cycle irregularity and menopause. (United States)

    Bae, Jinju; Park, Susan; Kwon, Jin-Won


    A regular menstrual cycle is an important indicator of a healthy reproductive system. Previous studies reported obesity, stress, and smoking as the factors that are associated with irregular menstruation and early menopause. However, the integrative effects of these modifiable risk factors have not been fully understood. This study aimed to investigate the modifiable risk factors of menstrual cycle irregularity and premature menopause, as well as their individual and combined effects among adult women in Korea. This study selected adult women aged 19 years and above who had been included in the 2007-2014 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. We used a separate dataset to analyze the risk factors of menstrual cycle irregularity and menopause (pre- and postmenopausal women: n = 4788 and n = 10,697, respectively). Univariate and multiple logistic regression analyses were conducted to evaluate the effects of smoking, drinking, obesity, and perceived level of stress on the menstrual cycle and menopause. Both logit and linear models were used in the analyses of the association between smoking and menopausal age. Equivalized household income, marital status, and educational level were considered as covariates. The modifiable risk factor scores were also calculated to integrate the effect of smoking, drinking, and obesity in the analysis. Results showed that smoking status, pack-year, obesity, and perceived level of stress were significantly associated with irregular menstruation among premenopausal women. Especially, women demonstrating > 3 modifiable risk factor scores had 1.7 times higher risk of having irregular menstruation than those who had a 0 score. Meanwhile, early initiation of smoking (≤19 years) and high pack-year (≥5) were also significantly associated with premature menopause among postmenopausal women. This study demonstrated that modifiable risk factors, such as smoking, obesity, and stress, were significantly associated

  14. Dialogues on migration policy


    Giugni, Marco; Passy, Florence


    Dialogues on Migration Policy brings together leading American and European scholars of immigration politics to address migration policy. Editors Marco Giugni and Florence Passy's aim to present a number of informed "dialogues" addressing three main theoretical concerns in this field: the role of the national state in a globalizing world, the determinants of policy change, and the role of collective interests in migration policy. Adopting an unconventional format, the novelty of Dialogues on ...

  15. Many Faces of Migrations


    Milica Antić Gaber; Marko Krevs


    Temporary or permanent, local or international, voluntary or forced, legal or illegal, registered or unregistered migrations of individuals, whole communities or individual groups are an important factor in constructing and modifying (modern) societies. The extent of international migrations is truly immense. At the time of the preparation of this publication more than 200 million people have been involved in migrations in a single year according to the United Nations. Furthermore, three time...

  16. Elastic Reverse Time Migration (RTM) From Surface Topography (United States)

    Akram, Naveed; Chen, Xiaofei


    Seismic Migration is a promising data processing technique to construct subsurface images by projecting the recorded seismic data at surface back to their origins. There are numerous Migration methods. Among them, Reverse Time Migration (RTM) is considered a robust and standard imaging technology in present day exploration industry as well as in academic research field because of its superior performance compared to traditional migration methods. Although RTM is extensive computing and time consuming but it can efficiently handle the complex geology, highly dipping reflectors and strong lateral velocity variation all together. RTM takes data recorded at the surface as a boundary condition and propagates the data backwards in time until the imaging condition is met. It can use the same modeling algorithm that we use for forward modeling. The classical seismic exploration theory assumes flat surface which is almost impossible in practice for land data. So irregular surface topography has to be considered in simulation of seismic wave propagation, which is not always a straightforward undertaking. In this study, Curved grid finite difference method (CG-FDM) is adapted to model elastic seismic wave propagation to investigate the effect of surface topography on RTM results and explore its advantages and limitations with synthetic data experiments by using Foothill model with topography as the true model. We focus on elastic wave propagation rather than acoustic wave because earth actually behaves as an elastic body. Our results strongly emphasize on the fact that irregular surface topography must be considered for modeling of seismic wave propagation to get better subsurface images specially in mountainous scenario and suggest practitioners to properly handled the geometry of data acquired on irregular topographic surface in their imaging algorithms.

  17. Regional Redistribution and Migration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Manasse, Paolo; Schultz, Christian

    We study a model with free migration between a rich and a poor region. Since there is congestion, the rich region has an incentive to give the poor region a transfer in order to reduce immigration. Faced with free migration, the rich region voluntarily chooses a transfer, which turns out...... to be equal to that a social planner would choose. Provided migration occurs in equilibrium, this conclusion holds even in the presence of moderate mobility costs. However, large migration costs will lead to suboptimal transfers in the market solution...

  18. Migration and Its Consequences


    Ivan Vasile Ivanoff


    ABSTRACT: Migration, as a social phenomenon, has an especially complex character and can be analyzed from the point of view of the state which is the source of the migration as well as from the point of view of the state which is the destination of the migration. Its causes are especially complex but the economic ones are determinant and are fundamentally different of the causes which determine the population to seek refuge in case of armed conflict. The effects of the migration are equally c...

  19. Migration into art

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Anne Ring

    This book addresses a topic of increasing importance to artists, art historians and scholars of cultural studies, migration studies and international relations: migration as a profoundly transforming force that has remodelled artistic and art institutional practices across the world. It explores...... contemporary art's critical engagement with migration and globalisation as a key source for improving our understanding of how these processes transform identities, cultures, institutions and geopolitics. The author explores three interwoven issues of enduring interest: identity and belonging, institutional...... visibility and recognition of migrant artists, and the interrelations between aesthetics and politics, including the balancing of aesthetics, politics and ethics in representations of forced migration....

  20. Surface irregularities of MBE grown cubic GaN layers (United States)

    Lima, A. P.; Frey, T.; Köhler, U.; Wang, C.; As, D. J.; Schöttker, B.; Lischka, K.; Schikora, D.


    Cubic GaN layers are grown by molecular beam epitaxy on (0 0 1)GaAs substrates. The influence of intentional deviations from stoichiometric growth conditions on the structural homogeneity of the epitaxial layers and the GaN/GaAs interface was studied. Optical micrographs and AFM-images of the epilayers grown in a Ga-stabilised regime reveal the existence of different types of surface irregularities. We conclude that the irregularities observed are the result of successively melt-back etching in GaN and GaAs and solution growth within Ga-droplets due to the change of the saturation conditions of the liquid Ga-phase on the surface of the growing film.

  1. The use of global ionospheric irregularity models for satellite communications (United States)

    Pope, J. H.


    Scintillation data obtained in the VHF region were used by Fremouw to develop a global scintillation model. An attempt has been made in the present study to improve this model in several respects. One of these is to modify the high latitude term in the model to better represent data obtained in the northern high latitude regions. Another improvement is the extention of the frequency region of validity to the L band and microwave regions. This attempt is based on certain theoretical considerations regarding the effects of distribution in irregularity sizes. Recent satellite in situ measurements indicate that the ionospheric irregularity description is functionally different from that assumed in the past. These satellite measurements are used in connection with the theoretical development to improve the model.

  2. Ionospheric irregularities causing scintillation of GHz frequency radio signals (United States)

    Wernik, A. W.; Liu, C. H.


    Consideration of the recently observed phenomenon of scintillation of satellite signals at GHz frequency range. Based on the scintillation data and results from in situ measurements, several ionospheric irregularity models with different power spectra are studied. Scintillation index is computed for the various models and compared with observed results. Both magnitude and frequency dependence of the scintillation index are investigated. It is found that a thick irregularity slab of the order of 200 km with an electron density fluctuation of about 20 per cent of its background value and with a nonmonotonic power spectrum may account for the maximum observed values of the scintillation index as well as its frequency dependence. Some future observations and measurements are suggested.

  3. Depression of the ULF geomagnetic pulsation related to ionospheric irregularities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. A. Molchanov


    Full Text Available We consider a depression in intensity of ULF magnetic pulsations, which is observed on the ground surface due to appearance of the irregularities in the ionosphere. It is supposed that oblique Alfven waves in the ULF frequency range are downgoing from the magnetosphere and the horizontal irregularities of ionospheric conductivity are created by upgoing atmospheric gravity waves from seismic source. Unlike the companion paper by Molchanov et al. (2003, we used a simple model of the ionospheric layer but took into consideration the lateral inhomogeneity of the perturbation region in the ionosphere. It is shown that ULF intensity could be essentially decreased for frequencies f = 0.001-0.1 Hz at nighttime but the change is negligible at daytime in coincidence with observational results.

  4. Delay-driven irregular spatiotemporal patterns in a plankton system. (United States)

    Tian, Canrong; Zhang, Lai


    An inhomogeneous distribution of species density over physical space is a widely observed scenario in plankton systems. Understanding the mechanisms resulting in these spatial patterns is a central topic in plankton ecology. In this paper we explore the impact of time delay on spatiotemporal patterns in a prey-predator plankton system. We find that time delay can trigger the emergence of irregular spatial patterns via a Hopf bifurcation. Moreover, a phase transition from a regular spiral pattern to an irregular one was observed and the latter gradually replaced the former and persisted indefinitely. The characteristic length of the emergent spatial pattern is consistent with the scale of plankton patterns observed in field studies.

  5. Wettability measurements of irregular shapes with Wilhelmy plate method (United States)

    Park, Jaehyung; Pasaogullari, Ugur; Bonville, Leonard


    One of the most accurate methods for measuring the dynamic contact angle of liquids on solid surfaces is the Wilhelmy plate method. This method generally requires the use of rectangular samples having a constant perimeter in the liquid during advancing and receding cycles. A new formulation based on the Wilhelmy force balance equation to determine the contact angle for plate samples with irregular shapes has been developed. This method employs a profile plot obtained from an optical image to determine the perimeter (i.e. wetted length) of the sample as a function of the immersion depth. The raw force data measured by the force tensiometer is manipulated using the profile plot and the Wilhelmy equation to determine the wetting force and consequently advancing and the receding contact angle. This method is verified with both triangular and irregular PTFE samples in water, and measured contact angles are in good agreement with results from conventional regular shaped samples with a constant perimeter.

  6. The second-order decomposition model of nonlinear irregular waves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Yang, Zhi Wen; Bingham, Harry B.; Li, Jin Xuan


    into the first- and the second-order super-harmonic as well as the second-order sub-harmonic components by transferring them into an identical Fourier frequency-space and using a Newton-Raphson iteration method. In order to evaluate the present model, a variety of monochromatic waves and the second......A new method to decompose the nonlinear irregular waves is proposed. The second-order potential flow theory is employed to construct the relation of the second-order items solution by deriving the transfer function between the first- and the second-order components. Target waves are decomposed......-order nonlinear irregular waves over a broad range of frequencies have been analyzed, and the effects on wave nonlinearity are analyzed. The experimental results show that the present method is reasonably effective for the wave decomposition....

  7. The scholarly rebellion of the early Baker Street Irregulars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    George Mills


    Full Text Available This work provides and analyzes an early institutional history of the pioneering Sherlock Holmes American fan club, the Baker Street Irregulars (BSI. Using the publications and records of these devoted Sherlockians, I track the BSI's development from a speakeasy gathering in 1934 to a national organization by the mid-1940s. This growth was built on a foundation of Victorian nostalgia and playful humor. Yet at the same time the members of the Irregulars took their fandom seriously, producing Sherlockian scholarship and creating an infrastructure of journals, conferences, and credentialing that directly mimicked the academy. They positioned themselves in contrast to prevailing scholarly practices of the period, such as New Criticism. I trace both how their fan practices developed over time and how this conflict with the academy led to many of the BSI's defining characteristics.

  8. Finding Causes of Irregular Headways Integrating Data Mining and AHP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shi An


    Full Text Available Irregular headways could reduce the public transit service level heavily. Finding out the exact causes of irregular headways will greatly help to develop efficient strategies aiming to improve transit service quality. This paper utilizes bus GPS data of Harbin to evaluate the headway performance and proposes a statistical method to identify the abnormal headways. Association mining is used to dig deeper and recognize six causes of bus bunching. The AHP, embedded data analysis, is applied to determine the weight of each cause in the case of that these causes are combined with each other constantly. Results show that the front bus has a greater effect on bus bunching than the following bus, and the traffic condition is the most critical factor affecting bus headway.

  9. Using Little's Irregularity Index in orthodontics: outdated and inaccurate?

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Macauley, Donal


    Little\\'s Irregularity Index (LII) was devised to objectively score mandibular incisor alignment for epidemiological studies but has been extended to assess the relative performance of orthodontic brackets, retainer or treatment modalities. Our aim was to examine the repeatability and precision of LII measurements of four independent examiners on the maxillary arch of orthodontic patients. The hypothesis was that the reproducibility of individual contact point displacement measurements, used to calculate the LII score, are inappropriate.

  10. Fighting Networks: The Defining Challenge of Irregular Warfare (United States)


    ambush is a form of offensive attack that utilizes principles of the defense and relies on deception. Jon Latimer describes the ambush and “…the use...of lures to draw the enemy into them…” as fundamental aspects of irregular and guerrilla warfare; Jon Latimer , Deception in War (New York: Overlook...Theory of Intelligence,” in Intelligence Theory, 10. 296 Latimer , Deception in War, 272. 297 Organizationally, fusion provides a structural framework

  11. Remote double resonance coupling of radar energy to ionospheric irregularities (United States)

    Kennel, C. F.


    Experimental results indicate that low frequency modulation of a high power radar beam, tuned to one of the critical frequencies of the ionosphere, may produce field-aligned density irregularities when the modulation frequency matches an ionospheric eigenfrequency. By choosing the radar carrier frequency and polarization, a number of interaction layers were selected. The variety of possible excitations shows that the double resonance technique may be adaptable to a number of different objectives.

  12. Decreased resting metabolic rate in ballet dancers with menstrual irregularity. (United States)

    Myburgh, K H; Berman, C; Novick, I; Noakes, T; Lambert, E


    We studied 21 ballet dancers aged 19.4 +/- 1.4 years, hypothesizing that undernutrition was a major factor in menstrual irregularity in this population. Menstrual history was determined by questionnaire. Eight dancers had always been regular (R). Thirteen subjects had a history of menstrual irregularity (HI). Of these, 2 were currently regularly menstruating, 3 had short cycles, 6 were oligomenorrheic, and 2 were amenorrheic. Subjects completed a weighed dietary record and an Eating Attitudes Test (EAT). The following physiological parameters were measured: body composition by anthropometry, resting metabolic rate (RMR) by open-circuit indirect calorimetry, and serum thyroid hormone concentrations by radioimmunoassay. R subjects had significantly higher RMR than HI subjects. Also, HI subjects had lower RMR than predicted by fat-free mass, compared to the R subjects. Neither reported energy intake nor serum thyroid hormone concentrations were different between R and HI subjects. EAT scores varied and were not different between groups. We concluded that in ballet dancers, low RMR is more strongly associated with menstrual irregularity than is current reported energy intake or serum thyroid hormone concentrations.

  13. Exploring Properties of HI Clouds in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies (United States)

    Berger, Clara; Hunter, Deidre Ann


    Dwarf Irregular galaxies form stars and maintain exponential stellar disks at extremely low gas densities. One proposed method of maintaining such regular outer disks is scattering stars off of HI clouds. In order to understand the processes present in dwarf irregular stellar disks, we present a survey of atomic hydrogen clouds in and around a subset of representative galaxies from the LITTLE THINGS survey. We apply a cloud identification program to the 21 cm HI line emission cubes and extract masses, radii, surface densities, and distances from the center of the galaxy in the plane of the galaxy of each cloud. Our data show a wide range of clouds characterized by low surface densities but varied in mass and size. The number of clouds found and the mass of the most massive cloud show no correlation to integrated star forming rates or luminosity in these galaxies. However, they will be used as input for models of stars scattering off of HI clouds to better understand the regular stellar disks in dwarf Irregular galaxies.We acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation grant AST-1461200 to Northern Arizona University for Research Experiences for Undergraduates summer internships.

  14. Gas and Dust Properties in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies (United States)

    Jones, A. P.; Madden, S. C.; Colgan, S. W. J.; Geis, N.; Haas, M.; Maloney, P.; Nikola, T.; Poglitsch, A.


    We present a study of the 158 (micron)meter [C II] fine structure emission line from a sample of 11 low metallicity irregular galaxies using the NASA Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO). Our preliminary results demonstrate that the ratio of the 158 (micron)meter [C II] emission to the CO-12(1 yields 0) emission ranges from 6,000 to 46,000. These ratios are significantly enhanced relative to clouds within the Galaxy and to normal metallicity galaxies, which typically have values in the range 2,000 to 6,300. We also find that the [C II] emission in dwarf irregular galaxies can be up to 5% of the far-infrared (FIR) emission, a higher fraction of the FIR than in normal metallicity galaxies. We discuss these results for the dwarf irregular galaxies and compare them to those observed in normal metallicity galaxies. The enhanced 158 (micron)meter [C II] emission relative to CO-12(1 yields 0) emission can be understood in terms of the increased penetration depth of ultraviolet (UV) photons into the clouds in low metallicity environments.

  15. Histogram Planimetry Method for the Measurement of Irregular Wounds. (United States)

    Yesiloglu, Nebil; Yildiz, Kemalettin; Cem Akpinar, Ali; Gorgulu, Tahsin; Sirinoglu, Hakan; Ozcan, Arzu


    Irregularly shaped wounds or flap borders usually require specified software or devices to measure their area and follow-up wound healing. In this study, an easy way of area measurement called histogram planimetry (HP) for wounds with irregular geometric shapes is defined and compared to conventional millimetric wound measurement. Ten irregularly bordered geometric shapes were measured by 4 different individuals working as surgical assistants using both HP and manual millimetric measurement tools. The amount of time for each wound shape calculation as well as the measurements of the wound areas were noted. All measurements were compared for each method and between each individual using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test. There was no statistically significant difference between 2 measurement methods by means of measured areas; however, measurement time was significantly lower when the HP method was used. There also was no significant difference between the individuals' measurements and calculation times. These results indicated that HP is useful as a conventional millimetric square wound measurement technique with significantly lower measurement times. Due to the development of photo-editor software technologies, measurements in the surgical field have become more accurate and rapid than conventional manual methods without consuming the time and energy needed for other studies. A future study including comparisons between the presented method and complex computerized measurement methods, in terms of duration and accuracy, may provide additional supportive data for the authors' method.

  16. Irregular behavior in an excitatory-inhibitory neuronal network. (United States)

    Park, Choongseok; Terman, David


    Excitatory-inhibitory networks arise in many regions throughout the central nervous system and display complex spatiotemporal firing patterns. These neuronal activity patterns (of individual neurons and/or the whole network) are closely related to the functional status of the system and differ between normal and pathological states. For example, neurons within the basal ganglia, a group of subcortical nuclei that are responsible for the generation of movement, display a variety of dynamic behaviors such as correlated oscillatory activity and irregular, uncorrelated spiking. Neither the origins of these firing patterns nor the mechanisms that underlie the patterns are well understood. We consider a biophysical model of an excitatory-inhibitory network in the basal ganglia and explore how specific biophysical properties of the network contribute to the generation of irregular spiking. We use geometric dynamical systems and singular perturbation methods to systematically reduce the model to a simpler set of equations, which is suitable for analysis. The results specify the dependence on the strengths of synaptic connections and the intrinsic firing properties of the cells in the irregular regime when applied to the subthalamopallidal network of the basal ganglia. (c) 2010 American Institute of Physics.

  17. Transnational activities and aspirations of irregular migrants in Belgium and the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.J. van Meeteren (Masja)


    textabstractThe literature on immigrant transnationalism and on irregular immigration suggests irregular migrants engage relatively little in transnational activities because of the obstacles associated with their legal and economic statuses. Drawing on participant observation and in-depth

  18. Irregular analytical errors in diagnostic testing - a novel concept. (United States)

    Vogeser, Michael; Seger, Christoph


    In laboratory medicine, routine periodic analyses for internal and external quality control measurements interpreted by statistical methods are mandatory for batch clearance. Data analysis of these process-oriented measurements allows for insight into random analytical variation and systematic calibration bias over time. However, in such a setting, any individual sample is not under individual quality control. The quality control measurements act only at the batch level. Quantitative or qualitative data derived for many effects and interferences associated with an individual diagnostic sample can compromise any analyte. It is obvious that a process for a quality-control-sample-based approach of quality assurance is not sensitive to such errors. To address the potential causes and nature of such analytical interference in individual samples more systematically, we suggest the introduction of a new term called the irregular (individual) analytical error. Practically, this term can be applied in any analytical assay that is traceable to a reference measurement system. For an individual sample an irregular analytical error is defined as an inaccuracy (which is the deviation from a reference measurement procedure result) of a test result that is so high it cannot be explained by measurement uncertainty of the utilized routine assay operating within the accepted limitations of the associated process quality control measurements. The deviation can be defined as the linear combination of the process measurement uncertainty and the method bias for the reference measurement system. Such errors should be coined irregular analytical errors of the individual sample. The measurement result is compromised either by an irregular effect associated with the individual composition (matrix) of the sample or an individual single sample associated processing error in the analytical process. Currently, the availability of reference measurement procedures is still highly limited, but LC

  19. Migration and European integration of Serbia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lutovac Zoran


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on migration in the context of European integration which implies, on the one hand, internal integration, integration within the EU and, on the other hand, the enlargement process related to the countries that have applied to join the EU. The aim is to determine in which way the migration, especially refugee crisis in 2015, had influence on the EU, as a supranational political community, and what was the impact on Serbia which is in the process of integration into the European Union. Migrant crisis has shown that the EU has to confront many different issues including several issues of great importance for its survival and strengthening: how to influence on global processes to a greater extent instead of dealing with the consequences of the global politics of others; how to preserve and keep the values that the EU itself is founded and the values on which should be built upon further construction of the political community and, finally, weather the EU can be transformed in the direction of the United European States, in both the functional and in terms of values, or the EU will move towards deepening of Europe of concentric circles. Faced with extremely complex migration situation, Serbia does not have the appropriate institutional and regulatory framework, nor a political response to a series of complex issues in the area of migration and migration-related issues, such as asylum system, irregular migration, sustainable return of our citizens asylum seekers in EU member states, implementation of the agreement on readmission, the departure of highly educated - brain drain, migration and development, the fight against human trafficking (protection of victims, prevention, criminal prosecution of traffickers, and smuggling of migrants, issues of border management, demarcation and boundary determination (as well as the agreement that should be concluded. Some of these problems migrant crisis has made visible by encouraging coping

  20. Critical Perspectives on Clandestine Migration Facilitation: An Overview of Migrant Smuggling Research

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriella Sanchez


    The dichotomist script of smugglers as predators and migrants and asylum seekers as victims that dominates narratives of clandestine migration has often obscured the perspectives of those who rely on smugglers for their mobility. This has not only silenced migrants and asylum seekers’ efforts to reach safety, but also the collective knowledge their communities use to secure their mobility amid increased border militarization and migration controls. This paper provides an overview of contemporary, empirical scholarship on clandestine migration facilitation.  It then argues that the processes leading to clandestine or irregular migration are not merely the domain of criminal groups. Rather, they also involve a series of complex mechanisms of protection crafted within migrant and refugee communities as attempts to reduce the vulnerabilities known to be inherent to clandestine journeys. Both criminal and less nefarious efforts are shaped by and in response to enforcement measures worldwide on the part of nation-states to control migration flows. Devised within migrant and refugee communities, and mobilized formally and informally among their members, strategies to facilitate clandestine or irregular migration constitute a system of human security rooted in generations-long, historical notions of solidarity, tradition, reciprocity, and affect (Khosravi 2010. Yet amid concerns over national and border security, and the reemergence of nationalism, said strategies have become increasingly stigmatized, traveling clandestinely being perceived as an inherently — and uniquely — criminal activity.  This contribution constitutes an attempt to critically rethink the framework present in everyday narratives of irregular migration facilitation. It is a call to incorporate into current protection dialogues the perceptions of those who rely on criminalized migration mechanisms to fulfill mobility goals, and in so doing, articulate and inform solutions towards promoting

  1. Migrating Art History

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ørum, Tania


    Review of Hiroko Ikegami, The Great Migrator. Robert Rauschenberg and the Global Rise of American Art. Cambridge Mass., The MIT Press, 2010. 277 pages. ISBN 978-0-262-01425-0.......Review of Hiroko Ikegami, The Great Migrator. Robert Rauschenberg and the Global Rise of American Art. Cambridge Mass., The MIT Press, 2010. 277 pages. ISBN 978-0-262-01425-0....

  2. Migration in Burkina Faso

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wouterse, F.S.


    Migration plays an important role in development and as a strategy for poverty reduction. A recent World Bank investigation finds a significant positive relationship between international migration and poverty reduction at the country level (Adams and Page 2003). Burkina Faso, whose conditions for

  3. Geography of European Migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhitin Dmitry V.


    Full Text Available In recent decades, the role of international migration has increased dramatically in most European countries. The growth in migration has made some authors proclaim the beginning of a second Migration Period that could transform the social and cultural identity of Europe. The article presents an analysis of international migration geography in Europe in the last twenty-five years. The authors identify the main trends in migration, provide migration profiles of European countries, and propose a classification based on the recent changes in the migrant stock. Changes in the migrant stock (total emigration and immigration reflect the level of involvement in international and global processes. They can serve as an indicator of a country’s attractiveness for both foreigners and the country’s citizens. The study shows that European countries are increasingly split into ‘immigrant’ and ‘emigrant’ states. The authors describe spatial patterns of migration. The volume and localisation of migration flows in Europe are affected not only by cultural and historical circumstance, such as a colonial past or a common language. The scale of immigrant influx often does not depend on a donor country’s demographic potential or the level of its socio-economic development. The links between the place of origin and destination are often more complex than it might initially seem. The authors stress the importance of a differentiated immigration policy taking into account ethnic and cultural features of host societies.

  4. Migration, Narration, Identity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leese, Peter

    (co-editor with Carly McLaughlin and Wladyslaw Witalisz) This book presents articles resulting from joint research on the representations of migration conducted in connection with the Erasmus Intensive Programme entitled «Migration and Narration» taught to groups of international students over...

  5. Study of Track Irregularity Time Series Calibration and Variation Pattern at Unit Section

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chaolong Jia


    Full Text Available Focusing on problems existing in track irregularity time series data quality, this paper first presents abnormal data identification, data offset correction algorithm, local outlier data identification, and noise cancellation algorithms. And then proposes track irregularity time series decomposition and reconstruction through the wavelet decomposition and reconstruction approach. Finally, the patterns and features of track irregularity standard deviation data sequence in unit sections are studied, and the changing trend of track irregularity time series is discovered and described.

  6. The Globalisation of migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Milan Mesić


    Full Text Available The paper demonstrates that contemporary international migration is a constitutive part of the globalisation process. After defining the concepts of globalisation and the globalisation of migration, the author discusses six key themes, linking globalisation and international migration (“global cities”, the scale of migration; diversification of migration flows; globalisation of science and education; international migration and citizenship; emigrant communities and new identities. First, in accordance with Saskia Sassen’s analysis, the author rejects the wide-spread notion that unqualified migrants have lost an (important role in »global cities«, i.e. in the centres of the new (global economy. Namely, the post-modern service sector cannot function without the support of a wide range of auxiliary unqualified workers. Second, a critical comparison with traditional overseas mass migration to the USA at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries indicates that present international migration is, perhaps, less extensive – however it is important to take into consideration various limitations that previously did not exist, and thus the present migration potential is in really greater. Third, globalisation is more evident in a diversification of the forms of migration: the source area of migrants to the New World and Europe has expanded to include new regions in the world; new immigration areas have arisen (the Middle East, new industrial countries of the Far East, South Europe; intra-regional migration has intensified. Forth, globalisation is linked to an increased migration of experts and the pessimistic notion of a brain drain has been replaced by the optimistic idea of a brain gain. Fifth, contemporary international migration has been associated with a crisis of the national model of citizenship. Sixth, the interlinking of (migrant cultural communities regardless of distance and the physical proximity of cultural centres (the

  7. Migration and Environmental Hazards (United States)

    Hunter, Lori M.


    Losses due to natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes) and technological hazards (e.g., nuclear waste facilities, chemical spills) are both on the rise. One response to hazard-related losses is migration, with this paper offering a review of research examining the association between migration and environmental hazards. Using examples from both developed and developing regional contexts, the overview demonstrates that the association between migration and environmental hazards varies by setting, hazard types, and household characteristics. In many cases, however, results demonstrate that environmental factors play a role in shaping migration decisions, particularly among those most vulnerable. Research also suggests that risk perception acts as a mediating factor. Classic migration theory is reviewed to offer a foundation for examination of these associations. PMID:21886366

  8. Migration of health workers. (United States)

    Buchan, James


    The discussion and debate stimulated by these papers focused across a range of issues but there were four main areas of questioning: "measuring" and monitoring migration (issues related to comparability, completeness and accuracy of data sets on human resources); the impact of migration of health workers on health systems; the motivations of individual health workers to migrate (the "push" and "pull" factors) and the effect of policies designed either to reduce migration (e.g "self ufficiency") or to stimulate it (e.g active international recruitment). It was recognised that there was a critical need to examine migratory flows within the broader context of all health care labour market dynamics within a country, that increasing migration of health workers was an inevitable consequence of globalisation, and that there was a critical need to improve monitoring so as to better inform policy formulation and policy testing in this area.

  9. 48 CFR 14.405 - Minor informalities or irregularities in bids. (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Minor informalities or... Minor informalities or irregularities in bids. A minor informality or irregularity is one that is merely... cure any deficiency resulting from a minor informality or irregularity in a bid or waive the deficiency...

  10. Ionospheric Irregularities Predictions and Plumes Characterization for Satellite Data Validation and Calibration (United States)


    AFRL-OSR-VA-TR-2014-0082 IONOSPHERIC IRREGULARITIES PREDICTIONS AND PLUMES CHARACTERIZATION FOR SATELLITE Eurico De Paula FUNCATE - FUNDACACAO DE... Ionospheric Irregularities Predictions and Plumes Characterization for Satellite Data Validation and Calibration 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER... Ionospheric Irregularities Predictions and Plumes Characterization for Satellite Data Validation and Calibration 5b. GRANT NUMBER FA9550-10-1-0564

  11. Optimización de la distribución de piezas irregulares en chapas // Irregular parts nesting problem optimization.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Lastres - Aleaga


    Full Text Available ResumenEn el presente artículo se realiza un estudio de diferentes esquemas de solución reflejados en laliteratura, que tratan el problema de la distribución de piezas irregulares en superficies planas conanidamiento bidimensional (Nesting. Fueron analizados diferentes esquemas de solución, siendolos que consideran la geometría real de la pieza, durante la evaluación y posicionamiento de lasmismas sobre la superficie a cortar, los que garantizan el mayor aprovechamiento del material. Elesquema propuesto se caracteriza por un tratamiento gráfico de las piezas que permite acelerar elproceso de reconocimiento y evaluación de opciones de acoplamiento entre ellas, así como lacreación de poblaciones de conglomerados crecientes para su ubicación definitiva en la superficie acortar. En la generación de poblaciones de opciones de solución, se utiliza un algoritmo derivado delmétodo de Integración de Variables, además se realiza la comparación de los resultados obtenidospor el método propuesto, con otros resultados generados por procedimientos desarrollados pordiferentes autores, alcanzando mejorar los valores de aprovechamiento de material y la reduccióndel tiempo de generación de soluciones.Palabras claves: Distribución de piezas irregulares en superficies; optimización; Métodos Evolutivos;_________________________________________________________________________AbstractIn this article, we study various solution schemes reported in the literature, which deal with theproblem of irregular parts distribution on flat surfaces with two-dimensional nesting. Different solutionschemes were analyzed, which they consider to be the real geometry of the part, during theevaluation and positioning them on the surface to be cut, ensuring the best use of the material. Theproposed scheme is characterized by a graphic treatment of the pieces that can accelerate theprocess of recognition and evaluation of options coupling between them, as well as

  12. European migration: Push and pull

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Zimmermann, Klaus F


      In recent decades, Europe has experienced periods of push and pull migration. Whereas pull migration has been seen as economically beneficial, there is concern that push migration will accelerate the employment crisis...

  13. Migration and AIDS. (United States)


    This article presents the perspectives of UNAIDS and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on migration and HIV/AIDS. It identifies research and action priorities and policy issues, and describes the current situation in major regions of the world. Migration is a process. Movement is enhanced by air transport, rising international trade, deregulation of trade practices, and opening of borders. Movements are restricted by laws and statutes. Denial to freely circulate and obtain asylum is associated with vulnerability to HIV infections. A UNAIDS policy paper in 1997 and IOM policy guidelines in 1988 affirm that refugees and asylum seekers should not be targeted for special measures due to HIV/AIDS. There is an urgent need to provide primary health services for migrants, voluntary counseling and testing, and more favorable conditions. Research is needed on the role of migration in the spread of HIV, the extent of migration, availability of health services, and options for HIV prevention. Research must be action-oriented and focused on vulnerability to HIV and risk taking behavior. There is substantial mobility in West and Central Africa, economic migration in South Africa, and nonvoluntary migration in Angola. Sex workers in southeast Asia contribute to the spread. The breakup of the USSR led to population shifts. Migrants in Central America and Mexico move north to the US where HIV prevalence is higher.

  14. Migration of the population. (United States)

    Krasinets, E


    Two factors influence foreign migration balance of the Russian Federation. The first factor involves the migration process between Russia and former union republics. The influx of population to the Russian Federation from other republics of the former Soviet Union is considered as one of the largest in the world. The average annual migratory growth of Russia during the years 1991-94 as a result of this migration exchange has tripled as compared with 1986-90, with a total of 2.7 million Russians who migrated into Russia. However, from 1996 up to the present time, the number of persons arriving in Russia declined dramatically. Meanwhile, the second factor that determines the country's migration balance is emigration to the far abroad. The most significant trend in determining the development of internal migration in Russia is the outflow of population from northern and eastern regions. The directions of internal and external migratory flows have a large influence on the migration balance in Russia's rural areas. The reduction of migratory flows in rural areas is the direct result of processes in the economic sphere. It confirms the reconstruction of rural-urban migratory exchange.

  15. Kilometer-Spaced GNSS Array for Ionospheric Irregularity Monitoring (United States)

    Su, Yang

    This dissertation presents automated, systematic data collection, processing, and analysis methods for studying the spatial-temporal properties of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) scintillations produced by ionospheric irregularities at high latitudes using a closely spaced multi-receiver array deployed in the northern auroral zone. The main contributions include 1) automated scintillation monitoring, 2) estimation of drift and anisotropy of the irregularities, 3) error analysis of the drift estimates, and 4) multi-instrument study of the ionosphere. A radio wave propagating through the ionosphere, consisting of ionized plasma, may suffer from rapid signal amplitude and/or phase fluctuations known as scintillation. Caused by non-uniform structures in the ionosphere, intense scintillation can lead to GNSS navigation and high-frequency (HF) communication failures. With specialized GNSS receivers, scintillation can be studied to better understand the structure and dynamics of the ionospheric irregularities, which can be parameterized by altitude, drift motion, anisotropy of the shape, horizontal spatial extent and their time evolution. To study the structuring and motion of ionospheric irregularities at the sub-kilometer scale sizes that produce L-band scintillations, a closely-spaced GNSS array has been established in the auroral zone at Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska to investigate high latitude scintillation and irregularities. Routinely collecting low-rate scintillation statistics, the array database also provides 100 Hz power and phase data for each channel at L1/L2C frequency. In this work, a survey of seasonal and hourly dependence of L1 scintillation events over the course of a year is discussed. To efficiently and systematically study scintillation events, an automated low-rate scintillation detection routine is established and performed for each day by screening the phase scintillation index. The spaced-receiver technique is applied to cross

  16. Competencia limitada en la importación paralela de medicamentos: el caso de la simvastatina en Alemania, Holanda y el Reino Unido Constrained competition in parallel drug importation: the case of simvastatin in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joan Costa-Font


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Examinar los efectos de la entrada de simvastatina paralelamente importada sobre el precio de los medicamentos en los 3 principales países importadores de medicamentos en la Unión Europea: Reino Unido, Alemania y Holanda. Métodos: Estimar la cuota de mercado de la simvastatina paralelamente importada, así como el precio unitario (del producto localmente producido y el importado ajustado por dosis diaria definida (DDD en el país de importación, y el precio unitario ajustado por DDD en el país de exportación (España. Estimaciones por mínimos cuadrados ordinarios para determinar la existencia de competencia en precios, derivada de la importación paralela de medicamentos en el período 1997-2002. Resultados: La cuota de mercado de la simvastatina paralelamente importada experimenta un aumento progresivo (sobre todo en el Reino Unido y Alemania en el período analizado, sin que ello determine que la diferencia de precio entre la simvastatina localmente producida y la importada sea significativa. Mientras que la evolución de precios tiende al alza en el Reino Unido y Alemania, en Holanda muestra un efecto contrario. No se hallan efectos competitivos derivados de la expansión del comercio paralelo. Discusión: La importación paralela de medicamentos en la Unión Europea comporta efectos inesperados (limitada competencia sobre los precios de los medicamentos, al ser un competidor adicional en el mercado. Ello en parte es el resultado de una regulación de precios que no incentiva la competencia, y de la falta de transparencia en el reembolso de la distribución. Esto último es debido al efecto de los descuentos informales (no observables para el investigador. El caso de la simvastatina pone en duda los ahorros de recursos para el asegurador sanitario derivados del comercio. Finalmente, de los 3 países analizados, Holanda es el único que muestra una tendencia a la baja en los precios de la simvastatina. Ello puede atribuirse

  17. [Irregular secretion of prolactin in infertile women with normoprolactinemic galactorrhea]. (United States)

    Villanueva Díaz, Carlos A; Echavarria Sánchez, Mirna; Juárez Bengoa, Armando


    Abnormal frequency and pulse amplitud of prolactin secretion in micro and macroprolactinomas has been atributed to a dysfunctional tumoral lactotrope. Previous evidence suggests that non tumoral hyperprolactinemia is caused by a hypothalamic dysfunction. The regularity of prolactin secretion has not been studied with cuantitative methods in patients with normoprolactinemic galactorrhea (NPG) which could be considered an entity that precedes non tumoral and tumoral hyperprolactinemia. To analyze the 24-hour prolactin secretion pattern and its secretion regularity in a group of infertile women with normoprolactinemic galatorea. A transversal-comparative study was carried out in 6 infertile women with normoprolactinemic galactorrhea and 4 healthy women as controls. The 24 hour prolactin profile, the ratio night time mean concentration/daytime mean concentrattion (NM/DM ratio) and apparent entropy (Ap En, Ap En ratio) were compared in the two groups. Blunting of the nyctohemeral rythm and nocturn hyperprolactinaemia occurred in patients with normoprolactinemic galactorrhea (NPG). NM/DM ratio was lower in patients with NPG than in controls (1.28 +/- 0.25 vs. 1.75 +/- 0.05; p= 0.01). Higher irregularity of prolactin secretion was found in patients with NPG (ApEn: 0.853 +/- 0.158 vs 0.608 +/- 0.171, p=0.04; Ap En ratio: 0.839 +/- 0.11 vs 0.661 +/- 0.14; p=0.04). The irregularity of prolactin secretion in patients with NPG is not dependant on the presence of a pituitary tumour which suggests that a hypothalamic dysfunction underlies this condition. An irregular secretion and a higher daily mass production of prolactin in patients with NPG could explain both galactorrhea and infertility.

  18. Slow Drift-Oscillations of a Ship in Irregular Waves

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Odd M. Faltinsen


    Full Text Available A procedure to calculate horizontal slow drift excitation forces on an infinitely long horizontal cylinder in irregular beam sea waves is presented. The hydrodynamic boundary-value problem is solved correctly to second order in wave amplitude. Results in the form of second order transfer functions are presented for different, two-dimensional shapes. It is concluded that Newman's approximative method is a practical way to calculate slow drift excitation forces on a ship in beam sea and it is suggested that it may be used in a more general case. Applications of the results for moored ships are discussed.

  19. Irregular oscillations of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (United States)

    Macayeal, Douglas R.


    Model simulations of the West Antarctic ice sheet suggest that sporadic, perhaps chaotic, collapse (complete mobilization) of the ice sheet occurred throughout the past one million years. The irregular behavior is due to the slow equilibration time of the distribution of basal till, which lubricates ice-sheet motion. This nonlinear response means that predictions of future collapse of the ice sheet in response to global warming must take into account its past history, and in particular, whether the present basal till distribution predisposes the ice sheet towards rapid change.

  20. TCM Treatment for Gynaecological Diseases-Irregular Menstruation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Engin CAN


    @@ Menstruation is the periodic shedding(usually monthly)of the lining of the womb.Generally speaking,menstruation starts during puberty around 10-16 years old and continues until the menopause about 45-55 years old.An average menstrual cycle is about 28 days,but it may vary between 24-35 days.According to a study most women have more than 500 periods in a lifetime.Any abnormality of the above menstrual conditins can be regarded as irregular.

  1. Method for Achieving Irregular Boundary Area for Complete Fluidic Sprinkler (United States)

    Liu, Junping; Yuan, Shouqi; Li, Hong; Zhu, Xingye

    For resolving the problem of sprinkle repeated, overtaken and went beyond in irrigation, it is important to research the approach of irregular boundary area. The equation of range and flow for achieving the square and triangle spray were deduced. Pressure is proportional to range. Specific method of changing the sectional area was put forward for achieving square and triangle spray. Adopted MATLAB language editor to analyzing the theoretical relation and emulate for achieving square and triangle spray. The experiments of theory pressure were carried out. The results showed that the experimental value were consistent with the theoretical value.

  2. Ionospheric wave and irregularity measurements using passive radio astronomy techniques (United States)

    Erickson, W. C.; Mahoney, M. J.; Jacobson, A. R.; Knowles, S. H.


    The observation of midlatitude structures using passive radio astronomy techniques is discussed, with particular attention being given to the low-frequency radio telescope at the Clark Lake Radio Observatory. The present telescope operates in the 10-125-MHz frequency range. Observations of the ionosphere at separations of a few kilometers to a few hundreds of kilometers by the lines of sight to sources are possible, allowing the determination of the amplitude, wavelength, direction of propagation, and propagation speed of ionospheric waves. Data are considered on large-scale ionospheric gradients and the two-dimensional shapes and sizes of ionospheric irregularities.

  3. Experimental studies of ionospheric irregularities and related plasma processes (United States)

    Baker, Kay D.


    Utah State University (USU) continued its program of measuring and interpreting electron density and its variations in a variety of ionospheric conditions with the Experimental Studies of Ionospheric Irregularities and Related Plasma Processes program. The program represented a nearly ten year effort to provide key measurements of electron density and its fluctuations using sounding rockets. The program also involved the joint interpretation of the results in terms of ionospheric processes. A complete campaign summary and a brief description of the major rocket campaigns are also included.

  4. Third-order theory for multi-directional irregular waves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Per A.; Fuhrman, David R.


    A new third-order solution for multi-directional irregular water waves in finite water depth is presented. The solution includes explicit expressions for the surface elevation, the amplitude dispersion and the vertical variation of the velocity potential. Expressions for the velocity potential...... breaks down due to singularities in the transfer functions. We analyse harmonic resonance for the case of a monochromatic short-crested wave interacting with a plane wave having a different frequency, and make long-term simulations with a high-order Boussinesq formulation in order to study the evolution...... of wave trains exposed to harmonic resonance....

  5. On 11 cm Irregularities During Equatorial Spread F. (United States)


    experimental results is that these irregularities were only observed at high altitudes (- 500 km). During the rocket flight , which occurred subsequent to the...S SCY ATT NICD LIBRMRY SKCY ATTN COE 41 SICY ATTN ETOP B. LL 0ICY ATTN CODE 402 S1C ATTN COE 420 CowV90 SKY ATTN CDE 4.21 ROlE AIR DEMOPHM CENWTE, UC...FARLEY OR. M. KELLEY DR. M. BLEIWEISS CR. I. ROTIMALER on. V. HILDEBRND NASA MR. R. ROSE GOODARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER GREENELT, MARYLAIN 20771 U. S. RY

  6. In situ measurements of the spectral characteristics of F region ionospheric irregularities (United States)

    Dyson, P. L.; Mcclure, J. P.; Hanson, W. B.


    The retarding potential analyzer aboard Ogo 6 has provided high-resolution observations of the ion concentration along the satellite path. Changes in ion concentration as small as 0.03% and at times as small as 0.01% could be measured. Spatial resolution varied from 35 to 380 m. Samples of data have been analyzed to determine the spectral properties of the F region irregularities observed. The most common frequency spectrum observed suggests that the responsible irregularities result from the turbulent dissipation of larger irregularities. At the equator, the larger irregularities are probably produced by convective electric fields. At high latitudes, electric fields may also be involved, but other factors such as precipitating particles may contribute to, or be primarily responsible for, the production of large irregularities. Examples of other types of spectra associated with wavelike irregularities and with 'ground glass' (high-frequency noise) irregularities are also shown.

  7. A catalog of ionospheric F region irregularity behavior based on Ogo 6 retarding potential analyzer data (United States)

    Mcclure, J. P.; Hanson, W. B.


    Review of in situ data obtained with the aid of the retarding potential analyzer on board Ogo 6 which reveal the nature of ionospheric irregularities in the total ion concentration above 400 km. Except for the high-latitude regions, the ionosphere is usually observed to be very smooth in the daytime, but considerable structure is observed at night, particularly near the equator and at Atlantic longitudes. Although most of the irregularities observed appear to be stochastic in nature, many nearly monochromatic waveforms are observed near the equator. The topics discussed include the midlatitude scintillation boundary, large-amplitude equatorial irregularities, the fluctuation spectrum of typical F-region irregularities, the lower edge of the equatorial F region, sinusoidal waveforms, ground glass irregularities, breaking wave irregularities, and regions of smooth and irregular ionization inside the polar cap.

  8. Human Rights of Irregular Immigrants: A Challenge for the Universality of Human Rights

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luljeta Ikonomi


    Full Text Available Irregular immigration is a phenomenon with a substantial impact for the majority of the countries. The paper analyses whether there is an adequate human rights framework for protection of irregular immigrants or whether the irregular status exempts the migrants from the protection of international human rights law. If this is the case, then the human rights universality has failed. The paper takes into consideration the developments in the International and EU Law, as well as in the jurisprudence of the international tribunals regarding protection of irregular immigrants. It is divided into three main sections. The first section informs briefly on the dynamics of irregular immigrants; the second section analyses the legislation on irregular immigration from the perspective of the state sovereignty, the third section analyses the human rights law and the protection it affords to irregular immigrants, pursuant to the interpretation of International tribunals.

  9. Migration og etnicitet

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Connie Carøe


    Migration og etnicitet er aktuelle og forbundne fænomener, idet migration øger berøringsfladerne mellem befolkningsgrupper. Etniciteter formes i takt med at grænser drages imellem disse grupper. Imod moderniserings-teoriernes forventning forsvandt etnicitet ikke som en traditionel eller oprindelig...... måde at skabe tilhørsforhold på; globalt set fremstår vor tid istedet som en "migrationens tidsalder", der tilsyneladende også er en tidsalder, hvor kulturelle særtræk, i form af etnicitet, udgør vigtige linjer, hvorefter grupper skilller sig ud fra hinanden. Både migration og etnicitet bringer fokus...... den finder sted i modtagerlandet, men nyere perspektiver på migration, som begreber om medborgerskab, transnationalisme og diaspora er eksponenter for, søger udover den nationalstatslige ramme og inddrager konsekvenserne af migrationen for afsenderlande....

  10. High Resolution Spectral Analysis for Irregularly Sampled Helioseismic Data (United States)

    Seghouani, N.


    Astronomical ground based data are very often irregularly sampled due to many factors such as: diurnal effect, weather conditions, etc. The analysis of such data cannot be performed with classical tools (such as periodigram) and new adapted methods are required. After presenting some of these techniques, we will focus on a regularized approach of the spectral analysis problem, which gives very good results in the case of band limited and narrow peaks spectrum. We will also show that with this approach we can achieve high-resolution spectra. Indeed, in classical Fourier analysis, spectral resolution is inversely proportional to the observation time T. Considering the spectral analysis problem as an inverse problem and introducing the “a priori” knowledge of band limited and narrow peak spectrum, this limit (1/T) can be exceeded and thus we can achieve highly resolved spectra, even with irregularly sampled data. This technique will be first applied to relevant simulated data, then to helioseismic data. Additional talk: “Brief description of solar projects in Algiers Observatory” A brief description of all projects developed in our department and that are related to the sun: helioseismology, solar data analysis (pipelines description), solar activity, VLF project, solar astrolabe (for solar diameter measurement), site testing for day-time observations, and the project of solar observatory in the Tamanrasset area.

  11. Colombia: la guerra irregular en el fin de siglo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: El artículo analiza las transformaciones de la guerra irregular de las guerrillas colombianas en las últimas décadas. Para ello, se estudian los cambios que han afectado a distintos factores, como los objetivos estratégicos, los medios financieros, militares, las relaciones que mantienen con los partidos políticos tradicionales en el nivel local, sus parámetros ideológicos, el origen social de sus miembros. Con esta perspectiva, se analiza el cálculo político/temporal que la guerrilla hace en la actual coyuntura y sus consecuencias para el proceso de paz.ABSTRACT: This article examines the transformations of the irregular war of the colombian guerrillas, studying the changes of several factors such as the strategic goals, the financial and army resources, the relationship among the political parties in the local level, the evolution of their ideological parameters and of the social origin of their members. With this perspectiva, the author analyses temporal and political calculation that the guerrilla makes at this point, and its consequences for the peace process.

  12. Using Radio Irregularity for Increasing Residential Energy Awareness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Miljković


    Full Text Available Radio irregularity phenomenon is often considered as a shortcoming of wireless networks. In this paper, the method of using radio irregularity as an efficient human presence detection sensor in smart homes is presented. The method is mainly based on monitoring variations of the received signal strength indicator (RSSI within the messages used for the communication between wireless smart power outlets. The radio signals used for the inter-outlets communication can be absorbed, diffracted or reflected by objects in their propagation paths. When a human enters the existing radio communication field, the variation of the signal strength at the receiver is even more expressed. Based on the detected changes and compared to the initial thresholds set during the initialization phase, the system detects human presence. The proposed solution increases user awareness and automates the power control in households, with the primary goal to contribute in residential energy savings. Compared to conventional sensor networks, this approach preserves the sensorial intelligence, simplicity and low installation costs, without the need for additional sensors integration.

  13. Inventory Management for Irregular Shipment of Goods in Distribution Centre (United States)

    Takeda, Hitoshi; Kitaoka, Masatoshi; Usuki, Jun


    The shipping amount of commodity goods (Foods, confectionery, dairy products, such as public cosmetic pharmaceutical products) changes irregularly at the distribution center dealing with the general consumer goods. Because the shipment time and the amount of the shipment are irregular, the demand forecast becomes very difficult. For this, the inventory control becomes difficult, too. It cannot be applied to the shipment of the commodity by the conventional inventory control methods. This paper proposes the method for inventory control by cumulative flow curve method. It proposed the method of deciding the order quantity of the inventory control by the cumulative flow curve. Here, it proposes three methods. 1) Power method,2) Polynomial method and 3)Revised Holt's linear method that forecasts data with trends that is a kind of exponential smoothing method. This paper compares the economics of the conventional method, which is managed by the experienced and three new proposed methods. And, the effectiveness of the proposal method is verified from the numerical calculations.

  14. Legitimizing policies: How policy approaches to irregular migrants are formulated and legitimized in Scandinavia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin Bak Jørgensen


    Full Text Available The focus of this article is on representations of irregular migration in a Scandinavian context and how irregular migrants are constructed as a target group. A common feature in many (Western-European states is the difficult attempt to navigate between an urge for control and respecting, upholding and promoting humanitarian aspects of migration management. Legitimizing policies therefore become extremely important as governments have to appease national voters to remain in power and have to respect European regulations and international conventions. Doing so raises questions of social, political and economic rights, of moral obligations, of sovereignty, and of equity, as well as of how to define target groups and legal and categorical statuses into the debates. Having a backdrop in the theoretical framework of Carol Bacchi, Anne Schneider and Helen Ingram and Giorgio Agamben, this article looks at how policy problematizations and constructions of target populations guide and legitimize particular policy approaches and may end up marginalizing and excluding groups in society and ultimately become a challenge for democracy.Dansk abstract: Legitimering af politik: Hvordan politiske tilgange til irregulære indvandrere formuleres og legitimeres i SkandinavienFokus i denne artikel er på repræsentationer af irregulær migration i en skandinavisk kontekst og hvordan illegale indvandrere er konstrueret som målgruppe. Et fælles træk i mange vesteuropæiske nationalstater er det svære forsøg på at navigere mellem kontrol og samtidig respektere, forsvare og fremme humanitære aspekter af migrationsstyringen. At legitimere den givne politik er derfor blevet særdeles vigtigt fordi regeringerne er nødt til at formilde de nationale indvandringsskeptiske vælgere for at forblive ved magten og er nødsaget til at respektere europæiske regler og internationale konventioner. Dette italesætter en diskussion om sociale, politiske og



    Kobylinsky S. V.; Usenko A. S.


    Several peculiarities of the implementation of migration policy in the Russian Federation were considered in this article. We have shown main provisions on refugees and forced migrants from the Ukraine and labor migration. On the basis of the study we have suggested an improvement of migration legislation, in particular, creation of a single codex and migration police

  16. Migration and health. (United States)

    Evans, J; Baldwin, W


    Investigation of migration and health often forces us to acknowledge that the types of migration (international, internal, and residential) interact with each other as well as other population parameters such as the age/sex structure, sexual activity, fertility, mortality, and family structure. Research on migration is often obscured by these interactions. In fact, the adoption of a health perspective in the design of migration research represents a substantial improvement over traditional approaches that are based on distinctions among the various types of population movement. This is because a health perspective treats population movement as a dynamic process by which individuals are related to specific locations by reason of their participation in human networks. In other words, migration is regarded as a human process rather than a discrete event, and accordingly, it becomes less important to describe the individual's involvement with human networks and the institutions sustaining them. The use of a health perspective in migration research often calls our attention to the ways in which the types of migration are interconnected. For example, a migrant from Mexico might exhibit considerable internal mobility and may circulate between Mexico might exhibit considerable internal mobility and may circulate between Mexico and the US over several years until he develops enough contacts in the US to settle in a particular community in which his personal contact with human networks and place-specific institutions are conducive to settlement. Through him, family members may attach to the community. In the process, they all encounter health risks, make demands on the health care system, change the demographic/health characteristics of both sending and receiving places, sometimes act as transmitting agents of disease to those with whom they interact and, undergo changes in their levels of personal development and well-being. A research perspective that investigates these

  17. Migration = cloning; aliasiing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hüttel, Hans; Kleist, Josva; Nestmann, Uwe


    In Obliq, a lexically scoped, distributed, object-oriented programming language, object migration was suggested as the creation of a copy of an object’s state at the target site, followed by turning the object itself into an alias, also called surrogate, for the remote copy. We consider the creat......In Obliq, a lexically scoped, distributed, object-oriented programming language, object migration was suggested as the creation of a copy of an object’s state at the target site, followed by turning the object itself into an alias, also called surrogate, for the remote copy. We consider...... the creation of object surrogates as an abstraction of the abovementioned style of migration. We introduce Øjeblik, a distribution-free subset of Obliq, and provide three different configuration-style semantics, which only differ in the respective aliasing model. We show that two of the semantics, one of which...... matches Obliq’s implementation, render migration unsafe, while our new proposal for a third semantics is provably safe. Our work suggests a straightforward repair of Obliq’s aliasing model such that it allows programs to safely migrate objects....

  18. Asymmetry and irregularity border as discrimination factor between melanocytic lesions (United States)

    Sbrissa, David; Pratavieira, Sebastião.; Salvio, Ana Gabriela; Kurachi, Cristina; Bagnato, Vanderlei Salvadori; Costa, Luciano Da Fontoura; Travieso, Gonzalo


    Image processing tools have been widely used in systems supporting medical diagnosis. The use of mobile devices for the diagnosis of melanoma can assist doctors and improve their diagnosis of a melanocytic lesion. This study proposes a method of image analysis for melanoma discrimination from other types of melanocytic lesions, such as regular and atypical nevi. The process is based on extracting features related with asymmetry and border irregularity. It were collected 104 images, from medical database of two years. The images were obtained with standard digital cameras without lighting and scale control. Metrics relating to the characteristics of shape, asymmetry and curvature of the contour were extracted from segmented images. Linear Discriminant Analysis was performed for dimensionality reduction and data visualization. Segmentation results showed good efficiency in the process, with approximately 88:5% accuracy. Validation results presents sensibility and specificity 85% and 70% for melanoma detection, respectively.

  19. Pesquisa de anticorpos irregulares: estudo retrospectivo entre 2007 e 2012


    Barradas, A; Barra, A; Cardoso, E; Costa, C; Ferreira, R; Pereira, F


    Introdução: A aloimunização depende não só da exposição do receptor a um antigénio estranho, mas também da imunogenicidade deste. A exposição a substâncias reconhecidas como não-próprias do organismo, como os antigénios eritrocitários, pode desencadear ativação do sistema imune com formação de anticorpos, destruindo os eritrócitos transfundidos e determinando assim o seu significado clínico. São designados por anticorpos irregulares ou aloanticorpos. Ocorrem em aproximadamente 0,3 a 2% da pop...

  20. The Full-fledged Dwarf Irregular Galaxy Leo A (United States)

    Vansevičius, Vladas; Arimoto, Nobuo; Hasegawa, Takashi; Ikuta, Chisato; Jablonka, Pascale; Narbutis, Donatas; Ohta, Kouji; Stonkutė, Rima; Tamura, Naoyuki; Vansevičius, Valdas; Yamada, Yoshihiko


    We have studied Leo A, an isolated and extremely gas-rich dwarf irregular galaxy of very low stellar mass and metallicity. Ages of the stellar populations in Leo A range from ~10 Myr to ~10 Gyr. Here we report the discovery of an old stellar halo and a sharp stellar edge. We also find that the distribution of stars extends beyond the gaseous envelope of the galaxy. Therefore, by its structure as well as stellar and gaseous content, Leo A is found to resemble massive disk galaxies. This implies that galaxies of very low stellar mass are also able to develop complex structures, challenging contemporary understanding of galaxy evolution. Based on data collected at the Subaru Telescope, which is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

  1. [Correction of irregular astigmatism with intracorneal ring segments]. (United States)

    Touboul, D; Pinsard, L; Mesplier, N; Smadja, D; Colin, J


    Management of irregular astigmatism with intracorneal rings segments is an intrastromal additive technique developed initially for myopia but eventually popularized for keratoconus and post LASIK ectasia. ICR's are indicated for rigid contact lens intolerance, as an alternative to corneal transplantation. The mechanism of action is complex and involves biomechanical changes leading to a centering and a flattening of the ectasia. The surgical procedure has become much easier thanks to the use of femtosecond lasers. Individualized implantation strategies, based on each patient's topographic and tomographic pattern, are constantly evolving. Patients' refraction and vision are usually improved in more than 70% of cases. Complications remain very rare. Intracorneal ring segments can often be combined with other types of keratoplasty, usually in a sequential fashion, so as to optimize functional results. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  2. Global scale ionospheric irregularities associated with thunderstorm activity

    CERN Document Server

    Pulinets, S A


    The potential difference near 280 kV exists between ground and ionosphere. This potential difference is generated by thunderstorm discharges all over the world, and return current closes the circuit in the areas of fair weather (so-called fair weather current). The model calculations and experimental measurements clearly demonstrate non-uniform latitude-longitude distribution of electric field within the atmosphere. The recent calculations show that the strong large scale vertical atmospheric electric field can penetrate into the ionosphere and create large scale irregularities of the electron concentration. To check this the global distributions of thunderstorm activity obtained with the satellite monitoring for different seasons were compared with the global distributions of ionosphere critical frequency (which is equivalent to peak electron concentration) obtained with the help of satellite topside sounding. The similarity of the obtained global distributions clearly demonstrates the effects of thunderstor...

  3. Irregularities of ionospheric VTEC during lightning activity over Antarctic Peninsula (United States)

    Suparta, W.; Nor, W. N. A. Wan Mohd


    This paper investigates the irregularities of vertical total electron content (VTEC) during lightning activity and geomagnetic quiet days over Antarctic Peninsula in year 2014. During the lightning event, the ionosphere may be disturbed which may cause disruption in the radio signal. Thus, it is important to understand the influence of lightning on VTEC in the study of upper-lower interaction. The lightning data is obtained from World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) and the VTEC data has analyzed from Global Positioning System (GPS) for O’Higgins (OHI3), Palmer (PALV), and Rothera (ROTH). The results demonstrate the VTEC variation of ∼0.2 TECU during low lightning activity which could be caused by energy dissipation through lightning discharges from troposphere into the thermosphere.

  4. Manufacturing of Cast Metal Foams with Irregular Cell Structure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kroupová I.


    Full Text Available Metallic foams are materials of which the research is still on-going, with the broad applicability in many different areas (e.g. automotive industry, building industry, medicine, etc.. These metallic materials have specific properties, such as large rigidity at low density, high thermal conductivity, capability to absorb energy, etc. The work is focused on the preparation of these materials using conventional casting technology (infiltration method, which ensures rapid and economically feasible method for production of shaped components. In the experimental part we studied conditions of casting of metallic foams with open pores and irregular cell structure made of ferrous and nonferrous alloys by use of various types of filler material (precursors.

  5. Constructing a logical, regular axis topology from an irregular topology (United States)

    Faraj, Daniel A.


    Constructing a logical regular topology from an irregular topology including, for each axial dimension and recursively, for each compute node in a subcommunicator until returning to a first node: adding to a logical line of the axial dimension a neighbor specified in a nearest neighbor list; calling the added compute node; determining, by the called node, whether any neighbor in the node's nearest neighbor list is available to add to the logical line; if a neighbor in the called compute node's nearest neighbor list is available to add to the logical line, adding, by the called compute node to the logical line, any neighbor in the called compute node's nearest neighbor list for the axial dimension not already added to the logical line; and, if no neighbor in the called compute node's nearest neighbor list is available to add to the logical line, returning to the calling compute node.

  6. Evaluation of Surface Slope Irregularity in Linear Parabolic Solar Collectors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Francini


    Full Text Available The paper describes a methodology, very simple in its application, for measuring surface irregularities of linear parabolic collectors. This technique was principally developed to be applied in cases where it is difficult to use cumbersome instruments and to facilitate logistic management. The instruments to be employed are a digital camera and a grating. If the reflector surface is defective, the image of the grating, reflected on the solar collector, appears distorted. Analyzing the reflected image, we can obtain the local slope of the defective surface. These profilometric tests are useful to identify and monitor the mirror portions under mechanical stress and to estimate the losses caused by the light rays deflected outside the absorber.

  7. Development of aerodynamic prediction methods for irregular planform wings (United States)

    Benepe, D. B., Sr.


    A set of empirical methods was developed to predict low-speed lift, drag and pitching-moment variations with angle of attack for a class of low aspect ratio irregular planform wings suitable for application to advanced aerospace vehicles. The data base, an extensive series of wind-tunnel tests accomplished by the Langley Research Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is summarized. The approaches used to analyze the wind tunnel data, the evaluation of previously existing methods, data correlation efforts, and the development of the selected methods are presented and discussed. A summary of the methods is also presented to document the equations, computational charts and design guides which have been programmed for digital computer solution. Comparisons of predictions and test data are presented which show that the new methods provide a significant improvement in capability for evaluating the landing characteristics of advanced aerospace vehicles during the preliminary design phase of the configuration development cycle.

  8. Towards intrinsic magnetism of graphene sheets with irregular zigzag edges. (United States)

    Chen, Lianlian; Guo, Liwei; Li, Zhilin; Zhang, Han; Lin, Jingjing; Huang, Jiao; Jin, Shifeng; Chen, Xiaolong


    The magnetism of graphene has remained divergent and controversial due to absence of reliable experimental results. Here we show the intrinsic magnetism of graphene edge states revealed based on unidirectional aligned graphene sheets derived from completely carbonized SiC crystals. It is found that ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism and diamagnetism along with a probable superconductivity exist in the graphene with irregular zigzag edges. A phase diagram is constructed to show the evolution of the magnetism. The ferromagnetic ordering curie-temperature of the fundamental magnetic order unit (FMOU) is 820 ± 80 K. The antiferromagnetic ordering Neel temperature of the FMOUs belonging to different sublattices is about 54 ± 2 K. The diamagnetism is similar to that of graphite and can be well described by the Kotosonov's equation. Our experimental results provide new evidences to clarify the controversial experimental phenomena observed in graphene and contribute to a deeper insight into the nature of magnetism in graphene based system.

  9. Massive stars in the Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy (United States)

    Garcia, Miriam


    Low metallicity massive stars hold the key to interpret numerous processes in the past Universe including re-ionization, starburst galaxies, high-redshift supernovae, and γ-ray bursts. The Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy [SagDIG, 12+log(O/H) = 7.37] represents an important landmark in the quest for analogues accessible with 10-m class telescopes. This Letter presents low-resolution spectroscopy executed with the Gran Telescopio Canarias that confirms that SagDIG hosts massive stars. The observations unveiled three OBA-type stars and one red supergiant candidate. Pending confirmation from high-resolution follow-up studies, these could be the most metal-poor massive stars of the Local Group.

  10. Technical Note: Trend estimation from irregularly sampled, correlated data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. von Clarmann


    Full Text Available Estimation of a trend of an atmospheric state variable is usually performed by fitting a linear regression line to a set of data of this variable sampled at different times. Often these data are irregularly sampled in space and time and clustered in a sense that error correlations among data points cause a similar error of data points sampled at similar times. Since this can affect the estimated trend, we suggest to take the full error covariance matrix of the data into account. Superimposed periodic variations can be jointly fitted in a straightforward manner, even if the shape of the periodic function is not known. Global data sets, particularly satellite data, can form the basis to estimate the error correlations. State-dependent amplitudes of superimposed periodic corrections result in a non-linear optimization problem which is solved iteratively.

  11. PROSE for irregular corneas at a tertiary eye care center. (United States)

    Arumugam, Amudha Oli; Rajan, Rajni; Subramanian, Madhumathi; Mahadevan, Rajeswari


    The aim of this study was to report and discuss the clinical experience with PROSE (Prosthetic Replacement of Ocular Surface Ecosystem) practice at a tertiary eye care hospital. Retrospective data of patients who were prescribed PROSE during April 2011 to March 2012 in a tertiary eye care center in south India were analyzed. Data collected include patient demographics, indications of scleral lens fitting, previous correction modality, PROSE parameters, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) with spectacles, and BCVA with PROSE at initial assessment and few hours of wear. The BCVA before (with glasses) and after PROSE fitting was recorded in logMAR units. The age of the patients ranged between 13 and 68 years (male:female 60:25) with a mean age of 32.44±13.45 years. Mean BCVA improved by 0.3 logMAR units (3 lines) after fitting with PROSE. There was a statistically significant difference between pre- and post-PROSE BCVA (P=0.0001). Failure of rigid gas-permeable lens fitting or intolerance was the common indication for PROSE in corneas with irregular astigmatism (refractive conditions). The other reasons for which PROSE was prescribed were pain, photophobia, comfort, ghosting of images, and frequent loss of smaller lenses. Toric scleral haptic was indicated in 62 eyes. The diameter, vault, and haptic measurements of PROSE in ocular surface disorders were much less and flatter than that of refractive conditions. PROSE device is a very useful alternative for irregular corneas to improve visual acuity, to improve comfort, and for symptomatic relief.

  12. Efficient Clustering for Irregular Geometries Based on Identification of Concavities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Velázquez-Villegas Fernando


    Full Text Available Two dimensional clustering problem has much relevance in applications related to the efficient use of raw material, such as cutting stock, packing, etc. This is a very complex problem in which multiple bodies are accommodated efficiently in a way that they occupy as little space as possible. The complexity of the problem increases with the complexity of the bodies. Clearly the number of possible arrangements between bodies is huge. No Fit Polygon (NFP allows to determine the entire relative positions between two patterns (regular or irregular in contact, non-overlapping, therefore the best position can be selected. However, NFP generation requires a lot of calculations; besides, selecting the best cluster isn’t a simple task because, between two irregular patterns in contact, hollows (unusable areas and external concavities (usable areas can be produced. This work presents a quick and simple method to reduce calculations associated with NFP generation and to minimize unusable areas in a cluster. This method consists of generating partial NFP, just on concave regions of the patterns, and selecting the best cluster using a total weighted efficiency, i.e. a weighted value of enclosure efficiency (ratio of occupied area on convex hull area and hollow efficiency (ratio of occupied area on cluster area. The proposed method produces similar results as those obtained by other methods; however the shape of the clusters obtained allows to accommodate more parts in similar spaces, which is a desirable result when it comes to optimizing the use of material. We present two examples to show the performance of the proposal.

  13. Irregular Corneas: Improve Visual Function With Scleral Contact Lenses. (United States)

    de Luis Eguileor, Beatriz; Etxebarria Ecenarro, Jaime; Santamaria Carro, Alaitz; Feijoo Lera, Raquel


    To assess visual function in patients with irregular cornea who do not tolerate gas permeable (GP) corneal contact lenses and are fitted with GP scleral contact lenses (Rose K2 XL). In this prospective study, we analyzed 15 eyes of 15 patients who did not tolerate GP corneal contact lenses and were fitted with scleral contact lenses (Rose K2 XL). We assessed visual function using visual acuity and the visual function index (VF-14); we used the VF-14 as an indicator of patient satisfaction. The measurements were taken with the optical correction used before and 1 month after the fitting of the Rose K2 XL contact lenses. We also recorded the number of hours lenses had been worn over the first month. Using Rose K2 XL contact lenses, visual acuity was 0.06±0.07 logMAR. In all cases, visual acuity had improved compared with the measurement before fitting the lenses (0.31±0.18 logMAR; P=0.001). VF-14 scores were 72.74±12.38 before fitting of the scleral lenses, and 89.31±10.87 after 1 month of lens use (P=0.003). Patients used these scleral lenses for 9.33±2.99 comfortable hours of wear. Both visual acuity and VF-14 may improve after fitting Rose K2 XL contact lenses in patients with irregular corneas. In addition, in our patients, these lenses can be worn for a longer period than GP corneal contact lenses.

  14. Time-frequency processing of track irregularities in high-speed train (United States)

    Ning, Jing; Lin, Jianhui; Zhang, Bing


    Track irregularities are the main source of vehicle vibration. With the increase in the speed, the track irregularities have become a more significant issue of concerned. The axle box acceleration signals can be obtained for analyzing the track irregularities, but the signals are usually non-stationary and signal processing results are not normally satisfied with the ordinary way. Thus, time-frequency distribution analysis is proposed to use in this study. To minimize the cross-terms, a new method based on Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) and Cohen's class distribution has been developed and advanced. This approach has been tested with three typical simulation signals and then applied to analyze the track irregularities. The result is consistent with the result from track inspection cars. This indicates this new algorithm is suitable for analyzing the track irregularities. It can be applied in rail irregularity measurement to compensate some shortages of the track inspection cars.

  15. Measurements of electron density irregularities in the ionosphere of Jupiter by Pioneer 10 (United States)

    Woo, R.; Yang, F.-C.


    It is demonstrated that when the frequency spectrum of log amplitude fluctuations is used, the radio-occultation experiment is a powerful tool for detecting, identifying, and studying ionospheric irregularities. Analysis of Pioneer 10 radio-occultation measurements reveals that the Jovian ionosphere possesses electron-density irregularities which are very similar to those found in the earth's ionosphere. This is the first time such irregularities have been found in a planetary ionosphere other than that of the earth. The Pioneer 10 results indicate that the spatial wave-number spectrum of the electron-density irregularities is close to the Kolmogorov spectrum and that the outer scale size is greater than the Fresnel size (6.15 km). This type of spectrum suggests that the irregularities are probably produced by the turbulent dissipation of irregularities larger than the outer scale size.

  16. En fornemmelse for migration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schütze, Laura Maria

    Afhandlingen undersøger, hvordan sted, museets rolle som aktør og religion er relevante for produktionen af migration på Immigrantmuseet (2012) og i Københavns Museums udstilling At blive københavner (2010). Afhandlingen er baseret på udstillingsanalyse samt interview med relevant museumsfagligt......, anvendes som virkemidler til at nuancere migration og distancere udstillingen fra den offentlige debat om indvandring. Afhandlingen peger på, at produktionen af den nyere danske historie på museum er præget af et fravær af religion. Det skyldes, at de museumsfaglige praksisser og traditioner afspejler en...... identiteter, som vi tager for givet: nationer, byer, kvinder - såvel som migration og religion. Afhandlingen argumenterer følgelig for, at museernes produktion af (materiel) religion er et særdeles relevant, men kun ringe udforsket, genstandsfelt for religionssociologien....

  17. More myths of migration. (United States)

    Basch, L; Lerner, G


    This paper discusses some of the myths of migration. The 5 myths presented are: 1) racism has little to do with the causes of migration and does not necessarily impede the adjustment or success of migrants; 2) in areas where there is a strong feminist movement and trade unions, migrant women receive their support and can count on the solidarity of these organizations; 3) transnational corporations are positive forces in the developing countries where they operate--not only do they provide these states with new sources of capital, but they also impart new industrial skills to the labor force; 4) migration today is essentially short-term in nature--it therefore does not have a strong impact on family life; and 5) most migrants cluster together in ethnic enclaves which provide a strong source of support and diminish dislocation inherent in the migrant process.

  18. Study of Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities for the Assessment of Impacts on Communication/Navigation System (7) (United States)


    Final Report of AFRL-AOARD Project 11-4040 (2011-2013) “Study of Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities for the Assessment of Impacts on...DEC 2013 2. REPORT TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED 01-08-2011 to 01-08-2013 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Study of Equatorial Ionospheric Irregularities both temporal and amplitude variations. Second, since the ionospheric density irregularities are the source of ionospheric radiowave scintillation

  19. Investigating GAIM-GM’s Capability to Sense Ionospheric Irregularities via Walker Satellite Constellations (United States)



  20. Parametric pitch instability investigation of Deep Draft Semi-submersible platform in irregular waves


    Huan Mao; Hezhen Yang


    Parametric pitch instability of a Deep Draft Semi-submersible platform (DDS) is investigated in irregular waves. Parametric pitch is a form of parametric instability, which occurs when parameters of a system vary with time and the variation satisfies a certain condition. In previous studies, analyzing of parametric instability is mainly limited to regular waves, whereas the realistic sea conditions are irregular waves. Besides, parametric instability also occurs in irregular waves in some exp...

  1. Fiber Bragg grating-based detection of cross sectional irregularities in metallic pipes (United States)

    Ray, Pabitro; Srinivasan, Balaji; Balasubramaniam, Krishnan; Rajagopal, Prabhu


    Cross-sectional irregularities such as eccentricity are an important problem for pipe and tubing infrastructure. Recent work by the authors shows that such axially extended pipe irregularities can cause confinement and feature-guiding of lower order ultrasonic guided waves. In this paper, we demonstrate a technique to monitor such irregularities in pipes by detecting the feature-guided waves using fiber Bragg grating sensors. Our experimental results are in good agreement with the results reported in elastic wave literature.

  2. Transventricular Migration of Neurocysticercosis. (United States)

    Shah, Abhidha; Vutha, Ravikiran; Sankhe, Shilpa; Goel, Atul


    The movements of a neurocysticercosis cyst within the ventricular cavity have been identified rarely. A 22-year old male patient presented with the main symptom of diplopia for about a week. Findings of the neurologic examination revealed bilateral sixth cranial nerve weakness. Investigations during the period showed an intraventricular tumor that migrated from lateral ventricle to the third ventricle and subsequently to the fourth ventricle. The lesion was resected from the fourth ventricle and was identified to be a neurocysticercosis cyst. Such an intraventricular migration of any kind of tumor has not been recorded in the literature. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Migration, Narration, Identity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leese, Peter

    three consecutive summers from 2010 to 2012. The articles focus on various aspects of the migrant experience and try to answer questions about migrant identity and its representations in literature and the media. The book closes with an original play by Carlos Morton, the Chicano playwright working......(co-editor with Carly McLaughlin and Wladyslaw Witalisz) This book presents articles resulting from joint research on the representations of migration conducted in connection with the Erasmus Intensive Programme entitled «Migration and Narration» taught to groups of international students over...

  4. International Migration of Couples

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Junge, Martin; Munk, Martin D.; Nikolka, Till


    Migrant self-selection is important to labor markets and public finances in both origin and destination countries. We develop a theoretical model regarding the migration of dual-earner couples and test it using population-wide administrative data from Denmark. Our model predicts that the probabil......Migrant self-selection is important to labor markets and public finances in both origin and destination countries. We develop a theoretical model regarding the migration of dual-earner couples and test it using population-wide administrative data from Denmark. Our model predicts...

  5. Samtidskunst og migration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Anne Ring


    "Samtidskunst og migration. En oversigt over faglitteraturen" er en forskningsoversigt der gør status over hvad der hidtil er skrevet inden for det kunsthistoriske område om vor tids billedkunst og migration som politisk, socialt og kulturelt fænomen, primært i forbindelse med immigration til...... Europa og i bredere forstand Vesten. Rapporten er en intern rapport som er lavet i tilknytning til det kollektive forskningsprojekt "Islam i europæisk litteratur" på Afdelingen for Litteraturvidenskab og Moderne Kultur og indleveret til dette projekts leder, Peter Madsen....

  6. Making Migration Meaningful

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Benwell, Ann Fenger


    . The article focuses on changing patterns of mobility in the Mongolian ‘age of the market’ and its effects on population groups. Internal and international migration has continually risen as individuals and families have moved to places of opportunity. Connections are believed to be maintained during periods...... of absence by migrant family members, as both men and women are culturally permitted to be separate from their families. Migration is understood to contribute to prosperity, and separations contribute to generate growth and hishig (good fortune) for the good of the family. However, such mobility is also...

  7. Unix Application Migration Guide

    CERN Document Server

    Microsoft. Redmond


    Drawing on the experience of Microsoft consultants working in the field, as well as external organizations that have migrated from UNIX to Microsoft® Windows®, this guide offers practical, prescriptive guidance on the issues you are likely to face when porting existing UNIX applications to the Windows operating system environment. Senior IT decision makers, network managers, and operations managers will get real-world guidance and best practices on planning and implementation issues to understand the different methods through which migration or co-existence can be accomplished. Also detailing

  8. [Migration and diabetes]. (United States)

    Aydinkoc-Tuzcu, Kadriye; Schindler, Karin; Kautzky-Willer, Alexandra; Ludvik, Bernhard; Fasching, Peter


    The article deals with the demographic data of migration in Austria and with therapeutic advice concerning drug therapy and diabetes education for patients with migration background. In this context socio-cultural specifics are discussed. These suggestions are seen complementary to the general treatment guidelines of the Austrian Diabetes Association.Especially for the fast months Ramadan there are a lot of informations. The most important point is that the patient care must be highly individualized and the management plan may differ for each patient.

  9. What's driving migration? (United States)

    Kane, H


    During the 1990s investment in prevention of international or internal migration declined, and crisis intervention increased. The budgets of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the UN Development Program remained about the same. The operating assumption is that war, persecution, famine, and environmental and social disintegration are inevitable. Future efforts should be directed to stabilizing populations through investment in sanitation, public health, preventive medicine, land tenure, environmental protection, and literacy. Forces pushing migration are likely to increase in the future. Forces include depletion of natural resources, income disparities, population pressure, and political disruption. The causes of migration are not constant. In the past, migration occurred during conquests, settlement, intermarriage, or religious conversion and was a collective movement. Current migration involves mass movement of individuals and the struggle to survive. There is new pressure to leave poor squatter settlements and the scarcities in land, water, and food. The slave trade between the 1500s and the 1800s linked continents, and only 2-3 million voluntarily crossed national borders. Involuntary migration began in the early 1800s when European feudal systems were in a decline, and people sought freedom. Official refugees, who satisfy the strict 1951 UN definition, increased from 15 million in 1980 to 23 million in 1990 but remained a small proportion of international migrants. Much of the mass movement occurs between developing countries. Migration to developed countries is accompanied by growing intolerance, which is misinformed. China practices a form of "population transfer" in Tibet in order to dilute Tibetan nationalism. Colonization of countries is a new less expensive form of control over territory. Eviction of minorities is another popular strategy in Iraq. Public works projects supported by foreign aid displace millions annually. War and civil conflicts

  10. From Security to Development: Migration contribution to Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gallina, Andrea


    In the current European Union (EU) debate on migration despite the positive linkage between Migration and Development gaining momentum, emphasis is still greater on how to guarantee borders security and curb irregular migration. This is possibly due also to the lack of concrete indications on how...... theories and practice by proposing the path towards a more comprehensive analytical framework that takes into account the intertwining of the internal resources (i.e. migrants' financial, human, social and symbolic capital) and external - the social, political, economic and cultural environment in which...... on the migration  trends in the Euro-Mediterranean region and concrete and utilisation of migrants' resources and a  final section concluding and highlighting the potential for regional co-operation in creating, enhancing and mobilising migrants' resources. Udgivelsesdato: December...

  11. Chain Migration through Social Networks: Case Study of Vietnamese Migrants in Thailand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anh Tuan NGUYEN


    Full Text Available The paper aims to investigate the relationship between the recent increasingly pattern of Vietnamese migrants in Thailand and migration networks. By surveying 50 Vietnamese migrants in Bangkok, Thailand, the study confirms that migration networks have played a critical role in facilitating migration flows, especially irregular flows from Vietnam to Thailand over the years. It can be reflected by reducing the cost of migration, coping with new working environment and risks during working in Thailand and ensuring the return process for Vietnamese migrants. Moreover, forms of social networks includes personal networks (kinship and friendship networks, and community network (ngườidẫnđường’s network, social media has been also discussed. The study also implies that the người dẫn đường’s networks might contribute to recently emerging issues such as human trafficking and smugglings, which require further research.

  12. Spatial irregularities in Jupiter's upper ionosphere observed by Voyager radio occultations (United States)

    Hinson, D. P.; Tyler, G. L.


    Radio scintillations (at 3.6 and 13 cm) produced by scattering from ionospheric irregularities during the Voyager occultations are interpreted using a weak-scattering theory. Least squares solutions for ionospheric parameters derived from the observed fluctuation spectra yield estimates of (1) the axial ratio, (2) angular orientation of the anisotropic irregularities, (3) the power law exponent of the spatial spectrum of irregularities, and (4) the magnitude of the spatial variations in electron density. It is shown that the measured angular orientation of the anisotropic irregularities indicates magnetic field direction and may provide a basis for refining Jovian magnetic field models.

  13. Formation of ionospheric irregularities over Southeast Asia during the 2015 St. Patrick's Day storm

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Spogli, Luca; Cesaroni, Claudio; Di Mauro, Domenico; Pezzopane, Michael; Alfonsi, Lucilla; Musicò, Elvira; Povero, Gabriella; Pini, Marco; Dovis, Fabio; Romero, Rodrigo; Linty, Nicola; Abadi, Prayitno; Nuraeni, Fitri; Husin, Asnawi; Le Huy, Minh; Lan, Tran Thi; La, The Vinh; Pillat, Valdir Gil; Floury, Nicolas


    ...), covering a wide longitudinal sector of the low‐latitude ionosphere. A regional characterization of the storm is provided, identifying the peculiarities of ionospheric irregularity formation...

  14. Gravity Wave-Induced Ionospheric Irregularities in the Postsunset Equatorial Valley Region (United States)

    Hysell, D. L.; Fritts, D. C.; Laughman, B.; Chau, J. L.


    Plasma irregularities in the postsunset equatorial valley region ionosphere are investigated experimentally and through numerical simulation. Coherent radar backscatter observed at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory shows two classes of irregularities in different altitude bands—one mainly below about 125 km and the other mainly above. Irregularities in both bands are organized into wavefronts with wavelengths of a few kilometers. However, only the irregularities in the high-altitude band exhibit consistent propagation speeds and directions. Some previous observations of irregularities in the nighttime electrojet suggest that gravity waves may sometimes influence their morphology. The possibility that the valley region irregularities are also related to gravity waves (GWs) is therefore investigated numerically. A model of a GW packet propagating through a tidal wind field is used to drive another model which predicts the resulting ionospheric electrodynamics. The combined simulation shows that GWs can induce field-aligned currents and excite resistive drift waves which could be responsible for the valley region irregularities in the high-altitude band. The GWs also induce irregularities in the upper E region directly through simple dynamo action which subsequently deform under the influence of shear flow. This may explain the irregularities in the low-altitude band.

  15. Migration scenarii in extrasolar systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Crida A.


    Full Text Available In this review talk, I present the theory of type I migration of small mass planets, and its latest developments that open the possibility of outward migration in the inner part of a protoplanetary disk. I also review the type II migration of giant planets, and mention the runaway, type III. Then, we focus on the migration of pairs of planets in resonance. The eccentricity of the planets raise, and possibly their mutual inclination as well. Also, the migration rate can be changed, and directed outward if the outer planet is the lighter. Last, we present a synthetic scenario of migration for the giant planets of our Solar System.

  16. Wave-equation Q tomography and least-squares migration

    KAUST Repository

    Dutta, Gaurav


    , anisotropic or anelastic least-squares migration. During the least-squares iterations, I impose sparsity constraints on the inverted reflectivity model in the local Radon domain. The forward and the inverse mapping of the reflectivity to the local Radon domain is done through 3D Fourier-based discrete Radon transform operators. Using numerical tests on synthetic and 3D field data, I demonstrate that the proposed preconditioning approach can discriminate against artifacts in the image resulting from irregular or insufficient acquisition and can produce images with improved signal-to-noise ratio when compared with standard migration.

  17. Migration and regional inequality

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Peng, Lianqing; Swider, Sarah


    rising, regional inequality has actually decreased, and most recently, remained stable. Our study suggests that China’s unique migratory regime is crucial to understanding these findings. We conduct a counterfactual simulation to demonstrate how migration and remittances have mitigated income inequality...

  18. Migration as Adventure

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olwig, Karen Fog


    Narratives of adventure constitute a well-established convention of describing travel experiences, yet the significance of this narrative genre in individuals’ accounts of their migration and life abroad has been little investigated. Drawing on Simmel and Bakhtin, among others, this article...

  19. Digitizing migration heritage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Marselis, Randi


    Museums are increasingly digitizing their collections and making them available to the public on-line. Creating such digital resources may become means for social inclusion. For museums that acknowledge migration history and cultures of ethnic minority groups as important subjects in multiethnic...

  20. Diel vertical migrat..

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jan 24, 2002 ... crustacean zooplankton but also in a Wide array of different marine zooplankton groups. (Russell 1927, McLaren 1963). Thus there is no doubt that ..... cooperation during field work and for their fruitful discussion on the draft manuscript. REFERENCES. Bayly lAE 1986 Aspects of diel vertical migration in ...

  1. Dispersal and migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schwarz, C.


    Full Text Available Ringing of birds unveiled many aspects of avian migration and dispersal movements. However, there is even much more to be explored by the use of ringing and other marks. Dispersal is crucial in understanding the initial phase of migration in migrating birds as it is to understand patterns and processes of distribution and gene flow. So far, the analysis of migration was largely based on analysing spatial and temporal patters of recoveries of ringed birds. However, there are considerable biases and pitfalls in using recoveries due to spatial and temporal variation in reporting probabilities. Novel methods are required for future studies separating the confounding effects of spatial and temporal heterogeneity of recovery data and heterogeneity of the landscape as well. These novel approaches should aim a more intensive and novel use of the existing recovery data by taking advantage of, for instance, dynamic and multistate modeling, should elaborate schemes for future studies, and should also include other marks that allow a more rapid data collection, like telemetry, geolocation and global positioning systems, and chemical and molecular markers. The latter appear to be very useful in the delineating origin of birds and connectivity between breeding and non–breeding grounds. Many studies of migration are purely descriptive. However, King and Brooks (King & Brooks, 2004 examine if movement patterns of dolphins change after the introduction of a gillnet ban. Bayesian methods are an interesting approach to this problem as they provide a meaningful measure of the probability that such a change occurred rather than simple yes/no response that is often the result of classical statistical methods. However, the key difficulty of a general implementation of Bayesian methods is the complexity of the modelling —there is no general userfriendly package that is easily accessible to most scientists. Drake and Alisauskas (Drake & Alisauskas, 2004 examine the

  2. Migration and Africa

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zoppi, Marco


    European powers imposed the nation-state on Africa through colonialism. But even after African independencies, mainstream discourses and government policies have amplified the idea that sedentariness and the state are the only acceptable mode of modernity. Migration is portrayed as a menace...

  3. Describing migration spatial structure

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rogers, A; Willekens, F; Little, J; Raymer, J

    The age structure of a population is a fundamental concept in demography and is generally depicted in the form of an age pyramid. The spatial structure of an interregional system of origin-destination-specific migration streams is, however, a notion lacking a widely accepted definition. We offer a

  4. Migrating the Light

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Bent

    The migration of Blaga’s universalist, even centralist poems from Romanian of the first third of the 20th C. into American of the first fifth of the 21st C. illustrates the uses of Pierre Joris’s nomadic methods. My translations of Blaga read well for a teenage audience whose only exposure to lit...

  5. Practical Data Migration

    CERN Document Server

    Morris, Johny


    This book is for executives and practitioners tasked with the movement of data from old systems to a new repository. It uses a series of steps guaranteed to get the reader from an empty new system to one that is working and backed by the user population. Using this proven methodology will vastly increase the chances of a successful migration.

  6. IHY objectives in the African ionospheric irregularities observation campaign (United States)

    Yizengaw, E.; Moldwin, M. B.


    : One of many objectives of IHY is the deployment of networks of small instruments, especially closing the land-based gaps of instruments around the world. One of the regions that have been almost entirely devoid of ground-based instruments is the African continent. Such uneven distribution of ground-based instruments hinders our ability to obtain a global understanding of the equatorial ionosphere. In the African sector, for example, a continuous ground-based observation of the equatorial ionospheric irregularities is not possible due to lack of ground-based instruments, causing many fundamental questions to remain unanswered. Satellite observations indicate the equatorial ionospheric density structures in the African continent respond to space weather effects differently than do other parts of the Earth. For example, in the African equatorial region, satellite observations show that the F-region bubbles are much deeper than the bubbles observed in any other longitudinal sectors, and are very active year round compared with other regions. Observations also show that the bubbles in Africa rises to high altitude (up to 1000+ kilometers) more frequently compared with other longitudes. However, these responses have not been studied in detail by observations from the ground due to the lack of suitable ground-based instrumentation in the region. Thus, the cause of these unique density irregularities in the continent remains a mystery for the scientific community. Therefore, in order to have a better understanding, the scientific communities, using the IHY platform, are now closing the largest land-based gap in ground-based instruments such as GPS receivers and magnetometers. The instrumentation network in African is already developing rapidly with GPS receivers from SCINDA, AMMA, IGS, and AGREES and magnetometers from MAGDAS and AMBER. In addition to new scientific discoveries and advancing space science research in Africa by establishing scientific collaborations

  7. Extended Schmidt law holds for faint dwarf irregular galaxies (United States)

    Roychowdhury, Sambit; Chengalur, Jayaram N.; Shi, Yong


    Context. The extended Schmidt law (ESL) is a variant of the Schmidt which relates the surface densities of gas and star formation, with the surface density of stellar mass added as an extra parameter. Although ESL has been shown to be valid for a wide range of galaxy properties, its validity in low-metallicity galaxies has not been comprehensively tested. This is important because metallicity affects the crucial atomic-to-molecular transition step in the process of conversion of gas to stars. Aims: We empirically investigate for the first time whether low metallicity faint dwarf irregular galaxies (dIrrs) from the local universe follow the ESL. Here we consider the "global" law where surface densities are averaged over the galactic discs. dIrrs are unique not only because they are at the lowest end of mass and star formation scales for galaxies, but also because they are metal-poor compared to the general population of galaxies. Methods: Our sample is drawn from the Faint Irregular Galaxy GMRT Survey (FIGGS) which is the largest survey of atomic hydrogen in such galaxies. The gas surface densities are determined using their atomic hydrogen content. The star formation rates are calculated using GALEX far ultraviolet fluxes after correcting for dust extinction, whereas the stellar surface densities are calculated using Spitzer 3.6 μm fluxes. The surface densities are calculated over the stellar discs defined by the 3.6 μm images. Results: We find dIrrs indeed follow the ESL. The mean deviation of the FIGGS galaxies from the relation is 0.01 dex, with a scatter around the relation of less than half that seen in the original relation. In comparison, we also show that the FIGGS galaxies are much more deviant when compared to the "canonical" Kennicutt-Schmidt relation. Conclusions: Our results help strengthen the universality of the ESL, especially for galaxies with low metallicities. We suggest that models of star formation in which feedback from previous generations

  8. From Migration Regime to Regional Citizenry: Migration and Identity ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    I examine the East African common market, taken as a regional migration regime, and draw its implications for intra-regional migration and identity formation. Using desk research, I analyse the common market Protocol's provisions and envisage the implications of its implementation for intraregional migration and identity ...

  9. The International Organization for Migration in Global Migration Governance


    Poulsen, Sofie Havn; Andersen, Lise


    This project focuses on the IOM, the notion of global governance of migration and the interaction between these two. The point of departure has been an attempt to grasp the current global approach to migration and comprehend whether, or to what degree, there is governance of migration issues taking place at a global level.

  10. Globalization, Migration and Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    George, Susan


    Full Text Available EnglishMigration may become the most important branch of demography in the earlydecades of the new millennium in a rapidly globalizing world. This paper discusses the causes, costsand benefits of international migration to countries of the South and North, and key issues of commonconcern. International migration is as old as national boundaries, though its nature, volume,direction, causes and consequences have changed. The causes of migration are rooted in the rate ofpopulation growth and the proportion of youth in the population, their education and training,employment opportunities, income differentials in society, communication and transportationfacilities, political freedom and human rights and level of urbanization. Migration benefits the Souththrough remittances of migrants, improves the economic welfare of the population (particularly womenof South countries generally, increases investment, and leads to structural changes in the economy.However, emigration from the South has costs too, be they social or caused by factors such as braindrain. The North also benefits by migration through enhancement of economic growth, development ofnatural resources, improved employment prospects, social development and through exposure toimmigrants' new cultures and lifestyles. Migration also has costs to the North such as of immigrantintegration, a certain amount of destabilization of the economy, illegal immigration, and socialproblems of discrimination and exploitation. Issues common to both North and South include impact onprivate investment, trade, international cooperation, and sustainable development. Both North andSouth face a dilemma in seeking an appropriate balance between importing South's labour or itsproducts and exporting capital and technology from the North.FrenchLa migration est sans doute devenue la partie la plus importante de la démographie des premières décennies du nouveau millénaire dans un monde qui change rapidement. Ce

  11. Zimbabwe's Exodus Crisis, Migration, Survival

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Remittances, Informalisation and Dispossession in Urban Zimbabwe Sarah Bracking and Lloyd Sachikonye. 324. Chapter Fifteen Transnationalism and Undocumented Migration Between Rural Zimbabwe and South Africa France Maphosa. 346. Chapter Sixteen Metaphors of Migration: Zimbabwean Migrants in the South ...

  12. On irregular singularity wave functions and superconformal indices (United States)

    Buican, Matthew; Nishinaka, Takahiro


    We generalize, in a manifestly Weyl-invariant way, our previous expressions for irregular singularity wave functions in two-dimensional SU(2) q-deformed Yang-Mills theory to SU( N). As an application, we give closed-form expressions for the Schur indices of all ( A N - 1 , A N ( n - 1)-1) Argyres-Douglas (AD) superconformal field theories (SCFTs), thus completing the computation of these quantities for the ( A N , A M ) SCFTs. With minimal effort, our wave functions also give new Schur indices of various infinite sets of "Type IV" AD theories. We explore the discrete symmetries of these indices and also show how highly intricate renormalization group (RG) flows from isolated theories and conformal manifolds in the ultraviolet to isolated theories and (products of) conformal manifolds in the infrared are encoded in these indices. We compare our flows with dimensionally reduced flows via a simple "monopole vev RG" formalism. Finally, since our expressions are given in terms of concise Lie algebra data, we speculate on extensions of our results that might be useful for probing the existence of hypothetical SCFTs based on other Lie algebras. We conclude with a discussion of some open problems.

  13. Measuring border irregularities of skin lesions using fractal dimensions (United States)

    Ng, Vincent T. Y.; Lee, Tim K.


    Malignant melanoma is the most common cancer in people less than 35 years of age and incident rates are increasing by approximately 5 percent per annum in many white populations, including British Columbia, Canada. In 1994, a clinical study has been established to digitize melanocytic lesions under a controlled environment. Lesions are digitized from patients who are referred to the Colored Pigment Lesion Clinic in the University of British Columbia. In this paper, we investigate how to use fractal dimensions (FDs) in measuring the irregularity of a skin lesion. In a previous project, we have experimented with 6 different methods to calculate fractal dimensions on a small number of images of skin lesions, and the simple box-counting method performed the best. However, the method did not exploit the intensity information of the images. With the new set of images which are digitized under the controlled environment, we utilize the differential box counting method to exploit such information. Four FD measures, including the direct FD, the horizontal and the vertical smoothing FDs, and the multi- fractal dimension of order two, are calculated based on the original color images. In addition, these 4 FD features are repeatedly calculate for the blue band of the images. This paper reports the different features through the calculations of the fractal dimensions and compares their differentiation power in the use of diagnosis of images of skin lesions.

  14. Mechanically Milled Irregular Zinc Nanoparticles for Printable Bioresorbable Electronics. (United States)

    Mahajan, Bikram K; Yu, Xiaowei; Shou, Wan; Pan, Heng; Huang, Xian


    Bioresorbable electronics is predominantly realized by complex and time-consuming anhydrous fabrication processes. New technology explores printable methods using inks containing micro- or nano-bioresorbable particles (e.g., Zn and Mg). However, these particles have seldom been obtained in the context of bioresorbable electronics using cheap, reliable, and effective approaches with limited study on properties essential to printable electronics. Here, irregular nanocrystalline Zn with controllable sizes and optimized electrical performance is obtained through ball milling approach using polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as a process control agent to stabilize Zn particles and prevent cold welding. Time and PVP dependence of the ball milled particles are studied with systematic characterizations of morphology and composition of the nanoparticles. The results reveal crystallized Zn nanoparticles with a size of ≈34.834 ± 1.76 nm and low surface oxidation. The resulting Zn nanoparticles can be readily printed onto bioresorbable substrates and sintered at room temperature using a photonic sintering approach, leading to a high conductivity of 44 643 S m -1 for printable zinc nanoparticles. The techniques to obtain Zn nanoparticles through ball milling and processing them through photonic sintering may potentially lead to a mass fabrication method for bioresorbable electronics and promote its applications in healthcare, environmental protection, and consumer electronics. © 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  15. Irregular persistent activity induced by synaptic excitatory feedback

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Barbieri


    Full Text Available Neurophysiological experiments on monkeys have reported highly irregular persistent activity during the performance of an oculomotor delayed-response task. These experiments show that during the delay period the coefficient of variation (CV of interspike intervals (ISI of prefrontal neurons is above 1, on average, and larger than during the fixation period. In the present paper, we show that this feature can be reproduced in a network in which persistent activity is induced by excitatory feedback, provided that (i the post-spike reset is close enough to threshold , (ii synaptic efficacies are a non-linear function of the pre-synaptic firing rate. Non-linearity between presynaptic rate and effective synaptic strength is implemented by a standard short-term depression mechanism (STD. First, we consider the simplest possible network with excitatory feedback: a fully connected homogeneous network of excitatory leaky integrate-and-fire neurons, using both numerical simulations and analytical techniques. The results are then confirmed in a network with selective excitatory neurons and inhibition. In both the cases there is a large range of values of the synaptic efficacies for which the statistics of firing of single cells is similar to experimental data.

  16. On statistical irregularity of stratospheric warming occurrence during northern winters (United States)

    Savenkova, Elena N.; Gavrilov, Nikolai M.; Pogoreltsev, Alexander I.


    Statistical analysis of dates of warming events observed during the years 1981-2016 at different stratospheric altitudes reveals their non-uniform distributions during northern winter months with maxima at the beginning of January, at the end of January - beginning of February and at the end of February. Climatology of zonal-mean zonal wind, deviations of temperature from its winter-averaged values, and planetary wave (PW) characteristics at high and middle northern latitudes in the altitude range from the ground up to 60 km is studied using the database of meteorological reanalysis MERRA. Climatological temperature deviations averaged over the 60-90°N latitudinal bands reveal cooler and warmer layers descending due to seasonal changes during the polar night. PW amplitudes and upward Eliassen-Palm fluxes averaged over 36 years have periodical maxima with the main maximum at the beginning of January at altitudes 40-50 km. During the above-mentioned intervals of more frequent occurrence of stratospheric warming events, maxima of PW amplitudes and Eliassen-Palm fluxes, also minima of eastward winds in the high-latitude northern stratosphere have been found. Climatological intra-seasonal irregularities of stratospheric warming dates could indicate reiterating phases of stratospheric vacillations in different years.

  17. Image fusion and enhancement using triangulated irregular networks (United States)

    Scarmana, G.


    A triangulated irregular network (TIN) is a viable structure for vector representation of raster image data. To visualize the image characterized by triangulation, it is required to fit a continuous surface of pixel brightness values in the triangulation (i.e. to interpolate data stored in its vertices). From this perspective, this paper presents a multi-frame image fusion and enhancement process that employs TIN structures rather than arrays of pixels as the original working units. The feasibility of this application relates to the fact that a TIN model offers a good quality digital image representation with a reduced density of pixel values as compared to a corresponding raster representation [4]. In the proposed process several low-resolution unregistered and compressed images (such as those extracted from a video footage) of a common scene are: (a) registered to a sub-pixel level (b) transformed to a TIN structure, (c) grouped or mapped globally within a singular framework to create a denser TIN composite, and (d) the TIN representation is used in reverse to reconstruct a higher resolution image in raster format with more details than any of the original input frames. Tests and subsequent results are shown to demonstrate the validity and accuracy of the proposed multi-frame image enhancement process. A comparison of this process of multi-frame image enhancement using various interpolation methods and practices is included.

  18. Weighted statistical parameters for irregularly sampled time series (United States)

    Rimoldini, Lorenzo


    Unevenly spaced time series are common in astronomy because of the day-night cycle, weather conditions, dependence on the source position in the sky, allocated telescope time and corrupt measurements, for example, or inherent to the scanning law of satellites like Hipparcos and the forthcoming Gaia. Irregular sampling often causes clumps of measurements and gaps with no data which can severely disrupt the values of estimators. This paper aims at improving the accuracy of common statistical parameters when linear interpolation (in time or phase) can be considered an acceptable approximation of a deterministic signal. A pragmatic solution is formulated in terms of a simple weighting scheme, adapting to the sampling density and noise level, applicable to large data volumes at minimal computational cost. Tests on time series from the Hipparcos periodic catalogue led to significant improvements in the overall accuracy and precision of the estimators with respect to the unweighted counterparts and those weighted by inverse-squared uncertainties. Automated classification procedures employing statistical parameters weighted by the suggested scheme confirmed the benefits of the improved input attributes. The classification of eclipsing binaries, Mira, RR Lyrae, Delta Cephei and Alpha2 Canum Venaticorum stars employing exclusively weighted descriptive statistics achieved an overall accuracy of 92 per cent, about 6 per cent higher than with unweighted estimators.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Elmegreen, Bruce G., E-mail: [IBM Research Division, T.J. Watson Research Center, 1101 Kitchawan Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (United States)


    A dynamical model for star formation on a galactic scale is proposed in which the interstellar medium is constantly condensing to star-forming clouds on the dynamical time of the average midplane density, and the clouds are constantly being disrupted on the dynamical timescale appropriate for their higher density. In this model, the areal star formation rate scales with the 1.5 power of the total gas column density throughout the main regions of spiral galaxies, and with a steeper power, 2, in the far outer regions and in dwarf irregular galaxies because of the flaring disks. At the same time, there is a molecular star formation law that is linear in the main and outer parts of disks and in dIrrs because the duration of individual structures in the molecular phase is also the dynamical timescale, canceling the additional 0.5 power of surface density. The total gas consumption time scales directly with the midplane dynamical time, quenching star formation in the inner regions if there is no accretion, and sustaining star formation for ∼100 Gyr or more in the outer regions with no qualitative change in gas stability or molecular cloud properties. The ULIRG track follows from high densities in galaxy collisions.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Elmegreen, Bruce G. [IBM Research Division, T.J. Watson Research Center, 1101 Kitchawan Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (United States); Hunter, Deidre A., E-mail:, E-mail: [Lowell Observatory, 1400 West Mars Hill Road, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 (United States)


    The radial profiles of gas, stars, and far-ultraviolet radiation in 20 dwarf Irregular galaxies are converted to stability parameters and scale heights for a test of the importance of two-dimensional (2D) instabilities in promoting star formation. A detailed model of this instability involving gaseous and stellar fluids with self-consistent thicknesses and energy dissipation on a perturbation crossing time gives the unstable growth rates. We find that all locations are effectively stable to 2D perturbations, mostly because the disks are thick. We then consider the average volume densities in the midplanes, evaluated from the observed H i surface densities and calculated scale heights. The radial profiles of the star-formation rates are equal to about 1% of the H i surface densities divided by the free fall times at the average midplane densities. This 1% resembles the efficiency per unit free fall time commonly found in other cases. There is a further variation of this efficiency with radius in all of our galaxies, following the exponential disk with a scale length equal to about twice the stellar mass scale length. This additional variation is modeled by the molecular fraction in a diffuse medium using radiative transfer solutions for galaxies with the observed dimensions and properties of our sample. We conclude that star formation is activated by a combination of three-dimensional gaseous gravitational processes and molecule formation. Implications for outer disk structure and formation are discussed.

  1. Influence of Ionospheric Irregularities on GNSS Remote Sensing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. V. Tinin


    Full Text Available We have used numerical simulation to study the effects of ionospheric irregularities on accuracy of global navigation satellite system (GNSS measurements, using ionosphere-free (in atmospheric research and geometry-free (in ionospheric research dual-frequency phase combinations. It is known that elimination of these effects from multifrequency GNSS measurements is handi-capped by diffraction effects during signal propagation through turbulent ionospheric plasma with the inner scale being smaller than the Fresnel radius. We demonstrated the possibility of reducing the residual ionospheric error in dual-frequency GNSS remote sensing in ionosphere-free combination by Fresnel inversion. The inversion parameter, the distance to the virtual screen, may be selected from the minimum of amplitude fluctuations. This suggests the possibility of improving the accuracy of GNSS remote sensing in meteorology. In the study of ionospheric disturbances with the aid of geometry-free combination, the Fresnel inversion eliminates only the third-order error. To eliminate the random TEC component which, like the measured average TEC, is the first-order correction, we should use temporal filtering (averaging.

  2. Climatic irregular staircases: generalized acceleration of global warming. (United States)

    De Saedeleer, Bernard


    Global warming rates mentioned in the literature are often restricted to a couple of arbitrary periods of time, or of isolated values of the starting year, lacking a global view. In this study, we perform on the contrary an exhaustive parametric analysis of the NASA GISS LOTI data, and also of the HadCRUT4 data. The starting year systematically varies between 1880 and 2002, and the averaging period from 5 to 30 yr - not only decades; the ending year also varies . In this way, we uncover a whole unexplored space of values for the global warming rate, and access the full picture. Additionally, stairstep averaging and linear least squares fitting to determine climatic trends have been sofar exclusive. We propose here an original hybrid method which combines both approaches in order to derive a new type of climatic trend. We find that there is an overall acceleration of the global warming whatever the value of the averaging period, and that 99.9% of the 3029 Earth's climatic irregular staircases are rising. Graphical evidence is also given that choosing an El Niño year as starting year gives lower global warming rates - except if there is a volcanic cooling in parallel. Our rates agree and generalize several results mentioned in the literature.

  3. Three-dimensional CLEM-LES of irregular detonation propagation (United States)

    Maxwell, Brian; Radulescu, Matei


    Recently, thin-channel experiments and 2D simulations have been conducted in order to investigate the effect of turbulent mixing rates on the structure of irregular detonation wave propagation. Furthermore, the dependence of the observed cell pattern, and also the reaction zone thickness, on the mixing of burned products with pockets of unburned gases, was investigated. The current work now includes 3D simulations, which are conducted to provide further validation of, and insight into, the 2D results. All simulations have been conducted using the Compressible Linear Eddy Model for Large Eddy Simulation (CLEM-LES). To date, the 3D results are found to match closely the previous 2D results. The agrreement is partly due to sufficient resolution of the large scale fluid motions, which are observed experimentally to be predominant in only two directions. Furthermore, the CLEM-LES methodology incorporates 3D mixing effects at the subgrid level. Finally, it was found that turbulent fluctuations on the subgrid were found to give rise to statistically lower than average propagation velocities on the wave front. This lead to longer ignition delays for large amounts of gas passing through the wave, giving rise to the unburned pockets of gas observed experimentally. Authors would like to acknowledge NSERC and Shell for project funding.

  4. Five Separate Bias Contributions in Time Series Models for Equidistantly Resampled Irregular Data

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Broersen, P.M.T.


    The use of time series models for irregular data requires resampling of the data on an equidistant grid. Slotted resampling transforms an irregular randomly sampled process into an equidistant signal where data are missing. An approximate maximum-likelihood time series estimator has been developed

  5. Irregular designs and Darwinism in biology: Genomes as the test case

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    B J Rao

    Designs and functions are highly interlinked, perhaps much more so in living rather than in non-living systems. Interestingly, designs are largely non-Euclidian and irregular across several length scales in the biological world. It is intriguing to fathom how irregular shapes, bestowed with high dynamic properties, end up ...

  6. Breaking Down Anonymity: Digital surveillance on irregular migrants in Germany and the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    D.W.J. Broeders (Dennis)


    textabstractThe presence of irregular migrants causes a tough problem for policy makers. Political and popular aversion against the presence of irregular migrants has mounted in most West-European societies for years, yet their presence remains. Their exact numbers are obviously unknown - only

  7. The Relationships among Cognitive Correlates and Irregular Word, Non-Word, and Word Reading (United States)

    Abu-Hamour, Bashir; University, Mu'tah; Urso, Annmarie; Mather, Nancy


    This study explored four hypotheses: (a) the relationships among rapid automatized naming (RAN) and processing speed (PS) to irregular word, non-word, and word reading; (b) the predictive power of various RAN and PS measures, (c) the cognitive correlates that best predicted irregular word, non-word, and word reading, and (d) reading performance of…

  8. Are irregular hypoechoic breast masses on ultrasound always malignancies?: A Pictorial essay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Youe Ree; Kim, Hun Soo; Kim, Hye Won [Wonkwang University Hospital, Iksan (Korea, Republic of)


    Irregular hypoechoic masses in the breast do not always indicate malignancies. Many benign breast diseases present with irregular hypoechoic masses that can mimic carcinoma on ultrasonography. Some of these diseases such as inflammation and trauma-related breast lesions could be suspected from a patient's symptoms and personal history. Careful ultrasonographic examination and biopsy could help to differentiate these from malignancies.

  9. The influence of surface irregularities upon the Van der Waals forces between macroscopic bodies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bree, J.L.M.J. van; Poulis, J.A.; Verhaar, B.J.; Schram, K.


    An expression is derived for the Van der Waals force between two semi-infinite bodies with small surface irregularities. Calculations are given both for the plane-plane and the plane-sphere configuration. The value of the correction from the surface irregularities upon the Van der Waals force is

  10. Crime among irregular immigrants and the influence of internal border control

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leerkes, A.S.; Engbersen, G.; Leun, van der J.P.


    Abstract Both the number of crime suspects without legal status and the number of irregular or undocumented immigrants held in detention facilities increased substantially in theNetherlands between 1997 and 2003. In this period, theDutch state increasingly attempted to exclude irregular immigrants

  11. Crime among irregular immigrants and the influence of internal border control

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A.S. Leerkes (Arjen); G.B.M. Engbersen (Godfried); J.P. van der Leun (Joanne)


    textabstractBoth the number of crime suspects without legal status and the number of irregular or undocumented immigrants held in detention facilities increased substantially in theNetherlands between 1997 and 2003. In this period, theDutch state increasingly attempted to exclude irregular

  12. Parametric pitch instability investigation of Deep Draft Semi-submersible platform in irregular waves

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Huan Mao


    Full Text Available Parametric pitch instability of a Deep Draft Semi-submersible platform (DDS is investigated in irregular waves. Parametric pitch is a form of parametric instability, which occurs when parameters of a system vary with time and the variation satisfies a certain condition. In previous studies, analyzing of parametric instability is mainly limited to regular waves, whereas the realistic sea conditions are irregular waves. Besides, parametric instability also occurs in irregular waves in some experiments. This study predicts parametric pitch of a Deep Draft Semi-submersible platform in irregular waves. Heave motion of DDS is simulated by wave spectrum and response amplitude operator (RAO. Then Hill equation for DDS pitch motion in irregular waves is derived based on linear-wave theory. By using Bubnov-Galerkin approach to solve Hill equation, the corresponding stability chart is obtained. The differences between regular-waves stability chart and irregular-waves stability chart are compared. Then the sensitivity of wave parameters on DDS parametric pitch in irregular waves is discussed. Based on the discussion, some suggestions for the DDS design are proposed to avoid parametric pitch by choosing appropriate parameters. The results indicate that it's important and necessary to predict DDS parametric pitch in irregular waves during design process.

  13. On the Distinction between Regular and Irregular Inflectional Morphology: Evidence from Dinka (United States)

    Ladd, D. Robert; Remijsen, Bert; Manyang, Caguor Adong


    Discussions of the psycholinguistic significance of regularity in inflectional morphology generally deal with languages in which regular forms can be clearly identified and revolve around whether there are distinct processing mechanisms for regular and irregular forms. We present a detailed description of Dinka's notoriously irregular noun number…

  14. Influence of initial stress, irregularity and heterogeneity on Love-type ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    elastic shear waves in an irregular monoclinic layer. Chattopadhyay et al. (1983) studied the propaga- tion of an SH-guided wave in an internal stratum with a parabolic irregularity in the lower interface. Chattopadhyay and De (1983) studied the propa- gation of Love waves in a porous layer underlain by isotropic elastic ...

  15. [Migration processes in small towns]. (United States)

    Makowska, K


    Changing migration patterns in Poland and their impact on small towns are analysed with a focus on the period since the 1950s. The analysis shows that although migration previously benefited major urban areas at the expense of small towns, the migration situation of small towns has recently improved.

  16. Musei del migration heritage / Migration heritage museums

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrizia Dragoni


    Since the second half of the 1960s of the 20th century, a profound cultural innovation was accompanied to the radical change in the social, political and economic climate. The anthropological notion of culture as opposed to idealistic vision, the unusual and strong interest in material culture, the enunciation of the concept of cultural property by the Franceschini Commission, the luck of the Public History bring a change of the disciplinary statutes of historical sciences, which begin to attend to social history, focusing on the spontaneous sources of information and initiating experiences of oral history. To all this a remarkable transformation of the themes and of the social function of museums is added. This paper illustrates, in relation to this more general context, the foundation and the dissemination of museums dedicated to the history of migration in Italy and in the world, enunciates their possible social utility for the integration of present migrants in Italy and illustrates, by way of example, the museum recently opened in Recanati.

  17. Radar observations of ionospheric irregularities at Syowa Station, Antarctica: a brief overview

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Ogawa


    Full Text Available We briefly overview the radar observations that have been made for 30 years at Syowa Station, Antarctica for studying small-scale electron-density irregularities in the southern high-latitude E- and F-region ionosphere. Some observational results (i.e., long-term variations of radio aurora, Doppler spectra with narrow spectral widths and low Doppler velocities, and simultaneous observations of radar and optical auroras from VHF radars capable of detecting 1.3- to 3-m scale irregularities are presented. A new 50-MHz radar system equipped with phased-antenna arrays began operation in February 1995 to observe two-dimensional behaviours of E-region irregularities. An HF radar experiment also began in February 1995 to explore decameter-scale E- and F-region irregularities in the auroral zone and polar cap. These two radars will contribute to a better understanding of the ionospheric irregularities and ionospheric physics at southern high latitudes.

  18. [Medical genetics and migration]. (United States)

    Feingold, J


    Any migration results in the transfer of normal and pathological genes from one population to another. The frequency of pathological genes may vary according to the population, sickle cell anaemia, for instance, being frequent in Africa and cystic fibrosis in Europe. It follows that the hereditary pathology of migrants is not the same as that of the host population, at least during the immediate post-migration years; subsequently, all depends on the degree of cross-breeding. In epidemiological genetics the study of the frequency of some diseases in the original population, among migrants and in the host population enables the effects of genes and environment on the aetiology of these diseases to be investigated.

  19. Tracking migrating birds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willemoes, Mikkel

    Migratory movements of birds has always fascinated man and led to many questions concerning the ecological drivers behind, the necessary adaptations and the navigational abilities required. However, especially for the long-distance migrants, basic descriptions of their movements are still lacking...... and many experiments are only becoming possible with the current development of tracking technologies. During this thesis work I have been tracking the poorly known movements of several species of long-distance migrants and document highly complex migration patterns. In three manuscripts these movements...... were related to the yearly progression of an environmental surrogate for food availability along the course of migration. In one species, with multiple, different non-breeding staging sites, environmental conditions explain movements well and also how yearly differences explain differences in timing...

  20. Religion, migration og integration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borup, Jørn


    Sammenhængen mellem religion og integration har de sidste år været genstand for debat. Artiklen kommer ind på begreber og sammenhænge relateret til området (migration, diaspora, assimilation, etnicitet, kultur) og ser på religionens mulige rolle som negativ eller positiv ressource i integrationss......Sammenhængen mellem religion og integration har de sidste år været genstand for debat. Artiklen kommer ind på begreber og sammenhænge relateret til området (migration, diaspora, assimilation, etnicitet, kultur) og ser på religionens mulige rolle som negativ eller positiv ressource i...

  1. Forced Migration: Refugee Populations (United States)

    Boyle, Joyceen S.


    Undocumented migration is a global phenomenon that manifests in various contexts. This article describes the impact of the movement of large numbers of people in several African countries, producing a unique type of migrant—the refugee. We describe issues that refugee movements create on fragile health care systems, situations that precipitate refugee movements, certain human rights violations that are of particular concern such as gender based violence (GBV) and child soldiers, and lastly, implications for nursing practice and policy. We use examples from several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique. Drawing on key documents from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, current literature, as well as the international experience of the authors, this article presents an overview of forced migration and discusses opportunities for nurses to impact research, practice and policy related to refugee health. PMID:25645484

  2. Syrian Crisis and Migration


    Pinar Yazgan; Deniz Eroglu Utku; Ibrahim Sirkeci


    With the growing insurrections in Syria in 2011, an exodus in large numbers have emerged. The turmoil and violence have caused mass migration to destinations both within the region and beyond. The current "refugee crisis" has escalated sharply and its impact is widening from neighbouring countries toward Europe. Today, the Syrian crisis is the major cause for an increase in displacement and the resultant dire humanitarian situation in the region. Since the conflict shows no signs of abating i...

  3. Retrograde Gastrojejunostomy Tube Migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adeleke Adesina


    Full Text Available Percutaneous enteral feeding tubes are placed about 250,000 times each year in the United States. Although they are relatively safe, their placement may be complicated by perforation, infection, bleeding, vomiting, dislodgment, and obstruction. There have been numerous reports of antegrade migration of gastrojejunostomy (G-J tubes. We report a case of G-J tube regurgitation following protracted vomiting and discuss the management of this very rare entity.

  4. American Migration Controversies


    Milan Mesić


    The USA has been and has remained the world's most important immigration country. The last quarter of the 20th century has been marked by a new mass immigration wave that in absolute size of the immigration flow can be compared to the highest flows in the previous century. This recent migration, however, differs from traditional immigration to America in that it includes a greater ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. The vast majority of today's immigrants, both legal and clandestine, co...

  5. Enforcement and illegal migration


    Pia Orrenius


    Border enforcement of immigration laws attempts to raise the costs of illegal immigration, while interior enforcement also lowers the benefits. Border and interior enforcement therefore reduce the net benefits of illegal immigration and should lower the probability that an individual will decide to migrate. While some empirical studies find that border and interior enforcement serve as significant deterrents to illegal immigration, immigration enforcement is costly and carries significant uni...

  6. Conservation physiology of animal migration (United States)

    Lennox, Robert J.; Chapman, Jacqueline M.; Souliere, Christopher M.; Tudorache, Christian; Wikelski, Martin; Metcalfe, Julian D.; Cooke, Steven J.


    Migration is a widespread phenomenon among many taxa. This complex behaviour enables animals to exploit many temporally productive and spatially discrete habitats to accrue various fitness benefits (e.g. growth, reproduction, predator avoidance). Human activities and global environmental change represent potential threats to migrating animals (from individuals to species), and research is underway to understand mechanisms that control migration and how migration responds to modern challenges. Focusing on behavioural and physiological aspects of migration can help to provide better understanding, management and conservation of migratory populations. Here, we highlight different physiological, behavioural and biomechanical aspects of animal migration that will help us to understand how migratory animals interact with current and future anthropogenic threats. We are in the early stages of a changing planet, and our understanding of how physiology is linked to the persistence of migratory animals is still developing; therefore, we regard the following questions as being central to the conservation physiology of animal migrations. Will climate change influence the energetic costs of migration? Will shifting temperatures change the annual clocks of migrating animals? Will anthropogenic influences have an effect on orientation during migration? Will increased anthropogenic alteration of migration stopover sites/migration corridors affect the stress physiology of migrating animals? Can physiological knowledge be used to identify strategies for facilitating the movement of animals? Our synthesis reveals that given the inherent challenges of migration, additional stressors derived from altered environments (e.g. climate change, physical habitat alteration, light pollution) or interaction with human infrastructure (e.g. wind or hydrokinetic turbines, dams) or activities (e.g. fisheries) could lead to long-term changes to migratory phenotypes. However, uncertainty remains

  7. Migration Profile NIGERIA 1. Structural Migration Profile 2. Flash Migration Profile (January - March 2017)




    The new generation of Migration Profiles aims at collecting knowledge on migration and development at regular, short intervals (3/6 months) and with a sub-national coverage, providing tailored monitoring and ensuring comparability across countries. It links migration, developmental and humanitarian aspects as well as analyses on the EU strategic role vis-à-vis the third country, including its political, financial and humanitarian support. This publication reproduces the Migration Profile of N...

  8. Many Faces of Migrations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Milica Antić Gaber


    We believe that in the present thematic issue we have succeeded in capturing an important part of the modern European research dynamic in the field of migration. In addition to well-known scholars in this field several young authors at the beginning their research careers have been shortlisted for the publication. We are glad of their success as it bodes a vibrancy of this research area in the future. At the same time, we were pleased to receive responses to the invitation from representatives of so many disciplines, and that the number of papers received significantly exceeded the maximum volume of the journal. Recognising and understanding of the many faces of migration are important steps towards the comprehensive knowledge needed to successfully meet the challenges of migration issues today and even more so in the future. It is therefore of utmost importance that researchers find ways of transferring their academic knowledge into practice – to all levels of education, the media, the wider public and, of course, the decision makers in local, national and international institutions. The call also applies to all authors in this issue of the journal.

  9. Migrations in Slovenian geography textbooks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jurij Senegačnik


    Full Text Available In Slovenia, the migrations are treated in almost all geographical textbooks for different levels of education. In the textbooks for the elementary school from the sixth to ninth grade, students acquire knowledge of the migrations by the inductive approach. Difficulty level of treatment and quantity of information are increasing by the age level. In the grammar school program a trail of gaining knowledge on migration is deductive. Most attention is dedicated to migrations in general geography textbooks. The textbooks for vocational and technical school programs deal with migrations to a lesser extent and with different approaches.

  10. Plasma Irregularity Production in the Polar Cap F-Region Ionosphere (United States)

    Lamarche, Leslie

    Plasma in the Earth's ionosphere is highly irregular on scales ranging between a few centimeters and hundreds of kilometers. Small-scale irregularities or plasma waves can scatter radio waves resulting in a loss of signal for navigation and communication networks. The polar region is particularly susceptible to strong disturbances due to its direct connection with the Sun's magnetic field and energetic particles. In this thesis, factors that contribute to the production of decameter-scale plasma irregularities in the polar F region ionosphere are investigated. Both global and local control of irregularity production are studied, i.e. we consider global solar control through solar illumination and solar wind as well as much more local control by plasma density gradients and convection electric field. In the first experimental study, solar control of irregularity production is investigated using the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) radar at McMurdo, Antarctica. The occurrence trends for irregularities are analyzed statistically and a model is developed that describes the location of radar echoes within the radar's field-of-view. The trends are explained through variations in background plasma density with solar illumination affecting radar beam propagation. However, it is found that the irregularity occurrence during the night is higher than expected from ray tracing simulations based on a standard ionospheric density model. The high occurrence at night implies an additional source of plasma density and it is proposed that large-scale density enhancements called polar patches may be the source of this density. Additionally, occurrence maximizes around the terminator due to different competing irregularity production processes that favor a more or less sunlit ionosphere. The second study is concerned with modeling irregularity characteristics near a large-scale density gradient reversal, such as those expected near polar patches, with a particular focus on

  11. Menstrual Irregularity and Musculoskeletal Injury in Female High School Athletes (United States)

    Thein-Nissenbaum, Jill M.; Rauh, Mitchell J.; Carr, Kathleen E.; Loud, Keith J.; McGuine, Timothy A.


    Context: The female athlete triad describes the interrelatedness of energy availability, menstrual function, and bone density. Although associations between triad components and musculoskeletal injury (INJ) have been reported in collegiate athletes, limited information exists about menstrual irregularity (MI) and INJ in the high school population. Objective: To determine the prevalence of and relationship between MI and INJ in high school athletes. Design: Cross-sectional study. Setting: High schools. Patients or Other Participants: The sample consisted of 249 female athletes from 3 high schools who competed in 33 interscholastic, school-sponsored sport teams, dance teams, and cheerleading or pom-pon squad during the 2006–2007 school year. Each athlete remained on the roster throughout the season. Main Outcome Measure(s): Participants completed a survey regarding injury type, number of days of sport participation missed, and menstrual history in the past year. Results: The prevalences of MI and INJ were 19.7% and 63.1%, respectively. Athletes who reported MI sustained a higher percentage of severe injuries (missing ≥22 days of practice or competition) than did athletes who reported normal menses. Although the trend was not significant, athletes with MI were almost 3 times more likely to sustain an injury resulting in 7 or more days of time lost from sport (odds ratio = 2.7, 95% confidence interval = 0.8, 8.8) than those who sustained an injury resulting in 7 or fewer days of time lost. Conclusions: The incidences of MI and INJ in this high school population during the study period were high. Athletes who reported MI sustained a higher percentage of severe injuries than did athletes who reported normal menses. Education programs to increase knowledge and improve management of MI and its potential effects on injury in female high school athletes are warranted. PMID:22488233

  12. An experimental study of light scattering by large, irregular particles (United States)

    Mcguire, Audrey F.; Hapke, Bruce W.


    The intensity and polarization of light scattered by a variety of types of artificial partices large compared to the wavelength were measured as a function of phase angle. Shape, surface roughness, absorption coefficient, and internal scattering coefficient were varied systematically and their effects studied. Scattering by clear, smooth-surfaced spheres is in quantitative agreement with the predictions of the geometrical optics (ray theory) approximation to physical optics (Mie theory). The phase functions of almost all of the particles measured have both forward and backward scattering lobes. A two-parameter, double Henyey-Greenstein function generally provides reasonably good descriptions of the data, while keeping the number of free parameters to the minimum necessary. On a double Henyey- Greenstein parameter plot all of the particles fall into an L-shaped area of restricted size in which the location is characteristic of the particle type. Formalisms based on the equivalent slab model are also given for estimating the scattering efficiency of a large, irregular particle. For most dielectric particles the transmitted, forward scattered light is partially negatively polarized. It is this component that is respopnsible for the well-known maximum in the polarization curves of planetary regoliths at phase angles around 100 deg. For phase angles between about 30 deg and 70 deg the internally scattered light is found to be randomly polarized in the particles studied here, so that the only contribution to the second component of the Stokes vector is by Fresnel reflection from the particle surface. If this empirical result is general, measurement of the second Stokes vector of the light scattered from a regolith at these angles may provide a method of remotely measuring the mean refractive index.

  13. TINITALY/01: a new Triangular Irregular Network of Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. T. Pareschi


    Full Text Available A new Digital Elevation Model (DEM of the natural landforms of Italy is presented. A methodology is discussed to build a DEM over wide areas where elevation data from non-homogeneous (in density and accuracy input sources are available. The input elevation data include contour lines and spot heights derived from the Italian Regional topographic maps, satellite-based global positioning system points, ground based and radar altimetry data. Owing to the great heterogeneity of the input data density, the DEM format that better preserves the original accuracy is a Triangular Irregular Network (TIN. A Delaunay-based TIN structure is improved by using the DEST algorithm that enhances input data by evaluating inferred break-lines. Accordingly to this approach, biased distributions in slopes and elevations are absent. To prevent discontinuities at the boundary between regions characterized by data with different resolution a cubic Hermite blending weight S-shaped function is adopted. The TIN of Italy consists of 1.39×109 triangles. The average triangle area ranges from 12 to about 13000 m2 accordingly to different morphologies and different sources. About 50% of the model has a local average triangle area <500 m2. The vertical accuracy of the obtained DEM is evaluated by more than 200000 sparse control points. The overall Root Mean Square Error (RMSE is less than 3.5 m. The obtained national-scale DEM constitutes an useful support to carry out accurate geomorphological and geological investigations over large areas. The problem of choosing the best step size in deriving a grid from a TIN is then discussed and a method to quantify the loss of vertical information is presented as a function of the grid step. Some examples of DEM application are outlined. Under request, an high resolution stereo image database of the whole Italian territory (derived from the presented DEM is available to browse via internet.

  14. Menstrual irregularity and musculoskeletal injury in female high school athletes. (United States)

    Thein-Nissenbaum, Jill M; Rauh, Mitchell J; Carr, Kathleen E; Loud, Keith J; McGuine, Timothy A


    The female athlete triad describes the interrelatedness of energy availability, menstrual function, and bone density. Although associations between triad components and musculoskeletal injury (INJ) have been reported in collegiate athletes, limited information exists about menstrual irregularity (MI) and INJ in the high school population. To determine the prevalence of and relationship between MI and INJ in high school athletes. Cross-sectional study. High schools. The sample consisted of 249 female athletes from 3 high schools who competed in 33 interscholastic, school-sponsored sport teams, dance teams, and cheerleading or pom-pon squad during the 2006-2007 school year. Each athlete remained on the roster throughout the season. Participants completed a survey regarding injury type, number of days of sport participation missed, and menstrual history in the past year. The prevalences of M I and INJ were 19.7% and 63.1 %, respectively. Athletes who reported MI sustained a higher percentage of severe injuries (missing ≥ 22 days of practice or competition) than did athletes who reported normal menses. Although the trend was not significant, athletes with MI were almost 3 times more likely to sustain an injury resulting in 7 or more days of time lost from sport (odds ratio = 2.7, 95% confidence interval = 0.8, 8.8) than those who sustained an injury resulting in 7 or fewer days of time lost. The incidences of MI and INJ in this high school population during the study period were high. Athletes who reported MI sustained a higher percentage of severe injuries than did athletes who reported normal menses. Education programs to increase knowledge and improve management of MI and its potential effects on injury in female high school athletes are warranted.

  15. Physical Guidance of Cell Migration (United States)

    Losert, Wolfgang

    Cells migrate as individuals or groups, to perform critical functions in life from organ development to wound healing and the immune response. While directed migration of cells is often mediated by chemical or physical gradients, our recent work has demonstrated that the physical properties of the microenvironment can also control and guide migration. I will describe how an underlying wave-like process of the actin scaffolding drives persistent migration, and how such actin waves are nucleated and guided by the texture of the microenvironment. Based on this observation we design textures capable of guiding cells in a single preferred direction using local asymmetries in nano/microtopography on subcellular scales, or altering migration in other ways. This phenomenon is observed both for the pseudopod-dominated migration of Dictyostelium cells and for the lamellipod-driven migration of human neutrophils. The conservation of this mechanism across cell types suggests that actin-wave-based guidance is important in biology and physiology.

  16. ILO - International Migration Programme. (United States)

    Boudraa, Miriam


    In a wide International Context characterised not only by the economical development but also by the social, cultural, political and individual development, we witness more and more to a exchange between the developed and the developing countries, which can be translated especially in the migration of the work force. In theory, all countries are either countries of origin either countries of transit or destination, and they are all responsible for the rights of migrant workers by promoting the rights, by monitoring and by preventing the abusive conditions. The process of migration of the workforce can be divided into three stages: the first coincides with the period prior to departure, the second is represented by the aftermath of the departure and the period of stay in the country of destination, the third stage corresponds to the return in the country of origin. The workers must be protected throughout this process by the international organizations that perform the catalytic role of communication and exchange between countries, for the only purpose of protecting the rights of immigrant and/or immigrants workers. The responsibility for the protection of workers is divided among the various players in the International Labour Organisation. Every country has to apply measures according to the international standards regarding workers' rights, standards that guide the various countries in the formulation and implementation of their policies and legislation. These standards are suggested by International Conventions, the ILO Conventions and other international instruments such as the human rights instrument. There has been a big step forward once the ILO Fundamental Conventions and Conventions on Migrant Workers where implemented and this implementation represented the use of the Guidelines "ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration".

  17. Target Tracking of a Linear Time Invariant System under Irregular Sampling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jin Xue-Bo


    Full Text Available Due to event-triggered sampling in a system, or maybe with the aim of reducing data storage, tracking many applications will encounter irregular sampling time. By calculating the matrix exponential using an inverse Laplace transform, this paper transforms the irregular sampling tracking problem to the problem of tracking with time-varying parameters of a system. Using the common Kalman filter, the developed method is used to track a target for the simulated trajectory and video tracking. The results of simulation experiments have shown that it can obtain good estimation performance even at a very high irregular rate of measurement sampling time.

  18. International Migration of Couples


    Junge, Martin; Munk, Martin D.; Nikolka, Till; Poutvaara, Panu


    We analyze emigration and return decisions of Danish couples. Our main questions are how emigration and return migration decisions depend on education, earnings, and the number and age of children. We use register data on full population from 1982 to 2006, focusing on opposite-gender couples in which the female is aged 23 to 37, and the male 25 to 39. We find that power couples in which both are highly educated are most likely to emigrate, but also most likely to return. Couples in which only...

  19. Globalization, migration and health. (United States)

    Burnett, Angela


    The term 'globalization' describes the integration of economic systems through improved communication, but it also represents increased insecurity for those with few resources--particularly refugees. This article examines why people migrate, their numbers, constraints on their movement and their particular health care needs. Immigrants have much to contribute to their recipient countries, but at some loss to their homelands. Both economically and morally, more liberal immigration policies would be beneficial. Policies towards asylum seekers should not be more restrictive in the aftermath of 11 September 2001 and detention should be the exception rather than the rule. Globalization should be managed so as to improve people's lives throughout the world.

  20. [Obesity, migration and adolescence]. (United States)

    Chamay-Weber, Catherine; Shehu-Brovina, Shqipe; Narring, Françoise


    Weight management interventions during adolescence are challenging. Migration adds complexity to this problem, making migrant families more vulnerable. Teenagers confront families to new values transmitted by the host society: opulence, junk food, video games. Obesity should not be seen as a single issue of calories-excess, but must be considered as being part of a larger problem, which takes into account the context of the familial and societal life of the migrants. The caregivers must have an overall view of the situation to provide appropriate approaches to weight management.

  1. Urbanization, Migration, Information

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantin Lidin


    Full Text Available In the contemporary world urbanization becomes a large-scale process. Huge flows of people migrate from poorer districts to the cities with a higher level of consumption. It takes migrants about 15-25 years to give up their traditional ascetic way of life. In this period the ‘new citizens’ try to arrange compact settlements with an archaic way of life, insanitary conditions, high criminogenity and an authoritative local self-government. The processes of formation and decay of the ascetic enclave are viewed through the example of the ‘Shanghai’ trading neighborhood in Irkutsk.

  2. Migration and loving


    Gevrek, Deniz


    This paper explores the relationship between anti-miscegenation laws, interracial marriage and black males' geographical distribution in the U.S. during and after the Great Migration. The U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Loving v. Virginia in 1967, which forced the last 16 Southern states to strike down their anti-miscegenation laws, creates a unique opportunity to explore the impact of an exogenous change in a state's laws regulating interracial marriages. Analyzing the U.S. Census...

  3. The Economic Crisis and Labour Migration Policy in European Countries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christiane Kuptsch


    Full Text Available This paper reviews changes in migration policies as a response to the 2008 financial and economic crisis and examines issues of migration governance. Countries in Europe opted to make new immigration more difficult, protected their labour markets for native born workers, encouraged the return of migrant workers and intensified efforts to curb irregular migration. Clear patterns or reasons for variation in policy responses are not discernible, but it is safe to say that only countries with a significant recent influx of migrants have taken high profile measures at all. The crisis has led to a shift in perspective of the State and its role in economics which is now seen as useful instead of undesired. Previously prevailing neo-liberal thought relegated the State to the “high politics” of sovereignty and security issues. The crisis has highlighted labour market issues, and migrants are now increasingly portrayed as economic agents instead of security threats. This offers room for the State to assert its protective role vis-à-vis migrant workers – a welcome development. The analysis has an International Relations/Political Economy perspective and is largely based on (official news releases and secondary sources.

  4. 'Contexts of Exit in the Migration of Russian Speakers from the Baltic Countries to Ireland' (United States)

    Aptekar, Sofya


    Recently, Ireland has become a major destination for migrants from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Many of these migrants are members of Russian-speaking minorities leaving a context of restrictive citizenship and language laws and varying degrees of ethnic tension. This paper draws on interviews collected in Ireland to examine the role played by the contexts of exit in decisions to migrate among Russian-speaking minorities from the Baltics. The results suggest that Russian speakers from Estonia migrate because of their experiences as minorities, while those from Latvia and Lithuania migrate to escape low wages and irregular employment. This is so despite equally restrictive language and citizenship laws in Estonia and Latvia. I argue that the effect of state policy as a push factor for minority emigration is mediated by other contextual aspects, such as levels of contact, timbre of ethnic relations, and the degree of intersection between economic stratification and ethnicity.

  5. Palaearctic-African Bird Migration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Iwajomo, Soladoye Babatola

    Bird migration has attracted a lot of interests over past centuries and the methods used for studying this phenomenon has greatly improved in terms of availability, dimension, scale and precision. In spite of the advancements, relatively more is known about the spring migration of trans......-Saharan migrants than autumn migration. Information about the behavior and interactions of migrants during the nonbreeding season in sub-Saharan Africa is also scarce for many species. Furthermore, very little is known about intra-African migration. This thesis summarizes my research on the autumn migration...... of birds from Europe to Africa and opens up the possibility of studying intra-African migration. I have used long-term, standardized autumn ringing data from southeast Sweden to investigate patterns in biometrics, phenology and population trends as inferred from annual trapping totals. In addition, I...

  6. Network migration for printers

    CERN Multimedia


    Further to the recent General Purpose (office) Network reorganisation (as announced in the Bulletin - see here), please note that the majority of print devices will be automatically migrated to the new network IP address range on Tuesday 27 September.   This change should be transparent for these devices and therefore end-users, provided you have installed the printers from the Print Service website. A small number of devices will require manual intervention from the Printer Support team in order to migrate correctly. These devices will not change their IP address until the manual intervention, which will be carried out before Monday 3rd October. However, if you have mistakenly connected directly to the printer’s IP address, then your printing will be affected – please uninstall the printer (for help, see: KB3785), and re-install it from the Print Service website (or follow instructions for visitor machines). Please do this as soon as possible in order to avoid printing issues, t...

  7. Circular Migration and Human Development


    Newland, Kathleen


    This paper explores the human development implications of circular migration — both where it occurs naturally and where governments work to create it. The paper discusses various conceptions and definitions of circular migration, and concludes that circular migration is not intrinsically positive or negative in relation to human development; its impact depends upon the circumstances in which it occurs, the constraints that surround it and—above all—the degree of choice that individuals can ex...

  8. The challenges of managing migration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tacoli, Cecilia


    Migration and urbanisation are driven by economic growth and social change, but also by deepening inequalities. Managing migration should not be equated with curbing it, as this inevitably reduces migrants' rights. But managing population movement whilst respecting the rights of migrants and nonmigrants, supporting the contribution of migration to poverty reduction and economic growth in sending and receiving areas and reducing the human and material costs of movement means that fundamental challenges need to be addressed.

  9. Macrostabilization of the Migration Phenomenon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Burghelea


    Full Text Available MacLabour migration is a present phenomenon in the European Union. This phenomenon takes over the entire European continent, but especially in the EU countries. The labor market in Europe is increasingly affected by population aging. Economic differences between European countries make workforce in developing countries to move to developed countries where they find it easier to work and receive higher remuneration than in their home countries. This article tracks labor migration from/to EU, employment in Romania and Romanian migration towards the countries of Western Europe. It also presents statistics on labor migration in the EU and its impact on the labor market

  10. Substrate curvature regulates cell migration. (United States)

    He, Xiuxiu; Jiang, Yi


    Cell migration is essential in many aspects of biology. Many basic migration processes, including adhesion, membrane protrusion and tension, cytoskeletal polymerization, and contraction, have to act in concert to regulate cell migration. At the same time, substrate topography modulates these processes. In this work, we study how substrate curvature at micrometer scale regulates cell motility. We have developed a 3D mechanical model of single cell migration and simulated migration on curved substrates with different curvatures. The simulation results show that cell migration is more persistent on concave surfaces than on convex surfaces. We have further calculated analytically the cell shape and protrusion force for cells on curved substrates. We have shown that while cells spread out more on convex surfaces than on concave ones, the protrusion force magnitude in the direction of migration is larger on concave surfaces than on convex ones. These results offer a novel biomechanical explanation to substrate curvature regulation of cell migration: geometric constrains bias the direction of the protrusion force and facilitates persistent migration on concave surfaces.

  11. Irregular singularities in Liouville theory and Argyres-Douglas type gauge theories, I

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaiotto, D. [Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, NJ (United States); Teschner, J. [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany)


    Motivated by problems arising in the study of N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories we introduce and study irregular singularities in two-dimensional conformal field theory, here Liouville theory. Irregular singularities are associated to representations of the Virasoro algebra in which a subset of the annihilation part of the algebra act diagonally. In this paper we define natural bases for the space of conformal blocks in the presence of irregular singularities, describe how to calculate their series expansions, and how such conformal blocks can be constructed by some delicate limiting procedure from ordinary conformal blocks. This leads us to a proposal for the structure functions appearing in the decomposition of physical correlation functions with irregular singularities into conformal blocks. Taken together, we get a precise prediction for the partition functions of some Argyres-Douglas type theories on S{sup 4}. (orig.)

  12. Numerical model of towing dynamics of a long flexible life raft in irregular waves

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Raman-Nair, Wayne; Millan, James P (Jim); Power, Jonathan Thomas; Simoes Ré, Antonio J


    The equations of motion for the coupled dynamics of a long flexible liferaft and fast rescue craft in an irregular ocean wave are formulated in two dimensions using the methods of Kane and Levinson (1985...

  13. Effect of perception irregularity on chain-reaction crash in low visibility (United States)

    Nagatani, Takashi


    We present the dynamic model of the chain-reaction crash to take into account the irregularity of the perception-reaction time. When a driver brakes according to taillights of the forward vehicle, the perception-reaction time varies from driver to driver. We study the effect of the perception irregularity on the chain-reaction crash (multiple-vehicle collision) in low-visibility condition. The first crash may induce more collisions. We investigate how the first collision induces the chain-reaction crash numerically. We derive, analytically, the transition points and the region maps for the chain-reaction crash in traffic flow of vehicles with irregular perception times. We clarify the effect of the perception irregularity on the multiple-vehicle collision.

  14. An investigation of ionospheric irregularity effects on SIR-B image processing and information extraction (United States)

    Szuszczewicz, E. P.; Abdu, M. A.; Sobral, J. H. A.; Jost, J.; Reddy, B. M.; Rino, C.; Robinson, T.; Rodrigues, P.; Singh, M.; Woodman, R.


    Ionospheric irregularities and associated effects on space-time synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image processing and information extraction, including sensor calibration, target statistics determination, resolution, distortion, and overall image integrity were investigated.

  15. Design and Analysis of Printed Reflectarrays with Irregularly Positioned Array Elements

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhou, Min; Sørensen, Stig; Meincke, Peter


    The design and analysis of printed reflectarrays with irregularly positioned array elements is presented. An accurate and efficient power pattern synthesis procedure, based on the Local Periodicity approach (LP) and the minimax optimization algorithm has been implemented. The analysis accuracy...

  16. On Impulsive Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Differential Equations with Irregular Boundary Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guotao Wang


    Full Text Available We study nonlinear impulsive differential equations of fractional order with irregular boundary conditions. Some existence and uniqueness results are obtained by applying standard fixed-point theorems. For illustration of the results, some examples are discussed.

  17. The encoding of temporally irregular and regular visual patterns in the human brain.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Semir Zeki


    Full Text Available In the work reported here, we set out to study the neural systems that detect predictable temporal patterns and departures from them. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI to locate activity in the brains of subjects when they viewed temporally regular and irregular patterns produced by letters, numbers, colors and luminance. Activity induced by irregular sequences was located within dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, including an area that was responsive to irregular patterns regardless of the type of visual stimuli producing them. Conversely, temporally regular arrangements resulted in activity in the right frontal lobe (medial frontal gyrus, in the left orbito-frontal cortex and in the left pallidum. The results show that there is an abstractive system in the brain for detecting temporal irregularity, regardless of the source producing it.

  18. Spelling pronunciation and visual preview both facilitate learning to spell irregular word

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hilte, M.; Reitsma, P.


    Spelling pronunciations are hypothesized to be helpful in building up relatively stable phonologically underpinned orthographic representations, particularly for learning words with irregular phoneme-grapheme correspondences. In a four-week computer-based training, the efficacy of spelling

  19. Irregular sleep habits of parents are associated with increased sleep problems and daytime sleepiness of children. (United States)

    Komada, Yoko; Adachi, Naomi; Matsuura, Noriko; Mizuno, Koh; Hirose, Kazuhiro; Aritomi, Ryoji; Shirakawa, Shuichiro


    Longitudinal studies in Japan indicate that nocturnal sleep onset has become later and sleep duration has been progressively shortened. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between sleep patterns and sleep problems among children, and to determine the association between parents and their children's sleep habits. Questionnaires about sleep problems and life habits were administered to families living in Tokyo metropolitan areas of Japan. We analyzed the data of pre-school-age (1-5 years old; n = 319, including 175 girls) and elementary school-age children (6-11 years; n = 217, including 116 girls) as well as their parents (402 mothers: 37.0 +/- 4.9 years, 402 fathers: 39.0 +/- 5.9 years). Subjects were categorized as morning (evening) type when they answered their lifestyle habit as "definitely or moderately morning (evening) type". Sleep was categorized into regular, irregular, and intermediate from the sleeping-waking regularity scores. The frequency of daytime dozing is significantly high in children with evening-irregular sleep. Moreover, mothers of children (aged 1-5 and 6-11 years) with evening-irregular sleep have significantly more irregular sleep habits than those of children with morning-regular sleep. Likewise, fathers of children (aged 1-5 years) with evening-irregular sleep have significantly more irregular sleep habits. Thus, irregular late bedtime of parents is associated with sleep problems, daytime sleepiness, and irregular dietary habits of children. Mothers' sleep habits have a stronger influence on their children's sleep than fathers'. Our study indicates the importance of promoting sleep hygiene that encourages healthy sleep for all family members.

  20. An Efficient Heuristic Approach for Irregular Cutting Stock Problem in Ship Building Industry


    Yan-xin Xu


    This paper presents an efficient approach for solving a real two-dimensional irregular cutting stock problem in ship building industry. Cutting stock problem is a common cutting and packing problem that arises in a variety of industrial applications. A modification of selection heuristic Exact Fit is applied in our research. In the case referring to irregular shapes, a placement heuristics is more important to construct a complete solution. A placement heuristic relating to bottom-left-fill i...

  1. A Generalized FDM for solving the Poisson's Equation on 3D Irregular Domains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Izadian


    Full Text Available In this paper a new method for solving the Poisson's equation with Dirichlet conditions on irregular domains is presented. For this purpose a generalized finite differences method is applied for numerical differentiation on irregular meshes. Three examples on cylindrical and spherical domains are considered. The numerical results are compared with analytical solution. These results show the performance and efficiency of the proposed method.

  2. Approach to the Assessment Irregularity and Cyclic Dynamics of Territorial Development


    Tamara Klebanova; Lidiya Guryanova; Yousef Daradkeh; Sergii Kavun


    Purpose – The main purpose of this study is a modelling of assessment processes for irregularity and cyclical of dynamic regions development, which used to reduce inter-regional contrasts, disruptions and variations in a socio-economic development on base an effective regional financial policy.Design/methodology/approach – The conceptual provisions and model basis of an estimate of irregular and cyclic dynamics of the socio-economic development of any regions, which are functioning in some co...

  3. Stochastic analysis model for vehicle-track coupled systems subject to earthquakes and track random irregularities (United States)

    Xu, Lei; Zhai, Wanming


    This paper devotes to develop a computational model for stochastic analysis and reliability assessment of vehicle-track systems subject to earthquakes and track random irregularities. In this model, the earthquake is expressed as non-stationary random process simulated by spectral representation and random function, and the track random irregularities with ergodic properties on amplitudes, wavelengths and probabilities are characterized by a track irregularity probabilistic model, and then the number theoretical method (NTM) is applied to effectively select representative samples of earthquakes and track random irregularities. Furthermore, a vehicle-track coupled model is presented to obtain the dynamic responses of vehicle-track systems due to the earthquakes and track random irregularities at time-domain, and the probability density evolution method (PDEM) is introduced to describe the evolutionary process of probability from excitation input to response output by assuming the vehicle-track system as a probabilistic conservative system, which lays the foundation on reliability assessment of vehicle-track systems. The effectiveness of the proposed model is validated by comparing to the results of Monte-Carlo method from statistical viewpoint. As an illustrative example, the random vibrations of a high-speed railway vehicle running on the track slabs excited by lateral seismic waves and track random irregularities are analyzed, from which some significant conclusions can be drawn, e.g., track irregularities will additionally promote the dynamic influence of earthquakes especially on maximum values and dispersion degree of responses; the characteristic frequencies or frequency ranges respectively governed by earthquakes and track random irregularities are greatly different, moreover, the lateral seismic waves will dominate or even change the characteristic frequencies of system responses of some lateral dynamic indices at low frequency.

  4. Enlisting Fuzzy-Wuzzy: Are Past Lessons Concerning Employing Irregulars Relevant Today? (United States)


    profound influence on our antebellum Army‘s use of, and approach to, irregulars in conflict. Henry W. Halleck, George B. McClellan, John Pope, and John ...political benefits to employing irregulars. Operation White Star, 1959-1962 Shortly after his inauguration in January 1961, President John F. Kennedy...possible. Later, Secretary of Defense MacNamara would comment, ―the CIA doesn‘t think big enough…[DoD] could put more horsepower behind it and make it

  5. Understanding the Physics Behind Ionospheric and Plasmaspheric Density Irregularities by Utilizing Multi-Instrument Observations Data (United States)


    Behind Ionospheric And Plasmpheric Density Irregularities by Uti l iz ing Multi-Instrument Observations Data 5a. COh TRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER... ionospheric irregularities wi l l be tracked by the globally growing numbers of ground- and space-based (on Low-Earth- Orbit (LEO) satellites) GPS receivers...STATEMENT Approval for Public Release 13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 14. ABSTRACT Multi-instrument observations o f the ionosphere and plasmaspheric

  6. MEG masked priming evidence for form-based decomposition of irregular verbs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joseph eFruchter


    Full Text Available To what extent does morphological structure play a role in early processing of visually presented English past tense verbs? Previous masked priming studies have demonstrated effects of obligatory form-based decomposition for genuinely affixed words (teacher-TEACH and pseudo-affixed words (corner-CORN, but not for orthographic controls (brothel-BROTH. Additionally, MEG single word reading studies have demonstrated that the transition probability from stem to affix (in genuinely affixed words modulates an early evoked response known as the M170; parallel findings have been shown for the transition probability from stem to pseudo-affix (in pseudo-affixed words. Here, utilizing the M170 as a neural index of visual form-based morphological decomposition, we ask whether the M170 demonstrates masked morphological priming effects for irregular past tense verbs (following a previous study which obtained behavioral masked priming effects for irregulars. Dual mechanism theories of the English past tense predict a rule-based decomposition for regulars but not for irregulars, while certain single mechanism theories predict rule-based decomposition even for irregulars. MEG data was recorded for 16 subjects performing a visual masked priming lexical decision task. Using a functional region of interest (fROI defined on the basis of repetition priming and regular morphological priming effects within the left fusiform and inferior temporal regions, we found that activity in this fROI was modulated by the masked priming manipulation for irregular verbs, during the time window of the M170. We also found effects of the scores generated by the learning model of Albright & Hayes (2003 on the degree of priming for irregular verbs. The results favor a single mechanism account of the English past tense, in which even irregulars are decomposed into stems and affixes prior to lexical access, as opposed to a dual mechanism model, in which irregulars are recognized as whole

  7. MEG masked priming evidence for form-based decomposition of irregular verbs. (United States)

    Fruchter, Joseph; Stockall, Linnaea; Marantz, Alec


    To what extent does morphological structure play a role in early processing of visually presented English past tense verbs? Previous masked priming studies have demonstrated effects of obligatory form-based decomposition for genuinely affixed words (teacher-TEACH) and pseudo-affixed words (corner-CORN), but not for orthographic controls (brothel-BROTH). Additionally, MEG single word reading studies have demonstrated that the transition probability from stem to affix (in genuinely affixed words) modulates an early evoked response known as the M170; parallel findings have been shown for the transition probability from stem to pseudo-affix (in pseudo-affixed words). Here, utilizing the M170 as a neural index of visual form-based morphological decomposition, we ask whether the M170 demonstrates masked morphological priming effects for irregular past tense verbs (following a previous study which obtained behavioral masked priming effects for irregulars). Dual mechanism theories of the English past tense predict a rule-based decomposition for regulars but not for irregulars, while certain single mechanism theories predict rule-based decomposition even for irregulars. MEG data was recorded for 16 subjects performing a visual masked priming lexical decision task. Using a functional region of interest (fROI) defined on the basis of repetition priming and regular morphological priming effects within the left fusiform and inferior temporal regions, we found that activity in this fROI was modulated by the masked priming manipulation for irregular verbs, during the time window of the M170. We also found effects of the scores generated by the learning model of Albright and Hayes (2003) on the degree of priming for irregular verbs. The results favor a single mechanism account of the English past tense, in which even irregulars are decomposed into stems and affixes prior to lexical access, as opposed to a dual mechanism model, in which irregulars are recognized as whole forms.

  8. Association between sleep duration and menstrual cycle irregularity in Korean female adolescents. (United States)

    Nam, Ga Eun; Han, Kyungdo; Lee, Gyungjoo


    The association between sleep and the menstrual cycle in the adolescent population has been scarcely studied. This study aimed to investigate the association between sleep duration and menstrual cycle irregularity among female adolescents using nationwide representative data from the South Korean population. This population-based, cross-sectional study used the data collected from Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010-2012, and the data from 801 female adolescents were analyzed. Hierarchical multivariable logistic regression analysis was performed to assess the risk of menstrual cycle irregularity in relation to sleep duration. Subjects with menstrual cycle irregularity accounted for 15% (N = 120). The mean sleep duration in subjects with menstrual cycle irregularity was significantly shorter than that in those without (p = 0.003). Menstrual cycle irregularity prevalence tended to decrease as sleep duration increased (p for trend = 0.004), which was significantly different based on sleep duration and presence of depressive mood (p = 0.011). Sleep duration ≤5 h per day was significantly associated with increased risk of menstrual cycle irregularity compared with that in the subjects whose sleep duration is ≥8 h per day even after adjusting for confounding variables. The odds ratios of menstrual cycle irregularity tended to increase for shorter sleep duration in all adjusted models. This study found a significant inverse association between sleep duration and menstrual cycle irregularity among Korean female adolescents. Increasing sleep duration is required to improve the reproductive health of female adolescents. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Effect of Irregularity in Shape and Boundary of a Macro-Texture Region in Titanium (Postprint) (United States)


    AFRL-RX-WP-JA-2016-0328 EFFECT OF IRREGULARITY IN SHAPE AND BOUNDARY OF A MACRO-TEXTURE REGION IN TITANIUM (POSTPRINT) James L...2 October 2014 – 15 September 2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE EFFECT OF IRREGULARITY IN SHAPE AND BOUNDARY OF A MACRO-TEXTURE REGION IN TITANIUM ...aerospace grade titanium alloy material are measured to be about the same level as corner trapped shear wave signals. In addition to the abnormally high

  10. Formation of dwarf ellipticals and dwarf irregular galaxies by interaction of giant galaxies under environmental influence


    Chattopadhyay, Tanuka; Debsarma, Suma; Karmakar, Pradip; Davoust, Emmanuel


    A model is proposed for the formation of gas-rich dwarf irregular galaxies and gas-poor, rotating dwarf elliptical galaxies following the interaction between two giant galaxies as a function of space density. The formation of dwarf galaxies is considered to depend on a random variable, the tidal index theta, an environmental parameter defined by Karachentsev et al. (2004), such that for theta less than zero, the formation of dwarf irregular galaxy is assured whereas for theta greater than zer...

  11. Policy on Irregular Migrants in Malaysia: An Analysis of its Implementation and Effectiveness


    Kassim, Azizah; Zin, Ragayah Haji Mat


    In the early 1970s, Malaysia began to be inundated by foreign workers, all of whom were irregular migrants. A decade later their uncontrolled entry left several negative consequences especially to the internal and border security of the country. To overcome the problems, Malaysia introduced the foreign worker policy which became fully implemented in 1992. The policy has two objectives, firstly to regulate the inflow of foreign workers; and secondly, to stem the inflow of irregular migrant wor...

  12. Fourier Interpolation of Sparsely and Irregularly Sampled Potential Field Data (United States)

    Saleh, R.; Bailey, R. C.


    Sparsely and irregularly sampled values of potential fields on the Earth's surface need to be interpolated to be presented as maps. For display purposes, the choice of an interpolation method may be largely an aesthetic choice. However, if derived quantities such as spatial derivatives of the field are also required for display, it is important that interpolation respect the physics of Laplace's equation. Examples would be the derivation of equivalent surface currents for interpretation purposes from a magnetotelluric hypothetical event map of the horizontal magnetic fields, or the derivation of tensor gravity gradients from ground data for comparison with an airborne survey. Various methods for interpolating while respecting Laplace's equation date back nearly fifty years, to Dampney's 1969 equivalent source technique. In that and comparable methods, a set of effective sources below the Earth's surface is found which is consistent with the data, and used to calculate the field away from data locations. Because the interpolation is not unique, the source depth can be used as a parameter to maximally suppress the indeterminate high frequency part of the resulting map while retaining consistency with the data. Here, we take advantage of modern computing power to recast the interpolation problem as an inverse problem: that of determining the Fourier transform of the field at the Earth's surface subject to the constraints of fitting the data while minimizing a model norm which measures the high-frequency content of the resulting map. User decisions about the number of equivalent sources or their depths are not required. The approach is not fundamentally different from that used to determine planetary gravity or magnetic fields from satellite measurements, except that our application is designed for extremely under-sampled situations and is formulated in Cartesian coordinates. To avoid artificially constraining the frequency content of the resulting transform, we choose

  13. Dynamics of landslides on comets of irregular shape (United States)

    Czechowski, Leszek


    Landslides were observed on a few comet's nuclei, e.g. [1], [2]. The mechanism of their origin is not obvious because of very low gravity. According to [2] fluidization and multiphase transport of cometary material could be an explanation. We investigate here motion of the mass on a comet of irregular shape. The mechanism responsible for the low friction is not considered here. In fact, mass motion often occurs without contact with the surface. The motion could be triggered by meteoroids impacts or by the tidal forces. Comets nuclei are believed to be built of soft materials like snow and dust. The landing of Philae on the comet 67P/Czuriumow-Gierasimienko indicates a different situation. According to [1]: "thermal probe did not fully penetrate the near-surface layers, suggesting a local resistance of the ground to penetration of >4 megapascals, equivalent to >2 megapascal uniaxial compressive strength". Here we assume that elastic properties of comet's nuclei could be similar to elastic properties of dry snow, namely Young modulus is assumed to be 1 - 100 MPa, see [3] and [4]. We consider nucleus of the shape of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with density 470 kg/m3. The impact or tidal forces result in changing of rotation of the comet. In general, the vector of angular velocity will be a subject to nutation that results in changing of centrifugal force, and consequently could be a factor triggering landslides. Note that nucleus' shape does not resemble the shape of surface of constant value of gravitational potential (i.e. 'geoid'). Our numerical models indicate the parts of the nucleus where landslides start and other parts where landslides stop. Of course, the regolith from the first type of regions would be removed to the regions of the second class. The motion of the mass is often complicated because of complicated distribution of the gravity and complicated shape of the nucleus. Acknowledgement: The research is partly supported by Polish National Science Centre

  14. Les questions de migrations internationales (Questions of International Migrations). (United States)

    Samman, Mouna Liliane


    Education about international migration should (1) utilize a framework of historical evolution; (2) stress the growing interdependence of nations; (3) emphasize universal moral values and the role of the individual in human rights; and (4) consider the complementary or competing portraits of international migration presented by the media. (DMM)

  15. Countering inbreeding with migration 1. Migration from unrelated ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The eff'ect of migration on inbreeding is moclelled fbr small populations with immigrants from a large unrelated population. Different migration rates and numbers fbr the two sexes are assumed, and a general recursion equation for inbreeding progress derived, which can be shown to lead to an equilibrium inbreeding ...

  16. Patterns of East to West migration in the context of European migration systems possibilities and limits of migration control


    Irina Molodikova


    This paper gives an overview of the main migration trends of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) migration system in the context of the development of EU migration and migration control and seeks to explain the peculiarities of the CIS migration system’s development.

  17. Properties of the Irregular Satellite System around Uranus Inferred from K2 , Herschel , and Spitzer Observations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Farkas-Takács, A.; Kiss, Cs.; Pál, A.; Molnár, L.; Szabó, Gy. M.; Hanyecz, O.; Sárneczky, K.; Szabó, R.; Marton, G.; Szakáts, R.; Kiss, L. L. [Konkoly Observatory, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Konkoly Thege Miklós út 15-17, H-1121 Budapest (Hungary); Mommert, M. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University, P.O. Box 6010, Flagstaff, AZ 86011 (United States); Müller, T., E-mail: [Max-Plank-Institut für extraterrestrsiche Pyhsik, Garching (Germany)


    In this paper, we present visible-range light curves of the irregular Uranian satellites Sycorax, Caliban, Prospero, Ferdinand, and Setebos taken with the Kepler Space Telescope over the course of the K2 mission. Thermal emission measurements obtained with the Herschel /PACS and Spitzer /MIPS instruments of Sycorax and Caliban were also analyzed and used to determine size, albedo, and surface characteristics of these bodies. We compare these properties with the rotational and surface characteristics of irregular satellites in other giant planet systems and also with those of main belt and Trojan asteroids and trans-Neptunian objects. Our results indicate that the Uranian irregular satellite system likely went through a more intense collisional evolution than the irregular satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. Surface characteristics of Uranian irregular satellites seem to resemble the Centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects more than irregular satellites around other giant planets, suggesting the existence of a compositional discontinuity in the young solar system inside the orbit of Uranus.

  18. Correlation Between the Occurrences of Ionospheric Irregularity and Deep Atmospheric Convection in Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) (United States)

    Su, S.; Wu, C.; Liu, C.


    To study seeding mechanism of ionospheric irregularity occurrences, a statistical correlation has been performed between the irregularity occurrences and the occurrences of deep atmospheric convection in the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) represented by the observation of outgoing longwave radiation (OLR). Seven longitudinal regions, Atlantic, Indian, West Pacific, Central Pacific, East Pacific, South America, and Atlantic sectors are studied for the correlation between the monthly occurrences of irregularities and OLRs. The results indicate that, except the South America and Africa sectors, there is practically no correlation existed between the occurrences of irregularities and OLRs. Even for the South America and Africa regions, the correlation is not as strong as expected. The current study indicates that the inferred appearances of atmospheric gravity wave from the OLR observation in ITCZ cannot be used as the proxy for the seed in the subsequent occurrences of ionospheric irregularities. The most likely source of seed for the ionospheric irregularities could still be of electrodynamic origin, such as the bottomside sinusoid (BSS) observed at the bottomside ionosphere.

  19. Effects of surface irregularities on intensity data from laser scanning: an experimental approach.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Teza


    Full Text Available The results of an experiment carried out with the aim to investigate the role of surface irregularities on the intensity data provided by a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS survey are reported here. Depending on surface roughness, the interaction between an electromagnetic wave and microscopic irregularities leads to a Lambertian-like diffusive light reflection, allowing the TLS to receive the backscattered component of the signal. The described experiment consists in a series of TLS-based acquisitions of a rotating artificial target specifically conceived in order to highlight the effects on the intensity data due to surface irregularity. This target is articulated in a flat plate and in an irregular surface, whose macro-roughness has a characteristic length with the same order of the spot size. Results point out the different behavior of the plates. The intensity of the signal backscattered by the planar element decreases if the incidence angle increases, whereas the intensity of the signal backscattered by the irregular surface is almost constant if the incidence angle varies. Since the typical surfaces acquired in a geological/geophysical survey are generally irregular, these results imply that the intensity data can be easily used in order to evaluate the reflectance of the material at the considered wavelength, e.g. for pattern recognition purposes.

  20. Properties of the Irregular Satellite System around Uranus Inferred from K2, Herschel, and Spitzer Observations (United States)

    Farkas-Takács, A.; Kiss, Cs.; Pál, A.; Molnár, L.; Szabó, Gy. M.; Hanyecz, O.; Sárneczky, K.; Szabó, R.; Marton, G.; Mommert, M.; Szakáts, R.; Müller, T.; Kiss, L. L.


    In this paper, we present visible-range light curves of the irregular Uranian satellites Sycorax, Caliban, Prospero, Ferdinand, and Setebos taken with the Kepler Space Telescope over the course of the K2 mission. Thermal emission measurements obtained with the Herschel/PACS and Spitzer/MIPS instruments of Sycorax and Caliban were also analyzed and used to determine size, albedo, and surface characteristics of these bodies. We compare these properties with the rotational and surface characteristics of irregular satellites in other giant planet systems and also with those of main belt and Trojan asteroids and trans-Neptunian objects. Our results indicate that the Uranian irregular satellite system likely went through a more intense collisional evolution than the irregular satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. Surface characteristics of Uranian irregular satellites seem to resemble the Centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects more than irregular satellites around other giant planets, suggesting the existence of a compositional discontinuity in the young solar system inside the orbit of Uranus.

  1. New prospective 4D-CT for mitigating the effects of irregular respiratory motion (United States)

    Pan, Tinsu; Martin, Rachael M.; Luo, Dershan


    Artifact caused by irregular respiration is a major source of error in 4D-CT imaging. We propose a new prospective 4D-CT to mitigate this source of error without new hardware, software or off-line data-processing on the GE CT scanner. We utilize the cine CT scan in the design of the new prospective 4D-CT. The cine CT scan at each position can be stopped by the operator when an irregular respiration occurs, and resumed when the respiration becomes regular. This process can be repeated at one or multiple scan positions. After the scan, a retrospective reconstruction is initiated on the CT console to reconstruct only the images corresponding to the regular respiratory cycles. The end result is a 4D-CT free of irregular respiration. To prove feasibility, we conducted a phantom and six patient studies. The artifacts associated with the irregular respiratory cycles could be removed from both the phantom and patient studies. A new prospective 4D-CT scanning and processing technique to mitigate the impact of irregular respiration in 4D-CT has been demonstrated. This technique can save radiation dose because the repeat scans are only at the scan positions where an irregular respiration occurs. Current practice is to repeat the scans at all positions. There is no cost to apply this technique because it is applicable on the GE CT scanner without new hardware, software or off-line data-processing.

  2. Age of acquisition modulates neural activity for both regular and irregular syntactic functions. (United States)

    Hernandez, Arturo E; Hofmann, Juliane; Kotz, Sonja A


    Studies have found that neural activity is greater for irregular grammatical items than regular items. Findings with monolingual Spanish speakers have revealed a similar effect when making gender decisions for visually presented nouns. The current study extended previous studies by looking at the role of regularity in modulating differences in groups that differ in the age of acquisition of a language. Early and late learners of Spanish matched on measures of language proficiency were asked to make gender decisions to regular (-o for masculine and -a for feminine) and irregular items (which can end in e, l, n, r, s, t and z). Results revealed increased activity in left BA 44 for irregular compared to regular items in separate comparisons for both early and late learners. In addition, within-group comparisons revealed that neural activity for irregulars extended into left BA 47 for late learners and into left BA 6 for early learners. Direct comparisons between groups revealed increased activity in left BA 44/45 for irregular items indicating the need for more extensive syntactic processing in late learners. The results revealed that processing of irregular grammatical gender leads to increased activity in left BA 44 and adjacent areas in the left IFG regardless of when a language is learned. Furthermore, these findings suggest differential recruitment of brain areas associated with grammatical processing in late learners. The results are discussed with regard to a model which considers L2 learning as emerging from the competitive interplay between two languages.

  3. On the relationship between the irregular reflector and the data processing by stacking; Hanshamen keijo to jugo shori ni tsuite

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matsushima, J.; Yokota, T.; Miyazaki, T. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan); Rokukawa, S. [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    An examination was made on the possibility of data processing by stacking with scattered waves assumed in a seismic exploration analysis (diffraction stacking method). In the examination, a CDP stacking method and the diffraction stacking method were compared through numerical experiments in the case of imaging a flat reflection surface and an irregular reflection surface. As a result, it was revealed that the CDP stacking method for stacking mirror reflection waves was merely a processing to raise S/N ratio while the diffraction stacking method for stacking with scattered waves assumed contained a migrational aspect as well as an aspect to raise S/N ratio. Consequently, it was shown that, if an oscillator was properly arranged, a structural imaging was possible not by the shape of a reflection surface but by the diffraction stacking method. Additionally, the diffraction stacking method revealed that the imaging effect varied by frequency with the stacking effect decreased at high frequencies, and that no stacking effect decreased at low frequencies but resolution lowered in horizontal direction. 4 refs., 8 figs.

  4. Western African Student Migration: A Response to the Globalisation of Knowledge

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denise Efionayi


    Full Text Available While European countries have devoted considerable resources to efforts to block the flow of irregular migration, they have at the same time been vying with one another to attract the best minds and solve the problem of demographic ageing. How do African students navigate through such contradictory policies? This chapter discusses the plans for international migration as expressed by university students from three West African countries (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, and Niger. Based in particular on a questionnaire distributed to around 4,000 students, the study identifies a series of factors contributing to students’ intention to migrate: family networks abroad, level of educational attainment, lack of confidence in their country’s future, supportive attitude of family members, etc. Contrary to the widespread assumptions expressed in the media and in policy debates in industrialised countries, ‘migration intentions’ appear to be carefully pondered and proactive in nature, rather than impulsive headlong rushes. Students are relatively well informed, and their intentions to undertake what is mostly temporary migration are based on a weighing of their interests in terms of education and professional experience. This article therefore calls for improved coordination of mobility and development policies to unlock the potential of migration while satisfying the thirst for knowledge identified in the three countries concerned.

  5. Migration - utopia or myopia?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Osborne


    Full Text Available Peter Osborne spent a sabbatical in northern America and was surprised that so many scientists and students stated that caribou migration was largely the result of mosquito pressure. He failed however to find any documented evidence of this claim although he was constantly confronted by the well known «facts» that mosquitoes had been observed to drive caribou crazy and even kill juveniles. The issue Osborne wishes to focus is that an experimentally unsubstantiated anthropomorphism appears to have become critical evidence in support of a theory. A recent article in Nature (393, 511-513, 1998 devoted to the uses of 'science in fiction' to stimulate thought and discussion about aspects of academia encouraged him to write the following comment in the form of a parody of ancient Greek dialogues.

  6. Nightly Test system migration

    CERN Document Server

    Win-Lime, Kevin


    The summer student program allows students to participate to the Cern adventure. They can follow several interesting lectures about particle science and participate to the experiment work. As a summer student, I had worked for LHCb experiment. LHCb uses a lot of software to analyze its data. All this software is organized in packages and projects. They are built and tested during the night using an automated system and the results are displayed on a web interface. Actually, LHCb is changing this system. It is looking for a replacement candidate. So I was charged to unify some internal interfaces to permit a swift migration. In this document, I will describe shortly the system used by LHCb, then I will explain what I have done in detail.

  7. Migration issues important -- Mongolia. (United States)


    Migration and urbanization are issues that require increasing attention in Mongolia. Mr. Sodov Sonin, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, stated at the Forum that fertility has declined, but mortality, in particular the mortality of children and mothers, is still too high. In addition, there is a significant gap between the knowledge of and behaviors concerning reproductive health, which is one of the causes of the country's high abortion rates. However, on the positive side, literacy is high among women--70% of the students in Mongolia's higher educational institutions are female and the State recognizes equal rights for women. Moreover, programs that promote health and education, including the National Program on Reproductive Health, are being implemented; but despite all these, Mongolia still lacks the human and financial resources to implement the ICPD Program of Action satisfactorily. The country also needs dramatic changes in mind-set and in terms of capacity building, given its ongoing socioeconomic transition.

  8. Migration: the trends converge. (United States)


    Formerly, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US have served as permanent destinations for immigrants, while Europe's migrants have moved to more northerly countries to work for a time and then returned home. From 1973-1975 Europe's recruitment of foreign workers virtually ended, although family reunion for those immigrants allowed in was encouraged. Problems resulting from this new settlement migration include low paying jobs for immigrant women, high unemployment, and inadequate education for immigrant children. Illegal migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean enter the US and Canada each year while illegal North African immigrants enter Italy, Spain, and Greece. North America, Australia, and Europe have all received political refugees from Asia and Latin America. Increasingly, these foreigners compete in the labor market rather than simply fill jobs the native workers do not want. All the receiving countries have similar policy priorities: 1) more effective ways for controlling and monitoring inflows and checking illegal immigration; 2) encouraging normal living patterns and accepting refugees; and 3) integrating permanent migrants into the host country. Europe's public immigration encouragement prior to the first oil shock, has left some countries with a labor force that is reluctant to return home. It is unlikely that Europe will welcome foreign labor again in this decade, since unemployment among young people and women is high and family reunion programs may still bring in many immigrants. Less immigration pattern change will probably occur in North America, Australia, and New Zealand since these countries' populations are still growing and wages are more flexible. Immigration, regulated by policy, and emigration, determined by market forces, now are working in the same direction and will likely reduce future migration flows.

  9. Family migration and migrant integration

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bonjour, S.; Kraler, A.; Triandafyllidou, A.


    Family migration and integration are intimately related concepts in contemporary policy discourses in major migrant receiving countries. In these discourses, both family related migration as such and the migrant family as an institution are problematised with regard to their relation to integration.

  10. Migration Decisions of Skilled Migrants

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Eskelä, Elina


    ...-speaking destination countries such as the United States. This paper enhances the understanding of student mobility in exploring the migration motives of international students in the case of a less common destination. Keywords International students skilled migration immigration Helsinki Finland Elina Eskel* University of Helsinki, Finland Received 24 Oc...

  11. Challenged by migration: Europe's options

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Constant, Amelie F.; Zimmermann, Klaus F.


    This paper examines the migration and labour mobility in the European Union and elaborates on their importance for the existence of the EU. Against all measures of success, the current public debate seems to suggest that the political consensus that migration is beneficial is broken. This comes with


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    179 imbues them with less international profile. More recently, the refuges problem could in some sense be seen as a form of forced migration, but these are also largely within the continent. The Migration that engages our attention in this paper specifically relates to the voluntary movement of people from one continent to ...

  13. Africa: Setting for Human Migration (United States)

    Buuba, Babacar Diop


    Analysis of African migrations can help to understand prehistoric, historical, ancient modern and contemporaneous migrations. Movements of populations were and continue to be so intense that, for some analysts, they constitute one of the dominant trends of the history and destiny of the very old continent. African and non-African states, whether…

  14. International migration and its regulation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baganha, M.I.; Doomernik, J.M.J.; Gsir, S.; Hofmann, M.; Kraler, A.; Penninx, R; Kraal, K.; Berger, M.


    A fundamental issue in society today, migration has been undergoing a new dynamic transformation, calling for new policy approaches. This new dynamic is not yet understood clearly, let alone that adequate policy answers for ‘the managing’ of these new migration processes and the consequences for

  15. An Institutional Approach to Bordering in Islands: The Canary Islands on the African-European Migration Routes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dirk Godenau


    Full Text Available Islands play a significant role in international irregular maritime migration. Frequently they are part of maritime interstitial spaces between states, and their location, combined with institutional membership, makes them part of international migration routes and subject to border management strategies. In this paper borders are analysed as social institutions used for regulating relative permeability through rules of entry and exit for persons, goods and capital. Borders institutionalize territoriality and are politically implemented by states. They are selective, also in migration, and irregular border transit is not always indicative of an inability to control. The Canary Islands are used as an illustrative example of how border management at the southern edge of the European Union has evolved towards more coercive deterrence and tighter surveillance. The Canary Islands experienced irregular maritime immigration from the west African coasts during the first decade of the 21st century and most of these migrants intended to use the islands as transit space towards the European continent. Increasing surveillance in countries of origin, enforcement of border controls and stricter return policies were used to stop flows. The so-called “cayuco crisis” in 2006 induced institutional change in border management and forced the active involvement of the EU through FRONTEX.

  16. Measuring International Migration in Azerbaijan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Serhat Yüksel


    Full Text Available International migration significantly affects economic, social, cultural, and political factors of the country. Owing to this situation, it can be said that the reasons of international migration should be analyzed in order to control this problem. The purpose of this study is to determine the influencing factors of international migration in Azerbaijan. In this scope, annual data of 11 explanatory variables for the period of 1995–2015 was analyzed via Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS method. According to the results of this analysis, it was identified that people prefer to move other countries in case of high unemployment rates. In addition, the results of the study show that population growth and high mortality rate increases the migration level. While considering these results, it was recommended that Azerbaijan should focus on these aspects to control international migration problem.

  17. Renewal and migration of rat incisor mesenchymal cells after doxorubicin administration. (United States)

    Dahl, J E; Strømme Koppang, H


    Ten female rats were intravenously injected with doxorubicin (20 mg/kg) and divided into two equal groups receiving a dose of tritiated thymidine either simultaneously with doxorubicin or 1 h before being killed after 5 days. Six control animals were correspondingly injected with 3H-thymidine. The left and right maxillary incisors were prepared for histologic and microautoradiographic investigation, respectively. The distribution of labeled cells in animals injected 1 h before death showed the regions of proliferation, whereas migration from these regions was evaluated by longer observation time. A zone of reduced dentin deposition lined by irregular odontoblasts being young odontoblasts and late preodontoblasts was observed at the time of doxorubicin injection. Pulpally to the dentinal lesion, islands of irregular predentin were deposited by non-progenitive pulp cells and depolarized odontoblasts. The late preodontoblasts were renewed from progenitive pulp cells, leading to a disturbed mantle predentin deposition.

  18. Current Migration Movements in Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jelena Zlatković Winter


    Full Text Available After a brief historical review of migrations in Europe, the paper focuses on current migration trends and their consequences. At the end of the 1950s, Western Europe began to recruit labour from several Mediterranean countries – Italy, Spain, Portugal and former Yugoslavia, and later from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Turkey. Some countries, such as France, Great Britain and the Netherlands, recruited also workers from their former colonies. In 1970 Germany had the highest absolute number of foreigners, followed by France, and then Switzerland and Belgium. The total number of immigrants in Western Europe was twelve million. During the 1970s mass recruitment of foreign workers was abandoned, and only the arrival of their family members was permitted, which led to family reunification in the countries of employment. Europe closed its borders, with the result that clandestine migration increased. The year 1989 was a turning point in the history of international migrations. The political changes in Central and Eastern Europe brought about mass migration to the West, which culminated in the so-called “mass movement of 1989–1990”. The arrival of ethnic Germans in Germany, migration inside and outside of the territory of the former Soviet Union, an increase in the number of asylum seekers and displaced persons, due to armed conflicts, are – according to the author – the main traits of current migration. The main part of the paper discusses the causes and effects of this mass wave, as well as trends in labour migration, which is still present. The second part of the paper, after presenting a typology of migrations, deals with the complex processes that brought about the formation of new communities and led to the phenomenon of new ethnic minorities and to corresponding migration policies in Western European countries that had to address these issues.

  19. The association between mental health problems and menstrual cycle irregularity among adolescent Korean girls. (United States)

    Yu, Mi; Han, Kyungdo; Nam, Ga Eun


    Menstrual cycle irregularity is common among adolescents and can induce mental health problems such as stress, depression, and suicidal ideation. We examined the association between mental health problems and menstrual cycle irregularity among adolescent Korean girls. This population-based cross-sectional study was on 808 female adolescents (12-18 years of age) participating in the 2010-2012 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Psychological stress, depressive mood, suicidal ideations, suicide attempts, and psychological counseling were assessed through questionnaires and surveys, and hierarchical multivariable logistic regression analysis was performed. The risk of menstrual cycle irregularity tended to increase, as the number of mental health problems increased (P for trend=0.016). High stress levels, depressive mood, and psychological counseling were associated with increased risks of menstrual cycle irregularity (odd ratio [95% confidence interval]=1.88 [1.1-3.21], 2.01 [1.01-4.03], and 2.92 [1.16-7.34], respectively) even after adjusting for age, body mass index, alcohol consumption, smoking status, physical activity, hemoglobin level, monthly household income, weight loss attempts, age at menarche, and sleep duration. Suicidal ideation was not significantly associated with menstrual cycle irregularity. Menstrual irregularity was evaluated based solely on subjects' self-reports, which are subject to their subjective perceptions and appraisal. Cross-sectional design and retrospective data could not draw causal relationship. Positive associations were observed between mental health problems and menstrual cycle irregularity among adolescent Korean girls. More attention should be paid towards mental health, to improve menstrual cycle regularity and help prevent related chronic diseases later in life. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. SU-C-210-03: Impact of Breathing Irregularities On Gated Treatments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schiuma, D; Arheit, M; Schmelzer, P; Scheib, S [Varian Medical Systems, Imaging Laboratory GmbH, Baden-Daettwil (Switzerland); Buchsbaum, T; Pemler, P [Radioonkologie, Stadtspital Triemli, Zurich (Switzerland)


    Purpose: To evaluate the effect of breathing irregularities on target location in gated treatments using amplitude and phase gating. Methods: 111 breathing patterns acquired using RPM system were categorized based on period and amplitude STD as regular (STD period ≤ 0.5 s, STD amplitude ≤ 1.5 mm), medium (0.5 s < STD period ≤ 1 s, 1.5 mm < STD amplitude ≤ 3 mm) and irregular (STD period > 1 s, STD amplitude > 3 mm). One pattern representative of the average defined population was selected per category and corresponding target motion reproduced using Quasar Respiratory Motion Phantom. Phantom in motion underwent 4D-CT scan with phase reconstruction. Gated window was defined at end of exhale and DRRs reconstructed in treatment planning at 40% (beam on) and 60% phase (beam off). Target location uncertainty was assessed by comparing gated kV triggered images continuously acquired at beam on/off on a True Beam 2.0 with corresponding DRRs. Results: Average target uncertainty with amplitude gating was in [0.4 – 1.9] mm range for the different scenarios with maximum STD of 1.2 mm for the irregular pattern. Average target uncertainty with phase gating was [1.1 – 2.2] mm for regular and medium patterns, while it increased to [3.6 – 9.6] mm for the irregular pattern. Live gated motion was stable with amplitude gating, while increasing with phase gating for the irregular pattern. Treatment duration range was [68 – 160] s with amplitude and [70 – 74] s with phase gating. Conclusion: Breathing irregularities were found to affect gated treatments only when using phase gating. For regular and medium patterns no significant difference was found between the two gating strategies. Amplitude gating ensured stable gated motion within the different patterns, thus reducing intra-fraction target location variability for the irregular pattern and resulting in longer treatment duration.

  1. SU-E-T-248: Determining Output Factor of Irregular Electron Cutouts at Extended SSD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alkhatib, H [Richland Memorial Hospital, Columbia, SC (United States); Gebreamlak, W [South Carolina Oncology Associates, Columbia, SC (United States); Tedeschi, D [University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC (United States); Mihailidis, D [CAMC Cancer Center, Charleston, WV (United States)


    Purpose: To calculate the output factor (OPF) of any irregularly shaped electron beam at extended SSD Methods: Using Cerrobend block, circular cutouts with diameter ranging from 2.0cm to the maximum possible size for 15×15 applicator of Varian 2100C and 14×14 applicator of ELEKTA Synergy LINACs were prepared. In addition, two irregular cutouts were made. For each cutout, percentage depth dose (PDD) at standard SSD and point doses at different SSD were measured in water using Scanditronix diodes and PTW 0.125 cm{sup 3} ion-chambers, respectively. In addition, the distance at which electron fluence along the central axis becomes independent of cutout size was determined using EDR2 films. On each LINAC, electron beam energies of 6, 9, 12, and 15/20 MeV were used. Results: Using the open applicator as the reference field, the lateral buildup ratio (LBR) for each circular cutout as a function of depth was calculated. From the LBR value and radius of the cutout, the corresponding lateral spread parameter (σR(z)) was determined. Taking the cutout side dependence of σR(z)) into account, PDD of the irregular cutouts at the standard SSD were calculated. From the point dose measurement at different SSDs, the effective SSD of each cutout was calculated. Taking the calculated PDD of the irregular cutout and effective SSD (SSDeff) of the circular cutout into account, OPFs of the irregular cutout at extended SSD values were calculated. Finally, the calculated output factors were compared with the measured values. Conclusion: In this research, the improved LBR method has been generalized to calculate output factor of irregular cutouts at extended SSD. In a clinically useful region, the percentage difference between the measured and the calculated output factors of the irregular cutouts was within 2%. Similar results were obtained for all available electron energies of both Varian 2100C and ELEKTA Synergy machines.

  2. Multi-levelling and externalizing migration and asylum: lessons from the southern European islands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Triandafyllidou


    Full Text Available Southern European countries have come to constitute the most vulnerable external border of the European Union (EU over the last decade. Irregular migration pressures have been acutely felt on the EU’s southern sea borders, and particularly on four sets of islands: Canary Islands (Spain, Lampedusa and Linosa (Italy, Malta, and Aegean Islands (Greece. This quartet is, to a large extent, used as stepping stones by irregular migrants and asylum seekers to reach the European continent. This paper studies the role of these islands as ‘outposts’ of a framework of externalization. It starts by discussing the notion of externalization and its different facets. It considers how externalization is linked to both fencing and gate-keeping strategies of migration and asylum control. The second part of the paper focuses on the special role of the island quartet with respect to the externalization web cast by national and EU-wide migration policies. It concludes with a critical reflection on the multi-level character of externalization policies and practices that occur both within the EU and between the EU and third countries.

  3. The challenge of migration and health. (United States)

    Carballo, Manuel


    Dr Manuel Carballo of the International Centre for Migration and Health provides the background to migration and its impact on the health of migrating peoples and the health care systems that treat them.

  4. Microfluidics to define leukocyte migration patterns

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boneschansker, Johan


    Leukocyte migration into tissues is characteristic of inflammation. In this thesis, we design and validate microfluidic devices that allow for precise quantification of leukocyte migration patterns. Our microfluidic platform can quantify migration patterns using single-cell quantitative metrics that

  5. Migration process control in the modern society


    A R Dimaev


    The sociological way of the migration phenomenon can be considered only in complex. As a social science of migration we should understand the social science control, which is based on direct and indirect control of migration process.

  6. Internal and international migration in Nepal. (United States)

    Kc, B K


    Internal and international migration trends in Nepal are reviewed using data from the 1971 and 1981 censuses. The causes and consequences of migration are considered. The need for policies to control migration of all kinds is stressed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Virginia COJOCARU


    Full Text Available This paper presents recent trends and flows of labor migration and its impact on economic and social life. Main aim of this research sets up the influence of the migration on the European economics and its competitiveness. Methods of research are: method of comparison, analysis method, method of deduction, method of statistics, modeling method. The economic impact of migration has been intensively studied but is still often driven by ill-informed perceptions, which, in turn, can lead to public antagonism towards migration. These negative views risk jeopardising efforts to adapt migration policies to the new economic and demographic challenges facing many countries. Migration Policy looks at the evidence for how immigrants affect the economy in three main areas: The labour market, public purse and economic growth. In Europe, the scope of labour mobility greatly increased within the EU/EFTA zones following the EU enlargements of 2004, 2007 and 2014-2015. This added to labour markets’ adjustment capacity. Recent estimates suggest that as much as a quarter of the asymmetric labour market shock – that is occurring at different times and with different intensities across countries – may have been absorbed by migration within a year.

  8. On the concept of migration policy




    The article analyzes existing in the different sources of non-fiction variety of interpretations of the term “migration policy”. The variety of approaches to the concept of “politics” and “the migration process” gives rise to different points of view on the vision of migration policy. Contradictions are clearly seen in the difference in definitions of migration policy. Migration policy a purposeful activity of political institutions, aimed at streamlining and regulation of migration processes...

  9. Migration in two directions. (United States)

    Slim, Rita; Koussa, Salam; Awada, Hassan; Yaghi, Cesar; Honein, Khalil; Sayegh, Raymond


    Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), the modality of choice for long-term enteral access, is generally a safe procedure but can be associated with many potential complications. Report two different and late complications of PEG in two patients fed at home, leading them to the emergency department. A 75-year-old man and a 14-year-old young man with PEG presented to the emergency department with two different complications related to the gastrostomy tube. The first patient developed fever and deterioration in mental status due to parietal abscess which developed secondary to the migration of the internal button of the gastrostomy tube in the abdominal wall. He was treated with antibiotics and the gastrostomy tube was extracted. The second one presented upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to intestinal perforation at the level of the internal button of the gastrostomy tube. Bleeding and perforation were treated conservatively and he had a good evolution. Persons taking care of patients with PEG tube must be aware of potential complications. The position and the permeability of the tube must be systematically checked before feeding and medical advice should immediately be asked for in case of doubt or in the presence of any alarming sign.

  10. Psychosocial Aspects of Migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayla Tuzcu


    Full Text Available The incident of migration that occurs as a result of the mobility of individuals between various regions and is considered a social change process brings along various factors. Among these factors, the most important one is the culture of the new society where the immigrant begins to live and the process of adaptation with this culture. Individuals from different cultures are required to live together, cope with differences and overcome the difficulties. The process of adaptation to the new lifestyle might cause the individual to have some feelings such as loneliness, socially isolation, being alienated, being regretful and self-depreciation, and consequently experience a greater stress. Being unable to cope with stress efficiently creates risks in individuals in terms of health problems such as anxiety and depression. Healthcare professionals are required to evaluate life styles, difficulties and coping levels of immigrants in order to protect and develop their mental health. [Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar - Current Approaches in Psychiatry 2014; 6(1.000: 56-66

  11. Population commission discusses international migration. (United States)


    At the 30th session of the Commission on Population and Development during February 24-28, 1997, international migration was the main topic, with special linkages between migration and development and on gender issues and the family. New and emerging issues were also considered. Members stressed the need for more reliable data on migration, the direction of migrants flows, and the characteristics of migrants. The Commission requested a task force on basic social services to hold a technical symposium of experts on international migration in 1998. Its chair, Dr. Nafis Sadik, said that migration issues should based on the reality of choice not on coercive measures or quotas. Almost half of the migrants globally are women. The Commission was given a new impetus by the International Conference on Population and Development held at Cairo in 1994. Migration pressures intensified in the second half of the 1980s and in the early 1990s, creating areas of concern: the negative impact of short-term migration on working conditions in host countries; migration pressures emanating from climatic change; the protection of migrant women and their children; the right of receiving countries to regulate access to their territory; the adverse consequences of forced migration; the situation of persons whose asylum claims have been rejected; the trafficking in women and children, prostitution and coercive adoption; and the sudden and massive arrival of refugees in need of international protection. The 1998 session of the Commission will feature the theme of health and mortality, with special emphasis on the linkages between health and development and on gender and age.

  12. Radar observations of 8.3 m scale equatorial spread f irregularities over Trivandrum (United States)

    Devasia, C. V.; Tiwari, D.; Patraa, A. K.; Sridharan, R.; Jyoti, N.; Viswanathan, K. S.; Subbarao, K. S. V.

    In this paper, we present observations of equatorial spread F (ESF) irregularities made using a newly installed 18 MHz radar located at Trivandrum. We characterize the morphology and the spectral parameters of the 8.3 m ESF irregularities which are found to be remarkably different from that observed so extensively at 3 m scale size. We also present statistical results of the irregularities in the form of percentage occurrence of the echoes and spectral parameters (SNR, Doppler velocity, Spectral width). The Doppler spectra are narrower, less structured and less variable in time as compared to those observed for 3 m scale size. We have never observed the ESF irregularity velocities to be supersonic here unlike those at Jicamarca and the velocities are found to be within ± 200 m s-1. The spectral widths are found to be less than 150 m s-1. Hence the velocities and spectral width both are smaller than those reported for 3 m scale size. The velocities and spectral widths are further found to be much smaller than those of the American sector. These observations are compared with those reported elsewhere and discussed in the light of present understanding on the ESF irregularities at different wavelengths.

  13. Dispositional resilience as a moderator of the relationship between chronic stress and irregular menstrual cycle. (United States)

    Palm-Fischbacher, Simona; Ehlert, Ulrike


    Menstrual-cycle irregularity may have an important influence on the subsequent development of chronic diseases. Several risk factors for irregular menstrual cycles have been detected, including stress. Our aim was to extend research on the link between chronic stress and menstrual-cycle irregularity and to assess potential protective factors, such as dispositional resilience, which we hypothesize to be associated with the maintenance or promotion of a healthy menstrual cycle. For this cross-sectional study, data on 696 healthy women aged 20-40 years were obtained. The women completed measures of chronic stress, dispositional resilience and menstrual-cycle irregularity. Furthermore, potential confounds were assessed. Of the participants, 383 (55%) reported no current use of hormonal contraceptives; 313 (45%) reported current use hormonal contraception and were included as a control group. The results suggest that in women not using hormonal contraception, chronic stress (OR = 1.05, 95%CI = 1.02-1.08, p = 0.001) and dispositional resilience (OR = 0.43, 95%CI = 0.31-0.59, p menstrual cycle regularity. In addition, women with greater dispositional resilience have reduced risk for irregular menstrual cycles in the face of low to moderate chronic stress; however, this association is changed at the highest level of chronic stress. These findings suggest that dispositional resilience may be a protective psychological trait that modulates reproductive functioning.

  14. Morning Cortisol Levels and Perceived Stress in Irregular Shift Workers Compared with Regular Daytime Workers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harri Lindholm


    Full Text Available The 24/7 work environment and irregular shifts may markedly enhance the psychological pressure of media work. Changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis reflect adaptation to stress. We analysed the correlation between subjective stress, sleep, salivary cortisol, and melatonin hormones among Finnish media workers with regular daytime work (RDW and with irregular shift work (ISW while controlling confounders. From 874 employees with regular daytime work or with irregular shift work, 70 employees from both groups were randomly selected. The final number of employees with a complete salivary cortisol profile was 66 in the RDW group and 65 in the ISW group. Five saliva samples were gathered from each subject before and during a working day. The salivary cortisol level of the sample taken 60 minutes after awakening (T1 was compared to the salivary cortisol level taken immediately after awakening (T0, T1/T0 ratio. The ratio was higher in the ISW group than in RDW group. Irregular shift work (P<0.001, severe stress (P<0.05, and less sleep (P<0.05 were independently associated with an augmented cortisol response after awakening. A stressful work environment and irregular shift work enhance cortisol excretion after waking. In the long run, this may become detrimental to health.

  15. Using forbidden ordinal patterns to detect determinism in irregularly sampled time series. (United States)

    Kulp, C W; Chobot, J M; Niskala, B J; Needhammer, C J


    It is known that when symbolizing a time series into ordinal patterns using the Bandt-Pompe (BP) methodology, there will be ordinal patterns called forbidden patterns that do not occur in a deterministic series. The existence of forbidden patterns can be used to identify deterministic dynamics. In this paper, the ability to use forbidden patterns to detect determinism in irregularly sampled time series is tested on data generated from a continuous model system. The study is done in three parts. First, the effects of sampling time on the number of forbidden patterns are studied on regularly sampled time series. The next two parts focus on two types of irregular-sampling, missing data and timing jitter. It is shown that forbidden patterns can be used to detect determinism in irregularly sampled time series for low degrees of sampling irregularity (as defined in the paper). In addition, comments are made about the appropriateness of using the BP methodology to symbolize irregularly sampled time series.

  16. Application of the pothole DAF method to vehicles traversing periodic roadway irregularities (United States)

    Pesterev, A. V.; Bergman, L. A.; Tan, C. A.; Yang, B.


    This paper is a sequel to the work discussed in Pesterev et al. (Journal of Sound and Vibration, in press). In that paper, it was suggested that the technique to determine the effect of a local road surface irregularity on the dynamics of a vehicle modelled as a linear multi-degree-of-freedom system relies on the so-called pothole dynamic amplification factor (DAF), which is a complex-valued function specific to the irregularity shape. This paper discusses the companion problem of how to determine the DAF function for an irregularity represented as a superposition of simpler ones. Another purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the application of the pothole DAF functions technique to finding a priori estimates of the effect of irregularities with a repeated structure. Specifically, we solve the problem of finding the conditions under which the dynamic effect of two identical potholes located one after another is greater than that due to the single pothole. We also find the estimate for the number of periods of a periodic irregularity that are sufficient in order to consider the oscillator response as steady state. The discussions are illustrated by numerical examples.

  17. Morphological processing in early bilinguals: an ERP study of regular and irregular verb processing. (United States)

    De Diego Balaguer, R; Sebastián-Gallés, N; Díaz, B; Rodríguez-Fornells, A


    Although the age of acquisition of a language has an effect when learning a second language, the similarity between languages may also have a crucial role. The aim of the present study is to understand the influence of this latter factor in the acquisition of morphosyntactic information. With this purpose, two groups of highly proficient early Catalan-Spanish bilinguals were presented with a repetition-priming paradigm with regular and irregular verbs of Spanish. Catalan and Spanish have a similar suffix (-o) for regular verbs and completely different alternations for irregular verbs. Two types of irregular verbs were studied (semi-regular verbs with a systematic diphthong alternation, sentir-siento, and verbs with idiosyncratic changes, venir-vengo). Regular verbs showed the same centro-parietal N400 priming effect in the second-language speakers (L2) as in primary-language (L1) speakers. However, differences between groups, in the ERP pattern and the topography of the N400 effect, were observed for irregular morphology. In L1 speakers, the N400 effect was attenuated only for semi-regular verbs. In contrast, L2 speakers showed a reduced N400 priming effect in both irregular contrasts. This pattern of results suggests that the similarity between languages may help for similar structures but may interfere for dissimilar structures, at least when the two languages have very similar morphological systems.

  18. Age-of-acquisition affects word naming in Italian only when stress is irregular. (United States)

    Wilson, Maximiliano A; Ellis, Andrew W; Burani, Cristina


    In Italian, effects of age of acquisition (AoA) have been found in object naming, semantic categorization of words and lexical decision, but not in word naming (reading aloud). The lack of an AoA effect in Italian word naming is replicated in Experiment 1 which involved reading aloud two-syllable words which all have regular spelling-sound correspondences and regular stress patterns. Studies of English word naming have reported stronger effects of AoA for irregular or exception words than for words with regular, consistent spelling-sound correspondences. There are no grapheme-phoneme irregularities in Italian, but words containing three or more syllables can carry either regular stress on the penultimate syllable or irregular stress on the antepenultimate syllable. Experiment 2 found effects of AoA on reading three-syllable words for words with irregular stress. The results are interpreted in terms of the 'mapping hypothesis' of AoA, with effects arising as a result of a difficulty to generalize earlier-acquired patterns to irregular late-acquired words. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. 30 MHz radar observations of artificial E region field-aligned plasma irregularities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. L. Hysell


    Full Text Available Artificial E region field aligned irregularities (FAIs have been observed during heating experiments at the HAARP facility using a new 30 MHz coherent scatter radar imager deployed near Homer, Alaska. Irregularities were observed during brief experiments on three quiet days in July and August, 2007, when the daytime E region critical frequency was close to 3 MHz. Irregularities were consistently generated and detected during experiments with O-mode HF pumping on zenith with a 1-min on, 1-min off CW modulation. The scattering cross sections, rise, and fall times of the echoes were observed as well as their spectral properties. Results were found to be mainly in agreement with observations from other mid- and high-latitude sites with some discrepancies. Radar images of the irregularity-filled volume on one case exhibited clear variations in backscatter power and Doppler shift across the volume. The images furthermore show the emergence of a small irregularity-filled region to the south southwest of the main region in the approximate direction of magnetic zenith.

  20. Migration and the Wage Curve:

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brücker, Herbert; Jahn, Elke J.

      Based on a wage curve approach we examine the labor market effects of migration in Germany. The wage curve relies on the assumption that wages respond to a change in the unemployment rate, albeit imperfectly. This allows one to derive the wage and employment effects of migration simultaneously...... with a vocational degree. The wage and employment effects of migration are moderate: a 1 percent increase in the German labor force through immigration increases the aggregate unemployment rate by less than 0.1 percentage points and reduces average wages by less 0.1 percent. While native workers benefit from...

  1. Rural migration and health care

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Svendsen, Gunnar Lind Haase; Jensen, Marit Vatn

    This literature study focuses on possible links between access to health services and migration in rural areas. Why do people move to or from rural areas or why do they stay? What determines where people settle? And, in this context, do local health care services play an important or minor role......, or no role at all? First, the paper reports on key findings from rural migration studies, in order to shed light on two migration trends: urbanization and counter-urbanization. Then we take a closer look on settlement preferences in rural areas, including the impact of health care facilities. Finally, we end...

  2. Countering inbreeding with migration 1. Migration from unrelated ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    l2-(1 -rn)(t -m)l|,. (1.14) with all terms as defined fbr (1.5). Equation (1.14) does not appear to be directly amenable to the development of general rules for the limitation ... effects of migration and restricted population size with equal numbers of the two sexes and with only male migration. N'lale rnigrant number. Herd size l1 .'l.

  3. NASTRAN migration to UNIX (United States)

    Chan, Gordon C.; Turner, Horace Q.


    COSMIC/NASTRAN, as it is supported and maintained by COSMIC, runs on four main-frame computers - CDC, VAX, IBM and UNIVAC. COSMIC/NASTRAN on other computers, such as CRAY, AMDAHL, PRIME, CONVEX, etc., is available commercially from a number of third party organizations. All these computers, with their own one-of-a-kind operating systems, make NASTRAN machine dependent. The job control language (JCL), the file management, and the program execution procedure of these computers are vastly different, although 95 percent of NASTRAN source code was written in standard ANSI FORTRAN 77. The advantage of the UNIX operating system is that it has no machine boundary. UNIX is becoming widely used in many workstations, mini's, super-PC's, and even some main-frame computers. NASTRAN for the UNIX operating system is definitely the way to go in the future, and makes NASTRAN available to a host of computers, big and small. Since 1985, many NASTRAN improvements and enhancements were made to conform to the ANSI FORTRAN 77 standards. A major UNIX migration effort was incorporated into COSMIC NASTRAN 1990 release. As a pioneer work for the UNIX environment, a version of COSMIC 89 NASTRAN was officially released in October 1989 for DEC ULTRIX VAXstation 3100 (with VMS extensions). A COSMIC 90 NASTRAN version for DEC ULTRIX DECstation 3100 (with RISC) is planned for April 1990 release. Both workstations are UNIX based computers. The COSMIC 90 NASTRAN will be made available on a TK50 tape for the DEC ULTRIX workstations. Previously in 1988, an 88 NASTRAN version was tested successfully on a SiliconGraphics workstation.

  4. [International migration: 1979]. (United States)


    Statistics on international migration in Panama in 1979 are provided for the 3 airports, 6 seaports, and 2 border crossings used by international travelers. The categories of visitors, temporary visitors, immigrants, and residents among those entering and leaving the country are defined and the data collection procedures are briefly specified. Between 1975-79, the number of persons entering the country through all points increased from 392,449 to 520,454, while the number departing increased from 397,759 to a figure provisionally estimated at 514,250. In 1979, 317,303 men and 203,151 women entered the country, 427,527 by air, 89,764 by land, and 3,163 by sea. 473 men and 355 women immigrated, all arriving by air. 391,502 of those entering were visitors, 2,407 were temporary visitors, and 98,589 were residents, of whom 81,462 were Panamanian and 17,127 foreign. Another table indicates the number of persons by category entering at each point by month; December had the highest number of arrivals, 56,070, followed by July, with 47,889. Other tables indicate the number of arrivals by category according to country of nationality and country of permanent residence; the number of arrivals by sex and category in 5-year age groups; the number of visitors entering for motives related to travel according to nationality and country of residence; the number entering by duration of stay, according to reasons for travel and country of residence; the number entering through the airport at Tocumen or the border crossing at Paso de Canoa, by motives for travel, according to country of residence, and by sex and age; and the number of returning Panamanian residents by port of entry and nationality, according to point of origin. Data are also provided on the number leaving by category for each point of departure and month of departure.

  5. A new angle for probing field-aligned irregularities with the Murchison Widefield Array

    CERN Document Server

    Loi, Shyeh Tjing; Cairns, Iver H; Trott, Cathryn M; Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Feng, Lu; Hancock, Paul J; Kaplan, David L


    Electron density irregularities in the ionosphere are known to be magnetically anisotropic, preferentially elongated along the lines of force. While many studies of their morphology have been undertaken by topside sounding and whistler measurements, it is only recently that detailed regional-scale reconstructions have become possible, enabled by the advent of widefield radio telescopes. Here we present a new approach for visualising and studying field-aligned irregularities (FAIs), which involves transforming interferometric measurements of TEC gradients onto a magnetic shell tangent plane. This removes the perspective distortion associated with the oblique viewing angle of the irregularities from the ground, facilitating the decomposition of dynamics along and across magnetic field lines. We apply this transformation to the dataset of Loi et al. [2015a], obtained on 15 October 2013 by the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope and displaying prominent FAIs. We study these FAIs in the new reference f...

  6. Predictors of homeless veterans' irregular discharge status from a domiciliary care program. (United States)

    Wenzel, S L; Bakhtiar, L; Caskey, N H; Hardie, E; Redford, C; Sadler, N; Gelberg, L


    This study addresses the relationship of homeless veterans' discharge status from a domiciliary care program to biopsychosocial characteristics presented at admission into the program. Hypotheses were that younger age, less education, and substance abuse or psychiatric disorder would predict an irregular discharge. Research participants were 367 homeless male veterans who had been admitted to a domiciliary care program at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center for treatment of medical, psychiatric, or substance disorders. Status of veterans' program discharge (regular or irregular) served as the outcome measure. Logistic regression analysis revealed that irregular discharge from the program was more likely among veterans who were black, who had poor employment histories, or who had problems with alcohol. Results are discussed in light of the need to maintain homeless veterans in treatment programs so that they can achieve maximum benefit from available programs.

  7. Energy Extraction from a Slider-Crank Wave Energy under Irregular Wave Conditions: Preprint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sang, Yuanrui; Karayaka, H. Bora; Yan, Yanjun; Zhang, James Z.; Muljadi, Eduard; Yu, Yi-Hsiang


    A slider-crank wave energy converter (WEC) is a novel energy conversion device. It converts wave energy into electricity at a relatively high efficiency, and it features a simple structure. Past analysis on this particular WEC has been done under regular sinusoidal wave conditions, and suboptimal energy could be achieved. This paper presents the analysis of the system under irregular wave conditions; a time-domain hydrodynamics model is adopted and a rule-based control methodology is introduced to better serve the irregular wave conditions. Results from the simulations show that the performance of the system under irregular wave conditions is different from that under regular sinusoidal wave conditions, but a reasonable amount of energy can still be extracted.

  8. Determination of border irregularity in dermoscopic color images of pigmented skin lesions. (United States)

    Jaworek-Korjakowska, J; Tadeusiewicz, R


    Malignant melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, is commonly diagnosed in all people, regardless of age, gender, or race. In the last several years an increasing melanoma incidence and mortality rate has been observed worldwide. In this research we present a new approach to the detection and classification of border irregularity, one of the major parameter in a widely used diagnostic algorithm ABCD rule of dermoscopy. Accurate assessment of irregular borders is clinically important due to a significantly different occurrence in benign and malignant skin lesions. In this paper we describe a complex algorithm containing following steps: image enhancement, lesion segmentation, border irregularity detection as well as classification. The algorithm has been tested on 300 dermoscopic images and achieved a detection of 79% and classification accuracy of 90%. Compared to state-of-the-art, we obtain improved classification accuracy.

  9. Interrater agreement in rating of pigmented skin lesions for border irregularity. (United States)

    Gunasti, Suhan; Mulayim, Mehmet Kamil; Fettahloglu, Bilge; Yucel, Aydn; Burgut, Refik; Sertdemir, Yasar; Aksungur, Varol Lutfu


    The clinical ABCD criteria are still recommended to both physicians and laymen when checking moles. The aim of this study was to determine the level of interrater reliability and therefore objectivity in rating for one of these criteria, namely border irregularity. Five professors, five residents, five nurses, and 10 students rated a set of 54 clinical images of pigmented skin lesions for border irregularity. After a descriptive presentation, rating was again carried out on another set of 54 images. In all groups, the agreement was moderate or substantial before the presentation and increased after the presentation. An almost perfect agreement was achieved by the professors after the presentation. Although both experience and receiving information could increase the level of interrater reliability, the disagreement was usually sufficient to suggest subjectivity in rating for border irregularity.

  10. Dissipation of ionospheric irregularities by wave-particle and collisional interactions (United States)

    Bernhardt, P. A.; Pongratz, M. B.; Gray, S. P.; Thomsen, M. F.


    The nonlinear dissipation of plasma irregularities aligned parallel to an ambient magnetic field is studied numerically using a model which employs both wave-particle and collisional diffusion. A wave-particle diffusion coefficient derived from a local theory of the universal drift instability is used. This coefficient is effective in regions of nonzero plasma gradients and produces triangular-shaped irregularities with spectra which vary as f to the -4th, where f is the spatial frequency. Collisional diffusion acts rapidly on the vertices of the irregularities to reduce their amplitude. The simultaneous action of the two dissipative processes is more efficient than collisions acting alone. In this model, wave-particle diffusion mimics the forward cascade process of wave-wave coupling.

  11. HF produced ionospheric electron density irregularities diagnosed by UHF radio star scintillations (United States)

    Frey, A.; Gordon, W. E.


    Three observations of radio star intensity fluctuations at UHF are reported for HF ionospheric modification experiments carried out at the Arecibo Observatory. Two observations at 430 MHz and one at 1400 MHz suggest that the the thin phase screen theory is a good approximation to the observed power spectra. It is noted, however, that the theory has to be extended to include antenna filtering. This type of filtering is important for UHF radio star scintillations since the antenna usually has a narrow beamwidth. HF power densities of less than 37 microwatts/sq m incident on the ionosphere give rise to electron density irregularities larger than 13% of the ambient density (at 260 km) having scale sizes of approximately 510 m perpendicular to the geomagnetic field. The irregularities are found to form within 20-25 s after the HF power is turned on. The drift velocities of the irregularities can be estimated from the observed power spectra.

  12. Irregular Firing and High-Conductance States in Spinal Motoneurons during Scratching and Swimming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guzulaitis, Robertas; Hounsgaard, Jorn; Alaburda, Aidas


    in general. Here we compare conductance and firing patterns in spinal motoneurons during network activity for scratching and swimming in an ex vivo carapace-spinal cord preparation from adult turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans). The pattern and relative engagement of motoneurons are distinctly different...... of spinal motor network activity. SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT: Neurons embedded in active neural networks can enter high-conductance states with irregular firing. This was previously shown for spinal motoneurons during scratching. Because scratching is highly specialized rhythmic behavior, it is not known...... whether high-conductance states and irregular firing are a peculiarity for motoneurons during scratching. Here, using intracellular recordings from motoneurons in an ex vivo carapace-spinal cord preparation from adult turtles, we demonstrate that irregular firing and high-conductance states are present...

  13. Vulnerability, irregular migrants' health-related rights and the European Court of Human Rights. (United States)

    Da Lomba, Sylvie


    The protection of irregular migrants' health-related rights brings to the fore the tensions that exist between human rights, citizenship and the sovereign state, and exposes the protection gaps in the international human rights regime. With this in mind, I consider the merits of a vulnerability analysis in international human rights law (IHRL). I posit that, detached from specific groups and reconceptualised as universal, vulnerability can be reclaimed as a foundation and tool of IHRL. I further contend that the deployment of a vulnerability analysis can alleviate the exclusionary dimension of IHRL and extend protections to irregular migrants. On this basis, I investigate the development of a vulnerability analysis in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. I argue that, in contrast with the Court's vulnerable population approach, a vulnerability analysis can improve protection standards for irregular migrants in the field of health.

  14. The migration challenge for PAYG

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Aslanyan, Gurgen


    Roč. 27, č. 4 (2014), s. 1023-1038 ISSN 0933-1433 Institutional support: PRVOUK-P23 Keywords : public pension s * PAYG * unskilled migration Subject RIV: AH - Economics Impact factor: 1.109, year: 2014

  15. The migration challenge for PAYG

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Aslanyan, Gurgen


    Roč. 27, č. 4 (2014), s. 1023-1038 ISSN 0933-1433 Institutional support: RVO:67985998 Keywords : public pension s * PAYG * unskilled migration Subject RIV: AH - Economics Impact factor: 1.109, year: 2014

  16. Migration, distress and cultural identity

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bhugra, Dinesh


    ...; they also attempt to settle down by either assimilation or biculturalism. In this paper, various hypotheses explaining the act of migration and its relationship with mental distress are described...

  17. Cross-correlation least-squares reverse time migration in the pseudo-time domain (United States)

    Li, Qingyang; Huang, Jianping; Li, Zhenchun


    The least-squares reverse time migration (LSRTM) method with higher image resolution and amplitude is becoming increasingly popular. However, the LSRTM is not widely used in field land data processing because of its sensitivity to the initial migration velocity model, large computational cost and mismatch of amplitudes between the synthetic and observed data. To overcome the shortcomings of the conventional LSRTM, we propose a cross-correlation least-squares reverse time migration algorithm in pseudo-time domain (PTCLSRTM). Our algorithm not only reduces the depth/velocity ambiguities, but also reduces the effect of velocity error on the imaging results. It relieves the accuracy requirements on the migration velocity model of least-squares migration (LSM). The pseudo-time domain algorithm eliminates the irregular wavelength sampling in the vertical direction, thus it can reduce the vertical grid points and memory requirements used during computation, which makes our method more computationally efficient than the standard implementation. Besides, for field data applications, matching the recorded amplitudes is a very difficult task because of the viscoelastic nature of the Earth and inaccuracies in the estimation of the source wavelet. To relax the requirement for strong amplitude matching of LSM, we extend the normalized cross-correlation objective function to the pseudo-time domain. Our method is only sensitive to the similarity between the predicted and the observed data. Numerical tests on synthetic and land field data confirm the effectiveness of our method and its adaptability for complex models.

  18. Irregular menses predicts ovarian cancer: Prospective evidence from the Child Health and Development Studies. (United States)

    Cirillo, Piera M; Wang, Erica T; Cedars, Marcelle I; Chen, Lee-May; Cohn, Barbara A


    We tested the hypothesis that irregular menstruation predicts lower risk for ovarian cancer, possibly due to less frequent ovulation. We conducted a 50-year prospective study of 15,528 mothers in the Child Health and Development Studies cohort recruited from the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan from 1959 to 1966. Irregular menstruation was classified via medical record and self-report at age 26. We identified 116 cases and 84 deaths due to ovarian cancer through 2011 via linkage to the California Cancer Registry and Vital Statistics. Contrary to expectation, women with irregular menstrual cycles had a higher risk of ovarian cancer incidence and mortality over the 50-year follow-up. Associations increased with age (p <0.05). We observed a 2-fold increased incidence and mortality by age 70 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.1, 3.4) rising to a 3-fold increase by age 77 (95% CI = 1.5, 6.7 for incidence; 95% CI = 1.4, 5.9 for mortality). We also found a 3-fold higher risk of mortality for high-grade serous tumors (95% CI = 1.3, 7.6) that did not vary by age. This is the first prospective study to show an association between irregular menstruation and ovarian cancer-we unexpectedly found higher risk for women with irregular cycles. These women are easy to identify and many may have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Classifying high-risk phenotypes such as irregular menstruation creates opportunities to find novel early biomarkers, refine clinical screening protocols and potentially develop new risk reduction strategies. These efforts can lead to earlier detection and better survival for ovarian cancer. © 2016 UICC.

  19. Some new features of electron density irregularities over SHAR during strong spread F

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Raizada

    Full Text Available An RH-560 rocket flight was conducted from Sriharikota rocket range (SHAR (14°N, 80°E, dip latitude 5.5°N to study electron density and electric field irregularities during spread F. The rocket was launched at 2130 local time (LT and it attained an apogee of 348 km. Results of electron density fluctuations are presented here. Two extremely sharp layers of very high electron density were observed at 105 and 130 km. The electron density increase in these layers was by a factor of 50 in a vertical extent of 10 km. Large depletions in electron density were observed around 175 and 238 km. Both sharp layers as well as depletions were observed also during the descent. The presence of sharp layers and depletions during the ascent and the descent of the rocket as well as an order of magnitude less electron density, in 150-300 km region during the descent, indicate the presence of strong large-scale horizontal gradients in the electron density. Some of the valley region irregularities (165-178 km, in the intermediate scale size range, observed during this flight, show spectral peaks at 2 km and can be interpreted in terms of the image striation theory suggested by Vickrey et al. The irregularities at 176 km do not exhibit any peak at kilometer scales and appear to be of new type. The growth rate of intermediate scale size irregularities, produced through generalized Rayleigh Taylor instability, was calculated for the 200-330 km altitude, using observed values of electron density gradients and an assumed vertically downward wind of 20 ms-1. These growth rate calculations suggest that the observed irregularities could be produced by the gradient drift instability.

    Key words: Ionosphere (equatorial ionosphere; ionospheric irregularities - Radio science (ionospheric physics

  20. Some new features of electron density irregularities over SHAR during strong spread F

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Raizada


    Full Text Available An RH-560 rocket flight was conducted from Sriharikota rocket range (SHAR (14°N, 80°E, dip latitude 5.5°N to study electron density and electric field irregularities during spread F. The rocket was launched at 2130 local time (LT and it attained an apogee of 348 km. Results of electron density fluctuations are presented here. Two extremely sharp layers of very high electron density were observed at 105 and 130 km. The electron density increase in these layers was by a factor of 50 in a vertical extent of 10 km. Large depletions in electron density were observed around 175 and 238 km. Both sharp layers as well as depletions were observed also during the descent. The presence of sharp layers and depletions during the ascent and the descent of the rocket as well as an order of magnitude less electron density, in 150-300 km region during the descent, indicate the presence of strong large-scale horizontal gradients in the electron density. Some of the valley region irregularities (165-178 km, in the intermediate scale size range, observed during this flight, show spectral peaks at 2 km and can be interpreted in terms of the image striation theory suggested by Vickrey et al. The irregularities at 176 km do not exhibit any peak at kilometer scales and appear to be of new type. The growth rate of intermediate scale size irregularities, produced through generalized Rayleigh Taylor instability, was calculated for the 200-330 km altitude, using observed values of electron density gradients and an assumed vertically downward wind of 20 ms-1. These growth rate calculations suggest that the observed irregularities could be produced by the gradient drift instability.Key words: Ionosphere (equatorial ionosphere; ionospheric irregularities - Radio science (ionospheric physics

  1. Migration of the Nellix endoprosthesis. (United States)

    England, Andrew; Torella, Francesco; Fisher, Robert K; McWilliams, Richard G


    This study reports the incidence and sequelae of migration of the Nellix (Endologix Inc, Irvine, Calif) endoprosthesis after endovascular aneurysm sealing. A review was performed of the follow-up imaging of all endovascular aneurysm sealing patients in a university hospital endovascular program who had a minimum follow-up of 1 year. The first postoperative and latest follow-up computed tomography scans were used to measure the distances between the proximal and distal borders of the stent grafts relative to reference vessels using a previously validated technique. Device migration was based on previously established criteria and defined as any stent graft movement of ≥4 mm related to a predefined reference vessel. Device movement in a caudal direction was given a positive value, and movement in a cranial direction was denoted by a negative value. Eighteen patients (35 stent grafts) were eligible for inclusion in this retrospective review. The mean preoperative abdominal aortic aneurysm diameter was 57 mm (standard deviation [SD], 5; range, 50-67 mm) and aortic neck length was 30 mm (SD, 16; range, 6-62 mm). Proximal migration, according to study definitions, was identified in six stent grafts (17%), all in a caudal direction. At 1 year the mean proximal migration distance was +6.6 mm (SD, 1.6; range, +4.7-+9.2 mm). Migration occurred in a single stent graft in four patients and bilaterally in one. No distal migration occurred. Proximal migration of the Nellix endoprosthesis does occur and was without any sequelae in our series. Further investigations into the long-term positional stability of the Nellix device, together with a more thorough understanding of the etiology and consequences of migration, are required. Copyright © 2016 Society for Vascular Surgery. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Metallicity, planetary formation and migration


    Livio, M.; Pringle, J. E.


    Recent observations show a clear correlation between the probability of hosting a planet and the metallicity of the parent star. Since radial velocity surveys are biased, however, towards detecting planets with short orbital periods, the probability-metallicity correlation could merely reflect a dependence of migration rates on metallicity. We investigated the possibility, but find no basis to suggest that the migration process is sensitive to the metallicity. The indication is, therefore, th...

  3. Computational Economic Modeling of Migration


    Klabunde, Anna


    In this paper an agent-based model of endogenously evolving migrant networks is developed to identify the determinants of migration and return decisions. Individuals are connected by links, the strength of which declines over time and distance. Methodologically, this paper combines parameterization using data from the Mexican Migration Project with calibration. It is shown that expected earnings, an idiosyncratic home bias, network ties to other migrants, strength of links to the home country...

  4. Availability of stereotactic radiotherapy with irregular ports (STRIP). Survey from database of pReference stereotactic system users group

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ohizumi, Yukio; Tamai, Hisashi; Imamiya, Satoshi; Akiba, Takeshi; Mori, Tomoyuki [Tokai Univ., Isehara, Kanagawa (Japan). School of Medicine; Seo, Makoto


    Stereotactic radiotherapy with irregular ports (STRIP) contributes to reduce normal tissue damage around irregular target by using conformal collimator. The availability of STRIP was surveyed on the database of pReference stereotactic system users group. During the last three years, STRIP was used in 44% of patients with stereotactic irradiation. The high availability was seen in patients with astrocytoma (55%), H and N cancer (50%), pituitary adenoma (50%), and AVM (44%). In sites, temporal lobe (46%), base of skull (43%), and brain stem (38%). In target volume, 4 cc-13.5 cc (47%), 13.5 cc-35 cc (66%), and >35 cc (83%). In target regularity, {+-}4 mm-{+-}8 mm (43%) and >{+-}8 mm (75%). The diameter of target and irregularity correlated strongly. Targets with 3 cm in diameter and >{+-}4 mm of irregularity were recommended to treat with irregular pots. Hand-made irregular-shaped collimators were easily made and not expensive in cost. (author)

  5. European Integration and Labour Migration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julda Kielyte


    Full Text Available The present paper studies how European integration might affect the migration of workers in the enlarged EU. Unlike the reduced-form migration models, we base our empirical analysis on the theory of economic geography à la Krugman (1991, which provides an alternative modelling of migration pull and push factors. Parameters of the theoretical model are estimated econometrically using historical migration data. Our empirical findings suggest that European integration would trigger selective migration between the countries in the enlarged EU. In the Baltics, Lithuania would gain about 7.25% of the total work force. In the Visegrád Four, the share of the mobile labour force would increase the most in Hungary, 8.35%, compared to the pre-integration state. Our predictions for the East-West migration are moderate and lower than those of reduced-form models: between 5.44% (from the Baltics and 3.61% (from the Visegrád Four would emigrate to the EU North. Because migrants not only follow market potential, but also shape the region’s market potential, the long-run agglomeration forces are sufficiently weak to make a swift emergence of a core-periphery pattern in the enlarged EU very unlikely.

  6. The dynamics of mass migration (United States)

    Massey, Douglas S.; Zenteno, Rene M.


    We specify a set of equations defining a dynamic model of international migration and estimate its parameters by using data specially collected in Mexico. We then used it to project the a hypothetical Mexican community population forward in time. Beginning with a stable population of 10,000 people, we project ahead 50 years under three different assumptions: no international migration; constant probabilities of in- and out-migration, and dynamic schedules of out- and in-migration that change as migratory experience accumulates. This exercise represents an attempt to model the self-feeding character of international migration noted by prior observers and theorists. Our model quantifies the mechanisms of cumulative causation predicted by social capital theory and illustrates the shortcomings of standard projection methodologies. The failure to model dynamically changing migration schedules yields a 5% overstatement of the projected size of the Mexican population after 50 years, an 11% understatement of the total number of U.S. migrants, a 15% understatement of the prevalence of U.S. migratory experience in the Mexican population, and an 85% understatement of the size of the Mexican population living in the United States. PMID:10220465

  7. Attitude Analysis and Robust Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control of Spacecrafts Orbiting Irregular Asteroids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chunhui Liang


    Full Text Available Attitude stability analysis and robust control algorithms for spacecrafts orbiting irregular asteroids are investigated in the presence of model uncertainties and external disturbances. Rigid spacecraft nonlinear attitude models are considered and detailed attitude stability analysis of spacecraft subjected to the gravity gradient torque in an irregular central gravity field is included in retrograde orbits and direct orbits using linearized system model. The robust adaptive backstepping sliding mode control laws are designed to make the attitude of the spacecrafts stabilized and responded accurately to the expectation in the presence of disturbances and parametric uncertainties. Numerical simulations are included to illustrate the spacecraft performance obtained using the proposed control laws.

  8. Irregular Enemies and the Essence of Strategy: Can the American Way of War Adapt? (United States)


    American way of war. Carl von Clausewitz offered his theory of war in terms of a “remarkable trinity composed of primordial violence , hatred, and...its style of warfare in order to meet the distinctive challenges posed by an irregular enemy. In both periods, new technology was harnessed to “the...oversimplified manner. Bear in mind the ambiguity about the notion of “irregular enemies.” That can mean enemies of any genus who choose to fight in an

  9. Discrete transfer method with the concept of blocked-off region for irregular geometries

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Talukdar, Prabal [Institute of Fluid Mechanics (LSTM), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Cauerstrasse 4, D-91058 Erlangen (Germany)]. E-mail:


    The discrete transfer method (DTM) is applied to irregular geometries with a concept of blocked-off region previously applied in the problems of computational fluid dynamics. This gives a new alternative to the DTM for its implementation to irregular structures. The Cartesian coordinate-based ray-tracing algorithm can be applied to the geometries with inclined or curved boundaries. Some test problems are considered and results are validated with the available results in the literature. Both radiative and non-radiative equilibrium situations are considered. The medium is assumed to be both participating and non-participating. Results are found to be accurate for all kinds of situations.

  10. Treatment of irregular geometries using a Cartesian coordinates finite-volume radiation heat transfer procedure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chai, J.C.; Patankar, S.V. (Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (United States). Dept. of Mechanical Engineering); Lee, H.S. (NASA, Cleveland, OH (United States). Lewis Research Center)


    This article presents a blocked-off-region procedure to model radiative transfer in irregular geometries using a Cartesian coordinates finite-column method (FVM). Straight-edged, inclined and curved boundaries can be treated. It is capable of handling participating or transparent media enclosed by black or reflecting walls. With this procedure, irregular geometries can be specified through the problem specification portion of the program. Four test problems are used to show that the procedure is capable of reproducing available results for inclined and curved walls, transparent, nonscattering, and anisotropically scattering media.

  11. Characterization of the low latitude plasma density irregularities observed using C/NOFS and SCINDA data (United States)

    Andima, Geoffrey; Amabayo, Emirant B.; Jurua, Edward; Cilliers, Pierre J.


    Complex electrodynamic processes over the low latitude region often result in post sunset plasma density irregularities which degrade satellite communication and navigation. In order to forecast the density irregularities, their occurrence time, duration and location need to be quantified. Data from the Communication/Navigation Outage Forecasting System (C/NOFS) satellite was used to characterize the low latitude ion density irregularities from 2011 to 2013. This was supported by ground based data from the SCIntillation Network Decision Aid (SCINDA) receivers at Makerere (Geographic coordinate 32.6°E, 0.3°N, and dip latitude -9.3°N) and Nairobi (Geographic coordinate 36.8°E, -1.3°N, and dip latitude -10.8°N). The results show that irregularities in ion density have a daily pattern with peaks from 20:00 to 24:00 Local Time (LT). Scintillation activity at L band and VHF over East Africa peaked in 2011 and 2012 from 20:00 to 24:00 LT, though in many cases scintillation at VHF persisted longer than that at L band. A longitudinal pattern in ion density irregularity occurrence was observed with peaks over 135-180°E and 270-300°E. The likelihood of ion density irregularity occurrence decreased with increasing altitude. Analysis of C/NOFS zonal ion drift velocities showed that the largest nighttime and daytime drifts were in 270-300°E and 300-330°E longitude regions respectively. Zonal irregularity drift velocities over East Africa were for the first time estimated from L-band scintillation indices. The results show that the velocity of plasma density irregularities in 2011 and 2012 varied daily, and hourly in the range of 50-150 m s-1. The zonal drift velocity estimates from the L-band scintillation indices had good positive correlation with the zonal drift velocities derived from VHF receivers by the spaced receiver technique.

  12. Determination of the Size of Irregular Particles Using Interferometric Out-of-Focus Imaging

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marc Brunel


    Full Text Available We present a mathematical formalism to predict speckle-like interferometric out-of-focus patterns created by irregular scattering objects. We describe the objects by an ensemble of Dirac emitters. We show that it is not necessary to describe rigorously the scattering properties of an elliptical irregular object to predict some physical properties of the interferometric out-of-focus pattern. The fit of the central peak of the 2D autocorrelation of the pattern allows the prediction of the size of the scattering element. The method can be applied to particles in a size range from a tenth of micrometers to the millimeter.

  13. Los movimientos migratorios irregulares y la Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional 2013


    Gloria-Inés Ospina


    Los movimientos migratorios irregulares causan preocupación entre los gobiernos y los ciudadanos de la Unión Europea. La Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional en su capítulo de Riesgos y amenazas para la Seguridad Nacional, hace notar que los movimientos migratorios "irregulares" generan desafíos que, en buena medida, afectan a los propios inmigrantes "sin papeles". En lo que respecta a los "flujos migratorios", el objetivo de la Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional es prevenir, controlar y ordenar lo...

  14. Regular-, irregular-, and pseudo-character processing in Chinese: The regularity effect in normal adult readers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dustin Kai Yan Lau


    Full Text Available Background Unlike alphabetic languages, Chinese uses a logographic script. However, the pronunciation of many character’s phonetic radical has the same pronunciation as the character as a whole. These are considered regular characters and can be read through a lexical non-semantic route (Weekes & Chen, 1999. Pseudocharacters are another way to study this non-semantic route. A pseudocharacter is the combination of existing semantic and phonetic radicals in their legal positions resulting in a non-existing character (Ho, Chan, Chung, Lee, & Tsang, 2007. Pseudocharacters can be pronounced by direct derivation from the sound of its phonetic radical. Conversely, if the pronunciation of a character does not follow that of the phonetic radical, it is considered as irregular and can only be correctly read through the lexical-semantic route. The aim of the current investigation was to examine reading aloud in normal adults. We hypothesized that the regularity effect, previously described for alphabetical scripts and acquired dyslexic patients of Chinese (Weekes & Chen, 1999; Wu, Liu, Sun, Chromik, & Zhang, 2014, would also be present in normal adult Chinese readers. Method Participants. Thirty (50% female native Hong Kong Cantonese speakers with a mean age of 19.6 years and a mean education of 12.9 years. Stimuli. Sixty regular-, 60 irregular-, and 60 pseudo-characters (with at least 75% of name agreement in Chinese were matched by initial phoneme, number of strokes and family size. Additionally, regular- and irregular-characters were matched by frequency (low and consistency. Procedure. Each participant was asked to read aloud the stimuli presented on a laptop using the DMDX software. The order of stimuli presentation was randomized. Data analysis. ANOVAs were carried out by participants and items with RTs and errors as dependent variables and type of stimuli (regular-, irregular- and pseudo-character as repeated measures (F1 or between subject

  15. Influence of Rhizoglomus irregulare on nutraceutical quality and regeneration of Lycium barbarum leaves under salt stress. (United States)

    Liu, Hongguang; Wang, Yajun; Chen, Hui; Tang, Ming


    Whether arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi augment the nutraceutical quality of crops under salt stress is critical as a potential agronomic practice in salinized farmland. To evaluate the effect of Rhizoglomus irregulare on the nutraceutical quality of Lycium barbarum leaves under salt stress, we analyzed growth parameters and the rutin, polysaccharide, acidic polysaccharide, and amino acids contents of 2 harvests. Inoculation of R. irregulare significantly increased the regenerated bud number (partial eta squared (PES) = 0.577, P nutraceutical quality and facilitated the sustainable production of L. barbarum leaves exposed to salt stress.

  16. A Novel Energy Yields Calculation Method for Irregular Wind Farm Layout

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hou, Peng; Hu, Weihao; Soltani, Mohsen


    for the energy yields in irregular wind farm considering wake effect would be difficult.In this paper, a mathematical model which includes the impacts of the variation of both wind direction and velocityon wake effect is established. Based on the wake model, a binary matrix method is proposed for the energy...... yields calculation forirregular wind farms.The results show that the proposed wake model is effective in calculating the wind speeddeficit. The calculation framework is applicable for energy yields calculation in irregular wind farms....

  17. Optimized Irregular Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Multicarrier Modulations over Frequency-Selective Channels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valérian Mannoni


    Full Text Available This paper deals with optimized channel coding for OFDM transmissions (COFDM over frequency-selective channels using irregular low-density parity-check (LDPC codes. Firstly, we introduce a new characterization of the LDPC code irregularity called “irregularity profile.” Then, using this parameterization, we derive a new criterion based on the minimization of the transmission bit error probability to design an irregular LDPC code suited to the frequency selectivity of the channel. The optimization of this criterion is done using the Gaussian approximation technique. Simulations illustrate the good performance of our approach for different transmission channels.

  18. Rural-Urban Migration in Colombia. (United States)

    Schultz, T. Paul

    The rural-urban migration pattern in Colombia during the last 25 years has resulted in a population increase in urban areas from 30 to 52 percent of the total population. This study explores the causes of internal migration. Migration rates are estimated for various groups in the population to clarify who migrates and to where. A model of…

  19. Towards a new understanding of migration timing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kölzsch, Andrea; Muskens, Gerard; Kruckenberg, Helmut; Glazov, Peter; Weinzierl, Rolf; Nolet, Bart A.; Wikelski, Martin


    According to migration theory and several empirical studies, long-distance migrants are more time-limited during spring migration and should therefore migrate faster in spring than in autumn. Competition for the best breeding sites is supposed to be the main driver, but timing of migration is

  20. Distance and Intrastate College Student Migration (United States)

    Alm, James; Winters, John V.


    Most studies of student migration focus on "interstate" migration of college students, largely because the aggregate data typically used are limited in geographic specificity to states. However, interstate migration is only a small part of the total student migration. Public institutions generally get most of their students from within…

  1. The Nice model can explain the dispersion of the prograde Himalia family of irregular satellites at Jupiter (United States)

    Li, Daohai; Christou, Apostolos


    More than 50 irregular satellites revolve around Jupiter in which at least three distinct collisional families are identified. Among them, the Himalia family is unique in the large velocity dispersion--several hundred m/s--among its members, inconsistent with a purely collisional origin.We explore this puzzle in the context of the Nice scenario of early solar system evolution. There, the giant planets migrated significant distances due to interactions with a primordial planetesimal disk. We generate a synthetic, collisionally-produced Himalia family and follow its evolution through principal events of the Nice model. Two situations are considered: (i) The planetesimal disk is solely composed of large, moon-sized objects. In this case, the family is dramatically scattered, especially in semimajor axis and eccentricity, as the planetesimals fly by Jupiter. The velocity dispersion of $\\sim60\\%$ of family members is raised to several hundred m/s, satisfactorily explaining the observed dispersion. However, this situation is not likely as the considered planetesimals seem unphysically massive. We now consider the alternative case (ii) within the so-called ``Jumping Jupiter’’ where planetary, rather than planetesimal encounters are responsible for the observed dispersion. Here, ice giants encounter Jupiter up to a few hundred times (Nesvorn\\'{y} \\& Morbidelli 2012). We find $\\lesssim20$ such planetary encounters disperse the synthetic family to the observed degree. We also find that the family cannot survive $\\sim100$ such fly-bys as the satellites become too widely dispersed.Reference: Nesvorn\\'{y}, D., \\& Morbidelli, A. 2012, AJ, 144, 117.

  2. Migration Reform in the United States: Perspectives of Change and Continuity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Vinicio Méndez Coto


    Full Text Available The article proposes an analysis of migration from the perspective of security (as it has been addressed by countries such as the United States mainly receiving international immigrants, and within the terrorism and the prevention context in which the international community is. The complexity of the migration issue has an impact on changes in the United States internal policy and generates transformations in the immigration system. These transformations appear in certain aspects like those contemplated in the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Bill (S.744 which was promoted by the President Obama. This section explains the process of change in the American political and electoral panorama since 2008 elections, the Latin America role in the foreign policy of Obama’s administration, the growing electoral power of Hispanic descendant population in the United States, the current situation of the immigrant population in an irregular administrative situation, and the current context of the bill within the American political system.

  3. Holanda: una cooperación con frutos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Ordóñez


    Full Text Available Se cuenta lo que han sido los primeros 100 años del cine y de las competencias, incógnitas y preocupaciones que han surgido. En otro ámbito, el de la comunicación y Salud se da cuenta del curso pionero en la región para la capacitación de profesionales estrategas, necesarios en América Latina. En el deporte se afirma que éste nació para ser un espejo de la sociedad, para compensar y, contrarrestar ciertos defectos de la sociedad civil y no para dejar que los medios vayan minando ese espíritu altruista, gobernando multitudes y mercantilizándose. Sobre la televisión argentina, Soriano, define que ésta va del "shock al show" frivolizando el inédito "reconocimiento" de culpa, por parte de los militares argentinos en relación a sus crímenes en la última dictadura. Desde la perspectiva de las ONG´s se presenta el networking y los gremios; algunas propuestas latinoamericanas sobre Comunicación y Mujer, para ser consideradas en Beijín. En Recepción televisiva se ofrece dos estudios ¿cuáles son las motivaciones infantiles ante la televisión ? y ¿cómo el visionado femenino de las telenovelas sirve para articular las culturas híbridas en Brasil?. Incluye además cinco temas para el debate.

  4. Puente sobre el Rin en Arnhem – Holanda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Editorial, Equipo


    Full Text Available The purpose of this bridge was to carry the dense traffic across the Rhein existing in the Arnhem area. Its central stretch has a width of 37.40 m with two roadways: — the westbound roadway with two lanes for motor traffic, and ��� the eastbound roadway with two lanes for motor traffic and another for bicycles and motorbykes. The decking for the central and lateral sections was built using the method of successive cantilevers, while the oval-shaped access ramp was built using conventional forming and scaffolding. The aesthetics of the bridge was very much taken into account both in the design and in the finishing touches.

    Este puente se proyectó para hacer frente al denso tráfico sobre el Rin existente en esa zona de Arnhem. Tiene una anchura, en el tramo central, de 37,40 m con dos calzadas: — la occidental, con dos carriles en cada sentido para el tráfico automovilístico, y — la oriental, con dos carriles para el transporte público, y una pista para ciclistas y usuarios de ciclomotores. El tablero para el tramo central y los laterales se construyó por el método de voladizos sucesivos, mientras que la rampa de planta ovalada se realizó sobre cimbras convencionales. En el acabado y construcción de la obra se tuvo muy en cuenta el aspecto estético.

  5. Meandering rivers: Interpreting dynamics from planform geometry and the secret lives of migrating meanders (United States)

    Schwenk, Jonathan

    Meandering rivers are dynamic agents of geomorphic change that rework landscapes through migration while maintaining beautiful looping planforms. This work investigates the relationships between the alluring planform geometries of meandering rivers, the dynamics of individual meander bend migration, and the dynamic processes driving meander evolution. A simple yet physically-based model of long-time meander migration is employed to understand the dynamic trajectories of individual meander bends and establish relationships between historic dynamics and cutoff bend geometry. At the reach scale, concepts from nonlinear dynamic theory are applied to river centerlines to determine if the dynamic nonlinearities driving meander evolution are preserved in the reachwide planform structure. Understanding how rivers move across their floodplains requires snapshots of planforms over long time periods from aerial photography or historic maps and surveys which are often taken at irregular and long intervals. Migration occurring between snapshots has thus largely remained a mystery. More recently, worldwide satellite imagery collected at least every 18 days by the NASA Landsat family of satellites offers the potential to reveal the secret lives of migrating, meandering rivers. This research mines the vault of Landsat imagery to resolve over 30 years of planform migration along more than 1,300 km of one of the Earth's most active meandering rivers: the Ucayali River in Peru. Analysis of the resulting annual binary channel masks suggests that migration rates are controlled by processes acting across bend-to-reach scales. An exciting new geomorphic discovery emerges from the analysis revealing the role of cutoffs as drivers of nonlocal morphodynamic change.

  6. Migration and sustainability - compatible or contradictory?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røpke, Inge


    When the migration issue is discussed in a sustainability perspective, two questions are vital: 1) What is the relationship between migration and the global population growth? 2) What is the relationship between migration and consumption growth, and how does migration influence the distribution o...... of consumption possibilities both between and within industrialized and developing countries? Based on responses to these questions, it is argued that reasonably managed migration will be compatible with sustainable development....


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jiang, Yu [State Key Laboratory of Astronautic Dynamics, Xi’an Satellite Control Center, Xi’an 710043 (China); Baoyin, Hexi, E-mail: [School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084 (China)


    The discovery of binary and triple asteroids in addition to the execution of space missions to minor celestial bodies in the past several years have focused increasing attention on periodic orbits around irregular-shaped celestial bodies. In the present work, we adopt a polyhedron shape model for providing an accurate representation of irregular-shaped bodies and employ the model to calculate their corresponding gravitational and effective potentials. We also investigate the characteristics of periodic orbit families and the continuation of periodic orbits. We prove a fact, which provides a conserved quantity that permits restricting the number of periodic orbits in a fixed energy curved surface about an irregular-shaped body. The collisions of Floquet multipliers are maintained during the continuation of periodic orbits around the comet 1P/Halley. Multiple bifurcations in the periodic orbit families about irregular-shaped bodies are also discussed. Three bifurcations in the periodic orbit family have been found around the asteroid 216 Kleopatra, which include two real saddle bifurcations and one period-doubling bifurcation.

  8. A simple depression-filling method for raster and irregular elevation ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    This study proposes an intuitive and relatively simple depression-filling algorithm, which is readily applicable to raster and irregular datasets. In this study, topographic data of two watershed areas were provided to test the capability of this new algorithm. The results show that the proposed algorithm can accurately identify ...

  9. Hydro cone lens visual performance and impact on quality of life in irregular corneas. (United States)

    Ozek, Dilay; Kemer, Ozlem Evren; Bayraktar, Neslihan


    The aim of this study is to evaluate the visual performance (efficiency) of HydroCone (Toris K) soft silicon hydrogel lenses in patients with irregular corneas. Copyright © 2016 British Contact Lens Association. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Urano y sus dos satélites irregulares recientemente descubiertos (United States)

    Parisi, M. G.; Brunini, A.

    Hasta hace poco tiempo, Urano era el único de los Planetas Gigantes que no poseía satélites irregulares. Esto lo diferenciaba del resto de los planetas Gigantes, al igual que la peculiar oblicuidad de su eje de spin. La gran inclinación de su eje de rotación se debe probablemente a una colisión que sufrió el planeta con otro embrión planetario al final del proceso de formación. Esta colisión habría desligado satélites exteriores preexistentes del planeta. Recientemente se han descubierto dos satélites irregulares de Urano, lo que introduce algunas nuevas cotas y condiciones en el escenario de la "Hipótesis de la Gran Colisión" . Los satélites irregulares de Urano tuvieron que ser capturados en una etapa posterior a la del escenario de la Gran Colisión, de no ser así, hubieran sido eyectados del sistema por el impulso impartido con ese gran impacto. En este trabajo, se discuten los posibles mecanismos de captura de los satélites irregulares y se presenta un nuevo posible mecanismo para dicha captura.

  11. Young Japanese college students with dysmenorrhea have high frequency of irregular menstruation and premenstrual symptoms. (United States)

    Fujiwara, Tomoko; Nakata, Rieko


    In this study, to estimate the current status of young women with menstrual disorders, the relation among dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and premenstrual symptoms was investigated by a questionnaire. Subjects ranging from 18 to 20 years old were recruited from 522 female students at Ashiya College in Japan. The intensity of dysmenorrhea was classified into 3 grades (score 1, not requiring analgesic; score 2, painful, requiring analgesic; score 3, painful, not relieved by analgesic). All participants were further divided into subsequent groups as having premenstrual symptoms or not and those having regular or irregular menstruation. Dysmenorrhea scores in the students with premenstrual symptoms or irregular menstruation were significantly higher than those without these symptoms (1.66+/-0.66 vs 1.41+/-0.59; 1.62+/-0.68 vs 1.49+/-0.61, respectively). There was no significant relation in the incidence between premenstrual symptoms and irregular menstruation. These findings suggest that considerable numbers of young women with dysmenorrhea are associated with premenstrual symptoms.

  12. Local climatological modeling of ionospheric irregularities detected by GPS in the mid-latitude region (United States)

    Wautelet, G.; Warnant, R.


    Global Positioning System, or GPS, plays an important role in everyday life. More particularly, precise positioning applications constitute a continuously growing sector whose surveyors, civil engineers and more recently farmers represent the principal users. Ionospheric irregularities are considered as the main threat for those applications as their occurrence and their effects on positioning are generally unknown or unmodeled. This paper aims at setting up a local climatological model of such irregularities which can be used as a forecasting tool. The model is based upon a time series of GPS-derived ionospheric irregularities in Belgium covering 10 years of data (period 2002-2011). Our climatological model is twofold: its first component describes the daily variability and is derived from a principal component analysis (PCA) which allows us to retrieve the main patterns of the time series. With the use of low order polynomial and harmonic functions, the second component describes the influence of solar cycle and seasons on irregularity occurrence. Moreover, a statistical autoregressive formulation adapts the model to current conditions. Model validation covers both low and active solar activity periods (years 2008 and 2011) and shows that model accuracy varies with solar conditions and season: values are lower during winter and active solar activity periods, where modeling error can reach up to 60% of the observed value. During summer, model performance is clearly improved, with relative errors generally smaller than 20% for periods of low but also active solar activity.

  13. Why pinning by surface irregularities can explain the peak effect in ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Abstract. The existence of a peak effect in transport properties (a maximum of the critical current as function of magnetic field) is a well-known but still intriguing feature of Type II superconductors such as NbSe2 and Bi-2212. Using a model of pinning by surface irregularities in anisotropic superconductors, we have ...

  14. Ince-Strutt stability charts for ship parametric roll resonance in irregular waves (United States)

    Zhang, Xiao; Yang, He-zhen; Xiao, Fei; Xu, Pei-ji


    Ince-Strutt stability chart of ship parametric roll resonance in irregular waves is conducted and utilized for the exploration of the parametric roll resonance in irregular waves. Ship parametric roll resonance will lead to large amplitude roll motion and even wreck. Firstly, the equation describing the parametric roll resonance in irregular waves is derived according to Grim's effective theory and the corresponding Ince-Strutt stability charts are obtained. Secondly, the differences of stability charts for the parametric roll resonance in irregular and regular waves are compared. Thirdly, wave phases and peak periods are taken into consideration to obtain a more realistic sea condition. The influence of random wave phases should be taken into consideration when the analyzed points are located near the instability boundary. Stability charts for different wave peak periods are various. Stability charts are helpful for the parameter determination in design stage to better adapt to sailing condition. Last, ship variables are analyzed according to stability charts by a statistical approach. The increase of the metacentric height will help improve ship stability.

  15. Mental health care for irregular migrants in Europe: Barriers and how they are overcome

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Straßmayr, Christa; Matanov, Aleksandra; Priebe, Stefan; Barros, Henrique; Canavan, Reamonn; Díaz-Olalla, José Manuel; Gabor, Edina; Gaddini, Andrea; Greacen, Tim; Holcnerová, Petra; Kluge, Ulrike; Welbel, Marta; Nicaise, Pablo; Schene, Aart H.; Soares, Joaquim J. F.; Katschnig, Heinz


    Background: Irregular migrants (IMs) are exposed to a wide range of risk factors for developing mental health problems. However, little is known about whether and how they receive mental health care across European countries. The aims of this study were (1) to identify barriers to mental health care

  16. Interparental Conflict and Early Adolescents' Aggression: Is Irregular Sleep a Vulnerability Factor? (United States)

    Lemola, Sakari; Schwarz, Beate; Siffert, Andrea


    We investigated whether (a) short and irregular sleep are related to aggressive behavior in early adolescence and (b) whether they moderate the relation between interparental conflict and aggressive behavior. 176 early adolescents (mean age 11.6 years, 89 girls) reported their bed and wake times on weekdays and on weekends and their aggressive…

  17. The association between irregular menstruations and acne with asthma and atopy phenotypes. (United States)

    Galobardes, Bruna; Patel, Sumaiya; Henderson, John; Jeffreys, Mona; Smith, George Davey


    Earlier menarche and irregular periods, among other markers of sex-hormone levels, have been associated with a higher risk of asthma and allergic diseases. This has suggested an etiologic role of sex hormones in the development of these conditions. The authors investigated the association of age at menarche, irregular periods, duration of menstruation, and acne with reported medical history of asthma and/or atopy (hay fever and/or eczema/urticaria) in a historical cohort of students born before the rise in asthma prevalence in the United Kingdom and attending university in 1948-1968. Finding consistent associations in a cohort that has experienced different life-course exposures and has different confounding structure can help to identify causal associations. In the Glasgow Alumni Cohort, irregular periods were associated with atopic asthma (multinomial odds ratio (MOR) = 2.79, 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.33, 5.83) and atopy alone (MOR = 1.40, 95% CI: 1.06, 1.84) but not with nonatopic asthma (MOR = 1.02, 95% CI: 0.45, 2.30), compared with students reporting no asthma and no atopy. The authors found no association with acne, a marker of high testosterone levels, that they hypothesized could point to polycystic ovary syndrome underpinning these associations. In summary, the authors found evidence for a potentially etiologic role of irregular menstruations with some specific asthma phenotypes, namely, atopic asthma and atopy, but not with nonatopic asthma.

  18. Finite element modelling of low-speed femur reaming using reamers with irregular tooth spacing (United States)

    Towfighian, S.; Behdinan, K.; Papini, M.; Saghir, Z.; Zalzal, P.; de Beer, J.


    Reaming of the cancellous bone of the femur is performed in certain orthopaedic procedures, in order to accommodate insertion of implants such as intramedullary nails. In such processes, the reamers spin at a maximum of 250 rev/min resulting in low-frequency vibrations, which can result in the formation of multicornered holes or non-cylindrical holes. These non-cylindrical holes can lead to improper fixation, which increases healing duration. Simulation of low-speed reaming in the femur analogue was conducted by using a finite element model of the reamer with two different models for reamer blade loads: concentrated forces on the tool tip and distributed forces on the engagement length of the reamer. The model of the process is quasi-static in a characteristic form. The specific cutting pressure, an important parameter in the governing equation, was found experimentally for this purpose. The effects of reaming condition, reamer size, and irregular tooth spacing on stability were investigated. An optimum irregular tooth spacing for a common six-flute reamer, resulting in the most stable reaming process was proposed. Hole profiles and tool axis trajectory of the tool were simulated for both regular and optimum irregular tooth spacing cases. The improvements in the hole quality from using the proposed irregular tooth spacing; benefits of which include expedition of post-operative healing, were demonstrated through simulated three-dimensional hole profiles.

  19. Modelling the Cost Performance of a Given Logistics Network Operating Under Regular and Irregular Conditions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Janic, M.


    This paper develops an analytical model for the assessment of the cost performance of a given logistics network operating under regular and irregular (disruptive) conditions. In addition, the paper aims to carry out a sensitivity analysis of this cost with respect to changes of the most influencing

  20. Organizing Pneumonia by Paragonimiasis and Coexistent Aspergilloma Manifested as a Pulmonary Irregular Nodule


    In Jae Lee; Jinwon Seo; Dong Gyu Kim


    Organizing pneumonia by paragonimiasis and coexistent aspergilloma as a pulmonary nodule is a rare case of lung disease. Its radiographic or CT feature has not been described before in the radiologic literature. We present organizing pneumonia by paragonimiasis and coexistent aspergilloma manifested as a pulmonary irregular nodule on CT.