Sample records for helium preliminary results

  1. SWCX Emission from the Helium Focusing Cone - Preliminary Results (United States)

    Snowden, S. L.; Kuntz, K. D.; Collier, M. R.


    Preliminary results from an XMM-Newton campaign to study solar wind charge exchange (SWCX) emission from the heliospheric focusing cone of interstellar helium are presented. The detections of enhanced O VII and O VIII emission from the cone are at the 2(sigma) and 4(sigma) levels. The solar wind charge exchange (SWCX) emission in the heliosphere not associated with distinct objects (e.g., comets and planets including exospheric material in and near Earth s magnetosheath) is proportional to the flux of the solar wind and the space density of neutral material. The neutral material originates in the interstellar medium (ISM) and passes through the solar system due to the relative motion of the Sun and the ISM. The flow of the neutral material through the solar system is strongly perturbed by the Sun both by gravity and by radiation pressure. Because of the relative radiative scattering cross sections and the effect of solar gravitation the density of interstellar hydrogen near the Sun is reduced while interstellar helium is gravitationally focused. This creates a helium focusing cone downstream of the Sun [e.g., 1, and references therein].

  2. esophageal cancer: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afsaneh Maddah Safaei


    Full Text Available Purpose: Dysphagia is a common initial presentation in locally advanced esophageal cancer and negatively impacts patient quality of life and treatment compliance. To induce fast relief of dysphagia in patients with potentially operable esophageal cancer high-dose-rate (HDR brachytherapy was applied prior to definitive radiochemotherapy. Material and methods : In this single arm phase II clinical trial between 2013 to 2014 twenty patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer (17 squamous cell and 3 adenocarcinoma were treated with upfront 10 Gy HDR brachytherapy, followed by 50.4 Gy external beam radiotherapy (EBRT and concurrent chemotherapy with cisplatin/5-fluorouracil. Results : Tumor response, as measured by endoscopy and/or computed tomography scan, revealed complete remission in 16 and partial response in 4 patients (overall response rate 100%. Improvement of dysphagia was induced by brachytherapy within a few days and maintained up to the end of treatment in 80% of patients. No differences in either response rate or dysphagia resolution were found between squamous cell and adenocarcinoma histology. The grade 2 and 3 acute pancytopenia or bicytopenia reported in 4 patients, while sub-acute adverse effects with painful ulceration was seen in five patients, occurring after a median of 2 months. A perforation developed in one patient during the procedure of brachytherapy that resolved successfully with immediate surgery. Conclusions : Brachytherapy before EBRT was a safe and effective procedure to induce rapid and durable relief from dysphagia, especially when combined with EBRT.

  3. Engineering, Manufacture and Preliminary Testing of the ITER Toroidal Field (TF) Magnet Helium Cold Circulator (United States)

    Rista, P. E. C.; Shull, J.; Sargent, S.


    The ITER cryodistribution system provides the supercritical Helium (SHe) forced flow cooling to the magnet system using cold circulators. The cold circulators are located in each of five separate auxiliary cold boxes planned for use in the facility. Barber-Nichols Inc. has been awarded a contract from ITER-India for engineering, manufacture and testing of the Toroidal Field (TF) Magnet Helium Cold Circulator. The cold circulator will be extensively tested at Barber-Nichols’ facility prior to delivery for qualification testing at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency's (JAEA) test facility at Naka, Japan. The TF Cold Circulator integrates features and technical requirements which Barber-Nichols has utilized when supplying helium cold circulators worldwide over a period of 35 years. Features include a vacuum-jacketed hermetically sealed design with a very low helium leak rate, a heat shield for use with both nitrogen & helium cold sources, a broad operating range with a guaranteed isentropic efficiency over 70%, and impeller design features for high efficiency. The cold circulator will be designed to meet MTBM of 17,500 hours and MTBF of 36,000 hours. Vibration and speed monitoring are integrated into a compact package on the rotating assembly with operation and health monitoring in a multi-drop PROFIBUS communication environment using an electrical cabinet with critical features and full local and network PLC interface and control. For the testing in Japan and eventual installation in Europe, the cold circulator must be certified to the Japanese High Pressure Gas Safety Act (JHPGSA) and CE marked in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) including Essential Safety Requirements (ESR). The test methodology utilized at Barber-Nichols’ facility and the resulting test data, validating the high efficiency of the TF Cold Circulator across a broad operating range, are important features of this paper.

  4. Preliminary results of UCN τ (United States)

    Pattie, Robert; UCNtau Collaboration


    There is currently a 4 σ discrepancy between measurements of the neutron lifetime performed using cold neutron beams and those performed with ultracold neutron (UCN) storage vessels. The UCN τ experiment uses an asymmetric magneto-gravitational UCN trap with in situ counting of surviving neutrons to measure the neutron lifetime. This design eliminates a major systematic of previous bottle experiments related to the loss of UCN on material trap walls and with unloading neutrons from the storage vessel. A new in situ detection system was used in the 2015-2016 run that was able to measure the population of surviving UCN at different heights in the trap, providing important information on spectral evolution. Understanding the behavior of quasi-bound UCN in a bottle experiment is essential to achieving a subsecond precision measurement of τn. We will present the preliminary results from the 2015-2016 data set and an update on the UCN τ experiment.

  5. Preliminary safety evaluation of the Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dunn, T.D.; Lommers, L.J.; Tangirala, V.E.


    A qualitative comparison between the safety characteristics of the Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR) and those of the steam cycle shows that the two designs achieve equivalent levels of overall safety performance. This comparison is obtained by applying the scaling laws to detailed steam-cycle computations as well as the conclusions obtained from preliminary GT-MHR model simulations. The gas turbine design is predicted to be superior for some event categories, while the steam cycle design is better for others. From a safety perspective, the GT-MHR has a modest advantage for pressurized conduction cooldown events. Recent computational simulations of 102 column, 550 MW(t) GT-MHR during a depressurized conduction cooldown show that peak fuel temperatures are within the limits. The GT-MHR has a significantly lower risk due to water ingress events under operating conditions. Two additional scenarios, namely loss of load event and turbine deblading event that are specific to the GT-MHR design are discussed. Preliminary evaluation of the GT-MHR`s safety characteristics indicate that the GT-MHR can be expected to satisfy or exceed its safety requirements.

  6. EUPORIAS: plans and preliminary results (United States)

    Buontempo, C.


    Recent advances in our understanding and ability to forecast climate variability have meant that skilful predictions are beginning to be routinely made on seasonal to decadal (s2d) timescales. Such forecasts have the potential to be of great value to a wide range of decision-making, where outcomes are strongly influenced by variations in the climate. In 2012 the European Commission funded EUPORIAS, a four year long project to develop prototype end-to-end climate impact prediction services operating on a seasonal to decadal timescale, and assess their value in informing decision-making. EUPORIAS commenced on 1 November 2012, coordinated by the UK Met Office leading a consortium of 24 organisations representing world-class European climate research and climate service centres, expertise in impacts assessments and seasonal predictions, two United Nations agencies, specialists in new media, and commercial companies in climate-vulnerable sectors such as energy, water and tourism. The poster describes the setup of the project, its main outcome and some of the very preliminary results.

  7. Preliminary neutronics design and analysis of helium cooled solid breeder blanket for CFETR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lv, Zhongliang; Chen, Hongli, E-mail:; Chen, Chong; Li, Min; Zhou, Guangming


    Highlights: • Neutronics design of a helium cooled solid breeder blanket for CFETR was presented. • The breeding zones parallel to FW and perpendicular to FW were optimized. • A series of neutronics analyses for the proposed blanket were shown. - Abstract: Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) is a test tokamak reactor being designed in China to bridge the gap between ITER and future fusion power plant. Tritium self-sufficiency is one of the most important issues for CFETR and the tritium breeding ratio (TBR) is recommended not less than 1.2. As one of the candidates, a helium cooled solid breeder blanket for CFETR superconducting tokamak option was proposed. In the concept, radial arranged U-shaped breeding zones are adopted for higher TBR and simpler structure. In this work, three-dimensional neutronics design and analysis of the blanket were performed using the Monte Carlo N-Particle transport code MCNP with IAEA data library FENDL-2.1. Tritium breeding capability of the proposed blanket was assessed and the breeding zones parallel to first wall (FW) and perpendicular to FW were optimized. Meanwhile, the nuclear heating analysis and shielding performance were also presented for later thermal and structural analysis. The results showed that the blanket could well meet the tritium self-sufficiency target and the neutron shield could satisfy the design requirements.

  8. Preliminary Results Towards Contract Monitorability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annalizz Vella


    Full Text Available This paper discusses preliminary investigations on the monitorability of contracts for web service descriptions. There are settings where servers do not guarantee statically whether they satisfy some specified contract, which forces the client (i.e., the entity interacting with the server to perform dynamic checks. This scenario may be viewed as an instance of Runtime Verification, where a pertinent question is whether contracts can be monitored for adequately at runtime, otherwise stated as the monitorability of contracts. We consider a simple language of finitary contracts describing both clients and servers, and develop a formal framework that describes server contract monitoring. We define monitor properties that potentially contribute towards a comprehensive notion of contract monitorability and show that our simple contract language satisfies these properties.

  9. Suicide by Oxygen Deprivation with Helium: A Preliminary Study of British Columbia Coroner Investigations (United States)

    Ogden, Russel D.; Hassan, Shereen


    This article researches a relatively new suicide method advanced by right-to-die organizations: oxygen deprivation by breathing helium inside a plastic hood. The article begins with a review of the role of the coroner and the history of oxygen deprivation with helium; it then examines 20 Judgements of Inquiry (JOI) by British Columbia coroners…

  10. Radioactive ions and atoms in superfluid helium

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dendooven, P.G.; Purushothaman, S.; Gloos, K.; Aysto, J.; Takahashi, N.; Huang, W.; Harissopulos, S; Demetriou, P; Julin, R


    We are investigating the use of superfluid helium as a medium to handle and manipulate radioactive ions and atoms. Preliminary results on the extraction of positive ions from superfluid helium at temperatures close to 1 K are described. Increasing the electric field up to 1.2 kV/cm did not improve

  11. Cyclonic valve test: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monteiro, Andre Sampaio; Moraes, Carlos Alberto C.; Marins, Luiz Philipe M.; Soares, Fabricio; Oliveira, Dennis; Lima, Fabio Soares de; Airao, Vinicius [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Ton, Tijmen [Twister BV, Rijswijk (Netherlands)


    For many years, the petroleum industry has been developing a valve that input less shear to the flow for a given required pressure drop and this can be done using the cyclonic concept. This paper presents a comparison between the performances of a cyclonic valve (low shear) and a conventional globe valve. The aim of this work is to show the advantages of using a cyclonic low shear valve instead of the commonly used in the primary separation process by PETROBRAS. Tests were performed at PETROBRAS Experimental Center (NUEX) in Aracaju/SE varying some parameters: water cut; pressure loss (from 4 kgf/cm2 to 10 kgf/cm2); flow rates (30 m3/h and 45 m3/h). Results indicates a better performance of the cyclonic valve, if compared with a conventional one, and also that the difference of the performance, is a function of several parameters (emulsion stability, water content free, and oil properties). The cyclonic valve tested can be applied as a choke valve, as a valve between separation stages (for pressure drop), or for controlling the level of vessels. We must emphasize the importance to avoid the high shear imposed by conventional valves, because once the emulsion is created, it becomes more difficult to break it. New tests are being planned to occur in 2012, but PETROBRAS is also analyzing real cases where the applications could increase the primary process efficiency. In the same way, the future installations are also being designed considering the cyclonic valve usage. (author)

  12. Helium cryogenics

    CERN Document Server

    Van Sciver, Steven W


    Twenty five years have elapsed since the original publication of Helium Cryogenics. During this time, a considerable amount of research and development involving helium fluids has been carried out culminating in several large-scale projects. Furthermore, the field has matured through these efforts so that there is now a broad engineering base to assist the development of future projects. Helium Cryogenics, 2nd edition brings these advances in helium cryogenics together in an updated form. As in the original edition, the author's approach is to survey the field of cryogenics with emphasis on helium fluids. This approach is more specialized and fundamental than that contained in other cryogenics books, which treat the associated range of cryogenic fluids. As a result, the level of treatment is more advanced and assumes a certain knowledge of fundamental engineering and physics principles, including some quantum mechanics. The goal throughout the work is to bridge the gap between the physics and engineering aspe...

  13. Preliminary results in surgery of Parkinson's disease. (United States)

    Nasser, J A; Confort, C I; Ferraz, A; Bouza, A A


    The authors present the preliminary results of 20 patients selected to be operated on between January 1996 and April 1997. These patients presented one of the present indications for stereotactic posteroventral pallidotomy (PVP), such as: rigidity, akinesia/bradykinesia, gait dysfunction, drug induced dyskinesias and tremor. Every patient of this protocol was evaluated by: UPDRS score, Schwab and England scale, Hoehn and Yahr Staging Scale before and after surgery. The results in 3 months showed a remarkable improvement after PVP (P < 0.01) in all functional assessments, except for facial expression, speech and posture. The morbidity was 5%. 5 patients (25%) who were in Hoehn and Yahr 5 underwent a bilateral simultaneous PVP. In 5 patients (25%), who had tremor, during the PVP, VIM thalamotomy was added. These preliminary results, suggest that PVP is highly effective for PD symptoms.

  14. Preliminary accident analysis of Loss of Off-Site Power and In-Box LOCA for the CFETR helium cooled solid breeder blanket

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lian, Qiang; Cui, Shijie [School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049 (China); Shaanxi Key Lab. of Advanced Nuclear Energy and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049 (China); Tian, Wenxi, E-mail: [School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049 (China); Shaanxi Key Lab. of Advanced Nuclear Energy and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049 (China); Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Dalin; Su, G.H. [School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049 (China); Shaanxi Key Lab. of Advanced Nuclear Energy and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049 (China)


    Highlights: • The CFETR HCSB blanket has been investigated using RELAP5. • Loss of Off-Site Power is investigated. • The parametric analyses during In-Box LOCA are investigated. • The HCSB blanket for CFETR is designed with sufficient decay heat removal capability. - Abstract: As one of three candidate tritium breeding blanket concepts for Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR), a conceptual structure of helium cooled solid breeder (HCSB) blanket was recently proposed. In this paper, the preliminary thermal-hydraulic and safety analyses of the typical outboard equatorial blanket module (No.12) have been carried out using RELAP5/Mod3.4 code. Two design basis accidents are investigated based on the steady-state initialization, including Loss of Off-Site Power and In-Box Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA). The differences between circulator coast down and circulator rotor locked under Loss of Off-Site Power are compared. Regarding the In-Box LOCA, the influences of different break sizes and locations are thoroughly analyzed based on a relatively accurate modeling method of the heat structures in sub-modules. The analysis results show that the blanket and the combined helium cooling system (HCS) are designed with sufficient decay heat removal capability for both accidents, which can preliminarily verify the feasibility of the conceptual design. The research work can also provide an important reference for parameter optimization of the blanket and its HCS in the next stage.

  15. [Ethnic entrepreneurship in Montreal: some preliminary results]. (United States)

    Juteau, D; Daviau-guay, J; Moallem, M


    "This research note presents a first sketch of a study we are undertaking on ethnic entrepreneurship [in Montreal]. It details first of all our theoretical framework and then presents some preliminary results. For this research, we are studying various ethnic groups, those in the majority as well as the minority. For each of them, we will analyze the impact that immigration status, sex, the industrial sector and urban context play on entrepreneurial activity." (SUMMARY IN ENG AND SPA) excerpt

  16. High-temperature gas-cooled reactor helium compatibility studies: results of 10,000-hour exposure of selected alloys in simulated reactor helium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lechtenberg, T.A.; Stevenson, R.D.; Johnson, W.R.


    Work on the HTGR Helium Compatibility Task accomplished during the period March 31, 1977 through September 30, 1979, is documented in this report. Emphasis is on the results and analyses of creep data to 10,000 h and the detailed metallurgical evaluations performed on candidate alloy specimens tested for up to 10,000 h. Long-term creep and unstressed aging data in controlled-impurity helium and in air at 800, 900, and 1000/sup 0/C are reported for alloys included in the program in FY-76, including the wrought solid-solution-strengthened alloys, Hastelloy X, Hastelloy S, RA 333, and HD 556, and the centrifugally cast austenitic alloys, HK 40, Supertherm, Manaurite 36X, Manaurite 36XS, and Manaurite 900.

  17. Cold Helium Pressurization for Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane Propulsion Systems: Fully-Integrated Hot-Fire Test Results (United States)

    Morehead, R. L.; Atwell, M. J.; Melcher, J. C.; Hurlbert, E. A.


    Hot-fire test demonstrations were successfully conducted using a cold helium pressurization system fully integrated into a liquid oxygen (LOX) / liquid methane (LCH4) propulsion system (Figure 1). Cold helium pressurant storage at near liquid nitrogen (LN2) temperatures (-275 F and colder) and used as a heated tank pressurant provides a substantial density advantage compared to ambient temperature storage. The increased storage density reduces helium pressurant tank size and mass, creating payload increases of 35% for small lunar-lander sized applications. This degree of mass reduction also enables pressure-fed propulsion systems for human-rated Mars ascent vehicle designs. Hot-fire test results from the highly-instrumented test bed will be used to demonstrate system performance and validate integrated models of the helium and propulsion systems. A pressurization performance metric will also be developed as a means to compare different active pressurization schemes.

  18. Visual perception skills testing: preliminary results

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Smith, Adrew C


    Full Text Available stream_source_info Smith_d4_2009.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 7318 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name Smith_d4_2009.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Visual Perception Skills Testing...: Preliminary Results Andrew Cyrus Smith CSIR Meraka Institute PO Box 395 Pretoria, 0001, South Africa +27 12 841 4626 acsmith @ ABSTRACT Good visual perception skills are important in the effective manipulation of Tangible User...

  19. Commissioning of the cryogenic hydrogen system in J-PARC: Preliminary operation by helium gas

    CERN Document Server

    Aso, T; Hasegawa, S; Ohtsu, K; Uehara, T; Kawakami, Y; Sakurayama, H; Maekawa, F; Futakawa, M; Ushijima, I


    A cryogenic hydrogen circulation system to cool the moderators for the spallation neutron source in J-PARC has been constructed. This system provides supercritical hydrogen at the temperature of 20 K and the pressure of 1.5 MPa to three moderators and absorbs nuclear heating produced in the moderators. The cryogenic hydrogen system commissioning was started. In January 2008, for the first time, we carried out a cryogenic test of the whole system, in which helium gas was used in stead of hydrogen. The cryogenic hydrogen system can be cooled down to 18 K within 30 hours, and be kept to be the rated condition for 36 hours without any problems. We confirmed the soundness of each component such as circulation pump and operation control system.

  20. Preliminary results of ground-motion characteristics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Bozzoni


    Full Text Available The preliminary results are presented herein for the engineering applications of the characteristics of the ground motion induced by the May 20, 2012, Emilia earthquake. Shake maps are computed to provide estimates of the spatial distribution of the induced ground motion. The signals recorded at the Mirandola (MRN station, the closest to the epicenter, have been processed to obtain acceleration, velocity and displacement response spectra. Ground-motion parameters from the MRN recordings are compared with the corresponding estimates from recent ground-motion prediction equations, and with the spectra prescribed by the current Italian Building Code for different return periods. The records from the MRN station are used to plot the particle orbit (hodogram described by the waveform. The availability of results from geotechnical field tests that were performed at a few sites in the Municipality of Mirandola prior to this earthquake of May 2012 has allowed preliminary assessment of the ground response. The amplification effects at Mirandola are estimated using fully stochastic site-response analyses. The seismic input comprises seven actual records that are compatible with the Italian code-based spectrum that refers to a 475-year return period. The computed acceleration response spectrum and the associated dispersion are compared to the spectra calculated from the recordings of the MRN station. Good agreement is obtained for periods up to 1 s, especially for the peak ground acceleration. For the other periods, the spectral acceleration of the MRN recordings exceeds that of the computed spectra.

  1. Preliminary electromagnetic analysis of Helium Cooled Solid Blanket for CFETR by MAXWELL

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jin, Cheng; Chen, Hongli, E-mail:


    Highlights: • A FEM model of the blanket and magnetic system was built. • Electromagnetic forces and moments of the typical blanket for ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials were computed and analyzed. • Maxwell forces and Lorentz forces were computed and compared. • Eddy current in the blanket was analyzed under MD condition. - Abstract: A Helium Cooled Solid Blanket (HCSB) for CFETR (Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor) was designed by USTC. The structural and thermal-hydraulic analysis has been carried out, while electromagnetic analysis was not carefully researched. In this paper, a FEM (finite element method) model of the HCSB was developed and electromagnetic forces as well as moments was computed by a FEM software called MAXWELL integrated in ANSYS Workbench. In the geometrical model, flow channels and small connecting parts were neglected because of the extreme complication and the reasonable conservative assumption by neglecting these circumstantial details. As for electromagnetic (EM) analysis, Lorentz forces due to eddy currents caused by main disruption and Maxwell forces due to the magnetization of RAFM steel (i.e. EUROFER97) were computed. Since the unavailability of the details of the plasma in CFETR, when disruptions happen, the condition where a linear current quench of main disruption occurs was assumed. The maximum magnitude of the electromagnetic forces was 356.45 kN and the maximum value of the coupled electromagnetic moments was 1899.40 N m around the radial direction. It is feasible to couple electromagnetic analysis, structural analysis and thermal-hydraulic analysis in the future since MAXWELL has good channels to exchange data between different analytic parts.

  2. Commissioning and operational results of the 12 GeV helium compression system at Jlab

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knudsen, Peter N. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Ganni, Venkatarao [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Dixon, Kelly D. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Norton, Robert O. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Creel, Jonathan D. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)


    The new compressor system at Jefferson Lab (JLab) for the 12 GeV upgrade was commissioned in the spring of 2013 and incorporates many design changes, discussed in previous publications, to improve the operational range, efficiency, reliability and maintainability as compared to previous compressor skids used for this application. The 12 GeV helium compression system has five compressors configured with four pressure levels supporting three pressure levels in the new cold box. During compressor commissioning the compressors were operated independent of the cold box over a wide range of process conditions to verify proper performance including adequate cooling and oil removal. Isothermal and volumetric efficiencies over these process conditions for several built-involume ratios were obtained. This paper will discuss the operational envelope results and the modifications/improvements incorporated into the skids.

  3. Overweight and urban pollution: preliminary results. (United States)

    Ponticiello, Barnaba Giuseppina; Capozzella, Assunta; Di Giorgio, Valeria; Casale, Teodorico; Giubilati, Roberto; Tomei, Gianfranco; Tomei, Francesco; Rosati, Maria Valeria; Sancini, Angela


    The aim of this study is to determine whether in workers exposed to urban pollution the risk of developing overweight and obesity is higher in workers exposed to urban pollution compared to a control group. The study was conducted on 150 volunteers, 75 workers exposed to urban pollution (50 women and 25 men) and 75 indoor workers (50 women and 25 men). Once measured the weight and height and calculated body mass index (BMI) for each worker, the research was based on the comparison, between the two groups, of the mean values of the measurements and of the frequency of workers with BMI index higher than the cut-off of normality. The only statistically significant difference found was for the mean value of weight in women, which was higher among outdoor workers compared to indoor workers. The mean values of BMI and the frequency of workers with BMI higher than normal was higher among outdoor workers compared to indoor workers in both sexes, but not statistically significant. The data suggest that outdoor workers may be subject to an additional risk of developing obesity as a result of exposure to urban air pollution (which, like obesity, is a source of oxidative stress). So, our preliminary study encourages to continue this line of research by implementing the sample and considering all the confounding factors. Furthermore, the results highlight the necessity to take account of gender differences in the context of health surveillance of workers. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  4. Preliminary test results for the SVX4

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Christofek, L.; Hanagaki, K.; Rapidis, P.; Utes, M.; /Fermilab


    We present and summarize the preliminary test results for SVX4 chip testing. There are presently two versions of the SVX4. Version 2 has on-chip bypassing and Version 1 does not. The on-chip bypassing is a layer of transistors under the front-end analog pipeline that acts as a bypassing capacitor for the voltage supply. Its size is about a microfarad. We aggressively choose to test Version 2 because of this feature. The feature is advantageous for hybrid design because it eliminates the need for an additional passive component on the hybrid itself by placing it on the actual SVX4 die. Also, the SVX4 was designed to operate in two modes: D. and CDF. One can set which mode the chip will operate by placing a jumper in the proper position on the SVX4 chip carrier. In either mode, the chip can either use the operating parameters from the shift register or the shadow register. Similarly, this is selected by placing a jumper on the SVX4 chip carrier. This chip has this feature because it was unknown whether the new design of the shadow register would be operable. The shadow register is also call the SEU register or Single Event Upset register. An introduction into the functionality of the chip and an explanation on the difference between D. and CDF mode can be found in the SVX4 User's Manual [1].

  5. Global Geologic Mapping of Io: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Williams, David A.; Keszthelyi, L. P.; Crown, D. A.; Geissler, P. E.; Schenk, P. M.; Yff, Jessica; Jaeger, W. L.; Rathbun, J. A.


    A new global geologic map of Jupiter's volcanic moon, Io is being prepared, with the focus being on completion of a draft map by July 2008. Here initial results of the mapping are reported: a preliminary distribution of material units in terms of areas and a visual representation. Additionally, the mapping hopes to address some of the problems in Io geology. Thus far it has been discovered that Io's surface is dominated by plains material, thought to consist of Io's silicate crust covered by pyroclastic deposits and lava flows of silicate and sulfur-bearing composition. Many plains areas contain flow fields that cannot be mapped separately due to a lack of resolution or modification by alteration processes. Discrete lava flows and flow fields are the next most abundant unit, with bright (sulfur?) flows in greater abundance than dark (silicate?) flows. The source of most of Io's heat flow, the paterae, are the least abundant unit in terms of areal extent.Upon completion of the draft map for peer review, it will be used to investigate several specific questions about the geological evolution of Io that previously could not be well addressed, including: comparison of the areas versus the heights of Ionian mountains to assess their stability and evolution; correlation and comparison of Galileo Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer and Photopolarimeter-Radiometer hot spot locations with the mapped location of dark versus bright lava flows and patera floors to assess any variations in the types of sources for Io's active volcanism; and the creation of a global inventory of the areal coverage of dark and bright laval flows to assess the relative importance of sulfur versus silicate volcanism in resurfacing Io, and to assess whether there are regional concentrations of either style of volcanism that may have implications on interior processes.

  6. Tellurium in active volcanic environments: Preliminary results (United States)

    Milazzo, Silvia; Calabrese, Sergio; D'Alessandro, Walter; Brusca, Lorenzo; Bellomo, Sergio; Parello, Francesco


    Tellurium is a toxic metalloid and, according to the Goldschmidt classification, a chalcophile element. In the last years its commercial importance has considerably increased because of its wide use in solar cells, thermoelectric and electronic devices of the last generation. Despite such large use, scientific knowledge about volcanogenic tellurium is very poor. Few previous authors report result of tellurium concentrations in volcanic plume, among with other trace metals. They recognize this element as volatile, concluding that volcanic gases and sulfur deposits are usually enriched with tellurium. Here, we present some results on tellurium concentrations in volcanic emissions (plume, fumaroles, ash leachates) and in environmental matrices (soils and plants) affected by volcanic emissions and/or deposition. Samples were collected at Etna and Vulcano (Italy), Turrialba (Costa Rica), Miyakejima, Aso, Asama (Japan), Mutnovsky (Kamchatka) at the crater rims by using common filtration techniques for aerosols (polytetrafluoroethylene filters). Filters were both eluted with Millipore water and acid microwave digested, and analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Volcanic ashes emitted during explosive events on Etna and Copahue (Argentina) were analyzed for tellurium bulk composition and after leaching experiments to evaluate the soluble fraction of tellurium. Soils and leaves of vegetation were also sampled close to active volcanic vents (Etna, Vulcano, Nisyros, Nyiragongo, Turrialba, Gorely and Masaya) and investigated for tellurium contents. Preliminary results showed very high enrichments of tellurium in volcanic emissions comparing with other volatile elements like mercury, arsenic, thallium and bismuth. This suggests a primary transport in the volatile phase, probably in gaseous form (as also suggested by recent studies) and/or as soluble salts (halides and/or sulfates) adsorbed on the surface of particulate particles and ashes. First

  7. AM Canum Venaticorum Progenitors with Helium Star Donors and the Resultant Explosions (United States)

    Brooks, Jared; Bildsten, Lars; Marchant, Pablo; Paxton, Bill


    We explore the outcome of mass transfer via Roche lobe overflow of {M}{He}≲ 0.51{M}⊙ pure helium burning stars in close binaries with WDs. The evolution is driven by the loss of angular momentum through gravitational wave radiation (GWR), and both stars are modeled using Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA). The donors have masses of {M}{He}=0.35,0.4,{and}0.51{M}⊙ and accrete onto WDs of mass MWD from 0.6{M}⊙ to 1.26{M}⊙ . The initial orbital periods (Porb) span 20-80 minutes. For all cases, the accretion rate onto the WD is below the stable helium burning range, leading to accumulation of helium followed by unstable ignition. The mass of the convective core in the donors is small enough so that the WD accretes enough helium-rich matter to undergo a thermonuclear runaway in the helium shell before any carbon-oxygen enriched matter is transferred. The mass of the accumulated helium shell depends on MWD and the accretion rate. We show that for {M}{He}≳ 0.4{M}⊙ and {M}{WD}≳ 0.8{M}⊙ , the first flash is likely vigorous enough to trigger a detonation in the helium layer. These thermonuclear runaways may be observed as either faint and fast Ia SNe or, if the carbon in the core is also detonated, Type Ia SNe. Those that survive the first flash and eject mass will have a temporary increase in orbital separation, but GWR drives the donor back into contact, resuming mass transfer and triggering several subsequent weaker flashes.

  8. Propellant Nonlinear Constitutive Theory Extension: Preliminary Results. (United States)


    r) dr f1 dr 0 *where: u : stress e: strain E(t) = relaxation modulus ( PRONY series representation using a matrix solution for curve fitting data...series of unaxial tests were conducted with two materials - a PEAN and an HTPB propellant. The data was fit to each of the nonlinear theories.* Then the...PRELIMINARY STUDY Generally speaking, solid propellants may be considered as lightly cross- linked long-chain polymers , highly filled with coarse solid

  9. Archaeogeophysical investigations in Tiwanaku: preliminary results (United States)

    Masini, Nicola; Sileo, Maria; Lasaponara, Rosa; Leucci, Giovanni; Orefici, Giuseppe; Rizzo, Enzo


    -1450) Tiwanaku was characterized by the resurgence of regional identities and polities In spite of the rich archaeological record numerous issues, related to the function and the extension of Tiwanaku, need to be investigated especially in the monumental core which includes the pyramid of Akapana, and other ceremonial places such Kalasasaya, Putuni and Kantatallita. To this aims some geophysical investigations were performed in 2009 and 2014 in the context of multidisciplinary research including the use of satellite remote sensing [8]. This paper deals with the discussion of preliminary results of geomagnetic and GPR investigations, some of which have been verified by trial archaeological excavations which have unearthed some buried structures, improving the knowledge of the ceremonial areas of Tiwanaku. References [1] Lasaponara R., Leucci G., Masini N., Persico R., Scardozzi G., Towards an operative use of remote sensing for exploring the past using satellite data: The case study of Hierapolis (Turkey), Remote sensing of Environment, 174 (2016) : 148-164, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2015.12.016 [2] Masini N., Lasaponara R., Rizzo E., Orefici G. 2012. Integrated Remote Sensing Approach in Cahuachi (Peru): Studies and Results of the ITACA Mission (2007-2010), In: Lasaponara R., Masini N. (Eds) 2012, Satellite Remote Sensing: a new tool for Archaeology, Springer, Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN 978-90-481-8800-0, doi: 10.1007/978-90-481-8801-7_14; pp. 307-344 [3] Rizzo E., Masini N., Lasaponara R., Orefici G. 2010, ArchaeoGeophysical methods in the Templo del Escalonado (Cahuachi, Nasca, Perù), Near Surface Geophysics 8 (5), 433-439, doi:10.3997/1873-0604.2010030 [4] Masini N., Rizzo E., Lasaponara R., and Orefici G. 2008, Integrated remote sensing techniques for the detection of buried archaeological adobe structures: preliminary results in Cahuachi (Peru), Advances in Geosciences, 19, 75-82 [5] Lasaponara R., Leucci G., Masini N., Persico R. 2014. Investigating archaeological looting

  10. Preliminary results of steel containment vessel model test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matsumoto, T.; Komine, K.; Arai, S. [Nuclear Power Engineering Corp., Tokyo (Japan)] [and others


    A high pressure test of a mixed-scaled model (1:10 in geometry and 1:4 in shell thickness) of a steel containment vessel (SCV), representing an improved boiling water reactor (BWR) Mark II containment, was conducted on December 11-12, 1996 at Sandia National Laboratories. This paper describes the preliminary results of the high pressure test. In addition, the preliminary post-test measurement data and the preliminary comparison of test data with pretest analysis predictions are also presented.

  11. Preliminary results of steel containment vessel model test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luk, V.K.; Hessheimer, M.F. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Matsumoto, T.; Komine, K.; Arai, S. [Nuclear Power Engineering Corp., Tokyo (Japan); Costello, J.F. [Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (United States)


    A high pressure test of a mixed-scaled model (1:10 in geometry and 1:4 in shell thickness) of a steel containment vessel (SCV), representing an improved boiling water reactor (BWR) Mark II containment, was conducted on December 11--12, 1996 at Sandia National Laboratories. This paper describes the preliminary results of the high pressure test. In addition, the preliminary post-test measurement data and the preliminary comparison of test data with pretest analysis predictions are also presented.

  12. A Quantum Inspired GVNS: Some Preliminary Results. (United States)

    Papalitsas, Christos; Karakostas, Panayiotis; Kastampolidou, Kalliopi


    GVNS is a well known and widely used metaheuristic for solving efficiently many NP-Hard Combinatorial Optimization problems. In this paper, the qGVNS, which is a new quantum inspired variant of GVNS, is being introduced. This variant differs in terms of the perturbation phase because it achieves the shaking moves by adopting quantum computing principles. The functionality and efficiency of qGVNS have been tested using a comparative study (compared with the equivalent GVNS results) in selected TSPLib instances, both in first and best improvement.

  13. Medical Radioisotope Data Survey: 2002 Preliminary Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siciliano, Edward R.


    A limited, but accurate amount of detailed information about the radioactive isotopes used in the U.S. for medical procedures was collected from a local hospital and from a recent report on the U.S. Radiopharmaceutical Markets. These data included the total number of procedures, the specific types of procedures, the specific radioisotopes used in these procedures, and the dosage administered per procedure. The information from these sources was compiled, assessed, pruned, and then merged into a single, comprehensive and consistent set of results presented in this report. (PIET-43471-TM-197)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. López-Pazos


    Full Text Available With the rise of urban population, many initiatives are focused upon the smart city concept, in which mobility of citizens arises as one of the main components. Updated and detailed spatial information of outdoor environments is needed to accurate path planning for pedestrians, especially for people with reduced mobility, in which physical barriers should be considered. This work presents a methodology to use point clouds to direct path planning. The starting point is a classified point cloud in which ground elements have been previously classified as roads, sidewalks, crosswalks, curbs and stairs. The remaining points compose the obstacle class. The methodology starts by individualizing ground elements and simplifying them into representative points, which are used as nodes in the graph creation. The region of influence of obstacles is used to refine the graph. Edges of the graph are weighted according to distance between nodes and according to their accessibility for wheelchairs. As a result, we obtain a very accurate graph representing the as-built environment. The methodology has been tested in a couple of real case studies and Dijkstra algorithm was used to pathfinding. The resulting paths represent the optimal according to motor skills and safety.

  15. Pedestrian Pathfinding in Urban Environments: Preliminary Results (United States)

    López-Pazos, G.; Balado, J.; Díaz-Vilariño, L.; Arias, P.; Scaioni, M.


    With the rise of urban population, many initiatives are focused upon the smart city concept, in which mobility of citizens arises as one of the main components. Updated and detailed spatial information of outdoor environments is needed to accurate path planning for pedestrians, especially for people with reduced mobility, in which physical barriers should be considered. This work presents a methodology to use point clouds to direct path planning. The starting point is a classified point cloud in which ground elements have been previously classified as roads, sidewalks, crosswalks, curbs and stairs. The remaining points compose the obstacle class. The methodology starts by individualizing ground elements and simplifying them into representative points, which are used as nodes in the graph creation. The region of influence of obstacles is used to refine the graph. Edges of the graph are weighted according to distance between nodes and according to their accessibility for wheelchairs. As a result, we obtain a very accurate graph representing the as-built environment. The methodology has been tested in a couple of real case studies and Dijkstra algorithm was used to pathfinding. The resulting paths represent the optimal according to motor skills and safety.

  16. The GMAO ADVAR System: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Todling, Ricardo


    The Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS-S) Data Assimilation System is now configurable to run strong constraint 4DVAR. The system combines the 4DVAR-capable Grid-point Statistical Interpolation analysis with the GEOS-S general circulation model and an early version of the tangent linear and adjoint models of the finite-volume hydrodynamics with simplified physics. The GMAO 4DVAR uses a Lanczos-based conjugate gradient algorithm in a nested resolution inner-loop setting. A range of tests and experiments will have been carried out by the time of the Symposium. Results on balance-related issues, resolution configuration, and choice of assimilation time window will be shown. A comparison with the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) 3DVAR and a discussion of future directions of development will also be presented.

  17. Preliminary Results from the FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey (United States)

    Gonzalez, A.; Dey, A.; Eisenhardt, P. R. M.; Jannuzi, B.; Lin, Y.-T.; McKenzie, E.; Mohr, J. J.; Raines, S. N.; Stanford, S. A.; Stern, D.; Brown, M.; Elston, R. J.


    We present initial results from the FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey, a deep near-infrared imaging survey within the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey regions. This program is designed to study evolution of the galaxy and galaxy cluster populations out to z ˜2. The field locations are selected to provide extensive overlap with observations at other wavelengths, and the target depths of the survey are Ks=20.5 and J=22 (Vega). The final observations for the survey were obtained in May, and final data reduction and quality assessment are nearing completion. During this talk we describe the initial science being done with the data set, highlight upcoming work, and discuss planned coordination with other surveys within the NDWFS region. Specific emphasis will be placed upon identification of galaxy clusters at z>1.

  18. Computerized Script Training for Aphasia: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Cherney, Leora R.; Halper, Anita S.; Holland, Audrey L.; Cole, Ron


    Purpose This article describes computer software that was developed specifically for training conversational scripts and illustrates its use with three individuals with aphasia. Methods Three participants with chronic aphasia (Broca’s, Wernicke’s and anomic) were assessed before and after nine weeks of a computer script training program. For each participant, three individualized scripts were developed, recorded on the software, and practiced sequentially at home. Weekly meetings with the speech-language pathologist occurred to monitor practice and assess progress. Baseline and post-treatment scripts were audio-taped, transcribed, and compared to the target scripts for content, grammatical productivity and rate of production of script-related words. Interviews with the person with aphasia and their significant other were conducted at the conclusion of treatment. Results All measures (content, grammatical productivity and rate of production of script-related words) improved for each participant on every script. Two participants gained more than five points on the Aphasia Quotient of the Western Aphasia Battery. Five positive themes were consistently identified from the exit interviews - increased verbal communication, improvements in other modalities and situations, communication changes noticed by others, increased confidence, and satisfaction with the software. Conclusion Computer-based script training potentially may be an effective intervention for persons with chronic aphasia. PMID:18230811

  19. SAPCE CAP linkage methodology and preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Choo, Yeon Joon; Hong, Soon Joon; Lee, Byung Chul [FNC Tech., Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Ha, Sang Jun; Choi, Hoon [KHNP Centeral research institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Tae Beom [KEPCO Nuclear Fuel, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    As a part of the development project of the domestic design code for licensing purposes of pressurized water reactors, the SPACE (Safety and Performance Calculation Code) and CAP (Containment Analysis Package) code are under development in Korea. The SPACE code has applicability to analysis of the system behavior of nuclear power plant under the various accident conditions. On the order hand, CAP code is focused on the calculation of pressure and temperature of containment compartments. Two codes, of course, were designed to deal with the general thermal hydraulic problems also. In other to evaluate conservatively the performance of ECCS equipment; minimum containment back pressure is conservative, the containment pressure is important boundary condition. In this respect, linking two codes; RELAP5/MOD3 for system code and CONTEMPT4/MOD5 for containment code was tried to calculate the minimum containment back pressure in the framework of KREM (KEPRI Realistic Evaluation Methodology). These results are used in FSAR of Kori3/4. For the above same purpose, linking the SPACE and CAP code has tried based on KREM in this research. The target plant is the Shinkori 3/4 nuclear plant; APR1400 type. This plant has quite different design concept from other operating plants such as OPR1000 and WH 3 loop plant. Major feature of APR1400 is that RWST (Refueling Water Storage Tank) is located in plant.

  20. Asymmetrical soft palate cleft repair: preliminary results. (United States)

    Bütow, K-W; Engelbrecht, H; Naidoo, S


    The reconstructions of the asymmetrical soft palate cleft is a surgical challenge when it comes to achieving symmetry and optimal soft palate muscular function. Three different versions of the intravelar veloplasty have been used: the intravelar veloplasty (1969) (type I), the modification according to anatomical defects (1991) (type II), and the modification using part of Sommerlad's technique and part of Ivanov's technique (2008) (type III). The perioperative outcomes of the type II and type III intravelar veloplasty were assessed and compared in asymmetrical cleft cases. Two hundred and seventy-seven soft palate clefts were reconstructed: 153 type II and 124 type III. Of these, 49 were asymmetrical (17.7%); 23 underwent the type II procedure and 26 the type III procedure. Of the type II procedure cases, 30.4% remained asymmetrical postoperatively compared to 3.8% of the type III cases. The uvula appeared subjectively atrophic in 47.8% of the type II cases and in 7.7% of type III cases. Oro-nasal fistula occurred in 13.0% of the type II cases and 3.8% of the type III cases. Speech results will only be assessed after 4 years of age. The type III modified intravelar veloplasty has had a major beneficial impact on patients who had an asymmetrical soft palate cleft. Copyright © 2014. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  1. Laser treatment of stretch marks: preliminary results (United States)

    Longo, Leonardo; Piccinetti, A. L.; Monache, G. D.; Botta, G.; Mancini, S.


    The best treatment of these stretch mark is still unknown. Some authors proposed the treatment with flash-lamp-pumped dye laser 585 nm, with fluence over 8 J/cm2. Reviewing our experiences on no-surgical effects of lasers in the various phases of the wound healing, including the re- epithelization, we would like to apply the no-surgical laser therapy treating the stretch marks of breast, abdomen and lumbo-sacral region. The goal is to inhibit the fibrous tissue metabolism, encouraging the destruction of the collagen fibers with inflammatory mechanism, and increasing the reconstitution of the superficial dermis layers. We treated five cases of stretch marks in women 22-35 years old, since May 1999, with a cycle of applications of double lasers, 511 and 577 nm, with energy of 20 Joule for spot, respecting the maximum thermal relaxation times of the skin. We waited two weeks interval between the applications. Results obtained after five applications are very positive, and we are encouraged to continue this experimentation.

  2. Bahamas Optical Turbulence Exercise (BOTEX): preliminary results (United States)

    Hou, Weilin; Jorosz, Ewa; Dalgleish, Fraser; Nootz, Gero; Woods, Sarah; Weidemann, Alan D.; Goode, Wesley; Vuorenkoski, Anni; Metzger, B.; Ramos, B.


    patterns are examined, using high speed camera recordings (300 to 1200 fps), in association with measured turbulence structures. Initial results confirmed our hypothesis that turbulence impacted optical transmissions. They also showed that more research will be needed to better quantify and mitigate such effects, especially for the U.S. Navy's next generation EO systems, including active imaging, lidar and optical communications.

  3. Modeling of helium bubble nucleation and growth in neutron irradiated boron doped RAFM steels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dethloff, Christian, E-mail: [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Applied Materials, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany); Gaganidze, Ermile [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Applied Materials, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany); Svetukhin, Vyacheslav V. [Ulyanovsk State University, Leo Tolstoy Str. 42, 432970 Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation); Aktaa, Jarir [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Applied Materials, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany)


    Reduced activation ferritic/martensitic (RAFM) steels are promising candidates for structural materials in future fusion technology. In addition to other irradiation defects, the transmuted helium is believed to strongly influence material hardening and embrittlement behavior. A phenomenological model based on kinetic rate equations is developed to describe homogeneous nucleation and growth of helium bubbles in neutron irradiated RAFM steels. The model is adapted to different {sup 10}B doped EUROFER97 based heats, which already had been studied in past irradiation experiments. Simulations yield bubble size distributions, whereby effects of helium generation rate, surface energy, helium sinks and helium density are investigated. Peak bubble diameters under different conditions are compared to preliminary microstructural results on irradiated specimens. Helium induced hardening was calculated by applying the Dispersed Barrier Hardening model to simulated cluster size distributions. Quantitative microstructural investigations of unirradiated and irradiated specimens will be used to support and verify the model.

  4. Connecticut Transit (CTTRANSIT) Fuel Cell Transit Bus: Preliminary Evaluation Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chandler, K.; Eudy, L.


    This report provides preliminary results from a National Renewable Energy Laboratory evaluation of a protoptye fuel cell transit bus operating at Connecticut Transit in Hartford. Included are descriptions of the planned fuel cell bus demonstration and equipment; early results and agency experience are also provided.

  5. Liquid helium

    CERN Document Server

    Atkins, K R


    Originally published in 1959 as part of the Cambridge Monographs on Physics series, this book addresses liquid helium from the dual perspectives of statistical mechanics and hydrodynamics. Atkins looks at both Helium Three and Helium Four, as well as the properties of a combination of the two isotopes. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the history of science and the study of one of the universe's most fundamental elements.

  6. Results of closed cycle MHD power generation tests with a helium-cesium working fluid (United States)

    Sovie, R. J.


    The cross-sectional dimensions of the MHD channel in the NASA Lewis closed loop facility have been reduced to 3.8 x 11.4 cm. Tests were run in this channel using a helium-cesium working fluid at stagnation pressures of 1.6 x 10 to the 5th N/sq m, stagnation temperatures of 2000-2060 K and an entrance Mach number of 0.36. In these tests Faraday open circuit voltages of 200 V were measured which correspond to a Faraday field of 1750 V/m. Power generation tests were run for different groups of electrode configurations and channel lengths. Hall fields up to 1450 V/m were generated. Power extraction per electrode of 183 W and power densities of 1.7 MW/cu m have been obtained. A total power output of 2 kW was generated for tests with 14 electrodes. The power densities obtained in this channel represent a factor of 3 improvement over those reported for the m = 0.2 channel at the last EAM Symposium.

  7. Results of closed cycle MHD power generation test with a helium-cesium working fluid (United States)

    Sovie, R. J.


    The cross sectional dimensions of the MHD channel in the NASA Lewis closed loop facility were reduced to 3.8 x 11.4 cm. Tests were run in this channel using a helium-cesium working fluid at stagnation pressures of 160,000 n/M2, stagnation temperatures of 2000-2060 K and an entrance Mach number of 0.36. In these tests Faraday open circuit voltages of 200 V were measured which correspond to a Faraday field of 1750 V/M. Power generation tests were run for different groups of electrode configurations and channel lengths. Hall fields up to 1450 V/M were generated. Power extraction per electrode of 183 W and power densities of 1.7 MW/M3 were obtained. A total power output of 2 kW was generated for tests with 14 electrodes. The power densities obtained in this channel represent a factor of 3 improvement over those previously reported for the M = 0.2 channel.

  8. Relative permeability of coal to gas (Helium, Methane and Carbon dioxide) and water - Results and experimental limitations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ham, Y.S.; Kantzas, A. [University of Calgary (Canada)


    Coalbed methane reservoir exploitation is gaining more and more importance as an economically viable, yet unconventional, gas source. An important aspect of such exploitation is the possibility of assessing the production of a given reservoir; knowledge of coal's petrochemical properties is thus a crucial point in the development of the coalbed gas industry. This paper focuses on experimental procedures for determining the two-phase, gas-water relative permeability of coal, using 2 coal samples extracted from Canadian mines. The experiments were done using an unsteady-state relative permeability procedure, involving drainage and imbibition of coal samples by mixture of water and helium, methane and carbon dioxide. Derivations are also given to ascertain relative permeability from experimental data. Despite experimental difficulties regarding reproducibility, due to degradation of the coal samples, results showed that coal permeability depends strongly on the adsorption properties of gases, coal becoming more water-wet for adsorbable gases, methane and carbon dioxide, whereas influx of water in larger pores induced a lesser water saturation with helium.

  9. Preliminary Results of High-Energy Cosmic Ray Muons as ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We have constructed and installed (in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Rc =14.4 GV) a three-layer small (20 × 20 cm2) MultiWire Chamber (MWC) telescope to study cosmic ray variations and investigate their influence on various atmospheric and environmental processes. Preliminary results obtained from the developed detector are ...

  10. The friction of polymers around Tg,Tm : Preliminary results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sivebæk, Ion Marius; Samoilov, V N; Persson, B N J

    We present Molecular Dynamics calculations involving polymers of different lengths. Polymers with lengths from 20 to 1400 carbon atoms are considered. The systems are able to simulate friction between polymer surfaces and polymer against metal. The results we present are very preliminary...

  11. 75 FR 41143 - Silicon Metal from the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Preliminary Rescission... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Silicon Metal from the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and... antidumping duty order on silicon metal from the People's Republic of China (``PRC''). The period of review... order on silicon metal from the PRC of three companies: Datong Jinneng Industrial Silicon Co., Ltd...

  12. Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Association's activities: Preliminary results on Perseids 2010 (United States)

    Maravelias, G.


    Preliminary results on the Perseids 2010 are presented. Visual and video observations were obtained by the author and a first reduction of the visual data shows that a maximum of ZHR ~120 was reached during the night 12-13 of August 2010. Moreover, a video setup was tested (DMK camera and UFO Capture v2) and the results show that, under some limitations, valuable data can be obtained.

  13. Particle Simulation of Plasma Blob Dynamics: Preliminary Results


    Hiroki, HASEGAWA; Seiji, ISHIGURO


    A three dimensional electrostatic plasma particle code has been developed to investigate blob dynamics. Some results of preliminary simulations are in agreement with previous studies based on a two-dimensional reduced fluid model. When periodic boundary condition is applied in the ambient magnetic field direction, it was observed that a blob evolves to a mushroom-shaped structure. Furthermore, the relation between the observed blob propagation speed and the initial blob size is consistent wit...

  14. Preliminary Results of the Louisiana Sex Offender Treatment Program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee A. Underwood


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to offer preliminary support for the Louisiana Sex Offender Treatment Program (LSOTP in addressing the needs of juvenile sex offenders. Research objectives were (1 to offer statistical evidence for reductions in anxiety, depression, cognitive distortion and negative attitudes towards women comparing a group of 21 adolescents, 12 of whom received services as usual and nine of whom participated in the LSOTP. A controlled experimental evaluation design was utilized. The juvenile sex offenders were randomly assigned to the experimental group for 12 weeks receiving treatment services and a control group receiving care “as usual” in a residential group care program. Participants in the experimental group experienced statistically significant decreases in cognitive distortions related specifically to rape and molestation.The results of this study offer preliminary support of the LSOTP as a best practices alternative to other treatment modalities.

  15. Stellar streams in the Galactic thick disk: preliminary results (United States)

    Ramya, P.; Reddy, Bacham E.

    Here we report preliminary results of our study of chemical tagging of member stars of two Galactic stellar streams. Both the streams, kinematically belong to the thick disk component of the Galaxy. We analysed high resolution spectra of 42 member stars: 17 from Arcturus stream and 25 from ``AF06 stream''. The LTE (Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium) abundance analysis was performed differentially with respect to the sun. Abundance results suggest that both the streams are metal poor and enhanced in α-process elements (O, Mg, Si, Ca, Ti) very similar to the thick disk chemistry. Also, results suggest that the two streams probably did not originate by the dispersion of open clusters.

  16. Antiprotonic helium

    CERN Multimedia

    Eades, John


    An exotic atom in w hich an electron and an antiproton orbit a helium nucleus could reveal if there are any differences between matter and antimatter. The author describes this unusual mirror on the antiworld (5 pages)

  17. Preliminary results on heavy flavor physics at SLD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Usher, T. [Stanford Univ., CA (United States)


    The author reports on preliminary heavy flavor physics results from the SLD detector at the SLAC Linear Collider. Efficient tagging of b{bar b} events is achieved with an impact parameter technique that takes advantage of the small and stable interaction point of the SLC and all charged tracks in Z{sup 0} decays. This technique is applied to samples of Z{sup 0} events collected during the 1992 and 1993 physics runs. Preliminary measurements of the ratio R{sub b} = {Gamma}(Z{sup 0} {yields} b{bar b})/{Gamma}(Z{sup 0} {yields} hadrons) and the average B hadron lifetime <{tau}{sub B}> are reported. In a sample of 27K Z{sup 0} events, values of R{sub b} = 0.235 {+-} 0.006(stat.) {+-} 0.018(syst.) and <{tau}{sub B}> = 1.53 {+-} 0.006(stat.) {+-} 0.018(syst.) are obtained. In addition, the first measurement of the left-right asymmetry A{sub b} is reported. Using a sample of 38K Z{sup 0} events with a luminosity weighted electron polarization of 62%, the author obtains a preliminary value of A{sub b} = 0.94 {+-} 0.006(stat.) {+-} 0.018(syst.).

  18. Design and construction of a spectrometer facility and experiment for intermediate energy proton scattering on helium. [Wave functions, preliminary experimental techniques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rolfe, R.M.


    The goal of the research was to investigate proton scattering on nuclei at intermediate energies and in particular to investigate proton scattering on helium. A theoretical investigation of the helium nucleus and the nature of the intermediate energy interaction, design and optimization of an energy-loss spectrometer facility for proton-nucleus scattering, and the unique superfluid helium target and experimental design are discussed.

  19. Preliminary Results on Uncertainty Quantification for Pattern Analytics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stracuzzi, David John [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Brost, Randolph [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Chen, Maximillian Gene [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Malinas, Rebecca [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Peterson, Matthew Gregor [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Phillips, Cynthia A. [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Robinson, David G. [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Woodbridge, Diane [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    This report summarizes preliminary research into uncertainty quantification for pattern ana- lytics within the context of the Pattern Analytics to Support High-Performance Exploitation and Reasoning (PANTHER) project. The primary focus of PANTHER was to make large quantities of remote sensing data searchable by analysts. The work described in this re- port adds nuance to both the initial data preparation steps and the search process. Search queries are transformed from does the specified pattern exist in the data? to how certain is the system that the returned results match the query? We show example results for both data processing and search, and discuss a number of possible improvements for each.

  20. The core helium flash (United States)

    Cole, P. W.; Deupree, R. G.


    The role of convection in the core helium flash is simulated by two-dimensional eddies interacting with the thermonuclear runaway. These eddies are followed by the explicit solution of the two-dimensional conservation laws with a two-dimensional finite difference hydrodynamics code. Thus, no phenomenological theory of convection such as the local mixing length theory is required. The core helium flash is violent, producing a deflagration wave. This differs from the detonation wave (and subsequent disruption of the entire star) produced in previous spherically symmetric violent core helium flashes as the second dimension provides a degree of relief which allows the expansion wave to decouple itself from the burning front. The results predict that a considerable amount of helium in the core will be burned before the horizontal branch is reached and that some envelope mass loss is likely.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Rella


    Full Text Available Escherichia coli O26 is considered to be one of the most important food-borne pathogen. In this study, 120 buffalo milk samples collected in Lazio and in Apulia regions were tested for the presence of E. coli O26. One buffalo milk sample (0,8% tested positive for E. coli O26; the isolate was positive at the verocytotoxicity test and it showed resistance properties to different antimicrobial classes. These preliminary results highlight the need to monitor the foods of animal origin used for production and eaten by a wide range of persons, respect VTEC organism.

  2. Preliminary results of SMM exposed aluminized Kapton and silvered Teflon (United States)

    Santos-Mason, B.


    Early Space Shuttle flights revealed that organic materials, such as those used in thermal control blankets and paints in the payload bay, were adversely affected in the low Earth orbit environment. Examination of eroded surfaces on these early flights and materials experiments performed on subsequent flights led to the conclusion that atomic oxygen present at Shuttle operating altitudes was responsible for surface degradation. The Solar Maximum Mission provided surfaces that had been exposed in real time to atomic oxygen and ultraviolet radiation. Preliminary results of studies of the microscopic surface effects on silvered Teflon and aluminized Kapton used for thermal control on the Solar Maximum Mission are presented.

  3. Preliminary results of a galactic background survey at 45 MHz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bitran, M.; May, J.; Aparici, J.


    Preliminary results of a survey of the galactic background at 45 MHz recently carried out at the MaipuRadio Astronomy Observatory are shown. The radiotelescope is a transit instrument that consists of a rectangular filled array of 528 dipoles with an angular resolution of 2.1 deg in declination and 4.6 deg in righ ascension. These first observations cover the region of the sky between declinations from -30 deg to -37 deg and they have been obtained with a multiple beam system.

  4. King County Metro Battery Electric Bus Demonstration: Preliminary Project Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds a variety of research projects that support the commercialization of zero-emission bus technology. To evaluate projects funded through these programs, FTA has enlisted the help of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to conduct third-party evaluations of the technologies deployed under the FTA programs. NREL works with the selected agencies to evaluate the performance of the zero-emission buses compared to baseline conventional buses in similar service. The evaluation effort will advance the knowledge base of zero-emission technologies in transit bus applications and provide 'lessons learned' to aid other fleets in incrementally introducing next generation zero-emission buses into their operations. This report provides preliminary performance evaluation results from a demonstration of three zero-emission battery electric buses at King County Metro in King County, Washington. NREL developed this preliminary results report to quickly disseminate evaluation results to stakeholders. Detailed evaluation results will be published in future reports.

  5. The alpha magnetic spectrometer silicon tracker: Performance results with protons and helium nuclei

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alcaraz, J. [Centro de Investigaciones Energeticas Medioambientales y Tecnologicas (CIEMAT), E-28040 Madrid (Spain); Alpat, B.; Ambrosi, G. [INFN Sezione di Perugia and Universita degli Studi di Perugia, I-06100 Perugia (Italy); Azzarello, Ph. [Universite de Geneve, CH-1211, Geneve 4 (Switzerland); Battiston, R.; Bertucci, B. [INFN Sezione di Perugia and Universita degli Studi di Perugia, I-06100 Perugia (Italy); Bolmont, J. [Laboratoire de Physique Theorique et Astroparticules, IN2P3/CNRS, Universite de Montpellier II, F-34095 Montpellier (France); Bourquin, M. [Universite de Geneve, CH-1211, Geneve 4 (Switzerland); Burger, W.J. [INFN Sezione di Perugia and Universita degli Studi di Perugia, I-06100 Perugia (Italy)], E-mail:; Capell, M. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States); Cardano, F. [INFN Sezione di Perugia and Universita degli Studi di Perugia, I-06100 Perugia (Italy); Chang, Y.H. [National Central University, Jhungli 320, Taiwan (China); Choutko, V. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States); Cortina, E. [Universite de Geneve, CH-1211, Geneve 4 (Switzerland); Dinu, N. [Institute for Space Science (ISS), R-76900 Bucharest (Romania); Esposito, G.; Fiandrini, E. [INFN Sezione di Perugia and Universita degli Studi di Perugia, I-06100 Perugia (Italy); Haas, D. [Universite de Geneve, CH-1211, Geneve 4 (Switzerland); Haino, S. [INFN Sezione di Perugia and Universita degli Studi di Perugia, I-06100 Perugia (Italy); Hakobyan, H. [Universite de Geneve, CH-1211, Geneve 4 (Switzerland)] (and others)


    The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is designed for a long duration measurement of the cosmic-ray spectra at an altitude of 400 km. The particle rigidity and specific energy loss are measured by a silicon tracker located in a 0.8 T field. Ground results for the position resolution, detection efficiency and charge determination for singly and doubly charged relativistic particles are presented and discussed in the context of the spaceborne detector.

  6. Preliminary Results from the Smoke Aerosol Measurement Experiment - Reflight (United States)

    Urban, D. L.; Ruff, G. A.; Mulholland, G. W.; Yuan, Z.; Cleary, T.; Yang, J.; Meyer, M. E.; Bryg, V. M.


    Preliminary results are presented from the Reflight of the Smoke Aerosol Measurement Experiment (SAME- R) which was conducted during Expedition 24 (July- September 2010). The reflight experiment built upon the results of the original flight during Expedition 15 by adding diagnostic measurements and expanding the test matrix. Five different materials representative of those found in spacecraft (Teflon, Kapton, cotton, silicone rubber and Pyrell) were heated to temperatures below the ignition point with conditions controlled to provide repeatable sample surface temperatures and air flow. Particle size determinations were made using aerosol instruments and by capturing particles for ground based examination in a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Overall the majority of the average smoke particle sizes were found to be in the 200 to 400 nanometer range with the some of the quiescent cases producing substantially larger particles. When combined with particle morphology data from the TEM analysis, these results can be used to guide the design of future smoke detectors.

  7. Preliminary Results from the Cassini RADAR Ring Observations (United States)

    West, Richard D.; Janssen, Michael A.; Zhang, Zhimeng; Cuzzi, Jeffrey N.; Anderson, Yanhua; Hamilton, Gary; Elachi, Charles; Cassini RADAR Science Team


    In its last year of operation, the Cassini spacecraft executed a series of short highly inclined orbits that brought it close to Saturn’s rings. The Cassini RADAR instrument collected active and passive data of the rings in five separate observations. These observations provided a unique opportunity to obtain backscatter measurements and relatively high-resolution brightness temperature measurements from the rings. Such measurements were never before possible from the spacecraft or the Earth due to high range. Preliminary examination of the active data shows major ring structural features such as the Cassini Division, the Encke Gap, and the Keeler Gap. This presentation will show preliminary processing results from the radar rings scans and discuss the calibration and processing issues. These ring scan measurements provide a 1-D profile of backscatter obtained at 2.2 cm wavelength that complements similar passive profiles obtained at optical, infrared, and microwave wavelengths. Such measurements can further constrain and inform models of the ring particle composition and structure, and the local vertical structure of the rings. This work is supported by the NASA Cassini Program at JPL - CalTech.

  8. Clinical results of stereotactic helium-ion radiosurgery of the pituitary gland at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Levy, R.P.; Fabrikant, J.I.; Lyman, J.T.; Frankel, K.A.; Phillips, M.H.; Lawrence, J.H.; Tobias, C.A.


    The first therapeutic clinical trial using accelerated heavy-charged particles in humans was performed for the treatment of various endocrine and metabolic disorders of the pituitary gland, and as suppressive therapy for adenohypophyseal hormone-responsive carcinomas and diabetic retinopathy. Since then, over 800 patients have received stereotactically-directed plateau-beam heavy-charged particle pituitary irradiation at this institution. In acromegaly, Cushing's disease, Nelson's syndrome and prolactin-secreting tumors, the therapeutic goal in the 433 patients treated has been to destroy or inhibit the growth of the pituitary tumor and control hormonal hypersecretion, while preserving a functional rim of tissue with normal hormone-secreting capacity, and minimizing neurologic injury. An additional group of 34 patients was treated for nonsecreting chromophobe adenomas. This paper discusses the methods and results of these treatments. 11 refs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mateusz Wnukowski


    Full Text Available The paper refers to the main problem connected with biomass gasification - a presence of tar in a product gas. This paper presents preliminary results of tar decomposition in a microwave plasma reactor. It gives a basic insight into the construction and work of the plasma reactor. During the experiment, researches were carried out on toluene as a tar surrogate. As a carrier gas for toluene and as a plasma agent, nitrogen was used. Flow rates of the gases and the microwave generator’s power were constant during the whole experiment. Results of the experiment showed that the decomposition process of toluene was effective because the decomposition efficiency attained above 95%. The main products of tar decomposition were light hydrocarbons and soot. The article also gives plans for further research in a matter of tar removal from the product gas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. A. Viana-Baptista


    Full Text Available In this study we present preliminary results of flood calculation along Tagus Estuary, a catastrophic event that happened several times in the past, as described in historical documents, and that constitutes one of the major risk sources for Lisbon coastal area. To model inundation we used Mader’s SWAN model for the open ocean propagation with a 2 km grid, and Imamura’s TSUN2 with a 50 m grid covering the entire estuary. The seismic source was computed with the homogeneous elastic half space approach. Modelling results agree with historical reports. Synthetic flood areas correspond to the sites where there are morphological and sedimentary evidences of two known major events that stroke Lisbon: 1531-01-26 and 1755-11-01 tsunamis.

  11. Unit cell sparger test program and preliminary test results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Park, C. K.; Cho, S.; Song, C. H.; Yun, Y. Z.; Jeong, H. Z.; Chon, C. Y. [KAERI, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    KAERI performs blowdown tests to asess the performance of the prototype sparger which will be used in a APR1400 reactor. This report presents overview of the unit cell sparger test program and results of a preliminary analysis of the data from CPT-3 Test. CPT-3 Test was the third blowdown experiment conducted to determine the influence of air mass in the piping on the IRWST (In-containment Refueling Water Storage Tank) boundary during an operation of Safety Depressurization and Vent System (SDVS). The test was conducted from an initial system pressure of 14.6 MPa, a steam temperature of 343 .deg. C, and an air mass of 3.31 lb. The maximum pressure was observed at the bottom of the IRWST, and the frequency of the pressure wave was less than 6.4 Hz.

  12. [Motor evoked potentials of the perineal floor. Preliminary results]. (United States)

    Opsomer, R J; Van Cangh, P J; Humblet, Y; Abi Aad, A; Rossini, P M


    Neuromotor pathways from the brain to the pelvic floor have been poorly documented. The recent development of Motor Evoked Potentials may well fill this gap in our basic knowledge. Our technique consists of transcutaneous stimulation of the motor cortex and sacral roots with a magnetic device while recording the evoked response from the bulbocavernosus muscle and anal sphincter. Cortical stimulation is performed first at rest and then during voluntary contraction of the examined muscles ("facilitation" procedure). Sacral root stimulation is performed at rest. Stimulation at 2 different levels allows measurement of the total transit time (brain to muscle transit time) and the peripheral transit time (sacral roots to muscle). By subtracting the latter from the former, the central transit time (brain to sacral roots) is obtained. The technique is painless, and to our knowledge no side effects have been reported. The authors present the preliminary results of this new technique.

  13. Preliminary Results of the CASCADE Hidden Sector Photon Search

    CERN Document Server

    Woollett, Nathan; Burt, Graeme; Chattopadhyay, Swapan; Dainton, John; Dexter, Amos; Goudket, Phillipe; Jenkins, Michael; Kalliokoski, Matti; Moss, Andrew; Pattalwar, Shrikant; Thakker, Trina; Williams, Peter


    Light shining through a wall experiments can be used to make measurements of photon-WISP couplings. The first stage of the CASCADE experiment at the Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology is intended to be a proof-of-principle experiment utilising standard microwave technologies to make a modular, cryogenic HSP detector to take advantage of future high-power superconducting cavity tests. In these proceedings we will be presenting the preliminary results of the CASCADE LSW experiment showing a peak expected exclusion of $1.10 \\times 10^{-8}$ in the mass range from 1.96$\\mu$eV to 5.38$\\mu$eV, exceeding current limits.

  14. Preliminary Results from the Mars Pathfinder ASI/MET Experiment (United States)

    Haberle, R. M.; Schofield, J. T.; Crisp, D.; Barnes, J. R.; Magalhaes, J. A.; Murphy, J. R.; Seiff, A.; Wilson, G.; Larsen, S.; Young, Richard E. (Technical Monitor)


    Mars Pathfinder successfully landed in the Ares Vallis flood plain (19.3 N, 33.6 W) on July 4, 1997. The spacecraft carried a suite of instruments to record the structure of the atmosphere during the entry, descent, and landing as well as for monitoring meteorological phenomenon while on the surface. Collectively, these instruments are known as the ASI/MET experiment (Atmospheric Structure Investigation/Meteorology). In this paper we present preliminary results from the ASI/MET experiment. As of this writing, the spacecraft is healthy and continues to take daily meteorological measurements. We expect this will continue for almost one more earth year. Additional information is contained in the original extended abstract.

  15. Preliminary medical results of the Mir year-long mission (United States)

    Grigoriev, A. I.; Bugrov, S. A.; Bogomolov, V. V.; Egorov, A. D.; Kozlovskaya, I. B.; Pestov, I. D.; Polyakov, V. V.; Tarasov, I. K.

    The basic goal of medical investigations during and after the 366-day mission was to accumulate data about physiological responses to such a long exposure to microgravity. In flight, cardiovascular and other systems were examined in detail and the efficacy of countermeasures used was assessed. After flight, physiological systems were also followed very carefully. According to the preliminary data, the medical results obtained during and after flight give evidence that man can well adapt to a year-long space flight, maintaining good health and adequate work capacity. The readaptation process was very similar to that observed after shorter flights (6-II months). As compared to former flights, no new or qualitatively different changes in the vital systems of the body were seen. The observations indicate that the duration of manned space missions can be further increased.

  16. The EU-ADR project: preliminary results and perspective. (United States)

    Trifiro, Gianluca; Fourrier-Reglat, Annie; Sturkenboom, Miriam C J M; Díaz Acedo, Carlos; Van Der Lei, Johan


    The EU-ADR project aims to exploit different European electronic healthcare records (EHR) databases for drug safety signal detection. In this paper we describe the project framework and the preliminary results. As first step we created a ranked list of the events that are deemed to be important in pharmacovigilance as mining on all possible events was considered to unduly increase the number of spurious signals. All the drugs that are potentially associated to these events will be detected via data mining techniques. Data sources are eight 8 databases in four countries (Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) that are virtually linked through harmonisation of input data followed by local elaboration of input data through custom-built software (Jerboa). All the identified drug-event associations (signals) will be thereafter biologically substantiated and epidemiologically validated. To date, only Upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) event has been used to test the ability of the system in signal detection. An initial ranked list comprising 23 adverse events was identified. The top-ranking events were: cutaneous bullous eruptions, acute renal failure, acute myocardial infarction, anaphylactic shock, and rhabdomyolysis. Regarding the UGIB test, a total of 48,016 first-ever episodes were identified. The age-standardized incidence rates of UGIB varied between 40-100/100,000 person-years depending on country and type of healthcare database. A statistically significant association between use of NSAIDs and UGIB was detected in all of the databases. a dynamic ranked list of 23 adverse drug events judged as important in pharmacovigilance was created to permit focused data mining. Preliminary results on the UGIB event detection demonstrate the feasibility of harmonizing various health care databases in different European countries through a distributed network approach.

  17. Uranium and thorium recovery in thorianite ore-preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaiotte, Joao V.M. [Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil); Villegas, Raul A.S.; Fukuma, Henrique T., E-mail:, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil). Lab. de Pocos de Caldas


    This work presents the preliminary results of the studies aiming to develop a hydrometallurgical process to produce uranium and thorium concentrates from thorianite ore from Amapa State, Brazil. This process comprises two major parts: acid leaching and Th/U recovery using solvent extraction strategies. Thorianite ore has a typical composition of 60 - 70% of thorium, 8 - 10% lead and 7 - 10% uranium. Sulfuric acid leaching operational conditions were defined as follows: acid/ore ratio 7.5 t/t, ore size below 65 mesh (Tyler), 2 hours leaching time and temperature of 100 deg C. Leaching tests results showed that uranium and thorium recovery exceeded 95%, whereas 97% of lead ore content remained in the solid form. Uranium and thorium simultaneous solvent extraction is necessary due to high sulfate concentration in the liquor obtained from leaching, so the Primene JM-T primary anime was used for this extraction step. Aqueous raffinate from extraction containing sulfuric acid was recycled to the leaching step, reducing acid uptake around 60%, to achieve a net sulfuric acid consumption of 3 t/t of ore. Uranium and thorium simultaneous stripping was performed using sodium carbonate solution. In the aqueous stripped it was added sulfuric acid at pH 1.5, followed by a second solvent extraction step using the tertiary amine Alamine 336. The following stripping step was done with a solution of sodium chloride, resulting in a final solution of 23 g L-1 uranium. (author)

  18. Tissue characterization using magnetic resonance elastography: preliminary results* (United States)

    Kruse, S. A.; Smith, J. A.; Lawrence, A. J.; Dresner, M. A.; Manduca, A.; Greenleaf, J. F.; Ehman, R. L.; Kruse, S. A.; Smith, J. A.; Lawrence, A. J.; Dresner, M. A.; Manduca, A.; Greenleaf, J. F.


    The well-documented effectiveness of palpation as a diagnostic technique for detecting cancer and other diseases has provided motivation for developing imaging techniques for non-invasively evaluating the mechanical properties of tissue. A recently described approach for elasticity imaging, using propagating acoustic shear waves and phase-contrast MRI, has been called magnetic resonance elastography (MRE). The purpose of this work was to conduct preliminary studies to define methods for using MRE as a tool for addressing the paucity of quantitative tissue mechanical property data in the literature. Fresh animal liver and kidney tissue specimens were evaluated with MRE at multiple shear wave frequencies. The influence of specimen temperature and orientation on measurements of stiffness was studied in skeletal muscle. The results demonstrated that all of the materials tested (liver, kidney, muscle and tissue-simulating gel) exhibit systematic dependence of shear stiffness on shear rate. These data are consistent with a viscoelastic model of tissue mechanical properties, allowing calculation of two independent tissue properties from multiple-frequency MRE data: shear modulus and shear viscosity. The shear stiffness of tissue can be substantially affected by specimen temperature. The results also demonstrated evidence of shear anisotropy in skeletal muscle but not liver tissue. The measured shear stiffness in skeletal muscle was found to depend on both the direction of propagation and polarization of the shear waves.

  19. Development of a distress inventory for cancer: preliminary results.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas B


    Full Text Available CONTEXT: Advances in cancer treatment have led to cure and prolongation of patients′ lives; however associated psychosocial problems, including distress, can detrimentally affect patients′ compliance with treatment and ultimately, their outcome. Symptom distress has been well addressed in many studies; however, psychological distress has only been quantified by using depression or anxiety scales/checklists or quality of life scales containing a distress sub scale/component or by the use of scales that are not psychological distress-specific. AIMS: The present study is an attempt to construct a psychological distress inventory for specific use with cancer patients. SETTINGS AND DESIGN: The standardisation sample consisted of 63 randomly selected patients with head and neck cancer who had undergone/ were undergoing curative treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The Distress Inventory for Cancer contained 57 positively and negatively toned items. An item analysis was conducted, followed by a factor analysis, thereby identifying the domains influencing distress. RESULTS: The final questionnaire contained 26 items subdivided into four domains viz. the personal, spiritual, physical, and the family domains, with each domain providing a sub score. The reliability coefficient (Cronbach′s alpha of the scale was found to be 0.85. CONCLUSIONS: These are the preliminary results of an ongoing study on global distress and tool development process. Reported here is the first step towards development of such tool.

  20. Preliminary results of diode laser surgery for early glottic cancer. (United States)

    Tunçel, Umit; Cömert, Ela


    To analyze the complications and preliminary oncologic results of microscopic diode laser surgery. Prospective research. Ankara Oncology Education and Research Hospital. This prospective study was conducted on a series of 64 patients with glottic carcinoma (Tis, T1, T2) treated with microscopic endolaryngeal diode laser surgery. Four patients had local recurrence (6.2%). Local control and larynx preservation rates were 93.8% and 100%, respectively, for all groups of patients. Two-year disease-free survival after primary surgery was 100% for the Tis group, 96.4% for the T1 group, and 89.7% for the T2 group. When considering anterior commissure involvement, 2-year disease-free survival after primary surgery was 100% for the AC0 group, 85.7% for the AC1 group, and 85.7% for the AC2 group. Our study of microscopic diode laser resection of Tis, T1, and T2 glottic tumors showed similar oncologic results to previous reports about CO2 laser surgery. In anterior commissure tumors, both techniques had high complication and recurrence rates.

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging urodynamics: technique development and preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Borghesi


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: In this preliminary study we report the development of the video urodynamic technique using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We studied 6 women with genuine stress urinary incontinence, diagnosed by history and physical examination. Urodynamic examination was performed on multichannel equipment with the patient in the supine position. Coughing and Valsalva maneuvers were performed at volumes of 150, 250 and 350 mL. Simultaneously, MRI was carried out by using 1.5 T GE Signa CV/i high-speed scanner with real time fluoroscopic imaging possibilities. Fluoroscopic imaging was accomplished in the corresponding planes with T2-weighted single shot fast spin echo sequences at a speed of about 1 frame per second. Both studies were recorded and synchronized, resulting in a single video urodynamic examination. RESULTS: Dynamic MRI with cine-loop reconstruction of 1 image per second demonstrated the movement of all compartment of the relaxed pelvis during straining with the concomitant registration of abdominal and intravesical pressures. In 5 patients, urinary leakage was demonstrated during straining and the Valsalva leak point pressure (VLPP was determined as the vesical pressure at leak subtracted from baseline bladder pressure. Mean VLPP was 72.6 cm H2O (ranging from 43 to 122 cm H2O. CONCLUSIONS: The concept of MRI video urodynamics is feasible. In a clinical perspective, practical aspects represent a barrier to daily use and it should be recommended for research purposes.

  2. Preliminary results of quality assurance implementation in interventional cardiology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nikodemova, D. [Slovak Medical Univ., Bratislava (Slovakia)


    Full text of publication follows: The dramatic increase in the frequency of the interventional procedures reflects the significant benefit which directly affects the patient. However parallel is this benefit accompanied by some concern about the consequent increase in doses to patient and staff. The question of safety has prompted the European commission and Who to issue and advise to conduct research in the area of the intervention radiology and to prepare standard protocols for quality assurance of interventional procedures. The presentation is focused on the optimization of interventional procedures in cardiology with aim to reduce the risk level of high exposures and to elaborate national standard methods of quality assurance program, as well as, the procedures used for the case of overexposure. Study was conducted at Slovak Institute of Cardiology, as well as, at Slovak Pediatric Cardiology Center, where wide variation of specific interventional procedures are performed. Skin dose date of patient were measured by Unfors Patient Skin Dosemeter P.S.D. - 4 and the values of Dose area products followed during all examinations. All technical parameters used for examinations were identified. Simultaneously were measured the personal doses of the medical staff present by the examinations. For personal dose measurements Unfors E.D.D.30 dose meter was used, as well as, T.L.D. for measurements of doses on extremities. Preliminary results confirm wide spread of patient doses and professional doses of medical staff. The causes of this spread will by discussed. (authors)

  3. The ice-layer in Antarctica : preliminary results from seismology (United States)

    Leveque, J.; Wittlinger, G.; Maggi, A.


    Since the International Polar Year (IPY), there has been a marked increase in the number of broad-band seismic stations deployed on the thick continental ice-layer in Antarctica. We are involved in one of these deployments, CASE-IPY (Concordia Antarctica Seismic Experiment), which comprises seven stations to be installed in January 2010 on a profile between the scientific bases of Concordia (Dome C) and Vostok. The data recorded by these seismic stations are rare, will be exploited using many methods, including receiver function analysis. Receiver functions obtained using data recorded on thick ice (e.g. TAMSEIS deployment and the permanent stations QSPA (South Pole) and CCD (Concordia)) are anomalous when compared to those obtained from data recorded at rock stations. The first five seconds contain much of the anomalous signal: we see a positive arrival due to the rock-ice interface, preceded by a strong negative arrival. This pattern is seen on all the 28 stations we have analyzed, and is likely to be a global feature for stations installed on thick ice. We present preliminary results concerning this anomalous signal and its relationship to ice structure.

  4. Preliminary theoretical results on the solubility of ZnO

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sauer, Svea; Koeppen, Susan; Colombi Ciacchi, Lucio; Koehler, Christof; Frauenheim, Thomas [Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science, University of Bremen, Am Fallturm 1, 28359 Bremen (Germany)


    The toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticles towards macrophage and epithelial cells is directly linked to their solubility in the surrounding solute. In this context a higher solubility was found for nanoparticles dissolved in cell culture media compared to nanoparticles in pure water. Therefore it is crucial to understand the interactions at the solid-water interface that lead to the particle dissolution. Our work puts a focus on the adsorption of different ions on the (10-10) zinc oxide surface in an aqueous environment. The employed ions range from simple anions to more complex molecules like dihydrogen phosphate. Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics simulations using a (4 x 2) slab model with a pre-adsorbed water layer are carried out in order to investigate the adsorption geometries. To simulate the dissolution of single Zn-atoms from the surface in the presence of different adsorbates a Metadynamics approach as implemented in CPMD is chosen. As the starting point we chose the dissolution of a single Zn-atom from the surface in the absence of adsorbed ions. Preliminary results are shown.

  5. This Month in Astronomical History: Preliminary Survey Results (United States)

    Wilson, Teresa


    This Month in Astronomical History is a short (~500 word) column on the AAS website that revisits significant astronomical events or the lives of people who have made a large impact on the field. The monthly column began in July 2016 at the request of the Historical Astronomical Division. Examples of topics that have been covered include Comet Shoemaker-Levy’s collision with Jupiter, the discovery of the moons of Mars, the life of Edwin Hubble, Maria Mitchell’s comet discovery, and the launch of Sputnik II. A survey concerning the column is in progress to ensure the column addresses the interests and needs of a broad readership, including historians, educators, research astronomers, and the general public. Eleven questions focus on the style and content of the column, while eight collect simple demographics. The survey has been available on the AAS website since and was mentioned in several AAS newsletters; however, non-members of AAS were also recruited to include respondents from a variety of backgrounds. Preliminary results of the survey are presented and will be used to hone the style and content of the column to serve the widest possible audience. Responses continue to be collected at:

  6. Ultrasonic Evaluation of Deeply Located Trabecular Bones - Preliminary Results (United States)

    Cieślik, Lucyna; Litniewski, Jerzy

    The analysis of ultrasonic signals scattered by soft tissues have been successfully applied for their characterization. Similarly, the trabecular bone backscattered signal contains information about the properties of the bone structure. Therefore scattering-based ultrasonic technique potentially enables the assessment of microstructure characteristics of a bone. The femoral neck fracture often occurs in the course of osteoporosis and can lead to severe complications. Therefore assessment of femoral bone microstructure and condition is important and essential for the diagnosis and treatment monitoring. As far most of the trabecular bone investigations have been performed in vitro. The only in vivo measurements were carried out in transmission and mostly concerned estimation of the attenuation in heel bone. We have built the ultrasonic scanner that could be useful in acquiring the RF (Radio Frequency) echoes backscattered by the trabecular bone in vivo. Moreover, the bone scanner provides data not only from heel bone but from deeply located bones as well (e.g. femoral bone). It can be also used for easily accessible bones like heel bone or breastbone. In this case a gel-pad is applied to assure focusing of ultrasound in trabecular bone (approximately 10 mm beneath the cortical bone). This study presents preliminary results of the attenuating properties evaluation of trabecular bone from the ultrasonic echoes backscattered by heel bone and femoral neck.

  7. Preliminary results from a crowdsourcing experiment in immunohistochemistry. (United States)

    Della Mea, Vincenzo; Maddalena, Eddy; Mizzaro, Stefano; Machin, Piernicola; Beltrami, Carlo A


    Crowdsourcing, i.e., the outsourcing of tasks typically performed by a few experts to a large crowd as an open call, has been shown to be reasonably effective in many cases, like Wikipedia, the Chess match of Kasparov against the world in 1999, and several others. The aim of the present paper is to describe the setup of an experimentation of crowdsourcing techniques applied to the quantification of immunohistochemistry. Fourteen Images from MIB1-stained breast specimens were first manually counted by a pathologist, then submitted to a crowdsourcing platform through a specifically developed application. 10 positivity evaluations for each image have been collected and summarized using their median. The positivity values have been then compared to the gold standard provided by the pathologist by means of Spearman correlation. Contributors were in total 28, and evaluated 4.64 images each on average. Spearman correlation between gold and crowdsourced positivity percentages is 0.946 (p crowdsourcing for an image analysis task that is currently time-consuming when done by human experts. Crowdsourced work can be used in various ways, in particular statistically agregating data to reduce identification errors. However, in this preliminary experimentation we just considered the most basic indicator, that is the median positivity percentage, which provided overall good results. This method might be more aimed to research than routine: when a large number of images are in need of ad-hoc evaluation, crowdsourcing may represent a quick answer to the need.

  8. Mapping urban forest tree species using IKONOS imagery: preliminary results. (United States)

    Pu, Ruiliang


    A stepwise masking system with high-resolution IKONOS imagery was developed to identify and map urban forest tree species/groups in the City of Tampa, Florida, USA. The eight species/groups consist of sand live oak (Quercus geminata), laurel oak (Quercus laurifolia), live oak (Quercus virginiana), magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), pine (species group), palm (species group), camphor (Cinnamomum camphora), and red maple (Acer rubrum). The system was implemented with soil-adjusted vegetation index (SAVI) threshold, textural information after running a low-pass filter, and brightness threshold of NIR band to separate tree canopies from non-vegetated areas from other vegetation types (e.g., grass/lawn) and to separate the tree canopies into sunlit and shadow areas. A maximum likelihood classifier was used to identify and map forest type and species. After IKONOS imagery was preprocessed, a total of nine spectral features were generated, including four spectral bands, three hue-intensity-saturation indices, one SAVI, and one texture image. The identified and mapped results were examined with independent ground survey data. The experimental results indicate that when classifying all the eight tree species/ groups with the high-resolution IKONOS image data, the identifying accuracy was very low and could not satisfy a practical application level, and when merging the eight species/groups into four major species/groups, the average accuracy is still low (average accuracy = 73%, overall accuracy = 86%, and κ = 0.76 with sunlit test samples). Such a low accuracy of identifying and mapping the urban tree species/groups is attributable to low spatial resolution IKONOS image data relative to tree crown size, to complex and variable background spectrum impact on crown spectra, and to shadow/shaded impact. The preliminary results imply that to improve the tree species identification accuracy and achieve a practical application level in urban area, multi-temporal (multi

  9. Stock Market Reaction to CEO Appointment – Preliminary Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarzyna Byrka-Kita


    Full Text Available Purpose: The aim of this paper is to examine shareholders’ reaction to the decision of the supervisory board to appoint a CEO in companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Methodology: An event study and the mean-adjusted model were applied. The abnormal returns were measured as the CAAR in the entire (-60, + 60 window and selected sub-windows. Findings: The obtained values of abnormal returns indicate the shareholder’s negative reaction. Throughout the observation window, they oscillate slightly below zero, and in the window (0, +20 they are negative at -1.566%. Irrespective of the observation window, negative abnormal returns were obtained for over half of the observation (52–57%. Therefore, preliminary results indicate the predominance of the information effect over the real one. The decrease in market value as a result of the event may result from an increase in investors’ uncertainty as to the effects of changes in strategy and skills of the new CEO. Originality: The research is a unique one. To date, no one has carried out research into shareholders’ reaction to a CEO appointment in either the Polish or Central and Eastern European capital markets. They primarily bring the value of cognition of shareholders’ behaviour in the analysed event, which is reflected in share prices. They extend the literature on the signalization instruments, i.e. the activities that boards can undertake due to the new information transmitted to the capital market participants and stakeholders. The market reaction to a CEO appointment will without a doubt interest investors; the institutions responsible for supervision (which in the case of Poland is the Financial Oversight Commission and the legislator in charge of regulations that prevent insider trading while promoting corporate disclosure transparency.

  10. Varfarin in the complex treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T M Reshetnyak


    Full Text Available Objective. To assess efficacy and tolerance of varfarin in prophylaxis and therapy of thrombotic complications in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS. Methods. 20 pts with APS (5 male and 15 female received varfarin during a year. 8 of them had primary APS (PAPS and 12 -systemic lupus erythematosus with APS (SLE+APS. 2 other pts (I with SLE+APS and I with PAPS received varfarin during the last 4 years. Nobody from 9 pts with PAPS received corticosteroids (CS. In SLE+APS pts CS dose varied from 4 to 20 mg/day and was not increased during follow up. During the study prothrombine time (PT was examined with thromboplastin ( manufactured by Renam having international sensitivity index 1,2 and international normalization relation (INR. Depending on treatment scheme APS pts were divided into 3 groups. Group 1 included 8 pts with INR<2,0, Group 2-7 with INR >3,0, group 3 - 7 pts with INR<2,0 receiving as additional treatment thrombo ASS 100 mg/day and vasonit from 600 to 1200 mg/day. Results. Two pts with INR = 1,8 had thrombosis recurrence (due to leg thrombophlebitis. There were no recurrences in other groups. 2 from 22 pts had "large" bleedings. "Small" bleedings episodes were noted in 7 from 22 pts. Largely that were subcutaneous bleedings (in 4 pts no more than 5 cm of size. Two pts receiving varfarin with INR 1,8 and 2,4 had renal colic. Conclusion. Our preliminary results prove the necessity of inclusion of varfarin in the treatment of pts with APS and thrombosis but intensive anticoagulant effect is not always desired.

  11. Preliminary results of the XR2-1 experiment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gauntt, R.O.; Helmick, P.H. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Humphries, L. [SAIC, Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The XR2-1 (Ex-Reactor) experiment, investigating metallic core-melt relocation in boiling water reactor geometry, was performed on October 12, 1995, following two previous simpler XR1-series tests in August and November of 1993. The XR2-1 test made use of a highly detailed replication of the lower region of the BWR core, including the control blade and channel box structures, fuel rods, fuel canister nosepieces, control blade velocity limiter, and fuel support pieces, in order to investigate a key core melt progression uncertainty for BWR Station Blackout type accidents. The purpose of this experiment program is to examine the behavior of downward-draining molten metallic core materials in a severe reactor accident in a dry BWR core, and to determine conditions under which the molten materials drain out of the core region, or freeze to form blockages in the lower portion of the core. In the event that the draining metallic materials do not form stable blockages in the lower core region, and instead erode the lower core structures such as the lower core plate, then the subsequent core melt progression processes may proceed quite differently than was observed in the TMI-2 accident, with correspondingly different impact on vessel loading and vessel release behavior. The results of the Ex-Reactor tests are preliminary. All of the tests conducted have shown a significant degree of channel box destruction induced by the draining control blade materials. The XR2-1 test further showed that the draining zircaloy melt causes significant disruption of the fuel rod geometry. All of the tests have shown tendencies to form interim blockages as the melts temporarily freeze, but that these blockages re-melt, assisted by eutectic interactions, resulting in the sudden draining of accumulated metallic melt pools.

  12. Mapping Antarctica using Landsat-8 - the preliminary results (United States)

    Cheng, X.; Hui, F.; Qi, X.


    The first Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA) was released in 2009, which was created by USGS, BAS, and NASA from more than 1,000 Landsat ETM+ scenes. As the first major scientific outcome of the IPY, LIMA supports current scientific polar research, encourages new projects, and helps the general public visualize Antarctica and changes happening to this southernmost environment. As the latest satellite of Landsat mission, the Landsat-8 images the entire Earth every 16 days in an 8-day offset from Landsat-7. Data collected by the instruments onboard the satellite are available to download at no charge within 24 hours of reception. The standard Landsat 8 products provided by the USGS EROS Center consist of quantized and calibrated scaled Digital Numbers (DN) in 16-bit unsigned integer format and can be rescaled to the Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance and/or radiance. With the support of USGS portal, we searched and downloaded more than 1600 scenes of Level 1 T- Terrain Corrected Landsat 8 image products covering Antarctica from late 2013 to early 2014. These data were converted to planetary radiance for further processing. Since the distribution of clouds in these images are random and much complicated, statistics on the distribution of clouds were performed and then help to decide masking those thicker cloud to keep more useful information left and avoid observation holes. A preliminary result of the Landsat-8 mosaic of Antarctica under the joint efforts of Beijing Normal University, NSIDC and University of Maryland will be released on this AGU fall meeting. Comparison between Landsat 7 and 8 mosaic products will also be done to find the difference or advantage of the two products.

  13. Intraspecific variability of European larch for wood properties: Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Paques, L.E.; Rozenberg, P. [Institut National de Recherches Agronomiques (INRA), 45 - Olivet (France). Station d`Amelioration des Arbres Forestiers


    Wood properties of several natural populations of European larch (Larix decidua Mill) were determined from samples collected in one replicate of the II. International IUFRO provenance experiment, planted in Brittany in 1959. According to provenances, proportion of heartwood ranges from 35 to 58% of basal area, basic density from 442 to 505 g/dm{sup 3} and Young modulus of elasticity from 8474 to 14522 MPa. Positive correlations between girth and heartwood proportion and between wood density and modulus of elasticity but negative correlations between ring width and both density and MOE have been found both at the individual and at the population levels. Variability between and within provenances is high for two major traits (proportion of heartwood and Young modulus of elasticity) for which a SW - NE gradient is shown. For wood density parameters including pilodyn, a greater homogeneity is observed. Besides a now largely recognized superiority for growth traits, Central European populations from the Sudetan Mountains and Central Poland would also produce wood with better properties. On the reverse, Alpine populations from the French Alps growing at low elevations have a slower growth, a denser wood with less heartwood and less strength. Used as a control, the hybrid larch origin (Larix x eurolepis) represents the best compromise for wood properties with the highest strength but an average wood density and one of the highest proportion of heartwood. These preliminary results must be confirmed from a larger set of provenances and completed with other major wood properties such as durability and shrinkage. 17 refs, 2 figs, 6 tabs

  14. New method of scoliosis assessment: preliminary results using computerized photogrammetry. (United States)

    Aroeira, Rozilene Maria Cota; Leal, Jefferson Soares; de Melo Pertence, Antônio Eustáquio


    A new method for nonradiographic evaluation of scoliosis was independently compared with the Cobb radiographic method, for the quantification of scoliotic curvature. To develop a protocol for computerized photogrammetry, as a nonradiographic method, for the quantification of scoliosis, and to mathematically relate this proposed method with the Cobb radiographic method. Repeated exposure to radiation of children can be harmful to their health. Nevertheless, no nonradiographic method until now proposed has gained popularity as a routine method for evaluation, mainly due to a low correspondence to the Cobb radiographic method. Patients undergoing standing posteroanterior full-length spine radiographs, who were willing to participate in this study, were submitted to dorsal digital photography in the orthostatic position with special surface markers over the spinous process, specifically the vertebrae C7 to L5. The radiographic and photographic images were sent separately for independent analysis to two examiners, trained in quantification of scoliosis for the types of images received. The scoliosis curvature angles obtained through computerized photogrammetry (the new method) were compared to those obtained through the Cobb radiographic method. Sixteen individuals were evaluated (14 female and 2 male). All presented idiopathic scoliosis, and were between 21.4 ± 6.1 years of age; 52.9 ± 5.8 kg in weight; 1.63 ± 0.05 m in height, with a body mass index of 19.8 ± 0.2. There was no statistically significant difference between the scoliosis angle measurements obtained in the comparative analysis of both methods, and a mathematical relationship was formulated between both methods. The preliminary results presented demonstrate equivalence between the two methods. More studies are needed to firmly assess the potential of this new method as a coadjuvant tool in the routine following of scoliosis treatment.

  15. Mycodiversity in marine sediments contaminated by heavy metals: preliminary results (United States)

    Zotti, Mirca; Carbone, Cristina; Cecchi, Grazia; Consani, Sirio; Cutroneo, Laura; Di Piazza, Simone; Gabutto, Giacomo; Greco, Giuseppe; Vagge, Greta; Capello, Marco


    .6 CFU per gram of sediments. The maximum value of 11 CFU g-1 has been recorded in two stations (off the Sestri Levante Tombolo), while the minimum value has been recorded closer to the coast. As concern qualitative results, the most recurrent genera are Aspergillus and Penicillium. These data confirm the occurrence of a mycobiota in these heavy metal contaminated sediments. Our preliminary results are a first contribution to the knowledge of presence of microfungi in marine sediments, and propel us to increase our research in order to find out new organisms for bioremediation purpose.

  16. Electronic properties of physisorbed helium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kossler, Sarah


    This thesis deals with electronic excitations of helium physisorbed on metal substrates. It is studied to what extent the electronic properties change compared to the gas phase due to the increased helium density and the proximity of the metal. Furthermore, the influence of different substrate materials is investigated systematically. To this end, up to two helium layers were adsorbed onto Ru (001), Pt (111), Cu (111), and Ag (111) surfaces in a custom-made cryostat. These samples were studied spectroscopically using synchrotron radiation and a time-of-flight detector. The experimental results were then analyzed in comparison with extensive theoretical model calculations.

  17. Preliminary Results to Support Evidence of Thermospheric Contraction (United States)

    Saunders, A.; Swinerd, G.; Lewis, H.

    Atmospheric density has an important influence in predicting the positions of satellites in low Earth orbit. For long-term predictions of satellite ephemerides, any density trend in the thermosphere would be a valuable input, not only to satellite operators, but also to studies of the future low Earth orbit environment in terms of space debris. A secular thermospheric density trend has not yet been definitively proven but predictions by Ramesh and Roble [1], along with evidence by Emmert et al. [2], strongly suggest the existence of such a phenomenon. With the ultimate goal of deriving a long-term empirical model of thermospheric cooling and contraction, the primary focus of this paper is to present preliminary results obtained to support the existing evidence for such a thermospheric contraction. There are many ways of determining atmospheric density, but inferring thermospheric density from satellite drag data is a relatively cost-effective way of gathering in-situ measurements. Given an initial satellite orbit, one approach is to use an orbital propagator to predict the satellite's state at some time ahead and then to compare that state with Two-Line Element (TLE) data at the same epoch. The difference between the semi-major axis of the satellite from the initial orbit and that after the orbit propagation is then integrated to obtain an estimate of global average density. This is the approach adopted in our new work, using a bespoke, orbital propagator that includes perturbations due to atmospheric drag, gravitational anomalies, luni-solar gravity effects and solar radiation pressure. The methods used to derive precise estimates of the ballistic coefficient of each satellite for use in the propagator are outlined, as this information is not contained explicitly in the TLE sets. In validation of the orbital propagator used in this study, Saunders et al. [3] ran simulations to predict satellite re-entry dates with satisfactory results. Now, historical satellite

  18. Preliminary results of the PREFER FP7 Project (United States)

    Fusilli, Lorenzo; Laneve, Giovanni; De Bonis, Roberto; Sebastian, Ana; Ferrucci, Fabrizio; Oliveira, Sandra


    The need to improve the information and intelligence support for forest fire prevention is widely recognized. Fire prevention is still the most cost-effective strategy when compared to firefighting and extinguishing that are costly, local, and triggered only in response to already ongoing crises. PREFER project, funded under the EU FP7 (G.A. 312931), intends to contribute at responding to such a pragmatic need of southern Europe's forests by: providing timely information products based on the exploitation of all available spacecraft sensors, offering a portfolio of products focused on pre- and post-crisis forest fire emergency, suitable for the users in the different countries of the European Mediterranean area. The PREFER Service portfolio consists of two main services: 1. Information Support to Fire Preparedness/Prevention Phase" (ISP) Service 2. Information Support to Fire Recovery/Reconstruction Phase" (ISR) Service This service is already at an advanced stage having completed the first year of activity. During this time several products have been consolidated: seasonal fuel maps; daily and seasonal fire hazard maps; seasonal risk maps; prescribed fire maps. This paper aims at presenting the preliminary results of the research activity carried out in the framework of the PREFER project, focusing, in particular, on these recalled above. As for Fire Risk and Hazard assessment, many indexes have been developed in the last years. Hardly any of them uses data derived from satellite images. The FPI index is an exception to this rule which, in addition, makes use of meteorological data. In spite of being a very complete index, the FPI still allows room for improvement which justify the interest of PREFER in it. PREFER's innovative approach to FPI will allow taking into account the effect of solar illumination conditions in determining the humidity present in the dead vegetation, and therefore its proneness to burn. PREFER innovation also focus in allowing the index to

  19. Metabolic syndrome in rheumatoid arthritis: role of adiponectin (preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yulia Nikolaevna Gorbunova


    were encountered with the same frequency in early- and end-stage RA. The early RA group showed a correlation between SDAI (r = -0.34, body mass index (r = -0.41, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (r = 0.33, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (r =-0.35, and adiponectin. The >2-year RA group displayed no relationship between adipokins, activity markers, and metabolic disturbances. Conclusion. The preliminary results suggest the high rate of MS in patients with a high level of early RA disease activity untreated with disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, thus determining the high risk of CVEs just at disease onset. The role of adiponectin in the development of MS, CVEs in rheumatic diseases remains to be solved, which is the subject of further investigations. It is possible that normalization of adiponectin concentrations may promote reductions in the incidence of CVD, mortality rates due to atherosclerosis-induced CVEs, and the prevalence of MS and insulin resistance.

  20. Commissioning and operational results of helium refrigeration system at JLab for the 12GeV upgrade

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knudsen, Peter N. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Ganni, Venkatarao [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Dixon, Kelly D. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Norton, Robert O. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Creel, Jonathan D. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)


    The new 4.5 K refrigerator system at the Jefferson Lab (JLab) Central Helium Liquefier (CHL-2) for the 12 GeV upgrade was commissioned in late spring of 2013, following the commissioning of the new compressor system, and has been supporting 12 GeV LINAC commissioning since that time. Six design modes were tested during commissioning, consisting of a maximum capacity, nominal capacity, maximum liquefaction, maximum refrigeration, maximum fill and a stand-by/reduced load condition. The maximum capacity was designed to support a 238 g/s, 30 K and 1.16 bar cold compressor return flow, a 15 g/s, 4.5 K liquefaction load and a 12.6 kW, 35-55 K shield load. The other modes were selected to ensure proper component sizing and selection to allow the cold box to operate over a wide range of conditions and capacities. The cold box system is comprised of two physically independent cold boxes with interconnecting transfer-lines. The outside (upper) 300-60 K vertical cold box has no turbines and incorporates a liquid nitrogen pre-cooler and 80-K beds. The inside (lower) 60-4.5 K horizontal cold box houses seven turbines that are configured in four expansion stages including one Joule-Thompson expander and a 20-K bed. The helium compression system has five compressors to support three pressure levels in the cold box. This paper will summarize the analysis of the test data obtained over the wide range of operating conditions and capacities which were tested.

  1. WISE/NEOWISE Observations of the Hilda Population: Preliminary Results


    Grav, T.; Mainzer, A. K.; Bauer, J.; Masiero, J.; Spahr, T.; McMillan, R. S.; Walker, R; Cutri, R.; Wright, E.; Eisenhardt, P. R.; Blauvelt, E.; DeBaun, E.; Elsbury, D; Gautier IV, T.; Gomillion, S.


    We present the preliminary analysis of 1023 known asteroids in the Hilda region of the Solar System observed by the NEOWISE component of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The sizes of the Hildas observed range from $\\sim 3 - 200$km. We find no size - albedo dependency as reported by other projects. The albedos of our sample are low, with a weighted mean value $p_V = 0.055\\pm0.018$, for all sizes sampled by the NEOWISE survey. We observed a significant fraction of the objects in ...

  2. 78 FR 20890 - Polyvinyl Alcohol From Taiwan: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Polyvinyl Alcohol From Taiwan: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... the antidumping duty order on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) from Taiwan. The period of review (POR) is... Memorandum for Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review: Polyvinyl Alcohol from Taiwan...

  3. 78 FR 7395 - Stainless Steel Bar From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Bar From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... the antidumping duty order on stainless steel bar (SSB) from India. The period of review (POR) is... Review: Stainless Steel Bar from India'' dated concurrently with this notice (``Preliminary Decision...

  4. 78 FR 78335 - Lightweight Thermal Paper from Germany: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative... (United States)


    ... Duty Administrative Review; 2011-2012 AGENCY: Enforcement and Compliance, formerly Import... Preliminary Decision Memorandum are identical in content. Preliminary Results of the Review \\2\\ \\2\\ As... calculate an importer-specific ad valorem ratio based on the estimated entered value. We will instruct CBP...

  5. Seismic Hazard Maps for the Maltese Archipelago: Preliminary Results (United States)

    D'Amico, S.; Panzera, F.; Galea, P. M.


    The Maltese islands form an archipelago of three major islands lying in the Sicily channel at about 140 km south of Sicily and 300 km north of Libya. So far very few investigations have been carried out on seismicity around the Maltese islands and no maps of seismic hazard for the archipelago are available. Assessing the seismic hazard for the region is currently of prime interest for the near-future development of industrial and touristic facilities as well as for urban expansion. A culture of seismic risk awareness has never really been developed in the country, and the public perception is that the islands are relatively safe, and that any earthquake phenomena are mild and infrequent. However, the Archipelago has been struck by several moderate/large events. Although recent constructions of a certain structural and strategic importance have been built according to high engineering standards, the same probably cannot be said for all residential buildings, many higher than 3 storeys, which have mushroomed rapidly in recent years. Such buildings are mostly of unreinforced masonry, with heavy concrete floor slabs, which are known to be highly vulnerable to even moderate ground shaking. We can surely state that in this context planning and design should be based on available national hazard maps. Unfortunately, these kinds of maps are not available for the Maltese islands. In this paper we attempt to compute a first and preliminary probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of the Maltese islands in terms of Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) and Spectral Acceleration (SA) at different periods. Seismic hazard has been computed using the Esteva-Cornell (1968) approach which is the most widely utilized probabilistic method. It is a zone-dependent approach: seismotectonic and geological data are used coupled with earthquake catalogues to identify seismogenic zones within which earthquakes occur at certain rates. Therefore the earthquake catalogues can be reduced to the

  6. [Colorectal cancer screening programme in Aragon (Spain): preliminary results]. (United States)

    Solé Llop, Mª Esther; Cano Del Pozo, Mabel; García Montero, José-Ignacio; Carrera-Lasfuentes, Patricia; Lanas, Ángel


    To describe preliminary findings from the colorectal cancer screening programme in Aragon (Spain) to evaluate its implementation. We have collected data from the first year of the program (2014) based on faecal occult blood immunochemical (FOBTi) test in patients 60-69 years old. We report "indicators" defined by the "Red Nacional de Cribado". Invited population after exclusions: 12,518. Program participation rate: 45.28% (95%CI: 44.41-46.15). Inadequate tests: 0.21% (95%CI: 0.12-0.37); positive FOBTi test 10.75% (95%CI: 9.97-11.58) and colonoscopy acceptance 95.07% (95%CI: 93.04-96.52). Colonoscopy was appropriate and complete in 97.58% (95%CI: 95.98-98.55) of cases. The high- and low-risk adenoma detection rates were 14.7‰ (95%CI: 11.9-18.2) and 5.55‰ (95%CI: 3.9-7.8) respectively. The positive predictive value for any adenoma was 58.55% (95%CI: 54.49-62.49) and for invasive cancer was 5.36% (95%CI: 3.8-7.51). The indicator analysis of the ongoing programme suggests the programme is being implemented correctly in our community. Copyright © 2017 SESPAS. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grav, T. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21218 (United States); Mainzer, A. K.; Bauer, J.; Masiero, J.; Eisenhardt, P. R.; Blauvelt, E.; DeBaun, E.; Elsbury, D.; Gautier, T.; Gomillion, S.; Hand, E.; Wilkins, A. [Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109 (United States); Spahr, T. [Minor Planet Center, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); McMillan, R. S. [Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Walker, R. [Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy, Marina, CA 93933 (United States); Cutri, R. [Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States); Wright, E., E-mail: [UCLA Astronomy, Los Angles, CA 90095 (United States)


    We present the preliminary analysis of 1023 known asteroids in the Hilda region of the solar system observed by the NEOWISE component of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The sizes of the Hildas observed range from {approx}3 to 200 km. We find no size-albedo dependency as reported by other projects. The albedos of our sample are low, with a weighted mean value of p{sub V} = 0.055 {+-} 0.018, for all sizes sampled by the NEOWISE survey. We observed a significant fraction of the objects in the two known collisional families in the Hilda population. It is found that the Hilda collisional family is brighter, with a weighted mean albedo of p{sub V} = 0.061 {+-} 0.011, than the general population and dominated by D-type asteroids, while the Schubart collisional family is darker, with a weighted mean albedo of p{sub V} = 0.039 {+-} 0.013. Using the reflected sunlight in the two shortest WISE bandpasses, we are able to derive a method for taxonomic classification of {approx}10% of the Hildas detected in the NEOWISE survey. For the Hildas with diameter larger than 30 km, there are 67{sup +7}{sub -15}% D-type asteroids and 26{sup +17}{sub -5%} C-/P-type asteroids (with the majority of these being P-types).

  8. Preliminary results for oil on the bottom detection technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hansen, K.A. [United States Coast Guard, Groton, CT (United States). Research and Development Center


    This paper addressed the challenge of finding and recovering spills of submerged oil using current methods that often prove to be inadequate. The United States Coast Guard has launched a multi-year project to develop a complete approach for spills of submerged oils. This paper described the preliminary assessment of using sonar, laser fluorometry, real-time mass spectrometry and in-situ fluorometry to locate submerged oil. Specifications for the various techniques were also described. The authors noted that the sensors should provide enough information so that decision-makers could determine if an amount of oil sufficient to merit recovering could be identified. The systems chosen for testing for this paper were the RESON multi-beam sonar system; the Science Laser Line Scan System (LLSS) adapted for fluorescence and developed by Applications International Corporation (SAIC); fluorescence polarization developed by EIC Laboratories; and in-situ mass spectrometry and in-situ fluorometry developed by Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). Each of these technologies represented an improvement over the existing ad-hoc methods. Although they have not been tested in harsh environments, they may be useful immediately in some situations to increase reliability of oil detection at the bottom of, or in the water column. 16 refs., 1 tab., 20 figs.

  9. Annoyance Caused by Propeller Airplane Flyover Noise: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Mccurdy, D. A.; Powell, C. A.


    The annoyance response of people to the noise of propeller airplane flyovers was examined. The specific items of interest were: (1) the annoyance prediction ability of current noise metrics; (2) the effect of tone corrections on prediction ability; (3) the effect of duration corrections on prediction ability; and (4) the effect of 'critical band' corrections on the prediction ability of perceived noise level. Preliminary analyses of the data obtained from two experiments are presented. The first experiment examined 11 propeller airplanes with maximum takeoff weights greater than or equal to 5700 kg. The second experiment examined 14 propeller airplanes weighting 5700 kg or less. Also included in each experiment were five different commercial service jet airplanes. Each airplane noise was presented at D-weighted sound pressure levels of 70, 80, and 90 dB to subjects in a testing room which simulates the outdoor acoustic environment. Subjects judged 108 stimuli in the first experiment and 132 stimuli in the second experiment. Perceived noise level predicted annoyance better than A, D, or E-weighted sound pressure level. Corrections for tones greater than of equal to 500 Hz generally improved prediction ability for the heavier propeller airplanes.

  10. FDG-PET of autoimmune-related pancreatitis: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nakamoto, Yuji; Saga, Tsuneo; Ishimori, Takayoshi; Higashi, Tatsuya; Mamede, M.; Konishi, Junji [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University (Japan); Okazaki, Kazuichi [Department of Endoscopy and Gastroenterology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University (Japan); Imamura, Masayuki [Department of Surgery and Surgical Basic Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University (Japan); Sakahara, Harumi [Department of Radiology, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (Japan)


    The purpose of this retrospective study was to elucidate the fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) findings in autoimmune-related pancreatitis (AIP), which is a reversible chronic pancreatitis with an autoimmune cause. The study group comprised six patients with clinically diagnosed AIP. After 370 MBq (10 mCi) of FDG had been injected intravenously, the abdomen and/or the whole body was scanned at 1 h post injection in all patients, and scanning was repeated at 2 h in four patients. PET findings were evaluated visually and/or semiquantitatively using the standardized uptake value (SUV). In four of the six patients, PET demonstrated intense uptake in the whole pancreas, which appeared swollen on computed tomography, and the accumulation increased with time in three patients. In one patient, intense focal uptake in the pancreatic head was observed, and the accumulation decreased over time. In the remaining patient, no abnormal accumulation in the pancreas was observed. Follow-up PET scanning after steroid therapy was performed in three patients, and intense FDG uptake was no longer observed. Our preliminary data show that AIP can cause intense FDG uptake in the pancreas. This fact, and the benign status of the condition, should be kept in mind when making a diagnosis with FDG-PET in patients with pancreatic disorders. (orig.)

  11. Preliminary results of femtosecond laser-assisted descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cheng, Y.Y.; Hendrikse, F.; Pels, E.; Wijdh, R.J.; Cleynenbreugel, H. van; Eggink, C.A.; Rij, G. van; Rijneveld, W.J.; Nuijts, R.M.


    OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the preliminary visual results of femtosecond laser-assisted Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty (FS-DSEK). METHODS: We prospectively analyzed results of 20 consecutive patients with Fuchs endothelial dystrophy or aphakic/pseudophakic bullous keratopathy who underwent

  12. Magnetotelluric investigation across the Agri Valley: preliminary results. (United States)

    Balasco, Marianna; Romano, Gerardo; Siniscalchi, Agata; Alfredo Stabile, Tony


    The Agri Valley is an axial zone of the Southern Apennines thrust belt chain with a strong seismogenic potential where two important energy technologies responsible for inducing/triggering seismicity are active: (1) the disposal at the Costa Molina 2 injection well of the wastewater produced during the exploitation of the biggest onshore oil field in west Europe (27 wells producing more than 80,000 barrels of crude oil per day), managed by the Eni S.p.A., and (2) the water loading and unloading operations in the Pertusillo artificial reservoir. It is recognized the possibility that the fluctuation of the water level inside the reservoir, due to the hydrological cycle for example, produces pressure perturbations at the bottom of reservoir, causing induced seismicity. Furthermore it is even more known the role of fluids in the rupture processes which could cause an increase of pore pressure specially at high rate of injection fluids and/or for the presence of weakening of preexisting faults. With the aim to better characterize and understand the physical processes involved in the observed induced/triggered seismicity, in 2016 a broadband seismic network, covering an area of about 20 km x 20 km nearby the Pertusillo Dam and Costa Molina2 well has been installed in the framework of SIR-MIUR project INSIEME (INduced Seismicity in Italy: Estimation, Monitoring, and sEismic risk mitigation) and a MagnetoTelluric (MT) survey has been performed. The MT investigation consists of 25 soundings aligned along 30 km profile oriented at about N40 direction, orthogonal with the strike of the major and noticeable geological structures and crossing both of the source that may induce/trigger seismicity. In this work, we present the preliminary 2D resistivity model which provides useful deep geophysical information for understanding the geological and structural setting of the Agri Valley. Moreover, the comparison of the resistivity model with the earthquake location as inferred from

  13. Parameters of helium absorption by porous structures (United States)

    Bukin, A. N.; Ivanova, A. S.; Marunich, S. A.; Pak, Yu. S.; Rozenkevich, M. B.


    Results from investigating the parameters of helium absoption by hollow glass-crystalline cenospheres obtained at the Reftinsky regional power station in the city of Asbest are presented. The permeability coefficients of helium penetrating through shells are determined, and the apparent activation energy is estimated ( E act = 33 ± 5 kJ/mol). The possibility of selectively extracting helium from mixtures of it and nitrogen is shown.

  14. The Sunphotometer Airborne Validation Experiment 2012: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Estellés, Victor; Marenco, Franco; Ryder, Claire L.; Campanelli, Monica; Expósito, Francisco; Solá, Yolanda; Segura, Sara; Marcos, Carlos; Toledano, Carlos; Berjón, Alberto; Guirado, Carmen; Claxton, Bernard; Todd, Martin


    to provide detailed vertically resolved aerosol measurements, in order to compare these to sunphotometer retrievals. Simultaneously, 4 different ground AERONET - Cimel sites were deployed in the Tenerife island, at different latitudes and altitudes for further investigation of spatial and vertical variability. Three of these sites also measured solar radiation components with CM21 pyranometers and CHP1 pirheliometers, for further research on radiative forcing of aerosols. One site was equipped with a Prede POM sun-sky radiometer for comparison with Cimel sunphotometer. On the other hand, for the FENNEC campaign another AERONET Cimel sunphotometer was deployed in Zouerate (Mauritania). The ideal conditions for such a comparison consisted of cloudless skies and high mineral aerosol burdens, brought by the Saharan outflow. Although these conditions were not reached in the Tenerife area during the scheduled field campaign, appropriate conditions were met in western Mauritania, over the AERONET Zouerate site. In this study, we perform a preliminary analysis of the columnar properties of aerosols in the Canary Islands and West Sahara areas during the FENNEC 2011 and FENNEC-SAVEX 2012 field campaigns, with an emphasis on the comparison between the size distributions retrieved from both AERONET and SKYRAD algorithms using the Zouerate Cimel site data. Validation of the vertical integrated aerosol size distributions will be also presented. References - M.Campanelli, V.Estelles, T. Smyth, T. Nakajima, M. Hashimoto, A.Lupi, C. Tomas, "Retrieval of aerosol radiative properties from sun-sky radiometers measurements of ESR network: comparison between the inversion codes Skyrad4.2.pack and the new Skyrad5.pack", European Aerosol Conference, 2011. - V. Estellés, M. Campanelli, M. P. Utrillas, F. Expósito, and J. A. Martínez-Lozano, "Comparison of AERONET and SKYRAD4.2 inversion products retrieved from a Cimel CE318 sunphotometer", Atmos. Meas. Tech. 5, 569—579, 2012.

  15. 77 FR 41746 - Chlorinated Isocyanurates From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping... (United States)


    ... publication of these preliminary results.\\37\\ \\37\\ In accordance with 19 CFR 351.301(c)(1), for the final... Value Memorandum. Jiheng reported chlorine, hydrogen gas, ammonia gas, and sulfuric acid as by-products...


    This presentation describes the preliminary results of the evaluations of the alternative asbestos control method for demolishing buildings containing asbestos, and are covered under the regulatory requirements of the Asbestos NESHAP. This abstract and presentation are based, at ...

  17. Performance test results of helium gas circulator of mock-up test facility with full-scale reaction tube for HTTR hydrogen production system. Contract research

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shimizu, Akira; Kato, Michio; Hayashi, Koji [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Oarai, Ibaraki (Japan). Oarai Research Establishment] [and others


    Hydrogen production system by steam reforming of methane will be connected to the High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) against development of nuclear heat utilization system. To obtain design and safety database of the HTTR hydrogen production system, mock-up test facility with full-scale reaction was constructed in FY 2001 and hydrogen of 120m{sup 3}N{sub /}h was successfully produced in overall performance test. This report describes performance test results of a helium gas circulator in this facility. The circulator performance curves regarding to pressure-rise, input power and adiabatic thermal efficiency at standard revolution number were made based on the measured flow-rate, temperature and pressure data in overall performance test. The circulator performance prediction code was made based on these performance curves. The code can calculate revolution number, electric power and temperature-rise of the circulator using flow-rate, inlet temperature, inlet pressure and pressure-rise data. The verification of the code was carried out with the test data in FY 2002. Total pressure loss of the helium gas circulation loop was also evaluated. The circulator should be operated in conditions such as pressure from 2.7MPa to 4.0MPa and flow-rate from 250g/s to 400g/s and at maximum pressure-rise of 250 kPa in test operation. It was confirmed in above verification and evaluations that the circulator had performance to satisfy above conditions within operation limitation of the circulator such as maximum input-power of 150 kW and maximum revolution number of 12,000 rpm. (author)

  18. Saturn's Helium Abundance from Cassini CIRS and RSS Data (United States)

    Achterberg, Richard K.; Schinder, Paul J.; Flasar, F. Michael


    The ratio of helium to hydrogen in Saturn's atmosphere provides an important constraint on models of Saturn's formation and evolution, but has been poorly constrained by available data. Measurements combining Voyager infrared and radio data [1] gave a He/H2 mole ratio of 0.034 ± 0.024, far below the protosolar value and requiring either significant helium loss or sequestration in the interior. Prompted by discrepancies between the Voyager infrared/radio and Galileo probe measurements of helium on Jupiter, Conrath and Gautier [2] reevaluated the helium abundance on Saturn from Voyager infrared data only, obtaining a He/H2 mole ratio of 0.135 ± 0.025, inconsistent with the previous results. Because of this discrepancy, estimating Saturn's atmospheric helium abundance has been a major goal of the Cassini mission.We are estimating the He/H2 mole ratio in Saturn's atmosphere using a combination of data from the Cassini Radio Science Subsystem (RSS) and Composite InfraRed Spectrometer (CIRS). Radio occultations, in which a carrier signal is observed as Cassini passed behind Saturn as seen from antennas on Earth, give a vertical profile of atmospheric refractivity, which can be converted to temperature as a function of pressure assuming a mean molecular weight. The assumed molecular weight is adjusted until synthetic thermal infrared spectra match spectra observed by CIRS at the same latitude and time. Preliminary results from a set of eleven near-equatorial occultations taken in 2005 give He/H2 mole ratios varying between ~0.060 and 0.085.[1] Conrath, B. J., et al., 1984, Ap. J., 282:807-815[2] Conrath, B. J. and D. Gautier, 2000, Icarus, 144:124-134

  19. Description and preliminary results of the PACEM 2 experimental program (United States)

    Gole, P.; Lavergnat, J.; Sylvain, M.

    The CNET experimental PACEM program, which is aimed at obtaining a better understanding of multipath propagation on microwave line-of-sight channels, is considered. The results of a previous experiment on channel modeling is summarized, and an experiment investigating the seasonal variations on a space diversity channel is described. To monitor the experiment remotely, an efficient data compression technique that involved Hadamard transforming was used. It is shown that the number of significant transform coefficients allows a quick evaluation of the propagation channel behavior without decompressing the data. First results obtained using the method are presented for a one-year period.

  20. Preliminary results from an infrared hyperspectral imaging polarimeter (United States)

    Craven-Jones, Julia; Kudenov, Michael W.; Stapelbroek, Maryn G.; Dereniak, Eustace L.


    We present results from a SWIR/MWIR infrared hyperspectral imaging polarimeter (IHIP). The sensor includes a pair of sapphire Wollaston prisms and several high order retarders to form an imaging Fourier transform spectropolarimeter. The Wollaston prisms serve as a birefringent interferometer with reduced sensitivity to vibration versus an unequal path interferometer, such as a Michelson. Polarimetric data are acquired through the use of channeled spectropolarimetry to modulate the spectrum with the Stokes parameter information. We discuss the operation of the IHIP sensor, in addition to our calibration techniques. Lastly, spectropolarimetric results from the laboratory and outdoor tests are presented.

  1. Family Characteristics of Anxious ADHD Children: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Kepley, Hayden O.; Ostrander, Rick


    Objective: To investigate the family environments of children in a community sample with ADHD and co-occurring anxiety. Method: Family Environment Scale, Behavioral Assessment System for Children, and Structured Clinical Interview are administered to parents of children with ADHD with and without anxiety. Results: ADHD families are uniformly less…

  2. Multiaxial fatigue of aluminium friction stir welded joints: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. G. Hattingh


    Full Text Available The aim of the present research is to check the accuracy of the Modified Wöhler Curve Method (MWCM in estimating the fatigue strength of friction stir (FS welded tubular joints of Al 6082-T6 subjected to in-phase and out-of-phase multiaxial fatigue loading. The welded samples being investigated were manufactured by equipping an MTS I-STIR process development system with a retracting tool that was specifically designed and optimised for this purpose. These specimens were tested under proportional and non-proportional tension and torsion, the effect of non-zero mean stresses being also investigated. The validation exercise carried out by using the generated experimental results allowed us to prove that the MWCM (applied in terms of nominal stresses is highly accurate in predicting the fatigue strength of the tested FS welded joints, its usage resulting in estimates falling with the uniaxial and torsional calibration scatter bands.

  3. Preliminary results of in vitro propagation of Guayule (United States)

    Dastoor, M. N.; Schubert, W. W.; Petersen, G. R.


    Guayule, Parthenium argentatum Gray, was first established in tissue culture by Bonner and Arreguin (1950) as a means to study the effects of various chemicals and extracts on rubber production. The propagation of whole guayule plants from tissue culture, however, has not been accomplished. The reported investigation is concerned with such an objective. In an attempt to stimulate rubber production in Guayule, Yokoyama et al. (1977) sprayed juvenile plants with 2-(3,4-dichloro-phenoxy)triethylamine (TEA derivative). This treatment resulted in increased isoprenoid levels in the plant tissue. In the current investigation, experiments were conducted to study the effect of TEA derivative on in vitro cultures. It was found that a suppression of callus formation occurs at a 10 mg/L concentration of TEA derivative with a resultant increase of shoot formation. Lower and higher concentrations of TEA derivative promote callus formation.

  4. Are saponins and sapogenins precursors of prednisolone? Preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuseppe Federico Labella


    Full Text Available The transformation of cortisol into prednisolone in cattle faeces was demonstrated and provided by literature, given the structural similarity of prednisolone with cortisol. In this study, we evaluated a possible neo-formation of prednisolone, as results of a faecal or environmental contamination. A saponine, α-solanine, and a sapogenin, diosgenin, were selected as possible precursors. A simple method without extraction was applied. The analyses were performed by HPLC–MSn to evaluate the possible transformations. The results showed that prednisolone was detected in the faecal suspension spiked with diosgenin at t= 8h, while cortisol was also detected at t = 24h in the sample of faeces spiked with α-solanine. In the feed and in the control samples, no transformations were observed.

  5. Preliminary results on the stability of switched positive linear systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gurvits, L. (Leonid)


    It was recently conjectured that the Hurwitz stability of a polytope of Metzler matrices is a necessary and sufficient condition for the stability of the associated switched linear system for arbitrary switching sequences. In this paper we show: (i) that this conjecture is true for a polytope constructed from a pair of second order Metzler matrices; (ii) that the conjecture is true for general polytopes of a finite number of second order Metzler matrices; and (iii) that the conjecture is in general false for higher order systems. The implications of our results, both for the design of switched positive linear systems, and for research directions that arise as a result of our work, are discussed toward the end of the paper.

  6. OPM3® Portugal project : analysis of preliminary results


    Silva, David; Tereso, Anabela; Fernandes, Gabriela; Pinto, José Ângelo


    Project Management (PM) has emerged as a crucial factor that determines the success of an organization. In this sense, there is a growing concern for organizations to assess their PM maturity. This paper presents the PM maturity results for 19 organizations, using Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) emerging from OPM3® Portugal Project research, that is presently in progress. All aspects of OPM3® Portugal Project are explained in detail, and a brief descriptiv...

  7. Impediments to Marketing African Natural products From Ghana: Preliminary Results


    Govindasamy, Ramu; Onyango, Benjamin M.; Puduri, Venkata S.; Simon, James E.; Asante-Dartey, Juliana; Arthur, Hanson; Diawuo, Bismarck; Acquaye, Dan


    For most of the African countries agriculture still remains the mainstay of the economies supplying both food and incomes via marketable surpluses. However, many odds against agriculture such low productivity, poor prices, and drought among others make it unsustainable. Results thus far show that such dependence has contributed little to neither economic development nor growth. Still many of its people living on and from agriculture remain poor, and are susceptible to hunger and malnutrition....

  8. Preliminary operational results of the industrial process heat field tests

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kutscher, C.; Davenport, R.


    There are currently six DOE-funded solar industrial process heat (IPH) field tests which have been operational for one year or longer. These are all low temperature first generation projects which supply heat at temperatures below 100/sup 0/C - three hot water and three hot air. During the 1979 calendar year, personnel from the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) visited all of these sites; the performance and cost results obtained for each project and the operational problems encountered at each site are discussed.

  9. Fourier shape descriptors in fish preliminary results with Prochilodus (United States)

    Torres, Audalio Rebelo; Silva, Josielma dos Santos; Neta, Raimunda Nonata Fortes Carvalho


    In this work, we analyzed fifteen Prochilodus applying Fourier shape descriptors techniques in order to test a method potential to detect and distinguish features like gonadal stage. The technique consists in obtains captured images from the fishes with high resolution, digitized the contours of the fish and obtains Cartesian coordinates of the points in the fish image border. These coordinates of each fish is adjusted to a Fourier discrete polynomial and the variability of each harmonic is obtained and evaluated. The initial results show a promising potential in distinguish fish features.

  10. Ramadan fasting: Evidence or expert opinion? Results of preliminary studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maryam Kazemi


    Full Text Available Each year, over a billion Muslims fast worldwide during the month of Ramadan.  Through this religious practice, not only will one have spiritual growth, but can improve his/her diet, which is of pivotal importance in this month. Conversely, the available evidence regarding the health benefits of Ramadan fasting is scarce and highly contentious. Although Islam exempts patients from fasting, many of them fast conceivably and their clinical condition is prone to deteriorate. This is due to the persistent gap between current expert knowledge and conclusive, strong evidence regarding the pathophysiologic and metabolic alterations by fasting, and the consensus that healthcare professionals should reach, in order to manage various patient groups during this month. In this review, we summarize the results of our initial studies regarding the effects of Ramadan fasting on some clinical conditions including alterations of body composition. We also go through the important clinical results of patients who have had previous history of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma and renal colic. Our studies have presented some evidence in favor of Ramadan fasting and encourage those with mentioned diseases to consult their physicians and follow medical and scientific recommendations. We attempt to present some relevant evidence clarify future scopes in this area of study, and provide suggestions for future investigations.

  11. Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in Brazil: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jose Roberto Colombo Junior


    Full Text Available Purpose: To report the initial experience on robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in Brazil. Methods: From March 2008 to March 2009, a hundred patients were treated with robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. Patient’s demographic data, as well as perioperative results of the procedures, are described in this study. Rresults: Patients’ mean age and mean PSA were 58 years and 7.58 ng/ml, respectively. All procedures were performed through transperitoneal approach, with a mean bleeding of 480 mL and surgical time of 298 minutes. A surgical margin affected by cancer was present in 16% of the cases. There were four complications: bleeding requiring transfusion (two cases, rectal perforation corrected on the spot and inadequate functioning of the robot. There was no conversion to another access or obit occurrences in this caseload. Cconclusions: Robot-assisted prostatectomy is a reality in Brazil and the results herein presented demonstrate that this procedure can be safely performed. Long-term follow-up is still necessary to assess the oncological and functional outcomes.

  12. Preliminary Results From a Newly Established Behavioral Health Home

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandros Maragakis


    Full Text Available Objective: Individuals with serious mental illness (SMI have higher rates of preventable diseases such as diabetes in comparison to the general population. While multifaceted, these high rates of preventable diseases in the population with SMI may be partially attributed to limited access to primary care. A new program, the Behavioral Health Home (BHH, which allows for the delivery of somatic care coordination and population-based care, may provide this population with the much needed somatic coordination and education it requires. Methods: The impact of the population-based health management program of the BHH identification and severity rating of glucose metabolism disorders was assessed during the initial 10 months of the BHH. Results: Multiple patients were identified who either were not having hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c levels drawn per recommended guidelines for individuals prescribed antipsychotic medications or were within diabetic range but did not have a diagnosis of diabetes. Mixed results occurred in regard to patients’ HbA1c levels while engaging in the BHH. Conclusion: This case study provides some initial evidence for the utility of the BHH in regard to identifying patients who need preventive care.

  13. Ramadan fasting: Evidence or expert opinion? Results of preliminary studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    1Maryam Kazemi


    Full Text Available Each year, over a billion Muslims fast worldwide during the month of Ramadan. Through this religious practice, not only will one have spiritual growth, but can improve his/her diet, which is of pivotal importance in this month. Conversely, the available evidence regarding the health benefits of Ramadan fasting is scarce and highly contentious. Although Islam exempts patients from fasting, many of them fast conceivably and their clinical condition is prone to deteriorate. This is due to the persistent gap between current expert knowledge and conclusive, strong evidence regarding the pathophysiologic and metabolic alterations by fasting, and the consensus that healthcare professionals should reach, in order to manage various patient groups during this month. In this review, we summarize the results of our initial studies regarding the effects of Ramadan fasting on some clinical conditions including alterations of body composition. We also go through the important clinical results of patients who have had previous history of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma and renal colic. Our studies have presented some evidence in favor of Ramadan fasting and encourage those with mentioned diseases to consult their physicians and follow medical and scientific recommendations. We attempt to present some relevant evidence clarify future scopes in this area of study, and provide suggestions for future investigations.

  14. Involution of categorical thinking processes in Alzheimer's disease: Preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Berlim de Mello

    Full Text Available Abstract Alzheimer's disease (AD is a degenerative brain disorder characterized by progressive losses in cognitive functions, including memory. The sequence of these losses may correspond to the inverse order of the normal sequence of ontogenetic cognitive acquisitions, a process named retrogenesis. One of the acquisitions that improve in normal development is the ability to retrieve previously acquired categorical knowledge from semantic memory in order to guide associative thinking and memory processes; consequently, children become able to associate verbal stimuli in more complex taxonomic ways and to use this knowledge to improve their recall. Objective: In this study, we investigated if AD-related deterioration of semantic memory involves a decrease in categorical thinking processes with progression of the disease, according to the retrogenesis hypothesis. Methods: We compared the performance of AD patients at mild and moderate stages, and of groups of 7, 10 and 14-year-old children in tasks of free association along with recall tasks of perceptually and semantically related stimuli. Results: ANOVAS showed a decrease in taxonomic associations and an increase in diffuse associations between mild and moderate stages, corresponding to the inverse order shown by the child groups. At the moderate AD stage, the pattern was similar to that of 7-year-old children. Both groups of patients performed worse than child groups in recall tasks. Conclusions: These results corroborate the hypothesis of an involution of the processes of categorical associative thinking in the course of the disease.

  15. Preliminary Hydrogeologic Characterization Results from the Wallula Basalt Pilot Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    B.P. McGrail; E. C. Sullivan; F. A. Spane; D. H. Bacon; G. Hund; P. D. Thorne; C. J. Thompson; S. P. Reidel; F. S. Colwell


    The DOE's Big Sky Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership has completed drilling the first continental flood basalt sequestration pilot borehole to a total depth (TD) of 4,110 feet on the Boise White Paper Mill property at Wallula, Washington. Site suitability was assessed prior to drilling by the 2007-2008 acquisition, processing and analysis of a four-mile, five-line three component seismic swath, which was processed as a single data-dense line. Analysis of the seismic survey data indicated a composite basalt formation thickness of {approx}8,000 feet and absence of major geologic structures (i.e., faults) along the line imaged by the seismic swath. Drilling of Wallula pilot borehole was initiated on January 13, 2009 and reached TD on April 6, 2009. Based on characterization results obtained during drilling, three basalt breccia zones were identified between the depth interval of 2,716 and 2,910 feet, as being suitable injection reservoir for a subsequent CO2 injection pilot study. The targeted injection reservoir lies stratigraphically below the massive Umtanum Member of the Grande Ronde Basalt, whose flow-interior section possesses regionally recognized low-permeability characteristics. The identified composite injection zone reservoir provides a unique and attractive opportunity to scientifically study the reservoir behavior of three inter-connected reservoir intervals below primary and secondary caprock confining zones. Drill cuttings, wireline geophysical logs, and 31one-inch diameter rotary sidewall cores provided geologic data for characterization of rock properties. XRF analyses of selected rock samples provided geochemical characterizations of the rocks and stratigraphic control for the basalt flows encountered by the Wallula pilot borehole. Based on the geochemical results, the pilot borehole was terminated in the Wapshilla Ridge 1 flow of the Grande Ronde Basalt Formation. Detailed hydrologic test characterizations of 12 basalt interflow

  16. Preliminary results on Macroalgae distribution in destructive processes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available It has been shown, that the destruction of the coastal strip in region of action of Mikhailovsky landslide results in change of species structure and dominant species photophilous Cystoseira barbara on sciophylous Gracilaria verrucosa. In accordance with increasing sediments amount in sea water biomass and the morpho-functional parameters of the photophilous species are reducing, and at the sciophylous are growing. Progressing phenomenon of epiphytism is observed in algal populations in the southern part of researched region which is possible to consider as response reaction, leads to increase a synthesizing surface. Decreasing physiological activity is compensated by growth of the total surface of macrophytes. The increase of a sea water sediments leads to lowering ratio of long and shortwave pigments level of ATP-ase activity and raising concentration of the total sum of pigments in thalli.

  17. Paradoxical sleep characteristics and cultural environment. Preliminary results. (United States)

    Petre-Quadens, O; Hussain, H; Balaratnan, C


    The Temiars are a tribe of negroid pygmies of basically Proto-Malaysian affinities. Field-work in the Malaysian jungle provided some observations on the sleep-wakefulness cycle of two young Temiar adults. This cycle was monophasic circumstances permitting. Their rest-activity cycle at night was similar in the jungle and in the laboratory. Polygraphic total night-sleep recordings were made with both of them in the EEG laboratory in the Hospital Besar in Kuala Lumpur. The eye-movement frequencies of PS were compared with those from young adults of the West. Although the differences were not statistically significant, the Rem-densities of the Temiars were constantly at the low side. The significance of the results are being discussed.

  18. Modeling intrinsic electrophysiology of AII amacrine cells: preliminary results. (United States)

    Apollo, Nick; Grayden, David B; Burkitt, Anthony N; Meffin, Hamish; Kameneva, Tatiana


    In patients who have lost their photoreceptors due to retinal degenerative diseases, it is possible to restore rudimentary vision by electrically stimulating surviving neurons. AII amacrine cells, which reside in the inner plexiform layer, split the signal from rod bipolar cells into ON and OFF cone pathways. As a result, it is of interest to develop a computational model to aid in the understanding of how these cells respond to the electrical stimulation delivered by a prosthetic implant. The aim of this work is to develop and constrain parameters in a single-compartment model of an AII amacrine cell using data from whole-cell patch clamp recordings. This model will be used to explore responses of AII amacrine cells to electrical stimulation. Single-compartment Hodgkin-Huxley-type neural models are simulated in the NEURON environment. Simulations showed successful reproduction of the potassium currentvoltage relationship and some of the spiking properties observed in vitro.

  19. Preliminary results on bubble detector as personal neutron dosemeter. (United States)

    Ponraju, D; Krishnan, H; Viswanathan, S; Indira, R


    The bubble detector is demonstrated as one of the best suitable neutron detectors for neutron dose rate measurements in the presence of high-intense gamma fields. Immobilisation of a volatile liquid in a superheated state and achieving uniform distribution of tiny superheated droplets were a practical challenge. A compact and reusable bubble detector with high neutron sensitivity has been developed at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research by immobilising the superheated droplets in a suitable polymer matrix. Two types of bubble detectors have been successfully developed, one by incorporating isobutane for measuring fast neutron and another by incorporating Freon-12 for both fast and thermal neutron. The performance of the detector has been tested using 5 Ci Am-Be neutron source and the results are described.

  20. Bioelectrical impedance analysis for bovine milk: Preliminary results (United States)

    Bertemes-Filho, P.; Valicheski, R.; Pereira, R. M.; Paterno, A. S.


    This work reports the investigation and analysis of bovine milk quality by using biological impedance measurements using electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The samples were distinguished by a first chemical analysis using Fourier transform midinfrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and flow citometry. A set of milk samples (100ml each) obtained from 17 different cows in lactation with and without mastitis were analyzed with the proposed technique using EIS. The samples were adulterated by adding distilled water and hydrogen peroxide in a controlled manner. FTIR spectroscopy and flow cytometry were performed, and impedance measurements were made in a frequency range from 500Hz up to 1MHz with an implemented EIS system. The system's phase shift was compensated by measuring saline solutions. It was possible to show that the results obtained with the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technique may detect changes in the milk caused by mastitis and the presence of water and hydrogen peroxide in the bovine milk.

  1. Preliminary results from the ASF/GPS ice classification algorithm (United States)

    Cunningham, G.; Kwok, R.; Holt, B.


    The European Space Agency Remote Sensing Satellite (ERS-1) satellite carried a C-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to study the earth's polar regions. The radar returns from sea ice can be used to infer properties of ice, including ice type. An algorithm has been developed for the Alaska SAR facility (ASF)/Geophysical Processor System (GPS) to infer ice type from the SAR observations over sea ice and open water. The algorithm utilizes look-up tables containing expected backscatter values from various ice types. An analysis has been made of two overlapping strips with 14 SAR images. The backscatter values of specific ice regions were sampled to study the backscatter characteristics of the ice in time and space. Results show both stability of the backscatter values in time and a good separation of multiyear and first-year ice signals, verifying the approach used in the classification algorithm.

  2. Preliminary results on scintigraphic evaluation of malignant external otitis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Malamitsi, J.; Maragoudakis, P. (Hippocrateion Hospital, Athens (Greece). Dept. of Nuclear Medicine); Papafragou, K.; Koukouliou, V. (Athens Univ. (Greece). Dept. of Medical Physics); Kalatzis, Y.; Adamopoulos, G.; Proukakis, C. (Hippocrateion Hospital, Athens (Greece). ORL Univ. Clinic)


    Malignant external otitis (MEO) is a potentially fatal otitis occurring in diabetic and immunosuppressed patients, which may cause cranial nerve palsies and massive thrombophlebitis of the brain. We studied five diabetic patients with the clinical diagnosis of external otitis who were suspected of having MEO and one diabetic patient presumed cured from MEO. All of them underwent methylene diphosphonate, nanocolloid and gallium single-photon emission tomography studies with quantitative analysis on the basis of regions of interest and count profile curves. This combined assessment helped us to diagnose and follow-up soft tissue and temporal bone infection, especially in the case of transsphenoidal extension of the disease, since conventional radiology and computed tomography were of no particular help. On the basis of these results, we consider scintigraphic demonstration of skull base infection as a fourth criterion of MEO given that the classical Chandler's triad (diabetes, granuloma, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa) is not always present. (orig.).

  3. Performance and Preliminary Results From FIREBALL and CWI. (United States)

    Matuszewski, Mateusz; Martin, D.


    The Faint Intergalactic Redshifted Emission Balloon (FIREBALL) is a balloon-borne, vaccuum ultraviolet (200 nm), fiber-fed integral field spectrograph designed to observe line emission from the intergalactic (IGM) and circumgalactic (CGM) media in the redshift range 0.3 1.0. It had its first successful science flight in Juny 2009. The Cosmic Web Imager (CWI) is a slicer-based integral field spectrograph built for the 200" Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory. It is designed to detect and map line emission from the IGM, CGM and circum-QSO medium (CQM) in the redshift range 2 < z < 7. The design, construction, commissioning, and initial scientific results of FIREBALL and CWI are presented.

  4. Methane in permafrost - Preliminary results from coring at Fairbanks, Alaska (United States)

    Kvenvolden, K.A.; Lorenson, T.D.


    Permafrost has been suggested as a high-latitude source of methane (a greenhouse gas) during global warming. To begin to assess the magnitude of this source, we have examined the methane content of permafrost in samples from shallow cores (maximum depth, 9.5m) at three sites in Fairbanks, Alaska, where discontinuous permafrost is common. These cores sampled frozen loess, peat, and water (ice) below the active layer. Methane contents of permafrost range from permafrost worldwide over the next 100 years, given two climate change scenarios. Our results indicate that at least 30 years will elapse before melting permafrost releases important amounts of methane; a maximum methane release rate will be about 25 to 30 Tg/yr, assuming that methane is generally distributed in shallow permafrost as observed in our samples.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mainzer, A.; Bauer, J.; Masiero, J.; Eisenhardt, P. [Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109 (United States); Grav, T.; Mo, W. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (United States); McMillan, R. S. [Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, 1629 East University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85721-0092 (United States); Cutri, R. M. [Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States); Walker, R. [Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy, Monterey, CA (United States); Wright, E. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA, P.O. Box 91547, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547 (United States); Tholen, D. J.; Jedicke, R.; Denneau, L. [Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, 2680 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI (United States); Spahr, T. [Minor Planet Center, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); DeBaun, E. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth University, Hanover, NH 03755 (United States); Elsbury, D. [University of California Santa Barbara, Broida Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 (United States); Gautier, T. [Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 (United States); Gomillion, S. [Department of Engineering Physics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 600 S. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 (United States); Hand, E. [Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO 64110 (United States); Watkins, J., E-mail: [Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UCLA, 595 Charles Young Drive East, Box 951567, Los Angeles, CA 90095 (United States); and others


    With the NEOWISE portion of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) project, we have carried out a highly uniform survey of the near-Earth object (NEO) population at thermal infrared wavelengths ranging from 3 to 22 {mu}m, allowing us to refine estimates of their numbers, sizes, and albedos. The NEOWISE survey detected NEOs the same way whether they were previously known or not, subject to the availability of ground-based follow-up observations, resulting in the discovery of more than 130 new NEOs. The survey's uniform sensitivity, observing cadence, and image quality have permitted extrapolation of the 428 near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) detected by NEOWISE during the fully cryogenic portion of the WISE mission to the larger population. We find that there are 981 {+-} 19 NEAs larger than 1 km and 20,500 {+-} 3000 NEAs larger than 100 m. We show that the Spaceguard goal of detecting 90% of all 1 km NEAs has been met, and that the cumulative size distribution is best represented by a broken power law with a slope of 1.32 {+-} 0.14 below 1.5 km. This power-law slope produces {approx}13, 200 {+-} 1900 NEAs with D > 140 m. Although previous studies predict another break in the cumulative size distribution below D {approx} 50-100 m, resulting in an increase in the number of NEOs in this size range and smaller, we did not detect enough objects to comment on this increase. The overall number for the NEA population between 100 and 1000 m is lower than previous estimates. The numbers of near-Earth comets and potentially hazardous NEOs will be the subject of future work.

  6. TURBulence Ocean Lidar (TURBOL): preliminary results of laboratory experiments (United States)

    Josset, D. B.; Hou, W.; Goode, W.; Nootz, G.; Matt, S.


    Turbulence is a critical property of the ocean mixed layer and has a direct impact on ocean heat storage and algae photosynthesis. Observing changes in turbulence at the synoptic scale is quite challenging. Research vessels provide a limited geographic/temporal coverage and most systems used to characterize turbulence use in situ instrumentations which disturb the flow and affects turbulence itself. Lidar observations are a promising way to study the ocean properties. Polarization is one of the three key properties of light, in addition to intensity and color (frequency). Each of these properties provides different information about the medium the light passes through, however the information provided by polarization is unique in characterizing the properties of the media. Underwater polarization can be used to study the optical signature of inorganic particles in coastal waters from remote sensing and recent research has shown that scattering due to optical turbulence can be expressed as a function of the depolarization rate. The TURBulence Ocean Lidar is an experimental system, aimed at characterizing underwater turbulence by examining various Stokes parameters. In this presentation, we propose to discuss several results from the laboratory setup of the lidar system, including how the polarization signature is affected by the turbulence intensity. Although the effect on the degree of polarization appears to be a monotonic function of turbulence intensity, our results suggest that the way the light intensity shifts between the different Stokes parameter is much more complex. While this is not unexpected from a theoretical point of view, this has different implications on the optimal configurations of ocean lidar system based on polarization.

  7. Fragility fractures of the pelvis: treatment and preliminary results. (United States)

    Arduini, M; Saturnino, L; Piperno, A; Iundusi, R; Tarantino, U


    With increasing life expectancy, fragility fractures of the pelvic ring (FFP) are becoming frequent. In elderly, osteoporosis leads to a decrease of bone strength and resistance to the ligament's traction; this represents the most important difference between FFP and fractures in young patients. Usually, these fractures are underestimated and treatment is often conservative. To evaluate clinical and surgical outcomes of surgically treated patients with FFP. We retrospectively enrolled 14 patients, in our Trauma Center, underwent surgery procedures for FFP between 2012 and 2014. All patients attended clinical and radiological investigation at 1, 3, and 6 months postoperatively and every year after surgery with a mean follow-up of 22 months. At 6-month follow-up, 11 patients resulted asymptomatic: able to maintain standing position and walk without crunches. Two patients were able to walk with one crunch. The patient with history of previous acetabular fracture walks with two crunches and is still waiting for total hip arthroplasty. The compromised health status and the diminished bone-healing capacity, in elderly, decrease chances for a good clinical outcome. In literature, many authors suggest that mortality rate in patients with FFP is similar to those with hip fracture. Diagnosis of FFP is very important: these fractures are highly disabling in elderly and can lead to displacement and instability. For these reasons, correct diagnosis and well-conduct preoperative plan are necessary to improve stability of fractures and support bone healing. After diagnosis, an anti-osteoporotic treatment is indicated to improve bone quality and bone healing. Our study shows encouraging results and demonstrates that minimally or less invasive osteosynthesis technique could lead to good outcome in these patients.

  8. [Arrest of spermatogenesis by various antibiotics: preliminary experimental results]. (United States)

    Dokov, V K; Timmermans, L


    9 antibiotics used in urology were injected for 8 days into male rats, and their effects observed on testicular histochemistry and histology. The antibiotics were: spiramycin 25 mg/kg, N-(5-nitro-furfurylidene)-1-amino 2 mg/kg, gentamycin sulfate 1.2 mg/kg, sodium chloramphenicol succinate 30 mg/kg, colimycin methane sulfonate 20,000 U/kg, framycetin sulfate 10 mg/kg, 7-(thiophene-2-acetamido-cephalosporanate sodium 30 mg/kg, crystalline potassium penicillin G 40,000 U/kg and oxytetracycline 10 mg/kg (injection routes not specified). The results were classified into 3 categories: first, gentamycin nitrofurfurlidine-aminohydantoine and oxytetracycline arrested cell division in spermatogonia and partially or totally blocked meiosis in primary spermatocytes. The Feulgen reaction (a stain for DNA) was faint in the germinal epithelium. In the second category were spiramycin, thiophene-acetamido-cephalosporanate, colimycin and framycetin, which inhibited mitosis in spermatogonia, therefore permitting few primary spermatocytes to reach metaphase. In the third group were penicillin G and chloramphenicol which partly or completely blocked mitotsis in spermatogonia. In all cases interstitial capillaries were congested. The severity of effect was least with penic illin, moderate with oxytetracycline, and generalized and severe with the others. Histochemical stains showed strong activity of glucose-6-phosphate and isocitric dehydrogenase in the interstitial cells, and in the spermatogonia, but lower than normal in the spermatids and spermatozoa. Glutamate dehydrogenase was low in spermatogonia and primary spermatocytes. Classification of these antibiotics according to these results did not resemble any known chemical or antibacterial class ification.

  9. Sodium and potassium lidar system and preliminary result in Brazil (United States)

    Du, Lifang


    This paper reported that the first sodium and potassium lidar was built at November, 2016 in INPE(S23°,W45°) by National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This system first time realized the potassium and sodium metal layer at the same time above the detection In South America. The lidar system use a powerful pulse YAG laser to pumped two dye lasers at the same time, and join the advanced technology, such as narrow line-width grating technique, efficient laser frequency doubling technique, wavelength automatic locking technique and the double optical fiber in the focal plane for spectra separation technique and so on, which made the 589 nm and 770 nm laser line width to achieve 0.03cm-1 and the laser frequency doubling efficiency to reached above 65%. In this way, the simultaneously detecting the atmosphere at the altitude of 80 110 km by sodium and potassium fluorescence in one lidar facility has been realized. On November 20, 2016, this system began to observation for the first time in Brazil, and it has the detection data of South America about potassium and sodium at the same time. Observed data show that sodium echo photon counting rate is higher than 31874count/160s/96m, potassium echo photon counting rate is higher than 2153count/320s/96m. Comparing with both of at home or abroad, the results are a very good. In particular, the detection results level of potassium take the leading position in the international.

  10. Auditory discrimination therapy (ADT) for tinnitus managment: preliminary results. (United States)

    Herraiz, C; Diges, I; Cobo, P; Plaza, G; Aparicio, J M


    This clinical assay has demonstrated the efficacy of auditory discrimination therapy (ADT) in tinnitus management compared with a waiting-list group. In all, 43% of the ADT patients improved their tinnitus, and its intensity together with its handicap were statistically decreased (EMB rating: B-2). To describe the effect of sound discrimination training on tinnitus. ADT designs a procedure to increase the cortical representation of trained frequencies (damaged cochlear areas with a secondary reduction of cortical stimulation) and to shrink the neighbouring over-represented ones (corresponding to tinnitus pitch). This prospective descriptive study included 14 patients with high frequency matched tinnitus. Tinnitus severity was measured according to a visual analogue scale (VAS) and the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI). Patients performed a 10-min auditory discrimination task twice a day for 1 month. Discontinuous 8 kHz pure tones were randomly mixed with 500 ms 'white noise' sounds through a MP3 system. ADT group results were compared with a waiting-list group (n=21). In all, 43% of our patients had improvement in their tinnitus. A significant improvement in VAS (p=0.004) and THI mean scores was achieved (p=0.038). Statistical differences between ADT and the waiting-list group have been proved, considering patients' self-evaluations (p=0.043) and VAS scores (p=0.004). A non-significant reduction of THI was achieved (p=0.113).

  11. Combined optical and single photon emission imaging: preliminary results. (United States)

    Boschi, Federico; Spinelli, Antonello E; D'Ambrosio, Daniela; Calderan, Laura; Marengo, Mario; Sbarbati, Andrea


    In vivo optical imaging instruments are generally devoted to the acquisition of light coming from fluorescence or bioluminescence processes. Recently, an instrument was conceived with radioisotopic detection capabilities (Kodak in Vivo Multispectral System F) based on the conversion of x-rays from the phosphorus screen. The goal of this work is to demonstrate that an optical imager (IVIS 200, Xenogen Corp., Alameda, USA), designed for in vivo acquisitions of small animals in bioluminescent and fluorescent modalities, can even be employed to detect signals due to radioactive tracers. Our system is based on scintillator crystals for the conversion of high-energy rays and a collimator. No hardware modifications are required. Crystals alone permit the acquisition of photons coming from an in vivo 20 g nude mouse injected with a solution of methyl diphosphonate technetium 99 metastable (Tc99m-MDP). With scintillator crystals and collimators, a set of measurements aimed to fully characterize the system resolution was carried out. More precisely, system point spread function and modulation transfer function were measured at different source depths. Results show that system resolution is always better than 1.3 mm when the source depth is less than 10 mm. The resolution of the images obtained with radioactive tracers is comparable with the resolution achievable with dedicated techniques. Moreover, it is possible to detect both optical and nuclear tracers or bi-modal tracers with only one instrument.

  12. Size dependent differences in litter consumption of isopods: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ferenc Vilisics


    Full Text Available A series of experiments were applied to test how leaf orientation within microcosms affect consumption rates (Experiment 1, and to discover intra-specific differences in leaf litter consumption (Experiment 2 of the common isopod species Porcellio scaber and Porcellionides pruinosus. A standardised microcosm setup was developed for feeding experiments to maintain standard conditions. A constant amount of freshly fallen black poplar litter was provided to three distinct size class (small, medium, large of woodlice. We measured litter consumption after a fortnight. We maintained appr. constant isopod biomass for all treatments, and equal densities within each size class. We hypothesized that different size classes differ in their litter consumption, therefore such differences should occur even within populations of the species. We also hypothesized a marked difference in consumption rates for different leaf orientation within microcosms. Our results showed size-specific consumption patterns for P. scaber: small adults showed the highest consumption rates (i.e. litter mass loss / isopod biomass in high density microcosms, while medium-sized adults of lower densities ate the most litter in containers. Leaf orientation posed no significant effect on litter consumption.

  13. Preliminary results from the heavy ions in space experiment (United States)

    Adams, James H., Jr.; Beahm, Lorraine P.; Tylka, Allan J.


    The Heavy Ions In Space (HIIS) experiment has two primary objectives: (1) to measure the elemental composition of ultraheavy galactic cosmic rays, beginning in the tin-barium region of the periodic table; and (2) to study heavy ions which arrive at LDEF below the geomagnetic cutoff, either because they are not fully stripped of electrons or because their source is within the magnetosphere. Both of these objectives have practical as well as astrophysical consequences. In particular, the high atomic number of the ultraheavy galactic cosmic rays puts them among the most intensely ionizing particles in Nature. They are therefore capable of upsetting electronic components normally considered immune to such effects. The below cutoff heavy ions are intensely ionizing because of their low velocity. They can be a significant source of microelectronic anomalies in low inclination orbits, where Earth's magnetic field protects satellites from most particles from interplanetary space. The HIIS results will lead to significantly improved estimates of the intensely ionizing radiation environment.

  14. Combined optical and single photon emission imaging: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boschi, Federico; Calderan, Laura; Sbarbati, Andrea [Department of Morphological-Biomedical Sciences, Section of Anatomy and Histology, University of Verona, Verona (Italy); Spinelli, Antonello E [Medical Physics Department, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan (Italy); D' Ambrosio, Daniela; Marengo, Mario [Medical Physics Department, S. Orsola Malpighi Hospital, Bologna (Italy)], E-mail:


    In vivo optical imaging instruments are generally devoted to the acquisition of light coming from fluorescence or bioluminescence processes. Recently, an instrument was conceived with radioisotopic detection capabilities (Kodak in Vivo Multispectral System F) based on the conversion of x-rays from the phosphorus screen. The goal of this work is to demonstrate that an optical imager (IVIS 200, Xenogen Corp., Alameda, USA), designed for in vivo acquisitions of small animals in bioluminescent and fluorescent modalities, can even be employed to detect signals due to radioactive tracers. Our system is based on scintillator crystals for the conversion of high-energy rays and a collimator. No hardware modifications are required. Crystals alone permit the acquisition of photons coming from an in vivo 20 g nude mouse injected with a solution of methyl diphosphonate technetium 99 metastable (Tc99m-MDP). With scintillator crystals and collimators, a set of measurements aimed to fully characterize the system resolution was carried out. More precisely, system point spread function and modulation transfer function were measured at different source depths. Results show that system resolution is always better than 1.3 mm when the source depth is less than 10 mm. The resolution of the images obtained with radioactive tracers is comparable with the resolution achievable with dedicated techniques. Moreover, it is possible to detect both optical and nuclear tracers or bi-modal tracers with only one instrument. (letter to the editor)

  15. Beijing Lightning Network (BLNET): Configuration, Function and Preliminary Results (United States)

    Qie, X.; Wang, D.; Wang, Y.; Liu, M.; Tian, Y.; Lu, G.


    A regional multi-frequency-band lightning detection network in Beijing (BLNET) has been developed for both research and operational purposes. The network is employed in the experiment of Dynamic-microphysical-electrical Processes in Severe Thunderstorms and Lightning Hazards (Storm973), supported by Ministry of Science and Technology as National Key Basic Research Program of China or 973 Program. The network consisted of 16 stations in 2015 covering most part of The "Jing-Jin-Ji" (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei) metropolis zone, one of the most developed areas in China. Four different sensors, including slow antenna, fast antenna, magnetic antenna, and VHF antenna, are integrated in each station to detect lightning radiation signals in different frequency band. The Chan algorithm and Levenberg-Marquardt method are adopted jointly in the lightning location algorithm. In addition to locate the lightning radiation pulses in two-dimension or three-dimension in different band, the charge source neutralized by the lightning discharge can be retrieved either. The theoretical horizontal error over the network is less than 200 m and the vertical error is less than 500 m over the network. The comparison of total lightning location results with corresponding radar echoes for thunderstorm cases indicates the good performance of BLNET in the severe convection surveillance. The actual two-dimensional location error in VLF/LF band, compared with a ground truth that acquired with a GPS-synchronized high-speed video camera, is about 250 m.

  16. Flight Test 4 Preliminary Results: NASA Ames SSI (United States)

    Isaacson, Doug; Gong, Chester; Reardon, Scott; Santiago, Confesor


    Realization of the expected proliferation of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations in the National Airspace System (NAS) depends on the development and validation of performance standards for UAS Detect and Avoid (DAA) Systems. The RTCA Special Committee 228 is charged with leading the development of draft Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for UAS DAA Systems. NASA, as a participating member of RTCA SC-228 is committed to supporting the development and validation of draft requirements as well as the safety substantiation and end-to-end assessment of DAA system performance. The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration into the National Airspace System (NAS) Project conducted flight test program, referred to as Flight Test 4, at Armstrong Flight Research Center from April -June 2016. Part of the test flights were dedicated to the NASA Ames-developed Detect and Avoid (DAA) System referred to as JADEM (Java Architecture for DAA Extensibility and Modeling). The encounter scenarios, which involved NASA's Ikhana UAS and a manned intruder aircraft, were designed to collect data on DAA system performance in real-world conditions and uncertainties with four different surveillance sensor systems. Flight test 4 has four objectives: (1) validate DAA requirements in stressing cases that drive MOPS requirements, including: high-speed cooperative intruder, low-speed non-cooperative intruder, high vertical closure rate encounter, and Mode CS-only intruder (i.e. without ADS-B), (2) validate TCASDAA alerting and guidance interoperability concept in the presence of realistic sensor, tracking and navigational errors and in multiple-intruder encounters against both cooperative and non-cooperative intruders, (3) validate Well Clear Recovery guidance in the presence of realistic sensor, tracking and navigational errors, and (4) validate DAA alerting and guidance requirements in the presence of realistic sensor, tracking and navigational errors. The results will be

  17. The gated electrostatic mass spectrometer (GEMS): definition and preliminary results. (United States)

    Herrero, Federico A; Jones, Hollis H; Lee, Jeffrey G


    GEMS is a new type of time-of-flight mass spectrometer based on an electrostatic energy analyzer. Mass resolution equals the energy analyzer kinetic energy resolution, which is set by its slit size. In GEMS, monochromatic ions enter the entrance slit at random times, and the gated ion deflection produced by the electrostatic field in the analyzer rejects ions that are inside the analyzer at gate onset, detecting those entering the analyzer after gate onset. This provides mass separation while overcoming the temporal and spatial spread problems typical of TOF applications. Paradoxically, GEMS works because all ion masses follow identical trajectories. GEMS is easily multiplied into two-dimensional arrays to increase sensitivity in space applications, requires relatively low voltages, and uses only a few electrical connections. Thus, it is easy to package GEMS as a small, low-power instrument for applications in harsh environments. A disadvantage of GEMS is that its output is the integral of the TOF spectrum and the derivative of the raw data must be taken, a procedure that is likely to add noise. A version of GEMS detecting un-deflected ions (u-GEMS) has been tested to demonstrate the time-integrated feature of the raw data but without the benefit of energy analysis. This paper describes GEMS implemented with the small deflection energy analyzer (SDEA), a compact version of the parallel plate energy analyzer. SDEA is described both analytically and with ion trajectory simulations using the ion trajectory simulation software SIMION; the results are then used to describe GEMS and compute its performance.

  18. The HCV Synthesis Project: Scope, methodology, and preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scheinmann Roberta


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The hepatitis C virus (HCV is hyper-endemic in injecting drug users. There is also excess HCV among non-injection drug users who smoke, snort, or sniff heroin, cocaine, crack, or methamphetamine. Methods To summarize the research literature on HCV in drug users and identify gaps in knowledge, we conducted a synthesis of the relevant research carried out between 1989 and 2006. Using rigorous search methods, we identified and extracted data from published and unpublished reports of HCV among drug users. We designed a quality assurance system to ensure accuracy and consistency in all phases of the project. We also created a set of items to assess study design quality in each of the reports we included. Results We identified 629 reports containing HCV prevalence rates, incidence rates and/or genotype distribution among injecting or non-injecting drug user populations published between January 1989 and December 2006. The majority of reports were from Western Europe (41%, North America (26%, Asia (11% and Australia/New Zealand (10%. We also identified reports from Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. The number of publications reporting HCV rates in drug users increased dramatically between 1989 and 2006 to 27–52 reports per year after 1998. Conclusion The data collection and quality assurance phases of the HCV Synthesis Project have been completed. Recommendations for future research on HCV in drug users have come out of our data collection phase. Future research reports can enhance their contributions to our understanding of HCV etiology by clearly defining their drug user participants with respect to type of drug and route of administration. Further, the use of standard reporting methods for risk factors would enable data to be combined across a larger set of studies; this is especially important for HCV seroconversion studies which suffer from small sample sizes and low power to examine risk

  19. Cavitation in liquid helium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Finch, R. D.; Kagiwada, R.; Barmatz, M.; Rudnick, I.


    Ultrasonic cavitation was induced in liquid helium over the temperature range 1.2 to 2.3 deg K, using a pair of identical transducers. The transducers were calibrated using a reciprocity technique and the cavitation threshold was determined at 90 kc/s. It was found that this threshold has a sharp peak at the lambda point, but is, at all temperatures quite low, with an approximate range of 0.001 to 0.01 atm. The significance of the results is discussed. (auth)

  20. Antiresorptive Treatment for Spaceflight Induced Bone Atrophy - Preliminary Results (United States)

    LeBlanc, Adrian; Matsumoto, toshio; Jones, Jeff; Shapiro, Jay; Lang, Thomas; Shackelford, Linda C.; Smith, Scott M.; Evans, Harlan J.; Spector, Elisabeth R.; Ploutz-Snyder, Robert; hide


    Detailed measurements from the Mir and ISS long duration missions have documented losses in bone mineral density (BMD) from critical skeletal sub-regions. The most important BMD losses are from the femoral hip, averaging about -1.6%/mo integral to -2.3%/mo trabecular. Importantly these studies have documented the wide range in individual BMD loss from -0.5 to -5%/mo. Associated elevated urinary Ca increases the risk of renal stone formation during flight, a serious impact to mission success. To date, countermeasures have not been satisfactory. The purpose of this study is to determine if the combined effect of anti-resorptive drugs plus the standard in-flight exercise regimen will have a measurable effect on preventing space flight induced bone loss (mass and strength) and reducing renal stone risk. To date, 4 crewmembers have completed the flight portion of the protocol in which crewmembers take a 70-mg alendronate tablet once a week before and during flight, starting 17 days before launch. Compared to previous ISS crewmembers (n=14) not taking alendronate, DXA measurements of the spine, femur neck and total hip were significantly improved from -0.8 +/- 0.5%/mo to 1.0 +/- 1.1%/mo, -1.1 +/- 0.5%/mo to -0.2 +/- 0.3%/mo, -1.1 +/- 0.5%/mo to 0.04 +/- 0.3%/mo respectively. QCT-determined trabecular BMD of the femur neck, trochanter and total hip were significantly improved from -2.7 +/- 1.9%/mo to -0.2 +/- 0.8%/mo, -2.2 +/- 0.9%/mo to -0.3 +/- 1.9%/mo and -2.3 +/- 1.0%/mo to -0.2 +/- 1.8%/mo respectively. Significance was calculated from a one-tailed t test. Resorption markers were unchanged, in contrast to measurements from previous ISS crewmembers that showed typical increases of 50-100% above baseline. Urinary Ca showed no increase compared to baseline levels, also distinct from the elevated levels of 50% or greater in previous crews. While these results are encouraging, the current n (4) is small, and the large SDs indicate that, while the means are improved, there

  1. Dating of polyhalite and langbeinite: preliminary results from German Zechstein (United States)

    Neubauer, Franz; Schorn, Anja; Leitner, Christoph; Genser, Johann


    formation temperatures are given between 57.1 ° C or more commonly 83 ° C (e.g. Neitzel, 1992 and references therein), is mined as potash ore at the German Zechstein deposits. Neitzel (1992) summarized two main types of langbeinite formation (1) from kainite and halite (due to thermal metamorphism) and (2) from sylvinitic Hartsalz (= mixture of sylvite, kieserite and halite) due to solution metamorphism. The mineral might also form by decomposition of polyhalite to langbeinite and anhydrite during prograde metamorphism. In the following, we discuss the first successful results of polyhalite and langbeinite dating in Zechstein salts of Germany (Morsleben, Neuhof). Extremely fine-grained (grain sizes International Journal of Earth Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s00531-012-0836-6. Neitzel, U., 1992. 100 Jahre Langbeinit. Kali und Steinsalz, 11/1, 7-13. Renne, P. R., Sharp, W. D. Montañez, I. P., Becker, R. A., Zierenberg, R. A., 2001. 40Ar/39Ar dating of Late Permian evaporites, southeastern New Mexico, USA. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 193, 539-547. Warren, J. K., 2006. Evaporite

  2. Hybrid microneedles devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications: fabrication and preliminary results (United States)

    Dardano, P.; Caliò, A.; Politi, J.; Di Palma, V.; Bevilacqua, M. F.; Rea, I.; Casalino, M.; Di Matteo, A.; Rendina, I.; De Stefano, L.


    Microneedles are newly developed biomedical devices, whose advantages are mainly in the non-invasiveness, discretion and versatility of use both as diagnostics and as therapeutics tool. In fact, they can be used both for drugs delivery in the interstitial fluids and for the analysis of the interstitial fluid. In this work we present the preliminary results for two devices based on micro needles in PolyEthylene (Glycol). The first for the drugs delivery includes a membrane whose optical reflected wavelength is related to the concentration of drug. Here, we present our preliminary result in diffusion of drugs between the membrane and the microneedles. The second device is gold coated and it works as electrode for the electrochemical detection of species in the interstitial fluid. A preliminary result in detection of glucose will be shown.

  3. The effect of parental involvement in CBT of anxious children: Preliminary results from a RCT study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Esbjørn, Barbara Hoff; Breinholst, Sonja; Reinholdt-Dunne, Marie Louise


    Esbjørn, B. H., Breinholst, S., Reinholdt-Dunne, M. L., & Leth, I. (2011). The effect of parental involvement in CBT of anxious children: Preliminary results from a RCT study. Poster accepted for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Toronto, Canada.......Esbjørn, B. H., Breinholst, S., Reinholdt-Dunne, M. L., & Leth, I. (2011). The effect of parental involvement in CBT of anxious children: Preliminary results from a RCT study. Poster accepted for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Toronto, Canada....

  4. 75 FR 44229 - Certain Frozen Warmwater Shrimp from India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Changed... (United States)


    ... of this order includes certain frozen warmwater shrimp and prawns, whether wild-caught (ocean... Sensitive Plastic Tape from Italy: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Changed Circumstances Review, 75 FR 8925 (Feb. 26, 2010), unchanged in Pressure Sensitive Plastic Tape From Italy: Final Results of...

  5. Preliminary results of femtosecond laser-assisted descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cheng, Yanny Y. Y.; Hendrikse, Fred; Pels, Elisabeth; Wijdh, Robert-Jan; van Cleynenbreugel, Hugo; Eggink, Cathariena A.; van Rij, Gabriel; Rijneveld, Wilhelmina J.; Nuijts, Rudy M. M. A.


    Objective: To evaluate the preliminary visual results of femtosecond laser-assisted descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty (FS-DSEK). keratoplasty (FS-DSEK). Methods: We prospectively analyzed results of 20 consecutive patients with Fuchs endothelial dystrophy or aphakic/pseudophakic bullous

  6. 77 FR 45582 - Certain Pasta From Italy: Preliminary Results of the 15th (2010) Countervailing Duty... (United States)


    ... (``IDM'') at 13. For the preliminary results in the instant administrative review, we provided the GOI... accompanying IDM at Comment 6. Although it was given multiple opportunities, the GOI's responses left us...- recurring,'' and allocated the benefits over time. See Pasta 14 Final Results and accompanying IDM at 17...

  7. 75 FR 18794 - Certain Orange Juice From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review... (United States)


    .... Comercio, Industria, and Agricultura (Fischer) and Sucocitrico Cutrale, S.A. (Cutrale). In Cutrale's.... Comercio, Industria, e Agricultura for the Preliminary Results in the 08-09 Antidumping Duty Administrative... Results--Fischer S.A. Comercio, Industria and Agricultura.'' 2. Test of Comparison Market Sales Prices On...

  8. Preliminary Results from Second Phase Sea Testing of the Wave Dragon Prototype Wave Energy Converter

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Soerensen, Hans Chr.; Tedd, James; Friis-Madsen, Erik


    In March 2006 the prototype Wave Dragon has been redeployed to a more energetic site in Nissum Bredning an inland sea in Western Denmark. This has followed a period of renovation of many aspects of the device which have resulted in 20% higher energy output. This paper describes the preliminary...... results from this period of testing at the higher energy site....

  9. The helium question. (United States)

    Cook, E


    Helium appears indispensable for certain energy-related uses that may be important 50 years from now, when helium-bearing natural gas, a much cheaper source than air, may be exhausted. Present demand, however, is lower than productive capacity, and much helium is being dissipated into the atmosphere as natural gas is burned for fuel. Controversy over the need for a government-directed helium-conservation program reflects fundamental differences in viewpoints on the economic future of industrial society, on the limits of substitution of labor and capital for a depleting resource, and on intergenerational equity and risk-bearing.

  10. Theoretical investigation on helium incorporation in Ti{sub 3}AlC{sub 2}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xiao, Jingren; Wang, Chenxu; Yang, Tengfei; Kong, Shuyan; Xue, Jianming; Wang, Yugang, E-mail:


    Ti{sub 3}AlC{sub 2} known as representing material in MAX phases, has been suggested for next generation nuclear reactor applications for their advantages of thermal/mechanical properties in high temperature and radiation damage resistance. In this paper the helium incorporation properties in Ti{sub 3}AlC{sub 2} are investigated via ab initio methods. The energetically preferred interstitial sites of helium atom in Ti{sub 3}AlC{sub 2} are identified with respect to the chemical potential of each component element. The formation energies of interstitial and substitutional helium atoms are compared to decide the most favorable sites for He in Ti{sub 3}AlC{sub 2} lattice. The calculations show that in most situations helium atom favors the interstitial sites in aluminum layer, whereas it is more likely to substitute on Al sites in the (Ti- and C-rich) environment. Furthermore, the energetics of vacancies were calculated because the presence of single vacancies and bivacancies in the early stage of irradiation damage is thought to modify He behavior in materials to a great extent. These preliminary results lay a solid foundation for further understanding of the underlying mechanisms of helium bubble nucleation and formation in Ti{sub 3}AlC{sub 2}.

  11. Cognitive Task Analysis of Business Jet Pilots' Weather Flying Behaviors: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Latorella, Kara; Pliske, Rebecca; Hutton, Robert; Chrenka, Jason


    This report presents preliminary findings from a cognitive task analysis (CTA) of business aviation piloting. Results describe challenging weather-related aviation decisions and the information and cues used to support these decisions. Further, these results demonstrate the role of expertise in business aviation decision-making in weather flying, and how weather information is acquired and assessed for reliability. The challenging weather scenarios and novice errors identified in the results provide the basis for experimental scenarios and dependent measures to be used in future flight simulation evaluations of candidate aviation weather information systems. Finally, we analyzed these preliminary results to recommend design and training interventions to improve business aviation decision-making with weather information. The primary objective of this report is to present these preliminary findings and to document the extended CTA methodology used to elicit and represent expert business aviator decision-making with weather information. These preliminary findings will be augmented with results from additional subjects using this methodology. A summary of the complete results, absent the detailed treatment of methodology provided in this report, will be documented in a separate publication.

  12. Monte Carlo calculations and experimental results of Bonner spheres systems with a new cylindrical Helium-3 proportional counter

    CERN Document Server

    Müller, H; Bouassoule, T; Fernández, F; Pochat, J L; Tomas, M; Van Ryckeghem, L


    The experimental results on neutron energy spectra, integral fluences and equivalent dose measurements performed by means of a Bonner sphere system placed inside the containment building of the Vandellos II Nuclear Power Plant (Tarragona, Spain) are presented. The equivalent dose results obtained with this system are compared to those measured with different neutron area detectors (Berthold, Dineutron, Harwell). A realistic geometry model of the Bonner sphere system with a new cylindrical counter type 'F' (0,5NH1/1KI--Eurisys Mesures) and with a set of eight polyethylene moderating spheres is described in detail. The response function in fluence of this new device, to mono-energetic neutrons from thermal energy to 20 MeV, is calculated by the MCNP-4B code for each moderator sphere. The system has been calibrated at IPSN Cadarache facility for ISO Am-Be calibrated source and thermal neutron field, then the response functions were confirmed by measurements at PTB (Germany) for ISO recommended energies of mono-e...

  13. Trade-off results and preliminary designs of Near-Term Hybrid Vehicles (United States)

    Sandberg, J. J.


    Phase I of the Near-Term Hybrid Vehicle Program involved the development of preliminary designs of electric/heat engine hybrid passenger vehicles. The preliminary designs were developed on the basis of mission analysis, performance specification, and design trade-off studies conducted independently by four contractors. THe resulting designs involve parallel hybrid (heat engine/electric) propulsion systems with significant variation in component selection, power train layout, and control strategy. Each of the four designs is projected by its developer as having the potential to substitute electrical energy for 40% to 70% of the petroleum fuel consumed annually by its conventional counterpart.

  14. 78 FR 66895 - Aluminum Extrusions From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Changed... (United States)


    ... submitted on behalf of the Aluminum Extrusion Fair Trade Committee (AEFTC), the petitioners in the less-than... International Trade Administration Aluminum Extrusions From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results... Part AGENCY: Enforcement and Compliance, formerly Import Administration, International Trade...

  15. Preliminary results from the 'HXR' hard X-ray sky survey

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ubertini, P.; Bazzano, A.; LaPadula, C.; Polcaro, V.F.; Zambon, G. (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Frascati (Italy). Lab. di Astrofisica Spaziale); Manchanda, R.K. (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research, Bombay (India))


    The authors present the preliminary results of the HXR81M experiment: a one square meter hard X-ray balloon-borne telescope. The detected excesses on 14 sources are given in catalogue form and the spectra, reduced at the top of the atmosphere, of a number of galactic and extragalactic sources are shortly discussed.

  16. Lynx home range and movements in Montana and Wyoming: Preliminary results [Chapter 11 (United States)

    John R. Squires; Tom Laurion


    Preliminary telemetry data suggest that lynx in Montana and Wyoming have large home ranges; this result supports the Koehler and Aubry (1994) contention that lynx from southern lynx populations have large spatial-use areas. Annual home ranges of males were larger than females. Straight-line, daily travel distance averaged 2 to 4 km, which is similar to northern...

  17. Preliminary Results of Autotuning GEMM Kernels for the NVIDIA Kepler Architecture- GeForce GTX 680

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kurzak, Jakub [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Luszczek, Pitor [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Tomov, Stanimire [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Dongarra, Jack [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Univ. of Manchester (United Kingdom)


    Kepler is the newest GPU architecture from NVIDIA, and the GTX 680 is the first commercially available graphics card based on that architecture. Matrix multiplication is a canonical computational kernel, and often the main target of initial optimization efforts for a new chip. This article presents preliminary results of automatically tuning matrix multiplication kernels for the Kepler architecture using the GTX 680 card.

  18. 76 FR 46270 - Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    .... See, e.g., Honey from the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Partial Rescission of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review, 72 FR 102, 105 (January 3, 2007), unchanged in Honey from the People's... the domestic supplier to the factory that produced the subject merchandise or the distance from the...

  19. 78 FR 62584 - Certain Lined Paper Products From India: Preliminary Results of Countervailing Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Lined Paper Products From India: Preliminary Results of... administrative review of the countervailing duty (CVD) order on certain lined paper products from India. The...., Washington, DC 20230; telephone (202) 482-1503. Scope of the Order The merchandise subject to the Lined Paper...

  20. 75 FR 977 - Carbazole Violet Pigment 23 From India: Preliminary Results of Countervailing Duty Administrative... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Carbazole Violet Pigment 23 From India: Preliminary Results of Countervailing... pigment 23 (CVP-23) from India for the period January 1, 2007, through December 31, 2007. We preliminarily... Pigment 23 from India, 69 FR 77995 (December 29, 2004) (CVP-23 Order). On December 1, 2008, the Department...

  1. 75 FR 52930 - Carbazole Violet Pigment 23 From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Changed... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Carbazole Violet Pigment 23 From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping... changed-circumstances review of the antidumping duty order on carbazole violet pigment 23 from India to determine whether Meghmani Pigments (Meghmani) is the successor-in-interest to Alpanil Industries (Alpanil...

  2. Preliminary results of the analysis of the population structure of the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Aug 18, 2008 ... Preliminary results are provided of a study instituted to analyze the genetic population structure of the. Nile perch in ... differentiation between locations; however, the levels of genetic differentiation shown by the two loci were not enough to ... for a sport fishery on these waters (Hamblyn, 1961;. Eaffro, 1967 ...

  3. Specialized treatment for Avoidant personality disorder (AvPD): Treatment rationales and preliminary results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Simonsen, Sebastian

    and preliminary results from a specialized psychotherapy program developed for patients with AvPD treated at Stolpegaard Psychotherapy Centre, Capital Region of Denmark. Methods: Treatment consists of individual therapy based on Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy (MIT) while group therapy is a modified form...

  4. 77 FR 66580 - Certain Preserved Mushrooms From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Preserved Mushrooms From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping... review of the antidumping duty order on certain preserved mushrooms (mushrooms) from India. The period of... merchandise subject to the order is certain preserved mushrooms. The product is currently classified under the...

  5. 78 FR 1834 - Magnesium Metal From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Magnesium Metal From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... administrative review of the antidumping duty order on magnesium metal from the People's Republic of China (``PRC... company, Tianjin Magnesium International, Co., Ltd. (``TMI''). The Department preliminarily finds that TMI...

  6. 78 FR 13321 - Silicon Metal From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Silicon Metal From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... Commerce (``Department'') is conducting an administrative review of the antidumping duty order on silicon... notice of an opportunity to request an administrative review of the antidumping duty order on silicon...

  7. Preliminary results of the round-robin testing of F82H

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shiba, K.; Yamanouchi, N.; Tohyama, A.


    Preliminary results of metallurgical, physical and mechanical properties of low activation ferritic steel F82H (IEA heat) were obtained in the round-robin test in Japan. The properties of IEA heat F82H were almost the same as the original F82H.

  8. Preliminary results of robotic colorectal surgery at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashraf Saad Zaghloul


    Conclusion: To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study reporting the outcomes of robotic colorectal cancer intervention in Egyptian patients. Our preliminary results suggest that robotic-assisted surgery for colorectal cancer can be carried out safely and according to oncological principles.

  9. 78 FR 4383 - Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... the antidumping duty order on stainless steel bar (SSB) from Brazil. The period of review (POR) is... Antidumping Duty Administrative Review: Stainless Steel Bar from Brazil'' dated concurrently with this notice...

  10. 75 FR 67689 - Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... antidumping duty order on certain stainless steel bar from Brazil. The review covers one producer/ exporter of... Department published in the Federal Register an antidumping duty order on certain stainless steel bar from...

  11. 75 FR 12514 - Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... antidumping duty order on certain stainless steel bar from Brazil. The review covers one producer/ exporter of... Department published in the Federal Register an antidumping duty order on certain stainless steel bar from...

  12. 75 FR 81217 - Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium: Preliminary Results of Full Sunset Review (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium: Preliminary Results of Full... review of the countervailing duty (``CVD'') order on certain stainless steel plate in coils from Belgium... the domestic interested parties and adequate substantive responses from ArcelorMittal Stainless...

  13. 76 FR 19315 - Certain Orange Juice From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review... (United States)


    ... Agricultura (Fischer) and Sucocitrico Cutrale, S.A. (Cutrale). In Cutrale's request for an administrative... ``Calculations Performed for Fischer S.A. Comercio, Industria, and Agricultura for the Preliminary Results in the..., Industria and Agricultura.'' 2. Test of Comparison Market Sales Prices On a product-specific basis, we...

  14. 78 FR 34338 - Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts From Canada: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts From Canada: Preliminary Results of... administrative review of the antidumping duty order on citric acid and certain citrate salts (citric acid) from... is citric acid and certain citrate salts. The product is currently classified in the Harmonized...

  15. 78 FR 34648 - Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts: Preliminary Results of Countervailing Duty Administrative... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts: Preliminary Results of Countervailing... review of the countervailing duty (CVD) order on citric acid and citrate salts from the People's Republic... (202) 482-1503. Scope of the Order The merchandise subject to the order is citric acid and certain...

  16. 76 FR 54202 - Honey From Argentina: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty New Shipper Review (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From Argentina: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty New Shipper... antidumping duty order on honey from Argentina in response to a request from Villamora S.A. (Villamora), an... American Honey Producers Association and the Sioux Honey Association (collectively, petitioners). We...

  17. 76 FR 2655 - Honey From Argentina: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From Argentina: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative... conducting an administrative review of the antidumping duty order on honey from Argentina. The review covers... determine that sales of honey from Argentina have not been made below normal value (NV) by TransHoney S.A...

  18. 77 FR 46699 - Honey From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Review (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Review... Peak Honey Industry Co., Ltd. (``Peak'') failed to cooperate to the best of its ability and is... administrative review of the antidumping duty order on honey from the People's Republic of China (``PRC...

  19. 77 FR 1458 - Honey From Argentina: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review and Partial... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From Argentina: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative... antidumping duty order on honey from Argentina. The review covers imports of subject merchandise from nine... determine that sales of honey from Argentina have not been made below normal value (NV) by mandatory...

  20. 78 FR 38941 - Honey From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Partial Rescission of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Partial... Order The products covered by the order are natural honey, artificial honey containing more than 50 percent natural honey by weight, preparations of natural honey containing more than 50 percent natural...

  1. A Qualitative Study of Factors Influencing Racial Diversity in Environmental Education: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Kathy James; Leo H. McAvoy


    This study presents preliminary result interviews with people of color working in environmental education and interpretation throughout the United States. The three primary questions asked were these? (1) What path led each individual to a career in environmental education; (2) How does each individual define environmentalism? and (3) What are the primary issues this...

  2. 78 FR 61331 - Freshwater Crawfish Tail Meat From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Freshwater Crawfish Tail Meat From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review and New Shipper Review; 2011-2012 AGENCY: Import... order on freshwater crawfish tail meat from the People's Republic of China (PRC). The period of review...

  3. Preliminary results of a battery-based, multi megawatt 200 kA pulsed power supply.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Karthaus, W.; Kolkert, W.J.; Nowee, J.


    A pulsed power supply consisting of a fast discharge battery, a switch based on silicon-controlled-rectifier SCR technology, and an energy storage/pulse transformer is discussed. Preliminary results indicate that the battery is capable of discharging current pulses with reproducible peak values of

  4. 78 FR 34986 - Aluminum Extrusions From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... Department applied a ``differential pricing'' analysis and has preliminarily determined to use the average-to... Department intends to disclose to the parties the calculations performed for these preliminary results within... rate calculation method adopted in Antidumping Proceedings: Calculation of the Weighted-Average Dumping...

  5. 78 FR 20615 - Drill Pipe From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Countervailing Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Drill Pipe From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... review of the countervailing duty (CVD) order on drill pipe from the People's Republic of China (PRC...-4793. Scope of the Order The scope of the order consists of steel drill pipe and steel drill collars...

  6. Longitudinal Twin Study of Early Reading Development in Three Countries: Preliminary Results. (United States)

    Byrne, Brian; Delaland, Cara; Fielding-Barnsley, Ruth; Quain, Peter; Samuelsson, Stefan; Hoien, Torleiv; Corley, Robin; DeFries, John C.; Wadsworth, Sally; Willcutt, Erik; Olson, Richard K.


    Preliminary results from data on 146 Australian, 284 American, and 70 Norwegian preschool twins indicate reliable genetic influences on phonological awareness and memory and learning. Vocabulary, grammar, and morphology showed significant shared environment and negligible genetic effects. A print knowledge composite showed genetic and shared…

  7. 77 FR 73980 - Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... administrative review (AR) of the antidumping duty order on fresh garlic from the People's Republic of China (PRC... withdrawn. See Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Partial Rescission of the 2010-2011...

  8. Helium the disappearing element

    CERN Document Server

    Sears, Wheeler M


    The subject of the book is helium, the element, and its use in myriad applications including MRI machines, particle accelerators, space telescopes, and of course balloons and blimps. It was at the birth of our Universe, or the Big Bang, where the majority of cosmic helium was created; and stellar helium production continues. Although helium is the second most abundant element in the Universe, it is actually quite rare here on Earth and only exists because of radioactive elements deep within the Earth. This book includes a detailed history of the discovery of helium, of the commercial industry built around it, how the helium we actually encounter is produced within the Earth, and the state of the helium industry today. The gas that most people associate with birthday party balloons is running out. “Who cares?” you might ask. Well, without helium, MRI machines could not function, rockets could not go into space, particle accelerators such as those used by CERN could not operate, fiber optic cables would not...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hubbard, W. B. [Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Militzer, B. [Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Department of Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 (United States)


    In anticipation of new observational results for Jupiter's axial moment of inertia and gravitational zonal harmonic coefficients from the forthcoming Juno orbiter, we present a number of preliminary Jupiter interior models. We combine results from ab initio computer simulations of hydrogen–helium mixtures, including immiscibility calculations, with a new nonperturbative calculation of Jupiter's zonal harmonic coefficients, to derive a self-consistent model for the planet's external gravity and moment of inertia. We assume helium rain modified the interior temperature and composition profiles. Our calculation predicts zonal harmonic values to which measurements can be compared. Although some models fit the observed (pre-Juno) second- and fourth-order zonal harmonics to within their error bars, our preferred reference model predicts a fourth-order zonal harmonic whose absolute value lies above the pre-Juno error bars. This model has a dense core of about 12 Earth masses and a hydrogen–helium-rich envelope with approximately three times solar metallicity.

  10. Preliminary results of V440 Per and α UMi observations with the Poznan Spectroscopic Telescope (United States)

    Fagas, M.; Baranowski, R.; Bartczak, P.; Borczyk, W.; Dimitrow, W.; Kaminski, K.; Kwiatkowski, T.; Ratajczak, R.; Rozek, A.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.


    Presented herein are preliminary radial velocity results for two classical Cepheids: V440 Per and α UMi (Polaris). Both stars have been observed with the Poznan Spectroscopic Telescope (PST), operational since Aug 2007 at the Borowiec Station of Poznań Astronomical Observatory in Poland. Data obtained for V440 Per suggest the presence of a low-amplitude secondary mode of pulsations. Results of α UMi observations confirm further pulsation amplitude growth, as observed during the last decades.

  11. Preliminary results of natural radioactivity measurements in the southern part of Ethiopia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wollel Tiruneh, Getachew [Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, PO Box 20486 code 1000, Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia)], E-mail:; Wodaje Kebede, Worku [Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, PO Box 20486 code 1000, Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia)


    The paper presents the first results of natural radioactivity measurements in the Southern part of Ethiopia (Bale Zone-Oromiya Regional State). The preliminary results indicate that radiation levels in the mining areas of Kallido Mountain are elevated compared with those in the town of Negele Borena (background area). Both external gamma radiation and alpha surface contamination levels are significantly elevated above local background levels.

  12. Simplicity works for superfluid helium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bowley, Roger [University of Nottingham, Nottingham (United Kingdom)


    The famous philosopher Karl Popper once said that ''science is the art of systematic oversimplification''. Indeed, when faced with a new puzzle the trick is to simplify it without losing the essential physics - something that is easier said than done. However, this approach has paid off recently in low-temperature physics. Last year Richard Packard, Seamus Davis and co-workers at the University of California at Berkeley encountered a puzzling new phenomenon in superfluid helium-3, a quantum fluid that remains a liquid close to absolute zero and exhibits unusual properties such as the ability to flow without friction (A Machenkov et al. 1999 Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 3860). Previous experiments had revealed that certain effects in liquid helium are analogous to effects observed in superconductors, materials that lose all resistance to electric current at low temperatures. When the Berkeley researchers connected two reservoirs of superfluid helium-3, the superfluid flowed back and forth through apertures that formed a ''weak link'' between the two containers. This behaviour is similar to the oscillatory current of electrons that can flow across an insulating gap separating two superconductors - a device that is known as a Josephson junction. What was puzzling about the Berkeley results was that the helium-3 had two different stable configurations, both of which behaved in an unconventional way compared with a Josephson junction. This puzzle has now been solved independently by Sidney Yip at the National Center for Theoretical Sciences in Taiwan, and by Janne Viljas and Erkki Thuneberg at the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland (Phys. Rev. Lett. 1999 83 3864 and 3868). In this article the author describes the latest research on superfluid helium. (UK)

  13. Soil and fertilizer type effects on short-term N2 and N2O emissions: Results of a helium-oxygen incubation study (United States)

    Hagemann, Ulrike; Andres, Monique; Augustin, Jürgen


    Emitted N gas species from agricultural fields are highly relevant in terms of environmental and climate protection and mainly result from numerous simultaneously occurring production and consumption processes, which are influenced by a range of proximal (e.g. nutrient and oxygen availability) and distal factors (e.g. soil conditions, climate and management). Fertilization generally influences the rate of denitrification through increased C and N availability in the soil. But, compared to unfermented organic fertilizers, this effect is more pronounced for fermented residues (FR) due to higher concentrations of NH4+, Nt and labile organic C. Thus, FR likely serve as an additional energy source for denitrifying bacteria, potentially resulting in temporally increased denitrification rates. However, field studies of simultaneous N2 and N2O emissions following fertilization with FR are still lacking, but are required to improve our understanding of the combined effects of relevant factors on the resulting N2 : N2O ratios. We will present results of an incubation experiment conducted to quantify the effects of i) 2 N fertilizer types (fermentation residue, FR and granular calcium ammonium nitrate, CAN) and ii) 5 soil types (ranging from slightly loamy sand to very clayey silt) on short-term emissions of N2 and N2O as well as N2 : N2O ratios. Immediately after fertilizer application and incorporation in spring 2012, five intact soil cores per treatment were randomly taken from each of 5 study sites in Germany. Simultaneous measurements of N2O and N2 fluxes were conducted in special gas-tight incubation vessels inside a climate box at 10°C using the helium-oxygen incubation method of Butterbach-Bahl et al. (2002), classified as a flow-through steady-state system according to Livingston and Hutchinson (1995). Across all sites, FR samples showed both significantly higher absolute and relative (to fertilizer N input) N2O efflux and significantly higher average absolute and

  14. The RPC-based IFR system at BaBar experiment preliminary results

    CERN Document Server

    Piccolo, D; Bagnasco, S; Baldini, R; Band, H R; Bionta, R; Buzzo, A; Calcaterra, A; Cavallo, N; Contri, R; Crosetti, G; De Nardo, Gallieno; De Sangro, R; Fabozzi, F; Falciai, D; Finocchiaro, G; Gatto, C; Johnson, J; Lista, L; Lo Vetere, M; Macri, M; Monge, R; Palano, A; Paolucci, P; Passaggio, S; Patrignani, C; Patteri, P; Peruzzi, I; Piccolo, M; Robutti, E; Santroni, A; Sciacca, C; Wright, D; Yu, Z; Zallo, A


    The IFR system is a RPC-based detector used to identify muons and neutral hadrons in the BaBar experiment at PEP II machine in SLAC. The RPC system can be used to reconstruct the trajectory of muons, pions and neutral hadrons interacting in the iron of the IFR. The different range and hit pattern allow to discriminate different particles crossing the IFR. An overview of the system design and the preliminary results on the IFR performances are reported.

  15. Facial emotional recognition in schizophrenia: preliminary results of the virtual reality program for facial emotional recognition


    Souto,Teresa; Baptista,Alexandre; Tavares,Diana; Queirós,Cristina; António,Marques


    BACKGROUND: Significant deficits in emotional recognition and social perception characterize patients with schizophrenia and have direct negative impact both in inter-personal relationships and in social functioning. Virtual reality, as a methodological resource, might have a high potential for assessment and training skills in people suffering from mental illness. OBJECTIVES: To present preliminary results of a facial emotional recognition assessment designed for patients with schizophrenia,...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barril G


    CONCLUSIONS: 1-The preliminary results show that MidDilution provides a good removal of small and middle molecules, increases appetite by providing a proper balance of cytokines through stimulation of antiinflamatory ones and neuropeptide Y. 2-It provides an improvement of body composition. Finally MidDilution improves nutritional parameters which leads to a better quality of life, as well as physical and mental status.

  17. Preliminary results of new 50 MHz doppler radar experiment at Syowa Station


    Ogawa,Tadahiko; Igarashi,Kiyoshi; Ose,Masami; Kuratani,Yasukazu; Fujii,Ryoichi; Hirasawa,Takeo


    A 50 MHz doppler radar newly installed at Syowa Station in 1982 is characterized by the narrow antenna beams (4°in the horizontal plane) in two different directions (approximately geomagnetic and geographic south), the three operation modes (spectrum, double-pulse and meteor mode) and the minicomputer for both real time data processing and radar control. This paper aims to check up many functions given to the radar system by presenting some preliminary results obtained at a very early stage o...

  18. 76 FR 65172 - Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Partial Preliminary Results, Rescission of, and... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Partial Preliminary Results... antidumping duty order on fresh garlic from the People's Republic of China (PRC) covering the period of review... Information for Partial Preliminary Results of Administrative Review for Fresh Garlic from the People's...

  19. The Descending Helium Balloon (United States)

    Helseth, Lars Egil


    I describe a simple and fascinating experiment wherein helium leaks out of a rubber balloon, thereby causing it to descend. An estimate of the volumetric leakage rate is made by measuring its rate of descent.

  20. Preliminary results of an extensive study of fragmentation measurements for medical and space applications

    CERN Document Server

    Agodi, C; Calabretta, L; Cirrone, G A P C; Cuttone, G; De Napoli, M; Fiorini, F; Giacoppo, F; Mairani, A; Morone, M C; Patera, V; Raciti, G; Rapisarda, E; Ricciardi, V; Romano, F; Sala, P; Sciubba, A


    Here we report on preliminary results of an extensive study of fragmentation cross sections measurements useful for medical and space applications. In particular, we looked at the hadrontherapy and space radiation research. Indeed, the measure of fragmentation cross sections is an important information to estimate how this process modifies dose distributions and biological effectiveness, both inside human body and spacecraft. In this picture we started to measure the fragmentation of 12C beam accelerated by the Superconducting Cyclotron at 32 AMeV, 62 AMeV on 12C, 207Pb and 197Au at the INFN Laboratory Nazionali del Sud in Catania (Italy). Preliminary comparison between absolute cross-sections measured for the systems: 12C+207Pb at 32AMeV and for 12C+197Au at 62AMeV is performed.

  1. Comparison of the Results of Serum Total Protein Concentration Measured by 3 Methods: Preliminary Results


    GEORGIEVA, Teodora M.; ZAPRYANOVA, Dimitrinka S.


    The present study provides the results from a comparative study of the 3 commonly used methods for total protein (TP) measurement. The experiments were carried out with 6 dogs (4-7 year-old, weighing 12.8 ± 1.4 kg). Five blood samples were obtained by saphena venepuncture from all dogs, during the time course of the experimentally induced infection with Staphylococcus intermedius, administered subcutaneously at a dose rate of 5 ml of 1.109 CFU/ml within 14 days. TP concentration was measured ...

  2. Cation dynamics of molecular Hydrogen in the presence of a strong laser field, preliminary results (United States)

    Gatton, A.; Champenois, E.; Larsen, K.; Shivaram, N.; Bakhti, S.; Iskander, W.; Sievert, T.; Reedy, D.; Weller, M.; Williams, J. B.; Landers, A.; Weber, Th.


    We present preliminary results from a new 2-color laser+synchrotron Cold Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectrometer (COLTRIMS) experiment in which we overlap a pulsed laser (1030 nm , 12 ps , 5 *1011 W / cm2) with light from beamline 10 . 0 . 1 (18 . 56 eV , 80 ps , 50 meV resolution) at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The data (absent the laser) shows asymmetric proton emission in the fragmenting hydrogen cation due to the retro-action of the photoelectron Coulomb potential, as reported recently by Waitz et al.. Preliminary analysis hints that this effect exists and may even be enhanced in the laser dressed states of the dissociating cation. Of even more interest, preliminary analysis hints at the signature of light induced conical intersections in the dissociation of the laser dressed hydrogen cations, as recently reported by Natan et al.. This research used the Advanced Light Source and was supported by DOE-BES under contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231 and DE-FG02-86ER13491, the ALS Doctoral Fellowship in Residence, and the DFG and DAAD.

  3. [Operative treatment of flexor pollicis longus tendon with Krackow suture, functional results--preliminary results]. (United States)

    Bumbasirević, Marko Z; Andjelković, Sladjana; Lesić, Aleksandar R; Sudjić, Vojo S; Palibrk, Tomislav; Tulić, Goran Dz; Radenković, Dejan V; Bajec, Djordje D


    Surgical treatment of the injuried flexor tensons is the important part of hand surgery. Tendon adhesions, ruptures, joint contcatures-stifness are only one part of the problem one is faced during the tendon treatment. In spite of improvement in surgical technique and suture material, the end result of sutured flexor tendons still represent a serious problem. To present of operative treatment of flexor pollicis longus injury with Krakow suture technique. All patients are treated in the first 48 hours after the accident. The regional anesthesia was performed with use of turniquet. Beside spare debridement, the reconstruction of digital nerves was done. All patients started with active and pasive movements-excercises on the first postoperative day. Follow-up was from 6 to 24 months. In evaluation of functional recovery the grip strenght, pinch strenght, range of movements of interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joiht and DASH score were used. In the last two years there were 30 patients, 25 males (83.33%) and 5 females (16.66%). Mean age was 39.8 years, ranged from 17 to 65 years. According to mechanism of injury the patients were divided in two groups: one with sharp and other with wider zone of injury. Concomitant digital nerve lesions was noticed in 15 patients (50%). the Krackow sutrue allowed early rehabilitation, which prevent tendon adhesions, enabled faster and better functional recovery.

  4. Preliminary Experimental Results for Indirect Vector-Control of Induction Motor Drives with Forced Dynamics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jan Vittek


    Full Text Available The contribution presents an extension of indirect vector control of electric drives employing induction motors to 'Forced Dynamic Control'. This method of control offers an accurate realisation of dynamic response profiles, which can be selected by the user. The developed system can be integrated into a drive with a shaft position encoder or a shaft sensoriess drive, in which only the stator currents are measured. The applied stator voltages are determined by a computed inverter switching algorithm. Simulation results and preliminary experimental results for indirect vector control of an idle running induction motor indicate good agreement with the theoretical predictions.

  5. Modelled and Observed Diurnal SST Signals: "SSTDV:R.EX.-IM.A.M." Project Preliminary Results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Karagali, Ioanna; Høyer, Jacob; LeBorgne, Pierre


    This study presents some of the preliminary results from the ESA Support To Science Element (STSE) funded project on the Diurnal Variability of the Sea Surface Temperature, regarding its Regional Extend and Implications in Atmospheric Modelling (SSTDV:R.EX.–IM.A.M.). During this phase...... of the project, the focus is on the regional extend of diurnal variability. Particularly, extensive sensitivity tests regarding the definition of SSTfound fields show that using only quality 5 SEVIRI data results in warmer foundation fields SSTfound while there is an added ∼0.2 K variability when using multi...

  6. Mass transport phenomena in microgravity: Preliminary results of the first MEPHISTO flight experiment (United States)

    Favier, Jean Jacques; Garandet, J. P.; Rouzaud, A.; Camel, D.


    The MEPHISTO space program is the result of a cooperative effort that involves the French nuclear and space agencies (Commissariat a l'energie atomique, CEA - Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, CNES) and the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The scientific studies and apparatus development were funded in the frame of the GRAMME agreement between CEA and CNES, the flight costs being taken in charge by NASA. Six flight opportunities are scheduled, with alternating French and American principal investigators. It is the purpose of this paper to briefly present MEPHISTO along with the preliminary results obtained during its first flight on USMP-1 in October 1992.

  7. Helium atom scattering from surfaces

    CERN Document Server


    High resolution helium atom scattering can be applied to study a number of interesting properties of solid surfaces with great sensitivity and accuracy. This book treats in detail experimental and theoretical aspects ofthis method as well as all current applications in surface science. The individual chapters - all written by experts in the field - are devoted to the investigation of surface structure, defect shapes and concentrations, the interaction potential, collective and localized surface vibrations at low energies, phase transitions and surface diffusion. Over the past decade helium atom scattering has gained widespread recognitionwithin the surface science community. Points in its favour are comprehensiveunderstanding of the scattering theory and the availability of well-tested approximation to the rigorous theory. This book will be invaluable to surface scientists wishing to make an informed judgement on the actual and potential capabilities of this technique and its results.

  8. Preliminary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abeer M. Ismail


    Full Text Available Phytochemical analysis of the methanolic and aqueous extracts of Faidherbia albida legumes indicated the presence of terpenes, cardiac glycosides, monosaccharides and carbohydrates type of compounds in both extracts. While alkaloids and saponins were found in aqueous extract only, flavonoids were found to be absent in both extracts. The aqueous and methanolic extracts exhibited a potent growth stimulation effect. Inhibition of both the rootlet and shoot showed a dose dependent response. Aqueous extract has a greater inhibitory effect on rootlet growth than shoot growth. The methanolic extract has a greater inhibitory effect than the aqueous extract. Both extracts and some fractions were tested against three pathogenic bacterial species; Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Shigella dysenteriae, also tested against three pathogenic fungal species; Fusarium oxysporum, Alternaria alternate, and Aspergillus niger. Most of the plant extracts stimulate the studied fungal growth specially the aqueous extract. Meanwhile it shows interesting results by inhibiting the growth of the studied pathogenic bacterial species with most extracts and fractions.

  9. Laser-excitation atomic fluorescence spectroscopy in a helium microwave-induced plasma (United States)

    Schroeder, Timothy S.

    The focus of this dissertation is to report the first documented coupling of helium microwave induced plasmas (MIPs) to laser excitation atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. The ability to effectively produce intense atomic emission from both metal and nonmetal analytes gives helium microwave induced plasmas a greater flexibility than the more commonly utilized argon inductively coupled plasma (ICP). Originally designed as an element selective detector for non-aqueous chromatography applications at low applied powers (500 W). The helium MIP has been shown to be a very powerful analytical atomic spectroscopy tool. The development of the pulsed dye laser offered an improved method of excitation in the field of atomic fluorescence. The use of laser excitation for atomic fluorescence was a logical successor to the conventional excitation methods involving hollow cathode lamps and continuum sources. The highly intense, directional, and monochromatic nature of laser radiation results in an increased population of atomic species in excited electronic states where atomic fluorescence can occur. The application of laser excitation atomic fluorescence to the analysis of metals in a helium microwave induced plasma with ultrasonic sample nebulization was the initial focus of this work. Experimental conditions and results are included for the aqueous characterization of manganese, lead, thallium, and iron in the helium MIP- LEAFS system. These results are compared to previous laser excitation atomic fluorescence experimentation. The effect of matrix interferences on the analytical fluorescence signal was also investigated for each element. The advantage of helium MIPs over argon ICPs in the determination of nonmetals in solution indicates that the helium MIP is an excellent candidate for laser excitation atomic fluorescence experiments involving nonmetals such as chlorine, bromine, iodine, and sulfur. Preliminary investigations into this area are reported, including documentation

  10. Head teacher professional networks in Italy: preliminary results of a national survey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurissens Isabel de


    Full Text Available In this article, we present the preliminary results of a national survey conducted by INDIRE on head teachers communities and professional networks. About one-fourth of the total population of Italian public school leaders participated in the survey. One of the main intents of this research is to contribute to understanding of the phenomenon of professional networks frequented by school leaders and to pave the way for a further reflection on how to use such networks for head teachers’ training so as to support their daily professional practice conducted too often in isolation.

  11. Preliminary Results From the C-Pulse? OPTIONS HF European Multicenter Post-Market Study


    Schulz, Antonia; Krabatsch, Thomas; Schmitto, Jan D.; Hetzer, Roland; Seidel, Mirko; Dohmen, Pascal M.; Hotz, Holger


    Background The C-Pulse? System is an extra-aortic balloon counterpulsation device. It is used to treat patients with heart failure disease in NYHA functional class III or ambulatory class IV. Material/Methods We present preliminary site-reported 6-month data from 3 centers in Germany as part of the prospective observational post-market OPTIONS HF study. Results Between May 2013 and March 2014, the C-Pulse System was implanted in 8 patients (7 male) with a mean age of 61.6?9.3 years. Four had ...

  12. Preliminary Results from Small-Pixel CdZnTe and CdTe Arrays (United States)

    Ramsey, B. D.; Sharma, D. P.; Meisner, J.; Austin, R. A.


    We have evaluated 2 small-pixel (0.75 mm) Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride arrays, and one Cadmium-Telluride array, all fabricated for MSFC by Metorex (Finland) and Baltic Science Institute (Riga, Latvia). Each array was optimized for operating temperature and collection bias. It was then exposed to Cadmium-109 and Iron-55 laboratory isotopes, to measure the energy resolution for each pixel and was then scanned with a finely-collimated x-ray beam, of width 50 micron, to examine pixel to pixel and inter-pixel charge collections efficiency. Preliminary results from these array tests will be presented.

  13. Design and preliminary results of a fuel flexible industrial gas turbine combustor (United States)

    Novick, A. S.; Troth, D. L.; Yacobucci, H. G.


    The design characteristics are presented of a fuel tolerant variable geometry staged air combustor using regenerative/convective cooling. The rich/quench/lean variable geometry combustor is designed to achieve low NO(x) emission from fuels containing fuel bound nitrogen. The physical size of the combustor was calculated for a can-annular combustion system with associated operating conditions for the Allison 570-K engine. Preliminary test results indicate that the concept has the potential to meet emission requirements at maximum continuous power operation. However, airflow sealing and improved fuel/air mixing are necessary to meet Department of Energy program goals.

  14. A combination of preliminary results on gauge boson couplings measured by the LEP Experiments

    CERN Document Server

    CERN. Geneva


    This note presents a combination of published and preliminary measurements of triple gauge boson couplings (TGCs) and quartic gauge boson couplings (QGCs) from the four LEP experiments. We give an updated combination of the charged TGCs, g1z, kg and lg in single and multi-parameter fits. Updated results from the QGCs from the ZZgg vertex, ac/Lambda^2 and a0/Lambda^2, are given as well. The combinations of neutral TGCs hiv anf fiv are also presented, including an updated fiv combination.

  15. Preliminary Results on the Experimental Investigation of the Structure Functions of Bound Nucleons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bodek, Arie [Univ. of Rochester, NY (United States); Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)


    We present preliminary results on an experimental study of the nuclear modification of the longitudinal ($\\sigma_L$) and transverse ($\\sigma_T$) structure functions of nucleons bound in nuclear targets. The origin of these modifications (commonly referred as as the EMC effect) is not fully understood. Our measurements of R= $\\sigma_L / \\sigma_T$ for nuclei ($R_A$) and for deuterium ($R_D$) indicate that nuclear modifications of the structure functions of bound nucleons are different for the longitudinal and transverse structure functions, and that contrary to expectation from several theoretical models, $R_A< R_D$.

  16. Quaternary sedimentation and active faulting along the Ecuadorian shelf: preliminary results of the ATACAMES Cruise (2012) (United States)

    Michaud, F.; Proust, J. N.; Collot, J. Y.; Lebrun, J. F.; Witt, C.; Ratzov, G.; Pouderoux, H.; Martillo, C.; Hernández, M. J.; Loayza, G.; Penafiel, L.; Schenini, L.; Dano, A.; Gonzalez, M.; Barba, D.; De Min, L.; Ponce, G.; Urresta, A.; Calderon, M.


    Selected high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles and multibeam bathymetry acquired along the convergent Ecuador margin during the ATACAMES cruise on onboard the R/V L'Atalante (Jan.15-Feb.18, 2012) allow a preliminary evaluation of the neotectonic development and stratigraphic evolution of the margin based on the sismo-stratigraphic analysis of Quaternary sediment preserved on the margin shelf and upper slope. We present three major preliminary results. (1) The evolution of the Esmeraldas, Guayaquil and Santa Elena canyons. The head of the Esmeraldas canyon is the location of a continuous significant sediment transport. The Guayaquil canyon shows several episodes of deposition and incision. Aggrading sedimentation pattern in the canyon records several changes in relative sea-level. The subsidence of the Gulf of Guayaquil probably contributes to the good preservation of the canyon filling stages. The Santa Elena canyon is controlled by a SW-NE trending normal fault. (2) Variations of sediment accumulation and relative vertical motions are shown along-strike the shelf edge. Offshore the uplifted Manta peninsula, a pronounced subsidence of the shelf edge is documented by sedimentary clinoforms that have deposited in a morphological reentrant, and have migrated upslope testifying of a local subsidence meanwhile the adjacent La Plata Island area underwent uplift. In the Esmeraldas canyon area, a local uplift of the shelf is documented. (3) Two neotectonic fault systems with a possible transcurrent component are imaged across the shelf edge and upper margin slope offshore Jama, and Cape Galera. This possible transcurrent motion could be related to the reactivation of ancient faults of the upper plate by the subduction. These preliminary results indicate that the ATACAMES data set has a strong potential to evaluate the spatial and temporal contribution of tectonic and climate changes on the structural development and stratigraphic evolution of the Ecuador continental

  17. Preliminary results in large bone segmentation from 3D freehand ultrasound (United States)

    Fanti, Zian; Torres, Fabian; Arámbula Cosío, Fernando


    Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery (CAOS) requires a correct registration between the patient in the operating room and the virtual models representing the patient in the computer. In order to increase the precision and accuracy of the registration a set of new techniques that eliminated the need to use fiducial markers have been developed. The majority of these newly developed registration systems are based on costly intraoperative imaging systems like Computed Tomography (CT scan) or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An alternative to these methods is the use of an Ultrasound (US) imaging system for the implementation of a more cost efficient intraoperative registration solution. In order to develop the registration solution with the US imaging system, the bone surface is segmented in both preoperative and intraoperative images, and the registration is done using the acquire surface. In this paper, we present the a preliminary results of a new approach to segment bone surface from ultrasound volumes acquired by means 3D freehand ultrasound. The method is based on the enhancement of the voxels that belongs to surface and its posterior segmentation. The enhancement process is based on the information provided by eigenanalisis of the multiscale 3D Hessian matrix. The preliminary results shows that from the enhance volume the final bone surfaces can be extracted using a singular value thresholding.

  18. Using VIIRS Day/Night Band to Measure Electricity Supply Reliability: Preliminary Results from Maharashtra, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael L. Mann


    Full Text Available Unreliable electricity supplies are common in developing countries and impose large socio-economic costs, yet precise information on electricity reliability is typically unavailable. This paper presents preliminary results from a machine-learning approach for using satellite imagery of nighttime lights to develop estimates of electricity reliability for western India at a finer spatial scale. We use data from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS onboard the Suomi National Polar Partnership (SNPP satellite together with newly-available data from networked household voltage meters. Our results point to the possibilities of this approach as well as areas for refinement. With currently available training data, we find a limited ability to detect individual outages identified by household-level measurements of electricity voltage. This is likely due to the relatively small number of individual outages observed in our preliminary data. However, we find that the approach can estimate electricity reliability rates for individual locations fairly well, with the predicted versus actual regression yielding an R2 > 0.5. We also find that, despite the after midnight overpass time of the SNPP satellite, the reliability estimates derived are representative of daytime reliability.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Rella


    Full Text Available Helicobacter pylori is an organism widespread in humans and sometimes responsible for serious illnesses. It has been hypothesized the existence of animal reservoirs, and that the infection route by H. pylori involves multiple pathways including food-borne transmission as the microorganism has been detected from sheep, goat and cow milk. This work reports the preliminary results of a survey conducted in order to investigate the presence of H. pylori in gastric mucosa of sheep slaughtered in Apulia region (Italy employing a Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction (Nested-PCR assay for the detection of the phosphoglucosamine mutase gene (glmM, as screening method followed by conventional bacteriological isolation. Out of the 50 gastric mucosa samples examined, 3 (6% resulted positive for the presence of glmMgene, but at this time no strains were isolated. The results deserve further investigations to asses the role of ruminants as possible reservoirs of H. pylori.

  20. Preliminary assessment of the Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex Environmental contaminants background survey: Second year results (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report represents the preliminary results of the second year of the multiyear study, The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Complex) Environmental...

  1. Preliminary assessment of the Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex environmental contaminants background study: Fifth year results (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report represents the preliminary results of the fifth year of the multiyear study entitled, "The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Complex)...

  2. Cavitation in flowing superfluid helium (United States)

    Daney, D. E.


    Flowing superfluid helium cavitates much more readily than normal liquid helium, and there is a marked difference in the cavitation behavior of the two fluids as the lambda point is traversed. Examples of cavitation in a turbine meter and centrifugal pump are given, together with measurements of the cavitation strength of flowing superfluid helium. The unusual cavitation behavior of superfluid helium is attributed to its immense thermal conductivity .

  3. Investigations of levitated helium drops (United States)

    Whitaker, Dwight Lawrence


    We report on the development of two systems capable of levitating drops of liquid helium. Helium drops of ˜20 mum have been levitated with the radiation pressure from two counter-propagating Nd:YAG laser beams. Drops are produced with a submerged piezoelectric transducer, and could be held for up to three minutes in our optical trap. Calculations show that Brillouin and Raman scattering of the laser light in the liquid helium produces a negligible rate of evaporation of the drop. Evaporation caused by the enhanced vapor pressure of the curved drop surfaces appears to be a significant effect limiting the drop lifetimes. Helium drops as large as 2 cm in diameter have been suspended in the earth's gravitational field with a magnetic field. A commercial superconducting solenoid provides the necessary field, field-gradient product required to levitate the drops. Drops are cooled to 0.5 K with a helium-3 refrigerator, and can be held in the trap indefinitely. We have found that when two or more drops are levitated in the same magnetic trap, the drops often remain in a state of apparent contact without coalescing. This effect is a result of the evaporation of liquid from between the two drops, and is found to occur only for normal fluid drops. We can induce shape oscillations in charged, levitated drops with an applied ac electric field. We have measured the resonance frequencies and damping rates for the l = 2 mode of oscillation as function of temperature. We have also developed a theory to describe the small amplitude shape oscillations of a He II drop surrounded by its saturated vapor. In our theory, we have considered two sets of boundary conditions---one where the drop does not evaporate and another in which the liquid and vapor are in thermodynamic equilibrium. We have found that both solutions give a frequency that agrees well with experiment, but that the data for the damping rate agree better with the solution without evaporation.

  4. Helium-Cooled Refractory Alloys First Wall and Blanket Evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wong, C.P.C.; Nygren, R.E.; Baxi, C.B.; Fogarty, P.; Ghoniem, N.; Khater, H.; McCarthy, K.; Merrill, B.; Nelson, B.; Reis, E.E.; Sharafat, S.; Schleicher, R.; Sze, D.K.; Ulrickson, M.; Willms, S.; Youssef, M.; Zinkel, S.


    Under the APEX program the He-cooled system design task is to evaluate and recommend high power density refractory alloy first wall and blanket designs and to recommend and initiate tests to address critical issues. We completed the preliminary design of a helium-cooled, W-5Re alloy, lithium breeder design and the results are reported in this paper. Many areas of the design were assessed, including material selection, helium impurity control, and mechanical, nuclear and thermal hydraulics design, and waste disposal, tritium and safety design. System study results show that at a closed cycle gas turbine (CCGT) gross thermal efficiency of 57.5%, a superconducting coil tokamak reactor, with an aspect ratio of 4, and an output power of 2 GWe, can be projected to have a cost of electricity at 54.6 mill/kWh. Critical issues were identified and we plan to continue the design on some of the critical issues during the next phase of the APEX design study.

  5. An Elizabethan Survey and Possible Astronomical Observations on the Oregon Coast: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Haramundanis, Katherine; Gaposchkin, E.


    We present preliminary results of our investigations of inscribed rocks found along the Oregon Coast. The roughly 30 rocks contain Latin letters, numbers, and other signs. Bawlf (2000), after Costaggini and Schultz (1977), suggested that the artifacts represent a survey and longitude observation made by Francis Drake in 1579 during his circumnavigation. We have analyzed old records and photographs, and made preliminary site visits to evaluate if these suggestions have merit. The artifacts were first seen in the late 19th century by settlers along the Nehalem River and inspired early searches for treasure on the mountainside, which is rugged, rocky, and steep. The nearby wreck of a Spanish galleon confounded the interpretations. The director of the local Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, Wayne Jensen, with an enthusiastic colleague, Don Viles, spent two decades looking for artifacts and commissioned the existing site survey from the Civil Engineering Department of Oregon State University. Both Viles (1982, 1990) and Jensen (1990) published descriptions of the finds and their search methods. We present photographs of several of the larger artifacts, our conclusions about what the site represents and who may have created it, and suggestions about the meaning of some of the markings and artifacts, including calculations for possible astronomical observations. We solicit comments from the audience regarding any similar sites.

  6. A color spectrographic phonocardiography (CSP applied to the detection and characterization of heart murmurs: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hassani Kamran


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although cardiac auscultation remains important to detect abnormal sounds and murmurs indicative of cardiac pathology, the application of electronic methods remains seldom used in everyday clinical practice. In this report we provide preliminary data showing how the phonocardiogram can be analyzed using color spectrographic techniques and discuss how such information may be of future value for noninvasive cardiac monitoring. Methods We digitally recorded the phonocardiogram using a high-speed USB interface and the program Gold Wave in 55 infants and adults with cardiac structural disease as well as from normal individuals and individuals with innocent murmurs. Color spectrographic analysis of the signal was performed using Spectrogram (Version 16 as a well as custom MATLAB code. Results Our preliminary data is presented as a series of seven cases. Conclusions We expect the application of spectrographic techniques to phonocardiography to grow substantially as ongoing research demonstrates its utility in various clinical settings. Our evaluation of a simple, low-cost phonocardiographic recording and analysis system to assist in determining the characteristic features of heart murmurs shows promise in helping distinguish innocent systolic murmurs from pathological murmurs in children and is expected to useful in other clinical settings as well.

  7. Low energy Helium-Neon laser in the prevention of oral mucositis in patients undergoing bone marrow transplant: results of a double blind randomized trial. (United States)

    Cowen, D; Tardieu, C; Schubert, M; Peterson, D; Resbeut, M; Faucher, C; Franquin, J C


    To evaluate the efficiency of Helium-Neon (He-Ne) laser in the prevention of oral mucositis induced by high dose chemoradiotherapy before autologous bone marrow transplantation (BMT). Between 1993 and 1995, 30 consecutive patients receiving an autologous peripheral stem-cell or bone marrow transplant (BMT) after high dose chemoradiotherapy were randomized to possibly receive prophylactic laser to the oral mucosa after giving informed consent. Chemotherapy consisted of cyclophosphamide, 60 mg/kg intravenously (I.V.) on day (d)-5 and d-4 in 27 cases, or melphalan 140 mg/kg I.V. on d-4 in three cases. Total body irradiation (TBI) consisted of 12 Gy midplane dose in six fractions (4 Gy/day for three days). He-Ne laser (632.8 nm wavelength, power 60 mW) applications were performed daily from d-5 to d-1 on five anatomic sites of the oral mucosa. Oral examination was performed daily from d0 to d + 20. Mucositis was scored according to an oral exam guide with a 16 item scale of which four were assessed by the patients themselves. Mean daily self assessment scores for oral pain, ability to swallow and oral dryness were measured. A daily mucositis index (DMI) and a cumulative oral mucositis score (COMS) were established. Requirement for narcotics and parenteral nutrition was recorded. The COMS was significantly reduced among laser treated (L+) patients (p = 0.04). The improvement of DMI in L+ patients was also statistically significant (p parenteral nutrition was not reduced (p = NS). Helium-Neon laser treatment was well tolerated, feasible in all cases, and reduced high dose chemoradiotherapy-induced oral mucositis. Optimal laser treatment schedules still needs to be defined.

  8. Plant exploitation during the early Natufian in north-eastern Jordan: preliminary results from Shubayqa 1

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Otaegui, Amaia Arranz; Richter, Tobias

    on this time period is the low density of plant remains preserved in archaeological sites. This largely contrasts with the extraordinary well-preserved archaeobotanical assemblage found at the Early and Late Natufian Shubayqa 1. In this paper, we present the preliminary results of wood charcoal and non-woody......In spite of southwest Asia being one of the areas in the world where archaeobotanists have worked longest, information regarding plant exploitation during the Natufian period is still patchy and more materials and well-sampled sites are needed. One of the problems faced by archaeobotanists working...... plant analyses from two in situ hearth structures, along with a summary of the available evidence at other contemporary early Natufian sites. In terms of past vegetation, the results show the presence of wetland species indicating a more forested and wet environment during the early Natufian, which...

  9. Hybrid Spectral Micro-CT: System Design, Implementation, and Preliminary Results

    CERN Document Server

    Bennett, James R; Xu, Qiong; Yu, Hengyong; Walsh, Michael; Butler, Anthony; Butler, Phillip; Cao, Guohua; Mohs, Aaron; Wang, Ge


    Spectral CT has proven an important development in biomedical imaging, and there have been several publications in the past years demonstrating its merits in pre-clinical and clinical applications. In 2012, Xu et al. reported that near-term implementation of spectral micro-CT could be enhanced by a hybrid architecture: a narrow-beam spectral "interior" imaging chain integrated with a traditional wide-beam "global" imaging chain. This hybrid integration coupled with compressive sensing (CS)-based interior tomography demonstrated promising results for improved contrast resolution, and decreased system cost and radiation dose. The motivation for the current study is implementation and evaluation of the hybrid architecture with a first-of-its-kind hybrid spectral micro-CT system. Preliminary results confirm improvements in both contrast and spatial resolution. This technology is shown to merit further investigation and potential application in future spectral CT scanner design.

  10. Measurement of pressure ridges in SAR images of sea ice - Preliminary results on scattering theory (United States)

    Vesecky, J. F.; Smith, M. P.; Daida, J. M.; Samadani, R.; Camiso, J. C.


    Sea ice ridges and keels (hummocks and bummocks) are important in sea ice research for both scientific and practical reasons. A long-term objective is to make quantitative measurements of sea ice ridges using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. The preliminary results of a scattering model for sea ice ridge are reported. The approach is through the ridge height variance spectrum Psi(K), where K is the spatial wavenumber, and the two-scale scattering model. The height spectrum model is constructed to mimic height statistics observed with an airborne optical laser. The spectrum model is used to drive a two-scale scattering model. Model results for ridges observed at C- and X-band yield normalized radar cross sections that are 10 to 15 dB larger than the observed cross sections of multiyear ice over the range of angles of incidence from 10 to 70 deg.

  11. Surface faulting during the August 24, 2016, central Italy earthquake (Mw 6.0: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franz A. Livio


    Full Text Available We present some preliminary results on the mapping of coseismically-induced ground ruptures following the Aug. 24, 2016, Central Italy earthquake (Mw 6.0. The seismogenic source, as highlighted by InSAR and seismological data, ruptured across two adjacent structures: the Vettore and Laga faults. We collected field data on ground breaks along the whole deformed area and two different scenarios of on-fault coseismic displacement arise from these observations. To the north, along the Vettore fault, surface faulting can be mapped quite continuously along a well-defined fault strand while such features are almost absent to the south, along the Laga fault, where flysch-like marly units are present. A major lithological control, affects the surface expression of faulting, resulting in a complex deformation pattern.

  12. Preliminary results of the large experimental wind turbine phase of the national wind energy program (United States)

    Thomas, R. L.; Sholes, J. E.


    A major phase of the wind energy program is the development of reliable wind turbines for supplying cost-competitive electrical energy. This paper discusses the preliminary results of two projects in this phase of the program. First an experimental 100 kW wind turbine design and its status are reviewed. Also discussed are the results of two parallel design studies for determining the configurations and power levels for wind turbines with minimum energy costs. These studies show wind energy costs of 7 to 1.5 c/kWH for wind turbines produced in quantities of 100 to 1000 a year and located at sites having average winds of 12 to 18 mph.

  13. Experimental Investigation of the Vehicle-Ground Interaction - Experiment Preparation and Preliminary Results (United States)

    Valašková, Veronika; Vlček, Jozef


    Interaction of the moving vehicle and the ground represents the actual engineering, environmental and economic problem. Due to the complexity of the problem, a combination of the experimental measurement and the computational simulation to understand the interaction mechanism is the most beneficial approach. Results of the in-situ observation serve as an input for the numerical analysis and also as a background for the calibration of the model. Presented paper brings the summary of the experiment preparation and preliminary results which are necessary for further analyses and numerical models. Computational simulations will be helpful for understanding the vehicle-ground interaction when inputs will be verified by the experimental way at known boundary conditions.

  14. Broken symmetry makes helium

    CERN Multimedia

    Gray, P L


    "The subatomic pion particle breaks the charge symmetry rule that governs both fusion and decay. In experiments performed at the Indiana University Cyclotron Laboratory, physicists forced heavy hydrogen (1 proton + 1 neutron) to fuse into helium in a controlled, measurable environment" (1 paragraph).

  15. Towards seasonal hydrological forecasting in mountain catchments: preliminary results from the APRIL project (United States)

    Pistocchi, Alberto; Mazzoli, Paolo; Bagli, Stefano; Notarnicola, Claudia; Pasolli, Luca


    The APRIL project aims at addressing the long term quantitative prediction of monthly discharge from mountain catchments and setting up a system which can then be used operationally. More specifically, its objectives are: - To investigate the potential of EO products (snow cover extent, vegetation and soil moisture statust) and weather/climatic variables for the prediction of water streamflow from mountain catchments - To develop a robust methodology for the long term quantitative forecast of montly discharge from EO and weather/climatic data - To build a fully operational system for seasonal hydrological forecasting. This contribution illustrates the general concept of the project as well as some preliminary results. Water discharge in mountain catchments is physically related to antecedent snow cover and climatology (precipitation, temperature). Other factors may play a role, such as vegetation/soil status and topography. Historical discharge measurements and earth observation (EO) data are a valuable source for inferring the quantitative relationship between the discharge and its predictors using appropriate techniques. The prediction is based on the Support Vector Regression (SVR)technique, a state of the art machine learning regression method with good intrinsic generalization ability and robustness. In the contribution we present and discuss results of a preliminary analysis on water discharge prediction ( with lead time of 1 to 3 months) in South Tyrol, Italy. Despite the use of a limited set of predictors (among which mainly snow cover area), the results are encouraging. The analysis is in the process of being extended at different spatial scales, which will give the possibility to investigate different aspects of the problem and develop different prediction systems; by updating on the current developments, the contribution discusses also perspectives and current limitations towards the set up of a fully operational seasonal hydrological forecasting system


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Bramante


    Full Text Available Safety and quality foods of animal origin are extremely important for consumers. The aim of this work was to evaluate the feasibility of a method to track the breed origin of sheep meat all along the production chain using molecular genetics tools. A total of 800 samples evenly distributed among seven Italian sheep breeds have been typed at 19 STR markers, together with 90 samples from both imported sheep animals and local crossbred animals withdrawn at slaughterhouses. A maximum likelihood assignment test was adopted to evaluate STR ability to allocate samples to their true breed of origin. Sarda animals were all correctly allocated, as well as more than 98% of samples from the other breeds. Only slightly worst allocation performances were observed for imported and crossbred animals. Preliminary results seem quite promising, though further analyses will be needed in order to better understand the statistical power of such an assignment test before implementation in the sheep meat production chain.

  17. Landslides Forecasting Analysis By Displacement Time Series Derived From Satellite INSAR Data: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Mazzanti, P.; Rocca, A.; Bozzano, F.; Cossu, R.; Floris, M.


    In this paper preliminary results of the Cat-1 project ”Landslides forecasting analysis by displacement time series derived from Satellite and Terrestrial InSAR data” are presented. The project focuses on landslide forecasting analysis, based on the application of slope creep models. Displacements data through time, related to landslides strain evolution, are usually derived by classical monitoring methods. Here we propose the use of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) differential interferometry (DInSAR) to achieve past displacements information of already collapsed landslides. Persistent Scatterers (PS) InSAR and Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) InSAR are considered and discussed in the perspective of proposed application. Furthermore, a rating method to evaluate the suitability of landslide prediction and investigation by Satellite InSAR technique is presented and tested over two case studies.

  18. Preliminary results from the prototype synchrotron radiation detector on space shuttle mission STS-108

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anderhub, H.; Bates, J.R.; Baetzner, D.; Baumgartner, S.; Biland, A. E-mail:; Camps, C.; Capell, M.; Commichau, V.; Djambazov, L.; Fanchiang, Y.-J.; Fluegge, G.; Fritschi, M.; Grimm, O.; Hangarter, K.; Hofer, H.; Horisberger, U.; Kan, R.; Kaestli, W.; Kenney, G.P.; Kim, G.N.; Kim, K.S.; Koutsenko, V.; Kraeber, M.; Kuipers, J.; Lebedev, A.; Lee, M.W.; Lee, S.-C.; Lewis, R.; Lustermann, W.; Pauss, F.; Rauber, T.; Ren, D.; Ren, Z.L.; Roeser, U.; Son, D.; Ting, Samuel C.C.; Tiwari, A.N.; Viertel, G.M.; Gunten, H. von; Wicki, S. Waldmeier; Wang, T.-S.; Yang, J.; Zimmermann, B


    A Synchrotron Radiation Detector measures synchrotron radiation emitted by high energetic particles in the earth magnetic field. This allows to identify cosmic ray electrons and positrons with energies in the TeV region. One possibility for such a detector outside the atmosphere uses YAP crystals to measure synchrotron photons with energies in the keV range. As such a detector can not distinguish between photons and electrons, the main problems are the diffuse cosmic ray gamma background and low energetic electrons in the vicinity of the earth. While the intensity of the diffuse gamma rays is known quite well, there exists limited knowledge about keV-electrons in low earth orbits. To measure these electrons a Prototype Synchrotron Radiation Detector (PSRD) was flown with Space Shuttle mission STS-108 (Dec.2001) and preliminary analysis of the data show very favorable results.

  19. Acacia tortilis subsp. heteracantha productivity in the Tugela Dry Valley Bushveld: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. J. Milton


    Full Text Available Acacia tortilis Hayne subsp.  heteracantha (Burch. Brenan dominates secondary succession in the Tugela Dry Valley Bushveld of the Natal midlands. The parts of KwaZulu in this veld type are impoverished, overpopulated and over-grazed. Preliminary results indicate that at a density of 2 700 ± 600 trees/ha there is a standing crop of c.2,87 t/ha (DM of acacia twigs suitable for hand pruning and milling into fodder, but that this is a costly process. Herbage biomass peaked at 0,73 t/ha (DM. Veld condition assessments suggested a stocking rate of|0,l AU/ha (grazers, but actual grazer stocking rates may be many times this density. It is recommended that the browser/grazer ratio be altered to make use of the c. 1,05 t/ha (DM of shoot growth produced annually by A. tortilis subsp.  heteracantha.

  20. The design of a modular voluntary opening prosthetic hand: ongoing research and preliminary results. (United States)

    El-Sheikh, Mogeeb A; Taher, Mona F


    This work presents the mechanical design of an artificial hand in order to address the need for a commercially feasible prosthetic hand. The hand has 3 compliant fingers and a thumb attached to a reconfigurable palm. The fingers and palm are a novel design, which is based on the natural arches of the hand. The design is modular, minimizing the number of parts and reducing assembly time. This hand and the expandable socket are designed for transradial amputees. It has 9 degrees of freedom (DOFs), 2 of them for the reconfigurable palm. The kinematics and adequate excursion for the fingers and palm are illustrated by finite element method (FEM). The study implements the mechanical parts by using rapid prototyping to assess preliminary results.

  1. Measurements of entanglement over a kilometric distance to test superluminal models of Quantum Mechanics: preliminary results. (United States)

    Cocciaro, B.; Faetti, S.; Fronzoni, L.


    As shown in the EPR paper (Einstein, Podolsky e Rosen, 1935), Quantum Mechanics is a non-local Theory. The Bell theorem and the successive experiments ruled out the possibility of explaining quantum correlations using only local hidden variables models. Some authors suggested that quantum correlations could be due to superluminal communications that propagate isotropically with velocity vt > c in a preferred reference frame. For finite values of vt and in some special cases, Quantum Mechanics and superluminal models lead to different predictions. So far, no deviations from the predictions of Quantum Mechanics have been detected and only lower bounds for the superluminal velocities vt have been established. Here we describe a new experiment that increases the maximum detectable superluminal velocities and we give some preliminary results.

  2. Development and Preliminary Results of the Financial Incentive Coercion Assessment (FICA) Questionnaire (United States)

    Byrne, Margaret M.; Croft, Jason R.; French, Michael T.; Dugosh, Karen L.; Festinger, David S.


    Financial incentives are often used in research, yet no measure exists to determine whether they lead to perceptions of coercion in subjects. We present a preliminary evaluation of a recently developed Financial Incentive Coercion Assessment (FICA) questionnaire. FICA measures perceived coercion specifically related to payment for participation in a research study. Two hundred and sixty-six subjects were recruited from a large randomized controlled trial; 152 returned for a six-month follow-up and completed the FICA. Approximately 30% of participants reported the major reason for participating was “for the money,” but less than 5% felt that the financial incentives were coercive. FICA results are consistent with levels of perceived coercion using an alternative measure. Initial assessment of responses on the FICA suggests that it may provide a novel approach to measuring perceived coercion from financial incentives in research. Future work will refine the FICA and analyze its psychometric properties. PMID:22116011

  3. Development and preliminary results of the Financial Incentive Coercion Assessment questionnaire. (United States)

    Byrne, Margaret M; Croft, Jason R; French, Michael T; Dugosh, Karen L; Festinger, David S


    Financial incentives are often used in research, yet no measure exists to determine whether they lead to perceptions of coercion in subjects. We present a preliminary evaluation of a recently developed Financial Incentive Coercion Assessment (FICA) questionnaire. FICA measures perceived coercion specifically related to payment for participation in a research study. Two hundred sixty-six subjects were recruited from a large randomized controlled trial; 152 returned for a 6-month follow-up and completed the FICA. Approximately 30% of participants reported the major reason for participating was "for the money," but less than 5% felt that the financial incentives were coercive. FICA results are consistent with levels of perceived coercion using an alternative measure. Initial assessment of responses on the FICA suggests that it may provide a novel approach to measuring perceived coercion from financial incentives in research. Future work will refine the FICA and analyze its psychometric properties. Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  4. Fuzzy-logic-based hybrid locomotion mode classification for an active pelvis orthosis: Preliminary results. (United States)

    Yuan, Kebin; Parri, Andrea; Yan, Tingfang; Wang, Long; Munih, Marko; Vitiello, Nicola; Wang, Qining


    In this paper, we present a fuzzy-logic-based hybrid locomotion mode classification method for an active pelvis orthosis. Locomotion information measured by the onboard hip joint angle sensors and the pressure insoles is used to classify five locomotion modes, including two static modes (sitting, standing still), and three dynamic modes (level-ground walking, ascending stairs, and descending stairs). The proposed method classifies these two kinds of modes first by monitoring the variation of the relative hip joint angle between the two legs within a specific period. Static states are then classified by the time-based absolute hip joint angle. As for dynamic modes, a fuzzy-logic based method is proposed for the classification. Preliminary experimental results with three able-bodied subjects achieve an off-line classification accuracy higher than 99.49%.

  5. Improving robotic stroke rehabilitation by incorporating neural intent detection: Preliminary results from a clinical trial. (United States)

    Sullivan, Jennifer L; Bhagat, Nikunj A; Yozbatiran, Nuray; Paranjape, Ruta; Losey, Colin G; Grossman, Robert G; Contreras-Vidal, Jose L; Francisco, Gerard E; O'Malley, Marcia K


    This paper presents the preliminary findings of a multi-year clinical study evaluating the effectiveness of adding a brain-machine interface (BMI) to the MAHI-Exo II, a robotic upper limb exoskeleton, for elbow flexion/extension rehabilitation in chronic stroke survivors. The BMI was used to trigger robot motion when movement intention was detected from subjects' neural signals, thus requiring that subjects be mentally engaged during robotic therapy. The first six subjects to complete the program have shown improvements in both Fugl-Meyer Upper-Extremity scores as well as in kinematic movement quality measures that relate to movement planning, coordination, and control. These results are encouraging and suggest that increasing subject engagement during therapy through the addition of an intent-detecting BMI enhances the effectiveness of standard robotic rehabilitation.

  6. Instrumentation development for space debris optical observation system in Indonesia: Preliminary results (United States)

    Dani, Tiar; Rachman, Abdul; Priyatikanto, Rhorom; Religia, Bahar


    An increasing number of space junk in orbit has raised their chances to fall in Indonesian region. So far, three debris of rocket bodies have been found in Bengkulu, Gorontalo and Lampung. LAPAN has successfully developed software for monitoring space debris that passes over Indonesia with an altitude below 200 km. To support the software-based system, the hardware-based system has been developed based on optical instruments. The system has been under development in early 2014 which consist of two systems: the telescopic system and wide field system. The telescopic system uses CCD cameras and a reflecting telescope with relatively high sensitivity. Wide field system uses DSLR cameras, binoculars and a combination of CCD with DSLR Lens. Methods and preliminary results of the systems will be presented.

  7. Cancer prevention interdisciplinary education program at Purdue University: overview and preliminary results. (United States)

    Teegarden, Dorothy; Lee, Ji-Yeon; Adedokun, Omolola; Childress, Amy; Parker, Loran Carleton; Burgess, Wilella; Nagel, Julie; Knapp, Deborah W; Lelievre, Sophie; Agnew, Christopher R; Shields, Cleveland; Leary, James; Adams, Robin; Jensen, Jakob D


    Cancer prevention is a broad field that crosses many disciplines; therefore, educational efforts to enhance cancer prevention research focused on interdisciplinary approaches to the field are greatly needed. In order to hasten progress in cancer prevention research, the Cancer Prevention Internship Program (CPIP) at Purdue University was designed to develop and test an interdisciplinary curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. The hypothesis was that course curriculum specific to introducing interdisciplinary concepts in cancer prevention would increase student interest in and ability to pursue advanced educational opportunities (e.g., graduate school, medical school). Preliminary results from the evaluation of the first year which included ten undergraduate and five graduate students suggested that participation in CPIP is a positive professional development experience, leading to a significant increase in understanding of interdisciplinary research in cancer prevention. In its first year, the CPIP project has created a successful model for interdisciplinary education in cancer prevention research.

  8. Description and preliminary results of a 100 square meter rain gauge (United States)

    Grimaldi, Salvatore; Petroselli, Andrea; Baldini, Luca; Gorgucci, Eugenio


    Rainfall is one of the most crucial processes in hydrology, and the direct and indirect rainfall measurement methods are constantly being updated and improved. The standard instrument used to measure rainfall rate and accumulation is the rain gauge, which provides direct observations. Though the small dimension of the orifice allows rain gauges to be installed anywhere, it also causes errors due to the splash and wind effects. To investigate the role of the orifice dimension, this study, for the first time, introduces and demonstrates an apparatus for observing rainfall called a giant-rain gauge that is characterised by a collecting surface of 100 m2. To discuss the new instrument and its technical details, a preliminary analysis of 26 rainfall events is provided. The results suggest that there are significant differences between the standard and proposed rain gauges. Specifically, major discrepancies are evident for low time aggregation scale (5, 10, and 15 min) and for high rainfall intensity values.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Sekertekin


    Full Text Available Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR imaging system is one of the most effective way for Earth observation. The aim of this study is to present the preliminary results about estimating soil moisture using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR data. Full-polarimetric (HH, HV, VV, VH ALOS-2 data, acquired on 22.04.2016 with the incidence angle of 30.4o, were used in the study. Simultaneously with the SAR acquisition, in-situ soil moisture samples over bare agricultural lands were collected and evaluated using gravimetric method. Backscattering coefficients for all polarizations were obtained and linear regression analysis was carried out with in situ moisture measurements. The best correlation coefficient was observed with VV polarization. Cross-polarized backscattering coefficients were not so sensitive to soil moisture content. In the study, it was observed that soil moisture maps can be retrieved with the accuracy about 14% (RMSE.

  10. Preliminary Results of Estimating Soil Moisture Over Bare Soil Using Full-Polarimetric ALOS-2 Data (United States)

    Sekertekin, A.; Marangoz, A. M.; Abdikan, S.; Esetlili, M. T.


    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging system is one of the most effective way for Earth observation. The aim of this study is to present the preliminary results about estimating soil moisture using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. Full-polarimetric (HH, HV, VV, VH) ALOS-2 data, acquired on 22.04.2016 with the incidence angle of 30.4o, were used in the study. Simultaneously with the SAR acquisition, in-situ soil moisture samples over bare agricultural lands were collected and evaluated using gravimetric method. Backscattering coefficients for all polarizations were obtained and linear regression analysis was carried out with in situ moisture measurements. The best correlation coefficient was observed with VV polarization. Cross-polarized backscattering coefficients were not so sensitive to soil moisture content. In the study, it was observed that soil moisture maps can be retrieved with the accuracy about 14% (RMSE).

  11. Ayahuasca-assisted therapy for addiction: results from a preliminary observational study in Canada. (United States)

    Thomas, Gerald; Lucas, Philippe; Capler, N Rielle; Tupper, Kenneth W; Martin, Gina


    This paper reports results from a preliminary observational study of ayahuasca-assisted treatment for problematic substance use and stress delivered in a rural First Nations community in British Columbia, Canada. The "Working with Addiction and Stress" retreats combined four days of group counselling with two expert-led ayahuasca ceremonies. This study collected pre-treatment and six months follow-up data from 12 participants on several psychological and behavioral factors related to problematic substance use, and qualitative data assessing the personal experiences of the participants six months after the retreat. Statistically significant (p ayahuasca-assisted therapy appears to be associated with statistically significant improvements in several factors related to problematic substance use among a rural aboriginal population. These findings suggest participants may have experienced positive psychological and behavioral changes in response to this therapeutic approach, and that more rigorous research of ayahuasca-assisted therapy for problematic substance use is warranted.

  12. Preliminary results on the suppression of sensing cross-talk in LISA Pathfinder (United States)

    Wanner, Gudrun; Karnesis, Nikolaos; LISA Pathfinder Collaboration


    In the original paper describing the first measurements performed with LISA Pathfinder, a bulge in the acceleration noise was shown in the 200 mHz - 20 mHz frequency band. This bulge noise originated from cross-coupling of spacecraft motion into the longitudinal readout and it was shown that it is possible to subtract this cross-talk noise. We discuss here the model that was used for subtraction as well as an alternative approach to suppress the cross talk by realignment of the test masses. Such a realignment was performed after preliminary analysis of a dedicated cross-talk experiment, and we show the resulting noise suppression. Since then, further experiments have been performed to investigate the cross-coupling behaviour, however analysis of these experiments is still on-going.

  13. Preliminary Results from Simulations of Temperature Oscillations in Stirling Engine Regenerator Matrices

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Stig Kildegård; Carlsen, Henrik; Thomsen, Per Grove


    . The model contains a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) derived from mass and energy balances for gas filled control volumes and energy balances for regenerator matrix control masses. Interpolation methods with filtering properties are used for state variables at control volume interfaces...... to reduce numerical diffusion and/or non-physical oscillations. Loss mechanisms are included directly in the governing equations as terms in the mass and energy balances. Steady state periodic solutions that satisfy cyclic boundary conditions and integral conditions are calculated using a custom built...... shooting method. It has been found possible to accurately solve the stiff ODE system that describes the coupled thermodynamics of the gas and the regenerator matrix and to reliably find periodic steady state solutions to the model. Preliminary results indicate that the regenerator matrix temperature...

  14. Triple endobuttton technique for the treatment of acute complete acromioclavicular joint dislocations: preliminary results. (United States)

    Wei, Hai-Feng; Chen, Yun-Feng; Zeng, Bing-Fang; Zhang, Chang-Qing; Chai, Yi-Min; Wang, Hai-Ming; Lu, Ye


    Numerous procedures have been described for the operative management of acromioclavicular (AC) joint injuries. Some of these techniques, including hardware fixation and non-anatomical reconstructions, are associated with serious complications and high failure rates. Recently, AC joint reconstruction techniques have focused on anatomical restoration of the coracoclavicular ligaments to achieve optimal clinical outcomes. We used a triple endobutton technique to separately reconstruct the trapezoid and the coronoid portions of the coracoclavicular ligament. We evaluated the preliminary clinical and radiological results of this technique in patients with acute complete dislocation of the AC joint. All patients achieved a significant improvement in the pain and function of shoulder at a mean follow-up interval of 12 months (range, 8-14 months). Excellent reduction of the AC joint was maintained. The triple endobutton technique may be safe and effective for the treatment of acute complete AC joint dislocations.

  15. Raman scattering investigation of the water-bridge phenomenon: Some preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Aliotta


    Full Text Available A floating water-bridge is formed if a high-voltage direct current is applied between two beakers filled of chemically pure water. Raman spectra of the OH-stretching region have been obtained at ambient condition of temperature and pressure. These preliminary results seem to indicate that the hydrogen-bond structure is only slightly modified by the presence of the electric field applied to form the floating water-bridge in agreement with recent neutron scattering investigation. In fact, the polarized Raman spectrum of the pure water and of the water-bridge is almost superimposable. We are planning to carry out further spectroscopic analysis, at different thermodynamic conditions, for better understanding the role played by the hydrogen-bond in driving the formation of the floating water-bridge.

  16. Preliminary results obtained with the ZEUS phasing sensor within the APE experiment (United States)

    Surdej, I.; Luong, B.; Vigan, A.; Araujo, C.; Bourtembourg, R.; Brast, R.; Duhoux, P.; Dupuy, C.; Frank, C.; Gonte, F.; Karban, R.; Mazzoleni, R.; Noethe, L.; Yaitskova, N.; Dohlen, K.


    In the framework of the Active Phasing Experiment (APE), four different phasing techniques are tested. The ZErnike Unit for Segment phasing sensor (ZEUS) is integrated on the APE bench. APE has been tested in the laboratory before it will be installed on one of the Nasmyth platform of a Very Large Telescope (VLT) Unit Telescope to perform on sky tests. The ZEUS phasing sensor concept has its origins in the Mach-Zehnder interferometer equipped with a spatial filter in its focal plane. In this paper, the ZEUS phasing sensor is described together with its theoretical background and deployment within the APE experiment. The algorithms and its elements used to reconstruct the wavefront are described. Finally, the preliminary results obtained in the laboratory are presented.

  17. Assessing soil-structure interaction during the 2016 central Italy seismic sequence (Italy: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arrigo Caserta


    Full Text Available We used the moderate-magnitude aftershocks succeeding to the 2016 August 24th, Mw = 6.0, Amatrice (Italy mainshok to asses, specially during an ongoing seismic sequence, the soil-structure interaction where cultural Heritage is involved. We have chosen as case study the San Giovanni Battista church (A.D. 1039  in Acquasanta Terme town, about 20 Km northeast of Amatrice. First of all we studied the soil shaking features in order to characterize the input to the monument. Then, using the recordings in the church, we tried to figure out  how the input seismic energy is distributed over the different monument parts. Some preliminary results are shown and discussed.

  18. Progresses in FAZIA detection system and preliminary results from the ISO-FAZIA experiment (United States)

    Pastore, G.; Piantelli, S.; Gruyer, D.; Augey, L.; Barlini, S.; Bougault, R.; Bini, M.; Boiano, A.; Bonnet, E.; Borderie, B.; Bruno, M.; Casini, G.; Chbibi, A.; Cinausero, M.; Dell'Aquila, D.; Dueñas, J. A.; Fable, Q.; Fabris, D.; Francalanza, L.; Frankland, J. D.; Gramegna, F.; Henri, M.; Kordyasz, A.; Kozik, T.; La Torre, R.; Le Neindre, N.; Lombardo, I.; Lopez, L. O.; Mabiala, J.; Marchi, T.; Morelli, L.; Olmi, A.; Pârlog, M.; Pasquali, G.; Poggi, G.; Salomon, F.; Stefanini, A. A.; Valdrè, S.; Tortone, G.; Vient, E.; Verde, G.; Vigilante, M.; Alba, R.; Maiolino, , C.; Santonocito, D.


    In this contribution the status of the FAZIA project is presented, with a particular focus on the first experiment (identified as ISO-FAZIA) after the R&D phase. In this experiment four complete FAZIA blocks in a fully operating configuration were used. They were mounted in a planar "belt" geometry, symmetrically positioned with respect to the beam axis, covering the polar angles between 2.5° and 17.4° degrees. The investigated systems were 84Kr + 48, 40Ca at 35AMeV. The main goal of the experiment was the study of the isospin transport phenomena, extending a previous analysis. This contribution will report on the isotopic identification capability of the FAZIA detector as well as preliminary results concerning the average isospin of the quasi-projectile produced in semiperipheral collisions as a function of the isospin of the target.

  19. Microwave frequency sweep interferometer for plasma density measurements in ECR ion sources: Design and preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Torrisi, Giuseppe [INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Via S. Sofia 62, 95125 Catania (Italy); University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Reggio Calabria (Italy); Mascali, David; Neri, Lorenzo; Leonardi, Ornella; Celona, Luigi; Castro, Giuseppe; Agnello, Riccardo; Caruso, Antonio; Passarello, Santi; Longhitano, Alberto; Gammino, Santo [INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Via S. Sofia 62, 95125 Catania (Italy); Sorbello, Gino [INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Via S. Sofia 62, 95125 Catania (Italy); University of Catania, Catania, Italy and INFN-LNS, Catania (Italy); Isernia, Tommaso [University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Reggio Calabria (Italy)


    The Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources (ECRISs) development is strictly related to the availability of new diagnostic tools, as the existing ones are not adequate to such compact machines and to their plasma characteristics. Microwave interferometry is a non-invasive method for plasma diagnostics and represents the best candidate for plasma density measurement in hostile environment. Interferometry in ECRISs is a challenging task mainly due to their compact size. The typical density of ECR plasmas is in the range 10{sup 11}–10{sup 13} cm{sup −3} and it needs a probing beam wavelength of the order of few centimetres, comparable to the chamber radius. The paper describes the design of a microwave interferometer developed at the LNS-INFN laboratories based on the so-called “frequency sweep” method to filter out the multipath contribution in the detected signals. The measurement technique and the preliminary results (calibration) obtained during the experimental tests will be presented.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. Peña-Chocarro


    Full Text Available This contribution focuses on the preliminary results of the AGRIWESTMED project which focuses on the archaeobotanical analyses of early Neolithic sites in the western Mediterranean region (both in Iberia and in northern Morocco. A large number of sites has been studied producing an interesting dataset of plant remains which places the earliest examples of domesticated plants in the second half of the 6th millennium cal BC. Plant diversity is high as it is shown by the large number of species represented: hulled and naked wheats, barley, peas, fava beans, vetches, lentils and grass peas. To more crops, poppy and flax, are also part of the first agricultural crops of the area. Although agriculture seems to occupy a first place in the production of food, gathering is well represented in the Moroccan sites where a large number of species has been identified. 

  1. Equity in transportation: new approach in transport planning – preliminary results of case study in Cracow

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lidia ZAKOWSKA


    Full Text Available The goal of the paper is to present the concept of equity as a new approach in transport and land-use planning. This concept is consistent with the objectives of sustainable development and it is becoming more common in European and world literature. Understanding the idea of equity in the context of the transport system development is very important in creating sustainable cities and regions without discriminating any social groups and creating a cohesive society not exposed to social exclusion due to lack of access to primary and secondary activities. The paper presents some results of the preliminary analysis on transport equity in Cracow. The basic equity level which has been considered here concerns senior citizens, older people living in Cracow area, in terms of their accessibility to transport infrastructure. Taking into account living conditions of elderly pedestrians, contour measures were used, in order to determine accessibility as equity indicator.

  2. Exercise and severe depression: preliminary results of an add-on study. (United States)

    Schuch, F B; Vasconcelos-Moreno, M P; Borowsky, C; Fleck, M P


    Physical exercise has been extensively researched as a therapeutic option for treatment of major depression. In a randomized controlled trial, we analyze the effects of aerobic physical exercise as an add-on strategy for treatment of severe depressed inpatients. The exercise has a "Dose" of 16.5 kcal/kg/week, three times a week during all the hospitalization. Our preliminary results show that there is no significant difference in scores of Hamilton in the second week between groups (Mean[SD]=8.2[5.96] × 11.18[5.03], p=0.192). However, there is a significant reduction in Hamilton scores of patients in exercise group at discharge (Mean[SD]=5.93[4.46] × 9.45[3.56], p=0.041). Regarding Quality of Life (QoL), no significant difference were found between groups in the second week in physical domain (Mean[SD]=56.98[8.96] × 54.54[9.18], p=0.511) and psychological domain (Mean[SD]=50.88[13.88] × 42.04[12.42], p=0.106). However, there is a significant difference in psychological domain (Mean[SD]=55.88[9.92] v 41.66[13.04], p=0.004) and a trend but no statistical significance in the physical (Mean[SD]=58.80[9.14] × 52.12[8.70], p=0.07) at discharge. Many patients receive different treatment strategies, like ECT (1 patient at exercise group × 3 at control group). Other limitation is the small number of participants included until this moment. Our preliminary results suggest that physical exercise could be a feasible and effective add-on strategy for treatment of severe depressed inpatients, improving their depressive symptoms and QoL. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. The helium-graphite interaction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Joly, F.; Lhuillier, C.; Brami, B. (Lab. de Physique Theorique des Liquides, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, 75 - Paris (France))


    We propose a very simple empirical form of the helium-on-graphite potential, which reproduces the energy of the six known bound states, the experimental average distance of the {sup 4}He atom from the surface in the ground state and the correct asymptotic behaviour of the interaction. This optimized potential is used to compute the binding energy of a {sup 3}He atom on the same substrate. The agreement between the theoretical predictions and the experimental results is a check of the set of variational parameters. (orig.).

  4. 77 FR 46687 - Polyethylene Terephthalate Film, Sheet, and Strip From India: Preliminary Results of Antidumping... (United States)


    ... indirect selling expenses, including inventory carrying costs, incurred in the United States and India and... Preliminary Calculation Memorandum; see also Polyplex Preliminary Calculation Memorandum. Cost of Production Analysis For both Jindal and Polyplex, the Department disregarded sales below cost of production (COP) in...

  5. Electron correlation for helium-like atoms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roy, U. [Visvabharati Univ., Santiniketan (India). Dept. of Comput. Sci.; Talukdar, B. [Visvabharati Univ., Santiniketan (India). Dept. of Physics


    A recently proposed analytical approach to the ground-state energy of helium atom is generalised to study the effect of electron-electron correlation on the properties of helium isoelectronic sequence. The expectation values of the Hamiltonian and some important functions of radial distances are expressed in terms of derivatives of Lewis integrals which not only permit the straightforward variational calculation to get numerical results but also help one derive interesting recurrence relations for radial expectation values. The results presented for atoms from H{sup -} to Si{sup 12+} indicate that the present analytical model will have quantitative applicability for the study of electronic correlation in high-Z helium-like atoms within the framework of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. (orig.) 22 refs.

  6. Low Temperature Gaseous Helium and very High Turbulence Experiments

    CERN Document Server

    Pietropinto, S; Castaing, B; Chabaud, B; Gagne, Y; Hébral, B; Ladam, Y; Lebrun, P; Pirotte, O; Poulain, C; Roche, P E


    Cryogenic gaseous helium gives access to extreme turbulent experimental conditions. The very high cooling helium flow rates available at CERN have been used to reach Reynolds numbers up to Re ~ 10**7 in a round jet experiment. First results are discussed.

  7. Feasibility of lunar Helium-3 mining (United States)

    Kleinschneider, Andreas; Van Overstraeten, Dmitry; Van der Reijnst, Roy; Van Hoorn, Niels; Lamers, Marvin; Hubert, Laurent; Dijk, Bert; Blangé, Joey; Hogeveen, Joel; De Boer, Lennaert; Noomen, Ron

    With fossil fuels running out and global energy demand increasing, the need for alternative energy sources is apparent. Nuclear fusion using Helium-3 may be a solution. Helium-3 is a rare isotope on Earth, but it is abundant on the Moon. Throughout the space community lunar Helium-3 is often cited as a major reason to return to the Moon. Despite the potential of lunar Helium-3 mining, little research has been conducted on a full end-to-end mission. This abstract presents the results of a feasibility study conducted by students from Delft University of Technology. The goal of the study was to assess whether a continuous end-to-end mission to mine Helium-3 on the Moon and return it to Earth is a viable option for the future energy market. The set requirements for the representative end-to-end mission were to provide 10% of the global energy demand in the year 2040. The mission elements have been selected with multiple trade-offs among both conservative and novel concepts. A mission architecture with multiple decoupled elements for each transportation segment (LEO, transfer, lunar surface) was found to be the best option. It was found that the most critical element is the lunar mining operation itself. To supply 10% of the global energy demand in 2040, 200 tons of Helium-3 would be required per year. The resulting regolith mining rate would be 630 tons per second, based on an optimistic concentration of 20 ppb Helium-3 in lunar regolith. Between 1,700 to 2,000 Helium-3 mining vehicles would be required, if using University of Wisconsin’s Mark III miner. The required heating power, if mining both day and night, would add up to 39 GW. The resulting power system mass for the lunar operations would be in the order of 60,000 to 200,000 tons. A fleet of three lunar ascent/descent vehicles and 22 continuous-thrust vehicles for orbit transfer would be required. The costs of the mission elements have been spread out over expected lifetimes. The resulting profits from Helium

  8. Superfluid helium-4 in one dimensional channel (United States)

    Kim, Duk Y.; Banavar, Samhita; Chan, Moses H. W.; Hayes, John; Sazio, Pier


    Superfluidity, as superconductivity, cannot exist in a strict one-dimensional system. However, the experiments employing porous media showed that superfluid helium can flow through the pores of nanometer size. Here we report a study of the flow of liquid helium through a single hollow glass fiber of 4 cm in length with an open id of 150 nm between 1.6 and 2.3 K. We found the superfluid transition temperature was suppressed in the hollow cylinder and that there is no flow above the transition. Critical velocity at temperature below the transition temperature was determined. Our results bear some similarity to that found by Savard et. al. studying the flow of helium through a nanohole in a silicon nitrite membrane. Experimental study at Penn State is supported by NSF Grants No. DMR 1103159.

  9. Intra-Operative Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Node Biopsy in Laryngeal Carcinoma: Preliminary Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ehsan Khadivi


    Full Text Available Introduction: Sentinel node mapping has been used for laryngeal carcinoma in several studies, with excellent results thus far.In the current study, we report our preliminary results on sentinel node mapping in laryngeal carcinoma using intra-operative peri-tumoral injection of a radiotracer.   Materials and Methods: Patients with biopsy-proven squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx were included in the study. Two mCi/0.4 cc Tc-99m-phytate in four aliquots was injected on the day of surgery, after induction of anesthesia, in the sub-mucosal peri-tumoral location using a suspension laryngoscopy. After waiting for 10 minutes, a portable gamma probe was used to search for sentinel nodes. All patients underwent laryngectomy and modified radical bilateral neck dissection. All sentinel nodes and removed non-sentinel nodes were examined by hematoxylin and eosin (H&E staining.   Results: Ten patients with laryngeal carcinoma were included. At least one sentinel node could be detected in five patients (bilateral nodes in four patients. One patient had pathologically involved sentinel and non-sentinel nodes (no false-negative cases.   Conclusion:  Sentinel node mapping in laryngeal carcinoma is technically feasible using an intra-operative radiotracer injection. In order to evaluate the relationship of T-stage and the laterality of the tumor with accuracy, larger studies are needed.

  10. New large solar photocatalytic plant: set-up and preliminary results. (United States)

    Malato, S; Blanco, J; Vidal, A; Fernández, P; Cáceres, J; Trincado, P; Oliveira, J C; Vincent, M


    A European industrial consortium called SOLARDETOX has been created as the result of an EC-DGXII BRITE-EURAM-III-financed project on solar photocatalytic detoxification of water. The project objective was to develop a simple, efficient and commercially competitive water-treatment technology, based on compound parabolic collectors (CPCs) solar collectors and TiO2 photocatalysis, to make possible easy design and installation. The design, set-up and preliminary results of the main project deliverable, the first European industrial solar detoxification treatment plant, is presented. This plant has been designed for the batch treatment of 2 m3 of water with a 100 m2 collector-aperture area and aqueous aerated suspensions of polycrystalline TiO2 irradiated by sunlight. Fully automatic control reduces operation and maintenance manpower. Plant behaviour has been compared (using dichloroacetic acid and cyanide at 50 mg l(-1) initial concentration as model compounds) with the small CPC pilot plants installed at the Plataforma Solar de Almería several years ago. The first results with high-content cyanide (1 g l(-1)) waste water are presented and plant treatment capacity is calculated.

  11. Impulsivity in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gamers: Preliminary Results on Experimental and Self-Report Measures. (United States)

    Nuyens, Filip; Deleuze, Jory; Maurage, Pierre; Griffiths, Mark D; Kuss, Daria J; Billieux, Joël


    Background and aims Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have become the most popular type of video games played worldwide, superseding the playing of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and First-Person Shooter games. However, empirical studies focusing on the use and abuse of MOBA games are still very limited, particularly regarding impulsivity, which is an indicator of addictive states but has not yet been explored in MOBA games. In this context, the objective of the present study is to explore the associations between impulsivity and symptoms of addictive use of MOBA games in a sample of highly involved League of Legends (LoL, currently the most popular MOBA game) gamers. Methods Thirty-six LoL gamers were recruited and completed both experimental (Single Key Impulsivity Paradigm) and self-reported impulsivity assessments (s-UPPS-P Impulsive Behavior Scale, Barratt Impulsiveness Scale), in addition to an assessment of problematic video game use (Problematic Online Gaming Questionnaire). Results Results showed links between impulsivity-related constructs and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement. Findings indicated that impaired ability to postpone rewards in an experimental laboratory task was strongly related to problematic patterns of MOBA game involvement. Although less consistent, several associations were also found between self-reported impulsivity traits and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement. Conclusions Despite these results are preliminary and based upon a small (self-selected) sample, the present study highlights potential psychological factors related to the addictive use of MOBA games.

  12. The genetic variability of the Podolica cattle breed from the Gargano area. Preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dario Cianci


    Full Text Available The Podolica cattle breed is autochthonous of Southern Italy and denoted by its particular rusticity. This study presents the preliminary results of the genetic characterization of the Podolica breed using DNA STR markers. A total of 20 microsatellite loci were analysed in 79 individuals reared in the Gargano area. Number of polymorphisms, allele fre- quencies, deviations from Hardy-Weinberg proportions, linkage disequilibrium between loci and genetic similarities between animals were calculated. The results showed a high deficiency of heterozygotes, the observed mean of het- erozygosis being 0.449, whereas the expected mean was 0.766. Many markers showed also deviations from the Hardy- Weinberg proportions and significant linkage disequilibrium between loci. However the genetic similarity within the pop- ulation was low (0.281 and the average number of alleles per locus was high (10, representing a high genetic vari- ability. In order to explain these results, a stratification of the breed in sub-populations with a high interior genetic homo- geneity but markedly differentiated one from each other could be hypothesized; this situation probably derived from non- random mating within each herd (consanguinity and from the lack of exchange of genetic material between the herds. A further study is needed on a wider sample and extending the analysis to FAO-ISAG microsatellite panel in order to con- firm this hypothesis. This could eventually provide the information necessary for the correct management of the repro- ductive schemes and for genomic traceability of meat production.

  13. New large solar photocatalytic plant: set-up and preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Malato, S.; Blanco, J.; Vidal, A.; Fernandez, P.; Caceres, J. [Plataforma Solar de Almeria (Spain); Trincado, P. [HIDROCEN, Madrid (Spain); Oliveira, J.C. [AOSOL, Samora-Corria (Portugal); Vincent, M. [ECOSYSTEM S.A., Barcelona (Spain)


    A European industrial consortium called SOLARDETOX has been created as the result of an EC-DGXII BRITE-EURAM-III-financed project on solar photocatalytic detoxification of water. The project objective was to develop a simple, efficient and commercially competitive water-treatment technology, based on compound parabolic collectors (CPCs) solar collectors and TiO{sub 2} photocatalysis, to make possible easy design and installation. The design, set-up and preliminary results of the main project deliverable, the first European industrial solar detoxification treatment plant, is presented. This plant has been designed for the batch treatment of 2 m{sup 3} of water with a 100 m{sup 2} collector-aperture area and aqueous aerated suspensions of polycrystalline TiO{sub 2} irradiated by sunlight. Fully automatic control reduces operation and maintenance manpower. Plant behaviour has been compared (using dichloroacetic acid and cyanide at 50 mgl{sup -1} initial concentration as model compounds) with the small CPC pilot plants installed at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria several years ago. The first results with high-content cyanide (1 gl{sup -1}) waste water are presented and plant treatment capacity is calculated. (author)

  14. Facial emotional recognition in schizophrenia: preliminary results of the virtual reality program for facial emotional recognition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Souto


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Significant deficits in emotional recognition and social perception characterize patients with schizophrenia and have direct negative impact both in inter-personal relationships and in social functioning. Virtual reality, as a methodological resource, might have a high potential for assessment and training skills in people suffering from mental illness. OBJECTIVES: To present preliminary results of a facial emotional recognition assessment designed for patients with schizophrenia, using 3D avatars and virtual reality. METHODS: Presentation of 3D avatars which reproduce images developed with the FaceGen® software and integrated in a three-dimensional virtual environment. Each avatar was presented to a group of 12 patients with schizophrenia and a reference group of 12 subjects without psychiatric pathology. RESULTS: The results show that the facial emotions of happiness and anger are better recognized by both groups and that the major difficulties arise in fear and disgust recognition. Frontal alpha electroencephalography variations were found during the presentation of anger and disgust stimuli among patients with schizophrenia. DISCUSSION: The developed program evaluation module can be of surplus value both for patient and therapist, providing the task execution in a non anxiogenic environment, however similar to the actual experience.

  15. Applications of Groundwater Helium (United States)

    Kulongoski, Justin T.; Hilton, David R.


    Helium abundance and isotope variations have widespread application in groundwater-related studies. This stems from the inert nature of this noble gas and the fact that its two isotopes ? helium-3 and helium-4 ? have distinct origins and vary widely in different terrestrial reservoirs. These attributes allow He concentrations and 3He/4He isotope ratios to be used to recognize and quantify the influence of a number of potential contributors to the total He budget of a groundwater sample. These are atmospheric components, such as air-equilibrated and air-entrained He, as well as terrigenic components, including in situ (aquifer) He, deep crustal and/or mantle He and tritiogenic 3He. Each of these components can be exploited to reveal information on a number of topics, from groundwater chronology, through degassing of the Earth?s crust to the role of faults in the transfer of mantle-derived volatiles to the surface. In this review, we present a guide to how groundwater He is collected from aquifer systems and quantitatively measured in the laboratory. We then illustrate the approach of resolving the measured He characteristics into its component structures using assumptions of endmember compositions. This is followed by a discussion of the application of groundwater He to the types of topics mentioned above using case studies from aquifers in California and Australia. Finally, we present possible future research directions involving dissolved He in groundwater.

  16. Temperature Rises In Pumps For Superfluid Helium (United States)

    Kittel, Peter


    Report discusses increases in temperature of superfluid helium in centrifugal and fountain-effect pumps. Intended for use in transfers of superfluid helium in outer space. Increases in temperature significantly affect losses during transfers and are important in selection of temperatures of supply tanks. Purpose of study, increase in temperature in fountain-effect pump calculated on basis of thermodynamic considerations, starting from assumption of ideal pump. Results of recent tests of ceramic material intended for use in such pumps support this assumption. Overall, centrifugal pumps more effective because it produces smaller rise in temperature.

  17. Results from Effervescent Spray Atomization for MCB and a preliminary Proposal for Field Experiments (United States)

    Neukermans, A.; Cooper, G. F.; Foster, J. D.; Galbraith, L. K.; Jain, S.; Ormond, R.


    We report on the preliminary results of spraying saltwater using a variant of effervescent spray atomization (ESA), for the purpose of producing salt nuclei for Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB). ESA is a well known industrial method, where air and water are mixed, to produce a choked two phase flow in a nozzle. The choked flow leaves a pressure residue at the nozzle exit which produces very efficient atomization. The resulting measured salt aerosol appears to be smaller than what is expected from current ESA theories. As measured with standard and well calibrated standard aerosol instruments, the distribution of the salt nuclei has an approximately log normal distribution with mean diameter of 60-80 nm and a GSD close to 2. Measured by electrostatic precipitation of the aerosol on a Si wafer and SEM observation, the median diameter is almost 1.5-2x as large, and this discrepancy has to date not been fully resolved. While the observed median diameter is perhaps somewhat on the low side for efficient conversion in the clouds, this nuclei distribution should be useful for preliminary field experiments. Assuming this distribution, with very simple means, a single small nozzle 150 um in diameter produces 5.3 x1012 nuclei/sec. A few hundred nozzles would be sufficient to produce 1015 nuclei/sec, requiring a power of only 25 kW, although errors on the tail end of the distribution could easily double this figure. To lift the spray, we envision the nozzles easily integrated in standard snowmaking machines, which are estimated by their manufactures to lift the nuclei from 50-100 m in the air, requiring another 20 kW of power. In cooperation with and under the scientific guidance of the U. of Washington, we propose to develop a set of staggered MCB experimental tests in Central California, first on land, and subsequently over the ocean. While this method may not be the ultimate one desired for full deployment (If ever), its simplicity, low cost and ease of deployment would seem

  18. Preliminary Tests and Results Concerning Integration of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 OLI for Crop Monitoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Lessio


    Full Text Available The Sentinel-2 data by European Space Agency were recently made available for free. Their technical features suggest synergies with Landsat-8 dataset by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, especially in the agriculture context were observations should be as dense as possible to give a rather complete description of macro-phenology of crops. In this work some preliminary results are presented concerning geometric and spectral consistency of the two compared datasets. Tests were performed specifically focusing on the agriculture-devoted part of Piemonte Region (NW Italy. Geometric consistencies of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 datasets were tested “absolutely” (in respect of a selected reference frame and “relatively” (one in respect of the other by selecting, respectively, 160 and 100 well distributed check points. Spectral differences affecting at-the-ground reflectance were tested after images calibration performed by dark object subtraction approach. A special focus was on differences affecting derivable NDVI and NDWI spectral indices, being the most widely used in the agriculture remote sensing application context. Results are encouraging and suggest that this approach can successfully enter the ordinary remote sensing-supported precision farming workflow.

  19. Gas enhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the cerebrum using carbon dioxide and oxygen - preliminary results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Mads Møller; Hansen, Kristoffer Lindskov; Ohlhues, Anders

    and the meninges may obscure the signal from the arteries of interest. It is known that oxygen enhances the T1-weighted signal and that carbon dioxide increases the arterial blood flow. This paper presents preliminary results of gas enhanced MRA using combinations of atmospheric air, O2 and CO2. Subjects...... and Methods Two healthy volunteers were scanned during inhalation of three different gas mixtures: Gas I (air), Gas II (5% CO2, 21 % O2, 74 % N2), Gas III (5% CO2, 95% O2). For each gas mixture a time of flight (TOF) series on the cerebral arteries was performed. Following each TOF series an ECG-gated phase...... compared. Results The TOF series showed an increase in MRA signal and vessel conspicuousness, when adding CO2 to air (gas I vs. gas II) and an additional increase was seen on MRA when adding O2 to CO2 (gas II vs. gas III). The increase in MRA signal was present on both volunteers. The volume flow increased...

  20. Connecting the disconnected: Preliminary results and lessons learned from a telepsychology initiative with special management inmates. (United States)

    Batastini, Ashley B; Morgan, Robert D


    The use of telepsychology, such as videoconferencing (VC) systems, has been rapidly increasing as a tool for the provision of mental health services to underserved clients in difficult to access settings. Inmates detained in restrictive housing appear to be at an increased risk of experiencing emotional and behavioral disturbances compared to their general population counterparts, yet they are less likely to receive appropriate treatment due to security constraints. The primary purpose of this article is to describe the process of implementing a novel telepsychology intervention specifically designed to offer group therapy to high-security, administratively segregated inmates. In addition, preliminary results on treatment and therapeutic process outcomes in a sample of 49 participants are reported. Although some evidence indicated that telepsychology was less preferred than in-person sessions, group differences on measures of psychological functioning and criminal thinking were not found across 3 conditions (telepsychology, in-person, and a no-treatment control). Furthermore, a number of limitations associated with program implementation and study design suggest that results be interpreted with caution and should not be used to discount the use of telepsychology as a viable treatment delivery option. Recommendations for future development and evaluation of telepsychological programs are discussed within the context of correctional settings and beyond. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  1. New magnetotelluric soundings in the Mt. Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex. Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Manzella, A.; Volpi, G. [Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa (Italy). Ist. Internazionale per le Ricerche Geotermiche; Zaja, A. [Padua Univ., Padua (Italy). Dipt. di Geologia, Paleontologia e Geofisica


    The work reports the preliminary results of ten magnetotelluric (MT) soundings recorded in single-site mode above the Mt. Somma-Vesuvius volcanic area in 1997. The quality of data decreases going further from the caldera and approaching the sources of electromagnetic incoherent noise such as villages, antennas and repeaters. After a very accurate data analysis, the apparent resistivity and phase curves were interpreted with a 1D modelling instead a 2D one as it seems a more appropriate interpretative approach looking at the morphology of the curves and taking into account the 3 D geological conditions of the area. The results show an extended conductive structure at a depth of 0.3-1.2 km. It could be connected with a change in the physico-chemical characteristics of the volcano-sedimentary define the response MT curves for sites above this particular volcanic structure. This approach seems to be very interesting in view of specific interpretative targets, such as dimension and position of the magma chamber, when planning future MT surveys.

  2. Reconstructive microsurgery of the fallopian tube with the carbon dioxide laser - procedures and preliminary results. (United States)

    Bellina, J H


    In 1974 the carbon dioxide laser was adapted to the operating microscope for reconstructive pelvic surgery. A protocol was designed to test the efficacy of this surgical modality and a new study begun. Complete documentation of laparoscopic findings, surgical technique, and pre- and post-operative hysterosalpingograms are kept on videotape. One hundred cases will be entered into this study. Patency and pregnancy failures will be compared with patency and pregnancy successes to determine, if possible, the reasons for failure. In this paper detailed descriptions of the surgical techniques employed in the first 61 cases are presented. PRELIMINARY RESULTS in terms of patency and pregnancy experience to date are reported. Eighty-two couples have been evaluated at the Reproductive Biology Unit. Sixty-one cases have undergone fertility enhancement laser microsurgery and/or interim medical management prior to surgery for infertility. Bilateral patency or patency of the only existing fallopian tube was demonstrated post-treatment in 93% or 57 of the cases. Eliminating those cases who are not at risk of pregnancy due to elective contraception or medical prohibition during Danocrine therapy (28), conception has occurred in 10 of 33 patients. This represents approximately one of every three patients at risk. Considering the limited exposure to pregnancy, these results are very encouraging.

  3. Preliminary experimental results of tungsten wire-array Z-pinches on primary test stand (United States)

    Huang, Xian-Bin; Zhou, Shao-Tong; Dan, Jia-Kun; Ren, Xiao-Dong; Wang, Kun-Lun; Zhang, Si-Qun; Li, Jing; Xu, Qiang; Cai, Hong-Chun; Duan, Shu-Chao; Ouyang, Kai; Chen, Guang-Hua; Ji, Ce; Wei, Bing; Feng, Shu-Ping; Wang, Meng; Xie, Wei-Ping; Deng, Jian-Jun; Zhou, Xiu-Wen; Yang, Yi


    The Primary Test Stand (PTS) developed at the China Academy of Engineering Physics is a 20 TW pulsed power driver, which can deliver a ˜10 MA, 70 ns rise-time (10%-90%) current to a short-circuit load and has important applications in Z-pinch driven inertial confinement fusion and high energy density physics. Preliminary results of tungsten wire-array Z-pinch experiments on PTS are presented. The load geometries investigated include 15-mm-tall cylindrical single and nested arrays with diameter ranging from 13 mm to 30 mm, consisting of 132-300 tungsten wires with 5-10 μm in diameter. Multiple diagnostics were fielded to characterize the x-ray radiation from wire-array Z pinches. The x-ray peak power (˜50 TW) and total radiated energy (˜500 kJ) were obtained from a single 20-mm-diam array with 80-ns stagnation time. The highest x-ray peak power up to 80 TW with 2.4 ns FWHM was achieved by using a nested array with 20-mm outer diameter, and the total x-ray energy from the nested array is comparable to that of single array. Implosion velocity estimated from the time-resolved image measurement exceeds 30 cm/μs. The detailed experimental results and other findings are presented and discussed.

  4. A Morphing Technique Applied to Lung Motions in Radiotherapy: Preliminary Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Laurent


    Full Text Available Organ motion leads to dosimetric uncertainties during a patient’s treatment. Much work has been done to quantify the dosimetric effects of lung movement during radiation treatment. There is a particular need for a good description and prediction of organ motion. To describe lung motion more precisely, we have examined the possibility of using a computer technique: a morphing algorithm. Morphing is an iterative method which consists of blending one image into another image. To evaluate the use of morphing, Four Dimensions Computed Tomography (4DCT acquisition of a patient was performed. The lungs were automatically segmented for different phases, and morphing was performed using the end-inspiration and the end-expiration phase scans only. Intermediate morphing files were compared with 4DCT intermediate images. The results showed good agreement between morphing images and 4DCT images: fewer than 2 % of the 512 by 256 voxels were wrongly classified as belonging/not belonging to a lung section. This paper presents preliminary results, and our morphing algorithm needs improvement. We can infer that morphing offers considerable advantages in terms of radiation protection of the patient during the diagnosis phase, handling of artifacts, definition of organ contours and description of organ motion.

  5. Investigation of intraoperative brain deformation using a 1.5-T interventional MR system: preliminary results. (United States)

    Maurer, C R; Hill, D L; Martin, A J; Liu, H; McCue, M; Rueckert, D; Lloret, D; Hall, W A; Maxwell, R E; Hawkes, D J; Truwit, C L


    All image-guided neurosurgical systems that we are aware of assume that the head and its contents behave as a rigid body. It is important to measure intraoperative brain deformation (brain shift) to provide some indication of the application accuracy of image-guided surgical systems, and also to provide data to develop and validate nonrigid registration algorithms to correct for such deformation. We are collecting data from patients undergoing neurosurgery in a high-field (1.5 T) interventional magnetic resonance (MR) scanner. High-contrast and high-resolution gradient-echo MR image volumes are collected immediately prior to surgery, during surgery, and at the end of surgery, with the patient intubated and lying on the operating table in the operative position. In this paper we report initial results from six patients: one freehand biopsy, one stereotactic functional procedure, and four resections. We investigate intraoperative brain deformation by examining threshold boundary overlays and difference images and by measuring ventricular volume. We also present preliminary results obtained using a nonrigid registration algorithm to quantify deformation. We found that some cases had much greater deformation than others, and also that, regardless of the procedure, there was very little deformation of the midline, the tentorium, the hemisphere contralateral to the procedure, and ipsilateral structures except those that are within 1 cm of the lesion or are gravitationally above the surgical site.

  6. OBS seismic data preliminary results: Manila subduction zone (21°N) (United States)

    Zhao, M.; Liu, S.; Sun, L.; Sibuet, J. C.; Zhang, J.; Chen, C.; Qiu, X.


    A two-dimensional ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) survey was performed in 2015, along an E-W trending line (OBS2015-2) located in front of the Manila subduction zone. The preliminary results show that OBS data are of high quality for the whole experiment. Seismic phases (such as Pg and PmP) are very clear in the OBSs' record sections. They are further identified by forward modeling using the Rayinvr software. The reflective seismic phases from the Moho interface (PmP) are observed in all OBS sections. The identification of these PmP phases used simultaneously with Fast and Tomo2D tomography results shows that the nature of the crust is essentially continental, not oceanic, except perhaps close to the trench. The obvious PmP phases in the incoming plate along the Manila Trench subduction zone, will further provide good constraints concerning the nature and evolution of the incoming plate in the Manila subduction zone. This research was granted by the Natural Science Foundation of China (91428204, 41176053) and the scientific cruise (NORC2015-8) by the R/V Shiyan 2.

  7. Reprocessing the Elliptical Orbiting Galileo Satellites E14 and E18: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Männel, Benjamin


    In August 2014, the two Galileo satellites FOC-1 (E18) and FOC-2 (E14) were - due to a technical problem - launched into a wrong, elliptic orbit. In a recovery mission a series of orbit maneuvers were performed to raise the perigee to an altitude where both spacecrafts could be introduced to the Galileo navigation service. After this period of orbit maintenance both satellites started to transmit navigation signals at November 29, 2014 (E18) and March 17, 2015 (E14). However, as it was not possible to recover the nominal orbits due to propellant limitations, both spacecrafts orbit the Earth with a numerical eccentricity of 0.16 and an inclination of 50.2°. Very soon, it was assumed that both satellites could be highly useful for studies on general relativity, especially as the Galileo spacecrafts are equipped with very stable passive hydrogen masers. A prerequisite for dedicated studies in this field are highly accurate satellite orbits and clock corrections. Preliminary results for orbit and satellite clock determination will be presented based on an initial reprocessing over the past 2.5 years. The presentation focuses firstly on orbit modeling aspects with respect to the elliptically orbits. Secondly the derived clock corrections for the on-board passive clocks are assessed with respect to the reference clock at ground stations. The results will be discussed also with respect to the proposed Galileo-based studies on the gravitational redshift.

  8. Preliminary Results from an Investigation into Nanostructured Nuclear Radiation Detectors for Non-Proliferation Applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In recent years, the concept of embedding composite scintillators consisting of nanosized inorganic crystals in an organic matrix has been actively pursued. Nanocomposite detectors have the potential to meet many of the homeland security, non-proliferation, and border and cargo-screening needs of the nation and, by virtue of their superior nuclear identification capability over plastic, at roughly the same cost as plastic, have the potential to replace all plastic detectors. Nanocomposites clearly have the potential of being a gamma ray detection material that would be sensitive yet less expensive and easier to produce on a large scale than growing large, whole crystals of similar sensitivity. These detectors would have a broad energy range and a sufficient energy resolution to perform isotopic identification. The material can also be fabricated on an industrial scale, further reducing cost. This investigation focused on designing and fabricating prototype core/shell and quantum dot (QD) detectors. Fourteen core/shell and four QD detectors, all with the basic consistency of a mixture of nanoparticles in a polymer matrix with different densities of nanoparticles, were prepared. Nanoparticles with sizes <10 nm were fabricated, embedded in a polystyrene matrix, and the resultant scintillators’ radiation detector properties were characterized. This work also attempted to extend the gamma energy response on both low- and high-energy regimes by demonstrating the ability to detect low-energy and high-energy gamma rays. Preliminary results of this investigation are consistent with a significant response of these materials to nuclear radiation.

  9. Preliminary results of high-frequency surface wave tomography along MASE line (United States)

    Iglesias, A.; Clayton, R. W.; Pacheco, J.; Singh, S. K.; Pérez-Campos, X.; Valdés-González, C.


    The MASE array is a line of 100 broadband seismic stations, perpendicular to the Middle American Trench, , that traverses Mexico from the Pacific coast to a point close to the Gulf of Mexico. We present preliminary results of a group-velocity tomographic inversion along the line and of an inversion of local dispersion curves reconstructed from the tomographic images. The MASE array was complemented with data from seismological stations operated by the Mexican Seismological Service (SSN), to make the images more 3D. In order to compute the tomographic maps, we determine group-velocity dispersion curves for Rayleigh waves (5-50s) from a set of ~50 well located earthquakes recorded by MASE and SSN stations. These dispersion curves map average group velocities between each earthquake-station combination. We construct a .125 x .125 km grid over central and south Mexico. At each element, the observed group velocity for each period is inverted to obtain a group-velocity value. Using the images for several periods, we construct a local dispersion curve for each MASE station. Finally, these local dispersion curves are individually inverted using a layered homogeneous medium and a simulated annealing algorithm to obtain an S-wave velocity crustal structure. Results show variations in crustal thicjness along the MASE line, as well as indication of a mantle wedge under the Mexcian Volcanic Belt.

  10. Biological image construction by using Raman radiation and Pca: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martinez E, J. C. [IPN, Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria de Ingenieria, Campus Guanajuato, Av. Mineral de Valenciana 200, Col. Fracc. Industrial Puerto Interior, 36275 Silao, Guanajuato (Mexico); Cordova F, T. [Universidad de Guanajuato, DIC, Departamento de Ingenieria Fisica, Loma del Bosque No. 103, Col. Lomas del Campestre, 37150 Leon, Guanajuato (Mexico); Hugo R, V., E-mail: [Universidad de Guadalajara, Centro Universitario de Tonala, Morelos No. 180, 69584 Tonala, Jalisco (Mexico)


    Full text: In the last years, the Raman spectroscopy (Rs) technique has had some applications in the study and analysis of biological samples, due to it is able to detect concentrations or presence of certain organic and inorganic compounds of medical interest. In this work, raw data were obtained through measurements in selected points on a square regions in order to detect specific organic / inorganic compounds on biological samples. Gold nano stars samples were prepared and coated with membrane markers (CD 10+ and CD 19+) and diluted in leukemic B lymphocytes. Each data block was evaluated independently by the method of principal component analysis (Pca) in order to find representative dimensionless values (Cp) for each Raman spectrum in a specific coordinate. Each Cp was normalized in a range of 0-255 in order to generate a representative image of 8 bits of the region under study. Data acquisition was performed with Raman microscopy system Renishaw in Via in the range of 550 to 1700 cm-1 with a 785 nm laser source, with a power of 17 m W and 15 s of exposure time were used for each spectrum. In preliminary results could detect the presence of molecular markers CD 10+ and CD 19+ with gold nano stars and discrimination between both markers. The results suggest conducting studies with specific concentrations organic and inorganic materials. (Author)

  11. Application of a PCR method for the diagnosis of ulcerative enteritis: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabrizio Agnoletti


    Full Text Available Ulcerative enteritis or “quail disease” is an acute clostridial infection of young birds reported in many avian species, chicken and turkey included. Clostridium colinum is the causative agent of ulcerative enteritis and because of the difficulties bound to the isolation and identification of this bacterium by means of classic bacteriological techniques, its detection appears very hard and the prevalence of this disease could be underestimated. To investigate the diffusion of C. colinum in enteric disease of birds, a recently developed PCR protocol was applied to 42 cultural broths previously inoculated with organs and intestinal samples collected from diseased subjects. PCR-positive broths were cultivated to attempt the isolation of C. colinum. Samples collected from positive birds were subjected to histological examinations. 4 birds (3 broilers chickens and 1 pigeon resulted PCR-positive and, in one case, C. colinum was isolated. Gross and histological lesions of positive birds were compatible with those described in other ulcerative enteritis outbreaks. These preliminary results demonstrates that C. colinum is sporadically implicated in enteric diseases of broiler chickens (14.2%. In addition, the PCR assay proved to be an useful and reliable instrument to support the diagnosis of ulcerative enteritis and to facilitate the isolation of C. colinum.

  12. A fully automated method for segmentation and classification of local field potential recordings. Preliminary results. (United States)

    Diaz-Parra, Antonio; Canals, Santiago; Moratal, David


    Identification of brain states measured with electrophysiological methods such as electroencephalography and local field potential (LFP) recordings is of great importance in numerous neuroscientific applications. For instance, in Brain Computer Interface, in the diagnosis of neurological disorders as well as to investigate how brain rhythms stem from synchronized physiological mechanisms (e.g., memory and learning). In this work, we propose a fully automated method with the aim of partitioning LFP signals into stationary segments as well as classifying each detected segment into three different classes (delta, regular theta or irregular theta rhythms). Our approach is computationally efficient since the process of detection and partition of signals into stationary segments is only based on two features (the variance and the so-called spectral error measure) and allow the classification at the same time. We developed the algorithm upon analyzing six anesthetized rats, resulting in a true positive rate of 97.5%, 91.8% and 79.1% in detecting delta, irregular theta and regular theta rhythms, respectively. This preliminary quantitative evaluation offers encouraging results for further research.

  13. Preliminary Results from the PrimEx-II experiment at Jefferson Lab

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gasparian, Ashot [NCA& T, Greensboro, NC; Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)


    Properties of the neutral pion, as the lightest hadron in Nature, are most sensitive to the basic symmetries and their partial breaking effects in the theory of the strong interaction (QCD). In particular, the po →gg decay width is primarily defined by the spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking effect (chiral anomaly) in QCD. The next order corrections to the anomaly have been shown to be small and are known to a 1% precision level. The PrimEx Collaboration at JLab has developed and performed two Primakoff type experiments to measure the po →gg decay width with a similar precision. The published result from the PrimEx-I experiment, G(p0 →gg ) = 7.82±0.14 (stat.)±0.17 (syst.) eV, was a factor of two more precise than the average value quoted in PDG-2010 [1]. The second experiment was performed in 2010 with a goal of 1.4% total uncertainty to address the next-to-leading-order theory calculations. The preliminary results from the PrimEx-II experiment are presented and discussed in this note.

  14. Preliminary Report: DESiGN and Test Result of KSR-3 Rocket Magnetometers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hyo-Min Kim


    Full Text Available The solar wind contributes to the formation of unique space environment called the Earth's magnetosphere by various interactions with the Earth's magnetic field. Thus the solar-terrestrial environment affects the Earth's magnetic field, which can be observed with an instrument for the magnetic field measurement, the magnetometer usually mounted on the rocket and the satellite and based on the ground observatory. The magnetometer is a useful instrument for the spacecraft attitude control as well as the Earth's magnetic field measurements for a scientific purpose. In this paper, we present the preliminary design and test results of the two onboard magnetometers of KARI's (Korea Aerospace Research Institute sounding rocket, KSR-3, which will be launched four times during the period of 2001-02. The KSR-3 magnetometers consist of the fluxgate magnetometer, MAG/AIM (Attitude Information Magnetometer for acquiring the rocket flight attitude information, and of the search-coil magnetometer, MAG/SIM (Scientific Investigation Magnetometer for the observation of the Earth's magnetic field fluctuations. With the MAG/AIM, the 3-axis attitude information can be acquired by the comparison of the resulting dc magnetic vector field with the IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field. The Earth's magnetic field fluctuations ranging from 10 to 1,000 Hz can also be observed with the MAG/SIM measurement.

  15. Fixation of the midclavicular fractures with the titanium elastic nails in adults – preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matej Drobnič


    Full Text Available Background: Elastic intramedullary fixation is an established operative treatment for fractures in childhood, which is only exceptionally used in adults. A modified intramedullary fixation of midclavicular fractures in adults with titanium elastic nails is presented.Methods: The group was comprised of five adult patients with shortened midclavicular fractures. The prior conservative treatment had been ineffective in three cases, whereas poor functional outcome was expected in the other two, as a result of fracture shortening or instability. According to the new technique titanium elastic nails were first placed into the intramedullar channel of the distal fragment through the fracture, using a mini-open exposure. The nails were advanced retrogradely into the proximal fragment to achieve a stable fixation. The initial post-operative rehabilitation included pendulary exercises in a sling. Active exercises in the range of pain allowance were introduced after the operative wounds had been healed.Results: All fractures were consolidated in the physiological position. The patients were capable of painless movements with the shoulder on the operated side in the full range of motion after six weeks. One transitory complication in the form of skin and subcutaneous decubitus over the protruded nail tip was noted without an influence on the end result.Conclusions: The preliminary results in a limited number of patients showed efficient consolidation of the midclavicular fractures in adults treated with intramedullar titanium elastic nails. The functional results and low invasivity of the procedure support its further use in treatment of midclavicular fractures, which fail to heal conservatively, or which are expected to result in poor functional or cosmetic outcome.

  16. Helium implanted AlHf as studied by 181 Ta TDPAC

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Measurements on helium implanted sample indicate the binding of helium associated defects by Hf solute clusters. Isochronal annealing measurements indicate the dissociation of the helium implantation induced defects from Hf solute clusters for annealing treatments beyond 650 K. On comparison of the present results ...

  17. Optimization of Helium Vessel Design for ILC Cavities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fratangelo, Enrico [Univ. of Pisa (Italy)


    certify the compliance of the Helium vessel and the cavity to the ASME code standard. After briefly recalling to the main contents of the the ASME Code (Sections II and Vlll - Division ll), the procedure used for finding all relevant stresses and comparing the obtained results with the maximum values allowed are explained. This part also includes the buckling verification of the cavity. In Chapter 5 the manufacturing process of the cavity end-caps, whose function is to link the Helium vessel with the cavity, is studied. The present configuration of the dies is described and the manufacturing process is simulated in order to explain the origin of some defects fol.llld on real parts. Finally a new design of the dies is proposed and the resulting deformed piece is compared with the design requirements. Chapter 6 describes a finite elements analysis to assess the efficiency and the stiffness of the Helium vessel. Furthermore the results of the optimization of the Helium vessel (in order to increase the value of the efficiency) are reported. The same stiffness analysis is used in Chapter 7 for the Blade-Tuner study. After a description of this tuner and of its function, the preliminary analyses done to confirm the results provided by the vendor are described and then its limiting load conditions are found. Chapter 8 shows a study of the resistance of all the welds present in between the cavity and the end-cap and between the end-caps and the He vessel for a smaller superconducting cavity operating at 3.9 GHz. Finally Chapter 9 briefly describes some R&D activities in progress at INFN (Section of Pisa) and Fermilab that could produce significant cost reductions of the Helium vessel design. All the finite elements analyses contained and described in this thesis made possible the certification of the whole superconducting cavity-Helium vessel assembly at Fermilab. Furthermore they gave several useful indications to the Fermilab staff to improve the performance of the Helium

  18. Calcareous nannoplankton and benthic foraminiferal assemblages from the Nazare Canyon (Portuguese continental margin): Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guerreiro, C; Oliveira, A; Rodrigues, A [Division of Marine Geology, Portuguese Hydrographic Institute (IH), Rua das Trinas 49, 1249-093 Lisboa (Portugal); Rosa, F [CIACOMAR, Algarve University, Av. 16 de Julho s/n 8700-311 Olhao (Portugal); Cachao, M; Fatela, F [Geology Center and Geology Department, FCUL, Bloco C6, 3o Piso, sala 6.3.57 Campo Grande 1749-016 Lisboa (Portugal)], E-mail:


    Submarine canyons are assumed to play an important role in oceanic/neritic circulation, marine productivity and sedimentary processes, acting as preferential conduits between the littoral and deep oceanic domain. Here we present first results of a comparative micropalaeontological study on calcareous nannoplankton and benthic foraminifera from surface sediments from the surroundings of the upper Nazare Canyon (Portuguese continental margin) and from the shelf north of the canyon. Regardless of the difficulty to distinguish taphonomical from (palaeo)ecological effects in such a complex and still poorly known marine system, the first results suggest that the canyon's hydro-sedimentary dynamic regime act as a prolongation of the shore/inner shelf hydrodynamic conditions towards west, preventing deposition and/or preservation of the smaller and fragile species of calcareous nannoplankton (e.g. E. huxleyi and G. ericsonii) and enhancing the record of the larger and more opportunistic ones (e.g. G. oceanica); and disturbing benthic foraminiferal productivity and/or diversity, or their preservation in the fossil record. Both calcareous nannoplankton and benthic foraminifera are more abundant off the canyon's domain, suggesting that its highly energetic thalweg conditions are probably filtering the fossil record in the sediment. Still, preliminary results suggest that the occurrence of persistent physical phenomena related with the canyon's morphology and proximity to the coast (e.g. solitary internal waves) may be locally promoting favourable conditions for calcareous nannoplankton, as shown by high values of nannoliths, chlorophyll a and 19' hexanoyloxyfucoxantine (unpublished data) north of the canyon's head. It is our goal to test this hypothesis in the near future by (a) studying multicore and surficial sediments from more recent surveys, and (b) calibrating the sediment results with water column data presently in process at the Institute of

  19. Diagnosis of breast cancer using elastic-scattering spectroscopy: preliminary clinical results (United States)

    Bigio, Irving J.; Brown, Stephen G.; Briggs, Gavin M.; Kelley, Christine; Lakhani, Sunil; Pickard, David; Ripley, Paul M.; Rose, Ian; Saunders, Christobel


    We report on the first stages of a clinical study designed to test elastic-scattering spectroscopy, medicated by fiberoptic probes, for three specific clinical applications in breast-tissue diagnosis: (1) a transdermal-needle (interstitial) measurement for instant diagnosis with minimal invasiveness similar to fine-needle aspiration but with sensitivity to a larger tissue volume, (2) a hand-held diagnostic probe for use in assessing tumor/resection margins during open surgery, and (3) use of the same probe for real-time assessment of the `sentinel' node during surgery to determine the presence or absence of tumor (metastatic). Preliminary results from in vivo measurements on 31 women are encouraging. Optical spectra were measured on 72 histology sites in breast tissue, and 54 histology sites in sentinel nodes. Two different artificial intelligence methods of spectral classification were studied. Artificial neural networks yielded sensitivities of 69% and 58%, and specificities of 85% and 93%, for breast tissue and sentinel nodes, respectively. Hierarchical cluster analysis yielded sensitivities of 67% and 91%, and specificities of 79% and 77%, for breast tissue and sentinel nodes, respectively. These values are expected to improve as the data sets continue to grow and more sophisticated data preprocessing is employed. The study will enroll up to 400 patients over the next two years.

  20. Preliminary results for the design, fabrication, and performance of a backside-illuminated avalanche drift detector (United States)

    Qiao, Yun; Liang, Kun; Chen, Wen-Fei; Han, De-Jun


    The detection of low-level light is a key technology in various experimental scientific studies. As a photon detector, the silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) has gradually become an alternative to the photomultiplier tube (PMT) in many applications in high-energy physics, astroparticle physics, and medical imaging because of its high photon detection efficiency (PDE), good resolution for single-photon detection, insensitivity to magnetic field, low operating voltage, compactness, and low cost. However, primarily because of the geometric fill factor, the PDE of most SiPMs is not very high; in particular, for those SiPMs with a high density of micro cells, the effective area is small, and the bandwidth of the light response is narrow. As a building block of the SiPM, the concept of the backside-illuminated avalanche drift detector (ADD) was first proposed by the Max Planck Institute of Germany eight years ago; the ADD is promising to have high PDE over the full energy range of optical photons, even ultraviolet light and X-ray light, and because the avalanche multiplication region is very small, the ADD is beneficial for the fabrication of large-area SiPMs. However, because of difficulties in design and fabrication, no significant progress had been made, and the concept had not yet been verified. In this paper, preliminary results in the design, fabrication, and performance of a backside-illuminated ADD are reported; the difficulties in and limitations to the backside-illuminated ADD are analyzed.

  1. The relationship between team climate and interprofessional collaboration: Preliminary results of a mixed methods study. (United States)

    Agreli, Heloise F; Peduzzi, Marina; Bailey, Christopher


    Relational and organisational factors are key elements of interprofessional collaboration (IPC) and team climate. Few studies have explored the relationship between IPC and team climate. This article presents a study that aimed to explore IPC in primary healthcare teams and understand how the assessment of team climate may provide insights into IPC. A mixed methods study design was adopted. In Stage 1 of the study, team climate was assessed using the Team Climate Inventory with 159 professionals in 18 interprofessional teams based in São Paulo, Brazil. In Stage 2, data were collected through in-depth interviews with a sample of team members who participated in the first stage of the study. Results from Stage 1 provided an overview of factors relevant to teamwork, which in turn informed our exploration of the relationship between team climate and IPC. Preliminary findings from Stage 2 indicated that teams with a more positive team climate (in particular, greater participative safety) also reported more effective communication and mutual support. In conclusion, team climate provided insights into IPC, especially regarding aspects of communication and interaction in teams. Further research will provide a better understanding of differences and areas of overlap between team climate and IPC. It will potentially contribute for an innovative theoretical approach to explore interprofessional work in primary care settings.

  2. Preliminary Results of Primary Gastrocnemius-Soleus Recession for Midfoot Charcot Arthropathy. (United States)

    Laborde, J Monroe; Philbin, Terrence M; Chandler, Philip J; Daigre, Justin


    Background Treatment of Charcot arthopathy of the foot can be challenging. The goal of this investigation was to determine whether primary gastrocnemius-soleus recession could decrease rate of new ulcers, progression of deformity, and amputation in patients with Charcot arthropathy of the midfoot.Methods A retrospective chart review revealed 28 feet in 24 diabetic patients with radiographic evidence of Charcot arthropathy of the midfoot. They were treated with primary gastrocnemius-soleus recession. Eleven feet in 11 patients had concurrent plantar midfoot ulcers. Three feet in 3 patients were lost to follow-up. Twenty-five feet in 21 patients were followed for an average of 37 months postoperatively (range = 18-79).Results A favorable outcome was defined as healing of existing ulcers, no new ulcers, no obvious progression of deformity, and no amputation. Favorable outcomes were obtained in 22 of 25 feet (18 of 21 patients). Only one patient had a persistent ulcer after gastrocnemius-soleus recession. The other 10 patients with preexisting ulcers healed. Deformity of midfoot progressed in one patient, leading ultimately to transtibial amputation. Another patient developed a knee joint infection and had a transfemoral amputation at another institution.Discussion These preliminary data suggest that primary gastrocnemius-soleus recession is followed by a much lower rate of persistent, recurrent, and new ulceration than previously reported studies. Gastrocnemius-soleus recession seems to aid in the treatment of Charcot arthropathy of the midfoot. Level IV. © 2015 The Author(s).

  3. Trajectory planning method for reduced patient risk in image-guided neurosurgery: concept and preliminary results (United States)

    Shamir, Reuben R.; Joskowicz, Leo; Antiga, Luca; Foroni, Roberto I.; Shoshan, Yigal


    We present a new preoperative planning method to quantify and help reduce the risk associated with needle and tool insertion trajectories in image-guided keyhole neurosurgery. The goal is to quantify the risk of a proposed straight trajectory, and/or to find the trajectory with the lowest risk to nearby brain structures based on pre-operative CT/MRI images. The method automatically computes the risk associated with a given trajectory, or finds the trajectory with the lowest risk to nearby brain structures based on preoperative image segmentation and on a risk volume map. The surgeon can revise the suggested trajectory, add a new one using interactive 3D visualization, and obtain a quantitative risk measure. The trajectory risk is evaluated based on the tool placement uncertainty, on the proximity of critical brain structures, and on a predefined table of quantitative geometric risk measures. Our preliminary results on a clinical dataset with eight targets show a significant reduction in trajectory risk and a shortening of the preoperative planning time as compared to the conventional method.

  4. Detection of thrombophlebitis with 111In-labeled anti-fibrin antibody: Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alavi, A.; Gupta, N.; Palevsky, H.I.; Kelley, M.A.; Jatlow, A.D.; Byar, A.A.; Berger, H.J. (Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA))


    Deep venous thrombosis remains a major medical problem, affecting a large segment of the population and resulting in significant mortality and morbidity. Current techniques available for detecting deep venous thrombosis present limitations that may mitigate their potential benefit to the patient. Invasive techniques, such as ascending contrast venography, carry risks to the patient with regard to complications such as an allergic reaction to an iodine dye, adverse effects to renal functions, and clot formation in a normal vein. Noninvasive techniques, such as Doppler ultrasound and impedance plethysmography, evaluate only a limited segment of the venous bed. The need remains for a diagnostic technique that is safe, accurate, and widely accessible. A readily available noninvasive scintigraphic technique utilizing radiolabeled monoclonal anti-fibrin antibody may overcome some of these shortcomings. This imaging examination is quite effective in detecting clots in the lower extremities. Compared to contrast venography, {sup 111}In-labeled anti-fibrin antibody imaging appears to be as sensitive in identifying acute venous thrombosis. In addition, the preliminary data indicate that anticoagulation with heparin may interfere with adequate visualization of the clots with this technique.

  5. Preliminary clinical results of posterior lamellar keratoplasty through a sclerocorneal pocket incision. (United States)

    Melles, G R; Lander, F; van Dooren, B T; Pels, E; Beekhuis, W H


    To report the preliminary results of a surgical technique for transplantation of posterior corneal tissue through a sclerocorneal pocket incision for corneal endothelial disorders. Retrospective, noncomparative, interventional cases series. In seven sighted human eyes, a deep stromal pocket was created across the cornea through a 9.0-mm superior scleral incision. A 7.0- or 7.5-mm diameter, posterior lamellar disc was excised and replaced by a 'same size' donor posterior disc, without suture fixation. The scleral incision was sutured. Intra- and postoperative complications, best spectacle-corrected visual acuity, keratometry, topography, biomicroscopy, pachymetry, and endothelial cell density were evaluated. Six to 12 months after surgery, all transplants were clear and in position. Best spectacle-corrected visual acuity was limited by preexisting maculopathies in two eyes and varied from 20/80 to 20/20. Postoperative astigmatism averaged 1. 54 diopters (D; standard deviation [SD] +/- 0.81 D), pachymetry averaged 0.49 mm (SD +/- 0.09 mm), and postoperative endothelial cell density averaged 2520 cells/mm(2) (SD +/- 340 cells/mm(2)). In one eye, a microperforation occurred during stromal pocket dissection so that the procedure was converted into a penetrating keratoplasty. Posterior lamellar keratoplasty through a sclerocorneal pocket incision is a feasible surgical approach to manage corneal endothelial disorders.

  6. Preliminary Results from the Triple Fission-Ejecta Correlations Trial (TRIFECTA) at ORNL (United States)

    Peters, William; Smith, M. S.; Galindo-Uribarri, A.; Temanson, E.; Smith, K.; Paulauskas, S. V.; Thornsberry, C.; Jones, K. L.; Grzywacz, R.; Cizewski, J. A.


    Despite fission having been studied for almost 80 years, there is a shortage of data on the correlations of multiple fission products needed to benchmark advanced theoretical models of fission. A pioneering experiment underway at ORNL, the Triple Fission-Ejecta Correlations Trial (TRIFECTA), involves the measurement of energy and angular correlations between prompt 252Cf fission neutrons and gamma rays with respect to one fission fragment in time-coincidence. The mass of one fragment is determined, with 4 amu precision, by using 2 micro-channel plate timing detectors and a silicon total-energy detector. Time-coincident data from auxiliary detectors are also recorded: 6 NaI detectors to measure gamma-ray multiplicity, 1 HPGe detector to measure the high-resolution gamma-ray spectrum, and an array of 28 VANDLE modules to measure the neutron spectrum and multiplicity. For the first time, correlations between coincident fragment - gamma - neutron fission products can be studied, as a function of fragment mass. Utilizing certain unique gamma-ray transitions recorded by the HPGe detector, we were able to determine the neutron energy and angular correlations of specific fission fragments. Preliminary results on neutron - neutron angular correlations, gamma-ray vs. neutron multiplicity, and other correlations will be presented, along with plans for future improvements. Work supported in part by the Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program of ORNL, managed by UT-Battelle, LLC, for the U.S. Department of Energy. Done...processed 708 records...16:18:14

  7. Increase in Drosophila melanogaster longevity due to rasayana diet: Preliminary results. (United States)

    Priyadarshini, S; Ashadevi, J S; Nagarjun, V; Prasanna, K S


    We report preliminary results from an ongoing series of experiments on lifespan extension by appropriately modified Ayurvedic rasayanas in animal models. Here data are presented indicating lifespan extensions of 51-55% (up to 70-95% in the pilot experiment) in a standard strain of Drosophila melanogaster (Oregon-K) using a standard rasayana (Ayurvedic herbal formulation for life-extension) suitably adapted for insects. In a first experiment, two groups of 20 unmated D. melanogaster strain Oregon-K kept at 22°C received either rasayana or standard yeast diet; days of death were recorded. Another experiment investigated possible sex differences; equal sized (N = 30) groups of similar males, females, and controls were compared. Life lengths of all controls were in the strain's usual range: in Experiment 1, control life lengths were minimum 40 to maximum 53 days; experimental group figures were 81-91 days; groups were completely separated, experimental group minimum life length being 28 days more than control group maximum life length, i.e., about 2.5 full distribution widths - a sign test for the null hypothesis yields p rasayanas in question increase D. melanogaster strain Oregon-K life length. The complexity of the formulation suggests that multiple mechanisms are involved - worth further investigation.

  8. Data Analysis and Preliminary Results of the Proton Charge Radius Experiment (PRad) at JLab (United States)

    Xiong, Weizhi; Peng, Chao; PRad Collaboration


    In order to investigate the proton radius puzzle, the PRad experiment (E12-11-106) was performed in 2016 in Hall B at Jefferson Lab, with 1.1 and 2.2 GeV unpolarized electron beam on a windowless H2 gas flow target. The experiment aims to extract the electric form factor of the proton in an unprecedented low squared momentum transfer region (Q2 = 2 ×10-4 - 0.06(GeV / c) 2), with a sub-percent precision. The PRad experiment utilizes a non-magnetic calorimetric method with a large acceptance and high resolution calorimeter (HyCal), and two large area, high spatial resolution Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) detectors. To control the systematic uncertainties, the absolute e - p elastic scattering cross section is normalized to that of the well-known M øller scattering process, which is measured simultaneously within similar kinematics and experimental acceptances. Both the luminosity and the energy independent part of the detector acceptance and efficiency are canceled out in the ratio. In this talk, we will discuss details of the data analysis and present the preliminary physics results from the 2.2 GeV data. This work is supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-FG02-03ER41231, NSF MRI award PHY-1229153, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and Duke University.

  9. Developmentof improved basal friction parameterizations using ISSM: Preliminary results for Greenland's Jakobshavn Ice Stream (United States)

    Halkides, D. J.; Larour, E.; Morlighem, M.; Seroussi, H.


    In ice flow models, the basal friction law links velocity at the ice-bed interface to drag at the glacial base. Accurate ice stream simulation relies on parameterization of this relationship, but basal drag cannot be measured observationally, remaining a key unknown in ice flow modeling. The Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), developed at the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in collaboration with UC Irvine, is a state of the art, finite-element model capable of simulating 3-D transient ice flow on an anisotropic mesh and incorporating data assimilation through use of inverse control methods. As part of a larger development effort to improve simulation/understanding of ice sheet evolution in Greenland and Antarctica, we present preliminary results from ISSM for the sensitivity of Greenland's Jakobshavn ice stream to a range of friction law parameterizations, with model-data comparisons for the surface flow field. This work has implications for ice sheet model development and understanding of ice sheet slippage events. This work was performed at JPL under a contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Modeling, Analysis and Prediction (MAP) Program.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirosław Wiatkowski


    Full Text Available The paper presents an analysis of water quality of the small Michalice reservoir. A preliminary assessment of the reservoir water quality and its usability was made. The quality of water in the reservoir is particularly important as the main functions of the reservoir are agricultural irrigation, recreation and flood protection . The following physico-chemical parameters of the Widawa River were analyzed: NO3 -, NO2 -, NH4 +, PO4 3-, COD, water temperature, pH and electrolytic conductivity. Main descriptive statistical data were presented for the analyzed water quality indicators. The research results indicate that the reservoir contributed to the reduced concentrations of the following water quality indicators: nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, electrolytic conductivity and COD (in the outflowing water – St.3 in comparison to the water flowing into the reservoir – St.1. In the water flowing out of the Psurów reservoir higher values of the remaining indicators were observed if compared with the inflowing water. It was stated, as well, that analised waters are not vulnerable to nitrogen compounds pollution coming from the agricultural sources and are eutrophic. For purpose obtaining of the précised information about condition of Michalice reservoir water purity as well as river Widawa it becomes to continue the hydrological monitoring and water quality studies.

  11. Hippocampal Brain Volume Is Associated with Faster Facial Emotion Identification in Older Adults: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Szymkowicz, Sarah M.; Persson, Jonas; Lin, Tian; Fischer, Håkan; Ebner, Natalie C.


    Quick correct identification of facial emotions is highly relevant for successful social interactions. Research suggests that older, compared to young, adults experience increased difficulty with face and emotion processing skills. While functional neuroimaging studies suggest age differences in neural processing of faces and emotions, evidence about age-associated structural brain changes and their involvement in face and emotion processing is scarce. Using structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), this study investigated the extent to which volumes of frontal and temporal brain structures were related to reaction time in accurate identification of facial emotions in 30 young and 30 older adults. Volumetric segmentation was performed using FreeSurfer and gray matter volumes from frontal and temporal regions were extracted. Analysis of covariances (ANCOVAs) models with response time (RT) as the dependent variable and age group and regional volume, and their interaction, as independent variables were conducted, controlling for total intracranial volume (ICV). Results indicated that, in older adults, larger hippocampal volumes were associated with faster correct facial emotion identification. These preliminary observations suggest that greater volume in brain regions associated with face and emotion processing contributes to improved facial emotion identification performance in aging. PMID:27610082

  12. Psychosocial and biochemical interactions in aging: preliminary results from an Italian old sample of "Zincage" project. (United States)

    Marcellini, F; Giuli, C; Papa, R; Gagliardi, C; Malavolta, M; Mocchegiani, E


    The study of the interactions among biological factors and psychosocial conditions is a very innovative field, because data are lacking in the scientific literature. Among biological aspects, zinc is an essential element in the elderly, especially in relation to one of the proteins, such as albumin, involved in zinc transport into the cells. In this study, the aim is the assessment of the interrelationship between albumin value (used as an index of the body zinc status) and some psychosocial dimensions in elderly Italian sample recruited for ZINCAGE project, supported by the European Commission in the "Sixth Framework Programme". Some tests and questionnaires were administered to older people included in the trial: the "life-style questionnaire"; the mini mental state examination (MMSE); the geriatric depression scale (GDS-15 items). On the basis of the Senieur Protocol for gerontological studies, a sample of 291 Italian healthy old subjects has been recruited in Central Italy and divided into 3 age groups: (a) 125 subjects aged from 65 to 74 years, (b) 89 subjects aged from 75 to 84 years, (c) 77 subjects aged >or=85 years (classified like successful old people). No cognitive impairment assessed by MMSE was observed in 67.5% of the sample; 64.0% had GDS score less than 5, indicating no depression, whereas the prevalence of biological albumin deficiency (or=5). These preliminary results showed an interrelationship among serum albumin value and psychosocial aspects in Italian old population, suggesting that low albumin values may be involved in impaired psychological dimensions.

  13. Preliminary results of the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility deuteron injector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gobin, R.; Adroit, G.; Bogard, D.; Bourdelle, G.; Chauvin, N.; Delferriere, O.; Gauthier, Y.; Girardot, P.; Guiho, P.; Harrault, F.; Jannin, J. L.; Loiseau, D.; Mattei, P.; Roger, A.; Sauce, Y.; Senee, F.; Vacher, T. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique et aux Energie Alternatives, CEA/Saclay, DSM/IRFU, 91191-Gif/Yvette (France)


    In the framework of the IFMIF-EVEDA project (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility-Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities), CEA/IRFU is in charge of the design, construction, and characterization of the 140 mA continuous deuteron injector, including the source and the low energy beam line. The electron cyclotron resonance ion source which operates at 2.45 GHz is associated with a 4-electrode extraction system in order to minimize beam divergence at the source exit. Krypton gas injection is foreseen in the 2-solenoid low energy beam line. Such Kr injection will allow reaching a high level of space charge compensation in order to improve the beam matching at the radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) entrance. The injector construction is now completed on the Saclay site and the first plasma and beam production has been produced in May 2011. This installation will be tested with proton and deuteron beams either in pulsed or continuous mode at Saclay before shipping to Japan. In this paper, after a brief description of the installation, the preliminary results obtained with hydrogen gas injection into the plasma chamber will be reported.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Sabuncu


    Full Text Available Earthquakes are the most destructive natural disasters, which result in massive loss of life, infrastructure damages and financial losses. Earthquake-induced building damage detection is a very important step after earthquakes since earthquake-induced building damage is one of the most critical threats to cities and countries in terms of the area of damage, rate of collapsed buildings, the damage grade near the epicenters and also building damage types for all constructions. Van-Ercis (Turkey earthquake (Mw= 7.1 was occurred on October 23th, 2011; at 10:41 UTC (13:41 local time centered at 38.75 N 43.36 E that places the epicenter about 30 kilometers northern part of the city of Van. It is recorded that, 604 people died and approximately 4000 buildings collapsed or seriously damaged by the earthquake. In this study, high-resolution satellite images of Van-Ercis, acquired by Quickbird-2 (© Digital Globe Inc. after the earthquake, were used to detect the debris areas using an object-based image classification. Two different land surfaces, having homogeneous and heterogeneous land covers, were selected as case study areas. As a first step of the object-based image processing, segmentation was applied with a convenient scale parameter and homogeneity criterion parameters. As a next step, condition based classification was used. In the final step of this preliminary study, outputs were compared with streetview/ortophotos for the verification and evaluation of the classification accuracy.

  15. Integrated Bio-ISRU and Life Support Systems at the Lunar Outpost: Concept and Preliminary Results (United States)

    Brown, I. I.; Garrison, D. H.; Allen, C. C.; Pickering, K.; Sarkisova, S. A.; Galindo, C., Jr.; Pan, D.; Foraker, E.; Mckay, D. S.


    We continue the development of our concept of a biotechnological loop for in-situ resource extraction along with propellant and food production at a future lunar outpost, based on the cultivation of litholytic cyanobacteria (LCB) with lunar regolith (LR) in a geobioreactor energized by sunlight. Our preliminary studies have shown that phototropic cultivation of LCB with simulants of LR in a low-mineralized medium supplemented with CO2 leads to rock dissolution (bioweathering) with the resulting accumulation of Fe, Mg and Al in cyanobacterial cells and in the medium. LCB cultivated with LR simulants produces more O2 than the same organisms cultivated in a high-mineralized medium. The loss of rock mass after bioweathering with LCB suggests the release of O from regolith. Further studies of chemical pathways of released O are required. The bioweathering process is limited by the availability of CO2, N, and P. Since lunar regolith is mainly composed of O, Si, Ca, Al and Mg, we propose to use organic waste to supply a geobioreactor with C, N and P. The recycling of organic waste, including urine, through a geobioreactor will allow for efficient element extraction as well as oxygen and biomass production. The most critical conclusion is that a biological life support system tied to a geobioreactor might be more efficient for supporting an extraterrestrial outpost than a closed environmental system.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.M. Cosseddu


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study was to evaluate the sources of direct and cross-contamination by Salmonella spp. of swine meat at slaughterhouse. The study was carried out in 4 plants of Sardinia, where pigs of different origin (Regional, Nederland, Spain, France were slaughtered. Two-hundred ninetyfour samples were examined for Salmonella spp.: samples of caecal material, tonsils and limphonodes, carcass and liver, from 67 pigs randomly selected, and 21 environmental samples were collected. A selection of strains were submitted to phenotypical identification (API ID32E and serotyping (N.R.C. for Salmonellosis. Salmonella spp. was isolated from the 21,4% of samples, both from pigs and environmental samples. The highest prevalence was observed in limphonodes samples (37,3%, whereas the lowest on the carcasses (10,4%. Eight different serotypes were detected, the more common was S. Derby (67%, followed by S. Livingstone (8% and S. Typhimurium (6,3%. The 8% of the strains were unknown serotype. Our preliminary results confirm the important role of pigs in the diffusion of Salmonella in the slaughterhouses. The recovering of unusual serotypes from liver surfaces and slaughterhouse environments, pointed out the importance of a better Good Slaughtering Practices application by the workers, in order to prevent the possibility of crosscontamination of raw meats.

  17. Upper crustal structure beneath East Java from ambient noise tomography: A preliminary result

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martha, Agustya Adi [Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency, Jakarta (Indonesia); Graduate Research on Earthquakes and Active Tectonics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia); Widiyantoro, Sri [Global Geophysics Group, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia); Center for Disaster Mitigation, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia); Cummins, Phil; Saygin, Erdinc [Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra (Australia); Masturyono [Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency, Jakarta (Indonesia)


    East Java has a fairly complex geological structure. Physiographically East Java can be divided into three zones, i.e. the Southern Mountains zone in the southern part, the Kendeng zone in the middle part, and the Rembang zone in the northern part. Most of the seismic hazards in this region are due to processes in the upper crust. In this study, the Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) method is used to image the upper crustal structure beneath East Java. We have used seismic waveform data recorded by 8Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) stationary seismographic stations and 16 portable seismographs installed for 2 to 8 weeks. The data were processed to obtain waveforms fromnoise cross-correlation between pairs of seismographic stations. Our preliminary results indicate that the Kendeng zone, an area of low gravity anomaly, is associated with a low velocity zone. On the other hand, the southern mountain range, which has a high gravity anomaly, is related to a high velocity anomaly as shown by our tomographic images.

  18. Upper crustal structure beneath East Java from ambient noise tomography: A preliminary result (United States)

    Martha, Agustya Adi; Widiyantoro, Sri; Cummins, Phil; Saygin, Erdinc; Masturyono


    East Java has a fairly complex geological structure. Physiographically East Java can be divided into three zones, i.e. the Southern Mountains zone in the southern part, the Kendeng zone in the middle part, and the Rembang zone in the northern part. Most of the seismic hazards in this region are due to processes in the upper crust. In this study, the Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) method is used to image the upper crustal structure beneath East Java. We have used seismic waveform data recorded by 8Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) stationary seismographic stations and 16 portable seismographs installed for 2 to 8 weeks. The data were processed to obtain waveforms fromnoise cross-correlation between pairs of seismographic stations. Our preliminary results indicate that the Kendeng zone, an area of low gravity anomaly, is associated with a low velocity zone. On the other hand, the southern mountain range, which has a high gravity anomaly, is related to a high velocity anomaly as shown by our tomographic images.

  19. The Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (GeoMIP6: simulation design and preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Kravitz


    Full Text Available We present a suite of new climate model experiment designs for the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP. This set of experiments, named GeoMIP6 (to be consistent with the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6, builds on the previous GeoMIP project simulations, and has been expanded to address several further important topics, including key uncertainties in extreme events, the use of geoengineering as part of a portfolio of responses to climate change, and the relatively new idea of cirrus cloud thinning to allow more longwave radiation to escape to space. We discuss experiment designs, as well as the rationale for those designs, showing preliminary results from individual models when available. We also introduce a new feature, called the GeoMIP Testbed, which provides a platform for simulations that will be performed with a few models and subsequently assessed to determine whether the proposed experiment designs will be adopted as core (Tier 1 GeoMIP experiments. This is meant to encourage various stakeholders to propose new targeted experiments that address their key open science questions, with the goal of making GeoMIP more relevant to a broader set of communities.

  20. Gamma radiation measurement in select sand samples from Camburi beach - Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barros, Livia F.; Pecequilo, Brigitte R.S.; Aquino, Reginaldo R., E-mail: lfbarros@ipen.b, E-mail: brigitte@ipen.b, E-mail: raquino@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The variation of natural radioactivity along the surface of the beach sands of Camburi, located in Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo, southeastern Brazil, was determined from the contents of {sup 226}Ra, {sup 232}Th and {sup 40}K. Eleven collecting points was selected along all the 6 km extension of the Camburi beach. Sand samples collected from all established points on January 2011 were dried and sealed in standard 100 mL polyethylene flasks and measured by high resolution gamma spectrometry after a 4 weeks ingrowth period, in order to allow the secular equilibrium in the {sup 238}U and {sup 232}Th series. The {sup 226}Ra concentration was determined from the weighted average concentrations of {sup 214}Pb and {sup 214}Bi. The {sup 232}Th concentration was determined from the weighted average concentrations of {sup 228}Ac, {sup 212}Pb and {sup 212}Bi and the {sup 40}K from its single gamma transition. Preliminary results show activity concentrations varying from 5{sup -1} to {sup 222}{sup -1} for {sup 226}Ra and from 14{sup -1} to 1074{sup -'}1 for {sup 232}Th, both with the highest values for Camburi South and Central. For {sup 40}K, the activity concentrations ranged from 14{sup -1} to 179{sup -1} and the highest values were obtained for Camburi South. (author)

  1. Preliminary Census of ROSAT Bright Sources: Results from ClassX (United States)

    White, R. L.; Suchkov, A. A.; Hanisch, R. J.; Postman, M.; Donahue, M. E.; McGlynn, T. A.; Winter, E. L.; Corcoran, M. F.; Drake, S. A.; Pence, W. D.; White, N.; Angelini, L.; Genova, F.; Ochsenbein, F.; Fernique, P.; Derriere, S.; Voges, W.


    ClassX is being developed as a system for automated classification of X-ray sources within the Virtual Observatory environment. Its core is a network of classifiers ``trained'' using diverse data sets for X-ray sources of known object type and their optical, infrared, radio, etc. counterparts. The network is integrated in the ClassX pipeline with a search engine that queries remote multi-wavelength data repositories, using systems such as CDS VizieR service, to get data (in the VOTable format) for the sources to be classified. In this paper we present a preliminary census from ClassX for earlier unclassified X-ray sources observed with the ROSAT PSPC and compare it with the frequency of object types in samples of previously classified sources. The early results include findings that our sources are dominated by QSOs followed by clusters of galaxies. Previously classified sources are by contrast dominated by stars. Since these star-dominated samples were used to train our classifiers, the predominance of extragalactic sources is all the more striking. We find it encouraging that the ClassX census appear to be quite consistent with expectations based on the analysis of flux differences of previously classified and unclassified sources, while the variations between census versions from different classifiers are rather transparently related to the classifier differences.

  2. Experimental Estimation for Beat-Wave Current Generation in an Unmagnetized Plasma and Preliminary Results (United States)

    Liu, Fei; Horton, Robert; Hwang, David; Zhu, Ben; Evans, Russell


    Beat-wave current generation experiment in a high density compact torus (CT) is being conducted on CTIX using CO2 lasers. Tunability of the CO2 lasers provides many options for the wave-particle interaction experiment at a variety of plasma densities with plasma frequency in THz range. For example strong lines such as 9R(12) and 9R(30) could be chosen for an easily obtainable density of 1.28x10^15cm-3. After restoration, two Lumonics CO2 lasers are expected to produce approximately 100MW output power in a 50ns pulse. The amount of energy transfer from laser to plasma is determined by the laser power intensity, and by the CT density scale length [1]. The desired power density can be achieved by designing a suitable optical focusing system. In addition, the CT density can be matched to the beat-wave frequency by appropriately selecting the plasma operating conditions and timing. Extensive testing of the Marx banks and pre-ionization boards was done under a variety of operating conditions. Other preliminary results and plans for the wave-particle interaction experiment will also be reported. [1] A. N. Kaufman, B. I. Cohen, PRL, 30 1306 (1973)

  3. Anesthesia effect on single local field potentials variability in rat barrel cortex: Preliminary results. (United States)

    Cecchetto, Claudia; Mahmud, Mufti; Vassanelli, Stefano


    The rat barrel cortex is a widely used model of information processing in the somatosensory area, thanks to its precise and easily recognizable organization. However, evoked Local Field Potentials (LFPs) generated in the barrel cortex by repetitive deflections of rat whiskers show large variability in shapes and timings. Moreover, anesthetics can deeply affect the profile of evoked responses. This paper presents preliminary report on the variability and the effect of commonly used anesthetics on these signals. We studied representative signal shape characteristics (e.g., latency and amplitude of events) extracted from evoked responses acquired by means of standard Ag/AgCl electrodes from different cortical layers. As an early result, we found significant difference in the latency of the first principal peak of the responses. Under Tiletamine-Xylazine anesthetic, the responses or events of the evoked LFPs occurred later than the ones recorded while urethane was administered. Furthermore, the distributions of the peak latencies in all cortical layers were narrower in case of Urethane. This behavior should be attributed to the different effects of these two anesthetics on specific synaptic receptors and thus on the processing of neural information and the encoding of sensory input along the cortical pathway.

  4. BRIDGE - Behavioural reaching interfaces during daily antigravity activities through upper limb exoskeleton: Preliminary results. (United States)

    Gandolla, Marta; Costa, Andrea; Aquilante, Lorenzo; Gfoehler, Margit; Puchinger, Markus; Braghin, Francesco; Pedrocchi, Alessandra


    People with neuromuscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy experience a distributed and evolutive weakness in the whole body. Recent technological developments have changed the daily life of disabled people strongly improving the perceived quality of life, mostly concentrating on powered wheelchairs, so to assure autonomous mobility and respiratory assistance, essential for survival. The key concept of the BRIDGE project is to contrast the everyday experience of losing functions by providing them of a system able to exploit the best their own residual capabilities in arm movements so to keep them functional and autonomous as much as possible. BRIDGE is composed by a light, wearable and powered five degrees of freedom upper limb exoskeleton under the direct control of the user through a joystick or gaze control. An inverse kinematic model allows to determine joints position so to track patient desired hand position. BRIDGE prototype has been successfully tested in simulation environment, and by a small group of healthy volunteers. Preliminary results show a good tracking performance of the implemented control scheme. The interaction procedure was easy to understand, and the interaction with the system was successful.

  5. Estimated glomerular filtration rate in a sample of university students. Argentina, 2014-2015. Preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cecilia Brissón


    Full Text Available Introduction: The high global prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD and its implications for public health are well recognized. There are few studies related to the values of glomerular filtration rate (GFR and its staging in young people. GFR was estimated by creatinine clearance (CrCl by formulas, totals, by category G of GFR and sex on a sample of Argentine students. Agreement between estimation methods was also evaluated. Methods: Descriptive study of 75 students during the period May 2014-September 2015. GFR was estimated by Cockcroft-Gault (CG, MDRD-4 and CrCl using creatinine not traceable by IDMS and MDRD-4 IDMS and CKD-EPI with traceable creatinine. Results: Mean values and frequencies depending on the estimation method. Moderate to good agreement between CKD-EPI and CG and between CrCl and CGwas found. Conclusions: Although these findings are preliminary and should be confirmed in a larger sample, they help to describe higher GFR stages in a young population and to visualize differences between estimators used.

  6. Evaluating outcomes of palliative photodynamic therapy: instrument development and preliminary results (United States)

    Goodell, Teresa T.; Bargo, Paulo R.; Jacques, Steven L.


    Background: Subjective measures are considered the gold standard in palliative care evaluation, but no studies have evaluated palliative photodynamic therapy (PDT) subjectively. If PDT is to be accepted as a palliative therapy for later-stage obstructing esophageal and lung cancer, evidence of its effectiveness and acceptability to patients must be made known. Study Design/Materials and Methods: This ongoing study's major aim is to evaluate subjective outcomes of PDT in patients with obstructing esophageal and lung cancer. Existing measures of health status, dysphagia and performance status were supplemented with an instrument developed to evaluate PDT symptom relief and side effect burden, the PDT Side Effects Survey (PSES). Results: PDT patients treated with porfimer sodium (Photofrin) and 630-nm light experienced reduced dysphagia grade and stable performance status for at least one month after PDT (N= 10-17), but these effects did not necessarily persist at three months. Fatigue, appetite and quality of life may be the most burdensome issues for these patients. Conclusions: Preliminary data suggest that the PSES is an acceptable and valid tool for measuring subjective outcomes of palliative PDT. This study is the first attempt to systematically evaluate subjective outcomes of palliative PDT. Multi-center outcomes research is needed to draw generalizable conclusions that will establish PDT's effectiveness in actual clinical practice and enhance the wider adoption of PDT as a cancer symptom relief modality.

  7. Preliminary results of pre-stack reverse time migration of teleseismic receiver functions (United States)

    Jiang, X.; Zhu, L.; Huang, R.; Luo, S.


    The pre-stack reverse time migration (RTM) method, with robust anti-interference capability in complex structure of the Earth interior, has been successfully used in active-source seismic imaging for decades. In this study, we tested feasibility of adopting this method in passive-source seismic imaging. The receiver function (RF) technical is considered to be one of the most efficient ways in passive seismology to detect interfaces of subsurface and the common conversion point (CCP) stacking scheme has often been used to image the Moho discontinuity and mantle transition zone. However, the conventional CCP scheme uses 1D layered background velocity model, which can lead to distorted image in cases of dipping or step interfaces. The RTM method, on the other hand, can easily handle velocity structures of strong lateral variation. We first calculated forward wavefield due to an incident plane wave and its reverse-time wavefield using a 6th-order staggered-grid finite-difference method. We then tested the imaging condition by cross-correlating the two wavefields. Various laterally heterogeneous background velocity models were used with dipping and offset interfaces. We compared the images with the input models and those of CCP imaging. Preliminary results shows that the RTM method is promising for imaging subsurface structures using RFs. Application to real data will be presented at the meeting too.

  8. Synaptic Plasticity In Mammalian Gravity Sensors: Preliminary Results From SLS-2 (United States)

    Ross, M. D.; Hargens, Alan R. (Technical Monitor)


    Sensory conflict is the prevalent theoretical explanation for space adaptation syndrome. This ultrastructural study tests the hypothesis that peripheral gravity sensors (maculae) play a role. Results were obtained from the medial part of utricular maculae of adult rats exposed to microgravity for 14 days, and from controls. Means and statistical significance of synapse counts were calculated using SUPERANOVA(Trademark) and Scheffe's procedure for post-hoc comparisons. Preliminary findings are from 2 sets of 100 serial sections for each dataset. Synapses were doubled numerically in type II hair cells of utricular maculae collected on day 13 inflight compared to controls (11.4 +/- 7.1 vs. 5.3 +/- 3.8; p synaptic number declined rapidly postflight and became comparable to means of controls. Synapses also increased numerically in type I cells inflight (2.4 +/- 1.6 vs. 1.7 +/- 1.0; p synaptic plasticity into the adult stage. Macular plasticity has clinical implications for balance disorders of peripheral origin.

  9. Danish randomized trial comparing breast-preserving therapy with mastectomy in mammary carcinoma. Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blichert-Toft, M.; Brincker, H.; Andersen, J.A.; Andersen, K.W.; Axelsson, C.K.; Mouridsen, H.T.; Dombernowsky, P.; Overgaard, M.; Gadeberg, C.; Knudsen, G.


    The present study comprises 847 women operated upon for invasive breast carcinoma at 19 surgical departments and enrolled in protocol DBCG-82TM from January 1983 to November 1987. Among them 662 (78%) were allocated for breast-preserving therapy or mastectomy by randomization, while 185 patients (22%) did not accept randomization. Within the randomized group 6% could not be entered into adjuvant protocols, i.e. subsequent programmes of postoperative therapy and follow-up. This left 619 evaluable patients. In the non-randomized series 26% did not fulfil the demands for entrance into the adjuvant protocols, leaving 136 evaluable patients, 60 of whom had chosen a breast-preserving operation and 76 mastectomy. In the randomized series the patients in the two treatment arms were comparable in age, menopausal status, site of tumour, pathoanatomical diameter of the tumour, number of removed axillary lymph nodes, number of metastatic axillary lymph nodes, and distribution on adjuvant regimens. Ninety per cent of the patients in the randomized group accepted the method offered, whereas 10% declined and wanted the alternate form of operation. The median follow-up period was approximately 1.75 years. The cumulative recurrence rate in the randomized group was 13% and in the non-randomized group 7%. These results are preliminary. Life-table analyses have not so far demonstrated differences in recurrence-free survival either in the randomized or the non-randomized series.

  10. 76 FR 79651 - Stainless Steel Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings From Italy: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings From Italy: Preliminary Results of... antidumping duty order on stainless steel butt-weld pipe fittings (SSBW pipe fittings) from Italy. The review... results of the review to no later than December 15, 2011. See Stainless Steel Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings From...

  11. 48 CFR 52.208-8 - Required Sources for Helium and Helium Usage Data. (United States)


    ... Helium and Helium Usage Data. 52.208-8 Section 52.208-8 Federal Acquisition Regulations System FEDERAL... Provisions and Clauses 52.208-8 Required Sources for Helium and Helium Usage Data. As prescribed in 8.505, insert the following clause: Required Sources for Helium and Helium Usage Data (APR 2002) (a) Definitions...

  12. High Efficiency Regenerative Helium Compressor Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Helium plays several critical rolls in spacecraft propulsion. High pressure helium is commonly used to pressurize propellant fuel tanks. Helium cryocoolers can be...

  13. Brain connectivity study of brain tumor patients using MR-PET data: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mendes, Ana Carina [Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal); Ribeiro, Andre Santos [Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal); Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology, Division of Brain Sciences, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, London (United Kingdom); Oros-Peusquens, Ana Maria; Langen, Karl Josef; Shah, Jon [Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine - 4, Forschungszentrum Juelich (Germany); Ferreira, Hugo Alexandre [Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal)


    Brain activity results from anatomical and functional connections that can be disrupted or altered due to trauma or lesion. This work presents a first approach on the study of whole-brain connectivity of brain tumor patients using the Multimodal Imaging Brain Connectivity (MIBCA) toolbox. Two patients with glioblastoma lesions located in the left hemisphere (one in the motor cortex and the other in the temporal lobe) underwent simultaneous MRI and dynamic PET scans using a 3T MRI scanner with a BrainPET insert. The following data was acquired: T1-w MPRAGE (1x1x1mm{sup 3}), DTI (dir=30, b=0,800s/mm2, 2x2x2mm{sup 3}), and dynamic 18F-FET PET. The MIBCA toolbox was used to automatically pre-process MRI-PET data and to derive imaging and connectivity metrics from the multimodal data. Computed metrics included: cortical thickness from T1-w data; mean diffusivity (MD), fractional anisotropy (FA), node degree, clustering coefficient and pairwise ROI fibre tracking (structural connectivity) from DTI data; and standardized uptake value (SUV) from PET data. For all the metrics, the differences between left and right hemispherical structures were obtained, followed by a 25% threshold (except for SUV thresholded at 15%). Data was visualized in a connectogram, and both structural connectivity and metrics were studied in regions surrounding lesions. Preliminary results showed increased SUV values in regions surrounding the tumor for both patients. Patients also showed changes in structural connectivity involving these regions and also other more spatially distant regions such as the putamen and the pallidum, including decreased number of fibers between the subcortical structures themselves and with frontal regions. These findings suggest that the presence of a tumor may alter both local and more distant structural connections. Presently, a larger patient sample is being studied along with the inclusion of a control group to test the consistency of the findings.

  14. Preliminary results of receiver function analyses at three sites across the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica (United States)

    Martínez Arévalo, C.; Mancilla, F.; Almendros, J.; Aznarte, J. L.; Alguacil, G.


    In February 2008, in the framework of the International Polar Year 2008-2009 under grant POL2006-08663 of the spanish Ministry of Education, we deployed three broadband seismometers at points forming a N-S profile across the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica, in the region between the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. This region is very interesting from a tectonic point of view, due to the opening of the rift of the Bransfield and the presence of the South Shetland microplate. For logistic reasons, our instruments where located in the vicinity of the Antarctic bases Juan Carlos I (Livingston Island), Gabriel de Castilla (Deception Island), and Primavera (Antarctic Peninsula). Each seismic station consisted of a broad-band, three-component electrolitic seismometer equiped with a 24-bit data acquisition system. The energy was provided by wind generators and solar panels connected to a battery bank, a combination that has been able to provide enough power at all sites, even during the Antarctic winter. All components were designed to function under the extreme conditions of the Antarctic weather. The main objective of this experiment was to use receiver function techniques on teleseism data to investigate the structure of the crust under the sites, in order to compare with other studies and shed light on the structure and tectonics of the region. During this past year, we have recorded several tens of teleseisms at distances appropriate for receiver function analyses. Preliminary results will add information on critical issues regarding the structure of the Bransfield Strait region. Although the Earth models obtained will contain extra information, we are specially interested in the determination of the depth of the Moho at each site, a controversial point in this area. These results will be compared with estimates obtained by different techniques. We are also interested in the determination of the vertical extent of the magma chamber recently imaged by

  15. Preliminary results from a detritiation facility dedicated to soft housekeeping waste

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lefebvre, X., E-mail: [JET-EFDA, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon OX14 3DB (United Kingdom); CEA, DEN, Cadarache DTN/STPA/LIPC, F-13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France); Trabuc, P.; Liger, K.; Perrais, C. [JET-EFDA, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon OX14 3DB (United Kingdom); CEA, DEN, Cadarache DTN/STPA/LIPC, F-13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France); Tosti, S.; Borgognoni, F.; Santucci, A. [JET-EFDA, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon OX14 3DB (United Kingdom); Associazione ENEA-Euratom sulla Fusione, C.R. ENEA Frascati, Via E. Fermi 45, I-00044 Frascati, RM (Italy)


    Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The results of the first detritiation campaign of soft housekeeping are presented. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer 120 to 150 Degree-Sign C increasing temperature reveals a strong rise of the detritiation yield. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Using Ar-2%O{sub 2} declassifies the sample from ILW to LLW (UK) in 18 h. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Carrier gas - H{sub 2} explosive risk is assessed before membrane reactor implementation. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The optimized conditions are Ar-2%O{sub 2} at 150 Degree-Sign C. - Abstract: Nuclear waste management has to be taken into account for fusion machine in tritium experimentations. Soft housekeeping waste is produced during both operating and dismantling phases and is contaminated by tritium under reduced (HT) and oxidized (HTO) forms. At CEA Cadarache, a lab-scaled facility has been built for soft housekeeping detritiation. The tritiated gas exhausted from the process described above is foreseen to be treated by a tubular Pd-Ag membrane reactor, for gaseous tritium recovery. Since this membrane reactor uses hydrogen as swamping gas the compatibility toward explosive hazard has to be taken into account. Then, this work presents a double objective. A first study is presented in order to identify the best conditions for the declassification of soft housekeeping waste, without tritium recovery. Experiments carried out at 120 Degree-Sign C are not efficient enough and do not allow one to choose the most efficient carrier gas. Some other tests are being currently performed at higher temperatures (150 Degree-Sign C). Moreover, due to safety issues, the use of air has to be avoided during membrane reactor implementation phase. Preliminary results obtained with hydrogen hazard-free carrier gases are also presented.

  16. Blau Syndrome-Associated Uveitis: Preliminary Results From an International Prospective Interventional Case Series. (United States)

    Sarens, Inge L; Casteels, Ingele; Anton, Jordi; Bader-Meunier, Brigitte; Brissaud, Philippe; Chédeville, Gaelle; Cimaz, Rolando; Dick, Andrew D; Espada, Graciella; Fernandez-Martin, Jorge; Guly, Catherine M; Hachulla, Eric; Harjacek, Miroslav; Khubchandani, Raju; Mackensen, Friederike; Merino, Rosa; Modesto, Consuelo; Naranjo, Antonio; Oliveira-Knupp, Sheila; Özen, Seza; Pajot, Christine; Ramanan, Athimalaipet V; Russo, Ricardo; Susic, Gordana; Thatayatikom, Akaluck; Thomée, Caroline; Vastert, Sebastiaan; Bertin, John; Arostegui, Juan I; Rose, Carlos D; Wouters, Carine H


    Provide baseline and preliminary follow-up results in a 5-year longitudinal study of Blau syndrome. Multicenter, prospective interventional case series. Baseline data from 50 patients from 25 centers worldwide, and follow-up data for patients followed 1, 2, or 3 years at the end of study enrollment. Ophthalmic data were collected at baseline and yearly visits by means of a standardized collection form. Median age at onset of eye disease was 60 months and duration of eye disease at baseline 145 months. At baseline 38 patients (78%) had uveitis, which was bilateral in 37 (97%). Eight patients (21%) had moderate to severe visual impairment. Panuveitis was found in 38 eyes (51%), with characteristic multifocal choroidal infiltrates in 29 eyes (39%). Optic disc pallor in 9 eyes (12%) and peripapillary nodules in 9 eyes (12%) were the commonest signs of optic nerve involvement. Active anterior chamber inflammation was noted in 30 eyes (40%) at baseline and in 16 (34%), 17 (57%), and 11 (61%) eyes at 1, 2, and 3 years, respectively. Panuveitis was associated with longer disease duration. At baseline, 56 eyes (75%) were on topical corticosteroids. Twenty-six patients (68%) received a combination of systemic corticosteroids and immunomodulatory therapy. Blau uveitis is characterized by progressive panuveitis with multifocal choroiditis, resulting in severe ocular morbidity despite continuous systemic and local immunomodulatory therapy. The frequency and severity of Blau uveitis highlight the need for close ophthalmologic surveillance as well as a search for more effective therapies. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Preliminary Results of BTDF Calibration of Transmissive Solar Diffusers for Remote Sensing (United States)

    Georgiev, Georgi T.; Butler, James J.; Thome, Kurt; Cooksey, Catherine; Ding, Leibo


    Satellite instruments operating in the reflected solar wavelength region require accurate and precise determination of the optical properties of their diffusers used in pre-flight and post-flight calibrations. The majority of recent and current space instruments use reflective diffusers. As a result, numerous Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) calibration comparisons have been conducted between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other industry and university-based metrology laboratories. However, based on literature searches and communications with NIST and other laboratories, no Bidirectional Transmittance Distribution Function (BTDF) measurement comparisons have been conducted between National Measurement Laboratories (NMLs) and other metrology laboratories. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in the use of transmissive diffusers in the calibration of satellite, air-borne, and ground-based remote sensing instruments. Current remote sensing instruments employing transmissive diffusers include the Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite instrument (OMPS) Limb instrument on the Suomi-National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) platform,, the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) on the Korea Aerospace Research Institute's (KARI) Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite (COMS), the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) Aura platform, the Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) instrument and the Geostationary Environmental Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS).. This ensemble of instruments requires validated BTDF measurements of their on-board transmissive diffusers from the ultraviolet through the near infrared. This paper presents the preliminary results of a BTDF comparison between the NASA Diffuser Calibration Laboratory (DCL) and NIST on quartz and thin Spectralon samples.

  18. Hand Robotics Rehabilitation: Feasibility and Preliminary Results of a Robotic Treatment in Patients with Hemiparesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrizio Sale


    Full Text Available Background. No strongly clinical evidence about the use of hand robot-assisted therapy in stroke patients was demonstrated. This preliminary observer study was aimed at evaluating the efficacy of intensive robot-assisted therapy in hand function recovery, in the early phase after a stroke onset. Methods. Seven acute ischemic stroke patients at their first-ever stroke were enrolled. Treatment was performed using Amadeo robotic system (Tyromotion GmbH Graz, Austria. Each participant received, in addition to inpatients standard rehabilitative treatment, 20 sessions of robotic treatment for 4 consecutive weeks (5 days/week. Each session lasted for 40 minutes. The exercises were carried out as follows: passive modality (5 minutes, passive/plus modality (5 minutes, assisted therapy (10 minutes, and balloon (10 minutes. The following impairment and functional evaluations, Fugl-Meyer Scale (FM, Medical Research Council Scale for Muscle Strength (hand flexor and extensor muscles (MRC, Motricity Index (MI, and modified Ashworth Scale for wrist and hand muscles (AS, were performed at the beginning (T0, after 10 sessions (T1, and at the end of the treatment (T2. The strength hand flexion and extension performed by Robot were assessed at T0 and T2. The Barthel Index and COMP (performance and satisfaction subscale were assessed at T0 and T2. Results. Clinical improvements were found in all patients. No dropouts were recorded during the treatment and all subjects fulfilled the protocol. Evidence of a significant improvement was demonstrated by the Friedman test for the MRC (P<0.0123. Evidence of an improvement was demonstrated for AS, FM, and MI. Conclusions. This original rehabilitation treatment could contribute to increase the hand motor recovery in acute stroke patients. The simplicity of the treatment, the lack of side effects, and the first positive results in acute stroke patients support the recommendations to extend the clinical trial of this

  19. Increase in Drosophila melanogaster longevity due to rasayana diet: Preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S Priyadarshini


    Full Text Available We report preliminary results from an ongoing series of experiments on lifespan extension by appropriately modified Ayurvedic rasayanas in animal models. Here data are presented indicating lifespan extensions of 51-55% (up to 70-95% in the pilot experiment in a standard strain of Drosophila melanogaster (Oregon-K using a standard rasayana (Ayurvedic herbal formulation for life-extension suitably adapted for insects. In a first experiment, two groups of 20 unmated D. melanogaster strain Oregon-K kept at 22oC received either rasayana or standard yeast diet; days of death were recorded. Another experiment investigated possible sex differences; equal sized (N = 30 groups of similar males, females, and controls were compared. Life lengths of all controls were in the strain′s usual range: in Experiment 1, control life lengths were minimum 40 to maximum 53 days; experimental group figures were 81-91 days; groups were completely separated, experimental group minimum life length being 28 days more than control group maximum life length, i.e., about 2.5 full distribution widths - a sign test for the null hypothesis yields p < 2 -20 , i.e., 10 -6 as maximum p. Experiment 2 found no differences between life lengths of males and females; but the maximum life length of 30 controls (60 days in males and 66 days in females was once again far shorter than the minimum life length of the 60 in the two experimental groups, strengthening the findings of Experiment 1. Despite group sizes being relatively small, results are conclusive: the rasayanas in question increase D. melanogaster strain Oregon-K life length. The complexity of the formulation suggests that multiple mechanisms are involved - worth further investigation.

  20. The role of apparent diffusion coefficient values in detecting testicular intraepithelial neoplasia: Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tsili, Athina C., E-mail: [Department of Radiology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Ntorkou, Alexandra, E-mail: [Department of Radiology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Baltogiannis, Dimitrios, E-mail: [Department of Urology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Goussia, Anna, E-mail: [Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Astrakas, Loukas G., E-mail: [Department of Medical Physics, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Malamou-Mitsi, Vasiliki, E-mail: [Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Sofikitis, Nikolaos, E-mail: [Department of Urology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece); Argyropoulou, Maria I., E-mail: [Department of Radiology, Medical School, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina (Greece)


    Highlights: • ADC values proved useful in the discrimination between TGCNs and normal testis. • Testicular intraepithelial neoplasia represents the precursor of most TGCNs. • ADC values cannot be used to detect testicular intraepithelial neoplasia. - Abstract: Introduction: The aim of this study is to improve detection of testicular intraepithelial neoplasia (TIN) by measurement of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values. Materials and methods: Fifty-six MRI examinations of the scrotum, including 26 histologically proven testicular germ cell neoplasms were retrospectively evaluated. DWI was performed using a single shot, multi-slice spin-echo planar diffusion pulse sequence and b-values of 0 and 900 s mm{sup −2}. ADC measurements were classified into three groups according to their location: group 1 (n = 19), non-tumoral part, adjacent to testicular carcinoma, where the possible location of TIN was; group 2 (n = 26), testicular carcinoma; and group 3 (n = 60), normal testicular parenchyma. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by post hoc analysis (Dunnett T3) was used for statistical purposes. Results: The mean ± s.d. of ADC values (×10{sup −3} mm{sup 2}/s) of different groups were: group 1, 1.08 ± 0.20; group 2, 0.72 ± 0.27; and group 3, 1.11 ± 0.14. ANOVA revealed differences of mean ADC between groups (F = 38.859, P < 0.001). Post hoc analysis showed differences between groups 2 and 3 (P < 0.001), groups 2 and 1 (P < 0.001), but not between groups 3 and 1 (P = 0.87). Conclusions: Based on our preliminary results, ADC values do not provide a reliable differentiation between TIN and testicular carcinoma or normal testicular parenchyma.

  1. Liquid ventilator for ultrafast hypothermia induction in juvenile lambs: Preliminary results. (United States)

    Nadeau, Mathieu; Sage, Michaël; Kohlhauer, Matthias; Robert, Raymond; Vandamne, Jonathan; Mousseau, Julien; Tissier, Renaud; Praud, Jean-Paul; Walti, Hervé; Micheau, Philippe


    Total liquid ventilation (TLV) is an emerging mechanical ventilation technique. In this technique, the lungs are filled with liquid perfluorocarbons (PFC) and a liquid ventilator assures ventilation by periodically renewing a volume of oxygenated, CO2 freed and temperature controlled PFC. A huge difference between conventional mechanical ventilation and TLV relates to the fact that PFCs are about 1500 times denser than air. Thus, the PFCs filled lungs turn into an efficient heat exchanger with the circulating blood. One of the most appealing utilization of the lungs as a heat exchanger in TLV is for ultrafast induction of mild therapeutic hypothermia (MTH) for neuroprotection and cardioprotection after ischemia-reperfusion injuries. This study aimed to perform ultrafast MTH induction by TLV in animals up to 25 kg, then perform a fast post-hypothermic rewarming while maintaining proper ventilation. A thermal model of the lamb and liquid ventilator was developed to predict the dynamic and the control strategy to adopt for MTH induction. Two juvenile lambs were instrumented with temperature sensors in the femoral artery, pulmonary artery, oesophagus, right eardrum and rectum. After stabilization in conventional mechanical ventilation, TLV was initiated with ultrafast MTH induction, followed by posthypothermic rewarming. Preliminary results in the two juvenile lambs reveal that the liquid ventilator Inolivent-6.0 can induce MTH by TLV in less than 2.5 min for systemic arterial blood and in less than 10 min for venous return, esophagus and eardrum. Rectal temperature reached MTH in respectively 19.4 and 17.0 min for both lambs. Experimental results were consistent with the model predictions. Moreover, blood gas analysis exhibited that the gas exchange in the lungs was maintained adequately for the entire experiments.

  2. [Intratympanic gentamycin in association with human fibrin glue in the treatment of Meniere's disease: preliminary results]. (United States)

    Casani, A P; Dallan, I; Sellari-Franceschini, S; Nuti, D


    The treatment of Menierè's disease (Md) with intratympanic gentamicin has rapidly become one of the most widespread alternatives to surgery in this disorder. Numerous studies, employing different protocols, have reported the use of this antibiotic in the treatment of disabling forms of Md, with success rates in the control of vestibular symptoms varying from 73 to 100%, associated with a rate of hearing complications varying from 0 to 75%. We have reported the results of a preliminary experience carried out in 10 patients affected by monolateral Md who were managed with ablation treatment effected with a mixture of gentamicin and human fibrin glue. Upon follow-up examination after one year, all of the patients presented a marked reduction in vestibular reflectivity on the side treated. The vertigo score was zero in all of the patients, showing that the vertigo symptoms were entirely under control. When patients were asked to rate their disability, vertigo was assessed as completely under control in 7 patients and substantially under control in the remaining 3. None of the patients presented any loss of hearing. On the basis of this experience, we propose a standardized protocol which, using an extremely low overall dose of gentamicin, enables elevated success rates to be obtained with the lowest possible number of injections, thus minimizing the risks to hearing. Intratympanic gentamicin associated with a fibrin carrier in Md appears to enable a standardized dose of the drug to be employed, resulting in a decided reduction in the number of administrations and in the overall dose of the drug applied. This makes it possible, with equal benefits in vertigo control, to significantly minimize any hearing loss.

  3. [Preliminary results concerning summer-time denitrification in the Jiulong River Estuary]. (United States)

    Chen, Neng-Wang; Wu, Jie-Zhong; Hong, Hua-Sheng


    Denitrification is an important process mitigating nitrogen (N) pollution in aquatic systems. Water samples in 13 sites throughout the Jiulong River Estuary were collected in July, 2010 in a preliminary investigation of the denitrification rate in this area. As end-products of denitrification, dissolved N2 was measured by determining N2 : Ar ratios using MIMS (HPR-40), while the concentration of nitrous oxide (N2O) dissolved in water was determined by Purge and Trap-Gas Chromatography. The results showed significant spatial variance of net increase of dissolved N2 (ranging between - 9.9 and 66.8 micromol x L(-1)) and N2O (ranging between 4.3 and 31.5 nmol x L(-1)) in the Jiulong River Estuary. The net increase of dissolved N2 and N2O declined gradually from river sites to sea sites. Dissolved N2O was supersaturated by 170%-562%. The air-water fluxes of N2 ranged between -2.9 and 53.2 mmol x (m2 x d) (-1), and N2O between 5.2 and 23.9 micromol x (m2 x d)(-1). The N2O yield shared only 0.03% - 1.2% (average 0.25%) of total N air-water flux. The results suggested that water temperature and nutrient (N and P) were the key factors influencing denitrification. The denitrification rate is controlled by nitrate level at fresh-water sites with salinity mixing.

  4. The Preliminary Results of GMSTech: A Software Development for Microseismic Characterization (United States)

    Rohaman, Maman; Suhendi, Cahli; Verdhora Ry, Rexha; Sugiartono Prabowo, Billy; Widiyantoro, Sri; Nugraha, Andri Dian; Yudistira, Tedi; Mujihardi, Bambang


    The processing of microseismic data requires reliable software for imaging the condition of subsurface related to occurring microseismicity. In general, the currently available software is only specific for certain processing module and developed by the different developer. However, the software with integrated processing modules will give a better value because the users can use it easier and faster. We developed GMSTech (Ganesha Microseismic Technology), a C# language-based standing-alone software consisting several modules for processing of microseismic data. Its function is to solve a non-linear inverse problem and imaging the subsurface. C# library is supported by ILNumerics to reduce time consumption and give good visualization. In this preliminary result, we will present four developed modules: (1) hypocenter determination, (2) moment magnitude calculation, and (3) 3D seismic tomography. In the first module, we provide four methods for locating the microseismic events that can be chosen by a user independently: simulated annealing method, guided grid-search method, Geiger’s method, and joint hypocenter determination (JHD). The second module can be used for calculating moment magnitude using Brune method and to estimate the released energy of the event. At last, we also provided the module of 3-D seismic tomography for imaging the velocity structures based on delay time tomography. We demonstrated the software using both a synthetic data and a real data from a certain geothermal field in Indonesia. The results for all modules are reliable and remarkable, reviewed statistically by RMS error. We will keep examining the software using another set of data and developing further modules of processing.

  5. Coupling a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle to a Helium-Cooled Reactor.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Middleton, Bobby [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Pasch, James Jay [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Kruizenga, Alan Michael [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States); Walker, Matthew [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States)


    This report outlines the thermodynamics of a supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) recompression closed Brayton cycle (RCBC) coupled to a Helium-cooled nuclear reactor. The baseline reactor design for the study is the AREVA High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR). Using the AREVA HTGR nominal operating parameters, an initial thermodynamic study was performed using Sandia's deterministic RCBC analysis program. Utilizing the output of the RCBC thermodynamic analysis, preliminary values of reactor power and of Helium flow rate through the reactor were calculated in Sandia's HelCO2 code. Some research regarding materials requirements was then conducted to determine aspects of corrosion related to both Helium and to sCO2 , as well as some mechanical considerations for pressures and temperatures that will be seen by the piping and other components. This analysis resulted in a list of materials-related research items that need to be conducted in the future. A short assessment of dry heat rejection advantages of sCO2> Brayton cycles was also included. This assessment lists some items that should be investigated in the future to better understand how sCO2 Brayton cycles and nuclear can maximally contribute to optimizing the water efficiency of carbon free power generation

  6. Gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy, ab interno trabeculotomy: technique report and preliminary results. (United States)

    Grover, Davinder S; Godfrey, David G; Smith, Oluwatosin; Feuer, William J; Montes de Oca, Ildamaris; Fellman, Ronald L


    To introduce a minimally invasive, ab interno approach to a circumferential 360-degree trabeculotomy and to report the preliminary results. Retrospective, noncomparative cases series. Eighty-five eyes of 85 consecutive patients who sought treatment at Glaucoma Associates of Texas with uncontrolled open-angle glaucoma and underwent gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy (GATT) for whom there was at least 6 months of follow-up data. Retrospective chart review of patients who underwent GATT by 4 of the authors (D.S.G., D.G.G., O.S., R.L.F.) between October 2011 and October 2012. The surgery was performed in adults with various open-angle glaucomas. Intraocular pressure (IOP), glaucoma medications, visual acuity, and intraoperative as well as postoperative complications. Eighty-five patients with an age range of 24 to 88 years underwent GATT with at least 6 months of follow-up. In 57 patients with primary open-angle glaucoma, the IOP decreased by 7.7 mmHg (standard deviation [SD], 6.2 mm Hg; 30.0% [SD, 22.7%]) with an average decrease in glaucoma medications of 0.9 (SD, 1.3) at 6 months. In this group, the IOP decreased by 11.1 mmHg (SD, 6.1 mmHg; 39.8% [SD, 16.0%]) with 1.1 fewer glaucoma medications at 12 months. In the secondary glaucoma group of 28 patients, IOP decreased by 17.2 mmHg (SD, 10.8 mmHg; 52.7% [SD, 15.8%]) with an average of 2.2 fewer glaucoma medications at 6 months. In this group, the IOP decreased by 19.9 mmHg (SD, 10.2 mmHg; 56.8% [SD, 17.4%]) with an average of 1.9 fewer medications (SD, 2.1) at 12 months. Treatment was considered to have failed in 9% (8/85) of patients because of the need for further glaucoma surgery. The cumulative proportion of failure at 1 year ranged from 0.1 to 0.32, depending on the group. Lens status or concurrent cataract surgery did not have a statistically significant effect on IOP in eyes that underwent GATT at either 6 or 12 months (P > 0.35). The most common complication was transient hyphema, seen in

  7. Probing helium interfaces with light scattering: from fluid mechanics to statistical physics. (United States)

    Wolf, P E; Bonnet, F; Guyon, L; Lambert, T; Perraud, S; Puech, L; Rousset, B; Thibault, P


    We have investigated the formation of helium droplets in two physical situations. In the first one, droplets are atomised from superfluid or normal liquid by a fast helium vapour flow. In the second, droplets of normal liquid are formed inside porous glasses during the process of helium condensation. The context, aims, and results of these experiments are reviewed, with focus on the specificity of light scattering by helium. In particular, we discuss how, for different reasons, the closeness to unity of the index of refraction of helium allows in both cases to minimise the problem of multiple scattering and obtain results which it would not be possible to get using other fluids.

  8. Low Noise Results From IMS Site Surveys: A Preliminary New High-Frequency Low Noise Model (United States)

    Ebeling, C.; Astiz, L.; Starovoit, Y.; Tavener, N.; Perez, G.; Given, H. K.; Barrientos, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Hfaiedh, M.; Stewart, R.; Estabrook, C.


    Zimbabwe (Archaean granite). Based on a composite of the results from these five surveys, we propose a preliminary IMS Low-Noise Model (pIMS-LNM) consisting of a revision downward of Peterson's NLNM in the passband from 0.1 to about 0.7 s and an extension of Peterson's NLNM above 0.1 to 0.07 s. As these low noise results are derived from data recorded at temporary installations, improved resolution of this model will be possible when data from final installations become available. Preliminary International Monitoring System Low Noise Model (pIMS-LNM) for periods from 0.07 to 0.70 s. Decibels are relative to ground acceleration ((m/s2)2/Hz). Values presented in (Period, dB) format. Figure in bold is from Peterson's NLNM. [(0.07,-167.0),(0.08,-168.0),(0.09,-169.0),(0.10,-169.5), (0.11,-170.5),(0.13,-171.0),(0.14,-171.5),(0.17,-172.0), (0.20,-1 72.5),(0.25,-173.0),(0.30,-173.5),(0.40,-173.0), (0.50,-172.0),(0.60,-171.0),(0.70,-170.0),(0.80,-169.2)] Reference Peterson, J., 1993. Observations and Modeling of Seismic Background Noise, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 93-322, 47 p.

  9. Development of volume equations using data obtained by upper stem dendrometry with Monte Carlo integration: preliminary results for eastern redcedar (United States)

    Thomas B. Lynch; Rodney E. Will; Rider Reynolds


    Preliminary results are given for development of an eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) cubic-volume equation based on measurements of redcedar sample tree stem volume using dendrometry with Monte Carlo integration. Monte Carlo integration techniques can be used to provide unbiased estimates of stem cubic-foot volume based on upper stem diameter...

  10. 77 FR 65361 - Folding Gift Boxes From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of the Second Sunset... (United States)


    ...\\ On May 2, 2012, pursuant to 19 CFR 351.218(d)(3), The Folding Gift Boxes Fair Trade Coalition...'') Review, 77 FR 19643 (April 2, 2012). \\4\\ The Folding Gift Boxes Fair Trade Coalition is comprised of... International Trade Administration Folding Gift Boxes From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results...

  11. A cognitive behavioural group therapy for patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and their significant others: feasibility and preliminary results

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Joosten-Weyn Banningh, L.W.A.; Kessels, R.P.C.; Olde Rikkert, M.G.M.; Geleijns-Lanting, C.E.


    Objective: To evaluate the feasibility and present preliminary results of a cognitive behavioural group therapy for patients with mild cognitive impairment and their significant others. Design: One group pretest-posttest design. Subjects: Twenty-two patients with mild cognitive impairment and their

  12. A cognitive behavioural group therapy for patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and their significant others: feasibility and preliminary results.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Joosten-Weyn Banningh, E.W.A.; Kessels, R.P.C.; Olde Rikkert, M.G.M.; Geleijns-Lanting, C.E.; Kraaimaat, F.W.


    OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the feasibility and present preliminary results of a cognitive behavioural group therapy for patients with mild cognitive impairment and their significant others. DESIGN: One group pretest-posttest design. SUBJECTS: Twenty-two patients with mild cognitive impairment and their

  13. 75 FR 13495 - Saccharin from the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of the 2008-2009 Antidumping... (United States)


    ..., i.e., Kaifeng Xinhua Fine Chemical Factory (``Kaifeng''). We preliminarily determine that Kaifeng...., Honey from the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Partial Rescission of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review, 70 FR 74764, 74765 (December 16, 2005); unchanged in Honey from the People...

  14. 75 FR 55745 - Corrosion-Resistant Carbon Steel Flat Products From the Republic of Korea: Preliminary Results... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Corrosion-Resistant Carbon Steel Flat Products From the Republic of Korea... corrosion-resistant carbon steel flat products (CORE) from the Republic of Korea (Korea) for the period of... preliminary results of the instant administrative review. See Corrosion-Resistant Carbon Steel Flat Products...

  15. Reflectance anisotropy measurements using a pushbroom spectrometer mounted on UAV and a laboratory goniometer – preliminary results

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Suomalainen, J.; Roosjen, P.; Bartholomeus, H.; Clevers, J.


    During 2014–2015 we have developed a new method to measure reflectance factor anisotropy using a pushbroom spectrometer mounted on a multicopter UAV. In this paper/presentation we describe the acquisition method and show the preliminary results of the experiment. To validate the measurements the

  16. 76 FR 49437 - Certain Circular Welded Non-Alloy Steel Pipe From Mexico: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Circular Welded Non-Alloy Steel Pipe From Mexico: Preliminary Results... circular welded non-alloy steel pipe from Mexico. This administrative review covers mandatory respondents... Circumstances Review: Certain Circular Welded Non-Alloy Steel Pipe From Mexico, 75 FR 82374 (December 30, 2010...

  17. 77 FR 66954 - Carbon and Certain Alloy Steel Wire Rod From Mexico: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Carbon and Certain Alloy Steel Wire Rod From Mexico: Preliminary Results of... on carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod (wire rod) from Mexico. The period of review is October 1... certain alloy steel wire rod. The product is currently classified under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of...

  18. 78 FR 48647 - Certain Circular Welded Non-Alloy Steel Pipe from Mexico: Preliminary Results and Partial... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Circular Welded Non-Alloy Steel Pipe from Mexico: Preliminary Results... antidumping duty order on certain circular welded non-alloy steel pipe from Mexico. This administrative review... Order The products covered by the order are circular welded non-alloy steel pipes and tubes, of circular...

  19. 76 FR 55352 - Light-Walled Rectangular Pipe and Tube From Mexico: Preliminary Results and Partial Rescission of... (United States)


    ... Data Submitted by Maquilacero S.A. de C.V. for the Preliminary Results of the Antidumping Duty... discounts, commissions to selling agents, and post-sale warehousing). But, as with Maquilacero, we were... Memorandum to the File for ``Analysis of Data Submitted by Regiomontana de Perfiles y Tubos S.A. de C.V. for...

  20. 76 FR 66271 - Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium: Notice of Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium: Notice of Preliminary Results of... Stainless Belgium N.V. (``Aperam''), the Department of Commerce (``the Department'') initiated a changed circumstances review (``CCR'') of the antidumping duty order of stainless steel plate in coils (``SSPC'') from...

  1. 76 FR 44305 - Honey From Argentina: Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty New... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From Argentina: Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results of... initiation a new shipper review of the antidumping duty order on honey from Argentina, covering the period of December 1, 2009, through November 30, 2010, and a single exporter of Argentine honey, Villamora S.A...

  2. 77 FR 46694 - Certain Pasta From Turkey: Notice of Preliminary Results of the 2010-2011 Antidumping Duty... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Pasta From Turkey: Notice of Preliminary Results of the 2010-2011... review of the antidumping duty order on certain pasta (pasta) from Turkey for the period of review (POR... foreign like product by Marsan were made at prices below the cost of production (COP) during the POR, in...

  3. Cross-cultural aspects of ICT use by older people: preliminary results of a four-country ethnographical study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Blat, Josep; Sayago, Sergio; Kälviäinen, Mirja


    addresses this issue by drawing on an ethnographical study of ICT use conducted with over 120 people, aged 67-71, in four European countries: Finland, Denmark, Italy and Spain, over a 6-month period. The preliminary results show that making a social, independent and worth use of ICT are common aspects...

  4. 77 FR 17410 - Solid Urea From the Russian Federation: Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE International Trade Administration Solid Urea From the Russian Federation: Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review AGENCY: Import Administration, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce...

  5. 76 FR 17380 - Solid Urea From the Russian Federation: Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE International Trade Administration Solid Urea From the Russian Federation: Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review AGENCY: Import Administration, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce...

  6. Classroom Interaction in Effective and Ineffective Schools: Preliminary Results from Phase III of the Louisiana School Effectiveness Study (United States)

    Stringfield, Samuel; Teddlie, Charles; Suarez, Sandra


    A major focus in Phase III of the Louisiana School Effectiveness Study is on the relationship between classroom interaction patterns and school effectiveness. This paper presents observations on similarities and differences between prior teacher and school effectiveness studies, the LSES-III methodology, and preliminary results from one of the…

  7. 78 FR 77653 - Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Partial Rescission of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and... antidumping duty order on fresh garlic from the People's Republic of China (PRC) covering the period of review... order includes all grades of garlic, whole or separated into constituent cloves. Fresh garlic that are...

  8. 78 FR 67112 - Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of New Shipper Review of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Fresh Garlic From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of New... Co., Ltd. (Goodman) under the antidumping duty order on fresh garlic from the People's Republic of... Order The products covered by the order are all grades of garlic, whole or separated into constituent...

  9. 76 FR 2648 - Hand Trucks and Certain Parts Thereof From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... Issues and Decision Memorandum at Comment 1. \\10\\ See Fresh Garlic from the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of New Shipper Review, 75 FR 24578 (May 5, 2010), unchanged in Fresh Garlic From the... under Sub-Classification 34 of the ISIC-Revision 3 standard by countries determined to be both...

  10. Paleomagnetism of the Todos Santos Formation in the Maya Block, Chiapas, Mexico: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Godinez-Urban, A.; Molina-Garza, R. S.; Iriondo, A.; Geissman, J. W.


    Preliminary results of a paleomagnetic study on jurassic volcanic rocks (U-Pb 188.8 +/- 3.2Ma) locally interbedded with red beds assigned to the Todos Santos Formation, sampled in the Homoclinal Tectonic Province of the Neogene Fold Belt, Chiapas-Mexico, reveal multi component magnetizations acquired during pre- and post- folding of these rocks. The samples responded well to thermal demagnetization, but not so to AF demagnetization, suggesting that a high coercivity mineral phase like hematite is the main remanence carrier. The post-folding B-component direction of Dec=174.3 Inc=-30.6 (k=46; alpha95=13.6; N=4) represents a recent Tertiary? overprint; while the pre-folding C-component direction of Dec=329.9 Inc=7.8 (k=12.5; alpha95=16.3; N=8) is in agreement with a previously reported small data set for the Todos Santos Formation. When compared to the North American reference direction (Jurassic Kayenta Formation) the observed direction indicates a counterclockwise rotation of 35.9 +/- 16.6 degrees, and moderate north to south latitudinal displacement. If a reference pole from NE North America is used, the amount of counterclockwise rotation and latitudinal displacement are both slightly reduced. If the assumption that Jurassic strata in Chiapas reflect displacement of the Maya Block, then these data are consistent with reconstructions of the Maya Block in the Gulf of Mexico region. Other sites sampled in Jurassic strata suggest that in addition to the interpreted regional rotation, local (vertical-axis) rotations may have affected the region in more recent times.

  11. Scintigraphic test of gastric emptying and motility: preliminary results in patients with chronic gastritis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hausmann, T. [Abt. Nuklearmedizin und Spezielle Biophysik, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany); Mueller-Schauenburg, W. [Abt. Nuklearmedizin, Univ. Tuebingen (Germany); Goeke, M. [Abt. Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany); Luebeck, M. [Abt. Nuklearmedizin, Univ.-Krankenhaus Eppendorf, Hamburg (Germany); Gratz, K.F. [Abt. Nuklearmedizin und Spezielle Biophysik, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany); Meier, P. [Abt. Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany); Manns, M. [Abt. Gastroenterologie und Hepatologie, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany); Hundeshagen, H. [Abt. Nuklearmedizin und Spezielle Biophysik, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany)


    To record gastric peristalsis using a conventional scintigraphic gastric emptying test the frame rate was increased to 1 frame per 3 s at 10, 30, and 50 min postprandially. The gastric contraction frequency was obtained from the first harmonic of a Fourier transform of a gastric region of interest (ROI) curve. The propagation of gastric contractions was better revealed from computed functional images of the phase and amplitude distribution as compared with the multiple scintigraphic images. The maximal count-rate changes per pixel were calculated as an estimate of the most prominent regional contractile activity of the gastric wall. Among 12 patients with chronic gastritis the group with more severe dyspeptic complaints (n = 6) had significantly higher count-rate changes per pixel when compared with the group with minor complaints (20.0, 21.1 and 14.2 vs 12.9, 12.0, and 10.4 counts/pixel X s at 10, 30, and 50 min. respectively; p < 0.05). The mean half-times of gastric emptying (61, SD 11 vs 54, SD 13 min) and the mean gastric contraction frequencies (2.99, SD 0.19; 3.09, SD 0.33; 3.07, SD 0.10 vs 3.15, SD 0.15; 3.17, SD 0.13; 3.23, SD 0.20 cycles/min at 10, 30, and 50 min, respectively) did not show significant differences between both groups. Our preliminary results agree with the hypothesis of the occurrence of more powerful, nonexpulsive gastric-wall contractions in patients with more severe dyspeptic complaints. Hence, additional quantification of gastric motility allowed a more detailed evaluation of gastric-motor-activity disorders that were for so long not accessible to conventional gastric-emptying tests. (orig.)

  12. Preliminary Results from Electric Arc Furnace Off-Gas Enthalpy Modeling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nimbalkar, Sachin U [ORNL; Thekdi, Arvind [E3M Inc; Keiser, James R [ORNL; Storey, John Morse [ORNL


    This article describes electric arc furnace (EAF) off-gas enthalpy models developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to calculate overall heat availability (sensible and chemical enthalpy) and recoverable heat values (steam or power generation potential) for existing EAF operations and to test ORNL s new EAF waste heat recovery (WHR) concepts. ORNL s new EAF WHR concepts are: Regenerative Drop-out Box System and Fluidized Bed System. The two EAF off-gas enthalpy models described in this paper are: 1.Overall Waste Heat Recovery Model that calculates total heat availability in off-gases of existing EAF operations 2.Regenerative Drop-out Box System Model in which hot EAF off-gases alternately pass through one of two refractory heat sinks that store heat and then transfer it to another gaseous medium These models calculate the sensible and chemical enthalpy of EAF off-gases based on the off-gas chemical composition, temperature, and mass flow rate during tap to tap time, and variations in those parameters in terms of actual values over time. The models provide heat transfer analysis for the aforementioned concepts to confirm the overall system and major component sizing (preliminary) to assess the practicality of the systems. Real-time EAF off-gas composition (e.g., CO, CO2, H2, and H2O), volume flow, and temperature data from one EAF operation was used to test the validity and accuracy of the modeling work. The EAF off-gas data was used to calculate the sensible and chemical enthalpy of the EAF off-gases to generate steam and power. The article provides detailed results from the modeling work that are important to the success of ORNL s EAF WHR project. The EAF WHR project aims to develop and test new concepts and materials that allow cost-effective recovery of sensible and chemical heat from high-temperature gases discharged from EAFs.

  13. Work-nonwork interference: Preliminary results on the psychometric properties of a new instrument

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eileen Koekemoer


    Full Text Available Orientation: Recently, a new work-nonwork interference instrument was developed to measure the interference between work and nonwork roles in the South African context (Koekemoer, Mostert & Rothmann, 2010. However, no information is available on the psychometric properties of this instrument.Research purpose: The objectives of this study were to investigate the internal validity (construct, discriminant and convergent validity, reliability and external validity (relationship with theoretically relevant variables, including job characteristics, home characteristics, burnout, ill health and life satisfaction of the instrument.Motivation for the study: Work-family interaction is a key topic receiving significant research attention. In order to facilitate comparison across work-family studies, the use of psychometrically sound instruments is of great importance.Research design, approach and method: A cross-sectional survey design was used for the target population of married employees with children working at a tertiary institution in the North West province (n = 366. In addition to the new instrument, job characteristics, home characteristics, burnout, ill health and life satisfaction were measured.Main findings: The results provided evidence for construct, discriminant and convergent validity, reliability and significant relations with external variables.Practical/managerial implications: The new instrument can be used by researchers and managers as a test under development to investigate the interference between work and different nonwork roles (i.e. parental role, spousal role, work role, domestic role and specific relations with antecedents (e.g. job/home characteristics and well-being (e.g. burnout, ill health and life satisfaction.Contribution/value-add: This study provides preliminary information on the psychometric properties of a new instrument that measures the interference between work and nonwork.

  14. Large-scale dynamic compaction demonstration using WIPP salt: Fielding and preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ahrens, E.H.; Hansen, F.D. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States). Nuclear Waste Technology Repository Isolation Systems


    Reconsolidation of crushed rock salt is a phenomenon of great interest to programs studying isolation of hazardous materials in natural salt geologic settings. Of particular interest is the potential for disaggregated salt to be restored to nearly an impermeable state. For example, reconsolidated crushed salt is proposed as a major shaft seal component for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Project. The concept for a permanent shaft seal component of the WIPP repository is to densely compact crushed salt in the four shafts; an effective seal will then be developed as the surrounding salt creeps into the shafts, further consolidating the crushed salt. Fundamental information on placement density and permeability is required to ensure attainment of the design function. The work reported here is the first large-scale compaction demonstration to provide information on initial salt properties applicable to design, construction, and performance expectations. The shaft seals must function for 10,000 years. Over this period a crushed salt mass will become less permeable as it is compressed by creep closure of salt surrounding the shaft. These facts preclude the possibility of conducting a full-scale, real-time field test. Because permanent seals taking advantage of salt reconsolidation have never been constructed, performance measurements have not been made on an appropriately large scale. An understanding of potential construction methods, achievable initial density and permeability, and performance of reconsolidated salt over time is required for seal design and performance assessment. This report discusses fielding and operations of a nearly full-scale dynamic compaction of mine-run WIPP salt, and presents preliminary density and in situ (in place) gas permeability results.

  15. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation as an adjuvant method in the treatment of depression: Preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovičić Milica


    Full Text Available Introduction. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS is a method of brain stimulation which is increasingly used in both clinical practice and research. Up-to-date studies have pointed out a potential antidepressive effect of rTMS, but definitive superiority over placebo has not yet been confirmed. Objective. The aim of the study was to examine the effect of rTMS as an adjuvant treatment with antidepressants during 18 weeks of evaluation starting from the initial application of the protocol. Methods. Four patients with the diagnosis of moderate/severe major depression were included in the study. The protocol involved 2000 stimuli per day (rTMS frequency of 10 Hz, intensity of 120% motor threshold administered over the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC for 15 days. Subjective and objective depressive symptoms were measured before the initiation of rTMS and repeatedly evaluated at week 3, 6, 12 and 18 from the beginning of the stimulation. Results. After completion of rTMS protocol two patients demonstrated a reduction of depressive symptoms that was sustained throughout the 15-week follow-up period. One patient showed a tendency of remission during the first 12 weeks of the study, but relapsed in week 18. One patient showed no significant symptom reduction at any point of follow-up. Conclusion. Preliminary findings suggest that rTMS has a good tolerability and can be efficient in accelerating the effect of antidepressants, particularly in individuals with shorter duration of depressive episodes and moderate symptom severity. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. III41029 i br. ON175090

  16. {sup 18}F-FDG positron emission tomography in the early diagnosis of enterocolitis: preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kresnik, E.; Gallowitsch, H.J.; Igerc, I.; Kumnig, G.; Gomez, I.; Lind, P. [Nuclear Medicine and Special Endocrinology, PET Centre, General Hospital, St. Veiterstrasse 47, 9020 Klagenfurt (Austria); Mikosch, P.; Alberer, D.; Hebenstreit, A. [Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, General Hospital, Klagenfurt (Austria); Wuertz, F. [Department of Pathology, General Hospital, Klagenfurt (Austria); Kogler, D.; Gasser, J. [Department of Radiology, General Hospital, Klagenfurt (Austria)


    Collagenous and eosinophilic colitis are rare diseases characterised by chronic watery diarrhoea. Radiographic evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract and colonoscopy are usually non-diagnostic since as many as one-third of patients will have minor abnormalities. To date a few investigators have reported increased fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose ({sup 18}F-FDG) uptake on positron emission tomography (PET) in patients with acute enterocolitis, but there have been no reports on the use of {sup 18}F-FDG PET for the diagnosis of collagenous or eosinophilic colitis in an early clinical stage. The aim of this preliminary study was to evaluate the usefulness of {sup 18}F-FDG PET in the early diagnosis of patients with colitis. We investigated five women (mean age 61.2{+-}12.1 years) who had been diagnosed as having colitis in an early clinical stage. In all but one of the patients, the diagnosis of colitis was based on biopsy. Magnetic resonance colonography, ultrasonography and colonoscopy were performed in all but one of the patients. Two women were identified as having collagenous colitis in an early clinical stage. Another two patients had eosinophilic colitis. The morphological imaging methods, magnetic resonance colonography and ultrasonography, yielded no suspicious findings, and the results of colonoscopy similarly showed no abnormalities. One patient had colitis due to bacterial infection. In all patients {sup 18}F-FDG PET showed a pathological increase in tracer uptake in the large bowel, suggestive of colitis. In four of the five patients, colitis was confirmed by histology, and in one, by bacterial analysis. {sup 18}F-FDG PET was able to detect colitis in an early clinical stage, when morphological imaging methods and colonoscopy were non-diagnostic. The early performance of {sup 18}F-FDG PET imaging in patients with possible colitis is encouraging. (orig.)

  17. Preliminary results of geologic and remote sensing studies of Rima Mozart (United States)

    Coombs, C. R.; Hawke, B. R.


    In order to better understand the processes responsible for the formation of lunar sinuous rilles, a study of Rima Mozart was conducted using a variety of geologic, photographic, and remote sensing data. The apparent source of this rille is located in a highlands unit of known composition and it is hypothesized that thermal and mechanical erosion played an important role in the formation of Rima Mozart. Excellent photographic, topographic, multispectral, and radar data exist for this rille. The preliminary results of an analysis of this data are presented. Photographic data indicates the presence of two volcanic source vents for Rima Mozart: Kathleen and Ann. It is suggested that Rima Mozart, like many other lunar sinuous rilles, was most likely formed by a combination of events. Rima Mozart does follow a pre-existing, dominant NW/SE structural trend suggesting the influence of structural features on the rille, however, the tectonic influence is not the sole source for the formation of the rille, as suggested by the presence of the two source vents and the spatter around Ann. It is suggested that the rille formation began with an explosive eruption at Kathleen which later calmed down to a pulsating, high volume, low-viscosity lava flow. The rapid effusion rate of the magma as well as its high temperature and turbid nature helped carve the sinuous rille into the fractured and structurally weak Apennine Bench Formation underneath. Similar eruptions and subsequent flows were also created at Ann and joined to the main channel by a NE-trending secondary rille.

  18. The preliminary results: Internal seismic velocity structure imaging beneath Mount Lokon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Firmansyah, Rizky, E-mail: [Geophysical Engineering, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, 40132 (Indonesia); Nugraha, Andri Dian, E-mail: [Global Geophysical Group, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, 40132 (Indonesia); Kristianto, E-mail: [Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (CVGHM), Geological Agency, Bandung, 40122 (Indonesia)


    Historical records that before the 17{sup th} century, Mount Lokon had been dormant for approximately 400 years. In the years between 1350 and 1400, eruption ever recorded in Empung, came from Mount Lokon’s central crater. Subsequently, in 1750 to 1800, Mount Lokon continued to erupt again and caused soil damage and fall victim. After 1949, Mount Lokon dramatically increased in its frequency: the eruption interval varies between 1 – 5 years, with an average interval of 3 years and a rest interval ranged from 8 – 64 years. Then, on June 26{sup th}, 2011, standby alert set by the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation. Peak activity happened on July 4{sup th}, 2011 that Mount Lokon erupted continuously until August 28{sup th}, 2011. In this study, we carefully analyzed micro-earthquakes waveform and determined hypocenter location of those events. We then conducted travel time seismic tomographic inversion using SIMULPS12 method to detemine Vp, Vs and Vp/Vs ratio structures beneath Lokon volcano in order to enhance our subsurface geological structure. During the tomographic inversion, we started from 1-D seismic velocities model obtained from VELEST33 method. Our preliminary results show low Vp, low Vs, and high Vp/Vs are observed beneath Mount Lokon-Empung which are may be associated with weak zone or hot material zones. However, in this study we used few station for recording of micro-earthquake events. So, we suggest in the future tomography study, the adding of some seismometers in order to improve ray coverage in the region is profoundly justified.

  19. Effect of observation on lower limb prosthesis gait biomechanics: Preliminary results. (United States)

    Malchow, Connor; Fiedler, Goeran


    The Hawthorne effect, a subcategory of reactivity, causes human behavior to change when under observation. Such an effect may apply to gait variation of persons with prosthetics or orthotics devices. This study investigated whether the presence of observers directly affects the gait pattern of users of lower limb prostheses. Within-subject intervention study. Primary outcome measures were gait parameters of initial double support time and upper body lateral tilt angle, which were collected with a mobile sensor attached to the subjects' back. To make subjects feel unwatched, a certain amount of deception was necessary, and two different conditions were created and statistically compared against each other: one in which the subjects were initially unaware of the attention of observers and another one in which the same subjects were aware of a group of observers. Data from two subjects using trans-femoral prosthesis are reported. Findings included a change in step initial double support percentage by up to 14.2% (p = 0.019). Considerable changes were also noted in secondary outcome measures including speed, stride length, and stride symmetry. A reactivity effect of observation exists in prosthetics gait analysis. More comprehensive studies may be motivated by these preliminary findings. Results of this study suggest that users of lower limb prostheses walk differently when their gait is being assessed (e.g. in the prosthetist's office) than in situations without observers. This may in part explain the clinical experience that modifications of prosthetic fit or alignment provide only short-term betterment. © The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics 2015.

  20. Microendoscopic anterior approach for irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation: surgical techniques and preliminary results. (United States)

    Wu, Yao-Sen; Chi, Yong-Long; Wang, Xiang-Yang; Xu, Hua-Zi; Lin, Yan; Mao, Fang-Min; Huang, Qi-Shan; Ni, Wen-Fei


    Surgical techniques and preliminary results. To describe and evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new minimal invasive technique for the irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation (IADD). Endoscope has been widely used in minimal invasive spinal surgery. However, there are no clinical reports regarding anterior approach for IADD in the literature. Ten consecutive patients with IADD were treated by anterior release with microendoscopic aide and subsequently reduction, anterior transarticular screw fixation and morselized autologous bone grafts. There were 3 cases of odontoid dysplasia, 4, chronic odontoid fracture, 1, odontoid absence, 1 fasilar impression, and 1 malunion of odontoid fracture. According to Symon and Lavender's classification of disability, 6 cases were moderate disability, 3 severe nonbedbound, and 1 severe bedridden. The procedure was performed by the same surgeon (Yong-Long Chi). The new technique was performed successfully in all cases. All the patients underwent transarticular screw fixation and anterior morselized autograft fusion. The average operation time was 120 min (range, 90 to 150 min) and the mean estimated blood loss was 150 mL (range, 100 to 250 mL). Postoperative radiographs demonstrated that 9 cases restored anatomic position and 1 had partial reduction. According to the postoperative computed tomography all the screws were appropriately placed. Follow-up after surgery, longest is 16 months and minimal 8 months with a mean of 12 months, neurologic status was improved in all patients. There was no loss of fixation and solid fusion was achieved in all cases. Surgical technique of microendoscopic anterior release, reduction, fixation, and fusion is safe and reliable minimally invasive for treating IADD.

  1. Factors associated with idiopathic adolescent scoliosis in female population - preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Talić Goran


    Full Text Available Introduction/Objective. Idiopathic scoliosis (IS is an orthopedic condition of multifactorial origin. The aim of our study was to evaluate the factors that are associated with IS in female population and factors associated with varicose veins in females with IS. Methods. This retrospective-prospective cross-section study included 89 patients (the study group and 87 controls. The following parameters were analyzed: body weight, body height, presence and the degree of varicose veins (the first, second, and third degree, and age (group in the range of 17–26 years, in the range of 27–36 years, and in the range of 37–46 years. Results. The study group has significantly lower body weight (p = 0.046, significantly higher proportion of varicose veins (p < 0.001 compared to controls, significantly lower proportion of patients aged 27–36 years (p = 0.014, and significantly higher proportion of patients aged 37–46 years (p = 0.025 compared to controls. There is significantly higher proportion of patients in the study group with the first degree of varicose veins (p = 0.007. There is weak positive correlation between body weight and body height in the group of patients without varicose veins (R = 0.456 and in the group with the second degree of varicose veins (R = 0.291, while for the group with the first degree of varicose veins there is moderate positive correlation (R = 0.543. Conclusion. Our preliminary findings point out that lower body weight and presence of varicose veins are significantly associated with IS. The group of patients with IS above 37 years of age tends to have significantly higher proportion of varicose veins.

  2. Helium Detonations on Neutron Stars (United States)

    Zingale, M.; Timmes, F. X.; Fryxell, B.; Lamb, D. Q.; Olson, K.; Calder, A. C.; Dursi, L. J.; Ricker, P.; Rosner, R.; Truran, J. W.; MacNeice, P.; Tufo, H.


    We present the results of a numerical study of helium detonations on the surfaces of neutron stars. We analyze the evolution of a detonation as it breaks through the envelope of the neutron star and propagates across its surface. A series of surface waves propagate across the pool of hot ash with a speed of 1.3 x 109 \\ cm \\ s-1, matching the speed expected from shallow water wave theory. The entire envelope bounces in the gravitational potential well of the neutron star with a period of 50 μ s. The photosphere reaches a height of 15 km above the surface of the neutron star. The sensitivity of the results to the spatial resolution and assumed initial conditions are analyzed, and the relevance of this model to Type I X-ray bursts is discussed. This work is supported by the Department of Energy under Grant No. B341495 to the Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes at the University of Chicago.

  3. The Electrically Evoked Auditory Change Complex: Preliminary Results from Nucleus Cochlear Implant Users (United States)

    Brown, Carolyn J.; Etler, Christine; He, Shuman; O’Brien, Sara; Erenberg, Sheryl; Kim, Jae-Ryong; Dhuldhoya, Aayesha N.; Abbas, Paul J.


    amplitude was shown to increase as the separation between the two stimulating electrodes increased. While preliminary in nature, these results demonstrate the feasibility of recording the EACC in response to changes in stimulating electrode position from individual cochlear implant users. PMID:18596644

  4. 78 FR 41364 - Chlorinated Isocyanurates From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping... (United States)


    ... China: No Sales Certification,'' September 18, 2012. \\3\\ See Non-Market Economy Antidumping Proceedings... International Trade Administration Chlorinated Isocyanurates From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... isos) from the People's Republic of China (PRC). The period of review (POR) is June 1, 2011, through...

  5. 78 FR 26748 - Certain Activated Carbon From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Activated Carbon From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... duty order on certain activated carbon from the People's Republic of China (``PRC'') for the period of... The merchandise subject to the order is certain activated carbon.\\1\\ The products are currently...

  6. 78 FR 34640 - Certain Lined Paper Products From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Lined Paper Products From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... certain lined paper products (``CLPP'') from the People's Republic of China (``PRC''). The period of... the People's Republic of China; Notice of Antidumping Duty Orders: Certain Lined Paper Products from...

  7. 75 FR 16439 - Certain Welded Carbon Steel Standard Pipe From Turkey: Preliminary Results of Countervailing Duty... (United States)


    ... military pension fund. On November 20, 2009, the Department postponed the deadline for the preliminary... of a direct transfer of funds from the GOT, under section 771(5)(D)(i) of the Act. A benefit exists... loans constitute a financial contribution in the form of a direct transfer of funds from the GOT, under...

  8. 78 FR 15683 - Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... order on certain preserved mushrooms (mushrooms) from the People's Republic of China (PRC) covering the... Co., Ltd. should be equated with Zhejiang Iceman Group Co., Ltd. See Certain Preserved Mushrooms From...

  9. 76 FR 12704 - Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... an administrative review of the antidumping duty order on certain preserved mushrooms from the People... preserved mushrooms (mushrooms) from the PRC. See Notice of Amendment of Final Determination of Sales at...

  10. 77 FR 13264 - Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... antidumping duty order on certain preserved mushrooms from the People's Republic of China (``PRC'') covering... Federal Register the antidumping duty order on certain preserved mushrooms (``mushrooms'') from the PRC.\\1...

  11. 78 FR 69817 - Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Certain Preserved Mushrooms From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary... conducting an administrative review of the antidumping duty order on certain preserved mushrooms from the... of the Order The products covered by this antidumping order are certain preserved mushrooms, whether...

  12. 75 FR 27302 - Chlorinated Isocyanurates From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results and Partial... (United States)


    ... Surrogate Value Memorandum. ] To value calcium chloride, barium chloride, zinc sulfate, and sulfuric acid... the port of exit and Jiheng's plants. See Surrogate Value Memorandum, and Jiheng's Preliminary... Jiheng's plants. See Surrogate Value Memorandum. To calculate surrogate values for factory overhead...

  13. 75 FR 18806 - Certain Pasta From Italy: Preliminary Results of the 13th (2008) Countervailing Duty... (United States)


    ... industrial development grants. Law 488/92 grants are made only after a preliminary examination by a bank... Development Fund (``ERDF'') Programma Operativo Plurifondo (``P.O.P.'') Grant. D. European Regional... years prior to 1995, we used the Bank of Italy reference rate adjusted upward to reflect the mark-up an...

  14. 76 FR 76374 - Honey From Argentina: Notice of Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From Argentina: Notice of Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary... respect to honey from Argentina. See Initiation of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Administrative... order on honey from Argentina (in part). However, Nexco's request for revocation in part from the order...

  15. 76 FR 79655 - Honey From Argentina: Notice of Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary Results (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Honey From Argentina: Notice of Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary..., petitioners withdrew their request for an antidumping duty administrative review of honey from Argentina for... that ACA is no longer subject to the antidumping duty order on honey from Argentina. \\2\\ On February 24...

  16. 78 FR 34340 - Welded Carbon Steel Standard Pipe and Tube Products From Turkey: Preliminary Results of... (United States)


    ... International Trade Administration Welded Carbon Steel Standard Pipe and Tube Products From Turkey: Preliminary... Turkey.\\2\\ The period of review is May 1, 2011, to April 30, 2012. This review covers four respondents... Order; Welded Carbon Steel Standard Pipe and Tube Products from Turkey, 51 FR 17784 (May 15, 1986). The...

  17. Wastewater use in algae production for generation of renewable resources: a review and preliminary results. (United States)

    Dalrymple, Omatoyo K; Halfhide, Trina; Udom, Innocent; Gilles, Benjamin; Wolan, John; Zhang, Qiong; Ergas, Sarina


    Microalgae feedstock production can be integrated with wastewater and industrial sources of carbon dioxide. This study reviews the literature on algae grown on wastewater and includes a preliminary analysis of algal production based on anaerobic digestion sludge centrate from the Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (HFC AWTP) in Tampa, Florida and secondary effluent from the City of Lakeland wastewater treatment facilities in Lakeland, Florida. It was demonstrated that a mixed culture of wild algae species could successfully be grown on wastewater nutrients and potentially scaled to commercial production. Algae have demonstrated the ability to naturally colonize low-nutrient effluent water in a wetland treatment system utilized by the City of Lakeland. The results from these experiments show that the algae grown in high strength wastewater from the HFC AWTP are light-limited when cultivated indoor since more than 50% of the outdoor illumination is attenuated in the greenhouse.An analysis was performed to determine the mass of algae that can be supported by the wastewater nutrients (mainly nitrogen and phosphorous) available from the two Florida cities. The study was guided by the growth and productivity data obtained for algal growth in the photobioreactors in operation at the University of South Florida. In the analysis, nutrients and light are assumed to be limited, while CO2 is abundantly available. There is some limitation on land, especially since the HFC AWTP is located at the Port of Tampa. The temperature range in Tampa is assumed to be suitable for algal growth year round. Assuming that the numerous technical challenges to achieving commercial-scale algal production can be met, the results presented suggest that an excess of 71 metric tons per hectare per year of algal biomass can be produced. Two energy production options were considered; liquid biofuels from feedstock with high lipid content, and biogas generation from anaerobic

  18. Sedimentology and Rock Magnetism of Bailey River Peat Cores, Sudbury Area: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Yurtseven, A.; Cioppa, M. T.; Dean, K.


    Magnetic measurements on peat can reveal atmospheric anthropogenic contamination. Two cores were collected from a marsh surrounding the Bailey River, 10 km north of Sudbury, Ontario, using a Russian peat borer. The BR1 core (1.4 m) was collected right at the river's edge, whereas the BR2 core (2.5 m) was collected about 50 m away from the river's edge, close to the edge of the marsh and near the forest. Significant sedimentological variation between the two cores was observed: core BR1 had several centimeter to decimeter scale fine to coarse grey sand layers at 0.14 m, 0.46 m and 0.87 m between thicker organic-rich (peat) zones, whereas core BR2 had only one 5 cm sand-rich layer at 0.94 m within the organic-rich material. The cores were subsampled at 2.5 cm intervals for laboratory magnetic analysis. Volume susceptibility was measured using a Bartington MS2B meter, and mass-specific susceptibility was then calculated. In core BR1, the sand layers had relatively higher susceptibility (13 x 10-8 m3/kg) , while the organic rich layers had very low susceptibility (0 - 2 x 10-8 m3/kg). In core BR2, which had little sand, the susceptibility variation was dominated by higher values near-surface (10 x 10-8 m3/kg), and very low susceptibility (0.3 x 10-8 m3/kg) below 0.3 m depth. Since the lithology in this core did not vary substantially, susceptibility variations may be controlled by anthropogenic deposition in the near-surface during the peak mining and smelting decades. These preliminary results suggest that any anthropogenic signal in core BR1 appears to be masked by the sedimentological variation. On pilot results from eight samples in core BR1, saturation isothermal remanence acquisition showed 95% saturation by 200 mT, and the S-ratios (0.3T/0.9T) were above 0.93, suggesting that magnetite is the major magnetization carrier. In core BR2, six out of eight samples showed similar results; however, two samples had slightly more higher coercivity minerals (90% saturation

  19. Preliminary results from an integrated, multi-parameter, experiment at the Santiaguito lava dome complex, Guatemala (United States)

    De Angelis, S.; Rietbrock, A.; Lavallée, Y.; Lamb, O. D.; Lamur, A.; Kendrick, J. E.; Hornby, A. J.; von Aulock, F. W.; Chigna, G.


    Understanding the complex processes that drive volcanic unrest is crucial to effective risk mitigation. Characterization of these processes, and the mechanisms of volcanic eruptions, is only possible when high-resolution geophysical and geological observations are available over comparatively long periods of time. In November 2014, the Liverpool Earth Observatory, UK, in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Sismologia, Meteorologia e Hidrologia (INSIVUMEH), Guatemala, established a multi-parameter geophysical network at Santiaguito, one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala. Activity at Santiaguito throughout the past decade, until the summer of 2015, was characterized by nearly continuous lava dome extrusion accompanied by frequent and regular small-to-moderate gas or gas-and-ash explosions. Over the past two years our network collected a wealth of seismic, acoustic and deformation data, complemented by campaign visual and thermal infrared measurements, and rock and ash samples. Here we present preliminary results from the analysis of this unique dataset. Using acoustic and thermal data collected during 2014-2015 we were able to assess volume fractions of ash and gas in the eruptive plumes. The small proportion of ash inferred in the plumes confirms estimates from previous, independent, studies, and suggests that these events did not involve significant magma fragmentation in the conduit. The results also agree with the suggestion that sacrificial fragmentation along fault zones in the conduit region, due to shear-induced thermal vesiculation, may be at the origin of such events. Finally, starting in the summer of 2015, our experiment captured the transition to a new phase of activity characterized by vigorous vulcanian-style explosions producing large, ash-rich, plumes and frequent hazardous pyroclastic flows, as well as the formation a large summit crater. We present evidence of this transition in the geophysical and geological data, and discuss its

  20. Hypospadias repair using laser tissue soldering (LTS): preliminary results of a prospective randomized study (United States)

    Kirsch, Andrew J.; Cooper, Christopher S.; Canning, Douglas A.; Snyder, Howard M., III; Zderic, Stephen A.


    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate laser tissue soldering using an 808 nm diode laser and wavelength- matched human albumin solder for urethral surgery in children. Methods: Currently, 30 boys, ages 3 months to 8 years were randomized to standard suturing (n equals 22) or 'sutureless' laser hypospadias repair (n equals 18). Laser soldering was performed with a human albumin solder doped with indocyanine green dye (2.5 mg/ml) using a laser power output of 0.5 W, pulse duration of 0.5 sec, and interval of 0.1 sec. Power density was approximately 16 W/cm2. In the laser group, sutures were used for tissue alignment only. At the time of surgery, neourethral and penile lengths, operative time for urethral repair, and number of sutures/throws were measured. Postoperatively, patients were examined for complications of wound healing, stricture, or fistula formation. Results: Mean age, severity of urethral defect, type of repair, and neourethra length were equivalent between the two groups. Operative time was significantly faster for laser soldering in both simple (1.6 plus or minus 0.21 min, p less than 0.001) and complex (5.4 plus or minus 0.28 min, p less than 0.0001) hypospadias repairs compared to controls (10.6 plus or minus 1.4 min and 27.8 plus or minus 2.9 min, respectively). The mean number of sutures used in the laser group for simple and complex repairs (3.3 plus or minus 0.3 and 8.1 plus or minus 0.64, respectively) were significantly (p less than 0.0001) less than for controls (8.2 plus or minus 0.84 and 20 plus or minus 2.3, respectively). Followup was between 3 months and 14 months. The overall complication rate in the laser group (11%) was lower than the controls (23%). However, statistical significance (p less than 0.05) was achieved only for the subgroup of patients undergoing simple repairs (LTS, 100% success versus suturing, 69% success). Conclusions: These preliminary results indicate that laser tissue soldering for hypospadias repair

  1. Preliminary results of the optical calibration for the stereo camera STC onboard the Bepicolombo mission (United States)

    Da Deppo, V.; Martellato, E.; Simioni, E.; Borrelli, D.; Dami, M.; Aroldi, G.; Naletto, G.; Veltroni, I. Ficai; Cremonese, G.


    BepiColombo is one of the cornerstone missions of the European Space Agency dedicated to the exploration of the planet Mercury and it is expected to be launched in July 2016. One of the BepiColombo instruments is the STereoscopic imaging Channel (STC), which is a channel of the Spectrometers and Imagers for MPO BepiColombo Integrated Observatory SYStem (SIMBIOSYS) suite: an integrated system for imaging and spectroscopic investigation of the Mercury surface. STC main aim is the 3D global mapping of the entire surface of the planet Mercury during the BepiColombo one year nominal mission. The STC instrument consists in a novel concept of stereocamera: two identical cameras (sub-channels) looking at +/-20° from nadir which share most of the optical components and the detector. Being the detector a 2D matrix, STC is able to adopt the push-frame acquisition technique instead of the much common push-broom one. The camera has the capability of imaging in five different spectral bands: one panchromatic and four intermediate bands, in the range between 410 and 930 nm. To avoid mechanisms, the technical solution chosen for the filters is the single substrate stripe-butted filter in which different glass pieces, with different transmission properties, are glued together and positioned just in front of the detector. The useful field of view (FoV) of each sub-channel, though divided in 3 strips, is about 5.3° x 3.2°. The optical design, a modified Schmidt layout, is able to guarantee that over all the FoV the diffraction Ensquared Energy inside one pixel of the detector is of the order of 70-80%. To effectively test and calibrate the overall STC channel, an ad hoc Optical Ground Support Equipment has been developed. Each of the sub-channels has to be separately calibrated, but also the data of one sub-channel have to be easily correlated with the other one. In this paper, the experimental results obtained by the analysis of the data acquired during the preliminary onground

  2. Preliminary results from direct-to-facility vaccine deliveries in Kano, Nigeria. (United States)

    Aina, Muyi; Igbokwe, Uchenna; Jegede, Leke; Fagge, Rabiu; Thompson, Adam; Mahmoud, Nasir


    As part of its vaccine supply chain redesign efforts, Kano state now pushes vaccines directly from 6 state stores to primary health centers equipped with solar refrigerators. Our objective is to describe preliminary results from the first 20months of Kano's direct vaccine delivery operations. This is a retrospective review of Kano's direct vaccine delivery program. We analyzed trends in health facility vaccine stock levels, and examined the relationship between stock-out rates and each of cascade vaccine deliveries and timeliness of deliveries. Analysis of vaccination trends was based on administrative data from 27 sentinel health facilities. Costs for both the in-sourced and out-sourced approaches were estimated using a bottoms-up model-based approach. Overall stock adequacy increased from 54% in the first delivery cycle to 68% by cycle 33. Conversely, stock-out rates decreased from 41% to 10% over the same period. Similar trends were observed in the out-sourced and in-sourced programs. Stock-out rates rose incrementally with increasing number of cascade facilities, and delays in vaccine deliveries correlated strongly with stock-out rates. Recognizing that stock availability is one of many factors contributing to vaccinations, we nonetheless compared pre- and post- direct deliveries vaccinations in sentinel facilities, and found statistically significant upward trends for 4 out of 6 antigens. 1 antigen (measles) showed an upward trend that was not statistically significant. Hepatitis b vaccinations declined during the period. Overall, there appeared to be a one-year lag between commencement of direct deliveries and the increase in number of vaccinations. Weighted average cost per delivery is US$29.8 and cost per child immunized is US$0.7 per year. Direct vaccine delivery to health facilities in Kano, through a streamlined architecture, has resulted in decreased stock-outs and improved stock adequacy. Concurrent operation of insourced and outsourced programs has

  3. The pre-orogenic detrital zircon record of the Variscan orogeny: Preliminary results (United States)

    Stephan, Tobias; Kroner, Uwe


    groups of similar age distributions. Preliminary results reveal four major sources for the pre-orogenic sedimentary units (i.e. Saharan Metacraton, West-African craton, Amazonas craton and Fennoscandian shield). The mixing of several source signals in Gondwana derived sediment spectra point to vast deltaic systems along the Gondwanan shelf area.

  4. Preliminary results of column experiments simulating nutrients transport in artificial recharge by treated wastewater (United States)

    Leal, María; Meffe, Raffaella; Lillo, Javier


    the field site. Wastewater synthesized in the laboratory simulates the secondary effluent used for recharge activities in the Experimental Plant of Carrión de los Céspedes, Experimental results showed that ammonium and phosphates are clearly retarded when infiltrating through both materials (zeolite and palygorskite) as consequence of cation exchange and surface complexation processes. Indeed, after about 14 days from the beginning of the experiments the two compounds do not appear at the column effluent exhibiting a very strong retardation. Concerning nitrites and nitrates, no retardation is observed. Preliminary interpretation of the experimental results by means of the geochemical modeling code PHREEQ-C confirmed and quantified the importance of specific reactive processes affecting transport of nutrients through the applied reactive materials.

  5. Public knowledge and perception of geo-hydrological risk in Calabria (southern Italy): preliminary results (United States)

    Antronico, Loredana; Coscarelli, Roberto; De Pascale, Francesco


    The analysis of risk perception is a fundamental tool to strengthen public awareness and knowledge that are directly linked to the way people perceive disaster risk. By means of a quantitative research method (structured interviews), a survey to acquire information on knowledge, communication and perception of natural hazard by the population was led with main reference to landslides and floods. With these aims, a questionnaire including about 50 queries was elaborated with the following main objectives: i) the state of knowledge about landslides and flood phenomena of the people living or working in the survey area; ii) the ability of the population in responding to emergency situations related to such phenomena and the background coming from past events; iii) the trust of the population towards administrators. Moreover, the communication between citizens and Local Authorities when a catastrophic event occurs was evaluated. The survey was carried out on an area of Tyrrhenian seacoast of Calabria (southern Italy) where a set of mountain front alluvial fans develops along the narrow coastal plain. In the study area, a series of rainfall events in the years 2009, 2010, and 2011 have induced several debris flows, hyperconcentrated flows and inundations that threatened the population and mainly caused damage to private buildings and infrastructures located on the alluvial fans. Three municipalities were selected in the study area, where the proposed questionnaire was submitted face-to-face to 300 residents using a judgment sampling procedure. The preliminary results of the survey are alarming: citizens don't have a good communication with local institutions. In addition, the majority of respondents think that landslides and floods are caused by "man-made actions". They indicated "illegal building", "poor land-management practices" and "lack of interest of local administrators" as the main factors that have the most influence in the occurrence of landslides and

  6. Mineral-microorganism interactions in Acid Mine Drainage environments: preliminary results (United States)

    Carbone, Cristina; Zotti, Mirca; Pozzolini, Marina; Giovine, Marco; Di Piazza, Simone; Mariotti, Mauro; Lucchetti, Gabriella


    Minerals play a key role in controlling the mobility and distribution of metals and metalloids of environmental concern in supergenic environments. These are involved in a variety of processes, spanning the alteration of primary minerals to the formation of secondary authigenic phases and can represent a source or a trap for Potentially Ecotoxic Elements (PTEs). Soil, sediments, and waters heavily polluted with PTEs through AMD processes are a reservoir of a unusual bacteria and fungi well adapted to these toxic environments. Classical studies of biotic weathering have mainly focused on water-mineral interaction and on the ability of microorganism to influence the soil solution chemical composition. In this work, we analyzed two different representative ochreous and greenish-blue AMD colloidal precipitates in order to i) characterize the biota population present in these colloidal minerals and ii) verify the bioaccumulation of PTEs into the fungi and the potential impact of bacteria in the geochemistry of the system. The samples are composed by nanocrystalline goethite which contains high amounts of Fe, Cu, Zn, Pb, and Ni and woodwardite that is characterized by Cu, Zn, Ni, Y, and Ce. These precipitates were examined in order to evaluate the presence of fungal strains and to extract bacteria DNA. The preliminary results of fungi characterization show an interesting and selected mycobiota able to survive under unfavourable environmental conditions. A significant number of fungal strains was isolated in pure culture. Most of them belong to the genus Mucor and Penicillium. It is worth noting the presence of Trametes versicolor, a macrofungal lignicolous species already known for heavy metal biosorption capability from aqueous solution (Gülay et al 2003). The same colloidal precipitates have been processed to extract bacteria DNA, using a specific procedure developed for DNA extraction from sediments. The results gave a good yield of nucleic acids and the positive PCR

  7. Evaluation of a novel noninvasive ICP monitoring device in patients undergoing invasive ICP monitoring: preliminary results. (United States)

    Ganslandt, Oliver; Mourtzoukos, Stylianos; Stadlbauer, Andreas; Sommer, Björn; Rammensee, Rudolf


    OBJECTIVE There is no established method of noninvasive intracranial pressure (NI-ICP) monitoring that can serve as an alternative to the gold standards of invasive monitoring with external ventricular drainage or intraparenchymal monitoring. In this study a new method of NI-ICP monitoring performed using algorithms to determine ICP based on acoustic properties of the brain was applied in patients undergoing invasive ICP (I-ICP) monitoring, and the results were analyzed. METHODS In patients with traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage who were undergoing treatment in a neurocritical intensive care unit, the authors recorded ICP using the gold standard method of invasive external ventricular drainage or intraparenchymal monitoring. In addition, the authors simultaneously measured the ICP noninvasively with a device (the HS-1000) that uses advanced signal analysis algorithms for acoustic signals propagating through the cranium. To assess the accuracy of the NI-ICP method, data obtained using both I-ICP and NI-ICP monitoring methods were analyzed with MATLAB to determine the statistical significance of the differences between the ICP measurements obtained using NI-ICP and I-ICP monitoring. RESULTS Data were collected in 14 patients, yielding 2543 data points of continuous parallel ICP values in recordings obtained from I-ICP and NI-ICP. Each of the 2 methods yielded the same number of data points. For measurements at the ≥ 17-mm Hg cutoff, which was arbitrarily chosen for this preliminary analysis, the sensitivity and specificity for the NI-ICP monitoring were found to be 0.7541 and 0.8887, respectively. Linear regression analysis indicated that there was a strong positive relationship between the measurements. Differential pressure between NI-ICP and I-ICP was within ± 3 mm Hg in 63% of data-paired readings and within ± 5 mm Hg in 85% of data-paired readings. The receiver operating characteristic-area under the curve analysis revealed that the area

  8. Effects of hormones on cognition in schizophrenic male patients--preliminary results. (United States)

    Bratek, Agnieszka; Koźmin-Burzyńska, Agnieszka; Krysta, Krzysztof; Cierpka-Wiszniewska, Katarzyna; Krupka-Matuszczyk, Irena


    Schizophrenia is a prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder of an unknown etiology and a variable phenotypic expression. In the recent years, the impact of hormones on the course of schizophrenia has been investigated. This study is aimed at assessing the level of correlating serum levels of hormones in schizophrenic male patients with their cognitive functioning measured with neuropsychological tests. In the index group there were 15 medicated male schizophrenic patients. In the control group there were 15 age and education matched healthy men. All subjects underwent analysis of serum hormones level (TSH, testosterone, estradiol, FSH, LH, progesterone and prolactin) and a battery of tests (Trail Making Test A and B, Stroop Test, Verbal and Semantic Fluency Test). The mean serum levels of the following hormones were higher in the index group than in the control group: TSH (1.76 mIU/L vs 1.58 mIU/L; p=0.66), progesterone (0.85 ng/ml vs 0.69 ng/ml; p=0.22) and prolactin (558.71 uIU/ml vs 181 uIU/ml; p=0.025). The mean levels of estradiol (24.36 pg/ml vs 25.40 ng/ml; p=0.64), FSH (3.17 mIU/ml vs 5.72 mIU/ml; p=0.019), LH (3.85 mIU/ml vs 5.77 mIU/ml; p=0.056) and testosterone (2.90 ng/ml vs 5.38 ng/ml; p=0.003) were higher in the control group. In the index group there were significant negative correlations between FSH and semantic fluency (ρ=-0.678606), progesterone and: TMT B (ρ=-0.586763), Stroop 1 (ρ=-0.701880) and Stroop 2 (ρ=-0.601074) and prolactin and TMT A (ρ=-0.579607). The preliminary results of our study show that serum levels of FSH and testosterone are significantly lower, whereas the level of prolactin is markedly higher, in schizophrenic male patients than in healthy men. There is an inverse correlation between serum levels of progesterone, FSH and prolactin and the results of certain cognitive functioning tests in schizophrenic men.

  9. Exotic helium molecules; Molecules exotiques d'helium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Portier, M


    We study the photo-association of an ultracold cloud of magnetically trapped helium atoms: pairs of colliding atoms interact with one or two laser fields to produce a purely long range {sup 4}He{sub 2}(2{sup 3}S{sub 1}-2{sup 3}P{sub 0}) molecule, or a {sup 4}He{sub 2}(2{sup 3}S{sub 1}-2{sup 3}S{sub 1}) long range molecule. Light shifts in one photon photo-association spectra are measured and studied as a function of the laser polarization and intensity, and the vibrational state of the excited molecule. They result from the light-induced coupling between the excited molecule, and bound and scattering states of the interaction between two metastable atoms. Their analysis leads to the determination of the scattering length a = (7.2 {+-} 0.6) ruling collisions between spin polarized atoms. The two photon photo-association spectra show evidence of the production of polarized, long-range {sup 4}He{sub 2}(2{sup 3}S{sub 1}-2{sup 3}S{sub 1}) molecules. They are said to be exotic as they are made of two metastable atoms, each one carrying a enough energy to ionize the other. The corresponding lineshapes are calculated and decomposed in sums and products of Breit-Wigner and Fano profiles associated to one and two photon processes. The experimental spectra are fit, and an intrinsic lifetime {tau} = (1.4 {+-} 0.3) {mu}s is deduced. It is checked whether this lifetime could be limited by spin-dipole induced Penning autoionization. This interpretation requires that there is a quasi-bound state close to the dissociation threshold in the singlet interaction potential between metastable helium atoms for the theory to match the experiment. (author)

  10. Electric response in superfluid helium (United States)

    Chagovets, Tymofiy V.


    We report an experimental investigation of the electric response of superfluid helium that arises in the presence of a second sound standing wave. It was found that the signal of the electric response is observed in a narrow range of second sound excitation power. The linear dependence of the signal amplitude has been derived at low excitation power, however, above some critical power, the amplitude of the signal is considerably decreased. It was established that the rapid change of the electric response is not associated with a turbulent regime generated by the second sound wave. A model of the appearance of the electric response as a result of the oscillation of electron bubbles in the normal fluid velocity field in the second sound wave is presented. Possible explanation for the decrease of the electric response are presented.

  11. The magnetic field investigation on the Ulysses mission - Instrumentation and preliminary scientific results (United States)

    Balogh, A.; Beek, T. J.; Forsyth, R. J.; Hedgecock, P. C.; Marquedant, R. J.; Smith, E. J.; Southwood, D. J.; Tsurutani, B. T.


    A fundamental feature of the heliosphere is the three-dimensional structure of the interplanetary magnetic field. The magnetic field investigation on Ulysses, the first space probe to explore the out-of-ecliptic and polar heliosphere, aims at determining the large-scale features and gradients of the field, as well as the heliolatitude dependence of interplanetary phenomena so far only observed near the ecliptic plane. The Ulysses magnetometer uses two sensors, one a Vector Helium Magnetometer, the other a Fluxgate Magnetometer. Onboard data processing yields measurements of the magnetic field vector with a time resolution up to 2 vectors/second and a sensitivity of about 10 pT. Since the switch-on of the instrument in flight on 25 October 1990, a steady stream of observations has been made, indicating that at this phase of the solar cycle the field is generally disturbed: several shock waves and a large number of discontinuities have been observed, as well as several periods with apparently intense wave activity. The paper gives a brief summary of the scientific objectives of the investigation, followed by a detailed description of the instrument and its characteristics. Examples of wave bursts, interplanetary shocks and crossings of the heliospheric current sheet are given to illustrate the observations made with the instrument.

  12. RHF RELAP5 model and preliminary loss-of-offsite-power simulation results for LEU conversion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Licht, J. R. [Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Nuclear Engineering Div.; Bergeron, A. [Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Nuclear Engineering Div.; Dionne, B. [Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Nuclear Engineering Div.; Thomas, F. [Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), Grenoble (Switzerland). RHF Reactor Dept.


    The purpose of this document is to describe the current state of the RELAP5 model for the Institut Laue-Langevin High Flux Reactor (RHF) located in Grenoble, France, and provide an update to the key information required to complete, for example, simulations for a loss of offsite power (LOOP) accident. A previous status report identified a list of 22 items to be resolved in order to complete the RELAP5 model. Most of these items have been resolved by ANL and the RHF team. Enough information was available to perform preliminary safety analyses and define the key items that are still required. Section 2 of this document describes the RELAP5 model of RHF. The final part of this section briefly summarizes previous model issues and resolutions. Section 3 of this document describes preliminary LOOP simulations for both HEU and LEU fuel at beginning of cycle conditions.

  13. Maximum Oxygen Uptake During Long-Duration Space Flight: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Moore, A. D., Jr.; Evetts, S. N.; Feiveson, A.H.; Lee, S. M. C.; McCleary, F. A.; Platts, S. H.; Ploutz-Snyder, L.


    INTRODUCTION: Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) is maintained during space flight lasting flight and in-flight preliminary findings from the International Space Station (ISS) VO2max experiment. METHODS: Seven astronauts (4 M, 3 F: 47 +/- 5 yr, 174 +/- 7 cm, 74.1 +/- 14.7 kg [mean +/- SD]) performed cycle exercise tests to volitional maximum approx.45 d before flight and tests were scheduled every 30 d during flight beginning on flight day (FD) 14. Tests consisted of three 5-min stages designed to elicit 25%, 50%, and 75% of preflight VO2max, followed by 25 W/min increases. VO2 and heart rate (HR) were measured using the ISS Portable Pulmonary Function System (PPFS) (Damec, Odense, DK). Unfortunately the PPFS did not arrive at the ISS in time to support early test sessions for 3 crewmembers. Descriptive statistics are presented for pre-flight vs. late-flight (FD 147 +/- 33 d) comparisons for all subjects (n=7); and pre-flight, early (FD 18 +/- 3) and late-flight (FD 156 +/- 5) data are presented for subjects (n=4) who completed all of these test sessions. RESULTS: When all subjects are considered, average VO2max decreased from pre- to late in-flight (2.98 +/- 0.85 vs. 2.57 +/- 0.50 L/min) while maximum HR late-flight seemed unchanged (178 +/- 9 vs. 175 +/- 8 beats/min). Similarly, for subjects who completed pre-, early, and late flight measurements (n=4), mean VO2max declined from 3.19 +/- 0.75 L/min preflight to 2.43 +/- 0.43 and 2.62 +/- 0.38 L/min early and late-flight, respectively. Maximum HR was 183 +/- 8, 174 +/- 8, and 179 +/- 6 beats/min pre-, early- and late-flight. DISCUSSION: Average VO2max declined during flight and did not appreciably recover as flight duration increased; however much inter-subject variation occurred in these changes.

  14. 2D seismic tomography of Somma- Vesuvius. Description of the experiment and preliminary results.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Milano


    Full Text Available A multidisciplinary project for the investigation of Mt. Vesuvius Structure was started in 1993. The core of the project is represented by a high resolution seismic tomography study by using controlled and natura1 sources. The main research objective is to investigate the feeding system of the vo1cano and to retrieve details of the upper crustal structure in the area. A first 2D using seismic experiment was performed in May 1994, with the aim of studing the feasibility of lIsing tomographic techniques for exploring the vo1cano interiors. Particularly, this experiment was designed to obtain information on the optimal sources-receivers configuration and on the depth extension of the volume sampled by shot-generated seismic waves. 66 three-component seismic stations and 16 single-component analogue instruments were installed by several Italian and French groups to record signals generated by three on-land, underground explosions. Sources and geophones were deployed along a 30-km NW-SE profile passing through the volcano crater. Receivers were placed at an average spacing of 250 m in the middle of the recording line and at 500 m outside. The arrival time data base was complemented by first P and S readings of micro earthquakes which occurred in the recent past within the volcano. The first arrival data set was preliminary used to determine the shallow structure of the volcano by applying Thurber's (1983 tomographic inversion technique. This analysis shows evidence for a high-velocity body which extends vertically from about 400 m below the crater down to at least 3000 m and for a shallow 300-500 m thick low-velocity cover which borders the edifice. Data from the distant shot show evidence for arrivals of deep reflected/converted phases and provide information on the deeper structure under the volcano. The results from the interpretation of 2D data are used for planning a 3D tomographic survey which will be cauied out in 1996.

  15. Preliminary results of a finite-element, multi-scale model of the Mahakam Delta (Indonesia) (United States)

    de Brye, Benjamin; Schellen, Sébastien; Sassi, Maximiliano; Vermeulen, Bart; Kärnä, Tuomas; Deleersnijder, Eric; Hoitink, Ton


    The Mahakam is a 980-km-long tropical river flowing in the East Kalimantan province (Borneo Island, Indonesia). A significant fraction of this river is influenced by tides, the modelling of which is the main subject of this study. Various physical and numerical issues must be addressed. In the upstream part of the domain, the river flows through a region of three lakes surrounded by peat swamps. In the lowland regions, the river is meandering and its hydrodynamics is mostly influenced by tides. The latter propagate upstream of the delta, in the main river and its tributaries. Finally, the mouth of the Mahakam is a delta exhibiting a high number of channels connected to the Makassar Strait. This article focusses on the flow in the delta channels, which is characterised by a wide range of time and space scales. To capture most of them, the depth-integrated and the section-integrated versions of the unstructured mesh, finite-element model Second-Generation Louvain-la-Neuve Ice-Ocean Model are used. Unstructured grids allow for a refinement of the mesh in the narrowest channels and also an extension of the domain upstream and downstream of the delta in order to prescribe the open-boundary conditions. The Makassar Strait, the Mahakam Delta and the three lakes are modelled with 2D elements. The rivers, from the upstream limit of the delta to the lakes and the upstream limit of the domain, are modelled in 1D. The calibration of the tidal elevation simulated in the Mahakam Delta is presented. Preliminary results on the division of the Eulerian residual discharge through the channels of the delta are also presented. Finally, as a first-order description of the long-term transport, the age of the water originating from the upstream limit of the delta is computed. It is seen that for May and June 2008, the time taken by the water parcel to cross the estuary varies from 4 to 7 days depending on the channel under consideration.

  16. Holocene glacier activity on Kerguelen Island: preliminary results from a novel proglacial lake sediment record (United States)

    Støren, Eivind; Bakke, Jostein; Arnaud, Fabien; Poulenard, Jérôme; Fanget, Bernard; Malet, Emmanuel; Sabatier, Pierre


    The Polar-regions are changing rapidly as greenhouse warming is continuing with huge impact on e.g. sea ice extent and snow cover. This change triggers teleconnections to low latitude areas challenging societies and human activity. We have, however, very little quantitative information of past climate in the Polar-regions that can be used to evaluate the potential responses and the response patterns to forcing changes and changes in boundary conditions. Whatever anthropogenic changes may occur in the future, they will be superimposed on, and interact with, natural climate variations due to all the forcing we are aware of. This means we need to better document past climate/environmental variability of the Polar-regions. Especially in the Southern Ocean there are few time series recording past climate due to few suitable land areas and the few Sub-Antarctic Islands is remote and has cumbersome logistics. Continuous terrestrial records from this region are therefore urgently needed for constraining future scenarios from earth system models. Glaciers and ice caps are still ubiquitous in the Polar-regions, although they are rapidly shrinking due to the on-going warming. The continuous sedimentary records produced by glaciers, which are stored in downstream lakes, represent supreme archives of past variability wherefrom quantitative information of key climate system components can be extracted. Kerguelen Island is located within the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Southern Westerly wind belt and contains several glaciers and smaller ice caps. Terrestrial archives recording past history of the glaciers at Kerguelen thus have a unique potential to record past changes in oceanic and atmospheric circulation patterns from southern mid-latitudes. Here we present preliminary results from the first distal glacier-fed lake that is sampled from Kerguelen Island. A 2.8 m long sediment core was obtained from Lac Guynemer (121masl.) located at the Peninsule Loranchet at the

  17. Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Measurements of Calf Muscle during Walking at Simulated Reduced Gravity - Preliminary Results (United States)

    Ellerby, Gwenn E. C.; Lee, Stuart M. C.; Stroud, Leah; Norcross, Jason; Gernhardt, Michael; Soller, Babs R.


    Consideration for lunar and planetary exploration space suit design can be enhanced by investigating the physiologic responses of individual muscles during locomotion in reduced gravity. Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) provides a non-invasive method to study the physiology of individual muscles in ambulatory subjects during reduced gravity simulations. PURPOSE: To investigate calf muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) and pH during reduced gravity walking at varying treadmill inclines and added mass conditions using NIRS. METHODS: Four male subjects aged 42.3 +/- 1.7 years (mean +/- SE) and weighing 77.9 +/- 2.4 kg walked at a moderate speed (3.2 +/- 0.2 km/h) on a treadmill at inclines of 0, 10, 20, and 30%. Unsuited subjects were attached to a partial gravity simulator which unloaded the subject to simulate body weight plus the additional weight of a space suit (121 kg) in lunar gravity (0.17G). Masses of 0, 11, 23, and 34 kg were added to the subject and then unloaded to maintain constant weight. Spectra were collected from the lateral gastrocnemius (LG), and SmO2 and pH were calculated using previously published methods (Yang et al. 2007 Optics Express ; Soller et al. 2008 J Appl Physiol). The effects of incline and added mass on SmO2 and pH were analyzed through repeated measures ANOVA. RESULTS: SmO2 and pH were both unchanged by added mass (p>0.05), so data from trials at the same incline were averaged. LG SmO2 decreased significantly with increasing incline (p=0.003) from 61.1 +/- 2.0% at 0% incline to 48.7 +/- 2.6% at 30% incline, while pH was unchanged by incline (p=0.12). CONCLUSION: Increasing the incline (and thus work performed) during walking causes the LG to extract more oxygen from the blood supply, presumably to support the increased metabolic cost of uphill walking. The lack of an effect of incline on pH may indicate that, while the intensity of exercise has increased, the LG has not reached a level of work above the anaerobic threshold. In these

  18. Site characterization of the Romanian Seismic Network stations: a national initiative and its first preliminary results (United States)

    Grecu, Bogdan; Zahria, Bogdan; Manea, Elena; Neagoe, Cristian; Borleanu, Felix; Diaconescu, Mihai; Constantinescu, Eduard; Bala, Andrei


    The seismic activity in Romania is dominated by the intermediate-depth earthquakes occurring in Vrancea region, although weak to moderate crustal earthquakes are produced regularly in different areas of the country. The National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP) built in the last years an impressive infrastructure for monitoring this activity, known as the Romanian Seismic Network (RSN). At present, RSN consists of 122 seismic stations, of which 70 have broadband velocity sensors and 42 short period sensors. One hundred and eleven stations out of 122 have accelerometer sensors collocated with velocity sensors and only 10 stations have only accelerometers. All the stations record continuously the ground motion and the data are transmitted in real-time to the Romanian National Data Center (RoNDC), in Magurele. Last year, NIEP has started a national project that addresses the characterization of all real-time seismic stations that constitute the RSN. We present here the steps that were undertaken and the preliminary results obtained since the beginning the project. The first two activities consisted of collecting all the existent technical and geological data, with emphasize on the latter. Then, we performed station noise investigations and analyses in order to characterize the noise level and estimate the resonances of the sites. The computed H/V ratios showed clear resonant peaks at different frequencies which correlate relatively well with the thickness of the sedimentary package beneath the stations. The polarization analysis of the H/V ratios indicates for some stations a strong directivity of the resonance peak which suggests possible topographic effects at the stations. At the same time, special attention was given to the estimation of the site amplification from earthquake data. The spectral ratios obtained from the analysis of more than 50 earthquakes with magnitudes (Mw) larger than 4.1 are characterized by similar resonance peaks as those obtained from

  19. Precision Analysis of Point-And Photogrammetric Measurements for Corridor Mapping: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Molina, P.; Blázquez, M.; Sastre, J.; Colomina, I.


    calibration pattern. Our preliminary results show that the exterior orientation, interior orientation and tie points precision estimates are better when using kinematic control with few static ground control, and even with excluding the latter. We conclude then that mapKITE can be a breakthrough on the UAS-based corridor mapping field, as precision requirements can be achieved for single-pass operation with no need for traditional static ground control points.

  20. JIRAM-Juno: Overview of Preliminary Results in the Study of Jupiter "Infrared-Bright" Areas (United States)

    Grassi, Davide; Adriani, Alberto; Bolton, Scott J.


    The JIRAM instrument on board the Juno spacecraft includes a spectrometer channel that operates in the range 2-5 microns with a spectral resolution of about 15 nm. Data from this channel are particularly valuable in the study of bright IR regions, where the upper cloud decks are relatively thin and the thermal radiation emitted at pressures down to 3-5 bars can be measured by infrared remote-sensing instruments. Previous studies using NIMS-Galileo [1] and VIMS-Cassini [2] data, as well as a specific assessment for the JIRAM instrument [3], have demonstrated the possibility of constraining the water, ammonia and phosphine content using moderate-resolution spectra spanning the methane transparency window at 5 microns. While considerable efforts have been devoted to the study of brightest features - the so-called "Hot-Spots", located between the Equatorial zone and the North equatorial Belt - other prominent bright areas over the disk of Jupiter remain largely uninvestigated. This talk reviews preliminary results of the JIRAM observations acquired around the first Juno "perijove" (closest approach of Jupiter) after orbit insertion. In general terms, the retrieved contents of the gaseous species mentioned above agree with the global latitudinal trends presented in [3] and [4]. Nonetheless, in several instances, the spatial capabilities of JIRAM allow one to detect specific spatial trends, likely to be associated to dynamic regimes at regional scale. This work was supported by the Italian Space Agency through ASI-INAF contract I/010/10/0 and 2014-050-R.0. JIL acknowledges support from NASA through the Juno Project. GSO acknowledges support from NASA through funds that were distributed to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. [1] Irwin et al., 1998, doi:10.1029/98JE00948 [2] Giles et al., 2015, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.05.030 [3] Grassi et al., 2010, doi:10.1016/j.pss.2010.05.003 [4] Giles et al., 2016, arXiv:1610.09073

  1. Shigaraki UAV-Radar Experiment (ShUREX): overview of the campaign with some preliminary results (United States)

    Kantha, Lakshmi; Lawrence, Dale; Luce, Hubert; Hashiguchi, Hiroyuki; Tsuda, Toshitaka; Wilson, Richard; Mixa, Tyler; Yabuki, Masanori


    The Shigaraki unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-Radar Experiment (ShUREX) is an international (USA-Japan-France) observational campaign, whose overarching goal is to demonstrate the utility of small, lightweight, inexpensive, autonomous UAVs in probing and monitoring the lower troposphere and to promote synergistic use of UAVs and very high frequency (VHF) radars. The 2-week campaign lasting from June 1 to June 14, 2015, was carried out at the Middle and Upper Atmosphere (MU) Observatory in Shigaraki, Japan. During the campaign, the DataHawk UAV, developed at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and equipped with high-frequency response cold wire and pitot tube sensors (as well as an iMET radiosonde), was flown near and over the VHF-band MU radar. Measurements in the atmospheric column in the immediate vicinity of the radar were obtained. Simultaneous and continuous operation of the radar in range imaging mode enabled fine-scale structures in the atmosphere to be visualized by the radar. It also permitted the UAV to be commanded to sample interesting structures, guided in near real time by the radar images. This overview provides a description of the ShUREX campaign and some interesting but preliminary results of the very first simultaneous and intensive probing of turbulent structures by UAVs and the MU radar. The campaign demonstrated the validity and utility of the radar range imaging technique in obtaining very high vertical resolution ( 20 m) images of echo power in the atmospheric column, which display evolving fine-scale atmospheric structures in unprecedented detail. The campaign also permitted for the very first time the evaluation of the consistency of turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rates in turbulent structures inferred from the spectral broadening of the backscattered radar signal and direct, in situ measurements by the high-frequency response velocity sensor on the UAV. The data also enabled other turbulence parameters such as the temperature

  2. Preliminary results on the dynamics of large and flexible space structures in Halo orbits (United States)

    Colagrossi, Andrea; Lavagna, Michèle


    The global exploration roadmap suggests, among other ambitious future space programmes, a possible manned outpost in lunar vicinity, to support surface operations and further astronaut training for longer and deeper space missions and transfers. In particular, a Lagrangian point orbit location - in the Earth- Moon system - is suggested for a manned cis-lunar infrastructure; proposal which opens an interesting field of study from the astrodynamics perspective. Literature offers a wide set of scientific research done on orbital dynamics under the Three-Body Problem modelling approach, while less of it includes the attitude dynamics modelling as well. However, whenever a large space structure (ISS-like) is considered, not only the coupled orbit-attitude dynamics should be modelled to run more accurate analyses, but the structural flexibility should be included too. The paper, starting from the well-known Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem formulation, presents some preliminary results obtained by adding a coupled orbit-attitude dynamical model and the effects due to the large structure flexibility. In addition, the most relevant perturbing phenomena, such as the Solar Radiation Pressure (SRP) and the fourth-body (Sun) gravity, are included in the model as well. A multi-body approach has been preferred to represent possible configurations of the large cis-lunar infrastructure: interconnected simple structural elements - such as beams, rods or lumped masses linked by springs - build up the space segment. To better investigate the relevance of the flexibility effects, the lumped parameters approach is compared with a distributed parameters semi-analytical technique. A sensitivity analysis of system dynamics, with respect to different configurations and mechanical properties of the extended structure, is also presented, in order to highlight drivers for the lunar outpost design. Furthermore, a case study for a large and flexible space structure in Halo orbits around

  3. Damage detection and quantification using mode curvature variation on framed structures: analysis of the preliminary results (United States)

    Iacovino, Chiara; Ditommaso, Rocco; Auletta, Gianluca; Ponzo, Felice C.


    Continuous monitoring based on vibrational identification methods is increasingly employed for the evaluation of the state of health of existing buildings after strong motion earthquake. Different damage identification methods are based on the variations of damage indices defined in terms modal (eigenfrequencies, mode shapes, and modal damping) and/or non-modal parameters. Most of simplified methods for structural health monitoring and damage detection are based on the evaluation of the dynamic characteristics evolution associated to the fundamental mode of vibration of a monitored structure. Aim of this work is the upgrade of an existing method for damage localization on framed structures during a moderate/destructive earthquake. The existing version of the method is based on the comparison of the geometric characteristics (with particular reference to the mode curvature) exhibited by the structures, related to fundamental mode of vibration, before and during an earthquake. The approach is based on the use of a nonlinear filter, the band-variable filter, based on the Stockwell Transform able to extract the nonlinear response of each mode of vibration. The new version of the method provides the possibility to quantify a possible damage occurred on the monitored structure linking the mode curvature variation with the maximum inter-story drift. This paper shows the preliminary results obtained from several simulations on nonlinear numerical models of reinforced concrete framed structures, designed for only gravity loads, without and with the presence of infill panels. Furthermore, a correlation between maximum mode curvature difference and maximum inter-story drift has been defined for the different numerical models in order to quantify the structural damage. Acknowledgements This study was partially funded by the Italian Department of Civil Protection within the project DPC-RELUIS 2016 - RS4 ''Seismic observatory of structures and health monitoring'' and by the

  4. Preliminary deformation results to 12 GPa pressure using the Deformation-DIA (United States)

    Mei, S.; Li, L.; Durham, W. B.; Wang, Y.; Uchita, T.; Getting, I. C.; Vaughan, M. T.; Weidner, D. J.; Burnley, P.


    High-pressure studies of the rheological behavior of Earth materials under high pressures are essential for understanding the dynamics of Earth's interior. However, outside of shock experiments and those in the diamond anvil cell, the highest working pressure for conventional deformation rigs (e.g., triaxial gas-medium apparatus, Griggs solid-medium apparatus) has been about 4 GPa. We report here first results from a new deformation apparatus called the deformation-DIA (D-DIA), a cubic-anvil, solid-medium apparatus specifically designed for constant-pressure deformation and capable of deforming samples at high temperatures (up to 2000 K) to pressures up to 15 GPa. Based on the cubic DIA apparatus, the D-DIA allows independent motion of the two vertical anvils to impose deformation on samples, and at the same time allows reverse motion on the four side anvils, thus preventing pressure from rising during deformation. Preliminary tests have been conducted on samples of NaCl, MgO, and olivine. The cold-pressed samples (1-2 mm in length and 1.2 mm in diameter), hard alumina pistons, and thermocouples form a 6-mm-long deformation column that is inserted into a graphite resistance heater within a 6-mm edge length cubic pressure medium, either pyrophyllite or boron epoxy. The cell is first squeezed hydrostatically to reach desired pressures and then deformed in compression at constant pressure. Experiments are carried out using synchrotron radiation, which makes it possible to measure sample length change and pressure in-situ to levels of hydraulic fluid from the main ram (which drives the side anvils) at a rate such that diffraction pattern holds constant as the deformation proceeds. In our first tests, we have been able to hold pressure to within < 1 GPa of the desired value. With experience, better use of proxy materials, and eventual use of x-ray transparent anvils, we expect to achieve much finer control of pressure. We are as yet unable to determine the state of

  5. Intraprostatic Injection of Alcohol Gel for the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Preliminary Clinical Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benjamin T. Larson


    Full Text Available Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH is one of the most common diseases ailing older men. Office-based procedures offer the advantage of being more effective than medications, while limiting the adverse effects, cost, and recovery of surgery. This study presents preliminary data on a new procedure that utilizes intraprostatic alcohol gel injection to ablate prostatic tissue. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of using this gel as a treatment for BPH.

  6. Oil Spill Detection and Modelling: Preliminary Results for the Cercal Accident (United States)

    da Costa, R. T.; Azevedo, A.; da Silva, J. C. B.; Oliveira, A.


    two-dimensional surface plume transport model VOILS [1] with the oil spreading formulation enabled. The remaining oil weathering processes (evaporation, emulsification, dispersion and dissolution in the water column) and shoreline retention were disregarded. The computational structure of the model is based on Eulerian-Lagrangian formulations, horizontal unstructured mesh discretization and it is soft-coupled with the tri-dimensional hydrodynamic model SELFE - Semi-Implicit Eulerian Lagrangian Finite Element [15] that uses hybrid sigma-Z coordinates in the vertical. The preliminary results of this hindcast simulation for the Cercal oil spill are presented and compared with available satellite SAR images. The forcings used play an important role in the final results. During the late stage spreading phases of the oil, about one month after the spill, the Douro River outflow is best seen in the SAR images. The morphology of the river outflow is discussed according to traditional coastal dynamics, and compared with model results. In addition to several interesting physical features that were identified, we report on the generation of Internal Solitary Waves (ISW) in the vicinity of the Douro River Plume (DRP). It is well known that trains of short-period internal waves can be generated by river plumes (such as the Columbia River). The internal structure of the observed internal waves (elevation waves or mode-2 versus mode-1 internal waves) is discussed based on the SAR signatures and available stratification. The present work has been conducted under an FCT - Fundaç ão para a Ciência e a Tecnologia / MCTES - Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior (PIDDAC - Programa de Investimentos e Despesas de Desenvolvimento da Administraç ão Central) Portuguese funded project entitled PAC:MAN Pollution accidents in coastal areas: a Risk management system (PTDC/AACAMB/113469/2008).

  7. Evaluation of helium cooling for fusion divertors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baxi, C.B.


    The divertors of future fusion reactors will have a power throughput of several hundred MW. The peak heat flux on the diverter surface is estimated to be 5 to 15 MW/m{sup 2} at an average heat flux of 2 MW/m{sup 2}. The divertors have a requirement of both minimum temperature (100{degrees}C) and maximum temperature. The minimum temperature is dictated by the requirement to reduce the absorption of plasma, and the maximum temperature is determined by the thermo-mechanical properties of the plasma facing materials. Coolants that have been considered for fusion reactors are water, liquid metals and helium. Helium cooling has been shown to be very attractive from safety and other considerations. Helium is chemically and neutronically inert and is suitable for power conversion. The challenges associated with helium cooling are: (1) Manifold sizes; (2) Pumping power; and (3) Leak prevention. In this paper the first two of the above design issues are addressed. A variety of heat transfer enhancement techniques are considered to demonstrate that the manifold sizes and the pumping power can be reduced to acceptable levels. A helium-cooled diverter module was designed and fabricated by GA for steady-state heat flux of 10 MW/m{sup 2}. This module was recently tested at Sandia National Laboratories. At an inlet pressure of 4 MPa, the module was tested at a steady-state heat flux of 10 MW/m{sup 2}. The pumping power required was less than 1% of the power removed. These results verified the design prediction.

  8. International thermodynamic tables of the fluid state helium-4

    CERN Document Server

    Angus, S; McCarty, R D


    International Thermodynamic Tables of the Fluid State Helium-4 presents the IUPAC Thermodynamic Tables for the thermodynamic properties of helium. The IUPAC Thermodynamic Tables Project has therefore encouraged the critical analysis of the available thermodynamic measurements for helium and their synthesis into tables. This book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter discusses the experimental results and compares with the equations used to generate the tables. These equations are supplemented by a vapor pressure equation, which represents the 1958 He-4 scale of temperature that is

  9. Multi-objective Optimization on Helium Liquefier Using Genetic Algorithm (United States)

    Wang, H. R.; Xiong, L. Y.; Peng, N.; Meng, Y. R.; Liu, L. Q.


    Research on optimization of helium liquefier is limited at home and abroad, and most of the optimization is single-objective based on Collins cycle. In this paper, a multi-objective optimization is conducted using genetic algorithm (GA) on the 40 L/h helium liquefier developed by Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Science (TIPC, CAS), steady solutions are obtained in the end. In addition, the exergy loss of the optimized system is studied in the case of with and without liquid nitrogen pre-cooling. The results have guiding significance for the future design of large helium liquefier.

  10. Liquid Oxygen Thermodynamic Vent System Testing with Helium Pressurization (United States)

    VanDresar, Neil T.


    This report presents the results of several thermodynamic vent system (TVS) tests with liquid oxygen plus a test with liquid nitrogen. In all tests, the liquid was heated above its normal boiling point to 111 K for oxygen and 100 K for nitrogen. The elevated temperature was representative of tank conditions for a candidate lunar lander ascent stage. An initial test series was conducted with saturated oxygen liquid and vapor at 0.6 MPa. The initial series was followed by tests where the test tank was pressurized with gaseous helium to 1.4 to 1.6 MPa. For these tests, the helium mole fraction in the ullage was quite high, about 0.57 to 0.62. TVS behavior is different when helium is present than when helium is absent. The tank pressure becomes the sum of the vapor pressure and the partial pressure of helium. Therefore, tank pressure depends not only on temperature, as is the case for a pure liquid-vapor system, but also on helium density (i.e., the mass of helium divided by the ullage volume). Thus, properly controlling TVS operation is more challenging with helium pressurization than without helium pressurization. When helium was present, the liquid temperature would rise with each successive TVS cycle if tank pressure was kept within a constant control band. Alternatively, if the liquid temperature was maintained within a constant TVS control band, the tank pressure would drop with each TVS cycle. The final test series, which was conducted with liquid nitrogen pressurized with helium, demonstrated simultaneous pressure and temperature control during TVS operation. The simultaneous control was achieved by systematic injection of additional helium during each TVS cycle. Adding helium maintained the helium partial pressure as the liquid volume decreased because of TVS operation. The TVS demonstrations with liquid oxygen pressurized with helium were conducted with three different fluid-mixer configurations-a submerged axial jet mixer, a pair of spray hoops in the tank

  11. Real Time Precise Point Positioning: Preliminary Results for the Brazilian Region (United States)

    Marques, Haroldo; Monico, João.; Hirokazu Shimabukuro, Milton; Aquino, Marcio


    GNSS positioning can be carried out in relative or absolute approach. In the last years, more attention has been driven to the real time precise point positioning (PPP). To achieve centimeter accuracy with this method in real time it is necessary to have available the satellites precise coordinates as well as satellites clocks corrections. The coordinates can be used from the predicted IGU ephemeris, but the satellites clocks must be estimated in a real time. It can be made from a GNSS network as can be seen from EUREF Permanent Network. The infra-structure to realize the PPP in real time is being available in Brazil through the Brazilian Continuous Monitoring Network (RBMC) together with the Sao Paulo State GNSS network which are transmitting GNSS data using NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) caster. Based on this information it was proposed a PhD thesis in the Univ. Estadual Paulista (UNESP) aiming to investigate and develop the methodology to estimate the satellites clocks and realize PPP in real time. Then, software is being developed to process GNSS data in the real time PPP mode. A preliminary version of the software was called PPP_RT and is able to process GNSS code and phase data using precise ephemeris and satellites clocks. The PPP processing can be accomplished considering the absolute satellite antenna Phase Center Variation (PCV), Ocean Tide Loading (OTL), Earth Body Tide, among others. The first order ionospheric effects can be eliminated or minimized by ion-free combination or parameterized in the receiver-satellite direction using a stochastic process, e.g. random walk or white noise. In the case of ionosphere estimation, a pseudo-observable is introduced in the mathematical model for each satellite and the initial value can be computed from Klobuchar model or from Global Ionospheric Map (GIM). The adjustment is realized in the recursive mode and the DIA (Detection Identification and Adaptation) is used for quality control. In

  12. Case-control study on radon exposure and lung cancer in an Italian region. Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bochicchio, F; Nuccetelli, C. [Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome (Italy). Physics Lab.; Forastiere, F.; Mallone, S.; Sera, F.


    population to natural radioactivity. The radon dosemeters were first placed between September 1997 and June 1998. In 1327 dwellings the dosemeters were positioned in the index dwelling, whereas in 474 a similar dwelling was measured (i.e., a dwelling in the same building, and at approximately the same floor). All together, more than 85% of the target 2068 dwellings were monitored. Radon and gamma dosemeter collection was concluded in August 1999, and data analysis is ongoing. The preliminary results on about 4800 radon dosemeters exposed for six-month periods (about 3500 dosemeters for the first six-month period in about 1750 dwellings, and about 1300 for the second six-month period in about 650 dwellings) are the followings: average =100 Bq/m3, geometric mean =75 Bq/m3, geometric standard deviation =2.1, 10%>200 Bq/m3, 2.2%>400 Bq/m3. These data confirm that the presence of indoor radon in Lazio region is significant. More detailed and complete results are expected to be available by January 2000. (author)

  13. Characterization of Bond Strength of U-Mo Fuel Plates Using the Laser Shockwave Technique: Capabilities and Preliminary Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    J. A. Smith; D. L. Cottle; B. H. Rabin


    This report summarizes work conducted to-date on the implementation of new laser-based capabilities for characterization of bond strength in nuclear fuel plates, and presents preliminary results obtained from fresh fuel studies on as-fabricated monolithic fuel consisting of uranium-10 wt.% molybdenum alloys clad in 6061 aluminum by hot isostatic pressing. Characterization involves application of two complementary experimental methods, laser-shock testing and laser-ultrasonic imaging, collectively referred to as the Laser Shockwave Technique (LST), that allows the integrity, physical properties and interfacial bond strength in fuel plates to be evaluated. Example characterization results are provided, including measurement of layer thicknesses, elastic properties of the constituents, and the location and nature of generated debonds (including kissing bonds). LST provides spatially localized, non-contacting measurements with minimum specimen preparation, and is ideally suited for applications involving radioactive materials, including irradiated materials. The theoretical principles and experimental approaches employed in characterizing nuclear fuel plates are described, and preliminary bond strength measurement results are discussed, with emphasis on demonstrating the capabilities and limitations of these methods. These preliminary results demonstrate the ability to distinguish bond strength variations between different fuel plates. Although additional development work is necessary to validate and qualify the test methods, these results suggest LST is viable as a method to meet fuel qualification requirements to demonstrate acceptable bonding integrity.

  14. Trapping fermionic and bosonic helium atoms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stas, R.J.W.


    This thesis presents experimental and theoretical work performed at the Laser Centre of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam to study laser-cooled metastable triplet helium atoms. Samples containing about 3x10^8 helium atoms-either fermionic helium-3 atoms, bosonic helium-4 atoms or mixtures

  15. The role of gamma probe activity counts in minimally invasive parathyroidectomy. Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bekis, R.; Aydin, A.; Tasci, C.; Durak, H. [Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Dokuz Eyluel Univ. School of Medicine, Izmir (Turkey); Atila, K.; Kocdor, M.A.; Sevinc, A.; Harmancioglu, Oe. [Dept. of Surgery, Dokuz Eyluel Univ. School of Medicine, Izmir (Turkey); Canda, S. [Dept. of Pathology, Dokuz Eyluel Univ. School of Medicine, Izmir (Turkey)


    Aim: The benefit of preoperative gamma probe in the diagnosis of adenoma in patients with histopathologically proven parathyroid (PT) adenomas was examined. Patients, material, methods: 20 patients with positive {sup 99m}Tc MIBI uptake in PT scintigraphy with primary hyperparathyroidism were enrolled in this study. 740 MBq {sup 99m}Tc MIBI were injected 3 h before operation. Counts of four PT regions were obtained with gamma probe before surgery in the operation room. All suspected PT adenomas were resected and histopathologically diagnosed as adenomas. We also obtained counts of the resection region and the resected adenoma with gamma probe after the parathyroidectomy. Preoperative counts of adenoma bearing regions (ABR), non-adenoma bearing regions (NABR), postoperative resection region (PRR), resected adenoma counts (RA) were registered. Statistical analysis was performed by Wilcoxon rank test. Results: The mean counts of ABR, NABR, the PRR and RA were 462{+-}106, 230{+-}66, 164{+-}42, 374{+-}87, respectively. The mean counts from ABR were twofold higher than those of NABR. The PRR mean counts decreased by 64% when compared to the mean counts of ABR and by 55% when compared to the mean counts of RA. The differences in mean counts of ABR and NABR, PRR and ABR, PRR and RA (p<0.01) turned out as statistically significant. Discussion: According to our preliminary results, the region with the highest counts is at least 2{+-}0,4 times higher than the mean of the other three PT regions. Thus, it seems to be significant for PT adenoma. Resection of adenoma may be accepted as successful, if the count of ABR decreased more than 64% with decreased postoperative parathoromone levels. Conclusion: This technique should not yet be applied instead of parathormone measurement or frozen technique. But it may replace the frozen technique used for confirmation of the diagnosis during the operation in the future. (orig.) [German] Ziel: Der Vorteil der praeoperativen Sondermessung


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Montemurro


    Full Text Available The taxonomy of the genus Aeromonas is constantly changing and it is important that strains are identified and carefully differentiate. The aim of this preliminary investigation was to assess the presence of Aeromonas spp. in RTE foods from supermarkets and sushi Take Away and stored at refrigeration temperature. Particular attention was given to the choice of culture media in order to assess their ability to differentiate Aeromonas spp. and to perform subsequent phylogenetic analysis and the characterization of the species isolated.

  17. Spinel dissolution via addition of glass forming chemicals. Results of preliminary experiments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fox, K. M. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States); Johnson, F. C. [Savannah River Site (SRS), Aiken, SC (United States)


    Increased loading of high level waste in glass can lead to crystallization within the glass. Some crystalline species, such as spinel, have no practical impact on the chemical durability of the glass, and therefore may be acceptable from both a processing and a product performance standpoint. In order to operate a melter with a controlled amount of crystallization, options must be developed for remediating an unacceptable accumulation of crystals. This report describes preliminary experiments designed to evaluate the ability to dissolve spinel crystals in simulated waste glass melts via the addition of glass forming chemicals (GFCs).

  18. Continuous adductor-canal-blockade for adjuvant post-operative analgesia after major knee surgery: preliminary results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund, J; Jenstrup, M T; Jæger, P


    Because both the saphenous nerve and in part the obturator nerve are traversing the adductor canal of the thigh, we hypothesised that repeated administration of a local anaesthetic (LA) into this aponeurotic space could be a useful option for post-operative analgesia after knee replacement surgery......-canal-blockade may be a valuable adjunct for post-operative analgesia after major knee surgery. These preliminary results should be confirmed in randomised, controlled trials....

  19. Preliminary Modelling Results for an Otto Cycle/Stirling Cycle Hybrid-engine-based Power Generation System


    Cullen, Barry; McGovern, Jim; Feidt, Michel; Petrescu, Stoian


    This paper presents preliminary data and results for a system mathematical model for a proposed Otto Cycle / Stirling Cycle hybrid-engine-based power generation system. The system is a combined cycle system with the Stirling cycle machine operating as a bottoming cycle on the Otto cycle exhaust. The application considered is that of a stationary power generation scenario wherein the Stirling cycle engine operates as a waste heat recovery device on the exhaust stream of the Otto cycle engine. ...

  20. Preliminary results from digestive adaptation: a new surgical proposal for treating obesity, based on physiology and evolution


    Santoro, Sérgio; Velhote, Manoel Carlos Prieto; Malzoni, Carlos Eduardo; Milleo, Fábio Quirino; Klajner, Sidney; Campos, Fábio Guilherme


    CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: Most bariatric surgical techniques include essentially non-physiological features like narrowing anastomoses or bands, or digestive segment exclusion, especially the duodenum. This potentially causes symptoms or complications. The aim here was to report on the preliminary results from a new surgical technique for treating morbid obesity that takes a physiological and evolutionary approach. DESIGN AND SETTING: Case series description, in Hospital Israelita Albert Einstei...

  1. Artworks characterization at THz frequencies: preliminary results via the Fiber-Coupled Terahertz Time Domain System (United States)

    Catapano, Ilaria; Soldovieri, Francesco


    spectra, while imaging includes THz tomography and it is considered to obtain non-invasive cross-section images of the artwork under test. Preliminary experiments regarding laboratory designed objects and not precious artworks have been carried out at the IREA laboratory mainly to trace measurements protocols and deeply investigate the diagnostic capabilities of the FICO system. The obtained results will be illustrated and discussed at the conference. REFERENCES [1] K. Fukunaga and I. Hosako, Innovative non-invasive analysis techniques for cultural heritage using terahertz technology, C.R. Physique 11, 519-526, 2010. [2] M. Perenzoni and D. J. Paul, Physics and Applications of Terahertz Radiation, Springer Series in Optical Sciences 173, 2014. [3] J.P. Guillet, B. Recur, L. Frederique, B. Bousquet, L. Canioni, I. Manek-Hönninger, P. Desbarats, P.Mounaix, Review of Terahertz Tomography Techniques, J. Infrared MilliTerahz Waves 35, 382-411, 2014.

  2. Interaction of turbine-generated turbulence with agricultural crops: Conceptual framework and preliminary results (United States)

    Takle, E. S.; Rajewski, D. A.; Segal, M.; Elmore, R.; Hatfield, J.; Prueger, J. H.; Taylor, S. E.


    The US Midwest is a unique location for wind power production because wind farms in this region, unlike any other, are co-located within major agricultural production systems that are among the most highly productive in the world. Iowa has over 3,000 MW of installed power in wind farms typically consisting of 75-120 turbines positioned within agricultural fields with irregular spacing but inter-turbine distances in some cases less than 300 m. Wind turbines extract energy from the ambient flow and change mean and turbulent characteristics of wind flow over and within the crop canopy. Turbulent exchange of air from within the crop canopy regulates vertical fluxes of heat, moisture, momentum, and CO2. Changes in wind speed and turbulence structure by wind farms and isolated wind turbines will influence crop growth, productivity, and seed quality in unknown ways. For instance, enhanced vertical fluxes of heat and moisture may help cool the crop on hot summer days (beneficial) but may enhance loss of soil moisture (detrimental). Faster drying of dew from the crop in the morning reduces leaf wetness, which is a condition favoring growth of fungus, mold and toxins. Corn and soybeans typically draw down ambient CO2 levels by 15-20% during the day in the peak growing season, providing an opportunity to enhance downward fluxes of CO2 into the crop canopy by turbine-induced turbulence. Reduction of high winds and resulting leaf shredding and stalk lodging are documented positive effects of agricultural shelterbelts and may be benefits of turbines as well. Enhanced surface evaporation during fall dry-down would improve seed readiness for storage and reduce artificial drying costs. Modification of surface wind convergence/divergence patterns may enhance convection and change rainfall patterns and modify snow deposition, melting, and soil-moisture-recharge in winter. Wind machines are widely used in orchards and vineyards for avoiding killing freezes, but turbine benefits for

  3. A melt inclusion study of the Sudbury Igneous Complex (Ontario, Canada): preliminary results (United States)

    Watts, Kathleen; Hanley, Jacob; Kontak, Daniel; Ames, Doreen


    , whereas the following elements behaved incompatibly (in increasing order of incompatibility: Cr, Ni, Cu, Zr, Co, Cs, Ag Nb, Hf, Ta, Rb). Apparent D values between the two coexisting melt phases (DFe-rich-Si-rich) show that most trace elements were weakly compatible or incompatible in each melt phase, with the exception of V, Co, Rb, Sr and Cs that show consistent enrichment in the Fe-rich melt phase. Preliminary melt inclusion analyses suggest that the earliest (and quenched?) melt phase of the SIC, as represented by sublayer quartz diorite, was enriched in Ni and Cu, up to an order of magnitude higher than those liquids trapped in the units stratigraphically higher in the SIC, and may reflect loss of these metals to early sulfide liquids. The results of this study have implications for our understanding of layered intrusions world-wide and may lead to the development of parameters that enhance exploration success in mafic-ultramafic systems where post-magmatic processes have severely limited the application of bulk rock chemistry in understanding their petrogenesis. This study provides the first in-situ determination of actual ore-metal concentrations and partitioning behavior of ore metals and other trace elements in a differentiated, mafic-ultramafic intrusion.

  4. Preliminary results on quaternary studies from Bajestan Basin (Kavir-e Namak), Iran (United States)

    Majid Padashi, Seyed; Büdel, Christian; Ullmann, Tobias; Tintrup, Angela; Baumhauer, Roland


    The increasing population and demand for developing infrastructures on the one hand, and the recent issues on water and air quality on the other hand, in addition to droughts and the shrinking of many wetlands and lakes, have encouraged Iran recently to invest more in palaeoenvironmental research - specifically on quaternary basins. Preliminary results of our study through field work, satellite imagery processing, SRTM data analysis and drilling, have created new insights on the Iranian playas and the history of the lakes. A combined geological and geomorphological approach for studying young lakes and playas of Iran has led to the identification of at least five major types of lakes and playas in different parts of Iran; for example the Bajestan basin which ranks the second biggest playa of Iran, is placed in the edge of the central Iranian microplate and Lut structural block. The Bajestan Playa (Kavir-e Namak) is surrounded by cretaceous limestones in the south and Paleozoic formations in the north. The basin comprises several kinds of quaternary deposits including sand dunes and Aeolian deposits, fluvial sediments, alluvial fans and lake sediments. The aeolian activity in the basin is primarily shaping landforms in the southwest and the north of the area. The major fluvial activity is considered to be driven from east and south of the playa. The integration of field observations and data derived from the analysis of SRTM digital elevation model (90m) and Landsat satellite imagery shows that the major part of the playa has flat slope. In addition, the morphometric assessment and the hydrological modelling showed that the major current alluvial channels have SW/NE trend with the highest density and intensity of activity in south west of the basin. The major alluvial deposits in the north and south of the playa represent a dissimilar geomorphology. While the northern part of the basin, from the rock unit outcrops to the edge of playa, is occupied by a narrow

  5. Preliminary Results of Ancillary Safety Analyses Supporting TREAT LEU Conversion Activities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brunett, A. J. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Fei, T. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Strons, P. S. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Papadias, D. D. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Hoffman, E. A. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Kontogeorgakos, D. C. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Connaway, H. M. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Wright, A. E. [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    Report (FSAR) [3]. Depending on the availability of historical data derived from HEU TREAT operation, results calculated for the LEU core are compared to measurements obtained from HEU TREAT operation. While all analyses in this report are largely considered complete and have been reviewed for technical content, it is important to note that all topics will be revisited once the LEU design approaches its final stages of maturity. For most safety significant issues, it is expected that the analyses presented here will be bounding, but additional calculations will be performed as necessary to support safety analyses and safety documentation. It should also be noted that these analyses were completed as the LEU design evolved, and therefore utilized different LEU reference designs. Preliminary shielding, neutronic, and thermal hydraulic analyses have been completed and have generally demonstrated that the various LEU core designs will satisfy existing safety limits and standards also satisfied by the existing HEU core. These analyses include the assessment of the dose rate in the hodoscope room, near a loaded fuel transfer cask, above the fuel storage area, and near the HEPA filters. The potential change in the concentration of tramp uranium and change in neutron flux reaching instrumentation has also been assessed. Safety-significant thermal hydraulic items addressed in this report include thermally-induced mechanical distortion of the grid plate, and heating in the radial reflector.

  6. Contribution to the experimental study of the polarized liquid helium-3; Contributions a l'etude experimentale de l'helium-3 liquide polarise

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villard, B


    Spin-polarized liquid helium-3 is prepared by laser optical pumping in low magnetic field and at room temperature, prior to fast liquefaction of the polarized sample. The use of a new helium-3 cryostat enabled us to obtain liquid helium-3 with polarization rates up to 25 % at well-stabilized temperatures (around 0.5 K). We could thereby study the effect of nuclear polarization on liquid-vapour equilibrium, and particularly on the saturated vapour pressure. Very sensitive capacitive gauges were developed. We estimated (to first order in M{sup 2}) the expected effects when the polarization M is suddenly destroyed. These effects were experimentally observed in helium-3/helium-4 mixtures, in pure helium-3, only a transient increase in pressure has been recorded. We then describe in a third part a preliminary experiment which aimed at determining the longitudinal relaxation time T1 in mixtures. Relaxation on the walls is efficiently reduced by a cesium coating and T1s of order 20 minutes were observed. A careful determination of the helium-3 concentration in the liquid phase was made. Finally we studied the effects of dipolar field on transverse polarisation decay in our strongly polarized samples. We observed the free precession of polarization after a NMR pulse, and analysed in detail its decay time constant as a function of different parameters. This time constant drastically varied with the tipping angle, an effect which could be linked to NMR dynamical instabilities. (author)

  7. The Saudi Thrombosis and Familial Thrombophilia Registry. Design, rational, and preliminary results. (United States)

    Saour, Jalal N; Shoukri, Mohammed M; Mammo, Layla A


    To describe the Registry and report preliminary data for the prevalence of 5 prothrombotic gene mutations in the normal Saudi population. Blood from consenting healthy Saudi individuals and patients with venous thrombosis (VT) from different regions of the Kingdom was collected from November 2001 until July 2007. The extracted DNA of each sample was kept at -70 degrees C until tested for 5 known prothrombotic factors using established methods. Only patients with confirmed VT were included. Data generated through direct interview were entered into the Saudi Thrombosis and Familial Thrombophilia (S-TAFT) Register. The consent and demographic data collection forms and the S-TAFT Register were developed using the SQL web based software. Nine hundred and two DNA samples of consenting healthy Saudi individuals were tested for factor V Leiden (FVL), prothrombin (PT) 20210 G>A, 5-10 methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) 677 C>T, the 4G/5G polymorphism of Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1 4G/5G), and factor V HR2 (FVHR2) haplotype. The incidence of FVL among healthy subjects was 1.3%, PT 20210 G>A 0.7%, homozygous MTHFR 677C>T 2.45%, PAI 4G/4G 10.1%, and FVHR2 26.1%. Our preliminary data from healthy Saudi individuals suggest that the incidence of the 5 prothrombotic risk factors is lower than in most other populations, except for FVHR2.

  8. Imaging-based surrogate markers of transcriptome subclasses and signatures in hepatocellular carcinoma. Preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Taouli, Bachir [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Radiology, New York, NY (United States); Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute, New York, NY (United States); Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Liver Cancer Program, Tisch Cancer Institute, New York, NY (United States); Hoshida, Yujin; Chen, Xintong; Sun, Xiaochen; Kojima, Kensuke; Toffanin, Sara; Hirschfield, Hadassa [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Liver Cancer Program, Tisch Cancer Institute, New York, NY (United States); Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Division of Liver Diseases, Department of Medicine, New York, NY (United States); Kakite, Suguru [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute, New York, NY (United States); Tottori University, Division of Radiology, Department of Pathophysiological and Therapeutic Science, Faculty of Medicine, Yonago City (Japan); Tan, Poh Seng [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Liver Cancer Program, Tisch Cancer Institute, New York, NY (United States); Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Division of Liver Diseases, Department of Medicine, New York, NY (United States); National University Health System, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University Medicine Cluster, Singapore (Singapore); Kihira, Shingo [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Radiology, New York, NY (United States); Fiel, M.I. [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Pathology, New York, NY (United States); Wagner, Mathilde [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute, New York, NY (United States); Sorbonne Universites, UPMC, Department of Radiology, Hopital Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris (France); Llovet, Josep M. [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Liver Cancer Program, Tisch Cancer Institute, New York, NY (United States); Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Division of Liver Diseases, Department of Medicine, New York, NY (United States); Universitat de Barcelona, HCC Translational Research Laboratory, Barcelona-Clinic Liver Cancer Group Institut d' Investigacions Biomediques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS), Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain); Institucio Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avancats, Barcelona (Spain)


    In this preliminary study, we examined whether imaging-based phenotypes are associated with reported predictive gene signatures in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Thirty-eight patients (M/F 30/8, mean age 61 years) who underwent pre-operative CT or MR imaging before surgery as well as transcriptome profiling were included in this IRB-approved single-centre retrospective study. Eleven qualitative and four quantitative imaging traits (size, enhancement ratios, wash-out ratio, tumour-to-liver contrast ratios) were assessed by three observers and were correlated with 13 previously reported HCC gene signatures using logistic regression analysis. Thirty-nine HCC tumours (mean size 5.7 ± 3.2 cm) were assessed. Significant positive associations were observed between certain imaging traits and gene signatures of aggressive HCC phenotype (G3-Boyault, Proliferation-Chiang profiles, CK19-Villanueva, S1/S2-Hoshida) with odds ratios ranging from 4.44-12.73 (P <0.045). Infiltrative pattern at imaging was significantly associated with signatures of microvascular invasion and aggressive phenotype. Significant but weak associations were also observed between each enhancement ratio and tumour-to-liver contrast ratios and certain gene expression profiles. This preliminary study demonstrates a correlation between phenotypic imaging traits with gene signatures of aggressive HCC, which warrants further prospective validation to establish imaging-based surrogate markers of molecular phenotypes in HCC. (orig.)

  9. Cast Stone Oxidation Front Evaluation: Preliminary Results For Samples Exposed To Moist Air

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Langton, C. A.; Almond, P. M.


    The rate of oxidation is important to the long-term performance of reducing salt waste forms because the solubility of some contaminants, e.g., technetium, is a function of oxidation state. TcO{sub 4}{sup -} in the salt solution is reduced to Tc(IV) and has been shown to react with ingredients in the waste form to precipitate low solubility sulfide and/or oxide phases. Upon exposure to oxygen, the compounds containing Tc(IV) oxidize to the pertechnetate ion, Tc(VII)O{sub 4}{sup -}, which is very soluble. Consequently the rate of technetium oxidation front advancement into a monolith and the technetium leaching profile as a function of depth from an exposed surface are important to waste form performance and ground water concentration predictions. An approach for measuring contaminant oxidation rate (effective contaminant specific oxidation rate) based on leaching of select contaminants of concern is described in this report. In addition, the relationship between reduction capacity and contaminant oxidation is addressed. Chromate (Cr(VI) was used as a non-radioactive surrogate for pertechnetate, Tc(VII), in Cast Stone samples prepared with 5 M Simulant. Cast Stone spiked with pertechnetate was also prepared and tested. Depth discrete subsamples spiked with Cr were cut from Cast Stone exposed to Savannah River Site (SRS) outdoor ambient temperature fluctuations and moist air. Depth discrete subsamples spiked with Tc-99 were cut from Cast Stone exposed to laboratory ambient temperature fluctuations and moist air. Similar conditions are expected to be encountered in the Cast Stone curing container. The leachability of Cr and Tc-99 and the reduction capacities, measured by the Angus-Glasser method, were determined for each subsample as a function of depth from the exposed surface. The results obtained to date were focused on continued method development and are preliminary and apply to the sample composition and curing / exposure conditions described in this report. The

  10. Plans and Preliminary Results of Fundamental Studies of Ice Crystal Icing Physics in the NASA Propulsion Systems Laboratory (United States)

    Struk, Peter; Tsao, Jen-Ching; Bartkus, Tadas


    This paper describes plans and preliminary results for using the NASA Propulsion Systems Lab (PSL) to experimentally study the fundamental physics of ice-crystal ice accretion. NASA is evaluating whether this facility, in addition to full-engine and motor-driven-rig tests, can be used for more fundamental ice-accretion studies that simulate the different mixed-phase icing conditions along the core flow passage of a turbo-fan engine compressor. The data from such fundamental accretion tests will be used to help develop and validate models of the accretion process. This paper presents data from some preliminary testing performed in May 2015 which examined how a mixed-phase cloud could be generated at PSL using evaporative cooling in a warmer-than-freezing environment.

  11. Potential of the Galaxy from the Besançon galaxy model including non-axisymmetric components: Preliminary results (United States)

    Fernández-Trincado, J. G.; Robin, A. C.; Bienaymé, O.; Reylé, C.; Valenzuela, O.; Pichardo, B.


    In this contributed poster we present a preliminary attempt to compute a non-axisymmetric potential together with previous axisymmetric potential of the Besançon galaxy model. The contribution by non-axisymmetric components are modeled by the superposition of inhomogeneous ellipsoids to approximate the triaxial bar and superposition of homogeneous oblate spheroids for a stellar halo, possibly triaxial. Finally, we have computed the potential and force field for these non-axisymmetric components in order to constraint the total mass of the Milky Way. We present preliminary results for the rotation curve and the contribution of the bar to it. This approach will allow future studies of dynamical constraints from comparisons of kinematical simulations with upcoming surveys such as RAVE, BRAVA, APOGEE, and GAIA in the near future. More details, are presented in

  12. Preliminary Risk Analysis of the LHC Cryogenic System (CERN-LHC-Project-Report-324)

    CERN Document Server

    Chorowski, M; Riddone, G


    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), presently under construction at CERN, will require a helium cryogenic system unprecedented in size and capacity, with more than 1600 superconducting magnets operating in superfluid helium and a total inventory of almost 100 tonnes of helium. The objective of the Preliminary Risk Analysis (PRA) is to identify all risks to personnel, equipment or environment resulting from failures that may accidentally occur within the cryogenic system of LHC in any phase of the machine operation, and that could not be eliminated by design. Assigning a gravity coefficient and one analyzing physical processes that will follow any of the recognised failure modes allows to single out worst case scenarios. Recommendations concerning lines of preventive and corrective defence, as well as for further detailed studies, are formulated.

  13. Laser-Induced Breakdown in Liquid Helium (United States)

    Sirisky, S.; Yang, Y.; Wei, W.; Maris, H. J.


    We report on experiments in which focused laser light is used to induce optical breakdown in liquid helium-4. The threshold intensity has been measured over the temperature range from 1.1 to 2.8 K with light of wavelength 1064 nm. In addition to the measurement of the threshold, we have performed experiments to study how the breakdown from one pulse modifies the probability that a subsequent pulse will result in breakdown.

  14. Performance of Screw Compressor for Small-Capacity Helium Refrigerators (United States)

    Urashin, Masayuki; Matsubara, Katsumi; Izunaga, Yasushi

    A helium compressor is one of the important components comprising a cryogenic refrigerator. The purpous of this investigation is to develop a new small-capacity helium screw compressor. The performance of a single-stage compressor at high compression ratio and the cooling performance of the compressor are investigated. A semi-hermetic screw compressor with new profile screw rotors, with which high performance can be obtained, is utilized in this investigation. Lubricating oil is applied to cool the compressor motor and the compressed gas. As a result, an overall isentropic efficiency of 80% is obtained when helium is compressed to a compression ratio of 19.8 with a single-stage screw compressor. At the same time, the temperature of a compressor motor and discharge gas can be maintained at low levels. Therefore, it is found that a single-stage screw compressor can compress helium to high compression ratio.

  15. Dark Matter Detection Using Helium Evaporation and Field Ionization (United States)

    Maris, Humphrey J.; Seidel, George M.; Stein, Derek


    We describe a method for dark matter detection based on the evaporation of helium atoms from a cold surface and their subsequent detection using field ionization. When a dark matter particle scatters off a nucleus of the target material, elementary excitations (phonons or rotons) are produced. Excitations which have an energy greater than the binding energy of helium to the surface can result in the evaporation of helium atoms. We propose to detect these atoms by ionizing them in a strong electric field. Because the binding energy of helium to surfaces can be below 1 meV, this detection scheme opens up new possibilities for the detection of dark matter particles in a mass range down to 1 MeV /c2 .

  16. Dark Matter Detection Using Helium Evaporation and Field Ionization. (United States)

    Maris, Humphrey J; Seidel, George M; Stein, Derek


    We describe a method for dark matter detection based on the evaporation of helium atoms from a cold surface and their subsequent detection using field ionization. When a dark matter particle scatters off a nucleus of the target material, elementary excitations (phonons or rotons) are produced. Excitations which have an energy greater than the binding energy of helium to the surface can result in the evaporation of helium atoms. We propose to detect these atoms by ionizing them in a strong electric field. Because the binding energy of helium to surfaces can be below 1 meV, this detection scheme opens up new possibilities for the detection of dark matter particles in a mass range down to 1  MeV/c^{2}.

  17. Application of wireless inertial measurement units and EMG sensors for studying deglutition - Preliminary results. (United States)

    Imtiaz, U; Yamamura, K; Kong, W; Sessa, S; Lin, Z; Bartolomeo, L; Ishii, H; Zecca, M; Yamada, Y; Takanishi, A


    Different types of sensors are being used to study deglutition and mastication. These often suffer from problems related to portability, cost, reliability, comfort etc. that make it difficult to use for long term studies. An inertial measurement based sensor seems a good fit in this application; however its use has not been explored much for the specific application of deglutition research. In this paper, we present a system comprised of an IMU and EMG sensor that are integrated together as a single system. With a preliminary experiment, we determine that the system can be used for measuring the head-neck posture during swallowing in addition to other parameters during the swallowing phase. The EMG sensor may not always be a reliable source of physiological data especially for small clustered muscles like the ones responsible for swallowing. In this case, we explore the possibility of using gyroscopic data for the recognition of deglutition events.

  18. Neuro-Cognitive Intervention for Working Memory: Preliminary Results and Future Directions. (United States)

    Bree, Kathleen D; Beljan, Paul


    Definitions of working memory identify it as a function of the executive function system in which an individual maintains two or more pieces of information in mind and uses that information simultaneously for some purpose. In academics, working memory is necessary for a variety of functions, including attending to the information one's teacher presents and then using that information simultaneously for problem solving. Research indicates difficulties with working memory are observed in children with mathematics learning disorder (MLD) and reading disorders (RD). To improve working memory and other executive function difficulties, and as an alternative to medication treatments for attention and executive function disorders, the Motor Cognition(2)® (MC(2)®)program was developed. Preliminary research on this program indicates statistically significant improvements in working memory, mathematics, and nonsense word decoding for reading. Further research on the MC(2)® program and its impact on working memory, as well as other areas of executive functioning, is warranted.

  19. Multitemporal satellite data analyses for archaeological mark detection: preliminary results in Italy and Argentina (United States)

    Lasaponara, Rosa; Masini, Nicola


    within Basilicata and Puglia Region, southern Patagonia and Payunia-Campo Volcanicos Liancanelo e PayunMatru respectively, in Italy and Argentina. We focused our attention on diverse surfaces and soil types in different periods of the year in order to assess the capabilities of both optical and radar data to detect archaeological marks in different ecosystems and seasons. We investigated not only crop culture during the "favourable vegetative period" to enhance the presence of subsurface remains but also the "spectral response" of spontaneous, sparse herbaceous covers during periods considered and expected to be less favourable (as for example summer and winter) for this type of investigation. The main interesting results were the capability of radar (cosmoskymed) and multispectral optical data satellite data (Pleiades, Quickbird, Geoeye) to highlight the presence of structures below the surface even (i) in during period of years generally considered not "suitable for crop mark investigations" and even (ii) in areas only covered by sparse, spontaneous herbaceous plants in several test sites investigate din both Argentine and Italian areas of interest. Preliminary results conducted in both Italian and Argentina sites pointed out that Earth Observation (EO) technology can be successfully used for extracting useful information on traces the past human activities still fossilized in the modern landscape in different ecosystems and seasons. Moreover the multitemporal analyses of satellite data can fruitfully applied to: (i) improve knowledge, (ii) support monitoring of natural and cultural site, (iii) assess natural and man-made risks including emerging threats to the heritage sites. References Lasaponara R, N Masini 2009 Full-waveform Airborne Laser Scanning for the detection of medieval archaeological microtopographic relief Journal of Cultural Heritage 10, e78-e82 Ciminale M, D Gallo, R Lasaponara, N Masini 2009 A multiscale approach for reconstructing archaeological

  20. Preliminary results of radiation monitoring near uranium mines in Namibia EJOLT Project (DRAFT version)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chareyron, Bruno


    As a part of the EJOLT (Environmental Justice Organizations Liability and Trade) project, EARTHLIFE Namibia and CRIIRAD (Commission for Independent Research and Information about Radiation) have organised visits in areas located in the vicinity of uranium mines in Namibia In the course of an on site mission carried out between September 22 and October 2 2011, scientists from the CRIIRAD laboratory took radiation measurements in situ, and collected 14 samples of top soil, 13 samples of surface sediments of the Swakop, Gawib and Khan rivers, 11 underground water samples in the alluvium of Swakop, and Khan rivers and tap water from Arandis city, and one sample of asparagus. Solid samples have been analysed at the CRIIRAD laboratory in France (measurements performed by HpGe gamma spectrometry) and water samples have been monitored for main chemicals by LDA 26 laboratory in France and for radium 226 and radon 222 at the CRIIRAD laboratory. Some of the preliminary findings are summarised in this report: 1 - The dose rate measured by CRIIRAD on the parking of Roessing mine is about 6 times above natural background value (0.9 {mu}Sv/h compared to 0.15 {mu}Sv/h); 2 - The management of waste rock dumps needs to be improved: Some waste rocks are dumped on the banks of Khan river (at the intersection with Dome Gorge) without fencing and confinement. The radiological impact of this activity has to be studied in detail but preliminary measurements show various impacts on the environment; 3 - The finest fraction of the radioactive tailings dumped on Roessing tailings dam is blown away by the wind and contaminates the surrounding environment; 4 - The high uranium concentration in underground water collected downstream Roessing uranium mine in the Khan river and Swakop river alluvium raises the question of the origin of this uranium

  1. Detection of charged particles in superfluid helium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bandler, Simon R. [Brown Univ., Providence, RI (United States)


    This thesis is concerned with the use of a large superfluid helium detector for the detection of solar neutrinos. A small-scale prototype of this type of detector has been constructed and tested. In this thesis the author discussed in detail the design of the apparatus, the experiments which have been carried out, and what has been learned about the important physical processes involved in this type of detector. These processes include the anisotropic generation of phonons and rotons by the recoiling particle, the propagation of the phonons and rotons in the liquid, the evaporation process at the liquid surface, and the adsorption of the helium atoms onto the wafers. In addition he discusses the generation and detection of fluorescent photons from recoiling particles. The implications of these results to the design of a full-scale detector of neutrinos are discussed.

  2. Measurement of helium production cross sections of iron for d-T neutrons by helium accumulation method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takao, Yoshiyuki; Kanda, Yukinori; Nagae, Koji; Fujimoto, Toshihiro [Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka (Japan); Ikeda, Yujiro


    Helium production cross sections of Iron were measured by helium accumulation method for neutron energies from 13.5 to 14.9 MeV. Iron samples were irradiated with FNS, an intense d-T neutron source of JAERI. As the neutron energy varies according to the emission angle at the neutron source, the samples were set around the neutron source and were irradiated by neutrons of different energy depending on each sample position. The amount of helium produced in a sample was measured by Helium Atoms Measurement System at Kyushu University. The results of this work are in good agreement with other experimental data in the literature and also compared with the evaluated values in JENDL-3. (author)

  3. Long-term Results of the UCSF-LBNL Randomized Trial: Charged Particle With Helium Ion Versus Iodine-125 Plaque Therapy for Choroidal and Ciliary Body Melanoma

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mishra, Kavita K., E-mail: [Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, California (United States); Quivey, Jeanne M.; Daftari, Inder K. [Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, California (United States); Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California (United States); Weinberg, Vivian [Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, California (United States); Cole, Tia B. [The Tumori Foundation, San Francisco, California (United States); Patel, Kishan [Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, California (United States); Castro, Joseph R.; Phillips, Theodore L. [Department of Radiation Oncology, University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, California (United States); Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California (United States); Char, Devron H. [The Tumori Foundation, San Francisco, California (United States); Department of Ophthalmology, University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, California (United States); Department of Ophthalmology, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California (United States)


    Purpose: Relevant clinical data are needed given the increasing national interest in charged particle radiation therapy (CPT) programs. Here we report long-term outcomes from the only randomized, stratified trial comparing CPT with iodine-125 plaque therapy for choroidal and ciliary body melanoma. Methods and Materials: From 1985 to 1991, 184 patients met eligibility criteria and were randomized to receive particle (86 patients) or plaque therapy (98 patients). Patients were stratified by tumor diameter, thickness, distance to disc/fovea, anterior extension, and visual acuity. Tumors close to the optic disc were included. Local tumor control, as well as eye preservation, metastases due to melanoma, and survival were evaluated. Results: Median follow-up times for particle and plaque arm patients were 14.6 years and 12.3 years, respectively (P=.22), and for those alive at last follow-up, 18.5 and 16.5 years, respectively (P=.81). Local control (LC) for particle versus plaque treatment was 100% versus 84% at 5 years, and 98% versus 79% at 12 years, respectively (log rank: P=.0006). If patients with tumors close to the disc (<2 mm) were excluded, CPT still resulted in significantly improved LC: 100% versus 90% at 5 years and 98% versus 86% at 12 years, respectively (log rank: P=.048). Enucleation rate was lower after CPT: 11% versus 22% at 5 years and 17% versus 37% at 12 years, respectively (log rank: P=.01). Using Cox regression model, likelihood ratio test, treatment was the most important predictor of LC (P=.0002) and eye preservation (P=.01). CPT was a significant predictor of prolonged disease-free survival (log rank: P=.001). Conclusions: Particle therapy resulted in significantly improved local control, eye preservation, and disease-free survival as confirmed by long-term outcomes from the only randomized study available to date comparing radiation modalities in choroidal and ciliary body melanoma.

  4. Plutonium Immobilization Can Loading Preliminary Specifications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kriikku, E.


    This report discusses the Plutonium Immobilization can loading preliminary equipment specifications and includes a process block diagram, process description, equipment list, preliminary equipment specifications, plan and elevation sketches, and some commercial catalogs. This report identifies loading pucks into cans and backfilling cans with helium as the top priority can loading development areas.

  5. Upper limit of helium-4 in the sunlit lunar exosphere during magnetotail passage under low solar wind condition: Result from CHACE aboard MIP in Chandrayaan-1 (United States)

    Das, Tirtha Pratim; Thampi, Smitha V.; Dhanya, M. B.; Bhardwaj, Anil; Ahmed, S. M.; Sridharan, R.


    The outcome of efforts to detect He-4 in the sunlit lunar exosphere as evinced by the CHACE mass spectrometer aboard the Moon Impact Probe in Chandrayaan-1 is reported. The in situ observations by CHACE were carried out in the lunar dayside, covering a broad range of lunar latitudes, when the Moon was on the verge of exiting the Earth's magnetotail. A combination of daytime He depletion and decrease during magnetotail passage of the Moon, along with low flux of alpha particles in the solar wind at the time of CHACE observations present a case when the He abundance in the Moon had hit one of its lowest values. CHACE, thus had the opportunity to explore the lunar exosphere in an extreme combination of the factors that control the lunar He abundance. Based on the observations and instrument sensitivity, an upper limit of ∼ 8.0 × 102 cm-3 for the surface density of lunar He-4 in the sunlit hemisphere is proposed. This result is expected to provide realistic constraints to the lunar He exosphere models under similar extreme conditions.

  6. Super-parameterization in GRAPES: The construction of SP-GRAPES and associated preliminary results (United States)

    Zhu, Feng; Xu, Guoqiang; Zheng, Xiaohui; Wang, Yuhong


    Super-parameterization (SP) aims to explicitly represent deep convection within a coarse resolution global model by embedding a cloud resolving model (CRM) in each column of the mother model. For the first time, we implemented the SP in a mesoscale regional weather model, the Global/Regional Assimilation and PrEdiction System (GRAPES). The constructed SP-GRAPES uses a two-dimensional (2D) CRM in each grid column. A control and two SP simulations are conducted for the Beijing "7.21" heavy rainfall event to evaluate improvements in GRAPES using SP. The SP-run-I is a basic SP run delivering microphysics feedback only, whereas the SP-run-II delivers both microphysical and cloud fraction feedbacks. A comparison of the runs indicates that the SP-run-I has a slightly positive impact on the precipitation forecast than the control run. However, the inclusion of cloud fraction feedback leads to an evident overall improvement, particularly in terms of cloud fraction and 24-h cumulative precipitation. Although this is only a preliminary study using SP-GRAPES, we believe that it will provide considerable guidance for follow-up studies using SP in China.

  7. The effect of wave-particle interactions on the polar wind: Preliminary results (United States)

    Barakat, A. R.; Barghouthi, I. A.


    A Monte Carlo simulation was developed in order to study the effects of wave-particle interactions (WPI) on the plasma outflow in the polar wind. The simulation also considered the other mechanisms included in the `classical' polar wind studies such as gravity, the polarization electrostatic field, and the divergence of geomagnetic field lines. Although the plasma consisted of electrons, H(+) and O(+) ions, we emphasized the behavior of H(+) in this preliminary study. The ion distribution function, as well as the profiles of its moments (density, drift velocity, temperatures, etc.) were found for different levels of WPI, that is, for different values of normalized diffusion rates in the velocity space (normalized D(sub perpendicular) H(+)). We found that as the WPI strength increases: (1) the ion drift velocity increases and its density decreases; (2) the perpendicular temperature T(sub perpendicular) (H(+)) increases; (3) the parallel temperature T(sub parallel) (H(+)) first decreases and then increases due to the balance between the parallel adiabatic cooling and the transfer of the energy from the perpendicular to the parallel direction; and (4) the temperature anisotropy ((T(sub parallel) (H(+))/T(sub perpendicular) (H(+)) is reduced and even reversed in some cases. For strong WPI (normalized D(sub perpendicular) (H(+) much greater than 1), the ion distribution function shows weak conic features at high altitudes.

  8. Biomarkers of Eating Disorders Using Support Vector Machine Analysis of Structural Neuroimaging Data: Preliminary Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Cerasa


    Full Text Available Presently, there are no valid biomarkers to identify individuals with eating disorders (ED. The aim of this work was to assess the feasibility of a machine learning method for extracting reliable neuroimaging features allowing individual categorization of patients with ED. Support Vector Machine (SVM technique, combined with a pattern recognition method, was employed utilizing structural magnetic resonance images. Seventeen females with ED (six with diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and 11 with bulimia nervosa were compared against 17 body mass index-matched healthy controls (HC. Machine learning allowed individual diagnosis of ED versus HC with an Accuracy ≥ 0.80. Voxel-based pattern recognition analysis demonstrated that voxels influencing the classification Accuracy involved the occipital cortex, the posterior cerebellar lobule, precuneus, sensorimotor/premotor cortices, and the medial prefrontal cortex, all critical regions known to be strongly involved in the pathophysiological mechanisms of ED. Although these findings should be considered preliminary given the small size investigated, SVM analysis highlights the role of well-known brain regions as possible biomarkers to distinguish ED from HC at an individual level, thus encouraging the translational implementation of this new multivariate approach in the clinical practice.

  9. Multidimensional slit-scan detection of bladder cancer. Preliminary clinical results. (United States)

    Wheeless, L L; Berkan, T K; Patten, S F; Reeder, J E; Robinson, R D; Eldidi, M M; Hulbert, W C; Frank, I N


    A multidimensional slit-scan flow system was developed for the automated recognition of abnormal cells derived from cancer of the uterine cervix and its precursors. It provides great sensitivity in both its ability to recognize cellular abnormality and to deal with the myriad potential causes of false alarms in an automated flow system. While its initial application was the automated recognition of the spectrum of neoplasia in gynecologic cytology samples, a preliminary study was carried out using specimens obtained from the urinary bladder. Cellular material was collected by bladder irrigation and stained with the fluorochrome acridine orange. One hundred fifty-three bladder irrigation specimens, including 115 abnormal specimens containing cells derived from neoplastic lesions of the bladder epithelium, were analyzed. For the purposes of this study, abnormal specimens from the urinary bladder included specimens containing cells derived from the following lesions of the urothelium: dysplasia (atypical hyperplasia), carcinoma-in-situ, and transitional cell carcinoma, grades 1-3. Approximately 50,000 cells were analyzed for most specimens. Of the 38 presumed normal specimens (specimens containing only normal urothelial components), four were instrument classified abnormal. For the 69 specimens containing cells derived from transitional cell carcinoma, grade 1, 1-2, 2, 66 were correctly classified as abnormal while three were classified as normal.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  10. Virtopsy: postmortem minimally invasive angiography using cross section techniques--implementation and preliminary results. (United States)

    Jackowski, Christian; Sonnenschein, Martin; Thali, Michael J; Aghayev, Emin; von Allmen, Gabriel; Yen, Kathrin; Dirnhofer, Richard; Vock, Peter


    Postmortem investigation is increasingly supported by Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This led to the idea to implement a noninvasive or minimally invasive autopsy technique. Therefore, a minimally invasive angiography technique becomes necessary, in order to support the vascular cross section diagnostic. Preliminary experiments investigating different contrast agents for CT and MRI and their postmortem applicability have been performed using an ex-vivo porcine coronary model. MSCT and MRI angiography was performed in the porcine model. Three human corpses were investigated using minimally invasive MSCT angiography. Via the right femoral artery a plastic tube was advanced into the aortic arch. Using a flow adjustable pump the radiopaque contrast agent meglumine-ioxithalamate was injected. Subsequent MSCT scanning provided an excellent anatomic visualization of the human arterial system including intracranial and coronary arteries. Vascular pathologies such as calcification, stenosis and injury were detected. Limitations of the introduced approach are cases of major vessel injury and cases that show an advanced stage of decay.

  11. Secure Microprocessor-Controlled Prosthetic Leg for Elderly Amputees: Preliminary Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Krut


    Full Text Available We introduce a new prosthetic leg design, adapted to elderly trans-femoral amputees. Technical progress in prosthesis design mainly concerns active individuals. An important number of elderly amputees are not very mobile, tire easily, present reduced muscle strength, and have difficulties managing their balance. Therefore, the needs and characteristics of this specific population are very different from those of younger ones and the prosthetic solutions are not adapted. Our artificial knee has been designed to fulfill the specific requirements of this population in terms of capabilities, transfer assistance, security, intuitiveness, simplicity of use, and types of physical activity to be performed. We particularly focused our efforts on ensuring safe and secure stand-to-sit transfers. We developed an approach to control the different states of the prosthetic joint (blocked, free, resistant, associated with different physical activities. Amputee posture and motion are observed through a single multi-axis force sensor embedded in the prosthesis. The patient behaves naturally, while the controller analyses his movements in order to detect his intention to sit down. The detection algorithm is based on a reference pattern, calibrated individually, to which the sensor data are compared, and submitted to a set of tests allowing the discrimination of the intention to sit down from other activities. Preliminary validation of the system has been performed in order to verify the applicability of the prosthesis to different tasks: walking, standing, sitting down, standing up, picking up an object from a chair, slope and stair climbing.

  12. Prophylactic Bilateral Nipple-sparing Mastectomy and a Staged Breast Reconstruction Technique: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Tondu, Thierry; Thiessen, Filip; Tjalma, Wiebren A.A.


    More high-risk women with breast cancer are identified using genetic testing at a younger age. These young women often opt for prophylactic surgery. Most patients are reluctant for extra donor-site scars besides infections and necrosis. In order to reduce these risks, a two-stage breast reconstruction technique is used for high-risk women with large or ptotic breasts. We presume that this procedure will reduce the risk of skin envelope and nipple–areola complex (NAC) necrosis to less than 1%. In the first stage, an inferior pedicle reduction is performed to obtain large volume reduction with maximal safety for the NAC. The ptosis, skin excess, and malpositioning of the NAC are corrected safely at this stage. In the second stage, the skin-sparing mastectomy is performed with or without nipple sparing. During this procedure, the areola is never removed. A bilateral breast reconstruction is then performed with an immediate subpectoral prothesis or delayed with the use of a subpectoral tissue expander. In this way, we aim to meet the patient’s wish to undergo bilateral risk reducing mastectomy in breasts that need ptosis correction without donor-site scarring. This article describes the procedure and reports the preliminary data. PMID:27867298

  13. Prophylactic Bilateral Nipple-sparing Mastectomy and a Staged Breast Reconstruction Technique: Preliminary Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thierry Tondu


    Full Text Available More high-risk women with breast cancer are identified using genetic testing at a younger age. These young women often opt for prophylactic surgery. Most patients are reluctant for extra donor-site scars besides infections and necrosis. In order to reduce these risks, a two-stage breast reconstruction technique is used for high-risk women with large or ptotic breasts. We presume that this procedure will reduce the risk of skin envelope and nipple–areola complex (NAC necrosis to less than 1%. In the first stage, an inferior pedicle reduction is performed to obtain large volume reduction with maximal safety for the NAC. The ptosis, skin excess, and malpositioning of the NAC are corrected safely at this stage. In the second stage, the skin-sparing mastectomy is performed with or without nipple sparing. During this procedure, the areola is never removed. A bilateral breast reconstruction is then performed with an immediate subpectoral prothesis or delayed with the use of a subpectoral tissue expander. In this way, we aim to meet the patient's wish to undergo bilateral risk reducing mastectomy in breasts that need ptosis correction without donor-site scarring. This article describes the procedure and reports the preliminary data.

  14. Biomarkers of Eating Disorders Using Support Vector Machine Analysis of Structural Neuroimaging Data: Preliminary Results. (United States)

    Cerasa, Antonio; Castiglioni, Isabella; Salvatore, Christian; Funaro, Angela; Martino, Iolanda; Alfano, Stefania; Donzuso, Giulia; Perrotta, Paolo; Gioia, Maria Cecilia; Gilardi, Maria Carla; Quattrone, Aldo


    Presently, there are no valid biomarkers to identify individuals with eating disorders (ED). The aim of this work was to assess the feasibility of a machine learning method for extracting reliable neuroimaging features allowing individual categorization of patients with ED. Support Vector Machine (SVM) technique, combined with a pattern recognition method, was employed utilizing structural magnetic resonance images. Seventeen females with ED (six with diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and 11 with bulimia nervosa) were compared against 17 body mass index-matched healthy controls (HC). Machine learning allowed individual diagnosis of ED versus HC with an Accuracy ≥ 0.80. Voxel-based pattern recognition analysis demonstrated that voxels influencing the classification Accuracy involved the occipital cortex, the posterior cerebellar lobule, precuneus, sensorimotor/premotor cortices, and the medial prefrontal cortex, all critical regions known to be strongly involved in the pathophysiological mechanisms of ED. Although these findings should be considered preliminary given the small size investigated, SVM analysis highlights the role of well-known brain regions as possible biomarkers to distinguish ED from HC at an individual level, thus encouraging the translational implementation of this new multivariate approach in the clinical practice.

  15. The effect of wave-particle interactions on the polar wind: Preliminary results (United States)

    Barakat, A. R.; Barghouthi, I. A.


    A Monte Carlo simulation was developed in order to study the effects of wave-particle interactions (WPI) on the plasma outflow in the polar wind. The simulation also considered the other mechanisms included in the `classical' polar wind studies such as gravity, the polarization electrostatic field, and the divergence of geomagnetic field lines. Although the plasma consisted of electrons, H(+) and O(+) ions, we emphasized the behavior of H(+) in this preliminary study. The ion distribution function, as well as the profiles of its moments (density, drift velocity, temperatures, etc.) were found for different levels of WPI, that is, for different values of normalized diffusion rates in the velocity space (normalized D(sub perpendicular) H(+)). We found that as the WPI strength increases: (1) the ion drift velocity increases and its density decreases; (2) the perpendicular temperature T(sub perpendicular) (H(+)) increases; (3) the parallel temperature T(sub parallel) (H(+)) first decreases and then increases due to the balance between the parallel adiabatic cooling and the transfer of the energy from the perpendicular to the parallel direction; and (4) the temperature anisotropy ((T(sub parallel) (H(+))/T(sub perpendicular) (H(+)) is reduced and even reversed in some cases. For strong WPI (normalized D(sub perpendicular) (H(+) much greater than 1), the ion distribution function shows weak conic features at high altitudes.

  16. Pulmonary fibre burden in sheep living in the Biancavilla area (Sicily): preliminary results. (United States)

    DeNardo, Paola; Bruni, Biagio; Paoletti, Luigi; Pasetto, Roberto; Sirianni, Bruno


    In a national survey on mortality from malignant pleural neoplasms in Italy, aimed at detecting geographic clusters of cases of the disease, the town of Biancavilla, located in a volcanic area of Eastern Sicily, showed high risk of pleural mesothelioma in the absence of occupational asbestos exposure. An environmental survey suggested the stone quarries located in 'Monte Calvario', south-east of the town of Biancavilla, as a possible source of asbestiform fibre exposure. A subsequent crystal-chemistry investigation of the 'Monte Calvario' amphiboles identified the mineral asbestiform fibres as 'fluoro-edenite', a new end-member of the edenite ==> fluoro-edenite series. A collaborative epidemiological and environmental study was initiated to investigate the characteristics of the outbreak of malignant mesothelioma and test the hypothesis of a causal association with exposure to naturally occurring fibres. To investigate if a sheep population could be used to monitor the environmental diffusion of the fibres, we examined lung specimens from 27 culled sheep, at least 3 years old and living near Monte Calvario to check for the presence of fluoro-edenite fibres, using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis and X-ray microanalysis. Fourteen mineral species have been isolated in the mineral particulate matter taken from pulmonary parenchyma, and fluoro-edenite was detected in eight sheep. These preliminary data suggest a possible bio-indicative role of sheep as sentinel animals in the evaluation of environmental fibre diffusion, which merits further investigation. Copryright 2003 Elsevier B.V.

  17. Potential schistosome-vector snails and associated trematodes in ricefields of Corrients province, Argentina: preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alejandra Rumi


    Full Text Available Considering the possibility of introduction of schistosomiasis mansoni into Argentina as a consequence of dam construction on the Rio De La Plata basin, preliminary studies have been carried out on agrosystems such as ricefields in Corrientes province with the following purposes: 1 to survey and estimate the relative abundance of planorbids and identify potential vector species; 2 to identify environmental factors capable of influencing Biomphalaria population dynamics; and 3 to find out snail-parasite associations and estimate snail infection rates in order to detect possible competitive interactions between larval stages of native trematodes that could be used in biological control of Schistosoma mansoni. Three potential schistosome vectors were detected in ricefields, namely Biomphalaria straminea, B. tenagophila and B. peregrina, although B. orbignyi, a species refractory to infection with S. mansoni, proved the most frequent and abundant. Positive correlations (P0.05 was found in total iron, phosphates (SRP, pH and soil granulometry. Echinocercariae developed from rediae and belonging to Petasiger sp., Paryphostomum sp., and other undetermined species were found.

  18. Characterization of Fine Metal Particles Derived from Shredded WEEE Using a Hyperspectral Image System: Preliminary Results (United States)

    Candiani, Gabriele; Picone, Nicoletta; Pompilio, Loredana; Pepe, Monica; Colledani, Marcello


    Waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the fastest-growing waste stream in Europe. The large amount of electric and electronic products introduced every year in the market makes WEEE disposal a relevant problem. On the other hand, the high abundance of key metals included in WEEE has increased the industrial interest in WEEE recycling. However, the high variability of materials used to produce electric and electronic equipment makes key metals’ recovery a complex task: the separation process requires flexible systems, which are not currently implemented in recycling plants. In this context, hyperspectral sensors and imaging systems represent a suitable technology to improve WEEE recycling rates and the quality of the output products. This work introduces the preliminary tests using a hyperspectral system, integrated in an automatic WEEE recycling pilot plant, for the characterization of mixtures of fine particles derived from WEEE shredding. Several combinations of classification algorithms and techniques for signal enhancement of reflectance spectra were implemented and compared. The methodology introduced in this study has shown characterization accuracies greater than 95%. PMID:28505070

  19. Characterization of Fine Metal Particles Derived from Shredded WEEE Using a Hyperspectral Image System: Preliminary Results. (United States)

    Candiani, Gabriele; Picone, Nicoletta; Pompilio, Loredana; Pepe, Monica; Colledani, Marcello


    Waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the fastest-growing waste stream in Europe. The large amount of electric and electronic products introduced every year in the market makes WEEE disposal a relevant problem. On the other hand, the high abundance of key metals included in WEEE has increased the industrial interest in WEEE recycling. However, the high variability of materials used to produce electric and electronic equipment makes key metals' recovery a complex task: the separation process requires flexible systems, which are not currently implemented in recycling plants. In this context, hyperspectral sensors and imaging systems represent a suitable technology to improve WEEE recycling rates and the quality of the output products. This work introduces the preliminary tests using a hyperspectral system, integrated in an automatic WEEE recycling pilot plant, for the characterization of mixtures of fine particles derived from WEEE shredding. Several combinations of classification algorithms and techniques for signal enhancement of reflectance spectra were implemented and compared. The methodology introduced in this study has shown characterization accuracies greater than 95%.

  20. Screening diagnostics of antivital experiences and propensity toward impulsive, autoagressive behavior in adolescents (preliminary results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bannikov G.S.,


    Full Text Available Development of methods for revealing antivital experiences and propensity to autoaggressive behavior in educational institutions is one of the key steps in developing strategies for the primary prevention of suicidal behavior in adolescents. The purpose of this study was to develop an effective screening diagnostic package aimed at identifying antivital experiences and propensity to autoaggressive behavior. The survey methods we used were: Beck Hopelessness Scale, Russell Loneliness Scale, A.G. Shmelev Suicide Risk Questionnaire, PDQ-IV Borderline disorder and Narcissism scales. At the first stage we examined 750 minors aged 12-18 and identified risk group (85 people – 11.4%, which included adolescents with high levels of both individual scales, and their combination. At the second stage we examined 10 adolescents at risk. In 7 of them (70% were identified antivital, suicidal thoughts of passive or compulsive nature, signs of subjective and objective socio- psychological maladjustment. Our preliminary conclusion is that high levels of hopelessness and loneliness in adolescents are stable predictors of mental and emotional distress and psychosocial maladjustment in the period of psychological crises and decompensation of character accentuation of borderline and narcissistic types. These scales can be recommended for primary screening of antivital (depressive experiences and propensity to autoaggressive behavior in adolescents.