Sample records for health resorts

  1. [Health resorts and development of the health resort medicine in Lithuania].

    Krisciūnas, Aleksandras


    Lithuanian health resorts are national resources of this country. Body hardening, health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation by means of applying natural factors are linked for centuries with the names of health resorts such as Druskininkai and Birstonas. The effect of natural factors is multiplex and depends on many parameters the study of which in concrete health resorts is indispensable in order to individualize the treatment at the health resorts and avoid undesirable side effects. As the contingent of the patients being referred to the sanatoria is changing--the number of severe patients after acute disorders and traumas is increasing constantly--the need of such studies becomes relevant. However, after renewal of independence of Lithuania in 1990, the policy of health resort development on the national scale has not been carried out yet. Besides, the number of localities that aim for becoming health resorts is increasing, however, such localities often do not meet the required criteria. The article reviews the status of health resorts and their localities together with their regulations in Lithuania, their development, specificity, the effects of the health resort natural factors (climatotherapy, balneotherapy, pelotherapy) on the healthy body and patients. The data are presented on the development of research studies concerning health resorts and main trends of health resort medicine: health promotion, prevention of disorders, early health resort rehabilitation, health resort tourism, treatment and health resort etiology. Possibilities of revival of studies concerning the effects of health resort factors on the rehabilities are discussed.

  2. Resources of dark skies in German climatic health resorts

    Gabriel, Katharina M. A.; Kuechly, Helga U.; Falchi, Fabio; Wosniok, Werner; Hölker, Franz


    Illumination of nocturnal environments is increasing steadily worldwide. While there are some benefits for mankind, light at night affects animals, plants, and human health by blurring the natural distinction between day and night. International regulations exist to protect the environment for the maintenance of human health but nocturnal darkness is not considered. In Germany, cities and communities labeled as Climatic Health Resorts provide for high standards in air quality. However, their degree of nocturnal darkness is unexplored so far. In our study, we examined the degree of nocturnal darkness in German Climatic Health Resorts by two datasets based on georeferenced remote sensing data. The majority of Climatic Health Resorts (93.1 %) are able to offer a relative respite (≥ 20 mag/arcsec2) from a degraded nocturnal environment, while only 3.4 % are able to offer a dark, if by no means pristine, night environment (≥ 21 mag/arcsec2). Climatic Health Resorts emit less light as well as are less affected by night sky brightness compared to the average of non-classified communities. In combination with daytime requirements, the resorts provide conditions for a more distinct day-and-night-cycle than non-classified communities.

  3. Resources of dark skies in German climatic health resorts

    Gabriel, Katharina M. A.; Kuechly, Helga U.; Falchi, Fabio; Wosniok, Werner; Hölker, Franz


    Illumination of nocturnal environments is increasing steadily worldwide. While there are some benefits for mankind, light at night affects animals, plants, and human health by blurring the natural distinction between day and night. International regulations exist to protect the environment for the maintenance of human health but nocturnal darkness is not considered. In Germany, cities and communities labeled as Climatic Health Resorts provide for high standards in air quality. However, their degree of nocturnal darkness is unexplored so far. In our study, we examined the degree of nocturnal darkness in German Climatic Health Resorts by two datasets based on georeferenced remote sensing data. The majority of Climatic Health Resorts (93.1 %) are able to offer a relative respite (≥ 20 mag/arcsec2) from a degraded nocturnal environment, while only 3.4 % are able to offer a dark, if by no means pristine, night environment (≥ 21 mag/arcsec2). Climatic Health Resorts emit less light as well as are less affected by night sky brightness compared to the average of non-classified communities. In combination with daytime requirements, the resorts provide conditions for a more distinct day-and-night-cycle than non-classified communities.

  4. Health Resort Opatija Volunteer Fire Brigade and Rescue Society.

    Fischinger, Janez; Fischinger, Ales; Fischinger, Dusa


    Not only the health service but also several other humanitarian institutions and societies were active in Abbazia÷Opatija, the most important town on the once Austrian Riviera, the town that was also known as the Austrian Nice. The most important of the societies was The Health Resort Opatija Volunteer Fire Brigade and Rescue Society. The authors of this article have been particularly interested in the society's founding and its activity until it moved into the new building at 6, St. Florjan's Street in 1910. The fast urbanisation and the development of the industry raised the need of the well organised activity of putting out fires. The German gymnastics societies were the first to include the education and the skills development of the volunteer firemen into their programmes. The first volunteer fire brigades appeared in Austria after 1863. The huge fire that broke out in Vienna in 1881 showed that the fast and efficient rescuing demanded a well prepared organization of a team of rescuers. Based on the initiative of the chimney sweep Franz Drescher and The South Railway Company, the volunteer fire brigade was founded in Opatija already in 1886. The founding of the volunteer rescue society was based on the idea given by dr. Jaromir Mundy, the permanent guest in Opatija and a friend of prof. dr. Theodor Billroth, in 1894. The intertwining activity of the both societies resulted in their formal joining. The head physician became dr. Franz Tripold, the chief commander was Franz Doberlet junior. For his special merits, the general assembly of the Health Resort Opatija Volunteer Fire Brigade and Rescue Society appointed him the honourable commander of the society in 1903 and he received a special photo album with the photos of the volunteer firemen and the rescuers' practice. The Emperor Franz Joseph I Jubilee Fire Station, the Rescue Station And the Sanatorium (Kaiser Franz Joseph I Jubiläums - Feuerwehrrüstungshaus, Rettungsstation und Erholungsheim) was given to

  5. Bioaerosols of subterraneotherapy chambers at salt mine health resort.

    Frączek, Krzysztof; Górny, Rafał L; Ropek, Dariusz


    Nowadays, an inhalation of naturally generated aerosols has again become a widely practiced method of balneological treatment of various respiratory diseases. The aim of this study was to characterize the microbial aerosol of subterraneotherapy chambers at the Bochnia Salt Mine Health Resort in southern Poland. The measurements were carried out using a 6-stage Andersen impactor over a period of 1 year in both indoor (i.e., two subterranean chambers, where curative treatments took place) and outdoor air. The maximum bacterial aerosol concentrations in the chambers reached 11,688 cfu/m(3). In such interiors, a high-performance method of microbial contaminant reduction need be introduced, especially when large groups of young patients are medically cured. Respecting fungal aerosol, its average indoor concentration (88 cfu/m(3)) was significantly lower than outdoor level (538 cfu/m(3)). It confirms that ventilation system provides efficient barrier against this type of biologically active propagules. Among identified micro-organisms, the most prevalent indoors were Gram-positive cocci, which constituted up to 80 % of airborne microflora. As highly adapted to the diverse environments of its human host (skin, respiratory tract), they can be easily released in high quantities into the air. The number of people introduced into such subterranean chambers should be in some way limited. The analysis of microclimate parameters revealed that temperature and relative humidity influenced significantly the level of bacterial aerosol only. Hence, a constant control of these parameters should be scrupulously superintended at this type of subterranean premises.

  6. Health-resort fee and a stay in a health-resort hospital – comments based on the general interpretation of the Minister of Finance

    Jacek Wantoch-Rekowski


    Full Text Available The publication presents the argumentation of the Minister of Finance included in the general interpretation of 3 October 2014 concerning the interpretation of Article 17 paragraph 2 clause 2 of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees. It was explained what was understood by the term “hospital” before 3 October 2014 and what changed in this subject after the general interpretation of the Minister of Finance was issued. It was emphasized that now the health-resort fee should not be charged from legal persons staying in health resort hospitals.

  7. A proposal for a worldwide definition of health resort medicine, balneology, medical hydrology and climatology.

    Gutenbrunner, Christoph; Bender, Tamas; Cantista, Pedro; Karagülle, Zeki


    Health Resort Medicine, Balneology, Medical Hydrology and Climatology are not fully recognised as independent medical specialties at a global international level. Analysing the reasons, we can identify both external (from outside the field) and internal (from inside the field) factors. External arguments include, e.g. the lack of scientific evidence, the fact that Balneotherapy and Climatotherapy is not used in all countries, and the fact that Health Resort Medicine, Balneology, Medical Hydrology and Climatology focus only on single methods and do not have a comprehensive concept. Implicit barriers are the lack of international accepted terms in the field, the restriction of being allowed to practice the activities only in specific settings, and the trend to use Balneotherapy mainly for wellness concepts. Especially the implicit barriers should be subject to intense discussions among scientists and specialists. This paper suggests one option to tackle the problem of implicit barriers by making a proposal for a structure and description of the medical field, and to provide some commonly acceptable descriptions of content and terminology. The medical area can be defined as "medicine in health resorts" (or "health resort medicine"). Health resort medicine includes "all medical activities originated and derived in health resorts based on scientific evidence aiming at health promotion, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation". Core elements of health resort interventions in health resorts are balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, and climatotherapy. Health resort medicine can be used for health promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The use of natural mineral waters, gases and peloids in many countries is called balneotherapy, but other (equivalent) terms exist. Substances used for balneotherapy are medical mineral waters, medical peloids, and natural gases (bathing, drinking, inhalation, etc.). The use of plain water (tap water) for therapy is called hydrotherapy

  8. A proposal for a worldwide definition of health resort medicine, balneology, medical hydrology and climatology

    Gutenbrunner, Christoph; Bender, Tamas; Cantista, Pedro; Karagülle, Zeki


    Health Resort Medicine, Balneology, Medical Hydrology and Climatology are not fully recognised as independent medical specialties at a global international level. Analysing the reasons, we can identify both external (from outside the field) and internal (from inside the field) factors. External arguments include, e.g. the lack of scientific evidence, the fact that Balneotherapy and Climatotherapy is not used in all countries, and the fact that Health Resort Medicine, Balneology, Medical Hydrology and Climatology focus only on single methods and do not have a comprehensive concept. Implicit barriers are the lack of international accepted terms in the field, the restriction of being allowed to practice the activities only in specific settings, and the trend to use Balneotherapy mainly for wellness concepts. Especially the implicit barriers should be subject to intense discussions among scientists and specialists. This paper suggests one option to tackle the problem of implicit barriers by making a proposal for a structure and description of the medical field, and to provide some commonly acceptable descriptions of content and terminology. The medical area can be defined as “medicine in health resorts” (or “health resort medicine”). Health resort medicine includes “all medical activities originated and derived in health resorts based on scientific evidence aiming at health promotion, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation”. Core elements of health resort interventions in health resorts are balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, and climatotherapy. Health resort medicine can be used for health promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The use of natural mineral waters, gases and peloids in many countries is called balneotherapy, but other (equivalent) terms exist. Substances used for balneotherapy are medical mineral waters, medical peloids, and natural gases (bathing, drinking, inhalation, etc.). The use of plain water (tap water) for therapy is called

  9. Health-resort fee and a stay in a health-resort hospital – comments based on the general interpretation of the Minister of Finance

    Jacek Wantoch-Rekowski


    The publication presents the argumentation of the Minister of Finance included in the general interpretation of 3 October 2014 concerning the interpretation of Article 17 paragraph 2 clause 2 of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees. It was explained what was understood by the term “hospital” before 3 October 2014 and what changed in this subject after the general interpretation of the Minister of Finance was issued. It was emphasized that now the health-resort fee should not be charged from legal ...

  10. Structural Development of Health Resort Staff in the Republic of Crimea

    Svetlana Yuryevna Tsekhla


    Full Text Available The subject matter of the research is the laws and mechanisms of development of employment in various sectors of the labor market of the Republic of Crimea. The article investigates the regional staffing structure in the development of economic activities of the Republic of Crimea, in particular, the health resort institution to identify priorities for the implementation of employment policies in the region. The main hypothesis of the study: a mismatch of basic parameters of transformation of the labor market in the Republic of Crimea and the educational system produces dysfunctionality of their interaction, causes conflict between the needs and requirements of the labor market and the training level, particularly in the health resort institution, as well as dysfunctionality of formal qualifications of graduates. The methodological basis of the research is a systematic approach to the study of the labor market in the Republic of Crimea and the utilization of statistical methods for analyzing the labor market. In the study, the dynamics of socio-economic development of the Crimean region was analyzed. The labor market conditions in the Crimean region were investigated, which revealed the main causes of imbalances in the labor market development. The analysis of the training of medical students in institutions of higher education was held. Groups of factors affecting the staffing structure in the region were determined. Analysis of the causes of the labor market imbalances in Crimea showed that the existing imbalance was caused by both objective and subjective reasons. Priority lines in employment policy in the health resort institution have been proposed. Their implementation will help to stabilize the situation with the medical staff, including the health resort institution; to improve human resources personnel, capable to provide a high level of service to recreants; to promote problem solving in the development of the Republic of Crimea in the

  11. Health resort medicine in non-musculoskeletal disorders: is there evidence of its effectiveness?

    Stier-Jarmer, Marita; Kus, Sandra; Frisch, Dieter; Sabariego, Carla; Schuh, Angela


    Health resort medicine (HRM; in German: Kurortmedizin) is a field of medicine with long-lasting tradition in several European countries. A number of systematic reviews have shown the effectiveness of HRM in musculoskeletal conditions. Reviews focusing on the effectiveness of HRM in non-musculoskeletal disorders are rare. This systematic review aims to provide an overview about all types of health resort treatments applied in non-musculoskeletal conditions, to summarize evidence for its effectiveness and to assess the quality of published studies. MEDLINE, Web of Knowledge and Embase were searched for articles published between January 2002 and December 2013. We used a broad search strategy in order to find studies investigating the effects of HRM in non-musculoskeletal disorders. Two authors independently extracted data and assessed quality using the Effective Public Health Practice Project Quality Assessment Tool for Quantitative Studies (EPHPP-QAT). Forty-one studies (19 of them with control group) from eight countries examining the efficacy of various forms of spa treatment for 12 disease groups were included. The studies are markedly heterogeneous regarding study design, population and treatment. HRM treatment is associated with clinical improvement in diseases of the skin, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous system among others. However, small samples, the lack of control groups and an insufficient follow-up often limit the generated evidence. The scientific literature of the last decade has shown that a number of non-musculoskeletal disorders are treated with different kinds of HRM. The challenge for the future will be to carry out thoroughly designed studies in larger patient populations to corroborate the impact of HRM treatment on non-musculoskeletal disorders.

  12. A Model of System and Strategic Financial Analysis of the Crimean Health Resorts

    Vadim Anatolyevich Malyshenko


    Full Text Available The subject matter of the research is the system of strategically focused financial analysis regarding an assessment of the financial condition of the enterprise. The hypothesis of the study is to assume the possibility of developing the financial and strategic model of the comprehensive assessment of the financial condition taking into account the integrated impact of environmental factors (general for the most Crimean health resorts. The methodology of the work is based on the most general principles of system analysis. The basic method of the research is the matrix method as the most common one for the system analysis. The graphical and statistical methods are also used. The result of the work is the comprehensive method of financial analysis developed as a model based on the matrix relation between the original visual profile of the internal environment and the dynamic type of external environment. The difference of the visual model of financial state from the existing graphic methods consists in fixing of the new strategic types of financial state on the basis of financial stability in visually grouped areas of financial coefficients in theme groups (configurationsprofiles with certain combinations of the forms and sizes. The new analytical instrument of «frigate model» can be applied in all analytical activities of the health resorts departments related to the analytical assessment of financial state. The advantage of «frigate model» in comparison with a classical method of the forming of the types of financial condition is that the proposed model allows to allocate more differentiated types and in addition, to identify the stages of enterprise life cycle based on the relative indicators of the analysis of financial state (objects-coefficients, and not just on the financial management. Through this, the consistency of interaction between the financial analysis and management is achieved.

  13. Comparative assessment of air quality in two health resorts using carbon isotopes and palynological analyses

    Gorka, M.; Jedrysek, M.O.; Maj, J.; Worobiec, A.; Buczynska, A.; Stefaniak, E.; Krata, A.; Van Grieken, R.; Zwozdziak, A.; Sowka, I.; Zwozdziak, J.; Lewicka-Szczebak, D. [University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw (Poland). Inst. of Geological Science


    This paper describes results of applying the palynological and carbon isotopic analysis of the organic fraction of Total Suspended Particles (TSP) to discriminate distinct pollution sources and assess the anthropogenic impact for the investigated areas. The samples of atmospheric particles were collected in Czerniawa and Cieplice (two health resorts in Lower Silesia, SW Poland) twice a year in summer and winter season (from July 2006 to February 2008). The palynological spectra represent in the vast majority local plant communities without a noticeable contribution of long-transported plant particles. Palynological analysis revealed also differences in the specificity of the two sampling areas, i.e. the higher contribution of identified organic material in Czerniawa stands for more natural character of this site, but is also responsible for the higher allergic pressure when compared to Cieplice. The carbon isotopic composition of TSP varied seasonally ({delta}{sup 13}C value from -27.09 parts per thousand in summer to -25.47 parts per thousand in winter). The increased {delta} {sup 13}C value in winter (heating period) is most probably caused by uncontrolled contribution of coal soot. On the basis of isotopic mass balance the calculated contribution of anthropogenic organic particles in the atmosphere reached in winter season 72% in Czerniawa and 79% in Cieplice.

  14. [The spa-health resort and touristic-recreational facilities of the region: the methodological aspects of their development].

    Kirilina, V M; Kolesnikova, N V; Kolesnikov, N G


    The correction and optimization of the motor activity of the patients are currently the main priorities of all rehabilitative and recreational activities based at the spa and health resort facilities. The forms of such activities include walking tours and excursion trips. In other words, the excursion potential is one of the very important attributes of the recreational recourses. Under the current conditions characterized by the rapid socio-economic changes, the studies concerning the structural and functional transformation of spa and health resorts, recreational and tourist facilities acquire special importance, both from the humanitarian and economic points of view. The results of these studies may greatly contribute to the organization and the further development of rehabilitative and recreational activities based at the spa and health resort facilities, recreational and tourist centers taking into consideration their evolution. The objective of the present article is to analyze the structure and functions of the recreation and tourist centres as well as the modes of their cooperation with the spa and health resort facilities. In other words, these structures and their functions are both the object and the subject of the present study. The methodology of the study is based on the logical analysis of the development of the recreational and tourist systems in the framework of the evolutionary approach. (1) the notions of «tourist destination» and «recreation» have been substantiated; (2) the results of the studies carried out at the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Petrozavodsk State University have been used to elaborate the affiliate international Master Degree program «Project management in the tourism industry». The main emphasis in this program is placed on the necessity and methods of the improvement of recreational activities and more efficacious utilization of the climatic factors and the health resort infrastructure as

  15. Particulate Matter in the Air of the Underground Chamber Complex of the Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort.

    Rogula-Kozłowska, Wioletta; Kostrzon, Magdalena; Rogula-Kopiec, Patrycja; Badyda, Artur J


    This study evaluates the mass concentration and chemical composition of particulate matter (PM), collected in the chamber complex of the underground health resort located in the Wieliczka Salt Mine in southern Poland. Physical and chemical properties of PM were examined from the standpoint of their possible connection with therapeutic effects of the subterranean air in the mine. We found that in three underground spots we measured the average concentration of PM did not exceed 30 μg/m(3). Chemical composition of PM was dominated by sodium chloride, making up 88 % of its mass, on average. It was shown that the underground ambient concentration of PM and its chemical composition depended mostly on the nature of the rock material present in the ventilation tunnel of the health resort, filtering the incoming air. The presence and effect of external sources of PM, including patients' activity, also had an impact on the underground PM concentration.

  16. [The contribution of the Russian Research Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapeutics to the development of the health resort business in this country].

    Povazhnaia, E A; Bobrovnitskiĭ, I P


    The definition of the notion of health resort business is proposed in the context of the legislation pertinent to the natural therapeutic resources, health and recreational localities, spa and resort facilities currently in force in this country. The main landmark events in the history of the Russian Research Centre of Rehabilitative Medicine and Balneotherapeutics are highlighted, its role in the development of balneotherapeutic science and health resort business is described. The major achievements of the Centre in the investigations of therapeutic properties of natural physical factors (climate, mineral waters, peloids, etc.), their action on the human organism, the possibilities of their application for the treatment and prevention of various pathological conditions in and outside health resort facilities are presented. The contribution of the specialists of the Centre to the search for and discovery of new resort resources is emphasized. Community needs in balneotheraputic treatment are estimated, scientific basis for its organization, principles and normatives of health resort business are discussed along with the problems of sanitary control and protection. The activities of the Centre as an organizer of the unique system of rehabilitative and balneotherapeutic aid to the population are overviewed. Scientifically substantiated indications and contraindications for the spa and resort-based treatment of various diseases are proposed in conjunction with the methods for the application of physiotherapeutic factors. The tasks currently facing the Centre and prospects for its future research activities in the fields of rehabilitative medicine and balneotherapeutics are discussed.

  17. [The spa and health resort- based treatment of back pain syndrome in the adolescents presenting with juvenile idiopathic scoliosis].

    Kravtsova, E Yu; Murav'ev, S V; Kravtsov, Yu I

    The relevance of the problem arises from the lack of substantiation for the inclusion of transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation (tSDCS) in the comprehensive spa and health resort-based treatment of back pain syndrome in the adolescents presenting with juvenile idiopathic scoliosis. The objective of the present study was to demonstrate the effectiveness of transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation for the comprehensive spa and health resort-based treatment of back pain syndrome in the adolescents presenting with juvenile idiopathic scoliosis. A total of 18 patients with scoliosis forming the study group 1 received the traditional comprehensive spa and health resort-based treatment. The course of transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation was prescribed to 38 other patients (comprising group 2) in addition to the standard procedures. Another control group was comprised of 15 practically healthy adolescents having no signs of spinal deformations. The visual analog scale for pain, the McGill questionnaire, the scale for the assessment of the situational and personal uneasiness levels (Spilberger Ch.D., Khanin Yu.L.), and the Beck and Tsung depression scales were used, beside the routine clinical methods. Statistical data processing was carried out with the use of the Statistica 6.0 software package. In the group of patients treated with the use of transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation, regression of pain syndrome was well apparent. In the boys with the severity of pain estimated at 2 points based on the visual analog scale who received the standard course of the spa and health resort-based treatment, the pain rank index and the index of the number of the selected descriptors decreased significantly but nonetheless remained higher than in the patients treated by means of tSDCS as a component of the combined therapy (p=0.039). Simultaneously, the significantly lower level of situational (Q1=25.00; Me=36.50; Q3=45.00; p=0.036) and

  18. Physical rehabilitation in complex therapy of the ureter stones patients in the Truskavets health resort area

    Shologon R.P.


    Full Text Available Efficiency of rehabilitation measures is considered in complex therapy with the use of differentiated methods of medical physical education for patients with stones of ureter. Under a supervision there was 143 patients. 93 patients were made basic group, 50 patients - control. From them 51 (56 % are men and 42 (54% are women. Age of patients made from 20 to 60 years. A sanatorium-resort rehabilitation is recommended with the use of the differentiated methods of medical gymnastics. Application of method improved the indexes of the functional state of buds and overhead urinary ways. Frequency of advancement and output of concrements is also megascopic.


    E.I. Kondrat’eva


    Full Text Available Authors present results of a treatment with complex of physical methods and phyto drug Tonsilgon N (Althaeae officinalis L., Chamomilla recutita, Equisetum arvense L., Juglans regia L., Achillea millefolium L., Quercus robur, Taraxacum officinale of 35 children with chronic tonsillitis at a health resort. Clinical, immunological effectiveness and safety was estimated. Inclusion of the drug in treatment scheme resulted in decrease of morbidity with acute respiratory infections and rate of exacerbations of tonsillitis. Phyto drug has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating activity manifested in increase of level of humoral factors in nasal secretion and cytoprotective effect related to positive changes in functional state of epithelium of nasal mucous membrane in children with chronic tonsillitis.Key words: children, chronic tonsillitis, rehabilitation, phytotherapy.(Voprosy sovremennoi pediatrii — Current Pediatrics. 2010;9(2:58-63

  20. [The development of the medical information system for the improvement of the quality of work of the Crimean spa and health resorts].

    Ezhov, V V; Grigor'ev, P E; Mizin, V I; Andriyashek, Yu I; Gol'dberg, D L; Olenchuk, A V


    The Crimea has the enormous potential for the health promotion activities. However, neither the profile of these activities nor the demand for the socio-medical services is clearly defined for the majority of the local spa and health resort facilities. The possibilities of modern information technology are not used in the full measure either. The objective of the present work was to elaborate the new medical information system and demonstrate its effectiveness. In addition, the article describes the main advantages of the system for the optimization of healthcare in the Crimean spa and health resort facilities. We reviewed and analyzed various literature publications, legal framework, standards, regulations, guidelines, and questionnaire survey data obtain at 50 spa and health resort facilities of the Crimea. The results of the assessment indicate the necessity of the systematic approach to the analysis of the quality of medical care and the process of its further development. Statistical and mathematical methods were used to elaborate the medical information system for the optimization of the activities of the Crimean spa and health resorts. The distinctive features of the proposed information system are modularity and the possibility of flexible adjustment to the conditions of individual settings, one-step data loading with the subsequent multiple application for the formulation of documents, automated filling of records in compliance with the medical standards, and taking into consideration the possible changes in or amendments to the form of the documents. The data obtained in the course of project implementation were used for the first time in the Republic of Crimea to design, substantiate, and recommend for the practical application the algorithm for the comprehensive estimation of the results of treatment of the patients based at the spa and health resort facilities with due regard for the specific regional conditions.

  1. [Contact with dolphins as a method of rehabilitation of children with enuresis at health resorts].

    Lukina, L N


    The system of non-drug correction of the functional status of children with enuresis was studied by using specially trained dolphins. Guidelines and the functional units of a health-promoting complex were elaborated. The use of dolphin therapy caused a positive clinical effect in the examinees, particularly in preschool children, the efficiency of whose rehabilitation was twice higher than that in children from other age groups. The findings strongly favour the specific nature of conditioning procedures involving dolphins.

  2. [Tuberculosis and refusal of treatment: resorting to legislation on serious health threats].

    Bouvet, R; Le Gueut, M


    Clinicians are regularly confronted with the question of refusal of treatment from patients with tuberculosis. For several years, the French public health authorities have been studying the possibility of compelling treatment or isolation, but no plan has been implemented even though European and American experiences have shown the effectiveness of restrictive measures. Neither the statutory exceptions to the principle of consent to medical treatment nor the conditions of implementation of "required care" allow legally binding measures against patients refusing care or isolation. The legislation on serious health threats has recently been applied to the situation of a refusal of treatment in the context of tuberculosis. It allowed the patient to be ordered to observe prescribed care and the possibility of forced isolation in the event of breach of this order. The legislation on serious health threats is a response to the question of refusal of treatment from patients with tuberculosis. However the opinion of the legal authority as to its necessity and proportionality to the risk remains unknown. Copyright © 2013 SPLF. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  3. 42 CFR 136.61 - Payor of last resort.


    ... 42 Public Health 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Payor of last resort. 136.61 Section 136.61 Public... OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES INDIAN HEALTH Residual Status § 136.61 Payor of last resort. (a) The Indian Health Service is the payor of last resort for persons defined as eligible for contract...

  4. 42 CFR 136a.61 - Payor of last resort.


    ... 42 Public Health 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Payor of last resort. 136a.61 Section 136a.61..., DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES INDIAN HEALTH Residual Status § 136a.61 Payor of last resort. (a) The Indian Health Service is the payor of last resort of persons defined as eligible for contract...

  5. [Differentiated methods of treating atherosclerotic patients at the Kislovodsk health resort at early periods after transient cerebral circulatory disorders].

    Kanareikin, K F; Velikanov, I I; Sidorovskaia, M D; Lunev, D K; Babenkova, S V


    A dynamic examination of 135 patients with transient disorders of cerebral circulation (TDCC) was conducted in conditions of a sanatorium-resort treatment in Kislovodsk in early stages following the last attack (from 2-3 months). The method of a phasic examination and treatment was accomplished according to the following principle: polyclinic -- hospital -- resort -- polyclinic. Apart from the clinical dynamic examinations such methods as EEG, REG studies of blood coagulation and basic metabolism, and if necessary angio- and dopplerosonography were used. During their stay at the resort diadynamic currents werer used according to the method of a weak effect on the projection of spinal arteries, sinusoidal modulated currents on the cervical sympathetic nodes and plexus, carbon dioxide Narzan baths, and terrain cure. A significant improvement was seen in 10, improvement in 115, insignificant improvement in 9 patients. One patient showed no changes.

  6. Short-term forecasting of the chloride content in the mineral waters of the Ustroń Health Resort using SARIMA and Holt-Winters models

    Dąbrowska Dominika


    Full Text Available The Ustroń S.A. Health Resort (southern Poland uses iodide-bromide mineral waters taken from Middle and Upper Devonian limestones and dolomites with a mineralisation range of 110-130 g/dm3 for curative purposes. Two boreholes - U-3 and U3-A drilled in the early 1970s were exploited. The aim of this paper is to estimate changes in mineral water quality of the Ustroń Health Resort by taking into consideration chloride content in the water from the U-3 borehole. The data has included the results of monthly analyses of chlorides from 2005 to 2015 during the tests carried out by the Mining Department of the Health Resort. The triple exponential smoothing (ETS function and the Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA method of modelling time series were used for the calculations. The ability to properly forecast mineral water quality can result in a good status of the exploitation borehole and a limited number of failures in the exploitation system. Because of the good management of health resorts, it is possible to acquire more satisfied customers. The main goal of the article involves the real-time forecast accuracy, obtained results show that the proposed methods are effective for such situations. Presented methods made it possible to obtain a 24-month point and interval forecast. The results of these analyses indicate that the chloride content is forecast to be in the range of 72 to 83 g/l from 2015 to 2017. While comparing the two methods of analysis, a narrower range of forecast values and, therefore, greater accuracy were obtained for the ETS function. The good performance of the ETS model highlights its utility compared with complicated physically based numerical models.

  7. [Immediate and late results of rehabilitation at the climatic health resorts on the southern coast of the Crimea with sunlight- and meteorolabile patients with chronic bronchitis].

    Logvionenko, I I; Sidorova, L D; Logvinenko, A S


    A study of the social, socioeconomic and economic indices of rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive and nonobstructive bronchitis has shown that one should take account of a degree of expression of heliometeolability when selecting patients with chronic bronchitis residing in West Siberia for climatic treatment in the Crimean South Coast. It has been shown that rehabilitation in the Crimean South Coast health resort area is advisable for heliometeostable patients and patients with mild and marked degrees of heliometeolability. Patients with chronic bronchitis should not be sent to the Crimea in winter and late autumn as the rehabilitation effect in this period is lowered.

  8. [Dynamics of tumour necrosis factor-alpha and clinical signs of osteoarthrosis during the treatment with alflutop in combination with peloid applications under conditions of health resort].

    Maganev, V A; Davletshin, R A; Davletshina, G K; Iapparov, G S


    The objective of the present work was to develop indications for the combined treatment of patients presenting with osteoarthrosis including the use of peloid applications and intramuscular injections of alflutop. The study was based at Yakty-Kul' health resort and included 94 patients at the age from 40 to 59 years. The proposed method was shown to have beneficial effect on the patients' clinical conditions. In addition, the treatment caused a decrease in the level of tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) that turned out to be related to the articular index.

  9. [The spa and resort-based health-promoting treatment of the vehicle drivers suffering from duodenal ulcer disease: the effectiveness and safety].

    El'garov, A A; Kalmykova, M A; El'garova, R M; Betuganova, L V; El'garov, M A


    To evaluate the effectiveness and the safety of the spa and resort-based health-promoting treatment of the vehicle drivers (VD) presenting with duodenal ulcer disease. A total of 67 men suffering from duodenal ulcer disease (DUD) were allocated to two groups. The patients of group 1 (n = 35) were given the courses of balneotherapy that included bromine-iodine mineral baths with a temperature of 36-37 degrees C (8-9 procedures 10-15 min long each every second day) in combination with 8-9 peloid applications to the epigastric region (temperature 38-40 degrees C for 10-15 min every second day). The patients of group 2 (n = 32) were given the similar courses of therapy that included nitric thermal mineral baths with a temperature of 36-37 degrees C (8-9 procedures 10-15 min long each every second day) in combination with 8-9 peloid applications to the epigastric region (38-40 degrees C for 10-15 min every second day). The effectiveness and safety of these balenotherapeutic procedures for the treatment of duodenal ulcer disease in the subjects of the study and control (n = 47) groups were evaluated based on the results of the routine clinical and endoscopic examination, psychological and psychophysiological tests, and the comparative analysis of medical aid appeal-ability and disability cases during twelve months. Dynamics of clinical and instrumental characteristics (subjective, objective, clinical, endoscopic, psychophysiological) suggested the improvement of the health status in 88.6% and 84.4% of the drivers with duodenum ulcer in the two study groups respectively. Some of the patients comprising group 1 showed significant negative dynamics of the operative reaction system while the patients of group 2 demonstrated the marked improvement of the professionally significant functions and properties (PSF&P). The comparative analysis of medical aid appealability, disability cases, frequency of relapses and complications revealed the favorable clinical course of duodenal

  10. [The necessity of new approaches to the elaboration of the projects for the sanitary (mountainous sanitary) protection districts around the therapeutic and health-promotion facilities, health resorts and their natural medical resources].

    Razumov, A N; Adilov, V B


    The international experience gained during the past two centuries indicates that the most efficient and rational way to ensure the protection of the territories occupied by the therapeutic and health-promotion facilities, spa centres, and health resorts together with their natural medical resources is to set up sanitary (mountainous sanitary) protection districts or zones along the perimeter of these territories. Beginning from 2000, numerous changes and amendments have been annually introduced in the Russian legislation intended to ensure efficacious control over the rational exploitation of the territories of therapeutic and health-promotion value and their natural medical resources. These initiatives have negative effect on the activities of these organizations and the quality of the services they are expected to provide. Taken together these effects lead to the degradation of the spa and health resort business. Bearing in mind the current conditions for economic activities, it is proposed, in contrast to the former global approach, to envisage in the aforementioned projects the establishment of the sanitary (mountainous sanitary) protection districts or zones and determine their borders based on the results of the assessment of their potential for the protection of therapeutic factors and other valuable resources. Equally important is the maximum reduction of the areas of the second and third zones taking into account their relevant objective characteristics. In certain cases, the protective district may coincide with the second zone. As far as the federal health resorts and large territories of special health-promotion value are concerned, some of them may have two or more sanitary (mountainous sanitary) protection districts. Both the owners and the users of these territories should be provided the necessary and sufficient possibilities for the rational nature use at the grounds and in the adjacent water areas suitable for the development of health resort

  11. [The external application of "Plastunskaya" fluoride-containing mineral water in the course of the combined spa and health resort-based treatment of deforming osteoarthrosis].

    Mel'Nichuk, L P; Khodasevich, L S


    Mineral waters containing fluorine (fluorinated waters) at a concentration in excess of 1 mg per liter are extensively used in the newly developing spa and health resort areas of the Russian Federation. They have been found in Siberia, Trans-Baikal regions, and the Krasnodar Territory (together with the Greater Sochi). These waters are mainly used for drinking as a component of the balneo- therapeutic treatment. In this context, the study of the therapeutic effects of low-mineralized hydrocarbonate-sodium waters containing fluorine in high concentrations is of paramount importance for the substantiation and facilitation of their external application in the framework of the programs of combined spa and health resort-based treatment of various diseases. We have investigated the possibility of the external application of "Plastunskaya" mineral water characterized above all by the high content of fluorine for the external treatment of osteoarthritis in 187 patients at the age varying from 37 to 63 years in the combination with the sparing regimen of physical activity, therapeutic physical exercises, klimatotherapy of moderate intensity, and a balanced diet. The patients were prescribed to take general "Plastunskaya" mineral water baths with the fluoride concentration of 7.4 mg/l at a temperature of 36 C from 7 to 15 minutes in duration for 2 consecutive days with a break on every third day (the total course consisted of 14-16 baths). It was shown that the combined treatment with the use of fluorine-containing mineral water resulted in the significant improvement of the clinical and biochemical parameters characterizing the health status of the patients suffering from deforming osteoarthrosis.

  12. Assessment of ozone variations and meteorological influences in a tourist and health resort area on the island of Mali Lošinj (Croatia).

    Kovač-Andrić, Elvira; Gvozdić, Vlatka; Herjavić, Glenda; Muharemović, Hasan


    The purpose of this study was to investigate ozone, variations, and its correlation with meteorological parameters at a remote location on the Mali Lošinj Island, which has been a tourist and health resort area in the northern Adriatic. The measured data are discussed in relation to the EU guidelines (Directive 2002/3/EC; Directive 2008/50/EC). In order to characterize ambient air with respect to ozone vegetation injury and photochemical pollution, we calculated accumulated dose over a threshold of 40 parts per billion index and two photochemical pollution indicators. The influence of local meteorological parameters on the measured ozone volume fractions was also investigated. We used the multivariate technique principal component analysis to trace correlations between measured ozone concentration and meteorological parameters.

  13. [The spa-and-health resort-based rehabilitation of the patients presenting with frequently recurring erosive and ulcerative lesions in the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum in the phase of subsiding exacerbation].

    Efimenko, N V; Kaĭsinova, A S


    To develop a new medical technology for the spa-and-health resort-based treatment of the patients presenting with frequently recurring erosive and ulcerative lesions in the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum in the phase of subsiding exacerbation. A total of 100 patients presenting with frequently recurring erosive and ulcerative lesions in the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum in the phase of subsiding exacerbation were available for the examination that included detailed investigations of the clinical picture, characteristics of the immune status, and psychological testing before and after a course of the spa-and-health resort-based treatment. The effectiveness of two therapeutic modalities was evaluated. One of them (control) prescribed to 50 patients consisted of standard antiulcer pharmacotherapy in combination with Essentuki Novaya drinking mineral water and carbon dioxide mineral baths, the other given to 50 patients included radon baths instead of carbon dioxide mineral baths. The combined application of drinking mineral waters, radon baths, and standard antiulcer pharmacotherapy produced the most conspicuous clinical effect in the framework of spa-and-health resort-based rehabilitation of the patients presenting with frequently recurring erosive and ulcerative lesions in the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum in the phase of subsiding exacerbation as confirmed by positive dynamics of their psychoemotional status in 97.7% of the cases, regression of pain syndrome (91.5%), and improvement of humoral and cellular immunity (94%). An important result of the spa-and-health resort-based rehabilitation is the intensification of the reparative processes in gastroduodenal mucosa responsible for the healing of ulcers and erosions in 94.7% of the patients. The spa-and-health resort-based rehabilitation is a pathogenetically sound and efficacious approach to the management of the patients presenting with frequently recurring erosive and ulcerative lesions in the

  14. Patterns of binge drinking at an international nightlife resort

    Tutenges, Sébastien; Hesse, Morten


    AIMS: The aim of this study was to compare the patterns of substance use in young Danes while holidaying in the Bulgarian holiday resort of Sunny Beach (SB) to their patterns of substance use in Denmark. METHODS: Data were collected from visitors to SB in 2007 (n = 1011). Information on alcohol a...... nightlife resorts provide a context for excess in drug use and alcohol use. Alcohol poses a potentially severe threat to the short- and long-term health of young tourists, but little attention has been paid to form interventions targeting binge drinking in nightlife resorts....

  15. Bãile Herculane Resort

    Munteanu Constantin


    Full Text Available Baile Herculane is a balneary resort located in Caraş-Severin County, in South-Western Romania and is located 41 km to the Northwest of the city of Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinti County. Resort Baile Herculane is documentary attested since 153 a.d. and is an attraction for its healing power of water. The Romans will be arriving in Dacia were impressed with the power of exceptional quality healing waters of the Cernei Vally, therefore, have made an important point of attraction here. In those times you keep bathrooms, statues, coins, culverts, signs of gratitude to the gods that were cured with water. The aqueducts, baths and hot springs from the time of the Romans. The beauty of the places where the resort Baile Herculane cannot be described in words, you have to go to see with your eyes

  16. [The effectiveness of the spa and health resort-based treatment with the application of Essentuki-type drinking mineral waters for the management of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the patients presenting with type 2 diabetes mellitus].

    Efimenko, N V; Kaisinova, A S; Fedorova, T E; Botvineva, L A


    The objective of the present study was to estimate the effectiveness of the spa and health resort-based treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in 40 patients at the mean age of 48,8 ± 5.7 years suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. All of them received combined therapy including the application of potable Essentuki-Novaya mineral water (20 patients) or Essentuki No 4 water (20 patients). This therapeutic modality resulted in positive dynamics of clinical symptoms of the disease, the functional liver tests, and parameters of intra-hepatic hemodynamics, lipid peroxidation homeostasis, and the hormonal status. It is concluded that the spa and health resort-based treatment with the application of local drinking Essentuki-type mineral waters for the management of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the patients presenting with type 2 diabetes mellitus leads to the improvement of the main functions of the liver, stabilizes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and prevents progression of the pathological process.

  17. [The natural resources of the expedition bay as a basis for the creation of the health resort centre at the coast of the Peter the Great Bay, the Sea of Japan].

    Vasil'chenko, V F; Badalov, N G; Derkacheva, L N


    The present article presents characteristics of the therapeutic and health promoting potential of the Expedition Bay, (part of the Peter the Great Bay, the Sea of Japan), known to be a deposit of therapeutic sea muds. The great variety of local therapeutic natural resources, viz. sea muds, sea weeds, friendly climate, beeches, etc., can be used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The Expedition Bay was designated as a local area of recreational and therapeutic value that can be used as a basis for the creation and further development of the multi-field health resort centre (or medical spa) that would attract patients from other regions of Russia and the surrounding countries. The future centre would provide medical services based in the first place on the classical methods of climatic and peloid therapy, thalassotherapy (heliotherapy, aeroionotherapy, bathing, marine algae therapy, etc.) as well as the modern balneotherapeutic and spa technologies, therapeutic tourism for the purpose of rehabilitation and health promotion.

  18. Bãile Tusnad Resort

    Munteanu Constantin


    Full Text Available The village is situated in the central-eastern Romania (Harghita county, Olt River in extreme southern part of Ciuc Depression, altitude 656m, 32 km south of Miercurea Ciuc. Quay Malnas- Tusnad of Olt, the air highly ozoned, the peace, the comfort and treatment of with mineral waters Tusnad Bath have made of a fine resort and an ideal place for holidays in any season. City has a subalpine climate, of mountain valley, with cool summers (July average temperature is 17.5 ° C and cold winters (average temperature in January is -7 ° C. Moderate rainfall (between 600 and 700 mm annually. Mountains shield against the wind.

  19. Gloria Hotels & Resorts Hosts Appreciation Dinner


    The Gloria Hotels & Resorts 2011 Road Show kicked off on September 1 at the Celebrity International Grand Hotel Beijing with a "Xiexie Evening." The cele bration was held to thank media, corporate clients,travel agents and partners for their support of Gloria Hotels & Resorts in China and abroad.During the evening,

  20. Solicitant -exciting plain bioclimate / Amara Balneoclimateric Resort

    Munteanu Constantin


    Full Text Available Spa and balneotherapy is one of studying medicine and therapy and apply natural factors intherapy: natural mineral water springs and lakes mineralized, therapeuticmineral mud and peat, gas emanations and climate zones,orlocalities developed intosources respective treatment , the spa resort climate.Resources are the mineral spa and climatic treatment ,whose physicochemical properties meet the needs of prevention and health maintenance, strengthening and restoration of health, work capacity and physical and mental comfort of the individual.Climatic is a form of treatment, well-run, have fewer side effects than chemo therapeutictreatment and prolonged effects, because the way treatment is as close to normal activity in a relaxing environment.Bioclimate turn-applicant is characterized by general biological effects resulting from theapplication marked the central nervous system and autonomic and endocrine activity. Bioclimatic conditions, demanding aplain exciting resorts are located in northeasternbalneoclimatice Baragan, on the shores of salt lakes: Amara, Lacul Sarat.

  1. Snow management practices in French ski resorts

    Spandre, Pierre; Francois, Hugues; George-Marcelpoil, Emmanuelle; Morin, Samuel


    Winter tourism plays a fundamental role in the economy of French mountain regions but also in other countries such as Austria, USA or Canada. Ski operators originally developed grooming methods to provide comfortable and safe skiing conditions. The interannual variability of snow conditions and the competition with international destinations and alternative tourism activities encouraged ski resorts to mitigate their dependency to weather conditions through snowmaking facilities. However some regions may not be able to produce machine made snow due to inadequate conditions and low altitude resorts are still negatively impacted by low snow seasons. In the meantime, even though the operations of high altitude resorts do not show any dependency to the snow conditions they invest in snowmaking facilities. Such developments of snowmaking facilities may be related to a confused and contradictory perception of climate change resulting in individualistic evolutions of snowmaking facilities, also depending on ski resorts main features such as their altitude and size. Concurrently with the expansion of snowmaking facilities, a large range of indicators have been used to discuss the vulnerability of ski resorts such as the so-called "100 days rule" which was widely used with specific thresholds (i.e. minimum snow depth, dates) and constraints (i.e. snowmaking capacity). The present study aims to provide a detailed description of snow management practices and major priorities in French ski resorts with respect to their characteristics. We set up a survey in autumn 2014, collecting data from 56 French ski operators. We identify the priorities of ski operators and describe their snowmaking and grooming practices and facilities. The operators also provided their perception of the ski resort vulnerability to snow and economic challenges which we could compare with the actual snow conditions and ski lift tickets sales during the period from 2001 to 2012.

  2. Balneotherapy in the Boghiş Resort

    Gáspár Boróka; Gabriela Dogaru


    The Băile Boghiş resort in Sălaj county is situated in the Barcău depression, at 15 km distance from Şimleu Silvaniei, in a sedative-indifferent climate of hills, at an altitude of 300 m, without excessive temperatures, with a mean annual rainfall of 650 mm. The first evidence of the climate and thermal mineral waters of the resort dates back to the 18th century. The Nuşfalău-Boghiş thermal mineral water reservoir is confined to deep permeable aquiferous layers that correspond to the alter...

  3. Balneotherapy in the Boghiş Resort

    Gáspár Boróka


    Full Text Available The Băile Boghiş resort in Sălaj county is situated in the Barcău depression, at 15 km distance from Şimleu Silvaniei, in a sedative-indifferent climate of hills, at an altitude of 300 m, without excessive temperatures, with a mean annual rainfall of 650 mm. The first evidence of the climate and thermal mineral waters of the resort dates back to the 18th century. The Nuşfalău-Boghiş thermal mineral water reservoir is confined to deep permeable aquiferous layers that correspond to the altered zone of crystalline basement and sedimentary formations of Miocene and Pliocene age. It is an all-season spa and climatic resort; the bicarbonate, sodium, sulfur, iodine hypotonic hyperthermal mineral springs (with a total mineralization of 1016.2-1432.8 mg/l come from hydrogeological wells, producing over 1900 m3/day waters with a temperature of 40-42˚C. The spa has 2 outdoor pools (in summer time, bathtubs (in the process of being rehabilitated and an indoor pool. The peat mud from Stoboru (Cuzăplac commune is another therapeutic factor used in the resort. Therapeutic indications are related to the following disorders: osteoarticular system diseases, abarticular and degenerative rheumatic diseases, posttraumatic, peripheral neurological, gynecological, endocrine, nutrition and metabolic disorders, treated by external use (pool or bathtubs, while cooled water is used for crenotherapy. A specific feature is that thermal water, which has a temperature of 40-42˚C, can be used without being successively cooled or heated in pools or bathtubs, which allows to maintain its initial qualities. This paper includes early and recent data on a resort that is progressing from a local level to the national circuit, having an important extension potential.

  4. Assessing Tourist Resorts Surrounding Metropolitans Applying SWOT- AHP Models Case study: Malaga Resort

    A. Movahed; S. Amanpoor; Zarei, R.


    Extended abstract1-IntroductionToday, the urban concept is not understandable without resorts in different forms and the results of urban development and environmental problems have made the development ad existence of resorts unavoidable.Ahvaz is one of the metropolitan cities. For the reason of its pollution, oil-dependent industries, hot and humid weather, having a long hot and dusty season, the citizens have been encouraged to travel to other areas with better climate. Therefore, it is ne...

  5. Germanidade e banhos medicinais nos primórdios dos balneários no Rio Grande do Sul Germanism and medicinal bathing in the early days of health resorts in Rio Grande do Sul

    Sílvio Marcus de Souza Correa


    Full Text Available Nos primórdios dos balneários no Rio Grande do Sul, encontravam-se alguns imigrantes alemães, não apenas entre os banhistas, mas também entre os empresários do incipiente ramo do curismo-turismo. Era um grupo pequeno de imigrantes de origem urbana que, em geral, já conhecia as vantagens curativas ou revigorantes dos banhos em balneários europeus. Entre eles destacavam-se os médicos, importantes emissores de um discurso científico em prol dos balneários. As práticas terapêuticas de banhos de mar chegaram ao Brasil meridional pela imigração européia da segunda metade do século XIX, embora sua difusão só tenha ocorrido na primeira metade do século seguinte, quando se desenvolveram as primeiras praias balneárias no Rio Grande do Sul.In the early days of bathing resorts some German immigrants were found not only among the bathers, but also among the entrepreneurs of the incipient branch of 'curism-tourism'. It was a small group of immigrants of urban origin who, in general, already knew the curative or reinvigorating advantages of the baths in European bathing resorts. Among them, doctors were prominent, important emissaries of a scientific discourse in favor of bathing resorts. The therapeutic practices of bathing in the sea arrived to meridional Brazil with the European immigration of the second half of the nineteenth century, although its diffusion only took place in the first half of the following century, when the first bathing beaches in Rio Grande do Sul were developed.

  6. Intentional extraction and replantation: the last resort.

    Abdurahiman, V T; Jolly, Sanju John; Khader, M Abdul


    The importance of the first molar in the development of occlusion is well-known. The difficulties when first molar is not there during the eruption of the second molar and the premolar don't have to be explained much. The construction of a space maintainer in the area of missing first molar is difficult when seven and five are not erupted. The article highlights a case where a grossly decayed first molar with repeated endodontic failures was treated by intentional extraction and replantation as a last resort. A follow-up along with indications and considerations are documented.

  7. Intentional extraction and replantation: The last resort

    V T Abdurahiman


    Full Text Available The importance of the first molar in the development of occlusion is well-known. The difficulties when first molar is not there during the eruption of the second molar and the premolar don′t have to be explained much. The construction of a space maintainer in the area of missing first molar is difficult when seven and five are not erupted. The article highlights a case where a grossly decayed first molar with repeated endodontic failures was treated by intentional extraction and replantation as a last resort. A follow-up along with indications and considerations are documented.

  8. Rezar para sanar: el recurso mágico-religioso en la búsqueda de la salud (Praying for healing: the magical-religious resort in the search for health

    Carmen Castilla-Vázquez


    anthropological fieldwork conducted by the author in the field of popular Catholicism in Andalusia (Spain, work funded by the Commission of Ethnology of the Andalucian government for the realization of her thesis PhD. In order to fight and end disease, different cultural systems offer both empirical and supernatural answers, especially in situations where scientific medicine lacks one. In those circumstances, people resort to metaphysical explanations in an attempt to propitiate supernatural beings so that they apply their healing powers. In traditional catholic societies –Andalusia for the case that concerns us– people have used, and still do, a magical-religious model based on the belief that supernatural beings (God, the Virgin or the saints possess enough power to interrupt the course of any disease. In addition, this model comprises a ritual to invoke the participation of the supernatural beings in the rearrangement of some fact in exchange for a votive offering. My aim in this paper is to present this religious ritual whose main motivation is the resolution of health-related problems. The votive offering is the last link in a ritual process that begins with a situation of disease, accident or risk suffered by a subject; this circumstance is followed by an invocation and a promise to be fulfilled by the subject or another person in her name, requesting the intervention of the supernatural being to end that threat. When the request is granted to the petitioner’s satisfaction, it commits her to fulfill the promise. Here is where the votive offering plays its part –a material object of lasting character that appears as the materialization of the miraculous fact.

  9. Rezar para sanar: el recurso mágico-religioso en la búsqueda de la salud (Praying for healing: the magical-religious resort in the search for health

    Castilla-Vazquez, Carmen


    anthropological fieldwork conducted by the author in the field of popular Catholicism in Andalusia (Spain, work funded by the Commission of Ethnology of the Andalucian government for the realization of her thesis PhD. In order to fight and end disease, different cultural systems offer both empirical and supernatural answers, especially in situations where scientific medicine lacks one. In those circumstances, people resort to metaphysical explanations in an attempt to propitiate supernatural beings so that they apply their healing powers. In traditional catholic societies Andalusia for the case that concerns us people have used, and still do, a magical-religious model based on the belief that supernatural beings (God, the Virgin or the saints possess enough power to interrupt the course of any disease. In addition, this model comprises a ritual to invoke the participation of the supernatural beings in the rearrangement of some fact in exchange for a votive offering. My aim in this paper is to present this religious ritual whose main motivation is the resolution of health-related problems. The votive offering is the last link in a ritual process that begins with a situation of disease, accident or risk suffered by a subject; this circumstance is followed by an invocation and a promise to be fulfilled by the subject or another person in her name, requesting the intervention of the supernatural being to end that threat. When the request is granted to the petitioners satisfaction, it commits her to fulfill the promise. Here is where the votive offering plays its part a material object of lasting character that appears as the materialization of the miraculous fact.

  10. Cálculo de resortes helicoidales con SolidWorks

    Hernández Carpio, Alejandro


    El principal objetivo de este proyecto no es otro que aunar el diseño de resortes teórico o tradicional con los métodos computacionales mencionados, generando una metodología de trabajo para el cálculo computacional de resortes con SolidWorks. Esta metodología consiste, en primer lugar, en la construcción del modelo del resorte, describiendo el proceso a seguir para modelizar un resorte helicoidal de compresión. Tras ello se abordará la simulación del mismo bajo las cargas y condi...

  11. Development prospects of resort townsin the Republic of Armenia

    Avetisyan Narek Avetisovich


    Full Text Available The current state of the resort towns and their diversification in Armenia are discussed in the context of sustainable development. Armenia doesn’t currently stand out among the tourist destinations of the world, despite its historical and cultural heritage and natural resources. In this article the town Jermuk is described, which is located in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Health centers and other infrastructures of Armenian resorts were built in the period of the Soviet Union; they were restored in recent times. The main development trends of Jermuk should follow the upgrade of already built resorts (their leading examples at the European level, at the same time creating more active environment in order to meet the requirements of local population and visitors, taking into account the surrounding natural landscape and its features. One of the important issues, which should be taken into account, is the problem of seasonality (the city has no money to give for the opportunity to diversify the tourism offer in winter, and the economy with the only activity (thermal function.Within a few years, Jermuk has rediscovered its perspectives and expresses the desire to acquire its place in the international market of spa tourism at a future date. Thus, the question of assessing the historical and cultural heritage is now one of the most pressing problems of the city, which is on the eve of important decisions on the future direction of resuming recovery services. For the revival and development of Jermuk in the medium and long term, and in order to identify urban and architectural interventions, we should note some important issues:Updating the thermal functions of the city: This area of Jermuk still attracts a large clientele in summer, mainly from Yerevan, the Armenian diaspora and from the former Soviet republics (mainly from Russia. At the same time, the increase in the tourist attraction level requires upgrading public-safety and recreational

  12. 34 CFR 303.126 - Payor of last resort.


    ... 34 Education 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Payor of last resort. 303.126 Section 303.126 Education Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education (Continued) OFFICE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION AND... DISABILITIES State Application for a Grant Statement of Assurances § 303.126 Payor of last resort....

  13. 34 CFR 303.527 - Payor of last resort.


    ... 34 Education 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Payor of last resort. 303.527 Section 303.527 Education Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education (Continued) OFFICE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION AND... resort. (a) Nonsubstitution of funds. Except as provided in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, funds...

  14. Resort Project Selection by Using Compromise Programming

    Gabrijela Popović


    Full Text Available Serbia is a landlocked country deprived of the possibility of developing maritime tourism. On the other hand, it has the opportunity to develop the other types of tourism, such as: mountain tourism, spa tourism, rural tourism, etc. Serbia has to improve its tourism infrastructure in order to achieve better quality and meet tourists’ requirements. In that sense, it is necessary to enhance the number of the accommodation facilities that will meet set standards. The selection of the type of the accommodation facility, as well as its location, is a very delicate issue because the right choice influences future operations and revenue. Making a decision without considering the problem from every available aspect could lead to making the wrong decisions. Multiple Criteria Decision Making methods are imposed as the logical approach to solving problems in an effective manner. In this paper, the ranking and selection of the optimal resort project focused on the tourism development of Bačka and is performed using compromise programming.

  15. Emergent Behavior of Coupled Barrier Island - Resort Systems

    McNamara, D. E.; Werner, B. T.


    Barrier islands are attractive sites for resorts. Natural barrier islands experience beach erosion and island overwash during storms, beach accretion and dune building during inter-storm periods, and migration up the continental shelf as sea level rises. Beach replenishment, artificial dune building, seawalls, jetties and groins have been somewhat effective in protecting resorts against erosion and overwash during storms, but it is unknown how the coupled system will respond to long-term sea level rise. We investigate coupled barrier island - resort systems using an agent-based model with three components: natural barrier islands divided into a series of alongshore cells; resorts controlled by markets for tourism and hotel purchases; and coupling via storm damage to resorts and resort protection by government agents. Modeled barrier islands change by beach erosion, island overwash and inlet cutting during storms, and beach accretion, tidal delta growth and dune and vegetation growth between storms. In the resort hotel market, developer agents build hotels and hotel owning agents purchase them using predictions of future revenue and property appreciation, with the goal of maximizing discounted utility. In the tourism market, hotel owning agents set room rental prices to maximize profit and tourist agents choose vacation destinations maximizing a utility based on beach width, price and word-of-mouth. Government agents build seawalls, groins and jetties, and widen the beach and build up dunes by adding sand to protect resorts from storms, enhance beach quality, and maximize resort revenue. Results indicate that barrier islands and resorts evolve in a coupled manner to resort size saturation, with resorts protected against small-to-intermediate-scale storms under fairly stable sea level. Under extended, rapidly rising sea level, protection measures enhance the effect of large storms, leading to emergent behavior in the form of limit cycles or barrier submergence

  16. Gardening and Agricultural Application in Chengde Summer Mountain Resort

    Yanping; LI; Yiyong; ZHANG; Haicheng; YU


    Taking Chengde Summer Mountain Resort for example, agricultural development and application in gardening practices in the flourishing ages of Kangxi and Qianlong, and cultural connotations of valuing the fundamental role of agriculture in national economy were analyzed.

  17. 25 CFR 700.213 - Methods of providing last resort replacement housing.


    ... 25 Indians 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Methods of providing last resort replacement housing. 700... RELOCATION PROCEDURES Last Resort Replacement Housing § 700.213 Methods of providing last resort replacement housing. (a) General. The methods of providing last resort housing include, but are not limited to—...

  18. Tourism Restoration and Remodelling of Borsec Resort



    Full Text Available For the past decades, with its important social and economic projects, health tourism has become a major international tourist market segment. Major human and material resources focus on it with an even deeper involvement of science and technology in order to provide complex and high quality tourist and medical services, required to satisfy the vital necessities of modern man, due to population’s changes in health state and living conditions.

  19. The Assessment of Hotel Services in Poiana Brasov Resort

    Baltescu C.A.


    Full Text Available The choice of a holiday destination is determined by the features of the existing accommodation offer. The quality of hotel services provided influence the attracted customer segment, the satisfaction degree of consumption, the loyalty degree for the accommodation unit and destination, and also the economic-financial performance of the company. This article analyzes the opinions of tourists staying in Poiana Braşov resort regarding their consumption experience in one of the most representative hotels of the resort. The results obtained show customers’ expectations, satisfaction degree after consumption and future ways for adapting and improving hotel services.

  20. The planning of urban green areas and its protective importance in resort cities (case of Georgian resorts

    T.K. Khoshtaria


    Full Text Available The article discusses the problem of green areas reduction and degradation in Southern Georgia, for three resort cities located in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. These cities are well known balneological and climatic resorts of Georgia - Akhaltsikhe, Borjomi and Abastumani. In the frames of this study, the actual conditions of urban green areas and neighboring to tourism and recreation zones forests are mentioned, by comparing these three resorts. Case study for natural disasters of last time - heavy rainflows case is analyzed. The protective role of green areas planting for this case is estimated. For each city planning concepts of green areas are worked out and recommendations for sustainable development of urban landscapes are concluded.

  1. Approaches to recreational landscape scaling of mountain resorts

    Chalaya, Elena; Efimenko, Natalia; Povolotskaia, Nina; Slepih, Vladimir


    In the mountain resorts (MR) the climate and the landscape are natural medical resources which are very sensitive to anthropogenic influences [EGU2011-6740-3; EGU2012-6103]. Positive experience of the climatic and landscape treatment at the MR of the North Caucasus allowed us to establish fundamental interrelation between the quality of recreational landscapes (RL), climatic conditions and the efficiency of medical rehabilitation of people at the MR on the basis of rational use of natural medical resources. There have been registered the following bioclimatic distinctions and physiological responses with the recipients suffering from high disadaptation according to the results of the complex route medical and geophysical studies on the urban and park landscapes. We have defined hot discomfort at the open space of urban territory when the weather is extremely hot and anticyclone - the thermal balance (TB) is higher than +840 W/sq.m, extreme risk of solar erythema burn - UVI - higher than 11, the low content of natural anions - lower than 260 ion/cm3, high coefficient of ions unipolarity (CIU) - 2.16 and a high temperature of the underlying surface (asphalt) 46.40C. At the same time in the resort park of vegetable association Bétula péndula (50 years) TB was significantly lower - +480 W/sq.m, there was no risk of erythema burn (UVI 4), an optimum level of natural anions was 840 ion/cm3 and the value of CIU was 0.98, grass and soil temperature was + 290C and there was a favourable background of evaporating metabolites. At such favourable bioclimatic change the patients have been registered to have the voltage reduction of the vegetative index (from 640 to 380; N-150), the increase in efficiency of neurohumoral regulation (from 0.12 to 0.34; N 0,50), the decrease in spectrum excitability of brain activity in the range of waves: delta 0 … 0.4Hz by 16%, the increase in work activity of the brain in the range of waves: thetra 4 … 8 Hz, alpha 8 … 13 Hz. beta 13

  2. Assessing Tourist Resorts Surrounding Metropolitans Applying SWOT- AHP Models Case study: Malaga Resort

    A. Movahed


    Full Text Available Extended abstract1-IntroductionToday, the urban concept is not understandable without resorts in different forms and the results of urban development and environmental problems have made the development ad existence of resorts unavoidable.Ahvaz is one of the metropolitan cities. For the reason of its pollution, oil-dependent industries, hot and humid weather, having a long hot and dusty season, the citizens have been encouraged to travel to other areas with better climate. Therefore, it is necessary to locate a place with appropriate climate in the province. In this study, we use the descriptive combination and analytical method and this research is applied. We aim to examine three patterns: the final level pattern walkway areas of major cities, Robert pattern and standard distance pattern. Results show that, because of the long distance between Ahvaz and Malaga, the above-mentioned models could not determine Ahvaz walkway field.2- Theoretical basesThe Tourism has expressed as the specific spatial patterns. One of them is spatial patterns of urban tourism. Urban areas are important tourism places because they have historical and cultural attractions. The major cities have many diverse attractions, including museums, monuments, theaters, sports stadiums, parks, toy city, Shopping centers, and places of historical and architectural sites of important events with famous people. Moreover, if the tourist attractions are located in rural areas, urban movement supports the objective location.To examine the influence of large urban parks, three methods are used that are: A - The final model of the metropolitan parkB - Robert patternC - Standard distance model3– DiscussionThere are three different variations of climate in Khuzestan province: desert climate, semi desert climate and mountainous climate that are suitable for tourism. Ahvaz city has taken in desert climatology; therefore, there is a need for amusement places at mountainous climates. As map

  3. Multifunction laser systems in clinical and resort practice

    ZABULONOV, Yuriy; Vladimirov, Alexander; Chukhraiev, Nikolay; Elmehsenawi, Yousry; Zukow, Walery


    SHUPYKNATIONALMEDICALACADEMY OF POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION UKRAINIANSOCIETY OFPHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE RADOM UNIVERSITY       Yuriy Zabulonov, Alexander Vladimirov, Nikolay Chukhraiev, Yousry Elmehsenawi, Walery Zukow       MULTIFUNCTION LASER SYSTEMS IN CLINICAL AND RESORT PRACTICE   Edited by Yuriy Zabulonov, Alexander Vladimirov, Nikolay Chukhraiev, Yousry Elmehsenawi, Walery Zukow  ...

  4. 39 CFR 777.27 - Last resort housing.


    ... Provide Last Resort Housing. A displaced person cannot be required to move from his or her dwelling unless... may be taken to provide for “last resort” housing for eligible displaced persons. (b) Basic Rights of Persons to be Displaced. The provisions of this section do not deprive any displaced person of any...

  5. Biodiversity of seagrass bed in Balanan Resort - Baluran National Park

    Soedarti, T.; Hariyanto, S.; Wedayanti, A.; Rahmawati, A. D.; Safitri, D. P.; Alificia, R. I.; Suwono


    Seagrass beds are flowering plants that live on the seabed. Seagrass provides a habitat for diverse flora and fauna, spawning ground, nursery ground, raising ground, and feeding ground. Balanan Resort - Baluran National Park has many beaches, such as Kajang Beach, Si Banjir Beach, Kakapa Beach, and Serondo Beach. This study was aimed to determine species composition, seagrass dominated, and the diversity index of seagrass and substrate in Resort Balanan - Baluran National Park. This research was carried out in Kajang Beach, Sibanjir Beach, Kakapa Beach, and Sirondo Beach from August to September 2015 using belt transect method, each transect consists of 15 plots (19 transects = 285 plots) and using the frame of 1x1 m. This research found seven genera and ten species : Cymodoce (C rotundata and C. serrulata), Syringodium (S. isoelifolium), Thallassodendron (T. ciliatum), Enhalus (E. acoroides) , Halodule (H. univernis and H. pinifolia), Halophila (H. ovalis and H. decipiens), and Thalassia (T. hemprichii). The diversity index of seagrass bed was moderate [H'=1.90] in Balanan Resort. The substrate of seagrass bed was mud, gravel, sand, clay sand and rubble in Balanan Resort. The dominance index was near zero [C = 0.194], that means no dominant species.

  6. Air quality in the mountain climate-balneological resort Kislovodsk

    Chalaya, Elena; Efimenko, Natalia; Povolotckaia, Nina; Senik, Irina; Slepykh, Victor


    There has been studied the quality of the surface atmosphere in the mountain climate-balneological resort Kislovodsk (MCBRK) to treat by means of climate and landscape (TCL) of the patients suffering from bronchial asthma (PBA) [1]. 60 children (31 boys and 29 girls at the age of 9-11 years) were examined in the course of 34 days of the resort treatment in MCBRK, PBA (ICD-10 G45,0) in a remission stage. There have been used the data of the long-term bioclimatic monitoring (BCM) that is carried out by PRIC FMBA, aerosol monitoring of IFA RAS, landscape monitoring of SNP in Kislovodsk Resort Park (KRP) as well as the data of medical monitoring, daily testing of meteopathic reactions (MPR), indicators dynamics of bronchial patency, cardiac rhythm, neurovascular reactivity, psychoemotional status of patients. TCL was carried out in the form of walks under the canopy of Betula pendula Roth., Salix f. pendula, acer platanoides globosum, Aesculus hippocastanum L., Phellodendron amurense, Tilia caucasica in KRP daily lasting from 1 till 2 hours. The results of a complex research showed that at TCL in KRP the favourable heat balance had 92% warm relations (TB300C), aerosol growth till 6-12 particles/cm3 in the blocking anti-cyclone. Conclusion: the surface atmosphere in KRP is mainly at the level of background rural territories, it is perspective for usage in the medical and improving purposes. Episodes of slightly polluted surface atmosphere are connected with forest fires, autopollution during the periods of the blocking anti-cyclones. References 1. Resort study of Caucasian Mineral Vody region/Under the general edition of MD, prof. V.V. Uyba. Scientific publication. - Pyatigorsk: PRIC FMBA. Volume 1. - 2009. - 335p; Volume 2. - 2011. - 368p.

  7. Land degradation at the Stara Planina ski resort.

    Ristić, Ratko; Kašanin-Grubin, Milica; Radić, Boris; Nikić, Zoran; Vasiljević, Nevena


    The environmental impacts of ski resorts in the Balkan region are great and can lead to landscape degradation and loss of land functionality. In this study, we present an example of the negative effects of human activities at the Stara Planina ski resort in southeastern Serbia. The objective of this study is detailed analysis of the characteristics of environmental impacts at the Stara Planina. The management of the ski area and ski slope development caused severe degradation of topsoil and native vegetation. The morphological characteristics of the area, lithological properties of the exposed material and climate conditions resulted in various geomorphic impacts, including rills, deep gullies, solifluctions and debris from rock weathering. Significant changes in land usage altered hydrological conditions, resulting in more frequent torrential floods in the downstream sections of the Zubska River and increased the sediment yield. Environmental impacts were analyzed in the immediate and wider zones of the ski resort in accordance with the specific topography and visual exposure. The restoration and erosion control measures have stopped degradation processes and helped to rehabilitate the appearance and functions of the landscape. The results show the importance of considering lithological (the type and characteristics of minerals present) and hydrological (precipitation, water storage capacity of soil, runoff) factors under the conditions of significant changes in land usage. The results of this investigation can contribute to the improvement of planning processes and the implementation of development projects in ski areas.

  8. Land Degradation at the Stara Planina Ski Resort

    Ristić, Ratko; Kašanin-Grubin, Milica; Radić, Boris; Nikić, Zoran; Vasiljević, Nevena


    The environmental impacts of ski resorts in the Balkan region are great and can lead to landscape degradation and loss of land functionality. In this study, we present an example of the negative effects of human activities at the Stara Planina ski resort in southeastern Serbia. The objective of this study is detailed analysis of the characteristics of environmental impacts at the Stara Planina. The management of the ski area and ski slope development caused severe degradation of topsoil and native vegetation. The morphological characteristics of the area, lithological properties of the exposed material and climate conditions resulted in various geomorphic impacts, including rills, deep gullies, solifluctions and debris from rock weathering. Significant changes in land usage altered hydrological conditions, resulting in more frequent torrential floods in the downstream sections of the Zubska River and increased the sediment yield. Environmental impacts were analyzed in the immediate and wider zones of the ski resort in accordance with the specific topography and visual exposure. The restoration and erosion control measures have stopped degradation processes and helped to rehabilitate the appearance and functions of the landscape. The results show the importance of considering lithological (the type and characteristics of minerals present) and hydrological (precipitation, water storage capacity of soil, runoff) factors under the conditions of significant changes in land usage. The results of this investigation can contribute to the improvement of planning processes and the implementation of development projects in ski areas.


    M. S. Oborin


    Full Text Available Social and economic problems of development of the state are directly connected with deterioration of a state of environment and problems in health care of citizens (stresses in big cities, high extent of employment, an inactive way of life of citizens, low level of life expectancy, high rates of mortality, quality of life and. In particular, in article the health resort as important system of development of the country is considered. Relevance of a subject of research is confirmed by the organizati on of programs of a medical and improving profile for recovery of population health. On the basis of system approach the analysis of literary data which allow to reveal the main tendencies of development of health resort is carried out. On the basis of system approach the multilevel and structural analysis is made for specification of some concepts (the resort, sanatorium activity, territorial health resorts, sanatorium systems, sanatorium services, the market of sanatorium services, the sanatorium industry, the medical and improving industry. The specified structure of elements of sanatorium activity, from the point of view of their structural filling, functional value and development in time is presented on the basis of the system analysis of literary data. The maintenance o f the main components of sanatorium activity, from the point of view of methodology of system and dialectic approach is opened. Within system and activity approach sanatorium activity is considered as the natural and social and economic system which is turning on logically interconnected blocks forming a uniform medical and improving complex. A set of components represent multifunctional system which is in total based on safe functioning. Necessary components of sanatorium system are the social environment, the natural and anthropogenous environment and arising public productions. Between them various communications – social, financial and economic, ecological, creating the

  10. Evaluation of energy economics of solar resorts on the Red Sea in Egypt

    Modet, Georgei


    This thesis investigates the energy performance of resorts in Egypt. The expansive tourism development results in higher demands of energy whilst increasing the burden on the country's economy. The objective is to evaluate solar resorts versus the conventional design in terms of energy, economic and environmental performances. An energy audit is conducted among five stars resorts in Sharm el Sheikh. A self developed evaluation model using environmental life cycle costing is used to evaluate the conventional resort versus the solar resort concept. The thesis concludes with the discussion of the results and recommendations for encouraging the use of renewable energy in the hotel sector in Egypt.

  11. Historical Way of Sochi Development: From Resort to Olympic Games Host City

    Irina N. Markaryan


    Full Text Available The article traces historical way of destination development from resort to Winter Olympic Games host city, discloses the unusual method of natural resources use both for resort treatment and winter sports development. The characteristic of unique natural and climatic conditions and curative factors of the resort, such as mineral springs, landscapes, climate, Esto Sadok, Roza Khutor, Krasnaya Ployana, Laura ski resorts is presented. The article analyzes sports facilities and the use of Sochi as a center for athletes’ rehabilitation. The future use of Olympic facilities, both exhibition, shopping and entertainment and business centers is revealed. The zone of international hospitality will enable Sochi to develop as international resort.

  12. Anthropocene and bioclimatic potential of mountain resorts in the North Caucasus

    Efimenko, Natalia; Chalaya, Elena; Povolotckaia, Nina; Senik, Irina; Slepykh, Victor


    There has been studied the influence of anthropocene (A) on natural curative resources (NCR) of the mountain resorts in the North Caucasus (MRNC) according to long-term monitoring (M) of NCR condition which is carried out by PRIC FMBA, aerosol M of IFA RAS, landscape M of SNP, and also references on the state of the environment (E). The healthcare effects of NCR were estimated from the position of the methods[1] accepted in balneology. Typification of anthropogenous factors of the surface atmosphere for MRNC is constructed on the basis of semirational analysis of rehabilitation properties of climate and landscape studied in the course of recovery treatment and health-improving rest of profile patients in clinics of PRIC FMBA taking into account the factors of aerosol pollution of the atmosphere by the technique[2]. In the development of A in the MRNC it is possible to allocate three conditional periods: - 1803 - 1880 - the natural ecosystem of MRNC is almost not changed (10-20%), there were the first signs of influence A on E; - 1881-1970 - the natural ecosystem of MRNC is slightly changed (21-70%), the formation of new forms of the resort landscape and town-planning, the development of mountain-sanitary control zone to decrease anthropogenic pollution of E. According to M the medical and health-improving potential of NCR is increased and high (2,35-2,75 points; 78-92%); - 1971-2015 - the natural ecosystem of MRNC is moderately transformed (71-85%), there is a consolidation of building of city and resort zones, signs of global climate change (the increase in the annual amount of precipitation by 10% (since 2002), episodes of excessive heat (Tmax >30°C) for 12.4%, thermal balance of the person is higher than +600 W/m2 for 11%. There have been revealed some new specific rehabilitation properties of NCR and there have been denoted some criteria of their protection. According to M the medical and health-improving potential of NCR is increased and high (2

  13. Screening of Swiss hot spring resorts for potentially pathogenic free-living amoebae.

    Gianinazzi, Christian; Schild, Marc; Zumkehr, Beatrice; Wüthrich, Fritz; Nüesch, Irina; Ryter, Regula; Schürch, Nadia; Gottstein, Bruno; Müller, Norbert


    Free-living amoebae (FLA) belonging to Acanthamoeba spp., Naegleria fowleri, Balamuthia mandrillaris, and Sappinia pedata are known to cause infections in humans and animals leading to severe brain pathologies. Worldwide, warm aquatic environments have been found to be suitable habitats for pathogenic FLA. The present study reports on screening for potentially pathogenic FLA in four hot spring resorts in Switzerland. Water samples were taken from water filtration units and from the pools, respectively. Amoebae isolated from samples taken during, or before, the filtration process were demonstrated to be morphologically and phylogenetically related to Stenoamoeba sp., Hartmannella vermiformis, Echinamoeba exundans, and Acanthamoeba healyi. With regard to the swimming pools, FLA were isolated only in one resort, and the isolate was identified as non-pathogenic and as related to E. exundans. Further investigations showed that the isolates morphologically and phylogenetically related to A. healyi displayed a pronounced thermotolerance, and exhibited a marked in vitro cytotoxicity upon 5-day exposure to murine L929 fibroblasts. Experimental intranasal infection of Rag2-immunodeficient mice with these isolates led to severe brain pathologies, and viable trophozoites were isolated from the nasal mucosa, brain tissue, and lungs post mortem. In summary, isolates related to A. healyi were suggestive of being potentially pathogenic to immunocompromised persons. However, the presence of these isolates was limited to the filtration units, and an effective threat for health can therefore be excluded.

  14. Disneyland resort's environmentality'' program

    Kohel, M.E. (Disneyland, Anaheim, CA (United States))

    Today at Disneyland Resort more than 12,000 Cast Members (employees) have pledged to think and act environmentally. The Environmental Affairs Department and the environmentality logo were established about 2-1/2 years ago to promote environmental awareness throughout the company. In 1993, a new campaign stressing recycling took place. Cast members were asked to pledge to recycle plastic containers. The goal was to raise their awareness of various grades of recyclable plastic. In turn, they received a T-shirt made from 50% recycled plastic (from The Walt Disney Company) and 50% virgin plastic.

  15. Contributions to the knowledge and capitalization of spa potential for tourism: Băile Buziaș resort.



    Full Text Available Romania is a country that has rich spa resources that consist of natural healing factors, scattered over the entire country: mineral and thermal waters, mud and therapeutic gases, lakes and therapeutic salt. Spa tourism resources generated since antiquity the oldest and most characteristic form of tourism in Romania - health tourism. Spa sector is one of the six elements (called health and wellness within the national touristic brand. Băile Buziaş is one of the oldest spa in Romania, known in Roman times as the Centum Putei [4]. Due to favorable natural conditions, with rich mineral springs and a mild climate, Buziaş may be the "spa pearl" of Banat, framing the resort in a strategy to exploit the spa potential, which is a necessity that needs to be solved rapidly. Strategy construction is realized using strategic questions: What are our resources? How can we improve the spa resort? How can we develop a spa product? What are the promotion techniques of this product on the Romania’ resort market and abroad?

  16. Lender of last resort in a monetary union

    Gylfi Magnússon


    Full Text Available The theory of optimal currency areas was developed during the 1960’s and 1970’s. At that time the international financial system was very different from the current system, banking systems were smaller and the flow of funds across borders limited. Developments in the Eurozone in recent years have shown that when the theory was developed and the decision made to adopt the euro some of the drawbacks of a common currency were not foreseen and important issues were not addressed. This includes the role of a common central bank as a lender of last resort to national governments. In addition, few foresaw how many closely linked financial systems could create problems that are unsolvable without the cooperation of several governments. An adequate framework for dealing with such problems was thus not put in place. The possibility that macro-economic shocks could originate in the financial system was mainly ignored. During the current crisis it has been necessary to address all these issues. It took four years to find a politically viable solution. This involves the redefinition of the role of the European Central Bank, making it a lender of last resort to national governments. This policy change buys time to deal with many fundamental imbalances within the Eurozone but does not in and of itself solve the underlying problems. The delay in implementing this policy was however very costly.



    The title of this legal research is "effort Sleman Resort Police in preventing and repressing practice football online gambling". background on which to base this legal research is, Sleman Resort Police efforts to prevent and repressive the practice of online gambling in Sleman regency. purpose of this study to determine the Sleman Resort Police efforts to prevent and repressive the practice of online gambling and what the barriers are, as well as one of the requirements to earn h...

  18. A History of Last-resort Lending and Other Support for Troubled Financial Institutions in Australia

    Bryan Fitz-Gibbon; Marianne Gizycki


    This paper surveys the history of last-resort lending and other support provided to financial institutions in Australia and compares the practical implementation of lender-of-last-resort policy with policy prescriptions derived from the theoretical literature. Last-resort support serves to counter the market failures that can see fundamentally sound financial institutions fail due to a lack of liquidity, and to protect the economy from the systemic costs of such failures. The provision of len...

  19. Radon Levels Measured at a Touristic Thermal Spa Resort in Montagu (South Africa) and Associated Effective Doses.

    Botha, R; Newman, R T; Maleka, P P


    Radon activity concentrations (in water and in air) were measured at 13 selected locations at the Avalon Springs thermal spa resort in Montagu (Western Cape, South Africa) to estimate the associated effective dose received by employees and visitors. A RAD-7 detector (DURRIDGE), based on alpha spectrometry, and electret detectors (E-PERM®Radelec) were used for these radon measurements. The primary source of radon was natural thermal waters from the hot spring, which were pumped to various locations on the resort, and consequently a range of radon in-water analyses were performed. Radon in-water activity concentration as a function of time (short term and long term measurements) and spatial distributions (different bathing pools, etc.) were studied. The mean radon in-water activity concentrations were found to be 205 ± 6 Bq L (source), 112 ± 5 Bq L (outdoor pool) and 79 ± 4 Bq L (indoor pool). Radon in-air activity concentrations were found to range between 33 ± 4 Bq m (at the outside bar) to 523 ± 26 Bq m (building enclosing the hot spring's source). The most significant potential radiation exposure identified is that due to inhalation of air rich in radon and its progeny by the resort employees. The annual occupational effective dose due to the inhalation of radon progeny ranges from 0.16 ± 0.01 mSv to 0.40 ± 0.02 mSv. For the water samples collected, the Ra in-water activity concentrations from samples collected were below the lower detection limit (~0.7 Bq L) of the γ-ray detector system used. No significant radiological health risk can be associated with radon and progeny from the hot spring at the Avalon Springs resort.

  20. FluShuffle and FluResort: new algorithms to identify reassorted strains of the influenza virus by mass spectrometry

    Lun Aaron TL


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Influenza is one of the oldest and deadliest infectious diseases known to man. Reassorted strains of the virus pose the greatest risk to both human and animal health and have been associated with all pandemics of the past century, with the possible exception of the 1918 pandemic, resulting in tens of millions of deaths. We have developed and tested new computer algorithms, FluShuffle and FluResort, which enable reassorted viruses to be identified by the most rapid and direct means possible. These algorithms enable reassorted influenza, and other, viruses to be rapidly identified to allow prevention strategies and treatments to be more efficiently implemented. Results The FluShuffle and FluResort algorithms were tested with both experimental and simulated mass spectra of whole virus digests. FluShuffle considers different combinations of viral protein identities that match the mass spectral data using a Gibbs sampling algorithm employing a mixed protein Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC method. FluResort utilizes those identities to calculate the weighted distance of each across two or more different phylogenetic trees constructed through viral protein sequence alignments. Each weighted mean distance value is normalized by conversion to a Z-score to establish a reassorted strain. Conclusions The new FluShuffle and FluResort algorithms can correctly identify the origins of influenza viral proteins and the number of reassortment events required to produce the strains from the high resolution mass spectral data of whole virus proteolytic digestions. This has been demonstrated in the case of constructed vaccine strains as well as common human seasonal strains of the virus. The algorithms significantly improve the capability of the proteotyping approach to identify reassorted viruses that pose the greatest pandemic risk.

  1. Practical application of wastewater reuse in tourist resorts.

    Antakyali, D; Krampe, J; Steinmetz, H


    A medium-scale membrane bioreactor was tested in a large tourist resort on the south-western coast of Turkey with the treated wastewater subsequently being used for irrigational purposes. The wastewater treatment system was designed to eliminate carbonaceous and nitrogenous substances. Treatment efficiency was monitored by means of regular chemical and microbiological analyses. Information was collected on water use at different locations of the hotel. Specific values based on the number of guests were determined. Wastewater streams from kitchen, laundry and rooms were analysed to investigate the various contribution from these points. The social acceptance of the guests concerning the on-site wastewater treatment and reuse in the hotel was analysed using a questionnaire. The investigations indicated that the treated wastewater provides the required chemical and hygienic conditions to satisfy requirement for its reuse in irrigation. The acceptance by guests was encouraging for such applications. IWA Publishing 2008.

  2. Specific Features of the Tourist Flow in Borsec Resort



    Full Text Available In Borsec resort, tourism occupies a special place, as an economic alternative, still remaining viable and a form of exploitation of natu ral and human potential, with its own history and traditions, with a bottling industry, operating for more than two centuries and which practically today offers one of Romanian representa tive brands of mineral water – Borsec. The drawback of the resort’s tourism, based exclusi vely on the exploitation of mineral water, is analyzed in the context of the recovery op portunities through diversification of tourist facilities, rehabilitation and application of moder n means of image promotion. Moreover, the Carpathian road rehabilitation project will also cont ribute to this. One of the most important Romanian projects related to transport axes, the fu ture Târgu Mure ş -Ia ş i-Ungheni highway may already be considered favourable in providing a nat ional and international reputation.

  3. Quality of customer service: perceptions from guests in all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica

    Joel L. Frater


    With data collected from guests in all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, West Indies, the purposes of this study were to: (1) delineate unique dimensions of customer service perceptions among guests and (2) report the finding of a study that measured guests' perceptions of the quality of customer service in all-inclusive resorts. The study asked the following research...

  4. ‘Sochi’ resort development and functioning in 1935–1950

    Vladimir G. Ivantsov


    Full Text Available The article is focused on the history of ‘Sochi’ rest home establishment and functioning. Later ‘Sochi’ was turned into resort and was included into Sochi group of resorts, first under the supervision of USSR Central Executive Committee and in 1938 it passed into jurisdiction of USSR Council of People's Commissars – USSR Council of Ministers.

  5. 77 FR 63734 - Security Zone; James River, Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA


    ...: Table of Acronyms DHS Department of Homeland Security FR Federal Register NPRM Notice of Proposed... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Security Zone; James River, Kingsmill Resort... establishing a temporary security zone on the James River in the vicinity of Kingsmill Resort...

  6. Evaluation of the level of balneological resorts natural resources potential use

    Yu.Ya. Dobush


    Full Text Available The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to identify natural resources potential of balneological resorts and evaluation of the level of its use by means of an integrated indicator. The article is dedicated to investigation of balneological resorts natural resources potential use, as one of the recommended potentials: namely: productive-economic, socio-economic and infrastructural. In this article the following is actualized: the question of necessity of evaluation of balneological resorts natural resources potential, with the aim of identifying a level of its use and showing possibilities of its use and providing recommendations regarding planning of recreational activities. This article deals with methodological approaches to evaluation of the level of balneological resorts natural resources potential use by domestic and foreign scientists, and possibilities of their improvement and development are displayed. The methodology of evaluation of the level of balneological resorts natural resources potential use by using an index of natural resources use, air quality index, index of resort landscaping is proposed in this article. The methods of evaluation of the level of balneological resorts natural resources potential use consists in use of standard and actual indicators on which the evaluation of possibilities of balneological resorts on placing tourists proceeding from stocks of natural resources, evaluation of cleanliness of air, proceeding from maximum permissible concentration of polluting substances thrown out in environment and evaluation of level of landscaping of balneological resorts, proceeding from the area of a resort occupied with green plantings is spent. The results of the analysis are the conclusion of an integrated indicator as average on weight factors of partial indicators that allows to evaluation of the level of balneological resorts natural resources potential use and identify areas of marketing strategy to ensure

  7. Risk assessment in the North Caucasus ski resorts

    Komarov, Anton Y.; Seliverstov, Yury G.; Glazovskaya, Tatyana G.; Turchaninova, Alla S.


    Avalanches pose a significant problem in most mountain regions of Russia. The constant growth of economic activity, and therefore the increased avalanche hazard, in the North Caucasus region lead to demand for the development of large-scale avalanche risk assessment methods. Such methods are needed for the determination of appropriate avalanche protection measures as well as for economic assessments.The requirement of natural hazard risk assessments is determined by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation (Federal Law 21.12.1994 N 68-FZ, 2016). However, Russian guidelines (SNIP 11-02-96, 2013; SNIP 22-02-2003, 2012) are not clearly presented concerning avalanche risk assessment calculations. Thus, we discuss these problems by presenting a new avalanche risk assessment approach, with the example of developing but poorly researched ski resort areas. The suggested method includes the formulas to calculate collective and individual avalanche risk. The results of risk analysis are shown in quantitative data that can be used to determine levels of avalanche risk (appropriate, acceptable and inappropriate) and to suggest methods to decrease the individual risk to an acceptable level or better. The analysis makes it possible to compare risk quantitative data obtained from different regions, analyze them and evaluate the economic feasibility of protection measures.

  8. Modelo resorte-paríicula para telas hiperlasticas



    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta un modelo computacional para la simulación de telas hiperelásticas. El modelo propuesto tiene un enfoque multi−partículas y simula la interacción de un material textil con un objeto deformante. La tela está representada por mallas rectangulares compuestas por resortes, este hecho permite al modelo comportarse ortotrópicamente y en consecuencia es posible simular sus propiedades en ambos sentidos. Las relaciones constitutivas del material preservan las capacidades hiperelásticas naturales de la tela. En el modelo desarrollado aquí, inicialmente la tela se encuentra en su estado natural no deformado. Luego se le da una deformación inicial que garantice el no contacto o intersección con el objeto deformante. Finalmente, la tela deformada es liberada, en consecuencia ella comienza a moverse iterativamente hacia a una posición de equilibrio. La posición final de equilibrio es alcanzada cuando las fuerzas internas son balanceadas por las fuerzas externas de contacto causadas por el objeto. Esto se logra cuando el criterio de parada ha sido satisfecho.

  9. Omega-3 fatty acids: a novel resort against gastrointestinal injury.

    Ianiro, G; Franceschi, F; Bibbò, S; Gasbarrini, A


    The integrity of gastric barrier derives from the balance between defending and damaging factors. In particular, prostaglandins play a relevant role in the maintenance of gastric homeostasis and prevention of peptic disease, at different levels. Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly eicosapentanoic acid, are the precursors of the third series of prostaglandins (with anti-inflammatory properties), also reducing the formation of the second series of prostaglandins (pro-inflammatory ones). Such a pathophysiological rationale brought to the experimental application, both in animal models and, more recently, in humans, of omega-3 fatty acids against gastrointestinal damage. Omega-3 fatty acids have shown interesting results in preventing different types of gastric damage in mouse models. A large retrospective case-control study on patients taking both anti-thrombotic therapy and eicosapentanoic acid showed (although only at unadjusted analysis) an inverse correlation between consumption of eicosapentanoic acid and gastrointestinal injury. Prospective, well-designed, comparative studies are warranted to clarify if omega-3 fatty acids may represent, or not, a novel resort against gastrointestinal injury.

  10. Respiratory and ocular symptoms among employees of a hotel indoor waterpark resort--Ohio, 2007.


    During January--March 2007, the Warren County Combined Health District (WCCHD) received 665 reports of respiratory and eye irritation from patrons and lifeguards at a hotel indoor waterpark resort in Ohio. Tests revealed normal water chemistry and air chlorine concentrations, and exposure to airborne trichloramine in the waterpark was suspected as the cause of the symptoms. Because of the number of symptom reports and WCCHD's limited ability to measure trichloramine, the district requested an investigation by CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This report describes the results of that investigation, which revealed that trichloramine concentrations in the waterpark ranged from below the limit of detection to 1.06 mg/m3, and some concentrations were at levels that have been reported to cause irritation symptoms (>/=0.5 mg/m3). Lifeguards reported significantly more work-related symptoms (e.g., cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and eye irritation) than unexposed hotel employees. Lifeguards also reported significantly more eye irritation and cough on days when hotel occupancy was high versus low. Insufficient air movement and distribution likely led to accumulation of trichloramine and exacerbation of symptoms. Based on recommendations to increase air movement and distribution at pool deck level, hotel management modified the ventilation system extensively, and subsequently no new cases were reported to WCCHD. The results of this investigation emphasize the importance of appropriate design and monitoring of ventilation and water systems in preventing illness in indoor waterparks.

  11. A local scale assessment of the climate change sensitivity of snow in Pyrenean ski resorts

    Pesado, Cristina; Pons, Marc; Vilella, Marc; López-Moreno, Juan Ignacio


    The Pyrenees host one of the largest ski area in Europe after the Alps that encompasses the mountain area of the south of France, the north of Spain and the small country of Andorra. In this region, winter tourism is one of the main source of income and driving force of local development on these mountain communities. However, this activity was identified as one of the most vulnerable to a future climate change due to the projected decrease of natural snow and snowmaking capacity. However, within the same ski resorts different areas showed to have a very different vulnerability within the same resort based on the geographic features of the area and the technical management of the slopes. Different areas inside a same ski resort could have very different vulnerability to future climate change based on aspect, steepness or elevation. Furthermore, the technical management of ski resorts, such as snowmaking and grooming were identified to have a significant impact on the response of the snowpack in a warmer climate. In this line, two different ski resorts were deeply analyzed taken into account both local geographical features as well as the effect of the technical management of the runs. Principal Component Analysis was used to classify the main areas of the resort based on the geographic features (elevation, aspect and steepness) and identify the main representative areas with different local features. Snow energy and mass balance was simulated in the different representative areas using the Cold Regions Hydrological Model (CRHM) assuming different magnitudes of climate warming (increases of 2°C and 4°C in the mean winter temperature) both in natural conditions and assuming technical management of the slopes. Theses first results showed the different sensitivity and vulnerability to climate changes based on the local geography of the resort and the management of the ski runs, showing the importance to include these variables when analyzing the local vulnerability

  12. A Brief Analysis on the Landscape Design and Application in Leisure Resorts

    Xian Chen


    "Natural phenomena, as the interactional and dynamic development process, reflect various natural laws". Leisure resorts, which integrate agritourism and locate in scenic suburbs and rural areas, offer not only pure natural green food, but beautiful scenery like a feast for eyes as well. The development of leisure resorts brings economic benefits for promoting rural tourism and regional economic construction, quickening process of agricultural marketalization. What's more, it serves modern people by reflecting local, national and original ecological organic agriculture features.

  13. Resort-oriented tourism development and local tourism networks – a case study from northern Finland

    Outi Kulusjärvi


    Full Text Available In tourism studies, it has been widely recognized that resort-oriented tourism development creates challenges for regional development, mainly due to its enclave nature and lack of regional economic linkages. However, there have been relatively few studies on the destination-scale cooperative networks, although, they are vital in increasing the positive regional economic impacts of tourism development. This paper is an empirical qualitative study exploring the connections between resort-oriented tourism development and tourism business cooperation in the case study area of the Ruka-Kuusamo tourism destination in Northeast Finland. The interest is on how the local cooperative networks of the Ruka tourist resort are spatially constructed within the Ruka-Kuusamo tourism destination. The research data consists of semi-structured interviews conducted for ten tourism actors located in the Ruka resort. The results show that the businesses located in the Ruka resort cooperate at the regional scale mainly in marketing, while their partners in production cooperation are located mostly within the resort, particularly in its very core area. The resort appears to function as a basis for spatial identification for tourism actors, which, in turn, affects entrepreneurs’ motivation to cooperate at the local and regional scale. Tourism entrepreneurs operating in the very core of the resort perceive the area as the principal area for their operations, and therefore, they do not particularly engage with the surrounding areas and businesses or with other actors located there. Thus, for smaller enterprises outside the core, it can be difficult to benefit from the resort’s core’s growth via network relations. This contributes mainly to the development of the core areas alone, creates challenges for sustainable regional economic development in the destination region, and hinders the resort’s tourism growth in the long run.

  14. The influence of guides on alcohol consumption among young tourists at a nightlife resort

    Tutenges, Sébastien; Jæger, Mads Meier; Hesse, Morten


    Objective: The aim of this study was to assess how participation in party activities with guides affects alcohol consumption among young tourists at an international nightlife resort. Methods: Prospective survey of 112 Danish tourists in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, who were asked about their drinking...... in party activities with guides increases drinking among young tourists who are already drinking large amounts of alcohol during their vacation. Further studies are needed to measure, describe and change the role played by guides at nightlife resorts....

  15. Seasonality as a Factor of Resort Treatment Efficiency of Patients with Cerebral Disorders

    Aleksandr N. Bitsadze


    Full Text Available The article, basing on the results of examination of 369 patients with cerebrovascular disorders considers the features of seasonality impact on the cerebral haemodynamics correction and climatic balneotherapy efficiency in the course of subtropical balneotherapy resort treatment. The findings indicate the necessity to differentiate the approaches to patients with cerebrovascular disorders referral to resort treatment and climatic balneotherapy procedures prescription, considering both cerebral ischemia stage and seasonality.

  16. [Industrial waste as indicator of population size: possible utilization in mountain resort tourist stations?].

    Olive, F; Rey, S; Zmirou, D


    Epidemiological studies, conducted in touristic resorts, often face the difficulty of assessing the size of the referent population. Recently, some population size indicators, have been tested. Among them, the amount of municipal waste seems to be easy and readily accessible. The purpose of the study is to describe how this indicator can be used in touristic mountain resorts. Four touristic resorts were chosen in Isère departement (France): Alpe d'Huez, Deux Alpes, Chamrousse, plateau du Vercors. The evolution of municipal waste over several years was used to compute an individual output level for residents and for tourists. This waste indicator was compared with data on tourists reservations in hotels in the resorts. We found a good fit during touristic seasons in three resorts (Spearman test). For the last one (Chamrousse), the correlation rate was low. We think that the type of tourism is different in this resort with many non residents. This indicator is reliable but needs further validation by sample surveys across several sites and several types of lodging. We propose to estimate the size of the referent population, based on an individual output of 1 kg per person and per day for residents and 0.5 kg per person per day for tourists.

  17. Resorts, second home owners and distance: a case study in northern Finland

    Pekka Kauppila


    Full Text Available One of the most important factors for the site selection of a second home is the space-time dimension. For example, the popularity of second home tourism in the hinterland of population centres is based on the short distance between second homes and the permanent residence of second home owners. In the case of peripheral resorts, however, the main reason for a large number of second homes is the attractiveness of the area associated with a high level of touristic elements. The study examines the municipalities of residence of the second home owners in four large resorts – Levi, Ruka, Saariselkä and Ylläs – in northern Finland. After analysing the geographical distribution of the owners with maps and diagrams the aim of the paper is to present a distance model for the resorts located in a northern periphery from the viewpoint of the regions of destination. Generally speaking, the model resembles a U-letter. In this respect, the resorts have three zones – day trip, weekend and vacation – and each of them has their own characteristics based on accessibility and regional structure, the number and structure of population (potential owners and land ownership. In the planning context, the proposed model can be utilised as a tool for the marketing of resorts as a second home environment as well as for analysing and comparing the overall attractiveness of resorts.

  18. Specific weather biotrop factors in the mountain resorts of North Caucasus

    Efimenko, Natalia; Chalaya, Elena; Povolotckaia, Nina; Senik, Irina; Slepykh, Victor


    Key aspects of weather therapeutic action in the mountain resorts of the Northern Caucasus (RNC) are formed under the combined influence of global, regional and local atmospheric processes, picturesque landscape, vegetation which create specificity and attraction of the weather regime for the interests of resort rehabilitation, recreation and tourism practically during the whole year. They include high purity of surface atmosphere (background level of aerosols for the countryside, the transparency of the atmosphere 0.780 -0.890); natural hypo barium and hypoxia (5-10%); increased natural aeroionization (N+=400-1000 ion/cm3; N- = 600-1200 ion/cm3; KUI = 0.8 -1.0); the softness of temperature rate (± 600 W/m ); regime of solar radiation favourable for heliotherapy. Pathogenic effects in the mountains can occur both in front atmospheric processes and in conditions of relatively favorable weather. For example, in a stable anti-cyclonic air mass with the sunny weather, foehn effects can happen that are accompanied by excessively low air humidity (lower than 20-30%), the air temperature rises in the afternoon (in winter until 15- 20°C, in summer - up to 25-35°C). The situation can be worsened by ozone intrusion (O3) with the increase of its concentration by 20 ppb or more, temperature stratification change, formation of pollution accumulation conditions in the gorges and valleys where the resort towns are located. We can observe: the increase in the concentration of aerosol pollution from 1.78 to 4 and even up to 8-10 particles/cm (particle diameter is 500-1000 nm); the rise in mass concentration of submicron aerosol up to 75 mkg/m3 and the gas pollution (CO, COx, O3) of the surface atmosphere. Against this backdrop the effects of rapid changes in the chemical composition of natural ions due to the formation of positive nitrogen ions (often with a prevalence of positive over negative air ions) can be sometimes developed. In such situations people suffering from

  19. [The influence of ozone therapy on oxygen metabolism kinetics and the microcirculation system during spa and resort treatment of the post-infarction patients].

    Sycheva, E I; Khodasevich, L S; Solomina, O E; Zubareva, M I


    This study was designed to estimate the influence of ozone therapy on oxygen metabolism kinetics and the circulation system during spa and resort treatment of 145 post-infarction patients who survived myocardial infarction. All of them were given routine spa-and-resort therapy; 56 patients received pharmacotherapy, in the remaining 89 it was supplemented with ozone-therapy. The clinical examination included electrocardiography, veloergometry, echocardiography; kinetics of oxygen metabolism was evaluated by transcutaneous polarography, laser Doppler flowmetry, and computed capillaroscopy. The results of the study indicate that ozonetherapy in combination with medicamental treatment reduces the period of post-infarction rehabilitation, decreases tissue hypoxia, improves characteristics of microcirculation and general health status of the patients.

  20. Using GIS Techniques to Create the Catalog of Romanian Ski Resorts



    Full Text Available The purpose of this project is to use the geographical and geomorphological information by means of GIS techniques in order to create an atlas book (catalog of the Romanian ski resorts. The methodology used to create the atlas aimed to create unitary, complete and complex maps for all Romanian resorts. The maps contain all the necessary information for tourists in order to choose the suitable resort, either for a level of training, preference or depending on proximity in relation to their location. The utility of this work is sustained by the necessity of having such a catalog in Romania that provides a wide range of information. The English version of this atlas could very well attract foreign tourists. All in all, the goal is to promote Romania as a touristic destination on an internal and international level.

  1. Rise and Fall of Recent Chinese Coastal Resort Development:Case of Beihai Silver Beach, Guangxi, China

    LIU Jun; BAO Jigang


    Based upon a case study of Silver Beach coastal resort of Beihai,Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,this article examines the rise and fall of Chinese coastal tourist resort development since the 1980s.It explores the causes for and responses to the decline of Chinese coastal resorts.The data were collected through in-depth interviews with twelve local key information providers,and secondary information sources such as government archives,survey reports,and resort plans.It was found that the rise and fall of Chinese coastal resorts in the last three decades is closely linked to the transitional reform from a central planned economy to a market economy.Three stages of coastal tourism development were identified in a sequence of rapid growth,decline and redevelopment.It was government financial funds and high local government involvement that promoted the rapid expansion of coastal resorts during the 1980s.However,coastal resort decline occurred when transitional reform was intensified and deflationary policy executed after 1992.Institutional failure is found to be the main reason of Chinese coastal resorts decline since the mid-1990s.The government-dominated pattern could not be sustained and should be restructured in forthcoming coastal tourism development in China.Revival strategies should emphasize enhancing market-oriented reform in the declining resorts on both supply and demand sides.

  2. Attitude of the population of Slovenian alpine tourist resorts toward tourism and its impacts

    Dejan Cigale


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper was to fnd out how the local inhabitants perceive positive and negative tourism impacts in Slovenian alpine areas and how this perception infuence their attitude toward tourism. A questionnaire survey was undertaken in fve different tourist resorts. Despite the differences between resorts there are many similarities in perception of tourism impacts. In all cases positive attitudes toward tourism prevail. In general the economic impacts were perceived as the most important and the socio-cultural impacts as the least important.

  3. Crisis management and lender of last resort in the European banking market

    Boot, A.W.A.; Marinč, M.


    We discuss some key issues related to supervisory arrangements in the Euro-system countries. In particular, we address the lender of last resort (LOLR) structure and the related crisis management framework. We focus on the responsibilities and powers of individual countries (and national central ban

  4. Evaluation of the environmental and social sustainability policy of a mass tourism resort: A narrative account

    Isabel Swart


    Full Text Available The recordation of the life stories of individuals residing in the community of Ledig, who have been dependent on the Sun City Resort situated in the Pilanesberg area in the North West Province of South Africa for their quality of life for more than 20 years, provided the basis for the evaluation of the environmental and social sustainability of this micro-cosmos on a multidisciplinary level. This study focused on the hermeneutical arch of narrative theory within the framework of human geography and sustainability science. The natural environment was evaluated for the role it plays in the sustainability of the livelihoods of the Ledig community members as well as the institutional life of the Sun City Resort. The results of this study suggested that the environmental policy for the Sun City Resort, formalised in 2004, has been guiding the Sun City Resort to contribute positively to the sustainability of the area. The study also demonstrated that a focus on the next generation of potential employees and the environmental education of all the communities were crucial to ensure the resilience of the social and ecological capacity of the area.

  5. Fever with rash in patients returning from popular tourist resort Phuket, Thailand: dengue--or measles?

    Kantele, Anu; Mattila, Leena; Ott, Kristi; Davidkin, Irja; Siikamäki, Heli


    We report three recent cases of measles in travelers to a popular vacation resort, Phuket, Thailand, two initially diagnosed clinically as dengue, one as drug reaction. In countries with no indigenous measles, clinicians may no longer recognize the disease. When left misdiagnosed, the patients continue to be potential transmitters.

  6. Forecasting the Effects of 21st Century Climate Change on Eighteen Ski Resorts in the Western United States

    Pidwirny, M. J.; Soroke, M.


    This research uses climate data generated from ClimateWNA to determine the effect future global warming will have on eighteen ski resorts in the western United States. The ski resorts selected for this study range in latitude from 48.5° N (Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana) to 33.4° N (Ski Apache Resort, New Mexico). ClimateWNA is a high quality spatially interpolated climate dataset program that contains historical datasets for the period 1901-2011 and future climate datasets generated by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR4 climate models. From the ClimateWNA program, three emission scenarios (A1B, A2, and B1) were applied to a subset of selected climate models to produce 20 climate forecasts for each of 2050 and 2080. Three derived climate variables were selected to determine the influence of climate change on the viability of the ski resorts: snowfall, number of frost days, and degree days ski resorts depending on the model and emission scenario used when compared to the 1961-1990 normal period. 2050 and 2080 projections generally suggest declines in ski resort viability because of reductions in snowfall, warmer temperatures, and shorter seasons even under best-case scenarios. However, some of the best-case model predictions do suggest an increase in snowfall in a few of the resorts studied. Worst-case scenarios almost always indicate significant declines in all of the climate variables.

  7. Environmental problems of resort towns of Caucasian Mineralnye Vody region during the anthropocene era

    Efimenko, Natalia; Chalaya, Elena; Povolotckaia, Nina; Artamonova, Mariya; Senik, Irina; Slepykh, Viktor


    There has been studied the influence of ecological factors on rehabilitation properties of the atmospheric surface layer (ASL) in the mountain resorts of the Caucasian Mineralnye Vody Region (CMVR) according to the research methods [1] accepted in balneology. Taking into consideration the data of the long-term complex multiple-factor bioclimatic monitoring (PRIC FMBA, IFA RAS, SNP), it has been revealed: - the increase in frequency of inter-day variability of the integral index of weather pathogenicity (IIWP) in the range of 0,352,0). These signs are noted on the background of the continuing period of climate warming. At the present time the rehabilitation potential of ASL in the resorts of Caucasian Mineralnye Vody region is estimated within 2,08-2,68 points (max =3,0 points). Mountainous areas are more sensitive to anthropogenic impacts, changes of radiation mode and circulation modes. It was revealed that there are a number of phenomena and trends in ASL of the mountainous sites, which are negative markers of urbanization process and advent of Anthropocene era. Therefore, it is actual to form a new concept of sustainable development of mountainous resort towns with scientifically grounded territorial complex system of conservation based on the modern principles of resort town-planning that will contain some scientifically proven and legally defended criteria of environmental pressures, principles of environmentally protective gardening, regulation of transportation flows, ecologically reasonable methods of waste elimination. Finally, all the efforts must be directed to preserving natural medical resources and ensuring of their renewal. References: 1. Resort study of Caucasian Mineralnye Vody region / Under the general edition of MD, prof. V. V. Uyba. Scientific publication. - Pyatigorsk: PRIC FMBA. Volume 1. - 2009. - 335 p.; Volume 2. - 2011. - 368 p.




    Full Text Available Within a tourism industry characterized mainly by massive competition and similar offers, choosing a certain product significantly depends on the comfort degree and the existing facilities, on the quality and range of proposed services, on the time and distance to be covered, on safety, cleanliness, quietness and loyalty offers, all these representing principles of product performances assessment. In choosing the differentiation axis one will take into account also the tourists expectations, competence positioning and the potential strengths of the product, elements that compose the "golden triangle" where stands the positioning. This article aims to position Poiana Braşov resort within the Romanian mountain tourism, using in this respect the McKinsey matrix, the statistical information related to the tourist activities carried out within the resort, as well as the related national studies.

  9. Data from renewable energy assessments for resort islands in the South China Sea

    M. Reyasudin Basir Khan


    Full Text Available Renewable energy assessments for resort islands in the South China Sea were conducted that involves the collection and analysis of meteorological and topographic data. The meteorological data was used to assess the PV, wind and hydropower system potentials on the islands. Furthermore, the reconnaissance study for hydro-potentials were conducted through topographic maps in order to determine the potential sites suitable for development of run-of-river hydropower generation. The stream data was collected for 14 islands in the South China Sea with a total of 51 investigated sites. The data from this study are related to the research article “Optimal combination of solar, wind, micro-hydro and diesel systems based on actual seasonal load profiles for a resort island in the South China Sea” published in Energy (Khan et al., 2015 [1].

  10. Data from renewable energy assessments for resort islands in the South China Sea.

    Basir Khan, M Reyasudin; Jidin, Razali; Pasupuleti, Jagadeesh


    Renewable energy assessments for resort islands in the South China Sea were conducted that involves the collection and analysis of meteorological and topographic data. The meteorological data was used to assess the PV, wind and hydropower system potentials on the islands. Furthermore, the reconnaissance study for hydro-potentials were conducted through topographic maps in order to determine the potential sites suitable for development of run-of-river hydropower generation. The stream data was collected for 14 islands in the South China Sea with a total of 51 investigated sites. The data from this study are related to the research article "Optimal combination of solar, wind, micro-hydro and diesel systems based on actual seasonal load profiles for a resort island in the South China Sea" published in Energy (Khan et al., 2015) [1].

  11. The European central bank and the us federal reserve as lender of last resort

    Herr Hansjörg


    Full Text Available Without a lender of last resort financial stability is not possible and systemic financial crises get out of control. During and after the Great Recession the US Federal Reserve System (Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB took on the role of lender of last resort in a comprehensive way. The Fed stabilised the financial system, including the shadow banking system. However, the chance to fundamentally restructure the financial system was not used. The ECB was confronted with sovereign debt crises and an incomplete integration of the European Monetary Union (EMU. It followed a kind of “muddling through” to keep the Euro area together. In the EMU not only a fundamental restructuring of the financial system is needed but also a deeper economic and political integration. The Fed and the ECB both were the most important institutions to avoid repetition of the 1930s.

  12. Hydrogen as energy carrier for eco-resorts on Dalmatian Islands: pilot program

    Vujcic, R.; Kovacevic, I. [Split-Dalmatian County, Split (Croatia). Dept. of Economic Management; Hrastnik, B. [Energy Inst. Hrvoje Pozar, Zagreb (Croatia); Barbir, F. [Proton Energy Systems, Rocky Hill, CT (United States)


    Agriculture, tourism, fishing, stone excavation and processing, and the production of wine and wine distillate are the major economic levers of Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. A proposal was discussed in this paper for the establishment of eco-resorts on Dalmatian Islands. This project would involve combining renewable energy and organic farming as a stepping stone toward sustainable development. It could also be used to showcase achievements. Indigenous energy sources such as solar and wind energy, combined with hydrogen technologies for energy storage and the use of hydrogen as fuel would be used to power these eco-resorts. The technical and economic feasibility of this proposed energy system and organic farming were discussed by the authors in this paper. The proposed establishment of a pilot project on one of the islands was also discussed. 13 refs., 6 tabs., 9 figs.

  13. Grandes projetos turísticos na savana brasileira: O Modelo Disney no Rio Quente Resorts

    Ycarim Melgaço Barbosa


    Full Text Available Este artículo analiza la implantación de un gran proyecto turístico en la sabana brasileña, el Río Quente Resorts, basado en las estrategias del Modelo Disney. En ese sentido, el artículo narra acerca de la Disneyficación, resaltando la temática, la teatralización en el mundo de los negocios, el consumo colectivo y los nolugares. El Río Quente Resorts introduce los más sofisticados equipos de diversión y entretenimiento en una región donde se encuentra el manantial hidrotermal más importante del país, pero desprecia la sostenibilidad ambiental. Así, toda esa mega-estructura podrá acarrear daños irreversibles al ecosistema.

  14. Grandes projetos turísticos na savana brasileira: O Modelo Disney no Rio Quente Resorts

    Melgaço Barbosa Ycarim


    Full Text Available O presente artigo analisa a implantação de um Grande Projeto Turístico na Savana brasileira, o Rio Quente Resorts, baseado nas estratégias do Modelo Disney. Nesse sentido, o artigo discorre sobre a Disneyficação, ressaltando a tematização, a teatralização no mundo dos negócios o consumo coletivo e os não lugares. O Rio Quente Resorts introduz o que há de mais sofisticado em equipamentos de lazer e entretenimento numa região onde se encontra o mais importante manancial hidrotermal do país, mas relega a sustentabilidade ambiental. Assim, toda essa megaestrutura poderá acarretar danos irreversíveis ao ecossistema.

  15. Applicability of SERVQUAL in restaurants: an exploratory study in a Portuguese resort


    SERVQUAL is the most popular instrument to ascertain service quality. However, some debate exists about its ability to characterize different service environments. Furthermore, there is not a consensus about the inclusion of customer expectations in the model. The research presented in this paper intends to discuss the applicability of SERVQUAL to restaurant services and to analyze the inclusion of customer expectations in such environment. The research was developed in a Portuguese resort an...


    CRACIUN Maria Daniela


    Full Text Available Introduction Menopause is a physiological period of a woman's life accompanied by multiple symptoms that affect quality of life. Functional disorders caused by menopause may benefit from prophylactic treatment in Vatra Dornei resort to rebalance the body. Material and Methods The study was conducted between July10, 2014 – September 15, 2014 on a group of 15 women, who received specific kinetic and resort treatment for 18 days, being individualized based on personal history. Evaluation of patients was done at beginning of the treatment the day 10th of July, and the last day of treatment the day 15th of September, recording pain score on VAS scale, the score for quality of life WHQ, and 10 parameters characteristic of menopause. The treatment with natural factors applied in Vatra Dornei resort consisted of the following procedures: mountain landscaped climbing paths, massage, kinetotherapy, general warm baths with peat mud, plants, carbonated mineral spring waters, electrotherapy, crenotherapy. Results: Age patients monitored ranged between 40 and 63 years with an average 50.67 (± 8.07. At the onset of this treatment pain average value was 3.93 (± 1.48 and at the final the average value of only 1.13 (± 0.74. After applying balneo-physio-kinetic treatment it was observed an improvement of the average of the 10 tested parameters. At the beginning of the treatment WHQ index shows an impairment of quality of life on average 56%, after 10 days 31% and by the end of treatment only 14%. Conclusions: After the application of the treatment with natural balneo-kineto-therapeutical factors of Vatra-Dornei resort, there is a significant improvement in specific climax disorders.


    Jui-Ying Hung; Feng-Li Lin; Wen-Goang Yang


    Businesses constantly strive to provide added value and brand equity to gain a competitive advantage, particularly in the contemporary hospitality industry. It is widely accepted that a luxury experience brand enhances the value of a luxury resort hotels industry. Since the 1980s, the concept of brand equity has focused mainly on tangible products, as opposed to services or experiences. This study found that experience-based luxury brand equity is perceived through extensive implicit equity r...

  18. Exploring the negotiation thesis application among ski resort tourists: a segmentation approach

    Vassiliadis, Chris A.; Bellou, Victoria; Priporas, Constantinos-Vasilios; Andronikidis, Andreas


    The negotiation thesis offers a framework for understanding the participation decision making of tourists. Unlike previous studies that investigate the causal relationship between constraints and tourists’ revisit intention, this study identified distinct segments of ski tourist based on the relative strength of constraints experienced and then investigated their decision-making process across a sample of 1,348 tourists of ski resorts. Chi-Squared Automated Interaction Detection (CHAID) analy...

  19. The Impact of Resort Landscapes: A histyoric Study of a Small Arizona Town

    Katherine Crewe


    Full Text Available Throughout the 1900s in the United States of America, many new towns and settlements in Florida and the Southwest used tourism to attract wealthy visitors, causing conflict between the needs of local residents and the resort economy. This paper looks at the role of the elite San Marcos Hotel in the small farming town of Chandler, 25 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona, during the first three decades of the town's life. The study traces evolving responses among the town's white farming community, noting a shift over 30 years from an enthusiastic identification with the hotel and associated luxuries, to a simpler farm ethic. The study contributes to growing research about resort architecture and themed environments, both in the context of US history and as a growing concern in today's world of accelerating global tourism. Throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s in the United States, many new towns in Florida and the Southwest used tourism to attract wealthy visitors for investment and potential settlement. Common resort elements included ambitiously designed luxurious hotels, themes of luxurious living, and a focus on wealthy clients, often creating sharp contrasts with ordinary residents (Moehring, 1989; Dodrill, 1993; Nicolaides, 1998.

  20. What Crested Butte Mountain Resort Feels the Ski Industry Is, In General, Looking for in College Graduates.

    Jernigan, Rick

    This paper describes general employment requirements for employment candidates in the skiing industry, as seen by Crested Butte Mountain Resort personnel. General educational requirements are primarily business skills, including: communications, computers, math, finance, accounting, economics, personnel administration, and psychology. Other…

  1. Geological conditions of formation of beaches and natural medical assessment of their use in the resort and recreational purposes.

    Storchak O.V.


    Full Text Available In assessing the territory waters and coast, their possible use in resort and recreational purposes, apply the criteria of terapeutic beaches subject to simultaneous patients stayin the bich,as well as geomorphological, hydrological and geological conditions.

  2. Heavy metal levels in dune sands from Matanzas urban resorts and Varadero beach (Cuba): Assessment of contamination and ecological risks.

    Díaz Rizo, Oscar; Buzón González, Fran; Arado López, Juana O; Denis Alpízar, Otoniel


    Concentrations of chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb) in dune sands from six urban and suburban Matanzas (Cuba) resorts and Varadero beach were estimated by X-ray fluorescence analysis. Ranges of metal contents in dune sands show a strong variation across the studied locations (in mg/kg(-1)): 20-2964 for Cr, 17-183 for Ni, 17-51 for Cu, 18-88 for Zn and 5-29 for Pb. The values of contamination factors and contamination degrees how that two of the studied Matanzas's resorts (Judio and Chirry) are strongly polluted. The comparison with Sediment Quality Guidelines shows that dune sands from Judio resort represent a serious risk for humans, due to polluted Cr and Ni levels, while sands from the rest of the studied resorts, including Varadero beach, do not represent any risk for public use.

  3. Service quality as a determinant of customer satisfaction and resulting behavioural intentions: A SEM approach towards Malaysian resort hotels

    Ali, Faizan


    Despite extensive research on service quality and its consequences, there is still a lack of empirical research examining these variables in the context of resort hotels. In filling the gap, this study aims to assess service quality as determinant of customer satisfaction and resulting behavioural intentions in the context of Malaysian resort hotels. Based on the literature review, this study validates a new operationalization of service quality and hypothesises its significant effects on cus...

  4. [Treatment of patients with bronchial asthma associated with obesity in a health resort "Okeanskiy"].

    Tsureva, U V; Demeev, Ya A; Skachkov, O A; Sheverdina, E A


    In this paper we assess the efficiency of sanatorium treatment of patients with bronchial asthma of two different weigh groups: with normal body weight and obesity. According to the results of clinical examination it was found that in patients with bronchial asthma and obesity of I-II degree efficiency of sanatorium treatment is lower in comparison with patients with bronchial asthma and normal body weight. The use of a standard set of procedures is not enough to correct the symptoms of asthma in obese patients. Comparative analysis of clinical symptoms in patients with bronchial asthma with normal body weight and obesity were differences of up to 50%. The conclusion about the need to develop a set of techniques to optimize the effectiveness of rehabilitation is given.

  5. Treatment of knee OSTEOARTHRITIS in Spa Health resorts: where do we stand?

    Salca Amalia


    Full Text Available Osteoarthrosis (OA includes degenerative joint disorders that affect articular cartilage in the first instance, followed by changes of all components of the joint. The disease is detected in a proportion of 33% by X-ray in patients aged over 60 years. Knee OA (KOA ranks first among chronic diseases from the point of view of patient disability. This article is a review of guidelines and articles regarding arthrosis, balneotherapy, and balneotherapy in KOA treatment. These were accessed on the Pubmed site in the period March-April 2015. The components of balneo-therapy to which the selected articles refer include mud packs, mineral waters, climate change. These are evaluated in association or in comparison with other methods used in the rehabilitation specialty area for the treatment of KOA: kinesitherapy, intra-articular infiltrations, hydrothermotherapy. The changes induced by these therapies on clinical evolution (pain relief, tenderness, functionality, quality of life, depression symptoms or certain serum parameters (biomarkers of oxidative stress, inflammation and cartilage destruction, vitamin D and other serum metabolites were recorded. The results of our review are consistent with the studies focused on spa modalities in all types of OA. All these data helped defining the role of balneotherapy as part of the rehabilitation program for the treatment of KOA, through the benefits specific to it. Conclusion: Balneotherapy has beneficial effects on patients with KOA, both clinically and serologic improvements. Further studies are needed to quantify these effects using KOA specific markers, to establish a hierarchy of balneotherapy methods based on their effects on KOA, as well as to refine indications depending on the stage of the disease.

  6. Three modules supply a health resort indoor swimming pool. Drei Module versorgen Kurmittelhaus und Hallenbad

    Schultz, R. (COMUNA-metall Vorrichtungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH, Herford (Germany))

    The article reports on the utilization of dual purpose power plants for the indoor swimming pool at Bad Rothenfelde: Adaptation of the hydraulic circuit, utilization of the gross calorific, heat recovery, electric power load management. (HW)

  7. Local reduction of decadal glacier thickness loss through mass balance management in ski resorts

    Fischer, Andrea; Helfricht, Kay; Stocker-Waldhuber, Martin


    For Austrian glacier ski resorts, established in the 1970s and 1980s during a period of glacier advance, negative mass balances with resulting glacier area loss and decrease in surface elevation present an operational challenge. Glacier cover, snow farming, and technical snow production were introduced as adaptation measures based on studies on the effect of these measures on energy and mass balance. After a decade of the application of the various measures, we studied the transition from the proven short-term effects of the measures on mass balance to long-term effects on elevation changes. Based on lidar digital elevation models and differential GPS measurements, decadal surface elevation changes in 15 locations with mass balance management were compared to those without measures (apart from piste grooming) in five Tyrolean ski resorts on seven glaciers. The comparison of surface elevation changes presents clear local differences in mass change, and it shows the potential to retain local ice thickness over 1 decade. Locally up to 21.1 m ± 0.4 m of ice thickness was preserved on mass balance managed areas compared to non-maintained areas over a period of 9 years. In this period, mean annual thickness loss in 15 of the mass balance managed profiles is 0.54 ± 0.04 m yr-1 lower (-0.23 ± 0.04 m yr-1on average) than in the respective reference areas (-0.78 ± 0.04 m yr-1). At two of these profiles the surface elevation was preserved altogether, which is promising for a sustainable maintenance of the infrastructure at glacier ski resorts. In general the results demonstrate the high potential of the combination of mass balance management by snow production and glacier cover, not only in the short term but also for multi-year application to maintain the skiing infrastructure.

  8. Assessment of the economic risk for the ski resorts of changes in snow cover duration

    S. A. Sokratov


    Full Text Available Winter tourism that is intensively developed in the Russian Federation in recent years strongly depends on the snow availability and properties in the region. Climate changes exert significant influence on the functioning of mountain ski resorts, especially if they are located in areas with relatively high air temperatures in winter season. At the present time, a snowy cluster of mountain ski resorts is intensively progressing in vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana. This region in the West Caucasus (Russia is characterized by relatively warm climate conditions. The snow cover thickness (of 1% insurance in area of the Aibga mountain range may reach 8.1 m. But the snow cover thickness is not the only characteristic of the mountain skiing attractiveness. According to the Swiss standards a mountain ski resort can be considered reliable if during seven seasons of ten ones the snow cover with minimal thickness of 30–50 cm exists for a time not shorter than 100 days during a period from 1st December till 15th April.According to the forecast, during future decades the calculated amount of solid precipitation should reduce by 25–30% in mountain regions on the south macro-slope of the Great Caucasus. As the calculations show, by 2041–2050 the maximal decade thickness of snow cover will decrease by 29–35% while a number of days with snow – by 35–40%. If this is the case, artificial snow will be needed in addition to the natural one. But, under warm climate conditions using of plants for artificial snow production will require a certain perfecting of the nowadays technologies, and very likely, with use of chemicals. That is why a shadowing of existing mountain ski routes by means of the tree planting along them could be ecologically more promising. As for the mountain ski resorts of the West Caucasus, we should mention a possible weakening of the avalanche activity as a potential positive effect of the climate warming predicted by models.

  9. Cálculo de resortes helicoidales de compresión

    Martínez López, Enrique


    En el diseño de la mayoría de los elementos mecánicos es deseable, que la deformación inducida por el estado de cargas actuante sea lo más baja posible. Sin embargo, los resortes mecánicos cumplen en las máquinas la misión de elementos flexibles, pudiendo sufrir grandes deformaciones por efecto de cargas externas volviendo a recuperar su forma inicial cuando cesa la acción de las mismas, es decir, presentan una gran elasticidad. Para su fabricación se emplean aceros de gran ...

  10. Effects of mountain resort development - a case study in Vermont USA

    Shanley, J.; Wemple, B.


    The mountainous landscape of northern New England, USA, faces intense development pressure from recreational and tourism use. In 2000 we began a paired-watershed study in northern Vermont to examine the effects of alpine resort development on stream flow and water quality. To our knowledge this is the only gaged watershed study at a mountain resort. The adjacent paired watersheds have similar topography, relief, geology and forest type, and differ primarily in land use. Ranch Brook watershed (9.6 km2) is the undeveloped, nearly 100% forested control basin. West Branch watershed (11.7 km2) is the developed basin, encompassing a pre-existing alpine ski resort and state highway, with approximately 17% of the basin occupied by ski trails and impervious surfaces. Measurements during 2000-2003 showed suspended sediment yield was >2.5 times greater and concentrations of nitrate and chloride were significantly elevated at West Branch. From 2004 through 2007 the resort expanded with more ski trails, roads, parking areas, and vacation home development and now has 24% cleared land, with storm sewers draining lower developed areas of the alpine watershed. For the 11-year period of study, water yield in the developed basin exceeded that in the control by an average of nearly 21%. The higher runoff at West Branch occurred primarily as result of higher sustained base flow, driven by a more prolonged snowmelt period, and greater runoff during small events. The annual flow differential had a strong positive correlation to maximum snow water equivalent, suggesting that differences in snow accumulation may explain the flow differential. We are investigating whether these differences are a direct consequence of management activities and resulting vegetation shifts and land clearing on snow capture. Several of the highest peak flows in both watersheds have occurred in the last 2 years of the 11-yr study. Our analysis is aimed at determining whether absolute peak flows have increased

  11. The influence of guides on alcohol consumption among young tourists at a nightlife resort

    Tutenges, Sébastien; Jæger, Mads Meier; Hesse, Morten


    Objective: The aim of this study was to assess how participation in party activities with guides affects alcohol consumption among young tourists at an international nightlife resort. Methods: Prospective survey of 112 Danish tourists in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, who were asked about their drinking...... and activities with guides on three separate nights out. Results: Participation in party activities with guides such as drinking games and Pub Crawls, were associated with heavily increased drinking compared with nights out without guides, but not in a dose-response type relationship. Conclusion: Participating...

  12. A study on the disaster medical response during the Mauna Ocean Resort gymnasium collapse

    Cha, Myeong-il; Kim, Gi Woon; Kim, Chu Hyun; Choa, Minhong; Choi, Dai Hai; Kim, Inbyung; Wang, Soon Joo; Yoo, In Sool; Yoon, Han Deok; Lee, Kang Hyun; Cho, Suck Ju; Heo, Tag; Hong, Eun Seog


    Objective To investigate and document the disaster medical response during the Gyeongju Mauna Ocean Resort gymnasium collapse on February 17, 2014. Methods Official records of each institution were verified to select the study population. All the medical records and emergency medical service run sheets were reviewed by an emergency physician. Personal or telephonic interviews were conducted, without a separate questionnaire, if the institutions or agencies crucial to disaster response did not have official records or if information from different institutions was inconsistent. Results One hundred fifty-five accident victims treated at 12 hospitals, mostly for minor wounds, were included in this study. The collapse killed 10 people. Although the news of collapse was disseminated in 4 minutes, dispatch of 4 disaster medical assistance teams took at least 69 minutes to take the decision of dispatch. Four point five percent were treated at the accident site, 56.7% were transferred to 2 hospitals that were nearest to the collapse site, and 42.6% were transferred to hospitals that were poorly prepared to handle disaster victims. Conclusion In the Gyeongju Mauna Ocean Resort gymnasium collapse, the initial triage and distribution of patients was inefficient and medical assistance arrived late. These problems had also been noted in prior mass casualty incidents. PMID:27752635




    Full Text Available Romania balneology has face the transition towards the free market, which meant important loses in turn over, services and quality. The privatization of establishments, ether by restitution or by transfer in private property use to be regarded as the common cause of today regression. We argue that the lack of a real and professional national politics for balneology might be the main cause. There are also some exceptions: Sovata resort is one of them, as the local manager of the former state company has well handled the privatization process, and has early involved an international capital: the Danubius hotel chain. It has taken long to modernize the facilities and some more time is still necessary to add new services, as spa or meetings, offered at a global standard. The paper highlight the whole process and some of the actions in progress. The paper highlight some proposal for a quickly issue from the actual state of facts. The main one reply on local forces, highlighting the resources and the tools which can be used by local actors in order to turn their resorts into a balneal destinations.

  14. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts : hospitality, tradition, environmental stewardship and energy savings go hand in hand

    Pinault, K. [Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Toronto, ON (Canada). Design and Construction


    Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Inc. operates 81 world-class luxury hotels and resorts in Canada, United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Barbados and the United Arab Emirates. In 1990, Fairmont Hotels launched a green program for all its Canadian hotels as part of its commitment to become a world leader in establishing environmental practices for the hotel industry. Fairmont's policies for energy efficiency, water conservation, purchasing and waste minimization have won international awards. The energy efficiency measures benefit both the company and society through savings in operating costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, thereby helping Canada meets its international obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Electricity makes up the greatest part of the hotel chain's huge energy bills, costing more than $29 million annually. The remainder of the energy bill consists of natural gas, propane, water, steam and kitchen fuel costs. Many of Fairmont's hotels are historic properties whose physical layout present greater challenges than retrofitting new construction. The retrofits so far have included improvements in lighting fixtures, laundry facilities, HVAC systems, parking garages and boiler rooms. Since 1998, energy retrofits at Fairmont hotels across Canada have resulted in substantial energy savings. 2 tabs., 4 figs.

  15. The Organizational Improvements of Catering in the Case of the Radisson Blu Resort Restaurant in Split

    Mario Bogdanović


    Full Text Available The essence of the catering industry is providing food and beverages services. The food and beverages department provides the food and beverages in the hotel industry, with its restaurant being the most visible part where the food and beverages supply and demand takes place. The researching of this organizational segment is important because it contributes to the understanding and improvement of the organizational efficacy of the food and beverage department, in particular the restaurant units of the catering organizations. The aim of this paper is to explore the organization of work within the food and beverage department in the Hotel Radisson Blu Resort in Split. The proposed research evolves around the problems of the organization of work of a specific restaurant Fig & Leaf located in the Radisson Blue Resort Split Hotel. The research was conducted by means of questionnaire that included all the employees of the restaurant (N=20. Certain problem areas have been identified in the restaurant’s organization of work: a a sub-optimal number of employees; b multiple chain of commands; c problems of sub-optimal organizational structures in the work of the restaurant; d problems regarding certain aspects of the organizational culture of the restaurant relating to team work, participatory decision-making, inter-personal trust. For the diagnosed problems in the organization of the restaurant organizational solutions were offered aimed at improving management. This way of solving the organizational sub-optimality can be generally applied within the restaurant business.

  16. Dynamics of forest populations in the mountain resort region of the North Caucasus

    Chalaya, Elena; Efimenko, Natalia; Slepykh, Olga; Slepykh, Viktor; Povolotskaya, Nina


    Prehistoric formula of forest species composition of the resort region Caucasian Mineralnye Vody (RR CMV) in the North Caucasus is 6Q3Cb1Fe [1]. According to it, undisturbed forests of the region consisted of the pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) and the durmast (Quercus cerris L.) by 60%, the European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) by 30% and the European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) only by 10%. At present the formula of forest composition of the region is 5Fe3Cb2Q, according to it, the rate of oak-groves (the most valuable to resort landscape gardening) has reduced to 20%, and the ash-tree, though the rate of the hornbeam has not changed, increased up to 50%. Forest breeding populations in the RR CMV are referred to natural medical resources as they have high rehabilitation and climate-regulating properties, the change in forest breeding populations influences the conditions of the resort climate-landscape-therapy. The researches conducted in the perfect oak wood of vegetative origin in Beshtaugorsky Forestry Area (BFA) of the RR CMV have shown the reduction of the pedunculate oak in the tree-stand composition during 1984-2014 from 10 to 8 units in the composition: the European ash (1 unit) and the crataegus monogyna (Crataegus monogyna Jacq.), the checker tree (Sorbus torminalis (L.) Crantz), the common pear (Pyrus communis L.) have appeared [2]. The rate of the pedunculate oak decreased from 10 units to 9 in the perfect planting of the pedunculate oak of the artificial origin (Mashuk section of the forestry of BFA of the RR CMV) during 1986-2016. Among accompanying breeds there was the English field maple (Acer campestre L.), the Chinese elm in singular (Ulmus parvifolia Jacq.), the single-seed hawthorn. The reliable regrowth (4C3Fe3Ac+Q+Cm+Pc+Up) in number of 3,9 thousand pieces/hectare defines the perspective of complete replacement of the oak crop in the future on planting with dominance of the hornbeam and the involvement of the ash-tree and the English


    YANG Xiao-zhong; LU Lin; ZHANG Guang-sheng; LU Song; XUAN Guo-fu


    The change in residents' perception and attitude and resort life cycle are the basic problems in the course of resort evolution. This thesis sets up the dynamic model of residents'perception and attitude, analyzes the linkage between residents' perception and attitude and the influential factors of resort life cycle, and finally, with a case study of Putuo Mountain, preliminarily discusses the relationship between resort life cycle and residents'perception and attitude. The research findings show that, although within development stage of life cycle, Putuo Mountain has already presented some signs of mature stage. The on-the-spot survey also indicates that, the local residents'positive perception is stronger than their negative perception. But compared with residents in some other coastal resorts such as Haikou and Sanya, negative perception of residents in Putuo Mountain is more evident, as the result of the smaller tourism carrying capacity in Putuo Mountain. There are some influential factors that have great impact on tourism carrying capacity in Putuo Mountain: tourist-resident number ratio, residents' benefit-cost ratio and characteristics of tourism resources. And the less influential factors are residents' demographic character, tourist behavioral character and cultural differences between local residents and tourists. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to adjust the structure of tourism product for the purpose of expanding tourism carrying capacity, lowering its pressure, lessening residents' environmental cost and enhancing their positive perception, which is the most essential prerequisite for the maturation of life cycle in Putuo Mountain.

  18. Understanding the Morphology in the Form of Business Expansion: Perspective of Small Tourism Firm in Coastal Resort Destination

    Muhammad Hakimi Mohd Hussain


    Full Text Available Resort morphology literature can be traced back since 1930s and most cases referring to the coast of Europe and United State. In 1970s, it begins to give emphasis on aspects such as land use pattern, infrastructure, Central Business District, Recreational Business District and impact studies. The literature expands to the aspects of socioeconomic, hotel development and resort lifecycle in the 1980s. Later in 1990s, it was extended to politic and investment, tourist behavior, transportation, Tourism Business District and environmental management. Following 2000s, the discussion move into change in land use intensity and restructuring resort strategies. All these aspects are still relevant in the existing literature today. However, it was argued that existing issue  from these literatures cannot escape from too much emphasis on the physical aspects. Limited study given to the aspect of non-physical than theoretical components of space management for physical and strategic planning purposes. For example, the aspects of business expansion and entrepreneur growth, and as to how this is able to influence resort morphology. The Small tourism firm manages to sustain their present from generation to generation with increasing skills relevant to financial, personal attitude, business resources and networking, and abilities in terms of operational, managerial and strategic. Therefore, the characteristic of resort morphology should be seen in a different context in which the competitiveness and survivability of these small tourism firms is vital to explore.

  19. Roof wave for an eco-shopping center. G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf at Vienna. Europe's greatest wooden building sites; Dachwelle fuer Oeko-Einkaufszentrum. G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf bei Wien. Europas groesste Holzbaustelle

    Lindner, Heinz; Trefil, Gustav; Gloeggler, Jens [ATP Wien (Austria)


    In Austria, the G3 shopping resort Gerasdorf is the first shopping center which has undergone an environmental impact assessment and is built in an environmentally conscious design. The operation of this shopping center is based on biomass. The shopping center was certificated in June 2011 at the klima:aktiv mobile network conference in Vienna (Austria). Within the course of planning, the building owner has decided for a certification of the shopping resort according to the building certification system BREEAM. A sustainability certificate as an award is aspired to the final completion.

  20. Possible paths towards sustainable tourism development in a high-mountain resort

    Laurent Arcuset


    Full Text Available This text starts from the teachings stemming from an evaluation of the tourist practices in the light of sustainable tourism principles, realized in 2004 within the framework of a national network piloted by the French Agency of Touristic Engineering (today ODIT France, for the ski resort of Valloire, first-generation resort in the Maurienne, which development and modernization in the 2000s kept pace with a vast real estate program. The article investigates the stakes and difficulties of the implementation of sustainable development in Valloire, asks the question of the "cultural revolution" which the actors should achieve to change the model of economic development, and suggest some tracks to reach there. The local approach of "sustainable tourism", indeed, seems for the moment rather to aim - as in many other high mountain ski resorts - towards a more environmental management of the basic urban functions than a real questioning of a tourist model based upon the triptych development of the ski slopes, securizing of the snow resource and touristic real estate programs.Ce texte part des enseignements issus d’une évaluation des pratiques touristiques à l’aune des principes du tourisme durable, réalisée en 2004 dans le cadre d’un réseau national piloté par l’Agence Française d’Ingénierie Touristique (aujourd’hui ODIT France, pour la station de Valloire, station de première génération de Maurienne dont le développement et la modernisation dans les années 2000 sont allés de pair avec un vaste programme immobilier. L’article explore les enjeux et les difficultés de la mise en œuvre du développement durable à Valloire, pose la question de la « révolution culturelle » que les acteurs devraient accomplir pour changer de modèle de développement économique, et suggère quelques pistes pour y parvenir. L’approche locale du « tourisme durable », en effet, semble pour l’heure plutôt tendre – comme dans bien

  1. Transforming Mature Tourism Resorts into Sustainable Tourism Destinations through Participatory Integrated Approaches: The Case of Puerto de la Cruz

    Serafin Corral


    Full Text Available Transforming mature tourism resorts has evolved toward a greater involvement of public authorities and away from the mere renovation of public spaces. Authorities today are required to lead the reorganization of tourism activities through the development of co-operative networks between all stakeholders involved. In this paper, a participatory integrated approach has been designed and implemented in collaboration with Spanish authorities and the tourism sector to propose a strategy to achieve the renovation of tourism resorts. This methodology was applied to Puerto de la Cruz, the oldest tourism destination in the Canary Islands and a clear paradigm of a consolidated resort. The objective is to define and implement policies to transform Puerto de la Cruz into a more sustainable tourism destination.

  2. The influence of regional urbanization and abnormal weather conditions on the processes of human climatic adaptation on mountain resorts

    Artamonova, M.; Golitsyn, G.; Senik, I.; Safronov, A.; Babyakin, A.; Efimenko, N.; Povolotskaya, N.; Topuriya, D.; Chalaya, E.


    This work is a further development in the study of weather pathogenic index (WPI) and negative influence of urbanization processes on the state of people's health with adaptation disorder. This problem is socially significant. According to the data of the WHO, in the world there are from 20 to 45% of healthy people and from 40 to 80% of people with chronic diseases who suffer from the raised meteosensitivity. As a result of our researches of meteosensitivity of people during their short-duration on mountain resorts there were used negative adaptive reactions (NAR) under 26 routine tests, stress-reactions under L.H. Garkavi's hemogram, vegetative indices, tests of neuro-vascular reactivity, signs of imbalance of vegetative and neurohumoral regulation according to the data of biorhythm fractal analysis and sudden aggravations of diseases (SAD) as an indicator of negative climatic and urbanization influence. In 2010-2011 the Caucasian mountain resorts were having long periods of climatic anomalies, strengthening of anthropogenic emissions and forest fires when record-breaking high waves of NAR and SAD were noticed. There have also been specified indices ranks of weather pathogenicity from results of comparison of health characteristics with indicators of synoptico-dynamic processes according to Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF); air ionization N+, N-, N+/N- spectra of aerosol particles (the size from 500 to 20000 nanometers) and concentrations of chemically active gases (O3, NO, NO2, ), volatile phytoorganic substances in the surface atmosphere, bactericidal characteristics of vegetation by criterion χ2 (not above 0,05). It has allowed us to develop new physiological optimum borders, norm and pessimum, to classify emergency ecologo-weather situations, to develop a new techniques of their forecasting and prevention of meteopathic reactions with meteosensitive patients (Method of treatment and the early (emergency) and planned prevention meteopatic reactions

  3. Estudio de viabilidad de un resort inmobiliario en Mérida, Yucatán ( México)


    El siguiente proyecto analiza desde un punto de vista teórico y práctico la viabilidad de un resort inmobiliario en Mérida, Yucatán. El mencionado resort tendrá 4 viviendas unifamiliares y 2 edificios de 4 apartamentos cada uno. En total 12 viviendas. También tendrá zonas comunes de piscina, jardín, peluquería, biblioteca y gimnasio. La base de la que partimos para la elaboración del citado estudio es la falta existente de dicho producto en la zona. Así pues, se buscará cubr...

  4. Modifications of biological effects of drinking mineral waters in Pyatigorsk resort

    Reps, Valentina; Efimenko, Natalia; Abramtsova, Anna; Kozlova, Victoria; Sagradyan, Gayne; Tovbushenko, Tatiana; Kotova, Margarita


    A variety of types of drinking mineral waters (MW) of Pyatigorsk Deposit (PD) is explained by its structural style and hydrogeological conditions. In resort conditions the most widely used mineral waters are acidulated and carbonate chloride sodium hydrocarbonate MW. It has been shown earlier that natural MW have a high biological exposure potential on exchange processes both in norm and during pathological metabolic changes [1, 2]. We have studied some modification options of the composition of natural drinking mineral waters (MW) in Pyatigorsk resort to increase their rehabilitation potential. In the experiment on 110 male-rats of Wistar line there have been examined some biological effects of a course drinking intake (21 days) of natural MW from the spring that has sulphate-hydrocarbonate-chloride calcium-sodic composition with ferrum elevated level (3-5 mg/dm3), mineralization of 5,0-5,2 g/dm3, CO2 1,3-2,2 g/dm3, daily flow of 10-86 m3/day, temperature from 14 to 370C at the wellhead and MW modified by nanoparticles (NP) of Se (0,04 mg/kg, d - 35 nm) and Ag nanoparticles (0,001 mg/kg, d - 30 nm). One of the mechanisms of selenium influence on carbohydrate metabolism is the regulation of blood glucose level and its utilization by tissues. After the course by the studied MW type there has been noticed Ca-ATPase level reduction in liver against the background of insulin downregulation and glycemia elevation in blood serum of the rats [1]. There has been also observed glucagon retrogression in the blood of the labolatory animals after the treatment course by natural MW in 3 times (pnatural MW - 4,8 (4,6-5 ‰) mmol/l in comparison with the control - 4 (4 - 4,4 ‰) mmol/l. Insulin concentration did not change with the animals after the watering course by MW with Se nanoparticles whereas the course by MW with Ag nanoparticles was followed by insulin decreased secretion by 22% against the background of hypoglycemia. In the impact analysis of the course influence of

  5. TARGET2 Imbalances and the ECB as Lender of Last Resort

    Francesco Purificato


    Full Text Available This paper analyses the issue of the dynamics of the TARGET2 system balances during the sovereign debt crisis, when some countries registered a decisive inflow of the central bank liquidity and others showed an outflow. The dynamics in the TARGET2 are here explained as being due to a fall in the level of confidence in the capacity of the Economic and Monetary Union to survive, rather than to disparities in the level of competitiveness among countries of the Eurozone. This crisis of confidence has to be considered as the consequence of the implicit refusal of the European institutions to create a mechanism working as lender of last resort for the euro area member States; indeed, only when the ECB took this responsibility by launching the Outright Monetary Transactions clear signs of improvement were observed in the sovereign debt crisis.

  6. El Movimiento Armónico Simple Aplicado a un Resorte

    Soto Rodríguez, Luis Alberto


    Al aplicarle una carga (fuerza) a un resorte que cuelga verticalmente, se produce un movimiento armónico simple, en el cual resulta interesante analizar el principio de la conservación de la energía. Se trata de presentar este estudio en forma tal, que resalten las características físicas del fenómeno, más que la elaboración de un proceso matemático, complicado, que motive la pérdida de la concepción física del fenómeno o que escape al alcance de los alumnos que todavía no tiene...

  7. [The Dead Sea--a unique resort for patients suffering from joint diseases].

    Sukenik, Shaul; Flusser, Daniel; Codish, Shlomi; Abu-Shakra, Mahmoud


    The Dead Sea area is an excellent and unique resort for patients suffering from a wide range of inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint diseases. Factors contributing to the beneficial effect are the high concentration of salts and minerals in the Dead Sea water and in the water from springs in the area, medical mud, and the unique climatic conditions including high barometric pressure, relative low humidity and high temperatures. This review describes the various balneotherapy modalities and the existing body of research describing their utility. Balneotherapy significantly improves most patients' conditions and in some cases leads to complete remission of several months duration. Although of importance, balneotherapy is not curative. An important advantage of balneotherapy is the lack of serious adverse effects, and, in contrast to some physicians' beliefs, the scarcity of contraindications for therapy at the Dead Sea area.

  8. El único hotel asociado con summit hotels & resorts en Colombia - Hotel Bogotá Plaza

    Diana Carolina Rojas


    Full Text Available Es importante conocer acerca de la historia del Hotel Bogotá Plaza. Este es el primer hotel del norte de Bogotá. La misión del hotel es permanecer en el corazón de los huéspedes y visitantes, al satisfacer sus deseos con amor, calidez, amabilidad, seguridad y servicio de excelente calidad. Desde 1996 el Bogotá Plaza Hotel ha pertenecido a Summit Hotels & Resorts. Esta es una firma que proporciona al hotel un sistema de reservas por Internet, esta alianza ha generado que el hotel sea reconocido en muchos países del mundo. Summit además se ha establecido como una organización líder en ventas, mercadeo y reservas hoteleras del mundo. Es importante asociarse con compañías destacadas así como lo hizo el Hotel Bogotá Plaza.

  9. Unforced Revision in Processing Relative Clause Association Ambiguity in Japanese: Evidence Against Revision as Last Resort.

    Yamada, Toshiyuki; Arai, Manabu; Hirose, Yuki


    The current study tackles a long standing question of whether comprehenders perform structural revision when it is not forced by grammar or not. Using an eye-tracking reading paradigm, we addressed this issue by making use of global structural ambiguity in Japanese. Our results show that comprehenders initially associate a relative clause with the first potential head noun and that they revise this analysis when the second noun is lexico-semantically possible as the relative clause head, but do not when it is impossible. The results are incompatible with the Revision as Last Resort hypothesis. Instead, they support the parsing with unforced revision that is immediately sensitive to lexical properties. We argue that our results cannot be accounted for by serial modular processing models but that they can be explained by ranked-parallel interactive processing models. Furthermore, we propose that head-finality is a key factor involved in the availability of unforced revision.

  10. Failures in Building Partnership for Success in the Competitive Market: The Case of Polish Ski Resorts

    Michal Zemla


    Full Text Available The topic of local stakeholders’ collaboration for success on the tourism market is a popular one, however research is usually devoted to well established Western economies. Created in this way, rules of cooperation are not fully suitable for new democracies in Central and Eastern European countries. Western standards of cooperation can not be achieved in Polish winter sports destinations, which is mirrored in the analyzed example of the Polish biggest ski resort – Szczyrk. Mutual mistrust and hostile attitude are typical for stakeholders in this example. The very low competitiveness level of the product is the most visible effect. Additionally, ski product development in Poland is highly criticized from the environmental point of view, which results in another difficult to manage, severe conflict sourced in different interpretations of the idea of sustainable tourism development.

  11. A preliminary study of an eastern Mediterranean coastal ecosystem: Summer Resorts and Benthic ecosystems



    Full Text Available The present study investigates whether coastal benthic communities are affected by tourist activities along the coast, which persist for a limited time period. The analysis of benthic macrofauna is based on the ecological parameters (quantitative analyses as well as on the ecological identity of the species (qualitative analyses. Microbial contamination and some population statistics are correlated with ecological parameters. The disturbance of benthic communities in the vicinity of summer resorts is summarized by a reduction in species number and dominance of opportunistic species characteristic of disturbed and polluted environments. It is found that community diversity and evenness of distribution decrease with the deterioration of water quality, expressed as grade of microbial contamination, which implies that benthic community is also a significant element in assessing the quality of coastal waters. The above parameters were statistically negatively correlated with the number of tourists.

  12. Harmonising climate change adaptation and mitigation: The case of tourist resorts in Fiji

    Becken, Susanne [Landcare Research, Canterbury (New Zealand)


    Tourism in island states is vulnerable to climate change because it may result in detrimental changes in relation to extreme events, sea level rise, transport and communication interruption. This study analyses adaptation to climate change by tourist resorts in Fiji, as well as their potential to reduce climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. Interviews, site visitations, and an accommodation survey were undertaken. Many operators already prepare for climate-related events and therefore adapt to potential impacts resulting from climate change. Reducing emissions is not important to operators; however, decreasing energy costs for economic reasons is practised. Recommendations for further initiatives are made and synergies between the adaptation and mitigation approaches are explored. (Author)


    Ivica Nikolić


    Full Text Available The aspiration of the civilized man is the improvement of work which aim is to achieve as big as possible effect of productivity and as small as possible participation of labour. The result of this process, which cannot be avoided, is some kind of fatigue that has hypocinaesiological characteristics in regard to demands of modern work process. The most effective way to fight against fatigue is to have an active holiday that is meaningfully programmed, led and carried out through movement of tourists, with the addition of natural factors, among which climate and healing waters are particularly important. These very resources characterize the tourist potential of Serbia and Montenegro with lots of available facilities at 1000 m height above the sea level and spa centers with springs and a complete offer physio-prophylactic procedures and following facilities for sport recreation. The implementation of programmed active holidays in to the corpus of tourist offer of Serbia and Montenegro represents prospective of development of tourism and tourist economy with effects of multiple importance as for participants, so for the level of tourist consumption. That will definitely influence the lengthening of tourist season as the primary goal of every catering establishment. Surveys show that the affection and viewpoints of potential tourists are especially directed towards engaging sport games and activities on and in the water, as part of the elementary tourist offer in spas and climatic resorts and their available facilities. Recommendationsand postulates of program of sport recreation, which are presented through four charts, are the basis of marketing strategy of appearance on tourist market with permanent education of management personnel and further research of potential market expanding. The publication and distribution of advertising materials are especially important, both at the market in our country and at the foreign market, where the abundance

  14. Assessment of Ni, Cu, Zn and Pb levels in beach and dune sands from Havana resorts, Cuba.

    Díaz Rizo, Oscar; Buzón González, Fran; Arado López, Juana O


    Concentrations of nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb) in beach and dune sands from thirteen Havana (Cuba) resorts were estimated by X-ray fluorescence analysis. Determined mean metal contents (in mg·kg(-1)) in beach sand samples were 28±12 for Ni, 35±12 for Cu, 31±11 for Zn and 6.0±1.8 for Pb, while for dune sands were 30±15, 38±22, 37±15 and 6.8±2.9, respectively. Metal-to-iron normalization shows moderately severe and severe enrichment by Cu. The comparison with sediment quality guidelines shows that dune sands from various resorts must be considered as heavily polluted by Cu and Ni. Almost in every resort, the Ni and Cu contents exceed their corresponding TEL values and, in some resorts, the Ni PEL value. The comparison with a Havana topsoil study indicates the possible Ni and Cu natural origin. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. 78 FR 4164 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Point Molate Resort and Casino for the...


    ... the Federal Register on March 11, 2005 (70 FR 12229-12230). A public scoping meeting was held on March... the Federal Register on July 10, 2009 (74 FR 33236). A Final EIS for this project was not filed with... Bureau of Indian Affairs Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Point Molate Resort...

  16. PROSNOW - Provision of a prediction system allowing for management and optimization of snow in Alpine ski resorts

    Morin, Samuel; Ghislain, Dubois


    Snow on the ground is a critical resource for mountain regions to sustain river flow, to provide freshwater input to ecosystems and to support winter tourism, in particular in ski resorts. The level of activity, employment, turnover and profit of hundreds of ski resorts in the European Alps primarily depends on meteorological conditions, in particular natural snowfall but also increasingly conditions favourable for snowmaking (production of machine made snow, also referred to as technical snow). Ski resorts highly depend on appropriate conditions for snowmaking (mainly the availability of cold water, as well as sub-freezing temperature with sufficiently low humidity conditions). However, beyond the time scale of weather forecasts (a few days), managers of ski resorts have to rely on various and scattered sources of information, hampering their ability to cope with highly variable meteorological conditions. Improved anticipation capabilities at all time scales, spanning from "weather forecast" (up to 5 days typically) to "climate prediction" at the seasonal scale (up to several months) holds significant potential to increase the resilience of socio-economic stakeholders and supports their real-time adaptation potential. To address this issue, the recently funded (2017-2020) H2020 PROSNOW project will build a demonstrator of a meteorological and climate prediction and snow management system from one week to several months ahead, specifically tailored to the needs of the ski industry. PROSNOW will apply state-of-the-art knowledge relevant to the predictability of atmospheric and snow conditions, and investigate and document the added value of such services. The project proposes an Alpine-wide system (including ski resorts located in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy). It will join and link providers of weather forecasts and climate predictions at the seasonal scale, research institutions specializing in snowpack modelling, a relevant ensemble of at least

  17. 温泉度假村规划设计的优化探析%The Optimization of Hot Spring Resort Planning

    李菲; 郭永久


    Hot spring resort is one type of the resort real estate development with prominent advantage. Planning is the key point in the development. The concept of hot spring resort development determines the thinking of hot spring resort planning strategically. The key point of winning market competition for the hot spring resort is the innovation of development mode. The optimization of planning promotes the maturity and perfection of development mode, pouring into new energy into resort image. This paper intends to discuss the planning direction and optimization strategies of hot spring resort according to the new development concept of resort real estate.%温泉度假村是度假地产开发中具有突岀优势的一种类型.规划设计是开发过程中的重要环节.温泉度假村的开发理念从战略上决定着度假村规划设计的思路,温泉度假村赢得市场竞争的关键是开发模式的创新,规划设计的优化促进开发模式的成熟与完善,为度假村的形象注入新的活力.依据度假地产的开发理念,探讨温泉度假村规划设计的方向和优化策略.

  18. Correction methods of medicinal properties of mineral waters in Pyatigorsk resort

    Reps, Valentina; Potapov, Evgeniy; Abramtsova, Anna; Kotova, Margarita


    Mineral Water (MW) of Pyatigorsk deposit (PD) is united in five genetic groups (operational stocks of 2809,8 m3/day): carbonic and hydrosulphuric, carbonic, carbonic chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium (salt and alkaline), radonic low carbonate, nitrogen-carbonic terms. A variety of MW types is explained by peculiarities of geological structure and hydrogeological conditions of PD. Here on the sites of the development of deep semi-ring splits there are overflows and a mixture of various complexes. Unloading of deep water strikes happens not only on the earth surface in the form of springs but also at the depth in its edging crumbling rocks of Palaeocene and quarternary deposits. As a result of mixture processes of water and its subsequent metamorphization, various types of mineral water of this deposit are formed. Pyatigorsk resort is in a special protected ecologo-resort region which mode allows to keep stability of structure and ecological purity of MW. Nevertheless, MW variability, compositional differences and MW mineralization determining the level of its biological effect demand studying of action mechanisms of both natural MW, and possibility of its modification for range expansion of rehabilitation action. There have been examined biological effects of the course drinking reception In experiment on 80 rats males of the Wistar line biological effects of the course drinking reception of two MW types: "Krasnoarmeyskaya new" (MW1) of sulphate-hydrocarbonate-chloride calcium-sodium structure with the raised contents of iron (3-5 mg/dm3), mineralization of 5,0-5,2 g/dm3, CO2 of 1,3-2,2 g/dm3, daily flow of 10-86 m3/day, temperature from 14 to 370C on the mouth of the well and spring №2 (MW2) low sulphate, low carbonate sulphate-hydrocarbonate-chloride calcium-sodium, mineralization of 5,0 g/l, CO2 of 0,7 g/dm3, H2 of S 0,01 g/dm3. There has been shown an ability of the drinking course MW1 to influence on endocrine and metabolic continium - cortisol level increased

  19. Aquifer development planning to supply a seaside resort: a case study in Goa, India

    Lobo Ferreira, J. P. Cárcomo; da Conceição Cunha, Maria; Chachadi, A. G.; Nagel, Kai; Diamantino, Catarina; Oliveira, Manuel Mendes


    Using the hydrogeological and socio-economic data derived from a European Commission research project on the measurement, monitoring and sustainability of the coastal environment, two optimization models have been applied to satisfy the future water resources needs of the coastal zone of Bardez in Goa, India. The number of tourists visiting Goa since the 1970s has risen considerably, and roughly a third of them go to Bardez taluka, prompting growth in the tourist-related infrastructure in the region. The optimization models are non-linear mixed integer models that have been solved using GAMS/DICOPT++ commercial software. Optimization models were used, firstly, to indicate the most suitable zones for building seaside resorts and wells to supply the tourist industry with an adequate amount of water, and secondly, to indicate the best location for wells to adequately supply pre-existing hotels. The models presented will help to define the optimal locations for the wells and the hydraulic infrastructures needed to satisfy demand at minimum cost, taking into account environmental constraints such as the risk of saline intrusion.




    Full Text Available Rodbav Baths, former seasonal spa resort of local interest, due of its geographical position and therapeutic factors still available, may become again in the future, an important location for treatment but also for relaxation, rest as well as physical and psychological rehabilitation. On the other hand, its specific therapeutic natural potential may represent an alternative to drug treatment as the use of mineral water and therapeutic mud in spa treatment has had obvious results in improving or remedying certain illnesses throughout time.This paper aims to highlight the therapeutic potential of Rodbav Baths, which consists in natural and anthropogenic resources, as well as the need to harness the best of it, through appropriate infrastructure and sustained promotion, so that the touristic product offer should be of good quality. The paper is based on information and data obtained from specialized sources or documents from the national archives of Braşov as well as from field investigations and measurements performed in the period 2010 - 2012. They were then processed and systematized to achieve the graphic and cartographic material. Last, but not least, images, illustrating the observed phenomena were used. The final results are highlighted in this paper. Thus, it presents the types of mineral waters of Rodbav Baths and their therapeutic importance, their spreading around the studied site, the spa features of the area, and current and future means of developing spa and healthcare tourism.

  1. One decade of scientific studies of snow management on Austria's glacier ski resorts

    Fischer, Andrea; Helfricht, Kay


    After the extremely warm summer of 2003, when melt affected Austria's glaciers up to the highest elevations, a scientific study on artificial modification of mass balance was initiated. It examined the effects of glacier covers and water injection, but also various grooming methods and snow accumulations based on monitoring and modelling of snow and energy balance. The results showed that covering the glacier was the most effective and cheapest method, saving about 70% of glacier melt in places. But covers are restricted to a small portion of the area, as they require high maintenance. In recent years, snow production and snow accumulation by wind drift have gained more and more importance, not only modifying glacier mass balance, but also guaranteeing an early season start. Initially about 35 ha of the glacier area (ski resort area and less than one per mille of the total glacier area in Austria) were covered and later the area was reduced as snow production possibilities increased. Snow depots are often used as fun parks for snow boarders. Glacier covers are not primarily used for keeping snow for early season start on ski tracks, but to maintain the surface, especially close to cable car infrastructure, at a constant elevation and slope. Despite glacier dynamics, glacier surfaces with snow management show reduced decrease of surface elevation , both on piste and along lift tracks.

  2. Degradation of landscape in Serbian ski resorts-aspects of scale and transfer of impacts

    Ristić Ratko


    Full Text Available The environmental impacts in Serbian ski resorts (Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara planina, Divčibare are very strong, leading to degradation of unique mountain landscape, and functionality losses. Processes of urbanization, construction or improvement works, cause hard degradation of topsoil and native vegetation. The logging, large excavation activities, erosion, noise and water pollution constantly impact the habitats of all animal and plant species residing in small areas. The process leads to severe fragmentation of the remaining old-growth forests, endangering future subsistence. Consequences of mismanagement in ski areas are noticeable in downstream sections of river beds, causing floods and bed-load deposition, with high concentration of pollutants, in reservoirs for water supply. Legal nature-protection standards are weakly implemented in regional ski areas. Effective protection of landscape in Serbian ski-areas is based on careful considerations of impact assessment at all levels of planning (spatial and urban planning and designing activities, which enables application of restoration concept, in accordance with general goals of environmental protection (preserving biodiversity, CO2 sequestration, attenuation of effects of global climate changes.

  3. The Experience Economy in Thai Hotels and Resort Clusters: The Role of Authentic Food

    Thanan Apivantanaporn


    Full Text Available Although hotels and other tourist institutions in Thailand have been making some sporadic attempts to incorporate specifically Thai food and beverage (F&B elements into their overall product offering, this has rarely been attempted in a thoughtful and systematic manner. This is despite the importance of F&B in determining overall levels of customer satisfaction and the recent importance attached to incorporating ‘Thainess’ into the hotel and tourism industry nationwide. It is, therefore, rather surprising that little if any sustained effort has been made to define authenticity with respect to Thai food (bearing in mind also regional variations or to incorporate certificates of quality to establishments providing such authentic dishes. This paper draws on qualitative research and personal observation undertaken in a wide range of Thai hotels with a view to identifying emergent value-adding clusters in the domestic hospitality sector. It describes and categorizes the uses of Thai F&B currently and identifies shortcomings in industry vision, which leads to recommendations for both hotel and resort managers and also to those responsible for national level tourism development efforts. The paper also recognizes the problematic nature of the concepts of ‘authenticity’ in this context and attempts to reconcile differing conceptions.

  4. Analysis of Urban Expansion of the Resort City of Al Ain Using Remote Sensing and GIS

    Issa, S.; Al Shuwaihi, A.


    The urban growth of AL Ain city has been investigated using remote sensing data for three different dates, 1972, 1990 and 2000. We used three Landsat images together with socio-economic data in a post-classification analysis to map the spatial dynamics of land use/cover changes and identify the urbanization process in Al Ain resort city, United Arab Emirates. Land use/cover statistics, extracted from Landsat Multi-spectral Scanner (MSS). Thematic Mapper (TM) and Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus (ETM +) images for 1972. 1990 and 2000 respectively, revealed that the built-up area has expanded by about 170.53km2. The city was found to have a tendency for major expansion in four different directions: along the Abu Dhabi highway, along Dubai highway, Myziad direction and Hafeet recreational area. Expansion in any direction was found to be governed by the availability of road network, suitability for construction, utilities, economic activities, geographical constraints, and legal factors (boundary with Sultanate of Oman). The road network in particular has influenced the spatial patterns and structure of urban development, so that the expansion of the built-up areas has assumed an accretive as well as linear growth along the major roads. The research concludes that the development is based on conservation of agricultural areas (oases) and reclamation of the desert for farming and agricultural activities. The integration of remote sensing and GIS was found to be effective in monitoring LULC changes and providing valuable information necessary for planning and research.

  5. [Ketogenic diet for intractable childhood epilepsy; as an early option as well as a last resort].

    Ito, Susumu; Oguni, Hirokazu


    Since the 1920s, a ketogenic diet, of low-carbohydrate, adequate-protein and high-fat content, has been used for the treatment of intractable childhood epilepsy. A decade ago this diet was tried as a last resort in the treatment of intractable epilepsy. However, recent advances in ketogenic diet have enabled it to become more commonly used worldwide even early in the course of epilepsy. Two less-restrictive ketogenic diets, namely, the modified Atkins diet and low-glycemic-index treatment, have been developed. These diets allow the patients and their families to choose a more liberal menu. Furthermore, a randomized controlled trial found that the ketogenic diet has a significant benefit, which strengthens the supportive evidence. Recently, an international consensus statement guiding optimal clinical management has been published, allowing clinicians to provide standardized treatment. There has also been increased interest in investigating the mechanisms of action of ketogenic diet using various experimental models. The authors review the history, efficacy, side effects, and possible mechanisms underlying the ketogenic diet, as well as the experience with the ketogenic diet at Tokyo Women's Medical University.


    Djordje Nikolić


    Full Text Available This paper presents the results of integrated SWOT analysis and Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA model, employed for defining the development of resort Stara Planina in Eastern Serbia and which was based on final report of previous expert study for this touristic destination. In accordance to defined SWOT factors and sub-factors six resulting strategies were generated as: SO strategies (based on the sub-factors of strengths and opportunities, WO strategy (based on the sub-factors of weaknesses and opportunities, ST strategies (based on the sub-factors of strengths and threats and WT strategy (based on the sub-factors of weaknesses and threats. Relative importance weights of the SWOT factors and sub-factors were obtained by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP model, as well as the ranking of identified strategies was performed by several experts. The results indicate that following sequence of strategies: SO1 → SO2 → ST1 → ST2 → WO1 → WT1, should be realized to complete the main goals for strategic development of the touristic destination Stara Planina.

  7. Resort loan securities as a source of investing the hospitality industry

    Alla Yu. Baranova


    Full Text Available Objective to prove the possibility of attracting funds of population and corporate organizations to invest into hospitality industry. Methods the basis of the study was the methods of logical and structural analysis the dialectical method which determined the main regularities of financial relations development in hospitality industry. Results basing on the study of formation and use of financial resources of organizations we have revealed the following at the present stage attention is paid to the functioning and investment of the hospitality industry in accordance with federal and regional target programs measures are proposed for the effective financing from the budget and resources of various funds the creation of tourist and recreational clusters is proposed but the savings of the population and corporate entities are not attracted as sources of investment in hospitality industry. Scientific novelty the measures are proposed aimed at involving the financial resources of the population and organizations through corporate bonds by the creation of a resort consortium to promote investment in hospitality industry. Practical significance the proposed recommendations will contribute to enhance the financing of hospitality industry due to the source which is currently not being used. nbsp

  8. Norovirus contamination of a drinking water supply at a hotel resort.

    Jack, Susan; Bell, Derek; Hewitt, Joanne


    To investigate a waterborne gastroenteritis outbreak and consider wider environmental contamination concerns. An acute gastroenteritis outbreak was investigated through interviews, analysis of faecal samples, drinking water and environmental water samples. A total of 53 cases reported an illness of acute gastroenteritis following stays and/or dining at a hotel or neighbouring resort in southern New Zealand over a 1-month period in early spring 2012. The consumption of table or tap water was strongly associated with the illness. Faecal samples were positive for norovirus (NoV) genogroup I and II (GI and GII). Drinking tap water samples were positive for NoV GI and GII but negative for Escherichia coli (E. coli). Wider environmental water testing at local drinking water sources, around the sewage disposal field and at the nearby river showed the presence of NoV GI and GII. Voluntary boil water notices were issued and implemented with no further cases following this action. Additional treatment of drinking water supplies has been implemented and sewerage disposal concerns referred to local government. Investigation of this gastroenteritis outbreak revealed contamination of both drinking water and the wider environment with NoV. Bacterial indicators do not adequately cover contamination by viruses but due to costs, frequent virus monitoring programmes are currently impractical. A strategy to decrease environmental contamination of drinking water supplies in this busy tourist location through improved management of sewage disposal and drinking water is urgently required.

  9. Epigeal and Hypogeal Macroinvertebrate Diversity in Different Microhabitats of the Yusmarg Hill Resort (Kashmir, India

    Abroo Ali


    Full Text Available Soil macroinvertebrate communities are important within the soil system and contribute to a wide variety of soil processes. A soil study was conducted to assess the composition and diversity of soil macroinvertebrates in Yusmarg hill resort of Kashmir valley at four sites characterised by different types of vegetation and interferences like grazing or fencing, during the months of May, June, November and December 2010. During the study, it was observed that different sites exhibited variations in diversity of both epigeal as well as hypogeal soil macroinvertebrates. For epigeal macroinvertebrates, highest diversity was recorded in forest edge (2.089 and inner forest (2.058 and relatively low diversity in grazed (1.61 and fenced areas (1.09. For hypogeal macroinvertebrates, diversity was recorded highest for inner forest site (2.216 than forest edge (1.9 and relatively lower in fenced (1.22 and grazed (1.21 sites. The physical disturbance in the form of grazing and fencing probably reduce the diversity of the soil macro fauna as is inferred from the present study.

  10. Party package travel: alcohol use and related problems in a holiday resort: a mixed methods study

    Reinholdt Tine


    Full Text Available Abstract Background People travelling abroad tend to increase their use of alcohol and other drugs. In the present study we describe organized party activities in connection with young tourists' drinking, and the differences between young people travelling with and without organized party activities. Methods We conducted ethnographic observations and a cross-sectional survey in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Results The behaviour of the guides from two travel agencies strongly promoted heavy drinking, but discouraged illicit drug use. Even after controlling for several potential confounders, young people who travelled with such "party package travel agencies" were more likely to drink 12 or more units when going out. In univariate analyses, they were also more likely to get into fights, but were not more likely to seek medical assistance or medical assistance for an accident or an alcohol-related problem. After controlling for confounders, the association between type of travel agency and getting into fights was no longer significant. Short-term consequences of drinking in the holiday resort did not differ between party package travellers and ordinary package travellers. Conclusion There may be a small impact of party package travels on young people's drinking. Strategies could be developed used to minimise the harm associated with both party package travel and other kinds of travel where heavy substance use is likely to occur.

  11. Crossing physical simulations of snow conditions and a geographic model of ski area to assess ski resorts vulnerability

    François, Hugues; Spandre, Pierre; Morin, Samuel; George-Marcelpoil, Emmanuelle; Lafaysse, Matthieu; Lejeune, Yves


    In order to face climate change, meteorological variability and the recurrent lack of natural snow on the ground, ski resorts adaptation often rely on technical responses. Indeed, since the occurrence of episodes with insufficient snowfalls in the early 1990's, snowmaking has become an ordinary practice of snow management, comparable to grooming, and contributes to optimise the operation of ski resorts. It also participates to the growth of investments and is associated with significant operating costs, and thus represents a new source of vulnerability. The assessment of the actual effects of snowmaking and of snow management practices in general is a real concern for the future of the ski industry. The principal model use to simulate snow conditions in resorts, Ski Sim, has also been moving this way. Its developers introduced an artificial input of snow on ski area to complete natural snowfalls and considered different organisations of ski lifts (lower and upper zones). However the use of a degree-day model prevents them to consider the specific properties of artificial snow and the impact of grooming on the snowpack. A first proof of concept in the French Alps has shown the feasibility and the interest to cross the geographic model of ski areas and the output of the physically-based reanalysis of snow conditions SAFRAN - Crocus (François et al., CRST 2014). Since these initial developments, several ways have been explored to refine our model. A new model of ski areas has been developed. Our representation is now based on gravity derived from a DEM and ski lift localisation. A survey about snow management practices also allowed us to define criteria in order to model snowmaking areas given ski areas properties and tourism infrastructures localisation. We also suggest to revisit the assessment of ski resort viability based on the "one hundred days rule" based on natural snow depth only. Indeed, the impact of snow management must be considered so as to propose

  12. The return of the property question in the development of Alpine tourist resorts in Switzerland

    Christophe Clivaz


    Full Text Available This contribution demonstrates how the issues and current problems regarding real estate management in Swiss Alpine tourist resorts emerge, for an important part, from the inconsistencies of the Federal land management system set in place at the end of the 1970s, system based on zoning scheme and excluding virtually any estate instrument, including the capital-gain levy. In these very favourable conditions for landowners, who also see land ownership strengthened by its introduction in the Federal Constitution at the end of the 1960s, the "growth coalitions" structuring the local power in many tourist towns usually planned oversized building areas (and often badly located which have facilitated the development of second homes industry to the detriment of productive estate home industry. Faced with the failure of planning and zoning to limit these trends whose negative effects on the development of tourism seriously begin to be felt in the 1990s, we encounter, now in recent years, the post-eradication of the real estate question in discussions concerning the development of tourist resorts particularly in implementing real estate instruments, such as quota systems, moratoriums or taxes, intervening so much more directly than only zoning on land and real estate owners, contingency arrangements initially excluded from spatial planning policy.Cette contribution montre dans quelle mesure les enjeux et les problèmes actuels en matière de gestion foncière et immobilière dans les stations touristiques des Alpes suisses découlent pour une part importante des incohérences du régime fédéral de l’aménagement du territoire mis en place à la fin des années 1970, régime fondé sur le zonage et excluant quasiment tout instrument foncier, notamment le prélèvement de la plus-value. Dans ces conditions très favorables aux propriétaires fonciers, qui voient par ailleurs la garantie de la propriété foncière encore renforcée par son inscription

  13. Korelasi Fenologi Pohon Dengan Jumlah Sarang Orangutan Sumatera (Pongo abelii) Pada Hutan Pimer Resort Sei Betung Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser

    Karo, Marina Oktaviani


    Phenology is the period of the phases that occur naturally in plants, ranging from phase to phase the young leaves of fruit. Food availability affect the orangutan activities, including activities to make nests. This study was conducted to determine how the correlation between the phenology of trees with the number of nests made by orangutans in primary forest Resort Sei Betung, Gunung Leuser National Park. Zweifel method used in this study to determine the estimated productivity of trees and...


    Felicjan BYLOK


    Full Text Available This paper presents the results of the sociological research conducted among the citizens of Czestochowa concerning its development as a tourist resort. In this article some theoretical aspects of tourism marketing, city marketing, management of local government and management of settlement units are presented. The nature of Czestochowa as a potential tourist resort, mainly in the scope of its history and attractions is an important issue which is discussed in this paper.The main part of this paper is the discussion on the results of the research concerning opinions about the possible augmentation of tourist traffic within the city, the opportunities and threats for Czestochowa's development, the strengths and weaknesses of the city as a potential tourist resort and also the forms of promotion to create and raise interest among potential visitors. The presented research is a part of the process of the city's strategic development that is based on consultation with the community. Without the approval of the city's inhabitants the implementation of this strategy would be doomed to failure.The paper consists of four parts. The first one is a presentation of Czestochowa. Following this the conceptualization of the issue for analysis and theoretical problems of promoting tourism and the city are discussed. In the third part the methodology of the research is presented: the research process, sampling procedure, structure of the population under analysis. The fourth part of the paper is focused on analysing the issue of developing the tourist resort as one of the key elements of Czestochowa's marketing focus. This part also contains some considerations about the possible ways to promote the city.


    Rena R. Timirualeeva


    Full Text Available The article describes the methodology of modeling andstructuring of business networks theory. Accounting ofenvironmental factors mega-, macro- and mesolevels, theinternal state of the managed system and the error management command execution by control system implemented inthis. The proposed methodology can improve the quality of enterprise management of resort complex through a moreflexible response to changes in the parameters of the internaland external environments.

  16. Regenerative Design Theory and Practice: A Demonstration of the Integrated Framework in a Resort Development at Mountain Lake, VA

    Hodges, Nancy


    The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the theory and practice of regenerative design and how the concepts apply to scales of design. Ultimately, it examines the applicability and limitations of these principles in a non-traditional resort development. The theories of John Lyle, Robert Thayer, and William McDonough are examined to assist in the establishment of a new framework for regenerative design which is can be used in the design process or evaluation. Case studies of the Center...

  17. Assessing the efficiency of machine made snow production using observations in ski resorts

    Spandre, Pierre; Francois, Hugues; Thibert, Emmanuel; Morin, Samuel; George-Marcelpoil, Emmanuelle


    The interannual variability of snow conditions has encouraged ski resorts to mitigate their dependency to weather conditions through snowmaking facilities. However the efficiency of the method i.e. the ratio of water actually converted into snow on ski fields to the water used for production may highly differ depending on meteorological conditions and is still poorly known. Previous investigations of water losses accounting for sublimation and evaporation estimated that 5 to 10% of the water was lost during the snowmaking process. A recent study consisting in a field campaign on four distinct sites (2014-2015 winter season) estimated that water losses may exceed 50% and speculated this to be due to a combination of wind effects (suspension, further sublimation and transport beyond ski slopes limits) and trapping by the vegetation. The present study introduces a method we set up to assess water losses during the snowmaking process by using differential GPS measurements on machine made snow piles: snow depth observations are interpolated on a regular spatial grid from the originally variable grid. Snow and water volumes are deduced thanks to complementary density measurements. The uncertainty of the interpolation method was assessed using a high-resolution laser scanner of a given snow pile and with respect to a digital terrain. Uncertainties on snow depth, snow density and the resulting water equivalent volume are presented and discussed. The method provided relevant measurements of water volumes within a 20 to 30 m distance to the snowgun. Beyond this distance, the relative error due to increasing interpolation error and decreasing snow depth highlighted the limits of the method. However water volumes were derived in several occasions during the season and confirmed that a significant ratio of the water volume either falls beyond a 30 m distance to the snowgun or is lost due to sublimation and evaporation.

  18. The Development of Resort and Tourist Destinations in the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Context of Global and National Trends

    Alexander P. Gorbunov


    Full Text Available The key tendencies of development of Russian market of tourist services as an integral part of the global market are examined in the paper. Special attention is paid to tourism market of the Stavropol territory is included in the top 10 most attractive from the point of view of tourism regions of Russia and the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters, as the main tourism destinations of the region. Disclosed key infrastructure constraints hampering the further development of tourist cluster of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, and offers recommendations for their mitigation. The analysis of competitive advantages of sanatorium-resort complex Caucasian Mineral Waters regarding the world's leading thermal spas reveals the competitiveness of resorts competitiveness of the bookings made for the price. Conducted comparative analysis made it possible to draw a conclusion about the high price competitiveness of services offered by spa resort towns Caucasian Mineral Waters agencies compared with foreign counterparts. However, even competitive costs regions may have very low levels of flows of tourists because of the inconsistency of the infrastructure properties (full or partial the goals of tourists. It is proved that the main obstacle to promote the territory with competitive natural and cultural characteristics into a full-fledged tourist destination is the poor quality of accommodation, as well as the low level of development of the system.

  19. Job Satisfaction Levels of Employees in Hotel Establisments: A Research on Employees in Resort and City Hotel Establishments

    Elbeyi Pelit


    Full Text Available No matter in which sector they function, the job satisfaction of the employees at desired level has the utmost importance for the employees’ performance and organizational efficiency. In this respect, applications and studies related to defining job satisfaction and the factors affecting job satisfaction also have importance for establishments to provide data sources to perfrom their functions in the long term. For this reason, establishments should revise their employees’ job satisfaction levels at times. Especially the issue is much more significant for labour-intensive hotel establishments. In this context, to determine the job satisfaction levels of the city and resort employees in hotel establishments ,this research is carried on 1854 employees employed at 114 five-star hotels in city and resort areas of Turkey using “Minnesota Job Satisfaction Scale” to collect data. It is concluded that the employees whose job satisfaction is measured by questionnaires are not satisfied with such issues as the wage, making their own decisions, company policies and promotion opportunities. In the further analyses performed (independent-samples t test and ANOVA, it is found out that the job satisfaction level of the employees working in resort hotel establishments is higher than the employees working in the ciy hotel establishments. In addition this, it is found out that there are some differences between the job satisfaction level and education level of the employees.

  20. Assessing the Carrying Capacity of Tourist Resorts: An Application of Tourists' Spatial Behavior Simulator Based on GIS and Multi-Agent System

    ZHANG Ren-jun


    Based on the study of visitors' individual spatial behaviors, a tourists' spatial behavior simulator (TSBS) to assess the carrying capacity of tourist resorts was developed, TSBS employs GIS (Geographic Information System) to manage the spatial data, and Multi-Agent system to simulate the actions of individual visitors. By utilizing TSBS, visitors' travel patterns such as location, cost, and state can be analyzed and predicted. Based on this analysis and prediction, the model of assessing the carrying capacity of resorts is built. Our results show that TSBS will be an effective tool to accurately assess the carrying capacity of tourist resorts.

  1. Measuring Indoor Air Quality and Engaging California Indian Stakeholders at the Win-River Resort and Casino: Collaborative Smoke-Free Policy Development

    Neil E. Klepeis


    Full Text Available Most casinos owned by sovereign American Indian nations allow smoking, even in U.S. states such as California where state laws restrict workplace smoking. Collaborations between casinos and public health workers are needed to promote smoke-free policies that protect workers and patrons from secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS exposure and risks. Over seven years, a coalition of public health professionals provided technical assistance to the Redding Rancheria tribe in Redding, California in establishing a smoke-free policy at the Win-River Resort and Casino. The coalition provided information to the casino general manager that included site-specific measurement of employee and visitor PM2.5 personal exposure, area concentrations of airborne nicotine and PM2.5, visitor urinary cotinine, and patron and staff opinions (surveys, focus groups, and a Town Hall meeting. The manager communicated results to tribal membership, including evidence of high SHS exposures and support for a smoke-free policy. Subsequently, in concert with hotel expansion, the Redding Rancheria Tribal Council voted to accept a 100% restriction of smoking inside the casino, whereupon PM2.5 exposure in main smoking areas dropped by 98%. A 70% partial-smoke-free policy was instituted ~1 year later in the face of revenue loss. The success of the collaboration in promoting a smoke-free policy, and the key element of air quality feedback, which appeared to be a central driver, may provide a model for similar efforts.

  2. Measuring Indoor Air Quality and Engaging California Indian Stakeholders at the Win-River Resort and Casino: Collaborative Smoke-Free Policy Development.

    Klepeis, Neil E; Dhaliwal, Narinder; Hayward, Gary; Acevedo-Bolton, Viviana; Ott, Wayne R; Read, Nathan; Layton, Steve; Jiang, Ruoting; Cheng, Kai-Chung; Hildemann, Lynn M; Repace, James L; Taylor, Stephanie; Ong, Seow-Ling; Buchting, Francisco O; Lee, Juliet P; Moore, Roland S


    Most casinos owned by sovereign American Indian nations allow smoking, even in U.S. states such as California where state laws restrict workplace smoking. Collaborations between casinos and public health workers are needed to promote smoke-free policies that protect workers and patrons from secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) exposure and risks. Over seven years, a coalition of public health professionals provided technical assistance to the Redding Rancheria tribe in Redding, California in establishing a smoke-free policy at the Win-River Resort and Casino. The coalition provided information to the casino general manager that included site-specific measurement of employee and visitor PM2.5 personal exposure, area concentrations of airborne nicotine and PM2.5, visitor urinary cotinine, and patron and staff opinions (surveys, focus groups, and a Town Hall meeting). The manager communicated results to tribal membership, including evidence of high SHS exposures and support for a smoke-free policy. Subsequently, in concert with hotel expansion, the Redding Rancheria Tribal Council voted to accept a 100% restriction of smoking inside the casino, whereupon PM2.5 exposure in main smoking areas dropped by 98%. A 70% partial-smoke-free policy was instituted ~1 year later in the face of revenue loss. The success of the collaboration in promoting a smoke-free policy, and the key element of air quality feedback, which appeared to be a central driver, may provide a model for similar efforts.

  3. Measuring Indoor Air Quality and Engaging California Indian Stakeholders at the Win-River Resort and Casino: Collaborative Smoke-Free Policy Development

    Klepeis, Neil E.; Dhaliwal, Narinder; Hayward, Gary; Acevedo-Bolton, Viviana; Ott, Wayne R.; Read, Nathan; Layton, Steve; Jiang, Ruoting; Cheng, Kai-Chung; Hildemann, Lynn M.; Repace, James L.; Taylor, Stephanie; Ong, Seow-Ling; Buchting, Francisco O.; Lee, Juliet P.; Moore, Roland S.


    Most casinos owned by sovereign American Indian nations allow smoking, even in U.S. states such as California where state laws restrict workplace smoking. Collaborations between casinos and public health workers are needed to promote smoke-free policies that protect workers and patrons from secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) exposure and risks. Over seven years, a coalition of public health professionals provided technical assistance to the Redding Rancheria tribe in Redding, California in establishing a smoke-free policy at the Win-River Resort and Casino. The coalition provided information to the casino general manager that included site-specific measurement of employee and visitor PM2.5 personal exposure, area concentrations of airborne nicotine and PM2.5, visitor urinary cotinine, and patron and staff opinions (surveys, focus groups, and a Town Hall meeting). The manager communicated results to tribal membership, including evidence of high SHS exposures and support for a smoke-free policy. Subsequently, in concert with hotel expansion, the Redding Rancheria Tribal Council voted to accept a 100% restriction of smoking inside the casino, whereupon PM2.5 exposure in main smoking areas dropped by 98%. A 70% partial-smoke-free policy was instituted ~1 year later in the face of revenue loss. The success of the collaboration in promoting a smoke-free policy, and the key element of air quality feedback, which appeared to be a central driver, may provide a model for similar efforts. PMID:26805860

  4. Characterization of the artificially triggered avalanches in the MonterosaSki resort (North-western Italian Alps)

    Maggioni, Margherita; Brulport, A.; Freppaz, M.; Welf, A.; Purves, R.


    Artificially triggering methods are nowadays commonly used for avalanche prevention within ski-resorts. The knowledge of possible relations between the characteristics of the avalanche events and the snowpack and weather conditions might help to foresee the avalanche release probability after a favorable weather cycle. The forecast might be helped by models, like for example snowpack evolution models or nearest neighbor models. The latters are based on statistics performed on large databases where the avalanche events, together with the related snow and weather conditions, are well recorded. Within the Operational programme 'Italy - France (Alps - ALCOTRA)', Project "Gestion en sécurité des territories de montagne transfrontalière - Risk-Nat", from winter 2009-2010, in the MonterosaSki resort all the artificially triggered avalanches are registered with their characteristics (e.g. outline, type of avalanches, elevation, aspect), the triggering method (e.g. explosive, Daisy-Bell) and the snow and weather conditions. The aim of this project is to create a well documented database in order to perform some simple statistical analysis to find possible relation between the characteristics of the avalanches (e.g. type, size, run-out distance), the topography of the site (e.g. slope angle, aspect), snowpack condition (e.g. snow crystal type, snow temperature, density) and meteorological parameters (e.g. new snow, air temperature, wind). Moreover, the avalanche release method and the result of the triggering are recorded, in order to understand which are the most favorable conditions for avalanche release. This project is at its first operational winter, therefore in this work we present preliminary data concerning the study area, the methodology and the results from the first winter season, which might be useful to improve our knowledge about artificially triggered avalanches and to help the ski-piste security personnel to take decisions about the avalanche situation

  5. PUSH-PULL FACTORS IN MOUNTAIN RESORTS--A Case Study of Huangshan Mountain as World Heritage

    WANG De-gen


    The push-pull framework provides a useful approach for examining the tourist motivation. This paper takes the world heritage-Huangshan Mountain as a sample. From the two different aspects of pull and push factors, the underlying features of visitors' motives to Huangshan Mountain are analyzed with the help of factor analysis. As a result,five push factors and four pull factors are identified. Further analyses investigate differences in the push and pull factors among different socio-demographic subgroups with one-way ANOVA analysis. The result of the study affords us useful references for development, protection and marketing expansion of mountain resorts.

  6. Snowmaking in ski resorts: spatial decision support for management of snowpack

    Loubier, Jean-Christophe; Kanevski, Mikhail; Doctor, Marut; Schumacher, Michael; Timonin, Vadim


    Since the early 2000s, the question of snowmaking that ensures activity in ski areas is controversial, because solutions to face climate change and sustainable development seem to be opposed to the economical needs of winter tourism. Actually, according to the Advisory Body on Climate Change (OCCC), we can expect an average rise of the limit of 0 degrees to 360 m in 2050. The application of the rule of 100 days (30 cm of snow for 100 days) shows that 1 ° increase in temperature reduced by 20% the number of viable skiing areas. Snowmaking seems thus to be a solution for continuing an optimal economical usage of the ski resorts. The usage of machine-made snow raises environmental issues which can no longer be denied. [Badre et al.2009] However, these issues should not be disconnected from local economic specificities of the high mountain valleys, where the ski economy is critical. This paper presents a study at the economic-environmental interface. The aim is to develop a tool for managing the production of artificial snow, with the goal to: • Reduce production costs and improve profit margins of companies operating ski areas; • Reduce environmental impacts by an optimized snow production "just in time". In this way, water and energy needs will be reduced. The problem of managing the snow is a highly complex problem: it cannot be solved analytically. Indeed, changes in height of snow are subject to intakes of snow (natural or manufactured) associated with changing weather conditions and the impact of skiers. Therefore, the work presented in this paper has chosen a probabilistic approach in a simulation using neural networks to predict and to manage snow height. We do this in two points: • We measure snowpack heights with radars mounted on grooming machines; • We produce a snow cover prediction in relation with weather prediction using a neuron network. This neural approach thus deals with the spatial prediction of snow cover [Kanevski et al., 2009] The

  7. Confronting the demand and supply of snow seasonal forecasts for ski resorts : the case of French Alps

    Dubois, Ghislain


    Alpine ski resorts are highly dependent on snow, which availability is characterized by a both a high inter-annual variability and a gradual diminution due to climate change. Due to this dependency to climatic resources, the ski industry is increasingly affected by climate change: higher temperatures limit snow falls, increase melting and limit the possibilities of technical snow making. Therefore, since the seventies, managers drastically improved their practices, both to adapt to climate change and to this inter-annual variability of snow conditions. Through slope preparation and maintenance, snow stock management, artificial snow making, a typical resort can approximately keep the same season duration with 30% less snow. The ski industry became an activity of high technicity The EUPORIAS FP7 ( project developed between 2012 and 2016 a deep understanding of the supply and demand conditions for the provision of climate services disseminating seasonal forecasts. In particular, we developed a case study, which allowed conducting several activities for a better understanding of the demand and of the business model of future services applied to the ski industry. The investigations conducted in France inventoried the existing tools and databases, assessed the decision making process and data needs of ski operators, and provided evidences that some discernable skill of seasonal forecasts exist. This case study formed the basis of the recently funded PROSNOW H2020 project. We will present the main results of EUPORIAS project for the ski industry.

  8. Municipal solid waste generation rates and its management at Yusmarg forest ecosystem, a tourist resort in Kashmir.

    Bhat, Rouf Ahmad; Nazir, Rumisa; Ashraf, Samia; Ali, Mudasir; Bandh, Suhaib A; Kamili, Azra N


    The present study was carried out at Yusmarg, a forest ecosystem and tourist resort, in the Kashmir valley during 2012 with the objectives of determining the municipal solid waste (MSW) generation rates per capita and on a daily basis, and assessing the existing MSW system. It was estimated that daily generation of MSW at Yusmarg by tourists, as well as residents, was 107.74 kg; on average, the MSW generated at each site was about 36.48 kg/day. The per capita generation of MSW was highest (0.97 kg/person/day) at site 1 followed by 0.288 kg/person/day at site 2 and 0.201 kg/person/day at site 3, with an average per capita MSW generation rate of 0.484 kg/person/day. Manual segregation of the collected wastes showed that it comprised some recyclable, combustible, compostable and inert materials. Among the different waste categories, 56% of waste was recyclable materials, 29% was compostable wastes, 9% was combustible wastes and 6% was inert materials. The present study infers that MSW management in Yusmarg was inappropriate, and infrastructure, skilled manpower and a proper scientific disposal mechanism is lacking in the area. In order to conserve the forest wealth of the area there is a great need to focus on the solid waste problem of the tourist resort.

  9. An Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Customer Retention in Tourism Resort Industry: A Case Study of Lingnan Impression Park, Guangzhou, China

    Li Li


    Full Text Available The customer retention is an important factor in today’s increasingly tourism competitive markets which should be concerned seriously. At present, many academic customer retention researches mostly focused on the business market research in the hotel industry. In view of the tourism resort, especially the urban cultural themes attraction, analyzing the influencing factors of customer retention in such resort has its special significance. The aim of this study is to empirically explore the relationship among the cultural attractive, attraction operation, promotion strategy and tourist costs on customer retention in the urban cultural themes attraction. A quantitative research method was adopted to collect empirical data from the case study of Lingnan Impression Park, Guangzhou, China and the analysis of the influencing factors base on the integrated research approach for the urban cultural themes resort. The results indicate what extent these individual factors can have an impact on customer retention is beneficial for the resort marketing practices and several strategies are suggested about improving the degree of the customer retention to the urban cultural themes resorts in China.

  10. The Year Without a Ski Season: An Analysis of the Winter of 2015 for Three Ski Resorts in Western Canada Using Historical and Simulation Model Forecasted Climate Data

    Pidwirny, M. J.; Goode, J. D.; Pedersen, S.


    The winter of 2015 will go down as "the year without a ski season" for many ski resorts located close to the west coast of Canada and the USA. During this winter season, a large area of the eastern North Pacific Ocean had extremely high sea surface temperatures. These high sea surface temperatures influenced weather patterns on the west coast of North America producing very mild temperatures inland. Further, in alpine environments precipitation that normally arrives in the form of snow instead fell as rain. This research examines the climate characteristics of the winter of 2015 in greater detail for three ski resorts in British Columbia, Canada: Mount Washington, Cypress Mountain and Hemlock Valley. For these resorts, historical (1901 to 2013) and IPCC AR5 climate model forecasted climate data (RCP8.5 for 2025, 2055, and 2085) was generated for the variable winter degree days < 0°C (a measure of winter season coldness) using the spatially interpolated climate database ClimateBC. A value for winter degree days < 0°C was also estimated from recorded climate data at nearby meteorological stations for comparative analysis. For all three resorts, the winter of 2015 proved to be warmer than any individual year in the period 1901 to 2013. Interpolations involving the multi-model ensemble forecast means suggest that the climate associated with winter of 2015 will become the average normal for these resorts in only 35 to 45 years under the RCP8.5 emission scenario.




    Full Text Available A review of the literature was undertaken to delineate the current level and mechanisms of resistance to carbapenems, colistin and tigecycline in South Africa. Thirty-two English publications and 32 National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD communiqués identified between early January 2000 and 20th May, 2016 showed substantial reports of NDM (n=860, OXA-48 (n=584, VIM (n=131 and IMP (n=45 carbapenemases within this period, mainly in Klebsiella pneumoniae (n=1138, Acinetobacter baumannii (n=332, Enterobacter cloacae (n=201 and Serratia marcescens (n=108. Colistin and tigecycline resistance was prevalent among K. pneumoniae, A. baumannii, S. marcescens and E. cloacae. The first mcr-1 colistin resistance gene to be detected in South Africa was reported in E. coli from livestock as well as from hospitalized and out patients. There are increasing reports of NDM and OXA-48 carbapenemases among Enterobacteriaceae and A. baumannii in South Africa. Mcr-1 is now present in South African patients and livestock. Resistance to carbapenems, colistin and tigecycline restricts infection management options for clinicians.

  12. Current State of Resistance to Antibiotics of Last-Resort in South Africa: A Review from a Public Health Perspective

    Osei Sekyere, John


    A review of the literature was undertaken to delineate the current level and mechanisms of resistance to carbapenems, colistin, and tigecycline in South Africa. Thirty-two English publications and 32 National Institute of Communicable Diseases communiqués identified between early January 2000 and 20 May, 2016 showed substantial reports of NDM (n = 860), OXA-48 (n = 584), VIM (n = 131), and IMP (n = 45) carbapenemases within this period, mainly in Klebsiella pneumoniae (n = 1138), Acinetobacter baumannii (n = 332), Enterobacter cloacae (n = 201), and Serratia marcescens (n = 108). Colistin and tigecycline resistance was prevalent among K. pneumoniae, A. baumannii, S. marcescens, and E. cloacae. The first mcr-1 colistin resistance gene to be detected in South Africa was reported in Escherichia coli from livestock as well as from hospitalized and outpatients. There are increasing reports of NDM and OXA-48 carbapenemases among Enterobacteriaceae and A. baumannii in South Africa. Mcr-1 is now present in South African patients and livestock. Resistance to carbapenems, colistin, and tigecycline restricts infection management options for clinicians. PMID:27747206

  13. Antipsychotic drugs a last resort for these 5 conditions (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and PTSD)

    ... and described in more detail here. Anxiety Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)—an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations—affects about 6.8 million adults in the U.S., according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Twice as many women as men suffer from the condition. People with ...

  14. [Quality management in a combined clinic - the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 of the The German Association of Spa Accommodation Resorts e. V. (VdKB)].

    Eckert, H; Schulze, U


    The implementation of a quality system in health care organizations offers huge potentials for improvement and development. But the realization of such systems necessitates high investments, which small companies and family businesses often are unable to raise. The German Association of Spa Accommodation Resorts (VdKB) commissioned two consultants to develop a reasonably priced implementation concept of a DIN EN ISO 9001 quality system specially adjusted to small companies and family businesses in medical spa and rehabilitation services, which was successfully accredited in May 2003. This paper describes fundamental requirements in combine management systems, considers the pros and cons of management combines and demonstrates the practical realization of combine requirements on the example of the VdKB-combine system.

  15. On the Plant Landscape Design for Resort Hotel in Kunming%昆明度假酒店植物景观设计探析



    度假酒店日益成为商务、休闲、娱乐、度假等多功能的综合载体,游客在度假酒店服务中所具有的景观环境氛围和文化附加值中体验到成就感的满足和自我价值的实现。因此,度假酒店的景观设计尤其是植物景观设计,越来越受到酒店投资者和消费者的重视,其设计是否得当对于酒店的整体设计具有重要的影响。本文首先介绍了度假酒店的概念及分类,其次分析了度假酒店植物景观设计的作用及原则,接着分析了度假酒店植物景观设计的重点及误区,最后结合昆明某度假酒店植物景观设计的案例分析了度假酒店植物景观设计的应用。%The resort hotel has become a multi-function integrated carrier of business, leisure, entertainment, holiday and so on. Tourists can have a sense of accomplishment and self worth realization in resort hotel with landscape environment atmosphere and cultural value. Thus the landscape design of resorts, especially plant landscape design is attracting more and more attention of the hotel investors and consumers. Whether the design is proper has important influence on the overall design of the hotel. This article first introduces the concept and classification of resort hotel, secondly analyzes the resort function and plant landscape design principles, then analyzes the key and error of resort hotel plant landscape design, and finally analyzes the application of resort hotel plant landscape combined with case analysis of the plant landscape design of a resort hotel in Kunming.

  16. A Proposed Theoretical Model for Exploring the Ecological Ideologies Re-vealed in the Online Chinese Resort Profiles



      Responding to the increasingly heated discussion of environmental issues and the mounting concern about ecological degradation, the present thesis is to try formulating a comprehensive and specific theoretical model for exploring the ecological ideologies revealed in the online Chinese resort profiles. In this model, Fairclough’s three-dimensional model draws upon the Subsystem of Appraisal Theory—Attitude as the specific analytical framework and the ecological philosophy in the scope of ecocriticism as the specific explanatory tool for the exploration of ecological ideologies in these texts. Thus, the present thesis finds a point where CDA, Appraisal Theory and Ecocriticism work together to conduct a discourse analysis, which not only broadens the theoretical scope of each, but makes these theories better serve the practical course of environment protection.

  17. Critical Factors Influencing Viability of Wave Energy Converters in Off-Grid Luxury Resorts and Small Utilities

    Aksel Botne Sandberg


    Full Text Available This paper examines technical and non-technical factors that are critical to the viability of commercialization of wave energy converters in off-grid luxury resorts and small utilities. Critical factors are found by investigating Levelized Cost of Energy, and using the tools PESTEL and Porter’s five competitive forces. Identified factors are then applied on three business cases to investigate their impact on viability. The results show that one of the main challenges facing off-grid commercialization is the few wave energy converter units installed per location, negating the economy of scale that large wave energy farms count on to achieve competitive cost levels. In addition, factors like current cost of energy, available wave resources, distance from shore, infrastructure, supply chain logistics, and electricity demand are found to be deciding factors for viability. Despite these challenges, it is found that there are potentially viable off-grid business cases for commercialization of wave energy converters.

  18. Haematology and biochemistry values of captive sand cats (Felis margarita) in Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, United Arab Emirates

    Stephen Chege; Arshad Toosy; Judith Howlett; Ahmed Saker; John Kagira


    Objective: To investigate the haematology and biochemistry values of apparently healthy captive sand cats kept in Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, United Arab Emirates, with a view to establishing baseline values.Methods:Blood was collected from the femoral vein using aseptic techniques, kept in a cool box and sent to laboratory for analysis. The blood was analysed for haematological and biochemical values using veterinary hematology and chemistry analysers (ABX ABC Vet, Horiba ABX SAS Montpellier, France). Results: Haematological values were within the normal ranges recorded in domestic cats and there was no statistical difference between values found in males and females. Aspartate aminotransferase values were higher (P0.05) between males and females values.Conclusions:Our results present reference ranges for haematology and biochemistry parameters in captive sand cats. These values will be important for diagnosis of various diseases and monitoring of treatments.

  19. Destination marketing organizations (DMO established in mountain tourist resorts and regions – a solution for mountain tourism development

    Băltescu, C. A.


    Full Text Available When a tourist destination succeeds in presenting itself before the potential visitors and companies interested in operating different activities in the area, as single whole, as an integrated ensemble of providers and professionals with a common aim, that of developing in the long run the region, their joint demarches promoting the existent tourist potential, the expected success, for the benefit of all, is easier to achieve and much more reliable. This article aims to highlight the importance and decisive influences of destination marketing organizations, known in the literature as DMOs, as well as the demarches initiated in this respect within the Romanian mountain tourism, with reference to Poiana Braşov mountain resort.

  20. The emergency department as a 'last resort': why parents seek care for their child's nontraumatic dental problems in the emergency room.

    Mostajer Haqiqi, Azadeh; Bedos, Christophe; Macdonald, Mary Ellen


    Over the last two decades, there has been an increasing trend in the number of families using emergency departments (EDs) for treating their children's nontraumatic dental problems. We do not know why families use the ED in this way; to date, little research has addressed parents' decisions. The purpose of this study was to explore the reasons that lead parents to select the ED over a dental clinic for their child's nontraumatic dental problem. Using a qualitative descriptive design, we conducted semi-structured interviews with parents of children under age 10 who sought care for nontraumatic dental problems in an ED of a pediatric hospital. The interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed, and coded for thematic analysis using Grembowski's dental care process model as a sensitizing construct. Fifteen parents were recruited (ten mothers and five fathers). Three salient themes were identified: (i) parental beliefs and socioeconomic challenges which contributed to their care seeking, (ii) barriers parents faced in finding oral healthcare options for their children in their communities (e.g., poor access to care and poor quality of care), and (iii) parent's high satisfaction with the care provided through the ED. The ED was families' last resort; parents took their child to the ED because of the lack of other options in their communities rather than a belief that the ED was the best choice for dental care. The current pattern of ED use resulted in stress for these parents and repercussions for the children (e.g., pain, longer waiting, and increased complications); further, it has been shown in the literature to be an economic strain on the health system. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  1. Basic Theoretical Issues on the Resort Sports%关于度假区体育的几个基本理论问题



    The resort sports is an important way for people's leisure. The article using literature data and field survey methods, first of all related to the concept of sports tourism, vacation, sports and resort sports content to explore and Discrimination; Sec- ondly, system theory, based on the proposed resort sports system by sports demand system, sports supply system, sports space, sports support system; once again, the analysis of the main elements of the resort sports sports resources, sports facilities and services; Finally, explore the features and functions of the resort area of sports development.%度假区体育是人们休闲度假的重要方式。采用文献资料法与实地调查等方法,首先,对相关概念体育旅游、度假体育及度假区体育内涵进行探讨与辨析;其次,在系统理论等基础上,提出度假区体育系统由体育需求系统、体育供给系统、体育空间系统、体育支持系统等构成;再次,对度假区体育系统的主要要素体育资源、体育设施与服务等进行分析;最后,探讨了度假区体育发展的特征和功能。

  2. Restaurant-based intervention to facilitate healthy eating choices and the identification of allergenic foods at a family-oriented resort and a campground.

    Tarro, Lucia; Aceves-Martins, Magaly; Tiñena, Yolanda; Parisi, Joan Lluís; Blasi, Xavier; Giralt, Montse; Llauradó, Elisabet; Solà, Rosa


    Restaurant-based interventions can be an enjoyable way to encourage healthier eating choices by all members of a family. Thus, the principal aims of this study were a) to promote healthy diets by increasing healthy food offerings and b) to increase the number of foods offered specifically as gluten-free and lactose-free and to inform patrons by including nutritional and allergen information that complies with Regulation 1169/2011 regarding the food served in restaurants, takeaways and snack bars. A restaurant-based intervention was implemented at 16 food establishments at 2 resorts (the Cambrils Park Resort and Camping Sangulí, Spain, from 2014 to 2015) based on the following 4 components: 1) providing nutritional and allergen analyses of the offered dishes, 2) increasing the number of healthy food choices, 3) identifying menu items associated with allergies and intolerance, and 4) training staff on healthy eating and allergens. Customer satisfaction regarding food aspects was assessed using surveys (10-point scale). Both resorts significantly increased their offerings of healthy dishes (28.6% to 44.7%; P = 0.003) and desserts with fruit (20% to 51.3%; P = 0.013), thus obtaining the Spanish Government's Mediterranean Diet certification. Additionally, both resorts obtained Catalan Celiac Association certification. Moreover, both resorts significantly increased their percentages of gluten-free dishes (2.1% to 50.5%; P Customer satisfaction increased (mean ± standard deviation) from 6.9 ± 1.6 to 8.5 ± 1.5 (P customer satisfaction.


    Anak Agung Bayu Dharma


    Full Text Available Abstract: Work accidents that occur on the construction project will be one of the causes of the disruption or cessation of activities of the project work. The construction sector is the highest contributor to work accidents and occupational illness in Bali. Rampant construction of temporary lodging facilities or hotels in Bali can be one of the contributors to accidents. This study aims to determine the potential hazard and any dominant risk contained in a hotel development process as well as provides preventive measures to reduce such risks. In this research, the method used was descriptive qualitative. The risk of Occupational Health and Safety (K3 was identified through JSA (Job Safety Analysis. Questionnaire survey was carried out to get feedback from the experts regarding the potential hazards identified. The dominant category of risk assessment that was rated by the concept of ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable. The research identified 45 of dominant risks contained in the phase of work structures including 43 risks classified as high risk such as : exposed to maneuver heavy equipment and vehicles, heavy equipment rolled because the excavated area slid down/ subsided, cross rope of Tower Crane disconnected / entangled on the operation, the charge fell from Tower Crane and as many as two risks were classified as very high risk (extreme risk that is : exposed to maneuver mixer and swing Tower Crane over the edge area of the project. The risks tended to be sourced in the work environment factors and work equipment. In order to minimize the impact of K3 risks, it is necessary to conduct risk control, evaluation activities in a daily, weekly, monthly periodic, considering a safe distance hazard source from workers, setting working hours, scenario procedures of an emergency, as well as safe work through work instruction to remind the importance of working in a healthy and safe condition.

  4. Positioning of Health and Recreation Institutions of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the Resort Area of Great Yalta Позиционирование лечебно-оздоровительных учреждений Автономной Республики Крым в курортной зоне Большая Ялта

    Khaustova Viktoriya Ye.


    Full Text Available The article considers the essence of the process of positioning as one of the most important components of marketing strategy development. It suggests the scheme of implementation of the given process and made the positioning of health and recreation institutions of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the resort area of Great Yalta according to the «pricequality» criterion.В статье рассматривается суть процесса позиционирования как одной из важнейших составляющих разработки стратегии маркетинга. Предложена схема проведения данного процесса и проведено позиционирование лечебно-оздоровительных учреждений Автономной Республики Крым в курортной зоне Большая Ялта по критерию «цена-качество».

  5. Epidemiological and virological investigation of a Norovirus outbreak in a resort in Puglia, Italy

    Coscia Maria


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This paper describes the third large outbreak of Norovirus (NoV gastroenteritis reported in the Southern Italy region of Puglia. Methods A matched case control study was conducted, on 19 July 2005, for investigating risk factors, using a structured questionnaire on food consumption. A multivariate analysis was conducted to estimate the adjusted Odds Ratios. Laboratory and environmental investigation were also performed. Results On the day of the study 41 cases were identified and 41 controls were enrolled. Controls were matched for age and gender. The mean age of the cases was 26 years old, and 58% were female. The clinical pattern of the disease was characterised by the presence of diarrhoea (95%, vomiting (70%, abdominal pain (51% and fever (32%. Of the 41 cases included in the study, the majority (65% were residents of Northern Italian regions. No food samples were available for testing. The matched univariate analysis revealed that cases were more likely to have consumed raw mussels, eggs or ice cubes made of tap water than controls. In the multivariate conditional logistic regression analysis, having eaten raw mussels or ice became more strongly associated with illness. All of the 20 faecal samples collected were tested for NoVs. Eighteen stools (90% of total examined were positive by RT-PCR, and sequence analysis performed onto 3 samples confirmed the presence of a GGII NoV. No test specific for NoV was performed on water or food samples. Conclusion The most likely hypothesis supported by the findings of the epidemiological investigation was that illness was associated with raw mussels and ice, made with tap water. These hypothesis could not be confirmed by specific microbiologic testing for NoV in food or ice. The lack of clear knowledge of NoV as a major causative agent of epidemic outbreaks of gastroenteritis in Italy is due to the absence of timely reporting of the cases to the local public health offices and the

  6. Spectral and Spatial UV Sky Radiance Measurements at a Seaside Resort Under Clear Sky and Slightly Overcast Conditions.

    Sandmann, Henner; Stick, Carsten


    Spatial measurements of the diffusely scattered sky radiance at a seaside resort under clear sky and slightly overcast conditions have been used to calculate the sky radiance distribution across the upper hemisphere. The measurements were done in the summer season when solar UV radiation is highest. The selected wavelengths were 307, 350 and 550 nm representing the UVB, UVA and VIS band. Absolute values of radiance differ considerably between the wavelengths. Normalizing the measured values by use of direct solar radiance made the spatial distributions of unequal sky radiance comparable. The results convey a spatial impression of the different distributions of the radiance at the three wavelengths. Relative scattered radiance intensity is one order of magnitude greater in UVB than in VIS, whereas in UVA lies roughly in between. Under slightly overcast conditions scattered radiance is increased at all three wavelengths by about one order of magnitude. These measurements taken at the seaside underline the importance of diffuse scattered radiance. The effect of shading parts of the sky can be estimated from the distribution of sky radiance. This knowledge might be useful for sun seekers and in the treatment of people staying at the seaside for therapeutic purposes.

  7. Psychoactive substances as a last resort-a qualitative study of self-treatment of migraine and cluster headaches.

    Andersson, Martin; Persson, Mari; Kjellgren, Anette


    Treatment resistant cluster headache and migraine patients are exploring alternative treatments online. The aim of this study was to improve comprehension regarding the use of non-established or alternative pharmacological treatments used by sufferers of cluster headaches and migraines. A qualitative thematic analysis of the users' own accounts presented in online forum discussions were conducted. The forum boards , , and met the inclusion criteria and were used for the study. The analysis resulted in six themes: a desperate need for effective treatments; the role of the forum-finding alternative treatments and community support; alternative treatment substances; dosage and regimens; effects and treatment results; and adverse effects. The results provide an insight into why, how, and by which substances and methods sufferers seek relief from cluster headache and migraines. These patients are in a desperate and vulnerable situation, and illicit psychoactive substances are often considered a last resort. There appeared to be little or no interest in psychoactive effects per se as these were rather tolerated or avoided by using sub-psychoactive doses. Primarily, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, and related psychedelic tryptamines were reportedly effective for both prophylactic and acute treatment of cluster headache and migraines. Treatment results with cannabis were more unpredictable. No severe adverse events were reported, but it was observed how desperation sometimes spurred risky behavior when obtaining and testing various treatment alternatives. The forum discourse mainly revolved around maximizing treatment results and minimizing potential harms.

  8. Outbreak of Norwalk virus in a Caribbean island resort: application of molecular diagnostics to ascertain the vehicle of infection.

    Brown, C M; Cann, J W; Simons, G; Fankhauser, R L; Thomas, W; Parashar, U D; Lewis, M J


    In 1998, an outbreak of gastroenteritis affected at least 448 persons including 122 staff at a resort hotel in Bermuda. A survey among staff indicated that gastroenteritis was associated with eating or drinking at the hotel (OR = 60, 95% CI = 2.4-15.1). Multiple specimens of drinking water had elevated faecal coliform levels and Escherichia coli present, suggestive of faecal contamination. Stools from 18 of the 19 persons with gastroenteritis that were tested were positive for genogroup-II Norwalk-like viruses (NLVs). RT-PCR analysis of a 31 specimen of water produced a genogroup-II NLV genome with a sequence identical to that of NLVs in the stools of three ill persons. This outbreak shows the value of new molecular diagnostics to link illness with a contaminated source through the use of sequence analysis. The risk of outbreaks such as these could be reduced in tourism dependent regions like Bermuda and the Caribbean by regular evaluation of data from the inspection and monitoring of drinking water supplies and waste water systems, by ensuring the chlorination of supplemental drinking water supplies and by establishing food-safety initiatives.

  9. Ivabradine for Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease: From Last Chance Resort to Mainstem of a Reasoned Therapy.

    Lupi, Alessandro; Rognoni, Andrea; Cavallino, Chiara; Secco, Gioel G; Rosso, Roberta; Bongo, Angelo S


    Heart rate is a fundamental determinant of cardiac oxygen consumption and plays a pivotal role in the pathophysiology of chronic stable angina (CSA). Ivabradine selectively and specifically inhibits the sino-atrial If current, slowing selectively heart rate without other significant haemodynamic effects. The consequent clinical effects are a sinus rate reduction similar to that obtained with beta-blockers, but without the related haemodynamic side effects. Ivabradine clinical benefits have been demonstrated both in patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD) with associated systolic left ventricular dysfunction or in patients with congestive heart failure (HF). In this review we focused on the pharmacology and clinical research about ivabradine in the context of anti-ischemic therapy for CAD patients. Actually most guidelines suggest ivabradine therapy as last resort antianginal drugs in patients with uncontrolled symptoms or excessive heart rate despite maximum tolerated beta-blockade. However, the peculiar pharmacologic effects of the drug suggest that most patients with CAD might benefit from adding ivabradine to their therapeutic schemata. In fact, even if the recently released main analysis of the SIGNIFY study seems not to support an employ of ivabradine in primary prevention, it is easy to imagine a future wider use of this drug in elderly patients with incomplete myocardial revascularization and in patients with total chronic coronary occlusions and failure or unacceptable risk for percutaneous or surgical coronary revascularization.

  10. Three Dendromonocotyle species (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) reported from captive rays, including D. lotteri sp. n. from Himantura gerrardi (Elasmobranchii: Dasyatidae) in the public aquarium at the Atlantis resort, Dubai.

    Vaughan, David B; Chisholm, Leslie A


    Dendromonocotyle lotteri sp. n. is described from the dorsal skin surface of the stingray Himantura gerrardi (Gray) on exhibit in the public aquarium at the Atlantis resort in Dubai. It is differentiated from all other Dendromonocotyle species by the unique morphology of the distal portion of the sclerotised male copulatory organ. Dendromonocotyle lotteri is the second representative in the genus with 56 marginal haptoral papillae having a papillae to loculus association represented numerically as 6-6-8-8. We found Dendromonocotyle colorni Chisholm, Whittington et Kearn, 2001 on the same host specimens at the Atlantis resort public aquarium and Dendromonocotyle kuhlii Young, 1967 on Neotrygon kuhlii (Müller et Henle) kept at Burgers' Zoo Aquarium in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Supplemental information is provided for both D. colorni and D. kuhlii. The presence of Dendromonocotyle infections in public aquaria and host specificity are discussed. A key to the 17 species of Dendromonocotyle is also provided.

  11. Effects of mountain resort development on stream geomorphic function in the White River National Forest, Colorado, USA

    David, G.


    The effects of ski slope development on morphology and stability of stream channels is poorly understood. Development of ski slopes includes tree-clearing, road construction, machine-grading and snow-making. Although, each of these types of development has been studied individually, particularly the effects of tree-clearing and road construction, the combined effect of all four on channel morphology has not been investigated thoroughly. Changes in land-use affect the hydrology of a basin by either causing an increase in the water yield or peak flow, or a change in the size and amount of sediment that the stream transports. The United States Forest Service (USFS) funded this project because of their concern with the potential impacts of development on stream channels in national forest land, where the majority of ski resorts are located. Changes in the channel morphology can result in a decrease in habitat diversity and water quality as the stream moves towards a new equilibrium. We used field data from the White River National Forest in Colorado, which includes several major ski resorts, to test the hypothesis that there is a significant difference in bank stability, undercut banks, fine sediment, wood loading, pool residual depth and D84 between the ski area "project" and reference streams, because of ski slope development. We further hypothesize that the changes in a stream are mitigated by the density and type of vegetation growing along the banks. A significant impact is defined as a project stream that is outside the range of variability of the reference streams. To test these hypotheses, we surveyed channel condition, channel dimensions, and vegetation along 47 stream reaches (200 - 800 m in length). Twenty-three "reference" streams with very little to no development in their basins are used to define reference conditions of bank stability, bank undercutting, bank height, wood loading, pool residual depth, sediment size, and vegetation structure. Twenty

  12. Carrying capacity and tourism planning. case study at Praia Brava- Itajai, in face to the settlement of Canto da Brava Resort

    Doris Van de Meene Ruschmann; Luciana Paolucci; Nelson Antonio Leite Maciel


    Sustainable tourism presumes cultural authenticity, social inclusion, conservation of natural resources and service quality. Those are major issues standing for economical viability in the long run. This article analyzes carrying capacity in Praia Brava, Itajai/SC, evaluating environmental comfort for dwellers as well as for users of the beach building future scenarios as Canto da Brava resort is settled. Tourism carrying capacity is tied to methods of identification and evaluation of environ...

  13. The Deep Connotation of the Mountain Summer Resort Epilogue%《避暑山庄后序》深邃的思想内涵



    The connotation of The Mountain Summer Resort Epilogue by Emperor Qianlong is massy, with deep thoughts. Its content and significance express in three aspects: first, this paper expounds the Emperor Kangxi's special care to Hongli and Hongli's infinite profound feelings with his grandfather. Second, it illustrates the ideological content of the Mountain Summer Resort Record by Emperor Kangxi and the Qianlong emperor's understanding of the political purpose of building the resort by Emperor Kangxi. Thirdly, this paper expounds that Emperor Qianlong warns his later generations to bear in mind the teachings from Emperor Kangxi, such as "managing military, comforting the distant places, chasing simplicity and loving things including people, and never regard the Mountain Summer Resort as leisure & recreational place so as to avoid making the country perish like Han Dynasty or Tang Dynasty.%乾隆《避暑山庄后序》内涵厚重、思想深邃。它的内容及意义表现在三个方面:其一,阐述了康熙皇帝对弘历的特殊关爱以及弘历对皇祖无限景仰的深厚情感。其二,阐明了康熙《避暑山庄记》的思想内容以及乾隆对皇祖康熙建山庄政治用意的理解。其三,阐述乾隆告诫子孙要牢记皇祖"诘戎、绥远、崇朴、爱物(包括爱民)"的教悔,不要把避暑山庄看作是休闲玩乐之所,更不要步汉、唐某些帝王破国亡家的后尘。

  14. Sosiaalinen media markkinointiväylänä : orgaaninen vs. maksettu mainonta Goodway Hotel & Resort:n Facebook-markkinoinnissa

    Korvenranta, Anna


    Opinnäytetyö pohjautuu Goodway Hotel & Resort:n Facebook-sivujen luomisprosessiin. Teoriaosuus käsittelee sosiaalista mediaa ja Facebookia markkinointikanavina. Teoriaosuudessa tutustutaan sosiaalisen median suosituimpiin kanaviin ja Facebookiin erikseen, sillä tutkimus toteutettiin Facebookissa. Tutkimuksen tarkoituksena oli verrata maksettua ja orgaanista eli ilmaista mainontaa toisiinsa ja pyrkiä löytämään seikkoja, jotka tukevat maksetun mainonnan kannattavuutta. Tutkimuksessa Facebo...

  15. Food allergy, a summary of eight cases in the UK criminal and civil courts: effective last resort for vulnerable consumers?

    Gowland, M Hazel; Walker, Michael J


    Food allergy has a forensic context. The authors describe eight cases in the UK courts involving fatalities, personal injury or criminal non-compliance with food law from mainly 'grey' literature sources. The potentially severe consequences for people with food allergy of contraventions of labelling law have led to enforcement action up to criminal prosecution for what might otherwise be regarded as 'trivial' non-compliance. The authors suggest there should be central collation of such cases. Non-compliances should be followed up in a more rapid and robust manner. Evidence of fraud in the catering supply chain supports recent calls for zero tolerance of food fraud. Businesses must guard against gaps in allergen management, for which there are readily available sources of training and guidance, but also against fraudulent substitution in the supply chain, about which training and guidance should be developed. New allergen labelling legislation and case law appear to place responsibility on food businesses even for the forensically problematic area of allergen cross-contamination. The courts can be an effective last resort for vulnerable consumers; however, there is evidence of knowledge and skill gaps in both the investigation and prosecution of potentially serious incidents of food allergen mismanagement and mislabelling. Thorough investigation of food allergy deaths is required with a tenacious and skilled approach, including early realisation that samples of the food and/or stomach contents from a post mortem examination should be retained and analysed. The supply chain must be rigorously examined to find out where adulteration or contamination with the fatal allergen occurred.

  16. The Influence of El Niño and La Niña on Winter Climate Conditions at 138 Ski Resorts in Western North America

    Pidwirny, M. J.; Mei Turney, A.


    This research examines the effect El Niño and La Niña have on the climate conditions of 138 ski resorts in western North America. Using ClimateWNA, monthly values for snowfall and degree days ski season months of December, January, February, and March. From this data, composite values were computed by summing the four months analyzed for each of the two variables, with the December value coming from the previous year. Regression analysis was used to see if a relationship exists between the two climate variables and a summed composite of the monthly Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) for the same four months. Correlation coefficients were determined by regressing the observations for the time period 1935 to 2012. The correlation coefficients were then mapped using ARCGIS to display possible spatial patterns across the study area. Different map symbols were used to identify whether the correlation coefficient was positive or negative, and whether it fell within four levels of statistical significance: P ≥ 0.01, P Ski Apache in New Mexico showed the opposite trend. Snowfall was found to be higher during La Niña events and lower with El Niño events for a number of resorts above 42° N latitude. Further, the strength of these correlations generally decreased with distance from the coast. Resorts in New Mexico and Arizona generally had more snowfall with El Niño and less snowfall with La Niña.

  17. Projections for Changes in Natural and Technical Snow Reliability of a Major Turkish Ski Resort by Using RegCM4.3.5

    Ozturk, Tugba; Cenk Demiroglu, O.; Tufan Turp, M.; Türkeş, Murat; Kurnaz, M. Levent


    Climate change has been and increasingly will be a major threat to the ski tourism industry whose survival is highly dependent on existence of snow cover of sufficient depth and duration. The common knowledge requires that in order for a ski resort to be viable, it has to perform operations for at least 100 days in seven out of ten winters. For this matter, it is now even more usual for the ski resorts to adapt to this issue by technical snowmaking. In this study, projected future changes for the period of 2010-2040, 2040-2070, and 2070-2100 in air temperature, relative humidity, and snow depth climatology and variability with respect to the control period of 1970-2000 were assessed for the domain of a major ski resort in Turkey. Regional Climate Model (RegCM4.3.5) of ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics) was used for projections of future and present climate conditions. HadGEM2 global climate model of the Met Office Hadley Centre, MPI-ESM-MR of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, GFDL-ESM2M of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory were downscaled to 10 km for the resort and its surrounding region. Both the projections and the downscaling were realized according to the RCP4.5 and the RCP8.5 emission scenarios of the IPCC. The outputs on snow depth were used for a count of the changes on snow cover duration sufficient for skiing actitivies, signaling natural snow-reliability, whereas the outputs on air temperature and relative humidity were utilized for determination of wet-bulb temperatures. The latter measure was used to interpret the changes in the snowmaking capacity, in other words; technical snow-reliability, of the resort. This work was supported by the BU Reasearch Fund under the project number 7362. One of the authors (MLK) was partially supported by Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program.

  18. A new axiomatic approach to the evaluation of population health

    Hougaard, Jens Leth; Moreno-Ternero, Juan D.; Østerdal, Lars Peter Raahave


    represent social preferences, as a result of combinations of those axioms. Our results provide new rationale for popular theories in health economics, such as the unweighted aggregation of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) or healthy years equivalents (HYEs) and generalizations of the two, aimed...... to capture concerns for distributive justice, without resorting to controversial assumptions on individual preferences....


    Dwi Agustin Hening Widowati


    Full Text Available Abstract:  Orchid is one of the plants that have different characteristics in each species and its habitat. Orchids (Orchidaceae or nation is a group that is protected by Government Regulations  Number. 7 Th.1999. It is necessary to look at the type of data collections and save it, and look at the characteristics of tropical forests in the Resort Way Kanan. This research aims to inventory orchid the found in Forest Resort of Way Kanan. This research was conducted in December 2014 until January 2015, using purposive sampling method and using techniques Line transeck, cut the line following the path of the Post traking Right Way to the SRS (Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, in this research using 4 stations between stations within 2km. The results of this study were obtained 23 species of orchids with 9 genera and 14 species include: the genus Dendrobium, Dendrobium creatceum, Dendrobium crumenatum, genus Grammatophyllum, Grammatophyllum scriptum BL, Agrostophyllum genus, the genus Cymbidium, Cymbidium chloranthum, Cymbidium hartinahianum, Calanthe genus, the genus Bulbophyllum, Arachnis sp, Angraecum didieri, Ascocentrum miniatum, Ascocentrum aureum, Coelogyne foerstermanni, golden shower Oncidium, Phalaenopsis amabilis, Spathoglottis sp. Having analyzed the data obtained it has a value equal to 46% of species density and relative density of 88.36% with a diversity index value of 1.3, based on the criteria of the Shannon-Wienner in Fachrul abundant species diversity can be expressed with the criteria being. The results of this study compiled into resources in conserving germplasm in the form of books and banner summary information, because there are some orchids are found in Forest Resort Way Kanan Balai Way Kambas National Park in Government Regulations  Number. 7 Th.1999 is a protected species of orchids. Orchid is a protected plant species, therefore it is necessary for us to maintain and preserve it.

  20. Research on the Management and Development Trend of the Ski Resorts in Beijing City%北京市滑雪场经营及发展趋势的研究

    吴晓华; 伊剑


    近十年来,北京滑雪场数量和规模迅速增加,对雪场运营的分析有助于了解其未来发展趋势。通过文献资料法、问卷调查法、数理统计法对北京市滑雪场经营状况进行调查。以北京南山滑雪场、北京怀北国际滑雪场、北京渔阳国际滑雪场等为例,深入探讨北京滑雪场经营现状、影响北京滑雪场健康发展的因素,认为北京滑雪场具有向超级滑雪度假区方向发展、向四季度假旅游胜地方向发展、向着生态环境保护性开发方向发展等发展趋势,以促进北京滑雪场运行更加规范、管理更加科学。%Analyzing the operation of the ski resorts in Beijing city is helpful to understand the development trend of these resorts, which rapidly increased in quantity and scale in the past decade. With the methods of literature, questionnaire and mathematical statistics, the paper has an investigation of the ski resorts' operation in Beijing city. With the example of the ski resorts in Beijing city such as Nanshan resort, Huaibei international resort, Yuyang international resort, it in-depth discusses these resorts' operation situation and inlfuencing factors. It thinks their developments tend to super holiday resort, tourist attraction at all seasons, protective exploitation of ecological environment. Its purpose is to advance the more standardized and more scientiifc development of the ski resorts in Beijing city.

  1. The association between spirituality and depression in parents caring for children with developmental disabilities: social support and/or last resort.

    Gallagher, Stephen; Phillips, Anna C; Lee, Helen; Carroll, Douglas


    Associations between spirituality and depression were examined in parents of children with developmental disabilities using both quantitative and qualitative methodology. Spirituality was positively associated with depression, whereas social support was negatively related; parents with higher spiritual beliefs and lower levels of support had higher depression scores. Themes emerging from interviews were spiritual/religious coping as a way of dealing with difficulty, as a last resort, and as a form of release from their situation. Associations between spirituality and depression in these parents are more complex than previously thought.

  2. The Effects of Management Information System toward Decision Making in Food and Beverage Service Department in X Resorts and Hotels Bandung

    Agung Gita Subakti; Maria Pia Adiati


    In an organization, decision making hold an important role. That is why a decision made by managers should be a final decision that should be done by their subordinates or those who are related with the organization. In the effort to increase the quality of management information system, a research was held in X Resorts and Hotels Bandung to analyze management information system in the relation to decision making especially in Food and Beverage Service Department and recommendation of how to ...

  3. Modelización generalizada de resortes espirales a torsión. Aplicación en almacenamiento de energía.

    Fernandez Caballero, Daniel


    Las necesidades energéticas actuales requieren una transformación de las técnicas eficaces en eficientes tanto en producción, transporte como consumo energético. Estas necesidades han impulsado nuevos desarrollos en el ámbito energético, entre los que se encuentran los sistemas de almacenamiento de energía. El avance en ingeniería de materiales hace pensar en la posibilidad del almacenamiento mediante deformación elástica de resortes espirales a torsión. Para ello es necesario estudiar m...

  4. Mejoramiento del proceso de granallado para resortes de ballesta utilizando medición de esfuerzos residuales por difracción de rayos x

    Hernández, Héctor; Viloria, Alexander; Arango, Yulieth; Jiménez, Augusto; Mendoza, Henry; Cadena, Jhon


    Se midieron diferentes perfiles de esfuerzos residuales por difracción de rayos X en las zonas cercanas a la superficie de un acero AISI-SAE 5160H empleado en la fabricación de resortes de ballesta, utilizando diferentes condiciones de granallado y desarrollando un diseño de experimentos para encontrar condiciones de proceso que ofrezcan intensidades Almen y perfiles de esfuerzos residuales en compresión adecuados. Por último se escogieron las combinaciones de variables que tienden a presenta...

  5. The Effects of Management Information System toward Decision Making in Food and Beverage Service Department in X Resorts and Hotels Bandung

    Agung Gita Subakti


    Full Text Available In an organization, decision making hold an important role. That is why a decision made by managers should be a final decision that should be done by their subordinates or those who are related with the organization. In the effort to increase the quality of management information system, a research was held in X Resorts and Hotels Bandung to analyze management information system in the relation to decision making especially in Food and Beverage Service Department and recommendation of how to handle the problem occurred. From the questioner with data analyzing technique of spearman rank gained correlation result 0,84, with determination coefficient 71% which means the management information system has 71% level of influence to decision making, meanwhile the rest of the result (29% shows other factors, which also were related with the decision making other than management information system. To solve with the problem, it is recommended that X Resorts and Hotels decrease the level of information product error in management information used and fasten the delivery of provided information.

  6. RESIDENTS' ATTITUDES TO TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN ANCIENT VILLAGE RESORTS--Case Study of World Cultural Heritage of Xidi and Hong Villages

    WANG Li; LU Lin; TONG Shi-rong; LU Song; YANG Zhao; WANG Yong; LIANG Dong-dong


    Tourism development surely has social, economic and environmental impacts on tourist destinations.The study on resorts residents' attitudes can help understand the nature of tourism development and the extent to which it may influence on tourist destinations. By now, researches on residents' perception and attitudes are plenteous in the international circle and achievements are great, yet few are found in developing countries. As a most representative cultural tourist destination, World Cultural Heritage-Xidi and Hong villages in Yi County of Anhui Province, are drawing the attention of both tourists and academic circles. This article, taking Xidi and Hong villages as examples, seeks to analyze ancient village residents' attitudes towards tourism impacts and then tries further to explore the connection between tourism development and residents' attitudes. Both qualitative and quantitative surveys are applied in the exploratory investigation into local residents' attitudes of tourism impacts. Based on abundant face-to-face interviews with the local households, tourism enterprises concerned, local government and tourists from July to August of 2002, we are able to have a better understanding of local residents' attitudes to community life, and perception of tourism impacts on society, economy and environment. By this we can promote domestic study on resorts residents' attitudes, and provide some theoretical grounds for establishing tourism development planning and perfect community participation system at tourist destinations.

  7. The Effects of Management Information System toward Decision Making in Food and Beverage Service Department in X Resorts and Hotels Bandung

    Agung Gita Subakti


    Full Text Available In an organization, decision making hold an important role. That is why a decision made by managers should be a final decision that should be done by their subordinates or those who are related with the organization. In the effort to increase the quality of management information system, a research was held in X Resorts and Hotels Bandung to analyze management information system in the relation to decision making especially in Food and Beverage Service Department and recommendation of how to handle the problem occurred. From the questioner with data analyzing technique of spearman rank gained correlation result 0,84, with determination coefficient 71% which means the management information system has 71% level of influence to decision making, meanwhile the rest of the result (29% shows other factors, which also were related with the decision making other than management information system. To solve with the problem, it is recommended that X Resorts and Hotels decrease the level of information product error in management information used and fasten the delivery of provided information.

  8. 避暑山庄旅游业可持续发展刍议%Investigation the summer resort tourism sustainable development

    张薇; 秦兆祥


    避暑山庄及外八庙旅游可持续发展与世界遗产保护问题相辅相成。旅游的可持续发展依赖于文化遗产的保护,文化遗产的保护为旅游的可持续发展提供了可能。只有做好自然环境的保护、建筑与文物的保护和文化的挖掘与传播工作.避署山庄的旅游可持续发展才会实现。%This paper analyzed two aspects of summer resort which are tourism sustainable development and protection . It also indicated that the two aspects are supplement each other. Tourism sustainable development depends on protection of cultural heritage .And protection of cultural heritage can accelerate tourism sustainable development . To develop summer resort ,we should do three aspects ,that are environment protection,cultural relic protection and culture prevalence .

  9. Expansión posterior con resortes y avance fronto-orbitario simultáneo en craneosinostosis sindrómicas

    J.C. Rodríguez

    Full Text Available Las craneoestenosis sindrómicas son anomalías congénitas de difícil resolución y requieren generalmente varios procedimientos quirúrgicos. La expansión posterior de la calota permite disminuir la hipertensión endocraneana y sus efectos sobre el cerebro. La utilización de resortes para la expansión posterior ha demostrado ser un método efectivo y estable, disminuyendo la morbilidad de los procedimientos tradicionales. La combinación de la expansión posterior con resortes y el avance frontoorbitario en una sola etapa, antes del año de vida, disminuye el número de intervenciones necesarias obteniéndose una buena remodelación de la bóveda craneana. Presentamos nuestra experiencia en 3 casos de craneoestenosis sindrómica mediante la realización simultánea de ambos procedimientos con buenos resultados estéticos y funcionales.

  10. 地域文化在度假酒店中的运用研究%The Research on Application of Regional Culture in Resort Hotel



    Regional culture characteristic has been and is becoming an important element in operation and management of resort hotel. It also becomes a common concern to the researchers. The paper considers that value and significance of application of regional culture are as follows: extends the range of products and increase customer experience, shows forth the characteristics of hotel and raises market competition, promotes the grade of hotel and moulds brand. On this basis, the paper makes analysis and exploration on application of regional culture in related elements of resort hotel and puts forward some corresponding countermeasures.%地域文化特色已经和正在成为度假酒店是否能够成功经营的重要因素,也越来越受到研究者的共同关注。研究认为地域文化的运用对于度假酒店有如下价值和意义:丰富产品内涵,增加顾客体验;彰显酒店特色,提升市场竞争力;塑造酒店品牌,提高酒店品味。在此基础上,文章对地域文化在度假酒店相关构成要素中的运用进行了逐一分析并提出具体对策。

  11. Tsunami preparedness at the resort facilities along the coast of the Ryukyu Islands - their actions against the 27 February 2010 Okinawan and Chilean tsunami warning

    Matsumoto, T.


    The economy (including tourism) in tropical and subtropical coastal areas, such as Okinawa Prefecture (Ryukyu) is highly relying on the sea. The sea has both “gentle” side to give people healing and “fierce” side to kill people. If we are going to utilise the sea for marine tourism such as constructing resort facilities on the oceanfront, we should know the whole nature of the sea, Tsunami is the typical case of the “fierce” side of the sea. We have already learned a lesson about this issue from the Sumatra tsunami in 2004. Early morning (5:31 am Japanese Standard Time = JST) on 27 February 2010, a M6.9 earthquake occurred near the coast of Okinawa Ryukyu Island Japan, and just after that Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued a tsunami warning along the coastal area of Okinawa Prefecture. About one hour later the tsunami warning was cancelled. The CMT solution of this earthquake was found to be strike-slip type with NE-SW P-axis. Therefore this did not induce a tsunami. However, in the afternoon on the same day (JST) a M8.6 earthquake occurred off the coast of Chile and soon after that a tsunami warning issued along the Pacific coastal area including Japan and Ryukyu Islands. Indeed maximum 1m tsunami hit the eastern coast of Okinawa Island on 28th February (Nakamura, 2010, personal communication). The author conducted a survey about the actions against the both tsunami after the 27 February tsunami warming to the major resort hotels along the coast of the Ryukyu Islands. A questionnaire was sent to about 20 hotels and 6 hotels replied to the questionnaire. Most of these hotels reported the regular training against tsunami attack, preparation of a disaster prevention manual, close communication with the local fire station authority, evacuation procedure towards high stories of the hotel building etc. It was “winter season” when the tsunami took place. However, if that were “summer season,” the other problem such as how they make the people

  12. Odnos prebivalstva slovenskih alpskih turističnih krajev do turizma in njegovih učinkov = Attitude of the population of Slovenian alpine tourist resorts toward tourism and its impacts

    Dejan Cigale


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper was to find out how the local inhabitants perceive positive and negativetourism impacts in Slovenian alpine areas and how this perception influence their attitudetoward tourism. A questionnaire survey was undertaken in five different tourist resorts.Despite the differences between resorts there are many similarities in perception of tourismimpacts. In all cases positive attitudes toward tourism prevail. In general the economicimpacts were perceived as the most important and the socio-cultural impacts as the leastimportant.

  13. Carrying capacity and tourism planning. case study at Praia Brava- Itajai, in face to the settlement of Canto da Brava Resort

    Doris Van de Meene Ruschmann


    Full Text Available Sustainable tourism presumes cultural authenticity, social inclusion, conservation of natural resources and service quality. Those are major issues standing for economical viability in the long run. This article analyzes carrying capacity in Praia Brava, Itajai/SC, evaluating environmental comfort for dwellers as well as for users of the beach building future scenarios as Canto da Brava resort is settled. Tourism carrying capacity is tied to methods of identification and evaluation of environmental indicators. In this case, Cifuentes Method was chosen because it integrates physical, biotical and infra structural factors, through assessment of physical, real and effective carrying capacity. Quantitative results have been considered analyzing impacts and tolerable limits of change taking into account users perception.

  14. ¿Cómo en el ejercicio de la práctica de modelación de un sistema de resortes se construyen modelos multilineales?

    Méndez, María Esther Magali; Arrieta, Jaime


    Este artículo se desprende de una investigación realizada por Mendez (2006), la cual se desarrolló bajo una visión socioepistemológica y se inscribe en la línea de investigación llamada las prácticas sociales en la emergencia del conocimiento matemático. El objetivo de la investigación fue aportar evidencias sobre cómo los estudiantes del nivel medio superior, construyen lo multilineal en el ejercicio de la modelación de un sistema de resortes. La tesis central que se planteó es que lo multil...


    Marta Nel·lo Andreu


    Full Text Available La integración de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación en la enseñanza universitaria presenta nuevas oportunidades y retos de innovación que deben conducir hacia una transformación y mejora de la calidad docente y ofrecer oportunidades a los estudiantes para su futura vida laboral. De esta realidad nace la metodología participativa de la simulación de empresas. En este artículo se pretende dar a conocer la experiencia de la Escuela Universitaria de Turismo y Ocio donde se ha creado una empresa turística simulada, «Vila Daurada Resort», un instrumento de aprendizaje innovador y novedoso en el ámbito universitario que permite a los alumnos desarrollar habilidades y capacidades para poder acceder con más garantías al mundo laboral.

  16. Implementing a Nation-Wide Mental Health Care Reform: An Analysis of Stakeholders' Priorities.

    Lorant, Vincent; Grard, Adeline; Nicaise, Pablo


    Belgium has recently reformed its mental health care delivery system with the goals to strengthen the community-based supply of care, care integration, and the social rehabilitation of users and to reduce the resort to hospitals. We assessed whether these different reform goals were endorsed by stakeholders. One-hundred and twenty-two stakeholders ranked, online, eighteen goals of the reform according to their priorities. Stakeholders supported the goals of social rehabilitation of users and community care but were reluctant to reduce the resort to hospitals. Stakeholders were averse to changes in treatment processes, particularly in relation to the reduction of the resort to hospitals and mechanisms for more care integration. Goals heterogeneity and discrepancies between stakeholders' perspectives and policy priorities are likely to produce an uneven implementation of the reform process and, hence, reduce its capacity to achieve the social rehabilitation of users.

  17. Ecological Study of Periphytic Algal Community of Doodh Ganga and Khansha-Mansha Streams of Yusmarg Forests: A Health Resort of Kashmir Valley, India

    Rafia Rashid


    Full Text Available The present study on Doodh Ganga and Khansha-Mansha streams of Yusmarg forests deals with the general ecological studies on periphytic algal community in terms of species composition and density. During the present investigation the periphytic algal community of Doodh Ganga and Khansha-Mansha streams were represented by 30 taxa which belonged to 4 major classes namely Bacillariophyceae (14, Chlorophyceae (11, Cyanophyceae (4 and Euglenophyceae (1. The most common periphytic species encountered across all the sites included Closterium sp., Zygnema sp., Amphora sp., Cymbella sp., Epithemia sp., Fragilaria sp., Navicula sp., Synedra sp., Tabellaria sp., Lyngbya sp. and Phormidium sp. Among the two streams, Doodh Ganga showed large number of taxa (45 and Khansha-Mansha was having 37 taxa of periphyton. Bacillariophyceae was the dominant group both in diversity and density and included 14 taxa contributing 57% of total periphytic algal population. Cyanophyceae forming the second dominant class was represented by 4 genera comprising 22% of the total periphytic algae .Chlorophyceae ranked third in its dominance pattern with 11 genera forming 20% of all the periphytic algae. Euglenophyceae was represented by only one species of Euglena sp. forming 1% of all the periphytic algae and found only at site 2 (Doodh Ganga downstream.Amongst the study sites the highest (5.69 value of Shannon Weiner Index was found at Doodh Ganga upstream while as lowest (4.38 at Khansha-Mansha downstream. The primary conclusion is that the streams, having crystal clear water, and are free from pollution as Chlorophyceae are better represented in both the streams. Further, as a result of less anthropogenic pressures the quality of water is fairly good.

  18. From hydrological regimes to water use regimes: influence of the type of habitat on drinking water demand dynamics in alpine tourist resorts.

    Calianno, Martin


    In the last decades, integrated water resources management studies produced integrated models that focus mainly on the assessment of water resources and water stress in the future. In some cases, socioeconomic development results to cause more impacts on the evolution of water systems than climate (Reynard et al., 2014). There is thus a need to develop demand-side approaches in the observation and modeling of human-influenced hydrological systems (Grouillet et al., 2015). We define the notion of water use cycle to differentiate water volumes that are withdrawn from the hydrological system and that circulate through anthropic hydro-systems along various steps: withdrawals, distribution, demands, consumption, restitution (Calianno et al., submitted). To address the spatial distribution and the temporal dynamics of the water use cycle, we define the concepts of water use basins and water use regimes (Calianno et al., submitted). The assessment of the temporal variability of water demands is important at thin time steps in touristic areas, where water resource regimes and water demands are highly variable. This is the case for are alpine ski resorts, where the high touristic season (winter) takes place during the low flow period in nival and glacio-nival basins. In this work, a monitoring of drinking water demands was undergone, at high temporal resolution, on different types of buildings in the ski resort of Megève (France). A dataset was created, from which a typology of water demand regimes was extracted. The analysis of these temporal signatures highlighted the factors influencing the volumes and the dynamics of drinking water demand. The main factors are the type of habitat (single family, collective, house, apartment blocks), the presence of a garden or an infrastructure linked to high standing chalets (pool, spa), the proportion of permanent and temporary habitat, the presence of snow in the ski resort. Also, temporalities linked to weekends and weekly tourism


    Vrkljan, Sanela; Hendija, Zvjezdana


    Health tourism can be generally divided into medical, health spa and wellness tourism. Health spa tourism services are provided in special hospitals for medical rehabilitation and health resorts, and include under medical supervision controlled use of natural healing factors and physical therapy in order to improve and preserve health. There are 13 special hospitals for medical rehabilitation and health resorts in Croatia. Most of them are financed through the state budget and lesser by sale on the market. More than half of their accommodation capacity is offered for sale on the market while the rest is under contract with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund. Domestic overnights are several times higher than foreign overnights. The aim of this study was to analyze business performance of special hospitals for medical rehabilitation and health resorts in Croatia in relation to the sources of financing and the structure of service users. The assumption was that those who are more market-oriented achieve better business performance. In proving these assumptions, an empirical research was conducted and the assumptions were tested. A positive correlation was proven in tested indicators of business performance of the analyzed service providers of health-spa tourism with a higher amount of overnight stays realized through sales on the market in relation to total overnight stays, with a greater share of foreign overnights in total of overnights and with a higher share of realized revenue on the market out of total revenue. The results of the research show that special hospitals for medical rehabilitation and health resorts that are more market-oriented are more successful in their business performance. These findings are important for planning the health and tourism policies in countries like Croatia.

  20. 黄土高原地区窑居度假村开发现状及其意义研究%Development and Significance of Cave Dwelling Resort on the Loess Plateau

    李明; 孙庆珍


    Relevant ecotourism theories were applied to further investigate the mushrooming cave dwelling resorts on the Loess Plateau. By introducing the present development of cave dwelling settlements in the study area, types of cave dwelling resort were summarized: historical cave dwelling resort based on high cultural value, artistic value and aesthetic value; cave dwelling resort characterized by primitive folk customs; cave hotel showing folk house features of the Loess Plateau. Luochuan Resort of the Loess Folk Customs, Miaoshang Resort of Sanmenxia, Stone Cave Hotel of Y angjialing in Yan'an were respectively studied to analyze features and development conditions of cave dwelling resort, on the basis of which development principles and countermeasures were discussed. The orientation of cave dwelling resort on the Loess Plateau should be determined first, suotainability and accountability of ecotourism should be followed. Finally, the significance of cave dwelling resort for promoting local economic development, enhancing the rational utilization of natural resources, protecting and developing traditional settlements of cave dwellings was given.%运用生态旅游研究中的相关理论,对目前大量兴起的黄土高原窑居度假村进行了深入调研.从介绍黄土高原窑居聚落的现状入手,总结了窑居度假村的类型,即依托文化价值、艺术价值、审美价值较高的历史窑洞民居形成的旅游度假区;以原汁原味的窑洞民居及风土人情为特色开发的窑洞度假村;体现黄土高原民居特色的窑洞宾馆,并以洛川黄土风情度假村、三门峡庙上村民俗度假村、延安杨家岭石窑宾馆为例,详细分析了窑居度假村的特点和发展现状,在此基础上探讨了窑居度假村的开发原则与对策,强调应明确黄土高原窑居度假村开发的方向,并遵循生态旅游的可持续性原则与责任性原则.最后指出黄土高原窑居度假村的开发在促进当地

  1. The Correlation of Tree Phenology with nest number of Orang Utan Sumatera (Pongo abelii) on Primary Forest, Resort Sei Betung, Gunung Leuser National Park

    Hartini, K. S.; Patana, P.; Oktaviani, M.


    Food availability affect the orangutan activities, including activities to make nests. This study was conducted to determine the correlation between the phenology of trees with the number of nests made by orangutans in primary forest Resort Sei Betung, Gunung Leuser National Park. Multi linear regression was used in this study to determine the relation and correlation between phenology and the presence of orangutan nests on a track that has been created. It took over 6 months (March - August 2015). There were 15 orangutan nests found on the track during the study. The equation model was : = 27,649 -0,011X1-0,104X2-0,056X3, and there was no significant differences (sig >0,05). The value of R2 was 70,3%. It means that all predictors simultaneously explain 70,3% of the presence of orangutan’s nest, and there is an expected predictors that may be the most affect on nest presence. The season or the intensity of rain may consider as an expected predictor.

  2. Last resort or roll of the die? Exploring the role of metaphors in cancer clinical trials education among medically underserved populations.

    Krieger, Janice L


    Improving communication about cancer clinical trials may help increase patients' understanding of medical research and their interest in participating. It is unfortunate that there is little empirical research to provide guidance on how to adapt clinical trial messages to maximize cultural sensitivity. This study examines (a) how medically underserved women conceptualize clinical trials by examining the language they use to describe them and (b) how this audience interprets metaphorical language used to explain randomization in the context of Phase III cancer clinical trials. The author conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with 41 rural, low-income older women who either had been diagnosed with cancer or were caregivers for a person with cancer. The most commonly used lay metaphors for clinical trials had strong negative connotations and included treatment by trial and error, patients are guinea pigs, and treatment of last resort. Participants also expressed strong, unfavorable responses to conventional metaphors that equate randomization with the roll of a die or use other gambling language. Low-literacy definition approaches were unexpectedly problematic, suggesting the potential effectiveness of culturally grounded metaphors for communicating about clinical trials. Ethical implications of these findings for cancer communication are discussed.

  3. Risky sexual behaviors associated with recreational drug use among men who have sex with men in an international resort area: challenges and opportunities.

    Darrow, William W; Biersteker, Susan; Geiss, Trina; Chevalier, Kelly; Clark, Jodi; Marrero, Yamile; Mills, Vanessa; Obiaja, Kenneth


    South Florida is home to a highly transient population of approximately 145,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) and annually hosts over 1.8 million gay and bisexual visitors. To develop more effective interventions for HIV/sexually transmitted infections (STI) prevention in this setting, we conducted a cross-sectional study of recreational drug use and risky sexual behaviors among MSM. A standardized, self-administered questionnaire, reviewed and approved by a university Institutional Review Board, was offered to men 18 years of age and older who reported ever having sex with a man. Men were approached on weekends in five diverse locations in Miami-Dade County and five in Broward County in winter 2004. An honorarium of $10 was offered to those who completed and returned a questionnaire. Of 407 participants, 115 men (28%) lived in Miami-Dade, 147 (36%) lived in Broward, 46 (11%) lived in another county in south Florida, and 99 (24%) lived elsewhere. Overall, 32% reported using one or more "club drugs" in the past year. Club drug use was highly associated with unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) (P recreational drugs. Interventions must be developed, implemented, and evaluated that take into account the unique characteristics of international resort areas.

  4. A Co-operative Inquiry Into Generating, Describing, and Transforming Knowledge About De-escalation Practices in Mental Health Settings

    Berring, Lene Lauge; Hummelvoll, Jan Kåre; Pedersen, Liselotte


    De-escalation is concerned with managing violent behaviour without resorting to coercive measures. Co-operative Inquiry provided the conceptual basis for generating knowledge regarding de-escalation practices in acute mental health care settings. The research included service users and staff...

  5. Diseño de resortes helicoidales circulares a compresión aplicado a una matriz de corte existente en la escuela de Ingeniería Mecánica de la U.P.S.

    Asimbaya Satan, Luis Oswaldo


    El presente trabajo consiste en el estudio sobre el diseño de resortes helicoidales circulares a presión. El capítulo I contiene la Hipótesis, Objetivos (generales y específicos), cuestionamientos y alcances del tema de la presente tesis. El capítulo II presenta una información acerca de lsos istemas con miembros elásticos y la variación de la energía potencial elástica. El siguiente capítulo da a conocer las clases de resortes, su representación y acotación según las normas de dibujo técnico...

  6. 上海国际旅游度假区地下管线地理信息系统的应用研究%The Application and Research of Underground Pipelines GIS in Shanghai International Tourist Resort



    For the function of Shanghai international tourist resort committee site on underground pipeline planning approve in the area of Disneyland Park, this paper explored the establishment and application of underground pipelines GIS in the area of Shanghai international tourist resort. The system includes underground pipeline planning approve, construction approval, final acceptance and etc.%针对我院对上海国际旅游度假区管委会对迪士尼区域地下管线规划工作的审批管理职能,研究上海国际旅游度假区地下管线地理信息系统的建立与应用。通过对管线规划审批、施工审批、竣工验收等一系列工作流程作研究。

  7. A Study on Innovative Marketing Modes of Tourist Resorts under the Perspective of Big Data%大数据视阈下景区营销模式的创新研究



    As the major link between tourist resorts and tourists,their marketing mode of the tourist resrots is the basis on which they can sustain development. At a time when the traditional marketing modes are gradually giving way to new ones,the B2C mode is being replaced by the O2O mode. Big data can bring about new opportunities to the marketing system of tourist resorts,enabling them to make break-throughs in new methods. This big-data-based new mode is the future for tourist resorts and is now be-ing chosen by the management of an increasing number of tourist resorts.%景区营销是景区与旅游者关联的重要环节,也是景区后续发展的基本保障。传统景区营销渠道的市场份额逐渐被新兴营销模式蚕食,景区营销正经历由传统“B2 C”模式向新兴“O2 O”模式转变。大数据为景区营销体系的创新发展带来机遇,为突破传统景区营销模式的瓶颈提供了新方法和新手段,逐渐成为景区营销的新趋势,基于大数据创新的景区营销模式成为越来越多景区的理性选择。


    Gorskiĭ, A A; Gus'kov, A S; Pochtareva, E S; Klindukhov, V P; Nikolaevich, P N; Grechanaia, T V; Vechemyaia, E A; Biriukov, V A; Bozhko, I I; Kulichenko, A N; Taran, T V; Zaĭtsev, A A; Tushina, O V


    There is presented the analysis of activities of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights protection and Human Welfare to ensure adequate conditions of accommodation of the participants, attendants and guests of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in the Resort city of Sochi according to regulated requirements. There were detected ways of the strengthening the supervision for the quality of the accommodation during mass sports activities for the assurance of the rights for consumers.

  9. The Actual Stage of Potential Development Regarding the Tourism in Slănic Moldova Resort, Bacău County

    Popa Ovidiu Cristian


    Full Text Available This article illustrates the concept of tourism potential, which includes all natural and human tourism resources which generate various forms of tourism. Slănic Moldova town is in a great development, being sustained by the glorious oldtime image: ”Moldova‟s Pearl”. The recent accomplishments, the implementation projects and the short and medium time investment programs aim not only to affirm the resort at a regional level, but to transform it in to an authentic “Romanian tourism pearl”. Developing Slănic Moldova town will aim to develop its natural resources. For the years to come, it is willing to sustain a long-lasting economy especially based on touristic services at a European level, but also on diversifying the local economic activities, in respect for the nature and permanent environment preoccupation. In order to reach certain values the contribution of all factors that can determine the town‟s socio-economic development are needed: the local community and the local‟s support, keeping the environment intact and not the least increasing the number of tourists. Slănic Moldova will be one of the main touristic balneoclimatheric mountain destinations in Romania having a diverse and attractive touristic offer during the entire year, high quality touristic services, in an exceptional, pollution free, natural environment. Slănic Moldova will pass through an essential stage of its development, in which the national and external touristic context will be redefined. Being guided by the reputation of „Moldova‟s Pearl”, Slănic Moldova will develop its mineral waters and great natural environment extraordinary potential, thus becoming the great „pearl of Romanian tourism”.

  10. Estimation of the real population and its impact on the utilisation of healthcare services in Mediterranean resort regions: an ecological study

    Gutierrez Gonzalo E


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The demographic structure has a significant influence on the use of healthcare services, as does the size of the population denominators. Very few studies have been published on methods for estimating the real population such as tourist resorts. The lack of information about these problems means there is a corresponding lack of information about the behaviour of populational denominators (the floating population or tourist load and the effect of this on the use of healthcare services. The objectives of the study were: a To determine the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW ratio, per person per day, among populations of known size; b to estimate, by means of this ratio, the real population in an area where tourist numbers are very significant; and c to determine the impact on the utilisation of hospital emergency healthcare services of the registered population, in comparison to the non-resident population, in two areas where tourist numbers are very significant. Methods An ecological study design was employed. We analysed the Healthcare Districts of the Costa del Sol and the island of Menorca. Both are Spanish territories in the Mediterranean region. Results In the two areas analysed, the correlation coefficient between the MSW ratio and admissions to hospital emergency departments exceeded 0.9, with p Conclusion The MSW indicator, which is both ecological and indirect, can be used to estimate the real population in areas where population levels vary significantly during the year. This parameter is of interest in planning and dimensioning the provision of healthcare services.

  11. Methadone Maintenance as Last Resort

    Järvinen, Margaretha; Miller, Gale


    Drawing on qualitative interviews with drug addicts in Copenhagen, Denmark, this article offers a phenomenological reading of a methadone maintenance program. The program is set within the principles of harm reduction, meaning that its aim is not to cure the participants’ addiction but to keep them...

  12. Management of the coastal biophysical environment in tropical Queensland under conditions of heavy developmental pressure: the case of tourist resorts and acid sulphate soils

    Patricia Erfurt-Haupt


    Full Text Available La côte tropicale du Queensland est confrontée à un accroissement rapide de la population. Les fortes pressions anthropiques pèsent sur le milieu biophysique, qui comprend notamment a plus grande île de sable du monde, un site classé Patrimoine de l’Humanité, Port Hinchinbrook et Fraser Island.  Malgré l’existence d’une législation nationale orientée vers la préservation de l’environnement, il est manifeste que peu d’attention est accordée aux effets à long terme des sites touristiques et du développement de l’urbanisation sur ces franges côtières sensibles. L’aspect massif des flux de visiteurs et leurs impacts sur le milieu naturel a été identifié comme un sujet d’inquiétude particulier dans certaines régions. La connaissance des impacts sur la géomorphologie côtière souterraine est très réduite et les choix de développement sont souvent faits dans l’ignorance ou au mépris de la présence répandue de terrains de sulfate d’acide dans ce milieu côtier. Des sols réactifs comme ceux-là peuvent affecter, et affectent, grandement les résultats géophysiques d’un développement lorsqu’ils sont connus. Des études de cas sur le problème des sols de sulfate d’acide suggèrent qu’une partie de la solution pour le gouvernement de l’Etat du Queensland est d’imposer des normes obligatoires pour le développement du tourisme dans la zone côtière.The tropical coast of Queensland, Australia is experiencing rapid population and tourism growth. Heavy development pressure is being placed on the biophysical environment, which includes the largest sand island in the world (World Heritage listed, Fraser Island. Despite the existence of State planning legislation oriented towards environmental sustainability, it is apparent that little, if any, regard is being paid to the long-term effects of resort and canal-estate development on the underlying biophysical environment of the coast and islands.

  13. 从迪士尼度假区来看我国主题乐园的发展%The Development of China's Theme Park from the Example of Disney Resort

    蔡超; 许菁芸; 陈颖


    There have been five Disney Resort in the latest fifty years all of the world.Disney Resort has compound function model and comprehensive business.Disney Resort pay attention to the experience economy and the vitality.All the ideas are the factor of Disney's success and can be used as for reference for China's Theme Park.%迪士尼公司50多年来在全世界建设了5个度假区,其复合化的功能布局模式、综合化的经营状态、重视"体验价值"全面创造、保持乐园的生命力等设计理念都是成功的要素,这些要素对于我国主题乐园的发展具有重要的借鉴意义。

  14. [The prospects for the development of therapeutic and health-promoting tourism in Gorny Altai].

    Dzhabarova, N K; Iakovenko, É S; Sidorina, N G; Firsova, I A


    The present balneological survey made it possible to identify the promising areas with a high potential for the health resort, recreational and touristic activities including the foothill, low-mountain, mid-mountain valleys and hollows of Northern, Northwestern, Central and Eastern bioclimatic provinces of Mountainous Altai. Recommendations have been proposed for the development of therapeutic and health-improving tourism in the Shebalinsk, Ust'-Kansk and Ulagansk districts of the Altai Republic.


    Onishchenko, G G; Popova, A Iu; Kuzkin, B P; Guskova, A S; Ivanov, G E; Pakskina, N D; Klindukhov, V P; Nikolaevich, P N; Grechanaia, T V; Balaeva, M I; Biriukov, V A; Bozhko, I I; Tesheva, S Ch; Daragan, Iu G; Parkhomenko, V V; Rafeenko, G K; Kulichenko, A N; Manin, E A; Maletskaia, O V; Vasilenko, N F; Efremenko, D V; Orobeĭ, V G; Eldinova, V E; Pilikova, O M; Malaĭ, V I; Iunicheva, Iu V


    In the paper there are presented the basic principles of the organization of activities for the assurance ofthe sanitary- epidemiological welfare in the period ofpreparation and hosting of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in the Resort City of Sochi. There are considered features of the organization ofepidemiological surveillance in the pre-Olympic period, the period of the games and the state of the morbidity rate in the region after the Olympics. There are presented data on certain directions of the work of organs and institutions of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare on the disease control of the event.

  16. Diseño óptimo de resortes tipo ballesta para la suspensión de un vehículo comercial considerando las condiciones dinámicas.

    Mantilla Nova, David


    Los resortes tipo ballesta son tradicionales y ampliamente utilizados en vehículos terrestres, estos deben su vigencia a la capacidad de carga, bajos costos de manufactura y mantenimiento. Para dar un valor agregado a este tipo de suspensión se simula su comportamiento estático y dinámico así como el de otros componentes relacionados con el fin de observar los efectos de la precarga no-lineal, las grandes deflexiones, materiales compuestos y el torque de sujeción. El vehículo de pruebas es un...

  17. 度假酒店顾客信息搜寻行为影响因素研究%A Study of the Resort Hotel Customer Information Search Behavior

    黄浏英; 陈磊; 黄茹茹


    Because of the difference between resort hotel products and the physical products,resort hotel customer information search behavior is typically distinct.Therefore,this paper focused on studying the resort hotel customer information search behavior.This research firstly defined the information search behavior through literature review.And then,integrating the results of previous study,this paper put forward the research model.Thirdly,based on the previous research scale,this paper designed a questionnaire.And 334 valid questionnaires were successfully collected through the internet and field research.The collected data was analyzed with the use of SPSS 17.0 and AMOS 17.0 in order to examine the research hypotheses and modify the research model.Finally,the main conclusions were drawn as follows:(1) search attitudes,involvement degree and perceived benefits affect the resort hotel customer information search behavior,but the effect of product knowledge,search cost,and perceived risk are not significant;(2) different groups of customers prefer different information sources.%度假酒店产品的特殊性决定了顾客在其购买决策过程中会表现出不同于实物产品购买的信息搜寻行为。在文献综述的基础上,提出了度假酒店顾客信息搜寻行为影响因素模型,并通过网络调研和实地调研收集了334份有效问卷,利用SPSS 17.0和AMOS 17.0进行统计分析,验证了研究假设,修正了研究模型,并得出了以下主要结论:影响度假酒店顾客信息搜寻行为的主要因素为搜寻态度、卷入程度、感知收益,而产品知识、搜寻成本、感知风险对顾客信息搜寻行为的影响不显著;不同的顾客群体在信息源的选择上存在不同的偏好。

  18. 都市居民游憩取向对平山温塘旅游度假区开发的导引%Guidance of Behavior of Urban Residents in Recreational Tourism Resort Development on the Pingshan Wentang

    郭任聪; 沈和江; 张丽伟; 刘晋含


    Behavior of urban residents in recreation orientation,effectively guide the development of tourist resorts around the direction. With its unique location,resource features,resort environment characteristics and so on,under the guidance of the source market needs of major cities Beijing,Tianjin,Shijiazhuang,Pingshan Wen-tang Resourt contiously adjust the product mix and symbiosis in multiple formats,product type,business model and low-carbon environmental protection.%都市居民休闲游憩行为取向,有效引导了周边旅游度假区的开发方向.平山温塘旅游度假区借助其独特的区位、资源特色、度假环境等地学特征,在石家庄及京津冀主要都市客源市场需求的引导下,不断调整产品结构,并在多业态共生、产品类型、经营模式及低碳环保方面得以体现.

  19. Research on the Management Dilemma and Development Strategy of the Ski Resorts in Heilongjiang Province%黑龙江省滑雪场经营困境与发展策略研究

    张莹; 叶海波; 陈艳霞


    京张联合申奥的成功,在中国掀起了一阵崭新的滑雪热潮,随着崇礼县滑雪市场的崛起,黑龙江省昔日“滑雪霸主”的身份岌岌可危。从黑龙江省滑雪场发展现状入手,通过对问题根源的深入探究,以及对优质滑雪场的成功经验进行借鉴,为黑龙江省滑雪场未来的发展提出融合文化特征及地域优势,培育世界一流滑雪品牌、建立完善的法制保障体系,培养专业滑雪人才,提高服务水平,完善管理机制、把握市场动向,创新营销模式等策略,以期实现黑龙江省滑雪市场的壮大繁荣。%The success of Beijing and Zhangjiakou jointly bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics sets off a new upsurge of skiing in China. With the rise of the ski market in Chongli county, the former ski overlord of Heilongjiang province is in a critical situation. Starting with the current development of ski resorts in Heilongjiang province,after deep explorating the root of the problem and learning the successful experience of some high quality ski resorts, the paper puts forward the strategy for the ski resorts' development in Heilongjiang province such as integrating the cultural characteristics and regional advantages, developing a world-class ski brand, establishing a sound Legal safeguard system, training professional ski talents, improving service level, perfecting management mechanism, grasping market trends, innovating marketing mode. The purpose is to achieve the growth of the ski market in Heilongjiang province.

  20. Analysis of Career Development Barriers of Female Managers in Five Star Resort Hotel in Hainan%海南五星级度假酒店女性管理者职业发展障碍分析

    孙可劼; 张洪双


    This paper through a questionnaire survey of women management in Sheraton Sanya Haitang Bay Resort, using SPSS social analysis tools to analyze the data, defines the factors that affect the career development of female managers, and puts forward the strategy of sustainable development of female managers.%通过对三亚海棠湾喜来登度假酒店的女性管理者样本进行问卷调查,运用SPSS社会分析工具分析数据,明确影响其职业发展的障碍因素,提出可持续发展的女性管理者职业规划策略。

  1. Expansión posterior con resortes y avance fronto-orbitario simultáneo en craneosinostosis sindrómicas Spring-assisted posterior expansion and simultaneous fronto-orbitary expansion in syndromic cranyosinostosis

    J.C. Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Las craneoestenosis sindrómicas son anomalías congénitas de difícil resolución y requieren generalmente varios procedimientos quirúrgicos. La expansión posterior de la calota permite disminuir la hipertensión endocraneana y sus efectos sobre el cerebro. La utilización de resortes para la expansión posterior ha demostrado ser un método efectivo y estable, disminuyendo la morbilidad de los procedimientos tradicionales. La combinación de la expansión posterior con resortes y el avance frontoorbitario en una sola etapa, antes del año de vida, disminuye el número de intervenciones necesarias obteniéndose una buena remodelación de la bóveda craneana. Presentamos nuestra experiencia en 3 casos de craneoestenosis sindrómica mediante la realización simultánea de ambos procedimientos con buenos resultados estéticos y funcionales.Syndromic craniosynostosis is a difficult-to-resolve congenital anomaly generally requiring several surgical procedures. Expansion of the posterior cranial vault diminishes intracranial hypertension and its deleterious effect on the brain. The use of spring-assisted distraction for posterior vault expansion showed to be an effective and stable method with lower morbidity than that seen in traditional procedures. The combination of spring-assisted posterior vault expansion and fronto-orbital advancement in a single stage before one year of life decreases the number of surgical interventions necessary and leads to adequate remodeling of the cranial vault. Here we present 3 cases of syndromic craniosynostosis who simultaneously underwent both procedures with good esthetic and functional results.

  2. Research of Customers’ Perception on Resort Hotels around Tai Lake Based on Content Analysis Method%基于内容分析法的无锡环太湖度假酒店顾客感知研究

    顾秀玲; 张一


    从携程网上选取了无锡环太湖度假的501条顾客评论,采用ROSTCM内容挖掘软件和内容分析法进行分析。结果发现:环境是顾客最重视的因素且满意度非常高;早餐、房间面积、房间可视景观、床、空调、娱乐项目、无线网、交通以及周围配套是度假客人关注的重点要素,其中部分因素需进一步改善;定价策略和赠送服务会在很大程度上影响顾客感知;旺季服务质量需提高;情感分析显示客人对环太湖度假酒店总体持满意态度。%Taking 501 pieces of comments by guests on resort hotels around Tai Lake chosen from Ctrip. com as the object, this paper made an analysis by ROSTCM software and Content Analysis. The results showed that the environment was considered as the most im-portant elements by the guests and got the highest degree of satisfaction;key elements including breakfast, size of cabin, visible views from the room,beds,air conditioners,entertainment activities,wifi,transportation and supporting facilities around were paid much atten-tion by guests, among which parts of them needed improving;guests’ perception world be greatly influenced by price strategy and com-plimentary;quality of service during tourist season needed improving; sentiment analysis showed guests were satisfied with the resort hotels around Tai Lake generally.

  3. Sochi Market Analysis as a Health Tourism Destination

    Nadezhda K. Serdyukova


    Full Text Available The article considers major characteristics of Sochi market as a health tourism destination, analyses the structure of resort collective accommodation facilities, dynamics of tourist flows and their structure, prevailing kinds of tourism and estimates tourist flows of health tourism in Sochi in 2008-2012. The authors indicate major characteristics and trends of Sochi tourist market development and the prospects of Sochi development as a health tourism destination. The percent of health tourist flow in the general tourist flow of Sochi and the percent of domestic tourist flow in the sector of collective accommodation facilities are estimated. The authors came to the conclusion that to develop tourism in Sochi in post-Games period, it is necessary to promote Sochi as a health tourism destination.

  4. Impacts ofTourist Resorts Development on the Sustainable Livelihoodsof Relocated Residents:A CaseStudy ofChimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort%旅游度假区开发对拆迁村民生计状况影响--以珠海长隆国际海洋度假区为例

    左冰; 陈威博


    基于可持续生计框架探究旅游开发对拆迁村民生计的影响。以珠海横琴富祥湾新、旧村因长隆国际海洋度假区开发搬迁村户为调查对象,采用访谈法与问卷调查法,对比分析了村民搬迁前后的生计资本、生计策略、生计结果的变化情况,并研究了生计资产→生计策略→生计后果三者的相互作用关系。研究发现:村民搬迁后生计资本和生计结果有明显改善,影响生计策略和生计结果最重要的生计资本是人力资本,其次是金融资本和社会资本。人力资本存在显著优势的村户更容易获益而具有高可持续生计能力;村户利用社会资本优势也可以维系中等程度的生计水平;那些在度假区就业的村户,普遍缺乏生计资本,其生计可持续性较低。拆迁补偿和提供就业仅是维系村民生计的最后的一道保障,引导人力资本的提高才是关键。这需要政府将针对居民的培训以及就业心理干预工作一并纳入拆迁配套政策之中。%This study analyzes the impacts ofalarge-scale theme park-Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort (Chimelong) on the livelihoods of relocated residents under the framework of Sustainable Livelihood Approach (SLA). Based on the field research which combines interviewing with questionnaire methods together, this study analyzes the changes of livelihood capitals, livelihood strategies and livelihood outcomes of the relocated residents. The results find that residents’ physical capital and financial capital were greatly increased, meanwhile their wellbeing and ability to resist vulnerability were also got slightly improved. Residents, who had advantages in human capital, are more likely to achieve a high level of sustainable livelihood, but they often engaged in non-agricultural and non-tourism industries. Residents who worked for the local tourist enterprises had the lowest level of livelihood becauseoflack of

  5. Pediatric Health Mobility: Is it Only an Italian Problem?

    Paolella, Giulia


    Intra-regional, extra-regional and international health mobility are important phenomena for regional and national healthcare planning. Pediatric data on this topic are scarce. We therefore conducted a systematic literature search on the PubMed database. Because of the insufficiency of published data we also resorted to conference proceedings and publications retrieved by Google Scholar and Google search engines. Thirty-one articles were identified. Main components of patients mobility were looking for better quality and timely treatment, advanced technology, expertise, and major organization. Our analysis highlights that pediatric mobility causes relevant medical, sociological and financial consequences.

  6. 关于核准豁免RESORT PROPERTY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED、OCEAN GARDEN HOLDINGS LTD、浙江九龙山国际旅游开发有限公司及平湖茉织华实业发有限公司要约收购上海九龙山股份有限公司股份义务的批复



  7. Rehabilitation of patients with chlamydial spondyloarthritis at the health resortv

    V.M. Sokrut


    Full Text Available Background. Rehabilitation of patients with chlamy­dial spondyloarthritis (CSA under the conditions of the health resort remains undeveloped, there are not enough data to elucidate the mechanism of natural and preformed physical factors in such category of patients, the criteria for the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures not yet defined. The objective of the study: to evaluate the results of treatment in patients with CSA in a Slaviansk balneological health resort. Materials and methods. The research included 117 patients, who were treated at the rheumatological clinic, and then underwent rehabilitation in health resort, which has continental sulfide lake muds and brines with highly minerali­zed chloride-sodium composition. Among the patients under the study, there were 61 % of males and 39 % of females with an average age of 35 years. Both genders did not differ in the duration of illness (median of 7 years and the degree of activity of the pathological process. Seropositivity for rheumatoid factor is detected in 2 % of patients, and by the presence of antibodies to cyclic citrulline peptide — in 70 %. During the resort stage, in 91 % of cases of СSA, Chlamydia trachomatis was found in prostatic secretions, scrapings from the urethra, cervix, vaginal walls, 83 % reported positive serological tests for chlamydial infection. Results. Analysis of the results showed that in 3 % of cases the effect was absent, in 14 % there was a slight improvement, in 50 % — an improvement and in 33 % — a significant improvement. The effectiveness of sanatorium stage of rehabilitation for women was higher, and due to increasing degree of disease activity, the positive results were getting worse. A significant adverse effect on the efficiency of sanatorium and health resort treatment activity has the presence of sacroiliitis and cardiac pathology in patients. Differences in the effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients depends on the types of the

  8. Tiit Kask, Aldur Vunk (Hrsg.): Reis (nõukogude) läände / Journey to the [Soviet] west. Kuurortlinn Pärnu 1940-88. Artiklite kogumik / Resort town of Pärnu 1940-88. Collection of articles, Pärnu: Pärnu Linnavalitsus 2009, 121 S., 97 Abb. / Andr

    Fülberth, Andreas


    Raamatuarvustus: Reis (nõukogude) läände : kuurortlinn Pärnu 1940-88 : artiklite kogumik = Journey to the [Soviet] West : resort town of Pärnu during 1940-88 : collection of articles. Pärnu, 2009

  9. Tiit Kask, Aldur Vunk (Hrsg.): Reis (nõukogude) läände / Journey to the [Soviet] west. Kuurortlinn Pärnu 1940-88. Artiklite kogumik / Resort town of Pärnu 1940-88. Collection of articles, Pärnu: Pärnu Linnavalitsus 2009, 121 S., 97 Abb. / Andr

    Fülberth, Andreas


    Raamatuarvustus: Reis (nõukogude) läände : kuurortlinn Pärnu 1940-88 : artiklite kogumik = Journey to the [Soviet] West : resort town of Pärnu during 1940-88 : collection of articles. Pärnu, 2009

  10. Quests for cures: a history of tourism for climate and health.

    Kevan, S M


    This paper creates a framework for the study of the history of tourism for climate and health. It traces the ways in which people have both moved away from detrimental health conditions and towards places thought to provide climatic cures. It brings to light the complex issues that have affected the course of the tourist trade. In this way it helps to explain that the modern geographical distribution of the highly fashionable resort areas of the world owe a great deal to past and present interpretations of the Hippocratic Corpus.

  11. A Study on Tourist Loyalty Mechanism of Leisure Resort in Anhui Province%安徽省休闲度假旅游地游客忠诚机制研究



    忠诚游客的重游与口碑宣传是旅游地重要的价值资源和竞争优势,游客忠诚机制的研究有助于认识游客忠诚形成的路径,为构筑游客忠诚战略提供帮助。文章采用现场问卷调查获取游客忠诚影响因子数据,运用结构方程模型,对安徽省休闲度假旅游地作了实证研究,发现地方依恋在模型中拥有显著的核心影响力,游客的感知价值和满意体验通过地方依恋对游客忠诚产生影响,满意体验对游客忠诚具有直接正面影响。在此基础上,结合案例地实际,提出了构筑安徽省休闲度假旅游地游客忠诚的具体策略。%Loyal tourists’ revisit and word-of-mouth propaganda are the important valuable resource and competitive advan-tage for tourism destination market. The study on tourist loyalty mechanism can help to find out the path of visitor loyalty forma-tion in order to build tourist loyalty strategies. The paper, through the on-the-spot questionnaire survey to collect data of fac-tors affecting tourist loyalty and applying structural equation model, makes an empirical analysis on leisure resorts in Anhui Province. The results show that the place attachment has a significant core influence in the model,both tourist’s perceived val-ue and satisfaction of experience affect tourist loyalty through the place attachment. The satisfaction of tourist experience has a direct positive impact on the tourist loyalty. On this basis,the paper puts forward the concrete strategies to build tourist loyalty of leisure resort in Anhui Province.


    徐君亮; 梁明珠


    Guangzhou Flying Dragon World Resort, located in Panyu of Guangzhou, is the first theme park ever established in Guangzhou. After its operations in Jan. 1, 1995, promotion and publicity through media made it a popular theme park throughout Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau due to the magnitude in the construction and operations of the scenery. However, after 4 years of operations, it was closed by the Court of Panyu of Guangzhou. From the aspects of Tourism Science and the practice in tourism industry, it is considered that the reasons of its failure are as follows: 1) the construction of the scenery digressed from its theme because of craving for large scale and completeness, thus more fund being invested; 2) the policy makers were too optimistic about the market positioning resulting in great deal of equipment remaining wasteful which made economic return go from bad to worse; 3) lack of ability in making good use of its advantages, hence the snake products did not meet the demands of the international markets; 4) the financing by loans made operation in the red, as a result of which the resort went bankrupt. We therefore raise some implications for the construction of future theme parks.%广州番禺“飞龙世界游乐城”是广州市首座主题公园,在1995年元月开业前后,各种新闻媒体曾作过大量宣传,实际景点建设、经营运作声势浩大,一度名扬粤港澳。但在营业4年后,却被广州番禺法院封闭停业了。文中从旅游科学和旅游业实践的角度,通过实地调查研究,认为其失败的主要原因是:(1)景点建设背离主题,贪大求全;(2)市场定位盲目乐观,大量设施空置;(3)经营管理上未能扬长避短,蛇系列产品未能适销对路进入国际市场;(4)投资机制上靠贷款建设,经营严重亏损。并从中得到几点启迪,供今后创办主题公园借鉴。

  13. 基于低影响开发技术的海滨度假酒店雨水利用%On rainwater utilization in shore resort hotels based on low impact development technology

    高将; 顾杰; 张宝军; 周慧芳


    雨水是一种资源,合理设计雨水系统,充分有效地利用雨水,对缓解城市水资源供需矛盾,减轻排水管网设施压力具有重要作用。以某海滨度假酒店为例,阐述了低影响开发理念在酒店雨水系统设计中的应用,并针对设计及施工中遇到的困难与不足提出了有关建议。%Rainwater is a kind of resource.Rational design of rainwater system for adequate and effec-tive use of rainwater has important effect on remitting supply and demand contradiction of water resource and reducing stress of drainage network.Taking one shore resort hotel as an example,this paper ex-pounds the application of low impact development idea in hotel rainwater system design and puts forward related suggestions on deffianlities and deficiencies in construction.

  14. Intraventricular and intrathecal colistin as the last therapeutic resort for the treatment of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii ventriculitis and meningitis: a literature review.

    Karaiskos, Ilias; Galani, Lambrini; Baziaka, Fotini; Giamarellou, Helen


    Acinetobacter baumannii ventriculitis/meningitis due to the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) strains has become a clinical entity of considerable importance in recent years. A review of the available literature regarding intraventricular (IVT) or intrathecal (ITH) administration of colistin in MDR and XDR A. baumannii ventriculitis/meningitis was conducted and a total of 83 episodes in 81 patients were identified (71 cases in adults and 10 in children and neonates). Colistin was administered via the IVT and ITH route in 52 and 22 cases, respectively, whilst in 7 cases the exact route was not identified. The median dose of local colistin was 125000 IU (10mg) with a range of 20000 IU (1.6 mg) to 500000 IU (40 mg) in adults, whilst a dose of 2000 IU/kg (0.16 mg/kg) up to 125000 IU (10mg) was used in the paediatric population. The median duration of treatment of IVT/ITH polymyxin E was 18.5 days, whilst the median time to achieve sterilisation of cerebrospinal fluid was 4 days. The rate of successful outcome was 89%, and toxicity related to treatment mainly manifested as reversible chemical ventriculitis/meningitis was reported in nine cases (11%). Nowadays, IVT and ITH colistin represents the last resort treatment of MDR and XDR A. baumannii ventriculitis/meningitis, offering a unique, rather safe and successful mode of therapy.

  15. Perceived morbidity and health behaviour in a Dogon community.

    Coppo, P; Pisani, L; Keita, A


    The episodes of morbidity over a 6 month period were recorded at 179 households comprising 1715 people living in the district of Bandiagara (Mali). This population was subdivided into groups according to their distances from the nearest district health centre and educational services, their scholarization, socio-economic and hygiene levels. The subjects interviewed were asked to report illnesses using their vernacular names, the type of therapy selected, the decision process, the time-lapse between onset and remedial action, the treatment undergone and its effect. Subsequent analysis of the data recorded indicates that the frequency of morbidity episodes is inversely proportionate to the household's level of hygiene. It also appears that factors such as the household's hygienic, socio-economic and educational levels along with the type of illness and its duration, are more decisive when resorting (or not resorting) to treatment than is the proximity factor. This seems particularly true in the case of traditional medicine, chosen even where cosmopolitan resources are available and by people with a relatively high socio-economic, hygienic and educational level. In the specific situation under study this paper indicates those areas for further study with a view to improving public health education.

  16. [Alzheimer's disease: a public health problem: yes, but a priority?].

    Dartigues, J F; Helmer, C; Dubois, B; Duyckaerts, C; Laurent, B; Pasquier, F; Touchon, J


    Alzheimer's Disease is a major Public Health problem for many reasons. First, it is a frequent disease since, in France, the prevalence was estimated at about 400.000 cases, and the annual incidence at 100.000 cases. The frequency of the disease increases, in particular due to the ageing of the population. This disease has major consequences on the life of the patient and his/her caretaker. The cost of the disease is important, estimated at about 50 milliards of French francs. Pharmaceutical treatment and other interventions are possible in particular to delay the nursing home placement. On the other hand, this disease is often ignored, under-diagnosed, underestimated and exposed to inequality in resorting to care. In summary, Alzheimer's Disease (AD) has all the criteria required for a major public health problem. In spite of this observation, AD is not yet considered as a priority for health authorities, although attitudes are changing.

  17. Health care to immigrant and Portuguese pregnant women in Portugal

    Emília de Carvalho Coutinho


    Full Text Available This study aimed to assess the care received and the barriers faced by immigrants and Portuguese pregnant women in Portugal. This is an exploratory qualitative study, resorting to applying semi-structured interviews to 60 immigrant and 22 Portuguese women. Content analysis supported by QSR Nvivo10 program was used. The study was approved by an Ethics Committee. The results showed four categories related to affective dimensions-relational, cognitive, technical-instrumental and health care policy for pregnant women. As for the barriers in health care, these were mentioned by some of the expectant mothers, especially immigrant women. Almost all, both immigrant and Portuguese, pregnant women were satisfied with the health care.

  18. Monitor and analysis of negative oxygen ions in the air in Emei health resorts%峨眉山疗养地空气负氧离子监测分析

    田径; 王新全; 张瑞冬; 谢忠林; 刘荟


    @@ 成都军区峨眉疗养院位于世界文化与自然双遗产乐山大佛--峨眉山风景旅游区,座落于佛教四大名山之一的峨眉山脚下,这里风景秀丽、环境优美,是一处天然的疗养胜地.为了给我们的疗养工作提供必要的科学依据,我们对我院疗养区域进行了为期1年的空气负氧离子浓度的动态监测,现报告如下.

  19. [The substantiation of the use of high-frequency intrapulmonary ventilation in the patients presenting with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the spa and health resort stage of rehabilitation].

    Zaripova, T N; Zhilyakova, L V; Bulanova, Z P

    Актуальность разработки новых способов реабилитации пациентов с хронической обструктивной болезнью легких (ХОБЛ) в условиях курорта обусловлена большой распространенностью этого заболевания, его прогрессирующим характером, низким качеством жизни пациентов и высокими экономическими потерями в связи со снижением их трудоспособности и высокой стоимостью лечения. Цель — обосновать целесообразность включения в лечебно-реабилитационный курортный комплекс пациентов с ХОБЛ высокочастотной интрапульмональной вентиляции. Пациенты и методы. Проведен анализ результатов обследования, лечения и реабилитации на курорте Белокуриха 49 пациентов (14 женщин и 35 мужчин) с I и II стадиями ХОБЛ, разделенных на две группы: основную (n=23) и группу сравнения (n=26). Реабилитационный комплекс больных основной группы включал прием ванн с минеральной водой курорта, ингаляции, лечебную гимнастику с тренировкой скелетной мускулатуры, ручной массаж, процедуры высокочастотной интрапульмональной вентиляции, прием внутрь экстракта левзеи и средства янтарь-антитокс. Больные группы сравнения получали тот же реабилитационный комплекс, но без высокочастотной интрапульмональной вентиляции. Эффективность реабилитационных мероприятий оценивалась комплексно по динамике данных клиники, спирографии, показателей активности воспаления, пробы с 6-минутной ходьбой. Результаты. Выявлено, что включение в комплекс курортной реабилитации высокочастотной интрапульмональной вентиляции усиливает купирование клинических проявлений болезни, способствует восстановлению функции внешнего дыхания за счет рекрутирования мокроты, усиления мукоцилиарного клиренса, что позволяет снизить активность воспалительного процесса. Увеличивается подвижность грудной клетки, повышается физическая работоспособность пациентов. Конечный результат — повышение качества реабилитации пациентов с ХОБЛ на курорте за 14—16 дней при хорошей переносимости предлагаемой лечебной нагрузки.

  20. [Analysis of the effectiveness of the spa and health resort-based treatment of the patients presenting with broncho-pulmonary pathology at the southern coast of the Crimea depending on the period of flowering of Mediterranean Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)].

    Savchenko, V M; Belyaeva, S N; Govorun, M I; Pirogova, M E

    Цель — изучить влияние пыльцы кипариса вечнозеленого на эффективность санаторно-курортного лечения (СКЛ) пациентов с бронхолегочной патологией на Южном берегу Крыма (ЮБК). Пациенты и методы. Проведен анализ данных 122 пациентов с бронхолегочной патологией, прошедших СКЛ на ЮБК, из них хроническая обструктивная болезнь легких наблюдалась у 51 (41,8%) человека, бронхиальная астма — у 71 (58,2%) больного. Мужчин было 44 (36,1%), женщин — 78 (63,9%). Средний возраст пациентов составил 55,8 года. Обследование больных включало опрос, осмотр, физикальное обследование, общий анализ крови, цитологию мокроты, иммунологическое исследование крови (определение стандартных показателей, а также иммуноглобулинов класса Е и уровня лизоцима), исследование функции внешнего дыхания, двигательных (физических) возможностей с помощью теста с 6-минутной ходьбой. Результаты. Аэропаллинологическое изучение воздушной среды ЮБК (Ялта) показало, что цветение кипариса вечнозеленого наблюдается с февраля по апрель включительно. Наиболее высокие концентрации пыльцы кипариса отмечены в марте и в первой половине апреля. Заключение. Эффективность СКЛ пациентов с бронхолегочной патологией, поступивших на лечение на ЮБК из различных регионов Крыма, не зависит от периода цветения (наличия пыльцы в воздухе) кипариса вечнозеленого. У больных к концу СКЛ в период цветения кипариса вечнозеленого формируется лишь напряженное состояние адаптационных реакций по данным лейкоцитарного звена крови, что является естественным при поступлении в организм антигенных веществ.

  1. 基于明尼苏达满意度短式量表的度假酒店员工满意度调查研究——以杭州某度假酒店为例%Study on the Employee Satisfaction of the Resort Hotels Based on the Short Scale of the Minnesota --A Case Study of A Hangzhou Resort Hotel



    The study on the employee satisfaction become a hot spots in recently. The paper give a w study about the employee satisfaction in a Hangzhou Resort hotel from the Working conditions, the leader,the personal responsibility, the extrinsic rewards, then find the Cause of the problems, lastly give some improvement strategies about above aspects.%随着酒店业蓬勃发展,酒店员工满意度成为研究关注焦点。文章通过明尼苏达满意度短式量表对杭州某度假酒店员工进行调查分析,分别从工作条件、对领导者、个人责任感和外在奖励这四个方面分析员工的满意度,发现存在的问题及原因,继而从鼓励员工参与管理,改善工作条件、加强领导素质培训、发挥员工主观能动性,提高员工素质和责任感、改善奖励机制完善福利制度等方面提出改进策略。

  2. 地域文化因子在度假酒店中的感知研究--以上海为样本来源地%The use of importance-performance analysis for empirical research on regional cultural factor of resort hotel---Take Shanghai as sample source

    黄丹; 姜红; 胡晓


    文化品牌已经成为度假酒店应对激烈的市场竞争的重要策略。文章基于顾客需求的角度对度假酒店中的地域文化因子进行了实证研究。调查研究的结果表明:受访者对于度假酒店中纳入地域文化因子的态度与实际感知存在较大差异,也即度假酒店在地域文化因子的发展方面还存在着很大提升空间;进而运用IPA方法对度假酒店各感知要素中地域文化因子的重要性和满意度的评价数据进行了对比分析,明确了度假酒店在地域文化因子发展中应该“继续保持”“表现过度”“毋须优先”和“改善重点”的要素。认为落入“改善重点”这一象限的13个感知要素为度假酒店纳入地域文化的重点区域。这将为度假酒店在地域文化因子方面的发展提供可以遵循的理论支持及对策,从而帮助度假酒店提升文化品牌和顾客满意度,实现酒店运营的良性循环。%Culture brand has become the resort hotel’s important strategy to cope with the fierce market competition.Based on the perspective of customer demand,the paper makes an empirical research on regional cultural factor of resort hotel.Statistical analysis of survey results indicate that there is a great difference between attitudes towards regional cultural factor of the resort hotel and satisfaction of the actual perception,that is,there is much room to improve the use of region cultural factor in resort hotel.Im-portance-performance analysis is used in this study to provide in-depth information about the current advantage and disadvantage of resort hotel’s regional cultural factor and then find out the focus of the work of resort hotel in the near future.13 perception ele-ments that fall into the quadrant of“concentrate here”are the key areas of regional culture,which will provide theoretical support and countermeasures for the development of resort hotel’s regional cultural factor

  3. [Health education methodology: an attempt at classification].

    Baudier, F


    Health education is a major tool in the implementation of any dynamic health promotion policy. In the author's view, its conventional role, the improvement of health by bringing about behavioural changes is today subject to controversy. He identifies five key approaches in health education: the traditional approach, characterized by three features: the didactic provision of information, the use of fear as an educational technique, and the appeal to the individual's sense of responsibility for his own health. the media approach, which uses marketing methods to promote health, with a tendency to resort to positive humorous messages. the socio-political approach, which questions the very purpose of health education. According to those who hold this view, wide-scale educational campaigns would only increase social and health inequalities and would be quite ineffective in fighting the powerful economic interests that control most of our habits. The health educator's real role would be to raise the people's political awareness. the epidemiological approach, which aims at great soundness through precise planning by objectives. It is based on the so-called exact sciences such as epidemiology and its aim is to study needs and assess actions. It incorporates the classical concept according to which a change in knowledge leads to a change in behaviour and habits and thus induces health improvement. Its very elaborate character accounts for both its strength and its weakness. In fact, it takes little account of the complexity of the educational process. the community approach fills some of these gaps by stressing the participation of individuals and institutions at all programming levels. For this purpose, it uses techniques designed to ensure consensus. In conclusion, the author recommends that active research in health education be undertaken in order to clarify more adequately these approaches with a view to improving the effectiveness of preventive work.

  4. Coastal Resort Regulatory Planning System: Zhuhai Dongao Island Case%滨海旅游度假区控制性详细规划控制体系——以珠海市东澳岛为例



    滨海旅游度假区般具有常住人口少、旅游人口多,景观环境良好、特色明显,但生态敏感度较高等特点,因此其控制性详细规划控制体系需要解决用地与开发需求的矛盾、环境可持续发展与地方特色的营造等问题.《珠海市东澳岛控制性详细规划》在建立土地使用控制、开发强度控制、建筑风貌控制和交通设施控制等常规控制要求的基础上,增加了沙滩设计导引、岸线水域设计导引、水域岸线蓝线控制等内容,以构建海岛特色控制体系;基于“一岛一特色”的开发理念,分别进行了旅游分区规划、旅游路线规划,促进了东澳岛的旅游整体健康发展.%Coastal resort is characterized by few residents, large number of tourists, good environment etc. Its regulatory planning shall deal with land use and development contradiction, sustainable development and local character relationship. Zhuhai Dongao island regulatory plan makes land use, development intensity, architectural characters, and transportation controls, adds beach design, coast water design guidance, and blue line control, to establish an island feature control system. Based on "one island, one identity" concept, tourism zoning, tourism route plans are made to promote healthy tourism development on Dongao island.

  5. Research on Tourist Perception in Environmental Education Interpretation System of Kanus Resort%喀纳斯景区环境教育解说系统的游客感知研究

    刘艳红; 姚娟; 张海盈


      在探讨自然保护区环境教育的理论基础上,选取新疆喀纳斯景区为研究对象,通过实际访谈、问卷调查等方式获得原始数据,结合已有的研究成果,运用数学方法对景区环境教育解说系统的游客评价结果进行统计分析。结果表明:喀纳斯景区现有环境教育解说系统在静态说明、旅游组织、人员素质和导游讲解等层面存在问题。并据此提出解决策略,以期完善该景区环境教育系统,促进景区的可持续发展。%On the basis of discussing the theory of environmental education of natural reserve ,Kanus Resort was taken as research target ,combining the existing research achievement ,tourists'comments about the environ-mental education interpretation system was statistically analyzed by employed mathematic methods .All the o-riginal data were collected through face-to-face interviewing and questionnaire .It found that some improper is-sues existed in different layers of Kanus Resort’s present system ,such as static specification ,tourism organiza-tion ,staff personality and guides’ interpretation .Also some resolution strategies were put forward in a bid to improve the environmental education interpretation system and enhance sustainable development of Kanus Re -sort .

  6. CTE: The First Resort for Success

    Gibbs, Hope J.


    In this article, the author stresses that effective partnerships between businesses and schools define the specific needs of both and succeed through their willingness to make the partnership work. She also states that there must be a mutual desire to improve the quality of education and a commitment of both time and effort from both parties.…




    Identitas brand menjadi masalah penting dalam lingkungan bisnis yang semakin kompleks dan penuh dengan persaingan. Salah satu cara yang dapat dilakukan seorang entrepreneur untuk menunjukkan identitas brand adalah melalui personal branding. Strategi personal branding sangat dipengaruhi oleh konsep diri dan strategi komunikasi yang dimiliki oleh seorang entrepreneur. Tulisan ini menggambarkan bagaimana strategi personal branding mempengaruhi keberhasilan seorang entrepreneur

  8. Case study: Coastal and resort tourism

    Kennell, James


    Tourism can be a challenging subject for students because it is both dynamic and susceptible to economic turbulence and shifts in trends. Tourism: A Modern Synthesis is an essential textbook for tourism students looking for a clear and comprehensive introduction to their studies which helps overcome these challenges. The authors apply a strong business approach to the subject reflecting developments in the teaching and content of modern courses and the text covers both key principles and cont...

  9. Limitations of modeling snow in ski resorts

    Steiger, Robert; Abegg, Bruno


    The body of literature on snow modeling in a ski area operations context has been growing over the last decades in an accelerating speed. The majority of snow model applications for ski areas can be found in the climate change impacts literature. These studies differ in many aspects: the type of model used; the meteorological variables used in the models; the spatial and temporal resolution of the meteorological variables; the method how the climate change signal is derived and applied in the model concept; the number of climate models and emission scenarios used and consequently the handling of uncertainties; the indicators used to interpret the impacts for the skiing tourism industry; the incorporation of adaptation measures (e.g. snowmaking); and the geographical scale of analysis. In this contribution we will present a review of approaches used for modeling snow conditions in a ski area context. The major limitations both from a scientific as well as from a users' perspective will be discussed and solutions for shortcomings of existing approaches will be presented.

  10. Hotel Contemporary Resort - Florida – (EE. UU.

    Welton Becket y Asociados, Arquitectos e Ingenieros


    Full Text Available The revolutionary design of this Hotel is based on a completely modulated construction, in which prefabricated room units were used, superimposed in two fronts in a triangular shape, enclosing a wide public space inside. In this space, furthermore, the necessary installations have been arranged to allow a monorail to pass. The building has four main levels for the public, eight storeys of rooms, one of suites, and a spacious restaurant which crowns the building. Adjoining it, there is a low building, with only three heights, entirely for rooms. Between this annex and the hotel , there is a total of over a thousand rooms for guests.El revolucionario diseño de este hotel está basado en una construcción totalmente modulada, en la que se emplearon unidades prefabricadas de habitación, superpuestas en dos frentes de una forma triangular, encerrando en su interior un amplio espacio público. En este último se han dispuesto, además, las instalaciones necesarias para permitir el paso de un monorraíl. El edificio consta de cuatro niveles principales para el público, ocho plantas de habitaciones, una de suites, y un amplio restaurante que corona el edificio. Adyacente a él se encuentra una construcción baja, de sólo tres alturas, dedicada enteramente a habitaciones. Entre este anexo y el hotel, albergan un total de más de mil habitaciones para huéspedes.

  11. Analysis on the Development of Sanya Resort Hotel and Catering Industry from the Perspective of Financial Analysis:Taking Hotel A in Sanya as an Example%基于财务分析视角的三亚度假型酒店餐饮发展思路探析--以三亚A酒店为例



    面对市场倒逼压力,新常态下的国内酒店业正在进行转型升级,三亚度假型酒店餐饮业新常态下的发展成为业界焦点。本文通过对案例酒店餐饮业绩状况进行财务分析,运用深入访谈法、调研法和数据分析等,对取样度假酒店财务指标现状及经营现状进行分析,提出三亚度假型酒店餐饮发展的思路。%In face of market forced pressure, under the new normal, domestic hotel industry is restructuring and upgrading. The development of Sanya resort hotel and catering industry under the new normal becomes the focus of the industry. Through the financial analysis of catering performance status in the case hotel, this paper uses in-depth interview method, research method and data analysis etc. to analyze financial indicators status and business situation of sampling resort hotel, and puts forward ideas of Sanya resort hotel catering development.

  12. The Profound Changes of the Lender of Last Resort System from Fed's Bail out Practice in Financial Crisis%从美联储应对金融危机的救助实践看最后贷款人制度的深刻变化



    The Fed innovated the tools and practices of lender of last resort in financial crisis which broke out in 2008, in particular, the introduction and implementation of accommodative easing monetary policy prompted the lender of last resort try to reach a new level to safeguard the financial stability. As one of the largest central banks in the world, the Fed mapped out many measures, which would change the perception of theories and regulations about the lenders of last resort, therefore, standing as a role model for other central banks to follow.%关联储在化解2008年以来的全球金融危机中,创新了最后贷款人的工具和做法,使最后贷款人维护金融稳定的作用达到一个全新的境地,其救助的做法和措施,在今后一定程度上将改变人们对最后贷款人理论和规则的认识。可能会对全世界其他国家中央银行承担最后贷款人职责有着重要启示。

  13. Providing animal health services to the poor in Northern Ghana: rethinking the role of community animal health workers?

    Mockshell, Jonathan; Ilukor, John; Birner, Regina


    The Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) system has been promoted as an alternative solution to providing animal health services in marginal areas. Yet, access to quality animal health services still remains a fundamental problem for livestock dependent communities. This paper uses the concepts of accessibility, affordability, and transaction costs to examine the perceptions of livestock keepers about the various animal health service providers. The empirical analysis is based on a survey of 120 livestock-keeping households in the Tolon-Kumbungu and Savelugu-Nanton districts in the Northern Region of Ghana. A multinomial logit model was used to determine the factors that influence households' choice of alternative animal health service providers. The results show that the government para-vets are the most preferred type of animal health service providers while CAHWs are the least preferred. Reasons for this observation include high transaction costs and low performance resulting from limited training. In areas with few or no government para-vets, farmers have resorted to self-treatment or to selling sick animals for consumption, which has undesirable health implications. These practices also result in significant financial losses for farmers. This paper finds that the CAHWs' system is insufficient for providing quality animal health services to the rural poor in marginal areas. Therefore, market-smart alternative solutions requiring strong public sector engagement to support livestock farmers in marginal areas and setting minimum training standards for animal health service providers merit policy consideration.

  14. [When health makes the headlines. Press, elite complicities and health globalisation in Bamako, Mali].

    Jaffré, Y


    To overcome the socio-medical failures observed in Africa's health services, researchers and practitioners of public health often mention the necessity to resort to counter-powers. But, what are precisely these counter-powers? To analyse the problem, we describe the treatment of health issues in the Bamako press during one year. The analysis of various processes (external references, lack of training, insufficient deontological standards, "elite" complicity among journalists and health directors) allows us to underline the complexity of the links between the press and health. The economic flows related to the economy of development "projects" in particular with AIDS, encourage the journalists to see themselves as "educationalists" of populations rather than spokesmen for their claims or difficulties. Two consequences follow. First of all the press counter-power has to be developed in the case one wishes to see it as the expression of "the voice of the voiceless" and a good help to make an "informal" evaluation of the quality of health cares by users. But, more generally within this context of globalisation of health, instead of encouraging the expression of a "popular" criticism, newspapers work out a system of mutual legitimacies and social connivances among local "elites". Far from contributing to the improvement of the health system by looking actively into the problem leading to a modernity under control, health journalism disconnects the discourse from its referent and contributes to discredit "political" language. This journalistic construction of the insignificance is one of the principal political effects of this medical journalism instrumentalized by institutions of development.

  15. Code of ethics and ethical dilemmas' management in health professions

    Sofia Triadafyllidou


    Full Text Available As the main interest of health professionals is for the well-being of patients/clients, ethical decision making is one of the prominent elements of his/her professionalism. Aim: The present study aims to illustrate the role of ethical judgment and the so-called "moral imagination" in health professions. Method and material: Review of theoretical and research literature, including both classic and recent sources about ethical dilemmas that health professionals may anticipate, as well as the suggested ways to manage these dilemmas. Results: Health professionals often have to act in complicated situations. Review of relevant literature indicates that the professionals' ethical decisions are structured not only through the codes of ethics, but also through other collective practices, such as organizational culture and cultural schemas about the role of health professional. Resorting to schematic thinking may temporarily release the professional from his/her concerns, but in the long run, it may devoid him/her of the sense of satisfaction from work and of the ability to offer clients the optimal care. The development of the so-called "moral imagination" permits the professional to advance from the typical application of the rules to actual ethical judgment. Conclusions: Ethical decision making presupposes not only a thorough knowledge of ethical guidelines, but also the development of the ability to openly reflect upon the ethical dimensions of an issue (moral imagination that allows health professionals to overcome schematic thinking and investigate comprehensive solutions to ethical dilemmas.

  16. Community mental health service: an experience from the East Lille, France

    Jean Luc Roelandt


    Full Text Available Over the past 30 years in the Eastern Lille Public Psychiatric sector, there had been progressive development of set up in community psychiatry. This innovative set up conforms to WHO recommendations. The essential priority is to avoid resorting to traditional hospitalisation, and integrating the entire health system into the city, via a network involving all interested partners: users, carers, families and elected representatives. The ambition of this socially inclusive service is to ensure the adaptation and non-exclusion of persons requiring mental health care and to tackle stigma and discrimination. It gives a new perception to psychiatry that is innovative and experimental, and observing human rights, i.e. citizen psychiatry. This experiment also provides lesson to India for effective implementation of its national mental health program.

  17. Navigating diagnoses: understanding mind-body relations, mental health, and stigma in Nepal.

    Kohrt, Brandon A; Harper, Ian


    Anthropologists and psychiatrists traditionally have used the salience of a mind-body dichotomy to distinguish Western from non-Western ethnopsychologies. However, despite claims of mind-body holism in non-Western cultures, mind-body divisions are prominent in non-Western groups. In this article, we discuss three issues: the ethnopsychology of mind-body dichotomies in Nepal, the relationship between mind-body dichotomies and the hierarchy of resort in a medical pluralistic context, and, finally, the role of mind-body dichotomies in public health interventions (biomedical and psychosocial) aimed toward decreasing the stigmatization of mental illness. We assert that, by understanding mind-body relations in non-Western settings, their implications, and ways in which to reconstitute these relations in a less stigmatizing manner, medical anthropologists and mental health workers can contribute to the reduction of stigma in global mental health care.

  18. Coping with health problems in very old people

    Ana B Navarro


    .... In addition, together with active coping strategies of both a cognitive and behavioural nature, correlational analyses indicate that very old people resort to passive and avoidance coping methods...

  19. Traditional/alternative medicines and the right to health: Key elements for a convention on global health.

    Mpinga, Emmanuel Kabengele; Kandolo, Tshimungu; Verloo, Henk; Bukonda, Ngoyi K Zacharie; Kandala, Ngianga-Bakwin; Chastonay, Philippe


    Little has been done to investigate and promote the importance of non-conventional medicines (NCMs) in the realization of the right to health, yet all over the world people regularly resort to NCMs to secure healing or to prevent or mitigate the occurrence of a wide range of morbidities. This study aims to elucidate the theoretical framework of the role of NCMs in realizing the right to health, to identify the potential manifestations and causes of violations of the right to health in their practice, and to propose the practice of NCMs that could be included in a Framework Convention on Global Health. We use both the documentary analysis and the violation of rights approaches. Through a non-directive review of the literature, we have tried to clarify the concepts and uniqueness of NCMs. We have also tried to unveil the challenges facing NCMs in a context where conventional medicines assume extensive power. The human rights approach has enabled us to bring to light the potential challenges to the rights of the various stakeholders that NCMs create. We argue that NCMs can contribute to realizing the right to health through their availability, accessibility, acceptability, and relative quality. The Framework Convention on Global Health could contribute to the effective realization of this right by integrating basic principles to ensure the recognition, protection, promotion, and conservation of NCMs-at least of those NCMs that have shown evidence of efficacy-as well as catalyzing increased international cooperation in this area.

  20. Sexual Health

    ... Basic HIV/AIDS information and resources for prevention LGBT Health Information for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) individuals Sexual Health News & Information Understanding Sexual Health ...

  1. 基于SERVQUAL模型的乡村旅游服务质量评价研究——以禾泉农庄为例%Assessment of Service Quality of Country Tour Operators with SERVQUAL-A Case Study of Hequan Resort

    谢晓曼; 童艺; 陈佩颖


    乡村旅游服务质量被广泛认为是区别乡村旅游产品及建立竞争优势的主要因素。本文利用SERVQUAL模型,从有形性、可靠性、响应性、保证性、移情性五个维度对安徽省蚌埠市禾泉农庄的服务质量进行调查,发现该农庄所提供的服务质量和顾客期望之间存在的差距,并对产生该差距的各因素进行分析,从而得出提升其服务质量的对策。%The service quality of country tour operators has been a decisive factor in competition.The paper employs the SERVQUAL model and conducts an investigation on the service quality of Hequan Resort,Baopu,Anhui province from its tangibility,reliability,influence,commitment and empathy arouse.It is found that the service provided by the resort fail to meet tourists' expectation.The paper then analyzes the cause and puts forward countermeasures.


    Vanessa Cruz Santos


    Full Text Available Abortion in Brazil provides public health impacts, mainly due to the high rate of maternal morbidity and mortality, because it most often occurs in an illegal practice and / or unsafe, because of the illegality of abortion in certain situations in the country. Therefore, it is an issue that refers to the various reflections, such as legal, moral, cultural, socio-economic and bioethical. Given the above, the study aims to address about abortion in Brazil and the impacts of illegality in public health. Study of literature review, descriptive and discursive, held in the database SciELO sites and governmental and non-governmental organizations. It was evident that the illegality of abortion in Brazil is harmful to the health of women who resort to unsafe practices and / or illegal, a violation of human rights, the women’s autonomy, as well as providing public health impacts, and sometimes this actually happens because the deficit in quality of care, specifically to sexual and reproductive health, as the actions of Family Planning. It is considered that the way of abortion in Brazil requires modifications, especially with regard to legislative and bioethics conflicts.

  3. Mental Health and Heart Health

    ... Recognition & Awards Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit Mental Health and Heart Health Updated:Nov 10,2015 For years, doctors thought the connection between mental health and heart health was strictly behavioral – such as ...

  4. How are health professionals earning their living in Malawi?

    Maseko Fresier C


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The migration of health professionals from southern Africa to developed nations is negatively affecting the delivery of health care services in the source countries. Oftentimes however, it is the reasons for the out-migration that have been described in the literature. The work and domestic situations of those health professionals continuing to serve in their posts have not been adequately studied. Methods The present study utilized a qualitative data collection and analysis method. This was achieved through focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with health professionals and administrators to determine the challenges they face and the coping systems they resort to and the perceptions towards those coping methods. Results Health professionals identified the following as some of the challenges there faced: inequitable and poor remuneration, overwhelming responsibilities with limited resources, lack of a stimulating work environment, inadequate supervision, poor access to continued professionals training, limited career progression, lack of transparent recruitment and discriminatory remuneration. When asked what kept them still working in Malawi when the pressures to emigrate were there, the following were some of the ways the health professionals mentioned as useful for earning extra income to support their families: working in rural areas where life was perceived to be cheaper, working closer to home village so as to run farms, stealing drugs from health facilities, having more than one job, running small to medium scale businesses. Health professionals would also minimize expenditure by missing meals and walking to work. Conclusion Many health professionals in Malawi experience overly challenging environments. In order to survive some are involved in ethically and legally questionable activities such as receiving "gifts" from patients and pilfering drugs. The efforts by the Malawi government and the international

  5. Current Situation of the Skiing Competition Resorts Operation and Management after the 24th World University Winter Games%第24届世界大学生冬季运动会滑雪比赛场所赛后经营管理的现状

    张燕冰; 李江


    After the 24th World University Winter Games, the operation and management of skiing competi-tion resorts can use the reputation and international influence to improve the social and economic benefits or not, which will have important reference value and enlightening role for using large comprehensive interna-tional competition venues and having reasonable marketing, scientific management of Chinese skiing compe-tition resorts.The investigation shows that the operation of snow competition venues has become an important resources of Heilongjiang ice -snow sports tourism, and provide teaching and training base for colleges and other sports industries.At the same time, it’s used for undertaking Chinese and international snow competi-tions.But in the field of management, lack of professional managers, administrative management mode of public institution, less development capital and its limited source restrict the economic and social benefits maximum of these skiing resorts.%  大冬会滑雪比赛场所的赛后经营、管理能否利用赛会的知名度、美誉度和国际影响提高其社会效益和经济效益,对大型综合性国际比赛场馆(所)的使用具有重要的借鉴价值,对国内滑雪比赛场所的合理营销、科学管理具有启示作用。大冬会雪上项目场地赛后经营与管理的调查表明,雪上项目比赛场所在经营上已经成为黑龙江省重要的冰雪体育旅游资源,并为高校、其他体育产业提供教学和训练基地,同时承办国内外雪上项目的竞赛;但在管理方面,缺乏专业的管理人才,管理模式的事业单位行政管理方式,以及发展资金少、来源有限等问题,制约着大冬会滑雪场所经济效益和社会效益的最大化。

  6. Sexual Health

    ... health By Mayo Clinic Staff Sexual health basics Sexuality is part of being human. Love, affection and intimacy all play a role in healthy relationships from childhood through old age. You often hear about the importance of physical health, mental health and spiritual health, ...

  7. A Research on Tourism Destination Image Perception of Mountain Resorts Case Study of Mountain Wutai Scenery Area in China%山岳型旅游目的地形象感知研究——以五台山风景名胜区为例

    刘智兴; 马耀峰; 高楠; 张岩君; 王玎玎


    以山岳型旅游目的地五台山风景区为例,利用百度、Google以及国内各旅游网站收集游客记述五台山旅游形象的87篇网络游记和620条网上点评,运用质性研究之扎根理论的方法对五台山申遗后旅游形象的感知进行研究,以期为山岳型旅游目的地形象研究拓展方法和为其管理提供参考和依据.结果表明:1.从71篇网络游记和490条网络点评中提取出佛教胜地、静心拜佛、避暑胜地、建筑精湛、许愿还愿和朝台览胜6大积极感知因素;2.从226句负面评论中,归纳出五台山旅游形象的6个消极感知因素为旅游供给、旅游环境、旅游设施、旅游管理、旅游吸引和旅游服务;3.同时,典故传说、佛缘之地、民风淳朴亦为五台山旅游形象的积极感知因素.%Taking case of Mountain Wutai scenery area in Shanxi,China of mountain resorts,using Mountain Wutai tourism image described by tourists through 87 network travel notes and 620 comments collected from Baidu,Google and some other tour websites,the authors study the tourists' perceptions of the Mountain Wutai tourism image after becoming the world heritage with grounded theory of qualitative analysis,in order to develop methods for image research of mountain resorts and offer reference and basis for its management.Results are as follows:1.The authors extracted 6 main positive perceptions factors which include the Buddhist resort,heart meditation,summer resort,building superb,wishing reduction and to warding the mountain from 71 network travel notes and 490 comments.2.Summarizing 6 negative perceptions factors of tourism supply,tourism environment,tourism facilities,tourism management,tourism attraction and tourism services from 226 negative comments.3.Meanwhile,it was found that the legend of allusion,honest people,Buddha marginal land are also the positive perception factors of Mountain Wutai tourism image.

  8. International Health

    ... create refugee populations with immediate and long-term health problems. Some of the major diseases currently affecting ... also an international problem which can affect people's health. Many countries and health organizations are working together ...

  9. Women's Health

    Women have unique health issues. And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently. Unique issues ... and men also have many of the same health problems. But these problems can affect women differently. ...

  10. Mental Health

    ... Viral Suppression Doctor, Clinical & Dental Visits Treatment Adherence Mental Health Substance Abuse Issues Sexual Health Nutrition & Food Safety Exercise Immunizations Aging with HIV/AIDS Women’s Health Housing ...

  11. Health Literacy

    Health literacy refers to how well a person can get the health information and services that they need, and how ... is also about using them to make good health decisions. It involves differences that people have in ...

  12. Global Health

    ... globalhealth/what/default.htm) CDC protects Americans through global health. frame support disabled and/or not supported ... Public Health Emergencies More stories Infographic More infographics Global Health & You OUTBREAKS DISEASES & CONDITIONS TRAVEL CDC JOBS ...

  13. Empirical Study on Interest Requirements and its Implementation of Core Stakeholders of Heritage Resorts---A case study of Jiuzhai Valley%遗产旅游地核心利益相关者利益诉求研究--以世界遗产地九寨沟为例

    胡北明; 雷蓉


    The reformation of herit age resorts management system is to establish a balance of interest mechanism and the main function of the mechanism is to achieve the heritage resorts core stakeholders'interests demands. The article takes the world heritage resorts Jiuzhaigou as an example, and offers an approach of two-dimensional management objectives to identify its core stakeholders. The paper further studies the interests demands and its implementation from an empirical perspective. The results show that heritage resorts involve a number of stakeholders with complex relationships in the tourism development;different heritage resorts with different core stakeholders; and different core stakeholders with specific interests demands. And there are also quite different ways to those interests demands. Heritage tourism management system reform is to establish a mechanism of benefit equilibrium, and this mechanism can realize the main interests of the core stakeholders in heritage tourism. Taking the world heritage of Jiuzhai Valley as an example and putting forward the management target 2D partitioning method to determine the core stakeholders, the study discusses the interests of the core stakeholders and its way of realization. The results show that the heritage tourism involves many stakeholders with complex relationships in the tourism development process; different heritage resorts have different core stakeholders; different core stakeholders have specific interests demands, and there are also quite different ways to those interests demands. The article further points out that the management system, as implementation rules for the realization of different stakeholders' interests, should adopt different management strategies for different stakeholders. The followings are important directions in the reform of the management system of heritage resources in China:(1) to establish the interests balancing mechanism for community residents to participate in the construction

  14. [Lessons from the theories of justice on ways to tackle health inequalities].

    Trannoy, A


    We survey the burgeoning literature on inequality of opportunity in health. We focus on ways to tackle health inequalities. We are of the opinion that the main contribution so far of this literature is in inviting us to choose a new indicator of the relative success of the public policy, which aims at reducing health inequalities. This indicator is the part of explained health inequalities due to lifestyles. We can defend the use of this indicator on the basis of a value judgment but we will restrain us to do so here. Our argument is mainly positive. It resorts on the fact that, so far, we do not know how to tackle health inequalities coming from differences in lifestyles. These inequalities seem more irreducible than inherited health inequalities, as the Great Britain example shows us. When these inequalities are quite high in proportion of total explained inequalities, it means that we are not so far from a public health policy, which is going to reach his main objective in reducing health inequalities. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  15. Health literacy.

    Hay, Lizzy


    According to the most recent data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, there are an estimated 759 million adults lacking minimum literacy skills in the world. Health literacy, however is not just about people's ability to read and understand health information but also includes the capacity to obtain, process and engage in basic health information and services and subsequently making suitable health decisions.

  16. Health Promotion

    Povlsen, Lene; Borup, I.


    In 1953 when the Nordic School of Public Health was founded, the aim of public health programmes was disease prevention more than health promotion. This was not unusual, since at this time health usually was seen as the opposite of disease and illness. However, with the Ottawa Charter of 1986......, the World Health Organization made a crucial change to view health not as a goal in itself but as the means to a full life. In this way, health promotion became a first priority and fundamental action for the modern society. This insight eventually reached NHV and in 2002 - 50 years after the foundation...... - an associate professorship was established with a focus on health promotion. Nevertheless, the concept of health promotion had been integrated with or mentioned in courses run prior to the new post. Subsequently, a wide spectrum of courses in health promotion was introduced, such as Empowerment for Child...

  17. Health Literacy

    Pinar Yalcin Balcik


    Full Text Available Today is knowledge age and in this era, individuals are expected to interpret their disease, determine symptoms and make decisions on their health that is good for themselves. The efficiancy, effectiveness and quality of health care depends on health care services users decisions. These decisions are determined by health literacy level which is defined as the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand the basic health information to make appropriate health decisions. There are three types of health literacy: functional health literacy (reading and writing skills to understand and use health information, interactive health literacy (cognitive skills to interact with health-care providers and critical health literacy (advanced cognitive, social skills and ability to critically thinking. If all of these skills are low, people are poorer overall health, they are use less preventive health care services and more medical services for their diseases, they have a poorer understand of treatment and a lower level of adherence to medical regimes. Limited health literacy is not only an individual problem, it is also important for health care manager and policy makers to organise and structure of health care services because of the increasing health services utilization and huge cost. Although the term and #8216;health literacy and #8217; has discussed since 1970 and #8217;s, and has grown tremendously in the past decade, there are not enough researchs on this subject in Turkiye. The aim of the study is to make an overall assessment about health literacy and is to contribute to the national literature on subject. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2014; 13(4.000: 321-326

  18. Toward a typology of health-related informal credit: an exploration of borrowing practices for paying for health care by the poor in Cambodia

    Ir Por


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Borrowing money is a common strategy to cope with health care costs. The impact of borrowing on households can be severe, leading to indebtedness and further impoverishment. However, the available literature on borrowing practices for health is limited. We explore borrowing practices for paying for health care by the poor in Cambodia and provide a typology, associated conditions, and the extent of the phenomenon. Methods In addition to a semi-structured literature review, in-depth interviews were conducted with representatives of 47 households with health-related debt and 19 managers of formal or informal credit schemes. Results A large proportion of Cambodians, especially the poor, resort to borrowing to meet the cost of health care. Because of limited cash flow and access to formal creditors, the majority take out loans with high interest rates from informal money lenders. The most common type of informal credit is locally known as Changkar and consists of five kinds of loans: short-term loans, medium-term loans, seasonal loans, loans for an unspecified period, and loans with repayment in labour, each with different lending and repayment conditions and interest rates. Conclusion This study suggests the importance of informal credit for coping with the cost of treatment and its potentially negative impact on the livelihood of Cambodian people. We provide directions for further studies on financial protection interventions to mitigate harmful borrowing practices to pay for health care in Cambodia.


    Elena Viacheslavovna Chernyshkova


    Full Text Available The main objective of the paper is to determine the most important health preserving practices widely used among the elderly employees. Materials and methods: data were provided by sociological qualitative research method – semi-structured expert interview conducted in Saratov in 2015. The respondents included 10 doctors of Saratov polyclinics (7 women and 3 men of different specialties: therapists, neurologists, endocrinologists, cardiologist, allergist-immunologist, gerontologist. The survey’s key findings were discussed and analyzed. It is revealed that the majority of working pensioners do not apply for professional medical care. It is explained by the fact that the representatives of working elderly population predominantly focus on avoidance of unhealthy habits, rational labour and rest regimen, diminished conditions of work, adequate physical activity and health resort treatment. The aim of the research is also to stress that such practices as self-medication and mass media advertising for prescription drugs may worsen the health status of individuals of a sociogeriatric group.

  20. Health Education and Health Promotion

    Koelen, M.A.; Ban, van den A.W.


    This book is a comprehensive resource for theory, research and action in health education and health promotion. The authors describe strategies and actions for health education and health promotion based on theories for understanding, predicting and changing behavioural, social and environmental det

  1. Developing a system of multi-evaluation of the impact of global climate change on human health in Russia

    Granberg, I.; Golitsyn, G.; Istoshin, N.; Efimenko, N.; Alekhin, A.; Rogoza, A.; Povolotskaya, N.; Artamonova, M.; Pogarski, F.


    forecasts we use developed by the joint efforts of our two institutions (PSRIC and IAP) typification of biotropic weather conditions on the basis of climatograms analysis (synoptic-meteorological conditions, helio-geomagnetic activity) and monitoring the health of people with various illnesses in the process of health resort treatment for CMW low-altitude resorts. This classification in modified form is now being adapted to the megapolis conditions by the example of Moscow. In the originating methodology of multiple-factor estimation of the impact of global climate change on human health in Russia a complex study of the atmosphere condition (especially in the case of inversions, leading to a sharp escalation of air pollution) is included, with simultaneous control of weather biotropy degree at meteosensitivity patients during different types of weather: anticyclonic, cyclonic, and frontal, causing changes in blood pressure and other adverse reactions of the organism. In the course of the works there are studied meteopathic reactions in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD), including those with concomitant hypertension (CH) in connection with the combined influence of dynamic, meteorological, geophysical and environmental factors in the Moscow megalopolis and at the mountain cardiology resort of Kislovodsk. There are compared the results of resort treatment from the group of patients who had in obtaining information about the occurrence of pathogenic meteotropic weathers appointed preventive measures, designed for individual nosological forms, with a control group of patients, for which, regardless the type of weather, the standard complex of resort treatment had been set, without special measures for meteotropic reactions prevention. As a measure to improve meteo-prophylaxis of patients with cardiovascular diseases and improve the system of medical weather forecast for low-mountain resort a methodology of planned meteo-prophylaxis by directed using unique natural

  2. Health Insurance

    Health insurance helps protect you from high medical care costs. It is a contract between you and your ... Many people in the United States get a health insurance policy through their employers. In most cases, the ...

  3. Men's Health

    ... men need to pay more attention to their health. Compared to women, men are more likely to ... regular checkups and medical care There are also health conditions that only affect men, such as prostate ...

  4. Health Occupations

    ... around the clock, people who work in the health care industry provide care for millions of people, ... newborns to the very ill. In fact, the health care industry is one of largest providers of ...

  5. Children's Health

    Your child's health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Most parents know the basics of keeping children healthy, like offering ... for children to get regular checkups with their health care provider. These visits are a chance to ...

  6. Health Checkup

    Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early, ... and screenings you need depends on your age, health and family history, and lifestyle choices such as ...

  7. Health Fraud

    Health fraud involves selling drugs, devices, foods, or cosmetics that have not been proven effective. Keep in ... you from getting the treatment you really need. Health fraud scams can be found everywhere, promising help ...

  8. Health Facilities

    Health facilities are places that provide health care. They include hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and specialized care centers, such as birthing centers and psychiatric care centers. When you ...

  9. Mental Health

    Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act as ... stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from ...

  10. Occupational Health

    Occupational health problems occur at work or because of the kind of work you do. These problems can include ... by exposure to radiation Exposure to germs in health care settings Good job safety and prevention practices ...

  11. Toddler Health

    ... you are worried about your toddler, call your health care provider right away. Well-child visits are important to your toddler's health. Toddlers will get their recommended immunizations during these ...

  12. Occupational health

    Fingret, Dr Ann


    Offers a comprehensive view of health and safety issues at work. An invaluable resource for managers, personnel professionals and occupational health practitioners. Recommended by the Institute of Personnel Management.

  13. School Health

    ... else except home. Schools can have a major effect on children's health. Schools can teach children about health, and promote healthy behaviors. Physical education classes give children a chance to get exercise. Schools work to Prevent risky behaviors such as ...

  14. Health literacy

    Batterham, R. W.; Hawkins, M.; Collins, P. A.


    The concept of 'health literacy' refers to the personal and relational factors that affect a person's ability to acquire, understand and use information about health and health services. For many years, efforts in the development of the concept of health literacy exceeded the development...... of measurement tools and interventions. Furthermore, the discourse about and development of health literacy in public health and in clinical settings were often substantially different. This paper provides an update about recently developed approaches to measurement that assess health literacy strengths...... and limitations of individuals and of groups across multiple aspects of health literacy. This advancement in measurement now allows diagnostic and problem-solving approaches to developing responses to identified strengths and limitations. In this paper, we consider how such an approach can be applied across...

  15. Health Effects

    ... CDC Policy Partners Climate Effects on Health Air Pollution Allergens Wildfires Temperature Extremes Precipitation Extremes Diseases Carried by Vectors Food and Waterborne Diarrheal Disease Food Security Mental Health and Stress-Related Disorders Climate-Ready States and ...

  16. Masculinity, mental health and Violence in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji and Kiribati.

    Roberts, Graham


    This paper presents the findings of a four country study conducted by the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific-International through its affiliates in Fiji Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Kiribati to demonstrate the linkage between young men, mental health and violence in the Pacific. The findings common among the four studies arise from the sociocultural and economic transitions occurring across the Pacific Region, where recent years have shown that the Pacific lifestyle has become increasingly stressful and violent. Limited opportunity to participate in the modern lifestyle and its economy has led to personal mental stress, social exclusion, unemployment and the growth of a subgroup of disaffected young people, who resort to a range of means to acquire their daily needs and, among whom, the norms that govern the use of violence differ from those of the general community.


    Olivera Radulovic


    Full Text Available Human needs are of great interest to different scientific fields: sociology, anthropology, psychology, medicine, economy… Malinowski, Maslow, Adler and From have largely contributed to studying the needs. While trying to define the need concept, not only one definition is acceptable. In psychology, need is defined as a lack or disorder, i.e. the necessity to dislodge this lack. It was Maslow who gave the fullest classification and explanation of human needs. If we start from the fact that need represents the lack or deficit of something, in this context health needs would indicate the lack of health, and the measurement of health needs would be the same as the measurement of health. Therefore, almost all human needs can be enumerated as health needs, i.e. those which, after being satisfied, can lead to physical, psychical and social welfare. According to WHO, health needs can be defined as scientifically settled evasions from health which require preventive, curative and probably regulative and eradicative measurements. According to the medical method used by the health service while regarding the needs, the emphasis is on morbidity, mortality, incidence, prevalence, inability, etc. Usually, when we have very low level of health culture, and the responsibility for personal health is in most of the cases unacceptable, for the health service user the curative services will have priority over preventive ones. The measurement of health needs is a complex task. The needs can be regarded through medical documentation and by perception of the needs by people in the community.

  18. Foot Health

    ... straight across and not too short Your foot health can be a clue to your overall health. For example, joint stiffness could mean arthritis. Tingling ... foot checks are an important part of your health care. If you have foot problems, be sure ...

  19. Psychological and Physical Health of Nonoffending Parents After Disclosure of Sexual Abuse of Their Child.

    Cyr, Mireille; Frappier, Jean-Yves; Hébert, Martine; Tourigny, Marc; McDuff, Pierre; Turcotte, Marie-Ève


    Disclosure of child sexual abuse can be traumatic for nonoffending parents. Research has shown its impact on mothers' mental health, which includes heightened psychological distress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Very little is known, however, about its impact on their physical health or on fathers' health. The self-perceived mental and physical health of nonoffending parents after child sexual abuse disclosure was compared to determine gender-related differences in this regard. Interviews were conducted with 109 mothers and 43 fathers of 6- to 13-year-old sexually abused children. Bivariate analyses revealed that a fair proportion of parents reported psychological and physical problems after disclosure. However, proportionally more mothers than fathers reported psychological distress, depression, and use of professional services. Fathers were more likely to resort to health services instead of social services and to use medication for depression. Study findings provide leads for health and social service providers for the development of intervention protocols and referral procedures sensitive to gender issues, and they shed new light on specific needs of nonoffending parents.

  20. Application of principles of space medicine to health monitoring of the aging population

    Roman М. Baevsky


    Full Text Available Monitoring the health of astronauts based on the assessment of the functional state of the body within the realms of norm and pathology. The area of functional states qualifies as the yellow score of health on a notional scale "traffic light of health": Modern medicine is particularly interested in studying the health of the yellow score, because of the preventative measures that could still be taken before making contact with the healthcare system. This method has been used in a study of a group of people (mean age >70 during their stay at a resort in northern Ontario. Data were obtained by a spectral analysis of HRV. High-frequency oscillations (HF,%, indicating the increased activity of the parasympathetic system, which protects the body from stress was significantly increased. Centralization of control of autonomic functions (IC was decreased as well as heart rate. All these changes indicate growth of functional reserves, aimed at increasing protection against stress’ effect due to environmental factors. This research shows that the method based on space medicine assessment in health can be successfully utilized within various fields of physiology and medicine, particularly in gerontological practice to dynamically monitor and research ways to improve the health of the elderly.

  1. 基于随机重排去趋势波动分析的全国极端日降水事件综合指标%A Composite Index of Daily Extreme Precipitation in China Based on Stochastic Resort Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

    侯威; 钱忠华; 杨萍; 封国林


    By combining detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) method with surrogate data method, and using the heuristic segmentation algorithm as well as ChiSquare statistics, the stochastically resorting detrended fluctuation analysis( S- DFA) method was developed to define the threshold of extreme events. By using S - DFA method, we obtained the thresholds of extreme precipitation events from 1961 to 2006 in China and analyzed its spatial - temporal distribution characteristics. We also validated the effectiveness of S - DFA method through extreme events detection by using precipitation series. The composite index of extreme precipitation events was given in this paper, which integrated the information about frequency and strength of extreme precipitation events, considering the characteristic of regional climate system. Based on the composite index, we divided into three zones according to different precipitation rank of extreme precipitation events from 1961 to 2006 in China. The composite index of extreme precipitation maintained smooth fluctuation with no obvious increasing or decreasing trend on the whole during 1961 -2006 in Chine.%将去趋势波动分析法(Detrended Fluctuation Analysis,DFA)和替代数据法相结合,同时引入启发式分割算法和卡方检验,提出了一种确定极端气候事件阈值的新方法,称为随机重排去趋势波动分析(Stochastic resort detrended Fluctuation Analysis,S-DFA)方法。同百分位阈值方法相比,S-DFA方法明确指出了极端事件和非极端事件之间的临界值。利用随机重排去趋势波动分析(S-DFA)方法计算并分析了中国极端降水事件阈值的空间分布特征,并对S-DFA方法在实际资料中的应用进行了检验。基于极端降水事件综合指标将中国1961~2006年间极端降水事件分为3个不同等级的地区,进一步发现我国1961~2006年间极端降水的综合指标整体没有表现出明显的上升或下降趋势,保持平稳的波动变化。

  2. Willingness to pay for public health services in rural Central Java, Indonesia: methodological considerations when using the contingent valuation method.

    Shono, Aiko; Kondo, Masahide; Ohmae, Hiroshi; Okubo, Ichiro


    In the health sectors of low- and middle-income countries, contingent valuation method (CVM) studies on willingness to pay (WTP) have been used to gather information on demand variation or financial perspectives alongside price setting, such as the introduction of user fees and valuation of quality improvements. However, WTP found in most CVM studies have only explored the preferences that consumers express through their WTP without exploring whether they are actually able to pay for it. Therefore, this study examines the issues pertaining to WTP estimation for health services using the conventional CVM. We conducted 202 household interviews in 2008, in which we asked respondents about three types of public health services in Indonesia and assessed WTP estimated by the conventional CVM as well as in the scenario of "resorting to debt" to recognize their budget constraints. We find that all the demand curves for both WTP scenarios show gaps. Furthermore, the gap for midwife services is negatively affected by household income and is larger for the poor. These results prove that CVM studies on WTP do not always reveal WTP in the latter scenario. Those findings suggest that WTP elicited by the conventional CVM is different to that from the maximum price that prevents respondents from resorting to debt as their WTP. In order to bridge this gap in the body of knowledge on this topic, studies should improve the scenarios that CVM analyses use to explore WTP. Furthermore, because valuing or pricing health services based on the results of CVM studies on WTP alone can exacerbate the inequity of access to these services, information provided by such studies requires careful interpretation when used for this purpose, especially for the poor and vulnerable sections of society.

  3. Health inequalities

    Diderichsen, Finn


    Social investment policy has become a central response to the demographic and economic challenges facing European welfare states. This focus on investment in human capabilities and their efficient use is, however, challenged by health inequalities where education, health and employment...... are increasingly linked. This paper outlines the main principles of social investment policies (learning, activation and protection) and links them to a conceptual model of health inequalities and the policy entry-points tackling them by addressing the processes of social stratification, differential exposure...... investments in health so as to enable social investments to tackle the health divide....

  4. Health inequalities

    Diderichsen, Finn


    Social investment policy has become a central response to the demographic and economic challenges facing European welfare states. This focus on investment in human capabilities and their efficient use is, however, challenged by health inequalities where education, health and employment...... are increasingly linked. This paper outlines the main principles of social investment policies (learning, activation and protection) and links them to a conceptual model of health inequalities and the policy entry-points tackling them by addressing the processes of social stratification, differential exposure...... investments in health so as to enable social investments to tackle the health divide....



    Department of Community Health & Primary Care, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idi-Araba, P.M.B. ... the child's health, culturally based beliefs and ..... immunization safety as this was a rural ... Charles SW, Olalekan AU, Peter MN,.



    payment for health care services; a widely used strategy to supplement ... and opportunities for sustainable health care financing for low income communities in sub-. Saharan ..... funding and rising costs for health care services, More so, evidence from research studies have ... provider payment method has the potential to.

  7. Health literacy and health communication

    Kiuchi Takahiro


    Full Text Available Abstract Health communication consists of interpersonal or mass communication activities focused on improving the health of individuals and populations. Skills in understanding and applying information about health issues are critical to this process and may have a substantial impact on health behaviors and health outcomes. These skills have recently been conceptualized in terms of health literacy (HL. This article introduces current concepts and measurements of HL, and discusses the role of HL in health communication, as well as future research directions in this domain. Studies of HL have increased dramatically during the past few years, but a gap between the conceptual definition of HL and its application remains. None of the existing instruments appears to completely measure the concept of HL. In particular, studies on communication/interaction and HL remain limited. Furthermore, HL should be considered not only in terms of the characteristics of individuals, but also in terms of the interactional processes between individuals and their health and social environments. Improved HL may enhance the ability and motivation of individuals to find solutions to both personal and public health problems, and these skills could be used to address various health problems throughout life. The process underpinning HL involves empowerment, one of the major goals of health communication.

  8. Gender relations and women's reproductive health in South Sudan

    Sumit Kane


    Full Text Available Background: In South Sudan, women disproportionately bear the burden of morbidity and mortality related to sexual and reproductive health, with a maternal mortality ratio of 789 deaths per 100,000 live births. Design: A qualitative study was conducted to analyze how gendered social relations among the Fertit people affect women's ability to exercise control over their reproductive lives and thereby their sexual and reproductive health. Transcripts of 5 focus group discussions and 44 semi-structured interviews conducted with purposefully selected community members and health personnel were analyzed using Connell's relational theory of gender. Results: Women across all age groups report that they have little choice but to meet the childbearing demands of husbands and their families. Women, both young and old, and also elders, are frustrated about how men and society are letting them down and how they are left to bear the reproductive burden. The poverty and chronic insecurity in South Sudan mean that many men have few sources of pride and achievement; conformity and complicity with the hegemonic practices accord both security and a sense of belonging and privilege to men, often at the expense of women's reproductive health. Conclusions: Inequalities in the domestic, social, and economic spheres intersect to create social situations wherein Fertit women's agency in the reproductive realm is constrained. In South Sudan, as long as economic and social opportunities for women remain restricted, and as long as insecurity and uncertainty remain, many women will have little choice but to resort to having many children to safeguard their fragile present and future. Unless structural measures are taken to address these inequalities, there is a risk of both a widening of existing health inequalities and the emergence of new inequalities.

  9. Considerations of Health Tourism in Braila

    Anca Gabriela Turtureanu


    Full Text Available The author aims at highlighting the conditions that lead to exploitation of the region Lake Sarat spa. Located in the eastern part of Romania, in Baragan North, the resort is located at a distance of only 5.5 km from the city of Braila. Surrounded by a park of 40 ha (30 ha and 10 ha forest green area, which provides a framework both the monumentality very picturesque, and by old, Salt Lake Resort is a true oasis of greenery with beneficial effects on the human body. Building fund has grown over the past 30 years, achieving adequate facilities for tourism and spa treatment. As shown current zoning functions, the resort is only about 50% recovered in terms of space, ie to the northeast. Otherwise, there are areas that do not fulfill the role of recreational green spaces.

  10. Stakeholder's perceptions of help-seeking behaviour among people with mental health problems in Uganda

    Ndyanabangi Sheila


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Mental health facilities in Uganda remain underutilized, despite efforts to decentralize the services. One of the possible explanations for this is the help-seeking behaviours of people with mental health problems. Unfortunately little is known about the factors that influence the help-seeking behaviours. Delays in seeking proper treatment are known to compromise the outcome of the care. Aim To examine the help-seeking behaviours of individuals with mental health problems, and the factors that may influence such behaviours in Uganda. Method Sixty-two interviews and six focus groups were conducted with stakeholders drawn from national and district levels. Thematic analysis of the data was conducted using a framework analysis approach. Results The findings revealed that in some Ugandan communities, help is mostly sought from traditional healers initially, whereas western form of care is usually considered as a last resort. The factors found to influence help-seeking behaviour within the community include: beliefs about the causes of mental illness, the nature of service delivery, accessibility and cost, stigma. Conclusion Increasing the uptake of mental health services requires dedicating more human and financial resources to conventional mental health services. Better understanding of socio-cultural factors that may influence accessibility, engagement and collaboration with traditional healers and conventional practitioners is also urgently required.

  11. Preconception Health


    Preconception health means taking care of your own health now so you’ll be healthy for yourself and your future baby.  Created: 10/1/2012 by National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD).   Date Released: 10/1/2012.

  12. Consumer Health

    Bibel, Barbara


    This article presents an annotated bibliography of 19 titles that focus on cancer and health-care reform. These include: (1) Anderson, John W. "Stand by Her: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men." AMACOM: American Management Assn.; (2) Carstensen, Laura L. "A Long Bright Future: An Action Plan for a Lifetime of Happiness, Health, and Financial Security."…

  13. Health Reports.


    Futui’e Structure of Veterans’ Health Program (Aug. 11, 1992, GAO/T-HRD-92-53). Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone: FDA Approval Should be Withheld Until...the Mastitis Issue Is Resolved (Aug. 6, 1992, GAO/PEMD-92-26). VA Health Care: Inadequate Controls Over Scarce Medical Specialist Contracts (Aug. 5

  14. Public health

    Berg, van den A.E.


    Agnes van den Berg wrote an essay about human health and nature, establishing that subject as an important policy argument in developing (urban) nature in the Netherlands. She studied the public balance of fear and fascination for nature, summarising benefits on human health. In this chapter, she ad

  15. Public health

    Berg, van den A.E.


    Agnes van den Berg wrote an essay about human health and nature, establishing that subject as an important policy argument in developing (urban) nature in the Netherlands. She studied the public balance of fear and fascination for nature, summarising benefits on human health. In this chapter, she

  16. Indian Health Service: Find Health Care

    ... and Human Services Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives Feedback ... Forgot Password IHS Home Find Health Care Find Health Care IMPORTANT If you are having a health ...

  17. One health? What about plant health?

    Danielsen, Solveig


    One Health has been defined around zoonotic diseases and the sharing of infrastructure and capacities of human and animal health systems in the health triad, people-animals-environment. Plant health needs to be part of the One Health concept....

  18. One health? What about plant health?

    Danielsen, Solveig


    One Health has been defined around zoonotic diseases and the sharing of infrastructure and capacities of human and animal health systems in the health triad, people-animals-environment. Plant health needs to be part of the One Health concept.......One Health has been defined around zoonotic diseases and the sharing of infrastructure and capacities of human and animal health systems in the health triad, people-animals-environment. Plant health needs to be part of the One Health concept....

  19. Reproductive health.


    This article explores the reproductive health status of China. Since 1990, China has stepped up its efforts in promoting reproductive health and maternal and child health. Several studies demonstrated a remarkable progress made in this area. By 1997, maternal and infant mortality rates have declined, while the penetration rate for the immunization program and inpatient delivery rate increased. Despite these achievements, however, much remains to be done such as the lack of client-centered approaches to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the population for family planning services. A survey conducted in 1995 showed that the country's family planning program was focused primarily on demographic issues while little attention was given to reproductive health objectives. The situation improved when the State Planning Commission implemented its pilot program called the Quality of Care in Family Planning in China. The program yielded encouraging results including a reoriented philosophy towards reproductive health services, enhanced service facilities, informed choices for family planning methods, and the development of an operational information system. Another strategy adopted to address fertility and reproductive health issues was the implementation of adolescent reproductive health education as a required course for senior middle schools. Lastly, this article provided a brief overview of China's HIV/AIDS situation.


    2Department of Health Policy and Management, Faculty of Public Health, College of Medicine and University ... 86 (21%) had primary school education, 210 (51.3%) were married, and 357 (87.3%) were employed. ...... patient satisfaction and behavioral intentions in. 5. .... Psychological Assessment 1995; 7 (3):309-319.



    2Department of Community Health, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. ... public health problem that can lead to a great burden of disability in the community. ..... women. Equally worthy of note, is the fact that a higher proportion of females ...

  2. Alternative medicine in Paris and Rio de Janeiro: a study on transformative health experiences

    Elisabeth Eglem


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to explore the practice of alternative medicine as an experience capable of modifying the very perception of the body and body feeling, based in a two-field research in France (Paris and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro. In this research, the resort to alternative medicines was considered as urban practice and a possible response to emotional needs, beyond the curative specificities of these medicines. The two countries were chosen for their supposed complementarity concerning the perception of spirituality and therefore, the perception of holistic health concepts. The study relies on an inductive approach and a qualitative methodology: introspective interviews with consumers and professionals, as well as participant observations. After a review of the theoretical aspects on the subject — concepts related to health, alternative medicine, transformative experience —, empirical results are presented. They show that the experience of alternative medicine tends to modify body perception, understood as how individuals define their own body. It also tends to modify body internal feeling, literally how people feel their body. The second conclusion that can be drawn from our study is that, beyond cultural specificities, some similarities appear in the way the practice of alternative medicine impacts on body perception and individual values. In that sense, alternative medicine practices in big urban centers appear to be related to a global consumer culture. However, alternative health behaviors rely on a subjective quest of sense which can be expressed through a variety of practices related to better health, not necessarily involving consumption.

  3. The Study on Ski Facilities and Ski Equipments of the Ski Resorts in Our Country%我国滑雪市场滑雪设备和滑雪装备的调查研究——以沈阳市滑雪场为例



    Using the literature reviews , visiting investigation and mathematical statistics to the ski Facilities and ski equipments of the four ski resorts in Shenyang by the comprehensive investigation and study, found that ski Facilities is almost imported brand, and high-end products of ski equipments are mainly imported, and only low-end products are domestic, that is to say, Sheny-ang ski market is occupied by foreign products. Suggestions:1 Try to reverse the backward situation of skiing products manufactur-ing of our country with the government support. 2 Improve the technical level and innovation ability of Chinese brand continuously. 3 develop high ,middle and low-end products comprehensively with abundant kinds of ski products to meet different needs.%运用文献资料法、走访调查法和数理统计法对沈阳4家滑雪场的滑雪设备和滑雪装备进行了全面调查研究,发现大型滑雪设备几乎都是进口品牌,滑雪装备的高端产品也以进口为主,只有滑雪装备的低端产品是以国产为主,我国滑雪市场的主要市场份额被国外产品占据着.建议:1 加大政府扶持力度扭转我国滑雪产品制造业的落后局面.2 国产品牌企业要不断提升自身的技术水平和创新能力.3 全面开发高中低端滑雪产品,丰富产品的种类,满足不同需求.

  4. 体验营销、感知价值与顾客忠诚度关系研究--基于休闲度假酒店的经验证据%Research on Experience Marketing, Perceived Value and Customer Loyalty---Based on the Relax Resort Hotel Experience



    By building a concept model of hotel experience marketing, perceived value and customer loyalty, this paper, exploring empirical data, has examined the relationship among the Experience Marketing of Relax Resort Hotel, Perceived Value, and Customer Loyalty, found that Experi-ence Marketing, which including sensory experience, emotional experience, thinking and experience, experience experience and association experi-ence, has a significant positive influence on perceived value; Experience Marketing and Perceived Value,which including perceived quality, per-ceived service and brand image perception, also has a significant positive effects on Customer Loyalty.%针对目前对体验营销、感知价值与顾客忠诚度关系还缺乏系统研究的问题,利用调查问卷数据对所构建的关于酒店体验营销、感知价值与顾客忠诚度关系的概念模型进行实证检验,发现不仅体验营销(包括感官体验、情感体验、思考体验、行动体验以及关联体验)正向显著影响感知价值,体验营销与感知价值(包括感知质量、感知服务和感知品牌形象)对顾客忠诚度也具有显著的正向影响。

  5. O Estado como empregador de última instância: uma proposta de pleno emprego, estabilidade e condições dignas de trabalho para o Brasil The government as an employer of last resort: a proposal for full employment, stability and fair working conditions for Brazil

    Zoraide Bezerra Gomes


    Full Text Available Este trabalho objetiva compreender a estrutura conceitual e teórica do programa empregador de última instância (ELR e fazer um levantamento dos argumentos pró e contra a implantação do programa no Brasil. Sendo o desemprego estrutural um problema que afeta as economias capitalistas do mundo inteiro, seria possível eliminá-lo da economia brasileira sem gerar um processo inflacionário? Como ainda argumentam os economistas do novo consenso, seria necessário para tanto promover uma política de flexibilização do mercado de trabalho? A hipótese fundamentada na teoria crítica de Minsky (1986 e Wray (2003 sobre o desenvolvimento contemporâneo do capitalismo é que, se o Estado atuar como ELR, o desemprego estrutural poderá ser totalmente eliminado da economia sem provocar um processo inflacionário ou incorrer nos possíveis malefícios causados pela flexibilização trabalhista.This paper aims to understand the conceptual and theoretical framework of the employer of last resort (ELR program and analyze the arguments in favor of and against its implementation in Brazil. As structural unemployment is a problem which affects all capitalist economies around the world, would it be possible to eliminate it from the Brazilian economy without generating an inflationary process? Or, as the economists of the new consensus argue, would it be necessary to promote a labor market reform policy? The hypothesis, based on the critical theory of Minsky (1986 and Wray (2003 on the contemporary development of capitalism, is that if the government acts as an ELR, structural unemployment could be entirely eliminated from the economy without provoking an inflationary process, nor experiencing negative effects caused by labor market reform policies.

  6. Travelers' Health

    ... in an Area with Zika? Find a Clinic Yellow Fever Vaccinations Clinics FAQ Disease Directory Resources Resources for ... CE Courses and Training Presentations for Health Professionals Yellow Fever Vaccine Course About the Yellow Fever Vaccine Course ...

  7. Environmental Health

    ... the environment, either natural or manmade. Learn More Air Pollution Chemicals Climate Change Water Pollution Next Previous Interested in a trailer of our animations about characteristics, uses, and health effects of hazardous chemicals? Please, click here to preview. ...

  8. Geospatial health

    Utzinger, Jürg; Rinaldi, Laura; Malone, John B.


    Geospatial Health is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal produced by the Global Network for Geospatial Health (GnosisGIS). This network was founded in 2000 and the inaugural issue of its official journal was published in November 2006 with the aim to cover all aspects of geographical...... information system (GIS) applications, remote sensing and other spatial analytic tools focusing on human and veterinary health. The University of Naples Federico II is the publisher, producing two issues per year, both as hard copy and an open-access online version. The journal is referenced in major...... databases, including CABI, ISI Web of Knowledge and PubMed. In 2008, it was assigned its first impact factor (1.47), which has now reached 1.71. Geospatial Health is managed by an editor-in-chief and two associate editors, supported by five regional editors and a 23-member strong editorial board...

  9. Health Research

    EPA scientists are helping communities and policymakers develop and implement policies and practices designed to improve public health, especially for groups such as children, the elderly or the socioeconomically disadvantaged.

  10. Sexual Health

    ... of your life, including your physical health and self-esteem. As men age, testosterone levels decline and changes ... Ask your doctor for a referral. Expand your definition of sex. Intercourse is only one way to ...

  11. Health Literacy

    ... Cultural Respect Language Access Talking to Your Doctor Research Underway Plain Language Health Literacy “Saves Lives. Saves Time. Saves Money.” - NIH Communication between and among human ...

  12. Health systems

    Büchner, Vera Antonia; Hinz, Vera; Schreyögg, Jonas


    This study investigates potential changes in hospital performance after health system entry, while differentiating between hospital technical and cost efficiency and hospital profitability. In the first stage we obtained (bootstrapped) data envelopment analysis (DEA) efficiency scores. Then......, genetic matching is used as a novel matching procedure in this context along with a difference-in-difference approach within a panel regression framework. With the genetic matching procedure, independent and health system hospitals are matched along a number of environmental and organizational...... characteristics. The results show that health system entry increases hospital technical and cost efficiency by between 0.6 and 3.4 % in four alternative post-entry periods, indicating that health system entry has not a transitory but rather a permanent effect on hospital efficiency. Regarding hospital...

  13. Women's health

    ... reproductive health services may include the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions and diseases, including: Abnormal Pap smears Abnormal vaginal bleeding Bacterial vaginosis Endometriosis Heavy menstrual cycles Irregular menstrual cycles Other ...

  14. Environmental Health

    Our environment affects our health. If parts of the environment, like the air, water, or soil become polluted, it ... in the home can trigger asthma attacks. Some environmental risks are a part of the natural world, ...

  15. Sexual Health

    ... big part of being human. Love, affection and sexual intimacy all play a role in healthy relationships. ... both men and women. Factors that can affect sexual health include Fear of unplanned pregnancy Concerns about ...

  16. 76 FR 40322 - Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Parking Improvements


    ... new facility would include a fueling station and storm water management system. A water supply line... alternatives. This alternative will offer no changes to the parking within the permit area. It will be fully...

  17. Los resortes dramáticos del tono humano barroco

    Josa, Lola; Lambea, Mariano


    A tan solo un mes de la finalización de la edición crítica del Manojuelo Poético-Musical de Nueva York, sus editores nos hemos quedado con no pocos temas abiertos y sembrados de ricas sugerencias que requieren ser tratados más allá de los límites del estudio introductorio que atiende a los manuscritos y sus copistas; a la suerte del tiempo que hizo posible que el valioso repertorio viajara de España a Alemania y de allí a Manhattan; a fuentes poéticas y musicales; a reflexiones últimas, en de...


    Izabela Bartkowska


    Over 2011–2012 water extraction to the municipal water supply network was studied. The volume of water extracted every day was analyzed and the gathered volumes were analyzed statistically. The varying water extraction was also studied. The obtained results were presented in a graphic form. Basing on the descriptive stats and prepared diagrams certain general conclusions were drawn and the collected study figures and facts were summed up. This allowed to determine days of the highest and lowest water consumption. Also months of extreme water extraction and consumption were determined. The water extraction ranged from 1641 m3/24h to 2607 m3/24h, at an average value of 2077.4 m3/24h. Over the period under study the day of the largest water extraction and consumption was in July and the day of the lowest water extraction and consumption in December. During a week inhabitants used the highest water amount on Saturdays and the lowest on Sundays and other feast-days. Basing on the conducted measurements also the coefficient of water consumption per capita was determined. The fluctuation of this coefficient was identical as that for the water consumption. Within the period of study it ranged from 73.3 l/M 24h to 116.5 l/M 24h. The average value of the specific water consumption was 92.8 l/M 24h. For the sake of discussion the obtained results were compared with observations across the country.


    C A Baltescu; D Boscor


    .... The quality of hotel services provided influence the attracted customer segment, the satisfaction degree of consumption, the loyalty degree for the accommodation unit and destination, and also...

  20. 49 CFR 24.404 - Replacement housing of last resort.


    ... circumstances of the displaced person, or (2) By a determination that: (i) There is little, if any, comparable replacement housing available to displaced persons within an entire program or project area; and, therefore..., which contribute to total program or project costs. (b) Basic rights of persons to be...

  1. Last resort? Lobotomy operations in Israel, 1946-60.

    Zalashik, Rakefet; Davidovitch, Nadav


    In this paper we examine lobotomy operations in mandatory Palestine and Israel between 1946 and 1960. The aim is to reconstruct the circumstances in which these operations were done, and to examine: which patients were lobotomized and why; how lobotomy was perceived by the local psychiatric profession; and the reasons for its decline. Apart from shedding new light on the history of lobotomy, which is usually analysed from the viewpoint of the USA and Europe, this study provides an opportunity to investigate the relation between various concepts of the healthy and ill body in the unique context of Israel, as an immigrant country influenced by its Zionist ideology.

  2. Last resort? Lobotomy operations in Israel, 1946–60

    Zalashik, Rakefet; Davidovitch, Nadav


    Abstract In this paper we examine lobotomy operations in mandatory Palestine and Israel between 1946 and 1960. The aim is to reconstruct the circumstances in which these operations were done, and to examine: which patients were lobotomized and why; how lobotomy was perceived by the local psychiatric profession; and the reasons for its decline. Apart from shedding new light on the history of lobotomy, which ...

  3. Changing the Paradigm: Simulation, a Method of First Resort


    explanation provided by John E. Cremeans in his 1967 paper entitled “Why Simulation?” Cremeans, rather than defining simulation in a concrete way, chose to...Modeling Canvas (see Figure 14), then the objects are renamed to be representative of their respective functions of “Arrivals,” “Counters,” and “Security...customize each of the objects in the Standard Library. By selecting an object on the Modeling Canvas , the properties of that object are displayed

  4. The Pleasures of Mud : Estonian Summer Resort Architecture / Mart Kalm

    Kalm, Mart, 1961-


    Pärnu, Haapsalu, Kuressaare ja Narva-Jõesuu suvitusarhitektuurist 20. saj. esimesest poolest kuni 21. saj. alguseni. Arhitektide Olev Siinmaa, Anton Soansi, August Volbergi, Tõnis Mihkelsoni, Raivo Puusepa, Raivo Kotovi, Üla Koppeli, Andrus Kõresaare, ehitusinseneride Erich Ottingi ja Robert Ederma ning sisearhitektide Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla, Liisi Murula ja Raili Palingu loomingust

  5. The Pleasures of Mud : Estonian Summer Resort Architecture / Mart Kalm

    Kalm, Mart, 1961-


    Pärnu, Haapsalu, Kuressaare ja Narva-Jõesuu suvitusarhitektuurist 20. saj. esimesest poolest kuni 21. saj. alguseni. Arhitektide Olev Siinmaa, Anton Soansi, August Volbergi, Tõnis Mihkelsoni, Raivo Puusepa, Raivo Kotovi, Üla Koppeli, Andrus Kõresaare, ehitusinseneride Erich Ottingi ja Robert Ederma ning sisearhitektide Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla, Liisi Murula ja Raili Palingu loomingust

  6. Ulnar artery: The Ulysses ultimate resort for coronary procedures

    George Hahalis, MD, PhD


    Full Text Available Despite the increasing worldwide adoption of the transradial access site, the ulnar artery (UA only very infrequently serves as a primary option for coronary procedures. In contrast to the uncertainty surrounding previous reports regarding the feasibility and safety, recent data from larger registries and randomized trials provide more conclusive evidence that the transulnar route may be safely selected as an alternative arterial access approach. However, a default transulnar strategy appears time-consuming and is associated with higher crossover rates compared with the radial artery (RA. Once arterial access is obtained, the likelihood of a successful coronary procedure is high and similar between the two forearm arteries. The UA has similar flow-mediating vasodilating properties with and seems at least as vulnerable as the RA with regard to incident occlusion, with UA occlusion (UAO rates being probably higher than previously anticipated. A learning curve effect may not be apparent for crossover rates among experienced radialists, but increasing experience is associated with reduction in the fluoroscopy time, contrast volume and frequency of large hematoma formation. The UA may represents an important alternative access site for coronary procedures, and experienced radial operators should obtain additional skills to perform the transulnar approach. Nevertheless, in view of this method's lower feasibility compared to the RA, an initial ulnar access strategy should be reserved for carefully selected patients to ensure satisfactory cannulation rates.

  7. Ski resorts in crisis and territorial construction in French Catalonia

    Vlès, Vincent


    The efficiency of inter-municipal relations in regenerating or restructuring the economy of mountain tourist areas is well suited to an analysis in terms of governance. Focussing on the negotiation, consultation and cooperation processes between the public and private spheres, and associated networks of actors, provides an opportunity to assess the ties of solidarity in the management of crises. More specifically, this study examines inter-municipal relations in the context of the crisis now ...

  8. [The medical history taking in sexual health: skills and attitudes].

    Sánchez-Sánchez, F; González-Correales, R; Jurado-López, A R; San Martín-Blanco, C; Montaña-Hernández, R M; Tijeras-Úbeda, M J; Benitez-Moreno, J M; Brenes-Bermúdez, F; Mir Pizà, J; Villalba-Quintana, E


    A sexual satisfactory life favourably affects quality of life, there being evidence that shows there are multiple organic processes of which sexual dysfunction is often a precocious sign of underlying organic disease (cardiovascular, endocrinological or neurological). Difficulties exist in recording the sexual anamnesis on the part of the professional, the patient, or by the health system. Nevertheless, given its importance, it is necessary for the doctor to adopt an attitude of active search, especially among the population of risk. To do this, it is necessary that the situation is propitious (sense of the opportunity), preserving the confidentiality of the meeting, and it will be carried out naturally and with empathy, adopting a listening attitude, taking into account the non-verbal language, without issuing valued judgments, and resorting to assertivity to overcome the resistances. This article proposes guidelines to perform an anamnesis adequately. Copyright © 2012 Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria (SEMERGEN). Publicado por Elsevier España. All rights reserved.

  9. Global Health Observatory (GHO)

    ... Data repository Reports Country statistics Map gallery Standards Global Health Observatory (GHO) data Monitoring health for the ... Health financing Health workforce 3.d National and global health risks International Health Regulations (2005) Monitoring Framework ...



    be used to design policies and programmes to help workers identify environmental health risks, and improve their ... and his/her co-workers, who are subject to (SHE) departments and the Staff Clinic. It ... television and internet sources.



    Cervical cancer remains a major public health challenge in developing countries ... relation to knowledge on cervical cancer, primary level of education ... Latin America and Southeast Asia. ... practices such as level of awareness, educational.



    catastrophic health expenditures (CHE) and risk of being impoverished as a result of cost of care were assessed. Statistical ... Impact and contributors to cost of managing long term conditions in a ... sectors is ongoing, it has become clear that.


    Journal of Community Medicine and Primary Health Care. ... This is one of the factors that determine whether or ..... Expired vaccines found in fridge / cold box .... date vaccine temperature monitoring charts. were stored on refrigerator door ...



    This was a cross-sectional, multi clinic study involving 265 mothers whose children had erupted at least a tooth and attending the ... parents, health care workers and personal experiences were the sources of beliefs ..... Ethiopians abroad.

  15. National Health Expenditure Data

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — National Health Expenditure Accounts are comprised of the following, National Health Expenditures - Historical and Projected, Age Estimates, State Health...

  16. Communicating health through health footprints.

    Harrison, Oliver; Hajat, Cother; Cooper, Cary; Averbuj, Gustavo; Anderson, Peter


    The depth and scale of challenges posed by noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease are now well known and clearly documented. Reducing the 4 key risk factors has been shown to reduce premature mortality and morbidity by 70% globally. The authors consider how affirmative action can be driven to reduce these risk factors through Health Footprints, targeted interventions within specific domains of consumption, on the basis of an assessment of the negative health effect of specific choices, with the goal of driving healthy choices and improving health. In this article, the authors propose a methodology that ties together insight from public health, behavioral economics, marketing, and health communication. They offer 3 specific examples for affirmative action: a Pigovian tax on unhealthy foods, group-level interventions on the basis of sharing key health data, and personalized prevention tailored to specific individuals. In addition, they discuss the approach to implementation, including the role of an apex coordinating organization in setting standards for data and ethics, and evaluation of the effect of interventions to drive continuous improvement.

  17. Health, United States, 2012: Men's Health

    ... Disparities Report Healthy People Older Americans Health Report Rural-Urban Chartbook NCHS Health, United States, 2015 - Men's Health ... Disparities Report Healthy People Older Americans Health Report Rural-Urban Chartbook File Formats Help: How do I view ...

  18. Sexual Health

    Dr. Christine Boyce


    Full Text Available This month two general practitioners (GPs describe their approach to sexual health consultations.The issue of a sexually active adolescent demonstrates some differences in legislation pertaining tothe requirement to involve the authorities, although in essence the young person can expect thesame response from these practitioners in two different health care systems. On the other hand apatient at risk of sexually transmitted infections is more likely to be referred to a specialistGenitourinary clinic in the UK although the protocols for screening and education are largely similar.Equally patients who are HIV positive can expect to receive the bulk of their care from specialistclinics in both countries.Midwives are the main stay of antenatal services in Australia and the UK with general practitionersminimally involved in routine cases. Also home births are a negigible proportion of all deliveries ineither country. When patients opt for a home birth our authors expressed the view that GPsgenerally do not have the skills or experience to be the main health professional in attendance.Therefore such births are primarily managed by midwives as the key health care professional. Thefocus of General practitioners is primarily to ensure that the patient is making an informed decisionabout delivering her baby at home. The GP is therefore still in an influential position to assist thewoman in making a decision about where to give birth. As a point of difference in Australia a homebirth would result in out of pocket expences for the mother.The views expressed below are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect health policy orpractice elsewhere in their countries. However we believe they offer an interesting perspective ontheir health care systems and commend the article to our readers.Please

  19. Communicating health.

    Chatterjee, A


    Routine production of communication materials without paying attention to utilization, field test, and impact analysis is ineffective. The concept of information, education, and communication (IEC) should encompass voluntary activity of health education in a tradition of innovation. One seminal factor may be the communication technologies developed by the National Technology Missions. The missions were participatory by seeking solutions among communities and analyzing health issues from the perspective of those directly involved, rather than from the top down. The prime focus of the national drinking water mission was convenience, hence messages concentrating on health advantages were ignored. At this juncture, influencing health behavior required decentralization reflecting local cultures. Thus community-based partners became the foundation of a strategy of communicating safe water. As national strategies emerged in each of the technology missions, communication addressed advocacy of the need for political will, dissemination of technical information, and influencing patterns of behavior. Despite learning a new understanding, the danger exists that IEC remains just another label of mass communication with posters, advertisements, brochures, radio, and television. Decisions on contraceptive choice and use requires more than just accurate information; it requires the power to make such a decision. A new approach demands a priority for communication skills taking into account people's aspirations. The HIV-AIDS crisis underlines the urgency with which communication has to respond to health challenges. A series of experiments facilitated by the World Conservation Union helped build communication capabilities among environmental groups working in Latin America, Africa, and India. The International Reference Center on Water and Sanitation initiated pilot communication projects in West Africa for community health.

  20. EHR systems in the Spanish Public Health National System: the lack of interoperability between primary and specialty care.

    de la Torre-Díez, Isabel; González, Sandra; López-Coronado, Miguel


    One of the problems of the Spanish Public Health National System is the lack of interoperability in the implemented Electronic Health Records (EHRs) systems in primary and specialty care. There is a deficiency in the electronic health systems that store the data of primary care patients, so one of the basic problems that prevent that every hospital and health center working on the same method is that deficiency. In this paper we research on this problem and to give expression to a series of solutions to it. Bibliographic material in this work has been obtained mainly from MEDLINE source. Additionally, due to the lack of information and privacy about the different EHRs systems, we have resorted to making direct contact with the organizations that have implemented those systems and technological providers. Two solutions have been propounded given several aspects for a feasibility study. The first solution is based upon in the execution of backups in different EHRs databases, which implies a huge economical and infrastructure development. The second of these solutions so that due to the creation of protocols by means of Cloud Computing Technologies. It is crucial the need to reach a homogeneity concerning to the storage of patients clinical data. On the results achieved we can emphasize that maybe the main problems are not the economical handicaps or the large technological development needed, but, as for Health each Region manages its own competences, each one governs with independent policies and decisions.

  1. Elementary Health Education Guide to Better Health.

    Washington Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia.

    This curriculum guide for the elementary school portion of a K-12 health education program contains notes on eleven areas: Alcohol, Anatomy and Physiology, Community Health, Consumer Health, Dental Health, Disease Control, Family Health, Heredity and Environment, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Safety Education. The notes on each area contain a…

  2. [The thesis of judicialization of health care by the elites: medication for mucopolysaccharidosis].

    Medeiros, Marcelo; Diniz, Debora; Schwartz, Ida Vanessa Doederlein


    This paper evaluates the hypothesis that the judicialization of medicine for mucopolysaccharidosis in Brazil is an action promoted by economic elites. Previous studies upholding the thesis of judicialization by elites in the case of other types of medication that are more costly for the Unified Health Service are discussed. An analysis of all 196 processes containing information about judicial processes brought to court between February 2006 and December 2010 that ended by determining that the State should provide such medication free of charge to patients was conducted. There is evidence that attorneys' fees were covered by entities interested in the results of judicialization, such as the distributors or pharmaceutical industries. Patients may also be migrating for diagnosis and treatment to university centers that are a benchmark for medical innovation in the country, as the option for public health services is related to their higher technical and scientific capacity. Therefore, the resort to private lawyers, indicators of social exclusion based on the address of patients and the use of public health services, are not adequate class information to corroborate or refute the thesis of judicialization by the elites.

  3. Bee health

    Lecocq, Antoine

    with a queen bee, based on their health status. Some of the methodological novelty, set-backs and preliminary results are discussed. In the fourth part, the thesis concludes by zooming out of the confines of the inner hive in order to address recent concerns regarding the potential spill-over of honey bee...

  4. Health Matters


    Have you ever felt palpitations, achoking sensation in the chest, laboredbreathing, headaches, dizziness andnumbness, but a medical examinationcomes up with the all clear? You maythink you are sick but in fact you are ina state of sub-health. This is not a causefor alarm for it can be negatedeffectively through timely lifestyleadjustments. However it should not beignored. Statistics show that 80 percent

  5. Teen Health

    As a teenager, you go through many changes. Your body is on its way to becoming its adult size. You may ... choices you face are about your health. Healthy habits, including eating a ... disease, osteoporosis, stroke, and some cancers when you are older.

  6. Health communication

    Sørensen, Mariann B.

    communication changes from information to conversation and negotiation of a chared understanding and challenges the concept of professionalism. The success of conversations depends on the interactions and the capacity to deal with several voices in a complex context. The study discusses the opportunity...... to develop this “skill” in health education and to refine the capacity in practice using creativity and artistic approaches....

  7. Risk assessment of heavy metals in children’s playgrounds in the Rabka Zdrój health resort / Zagrożenie metalami ciężkimi na placach zabaw w uzdrowisku dziecięcym Rabka - Zdrój

    Kicińska Alicja


    Full Text Available Ważnym aspektem badań środowiskowych jest problem oceny narażenia ludzi (a szczególne dzieci na związki toksyczne, znajdujące się w miejscach ich częstego przebywania. Dlatego w uzdrowisku dziecięcym - Rabka Zdrój zbadano zawartość wybranych metali ciężkich w glebach, trawach, piaskach i pyłach znajdujących się na 3 placach zabaw. Najwięcej Cd, Pb i Zn stwierdzono w próbkach gleb, odpowiednio (mg∙kg-1: 2-3, 32- 48 oraz 33-291. Nieco niższe koncentracje oznaczone zostały w piaskach pobranych z piaskownic (zawartości w mg∙kg-1: Cd od 1 do 3, Pb od 25 do 36 oraz Zn od 7 do 20. W trawach, pospolicie rosnących na placach zabaw średnie koncentracje metali wynosiły (w mg∙kg-1: Cd 1,8, Pb 20 oraz Zn 60. O ile zawartości badanych metali w glebach i piaskach nie wskazywały podwyższonych koncentracji, o tyle zawartości Cd i Pb w trawach przekraczały tzw. zawartości naturalne. Źródeł metali szukano w pyłach miejskich, w których oznaczona zawartość całkowita wahała się (w mg∙kg-1: Cd 6-15, Pb 104-260 oraz Zn 80-215. Miejscem o najniższym wpływie zanieczyszczeń okazał się być osiedlowy place zabaw, położony przy ul. Orkana (Fig. 1, park nr III. Najwyższe zawartości metali stwierdzono natomiast w próbkach pobranych na najpopularniejszym placu zabaw, położonym przy ul. Parkowej (Fig. 1, park nr I. Jednak w żadnym z analizowanych miejsc nie stwierdzono zawartości zagrażających życiu i zdrowiu dzieci.


    陈忠晓; 王仰麟; 刘忠伟; 王晓东; 牛亚菲


    可持续旅游是80年代中期以后提出的关于旅游业发展的新思想,经过十多年的不断拓展深化,已经得到世界各国的广泛认同,并作为跨世纪旅游业发展的战略指导思想。从可持续旅游的由来和对可持续旅游内涵实质的界定角度出发,结合可持续旅游实现途径的探讨,以井冈山风景名胜区为例,对风景区旅游业可持续发展进行了深入的探讨,为景区的发展规划提出了战略性构想,以期能对井冈山风景名胜区旅游资源的可持续利用和旅游业的可持续发展起到抛砖引玉的作用。%The Sustainable tourism, which has formed since early 1990' s, isa new idea for the improvment of tourism. Its essence, content and aim have been set up and recognized widely in the world and regarded as a strategic idea for developing tourism across the century. Beginning with the question that why we bring forth the concept of sustainable tourism and what is the essential implication of sustainable tourism, this article expresses the points on the respects of sustainable tourism development. Sustainable tourism is a benignant developing model, which associates closely with the integrated economic goal, environmental goal, social goal and other integrated economic goal. Regional tourism being approached to sustainability lies on the bearing capacities of ecological and socio-economic extensive system. In the last, this article probes into the issue on the sustainable development of Jinggangshan scenic resort, and puts forward some strategic measures to ensure the sustainable development of this region.

  9. Regional Rural Business Resort Based on Integrated Use of Heritage Resource:Taking Tourism Project Prophase Analysis of Wangjiazhou, Wuyuan as an Example%基于遗产资源整合利用的区域型乡村商旅度假地--以婺源王家洲旅游项目前期分析为例



    Country beautiful natural scenery and unique cultural heritage resources are the direct factors to promote the development of its tourism projects. However, in the variety of interests driven by tourism activities, many rural tourism projects chase the successful experiences of other tourism projects blindly in the case that they understand their own heritage resource properties unclearly. They put the economic interests at first, make the rural heritage resources which are already fragile used disorderly and developed overload. The tourism projects in Wuyuan, Wangjiazhou try to use a sustainable development way to make it become a regional rural business resort through the reasonable integration of local heritage resources, balance the relationship between the economic development of rural tourism activities and the ecological environment which can also called rural heritage resources.%院乡村优美的自然风景资源及独特文化遗产资源是推动其旅游项目发展的直接因素。然而在旅游活动所带来的种种利益驱动下,许多乡村旅游项目的规划在不清楚认识自身特有遗产资源属性的情况下,盲目追逐其它旅游项目成功经验,以经济利益为先,使得原本就脆弱的乡村遗产资源得到无序利用,超负荷开发。婺源王家洲旅游项目,试图以一种可持续发展思路,通过合理整合当地遗产资源使之形成区域型乡村商旅度假地,平衡乡村旅游活动中经济发展与原生态环境即乡村遗产资源之间的关系。

  10. Research on the Relationship between Hotel Experience Value and Customer Loyalty:Taking Bishuiwan Hot-Spring Resort Hotel in Guangdong Province for Example%酒店体验价值与顾客忠诚度的关系研究--以广东碧水湾温泉度假酒店为例

    皮平凡; 程雨丝


    本文旨在研究温泉度假酒店的体验价值、品牌支持及顾客忠诚度之间的关系,以广东碧水湾温泉度假酒店为研究对象,参阅前人研究成果,提出新的模型假设,验证并提出建议,采用探索性因子分析得到数据的内在因子结构,并运用结构方程模型进行验证性因子分析,验证各构面之间的相互关系。研究结果如下:①体验价值对品牌支持有显著的正向影响;②品牌支持对顾客忠诚度有显著的正向影响;③体验价值对顾客忠诚度有显著的正向影响;④品牌支持是体验价值影响顾客忠诚度的重要中介变量。%The purpose of this study is to discuss the relationship among the experience value, brand support and consumer loyalty of hot-spring resort hotel. A case study was undertaken on the GUANGDONG BISHUIWAN HOTEL. Referring to a lot of documents before, this study provides a new model, verifies it and offers some proposals. It gets the internal structure of factors through Exploratory Factor Analysis(EFA), and uses the structural equation model(SEM) to do the Confirmatory Factor Analysis. The LISREL model is used to measure the relationships between the constructs. The major findings of this research are as follows: ①The brand support is most affected by experience value. ②The consumer loyalty is most affected by brand support. ③The consumer loyalty is most affected by experience value.④Brand support is the important medium variable when the consumer loyalty is affected by the experience value.

  11. No -show and cancellation behavior characteristics of hotel -A case study of Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen%基于no—show和取消预订的酒店顾客预订行为研究——以深圳大梅沙京基喜来登度假酒店为例

    熊伟; 蓝文婷


    酒店顾客的no—show和取消预订行为直接影响酒店的收益管理,但与此相关的研究成果较少。通过对深圳大梅沙京基喜来登度假酒店长达半年的no—show和取消预订数据为样本进行定量分析,结果显示:整体上no-show和取消预订的顾客以男性商务顾客居多;顾客大多为临时的行程取消或更改而取消预订,且性价比和顾客对酒店的信任度对此有一定影响;散客尤其是商务顾客有着较为明显的规律,性别差异也极为明显。酒店应对顾客的no—show和取消预订行为予以重视。%In hotel revenue management, reservation behavior remains one of main research contents, but these kinds of related researches are few. This article selects no - shows and cancellations in Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen from July 2010 to December 2010 as a sample to make a quantitative analysis, the findings are that generally speaking, in terms of the customers of no - shows and cancellations, male business customers account for a large proportion; most of no - shows and canceUations caneel the booking temporarily, besides, the best deal and credibihty for hotel have influence on cancellation behavior to a certain extent; season has an obvious impact on the reservation behavior of FIT, and female's no - show and cancellation behavior is relatively rational, but compared to female, male's no - show and cancellation behavior is more random, less focusing on the best deal. In addition, special attention should be paid to the reservation behavior of no - shows and cancellation.

  12. Health Insurance Basics

    ... Can I Help Someone Who's Being Bullied? Volunteering Health Insurance Basics KidsHealth > For Teens > Health Insurance Basics Print ... thought advanced calculus was confusing. What Exactly Is Health Insurance? Health insurance is a plan that people buy ...

  13. Disparities in Oral Health

    ... 2020: Oral Health Objectives Site Map Disparities in Oral Health Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir Oral health ... to get and keep dental insurance. Disparities in Oral Health Some of the oral health disparities that exist ...

  14. Health Programs for Veterans

    ... Health Administration » Health Programs for Veterans Veterans Health Administration Health Programs for Veterans Beyond the doctors and nurses who ... Veterans Plain Language Surviving Spouses & Dependents Adaptive Sports Program ... Veterans Health Administration Veterans Benefits Administration National Cemetery ...

  15. Aboriginal health.

    MacMillan, H L; MacMillan, A B; Offord, D R; Dingle, J L


    To inform health care workers about the health status of Canada's native people. A MEDLINE search for articles published from Jan. 1, 1989, to Nov. 31, 1995, with the use of subject headings "Eskimos" and "Indians, North American," excluding specific subject headings related to genetics and history. Case reports were excluded. Material was also identified from a review of standard references and bibliographies and from consultation with experts. Review and research articles containing original data concerning epidemiologic aspects of native health. Studies of Canadian populations were preferred, but population-based studies of US native peoples were included if limited Canadian information was available. Information about target population, methods and conclusions was extracted from each study. Mortality and morbidity rates are higher in the native population than in the general Canadian population. The infant mortality rates averaged for the years 1986 to 1990 were 13.8 per 1000 live births among Indian infants, 16.3 per 1000 among Inuit infants, and only 7.3 per 1000 among all Canadian infants. Age-standardized all-cause mortality rates among residents of reserves averaged for the years 1979 to 1983 were 561.0 per 100,000 population among men and 334.6 per 100,000 among women, compared with 340.2 per 100,000 among all Canadian men and 173.4 per 100,000 among all Canadian women. Compared with the general Canadian population, specific native populations have an increased risk of death from alcoholism, homicide, suicide and pneumonia. Of the aboriginal population of Canada 15 years of age and older, 31% have been informed that they have a chronic health problem. Diabetes mellitus affects 6% of aboriginal adults, compared with 2% of all Canadian adults. Social problems identified by aboriginal people as a concern in their community include substance abuse, suicide, unemployment and family violence. Subgroups of aboriginal people are at a greater-than-normal risk of

  16. Health Literacy and Health Outcomes

    ... Sullivan G, Bindman AB. 2002. Association of health literacy with diabetes outcomes. Journal of the American Medical Association. 288(4): 475-482. 5 Schillinger D, Grumbach K, Wang F, Wilson C, Daher C, ... literacy. Archives of Internal Medicine. 163(1): 83-90. ...


    Lifestyle Changes and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer among. Immigrants in the United .... food rich in red meat, animal fat, sugars and refined of CRC in Africa .... region to improve health care delivery and secure the is obtainable in the UK, ...



    Tobacco is a risk factor Organization (WHO) at World Health Assembly for six of the ... information. Stata statistical software version 11 was used to describe the data and determine ... Only 5% of respondents ever received training on tobacco control. .... Pharmacist. 54. 23.2 .... and dental students surveyed in Lagos by .15.

  19. Indian Health Service: Community Health

    ... provide for community health. A variety of programs, disciplines, strategies and interventions work together to pursue the ... Office of Finance and Accounting - 10E54 Office of Human Resources - 11E53A Office of Information Technology - 07E57B Office of ...




    May 1, 2012 ... quality service delivery as perceived by the respondents', however it remains ... However, there remain the problems of inequities in tertiary ... unrelenting struggle in financing health households to the financial risk ... other things improve efficiency in utilization of Using a cross-sectional approach, this study.



    eligible patients as they emerged from the pharmacy with their ... compare proportions while student's t-test was used to compare .... preference between the free and B.I. health services in an LGA in ... and training manual for the development.


    study assessed the knowledge and practice of disease surveillance and notification ... for active surveillance especially if an outbreak Health workers play a key role in .... ethical clearance was obtained from the ethics and Eighty one percent of .... Salami S. Knowledge of disease notification among New York: John Wiley ...

  3. Health effects

    Mahieu, L


    The main objectives of research in the field of health effects at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN are: (1) to study cancer mortality and morbidity in nuclear workers in Belgium; (2) to document the feasibility of retrospective cohort studies in Belgium; (3) to participate in the IARC study; (4) to elucidate the mechanisms of the effects of ionizing radiation on the mammalian embryo during the early phases of its development; (5) to assess the genetic risks of material exposure to ionizing radiation; (6) to elucidate the cellular mechanisms leading to brain damage after prenatal irradiation; (7) to advise authorities and to provide the general population with adequate information concerning the health risk arising from radiation exposure. Progress and major achievements in these topical areas for 1997 are reported.

  4. Huckstering health.

    Aufderheide, P


    Social marketers around the world are increasingly using the hard sell techniques of commercial marketers to encourage people to adopt new health practices. Social marketers, like commercial marketers, utilized all forms of mass media. In addition, they use unique communication channels to reach isolated populations rarely exposed to mass media messages. For example, in the Philippines nutritional information was communicated to villagers via a video cassette equipped van which traveled from village to village. Social marketers also use commercial marketing research strategies, including focus groups, message pretesting, and audience segmentation analysis. For instance, in a Brazilian campaign to promote breastfeeding, market research revealed that mothers lacked confidence in their ability to breastfed. Marketers used this information to develop radio spots around the theme that all mothers can breastfeed if they keep trying. The value of pretesting was illustrated in a breastfeeding campaign in Honduras. A radio spot in which a famous soccer player encouraged fathers to be attentive to their breastfeeding wives, was withdrawn after market researchers found that listeners did not take the advice seriously. The soccer player had the reputation of a being a womanizer, and the listeners viewed the advertisements as a joke. Social marketers sell products as well as ideas. Contraceptive sales in Egypt increased markedly following a campaign launched by a private advertising firm. The high technology and research sophistication associated with marketing techniques frequently gives social marketing projects a competitive advantage over other projects in attracting foreign assistance grants. The social marketing approach is not supported by all health educators. Critics are skeptical about social marketers' abilities to bring about longterm behavioral changes, feel that social marketing is too manipulative, and believe that social marketing promotes simplistic thinking

  5. Embodying 'health citizenship' in health knowledge to fight health inequalities

    Danielle Groleau


    Full Text Available This paper wishes to contribute to the debate around citizen participation in health system decision-making that has been present internationally for the last 30 years. I argue that if we aim to change health inequalities, health professionals and planners need to understand the illness and health service experience of citizens. The concept of 'health citizenship' introduced here refers to health knowledge that integrates the lay knowledge of patients and that this integration is translated into health actions such as clinical communication and the planning of health care, programs, and policy. We illustrate our argument with the two cases: health literacy and the promotion of breastfeeding in a Canadian population living in context of poverty. This paper then concludes by addressing the leadership role, Brazilian graduate nursing schools can play in promoting 'health citizenship' and by doing so, contribute to fight health inequalities.

  6. Fetal Health and Development

    ... specific prenatal tests to monitor both the mother's health and fetal health during each trimester. With modern technology, health professionals can Detect birth defects Identify problems that ...



    The CERN-AUSTRIA Agreement, which implemented CERN's health insurance scheme, expired on 31 December 1999.In accordance with CERN's rules, a call for tenders for the management of the health insurance scheme was issued and the contract was once again awarded to AUSTRIA. In June 1999, the Finance Committee thus authorised the Management to conclude a new contract with AUSTRIA, which came into force on 1st January 2000.Continuity is thus assured on favourable conditions and the transition from one contract to the other will entail no substantial changes in the system for those insured at CERN except for a few minor and purely formal amendmentsWHAT REMAINS UNCHANGEDThe list of benefits, i.e. the 'cover' provided by the system, is not changed;Neither is the reimbursement procedure.AUSTRIA's office at CERN and its opening hours as well as its city headquarters remain the same. The envelopes containing requests for reimbursement have had to be sent (since the end of 1998) to :Rue des Eaux-Vives 94Case postale 64021...

  8. Mobile Health (mHealth) Services and Online Health Educators.

    Anshari, Muhammad; Almunawar, Mohammad Nabil


    Mobile technology enables health-care organizations to extend health-care services by providing a suitable environment to achieve mobile health (mHealth) goals, making some health-care services accessible anywhere and anytime. Introducing mHealth could change the business processes in delivering services to patients. mHealth could empower patients as it becomes necessary for them to become involved in the health-care processes related to them. This includes the ability for patients to manage their personal information and interact with health-care staff as well as among patients themselves. The study proposes a new position to supervise mHealth services: the online health educator (OHE). The OHE should be occupied by special health-care staffs who are trained in managing online services. A survey was conducted in Brunei and Indonesia to discover the roles of OHE in managing mHealth services, followed by a focus group discussion with participants who interacted with OHE in a real online health scenario. Data analysis showed that OHE could improve patients' confidence and satisfaction in health-care services.

  9. Migrant Health: a value for Public Health

    Patrizia Laurenti


    Full Text Available The health matters associated with migration are crucial public health challenges faced by both governments and societies. According to United Nations estimates, 120 million of the approximately 175 million migrants worldwide are migrant workers with their families (1. Legal and illegal workers have a different status and, therefore, varying levels of access to social and health services. The collective health needs and implications of this sizeable population are considerable, and different health determinants and levels of vulnerability could impact on their health (2. The main public health goal is to avoid disparities in health status and access to health services between migrants and the host population (3. The second, closely associated principle, is to ensure migrants’ health rights, as stated during the 4th Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Europe which took place from 21st to 23rd June 2012 in Milan, where Migrants and ethnic minorities were confirmed as a benefit to the society (4.

  10. 景区吸引力、游憩体验、满意度与忠诚度关系之探讨*--基于闽侯休闲农业景区的实证研究%Relationship among Scenic Attraction,Recreation Experience,Satisfaction and Loyalty---An Empirical Study based on the Leisure Agriculture Resorts in Minhou

    苏亚云; 杨建明; 张丽雪


    在综合前人相关研究的基础上,设计了一份休闲农业景区游客游憩行为的调查问卷,并运用于福州市闽侯县的棋盘寨森林人家、龙台山生态园、白沙湾生态农庄的实地调查,获取459个有效样本。探索性因子分析表明,景区吸引力和游客满意度均可以缩减为3个维度,游客游憩体验由2个维度构成,而忠诚度则独立组成1个维度。多元线性回归分析显示,景区吸引力对忠诚度不具有直接影响,但具有间接影响;游憩体验对忠诚度既具有直接影响,也具有间接影响;游客满意度在景区吸引力和忠诚度之间起着完全中介作用,在游憩体验和忠诚度之间起着部分中介作用。针对以上研究结果,对当地休闲农业景区的经营管理提出若干具体建议。%Based on comprehensive review of previous studies,a questionnaire dealing with visitor behaviors in leisure agriculture resorts was designed and conducted with 459 individuals visiting the Qipan Cottage Forest Home,Longtai Mountain Ecological Garden,and Baisha Bay Ecological Farm in Minhou County,Fuzhou.EFA analysis shows that the selected question items of sce-nic attraction and visitor satisfaction can be reduced to 3 dimensions,the visitor recreation experience consists of 2 dimensions, and visitor loyalty is formed by a separate dimension.Multiple linear regression analysis indicates that the scenic attraction not di-rectly,but indirectly affects the visitor loyalty.The recreation experience has both direct and indirect effects on the visitor loyal-ty,and the visitor satisfaction has completely mediated the relationship between the scenic attraction and the visitor loyalty,as well as partially mediated the relationship between the recreation experience and the visitor loyalty.On the basis of the study find-ings,some countermeasures for the practical management were drawn.

  11. Find a Health Center

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — HRSA Health Centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance – you pay what you can afford based on your income. Health centers provide services that...

  12. Bureau of Health Workforce

    ... Center for Health Workforce Analysis National Practitioner Data Bank Health Workforce Development Health Workforce Training Grant Programs Health Workforce Loan & Scholarship Programs  About HRSA Leadership & Org Chart Budget ...

  13. Oral Health Glossary

    ... About | Contact InfoBites Quick Reference Learn more Children's Oral Health Mouth Breathing Can Cause Major Health Problems Over ... news feeds delivered directly to your desktop! more... Oral Health Glossary Article Chapters Oral Health Glossary print full ...


    Division HR


    Change of name for AUSTRIA As of October 1, the AUSTRIA Assurances S.A. company will change its name to: UNIQA Assurances S.A. It inherits the same name as its parent Austrian company, which adopted it towards the end of 1999. This change has no effect on the contract which binds it to CERN for the administration of our Health Insurance Scheme. New insurance cards will be sent to you by UNIQA and the printed forms and envelopes will gradually be updated with the new name. Postal and phone addresses remain unaffected by the change. You should address your postal mail to: UNIQA Assurances rue des Eaux Vives 94 case postale 6402 1211 Genève 6 You may telephone your usual contact persons at the same numbers as before and send e-mails to the UNIQA office at CERN at:

  15. Owners' perceptions of the health and performance of Pony Club horses in Australia.

    Buckley, Petra; Dunn, Tony; More, Simon J


    Pony Club is one of the leading junior equestrian organisations in the world, and was established to teach young people the many aspects of horsemanship. The aim of this study was to gain an understanding of the health and performance of Pony Club horses from the perspective of their owners. In-depth interviews were conducted with Pony Club members at two sites in Australia, and topics relating to participants' background with horses, horse attributes valued by participants, horse health and performance, and Pony Club-related matters. The in-depth interviews were taped, transcribed and analysed, by describing the themes and issues recorded in the dialogue and conducting cross-case analysis (finding similarities and dissimilarities between participants with respect to each of the above-mentioned topics). A total of 32 interviews were conducted. The participants' background with horses varied greatly. The horse attributes valued by > or =59% of participants included temperament, size, ability and suitability for riders. A range of issues relating to health and performance were important to > or =53% of participants, including horse temperament, nutrition, internal parasites, lameness and foot-care, and colic. Soundness and preventive health measures were rarely mentioned (horse people were identified as the first point of contact for horse-health matters, and veterinarians were only used as a last resort or for serious problems. Members of Pony Club learned about their horses by trial and error. Optimal performance was described as a horse that was willing to do as the rider asked. Poor performance was usually the result of the horse misbehaving, and could include a resistance to rider commands, pigrooting and bucking.

  16. Teaching Health Campaigns by Doing Health Campaigns

    Neuberger, Lindsay


    Courses: Health Campaigns, Health Communication,Communication Campaigns, Public Relations Campaigns, Persuasion. Objectives: Students will demonstrate their ability to work effectively both individually and in teams to apply "health communication" theory to emerging, practical, on-campus health issues via formative research, multimodal…

  17. Health and Disability: Partnerships in Health Care

    Tracy, Jane; McDonald, Rachael


    Background: Despite awareness of the health inequalities experienced by people with intellectual disability, their health status remains poor. Inequalities in health outcomes are manifest in higher morbidity and rates of premature death. Contributing factors include the barriers encountered in accessing and receiving high-quality health care.…

  18. Definitions of Health Terms: General Health

    ... this page: Definitions of Health Terms: General Health To use the sharing features ... healthy. You can start by learning these general health terms. Find more definitions on Fitness | General Health | Minerals | Nutrition | Vitamins Basal ...

  19. Health and Disability: Partnerships in Health Care

    Tracy, Jane; McDonald, Rachael


    Background: Despite awareness of the health inequalities experienced by people with intellectual disability, their health status remains poor. Inequalities in health outcomes are manifest in higher morbidity and rates of premature death. Contributing factors include the barriers encountered in accessing and receiving high-quality health care.…

  20. Institutionalising of public health.

    Karkee, R


    Though public health situation in Nepal is under-developed, the public health education and workforce has not been prioritised. Nepal should institutionalise public health education by means of accrediting public health courses, registration of public health graduates in a data bank and increasing job opportunities for public health graduates in various institutions at government sector.

  1. Changes in Health Knowledge

    Silvestri, Lynette; Bonis, Marc


    Health education can improve the health of the nation. Emphasis is on promoting health, maintaining good health and preventing health problems. A segment of society that tends to ignore their health is college students. They are a large group that makes up 31% of 18-24 year olds in the U.S. (Hingson, et al, 2001). This population is considered to…

  2. Good Mental Health

    ... Trying to conceive, pregnancy, and mental health Menstruation, menopause, and mental health Women veterans and mental health When you need help Good mental ... in Spanish ( en español ) Good mental health Nutrition and mental health Exercise and mental health Sleep ...


    ... get their health information. Learn More ABOUT Health information technology (health IT) makes it possible ... Dashboard Consumer eHealth Program Stay connected with Check ONC's LinkedIn Page Follow ONC on Twitter ...

  4. Cozy landscapes in a time of subtleties: Resonance of dance in a body treatment clinic in mental health care

    Ingrid Bergma da Silva Oliveira


    Full Text Available The quest to build cozy landscapes in times of subtleties in mental health care is based on an ethical and poetic choice to build a clinic. This study deals with research aimed at the cartography of a body treatment clinic in mental health that has used various practices in this perspective of coziness and subtleties within a Psychosocial Attendance Center (PSAC - type II in Belém, Para state, Brazil. In the methodological path we have traveled in these practices, we would like to highlight the work with Sacred Circle Dances (SCD in the experience of a Body Work Group involving 14 service users between 2010 and 2012. We resorted to participant observation and records in field notebook to find highlights in the intensity of meetings, especially regarding the experiments with dance. The results showed that, in Sacred Circle Dances, service users battled for their spaces, shared their stories, gave in and demanded, pulling away from any stereotype of passivity, and possible lack of motivation, or victimization In conclusion, SCD subscribe the emancipation of dancers of “expected” acting to the dance, in a territory that comprises dance together and do with others, which enriches experience and sustains differences. SCD in the daily routine of PSACs reaffirm that those centers are not a place of mental illness, but of mental health, where the relief is life and the disorder is only a part of existence. SCD are configured as a potential place of exchange.

  5. Bacterial-based additives for the production of artificial snow: What are the risks to human health?

    Lagriffoul, A. [Agence Francaise de Securite Sanitaire de l' Environnement et du Travail, 253, avenue du General Leclerc, 94701 Maisons-Alfort (France); Boudenne, J.L. [Universite de Provence, Laboratoire Chimie Provence, UMR6264, 3 Place Victor Hugo case 29 13331 Marseille CEDEX 3 (France); Absi, R. [Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis, Ecole de Biologie Industrielle, Laboratoire EBInnov, 32 Boulevard du Port, 95094 Cergy-Pontoise (France); Ballet, J.J. [Laboratoire d' immunologie et immunopathologie, Centre hospitalo-universitaire de Caen, avenue de la cote de nacre 14000 Caen (France); Berjeaud, J.M. [Universite de Poitiers, Laboratoire de Chimie et Microbiologie de l' Eau, UMR6008, 40 avenue du recteur Pineau, 86022 Poitiers CEDEX (France); Chevalier, S. [Universite de Rouen, Laboratoire de Microbiologie du Froid, Signaux et Micro-Environnement, EA 4312, Normandie Securite Sanitaire, 55 rue St Germain, 27000 Evreux (France); Creppy, E.E. [Universite Bordeaux 2, UFR des Sciences Pharmaceutiques, Laboratoire de Toxicologie, 146, rue Leo-Saignat, 33076 Bordeaux CEDEX (France); Gilli, E. [Universite Paris 8, Departement de geographie, 2, rue de la Liberte, 93526 Saint Denis CEDEX (France); UMR Espace 6012, 98 bd Edouard Herriot, 06204, Nice, CEDEX 3 (France); Gadonna, J.P. [Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis, Ecole de Biologie Industrielle, Laboratoire EBInnov, 32 Boulevard du Port, 95094 Cergy-Pontoise (France); Gadonna-Widehem, P. [Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais, departement STAI, rue P. Waguet BP 30313, 60026 Beauvais CEDEX (France); Morris, C.E. [INRA, Unite de Pathologie Vegetale UR407, F-84140 Montfavet (France); Zini, S., E-mail: [Agence Francaise de Securite Sanitaire de l' Environnement et du Travail, 253, avenue du General Leclerc, 94701 Maisons-Alfort (France)


    For around two decades, artificial snow has been used by numerous winter sports resorts to ensure good snow cover at low altitude areas or more generally, to lengthen the skiing season. Biological additives derived from certain bacteria are regularly used to make artificial snow. However, the use of these additives has raised doubts concerning the potential impact on human health and the environment. In this context, the French health authorities have requested the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Afsset) to assess the health risks resulting from the use of such additives. The health risk assessment was based on a review of the scientific literature, supplemented by professional consultations and expertise. Biological or chemical hazards from additives derived from the ice nucleation active bacterium Pseudomonas syringae were characterised. Potential health hazards to humans were considered in terms of infectious, toxic and allergenic capacities with respect to human populations liable to be exposed and the means of possible exposure. Taking into account these data, a qualitative risk assessment was carried out, according to four exposure scenarios, involving the different populations exposed, and the conditions and routes of exposure. It was concluded that certain health risks can exist for specific categories of professional workers (mainly snowmakers during additive mixing and dilution tank cleaning steps, with risks estimated to be negligible to low if workers comply with safety precautions). P. syringae does not present any pathogenic capacity to humans and that the level of its endotoxins found in artificial snow do not represent a danger beyond that of exposure to P. syringae endotoxins naturally present in snow. However, the risk of possible allergy in some particularly sensitive individuals cannot be excluded. Another important conclusion of this study concerns use of poor microbiological water quality to make artificial snow.

  6. Social movements in health.

    Brown, Theodore M; Fee, Elizabeth


    Most public health practitioners know that public health has relied on biomedical advances and administrative improvements, but it is less commonly understood that social movements in health have also been sources of motivation for population health advances. This review considers the impacts of social movements focused on urban conditions and health, on the health of children, and on behavioral and substance-related determinants of health and illustrates how these movements have significantly influenced public health activities and programs. We hope this review will motivate public health workers to make common cause with social activists and to encourage social activists to ally with public health professionals.

  7. CDC Vital Signs: Making Health Care Safer -- Stop Infections from Lethal CRE Germs Now

    ... had at least one patient with a CRE (carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae) infection during the first half of ... almost all antibiotics, including last-resort drugs called carbapenems. These resistant germs are called CRE. Almost all ...




    Full Text Available Health inequality is met everywhere in the world, including in countries with a high level of economic development, or those with strong social protection systems. In this paper I analyzed certain methods to measure health inequalities between population groups and also I presented some empirical results regarding health disparities between European Union countries. My research is focussed on three health areas: health status of population, access to health care services and resource allocation and population spending on health care.

  9. Education, cognition, health knowledge, and health behavior.

    Mocan, Naci; Altindag, Duha T


    Using data from NLSY97, we analyze the impact of education on health behavior. Controlling for health knowledge does not influence the impact of education on health behavior, supporting the productive efficiency hypothesis. Accounting for cognitive ability does not significantly alter the relationship between education and health behavior. Similarly, the impact of education on health behavior is the same between those with and without a learning disability, suggesting that cognition is not likely to be a significant factor in explaining the impact of education on health behavior.

  10. Vulnerability, Health Agency and Capability to Health.

    Straehle, Christine


    One of the defining features of the capability approach (CA) to health, as developed in Venkatapuram's book Health Justice, is its aim to enable individual health agency. Furthermore, the CA to health hopes to provide a strong guideline for assessing the health-enabling content of social and political conditions. In this article, I employ the recent literature on the liberal concept of vulnerability to assess the CA. I distinguish two kinds of vulnerability. Considering circumstantial vulnerability, I argue that liberal accounts of vulnerability concerned with individual autonomy, align with the CA to health. Individuals should, as far as possible, be able to make health-enabling decisions about their lives, and their capability to do so should certainly not be hindered by public policy. The CA to health and a vulnerability-based analysis then work alongside to define moral responsibilities and designate those who hold them. Both approaches demand social policy to address circumstances that hinder individuals from taking health-enabling decisions. A background condition of vulnerability, on the other hand, even though it hampers the capability for health, does not warrant the strong moral claim proposed by the CA to health to define health as a meta-capability that should guide social policy. Nothing in our designing social policy could change the challenge to health agency when we deal with background conditions of vulnerability.

  11. Value reflected health education

    Wistoft, Karen; Nordentoft, Helle Merete


    This article examines the impact of a value-reflected approach in health education by demonstrating the nature of professional competence development connected to this approach. It is based on findings from two three-year health educational development projects carried out by school health nurses...... develop pedagogical competences in health education improving school childrens’ health....

  12. The use of Coercive Interventions in Mental Health Care in Germany and the Netherlands. A comparison of the developments in two neighbouring countries

    Tilman eSteinert


    Full Text Available In this review we compare the use of coercion in mental health care in Germany and in the Netherlands. Legal frameworks and published data on involuntary commitment, involuntary medication, seclusion, and restraint are highlighted as well as the role of guidelines, training and attitudes held by psychiatrists and the public. Legal procedures regulating involuntary admission and commitment are rather similar, and so is the percentage of involuntary admissions and the rate per 100.000 inhabitants. However, opposing trends can be observed in the use of coercive interventions during treatment which in both countries are considered as a last resort after all other alternative approaches have failed. In the Netherlands, for a long time seclusion has been considered as preferred intervention while the use of medication by force was widely disapproved as being unnecessarily invasive. However, after increasing evidence showed that number and duration of seclusions as well as the number of aggressive incidents per admission were considerably higher than in other European countries, attitudes changed within recent years. A national programme with spending of 15 million € was launched to reduce the use of seclusion, while the use of medication was facilitated. A legislation is scheduled which will allow also outpatient coercive treatment. In Germany, the latter was never legalized. While coercive treatment in Germany was rather common for involuntarily committed patients and mechanical restraint was preferred to seclusion in most hospital as a containment measure, the decisions of the Constitutional Court in 2011 had a high impact on legislation, attitudes and clinical practice. Though since 2013 coercive medication is approvable again under strict conditions, it is now widely perceived as very invasive and last resort. There is evidence that this change of attitudes lead to a considerable increase of the use of seclusion and restraint for some patients.

  13. Occupational Health for Health Care Providers

    Health care workers are exposed to many job hazards. These can include Infections Needle injuries Back injuries ... prevention practices. They can reduce your risk of health problems. Use protective equipment, follow infection control guidelines, ...

  14. Veterans Health Administration Behavioral Health Data

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — A list of VHA hospitals with behavioral health measure data. VHA reports data on a set of core performance measures for Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services...

  15. Mental Health: Keeping Your Emotional Health

    ... and Sugar Substitutes Exercise and Fitness Exercise Basics Sports Safety Injury Rehabilitation Emotional Well-Being Mental Health ... and Sugar Substitutes Exercise and Fitness Exercise Basics Sports Safety Injury Rehabilitation Emotional Well-Being Mental Health ...

  16. [Terrorism, public health and health services].

    Arcos González, Pedro; Castro Delgado, Rafael; Cuartas Alvarez, Tatiana; Pérez-Berrocal Alonso, Jorge


    Today the terrorism is a problem of global distribution and increasing interest for the international public health. The terrorism related violence affects the public health and the health care services in an important way and in different scopes, among them, increase mortality, morbidity and disability, generates a context of fear and anxiety that makes the psychopathological diseases very frequent, seriously alters the operation of the health care services and produces important social, political and economic damages. These effects are, in addition, especially intense when the phenomenon takes place on a chronic way in a community. The objective of this paper is to examine the relation between terrorism and public health, focusing on its effects on public health and the health care services, as well as to examine the possible frames to face the terrorism as a public health concern, with special reference to the situation in Spain. To face this problem, both the public health systems and the health care services, would have to especially adapt their approaches and operational methods in six high-priority areas related to: (1) the coordination between the different health and non health emergency response agencies; (2) the reinforcement of the epidemiological surveillance systems; (3) the improvement of the capacities of the public health laboratories and response emergency care systems to specific types of terrorism as the chemical or biological terrorism; (3) the mental health services; (4) the planning and coordination of the emergency response of the health services; (5) the relations with the population and mass media and, finally; (6) a greater transparency in the diffusion of the information and a greater degree of analysis of the carried out health actions in the scope of the emergency response.


    H. Tlusta


    Full Text Available The author of the article researched the teoretical and methodological approaches to the formation and development of the health insurance market conditions, also investigated the condition and features of the functioning of the health system in Ukraine and abroad, reasonable prospects of introducing mandatory and dissemination of voluntary health insurance, as well as ways of improving financial provide health insurance system in Ukraine.

  18. The implementation of health care aimed at the cessation of tobacco use, treatment of tobacco dependence and consequences of tobacco consumption in the Russian Federation

    S. A. Boytsov


    Full Text Available The summarizing of the experience of medical care at the cessation of tobacco use and the treatment of tobacco addiction and consequences of tobacco consumption in the Russian Federation (RF as well as suggestions for their improvement are presented.For the effective implementation of health care, aimed at the cessation of tobacco use, treatment of tobacco addiction and consequences of tobacco consumption in the RF it is necessary to solve the following problems:to include doctors of all specialties in the process of medical care and treatment oftobacco addiction and consequences oftobacco consumption in the RF; to ensure effective implementation of the existing legal documents determining the procedure for providing medical aid, aimed at ending the use of tobacco, treatment of tobacco dependence and consequences of tobacco consumption, greater control over their performance and quality of their implementation; to expand of the network of medical offices for cessation of tobacco consumption on the basis of existing structures in primary health care settings (including women's and children’s outpatient clinics, as well as hospitals and health resorts, their provision of personnel and equipment, introduction of group forms of work; to ensure a permanent system of training on assistance at the cessation of tobacco consumption, the treatment of tobacco dependence and consequences of tobacco consumption, including the introduction of medical assistance cycle on cessation of tobacco consumption for student training in medical schools and programs for postgraduate education of health professionals

  19. Using trauma informed care as a nursing model of care in an acute inpatient mental health unit: A practice development process.

    Isobel, Sophie; Edwards, Clair


    Without agreeing on an explicit approach to care, mental health nurses may resort to problem focused, task oriented practice. Defining a model of care is important but there is also a need to consider the philosophical basis of any model. The use of Trauma Informed Care as a guiding philosophy provides a robust framework from which to review nursing practice. This paper describes a nursing workforce practice development process to implement Trauma Informed Care as an inpatient model of mental health nursing care. Trauma Informed Care is an evidence-based approach to care delivery that is applicable to mental health inpatient units; while there are differing strategies for implementation, there is scope for mental health nurses to take on Trauma Informed Care as a guiding philosophy, a model of care or a practice development project within all of their roles and settings in order to ensure that it has considered, relevant and meaningful implementation. The principles of Trauma Informed Care may also offer guidance for managing workforce stress and distress associated with practice change.

  20. The health production function of oral health services systems

    Vlad, R.S.; Petersen, P.E.


    Attitudes, dental status, socioeconomic factors, oral health care, production of oral health, health status, quality of life......Attitudes, dental status, socioeconomic factors, oral health care, production of oral health, health status, quality of life...

  1. Public Health Events and International Health Regulations


    Dr. Katrin Kohl, a medical officer at the CDC, discusses the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations for assessing and reporting on public health events across the world.  Created: 6/21/2012 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 6/21/2012.

  2. Health Psychology special series on health disparities

    A.E. Kazak; J. Bosch; E.A. Klonoff


    With the initiation of this new ongoing special series in Health Psychology on health disparities, we will publish articles that highlight ways in which health psychology can contribute to understanding and ameliorating these disparities. We welcome articles for this new special series and anticipat

  3. Health Ethics Education for Health Administration Chaplains

    Porter, Russell; Broussard, Amelia; Duckett, Todd


    It is imperative for divinity and health administration programs to improve their level of ethics education for their graduates who work as health administration chaplains. With an initial presentation of the variation of ethical dilemmas presented in health care facilities covering social, organizational, and patient levels, we indicate the need…

  4. Health for all: a public health vision.

    McBeath, W H


    The approach of a millennial passage invites public health to a review of past performance and a preview of future prospects toward assuring a healthy public. Since the 1974 Canadian Lalonde report, the best national plans for health progress have emphasized disease prevention and health promotion. WHO's multinational Health for All by the Year 2000 promotes basic health services essential to leading a socially and economically productive life. Healthy People 2000, the latest US guide, establishes three goals: increase healthy life span, reduce health disparities, and achieve universal access to preventive services. Its objectives can be used to excite public understanding, equip program development, evaluate progress, and encourage public accountability for health initiatives. Needed is federal leadership in defining requisite action and securing necessary resources. Elsewhere a "new public health" emphasizes community life-style and multisectoral "healthy public policy." In the United States, a national health program is needed to achieve equity in access to personal health care. Even more essential is equitable sharing in basic health determinants in society--nutritious food, basic education, safe water, decent housing, secure employment, adequate income, and peace. Vital to such a future is able and active leadership now from governments and public health professionals.

  5. Children's Mental Health Surveillance

    Children’s Mental Health Surveillance What are childhood mental disorders? The term childhood mental disorder means all mental disorders that can ... is the impact of mental disorders in children? Mental health is important to overall health. Mental disorders are ...

  6. Understanding health insurance plans

    ... page: // Understanding health insurance plans To use the sharing features on this ... plan for you and your family. Types of Health Insurance Plans Depending on how you get your health ...

  7. Home Health PPS

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Under prospective payment, Medicare pays home health agencies (HHAs) a predetermined base payment. The payment is adjusted for the health condition and care needs of...

  8. Teen Mental Health

    ... worthless could be warning signs of a mental health problem. Mental health problems are real, painful, and sometimes severe. You ... things that could harm you or others Mental health problems can be treated. To find help, talk ...

  9. National Health Interview Survey

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) is the principal source of information on the health of the civilian noninstitutionalized population of the United States...

  10. Lesotho - Health Project

    Millennium Challenge Corporation — The main objective of the 2011 Health Facility Survey (HFS) was to establish a baseline for informing the Health Project performance indicators on health facilities,...

  11. Health System Measurement Project

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Health System Measurement Project tracks government data on critical U.S. health system indicators. The website presents national trend data as well as detailed...

  12. Health Data Interactive (HDI)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Health Data Interactive (HDI) presents a broad range of important public health indicators through an interactive web-based application that provides access to...

  13. Disability and Health

    ... sheets Fact files Questions & answers Features Multimedia Contacts Disability and health Fact sheet Reviewed November 2016 Key ... services and therefore experience unmet health care needs. Disability and health The International Classification of Functioning, Disability ...

  14. Better Ear Health

    ... Marketplace Find an ENT Doctor Near You Better Ear Health Better Ear Health Patient Health Information News ... often helpful to those with this condition. Swimmer’s Ear An infection of the outer ear structures caused ...

  15. Indiana Health Information Exchange

    The Indiana Health Information Exchange is comprised of various Indiana health care institutions, established to help improve patient safety and is recognized as a best practice for health information exchange.

  16. Veterans Health Administration

    ... code here VA » Veterans Health Administration Veterans Health Administration Robotic Brace for Veterans of Spinal Cord Injury ... Read more » VA Medical Centers The Veterans Health Administration is home to the United States’ largest integrated ...

  17. Home Health Compare

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Home Health Compare has information about the quality of care provided by Medicare-certified home health agencies throughout the nation. Medicare-certified means the...

  18. Health Clinic Cost Reports

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) Dataset - Independent Rural Health Clinic and Freestanding Federally Qualified Health Center (HCLINIC).This data...

  19. State Health Facts

    ... Choose Category - or - Choose Location Demographics and the Economy Health Costs & Budgets Health Coverage & Uninsured Health Insurance & ... each state, limitations applied to those benefits, cost-sharing charges, and the reimbursement methodologies used for those ...

  20. Learning about health: The pupils' and the school health nurses assessment of the health dialogue

    Borup, Ina K.

    Public health, health promotion, empowerment, experiential learning, HBSC, health survey, qualitative interviews, grounded theory, school children, adolescents, health dialouge, school health nurse......Public health, health promotion, empowerment, experiential learning, HBSC, health survey, qualitative interviews, grounded theory, school children, adolescents, health dialouge, school health nurse...

  1. Learning about health: The pupils' and the school health nurses assessment of the health dialogue

    Borup, Ina K.

    Public health, health promotion, empowerment, experiental learning, HBSC, health survey, qualitative interviews, grounded theory, school children, adolescents, health dialogue, school health nurse......Public health, health promotion, empowerment, experiental learning, HBSC, health survey, qualitative interviews, grounded theory, school children, adolescents, health dialogue, school health nurse...

  2. Twitter and public health.

    Bartlett, Catherine; Wurtz, Rebecca


    Twitter can serve as a powerful communication modality to both "push" and "pull" public health data; each user is a potential public health sensor and actor. However, in 2012, only 8% of local health departments had Twitter accounts. We outline how Twitter works, describe how to access public tweets for public health surveillance purposes, review the literature on Twitter's current and potential role supporting public health's essential services, summarize Twitter's limitations, and make recommendations for health department use.

  3. Juvenile Incarceration and Health

    Barnert, ES; R Perry; Morris, RE


    © 2015. Addressing the health status and needs of incarcerated youth represents an issue at the nexus of juvenile justice reform and health care reform. Incarcerated youth face disproportionately higher morbidity and higher mortality compared to the general adolescent population. Dental health, reproductive health, and mental health needs are particularly high, likely as a result of lower access to care, engagement in high-risk behaviors, and underlying health disparities. Violence exposure a...

  4. Differential utilisation of health facilities and services for childbirth in Peninsula Malaysia--the ethnic factor.

    Arhsat, H; Tan Boon Ann; Tey Nai Peng


    The ethnic factor in the differential utilization of the health facilities in Peninsular Malaysia is examined. Data from the Malaysian Population and Family Survey 1984/85 show that about 45% of the births were delivered in the government hospitals, 15% in the private hospitals/clinics and the remaining 40% were delivered at home. Utilisation of these facilities varies greatly by ethnicity. The Malays have the greatest tendency to choose home delivery (60%), as opposed to institutional delivery (40%). Although urbanization and better socioeconomic conditions have led to an increase in institutional delivery, social customs continue to exert an influence on their behavior in favor of home delivery. Almost all Chinese babies are delivered in hospitals or clinics, with those from the higher social class showing a tendency to resort to the use of private hospitals/clinics for delivery. Indians were the most frequent users of government hospital across nearly all the social strata. While institutional deliveries were all attended by trained personnel, about 71% of the home deliveries were attended by government midwives and 24% by village midwives or other untrained persons, and only 5% were delivered by a doctor or a nurse.

  5. [Fiscal policy and tobacco control: a unique opportunity to benefit public health and the public treasury].

    Armendares, Pedro Enrique; Reynales Shigematsu, Luz Miriam


    Various studies and analyses show that an increase in tobacco prices through taxation is one of the most efficient tools in the application of integral policies in the fight against tobacco. Increases in taxes contribute to cessation, to reductions in consumption and in the number of deaths among addicts and to decrease the number of people who start to smoke. However, many governments hesitate to apply high taxes to tobacco for fear of possible negative economic results including loss of jobs and a decrease in fiscal revenue as a consequence of smuggling. Both literature and empirical experience indicate that these negative consequences do not occur or have been overestimated, often due to arguments promoted by the tobacco industry itself. Increases in tobacco taxes result in greater fiscal income, even in the presence of smuggling, which can be confronted without eroding tobacco control policies. Numerous countries, including Mexico, still have a wide margin for increasing tobacco taxes, and thereby to take advantage of an exceptional opportunity that benefits both the population's health and the public treasury. To do so, governments must stand up to the powerful tobacco industry, which is aware of the efficiency of taxes to combat tobacco use and therefore resorts to intense ad campaigns, political lobbying and negotiation of voluntary agreements for "self-regulation" in order to avoid stricter legislative or fiscal measures.

  6. Public health and social injustice are the key issues for the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico.


    Although the Second National Abortion Survey Gallup found that 88% of Mexicans believe abortion should be a woman's choice and 77% think the decriminalization of abortion would substantially reduce maternal mortality, abortion in Mexico remains governed by a 1931 criminal code. The survey was initiated by the Information and Reproductive Choice Group to provide information for the 1994 national debate on abortion. Supporters of legal abortion note that poor women resort to unsafe pregnancy terminations without regard to the criminal status of abortion. According to Patricia Mercado, co-founder of the Reproductive Choice Group, "You can be against abortion, but still allow it to be decriminalized. In other words, criminalization does not prevent women from having abortions, it only makes then have then in bad conditions. The idea is that women should be able to decide freely without risking problems of health and social justice." Despite public support for abortion legalization, survey results indicate widespread fear about acknowledging the existence of clandestine abortion. An estimated 1-2 million illegal abortions occur each year in Mexico, yet only 26% of survey respondents would admit to knowing a woman who had undergone illegal abortion.

  7. Cannabis, pesticides and conflicting laws: the dilemma for legalized States and implications for public health.

    Stone, Dave


    State laws on the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis are rapidly evolving. Similar to other crops, cannabis is susceptible to multiple pests during cultivation. Growers have an economic incentive to produce large yields and high quality plants, and may resort to pesticides to achieve these outcomes. Currently, there are no pesticides registered for cannabis in the United States, given its illegal status by the federal government. This discrepancy creates a regulatory vacuum and dilemma for States with legal medical and recreational cannabis that seek to balance lawful compliance with pesticides and worker or public health. Pesticide use presents occupational safety issues that can be mitigated through established worker protection measures. The absence of approved products for cannabis may result in consumer exposures to otherwise more hazardous pesticides or higher residue levels. While many legal and scientific hurdles exist to register conventional pesticides for use on cannabis, legalized States have explored other opportunities to leverage the present regulatory infrastructure. Stakeholder engagement and outreach to the cannabis industry from credible sources could mitigate pesticide misuse and harm.

  8. Water reuse for urban landscape irrigation: aspersion and health related regulations.

    Brissaud, F; Blin, E; Hemous, S; Garrelly, L


    The Mediterranean seaside resort of Le Grau du Roi includes 40 hectares of landscaped areas spray irrigated with river water supplied through a separate network. Wastewater collected from several municipalities is treated in an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and polished in waste stabilization ponds (WSPs). Planned substitution of treated wastewater for river water is hindered by spray irrigation prohibition within a 100 m distance from houses and recreational areas. WWTP and WSP effluents were monitored for pathogens with a particular attention to Legionella in Spring and Summer 2006. Helminth eggs, salmonellae and enteroviruses were never detected neither in WWTP effluent nor in the ponds. Legionella spp content was slightly higher or of the order of magnitude of river water contents. Regarding Legionella pneumophila contents, WSP effluent did not significantly differ from the river water. E.coli and enterococci contents in WSP effluents complied with the "excellent quality" criteria of the European Directive for coastal bathing waters. Therefore, substituting WSP effluents to river water is unlikely to alter health risks related to spray irrigation and, in this case, the buffer zone required by the French water reuse guidelines appears being short of support.

  9. M-Health: Emerging Mobile Health Systems

    Istepanian, Robert; Laxminarayan, Swamy; Pattichis, Constantinos S.

    M-health can be defined as the "emerging mobile communications and network technologies for healthcare systems.' This book paves the path toward understanding the future of m-health technologies and services and also introducing the impact of mobility on existing e-health and commercial telemedical systems. M-Health: Emerging Mobile Health Systems presents a new and forward-looking source of information that explores the present and future trends in the applications of current and emerging wireless communication and network technologies for different healthcare scenaria.

  10. FastStats: Child Health

    ... Whooping Cough or Pertussis Family Life Marriage and Divorce Health Care and Insurance Access to Health Care ... Inflicted Injury Life Stages and Populations Age Groups Adolescent Health Child Health Infant Health Older Persons' Health ...

  11. On human health.

    van Spijk, Piet


    If it is true that health is a priority objective of medicine, then medical practice can only be successful if the meaning of the term "health" is known. Various attempts have been made over the years to define health. This paper proposes a new definition. In addition to current health concepts, it also takes into account the distinction between specifically human (great) health and health as the absence of disease and illness-i.e. small health. The feeling of leading a life that makes sense plays a key role in determining specifically human great health.

  12. Farm Health and Safety

    ... jobs in the United States. Farms have many health and safety hazards, including Chemicals and pesticides Machinery, ... equipment can also reduce accidents. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  13. Women's Health Topics

    ... Health Diabetes Healthy Aging Heart Health Mammograms Caregiving Menopause Pregnancy Safe Medication Use Other Topics like cosmetics and nutrition Other Resources Federal Citizen Information Center ...

  14. Relationship between health literacy, health information access, health behavior, and health status in Japanese people.

    Suka, Machi; Odajima, Takeshi; Okamoto, Masako; Sumitani, Masahiko; Igarashi, Ataru; Ishikawa, Hirono; Kusama, Makiko; Yamamoto, Michiko; Nakayama, Takeo; Sugimori, Hiroki


    To examine the relationship between health literacy (HL), health information access, health behavior, and health status in Japanese people. A questionnaire survey was conducted at six healthcare facilities in Japan. Eligible respondents aged 20-64 years (n=1218) were included. Path analysis with structural equation modeling was performed to test the hypothesis model linking HL to health information access, health behavior, and health status. The acceptable fitting model indicated that the pathways linking HL to health status consisted of two indirect paths; one intermediated by health information access and another intermediated by health behavior. Those with higher HL as measured by the 14-item Health Literacy Scale (HLS-14) were significantly more likely to get sufficient health information from multiple sources, less likely to have risky habits of smoking, regular drinking, and lack of exercise, and in turn, more likely to report good self-rated health. HL was significantly associated with health information access and health behavior in Japanese people. HL may play a key role in health promotion, even in highly educated countries like Japan. In order to enhance the effects of health promotion interventions, health professionals should aim at raising HL levels of their target population groups. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. World Health Statistics 2005


    @@ The World Health Organization (WHO) collects and summarizes a wide range of quantitative data from a variety of health domains through country offices, regional offices and headquarter departments.

  16. [Mobile health and health systems: determining progress in global health].

    Frenk, Julio


    Usually when we talk about information technologies we are speaking about the technology itself and its contents. In this article I want to focus on mobile technologies for health (mobile health), but not so much on the content of mobile health but in its context, represented by the health systems where these technologies are deployed. The central message is that in order to capitalize on the potential of the mobile communications revolution, it is not only necessary to innovate in the field of the same technologies but also in the institutions that enable these technologies to reach their potential beneficiaries.

  17. Health Reforms and Public Health in Georgia

    Raminashvili, D.


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Starting from 90‘th, the Government of Georgia (GoG made several attempts to transform Georgian health care system into one with improved efficiency, accessibility, and quality services. Mandatory social health insurance which was introduced in the 1990s was abolished and private health insurance has been promoted as its replacement. The main principle of health care reform since 2006 was the transition towards complete marketization of the health care sector: private provision, private purchasing, liberal regulation, and minimum supervision.This paper aims to analyze an impact of ongoing reforms on public health and population health status.MATERIALS AND METHODS: A systematic review of the available literature was conducted through national and international organization reports; key informant interviews were conducted with major stakeholders. RESULTS: The country has attained critical achievements in relation to improved maternal and child health, national responses to HIV, TB and Malaria. Life expectancy has increased from 70.3 years in 1995 to 75.1 years in 2010. Under-5 mortality indicator has improved from 45.3 to 16.4 per 1000 live birth in 2005-2010 meaning a 64% decrease. However, Georgia is still facing a number of critical challenges securing better health for the population. Cardiovascular diseases are by far the largest cause of mortality, respiratory diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and have doubled during last decade. Georgia has one of the highest rates of male smoking in the world (over 50%.CONCLUSION: Governmental efforts in health promotion and disease prevention can have significant impact on health status by preventing chronic diseases and detecting health problems at a treatable stage. Government should consider increasing funding for public health and prevention programmes with the focus on prevention of the main risk factors affecting the population’s health: tobacco and drug use and unsafe

  18. Periodontal health and global public health.

    Petersen, Poul E; Baehni, Pierre C


    Chronic diseases are a growing burden to people, to health-care systems and to societies across the world. The rapid increase in the burden of chronic diseases is particularly prevalent in the developing countries. Periodontal disease is one of the two most important oral diseases contributing to the global burden of chronic disease. In addition to social determinants, periodontal health status is related to several proximal factors. Modifiable risk factors, such as tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet and nutrition, obesity, psychological stress and insufficient personal/oral hygiene, are important and these principal risk factors for periodontal disease are shared by other chronic diseases. The present monograph is devoted to the existing evidence on the practice of public health related to periodontal health. Public health is defined as the process of mobilizing and engaging local, national and international resources to assure that people can be healthy. Social determinants of health, environmental hazards and unhealthy lifestyles are prioritized in modern public health-care. Disease prevention and health promotion are cornerstones in actions for public health. This volume of Periodontology 2000 is entitled ‘Periodontal health and global public health’; the 12 articles of this volume discuss different aspects of this statement. It covers a range of subjects from public health issues to patient care. This monograph intends to stimulate community action research in the field of periodontology in order to help the development of appropriate public health intervention and relevant surveillance programs. It also expects to stimulate health authorities and professional organizations to initiate and support actions to promote periodontal health in their respective countries.

  19. Compulsory removal to and detention in hospital in the case of notifiable disease: a survey of public health doctors.

    Kaur, B; Bingham, P


    Compulsory detention of an individual in hospital, because they have a notifiable disease, is controversial. Difficulties experienced by the authors in applying Sections 37 and 38 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 led them to conduct a postal survey of the experience of Consultants in Communicable Disease Control/Medical Officers of Environmental Health (CCDC/MOEH) currently in post in England. Out of 138 respondents (80% response rate), 48 respondents (34.8%) had dealt with 'non-compliant' individuals posing an infectious risk to the community. Of the 48, 13 respondents achieved compliance by threatening to use Section 37/38 and only 6 respondents resorted to using Section 37/38, equivalent to less than one use of the sections for every hundred years of CCDC/MOEH experience. In most cases the notifiable disease in question was tuberculosis. In contrast to our experience and previously reported cases, the survey suggests generally satisfactory experience of Section 37/38 amongst CCDC/MOEH currently in post. Recommended guidelines for the use of Section 37/38 are given.

  20. Between credit claiming and blame avoidance: the changing politics of priority-setting for Korea's National Health Insurance System.

    Kang, Minah; Reich, Michael R


    Priority-setting involves diverse parties with intense and often conflicting interests and values. Still, the political aspects of priority-setting are largely unexplored in the literature on health policy. In this paper, we examine how policy makers in Korea changed their strategies as the policy context for priority setting changed from only expanding benefits to a double burden of benefit expansion plus cost containment. This analysis shows that priority-setting is a profoundly political process. The policy context shapes how policy makers choose their political strategies. In particular, we find that policy makers sway between "credit claiming" and "blame avoidance" strategies. Korean policy makers resorted to three types of political strategies when confronted with a double burden of benefit expansion and cost containment: delegating responsibility to other institutions (agency strategies), replacing judgment-based decisions with automatic rules (policy strategies), and focusing on the presentation of how decisions are made (presentational strategies). The paper suggests implications for future studies on priority-setting in the Korean health care system and in other countries that face similar challenges, and concludes that Korean policy makers need to put more effort into developing transparent and systematic priority-setting processes, especially in times of double burden of benefit expansion and cost containment. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.