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  1. NCI Director Harold Varmus to address National Press Club (United States)

    The barriers that impede greater and faster progress against cancer include the inherent biological properties of tumors; the difficulties of developing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancers; and economic and social factors that slow the nation’

  2. Hardy, Prof. Godfrey Harold

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Fellow Profile. Elected: 1935 Honorary. Hardy, Prof. Godfrey Harold. Date of birth: 7 February 1877. Date of death: 1 December 1947 ... Posted on 21 December 2017. ASTROPHYSICS: An Observational View of the Universe. Math Art and Design: MAD about Math, Math Education and Outreach. Math and Finance ...

  3. Harold Guetzkow's Legacy (United States)

    Druckman, James N.


    Harold Guetzkow displayed great determination and a remarkable ability to push boundaries. In this article, I describe how these features have had an impact across generations, both in the social sciences and at Northwestern University. In so doing, I touch on the development of experiments in political science and the rise of political psychology.

  4. Sir Harold Jeffreys (United States)

    Spall, H.


    Sir Harold Jeffreys is a world authority in theoretical geophyiscs. hew as born in Northumbria (northeast of England) and educated at Armstrong College (now the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne) and Cambridge University. He is now a Senior Fellow of St.John's College, Cambridge. He has published over 300 scientific papers and is the author of 7 books, including Theory of Probability and Mathematical Physics (with his wife, Lady Bertha Swirles Jeffreys). Sir Harold has made innumerable theoretical contributions to seismology. Many of these are documented in his book The Earth, which has been published in six editions. His papers have recently been collated by Gordon and Breach (Publishers) into six volumes, Collected Papers on Sir Harold Jeffreys on Geophyiscs and other Sciences. Some idea of the breadth of this research can be seen from the individual volume titles: "Theoretical and Observational Seismology," "Observational Seismology," "Gravity," "Dissipation of Energy and Thermal History," "Astronomy and Geophysics," and "Matematics, Probability and Miscellaneious Other Sciences." 

  5. Harold Guetzkow: A Scholar's Scholar (United States)

    Alger, Chadwick F.


    During our 14 years together at Northwestern University, Harold Guetzkow was at the same time my colleague, creative teacher, and helpful personal friend. I used his simulation in my undergraduate courses. His research and personal suggestions provided creative insights for my research at UN Headquarters. He provided younger colleagues with…

  6. On Harold's "Translucent Reality": A Philosophical and Religious Interpretation of "Harold and the Purple Crayon" (United States)

    Keskin, Burhanettin


    In this paper, one of the most popular children's picture books, Harold and the Purple Crayon, is examined in terms of philosophical and religious viewpoints. Harold, a young inquisitive boy, seemingly travels in his world in which he finds himself dealing with various situations. Harold's adventure with his purple crayon reminds us the…

  7. Harold Pinter in Slovene Translation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darja Hribar


    Full Text Available This article examines the translation of Harold Pinter’s most notable stylistic peculiarities into Slovene, illustrating its main points with examples taken from his play The Homecoming. The findings demonstrate above all a marked degree of non-observance of the special verbal pattern (special cohesion of the originals, a failure to convey Pinter’s special configuration of meaning (special coherence, and a disregard for internal unifying coincidences. It argues that the Slovene translations of Pinter rely mostly on traditional theories of meaning and of language norms, thus preventing the reproduction of those emotional and psychological actions of Pinter’s characters which are usually not expressed by means of the rhetorical, informative elements of his dialogue, but by its form and sonority, i. e. the length, strength, and level of articulation of verbal expression. This blurs Pinter’s famous logic of emotion, narrows the proverbial openness and conceptual uncertainty of his plays, and limits their potential vitality in translation. Taking into account current drama and theatre translation practices in Slovenia, i.e. the rarity of published drama translation and the dependence on a translated performance text for subsequent theatrical productions, the article argues that in such cases the drama translation should be retrospective, i.e. aiming at a maximum reconstruction of all relevant linguistic, stylistic, and textual properties of the original, leaving expressly subjective interventions in the text to the theatre practitioners.

  8. Harold el patoso, el pavoroso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Al hilo de la reciente publicación de la traducción castellana de los Estudios en etnometodología, la obra clásica del radicalismo sociológico de los sesenta escrita por el profesor estadounidense Harold Garfinkel, el presente trabajo pretende ofrecer a la comunidad académica de habla castellana un ensayo de evaluaciónretrospectivo-prospectiva de la revolución etnometodológica en las ciencias sociales en clave netamente hispánica. A tal fin disponemos un conjunto original de elementos temáticos y pistas contextuales con la intención expresa de incitar al lector a leer a Garfinkel desde una óptica original: (1 la segunda venidadel brujo de Los Ángeles cuarenta años más tarde (Ethnomethodology's Program, 2002; (2 el caso Agnes contra el caso Castaneda; (3 el tratado sociológico implícito en el Quijote; (y 4 la genealogía heideggeriana del ramalazo videogámico de la etnometodología garfinkeliana.

  9. A Conversation with Harold L. Nelson. (United States)

    Journalism History, 1979


    In this interview, Harold L. Nelson, former president of the Association for Education in Journalism and the American Association of Schools and Departments of Journalism, discusses a number of topics, including press freedom, research needs in journalism history, United States media history, and the current status of journalism history. (GT)

  10. My Mentored Relationship with Harold Guetzkow (United States)

    Chadwick, Richard W.


    Harold Guetzkow's guidance of research on foreign policy decision making was driven by a core concern: the avoidance of nuclear war and preservation of peace. He aimed to do this by supporting the creation and distribution of new knowledge through experiments aimed at simulating the processes and conditions hypothesized to influence such…

  11. The collected economics articles of Harold Hotelling

    CERN Document Server


    In 1985 I first began my research on the life and work of Harold Hotel­ ling. That year, Harold Hotelling's widow had donated the collection of his private p:;tpers, correspondence and manuscripts to the Butler Library, Columbia University. This is a most appropriate place for them to reside, in that Hotelling's most productive period as an active researcher in eco­ nomics and statistics coincides with the years when he was Professor of Mathematical Economics at Columbia (1931-1946). The Hotelling Collection comprises some 13,000 separate items and contains numerous unpublished letters and manuscripts of great importance to historians of economics and statistics. In the course of the following year I was able, with the generous financial assistance of the Nuffield Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council, the British Academy and the University of Durham, to spend six weeks over the Easter period working on the collection. I returned to New York in September 1986 while on sabbatical leave from th...

  12. The aesthetics of Harold Pinter's dramatic art

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Šoškić Radoje V.


    Full Text Available The British playwright Harold Pinter (1930-2008 is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most extraordinary modern playwrights, with the writing career which spanned over fifty years. The world Pinter depicts in his dramas is deeply political, violent, malevolent, and absurd at the same time, and is certainly reflective of dread, the precarious condition inhabited by most of contemporary humanity. A whole gallery of Pinter's characters (in his early plays are not driven by ambition to make progress in such a world, they don't care to dispute the public arena, they are uninterested in changing the world for better or for worse. On the contrary, those characters are sad citizens of intimacy, fear, the horrific nature of which unmasks itself in claustrophobic rooms they are entrapped in, where power games, domination, and the struggle for liberation originate. Pinter's characters are obsessed only with their own survival, governed by the 'territorial imperative'. The paper aims at analyzing thematic preoccupations, dramatic devices and major dramatic and poetic elements of Pinter's plays, with the emphasis on his connection with the 'Theatre of the Absurd'. The focus is also on the concept of the hidden violence of language and linguistic absurdity as used by Pinter.

  13. A note on Harold S. Diehl, randomization, and clinical trials. (United States)

    Waller, L A


    Harold S. Diehl and coworkers published results from a remarkable trial on the efficacy of vaccines for the common cold in 1938. The original report states that patients were assigned to treatment and control groups "at random." Diehl's study has been referred to as one of the first instances of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. No description of a formal randomization scheme is given in the 1938 report and an unpublished paper of Diehl's suggests the use of alternate assignment in the study.

  14. Op die voetspoor van Harold Henry Rowley (1890-1969

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. J.J. Spangenberg


    Full Text Available On the trail of Harold Heniy Rowley (1890-1969 H H Rowley can he described as an enigmatic Old Testament scholar. Hailed as one of the leading Old Testament biblical theologians of the forties and fifties, he was also criticized for his ‘middle-of-the-road’ conclusions. This article takes a brief look at his academic career and biblical scholarship, it is argued that he is an exponent of the biblical theology movement in his attempts to reconcile the results of the historical- critical method with the traditional creeds of Christianity. Unfortunately he was not very successful because he did not regard the results of New Testament historical-critical research seriously. He was reluctant to admit that there was a difference between the historical Jesus and Christ as proclaimed by the church. Perhaps there are a few lessons to be learned from his timidity.

  15. Harold Bloom's Charge that Multiculturalism in American Poetry Is a Mask for Mediocrity. (United States)

    Giovanni, Nikki; Aubert, Alvin; Hernton, Calvin; Moore, Leonard D.


    Yale professor Harold Bloom has concluded that cultural guilt has resulted in a 30-year intellectual decline in which politics has come to dominate U.S. poetry. Four leading African-American poets comment critically on Bloom's conclusions. (SLD)

  16. Theodore Harold Maiman and the invention of laser (United States)

    Rawicz, Andrew H.


    In his 1917 "On Quantum Theory of Radiation" paper Albert Einstein introduced the concept of amplification of radiation through stimulated emission with coherence. This concept had not been applied in practice until 1952 when Joseph Weber, followed by Townes, Basov and Prokhorov, developed the theory and started working on the construction of masers. The first maser was demonstrated by Townes' team in 1953. Many researchers began thinking about making an "optical maser", but the transition from centimeter to nanometer waves posed a problem. Well funded researchers in the USA and Soviet Union put their efforts into making an "optical maser". In May 16, 1960 an unknown and underfunded researcher, Theodore Harold Maiman, won the race and demonstrated a fully functional ruby laser. The scientific world was astonished by its simplicity and elegance. Maiman's short paper describing the invention appeared immediately in Nature magazine. This invention caused an avalanche of new laser developments followed by the growing number of applications in almost all fields of our lives. Ted Maiman died in 2007 in Vancouver, just 13 days before the 47th anniversary of the invention of the laser. The intention of this paper is to focus on the life of the scientific maverick and great man.

  17. Sir Nicholas Harold Ridley. He changed the world, so that we might better see it. (United States)

    Trivedi, Rupal H; Apple, David J; Pandey, Suresh K; Werner, Liliana; Izak, Andrea M; Vasavada, Abhay R; Ram, Jagat


    Cataract surgery with intraocular lens (IOL) implantation has become the most common and most successful of all operations in medicine. Sir Harold Ridley's first cataract extraction with implantation of an IOL marked the beginning of a major change in the practice of ophthalmology. Millions of patients worldwide have benefited from Sir Ridley's invention, and are likely to continue to derive benefit from this device. However, the development of the IOL was not without its share of ups and downs. Sir Harold Ridley, the inventor of IOL, died at the age of 94, on 25 May 2001, and ophthalmology lost one of its greatest and most influential practitioners. We are happy that he lived to enjoy the fruits of his labour--to see the amazing improvements and the expansive growth that evolved in the cataract-IOL technique, from early and unsatisfactory operations in previous decades, to the superb results attainable today. The invention of the IOL has not been just the addition of one new form of treatment, but rather, Sir Harold's tiny disc-shaped sliver of plastic has changed the world so that our patients may better see it. This article presents a brief biographical sketch of Sir Harold and lists his major inventions and contributions to ophthalmology.

  18. Harold Jeffreys’s default Bayes factor hypothesis tests : Explanation, extension, and application in psychology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ly, A.; Verhagen, J.; Wagenmakers, E.-J.

    Harold Jeffreys pioneered the development of default Bayes factor hypothesis tests for standard statistical problems. Using Jeffreys’s Bayes factor hypothesis tests, researchers can grade the decisiveness of the evidence that the data provide for a point null hypothesis H0H0 versus a composite

  19. Chemistry, Creativity, Collaboration, and C60: An Interview with Harold W. Kroto (United States)

    Cardellini, Liberato


    Harold Kroto is professor of chemistry at Sussex University and President of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), offers an insight into the way his discoveries, and his interpretation, were influenced by his other interests in the wider fields of chemistry and by his passionate interest in art. He shares his views on the discovery of…

  20. 78 FR 62666 - Kenneth Harold Bull, M.D.; Decision and Order (United States)


    ... to 100 patients for opiate addiction with Suboxone and Subutex under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act... Show Cause to Kenneth Harold Bull, M.D. (Respondent), of Albuquerque, New Mexico. ALJ Ex. 1. The Show... because of actions taken by the New Mexico Medical Board, Respondent was without authority to handle...

  1. Sir Nicholas Harold Ridley.He Changed the World, So that We Might Better See It.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Trivedi Rupal


    Full Text Available Cataract surgery with intraocular lens (IOL implantation has become the most common and most successful of all operations in medicine. Sir Harold Ridley′s first cataract extraction with implantation of an IOL marked the beginning of a major change in the practice of ophthalmology. Millions of patients worldwide have benefited from Sir Ridley′s invention, and are likely to continue to derive benefit from this device. However, the development of the IOL was not without its share of ups and downs. Sir Harold Ridley, the inventor of IOL, died at the age of 94, on 25 May 2001, and ophthalmology lost one of its greatest and most influential practitioners. We are happy that he lived to enjoy the fruits of his labour - to see the amazing improvements and the expansive growth that evolved in the cataract-IOL technique, from early and unsatisfactory operations in previous decades, to the superb results attainable today. The invention of the IOL has not been just the addition of one new form of treatment, but rather, Sir Harold′s tiny disc-shaped sliver of plastic has changed the world so that our patients may better see it . This article presents a brief biographical sketch of Sir Harold and lists his major inventions and contributions to ophthalmology.

  2. An Althusserian Reading of Harold Pinter’s One for the Road

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Merve Aydoğdu


    Full Text Available Louis Althusser in his seminal essay “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” in Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays (1970 discusses the ways through which a State dominates/subjugates its subjects by means of Repressive and Ideological State Apparatuses, the effects of which are traceable in Harold Pinter's 1984-play One for the Road. Within this scope, this paper seeks to examine Pinter's one-act play from an Althusserian point of view with a view to demonstrating the manipulative influence of ISAs and SA on the creation of subjects who would serve for the State.

  3. Harold Wilson's Efforts at a Negotiated Settlement of the Vietnam War, 1965-67


    Mizumoto, Yoshihiko


    This article aims to provide an account of British Prime\\ud Minister Harold Wilson’s diplomatic attempts to settle the\\ud Vietnam War. There are some previous studies discussing his\\ud initiatives in 1965, but little research focussing on his\\ud continuous trials in the following years. Starting with an\\ud analysis of Wilson’s concept of an Anglo-American ‘division of\\ud function’ in Vietnam, this article then examines Anglo-Soviet\\ud summit meetings in 1966-67 and investigates the Wilson-\\ud...

  4. Sir Nicholas Harold Lloyd Ridley: 10 July 1906 - 25 May 2001. (United States)

    Apple, David J


    Sir Harold Ridley invented and refined the modern miracle of replacing lenses obscured by cataracts with plastic optical lenses, thus rendering a complete cataract cure. This operation, broadly termed the cataract-intraocular lens (IOL) operation, has since brought sight to many millions of people throughout the world, and continues to improve the quality of life of more than 10 million patients worldwide each year. Ridley not only launched this powerful and irreversible forward movement in the field of ophthalmology and the visual sciences, but through it he also helped give birth to the exciting and new field of artificial biodevice implantation as well as transplantation techniques now applied to many other organs and tissues of the body. He has therefore been credited with healing to create the relatively new specialty of biomedical engineering. Few of the millions of patients worldwide who now enjoy the benefits of the modern cataract - IOL operation are aware of the origin of this innovation. Indeed, few eye care professionals - even ophthalmic surgeons who implant them almost daily - are aware of the origin of the IOL - an invention that, as Harold himself liked to say, 'cured aphakia'. (The word aphakia comes from teh Greek, meaning absence of lens, the situation that occurs when a cataractous lens is surgically removed.)

  5. Clinicians' autonomy till the bitter end--can we learn from the extraordinary case of Harold Shipman?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Weel, C. van


    Harold Shipman has attained the dubious reputation of being the greatest mass murderer of modern times. A specific feature of his murders was that these were committed during regular general practice care, over a period of 20 years. There are no grounds to assume that Shipman's case is unique in

  6. Harold Lasswell e o campo da comunicação


    Carvalho, Rafiza Luziani Varão Ribeiro


    Harold Lasswell é um autor comumente citado pelo campo da Comunicação como um de seus pioneiros, no que tange ao estudo da propaganda no início do século XX e também em relação ao desenvolvimento do campo comunicacional, com a criação do famoso modelo que leva seu nome. A tradicional narrativa da história do campo da Comunicação afirma que foi este modelo o responsável pela organização da pesquisa em comunicação e a classificou em áreas: o estudo ...

  7. Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter in German: What’s Missing in Translation?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renée von Paschen


    Full Text Available Several of Harold Pinter’s works have been adapted as screenplays and filmed. This paper investigates director Robert Altman’s TV movie The Dumb Waiter in comparison with the German dubbed version, Der stumme Diener, as well as the reception of Pinter’s play in German. The translation of Pinter’s dialogue into German involves stylistic aspects, such as Pinter’s dry, concise style, as well as the subliminal wit, sarcasm and irony. Humour is particularly difficult to translate, often involving compensation or transfer from one (cultural context to another. As one of the “comedies of menace”, The Dumb Waiter employs black humour and ironic wit to create threat and dramatic tension. The unknown threat is counterbalanced by “black comic relief”. The lack of a classical German tradition of black comedy problematizes the translation of Pinter’s dialogue, while the limits of audiovisual translation add additional hurdles.

  8. On the Threshold: Time and the Speaking Subject in Harold Pinter’s Silence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatrice Nori


    Full Text Available The article investigates Harold Pinter’s play Silence from a linguistic and phenomenological point of view. Silence is probably one of the least studied – though one of the most difficult and compelling – of Pinter’s plays. The author iden­tifies the broken syntax and the combi­nation of utterances and silences as indicators of time and space shifts. She claims that the patchwork which appears from the structure of the play depicts the loss of logic, and that the abandonmen­t of chronological time in linguistic terms conveys the subjecti­ve, circular, and illogical elemen­t of the human experience of time. Characters’ bodies and utterances materialize both their own past recollections and their presen­t experiences. The presen­t work may be useful to theatre scholars as an example of drama as a portrayal of philosophical and linguistic theories about time and discourse.

  9. Emma Bovary, Hedda Gabler, and Harold Brodkey would not have lived without Charcot: hysteria in novels. (United States)

    Kaptein, A A


    Medical humanities is the interdisciplinary field of humanities (literature, philosophy, ethics, history, and religion), social science (anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, and sociology), and the arts (literature, theater, film, and visual arts), and their application to medical education and practice. In this chapter, the concept of 'hysteria' is put into a medical humanities perspective. We review the concept of hysteria concisely. Two novels and one autobiographical story are used as material in order to study how 'hysteria' is represented in literary work. Madame Bovary (Gustave Flaubert), Hedda Gabler (Henrik Ibsen), and A Story in an Almost Classical Mode (Harold Brodkey) were searched for elements that are characteristic of hysteria. Excessive emotion, dramatics, attention-seeking behavior, physical symptoms of unknown and unidentifiable organic causes, self-centered behavior, and flirtatious behavior are the six elements used to operationalize hysteria. It was found that these elements were present in both a quantitative and qualitative manner in the literary works examined. Acknowledging some limitations and suggesting some research areas and clinical implications, we conclude that literary works are useful in analyzing concepts in medicine. Also, more generally, using literary works seems to have a positive impact on readers, healthcare providers, and researchers in the healthcare domain. Studying novels and related literary work contributes to the body of knowledge of medical humanities.

  10. The Reception of Harold Pinter’s Plays in Slovenia between 1999 and 2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Urša Gavez


    Full Text Available Harold Pinter started his career with a conspicuous lack of success. He faced negative critical reviews of his early works, but his typical style eventually opened doors to new worlds in modern drama. On Slovene stages, Pinter’s plays also received a similarly modest welcome. The audience as well as the reviewers found his long pauses, silences and incoherent dialogue insufficiently engaging. One of the main reasons for this could have been their unfamiliarity with Pinter’s style, which eventually acquired its own adjective – ‘Pinteresque’. With time, Pinter’s popularity increased more rapidly on the world stages than in Slovenia, and today this playwright is not a stranger to the Slovene theatre. This article deals with Pinter on Slovene stages as well as the popular and critical reception of his plays. The period before 1999 was thoroughly analysed by Darja Hribar, while this study is the first to focus on the decade and a half following.

  11. The ex-illiterate brain: The critical period, cognitive reserve and HAROLD model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Vania Silva Nunes

    Full Text Available Abstract The lifelong acquisition of cognitive skills shapes the biology of the brain. However, there are critical periods for the best use of the brain to process the acquired information. Objectives: To discuss the critical period of cognitive acquisition, the concept of cognitive reserve and the HAROLD (Hemispheric Asymmetry Reduction in Older adults model. Methods: Seven women who learned how to read and to write after the age of 50 (ex-illiterates and five women with 10 years of regular schooling (controls were submitted to a language recognition test while brain activity was being recorded using magnetoencephalography. Spoken words were delivered binaurally via two plastic tubs terminating in ear inserts, and recordings were made with a whole head magnetometer consisting of 148 magnetometer coils. Results: Both groups performed similarly on the task of identifying target words. Analysis of the number of sources of activity in the left and right hemispheres revealed significant differences between the two groups, showing that ex-illiterate subjects exhibited less brain functional asymmetry during the language task. Conclusions: These results should be interpreted with caution because the groups were small. However, these findings reinforce the concept that poorly educated subjects tend to use the brain for information processing in a different way to subjects with a high educational level or who were schooled at the regular time. Finally, the recruiting of both hemispheres to tackle the language recognition test occurred to a greater degree in the ex-illiterate group where this can be interpreted as a sign of difficulty performing the task.

  12. Griechische Mythologie bei Statius : Dante, Harold Bloom und die Grenzen der politischen Psychologie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Marinčič


    Full Text Available Ausgangspunkt des Aufsatzes ist die Biographie des Statius, wie sie Dante in der Göttlichen Komödie(Purg. 22 dem Autor der Thebais, der Siluae und des Achilleis-Fragments in den Mund legt. Die Geschichte von der heimlichen Bekehrung des Statius unter Domitian, die die Mehrzahl der modernen Interpreten als eine literarische Fiktion Dantes betrachtet, stützt sich in Purg. 22.88–91 auf eine psychologische Deutung der Thebais, derzufolge Statius’ Schilderung des thebanischen Bürgerkriegs als ein Symptom der Glaubensverleugnung aufzufassen sei. Es kann angenommen werden, daß die kreative Erfindung der religiösen Krise des Statius auf einer politisch-psychologischen Betrachtung der flavischen Literatur gründet, die Dante mit einer großen Zahl moderner Interpreten teilt. Die Tatsache, daß Statius einen mythischen Krieg als Sujet für sein Epos wählt, und die allgemeine Vorliebe der flavischen Epik für mythologische Stoffe werden noch heute oft auf zwei komplementär zusammenwirkende Faktoren zurückgefürt: auf die politische Unterdrückung, die eine affirmative Beschäftigung mit Zeitgschichte schwierig macht, und – in Sinne von Harold Blooms anxiety of influence – auf die künstlerische Beengung, die die nachvergilischen Epiker als Nachfolger eines kanonisierten literarischen ‘Vaters’ erfahren. Der Autor des Beitrags betont einerseits die künstlerische Expressivität, die Dantes ‘Psychopathogramm der nachaugusteischen Epik’ kennzeichnet, und untersucht andererseits – am Beispiel der Achilleis – die Grenzen der politischen Psychologie im Bereich der Literaturgeschichte.

  13. Roles sociales de la sociedad contemporánea en la película 'Multiplicity' de Harold Ramis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raquel Fernández Cobo


    Full Text Available Multiplicity (2010, dirigida por Harold Ramis, plasma en pantalla a través del motivo del doble los elementos que constituyen la crisis del sujeto y que representan al individuo bajo el signo de la disipación. Mediante un análisis temático y discursivo del motivo del doble examinamos cómo el protagonista, al intentar llevar a cabo la totalidad de los roles sociales, se ve abocada a las contradicciones más agudas de la sociedad, manifestadas, sobre todo, a nivel del cuerpo, tanto en el manifiesto simbolismo del motivo del doble como en el “terror biológico” que de forma absolutamente irónica y humorística se representa en el último clon del protagonista.

  14. Om te teologiseer oor God en lyding: Opmerkings na aanleiding van Harold Kushner se interpretasie van Job 40:9-14

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. J.J. Spangenberg


    Full Text Available To reflect theologically on God and suffering: Remarks relating to Harold Kushner’s interpretation of Job 40:9-14 More than a decade ago rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a bestseller on God and suffering, entitled When bad things happen to good people. Even Christian theologians took cognizance of it. Kushner based his ideas on a dubious interpretation of Job 40:9-14. According to this interpretation, God confesses his inability to control evil at all times. Although this interpretation can be questioned the reflections are stimulating. Kushner’s book is a clear indication of how theological reflection comes about. Theological statements do not flow directly from the Tanakh or from the Christian Bible. As ancient Near Eastern religious documents they only serve as catalysts for our own theological reflections.

  15. At NCI, Supporting the Best Science (United States)

    Yesterday, at the AACR annual meeting, Dr. Doug Lowy spoke directly to the research community about his goals as NCI Acting Director. Dr. Lowy said that he plans to continue many of the programs launched by his predecessor, Dr. Harold Varmus, and to sharp

  16. Open access to scientific research

    CERN Multimedia


    "A number of influential scientists have begun to argue that the cost of research publications has grown so large that it impedes the distribution of knowledge... So a coalition led by Dr. Harold Varmus, the former director of the National Institutes of Health, is creating a new model, called the Public Library of Science" (1/2 page).

  17. On Heliocopris Sturleri, Harold

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Harold, von E.


    I believe not to be mistaken in referring to this species a female specimen of a large Heliocopris having the elytra of an opaque black with a silky gloss, very inconspicuously striated and covered all over by an extremely delicate rugosity. The head is semicircular, with the anterior margin faintly

  18. 1994 Architectural Design awards. Windemere Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Martha's Vineyard; Harold & Patricia Toppel Center for Life Enhancement, Miami; Westminster Place, Oakmont, Pa. (United States)

    Regnier, V; Beard, R; Koff, T


    At the 11th annual Architectural Design Awards, sponsored by Contemporary Long Term Care, the following projects were singled out for their innovative designs: New nursing home with 130 beds or less: Windemere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Martha's Vineyard. New nursing home with more than 130 units: Harold & Patricia Toppel Center for Life Enhancement, Miami, Fla. Renovated retirement center with 150 beds or less: Westminster Place, Oakmont, Pa. No awards were given in one nursing-home and three retirement-center categories. The competition was held on March 20 in the offices of Backen Arrigoni & Ross of San Francisco. Following is an overview of the competition and a narrative on each of the three entries honored for notable innovations in design.

  19. Symbolism in Harold Pinter's The Caretaker,and Taha Salem's Madina That Al-Jather Al-Takibi A Comparative Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nadia Ali Akbar


    Full Text Available The twentieth century represents a new shift in the understanding of the circumstances which effect the state of man. New moralities, new values and new estimations were created. Two World Wars brought not only hardships and damages, but also an enlargement in the scope and perception of artists. It is worth nothing that symbolism forms an indispensable part in the theatre of the Absurd. Harold Pinter was an English playwright, screenwriter, actor, director, political, activist, and poet. He was among the most influential British playwrights of modern times, and in 2005 he was awarded the Noble Prize for literature. Pinter's plays must be read many times in order to realize the extent of the symbolism that he uses. In The Caretaker 1959; it is a three act play, he uses the symbols to reflect that the modern world is in a state of absurdity and mess, and man as a part of his world becomes a real reflection of this absurdity and mess in all its kinds. Modern man loses his belief and certainty in such things as love, charity, and understanding as Pinter argues that every man encounters violence in some way or other. All this is clearly represented by the three characters in The Caretaker especially Davies. Taha Salem is another Iraqi playwright who was utilized or assimilated different event grade techniques to convey certain social aims. Madina Taht Al-Jather Al-Takibi. (A City Under A Cubic Root is a play with some awareness of the Absurd drama. This awareness is mainly materialized in the overuse of symbolism which is one of the basic aspects of the theatre of the Absurd.

  20. A reading list for Bill Gates--and you. A conversation with literary critic Harold Bloom. Interview by Diane L. Coutu. (United States)

    Bloom, H


    In today's technology-driven world, who has time to pick up a 400-page novel? Most executives don't--they have urgent e-mails to answer, training seminars to attend, meetings to lead, and trade publications to scan. But according to Harold Bloom, one of America's most influential scholars, they should make time in their hectic schedules to read great works. In a wide-ranging conversation with HBR senior editor Diane Coutu, Bloom discusses the importance of literature: every individual--regardless of profession--needs to stretch his or her mind and reflect now and again on the human condition. "By reading great imaginative literature, you can prepare yourself for surprise and even get a kind of strength that welcomes and exploits the unexpected," he says. Because there are so many great works and there is so little time, Bloom presents a reading list for busy executives. Shakespeare's King Lear can teach businesspeople about change. Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays capture the ethos of the American spirit--individualism and inventiveness. Bloom says Sigmund Freud's conceptions "form the only Western mythology that contemporary intellectuals have in common." And people will never fully understand some aspects of themselves until they read Miguel de Cervantes's Don Quixote. In short, Bloom believes the humanities have much to offer businesspeople: great books broaden their awareness and their range of sensibility, he says. But reading literature will not make businesspeople more moral, he cautions. Bloom also discusses other topics such as how to read well, the state of popular fiction, the role of irony, and the subject of change.

  1. Free access to science

    CERN Multimedia


    Several influential American scientists have begun to argue that the cost of research publications has grown so large that it impedes the distribution of knowledge. Some subscriptions cost thousands of dollars per year, and those journals are usually available online only to subscribers. So a coalition led by Harold Varmus, the former director of the National Institutes of Health, is creating a new model, called the Public Library of Science (1/2 page).

  2. 78 FR 43856 - Harold Hanson; Order Relating to Harold Hanson (United States)


    ... special agent and an FBI special agent on or about January 29, 2009, Hanson represented that he did not... 22033, and when acting for or on his behalf, his successors, assigns, representatives, agents, or..., participate in any way in any transaction involving any commodity, software or technology (hereinafter...

  3. Vozvrashtshenije "aziatskihh" tsennostei / Harold James

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Autor arutleb Jaapani matemaatiku Masahiko Fujiwara uue raamatu "Riigi väärikus" ("The Dignity of a State") üle, mis räägib sellest, et Läänes loodud liberaalne demokraatia ei sobi Jaapani või Aasia iseloomuga

  4. Harold Pinter: The Theatre of Power


    Gordon, Robert J.


    The book focuses on Pinter's continuously innovative experiments in theatrical form while it traces the recurrence in his work of a consistent set of ethical and epistemological concerns. Exploring important plays from the writer's career, I argue that the motivating force in almost all of Pinter's drama is the ceaseless desire for power, represented in his work as a compulsive drive to achieve or maintain dominance - whether it be the struggle to defend one's own territory from intruders, th...

  5. Buumist kriisi: purunenud illusioonid / Harold James

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Erinevalt 19. sajandi maailmast saabub tänapäeval majanduses tsükliline kollaps üllatusena, seejärel hakatakse maailma ümber mõtestama. Maailm vajas ümbermõtestamist 1979., 1989., 1998. ja 2008. aastal. Järgmine visioon, mis paistab olevat läbikukkunud on arenevate turgude buum

  6. Suurte globaliseerujate tõus / Harold James

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Globaliseeruvas maailmas saavad väikeriigid kõige paremini hakkama, kuna on paindlikumad ja suudavad muutlike turgudega hõlpsamini kohanduda, suurriigid püüavad üleilmastumist pigem kujundada kui aktsepteerida

  7. Op die voetspoor van Harold Henry Rowley (1890-1969)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    om 'n bundel artikels met die wysheid en wysheidsliteratuur as tema as 'n Festschrift aan hom op te dra. Deur middel van hierdie tema het hulle op 'n subtiele wyse gewys op 'n leemte in sy navorsing. ... Die titel van sy tesis was; 'A comparison of the grammar and vocabulary of the Aramaic portions of the Old Testament ...

  8. Notes on Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge by Harold Eckes (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — These are two memos written in the fall of 1971 by a refuge volunteer to the refuge manager regarding his findings at Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge.

  9. Notes on Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge by Harold Eckes (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a report written by a refuge volunteer to the refuge manager regarding his findings at Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge during the 1975 season.

  10. Notes on Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge by Harold Eckes (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a report written by a refuge volunteer to the refuge manager regarding his findings at Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge from June - October, 1972.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadir ALKAYA


    Full Text Available Sessizliğin konuşma, konuşmanınsa bir anlaşamama olgusuna dönüştüğü Pinter'ın "the Room" adlı oyununa farklı bir açıdan bakılınca görülenlerin paylaşıldığı bir yazı. Küçük bir odada, iki kişilik bir toplumda karşılıklı çıkar elde etme olgusu etrafında birleştikleri iddia edilen iki insan arasındaki ilişkinin bir yorumu. Pinter'ın karakterlerine yüklediği görev nedeniyle "ne tam ispatlanabilecek ne de inkar edilebilecek" yorumlar. Marksist pencereden bakıldığında bu oda içerisindeki birlikteliğin Bert in (koca Rose üzerinde uyguladığı baskı, dış dünyaya kapalılığın getirdiği daha iyi olanı görmemişlikten doğan mevcudu kaybetme korkusuyla her şeyi beğenme durumu. Karı koca arasındaki bir ilişkiden çok, patron ve çalışanı arasındaki ilişkiye benzetilen bir ilişki. Rose'a geçmişindeki muhtemelen bugüne göre daha güzel olan durumunu hatırlatmak üzere gelen Riley'nin Bert tarafından öldürülüp bir anlamda tarihin susturulması. Sonuçta iki kişilik bu toplum ve bu toplumdaki baskı rejimi bir şekilde sona eriyor. Rose'un etrafında dönen olayları apolitik olmasından dolayı görememesi fiziksel bir körlüğe dönüşüyor, Bert ise en büyük desteğini kaybediyor.

  12. Op die voetspoor van Harold Henry Rowley (1890-1969 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    critical method with the traditional creeds of Christianity. Unfortunately he was not very successful because he did not regard the results of New Testament historical-critical research seriously. He was reluctant to admit that there was a difference between the historical Jesus and Christ as proclaimed by the church. Perhaps ...

  13. Who was in Harold Bluetooth’s army?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Price, Douglas; Frei, Karin; Dobat, A.S.


    The circular fortress of Trelleborg on Zealand in Denmark is well known as a military camp with a key role in the formation of the Danish state under Harald Bluetooth in the tenth century AD. Taking a sample of 48 burials from the fort, strontium isotope analysis once again demonstrates its ability...... with a silver casket. Trelleborg, home of Harald Bluetooth's army, was a fortress of foreigners with vivid implications for the nature of his political mission...

  14. IMF on jäänud usalduskriisi / Harold James

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Rahvusvaheline Valuutafond (IMF) peab enda ees seisvate uute ülesannete täitmiseks taastama oma liikmete usalduse. Ta võiks olla võimas finantsalane stabiliseerija, kui saaks hakkama uute ülejäägiga riikide reservvaraga. Äripäevas art. lüh.

  15. Lazareto de Agua de Dios, Frente a los Valores Sociales Invertidos // Lazareto de Agua de Dios, in Front of Invested Social Securities // Lazareto Água de Dios, Contra a Valores Sociais Investidos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darío Benavides Pava


    Full Text Available El presente artículo forma parte del proyecto de investigación institucional denominado Historiografía del Empresariado de Cundinamarca 1900-2010; Capítulo: Provincia del Alto Magdalena. Con este estudio se pretende hacer un merecido reconocimiento al empresariado de la provincia que, con su esfuerzo y tenacidad lograron hacer del Alto Magdalena una región próspera, foco de inversión nacional y extranjera. De igual manera, interesa a la academia analizar los modelos y técnicas administrativas empleados por los emprendedores locales en el empeño por sacar adelante sus proyectos. Este estudio lleva a cabo una secuencia documental de carácter histórico que permite conocer el modelo administrativo implementado en el Lazareto de Agua de Dios y su particular sistema económico, dando ejemplo de funcionalidad con respeto por la dignidad humana. Fue de esta manera como la sociedad resolvió “el problema”. 

  16. 76 FR 53961 - Harold Edward Smith, M.D.; Revocation Of Registration (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Drug... Order alleged that Respondent has ``a documented substance abuse history dating back as far as 1982...'' Florida Board of Medicine, which required him to pay a fine of $5,000, desist ``from prescribing to family...

  17. Trumpi revolutsiooniline dilemma / Harold James ; inglise keelest tõlkinud M. V.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Vene revolutsiooni tänavune sajas aastapäev langeb kokku Trumpi revolutsiooniga USA-s, mis omakorda järgnes Brexiti revolutsioonile Ühendkuningriigis. Tänased mässajad peaksid arvesse võtma ajaloo õppetunde

  18. The Aesthetic Values of Silence in Two Plays by Harold Pinter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Niloufar Amiri


    Full Text Available In our modern world where people suffer from self-alienation and are after the meaning of existence in their mechanical and flamboyant outside world, finding a discernible language is very important. Dejected minds of people are the products of the miserable modern societies which have changed them to the taciturn and uncommunicative creatures in search of meaning. The significance of language specifically poetic or living language is an undeniable fact in different eras. Therefore, it would be easier for the artists to communicate people by letting them get the maximum meaning with the least amount of words.  This article shows the aesthetic values of silence in two Pinter plays, The Birthday Party and The Dumb Waiter. It uses Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s theory of “organic unity” to show that the simultaneous presence of language and silence in Pinter’s dramas keeps the whole work of art in balance, allowing opposite particles to reconcile. Keywords: poetic/living language, theory of organic unity, unseen and unheard aspects of language, metaphoric and ambiguous language, defamiliarization in language, modern musical language

  19. Mid-Season Report on Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge by Harold Eckes (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a report written by a refuge volunteer to the refuge manager regarding his findings at Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge during the 1977 season.

  20. Kuus sammu langusest võitjana väljumiseks / Udo Jung, Reinhard Messenbock, Harold Sirkin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jung, Udo


    Boston Consulting Groupi ettevõtete küsitlusest selgus, et lisaks kulude kärpimisele on ettevõtted tarvitusele võtnud ka teisi meetmeid majandussurutisega võitlemiseks. Kuus soovitust, mida teha

  1. More or Less on the Mark? Translating Harold Pinter’s The Dwarfs: A Novel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Łukasz Borowiec


    Full Text Available A literary source text demands the translator’s approach for each process of translation. This approach involves a complex and multifaceted analysis of the source text. As Pinter’s novel The Dwarfs provides rich ground for such analysis, I present a selection of translation issues against the backdrop of a more general problem of translatability. Pinter is a master of English dialogue, which makes its translation a truly daunting task. The conversations between the characters are filled with expressions from cricket, dated British cultural references, puns, literary and Biblical allusions, phrases and formulaic expressions characteristic of Cockney, and numerous allusions to Shakespeare as well as his own earlier plays. I examine the translatability of The Dwarfs by discussing three translation codes: lexical-semantic, cultural and esthetic. Although these are closely interconnected and interdependent, I present a choice of issues within each code in order to submit for consideration the challenges facing a Pinter translator as well as to show the complexity of Pinter’s artistic vision in one of his earliest works.

  2. Basic Gas Chromatography (by Harold M. McNair and James M. Miller) (United States)

    Acree, William E., Jr.


    Wiley-Interscience: New York, 1997. xii + 197 pp. Appendices and index. ISBN 0-471-17260-X. $49.95. This book is one of nine published titles in the John Wiley Techniques in Analytical Chemistry series. Each volume in the series is to guide readers step by step through the given analytical method by discussions of historical development, fundamental principles, definitions, sample preparation, instrumentation, measurement procedures, data analysis, numerous illustrations, and practical examples. Knowledge must be conveyed in an understandable, comprehensive manner to a broad readership of chemical technicians and professionals, Ph.D. scientists, undergraduate and graduate students, and chemical educators. Readers need not be experts in the chosen analytical method. Basic Gas Chromatography meets all stated objectives.

  3. Learning the Test: Little Notes About Interpretation, Harold Bloom, the "Topoi," and "Oratio." (United States)

    Corder, Jim W.


    Discusses how rhetorical schemes, such as the anaphora, retain their traditional definitions and usages, but are also structural and stylistic qualities extending beyond sentences to paragraphs, verses, acts, chapters, and lives. Discusses the terms "oratio,""anaphora," and "topoi." (EL)

  4. St. Glady's Nursing Home, 53 Lower Kimmage Road, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6w.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Barker, Maja


    BACKGROUND: Self-perceptions of aging have been implicated as independent predictors of functional disability and mortality in older adults. In spite of this, research on self-perceptions of aging is limited. One reason for this is the absence of adequate measures. Specifically, there is a need to develop a measure that is theoretically-derived, has good psychometric properties, and is multidimensional in nature. The present research seeks to address this need by adopting the Self-Regulation Model as a framework and using it to develop a comprehensive, multi-dimensional instrument for assessing self-perceptions of aging. This study describes the validation of this newly-developed instrument, the Aging Perceptions Questionnaire (APQ). METHODS: Participants were 2,033 randomly selected community-dwelling older (+65 yrs) Irish adults who completed the APQ alongside measures of physical and psychological health. The APQ assesses self-perceptions of aging along eight distinct domains or subscales; seven of these examine views about own aging, these are: timeline chronic, timeline cyclical, consequences positive, consequences negative, control positive, control negative, and emotional representations; the eighth domain is the identity domain and this examines the experience of health-related changes. RESULTS: Mokken scale analysis showed that the majority of items within the views about aging subscales were strongly scalable. Confirmatory factor analysis also indicated that the model provided a good fit for the data. Overall, subscales had good internal reliabilities. Hierarchical linear regression was conducted to investigate the independent contribution of APQ subscales to physical and psychological health and in doing so determine the construct validity of the APQ. Results showed that self-perceptions of aging were independently related to physical and psychological health. Mediation testing also supported a role for self-perceptions of aging as partial mediators in the relationship between indices of physical functioning and physical and psychological health outcomes. CONCLUSION: Findings support the complex and multifaceted nature of the aging experience. The good internal reliability and construct validity of the subscales suggests that the APQ is a promising instrument that can enable a theoretically informed, multidimensional assessment of self-perceptions of aging. The potential role of self-perceptions of aging in facilitating physical and psychological health in later life is also highlighted.

  5. The Challenge of Opportunities in a Dynamic Society / Harold P Welsch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Welsch, Harold P


    Ettevõtlusaktiivsus kui dünaamiliselt areneva ühiskonna majandusliku arengu iseloomustaja. Millegi uue loomise protsessis, läbi innovatsiooni, muutub väikeettevõtlus uue majanduse liikumapanevaks jõuks. Loovus ja innovatsioonid, uute ideede omaksvõtt, tuleviku trendid

  6. Kak voznikajut superderzhavõ / Harold James ; tõlk. Jevgenija Unanjants

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Hiina kiire majandusliku arengu võrdlus protsessidega Saksamaal ja Jaapanis. Kui Hiina tahab vältida Saksamaa XX sajandi alguse saatust, peab ta toetama oma edukat majanduslikku moderniseerimist põhiseaduslike ja poliitiliste reformidega

  7. Euroliidu väikeriikidel läheb suurtest paremini / Harold James

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Vanade Euroopa Liidu liikmesriikide hirmudest seoses Euroopa Liidu laienemisega. Ühenduse väikeriikide paindlikkus ja kohanemisvõime on taganud neile praeguses geopoliitilises ning majanduslikus keskkonnas edu

  8. African American History, Race and Textbooks: An Examination of the Works of Harold O. Rugg and Carter G. Woodson (United States)

    King, LaGarrett J.; Davis, Christopher; Brown, Anthony L.


    This paper proposes that as a way to broaden the theoretical and historical context of social studies foundational literature and curriculum history, attention must be given to issues of race and racism related the experiences of African Americans. First, race and racism should be used as an analytical tool to examine longstanding foundations…

  9. Peakonsul Jaanus Kirikmäe andis teenetemärgi praost Thomas Vagale / Airi Vaga ; foto: Harold Karu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaga, Airi, 1940-


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilves annetas iseseisvuspäeva puhul USA I praostkonna praostile Thomas Vagale Valgetähe IV klassi teenetemärgi. Teenetemärgi andis Thomas Vagale üle Eesti Vabariigi peakonsul Jaanus Kirikmäe

  10. Toward Interracial Understanding: Relationships in Athol Fugard's "Master Harold...and the Boys" and "My Children! My Africa!" (United States)

    O'Mara, Joan; Long, Kathleen

    Athol Fugard, a white South African playwright/actor/director of international renown, has worked toward the establishment of an integrated, multiracial theater not associated with the white South African establishment. In his plays, Fugard has made racism and the ravaging effects of racial tension come alive as he presents aspects of these…

  11. ChemSkill Builder 2000, Version 6.1 [CD-ROM] (by James D. Spain and Harold J. Peters) (United States)

    Keeney-Kennicutt, Reviewed By Wendy L.


    One of the major challenges for faculty teaching general chemistry is how to encourage students to practice solving problems. We know that for students to develop chemical intuition and problem-solving skills, they must "get their hands dirty" as they decipher and unravel problems inherent to our discipline. One tool that I've used since its release in 1996 is the ChemSkill Builder, an electronic homework package. The latest version, ChemSkill Builder (CSB) 2000, version 6.1, is an excellent, effective integration of teaching and testing most quantitative and conceptual learning objectives in an interactive way. It is inexpensive and easy to use for both students and faculty. The CSB 2000 package of personalized problem sets, specifically designed to complement most general chemistry courses, is a program on CD-ROM for PC Windows users (3.1, 95, or 98), with more than 1500 questions and a 3 1/2-in. record-management disk. There is a separate grade-management disk for the instructor. It has 24 gradable chapters, each with 5 or 6 sections, plus two new chapters that are not graded: Polymer Chemistry and an Appendix of Chemical Skills. Each section begins with a short review of the topic and many have interactive explanations. If students miss an answer, they are given a second chance for 70% credit. If they still miss, the worked-out solution is presented in detail. Students can work each section as many times as they wish to improve their scores. Periodically, the students download their data directly into a PC set up by the instructor. The data can be easily converted into an ASCII file and merged with a spreadsheet. The use of CD-ROM solves the sporadic problems associated with previous versions on 3 1/2-in. disks: software glitches, failed disks, and system incompatibilities. The quality and number of graphics and interactive exercises are much improved in this latest version. I particularly enjoyed the interactive explanations of significant figures and dimensional analysis in Sections 2.3 and 2.5, the pH meter simulation in Section 18.3, the Geiger counter simulation in Section 23.5, and the new periodic table game in Appendix A. I informally polled my Fall 1999 students on their midsemester impressions of the ChemSkill Builder, version 5.1--the previous version. The preliminary results in Table 1 show an overall acceptable rating of 3.45. Note that 51% of the students thought that incorporating the CSB into the syllabus was good to very good, compared to only 16% who gave negative responses. Positive comments included "a great tool to study for the test" and "it shows how to work out the problems". The major negative comment was that the CSB was too time-consuming because the acceptable answer had to include the right number of significant figures and the correct unit--sexactly what an instructor wants the student to learn. Interestingly, the scores given appeared to be independent of the students' midterm grades, suggesting that acceptance of this product might be linked to a specific learning style. When I compared my students' responses to their Keirsey temperaments in Table 2, the ChemSkill Builder appealed somewhat more to the students who like activity, entertainment and immediate feedback (SP) or who enjoy technology and constant success experiences (NT) than to the students who prefer more group interactions (NF) or who need more structure (SJ). At the semester's end, the students were asked again to rate the ChemSkill Builder, and 97% of 155 responses either agreed (28%) or strongly agreed (69%) that it proved helpful in learning course material. Moreover, 99% thought that I should continue to incorporate the ChemSkill Builder in future courses. To summarize, the ChemSkill Builder 2000, version 6.1, will be an excellent tool for augmenting the learning process in the general chemistry classroom.

  12. Järgmise üleilmastumise lõpp / Harold James ; tõlkinud Külli-Riin Tigasson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    James, Harold


    Praeguse kriisiga võib kaasneda üleilmastumisele tagasikäigu andmine. Ajalugu näitab, et üleilmastumine ei ole pöördumatu, praegust vastulööki globaliseerumisele veavad praktilised, omahuvidest lähtuvad reaktsioonid ja moralistlikud argumendid

  13. Unusual arrangement and behaviour of the sex chromosomes of Aphodius (Agolius abdominalis Bonelli, 1812, and comparison with A. (A. bonvouloiri Harold, 1860 (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Angus


    Full Text Available Aphodius abdominalis Bonelli, 1812 is shown to have a karyotype comprising nine pairs of autosomes and sex chromosomes which are X0 (male, XX (female. At first metaphase of meiosis the X chromosome is linked to an autosomal bivalent by a darkly staining area of the cytoplasm, resembling the Xy p arrangement typical of Aphodius species, but giving nine, rather than 10, elements in the nucleus. C-banding, which shows the centromeres, confirms this unusual arrangement. A. bonvouloiri, the only other known species of subgenus Agolius Mulsant et Rey, 1869, has a male karyotype with nine pairs of autosomes and Xy sex chromosomes. No preparations of its meiosis are available.

  14. Rejoinder to article by Harold M Shroder: The fallacy of using in-basket based measures for the validation of leadership dimensions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. H. Spangenberg


    Full Text Available A response is given to the critical questions and concerns raised by Schroder (2004 on the validation study by Spangenberg and Theron (2003. The importance of open debate as an expression of scientific rationally in service of the epistemic ideal of science is acknowledged. Schroder’s (2004 concern essentially centers on the use of the inbasket as a stand-alone measure and the appropriateness of the design of the Spangenberg and Theron (2003 study for the investigation of the validity of the HPLC’s. The objectives of the Spangenberg and Theron (2003 study are re-examined. The prudence of using and validating the in-basket as a stand-alone measure is discussed. Opsomming Repliek word gelewer op die kritise vrae en besorgdhede wat deur Schroder (2004 geopper word oor die validasiestudie van Spangenberg en Theron (2003. Die belang van ’n oop gesprek as manifestasie van die rasionaliteit van wetenskap in diens van die epistemiese ideal word erken. Schroder (2004 se kommer sentreer wesenlik rondom die gebruik van die posmandjie as ‘n meetinstrument in eie reg en die toepaslikheid van die ontwerp van die Spangenberg en Theron (2003 studie vir die validasie van die HPLC’s. Die doelstellings van die Spangenberg en Theron (2003 studie word weer in oënskou geneem. Die wysheid om die posmandjie as ’n meetinstrument in eie reg te gebruik en te valideer word bespreek.

  15. Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    etry is a study of a space M made up of points with varM>us sorts of structures, analysis involves functions and its derivatives, and ... In physics, the general aim is to understand the material world - what everything around us is made of and what .... Scientists in HRI mainly work on inflation, numerical simulations on formation ...

  16. “We may be caught in the trap of a garrison state”:* Harold D. Lasswell, the American Middle Class and the Political Legitimacy of the National Security State


    Battistini, Matteo


    The cases of Snowden and Manning have contributed to the re-opening of the public and academic debate about national security, individual freedom and democracy. This debate began after 9/11 when the war on terror renewed the state-building process that had begun after World War II. Although historians have reconstructed the historical making of the national security state, the essay sheds new light on the debate culminating in the National Security Act by analyzing the writings of the social ...

  17. Keynote Lecture: The Problems and Challenges in Biomedical Sciences


    Bruce Albert


    Distressed by the perverse incentives that have generated the current hyper-competitive biomedical research environment in the United States, four of us published an open-access article in April 2014 entitled: Rescuing US biomedical research from its systemic flaws (Alberts, B., Kirschner, Marc W., Tilghman, Shirley, and  Varmus, H.; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111, 5773-5777 (2014)). As announced in our follow-up piece, Opinion: Addressing systemic problems in the biomedical research enterpri...

  18. U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, 1973-1982: A Case Study in Successful Peacetime Military Reform (United States)


    Huntington’s argument that the core expertise of military officers is the “management of violence” – a phrase he attributes to Harold Lasswell . See...military efforts was their spending. In 1978, Secretary of Defense Harold Brown summarized differences in Soviet and U.S. defense spending to Congress...Chief of Staff. That position was established in February 1967 as one of a series of management reforms implemented by Army Chief of Staff Harold K

  19. Futures Studies and the Policy Sciences, (United States)


    Party’s insistence that the " Harold D. Lasswell , "The Policy Orientation," in Daniel Lerner and Harold D. Lasswell (ads.), The Policy Sciences (Stanford...understand and to improve complex decisions and policy ’$ Lasswell , "The Policy Orientation," and, for an elaboration, Harold D. Lasswell , A Pre-View of...follows, then, that a multidisciplinary approach would be necessary for the policy sciences were they to achieve their objectives. Lasswell , drawing

  20. The national question: political economy and the Canadian working class: Marxism or nationalist reformism?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Smith, Murray E


    Despite its occasionally Marxist verbiage, the New Canadian Political Economy has always been more indebted to the Canadian political economy tradition associated with Harold Innis and to "dependency...

  1. La "Alegría de leer": cartilla escolar con estatus patrimonial. Conservación y nuevos modos de circulación de un lugar de memoria1

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mary Luz Botero


    ... singular de un objeto -manual escolar- investido de resignificaciones que manifiestan en el presente un pasado desaparecido. El valor sentimental que le asignan las sociedades a ciertos objetos, motivan la gestión de estrategias de conservación y activan nuevos medios de cir- culación tendientes a crear materialidades, capaces de respaldar la(s)...

  2. Molecular Interactions of High Energy Fuels and Jet Fuels with Oncogenic Viruses and Endogenous Viruses. (United States)


    2.0 or until the cultures had reached log phase (approximately 4 x 108 cells/ml). At this time, chloramphenicol at 200 Wg/ml was added to amplify...Escherichia coli in the presence of chloramphenicol . J. of Bacteriology 110 (No 2): 667-676. 21. Coffin, J. M., Varmus, H. E., Bishop, J. M., Essex, M...chenical used in the emperixLents. In vitro studies with rat or mouse cells and viruses shoed synergism (14-16). Thus, HS? and ST-FeSV systen, show a

  3. The Quality of Academic Library Building Improvements Has a Positive Impact on Library Usage. A review of: Shill, Harold B. and Shawn Tonner. “Does the Building Still Matter? Usage Patterns in New, Expanded, and Renovated Libraries, 1995‐2002.” College & Research Libraries 65.2 (Mar.2004: 123-150.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julie McKenna


    Full Text Available Objective – To measure the impact of academic library facility improvements on physical library usage. Design – The facility improvement data used for this study were previously collected through a 68-item Web survey for the companion article “Creating a Better Place: Physical Improvements in Academic Libraries, 1995-2002” (Shill and Tonner. The measurement of library usage was by exit gate counts before and after library improvements. Setting – American academic libraries in which: facility improvement projects were completed between 1995 and 2002, the project space was not smaller than 20,000 square feet, the project space did not include off‐site storage or non-public space, and gate-count statistics from before and after facility changes were available. Subjects – Ninety of 384 identified academic libraries were able to provide usable data on: exit gate count, total circulation, in-house collection use, and reference transaction data. Methods – The data collection was undertaken in 2003 for the companion study (Shill and Tonner. A population of 384 libraries potentially able to meet criteria for the study was gathered and each library was invited by e‐mail to complete a Web‐based survey. Through this initial contact, 357 libraries were confirmed as meeting the study criteria, and responses were received from 182 of those providing a 51% overall response rate. Respondents were asked about institutional characteristics (public or private, Carnegie classification, etc.; project specific features (year of completion, nature of project, etc.; nature and extent of changes (seating, wiring, HVAC, etc.; presence of non‐library services in the facility; collection arrangements; before and after quality changes in lighting, seating and a range of services (as assessed by the survey respondent; and before and after project completion gate count usage statistics. Respondents were asked a set of eleven questions each with a five‐point scale about facility quality and librarian satisfaction with the former and the changed facility. A further criteria requirement of the availability of pre- and post-project gate count was implemented, reducing the number of libraries to be studied to 90. Facility usage changes were calculated by subtracting the gate count total for the last complete year pre-project from the most recent year gate count post project. Main results Eighty percent of the 90 libraries reported increased gate count postproject, and 20 percent reported a decline in usage. The median increase across the libraries was 37.4 percent with 25.6 percent of libraries experiencing a post‐project increase of 100 percent or more. Renovated facilities were more likely to see usage decline, but there was no statistically significant difference in usage change between renovated and new facilities. Libraries more recently upgraded saw greater usage growth than those renovations completed earlier in the study period, although 75 percent of the facilities continued to experience higher post-project usage levels. Nearly all of the private institutions (93.1% experienced usage increases and almost half experienced growth of 100 percent or more. No statistically significant relationship was found between changes in post project usage and: • The proportion of facility space allocated for library functions • The physical location of the library on campus • The size of the library facility • The level of degrees offered at the institution • The availability of wireless access • The number of computers in the instruction lab • The number of public access workstations • A larger number of seats • The number of group study rooms • The shelving capacity, the use of compact shelving or off-site storage • The presence of coffee or snack bars • The presence of any non-library facilities There was a statistically significant correlation (Pearson’s r between increased post project usage and: • The institution type (public or private (p=.000 • The number of data ports in the facility (p=.005 • The percent of wired seats (p=.034 Ten elements relating to improved quality emerged as statistically significant in relation to increased usage, although the correlation for quality of artificial lighting was not statistically significant (p=.162 n.s.. The statistically significant correlations (Pearson’s r between quality and increased usage in order of strength of correlation were: the quality of the instruction lab (p=.000; layout (p=.001; public access workstations (p=.006; natural lighting (p=.007; user workspace (p=.008; telecommunications infrastructure (p=.014; overall ambience (p=.020; collection storage (p=.026; heating, ventilating, and airconditioning system (p=.026; and service point locations (p=.038. Conclusion – This study confirmed that 80 percent of libraries experience usage increase after a library improvement project. The study revealed those investments that cause increased use, and also found that a number of variables previously predicted to cause usage growth were not significant. The study also found that quality of the improvements, additions, and the building are a significant driver of increased use. The median 37.4 percent increase demonstrates that, contrary to reports in the literature (Shill and Tonner 460, overall library usage is increasing in these institutions.

  4. Om te teologiseer oor God en lyding: Opmerkings na aanleiding van ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    To reflect theologically on God and suffering: Remarks relating to Harold Kushner's interpretation of Job 40:9-14. More than a decade ago rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a bestseller on God and suffering, entitled When bad things happen to good people. Even Christian theologians took cognizance of it. Kushner based his ...

  5. Software Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems (STARS) Workshop March 24-27 1986. (United States)


    attributed to U.S. political scientist Harold D. Softwar Testing Laswell (1), "Who says what to whom with During the fault isolation process of what...Dave Boslaugh, and Col. Harold 3. Archibald. The development of the SS Package represents a sIAficant accomplishment by the more than 500 individuals

  6. Paul J. Flory–The Man Who Laid the Foundations of Modern ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 8; Issue 6. Paul J. Flory – The Man Who Laid the Foundations of Modern Polymer Science. Harold A Scheraga ... Author Affiliations. Harold A Scheraga1. Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology Baker Laboratory, Cornell University, USA ...

  7. Environmental Activities of the U.S. Coast Guard (United States)


    RL33183, Civil Rights of Individuals with Disabilities: The Opinions of Judge Alito, by Nancy Lee Jones; CRS Report RL32154, Marine Protected Areas : An...Overview, by Harold F. Upton and Eugene H. Buck; and CRS Report RL32154, Marine Protected Areas : An Overview, by Harold F. Upton and Eugene H

  8. 76 FR 33397 - 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: DS-4131 Advance Notification Form: Tourist and... (United States)


    ... submissions): Harold D. Foster, Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, Room 2665, Bureau of Oceans and... copies of the proposed information collection and supporting documents, to Harold D. Foster, Office of.... Bloom, Director, Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and...

  9. Weapons of Choice: The "Propeller versus Jet" Controversy and the "Appropriate Technology" Dilemma (United States)


    secure and preserve their share of power or authority.”92 Harold Lasswell defines politics more succinctly: “[It is] the process of who gets what...Air Force Harold Brown simply redesignated [them] as ‘attack’ aircraft, hence their new designator—A26A.” See Haas, Apollo’s Warriors, p 196. 19 Ibid

  10. 78 FR 79460 - Notification of GSA Strategic Plan (United States)


    ....S. Postal Service to: ATTN: Mr. Harold Hendrick, Strategic Planning and Performance Management... INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Harold Hendrick, Strategic Planning and Performance Management Division, Office of... ADMINISTRATION Notification of GSA Strategic Plan AGENCY: Office of the Chief Financial Officer, U.S. General...

  11. Measuring Physical Activity Intensity

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... of Perceived Exertion Scale) Videos Glossary of Terms Personal Stories Harold, Age 7 Maria, Age 16 Alex, Age 32 Demetrise, Age 42 Susan, Age 45 David, Age 65 Harold, Age 67 Data & Statistics Facts About Physical Activity Data, Trends and ...

  12. Cooperative Agreement Concerning Drainage on Lands Adjacent to Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This cooperative agreement concerns a matter of drainage on lands adjacent to Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge. This agreement is between Mr. Harold Lee...

  13. Civilian Combatants, Military Professionals? American Officer Judgments (United States)


    relative along these criteria. The Military Profession Harold Lasswell , Samuel Huntington, and Morris Janowitz argued that military officers are... Lasswell , ‘The Garrison State’, American Journal of Sociology (1941) p.455; Morris Janowitz, The Professional Soldier: A Social and

  14. Déjà vu-A study of duplicate citations in Medline

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Errami, Mounir; Hicks, Justin M; Fisher, Wayne; Trusty, David; Wren, Jonathan D; Long, Tara C; Garner, Harold R


    ...: eTBLAST, an automated citation matching tool, and Déjà vu, the duplicate citation database, are freely available at and Contact:

  15. 77 FR 62490 - Performance Review Board Appointments (United States)


    ....; Cohen, Warren Bruce; Coleman, Angela V.; Connaughton, Kent P.; Cordell, Harold K.; Cullen, Daniel; De....; Rodriguez-Franco, Carlos; Ross, Robert J.; Ryan, Michael G.; Sears, George A.; Shortle, Walter C.; Smith...

  16. Measuring Physical Activity Intensity

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Videos Glossary of Terms Personal Stories Harold, Age 7 Maria, Age 16 Alex, Age 32 Demetrise, Age ... aerobic activity, watch this video: Windows Media Player, 4:48 More videos Here are some ways to ...

  17. Institutional Research as Organizational Intelligence (United States)

    Fincher, Cameron


    The idea that knowledge is a major determinant of policy in industry and government is discussed with reference to Harold Wilensky's book, "Organizational Intelligence: Knowledge and Policy in Government and Industry." Implications for academe's institutional research activities are considered. (LBH)

  18. What is Asthma?

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 113 183 videos 93 So You've Got a Tobacco Cessation Benefit Now What American Lung Association 94 What Is a Comprehensive Cessation Benefit American Lung Association 95 Harold ...

  19. Why We Need Marketing. (United States)

    Harper, Nancy


    An interview with Philip Kotler, the Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University, is presented. Three approaches to marketing are identified: product-oriented, hard-sell, and building satisfaction in a long-term clientele. (MLW)

  20. Ensaio herético sobre a atualidade da gnose

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Otávio Velho


    ... (ou do gnosticismo) a partir de recentes trabalhos do escritor Harold Bloom. Ao mesmo tempo, trata de colocar as possibilidades levantadas pela obra desse autor em confronto com os trabalhos de outros autores, algumas...

  1. Armastusfilmid Tartus / Margus Paju

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paju, Margus


    Pimedate Ööde filmifestivali ja Tartu linna eestvõttel toimuva Tartu vabaõhu filmifestivali "Tartuff - armastuse mitu nägu" filme ("Ükskord", "Harold ja Maude", "Veenus", "Elsa ja Fred", "Emma õnn")

  2. Measuring Physical Activity Intensity

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Exertion (Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale) Videos Glossary of Terms Personal Stories Harold, Age 7 Maria, ... Steps to Wellness Walkability Audit Tool Sample Audit Glossary Selected References Discount Fitness Club Network Assessing Need ...

  3. Report on Follow-up Visit to Ecuador, Part 1 (United States)


    Educacion Dr. Harold G. Conger, Director of the Servicio Cooperativo Interamericano de Salud Pdblica Mr, Milton Lobell, Director of the Servicio Cooperativo Interamericano de Agricultura Mr. David Luscombe, Chief of the Misicn Andina0

  4. Index of Oral Histories Relating to Naval Research, Development, and Acquisition (United States)


    DTRC individuals Mentioneds Ellsworth, William Saunders, CAPT Harold E. Hill, Johnny Schoenherr, Dr. Karl E. Janes, Charlie St. Denis, Manley Landweber...January 1964. Repositoriess DTRC Individuals Mentioned: Chaplin , Dr. Harvey R. Santos, Dr. Socrates de los Diehl, CAPT Walter S. Saunders, CAPT Harold E...Klump, Dr. Roy Eastman, Dick Montague, Dr. Bill Gales, Bob Newman, Dr. Klaus Gibson, Dale Webster, Dr. John Harsh, Dr. Charlie Young, Robert

  5. A Test of U.S. Civil-Military Relations: Structural Influences of Military Reform on the Conflict Between Presidents and Senior Military Commanders During Times of War (United States)


    Presidency. He describes six significant theorists of civil-military relations: Carl von Clausewitz, Harold Lasswell , Samuel Huntington, Morris Janowitz...Peter Feaver, and Eliot Cohen.2 Only Lasswell is not referenced as relevant in this study.3 The other major theorists establish George W. Bush. (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2005), 2-3. 3 Harold Lasswell published an article in 1941 called the “Garrison State

  6. Sympatholysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gliemann, Lasse; Carter, Howard Henry


    This Journal Club article highlights an article by Hearon Jr. et al. To read this article, visit Edited by: Harold Schultz & Kathleen Morgan......This Journal Club article highlights an article by Hearon Jr. et al. To read this article, visit Edited by: Harold Schultz & Kathleen Morgan...

  7. Influence of Anticholinesterase on Distribution of Ventilation and Gas Exchange (United States)


    the observed pressure profile measured at the catheter tip. Following catheter placement, mechanical ventilation with a tidal volume of 15 ml/kg was...OTEC FILE COPY USAFSAM-TR-90-30 AD-A229 341 INFLUENCE OF ANTICHOLINESTERASE ON DISTRIBUTION OF VENTILATION AND GAS EXCHANGE Harold I. Modell, Ph.D...Distribution of Ventilation and Gas Exchange 12. PERSONAL AUTHOR(S) Modell, Harold I. 13a. TYPE OF REPORT 13b. TIME COVERED 14. DATE OF REPORT (Year

  8. Strength in Ways: Finding Creativity in Routine Strategy Development (United States)


    10 Ibid., 144. 11 Ibid., 141. 12 Harold R. Winton, "An Imperfect Jewel: Military Theory and the...2007), 276-77. 32 Van Creveld, Command in War, 38. Before Van Creveld even saw the full bloom of cyberspace, he said there is an “age old tendency...Politics, Cambridge Studies in International Relations;. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999. Winton, Harold R. "An Imperfect

  9. Management of the Severely Mentally Ill and Its Effects on Homeland Security (United States)


    Patrick Miller Thesis Co-Advisor Harold A. Trinkunas, PhD Chair, Department of National Security Affairs iv THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT...need of immediate longer term care ( Bloom , Krishnan, & Lockey, 2008). This change in policy resulted in thousands of severely mentally ill persons...a 2002 letter to the Governor, California Justice Harold Shabo stated: These persons wander the streets hungry, homeless, and without hope. They

  10. The Crux of the Fight: General Joseph Lawton Collins’ Command Style. (United States)


    attended by knowledge, blooms through application to produce a leader.”General Eduard C. Meyer, Chief of Staff, Army (1979-1983). 80 United defend by conducting a limited attack oriented on desperate enemy elements, as opposed to doggedly following the intent of a higher order. Harold ...II. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994. Winton, Harold R. Corps Commanders of the Bulge: Six American Generals and Victory in the Ardennes

  11. Has the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Outlived Its Usefulness? (United States)


    2012 Author: Christopher E. Hall Approved by: Erik Dahl Thesis Advisor Carolyn Halladay Second Reader Harold A...miscalculated by weather personnel. In the story of Harold Keith, a survivor of the storm, it accounts that the National Hurricane Bureau was well...Napolitano_The_system_worked .html Public Law 107–296, 6 US Code, “Homeland Security Act 2002:” Ridge, Tom and Larry Bloom

  12. A Biographical Approach to Chinese Political Analysis (United States)


    Chicago, 1964. Johnson, John J. (ed.), The Role of the ~litaPy in VndePdeveloped Countries, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1962. Lasswell ... Harold D., and Daniel Lerner (eds.), World RevolutionaPy Elites, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1965. Lewis, John W. (ed.), PaPty LeadePship...The Politias of Chinese Strategia Plo,nning, The Rand Corporation, R-548-PR, February 197L Hinton, Harold c., The Bear at the Gate: Chinese

  13. CLARET - The Nature of War and Diplomacy Special Operations in Borneo 1963 - 1966 (United States)


    to understand CLARET operations one must first understand the nature of war and its relationship to diplomacy. 122 James Der Derian identifies...University, 1989), 35. 82. Woodhouse. 83. Ibid. 84. Ibid. 53 85. Ibid. 86. Ibid. 87. Rapoport, 157. 88. James , Harold and Sheil-Small, Denis The Undeclared...Institute for National Strategic Studies. PRQJE=T 2025. Washington, D.C.: National Defense University, 1991. James , Harold and Sheil-Small, Denis

  14. Beyond Containment and Deterrence: A Security Framework for Europe in the 21st Century (United States)


    sec. * A., p. 22. 3. Ibid., P. 22. 4. Harold Blakemore, "Argentina," in South America, Central America and the Carribean , London, England, Europa...Cyril. Understanding Soviet Politics. Westview Press, 1986. Blakemore. Harold. "Argentina." In South America, Central America and the Carribean , pp...II The views expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of theIn Department of Defense or any of its





    O patrocínio esportivo é uma das atividades promocionais de marketing que mais se desenvolveu nos últimos anos. Estimativas indicam que os valores investidos mundialmente nessa atividade cresceram mais de mil por cento nos últimos 20 anos, alcançando a soma de US$ 21 bilhões em 2004. Apesar dos investimentos necessários para se conduzir um programa de patrocínio esportivo serem cada vez mais volumosos, nem sempre as empresas obtém o retorno ...

  16. Autoridad y poder en Foucault y Ranciere


    Sota, Eduardo


    En el marco del debate pedagógico actual, la temática que refiere a la formación del ciudadano para la democracia, recibe tratamientos muy diversos, entre los que se destaca la teoría social centrada en la emancipación social, como condición de criticidad. El campo educativo es un contexto privilegiado, no menos que el político, para indagar los mecanismos por los que circula el poder y de qué manera los liderazgos o roles investidos de autoridad pedagógica logran instituir visiones y actuaci...

  17. Borlaug en España


    García Olmedo, Francisco


    Norman E. Borlaug, líder de la revolución verde y Premio Nobel de la Paz en 1970, visita Madrid en estos días para ser investido como colegiado de honor del Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Centro y Canarias. Aunque su nombre suena a menudo en los medios de comunicación y su obra innovadora es de sobra familiar en ámbitos especializados, su hermosa aventura -su contribución humanitaria- no es suficientemente conocida e incluso, en ocasiones, ha sido groseramente desfigurada.Todo com...

  18. Eficacia de los juzgados indígenas en la administración de justicia : Caso de Huehuetla, Puebla.


    Alonso Pérez, Rosa


    Los sistemas normativos indígenas, invariablemente ha sido uno de los componentes culturales de mayor importancia en la vida cotidiana de los pueblos y comunidades indígenas. A partir del reconocimiento internacional y nacional del pluralismo jurídico en los Estados, los sistemas jurídicos indígenas se han investido de legalidad para su aplicación en la resolución de sus conflictos internos. El estado de Puebla se decretó la instalación de Juzgados Indígenas desde el 2002; sin embargo, se des...

  19. Corsarios franceses juzgados como herejes luteranos por la Inquisición en Iberoamérica, 1560-1574


    Ruiz Martínez, Herlinda


    Durante el siglo XVI, la presencia de algunos extranjeros en tierras pertenecientes al imperio español, en el Nuevo Mundo, principalmente corsarios y piratas de origen inglés y francés, cuya religión era la anglicana y la calvinista, por ende divergentes de la católica, imperante en la metrópoli española y sus territorios en el Nuevo Mundo, sumada a atropellos que cometían algunos obispos investidos con poderes inquisitoriales, quienes impartieron justicia entre 1517 y 1569, an...

  20. Factores socioculturales en los trastornos de la ingesta


    Toro, Josep


    Alimentarse, para todo ser vivo, es condición indispensable para sobrevi- vir, para ser. El hombre, mamifero al fin y al cabo, no puede ser una excepción. Pero por ser lo que es -hombre- la alimentación le significa mucho más que simple nutrición. En efecto, desde que nace hasta que muere, alimento e ingestión están asociados a múltiples experiencias, lo que implica que la comida y el comer pueden, y suelen, quedar investidos de múltiples significados, de muy diversas simbologías.

  1. Organizaciones internacionales y tratados asociativos: por una nueva clasificación de los sujetos de derecho internacional


    Raphael Carvalho de Vasconcelos


    La personalidad jurídica es elemento fundamental para la actuación de un sujeto en el orden internacional. La efectiva participación en el espacio global no depende, sin embargo, sólo del cumplimiento de este requisito. Doctrina y jurisprudencia reconocen la personificación de las organizaciones internacionales actualmente sin grandes reservas, pero, ¿correspondería entender que cualquier tratado dotado de personería jurídica debe ser considerado investido de poderes para actuar en el orden i...

  2. Gêneses do gênero road movie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samuel Paiva


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem interesse em problematizar prováveis gêneses do road movie, considerando aspectos históricos relacionados às origens tanto dos gêneros cinematográficos, de uma maneira mais abrangente, quanto do filme de estrada, mais especificamente. Nesse sentido, apresenta uma reflexão resultante da comparação de textos produzidos por diversos autores, pesquisadores e diretores de cinema, que têm investido sobre o road movie em suas produções, destacando-se, entre outras, realizações do Brasil.

  3. Gêneses do gênero road movie


    Samuel Paiva


    Este trabalho tem interesse em problematizar prováveis gêneses do road movie, considerando aspectos históricos relacionados às origens tanto dos gêneros cinematográficos, de uma maneira mais abrangente, quanto do filme de estrada, mais especificamente. Nesse sentido, apresenta uma reflexão resultante da comparação de textos produzidos por diversos autores, pesquisadores e diretores de cinema, que têm investido sobre o road movie em suas produções, destacando-se, entre outras, realizações do B...

  4. Analytics no Ensino Superior : métodos e ferramentas para apoio à gestão da atividade de ensino


    Ferreira, Sérgio André Teixeira


    As Instituições do Ensino Superior (IES) recebem hoje públicos heterogéneos e uma nova geração de estudantes imersos num quotidiano interligado pelo digital que esperam aprender em contextos mais flexíveis, suportados na tecnologia e no trabalho colaborativo. Pressionadas por este ambiente social, estas organizações procuram introduzir a inovação pela via da tecnologia, investido em sistemas tecnológicos na tentativa de dar respostas pedagógicas e organizacionais eficientes. ...

  5. Efeito da IATF em novilhas da raça Nelore no Norte de Minas


    Barbosa, Lucélia Karoline Gonçalves; Cunha, Rafael Silva; Leite, Juliana Guedes; Rodrigues, Lucas Aquino; Ribeiro, José Alcides de Castro Machado; Murta, Danillo Velloso Ferreira


    A atual situação econômica da pecuária mundial exige alta produtividade como garantia de retorno do capital investido a médio e curto prazo, tendo em vista que a reprodução animal é um dos alicerces da cadeia produ­tiva. A inseminação artificial tempo fixo (IATF) se torna uma alternativa para melhorar a eficiência reprodutiva. Objetivou-se com este trabalho analisar a fertilidade de novilhas da raça Nelore, submetidas à IATF. Utilizou-se 173 novilhas, as quais foram divididas, onde um grupo f...

  6. Poet interrupted: differences in the emotionality and imagery of Byron's poetry associated with his turbulent mid-career years in England. (United States)

    Whissell, Cynthia


    The Dictionary of Affect in Language was employed to compare two parts of Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, written before and after an interruption of several turbulent years in England. The post-interruption part of the poem employed fewer extreme emotional words and more abstract words than the pre-interruption part. In a second analysis, poems written during the interruption and poems written before and after Childe Harold were examined, along with it, in terms of emotion, imagery, and linguistic richness. Two variables--year and an interruption dummy coded as 1 for publications between 1812.5 and 1816.17--predicted observed differences accurately. Byron's poetry became linguistically richer, more abstract, and less passionate across time, and it was emotionally more negative and linguistically simpler during the turbulent years. Differences between the two parts of Childe Harold were best explained on the basis of time-dependent growth curves rather than the interruption.

  7. ’Crossing a Bare Common’

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balle, Søren Hattesen

    This paper deals with the notion of the American sublime and thus carries on an already ongoing debate, which in recent years has reached its highpoint in Harold Bloom’s strongly affirmative remarks on the subject. In this paper, I shall focus on the perhaps most well-known attempt to discuss...... a number of predecessors – among them most notably Harold Bloom, but also more recently Eric Wilson’s book Emerson’s Sublime Science (1999). A prominent feature of Emerson’s discourse of the sublime – also noted by Bloom and Wilson – is his ‘protusive’ rhetoric (Bloom). A widespread tendency exists among......’s The Romantic Sublime (1976), Harold Bloom’s Agon: A Theory of Revisionism (1982) and Ruin the Sacred Truths (1989) and Jan Rosiek’s magisterial Maintaining the Sublime: Heidegger and Adorno (2000)....

  8. 'Crossing a Bare Common'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balle, Søren Hattesen


    This paper deals with the notion of the American sublime and thus carries on an already ongoing debate, which in recent years has reached its highpoint in Harold Bloom’s strongly affirmative remarks on the subject. In this paper, I shall focus on the perhaps most well-known attempt to discuss...... a number of predecessors – among them most notably Harold Bloom, but also more recently Eric Wilson’s book Emerson’s Sublime Science (1999). A prominent feature of Emerson’s discourse of the sublime – also noted by Bloom and Wilson – is his ‘protusive’ rhetoric (Bloom). A widespread tendency exists among......’s The Romantic Sublime (1976), Harold Bloom’s Agon: A Theory of Revisionism (1982) and Ruin the Sacred Truths (1989) and Jan Rosiek’s magisterial Maintaining the Sublime: Heidegger and Adorno (2000)....

  9. Aporte al conocimiento de las Trogidae (Coleoptera de la Argentina Contribution to the knowledge of Trogidae (Coleoptera of the Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Víctor Manuel Diéguez


    Full Text Available Se efectuó un muestreo y la comparación con los datos ya existentes, para las especies de Trogidae presentes en la Reserva Provincial Telteca y la Reserva de Biósfera de Ñacuñán en la provincia de Mendoza, Argentina. Para el muestreo en terreno se usaron los siguientes métodos: inspección visual y física de osamentas y cadáveres, trampas de luz U.V. y trampas de caída cebadas con menudos de pollo. Se citan dos nuevos registros para Telteca: Omorgus ciliatus (Blanchard y Omorgus suberosus (Fabricius y seis para Ñacuñan: Omorgus candezei (Harold, Omorgus loxus (Vaurie, Polynoncus burmeisteri Pittino, Polynoncus gemmifer (Blanchard, Polynoncus guttifer (Harold y Polynoncus pedestris (Harold. Se citan cuatro especies por primera vez para la provincia de Mendoza: Omorgus candezei, O. loxus, P. gemmifer y P. pedestris.Samples and comparison with the previous data for the species of the Trogidae that occur in the Reserva Provincial Telteca and Reserva de Biósfera de Ñacuñán in Mendoza province, Argentina, were performed. During the field sample collection, technique of visual and physical inspection of carcasses and dead bodies, UV light traps and pitfall traps baited with chicken giblets were used. Two new records for Telteca: Omorgus ciliatus (Blanchard and O. suberosus (Fabricius and six new records for Ñacuñán were found: O. candezei (Harold, O. loxus (Vaurie, Polynoncus burmeisteri Pittino, P. gemmifer (Blanchard, P. guttifer (Harold, P. pedestris (Harold are cited. Four new records for Mendoza province: Omorgus candezei, O. loxus, P. gemmifer and P. pedestris are cited.

  10. The Photoshop Darkroom 2 creative digital transformations

    CERN Document Server

    Davis, Harold


    Award-winning photography/design team Harold and Phyllis Davis are back with a brand new volume in their new Photoshop Darkroom series. Picking up where their best-selling first book left off, The Photoshop Darkroom 2: Advanced Digital Post-Processing will show you everything you need to know to take your digital imaging skills to the next level. Great photographers know that the best images begin well before the shutter clicks, and certainly well before Photoshop boots up. Harold takes a step back, and shares his helpful tips for capturing the most compelling images possible by keeping in min

  11. Sulawesi Onthophagus: seven new species in select groups (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae). (United States)

    Krikken, J; Huijbregts, J


    Eleven species in five small operational groups of the scarab genus Onthophagus Latreille, 1802 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) are treated, all from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and nearby smaller islands. These groups are defined, and their species are keyed, described, and illustrated, including the following seven new species: Onthophagus bisscrutator (O. scrutator group); O. bongkudai (O. holosericus group); O. sopu (O. manguliensis group); O. hollowayi, O. seseba, and O. annulopunctatus (O. seseba group); and O. begoniophilus (O. deflexicollis group). Lectotypes are designated for Onthophagus scrutator Harold, 1877 and O. holosericus Harold, 1877.

  12. Entre a etnometodologia de Garfinkel e a etnologia de Jaulin


    Montenegro, Miguel


    Este texto procura evidenciar a forte compatibilidade entre a etnometodologia fundada por Harold Garfinkel e a etnologia tal qual ela foi concebida e posta em prática por Robert Jaulin. Para fazê-lo, começa-se por uma crítica dos métodos da sociologia das massas, o que nos permite chegar aos fundamentos de toda a abordagem compreensiva: os fenómenos sociais são fenómenos. Ce texte essaie de mettre à jour la forte compatibilité entre l´ethnométhodologie de Harold Garfinkel et l´ethnologie ...

  13. Scientific and Technological Achievements, 1946-2011, of the AFRL Electromagnetics Technology Division (AFRL/RYH) and Its Progenitors (United States)


    Shepherd, A. C. Yang, S. A. Roosild, J. H. Bloom , B. R. Capone, C. E. Ludington and R. W. Taylor, "Silicon Schottky Barrier Monolithic IRTV Focal...Freeman Shepherd, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and he won the 1988 Air Force Harold Brown Award (highest Air Force R&D award); he... Harold Brown Award -- the highest Air Force R&D award -- which was presented by the Secretary of the Air Force. 43  Approved for public release

  14. Overexpressed pp60c-src can induce focus formation without complete transformation of NIH 3T3 cells. (United States)

    Johnson, P J; Coussens, P M; Danko, A V; Shalloway, D


    NIH 3T3 cells were transfected with plasmids containing Moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeats and either chicken c-src or v-src genes. In contrast with the effects observed after transfection with plasmids containing c-src and avian retrovirus or simian virus 40 promoter-enhancers (H. Hanafusa, H. Iba, T. Takeya, and F. R. Cross, p. 1-8, in G. F. Vande Woude, A. J. Levine, W. C. Topp, and J. D. Watson, ed., Cancer Cells, vol. 2, 1984; H. Iba, T. Takeya, F. R. Cross, T. Hanafusa, and H. Hanafusa, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 81:4424-4428, 1984; R. C. Parker, R. Swanstrom, H. E. Varmus, and J. M. Bishop, p. 19-26, in G. F. Vande Woude et al., ed., Cancer Cells, vol. 2, 1984; R. C. Parker, H. E. Varmus, and J. M. Bishop, Cell 37:131-139, 1984; D. Shalloway, P. M. Coussens, and P. Yaciuk, p. 9-17, in G. F. Vande Woude et al., ed., Cancer Cells, vol. 2, 1984; D. Shalloway, P. M. Coussens, and P. Yaciuk, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 81:7071-7075; and K. C. Wilhelmsen, W. G. Tarpley, and H. M. Temin, p. 303-308, in G. F. Vande Woude et al., ed., Cancer Cells, vol. 2, 1984), we found that both types of Moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeat-src expression plasmids induced focus formation, although c-src induced only 1% as many foci as v-src. The focus-selected c-src overexpressed cells had altered morphology and limited growth in soft agarose but were not tumorigenic in vivo. Cleveland digests, comparative in vitro kinase assays, secondary transfections, and immunoprecipitations indicated that focus formation was caused by rare transfection events that resulted in very high-level pp60c-src expression rather than by mutations of the transfected c-src genes. These results suggest that pp60v-src induced transformation is not a completely spurious activity which is unrelated to the function of pp60c-src but that it represents a perturbation of already existent molecular control processes involving pp60c-src.

  15. A-10/GAU-8 Low Angle Firing versus Simulated Soviet Tank Company (Array 18) (30 August 1979). (United States)


    Entered)_________________ READ DISTRUCTIOREPORT DOCUMENTATI N PAGE OMM COWuET o m NPS56-i-2. -GOVT ACCESSION S. RECIPIENTS CATALOG NUMBER - GAU-8 Low...C. Head Council on foreign Relations The Haro-ld Pratt House 58 East 68 Street New York, NY 10021 137. General Hermann Balck 7144 Asperg Egerstr. 23

  16. Higher Education Funding: The New Normal (United States)

    Doyle, William R.; Delaney, Jennifer A.


    Like the rest of the economy, higher education is suffering the effects of this recession. This article shows year-to-year changes in higher education budgets over the last forty years, a cycle that can be fairly called a roller coaster. In separate work, the authors modeled the shape of this cycle and found that budget analyst Harold Hovey's…

  17. Armastusest kahel ajajärgul / Aare Ermel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ermel, Aare, 1957-2013


    Mängufilm "Prantsuse leitnandi naine" ("The French Lieutenant's Woman") : stsenarist Harold Pinter John Fowles'i romaani järgi : režissöör Karel Reisz : Suurbritannia 1981. Ka : Nädal nr. 35, lk. 14

  18. Building Communities of Care for Military Children and Families (United States)

    Kudler, Harold; Porter, Rebecca I.


    Military children don't exist in a vacuum; rather, they are embedded in and deeply influenced by their families, neighborhoods, schools, the military itself, and many other interacting systems. To minimize the risks that military children face and maximize their resilience, write Harold Kudler and Colonel Rebecca Porter, we must go beyond…

  19. Electron Collision Shift of the Lyman-Alpha Line in H and He+ (United States)


    each) John H. Brownell , MS 220 B. R. Junker Lee A. Collins ONR Code 323 C. W. Cranfill, MS 538 800 North Quincy Street R. Godwin, MS 420 Arlington, VA...McCormick Road Harold J. Metcalf Charlottesville, VA 22901 Physics Dept Hugh R. Kelly State University of NY Tom Gallagher Stony Brook, NY 11794 KMS

  20. Photoionization of Atoms and Ions: Application of Time-Dependent Response Method within the Density Functional Theory. (United States)


    John H. Brownell , M.S. 220 B. R. Junker Lee A. Collins ONR Code 323 C. W. Cranfill, M.S. 538 800 North Quincy Street R. Godwin, M.S. 420 Arlington, VA...Room 26-231 Physics Department McCormick Road Harold J. Metcalf Charlottesville, VA 22901 Physics Department Hugh R. Kelly State University of NY Tom

  1. The Effects of Army and Air Force Institutional Theories of Victory on Operation Desert Storm (United States)


    338–340. 6 [in Desert Storm] was severely strained,” Harold Winton observes, “and the performance resembled neither a delicately balanced chamber ...way of a rather bloody cumulative effect.43 This practical logic is found appropriate because the U.S. Army has often found itself numerically

  2. U.S. Army War College Key Strategic Issues List 2013-2014 (United States)


    redirected to increase effectiveness? Develop alternatives to US CD policy and military operations. (POC: Maj Beth Rosario J53, Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology) Sponsor: Major General MG Harold Greene (POC: Professor Louis Yuengert, USAWC

  3. Marginalizing Significant Others: The Canadian Contribution to Educational Technology. (United States)

    Hlynka, Denis


    Considers Canadian contributions to the philosophical basis of educational technology which have helped shape the model shifts now occurring in the field. Four individuals are highlighted: Harold Innis and his work on media; Marshall McLuhan, who built on Innis' work; Ursula Franklin and her philosophical analysis of technology; and Arthur Kroker.…

  4. Innis, McLuhan and Marx (United States)

    Marvin, Carolyn


    Investigates distinctions between the theories of Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, and Marx by considering some unresolved problems in how Innis conceptualizes both the historical process and the impact of media on social organization. Argues that certain fundamental notions in Innis' work inaccurately analyze key features of the historical…


    The mutagenicity of metallized and unmetallized azo and formazan dyes in the Salmonella mutagenicityLaura. C. Edwards', Harold S. Freeman'*, and Larry D. Claxton2AbstractIn previous papers, the synthesis and chemical properties of iron complexed azo and formazan d...

  6. Ramanujan's Circle

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin


    Since he was a strict vegetarian, on March 11, 1914 Francis Spring instructed the steamer agents to make sure that Ramanujan could get his vegetarian food during his journey. After everything was settled, Ramanujan started his historic voyage on 17 March, 1914 on board the ship S S Nevasa. Box 9. Eric Harold Neville ...

  7. Legislative Protection of Property Rights in Ethiopia: An Overview

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    1 Harold Demsetz (1967), “Toward a Theory of Property Rights”, The American. Economic Review 57(2); Douglas North (1990), Institutions, Institutional ..... code provides that a carrier (ship-owner) shall be liable to pay 500 Birr per package or other units of measurements for losses resulting from loss of or damage to goods.

  8. Pop / Tristan Priimägi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Priimägi, Tristan, 1976-


    Heliplaatidest: Bonzo "Teisipidi tegelikkus", Client "City", Robbie Williams "Greatest Hits", Fripp&Eno "The Equatorial Stars", Harold Budd "Avalon Sutra / As Long As I Can Hold My Breath", Compay Segundo "En Concierto", Son of Clay "The Bird You Never Were", Sondre Lerche "Two Way Monoloque", Reuber "Kintopp"

  9. Commission on the National Guard and Reserves: Strengthening America’s Defenses in the New Security Environment (United States)


    2006 San Antonio, TX Petty Officer David Kelley July 20, 2006 San Antonio, TX Chief Petty Officer Linda Laswell July 20, 2006 San Antonio, TX Senior...AFB, IL Major General Harold Mitchell October 19, 2006 Scott AFB, IL Captain David Shiveley October 19, 2006 Scott AFB, IL Major General F

  10. Carbonate Microfabrics Permeability Characteristics of Continental Slope and Deep-Water Carbonates from a Microfabric Perspective (United States)


    Kenneth Davis, Kathleen Locke, Scott Laswell , and Thomas Orsi, graduate students in the Oceanography Department at Texas A&M University, for their efforts...Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory; Harold Wanless, University of Miami; William C. Ward, University of New Orleans; Roy H

  11. Research on High Reliability Refractory Ohmic Contacts for GaAs FETs and MODFETs (United States)


    substrate epitaxy, which is substantially dif- ferent than selective epitaxy, have been made numerically by C.H.J. van den Brekel [5]. Using a...K.M. Lau and M. Harold, J. Crystal Growth, 108, 73 (1991) [5] C.H.J. van den Brekel , Philips Res. Rept8., 32, 118-133 (1977). [6] J. Van de Ven, G.M.J

  12. Common STAT3 variants are not associated with obesity or insulin resistance in female twins

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jamshidi, Yalda; Kyriakou, Theodosios; Gooljar, Sakina B.; Collins, Laura J.; Lane, Carl A.; Snieder, Harold; Wang, Xiaoling; Spector, Tim D.; O'Dell, Sandra D.

    JAMSHIDI, YALDA, THEODOSIOS KYRIAKOU, SAKINA B. GOOLJAR, LAURA J. COLLINS, CARL A. LANE, HAROLD SNIEDER, XIAOLING WANG, TIM D. SPECTOR, AND SANDRA D. O'DELL. Common STAT3 variants are not associated with obesity or insulin resistance in female twins. Obesity. 2007; 15:1634-1639. In animal models,

  13. 648-IJBCS-Article-Fernand Gbaguibi

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Planta Med., 64: 711-713. Eloff JN, Famakin JO, Katerere DRP. 2005. Combretum woodii (Combretaceae) leaf extracts have high activity against Gram- negative and Gram-positive bacteria. African Journal of Biotechnology, 4(10):. 1161-1166. Harold CN. 1992. The crisis in antibiotic resistance. Science, 257: 1064-1072.

  14. Liverpool's Discovery: A University Library Applies a New Search Tool to Improve the User Experience (United States)

    Kenney, Brian


    This article features the University of Liverpool's arts and humanities library, which applies a new search tool to improve the user experience. In nearly every way imaginable, the Sydney Jones Library and the Harold Cohen Library--the university's two libraries that serve science, engineering, and medical students--support the lives of their…

  15. Transforming Higher Education in the Information Age: Presidents Respond. (United States)

    Breslin, Richard D.; And Others


    College presidents respond to an article by Richard Nolan challenging college and university presidents and chancellors to transform their campuses for survival and competitive advantage in the information age. Respondents include Richard D. Breslin, David M. Clarke, Joseph Cronin, Thomas Ehrlich, Donald N. Langenberg, Harold McAninch, and Donald…

  16. Some notes on St. John’s evaliation of Forster’s plants 1776

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bakhuizen van den Brink, R.C.; Steenis, van C.G.G.J.


    Harold St. John has (in Le Naturaliste Canadien 98, 1971, 571-580) given an evaluation of J.R. & G. Forster plants described in their Characteres generum which is newly dated to have been issued March 1, 1776. We feel induced to correct some inaccuracies. Gingidium montanum (l.c. 574, no. 21) —

  17. Elurõõmu pillerkaar / Margit Tõnson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tõnson, Margit, 1978-


    Pimedate Ööde filmifestivali ja Tartu linna eestvõttel toimuva Tartu vabaõhu filmifestivali "Tartuff - armastuse mitu nägu" filme ("Ükskord", "Harold ja Maude", "Veenus", "Elsa ja Fred"). Lisaks tutvustus "Hollywoodi klassika : "West Side'i lugu" ja "Tristan Priimägi soovitab : "Loomu poolest metsikud""

  18. Western Dilemma

    CERN Multimedia



    L'association du personnel présente Anthony Sampson, écrivain connu dans le monde entier par ses nombreux ouvrages et publications (International Harold Tribune, Observer, News Week). Il nous parle du commerce des armes et du Moyen Orient.

  19. El Sindicalismo no amenaza...

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Ernesto Ramírez


    Full Text Available Union relative wage effects in Colombia. Jeffrey Harold Goode, Ann Arbor, University Microfilms International 1983 (Ph. D. in Economy in the Graduate School of the State University of New York & Stone Brooks, 1980, xiip., 207 págs, 6 tablas, 2 apéndices, 9 cuadros, 4 figuras , 7 gráficas.

  20. What is Political Psychology? (United States)

    Deutsch, Morton


    Political psychology is the study of the bidirectional interaction of political and psychological processes. This academic discipline was founded after the First World War by Harold D. Lasswell. The content of political psychology is discussed and illustrative studies of the field are briefly summarized. (CS)

  1. Applying Lasswell's Concepts in Field Situations: Diagnostic and Prescriptive Values. (United States)

    Cunningham, Luvern L.


    Harold D. Lasswell's concept of the decision seminar and its associated idea sets have been successfully applied to educational problems, desegregation cases, and research. Lasswell's idea sets include decision phase analysis, a social process model, five intellectual tasks, and eight value/institution categories. (RW)

  2. Do We Really Have a College Access Problem? (United States)

    Adelman, Clifford


    As Harold Lasswell and his colleagues observed of the rhetoric of power (Language of Politics, 1965), some words become magic, with "inexplicable powers" attributed to them. "Access" has become such a word in the discourse of higher education. The sloganistic use of the term implies that someone, somewhere, is preventing somebody from doing…

  3. An Audit Plan for the Internal Information Diffusion System of a Complex Organization. (United States)

    Rogers, Don

    The project reported in this paper reflects an effort to establish an audit plan which can serve as a basis for discussion and which may evolve into a useful research tool for studying the internal information diffusion system of a complex organization. A mass communication model, modified from Harold D. Lasswell, was adopted to represent the key…

  4. US Army Special Warfare. Its Origins: Psychological and Unconventional Warfare, 1941-1952 (United States)


    Saul K. Padover and Harold D. Lasswell , "Psychological Warfare," Headline Series, no. 86 (20 March 1951), pp. 14f.; Daugherty and Janowitz, Casebook...of the North African Theater of Operations, National Archives. 41. Padover and Lasswell , "Psychological Warfare," p. 16. 42. Military Intelligence

  5. The Humanities: The Other Side of the River? The Proceedings of the 1967 Cranbrook Curriculum Conference on Humanities. (United States)

    Starkey, Richard E., Ed.

    These six speeches are concerned with the nature and scope of the humanities, especially with art, music, literature, and history. Speeches are by (1) Harold Taylor, who recommends the education of children in the arts by artists as one of the best ways to encourage the spirit of the humanities in the schools; (2) George Matthews, who discusses…

  6. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Paul J. Flory – The Man Who Laid the Foundations of Modern Polymer Science · Harold A Scheraga · More Details Fulltext PDF. pp 6-7 Table of Contents. Table of Contents · More Details Fulltext PDF. pp 8-16 General Article. Woodward's Synthesis of Vitamin B12 · Adil Ghani Khan S V Eswaran · More Details Fulltext PDF.

  7. Strategy in Latin American Revolutionary Politics. (United States)


    Booth, The End and the Beginning, p. 143. 37. On the importance of Carlos Fonseca to the revolu- tion see Rogue Dalton, " Solidaridad con Carlos Fonseca...34 Solidaridad con Carlos Fonseca Amador." Casa de las Americas 20 (November-December 1979):181-B. Davis, Harold E. Latin American Diplomatic History: An

  8. FORCES 4.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    a patently obvious need to analyze South African defence data within a ... regarded as a work which is comparative in methodology and which .... There is also the added question of whether the Union could be considered (by 1961, when it left the Common- wealth) what Harold D. Lasswell has termed a 'gar- rison state'?15.

  9. Browse Title Index - African Journals Online

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 151 - 200 of 1323 ... Dry Times: Blueprint for a Red Land By by Mark ... By Henning Steinfeld, Harold A Mooney, Fritz Schneider and Laurie E Neville (2010), Abstract ... By C Philip Wheater, James R Bell and Penny A Cook (2011), Abstract.

  10. 78 FR 68019 - Performance Review Board Appointments (United States)


    ..., Kent P.; Cordell, Harold K.; Cullen, Daniel; DeCoster, Timothy P.; Dixon, Antione; Doudrick, Robert....; Reaves, Jimmy L.; Richmond, Charles S.; Ries, Paul F.; Rodriguez- Franco, Carlos; Ross, Robert J.; Sears..., Janet; Reed, Lesia; Salinas, Salvador; Sims, Richard; Smith, David W.; Suarez Oliva, Carlos; Weller...

  11. The Origins of Classroom Deliberation: Democratic Education in the Shadow of Totalitarianism, 1938-1960 (United States)

    Fallace, Thomas D.


    Many theorists of democratic education assume that the idea of having students deliberate about social issues in the classroom can be traced directly to the student-centered and reform-oriented ideals of interwar educational theorists such as John Dewey and Harold Rugg. However, in this intellectual history, Thomas D. Fallace argues that classroom…

  12. The Beginnings of Communication Study in the United States. (United States)

    Schramm, Wilbur

    The history of communication research in the United States is reviewed in this paper through an extensive look at the lives of four men who made significant contributions to the field: Harold Lasswell, Kurt Lewin, Paul Lazarsfeld, and Carl Hovland. The pattern of institute formation in the social sciences is briefly reviewed to explain the…


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Brian Robertson. SYNOPSIS OF PSYCHIATRY*. By Harold I Kaplan and Benjantin J. Sadock. Lippincott WilliiUnS & Wilkins. Eighth edition, 1280 pp, R570. Kaplan and Sadock's synopsis of psychiatry - behavioural sciences/ clinical psychiatry, extensively revised, expanded and updated. September 1999, Vo!. 5, o. 3 SAJP.

  14. United States-Vietnam Relations 1945-1967. Book 8 of 12 (United States)


    DANIEL, Virginia G. V. (SONNY) MONTGOMERY, Mississippi MICHAEL J. HARRINGTON, Massachusetts HAROLD RUNNELS, New Mexico LES ASPIN, Wisconsin LESLIE C...Minerals The pro vinos of Tonkin and Laos ore rich in minerals, the latter largely uncxploitod. high quality.anthracite coal deposits arc found north of

  15. 77 FR 5308 - Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G (United States)



  16. Design (United States)

    Buchanan, Richard; Cross, Nigel; Durling, David; Nelson, Harold; Owen, Charles; Valtonen, Anna; Boling, Elizabeth; Gibbons, Andrew; Visscher-Voerman, Irene


    Scholars representing the field of design were asked to identify what they considered to be the most exciting and imaginative work currently being done in their field, as well as how that work might change our understanding. The scholars included Richard Buchanan, Nigel Cross, David Durling, Harold Nelson, Charles Owen, and Anna Valtonen. Scholars…

  17. Where Creeds Meet Incredulity: Educational Research in a Post-Utopian Age (United States)

    Edgoose, Julian


    In contrast to Jean-Francois Lyotard's classic warning, postmodern society in the United States seems increasingly influenced by metanarratives--religious metanarratives. This article examines the implications of this religious resurgence for educational researchers. It offers a competing analysis of the postmodern that draws on Harold Bloom,…

  18. Mind, Machine, and Creativity: An Artist's Perspective (United States)

    Sundararajan, Louise


    Harold Cohen is a renowned painter who has developed a computer program, AARON, to create art. While AARON has been hailed as one of the most creative AI programs, Cohen consistently rejects the claims of machine creativity. Questioning the possibility for AI to model human creativity, Cohen suggests in so many words that the human mind takes a…

  19. US Global Retrenchment and the Army of 2000. (United States)


    academics mourn “the dangers inherent in the soldier- statesman concept of military roles and responsibilities. ” Jerome Slater , of SUNY , proposes: The...policies. 1 • 14 _ ENDNOTES I. Harold Brown , DOD ..4 nnual ReportFY 79, p. 18. 2. Ll oyd J. Matthews , Colonel , USA , “ Farewell the Tranquil Mind

  20. 76 FR 59803 - Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (United States)


    ..., Attorneys, Division of Advertising Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, 600...'') (comment 8), at 5; CTIA (comment 14), at 10; Facebook (comment 22), at 2; Elatia Grimshaw (comment 26); Interactive Advertising Bureau (``IAB'') (comment 34), at 6-7; Harold Levy (comment 37); Motion Picture...

  1. The Incompatibility of Science and Religion Sustained: A Reply to Our Critics. (United States)

    Mahner, Martin; Bunge, Mario


    Replies to a number of criticisms by Tom Settle, Hugh Lacey, Michael Poole, Brian Woolnough, John Wren-Lewis, and Harold Turner in a series of comments on the authors' paper entitled "Is Religious Education Compatible with Science Education?" Offers counterarguments and clarifies certain misunderstandings to show that these criticisms…

  2. The Antiaircraft Journal. Volume 96, Number 3, May-June 1953 (United States)


    Anderson 5gt. Gerald R. Seifer Sgt. Lee A. Williams Pic. Harold H. Patchett BRONZE STAR MEDAL Major Alva E. Drake Capt. Edward R. Chandler Copt...Spengler, Fort Meade, Md. B. A. Spiller, USAREUR-OPOT Div. William W. Watson, Fort Bliss, Texas Edison E. Yates, Fort Bliss, Texas MAJORS: George K

  3. New Fellows and Honorary Fellow

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Annual Meetings · Mid Year Meetings · Discussion Meetings · Public Lectures · Lecture Workshops · Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1956 Honorary. Urey, Prof. Harold Clayton Nobel Laureate (Chemistry) - 1934. Date of birth: 29 April 1893. Date of death: 5 January ...

  4. Hõbe Hunt skm. Egbert Rungele / Jaan Lepp ; foto: J. Lepp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lepp, Jaan


    Scouts Canada andis Kanada skautluse kõrgeima autasu üle 11. aprillil 2006 Ontario Science Centre´is, samas valiti ta Scouts Canada auliikmeks, varem on kolm eestlast: Jaan Lepp, Enn Kiilaspea, Harold Kivi valitud sama organisatsiooni auliikmeteks. Kolmele eesti skaudijuhile: Toivo Pajole, Jaan Roosile ja Pearu Tammele anti Medal for Good Service

  5. Teaching More about Korea: Lessons for Students in Grades K-12. (United States)

    Hoge, John Douglas, Ed.; Rosch, Richard, Ed.

    The lessons in this book may be used as a unit of study on Korea or as supplemental lessons to ongoing social studies programs. The book is divided into seven parts with lesson plans in each area. Part 1, "Language," contains: (1) "The Korean Alphabet" (John Hoge); and (2) "Korean Expressions" (Harold Christensen).…

  6. Kivirähk, Pinter ja Inglise spioonid Rakvere teatris / Kristo Kruusman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kruusman, Kristo


    Tänavu 70. sünnipäeva tähistava teatri repertuaaris on mitu uuslavastust: Andrus Kivirähk "Kaelkirjak", lavastaja Marion Undusk, Patrick Barlow’ spioonikomöödia „39 astet”, lavastaja Kati Kivitar ja Harold Pinteri näidend „Eikellegimaa”, lavastajaks Peeter Raudsepp

  7. Põrguvürst ja pruudi isa / Lauri Saaber

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saaber, Lauri


    Komöödiatest "Kohtumine äiaga" ("Meet the Parents") : režissöör Jay Roach : peaosas Robert DeNiro : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2000 ja "Võrgutav saatan" ("Bedazzled") : režissöör Harold Ramis : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2000

  8. Assessment of diagnostic technology in health care: rationale, methods, problems, and directions

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sox, Harold C


    ... Rationale, Methods, Problems, and Directions Harold Sox, Susan Stern, Douglas Owens, and Herbert L. Abrams Institute of Medicine NATIONAL ACADEMY PRESS WASHINGTON, D.C. 1989 Copyrightthe cannot be not from book, paper however, version for formatting, original authoritative the typesetting-specific the as from created publication files XML from...

  9. Lightning and Frenzy: Music Education, Adolescence, and the Anxiety of Influence (United States)

    Standish, Paul


    Drawing on themes found in James Marshall's writings on Nietzsche, the arts and the self, this paper explores the nature of influence in the arts and its relevance to education. It considers what Harold Bloom has called the "anxiety of influence" and amplifies this in terms of broader questions concerning Emersonian self-reliance. The particular…

  10. The Anxiety of Influence and the Influence of Anxiety. (United States)

    Kountz, Carol

    A composition researcher collected stories from students with writing anxiety, using qualitative research tools of interview and interpretation. In literary theory it is not unusual to speak of anxiety of influence when referring to the torment of proving one is equal to a revered author. The critic Harold Bloom presented it as his theory of the…

  11. The Father Speaks, the Mother Talks Back: Revisionist, Rebellious Models for the Creative Writing Classroom. (United States)

    Brown, Julie; Brown, Robert

    The "writing workshop" approach to teaching creative writing, virtually unchallenged throughout the United States, has recently come under fire. Two schools of thought, while agreeing that the traditional workshop needs a thorough overhaul, differ in approaches to that overhaul. One approach, using the theories of Harold Bloom, argues…

  12. Wallace Stevens: A Collection of Critical Essays. Twentieth Century Views Series. (United States)

    Borroff, Marie, Ed.

    One of a series of works aimed at presenting contemporary critical opinion on major authors, this collection includes essays by Marie Borroff, Wallace Stevens, Joseph N. Riddle, Hi Simons, Sister M. Bernetta Quinn, C. Roland Wagner, Harold Bloom, Ralph J. Mills, Jr., Roy Harvey Pearce, Louis L. Martz, Morton Dauwen Zabel, and Northrop Frye--all…

  13. Shakespeare for the Post-Postmodern Age. (United States)

    Leech, Carolyn

    Labeling literary or artistic periods is always tricky, and labeling an emerging period (such as this post-postmodern one) is, of course, impossible. Harold Bloom has labeled this period the "chaotic age" because of the canon wars that have raged among factions. One writer with a place in any canon and who is an anodyne to the chaos of…

  14. Fear and Trembling at Yale (United States)

    Graff, Gerald


    Discusses the plight of the contemporary literary critic using as examples, Paul de Man, J. Hillis Miller, Harold Bloom, and Geoffrey Hartman. All four men, among the most learned and talented of contemporary critics, reside at Yale University. (Author/RK)

  15. The Role and Importance of the D in PTSD (United States)


    psychiatrists researching the psychological impacts of war and other types of trauma ( Bloom , 2000), and proposed adding the diagnostic cat- egories...APA — See American Psychiatric Association. Bloom , S. L. (2000). “Our Hearts and Our Hopes Are Turned to Peace: Origins of the International Society...RAND colleagues Harold Alan Pincus and Bradley D. Stein for their thoughtful reviews.

  16. In Response to Yasukuni: The Curious Approach the Chinese and South Korean Governments Take Toward an Unresolved Link to the Past (United States)


    Approved by: Alice Miller Thesis Advisor Robert Weiner Second Reader Harold Trinkunas Chair, Department of National Security Affairs...hundred flowers to bloom and a hundred schools of thought to contend,” an invitation to the Chinese people to vent their grievances and criticize the

  17. Keats: A Collection of Critical Essays. Twentieth Century Views Series. (United States)

    Bate, Walter Jackson, Ed.

    One of a series of works aimed at presenting contemporary critical opinion on major authors, this collection includes essays by Walter Jackson Bate, T. S. Eliot, Douglas Bush, Richard H. Fogle, Jack Stillinger, Harold Bloom, David Perkins, Earl Wasserman, and D. G. James--all dealing with the biography and literary work of John Keats. Designed for…

  18. Bloomsday for Literacy: How Reactionaries and Relativists Alike Undermine Literacy While Seeming to Promote It. (United States)

    Swearingen, C. Jan


    Argues that the Allan Blooms of the right and the Harold Blooms of the left are equally culpable for inculcating and perpetuating a pedagogical psychopathology which edifies (or brutalizes) students and teachers "for their own good," and creating an air of rarefied mystification surrounding language use and interpretation. (RS)

  19. Full Length Research Article

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dr Ahmed

    Science World Journal Vol 4 (No 2) 2009 .... Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary ..... infected with T. vivax. Experimental Parasitology 14: 374-381. Harold, V. (1969).Practical Clinical Biochemistry. 4th edn. CB 5 Publication,. India. Herbert, W.J., & Lumsden, W. H. R. (1986).

  20. The Evolution of a Navy Project Office (United States)


    Broadway hit, "The Music Man" should be the theme for all Project Managers, for Professor Harold Hill knev, what he was talking about when he exclaimed...Surveillance Project Charter, 14 Sep 72. 13. Parkinson , C. Northcote, Parkinson’s Law. Boston, Houghton Miffin Co., 1957. 14. Reynolds, Gordon, Director

  1. What is the Proper Role of Public Opinion in the Decision to Use Military Force as an Element of National Power? (United States)


    the Smith- Lasswell - Casey bibliography on public opinion came out in 1935; the Roper Fortune poll and the Gallup American Institute of Public Opinion...Rehabilitation, UN Homepage. 34 Harold Nelson, Somalia, A Country Study (Washington: American University Foreign Area Studies, 1982) p.135. 35 Peter Applebome

  2. American Public Support for US Military Operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad (United States)


    Bibliography 237 Lasswell , Harold , A Pre-View of the Policy Sciences, New York: American Elsevier, 1971. Leeds, Brett Ashley, and David R. Davis...objectives. 31 Lasswell (1971, pp. 15-26) posited the "social process model" as describing the context in which and with which the policymaker

  3. A Content Analysis of Defense Budget Rhetoric (United States)


    1 For example, Lasswell Value Dictionary and Harvard IV-4 Psychological dictionary. Many content analysis computer programs are also now...American academy of political and social science, 546, 59–70. Retrieved from Janowitz, M. (1968). Harold D

  4. Fort Bragg and the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker: A Content Analysis of Selected Local Newspapers’ Coverage of Fort Bragg’s Endangered Species Protection Efforts (United States)


    on ,4uernocr I’V /77,3 as meeting the (Date) * research requirement for the master’s degree. ) harold C. Shaver, Ph.D.I Thesis Advisor Director, W...therefore creating change. The media also p have been involved in the process. Three of Lasswell and Wright’s four functions of the mass media

  5. Sovereignty and Protective Zones in Space and the Appropriate Command and Control of Assets (United States)


    of a past than a future. I reject that alternative. � Harold Brown The utilization of space to protect the national interests of the US is too...International Legal Aspects)“, Annals of Air and Space Law, vol. V (1980), pp.532. McDougal, Lasswell , Vlasic, Law and Public Order in Space, 1963, p.249

  6. Majahoidjail hüplevad kuradikesed silmis / Inna Grünfeldt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Grünfeldt, Inna, 1961-


    Rakvere Teater mängib Harold Pinteri näidendit "Majahoidja" Mati Undi lavastuses viiendat aastat. Näitlejad Toomas Suuman, Üllar Saaremäe ja Erni Kask lavastuse pikaealisuse fenomenist. Sama artikkel lühendatult "Nädaline", 20. okt. lk. 11 : ill

  7. Using Parallel Processing for Problem Solving. (United States)


    Harold Goldberger, Ken Kahn, Bob Kems, Henry Lieberman, Marvin Minsky, Vaughn Pratt, Maria Simi, Barbara Steele, Richard Stallman , and Sten-Ake Tamlund... Richard J., QA44: A Procedural Calculus for Intuitive Reasonig, Stanford Research Institute Artificial Intelligence Center Technical Note 73. 1231 McDermott

  8. Emergence of life : Physical chemistry changes the paradigm

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spitzer, Jan; Pielak, Gary J; Poolman, Bert


    Origin of life research has been slow to advance not only because of its complex evolutionary nature (Franklin Harold: In Search of Cell History, 2014) but also because of the lack of agreement on fundamental concepts, including the question of 'what is life?'. To re-energize the research and define

  9. Antjie Krog en haar literêre moeders:die werking van 'n vroulike ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article looks at the way in which the Afrikaans poet Antjie Krog positions herself with regard to her female precursors or literary mothers in Afrikaans literature. A short survey is done of the different descriptions of the way in which literary tradition functions: the male-centred descriptions of T. S. Eliot and Harold Bloom are ...

  10. Byatt versus Bloom; or Poetic Influence – a Case of Anxiety or Desire?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Børch, Marianne


    Antonia Byatt's Possession; a Romance (1990) implicitly critiques Harold Bloom's theory of poetic influence as laid out in the influential Anxiety of Influence; her narrative suggests that a better metaphor than Bloom's Oedipal patricide would be that of love, an emotion that opens up for external...

  11. Byatt versus Bloom

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Børch, Marianne


    Antonia Byatt's Possession takes issue with Harold Bloom's famous claim that creation - including an author's creative reading of an intertext - entails a violent encounter. Byatt's book suggests a more positive Construction of the process by which tradition is transformed in transmission....

  12. Hugo lecteur de Byron: un contre-sens volontaire

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bruno Sibona


    ... tradução por Amédée Pichot, uma vez que Hugo não pôde ter lido o texto em inglês. Será utilizada a metodologia intertextual e comparativa inspirada pela obra de Harold Bloom, The anxiety of influence, bem como os conceitos...

  13. Introductory Concepts in Information Science. ASIS Monograph Series. (United States)

    Norton, Melanie J.

    This book is an introduction to the practical and theoretical concepts of information science. The author draws on recent research into the field of information science, as well as from scholarly and trade publications, and includes articles by Harold Borko, Klause Otten, and Anthony DeBons to emphasize the long-standing dissension in the field.…

  14. H. M. S. Coxeter, poliedros en la cuarta dimensión


    Casalderrey, Francisco


    A los 93 años, edad que alcanzó según él mismo afirmaba gracias a su dieta vegetariana y a las cincuenta flexiones que hasta casi los 90 años realizaba diariamente, ha muerto el 31 de marzo de 2003, Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter, mago de la geometría.

  15. Retrospect (United States)

    Weaver, Anthony


    A collection of essays on education printed in The New Era during the 1920-1930 era and written by: Beatrice Ensor, A. S. Neill, G. Bernard Shaw, Adolphe Ferriere, C. G. Jung, Martin Buber, Alfred Adler, Harold Rugg, Ovide Decroly, and Paul Langevin. (SE)

  16. Joint Force Quarterly. Number 34, Spring 2003 (United States)


    Callahan • John E. Campbell • Steven L. Canby Charles N. Cardinal • Ted Galen Carpenter • Nevin P. Carr, Jr. • Luiz Paulo Macedo Carvalho • Lawrence E...Norman Friedman • Markus V. Garlauskas • David P. Garner • Harold W. Gehman, Jr. Dietrich Genschel • Gian P. Gentile • D.M. Giangreco • Douglas M

  17. ISSN 2073-9990 East Cent. Afr. J. surg

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Hp 630 Dual Core

    pressure. These cases should be managed by primary repair if there is no gangrenous segment and the contamination is minimal or by delayed repair if there is gross contamination and resection and anastomosis is required. References. 1. Michael J. Zinner, Seymour I. Schwartz, Harold Ellis. Incisions, closures, and.

  18. The Sandbox Strategy: The Why and How of Federal Law Enforcement Integration (United States)


    Foundation {October 2002): 3. 96 Groh v. Ramirez, 2004 DJDAR 2314; U.S. v Gantt , 1999 Daily Journal D.A.R. 5549. 62 a conjecture based “ [Accessed October 10, 2005]. Relyea, Harold C. and Henry B. Hogue. “Department of Homeland Security: The

  19. Perspectives on Higher Education: Eight Disciplinary and Comparative Views. Papers presented at the Summer Seminar (University of California, Los Angeles, California 1982). (United States)

    Clark, Burton R., Ed.

    Eight perspectives on higher education are provided in essays based on papers presented at a 1982 seminar. The historical perspective is provided by Harold Perkin with attention to turning points in higher education in Europe, Japan, and the United States. Maurice Kogan considers the political view and specifically intrainstitutional issues, the…

  20. Hematological complications in obstetrics, pregnancy, and gynecology

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bick, Rodger L


    ... and, for each condition covered, the etiology, pathophysiology, clinical and laboratory diagnosis and management are discussed where appropriate. Rodger Bick is Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pathology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, Texas, USA). Eugene Frenkel is Professor of Medicine at the Harold C. Simm...

  1. Motivating Millennials: Improving Practices in Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Younger Library Staff (United States)

    Smith, Sara D.; Galbraith, Quinn


    Working with younger staff and student employees can be a challenge for library supervisors in a multigenerational workplace. Because members of the Millennial Generation have different work expectations, managers need to adjust to best meet their needs. By surveying its five hundred student employees, Brigham Young University's Harold B. Lee…

  2. The 'Atomic' Despatch: Field Marshal Auchinleck, the fall of the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    his reverses at the hands of General Erwin Rommel and the latter's Afrika Korps, the then General Auchinleck had been dismissed by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in August 1942, during the so-called 'Cairo Purge', to be replaced by. General Sir Harold Alexander. Alexander declined the offer of the newly ...

  3. Energy in the '80s: decade of decision

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This proceeding includes the six papers presented at the Public Awareness Symposium plus the WATTEC/Engineers' Week banquet address on nuclear power by Dr. Harold M. Agnew of General Atomic Co.; these presentations on the final day, February 22, concluded the 1980 WATTEC conference. A separate abstract was prepared for each paper and for the banquet address.

  4. The Implementation of the Bully Prevention Program: Bully Proofing Your School and Its Effect on Bullying and School Climate on Sixth Grade Suburban Students (United States)

    Toner, Barbara K.


    Almost 70 years after Abraham Harold Maslow suggested in his 1943 work, "A Theory of Human Emotion", a child's need to feel safe in order to thrive (Maslow, 1943), educational communities, still embracing his insight, find themselves continuing to grapple with how to keep children safe-from one another. The bulk of educational research focused on…

  5. Alar Kivilo väntab Hollywoodis spordifilmi / Tiit Tuumalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tuumalu, Tiit, 1971-


    Eestlasest Ameerika filmiakadeemia liige filmioperaator Alar Kivilo alustas tööd John Lee Hancocki mängufilmiga "Kaitseta külg" ("The Blind Side"). Juunis esilinastub USAs tema operaatoritööga Harold Ramis'e "Esimene aasta" ("Year One")

  6. Uses and Effects of Television and Other Mass Media: Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertations Published in "Dissertation Abstracts International," May through June 1978 (Vol. 38 Nos. 11 and 12). (United States)

    ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills, Urbana, IL.

    This collection of abstracts is part of a continuing series providing information on recent doctoral dissertations. The 17 titles deal with the following topics: British mass communication research; communication theories held by Harold Adams Innis; adolescents' mass communication behavior and family planning knowledge; a college-level course in…

  7. 78 FR 79000 - Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless (United States)


    ..., HHS, Room 12-07, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857; (301) 443-2265. (This is not a toll-free... properties identified in this Notice (i.e., acreage, floor plan, existing sanitary facilities, exact street... Agriculture for more information. New York Former TSG Harold Lockwood US Army Reserves Center 111 Finney...

  8. 78 FR 77697 - Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless (United States)


    ..., HHS, room 12-07, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857; (301) 443-2265. (This is not a toll-free... properties identified in this Notice (i.e., acreage, floor plan, existing sanitary facilities, exact street... Agriculture for more information. New York Former TSG Harold Lockwood US Army Reserves Center 111 Finney...

  9. 77 FR 14540 - Announcement of Funding Awards for the Public and Indian Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program... (United States)


    ... Enterprises......... 621-A Southlawn Lane Rockville 20850 MD 20850 23,075 Housing Authority of the City of 15... Boulevard St. Louis 63106 MO 63106 68,000 The Meridian Housing Authority........ 2425 E. Street Meridian... Concord Housing Department.... P.O. Box 308, 283 Harold Concord 28026 NC 28026 48,568 Goodman Circle. City...

  10. Book Review: Distributed Cognition and the Will | Haji ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Distributed Cognition and the Will, edited by Don Ross, David Spurrett, Harold Kincaid, and G. Lynn Stephens, Cambridge, MA.: The MIT Press, 2007. 369 pages. Philosophical Papers Vol. 37 (3) 2008: pp. 491-500. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT.

  11. Social Context: A Key to Effective Problem Solving. (United States)

    Muth, Rodney; Bolland, John M.


    Following a brief presentation of Harold Lasswell's model of the social process, the authors discuss problems of policy formation and meaning determination, describe the "decision seminar" proposed by Lasswell as a technique for facilitating collective problem-solving, and provide illustrations of the seminar's successful application to…

  12. Action Plan for Harnessing Science and Technology towards ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1937 Section: Physics. Taylor, Prof. Harold John Ph.D. (Cantab), FNA. Date of birth: 18 May 1906. Date of death: 27 May 1996. Specialization: Nuclear Physics Last known address: 3, Rochester Terrace, Edingurgh EH10 5AA, Scotland. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog ...

  13. Understanding Literacy: Theoretical Foundations for Research in Media Ecology. (United States)

    Ramos, Lori


    Reviews the major scholarship of Harold Innis, Eric Havelock, Marshall McLuhan, Jack Goody, Walter Ong and Elizabeth Eisenstein, as they focused on the development of writing systems, and later, printing. Discusses how their theoretical frameworks are central to understanding media ecology, an emerging field of interdisciplinary study for…

  14. Hugo lecteur de Byron: un contre-sens volontaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Sibona


    Full Text Available Resumo: Este trabalho trata do complexo sistema de relações entre o poema de Victor Hugo “Mazeppa”, extraído da coletânea Les orientales, ao conto oriental de Lord Byron de mesmo nome, o qual inspirou o jovem Hugo, e a sua tradução por Amédée Pichot, uma vez que Hugo não pôde ter lido o texto em inglês. Será utilizada a metodologia intertextual e comparativa inspirada pela obra de Harold Bloom, The anxiety of influence, bem como os conceitos teóricos de Gilles Deleuze e Félix Guattari expostos em Mille plateaux.Palavras-chave: Literatura francesa; Victor Hugo; Mazeppa; literatura inglesa; Lord Byron; Harold Bloom; Gilles Deleuze; Félix Guattari.Résumé: Il s’agit dans cet article du complexe système d’agrafes qui relie le poème de Victor Hugo ‘Mazeppa’, extrait de son recueil Les orientales, au conte oriental de Lord Byron du même nom, qui a inspiré le jeune Hugo, et à sa traduction par Amédée Pichot, Hugo n’ayant pu lire le texte anglais. J’utiliserais pour ce faire une méthodologie intertextuelle et comparative inspirée par l’ouvrage de Harold Blomm, The anxiety of influence et les outils théoriques de Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari tels qu’ils sont exponsés dans Mille plateaux.Mots-clés: Littérature française; Victor Hugo; Mazeppa; littérature anglaise; Lord Byron; Harold Bloom; Gilles Deleuze; Félix Guattari.Keywords: French literature; Victor Hugo; Mazeppa; English literature; Lord Byron; Harold Bloom; Gilles Deleuze; Félix Guattari.

  15. Keynote Lecture: The Problems and Challenges in Biomedical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruce Albert


    Full Text Available Distressed by the perverse incentives that have generated the current hyper-competitive biomedical research environment in the United States, four of us published an open-access article in April 2014 entitled: Rescuing US biomedical research from its systemic flaws (Alberts, B., Kirschner, Marc W., Tilghman, Shirley, and  Varmus, H.; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111, 5773-5777 (2014. As announced in our follow-up piece, Opinion: Addressing systemic problems in the biomedical research enterprise (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 112, 1912-1913 (2015, we have formed a 16-member steering committee to oversee a new website that is designed to collect suggestions for actions that can ameliorate the identified problems, as well as to highlight promising changes that are either underway or proposed (see  Despite widespread agreement concerning the problems, any substantial change in the system is bound to be controversial. Experiments are therefore needed. In my talk, I will outline some possible ideas for overcoming the inertia that prevents moving forward.We are encouraging both national and international contributions to this effort, since the problems that we have described are by no means unique to the United States.

  16. "Uma análise da identificação e da gestão do capital intelectual nas usinas sucroalcooleiras e da prática dos princípios delineadores do conceito de avaliação de empresas na sua gestão econômico-financeira: um estudo exploratório em dez usinas paulistas"


    Leandro de Freitas Matheus


    Partindo da premissa de que o objetivo maior da empresa e de seus administradores consiste na maximização do capital nela investido, observa-se que os administradores devem se preocupar com a geração de riqueza dentro da empresa, buscando continuamente incrementar e otimizar a criação de valor pela organização e também mensurá-la. Outro forte motivo para mensuração do valor da empresa consiste no crescente aumento do número de fusões e aquisições entre empresas ocorridas no país, incluindo o ...

  17. Retorno econômico dos investimentos em P&D na citricultura paulista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margarida Garcia de Figueiredo


    Full Text Available O presente estudo teve como principal objetivo medir o retorno econômico dos investimentos em P&D na citricultura paulista. O Brasil é o maior exportador mundial de suco de laranja, e o estado de São Paulo responde por 98% das exportações brasileiras de suco. A metodologia utilizada foi o cálculo da produtividade total dos fatores (PTF, através do Índice de Tornqüist, para posterior comparação com os gastos em pesquisa e desenvolvimento no setor. Verificou-se que, para cada R$ 1,00 investido na pesquisa citrícola, obtém-se aumento de R$ 13,67 no valor da produção de laranja no estado de São Paulo.

  18. A política social de economia solidária : um estudo de caso do município de São Carlos


    Camila Capacle


    A economia solidária é uma prática de geração de trabalho e renda existente em milhares de municípios e comunidades brasileiras, e mais de uma centena de prefeituras têm investido esforços e recursos humanos, físicos e financeiros nessa alternativa. A economia solidária ganhou status de política nacional, mas enfrenta o grande desafio de consolidar-se como política de Estado. Este trabalho tem como objetivo analisar a política pública de economia solidária do município de São Carlos entre os ...

  19. Delimitación jurisprudencial del principio constitucional de unidad de materia legislativa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Alberto Restrepo-Medina


    Full Text Available El principio de unidad de materia legislativa es uno de los ejes fundamentales del proceso de formación de la ley, y su observancia constituye un parámetro para la determinación jurisdiccional de la validez jurídica, en la medida en que, de una parte, se verifique la existencia de coherencia y armonía en el producto normativo por la conexidad entre sus partes, y de otra parte, a partir del cumplimiento de ese mínimo, se respete la libertad de configuración del Congreso en razón de la legitimidad democrática de la cual está investido para ejercer su función legislativa.

  20. Pensamento comunicacional canadense: as contribuições de Innis e McLuhan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz C. Martino


    Full Text Available Resumo O presente trabalho visa apresentar o pensamento comunicacional canadense. Sustenta a idéia de Harold Innis como pioneiro, entendendo que sua obra, mais do que uma simples teoria, comporta um programa de pesquisa (no sentido de Imre Lakatos. Define o núcleo duro do programa innisiano, como: a a ação da técnica nos processos de comunicação e b a centralidade dos meios de comunicação para entender a organização social. Teses que estão na base de um projeto de incomparável valor epistemológico, visto que constituiriam uma possibilidade para o fundamento do próprio saber comunicacional. Palavras-chave: Pensamento comunicacional canadense; teoria da comunicação; Harold Innis; Marshall McLuhan; Escola de Toronto de Comunicação. Resumen El presente trabajo visa presentar el pensamiento comunicacional canadiense. Sustenta la idea de Harold Innis como pionero, entendiendo que su obra, más que una simple teoría, comporta un programa de investigación (en el sentido de Imre Lakatos. Define el núcleo duro del programa innisiano como: a la acción de la técnica en los procesos de comunicación y b la centralidad de los medios de comunicación para entender la organización social. Tesis que constituyen la base de un proyecto de incomparable valor epistemológico, visto que constituirían una posibilidad para el fundamento del propio saber comunicacional. Palabras-clave: Pensamiento comunicacional canadiense; teoría de la comunicación; Harold Innis; Marshall McLuhan; Toronto School of Communication (Escuela de Comunicación de Toronto. Abstract This article presents the main lines of thought within Canadian Communication. It sustains the thesis of Harold Innis as pioneer, understanding that his work, more than just a simple theory, it admits a research program (such as employed by Imre Lakatos. It defines as the hard core for the Innisian program: a the action of technique on communication processes and b the centrality of

  1. Design of an Oxygen Turbopump for a Dual Expander Cycle Rocket Engine (United States)


    Arthur J. Glassman , Ed. NASA SP-290, Washington: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1994. 32 Oyama, Akira and Liou, Meng-Sing...Harold E., “Radial Inflow Turbines”, in Turbine Design and Application, Arthur L. Glassman , ed. NASA SP-290, Washington: National Aeronautics and...Ohio in March 2006. After graduation, he will be assigned to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, WPAFB, OH. 69 REPORT

  2. Department of Defense In-House RDT and E Activities (United States)



  3. China’s Security Perspective (United States)


    Harold A. Trinkunas, PhD Chair , Department of National Security Affairs iv THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK v ABSTRACT The current...67–103. 14 Dennis Blair, John Handley, “From Wheels to Webs: Reconstruction Asia-Pacific Security Arrangements” The Washington Quarterly (2001), 7...professional basketball player during a game, China’s military acquisition program is only part of its overall modernization program and poses little threat

  4. Introduction to Nanotechnology for Defense Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and Research Professionals in Support of the Acquisition Process (United States)


    There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom,” a talk given by Richard Feynman , American Physical Society, Caltech, 1959  Gravity would become less...Chemical and Material Risk Management Directorate 1959- Famous Richard Feynman talk on molecular machines Caltech 1985...Prepared by Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, James Heath, Sean O’Brien, and Harold Kroto at Rice University, 1985  Named in honor of Buckminster Fuller

  5. Investigation of Rehydration Characteristics of Compressed Comminuted Meats (United States)


    Minnesota Minneapolis1 MN 55455 1 - Professor Walter Mo Urbain Depto of Food Sci & Human Nutrition Michigan State University East Lansi ng1 MI 48824 1...Research Center Agricultural Research Service US Dept of Agriculture 600 E. Mermaid Lane WYndmoor, PA 19118 1 - CDR Harold ~o Janson~ MSC~USN Head...23001 1 - Dr. Michael Jo Pallansch Acting Assistant Administrator ARS - US Dept. of Agriculture Washington, DC 20250 3 - Office of the

  6. Trinidad Reservoir Salvage Archaeology, 1970. Sites: TC:C9:9B, TC:C9:23, TC:C9:24, TC:C9:302. (United States)


    represented by a complete right and a fragmentary left medial phalanx. -121 Dow ( Canis Inueu familiaris ) One adult dog is represented by a right mandible...University, Fort Collins. -147- _-0 J1 Messer Harold M. 1938 An Introduction to Vertebrate Anat . Maclllan Co., New York. Mosby, Rery S. 1963 Wildlife ...Investigational Techniques. The Wildlife Society, Ann Arbor. - ?Thmpoon. J. Arthur 1923 The Bioloqy of Birds. MacMillan Company, Ne York

  7. Der Machtmensch: zur Dramatologie des Politikers


    Hitzler, Ronald


    Der Beitrag erörtert das Anforderungsprofil des modernen Politikers, wobei unter anderem folgende Aspekte beleuchtet werden: (1) Die Darstellungskompetenz, (2) Machiavellismus, (3) die typische Persönlichkeit des Politikers (Harold D. Laswell), (4) Politik als Beruf (M. Weber), (5) die wichtigsten Bedingungen für eine erfolgreiche Politikerkarriere, (6) politisches Handeln verstanden als Inszenierungsarbeit, (7) Politik als Ritual (Murray Edelman), (8) die Dramatologie der Politik sowie (9) d...

  8. Научное наследие классиков политической лингвистики


    Русова, Ирина; Толмачева, Мария


    It is the works of American scholars, who investigated the field of political communication back in the first half of the 20th century, that political linguistics of today is much indebted to. In 1949 Harold D. Laswell and Nathan Lates edited a collection of papers Language of Politics: Quantitative Semantics Research that was destined to become a real hallmark for American and world political linguistics. The list of classical works on political communication would have been faulty indeed wi...



    González Acosta, Angélica; Universidad del Rosario


    Four are the steps required for the production of a public policy, according to the sequen- tial model suggested by Harold laswell (1956) and developed by Jones (1970). First of all, it is the definition of the problem and the construction of the agenda. Secondly, it is the formulation, the decision or legitimization, third the implementation, and finally, the evaluation of the public policy. An analysis in the first stage of the public policy production appears in this reflection document. T...

  10. U. S. Naval Forces, Vietnam Monthly Historical Summary for July 1971 (United States)


    atthe NSAS Detach- ment Qui Nhon, SHZ Harold B. Flynn apparently attempted to commit suicide while lying on his bed in the berthing spaces. At IO00H he...LCDR J. LASWELL , USN (R) 4 .vSA ISB CAT LAI LT J.F. MAYER, USN SA ISB NAM CAN LCDR R. BLEDSOE, USN SA lSB CHO MOI LCDR B. BURGETT,. USN SAISBAMAULT D

  11. Proceedings of the Workshop on the Assessment of Crew Workload Measurement Methods, Techniques and Procedures. Volume 2. Library References. (United States)



  12. The Military Landscape: Why US Military Installations Are Located Where They Are (United States)


    ER D C/ CE RL T R- 11 -7 The Military Landscape Why US Military Installations Are Located Where They Are Co ns tr uc tio n En gi ne...distribution is unlimited. ERDC/CERL TR-11-7 March 2011 The Military Landscape Why US Military Installations Are Located Where They Are Harold...Dr. Champaign, IL 61824 Anthony R. Latino School of Architecture , University of Illinois–Urbana/Champaign Champaign, IL 61820 Final Report

  13. The TQM Coordinator as Change Agent in Implementing Total Quality Management (United States)


    29, No. 2, February 1985, pp. 14-15. [ Bennis and Nanus ] Bennis , Warren, and Nanus , Burt, Leaders, The Strateaies For Taking Charge, Harper and Row...34ownership" in the changes is a good one. A similar concept is advanced in the Harold Bemis and Burt Nanus Book Leaders, The Strategies for Taking C...Bemis and Nanus talk about "empowering the workforce." The dictionary defines empower as to give power or authority to. Bemis and Nanus say

  14. Clinical Investigation Program Annual Progress Report (United States)


    Artemisia Species: Evaluation by ELISA Inhibition. Presented: Harold S. Nelson Allergy-Immunology Symposium, January 1989. (C) Lin FL, Larsen LV, Vaughan...Georgitis WJ, Kidd GS: Reversible Hypogonadotropic Azoospermia in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). Presented: American Fertility Society - 44th...American Fertility Society, 44th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, October 1988. Merenich JA,’McDermott MT, Kidd GS: Gonadal Function in Men with

  15. An Era of Change: The Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1971-1997 (United States)


    Verdigris at navigation mile 401.4; Webbers Falls on the Arkansas at navigation mile 366.6; and W .O. MayO at navigation mile 319.(~. 30 Upstream...the Southwestern Division , p. 7; Settle, "Years of Challenge," pp. 1-9-1-10. 7 8 Construction of the W D. Mayo Lock and Dam (above) nears...Bob Bailey, Harold Chitwood, Elton Watkins, and Reggie Kikugawa.51 The Southwestern Division Commander, Brigadier General Jerome Hilmes, visited the

  16. Strategic Communication Design: An Approach for AFRICOM (United States)


    the communications models by political scientist Harold Lasswell and communications theorist David Berlo. Lasswell analyzed Nazi propaganda to...External Audiences that have influence with Africans The international actors that are part of the system include China, Portugal , the United Kingdom...France, U.S., NATO, the United Nations, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). France, Portugal , Spain, and the United Kingdom are post

  17. Entre a etnometodologia de Garfinkel e a etnologia de Jaulin


    Montenegro, Miguel


    Este texto procura evidenciar a forte compatibilidade entre a etnometodologia fundada por Harold Garfinkel e a etnologia tal qual ela foi concebida e posta em prática por Robert Jaulin. Para fazê-lo, começa-se por uma crítica dos métodos da sociologia das massas, o que nos permite chegar nos fundamentos de toda a abordagem compreensiva: os fenómenos sociais são fenómenos.

  18. Bringing Republican Ideas Back Home: The Dewey-Laski Connection


    Silva, Filipe Carreira da


    This article explores J.G.A. Pocock’s insight that “traces” of civic republican discourse survived within the dominant liberal paradigm of modern political thought. It does so by tracking classical republican themes in the works of American pragmatist John Dewey and English pluralist Harold Laski. The main contribution of the article is to show that the 1920s pluralist theory of the state can be interpreted as a reformulation of the classical republican critique of modern liberal conceptions ...

  19. (HBCU) Doped Graphene and Graphite as a Potential High Temperature Superconductor (United States)


    AFRL-OSR-VA-TR-2013-0420 (HBCU) DOPED GRAPHENE AND GRAPHITE AS A POTENTIAL HIGH TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR Grover L. Larkins Jr...NUMBER (Include area code) Final Performance Report for FA9550-10-1-0134 to: Dr. Harold Weinstock (HBCU) DOPED GRAPHENE AND GRAPHITE AS A...23 July 2013 I. Results on doped Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite: In our first year we observed possible superconductivity using

  20. Can the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force be Used Successfully as an Instrument of Nation Building in Trinidad and Tobago (United States)


    34 written by A. C. Oliver Jr. and Harold M. Dudley, Colonel Alva J. Brasted notes that the aims of the CCC were to conserve both the material and character...Americas Review, Hunter Publishing, Inc, Edison , NJ, (1990), p. 28. 6. Factbook, p. 15. 7. Snow and Wynia, p. 131. 8. Factbook, p. 15. 9. Pendle, p. 15...Henderson, David J., ed. The Fortune Encyclopedia of E. New York: Warner Books, Inc., 1993. Hunter Publishing, Inc. The Americas Review. Edison , NJ: Hunter

  1. Air pollution knows no boundaries: defining air catchment areas and making sense of physical and political boundaries in air quality management

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Scott, G


    Full Text Available to the prevention, control or correction of pollution. • (2) If the investigation contemplated in subsection reveals that the release of a substance into the air from a source in the Republic may have a significant detrimental impact on air quality... Air Pollution Knows No Boundaries Defining Air Catchment Areas & Making Sense of Physical and Political Boundaries in Air Quality Management Greg Scott1, Harold Annegarn2 and Melanie Kneen2 1CSIR Environmentek, Durban 2Dept Geography...

  2. Ship Structure Committee Long-Range Research Plan - Guidelines for Program Development. (United States)


    rigs as well as gravity -base or template-jacket platforms. The twelve types of platforms are: Large monohull (over 700-ft. long) Medium monohull (300... Bethlehem Steel Materials Panel Mr. John R. Belt - Chairman David Taylor NSRDC Dr. B. Floyd Brown American University Mr. W. Gene Corley Portland Cement...Participants Fabrication Panel Name Organization Mr. John J. Garvey - Chairman MarAd Mr. Harold Acker Bethlehem Steel Prof. Howard Bunch University of

  3. Psychologists' social representations of conformity: Conformity – birth or death of individuality


    Janez Bečaj


    When discussing conformity, modern social psychological literature draws its conclusions mostly from the classical sources written by the mid twentieth century authors such as Muzafer and CarolynSherif, Leon Festinger, Solomon Asch, Morton Deutsch, and Harold B. Gerard. A detailed scrutiny of these texts, however, reveals that many of today's widely accepted "findings" from that era are in fact not supported by the classical literature. Surprisingly, this analysis also shows that from the...

  4. Focused vs Broad In World War I: A Historical Comparison Of General Staff Officer Education At Pre War Leavenworth and Langres (United States)


    George S. Patton, Harold R. Bull, and William H. Simpson spent time as students at Leavenworth before serving as generals during World War II.172...than a million into combat on the Western Front.”2 George C. Marshall and Jonathan M. Wainwright were two of those officers Coffman references who...served as division, corps, and army-level general staff officers and executed the planning behind the AEF’s operations. George C. Marshall, popular

  5. The Shock and Vibration Bulletin. Part 2. Opening Session, Panel Sessions, Seismic, Special Problems (United States)


    MULTIDIRECTIONAL MOBILITY DATA FOR BEAMS D. J. Ewins, Imperial College of Science and Technology. London. England and P. T. Gleeson , Moddlesex Polytechnic...iaaMMIiiBiMMiti iiirn’iirMiiiiiiiiiii’iiiiiiir ManriHMMiüaHiiMdttiiMHIi r ■■ ■ IM ADDRESS OF WELCOME George Peterson Director Air Force Material...8217- ■——^ TEST OR ANALYZE A Fanel Session Moderator: George Amir Puielists: Harold If. Forkois. Naval Research Laboratory LB. Irving, Johns Hopkins

  6. Langley Integrated Total Force (L-ITF) Beddown and Logistics Support Center (LSC) Environmental Assessment (United States)


    The site is comprised primarily of a horse pasture and stable but also includes kennels and K-span buildings. The Air Force would construct a LSC...698 4325) or Charles Enis of this Office (telephone (804) 698-4488 ). I hope this infonnation is helpful to you. cc: Harold J. Winer. DEO-TRO Kotur...Irons ~ Program Manager Office of Environmental Impact Review Arthur L. Collins. Hampton Roads PDC James Freas. City of Hampton Charles W. Burgess

  7. Organizational Leadership’s Impact on Emergent Behavior During Disaster Response and Recovery Operations (United States)


    Harold A. Trinkunas, PhD Chair, Department of National Security Affairs iv THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK v ABSTRACT Since the events of...C. SELF-ORGANIZATION Sandra Bloom discusses self-organization in relation to complexity theory in her 2000 work, Chaos, Complexity, Bloom (2000), self-organization “is a notion that holds that new levels of form, organization, and complexity often arise out of the interchanges

  8. Integrating Process Management with Archival Management Systems: Lessons Learned


    J. Gordon Daines, III; Nimer, Cory L


    The Integrated Digital Special Collections (INDI) system is a prototype of a database-driven, Web application designed to automate and manage archival workflow for large institutions and consortia. This article discusses the how the INDI project enabled the successful implementation of a process to manage large technology projects in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University. It highlights how the scope of these technology projects is set and how the major deliverables for each pr...

  9. The Factors That Motivated American Ground Forces to Fight During Combat in Vietnam, (United States)


    results is important because "there is clearly no reason for content analysis unless the question one wants answered is quantitative" ( Lasswell and...the Cambodian Border During the Vietnam War. Jefferson NC: McFarland and Company, 1994. 60 Lasswell , H. D. and others. The Comparative Study Of Symbols...Books, 1989. Moore, Harold G. and Joseph L. Galloway. We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1992. Moskos, Charles C

  10. Plan estratégico de comunicación para la carrera de Comunicación Social UPS, Quito


    Lozano Ortiz, Paola Cristina; Torres Arguello, Ana Valeria


    The following Thesis Project is a communication proposal about the “Strategic Communication Plan for the UPS-Quito Social Communication Career”. It includes a complete theoretic frame, where human communication history, communication concepts, guide lines of the Habermas Communicative Actions Theory, the Harold Lasswell Functionalism and the Shannon Lineal Theory of Information, are described. Finally, organizational communication elements are defined. Also, career characteristics are highlig...

  11. Realizing instruments: performativity in emissions trading and citizen panels


    Voß, Jan-Peter


    Instruments of governance are widely discussed in the policy and governance literature (see reviews in Lascoumes/Le Galès 2007; Howlett 2011). This research distinguishes between the various types of instruments, seeks to explain their effects, and is concerned with processes of choosing and implementing them. Articulating governance in terms of instruments has been a major concern of political science since World War II, following Harold Lasswell’s call for a ‘policy science’ (Lerner/Lasswel...

  12. Роль средств массовой информации в предвыборной ситуации


    Зурабишвили, Т.


    The article is devoted to the problem of media's influence on respondents' electoral behaviour. As the basic hypotheses, concepts of Harold D. Lasswell and Wilbur Schramm are used, demonstrating the limits of their applicability under Russia's conditions. The author offers a typology of respondents depending on the degree of liability to the influence of media and provides the main social characteristics of the selected types.

  13. Preparing to Win in a Complex World: Institutionalizing Interagency Cooperation at the Tactical Level (United States)


    VC infrastructure–communist shadow governments operating in local villages (Andrade and Willbanks 2006, 21). The former VC minister of Justice...Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the center of gravity where collective and collaborative decisions were made was 92 within the NECC. . . . It cannot be... the Labyrinth , edited by Roger Z. George and Harvey Rishikof, 11-29. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press. Seidman, Harold. 1970. Politics

  14. Angsten for divergens

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Møller Gøttcke, Leander


    for divergens kan aflæses tekstuelt. Her tages nogle lighedspunkter med Harold Blooms begreb angst for indflydelse i betragtning, men artiklen trækker også på narratologisk forskning i upålidelig fortællen. 3) At fremsætte klare eksempler, der illustrerer hvordan en fortolkers angst for divergens kan føre til...

  15. Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Causes and Policy Implications (United States)


    SOUTHEAST ASIA: CAUSES AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS by Diana Betz June 2009 Thesis Advisor: Michael Malley Second Reader: Robert Weiner...Author: Diana L. Betz Approved by: Dr. Michael Malley, PhD Thesis Advisor Dr. Robert Weiner, PhD Second Reader Harold A...245. 174 Karen Emmons , “Child Protection in Thailand,” Tourism Authority of Thailand, February 1, 2007,

  16. Din ve Kişilik


    GÖCEN, Gülüşan


    1 Robert A. Emmons ,“Religion and Personality”, (Ed.) Harold G. Koing, Handbook of Religion and Mental Health . California, 1998, Akademik Press. 2 California Üniversitesi Psikoloji Bölümü, Davis Davis California 95616. 3 Dr., Din Kültürü ve Ahlak Bilgisi Öğretmeni, Bayrampaşa İmam Hatip Ortaokulu. İstanbul,

  17. U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Latvia During the Inter-War Period, 1917- 1941 (United States)


    Lavigne 17. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADORESS(ES) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER AFIT Student Attending: Arizona State Univesity ...recognize Lithuania de jure, combined with another petition by 29 prominent American educators led by Princeton University Professor Harold H. Bender...provided intelligence that fingered front groups for the Communist International, such as the American Workers’ Party, the Trade Union Educational

  18. Reflections on 30 Years of AIDS—Part 2

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. James Curran, Dean of the Rollins School of Public Health and Co-Director of Emory’s Center for AIDS Research, and Dr. Harold Jaffe, CDC’s Associate Director for Science, reflect on 30 years of the AIDS epidemic.  Created: 6/15/2011 by National Center for Emerging Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 6/20/2011.

  19. A Study by Contact Angle of the Acid-Base Behavior of Monolayers Containing W-Mercaptocarboxylic Acids Absorbed on Gold: An Example of Reactive Spreading (United States)


    Rev. 1980, 49, 1021-1032; Bordwell , F. G. Pure Appl. Chem. 1977,49, 963-968. 54 Pine, S. H.; Hendrickson, J. B.; Cram, D. J.; Hammond, G. S. Organic...Cameron Station high Philadelphia Naval Base Alexandria, Virginia 22314 quality Philadelphia, PA 19112 David Taylor Research Center Dr. Sachio Yamamoto...6100 David Taylor Research Center Naval Research Laboratory Dr. Harold H. Singerman Washington, D.C. 20375-5000 Annapolis, MD 21402-5067 ATTN: Code



    Shailendra Palvia


    Harold Chong is Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Management for the Asia Pacific Division of Compaq computers. His organization is responsible for software development, systems implementation, computer operations, communications support, customer and sales force automation, automation of the manufacturing and associated logistics activities and the provision of key information reports to the business. He is responsible for planning and integrating all strategic informatio...

  1. End Game Strategies: Winning the Peace (United States)


    L. Peace Sr. TITLE: End Game Strategies: Winning the Peace FORMAT: Strategy Research Project DATE: 01 March 2012 WORD COUNT: 7,840 PAGES...have been to bring in members of the army and police forces with former Ba’athist ties and reeducate them while using strict discipline and...Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 3 March 2008), 14. 15 Dobbins,, America’s role in nation-building, 7. 16 Harold Zink, American

  2. diagrammatic practices - the office of Frederick L. Ackerman and architectural graphic standards


    Emmons, P.


    The office of Frederick Ackerman (1878-1950) was the source of the first modern architectural handbook, Architectural Graphic Standards (1932), which was intended as a radical manifesto. Basing his practice on the economic critique of "conspicuous consumption" by Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929), Ackerman was a leader of the technocratic movement. Ackerman directed his employees to develop factual architectural data. The authors of Graphic Standards, Charles Ramsey (1884-1963) and Harold Sleeper ...

  3. Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango Sala de Conciertos : septiembre de 1968

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simón Galindo M.


    Full Text Available El primer lunes del mes actuó el conocido violinista colombiano Luis Biava, acompañado al piano por Harold Martina. Biava, nacido en Barranquilla, comenzó desde su niñez los estudios musicales en el Conservatorio de la Universidad del Atlántico, bajo la guía de su padre, el eminente músico italiano Pedro Biava.

  4. US Air Force 1989 Research Initiation Program. Volume 3 (United States)


    Trinity University Texas Southern University Specialty: Zoology Specialty: Molecular Biology Dr. Carolyn Caudle- Alexander Dr. Harold Longbotham Tennessee...Cultured Cells Dr. C. Caudle- Alexander 210-1OMG-097 92 In Vivo Processing of Tetraisopropyl Dr. James Chambers Pyrophosphoramine 210-1OMG-083 93 EMG...Lalezari and C.D. Massey, "mm-Wave Microstrip Antennas," Microwave Journal, pp.87-96, April 1987. [12] J.C. Herper, A. Hessel and B. Tomasic, "Element

  5. VAR and ESR: Do They Measure Up (United States)


    arc, and by resistance heating of the steel itself. A basic refractory lining is used almost exclusively for low alloy steels. The bottom, or...subhearth, of the furnace is usually a burned magnesite brick covered by granular magnesite . The sidewalls are a metal-encased magnesite brick, and the roof...the coiistruction and refractories of the Heroult Furnace. 1. The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel, ed. by Harold E. McGannon, U.S. Steei, 8th

  6. Cancer modelling in the NGS era - Part I: Emerging technology and initial modelling. (United States)

    Rovigatti, Ugo


    It is today indisputable that great progresses have been made in our molecular understanding of cancer cells, but an effective implementation of such knowledge into dramatic cancer-cures is still belated and yet desperately needed. This review gives a snapshot at where we stand today in this search for cancer understanding and definitive treatments, how far we have progressed and what are the major obstacles we will have to overcome both technologically and for disease modelling. In the first part, promising 3rd/4th Generation Sequencing Technologies will be summarized (particularly IonTorrent and OxfordNanopore technologies). Cancer modelling will be then reviewed from its origin in XIX Century Germany to today's NGS applications for cancer understanding and therapeutic interventions. Developments after Molecular Biology revolution (1953) are discussed as successions of three phases. The first, PH1, labelled "Clonal Outgrowth" (from 1960s to mid 1980s) was characterized by discoveries in cytogenetics (Nowell, Rowley) and viral oncology (Dulbecco, Bishop, Varmus), which demonstrated clonality. Treatments were consequently dominated by a "cytotoxic eradication" strategy with chemotherapeutic agents. In PH2, (from the mid 1980s to our days) the description of cancer as "Gene Networks" led to targeted-gene-therapies (TGTs). TGTs are the focus of Section 3: in view of their apparent failing (Ephemeral Therapies), alternative strategies will be discussed in review part II (particularly cancer immunotherapy, CIT). Additional Pitfalls impinge on the concepts of tumour heterogeneity (inter/intra; ITH). The described pitfalls set the basis for a new phase, PH3, which is called "NGS Era" and will be also discussed with ten emerging cancer models in the Review 2nd part. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Human gene control by vital oncogenes: revisiting a theoretical model and its implications for targeted cancer therapy. (United States)

    Willis, Rudolph E


    An important assumption of our current understanding of the mechanisms of carcinogenesis has been the belief that clarification of the cancer process would inevitably reveal some of the crucial mechanisms of normal human gene regulation. Since the momentous work of Bishop and Varmus, both the molecular and the biochemical processes underlying the events in the development of cancer have become increasingly clear. The identification of cellular signaling pathways and the role of protein kinases in the events leading to gene activation have been critical to our understanding not only of normal cellular gene control mechanisms, but also have clarified some of the important molecular and biochemical events occurring within a cancer cell. We now know that oncogenes are dysfunctional proto-oncogenes and that dysfunctional tumor suppressor genes contribute to the cancer process. Furthermore, Weinstein and others have hypothesized the phenomenon of oncogene addiction as a distinct characteristic of the malignant cell. It can be assumed that cancer cells, indeed, become dependent on such vital oncogenes. The products of these vital oncogenes, such as c-myc, may well be the Achilles heel by which targeted molecular therapy may lead to truly personalized cancer therapy. The remaining problem is the need to introduce relevant molecular diagnostic tests such as genome microarray analysis and proteomic methods, especially protein kinase identification arrays, for each individual patient. Genome wide association studies on cancers with gene analysis of single nucleotide and other mutations in functional proto-oncogenes will, hopefully, identify dysfunctional proto-oncogenes and allow the development of more specific targeted drugs directed against the protein products of these vital oncogenes. In 1984 Willis proposed a molecular and biochemical model for eukaryotic gene regulation suggesting how proto-oncogenes might function within the normal cell. That model predicted the


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Francisco Gonçalves do NASCIMENTO


    Full Text Available As empresas do setor de tecnologia da informação (TI são bastante dependentes da inovação. A criação de novos produtos ou processos ou as melhorias em produto ou processos já existente podem e devem ser utilizados como uma forma de criar um diferencial estratégico perante os concorrentes. O mercado de TI vem crescendo constantementenos últimos anos e este crescimento demanda que as empresas melhor se organizem no sentido de desenvolver estratégias de inovação ou melhorar suas estratégias atuais. Uma vez que a distinção entre empresas inovadoras e empresas não inovadoras não se resume somente ao montante de dinheiro investido em pesquisa e desenvolvimento,torna-se necessário a análise destas empresas através de indicadores que, quando combinados, possam distinguir as organizações que utilizam a inovação como uma forma de se diferenciar no acirrado mercado de tecnologia. Este trabalho teve como principal finalidade identificar e analisar o grau de maturidade em gestão da inovação das empresas de TI do Estado de Minas Gerais. O estudo avaliou, através de uma pesquisa descritiva, 53 empresas do setor deTecnologia da Informação no Estado. A avaliação foi feita através de cinco grupos de indicadores: indicadores de entrada (recursos financeiros, físicos ou humanos investidos em inovação, indicadores de saída (resultados mensuráveis que analisam quantitativamente o retorno da inovação, formas de inovação (maneira como ocorre ainovação na empresa, fontes de inovação (stakeholders que suportam o processo de inovação colaborando com seu desenvolvimento e impactos da inovação (o que mudou na empresa a partir do momento da adoção de gestão de inovação. Com base na metodologia aplicada, as empresas foram classificadas em "Pouco Inovadoras","Medianamente Inovadoras" e "Inovadoras". Os resultados mostraram que a grande maioria das empresas pesquisadas se enquadra na categoria de "Medianamente Inovadoras

  9. The Mount Wilson-University of California Connection from Hussey and Seares to Mayall and Olin Wilson (United States)

    Osterbrock, D. E.


    George Ellery Hale, who founded Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, first visited Lick Observatory in 1890, soon after his graduation from MIT. After his parents' deaths, when he began openly planning a Yerkes Observatory ``expedition" to California, Hale's friend James E. Keeler, then Lick Observatory Director, invited him (in 1899) to locate it on Mt.Hamilton. Hale thanked him, but replied that sites further south would have more clear weather. He had probably already decided on Mount Wilson. There were many close connections between the University of California and Mount Wilson Observatory from that time right up to the present. W.J. Hussey was the Lick astronomer who carried out the official site survey that confirmed Mount Wilson as the best site. Harold Palmer (UC Astronomy PhD 1903) was the first new staff member Hale hired, but he only lasted a few months. The two main reasons for the continuing connection were the geographical proximity of Pasadena and the Bay Area, and the fact that for many years UC was the outstanding graduate astronomy department in the country, producing numerous well trained observational research astronomers. However in the early years the reasons were more complicated. After Palmer, the next three hired at MWO were Arthur King, the first UC Physics PhD (1903); Harold Babcock, (UC Engineering BS 1907); and F.H. Seares (UC Astronomy BS 1895). Harold Babcock trained his son in astronomy almost from birth, and Horace (UC Astronomy PhD 1938) joined the MWO staff after World War II and became its Director in 1964. Palmer and Edward Fath (UC PhD 1909) were less successful at MWO and soon departed. These and numerous other MWO astronomers with UC backgrounds will be mentioned, and their careers discussed.

  10. Advanced Propulsion Physics Lab: Eagleworks Investigations (United States)

    Scogin, Tyler


    Eagleworks Laboratory is an advanced propulsions physics laboratory with two primary investigations currently underway. The first is a Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster (QVPT or Q-thrusters), an advanced electric propulsion technology in the development and demonstration phase. The second investigation is in Warp Field Interferometry (WFI). This is an investigation of Dr. Harold "Sonny" White's theoretical physics models for warp field equations using optical experiments in the Electro Optical laboratory (EOL) at Johnson Space Center. These investigations are pursuing technology necessary to enable human exploration of the solar system and beyond.

  11. 'Crossing a Bare Common'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balle, Søren Hattesen


    acknowledging Bloom’s point that Emerson’s American sublime is achieved in an agon with English Romantic poetry, I shall demonstrate that his sublime rhetoric is much more circumspect than is usually recognized by his critics, including Bloom. Not least shall I analyse the manner in which his blustering......’s The Romantic Sublime (1976), Harold Bloom’s Agon: A Theory of Revisionism (1982) and Ruin the Sacred Truths (1989) and Jan Rosiek’s magisterial Maintaining the Sublime: Heidegger and Adorno (2000)....

  12. High Flight: History of the U.S. Air Force Academy (United States)


    34 Checkpoints 36.2 (2007): 12-15. Madsen, William D. "U.S. Air Force Academy Food Service Facilities." Review 52 (1973): 20-21+. Marley ...Human Kinetics, 1995. 17-19. 37    DeBerry, Fisher Schaller Bob . For God and Country. Grand Island, NE: Cross Training Pub., 2000. (GV 939 .D42... Marley , Frederick Harold. "A Proposal for the Establishment and Operation of the Audio- Visual Materials Center of the Air Force Academy; a Report of

  13. The Flashing Sword of Vengeance: The Force-Oriented Counterattack from a Historical Perspective with Implications for the AirLand Battle and Combat Aviation. (United States)


    the Western World ( New York: Funk and Wagnalls , Co., 1955), p. 205. 7Ibid. 8Ibid., pp. 206-7. 9LTC France James Soady, Lessons of War as Taught by the...History of the Western World . New York: Funk and Wagnalls , Co., 1955. Heyward, BG P.H.C. Jane’s Dictionary of Military Terms. London: MacDonald and Jane’s...Ernest and COL Trevor N. Dupuy. The Encyclopedia of Military History from 3500 BC to the Present. New York: Harper. and Row, 1970. Eady, BVT MAJ Harold

  14. Center of Excellence in Biotechnology (Research) (United States)


    Cooper (1989) "Development of Duchenne -Type Cardiomyopathy: Morphologic Studies in a Canine Model", Am. J. Pathol., 135. 671-678. B. A. Valentine, 3. T...Blue and B. J. Cooper (1989) "Effect of Exercise on Dystrophic Muscle", Ann. Neurol., a. 588. Michael P. Weiner and Harold A. Scheraga (1989) "A Method...Cooper, E.A. Gallagher, C.A. Smith, B.A. Valentine and NJ. Winand (1990) ’Mosaic Expression of Dystrophin in Carriers of Canine X-Linked Muscular

  15. Equation of motion coupled cluster methods for electron attachment and ionization potential in fullerenes C60 and C70

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bhaskaran-Nair, Kiran; Kowalski, Karol; Moreno, Juana; Jarrell, Mark; Shelton, William A.


    Discovery of fullerenes has opened a entirely new chapter in chemistry due to their wide range of properties which holds exciting applications in numerous disciplines of science. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996 was awarded jointly to Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley in recoginition for their discovery of this new carbon allotrope. In this letter we are reporting ionization potential and electron attachment studies on fullerenes (C60 and C70) obtained with novel parallel implementation of the EA-EOM-CCSD and IP-EOM-CCSD methods in NWChem program package.

  16. Framework for a new dialogue between psychoanalysis and neurosciences: is the combined neuro-psychoanalytic approach the missing link? (United States)

    Vaslamatzis, Grigoris


    Freud's legacy deriving from his work The project for a scientific psychology (1895) could give a new impetus to the dialogue between psychoanalysis and neurosciences. A rapproachment phase is warrented. Based on the work of psychoanalysts who are themselves neuroscientists (such as Mauro Mancia, Martha Koukkou and Harold Shevrin) or have a long term dialogue with neuroscientists (Arnold Modell), three points of epistemological congruence are described: 1. dualism is no longer a satisfactory solution 2. cautions for the centrality of interpretation (hermeneutics) 3. the self-criticism of neuroscientists PMID:17976245

  17. Annual Disruptive Technologies Conference (8th) Held in Washington, DC on November 8-9, 2011 (United States)


    Chandrasekhar, V. Dravid, R. Letsinger, G. Schatz, S. Stupp, D. Ginger • Harold Washington – T. Higgins • Tufts – D. Kaplan • Scripps – M. Ghadiri...density act as acceptors or donors N-doped P-doped Inducing Circulation with OAM Beams LG01 ‘Ring’ beam ‘Sheet’ beam ~40 µm T < 40nK “SQUIDs...squeeze device prick finger blood blood on filter plasma (with liver function tests) Soft Robotics D P = 0 D P = + k2 k1

  18. National Program for Inspection of Non-Federal Dams. Pine Island Lake Dam and Dike - Dam (MA 00595) Dike (MA 00596) Connecticut River Basin, Westhampton, Massachusetts. Phase I Inspection Report. (United States)


    Nas3. Rect. Topo Sheet No. 8D . Coc.:-nates: N 49,.300 , E 256.400 • Date Tnspected by: Harold T. Shumway , On April 12, 1977. Last Inspection -18-75. 2_...T. Shumway OnApril.18, 1975 Last Inspection -L-72 " " O ME _R/S. : s of 4-!d-75 per: Assessors , Reg. of Deeds_ _ Frev. Insp. X , Per. Contact x --e’resentati-.e lMotified Date Aug. 1,192 my Letter Tel._X >,.:er Represent a-ti-re ’Mr. Norman J. Bleakley Present Yes x No Clerk of Corrporatcion

  19. Underwater Power Source Study (United States)


    The principal investigator at Payne, Inc. was Peter R. Payne. The design effort was accomplished by Harold L. Newhouse, and Edward Dick performed the...becomes negative, and an exhaust valve is " sucked " open; however a check valve prevents external water intake into the tube. The differential pressure...IA C-6 REVISIONS L7 DES~pCmITO DATE APPROIED NADC 81157-30 ś~P 4- 2-6 LINF 490 350 CIA. Pw mom mRW Now 9,0 anE 6: NWR&JL SPMC a* Cow IS.M o w nu &$NNW

  20. The foundations of fuzzy control

    CERN Document Server

    Lewis, Harold W


    Harold Lewis applied a cross-disciplinary approach in his highly accessible discussion of fuzzy control concepts. With the aid of fifty-seven illustrations, he thoroughly presents a unique mathematical formalism to explain the workings of the fuzzy inference engine and a novel test plant used in the research. Additionally, the text posits a new viewpoint on why fuzzy control is more popular in some countries than in others. A direct and original view of Japanese thinking on fuzzy control methods, based on the author's personal knowledge of - and association with - Japanese fuzzy research, is also included.

  1. The Tactical Center of Gravity: How Useful is the Concept? (United States)


    Gravity: How Useful is the Concept? Approved by: _______________ Monograph Director 4mes J c*ier, MA Director , School of Colonel William es, MA, MMAS...34 \\~~ A, Itr -_ 29 Map REEN, HOWARO Fwfk18ieni Patrolling by Tog MalsoT PArCii AIRPORAT Soun 2 Pce ,1’tigh 31 MayS7n ?Pr Gurkhas -. ,.HoiuSa EstanCi...2, p. 3-25. 139. Personal interview with Dr. Harold R. Winton, Deputy Director , School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), November 8, 1989. 140. Sun

  2. Framework for a new dialogue between psychoanalysis and neurosciences: is the combined neuro-psychoanalytic approach the missing link?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vaslamatzis Grigoris


    Full Text Available Abstract Freud's legacy deriving from his work The project for a scientific psychology (1895 could give a new impetus to the dialogue between psychoanalysis and neurosciences. A rapproachment phase is warrented. Based on the work of psychoanalysts who are themselves neuroscientists (such as Mauro Mancia, Martha Koukkou and Harold Shevrin or have a long term dialogue with neuroscientists (Arnold Modell, three points of epistemological congruence are described: 1. dualism is no longer a satisfactory solution 2. cautions for the centrality of interpretation (hermeneutics 3. the self-criticism of neuroscientists

  3. CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) Highlights. (United States)


    handling and retrieval systems in Army facilities are receiving a great deal of support. This is due to the Army’s need to"-.-.1 maintain a ready inventory... ANXI B-MT DISTRIBUTION (Cont ’d): US Army Electronics R&D Command: Cdr, ATTN: ANDEL Cdr, ATTN: AMDEL-PO-SP/Mr. Harold Garson Cdr, ATTN: DELET-IG-K/Mr...ATTN: STEAP-NT-M/Mr. J. L. Sanders *Cdr, ATTN: STEAP-MT-G/Mr. Michael Drabo F5 ANXI B-HT DI STRI BUTI ON (Con t ’d): Rock Island Arsenal: Cdr, ATTN

  4. Using Technology to Train America’s Decisive Force (United States)


    Major of theArmy, William O. Wooldridge , died March 5 from a lung infection at Beaumont Army Medical Center at Fort Bliss, Texas. He was 89. SMA... Wooldridge had been serv- ing for a year as 1st Infantry Divi- sion sergeant major in the Repub- lic of Vietnam when he was chosen from among 4,700...candidates to fill the new position created by Army Chief of Staff GEN Harold K. Johnson. SMA Wooldridge was sworn in on July 11, 1966. For the next two

  5. The Nature and Evaluation of Terrorism (United States)


    London: We strolled down the street, smoking cigarettes as if we had not a care in the world. Outside Montague Burton’s tailoring shop in Broadgate...authors giving similar definitions are Karl W. Deutsch, Herbert Simon, Harold D. Lasswell and Abraham Kap - 3 lan, and James G. March. Polsby tells us...present in Lebanon in the midst of a civil war and that these forces were engaged in active intervention on behalf of one side of this civil war and yet

  6. Sodium/proton antiporter in Streptococcus faecalis.


    Kakinuma, Y


    Streptococcus faecalis, like other bacteria, accumulates potassium ions and expels sodium ions. This paper is concerned with the pathway of sodium extrusion. Earlier studies (D.L. Heefner and F.M. Harold, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 79:2798-2802, 1982) showed that sodium extrusion is effected by a primary, ATP-linked sodium pump. I report here that cells grown under conditions in which sodium ATPase is not induced can still expel sodium ions. This finding suggested the existence of an alternat...

  7. New species in the genus Monoecocestus (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from neotropical rodents (Caviidae and Sigmodontinae). (United States)

    Haverkost, Terry R; Gardner, Scott L


    Anoplocephalid cestodes have a worldwide distribution, but relatively few species are known from South American rodents. By examining the collections of the Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology and the United States National Parasite Collection, 6 new species of Monoecocestus Beddard, 1914, are described, along with a redescription of Monoecocestus mackiewiczi Schmidt and Martin, 1978, based on the type specimens. The discussion includes commentary about uterine development, an important taxonomic character of the family, the vaginal dilation in immature segments (a character of potential taxonomic importance), and the implication of host usage to the evolutionary history and biogeography of species in this genus.

  8. An Evaluation of the Arctic - Will it Become an Area of Cooperation or Conflict? (United States)


    Boulton Thesis Co-Advisor Harold A. Trinkunas, PhD Chair, Department of National Security Affairs iv THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK v... Bloom , “Establishment of the Arctic Council,” U.S. Department of State, 77 Ronald O’Rourke, “Changes in... Bloom , Evan.“Establishment of the Arctic Council.” U.S. Department of State. Borgerson, Scott G

  9. Reconnaissance Study for the Western Lake Huron Basin, Watershed Study, Michigan, Section 905(b) (United States)


    blooms and fouling For each problem, the existing conditions and the expected future conditions have been summarized from the SWS report and are...Austin, MI 48467  (989) 738‐7712    Shirley Kendall  279 Lakeview  738‐7329    Harold  Kendall  279 Lakeview  738‐7329          Page...flooding in the Township of Alpena. We have homes and roads that are destroyed in the Bloom , French, Truckey, Hobbs Drive, Princeton, Golf Course

  10. 1991 AND 1992 Command History (United States)


    BIODYNAMICS LABORATORY Starr, J. B., Webb, S. C., Day, H . R., and Frey, R., "Aptitude Measurement in U.S. Sub- cultures." International Journal of...Engineers, San Diego, CA, pp. 303-334, November 1991. Willems, G. C., Muzzy, W. H ., III, Knouse, D. R., and Gilreath, F., Dynamic Response of the Hybrid III...Harold Powe HM2 Gail Seaman HM2 Gail Seaman SN Scott Garber AZ3 Bradley Boyd PNC Marleene Keffeler FA Michael Skagge SA Edward Kennedy HM3 George Taylor

  11. The Fight for the Strategic Arsenal: Why the Navy and the Air Force Continue to Struggle for Relevance (United States)


    Lasswell , “Presence - Do We Stay or Do We Go?” Joint Forces Quarterly, summer 1995, 85. 22Johnson, 30. 23James D. Hessman, “‘This Dangerous and...1992. Stein, Harold , ed. American Civil-Military Decisions: A Book of Case Studies. Birmingham, AL: University of Alabama Press, 1963. Stimson, Henry...Naval Aviation News, January-February 1997, 33. Lasswell , James A. “Presence - Do We Stay or Do We Go?” Joint Forces Quarterly. Summer 1995, 85

  12. The Visual Orbit of the 1.1 Day Spectroscopic Binary Sigma2 Coronae Borealis From Interferometry at the Chara Array (United States)


    Raghavan1, Harold A. McAlister1, Guillermo Torres2, David W. Latham2, Brian D. Mason3, Tabetha S. Boyajian1, Ellyn K. Baines1, Stephen J. Williams1, Theo A...3.16 54310.797 0.870 0.100 0.745 0.125 −59.5 323.5 3.42 flux measurements using the methods described in Colina et al. (1996) and Cohen et al. (2003...1984, AJ, 89, 1740 Bidelman, W. P. 1985, ApJS, 59, 197 Boden, A. F., et al. 1999, ApJ, 527, 360 Cohen , M., Wheaton, W. A., & Megeath, S. T. 2003, AJ

  13. Empresarios y vías de comunicación en el siglo XIX: Una ruta y un pionero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Ernesto Ramírez


    Full Text Available La época del Pacífico llega a Colombia: Construcción de la ruta Cali-Buenaventura, 1854-1882. James Harold Neal (Tesis de doctorado en historia. Vanderbilt University. Nashville. Tennesee, 1971 University Microfilm International, Ann Arbor. 1983, xvii-278 pags: cinco mapas. Francisco Javier Cisneros: un pionero en transportes y desarrollo económico en Colombia. Hernán Horna (Tesis de doctorado en historia. Vanderbilt Universty. Nashvilie, Tennesee. 1970 University Microfilm International, Ann Arbor, 1983, vii-337 págs: cinco mapas.

  14. Contemporary demands on the community nurse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O.H. Muller


    Full Text Available A quarter of a century ago Mr Harold MacMillan delivered his famous Winds o f Change speech in Cape Town. In 1975 Dr. Wolff Bodenstein, in delivering a paper on primary health care, referred to the storms o f change. Now, a decade later, John Naisbitt speaks of megatrends when elaborating on change on a worldwide scale from an industrial society to an informational society. Alvin Toffler’s widely read The Third Wave speaks of similar trends on a scale comparable to the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution.

  15. Ensaio herético sobre a atualidade da gnose

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Otávio Velho


    Full Text Available Resumo O objetivo desta comunicação é sugerir o interesse para os estudiosos da religião em examinar a hipótese da atualidade da gnose (ou do gnosticismo a partir de recentes trabalhos do escritor Harold Bloom. Ao mesmo tempo, trata de colocar as possibilidades levantadas pela obra desse autor em confronto com os trabalhos de outros autores, algumas questões do pensamento contemporâneo e os estudos recentes de “novos movimentos religiosos”, que permitem pensar novos desdobramentos ou reformulações.

  16. Critical Irony or the Lovers of Ruins: The Aesthete, the Dandy and the Flâneur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Naim Garnica


    Full Text Available This essay examines the critical character of Friedrich Schlegel’s Romantic irony, following its considerations and appropriations by Walter Benjamin, Harold Bloom and Paul de Man. Likewise, it shows a parallelism of this critical attitude of irony with three Romantic literary figures: the aesthete, the dandy and the flâneur. The aesthete, the dandy and the flâneur, joined by a prophetic faith in art, make of irony a profession moving between creation and destruction. Appropriation in the poststructuralist context allows us to perceive in irony such a radical incomprehension, developing an aesthetic pattern operating between creation and annihilation.

  17. Quiero detenerme en la palabra... A propósito del hueso duro de Gauguin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elsa Noya


    Full Text Available This paper approaches a reading and understanding of present Puerto Rican literary field, through the relationship between young authors and their literary models, especially by means of the link, as an example, between Juan Carlos Quiñones and Luis Rafael Sánchez. The concept of influence according to Harold Bloom becomes intricate in terms of reading and writing, since young people separate themselves from programmatic commands around ambivalent Puerto Rican national identity, though, in turn, they acknowledge filial gestures of closeness to their elders.

  18. Quiero detenerme en la palabra... A propósito del hueso duro de Gauguin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elsa Noya


    Full Text Available This paper approaches a reading and understanding of present Puerto Rican literary field, through the relationship between young authors and their literary models, especially by means of the link, as an example, between Juan Carlos Quiñones and Luis Rafael Sánchez. The concept of influence according to Harold Bloom becomes intricate in terms of reading and writing, since young people separate themselves from programmatic commands around ambivalent Puerto Rican national identity, though, in turn, they acknowledge filial gestures of closeness to their elders.

  19. T. S. Eliot’s Misreading of Some Mythological Sources in The Waste Land

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liem Satya Limanta


    Full Text Available Reading always entails an act of interpretation and all interpretation involves misreading. All poets cannot be separated from the previous ones. They must read and misread their precursors. T.S. Eliot misreads the mythological sources that he uses in his poem The Waste Land. This misreading is not a mistake, but it is meant to create new meaning to the available text. By misreading the previous texts, the poet creates a space of creativity for himself. There are six ways of misreading as explicated by Harold Bloom. In this article only three ways of misreading will be explained and applied, namely clinamen, tessera, and kenosis.

  20. La Redención del Egotismo: James y Proust como Ejercicios Espirituales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Rorty


    Full Text Available Partiendo de la recomendaciones de Harold Bloom sobre qué leer y por qué, se plantea que la literatura imaginativa, más que la argumentativa, es la manera más eficiente de alcanzar una autonomía intelectual. Una clase de autonomía que lo libera a uno de formas de pensamiento esterotipadas sobre los seres humanos. Luego estos planteamiento se extrapoldan a los escritores James y Proust como ejemplos de creadores de obras liberadoras del egotismo.

  1. As expedições da Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine e a Amazônia Brasileira


    MIRANDA, Aristóteles Guilliod de; ABREU JUNIOR, José Maria de Castro


    O artigo relata os primeiros anos de funcionamento da Escola de Medicina Tropical de Liverpool e as expedições enviadas para a Amazônia brasileira, para as Cidades de Belém e Manaus, descrevendo o que aconteceu com os pesquisadores envolvidos, Herbert Durhan, Walter Myers e Harold Wolferstan Thomas. ABSTRACT: This paper describe the early years of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and the expeditions to Brasilian Amazon, to the Cities of Belém and Manaus describing also what happe...

  2. Trip Report of Field Search for Exercise Desert Rock Documentation Conducted by Representatives of The Adjutant General 18 June 1978 to 14 July 1978 (United States)


    M. lst Lt AO 2072659 Bawom, Jaims K. Major 0-350993 Del Ponte, Harold A. Captain AO 855999 Demkowski, Walter V. 1st Lt 0-507840 Derby, Stanley K. lat...CM2E6661 Ap % CCCCOOCS90 u11 C.PCNER JAIvES C C53225ICt AR % CCCCCOlc~e3 C- ~CN r-R Ji a i-, wCCCc3eglf Nir ’. COcccc’c7o ( ARENER J0T-N W CCCC2C561 tiP

  3. Defining Moments in MMWR History: The AIDS Epidemic, Pneumocystis Pneumonia --- Los Angeles 1981

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    On June 5, 1981, MMWR published a report of Pneumocystis pneumonia in five previously healthy young gay men in Los Angeles, California. This report was later acknowledged as the first published account of what would become known as human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. It was the first of many MMWR reports that led to a better understanding of this new condition. In this podcast, Dr. Harold Jaffe recalls CDC’s investigation and response to the AIDS Epidemic.  Created: 12/1/2017 by MMWR.   Date Released: 12/1/2017.

  4. “The Dignity of Man”: Pinter, Politics, and the Nobel Speech

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrew Goodspeed


    Full Text Available The paper is an examination of Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize lecture ‘Art, Truth & Politics’ from the political aspect. It argues that Pinter’s speech was widely misreported at the time as being most significant for its political attacks on President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. The paper suggests instead that the lecture given by Pinter is better understood as a message congruent with his long-standing political statements; that it was not an inappropriate eruption of politics into a literary speech; and that these political positions are also relatable to the dramatic work by which he is distinguished.

  5. Collaborative Research in the Digital Humanities

    CERN Document Server

    Deegan, Marilyn


    Collaboration within digital humanities is both a pertinent and a pressing topic as the traditional mode of the humanist, working alone in his or her study, is supplemented by explicitly co-operative, interdependent and collaborative research. This is particularly true where computational methods are employed in large-scale digital humanities projects. This book, which celebrates the contributions of Harold Short to this field, presents fourteen essays by leading authors in the digital humanities. It addresses several issues of collaboration, from the multiple perspectives of institutions, pro

  6. Probabilistic Analysis of Radiation Doses for Shore-Based Individuals in Operation Tomodachi (United States)


    3.048 × 10–1 meter (m) mile (mi, international) 1.609 344 × 103 meter (m) micron (μ) 1 × 10–6 meter (m) angstrom (Å) 1 × 10–10 meter (m) barn (b) 1...Marro, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute; Dr. Gerald Falo, Army Institute of Public Health; LCDR Terry Miles , Navy Marine Corps Public...Advisory Board on Dose Reconstruction, Subcommittee No. 1 members (Mr. Harold Beck, Mr. Paul Voilleque, and Dr. Gary Zeman ), who provided a preliminary

  7. Vol. 5 y 6 - 2009 / PAPEL DE COLGADURA


    Universidad Icesi, Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales


    Contiene: It¿s so moving! : ¡esto es muy conmovedor!, repitió Angela Davis durante su visita a La Toma/ Márquez, Francia Elena//Pag 6 --- Fotografía y sociedad/Van der Huck Arias, Felipe// Pag 14 --- Alerta de terremoto de Tim Keppel/Kremer, Harold//Pag 18 --- La balada de las jorobadas/Keppel, Tim ; Mejía, Julio César//Pag 20 --- Memorias del olvido/López , Natalia//Pag 28 ---Viviendo el Rock/Mancera, Isabel ; Erazo, Alejandra//Pag 34 --- Marginalia/Guerrero Caicedo, Mauro ; Penagos Trujill...

  8. A new plea for time

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vestergaard, Vitus


    Based on Harold Innis’ concepts of time-bias and space-bias this article examines the significance of museum exhibitions in the media landscape. From a media ecology perspective, it is argued that the exhibition should be seen as a time-biased medium in a highly space-biased society. Since museums...... are increasingly turning towards space, balance becomes a central issue. The article also discusses the role of so-called virtual exhibitions and ultimately concludes that increased awareness and appreciation of the exhibition medium is important and that museums should consider their role as media makers....

  9. Project management case studies

    CERN Document Server

    Kerzner, Harold R


    A new edition of the most popular book of project management case studies, expanded to include more than 100 cases plus a ""super case"" on the Iridium Project Case studies are an important part of project management education and training. This Fourth Edition of Harold Kerzner''s Project Management Case Studies features a number of new cases covering value measurement in project management. Also included is the well-received ""super case,"" which covers all aspects of project management and may be used as a capstone for a course. This new edition:Contains 100-plus case studies drawn from re

  10. Pesquisa, desenvolvimento e inovação para o controle das doenças negligenciadas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabiana Lícia Araújo dos Santos


    Full Text Available O fluxo contínuo de novos produtos no mercado é fruto da inovação tecnológica apresentada pela Indústria Farmacêutica. O governo Brasileiro tem investido em iniciativas promissoras de inovação através do desenvolvimento de medicamentos para os programas públicos de saúde, instituindo o Programa de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Doenças Negligenciadas, o qual foca sete doenças: dengue, doenças de Chagas, leishmaniose, hanseníase, malária, esquistossomose e tuberculose. O artigo foca uma revisão sobre P&D aplicada à prevenção e controle das doenças negligenciadas no Brasil e no mundo. Com base nos dados levantados, percebeu-se que são grandes as dificuldades para o desenvolvimento de P&D em tecnologias e produtos para combater as doenças negligenciadas e que são poucos os investimentos financeiros nesse segmento quando comparados aos de pesquisas que focam outras enfermidades. Diante disso, pode-se enfatizar a importância de investimentos em pesquisas nesse setor, em saneamento básico e programas educativos que orientem a população sobre combate à proliferação dos vetores e agentes causadores.

  11. Etnografía del Rito: sintaxis e isotopía funeraria del velorio en Maracaibo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aura Montilla


    Full Text Available En el presente trabajo se analiza la información etnográfica recogida en sirte velorios observados durante el período 1999-2003. Por sus especiales características se hará particular énfasis en un velorio realizado en Maracaibo en 1999, el cual combina el rito católico tradicional con el de un grupo de vasallos de San Benito, un culto religioso muy extendido en Venezuela. Gracias a la asistencia y participación en el rito fue posible entrevistar también a varios informantes sobre los componentes de este ritual mixto. El rito fue dividido en secuencias con un doble propósito: establecer sus componentes fundamentales y, luego, hacer un inventario de los principales valores semánticos investidos en el rito, a fin de elaborar un modelo de sus isotopías fundamentales. También se analizan brevemente algunos de los valores sociales que el rito actualiza. La investigación utiliza como fundamento teórico el modelo semiótico de A.J. Greimas, la teoría del símbolo de Turner y la Antropología de la muerte de Thomas.

  12. Fatores associados ao aborto induzido entre jovens pobres na cidade de São Paulo, 2007

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebeca de Souza e Silva


    Full Text Available Esse artigo investiga fatores associados ao aborto induzido entre jovens residentes numa comunidade pobre da cidade de São Paulo. A amostra foi composta por 102 homens e 99 mulheres de 14 a 25 anos de idade que já haviam iniciado suas vidas sexuais. Usou-se o modelo hierárquico de regressão logística. As variáveis não ter companheiro sexual no momento da entrevista, sexo do entrevistado, idade no momento da entrevista, priorizar morar só e número de gestações compuseram o modelo final. Dar muita importância a morar só quadruplica a chance de ocorrer um aborto. Jovens mais velhos foram menos propensos a se deparar com um aborto, dado que a chance de se optar pelo aborto se reduz 17% para cada incremento de um ano na idade dos jovens. Isso é indicativo de que as gestações ocorreram de forma inesperada, intempestiva, como é praxe nas condutas adolescentes, sendo as maiores candidatas a terminarem em aborto provocado. Evidencia-se, portanto, a necessidade de serem investidos recursos financeiros para obtenção de métodos contraceptivos eficazes e inócuos, destinados ao início da vida sexual.

  13. Programa Seis Sigma: aspectos sinérgicos com outras abordagens de gerenciamento da qualidade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia Helena Boarin Pinto


    Full Text Available Diversas abordagens de gestão da qualidade têm sido adotadas em todos os continentes há décadas. Uma das mais recentes, o programa Seis Sigma, vem sendo implementado por um número crescente de empresas. O Seis Sigma surge no atual cenário, em que as organizações realizam grandes investimentos na implementação de programas de melhoria da qualidade e se deparam com situações críticas como a mensuração do retorno sobre o capital investido, bem como a análise criteriosa dos benefícios alcançados. A proposta deste artigo é identificar as principais características do Seis Sigma, discutir quais os fatores críticos na sua implementação, as ferramentas e técnicas que suportam este processo, bem como sua relação com outros consagrados programas de melhoria da qualidade. A abordagem metodológica utilizada foi o estudo de múltiplos casos, desenvolvido em dez grandes empresas brasileiras de diferentes setores industriais. A pesquisa concluiu que existe sinergia entre o Seis Sigma e os demais programas e as organizações que adotaram o Seis Sigma obtiveram benefícios financeiros e de qualidade.

  14. Café convencional versus café orgânico: perspectivas de sustentabilidade socioeconômica dos agricultores familiares do Espírito Santo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haloysio Miguel de Siqueira


    Full Text Available Esse artigo enfoca a viabilidade de investimento na produção de café arábica, no Estado do Espírito Santo, comparando os sistemas convencional e orgânico, para identificar o que proporciona maior sustentabilidade socioeconômica aos produtores familiares. Os métodos de avaliação econômica utilizados foram o valor presente líquido, a taxa interna de retorno e o tempo de retorno do capital investido. Também foi feita a análise de sensibilidade. Demonstrou-se que ambos os sistemas de produção foram viáveis, mas, observou-se a grande dependência de recebimento do prêmio para viabilizar o cultivo orgânico, compensando a sua menor produtividade. Além disso, o preço recebido foi a variável que exerceu a maior influência na rentabilidade dos cafeicultores familiares. Concluiu-se que, assegurada a eficiência econômica e ecológica do sistema orgânico, o desafio é aperfeiçoar a sua eficiência técnica, para que possa contribuir com a sustentabilidade socioeconômica dos cafeicultores familiares.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego Rodrigues Pessoa


    Full Text Available Lesões por Esforços Repetitivos ou Doenças Osteomusculares Relacionadas ao Trabalho (LER/DORT, são definidas como um conjunto de afecções que podem acometer tendões, sinóvias, músculos, nervos, fáscias, ligamentos, entre outras. O objetivo do estudo foi investigar a incidência de queixas osteomusculares. A pesquisa trata-se de um estudo observacional de corte transversal com abordagem qualitativa, com 16 fotógrafos do sexo masculino, que foram investidos por meio do diagrama de Corllett. As regiões mais acometidas foram à região das costas-médias (81,25%, em seguida a perna (75%, punhos (56,25%, região cervical, coluna lombar, ombro e pescoço (43,75%, a região das costas-superiores e na bacia com (37,5%, respectivamente. O estudo demonstrou elevada ocorrência de sintomatologia na região das costas-médias em indivíduos jovens adultos, onde os fatores de risco presentes são fatores predominantes para o surgimento das LER/DORT na população.

  16. Entrepreneurship and innovation: the co-operative society as a commercial option to development Empreendedorismo e inovação: a cooperativa como alternativa empresarial para o desenvolvimento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovani Ribeiro Rodrigues Alves


    Full Text Available The crisis of the traditional capitalism urges innovation. The cooperative is an alternative way of usual commercial organization, and it does this without compromising the institutes of free enterprises and private property. Cooperativism promotes ethics and democracy as an environment of entrepreneurship. The profits are shared according to the participation in the activities and not according to how much the person have paid before. The experience of cooperativism in developed countries shows how much it is profitable and good to economics and society.A crise da forma tradicional de capitalismo clama por inovações. A cooperativa é uma forma alternativa à organização empresarial tradicional, sem deixar de assegurar a livre iniciativa e a propriedade privada. O cooperativismo preza a ética e a democracia num ambiente propício ao empreendimento. Pressupõe uma cultura de desapego ao poder estabelecido com base no capital investido, e a participação nos resultados proporcional à conduta proativa do empreendedor. A experiência das cooperativas em países de alto grau de desenvolvimento corrobora o acerto desta forma de organização e se mostra útil para o desenvolvimento econômico e social do empreendedor.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Teixeira Marins

    Full Text Available Resumo Neste artigo, argumento que as mesas de doces presentes nos rituais matrimoniais ocupam lugar central nos festejos que se seguem à cerimônia de casamento e são atravessadas por dimensões econômicas, morais, materiais, estéticas e afetivas, funcionando como um condensador do ritual. Defendo ainda que, quando observadas atentamente, as mesas de doces são reveladoras da existência de uma hierarquia presente em todo o ritual, bem como de uma temporalidade que é própria dele. Nos últimos anos, venho me dedicando a estudar este ritual de passagem com o intuito de compreender alguns dos significados, códigos e valores nele investidos. O exame do percurso da mesa de doces, desde sua montagem até sua desmontagem, focalizando em especial suas funções sociais e simbólicas, é realizado a partir de material etnográfico construído entre os anos 2011 e 2014.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia Caroliny da Silva Dias


    Full Text Available A antocianina é um pigmento presente no reino vegetal com inúmeras funções indo desde coloração até bioatividade em diversos sistemas. Atualmente, as indústrias de alimentos têm investido em pesquisas e procurado substituir seus aditivos sintéticos por compostos naturais, os quais têm se tornado uma ferramenta atrativa no mercado como corante a alimentos e prevenção do processo oxidativo. Este trabalho teve como objetivo caracterizar as antocianinas presentes no extrato de Juçara das amostras coletadas na região Sul e Caparaó do estado do Espírito Santo. Os resultados encontrados na análise de pH diferencial do extrato foi 20,94 ± 1,57 µg/g de Antocianina Monomérica do extrato. O município de Alegre apresentou o maior teor de açúcar total e redutor, respectivamente 6,87 ± 1,17 e 6,12 ± 2,37. As antocianinas existentes no juçara possui capacidade de inserção no mercado, uma vez que os dados comprovam a sua presença expressiva no fruto.

  19. Formação do psicólogo para a saúde mental: a psicologia piauiense em análise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Paulo Macedo

    Full Text Available Este estudo discute as propostas curriculares dos cursos de psicologia do estado do Piauí, Brasil, para o campo da saúde mental. Para tanto, analisamos o projeto pedagógico e a organização curricular, além da maneira com que os cursos têm investido seus conteúdos curriculares na promoção e apropriação de princípios, saberes e práticas para efetivação da reforma psiquiátrica e da estratégia de atenção psicossocial. Foram realizadas pesquisa documental e entrevista semiestruturada com os coordenadores dos três cursos da capital. Os resultados indicam que os currículos, apesar do avanço na incorporação dos debates da saúde coletiva e saúde mental, bem como da atuação do psicólogo em contextos social-comunitários, mantêm uma nítida e tradicional dicotomia entre clínica e saúde coletiva; avançam pouco em relação aos novos saberes/práticas para consolidar a reforma psiquiátrica no estado; mantêm os modelos asilar e psicossocial nos modos de formar e intervir dos psicólogos na saúde mental piauiense.

  20. Formação do psicólogo para a saúde mental: a psicologia piauiense em análise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Paulo Macedo


    Full Text Available Este estudo discute as propostas curriculares dos cursos de psicologia do estado do Piauí, Brasil, para o campo da saúde mental. Para tanto, analisamos o projeto pedagógico e a organização curricular, além da maneira com que os cursos têm investido seus conteúdos curriculares na promoção e apropriação de princípios, saberes e práticas para efetivação da reforma psiquiátrica e da estratégia de atenção psicossocial. Foram realizadas pesquisa documental e entrevista semiestruturada com os coordenadores dos três cursos da capital. Os resultados indicam que os currículos, apesar do avanço na incorporação dos debates da saúde coletiva e saúde mental, bem como da atuação do psicólogo em contextos social-comunitários, mantêm uma nítida e tradicional dicotomia entre clínica e saúde coletiva; avançam pouco em relação aos novos saberes/práticas para consolidar a reforma psiquiátrica no estado; mantêm os modelos asilar e psicossocial nos modos de formar e intervir dos psicólogos na saúde mental piauiense.

  1. Fragilidade Bancária com (e sem Serviço Sequencial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta os modelos e principais resultados de Allen e Gale (2000 e de Bertolai et alii (2016 como casos limites de um mesmo problema de escolha de sistema bancário ótimo para, em seguida, estabelecer resultados complementares a estas referências. Estuda-se formas alternativas de abordar o tema de fragilidade bancária, com base na exigência ou não de serviço sequencial ao escolher o sistema bancário ótimo. A primeira contribuição é complementar ao resultado de contágio estabelecido por Allen e Gale (2000 e mostra que existe uma intervenção no mercado interbancário capaz de eliminar o colapso generalizado do sistema bancário provocado pelo contágio entre bancos. A segunda contribuição é generalizar o resultado de existência de corrida bancária de Bertolai et alii (2016. São estabelecidas as condições sob as quais somente os k últimos depositantes de cada um dos bancos da economia não participam da crise bancária ao manter seus recursos investidos no sistema bancário.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Ociel Castaño Zuluaga


    Full Text Available El artículo, desde una perspectiva analítica, se detiene en considerar la posibilidad que tendría el juez penal, en el marco del Estado constitucional contemporáneo (esto es, social, democrático y de derecho para “excepcionalmente” decretar y practicar pruebas de oficio en casos concretos, aún contraviniendo la voluntad del legislador penal e incluso alguna línea jurisprudencial del Tribunal Constitucional. Ello en virtud de la posibilidad que le ofrece, de un lado, el control constitucional incidental (excepción de inconstitucionalidad, y, de otro, la propia principialística constitucional, amparados en la tesis monista del derecho constitucional. Ocupándose del grado de corrección de la SC-396 de 2007, critica la posición mayoritaria de la Corte Constitucional colombiana, al declarar exequible el artículo 361 de la ley 906 de 2004, abogando, en su lugar, por un juez investido de mayores poderes en cuanto a la dirección del proceso.

  3. Produtividade, pressão e humilhação no trabalho: os trabalhadores e as novas fábricas de calçados no Ceará

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raquel Maria Rigotto

    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é mostrar o modo como as práticas organizacionais e a cultura dos locais de trabalho podem levar a experiências de humilhação e a situações constrangedoras no trabalho. A discussão baseia-se em entrevistas realizadas no decorrer de 2007, com 20 trabalhadores de três fábricas de calçados localizadas no Ceará. A análise de conteúdo das entrevistas indica que, apesar da humilhação e do constrangimento serem formas de violência conduzidas por indivíduos investidos de poder e autoridade na empresa, essas práticas transcendem as relações interpessoais e estão relacionadas às políticas de gestão organizacional centradas no estabelecimento de metas de produção a serem cumpridas pelos trabalhadores. As políticas determinam quanto e como produzir e, ao mesmo tempo, as relações interpessoais que se estabelecem dentro das fábricas.

  4. Public health awareness of autoimmune diseases after the death of a celebrity. (United States)

    Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Watad, Abdulla; Brigo, Francesco; Adawi, Mohammad; Amital, Howard; Shoenfeld, Yehuda


    Autoimmune disorders impose a high burden, in terms of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Vasculitis is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation and destruction of blood vessels. Harold Allen Ramis, a famous American actor, director, writer, and comedian, died on the February 24, 2014, of complications of an autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. To investigate the relation between interests and awareness of an autoimmune disease after a relevant event such as the death of a celebrity, we systematically mined Google Trends, Wikitrends, Google News, YouTube, and Twitter, in any language, from their inception until October 31, 2016. Twenty-eight thousand eight hundred fifty-two tweets; 4,133,615 accesses to Wikipedia; 6780 news; and 11,400 YouTube videos were retrieved, processed, and analyzed. The Harold Ramis death of vasculitis resulted into an increase in vasculitis-related Google searches, Wikipedia page accesses, and tweet production, documenting a peak in February 2014. No trend could be detected concerning uploading YouTube videos. The usage of Big Data is promising in the fields of immunology and rheumatology. Clinical practitioners should be aware of this emerging phenomenon.

  5. Prichard’s Intutionism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Rengifo Gardeazábal


    Full Text Available Resumen:El propósito de este artículo es presentar las principales tesis de Harold Arthur Prichard sobre la moral. De acuerdo con Prichard, toda la filosofía moral está basada en un conjunto de errores, similares en muchos aspectos a los que produce la epistemología. Intentaré articular tales críticas buscando producir un todo coherente. La ausencia de una presentación de este tipo puede explicar algunos de los malentendidos a los que la propuesta intuicionista ha dado lugar. El principal objetivo de este trabajo consistirá, pues, en llenar este vacío.Abstract:The purpose of this article is to introduce Harold Arthur Prichard´s main philosophical thesis concerning human morality. According to Prichard, the whole body of moral philosophy rests on a set of mistakes, similar in many senses to those produced by epistemology. In this article I will try to summarize a general overview of Prichard´s work concerning these issues. The lack of such an account of Prichard´s thinking could explain much of the misunderstandings about intutionism. The main goal of this article is to close this gap.

  6. [Dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) of the northwestern slope of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia]. (United States)

    Martínez, Neis J; García, Héctor; Pulido, Luz A; Ospino, Deibi; Harváez, Juan C


    The community structure of dung beetles in the middle and lower river basin of the Gaira river, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, is described. Four sites were selected along an altitudinal gradient of 50-940 m for sampling from June to October, 2004. Dung beetles were captured using modified pitfall traps and manual recollections. We captured 7,872 individuals belonging to 29 species, distributed in 15 genera and five tribes of Scarabaeinae. Canthon and Onthophagus were the most diverse genera, each represented by six species. The sampled sites shared the following species: Onthophagus acuminatus Harold, O. clypeatus Blanchard, O. marginicollis Harold. Bocatoma was the most diverse site with 23 species; whereas Port Mosquito presented the highest abundance, with 3,262 individuals. Seven species represented 89% of all captures: Canthidium sp., Dichotomius sp., Uroxys sp. 1, Uroxys sp. 2, O. marginicollis, O. clypeatus and O. acuminatus. Of the 29 captured species, 17 belonged to the functional group of diggers and 10 were ball-rollers. We did not observe significant among-site differences in community structure. Abiotic factors such as altitude, temperature and humidity cannot explain observed variation in community structure across sites, indicating other variables such as vegetation cover, density of the vegetation and soil type may play a role in the community structure of these insects.

  7. Zum Kanon der postkolonialen Literatur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hella Straubel


    Full Text Available Dans cet article, nous nous demandons dans quelle mesure il est possible d’appliquer les réflexions postcoloniales du théoricien Homi K. Bhabha au débat touchant au canon littéraire. Dans un premier temps, nous présenterons les catégories fondamentales de celui-ci (hybridité, alteritéet espace tiers et nous les confronterons à l’approche plus traditionnelle du canon de Harold Bloom. Cela nous permettra de comprendre, dans un deuxième temps, pourquoi une combinaison des deux approches peut poser problème tout en soulignant le mérite de Bhabha: ouvrir le discours canonique à travers une nouvelle perspective.Der Artikel will zeigen, inwiefern die Überlegungen des postkolonialen Theoretikers Homi K. Bhabha auf die Kanondebatte anwendbar sind. Dabei werden zunächst seine grundlegenden Kategorien (Hybridität, Alterität, third space vorgestellt und dann mit dem traditionellen Kanonverständnis des Literaturwissenschaftlers Harold Blooms konfrontiert. Im Ergebnis zeigt sich, dass diese Übertragung nur bedingt möglich und fruchtbar ist, Bhabha mit der Öffnung des Diskurses für innovative Fragestellung aber die Grundlage zu interessanten Auseinandersetzungen gelegt hat.

  8. Do dekonstrukcji i z powrotem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agata Bielik-Robson


    Full Text Available The concept of the turn belongs to the favourite terms of nowadays humanities. The so called "deconstructive turn" became one of their most cherished cliches, which, as a cliche, immediately calls for a sceptical, typically deconstructionist intervention. In my paper, I question radically of the deconstructive project by trying to show that deconstruction, despite all the slogans it produced, proclaiming the death of the author and the subject, is far more continuous with modern tradition than it is commonly assumed. Especially, the notion of subjectivity is the one which most stubbornly resists the deconstructive attempts of its "undoing". I analyse three strategies of deconstruction, created by Paul de Man, Jacques Derrida and Harold Bloom, and conclude by pointing to the dialectical circle based on the concepts of expression and inscription. The traditional "romantic" subject perceives itself as an expressive voice for which writing is merely a secondary means of expression. Deconstruction of de Man and Derrida overturns the "romantic" subject by demonstrating the primacy of the effect of inscription. But the postdeconstructive work of Harold Bloom shows the possibility of reconciliation between expression and inscription which opens the way for the return of the subject, although no longer traditionally conceived.

  9. Viabilidade econômica da produção de eucalipto no interior de São Paulo = Economic viability of eucalyptus production in the countryside of São Paulo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helder Roberto Dota Janoselli


    Full Text Available Com a projeção de crescimento da demanda por madeira para as próximas décadas, a produção de eucalipto tem ganhando destaque nos últimos anos e sendo responsável por mais de 70% da área de árvores plantas no Brasil. Os pequenos produtores rurais vêm aumentando sua participação na produção. A busca por alternativa de investimento que gere lucro e demande pouca estrutura e mão de obra, especialmente para os pequenos produtores rurais, motivou o presente trabalho. Dessa forma, o objetivo principal foi analisar a viabilidade econômica da cultura de eucalipto na cidade de São João da Boa Vista, interior de São Paulo. Para isso, foi elaborado fluxo de caixa para um período de 14 anos, calculados os indicadores de Valor Presente Líquido [VPL], Taxa Interna de Retorno [TIR], payback e realizada análise de sensibilidade. Os indicadores econômicos demonstram que a instalação da cultura do eucalipto, conforme proposto, com destoca e custo de oportunidade da terra, mostrou-se inviável, não gerando lucro para o investidor. Com um VPL negativo de R$ 40.808,70, TIR em 3,41% e o tempo de retorno para o capital investido pelo payback simples em 7,82 anos e payback descontado em 8 anos. O mesmo projeto com uma forma de manejo diferente, não realizando a destoca, com a possibilidade de novo plantio de eucalipto, passa a ser viável, com um VPL positivo de R$ 6.802,85, TIR em 4,55% e o tempo de retorno para o capital investido pelo payback simples em 7,82 anos e payback descontado em 8 anos. = According to the projection of growth in wood demand in the upcoming decades, the eucalyptus production is gathering further highlight in recent years and being responsible for over 70 % of the area of woody crops in Brazil. The search for an alternative profitable investment that demands low structure and labor costs, especially for small farmers, has motivated this study. Therefore, the focus was to analyze the economic viability of eucalyptus

  10. Inversión del recurso-tiempo en la monitorización de embarazadas de bajo riesgo por el equipo de salud de la familia Investimento do recurso-tempo na monitorização das gestantes de baixo risco pela equipe de saúde da família Investment of time resource in prenatal care by family health staff

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sayuri Tanaka Maeda


    Full Text Available Se trata de un estudio sobre gestantes de bajo riesgo en la unidad de salud de la familia. Tuvo como objetivos describir el recurso tiempo invertido por los equipos y analizar su configuración en el proceso del control prenatal, en la población seleccionada. Se basó en datos de historias clínicas de 47 mujeres, con edades comprendidas entre 20 a 29 años, residentes en el Municipio de Sao Paulo, abarcando períodos del 2001 al 2003. Las gestantes fueron clasificadas según los cuidados de salud desarrollados durante la fase del embarazo: sin problemas de salud, con intervención temprana de especialistas y aquellas con tratamiento odontológico. En los tres grupos, se verificó la inversión de mayor tiempo en las consultas realizadas por los profesionales de nivel superior y en las visitas en los domicilios, por los agentes comunitarios. La mediana del tiempo global, por gestante, fue de 10h para el primer grupo, 12h para el segundo y el tercero obtuvo una media de 12h. El índice del tiempo invertido en la atención directa varió de 59,40% a 80,51%.Trata-se de um estudo com gestantes de baixo risco, atendidas na unidade de saúde da família. Teve como objetivos descrever o recurso-tempo investido pela equipe de saúde e analisar a sua configuração em equipe, no processo de monitoramento pré-natal. Os dados foram baseados nas histórias clínicas de 47 mulheres, na faixa etária de 20 a 29 anos, atendidas entre 2001 e 2003, na zona leste do município de São Paulo. As gestantes foram classificadas em três grupos: sem problemas de saúde, com tratamento odontológico e com intervenção pontual de especialistas. Evidenciou-se maior tempo investido por profissionais de nível universitário, seguido de agentes comunitários. A mediana do tempo global, por gestante, foi de 10h para o primeiro grupo, 12h para o segundo e o terceiro obteve média de 12h. O índice do tempo apurado para o atendimento direto variou de 59,40% a 80,51%.This

  11. Geografías, Infancias y Pedagogía: itinerarios formativos en la interacción con la ciudad de Rio Grande

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vânia Alves Martins Chaigar


    Full Text Available El artículo, construido en una asociación docente/discente, expone partes de un itinerario formativo del curso Licenciatura en Pedagogía de la FURG, en el que estudiantes realizan inmersiones investigativas en la ciudad de Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, y ejercitan y agudizan visiones que posibilitan descubrimientos sobre geografías del espacio local. La vida cotidiana sobresale y de ella se extraen saberes derivados de lo pequeño, de las “micro-relaciones” y las “inventividades”, según Michel de Certeau. Éstas, muchas veces, se hacen invisibles delante de los grandes sucesos que nos distraen y, por veces, confunden, dificultando la comprensión de la construcción del espacio físico, por ejemplo. En esta reflexión, las autoras plantean una práctica pedagógica en la que tiempos, espacios y sujetos dialogan con el concepto de “educación para la superación de la barbarie”, apoyándose en Theodor Adorno. Los procesos de enseñanza y aprendizaje son acompañados por descubrimientos acerca de los propios sujetos investigadores, quienes investidos de su juventud y curiosidad agregan al universo del aula porciones de saberes proporcionados por la vida en la/de la ciudad. Destacamos la investigación que dio visibilidad a la plaza Recanto da Natureza, construida y preservada por el señor Almiro Muller, ciudadano cuya infancia, suponemos, le ha susurrado al oído preciosos consejos generadores de poéticas intervenciones en favor de convivencias y espacios adecuados a la expresión de los niños de Rio Grande. O artigo, construído numa parceria docente-discente, reflete fatias de um percurso formativo no curso Licenciatura em Pedagogia, na FURG, pelo qual estudantes realizam imersões investigativas na cidade do Rio Grande, RS, exercitam e aguçam olhares que possibilitam redescobertas sobre geografias do espaço local. O cotidiano ganha destaque e dele extrai-se saberes derivados do pequeno, de “microrrelações” e

  12. Abundância, microhabitat e repartição ecológica de papa-formigas (Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae na bacia hidrográfica do rio Tibagi, Paraná, Brasil Abundance, microhabitat and ecological partitioning of typical antbirds (Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae in the Tibagi hydrographic basin, Paraná, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edson V. Lopes


    Full Text Available Neste estudo a riqueza e a abundância de Thamnophilidae foram avaliadas e correlacionadas com parâmetros ambientais em quatro áreas de floresta da bacia do rio Tibagi (B1, M1, A1 e A2 dispostas em um gradiente ambiental. Em cada área, foi caracterizada a vegetação e, para cada espécie, foram analisados: 1 o microhabitat, 2 a distribuição espacial e 3 o tempo investido em cada local de forrageio. O número de espécies foi semelhante entre as áreas, contudo, em B1 foi registrada maior abundância. A vegetação desta área apresentou valor de correlação relativamente baixo quando comparada as outras três, que apresentaram valores maiores entre si. Emaranhados de cipó em todos os estratos, estrato médio e superior denso e ocorrência de clareiras foram variáveis representativas na área B1. Estrato médio denso foi representativo para cinco espécies. Por outro lado, emaranhados de cipó no estrato superior e ausência de estrato inferior denso se destacaram apenas para duas espécies. A distribuição espacial, o tempo investido em cada local de forrageio e a seleção de microhabitats variaram entre as espécies. Esses foram fatores importantes na repartição ecológica das espécies analisadas neste estudo.In this study, richness and abundance of Thamnophilidae were both evaluated and correlated with environmental parameters in four forest areas of the Tibagi river basin (B1, M1, A1 and A2, placed in an environmental gradient. In each site, the vegetation was characterized and, for each specie, was analyzed: 1 the microhabitat, 2 the spatial distribution and 3 the time spend in each foraging site (described here as foraging length. Bird species number was similar among areas, although, B1 inhabited higher abundance. The vegetation of this area, showed correlations relatively lower when compared to the other three, which showed higher values among themselves. Vine tangles in all strata, dense medium and higher strata and

  13. Diagnóstico e proposta para utilização do estoque de segurança em produtos acabados de uma empresa de plásticos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elpidio Oscar Benitez Nara


    Full Text Available O estoque é essencial para as empresas, pensando nisso, cada vez mais é preciso desenvolver técnicas que busquem a redução dos níveis de estoques tornando-os adequados a estrutura da empresa, assim como atender de maneira satisfatória as necessidades dos clientes cada vez mais exigentes mantendo o nível de serviço desejado. O estoque de segurança deriva de várias incertezas como aescassez de matéria prima, dificuldades na produção e variações nas projeções de vendas, desta forma, o dimensionamento deste estoque de segurança é uma tarefa árdua para o gestor executar. Neste sentido a presente pesquisa tem a finalidade de apresentar oprocesso de Gestão de Estoques necessário à estrutura da empresa que objetiva a redução de capital investido, assim como uma revisãocontínua por ponto de pedido. A pesquisa desenvolve-se por meio de uma análise da atual Política de Estoques da empresa, ondebuscaram-se os produtos mais representativos da linha de produtos. Para este foi necessário as previsões de vendas futuras anual paradimensionar de acordo com a Política de Estoques da empresa os estoques médios, com a finalidade de comparar com os estoques deseguranças calculados por meio de equações específicas. Em seguida também por meio de equações definiu-se o ponto de pedido detodos os produtos em estudo, assim como definiu-se um método de revisão contínua para a linha de produtos. Por fim, o processoproposto para utilização de técnicas de estoque de segurança apresentou resultados satisfatórios com redução de aproximadamente43% de capital investido em estoque de segurança na linha de produto em estudo comparado a atual Política de Estoques da empresa.Abstract The stock is essential for companies. Thinking about it, it is increasingly necessary to develop techniques that seek toreduce inventory levels making them suitable to the companystructure and satisfactorily meet the needs of increasinglydemanding

  14. Ensaio sobre as virtudes do capital de risco corporativo para projetos de alta tecnologia no setor agrícola: a trajetória inovadora da Alellyx Applied Genomics e da CanaVialis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Carlos Bernardes


    Full Text Available O objetivo neste artigo é investigar a trajetória de duas empresas startups brasileiras dedicadas a pesquisa e desenvolvimento (P&D no setor de biotecnologia: a Alellyx e a CanaVialis. São dois casos de spin-offs acadêmicos e de bioemprendimentos germinados na esfera do Projeto Genoma, da Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (Fapesp, maturadas na Votorantim Novos Negócios (VNN, área de novos negócios de um dos maiores grupos industriais brasileiros que atua no segmento de commodities, o Grupo Votorantim S/A, e depois vendidas para a Monsanto. Neste estudo, tentou-se compreender a racionalidade e as virtudes das ações de investimentos corporativos e das políticas públicas destinadas à biotecnologia focada em genômica aplicada para a agricultura no Brasil. A metodologia utilizada é a de estudo de caso, mais especificamente de análise dos dois casos de empresas comentados acima. Os resultados demonstraram que, apesar de o principal objetivo do grupo econômico ser a célere valorização do capital investido e seu retorno financeiro, a afiliação corporativa dessas empresas estimulou a aceleração de um conjunto de capacitações para a gestão empresarial da Alellyx e da CanaVialis, que foram críticas para o amadurecimento do negócio. Evidenciou-se, ainda, que foi fundamental o significativo aporte de recursos por meio dos mecanismos de apoio do sistema nacional à inovação.

  15. Novas tecnologias aplicadas às embalagens de alimentos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flávia De Floriani Pozza Rebello


    Full Text Available Com o desenvolvimento da indústria de alimentos, as embalagens têm se aperfeiçoado, indo além de sua função básica de proteger o alimento contra danos mecânicos e contaminações químicas e microbiológicas. Elas têm cada vez mais desempenhando papel de destaque, contribuindo ativamente para a venda de um produto. Assim, as indústrias de embalagens têm procurado atender aos consumidores mais exigentes e juntamente aos centros de pesquisa e universidades, têm investido mais em estudos de novas tecnologias, a fim de prolongar as características de qualidade do alimento, conferir melhor aparência, maior proteção mecânica no embarque, transporte, desembarque e nos supermercados, oferecer embalagens mais compactas, que ocupem menos espaço na geladeira, com abertura e fechamento mais fáceis, e que utilizem materiais de fácil reciclagem ou decomposição no ambiente. Com o objetivo de atender às novas expectativas das indústrias de alimentos e dos consumidores, surgem as embalagens ativas e as embalagens inteligentes. As embalagens ativas são aquelas que interagem de alguma forma com o alimento, seja liberando substâncias conservantes ao longo da vida de prateleira do produto, ou “corrigindo” alguns problemas naturais do alimento, como sabor amargo por exemplo, em que algumas enzimas podem ser adicionadas ao material de embalagem, minimizando este problema e tornando o produto mais saboroso. Já as embalagens inteligentes indicam as modificações químicas às quais os alimentos estão passando, como mudanças de pH, por exemplo, indicando alterações na qualidade do produto.

  16. Impacto econômico da implantação das boas práticas agropecuárias relacionadas com a qualidade do leite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcel Gomes Paixão


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se, neste estudo, avaliar o impacto econômico da implantação das boas práticas agropecuárias (BPA, relacionadas com a qualidade higiênica sanitária do leite. A pesquisa consistiu na simulação de nove cenários, compostos por três diferentes níveis de BPA para a melhoria da qualidade do leite (baixo, médio e alto, em três diferentes situações (somente aplicação das BPAs; aplicação das BPAs e construção da sala do leite; e aplicação das BPAs, construção da sala do leite e aquisição do tanque de expansão. O rebanho leiteiro hipotético constava de 30 vacas em lactação, com média de dez litros de leite/animal/dia, ordenhadas duas vezes ao dia, em ordenhadeira tipo "balde ao pé". A receita consistiu na média da bonificação/penalização, praticadas por dez laticínios da região sudeste, considerando-se diferentes intervalos de contagem de células somáticas (CCS e contagem bacteriana total (CBT. A inclusão das BPAs para a melhoria da qualidade do leite, quando praticadas em seu nível máximo, mostrou-se com rápido retorno do capital investido (payback e ótima taxa interna de retorno (TIR apenas para aqueles pecuaristas que já possuíam a sala do leite e o tanque de expansão.

  17. Biopolítica, Biopoder e Cuidado de Si na Campanha Antitabagista das Embalagens de Cigarro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudemir Sousa


    Full Text Available Este artigo discute a constituição do sujeito fumante em campanhas antitabagistas presentes nos enunciados que circulam na materialidade sincrética das embalagens de cigarro. Refletiremos sobre duas dimensões que envolvem o corpo desse sujeito, considerado uma superfície discursiva onde incidem relações de saber/poder: o corpo investido pelos biopoderes, através dos quais se promove a biopolítica da população e o corpo como um domínio da estética de si, para refletirmos sobre o cuidado e o governo de si. Utilizamos a teoria da Análise do Discurso, mobilizando como categorias analíticas as noções-conceitos foucaultianas de sujeito, governamentalidade, biopoder, biopolítica e cuidado de si. Metodologicamente, nossa análise possui uma abordagem qualitativa, de cunho descritivo-interpretativo, e recai sobre um corpus constituído por nove dos enunciados supracitados. Concluímos que nas campanhas antitabagistas cruzam-se os discursos médico, jurídico e estético, indicando formas de o sujeito cuidar de si, ao mesmo tempo em que deixa entrever um poder que visa gerir a vida da população com o objetivo final de torná-la mais produtiva e menos onerosa ao Estado.

  18. Melhoria de Desempenho em Segmentos Altamente Competitivos: a Gestão Baseada em Valor (GBV na Indústria Têxtil Brasileira

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paschoal Tadeu Russo


    Full Text Available Este relato técnico tem como objetivo apresentar os benefícios gerados pela utilização da Gestão Baseada em Valor (GBV para a gestão do desempenho econômico de indústrias, de forma geral, mais especificamente no setor têxtil de não-vestuário brasileiro, um setor altamente competitivo, como uma forma de maximizar o retorno sobre o capital investido na empresa. A intervenção observada ocorreu no período de final de 2012 a 2015 quando a empresa estudada, com mais de 40 anos de existência e de gestão familiar, mudou sua estrutura organizacional, passando de funcional para descentralizada por unidades de negócio. Tal mudança causou necessidades de alterações do processo de avaliação do desempenho, o que permitiu a implantação da GBV. Essa implantação possibilitou a melhoria do processo de gestão, a melhoria dos sistemas de informação e, consequentemente, contribuiu com a melhoria do desempenho dos gestores e da organização. Entende-se que a GBV se apresenta como uma ferramenta que contribui para os processos de gestão que levam à criação de valor para as organizações e oferece elementos de mensuração do lucro econômico como uma medida do lucro residual aos custos de capital da organização

  19. Organizaciones internacionales y tratados asociativos: por una nueva clasificación de los sujetos de derecho internacional

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raphael Carvalho de Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available La personalidad jurídica es elemento fundamental para la actuación de un sujeto en el orden internacional. La efectiva participación en el espacio global no depende, sin embargo, sólo del cumplimiento de este requisito. Doctrina y jurisprudencia reconocen la personificación de las organizaciones internacionales actualmente sin grandes reservas, pero, ¿correspondería entender que cualquier tratado dotado de personería jurídica debe ser considerado investido de poderes para actuar en el orden internacional muchas veces de forma pareja a los estados? Se propone, en este breve estudio, identificar la existencia de un sistema de solución de diferencias institucionalizado como un requisito necesario para la actuación de las referidas estructuras como sujetos de derecho internacional estableciendo criterios capaces de distinguir las organizaciones internacionales de meros tratados asociativos. En la primera parte, son establecidos los contenidos de conceptos como personalidad y capacidad y, en seguida, el pronunciamiento de la Corte Internacional de Justicia que reconoció la personería jurídica internacional de las Naciones Unidas contribuye al avance de la construcción teórica sugerida. En la tercera parte, las perspectivas interna e internacional son contrapuestas e introducen el siguiente debate, que fija las bases de la separación entre los conceptos de organización internacional y de tratados asociativos. Para fundamentar la diferenciación señalada, se propone, entonces, el reconocimiento de la importancia de los sistemas institucionalizados de solución de controversias como requisito que avale la propuesta de una nueva clasificación de los sujetos de derecho internacional.

  20. Paradigmas do jogar: Interação, corpo e imersão nos videogames

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emmanoel Ferreira


    Full Text Available Nos últimos anos, produtores e desenvolvedores de videogames têm investido maciçamente na produção de jogos com imagens realistas, em alta definição. Pari passu, desde o surgimento dos videogames, a principal forma de interagir com um jogo eletrônico tem sido esta: jogador praticamente estático – exceto pelo movimento de seus olhos e suas mãos, que atuam no processo interativo a partir do controle de um gamepad, joystick, ou da combinação mouse/teclado – diante do monitor ou da TV. Este cenário, no entanto, tem sofrido importantes mudanças, a partir de acessórios que convidam o jogador a interagir com o dispositivo videogame não apenas com suas mãos, mas com todo o seu corpo, e a fazer maior uso do espaço físico ao seu redor, suscitando novas percepções e experiências por parte do jogador/usuário.

  1. [History of the development of intraocular lenses]. (United States)

    Auffarth, G U; Apple, D J


    Even though cataract surgery has been practiced for over 2000 years, modern cataract surgery started just some 50 years ago. with the first IOL implantation by Sir Harold Ridley. The development of intraocular lenses was accompanied by great successes and disasters. With the fast development of cataract surgical techniques over the past 15 years (ECCE, Phacoemulsification, Capsulorhexis) a successful marriage between IOL-developments and surgery was established. Indication profiles for cataract surgery and IOL implantation extended to more and more patient groups. At this time classical cataract surgery is further developing into refractive intraocular lens surgery to correct higher ametropia in clear lens or phakic eyes. This development was only possible because of the improvements of surgical techniques and implants in classical cataract surgery.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liem Satya Limanta


    Full Text Available A poet cannot be a poet at all if he is not connected with all the poetic tradition before him. This is T.S. Eliot's dictum which he stated in Tradition and the Individual Talent and which he practiced in his work The Waste Land. T.S. Eliot showed his relationship with the past through all the quotations and allusions to mythical, literary, and religious works. His reading of those sources according to Paul de Man cannot avoid misreading or misinterpretation. Harold Bloom has tried to build up a theory of misreading, which he prefers to call misprision, especially applied to and done by poets in The Anxiety of Influence. Throughout this article I shall show how T.S. Eliot has applied some of the ways Bloom describes in reading some of the literary sources, and by so doing Eliot has given new meaning to them.

  3. Acerca de la contratransferencia: ¿obstáculo o instrumento?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jozef Corveleyn


    Full Text Available El artículo discute las distintas perspectivas que dentro del mismo psicoanálisis existen sobre el estatuto de la contratransferencia en el proceso terapéutico. Mientras que para unos (la tendencia clásica ésta debe ser radicalmente reprimida para salvaguardar el ideal de una neutralidad aséptica, para otros (la tendencia humanista ésta puede ser incorporada para consolidar los aspectos externos y reales de la alianza terapéutica. Junto con la postura clásica de Theodor Reik y la más moderna de Harold Searles, el autor plantea que los sentimientos y reacciones contratransferenciales pueden ser usados como un instrumento legítimo que oriente tanto la relación con el paciente como la labor interpretativa.

  4. Somijas un Padomju Savienības skrejlapu propaganda Ziemas kara laikā


    Turovska, Jekaterina


    Bakalaura darbs “Somijas un Padomju Savienības skrejlapu propaganda Ziemas kara laikā” apskata Somijas un Padomju Savienības skrejlapu propagandu ar Harolda Lasvela (Harold Lasswell) kara propagandas teorijas un Mīke Bāles (Mieke Bal) vēstījuma teorijas palīdzību. Darba mērķis ir analizēt un salīdzināt naratorus, varoņus, tēmas, vietas un attēlus Somija un Padomju Savienības skrejlapās. Analizējot Somijas un Padomju Savienības skrejlapas, redzams, ka abām ir līdzības un atšķirības....

  5. Returning to Roots: Pinter as Alternative Theatre Playwright

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Devine


    Full Text Available The theatrical oeuvre of Harold Pinter has its origins in the alternative theatre movement in Britain in the late 1950s. This paper will examine two later, well-known plays, The Caretaker and Betrayal, as case studies for an examination of how the alternative theatre elements which informed Pinter’s early work continue to be present in plays which are generally regarded as more theatrically conventional and mainstream. The theatrical context in which Pinter first developed has become obscured by his commercial success and political notoriety. It can be argued that the natural position for this playwright on the theatrical spectrum lies within the fringe and alternative theatre communities. This paper explores the idea that Brook, Brecht and Grotowskian techniques may be more effective, and more organic, to Pinter’s work than the mainly realistic interpretations which became the norm as the playwright’s celebrity increased.

  6. [Cognitive neuroscience of aging: explanatory models]. (United States)

    Grandi, Fabrissio; Tirapu Ustárroz, Javier

    The aim of the cognitive neuroscience of aging is the study of brain activity and the cognitive processes associated with age. In order to understand the dynamics of neurocognitive activity in older people, the present review highlights four explanatory models. The first one (HAROLD) highlights brain bilaterality, mainly in the pre-frontal cortex. The second paradigm (PASA) places special emphasis on neuronal polarisation (anterior-posterior). The third model (CRUNCH) relates the manifest activity of the brain to the level of complexity of the task. The last one (ELSA) emphasises the spatial and temporal distribution of brain activity in the different phases of recovery. Although different in their content, the four explanatory models are perfectly compatible with the findings reported by neuroimaging techniques, suggesting the use of compensation strategies and cognitive reserve for interventions that may help to optimise the performance of older people. Copyright © 2017 SEGG. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  7. Parallelisme de donnees et filtrage non lineaire : Analyse de performance


    Campillo, Fabien; Bernier, Herve; Cérou, Frédéric; Le Gland, François; Rakotozafy, Rivo


    Projet MEFISTO; L'implémentation des approximations numériques du filtre non linéaire optimal est parfaitement adaptée à une approche ``parallélisme de donnéé'. Après quelques rappels sur les équations du filtrage non linéaire, nous présentons deux méthodes d'approximations. La première, utilisable dans le cas général, est fondée sur des schémas aux différences finies introduits par Harold J. Kushner. La deuxième, adpatée aux systèmes sans bruit de dynamique, utilise une approximation ``parti...

  8. Derecho a la salud de los grupos étnicos en Bogotá: análisis de la política pública en salud distrital 2004-2007


    González Acosta, Angélica Lucia


    Cuatro son los pasos requeridos para la elaboración de una política pública según el modelo secuencial sugerido por HAROLD LASWELL (1956) y luego desarrollado por JONES (1970), el primero es la definición del problema y la construcción de la agenda; el segundo, la formulación, la decisión o legitimación; el tercero, la implementación; y el cuarto, la evaluación de la política pública. Se presenta en este documento de reflexión un análisis de las tres primeras etapas en el proceso de elaboraci...

  9. From universe to multiverses--and back again. (United States)

    Tjersland, O A


    A number of concepts and ideas from constructivist and second-order cybernetic family therapy literature are presented and their implications for therapy are examined. I was inspired by and, in this article, refer to videotapes of consultations and therapy sessions shown at an international conference on constructivism and family therapy in Sulitjelma, Norway, June 1988, and to written material from the Tromsø group (Tom Andersen and Anna M. Flåm), the Milan team (Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin), and the Galveston team (Harlene Anderson and Harold Goolishian). The article also represents an attempt to use constructivist concepts and ideas in a reflection on the author's own professional development as a psychologist and family therapist.

  10. Education: A Journal for Its Time

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James Albright


    Full Text Available On the face of it, contemporary educational research is significantly different in order and kind from the period after WWII when the esteemed American education psychologist, Harold H. Abelson (1948 [1], wrote his essay, “The Role of Educational Research in a Democracy.” The current conditions under which educational researchers labor foreground national and global challenges are quite unlike those he outlined in that heady post war period just prior to its descent into the Cold War. Since Abelson’s progressive reading of the upward arch of the first half of the Twentieth Century’s educational research history, unprecedented global movements of people, money and ideas, revolutionary and expanding modes of communication, and expediential growth in knowledge production and dissemination have broadened and complicated educational research, let alone practice and policy. [...

  11. Fullerene discoverers win nobel prize

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rotman, D.


    Two Rice University (Houston) chemists, Robert F. Curl and Richard E. Smalley, and a scientist at the University of Sussex (Brighton, U.K.), Harold W. Kroto, have won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the joint discovery of buckminsterfullerenes - soccer ball-shaped carbon molecules. The novel form of carbon, which was initially synthesized by the scientists in 1985 as C{sub 60} and C{sub 70} has led to the development of {open_quotes}an entirely new branch of chemistry... with consequences in such diverse areas as astrochemistry, superconductivity, and material chemistry/physics,{close_quotes} according to the Swedish Academy of Sciences (Stockholm). For chemists, the structure is {open_quotes}uniquely beautiful and satisfying,{close_quotes} the academy says.

  12. Epidemiology of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ley B


    Full Text Available Brett Ley, Harold R Collard Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA Abstract: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic fibrotic lung disease of unknown cause that occurs in adults and has a poor prognosis. Its epidemiology has been difficult to study because of its rarity and evolution in diagnostic and coding practices. Though uncommon, it is likely underappreciated both in terms of its occurrence (ie, incidence, prevalence and public health impact (ie, health care costs and resource utilization. Incidence and mortality appear to be on the rise, and prevalence is expected to increase with the aging population. Potential risk factors include occupational and environmental exposures, tobacco smoking, gastroesophageal reflux, and genetic factors. An accurate understanding of its epidemiology is important, especially as novel therapies are emerging. Keywords: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, mortality, risk factors

  13. Medical humanities and medical alterity in fiction and in life (United States)

    Hurwitz, Brian


    A widely accepted component of any answer to the question ‘What is it to do good medical ethics?’ is the commitment to benefit people’s health, in principlist terminology, ‘beneficence’. This paper addresses deliberate maleficence and the cultural otherness with which it is associated, focusing on the activities of the serial killer Dr Harold Shipman. It finds an uncanny ‘fit’ between the normal operation of healthcare services and this sort of alterity which has attracted little attention from bioethicists but has been addressed by novelists. To the extent that the medical humanities offers useful insights into hard moral problems, its capacities rest on taking account of both the fictional and the real. PMID:25516938

  14. Science & Technology Review September 2009

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bearinger, J P


    This month's issue has the following articles: (1) Remembering the Laboratory's First Director - Commentary by Harold Brown; (2) Herbert F. York (1921-2009): A Life of Firsts, an Ambassador for Peace - The Laboratory's first director, who died on May 19, 2009, used his expertise in science and technology to advance arms control and prevent nuclear war; (3) Searching for Life in Extreme Environments - DNA will help researchers discover new marine species and prepare to search for life on other planets; (4) Energy Goes with the Flow - Lawrence Livermore is one of the few organizations that distills the big picture about energy resources and use into a concise diagram; and (5) The Radiant Side of Sound - An experimental method that converts sound waves into light may lead to new technologies for scientific and industrial applications.

  15. Advances in photovoltaics part 4

    CERN Document Server

    Willeke, Gerhard P


    Advances in Photovoltaics: Part Four provides valuable information on the challenges faced during the transformation of our energy supply system to more efficient, renewable energies. The volume discusses the topic from a global perspective, presenting the latest information on photovoltaics, a cornerstone technology. It covers all aspects of this important semiconductor technology, reflecting on the tremendous and dynamic advances that have been made on this topic since 1975, when the first book on solar cells-written by Harold J. Hovel of IBM-was published as volume 11 in the now famous series on Semiconductors and Semimetals. Readers will gain a behind the scenes look at the continuous and rapid scientific development that leads to the necessary price and cost reductions in global industrial mass-production. Written by leading, internationally known experts on his topic Provides an in-depth overview of the current status and perspectives of thin film PV technologies Discusses the challenges faced during th...

  16. Chondrules: Important, but Possibly Unfathomable (United States)

    Taylor, G. J.


    Chondrules are mysterious little droplets of formerly molten silicate found in chondrite meteorites. Harold C. Connolly Jr. (Rowan University, New Jersey) and Rhian H. Jones (University of Manchester, UK) have written a concise review of the properties of chondrules and ideas for their origin. Over a century of chondrule studies have revealed much about their heating and cooling histories, mineralogy, textures (mineral sizes and how the crystals are intergrown), chemical and isotopic compositions, and ages (old - they formed during the first few million years of Solar System history). Nevertheless, cosmochemists are still uncertain how chondrules formed and whether they inform us of conditions and processes in the protoplanetary disk (also called the solar nebula) or are mere by-products of planet formation.

  17. Lorraine Williams Greene (1950-2016). (United States)

    Seymour, Guy; Bradford, Adrienne


    Presents an obituary for Lorraine Williams Greene who died on February 25, 2016. Lorraine started her professional career as a school psychologist for the Atlanta Public Schools. For the rest of her life, she was involved in her community through her church, her sorority, the Coalition of One Hundred Black Women, and other national and local service organizations. Within the American Psychological Association (APA), Lorraine was active in Division 18, Psychologists in Public Service, first as Chair of the Police and Public Safety Section, then as the division's representative to APA Council, and, in 2016, as President-elect of the Division. She was also active in Divisions 45 and 56. In 2014, she received a Presidential Citation from APA President Nadine J. Kaslow for her dedicated service to law enforcement. In 2015, she received the Harold Hildreth Award for Distinguished Public Service, the highest award from the division. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  18. Atractividad de diferentes cebos sobre Trógidos (Coleoptera en el Bosque Autóctono "El Espinal", Río Cuarto (Córdoba, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodrigo S. GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available Se efectuó un estudio para determinar la atractividad de cebos sobre las especies de Trogidae presentes en el Bosque Autóctono "El Espinal" en la ciudad de Río Cuarto (Córdoba, Argentina. Se usaron trampas de caída cebadas con carne de vacuno (3, carne de porcino (3, menudo de pollo (3, excremento humano (3, excremento de perro (3 y trampas testigo (sin cebo (3 sumando un total de 18. Se recolectaron cuatro especies de Trogidae: Omorgus suberosus (Fabricius, Polynoncus aeger (Guérin – Meneville, Polynoncus gemmingeri (Harold y Polynoncus pilularius (Germar, que mostraron una preferencia hacia los menudos en descomposición de pollo y carne de cerdo seguido por excremento de perro; sugiriendo un comportamiento necrofágico – coprofágico con una tendencia a la necrofagia. Adicionalmente se utilizaron trampas de luz capturándose ejemplares de Omorgus ciliatus (Blanchard

  19. Integrating Process Management with Archival Management Systems: Lessons Learned

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Gordon Daines, III


    Full Text Available The Integrated Digital Special Collections (INDI system is a prototype of a database-driven, Web application designed to automate and manage archival workflow for large institutions and consortia. This article discusses the how the INDI project enabled the successful implementation of a process to manage large technology projects in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University. It highlights how the scope of these technology projects is set and how the major deliverables for each project are defined. The article also talks about how the INDI system followed the process and still failed to be completed. It examines why the process itself is successful and why the INDI project failed. It further underscores the importance of process management in archival management systems.

  20. The Interactionist Imagination – Studying Meaning, Situation and Micro-Social Order

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    as an important perspective in sociology. All chapters are introductory and illustrate, exemplify and discuss the impact individual sociologists working within an interactionism framework have had on interactionism as perspective and on the discipline of sociology as such. The book contains introductions......The study of human interaction is integral to sociology and its attempt to shed light on and understand the social world. The tradition of interactionism is therefore a longstanding and time-honoured perspective within sociology, and although it has always been regarded as an alternative...... to the works of: Georg Simmel, Robert E. Park, George Herbert Mead, Everett C. Hughes, Herbert Blumer, Manford H. Kuhn, Erving Goffman, Harold Garfinkel, Anselm L. Strauss, Jack D. Douglas, Howard S. Becker, Stanford M. Lyman, Arlie R. Hochschild and Gary Alan Fine....

  1. El Regreso de la monarquía y la transición a la democracia en España (1975-78): los apoyos de la prensa británica


    Guillamet, Jaume


    El regreso de la Monarquía y la Transición española a la democracia tras la muerte de Franco fueron objeto de una atención especial en la prensa extranjera. En este artículo, se estudia el papel desempeñado por la prensa británica, en el contexto de las relaciones especiales entre las casas reales de la más antigua y la más joven de las monarquías europeas y la actitud de reserva mantenida por los gobiernos laboristas de Harold Wilson y James Callaghan. Los cuatro principales diarios británic...

  2. Rediscovering Clusius. How Dutch Commerce Contributed to the Emergence of Modern Science

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Klaas van Berkel


    Full Text Available H.J. Cook, Matters of exchange. Commerce, medicine, and science in the Dutch Golden AgeRediscovering Clusius. How Dutch Commerce contributed to the Emergence of Modern ScienceIn his highly stimulating book Matters of Exchange. Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age, Harold J. Cook argues that the intellectual activities we call science emerged from ways of knowing that were valued most highly by merchant-rulers. He demonstrates this thesis by describing and analyzing scientific developments in the Dutch Republic. However, both Cook’s one-sided description of the new science and his idealized reconstruction of the mentality of the merchant elite in the Dutch Republic weaken his case considerably. A more ecumenical view of early modern science and a more realistic picture of the values and the conduct of merchants in Europe are needed to bolster an argument that still looks very promising.

  3. Literary Canon of Croatian Renaissance Culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krešimir Šimić


    Full Text Available Croatian Renaissance literary culture did not form its literary in the same way as did the Italians. Therefore, the "canonical order" of sixteenth-century Croatian literary culture is usually associated with the nineteenth-century and twentieth-century synthetic literary history. However, if we have in mind the thesis of Harold Bloom that "canonical writers" are those in whose poetics exhibit "anticanonical elements," or in other words, that all great writers reading their predecessors face the fear of the impact and enable activities of their own imagination, then we can say – albeit very cautiously – that Croatian Renaissance literary culture has at least a few "canonical authors": Mavro Vetranović, Petar Zoranić, Petar Hektorović and Marin Držić

  4. Referentes judaicos em A hora da estrela: uma visada cabalística

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katya Queiroz Alencar


    Full Text Available Este artigo discute os referentes judaico-­cabalísticos em A hora da estrela, de Clarice Lispector, a partir de metáforas cabalístico-interpretativas construídas a partir do processo cosmogônico luriânico: Tzimtizum, Sheviráh e Tikún,abordado por Harold Bloom em Cabala e crítica. Para tanto, tomamos algumas passagens de A hora da estrela que foram recortadas e analisadas sob o prisma dessas metáforas, a fim de demonstrar, apesar da resistência de Lispector, um traço do matiz judaico-­cabalístico na arquitetura de sua literatura, no caso, A hora da estrela.

  5. Le mysticisme du livre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana BOCA


    Full Text Available The work is based on the idea that literature is less than her own myth, very active in the last few decades in elitist circles. When Borges wrote the Babel Library, he prefigured an important direction in literary criticism, much more seductive than the discourse analysis and formal hermeneutics. It is the mitologisation of literature, as a superior and unique space for the being. It was born, therefore, in the same era of discourse analysis – a mysticism of the book. The work calls into question the representative positions of Harold Bloom and Toma Pavel to identify their limits and the inability to logically legitimize a mysticism of the book. The argument wants to show that the mysticism of the book is a false mystique and a game of religion, extremely sophisticated but very careful with the stubborn arrogance of the hermeneutic.

  6. Canon e historiografía literaria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José María Pozuelo Yvancos


    Full Text Available Muchas veces me he preguntado en los últimos años, mientras estudiaba y asediaba la idea de canon, vista desde la teoría literaria, si no estaba ayudando a que se creara en España un problema que no teníamos en nuestra propia tradición filológica y por tanto ajeno, artificial, o simplemente importado de los contextos de la teoría literaria estadounidense, donde esa discusión cobró fuerza a mediados de los años noventa, con la publicación del libro de Harold Bloom (1995, y sigue teniendo un fragor inusitado. Pero ¿sólo allí? Empieza a crearse y la veo proyectada muy ampliamente a otros lugares de Europa.

  7. Thomas Mann, leitor de Goethe: O fardo da naturalidade em Viagem à Itália e Morte em Veneza

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Caldas


    Full Text Available Este ensaio pretende compreender o papel da idéia de naturalidade na moderna cultura literária alemã. Para chegar a este objetivo, faremos a comparação entre Viagem à Itália, de Goethe, e Morte em Veneza, de Thomas Mann, de modo a ficar claro que, através da representação de Veneza (Itália, feita por Thomas Mann, podemos identificar, baseados na teoria da influência desenvolvida por Harold Bloom, uma concepção de artista que revela a interpretação de Thomas Mann a respeito dos dilemas da cultura alemã.

  8. Intertextual Re-creation in Jamie O’Neill’s At Swim, Two Boys

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bertrand Cardin


    Full Text Available As the title of the book indicates, Jamie O’Neill’s At Swim, Two Boys, published in 2001, refers back to Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds (1939. Through the use of such a parodic title, O’Neill places himself within a postmodern literary tradition, involving the influence of famous Irish parodists such as O’Brien or Joyce, who overshadow his novel. This title alludes to a famous text, gives it a new meaning, a new story and re-locates it in a different context, namely a gay universe which calls to mind another famous literary predecessor, Oscar Wilde, a writer also referred to repeatedly, whether explicitly or implicitly, throughout the novel. This paper focuses on the intertextual articulations of the novel in connection with the theories advanced by Neil Corcoran, Augustine Martin and Harold Bloom, whose essays take a real interest in the literary phenomenon of intertextuality.

  9. A Deep Insider’s Elegiac Tribute: The Work of Don DeLillo in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graham Foster


    Full Text Available This article explores the influence the work of Don DeLillo has on David Foster Wallace’s 'Infinite Jest' (1996, scrutinising the way Wallace built some of his most important themes on a foundation of literary allusion, particularly to the DeLillo novels 'End Zone' (1972 and 'Americana' (1971. This article also incorporates the use of archival material that shows both authors corresponding about literature and writing, which is also illuminating when investigating the origins of 'Infinite Jest’s' sub-textual meaning. In order to thoroughly describe the theoretical import of this relationship, this article also considers Wallace’s engagement with the critical theories of influence, specifically his overt and creative use of Harold Bloom’s 'The Anxiety of Influence' (1973 in the novel.

  10. Linear algebra

    CERN Document Server

    Edwards, Harold M


    In his new undergraduate textbook, Harold M Edwards proposes a radically new and thoroughly algorithmic approach to linear algebra Originally inspired by the constructive philosophy of mathematics championed in the 19th century by Leopold Kronecker, the approach is well suited to students in the computer-dominated late 20th century Each proof is an algorithm described in English that can be translated into the computer language the class is using and put to work solving problems and generating new examples, making the study of linear algebra a truly interactive experience Designed for a one-semester course, this text adopts an algorithmic approach to linear algebra giving the student many examples to work through and copious exercises to test their skills and extend their knowledge of the subject Students at all levels will find much interactive instruction in this text while teachers will find stimulating examples and methods of approach to the subject

  11. Arsenoterapia masiva

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Efraím Cabrera


    Full Text Available En abril de 1939, el doctor Bernardo de Castro me entregaba un número de "The American Journal of the Medical Science", en donde el maestro americano Harold Thomas Hyman del Hospital Monte Sinaí de Nueva York, publicaba un estudio de 25 casos de Sifilis reciente, tratados por medio de la arsenoterapia masiva. Busca el insigne investigador americano el ideal terapéutico del sabio Erlich: La Sterilisatio Magna: Saturar al paciente de la droga terapéutica antiluética (en este caso el arsénico, y mantener la curva de saturación mas o menos constante durante un cierto tiempo, consiguiendo, de esta suerte la muerte de todos los espiroquetos que alberga el organismo del paciente, por lo tanto su esterilización, frente a la Sífilis.

  12. Atomic Pioneers Book 3 From the Late 19th to the Mid-20th Century

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hiebert, Ray [University of Maryland; Hiebert, Roselyn


    This book tells the story of the atom by presenting a brief account of the lives and work of 24 atomic scientists who brought the world into the complex Age of the Atom by mid-20th century. The 24 are: Albert Einstein, James Franck, Max Born, Peter J.W. Debye, Niels Bohr, George von Hevesy, Henry G.J. Moseley, Gustav Hertz, Erwin Schrodinger, Otto Stern, James Chadwick, Arthur H. Compton, Louis Victor de Broglie, Harold C. Urey, John D. Cockcroft, Patrick M.S. Blackett, Isidor I. Rabi, Leo Szilard, Jean Frederic Joliot-Curie, Irene Joliot-Curie, Wolfgang Pauli, Ernest O. Lawrence, Enrico Fermi, and Robert J. Van de Graaff.

  13. Let's talk: a narrative of mental illness, recovery, and the psychotherapist's personal treatment. (United States)

    Sawyer, Annita


    This article describes the author's experience in psychotherapy, beginning as a suicidal teenager with a dismal prognosis, through 5 years of hospitalization, including shock treatment that erased most memory before age 20, through an Ivy League education, and successful professional career. Retraumatization triggered by reading her hospital records 40 years later adds a unique perspective, as the author watched, but could not control, a process within herself that she regularly addressed as therapist with her own patients. Healing aspects of relationships with three psychodynamic psychotherapists (two psychiatrists and a social worker), credited with her survival and success, are examined. A dramatic interview with Harold Searles, her psychiatrist's supervisor, and its role in her recovery is considered. Lasting lessons concerning the healing aspects of psychotherapy, the effects of repressed early trauma encountered late in life, the need to counter stigma, and the value of personal psychotherapy are discussed. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  14. An Evaluation of an Upper-Division, General Education Information Literacy Program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elizabeth Spackman Hopkins


    Full Text Available The Advanced Writing library instruction program at Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL is intended to teach junior-level students advanced information literacy and research skills. Student participation in the program is required in each of six junior-level English courses. Anecdotal feedback from librarians and students identified problems with the program; therefore, a qualitative evaluation of the program was conducted with the objective of identifying problems and possible solutions. The evaluation included a student survey and focus groups with students, librarians, and English faculty. In this paper, we describe the HBLL Advanced Writing (AW instruction program, identify the problems with the current model, and convey recommendations from stakeholders for improvement. In addition, we share observations about the viability of such programs at other institutions.

  15. La ciencia política y las políticas públicas: notas para una reconstrucción histórica de su relación Political Science and Public Policies: Notes for a Historical Reconstruction of their Relationship

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Germán Darío Valencia Agudelo


    Full Text Available El artículo presenta algunas anotaciones que sirven como herramienta para una reconstrucción histórica de la relación entre la ciencia política y las ciencias de las políticas (policy sciences o el estudio de las políticas públicas. Para ello realiza una revisión de la literatura que permite: primero, hacer una descripción de la propuesta transdisciplinar de Harold Lasswell; segundo, sintetizar los desarrollos teóricos y prácticos del estudio de las políticas públicas; tercero, mostrar cómo la ciencia política convirtió al estudio de las políticas públicas en una de sus subdisciplinas, generando una gran cantidad de trabajos en el contexto internacional; y cuarto, presentar algunas alusiones sobre la evolución del estudio de las políticas públicas en América Latina y Colombia.The article presents some annotations that serve as tool for a historical reconstruction of the relationship between political science and policy sciences and the study of public policy. In doing so, it carries out a review of the literature that permits: first, to make a description of Harold Lasswell’s trans-disciplinary proposal; second, to synthesize the theoretical and practical developments of the study of public policy; third, to show how political science became the study of public policy in one of its sub-disciplines, generating a large quantity of works in the international context; and fourth, to present some allusions to the study of public policy in Latin America and Colombia.

  16. Technology transfer: Half-way houses. No. 17

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seidel, R.W.


    In the fall of 1993, 1 was asked by the Center for National Security Studies (CNSS) of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to study the ways in which technology transfer and defense conversion had been accomplished at General Atomics (GA) and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) by interviewing Harold Agnew, who had served as director of Los Alamos before becoming president of General Atomics in 1979, and J. Robert Beyster, who had been a staff member at Los Alamos and at General Atomics before founding SAIC in 1969. Harold Agnew readily complied with my request for an interview and also suggested that I talk to Douglas Fouquet, who is in charge of public relations at General Atomics and is their unofficial historian. Robert Beyster was not available for an interview, but, through the courtesy of John C. Hopkins, a former director of CNSS, I was able to interview SAIC`s executive vice president, Donald M. Kerr, who is also a former director at Los Alamos, and Steven Rockwood, a sector vice president at SAIC who was formerly a staff member at the Laboratory Because Agnew, Kerr, and Rockwood are all familiar with LANL, as well as with their respective companies, the interviews becam exercises In comparative analyses of technology transfer. In what follows, I have tried to summarize both the interviews and some of the research which attended them. It is the historian`s hope that by use of comparative institutional analyses, Laboratory administrators may learn something of value in directing their efforts toward the transfer of technology to private industry and other government agencies.

  17. Dendropaemon Perty, 1830: taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of the morphologically most derived phanaeine genus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae, Phanaeini). (United States)

    Génier, François; Arnaud, Patrick


    The taxonomy and systematics of the Neotropical genus Dendropaemon Perty is revised. The current study recognize 41 species organized into 12 subgenera. The establishment of the subgenera is reflecting the presented phylogenetic analysis. Six subgenera are established from previously available genus group names: Coprophanaeoides Edmonds, 1972; Dendropaemon Perty, 1830; Enicotarsus Laporte, 1831; Eurypodea Klages, 1906; Onthoecus Lacordaire, 1856; Paradendropaemon Edmonds, 1972 and Tetramereia Klages, 1907. Six additional subgenera are described as new: Glaphyropaemon n. subg.; Nigropaemon n. subg.; Rutilopaemon n. subg.; Streblopaemon n. subg.; Sulcopaemon n. subg. and Titthopaemon n. subg. The following 18 species are described as new: Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) bluti n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) carinifer n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) compressipennis n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) cribrosus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) furtadoi n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) inflatus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Coprophanaeoides) pilosissimus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Dendropaemon) aenigmaticus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Dendropaemon) amazonicus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Dendropaemon) angustulus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Dendropaemon) flechtmanni n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Dendropaemon) larseni n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Glaphyropaemon) inemarginatus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Nigropaemon) nigritulus n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Onthoecus) lydiae n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Onthoecus) morettoi n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Paradendropaemon) vazdemelloi n. sp.; Dendropaemon (Sulcopaemon) latistriatus n. sp.. The following nomen novum: Dendropaemon (Onthoecus) attalus nom. nov. is created to replace the primary junior homonym Dendropaemon amyntas Harold, 1868. Except for Dendropaemon montei Pessôa & Lane, 1936, type material of all the species have been examined and lectotypes designated for the following two species: Dendropaemon fasces Blut, 1939 and Dendropaemon lobatus Waterhouse

  18. Atractividad de diferentes cebos sobre Trógidos (Coleoptera en el Bosque Autóctono "El Espinal", Río Cuarto (Córdoba, Argentina Attractivity of different Baits on Trogids (Coleoptera in the Autochthonous Forest "El Espinal", Río Cuarto (Córdoba, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodrigo S. Gómez


    Full Text Available Se efectuó un estudio para determinar la atractividad de cebos sobre las especies de Trogidae presentes en el Bosque Autóctono "El Espinal" en la ciudad de Río Cuarto (Córdoba, Argentina. Se usaron trampas de caída cebadas con carne de vacuno (3, carne de porcino (3, menudo de pollo (3, excremento humano (3, excremento de perro (3 y trampas testigo (sin cebo (3 sumando un total de 18. Se recolectaron cuatro especies de Trogidae: Omorgus suberosus (Fabricius, Polynoncus aeger (Guérin-Meneville, Polynoncus gemmingeri (Harold y Polynoncus pilularius (Germar, que mostraron una preferencia hacia los menudos en descomposición de pollo y carne de cerdo seguido por excremento de perro; sugiriendo un comportamiento necrofágico-coprofágico con una tendencia a la necrofagia. Adicionalmente se utilizaron trampas de luz capturándose ejemplares de Omorgus ciliatus (Blanchard.A study to determine the food attractivity of baits on the species of Trogidae present in the Autochthonous Forest El Espinal in Río Cuarto City (Córdoba, Argentina was performed. Pitfall traps baited with beef (3, pork (3, chicken giblets (3, human excrement (3, dog excrement (3 and witness traps (without bait (3 were used, making up a total of 18 traps. Four species of Trogidae were collected Omorgus suberosus (Fabricius, Polynoncus aeger (Guérin-Meneville, Polynoncus gemmingeri (Harold and Polynoncus pilularius (Germar, which showed a preference for decomposing meat, especially chicken and pork, followed by dog excrement. Thus suggesting a necrophagous-coprophagous behavior with a tendency to the necrophagy. In an additional sampling light traps were used; Omorgus ciliatus (Blanchard was collected in these.

  19. A ansiedade da unidade: uma teoria da edição / L’ansia di unità: Una teoria dell’edizione

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jerónimo Pizarro


    Full Text Available Em 1973 Harold Bloom publicou o livro The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry. Uma variação sobre este título poderá ser-nos hoje útil para abordar um outro tipo de ansiedade: o da unidade. Os campos da edição e da interpretação vivem imersos nesse outro tipo de ansiedade. Tanto a interpretação, preocupada com a intenção do autor, da obra ou do leitor, como a edição, angustiada com as intenções finais do autor e o estabelecimento do copy-text, parecem, por vezes, pouco capazes de se libertarem desse ensejo de unidade e de se adaptarem à existência da multiplicidade. Neste artigo, procuro fazer um novo apelo a uma necessária mudança de paradigma, atendendo, em especial, às novas e libertadoras possibilidades potenciadas pela edição electrónica. In 1973 Harold Bloom published his book The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry. A variation on this title might be useful for us today to refer to another kind of anxiety: the anxiety of unity. The fields of editing and interpretation lie within this other kind of anxiety. Interpretation, concerned with the author’s, the reader’s or the work’s intention, and editing, worried about the author’s final intentions and the setting up of the copy-text, seem, at times, unable to free themselves from the need to attain unity and adapt to the existence of multiplicity. In this article I intend to make a new appeal on behalf of a change of paradigm, addressing, especially, the new and liberating possibilities of electronic editing

  20. Evolutionary Dynamics of the wnt Gene Family: A Lophotrochozoan Perspective (United States)

    Cho, Sung-Jin; Vallès, Yvonne; Giani, Vincent C.; Seaver, Elaine C.; Weisblat, David A.


    The wnt gene family encodes a set of secreted glycoproteins involved in key developmental processes, including cell fate specification and regulation of posterior growth (Cadigan KM, Nusse R. 1997. Wnt signaling: a common theme in animal development. Genes Dev. 11:3286–3305.; Martin BL, Kimelman D. 2009. Wnt signaling and the evolution of embryonic posterior development. Curr Biol. 19:R215–R219.). As for many other gene families, evidence for expansion and/or contraction of the wnt family is available from deuterostomes (e.g., echinoderms and vertebrates [Nusse R, Varmus HE. 1992. Wnt genes. Cell. 69:1073–1087.; Schubert M, Holland LZ, Holland ND, Jacobs DK. 2000. A phylogenetic tree of the Wnt genes based on all available full-length sequences, including five from the cephalochordate amphioxus. Mol Biol Evol. 17:1896–1903.; Croce JC, Wu SY, Byrum C, Xu R, Duloquin L, Wikramanayake AH, Gache C, McClay DR. 2006. A genome-wide survey of the evolutionarily conserved Wnt pathways in the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Dev Biol. 300:121–131.]) and ecdysozoans (e.g., arthropods and nematodes [Eisenmann DM. 2005. Wnt signaling. WormBook. 1–17.; Bolognesi R, Farzana L, Fischer TD, Brown SJ. 2008. Multiple Wnt genes are required for segmentation in the short-germ embryo of Tribolium castaneum. Curr Biol. 18:1624–1629.]), but little is known from the third major bilaterian group, the lophotrochozoans (e.g., mollusks and annelids [Prud'homme B, Lartillot N, Balavoine G, Adoutte A, Vervoort M. 2002. Phylogenetic analysis of the Wnt gene family. Insights from lophotrochozoan members. Curr Biol. 12:1395.]). To obtain a more comprehensive scenario of the evolutionary dynamics of this gene family, we exhaustively mined wnt gene sequences from the whole genome assemblies of a mollusk (Lottia gigantea) and two annelids (Capitella teleta and Helobdella robusta) and examined them by phylogenetic, genetic linkage, intron–exon structure, and embryonic

  1. Análise econômica da geração de energia elétrica a partir do biogás na suinocultura Economic analysis of the generation of electric energy from biogas in pig production

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franco M. Martins


    Full Text Available A demanda por fontes alternativas de energia tem crescido nos últimos anos em função das variações do preço do petróleo aliadas à recente crise energética. Por meio da digestão anaeróbia é possível transformar os dejetos de suínos em biogás. No presente trabalho, estudou-se a viabilidade econômica do uso do biogás como fonte alternativa para a geração de energia elétrica para diferentes períodos de geração. O método utilizado para a avaliação econômica foi o Valor Presente Líquido. O tempo de retorno do capital investido também foi calculado levando em consideração o desconto da taxa de juros nos fluxos de caixa. O estudo demonstrou ser economicamente viável a utilização do biogás da suinocultura, como fonte para geração de energia elétrica. O aumento da demanda de energia elétrica na propriedade aumenta o Valor Presente Líquido e diminui o tempo de retorno do investimento.The demand for alternative sources of energy has grown in recent years in line with the variation of petroleum prices coupled with the recent energy crisis. Through anaerobic digestion swine manure can be converted into biogas. In the present study it was evaluated the economic viability of using biogas as an alternative source for the production of electricity, for different periods of generation. The method used for the economic evaluation was the Net Present Value (NPV. The time of return on invested capital was also calculated taking into account the discount interest rate on cash flows. The study proved to be economically viable use of biogas from swine manure as a source for generating electricity. The increased demand for electricity in the property increases the Net Present Value and decreases the time required for return of the investment.

  2. Política de Saúde Mental no Brasil: evolução do gasto federal entre 2001 e 2009

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renata Weber Gonçalves


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Analisar a evolução de estimativas do gasto federal com o Programa de Saúde Mental desde a promulgação da lei nacional de saúde mental. MÉTODOS: O gasto federal total do Programa de Saúde Mental e seus componentes de gastos hospitalares e extra-hospitalares foi estimado a partir de 21 categorias de gastos de 2001 a 2009. Os valores dos gastos foram atualizados para valores em reais de 2009 por meio da aplicação do Índice de Preços ao Consumidor Amplo. Foi calculado o valor per capita/ano do gasto federal em saúde mental. RESULTADOS: Observou-se o crescimento real de 51,3% do gasto em saúde mental no período. A desagregação do gasto revelou aumento expressivo do valor extra-hospitalar (404,2% e decréscimo do hospitalar (-39,5%. O gasto per capita teve crescimento real menor, embora expressivo (36,2%. A série histórica do gasto per capita desagregado mostrou que em 2006, pela primeira vez, o gasto extra-hospitalar foi maior que o hospitalar. O valor per capita extra-hospitalar teve o crescimento real de 354,0%; o valor per capita hospitalar decresceu 45,5%. CONCLUSÕES: Houve crescimento real dos recursos federais investidos em saúde mental entre 2001 e 2009 e investimento expressivo nas ações extra-hospitalares. Houve inversão no direcionamento dos recursos, a partir de 2006, na direção dos serviços comunitários. O componente do financiamento teve papel crucial como indutor da mudança de modelo de atenção em saúde mental. O desafio para os próximos anos é sustentar e aumentar os recursos para a saúde mental num contexto de desfinanciamento do Sistema Único de Saúde.

  3. Apontamentos para se pensar ações de prevenção à violência pelo setor saúde Notes on the prevention of violence by the health sector

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Maria Galheigo


    Full Text Available A violência tem sido um dos fenômenos contemporâneos que, além da inquietude social que provoca, causa um contingente substancial de vítimas todos os anos. Medidas de prevenção da violência e de promoção de uma cultura da paz têm sido propostas pelos organismos internacionais como a Organização Mundial da Saúde e a Unesco. O Brasil tem investido esforços nos últimos anos em uma série de legislações e normativas na área da saúde, direcionadas para a prevenção da violência e promoção da saúde, que atendem às recomendações internacionais e avançam de forma mais substancial do que vinha sendo proposto até então pelo setor saúde. Este artigo apresenta essas proposições e suas recomendações e reflete sobre os desdobramentos dessas medidas, diante do questionamento da necessidade de o setor saúde melhorar a humanização do cuidado oferecido por seus profissionais. Levanta os desafios para a capacitação de os profissionais de saúde atenderem as medidas propostas e aproveita para, a luz de Hannah Arendt, refletir sobre os conceitos de violência, poder, autoridade, força e vigor.Violence is one of the contemporary phenomena which has provoked social restlessness and caused a substantial number of victims every year. International organizations, such as WHO and Unesco, have proposed violence prevention measures and the promotion of a culture of peace. For some years now Brazil has been making efforts in creating new legislation in the health sector which may contribute to violence prevention and health promotion, fulfilling international recommendations and advancing substantially if compared with previous initiatives. This paper presents these propositions and their recommendations and discusses the consequences in regard to demands for the humanization of health care provided by practitioners. It points out the challenges for human resources training and, according to Hannah Arendt's ideas, discusses concepts

  4. Contribuição das fontes de sedimentos em uma bacia hidrográfica agrícola sob plantio direto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tales Tiecher


    Full Text Available O conhecimento das principais fontes difusas de produção de sedimento pode aumentar a eficiência de utilização dos recursos públicos, investidos em estratégias de gestão em bacias hidrográficas, que visem mitigar a transferência de sedimentos aos cursos d'água. Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar as fontes de sedimentos numa bacia hidrográfica rural de cabeceira com predomínio de cultivos anuais sob plantio direto e com intensa e inadequada exploração dos recursos naturais, por meio da quantificação da contribuição relativa das estradas e das lavouras na produção global de sedimentos. A bacia hidrográfica está localizada no município de Júlio de Castilhos, Rio Grande do Sul. O período de estudo foi de maio de 2009 a abril de 2011. Para a identificação das fontes, foi utilizado o método fingerprinting, que compara os solos de diferentes fontes e os sedimentos que são encontrados em suspensão no canal de drenagem, usando elementos traçadores. O manejo inadequado do solo nas áreas de lavoura, a falta de planejamento das vias de acesso e a ausência de práticas de controle do escoamento superficial, que sejam compatíveis com a fragilidade condicionada pelos solos e pelo relevo da bacia hidrográfica, têm provocado o surgimento de processos erosivos acelerados com efeitos negativos ao agricultor e à sociedade. As estradas apresentam alta porcentagem de contribuição na transferência de sedimentos, mas a contribuição das áreas de lavoura aumenta em precipitações pluviais de alta magnitude. Isso evidencia que a magnitude dos eventos de chuva influencia a proporção de contribuição entre as fontes ao longo do ano na bacia hidrográfica, interferindo no processo de mobilização de sedimentos e nutrientes em direção à rede de drenagem.

  5. Perfil de estudantes do Proeja Técnico em Comércio do Instituto Federal Farroupilha - município de Júlio de Castilhos/RS em 2012 - Profile of students’ Proeja Technician At Trade of Instituto Federal Farroupilha county of Júlio de Castilhos/RS in 2012

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aline Sobreira Bezerra


    Full Text Available Resumo O presente trabalho teve como objetivo identificar o perfil dos estudantes do Proeja vinculados ao curso Técnico em Comércio do Instituto Federal Farroupilha - município de Júlio de Castilhos/RS. Foi realizada uma pesquisa de caráter quanti-qualitativo e como instrumento foi utilizado um questionário com 15 perguntas fechadas, as quais englobaram aspectos socioeconômicos, trajetória familiar e escolar, avaliação sobre estudos, trabalho e dificuldades, e uma entrevista com a coordenadora do curso. A maioria dos investigados disse ter investido no Proeja com a expectativa de inserção profissional e como forma de concluir o ensino médio. Consideram ótima a qualidade de ensino da instituição e caracterizam os professores como preocupados e dedicados. A maioria têm pretensões de cursar um curso de nível superior e de continuar a realizar cursos na área de estudo. Conclui-se que a profissionalização pelo Proeja tem o desafio de contribuir para a inclusão desses indivíduos no mundo do trabalho e de manter o acesso aos variados bens culturais. Palavras-chave: educação de jovens e adultos, educação profissionalizante, inclusão social. PROFILE OF STUDENTS’ PROEJA TECHNICIAN AT TRADE OF INSTITUTO FEDERAL FARROUPILHA COUNTY OF JÚLIO DE CASTILHOS/RS IN 2012 Abstract This study aimed to identify the profile of the Proeja students’. Was performed a survey of quantitative and qualitative character and as an instrument was used a questionnaire with 15 closed questions, which encompassed socioeconomic, family and school history, review of studies, work and difficulties, and an interview with the coordinator of the course. Most investigated invests in Proeja expecting to work in the area, and secondly as a way to complete high school. Consider the optimal teaching quality of the institution, and characterize teachers as concerned and dedicated. Most have aspirations of attending a higher level and to continue to provide

  6. Governança empresarial, riscos e controles internos: a emergência de um novo modelo de controladoria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilton Cano Martin


    Full Text Available O exercício dos poderes de governança dentro de uma empresa depende em alto grau da implantação de um sistema de identificação, avaliação e controle dos riscos que cercam a gestão dos recursos nela investidos. Como os que exercem a governança não têm poder executivo, fatalmente um desses riscos é o de agenciamento, segundo o qual os administradores dos recursos empresariais, ao darem prioridade aos seus próprios interesses, podem não aplicá-los da forma mais adequada aos acionistas/proprietários. A governança deve, pois, cercar a administração dos recursos empresariais com um sistema de controle de gestão. Esse sistema, que deve levar em consideração os riscos que são inerentes aos negócios e compreende o controle da custódia, do desempenho e da qualidade da informação, é, neste artigo, conceituado e descrito em termos das linhas gerais da sua composição e principais instrumentos. Demonstra-se, finalmente, que tais controles devem ser feitos de forma integrada e unificada num único órgão e que esse órgão deve ser a Controladoria, que deve ser reformulada e ter um posicionamento na estrutura organizacional das empresas totalmente independente dos órgãos de administração. Essas são as bases do chamado novo modelo de Controladoria.Corporate governance highly depends on the installation of a system for the identification, evaluation and control of the risks surrounding the administration of the invested resources. Since Board members do not have executive power, one of the business risks is always the agency risk, according to which business resource managers may put their own interests and priorities ahead of the interests and priorities of the owners/ shareholders. Hence, the Board must surround the administration of business resources with a management control system, considering inherent business risks and encompassing three types of control: custody, performance and information quality. In this article

  7. Alfabetização, saneamento e regeneração nas iniciativas de difusão da escola primária em São Paulo Literacy, hygienism and regeneration in initiatives for spreading the elementary school in São Paulo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heloísa Helena Pimenta Rocha


    Full Text Available No âmbito das intervenções desenhadas, a partir da década de 1920, a educação e a saúde passaram a configurar-se como pilares da obra de redenção do povo da suposta ignorância e da doença e, na mesma medida, da obra de regeneração da nação. Este artigo analisa o projeto de educação higiênica por meio do qual se buscou incutir nas crianças um conjunto de hábitos articulados em torno do objetivo de formação de um ideal de homem forte, saudável, produtivo e ordeiro. Recortam-se iniciativas capitaneadas pelos grupos investidos nos altos cargos da instrução pública em São Paulo, atentando para as leituras que fazem dos problemas sociais, o lugar que conferem à educação e à saúde em seus diagnósticos e nas propostas que formulam. Tomam-se como fontes manuais escolares de higiene produzidos para a escola primária, procurando apreender as marcas desse projeto, por intermédio de uma interrogação que visa flagrar as prescrições higiênicas, em suas articulações com as imagens que esses impressos põem em circulação.In the context of the interventions designed since the 1920s, education and health have been shaped up as pillars of the work of redeeming the Brazilian population from the supposed ignorance and disease, and thus regenerating the nation. This paper examines the hygienic education project, which sought to instill in children a set of habits articulated around the goal of forming an ideal of man who would be strong, healthy, productive and disciplined This study analyzes these initiatives led by the public education policy and decision makers from the state of Sao Paulo, considering their understanding of the social issues and the place assigned to education and health in their diagnoses, proposals and policies. For such, this study used the hygiene textbooks produced for the elementary school as references, seeking to grasp and question the hygienic prescriptions made by the policy makers in connection

  8. Ensino superior público e as novas políticas de expansão e de inclusão: o Programa UNIVESP/Public higher education and the new policies of expansion and inclusion: the UNIVESP Program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Vogt


    Full Text Available No Brasil, a importância da educação superior como forma de produção de conhecimento e de profissionalização tem se intensificado. Tendo consolidado o funcionamento desse sistema, as políticas do Estado de São Paulo voltadas para a área de ensino superior tem investido em programas de expansão do ensino superior para ampliar o número de vagas oferecidas e de ampliar sua distribuição geográfica. Diante dos limites físicos de expansão do ensino superior público paulista emerge a proposta do ensino virtual - uma concepção de educação que ultrapassa os limites geográficos – por meio do programa Universidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo – UNIVESP. O programa, como abordado no presente artigo, amplia o número de vagas nas três universidades públicas paulistas – USP, UNICAMP E UNESP – utilizando metodologia inovadora, que associa o uso intensivo das tecnologias de informação e comunicação às práticas tradicionais do ensino presencial, o que permite uma grande qualidade na formação dos alunos. In Brazil, the importance of university education as a way of producing knowledge and accomplishing professional abilities is facing a significant increase. In view of that, the Government of State of São Paulo has been adopting policies with a view to investing in programs of expansion of university education, aiming at both increasing the number of people able to attend the university courses and expanding the geographic distribution of such courses. Due to the physical limits imposed to the expansion of public university education in the State of São Paulo, a new concept arises – the virtual education system, offered by the program called “Virtual University of the State of São Paulo”. A concept of education that exceeds geographic limits. Such program, as one may infer from this essay, allows an increase in the number of people attending university courses at the three main public universities in São Paulo

  9. A controladoria e o capital intelectual: um estudo empírico sobre sua gestão The controllership and the intellectual capital: an empirical study on its management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Thereza Pompa Antunes


    Full Text Available Este estudo objetivou investigar a adequação do Sistema de Informações Contábeis Gerenciais de grandes empresas brasileiras à gestão do Capital Intelectual. Assumiu-se a Controladoria como a área na empresa mais adequada para identificar, avaliar e mensurar esses elementos e para disponibilizar as informações necessárias à gestão das empresas no atingimento de sua missão. A pesquisa do tipo exploratória está baseada em uma amostra composta por 30 gestores de grandes empresas brasileiras. A análise dos dados, tratados por meio do método qualitativo (Análise de Conteúdo, permitiu verificar que a grande maioria dos gestores realiza investimentos em elementos do Capital Intelectual e que atribuíram indicadores para avaliar esses investimentos, mas não de forma integrada que permita a quantificação correta dos valores investidos e a avaliação do retorno desses investimentos. Por outro lado, os gestores mostraram-se receptivos a aplicar um modelo de gestão para tal fim e consideraram a Controladoria como a área mais adequada para gerenciar esse modelo.The purpose of this essay is to investigate through the Controlling Departments how the Management Information Systems in large Brazilian companies treat investments on Intellectual capital elements. It has been assumed that the Controlling Department is the companies' most adequate area to identify, evaluate and measure such elements, and to provide the managerial information required for the accomplishment of each company's mission. The exploratory research is based on a sample of 30 managers of large Brazilian companies. The qualitative analysis of the data collected (Contents Analysis lead us to the conclusion that the great majority of managers invest on detecting Intellectual Capital elements and have tools to evaluate such investment, but not in an integrated manner that permits to correctly quantify the invested amounts and to evaluate the return on the investment. On

  10. Principais copolímeros elastoméricos à base de butadieno utilizados na indústria automobilística The most important butadiene based elastomers employed in the automotive industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tereza C. J. Rocha


    Full Text Available Copolímeros elastoméricos à base de butadieno são amplamente utilizados na indústria automobilística. Dentre esses destacam-se os copolímeros de butadieno-estireno (SBR e butadieno-acrilonitrila (NBR. O SBR apresenta maior importância comercial, devido a sua aplicação na produção de pneus. Quando SBR é utilizado juntamente com o homopolímero de butadieno BR-alto cis, excelentes propriedades são obtidas para sua aplicação na banda de rodagem de pneus. O copolímero elastomérico NBR é empregado em artefatos em que é necessária boa resistência a solventes orgânicos e a óleos. Nos últimos anos, as empresas automobilísticas e produtoras de pneumáticos vêm se preocupando com o meio-ambiente e, conseqüentemente, têm investido em novos processos de síntese, mais limpos, para a produção desses elastômeros. Assim, o objetivo deste artigo é apresentar uma revisão sobre dois importantes copolímeros elastoméricos à base de butadieno, SBR e NBR, abordando os processos de síntese, características principais, processamento e aplicações.Elastomer copolymers based on butadiene are widely applied in the automotive industry. Among those copolymers the most important ones are styrene-butadiene (SBR and nitrile-butadiene (NBR. SBR presents higher commercial interest, due to its application in the tire production. When SBR is mixed with high cis-1,4 polybutadiene, excellent properties are attained for application on the pneumatics treads. NBR can be used in a wide variety of application areas requiring oil, fuel, and chemical resistance. In the last years, the automotive and pneumatic industries have been increasingly concerned with environmental issues, and have invested in synthesis processes for elastomers that are less aggressive to the environment. Thus, the purpose of this article is to present a review on two important butadiene elastomer copolymers, SBR and NBR, with emphasis on the polymerization processes. The main

  11. Economic feasibility of four grazing intensities of Tanzania grass for beef cattleViabilidade econômica de quatro intensidades de pastejo do capim Tanzânia na pecuária de corte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valter Harry Bumbieris Júnior


    capital investido.

  12. Análisis sociosemiótico de las estrategias discursivas de unión cívica radical en el debate legislativo de la ley 9182 de juicio por jurados

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cintia Weckesser


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se analizan las estrategias discursivas de Unión Cívica Radical en la discusión legislativa que dio lugar a la Ley 9182 de juicio por jurados (Legislatura Unicameral de la Provincia de Córdoba, 2004b, en la provincia de Córdoba, Argentina. El estudio se enmarca en la articulación sociosemiótica propuesta por Mozejko y Costa (2001, 2007, 2010, que toma como punto de partida la pregunta por la relación entre los agentes sociales y sus prácticas discursivas. El interrogante que orienta el desarrollo de este artículo es por qué y cómo la UCR, habiendo sido en la historia reciente de Córdoba quien promovió transformaciones clave tanto en la Constitución de la provincia (Gobierno de la Provincia de Córdoba, 1987,como en su Código de Procesamiento Penal (Cámara de Senadores y Cámara de Diputados de la Provincia de Córdoba, 1991, las cuales introdujeron la participación ciudadana en la justicia; en el año 2004, a contramano, no acompañó el proyecto del ejecutivo provincial que amplió considerablemente la participación de ciudadanos en la justicia penal. Por un lado, se analiza el modo en que se construye el lugar de la enunciación y en relación con ello, el programa narrativo propuesto, en el cual legisladores, jueces y ciudadanos se presentan investidos de ciertos atributos y encomiendas. Luego, el análisis de las estrategias de UCR se articula con la construcción de este agente social, a fin de poner en consideración un doble supuesto: (a que los discursos tienen relación con el lugar desde el cual se los produce, y por lo tanto, son resultado de opciones realizadas por el agente, condicionado por su competencia y por el escenario en el que despliega sus estrategias discursivas, y (b que la relación entre el lugar del agente y su discurso es de coherencia (Mozejko y Costa, 2001: 32 y ss..

  13. A promoção da saúde enquanto estratégia de prevenção ao uso das drogas Health promotion as a strategy for the prevention of drug use

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fátima Büchele


    Full Text Available Este artigo descreve a promoção da saúde e prevenção ao uso das drogas, revisando abordagens, conceituações, sem especificar sua classificação, sejam elas lícitas ou ilícitas. Tem como objetivo descrever a prevenção ao uso de drogas e levantar aspectos pertinentes ao uso indevido na construção de uma estratégia de promoção da saúde. A atenção sobre drogas no Brasil tem investido na formulação de políticas de promoção, proteção e recuperação da saúde; porém, enfoques mais humanizados, intersetoriais, descentralizado, democrático e participativo necessitam de implementações. Essa revisão mostra a necessidade de ampliar discussões sobre a promoção da saúde e a prevenção ao uso das drogas, envolvendo educadores, pais, comunidade, num processo estruturado composto de múltiplas facetas, que integre e comprometa instituições e setores na co-responsabilidade de promover e prevenir a saúde da população neste sentido. Mostra também nossa preocupação em percorrer caminhos que contribuam para implementar políticas públicas na questão da drogadição.This article addresses health promotion and prevention of drug use, reviewing approaches and conceptualizations without specifying determinate classes of drugs and their licitness or illicitness. The objective of this paper is to describe the prevention of drug use and to raise pertinent aspects of drug abuse for the construction of a health promotion strategy. As refers to drug use, Brazil has invested in the formulation of policies for health promotion, protection and recovery, however humanized, inter-sectorial, decentralized, integrated, democratic and active approaches need to be implemented. This review shows the need for more discussions about the prevention of drug use involving educators, parents and the community, in a structured multiple process integrating and involving institutions and sectors in the co-responsibility to promote the health of the

  14. Análise financeira e de sensibilidade de sistemas de produção de leite em pastagem Financial and sensitivity analysis of milk production systems under pasture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afonso Aurélio de Carvalho Peres


    Full Text Available Realizou-se neste estudo uma análise econômica de sistemas de produção para vacas em lactação manejadas em pastagem de capim-mombaça recebendo diferentes fontes de suplementação volumosa durante a época seca do ano. As suplementações fornecidas foram: pastagem de aveia-preta, cana-forrageira com ureia e silagem de sorgo. Utilizaram-se como indicadores econômicos o valor presente líquido (VPL e a taxa interna de retorno (TIR. Para cada sistema de produção estudado, foi construído um fluxo de caixa, com sua particularidade e índices de desempenhos produtivo e reprodutivo, obtidos experimentalmente. Os fluxos de caixa foram construídos mensalmente para um período de 12 anos e os VPL dos sistemas foram calculados aplicando-se taxas de desconto de 6, 8, 10 e 12% ao ano. Com uma taxa anual de desconto de 8%, todos os sistemas de produção foram viáveis financeiramente. O capital investido apresentou TIR anuais de 11,91% para pastagem de aveia-preta, 9,43% para cana-forrageira e ureia e 8,46% para silagem de sorgo. O item de maior impacto nos resultados econômicos dos sistemas, de acordo com a análise de sensibilidade, foi o preço de venda do leite produzido.An economical analysis of milk production systems was made with lactating cows on Mombaça grass pasture receiving different sources of roughage supplementation during the dry season. The supplementations were: black oat pasture, forage sugarcane with urea and sorghum silage. The economical indicators used were: net present value (NPV and internal rates of return (IRR. For each production system studied one cash flow was used with their particularities and productive and reproductive performances index, obtained experimentally. The cash flows were built monthly, for a 12 years period and the NPV of the systems were calculated applying discount rates of 6, 8, 10 and 12% a year. At an annual discount rate of 8% all the production systems were financially viable. The invested

  15. Desenvolvimento de um programa computacional para implantação econômica de lavouras canavieiras Development of a computer program for economical implantation of sugarcane plantations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tadeu A. Marques


    Full Text Available Desenvolveu-se um algoritmo para a implantação convencional de lavouras canavieiras e em adição, uma implantação diferenciada com a finalidade de proporcionar produções, em toneladas, iguais nos anos subseqüentes à implantação, visto que, com o passar dos anos, as produtividades da cana-de-açúcar são diferentes; contudo, a nova metodologia fica limitada à área máxima de plantio, sendo que, em alguns casos, a produção anual cai, devido à impossibilidade de aumento da área; ampliou-se então, uma terceira metodologia, na qual a área não se torna fator limitante e, portanto, as produções se mantêm constantes. Para avaliar a viabilidade dos métodos propostos, os cálculos dos custos de implantação da cultura, da manutenção da soqueira, de renda bruta anual e das rendas líquidas, foram trazidas ao Valor Presente. Os resultados apontam que, apesar do maior investimento inicial, os métodos inovadores sempre proporcionam maiores lucratividades reais com o passar do tempo e, ainda, que o tempo de recuperação do capital investido também é menor. Os algoritmos foram transformados no software "canavial.exe", o qual pode ser obtido gratuitamente no endereço da Internet: "".An algorithm was developed for conventional implantation of sugarcane crap. In addition, a differentiated implantation was developed with the purpose of providing same production (tons, in subsequent years of the implantation. Since sugarcane productivities in the following years are different. However the new methodology is limited to the maximum planting area, and in some cases annual production falls due to impossibility to increase planted area. A third methodology was also developed, in which the area does not become a limiting factor, and therefore production remain constant. To evaluate the viability of proposed methods, calculations of the cost of crop implantation, of sugarcane maintenance, annual

  16. Notes on the semiotic phenomenology of social discrimination Notes on the semiotic phenomenology of social discrimination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renzo Taddei


    Full Text Available The goal of this paper is to explore the application of some elements of Charles S. Peirce's semiotic phenomenology to the study of social discrimination. Using E. Valentine Daniel's ideas about the "limits of culture" as a point of departure to understand the process of semeiosis, this article argues that situations of social discrimination are a special case of the phenomenon where the process through which percepts are transformed into (new concepts is incomplete. The distinctive element here is the fact that the process of social stigmatization is only effective if capable of semiotically manipulating signs associated to group identities. This manipulation reduces the semiotic complexity of the signs associated with whoever is stigmatized. Susan Gal's three processes of semiotic manipulation, namely iconization, recursiveness, and erasure, and Harold Garfinkel's work on degradation ceremonies will be brought into analysis as relevant cases. Notas sobre a fenomenologia semiótica da discriminação social — O objetivo deste artigo é explorar a aplicação de alguns elementos da fenomenologia semiótica de Charles S. Peirce no estudo da discriminação social. Usando as ideias de E. Valentine Daniel a respeito dos "limites da cultura" como ponto de partida, com o intuito de compreender o processo de semeiosis, este artigo argumenta que situações de discriminação social são um caso especial do fenômeno em que o processo por meio do qual percepções transformam-se em (novos conceitos se dá de modo incompleto. O elemento que faz deste um caso especial é o fato de que o processo de estigmatização social só é efetivo se for capaz de manipular semioticamente signos associados a identidades grupais. Essa manipulação reduz a complexidade semiótica dos signos associados com quem é estigmatizado. Os três processos de manipulação semiótica propostos por Susan Gal — iconização, recursividade, e apagamento

  17. Y’a-t-il un canon des littératures dessinées ?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harry Morgan


    Full Text Available La conception canonique, telle que formulée par Harold Bloom repose sur la sélection et la hiérarchisation, par des communautés de lecteurs opérant par consensus, d’œuvres possédant des vertus canoniques. Cet article examine l’échec de la formation d’un canon dans le cas des littératures dessinées. Au-delà des facteurs de contingence — stratégies argumentatives des premiers exégètes de la bande dessinée, stratégies éditoriales des éditeurs spécialisés — l’explication réside en partie dans l’étroit assujettissement des littératures dessinées à leur forme éditoriale ainsi que dans la prégnance des images découvertes dans l’enfance — l’un et l’autre empêchant le recul critique et l’établissement d’une liste commune — et, finalement dans l’impossibilité de repérer la singularité de l’œuvre canonique (étrangeté canonique.The criteria of canonicity, as formulated by Harold Bloom, rest upon the concepts of selection and hierarchy, by community of readers, operating by consensus, thus singling out works endowed with canonical virtues. In this paper, we shall try to determine why, in the case of graphic literature, canon-building was a complete failure. Beyond contingent factors such as the rhetorical arguments of the first scholars of French comics, or the marketing strategies of publishing firms specialising in comics, the answer lies in the inseparability of a comic narrative and the periodical in which it is first published, the salience of pictures first discovered in childhood (which prohibits critical scrutiny and selection, and finally the inability to detect canonical strangeness, the main feature of a canonical work.

  18. Paragenesis of multiple platinum-group mineral populations in Shetland ophiolite chromitite: 3D X-ray tomography and in situ Os isotopes (United States)

    Prichard, H. M.; Barnes, Stephen J.; Dale, C. W.; Godel, B.; Fisher, P. C.; Nowell, G. M.


    Chromitite from the Harold's Grave locality in the mantle section of the Shetland ophiolite complex is extremely enriched in Ru, Os and Ir, at μg/g concentrations. High-resolution X-ray computed tomography on micro-cores from these chromitites was used to determine the location, size, distribution and morphology of the platinum-group minerals (PGM). There are five generations of PGM in these chromitites. Small (average 5 μm in equivalent sphere diameter, ESD) euhedral laurites, often with Os-Ir alloys, are totally enclosed in the chromite and are likely to have formed first by direct crystallisation from the magma as the chromite crystallised. Also within the chromitite there are clusters of larger (50 μm ESD) aligned elongate crystals of Pt-, Rh-, Ir-, Os- and Ru-bearing PGM that have different orientations in different chromite crystals. These may have formed either by exsolution, or by preferential nucleation of PGMs in boundary layers around particular growing chromite grains. Thirdly there is a generation of large (100 μm ESD) composite Os-Ir-Ru-rich PGM that are all interstitial to the chromite grains and sometimes form in clusters. It is proposed that Os, Ir and Ru in this generation were concentrated in base metal sulfide droplets that were then re-dissolved into a later sulfide-undersaturated magma, leaving PGM interstitial to the chromite grains. Fourthly there is a group of almost spherical large (80 μm ESD) laurites, hosting minor Os-Ir-Ru-rich PGM that form on the edge or enclosed in chromite grains occurring in a sheet crosscutting a chromitite layer. These may be hosted in an annealed late syn- or post magmatic fracture. Finally a few of the PGM have been deformed in localised shear zones through the chromitites. The vast majority of the PGM - including small PGM enclosed within chromite, larger interstitial PGM and elongate aligned PGM - have Os isotope compositions that give Re-depletion model ages approximately equal to the age of the

  19. Comunidad de escarabajos copronecrófagos (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae en dos bosques del Chaco Oriental Húmedo, Argentina Copro-necrophagous beetle community (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae in two forests from Eastern Humid Chaco, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miryam P. Damborsky


    Full Text Available Se investigó y comparó la estructura de la comunidad de Scarabaeinae en dos ambientes con distinto grado de conservación. Se efectuaron muestreos en un bosque nativo del Parque Provincial Pampa del Indio y en un fragmento de bosque del establecimiento ganadero Los Alisos. Los ejemplares se capturaron con coprotrampas y necrotrampas que permanecieron activas durante 72 horas, en los meses de octubre, noviembre y diciembre de 2006. Se colectaron 769 individuos adultos pertenecientes a seis tribus, 11 géneros y 26 especies. En Los Alisos Ontherus sulcatus Fabricius y Onthophagus hirculus Mannerheim resultaron dominantes. Trichillum sp., Canthon podagricus Harold, Malagoniella sp., Gromphas lacordairei Brullé, y dos especies de Dichotomius Hope fueron exclusivas de este establecimiento. Canthon septemmaculatus Latreille y Coprophanaeus jasius Olivier sólo se colectaron en Pampa del Indio. El número de individuos y la diversidad alcanzaron valores significativamente superiores en Pampa del Indio. En Los Alisos, se constató igual proporción de coprófagos y necrófagos, y una mayoría de especies con hábitos endocópridos y paracópridos. En Pampa del Indio, se encontraron más especies de hábitos necrófagos y rodadores. La presente contribución constituye el primer estudio sobre la biodiversidad de Scarabaeinae en el ambiente de bosque de la provincia del Chaco.Scarabaeinae community structure was compared in two habitats with different degrees of conservation: a native forest at Pampa del Indio Provincial Park, and a forest fragment at Los Alisos cattle farm. Pitfall traps baited with carrion and cattle dung were left open for 72-hour periods in October, November and December 2006. 769 adults belonging to six tribes, 11 genera and 26 species were captured in all. At Los Alisos, Ontherus sulcatus Fabricius and Onthophagus hirculus Mannerheim were the dominant species. Trichillum sp., Canthon podagricus Harold, Malagoniella sp., Gromphas

  20. A lição da pintura pela pintura: variações; paráfrases; apropriações; citações The lesson of painting by painting: variations; paraphrases; appropriations; quotations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paula André


    Full Text Available O que levará um pintor a interessar-se pela pintura de outro pintor do passado? Como se processa esse uso e abuso? O que revela uma pintura? Analisar as obras-mestras do passado consiste essencialmente em demonstrar o mecanismo da criação e revelar os meios usados. Não se pode criar uma forma original sem se abrir a formas do passado. Quando Harold Bloom diz que Shakespeare lê de um modo mais completo do que pode ser lido, leva-nos a interrogar se um pintor não vê de um modo mais completo do que poder ser visto. Os artistas que inovam estão profundamente ligados à tradição e praticam a lição da pintura pela pintura. As variações ou recriações artísticas são um diálogo íntimo com a obra, são o desvendar de um enigma e uma história da arte feita pelos pintores.What may lead a painter to become interested in the painting of another painter from the past? How does it work, that use and abuse? What does reveal a painting? To analyse master works from the past consists essentially in evidencing the mechanisms of creativity and revealing the means which were used. One can not create an original form without opening oneself to the forms of the past. When Harold Bloom says that Shakespeare reads in a more thoroughly manner than it can ever be read, he makes one wonder if - like wise - a painter does not see in a more thoroughly manner than it can ever be seen. Innovative artists are deeply linked to tradition and practice a lesson of painting by the painting itself. The variations or artistic recreations are an intimate dialogue with the work, they are the revelation of an enigma and an art history made by the painters.

  1. Viabilidade econômica da instalação de uma clínica de diagnose de doenças de plantas na região de Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul = Economic feasibility of a plant disease diagnostic laboratory in the region of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simone Cristiane Brand


    Full Text Available Ao longo da história da humanidade as doenças de plantas ceifaram milhões de vidas, levaram a mudanças de hábitos e, mais recentemente, ao aumento nos custos de produção, devido à necessidade de controle e, a perdas de produção. Diante destes fatos, torna-se imprescindível o emprego de técnicas para a correta identificação das doenças, visto que implica, diretamente, no controle adequado das mesmas. Diante do exposto, o objetivo do presente trabalho foi estudar a viabilidade econômica da instalação de uma clínica de diagnose de doenças de plantas na região de Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. Para tanto, foram apurados dados de demanda e tipo de análises necessárias para a identificação dos principais agentes patogênicos causadores de doenças em plantas. Junto a empresas especializadas, foram levantados os custos de equipamentos e reagentes para a execução das mesmas. Apurados estes dados, foram feitos os cálculos dos Custos Variáveis, Custos Fixos, Receita Bruta e Receita Líquida e para avaliar a rentabilidade, bem como, o retorno do investimento foram utilizados os indicadores Valor Presente Líquido - VPL, Taxa Interna de Retorno - TIR e Payback - PB. O VPL obtido foi de R$ 1.894.882,59, ou seja, este valor está sendo agregado em relação a minha melhor opção de investimento. O Payback foi de 3,06 anos, estimando assim o tempo para o retorno do meu capital investido e a TIR foi de 61%. Também realizou-se uma análise de sensibilidade, com o cálculo do VPL considerando que o investimento inicial (R$ 181.843,67, a receita líquida, a vida útil (10 anos e a taxa de juros (10% poderiam variar em 50% para mais ou para menos. Exceto no caso da vida útil ser inferior a 6 anos, o VPL foi positivo em todos os casos, demonstrando que os dados apurados estão dentro da realidade e que o projeto continua viável mesmo que os parâmetros sofram uma variação considerável. Com base nos coeficientes de rentabilidade


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eloene Rodriges Godoy


    ="JUSTIFY">A ureia aplicada sobre a superfície do solo apresenta elevadas perdas de nitrogênio (N, por volatilização de NH3. O uso de polímeros recobrindo grânulos de ureia é uma alternativa de manejo para reduzir tais perdas. O trabalho, desenvolvido em Neossolo Quartzarênico, com 6% de argila, na safra 2007/2008, no município de Jataí (GO, teve por objetivo avaliar a eficiência dos seguintes manejos: ureia incorporada ao solo e ureia revestida com polímeros, aplicada em superfície, nos aspectos agronômicos e econômicos da cultura do milho. Adotou-se o delineamento experimental em blocos casualizados, com oito repetições, totalizando 24 parcelas. A adubação nitrogenada de cobertura foi realizada em uma única aplicação, no estádio V5. A ureia incorporada ao solo proporcionou maiores valores de comprimento da espiga, diâmetro da espiga, número de grãos por espiga, massa de cem grãos, produtividade de grãos e da relação entre a receita obtida e o valor investido. O maior rendimento de grãos e a maior lucratividade foram obtidos com a aplicação da ureia incorporada ao solo. Para cada real (R$ 1,00 investido na cultura, a ureia incorporada ao solo promoveu retorno de R$ 1,37.

    PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Zea mays L.; fertilizante de liberação lenta; nitrogênio; polímeros; sistema plantio direto.

  3. La finalidad del proceso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iván Alfonso Cordero Gutiérrez


    Full Text Available Resumen:El tipo de Estado que Colombia asumió desde 1991 (Estado Social de Derecho, implica que el cumplimiento de los fines estatales se comparten con la población, generando de esta forma grados de responsabilidad respecto a las cargas asumidas por ellos y el Estado para la materialización de los objetivos planteados. La satisfacción de las necesidades básicas de la población como unode los fines esenciales del Estado Social de Derecho, no escapa a este esquema, lo que determina la colaboración armónica no sólo entre las entidades y organismos del Estado sino de este, complementado con la población. Una de las necesidades básicas de la población, se refiere a la posibilidad de resolver sus conflictos haciendo uso de los mecanismos que para tal efecto tiene a su disposición, utilizando las formas de Auto tutela, Autocomposición, híbridas y de Heterocomposiciòn, que el Estado autoriza,de acuerdo a los lineamientos propios de cada mecanismo, respecto a las materias que componen los derechos sustanciales que se debaten en la relación conflictiva. Dentro de estos mecanismos de solución de conflictos, la heterocomposiciòn presenta uno llamado el proceso jurisdiccional, en donde un tercero investido de poderes específicos ejerce la jurisdicción y toma la decisión respecto al conflicto, después del agotamiento de etapas sucesivas y preclusivas que garantizan la efectiva participación, ejercicio y defensa de los derechos fundamentales y sustanciales de las partes, generando una mayor garantía de legalidad respecto a la decisión generada por ese tercero investido de plena Jurisdicción (el Juez. Por ser el proceso jurisdiccional el mecanismo más idóneo por su garantismo reglado y tecnificado, debe ser protegido, fortalecido y preferente respecto a los denominados equivalentesjurisdiccionales pues con estos el Estado pretende desplazar la competencia al momento de la resolución de los conflictos, generando un

  4. B. F. Skinner and technology's nation: Technocracy, social engineering, and the good life in 20th-century America. (United States)

    Rutherford, Alexandra


    Psychologist B. F. Skinner developed and promoted a technology of behavior as the basis for widespread social reform over much of his career. In 1948, he published his behaviorally engineered vision of the good life in his utopian novel Walden Two (Skinner, 1948). Skinner's efforts were part of a much larger social engineering tradition that received one of its fullest expressions in the Technocracy Movement of the 1930s. Fifteen years before Skinner's Walden Two, at the height of the Technocracy Movement's public visibility in the United States, technocrat Harold Loeb (1933/1996) published his utopia, Life in a Technocracy: What It Might Be Like. In this article, I place the socially engineered visions of the good life promoted by the Technocracy Movement and by Skinner on an intellectual and ideological continuum to amplify and explore American attitudes toward psychology, technology, and social engineering during the middle decades of the 20th century. I argue that responses to both reveal the possibilities and limits of the social engineering enterprise, and suggest that historians of technology might consider how the history of psychology and other psy-disciplines can deepen conceptualizations of the relationships among the psychological, the social, and the technological in this period. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  5. Obituary: Lyman Francis Kells, 1917-2004 (United States)

    Hockey, Thomas


    Lyman Francis Kells was born in Seattle, Washington, on 19 May 1917. He earned a 1938 BS in Chemistry from the University of Washington. He received a PhD. in 1944, also from the University of Washington. Kells held research positions at the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation of New York, New York, from 1944 through 1946; the Standard Oil Development Company of New Jersey, from 1946 through 1948; and Allied Chemical Corporation of Morristown, New Jersey, from 1951 through 1961. His wartime work involved the separation of Uranium isotopes by gaseous diffusion, based on a method developed in part by Harold Urey. Kells was on the faculty of Hunter College 1948-1949, an Assistant Professor at Iona College 1949-1951, a Special Lecturer at Newark College of Engineering in 1961, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at East Tennessee State University 1962-1964, and a Professor of Chemistry at Westmar College 1964-1974. He died on 4 November 2004 in Seattle, Washington. Kells was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the New York Academy of Science, as well as this Society. He was a Unitarian. Kells is survived by his daughters Leila Stefani Newcomb and Christina V. Cohen.

  6. Profiles of cognitive appraisals and triangulation into interparental conflict: Implications for adolescent adjustment. (United States)

    Fosco, Gregory M; Bray, Bethany C


    Youth appraisals and triangulation into conflicts are key mechanisms by which interparental conflict places youth at risk for psychological maladjustment. Although evidence suggests that there are multiple mechanisms at work (e.g., Fosco & Feinberg, 2015; Grych, Harold, & Miles, 2003), this body of work has relied on variable-centered analyses that are limited to the unique contributions of each process to the variance in outcomes. In reality, it is possible that different combinations of these risk mechanisms may account for multifinality in risk outcomes. Using latent profile analysis (LPA) we examined profiles of threat appraisals, self-blaming attributions, and triangulation in relation to internalizing and externalizing problems in a sample of 285, ethnically diverse high school students. The current analyses revealed 5 distinct profiles of appraisals and triangulation, including an overall low-risk group and a global high-risk group, in which all 3 processes were below average or above average, respectively. Additional profiles included combinations of threat and blame, threat and triangulation, and blame and triangulation. Links between these profiles and emotional distress, problem behavior, and academic outcomes are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  7. Stories and maps, images and archives: multimethod approach to the political ecology of native property rights and natural resource management in Sabah, Malaysia. (United States)

    Doolittle, Amity A


    The study of human-environmental relations is complex and by nature draws on theories and practices from multiple disciplines. There is no single research strategy or universal set of methods to which researchers must adhere. Particularly for scholars interested in a political ecology approach to understanding human-environmental relationships, very little has been written examining the details of "how to" design a project, develop appropriate methods, produce data, and, finally, integrate multiple forms of data into an analysis. A great deal of attention has been paid, appropriately, to the theoretical foundations of political ecology, and numerous scholarly articles and books have been published recently. But beyond Andrew Vayda's "progressive contextualization" and Piers Blaikie and Harold Brookfield's "chains of explanation," remarkably little is written that provides a research model to follow, modify, and expand. Perhaps one of the reasons for this gap in scholarship is that, as expected in interdisciplinary research, researchers use a variety of methods that are suitable (and perhaps unique) to the questions they are asking. To start a conversation on the methods available for researchers interested in adopting a political ecology perspective to human-environmental interactions, I use my own research project as a case study. This research is by no means flawless or inclusive of all possible methods, but by using the details of this particular research process as a case study I hope to provide insights into field research that will be valuable for future scholarship.

  8. Innis and the Emergence of Canadian Communication/Media Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert E. Babe


    Full Text Available The discussion in this paper examines the influence of Harold Innis’ medium theory on contemporary media and communication scholarship in Canada and abroad. The methodological construction of Innis’ medium theory comprises several dimensions including: media bias; the exercising of power through the use and control of media; the bias of communication media toward favouring control over space and control through time; the role of governance in overcoming the bias inherent in media; a materialist understanding of civilizations; space-media outpacing time-media; and dialectics. In this paper particular attention is given to two issues. The first is the connections between Innis’ political economy approach and the work of Marshall McLuhan on the one hand, and the ecological studies of David Suzuki on the other. Both McLuhan and Suzuki, it is argued, may be seen as filling in important gaps in Innis’ work. The second focuses on the reasons why Innis’ medium theory has struck a chord with the Canadian psyche. This stands in stark contrast to the apparent neglect of Innis’ work within American media and communication scholarship.

  9. Hydro-Balanced Stuffing Box field test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Giangiacomo, L.A.


    The Hydro-Balanced Stuffing Box is a seal assembly for polished rod pumping installations commonly used in oil and gas pumping well installations to contain produced well fluids. The improved stuffing box was developed and patented by Harold H. Palmour of The Palmour Group of Livingston, TX. The stuffing box is designed to reduce the incidence of seal leakage and to utilize an environmentally safe fluid, so that if there is any leakage, environmental damage is reduced or eliminated. The unit was tested on two wells at the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center. During the test period, the performance of the stuffing box was measured by monitoring the pressure on the tubing and the inner chamber with a Barton Two-pen recorder. The amount of safe fluid consumed, fluid leakage at the top of the stuffing box, pressure supplied from the nitrogen bottle, ambient temperature, and polish rod temperature was recorded. The stuffing box is capable of providing a better seal between well fluids an d the environment than conventional stuffing boxes. It allows the polished rod to operate cooler and with lubrication, extending the life of the packing elements, and reducing the amount of attention required to prevent leakage.

  10. Looking at the vintage of 1949 (United States)

    Fifty years ago, as 1949 began, AGU dues had been raised from $5 to $7 per year. James Bernard Macelwane had just received the William Bowie Medal. Walter H. Bucher was about to become president, and H. U-.Sverdrup was vice-president.The Union's 4,500 members could choose among eight sections: Geodesy, Seismology, Meteorology, Terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity, Oceanography, Volcanology Hydrology, and Tectonophysics. Of the approximately 200 new members that joined AGU in 1949, 34 are celebrating 50 years of membership this year.The individuals listed below join the distinguished ranks of the other 50-year members. Their continuing commitment to AGU is deeply appreciated. Stephen E. Blewett, William E. Bonini, William M. Cameron, Robert A. Clark, John C. Cook, Joseph S. Cragwall, Jr., Richard C. Culler, Martin M. Fogel, Joseph B. Franzini, Thomas A. Gleeson, O. Milton Hackett, Arthur FHasbrook, James W. Hood, Shragga Irmay William W. Kellogg, Elizabeth R. King, Howard Klein, Finley B. Laverty Heinz H. Lettau, Kurt E. Lowe, Arthur R. Miller, Joseph W Mixsell, Carlo Morelli, Jack E. Oliver, B. H. Olsson, George L. Pickard, John L. Rosenfeld, Thorndike Saville, Jr., John W. Siegmund, James E. Slosson, John Summersett, Harold A. Thomas, Jr., Charles M. Weiss, and Glenn C. Werth.

  11. Pola Komunikasi di Pesantren : Studi tentang Model Komunikasi antara Kiai, Ustadz, dan Santri di Pondok Pesantren TMI Al-Amien Prenduan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rudi Hartono


    Full Text Available Social interaction is a communication process that connects human interpersonal relationship among people. Each communication process must build a communication model that becomes an individuals or groups identity. Communication activities have been conducted regularly in the daily life so it needs to be observed, evaluated and corrected, especially related to its communication models. The research describes the communication process among kiai, ustadz (teachers, and santri (students of TMI Al-Amien in 24-hour-activities, formal and non-formal activities. The method of the research is descriptive qualitative with phenomenological approach. It analyzes the communication process using the transaction, transmission, ritual, expressive, publicity and reception models. The result of analysis includes the two models of communication among kiai, ustadz (teachers, and santri (students: first, in the process of new students acceptance, Friday dialog program, and student conseling, the communication is modeled as two-direction communication dealing DeVitos communication model, second, in Perlantasi program, the communication model used is one-direction communication dealing with Harold Dwight Lasswells communication model.

  12. Copyright and Ethics: An Innisian Exploration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meera Nair


    Full Text Available The system of copyright offers more than contemporary perceptions would have us believe. Embedded within its design of control are ethical measures which enhance creative liberty. Properly handled, such measures facilitate the use, and protection, of the common stock of knowledge. This paper examines the intricacies of copyright via the contribution of Harold A. Innis (1894-1952. His expertise with communication, economics, and the law touch the very ambit of copyright. His passion for creating an atmosphere conducive to individual creative liberty has direct relevance to the goals of copyright. Copyright is deemed to function as the means to encourage both creativity and respect for individuality. The late James Carey (1934-2006 said, “Innis’ books . . . are not merely things to read, but things to think with” (Carey, 1981: 73. Innis’ ideas, particularly his belief that creativity is fostered through the interaction of mainstream thinking with conditions wrought by life in the periphery, show themselves not only in the construction of Canadian copyright law, but in recent interpretation as well.

  13. Traçando mapas: a teoria histórico-cultural e as contribuições para a pesquisa com crianças e suas espacialidades

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jader Janer Moreira Lopes


    Full Text Available Este texto busca fazer uma reflexão sobre as pesquisas sistematizadas no campo da infância, tendo como enfoque principal as estratégias de pesquisas “com crianças”. O recorte ao qual nos dedicamos são as relações que as crianças estabelecem com o meio, tendo como foco principal as suas espacialidades. A partir das contribuições de pesquisas que se aportam em estratégias de natureza qualitativas e fundamentadas nos aportes da teoria históricas cultural, elege-se o conceito de vivência (perejivanie como mote em torno do qual nossos trabalhos são desenvolvidos. Para isso, traça-se, inicialmente, a origem da pesquisa com base em paradigmas positivistas e evidenciam-se alguns caminhos que buscaram romper com essa perspectiva: os postulados etnográficos de Malinovky e Boas; o Interacionismo simbólico, cujo precursor é George Herbert Mead; a Etnometodologia de Harold Garfinkel; as contribuições de Marx e os princípios estabelecidos por Vigotski e seus colaboradores.

  14. Forest and field abundance of Scarab beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae in the São Donato Biological Reserve, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vinícius da Costa Silva


    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to compare the species richness, abundance and diversity of Scarabaeidae beetles in two types of habitats (field and forest, and to assess whether their seasonal variation is related to climatic variables. This study was conducted in the São Donato Biological Reserve, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil (Pampa biome. Beetles were collected using pitfall traps between January 2012 and January 2013. A total of 125 individuals were collected, of which six genera and 11 species from four subfamilies of Scarabaeidae were identified. 54 individuals of five species were collected from the field, and 71 individuals of eight species were collected from the forest. The most abundant species were Ataenius picinus Harold, 1868, Canthon lividus Blanchard, 1845 and Leucothyreus lavipes Eschscholtz, 1822, which together accounted for 86.4% of all individuals captured. The highest total number of individuals was collected in summer (78, and the highest number of species was collected in spring (9. Differences in environmental structure (and associated climate and food resource availability may be decisive and limiting factors for beetle occurrence in forest versus field areas, as various species were restricted to a specific habitat type or season.

  15. Entropy and the Magic Flute (United States)

    Morowitz, Harold J.


    Harold Morowitz has long been highly regarded both as an eminent scientist and as an accomplished science writer. The essays in The Wine of Life , his first collection, were hailed by C.P. Snow as "some of the wisest, wittiest and best informed I have ever read," and Carl Sagan called them "a delight to read." In later volumes he established a reputation for a wide-ranging intellect, an ability to see unexpected connections and draw striking parallels, and a talent for communicating scientific ideas with optimism and wit. With Entropy and the Magic Flute , Morowitz once again offers an appealing mix of brief reflections on everything from litmus paper to the hippopotamus to the sociology of Palo Alto coffee shops. Many of these pieces are appreciations of scientists that Morowitz holds in high regard, while others focus on health issues, such as America's obsession with cheese toppings. There is also a fascinating piece on the American Type Culture Collection, a zoo or warehouse for microbes that houses some 11,800 strains of bacteria, and over 3,000 specimens of protozoa, algae, plasmids, and oncogenes. Here then are over forty light, graceful essays in which one of our wisest experimental biologists comments on issues of science, technology, society, philosophy, and the arts.

  16. Discovery of the Earth's core (United States)

    Brush, Stephen G.


    In 1896 when Emil Wiechert proposed his model of the Earth with an iron core and stony shell, scientists generally believed that the entire earth was a solid as rigid as steel. R. D. Oldham's identification of P and S waves in seismological records allowed him to detect a discontinuity corresponding to a boundary between core and shell (mantle) in 1906, and Beno Gutenberg established the depth of this boundary as 2900 km. But failure to detect propagation of S waves through the core was not sufficient evidence to persuade seismologists that it is fluid (contrary to modern textbook statements). Not until 1926 did Harold Jeffreys refute the arguments for solidity and establish that the core is liquid. In 1936 Inge Lehmann discovered the small inner core. K. E. Bullen argued, on the basis of plausible assumptions about compressibility and density, that the inner core is solid. Attempts to find seismic signals that have passed through the inner core as S waves have so far failed (with one possible exception), but analysis of free oscillations provided fairly convincing evidence for its solidity.

  17. From Room to Tomb: Moonlight

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dilek Inan


    Full Text Available In 1993, a decade of directly political plays was followed by Moonlight, which in the Guardian’s words would “come as a shock to those who have lately pigeonholed Harold Pinter as a writer of bruising polemic” (Billington 1993, 1. Although Moonlight made history as Pinter’s first full length work for the theatre since Betrayal, it should rather be seen as an interval from politics where the playwright re-explores the interior landscapes of his early work, where he returns to the pastoral as a landscape of retreat and fantasy. Indeed, the play’s title suggests a pastoral realm. The heroine retreats into Nature through linguistic idealisation. Moonlight can best be comprehended as Pinter briefly leaving politics to explore new horizons – “his own private griefs and anguish in the most nakedly and unashamedly emotional of all his plays” (Billington 1996, 338. This paper evaluates Moonlight as a reworking of Pinter’s own roots thematically, stylistically and spatially.

  18. From sick role to practices of health and illness. (United States)

    Frank, Arthur W


    Health care research generally, and medical education research specifically, make increasingly sophisticated use of social science methods, but these methods are often detached from the theories that are the substantive core of the social sciences. Enhanced understanding of theory is especially valuable for gaining a broader perspective on how issues in medical education reflect the social processes that contextualise them. This article reviews five social science theories, emphasising their relevance to medical education, beginning with the emergence of the sociology of health and illness in the 1950s, with Talcott Parsons' concept of the 'sick role'. Four turning points since Parsons are then discussed with reference to the theory developed by, respectively, Harold Garfinkel, Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu, and what is called the 'narrative or dialogical turn'. In considering these, the author argues for a theory-grounded research that relates specific problems to what Max Weber called the 'fate of our times'. The conclusion considers how medical education research can critique the reproduction of a discourse of scarcity in health care, rather than participating in this discourse and legitimating the disciplinary techniques that it renders self-evident. © Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2013.

  19. Equal Protection Under the Law: Do Female Justices have a Different Voice?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katherine Jorgensen


    Full Text Available As women take on a continuously larger role in the legal field, it has become tremendously important to study and understand the impact women are having on the judicial system. This work explores the role of women in the judiciary. Specifically, I examine the Supreme Court of the United States to find out whether women’s jurisprudence differs from that of their male colleagues. For this paper, I limit my examination to cases involving equal protection under the law. The theory I employ is that of Carol Gilligan, who argues that across many realms, women have a uniquely different voice than men (1982. Through a quantitative analysis of 49 cases dealing with issues of equal protection under the law, I show that Gilligan’s theory helps us understand how cases are decided in the United States Supreme Court. Additionally, I show how the “Different Voice” model improves upon existing models of judicial decision making by Lee Epstein, Jeffrey Segal, and Harold Spaeth. This paper expands current gender and politics literature, which had previously used Gilligan’s insights to examine U.S. state legislatures, by analyzing decision making in the Supreme Court. This paper thus illustrates that women, due to their unique life experiences, have a different understanding of the law in regards to equality and equal protection under the law.

  20. U S spacesuits

    CERN Document Server

    Thomas, Kenneth S


    Spacesuits are far more than garments. They are a personalized spacecraft that allows direct contact and interaction with everything beyond our world, and a last refuge for survival in a disaster. Creating safe, reliable, and comfortable spacesuits is an ongoing challenge that has spanned over four decades. "U. S. Spacesuits, 2nd Edition" by Kenneth S. Thomas and Harold J. McMann details the technical evolution of U. S. spacesuits from their roots in high altitude aviation and vacuum tube development to present day, with an additional look into the future. This primary source of spacesuit information explains the functions, historical development, and use of spacesuits from a worldwide perspective. In this new edition, the authors update the story of U.S. spacesuit development and efforts, from the design challenges modern engineers face to the latest roles of spacesuits in space exploration. The book also provides a close up look at NASA's new Constellation Space Suit System as well as Apollo prototype confi...

  1. Drone Warfare: Twenty-First Century Empire and Communications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin Howley


    Full Text Available This paper, part of a larger project that examines drones from a social-construction of technology perspective, considers drone warfare in light of Harold Innis’s seminal work on empire and communication. Leveraging leading-edge aeronautics with advanced optics, data processing, and networked communication, drones represent an archetypal “space-biased” technology. Indeed, by allowing remote operators and others to monitor, select, and strike targets from half a world away, and in real-time, these weapon systems epitomize the “pernicious neglect of time” Innis sought to identify and remedy in his later writing. With Innis’s time-space dialectic as a starting point, then, the paper considers drones in light of a longstanding paradox of American culture: the impulse to collapse the geographical distance between the United States and other parts of the globe, while simultaneously magnifying the cultural difference between Americans and other peoples and societies. In the midst of the worldwide proliferation of drones, this quintessentially sublime technology embodies this (disconnect in important, profound, and ominous ways.

  2. Update on the distribution of the invasive Asian fish tapeworm, Bothriocephalus acheilognathi, in the U.S. and Canada (United States)

    Choudhury, A.; Charipar, E.; Nelson, P.; Hodgson, J.R.; Bonar, S.; Cole, Rebecca A.


    The documented range of the invasive and potentially pathogenic Asian fish tapeworm, Bothriocephalus acheilognathi Yamaguti, 1934 in the United States and Canada is updated based on examination of museum depositions and original field collections. Gravid specimens of B. acheilognathi were collected from the fathead minnow Pimephales promelas Rafinesque in Peter Lake, at the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) Land o' Lakes, Wisconsin. A single immature specimen of the parasite was collected from a white bass, Morone chrysops (Rafinesque) in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This is the first record of B. acheilognathi in Canada and extends its northern range in the interior of the continent by more than 600 miles over the last documented record. The previous record of B. acheilognathi in Canada, from the northern pikeminnow, Ptychocheilus oregonensis in British Columbia, is a misidentification of Eubothrium tulipai. Examination of selected records of intestinal cestodes from native cyprinids, in the Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology (HWML, n = 9) collection and in the United States National Parasite Collection (USNPC, n = 8), provided evidence of the parasite in Nebraska and possibly in the upper Colorado River basin. Introductions into Wisconsin-Michigan were due to the stocking of golden shiners, whereas the source of the introduction in Manitoba remains unknown.

  3. Consent and counter-mobilization: the case of the national smokers alliance. (United States)

    Givel, Michael


    Throughout the 1990s, health advocates engaged in a significant mobilization against the dangers of tobacco use and the tobacco industry. In 1993, the tobacco industry counter-mobilized through the National Smokers Alliance (NSA), a public relations created front group funded by the tobacco industry, which operated nationally from 1994 to 1999 to advocate for adults using tobacco products without vigorous regulation or increased tobacco taxes. The mobilization by health groups utilized traditional political lobbying and education of the public and public officials without a national public relations created front group to mold public opinion. The counter-mobilization by the NSA was based on traditional lobbying approaches in conjunction with the use of the public relations oriented consent engineering theory of Edward Bernays, Harold Lasswell, and others. This consent engineering theory calls for public relations specialists using public relations to mold public opinion to support a client's preferred public policy outputs. Despite the use of traditional lobbying in conjunction with the use of public relations efforts, attempts by the NSA to dominate public policy to weaken or neutralize stronger tobacco regulations and taxes were effective only for some campaigns.

  4. Is the coal industry worth protecting? An examination of the effects of competing advocacy coalitions on implementation of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) of 1977 (United States)

    Pennington, Michael Sean

    Harold Lasswell (1936) defined politics as the exploration of "who gets what, when, and how." As such, one of the central concerns of democratic governance is the role that affected interests play not only in politics, but in the implementation of adopted policies as well. In this dissertation, I use both comparative method case studies, as well as pooled-time series statistical techniques, to examine the effects of political, economic and market forces, and competition between the affected interests on implementation of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977. The findings of this, as well as previous, research shows that state-level implementing agencies have some discretion in enforcement activities; however, closer examination shows that this discretion is rarely used. This lack of use of regulatory discretion by the state-level implementing agencies suggests that in most states, there is either sufficient competition between the affected interests to neutralize the excessive use of discretion in enforcement activity, or that there is insufficient pressure placed on the implementing agencies by the affected interests to warrant the use of discretion.

  5. Q-Thruster Breadboard Campaign Project (United States)

    White, Harold


    Dr. Harold "Sonny" White has developed the physics theory basis for utilizing the quantum vacuum to produce thrust. The engineering implementation of the theory is known as Q-thrusters. During FY13, three test campaigns were conducted that conclusively demonstrated tangible evidence of Q-thruster physics with measurable thrust bringing the TRL up from TRL 2 to early TRL 3. This project will continue with the development of the technology to a breadboard level by leveraging the most recent NASA/industry test hardware. This project will replace the manual tuning process used in the 2013 test campaign with an automated Radio Frequency (RF) Phase Lock Loop system (precursor to flight-like implementation), and will redesign the signal ports to minimize RF leakage (improves efficiency). This project will build on the 2013 test campaign using the above improvements on the test implementation to get ready for subsequent Independent Verification and Validation testing at Glenn Research Center (GRC) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in FY 2015. Q-thruster technology has a much higher thrust to power than current forms of electric propulsion (7x Hall thrusters), and can significantly reduce the total power required for either Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) or Nuclear Electric Propulsion (NEP). Also, due to the high thrust and high specific impulse, Q-thruster technology will greatly relax the specific mass requirements for in-space nuclear reactor systems. Q-thrusters can reduce transit times for a power-constrained architecture.

  6. Wokół współczesnej sztuki dramatycznej w Polsce

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marek Hendrykowski


    Full Text Available Polish contemporary drama (which is represented by a range of authors, from Tadeusz Różewicz and Sławomir Mrożek, Janusz Głowacki, Wiesław Myśliwski, Eustachy Rylski, Marek Koterski and Tadeusz Słobodzianek to Przemysław Wojcieszek, Michał Walczak, Piotr Tomaszuk, Tomasz Man and Dorota Masłowska seems to be an integral part and a special, local manifestation of profound changes that have taken place in the European and American drama of the 20th and 21st centuries. Samuel Beckett, Eugène Ionesco, Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter, John Osborne and Edward Albee influenced Polish dramaturgy, i.e. its general concept and philosophy, in many ways. They were pioneers and patrons of this transformation, just as Miron Białoszewski was in Poland. New Polish dramaturgy continues to go in this direction while looking for modern means of theatrical expression. Marek Hendrykowski examines and describes twenty-one contemporary dramas that are collected in two volumes titled Trans/formacja. Dramat polski po 1989 roku [Trans/formation: An Anthology of Polish Contemporary Drama after 1989], which were edited by Jacek Kopciński. The author of this article searches for features and “common places” (loci communes that are typical of this form of art.

  7. Oral Histories in Meteoritics and Planetary Science—XXI: Donald Burnett (United States)

    Sears, Derek W. G.


    In this interview, Donald Burnett (Fig. 1) describes how he applied to the University of Chicago, with considerable support from his father, where he took classes from Harold Urey and was inspired by Ed Anders to pursue a career in nuclear chemistry and, later, cosmochemistry. As a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, Don learned to use charged-particle tracks as a detector for radioactive nuclei, a technique that he applied to a wide variety of problems over the next 20 years, including the neutron profile probe that was deployed on the Moon. After a one-year postdoc with William Fowler at the California Institute of Technology, he became involved with Jerry Wasserburg, who ultimately obtained a faculty position for him in the Geology Division. Since then, Don has worked on a number of fundamental problems in cosmochemistry, chronology of the solar system, the initial Pu/U abundance, fractionation of U and Pu in igneous processes, and elemental abundances. This last interest led him to advocate, propose, and lead the Genesis space mission to collect and return samples of the solar wind. The crash of the return capsule caused alarm, but some aspects of the mission were unaffected and others have been successfully handled, so that several major new results have been published: the lack of an SEP component in lunar samples, the Ne and Ar composition of the solar wind, and, most importantly, the oxygen and nitrogen isotopic composition of the Sun. Don received the Leonard Medal in 2012.

  8. An idiosyncratic history of burn scars. (United States)

    Petro, Jane A


    The history of burn scars can best be found in military medical history. The care of wounded soldiers documented in the Illiad reflected the trauma of the weapons of war, arrow, spear, sword, and ax. The introduction of gunpowder in the 14th century, increasingly sophisticated explosives, and in modern times, petroleum-driven vehicles, including airplanes, created a new subset of wounds requiring attention and post-survival scars challenging the quality of survival. This article selects from among a myriad of examples of modern military treatments as they relate to those survivors. Larrey, with Napolean's Grand Army, Sir Harold Gilles during and following World War I, and the Boston area preparation and response to the Cocoanut Grove Fire in 1942 are the principle topics examined. Recent modern interventions, related to the survival of horrific blast and burn injuries, with modern wound care and scar manipulation techniques provide context to the current ability to modify healing and scars. ©2015 Frontline Medical Communications.

  9. A checklist of beetles (Insecta, Coleoptera) on pig carcasses in the suburban area of southwestern China: A preliminary study and its forensic relevance. (United States)

    Lyu, Zhou; Wan, Li-Hua; Yang, Yong-Qiang; Tang, Rui; Xu, Lyu-Zi


    Examining the succession pattern of carrion insects on vertebrate carcasses is widely accepted as an effective method to estimate the postmortem interval (PMI) of decayed bodies. Investigation of the community of sarcosaprophagous insects, especially flies and beetles, is the foundation of the succession pattern study. This study aimed to investigate the sarcosaprophagous beetles succession on animal carcasses in the suburban area of southwestern China and to establish a basic catalog for forensic application. The present study was conducted in 2013 in a mountain in Chongqing municipality with modified Schoenly traps. Carcasses of miniature pig were used to simulate human bodies. For most carcasses, five decomposition stages were observed. A total of 2108 adult coleopterans belonging to at least 61 species and 18 families were collected in the study, and most of the specimens occurred at the advanced decay stage. Omosita colon (Linnaeus, 1758), Necrodes nigricornis (Harold, 1875), Necrobia ruficollis (Fabricius, 1775) and Neosilusa ceylonica (Kraatz, 1857) were the dominant species. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd and Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine. All rights reserved.

  10. Rescuing psychoanalysis from Freud: the common project of Stekel, Jung and Ferenczi. (United States)

    Rudnytsky, Peter L


    This article offers an extended discussion of Wilhelm Stekel's "On the History of the Analytic Movement" (1926), published in English translation for the first time in "Psychoanalysis and History" 7(1) in 2005. It begins with a critique of the presentation of Stekel's text by Jaap Bos, who takes a purely rhetorical approach that seeks to exclude a psychological analysis of the author's motives. Bos's characterization of Stekel is likewise contested as unduly negative in crucial respects. The second section argues that it remains the task of the historian to search for truth. Attacks on the credibility of Jung by Harold Blum and Kurt Eissler are shown to reflect a bias that causes them to neglect the empirical evidence corroborating Jung's testimony concerning key events in his relationship to Freud. The third section lays out the numerous ways in which Stekel, Jung and Ferenczi independently arrived at remarkably similar judgements concerning Freud's character, and how his human failings exerted a harmful effect on the development of psychoanalysis. The final section moves to a discussion of how Stekel joins with Jung and Ferenczi in defining a common project of rescuing what is best in psychoanalysis from Freud's demands for personal loyalty and his attempts to subjugate his followers to intellectual tyranny.

  11. O Uso do Laser em Cirurgia Vascular / The Use of Laser in Vascular Surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melissa Andreia de Moraes Silva


    Full Text Available Princípios do laser Uma das maiores revoluções tecnológicas da humanidade foi postulada no início do século XX: a teoria do mecanismo de emissão estimulada. Albert Einstein, em 1905, com o auxílio dos postulados de Max Planck, elaborou o conceito dos quanta (fótons na formação da luz (Figura 1. Em 1953, Charles Hard Townes e colaboradores produziram o primeiro dispositivo capaz de produzir microondas ao invés de luz visível, a maser (microwave amplification through stimulated emission of radiation. Anos após o maser, este dispositivo foi adaptado para emitir luz visível, então batizado de laser. Theodore Harold Maiman foi o primeiro a construir, em 1960, um equipamento gerador de laser. Composto de cristal de rubi, foi operado pela primeira vez neste mesmo ano em Malibu (Califórnia, EUA.

  12. Lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bays HE


    Full Text Available Harold E Bays Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center, Louisville, KY, USA Abstract: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM is characterized by hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and/or progressive loss of β-cell function. T2DM patients are at increased risk of micro- and macrovascular disease, and are often considered as representing an atherosclerotic coronary heart disease (CHD risk equivalent. Interventions directed at glucose and lipid level control in T2DM patients may reduce micro- and macrovascular disease. The optimal T2DM agent is one that lowers glucose levels with limited risk for hypoglycemia, and with no clinical trial evidence of worsening CHD risk. Lipid-altering drugs should preferably reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoprotein B (apo B and have evidence that the mechanism of action reduces CHD risk. Statins reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and apo B and have evidence of improving CHD outcomes, and are thus first-line therapy for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. In patients who do not achieve optimal lipid levels with statin therapy, or who are intolerant to statin therapy, add-on therapy or alternative therapies may be indicated. Additional available agents to treat hypercholesterolemic patients with T2DM include bile acid sequestrants, fibrates, niacin, and ezetimibe. This review discusses the use of these alternative agents to treat hypercholesterolemia in patients with T2DM, either as monotherapy or in combination with statin therapy. Keywords: dyslipidemia, statin, colesevelam

  13. [Fauna of Scarabaeidae-Laparosticti and Trogidae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) associated with Cloud Forest, shaded coffee plantations and transformed communities in Central Veracruz, Mexico]. (United States)

    Deloya, Cuauhtémoc; Parra-Tabla, Victor; Delfín-González, Hugo


    Beetles were collected from April 2002 to July 2003 from the following sites in the centre of the state of Veracruz located every 200 m along an altitudinal gradient (1000 - 1400 m asl): three fragments of cloud forest, three shaded coffee plantations, an open canopy coffee plantation, secondary forest, and a pasture. A total of 9,982 specimens were captured, belonging to the families Scarabaeidae and Trogidae, and representing 21 genera and 50 species. The genera Ataenius Harold, Onthophagus Latreille and Aphodius Illiger represented 48% of the species of Scarabaeidae. Species richness was found to decrease with increasing altitude; there were 36 species at 1000 m asl, 27 species between 1200 and 1300 m asl, and 26 species at 1400 m asl. Abundance along the altitudinal gradient follows a pattern of few abundant species and many species with few specimens. Beetle activity is related to precipitation. In the nine communities studied, species richness was observed to increase when precipitation was greater than 100 mm at the beginning of the rainy season. On the landscape scale, there were 44 species during the rainy season, 22 during the windy nortes season, and 24 during the dry season. In terms of trophic guild, 40% of the beetles captured were saprophagous that feed on decomposing organic material from plants and 60% were saprophagous that feed on decomposing organic material from animals (30% necrophagous, 26% coprophagous, 4% telio-necrophagous).

  14. Can the Effects of Religion and Spirituality on Both Physical and Mental Health be Scientifically Measured? An Overview of the Key Sources, with Particular Reference to the Teachings of Said Nursi. (United States)

    Turner, Mahshid


    Within Western secular societies, everything has to be substantiated by empirical evidence; this means it has to be quantifiable and measurable. Research, particularly quantitative research, then, is the criterion by which everything, including religion, is either accepted or rejected. The separation of religion from science began with the Renaissance, the Reformation and the advent of the Enlightenment. It was perceived that religion did not match the language of science and that there was no logical proof or empirical evidence for the existence of God. Religion therefore, due to its inability to be measured and quantified, has since been largely marginalised. In recent times, in order to integrate 'religion' into everyday life, attempts have been made to argue and bring in scientific proof for the effectiveness of religion for improved health and well-being. The psychiatrist Harold Koenig has been one of the key people whose collation of research evidence has shown that religion has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. By looking firstly at the definitions of religion and spirituality and then discussing various opinions from both secular and religious perspectives, including those of Said Nursi, this paper aimed to determine whether religion and spirituality can indeed be measured.

  15. Il "complesso di Louise": la mostra Tempo libero (13. Triennale, Milano 1964, dentro e fuori dal Palazzo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Zanella


    Full Text Available «Il “complesso di Louise” aleggia sulla Triennale: intendo ovviamente riferirmi a Louise Nevelson [...] per l’intero processo di ‘riempimento’ operato dagli allestitori nei confronti del palazzo di Giovanni Muzio, sede ormai deprecata di questa manifestazione» (Tentori 1964, p. 49. This is the Francesco Tentori’s review on the 13th Triennale exhibition in Milan on Leisure. The Louise Nevelson sculptures become a metaphore of the dialogue between layout, objects, images and Giovanni Muzio’s architecture. This is one of the crucial themes of the exhibition that has been pointed out as one of the most significant experiment for the dialogue between visual arts and exhibit design in the main and theoretical area. An other element of interest is the interaction between the central section and national displays. The Great Britain section is one of the most interesting for the ‘pop’ visualization of the theme designed by Theo Crosby, with contributions of Natasha Kroll and Fletcher Forbes e Gill, and Joe Tilson, Eduardo Paolozzi, Peter Startup, Barnet Saidman, Roger Mayne, Johnny Scott, Harold Cohen.

  16. “O poeta foi três ante o papel secreto”: Maneirismo em Camões e Jorge de Sena

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodrigo Corrêa Martins Machado


    Full Text Available A relação dialógica que há entre Sena e Camões é inegável e permite que se façam variadas incursões no que diz respeito ao diálogo entre eles. Por isso, investigar a leitura “maneirista” que Jorge de Sena faz acerca da obra camoniana e como ele entende ser uma obra de arte maneirista pode ajudar a crítica de ambos os autores a entender melhor a relação entre a poética deles, uma vez que, na esteira de Harold Bloom, acredito que dialogar é manter viva uma chama, é reconhecer a grandiosidade de um texto, dando-lhe presságios de ressurreição. A partir dessa leitura que proponho, é possível apontar em Sena pontos nodais de escrita que, inegavelmente, são devedores dos ensinamentos camonianos, como o humanismo, a problematização da condição moderna do sujeito, a subversão à ordem, a ética da escrita relacionada de maneira direta ao Outro.

  17. Evocative allusions in Matthew: Matthew 5:5 as a test case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert L. Brawley


    Full Text Available Combining theories of intertextuality and abductive reasoning, this article demonstrates the figurative nature of scriptural allusions in Matthew. Allusions form figurations that open new perspectives for readers inasmuch as the source text and the new text stand in a tensive relationship in which each modifies the other and in which together they evoke meaning beyond the mere sum of the two independent texts. Allusions also form figurations inasmuch as arguments that are analogous to logic. Surprising, original, uncanny correlations between the source text and the new text involve what Charles Peirce called abductive reasoning which also challenges constructs of reality. This article interprets Matthew 5:5 as an allusion to the Abrahamic promise of the inheritance of the land and the blessing of all the families of the earth mediated through Psalm 36 (LXX and describes the figurative nature of the allusion using Harold Bloom’s revisionary ratios. Another version of the article will also be published in Kim, P & Ringe, S (eds, Literary encounters with the reign of God: Essays in honor of Robert C Tannehill, Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International (Forthcoming.

  18. Effects of Age and Cardiovascular Disease on Selective Attention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sylvie Chokron


    Full Text Available In order to study the effect of normal aging and cardiovascular disease on selective attention, a letter-identification task was proposed to younger and older healthy adults as well as patients with a recent myocardial infarction or a recent coronary artery bypass grafting. Participants had to detect either a big stimulus or a small one surrounded by flanking letters. The stimuli were displayed horizontally, either in the left (LVF or in the right visual field (RVF. The interaction between the type of stimulus and the hemifield of presentation reached significance in all groups except in patients who underwent a coronary artery bypass. Only young normal adults showed the expected significant RVF advantage when detecting big stimuli and an LVF advantage when detecting small stimuli surrounded by flankers. In older control adults and in patients with myocardial infarction, the RVF advantage for the condition with selective attention vanished. In patients who underwent a coronary artery bypass, reaction times were increased and no hemispheric specialization for selective attention emerged. The results are discussed with regard to the hypothesis of a Hemispheric Asymmetry Reduction in Older Adults (HAROLD model and to the presence of cognitive dysfunction consecutive to cardiovascular disease.

  19. Review Article: Ancient Galilee and the realities of the Roman Empire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Markus Cromhout


    Full Text Available This review article summarises and delivers comment on Religion, ethnicity and identity in Ancient Galilee: A region in transition, edited by Jürgen Zangenberg, Harold W. Attridge and Dale B. Martin and published by Mohr Siebeck in 2007. The majority of the articles in this volume testify of a ‘Jewish’ or rather Judean Galilee in the 1st century. It was a region that had cultural, economic, social, political and religious contact with surrounding areas and was thoroughly integrated into the realities of the Roman Empire. Whilst interregional contact and trade occurred freely, resistance and conflict occurred due to the proximity of ‘the Other’ that threatened the cultural and religio-political sensitivities of the Galileans. The Galileans also had strong attachments to aspects of their Judean identity, as evidenced by their enhanced musical culture, conservative epigraphic habit, participation in the revolt and the following of cultural practices also found in Judea. Based on this collection of articles, there are a few areas that need further investigation: how and when did the region fall under Hasmonean control and what was the exact nature of the local population at that time? At the time of Antipas, were Galilean peasants generally experiencing harsh economic conditions, or did his rule allow for economic participation to flourish? The exact context of Jesus’ ministry, therefore, is still a matter to be decided and invites further investigation.

  20. Psychologists' social representations of conformity: Conformity – birth or death of individuality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janez Bečaj


    Full Text Available When discussing conformity, modern social psychological literature draws its conclusions mostly from the classical sources written by the mid twentieth century authors such as Muzafer and CarolynSherif, Leon Festinger, Solomon Asch, Morton Deutsch, and Harold B. Gerard. A detailed scrutiny of these texts, however, reveals that many of today's widely accepted "findings" from that era are in fact not supported by the classical literature. Surprisingly, this analysis also shows that from the three metatheoretical orientations that coexisted at the time, namely the social-interactionistic, the interindividual, and the individualistic, only the latter survived to the present time, despite the fact that the authors pertaining to this orientation never really dealt with conformity, let alone defined it. Today, as a consequence, conformity is generally understood as a clash between the individual and society, although it is not at all clear which theoretical positions and empirical data could support such a view. It seems rather obvious that conformity will sooner or later have to be based on a new theoretical perspective and redefined.

  1. Rescaled range analysis of streamflow records in the São Francisco River Basin, Brazil (United States)

    Araujo, Marcelo Vitor Oliveira; Celeste, Alcigeimes B.


    Hydrological time series are sometimes found to have a distinctive behavior known as long-term persistence, in which subsequent values depend on each other even under very large time scales. This implies multiyear consecutive droughts or floods. Typical models used to generate synthetic hydrological scenarios, widely used in the planning and management of water resources, fail to preserve this kind of persistence in the generated data and therefore may have a major impact on projects whose design lives span for long periods of time. This study deals with the evaluation of long-term persistence in streamflow records by means of the rescaled range analysis proposed by British engineer Harold E. Hurst, who first observed the phenomenon in the mid-twentieth century. In this paper, Hurst's procedure is enhanced by a strategy based on statistical hypothesis testing. The case study comprises the six main hydroelectric power plants located in the São Francisco River Basin, part of the Brazilian National Grid. Historical time series of inflows to the major reservoirs of the system are investigated and 5/6 sites show significant persistence, with values for the so-called Hurst exponent near or greater than 0.7, i.e., around 40% above the value 0.5 that represents a white noise process, suggesting that decision makers should take long-term persistence into consideration when conducting water resources planning and management studies in the region.

  2. The reception of Machiavelli and the neo-machiavellian in Political Science, with special reference to the Uruguayan case (1957-1985

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Miguel Busquets


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to analyze the reception of Machiavelli and the neo machiavellian (Pareto, Mosca, Michels, in the main Political Science paradigms, as well as in the teaching of this discipline at the University of the Republic, from 1957, when the first Political Science chair was created at the Law School, till 1985, when Uruguay returned to democracy, after a twelve-year period of civil-military dictatorship. For this purpose, first, this article will review the itinerary of international Political Science, presenting the different stages that this discipline has gone through. Then, it will make an approach to the reception of Machiavelli and the neo-machiavellian in three political scientists of great significance: Harold Laswell, Robert Dahl and Giovanni Sartori. Second, the paper will examine the reception of the works of the Florentine author and the elitist theorists in three Political Science chairs that were conducted during the indicated period by Alberto Ramón Real, Carlos Real de Azúa and Jacques Ginesta. Finally, there will be a reflection on the different emphases that were made in the teaching of Political Science at that time, particularly following the intervention of the University after the 1973 coup d’État.

  3. In memoriam: John Warren Aldrich, 1906-1995 (United States)

    Banks, Richard C.


    John Aldrich was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on 23 February 1906, and went to the Providence public schools. He developed a broad interest in natural history at an early age, being stimulated by his mother, a kindergarten teacher, who introduced him to nature books. His interest was strengthened by Harold L. Madison, Director of the Park Museum in Providence, an Associate ( = member) of the AOU. As a high school student, John taught nature study at the Rhode Island Boy Scout Camp in summers. John was President of his class at Classical High School, and manager of the school's football team in his senior year. Also in that year, 1923, John published his first paper, a note in Bird-Lore on the occurrence of the Mockingbird in Rhode Island. That paper is a literary gem, showing that his skill in writing developed as early as his knowledge of birds. His early interest in football continued as well; he was a devoted fan of the Washington Redskins in his later years.

  4. CEC-CED Joint Knowledge and Skills statement for all becoming teachers of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Joint Standards Committee of the National Council on Education of the Deaf and the Council for Exceptional Children. (United States)


    In 1992, the National Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) began a collaborative process in which new standards were jointly developed and approved by a representation of members from all organizations engaged in the preparation of teachers and in the delivery of services to deaf and hard of hearing learners, including educational, professional/administrative and consumer organizations. A Joint Standards Committee was appointed, and in 1992 enunciated mutually acceptable standards for the preparation of teachers of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Fundamental to the entire standards development process was respect for the continuum of educational options available for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. The intent of this committee was to provide standards which were credible for all university and college teacher preparation programs and which could serve as a foundation for the development and maintenance of strong and viable programs according to the specific stated philosophy and practice of each. Information regarding the new standards and University/College Program Evaluation can be obtained from: Dr. Harold Johnson, Program Evaluation Chair, Kent State University, Room 405 White Hall, Kent, Ohio 44242.

  5. The clinicide phenomenon: an exploration of medical murder. (United States)

    Kaplan, Robert


    The aim of this paper is to explore the phenomenon of clinicide. The study of medical killers is barely in its infancy. Clinicide is the unnatural death of multiple patients in the course of treatment by a doctor. Serial medical killing is a relatively new phenomenon. The role model is Dr Marcel Petiot, the worst serial killer in French history. More recently, Dr Harold Shipman was Britain's worst serial killer and in the United States and Zimbabwe, Dr Michael Swango killed 60 patients. A number of doctors have such high patient death rates that it cannot be ignored. At some level, these doctors have an awareness of what they are doing, countered by an overweening refusal to acknowledge the implications or desist from further treatment. Treatment killer offences usually occur on the basis of serial mental illness, but may include the contentious area of euthanasia killing. Doctors have frequently been accomplices in state repression, brutality and genocide in direct contravention to their sanctioned role to relieve suffering and save life. They have become mass murderers on an exponential scale, making any comparison with a doctor killing his own patients almost risible. Many clinicidal doctors have extreme narcissistic personalities, a grandiose view of their own capability and inability to accept that they could be criticized or need assistance from other doctors. Such doctors develop a God-complex, getting a vicarious thrill out of ending suffering and by determining when a person dies.

  6. Living-with Shakespeare?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vincent Broqua


    Full Text Available This article studies three interpretations of Sonnet 130 by three American experimental poets. Rereading Bloom’s considerations on Shakespeare in The Anxiety of Influence and comparing them with Jacques Derrida’s Specters of Marx, this article shows that rather than thinking of Shakespeare as a cursing ghost, Harryette Mullen’s, Stephen Ratcliffe’s and Jen Bervin’s texts reveal Shakespeare as a ghost and a host. Their texts are attempts to live with Shakespeare in the present, thus prompting us to look back on the theory of the intertext.Cet article étudie trois réinterpretations du sonnet 130 de Shakespeare par trois poètes expérimentaux des Etats-Unis. Après avoir relu la théorie d’Harold Bloom telle qu’il l’applique à Shakespeare dans The Anxiety of Influence et l’avoir rapidement mise en contraste avec celle de Jacques Derrida dans Spectres de Marx, cet article montre que les textes de Harryette Mullen, Stephen Ratcliffe et Jen Bervin ne font pas de Shakespeare un fantôme de la malédiction. Ils tentent plutôt de vivre-avec Shakespeare dans le présent, nous amenant ainsi à reconsidérer la théorie de l’intertexte.

  7. El papel de la metáfora en el «Poema 1» de Pablo Neruda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilo Fernández Cozman


    Full Text Available Si hay un poeta que ha producido una obra polifacética y ha transitadopor diversas sendas, a través de un verdadero mosaico de temas,ése es Pablo Neruda (1904-1973. Su obra es casi infinita y abarca másde un treintena de títulos. Practicó una poesía de corte amorosa, hizouna lírica épica, desarrolló la idea de la poesía comprometida. Fuesenador, traductor y desempeñó cargos diplomáticos. El legado deNeruda marca con ribetes distintivos el desarrollo de la culturahispanoamericana del siglo XX, pues era un hombre profundamenteidentitificado con su tiempo. Harold Bloom pone a Neruda y Borgescomo los dos únicos escritores hispanoamericanos que merecen formarparte del canon occidental al lado de Dante, Dostoievski y Shakespeare.La profusa poesía de Neruda tiene que ser segmentada con el fin deabordar sus rasgos más saltantes. De lo contrario, el bosque podríaocultar al árbol; el árbol, a la semilla. Entonces, podemos quedardesconcertados ante una poesía múltiple y a la vez fulgurante, si esque no dividimos la casa en habitaciones.

  8. The Saint and the Cynic: Resentment and Jewishness in Améry, Sloterdijk, and Wyschogrod

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Menachem Feuer


    Full Text Available The constellation of pain, resentment, the body, and time – as they exist in the wake of the Enlightenment and in the dawn of a new barbarism - is found throughout the work of Jean Améry and Peter Sloterdijk. Both thinkers were especially influenced by Nietzsche’s readings of resentment, his challenge to the Enlightenment, and his turn to the body as the basis of a new kind of thinking which starts with pain, dwells in irreversible time, and ends with the possibility of action and joy. While this new thinking is novel and appeals to all humankind, the most unexpected points of convergence between Améry and Sloterdijk can be found in their particular neo-Nietzschean articulations of Jewishness: using what Harold Bloom would call revision, they both propose a revision of Nietzsche’s reading of Judaism as resentment. Améry associates Jewishness with “revolt” while Sloterdijk associates what he calls “kynicism” (as opposed to cynicism with Jewishness.1 Intensely aware of the mortal blows that have been dealt to the Enlightenment, philosophy, and modernity as well as to the human body during the Holocaust, Améry and Sloterdijk both address – either directly or indirectly – the meaning of cynicism in relation to Jewishness, in particular, and the modern condition, in general.

  9. Die Literatur und Pessoa: Überlegungen zur Genese der Heteronympoetik

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerhard Wild


    Full Text Available Der vorliegende Beitrag beschreibt vor dem Hintergrund von Harold Blooms Intertextualitätskonzept der "Einflussangst" die Entstehung der Heteronympoetik Pessoas als Konsequenz der Krise, in die am Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts das neuzeitliche Originalitätspostulat gerät. Pessoa reflektiert diese Problematik in zwei seiner weniger bekannten Prosatexte, die den Heteronymen Barão de Teive und Alexander Search zugeschrieben sind. In dem wahrscheinlich bereits um 1910 konzipierten, gegen Ende der zwanziger Jahre fertiggestellten "Único manuscrito" des Barão de Teive, der sich als poetologische Essay erweist, resultiert aus der Diskussion des Originalitätsproblems der Selbstmord des Autors, der in paradoxer Weise Originalität durch den Bericht der Vernichtung seiner sämtlichen Schriften reklamiert. In dem Alexander Search 1907 zugewiesenen "Very Original Dinner" wird das Problem der Originalität im Diskurs über die Kochkunst vorgetragen. Konsequenz dieser Suche nach Innovation ist die physische Zerstörung lästiger Vorläufer im Akt des Kannibalismus. Beide Texte diskutieren auf einer metapoetischen Ebene die Genese der Heteronympoesie in beiden Texten zwischen den konkurrierenden Optionen der Resignation (Selbstmord und Recycling (Kannibalisierung.

  10. Cânone, tradição e responsabilidade do professor: uma abordagem pela perspectiva de Hannah Arendt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcello Peres Zanfra


    Full Text Available O propósito desse artigo é refletir sobre a noção de cânone literário, sobretudo a partir de considerações de Roberto Reis, Idelber Avelar e Harold Bloom pela perspectiva da pensadora alemã Hannah Arendt, considerando suas reflexões a respeito de como a tradição e o mundo público se relacionam com o sentido da educação e a utilização do cânone em sala de aula. Dentro dessa perspectiva, o cânone pode ser uma ferramenta de estudo do passado e da tradição, desde que não se torne algo que planifique a visão de mundo e anule a pluralidade de visões que são a marca essencial do mundo público arendtiano. A tradição como centro do processo educativo não significa sua reprodução acrítica, mas impedir que caia no esquecimento a fim de que os estudantes não se vejam entregues, unicamente, a suas próprias possibilidades e ferramentas. Nesse sentido, a responsabilidade do professor, por sua abordagem do texto, tem um papel central.

  11. Project-Based Learning to Promote Effective Learning in Biotechnology Courses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farahnaz Movahedzadeh


    Full Text Available With enrollment in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM shrinking, teachers are faced with the problem of appealing to a new generation of students without sacrificing educational quality. Evidence has shown that this problem can be reduced with the use of a number of pedagogical strategies of which project-based learning (PBL is one. PBL addresses the fundamental challenge of increasing students’ motivation, their mastery of course material, and finding applications for what they have learned to apply in various situations. This study demonstrates the benefits of redesigning a standard lab-based molecular biology course to create a more effective learning environment. Using PBL, students who enrolled in Bio-251 at Harold Washington College in Chicago were given the responsibility of cloning a bacterial gene from one species into a new host species. They were then tasked with the expression and purification of the resulting protein for future research purposes at University of Illinois-Chicago, a leading 4-year research institute. With use of the PBL method, students showed improvement in the areas of self-confidence, lab technical skills, and interest in STEM-related fields and, most of all, the students showed a high level of performance and satisfaction.

  12. Knowledge of ancient Hindu surgeons on Hirschsprung disease: evidence from Sushruta Samhita of circa 1200-600 BC. (United States)

    Raveenthiran, Venkatachalam


    Congenital megacolon is eponymously named after Harold Hirschsprung, who accurately described the clinical features in 1886. Recent research revealed that this condition is perhaps well known for centuries before him. This article is intended to examine if ancient Hindu surgeons knew about congenital megacolon. Sushruta Samhita is an ancient tome of Ayurvedic surgery compiled by Sushruta (circa 1200-600 bc). Passages of interest were identified by browsing the authentic English translation of the compendium. Accuracy of translation was verified by comparing to the original Sanskrit verses with the help of a Sanskrit scholar. A condition called Baddha Gudodaram, described in the Samhita, closely resembles Hirschsprung disease. There are indications that ancient Indians even deciphered the etiology as defective vayu alias vata (nerves). Although the ailment was considered incurable, a palliative operation has been discussed. Descriptive details of the operation match with that of sigmoid colostomy. Evidence from Sushruta Samhita indicates that Hindu surgeons of prehistoric India probably had considerable knowledge about Hirschsprung disease. Further research, corroborating other sources of evidence, is required to confirm this claim. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Ten-year retrospective: OPEC and the world oil market

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gately, D.


    This paper reviews the main events in the world oil market since 1973 and some major explanations as to what happened and why (Section I). Then there is a discussion of some projections for the next two decades and of some implications of various theories about OPEC's decisionmaking process (Section II). Section III summarizes what we have learned about modeling OPEC and the world oil market. This includes: the dominant theoretical approach based on the wealth-maximization model of Harold Hotelling (1931); the simulation approach most common in the applied literature, which envisages target-capacity-utilization pricing by OPEC; and the difficult problem of modeling price behavior during disruptions. Finally, Section IV discusses some important unresolved issues, both theoretical and empirical. A variety of contributions to the literature are considered, but the discussion pays special attention to two important recent works. One is the book OPEC Behavior and World Oil Prices (1982) (EAPA 9:3899) edited by James Griffin and David Teece, an important collection of papers on OPEC and world oil, prepared for a 1981 conference at the University of Houston. The other is the 1980 to 1981 world oil study by the Energy Modeling Forum of Stanford Univesity, which involved ten prominent models of the world oil market. 31 references.

  14. The ex vivo purge of cancer cells using oncolytic viruses: recent advances and clinical implications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsang JJ


    Full Text Available Jovian J Tsang,1,2 Harold L Atkins2,3 1Department of Biochemistry, University of Ottawa, 2Cancer Therapeutics, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, 3Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON, Canada Abstract: Hematological malignancies are treated with intensive high-dose chemotherapy, with or without radiation. This is followed by hematopoietic stem cell (HSC transplantation (HSCT to rescue or reconstitute hematopoiesis damaged by the anticancer therapy. Autologous HSC grafts may contain cancer cells and purging could further improve treatment outcomes. Similarly, allogeneic HSCT may be improved by selectively purging alloreactive effector cells from the graft rather than wholesale immune cell depletion. Viral agents that selectively replicate in specific cell populations are being studied in experimental models of cancer and immunological diseases and have potential applications in the context of HSC graft engineering. This review describes preclinical studies involving oncolytic virus strains of adenovirus, herpes simplex virus type 1, myxoma virus, and reovirus as ex vivo purging agents for HSC grafts, as well as in vitro and in vivo experimental studies using oncolytic coxsackievirus, measles virus, parvovirus, vaccinia virus, and vesicular stomatitis virus to eradicate hematopoietic malignancies. Alternative ex vivo oncolytic virus strategies are also outlined that aim to reduce the risk of relapse following autologous HSCT and mitigate morbidity and mortality due to graft-versus-host disease in allogeneic HSCT. Keywords: hematopoietic stem cells, oncolytic virus, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, stem cell graft purging, hematopoietic malignancy, graft vs host disease

  15. Radiation protection in medicine: ethical framework revisited. (United States)

    Malone, J F


    The ethical framework within which medicine operates has changed radically over the last two decades. This has been stimulated by events leading to controversy, such as the infant organ retention scandals; concerns about blood products; self regulation of medical practice in the wake of the Harold Shipman Enquiry in the UK; and many other events. It has become obvious following investigations and/or public enquiries that a gap has opened up between what is acceptable to the public on the one hand, and what appears reasonable to, or is at least accepted by, the professionals involved on the other. This paper reviews these issues and some conclusions of a workshop held to consider them. It places the developments in the context of the idea that the approach to problems and communication in a group of people/professionals such as doctors, radiologists, radiation protection specialists, or even the general public may be regarded as a 'culture'. Current practice of radiation protection in medicine is examined in the light of these considerations.

  16. Stories and Maps, Images and Archives: Multimethod Approach to the Political Ecology of Native Property Rights and Natural Resource Management in Sabah, Malaysia (United States)

    Doolittle, Amity A.


    The study of human-environmental relations is complex and by nature draws on theories and practices from multiple disciplines. There is no single research strategy or universal set of methods to which researchers must adhere. Particularly for scholars interested in a political ecology approach to understanding human-environmental relationships, very little has been written examining the details of “how to” design a project, develop appropriate methods, produce data, and, finally, integrate multiple forms of data into an analysis. A great deal of attention has been paid, appropriately, to the theoretical foundations of political ecology, and numerous scholarly articles and books have been published recently. But beyond Andrew Vayda’s “progressive contextualization” and Piers Blaikie and Harold Brookfield’s “chains of explanation,” remarkably little is written that provides a research model to follow, modify, and expand. Perhaps one of the reasons for this gap in scholarship is that, as expected in interdisciplinary research, researchers use a variety of methods that are suitable (and perhaps unique) to the questions they are asking. To start a conversation on the methods available for researchers interested in adopting a political ecology perspective to human-environmental interactions, I use my own research project as a case study. This research is by no means flawless or inclusive of all possible methods, but by using the details of this particular research process as a case study I hope to provide insights into field research that will be valuable for future scholarship.

  17. Political Ecology in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eman Mohammed ElSherief


    Full Text Available The roots of ecology prolong profoundly within earlier phases of history, when the naturalistic fabric was first evinced.  Bringing out his On the Origin of Species in 1859, Darwin not merely engendered a biological culmination but also heralded the revolutionary critical canon of naturalism that was virtually a stone thrown in the vast stagnant lake of traditional literature. Via the naturalistic lens, the whole bulk of man’s behavioral attributes are being expounded in terms of milieu and heredity. The mid-1990s witnessed the publication of The Environmental Imagination by Lawrence Buell in 1995, and The Ecocriticism Reader edited by Cheryll Gloffelty and Harold Fromm in 1996, which palpably underpinned ecocriticism as revolving around the inextricable liaison between literature and the physical environment. The political ecology term was coined to further scrutinize relations among people that pertain to nature. The present paper is an endeavor to pursue the ecological tenor of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s landmark novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and how it was admirably exploited to address precarious postcolonial issues. Keywords: Political ecology, Marquez, naturalism, ecocriticism, post-colonialism.

  18. Scientific attributes of a researcher and member of The Triological Society. (United States)

    Berke, Gerald S


    This presidential address discusses the comments from the first Mayo Clinic's Chair, Harold Lille, MD, regarding different contributions by members of The Triological Society in his 1939 presidential address. It then goes on to discuss scientific research attributes expected of members of the Society that were gleaned from a fusion of Dr. Berke's notions with what other famous researchers, inventors, and philosophers have said about aspects of research. The areas covered include research motivation, the process of research, the scientific method, imagination, intuition and luck, questioning in science, tenacity, ideas, and knowledge. In summary, the following are the expected attributes of a researcher and member of the Society. The individual should enjoy the creation of new knowledge and appreciate the mysteries of life and the joy of discoveries. He or she should be a staunch supporter of the scientific method, but should also understand that every researcher is a professional amateur, and that the process of research is often fraught with blind alleys and incorrect ideas and assumptions, and that ultimately hypotheses must be substantiated by experiments. A researcher must exhibit imagination and intuition augmented by tenacity and scientific questioning. Finally, he or she should recognize that chance favors the prepared mind, and always be on the lookout for novel ideas framed by a comprehension of existing knowledge, not just in one domain but across a broad horizon of disciplines. Copyright © 2012 The American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society, Inc.

  19. Monopoly and the rate of extraction of exhaustible resources: Note

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lewis, T.R. (Univ. of Arizona, Tucson); Matthews, S.A.; Burness, H.S.


    Joseph Stiglitz has demonstrated (Am. Econ. Rev.; 66: 655-661(Sep 1976)) a set of familiar conditions under which a monopoly-owned nonreplenishable resource will tend to be exhausted at a slower rate than is socially optimal. This supports earlier views on the subject expressed by Harold Hotelling and Robert Solow. Stiglitz shows under the natural first-approximation assumptions of stationary, iso-elastic demand and zero extraction costs, that monopolistic and socially optimal (competitive) extraction rates are identical. If demand elasticity increases with time or constant unit production costs are positive but possibly decrease with time, he shows that competitive extraction rates exceed monopolistic rates for at least an initial period of time. In this note, realistic, alternative extensions to the iso-elastic, zero cost analysis which tend to bias monopolistic extraction rates in the opposite direction are presented, i.e., towards excessive resource use. The first modification allows for costs that do not vary with extraction rate. Occurring in the form of leasing fees, capital costs, and maintenance fees, these quasi-fixed costs are incurred only during periods of production and often constitute a substantial portion of operating expenses. The second extension involves demand elasticities varying with consumption instead of time. Particularly considered is a stationary demandschedule with elasticity increasing in consumption. In general, competitive ownership of the resource will also result in socially non-optimal production when fixed operation costs exist. (MCW)

  20. La prehistoria en Las tres edades de Buster Keaton

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Lombo Montañés


    Full Text Available Un tipo extraño se pasea por la Edad de Piedra, imberbe y con inmensos zapatones de piel, se detiene para recoger unas flores en pleno desierto, no cabe duda, es un payaso y también un romántico, es Buster Keaton. Payaso, acróbata y equilibrista desde niño, Buster Keaton aprendió muy pronto los trucos del escenario. Sabía cómo hacer reír a la gente y preparaba sus films con la misma meticulosidad que una actuación circense. Es la época de los golpetazos y las persecuciones, es la época de los grandes gagman Charles Chaplin, Laurel y Hardy, Harry Langdon, Harold Lloyd y tantos otros. Pero si algo distingue el personaje de Keaton, además de ser el más auténtico de los payasos (Ayala, 1975, p. 51, es su serio semblante. En efecto Keaton no ríe nunca. Y la ausencia de la risa en su rostro ha suscitado casi tanta tinta como la misteriosa sonrisa de La Mona Lisa.

  1. Conor McPherson's The Seafarer: tinkering with traditionDOI:10.5007/2175-8026.2010n58p357

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Ferreira da Rocha


    Full Text Available A reading of The Seafarer (2007, the  last published play by the Irish playwright Conor McPherson (1971- , which aims to investigate the rich intertextuality that the work presents. The text echoes both canonic and popular renderings of the Faustian myth, those of Christopher Marlowe (c. 1564-1593 and Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832, as well as its folk rewritings. In The Seafarer McPherson conveys a complex portrait of a group of Irish working-class mates, who are enthralled in existential and gender conflicts. In this his fourth full-length ensemble play to reach both the London West End and New York Broadway (the first being The Weir of 1999 McPherson critically dialogues with the modernist and postmodernist dramatic tradition mainly through the works of John Middleton Synge (1871-1909, Samuel Beckett (1906-1989, Harold Pinter (1930-2008 and David Mamet (1947- , without losing, however, a genuine sense of deep Irishness.

  2. Bioelectromagnetic and subtle energy medicine: the interface between mind and matter. (United States)

    Rosch, Paul J


    The concept of a "life energy" can be found in many cultures in the present time, as well as in past eras reaching back to the ancients. Variously called qi (chi), ki, the "four humors,"prana, "archaeus,"cosmic aether,"universal fluid,"animal magnetism," and "odic force," among other names, this purported biofield is beginning to yield its properties and interactions to the scientific method. Subtle energy is the term used in this chapter, which traces the recent history of subtle energy studies from Harold Saxton Burr and Björn Nordenström to Jim Oschman and Jacques Benveniste. This work takes signaling in living systems from the chemical/molecular to the physical/atomic level of communication. Effects on heart rate variability, stress response, inflammation, and the vagus nerve have been demonstrated and raise the question--Can the power of subtle energies be harnessed for health enhancement? It is fully accepted that good health depends on good communication both within the organism and between the organism and its environment. Sophisticated imaging procedures brought to bear on telomere, stem cell, and genetic research are confirming the ability of meditation and some other traditional practices to promote optimal health through stress reduction.

  3. Análise da viabilidade econômica da pecuária de corte na fase de cria em Itapira, SP = Analysis of the economic viability of beef cattle in the creation phase in Itapira, SP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Salim Luccarelli


    Full Text Available A pecuária de corte tem um importante papel na economia brasileira, porém grande parte dos produtores não aplicam os conceitos gerenciais na mesma magnitude de importância. O conhecimento de uma premissa básica, o custo de produção, torna-se fundamental para concentrar esforços nos pontos de estrangulamento da atividade e melhorar a rentabilidade do sistema de produção. Assim, objetivou-se estudar a rentabilidade da atividade pecuária de corte de um sistema de produção na fase de cria de bezerros da raça nelore, em regime de pasto, na região de Itapira, São Paulo. Pretendeu-se, ainda, identificar os componentes que exerceram maior influência sobre os custos operacionais efetivo da atividade. A avaliação da atividade foi considerada a partir da estação de monta de 2012 até abril de 2014, época que foram desmamados e comercializados os últimos bezerros, período que durou 18 meses. A análise de rentabilidade foi realizada por meio de planilhas em Excel, considerando a margem bruta, a margem líquida e o resultado (lucro ou prejuízo como indicadores de eficiência econômica. A margem bruta e líquida foi positiva, indicando que a atividade de pecuária de cria de bezerros da raça nelore, em regime de pasto extensivo, desenvolvida no sistema de produção analisado, tem condições de sobreviver no curto e médio prazo. Os itens componentes do custo total que exerceram maior influência sobre os custos da atividade foram, em ordem decrescente, aquisição de animais, remuneração da terra, depreciação, remuneração sobre o capital investido, alimentação e sanidade. = The beef cattle has an important role in the Brazilian economy, but most of the producers do not apply the management concepts in the same magnitude of importance. Knowledge of a basic premise, the cost of production, it is essential to concentrate efforts on bottlenecks activity and improve the profitability of the production system. The objective was

  4. Produtos em filme – Inovação na tecnologia de cosméticos - DOI: 10.4025/actascihealthsci.v32i1.6987 Film products - Innovation in cosmetics technology. The cosmetics industry has invested heavily in the research and development of new products, to satisfy consumer demands - DOI: 10.4025/actascihealthsci.v32i1.6987

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria da Conceição Torrado Truiti


    Full Text Available A indústria cosmética tem investido fortemente na pesquisa e no desenvolvimento de novos produtos, para melhor atender as exigências do consumidor. Como inovação neste segmento têm despontado os cosméticos em filme. A partir de uma fórmula inicial, contendo como formador de película um polissacarídeo constituído de maltotriose e como agente gelificante sodium polyacrylate, foram obtidos géis viscosos que foram espalhados em placas de vidro, de maneira a se obter filmes de 1 mm de espessura. Após secagem à temperatura ambiente, os mesmos foram recortados (1 cm2 e acondicionados. Várias alterações foram realizadas a fim de se obter um filme flexível, com rigidez adequada, ausência de rachaduras e de bolhas, fácil dissolução em água e sensorial agradável. As formulações foram submetidas a diferentes temperaturas para avaliação preliminar da estabilidade. Foram desenvolvidos dois produtos, um contendo extratos hidroglicólicos de Aloe Vera e de Rosa Branca, auxiliares no tratamento da acne, e outro contendo extratos hidroglicólicos de Camomila e de Pera, auxiliares no combate a olheiras. Pequenos, leves e finos, os cosméticos em filme representam inovação que pode ocupar o lugar de produtos tradicionais, por proporcionarem maior praticidade e facilidade de uso e de transporte, mantendo a eficácia e a segurança necessárias a um cosmético.As a result of the innovation in this sector, cosmetics have emerged in film format. Starting from an initial formula containing a polysaccharide consisting of maltotriose units as a film former and sodium polyacrylate as gelling agent, viscous gels were obtained and dispersed in glass plate, in order to obtain 1 mm thick films. After drying to room temperature, they were cut out (1 cm2 and conditioned. Various alterations were carried out in order to obtain a film with good flexibility, adequate rigidity, without cracks and bubbles, easy dissolution in water and a pleasant feel

  5. Análise dos investimentos do Ministério da Saúde em pesquisa e desenvolvimento do período 2000-2002: uma linha de base para avaliações futuras a partir da implementação da agenda nacional de prioridades de pesquisa em saúde An analysis of the Ministry of Health of Brazil investments in research and development between 2000-2002: a base line towards future valuations beginning with the implementation of the National Health Research Priority Agenda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosângela Caetano


    Full Text Available O trabalho examinou os investimentos em pesquisa e desenvolvimento em saúde (P&D/S do Ministério da Saúde (MS durante 2000-2002, buscando confrontá-los com os itens da Agenda Nacional de Prioridades de Pesquisa em Saúde, de modo a estabelecer uma linha de base que possibilite posteriores avaliações de seu papel indutor. Utilizaram-se os dados procedentes de pesquisa realizada com a finalidade primária de mensurar os recursos investidos em P&D/S no país no período, sendo considerados apenas os investimentos oriundos do próprio MS. As pesquisas foram categorizadas, independentemente, por dois pesquisadores, segundo as 24 subagendas que compõem a agenda. O volume de recursos aplicados no período foi de R$ 199,3 milhões. A maior proporção de dispêndios esteve relacionada a pesquisas nas áreas de doenças transmissíveis (31,5%, sistemas e políticas de saúde (16,3%, e comunicação e informação em saúde (8,6%. Condições que representam significativa carga de doença (doenças não transmissíveis, saúde mental, violência, acidentes e traumas receberam volumes relativamente pequenos de financiamento. O trabalho pretende estabelecer um marco zero, a partir do qual os gestores da política científico-tecnológica possam avaliar a progressiva capacidade indutora da agenda e a redução dos desequilíbrios identificados.The aim of this paper is to examine the Ministry of Health of Brazil investments in research and development in health (R&D/H between the years of 2000-2002, trying to contrast them with the items of the National Health Research Priority Agenda, in order to attempt a base line that makes capable future evaluations on the inductor role. The data was collected by a research carried out with the main goal of measure resources invested in R&D/H in the country on the period, considering only the Ministry of Health investments. The researches were independently categorized by 2 researchers based on 24 subdivisions

  6. Viabilidade financeira de instalação de uma unidade de beneficiamento de cascas de coco verde = Financial feasibility of installing a processing unit of green coconut shell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vinícios Silveira


    Full Text Available A produção nacional de coco (Cocos nucifera destinada para o consumo de água in natura e industrializada no ano de 2014 foi de aproximadamente 1,5 bilhão de frutos. Toneladas de cascas foram, em sua maioria, descartadas nos lixões e aterros sanitários das cidades, desprezando, dessa forma, uma matéria prima potencial de alta aplicabilidade e baixo custo. O presente trabalho tem o objetivo de apurar a viabilidade financeira a partir do levantamento dos custos de instalação de uma unidade de beneficiamento de cascas de coco verde para produção de pó e fibras brutas. A unidade será implantada no município de São Luís (MA. Os quesitos técnicos utilizados como referência foram desenvolvidos e testados pela Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária [Embrapa] Agroindústria Tropical. Para os cálculos de viabilidade foram utilizados, a partir do fluxo de caixa, os critérios financeiros valor presente líquido [VPL], payback descontado e taxa interna de retorno [TIR], além de análise de sensibilidade de cenários. O maior volume de capital destinou-se às instalações físicas da unidade, consumindo R$ 550.415,00, enquanto as máquinas e equipamentos tiveram dispêndios de R$ 284.650,00. O projeto é financeiramente atrativo, gerando VPL de R$ 361.458,00 e TIR de 16%, frente a uma taxa mínima de atratividade de 7,13%, ao passo que os recursos investidos serão retornados no sexto ano. O projeto é sensível às variações de preço dos produtos vendidos. = The national coconut (Cocos nucifera production for natural and industrialized water, in 2014, was approximately 1.5 billion fruits. Tons of shells was mostly discarded in dumps and landfills, undervaluing a raw material with potential applicability and low cost. This study aims to determine the financial viability of a coconut shell processing installation for coconut shells powder production and husk fiber in São Luís - Maranhão State. The Brazilian Agricultural

  7. Atitudes de estudantes de enfermagem frente questões relacionadas ao álcool, alcoolismo e alcoolista Actitudes de estudiantes de enfermería frente a cuestiones relacionadas al álcool, alcoolismo e alcoolista Attitudes of nursing students facing questions related to alcohol, alcoholism and the alcoholic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Divane de Vargas


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Examinar as atitudes de uma amostra de estudantes de enfermagem frente ao álcool, alcoolismo e alcoolista. MÉTODOS: Estudo exploratório realizado com 144 estudantes do último ano de graduação em enfermagem de duas escolas do setor privado da cidade de Ribeirão Preto - SP. Para a coleta de dados, utilizou-se a Escala de atitudes frente álcool, alcoolismo e alcoolista. RESULTADOS: as atitudes frente ao alcoolista foram mais negativas do que aquelas que vêm sendo reportadas na literatura. A maioria dos participantes considerou o alcoolista culpado por seus problemas de saúde e preferiu não trabalhar com esse tipo de paciente. CONCLUSÃO: As atitudes dos estudantes frente às questões relacionadas ao álcool e alcoolismo tendem à ambivalência e à negatividade, o que pode ser atribuído à falta de preparo recebida durante a graduação. Apesar das recomendações feitas pelos especialistas no País pouco tem sido investido na formação do enfermeiro em álcool e outras drogas sobretudo nas escolas privadas.OBJETIVO: Examinar las actitudes de una muestra de estudiantes de enfermería frente al alcohol, alcoholismo y al alcohólico. MÉTODOS: Estudio exploratorio realizado con 144 estudiantes del último año del pregrado en enfermería de dos escuelas del sector privado de la ciudad de Ribeirão Preto - SP. Para la recolección de datos, se utilizó la Escala de Actitudes frente al alcohol, alcoholismo y alcohólico. RESULTADOS: las actitudes frente al alcoholismo fueron más negativas que aquellas que vienen siendo reportadas en la literatura. La mayoría de los participantes consideró al alcohólico culpable por sus problemas de salud y prefirió no trabajar con este tipo de paciente. CONCLUSIÓN: Las actitudes de los estudiantes frente a las cuestiones relacionadas al alcohol y alcoholismo tienden a la ambivalencia y a la negatividad, el que puede ser atribuído a la falta de preparación recibida durante el pregrado. A

  8. Protozooplankton characterization of two contrasting sites in a tropical coastal ecosystem (Guanabara Bay, RJ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eli Ana Traversim Gomes


    Full Text Available Much time and resources have been invested in understanding plankton dynamics in Guanabara Bay (Brazil, but no attention has been devoted to the protozooplankton. To fulfill this lacuna, abundance and composition of protozooplankton were investigated from January to December - 2000 in fortnightly surface water samplings at two distinct water quality sites (Urca - closer to the bay entrance, more saline and cleaner waters; Ramos - inner reaches, hypereutrophic waters. The density at Urca (10³ - 10(5 cell.l-1 was one to three orders of magnitude lower than at Ramos (10(4 - 10(5 cell.l-1. A seasonal trend for nanoplankton and protozooplankton was more evident at Urca, but both sites had lower densities during the colder period. Small heterotrophic dinoflagellates (20-30 mm were dominant in over 50% of the samples. The protozooplankton abundance and composition reflected the distinct trophic conditions states found at the bay. During the wet-warm season, non-oligotrich ciliates were representative of Ramos site with Gymnodiniaceae dinoflagellates, while tintinnids and heterotrophic dinoflagellates were predominantly found at Urca mainly during the dry-cold season. This first descriptive study towards the understanding of the intricate relationships among the microbial food web components reveals that protozooplankton can be a good indicator of water quality conditions at the bay.Muito tem sido investido para entender a dinâmica do plâncton da Baía de Guanabara (Brasil, estuário tropical com sérios problemas ambientais, mas pouco se sabe sobre o protozooplâncton. Preenchendo esta lacuna, a composição e abundância do protozooplâncton (ciliados, flagelados heterotróficos foram investigadas em 2000, por meio de amostragens subsuperficiais, quinzenais, em dois locais com qualidade distinta de água (Urca - entrada da baía, águas mais salinas e limpas; Ramos - região mais interna, águas hipereutróficas e menos salinas. A densidade na Urca

  9. Período de recuperação do investimento em bomba hidráulica de melhor rendimento em sistemas de bombeamento na tarifa horossazonal verde Investment recovery period in hydraulic pump of better efficiency in pumping systems in the green hourly seasonal tariff for irrigation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João L. Zocoler


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho, ajustou-se um modelo matemático para quantificar o efeito da variação do rendimento da bomba hidráulica na variação dos custos de um sistema de bombeamento, na estrutura tarifária horossazonal verde (subgrupo A4 e o tempo de recuperação do capital investido no equipamento de maior rendimento. Em seguida, o mesmo foi aplicado a um sistema de bombeamento para suprimento de um sistema de irrigação do tipo pivô central. As opções de rendimento da bomba hidráulica foram: 69,5% (bomba 1, 73% (bomba 2 e 78% (bomba 3, cujos custos de aquisição foram, respectivamente, R$ 6.176,00, R$ 8.479,00 e R$ 15.509,00. Os resultados da aplicação do modelo mostraram que: i a substituição da bomba 1 pela bomba 2 foi viável, sendo o período de recuperação de capital 3,4 anos; ii a substituição da bomba 1 pela bomba 3 foi viável, sendo o período de recuperação de capital 9,2 anos; iii a substituição da bomba 2 pela bomba 3 foi inviável, sendo o período de recuperação de capital 21,1 anos superior ao período de amortização do investimento na avaliação econômica, considerado 15 anos.In this study a mathematical model was adjusted to quantify the effect of the pump efficiency on cost variation of the pumping system in the green hourly seasonal tariff (subgroup A4 - irrigation and the investment recovery period by a more efficient pumping station. Afterwards, the same model was applied in a pumping system supplying a center pivot irrigation machine. The hydraulics pump efficiency options were: 69.5% (pump 1, 73% (pump 2 and 78% (pump 3, with acquisition costs of R$ 6,176.00, R$ 8,479.00 and R$ 15,509.00, respectively. The results of the model applied showed that: i the substitution of pump 1 for 2 was feasible, being the investment recovery period of 3.4 years; ii the substitution of bomb 1 for 3 was feasible, being the investment recovery period of 9.2 years; and iii the substitution of bomb 2 for 3 was unfeasible


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliane Sachser Angnes


    Full Text Available

    This article presents partial results of a research project, with an interdisciplinary focus, conducted in partnership with teachers of the courses of Administration and Executive Secretary of the Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste do Paraná (Unicentro, in 2011, which was proposed auxiliary from the local reality, in developing a plan for fundraising for the ONG "X" located in Guarapuava-PR, since from the year 2006 there was a reduction of resources invested by major donors – Cooperation Agencies International – in this organization. This is a qualitative research proposal of plans, which used the bibliographical research and participant observation followed by meetings with the manager and employees of ONGs as major research techniques. It was felt that this organization depends almost entirely on funds raised from external sources, however, has not effectively planned actions fundraising. In turn, the empirical study showed that there is possibility to expand the sources and possibilities of raising funds for ONGs in this region Guarapuava provided that it is good, structured design. Thus, it was noted the relevance of interdisciplinary work, since the area of advice allows a coordinated effort of several disciplines around a common goal, that this study sets up a proposition in the area of Social Responsibility.

    Este artigo apresenta resultados parciais de um projeto de pesquisa, com enfoque interdisciplinar, realizado em parceria por professores dos cursos de Administração e Secretariado Executivo da Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste do Paraná (UNICENTRO, no ano de 2011, o qual se propôs auxiliar, a partir da realidade local, na elaboração de um plano para captação de recursos destinado a ONG “X”, localizada na cidade de Guarapuava/PR, uma vez que desde o ano de 2006 houve uma redução dos recursos investidos pelos principais financiadores - Agências de Coopera

  11. Fatores associados ao aborto induzido entre jovens pobres na cidade de São Paulo, 2007 Factores asociados al aborto inducido entre jóvenes pobres en la ciudad de Sao Paulo, 2007 Factors associated with induced abortion among poor youth in the city of São Paulo, 2007

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebeca de Souza e Silva


    Full Text Available Esse artigo investiga fatores associados ao aborto induzido entre jovens residentes numa comunidade pobre da cidade de São Paulo. A amostra foi composta por 102 homens e 99 mulheres de 14 a 25 anos de idade que já haviam iniciado suas vidas sexuais. Usou-se o modelo hierárquico de regressão logística. As variáveis não ter companheiro sexual no momento da entrevista, sexo do entrevistado, idade no momento da entrevista, priorizar morar só e número de gestações compuseram o modelo final. Dar muita importância a morar só quadruplica a chance de ocorrer um aborto. Jovens mais velhos foram menos propensos a se deparar com um aborto, dado que a chance de se optar pelo aborto se reduz 17% para cada incremento de um ano na idade dos jovens. Isso é indicativo de que as gestações ocorreram de forma inesperada, intempestiva, como é praxe nas condutas adolescentes, sendo as maiores candidatas a terminarem em aborto provocado. Evidencia-se, portanto, a necessidade de serem investidos recursos financeiros para obtenção de métodos contraceptivos eficazes e inócuos, destinados ao início da vida sexual.Este artículo investiga factores asociados al aborto inducido entre jóvenes residentes en una comunidad pobre de la ciudad de Sao Paulo. La muestra estaba compuesta por 102 hombres y 99 mujeres de 14 a 25 años de edad que ya habían dado inicio a sus vidas sexuales. Se usó el modelo jerárquico de regresión logística. Las variables: no tener compañero sexual en el momento de la entrevista, sexo del entrevistado, edad en el momento de la entrevista, priorizar vivir solo, y número de gestaciones, compusieron el modelo final. Dar mucha importancia a vivir solo cuadruplica la posibilidad de que se produzca un aborto. Jóvenes de mayor edad fueron menos propensos a encontrarse con un aborto, dado que la posibilidad de optar por un aborto se reduce un 17%, respectoa cada incremento de un año en la edad de los jóvenes. Eso es indicativo de

  12. Produtos em filme – Inovação na tecnologia de cosméticos = Film products - Innovation in cosmetics technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreia Maria Sanfelice


    Full Text Available A indústria cosmética tem investido fortemente na pesquisa e no desenvolvimento de novos produtos, para melhor atender as exigências do consumidor. Como inovação neste segmento têm despontado os cosméticos em filme. A partir de uma fórmula inicial, contendo como formador de película um polissacarídeo constituído de maltotriose e como agente gelificante sodium polyacrylate, foram obtidos géis viscosos que foram espalhados em placas de vidro, de maneira a se obter filmes de 1 mm de espessura. Após secagem à temperatura ambiente, os mesmos foram recortados (1 cm2 e acondicionados. Várias alterações foram realizadas a fim de se obter um filme flexível, com rigidez adequada, ausência de rachaduras e de bolhas, fácil dissolução em água e sensorial agradável. As formulações foram submetidas a diferentes temperaturas para avaliação preliminar da estabilidade. Foram desenvolvidos dois produtos, um contendo extratos hidroglicólicos de Aloe Vera e de Rosa Branca, auxiliares no tratamento da acne, e outro contendo extratos hidroglicólicos de Camomila e de Pera, auxiliares no combate a olheiras. Pequenos, leves e finos, os cosméticos em filme representam inovação que pode ocupar o lugar de produtos tradicionais, por proporcionarem maior praticidade e facilidade de uso e de transporte, mantendo a eficácia e a segurança necessárias a um cosmético.The cosmetics industry has invested heavily in the research and development of new products, to satisfy consumer demands. As a result of the innovation in this sector, cosmetics have emerged in film format. Starting from an initial formula containing a polysaccharide consisting of maltotriose units as a film former and sodium polyacrylate as gelling agent, viscous gels were obtained and dispersed in glass plate, in order to obtain 1 mm thick films. After drying to room temperature, they were cut out (1 cm2 and conditioned. Various alterations were carried out in order to obtain a

  13. Análise econômica de sistemas de produção a pasto para bovinos no município de Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ Economical analysis of pasture production systems to cattle in the region of Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afonso Aurélio de Carvalho Peres


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se, com este trabalho, analisar a viabilidade econômica de diferentes sistemas de recria de fêmeas em pastagens de capim-elefante na região Norte Fluminense. Fez-se uma análise econômica de três sistemas de recria de novilhas mestiças leiteiras em pastejo de capim-elefante. A fim de se estudar o risco que cada sistema possa apresentar diante das oscilações de preços no mercado, utilizou-se a Simulação de Monte Carlo. Os sistemas estudados foram: sem suplementação (SP1, oferta de 0,5% do peso vivo de concentrado (SP2, e pastejo alternado de capim-elefante com estilosantes (SP3. A análise foi realizada a partir da utilização dos indicadores econômicos Valor Presente Líquido (VPL e Taxa Interna de Retorno (TIR. O VPL calculado, a uma taxa anual de desconto de 10%, foi de R$6.091,86, R$6.364,54 e R$215,43, enquanto o capital investido apresentou TIR anual de 29,58; 30,10 e 10,46%, respectivamente, para os três sistemas estudados. Utilizou-se a Análise de Sensibilidade para determinação dos itens de maior influência sobre a rentabilidade dos sistemas. Observou-se que os itens com maior impacto sobre o resultado econômico dos sistemas foram, em ordem de importância, o preço de venda das novilhas, o preço de aquisição das novilhas e o custo da mão-de-obra. Concluiu-se que o sistema SP3 apresentou maior risco econômico.Different economic viability of pasture production systems to heifers grazing elephantgrass pasture in North Fluminense region wa analyzed. The economical analysis of three systems of growing fedlot dairy heifers grazing elephantgrass pasture was performed. In order to study the hazard that each system can present due to the oscillations of prices in the market, Monte Carlo simulation was used. The systems studied were: without supplementation (PS1, offer of 0.5% of the alive weight of concentrate (PS2, and alternate pasture of elephantgrass and Stylosanthes (PS3. The analysis was based on the

  14. Perfil das publicações sobre a prática do Lian Gong na área da saúde

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adenusca Suérica Alencar de Sousa


    Full Text Available O Lian Gong (LG é uma técnica tradicional chinesa composta por exercícios corporais que buscam treinar o corpo restaurando sua vitalidade. Pelas suas especificidades e considerando que, atualmente, tem-se investido em práticas alternativas para a manutenção da saúde de grupos populacionais. Assim objetivou-se analisar na produção científica nacional e internacional a aplicabilidade do LG na área da saúde. Para tanto, foi realizada uma investigação de caráter exploratório bibliográfico, a partir do método de uma revisão integrativa da literatura, partindo-se da definição do tema e da pergunta norteadora, seguido por seleção das bases de dados (Scientific Eletronic Library, Banco de Dados de Enfermagem, Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde e outras; posteriormente foram elencados os critérios de inclusão e exclusão e após obtenção dos artigos, estes foram analisados e categorizados. A amostra foi composta por oito artigos os quais contemplaram duas categorias: Os efeitos da prática do LG na qualidade de vida dos grupos praticantes; e Reflexões sobre a aplicabilidade do LG na prevenção de distúrbios osteomusculares no universo laboral. O ano de 2013 destacou-se com o maior número de publicações, sendo a aplicabilidade da prática mais constante na população idosa, o que demonstrou considerável melhora na qualidade de vida deste grupo populacional em crescimento.Profile of publications on the practice of Lian Gong in healthAbstract: Lian Gong is a traditional Chinese technique consisting of physical exercises that seek to train the body restore its vitality. Due to its specificities and considering that currently has invested in alternative practices for maintaining the health of populations, aimed with this article analyze the national and international scientific production, the applicability of Lian Gong in 18 therapies in the area of health. For this purpose, a bibliographic

  15. A trajetória do Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar no período de 2003-2010: relato do gestor nacional The trajectory of the Brazilian School Nutrition Program between 2003 and 2010: report of the national manager

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albaneide Maria Lima Peixinho


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo é realizar um relato do gestor nacional do Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (PNAE, com ênfase no período de 2003 a 2010. Trata-se de ensaio crítico baseado em revisão da literatura e em dados oficiais. Em relação ao volume de recursos financeiros e ao número de alunos atendidos, observou-se que, em 2003, o Programa executou um total de 954,2 milhões de reais para atender 37,3 milhões de alunos, ao passo que em 2010, o total de recursos passou a ser de 3 bilhões de reais para um total de 45,6 milhões de alunos atendidos. Outros avanços importantes foram os estímulos para a ampliação e o fortalecimento do papel dos Conselhos de Alimentação Escolar e as estratégias normativas para as ações do nutricionista como Responsável Técnico. A Lei nº 11.947/2009 fez o PNAE avançar ainda mais, estendendo o programa para toda a rede pública de educação básica e de jovens e adultos, e recomendando que 30% dos repasses do FNDE sejam investidos na aquisição de produtos da agricultura familiar. São evidentes os avanços nos critérios técnicos e operacionais visando maior flexibilidade, eficiência e eficácia na gestão do PNAE. Espera-se que tais avanços possam se traduzir em melhoria das condições de alimentação e nutrição dos escolares.The scope of this paper is to study the report of the manager of the Brazilian School Nutrition Program (PNAE, with special emphasis on the period from 2003 to 2010. It is a critical essay based on a review of the literature and the official data. It was revealed that the program spent 954.2 million Brazilian reals in 2003 to assist 37.3 million students, and in 2010 the total resources increased to 3 billion Brazilian reals with 45.6 million students attended. Other important advances were the broadening and strengthening of the role of the School Nutrition Councils and the regulatory strategies of nutritionists as Accountable Technicians. Law No. 11

  16. Utilização de contratos futuros agropecuários no perfil médio de investimentos dos fundos de pensão no Brasil Use of agricultural future contract in the mean investment profile of pension funds in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thiago de Melo Teixeira da Costa


    Full Text Available Os Fundos de Pensão têm se tornado cada vez mais representativos no cenário mundial. A sustentabilidade dessas instituições exige um eficiente processo de gerenciamento de suas carteiras de investimento. Ao mesmo tempo, as negociações com contratos futuros agropecuários vêm se consolidando no Brasil e surgem como uma alternativa para investidores que queiram diversificar suas carteiras. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a viabilidade da utilização de derivativos agropecuários como forma de minimização de riscos em carteiras de investimentos de Fundos de Pensão no Brasil, dentro dos limites legais aos quais essas entidades estão sujeitas, tomando como referência o perfil médio dessas instituições no país com relação à alocação de seus investimentos. Para isso, avaliou-se o desempenho de carteiras sem e com 1% de seus investimentos em derivativos agropecuários. As análises de risco foram feitas através do modelo Value-at-risk (VaR, utilizando modelos de variância condicional para a extração da série diária de volatilidades. Os retornos foram ponderados pelo risco, através do Índice de Sharpe Adaptado (ISA. Os resultados mostraram que, dentro dos parâmetros estabelecidos para cada modalidade de investimento, a introdução de contratos futuros agropecuários foi benéfica, reduzindo o risco mais que proporcionalmente ao retorno. O trabalho torna-se mais significativo à medida que se analisam os montantes financeiros envolvidos. Considerando, por exemplo, que os Fundos de Pensão invistam, de forma geral, 1% de seus ativos, seriam injetados, no mercado futuro de commodities agropecuárias, mais de R$ 2 bilhões, valor que representa, dentro da movimentação financeira de 2004, aproximadamente 10% de todos os recursos investidos.Pension Funds have become increasingly representative internationally and nationally. These institutions present an efficient administration of their investment portfolios. At the

  17. O projeto "Cuidando do Cuidador": a experiência de educação permanente em saúde do Centro de Saúde Escola de Botucatu The project "Caring for the Carer": the experience of permanent education in health care at the Health Centre Escola de Botucatu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Pithon Cyrino


    Full Text Available A experiência aqui relatada nasce de crises e tensões presentes no cotidiano de trabalho de um serviço de atenção primária à saúde. Surge, também, do esforço em transformar esse conflito em 'cuidado' dirigido ao conjunto da equipe. Para tanto, duas vivências que se estruturam para responder a tais desafios conformaram um projeto mais amplo de educação permanente em saúde, o "Cuidando do cuidador". Essa iniciativa buscou mobilizar e fazer circular valores e sentimentos que, usualmente, são pouco considerados em processos de educação no trabalho. Ao dar visibilidade a estas dimensões intersubjetivas, foi possível tornar presentes questões essenciais para pensar o papel de cuidador de que deve estar investido o profissional de saúde. Com o uso de recursos sociodramáticos em diferentes espaços do projeto, viabilizou-se, ainda, um movimento de sensibilização que se inicia no profissional e em sua identidade como pessoa, passa pelo reconhecimento do outro (colega de trabalho e paciente e chega a um coletivo mais amplo, o institucional. O desenvolvimento do projeto ajudou a entender que a humanização de nossos serviços exige, igualmente, reconhecer que nós, cuidadores, também somos frágeis e humanos.The experience narrated here had its origin in the crises and tensions present in the everyday work of a basic health care unit. It was also the result of an effort to change conflict into "care" for the entire team. For this purpose, two practices that were structured to respond to these challenges gave origin to a wider project in permanent health education, called "Caring for the Carer". This initiative attempted to encourage and propagate values and feelings that are normally ignored in processes of education at work. By giving visibility to these inter-subjective dimensions, it was possible to bring to light some essential issues related to the role of carer that should be assumed by the health professional. With the help

  18. Uma leitura interpretativa das "Orientações pastorais sobre a Renovação Carismática Católica" à luz da teoria da religião

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sélcio de Souza Silva


    Full Text Available Resumo Com base na teoria da religião, qual seja, de que a religião ou o trabalho religioso, desenvolvido pelos profissionais especializados e investidos do poder institucional, deve sempre responder às eventuais dificuldades, instabilidades ou ameaças contextuais que se instauram no campo religioso, pretenderemos evidenciar, neste artigo, a natureza particular dos interesses religiosos e a forma legitimadora no estabelecimento de suas funções na elaboração de diretrizes e normalizações da Igreja Católica. No firme propósito de coibir algumas práticas e fazer com que os leigos do Movimento da Renovação Carismática Católica (MRCC cumpram algumas ações específicas (habitus religiosus, os bispos da CNBB elaboram o documento 53, da CNBB. Nesse sentido, buscamos mostrar, in concreto, que a prática sacerdotal e as sistematizações impostas pela Igreja Católica da qual o corpo de profissionais (sacerdotes são seus representantes legítimos e burocraticamente organizados nos seus deveres administrativos procuram manter o monopólio dos bens de salvação. Assim, ao anunciar que extra ecclesiam nulla salus, em oposição a quaisquer ameaças internas ou externas, busca garantir seu poder de legitimação que uma religião exerce sobre a força material e simbólica. Palavras-chave: Teoria da religião; Igreja Católica; Resistência clerical; Renovação Carismática. AbstractBased on the theory of religion, according to which religion or religious work, carried out by specialized professionals invested with institutional power, must always face eventual difficulties, instabilities or contextual threats found in the religious field, this article focuses on the particular nature of religious interests and the legitimizing form in which their religious functions are established for the elaboration of guidelines and norms for the Catholic Church. In order to restrain some practices and to make the MRCC laymen (Movimento de Renova

  19. Nascimento de um corpo, origem de uma história

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piera Aulagnier

    Full Text Available Partindo do pressuposto de que toda história significante se constrói a partir do nascimento de um corpo – corpo este que deverá ser investido libidinalmente – a autora discute os movimentos constitutivos da psique e sua relação com o corpo. A ênfase é dada ao postulado do auto-engendramento que diz que enquanto o espaço psíquico e o espaço somático estão indissociáveis, a psique imputará à atividade das zonas sensoriais o poder de engendrar suas experiências. A autora parte daquilo que o corpo torna visível nos registros da emoção e do sofrimento somático, para compreender seu papel na construção do “corpo latente”, que é o seu duplo psíquico. A “aquisição” do corpo pelo Eu (Je é seguida passo a passo no texto. A “historização” da vida somática só pode ser feita por um biógrafo: o Eu. Este Eu (Je deve, entretanto, ser capaz de reconhecer como seus os eventos que marcaram significativamente sua vida. Para que o biógrafo e biografia existam é necessário que psique e corpo passem a se relacionar como pólos separados, marcando assim a passagem do corpo sensorial ao corpo relacional. O Eu (Je só pode ocupar um corpo que possua uma história. A primeira versão desta história é elaborada pela psique que acolhe este corpo. Nesta história estará contido um “Eu (Je antecipado”, referente à imagem do corpo da criança que a mãe antecipa, permitindo assim que a criança seja inserida num sistema de parentesco. Contudo, a situação pode complicar-se quando a imagem criada pela mãe não corresponde ao corpo com o qual a criança vem ao mundo. Os conflitos insuportáveis e os lutos irrealizáveis gerados por essa situação são ampla e longamente debatidos: a psicose, o autismo, as manifestações psicossomáticas, as somatizações polimorfas. No final do texto são analisadas, de forma pormenorizada, as conseqüências da não ancoragem do representante psíquico que a mãe traz do corpo do

  20. Halitose: proposta de um protocolo de avaliação Halitosis: an assessment protocol proposal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Cristina Coelho Dal Rio


    Full Text Available A Halitose é um sintoma constrangedor com significativo impacto social. Ela afeta milhões de pessoas ao redor do mundo e muitos recursos são investidos em produtos para a melhora do hálito, sem sucesso. O estudo da halitose com uma abordagem científica se justifica, uma vez que a halitose é causa de restrição social, diminui a qualidade de vida e pode ser indicativo da presença de doenças mais graves. OBJETIVO: Elaborar um protocolo de avaliação da halitose com o objetivo de minimizar custos, evitar exames desnecessários e orientar o diagnóstico causal. MÉTODO: O protocolo foi elaborado baseado na literatura e na experiência pessoal dos autores, adotando uma anamnese baseada em evidências. RESULTADO: Existem muitas causas da halitose e a maioria delas está relacionada com a cavidade oral, outras estão relacionadas com doenças otorrinolaringológicas e respiratórias. Doenças gastrointestinais, alterações das funções renais e hepáticas e outras síndromes metabólicas são causas menos freqüentes, porém importantes de halitose. CONCLUSÃO: Existem custos importantes envolvidos no diagnóstico e tratamento da halitose, incluindo consultas ambulatoriais, avaliação de especialistas e exames complementares. Estes custos poderiam ser minimizados adotando uma anamnese baseada em evidências e um organograma para uma investigação clínica racional.Halitosis is an embarrassing symptom with a significant social impact. Halitosis affects millions of people worldwide and many resources are spent annually in products to improve halitus, unsuccessfully. The study of halitosis in a scientific basis is justified once halitosis causes social restriction, decreases life quality and may be an indication of serious diseases. AIM: To elaborate a protocol for halitosis assessment in order to minimize costs, avoid unnecessary tests and provide a guideline for diagnosis. METHODS: The protocol was created based on the literature and on