Sample records for han sheng wu

  1. Clinical Experience of Professor WU Sheng-yuan Using Qianyang Fengsui Dan in Treatment of Rheumatism%吴生元教授应用潜阳封髓丹治疗风湿病的经验

    李兆福; 刘维超; 彭江云; 吴生元


    Fengsui Dan first appeared in “Qixiao Liangfang”writed by Dong Su in Ming dynasty and Qianyang Dan was invented by Zheng Qinan in Qing dynasty,but later medical scientists often use the two together,which is called Qianyang Fengsui Dan by Wu Pei-heng. Professor Wu Sheng-yuan is good at using the recipe in treatment of rheumatism. Through compatibility of medicines on the basis of the original prescription(amomum villosum,monkshood,tortoiseshell,liquorice and cortex phellodendri),He can make Qianyang Fengsui Dan have some effects,such as clearing upper-jiao,warming lower-jiao,guiding fire to origin,making Qi belongs to the kidney,supporing Yang Qi and producing Yin jin,etc. It has a good curative effect in treatment of rheumatism,such as heat in the upper and cold in the lower syndrome,and cold-heat complex syndrome resulted by nonhoming lower-jiao archaeus and flaming of asthenia-fire,so which is worth further studying and spreading.%封髓丹首见于明·董宿《奇效良方》,潜阳丹为清·郑钦安所创,后世医家常将二者合方应用,吴佩衡称之为“潜阳封髓丹”。吴生元教授擅用潜阳封髓丹治疗风湿病,在原方的基础上(砂仁、附子、龟板、甘草、黄柏)加减配伍,能清上温下,引火归元,纳气归肾,助阳生津,对于下元不藏、虚火上浮之上热下寒、寒热错杂之风湿病具有良好的疗效,值得深入研究和推广应用。

  2. On the Thoughts of Selection and Criticism in Ancient Prose Selections Complied by WU Kai-sheng%发幽阐微形塑典范--吴闿生《古文范》选评思想刍议



    WU Kai-sheng was one of the most important successors in terminal phase of the Tongcheng School.He has complied prose anthology works named Ancient Prose Selections in which has profound theoretical value and abundant literature thought .On the content of compositions , natural revelation of true feelings and genuine emotion was emphasized and democratic republic thought was canonized .On the art of compositions , writing methods such as beginning , connection , transition , ending was given an all-round analysis .On the style of compositions , writing style of connotative elegance as well as magnificence and splendors was advocated .This prose anthology occupied an important position in the history of anthology compilation of the Tongcheng School in which not only the writing theory of the Tongcheng school was summarized and developed but also ancient prose connotations was elucidated with new knowledge at that time.%吴闿生是桐城派末期最重要的传人之一,其所编《古文范》是现存桐城派文章选本中评点详赡、理论价值很高的一部,选评之中蕴含着丰富的文学思想:内容方面,重视文章中至性至情的自然流露,推阐古人文章中的民主共和思想;章法方面,全面评析了文章起首、转接、提顿、收束等驭文之术;风格方面,崇尚含蓄蕴藉和雄奇恣肆两种文风。此选既能对桐城派文章理论进行总结与发扬,又能结合时代新知对古代文章精义予以新的阐发,在桐城派文章选本编纂史中占有重要的地位。

  3. A Discussion on the SuWu 's Patriotic Image and the Contemporary Value of the SuWu 's Biography in HanShu--A First Talk about the Similarities and Differences between the SuWu 's Biography in HanShu and the SuWu of JieShi in XinXu%论《汉书·苏武传》中苏武爱国形象的塑造及其当代价值--由《汉书·苏武传》和《新序·节士·苏武章》的异同说起



    Compared with the SuWu of JieShi in XinXu Written by LiuXxiang, the SuWu's biography in HanShu written by BanGu appears more image, vivid and real history. Through the description of the SuWu 's deeds,the SuWu 's biography in HanShu shows the SuWu 's patriotic image and valuable patriotism, and using contrast against the backdrop of the way, sublimates the SuWu 's unswervingly patriotic spirit. The SuWu 's patriotic deeds and patriotic spirit is a concentrated expression and practice of the Chinese nation's outstanding traditional culture, provides valuable spiritual food for future generations of patriotic people, and is undoubtedly a medicine for today's emphasis on materialistic society.%与刘向《新序·节士·苏武章》相较,班固《汉书·苏武传》显得更加形象、生动而合乎历史真实。《苏武传》通过对苏武事迹的叙述,塑造了苏武光辉的爱国形象,展现了苏武可贵的爱国情操,并运用对比衬托的手法,升华了苏武矢志不渝的爱国精神。苏武的这种爱国事迹及其所展现的爱国精神,是中华民族优秀传统文化的集中体现和实践,也为后世人们的爱国行为提供了宝贵的精神食粮,对于当今偏重于物质的社会无疑也是一剂良药。

  4. The Examination for the Time of Emperor Wu Currency Reform during the Han Dynasty%汉武帝钱币改革系年考

    曾维华; 窦葳


    《史记》《汉书》等文献以及考古资料记载汉武帝时期有过多次钱币改革。通过梳理、分析、考证,可确定汉武帝即位后继续沿用文帝时铸行的四铢半两钱,自元狩三年开始先后进行了多次货币改革,具体年代、内容为:元狩三年,造皮币、白金三品,并销四铢半两钱,铸三铢钱;元狩四年,罢三铢钱,铸郡国五铢钱;元狩六年,京师钟官铸赤侧钱,规定以赤侧钱为赋;元鼎二年,废白金三品;元鼎四年,废赤侧钱,禁郡国五铢铸钱,铸行三官五铢钱;太始二年,铸麟趾金、褭蹏金,主要用作赏赐诸侯王等。%The Historical Records ,the History of Han Dynasty and other documents recorded that there were several currency reforms in Emperor Wu of Han. With combing,analysis and textual research,we can determine that the Emperor Wu of Han still used the money of four baht and a half which was cast by the Emperor Wen of Han.Since the third year of Yuan Shou,they began multiple currency reforms, the specific time and content is:in the third year of Yuan Shou,they made artificial leather coins, white Gold three level and forbade the money of four baht and a half,cast the money of three baht; in the fourth year of Yuan Shou, they forbade three baht, casting the money of county five baht ; in the sixth year of Yuan Shou, the official of Capital began to cast the red side money and provide that the red side money to pay the tax only;in the second year of Yuan Ding,they forbade white gold three level; in the fourth year of Yuan Ding, they forbade the red side money and the county casting the five baht money, began to cast the money of three official five baht; in the second year of Tai Shi, they began to cast gold of Lin Chi, gold of NiaoTi, used for reward vassal king etc.

  5. Shengli Diamond Bits

    Yang Yukun; Han Tao


    @@ The geologic condition of Shengli Oilfield (SLOF)is complicated and the range of the rock drillability is wide. For more than 20 years,Shengli Drilling Technology Research Institute, in view of the formation conditions of SLOF,has done a lot of effort and obtained many achivements in design,manufacturing technology and field service. Up to now ,the institute has developed several ten kinds of diamond bits applicable for drilling and coring in formations from extremely soft to hard.

  6. On the Root Causes for Emperor Wu of Han to Develop the Southwestern Barbarian Areas%浅谈汉武帝开拓西南夷地区的根本原因



    在两汉边疆思想中对西南夷地区存在着“无用”和“国本”两种相互对立而又紧密联系的思想观念,这一观念之争几乎贯穿了两汉的始终。由于交通和地理环境的影响,西南夷地区一直被汉王朝视其为“无用之地”,而在汉武帝时期西南夷地区却得到了进一步的开拓,并由此奠定了我国疆域基础。通过对汉武帝时期西南夷的基本概况及当时的边疆观的介绍,以及对该时期许多史实的论述,分析了汉武帝当时开拓西南夷地区的根本原因,即西南夷地区的开拓是为征讨南越寻找便捷通道,以及寻找通往大夏的交通线,而不是为了开发西南夷地区的经济资源。%During the West and East Han Dynasty,the southwestern barbarian areas were considered to be both “useless”and “fundamental”to their boundary.Owing to the influence of transportation and geo-graphical environment,the southwestern areas had been taking as useless land by the rulers of Han Dynas-ty.But Emperor Wu explored this area with more efforts,which contributed to the foundation of China's territory.Through the introduction of the basic situation of southwestern barbarian areas and the concept of the frontier at that time,by reviewing the historical recordings,this paper is aimed at discussing the root causes for Emperor Wu to develop the southwestern barbarian area.It is found that the exploration of southwestern area was to get easy access to the expedition to South Vietnam,as well as looking for trans-port to Da Xia,rather than to develop the economic resources in southwestern barbarian areas.

  7. A discussion with Mr. Xin on the issue that Sima Guang reconstructed the political intentions in the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty%“司马光重构汉武帝晚年政治取向”说献疑--与辛德勇先生商榷



    Mr. Xin, in his latest research, points out that the policy shift in the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is non-excised and that Sima Guang adopted a fictional story by Wang Jian with the purpose of molding Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty into his ideal image, which misled many scholars. But there are some misreadings in Mr. Xin’s article and his conclusion is not standing. Here are the arguments. Firstly, lots of actions of policy shift in the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty are manifested in theDebates on Salt and Iron andthe Book of Han, and the narratives inthe Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Government go in line with the above historical documents. Secondly, if we readthe Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Governmentcarefully, we will never reach a conclusion that Sima Guang adopted a fictional story calledthe Story of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty because it is cited as historical documents and no one can deny it as the book exists there. Thirdly, historical interpretation is not the equivalent of historical reconstruction, the narration and comments inthe Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Governmentare simply a history review of true history under a particular perspective, and Si Maguang does not and cannot reconstruct history. Last but not the least, the editor and the publishing year ofthe Story of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty are controversial, and it is worthless to compare Wang Jian’s Dynasty with the late years of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.%辛德勇先生新近撰文指出,司马光采录王俭的《汉武故事》刻意建构了符合其政治需要的武帝形象,《资治通鉴》对武帝末年史事的记载并不可信,田余庆等前辈学者因盲从《通鉴》得出了汉武帝晚年存在政治转向的错误结论。辛先生文中存在不少史料误读现象,其结论不能成立:一是武帝末年的政治转向体现在悔过、劝农、休兵等一系列见诸《盐铁论》《汉书》的实际行动里

  8. Geological Scientific Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield


    @@ Geological Scientific Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield is a scientific and technological research organization for exploration and development of oil/gas fields in Shengli oil province. The main work of the institute involves program for exploration and development, medium/long term planning,program for productivity construction in the new areas, program for adjustment of the old oilfields and undertaking key task of scientific research assigned by CNPC and Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau.

  9. Personage Columm: WU Zhongbi


    Prof. WU Zhongbi was born on March 19th, 1919. His native place is Dingyuan county, Anhui province. He was graduated from the National Tongji Medical College in June, 1945 and was assigned to work at Alma Mater after graduation until now.

  10. Petroleum Engineering Technology of Shengli Oilfield


    @@ Shengli Oilfield (hereafter referred to as Shengli), a subordinate company of China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec), is the second largest oil field in China and an important oil industry base in east China. It lies in the Yellow River Delta, bordering the Bohai Bay.It plays an enormous role in the economic circle around Bohai Bay and the economic belt of Yellow River area for its well developed infrastructure, transportation and communication system, and favorable geographical location.

  11. The Concept of Wu Xing


    Wu Xing is sometimes translated as Five Elements, but the Wu Xing are chiefly an ancient mnemonic device, hence the preferred translation of "movements", "phases" or "steps" over "elements". By the same token, Mu is thought of as "Tree" rather than "Wood".

  12. Wu Yifang and Ginling College


    ON the 26th of June in 1945, Wu Yifang, the only female member of a nine-person Chinese delegation, signed the United Nations Charter on behalf of the Chinese nation. During her stay in America, Wu Yifang, President of Ginling College in Nanjing made a wonderful speech in fluent English describing the period when Japanese imperialists invaded China,

  13. Speciality of Coring Technology in Shengli Oilfield

    Sun Baowei; Li Kairong


    @@ Shengli Oilfield is a large complicated oil-gas province which is complex in geological structure and unusual in lithological change. Rich oil and gas resources exist in Cenozoic to Palaeozoic, from very unconsolidated sandstone to very hard granite gneiss and from fractured mudstone to crushed limestone.

  14. Shengli Oil Fields: Today and Tomorrow

    Lu Renjie


    @@ Shengli oil area lies in the Yellow River Delta, in the north of Shandong Province bordering the Bohai Bay. The area is scattered over 28 counties, covering 37 000 square kilom eters. The main part of exploration and exploitation is located on both sides of the Yellow River estuary within the territory of Dongying City.

  15. Sima Qian Was Born in the Sixth Year of Jianyuan in Emperor Wu of Han Period --The Rethought on Lost Article in Natural History Cited by Shiji Suoyin%司马迁生于汉武帝建元六年——对《史记索隐》所引《博物志》佚文的再认识



    《史记索隐》所引张华《博物志》佚文是考证司马迁生年最重要的史料。它的可靠性已经得到了学界的肯定。有证据表明,施丁先生误读了这条史料。正确的解读应该是:"太史令茂陵显武里大夫司马【迁】,年二十八。【元封】三年六月【乙卯】除,六百石。"据此,司马迁生于汉武帝建元六年。%Shiji Suoyin which quoted Lost Article of Zhang Hua's Natural History is the most important historical materials to re- search Sima Qian's date of birth. And its reliability has been affirmed by the academic community. There is evidence which explains that Shi Ding misunderstood this historical material. The correct interpretation should be this: "Sima Qian who was 28 was nomina- ted Taishiling on June, the third year of yuanfeng. And he could earn 600 Dans in one year. " According to this, Sima Qian was born in the sixth year of Jianyuan in Emperor Wu of Han period.

  16. An Interview with Fan Wu



    Fan Wu grew up on a farm in South China, in the community to where her parents were exiled during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Wu moved to the United States in 1997, to attend Stanford University, and she began writing in 2002. She now lives and works in northern California, the United State. February Flowers is her first novel. During her recent book tour in China, she took time to talk to Women of China. Women of China (WOC): What inspired

  17. Use of herbal dietary supplement si-wu-tang and health-related quality of life in postpartum women: a population-based correlational study.

    Chang, Pei-Jen; Lin, Ching-Chun; Chen, Yi Chun; Chuang, Chao-Hua; Tseng, Yu-Ching; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun; Lin, Shio-Jean; Chen, Pau-Chung


    Objective. The aim of the study was to explore the association between women's use of herbal dietary supplement Si-Wu-Tang during the postpartum period and their health-related quality of life. Methods. This is a population-based correlational study. We used multistage, stratified, systematic sampling to recruit 24,200 pairs of postpartum women and newborns from the Taiwan National Birth Registry in 2005. A structured questionnaire was successfully administered to 87.8% of the sampled population. Trained interviewers performed home interviews 6 months after the women's deliveries between June 2005 and July 2006. The Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form (SF-36) was used to measure the quality of life of the women along with the frequency of Si-Wu-Tang use. Results. Si-Wu-Tang use after delivery improved women's score for bodily pain and also improved their score for mental health when used more than 10 times. In addition, there were increases in general health and vitality scores in the group who continuously used Si-Wu-Tang more than 10 times after using Sheng-Hua-Tang. Conclusion. Use of Si-Wu-Tang after delivery may be associated with women's health-related quality of life especially for those who previously used Sheng-Hua-Tang. These results are exploratory and need to be replicated.

  18. Use of Herbal Dietary Supplement Si-Wu-Tang and Health-Related Quality of Life in Postpartum Women: A Population-Based Correlational Study

    Pei-Jen Chang


    Full Text Available Objective. The aim of the study was to explore the association between women’s use of herbal dietary supplement Si-Wu-Tang during the postpartum period and their health-related quality of life. Methods. This is a population-based correlational study. We used multistage, stratified, systematic sampling to recruit 24,200 pairs of postpartum women and newborns from the Taiwan National Birth Registry in 2005. A structured questionnaire was successfully administered to 87.8% of the sampled population. Trained interviewers performed home interviews 6 months after the women’s deliveries between June 2005 and July 2006. The Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form (SF-36 was used to measure the quality of life of the women along with the frequency of Si-Wu-Tang use. Results. Si-Wu-Tang use after delivery improved women’s score for bodily pain and also improved their score for mental health when used more than 10 times. In addition, there were increases in general health and vitality scores in the group who continuously used Si-Wu-Tang more than 10 times after using Sheng-Hua-Tang. Conclusion. Use of Si-Wu-Tang after delivery may be associated with women’s health-related quality of life especially for those who previously used Sheng-Hua-Tang. These results are exploratory and need to be replicated.

  19. Ray Wu: united we prevail

    Yigong Shi


    @@ In the morning of Monday, February 11, 2008, I was in-formed of the sad news - Dr. Ray Wu passed away the night before - by Dr. Jun-Lin Guan, then on faculty with Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

  20. The Paintings of Wu Guanzhong


    WU Guanzhong is the firstChinese painter to exhibithis works at the BritishMuseum in London.Last spring au-diences from England and othercountries praised his works as a mas-terful blend of traditional Chineseand Western elements.His success isdue to his diligent study and crea-tive genius.He expresses Chineseemotions,thoughts and interests inartistic language of the modern artera.

  1. Wu Haiyan’s Fashion Designs


    Wu Haiyan’s series of fashions entitled "In a Period of Great Prosperity" was awarded the gold prize by the first Brother Cup International Young Fashion Designers’ Works in 1993. With modern creative ideas and fashion structure, Wu Haiyan expressed the richness of national costumes by using fabric with a bamboo stripe reminiscent of the

  2. In memory of Dr. Ray Wu



    I want to thank Professor Jiang Chengyu from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for inviting me to participate in Ray Wu memorial seminar. Here I only want to write down some of my feelings on my several contacts with Academi-cian Ray Wu.

  3. New Star in Yellow River Delta --Daming Group Co.,Ltd,Shengli Oilfield

    Guo Shuren


    @@ Daming Group Co.,Ltd.,Shengli Oilfield is a high set-off,pluralized and multioriented limited-liability company which was initiated and established by four units of Shengli Petroleum Administration,CNPC,Dongsheng Petroleum Development Co.,Ltd.,Shengli Oilfield,Zhongyuan Company of Dongying Branch,Bank of China,and Shengli Oilfield Labour Service Company,It is the first share-system enterprise in China's petroleum industry.Its total capital is 120 million yuan (RMB).The Shengli Petroleum Administration,CNPC is the biggest shareholder occupying more than 20% of the total capital.


    Yang Huaijie; Xu Hui


    @@ Apart from sewage pretreatment and stepped control, the Viscous Crude Processing Plant of Shengli Petrochemical General Works has established a new process of sewage treatment featuring with flexible and advanced technology and strong impact strength, with the crude sewage treatment yield reaching more than 95%.

  5. Development of Low Permeability Oilfields in Shengli Oil Province

    Wang Binhai; Fan Naifu


    @@ Shengli oil province,complicated in geology and rich in resources, is the second largest oil production basin of China. Except for some big/medium sized oil/gas field with high and medium permeability which have already been put into production. There are 11oil fields at great depth with low permeability of less than 50 ×10-3 μm2 have been discovered with 12. 2% of the total proved original oil in place.

  6. Crosslinked Polymer Injection Showing Notable Effectiveness in Shengli Oilfields

    Zhao Shouzeng


    @@ After more than half a year of crosslinked polymer inection test, oil production increased notably in western district No.7 of Gudong Oil Production Plant, Shengli Oilfields. In the test area, through the test daily fluid production increased from 397.9 tons to 434.6 tons and daily oil production increased from 79.6 to 101.3 tons, but comprehensive water cut dropped from 80.6% to 79.6%.

  7. Shengli Making New Progress in Expansion at Overseas Markets

    Yu Ankun


    @@ Aiming at its established strategic goal for international operation, Shengli Oilfields made new progress last year in expansion at overseas markets and cooperation with foreign firms. In the fields of contracting projects and providing labor services on the international oil/gas exploration and development market, it has embarked on a higher level of starting point with respect to number of projects,value of investment and volume of engineering.

  8. Alien Wu:A Versatile Activist


    @@ "To promote global cooperation under the new century's trend of globalization,Asians all around the world play an important and irreplaceable role", said Allen Wu, the Chairman of the Asian American Republican National Federation, in his speech when attended "2007 Asian Pacific International Cooperation Conference among CEOs, Governors, and Mayors"and "Global Outsourcing Conference" held in Guangzhou and Tianjin, China.

  9. Broadening Cooperation Realm to Promote Stable Development of Shengli Oil Area

    Li Jifu; Yao Shiyu


    @@ As the second largest oil area in China, Shengli Petroleum Administration has constantly been strengthening the international cooperation over the recent years in the principal part of the Shengli oil area under the guidance of the national open policy. In venture exploration, data packages have been prepared for the three blocks of Kengdong, Chexi and Qingtuozi with an exploration area of 2370 square kilometers.

  10. Ray Wu and the CUSBEA Program

    Xiaocheng Gu


    @@ I first met Dr Ray Wu in the late seventies of the last century, when China was beginning to re-engage with the western world. Deng Xiaoping laid out a bold, ambitious plan for the country to rapidly modernize. To realize this plan, China would need a new kind of work force. The responsibility fell upon the Ministry of Education to find the brightest young minds in China and to dispatch them to "scientifically advanced western countries" for post-graduate studies.

  11. Memories of Ray Wu by a Colleague



    I first met Ray Wu in the spring of 1977 during my inter-view at Cornell where he was the Chair of the Section of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology. The meeting was brief and unremarkable but it achieved what it was meant to achieve. After I joined the Section of BMCB at Cornell as assistant professor that fall, I soon appreciated that that

  12. Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking

    Pascal Getreuer


    Full Text Available Most digital cameras capture samples through a color filter array. At every pixel location, the camera observes one of either the red, green, or blue component. Demosaicking (or demosaicing is the problem of using this incomplete information to estimate all three color components at every pixel. Zhang and Wu proposed an effective solution to this problem in “Color Demosaicking via Directional Linear Minimum Mean-Square-Error Estimation”.

  13. Lattice models and integrability: a special issue in honour of F Y Wu

    Guttmann, A. J.; Jacobsen, J. L.


    lattice [8], a model which proved to be useful in his later research. In 1973, Wu returned to Tsing Hua as a visiting professor and worked with colleague K Y Lin. They published two important papers introducing staggered vertex models for the first time [10, 11]. In other important work they clarified the nature of the phase diagram of the Ashkin-Teller model, and found it to have two phase transitions [9]. In the 1970s Wu traveled to Taiwan, Australia, Europe and to China when it re-opened. He met H N V Temperley in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1976, and collaborated with H J Brascamp and H Kunz in Lausanne to establish a number of rigorous results on vertex models, including a proof of the equivalence of boundary conditions for the 6-vertex model [13, 14]. From 1979 to 1980, Wu resided in the Netherlands and Germany, where he was the guest of Piet Kasteleyn at Leiden, Hans van Leeuwen at Delft and Kurt Binder in Juelich. It was in Juelich that Wu completed the 1982 review paper on the Potts model [37], a paper that has been cited 70 or more times every year since its publication. Another important work in that period is a 1976 graphical analysis of the Potts model on the triangular lattice in collaboration with Baxter and Kelland [15]. This paper provided an elegant and conceptually easy description of the duality relation of the model, complementary to the algebraic analysis of Temperley and Lieb [16]. Four years later, Wu and Lin further refined the graphical aspects to reduce the model to a 5-vertex model, under which the duality relation appears as a simple spatial symmetry [18]. The Wu-Lin formulation of the Potts model is used by Jacobsen and Sculland in an analysis of the kagome-lattice Potts model in their first paper in this issue [39]. In other pioneering work in 1976, Wu and Y K Wang introduced a spin model with chiral interactions and its duality relation in Fourier space [19]. Prior to that time, studies of spin models had invariably been confined to models with

  14. Ray Wu and the CUSBEA Program


    I first met Dr Ray Wu in the late seventies of the last century, when China was beginning to re-engage with the western world. Deng Xiaoping laid out a bold, ambitious plan for the country to rapidly modernize. To realize this plan, China would need a new kind of work force. The responsi-bility fell upon the Ministry of Education to find the brightest young minds in China and to dispatch them to "scientifically advanced western countries" for post-graduate studies.

  15. 吴地舞蹈文化探源%Analysis of Dance Origin in Wu Area of China



    吴地是我国长江下游的一个重要文化区域,因历史上曾经建立过的吴国、吴郡而得名,也是今日江南的核心区域。吴地舞蹈有着丰富的历史资源和鲜明的地域文化特征。本文通过对吴地区域范围内发生的早期舞蹈活动进行历史线索的梳理,阐述吴地舞蹈从史前时期经春秋至汉代多地域文化因素合一的源头形成过程,从而探寻今日江南舞蹈独特地域性的内在成因和历史文化积淀。%Wu area is an important cultural region along downstream of Yangtze River in China. It got such name because a country of Wu and City of Wu were established here in ancient times. Today it has become a core region south of Yangtze River. The dance in Wu area has abundant historical resources and distinguished cultural characteristics. This article mainly deals with the history of danc~ activities occurring in Wu area in ancient times, expounding integration of various cultural elements to form the dance origin in Wu area from primitive period to Spring and Autumn Period to Han Dynasty. Therefore, the inherent causes and historical and cultural accumulation are examined to reveal the unique local characteristics of contemporary dance in area south of Yangtze River.

  16. A Comparative Analysis of Three English Translations of Li Qingzhao ’s Sheng Sheng Man in Two Different Theoretical Frameworks

    SU Zhi-jun


    Demanding as it has always been, verse translation is a suitable subject to observe on what ground and how translators make their choices to deal with translation problems. By comparing three different English versions of Li Qingzhao’s Sheng Sheng Man within two dramatically different theoretical frameworks, namely the skopos theory and Walter Benjamin’s theory on pure language, the present study aims at deriving a reflection on the nature of translation as a practice, a closer look at its dy-namic complexity.

  17. Review - Critical Han Studies

    Zhiguo Ye


    Full Text Available Review of: Thomas Mullaney, James Leibold, Stéphane Gros, and Eric Armand Vanden Bussche (eds. 2012. Critical Han Studies: The History, Representation, and Identity of China's Majority. Berkeley, Calif: University of California Press. This path-breaking volume is an academic collaboration that emerged out of the "Critical Han Studies Conference and Workshop" at Stanford University in April 2008. Eleven scholars contributed to the question of what it means to be 'Han' in China, both historically and at present. Constituting over ninety percent of China's population, the Han are not only the largest ethnic group in China, but are also one of the largest categories of collective identity in the world. Despite this, the dominant Han group has so far eluded careful scholarly scrutiny, with the Han often referred to as an unmarked majority category in contemporary China. This volume challenges such conventional views by conceptualizing new interdisciplinary approaches to the question of Hanness. The eleven essays of the volume are divided into three themes: 'Han and China', 'The Problem of Han Origins', and 'The Problem of Han Formations'. The first theme, comprised of four essays, analyzes the ties that bind the category of Han to those of Chinese ethnicity, race, and polity. Kevin Carrico in "Recentering China: The Cantonese in and Beyond the Han" questions a single, unitary Hanness that he believes conceals "countless other perceived and imagined lines of differentiation" (25. The study examines how multiple identities...

  18. 生脉颗粒质量标准研究%Research on Quality Standard of ShengMai Granules

    王莲萍; 刘专专; 孙岩; 杨玉华; 孙裕


    Objective:To establish a method for quality standard of ShengMai granules. Methods:The contents of schisandrin in WuWeiZi (Schisandra chinensis) were determined by HPLC and distinguished by TLC. Chromatographic column:phenomenex Luna C18 (150×4.60 mm, 5μm);mobile phase:methyl alcohol-0.1%phosphoric acid solution (60∶40);flow rate:1.0 mL/min;detection wavelength:250 nm. Results:TLC method was simple and the blank test demonstrated no interference. Schisandrin demonstrated better linear relationship in the range between 0.0 712 and 2.136μg, r=0.9 99 9, average recovery rate was 97.23%. Conclusion:The method is simple, rapid, specific and feasible.%目的:建立生脉颗粒质量标准控制方法。方法:采用TLC五味子薄层鉴别方法以及HPLC法测定五味子中五味子醇甲的含量。色谱柱:phenomenexLuna C18(150×4.60 mm,5μm);流动相:甲醇-0.1%磷酸溶液(60∶40);流速:1.0 mL/min;检测波长:250 nm。结果:薄层鉴别方法简单,阴性无干扰;五味子醇甲在0.0712~2.136μg呈良好的线性关系,r=0.9999,平均回收率为97.23%;结论:该方法简单、快速、专属性强、可操作性强。

  19. Investigation on version and author of Zeng bu shi wu ben cao bei kao (Augmented Dietary Materia Medica for Investigation)%《增补食物本草备考》版本及作者考

    郑洪; 廖春红


    Zeng bu shi wu ben cao bei kao,a masterpiece of Guangdong dietary materia medica works,has a variety of different versions.Based on our investigation on the existing versions,it is claimed that the statement in Zhong guo zhong yi gu ji zong mu (General Catalogues of Chinese Ancient Books),showing the first version of this book to be the version at the “renzi year of Emperor Yongzheng”,is wrong.We infer that the author of Zeng bu shi wu ben cao bei kao,HE Kejian and that of Sheng cao yao xing bei yao,HE Jian,is the same person.However,the former book is mainly a book on HE Ke-jian' s experiences sorted by HE Sheng-xuan on the basis of Shi wu ben cao hui zuan,and probably it maybe initially carved in 1738.%《增补食物本草备考》为广东食物本草类著作的代表作,现有多种版本存世,经考察,《中国中医古籍总目》著录该书最早版本为“雍正壬子”之说有误.此书署名作者何克谏与《生草药性备要》署名作者何谏为同一人.此书系何省轩整理何克谏经验,以《食物本草会纂》为蓝本辑编而成,可能初刻于1738年.

  20. Analysis of astronomical records of King Wu's Conquest


    All related astronomical records of King Wu's Conquest have been searched and analysed comprehensively. Constrained by the newest conclusions of archeology, philology and history in the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project and based mainly on dates in Wucheng, Jupiter's position in Guoyu and information on the season, our first choice of the date of King Wu's Conquest is Jun. 20, BC1046. This conclusion explains properly most relevant literature.

  1. [Sheng's acupuncture manipulation at bone-nearby acupoints and the academic thoughts].

    Sheng, Ji-li; Jin, Xiao-qing


    Sheng's acupuncture manipulation at bone-nearby acupoints is a set of needling manipulation of the chief physician of TCM, SHENG Xie-sun, summarized through his over 50 years clinical experiences and on the basis of Internal Classic. Regarding this manipulation, on the premise of acupoint selection based on syndrome differentiation, the acupoints close to bone are possibly selected and punctured, with the needle tip toward bone edge, and followed by the technique to achieve reducing purpose. Clinically, the significant immediate analgesia can be achieved in pain disorders such as headache and toothache. Professor Sheng thought, corresponding to the location of needle insertion and needling depth, the tissue layers of needle tip passing through should be considered specially. The site of needle insertion should be changeable so as to ensure the needle tip reaching the bone. This manipulation for analgesia provides a certain guide for acupuncture study, especially for the mechanism study on acupuncture analgesia.

  2. Han er her endnu

    Bonde, Lisbeth


    Interview med den kinesiske aktivist og billedkunstner Ai Weiwei, der sad fængslet i 81 dage i 2011. Hans pas er stadig (i februar 2014) inddraget af myndighederne, så han kan ikke forlade landet, selv om han har betalt en bøde på 13 mio. kr. for ”skatteunddragelse”. Både i sin kunst og i sine...

  3. Thermal monitoring at E-Sheng cement in China; Waermeueberwachung bei E-Sheng Cement in China

    Idoux, Maurice [HGH Infrared Systems, Igny (France)


    The E-Sheng cement plant is situated 130 km South East of Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province. It is in an environmentally protected area and as such, it is subject to stringent regulations as far as pollution is concerned. The quarry is situated 5 km away on a hillside, 500 m above plant level. Transport of limestone is by one single conveyor. The plant has 5 identical kilns, each 5500 tpd, i.e. 27 500 tpd total output, making it the largest single plant in the southwest of China. The plant was designed by the Nanjing Cement Institute (NCDRI). Its specific heat consumption is 730 kcal/kg of clinker, 65% at the precalciner and 35% at the kiln. Each kiln is 4.8 m dia x 74 m long. Start-up fuel is oil, main fuel is coal, 5500 kcal/kg LHV. The coal mine is 25 km away; coal delivery to the plant is by road. The plant is checked regularly for emissions, management of the plant is particularly advanced and the staff is well trained, thus achieving at high quality product. The total number of employees is 3000. 15% of the production is sold in bags, the rest in bulk. Delivery to clients is by road or rail. The first line was commissioned in 2008, the last in 2010. Due to the 2008 earthquake 300 km away, local demand for cement remains high. Each kiln is equipped with a hig resolution scanner which warns the operator of any refractory lining/coating problems and possible malfunction of the kiln. (orig.)

  4. Hydrofluoric acid chemical cleaning for running boiler WU Lierong, SHENG Peng%直流锅炉氢氟酸化学清洗

    吴列荣; 盛鹏


    本文介绍了运行直流锅炉采用氢氟酸半闭半循环化学清洗方法的工艺特点、控制方法等,详细叙述了化学清洗过程,通过清洗效果比较,说明了半闭半循环化学清洗方法的优势,炎同类型锅炉进行氢氟酸化学清洗提供了经验借鉴。%This article described the run Boiler process characteristics of hydrofluoric acid semi-closed cycle chemical cleaning method, the control method described in detail the chemical cleaning process, cleaning effect, indicating that the advantages of semi-closed cycle chemical cleaning method, for the HF chemical cleaning of the same type of boiler to provide the experience.

  5. On Singing Features of the Art Song Sheng Sheng Man%论艺术歌曲《声声慢》的演唱特征



    李清照晚年的作品《声声慢》,这首词押入声韵,并屡用叠字和双声字,节奏舒缓而急促、哀婉、凄厉。表现了作者孤独寂寞的忧郁情绪和动荡不安的心境。正因为这首词艺术特征鲜明,著名作曲家黄永熙先生予以谱曲,赋予了这首词新的艺术生命。在解析《声声慢》词曲艺术的基础上,重点从歌词、伴奏、情感、音准、音色、演唱方法等几个方面进行分析与探讨,研究其演唱规律与特征。%Li Qingzhao's later works "Sheng Sheng Man" changes the rhyme into the phonological, and often uses reduplication and alliteration. The rhythm is sometimes slow and sometimes rapid, sometimes sad and sometimes shrill, which reflects the author's loneliness, depressed mood and turbulent state of mind Precisely because of the poem's distinctive artistic characteristics, famous composer Mr. Huang Yongxi composed the music, giving the poem a new artistic life. In this paper, the author makes an analysis of "Sheng Sheng Man" on the basis of lyrics art. especially focusing on the aspects of lyrics, pitch, phrasing, tone, piano accompaniment, etc. by studying the regular pattern and characteristics of its singing.

  6. Jet Drilling and Optimizing Parameter Drilling Technology in Shengli Oil Fields

    Chen Yue; Peng Junsheng


    @@ In Shengli oilfield, remarkable achievements have been obtained in research and tests on the technologies of jet drilling and optimizing parameter drilling, extensive applications of the technologies have greatly improved drilling speed and sharply decreased drilling time and costs, thus achieving excellent social and economic benefits.

  7. The therapeutic effects of Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang in treating male infertility.

    Yang, B; Zhang, C; Du, L; Xue, W; Zou, P


    Eight-seven cases of male infertility due to spermatopathy were treated with Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang (SJZZT [symbol: see text]) for 1-3 courses. The total effective rate was 95.40% (83/87). 56.32% (49/87) of their spouses got pregnant and the semen quality was markedly improved (P cortisol (C).

  8. [The essence of Professor Wu Lian-Zhong's acupuncture manipulation].

    Liu, Jing; Guo, Yi; Wu, Lian-Zhong


    The painless needle insertion technique, summarized by Professor WU Lian-zhong during his decades of acupuncture clinical practice is introduced in this article, which is characterized as soft, flexible, fast, plucking and activating antipathogenic qi. The Sancai (three layers) lifting and thrusting manipulation technique is adopted by Professor WU for getting the qi sensation. And features of 10 kinds of needling sensation such as soreness, numbness, heaviness, distension, pain, cold, hot, radiation, jumping and contracture are summarized. Finger force, amplitude, speed and time length are also taken as the basis of reinforcing and reducing manipulations. Moreover, examples are also given to explain the needling technique on some specific points which further embodies Professor WU's unique experiences and understandings on acupuncture.

  9. A mild source for the Wu-Yang magnetic monopole

    Constantinidis, C P; Luchini, G


    We establish that the Wu-Yang monopole needs the introduction of a magnetic point source at the origin in order for it to be a solution of the integral equations for the Yang-Mills theory. That result is corroborated by the analysis of the differential Yang-Mills equations using distribution theory. The subtlety lies on the fact that with the non-vanishing magnetic point source required by the Yang-Mills integral equations, the Wu-Yang monopole configuration does not violate, in the sense of distribution theory, the differential Bianchi identity.

  10. [In memory of Dr. Lien-teh Wu].

    Zhao, P


    Based on materials dealing with early medical activities of Mr. Lien-teh Wu, this paper gives a description to his contribution to modern medical course in China. For examples, he inaugurated the Chinese Medical Journal both in Chinese and English within the same issue, which is the first of its kind in the history of Chinese journals. Moreover, Mr. Wu was also the first to establish modern hospital, port quarantine, banning drug abuse, and many others. He also advocated medical education, gave special attention to traditional medical morality and mottoes. He made substantial medical writing as well. He was a great contributor to the development of China's medicine.

  11. Reservoir Characteristics and Guidance for Exploration in the Beach Area of Shengli Oilfields

    Yang Xinmin


    @@ The beach area of Shengli Oilfield lies in the east and north of Zhanhua sag which is located in the southern end of Bohai Bay Basin (Fig.1). Its geological situation is generally similar to that in Zhanhua sag.Several decades of exploration shows that this area is the most enriched petroleum area in Bohai Bay Basin. Oil and gas distributed there in a same way as in Bohai Bay Basin, but also distributed in its own unique way.

  12. Hans Grauert: Mathematician Pur

    Huckleberry, Alan


    This article was written on the occasion of Hans Grauert receiving the Cantor Medallion of the Deutsche Mathematische Vereinigung. It is a brief overview of his mathematical contributions and attempts to convey the author's great respect for the man and his science.

  13. Hans Christian Andersen

    Nørgaard, Jørgen


    The Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, living in the 1800s expressed through his fairy tales and other stories an enthusiasm for the technological breakthroughs in that century with trains, etc. But he also showed great concern for what the natural science did to people by narrowing their mind...

  14. Special issue: Hans Bethe

    Gottfried, Kurt


    "There are a handful of people who soar, whose accompalishments are so off-scale as to nearly defy belief. Hans Bethe (2 July 1906 - 6 March 2005) was of that caliber. As just one measure of his stature, imagine the task of copying his published opus by hand, for that is how he wrote most of it" (2 pages)


    Ren Xin'an; Wang Shikun; WU Ke


    In this article, we discuss nonsymmetric solutions of the colored Yang-Baxter equation dependent on spectral as well as colored parameters and give all seven-vertex solutions by Wu's method. It is also proved that the solutions are composed of six groups of basic solutions up to five solution transformations. Moreover, all solutions can be classified into two categories called Baxter type and free-fermion type.

  16. Polyomaviruses KI and WU in immunocompromised patients with respiratory disease.

    Mourez, Thomas; Bergeron, Anne; Ribaud, Patricia; Scieux, Catherine; de Latour, Régis Peffault; Tazi, Abdellatif; Socié, Gérard; Simon, François; LeGoff, Jérôme


    Polyomaviruses KI (KIPyV) and WU (WUPyV) were recently identified, mainly in respiratory specimens from children. Among 200 patients with respiratory disorders admitted to Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, France, KIPyV was detected in 8% and WUPyV in 1%. KIPyV was significantly more frequent among human stem cell transplant patients (17.8% vs. 5.1%; p = 0.01).

  17. WU Liangyong:A Great Conductor of "Symphony of Concrete"


    <正> From ancient times to the present, Jiangnan (the region south of the Yangtze River) has been the breeding ground for great talents. While visitors are enchanted by the flamboyance of the decorated boats paddled down the Qinhuai River amidst lantern lights and music played on flutes and drums, countless refined scholars and artists have emerged from this very place.Mr. WU Liangyong, Professor at Tsinghua

  18. Towards a Collective Intelligence: Transmediality and the Wu Ming Project

    Melina Anne Masterson


    Full Text Available Dagli albori della Seconda Repubblica in Italia,  le strategie di dominio sui mass media dell’ex premier Silvio Berlusconi hanno avuto un effetto considerevole sull’immaginario culturale italiano. In un approccio multisensoriale e multimediale alla scrittura, il collettivo Wu Ming mette in questione i paradigmi culturali che negli ultimi venti anni sono diventati egemonici. L’esperienza di un romanzo dei Wu Ming va ben oltre la parola stampata poiché cerca di stimolare tutti i cinque sensi per arricchire il modo in cui il lettore vive quello che c’è sulla pagina, dimostrando esempi chiari della «convergence culture» coniata da Henry Jenkins. Questo saggio esamina l’interazione tra parola e immagine messa in atto dal collettivo tramite il sito Pinterest e illustra come questo aspetto del loro progetto rappresenti un microcosmo di un approccio complessivo alla creazione estetica e alla pratica culturale. Inoltre, questo saggio descrive in che modo il processo collettivo di consumo portato avanti dai Wu Ming contribuisca alla formazione delle «communities of sentiment» di Arjun Appadurai e alla «intelligenza collettiva» di Jenkins. Queste sono formazioni che rivitalizzano il concetto di cultura popolare per la nostra epoca digitale e offrono un’alternativa ad un immaginario culturale italiano sovra-determinato dalle pratiche del Berlusconismo.

  19. Plant crop remains from the outer burial pit of the Han Yangling Mausoleum and their significance to Early Western Han agriculture

    YANG XiaoYan; LIU ChangJiang; ZHANG JianPing; YANG WuZhan; ZHANG XiaoHu; L(U) HouYuan


    A large amount of carbonized plant remains were discovered in one of the outer burial pits of the Han Yangling Mausoleum, which was built more than 2000 years ago for the Jing Emperor, Liu, Qi (188-141 cal a BC), the fourth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty. The remains are identified by phytolith analysis and macrofossil morphological features. Seeds from foxtail millet (Setaria italica), broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum), rice (Oryza sativa) and chenopod (possible Chenopodium giganteum) are identified, suggesting that these four crops might have been the staple plant foods in the capital area (Guanzhong area), Shaanxi Province during the Early Western Han Dynasty. Chenopods were often considered as weeds since they have only been rarely found as carbonized seeds in prehistoric sites. This is the first time such a large amount of seeds has been found at a site, which provides strong material evidence for chenopod cultivation with a long history in China. Wheat was thought to be promoted and popularized in the Guanzhong area since the Wu Emporor, Liu, Che (156-87 cal a BC), the fifth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty. No wheat was found at this site, which supports the historical document record that wheat was still secondary in the diet and agrarian economy before the Wu Emperor's reign.

  20. The Hans Tausen drill

    Johnsen, Sigfus Johann; Dahl-Jensen, Dorthe; Steffensen, Jørgen Peder


    In the mid-1990s, excellent results from the GRIP and GISP2 deep drilling projects in Greenland opened up funding for continued ice-coring efforts in Antarctica (EPICA) and Greenland (NorthGRIP). The Glaciology Group of the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, was assigned the task...... of providing drilling capability for these projects, as it had done for the GRIP project. The group decided to further simplify existing deep drill designs for better reliability and ease of handling. The drill design decided upon was successfully tested on Hans Tausen Ice Cap, Peary Land, Greenland, in 1995....... The 5.0 m long Hans Tausen (HT) drill was a prototype for the ~11 m long EPICA and NorthGRIP versions of the drill which were mechanically identical to the HT drill except for a much longer core barrel and chips chamber. These drills could deliver up to 4 m long ice cores after some design improvements...

  1. Hans Bethe's early life

    Bernstein, Jeremy


    In 1937, two years after he moved to the US to escape Nazi persecution, the physicist Hans Bethe sent a letter to his mother in Germany. In it, he wrote, "I think I am about the leading theoretician in America. [Eugene] Wigner is certainly better and [Robert] Oppenheimer and [Edward] Teller probably just as good. But I do more and talk more and that counts too."

  2. Tribute to Hans Sann


    1945-2003 Hans Sann, an internationally recognized scientist, beloved colleague and friend, died in a tragic car accident, on May 27th, on one of his many travels to CERN. Employed at GSI, in Darmstadt, since 1979, Hans Sann devoted most of his scientific career to the development of large size gas detectors for nuclear and high-energy physics experiments at GSI, CERN and Berkeley. One of his main achievements, among many others, was the famous MUSIC detector, on which several projects at GSI, Berkeley and other research Institutes were based. The innovative results obtained in the study of the fluid-gas transition in nuclear matter would not have been possible without his contribution and the application of the MUSIC detector. A member of the ALICE Collaboration since 1996, Hans was leading two main ALICE sub-programmes, the development of the gas system and the cooling system for the TPC detector. In addition, he was involved in the development of a new technological concept for the resistor chain of the ...

  3. Han digtede om det uudsigelige

    svendsen, erik


    Paul Celan skrev det vigtigste litterære vidnesbyrd om holocaust, inden han druknede sig i Seinen. Ny samling af hans uafrystelige og virtuost forfærdende poesi på dansk.......Paul Celan skrev det vigtigste litterære vidnesbyrd om holocaust, inden han druknede sig i Seinen. Ny samling af hans uafrystelige og virtuost forfærdende poesi på dansk....

  4. [Textual research on Costus root (Aucklandia lappa Decne) in the Sheng nong ben cao jing (Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica)].

    Li, Guangyan; Wang, Dequn; Fang, Shiying; Xu, Maohong


    Aucklandia lappa Decne was first recorded in the Sheng nong ben cao jing (Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica). Through the textual research of herbal literature, it was found that the costus root in the Sheng nong ben cao jing perhaps was not the plant of Aucklandia lappa Decne of Compositae, but the eaglewood or Lignum Aquilasria Resinatum based on the comprehensive judgment of shape, taste, nature, and function etc. In the Sheng nong ben cao jing, it only includes costus root without the title of eaglewood, and Tao Hongjing recorded both herbs together in his Ming yi bie lu (Supplementary Records of Celebrated Physicians), which became a foreshadow of misunderstanding of the later generations. Beginning from the Tang ben cao (Materia Medica of the Tang Dynasty), the costus root was considered as the plant of Auckiandia lappa Decne from the Compostae with its profound influence until now.

  5. Singer Han Hong



    HAN Hong had a happy childhood in the beautiful Xigaze City, Tibet. From the children's chorus, the military art troupe, the Prize Winning Competition on TV, up to the institute of art, she has never stopped singing. The difference to other singers her age is that she not only wishes to be a singer but a composer. Not satisfied with just singing the songs of others, she began expressing her happiness and sadness by writing her own. Finally she finished her first collection Rays in Tibet, which is the fi...

  6. Wu Jinglian:No Timetable for RMB Appreciation


    @@ Professor Wu Jinglian recalled the changes of Renminbi exchange rate mechanism and analyzed that before 1994, China had a multi-exchange rate, such as official price and adjustable price, sometimes leading a higher evaluation of Renminbi. Since 1994, China has had a strict control floating exchange rate. After the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, China's neighboring countries as well as the US appealed for non-depreciation of Renminbi.China accepted the appeal and kept a steady exchange rate of Renminbi,which contributed to the economic resurgence of Asia and world.

  7. Wu Jinglian:No Timetable for RMB Appreciation


      Professor Wu Jinglian recalled the changes of Renminbi exchange rate mechanism and analyzed that before 1994, China had a multi-exchange rate, such as official price and adjustable price, sometimes leading a higher evaluation of Renminbi. Since 1994, China has had a strict control floating exchange rate. After the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, China's neighboring countries as well as the US appealed for non-depreciation of Renminbi.China accepted the appeal and kept a steady exchange rate of Renminbi,which contributed to the economic resurgence of Asia and world.……

  8. The Therapeutic Effects of Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang in Treating Male Infertility

    杨保存; 张彩霞; 杜雷; 薛武军; 邹鹏


    Eight-seven cases of male infertility due to spermatopathy were treated with Sheng Jing Zhong Zi Tang (SJZZT生精种子汤) for 1-3 courses. The total effective rate was 95.40% (83/87). 56.32% (49/87) of their spouses got pregnant and the semen quality was markedly improved (P<0.01). The results showed that the decoction could dual-directionally regulate the levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), prolan B luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone (T), and cortisol (C).

  9. [Qualitative analysis of chemical constituents in Si-Wu Decoction based on TCM component database].

    Wang, Zhen-fang; Zhao, Yang; Fan, Zi-quan; Kang, Li-ping; Qiao, Li-rui; Zhang, Jie; Gao, Yue; Ma, Bai-ping


    In order to clarify the chemical constituents of Si-Wu Decoction rapidly and holistically, we analyzed the ethanol extract of Si-Wu Decoction by UPLC/Q-TOF-MSE and UNIFI which based on traditional Chinese medicine database, the probable structures of 113 compounds were identified. The results show that this method can rapidly and effectively characterize the chemical compounds of Si-Wu Decoction and provide a new solution for identification of components from complex TCM extract.

  10. Topological field theories on manifolds with Wu structures

    Monnier, Samuel

    We construct invertible field theories generalizing abelian prequantum spin Chern-Simons theory to manifolds of dimension 4ℓ + 3 endowed with a Wu structure of degree 2ℓ + 2. After analyzing the anomalies of a certain discrete symmetry, we gauge it, producing topological field theories whose path integral reduces to a finite sum, akin to Dijkgraaf-Witten theories. We take a general point of view where the Chern-Simons gauge group and its couplings are encoded in a local system of integral lattices. The Lagrangian of these theories has to be interpreted as a class in a generalized cohomology theory in order to obtain a gauge invariant action. We develop a computationally friendly cochain model for this generalized cohomology and use it in a detailed study of the properties of the Wu Chern-Simons action. In the 3-dimensional spin case, the latter provides a definition of the “fermionic correction” introduced recently in the literature on fermionic symmetry protected topological phases. In order to construct the state space of the gauged theories, we develop an analogue of geometric quantization for finite abelian groups endowed with a skew-symmetric pairing. The physical motivation for this work comes from the fact that in the ℓ = 1 case, the gauged 7-dimensional topological field theories constructed here are essentially the anomaly field theories of the 6-dimensional conformal field theories with (2, 0) supersymmetry, as will be discussed elsewhere.

  11. Topological field theories on manifolds with Wu structures

    Monnier, Samuel


    We construct invertible field theories generalizing abelian prequantum spin Chern-Simons theory to manifolds of dimension 4k+3 endowed with a Wu structure of degree 2k+2. After analysing the anomalies of a certain discrete symmetry, we gauge it, producing topological field theories whose path integral reduces to a finite sum, akin to Dijkgraaf-Witten theories. We take a general point of view where the Chern-Simons gauge group and its couplings are encoded in a local system of integral lattices. The Lagrangian of these theories has to be interpreted as a class in a generalized cohomology theory in order to obtain a gauge invariant action. We develop a computationally friendly cochain model for this generalized cohomology and use it in a detailed study of the properties of the Wu Chern-Simons action. In the three-dimensional spin case, the latter provides a definition of the "fermionic correction" introduced recently in the literature on fermionic symmetry protected topological phases. In order to construct the...

  12. On resolution to Wu's conjecture on Cauchy function's exterior singularities

    Theodore Yaotsu Wu


    This is a series of studies on Wu's conjecture and on its resolution to be presented herein. Both are devoted to expound all the comprehensive properties of Cauchy's function f(z) (z = x + iy) and its integral J[∫(z)] = (2πi)-1 φ f(t)(t - z)-1dt taken along the unit circle as contour C, inside which (the open domain D+)f(z) is regular but has singularities distributed in open domain Doutside C. Resolution is given to the inverse problem that the singularities of f(z) can be determined in analytical form in terms of the values f(t) of f(z) numerically prescribed on C (|t| = 1), as so enunciated by Wu's conjecture. The case of a single singularity is solved using complex algebra and analysis to acquire the solution structure for a standard reference. Multiple singularities are resolved by reducing them to a single one by elimination in principle, for which purpose a general asymptotic method is developed here for resolution to the conjecture by induction, and essential singularities aretreated with employing the generalized Hilbert transforms.These new methods are applicable to relevant problems in mathematics, engineering and technology in analogy with resolving the inverse problem presented here.

  13. Topologically Massive Gauge Theory: Wu-Yang Type Solutions

    Saygili, K


    We discuss euclidean topologically massive Wu-Yang type solutions of the Maxwell-Chern-Simons and the Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons theories. The most distinctive feature of these solutions is the existence of a natural scale of length which is determined by the topological mass. The topological mass is proportional to the square of the gauge coupling constant. We find the non-abelian solution by a SU(2) gauge transformation of the abelian magnetic monopole type solution. In the topologically massive electrodynamics the field strength locally determines the gauge potential modulo a closed term via the self-duality equation. We present the Hopf map including the topological mass. The Wu-Yang construction is based on patching up the local potentials by means of a gauge transformation which can be expressed in terms of the magnetic or the electric charges. We also discuss solutions with different first Chern numbers. There exists a fundamental scale of length over which the gauge function is single-valued and periodic...

  14. Interview Hans Blix


    The Thorium Energy Conference, ThEC13, ran from 27 to 31 October at CERN, addressing the scientific and technical advances offered by thorium – a silvery white metal four times more abundant than uranium in the Earth's crust – in alternative nuclear technologies for energy production and for the destruction of nuclear waste. Conference Chair Egil Lillestol invited Swedish diplomat and politician Hans Blix to talk about "Thorium Nuclear Power and Non-Proliferation". In a career spanning more than 50 years, Blix has been head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission. During the 1990s, CERN has been pioneering thorium technologies research with experiments instigated by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia, testing the basic concepts of a thorium-fuelled reactor driven by a proton accelerator.

  15. The Shengli I Point Bar on the Yellow River Delta: Three-Dimensional Structures and Their Evolution

    钟建华; 沈晓华; 倪晋仁; 王冠民; 温志峰; 王夕宾; 王海桥; 李理; 吴孔友; 李勇; 洪梅


    Point bars are well developed on the Yellow River delta, among which the Shengli I point bar is the mosttypical. The point bar, being about 4 km in length and several tens to more than 100 meters in width, is located on the southside of the Shengli Bridge in Kenli County, Dongying, Shandong. It is a typical fine-grained point bar with silt, which ispredominant, some clay and minor plant debris and clay boulders. The Shengli I point bar has complicated 3-D structures.Firstly, in a plane view, it comprises mainly eight sedimentary units, bar edge, bar ridge, bar platform, bar plain, bar channel,bar gully, bar pond and bar bay, developing side by side and superimposed one by one in a complex way. Secondly, itsvertical structures are very complex due to the partial superimposition of the 8 sedimentary units. Besides hydatogenesis, veryintensive wind erosion, eolian, ice and meltwater actions are also visible on the Shengli I point bar. The complex form is madeeven more complicated because of the above co-actions.

  16. Experimental validation of Tsai-Wu failure criteria



    Full Text Available The paper continues recent research of the authors, consisting in experimental determination of Tsai-Wu failure criteria coefficients as well as criteria validation considering a certain composite. The tested composite, polyester resin reinforced with 1x1 fiber glass fabric was in house manufactured by using VARTM technology. Both elastic and ultimate tests were performed in order to define the constitutive equation of the composite and the ultimate answer under complex loading cases. Special test procedures were considered in order to realize a definite complex plane stress state where the components of stress tensor were clear known until the failure moments. The specimens subjected to the tests were flat and cylindrical ones.

  17. Spatial geometry and the Wu-Yang ambiguity

    Freedman, D.Z. [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland). Theory Div.; Khuri, R.R. [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland). Theory Div.


    We display continuous families of SU(2) vector potentials A{sup a}{sub i}(x) in 3 space dimensions which generate the same magnetic field B{sup ai}(x) (with det B {ne} 0). These Wu-Yang families are obtained from the Einstein equation R{sub ij} = -2G{sub ij} derived recently via a local map of the gauge field system into a spatial geometry with 2-tensor G{sub ij} = B{sup a}{sub i}B{sup a}{sub j} det B and connection {Gamma}{sup i}{sub jk} with torsion defined from gauge covariant derivatives of B. (orig.)

  18. Mr. Wu Yaowen Answers Questions About Sino-Foreign Cooperation of Chinese Onshore Oil Industry

    Luo Pu


    @@ The reporter interviewed Mr. Wu Yaowen on June 21, 1994. Mr. Wu, former director of the Department of Energy of State Planning Commission, was transferred to CNPC two months ago to form the International Cooperation Bureau (ICB)and act as director of ICB and president of China National Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Corporation (CNODC).

  19. The Emotion of Huaxia Culture in Guan Wo Sheng Fu by Yan Zhitui%《观我生赋》中颜之推的华夏文化情感



    The Family Instructions of Master Yan is the most widely -known book written by Yan Zhitui , but Guan Wo Sheng Fu , another masterpiece of his , is rarely known by the public .The important value and significance of this ode not only lies in its high literary attainments , but more importantly , the theme of the ode reflects scholarsˊcultural emotion during the era when the Northern barbarian tribes ruled Chi-na.Yan Zhituiˊs thoughts, family and personal background deeply affect his national culture complex .In Guan Wo Sheng Fu , Yan Zhitui connects his personal encounter with Huaxia culture , and that is the first time that a Han nationality scholar expressed the emotion that individual fate is closely related to the whole Huaxia culture in literary works .%颜之推最为人所知的乃是其著有《颜氏家训》一书,然另一赋篇名作《观我生赋》却鲜有人注意。此赋的重要价值意义不仅在于其文学造诣很高,更重要的其主题立意反映了在胡人统治中国这种时代大背景下文人的文化情感。颜之推所受思想与其家世和个人背景深深影响着他的民族文化情结。在《观我生赋》中,颜之推把个人遭遇与华夏文化联系在一起,是汉族文人第一次在文学作品中表达个人命运与华夏文化息息相关的情感。

  20. Studies of Neutrino-Electron Scattering at the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory

    Deniz, M


    Studies on electron antineutrino-electron elastic scattering were performed using a 200-kg CsI(Tl) scintillating crystal detector array at the Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan. The measured cross section of R(exp) = [1.00 +- 0.32(stat)]xR(SM) is consistent with the Standard Model expectation and the corresponding weak mixing angle derived is sin2T = 0.24 +- 0.05 (stat). The results are consistent with a destructive interference effect between neutral and charged-currents in this process. Limits on neutrino magnetic moment of mu(nu_(e)) < 2.0 x 10^(-10) mu_(B) at 90% confidence level and on electron antineutrino charge radius of r^(2) < (0.12 +- 2.07)x10^(-32) cm^2 were also derived.

  1. Rheological behavior of Shengli coal-solvent slurry at low-temperatures and atmospheric pressure

    WANG Yong-gang; YAN Yan; GUO Xiang-kun; Xu De-ping


    We report the results from systematic studies of Shengli lignite coal-solvent slurries. Solvent type, temperature, coal to solvent ratio, particle granularity, shear rate and shear time were investigated. The viscosity of the solvents is time independent. However, the slurries are thixotropic. A change from pseudo-plastic to Newtonian behavior occurs as the temperature, or as the solvent to coal ratio, increases. The solvent used in the slurry affects the point at which the theology changes from pseudo-plastic to Newtonian. The REC slurry changes at 1 : 1.2 coal to solvent ratio and at 40 ℃. The HAR slurry changes at a 1:1.5 ratio and at 60 ℃. The theology of the slurries is pseudo-plastic at low shear rates but Newtonian at high shear rates.

  2. Subtle trap recognition based on seismic sedimentology-A case study from Shengli Oilfield

    Huang Handong; Zhang Ruwei; Luo Qun; Zhao Di; Peng Yongmin


    Seismic sedimentology is the study of sedimentary rocks and facies using seismic data. However, often the sedimentary body features can't be described quantitatively due to the limit of seismic resolution. High resolution inversion offsets this limitation and is applied to seismic sedimentology to identify subtle traps under complex geologic conditions, thereby widening the applicable range of seismic sedimentology. In this paper, based on seismic sedimentology, seismic phase-controlled nonlinear random inversion is used to predict the sandy conglomerate reservoir of Es3 in the Chezhen depression in Shengli Oilfield. Thickness and sedimentary microfacies maps of sandy conglomerate bodies in several stages are presented and several subtle traps were predicted and verified by drilling.

  3. Analysis of Energy Consumption and Energy Conservation Measures for RFCCU at Shengli Petrochemical Company

    Li Ning; Xu Zhenling


    This article introduces a string of energy conservation measures adopted over the past several years by the RFCC unit at Shengli Petrochemical Complex, including the optimization of feedstock properties, the adoption of high-efficiency atomizing nozzles, the revamp of CO boiler, the atomization by means of dry gas, the post-burning of flue gas as well as the application of frequency converting machines and pumps, resulting in ideal effects. The energy consumption of the RFCC unit was gradually decreased to 2984.25 MJ/t from the original level of 3716.99 MJ/t. After comparing basic energy consumption values with actual consumption values, the authors have set forward measures for further energy conservation, such as the recovery of low-temperature excess heat contained in oil/gas streams exiting from the fractionation tower top, addition of the fourth cyclone, delivery of hot oil slurry, and heat tracing with hot water.

  4. Governing Civil Service Pay in China, by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014. xvi+236 pp

    Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik


    Book review of: Governing Civil Service Pay in China by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014.......Book review of: Governing Civil Service Pay in China by Alfred M. Wu. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014....

  5. Hans Jürman 85 : Hans Jürman: kes ma olen? / Hans Jürman

    Jürman, Hans, 1923-2014


    Hans Jürmani lapsepõlvest, kooliaastatest ning ülikooliajast. Olles hariduselt eesti filoloog on Hans Jürman töötanud ka apteekrina ja õpetajana, kuid suurema osa oma elust raamatukogudes, põhiliselt Tallinna Keskraamatukogus ja Eesti NSV Riiklikus Avalikus Raamatukogus, viimasel ajal tegeleb terminoloogiaga

  6. Hans Jürman 85 : Hans Jürman: kes ma olen? / Hans Jürman

    Jürman, Hans, 1923-2014


    Hans Jürmani lapsepõlvest, kooliaastatest ning ülikooliajast. Olles hariduselt eesti filoloog on Hans Jürman töötanud ka apteekrina ja õpetajana, kuid suurema osa oma elust raamatukogudes, põhiliselt Tallinna Keskraamatukogus ja Eesti NSV Riiklikus Avalikus Raamatukogus, viimasel ajal tegeleb terminoloogiaga

  7. One Yin-Yang Wu-Xing Model of TCM

    陈树新; 张文然


    Although Yin-Yang Wu-Xing (Yin-Yang and Five-Elements, subsystems of human body) has been the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for more than 5 000 years, it has been primarily analytical or empirical in nature without a formal scientific foundation. Based on bipolar set theory, an equilibrium/non-equilibrium computational model of Yin-Yang Wu-Xing is proposed. The Yin-Yang Wu-Xing dynamical systems are formulated so that equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions can be established and proved. Computer simulations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium processes show that this new approach can provide diagnostic decision support in TCM. Thus, this equilibrium-based approach provides a unique scientific basis for future research in TCM, Qi (vital energy), QiGong, Meridians and Collaterals (acupuncture channels) and herbal treatment. On the other hand, it provides a basic Yin-Yang cellular network architecture for modem scientific research in genomics such that regulation mechanisms of the ubiquitous YY1 protein for cell processes can be explained.%尽管5000多年来阴阳五行说(即阴阳和五种元素一人体的子系统)一直是传统中医的理论基础,但本质上阴阳五行说主要来自于人们的日常分析和经验,缺乏正规的科学依据.我们基于两极学说提出了一种阴阳五行的均衡/非均衡计算模型.文中我们阐述了该阴FEI_E行动态系统,以便于构建和验证均衡和非均衡条件.计算机模拟均衡和非均衡序列的实验表明,这种新方法可以给传统中医提供诊断决策支持.因此,这种基于均衡的方法给传统中医、气(生命力)、气功、经络(针刺通道)、草药医疗等领域未来的研究工作提供了唯一的科学依据.同时,该方法还为现代基因组学的科研工作提供了一个基本的阴阳细胞网络架构,这样的话人们就可以解释细胞序列中普遍存在YYl蛋白质的常规机理了.

  8. Utopian Registers of the New Italian Epic. Wu Ming and the Socially-Symbolic Act

    Kevin Potter


    Full Text Available Registri utopistici della New Italian Epic. Wu Ming e l’atto socialmente simbolicoWu Ming, un collettivo di scrittori fondato nel 2000, cerca di promuovere l’impegno collettivo e la rivoluzione sociale attraverso una ‘mitopoiesi di base’. Costruendo miti che riflettono i problemi e le contraddizioni dell’attuale società italiana, Wu Ming crea una coscienza unificatrice attraverso un’esperienza e un’identità condivise. Creando nuovi eroi popolari, interrogando la storia e resistendo alle visioni dominanti del sistema sociale, Wu Ming si impegna dunque in una mitopoiesi della resistenza politica. L’opera di scrittura politica e di mitopoiesi del gruppo produce quella che Jameson definisce un ‘atto socialmente simbolico’. In The Political Unconscious Jameson suggerisce che tutta la letteratura debba essere letta come ‘una meditazione simbolica sul destino di una comunità’, e che la forma narrativa e simbolica inventa ‘soluzioni’ immaginarie a contraddizioni sociali. Basandosi sulla prospettiva marxista di Jameson, il presente contributo analizza un racconto di Wu Ming, ‘I trecento boscaioli dell’imperatore’. Attraverso questa storia, e con una più ampia analisi dell’operato di Wu Ming, si sostiene che questa culmini in un atto socialmente simbolico. Le storie create da Wu Ming riflettono sul destino dell’oppressa comunità italiana che il collettivo di scrittori rappresenta, rendendo possibile una ‘compensazione utopica’ all’interno dei confini narrativi.

  9. Identification and differentiation of major components in three different “Sheng-ma” crude drug species by UPLC/Q-TOF-MS

    Mengxue Fan


    Full Text Available Cimicifugae Rhizoma (Sheng ma is a Ranunculaceae herb belonging to a composite family and well known in China. has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The Pharmacopoeia of the People׳s Republic of China contains three varieties (Cimicifuga dahurica (Turcz., Cimicifuga foetida L. and Cimicifuga heracleifolia Kom. which have been used clinically as “Sheng-ma”. However, the chemical constituents of three components of “Sheng-ma” have never been documented. In this study, a rapid method for the analysis of the main components of “Sheng-ma” was developed using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC/Q-TOF-MS. The present study reveals the major common and distinct chemical constituents of C. dahurica, C. foetida and C. heracleifolia and also reports principal component and statistical analyses of these results. The components were identified by comparing the retention time, accurate mass, mass spectrometric fragmentation characteristic ions and matching empirical molecular formula with that of the published compounds. A total of 32 common components and 8 markers for different “Sheng-ma” components were identified. These findings provide an important basis for the further study and clinical utilities of the three “Sheng-ma” varieties.

  10. Learning Han Cultures on Horseback


    The "Think Tank in the Plain of Golden Lotuses" played important roles in the founding of the Yuan Dynasty.It came into being because of the enthusiasm of Kublai towards Han cultures and his political ambitions.

  11. Chien-Shiung Wu: An Icon of Physicist and Woman Scientist in China

    Zhu, Yuelin


    Chien-Shiung Wu, the first female president of APS, is a well-known figure in China, a figure who serves as an inspiration for youths, especially young women, to study science and particularly physics. In this presentation, a historical perspective will be used to show how such an icon was formed. Born in 1912, the year of the Republic Revolution, Wu was in the first generation of physicists in China and her college mentor was a student of Marie Curie. When Wu came to the U.S. for graduate studies in the 1930s, it was a ``golden age'' for nuclear physics, and the invention of the cyclotron by E. O. Lawrence put UC Berkeley at the frontier. Wu was trained there, with Lawrence as her advisor, and later became an expert in Beta-decay. In 1956, Wu conceived and initiated the experiment of Cobalt-60, which, together with other two experiments, eventually proved the asymmetry of parity in weak-interactions, a hypothesis proposed by T. D. Lee and C. N. Yang. The importance of the experiment gained Wu an enormous reputation which spread even to China, when this was a period of hostility in Sino-American relations, and near total isolation due to the Cold-War. Wu was the daughter of a revolutionary, and an activist in college in patriotic student movements, and she combined this background with her scientific career as the way of ``Saving China with Science,'' a common belief reflecting the Zeitgeist of her time. Although she spent most of her life in the U.S., Wu never wavered in her love for or loyalty to her motherland. Her patriotism, as well as her scientific achievement, made Wu a legend in China, being called ``the Chinese Madam Curie.'' Even during the Cultural Revolution, a novel supposedly taking Wu as the original model was very popular in underground circles, widely spread by hand-written-copies. From 1979-1988, the CUSPEA program enrolled hundreds of China's best graduate students into physics departments in American universities. Although Wu herself was not

  12. The Hazard Notification System (HANS)

    Snedigar, S. F.; Venezky, D. Y.


    The Volcano Hazards Program (VHP) has developed a Hazard Notification System (HANS) for distributing volcanic activity information collected by scientists to airlines, emergency services, and the general public. In the past year, data from HANS have been used by airlines to make decisions about diverting or canceling flights during the eruption of Mount Redoubt. HANS was developed to provide a single system that each of the five U.S. volcano observatories could use for communicating and storing volcanic information about the 160+ potentially active U.S. volcanoes. The data that cover ten tables and nearly 100 fields are now stored in similar formats, and the information can be released in styles requested by our agency partners, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Currently, HANS has about 4500 reports stored; on average, two - three reports are added daily. HANS (at its most basic form) consists of a user interface for entering data into one of many release types (Daily Status Reports, Weekly Updates, Volcano Activity Notifications, etc.); a database holding previous releases as well as observatory information such as email address lists and volcano boilerplates; and a transmission system for formatting releases and sending them out by email or other web related system. The user interface to HANS is completely web based, providing access to our observatory scientists from any online PC. The underlying database stores the observatory information and drives the observatory and program websites' dynamic updates and archived information releases. HANS also runs scripts for generating several different feeds including the program home page Volcano Status Map. Each observatory has the capability of running an instance of HANS. There are currently three instances of HANS and each instance is synchronized to all other instances using a master-slave environment. Information can be entered on any node; slave nodes transmit data to the master node

  13. Effect of healthy Qigong “WuQinXi” exercise on peripheral blood T ...



    Jul 19, 2010 ... Moreover, the effect was better in female practitioners than male ones. This data suggest that “WuQinXi” exercise may improve immunity function of elderly practitioners. .... practitioners exhibit smaller increases in the index of.

  14. For Our founding father of ABRC, Prof. Ray Wu (1928-2008)

    Ning-Sun Yang; Chun-Wen Lan


    @@ Dr. Ray Wu, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Comell University, passed away on Sunday, February 10, 2008, at the age of 79. Dr. Wu was a pioneer in DNA sequencing and recombinant DNA technology, a renowned scientist in rice genetic engineering, a strong and tong time advocate for scientific research and education in Chinese Taipei and Chinese Mainland, and most of all, a genuine mentor and true friend to many of us, worldwide and at ABRC.

  15. Wu Mart Lands Hong Kong:A Hint to Mainland Retailers


    One of the biggest chain supermarkets in Beijing——Wu Mart Group Co., Ltd. has been listed on Growth Enterprise Market of Hong Kong as the new share with most funds.The opening offer of the stock is HK$8 which is up 29% of the IPO HK$ 6.22. On the contrary to Bear Market in mainland, Wu Mart stock has been the favor of Hong Kong market that give morc confidence to mainland retailers.

  16. [Clinical study on professor Wu Lian-zhong's experience in acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis].

    Tang, Yan; Zheng, Li-juan; Yin, Li-li


    This paper introduce the professor WU Lian-zhong's clinical experience in acupuncture treatment for facial paralysis. Professor WU emphasizes the treatment based on syndrome differentiation. The appropriate theory, method, prescription and acupoints should be applied according to observing the subtle details of syndromes and differentiating the state of diseases development, so as to obtain effectiveness, to shorten the duration of treatment course and to reduce sequelae. The concrete methods of prognosis diagnosis for facial paralysis and three effective cases are introduced.

  17. The administration of Sheng Hua Tang immediately after delivery to reduce the incidence of retained placenta in Holstein dairy cows.

    Cui, Dongan; Wang, Xuezhi; Wang, Lei; Wang, Xurong; Zhang, Jingyan; Qin, Zhe; Li, Jianxi; Yang, Zhiqiang


    Sheng Hua Tang, a classical herbal formula consisting of Radix Angelicae sinensis, Ligustici rhizoma, Semen persicae, Zingiberis rhizoma, and Radix glycyrrhizae, is known to be beneficial in alleviating postpartum diseases and facilitating a return to normal reproductive function. This study investigated whether the administration of Sheng Hua Tang within 2 to 4 hours after delivery was effective as a preventive treatment for reducing the risk of retained placenta in Holstein dairy cows. A total of 357 cows, each of which had delivered its calf spontaneously, were randomly allocated to one of two groups. In the treatment group, the cows (n = 175) received Sheng Hua Tang with an oral dose of 0.36 g crude herb per kg·body weight once daily for three consecutive days. The controls (n = 182) received no treatment. The placental retention proportion was 4.0% and 17.0% within 12 hours after delivery in the treated and control animals, respectively (P < 0.01). We found decreases in the calving-to-first-service interval (73.2 ± 25.1 vs. 81.9 ± 32.8 days; P < 0.01), calving-to-conception interval (93.4 ± 38.8 vs. 114.6 ± 42.9 days; P < 0.01), and service per conception (1.5 ± 0.8 vs. 1.9 ± 1.0 days; P < 0.01) in the treatment group compared with the control group. The first artificial insemination conception proportion was higher in the treatment group than in the control group (60.4% vs. 41.1%; P = 0.01). Moreover, the between-group difference in the proportion of cows that were pregnant within 180 days postpartum approached statistical significance (88.2% vs. 80.6%; P = 0.07). Sheng Hua Tang showed beneficial effects in reducing the incidence of retained placenta and improving subsequent reproductive performance in cows. This preventive treatment strategy would be effective in improving the management of puerperal health. The potential benefits of Sheng Hua Tang warrant further investigation to determine whether this preventive treatment strategy can be endorsed as

  18. En italiensk ridder, hans våpen hans styrke, hans seier og hans fall : Il Cavaliere - Silvio Berlusconi

    Stokke, Alfhild


    Denne prosjektoppgavens hovedperson er Silvio Berlusconi. Min hoved-problemstilling er hvordan en av Europas største økonomier har kunnet la seg lede av en så omstridt leder i så mange år. Gjennom underproblemstillingene har jeg diskutert Berlusconi i lys av teori rundt karismatisk og narsissistisk lederskap. Jeg har også sett på hvordan han har taklet det politiske spiller og hvordan han tilegnet seg og utøvet makt. Jeg har anvendt hermeneutikk som metode og foretatt intervjuer med noen utva...

  19. Status on the Searches of Neutrino Magnetic Moment at the Kuo-Sheng Power Reactor

    Wong, H T


    The TEXONO collaboration has been built up among scientists from Taiwan and China to pursue an experimental program in neutrino and astro-particle physics. The flagship efforts have been the study of low energy neutrino physics at the Kuo-Sheng Power Reactor Plant in Taiwan. The Reactor Laboratory is equipped with flexibly-designed shieldings, cosmic veto systems, electronics and data acquisition systems which can function with different detector schemes. Data are taken during the Reactor Period June-01 till April-02 with a high purity germanium detector and 46 kg of CsI(Tl) crystal scintillator array operating in parallel. A threshold of 5 keV has been achieved for the germanium detector, and the background level comparable to those of Dark Matter experiments underground is achieved. Based on 62/46 days of analyzed Reactor ON/OFF data, a preliminary result of $\\rm{(\\munue / 10^{-10} \\mub)^2 = - 1.1 \\pm 2.5}$ can be derived for neutrino magnetic moment $\\munue$. Sensitivity region on neutrino radiative decay ...

  20. Macerals of Shengli Lignite in Inner Mongolia of China and Their Combustion Reactivity

    Ying Yue Teng


    Full Text Available The macerals, including fusinitic coal containing 72.20% inertinite and xyloid coal containing 91.43% huminite, were separated from Shengli lignite using an optical microscope, and their combustion reactivity was examined by thermogravimetric analysis. Several combustion parameters, including ignition and burnout indices, were analyzed, and the combustion kinetics of the samples were calculated by regression. Fusinitic coal presented a porous structure, while xyloid coal presented a compact structure. The specific surface area of fusinitic coal was 2.5 times larger than that of xyloid coal, and the light-off temperature of the former was higher than that of the latter. However, the overall combustion reactivity of fusinitic coal was better than that of xyloid coal. The combustion processes of fusinitic and xyloid coals can be accurately described by both the homogeneous model and the shrinking core model. The features of xyloid coal agree with the shrinking core model when its conversion rate is 10%–90%. The activation energy of fusinitic coal during combustion can be divided into three phases, with the middle phase featuring the highest energy. The activation energy of xyloid coal is lower than that of fusinitic coal in the light-off phase, which may explain the low light-off temperature of this coal.

  1. 吴地剑舞考%The Generation of Sword Dance of Wu

    符姗姗; 罗莉莎


    As one of the important carrier of Wu culture,the sword dance is featured by traditional Chi-nese culture.This article discusses the generation of Sword Dance of Wu driven by the Wu cultural and its relevance with Wu culture;describes the development of sword dance in the period of stable development, the period of great prosperity,in multi-cultural period and contemporary era;demonstrates in detail the performances and performance style of sword dance in Tang Dynasty;and finally sums up the culture fea-tures and rules of development of sword dance,It has meaningful reference for historical research on the sword dance of Wu.%作为吴地文化的重要载体之一,剑舞具有其独特的中国传统文化特色。论述了吴文化背景推动下吴地剑舞的产生过程及其与吴文化的历史关联,阐述了剑舞在平稳发展期、鼎盛时期、多元融合期以及当代发展时期的不同状态,详细论述了剑舞在唐代的表演形式和表演风格,总结了剑舞的文化特色和发展规律。

  2. Study on Quality Standard of ShengXue Granules%升血颗粒质量标准研究

    戴晓雁; 王玉洁; 魏学兵


    目的:建立升血颗粒的质量标准。方法:采用薄层色谱(TLC)法对升血颗粒中山茱萸、黄芪、丹参、麦门冬进行定性鉴别;采用高效液相色谱法对升血颗粒中马钱苷的含量进行定量测定。结果:TLC 斑点清晰、分离度好,阴性对照无干扰;马钱苷进样量在0.0752~0.451μg/mL范围内与峰面积呈良好线性关系(r=0.9983),平均加样回收率为96.2%,RSD=2.3%(n=6)。结论:所建立的标准可用于升血颗粒的质量控制。%Objective:To establish quality control of ShengXue granules. Methods:ShanZhuYu(Cornus offici-nalis), HuangQi (radix Astragalus), DanShen (radix salviae miltiorrhizae) and MaiMenDong [Ophitopogin japonicum (L.f) Ker.-Gawl.] in ShengXue granules were identified by TLC;the contents of loganin were determined by HPLC. Results:TCL figures were distinct and reproducible, the blank test showed no interference;loganin showed better linear relationship in the range between 0.0752 and 0.451μg/mL and peak areas (r=0.998 3), average recovery rate was 96.2%, RSD=2.3%(n=6). Conclusion:The standard could be used in quality control of ShengXue granules.

  3. Distribution characteristics of terrestrial heat flow density in Jiyang depression of Shengli Oilfield, East China

    GONG Yuling; WANG Liangshu; LIU Shaowen; LI Cheng; HAN Yongbing; LI Hua; LIU Bo; CAI Jingong


    Based on the geo-temperature data of 13 systematically continuous temperature log curves and 700 testing oil boreholes in Jiyang depression, Shengli Oilfield, and the measured thermal conductivities of 47 rock samples, the terrestrial heat flow densities of 114 boreholes of Jiyang depression and its surrounding areas are determined, including 13 of those data derived from systemically continuous temperature logging. The results show that Jiyang depression has a relatively high background heat flow with an average value (65.8 ± 5.4) mW/m2. The lateral variation of heat flow in basin has negative correlation with basement depth. Moreover, heat flow of uplift areas with shallower basement is high, so are those of regions with volcanic rocks, and those of depression areas with deep basement are relatively low. The heat flow densities of different structural units of Jiyang depression can be summarized as follows: The average heat flow value of Zhanhua sag is (67.4 ± 5.3) mW/m2, higher than that of the whole basin, that of Dongying sag is (66.0 ± 6.1) mW/m2, and that of Chezhen sag is (65.1 ± 3.7) mW/m2. It is apparent that these latter two values are approximate to the average value of the whole Jiyang depression,while the average value of Huimin sag is (63.6±5.0) mW/m2, lower than that of the whole basin. In fact, the basement depth and the distribution framework of uplift and depression areas are all controlled by the process of lithosphere extension. In addition, the distribution of volcanic rocks in basin is also relatively close to this extension geodynamic process. In summary, the distribution characteristics of terrestrial heat flow of Jiyang depression is determined by the Cenozoic tectono-thermal events of this region.

  4. 吴澄论"心"%Wu Cheng's Theory on Xin



    Moral nature theory is the core of Neo-Confucianism. Wu Cheng is a famous philosopher of Yuan Dynasty. His thought on moral nature theory is complex and grand. In order to understand correctly content and significance of Xin, Wu Cheng stud-ied on Xin from three aspects as follows. First, Wu Cheng proposed Mind Is Great, Wu Cheng analyzed the three basic meaning of Xin, which is thinking, dominating, and having moral attribute. Then Wu Cheng elucidated the moral attribute of Xin, combining the idea of "Mind Is Humanity" in his theory. Finally, Wu Cheng set forth the abundant signification in Xin and Tao to clarify the misun-derstanding of Xin and put the school of Xin into Confucian orthodoxy on the basis of Mind Contains Tao.%元代理学家吴澄的心性论内容丰富,寓意深远. 吴澄从心能弘、心即仁及心具道三方面,结合"仁"、"道"、"理"等重要范畴对心性之可能及其形上根据进行充分论述,并以"弘"强调主体的道德自觉在心性之动态展开与现实呈现过程中的重要性. 吴澄以"弘"统贯心的三种基本含义(即知觉之义、主宰之义以及道德之义),并以"仁"为本心之全德. 在此基础上,吴澄通过对"心"的辨析疏理,为心学正名,将心学纳入儒家道统,体现了其弘扬心性的治学取向.

  5. Applications of interval arithmetic in solving polynomial equations by Wu's elimination method

    CHEN; Falai; YANG; Wu


    Wu's elimination method is an important method for solving multivariate polynomial equations. In this paper, we apply interval arithmetic to Wu's method and convert the problem of solving polynomial equations into that of solving interval polynomial equations. Parallel results such as zero-decomposition theorem are obtained for interval polynomial equations. The advantages of the new approach are two-folds: First, the problem of the numerical instability arisen from floating-point arithmetic is largely overcome. Second,the low efficiency of the algorithm caused by large intermediate coefficients introduced by exact compaction is dramatically improved. Some examples are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

  6. The Hintermann-Merlini-Baxter-Wu and the infinite-coupling-limit Ashkin-Teller models

    Huang Yuan, E-mail: [Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026 (China); Deng Youjin, E-mail: [Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui 230026 (China); Jacobsen, Jesper Lykke, E-mail: [Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, Ecole Normale Superieure, 24 rue Lhomond, 75231 Paris (France); Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu, 75252 Paris (France); Salas, Jesus, E-mail: [Grupo de Modelizacion, Simulacion Numerica y Matematica Industrial, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Avda. de la Universidad 30, 28911 Leganes (Spain); Grupo de Teorias de Campos y Fisica Estadistica, Instituto Gregorio Millan, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Unidad asociada al IEM-CSIC, Madrid (Spain)


    We show how the Hintermann-Merlini-Baxter-Wu model (which is a generalization of the well-known Baxter-Wu model to a general Eulerian triangulation) can be mapped onto a particular infinite-coupling-limit of the Ashkin-Teller model. We work out some mappings among these models, also including the standard and mixed Ashkin-Teller models. Finally, we compute the phase diagram of the infinite-coupling-limit Ashkin-Teller model on the square, triangular, hexagonal, and kagome lattices.

  7. For Our founding father of ABRC,Prof. Ray Wu (1928—2008)


    Dr. Ray Wu, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Mo-lecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University, passed away on Sunday, February 10, 2008, at the age of 79. Dr. Wu was a pioneer in DNA sequencing and recombinant DNA technology, a renowned scientist in rice genetic engi-neering, a strong and long time advocate for scientific re-search and education in Chinese Taipei and Chinese Mainland, and most of all, a genuine mentor and true friend to many of us, worldwide and at ABRC.

  8. A Discussion of" "Si Sheng Bi Yi"%“四声别义”浅议



    “四声别义”作为一种语法手段,词语的单音节形式是其存在的一个重要条件,随着汉语双音节化的发展,“四声别义”所依存的语音环境受到了影响。在概念内容没有发生变化的情况下,通过改变声调来实现词语自身语法功能的变化,这决定了其在使用范围上的局限性,以上因素在一定程度上导致了“四声别义”语法功能的弱化。%As for "si sheng bie yi", a means of grammar, one single syllable is an important condition. Along with the development of Chinese double syllable, the interdependence of phonetic environment was affected. On the concept content of the words did not change, by changing the tone to achieve words grammatical function, which also determine its use scope limitation, these factors resulted in a degree of " si sheng bie yi " grammatical function of weakening.

  9. HansTriebel访谈录

    Antonio Caetano; Dorothee Haroske; 李天虹(译); 黄飞敏(校)


    Hans Triebel(1936年2月7日出生于Dessau)已于2001年从Friedrich—Schiller—Universitat Jena(德国耶拿市弗里德里希·席勒大学)退休.在1962年获得博士学位和1966年获得教授资格(Habilitation)之后,他在该校当了超过30年的分析领域的讲座教授.

  10. A Novel Pharmacological Method to Study the Chinese Medicinal Formula Hua-Zheng-Hui-Sheng-Dan

    Rui Cao


    Full Text Available Objectives. Hua-Zheng-Hui-Sheng-Dan (HZHSD was used as an experimental model to explore research methods of large formulae in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM using current molecular biology approaches. Materials and Methods. The trypan blue exclusion assay was used to determine cell viability and cell numbers. Flow cytometry was used to assess cell cycle distribution and apoptosis. The concentration of cyclin D1 was analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The median effect principle was used in drug combination studies. An orthogonal experimental design was used to estimate the effects of each herb at different concentrations. The HeLa xenograft mouse model was used to compare the antitumor activity of drugs in vivo. Results. Among the 35 herbs that comprise HZHSD, Radix Rehmanniae Preparata (RRP, Caesalpinia sappan (CS, Evodia rutaecarpa (ER, Folium Artemisiae Argyi (FAA, Leonurus japonicus Houtt (LJH, Tumeric (Tu, Radix Paeoniae Alba (RPA, and Trogopterus Dung (TD effectively inhibited the proliferation of HeLa and SKOV3 cells. Only RRR had an effect on HeLa and SKOV3 cell viability. According to the median effect principle, Angelica sinensis (Oliv. (AS, Tabanus (Ta, and Pollen Typhae (PT, which were proven to have a significant synergistic inhibitory effect on the proliferation of HeLa cells, were added to the original eight positive herbs. The combination of RPA and AS had a synergistic effect on inducing cell cycle S phase arrest and decreasing intracellular cyclin D1 in HeLa cells. By orthogonal experimental design, LJH and Tu were considered unnecessary herbs. The small formula (SHZHSD consisted of RPA, AS, RRR, Ta., TD, PT, ER, CS, and FAA and was able to inhibit cell proliferation and induce cell apoptosis. The antitumor effects of HZHSD and SHZHSD were also compared in vivo. Conclusions. Through molecular biology approaches both in vitro and in vivo, research into single drugs, and analysis using the median effect principle

  11. Whole-genome characterization and genotyping of global WU polyomavirus strains

    Bialasiewicz, Seweryn; Rockett, Rebecca; Whiley, David W.; Abed, Yacine; Allander, Tobias; Binks, Michael; Boivin, Guy; Cheng, Allen C.; Chung, Ju-Young; Ferguson, Patricia E.; Gilroy, Nicole M.; Leach, Amanda J.; Lindau, Cecilia; Rossen, John W.; Sorrell, Tania C.; Nissen, Michael D.; Sloots, Theo P.


    Exploration of the genetic diversity of WU polyomavirus (WUV) has been limited in terms of the specimen numbers and particularly the sizes of the genomic fragments analyzed. Using whole-genome sequencing of 48 WUV strains collected in four continents over a 5-year period and 16 publicly available wh

  12. Critical behavior of the spin-$1/2$ Baxter-Wu model: Entropic sampling simulations

    Jorge, L N; Caparica, A A


    In this work we use a refined entropic sampling technique based on the Wang-Landau method to study the spin-$1/2$ Baxter-Wu model. The static critical exponents were determined as $\\alpha=0.6545(68)$, $\\beta=0.0818(30)$, $\\gamma=1.18193(77)$, and $\

  13. WU Polyomavirus in Respiratory Epithelial Cells from Lung Transplant Patient with Job Syndrome

    Siebrasse, Erica A.; Pastrana, Diana V.; Nguyen, Nang L.; Wang, Annie; Roth, Mark J.; Holland, Steven M.; Freeman, Alexandra F.; McDyer, John; Buck, Christopher B.


    We detected WU polyomavirus (WUPyV) in a bronchoalveolar lavage sample from lungs transplanted into a recipient with Job syndrome by using immunoassays specific for the WUPyV viral protein 1. Co-staining for an epithelial cell marker identified most WUPyV viral protein 1–positive cells as respiratory epithelial cells. PMID:25531075

  14. International Civil Aviation Co-operation Reinforced Wu Nianzu attends Asia Aviation Exhibition


    <正>Wu Nianzu, chairman and president of the Shanghai Airport (Group) Company, was invited by Huang Wenliang, director of Singapore Civil Aviation Administration, to attend 2004 Asia Aviation Exhibition held in Singapore on February 22 to 28. His party included Wang Guangdi, vice president of the company.They attended the opening ceremony, visited the

  15. Ray Wu, Cornell's acclaimed pioneer of genetic engineering and developer of insect-resistant rice


    @@ ITHACA, N.Y. - Ray J. Wu, Comell University professor of molecular biology and genetics, who was widely recognized as one of the fathers of genetic engineering and who developed and sought to feed the world with a higher yielding rice that resists insects and drought, died of cardiac arrest in Ithaca, Feb. 10.

  16. Production of keratinolytic enzyme by an indigenous feather-degrading strain Bacillus cereus Wu2.

    Lo, Wei-Hsun; Too, Jui-Rze; Wu, Jane-Yii


    A novel feather-degrading microorganism was isolated from a poultry farm in Taiwan, and was identified Bacillus cereus Wu2 according to 16S rRNA sequencing. The isolated strain produces keratinolytic enzyme using chicken feather as the sole carbon and nitrogen source. The experimental results indicated that the extra carbon sources (glucose, fructose, starch, sucrose, or lactose) could act as a catabolite repressor to the enzyme secretion or keratinolytic activity when keratinous substrates were employed as protein sources. However, addition of 2 g/L of NH(4)Cl to the feather medium increased the enzyme production. The optimum temperature and initial pH for enzyme production were 30°C and 7.0, respectively. The maximum yield of the enzyme was 1.75 kU/mL in the optimal chicken feather medium; this value was about 17-fold higher than the yield in the basal hair medium. The B. cereus Wu2 possessed disulfide reductase activity along with keratinolytic activity. The amino acid contents of feathers degradated by B. cereus Wu2 were higher, especially for lysine, methionine and threonine which were nutritionally essential amino acids and usually deficient in the feather meal. Thus, B. cereus Wu2 could be not only used to enhance the nutritional value of feather meal but is also a potential bioinoculant in agricultural environments.

  17. [Professor Wu Bing-huang's experiences in acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis].

    Huang, Dong-e; Wu, Qiang; Chen, Chuan-jiang


    Professor WU Bing-huang's unique experiences in acupuncture treatment of facial paralysis are introduced. He excellently uses anatomical and pathological knowledge of facial nerves, selecting acupoints according to nervous distribution, selecting needling methods according to the nervous trend, selecting acupuncture stimulation amount according to pathological changes and judging prognosis according to affected position.

  18. On the de Rham-Wu decomposition for Riemannian and Lorentzian manifolds

    Galaev, Anton S


    It is explained how to find the de~Rham decomposition of a Riemannian manifold and the Wu decomposition of a Lorentzian manifold. For that it is enough to find parallel symmetric bilinear forms on the manifold, and do some linear algebra. This result will allow to compute the connected holonomy group of an arbitrary Riemannian or Lorentzian manifold.

  19. Analysis of astronomical records of King Wu's Conquest

    LIU; Ciyuan


    [1]Kristian, J. , Sandage, A. R. , Westphal, J., The extension of the Hubble diagram: Ⅱ. New redshifts and photometry of very distant galaxy clusters, Astrophys. J., 1978, 221: 383.[2]Sandage, A., The redshift-distant relation V. Galaxy co lors as functions of galactic latitude and redshift, Astrophys, J.,1973, 183: 711.[3]Qu, Q. Y., Qin, Z. H., Han, C. S. et al., A relation between magnitudes and redshifts of QSOs with strong interplanetary scientillation, Chinese Astron., 1979, 4: 97.[4]Tinsley, B. M. , The Galaxy counts, color-redshift relation, and related quantities as probes of cosmology and galactic evolu-tion, Astrophys. J., 1977, 211: 621.[5]Spinrad, H., Djorgovski, S., The status of the Hubble diagram in 1986 (eds. Hewitt, A. Burbidge, G. Fang, L. Z. ),Proc. IAU Symp 124 on Observational Cosmology, New York: D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1986, 129.[6]Fang, L. Z., Zhou, Y. Y., Cheng F. Z. et al., Evolution of quasars with resolved components and determination of decel-eration parameter q0, Scientia Sinica, 1979, 22: 1292.[7]Cheng, K. S., Fan, J. H., Li, Y. et al., Do γ-ray burst associated with metal-rich quasars (ed. Cheng, K. S., Singh,H. P.), Proc. of The Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics, August 13-16, 1997, Houg Kong, 1997.[8]Davis, M., Geller, M. J., Huchra, J., The local mean mass density of the universe: new methods for studying galaxy clus-tering, Astrophys. J., 1978, 221: 1.[9]Gott, J. R., Turner, E. L., The mean luminosity and mass densities in the universe, Astrophys. J., 1976, 209: 1.[10]Shapiro, S. L., The density of matter in the form of galaxies, Astron. J., 1971, 76: 291.[11]Fang, L. Z., Hu, F. X., The large-scale inhomogeneities in the universe (eds. Yang, J., Zhu, C. S. ), Proceeding of A-cademia Sinica--Max-Plank Socity Workshop on High Energy Astrophyics Held in Nanjing, China, April 9-17, 1982,New York: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers S.A. 1982, 425[12]Baldwin, J. A

  20. On Currency Circulation and Inflation of Wei Shu Wu Period%三国时期的货币流通与通货膨胀∗



    The society had been disordered in late Han Dynasty, at that time, a person who was named Dong Zhuo destroyed mo⁃netary system, forged poor small coin, which created serious inflation, and influenced currency circulation damagingly. Wei, Shu, Wu Dynasties took different approaches to solve this serious economic crisis:Wei Dynasty had not minted and reformed tax policy, which changed the tax method from money to real objects;while Wu and Shu Dynasties had forged big coins to deal with it. The monetary sys⁃tem had been chaotic, inflation had continued to grow because of the wrong currency policy and severe economic damages, which un⁃locked the prologue of natural economy in Medieval Times, and promoted the flourishing of real objects as currency.%汉末丧乱,董卓破坏钱法,铸造劣质小钱,引起了严重的通货膨胀,三国时期的货币流通秩序也因此受到严重影响。魏、蜀、吴政权面对这次经济危机采取了不同的应对方法,北方的曹魏政权主要采取不铸钱与赋税改收实物的办法;南方的吴、蜀政权则以铸造大钱的手段予以应对。由于经济破坏严重,货币政策不合时宜,导致了整个三国时期货币制度混乱,通货膨胀持续增长,为此后实物货币兴盛、“中古自然经济”的出现揭开了序幕。

  1. Wu-Manber Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm Based on CUDA%基于CUDA的Wu-Manber多模式匹配算法

    马计; 王国平; 杨明


    Multi-pattern matching is a basic problem in computer science and used in many fields,in some cases,also the most time-consuming. GPU has more parallel computing capabilities than the CPU. With the introduction of CUD A,GPU computing for general purpose parallel programming becomes easier. This paper proposes Wu-Manber multi-pattern matching algorithm based on the CUD A,and evaluating the implementations we have achieved speedups up to 10 faster than the sequential implementations.%多模式匹配是计算机科学中最基本的问题,其应用在许多领域,在一些情形下也是比较耗时的.GPU拥有比CPU更强的并行计算能力,随着CUDA架构的推出,GPU用于通用计算领域的并行编程工作变得更加轻松.实现了基于CUDA架构的Wu-Manber多模式匹配算法,实验结果表明,相比传统串行算法而言,本文的实现获得了10倍以上的加速.

  2. Non-Toxic HAN Monopropellant Propulsion Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Non-toxic monopropellants have been developed that provide better performance than toxic hydrazine. Formulations based on hydroxylammonium nitrate (HAN) have...

  3. Non-Toxic HAN Monopropellant Propulsion Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Non-toxic monopropellants have been developed that provide better performance than toxic hydrazine. Formulations based on hydroxylammonium nitrate (HAN) have...

  4. [Professor WU Xu's clinical experiences on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain].

    Wu, Xiao-Liang; Lu, Bin; Sun, Jian-Hua; Ai, Bing-Wei; Bao, Chao; Wu, Wen-Zhong; Li, Jian-Bing; Liu, Lan-Ying; Wu, Wen-Yun; Pei, Li-Xia; Zhou, Jun-Ling; Li, Yan-Cai; Qin, Shan


    The clinical experiences and proven cases of distinguished doctor of TCM, professor WU Xu, on acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain is introduced. Professor WU's manipulation characteristics of acupuncture for acute upper abdominal pain, including acute cholecystitis, kidney stone, acute stomach pain, are one-hand shape but both hands in nature, moving like Tai Chi, force on the tip of needle, movement of qi mainly. The main technique posture is one-hand holding needle with middle finger for pressing, the needle is hold by thumb and index finger, and is assisted by middle finger. The special acupuncture experience of emergency is treatment according to syndrome differentiation, combination of acupuncture and moxibustion, selecting acupoint based on experience, blood-letting acupuncture therapy and so on.

  5. Ray Wu's Golden Rules: How he achieved greatness in work, and in life

    Albert W.Wu; Christina C.Wu; Diana K.Sugg


    @@ Overview When Ray Wu passed away on February 10, 2008, he was 79, working full-time in his lab at Cornell University, and was at or near the top of his long and noteworthy career. He had developed the first method for DNA sequencing and pioneered recombinant DNA technology. He had identified key genes related to stress tolerance in plants and was poised to apply these to boost crop yields of rice and other foods.

  6. KI and WU polyomaviruses and CD4+ cell counts in HIV-1-infected patients, Italy.

    Babakir-Mina, Muhammed; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Farchi, Francesca; Bergallo, Massimiliano; Cavallo, Rossana; Adorno, Gaspare; Perno, Carlo Federico; Ciotti, Marco


    To investigate an association between KI and WU polyomavirus (KIPyV and WUPyV) infections and CD4+ cell counts, we tested HIV-1-positive patients and blood donors. No association was found between cell counts and virus infections in HIV-1-positive patients. Frequency of KIPyV infection was similar for both groups. WUPyV was more frequent in HIV-1-positive patients.

  7. Madame Wu Chien-Shiung the first lady of physics research

    Chiang, Tsai-Chien


    Narrating the well-lived life of the "Chinese Madame Curie" - a recipient of the first Wolf Prize in Physics (1978), the first woman to receive an honorary doctorate from Princeton University, as well as the first female president of the American Physics Society - this book provides a comprehensive and honest account of the life of Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu, an outstanding and leading experimental physicist of the 20th century.

  8. 伍铁平和语言学评论%Wu Tieping and Linguistics Comment

    彭泽润; 曹家鹏; 周琴


    Wu Tieping unequivocally pioneered and developed the Chinese linguistics comment discipline. Wu Tieping's linguistics comment pays attention to the facts, opposes fraud; dares to challenge, not afraid of authority, only pursuing academic truth. Wu Tieping is knowledgeable scholar, with rigorous schol-arship and stronger logic, can trace the origin and distinguish academic point of view. Wu Tieping lat-er years used scientific linguistic theory to carry out a comment of the field of linguistics, especially for unhealthy academic atmosphere, which has significant meaning for the healthy development of Chinese linguistics.%伍铁平开创和发展了中国语言学评论学科。伍铁平的语言学评论对事情讲究实际,反对弄虚作假;对人敢于挑战,不畏惧权威,只追求学术真理。伍铁平学识渊博,治学严谨,评论的逻辑性强,能够溯本求源,旁征博引,辨别学术观点的是非。伍铁平晚年运用科学的语言理论开展对语言学领域的评论,特别是针对学术歪风开展的扎实的批评,对中国语言学的健康发展有重大意义。


    Grace Ji-Sun Kim


    Full Text Available Today, nations exhibit imperial behaviour but not like the ancient agriculture driven landed empires or the 18-19th century mercantile empires. The land and trade divisions are not as clearly segregated as in the earlier ones, but Imperial nations do exist and do control other nations. Imperialism and colonialism has devastating effects on our world. It has nurtured self-worth through the accumulation of worldly goods for the purposes of serving their own interests and exploiting others for the sole purpose of self-gain. This is devastating not only to human beings but to the whole ecology of the planet. Consumerism drives trade, but consumer buying is now like an unchained beast with tooth and claw causing han for the exploited as well as the resources of the planet. Eco-theologians and feminist theologians examine the devastating effects to help ensure that we are seriously determined to preserve the planet. We will examine ways of rethinking and reimagining our errors and how we can work towards the right direction for a safer, sustainable planet. doi: 10.7833/111-1-15

  10. On the Contrastive Study of Political Policies between Elizabeth I and Empress Wu

    JIN Hui; MAO Hai-yan


    Elizabeth I and Empress Wu, the former was the last queen of Tudor Dynasty in England and the latter was an empress who had crowned herself as the regent of Tang Dynasty. The two female monarchs had many similarities. First, in terms of cultur-al policies, both implemented moderately flexible policies, which promoted cultural development. Second, in terms of heir prob-lem, both did not determine their successors until old age so as that their heirs to the throne would not threaten their own politi-cal status. Third, in terms of religion, both implemented religious tolerance policies, which helped avoid social unrest and strengthened centralization of authority. However, due to different historical era and environment where the two female mon-archs lived, there still exist many differences between their policies. First, in matters of economy, Elizabeth I adopted mercantilist policies, while Empress Wu took agriculture into serious consideration and scorned commerce and trade. Second, in matters of military policies, under the leadership of Elizabeth I, the war between England and Spain took very long time and suffered tre-mendous losses, while Empress Wu was more successful in solving the border problem of her country.

  11. Aspects of Perturbation theory in Quantum Mechanics: The BenderWu Mathematica package

    Sulejmanpasic, Tin


    We discuss a general setup which allows the study of the perturbation theory of an arbitrary, locally harmonic 1D quantum mechanical potential as well as its multi-variable (many-body) generalization. The latter may form a prototype for regularized quantum field theory. We first generalize the method of Bender-Wu, and derive exact recursion relations which allow the determination of the perturbative wave-function and energy corrections to an arbitrary order, at least in principle. For 1D systems, we implement these equations in an easy to use Mathematica package we call BenderWu. Our package enables quick home-computer computation of high orders of perturbation theory (about 100 orders in 10-30 seconds, and 250 orders in 1-2h) and enables practical study of a large class of problems in Quantum Mechanics. We have two hopes concerning the BenderWu package. One is that due to resurgence, large amount of non-perturbative information, such as non-perturbative energies and wave-functions (e.g. WKB wave functions), ...

  12. Clinical Observation on Therapeutic Effect of Ji De Sheng She Yao Tablet on 16 Cases with AIDS Complicated by Herpes Zoster


    @@The Ji De Sheng She Yao tablet (季德胜蛇药片)is a drug for snake-bites and insect bites. According to recent reports, this drug has been used to treat herpes zoster, hepatitis B, parotitis, nephrotic syndrome, acute conjunctivitis, recurrent aphtha, urticaria, etc.1 with good therapeutic effects. More than half of the AIDS patients suffered from herpes zoster. The area of skin lesion in AIDS patients is larger than that of the patients without AIDS and the pain lasts longer. Many cases have keloids and depigmentation for months, even severe pain till their death. Routine therapeutic methods are not satisfactory in therapeutic effects. The expert group of traditional Chinese medicine for cooperative research on AIDS used Ji De Sheng She Yao tablets (季德胜蛇药片) to treat AIDS complicated by herpes zoster for the first time and the results are reported as follows.

  13. Immunomodulatory Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine Formula Sheng-Fei-Yu-Chuan-Tang in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury Mice

    Chia-Hung Lin; Ching-Hua Yeh; Li-Jen Lin; Shulhn-Der Wang; Jen-Shu Wang; Shung-Te Kao


    Traditional Chinese medicine formula Sheng-Fei-Yu-Chuan-Tang (SFYCT), consisting of 13 medicinal plants, was used to treat patients with lung diseases. This study investigated the immunoregulatory effect of SFYCT on intratracheal lipopolysaccharides- (LPS-) challenged acute lung injury (ALI) mice. SFYCT attenuated pulmonary edema, macrophages, and neutrophils infiltration in the airways. SFYCT decreased inflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor- α (TNF α ), interleukin-1 β , and...

  14. Lian-Sheng Ma, Editor-in-Chief of WJG, warmly meets Professor Hugh J Freeman from the University of British Columbia


    Lian-Sheng Ma, Editor-in-Chief of World Journal of Gastroenterology (WJG), warmly met Professor Hugh J Freeman from the University of British Columbia at Peninsula Hotel in Beijing on August 28, 2007. Professor Hugh J Freeman gave much helpful advice toward the further development of WJG. He will serve as series editor for a new column called OBSERVER which will start in WJG in 2008.

  15. Wu Xiaobing



    @@ On September 16, CCTV broadcast the news that 1,300 babies had been hospitalized and three dead from melamine-contaminated infant formula sold by dairy firm Sanlu (三鹿) and twenty- one other local Chinese companies - at the time of going to press, four babies had died and more than 6,000 hospitalized.

  16. 胜利油田存货管理的问题及对策%On The Inventory Management Problems and Its Solution in Shengli Oilfiled



    Being an important asset of an enterprise,inventory can't be ignored in enterprise management.As a large state-owned enterprise,Shengli Oilfield has many kinds of inventories,which occupy much fund.Therefore,it is especially impor-tant to improve the benefits of Shengli Oilfield by carrying out the correct inventory management,reducing the average level of fund occupation,speeding up the inventory flow and the turnover rate of total assets.Based on the actual work,the list of the problems on the inventory management and the proposal for solution has been put forward in this article,which is of some cer-tain reference value for the inventory management in Shengli Oilfield.%存货是企业的重要资产,是企业管理中不可忽视的一部分。胜利油田作为大型国有企业,存货种类名目繁多,资金占用额度大,因而通过实施正确的存货管理方法,降低企业的平均资金占用水平,提高存货的流转速度和总资产周转率等办法来提高胜利油田效益尤为重要。

  17. Clinical Observation on Sheng's Black Plaster in the Treatment of Tendon Injury%生氏黑膏药治疗筋伤的临床观察



    目的:探讨生氏黑膏药治疗筋伤的临床疗效.方法:196例筋伤患者采用生氏黑膏药(由麝香、牛黄、珍珠、三七、鹿茸、冰片、血竭、鳖甲等90味原料制成)治疗.结果:痊愈162例,好转30例,无效4例,有效率97.95%.结论:生氏黑膏药治疗筋伤的疗效显著.%Objective:To observe clinical effects of Sheng's Black Plaster on the treatment of tendon injury. Methods: 196 patients of tendon injury were treated by the Sheng's Black Plaster( composed of 90 herbs such as Musk, Bezoar,Genuine pearl, Panax notoginseng, Cornua cervi pantotrichum, Malayan camphor, Daemonorops draco, Carapax trionycis and so on). Results: After treatment, 162 cases were healed,30 were improved,4 were ineffective and the effective rate was 97. 95% . Conclusion:The Sheng's Black Plaster has significant curative effects on the treatment of tendon injury.

  18. BFH-OST, a new predictive screening tool for identifying osteoporosis in postmenopausal Han Chinese women

    Ma Z


    Full Text Available Zhao Ma, Yong Yang,* JiSheng Lin, XiaoDong Zhang, Qian Meng, BingQiang Wang, Qi Fei* Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: To develop a simple new clinical screening tool to identify primary osteoporosis by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA in postmenopausal women and to compare its validity with the Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Tool for Asians (OSTA in a Han Chinese population.Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted, enrolling 1,721 community-dwelling postmenopausal Han Chinese women. All the subjects completed a structured questionnaire and had their bone mineral density measured using DXA. Using logistic regression analysis, we assessed the ability of numerous potential risk factors examined in the questionnaire to identify women with osteoporosis. Based on this analysis, we build a new predictive model, the Beijing Friendship Hospital Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Tool (BFH-OST. Receiver operating characteristic curves were generated to compare the validity of the new model and OSTA in identifying postmenopausal women at increased risk of primary osteoporosis as defined according to the World Health Organization criteria.Results: At screening, it was found that of the 1,721 subjects with DXA, 22.66% had osteoporosis and a further 47.36% had osteopenia. Of the items screened in the questionnaire, it was found that age, weight, height, body mass index, personal history of fracture after the age of 45 years, history of fragility fracture in either parent, current smoking, and consumption of three of more alcoholic drinks per day were all predictive of osteoporosis. However, age at menarche and menopause, years since menopause, and number of pregnancies and live births were irrelevant in this study. The logistic regression analysis and item reduction yielded a final tool (BFH-OST based on age

  19. Hans Christian Andersen ja Põhjamaade muinasjutud


    Narva kultuurimajas etendub teater Varius etendus "Jutustan teile oma lugu", mis põhineb Hans Christian Anderseni elulool. Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu esindus Eestis kingib Narva Linnavalitsusele 20 venekeelset Põhjamaade muinasjuttude kogumikku

  20. A Reconsideration of Jia-wu Alert%甲午警示再议



    今年是甲午战争120周年祭,中日两国都没有忘记那场改变中国和日本历史进程的战争。日本并未从中汲取教训,痛定思痛,反而有些人称那场战争是“非计划,非预谋的突发事件”,认为日本进行的是一场合理的战争。一些极端分子还纷纷进入靖国神社参拜--包括甲午战争时践踏中国国土、蹂躏中国人民的“皇军”之鬼魂。过去,国人曾一再谈及甲午启迪,以警示人们,但在面对日趋恶化的中日关系的现实状况,甲午战争给人们的历史警示和告诫会更加深刻。%It is the 120th Anniversary of Jia-wu Marin-time War this year, both China and japan do not forget about the war that has changed the historical course of both countries. While Japan did not get any lessons from the war with rational reflection but called that war“not-planned and not predicted coincidence”, considering Japan was going a rational war. Some extremists even worship the military deaths in the Yasukuni Shrine, including the ghosts of the Japanese emperor in China. We have previously covered the Jia-wu Marime time War to alert the world. In rhe face of the more severe Sine-Japan conflicts, Jia-wu Marine time war may bring about more historical siren and Warnings.

  1. Gene identification and functional analysis of methylcitrate synthase in citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L.

    Kobayashi, Keiichi; Hattori, Takasumi; Honda, Yuki; Kirimura, Kohtaro


    Methylcitrate synthase (EC; MCS) is a key enzyme of the methylcitric acid cycle localized in the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells and related to propionic acid metabolism. In this study, cloning of the gene mcsA encoding MCS and heterologous expression of it in Escherichia coli were performed for functional analysis of the MCS of citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L. Only one copy of mcsA (1,495 bp) exists in the A. niger WU-2223L chromosome. It encodes a 51-kDa polypeptide consisting of 465 amino acids containing mitochondrial targeting signal peptides. Purified recombinant MCS showed not only MCS activity (27.6 U/mg) but also citrate synthase (EC; CS) activity (26.8 U/mg). For functional analysis of MCS, mcsA disruptant strain DMCS-1, derived from A. niger WU-2223L, was constructed. Although A. niger WU-2223L showed growth on propionate as sole carbon source, DMCS-1 showed no growth. These results suggest that MCS is an essential enzyme in propionic acid metabolism, and that the methylcitric acid cycle operates functionally in A. niger WU-2223L. To determine whether MCS makes a contribution to citric acid production, citric acid production tests on DMCS-1 were performed. The amount of citric acid produced from glucose consumed by DMCS-1 in citric acid production medium over 12 d of cultivation was on the same level to that by WU-2223L. Thus it was found that MCS made no contribution to citric acid production from glucose in A. niger WU-2223L, although MCS showed CS activity.

  2. Traduciendo el feminismo: Taiwán, Spivak, A-Wu

    Shu-Mei Shih


    Full Text Available Este artículo establece un diálogo entre las propuestas de Gayatri Spivak y las de la feminista taiwanesa A-Wu. Exponiendo las tensiones existentes dentro de los feminismos taiwaneses y su relación y negociación con las presiones imperialistas que configuran la identidad de la isla, la autora propone vías para una crítica recíproca entre grupos feministas que logre negociar productivamente con la universalización e intraducibilidad en cuyo marco tienen lugar los encuentros feministas transnacionales.

  3. [Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief) and the compilation during the early Song Dynasty].

    Han, Yi


    Tai ping sheng hui fang, the first medical formulary of the Song Dynasty, compiled from the 3(rd) year of Taiping-xingguo reign to the 3(rd) year of Chunhua reign (978 ∼ 992), under the edict of the Taizong Emperor, was popularly applied and extensively circulated and called "the first formulary of the Dynasty". It is extremely significant in the medical history of the Song Dynasty due to its theory of prescription art, practical prescriptions and clinical practice. During the process of its circulation, different versions appeared, including the Guozijian Orthodox Version, Guozijian Small-character Version, Chongwen Hall Abridged Version, Newly Carved Version of Zhuanyunsi, and the Local Abridged Version, thus adapting to the demands of various walks of life in the society. Its unique role in the development of the Song society was founded by its introduction, application and popularization by the emperors, local officials, medical scholars, diplomatic envoys, and intellectuals. The "kind administration" of the authority and the government was further greatly facilitated by the involvement of the government and the introduction of printing. Its practical prescriptions became forceful tools to prevent and treat diseases, to conquer witchcraft, to protect local social security, and to pronounce the merits of officials and physicians at all levels.

  4. Acculturation and Transformation:Immigration and Wu Yue,Guan Dong Regional Wushu Cul ture%涵化与蜕变:移民与吴越、关东地域武术文化

    丁丽萍; 徐烈


    Based on the perspective of cultural acculturation theory ,with basic theory and meth‐od of culture ,history as research method ,the effect of immigration flows on evolution of Wu Yue and Guan Dong wushu culture in historical period as the main research object ,this paper aimed to reveal the phenomenon of North and South China wushu culture and its reasons by comparison .The study concluded that 1 ) From the migration time ,Wu Yue region has the characteristics of early contact time and long term acculturation by Han immigrants culture compared with Guan Dong region .2 ) Migration properties comparison of Wu Yue and Guan Dong region ,one is in the advantage of the elite culture ,the other is the underlying non elite culture group .3) Migration time and characteristics of immigrants make acculturation degree of Wu Yue regional wushu culture different from the Guan Dong region ,thus forming a regional Wushu culture phenomenon of “South is Wen and North is Wu” .%从文化涵化理论视角出发,运用文化学、史学的基本理论与方法,以历史时期中吴越、关东地域发生的移民流动而引起的该地域武术文化的演变为主要研究对象,通过比较以期揭示中国武术文化的南北现象及其形成之因。研究认为,从移民迁移时间来看,吴越与关东地域相比,受到汉族移民文化的涵化具有接触时间早、持续时间长的特征。从移民性质来看,吴越与关东地域相比,一种是居于优势的上层精英文化群体,一种是底层的非精英文化群体。移民的迁移时间和性质使吴越地域武术文化的涵化程度异于关东地域,从而形成了“南文北武”的地域武术文化现象。

  5. The Mysterious Culture of Han Dynasty and Communication between Men and Gods in the Legends about the Emperor HanWu%两汉神秘文化与武帝传说系列文本的人神遇合




  6. The plague fighter: Wu Lien-teh and the beginning of the Chinese public health system.

    Flohr, C


    At the end of 1910, when the Qing dynasty was on the verge of collapse and the whole Chinese empire in a process of transformation, North Manchuria was devastated by a large pneumonic plague epidemic. The Russian and Japanese governments wanted to use the outbreak of the disease as a pretext to invade north-east China, making plague an issue of international politics. At this dramatic moment the empire relied on the skills of the young Chinese doctor Wu Lien-teh, the first Chinese medical graduate from Cambridge. Wu investigated the disease on the spot, chaired an international plague conference in Shenyang (Manchuria) in April 1911, and, later on, became the figurehead of fundamental public health reforms in Republican China. Highly ambitious, striving for personal fame and international renown for China, supported by an excellent network of personal connections, and equipped with a medical training considered the best in the world at the time, he launched on a startling career as one of China's key medical reformers and international representatives. His history is an example of the inseparable links between personal fate and historical events, and between the interests of scientists, medical men, politicians, and businessmen on the national and international stages.

  7. Ignition delay time correlation of fuel blends based on Livengood-Wu description

    Khaled, Fathi


    In this work, a universal methodology for ignition delay time (IDT) correlation of multicomponent fuel mixtures is reported. The method is applicable over wide ranges of temperatures, pressures, and equivalence ratios. n-Heptane, iso-octane, toluene, ethanol and their blends are investigated in this study because of their relevance to gasoline surrogate formulation. The proposed methodology combines benefits from the Livengood-Wu integral, the cool flame characteristics and the Arrhenius behavior of the high-temperature ignition delay time to suggest a simple and comprehensive formulation for correlating the ignition delay times of pure components and blends. The IDTs of fuel blends usually have complex dependences on temperature, pressure, equivalence ratio and composition of the blend. The Livengood-Wu integral is applied here to relate the NTC region and the cool flame phenomenon. The integral is further extended to obtain a relation between the IDTs of fuel blends and pure components. Ignition delay times calculated using the proposed methodology are in excellent agreement with those simulated using a detailed chemical kinetic model for n-heptane, iso-octane, toluene, ethanol and blends of these components. Finally, very good agreement is also observed for combustion phasing in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) predictions between simulations performed with detailed chemistry and calculations using the developed ignition delay correlation.

  8. A Contrastive Appraisal Study on Modern Evolution of Female’s Non-prototype Characteristics—A Case Study of Different Wu Zetian’s Biographical Versions

    俞琳; 杨建梅


      Within the framework of Appraisal theory, this thesis attempts to do the discourse analysis of modern evolution of fe⁃males’non-prototype characteristics through six versions of biographies of Wu Zetian (included Lin Yutang’s Lady Wu, and Yuan Baidai’s Wu Zetian) in modern times, which aims to uncover the implicit relationship of language and ideology of these different Wu Zetian’s biographical versions composed by different authors with different genders and nationalities, which can evoke the readers resonance and affection towards them and reflect the interpersonal function between them by means of excavat⁃ing the regularity of Attitude, Engagement and Graduation resources distribution.

  9. Overview of the Silk Road in the Han Dynasty Qinghai Road%汉代丝路青海道述略



    Early Han Dynasty ,Qiang Hu minority living in the Qinghai road along ,and the road is dangerous .Emperor Wu of Han once wanted to take advantage of “Shu body poison Road”to communicate with the Daxia country .Since the mid -Han ,With the forces of the Central Plains into the Hehuang area , the local Qiang was forced to use the Qinghai road migration south and west ,Or in combination with Hun to fight han army .Han Dynasty through administrative establishment and mita immigration ,gradually mas‐tered the active power of management ,development of Qinghai Road .%汉前期,青海道沿线为羌胡所居,道路凶险,汉武帝曾想借道“蜀身毒道”与大夏国交通。汉中期以来,随着中原王朝势力进入河湟,当地羌族被迫利用青海道或南迁西徙,或与匈奴联合反击汉军。汉王朝通过行政建置、屯田移民,逐步掌握了经营、开发青海道的主动权。

  10. A structural query system for Han characters

    Skala, Matthew


    The IDSgrep structural query system for Han character dictionaries is presented. This dictionary search system represents the spatial structure of Han characters using Extended Ideographic Description Sequences (EIDSes), a data model and syntax based on the Unicode IDS concept. It includes a query...... language for EIDS databases, with a freely available implementation and format translation from popular third-party IDS and XML character databases. The system is designed to suit the needs of font developers and foreign language learners. The search algorithm includes a bit vector index inspired by Bloom...

  11. Distribution and geological feature of the coal-Ge deposit of Shengli coalfield in Inner Mongolia of China

    Huang Wen-hui; Sun Lei; Ma Yan-ying; Wan Huan; Tang Xiu-Yi (and others) [China University of Geosciences, Beijing (China). School of Energy Resources


    The paper discusses the geology of the coal-germanium (coal-Ge) deposits and the distribution of germanium in the coal seams of the Shengli coalfield. This coalfield is in the Wunite depression in the west of the Erlian basin and belongs to a wide syncline and the layer is smooth. The coal-Ge grew in the Early Cretaceous period of fault depression. The distribution of the high germanium layer is controlled by two faults which are on both sides, and the layer is shallow and thin in the south and deep and thick in the north. The concentration of germanium is high in both south and north (>400 x 10{sup -6}) and lower in east and west (about 200 x 10{sup -6}), like a saddle. The concentration declines quickly towards the centre of the basin. On the vertical, there can be several peak values on the coal column. The dirt band of the bottom of the coal column has an industrial value higher than industrial grade. On the top layer and backplane the concentration is very low and has no industrial value. The distribution of germanium is associated with the mineralized palaeogeology, the change of palaeoenvironment and is affected by the swamp micro-milieu and hydrodynamic forces. These make the germanium concentration undulatory in the coal seam. Adopting the method of geologic block, the estimated reserves of germanium are about 1,805 t in an estimated area of 1,0975 km{sup 2}. 19 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab.

  12. IRP/DSM Research and Demonstrating Engineering Report of Shengli Oil Field%胜利油田IRP/DSM研究与示范工程报告

    刘军; 江武敏; 高月民; 张小宁; 严川; 尤春蓉


    @@ 1 Project Background In July 1995, China Oil and Natural Gas Corporation brings forward IRP/DSM research at the "9th Five-year Plan" electric program and research' s meeting. In July 1996, China Traffic and Energy Department of the State Planning Committee authorized the project about IRP/DSM research at Shengli Oil Field. In 1997, the project was put in oil field key science and technology program. This is a project about IRP/DSM research and implementation with key body of large electric users, and is the first project as the key body of large electric users inland.

  13. Critical Behavior of the Spin-1/2 Baxter-Wu Model: Entropic Sampling Simulations

    Jorge, L. N.; Ferreira, L. S.; Leão, S. A.; Caparica, A. A.


    In this work, we use a refined entropic sampling technique based on the Wang-Landau method to study the spin- 1/2 Baxter-Wu model. We adopt the total magnetization as the order parameter and, as a result, do not divide the system into three sub-lattices. The static critical exponents were determined as α = 0.6697(54), β = 0.0813(67), γ = 1.1772(33), and ν = 0.6574(61). The estimate for the critical temperature was T c = 2.26924(2). We compare the present results with those obtained from other well-established approaches, and we find a very good closeness with the exact values, besides the high precision reached for the critical temperature.

  14. Prof. Wu Xiaoqiu:China Is Striving for the World's Most Developed Capital Market

    Sun Yongjian; Zhang Yue


    @@ China's capital market is a hot issue in the new year. The best strategy to develop the Chinese capital market in the coming 15 to 20 years was discussed in the China Capital Market Forum, which was held in China at Renmin University on January 13. Government officials, scholars, and entrepreneurs commented that by 2020, the Chinese capital market will develop into one of the best capital markets in the world,not only in terms of size, but also asset quality, liquidity and dynamic trade. Is this a realistic goal? What steps should we take to pursue this target? With these questions in mind, after the forum, China's Foreign Trade interviewed Prof. Wu Xiaoqiu, Vice President of Renmin University of China,and the Director of the Finance & Securities Institute of Renmin University.

  15. Hans Pöhl - Estlandssvenskarnas hövding = Hans Pöhl - rannarootslaste eestvõitleja / Torkel Jansson

    Jansson, Torkel, 1947-


    Raamatututvustus: Hans Pöhl - Estlandssvenskarnas hövding : en biografi över Hans Pöhl (1876-1930), estlandssvenskarnas främste företrädare och ledare = Hans Pöhl - rannarootslaste eestvõitleja : Hans Pöhli (1876-1930), Eesti rootslaste vaimse liidri ja valgustaja elulugu. (Stockholm ; Tallinn, 2010)

  16. Obituary: Hans Albrecht Bethe, 1906-2005

    Wijers, R.


    One of the unquestioned giants of physics and astrophysics, Hans Bethe, died on 6 March 2005, at the venerable age of 98, in his home town of Ithaca, New York. Seven decades of contributing to research and a Nobel Prize for his work on stellar hydrogen burning make a listing of his honors superfluou

  17. Commemorate World-Famous Writer Han Suyin

    Chuan; You


    <正>November 2,2013 marked the 1 st anniversary of the passing of the famous Anglo-Chinese writer Han Suyin.A memorial meeting jointly sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries(SIFA),the Sichuan Provincial Writers Association and the Culture and Sport Bureau of

  18. Hans Tausen: Kampen for en dansk Luther

    Dreyer, Rasmus Hoeg Colbjørn


    , hvis teologi bl.a. Hans Poulsen Resen identificerede som 'zwingliansk'. Pietismen og rationalismen (i en anden halvdel af det 18. århundrede) forsvarede derimod Tausen og benævnte ham endog 'den danske Luther' (Erich Pontoppidan), pga. det de antog at være særligt 'lutherske' aspekter i Tausens teologi...

  19. Obituary: Hans Albrecht Bethe, 1906-2005

    Wijers, R.


    One of the unquestioned giants of physics and astrophysics, Hans Bethe, died on 6 March 2005, at the venerable age of 98, in his home town of Ithaca, New York. Seven decades of contributing to research and a Nobel Prize for his work on stellar hydrogen burning make a listing of his honors superfluou

  20. Applied Mathematics, the Hans van Duijn way

    Peletier, Mark A


    This is a former PhD student's take on his teacher's scientific philosophy. I describe a set of 'principles' that I believe are conducive to good applied mathematics, and that I have learnt myself from observing Hans van Duijn in action.

  1. Hans Eysenck (1916-1997): A Tribute.

    Sternberg, Robert J.


    Hans Eysenck, who died in September 1997, was one of the most well-known psychologists in the world. A believer that intelligence is genetically controlled, Eysenck recognized the need for scientific investigation in the study of intelligence and creativity. He was characterized by extraordinary creativity and commitment to his scientific message.…

  2. Written Treasures of the Mawangdui Han Tomb


    BEFORE paper-makingwas invented in China,bamboo or wooden slipsand silk were used for writtenmaterials.The following an-cient writings were all doneon bamboo slips:documentsunearthed in the Chu tombs inBaoshan in Hubei Province;Artof War by Sunzi,a famousChinese classic about militarystrategy and tactics,unearthedin the Han tombs in Yinques-

  3. An interview with Mark G. Hans

    Bolognese, Ana Maria; Palomo, Juan Martin; Miyashita, Kunihiko; Nojima, Lincoln Issamu; Nojima, Matilde da Cunha Gonçalves


    It is a great honor to conduct an interview with Professor Mark G. Hans, after following his outstanding work ahead of the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center and the Department of Orthodontics at the prestigious Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. Born in Berea, Ohio, Professor Mark Hans attended Yale University in New Haven, CT, and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Hans received his DDS and Masters Degree of Science in Dentistry with specialty certification in Orthodontics at Case Western Reserve University. During his education, Dr. Hans' Master's Thesis won the Harry Sicher Award for Best Research by an Orthodontic Student and being granted a Presidential Teaching Fellowship. As one of the youngest doctors ever certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Hans continues to maintain his board certification. He has worked through academics on a variety of research interests, that includes the demographics of orthodontic practice, digital radiographic data, dental and craniofacial genetics, as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, with selected publications in these fields. One of his noteworthy contributions to the orthodontic literature came along with Dr. Donald Enlow on the pages of "Essentials of Facial Growth", being reference on the study of craniofacial growth and development. Dr. Mark Hans's academic career is linked to CWRU, recognized as the renowned birthplace of research on craniofacial growth and development, where the classic Bolton-Brush Growth Study was historically set. Today, Dr. Hans is the Director of The Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center, performing, with great skill and dedication, the handling of the larger longitudinal sample of bone growth study. He is Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthodontics, working in clinical and theoretical activities with students of the Undergraduate Course from the School of Dental

  4. Description of the immature stages of Kuwanina betula Wu & Liu, with a discussion of its placement in the Acanthococcidae family group (Hemiptera: Coccoidea).

    Wu, San-An; Nan, Nan


    The immature stages of Kuwanina betula Wu & Liu are described and illustrated. Based on morphological and molecular data (18S and 28S rDNA), it is argued that K. betula is closer to Pseudochermes Nitsche than to Kuwanina Cockerell in Fernald and so this species is transferred to Pseudochermes as P. betula (Wu & Liu) comb. nov..

  5. UPLC-QTOF-MS with chemical profiling approach for rapidly evaluating chemical consistency between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction

    Shang Erxin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In the present study, chemical consistency between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction was rapidly evaluated by UPLC-QTOF-MS coupled with the MarkerLynx software. Two different kinds of decoctions, namely traditional decoction: water extract of mixed six constituent herbs of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction, and dispensing granules decoction: mixed water extract of each individual herbs of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction, were prepared. Results Chemical difference was found between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions, and albiflorin, paeoniflorin, gallic acid, amygdalin, and hydroxysafflor yellow A were identified as the significantly changed components during decocting Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction. All the peaks of mass spectrum from Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction and each herb were extracted and integration by using QuanLynx™. And the optimized data was used for linear regression analysis. The contribution of each herb in Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction, and the optimal compatibility proportion of dispensing granule decoction were derived from the linear regression equation. Conclusions The optimal dosage proportionality of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu dispensing granule decoction was obtained as 2.5:0.2:1:0.5:0.6:0.1 (DG : CX : BS : SD : TR : HH, which guided better clinic application of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction as dispensing granule decoctions usage, and it also provided some experimental data to reveal the compatibility rule of the relative TCM formulae.

  6. 31 july 2014 - H. WU Ambassador Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations

    Egli, Laurent


    His Excellency Mr Hailong WU Ambassador Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland visiting the ATLAS cavern with ATLAS Spokesperson D. Charlton and the LHC tunnel at Point 1 with Technology Department, Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings Group P. Cruikshank.

  7. A Response to Professor Wu Zongjie's "Interpretation, Autonomy, and Transformation: Chinese Pedagogic Discourse in a Cross-Cultural Perspective"

    Curran, Thomas D.


    In response to an essay by Prof Wu Zongjie that was published in the "Journal of Curriculum Studies" [43(5), (2011), 569-590], I argue that, despite dramatic changes that have taken place in the language of Chinese academic discourse and pedagogy, evidence derived from the fields of psychology and the history of Chinese educational…

  8. Shen Wu capsule affects the cognitive function and apoptosis protein in the ischemic-diabetic compound model rats

    Chenlian-zhen; Lilin; Anwen-lin; Zhangli; Chujin


    Aim: To explore the mechanism of diabetes mellitus eneephalopathy and the effect of cognitive function of Chinese patent medicine Shen Wu capsule and intervention to apoptosis in the ischemic diabetic compound model rats. Methods:The compound model of Wistar rats was duplicated with streptozotocin (STZ) (60mg/kg) once intraperitoneally and transient

  9. Ray Wu,Cornell’s acclaimed pioneer of genetic engineering and developer of insect-resistant rice


    ITHACA, N.Y. -- Ray J. Wu, Cornell University professor of molecular biology and genetics, who was widely recog-nized as one of the fathers of genetic engineering and who developed and sought to feed the world with a higher yield-ing rice that resists insects and drought, died of cardiac arrest in Ithaca, Feb. 10.

  10. Facets of Software Development Computer Science & Programming,Engineering & Management In fond Memory of Professor Wu Yunzeng,Peking University,China



    Professor Wu Yunzeng epitomiazed ancient and nodern Chinese culture,Professor Wu Yunzeng was an eminent computer scientist.logician and philosopher,professor Wu Yunzeng won innumerable friends for China.We are many,in the West,who were very fond of him.his visit to Denmark made positive,and lasting impressions,we found,also ,that professor Wu Yunzeng introduced into chinese scholarly life very commendable features,The wqay he guided his students and colleagues was an example to be followed by us all.Professor Wu Yunzeng was profoundly engaged in the mathematical (logic and other)foundations of the computation sciences,in the didactics of that field,and in the broader,philosophical issues at stake when pursuing scientific and engineering work in computation.In this testimonial allow me to speculate on a context in which our many,individual contributions to the computation sciences may fit into practical life.

  11. The Comparative Study of Han Xin’ s Description in Historical Records and History of Han Dynasty%《史记》《汉书》韩信史事比较研究

    李峰; 王雪娇


    History of Han Dynasty recorded in the prequel Emperor Wu Di of Han dynasty. Additions and deletions to“The Re⁃cords of the Grand Historian”, the description of Han Xin is no exception. Through the related comparison of “The Records of the Grand Historian ” and History of Han Dynasty about Han Xin in the records it is found that Ban Gu made changes to the original, mainly for the addition, deletion and revision. Reading between the lines presents the history and characters of different cognitive e⁃valuation. At the same time, the writing styles of the two authors have different features, in the account of Han Xin’ s real-time bright performance. From the subtlety to start with Han Xin’ s analysis of the similarities and differences between Sima Qian and Ban Gu’ s narration, the different historical connotation is the focus of the paper.%《汉书》记载汉武帝以前纪传,多在引用《史记》原有材料的基础上进行增删补充,其对于韩信的记述也不例外。通过比较《史》《汉》中与韩信有关的历史撰述可发现,班固在摘录旧文时因材料取舍标准不同及个人治史思想差异而进行改动,其变更表现为增、删、改三方面,并于文字变化中呈现出与司马迁不同的史事认知和人物评价。同时,两位作者的语言文笔各有特点,这在记写韩信相关史实时表现鲜明。从细微处入手,以韩信为切入点剖析班马异同,有针对性地分析所考篇章不同处的史学内涵。

  12. Transforming han: a correlational method for psychology and religion.

    Oh, Whachul


    Han is a destructive feeling in Korea. Although Korea accomplished significant exterior growth, Korean society is still experiencing the dark aspects of transforming han as evidenced by having the highest suicide rate in Asia. Some reasons for this may be the fragmentation between North and South Korea. If we can transform han then it can become constructive. I was challenged to think of possibilities for transforming han internally; this brings me to the correlational method through psychological and religious interpretation. This study is to challenge and encourage many han-ridden people in Korean society. Through the psychological and religious understanding of han, people suffering can positively transform their han. They can relate to han more subjectively, and this means the han-ridden psyche has an innate sacredness of potential to transform.

  13. Hans Teiv : mina sellel kohal igavuse üle ei kurda / Hans Teiv ; interv. Heli Salong

    Teiv, Hans


    Saare maavanema kohusetäitja ja kandidaat Hans Teiv hindab oma võimalusi saada ametisse kinnitatud, räägib oma tegevusest maavalitsuse osakonnajuhataja ja maakonna juhina ning tutvustab Saaremaa arenguvisioone

  14. Hans Lepp : ainult tänu kodueestlastele on Eesti olemas / Hans Lepp ; interv. Kalev Vilgats

    Lepp, Hans, 1950-


    Rootsi instituudi praegune kultuurinõunik Hans Lepp töötas esimese kultuuriatasheena taas avatud Rootsi suursaatkonnas. Töötamisest Rootsi instituudis, riigi välispoliitikast, suhetest Venemaaga, aprillisündmustest jm

  15. Cardioprotection by combination of three compounds from ShengMai preparations in mice with myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury through AMPK activation-mediated mitochondrial fission

    Li, Fang; Fan, Xiaoxue; Zhang, Yu; Pang, Lizhi; Ma, Xiaonan; Song, Meijia; Kou, Junping; Yu, Boyang


    GRS is a drug combination of three active components including ginsenoside Rb1, ruscogenin and schisandrin. It derived from the well-known TCM formula ShengMai preparations, a widely used traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in clinic. The present study explores the cardioprotective effects of GRS on myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (MI/R) injury compared with ShengMai preparations and investigates the underlying mechanisms. GRS treatment significantly attenuated MI/R injury and exhibited similar efficacy as Shengmai preparations, as evidenced by decreased myocardium infarct size, ameliorated histological features, the decrease of LDH production and improved cardiac function, and also produced a significant decrease of apoptotic index. Mechanistically, GRS alleviated myocardial apoptosis by inhibiting the mitochondrial mediated apoptosis pathway as reflected by inhibition of caspase-3 activity, normalization of Bcl-2/Bax levels and improved mitochondrial function. Moreover, GRS prevented cardiomyocytes mitochondrial fission and upregulated AMPKα phosphorylation. Interestingly, AMPK activation prevented hypoxia and reoxygenation induced mitochondrial fission in cardiomyocytes and GRS actions were significantly attenuated by knockdown of AMPKα. Collectively, these data show that GRS is effective in mitigating MI/R injury by suppressing mitochondrial mediated apoptosis and modulating AMPK activation-mediated mitochondrial fission, thereby providing a rationale for future clinical applications and potential therapeutic strategy for MI/R injury. PMID:27869201

  16. Hans Viertler: professor, cientista, gestor e amigo Hans Viertler: professor, scientist, manager and friend

    Jailson B. de Andrade


    Full Text Available Hans Viertler, a visionary, an example of institutional commitment, a great scientist, excellent and dedicated teacher, highly respected as a professional and admired for his leadership, wisdom, generosity, good humor, professional capacity, and balance. A life dedicated to the consolidation of Chemistry in Brazil, the teaching chemistry, the IQ-USP, the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ and the CRQ-fourth region. Hans, a friend with a heart bigger than himself!

  17. Developing an Activity and Absorption-based Quality Control Platform for Chinese Traditional Medicine: Application to Zeng-Sheng-Ping

    Yin, Taijun; Yang, Guanyi; Ma, Yong; Xu, Beibei; Hu, Ming; You, Ming; Gao, Song


    Ethnopharmacological relevance Zeng-Sheng-Ping (ZSP) is a marketed Chinese traditional medicine used for cancer prevention. Aim of the study Currently, for the quality control of Chinese traditional medicines, marker compounds are not selected based on bioactivities and pharmaceutical behaviors in most of the cases. Therefore, even if the “quality” of the medicine is controlled, the pharmacological effect could still be inconsistent. The aim of this study is to establish an activity and absorption-based platform to select marker compound(s) for the quality control of Chinese traditional medicines. Materials and methods We used ZSP as a reference Chinese traditional medicine to establish the platform. Activity guided fractionation approach was used to purify the major components from ZSP. NMR and MS spectra were used to elucidate the structure of the isolated compounds. MTT assay against oral carcinoma cell line (SCC2095) was performed to evaluate the activities. UPLC-MS/MS was used to quantify the pure compounds in ZSP and the active fraction. The permeabilities of the identified compounds were evaluated in the Caco-2 cell culture model. The intracellular accumulation of the isolated compounds was evaluated in the SCC2095 cells. Results The major compounds were identified from ZSP. The contents, anti-proliferation activities, permeabilities, and intracellular accumulations of these compounds were also evaluated. The structure of these purified compounds were identified by comparing the NMR and MS data with those of references as rutaevine (1), limonin (2) , evodol (3), obacunone (4), fraxinellone (5), dictamnine (6), maackiain (7), trifolirhizin (8), and matrine (9). The IC50 of compounds 5, 6, and 7 against SCC2095 cells were significantly lower than that of ZSP. The uptake permeability of compounds 5, 6, and 7 were 2.58 ± 0. 3 × 10−5, 4.33 ± 0.5 × 10−5, and 4.27 ± 0.8 × 10−5 respectively in the Caco-2 cell culture model. The intracellular

  18. An interview with Mark G. Hans.

    Hans, Mark G; Nojima, Matilde da Cunha Gonçalves


    It is a great honor to conduct an interview with Professor Mark G. Hans, after following his outstanding work ahead of the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center and the Department of Orthodontics at the prestigious Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. Born in Berea, Ohio, Professor Mark Hans attended Yale University in New Haven, CT, and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Hans received his DDS and Masters Degree of Science in Dentistry with specialty certification in Orthodontics at Case Western Reserve University. During his education, Dr. Hans’ Master’s Thesis won the Harry Sicher Award for Best Research by an Orthodontic Student and being granted a Presidential Teaching Fellowship. As one of the youngest doctors ever certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Hans continues to maintain his board certification. He has worked through academics on a variety of research interests, that includes the demographics of orthodontic practice, digital radiographic data, dental and craniofacial genetics, as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, with selected publications in these fields. One of his noteworthy contributions to the orthodontic literature came along with Dr. Donald Enlow on the pages of “Essentials of Facial Growth”, being reference on the study of craniofacial growth and development. Dr. Mark Hans’s academic career is linked to CWRU, recognized as the renowned birthplace of research on craniofacial growth and development, where the classic Bolton-Brush Growth Study was historically set. Today, Dr. Hans is the Director of The Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center, performing, with great skill and dedication, the handling of the larger longitudinal sample of bone growth study. He is Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthodontics, working in clinical and theoretical activities with students of the Undergraduate Course from the School of

  19. JONAS, HANS, Memorias. Por Juan Arana

    Juan Arana


    Full Text Available Autor: Hans Jonas (2005. Editorial: Losada, Madrid. Traducción: Illana Giner Comín. Basadas en las conversaciones con Rachel Salamander. Proemiode Lore Jonas. Prólogo de Rachel Salamander. Editor: Christian Wiese. Hans Jonas forma parte, con Koestler,Popper, Heidegger o Wittgenstein, del selecto grupo de pensadores y escritores a quienes tocó vivir en primera persona gran parte de las peripecias del turbulento siglo XX. Pero, como en todo, hay diferencias.La trayectoria vital de Jonas no dibuja el perfil de una desmesura excéntrica, como la de Wittgenstein, ni de una tenaz ambición teórica, como la de Popper, ni de un lamentable olvido del prójimo, como la de Heidegger, ni de un aventurismo desquiciado, como la de Koestler.

  20. Hans Wolter - a pioneer of applied optics

    Schrimpf, Andreas


    Applied optics was one of the major topics Hans Walter was engaged in during his scientific life. He contributed to the understanding of optical properties of thin films, which could be used to design coating layers to improve the properties of optical and other surfaces. He developed the theoretical description of the basic principles of phase-contrast, schlieren and interference optics applied to enhance low contrast details and to increase the resolution in studies of biological samples. And last, but not least, Hans Wolter proposed an optical system of two grazing--incidence mirrors for use in an X--ray imaging microscope. A microscope using such an optics never was put into practice, but the optical design turned out to be well suited for telescopes.

  1. Nontoxic Hydroxylammonium Nitrate (HAN) Monopropellant Propulsion

    McKechnie, Timothy N.


    Nontoxic monopropellants have been developed that provide better performance than toxic hydrazine. Formulations based on HAN have superior performance as compared to hydrazine with enhanced specific impulse (Isp), higher density and volumetric impulse, lower melting point, and much lower toxicity. However, HAN-based monopropellants require higher chamber temperatures (2,083 K vs. 883 K) to combust. Current hydrazine-based combustion chamber technology (Inconel® or niobium C103 and silicide coating) and catalyst (Shell 405) are inadequate. In Phase I, state-of-the-art iridium-lined rhenium chambers and innovative new foam catalysts were demonstrated in pulse and 10-second firings. Phase II developed and tested a flight-weight thruster for an environmentally green monopropellant.

  2. Hans Strand:大地诗人

    烁朱; Hans; Strand


    Hans Strand与很多摄影家不同。在他整个青少年时期,都和摄影没有任何瓜葛,第一次拍照甚至到了大学快毕业的时候。但是,这并不妨碍他后来成为举世瞩目的自然摄影家。这位1955年出生于瑞

  3. Effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound JieDuTongLuoShengJin Granules Treatment in Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

    Ben Li


    Full Text Available Objective. To evaluate the clinical therapeutic efficacy and safety of JieDuTongLuoShengJin granules + HCQ in patients with pSS. Methods. 40 patients with low-activity-level pSS and without visceral involvement participated in this study and were randomized to receive either JieDuTongLuoShengJin granules with HCQ or placebo with HCQ. Patients and investigators were blinded to treatment allocation. The primary endpoint was week 12 ESSPRI score, while secondary endpoints included ESSDAI, salivary and lacrimal gland function, and some laboratory variables. Safety-related data were also assessed. Results. Comparing with the placebo group, the treatment group experienced statistically significant improvement in the mean change from baseline for the primary endpoint of ESSPRI score and also in PGA. Moreover, in comparison with baseline values, the treatment group had significantly improved ESSDAI score, unstimulated saliva flow rate, and several laboratory variables. However, upon comparison of the two groups, there were no significant differences for them. The incidence of AEs was 10.0%, one in treatment group and three in placebo group. Conclusion. Treatment with a combination of JieDuTongLuoShengJin granules with HCQ is effective in improving patients’ subjective symptoms and some objective indicators of pSS. These results indicate that JieDuTongLuoShengJin is promising as a safe and effective treatment of pSS.

  4. The philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer / Wolfgang Drechsler

    Drechsler, Wolfgang, 1963-


    Rets.rmt.: The philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer : a review of the philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer / Lewis Edwin Hahn, ed. Chicago and La Salle, IL: Open Court, 1997. (The Library of Living Philosophers, vol. XXIV)

  5. The philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer / Wolfgang Drechsler

    Drechsler, Wolfgang, 1963-


    Rets.rmt.: The philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer : a review of the philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer / Lewis Edwin Hahn, ed. Chicago and La Salle, IL: Open Court, 1997. (The Library of Living Philosophers, vol. XXIV)

  6. Investigation of the Livengood-Wu integral for modelling autoignition in a high-pressure bomb

    Hu, Zhixin; Somers, Bart L. M. T.; Cracknell, Roger F.; Bradley, Derek


    The reaction progress variable, which is widely used in premixed and diffusion combustion studies, comprises a set of pre-selected intermediate species to denote reaction progress. Progress towards autoignition can also be traced by the Livengood-Wu (LW) integral. Autoignition occurs when the LW integral attains a value of unity. This concept is further explored by applying it to an inhomogeneous mixture scenario, to determine the time and place of autoignition occurrence. A semidetailed mechanism (137 species and 633 reactions) for n-heptane/iso-octane/toluene is used in this study. Two numerical schemes based on the LW integral are proposed and incorporated into a computational fluid dynamics platform, to model autoignition in a 3D configuration, when a spray is injected into a constant volume bomb under diesel engine conditions. Tabulated chemistry, a traditional method of modelling autoignition using information from pre-calculated igniting diffusion flames, is also used for comparison purposes. The associated predicted pressure profiles are compared with experimental measurements.

  7. Dark energy fingerprints in the nonminimal Wu-Yang wormhole structure

    Balakin, Alexander B


    We discuss new exact solutions to nonminimally extended Einstein-Yang-Mills equations describing spherically symmetric static wormholes supported by the gauge field of the Wu-Yang type in a dark energy environment. We focus on the analysis of three types of exact solutions to the gravitational field equations. Solutions of the first type relate to the model, in which the dark energy is anisotropic, i.e., the radial and tangential pressures do not coincide. Solutions of the second type correspond to the isotropic pressure tensor; in particular, we discuss the exact solution, for which the dark energy is characterized by the equation of state for a string gas. Solutions of the third type describe the dark energy model with constant pressure and energy density. For the solutions of the third type we consider in detail the problem of horizons and find constraints for the parameters of nonminimal coupling and for the constitutive parameters of the dark energy equation of state, which guarantee that the nonminimal ...

  8. Hans Kruusi seotusest kodu-uurimisliikumisega / Eva Maaring

    Maaring, Eva


    Uks kodu-uurimise valdkonda paotus Hans Kruusile Tartu Õpetajate Seminaris õppides 1910. aastal. 1920. aastatel elavnes Tartus teaduslik kodu-uurimine, hakkasid ilmuma koguteosed. Ajaloolasena oli nendes oma osa H. Kruusil. 1958. aastal sai Hans Kruusist Eesti NSV TA juures tegutseva kodu-uurimise komisjoni esimees. Hans Kruusi tabavaid ütlusi

  9. Rannarootslaste suurmees Hans Pöhl / Olev Liivik

    Liivik, Olev, 1975-


    Arvustus: Estlandssvenskarnas hövding. En biografi över Hans Pöhl (1876-1930), estlandssvenskarnas främste företrädare och ledare = Hans Pöhl - rannarootslaste eestvõileja : Hans Pöhl (1876-1930), Eesti rootslaste vaimse liidri ja valgustaja elulugu. Stockholm, 2010

  10. Sheng-Sheng:The Virtue of the Heaven-and-Earth and the Fulfillment of Human Being:The Cosmic Interpretation of Meaning in Confucianism and Taoism%“生生”:天地之德,人生之的--先秦儒、道思想中的意义世界通诠



    The major tradition of Confucianism and Taoism systems in Chinese philosophical meaning world is centered on the integrative wholes explicable in three major terms:the Inseparable Unity of Heav-en and Man(天人一体,all man are at one with Heaven),Mutual Induction between Thing and Men(物我感应,and Creative Creativity (生生,Sheng-sheng).Creative Creativity,which means literally in Chinese to beget or to create,is the fundamental direction of the heaven-and-earth’s creativity and meanwhile consti-tutes the virtue and the fulfillment of life.It considers the inseparable Unity of Heaven and Man as the precondition for man’s coming into being and interaction as fundamental mechanism whereby man can en-lighten the prospect of his life.The internal cosmic meaning of Sheng-sheng theory is that Heaven and Man are inseparable and therefore “nature”and “obligation”should be one;individuals should foster their good virtue and learning for self cultivation.All living beings including humans derive their existence from Creative Creativity which is being achieved as the good and holds human beings under its own way into harmony,and by which the final destiny of the universal constancy and the fulfillment of life are achieved.%“一体”“感应”与“生生”,是构筑儒、道意义世界的三大关节。其中,“生生”既是天地运化的根本趋向,也是人生在世的意义之源。它以“天人一体”为生存论前提,以“物我感应”为根本运化机制。“生生”之论的内在价值义蕴是:天人不二,故“自”、“当”一体;修其天爵,学以为己;成己成物,致中蹈和;素位而行,乐天知命。生人之道,尽乎此矣!

  11. Clinical experience of ZHANG Sheng-sheng treating problematic spleen-stomach diseases with regulating liver and spleen%张声生教授运用调肝理脾法治疗疑难脾胃病的临床经验

    周滔; 张声生


    调肝理脾法为中医治疗大法之一,属“和法”的范畴.调肝理脾主要是协调肝脾功能,包含了各种调肝、理脾治法及相互配伍应用.张声生教授认为疑难脾胃病与肝脾失调关系更为密切,临床常表现为各种肝脾相关证候.张声生教授通过辨析疑难脾胃病的病机特点,采用相应调肝理脾治法,如疏肝健脾法、泄肝扶脾法、补脾泄肝法、补脾养肝法、泄肝和中法、柔肝滋脾法、暖肝温脾法、理气化瘀法、清利湿热法等,往往能取得良好临床疗效.%Regulating liver and spleen, one of methods of treatment, belongs to reconciliation method in TCM. Regulating liver and spleen means coordinating the function of liver and spleen, including all kinds of regulating liver, spleen, and combining each other. Professor ZHANG Sheng-sheng considers problematic spleen-stomach diseases are associated with irregulation of the function of liver and spleen, and show syndromes of irregulation of the function of liver and spleen. According to the syndrome differentiation, professor ZHANG Sheng-sheng analyzes the pathogenesis of irregulation of liver and spleen function and treats problematic spleen-stomach diseases with regulating liver and spleen, such as soothing liver and fortifying spleen, restraining liver and fortifying spleen, strengthening spleen and restraining liver, strengthening spleen and liver, restraining liver and harmonizing spleen and stomach, emolliating liver and nourishing spleen, worming liver and spleen, soothing qi and blood stasis, clearing heat and eliminating damp, and so on.

  12. KI and WU Polyomaviruses and CD4+ Cell Counts in HIV-1–infected Patients, Italy

    Babakir-Mina, Muhammed; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Farchi, Francesca; Bergallo, Massimiliano; Cavallo, Rossana; Adorno, Gaspare; Perno, Carlo Federico


    To investigate an association between KI and WU polyomavirus (KIPyV and WUPyV) infections and CD4+ cell counts, we tested HIV-1–positive patients and blood donors. No association was found between cell counts and virus infections in HIV-1–positive patients. Frequency of KIPyV infection was similar for both groups. WUPyV was more frequent in HIV-1–positive patients. PMID:20735940

  13. PLE-wu, a new member of piggyBac transposon family from insect, is active in mammalian cells.

    Wu, Chunxiao; Wang, Shu


    piggyBac, a highly active transposon in insect and mammalian cells, is a very useful tool in genome manipulation. A new piggyBac-like element (PLE), named PLE-wu, was identified from a mutant baculovirus cultured in sf9 insect cells. This new transposon is 2931 bp in length and encodes two active forms of transposase, a 708-amino acid-long transposase and a short 576-residue-long transposase translated from a downstream in-frame initiation codon. PLE-wu has asymmetric terminal structures, containing 6-bp inverted terminal repeats, 32-bp imperfect inverted and direct sub-terminal repeats. Similar to piggyBac, PLE-wu exhibits traceless excision activity in both insect and mammalian cells, restoring the original TTAA target sequence upon excision. It also retains the insertion activity in mammalian cells with a plasmid to chromosome transposition rate about 10-fold higher than random integration. Plasmid rescue assays revealed that the TTAA target sequence was duplicated at the junctions of the insertion site. Deletion of the terminal sequences including the sub-terminal repeats decreased the transposition activity of the 708-residue-long transposase, while the transposition activity of the short form of transposase was not affected. With its low sequence similarity to piggyBac, PLE-wu will contribute to the understanding the mechanism of PLE transposition, as well as design of new transposon systems with higher activity. Copyright © 2014 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. Hans Kolb的实时系统


    德国家族企业Hans Kolb Wellpappe GmbH&Co.KG公司致力于制造瓦楞设备,多年来,一直使用Kiwiplan公司的生产执行系统(MES)。最近,公司决定将品质检测记录电子化,以提高其运行速度、精准性和操作便利性,便采购了Kiwiplan公司的质量管理系统(QMS)模块。

  15. A study of transient radiation from the Wu-King resistive monopole - FDTD analysis and experimental measurements

    Maloney, James G.; Smith, Glenn S.


    The cylindrical monopole antenna with a continuous resistive loading is considered as a radiator for temporally short broad-bandwidth pulses. Specifically, the variation of the resistance used along the monopole is one proposed by Wu and King (Wu-King profile). This antenna is analyzed by the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method utilizing a new efficient technique for handling the thin-walled conducting tube that forms the resistance. The electromagnetic field in the space surrounding the antenna is determined as a function of time and quantities useful for describing the performance of the antenna are then calculated from these results: the reflected voltage in the transmission line, the surface charge density on the antenna, and the time-varying field in the far zone. Graphical displays of these results are used to give new insight into the physical processes for transient radiation from this antenna. An experimental model is constructed using a discretized version of the Wu-King profile formed from a set of precision high-frequency resistors. The fine details of these resistors are accurately included in the FDTD analysis. Measurements of both the reflected voltage in the feed fine and the time-varying radiated field are in excellent agreement with the theoretical calculations.

  16. Wu Zhiqing and Modern Martial Arts%吴志青与近代中国武术



    Wu Zhiqing was a famous martial arts activist in modern Chinese history.Wu Zhiqing participated in many martial arts activities,at the same time,he also wrote many martial arts monograph.He advocated sci-entific "martial arts",to make a beneficial exploration for the development of martial arts.This paper focuses on Wu zhiqing's life time story and illustrates his scientific "martiacarts".%吴志青是近代著名的武术活动家,同时他也写有不少武术专著。他所倡导“国术科学化”,为国术的发展作出了有益的探索,在当时颇有代表性。本文对吴志青一生进行综述性阐述,在梳理吴志青生平的同时,亦对他所倡导的“国术科学化”进行论述。

  17. Evaluation of the influence of sulfur fumigation on the pharmacokinetics of four active ingredients in Si Wu Tang.

    Pei, Ke; Cai, Hao; Liu, Xiao; Tu, Sicong; Cao, Gang; Li, Huan; Zhao, Yingying; Song, Xiaoqing; Lou, Yajing; Qiao, Fengxian; Cai, Baochang


    Sulfur fumigation may induce the decrease or the chemical transformation of some active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines in vitro. Whether sulfur fumigation can cause the pharmacokinetic changes of the active ingredients in vivo is related to the efficacy and the safety of Chinese medicines' application clinically. A sensitive, specific, and accurate method for the simultaneous determination of paeoniflorin, ferulic acid, senkyunolide A, and senkyunolide I in rat plasma by ultra high performance liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry was developed to evaluate the influence of sulfur fumigation to Si Wu Tang for the first time. Each compound was extracted from plasma samples by liquid-liquid extraction with ethyl acetate, and the chromatographic separation was accomplished on an Agilent Extend C18 column with a linear gradient elution. The mass spectrometric detection and analysis were performed by using an AB Sciex triple quadrupole 5500 mass spectrometer in multiple reaction monitoring mode. The validated method was successfully applied to a pharmacokinetic study of four compounds in rats after oral administration of sun-dried and sulfur-fumigated Si Wu Tang. The results provided a meaningful basis for evaluating the affection of sulfur fumigation to the clinical application and the efficacy of Si Wu Tang. © 2014 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  18. Critical behavior of the spin-1 and spin-3/2 Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field

    Dias, D. A.; Xavier, J. C.; Plascak, J. A.


    The phase diagram and the critical behavior of the spin-1 and the spin-3/2 two-dimensional Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field are studied by conventional finite-size scaling and conformal invariance theory. The phase diagram of this model, for the spin-1 case, is qualitatively the same as those of the diluted 4-states Potts model and the spin-1 Blume-Capel model. However, for the present case, instead of a tricritical point one has a pentacritical point for a finite value of the crystal field, in disagreement with previous work based on finite-size calculations. On the other hand, for the spin-3/2 case, the phase diagram is much richer and can present, besides a pentacritical point, an additional multicritical end point. Our results also support that the universality class of the critical behavior of the spin-1 and spin-3/2 Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field is the same as the pure Baxter-Wu model, even at the multicritical points.

  19. Vacuum Polarization Effects in the Global Monopole Spacetime in the Presence of Wu-Yang Magnetic Monopole

    De Mello, E R B


    In this paper we consider the presence of the Wu-Yang magnetic monopole in the global monopole spacetime and their influence on the vacuum polarization effects around these two monopoles placed together. According to Wu-Yang [Nucl. Phys. {\\bf B107}, 365 (1976)] the solution of the Klein-Gordon equation in such an external field will not be an ordinary function but, instead, {\\it section}. Because of the peculiar radial symmetry of the global monopole spacetime, it is possible to cover its space section by two overlapping regions, needed to define the singularity free vector potential, and to study the quantum effects due to a charged scalar field in this system. In order to develop this analysis we construct the explicit Euclidean scalar Green {\\it section} associated with a charged massless field in a global monopole spacetime in the presence of the Abelian Wu-Yang magnetic monopole. Having this Green section it is possible to study the vacuum polarization effects. We explicitly calculate the renormalized va...

  20. Experience of ZOU Ju-sheng in Treatment of Dry Eye%邹菊生老师治疗干眼症经验总结

    董志国; 张殷建


    ZOU Ju-sheng teacher applied modern anatomy and traditional organs Classification to explore the etiology and pathogenesis of dry eye,and use of ophthalmic XuanFu theory, combined with LunZang relevant theories,using propaganda through the eye of the law of XuanFu to cure disease,available better effect.%邹菊生老师运用现代解剖与传统脏腑分属方式探寻干眼症的病因病机,并运用眼科玄府理论,结合轮脏相关学说,采用宣通眼部玄府之法论治本病,获得了较好疗效.

  1. Study on Quality Standard of ShengXue Granules%升血颗粒质量标准的研究

    戴晓雁; 王玉洁; 魏学兵


    目的:建立升血颗粒的质量标准。方法:采用薄层色谱(TLC)法对处方中山茱萸、黄芪、丹参、麦门冬进行定性鉴别;采用高效液相色谱法对制剂中马钱苷的含量进行定量测定。结果:TLC斑点清晰、分离度好,阴性对照无干扰;马钱苷进样量在0.0752~0.451μg/mL范围内与峰面积呈良好线性关系(r=0.9983),平均加样回收率为96.2%,RSD=2.3%(n=6)。结论:所建立的标准可用于升血颗粒的质量控制。%Objective: To establish quality standard for ShengXue granules. Method: The herbs including ShanZhuYu (Fructus Corni), HuangQi (radix astragali), DanShen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) and MaiMengDong (Radix Ophiopogonis) in the prescription were identified qualitatively through thin-layer chromatography (TLC); loganin contents were determined qualitatively by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Result:TCL spotting was clear with high resolution and the blank test showed no interference;the sample size of loganin showed better linear relationship in the range of 0.0752 to 0.451 μg/mL and peak area (r=0.998 3), average recovery rate was 96.2%, RSD=2.3%(n=6). Conclusion:The established standard could be used for quality control of ShengXue gran-ules.

  2. High prevalence of antibodies against polyomavirus WU, polyomavirus KI, and human bocavirus in German blood donors

    Opitz Andreas


    Full Text Available Abstract Background DNA of the polyomaviruses WU (WUPyV and KI (KIPyV and of human bocavirus (HBoV has been detected with varying frequency in respiratory tract samples of children. However, only little is known about the humoral immune response against these viruses. Our aim was to establish virus-specific serological assays and to determine the prevalence of immunoglobulin G (IgG against these three viruses in the general population. Methods The capsid proteins VP1 of WUPyV and KIPyV and VP2 of HBoV were cloned into baculovirus vectors and expressed in Sf9 insect cells. IgG antibodies against WUPyV VP1, KIPyV VP1, and HBoV VP2 were determined by immunofluorescence assays in 100 plasma samples of blood donors. Results The median age of the blood donors was 31 years (range 20 - 66 yrs, 52% were male. 89% of the samples were positive for WUPyV IgG (median age 31 yrs, 49.4% male, 67% were positive for KIPyV IgG (median age 32 yrs, 46.3% male, and 76% were positive for HBoV IgG (median age 32 yrs, 51.3% male. For WUPyV and HBoV, there were no significant differences of the seropositivity rates with respect to age groups or gender. For KIPyV, the seropositivity rate increased significantly from 59% in the age group 20 - 29 years to 100% in the age group > 50 years. Conclusions High prevalences of antibodies against WUPyV, KIPyV, and HBoV were found in plasma samples of healthy adults. The results indicate that primary infection with these viruses occurs during childhood or youth. For KIPyV, the seropositivity appears to increase further during adulthood.

  3. Wu-Ling-San formula prophylaxis against recurrent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis - a prospective randomized controlled trial.

    Lin, Eugene; Ho, Lin; Lin, Mao-Sheng; Huang, Min-Ho; Chen, Wen-Chi


    Wu-Ling-San (WLS) formula has been proved to prevent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis both in vitro and in vivo. This is the first prospective, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trial of WLS in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis prevention. All patients who enrolled were asked to drink enough fluid to urinate at least 2 L daily during the study period. A 24-hour urine collection was performed to establish the baseline levels of multiple urinary parameters before taking the medicine. The patients were randomized and divided into two groups. The medication group took 2 gm WLS formula three times daily for 1 month. The control group took 2 gm placebo three times daily for 1 month. A 24-hour urine collection was performed to evaluate multiple urinary and serum parameters from all patients during the study period. A total of 39 patients were enrolled and 28 patients completed the study. Fourteen patients were allocated to WLS group and 14 patients to placebo group. After treatment, the mean urine output level increased to 2796.4 ± 525.7 ml/day (percentage of change, 13.9 %) in the WLS formula group. With placebo therapy, the mean decreased slightly to 2521.4 ± 762.7ml/day (percentage of change, -5.7 %). The percentage of change was significantly different between the two groups (independent t-test, P=0.02). No patient complained of side effects, such as fatigue, dizziness, musculoskeletal symptoms, or gastrointestinal disturbance. WLS formula is a promising adjunct to surgical and medical management of kidney stones. Active therapy with WLS formula has a positive effect on diuresis without leading to electrolyte imbalance.

  4. Tülikas meediademokraat Hans H. Luik / Hans H Luik ; interv. Jaanika Merilo

    Luik, Hans H., 1961-


    Ekspress Grupi omanik ja nõukogu liige Hans H. Luik vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad Ekspress Grupi võimlikku börsile minekut, meediaportfelli laiendamist ning tema vastu suunatuid rünnakuid. Skeem: Ekspress Grupp. Tabelid: Eesti Ekspressi majandusnäitajad; Ekspress Grupi majandusnäitajad. Kommenteerivad: Tuomas Siltala, Karoly Kirber, Lauri Lind ja Peeter Koppel

  5. Evaluation of the Influence of Sulfur-Fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba on the Quality of Si Wu Tang by Chromatographic and Chemometric Analysis.

    Pei, Ke; Cai, Hao; Duan, Yu; Qiao, Feng-Xian; Tu, Si-Cong; Liu, Xiao; Wang, Xiao-Li; Song, Xiao-Qing; Fan, Kai-Lei; Cai, Bao-Chang


    An accurate and reliable method of high-performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint combining with multi-ingredient determination was developed and validated to evaluate the influence of sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba on the quality and chemical constituents of Si Wu Tang. Multivariate data analysis including hierarchical cluster analysis and principal component analysis, which integrated with high-performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint and multi-ingredient determination, was employed to evaluate Si Wu Tang in a more objective and scientific way. Interestingly, in this paper, a total of 37 and 36 peaks were marked as common peaks in ten batches of Si Wu Tang containing sun-dried Paeoniae Radix Alba and ten batches of Si Wu Tang containing sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba, respectively, which indicated the changed fingerprint profile of Si Wu Tang when containing sulfur-fumigated herb. Furthermore, the results of simultaneous determination for multiple ingredients showed that the contents of albiflorin and paeoniflorin decreased significantly (P < 0.01) and the contents of gallic acid and Z-ligustilide decreased to some extent at the same time when Si Wu Tang contained sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Radix Alba. Therefore, sulfur-fumigation processing may have great influence on the quality of Chinese herbal prescription.

  6. The Early Memory,Hometown Feeling,Subjectivity Growth of College Students Enrolled in 1978---Review on Hou Qingling's Jiao Bu Sheng Sheng%78级的早期记忆、原乡情愫与主体性成长--候清麟《脚步声声》文本解读

    李佳龙; 郑坚


    侯清麟《脚步声声》是一本具有自传体色彩的长篇小说,作者用纪实的手法、农家子弟的主观视角,还原了1978年高考恢复前后中国乡村社会的时代特征;以“青春记忆”为叙事脉络,完成了对角色主体性成长的描写与心路历程的刻画,生动呈现了78级大学生这一特殊群体的早期记忆。%Hou Qingling’s works Jiao Bu Sheng Sheng is a long novel with autobiography features.The writer’s documentary literary form and the plain subjective views from the husbandman restored the characteristics of China's rural areas in 1978 when the policy of college entrance examination resumed.Taking “the memories of youth”as the main thread of narrative,the author completed the depiction of the protagonist's journey which lead to his maturity and inward process which vividly presented the early memory of one generation who own the privilege to access university.

  7. 汉代大司马职官丛考%A Probe into the Feudal official Post Big Sima in Han Dynasties



    The high post of Big Sima had a significant impact on the political system of Han Dynasty. It existed during the Chu - Han Battle instead of the Emperor Wu. There are three kinds of Big Sima, the senior general Sima, the promoted Sima, and the third Sima. Its existence and evolution reflects that the feudal official post Big Sima in Han Dynasty is becoming more and more eminent. In Han Dynasty, Big Sima and Grand Com- mandant were muturally changed their names, there were similarities and differences between them. In the Sepa- ratist regime of Han Dynasty, there existed the post of Big Sima with different features.%大司马一职两汉皆有,其位高权重,对汉代的政治制度具有重大影响。楚汉之争时已经有大司马职官,而非始于武帝时。两汉冠以“大司马”之名的职官有三种,即高级将领之大司马、加官之大司马和三公之大司马。其存在与演变反映了汉代大司马职官地位越来越高的演变趋势。汉代大司马与太尉曾相互易名、更改,其二者属官有相同之处,亦有不同的地方。在两汉时期出现的各种割据政权中亦存在大司马职官,且各自有着不同的特点。

  8. Mineralogical and Biogeochemical Characteristics of Rhodolith from Wu Island, Jeju-do, Korea

    Roh, Y.; Kang, S.; Roh, E. H.


    This study focused on investigation of mineralogical and biogeochemical characteristics of the rhodoliths and examination of the rhodolith origin whether they were formed by chemical or biological processes. Rhodoliths are free-living forms of calcareous, coralline red algae formed under specific environmental conditions, but their formation processes are still controversial. The rhodoliths and sea water were sampled at Seogwang-ri coast in the western part of Wu Island, Jeju-do, Korea. The chemical compositions and pHs of sea water were measured by ICP-AES and pH meter. Microorganisms enriched from rhodoliths were aerobically cultured at room temperature in D-1 media containing various concentrations (0, 30, 100 mM) of Ca and Mg-acetate, and the microorganisms were analyzed by 16S rRNA gene DGGE analysis to confirm microbial diversity. Mineralogical characteristics of the rhodoliths and precipitates formed by the enriched microorganisms were determined by XRF, XRD, and SEM-EDS analyses. The sea water had a range of pH 6 to 7, and consisted of approximately 400 mg/L of Ca and 1200 mg/L of Mg which are low to form carbonate minerals by chemical process in natural environments. XRF and XRD analyses showed the rhodoliths mainly consisted of 46% CaO and 5 % MgO and mineralogy is Mg-rich calcite. A 16S rRNA sequence analysis showed the enriched microorganisms contained a carbonate forming microorganism, Proteus mirabilis. The enriched microorganisms precipitated carbonate minerals using D-1 media containing Ca- and Mg-acetate (30, 100 mM) and mineralogy of the precipitated carbonate mineral was Mg-rich calcite, whereas the microorganisms did not form carbonate minerals without Ca- and Mg-acetate in D-1 media. SEM-EDS analyses showed that the Mg-rich calcite formed by the microorganisms had a rhombohedron shape. And the Mg-rich calcite consisted of Ca, Si and Mg with extracellular polymeric substance (EPS). These results indicate that the rhodoliths at Seogwang-ri coast

  9. Brad Mehldau : Analytiske perspektiver på hans spillestil


    Brad Mehldau (f. 1970) må kunne sies å være en av de store nålevende jazzpianistene, og han har gjort seg vel bemerket i både hans hjemland USA og internasjonalt. Han har samarbeidet med kjente utøvere som Pat Metheny, Joshua Redman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Charlie Haden, Lee Konitz, etc. I sin egen trio, med bassist Larry Grenadier og trommeslager Jeff Ballard, spiller Mehldau en blanding av jazzstandardlåter, egne komposisjoner og poplåter i hans egne arrangementer. Denne oppgaven er sentrert run...

  10. Newly described human polyomaviruses Merkel Cell, KI and WU are present in urban sewage and may represent potential environmental contaminants

    Carratala Anna


    Full Text Available Abstract Recently, three new polyomaviruses (KI, WU and Merkel cell polyomavirus have been reported to infect humans. It has also been suggested that lymphotropic polyomavirus, a virus of simian origin, infects humans. KI and WU polyomaviruses have been detected mainly in specimens from the respiratory tract while Merkel cell polyomavirus has been described in a very high percentage of Merkel cell carcinomas. The distribution, excretion level and transmission routes of these viruses remain unknown. Here we analyzed the presence and characteristics of newly described human polyomaviruses in urban sewage and river water in order to assess the excretion level and the potential role of water as a route of transmission of these viruses. Nested-PCR assays were designed for the sensitive detection of the viruses studied and the amplicons obtained were confirmed by sequencing analysis. The viruses were concentrated following a methodology previously developed for the detection of JC and BK human polyomaviruses in environmental samples. JC polyomavirus and human adenoviruses were used as markers of human contamination in the samples. Merkel cell polyomavirus was detected in 7/8 urban sewage samples collected and in 2/7 river water samples. Also one urine sample from a pregnant woman, out of 4 samples analyzed, was positive for this virus. KI and WU polyomaviruses were identified in 1/8 and 2/8 sewage samples respectively. The viral strains detected were highly homologous with other strains reported from several other geographical areas. Lymphotropic polyomavirus was not detected in any of the 13 sewage neither in 9 biosolid/sludge samples analyzed. This is the first description of a virus isolated from sewage and river water with a strong association with cancer. Our data indicate that the Merkel cell polyomavirus is prevalent in the population and that it may be disseminated through the fecal/urine contamination of water. The procedure developed may

  11. DNA from KI, WU and Merkel cell polyomaviruses is not detected in childhood central nervous system tumours or neuroblastomas.

    Géraldine Giraud

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: BK and JC polyomaviruses (BKV and JCV are potentially oncogenic and have in the past inconclusively been associated with tumours of the central nervous system (CNS, while BKV has been hinted, but not confirmed to be associated with neuroblastomas. Recently three new polyomaviruses (KIPyV, WUPyV and MCPyV were identified in humans. So far KIPyV and WUPyV have not been associated to human diseases, while MCPyV was discovered in Merkel Cell carcinomas and may have neuroepithelial cell tropism. However, all three viruses can be potentially oncogenic and this compelled us to investigate for their presence in childhood CNS and neuroblastomas. METHODOLOGY: The presence of KI, WU and MCPyV DNA was analysed, by a joint WU and KI specific PCR (covering part of VP1 and by a MCPyV specific regular and real time quantitative PCR (covering part of Large T in 25 CNS tumour biopsies and 31 neuroblastoma biopsies from the Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden. None of the three new human polyomaviruses were found to be associated with any of the tumours, despite the presence of PCR amplifiable DNA assayed by a S14 housekeeping gene PCR. CONCLUSION: In this pilot study, the presence of MCPyV, KI and WU was not observed in childhood CNS tumours and neuroblastomas. Nonetheless, we suggest that additional data are warranted in tumours of the central and peripheral nervous systems and we do not exclude that other still not yet detected polyomaviruses could be present in these tumours.

  12. 基于古医籍中生肌散用药配伍规律的分析研究%Study on Medication and Compatibility Laws of ShengJi Powder Based on Ancient Medical Works

    万学谦; 李廷保


    There are 74 medical works about ShengJi powder in Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties a-mong the works before Qing dynasty. There were 88 pieces of ShengJi powder with correct names appeared in 60 medical works, and 14 pieces of ShengJi powder in different names. Altogether 88 prescriptions involved 93 kinds of herbs which could be classified into 18 types, total frequency of single drug was 550 times, among them, core drug with the frequency above 30% were respectively ten kinds of herbs: calomel, frankincense, MoYao (Commiphora myrrha Eng1.), fossil fragments, XueJie (Resina Draconis), HaiErCha [Acacia catechu (Linn. f.) Willd.], ShengDan (Hydrargyrum Oxydatum Crudum Bottom), ChiShiZhi (Halloysitum Rubrum), Borneol and HaiPiaoXiao (Sepiella maindroni de Rochebrune), and the prescriptions were composed of the core drugs by the modification and compati-bility.%自清以前古医籍中,仅唐、宋、元、明、清五代共74部医籍涉及有关生肌散的方剂。其中60部出现正名生肌散88首,14部出现异名生肌散14首。88首复方中共涉及中药93种分为18类,单味用药总次数为550次,其中频率大于30%的核心中药分别为轻粉、乳香、没药、龙骨、血竭、孩儿茶、升丹、赤石脂、冰片、海螵蛸10种,并且大多数生肌散均由此核心药加减配伍而成。

  13. His Excellency Mr Ken WU Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Switzerland

    Jean Claude Gadmer


    Photo 1-5:The delegation visiting the ATLAS visitor Center with P.Jenni, ATLAS Collaboration former Spokesperson Photo 6-14,15-20:visiting the ATLAS experimental area Photo 15:Y. YANG,Attaché-Q. WAN,First Secretary-Z. Ren,ATLAS Collaboration,High Energy Group,Shandong University-H.E. Mr K. Wu-P. Jenni-R. Voss,Adviser for the People’s Republic of China-H. FENG,Counsellor Photo 21-38:Signature of the Guest Book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer

  14. Textual research on the edition of WU Kun' s books%吴崐著作版本考

    王旭光; 陆翔


    吴崐是新安医学名家之一.1584年,吴崐撰成《医方考》6卷.1594年,撰成《素问吴注》24卷.1618年,撰成《针方六集》6卷,由程标捐资刊刻.吴崐尚撰有《脉语》2卷,成书年代不详.《医方考》有明刊本、日本及朝鲜刊本、旧抄本、现代版本4类版本.《吴注素问》有明清刊本、日本刊本、旧抄本、影印本、现代版本5类版本.《针方六集》有明刊本、抄本、影印本及现代版本4类版本.《脉语》多与《医方考》合刊,除部分现代版本未附《脉语》之外,《脉语》的版本大致同于《医方考》.%WU Kun is a famous physician of the Xin' an School.He wrote a 6-volume Yi fang kao (Textual Research on Recipes) in 1584,a 24-volume Wu zhu su wen (Wu' s Annotation of Plain Questions)in 1594,a 6-volume Zhen fang liu ji (Six Collections of Acupuncture and Prescription) in 1618 block-printed and funded by CHENG Biao,and a 2-volume Mai yu (Language of Pulse) with writing date unknown.For Yifang kao,there were 4 editions,including Ming-dynasty block-printed edition,Japanese and Korean block-printed edition,old hand-copied edition and modern printing edition.For Wu zhu su wen,there were 5 editions,Ming-Qing-dynasty block-printed edition,Japanese block-printed edition,old hand-copied edition,photocopy and modern edition.For Zhen fang liu ji,there were Ming-dynasty block-printed edition,hand-copied edition,photocopy and modern edition.Mai yu always was printed together with Yi fang kao,and its editions were same as those of Yifang kao,except some modern printing edition with Mai yu excluded.

  15. Clinical Observation on ShengBai Capsule in Treating Leucopenia%升白胶囊治疗白细胞减少症临床观察

    姚金华; 田占雍; 赵淑芳; 韩明祖; 开金龙; 段赟


    Objective:To observe clinical effects of ShengBai capsule in the treatment for leucopenia. Meth-ods:All 195 patients were randomized into 105 cases of the treatment group (ShengBai capsule) and 90 cases of the control group (berberine hydrochloride). Routine blood examination was conducted once per week, the detection of liver function, renal function and blood glucose once per month, the improvements of clinical symptoms including lack of power, vertigo, insomnia and sore throat, WBC count were observed before and after treating. Results:Markedly effective rate of the treatment group was 53%, effective rate 42.14%, total effective rate 95.14%;markedly effective rate of the control group was 40.00%, effective rate 43.33%, total effective rate 83.33%, the difference demonstrated statistical meaning between both groups (P<0.01). Conclusion:ShengBai capsule could obviously in-crease WBC of the patients with leucopenia, it could significantly improve clinical symptoms of the patients, shorten the course of the treatment, its effects are better than berberine hydrochloride.%目的:观察升白胶囊治疗白细胞减少症的临床疗效。方法:将白细胞减少症患者195例随机分为治疗组105例服用升白胶囊治疗,对照组90例服用升白胺治疗。每周1次血常规检测,每月1次肝、肾功能及血糖检测,观察治疗前后白细胞计数及患者乏力、头晕、失眠、咽痛等临床症状改善情况。结果:治疗组显效率为53%,有效率为42.14%,总有效率为95.14%;对照组显效率为40.00%,有效率为43.33%,总有效率为83.33%,2组比较差异具有统计学意义(P<0.01)。结论:升白胶囊对于白细胞减少症患者有明显升高白细胞的作用,可明显改善患者临床症状,缩短疗程,疗效优于升白胺。

  16. Mathematics Ab Ovo: Hans Driesch and Entwicklungsmechanik.

    Priven, Silvia Waisse; Alfonso-Goldfarb, Ana M


    One of the factors leading to the creation of embryology as a modern discipline at the end of the 19th century was Wilhelm Roux's formulation of the program of Entwicklungsmechanik (developmental mechanics). A look into the work of Hans Driesch, an equal contributor to developmental mechanics, may shed further light on this process. For Roux, developmental mechanics was an anatomical science, but for Driesch it was associated with a mathematical and physical approach to the natural world. Likewise, Roux used the concept of mechanics as an analogy, but Driesch used it literally. Driesch's generation had been trained in a pedagogic context that emphasized mathematics and physics, which may explain why he went a step further than Roux to state that a true "mechanics" of development required the reduction of morphogenetic problems to the known laws of physics. It is argued here that this difference in background is behind the enthusiastic adoption and further development of Roux's program by Driesch's generation, a generation that conceived Entwicklungsmechanik to be the reduction of embryological processes to "the laws of matter in motion." This same mathematical and physical mindset would underscore Driesch's later construction of entelechy as a regulating factor in embryogenesis, through mathematical analysis grounded on the notion of mathematical functions.

  17. [Hans Jonas: Nature Conservation, Conservation of Life].

    Burgui Burgui, Mario


    This article discusses three of the problems that the German philosopher Hans Jonas studied. The first one addresses the need for a specific ethic dedicated to the moral dimension of environmental problems, from a different perspective to the traditional. The second problem is crucial in the discussion on environmental ethics: the value of the nature. Does the nature have an intrinsic value or an instrumental value only (to satisfy the interests of the human being)? The thesis of Jonas, which claimed that nature is a good in itself, were further elaborated here. And the third problem is the derivation of moral norms and the role of man in this ethic that recognizes a good in itself in nature. According to Jonas, the human being is not diminished by recognizing the intrinsic value of nature, since the man's uniqueness and value are unquestionable. From these three central issues, the paper highlights the importance of seeking the links between bioethics and environmental ethics to address the current environmental, social and economic crisis.

  18. Obituary: Hans Albrecht Bethe, 1906-2005

    Wijers, Ralph


    One of the unquestioned giants of physics and astrophysics, Hans Bethe, died on 6 March 2005, at the venerable age of 98, in his home town of Ithaca, New York. Seven decades of contributing to research and a Nobel Prize for his work on stellar hydrogen burning make a listing of his honors superfluous (besides being impossible in this space). Bethe was born in Strassburg, in then German Alsass Lothringen, on 2 July 1906. His father, Albrecht Julius Bethe (1872-1954), taught physiology at the University, and his mother, Anna Kuhn (1876-1966), was a musician and writer. Both his grandfathers were physicians. He spent his youth in Strassburg, Kiel, and Frankfurt, and some time in sanatoria due to tuberculosis. Hans's first scientific paper, at age 18, was with his father and a colleague, on dialysis. His education and early career in Germany brought him into contact with many top stars in the quantum revolution. Starting in Frankfurt in chemistry, Bethe soon switched to physics, taught there by Walter Gerlach and Karl Meissner, among others. In 1926, he successfully applied to join Arnold Sommerfeld's group in Munich, where he met one of his later long-term collaborators, Rudolf Peierls. Bethe considered his entry into physics to have come at an ideal time, with the new ideas of wave mechanics being developed and discussed right there; it was certainly also at an ideal place. His doctoral thesis was on the theory of electron diffraction by crystals, following the experimental work by Clinton Davisson and Lester Germer and the work on X-ray diffraction by Max von Laue and Paul Ewald. The newly minted doctor went from there briefly to Frankfurt and then to Ewald in Stuttgart, where he felt at home academically and personally. In 1939, Bethe would marry Ewald's daughter Rose. Not much later, though, Sommerfeld recalled him to Munich, where Sommerfeld created a Privatdozent position for him. There he worked out the solution for a linear chain of coupled spins by what we

  19. Hans-Georg Gadamer, Language, and Intercultural Communication.

    Roy, Abhik; Starosta, William J.


    Shows how Hans-Georg Gadamer's critical hermeneutics can be applied to intercultural communication. Suggests that by incorporating the philosophies of Hans-Georg Gadamer, intercultural communication scholars will be able to bring a fresh perspective to guide their theory, research, and practice. (Author/VWL)

  20. Hans Henriksen Ussing. 30 December 1911 - 22 December 2000

    Larsen, Erik Hviid


    Hans Ussing was born on 30 December 1911 at Sorø Academy in Denmark, where his father Dr Henrik Ussing was a lecturer and, as historian, a leading Danish folklorist. After his doctoral thesis in marine biology, Hans Ussing came to August Krogh's laboratory, where he studied protein turnover by us...

  1. Hans-Georg Gadamer, Language, and Intercultural Communication.

    Roy, Abhik; Starosta, William J.


    Shows how Hans-Georg Gadamer's critical hermeneutics can be applied to intercultural communication. Suggests that by incorporating the philosophies of Hans-Georg Gadamer, intercultural communication scholars will be able to bring a fresh perspective to guide their theory, research, and practice. (Author/VWL)

  2. Hans Kelsen: pensador político

    Sara Lagi


    Full Text Available Hasta la publicación de Sobre la esencia y el valor de la democracia, Hans Kelsen era solo conocido como experto en derecho público. El valor de este artículo de Lagi radica en rescatar de la obra kelseniana un aspecto casi por completo olvidado por la crítica, a saber, sus análisis sobre el significado y las características de la democracia parlamentaria en los Estados modernos. Se aborda la cuestión no solo desde el debate teórico sino también desde su contexto histórico¿político. La teoría política de Kelsen es considerada una parte integral de su doctrina central, presentada en Teoría pura del derecho, su obra más conspicua. Un análisis del trabajo sobre la esencia y el valor de la democracia nos restituye la imagen de un Kelsen como original pensador político. Se analizan las dos ediciones de Sobre la esencia y el valor de la democracia (1920¿1929 con estos propósitos: comprender por qué decidió dedicarse a la teoría de la democracia un teórico que rigurosamente defendió la separación de la esfera jurídica respecto de la historia, la filosofía y la política; y por qué no se limitó a explicar la esencia de la democracia sino que decidió concentrarse en clarificar qué se entiende por valor de la democracia.

  3. On the Early Western Han Dynasty's Questions and Answers on Politics%西汉前期的策问与对策初探



    Questions and answers on policies as a systematic examination method established in the early Western Han Dynasty.The beginning of the method started from Emperor Wen of Han recruiting talents for two times.In 135BC when Emperor Wu of Han reigned,there emerged three famous "questions and answers on policies" between the emperor and the scholar Dong Zhongshu(179-104BC).By the first year of Guanyuan(134BC-129BC),he asked questions on policies to the scholar Gongsun Hong who gave brilliant answers.The early period of Western Han Dynasty as a crucial time for this kind of imperial examination selects the talents and casts a profound impact on the Chinese culture.%策问与对策作为一种制度化的考试方法确立于西汉前期。汉文帝时期两次诏举贤良是策试制度化的开始。汉武帝建元元年的举贤良方正直言极谏之士,出现了董仲舒的三次对策。汉武帝元光元年的策问,出现了公孙弘的对策。西汉前期是古代策试制度化的重要时期,它确实选拔出了真正的人才,对中华文化的发展产生了深远的影响。

  4. Textual Research on Phonological System of the Western Han Dynasty by Loan Characters and Rhymes in Bamboo Slips Laozi of Han Dynasty%北大汉简«老子»通假字及用韵研究



    通过整理分析北京大学藏汉简«老子»中的全部通假字,可考订该材料所代表的西汉语音:声母方面,匣母与见组声母同属一类;邪母与喻四的关系十分密切;和中古音相比,清浊音的分别、送气音与不送气音的区别不甚明显;等等。从北大汉简«老子»通假字及用韵材料来看,其韵部分合具备罗常培、周祖谟等人总结出来的大部分西汉语音特点,如鱼矦合为一部,脂微合为一部,歌支通押、幽宵通押等,但同时也存在真文不同部、幽矦相押、鱼铎相押等特征。另外,北大汉简本在«老子»用韵韵例的判定、考察«老子»文本演进方面具有独特的价值。%This paper collect all loan characters in Bamboo Slips Laozi of Han Dynasty,then look up the phonological position of these loan characters and their original character to examine and correct the phonological system of the Western Han Dynasty.The phonological system of the bamboo slips Laozi of the Western Han Dynasty is generally close to the The Book of Songs,a representative of the old Chinese phonology.At the same time there are some features:initials of“xia”(匣)and“jian”(见)group belong to the same class;the relationship between the initials of “xie”(邪)and initials of “yu si”(喻四)is very close;the differentiation between unvoiced consonant and voiced consonant,aspirated and unaspirated is not so obvious compared with phonological system of Guangyun(广韵).As to rhyme,the evolution of the sound system in the Western Han Dynasty seems to have showed some signs,such as the evolution time of You (幽)Xiao (宵)and Hou(矦)can be traced back to the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.The rhymes of bamboo slips Laozi of the Han Dynasty has most of the phonetic features of the Western Han Dynasty,at the same time,there are really some different features.We also found that rhymes analysis method has its unique value in the

  5. A Systems Biology-Based Investigation into the Pharmacological Mechanisms of Sheng-ma-bie-jia-tang Acting on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Multi-Level Data Integration.

    Huang, Lin; Lv, Qi; Liu, Fenfen; Shi, Tieliu; Wen, Chengping


    Sheng-ma-bie-jia-tang (SMBJT) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula that is widely used for the treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in China. However, molecular mechanism behind this formula remains unknown. Here, we systematically analyzed targets of the ingredients in SMBJT to evaluate its potential molecular mechanism. First, we collected 1,267 targets from our previously published database, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Integrated Database (TCMID). Next, we conducted gene ontology and pathway enrichment analyses for these targets and determined that they were enriched in metabolism (amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) and signaling pathways (chemokines, Toll-like receptors, adipocytokines, etc.). 96 targets, which are known SLE disease proteins, were identified as essential targets and the rest 1,171 targets were defined as common targets of this formula. The essential targets directly interacted with SLE disease proteins. Besides, some common targets also had essential connections to both key targets and SLE disease proteins in enriched signaling pathway, e.g. toll-like receptor signaling pathway. We also found distinct function of essential and common targets in immune system processes. This multi-level approach to deciphering the underlying mechanism of SMBJT treatment of SLE details a new perspective that will further our understanding of TCM formulas.

  6. Preparation of petroleum-degrading bacterial agent and its application in remediation of contaminated soil in Shengli Oil Field, China.

    Yu, Yang; Zhang, Wen; Chen, Guanhong; Gao, Yongchao; Wang, Jianing


    Two petroleum-degrading strains were screened from oil fields and denoted as SWH-1 (Bacillus subtilis) and SWH-2 (Sphingobacterium multivorum), which were used to ferment and prepare bacterial agent to remediate petroleum-contaminated sites in Shengli Oil Field in China. The optimal liquid fermentation medium and conditions were MgSO₄·7H₂O (0.5%), NaCl (0.5%), soybean dregs (3%), pH 7.0, culturing at 30 °C, and 220 r/min for 16 h. Peat was chosen as the bacterial carrier due to its ability of keeping microbial activity. Mixed fermented liquid was added into peat (1:2) and air-dried, and the bacterial agent was obtained. It was applied to the petroleum-contaminated soil, which was irrigated, tilled, and fertilized. The removal rate reached 67.7% after 2 months of remediation. During remediation, the quantity of indigenous bacteria varied a lot, while the inoculated bacteria remained stable; the dehydrogenase activity was at high levels and then decreased. Indigenous microorganisms, inoculated bacterial agent, nutrients, water, and soil permeability all played important roles. The study prepared an environment-friendly bacterial agent and established a set of bioremediation technique, which provided further insights into integration of fermentation engineering and soil remediation engineering.

  7. Pipeline Corrosion Prevention Technical Research and Application in Shengli Oilifeld%胜利油田管道防腐技术研究及应用



    In allusion to corrosion of pipeline in Shengli Oilfield,electrochemical testing method is used to study and analyze the influence law of factors in pressure ,temperature ,velocity of flow and pH value to corrosion. Electrochemical method and coupon weight methods are utilized to assess corrosion inhibitors A,B, C and D. It is indicated that corrosion inhibitors A has a best effect. Corrosion control tests with corrosion inhibitors A,Test results show that corrosion is effectively inhibited in the pipeline and economic benefit is improved afterward.%采用电化学试验方法,研究了压力、温度、流速和pH值等因素对腐蚀的影响规律。针对胜利油田管道腐蚀问题,采用电化学法和挂片法对A、B、C和D四种防腐剂进行了评价,结果表明,防腐剂A的防腐效果较好,选用防腐剂A进行现场试验,结果表明,加入防腐剂后有效抑制了腐蚀,有利于提高油田经济效益。

  8. Investigation on the catalytic effects of AAEM during steam gasification and the resultant char reactivity in oxygen using Shengli lignite at different forms

    Jianxin Mi; Ningbo Wang; Mingfeng Wang; Pengju Huo; Dan Liu


    The purpose of this study is to investigate the catalytic effects of alkali and alkaline earth metallic species (AAEM) on char conversion during the gasification in steam and the changes in ex-situ char reactivity in oxygen after the gasification in steam using different forms (i.e. H-form, Na-form) of Shengli brown coal. The surface area, AAEM concentration and carbon crystallite of chars were obtained to understand the change in char reactivity. It was found that not only Na concentration and carbon structure were the main factors governing the char reactivity in the atmosphere of steam and oxygen, but also they interacted each other. The presence of Na could facilitate the formation of disordering carbon structure in char, and the amorphous carbon structure would in turn affect the distribution of Na and thus its catalytic performance. The surface area and pore volume had very little relationship with the char’s reactivity. Addi-tionally, the morphology of chars from different forms of coals were observed using scanning electron microscope (SEM).

  9. The measurement of the H2S in the pre-desulfurization of natural gas in the Shengli oil field with the TDL

    Shu, Xiao-wen; Zhang, Yu-jun; Yu, Dian-qiang; Zhang, Shuai; Cui, Yi-ben; Kan, Rui-feng; He, Ying; Geng, Hui; Dong, Jin-ting; Liu, Wen-qing


    Hydrogen Sulfide, with the character of erosion and strong toxicity, is a kind of associated gas of nature gas. How to measure and monitor the hydrogen sulfide concentration becomes an important issue to be solved in nature gas transfer-process. Online measurement for the hydrogen sulfide concentration before the desulphurization remains very difficult in Bonan gas gathering station of SINOPEC Shengli Oil Field (SOF).TDL(Tunable Diode Laser) can relative easily select the absorption line of the detecting gas without the interference from other gas thus make the rapid and accurate hydrogen sulfide measurement a possible. In this paper, a hydrogen sulfide measurement system is designed and then be carried out in Bonan gas gathering station of (SOF) .The implemented experiments showed the system effectively solved some problems such as overfall, temperature and pressure. After comparing the hydrogen sulfide online detection sensor of the TDLAS industry with the long hydrogen sulfide detection tube, the linear fitted relationship with the correlation coefficient of 99.96% between them was attained. In order to meet the requests of industrial field anti-explosion, the open-path optical coupling technology was performed in china for the first time. All the results demonstrate that the system will be put into use and enjoy a high application in the near future.

  10. Method for Observing Intravascular BongHan Duct

    Jiang, X; Shin, H; Lee, B; Choi, C; Soh, K; Cheun, B; Baik, K; Soh, K; Jiang, Xiaowen; Kim, Hee-kyeong; Shin, Hak-soo; Lee, Byong-chon; Choi, Chunho; Soh, Kyung-soon; Cheun, Byeung-soo; Baik, Ku-youn; Soh, Kwang-sup


    A method for observing intra blood vessel ducts which are threadlike bundle of tubules which form a part of the BongHan duct system. By injecting 10% dextrose solution at a vena femoralis one makes the intravascular BongHan duct thicker and stronger to be easily detectable after incision of vessels. The duct is semi-transparent, soft and elastic, and composed of smaller tubules whose diameters are of 10$\\mu$m order, which is in agreement with BongHan theory.

  11. Altofrequency SNPs of mitochondrial DNA in 26 Han Chinese

    LUO Yong-jun; GAO Wen-xiang; GAO Yu-qi; CHEN Jian; TAN Xiao-ling; LIU Xin; CHEN Hai-hua


    Objective:To explore the possible mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) polymorphism in Han Chinese.Methods:The complete mitochondrial genome of 26 unrelated healthy Han Chinese were extracted and sequenced.Results:The mtDNA nucleotide sites (2 706,7 028,8 860,11 719,and 15 326)were found totally different from the Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence (rCRS).These single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were 2 706 A→G,7 028 C→T,8 860 A→G,11 719 G→A,15 326 A→G.Conclusion:These findings provide new insights into the characteristics of Han Chinese mitochondrial genetic diversity.

  12. Profanum et Promissio : het begrip wereld in de missionaire ecclesiologieën van Hans Hoekendijk, Hans Jochen Margull en Ernst Lange

    Petter, Frank Anthonie


    Profanum et Promissio The concept of ‘world’ in the missionary ecclesiologies of Hans Hoekendijk, Hans Jochen Margull and Ernst Lange. This study deals with the concept of ‘world’ in the missionary ecclesiologies of Hans Hoekendijk (1912-1975), Hans Jochen Margull (1925-1982) and Ernst Lange (1927-1

  13. Profanum et Promissio : het begrip wereld in de missionaire ecclesiologieën van Hans Hoekendijk, Hans Jochen Margull en Ernst Lange

    Petter, Frank Anthonie


    Profanum et Promissio The concept of ‘world’ in the missionary ecclesiologies of Hans Hoekendijk, Hans Jochen Margull and Ernst Lange. This study deals with the concept of ‘world’ in the missionary ecclesiologies of Hans Hoekendijk (1912-1975), Hans Jochen Margull (1925-1982) and Ernst Lange

  14. Profanum et Promissio : het begrip wereld in de missionaire ecclesiologieën van Hans Hoekendijk, Hans Jochen Margull en Ernst Lange

    Petter, Frank Anthonie


    Profanum et Promissio The concept of ‘world’ in the missionary ecclesiologies of Hans Hoekendijk, Hans Jochen Margull and Ernst Lange. This study deals with the concept of ‘world’ in the missionary ecclesiologies of Hans Hoekendijk (1912-1975), Hans Jochen Margull (1925-1982) and Ernst Lange (1927-1

  15. Two Novel Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cycle Inhibitory Cyclodepsipeptides from a Hydrothermal Vent Crab-Associated Fungus Aspergillus clavatus C2WU

    Wei Jiang


    Full Text Available Two novel cyclodepsipeptides containing an unusual anthranilic acid dimer and a d-phenyllactic acid residues, clavatustides A (1 and B (2, were identified from cultured mycelia and broth of Aspergillus clavatus C2WU isolated from Xenograpsus testudinatus, which lives at extreme, toxic habitat around the sulphur-rich hydrothermal vents in Taiwan Kueishantao. This is the first example of cyclopeptides containing an anthranilic acid dimer in natural products, and the first report of microbial secondary metabolites from the hydrothermal vent crab. Clavatustides A (1 and B (2 suppressed the proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC cell lines (HepG2, SMMC-7721 and Bel-7402 in a dose-dependent manner, and induced an accumulation of HepG2 cells in G1 phase and reduction of cells in S phase.

  16. BFH-OST, a new predictive screening tool for identifying osteoporosis in postmenopausal Han Chinese women

    Ma Z.; Yang Y.; Lin JS; Zhang XD; Meng Q; Wang BQ; Fei Q


    Zhao Ma, Yong Yang,* JiSheng Lin, XiaoDong Zhang, Qian Meng, BingQiang Wang, Qi Fei* Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: To develop a simple new clinical screening tool to identify primary osteoporosis by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in postmenopausal women and to compare its validity with the Osteoporosis Self-Assessment ...

  17. Estlandse uithaal naar oud-ambassadeur / Hans Jacobs

    Jacobs, Hans


    Hollandi ajakirjanikud küsisid president Toomas Hendrik Ilveselt arvamust endise Hollandi suursaadiku Hans Glaubitzi tagakiusamise kohta. Eestis visiidil olnud Hollandi kuninganna Beatrix'i ja president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese kohtumisest

  18. Estlandse uithaal naar oud-ambassadeur / Hans Jacobs

    Jacobs, Hans


    Hollandi ajakirjanikud küsisid president Toomas Hendrik Ilveselt arvamust endise Hollandi suursaadiku Hans Glaubitzi tagakiusamise kohta. Eestis visiidil olnud Hollandi kuninganna Beatrix'i ja president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese kohtumisest

  19. Interview with Hans Rott, January 2014, CAUS History

    Rott, Hans


    Interview with Hans Rott, Professor of Architecture, on the history of Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Urban Studies, his experiences with students and teaching, and his perspective on the importance and meaning of architecture.

  20. September 2013 DMM Podcast: an interview with Hans Clevers


    SUMMARY An interview with Hans Clevers, Professor of Molecular Genetics at Utrecht University, in which he discusses his transition into applied science, the story behind his key findings in the stem cell and cancer fields, and the potential of organoid-based therapy for personalised medicine. Hans was interviewed by Ross Cagan, DMM Editor-in-Chief. The podcast is narrated by Paraminder Dhillon. To listen to this podcast, visit

  1. Children and Moods in Hans Christian Andersen's Travel Books

    Jensen, Lars Bo


    A categorization of moods, atmospheres and motifs connected with the children in Hans Christian Andersen’s five travel books (1831-1868). Surprisingly, death and darkness and, on the other side, eroticism and (red) light are the dominant two categories.......A categorization of moods, atmospheres and motifs connected with the children in Hans Christian Andersen’s five travel books (1831-1868). Surprisingly, death and darkness and, on the other side, eroticism and (red) light are the dominant two categories....

  2. In memoriam Hans Jürgen Eysenck (1916-1997)

    Andrés Pueyo, Antonio


    El pasado día 4 de septiembre moría en Londres Hans Jürgen Eysenck, víctima de una rápida enfermedad que ha hecho desaparecer a una de las más grandes figuras de la psicología contemporánea.Hans Eysenck vivió en 'un tiempo muy interesante', como él mismo ha considerado en su autobiografía.

  3. Home Energy Management System Using NILM, Low-Cost HAN

    Qasim Khalid; Naveed Arshad; Nasir Khan; Taha Hassan; Fahad Javed; Jahangir Ikram


    Home energy management systems (HEMs) are used to provide comfortable life for consumers as well as to save energy. An essential component of HEMs is a home area network (HAN) that is used to remotely control the electric devices at homes and buildings. Although HAN prices have dropped in recent years but they are still expensive enough to prohibit a mass scale deployments. In this paper, a very low cost alternative to the expensive HANs is presented. We have applied a combination of non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) and very low cost one-way HAN to develop a HEM. By using NILM and machine learning algorithms we find the status of devices and their energy consumption from a central meter and communicate with devices through the one-way HAN. The evaluations show that the proposed machine learning algorithm for NILM achieves up to 99%accuracy in certain cases. On the other hand our radio frequency (RF)-based one-way HAN achieves a range of 80 feet in all settings.

  4. Primary study on WU Jie-ping's medical teaching thought%吴阶平医学教学思想初探

    李效义; 于书彦; 兰泓; 许永照; 陈嬿


    本文以下卷为基本资料,从对吴阶平长达50余年的医学教育经历中,探讨了他的医学教学思想,尤其是对他的"教本领"与"学本领"以及改变课堂教学中"满堂灌"的教学方法等思想进行了分析提炼,并结合吴阶平创办北京第二医学院的教学实践,对其医学教学思想中的几个关键问题进行了初步探讨.%Using "WU Jie-ping's collected works (vol. 2)" as the basic material and through his more than 50 years teaching experience, WU Jie-ping' s medical teaching thought is studied. Especially, WU Jie-ping' s teaching method, that"whole-house fill" in classroom teaching is changed into" teaching skills" and "learning skills", has been analysed and summarized. Combined with the practice in medical teaching thought during the foundation of Beijing Secondary Medical College, several key points in WU Jie-ping' s teaching thought are primary explored. All the above are aiming to have a certain value for reference in current medical education.

  5. 吴深涛辨治糖尿病眩晕经验探析%Wu Shentao's experience in differentiating and treating vertigo in diabetic patients



    从辨证分型、处方用药等方面探讨吴深涛治疗糖尿病眩晕临床辨治经验.%This paper discusses Professor Wu Shentao' s experience with vertigo in diabetic patients from the following aspects: syndrome differentiation, prescription and medication.

  6. 查慎行与《长生殿》案%A Study on Zha Shenxing and the Case of Chang Sheng Dian



    清代是一个寒士诗大盛的时代,查慎行不愧为康熙朝江湖寒士诗第一家。追溯其江湖寒士之调的形成,《长生殿》案无疑是重要的“催化剂”。《长生殿》案虽起于黄六鸿攻击报复赵执信,但查慎行、洪昇、陈奕培等四门之员“同被吏议”,已决定了这场案事并非专对赵执信而发。将《长生殿》案比连于“南北党争”,悖于史实;将之归于纯粹的“个人意气之争”,虽揭示出事件的偶然性,但又不免将问题简单化。《长生殿》案与康熙中叶士风有着密切的关系,并对文学走向产生了一定的影响。“南查北赵”及洪昇受案事牵连最剧。查慎行未曾进学,其国子生资格来之不易。在这场风波作用下,慎行科举心态、人生道路、诗歌创作都发生明显的变化。在江湖载酒的人生重塑中,慎行养成“山野之性”,从而促成一代江湖寒士之调。%The poetry of poor scholar flourished in the Qing dynasty, and Zha Shenxing was one of the best poetsof his generation. To study the forma-tionof his poetry style of wandering poor scholar, it could be traced to the case of Chang Sheng Dian;Even though the cause of this case was Huan Liuhong attacked Zhao Zhishen for revenge, but Zha Shenxing and Hongsheng and Chen Yipei were also punished, which meant the content was enlarged. The case had no relation with political strugglebetween the South party and the North party. At the same time, it was not an absolute struggleof personal ani-mosity, because it was caused by the fashion ofpresence of ancient scholarsthat was popularin the middle of Kangxi era. Being involved in the case of Chang Sheng Dian not only changed Zha Shenxing's mind-set of taking the imperial examination, but also helped to bring about his poetry style of wan-dering poor scholar.

  7. Analysis of Sheng-Mai-San, a Ginseng-Containing Multiple Components Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Physical Examination by Electron and Light Microscopies.

    Cheng, Yung-Yi; Tsai, Tung-Hu


    Sheng-Mai-San is a multi-component traditional Chinese herbal preparation. Due to the fact granulated additives, such as starch, carboxymethyl cellulose, lactose and raw herbal powder may alter the content of the bioactive markers in the herbal products, a developed ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS) method was used to measure the herbal biomarkers of ginsenoside Rb₁, Rb₂, Rc, Rd, Re, Rg₁, Rh₁, compound K, ophiopogonin D and schizandrin from the Sheng-Mai-San herbal formulation. Besides, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to observe the morphology of the herbal granular powders. Light microscopy with Congo red and iodine-KI reagent staining was used to identify the cellulose fiber and cornstarch added to pharmaceutical herbal products. The swelling power (SP), water solubility index (WSI), and crude fiber analysis were used to determine the contents of cellulose fiber and cornstarch in pharmaceutical herbal products. In this study, we developed a novel skill to assess the quantification of appended cornstarch in pharmaceutical herbal products using Aperio ImageScope software. Compared with the traditional cornstarch analysis, our analysis method is a rapid, simple and conversion process which could be applied to detect the percentage of added cornstarch in unknown powder products. The various range of the herbal content for the five pharmaceutical manufacturers varied by up to several hundreds-fold. The physical examination reveals that the morphology of the herbal pharmaceutical products is rough and irregular with sharp layers. This study provides a reference standard operating procedure guide for the quality control of the Chinese herbal pharmaceutical products of Sheng-Mai-San.

  8. Estimate of heavy metals in soil and streams using combined geochemistry and field spectroscopy in Wan-sheng mining area, Chongqing, China

    Song, Lian; Jian, Ji; Tan, De-Jun; Xie, Hong-Bing; Luo, Zhen-Fu; Gao, Bo


    Heavy metals contaminated soils and water will become a major environmental issue in the mining areas. This paper intends to use field hyper-spectra to estimate the heavy metals in the soil and water in Wan-sheng mining area in Chongqing. With analyzing the spectra of soil and water, the spectral features deriving from the spectral of the soils and water can be found to build the models between these features and the contents of Al, Cu and Cr in the soil and water by using the Stepwise Multiple Linear Regression (SMLR). The spectral features of Al are: 480 nm, 500 nm, 565 nm, 610 nm, 680 nm, 750 nm, 1000 nm, 1430 nm, 1755 nm, 1887 nm, 1920 nm, 1950 nm, 2210 nm, 2260 nm; The spectral features of Cu are: 480 nm, 500 nm, 610 nm, 750 nm, 860 nm, 1300 nm, 1430 nm, 1920 nm, 2150 nm, 2260 nm; And the spectral features of Cr are: 480 nm, 500 nm, 610 nm, 715 nm, 750 nm, 860 nm, 1300 nm, 1430 nm, 1755 nm, 1920 nm, 1950 nm. With these features, the best models to estimate the heavy metals in the study area were built according to the maximal R2. The R2 of the models of estimating Al, Cu and Cr in the soil and water are 0.813, 0.638, 0.604 and 0.742, 0.584, 0.513 respectively. And the gradient maps of these three types of heavy metals' concentrations can be created by using the Inverse distance weighted (IDW).The gradient maps indicate that the heavy metals in the soil have similar patterns, but in the North-west of the streams in the study area, the contents are of great differences. These results show that it is feasible to predict contaminated heavy metals in the soils and streams due to mining activities by using the rapid and cost-effective field spectroscopy.

  9. Postoperative comparison of result of renal transplantation between ethnic minorities and Han recipients after receiving kidneys from Han donors

    Han-wen CUI


    Full Text Available Objective  To analyze the outcomes and postoperative complications of renal transplant recipients of ethnic minorities and Han population in China, and investigate the differences between them. Methods  Clinical data from 89 minorit y patients and 100 Han patients who had received renal transplant of Hans' donators in Organ Transplantation Center of PLA from 1990 to 2012 were retrospectively analyzed. The general data before transplantation, and rate of short-term survival of the graft, incidence of delayed graft function (DGF, acute rejection, and pulmonary infection after transplantation were analyzed and compared. Results  No statistical difference was found in the preoperative personal profile between the recipients of minorities and Han nationality. In the recipients of minorities and Han nationality, the 1-year graft survival rate was 89.9% and 92%, the respective incidence of DGF was 28.1% and 27.0%, and the respective incidence of acute rejection was 22.5% and 19.0%, and there was no significant difference between them (P>0.05. The incidence of pulmonary infection was higher in minority recipients (30.3% than in Han recipients (10.0%, P0.05. Conclusion  The short-term clinical outcome of renal transplant recipients seems to be similar in different Chinese ethnic groups, but the incidence of pulmonary infection is higher in minority recipients, so it is important to strengthen monitoring in early postoperative period.

  10. The Clinical Research on the Important Role for the Elephant Leather on the Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment%生肌象皮膏中象皮作用与地位的临床研究

    李京向; 陈宝元; 阎伯君; 关靖; 薛晓东


    Objective: Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment, one of representative drugs of traditional Chinese medicine for external use,which has granulating functions,con treat various boils and sores,particularly to the stage of ulceration------pus and carrion almost vanished, skin and muscle has not growth yet. But wild elephants belong to the protected species and has been clearly prohibited to be killed and traded by the international organization. Then the Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment can not be used any more as a result of no elephant leather. We try to realize the importance of elephant leather on the Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment from the clinical re search. If elephant leather has an important role on the Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment, then we try to make the best substitutes for el ephant leather in the future. Methods: 60 patients of chronic ulcers were randomly divided into two groups (treatment group and control group). Based on the control of blood sugar,infection and blood pressure and other basic treatment,ulcer wound was treated mainly with external treatment. Only when the most carrion had been discharged from the wound, did the two groups of patients are treated with Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment and Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment without elephant leather respectively, recorded in de tail the wound granulation, epithelialization, secretions and the pH of wound. Results :After 30 days, there had significant difference between the two groups(P<0.05)on the clinical effective rate,on the quality and the quantity of wound secretion,on the epitheli al growth and the growth of granulation,on the pH of wound of two groups,on the time when the wound began to secrete pus,grow epithelial and to grow fresh granulation. Conclusion : Elephant leather had an important effect in the Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment and there was significant difference between Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment and the Sheng Ji Xiang Pi Ointment without elephant leather on the clinical research.%目的:生肌象皮膏是具

  11. [Comparative study of theoretical literature on cold pathogenic disease in Wai tai mi yao fang (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) and Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief)].

    Zhang, Huirui; Liang, Yongxuan


    In the Wai tai mi yao fang (Arcane Essentials from the Imperial Library) compiled in 752, its portion on cold pathogenic disorders embodies the achievements before the mid Tang Dynasty, whereas that in the Tai ping sheng hui fang (Taiping Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief), compiled in 992 embodies those before the early Song Dynasty. Comparison on the theory of cold disorders in both books reveal that, during the 2 centuries period from mid Tang to early Song Dynasties, the texts as a carrier for the transmission of such theory in both show no distinct changes, but only with minor revisions and improvements.

  12. The Translator’s Subjectivity under George Steiner’s Fourfold Translation Mo-tion Theory-A Case Study on Lin Yutang’s Translation of Fu Sheng Liu Ji



    Since the advent of the cultural turn in translation studies in the 1970s, the focus of translation studies has been shifted to the subjectivity of translators. This paper attempts to make a tentative probe into the translator ’s subjectivity manifested in the translation of Fu Sheng Liu Ji by Shen Fu on the basis of George Steiner’s fourfold translation motion theory, namely“trust”,“aggression”,“incorporation”and“compensation”. By the study, we may obtain scientific understanding of how the translation is shaped by the translator’s subjectivity, thus affirming the importance and necessity of the later in literary translation.

  13. The Edicts of Emperors in Han Dynasty and Featured Classic Books of Songs%汉代帝王诏书用典与《诗经》的经典化

    王景凤; 冯维林


    秦末汉初的百余年间,儒学发展从湮没到复兴,并逐渐走向经典中的权威地位。汉初儒学与政治的日益结合,汉武帝时期的兴太学、置五经博士以及后代帝王幼年的儒学教育,使帝王们在诏书中引用儒家经典成为可能。《汉书》、《后汉书》记载了多位帝王在诏书中引用儒家经典,其中引用数量最多的是《诗经》,引诗的目的和作用也有多种。由此可见《诗经》在汉人心目中的地位及其经典化脉络。%In the 100 around years between the end of Qin Dynasty and the beginning of Han Dynasty,the development of Confucianism experienced from the annihilation to revival until the classic position of authority.The possibility of classic Confucianism resulted from the combination between Confucianism and politics in the beginning of Han Dynasty, started the imperial college and set Doctors of Five Classics in Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, and the Children Confucianism education in later emperors.There are many records in History of the Han Dynasty and The History of the Later Han Dynasty which wrote the references of the Confucianism classics in their edicts,among which the most is Book of Songs.It shows its position and developing classic feature.

  14. A study of WU Shao-zu’s sports ideologies%伍绍祖体育思想初探



    Wu Shao-zu was the last director of Sports Commission of China and the first director of General Sports Administration of China. During his 11-year term of office, he put forward ideologies for guiding sports develop-ment, such as “harmonious development of various sports”, “six-trend and six-transformation”, “four-basis”,“eight-function” etc., issued Sports Law of the People’s Republic of China, “National Fitness Program Outline”,“Olympic Glory Program Outline”, and “Sports Industry Development Outline”. During his tenure, WU Shao-zu advocated the ideology of dialectically unified sports development, valued the comprehensive development of sports, and formed a unique sports ideological system. He carried out a series of reforms on Chinese sports, and cre-ated systematic and scientific sports management.%伍绍祖是我国最后一位国家体委主任和第一任国家体育总局局长,在他任职的11年里提出了“各类体育协调发展”、“六化六转变”、“四个基本、八个功能”等体育发展指导思想,国家颁布了《中华人民共和体育法》、“全民健身计划纲要”、“奥运争光计划纲要”、“体育产业发展纲要”。伍绍祖任职期间倡导辩证统一的体育发展思想,注重体育的全面发展,形成了独特的体育思想体系。他对中国体育进行了一系列的改革,开系统科学管理体育的先河。

  15. "Reinhart Koselleck / Hans-Georg Gadamer (Hrsg.): Historik, Sprache und Hermeneutik – Eine Rede und eine Antwort. Herausgegeben zum 100. Geburtstag von Hans-Georg Gadamer. Mit einem Nachwort von Hans-Peter Schütt."


    Besprechung "Reinhart Koselleck / Hans-Georg Gadamer (Hrsg.): Historik, Sprache und Hermeneutik – Eine Rede und eine Antwort. Herausgegeben zum 100. Geburtstag von Hans-Georg Gadamer. Mit einem Nachwort von Hans-Peter Schütt."

  16. 论“酒道”之大和谐——从中国酒都之五粮液与五黑液的文化谈起%Discussion on the Harmony of Principle of Liquor in China Liquor: Talking About the Liquor Cultures of Wu Liang Ye and Wu Hei Ye Made in Chinese Liquor City

    王金月; 骆凤文; 郭五林


    酒都的"酒道",是"天道""、人道"和"地道"的和谐统一;五粮液是"天地人道"的集大成者,而产于高县庆符镇的五黑液则是"人生长寿之道"的美醇典范。五粮液(Wu Liang Ye)是Water+Liquid+Yangtze river;而五黑液(Wu Hei Ye)首字母的缩写为英文的WHY(为什么,为何之意),为什么喝白酒,饮五粮液,品五黑液,喝白酒何为?此"酒道"不仅涵盖了古今,也囊括了中外,将历史与现实有机地统一在两个白酒名优佳品,即"都邑王者"五粮液与"天地生民"五黑液之形质之中。"酒道"乃"和谐融汇之道"也。%Jiudao, the principle of liquor, is a harmony of Tiandao, Rendao, and Didao. Wu Liang Ye is a complex of the above principles, whereas Wu Hei Ye is the apotheosis of longevity liquor. Wu Liang Ye stands for Water plus Liquid plus Yangtze river, whereas the abbreviation of the capital letters of Wu Hei Ye is WHY. The principle of liquor not only covers the modem and ancient, but also includes Chinese and foreign ones. The fusion of history and reality is realized in these two famous liquors. The principle of liquor is the principle of harmony.

  17. Thermoluminescence authentication of T`ang and Han Dynasty pottery

    Price, D.M. [Wollongong Univ., NSW (Australia). School of Geosciences


    More than 80 pieces of T`ang Dynasty and 40 Han Dynasty style ceramic wares have been analysed to determine the amount of thermoluminescence (TL) accumulated since the initial firing of the object and the level of the radiation flux which has created the TL. This paper presents a summary of the thermoluminescence analysis results. Approximately 60% of Han ceramics and 45% of the T`ang pottery authenticated have been shown to belong to periods other than that stylistically suggested. Items which have been found not to be of the anticipated antiquity generally fall into distinct age groups. Of the T`ang wares the most commonly copied item is found to be the horse and for the Han pieces, human figures and ewers/pots/vases represent the most frequently reproduced wares.

  18. Analysis on the finalized date and first carving time of Wei sheng bao jian (The Precious Mirror of ;Hygiene)%《卫生宝鉴》成书及初刊年代辨析

    温雯婷; 虞舜


    The Wei sheng bao jian ( The Precious Mirror of Hygiene) , written by Luo Tianyi should be finished in the spring of 1283. The wrong date of 1281 was a mistake coming from Yanjian’ s Preface, while the complete date of 1343 was a misunderstanding on “Guiwei year of the Zhiyuan reign” in Wan-gyun’ s Preface. The hypothesis that Wei sheng bao jian was first carved in 1294 or before the Tang ye ben cao ( Materia Medica for Decoctions) is also groundless. The book was probably completed, carved and dis-tributed in the same year, or no later than 1307, even if it was not carved in the same year right after its completion.%罗天益所撰《卫生宝鉴》应成书于1283年春。成书于1281年之说,是据《砚坚序》的错误推理;成书于1343年之说,是对《王恽序》“至元癸未”的误解。《卫生宝鉴》初刊于《汤液本草》之前或1294年之说,均不足为据。此书成书当年可能即刊刻行世;即便成书当年没有刊刻,初刊年也不晚于1307年。

  19. Clinical Experience of Professor Zhai Wen-sheng Treatment of Primary IgA Nephropathy%翟文生教授治疗免疫球蛋白A沉积性肾病(IgA nephropathy)的经验



    目的:总结翟文生教授治疗原发性免疫球蛋白A沉积性肾病(IgA nephropathy)临床经验.方法:探讨该病的病因病机,提出热、瘀、虚是IgA肾病病机、辨证论治的关键;重视清热解毒利咽、活血化瘀、扶正补虚在治疗中的作用.结果与结论:翟文生教授治疗Isa肾病的经验对临床有重要的指导意义.%Objective:To summarize the clinical experience of professor ZhaiWenSheng treatment of primary IgA nephropathy. Methods:To explore the causes and pathogenesis f the disease,proposed heat, blood stasis, virtual is pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy, syndrome differentiation and treatment key, Attention clearing heat and the pharynx, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, centralizer fill in the treatment of virtual function. Results and Conclusion: Professor ZhaiWenSheng treatment experience of clinical IgA nephropathy have important significance and deserves further study.


    Muhtadi Muhtadi


    Full Text Available Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui bagaimana pengaturan susunan dan tertib hukum Indonesia dalam hirarki norma berdasarkan Stufenbautheorie Hans Kelsen. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah doctrinal research dengan menggunakan data sekunder yang diperoleh melalui studi pustaka. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pilihan hukum susunan norma hukum Indonesia berdasarkan teori Hans Kelsen adalah berjenjang dan berlapis-lapis, dari norma hukum lapisan terendah yang operatif-konkret-individual berjenjang dan bersumber pada norma hukum general-abstract berpuncak dalam pandangan dan cita hukum yang menjadi staatsnorm atau staatsfundamentalnorm, yaitu berpuncak pada Pancasila sebagai cita hukum.

  1. Talk about Han eaves tile art in our country



    The Han Dynasty is the first in the history of the unified and powerful country. It is a huge momentum has also affected the development of art, especially the art of eaves tile. Pattern of Han eaves tile is the art of the Chinese nation in the classic, rich artistic value for tile study of traditional ceramic art is very necessary in China. Through the research on Eave Tile Art, can be in-jected into the power of ceramic art in China's new development.

  2. Language, Literacy, and Nationalism: Taiwan's Orthographic Transition from the Perspective of Han Sphere

    Chiung, Wi-vun Taiffalo


    The Han sphere, including Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, adopted Han characters and classical Han writing as the official written language before the 20th century. However, great changes came with the advent of the 20th century. After World War II, Han characters in Vietnam and Korea were officially replaced by the romanised "Chu…

  3. GIS and SBF for estimating groundwater recharge of a mountainous basin in the Wu River watershed, Taiwan

    Hsin-Fu Yeh; Hung-I Lin; Shing-Tsz Lee; Min-Hsiang Chang; Kuo-Chin Hsu; Cheng-Haw Lee


    The temporal and spatial distributions of precipitation are extremely uneven; so, careful management of water resources in Taiwan is crucial. The long-term overexploitation of groundwater resources poses a challenge to water resource management in Taiwan. However, assessing groundwater resources in mountainous basins is challenging due to limited information. In this study, a geographic information system (GIS) and stable base-flow (SBF) techniques were used to assess the characteristics of groundwater recharge considering the Wu River watershed in central Taiwan as a study area. First, a GIS approach was used to integrate five contributing factors: lithology, land cover/land use, lineaments, drainage, and slope. The weights of factors contributing to the groundwater recharge were obtained from aerial photos, geological maps, a land use database, and field verification. Second, the SBF was used to estimate the groundwater recharge in a mountainous basin scale. The concept of the SBF technique was to separate the base-flow from the total streamflow discharge in order to obtain a measure of groundwater recharge. The SBF technique has the advantage of integrating groundwater recharge across an entire basin without complex hydro-geologic modelling and detailed knowledge of the soil characteristics. In this study, our approach for estimating recharge provides not only an estimate of how much water becomes groundwater, but also explains the characteristics of a potential groundwater recharge zone.

  4. 吴稚晖和里昂中法大学%Wu Zhihui and The University of Lyon



    Wu Zhihui was the first to propose the establishment of University in China outside .Each link in the Sino French university he founded ,Lyon ,enrollment management in both pay great efforts ,more have the deepest hopes ,but because he was lazy nature and economic problems ,suffered as a result of students siege and opposition ,eventually had to disappoint‐ment .%吴稚晖作为第一任里昂中法大学的校长,在大学的创办、招生、管理等各个环节都付出了极大心血。但是,由于受到学潮、经济以及外方制约等因素的影响,教育事业一再受挫。吴稚晖虽然承认他办学失败,但他对学校和学生却未失去信心。

  5. A Comparison Between WU Xun and James YEN%武训与晏阳初之比较研究

    杨梅; 王小丁


      “千古奇丐”武训怀着对贫苦大众的仁爱,数十年如一日行乞兴办义学;“世界平民教育之父”晏阳初70多年从事平民教育和乡村建设。他们将毕生精力和心血投入平民教育事业的精神,值得弘扬。今天的教育仍需要持之以恒的探索精神和实验精神,仍需要这种淡薄名利脚踏实地的改良者。%Wu Xun raised educational funds by begging and provided free education for the masses in all his life ,while James YEN spent over 70 years in civilian education and rural development .Both educators de-voted all their lives to civilian education laudably .Similarly ,nowadays China’s education still calls for such devotion and spirit ,and such altruistic reformers .

  6. In vivo pharmacokinetic comparisons of ferulic acid and puerarin after oral administration of monomer, medicinal substance aqueous extract and Nao-De-Sheng to rats

    Zhen Ouyang


    Full Text Available Background: Nao-De-Sheng decoction (NDS, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM prescription containing Radix puerariae lobatae, Floscarthami, Radix et Rhizoma Notoginseng, Rhizoma chuanxiong and Fructus crataegi, is effective in the treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis, ischemic cerebral stroke and apoplexy linger effect. Ferulic acid and puerarin are the main absorbed effective ingredients of NDS. Objective: To assess the affection of other components in medical material and compound recipe compatibility on the pharmacokinetics of ferulaic acid and puerarin, of ferulic acid from the monomer Rhizoma chuanxiong aqueous extract and NDS were studied. And pharmacokinetics comparisons of puerarin from the monomer Radix puerariae extract and NDS decoction were investigated simultaneously. Materials and Methods: At respective different time points after oral administration of the monomer, medicinal substance aqueous extract and NDS at the same dose in rats, plasma concentrations of ferulic acid and puerarin in rats were determined by RP-HPLC, and the main pharmacokinetic parameters were estimated with 3P97 software. Results: The plasma concentration-time curves of ferulaic acid and puerarin were both best fitted with a two-compartment model. AUC 0−t, AUC 0→∞ , Tmax , and Cmax of ferulic acid in the monomer and NDS decoction were increased significantly (P < 0.05 compared with that in Rhizoma chuanxiong aqueous extract. And statistically significant increase (P < 0.05 in pharmacokinetic parameters of puerarin including AUC 0−t, AUC 0→∞ , CL, Tmax and Cmax were obtained after oral administration of puerarin monomer compared with Radix puerariae extract. Although the changes of AUC 0−t, AUC 0→∞ and CL had no statistically significant, Cmax of puerarin in NDS was increased remarkably (P < 0.05 compared with that in single puerarin. Conclusions: Some ingredients of Rhizoma chuanxiong and Radix puerariae may be suggested to remarkably

  7. Unique Mechanisms of Sheng Yu Decoction (聖愈湯 Shèng Yù Tang on Ischemic Stroke Mice Revealed by an Integrated Neurofunctional and Transcriptome Analysis

    Yu-Chang Hou


    Full Text Available Sheng Yu Decoction (聖愈湯 Shèng Yù Tang; SYD is a popular traditional Chinese medicine (TCM remedy used in treating cardiovascular and brain-related dysfunction clinically; yet, its neuroprotective mechanisms are still unclear. Here, mice were subjected to an acute ischemic stroke to examine the efficacy and mechanisms of action of SYD by an integrated neurofunctional and transcriptome analysis. More than 80% of the mice died within 2 days after ischemic stroke with vehicle treatment. Treatments with SYD (1.0 g/kg, twice daily, orally or p.o. and recombinant thrombolytic tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA; 10 mg/kg, once daily, intravenously or i.v. both significantly extended the lifespan as compared to that of the vehicle-treated stroke group. SYD successfully restored brain function, ameliorated cerebral infarction and oxidative stress, and significantly improved neurological deficits in mice with stroke. Molecular impact of SYD by a genome-wide transcriptome analysis using brains from stroke mice showed a total of 162 out of 2081 ischemia-induced probe sets were significantly influenced by SYD. Mining the functional modules and genetic networks of these 162 genes revealed a significant upregulation of neuroprotective genes in Wnt receptor signaling pathway (3 genes and regulation of cell communication (7 genes and downregulation of destructive genes in response to stress (13 genes and in the induction of inflammation (5 genes, cytokine production (4 genes, angiogenesis (3 genes, vasculature (6 genes and blood vessel (5 genes development, wound healing (7 genes, defense response (7 genes, chemotaxis (4 genes, immune response (7 genes, antigen processing and presenting (3 genes, and leukocyte-mediated cytotoxicity (2 genes by SYD. Our results suggest that SYD could protect mice against ischemic stroke primarily through significantly downregulating the damaging genes involved in stress, inflammation, angiogenesis, blood vessel


    马力; 侯焕娣; 王子军


    在实验室小型评价装置上考察复合型增液剂L对胜利减压渣油热转化反应的影响.研究结果表明,增液剂L使热转化液体产物收率增加、焦炭和干气产率降低.增加的液体产物主要是蜡油馏分,其组成主要是3环以上的多环芳烃,说明增液剂可促进残渣油和重质生成油分子多环芳烃结构的烷基侧链和多环芳烃结构之间桥链的断裂,使3~4环的多环芳烃能够及时从反应器逸出而成为液体产品.气体产物中C3、C4烃收率增加,C1、C2烃收率减少,表明增液剂L改变了原料烃的热裂化方式.%The thermal cracking of Shengli vacuum residue using a complex additive L to intensify liquid yield was studied by a lab-scale evaluation device. Test results demonstrate that using additive L, the liquid yield of thermal cracking can be increased, coke and dry gas yields decrease. The increased liquid product is mainly VGO fraction composed of more than 3-ring aromatic hydrocarbons, which indicates that the presence of additive L accelerates the cracking of alkyl side chains of polycyclic aromatics, as well as the bridge chains connected polycyclic rings, and furthermore, the obtained 3—4 rings aromatics can be escaped from the reaction system in time to form liquid product. Gas composition data show that in the gas product, the contents of methane, ethane and ethylene decrease, the contents of propane, propylene, butane and butylenes increase, which indicates that the presence of additive L may change the reaction pathway of hydrocarbons thermal cracking.

  9. 吴银根辨治间质性肺疾病经验%Professor Wu Yingen' s clinical experience in treating interstitial lung disease

    喻晓; 方泓; 唐斌擎


    This article introduces Professor Wu Yingen' s clinical experience in treating interstitial lung disease by traditional Chinese medicine. Professor Wu thinks that obstruction of lung collaterals is the basic pathogenesis of interstitial lung disease, so tonifying and activating the lung collaterals is the basic treatment method. And one case is presented.%介绍吴银根教授运用中医药辨治间质性肺疾病的临床经验.认为肺络痹阻为间质性肺疾病的基本病机;其基本治法为通补肺络,以辛通络痹、搜络化痹为主;遣方用药,灵活变通,并根据患者不同病情,中西医结合,规范用药.并附验案1则.

  10. ["Snow" and "Walpurgisnacht". Hans Castorp's exemplary maturation crises in "Zauberberg"].

    Heinrich, K; Walter, C


    On the occasion of a rather incidental visit in the sanatorium "Berghof" at Davos, Hans Castorp, the--as to his primary personality--asthenic and low-profile protagonist of the "Zauberberg" is gradually getting caught up in the maelstrom of the there prevailing timelessness and irresponsibility, this being interrupted solely by two tapering to crisis episodes: his amouressness to Mme. Chauchat as an erotic crisis and by the visionary daydream during a snowstorm about the abilities of men as a cognitive, mental crisis. Both events are triggered by a pathoid irritability, following the maxim of Th. Mann that illness, decay and death as borderline experiences may be the presupposition for cognition and reversal. Both crises end without consequences--the "Zauberberg" is the negation of the novel of education and development in the narrower sense. The unsuccessfulness and undecidedness of Hans Castorp's existence culminate in the open end of the novel, regarding his surviving on the battle field, and is in strict contrast to Adrian Leverkühn's determined autoinfection with Lues with the aim of artistic perfection and the creative break-through of "Doctor Faustus". Hans Castorp's regression and self-fragmentation within the decadent-morbid atmosphere of the sanatorium lead to his storming into the battles of the First World War as a last and existential crisis; it is here where finally the individual and national fate are merging. Hans Castorp becomes the paradigma of the German pre-war bourgeoisie and its crisis-prone development.

  11. Hans Christian Ørsted : natuurwetenschapper als estheticus

    Millekamp, Jan


    The Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted (1777-1851) is most famous for his discovery of electromagnetism, a discovery that literally and irreversibly changed our world. In Denmark he is also known as a poet and essayist. Interestingly, his scientific and his aesthetic work are closely interrelate

  12. Steve Jobs, Ameerika Hans H. Luik / Kertu Ruus

    Ruus, Kertu, 1977-


    Autor võrdleb Apple'i asutajat ja juhti Steve Jobsi Eesti meediaärimehe Hans H. Luigega. Vt. samas: Jobs: ärge raisake aega teiste elu elamisele; Forbes: iPhone'ist saab Apple'i suur hitt; CV: Steven Paul Jobs. Diagramm: Apple'i aktsia

  13. Our Hitler - A Film by Hans-Jürgen Syberberg

    Elsaesser, T.; Machtans, K.; Ruehl, M.A.


    A good deal of the interest aroused by the so-called New German Cinema in the 1970s and 1980s was generated by the impression - as well as the expectation - that the films of Werner Herzog, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, Wim Wenders, and others were not just another European new wa

  14. Homage to Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson


    It was with deep sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson, an internationally recognized scientist, beloved colleague and friend. He passed away on Wednesday January 13th at the Lund University Hospital, surrounded by his loved ones, after a short battle against cancer. This is a great loss for all of us in ALICE and the whole heavy ion community. Hans-Åke, Professor at Lund University, was one of the pioneers of heavy ion physics with relativistic beams since its very beginning. He started his research at CERN, as a fellow at the ISOLDE ion beam facility, and immediately after, in the early 1980 joined the Plastic Ball collaboration at the Bevalac. One of the seminal papers of the field on the discovery of collective flow in relativistic nuclear collisions, co-authored by Hans-Åke, Hans Gutbrod and colleagues, stems from this period. From that point on he was always at the forefront of research with relativistic nuclear beams, being for three de...

  15. President Hans Ager of Austrian Federal Council Visits China


    <正>An Austrian goodwill delegation led by Hans . Ager, president of the Austrian Federal Coun-cil and board member of the Austrian Association for Promotion of Friendship and Cultural Relations with China (AAPFCRC), paid a friendly visit to China in November, 2003 at the invitation of the CPAFFC. On the delegation were Dietmar Bachmann, president of the Industrial Federation of

  16. Steve Jobs, Ameerika Hans H. Luik / Kertu Ruus

    Ruus, Kertu, 1977-


    Autor võrdleb Apple'i asutajat ja juhti Steve Jobsi Eesti meediaärimehe Hans H. Luigega. Vt. samas: Jobs: ärge raisake aega teiste elu elamisele; Forbes: iPhone'ist saab Apple'i suur hitt; CV: Steven Paul Jobs. Diagramm: Apple'i aktsia

  17. The Dynamic Analysis of Agro-ecological Economic System on the Basis of Emergy : A Case Study of Wu'an City in Hebei Province


    Using the method of emergy analysis, we analyze the input and output of agro-ecological economic system, and select five indicators (net emergy yield ratio, emergy investment ratio, environmental loading ratio, emergy sustainability index, and dominance of emergy yield system) for assessment. The results show that the emergy input-output in Wu'an City is in general on the rise; the emergy investment ratio rises constantly, but the net emergy yield ratio decreases, and the comparative advantag...

  18. John C. H. Wu and Sociological Jurisprudence’s Spreading in China%吴经熊与法社会学在中国的传播



    John C.H. Wu studied at US and Europe, and had a profound understanding of American and European sociological jurisprudence through top jurists as Holmes, Pound, Geny, Stammler, Cardozo,etc. After going back to China, John C.H. Wu spread sociological jurisprudence through his essays. John C.H. Wu not only introduced the knowledge by translation, but made some innovation at the theories of psychological jurisprudence, law pluralism and three dimensions of law. Through John C.H. Wu’s influence, sociological jurisprudence was highly praised, and became popular in China.%吴经熊留学欧美,结识了霍姆斯、庞德、施塔姆勒等世界顶级法学大师,汲取了法社会学理论。吴经熊回国后,大力传播法社会学思想。他并不停留于浅显译介,而是力图创新,终于在心理法学、法律多元论和法律三度论等方面取得突破。在吴经熊等法学家影响下,法社会学思想在国内受到推崇,渐渐汇成一股潮流。

  19. Influence of filling-drawdown cycles of the Three Gorges reservoir on deformation and failure behaviors of anaclinal rock slopes in the Wu Gorge

    Huang, Da; Gu, Dong Ming


    The upper Wu Gorge on the Yangtze River has been the site of tens of reservoir-induced landslides since the filling of the Three Gorges reservoir in 2003. These landslides have been occurring in heavily fractured carbonate rock materials along the rim of the reservoir in the Wu Gorge. A detailed investigation was carried out to examine the influence of reservoir operations (filling and drawdown) on slope stabilities in the upper Wu Gorge. Field investigations reveal many collapses of various types occurred at the toe of the anaclinal rock slopes, owing to the long-term intensive river erosion caused by periodic fluctuation of the reservoir level. Analysis of data from deformation monitoring suggests that the temporal movement of the slopes shows seasonal fluctuations that correlate with reservoir levels and drawdown conditions, with induced slope acceleration peaking when reservoir levels are lowest. This may illustrate that the main mechanism is the reservoir drawdown, which induces an episodic seepage force in the highly permeable materials at the slope toes, and thus leads to the episodic rockslides. The coupled hydraulic-mechanical (HM) modeling of the G2 landslide, which occurred in 2008, shows that collapse initiated at the submerged slope toe, which then caused the upper slope to collapse in a rock topple-rock slide pattern. The results imply that preventing water erosion at the slope toe might be an effective way for landslide prevention in the study area.

  20. Pseudo-science in the Chinese linguistics circle:A brief summary of the ongoing academic dispute between Xu Dejiang(徐德江)and Wu Tieping(伍铁平)%Pseudo-science in the Chinese linguistics circle:A brief summary of the ongoing academic dispute between Xu Dejiang (徐德江) and Wu Tieping (伍铁平)

    David Moser


    @@ Ⅰ. Introduction A recent issue of the Chinese academic jourrai Foreign Language Education1 contained an article by one of China's linguists,Wu Tieping,a professor in the Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University, accusing Xu Dejiang,the editor of a journal Chinese Character Culture()of being an "academic fraud".




    In recent years,three-dimensional seismic acquisition was carried out in Jiyang depression,even second-round three-dimensional seismic acquisition was completed in some complex oil and gas blocks and many complex media and small fault block reservoirs were studied. As a result,the oil and gas production in the Shengli oil field has been steadily growing. However,it is difficult for the traditional seismic acquisition design technology to meet the current production requirements,and hence the authors selected the steep slope belt of the Shengli exploration area to build velocity model and form a set of observation system optimization design technological series suitable for the second-round Shengli exploration district collection through the seismic wave illumination and object-oriented geometric optimization and design technology research based on the theory of wave equation. The research results show that the technological series can ensure the integrity of the form of steep geological structure and the improvement of the imaging quality of micro structures such as minor fault blocks and small sand bodies.%随着胜利探区勘探开发的逐步深入,主要勘探目标开始转向小断块、小砂体等微幅构造以及岩性隐蔽油气藏,传统的地震采集设计技术难以满足当前生产需求.为此,选取胜利探区复杂构造地质模型,开展基于波动方程理论的地震波照明和面向目标的观测系统优化设计技术的研究,形成了一套适合胜利探区二次采集的观测系统优化设计的技术系列.研究结果表明,该技术系列能够保证该区地质构造的形态完整,小断块、小砂体等微幅构造的成像质量也有较大幅度的提高.

  2. How to Strengthen the Construction of HSE Team in Shengli Oilfield%胜利油田 HSE 队伍建设现状与发展思路



    Comprehensively deepening the reform and managing enterprises in accordance with the law and domestic oil companies'new normal have brought new more serious challenges to Shengli Oilfield ,and also put forward higher requirements for corporate HSE work .In this situation ,the existing problems in the construction of Shengli Oilfield HSE team must be ad-dressed ,such as personnel structure ,work style ,competency ,business capability ,business communication ,and HSE manage-ment .Therefore ,we should strength the construction of HSE team by considering the reality of Shengli Oilfield in terms of strengthening education and training ,establishing HSE institute of technology and highlighting the HSE management system , deepening "I can ensure safety"activities ,conducting HSE knowledge and experience sharing activities ,providing safety techni-cal support for the HSE management personnel and strengthening information management aspects .%全面深化改革、依法治企以及国内石油企业新常态给胜利油田带来新的更加严峻的挑战 ,也对企业 HSE工作提出了更高的要求.在这一形势下 ,胜利油田 HSE队伍建设中存在的队伍建设、人才结构、工作方式、业务能力、业务交流和HSE管理水平等方面的问题就必须解决 ,为此 ,应结合胜利油田实际 ,在强化教育培训、组建 HSE技术研究院、突出 HSE管理体系、深化"我能安全"活动、开展HSE知识和经验分享活动、为HSE管理人员提供安全技术支持、强化信息化管理等方面入手 ,强化HSE队伍建设.

  3. 《神农本草经》木香考%Textual research on Costus root (Aucklandia lappa Decne) in the Sheng nong ben cao jing (Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica)

    李光燕; 王德群; 方士英; 徐茂红


    Aucklandia lappa Decne was first recorded in the Sheng nong ben cao jing (Shennong's Classic ofMateria Medica).Through the textual research of herbal literature,it was found that the costus root in the Sheng nong ben cao jing perhaps was not the plant of Aucklandia lappa Decne of Compositae,but the eaglewood or Lignum Aquilasria Resinatum based on the comprehensive judgment of shape,taste,nature,and function etc.In the Sheng nong ben cao jing,it only includes costus root without the title of eaglewood,and Tao Hongjing recorded both herbs together in his Ming yi bie lu (Supplementary Records of Celebrated Physicians),which became a foreshadow of misunderstanding of the later generations.Beginning from the Tang ben cao (Materia Medica of the Tang Dynasty),the costus root was considered as the plant of Auckiandia lappa Decne from the Compostae with its profound influence until now.%中药木香最早记载于《神农本草经》.通过考察多种本草文献,发现《神农本草经》中的木香可能不是现代菊科木香类植物,而是沉香,因为从形态、气味、功效等方面综合判断,沉香与《本神农草经》中的木香相吻合.《神农本草经》中只有“木香”,而无“沉香”,陶弘景将“木香”与“沉香”一并记载于《名医别录》中,为后人的误识埋下了伏笔.自《唐本草》始认为“木香”主要为菊科的木香类草本植物,这种认识一直影响至今.马兜铃科藤本青木香在《唐本草》和《本草图经》等本草著作的“木香”条中均有记载,但不做“木香”药用的主流.

  4. Combustion of Han-Based Monopropellant Droplets in Reduced Gravity

    Shaw, B. D.


    The objective of this research is to study combustion of monopropellant droplets and monopropellant droplet components in reduced-gravity environments so that spherical symmetry is strongly promoted. The experiments will use hydroxylammonium nitrate (HAN, chemical formula NH3OHNO3) based monopropellants. This class of monopropellant is selected for study because of its current relevance and also because it is relatively benign and safe to work with. The experimental studies will allow for accurate determination of fundamental data on deflagration rates, gas-phase temperature profiles, transient gas-phase flame behaviors, the onset of bubbling in droplets at lower pressures, and the low-pressure deflagration limit. The theoretical studies will provide rational models of deflagration mechanisms of HAN-based liquid propellants. Besides advancing fundamental knowledge, the proposed research should aid in applications (e.g., spacecraft thrusters and liquid propellant guns) of this unique class of monopropellants.

  5. Hans Christian Ørsted reading nature's mind

    Christensen, Dan Charly


    Hans Christian Orsted (1777-1851) is of great importance as a scientist and philosopher far beyond the borders of Denmark and his own time. At the centre of an international network of scholars, he was instrumental in founding the world picture of modern physics. Orsted was the physicist who brought Kant's metaphysics to fruition. In 1820 his discovery of electro-magnetism, a phenomenon that could not possibly exist according to his adversaries, changed the course of research in physics. It inspired Michael Faraday's experiments and discovery of the adverse effect, magneto-electric induction. The two physical phenomena were later described in mathematical equations by J.C. Maxwell. Together these discoveries constitute the prerequisites for the overwhelming development of modern technology. But Orsted was also one of the cultural leaders and organizers of the Danish Golden Age (together with Grundtvig, Kierkegaard, and Hans-Christian Andersen, his protege), and made significant contributions to aesthetics, ph...

  6. Architect Wu Liangyong



  7. Hans von Hattingberg (1879-1944) Leben und Werk

    Keifenheim, Katharina Eva


    Hans von Hattingberg, geboren am 18.11.1879 in Wien, wird heute vor allem mit dem Deutschen Institut für Psychologische Forschung und Psychotherapie („Göring-Institut“) in Verbindung gebracht, wo er sich mit der „Neuen Deutschen Seelenheilkunde“ und der Erarbeitung von „Thesen zur Neurosenlehre“ befasste. Interessanterweise war Hattingberg bis 1932 eher eine Randfigur in der Psychotherapeutenszene und galt vielen als unbelehrbarer Querulant. Viele seiner Arbeiten wurden nie veröffentlicht, u...

  8. Hans Woller, Mussolini. Der erste Faschist. Eine Biographie

    Salvador, Alessandro


    La vita di Benito Mussolini, il fascismo e la Seconda guerra mondiale occupano una posizione ancora scomoda nella memoria storica italiana. È un po’ questo il pensiero dominante della biografia realizzata da Hans Woller. La stessa definizione di biografia, per questo volume, è decisamente riduttiva. Attraverso undici date e luoghi chiave della storia di Mussolini e del fascismo, Woller riesce in un’impresa non semplice: sintetizzare il più recente e completo stato della ricerca su quel period...


    Jun, Tao; Yuan, Zhong


    Abstract. Malnutrition is one of the most prevalent problems in older people, but there is little information about the nutritional status of the older women in China. Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate the nutritional status and clinically correlated factors for malnutrition in older Han women in China. In total, 2,556 hospital- and community-based Han women aged 60 years or older were recruited between May 2007 and December 2014. All women completed comprehensive geriatric assessment, and the Mini Nutritional Assessment Short Form (MNA-SF) was used to assess the nutritional status. The clinically corre- lated factors for malnutrition were also analyzed, including social factors, health status, and dietary behavior. The average age of these women was 75.9 ± 9.4 years, and 63.8% women lived in urban areas. Of the total respondents, 344 and 716 women were classified as malnutrition and at risk of malnutrition, respectively. Five factors were independently and positively correlated with poor nutrition, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), gastrointestinal disease, depression, cognitive impairment, and comorbidity (≥ 2). Three factors were independently and negatively correlated with poor nutrition, including economic status, meat intake, and fish intake. The older Han women with these five health problems should be given more attention with regards to their nutritional status. Improving economic status, eating more meat and fish were recommended for preventing poor nutrition in older women.

  10. Traditional Chinese medicine compound ShengJinRunZaoYangXue granules for treatment of primary Sj(o)gren's syndrome: a randomized,double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

    Hu Wei; Qian Xian; Guo Feng; Zhang Miaojia; Lyu Chengyin; Tao Juan; Gao Zhong'en


    Background Traditional Chinese medical treatment of primary Sj(o)gren's syndrome has advantages over Western medicine in terms of fewer side effects and improved patient conditions.This study was a multicenter,randomized,doubleblind,placebo-controlled clinical trial of the efficacy and safety of ShengJinRunZaoYangXue granules for the treatment of primary Sj(o)gren's syndrome,including the symptoms of dry mouth and dry eye.Methods We undertook a 6-week,double-blind,randomized trial involving 240 patients with primary Sj(o)gren's syndrome at five centers in East China.A computer-generated randomization schedule assigned patients at a 2∶1 ratio to receive either ShengJinRunZaoYangXue granules or placebo once daily.Patients and investigators were blinded to treatment allocation.The primary endpoints were the salivary flow rate,Schirmer test results,and sugar test results.Intention-to-treat and per-protocol analyses were performed.Results All 240 patients were randomly allocated to either the treatment group (n=160,ShengJinRunZaoYangXue granules) or placebo group (n=80) and were included in the intention-to-treat analysis.After program violation and loss to follow-up,a total of 199 patients were included in the per-protocol analysis.At six week,intention-to-treat and per-protocol analyses of the left-eye Schirmer I test results showed an improved difference of 1.36 mm/5 min (95% CI:0.03 to 2.69 mm/5 min) and 1.35 mm/5 min (95% CI:0.04 to 2.73 mm/5 min),respectively,and those of the right-eye Schirmer I test results showed an improved difference of 1.12 mm/5 min (95% CI:0.02 to 2.22 mm/5 min) and 1.12 mm/5 min (95% CI:-0.02 to 2.27 mm/5 min),respectively.There was no significant difference between the two groups before treatment.After treatment,the between-group and within-group before-and-after paired comparison results were statistically significant (P <0.05).Intention-to-treat and per-protocol analyses showed an improved salivary flow rate by 0.04 ml/15

  11. 有机盐强抑制可降解钻(完)井液在胜利油田的应用%Application of Degradable Organic Salt Drilling Fluid with Strong Inhibition and Completion Fluid in Shengli Oilfield



    Shengli oilfield is rich in oil reserves of low permeability reservoirs, and developed mainly by horizontal drilling process at pres- ent with conventional drilling fluid. But the reservoir damages are often found by the drilling fluid for drawdown of production in the oil and gas wells. So it is necessary to optimiZe the drilling fluid system. In this paper, the degradable organic salt drilling fluid with strong inhibi- tion and completion fluid is studied and applied to many blocks in Shengli oilfield, and good effects have been obtained. The case study in- dicates that such drilling and completion fluids are good at protection of the low permeability reservoir, obvious increase of oil and gas pro- duction and improvement of exploration and development benefits in this oilfield.%胜利油田低渗油藏储量丰富,目前多采用水平井开发方式,但常规钻井液往往会对储集层造成伤害,降低油气井产量。因此,有必要选择一种适合的钻井液体系。对有机盐强抑制可降解钻、完井液技术进行了筛选,并在胜利油田多个区块进行了现场应用,取得了较为理想的效果,有机盐强抑制可降解钻、完井液体系对胜利油田低渗储集层有较好的保护作用,能显著提高油气产量,提高勘探开发效益。

  12. 对如何做好胜利油田职业指导工作的几点思考%Several Thoughts about Vocational Guidance Work in Shengli Oilfield



    Vocational guidance ,also called career counseling or career guidance ,which is an important content of employ-ment service ,plays a more and more important role in promoting employment and realizing reasonable match of human resource and related jobs .Along with the width and depth of vocational guidance development ,systemized ,specialized and scientific vo-cational guidance is becoming the development direction of employment service ,accordingly the requirement for the career guid-ance personnel are much more higher .The paper analyzes the current situation of the vocational guidance work of Shengli Oil-field and gives some related ideas and suggestions ,which might promote the whole service level of vocational guidance work of Shengli Oilfield .%“职业指导”也称职业咨询或就业指导,职业指导作为就业服务工作的一项重要内容,在促进就业以及实现人职合理匹配等方面发挥着越来越重要的作用,同时随着职业指导在深度与广度上的不断延伸,系统化、专业化、科学化的职业指导逐步成为就业服务工作的发展方向,也给职业指导人员提出了新的更高的要求。本文通过分析胜利胜利油田职业指导工作的现状,就提升胜利油田职业指导工作水平提出了一些意见及建议,以促进胜利油田职业指导队伍整体职业素质的提升。

  13. HSE 全员培训模式探讨——以胜利油田为例%Research on HSE Training Method on Staff Taking Shengli Oilfield As An Example



    The New Production Safety Law requires the production and business units to provide safety training for their employees ,so that they can go to their post after qualified training assessment .With increasingly strict requirements for pro-duction safety by the government ,Shengli Oilfield has also strengthened the safety management ,and expanded the HSE training program to all staff .Currently the HSE training on staff mainly adopts the patterns of classroom teaching ,scene simulation training ,internet -based training ,etc .It has produced a favorable training effect in Shengli Oilfield by selecting one or more training types while combining the HSE training program with the training objects'facts .%新安全生产法要求生产经营单位需对其从业人员进行安全教育培训 ,培训合格后方可上岗作业.随着国家对安全生产管理要求的逐步严格 ,胜利油田对安全生产工作加强了管理 ,并把 HSE培训项目扩展到全员范畴.目前 ,HSE全员培训主要采取课堂式培训模式、现场模拟培训模式和基于互联网的培训模式.胜利油田 HSE全员培训项目结合培训对象的实际情况 ,选用一种或多种培训模式开展培训 ,取得了良好的培训效果.

  14. View of Sima Qian' s Profound Criticism of Dark Feudal Regime Tyranny from Biography of Marquis Wei Qi and Wu An in Historical Records%司马迁对封建黑暗专制制度的批判——解读《史记·魏其武安侯列传》



    Biography of marquis Wei Qi and Wu An in Historical Records is a famous works about dark feudal regime tyranny of the Western Han Dynasty, written by Sima Qian. This book exposed the darkness of feudal regime tyranny and the brutal essence of ruling class by Wai Wei' s despicable acts, feudal aristocracy' s power struggles, bureaucratic snobbish, inconstancy of human and so on. It expressed Sima Qian' s profound criticism of reality.%《史记·魏其武安侯列传》是揭露西汉黑暗的封建专制制度的力作,司马迁从外戚的卑劣行径,封建贵族之间的争权夺利以及当时官场的势利、世态炎凉等不同侧面,有力揭示了封建专制制度的黑暗和统治阶级残酷暴虐的本质,表达了司马迁对现实的深刻批判。

  15. Textual Research on Wu Jingzi' s Acquaintance with the Gentleman Yang Kai in Zhenzhou%吴敬梓交接真州缙绅杨凯略考



    杰出小说家吴敬梓生前与真州朋友、原提督杨凯缔有交谊,堪为文士与官绅交往典型之一例。两人之间的交游,既使吴敬梓获得一定的精神慰藉和生活之需,也丰富了他的人生阅历,对其思想嬗变与诗歌创作都产生了微妙而积极的影响。其交游更为吴敬梓成功创作长篇讽刺小说《儒林外史》,潜心塑造汤奏(镇台)、汤奉(知县)等若干正反面典型人物形象,构拟诸多章回精采故事情节,积聚了丰富且珍贵的素材。%The acquaintance of outstanding novelist Wu Jingzi before his death with his friend Yang Kai, the former senior official, can be taken as a model among contacts between men of letters and gentries. The acquaintance be- tween them not only makes Wu Jingzi obtain certain mental comfort and life need, but also enriches the experience of his life, which performs a subtle and positive effect on his thoughts transmutation and poetry creation. Wu Jingzi' s acquaintance accumulates rich and precious materials for his successful creation of long ironic fiction The Scholars, shaping a number of images of positive and negative character such as Commanding officer Tang and Sheriff Tang with great concentration, and making up many wonderful plots of story with captions for each chapter.

  16. A Study of Food culture in the Wu Region: with Comparison to that in Yangzhou%吴地饮食文化研究——兼与扬州饮食文化之比较



    With its unique geographical location, the Wu region in south China has developed a special food culture in the prolonged history, which embodies the philosophy of harmonious interaction between human and nature. With strong geographical and cultural features, The Wu food is characterized by its diversity and varie- ty on the one hand, and consistency and unity on the other hand. This paper examines in depth the geograph- ical and ecological environment in which the food culture of the Wu Region was cultivated, the flavor and fea- tures of the Wu Region food and the folkways of the food culture in the Wu Region. Rooted in the ideology of harmony and union, the food culture of the Wu Region is both traditional and fresh, reflecting the deep histori- cal and cultural heritage of the Wu Region.%在漫长的历史与独特的地理生态环境中,吴地形成了人与自然和谐发展的饮食文化。她具有丰富而又和谐、多样而又统一的特点,带有浓郁的地域文化色彩。从吴地饮食的风味特色以及饮食民俗中可以看出,在“和合”思想的指导下,吴地饮食文化给人们一种既传统而又清新的感觉,充分体现了吴地深厚的历史文化传统。

  17. Effect of Hash Function on the Performance of Wu-Manber Algorithm%Hash函数对WM算法性能的影响

    张速; 王锐利



  18. 维西香茶菜化学成分的研究%Studies on the chemical constituents of Rabdosia weisiensis C. Y. Wu

    杨东娟; 马瑞君; 王莱; 孙坤; 丁兰; 王瀚


    从甘肃产维西香茶菜(Rabdosia weisiensis C.Y.Wu)茎叶的乙酸乙酯部分分离得到6个已知化合物,用波谱学方法将其结构鉴定为:熊果酸(1);3β-乙酰氧基-12-烯-28-乌苏酸(2);胡麻素(3);欧槲寄生甙乙(4);胡萝卜甙(5);β-谷甾醇(6).

  19. Formation of THMs and HANs during bromination of Microcystis aeruginosa

    Yunzhu Pu; Lingzhao Kong; Xin Huang; Guoji Ding; Naiyun Gao


    Bromine-contained disinfectants and biocides are widely used in swimming pools,recreational waters and cooling towers.The objective of this study was to evaluate the formation of thrihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetonitriles (HANs) and their cytotoxicity in algae solutions during free bromine disinfection.Disinfection by-products formation potential experiments were conducted using modelsolutions containing 7mg/L (as total organic carbon) Microcystis aeruginosa cells.Effects of free bromine dosage,pH and ammonia were investigated.The results showed that brominated disinfection by-products were the major products when free bromine was applied.The total THMs formed during bromination was much as that formed during chlorination,whereas HANs were elevated by using bromination instead of chlorination.Dibromoacetonitrice (C2H2NBr2) and bromoform (CHBr3) were the only detected species during free bromine disinfection.The production of C2H2NBr2 and CHBr3 increased with disinfectant dosage but decreased with dosing ammonia.CHBr3 increased with the pH changing from 5 to 9.However,C2H2NBr2 achieved the highest production at neutral pH,which was due to a joint effect of variation in hydrolysis rate and free bromine reactivity.The hydrolysis of C2H2NBr2 was basecatalytic and nearly unaffected by disinfectant.Finally,estimation of cytotoxicity of the disinfected algae solutions showed that HANs formation was responsible for the majority of toxicity.Considering its highest toxicity among the measured disinfection by-products,the elevated C2H2NBr2 should be considered when using bromine-related algaecide.

  20. Ischemic stroke susceptibility gene in a Northern Han Chinese population

    Haiping Wang; Shujuan Shi; Wenjing Yan; Yan Song; Jingjing Zhan; Chen Zhang; Haiji Wang


    Interleukin-18 gene promoter polymorphisms are potential risk factors for ischemic cerebrovascular disease, and the-607C al ele may increase ischemic stroke risk in the Han Chinese population. In the present study, we recruited 291 patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease from the Affi-liated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical Col ege, China, and 226 healthy controls. Both pa-tients and controls were from the Han population in northern China. Immunoresonance scattering assays detected increased serum amyloid A protein, C-reactive protein, and interleukin-18 levels in ischemic cerebrovascular disease patients compared with healthy controls. Analysis of the-607C/A (rs1946518) polymorphism in the interleukin-18 gene promoter showed ischemic cerebrovascular disease patients exhibited increased frequencies of the CC genotype and C al eles than healthy controls. Genotype and al ele frequencies of the interleukin-18-137G/C (rs187238) polymorphism and the-13T/C (rs11024595) polymorphism in the 5'-flanking region of serum amyloid A, showed no significant difference between the two groups. Multivariate logistic regression analysis on the interleukin-18 promoter A/C genetic locus, for correction of age, gender, history of smoking, hyper-tension, diabetes mel itus, hypercholesteremia, and an ischemic stroke family history, showed ischemic cerebrovascular disease risk in individuals without the A al ele (C homozygotes) was 2.2-fold greater than in A al ele carriers. Overal , our findings suggest that the-13T/C (rs11024595) polymorphism in the 5′-flanking region of serum amyloid A has no correlation with ischemic cere-brovascular disease, but the C al ele of the-607C/A (rs1946518) polymorphism in the interleukin-18 promoter is a high-risk factor for ischemic cerebrovascular disease in the Han population of northern China. In addition, the A al ele is likely a protective gene for ischemic cerebrovascular disease.

  1. Nationalized Judaism and Diasporic Existence. Jakob Klatzkin and Hans Jonas

    Yotam Hotam


    Full Text Available This article characterizes the modern Jewish debate around Zionism as a profound political theological controversy by juxtaposing the works of two significant twentieth-century Jewish scholars, Jakob Klatzkin (1882–1948 and Hans Jonas (1903–1993. While Klatzkin campaigned for Zionism as Gnosticism, Jonas critically challenged this link in his writings from the 1950s and 1960s. In presenting a theological reading of modern Jewish secular thought, the article transcends the political controversy between Zionists and Post-Zionists of the recent decades and proposes a new horizon in the study of Jewish modern-secular thought.


    Szabó, Sándor


    Although Hans Selye is mostly known for his discovery & development of the stress concept, he also introduced the first physiologically sound, structure-activity classification of steroids that was also based on the chemical structure of steroids in 1943. He not only introduced the names of glucocorticoids & mineralocorticoids but discovered the anti- & pro-inflammatory properties, respectively, of these steroids in animal models. Furthermore, he not only described the first stress-induced gastric ulcers in rats (1936) & characterized the first human 'stress ulcers' during the air-raids in London during World War 11 (1943). Thus, Selye was a much more productive & creative scientist than it is generally considered.

  3. RHD gene polymorphism among RhD-negative Han Chinese

    徐群; 张建业; 王勤友; 张世训; 司桂玲


    Objective To evaluate the status of eight RHD specific exons in 131 Han Chinese blood donors who were classified as RhD-negative by serological methods and explore the genomic structure of RHD gene among the Han Chinese. The Rh blood group system has the highest prevalence of polymorphisms among human blood group systems and is clinically significant in transfusion medicine. The Rh antigens are expressed on polypeptides encoded by two highly homologous genes, RHD and RHCE. Recent molecular studies have shown that the RhD-negative trait could be generated by multiple genetic mechanisms and is ethnic group-dependent.Methods The polymerase chain reaction using-sequence specific primers (PCR-SSP) was used to amplify exons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 of RHD gene and exons 1, 2 and 5 of RHCE gene, as well as intron 4 in each of them.Results The 131 cases of RhD-negative phenotypes consisted of 60 ccee, 58 Ccee, 5 ccEe, 5 CcEe and 3 CCee. Among them, 83 with the Rh ccee or ccEe phenotypes (63.4%) lacked the eight RHD exons indicated above, while 26 cases with the Rh Ccee, CCee, CcEe phenotypes (19.9%) had all the RHD exons examined. Twenty-two individuals with the Ccee, CCee, CcEe phenotypes (16.8%) carried at least one RHD exon. The phenotypes of the RhD negative individuals carrying the RHD gene were Rh CC or Cc, but not cc. Conclusions Three classes of RhD-negative polymorphisms among a population of Han Chinese were observed. Antigen association analysis suggested the existence of a novel class of RhD-negative associated haplotype in Han Chinese. This haplotype consisted of a normal RHCE allele and a nonfunctional RHD gene. It may be beneficial to redefine the RhD-negative blood group among Chinese populations upon clarification of the mechanisms of RHD gene expression and RhD antigen immunization.

  4. Hans-Georg Gadamer en die Ou Testament

    J. H. le Roux


    Full Text Available Hans-George Gadamer and the Old Testament Some aspects of Gadamer�s hermeneutics are discussed below: his view on method, the finiteness of being human, the value of prejudices and so forth. With Gadamer�s help we are also able to think anew about our South African Old Testament tradition. He has perspectives and concepts which can help us to reword the basic questions of Old Testament scholarship. Of course, Gadamer is but one possibility, but he was one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. Whoever struggles with him also gains insight into the hermeneutical perspectives of the twentieth century.

  5. Dasar-Dasar Ontologis Pemahaman Hermeneutik Hans-Georg Gadamer

    Agus Darmaji


    Full Text Available Hans-Georg Gadamer explicitly agrees with Heidegger that ‘Being’ is always been understood through the language and the dimension of time. So to catch up the Being, we need to know the Being itself, and to understand it. To understand means to perceive within the time and historicity. This paper will make clear the ontological basics of Gadamer’s hermeneutics containing: the relationship between historical aspect and understanding; hermeneutic discourse and sequential distance; prejudice and understanding; effective historical consciousness; understanding as application; and the structure of questions and answers.DOI: 10.15408/ref.v13i4.911

  6. Association between the biochemical profiles in blood and bone mineral density in Chinese Han population: findings from a cross-sectional study

    Chen HX


    Full Text Available Hong-Xia Chen,1,2,* Li-Bing Wu,3,* Zhong-Ji Meng1 1Institute of Biomedicine, Taihe Hospital, Hubei University of Medicine, Shiyan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Environmental, Agricultural, & Occupational Health, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE, USA; 3Department of Nuclear Medicine, Taihe Hospital, Hubei University of Medicine, Shiyan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work. Abstract: This study investigated the possible correlation between blood biochemical profiles and bone mineral density (BMD in the Chinese Han population. We conducted a cross-sectional analysis using participants randomly selected from the Health Screening Center of Taihe Hospital, Hubei University of Medicine, which included a total of 285 individuals, varied in ages from 31 years to 63 years. The height, weight, and body mass index (BMI of each subject were measured, as well as fasting blood glucose (FBG, triglycerides, total cholesterol, blood uric acid (UA, blood urea nitrogen, and blood creatinine. We evaluated BMD at the wrist (grams per centimeter square using a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan. The mean ages of female and male groups were 45.32±8.24 years and 46.76±9.01 years, respectively. The mean age of the study population was 46.14±8.79 years, which is similar to the general population. The mean BMI values were 22.08±2.38 kg/m2 and 24.50±2.67 kg/m2 in the female and male population, respectively, representing a statistically significant difference (P<0.05. No significant differences in levels of FBG total cholesterol, or triglycerides were seen among the male and female population. Multiple linear regression analysis was performed using BMD as outcome variables and BMI, blood UA, FBG, total cholesterol, triglycerides, urea nitrogen, and blood creatinine as covariates, and the regression equation was established as Y=0

  7. Complete blood count reference intervals for healthy Han Chinese adults.

    Xinzhong Wu

    Full Text Available Complete blood count (CBC reference intervals are important to diagnose diseases, screen blood donors, and assess overall health. However, current reference intervals established by older instruments and technologies and those from American and European populations are not suitable for Chinese samples due to ethnic, dietary, and lifestyle differences. The aim of this multicenter collaborative study was to establish CBC reference intervals for healthy Han Chinese adults.A total of 4,642 healthy individuals (2,136 males and 2,506 females were recruited from six clinical centers in China (Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Xi'an. Blood samples collected in K2EDTA anticoagulant tubes were analyzed. Analysis of variance was performed to determine differences in consensus intervals according to the use of data from the combined sample and selected samples.Median and mean platelet counts from the Chengdu center were significantly lower than those from other centers. Red blood cell count (RBC, hemoglobin (HGB, and hematocrit (HCT values were higher in males than in females at all ages. Other CBC parameters showed no significant instrument-, region-, age-, or sex-dependent difference. Thalassemia carriers were found to affect the lower or upper limit of different RBC profiles.We were able to establish consensus intervals for CBC parameters in healthy Han Chinese adults. RBC, HGB, and HCT intervals were established for each sex. The reference interval for platelets for the Chengdu center should be established independently.

  8. A study on drought trend in Han River Basin

    Kim, Hung-Soo [Sun Moon University, Chonan(Korea); Moon, Jang-Won; Kim, Jae-Hyung; Kim, Joong-Hoon [Korea Univ., Seoul(Korea)


    The drought analysis is performed by applications of truncation level method and conditional probability concept for hydrologic time series in Han river basin. The distributed trend of conditional probability is determined using kriging method for the time series. This study uses daily flowrate, monthly rainfall, and daily high temperature data sets. The daily flowrate data of 12 years(1986-1997) is used for the analysis. Also, the 14 years' data sets(1986-1999) for monthly rainfall and daily high temperature obtained from the National Weather Service of Korea are used in this study. In the cases of flowrate and rainfall data sets, the estimated value corresponding to the truncation level is decreased as the truncation level is increased but in the high temperature data, the value is increased as the truncation level is increased. The conditional probability varies according to the observations and sites. However, the distributed trend of drought is similar over the basin. As a result, the possibility of the drought is high in the middle and lower parts of Han river basin and thus it is recommended the distributed trend of drought be considered when the plan or measures for drought are established. (author). 10 refs., 9 tabs., 5 figs.

  9. The anatomist Hans Elias: A Jewish German in exile.

    Hildebrandt, S


    Hans Elias (1907 to 1985) was an anatomist, an educator, a mathematician, a cinematographer, a painter, and a sculptor. Above all, he was a German of Jewish descent, who had to leave his home country because of the policies of the National Socialist (NS) regime. He spent his life in exile, first in Italy and then in the United States. His biography is exemplary for a generation of younger expatriates from National Socialist Germany who had to find a new professional career under difficult circumstances. Elias was a greatly productive morphologist whose artistic talent led to the foundation of the new science of stereology and made him an expert in scientific cinematography. He struggled hard to fulfill his own high expectations of himself in terms of his effectiveness as a scientist, educator, and politically acting man in this world. Throughout his life this strong-willed and outspoken man never lost his great fondness for Germany and many of its people, while reserving some of his sharpest criticism for fellow anatomists who were active in National Socialist Germany, among them his friend Hermann Stieve, Max Clara, and Heinrich von Hayek. Hans Elias' life is well documented in his unpublished diaries and memoirs, and thus allows fresh insights into a time period when some anatomists were among the first victims of NS policies and other anatomists became involved in the execution of such policies.

  10. Elucidating pharmacological mechanisms of natural medicines by biclustering analysis of the gene expression profile: a case study on curcumin and Si-Wu-Tang.

    Quan, Yuan; Li, Bin; Sun, You-Min; Zhang, Hong-Yu


    Natural medicines have attracted wide attention in recent years. It is of great significance to clarify the pharmacological mechanisms of natural medicines. In prior studies, we established a method for elucidating pharmacological mechanisms of natural products contained in connectivity map (cMap), in terms of module profiles of gene expression in chemical treatments. In this study, we explore whether this methodology is applicable to dissecting the pharmacological mechanisms of natural medicines beyond the agents contained in cMap. First, the gene expression profiles of curcumin (a typical isolated natural medicine) and Si-Wu-Tang (a classic traditional Chinese medicine formula) treatments were merged with those of cMap-derived 1309 agents, respectively. Then, a biclustering analysis was performed using FABIA method to identify gene modules. The biological functions of gene modules provide preliminary insights into pharmacological mechanisms of both natural medicines. The module profile can be characterized by a binary vector, which allowed us to compare the expression profiles of natural medicines with those of cMap-derived agents. Accordingly, we predicted a series of pharmacological effects for curcumin and Si-Wu-Tang by the indications of cMap-covered drugs. Most predictions were supported by experimental observations, suggesting the potential use of this method in natural medicine dissection.

  11. A Brief Study on Wu Dialect Sounds in Local Chronicles%地方志所见吴语方音考略



    A local chronicle is a sort of literature which records the information within an area or a certain space-time. The dialect document in a local chronicle is one of the important documents for studying ancient Chinese dialect, based on which, the history of modem Chinese dialect can be traced back. The article make a brief study on WU dialect sounds from some key local chronicles in Jiangsu and Zhejiang as of the Song Dynasty by combining other literatures and utilizing contemporary Wu dialect.%地方志是记载一定时空内一个方面或各个方面情况的资料性文献,其中的方言材料是研究古代汉语方言的重要资料之一,据此可以回溯现代汉语方言的历史。本文选取宋代以来几部重要的江浙地方志,简要考察其中的吴语方音现象。考察时,一方面结合其他文献,另一方面利用现代吴方言。

  12. WU Mengchao: A Contemporary Model of Medical Ethical Spirit%吴孟超:医学伦理精神的当代楷模



    吴孟超的医学伦理精神是他卓越医学成就的内在支撑,堪为当代楷模,值得世人学习.它包括独立自强、奋勇争先的科研伦理精神,事业为重、生命为本的医务伦理精神,慧眼识才、业以人兴的人才伦理精神,以及矢志报国、为国争光的医学价值追求.弘扬吴孟超的医学伦理精神,具有重要的时代意义.%WU Mengchao's medical ethical spirit is the inner support of his outstanding medical achievements. It can be a contemporary model and worthy for us to learn from. It involves ethical spirit of independence, self—reliance and courageously striving in medical research, taking career as the foremost and life as the foundation in medical treatment, distinguishing greatness from mediocrity and taking talent as foundation of prosperous career in talent cultivation, and pledging his devotion to serve and win glory for the country in medical value pursuit. It is of great significance in our times to carry forward Wu's medical ethical spirit.

  13. “忍无可忍”源流考辨%A Probe into the Source of "Ren Wu Ke Ren"



    “忍无可忍”这个成语意义的源头是“忍之无可忍”,形式是借鉴汉译佛经的“忍不可忍”之后类推而成的。踏踏实实阅读第一手资料、仔细深入地分析文献例证。是保证溯源准确的前提。%The source of the literal meaning of the idiom "ren wu ke ren ( beyond endurance) " is from "ren zhi wu ke ren (endure to one's limit)", and its form is evolved from "ren bu ke ten (endure whatever one cannot endure)" in the Chinese translation of Buddhist sutras. Probing into the first-hand resources in a down-to-earth manner, and analyzing the examples in literature in a careful and thorough way are the premi- ses of the accurate trace into the source.

  14. The characteristics of the insidious pathogen doctrine of WU You-xing%吴有性伏邪学说的特点



    The concept of insidious pathogen originated in Nei jing (Yellow Emperors Inner Clas-sic). WU You-xing put forward the concept of an epidemic noxious factor on the basis of predecessors' work and gave a new connotation to insidious pathogen in the late Ming dynasty. WU You-xing held that the cold pathogen was invisible while the epidemic noxious factor was tangible and concrete; the hidden location of the pathogen is Mo yuan, and the pathogen concealed in Mo ynan is the elementary process of epidemic dis-ease, not hidden and not attacking. It can be treated by Da ynan yin.%"伏邪"概念源自,明末吴有性在前人基础上提出"戾气"的概念,赋予"伏邪"新的内涵.吴有性认为寒邪无形,而戾气有形,具有物质性;邪气所伏病位为"膜原",且邪伏膜原为温疫初起阶段,并非"伏而不发",可以达原饮治疗.

  15. Wu-Chia-Pi Solution Attenuates Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Injury through the Antioxidative Abilities of Its Components Acteoside and Quercetin

    Ching-Chiung Wang


    Full Text Available Wu-Chia-Pi medicated wine, composed nine Chinese medicines soaked in 35% alcohol, is widely used in Asia for its health-promoting functions. However, long-term consumption of alcohol could result in liver dysfunction. In this study, Wu-Chia-Pi solution (WCPS and extract (WCPE were prepared by modification of the principals given by the Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy in Taiwan. The aim of this study was to explore the protective effect of WCPS against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4-induced liver injury and to clarify its active component(s. Antioxidative effects of the test samples were evaluated via MDA inhibition, catalase activity and DPPH-scavenging assays. HPLC was used to analysis the active components. Results showed that WCPS (1 and 5 mL/kg significantly prevented CCl4-induced liver injury without chronic liver toxicity. Referring to the antioxidative activities, WCPE displayed significant MDA inhibitory and DPPH-scavenging activities with IC50 values of 0.91 ± 0.03 and 0.60 ± 0.04 mg/mL, respectively. Catalase activity was also enhanced by treatment of WCPE, acteoside and quercetin. Therefore, we suggest that acteoside and quercetin are the major contributors to the antioxidative and hepatoprotective activities of WCPS, and a possible mechanism could be mediated through reduction of oxidative stress.

  16. 塵世幾人識我?--記政治學家、詩人吴其玉先生%Notes on Politics Researcher and Poet Wu Qiyu



    Prof. Wu Qiyu ( 1904—1995 ) graduated from the Department of Politics of Yenching University in 1927, and got a doctor’ s degree from Princeton University, USA in 1933. Afte returning to China, he acted as professor, Dean of the Department of Politics and Dean of the College of Law, Yenching University. From 1945, he was successively appointed as professor of Central and Jinling universities, and then as Dean of Studies of Zhijiang University. He won great prestige in the field of politics. From 1957 , he suffered unjust treatment for political season until his rehabilitation in the 1970s. Upon returning to Beijing, he acted as concurrent professor at the Depart-ment of Law, Peking University and Special Senior Fellow at the Institute of Nationali-ty Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. At that time he was over seventy. He often wrote old-style poems in memory of his teachers and friends, as well as for taking part in poetical exchanges among scholars. In the present paper, the author an-alyzes a lot of Wu Qiyu’ s poems, discovers from them anecdotes in his association with other men of letters, and thus provides valuable information on minds and feel-ings of the then Yenching literati.

  17. Overexpression of the NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase gene (icdA) in citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L.

    Kobayashi, Keiichi; Hattori, Takasumi; Hayashi, Rie; Kirimura, Kohtaro


    In the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, NADP(+)-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase (NADP(+)-ICDH) catalyzes oxidative decarboxylation of isocitric acid to form α-ketoglutaric acid with NADP(+) as a cofactor. We constructed an NADP(+)-ICDH gene (icdA)-overexpressing strain (OPI-1) using Aspergillus niger WU-2223L as a host and examined the effects of increase in NADP(+)-ICDH activity on citric acid production. Under citric acid-producing conditions with glucose as the carbon source, the amounts of citric acid produced and glucose consumed by OPI-1 for the 12-d cultivation period decreased by 18.7 and 10.5%, respectively, compared with those by WU-2223L. These results indicate that the amount of citric acid produced by A. niger can be altered with the NADP(+)-ICDH activity. Therefore, NADP(+)-ICDH is an important regulator of citric acid production in the TCA cycle of A. niger. Thus, we propose that the icdA gene is a potentially valuable tool for modulating citric acid production by metabolic engineering.

  18. 论吴冠中油画风景创作观%On the Concept of Creation in Wu Guanzhong's Landscape Painting

    李超峰; 刘勇


    Oil painting and traditional Chinese landscape painting are two different painting styles.They are based on completely different culture backgrounds.There are also differences in aesthetic orientation.In the composition of oil painting scenery,Wu guan-zhong took not only the excellence in western paint-color and the western modern notion,but also the spirit of Chinese landscape.He mixes the advantages of both Chinese and western into a body perfectly.In the "renovation"to paint in Wu-style,he combines the two organically the creation of"substituting stealthily,removing mountains and fill seas".Wu brings the spirits of Chinese landscape into the creation of the oil painting scenery,which includes the method of observation and the view of creation—observing and travelling extensively,ways of building space by virtual and actual such as extending and closing,as well as the personification of the landscape etc.,and combines it with the very essence of the western paints—color and modern concepts to form his unique art vocabulary.Mr.Wu is neither constrained by master-apprentice nor surrenders in fashion,he pursues the expression of emotion by choosing all means.All of these demonstrate his unique artistic style,express his penetrating to the traditional and the modern,the oriental and western and also accomplishes oil painting in Wu-style which is different from the other artistic schools.%西方风景画和传统中国山水画,是不同的两种绘画样式,构建于完全不同的文化背景下,审美取向上也有不同。在油画风景创作中,吴冠中他既取西方油彩之优———色彩,及西方的现代观念,也取中国山水之精神,博取中西之长,融成一家之言。在吴氏对于油彩的"翻新"中,他以"移花接木,移山填海"的创作方式将二者有机的结合起来。他将中国山水中的观察方式和创作观,饱游沃看,面面观;中国山水的拉大法,拉近法等以虚实来营造空间;以及

  19. On Identity of the Grave Master in Epigraph of SIMA Sheng of Eastern Wei Dynasty:A Probe into the Grandfather of SIMA Chu-zhi%《东魏司马昇墓志》墓主人身份考--兼考司马楚之的祖父

    罗尔波; 周香均


    Epigraph of SIMA Sheng of Eastern Wei has certain historical value.However,the identity of the grave master is yet to be verified.According to the epigraph and the relevant records in Book of J in ,Book of Wei and A History of Northern Dynasty ,we can identify SIMA Sheng as the grave master whose grandfather was SIMA Chu-zhi.His father was SI-MA Bao-ying who was the descendent of Pengcheng King.Through the verification of SIMA Chu-zhi as his grandfather,the author of this paper has finally managed to work out the family extraction from SIMA Kui to SIMA Chu-zhi and SIMA Sheng.%《东魏司马昇墓志》具有一定的史料价值,但其墓主人身份尚待考证。根据墓志铭文和《晋书》《魏书》《北史》的相关记载考证,明确了墓主人司马昇的身份,他的祖父为司马楚之,父亲为司马宝胤,是晋彭城王之后。并通过考证司马楚之祖父的身份,最终理清了从司马馗到司马楚之、司马昇的世系。

  20. Studies on the Pollination, Fertilization and Embryo Development of Chinese Date‘Wu-He-Zao'(Ziziphus jujuba)%枣授粉受精及胚胎发育研究

    张学英; 彭士琪; 郭振怀


    The processes about pollination, fertilization and embryo development of Chinese Date ‘Wu-he-zao' (ziziphus jujuba) were observed by means of lightmicrocope combining histochemical dyeing and fluorescent technique. The results were summarized as follows:The pollen grains germinated on the stigma at the 4th hour after pollination. On the 5th day after pollination,the primary endosperm nucleus formed, and the zygote formed on the 6th day. The double fertilization of Wu-he-zao was the type premitotic syngamy. The first division of the zygote took place after a dormancy for about 6 - 7 days. The proembryonal development of Wu-he-zao belonged to the Solanad type. The development of the endosperm belonged to the nuclear type.

  1. Investigation and study on influencing factors of chronic diseases among residents in a community in Shengli oil field%胜利油田某社区居民慢性病影响因素调查研究

    窦伟洁; 李志华; 刘维量; 钟传茂; 许国星; 刘俊德; 李惠平; 孙正刚; 张树芳; 张桂菊


    Objective To investigate the prevalence and influencing factors of chronic diseases among residents in a community in Shengli oil field. Methods A retrospective investigation was conducted among 3 471 people over 18 years old with multistage stratified-cluster sampling in a community in Shengli oil field. Data were input and statistically analyzed by SPSS 13. 0 statistical software. Results A total of 898 cases had chronic diseases out of 3 444 people( involving 1 451 male and 1 993 female) were surveyed. The prevalence of chronic diseases was 26. 07% , and the standardized prevalence rate was 24.94% , which was higher in male(43. 49% ) than in female( 13.40% ). The multivariate unconditional Logistic regression analysis showed that male, older, drinking, eat less fruit and obesity were influencing factors of chronic diseases among residents in this community. Compared with workers, office-clerk, doctor and teacher, retired were influencing factors of chronic dieases. Compared with boomers, water-pumper, oil-producioner, hot-operationer were influencing factors of chronic diseases. Besides, the work or housework activities'intensity was a protective factor. Conclusions The results of this study indicated that the prevalence of chronic diseases was moderate, and its influencing factors may be more among residents in this community in the Shengli oil field. So some preventive and control measures should be enhanced.%目的 了解胜利油田某社区居民慢性病患病情况及其影响因素.方法 采用多阶段等比例分层整群抽样,在胜利油田滨州工作区某社区抽取18岁以上常住居民3 471人为调查对象进行慢性病相关调查.采用SPSS 13.0软件对数据进行统计分析.结果 共调查3 444人,其中男性1 451人,女性1 993人.各类慢性病患者898人,慢性病总患病率为26.07%,标化率为24.94%.其中男性慢性病患病率(43.49%)比女性(13.40%)高.多因素非条件Logistic回归分析显示,男性、

  2. Hans H. Ussing - scientific work: contemporary significance and perspectives

    Larsen, Erik Hviid


    As a zoologist, Hans H. Ussing began his scientific career by studying the marine plankton fauna in East Greenland. This brought him in contact with August Krogh at the time George de Hevesy, Niels Bohr and Krogh planned the application of artificial radioactive isotopes for studying the dynamic...... such as exchange diffusion, unidirectional fluxes, flux-ratio equation, and solvent drag. Combining methods of biophysics with radioactive isotope technology, Ussing introduced and defined the phrases ‘short-circuit current', ‘active transport pathway' and ‘shunt pathway', and with frog skin as experimental model...... studies of high and low resistance epithelia and generalized the description of epithelial transport. He devoted the last decade of his scientific life to solute-coupled water transport. He introduced the sodium recirculation theory of isotonic transport, and in an experimental study, he obtained...

  3. Responsibility to Nature? Hans Jonas and Environmental Ethics

    Peter Wolsing


    Full Text Available This paper presents the philosopher Hans Jonas’s idea of an environmental ethics. Through an outline of the development of man’s relation to nature from Greek antiquity to the present it is argued that science and technology in modernity favour a relation of exploitation which is partly the cause of fatal climate changes. Through Jonas’s philosophical notion of an ontology of man as an alternative to classical dualism and by means of a turn to an ontological interpretation of Kant’s categorical imperative, it is argued that mankind has a responsibility to both coming generations and to the biosphere as a whole. Not only does this ontological shift from philosophy of mind to an ontology of man transcend dualism in philosophy, it throws a new critical light on the technological development and suggests a new way of considering man’s place in the cosmos.

  4. Hans Hinterreiter’s non-linear transformations

    Makovicky, Emil

    Hans Hinterreiter (1902-1989) was a Swiss painter, belonging to the Constructivist movement, who spent most of his life in Ibiza, Spain. Since 1930 he occupied himself with the laws of form and colour. Parallel to Escher, he discovered laws of coloured symmetry before crystallographers started...... poster illustrates four different cases of this process, starting always with a plane-group pattern and showing both the application of non-linear transformations and coloured symmetry. In his more complex patterns, two of which are shown on the poster, Hinterreiter created domains of affinely......-step approach that combines plane group patterns with the principles of coloured symmetry and nonlinear transformations, his understanding of crystallographic and non-crystallographic symmetry and a meticulous application of these principles even to the most complex patterns produced a legacy close to the heart...

  5. [Hans Selye, the grandmaster of creativity and originality].

    Somogyi, Árpád


    Hans Selye, the father of the stress concept, was a giant of science of the twentieth century. Beyond his best-known work on stress, he also made several discoveries on various other fields of experimental medicine. He described and characterized various pluricausal diseases. In addition, he made pivotal contributions to the broad field of endocrinology, especially to the classification of steroids and to our better understanding of their mode of action. He developed surgical technics and experimental animal models suitable for studying the pathogenesis and prevention of human diseases. Selye was an extremely well educated, highly intelligent and disciplined individual, an original and creative scientist, an outstanding teacher, a philosopher, a prolific author, a fabulous communicator and a gifted organizer successfully establishing, developing and managing a major academic research institution, the word-famous Institute of Experimental Medicine and Surgery of the University of Montreal.

  6. From chemistry to consciousness the legacy of Hans Primas

    Müller-Herold, Ulrich


    This book reflects on the significant and highly original scientific contributions of Hans Primas. A professor of chemistry at ETH Zurich from 1962 to 1995, Primas continued his research activities until his death in 2014. Over these 50 years and more, he worked on the foundations of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, contributed to a number of significant issues in theoretical chemistry, helped to clarify central topics in quantum theory and the philosophy of physics, suggested innovative ways of addressing interlevel relations in the philosophy of science, and introduced cutting-edge approaches in the flourishing young field of scientific studies of consciousness. His work in these areas of research and its continuing impact is described by noted experts, colleagues, and collaborators of Primas. All authors contextualize their contributions to facilitate the mutual dialog between these fields.

  7. [The psychobiology of Hans Lungwitz (1881-1967)].

    Becker, Reinhold


    Hans Lungwitz began to formulate his concept of philosophical and medical anthropology in 1924, and continued to develop it until his death in 1967. From his long experience as a neurologist, he arrived at a comprehensive theory of psychobiology which describes mental processes as biological / physiological function of neural structures in the human brain. Lungwitz's approach to holistic biological view of thought and experience to brain function and reflex behaviour, and provides a holistic biological view of the human brain, free from metaphysics. This is shown here as: the subject-object-relationship, the human being described as a reflex system; the psychobiology of language and speech; the way a person perceives (Weltanschauung); illness as infantilism in general and recover therefrom, especially in the context of treatment by the method of cognitive therapy, inaugurated by Lungwitz.

  8. The legacy of Hans Molisch (1856-1937), photosynthesis savant.

    Gest, H


    Hans Molisch (1856-1937) was an exceptionally gifted and productive researcher who had broad interests in plant biology, physiology and biochemistry. In addition, he pioneered in isolating a number of species of purple photosynthetic bacteria in pure culture (including Rhodobacter capsulatus), which facilitated his discovery of basic aspects of bacterial photosynthesis. Molisch demonstrated conclusively that molecular oxygen is not produced by photosynthetic bacteria, and discovered the photoheterotrophic growth mode. The range of Molisch's research accomplishments was impressive, and he emerges as a major figure in the history of photosynthesis research. This essay reviews the numerous research contributions made by Molisch, particularly in regard to advancing knowledge of the several forms of photosynthetic metabolism. An English translation of his 1914 paper on the photosynthetic creation of visual images on leaves is included as an Appendix.

  9. Introduction to Professor HAN Jing-xian's Academic Thoughts

    陆明霞; 丁晓蓉


    @@ Professor HAN Jing-xian graduated from the Department of Medicine in Tianjin Medical University in 1970. He made a further study of experimental medicine in Kitasato University, Japan between 1987 and 1988. He was engaged in aging research in mouse in Kyoto University, Japan between 1988-1989, and in practicing traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) in Mutian and other Hospitals from 1991 to 1994. In 1997, he won an excellent returned students award from Ministry of Health and was awarded special allowance by State Council. As a research fellow, he won an award of national scientific and technical progress and seven awards of local scientific and technical progress. He published more than twenty articles at home and abroad, including five SCI papers; and wrote four monographs, one of which, Acupuncture Techniques (in Japanese) has been considered as a guidance book for acupuncture practice in the acupuncture circle in Japan.

  10. Hans Christian Jacobaeus: Inventor of human laparoscopy and thoracoscopy.

    Hatzinger, Martin; Kwon, S T; Langbein, S; Kamp, S; Häcker, Axel; Alken, Peter


    Hans Christian Jacobaeus performed the first clinical laparoscopic surgery in Stockholm. This pioneering procedure was based on the animal experiments of Georg Kelling (1866-1945), a German physician from Dresden, who performed the first laparoscopic intervention in 1901 using a Nitz cystoscope in a dog. In 1910, Jacobaeus published his initial experiences with laparoscopic surgery in the Münchner Medizinischen Wochenschrift under the title "The Possibilities for Performing Cystoscopy in Examinations of Serous Cavities." He used this technique for diagnostic purposes in undefined abdominal complaints and functional impairment. Jacobaeus was the first who pointed out the possibility of injuring organs, especially the intestines, by inserting the trocar. In 1910, Jacobaeus recognized the immense diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of laparoscopic surgery, as well as its difficulties and limits. He also was the first to realize the need for initial endoscopic training in animals and corpses. He promoted the development of special laparoscopic instruments to optimize and simplify the procedure.

  11. 贾平凹《老生》的叙事方式与历史构建%A Research on the Narrative Form and Construction of History in Jia Pingwa's Lao Sheng



    In recent years,Jia Pingwa is committed to writting novels about his native land from his memory, therefore providing much more meanings of the time.The novel Lao Sheng outlines the appearance of history of China with identify of folk artist and the fist person. Between the two layers of narrative text,the characteristic of "I" with marginalized existence and multifarious narrative identity objectively describe history development skeleton.And it shows author's selection on value when faced with complicated historical truth. Shan Hai Jing as an important relevance text for Lao Sheng, both of them are connection with each other in different narrative time and space, dialoguing in linear relation of time.Accordingly, author narrates history and sorts out the long time with personal memory and thinks about the meaning of reality through deconstructing and constructing the truth of history.%押近年来,贾平凹着力于对乡土书写的回归,以求赋予其更为宽广的时代内涵. 新作《老生》凭借民间唱师的身份和第一人称"我"的口吻意图勾勒历史的面貌."我"在两层叙事文本中因叙事身份多样性和存在方式的边缘化特点,客观地展现着历史的发展脉络,也表现出作家在面对复杂的历史真相时所做出的价值选择. 其中《山海经》作为小说重要的关照性文本,二者在叙事时空的不同维度上彼此呼应,并在外在的时间线性关系上形成对话.作家以此为依托进行历史叙述,凭借个人记忆对跨度巨大的时间进行梳理,在对历史真实的消解与构建中思考着当下的意义.

  12. 益髓生血颗粒对珠蛋白生成障碍性贫血患者%Expression of SCF and C - kit in Patients of βThalassemia Treated by Yi Sui Sheng Xue Granula

    柴立民; 吴志奎


    Objective;To investigate the mechanism of action in p thalassemia treated by Yi Sui Sheng Xue granula. Methods-. We detected the hemoglobin, erythrocyte, reticulocyte count and fetal hemoglobin of 20 patients of p thalassemia before or after treated by the granula, studied the gene expression of stem cell factor and c - kit in karyocyte of marrow. Results -. The hematologic parameters of patients were ameliorated by this granula. Gene expression of c - kit was increased notablely. That of SCF was no change. Conclusion -. Yi Sui Sheng Xue granula can improve clinical symptom of the patients obviously. It should regulate the proliferation and cell differentiation of ancestral cell and hematopoietic cell through the SCF/c - kit signal transmit pathway for goals of treatment.%目的:探讨益髓生血颗粒治疗珠蛋白生成障碍性贫血的作用机制.方法:观察20例患儿治疗前后血红蛋白(Hb)、红细胞(RBC)、网织红细胞计数(Ret)、胎儿血红蛋白(HbF)的改变;选取10例有效病例,通过实时荧光定量PCR技术探讨该药对珠蛋白生成障碍性贫血患者骨髓有核细胞SCF和c-kit基因表达的影响.结果:治疗后患者各项血液学参数均有改善;骨髓有核细胞c-kit基因表达明显升高,与治疗前比较差异有显著性(P<0.05);SCF基因表达无明显改变.结论:益髓生血颗粒可以明显改善患者的临床症状,通过SCF/c-kit信号传导途径,调节红系祖细胞及其它造血细胞的增殖和分化过程,来达到治疗目的.

  13. Review on Wu Zetian's Anecdotes: from historical reality to film and television reality%《武则天秘史》影评:从历史真实到影视真实



    2011年年底电视剧《武则天秘史》走红之后,武则天及唐代宫廷历史为人们所高度关注。作为一种大众娱乐现象,这非常值得研究。唐代的大气磅礴在武则天时期表现得特别明显。对武则天的女性认识与形象进行分析,发现人们对武则天的女性认识有一个明显的演变过程,这是历史学界和影视学界"性别书写"的例证。女性意识在初唐的初步松动,到武则天称帝时期妇女开放观念达到高潮,武则天玩弄各种权术达到中国封建社会女权时代的巅峰。通过三部影视作品三个不同的武则天和太子形象分析,从历史真实到影视真实,作为武则天的"她"把女人的妩媚与刚强娇柔浑然一体地结合在一起,造就帝王风范和媚女风流。%Since the TV series of Wu Zetian's Anecdotes had its moments at the end of 2011, Wu Zetian and the royal history of the Tang dynasty have been paid particular attention. As a phenomenon of mass entertainment, it is worthy of studying. The power and prosperity of the Tang dynasty was especially obvious during Wu Zetian' s rule. Through analyzing Wu' s image and character, we find a clear evolution process for people to understand her, which is the example of "gender writing', in the circle of history and film and television. Female consciousness was awoken in the early Tang. When Wu Zetian proclaimed herself empress, it reached its climax. The power tactics which was practiced by Wu Zetian reached to the peak of feminist era of China feudal society. Through analyzing three works of film and television, and three different images of Wu Zetian and prince from the historical truth to film and television reality, we comes to the conclusion that Wu Zetian which was regarded as the women's charm and strength, combined consistently to bring up the imperial style and seductive female.

  14. The Romantic Elements of the Legal Thoughts of John Ching-Hsiung Wu%论吴经熊法律思想的浪漫因素



    John Ching Hsiung Wu was graduated in law department at Soochow University,and served as the first Dean of the law school after the reform of law department. John C. H. Wu possessed profound legal knowledge,had a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese Learning,fused the philosophy of Confucian,Taoist and Buddhist,understood the artistic conception of poetry of the Tang Dynasty from the spirit of Chinese culture,identified the moving factor and aesthetic feeling of the art of law,and believed that dealing with conflicts of interest depends on a thinking mind and a feeling heart,intuition and patience of lawyers. John C. H. Wu deemed that the essence of law can be comprehended from the perspective of macrography,conception and perception. At the same time,the reason,experience should be cooperated in jurisprudential study,for practice could justify theory. Romantic elements is motive power of constant innovation,and methodological study can be inspired by human vitality and sensibility,uncontrolled and abundant life,which is valued by romanticism. After a turning point,John C. H. Wu eventually converted to religion,romantic elements is a motivation.%吴经熊毕业于东吴大学法科,系法科改制后首任东吴法学院院长。他法学根底深厚,学贯中西,融合儒、道、禅哲学,以中华文化的玄妙精髓参悟唐诗的意境,并进而体会法律的艺术有其动人因素及美感经验,坚信均衡利益之冲突有赖法律人的智思心觉和直觉与耐心。他认为法之本质需通观整体,概观与个观兼备,法学研究应融贯理性与经验,实践可印证学理。浪漫因素是不断突破与创新的动力,从浪漫主义注重人的生命力与感受力,以及自由与丰富生活,获得方法论研究态度之启发。终其一生,吴经熊的法律思想几经转折,最后依归宗教,其动因与过程,浪漫因素有以致之。视吴氏为浪漫的人本法学家,不亦可乎!

  15. 高产D-塔格糖植物乳杆菌WU14的筛选与鉴定


    D-tagatose is a kind of natural sweetener with low-calorie.L-arabinose isomerase is the key enzyme for D-galactose isomerization to D-tagatose by biological method.In this study lactic acid bacteria strains were isolated from pickled vegetables and pickled cabbage.A lactic acid bacteria strain with high yield of D-tagatose was screened by the thin layer chromatography and modified cysteine carbazole method from the lactic acid bacteria strains and its L-arabinose isomerase activity was 13.95 U/mL after analysed.This strain was named Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 based on the se-quence analysis of 16S rDNA and biochemical characteristics.The result of this study could lay the foundation for the bio-conversion D-tagatose industrial production.%D-塔格糖是一种天然低热量甜味剂。 L-阿拉伯糖异构酶(L-AI)是生物法异构化D-半乳糖为D-塔格糖的关键酶。本研究从腌菜和泡菜中分离出一批乳酸菌,经薄层色谱法初筛和改良半胱氨酸咔唑法复筛,获得一株高产D-塔格糖的乳酸菌,其发酵粗酶液中L-阿拉伯糖异构酶酶活达13.95 U/mL,经16S rDNA序列比对及生化特征分析,该菌被鉴定并命名为Lactobacillus plantarum WU14。研究结果可为生物转化D-塔格糖达到工业化生产奠定基础。

  16. “立宪运动”与吴趼人的小说创作%“Constitutional Movement” and Wu Jianren’ s Novel-writing



    “立宪运动”是晚清兴起的社会改革运动,吴趼人的多部小说对其有充分描写。研读这些小说,能够感受到作者对立宪运动的质疑、否定和超越,体悟到晚清知识分子对救国道路的思索与选择。无论从特定视角描绘晚清社会思潮的变化与社会变革的画面,还是完整描述立宪运动带给国人的复杂感受、勾勒知识分子感悟立宪的心路历程等方面,吴趼人的小说创作均具有独特价值。%The late Qing Dynasty witnessed “Constitutional movement”, the social reform movement, which was fully described in Wu Jianren’ s novels. Reading these novels, the question, negation and transcendence to the movement could be felt, as well as the intellectuals’ speculation and selection at that time for the road to save the nation could be realized. On the description to changes of social thoughts and the society from the particular view in late Qing Dynasty, whether on a complete description of the people’ s complex feelings to the movement, or intellectuals’ soul journey on it, Wu Jianren’ s novels have unique value.

  17. A Comparison of Fattening Effect Between Large Yorkshire×Landrace and Duroc×(Landrace×Sheng Pig)%长大长与杜长嵊杂交组合猪肥育效果的比较

    田爱民; 周月珍


    在我公司现有的饲养条件下,对40头内元猪和40头外元猪进行了肥育比较试验,结果表明:长大长猪料重比2.87∶1,杜长嵊猪2.83∶1;长大长猪日增重452 g,杜长嵊猪日增重460 g;成活率杜长嵊猪100%,长大长猪95%;;杜长嵊猪的肉质等级也比长大长猪略高。%This fattening experiment was conducted with 80 pigs under the present feediny condition in our company. The results showed that ratio of feed intake/weight gain was 2.83 to 1 in [Large Yorkshire×Landrace](L×L), and 2.87 to 1 in [Duroc×(Landrace×Sheng pig)](D×L×S); Daily gain was 452 grams in L×L, and 460 grams in D×L×S; The livability was 100% in D×L×S, and 95% in L×L; Meat quality in D×L×S was slightly better than that in L×L.

  18. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of multiple components for quality control of Deng-Zhan-Sheng-Mai capsules by ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method coupled with chemometrics.

    Jiang, Pin; Lu, Yan; Chen, Daofeng


    Deng-Zhan-Sheng-Mai capsules are a well-known traditional Chinese patent medicine that was developed in China for the treatment of ischemic stroke. Its quality control focuses on Erigerontis Herba but ignores the contributions of Ginseng Radix et Rhizoma, Schisandrae Chinensis Fructus, and Ophiopogonis Radix. To improve the quality standards for this medicine, this work reports the application of a systematic ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometric method coupled with chemometrics. Three qualitative and quantitative parameters are established for the evaluation of quality: chemical profiling, the relationship between the contents of 18 compounds and the antioxidant activity, and chemometric analysis. A total of 55 compounds, including 20 phenolic acids, 10 flavonoids, 15 saponins, and 10 lignans, were identified. The method for the quantitative determination of the aforementioned 18 compounds was validated. The limit of quantification ranged from 0.13 to 9.60 ng/mL. The overall recoveries ranged from 95.31 to 103.54%. Hierarchical cluster analysis and principal component analysis were applied to the data of 18 components in ten batches of samples. Nine compounds, including scutellarin, 3,5-O-dicaffeoylquinic acid, 4,5-O-dicaffeoylquinic acid, ginsenoside Rb1, ginsenoside Re, ginsenoside Rg1, ophiopogonin D, schisandrin, and schisandrol B, are suggested as chemical markers for evaluating the quality. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  19. The Combination of Three Components Derived from Sheng MaiSan Protects Myocardial Ischemic Diseases and Inhibits Oxidative Stress via Modulating MAPKs and JAK2-STAT3 Signaling Pathways Based on Bioinformatics Approach

    Li, Fang; Zhang, Yu; Zeng, Donglin; Xia, Yu; Fan, Xiaoxue; Tan, Yisha; Kou, Junping; Yu, Boyang


    GRS is a drug combination of three components including ginsenoside Rb1, ruscogenin and schisandrin. It derived from the well-known TCM formula Sheng MaiSan, a widely used traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in clinic. The present study illuminates its underlying mechanisms against myocardial ischemic diseases based on the combined methods of bioinformatic prediction and experimental verification. A protein database was established through constructing the drug-protein network. And the target-pathway interaction network clustered the potential signaling pathways and targets of GRS in treatment of myocardial ischemic diseases. Several target proteins, such as NFKB1, STAT3 and MAPK14, were identified as the candidate key proteins, and MAPKs and JAK-STAT signaling pathway were suggested as the most related pathways, which were in accordance with the gene ontology analysis. Then, the predictive results were further validated and we found that GRS treatment alleviated hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R)-induced cardiomyocytes injury via suppression of MDA levels and ROS generation, and potential mechanisms might related to the suppression of activation of MAPKs and JAK2-STAT3 signaling pathways. Conclusively, our results offer the evidence that GRS attenuates myocardial ischemia injury via regulating oxidative stress and MAPKs and JAK2-STAT3 signaling pathways, which supplied some new insights for its prevention and treatment of myocardial ischemia diseases.

  20. The Treatment of Underground Water Gushing and Mine Drainage for the Shengli 1# Surface Mine%胜利1#露天煤矿地下水和疏干废水的治理



    Surface mine often suffers from the underground water gushing in its production process. To do the work of underground water gushing well is of great importance in improving production environment, and ensuring the safety of slope. This paper aims to dealing with underground water gushing and drainage in analyzing the measures of Shengli 1# surface mine.%  露天煤矿在生产过程中经常受到地下涌水的影响,做好防治水工作,对改善露天煤矿采场作业条件、保证边坡安全具有十分重要的意义。本文结合胜利1#露天煤矿在防治水工作中采取的措施,浅谈如何做好露天煤矿地下涌水和疏干废水的治理工作。

  1. 复方微量元素“生命元”对波尔山羊免疫功能的影响%Change of immune function in Boer goat by injected "Sheng ming yuan"

    刘晋生; 邓俊良; 李友昌; 叶玉辉


    选用24只3月龄、体质量(13±1.0)kg的雄性波尔山羊,随机分为4组,每组6只,试验期60d。Ⅰ组为对照组(饲料添加微量元素);Ⅱ组(低剂量组)、Ⅲ组(中剂量组)、Ⅳ组(高剂量组)分别肌肉注射"生命元"0.5,1.0,2.0mL/kg。试验前1d及试验后15,30,45,60d静脉采血测定外周血液T淋巴细胞酸性α-醋酸萘酯酶阳性率(ANAE)、红细胞补体受体花环率(C3bRR)及免疫复合花环率(ICR);试验后30,45,60d测定外周血液淋巴细胞周期指标。结果表明:(1)"生命元"能提高波尔山羊血液中T淋巴细胞酸性α-醋酸萘酯酶阳性率,且在试验后45,60d试验组显著高于对照组(P〈0.05或P〈0.01),并以中剂量组效果最佳。(2)"生命元"能够提高波尔山羊红细胞补体受体花环率,降低红细胞的免疫复合物花环率,增强波尔山羊的红细胞免疫功能。(3)与对照组相比,试验组不同程度降低G0/G1期和DNA的百分含量,提高S、G2-M期DNA的百分含量以及细胞分裂指数(PI)和DNA百分含量,并在一定时期呈现显著性(P〈0.05或P〈0.01)差异,并以中剂量组效果最佳。%The experiment selected 24 health male Boer goat of 3-month-old,(13 ±1.0) kg body weight,randomly divided into 4 groups of 6 each,and the experiment lasted 60 d.GroupⅠ(the control group) added the microelement;groupⅡ(low-dose-group),groupⅢ(middle-dose-group),groupⅣ(high-dose-group) were intramuscularly injectied,with "Sheng ming yuan" at 0.5,1.0,2.0 mL/kg,respectively.At the day befor and after 15,30,45,60 d of the injecting "Sheng ming yuan",determinated the positive rate of peripheral blood T lymphocytes(ANAE),the rate of erythrocyte complement receptor rosette(E-C3bRR) and immune complex rosette(E-ICR);30,45,60 d after injecting the cycle of lymphocytes was determinated in blood.The results showed:①"Sheng ming yuan" was

  2. Effects of Sheng-Mai injection on the PRPP synthetase activity in BFU-es and CFU-es from bone marrows of mice with benzene-induced aplastic anemia.

    Liu, L P; Liu, J F; Lu, Y Q


    160 Kunming mice were divided at random into 3 groups. Group 1: normal control (40 mice). Group 2: aplastic anemia (AA) control (60 mice); benzene inhalation was carried out for 2.5 months and sterilized normal saline was injected i.p. for another 6 weeks. Group 3: treated AA (60 mice); benzene was administered by inhalation in a similar manner, Sheng-Mai Injection (SMI) was administered i.p. for 6 weeks after the AA models were established. SMI is a famous Chinese traditional prescription of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer (0.1 g/ml), Ophiopogon japonicus (Thunb.) Ker-Gawl (0.312 g/ml) and Fructus Schisandrae (0.158 g/ml). Activities of phosphoribosylpyrophosphate (PRPP) synthetase in BFU-Es and CFU-Es were estimated by ion pair reversed phase HPLC (IPrHPLC). Accompanying the sharp drop in counts of erythroid progenitor cells, the PRPP synthetase activity in CFU-Es of AA mice was reduced significantly (PCFU-Es returned nearly to normal levels following treatment with SMI of mice in Group 3 (PCFU-Es from their bone marrow. The impairment of PRPP formation would explain ATP depletion and disorders of energy metabolism in AA erythrocytes. SMI can distinctly increase the reduced quantity of erythroid progenitor cells and promote rapid restoration of PRPP synthetase activity in CFU-Es of AA mice.

  3. 论吴颖20世纪50年代中期的文学研究%On Wu Ying’s Literary Study in the Mid 1950s



    吴颖是潮汕本土第一位面向全国从事文学批评与研究,与国内高层次学者对话的潮汕学人。该文首先简略介绍吴颖的生平,接着从文艺思想研究、鲁迅《故事新编》体裁性质争鸣、古典文学研究的李煜词评价争鸣中吴颖的主要学术观点及当时争鸣的情况作系统的梳理评述;以此综论20世纪50年代中期吴颖文学研究的成就和影响。%Wu Ying was the first Chaoshan native scholar engaged in literary criticism, having high-lev-el dialogues with other domestic scholars.This paper briefly describes the life of Wu Ying first, and reviews Wu Ying’s main academic points of view on Lu Xun literary thought, on Lu Xun’s“New Stories”genre nature contend and on the study of classical literature of Li Yu’s CI evaluation. Then, comprehensive discussions are given on the achievements and impact of Wu Ying’s literary studies in the mid 1950s.


    Chambers, Gary


       Hans Morgenthau'nun Uluslararası İlişkiler bilimine katkısı 1970'lere kadar alanda üstünlüğünü sürdürmüştür. Bu makalenin amacı, Morgenthau'nun realizm üzerine görüşlerinin uluslararası ilişkiler (IR) alanında daha sonraki çalışmalarda nasıl bir etki bıraktığını ve Morgenthau ve eleştirenleri arasında süregelen tartışmanın önemli yönlerini ortaya koymaktır. Morgenthau'nun realizminin açıklayıcı gücüne ve cimriliğinin ve açıklığının yararlarına bakmaksızın, Morgenthau'nun düşünüşüne, diğer ...

  5. Hans Loewald, psychoanalysis, and the project of autonomy.

    Whitebook, Joel


    For some time psychoanalysts have tended to view Freud's cultural writings--concerning modernity, secularism, science, and religion--disparagingly, seeing them as the unscientific speculations of a misguided genius. But the questions Freud explored in those works are pressing topics that deserve serious attention. Just as fascism provided the historical context in which the critical theorists of the Frankfurt School developed a psychoanalytic social theory in the 1930s and 1940s, so the rise of fundamentalism demands a similar effort today. The "project of autonomy" conceptualized by the psychoanalyst-philosopher Castoriadis can be used to situate psychoanalysis in its broader historical context, as part of the emancipatory movement of modernity, and to elucidate fundamentalism as an attempt to turn back that project and reinstate the values of premodern traditional societies. Because the widespread aversion to secularism today is in no small degree the responsibility of secularists themselves--Freud's relatively crude and simplistic disregard of some of the deepest yearnings of humankind is a case in point--it is time to formulate, using the work of Hans Loewald, a more sensitive and sophisticated psychoanalytic view of religion. Yet psychoanalytic secularists must avoid overcompensating for past mistakes by giving too much ground to antisecularists. The legitimate desire to do justice to religion must not trump the need to advance the project of autonomy as a first priority.

  6. La agonía del Eros, Han (2014.

    Laura Díaz Traversa


    Full Text Available Byung-Chul Han, Dr. en Filosofía de origen coreano, realizó sus estudios en Alemania, donde reside actualmente y se desempeña como docente de Filosofía y Estudios Culturales en la Universidad de las Artes de Berlín. Desde el punto de vista teórico-académico se inscribe en el Pensamiento Crítico de la escuela de Frankfurt, siendo alumno privilegiado de Honneth. Es considerado una de las voces filosóficas más prestigiosas de dicho país, y sus obras se caracterizan por ser breves, de fácil lectura, sorprendiendo al público por su fuerza y pertinencia en la actualidad. La agonía del Eros es la tercera obra del autor traducida al castellano y promete seguir el mismo camino que las anteriores, es decir, convertirse en una obra fundamental del Pensamiento Crítico.

  7. Risks associated with premature ovarian failure in Han Chinese women.

    Wang, Huidan; Chen, Haitao; Qin, Yingying; Shi, Zhuqing; Zhao, Xiaoming; Xu, Jianfeng; Ma, Bowen; Chen, Zi-Jiang


    In this retrospective study, the relationship between demographic characteristics, past medical history, general lifestyle habits and susceptibility of premature ovarian failure (POF) in Han Chinese population was investigated. Five hundred and fifty-three patients with POF and 400 women with normal ovarian function were recruited. A questionnaire was designed to gather information from responders. Logistic regression was carried out to calculate odds ratios (OR), 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) and P-values. History of pelvic surgery, mumps, having relatives with menstrual abnormalities and exposure to chemical agents were significantly associated with increased risk of POF (OR 5.53 [2.15 to 14.23]; 3.26 [2.38 to 4.47]; 28.12 [8.84 to 89.46]; 4.47 [2.09 to 9.58]). Vegetarian diet, tea and mineral water consumption reduced the risk of POF (OR 0.27 [0.19 to 0.37]; 0.04 [0.03 to 0.07]; 0.63 [0.47 to 0.85], respectively). Heredity, pelvic surgery, mumps and exposure to chemical agents were identified as risk factors for POF, whereas vegetarian diet, tea consumption and mineral water drinking were protective. Therefore, genetic consultation could help those women whose relatives manifested an early or premature menopause to avoid the consequences of possible premature ovarian function cessation. Avoidance of exposure to endocrine disrupters and flavonoids intake should be considered.


    Chambers, Gary


       Hans Morgenthau'nun Uluslararası İlişkiler bilimine katkısı 1970'lere kadar alanda üstünlüğünü sürdürmüştür. Bu makalenin amacı, Morgenthau'nun realizm üzerine görüşlerinin uluslararası ilişkiler (IR) alanında daha sonraki çalışmalarda nasıl bir etki bıraktığını ve Morgenthau ve eleştirenleri arasında süregelen tartışmanın önemli yönlerini ortaya koymaktır. Morgenthau'nun realizminin açıklayıcı gücüne ve cimriliğinin ve açıklığının yararlarına bakmaksızın, Morgenthau�...

  9. Nuclear forces the making of the physicist Hans Bethe

    Schweber, Silvan S


    On the fiftieth anniversary of Hiroshima, Nobel-winning physicist Hans Bethe called on his fellow scientists to stop working on weapons of mass destruction. What drove Bethe, the head of Theoretical Physics at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project, to renounce the weaponry he had once worked so tirelessly to create? That is one of the questions answered by "Nuclear Forces", a riveting biography of Bethe's early life and development as both a scientist and a man of principle. As Silvan Schweber follows Bethe from his childhood in Germany, to laboratories in Italy and England, and on to Cornell University, he shows how these differing environments were reflected in the kind of physics Bethe produced. Many of the young quantum physicists in the 1930s, including Bethe, had Jewish roots, and Schweber considers how Liberal Judaism in Germany helps explain their remarkable contributions. A portrait emerges of a man whose strategy for staying on top of a deeply hierarchical field was to tackle only those problems h...

  10. Hans Küpper discusses science and venture capital.

    Küpper, Hans


    Hans Küpper has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry in areas from research to R&D management, technology assessment and business acquisitions. He received his PhD in 1974 from the University of Heidelberg. After additional academic research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA and at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, he joined Biogen in 1980. Here, he held various R&D positions, the last of which was Assistant Research Director. In 1985, he joined Behringwerke AG, Marburg, to build up and head the company's Molecular Biology Department and thereafter became Head of R&D of the Immunology/Oncology Business Unit. In 1999 he joined Global Life Science Ventures at their Munich office. Dr Küpper is the author of numerous publications and patents/applications and has also served as a consultant to the Pharmaceutical Industry and the European Commission. He is a board member of several early stage companies in the life sciences.

  11. Hans Christian Ørsted, narratives, oeuvres and physics education

    Michelsen, Claus


    In 1820 the Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism by his famous wire-compass experiment. Ørsted was one of the foremost scientists of the nineteenth century, and he was also one of the leading figures in Denmark in the 19th century with a vital influence in the fields of aesthetics, philosophy, education, politics and religion. In this paper the work and life of Ørsted is placed in a school context with the rationale to accentuate that learning of physics needs to be accompanied by learning about physics, its history, its interrelations with culture, worldviews, and commerce, its philosophical assumptions, its epistemology and methodology. Narratives are introduced as a pedagogical support to this approach and two concrete examples of teaching sequences centred on the work and life of Ørsted is described in grade 7 and grade 9 classes, respectively. A prominent feature of the sequences was that all the activities of the pupils as an outcome should have a product. Products like a movie, a loudspeaker, a fairy tale or a newspaper played an important role by encouraging the pupils to produce both personally meaningful works as well as products that are useful for their community.

  12. [Hans von Hattingberg between psychoanalysis and National Socialism].

    Keifenheim, Katharina Eva


    Hans von Hattingberg (1879-1944) worked as a neurologist and psychoanalyst in Munich and Berlin from about 1910 to 1944. He was a prolific writer, but met with increasing disapproval from Freud and his circle. An advocate of the union of different psychotherapeutic schools, he was initially a marginal figure in the professional field. With Hitler's rise to power his career prospered: He was offered the position of a lecturer for psychotherapy and became head of the research department at the "Göring Institute". He came to prominence with his writings on the "Neue deutsche Seelenheilkunde" despite the fact that this was never his preferred topic. The main themes of his publications were marriage, love and female emancipation. Those works contain only little of the standard Nazi ideology of the time. Not only was Hattingberg never a member of the NSDAP (the ruling party), but in some respects he could conceivably be considered a member of the resistance. The article outlines the most important stages of Hattingberg's life and focuses on the question of how he positioned himself after 1933, when it became vital for him to reconcile psychoanalysis and National Socialism.

  13. Type 2 Diabetes in Han Chinese in Hubei

    Abdo Saif Dehwah, Mustafa; Shuang, Zhang; Yan, Wang; Chan, Peng; Huang, Qing-Yang

    The aim of this study was to investigate the association between Pro12Ala polymorphism in the PPARγ2 gene and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Han Chinese in Hubei. Peroxisome proliferator activated receptorγ2 (PPARγ2) is a nuclear receptor plays a key role in regulation of adipocyte differentiation, lipid metabolism, insulin sensitivity and the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). There are various studies have provided evidence for the association between common Pro12Ala polymorphism in the PPARγ2 gene and type 2 diabetes mellitus, but the results are controversial and depend on ethnicity. So we conducted a case-control association study among 330 T2DM patients and 212 controls with family-based and random case-control designs. The genotypes of the PPARγ2 Pro12Ala polymorphism were detected by using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFL) method. The result indicated that the Pro12 allele was associated with type 2 diabetes in this study population.

  14. Food-Grade Induced Expression and Enzymatic Properties of Nitrite Reductase from Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 Under Nitrite Stress%亚硝酸盐胁迫下植物乳杆菌 WU14亚硝酸盐还原酶的食品级高效诱导表达及其酶学性质研究

    应碧; 昌晓宇; 刘志文; 周通; 陈瑶; 钟平安; 徐波


    [Objective]The study aimed to explore the mechanism of nitrite reductase from Lactobacillus plantarum WU14 under nitrite stress so that lay a foundation for pure culture technology of lactic acid bacteria in fermented food. [Method] Growth density, pH and nitrite degradation quantity of L. plantarum WU14 were determined when the liquid medium contained sodium nitrite ranged from 0.02% to 0.16% under the condition of 37℃. The recombination strain Lactococcus lactic NZ9000/pRNA48-NirS was constructed followed the putative nitrite reductase gene from L. plantarum WU14 was amplified by PCR and then cloned into the food-grade cytoplasmic inducible expression vector pRNA48 of L. lactic NZ9000. After induced with 30 ng·mL-1 nisin, the expressed target protein and the enzyme activity of nitrite reductase of the recombinant strains were analyzed by SDS-PAGE and Naphthyl ethylenediamine dihydrochloride spectrophotometric method. Using the bioinformatics software, the high level protein structure, membrane structure and hydrophobicity of nitrite reductase gene were predicted and analyzed. [Result]L. plantarum WU14 could routinely grow in MRS medium containing less than 0.12% nitrite, along with degradation of nitrite. After the strain L. plantarum WU14 was cultured for 24 hours in the liquid medium containing 0.10% sodium nitrite, the nitrite reductase activity of L. plantarum WU14 was 2 347.5 U·mL-1, and the degradation quantity was 56.34 μg·mL-1 according to the analysis of its nitrite degradation ability. the NirS gene could express in the recombinant strain. Nitrite reductase gene encodes a kind of hydrophilic protein containing alpha helix and random coil, no signal peptide and transmembrane structure. The recombination strain could routinely grow in GM17 medium containing less than 0.10% nitrite, meanwhile, its enzyme activity reached 925.41 U·mL-1 and the degradation quantity reached 22.21 mg·mL-1 after 24 h fermentation in the 0.04% nitrite concentration

  15. Bible Depicted in 2,000-year-old Han Dynasty Stone Carvings


    Wang Weifan is a member of the standing committee of the China Christian Council, and a Christian theology education professor. He recently discovered that several Eastern Han Dynasty museum exhibits in the Jiangsu Xuzhou Han Dynasty Stone Carving Museum include depictions of the bible and of early

  16. Som i et spejl - Hans Egede-receptionen gennem tre hundrede år

    Kjærgaard, Kathrine


    fyldigt omtalt i Ove Mallings meget læste: Store og gode Handlinger af Danske, Norske og Holstenere fra 1777, og der kom flere kobberstik med hans portræt. Hans Egede plejer de kobbesyge - en scene fra koppeepidemien i Godthåb 1733 af den bekendte kobberstikker Johann Friedrich Clemens efter tegning af...

  17. 存“至德”之诚义扬吴地之人文--评吴恩培点校的《至德志(外二种)》%Sincere in Attaining Virtuousness and Conducive to Boosting the Wu Culture:On Zhi De Zhi Punctuated and Revised by Professor Wu Enpei

    许凌雯; 陈璇


    As the ifrst book of the second volume of Suzhou Literature Series, Zhi De Zhi, punctuated and revised by Professor Wu Enpei, takes into full consideration of the value of the edition of the literature, the value of historical materials, the historical value of the local culture research and the application value of the social culture, playing an active role in f acilitating the spreading and advancing the humanitarian spirit of Wu Region.%作为《苏州文献丛书》第二辑中的一本,吴恩培教授点校的《至德志(外二种)》在整理时注重了文献版本价值、史料价值、地域文化研究的历史价值以及社会文化的应用价值,对于推扬吴地的人文精神起着积极的作用。

  18. Jean Calvin (1509-1564) - i 500-året for hans fødsel

    Jørgensen, Ninna


    Artiklen er en introduktion til Calvins liv og tankeverden i anledning af 500-året for hans fødsel. Udgangspunkt er hans selvforståelse, som den kommer til udtryk i hans Salmekommentar og den forståelse af Salmerne som en sjælens "anatomi" og en vejledning til bøn, som står ved roden af hans...... teologi. Calvins humanistiske baggrund, engagement i reformationen, eksil, og ydre og indre modstandere beskrives sammen med et overblik over hans teologi, som den fremstår i Institutio. Denne inkluderer den dobbelte erkendelse af Gud som Skaber og som Frelser, hvori forsynet er en væsentlig del af første...

  19. 'Little Hans': from his phobic episode to becoming an opera director.

    Vives, Jean-Michel


    'Little Hans' is one of the most highly commented cases in the psychoanalytic literature. His work as an opera director from 1925 in Europe and then in the United States of America is much less well known. This may seem especially surprising given that Freud very soon detects Hans's emerging interest in this subject. Yet Freud does not mention it either in 1909 when he reports the case, or when Hans visits him in 1922, even though Hans had already decided to become an opera director at this point. The author of this article endeavours to show how this artistic choice could be understood as a way of accommodating, in a double transference relationship with Freud and with his father, the unanalysed residue of the 'Krawall' (a term invented by Hans) and 'the black thing', both of which appeared during the phobic period.

  20. The regulation of HanA during heterocyst development in cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7120.

    Lu, Jing-Jing; Shi, Lei; Chen, Wen-Li; Wang, Li


    In response to deprivation of combined nitrogen, the filamentous cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 develops heterocyst, which is specifically involved in the nitrogen fixation. In this study, we focused on the regulation of HanA, a histone-like protein, in heterocyst development. Electrophoretic mobility shift assay results showed that NtcA, a global nitrogen regulator necessary for heterocyst differentiation, could bind to two NtcA-binding motifs in the hanA promoter region. qPCR results also showed that NtcA may regulate the expression of hanA. By using the hanA promoter-controlled gfp as a reporter gene and performing western blot we found that the amount of HanA in mature heterocysts was decreased gradually.

  1. 释“寒池”、“寒庭”与“寒夜”%An Explanation of "Han Chi", "Han Ting" and "Han Ye"



    在道经中,“寒池”、“寒庭”都有地狱刑罚之池、人身命门、月中广寒之池、北极元福弃贤世界郁单之国的神池等意思;“寒夜”则有地狱的意思,此外,该词还可作地狱曹府之名。%In Taoist scripture, "han chi" and "han ting" take the meanings like a pool with hell, penalty, fate, cold-evil, etc. Except the meaning of hell, "han ye" is the synonym of hell.

  2. Modern use of Chinese herbal formulae from Shang-Han Lun

    CHEN Fang-pey; CHEN Fun-jou; JONG Maw-shiou; TSAI Hui-lin; WANG Jen-ren; HWANG Shinn-jang


    Background The Chinese medical archive,Shang-Han Lun,is said to be written by ZHANG Zhong-jing (150-219 A.D.).This great influential work introduced the specific symptoms of six-channel disorders (Tai-Yang,Yang-Ming,Shao-Yang,Tai-Yin,Shao-Yin,and Jue-Yin) and their corresponding treatments,the combined syndromes,deterioration due to malpractice,and the concept of six-channel transitions.The concept of Shang-Han Lun is widely accepted by Chinese herbal doctors.However,no clinical data about Shang-Han symptoms are described in oriental or western medical reports.Methods The clinical prescription data of traditional Chinese medicine visits were extracted under the National Health Insurance in Taiwan.The application rate of 42 Shang-Han formulae in clinical practice was analyzed in detail with the software SPSS.Results Between 1999 and 2002,the prescription rate of Shang-Han formula was only 5.22% among a total of 528 889 576 Chinese herbal formula prescriptions.The most frequently used formula was Tai-Yang formulae (71.31%),followed by Shao-Yang formulae (17.49%) and the most commonly prescribed individual Shang-Han formulae were Ge-Gen Tang (16.11%),Shao-Yao-Gan-Cao Tang (12.97%),Xiao-Qing-Long Tang (11.79%),Ban-Xia Xie-Xin Tang (10.24%),and Xiao-Chai-Hu Tang (9.11%),which comprised 60.22% of the utilization rate of total Shang-Han formulae.Conclusions From the prescription patterns of Shang-Han formulae,there was no evidence of transitions among the six channels.Despite the fundamental role of Shang-Han Lun in traditional Chinese medicine,prescription of Shang-Han formulae was limited in clinical practice.

  3. 胜利油田驻疆新春采油厂管理创新研究%A Study on Management Innovation in Xinchun Oil Recovery Plant of Shengli Oilfield in Xinjiang



    随着经济体制的改革和市场环境的变化,胜利油田新春采油厂所面临的竞争日趋激烈。针对石油行业环境的新变化,特别是为了应对低油价、低劳动生产率,新春采油厂迫切需要构建一个科学的管理体系。该厂承担胜利油田新疆油区勘探开发任务,以薄浅层超稠油、深层低渗透、火山岩裂缝等低品位油藏为主,在低油价常态下采取了一系列管理创新:首先,在借鉴先进油公司模式基础上,立足于自身实际,进行管理体制的创新,采取扁平化管理、制度化管控、“四化”建设;建立以专业化外包,项目化用工、共驻共建为特色的共驻甲乙方合作机制;其次,促进企业文化建设,坚持党组织在企业的核心地位,打造业务一流的队伍。最后,注重核心技术的研发,首创了薄浅层超稠油水平井、降黏剂、氮气、蒸汽吞吐开发技术,使搁置多年未能经济开发的低品位储量实现了高效开发,吨油成本在胜利油田同类型油藏中最低。%With the reform of economic system and changes in market environment,Xinchun Oil Recovery Plant of Shengli Oilfield is faced with increasingly fierce competition. It is urgent for Xinchun Oil Recovery Plant to set up a scientific man-agement system. The plant undertakes the exploration task of Shengli Oilfield in Xinjiang which mainly involves low-grade reservoirs like extra-heavy oil in shallow layer,deep-seated low permeable reservoirs and crack-type volcanic reservoirs. To cope with low oil price and low working efficiency,the plant has carried out a series of management innovations. Firstly, based on the advanced management experiences from other oil companies,they implement flat management and institutional-ized management. Secondly,they build a new contracting mechanism including outsourcing and project-based hiring. Thirdly, they promote the construction of company culture,aiming to

  4. The Clinical Observation in Wound Healing of Dressing Changes after Anal Fistula Surgery with Gauzes of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao%生肌玉红膏纱条换药对肛瘘术后创面愈合的临床观察

    张羽; 王艳逊; 高文帅; 陈雄


    目的:观察生肌玉红膏纱条对肛瘘术后换药促伤口愈合的疗效。方法:治疗组83例以生肌玉红膏纱条治疗;对照组83例以0.2%乳酸依沙吖啶纱条治疗。结果:创面愈合天数治疗组为(10.02±3.52)d,对照组为(15.23±4.57)d,P<0.05,有显著性差异。结论:生肌玉红膏纱条对肛瘘术后创面有明显促进伤口愈合、活血行气、生肌止痛的功效。%Objective:Judge the efficacy in wound healing of dressing changes after anal fistula surgery with gauze of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao. Methods:The treatment group 83 patients who have dressed changes after anal fistula surgery with the gauzes of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao and the control group 83 patients who have dressed changes after anal fistula surgery with the gauzes of ethacridine lactate solution. Results:The wound healing time of treatment group was (10.02±3.52)days and the control group was (15.23±4.57)days,there were significant differences. Conclusions:The gauzes of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao have a obvious role such as promoting wound healing, blood circulation of qi and the the growth of fresh granulation and analgesic for wound of anal fistula surgery.

  5. A combination of four effective components derived from Sheng-mai san attenuates hydrogen peroxide-induced injury in PC12 cells through inhibiting Akt and MAPK signaling pathways.

    Cao, Guo-Sheng; Li, Shao-Xia; Wang, Yan; Xu, Ying-Qiong; Lv, Yan-Ni; Kou, Jun-Ping; Yu, Bo-Yang


    The present study was designed to investigate whether a combination of four effective components derived from Sheng-mai san (SMXZF; ginsenoside Rb1: ginsenoside Rg1: DT-13: Schizandrol A as 6 : 9 : 4 : 5) could attenuate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-induced injury in PC12 cells, focusing on the Akt and MAPK pathways . The PC12 cells were exposed to H2O2 (400 μmol·L(-1)) for 1 h in the presence or absence of SMXZF pre-treatment for 24 h. Cell viability was measured by MTT assay. The efflux of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), the intracellular content of malondialdehyde (MDA), the activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), and caspase-3 were also determined. Cell apoptosis was measured by Hoechst 33342 staining and Annexin V-FITC/PI staining method. The expression of Bcl-2, Bax, cleaved caspase-3, Akt, and MAPKs were detected by Western blotting analyses. SMXZF pretreatment significantly increased the cell viability and SOD activity and improved the cell morphological changes, while reduced the levels of LDH and MDA at the concentrations of 0.1, 1 and 10 μg·mL(-1). SMXZF also inhibited H2O2-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells. Moreover, SMXZF reduced the activity of caspase-3, up-regulated the protein ratio of Bcl-2 and Bax and inhibited the expression of cleaved caspase-3, p-Akt, p-p38, p-JNK and p-ERK1/2 in H2O2-induced PC12 cells. Co-incubation of Akt inhibitor or p38 inhibitor partly attenuated the protection of SMXZF against H2O2-injured PC12 cells. In conclusion, our findings suggested that SMXZF attenuated H2O2-induced injury in PC12 cells by inhibiting Akt and MAPKs signaling pathways, which might shed insights on its neuroprotective mechanism.

  6. Campus Bullies in Literary Films, with Examples from Fresh Meat Pie by Yao-sheng Chang%文学电影中的"校园霸凌"——以张耀升《鲜肉饼》为例



    In recent years, micro films, particularly those that feature the theme of'Campus Bullies'made by middle-school students, have experienced a resurgence in Taiwan. Fresh Meat Pie, by Yao-sheng Chang, is different from the rest of them in that it was adapted from a piece of literary fiction and, for that reason, it provides a more comprehensive and profound ex ploration of the cause of the campus bullies and inner suffering of the characters. This paper, based on a research into Fresh Meat Pie, is an attempt to look at how the male protagonist is bullied and his psychology in relation to the relationships between parents and their children, schoolteachers and their students, and the male protagonist and the owner of the fresh meat pie restaurant.%近年台湾微电影有崛起之势,尤以中学生拍摄"校园霸凌"为主题的微电影最多.张耀升的《鲜肉饼》与其他微电影不同,原因在于它是由一篇具文学性的小说改编而成,因此在探讨校园霸凌的成因、反映人物内心的痛苦,更加全面而深刻.本文试以《鲜肉饼》为研究,分别就亲子关系、学校师生,以及男主角与鲜肉饼店老板之间的关系着手,探讨造成男主角被霸凌的成因及其心理.

  7. The Teaching of Meditation with Different Levels in Contemporary Mahayana Buddhism in Han Language——In Example of Most Ven.Sheng Yen in Dharma Drum Mountain%当代汉传禅法的"层次化"教学——以法鼓山圣严法师为例



    @@ 一、前 言 中国禅宗是佛教发展中一颗璀璨的明珠,是汉传佛教的集大成者,也是最主要的特色.千古以来,历代祖师大德自身实践禅法的修行,一旦有所体悟,莫不是积极投入禅的教学工作,苦心陶铸锻炼弟子,以期弟子也能有所证悟,光大门庭,灯灯相传,使禅法传持不绝.

  8. Analyzing Pictures of Attack - Defence Art with Apparatus in Han Dynasty' s NanYang%南阳汉画像中持器械技击图像解析



    本文通过对南阳汉画像中持器械技击图像特点的分析入手,对图象进行归类,并对所分的三类图像从动作和所体现的意义进行了解析,意在让人们了解汉代器械技击的水平已相当高超,为后世的武术发展起到了一定的奠基意义。%This thesis classifies the characters of pictures of the art of attack and defence with apparatus in Hart Dynasty' s NanYang, and analyzes the pictures ' actions and meanings,in order to let people understand the excellent level of the art of attack and defence with Apparatus in Han Dynasty' s NanYang, which lay a foundation to develop the later WuShu.

  9. Modification of Sako-Wu-Prausnitz equation of state for fluid phase equilibria in polyethylene-ethylene systems at high pressures

    F. Gharagheizi


    Full Text Available In order to model phase equilibria at all pressures, it is necessary to have an equation of state. We have chosen the Sako-Wu-Prausnitz cubic equation of state, which had shown some promising results. However, in order to satisfy our demands, we had to modify it slightly and fit new pure component parameters. New pure component parameters have been determined for ethylene and the n-alkane series, using vapor pressure data, saturated liquid volume and one-phase PVT-data. For higher n-alkanes, where vapor pressure data are poor or not available, determination of the pure component parameters was made in part by extrapolation and in part by fitting to one-phase PVT-data. Using one-fluid van der Waals mixing rules, with one adjustable interaction parameter, good correlation of binary hydrocarbon system was obtained, except for the critical region. The extension of the equation of state to polyethylene systems is covered in this work. Using the determined parameters, flash and cloud point calculations were performed, and treating the polymer as polydisperse. The results fit data well.

  10. Identification of Multiple Ingredients for a Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparation (Bu-yang-huan-wu-tang by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

    Tung-Hu Tsai


    Full Text Available Bu-yang-huan-wu-tang (BYHWT is a popular Traditional Chinese Medicine formula consisting of seven herbal medicines (Astragalus membranaceus, Angelica sinensis, Paeonia lactiflora, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Carthamus tinctorius, Amygdalus persica and Pheretima aspergillum, that has been used in China for centuries to overcome stroke-induced disability. To ensure the consistency of quality, a reliable analytical method is required, therefore, we developed a liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS method for quantitative analysis of the major constituents in BYHWT. The herbal ingredients consisting of the cycloartane-type triterpene glycosides of astragaloside I, astragaloside II and astragaloside IV; isoflavones of formononetin, ononin calycosin, calycosin-7-O-β-d-glucoside; ligustilide and paeoniflorin were separated on a C18 column with gradient elution of methanol/10 mM ammonium acetate buffer–formic acid (100:0.1, v/v. This study was performed by a mass spectrometer using electrospray ionization (ESI with positive ionization ions monitored in the multiple reaction-monitoring (MRM mode. The linearity, accuracy, precision, limit of detection (LOD and lower limit of quantification (LLOQ were validated for this quantification method, and the sensitivity, reliability and reproducibility were all confirmed. The experiments provided a good method for analyzing BYHWT extracts. This study also quantitated the active components in various brands of commercially available products. The results indicated that the pharmaceutical industrial products of BYHWT exhibited considerable variation in their contents of the herbal compounds.

  11. Income and Expenditure Records of Taxes in Wu Slips Unearthed at Zoumalou%走马楼吴简赋税收支记录管窥



    根据走马楼吴简的赋税收支记录可知,赋税的种类不同,征收与管理的方式也有所不同.例如赋税的缴纳,有自送与代输;对于不宜分割物品,采用合户征收或折纳等方式;对赋税的账目管理,采用"莂"的形式,以便各方面互相监督;船师在不同仓库之间的赋税转运中发挥着重要作用.%According to income and expenditure records of taxes in Wu slips unearthed at Zoumalou, Changsha, different types of taxes were levied and managed by different methods. For example, some taxes were sent to pay by tax hearers themselves, but other taxes were collected by those who were designated by authorities and sent to government warehouses. Items which should not be split were levied on joint families or were substituted by other items with the same price. Accounts were managed by the methods facilitating mutual supervision. Chuanshi (boatmen) played important role in tax transshipment among warehouses.

  12. Protective Effects of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu Decoction on Memory Impairment and Hippocampal Damage in Animal Model of Vascular Dementia

    Lan Han


    Full Text Available Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction (TSD as a traditional chinese medicine (TCM has been developed to treat thrombotic diseases for hundreds of years, and vascular dementia (VD is a cognitive dysfunction syndrome caused by cerebral embolism. In this study, the protective effect of TSD on memory impairment and brain damage in rat model of VD induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO was investigated. The study showed that rats in MCAO treatment with TSD for 14 days significantly improved behavioral function, increased densities of neuron, and induced angiogenesis in the brain compared with model rats. TSD also adjusted the neurotransmitter levels, reduced the content of endothelin-1 (ET-1, and induced the activities of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF in hippocampus. Moreover, the immunohistochemical staining and western blotting results also revealed that TSD decreased apoptosis via upregulated B-cell lymphoma-2 (Bcl-2/Bcl-2 associated X protein (Bax ratio. These results demonstrated TSD possesses neuroprotective and antidementia properties by preventing the loss of neural cells, adjusting brain neurotransmitter, promoting cerebral blood circulation, and decreasing apoptosis. These results suggested that TSD might be developed as an effective drug for the prevention of VD.

  13. Proteomic Identification of Nrf2-Mediated Phase II Enzymes Critical for Protection of Tao Hong Si Wu Decoction against Oxygen Glucose Deprivation Injury in PC12 Cells

    Hong-yi Qi


    Full Text Available Chinese herbal medicine formula Tao Hong Si Wu decoction (THSWD is traditionally used in China for cerebrovascular diseases. However, the molecular mechanisms of THSWD associated with the cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury are largely unknown. The current study applied the two-dimensional gel electrophoresis-based proteomics to investigate the different protein profiles in PC12 cells with and without the treatment of THSWD. Twenty-six proteins affected by THSWD were identified by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Gene ontology analysis showed that those proteins participated in several important biological processes and exhibited diverse molecular functions. In particular, six of them were found to be phase II antioxidant enzymes, which were regulated by NF-E2-related factor-2 (Nrf2. Quantitative PCR further confirmed a dose-dependent induction of the six phase II enzymes by THSWD at the transcription level. Moreover, the individual ingredients of THSWD were discovered to synergistically contribute to the induction of phase II enzymes. Importantly, THSWD’s protection against oxygen-glucose deprivation-reperfusion (OGD-Rep induced cell death was significantly attenuated by antioxidant response element (ARE decoy oligonucleotides, suggesting the protection of THSWD may be likely regulated at least in part by Nrf2-mediated phase II enzymes. Thus, our data will help to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effect of THSWD.

  14. Stress-driven discovery of a cryptic antibiotic produced by Streptomyces sp. WU20 from Kueishantao hydrothermal vent with an integrated metabolomics strategy.

    Shi, Yutong; Pan, Chengqian; Auckloo, Bibi Nazia; Chen, Xuegang; Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur; Wang, Kuiwu; Wu, Xiaodan; Ye, Ying; Wu, Bin


    Marine hydrothermal microorganisms respond rapidly to the changes in the concentrations and availability of metals within hydrothermal vent microbial habitats which are strongly influenced by elevated levels of heavy metals. Most hydrothermal vent actinomycetes possess a remarkable capability for the synthesis of a broad variety of biologically active secondary metabolites. Major challenges in the screening of these microorganisms are to activate the expression of cryptic biosynthetic gene clusters and the development of technologies for efficient dereplication of known compounds. Here, we report the identification of a novel antibiotic produced by Streptomyces sp. WU20 isolated from the metal-rich hydrothermal vents in Taiwan Kueishantao, following a strategy based on metal induction of silent genes combined with metabolomics analytical methods. HPLC-guided isolation by tracking the target peak resulted in the characterization of the novel compound 1 with antimicrobial activity against Bacillus subtilis. The stress metabolite 1 induced by nickel is structurally totally different compared with the normally produced compounds. This study underlines the applicability of metal induction combined with metabolic analytical techniques in accelerating the exploration of novel antibiotics and other medically relevant natural products.

  15. 基于“体质-疾病谱-主症”模式的黄芪桂枝五物汤方证规范化文献研究%Formula Syndrome Standardization Study of Classical Formula of Huang-Qi-Gui-Zhi-Wu-Wu Decoction Based on Mode of "Constitution-Spectrum of Disease-Main Symptom" on Document Data

    刘晓丽; 周美启; 李锋刚; 郜峦; 陆翔; 李净; 吴元洁


    Objective:It is to study the formula syndrome rule of Classical formula of Huang-qi-gui-zhi-wu-wu decoction on relative document data based on the mode of constitution-spectrum of disease-main symptom.Methods:By collecting,sorting out the individual clinical cases,then analysis and data mining of them.Results:Constitution and appearance of its formula syndrome are lack of vitality and fatigue,chills,lack of energy even to speak,lusterless or sallow complexion.Diseases mainly treated are neuritis,postpartum disease,Raynaud's disease,cervical vertebra disease,urticaria.Differentiation syndromes are syndrome of meridian obstruction and defense-qi and nutrient blood deficiency,Qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome owing to yang deficiency,blood stasis syndrome complicated cold coagulation.Main symptoms include pain,numbness,swelling,sweating,dizziness,etc.Pulses mostly are sinking and thin or thin and weak or sinking and weak.Tongue color is pale white or pink and tongue coats are thin white or white mainly.Among this formula,common dosage of Astragalus is higher than other medicinal,and maximum dosage of stragalus and jujube are significantly higher than other medicinal.Chinese angelica,licorice,spatholobus stem,Rhizoma ligustici wallichii are frequently be added.Conclusion:Formula syndrome of Huang-qi-gui-zhi-wu-wu decoction includes the constitution and appearance and main symptom characteristics attending to the diseases above mentioned.Based on the original formula,other medicinal are added accordingly promoting blood circulation to remove blood staais,tonifying deficiency,releasing the exterior,dispelling wind and dampness,calming the liver to stop the wind.%在“体质-疾病谱-主症”模式下,通过对黄芪桂枝五物汤个案的搜集整理分析与数据挖掘,从文献角度探讨该方的方证规律.结果显示该方证体质及体貌特征为神疲乏力、畏寒、少气懒言、面色无华或萎黄等;所治疾病以神经炎、产后病

  16. The Correlation Research Between the Loneliness and Wu-Tai Personality Theory of University Students%大学生孤独感与五态人格相关性研究

    刘婕; 杨振宁


    探讨大学生孤独感与五态人格的相关关系.通过对某高校218名大学生随机抽样,比较UCLA孤独量表和五态人格量表问卷调查结果,显示孤独感与阴阳平和、太阴之人的性格特点有显著相关.%The aim of the paper is to discuss the correlation relationships between the loneliness and Wu-Tai personality theory of university students. Based on the random sampling of 218 university students of a university, the investigation results between UCLA loneliness Scale and the Wu-Tai personality Scale are compared. The results showed that there is a significant correlation between loneliness and the personality characteristics of Yin- Yang peaceful people, Tai-Yin people.

  17. Haal alles uit onderzoek (interview met Leo Marcelis en Hans Dagevos)

    Kamminga, H.; Marcelis, L.F.M.; Dagevos, H.


    In de toekomst zullen tuinbouwbedrijven meer teelt- en consumentenonderzoek op eigen houtje laten uitvoeren. Voor veel ondernemers is dit nieuw. Wetenschappers Leo Marcelis en Hans Dagevos geven tips om zoveel mogelijk nuttige informatie uit onderzoek te halen.

  18. Hans Jonas' Thought on The Ethics of Research on Human Subjects

    Dr Olaleye

    Subjects: Implications for Contemporary Medical Research in. Nigeria. Ebeh J.I1 and ... Keywords: Human Research ethics, Nigeria, Hans Jonas. *Author for corresp .... 1998) reported a case of over sixty embryos that were transplanted into ...

  19. Rootsi ja Eesti - kümme aastat koostööd / Hans Lepp

    Lepp, Hans, 1950-


    Rootsi Instituudi kultuuri- ja ühiskonnaosakonna direktor Hans Lepp meenutab oma tegevust Rootsi kultuuriatašeena Eestis 1990ndatel aastatel. Ka autori meenutused kohtumisest RRi peadirektori Ivi Eenmaaga, ka rootsi saali asutamisest RRis

  20. Former Netherlands Deputy Prime Minister Hans Dijkstal Leads Delegation to China


    <正>Hans Dijkstal, former Netherlands deputy prime minister and current chairman of the Board of Atlantic & Pacific Exchange Programme (APEP) of the Netherlands, headed a 12-member goodwill delegation to visit Beijing and Shanghai from May 25 to

  1. The inherent purpose of ontology in ecology: The immutable use of Hans Jonas’s works

    Raluca Deleanu


    Full Text Available Theresa Morris, Hans Jonas’s Ethic of Responsibility: From Ontology to Ecology, Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, SUNY Series in Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, 2013, 236 p.

  2. 吴克明教授治疗节食减肥后闭经经验介绍%Brief Introduction to Professor WU Keming′s Experience on Treatment of Amenorrhea after Losing Weight by Dieting

    敖荣娜; 罗娟; 李晶晶; 吴克明


    从典型病例入手介绍吴克明教授运用中西医两法诊治减肥后闭经的临床经验,以期为相关临床研究提供参考.%We are discussing professor WU Keming's experience of treating amenorrhea after losing weight with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine through analyzing classic cases, aiming to provide reference for associated clinical study.

  3. Reclassification of Halomonas caseinilytica Wu et al. 2008 as a later synonym of Halomonas sinaiensis-Comments on the proposal by Hwang et al., Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 109:1345-1352, 2016.

    Oren, Aharon


    Hwang et al. (Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 109:1345-1352, 2016) proposed the reclassification of Halomonas caseinilytica (Wu et al. 2008) as a later synonym of Halomonas sinaiensis, based on the publication of the latter name in 2007 by Romano et al. However, the name H. sinaiensis was validly published only in 2011. Therefore the proposal by Hwang et al. is not appropriate; instead, the name H. sinaiensis can be proposed as a later synonym of H. casinilytica.

  4. 拟缺香茶菜化学成分的研究%Studies on the chemical constituents of Isodon excisoides(Sun ex C.H.Hu) C.Y.Wu et H.W.Li

    丁兰; 王瀚; 刘国安; 杨东娟


    从甘肃产拟缺香茶菜(Isodon excisoides(Sun ex C.H.Hu)C.Y.Wu et H.W.Li)的叶中分离得到6个化合物,利用现代波谱学方法鉴定其结构为:β-谷甾醇,熊果酸,线蓟素,胡麻素,胡萝卜甙,槲皮甙.

  5. Det var ikke hans krop, der lå i graven

    Nord, Ane Marie


    I 14 år lagde Norma blomster ved det gravsted, hun troede indeholdt hendes bror. Det gjorde det ikke.Hun drømmer om at dø med vished om, at hans jordiske rester er fundet, om at have et gravsted at lægge blomster ved, og om at se de skyldige for hans død dømt. Men det er en drøm, der nok tvivlsomt...

  6. Tallinna linnaelu kajastumine raehärra Hans Rotgersi märkmetes / Tiina Kala

    Kala, Tiina


    Hans Rotgersi aktiivne tegutsemisperiood hõlmab 15. sajandi viimase ja 16. saj. esimese veerandi. Kõige ulatuslikuma kirjaliku pärandi on ta endast maha jätnud Niguliste kiriku eestseisjana. Niguliste kiriku olulistest daatumitest. Maksujõuliste tallinlaste surma kajastumisest Rotgersi ülestähendustes. Rotgersi käsikirjas säilinud astroloogiliste ja meditsiiniliste soovituste kogust. Hans Rotgersi testamendist.

  7. Det var ikke hans krop, der lå i graven

    Nord, Ane Marie


    I 14 år lagde Norma blomster ved det gravsted, hun troede indeholdt hendes bror. Det gjorde det ikke.Hun drømmer om at dø med vished om, at hans jordiske rester er fundet, om at have et gravsted at lægge blomster ved, og om at se de skyldige for hans død dømt. Men det er en drøm, der nok tvivlsom...

  8. Porcelain in the Ming Dynasty:Cultural and Artistic Exchanges Between Hans and Tibetans



    As an example of Chinese arts and crafts, porcelain is an important element of Chinese culture. In ancient times, when transport and communications were extremely backward, the continuous flow of porcelain items between Han Chinese and Tibetans played an essential role in their material and cultural life. Put specifically, the close relationship between porcelain and Han-Tibetan cultural and artistic exchanges can be observed as follows:

  9. On the Reappearance of Ritual Literature and the Evolution of Ritual Study in Han Dynastymto interprete%礼学文献的重现与两汉礼学的演变



    Abstract: There were two ritual schools as Ritual theory and Ritual performance in the early Han Dynasty. The leader of performance was Xu sir and the other one was Gao-tang sir. An interaction was formed between the performance school and royal ritual office. The scholars from the ritual performance always be appointed as ritual officials. Gao-tang sir collated seventeen ritual articles and founded the academic tradition himself. Hou Cang who writed a book as QuTai Ji speculated the royal etiquette according to common etiquette and founded a new ritual academic tradition. Dai Sheng who editor tho book Li Ji 《礼记》get thought material form the Ancient Ritual Classics《礼古经》,the Explanation for Ancient Ritual Classics (《礼古文记》)and MingtangYinyang Ji(《明堂阴阳记》), and founded his private ritual schools as Xiao dai li jia fa(小戴礼家法).Dai De who editted another book as Da Dai Li Ji(《大戴礼记》)showing the strong interests inhuman nature,human history and political technology and founded his private ritual schools as Da dali jia fa (大戴礼家法).Academic group of Qingpu(庆普学派)committed to national etiquetteconstruction in the Eastern Han Dynasty and developed their own ritual study. Zheng Xuan whocollated the Ancient Ritual Classics(《古文礼经》)and the Ritual Classics Written with New Font (《今文礼经》),, discard the defects of private ritual schools and use the book Zhou Li(《周礼》)the Ritual Classics, has achieved unprecedented achievement in ritual study and end the tradition whichmarked on Private method(家法)and School method(师法)in Han Confucian rites.%汉初礼学研习分化为礼义和容礼两派。徐生的容礼派与朝廷太常机构形成朝野互动,仕途目标为太常礼官大夫。高堂生完成了《礼经》十七篇的恢复和整理,初步形成了礼经家法传统。后仓撰成《曲台记》,推士礼而

  10. Minu moto : alati kõrgustesse! Dr. Hans O. A. Koehn, ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH osanik - 80 / Hans O. A. Koehn ; interv. Mikk Mehide

    Koehn, Hans O. A.


    Maailma tippkvaliteediga määrdeaineid tootva Saksa õlifirma Addinol osanik dr. Hans O. A. Koehn on üks juhtivaid isikuid Saksamaa mineraalõli majanduses, tööst õlifirmas Valvoline, edasisest karjäärist ning Addinoli osanikuks saamisest

  11. Minu moto : alati kõrgustesse! Dr. Hans O. A. Koehn, ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH osanik - 80 / Hans O. A. Koehn ; interv. Mikk Mehide

    Koehn, Hans O. A.


    Maailma tippkvaliteediga määrdeaineid tootva Saksa õlifirma Addinol osanik dr. Hans O. A. Koehn on üks juhtivaid isikuid Saksamaa mineraalõli majanduses, tööst õlifirmas Valvoline, edasisest karjäärist ning Addinoli osanikuks saamisest

  12. An Unknown Tradition of Han Chinese Conversions to Tibetan Buddhism:Han Chinese Incarnate Lamas and Parishioners of Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in Amdo

    Gray Tuttle


    AbstrActThis article examines Han Chinese who has historically practiced Tibetan Buddhism in the Qinghai-Gansu border region. The main primary sources were published in the 1990s, based on surveys by Chinese social scientists who were sent around in the 1950s to collect data on Tibetan Buddhist institutions as well as additional independent surveys from the 1980s and my own site visits in 2006. On the basis of these sources, I argue that there are at least 100,000 and probably as many as 200,000 Han Chinese on the borders of Qinghai and Gansu (part of the Amdo cultural region for Tibetans) practicing Tibetan Buddhism, following traditions that seem to have been in place for centuries. I also discuss the sixteen historic cases of Han Chinese reincarnate lamas and the over one hundred monasteries in this region affiliated with Han Chinese. Finally, I note the sectarian affiliations (jiaopai: Nyingma, Geluk, etc.) and religious practices of these Chinese communities practicing Tibetan Buddhism.

  13. Diagnostic and Treatment Features and Clinical Thought of Pro.Wu Xuesu Treating Diabetic Foot%吴学苏教授治疗糖尿病足的临床思路与诊疗特色初探

    邵鑫; 吴学苏


    [Objective] To summarize the clinical diagnosis and treatment ideas for diabetic foot by Professor Wu Xuesu,which called "five combinations". [Methods] By learning from Professor Wu Xuesu, typical cases of her "five combinations"clinical characteristics for the treatment of diabetic foot were collected, analyzed and summarized. [Results] The diabetic foot Integrative Medicine Platform,which multidisciplinary participated could relieve the symptoms and showed a positive effect on the prognosis of patients. [Conclusion] The clinical diagnosis and treatment ideas and clinical characteristics of Professor Wu Xuesu for diabetic foot has an important guiding significance in clinic.%[目的]总结吴学苏教授以“五个结合”为特色治疗糖尿痛足的诊疗思路.[方法]通过跟师学习收集吴学苏教授多年治疗糖尿病足的典型病例,分析、总结其“五个结合”诊疗特色.[结果]多学科共同参与的中西医结合治疗平台治疗糖尿病足能较好地改善患者的症状,对患者的预后有积极的作用.[结论]吴学苏教授提出的诊疗思路及诊疗特色对临床有重要的指导意义.

  14. 吴银根辨治间质性肺疾病验案分析%Effective Cases Analysis of Professor WU Yingen in Differentiating and Treating Interstitial Lung Disease

    石克华; 熊必丹; 吴银根


    通过验案分析,总结吴银根教授辨治间质性肺疾病的临床经验.其辨治要点是:认为本病的病位在肺络,病机为肺络痹阻,痰瘀互结.虚、痰、瘀是其主要病理特点,以通补肺络为大法,主张络虚宜通补,采用祛痰通络,活血化瘀,温阳益气,滋阴补肾等治法,善用峻烈、有毒和虫类药物.%This article introduced the clinical experience of Professor WU Yingen who differentiated and treated interstitial lung disease by analyzing effective cases. The important point of syndrome differentiation and treatment is that lung collaterals is the position of the disease, obstructing lung collaterals and intermingled phlegm and blood stasis are the basis pathogenesis of interstitial lung disease. Deficiency,phlegm and blood stasis are the main pathological features. And tonifying the lung collaterals is the method of treatment. Professor WU thinks that collaterals deficiency must be tonified,and the disease can be treated by using therapeutic principles and methods like reducing phlegm and vein relaxing, promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, wanning yang and benefiting qi, replenishing vital essence to tonify the kidney, and so on. Professor WU makes full use of drastic, toxic and insects medicine of TCM.

  15. Pursuit of Wu Xiaobang' s "Tianma Dance Art Studio" and Contemporary Enlightenment%吴晓邦 "天马舞蹈艺术工作室" 的实验追求与当代启示



    从吴晓邦 "天马" 的创作实验入手, 探讨其实验追求, 可通过个案研究管窥建国 "十七年" 舞蹈的创作生态格局, 进而结合社会、 政治、 文化思潮阐释 "天马" 在特定语境中的特殊价值, 揭示吴晓邦"新舞蹈" 艺术的审美转型. 同时, 重提吴晓邦启蒙、 思辨的创造精神, 寻求民族之根与身份认同的文化自觉性, 以期为当代舞蹈创作提供启示.%From Wu Xiaobang' s experimental creation of "Tianma", the paper explores the experimental pursuit, and the ecological creation pattern of the seventeen years since the founding of new China with case studies. It ex?pounds the special value of "Tianma" in the specific context with social, political and cultural trends, and reveals the aesthetic transformation of Wu Xiaobang' s "new dance" art. Meanwhile, Wu Xiaobang' s enlightenment and speculative spirit of creation can inspire contemporary dance creation along with the cultural consciousness of seeking roots and identity of the nation.

  16. Quantitative Analysis and Comparison of BMI among Han, Tibetan, and Uygur University Students in Northwest China

    Bai Jingya


    Full Text Available Objectives. To fully analyze and compare BMI among Han, Tibetan, and Uygur university students, to discuss the differences in their physical properties and physical health, and thus to provide some theoretical suggestions for the improvement of students’ physical health. Methods. The cross-sectional random cluster sampling was used to investigate 10103 Han, Tibetan, and Uygur university students, aged 20–24 in Northwest China, and their height and weight were measured to calculate BMI. The BMI classification criteria for Chinese established by Work Group on Obesity in China (WGOC were used for screening. Results. Han, Tibetan, and Uygur university students show low obesity rates but high overweight rates. Han, Tibetan, and Uygur university students present a high rate of underweight, normal weight, and overweight, respectively. Female Han students show higher underweight and normal weight rates, but lower overweight and obesity rates, than male Han students. Female Tibetan students show higher normal weight rate, but lower overweight and obesity rates, than male Tibetan students. BMI increases with age for male students but decreases with age for female students. Male Uygur students show higher obesity rate than female Uygur students. Tibetan and Uygur university students have higher BMI than other minorities in South China.

  17. Prevalence of and risk factors for gallstones in Uighur and Han Chinese

    Zhu, Li; Aili, Aikebaier; Zhang, Cheng; Saiding, Aili; Abudureyimu, Kelimu


    AIM: To perform a single-centre survey of the prevalence of and possible risk factors for gallstones in Uighur and Han Chinese. METHODS: Complete medical data for 9455 patients were collected from the medical centre of our hospital, and the overall prevalence of gallstones as well as the prevalence in different ethnic groups was studied. The risk factors for gallstones in different ethnic groups were identified in a univariate analysis, and variables with statistical significance were analysed by unconditional multiple logistic regression, to primarily explore the similarities and differences in gallstone risk factors between different ethnic groups. RESULTS: The prevalence of gallstones was significantly higher in the Uighur population than in the Han population (22.87% vs 11.64%, P gallstones based on the different ethnic areas revealed that age was a risk factor for gallstones in both groups; triglycerides, body-mass index (BMI) and high-density lipoprotein were risk factors for gallstones in the Han population, while total cholesterol (TC), gender and fatty liver were risk factors in the Uighur population. The Uighur patients were older than the Han patients, and had higher BMI, TC, low-density lipoprotein, female rate and fatty liver rate, while the incidence of hypertension was lower than that in the Han patients. CONCLUSION: The prevalence of and risk factors for gallstones differ between the Uighur and Han populations. PMID:25356055

  18. Implicit trust between the Uyghur and the Han in Xinjiang, China.

    Shen Zhang

    Full Text Available Trust is a vital lubricant that increases the sense of security in social interactions. In this study, we investigated the intergroup trust between the Uyghur and the Han, the two largest ethnic groups in Xinjiang, China, with a Go/No-Go Association Task. Specifically, we instructed Uyghur and Han participants to respond to ethnic faces (Uyghur vs. Han and trust/distrust words and measured the strength of the automatic associations between the faces and words for both in-group and out-group pairs. As expected, both ethnic groups showed implicit in-group trust and out-group distrust, but the Han group demonstrated stronger in-group trust and out-group distrust toward the Uyghur than the Uyghur group toward the Han. However, the magnitude of distrust of the Han toward the Uyghur was small to medium as compared with that reported by other intergroup relationship research. In addition, participant geographic location was associated with out-group distrust. These findings offer implications for developing effective strategies to encourage trust between conflicting groups.

  19. The urban flood control embankment engineering design of Wu-Yuan City%婺源县城区防洪治理工程设计

    蔡方昕; 王建峰


    Aimed at the problems of unblocked flood protection levee , no blocking flood drainage facilities in water-logging area and cannot resist the 20 year design flood with low flood control standard in the Wu-Yuan urban flood control system , according to the overall planning of urban flood control, the distribution of Le-An river, and flood control standard of the planning years,combining with the existing flood control facilities, protection object and other factors, the integrated protection and reinforcement scheme with building new embankment, new flood wall and dry masonry stone revetment has been design and adopted. The anti sliding and anti overturning stability, seepage stability and stress analysis results show that the overall stability, permeability and stress indicators of the protection and reinforcement structure conform to the standard requirement totally. The flood prevention and strengthening scheme has good technical and economic benefits.%针对婺源县城区防洪体系中防洪堤未封闭,涝区无挡洪排涝设施,防洪堤防洪标准偏低、无法抵御20年一遇洪水等问题,结合防洪堤现状、防护对象等因素,设计采取有针对性的新建土堤、新建防洪墙和干砌石护岸等为一体的防护加固方案。计算结果表明:防护加固建筑结构整体稳定性、抗渗性和应力指标均符合规范要求,防洪加固方案具有较好的技术和经济效益。

  20. Image of Wu Zetian in the Novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties%明清小说中的武则天形象简论

    刘健; 雷勇


    Empress Wu Zetian was frequently the depicting interest of writers in Ming and Qing dynasties,who mostly focused on her cruelty,licentiousness,and bloodthirstiness,to highlight her political ambitions,whereas diminished her political and insight talents,which desalted her historical contribution and presented her as either a demon or a deity.Following their forerunners,writers of the times intensified the criticism against Wu's usurping power as a female,blinding the emperor by seduction,and having illegitimate sex relations in the imperial court.Her image is more complicated and diversified in novels of the times for their varied narrative angles.%在明清小说中武则天是一个颇受作者关注的人物。小说家在塑造武则天形象时,大多着眼于她的残忍、荒淫和嗜杀,突出了她的政治野心,因此,武则天基本上是以"中淫外酷"的负面形象出现的。小说家削弱了武则天作为一代女皇的政治才能、远见卓识,淡化了她的历史功绩,将这一形象妖魔化或神化,在前人的基础上,小说家更加强了对武则天"牝鸡司晨"、"狐媚惑主"和"淫秽宫闱"的诋毁和道德批判。由于叙事角度不同,明清小说中的武则天形象更加复杂、多样。

  1. Contamination and Human Health Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Oysters After the Wu Yi San Oil Spill in Korea.

    Loh, Andrew; Yim, Un Hyuk; Ha, Sung Yong; An, Joon Geon; Kim, Moonkoo


    After the collision of the Singapore-registered oil tanker M/V Wu Yi San into the oil terminal of Yeosu, Korea on January 31, 2014, approximately 900 m(3) of oil and oil mixture were released from the ruptured pipelines. The oil affected more than 10 km of coastline along Gwangyang Bay. Emergency oil spill responses recovered bulk oil at sea and cleaned up the stranded oil on shore. As part of an emergency environmental impact assessment, region-wide monitoring of oil contamination in oyster had been conducted for 2 months. Highly elevated concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were detected at most of the spill affected sites. Four days after the spill, the levels of PAHs in oysters increased dramatically to 627-81,000 ng/g, the average of which was 20 times higher than those found before the spill (321-4040 ng/g). The level of PAHs in these oysters increased until 10 days after the spill and then decreased. Due to the strong tidal current and easterly winter winds, the eastern part of the Bay-the Namhae region-was heavily contaminated compared with other regions. The accumulation and depuration of spilled oil in oyster corresponded with the duration and intensity of the cleanup activities, which is the first field observation in oil spill cases. Human health risk assessments showed that benzo[a]pyrene equivalent concentrations exceeded levels of concern in the highly contaminated sites, even 60 days after the spill.

  2. Molecular mechanisms of the analgesic action of Wu-tou Decoction on neuropathic pain in mice revealed using microarray and network analysis.

    Zhang, Yan-Qiong; Wang, Chao; Guo, Qiu-Yan; Zhu, Chun-Yan; Yan, Chen; Sun, Dan-Ni; Xu, Qiong-Hong; Lin, Na


    Wu-tou Decoction (WTD) is a classic herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of joint diseases, neuropathic pain (NP) and inflammatory pain. In this study we investigated whether WTD produced analgesic action in a mouse spinal nerve ligation (SNL) model and elucidated the underlying molecular mechanisms. Mice were subjected to SNL and orally treated with WTD (3.15, 6.30 or 12.60 g·kg(-1)·d(-1)) for 21 d. SNL induced mechanical hyperalgesia and heat hyperalgesia characterized by rapid and persistent pain hypersensitivity. In addition, the expression levels of IL-1β, TNF-α, CCL2 and CXCL1 in the spinal cord dorsal horn were dramatically increased on the 10(th) d post-surgery. Oral administration of WTD dose-dependently suppressed both mechanical and heat hyperalgesia as well as the expression levels of inflammatory cytokines in the spinal cord dorsal horn on the 21(st) d post-surgery. Then whole-genome microarray analyses were conducted to detect the gene expression profiles of spinal cord dorsal horn in SNL mice with or without WTD treatment. After construction of the WTD-SNL-network and topological analysis, a list of candidate target genes of WTD acting on SNL-induced NP was identified and found to be functionally enriched in several glial cell activation-related pathways and neuroinflammatory pathways. Our data have clarified the gene expression patterns in the mouse spinal cord under the NP condition. We also demonstrate the analgesic action of WTD through suppression of glial cell activation and neuroinflammation, which suggest the potential of WTD as a promising candidate for the treatment of NP.

  3. Inhibition of Neoplastic Transformation and Chemically-Induced Skin Hyperplasia in Mice by Traditional Chinese Medicinal Formula Si-Wu-Tang

    Liu, Mandy M.; Huang, Kevin M.; Yeung, Steven; Chang, Andy; Zhang, Suhui; Mei, Nan; Parsa, Cyrus; Orlando, Robert; Huang, Ying


    Exploring traditional medicines may lead to the development of low-cost and non-toxic cancer preventive agents. Si-Wu-Tang (SWT), comprising the combination of four herbs, Rehmanniae, Angelica, Chuanxiong, and Paeoniae, is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicines for women’s diseases. In our previous studies, the antioxidant Nrf2 pathways were strongly induced by SWT in vitro and in vivo. Since Nrf2 activation has been associated with anticarcinogenic effects, the purpose of this study is to evaluate SWT’s activity of cancer prevention. In the Ames test, SWT demonstrated an antimutagenic activity against mutagenicity induced by the chemical carcinogen 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA). In JB6 P+ cells, a non-cancerous murine epidermal model for studying tumor promotion, SWT inhibited epidermal growth factor (EGF)-induced neoplastic transformation. The luciferase reporter gene assays demonstrated that SWT suppressed EGF-induced AP-1 and TNF-α-induced NF-κB activation, which are essential factors involved in skin carcinogenesis. In a DMBA-induced skin hyperplasia assay in ‘Sensitivity to Carcinogenesis’ (SENCAR) mice, both topical and oral SWT inhibited DMBA-induced epidermal hyperplasia, expression of the proliferation marker Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), and H-ras mutations. These findings demonstrate, for the first time, that SWT prevents tumor promoter and chemical-induced carcinogenesis in vitro and in vivo, partly by inhibiting DNA damage and blocking the activation of AP-1 and NF-κB. PMID:28335476

  4. John Ching Hsiung Wu on the Artistic Spirits of Law%吴经熊论法的艺术精神



    As an encyclopedic scholar in both western and traditional Chinese culture,John Ching Hsiung Wu’s theory made a major impact on the world stage in the twentieth century. Wu’s research field refers to philosophy,law,literature,religion and so on. From these perspectives,John C. H. Wu’s character in scholarship and world view can be tasted under the special background of the time.The article takes John C. H. Wu’s ideas on the art as a starting point,and the transition of the position of legal philosophy as background. The part one talks about the art of law from John C. H. Wu’s positivism standpoint on the early stage,which behaves in equitable interest,symmetrical order and the beauty of harmony. The part two pays attention to the philosophy of natural law. Through compromising the nature and human intelligence,John C. H. Wu realizes the transcendent level of the art of law. The inherent value of law,equity and justice,shows the beauty of caring for human nature in essence. According to John C. H. Wu’s philosophy of natural law,justice is rooted in the changeless value of the eternal law. Through transforming into human law from natural law,the eternal law of God reflects the glory of the divine. The last part discusses the reason,for which John C. H. Wu gains the special thoughts. Besides the Catholic beliefs,the most important reason is the cognitive style intuition,which is cultivated under the background of different cultural tradition. With the help of intuition,John C. H. Wu got perfect temperament and life.%作为一位学贯古今,纵横中西方文化的集大成者,吴经熊在二十世纪的世界舞台上留下了浓墨重彩的一笔。他的研究领域涉及哲学、法学、文学、宗教等多个领域。不管从哪个角度观察之,人们都能从中领略到吴经熊在那个特殊时代背景下所代表的一般志士仁人的治学治世的品性。本文以吴经熊前后期法哲学立场的转向为大背景对其法的

  5. 胜利油田采油工人体育锻炼行为特征的调查研究%The Investigation of the Behavioural Characteristics of Physical Exercises of Oil -extraction workers’in Shengli Oilfield

    王合霞; 唐亮


    This study takes the workers from the front line as this research sample,who are in GuD-ong Oil -extraction Factory and ZhuangXi Oil -extraction Factory,which are two branches in Shen-gli Oilfield.This study approaches are literary investigation,questionnaires,experts interviews,log-ic analytical method,and data statistics.Meanwhile,this study utilizes the theory of transtheoretical model (TTM),which theory discusses the process from “stillness”to “activity”in the physical ex-ercises.As a result,this study reaches these conclusions as follows:Know about their general health at a low level.To most of them,their physical exercises are at preparation stage or at action stage. The orders of influential factors on physical exercise in this study are:⑴no time /tired⑵want to take exercise but indolent⑶feel bad /illness⑷short of relevant knowledge of physical exercises⑸short of coach⑹short of friends to take exercises together⑺afraid of trauma⑻short of ground and instruments⑼climate /environment is not good⑽cost of physical exercise is much higher⑾short of leader’s sup-port⑿short of families’support⒀short of interests of physical exercise.%以胜利油田桩西采油厂和孤东采油厂的第一线的采油工人为研究对象,采用文献资料法、访谈法、问卷调查法、逻辑分析法和数理统计法,以转换理论模型为指导,探讨采油工人从“静止”到“活动”再到“保持体育锻炼”的动态变化过程。结果表明:胜利油田采油工人对自身身体健康的整体认知水平较低。胜利油田采油工人的体育锻炼大都处于准备阶段及行动阶段。“没有时间且工作很累”和“想锻炼但惰性大”是影响采油工人体育锻炼行为最主要因素。

  6. Prevalence of Diabetes and Associated Factors in the Uyghur and Han Population in Xinjiang, China

    Haiying Gong


    Full Text Available Objective: To estimate the prevalence of diabetes and identify risk factors in the Uyghur and Han population in Xinjiang, China. Methods: A cross-sectional study in urban and rural areas in Xinjiang, including 2863 members of the Uyghur population and 3060 of the Han population aged 20 to 80 years, was conducted from June 2013 to August 2013. Data on fasting plasma glucose (FPG and personal history of diabetes were used to estimate the prevalence of diabetes. Data on demographic characteristics, lifestyle risk factors, and lipid profiles were collected to identify risks factors using the multivariate logistic regression model. Results: In urban areas, the age- and gender-standardized prevalence of diabetes was 8.21%, and the age- and gender-standardized prevalence of diabetes was higher in the Uyghur population (10.47% than in the Han population (7.36%. In rural areas, the age- and gender-standardized prevalence of diabetes was 6.08%, and it did not differ significantly between the Uyghur population (5.71% and the Han population (6.59%. The results of the multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that older age, obesity, high triglycerides (TG, and hypertension were all associated with an increased risk of diabetes in the Uyghur and Han population. Urban residence and low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C were associated with an increased risk of diabetes in the Uyghur population. Being an ex-drinker was associated with an increased risk of diabetes and heavy physical activity was associated with a decreased risk of diabetes in the Han population. Conclusions: Our study indicates that diabetes is more prevalent in the Uyghur population compared with the Han population in urban areas. Strategies aimed at the prevention of diabetes require ethnic targeting.

  7. Analogous Formulae of Si-Wu Decoction for Nourishing Blood and Regulating Menstruation%四物汤类方养血调经配伍功效探析

    范欣生; 陈菲; 刘培; 宿树兰; 段金廒


    Si-Wu Decoction act not only as the classic formula for nourishing blood but also as the basic formula for regulating menstruation, and therefore is widely applied in clinic. In this paper, we discuss the nourishing blood and regulating menstruation function of Si-Wu Decoction based on the main syndrome as well as the characteristics of it and its analogous formulae. Si-Wu Decoction can nourish blood by affecting blood system, neu-roendocrine system, specific physiological matter of women and related hormones. It also can regulate blood by improving blood rheology, regulating the relationship between coagulation and anti-coagulation and improving uterine smooth muscle, whose mechanism involves different cytokines secreted by vascular endothelial cells. The comparison between analogous formulae indicates that the derived analogous ones share similar function and featured differences. For example, Too -Hong -Si-Wu Decoction lays particular stress on activating blood and resolving blood stasis by improving blood rheology, preventing blood platelets aggregation; Xiang-Fu-Si-Wu Decoction regulates Qi and relieves pain by inhibiting contraction frequency and amplitude of uterine smooth muscle as well as the average muscular tension. Qin-Lian-Si-Wu Decoction clears heat and activates blood by inhibiting inflammatory factors. Therefore, effect manifestations of the similarity and difference of Si-Wu Decoction analogous formulae helps go deep into the study of classic formulae to guide clinical practice.%四物汤为补血剂的代表方,也是调经基本方,是后世众多补血方的祖方,临床应用广泛.本文探讨基于主证的四物汤配伍功效,以及四物汤衍化方的特点.四物汤具有补血调血之功,其补血作用不仅表现在对血液系统的影响,也包括对神经内分泌系统、妇女特异性生理物质及相关激素水平的影响;其调血之用,具有改善血液流变、维持凝血与抗凝平衡,同时还改善子宫平


    杨永红; 李义曼; 李晓燕; 张红波; 罗霁


    Shengli oil fields are one of the most important petroleum occurring areas.Its geothermal resources are abundant.With the background of energy saving,wastewater from petroleum producing is of relatively high-temperature.It can be used for water flooding,space heating and bathing.Wastewater samples from 19 typical oil production stations of seven oil factories in Shengli oil fields are obtained.Water chemical compositions are analyzed by ion chromatography.Scaling tendency &corrosion of wastewater are also discussed.Results show that the pH of wastewater is 6.8-8.0 and the average is 7.4.It is saline water-brine with TDS ranging from 6.0g·L-1 to 59.7g·L-1 . The wastewater is rich in Li,Mn,Cr,Ni,Cu,Zn and Sr.The microelements of Li and Sr are in particular rich.Its average concentrations are 1mg·L-1 and 70.5mg·L-1 ,which satisfy the mineral water requirement but cannot be used for minerals exploitation.Corrosive efficiency factor,larson and reruo method are used to assess the corrosion of wastewater.Results indicate that the wastewater is strongly corrosive,which is caused by chloride ion. Carbonate,sulfate and silicate scale are assessed using references from GB-T-11615-2010.The results indicate that carbonate and silicate scale wont occur while sulfate scale would form in wastewater from Binnan and Hekou oil production plant and pretreatment should be done before integrated utilization.Based on suggestions from published papers on wastewater utilization and local requirement,it can be used for water flooding,space heating,bathing, hothouse and aquaculture,which can mitigate environmental pollution and improve energy structure,showing favorable social and economic benefits.When using the wastewater,its corrosion and scaling tendency must be considered and choose proper pretreatment and pipeline.%胜利油田作为我国石油的重要赋存区,其地热资源也相当丰富。在节能减排的背景下,采油产生的污水由于其相对较高的温度

  9. Attachment and sibling rivalry in Little Hans: the fantasy of the two giraffes revisited.

    Wakefield, Jerome C


    Freud's interpretation of Little Hans's "phantasy of the two giraffes" is pivotal to his oedipal analysis that Hans has inchoate desires for sexual intercourse with his mother. Bowlby argued that Freud's focus on his oedipal theory led him to ignore preoedipal attachment-related factors that have equal plausibility in explaining the clinical data. However, Bowlby did not attempt to apply the attachment perspective to the interpretation of Hans's fantasies that form the core of the case material. A microanalysis of Hans's giraffe fantasy and the evidence used to support Freud's claims about it yields an attachment-based sibling rivalry account arguably of greater explanatory power than the oedipal account. Consistent with Bowlby's hypothesis, the evidence suggests that Hans's giraffe fantasy is about the sibling rivalry triangle involved in caregiver attachment access, rather than (or in addition to) the oedipal triangle. The issue of multiple levels of meaning and the methodological challenges raised by multiple determination is also considered. The giraffe fantasy's attachment-theoretic explanation encourages a rethinking of this classic case and strengthens Bowlby's claim that the case is fruitfully viewed from an attachment perspective.

  10. Hydrogeochemical and isotopic investigations of the Han River basin, South Korea

    Ryu, Jong-Sik; Lee, Kwang-Sik; Chang, Ho-Wan


    SummaryThe Han River, the largest river in South Korea draining approximately 26,000 km 2, comprises two major tributaries: the North and the South Han Rivers. Seasonal and spatial variations in the major ion chemistry and isotope compositions of the Han River were monitored for one year at 14-23 locations, covering about 80% of the entire drainage basin. Compared to the South Han River (SHR), the North Han River (NHR) was much lower in total dissolved solids (TDS), Sr, and major ion concentrations, but higher in Si concentration, δ 34S SO 4 values, and 87Sr/ 86Sr ratios. These observations suggest strong influence of prevailing rock types in the drainage basins on the chemical and isotopic compositions of the river waters. These are silicate rocks in the NHR basin and carbonate rocks in the SHR basin. The headwaters of the NHR basin, where several flood control dams have been constructed, show enrichment in deuterium and oxygen-18, indicating evaporative loss. The δ 34S SO 4 data suggest dissolved sulfates in the NHR and SHR are mostly derived from atmospheric deposition, and variable mixtures of atmospheric deposition and sulfide oxidation, respectively. The 87Sr/ 86Sr ratios are much higher in the NHR (0.71793-0.72722) than in the SHR (0.71495-0.71785) with one exception, indicating weathering of Precambrian and Mesozoic granitic rocks and marine carbonates, respectively.

  11. Comparative Analysis of Gut Microbiota of Native Tibetan and Han Populations Living at Different Altitudes.

    Kang Li

    Full Text Available The factors driving the composition of gut microbiota are still only partly understood but appear to include environmental, cultural, and genetic factors. In order to obtain more insight into the relative importance of these factors, we analyzed the microbiome composition in subjects of Tibetan or Han descent living at different altitudes. DNA was isolated from stool samples. Using polymerase chain reaction methodology, the 16S rRNA V1-V3 regions were amplified and the sequence information was analyzed by principal coordinates analysis and Lefse analyses. Contrasting the Tibetan and Han populations both living at the 3600 m altitude, we found that the Tibetan microbiome is characterized by a relative abundance of Prevotella whereas the Han stool was enriched in Bacteroides. Comparing the microbiome of Han stool obtained from populations living at different altitudes revealed a more energy efficient flora in samples from those living at higher altitude relative to their lower-altitude counterparts. Comparison of the stool microbiome of Tibetan herders living at 4800 m to rural Tibetans living at 3600 m altitude shows that the former have a flora enriched in butyrate-producing bacteria, possibly in response to the harsher environment that these herders face. Thus, the study shows that both altitude and genetic/cultural background have a significant influence on microbiome composition, and it represents the first attempt to compare stool microbiota of Tibetan and Han populations in relation to altitude.

  12. Associations between apolipoprotein E genotypes and serum levels of glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides in a cognitively normal aging Han Chinese population

    Tao QQ


    Full Text Available Qing-Qing Tao,1,* Yan Chen,2,3,* Zhi-Jun Liu,1 Yi-Min Sun,1 Ping Yang,1 Shen-Ji Lu,1 Miao Xu,1 Qin-Yun Dong,1 Jia-Jun Yang,2 Zhi-Ying Wu11Department of Neurology and Institute of Neurology, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, 2Department of Neurology, Sixth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 3Department of Medicine, Shanghai Fengxian District Central Hospital, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China*These authors contributed equally to this workPurpose: To determine the associations between apolipoprotein E (APOE genotypes and serum levels of glucose, total cholesterol, and triglycerides in a cognitively normal aging Han Chinese population.Methods: There were 1,003 cognitively normal aging subjects included in this study. APOE genotypes were analyzed and biochemical parameters were tested. All the subjects were divided into three groups according to APOE genotypes: (1 E2/2 or E2/3 (APOE E2; (2 E3/3 (APOE E3; and (3 E2/4, E3/4, or E4/4 (APOE E4. Correlations of serum levels of glucose, total cholesterol, and triglycerides with APOE genotypes were assessed.Results: E2, E3, and E4 allele frequencies were found to be 6.2%, 82.1%, and 11.7%, respectively. Serum levels of total cholesterol were higher in the APOE E4 group (P<0.05. A higher level of total cholesterol was associated with the E4 allele (adjusted odds ratio 1.689, 95% confidence interval 1.223–2.334, P<0.01. However, no association was found between APOE status and serum levels of glucose (adjusted odds ratio 0.981, 95% confidence interval 0.720–1.336, P=0.903 or total triglycerides (adjusted odds ratio 1.042, 95% confidence interval 0.759–1.429, P=0.800.Conclusion: A higher serum level of total cholesterol was significantly correlated with APOE E4 status in a cognitively normal, nondiabetic aging population. However, there was no correlation between APOE genotypes and serum levels of glucose or total triglycerides

  13. Wuzhang and Shizhang in the Pre-qin Period and in Qin and Han Dynasties%先秦秦汉的伍长和什长1



    Wuzhang and Shizhang are two kinds of Lili, which derives from the revolution of the military regime. Be-fore the Western Zhou period, the infantry is still a branch of the minor armed forces. The infantry develops into the in-dependent armed force in the Spring and Autumn Period. Wuzhang and Shizhang are written on the documents in the Warring States. The social basic units of the Warring States practiced the system of the soldiers in one, and they take on the military and civil administration at the same time. Most social basic units of the kingdoms in the late of the Warring StatesestablishthetwopositionsWuzhangandShizhang.QinStateputstheadministrativesystemofitsbasiclevelin-to all over the country, after it units the other six countries. Wuzhang and Shizhang in Qin and Han Dynasties are placed all the time, which are junior Lili. They undertake lots of the administrative affairs in the Li, which is one kind of most importantcontentoftheLocaladministrativesystem.WulaoinQinStateisahighpost,anditisnotthesynonymofWu-zhang.%伍长、什长源于春秋时期军事制度的变革,步兵在西周以前尚不是主力兵种,春秋时期步兵发展为独立兵种。伍长和什长最早见于战国文献,战国的基层社会实行兵农合一制,伍长、什长兼有军事和民政职能。战国后期,多数诸侯国基层的里中普遍设置伍长、什长。秦统一六国后,将其基层体制推行于全国。秦汉时期里中的伍长和什长是低级里吏,承担着大量行政事务,其行政行为构成地方行政制度重要内容。秦国的伍老是高级里吏,不是指伍长。

  14. Analysis of 24 Y-STR haplotype data in a Chinese Han population from Guangdong Province.

    Wang, Ying; Liu, Chao; Zhang, Chu-chu; Li, Ran; Liu, Hong; Ou, Xue-ling; Li, Hai-xia; Sun, Hong-yu


    In this study, we investigated the genetic polymorphisms of 24 Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (Y-STR) loci in 885 unrelated Chinese Han male individuals from Guangdong Province, using a domestic AGCU Y24 STR kit. A total of 878 different haplotypes were observed at the 24 Y-STR loci; among them, 871 haplotypes were unique and 7 haplotypes occurred twice. The overall haplotype diversity was 0.99998 and the discrimination capacity was 99.2%. The gene diversity values ranged from 0.4354 at DYS438 to 0.9606 at DYS385a/b. Population relationships between the Guangdong Han population and seven other published Chinese populations were evaluated by Rst values and visualized in a two multi-dimensional scaling plot. The results showed the 24 Y-STR loci are highly polymorphic in Guangdong Han population and of great value in forensic application.

  15. Relation of Plasma Uric Acid Levels and the Lipid Parameters in Han and Uygur Ethnicity

    Sun Yuping; Yao Hua; Yao Wenhai; Li Qing; You Lan; Wang Qiuyun; Jiang Yan


    Objectives Hyperuricemia is a common finding in hypertension and hyperlipidemia,they are all correlated to cardiovascular diseases. The aim of this study was to find the relationship of uric acid and plasma lipid parameters of Han and Uygur ethnicity in Xinjiang. Methods This cross-sectional health examination survey was based on a population random sample from the Urumchi, It included 1166 subjects aged from 20 to 70 years. Serum biochemical testing by Automatic Analyzer (HITACHI 7600-010).Results The uric acid in Han was higher than in Uygur(P< 0.05), men were higher than women in two ethnicities; For lipid parameters men were higher than women, in TG and HDL women were higher than in men in two ethnicity (P < 0.05). Serum uric acid was strongly related to serum triglycerides in Han as well as Uygur ethnicity ( P < 0.001); Compared with the normal group, UA, TG, CHOL, VLDL had ascending trend and HDL had descending trend (P <0.05 ) among groups in Han and Uygur ethnicity,especially Hyperuricemia-hypertriglyceridemia group,uric acid and most some lipid parameters was higher than Hyperuricemia and hypertriglyceridemia group,The prevalence of different groups in Han and Urgur was significantly different (P < 0.05). Conclusions This study shows that the UA and some lipid parameters are different in Han and Uygur ethnicity and show sexual difference; serum uric acid is markedly related to serum triglycerides; Hyperuricemia and hypertriglyceridemia show cooperated effect in uric acid and most lipid parameters. Considering the growing incidence of the potential link between hyperuricemia/hypertriglyceridemia and cardiovascular diseases, more emphasis should be put on the evolving prevalence of hyperuricemia and hypertriglyceridemia in Xinjiang.

  16. 中药生精逐瘀汤联合手术治疗精索静脉曲张不育症患者的疗效观察%Clinical efficacy of Chinese traditional medicine Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang combined with operation in the treatment of patients with varicocele

    何思挺; 陈乐仲; 黄常青; 田小园; 陈球; 刘向崇


    Objective To observe the clinical effect of Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang for treating infertile patients with varicocele after varicocelectomy. Methods Eighty patients with varicocele were randomly divided into two groups, the experimental group (n=40) and control group (n=40). Patients in the experimental group took Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang after the operation, while those in the control group underwent operation only. The semen quality, sex hormone in the peripheral blood (testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone), and the pregnancy rate of their spouse were observed before operation, 3 and 6 months after operation. Results The semen quality, peripheral blood testosterone and the pregnancy rate of their spouse in the experimental group were significantly better than those in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion Sheng Jing Zhu Yu Tang could enhance the quality of sperm and semen in infertile patients with varicocele after varicocelectomy, improve and regulate their reproductive hormone disturbance to increase the pregnancy rate of their spouses.%目的 观察中药生精逐淤汤对精索静脉曲张不育患者手术后治疗的临床疗效.方法 将精索静脉曲张不育症患者80例随机分为实验组和对照组,各40例,实验组手术后予结合生精逐瘀汤治疗,对照组予单纯手术治疗.观察两组患者术前、术后3个月、6个月精液质量、外周血性激素(睾酮、黄体生成素和卵泡刺激素)以及配偶受孕率的情况.结果 实验组精液各参数、外周血T及术后配偶自然怀孕率均有明显提高,优于对照组(P<0.05).结论 生精逐淤汤对精索静脉曲张不育术后患者有提高精液质量、改善和调节生殖内分泌激素失调、增加配偶受孕率的作用.

  17. Study on the Brocades of Han Dynasty in Philadelphia Museum of Art



    The brocades (jin 锦) in Han Dynasty is very precious for the study of the history of ancient Chinese textiles. This paper introduces the study on the brocades of Han Dynasty, which excavated from the tumuli of the ancient nomadic tribe "Xiong-nu" (Hun 匈奴) in the Noin-Ula Mountains in Mongolia. The detailed analyses of the brocades in the collection of Philadelphia Museum of Art are given in this paper and a logical, reasonable conjecture for ancient weaving technology is proposed.

  18. Prof. CHEN Han-ping: A Thinker in Principles and Practice of Acupuncture-moxibustion

    杨永清; 王宇; 尹磊淼


    The Thinker (Le Penseur) is known as the masterpiece of Auguste Rodin, a distinguished French sculptor, signifying the intellectual activity and creativity of human being. Having put forward a way of "viewing the Earth from the Moon" in developing preclinical and clinical studies of acupuncture, Prof. CHEN Han-ping brought about imaginations to acupuncture scholars with his ideas on the soul, principle, skills and orientations of acupuncture. He deserves the title of "the thinker in principles and practice of acupuncture"[1-3]. The academic ideas of Prof. CHEN Han-ping are now summarized as follows.

  19. Scientific Bronze Casting Reconstruction of Zhang Heng's Seismograph from the Eastern Han Dynasty

    Hu Chunliang


    @@ Commissioned by the state Task Force for scientific reconstruction of Zhang Heng's seismograph, the "Eastern Han Zhang Heng's seismograph" was successfully cast on August 5, 2008 at Shanxi Yuda Group, a national cultural industry demonstration base. After sophisticated assembly and debugging,the 1.7 m tall reconstructed Zhang Heng's seismograph was displayed at the Science and Technology Museum of China in August 2009,making the Eastern Han Zhang Heng's seismograph which had been lost for thousands of years reemerge in the world.

  20. 新型四物胶囊对辐射损伤小鼠造血功能的影响%Effect of New Si-wu Capsules on Hematopoietic Function of Irradiated Mice

    谭洪玲; 高月; 马增春; 邵帅; 刘浩生; 洪倩; 王宇光; 梁乾德; 肖成荣; 甄蓓


    Objective To evaluate the hematopoietic function of new Si-wu capsules on low-dose 60Coγ irradiated mice. Methods Balb/c mice were irradiated using 60Coγ resources. Following irradiation, the extract of new Si-wu capsules was administered intragastrically for 7 consecutive days at doses of 20.0,10. 0,5.0 g·kg-1. The normal group and model group were given an equal volume of distilled water. Blood samples were collected from the tail end and the number of peripheral blood cells was counted on day 0,1,4,7,11,14,17 and 23 using a microcell counter. The ability of the colony-forming unit of bone marrow cells and the percentage of CD34 + cells in bone marrow were observed. Results Extracts of new Si-wu capsules could increase the percentage of CD34+ cells and the ability of the colony-forming unit of granulocyte macrophage. High doses of new Si-wu capsules treatment could also improve the ability of erythroid and mixed colony-forming units, new Si-wu capsule could accelerate the recovery of white blood cells and platelets. Conclusion new Si-wu capsule can reverse hematopoietic injury induced by 2.5 Gy 60Coγ irradiation, improve the hematopoietic function of bone marrow and accelerate blood cell recovery.%目的 评价新型四物胶囊对60C0 γ射线所致小鼠造血功能损伤的影响,为该药的临床研究提供参考依据.方法 采用2.5 Gy60C0γ射线全身照射,照后连续给药7d.正常组和模型组给予等体积的蒸馏水,新型四物胶囊高、中、低剂量(20.0、10.0、5.0 g·kg-1)组分别在照前、照后第1、4、7、11、14、17、23天检测外周血象,同时在照后第7天进行CD34+细胞检测、骨髓造血祖细胞集落培养.结果 新型四物胶囊各剂量在造模后7d提高CD34+细胞数,促进CFU-GM增殖,同时高剂量还促进CFU-E、BFU-E及CFU-Mix增殖;第7~14天显著升高白细胞与血小板数.结论 新型四物胶囊可有效改善60C0 γ射线对小鼠所致的造血损伤,提高骨髓造血功能,

  1. 盾上的痕迹:吴岸诗歌中的本土实践与身份确立%Traces on the Shield:Native Practices and the Establishment of Identity in Wu An ’s Poetry



    吴岸从1962年《盾上的诗篇》便开始其半个世纪的创作,在砂华文学担任先锋者的角色。对吴岸而言,本土即是砂捞越,其本土书写集中在土地(砂捞越)与个人的回忆与经历。文章核心以吴岸作为砂华文学底下的个体,从本土出发,以书写的独特性展示砂华文学的自主文学场域的可能性。吴岸创作中的本土与现实主义融合并促成思想与空间的交织,形成土地与世界两面维度的接轨,展示具“本土世界观点”的文学。%With his collection, Poems on a Shield, in 1962, Wu An began his career of writing for half a century, playing the role of an avant-garde in Sarawak. For Wu, his native country is Sarawak, and his native writing focuses on his personal memory and experience in his native country(Sarawak). This article centres around Wu An, who, in his unique writing, shows the possibility of the autonomous literary site in Sarawak literature as an individual at the bottom of that literature and from a native point of view. The merging of the native and realism in Wu’s writings that makes it possible for thought and space to be interwoven has bi-dimensionally integrated the land and the world in showing a literature of“native world views.”

  2. 中风偏瘫应用补阳还五汤加味治疗的临床分析%Clinical analysis of Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia



    目的:探讨补阳还五汤加味治疗中风偏瘫的临床效果.方法:收治中风偏瘫患者120例,随机分成对照组和观察组各60例,对照组给予脑血康片治疗,观察组给予补阳还五汤加味治疗.结果:观察组治疗总有效率明显高于对照组(P<0.05);观察组治疗后运动及语言表达功能改善程度均优于对照组(P<0.05).结论:补阳还五汤加味治疗中风偏瘫效果显著,可有效改善患者运动、语言表达功能及神志状态.%Objective:To investigate the clinical effect of Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia. Methods:120 patients with stroke hemiplegia were selected,they were randomly divided into the control group and the observation group with 60 cases in each group,the patients in the control group were given the cerebral blood kang tablet treatment,the observation group were given Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified treatment.Results:The total effective rate of the observation group was significantly higher than that of the control group(P<0.05);the improvement of the movement and language expression after treatment was better than that of the control group(P<0.05).Conclusion:The effect of Bu Yang Huan Wu soup modified in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia is remarkable,it can improve the patients' movement,language expression function and the state of consciousness effectively.

  3. Application of Wu Qin Xi in nursing rehabilitation of shoulder joint dysfunction%谈五禽戏在肩关节功能障碍康复护理中的应用

    熊惠秀; 董鸿雁; 潘绵; 傅秋媛; 胡克萍


    目的:探讨五禽戏在肩关节功能障碍患者康复护理中的应用。方法:选取采用常规护理的肩关节障碍患者30例,作为对照组;另选取采用常规护理加五禽戏锻炼的肩肘肩关节障碍患者30例,作为观察组。比较两组肩关节障碍患者的护理疗效。结果:观察组患者护理疗效明显优于对照组(P<0.05);两组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:在护理干预中加入五禽戏锻炼对肩关节障碍患者提高肩关节的功能具有重要意义,可明显促进患者肩关节功能的恢复。%Objective: To explore application of Wu Qin Xi in nursing rehabilitation of shoulder joint dysfunction. Method: 60 patients were divided into the control group and the observation group, 30 cases for each group. The control group received conventional nursing, while the observation group received Wu Qin Xi exercise more. The nursing effect of two groups of patients were compared. Results: the effects of the observation group was better than that of the control group (P<0.05), the difference between the two groups was statistically significant (P<0.05).Conclusion: nursing rehabilitation combined with Wu Qin Xi exercise had a resignificant effect on treating shoulder joint dysfunction.

  4. Genetic determination of the enhanced drought resistance of rice maintainer HuHan2B by pedigree breeding.

    Wei, Haibin; Feng, Fangjun; Lou, Qiaojun; Xia, Hui; Ma, Xiaosong; Liu, Yunhua; Xu, Kai; Yu, Xinqiao; Mei, Hanwei; Luo, Lijun


    The ongoing deficit of fresh water resource in rice growing regions has made the selection of water-saving and drought-resistance rice (WDR) a crucial factor in developing sustainable cultivation. HuHan2B, a new japonica maintainer for WDR breeding, had the same yield potential as recurrent parent HanFengB but showed improved drought resistance in fields. We investigated the genomic content accumulation and candidate genes passed from parent to offspring using the genomic and transcriptomic approaches. The genomic constitution indicated that the genetic similarity was 84% between HuHan2B and HanFengB; additionally, 7,256 genes with specific alleles were inherited by HuHan2B from parents other than HanFengB. The differentially expressed genes (DEGs) under drought stress showed that biological function was significantly enriched for transcript regulation in HuHan2B, while the oxidation-reduction process was primarily enriched in HanFengB. Furthermore, 36 DEGs with specific inherited alleles in HuHan2B were almost involved in the regulatory network of TFs and target genes. These findings suggested that major-effect genes were congregated and transformed into offspring in manner of interacting network by breeding. Thus, exploiting the potential biological function of allelic-influencing DEGs would be of great importance for improving selection efficiency and the overall genetic gain of multiple complex traits.

  5. Kinetics, mechanisms, and influencing factors on the treatment of haloacetonitriles (HANs) in water by two household heating devices.

    Shi, Wendong; Wang, Lei; Chen, Baiyang


    Haloacetonitriles (HANs) are a group of nitrogenous disinfection by-products (DBPs) commonly found in treated water with potential carcinogenic, cytotoxic, and genotoxic risks. In order to control HANs and understand their real intake levels by people via drinking water, this study evaluated a list of structural, operational, and environmental factors affecting the treatment of HANs by two domestic heating devices, i.e., an electric boiler and a microwave oven. Results show that the concentrations of HANs decreased exponentially over time with increasing temperature, water turbulence, and bubbles, and the phenomena were most likely due to a combined effect of volatilization and hydrolysis. Among HANs, the lability increased with increasing halogenation degrees (i.e., tri- > di- > mono- HANs) yet decreasing halogen molecular weights (i.e., Cl- > Br- > I- HANs); such trends were well captured by quantitative structure activity relationship models (R(2) = 0.99). Operational factors played critical roles in controlling HANs too, including the rate of heating, water volume, water temperature at time of pouring, cooling method, and capping condition, suggesting that people could benefit from proper handling methods and procedures. In addition, HANs added to tap water exhibited higher removals than those added to ultrapure water, probably because of the presence of free chlorine in tap water. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. 豆瓣兰的无菌播种与快速繁殖%Asepsis Sowing and in vitro Propagation of Cymbidum serratumr(Schltr)Y.S.Wu et S.C.Chen

    卜朝阳; 何荆洲; 闭志强; 董伟清; 严华兵


    @@ 1 植物名称豆瓣兰[Cymbidum serratum(Schltr)Y.S.Wu et S.C.Chen]. 2 材料类别种子. 3 培养条件种子萌发培养基:(1)MS+1 mg·L~(-1)BAP+10%椰子水;(2)改良Kyoto+1 mg·(-1)BAP+10%椰子水;(3)1/3MS+1 mg·L~(-1)BAP+10%椰子水.

  7. 生脉散对失衡人肠道菌群的调节作用%In vitro study on the reguIation of Sheng-mai San on dysbacteriosis of intesti-naI fIora

    花海莹; 李雪晴; 刘吉华


    通过建立头孢曲松钠所致人肠道菌群紊乱体外模型,结合菌群的选择性培养、平板计数及短链脂肪酸分析,研究经典名方生脉散对肠道菌群失调的调节作用。研究结果显示,生脉散高中低剂量(16.5,11.2,5.5 mg/mL)组能显著抑制肠杆菌、肠球菌的增殖,促进肠道益生菌乳酸杆菌、梭菌增殖。与模型组相比,给予中剂量生脉散培养24 h 后,肠球菌、肠杆菌增殖分别被抑制了24.9%和19.1%,乳酸杆菌和梭菌的增殖分别提高了22.3%和25.8%。同时生脉散各剂量组均能显著促进肠道菌群产生丙酸和乙酸,抑制潜在致病菌的增殖,促进失衡肠道菌群向正常菌群结构发展。%To study the regulation effect of Sheng-mai San (SMS)on intestinal dysbacteriosis,ceftriaxone sodium was used to induce intestinal dysbacteriosis in vitro,the bacteria were cultured in the selective medium and enu-merated by plat counting method,and the short chain fatty acid were also analyzed .The results showed that SMS (16.5,11.2,5.5 mg/mL)could significantly inhibit the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria such as Enterococci,Enterobacteriaceae and promote the proliferation of Lactobacillus and Clostridum.Compared with the model group,the proliferation of Enterococci and Enterobacteriaceae was inhibited by 24.9% and 19.1%,while the proliferation of Lactobacillus and Clostridum was increased by 22.3% and 25.8% respectively in the middle-concentration of SMS group (11.2 mg/mL)at 24 h.Meanwhile,SMS in different concentration significantly increase the accumulation of acetic acid and propionic acid generated by gut microbes which could significantly inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria.And SMS showed prebiotic effects on intestinal microflora imbalance induced by antibiotics in vitro.

  8. 氧化钙对胜利褐煤焦水蒸气气化反应性能及微结构的影响%Influence of calcium oxide on Shengli lignite char microstructure and steam gasification performance

    李阳; 刘全生; 刘洋; 冯伟; 赵斌; 智科端; 滕英跃; 宋银敏; 何润霞; 周晨亮


    The Influence of calcium oxide on Shengli lignite char microstructure and steam gasification performance was studied. Demineralized coal samples were loaded with different content of calcium oxide and then pyrolyzed at 1 100℃. The char is gasified with steam in a micro fixed-bed reactor. The X-ray diffraction apparatus and Raman spectra apparatus were used to characterize the structure of coal char. The results show that the char with 5% calcium exhibits the highest gasification reactivity, while the catalysis for the steam gasification of char with 2% calcium is almost negligible. The results of XRD suggest that calcium can effectively hinder the carbon graphitization in the process of pyrolysis. The intensity of (002) and (100) peaks of char decreases with the rise of calcium loading. With the increase of calcium loading, the aromaticity fa is reduced from 66. 8% to 39. 9%. Raman spectra results show that ID/IG increases from 1. 363 to 1. 541 and IG/Ial reduces from 0. 423 to 0. 394 with the increase of calcium loading, respectively. It means that the decomposition of large polyaromatic ring structure in coal is greatly enhanced by the catalytic action of calcium, and the disordering degree and the structural defects of char increase with the increase of calcium loading.%研究了CaO对胜利褐煤焦水蒸气气化反应性能及微结构的影响。脱除矿物质的胜利褐煤混合不同含量的CaO后在1100℃下进行热解得到相应的煤焦,采用BET、XRD和Raman技术对其进行表征,同时在微型固定床反应器上对所制得煤焦进行水蒸气气化实验。比较添加CaO不同含量煤焦的反应性表明,添加2%(质量分数)的CaO对煤焦水蒸气气化的催化作用很小,而CaO添加量增大到5%时,煤焦的气化反应性能明显提高。煤焦比表面积随CaO添加量的提高而增大。 XRD结果表明,在热解过程中,CaO能有效地抑制煤焦向石墨化方向发展趋势。煤焦002和100峰的峰强度

  9. 胜利油田勘探开发安全风险评估和应对管理研究%Research on Safety Risk Evaluation and Response Management for Exploration and Development in Shengli Oilfield



    -surface structures in a networking way. Degree of risk is determined for each production process during construction of exploration and development project on basis of analysis on safety production status quo in Shengli Oilfield and dangerous factors during exploration and development project and safety risk management mode suitable for exploration and development project in an oilfield is researched to provide for construction and management organizations of construction project with reasonable and feasible suggestions and countermeasures of safety. Meanwhile, it may provide for oilfield administration and authority with technical support for implementation of supervision and decision-making to minimum potential risks related to safety and reduce damage due to possible accidents.

  10. Meeting Held for the Publication of Biography of Han Xu——Experience of a Diplomat


    <正>A meeting for the publication of the Book Biography of Han Xu--Experience of a Diplomat was held in the auditorium of the CPAFFC on September 20. Chen Haosu, president of the CPAFFC, and Wang Chengjia, president of the World Affairs Press, co-chaired the meeting. About

  11. Carvacrolreiches Oregano-Öl als Futterzusatz: Interview met Hans van der Mheen

    Grohs, Birgit; Mheen, van der H.J.C.J.


    In dit interview met Hans van der Mheen van het PPO-agv te Lelystad worden de mogelijkheden van het gebruik van etherische olie gewonnen uit oregano; origanum vulgare en origanum heracleoticum, geteeld in Nederland besproken. De olie kan gebruikt worden in voer voor pluimvee en varkens. Gezocht word

  12. Association of tumor necrosis factor polymorphisms with susceptibility to ulcerative colitis in Chinese Han population



    Objective To investigate the association between tumor necrosis factor(TNF) promoter polymorphisms and susceptibility to ulcerative colitis (UC) in the Chinese Han population. Methods Blood samples from 110 unrelated UC patients and 292 healthy controls from Zhejiang Province, Eastern China were studied. Genotyping for 6 common TNF promoter polymorphisms (TNF-

  13. Book Review: Zöllner, Hans-Bernd, The Beast and the Beauty: ...

    Grit Grigoleit


    Full Text Available Book Review of the monograph: Zöllner, Hans-Bernd (2012, The Beast and the Beauty: The History of the Conflict between the Military and Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar, 1988–2011, Set in a Global Context Berlin: regiospectra Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-9401-3244-4, 592 pages

  14. Collaboration, Reputation, and Ethics in American Academic Life: Hans H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills.

    Oakes, Guy; Vidich, Arthur J.

    Using the collaboration between sociologist C. Wright Mills and Hans H. Gerth and their studies of the work of Max Weber as a point of departure for a sustained discussion of academic ethics, this book explores how concealment, secrecy, and deception contribute to the building of academic reputation and how the balance of knowledge and power in a…

  15. Brief Report: No Increase in Criminal Convictions in Hans Asperger's Original Cohort

    Hippler, Kathrin; Viding, Essi; Klicpera, Christian; Happe, Francesca


    Hans Asperger originally used the term "autistic psychopathy" to describe his patients on the autism spectrum, leading to a possible confusion with psychopathic disorder and delinquent behaviour. We conducted a penal register search for 177 former patients of Asperger's clinic with a childhood diagnosis of "autistic…

  16. Quantitative Analysis of Intestinal Flora of Uygur and Han Ethnic Chinese Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

    Ping Yao


    Full Text Available Aim. To study the correlation between intestinal flora and ulcerative colitis by analyzing the abundance of Bacteroides, Fusobacterium, Clostridium, Bifidobacterium spp., and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii in the intestinal of ulcerative colitis (UC patients and healthy controls with Uygur and Han ethnic. Methods. Bacterial genomic DNA was extracted from fecal samples and analyzed with real-time fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR to identify the abundance of Bacteroides, Fusobacterium, Clostridium, Bifidobacterium spp., and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii. Results. The samples from UC patients, Uygur and Han ethnic combined, had higher abundance of Bacteroides (P=0.026 but lower Clostridium (P=0.004, Bifidobacterium spp. (P=0.009, and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (P=0.008 than those from healthy controls. Among UC patients, Bacteroides population was raised in acute UC patients (P≤0.05, while the abundance of Clostridium, Bifidobacterium spp., Fusobacterium, and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii decreased (P≤0.05 compared with the remission. In both UC patients group and control group, no difference was observed in the abundance of these 5 bacteria between the Han and the Uygur group. Conclusions. Variations in the abundance of these five bacterial strains in intestines may be associated with the occurrence of UC in Uygur and Han populations; however, these variations were not associated with ethnic difference.

  17. Hans J. Massaquoi’s Destined to Witness as an Autobiographical Act of Identity Formation

    Lindhout, Alexandra E.


    Full Text Available In his autobiography, Hans J. Massaquoi describes the discrimination he encountered in Nazi Germany and Liberia because of his mixed racial background. Throughout his life Massaquoi had to cope with identity crises. Through the self-therapeutic discourse in the form of his autobiography, however, Massaquoi developed his hybrid transatlantic African American and African German identity.

  18. Brief Report: No Increase in Criminal Convictions in Hans Asperger's Original Cohort

    Hippler, Kathrin; Viding, Essi; Klicpera, Christian; Happe, Francesca


    Hans Asperger originally used the term "autistic psychopathy" to describe his patients on the autism spectrum, leading to a possible confusion with psychopathic disorder and delinquent behaviour. We conducted a penal register search for 177 former patients of Asperger's clinic with a childhood diagnosis of "autistic psychopathy" or features of the…

  19. Genetic variants at 20p11 confer risk to androgenetic alopecia in the Chinese Han population.

    Bo Liang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Androgenetic alopecia (AGA is a well-characterized type of progressive hair loss commonly seen in men, with different prevalences in different ethnic populations. It is generally considered to be a polygenic heritable trait. Several susceptibility genes/loci, such as AR/EDA2R, HDAC9 and 20p11, have been identified as being involved in its development in European populations. In this study, we aim to validate whether these loci are also associated with AGA in the Chinese Han population. METHODS: We genotyped 16 previously reported single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs with 445 AGA cases and 546 healthy controls using the Sequenom iPlex platform. The trend test was used to evaluate the association between these loci and AGA in the Chinese Han population. Conservatively accounting for multiple testing by the Bonferroni correction, the threshold for statistical significance was P ≤ 3.13 × 10(-3. RESULTS: We identified that 5 SNPs at 20p11 were significantly associated with AGA in the Chinese Han population (1.84 × 10(-11 ≤ P ≤ 2.10 × 10(-6. CONCLUSIONS: This study validated, for the first time, that 20p11 also confers risk for AGA in the Chinese Han population and implicated the potential common genetic factors for AGA shared by both Chinese and European populations.

  20. Odavpoodide kett soetas suure krundi Viljandi südamesse / Hans Väre

    Väre, Hans, 1979-


    Saksa kaubandusketi Lidl Eesti tütarfirma ostis kaubanduskeskuse rajamiseks Viljandi bussipargi kinnistu. Lidl taotleb kvartali detailplaneeringu algatamist eesmärgiga muuta kruntide piire, määrata ehitusõigus ja liikluskorraldus. Vanemarhitekt Leelo Saare selgitused. Vaata ka Hans Väre kommentaari "Mis tuleb bussiparki?" lk. 5

  1. Bronzino and a bronze boar. Hans Christian Andersen and Stendhal in nineteenth-century Florence

    Klerck, A.R. de


    Bronzino e il porcellino: Hans Christian Andersen e Stendhal nella Firenze del XIX secolo La storia dell’arte dell’Ottocento non sembra aver avuto particolarmente a cuore gli artisti italiani delle generazioni successive ai grandi maestri rinascimentali, quali Raffaello e Michelangelo. Così, ad

  2. 'Presence' of the past in the presence (Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Eelco Runia)

    ter Schure, L


    In recent writings historian Eelco Runia (Groningen) and literary theorist Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford) have introduced the notion of presence, a new and promising way of thinking about history. Although there are differences between the two authors, both think of presence as the antithesis of '

  3. Quantitative Analysis of Intestinal Flora of Uygur and Han Ethnic Chinese Patients with Ulcerative Colitis.

    Yao, Ping; Cui, Min; Wang, Haikun; Gao, Hongliang; Wang, Lei; Yang, Tao; Cheng, Yongbo


    Aim. To study the correlation between intestinal flora and ulcerative colitis by analyzing the abundance of Bacteroides, Fusobacterium, Clostridium, Bifidobacterium spp., and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii in the intestinal of ulcerative colitis (UC) patients and healthy controls with Uygur and Han ethnic. Methods. Bacterial genomic DNA was extracted from fecal samples and analyzed with real-time fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to identify the abundance of Bacteroides, Fusobacterium, Clostridium, Bifidobacterium spp., and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii. Results. The samples from UC patients, Uygur and Han ethnic combined, had higher abundance of Bacteroides (P = 0.026) but lower Clostridium (P = 0.004), Bifidobacterium spp. (P = 0.009), and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (P = 0.008) than those from healthy controls. Among UC patients, Bacteroides population was raised in acute UC patients (P ≤ 0.05), while the abundance of Clostridium, Bifidobacterium spp., Fusobacterium, and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii decreased (P ≤ 0.05) compared with the remission. In both UC patients group and control group, no difference was observed in the abundance of these 5 bacteria between the Han and the Uygur group. Conclusions. Variations in the abundance of these five bacterial strains in intestines may be associated with the occurrence of UC in Uygur and Han populations; however, these variations were not associated with ethnic difference.

  4. Meeting Held for the Publication of Biography of Han Xu——Experience of a Diplomat



    Ameeting for the publication of the Book Biography of Han Xu——Experience of a Diplomat was held in the auditorium of the CPAFFC on September 20. Chen Haosu, president of the CPAFFC, and Wang Chengjia, president of the World Affairs Press, co-chaired the meeting. About 60 former colleagues, subordinates,

  5. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Infertility for Han, Uygur, and Kazakh Ethnicities in Xinjiang Rural Residents.

    Zhao, Jing; Wang, Songfeng; Gao, Qi; Cai, Xia; La, Xiaolin


    To estimate the prevalence and associated factors of current infertility for Han, Uygur, and Kazakh ethnicities in Xinjiang rural residents. Chinese Uygur, Kazakh, and Han populations represent > 90% of the total population of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and their customs, culture, and food consumption are different. The effect of ethnic differences on infertility risk factors is rarely studied. A cross-sectional study of 5,086 married and common-law couples, with a female partner aged 18-49, living in Hami, Kuche, or Xinyuan counties in Xinjiang, China. General information for the study subjects, including demographic characteristics, life customs, sexual history, history of contraception use, and history of disease, was collected by questionnaire. General health, gynecologic examinations, and sociodemographic characteristics were also carried out. A total of 5,086 females from Xinjiang Province were surveyed, including 493 with infertility. The standardized prevalence rate of infertility was 9.7% (95% CI 8.9-10.5), and the prevalence of infertility in Han, Uygur, and Kazakh ethnicities was 6.8% (95% CI 5.7-7.9), 10.9% (95% CI 8.0-13.8), and 10.1% (95% CI 7.4-12.8), respectively. The present study suggests that the prevalence of infertility was lower in the Han as compared to the Kazakh and Uygur ethnicities.

  6. Milline oli teie esimene töökoht? / Raivo Vare, Rein Lang, Hans H Luik

    Vare, Raivo, 1958-


    Oma esimest töökohta meenutavad Tallinna abilinnapea, AS-i Trio LSL nõukogu esimees Rein Lang, AS-i Pakterminal juhatuse esimees Raivo Vare ja Eesti Ekspressi vastutav väljaandja ning Ekspress Grupi nõukogu liige Hans H. Luik

  7. Looduskaitse ülistamise ja ignoreerimise keerulisel teel / Hans Trass ; interv. Toomas Kukk

    Trass, Hans, 1928-


    Eesti looduskaitse ja looduse uurimise hetkeseisust. 17. aug. 2006 vastu võetud määrusest Lääne-Eesti saarestiku biosfääri kaitseala kehtetuks tunnistamise kohta, mis näitab, et Eesti ignoreerib UNESCO loodud biosfääri kaitseala programmi. Lisatud Hans-Voldemar Trassi eluloolised andmed

  8. My Practice Report to “Han Suyin Award for Young Translators”



    As we all know, "Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text." This report is going to analyze the E-C and C-E translation process of two works in "Han Suyin Award for Young Translators".

  9. The Relevance of Hans-Georg Gadamer's Concept of Tradition to the Philosophy of Education

    Leiviskä, Anniina


    In this article, Anniina Leiviskä argues that the educational relevance of Hans-Georg Gadamer's concept of tradition has remained unacknowledged because of the conservatism that has been associated with Gadamer's hermeneutics, particularly his notion of tradition. Therefore, Leiviskä seeks to reveal the reflective, nonconservative nature of…

  10. A Gnostic Critic of Modernity: Hans Jonas from Existentialism to Science

    Cahana, Jonathan


    This article addresses the ways in which the German-Jewish philosopher Hans Jonas (1903–1993) employed Gnosticism in his philosophical critique of modernity. Far from treating it as an “antiquarian concern” or attempting to “overcome” it, I argue that Jonas continuously used Gnosticism, including...



    Objective To analyze the genetic polymorphism of 6 STR loci (D12S358, D12S1675, D12S1663, D12S1697, D12S1725 and D12S1613) on chromosome 12 in Chinese Han population. Methods EDTA-blood specimens were collected from 153 unrelated individuals of Chinese Han population in Shaanxi province. Allele and genotype frequencies for the 6 STR loci were estimated and statistical parameters of polymorphism were calculated. Results 8 alleles and 18 genotypes, 10 alleles and 17 genotypes, 9 alleles and 15 genotypes, 12alleles and 29 genotypes, 12 alleles and 31 genotypes, 8 alleles and 11 genotypes were observed at D12S358, D12S1675, D12S1663, D12S1697, D12S1725 and D12S1613, respectively. No deviations of the observed allele frequency from Hardy-weinberg equilibrium expectations were found for any of these loci. The Heterozygotes of these 6 loci were 78.89%, 66.10%, 54.95%, 79.10%, 71.98% and 59.48%, respectively. It indicated the high genetic polymorphism of the loci in Chinese Han population. Conclusion The 6 STR loci belonged to the genetic marker system of high discriminutesation and high information in Chinese Han population and can be used in the study of gene-related diseases.

  12. Epidemiology Investigation of stroke among Mongolian and Han population aged over 45 in Inner Mongolia.

    Zhang, Chunyu; Lan, Tian; Zhe, Yan; Hu, Baolige; Zhang, Guohua; He, Juan; Wang, Zhiguang; Jiang, Mingfang; Hu, Riletemuer


    To discuss the status of epidemiology of stroke in the Mongolian and Han population aged over 45 years and to understand the treatment and prevention of stroke. Data collected on stroke populations aged over 45 years in the six areas in Inner Mongolia were analyzed by using stratified multi-stage cluster sampling. The prevalence rate of stroke in patients aged over 45 years in Inner Mongolia was 4.62%. The stroke prevalence rate increased with age in both males and females, the Han and Mongolian populations, and was higher in males than in females in Inner Mongolia. The prevalence rate of stroke in the Mongolian population was higher than in the Han population. The incidence rate of stroke in patients aged over 45 years in Inner Mongolia was 0.28%, of which the rate of relapsed ischemic stroke was 23.29%. The proportion of ischemic stroke in the stroke patients was higher than hemorrhagic stroke. The prevalence and incidence rates of stroke in patients aged over 45 years in Inner Mongolia were high. The prevalence rate of stroke in both the Han population and the Mongolian population increased with age. Ischemic stroke was the major form of stroke.

  13. Bronzino and a bronze boar. Hans Christian Andersen and Stendhal in nineteenth-century Florence

    Klerck, A.R. de


    Bronzino e il porcellino: Hans Christian Andersen e Stendhal nella Firenze del XIX secolo La storia dell’arte dell’Ottocento non sembra aver avuto particolarmente a cuore gli artisti italiani delle generazioni successive ai grandi maestri rinascimentali, quali Raffaello e Michelangelo. Così, ad ese

  14. Antisocial Behavior in Children and Hans Eysenck's Biosocial Theory of Personality: A Review.

    Kemp, Dawn E.; Center, David B.

    This paper examines antisocial behavior in children and youth in relation to the biosocial personality theory of Hans Eysenck. It explains Eysenck's theory, which includes a significant role for biological factors in the development of antisocial behavior. The theory holds that three temperament traits--Psychoticism (P), Extroversion (E), and…

  15. Comparison of the Perception of English Learning Between Ethnic Group Students and Han Students



    This paper has analyzed the discrepancies of the perception of English learning between ethnic students and Han studens in a trilingual language context. The research results will be expected to broaden our understanding of the ethnic group students in the minority regions, and to provide some empirical references and implications for teachers.

  16. The Relevance of Hans-Georg Gadamer's Concept of Tradition to the Philosophy of Education

    Leiviskä, Anniina


    In this article, Anniina Leiviskä argues that the educational relevance of Hans-Georg Gadamer's concept of tradition has remained unacknowledged because of the conservatism that has been associated with Gadamer's hermeneutics, particularly his notion of tradition. Therefore, Leiviskä seeks to reveal the reflective, nonconservative nature of…

  17. Brief Report: No Increase in Criminal Convictions in Hans Asperger's Original Cohort

    Hippler, Kathrin; Viding, Essi; Klicpera, Christian; Happe, Francesca


    Hans Asperger originally used the term "autistic psychopathy" to describe his patients on the autism spectrum, leading to a possible confusion with psychopathic disorder and delinquent behaviour. We conducted a penal register search for 177 former patients of Asperger's clinic with a childhood diagnosis of "autistic…

  18. Inspiration of Literary Creative Thinking of Ye Sheng-tao to Construction of Contemporary Style of Writing and Study%叶圣陶的文艺创作思想对当下文风学风建设的启示



    The thought of literary creation of Ye Sheng-tao is insightful.He noted that literary creation has three characteristicscontent with the insights,appropriate words to express accessibility,social influence with positive effect.The problems of style of writing and study in the academic study get much social criticism,such as too much low and repetitive research,which is contrary to the innovative essence of academic research;wishy-washy language expression and serious�new stereotyped�phenomenon;the deterioration of the general social conduct.Ye Sheng-tao�s artistic creation ideas indicate the direction and path of improving the current style of writing and study and reconstructing positive academic environment.%叶圣陶的文艺创作思想富有见地,他指出文艺创作具备三大特征:内容具有真知灼见、文字表达顺适畅达、社会影响要具有向上向善的作用。当前我国学术研究中存在的文风与学风问题备受社会批评指责:内容上低水平重复性研究较多,违背了学术研究的创新的本质要求;语言文字表达空洞无物,“新八股”现象严重;社会影响上非但不具有向上向善的作用,反而恶化社会风气。叶圣陶的文艺创作思想对改进当下文风学风、重建风清气正的学术环境指明了方向与路径。

  19. Investigation into Emperors and Officials' Citation from Shi in the Western Han Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty%两汉君臣用《诗》考



    Shi has been introduced from Qin Dynasty to the Western Han Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty. In both dynasties, there has been much citation of it in the order and report of the emperors and officials. Thus two schools appeared in the defined period with Xi'an as the center of Western Han Dynasty and Luoyang the center of Eastern Han Dynasty. The two centers have demonstrated different styles of citation both in the amount and the features of application owing to their different historical periods and different development of social poli- tics, economics and ideological trends, which have reflected developmental changes and histori- cal features of Shi. These differences have manifested the development and completion of the combination of classicality and historicity of Shi and have been the perfect integration of the po- litical citation of Shi in the Chun Qiu period and the textual citation in the Warring States Period%《诗》自先秦传人两汉,在两汉历朝君臣的下诏和上奏中都大量引用到《诗》,它们分别以西汉的长安和东汉的洛阳为中心,俨然形成两个用《诗》集团。由于所处的历史时代不同和不同历史时段社会政治、经济与学术思想发展的差异,这两个用《诗》集团在引用《诗》之“风”、“雅”、“颂”的数量和在诏奏中征引时所呈现出的应用特征,又有不同;而在此中则反映出了《诗》学在两汉时期的发展流变和时代特征,显示了《诗》之经典性与历史性融通的进行和完成,是春秋时期政治用《诗》和战国时期文本用《诗》的完美融合和发展。

  20. Hyperuricemia prevalence and genetic susceptibility of young Han males at an altitude of 4520m

    Zhong-wei TANG


    Full Text Available Objective  To investigate the pathogenic characteristics of hyperuricemia and the correlation between hyperuricemia and the polymorphism of xanthine oxidase (XO in young Han males at an altitude of 4520m. Methods  Two hundred and forty Han Chinese young men, aged 16-36 years (mean 22.1 years, moved to an altitude of 4520m for 0.25-10.8 years (mean 2.3 years, were selected. The general information and physiological index were collected by using questionnaires and routine examination; Fasting venous blood was collected in the morning, serum uric acid and XO concentration were measured, and the rs17038412 polymorphism of XO gene was analyzed. Results  There were 186 hyperuricemia patients (hyperuricemia group in 240 subjects, accounting for 77.5%, and 54 people with normal serum uric acid (normal group, accounting for 22.5%. Compared with normal group, the concentrations of XO and hemoglobin were significantly higher, the blood oxygen saturation significantly lower (P<0.01, and blood uric acid concentration was positively correlated to both hemoglobin level and XO concentration in hyperuricemia group (P<0.01, P<0.001. The frequency of AT genotype was significantly higher in hyperuricemia group than in normal group (P<0.01. Logistic regression analysis showed that the AT genotype was a risk factor for hyperuricemia in the young Han men (OR=3.96, 95%CI 1.42-11.08. Conclusions  Incidence rate of hyperuricemia is high in young Han men. Serum uric acid concentration is positively correlated with the concentrations of XO and hemoglobin. AT genotype at a polymorphic site rs17038412 in XO may be related to the risk of hyperuricemia in the young Han men. DOI: 10.11855/j.issn.0577-7402.2016.10.13

  1. Difference in normal corneal thickness and curvature between Mongolian and Han nationalities

    Hai-Xia; Zhao; Li; Zhang; Wen-Ying; Guan


    AIM: To investigate the differences in central corneal thickness(CCT) and curvature in myopic patients with different genders between Mongolian and Han nationalities in the Inner Mongolia region.METHODS: Patients with myopia, among whom 122cases(244 eyes) were Mongolian and 150 cases(300eyes) were Han, were selected. Pentacam was used to measure the corneal curvature, whereas CCT was determined by Pentacam, Orbscan and ultrasound pachymetry.RESULTS: Comparisons of the curvature of men and women in Mongolia showed a significant difference(P <0.05) by comparing of the CCT values measured by three methods in Han and Mongolian in Inner Mongolia, we can draw a conclusion that the CCT values measured by Pentacam are less than the values by Orbscan and ultrasound pachymetry, and there are statistically significant difference in CCT measurement among the instruments except between the Orbscan and ultrasound pachymetry. The CCT values of Mongolians are more than Han people, and the analysis exhibited statistical significance. The CCT values measured by Orbscan in Mongolia of women are more than men, the difference showed statistical significance.CONCLUSION: Corneal curvature in Mongolian females was significantly higher than that in males. However, no significant difference was observed among Han males and females. The CCT values of Mongolian females were higher than those of males. The normal CCT values measured by Pentacam in Mongolian myopic patients were smaller than those obtained by Orbscan or ultrasound. The normal CCT values of Mongolian patients with myopia were higher than those reported for domestic people.

  2. [Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu] / Ago Künnap

    Künnap, Ago, 1941-


    Arvustus: Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu = Chinese language and languages of northern Europe. Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2008

  3. [Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu] / Ago Künnap

    Künnap, Ago, 1941-


    Arvustus: Gao Jingyi. Han yu yu bei Ou yu yan : Han yu yu Wula'er yu yan ji Yin Ou yu yan tong yuan tan jiu = Chinese language and languages of northern Europe. Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2008

  4. 蒙药嘎日迪乌日勒毒理研究%Toxicological research on traditional Mongolian medicine Ga-Ri-Di-Wu-Ri-Le

    韩志强; 徐艳华; 娜日苏; 安达; 巴图德力根


    Objective To observe the acute toxicity and long term toxicity of traditional Mongolian medicine Ga -Ri-Di-Wu-Ri-Le ( GRD-WRL).Methods Acute toxicity experiment:Mice LD50 experiment was applied to observe the toxic reaction and death of mice .Long term toxici-ty experiment:Rats were treated with different dosage of GRD -WRL for 12 weeks and observe the blood routine , blood biochemistry , viscera in-dex and histopathological changes after drug withdrawal and 2 weeks after drug withdrawal.Results The LD50 of acute toxicity experiment was 2.96 g? kg -1 , 95% confidence lower limit was 2.60 g? kg -1 , upper limit was 3.36 g? kg -1 , was 177.5 times greater than adult dosage . After 12 weeks of long term experiment , no abnormal change observed in blood routine , blood biochemistry , viscera index at 12 weeks of medica-tion and 2 weeks after drug withdrawal .No pathological changes observed in histopathologicalHE staining of tissue .Conclusion The LD50 of GRD-WRL is 2.96 g? kg -1 , is low toxic drug and no chronic toxic or delayed toxic observed .%目的 观察蒙药嘎日迪乌日勒的急性毒性和长期毒性. 方法 急性毒性实验,用小鼠LD50方法,观察小鼠的毒性反应及死亡情况;长期毒性实验,不同剂量嘎日迪乌日勒连续给药12周、给药结束和停药2周时,测试血常规、血生化、脏器系数及病理组织学变化. 结果 急性毒性实验LD50为2.96 g? kg-1 , 95%可信下限为2.60 g? kg-1、上限为3.36 g? kg-1 ,为成人临床用量的177.5倍. 长期毒性实验,给药12周和停药2周后,血常规、血生化、脏器系数均未见明显异常改变,各脏器HE染色未见明显病理改变. 结论 嘎日迪乌日勒LD50为2.96 g? kg-1 ,属于低毒性药物,无明显的慢性毒性反应和延缓毒性反应.

  5. 吴泽霖贵州苗夷社会研究及其贡献初论%The Research on the Society of Miao and Yi People in Guizhou by Wu Zelin and His Achievements

    王晓峰; 赵定东


    Under the guidance of the approach of the modern ethnology and based on the understanding of racial issues in American, Wu Zelin studies the society of Miao and Yi people systematically with the approaches of fieldwork and residual and the perspectives of weddings,funerals,women and religions etc..Wu makes great achievements focusing on Miao people.Wu′s ideas including collective identity and the criticism of nationalism push the development of Chinese sociology.%在现代民族学理论方法的指导下和认识美国种族问题的基础上,吴泽霖先生审视中国少数民族并应用田野调查法、残余分析法等方法,对苗夷社会进行了系统的研究,其内容涵盖了婚丧、妇女、宗教等社会各个方面,其中尤以苗族研究最为突出,可谓成果卓著。吴泽霖先生“小集体认同”“大民族主义批判”等理论观点的提出,更进一步推动了中国社会学的发展。

  6. Qualitative screening of absorbed indoloquinazoline alkaloids and their metabolites in rat plasma after the oral administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction by high-resolution mass spectrometry with multiple data mining algorithms.

    Xu, Huarong; Geng, Yajing; Liu, Ran; Yuan, Ziyue; Liu, Xujia; Li, Qing; Bi, Kaishun


    A rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry method with multiple data processing algorithms was developed and applied for the metabolite profiling of evodiamine and its analogous alkaloids in rat plasma after the administration of Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction. All samples were purified using hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced solid-phase extraction cartridges and analyzed by a Sciex TripleTOF 5600(+) mass spectrometer with a 35 min liquid chromatography gradient elution. High-resolution full-scan mass spectrometry and information-dependent acquisition tandem mass spectrometry data were analyzed using multiple data processing approaches. The results indicated that the detected eight prototype alkaloids could be metabolized to 58 metabolites through both phase I and phase II reactions. Oxidation was demonstrated to be the principle metabolic pathway of the parent compounds. The study contributes to the understanding of the absorption and metabolism of the alkaloids in Wu-Zhu-Yu decoction and provides a detailed analysis of scientific data. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  7. Test Slightly on Silk Ancient Roads Dances Horse and Ma Wu Activity Inquisition and the Modern Remains%丝绸古道上的舞马与马舞活动的现代遗存考略

    张新辉; 赵凤霞; 朱梅新


    This text with history angle of view ancient to silk way creation and evolution of the horse and Ma3 Wu3 activity of the ancient generation athletics cultural phenomenon dance carried on to delineate to test to say with Chien slightly and objectively recovered to dance a horse and Ma3 Wu3's activity of basic outline and modern loose to save of dynamic state circulate track, make ancient athletics in Western Regions and Central plains the region communicate of historical fact and history view can body now, and pay attention to the reality existence that it spreads up to now.%本文以历史视角对丝绸古道上古代体育文化现象舞马和马舞活动的产生和演进进行勾勒和简略考述,客观地复原了舞马和马舞活动的基本轮廓与现代遗存的动态运行轨迹,使西域古代体育与中原地区交流的史实与史观得以体现,并注重其流传至今的现实存在。

  8. Remarks on the expert`s opinion by Prof. Hans Schaefer: `Does electrosmog endanger health?`; Zum Gutachten von Professor Hans Schaefer: ``Gefaehrdet Elektrosmog die Gesundheit?``

    Mohr, H.


    Upon invitation by the Academy of Technology Assessment, Prof. Hans Schaefer, lecturing in physiology at Heidelberg University, established an expert`s opinion on the health hazards of the so-called electrosmog phenomenon. The study takes account of relevant publications up to the end of 1994 and is based mostly on original scientific publications. The methodology and findings of these studies were investigated in a meta-analysis. The article is a slightly abridged version of the comments of the Academy of Technology Assessment on Prof. Schaefer`s expert opinion. (orig./MG) [Deutsch] Im Auftrag der Akademie fuer Technikfolgenabschaetzung hat der Heidelberger Physiologe Professor Hans Schaefer ein Gutachten zur Frage der Gesundheitsgefaehrdung durch den sogenannten Elektrosmog erstellt. Es sollte der momentane Wissensstand durch einen Experten erfasst und metaanalytisch aufgearbeitet werden. Die Studie beruecksichtigt die relevante Literatur bis Ende 1994 und stuetzt sich hauptsaechlich auf wissenschaftliche Originalarbeiten. Methoden und Ergebnisse dieser Arbeiten wurden in einer Metaanalyse evaluiert. Der vorliegende Text ist eine leicht gekuerzte Fassung der Stellungnahme der Akademie fuer Technikfolgenabschaetzung zum Gutachten von Professor Schaefer. (orig./MG)

  9. Para além da autoconsciência moderna: a historiografia de Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht Beyond modern self-consciousness: the historiography of Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

    Valdei Lopes de Araujo


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, apresento uma análise dos aspectos historiográficos da obra de Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. Acompanhado o desenvolvimento de sua teoria da modernidade e das conseqüências dessa teoria para a escrita da história e para a auto-consciência disciplinar. Por fim, proponho uma releitura da história da historiografia através dos dois tipos de culturas propostas por Gumbrecht, ou seja, culturas de sentido e culturas de presença. Argumento que mesmo que a historiografia moderna possa ser caracterizada como predominantemente ancorada na produção de sentido, aspectos centrais de sua história só podem ser explicados através de elementos típicos da produção de presença.This paper analyses some historiographical aspects of Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht's work, particularly his theory of modernity and its consequences to the writing of history and its disciplinary self-conscious. Finally, it is proposed a reinterpretation of the history of historiography based on the distinction between cultures of presence and cultures of meaning. It is argued that despite the fact that the elements of meaning are predominant in the constitution of modern historiography, the forces acting in its constitution cannot be explained without typical elements of a culture of presence.

  10. Comparison of Nephrotoxicity Induced By MongolianMeng-Gen-Wu-Su (Mercury) Processed Products, MongolianMeng-Gen-Wu-Su(Mercury)-18-Composition Pill and Mercuric Sulfide, Mercuric Chloride and Mercurous Chloride%蒙药孟根乌苏(水银)炮制品、孟根乌苏(水银)-18味丸与硫化汞、氯化汞、氯化亚汞急性毒性的比较研究

    佟海英; 范盎然; 白亮凤; 于雪; 乌吉斯古冷; 李婧; 张月; 呼日乐巴根


    目的:对比研究孟根乌苏(水银)炮制品、孟根乌苏(水银)-18味丸与硫化汞、氯化汞、氯化亚汞对大鼠单次给药后的急性毒性.方法:将Wistar雄性大鼠,根据体重随机分为正常对照组、孟根乌苏(水银)炮制品低、高剂量组(0.033,0.33 g·kg-1·d-1)、孟根乌苏-18味丸低、高剂量组(0.29,2.9 g·kg-1·d-1)、孟根乌苏-18味丸简化方组(0.26 g·kg-1·d-1)、硫化汞组(17.39 mg·kg-1·d-1)、氯化汞组(4.06 mg·kg-1·d-1)、氯化亚汞组(35.3 mg·kg-1·d-1)共9组,每组6只.各组大鼠适应1周后,灌胃给药1次,24 h后取材,分别检测肝肾功能,肝肾组织形态学变化;并用电感耦合等离子体发射光谱仪(ICP-OES)和电感耦合等离子体质谱仪(ICP-MS)法测肾汞蓄积量;原位末端标记(TUNEL)法测肾细胞凋亡;免疫组化法测肾Ⅲ型胶原蛋白表达;实时荧光定量PCR(Real-Time-PCR)法检测肾脏MT-1、MT-2基因表达的变化.结果:各组大鼠血清ALT、AST检测结果与正常对照组相比无统计学意义(P>0.05).氯化亚汞组大鼠血清CREA和UREA均明显高于正常对照组和孟根乌苏炮制品低剂量组(P0.05). CREA and UREA in mercurous chloride group were apparently higher than normal control group and low dose group of Meng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products (P<0.01). Hepatic and renal pathologic examination results showed that liver cell of low dose groups ofMeng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products andMeng-Gen-Wu-Su-18-composition pill swelled to a low degree and glomerular disease was not obvious. In high-dose groups ofMeng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products,Meng-Gen-Wu-Su-18-composition pill and mercuric sulfide group, liver and kidney appeared some pathological changes and such changes were more significant in mercuric chloride and mercurous chloride groups. Compared with normal control group and low dose group ofMeng-Gen-Wu-Su processed products, the mercury kidney volume in mercuric chloride and mercurous chloride groups increased

  11. Investigation and Analysis of Pharmaceutical Affairs Management of 23 Hospitals in Hanyang District of Wu-han%武汉市汉阳区23家医院药事管理工作现状调查分析

    付美霞; 吕中明


    目的:为推动基层医疗卫生机构药事管理工作标准化建设提供参考.方法:采用填报调研表结合实地考察的方式,对武汉市汉阳区23家医院的药事管理工作进行调研,并就调查结果进行汇总分析.结果:共发放23份调研表,回收有效调研表23份,有效回收率为100%.受访医院中,3家一级医院无药品调剂管理制度,所有一级医院均无临床药师管理制度,3家一级医院无药事管理与药物治疗学组制度,三级以下医院信息化管理系统无统计功能,5家一级医院没有规范的阴凉库;13家一级医院抗菌药物门诊使用率超过20%;21家有特殊管理药品的医院中18家三级以下医院未使用国家统一标识;4家一级医院未每年组织药学人员培训.结论:武汉市汉阳区医疗卫生机构特别是一级医院在药事管理组织机构建设、临床药学学科建设、设备设施配备及药学人员管理及培训等方面均存在一些问题.建议基层医疗卫生机构通过扩建药学工作人员队伍、注重基础建设和信息化建设、认真履行工作职责、重视培训及效果评价、着力发展临床药学学科建设等,以提升药事管理水平.%OBJECTIVE:To provide reference for promoting the standardization construction of pharmaceutical affairs manage-ment in primary medical institutions. METHODS:Completing the survey forms was combined with field trip to investigate the phar-maceutical affairs management in 23 hospitals in Hanyang district of Wuhan,and the results were summarized and analyzed. RE-SULTS:Totally 23 survey forms were sent out,and 23 were effectively received with effective recovery rate of 100%. In the sur-veyed hospitals,3 community hospitals had no adjust management system,all community hospitals had no clinical pharmacists management system,3 community hospitals had no pharmaceutical management and pharmacotherapeutics system,the information-ization management system in hospitals below third-grade had no statistics function,5 community hospitals had no standardized cool warehouse;use rate of antibiotics in the outpatient of 13 community hospitals was more than 20%;among the 21 hospitals with special management drugs,18 hospitals below third-grade did not use the unified state identification;4 community hospitals did not train pharmacy staff every year. CONCLUSIONS:Medical institutions in Hanyang district of Wuhan,especially the commu-nity hospitals,exist some problems,including construction of pharmaceutical institutions,clinical pharmacy disciplines,equipment and facilities,management and training of pharmacy staff. It is suggested that primary medical institutions should enhance pharma-ceutical management level by expanding pharmacy staff,paying attention to the basic construction and informationization construc-tion,performing job duties,attaching importance to training and effect evaluation and focusing on the construction of clinical phar-macy disciplines.

  12. A Biography of Du Zhou: A Comparison of Two Different Versions in Historical Records and History Book of Han Dynasty%《史记·酷吏列传·杜周传》《汉书·杜周传》异辨



    杜周是汉武帝时代政治舞台上极为重要的人物。司马迁、班固为这样的政治人物立传,却各具匠心。《史记-酷吏列传·杜周传》与《汉书·杜周传》相比较,主要有以下三个方面的差别:一是形制有别,二传皆为纪传体,但形制稍有差别,司马迁将杜周与其他酷吏合为一传,而班固并没有把杜周列入《酷吏传》,却另为《杜周传》。二是取材有别,司马迁单取杜周事迹,连缀为传,而班固却附记杜周子嗣,资料丰赡。三是立意之别,司马迁主要着眼于个体之“士”与大历史观,认为杜周是依赖于汉代酷吏制度而存在的,班固则着眼于宗族发展和西汉历史,认为杜周是武帝时代极为重要的政治人物,也是杜陵杜氏家族的崛起者。%Du Zhou was a prominent political figure in the reign of Wu Emperor in West Han Dynasty, whose biographies were even written by Sima Qian and Ban Gu, but with different perspectives. A Biography of Du Zhou in Historical Records is different from A Biography of Du Zhou in History Book of Han Dynasty in the following three aspects. First the form is different. Sima put Du' s biography with those of other cruel minor officials, while Ban specially wrote a biography for Du ; secondly the materials differ from each other. Sima selected only Du' s life and career, but Ban added Du' s generations giving readers supplement materials; thirdly the approaches are different. Sima chiefly focused on the gentlemen respectively and grand history concept, believing that Du was highly dependent on a cruel official system of West Han Dynasty, while Ban mainly concentrated on the development of tribes and West Han history, asserted that Du was not only an important political figure in the reign of Wu Emperor but also the forefather of Du' s Family.

  13. Image and Role of the Queen Mother of the West in Han Grave Art



    Full Text Available The present article is a detailed study of the image of an ancient Chinese goddess, The Queen Mother of the West, called Xiwangmu 西王母 in Chinese. In the mythological tradition, Xiwangmu is a goddess who possesses the elixir of immortality and dwells in the western paradise, on the magic mountain Kunlun 崑崙. While her image can be found in mural paintings, and on lacquered objects and bronze mirrors, it appears primarily in the form of relief images on the stones and bricks of grave chambers and temples in the Han (206 BCE–220 CE grave complexes. The literary tradition reveals a multifunctional role of the mother, with her many attributes developing in accordance with the changing values of social and mythological concepts. The article concludes with a detailed discussion of her image and role within the wider cosmological context of Han grave art.

  14. [The professionalized transformation of medical witchcraft in the Qin-Han Dynasties].

    Liu, Yang; Liu, Changhua


    By witchcraft, it refers to the activities of imagining and intending to affect or control the object through"supernatural power". Ancient witchcraft was applied extensively in which those applied for medical purpose included sorcery, praying, superstitious art of anti-disaster, and tabooing, were collectively called"medical witchcraft". During the Qin-Han periods, witchcraft was transformed by the theory of Yin-Yang and Five-Phases as a part of technical profession. Among them, the system of demon-ghost witchcraft was replaced by the necromantic ghost system; exorcism and taboo system were infiltrated with the conception of the art of mathematics and technical system; whereas the superstitious art of anti-disaster was replaced by incantation. The remnants of medical witchcraft not yet totally transformed were also applied by the technical professionals of the Qin-Han Dynasties.

  15. Bong-Han Corpuscles as Possible Stem Cell Niches on the Organ-Surfaces

    Min Su Kim


    Full Text Available Objectives : Showing that Bong-Han corpuscles(BHC are suppliers of the stem cells in adulthood, and the Bong-Han ducts(BHD are transportation routes of stem cells. Methods : BHC and BHD were obtained from the internal organ-surfaces of rats. The sliced BHC and BHD were immunostained with various stem cell markers. Extracellular matrices were also analyzed by immunohistochemistry. Result : The presence of mesenchymal stem cells was confirmed by the expression of Integrin beta 1, Collagen type 1 and Fibronectin. But CD54 was not expressed. The hematopoietic stem cell marker, Thy 1 was strongly expressed. BHDs showed Collagen type 1, Fibronectin, and vWF expression. Conclusion : Both hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cell markers were expressed strongly in BHC similarly as in bone marrow. An endothelial cell marker(vWF demonstrated the possibility of the stem cell transportation routes of BHD.

  16. Y-chromosome haplotype distribution in Han Chinese populations and modern human origin in East Asians


    We investigated the distribution of Y-chromosome haplotype using 19 Y-SNPs in Han Chinese populations from 22 provinces of China. Our data indicate distinctive patterns of Y chromosome between southern and northern Han Chinese populations. The southern populations are much more polymorphic than northern populations. The latter has only a subset of the southern haplotypes. This result confirms the genetic difference observed between southern and northern ethnic populations in East Asia. It supports the hypothesis that the first settlement of modern hu-mans of African origin occurred in the southern part of East Asia during the last Ice Age, and a northward migration led to the peopling of northern China.

  17. Parity and litter size effects on maternal behavior of Small Tail Han sheep in China.

    Lv, Shen-Jin; Yang, Yan; Li, Fu-Kuan


    The effects of parity and litter size on maternal behavior of Small Tail Han sheep was investigated at Linyi University, China. Sixty-eight ewes were observed from parturition to weaning. Continuous focal animal sampling was used to quantify the duration of maternal behaviors. Ewe feces were collected every 2 days and estradiol concentration was measured with an enzyme immunoassay kit. All lambs were weighed 24 h after parturition and again at 35 days of age. Parity increased sucking, following, grooming, low-pitched bleat, head-up and udder-refusal behavior and decreased aggressive behavior (P primiparous ewes at birth (P primiparous ewes. Parity and litter size may have effects on maternal behavior during lactation. Ewes that have 2-3 lambs may be more suitable for production of Small Tail Han sheep in China.

  18. Debating Modernity as Secular Religion: Hans Kelsen’s futile exchange with Eric Voegelin

    Thomassen, Bjørn


    This article reviews the mysterious and recently published last book by Hans Kelsen, “Secular Religion. A Polemic Against the Misinterpretation of Modern Social Philosophy, Science and Politics as ‘New Religions’”, contextualizing it with reference to the little known dialogue between Hans Kelsen...... and Eric Voegelin. The confrontation between Kelsen and Voegelin, two of the most illustrious émigré scholars who found in America their new home, is important to revisit because it touches upon several axes of debate of crucial importance to postwar intellectual history: the religion/secularity debate......, the positivist/anti-positivist debates, and the controversy that also led to the famous Voegelin/Arendt debate: how to read the horrors of totalitarianism into a historical trajectory of modernity. Although the Kelsen/Voegelin exchange ended in failure and bitterness its substance matter goes to the heart...

  19. Inverted migration of rare whisker sheatfish in Nong-Han Lake, northeastern Thailand: implications for conservation.

    Phongkaew, P; Arunyawat, U; Swatdipong, A; Hongtrakul, V


    Nong-Han Lake, Thailand, sustains the whisker sheatfish (Micronema bleekeri Günther, 1864), which is a rare species of freshwater catfish. Wild-caught whisker sheatfish has been intensively harvested to meet market demand; yet, genetic information about this species remains unknown. To assist with the in situ conservation of whisker sheatfish populations in Nong-Han Lake, 35 and 34 individuals from the middle (MN) and lower (LN) areas of the lake, respectively, were studied using 7 microsatellite loci. Low genetic variation was detected in the MN (HO=0.338, AR=2.710) and LN (HO=0.394, AR=2.714) populations. Genetic differentiation between the 2 populations was significant (FST=0.063, PChao Phraya River basins is required to assist national-scale conservation efforts.

  20. Association of Gghrelin Polymorphisms with Metabolic Syndrome in Han Nationality Chinese



    Objective To investigate the association of ghrelin gene polymorphisms with metabolic syndrome in Han Nationality Chinese. Methods A total of 240 patients with metabolic syndrome annd 427 adults aged above forty years were recruited. Genotypes were determined by polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment lengthpolymorphism analysis.Results The allelic frequency of the Leu72Met polymorphismwas 17.3% in the patient group and 11.9% in the control group(x2=7.36, P=0.007). Metabolic syndrome was more prevalent among carriers of the Met72 variant (43.8 vs 33.1%, age- and sex-adjusted odds ratio=1.57, P=0.01). No Arg51Gln variants were found in our study subjects. Conclusion Rather than being associated with its individual components, Leu72Met polymorphism is associated with metabolic syndrome in the Han Nationality Chinese. Arg51Gln polymorphism is rare in the Hart Nationality Chinese.

  1. Genetic Analysis of 15 STR Loci in Chinese Han Population from West China

    Ya-Jun Deng; Jiang-Wei Yan; Xiao-Guang Yu; Yuan-Zhe Li; Hao-Fang Mu; Yan-Qing Huang; Xiao-Tie Shi; Wei-Min Sun


    Allele frequencies for 15 short tandem repeat (STR) loci (D8S1179, D21S11, D7S820, CSF1PO, D3S1358, TH01, D13S317, D16S539, D2S1338, D19S433, vWA, TPOX, D18S51, D5S818, and FGA) were obtained from 7,636 unrelated individuals of Chinese Han population living in Qinghai and Chongqing, China. Totally 206 alleles were observed, with the corresponding allele frequencies ranging from 0.0001-0.4982. Chi-square test showed that all of the STR loci agreed with the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. We also compared our data with previously published population data of other ethnics or areas. The results are valuable for human identification and paternity testing in Chinese Han population.

  2. Angiogenin gene polymorphism: A risk factor for diabetic peripheral neuropathy in the northern Chinese Han population.

    Wang, Hongli; Fan, Dongsheng; Zhang, Yingshuang


    Angiogenin is associated with the pathogenesis of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Here, we quenced the coding region of the angiogenin gene in genomic DNA from 207 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (129 diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients and 78 diabetic non-neuropathy patients) and 268 healthy controls. All subjects were from the Han population of northern China. No mutations were found. We then compared the genotype and allele frequencies of the angiogenin synonymous single nucleotide polymorphism rs11701 between the diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients and controls, and between the diabetic neuropathy and non-neuropathy patients, using a case-control design. We detected no statistically significant genetic associations. Angiogenin may not be associated with genetic susceptibility to diabetic peripheral neuropathy in the Han population of northern China.

  3. Hans-Peter Schultze, a great paleoichthyologist for whom work is synonymous with enjoyment

    R. Cloutier


    Full Text Available In the summer of 1982, Hans-Peter Schultze and Gloria Arratia were invited to a small museum located on a fossiliferous site of the Devonian Escuminac Formation in Miguasha, Quebec, eastern Canada, Hans-Peter was to work with Marius Arsenault, the director of the Miguasha Museum, on the skull of the elpistostegalid Elpistostege watsoni, a species closely related to basal tetrapod. In addition, he went through the collections to describe and measure numerous juvenile specimens of the osteolepiform. Eusthenopteran foordi. As expected, there two projects turned out to be important contributions in lower vertebrate paleontology and systematics: one on the origin of tetrapods (1985, and the second one on growth patterns of a Late Devonian fish (1984. During his visit to Miguasha, Hans-Peter also spent time digging for fossils and drawing numerous specimens in the collection. In addition, in order to help the personnel of the museum to identify some of the Escuminac fished, he created an identification key based on the gross morphology of the scales. For a small group of undergraduate students, hired at the museum during the summer as naturalists, it was a unique opportunity to discuss paleontology with a leading researcher. We were amazed by his willingness to talk to us, even if then most of us only spoke French! For the first time, we were exposed to Hennigian methodology and its usage in vertebrate paleontology during and evening lecture that Hans-Peter prepared for us. His lecture was delightful; it was an intensive course in lower vertebrate anatomy, and an intellectual journey among the philosophers Karl Marx and Karl Popper, the entomologists Willy Hennig and Lars Brundin, and "The Band of Four" (Rosen et al., 1981. It was for most of us our first exposure to science, as it should be done. We were all impressed by his knowledge and above all by his simplicity and friendliness. Two years later I started my Ph.D. at The University of Kansas

  4. More heritability probably captured by psoriasis genome-wide association study in Han Chinese.

    Jiang, Long; Liu, Lu; Cheng, Yuyan; Lin, Yan; Shen, Changbing; Zhu, Caihong; Yang, Sen; Yin, Xianyong; Zhang, Xuejun


    Missing heritability is a common problem in genome-wide association studies in complex diseases/traits. To quantify the unbiased heritability estimate, we applied the phenotype correlation-genotype correlation regression in psoriasis genome-wide association data in Han Chinese which comprises 1139 cases and 1132 controls. We estimated that 45.7% heritability of psoriasis in Han Chinese were captured by common variants (s.e.=12.5%), which reinforced that the majority of psoriasis heritability can be covered by common variants in genome-wide association data (68.2%). The results provided evidence that the heritability covered by psoriasis genome-wide genotyping data was probably underestimated in previous restricted maximum likelihood method. Our study highlights the broad role of common variants in the etiology of psoriasis and sheds light on the possibility to identify more common variants of small effect by increasing the sample size in psoriasis genome-wide association studies.

  5. 熟悉的旋律陌生的情感-吴地民间音乐融入校园的实践研究%Familiar Melody, Unfamiliar Emotion:The Practice and Research of Integrating Wu Folk Music into Music Teaching in Junior Middle Schools



    The gentle, elegant, rich and colorful Wu folk music is both familiar and strange to contemporary junior middle school students. The inheritance of the excellent Wu culture lies in schools. The research of integrating Wu folk music into music teaching in junior middle school should start f rom seeking the teaching resources of local music. The study of the curriculum of Wu music needs to be strengthened, and the students are guided to have emotional resonance to the familiar melody in exchange and practice, so that the folk tune and songs of Wu dialect can be passed down from generation to generation, and the foundation of the Chinese nation and the essence of Wu culture can be preserved in globalization.%柔婉清雅又丰厚多姿的吴地民间音乐对于当代中学生来说既熟悉又陌生,优秀吴文化传承的根应该在学校,研究吴地民间音乐融入中学校园,要从挖掘地方音乐教学资源入手,加强吴地音乐的课程化研究,在交流与实践中引导学生在熟悉的旋律中引起亲切的情感共鸣,让吴方言的民间曲调、歌谣能代代传唱下去,在全球化过程中留下吴文化的精、气、神,留住民族的根。

  6. The first Koç Han: Pioneering modern architecture in Ankara

    Oya Atalay Franck


    Full Text Available Koç Holding is the most established conglomerate in Turkey. Th e company’s beginnings date from the mid 1920s, when Ahmet Vehbi Koç, founder of Koç Holding, had his first own company registered with the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. In 1932, Koç moved his business from his father’s store on Anafartalar Street to a new building, the first Koç Han, erected the same year on Çankırı Street Nr.13 in Ulus. Th e building’s designer was Swiss-Austrian architect Ernst Arnold Egli, who had come to Turkey only five years earlier upon invitation by the government to work as chief architect of the Ministry of National Education. During his stay, which lasted from 1927 until 1940, Egli realized about 40 projects and worked on many more. Koç Han is the rare example of a commercial building by Egli. At a time when the urban aspect of the old town center of Ankara consisted mostly of one-or two-storeyed stone-and-wood houses, the first Koç Han represented an altogether new building type for the town, in being a multipurpose edifice with space for shops at street level, with large storage facilities below ground, and providing off ices and housing on the upper fl oors. Th e functional rigor of the plan and the sober modernism of the building’s facades contrasted strongly with the architecture of the time. In this respect, the first Koç Han was a strong statement regarding Ahmet Vehbi Koç’s belief in a modern Turkey and to the contribution of the building’s architect, Ernst Arnold Egli, to this project.

  7. Sintoma e invenção no caso Pequeno Hans de Freud.

    Paulo Eduardo Viana Vidal


    Full Text Available As we will try to show in the article, initial result of a research on the symptom in Freud and Lacan, Freud's case study of Little Hans, published over one hundred years ago, teaches us how a subject whose world collapsed and who is taken by anguish, can invent, rig up with the remaining fragments a symptom that reorganizes for himself a liveable world.

  8. Play / play under the beyond the pleasure principle (1920 Hans and little (1909

    Jeferson José Moebus Retondar


    Full Text Available The purpose of the test is to point out the place of the game / joke within the context of Freudian psychoanalytic theory from the texts of Beyond the Pleasure and Little Hans principle as metaphors for thinking about the game / play and possible teacher intervention of the repercussions of physical education in kindergarten to consider the psychoanalysis of appropriation so the playful manifestation.

  9. Hans Sperber e Freud: a origem sexual da linguagem humana e a psicanálise

    Maria Antonieta Amarante de Mendonça Coh


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho, discute-se a relação entre a psicanálise, a linguageme sua origem sexual, tendo por base dois autores: Hans Sperber(1912, cuja proposta é a de que a linguagem humana falada temuma origem e um desenvolvimento vinculados ao sexual; SigmundFreud, nos textos em que trata de questões relativas à linguagemem sentido estrito.

  10. Association study confirmed susceptibility loci with keloid in the Chinese Han population.

    Fei Zhu

    Full Text Available Keloid is benign fibroproliferative dermal tumors with unknown etiology. Recently, a genome-wide association study (GWAS in Japanese population has identified 3 susceptibility loci (rs873549 at 1q41, rs940187 and rs1511412 at 3q22.3, rs8032158 at 15p21.3 for keloid. In order to examine whether these susceptibility loci are associated with keloid in the Chinese Han population, twelve previously reported SNPs were selected for replication in 714 cases and 2,944 controls by using Sequenom MassArray system. We found three SNPs in two regions showed significant association with keloid in the Chinese Han population: 1q41 (rs873549, P = 3.03×10(-33, OR = 2.05, 95% CI: 1.82-2.31 and rs1442440, P = 9.85×10(-18, OR = 0.56, 95% CI: 0.49-0.64, respectively and 15q21.3 (rs2271289 located in NEDD4, P = 1.02×10(-11, OR = 0.66, 95% CI: 0.58-0.74. We also detected one risk haplotype AG (P = 1.36×10(-31, OR = 2.02 and two protective haplotypes of GA and AA (GA, P = 1.94×10(-19, OR = 0.53, AA, P = 0.00043, OR = 0.78, respectively from the two SNPs (rs873549 and rs1442440. Our study confirmed two previously reported loci 1q41 and 15q21.3 for keloid in the Chinese Han population, which suggested the common genetic factor predisposing to the development of keloid shared by the Chinese Han and Japanese populations.

  11. 50 aastat Euroopa integratsiooni: aeg uueks alguseks / Hans-Gert Pöttering

    Pöttering, Hans-Gert, 1945-


    Ilmunud ka: Virumaa Teataja, 23. märts 2007, lk. 1; Pärnu Postimees, 24. märts 2007, lk. 19; Koit, 24. märts 2007, lk. 6; Põhjarannik, 24. märts 2007, lk. 2; Severnoje Poberezhje, 24. märts 2007, lk. 2. Euroopa Parlamendi presidendi Hans-Gert Pötteringi mõtted Euroopa Ühenduse asutamislepingu sõlmimise 50. aastapäeva puhul

  12. La Torre de Hanói y los Qn Grafos

    Mª Milagros Latasa Asso


    Full Text Available La Torre de Hanói es uno de los hallazgos matemáticos más ingeniosos de la matemática recreativa. Gracias a una leyenda con tinte oriental hoy se conoce de modo universal. Se describen en este artículo las relaciones entre las soluciones del rompecabezas y los ciclos hamiltonianos en los grafos Qn.

  13. Genetic variants associated with lean and obese type 2 diabetes in a Han Chinese population

    Kong, Xiaomu; Xing, Xiaoyan; Hong, Jing; Zhang, Xuelian; Yang, Wenying


    Abstract Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is highly phenotypically heterogeneous. Genetics of the heterogeneity of lean and obese T2D is not clear. The aim of the present study was to identify the associations of T2D-related genetic variants with the risks for lean and obese T2D among the Chinese Han population. A case–control study consisting of 5338 T2D patients and 4663 normal glycemic controls of Chinese Han recruited in the Chinese National Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Study was conducted. T2D cases were identified according to the 1999 World Health Organization criteria. Lean T2D was defined as T2D patient with a body mass index (BMI) CAMK1D, HHEX, and TCF2 were associated with the risk for lean T2D, and SNPs in or near KCNQ1 and FTO were associated with the risk for obese T2D. The results showed that the GRS for 25 T2D-related SNPs was more strongly associated with the risk for lean T2D (Ptrend = 2.66 × 10−12) than for obese T2D (Ptrend = 2.91 × 10−5) in our study population. Notably, the T2D GRS contributed to lower obesity-related measurements and greater β-cell dysfunction, including lower insulin levels in oral glucose tolerance test, decreased insulinogenic index, and Homeostasis Model Assessment for β-cell Function. In conclusion, our findings identified T2D-related genetic loci that contribute to the risk of lean and obese T2D individually and additively in a Chinese Han population. Moreover, the study highlights the contribution of known T2D genomic loci to the heterogeneity of lean and obese T2D in Chinese Hans. PMID:27281091

  14. Hans Bethe and Physics in/of the 20th Century

    Schweber, Silvan [Brandeis University


    I will present some facets of Hans Bethe’s life to illustrate how I have used biography to narrate certain aspects of the history of twentieth century physics. I will focus on post World War II quantum field theory, on the relation between solid state/condensed matter physics and high energy physics, and make some observations regarding certain “top down” views in solid state physics in postmodernity.

  15. Zur Frage der Gewalt in Hubert Fichtes Interviews mit Hans Eppendorfen

    Manfred Weinberg


    Full Text Available Este ensaio investiga a importância da violência na entrevista de Hubert Fichte com Hans Eppendorfer, o Homem de Couro - no plano conteudístico e no plano estrutural. Tenta-se demonstrar como Fichte manipula (violentamente o entrevistado. A violência que é tema da entrevista é examinada dentro do horizonte da teoria fichtiana do ritual.

  16. Hermeneutics and Dialectics: (Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger and) Hans-Georg Gadamer

    Khan, Haider


    The purpose of this paper is to explore briefly the role that a more phenomenological conception of dialectical development of consciousness plays in Hans-Georg Gadamer's work on hermeneutics. This is done with both an implicit understanding of the dialectical development of consciousness and self-consciousness in Gadamer and some explicit references to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit and his Science of Logic in connection with Gadamer's work. However, the twentieth century departures from H...

  17. The Stable of Central Authorities in Han Dynasty%汉代中央的厩



    The Stable of central authorities in Han dynasty was set up inside and outside Changan city. The amount of the stables of central authorities in the latter Han was lower than those in the Former Han.The stable of central authorities was administered by the system of emperor finance. The horses of the stable were chosen from the traditional herse breeding area.Confiscation and requisition from the local government were al⁃so the main sources. The horses were provided for emperor and his families to ride, sacrifices, complement to the regional post house, and as army horse. The officers of the stable were including of ling(令), cheng(丞),and jian(监). They were close to emperor in spite of their humble status. The change of stable in Han dynasty reflect⁃ed the development of the administrative system.%汉代中央的厩设置于长安城内外。东汉中央厩的数目较之西汉有所减省。中央厩由帝室财政系统掌管,其马匹主要从传统养马区选择,罚没、从地方征调也是中央厩马的重要来源。厩马主要供皇帝及帝室成员骑乘,祭祀、补充地方传置,以及作为军马等。中央厩所设置的职官主要有令、丞、监等,其秩级虽低,但和皇帝关系密切。厩在两汉时期的变化从一个侧面反映了汉代行政体系逐渐发育成熟。

  18. Polymorphism analysis of 15 STR loci in a large sample of Guangdong (Southern China) Han population.

    Chen, Ling; Lu, Huijie; Qiu, Pingming; Yang, Xingyi; Liu, Chao


    AmpFℓSTR Sinofiler PCR Amplification Kit is specially developed for Chinese forensic laboratories, but there are little population-genetic data about this kit for Southern China. This kit contains 15 STR loci: D8S1179, D21S11, D7S820, CSF1PO, D3S1358, D13S317, D16S539, D2S1338, D19S433, vWA, D18S51, D6S1043, D12S391, D5S818 and FGA. We have conducted genotyping experiments on the 15 STR loci in 5234 unrelated individuals from Guangdong (Southern China). We observed a total of 243 alleles in the group with the allelic frequency values ranging from less than 0.0001 to 0.3686. Our statistic analysis indicates that the 15 STR loci conform to the Hardy-Weinberg's equilibrium (p>0.05). The highest polymorphism was found at D6S1043 locus and the lowest was found at D3S1358. The combined power of discrimination reached 0.99999999999999999977431 and the combined probability of paternity exclusion reached 0.999999721 for 15 STR loci. Guangdong Han population had significant differences compared with Shaanxi, Shandong and Henan province of Northern China. A Neighbor-joining tree indicates that the Guangdong Han has a close genetic relationship with the Yunnan population. Significant differences were found between Guangdong Han population and other reported populations (Japanese, Philippine, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic and Western Romanian) at 2-11 STR loci. The results may provide useful information for forensic sciences and population genetics studies. The present findings indicate that all the 15 STR loci are highly genetically polymorphic in the Han population of Guangdong.

  19. CPPCC Vice Chairman and CPAPD President Mr.Han Qide Visits Mexico and Argentina via France


    <正>At the invitation of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations(COMEXI)and the World Peace Council(WPC),Mr.Han Qide,Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC)and President of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament(CPAPD)attended the WPC international conference,visited Mexico and Argentina,and transited through

  20. A comprehensive analysis of NDST3 for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in Han Chinese.

    Zhang, C; Lu, W; Wang, Z; Ni, J; Zhang, J; Tang, W; Fang, Y


    A novel susceptibility locus (rs11098403) for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (BD) was identified in an Ashkenazi Jewish population by a recent large-scale genome-wide association study. The rs11098403 is located in the vicinity of the gene encoding N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferase (heparan glucosaminyl) 3, (NDST3). This study aimed to replicate the results in a Han Chinese population and then potentially extend these findings. We performed a two-stage study to investigate the association of NDST3 with the schizophrenia and BD risk in the Han Chinese. In stage 1, a total of 632 patients with schizophrenia, 654 patients with BD and 684 healthy controls were recruited from the Shanghai region. In stage 2, 522 schizophrenia patients and 547 normal subjects were enrolled from the Hangzhou region. Then, we conducted a meta-analysis based on the present literature. In stage 1, the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs11098403 showed a significant association with schizophrenia (corrected P=0.005). The frequency of the rs11098403 G allele was significantly lower among schizophrenia patients than among the controls (odds ratio (OR)=0.68, 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.55-0.84, corrected P=0.002). No significant difference was observed in individual SNP marker genotypes or allele distributions between the BD and control groups. In stage 2, the association of rs11098403 with schizophrenia could be validated (genotypic P=0.001 and allelic P=0.0003). After pooling all data from 1861 patients with schizophrenia and 2081 controls, we observed a significant association of the rs11098403 G allele with schizophrenia (Z=5.56, Pschizophrenia in the Han Chinese. Further investigations are warranted to identify the precise mechanism regulating brain NDST3 expression in the Han Chinese. These results would help to explain the pathophysiological mechanism of schizophrenia.