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  1. Vasily Grossman and Hrachy Kochar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yury Bit-Yunan


    Full Text Available There is a great deal that we do not yet know about Vasily Grossman’s life. The widely held belief that Grossman lived out his last years in poverty and isolation is probably mistaken.

  2. New economic geography in Germany: testing the Helpman-Hanson model

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brakman, S.; Schramm, M.; Garretsen, Harry


    In this paper we find evidence that the new economic geography approach is able to describeand explain the spatial characteristics of an economy, in our case the German economy. UsingGerman district data we estimate the structural parameters of a new economic geographymodel as developed by Helpman

  3. Guerra e Paz, por David Grossman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Sérgio Krausz


    Full Text Available Na Bíblia Hebraica, a guerra é um assunto diretamente vinculado à esfera do sagrado. A proteção de Deus ao povo de Israel em suas batalhas é, assim, um dos fundamentos da teologia bíblica. No romance, A mulher foge, de David Grossman, como em Homero, a realidade da guerra contrapõe-­se à realidade das pessoas comuns e, assim, separa, em um vasto abismo, as experiências deste e daquele lado. Ao contrário do que acontece na Bíblia, e também na Ilíada, não há, nas guerras do romance, qualquer tipo de crença divina, seja ela de molde pagão, seja ela de caráter retributivo, conforme a teologia bíblica.

  4. Comparative dynamic analysis of the full Grossman model. (United States)

    Ried, W


    The paper applies the method of comparative dynamic analysis to the full Grossman model. For a particular class of solutions, it derives the equations implicitly defining the complete trajectories of the endogenous variables. Relying on the concept of Frisch decision functions, the impact of any parametric change on an endogenous variable can be decomposed into a direct and an indirect effect. The focus of the paper is on marginal changes in the rate of health capital depreciation. It also analyses the impact of either initial financial wealth or the initial stock of health capital. While the direction of most effects remains ambiguous in the full model, the assumption of a zero consumption benefit of health is sufficient to obtain a definite for any direct or indirect effect.

  5. The Business Improvement District Movement: Contributions to Public Administration and Management by Seth A. Grossman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen Kleinschmit


    Full Text Available Grossman, S. (2016. The Business Improvement District Movement: Contributions to Public Administration and Management. New York, NY: Routledge. $49.95 (paperback, ISBN: 978-1-1386-6889-8.

  6. Testing the Grossman model of medical spending determinants with macroeconomic panel data. (United States)

    Hartwig, Jochen; Sturm, Jan-Egbert


    Michael Grossman's human capital model of the demand for health has been argued to be one of the major achievements in theoretical health economics. Attempts to test this model empirically have been sparse, however, and with mixed results. These attempts so far relied on using-mostly cross-sectional-micro data from household surveys. For the first time in the literature, we bring in macroeconomic panel data for 29 OECD countries over the period 1970-2010 to test the model. To check the robustness of the results for the determinants of medical spending identified by the model, we include additional covariates in an extreme bounds analysis (EBA) framework. The preferred model specifications (including the robust covariates) do not lend much empirical support to the Grossman model. This is in line with the mixed results of earlier studies.

  7. Influence of different kinds of rosins and hydrogenated resins on the setting time of Grossman cements Influência de diferentes tipos de breus e resinas hidrogenadas sobre o tempo de endurecimento dos cimentos do tipo Grossman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manoel Damião SOUSA NETO


    Full Text Available In this study, the effect on the setting time by the addition of different kinds of rosin and hydrogenated resin on the Grossman cement powder was evaluated. The experiments were carried out following the American Dental Association’s specification number 57 for root canal sealers. For this analysis, different Grossman cement powders were prepared using different rosins (X, WW and WG and hydrogenated resins (Staybelite and Staybelite ester 10. The study of the physicochemical properties of the Grossman cements obtained the different kinds of rosins and hydrogenated resins interference on the cement’s setting time. The hydrogenated resin, having a higher pH, increased the setting time of the cement when compared to the X, WW and WG rosins.No presente estudo, analisou-se o efeito da adição de diferentes tipos de breus e resinas hidrogenadas ao pó do cimento de GROSSMAN sobre o tempo de endurecimento. Os experimentos foram realizados de acordo com a Especificação 57 para materiais obturadores de canais radiculares da American Dental Association (ADA. Para análise, foram aviados pós do cimento de GROSSMAN com diferentes tipos de breu (X, WW e WG e resinas hidrogenadas (Stabylite e Stabylite éster 10. Os estudos das propriedades físico-químicas dos cimentos tipo GROSSMAN obtidos de diferentes tipos de breus e resinas hidrogenadas interferem no tempo de endurecimento do cimento. A resina hidrogenada, obtida do processo de hidrogenação tem o pH mais alto, provocando um aumento do tempo de endurecimento do cimento em relação aos breus tipo X, WW e WG, que têm pH mais ácido.

  8. "In the same way a poem contains the alphabet": the significance of translation in William I. Grossman's Freud. (United States)

    Reed, Gail S


    William I. Grossman's contributions to psychoanalysis have been insufficiently appreciated, perhaps because his writing is concentrated and his meaning consequently difficult to unpack. One of his most important contributions is a remarkable description of the systematic way Freud imagined, thought, and theorized, beginning long before he created psychoanalysis. This way of thinking exemplifies Freud's theories even as it organizes his thinking. It is flexible, expandable, hierarchical, and recursive. Grossman's reading provides a window into Freud's texts that yields exciting new insights, including the idea that a transformative version of translation, a perception of the way Freud thinks creatively, may help psychoanalysts of different cultures and systems of thought communicate across boundaries. André Green's concept of the pathological negative is used as an example of how Grossman's Freud can facilitate a crossing of cultural and theoretical boundaries.

  9. Pathways into Teaching: Q&A with Dr. Pam Grossman. REL Mid-Atlantic Teacher Effectiveness Webinar Series (United States)

    Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic, 2013


    This webinar explored several elements of teacher preparation pathways, including the history, popularity, and quality of various routes to certification, as well as the impact of these various pathways on teacher quality and retention and student achievement. This Q&A addressed the questions participants had for Dr. Grossman following the…

  10. MCMI-III Grossman personality facets among partner-violent men in prison

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ismael Loinaz


    Full Text Available La personalidad es uno de los aspectos más importantes y complejos en la evaluación del comportamiento violento. Investigaciones recientes sobre violencia contra la pareja destacan la necesidad de describir tipologías de agresores con el objetivo de poder adaptar las intervenciones psicológicas. El Inventario Clínico Multiaxial de Millon (MCMI-III es un instrumento de elección en el contexto clínico-forense y las facetas de Grossman son la última aportación internacional a esta herramienta. Estas permiten un diagnóstico más molecular y pueden proporcionar una mayor capacidad predictiva de la violencia. El presente estudio examina las facetas de Grossman del MCMI-III en 175 agresores de pareja en prisión. Los resultados sugieren la existencia de tres perfiles de personalidad, que difieren en la gravedad de su sintomatología, de menor (grupo 1; 27% a mayor patología (Grupo 3; 30%. El grupo 3 muestra alteraciones relacionadas con facetas paranoides, sádicas, antisociales, negativistas y límites, todas ellas relacionadas con el comportamiento violento. Este grupo muestra significativamente más violencia psicológica y coerción sexual menor (autoinformada en la Conflict Tactis Scales, CTS-2 pero no se dan diferencias respecto a la violencia física. Se discute la utilidad de las facetas de la personalidad para la intervención en la violencia de pareja.

  11. Personal reminiscences about Morton Grossman and the founding of the Center for Ulcer Research and Education (CURE). (United States)

    Guth, Paul H; Kaunitz, Jonathan D


    The Center for Ulcer Research and Education (CURE) from its onset was primarily the work of one man: Professor Morton Grossman, or "Mort" as he was known and called by all. Mort's legacy includes a large body of scientific publications, the first National Institutes of Health Digestive Diseases Center (CURE), and, most importantly, a group of scientists who have become academic leaders and who have made important contributions in the fields of upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract secretion, hormones and receptors, mucosal defense mechanisms, the design and conduct of randomized clinical trials, and ulcer epidemiology. Indeed, Mort is considered to be a founding father of modern academic GI research. I was fortunate to have known and worked with Mort and would like to memorialize his contributions so that his memory can inspire the next generation of academicians.

  12. "Treating adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse and neglect: A new framework": Correction to Grossman et al. (2017). (United States)


    Reports an error in "Treating adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse and neglect: A new framework" by Frances K. Grossman, Joseph Spinazzola, Marla Zucker and Elizabeth Hopper ( American Journal of Orthopsychiatry , 2017, Vol 87[1], 86-93). In the article, in the second sentence of the third paragraph of the "The Empirical Base for CBP" section, "construction of a life narrative" should have read "construction of a trauma narrative." The full corrected sentence follows: "Therefore, the trauma treatment component traditionally focused upon construction of a trauma narrative must be expanded to address the effects of trauma on our clients' entire life narratives, including their development of a sense of self and social identity." (The following abstract of the original article appeared in record 2017-01147-002.) This article provides the outline of a new framework for treating adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse and neglect. Component-based psychotherapy (CBP) is an evidence-informed model that bridges, synthesizes, and expands upon several existing schools, or theories, of treatment for adult survivors of traumatic stress. These include approaches to therapy that stem from more classic traditions in psychology, such as psychoanalysis, to more modern approaches including those informed by feminist thought. Moreover, CBP places particular emphasis on integration of key concepts from evidence-based treatment models developed in the past few decades predicated upon thinking and research on the effects of traumatic stress and processes of recovery for survivors. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  13. On Medical Progress and Health Care Demand: A Ces Perspective Using the Grossman Model of Health Status. (United States)

    Batinti, Alberto


    I propose an application of the pure-consumption version of the Grossman model of health care demand, where utility depends on consumption and health status and health status on medical care and health technology. I derive the conditions under which an improvement in health care technology leads to an increase/decrease in health care consumption. In particular, I show how the direction of the effect depends on the relationship between the constant elasticity of substitution parameters of the utility and health production functions. I find that, under the constancy assumption, the ratio of the two elasticity of substitution parameters determines the direction of a technological change on health care demand. On the other hand, the technology share parameter in the health production function contributes to the size but not to the direction of the technological effect. I finally explore how the ratio of the elasticity of substitution parameters work in measurement and practice and discuss how future research may use the theoretical insight provided here. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  14. Effects of endogenous factors on regional land-use carbon emissions based on the Grossman decomposition model: a case study of Zhejiang Province, China. (United States)

    Wu, Cifang; Li, Guan; Yue, Wenze; Lu, Rucheng; Lu, Zhangwei; You, Heyuan


    The impact of land-use change on greenhouse gas emissions has become a core issue in current studies on global change and carbon cycle. However, a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of land-use changes on carbon emissions is very necessary. This paper attempted to apply the Grossman decomposition model to estimate the scale, structural, and management effects of land-use carbon emissions based on final energy consumption by establishing the relationship between the types of land use and carbon emissions in energy consumption. It was shown that land-use carbon emissions increase from 169.5624 million tons in 2000 to 637.0984 million tons in 2010, with an annual average growth rate of 14.15%. Meanwhile, land-use carbon intensity increased from 17.59 t/ha in 2000 to 64.42 t/ha in 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 13.86%. The results indicated that rapid industrialization and urbanization in Zhejiang Province promptly increased urban land and industrial land, which consequently affected land-use extensive emissions. The structural and management effects did not mitigate land-use carbon emissions. By contrast, both factors evidently affected the growth of carbon emissions because of the rigid demands of energy-intensive land-use types and the absence of land management. Results called for the policy implications of optimizing land-use structures and strengthening land-use management.

  15. Effects of Endogenous Factors on Regional Land-Use Carbon Emissions Based on the Grossman Decomposition Model: A Case Study of Zhejiang Province, China (United States)

    Wu, Cifang; Li, Guan; Yue, Wenze; Lu, Rucheng; Lu, Zhangwei; You, Heyuan


    The impact of land-use change on greenhouse gas emissions has become a core issue in current studies on global change and carbon cycle. However, a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of land-use changes on carbon emissions is very necessary. This paper attempted to apply the Grossman decomposition model to estimate the scale, structural, and management effects of land-use carbon emissions based on final energy consumption by establishing the relationship between the types of land use and carbon emissions in energy consumption. It was shown that land-use carbon emissions increase from 169.5624 million tons in 2000 to 637.0984 million tons in 2010, with an annual average growth rate of 14.15 %. Meanwhile, land-use carbon intensity increased from 17.59 t/ha in 2000 to 64.42 t/ha in 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 13.86 %. The results indicated that rapid industrialization and urbanization in Zhejiang Province promptly increased urban land and industrial land, which consequently affected land-use extensive emissions. The structural and management effects did not mitigate land-use carbon emissions. By contrast, both factors evidently affected the growth of carbon emissions because of the rigid demands of energy-intensive land-use types and the absence of land management. Results called for the policy implications of optimizing land-use structures and strengthening land-use management.

  16. Imagining Exodus for Israel-Palestine: Reading the Secular and the Sacred, Diaspora and Homeland, in Edward Said and David Grossman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Hartnell


    Full Text Available This paper takes as its starting point Edward Said's distinction between 'religious' and 'secular' modes of cultural affiliation. As these simultaneously diverging and converging modes also trammel the particular grounds of thinking that have been Said's natural target of criticism - Zionism - his work speaks particularly powerfully to the debate surrounding the religious genealogy of Jewish identity. This paper argues that Said's interventions on Zionism highlight as problematic the position whereby the 'Ingathering of the Exiles' is promoted as coexisting with a 'diasporic consciousness' nurtured by Judaism during exile; messianic hopes of religious Jews cannot be reconciled with physical return to the Promised Land; identity circumscribed by ethnicity and place cannot stand in as exemplary for the exiled, unsettled and ultimately homeless identity trumpeted by discourses of the 'post', as many contemporary theorists would have it. And yet through an exploration of the writings of David Grossman, whose construction of Jewish identity is envisaged through the regulating, competing and collaborating tropes of Zionism and Diaspora, I argue that this position is crucial for the elaboration of Israeli identity. I also argue that in fact there is room within Said's thinking both for the anti-essentialist elaboration of 'homeless' identities as well as 'the permission to narrate' an identity politics, and that his own distinction between the 'secular' and the 'religious' begins to disassemble. I explore this blurring of the sacred and the secular through the prism of Exodus - as both concept and narrative. This paper suggests that it is precisely Said's achievement to embody these tensions between religion and its other, divine providence and human agency, historical materialism and postmodernism, alienation and its perennially tempting opposite: home.

  17. Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of each component in Grossman’s sealer Avaliação da atividade antimicrobiana de cada um dos componentes do cimento de Grossman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Novak Savioli


    Full Text Available The antimicrobial activity of Grossman’s sealer and its components was evaluated on 13 different strains using the double layer well-diffusion method. Results revealed that Grossman’s sealer presented antimicrobial activity against all the tested strains. Among the components of the cement, sodium tetraborate presented the greatest antimicrobial activity, both in type and diameter of the halo and ring of inhibition. Sealer powder, rosin, and eugenol presented similar activity, with no effect on P. aeruginosa and C. albicans. Among these, only eugenol had an effect on E. coli. Zinc oxide was only active against S. sobrinus and E. coli. Barium sulfate and bismuth subcarbonate did not show any antimicrobial effect.Os autores estudaram a atividade antimicrobiana do cimento de Grossman e de seus componentes sobre 13 diferentes cepas pelo método de difusão de poço em camada dupla. Os resultados revelaram que o cimento de Grossman apresentou atividade antimicrobiana contra todas as cepas utilizadas. Dos componentes do cimento, o tetraborato de sódio foi o que apresentou maior atividade antimicrobiana, tanto por tipo como por tamanho do halo e aro de inibição. O pó do cimento, o breu e o eugenol apresentaram atividades semelhantes, sendo que eles não tiveram ação sobre P. aeruginosa e C. albicans e, dos três componentes, somente o eugenol teve ação sobre E coli. O óxido de zinco somente teve ação sobre S. sobrinus e E. coli. O sulfato de bário e o subcarbonato de bismuto não tiveram nenhuma ação antimicrobiana.

  18. Protection for Sale Under Monopolistic Competition: An Empirical Investigation


    Pao-Li Chang; Myoung-jae Lee


    This paper proposes a general empirical framework to estimate the protection-for-sale model, where the protection regime shifts according to a sector's market structure (perfectly or monop-olistically competitive). We base the protection structure on Grossman and Helpman (1994) for the subset of perfectly competitive sectors and on Chang (2005) for the subset of monop- olistically competitive sectors. The two protection regimes are simultaneously estimated with joint constraints. The results ...

  19. Ne mozheshs ubit? Nautshim / David Grossman

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Grossman, David


    USA Arkanase osariigi ülikoolis on maailma ainuke ametlik spetsiaalne kateeder killoloogia, tapmise teaduse uurimiseks ja õpetamiseks. Vestlus selle õppeasutuse professoriga. Allikas: Rossiiskaja Gazeta

  20. L’orrore della colpa nell’ultimo Grossman


    Maurizia Calusio


    The recognition of the sins of the survivors of totalitarian regimes has great importance for the victims in Vasily Grossman’s last works. This paper analyzes how this issue turns out to be central in the artistic delineation of some of the most remarkable characters in Grossman’s works, from the half-mad Ikonnikov in Life and Fate to the cook Anna Sergeevna Michalëva, who, in Everything Flows, tells the story of the Holodomor.

  1. L’orrore della colpa nell’ultimo Grossman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurizia Calusio


    Full Text Available The recognition of the sins of the survivors of totalitarian regimes has great importance for the victims in Vasily Grossman’s last works. This paper analyzes how this issue turns out to be central in the artistic delineation of some of the most remarkable characters in Grossman’s works, from the half-mad Ikonnikov in Life and Fate to the cook Anna Sergeevna Michalëva, who, in Everything Flows, tells the story of the Holodomor.

  2. O impacto do tempo de pendência das patentes na trajetória de crescimento: uma análise com base no modelo schumpeteriano de crescimento endógeno com avanço de qualidade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fábio Rodrigues de Moura


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho é analisar o impacto do tempo de pendência das patentes sobre a trajetória de crescimento equilibrado da economia. Trabalhamos com a hipótese de que o tempo de pendência representa um período de incerteza para os agentes inovativos, o que afeta os esforços de P&D. Para operacionalizar nossas hipóteses utilizamos o modelo schumpeteriano de crescimento endógeno com avanço de qualidade, baseado em Grossman e Helpman (1991a,b e Aghion e Howitt (1992. Nossos resultados mostram que o tempo de pendência tem um impacto negativo sobre o crescimento e o bem-estar da economia, de forma que períodos mais longos de espera pela decisão da patente geram uma maior perda em termos de crescimento. Isto sugere a necessidade de políticas que visem a reduzir, de forma eficiente, o tempo de exame das patentes.

  3. A nonlinear optimal control approach to stabilization of a macroeconomic development model (United States)

    Rigatos, G.; Siano, P.; Ghosh, T.; Sarno, D.


    A nonlinear optimal (H-infinity) control approach is proposed for the problem of stabilization of the dynamics of a macroeconomic development model that is known as the Grossman-Helpman model of endogenous product cycles. The dynamics of the macroeconomic development model is divided in two parts. The first one describes economic activities in a developed country and the second part describes variation of economic activities in a country under development which tries to modify its production so as to serve the needs of the developed country. The article shows that through control of the macroeconomic model of the developed country, one can finally control the dynamics of the economy in the country under development. The control method through which this is achieved is the nonlinear H-infinity control. The macroeconomic model for the country under development undergoes approximate linearization round a temporary operating point. This is defined at each time instant by the present value of the system's state vector and the last value of the control input vector that was exerted on it. The linearization is based on Taylor series expansion and the computation of the associated Jacobian matrices. For the linearized model an H-infinity feedback controller is computed. The controller's gain is calculated by solving an algebraic Riccati equation at each iteration of the control method. The asymptotic stability of the control approach is proven through Lyapunov analysis. This assures that the state variables of the macroeconomic model of the country under development will finally converge to the designated reference values.

  4. Teaching Talented Teenagers at the Interlochen Arts Academy: An Interview with Three Master Teachers: Crispin Campbell, Hal Grossman, and T. J. Lymenstull. (United States)

    Haroutounian, Joanne


    This interview with three performing master teachers at the Interlochen Arts Academy features personal teaching approaches that develop the problem solving skills that are essential for advanced musical study. A positive master teacher-student dynamic is revealed that nurtures technical facility, as well as interpretive decision-making. The role…

  5. Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations (United States)


    23, 2013. 6 Background information on Saudi cabinet members is available at Biographies - of-Ministers.aspx. Saudi...territories it occupied in 1967, (2) agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem , and provide for the (3) “[a...compromise on Palestinian sovereignty in Jerusalem .” Elhanan Miller, “Arab ministers back Abbas in rejecting ‘Jewish’ Israel,” Times of Israel, January

  6. Global Sourcing: Evidence from Spanish Firm-level Data

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kohler, Wilhelm; Smolka, Marcel


    We investigate the link between productivity of firms and their sourcing behavior. Following Antràs and Helpman (2004) we distinguish between domestic and foreign sourcing, as well as between outsourcing and vertical integration. A firm's choice is driven by a hold-up problem caused by lack of en...... of enforceable contracts. We use Spanish firm-level data to examine the productivity premia associated with the different sourcing strategies....

  7. Collective Decision Mechanisms and Efficient Stock Market Allocations: Existence of a Participation Equilibrium.


    Forsythe, Robert; Suchanek, Gerry L


    The recent literature on economies with an incomplete set of markets has been devoted to the study of the efficiency properties of collective stockholder decision mechanisms for guiding the behavior of firms when the restrictive Ekern-Wilson spanning condition is not satisfied. The results have been essentially negative; a majority voting rule and controlling interest rules will not yield efficient equilibrium allocations in general. However, in a recent paper, Helpman and Razin (1978) sugges...

  8. Multiple Equilibria in Noisy Rational Expectations Economies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Palvolgyi, Domotor; Venter, Gyuri

    This paper studies equilibrium uniqueness in standard noisy rational expectations economies with asymmetric or differential information a la Grossman and Stiglitz (1980) and Hellwig (1980). We show that the standard linear equilibrium of Grossman and Stiglitz (1980) is the unique equilibrium...

  9. Innovation and productivity growth in Spain during the second half of the twentieth century; Innovacion y crecimiento de la productividad en Espana durante la segunda mitadl del siglo XX

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cubel, A.; Esteve, V.; Sanchis, J. A.; Sanchis, M. T.


    In this study we analyse the effect of both foreign and domestic technological innovation on Total Factor Productivity (TFP) for Spain in the second half of the XXth century. For this purpose we estimate an extended version of Coe and Helpman (1995) model, in which the foreign and domestic stock of knowledge is measured using the expenditure on R and D. Our results suggest that the entrance of foreign technology had a positive and significant effect on the Spanish TFP. We also find that the domestic knowledge had a positive and significant effect, although this effect is always smaller than the effect associated to foreign knowledge. (Author)


    Rachamim, Lilach


    This article highlights the feasibility of a dyadic prolonged exposure (DPE) intervention (L. Rachamim, I. Mirochnik, L. Helpman, N. Nacasch, & E. Yadin, ) in a 3-year-old preschooler and in a 6-year-old kindergartener immediately following the traumatic death of their younger sibling. It presents a detailed case description of the DPE treatment addressing traumatic grief and includes transcribed treatment dialogue. At the time of treatment termination, both children and caregivers resumed normal functioning. The results suggest that DPE intervention may ameliorate posttraumatic grief symptoms in young children. Controlled studies of preventive interventions for this population are clearly warranted. © 2017 Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health.

  11. Los modelos de equilibrio general estocástico y el tipo de cambio


    Jiménez Martín, Juan Ángel


    Una parte muy importante de la investigación en economía financiera inernacional se ha dedicado a explicar el comportamiento del tipo de cambio. A partir de los años 80, Lucas (1978,1982), Helpman y Razin (1979,1982) y Stockman (1980,1983,1987) implementan los modelos de equilibrio dinámicos como herramienta para analizar teóricamente algunos de los problemas más relevantes que se estaban produciendo en los mercados de divisas, sobre todo, los relacionados con los posibles efectos de la polít...

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    Items 201 - 250 of 943 ... D Hu, D Grossman, C Levin, K Blanchard, R Adanu, SJ Goldie ... Esperanza Mariano, Francisco Mbofana, Terence Hull, Adriane Martin Hilber ... John K. Ganle, Bernard Obeng, Joseph Y. Yeboah, Eva Tagoe-Darko, ...

  13. Chasing molecules: poisonous products, human health, and the promise of green chemistry

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Grossman, Elizabeth


    ... them. Traveling the world to see this cutting-edge science at work, Grossman gives us a first look at the next "big idea" in industrial technology, along with the passion, excitement, and hope on the front...

  14. Chasing molecules: poisonous products, human health, and the promise of green chemistry

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Grossman, Elizabeth


    In Chasing Molecules, investigative journalist Elizabeth Grossman opens the door on a new world of chemistry-green chemistry - and the scientists who are unearthing the field's potential to transform...

  15. Integrating Psychopathology and Personality Disorders Conceptualized by the MMPI-2-RF and the MCMI-III: A Structural Validity Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heijden, P.T. van der; Egger, J.I.M.; Rossi, G.M.P.; Derksen, J.J.L.


    The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form (Ben-Porath & Tellegen, 2008) Restructured Clinical scales and Higher Order scales were linked to the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III ( Millon, Millon, Davis, & Grossman, 2009) personality disorder scales and clinical

  16. Determination of the Köthe-Toeplitz Duals over the Non-Newtonian Complex Field

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Uğur Kadak


    Full Text Available The important point to note is that the non-Newtonian calculus is a self-contained system independent of any other system of calculus. Therefore the reader may be surprised to learn that there is a uniform relationship between the corresponding operators of this calculus and the classical calculus. Several basic concepts based on non-Newtonian calculus are presented by Grossman (1983, Grossman and Katz (1978, and Grossman (1979. Following Grossman and Katz, in the present paper, we introduce the sets of bounded, convergent, null series and p-bounded variation of sequences over the complex field C* and prove that these are complete. We propose a quite concrete approach based on the notion of Köthe-Toeplitz duals with respect to the non-Newtonian calculus. Finally, we derive some inclusion relationships between Köthe space and solidness.

  17. Corporate Finance, Incomplete Contracts, and Corporate Control


    Patrick Bolton


    This essay in celebration of Grossman and Hart (GH) (Grossman, S., and H. Oliver. 1986. "The Costs and Benefits of Ownership: A Theory of Vertical and Lateral Integration," 94 Journal of Political Economy 691–719.) discusses how the introduction of incomplete contracts has fundamentally changed economists’ perspectives on corporate finance and control. Before GH, the dominant theory in corporate finance was the tradeoff theory pitting the tax advantages of debt (relative to equity) against ba...

  18. The temporal structure of the autistic voice: A cross-linguistic investigation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fusaroli, Riccardo; Grossman, Ruth; Cantio, Cathriona

    , even across linguistic and cultural boundaries. [1] R.B. Grossman, L. Edelson, H. Tager-Flusberg, Production of emotional facial and vocal expressions during story retelling by children and adolescents with high-functioning autism, Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, 56 (2013) 1035...... and communication and socialization ratings in high functioning speakers with autism spectrum disorders, Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 35 (2005) 861–869. [5] R.B. Grossman, H. Tager-Flusberg, Quality matters! Differences between expressive and receptive non-verbal communication skills in children...

  19. The Shock and Vibration Digest. Volume 13, Number 5 (United States)


    Efficiency Method J.R. Willis R.K. Jeyapalan and P.E. Doak School of Mathematics, Bath Univ., Claverton Down, Inst. Sound Vib. Res., Univ. of Southampton S09...Grossman, D.T ............ 947 Jepson, D ............... 873 Lew, H.S ............... 1158 Guex, L ................ 974 Jeyapalan , R.K.......... 1047 Lewis

  20. Poets Teaching Poets: Self and the World. (United States)

    Orr, Gregory, Ed.; Voigt, Ellen Bryant, Ed.

    This anthology collects essays by current and former lecturers at the Warren Wilson College (North Carolina) MFA Program for Writers. Some of the poets whose essays are included are: Joan Aleshire, Marianne Boruch, Carl Dennis, Stephen Dobyns, Reginald Gibbons, Louise Gluck, Allen Grossman, Robert Hass, Tony Hoagland, Heather McHugh, Gregory Orr,…

  1. South African Journal of Bioethics and Law - Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Things may not be as Expected: Surprising Findings when Updating Workload at the Wits Human Research Ethics Committee (Medical) · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. P Cleaton-Jones, ES Grossman, 14-21. ...

  2. FDA Developments: Food Code 2013 and Proposed Trans Fat Determination

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Grossman, M.R.


    268 Reports EFFL 4|2014 USA FDA Developments: Food Code 2013 and Proposed Trans Fat Determination Margaret Rosso Grossman* I. Food Code 2013 and Food Code Reference System Since 1993, the US Food and Drug Administration has published a Food Code, now updated every four years. In November 2013, the

  3. The Role of Gender in Youth Mentoring Relationship Formation and Duration (United States)

    Rhodes, Jean; Lowe, Sarah R.; Litchfield, Leon; Walsh-Samp, Kathy


    The role of gender in shaping the course and quality of adult-youth mentoring relationships was examined. The study drew on data from a large, random assignment evaluation of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBSA) programs [Grossman, J. B., & Tierney, J. P. (1998). Does mentoring work? An impact study of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.…

  4. Astro-particle-physics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Salam, A.


    Opening remarks at the Fourth Marcel Grossman Meeting, 17-21 June 1985, in Rome, Italy, are reported. The meeting was concerned with the symbiosis of cosmology and particle physics. Numerous connections between work in particle physics and cosmology, in both experimental and theoretical areas, are pointed out

  5. Attributing a monetary value to patients’ time : A contingent valuation approach

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van den Berg, Bernard; Gafni, Amiram; Portrait, France


    It is hard to ignore the importance of patient time investment in the production of health since the influential paper by Grossman (1972). Patients’ time includes time to admission, travel time, waiting time, and treatment time and can be substantial. Patients’ time is, however, often ignored in

  6. Attributing a monetary value to patients' time : A contingent valuation approach

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van den Berg, Bernard; Gafni, Amiram; Portrait, France

    It is hard to ignore the importance of patient time investment in the production of health since the influential paper by Grossman (1972). Patients' time includes time to admission, travel time, waiting time, and treatment time and can be substantial. Patients' time is, however, often ignored in

  7. Mass Shootings in the United States: Common Characteristics and Predictive Behaviors (United States)


    his book On Combat, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman proposed that violent media desensitizes young people and allows them to commit violent acts...approximately 10 minutes into the publicly advertised rally (Gillum 2011). No security guards were present. Loughner, age 22, killed 6 and wounded 12 people

  8. Militarized Maneuver Terrorism (United States)


    striking the heart of the Indian tourism market and creating a siege in the Taj Mahal, it was certain to create a theater of terror. A drama played out... sport facilities, malls, movie theaters, and more. Grossman argues that American society has put forth enormous effort preparing and preventing harm to

  9. Netbooks: Small but Powerful Friends (United States)

    Descy, Don E.


    Netbooks, sometimes called "mini-notebooks," are lightweight, small, and low-priced computers. Some writers ridicule them by calling them "one of the hottest tech toys of the year" (Saltzman, 2008). Others enthusiastically embrace them as "my perfect new travel companion" (Grossman, 2009). Netbooks are not toys. They are honest-to-goodness real…

  10. The Concept of Slope: Comparing Teachers' Concept Images and Instructional Content (United States)

    Nagle, Courtney; Moore-Russo, Deborah


    In the field of mathematics education, understanding teachers' content knowledge (Grossman, 1995; Hill, Sleep, Lewis, & Ball, 2007; Munby, Russell, & Martin, 2001) and studying the relationship between content knowledge and instructional decisions (Fennema & Franke, 1992; Raymond, 1997) are both crucial. Teachers need a robust…

  11. Studies of Implicit Prototype Extraction in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer's Disease (United States)

    Nosofsky, Robert M.; Denton, Stephen E.; Zaki, Safa R.; Murphy-Knudsen, Anne F.; Unverzagt, Frederick W.


    Studies of incidental category learning support the hypothesis of an implicit prototype-extraction system that is distinct from explicit memory (Smith, 2008). In those studies, patients with explicit-memory impairments due to damage to the medial-temporal lobe performed normally in implicit categorization tasks (Bozoki, Grossman, & Smith, 2006;…

  12. The National Nanotechnology Initiative. Research and Development Leading to a Revolution in Technology and Industry. Supplement to the President’s FY 2007 Budget (United States)


    Risbrudt Theodore Wegner Intelligence Technology Innovation Center (ITIC) Susan Durham International Trade Commission (ITC) Elizabeth Nesbitt National...Hays, Deputy Associate Director for Technology, OSTP Congressional Perspective Elizabeth Grossman and James Wilson, House Committee on Science...Scientific Impact of NNI Speakers: Sam Stupp, Northwestern University Moungi Bawendi, MIT Ellen Williams, University of Maryland Lou Brus , Columbia

  13. The Influence of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge Theoretical Framework on Research on Preservice Teacher Education (United States)

    Mecoli, Storey


    Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Lee S. Shulman's theoretical framework, has had a substantial influence on research in preservice teacher education, and consequently, schools of education. This review builds from Grossman's case studies that concluded that beginning teachers provided with excellent teacher education developed more substantial PCK…

  14. Bacterial Respiratory Infections in the Department of Defense (DOD): Fiscal Years (FY) 2013 - 2015 (United States)


    S. aureus, particularly methicillin- resistant S. aureus (MRSA), gained attention with a cluster of deaths occurring among several family members...illnesses. Limiting coinfections, promoting vaccinations, and enhancing antimicrobial stewardship could supplement risk reduction of bacterial...Overview of Cochrane Reviews. Resp Med. 99: 255-261. 16. Grossman R, Rotschafer J, Tan J. 2005. Antimicrobial Treatment of Lower Respiratory

  15. When Complexity Theory Meets Critical Realism: A Platform for Research on Initial Teacher Education (United States)

    Cochran-Smith, Marilyn; Ell, Fiona; Grudnoff, Lexie; Ludlow, Larry; Haigh, Mavis; Hill, Mary


    Many scholars have concluded that teacher education research needs to take a complex view, resist simplification, and account more fully for teacher education's contexts and processes as well as its impact on teacher candidates' and school students' learning (Cochran-Smith & Zeichner, 2005; Grossman & McDonald, 2008; Opfer & Pedder,…

  16. Reforming teacher reform : teaching as bounded rational design

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Janssen, F.J.J.M.; Westbroek, H.B.; Doyle, W


    Educational innovations had and still have little impact on teaching practice. A common view held by teacher researchers is that teachers do not implement innovative change proposals because they lack the necessary knowledge, skills and beliefs to do so (Grossman et al, 2009; Borko et al, 2010). In

  17. Reactivation of the chloroplast CF1-ATPase beta subunit by trace amounts of the CF1 alpha subunit suggests a chaperonin-like activity for CF1 alpha. (United States)

    Avni, A; Avital, S; Gromet-Elhanan, Z


    Incubation of tobacco and lettuce thylakoids with 2 M LiCl in the presence of MgATP removes the beta subunit from their CF1-ATPase (CF1 beta) together with varying amounts of the CF1 alpha subunit (CF1 alpha). These 2 M LiCl extracts, as with the one obtained from spinach thylakoids (Avital, S., and Gromet-Elhanan, Z. (1991) J. Biol. Chem. 266, 7067-7072), could form active hybrid ATPases when reconstituted into inactive beta-less Rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. Pure CF1 beta fractions that have been isolated from these extracts could not form such active hybrids by themselves, but could do so when supplemented with trace amounts (less than 5%) of CF1 alpha. A mitochondrial F1-ATPase alpha subunit was recently reported to be a heat-shock protein, having two amino acid sequences that show a highly conserved identity with sequences found in molecular chaperones (Luis, A. M., Alconada, A., and Cuezva, J. M. (1990) J. Biol. Chem. 265, 7713-7716). These sequences are also conserved in CF1 alpha isolated from various plants, but not in F1 beta subunits. The above described reactivation of CF1 beta by trace amounts of CF1 alpha could thus be due to a chaperonin-like function of CF1 alpha, which involves the correct, active folding of isolated pure CF1 beta.

  18. Василий Гроссман. и первый опыт художественного исследования Гулага (О повести Все течет…

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Мауриция Калузио


    Full Text Available It is difficult to determine which genre Vasily Grossman’s last work Everything flows (1955-1963 belongs to. In the last decades of the XX century, literary critics noticed how this work completely lacks a plot and a fabula. Some researchers have even refused to call this text a ‘literary work’. In this article, an attempt has been made to show how Grossman, when talking about themes that were still inaccessible for that time (the system of labour camps, Holodomor and so on, created a completely new and audacious way of narrating. Grossman’s apparent contemptuous approach to the rules of narration in Everything flows is actually generated by the need to tell without lies the indescribable and ineffable human journey in the camps. In this article, we analyze the motifs of travel and dream, as well as the figure of preterition, which Grossman uses to express his dissent from the falsity of socialist realism.

  19. Executive compensation: a calibration approach


    Ivilina Popova; Joseph G. Haubrich


    We use a version of the Grossman and Hart principal-agent model with 10 actions and 10 states to produce quantitative predictions for executive compensation. Performance incentives derived from the model are compared with the performance incentives of 350 firms chosen from a survey by Michael Jensen and Kevin Murphy. The results suggest both that the model does a reasonable job of explaining the data and that actual incentives are close to the optimal incentives predicted by theory.

  20. From the Berlin "ENTWURF" Field Equations to the Einstein Tensor I: October 1914 until Beginning of November 1915


    Weinstein, Galina


    I discuss Albert Einstein's 1914 review paper, "The Formal Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity" from two points of view: the main elements in the paper that appear to have led to the downfall of the Einstein-Grossman theory; and the elements that seem to have inspired Einstein during October 1915 to reformulate the 1914 Einstein-Grossmann theory in the form of the November 1915 and the 1916 General Theory of Relativity. First paper among three papers.

  1. Risky Business: The Impact of Property Rights on Investment and Revenue in the Film Industry


    Venkat Kuppuswamy; Carliss Y. Baldwin


    Our paper tests a key prediction of property rights theory, specifically, that agents will respond to marginal incentives embedded in property rights when making non-contractible, revenue-enhancing investments. (Grossman and Hart, 1986; Hart and Moore, 1990). Using rich project-level data from the U.S. film industry, we investigate variation in property right allocations, investment choices, and film revenues to test the distinctive aspects of property-rights theory. Empirical tests of these ...

  2. Plant communities and landscapes of the Parque Nacional do Limpopo, Moçambique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Stalmans


    Full Text Available The Parque Nacional do Limpopo (PNL was proclaimed during 2002. It covers 1 000 000 ha in Moçambique on the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park (KNP and forms one of the major components of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. A vegetation map was required as one of the essential building blocks for the drafting of its management plan (Grossman & Holden 2002.

  3. Pleine-conscience et management : effet de la mindfulness sur la relation au travail et le style de leadership des managers.


    Françoise , Daniel


    Mindfulness is a fundamental concept which has existed since the dawn of time in meditative circles. These days it is a psychological construct that is the focus of much writing, and tested therapeutic technique, notably in stress reduction and in depressive relapse prevention (Bishop et al., 2004 ; Brown, Ryan et Creswell, 2007 ; Grossman et al., 2004). Mindfulness and its effects on management practice are the focus of a limited number of studies (Dane, 2010 ; Good et al., 2016). Our hypoth...

  4. Informative Advertising: Competition or Cooperation?


    Witness Simbanegavi


    I compare the outcome when firms semicollude on advertising to the outcome in the Grossman and Shapiro (1984) model of informative advertising. I show that advertising is lower but prices and profits are higher under semicollusion on advertising. I also show that semicollusion on advertising is detrimental to welfare. Although firms earn higher profits when colluding on advertising, fewer consumers are informed, and as a result, welfare is lower. Compared to semicollusion on price, semicollus...

  5. Why do people demand health?


    Kverndokk, Snorre


    This paper proposes several ways to extend the standard model for health and health services. Psychological aspects such as status seeking, identity seeking and health adaptation are modelled within the framework of the Grossman model. While the two first aspects may be important psychological mechanisms, the adaptation process seems to be the most relevant process to model within a theoretical dynamic framework. As far as we know, there are no formal analyses of this process in the economic ...

  6. The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Exploring a Fresh Specification


    David Bradford; Rebecca Schlieckert; Stephen H. Shore


    Using a new specification, we reanalyze the data on worldwide environmental quality investigated by Gene Grossman and Alan Krueger in a well-known paper on the environmental Kuznets curve (which postulates an inverse U shaped relationship between income level and pollution). The new specification enables us to draw conclusions from fixed effects estimation. In general, we find support for the environmental Kuznets curve for some pollutants and for its rejection in other cases. The fresh speci...

  7. An Exploratory Study on Sniper Well-Being: Report on the First Year of Sniper Well-Being Research (FY 2008-2009) (United States)


    business, so an important question is: what impact does this work have on those who do the killing? Some research-based works by Dyer (2005), Bourke ...Canadian Army snipers is historical ( Bourke , 1999), anecdotal (Grossman, 1995), or based on archival data (MacNair, 2002), there is one published...Quarterly, 26, 133-152. Bourke , J. (1999). An Intimate History of Killing: Face-to-face killing in Twentieth- Century warfare. London: Granta Books

  8. Innovaciones organizativas y productividad: el caso del outsourcing internacional

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Carlos Fariñas


    Full Text Available La evolución reciente del comercio internacional se ha caracterizado, entre otros factores, por un creciente aprovisionamiento de inputs intermedios en los mercados internacionales. En este artículo se analizan estas decisiones empresariales a través de la comparación de las características de tamaño, productividad, edad, intensidad de capital, composición de la mano de obra, esfuerzo innovador, costes, participación de capital extranjero, entre las empresas que hacen outsourcing internacional y las que no lo hacen. Para organizar el análisis empírico se toma como referencia el modelo de Antràs y Helpman (2004 que predice que las empresas con mayor productividad se autoseleccionan al tomar la decisión de realizar outsourcing internacional. El artículo ofrece evidencia empírica que confirma esta predicción a partir de una muestra de empresas industriales españolas de la Encuesta sobre Estrategias Empresariales.

  9. Innovaciones organizativas y productividad: el caso del outsourcing internacional

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Carlos Fariñas


    Full Text Available La evolución reciente del comercio internacional se ha caracterizado, entre otros factores, por un creciente aprovisionamiento de inputs intermedios en los mercados internacionales. En este artículo se analizan estas decisiones empresariales a través de la comparación de las características de tamaño, productividad, edad, intensidad de capital, composición de la mano de obra, esfuerzo innovador, costes, participación de capital extranjero, entre las empresas que hacen outsourcing internacional y las que no lo hacen. Para organizar el análisis empírico se toma como referencia el modelo de Antràs y Helpman (2004 que predice que las empresas con mayor productividad se autoseleccionan al tomar la decisión de realizar outsourcing internacional. El artículo ofrece evidencia empírica que confirma esta predicción a partir de una muestra de empresas industriales españolas de la Encuesta sobre Estrategias Empresariales.





    El objetivo principal de este trabajo de tesis es desarrollar una metodología y una herramienta que permitan definir un pit final incorporando las restricciones de capacidad y las condiciones de incertidumbre asociadas al recurso geológico. El resultado metodológico consiste en un algoritmo de cálculo que incorpora heurísticas de definición de pit final como es la enunciada por Lerchs y Grossman (1964), en conjunto con heurísticas de secuenciamiento de bloques como son enunciadas por Gersh...

  11. Temporal anomaly detection: an artificial immune approach based on T cell activation, clonal size regulation and homeostasis. (United States)

    Antunes, Mário J; Correia, Manuel E


    This paper presents an artificial immune system (AIS) based on Grossman's tunable activation threshold (TAT) for temporal anomaly detection. We describe the generic AIS framework and the TAT model adopted for simulating T Cells behaviour, emphasizing two novel important features: the temporal dynamic adjustment of T Cells clonal size and its associated homeostasis mechanism. We also present some promising results obtained with artificially generated data sets, aiming to test the appropriateness of using TAT in dynamic changing environments, to distinguish new unseen patterns as part of what should be detected as normal or as anomalous. We conclude by discussing results obtained thus far with artificially generated data sets.

  12. Narrare la guerra: da Vita e destino a Le Benevole

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilla Panichi


    Full Text Available Questo saggio si concentra su due romanzi storici che hanno per argomento la Seconda guerra mon- diale e lo sterminio degli ebrei d’Europa: Vita e destino di Vasilij Grossman (1980 e Le Benevole di Jonathan Littell (2006. La scelta è determinata sia dal rapporto esistente tra i due romanzi, sia dalla convinzione che essi rappresentino, per forma e contenuti, due diversi paradigmi attraverso i quali l’immaginario collettivo ha costruito la narrazione dell’evento guerra. Inoltre si tratta di opere che hanno, in tempi diversi, creato un caso letterario: Le Benevole ha sollevato molti problemi orientando il dibattito su temi etici piuttosto che estetici; Vita e destino ha subito la censura in Unione Sovietica. In questa sede si è scelto di analizzare i romanzi da una prospettiva strettamente letteraria, attraverso due argomenti: la legittimità della costruzione finzionale in rapporto al punto di vista dell’autore (testimone dei fatti narrati nel caso di Grossman, post-testimone nel caso di Littell e l’analisi degli elementi romanzeschi di tradizione ottocentesca e modernista. This paper focuses on two novels narrating the Second World War and the extermination of the Jews of Europe: Life and Fate, by Vasily Grossman (1980, and The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell (2006. These books have been chosen because they are closely related to each other and because they embody two different paradigms through which the Second World War has been represented. Moreover both Life and Fate and The Kindly Ones have been literary events: the first was censored in the Soviet Union, the second gave rise to a wide-ranging debate on ethical and aesthetical problems. The following paper analyzes these novels from a strictly literary perspective, focusing on two issues: the legitimacy of fiction (Grossman narrates the war from the standpoint of a witness, Littell, born in 1967, is in the position of the historian and the relationship of these texts with the

  13. Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory Correlations. (United States)


    future and strategic planning to address those assumptions. As we grow forward into 27 the 21st Century, our ability to exceed our expectations, as...J. King, Ph.D., "Eagles, Otters, and Unicorns ," Industry Week, March 1990, page 31. 42. Ibid., page 32. 32 p 43. Neil Anderson, Gillian Hardy, and...Subordinates?" Credit World. (July/August 1990): 19-23. Grossman, Stephen R. and Margaret J. King, Ph.D. "Eagles, Otters, and Unicorns ." Industry Week

  14. Trade Liberalization, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Intra-Industry Reallocations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bache, Peter Arendorf

    This paper presents a Melitz-type model of international trade in final goods and Grossman-Hart-Antràs input sourcing by heterogeneous firms. We show how firms self-select into different organizational forms in a continuum of industries with different characteristics. Next, we show how a liberali...... a liberalization of trade leads to short run increases in the number of firm mergers and acquisitions and potentially new gains from trade. Finally, we show how the relative prevalence of integrating firms is increasing in some industries while constant in all others....

  15. North American Clinical Trials Network (NACTN) for Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury: A Consortium of Military, Veterans Administration, and Civilian Hospitals (United States)


    Robert Grossman MD PI-Main 20 Susan Howley Admin 21.65 Peter Wilderotter Admin 1.5 Edward Jobst Admin 4.25 Anne Homa Admin 9 Bruce Morgan thru 12/ qu ir ed H ow t o te st Se ns ib ili ty d om ai n: t es t si te s se le ct ed b y de rm at om e L ig ht to uc h/ SW M 33 6 pa lm ar /d



    Gallego, Jorge Andrés; Romano, Giancarlo


    En este artículo, primero caracterizamos el mercado de transporte aéreo comercial en Colombia y luego desarrollamos un modelo de reputación que describe la relación entre aerolíneas y consumidores. Con base en trabajo pionero de Grossman y Hart (1986) modelamos la integración horizontal entre firmas, con posterior aplicación al caso de la Alianza Summa. Por último, consideramos los resultados y las posibles implicaciones de la Alianza Summa para la sociedad. This article characterises the ...

  17. Influence of the spatulation of two zinc oxide-eugenol-based sealers on the obturation of lateral canals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pécora Jesus Djalma


    Full Text Available The objective of this research was to evaluate, in vitro, the importance of the correct manipulation of endodontic sealers, correlating it with flow rate and with the consequent obturation of root canals. Twenty-four human canines were prepared, 1 mm from the apex, with K-files up to size 50, by means of the step-back technique. Six lateral canals were then drilled in each tooth, with size 10 file fixed to a low-speed handpiece. The teeth were randomly divided into 4 groups, and root canals were obturated either with the EndométhasoneÒ sealer or Grossman sealer, prepared at ideal or incorrect clinical consistency. After obturation by means of the lateral condensation technique, the teeth were radiographed and evaluated as to the number of sealed lateral canals. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences (p < 0.001 between the tested sealers, and indicated the higher capacity of the well-manipulated Grossman sealer to fill lateral canals. It can be concluded that the flow rate of a sealer and its correct manipulation are very important for the satisfactory obturation of lateral canals.

  18. Ex vivo evaluation of coronal and apical microbial leakage of root canal - Filled with gutta-percha or Resilon/Epiphany root canal filling material

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Almeida-Gomes Fabio


    Full Text Available Objective: This ex vivo study compared coronal and apical microleakage of root canals filled with Resilon/Epiphany (RE or gutta-percha/Grossman sealer (GP, using either lateral condensation (LC or System B (SB technique. Materials and Methods: Specimens in eight experimental groups were obturated using the following materials and techniques: Groups 1 and 3 - GP and LC; groups 2 and 4 - GP and SB; groups 5 and 7 - RE and LC; groups 6 and 8 - RE and SB. Apical and coronal leakages were tested using bacterial methods. For coronal analysis, the number of days required for complete contamination of the root canals was recorded according to observation of the brain heart infusion broth turbidity for 15 weeks. For apical analysis, the teeth were cleaved and the leakage was measured at 30 days. Data were collected for each sample and analyzed statistically with the Chi-square and ANOVA tests. Results: Leakage was found in all groups. The difference between filling materials, obturation techniques, and median time of leakage was not statistically significant for coronal ( P=0.847 and apical ( P=0.5789 leakages. Conclusion: There were no differences between the different filling materials (gutta-percha/Grossman sealer and Resilon/Epiphany and obturation techniques (lateral condensation and system B technique in coronal or apical leakages.

  19. MEETING: Chlamydomonas Annotation Jamboree - October 2003

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grossman, Arthur R


    Shotgun sequencing of the nuclear genome of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Chlamydomonas throughout) was performed at an approximate 10X coverage by JGI. Roughly half of the genome is now contained on 26 scaffolds, all of which are at least 1.6 Mb, and the coverage of the genome is ~95%. There are now over 200,000 cDNA sequence reads that we have generated as part of the Chlamydomonas genome project (Grossman, 2003; Shrager et al., 2003; Grossman et al. 2007; Merchant et al., 2007); other sequences have also been generated by the Kasuza sequence group (Asamizu et al., 1999; Asamizu et al., 2000) or individual laboratories that have focused on specific genes. Shrager et al. (2003) placed the reads into distinct contigs (an assemblage of reads with overlapping nucleotide sequences), and contigs that group together as part of the same genes have been designated ACEs (assembly of contigs generated from EST information). All of the reads have also been mapped to the Chlamydomonas nuclear genome and the cDNAs and their corresponding genomic sequences have been reassembled, and the resulting assemblage is called an ACEG (an Assembly of contiguous EST sequences supported by genomic sequence) (Jain et al., 2007). Most of the unique genes or ACEGs are also represented by gene models that have been generated by the Joint Genome Institute (JGI, Walnut Creek, CA). These gene models have been placed onto the DNA scaffolds and are presented as a track on the Chlamydomonas genome browser associated with the genome portal ( Ultimately, the meeting grant awarded by DOE has helped enormously in the development of an annotation pipeline (a set of guidelines used in the annotation of genes) and resulted in high quality annotation of over 4,000 genes; the annotators were from both Europe and the USA. Some of the people who led the annotation initiative were Arthur Grossman, Olivier Vallon, and Sabeeha Merchant (with many individual

  20. An application of discrete mathematics in the design of an open pit mine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Caccetta, L.; Giannini, L.M.


    The determination of the 'optimum pit limit' of a mine is considered to be a fundamental problem in mine planning as it provides information which is essential in the evaluation of the economic potential of a mineral deposit, and in the formulation of long-, intermediate-, and short-range mine plans. A number of mathematical techniques have been proposed to solve this problem, some of the more elaborate ones posing considerable computational problems. In this paper we discuss the development and implementation of a graph-theoretic technique originally proposed by Lerchs and Grossman. Our implementation strategy involves the use of a dynamic programming technique to 'bound' the optimum. 19 refs., 4 figs.

  1. Healthy Aging After Age 65: A Life-Span Health Production Function Approach. (United States)

    Ferdows, Nasim B; Jensen, Gail A; Tarraf, Wassim


    This article examines the determinants of healthy aging using Grossman's framework of a health production function. Healthy aging, sometimes described as successful aging, is produced using a variety of inputs, determined in early life, young adulthood, midlife, and later life. A healthy aging production function is estimated using nationally representative data from the 2010 and 2012 Health and Retirement Study on 7,355 noninstitutionalized seniors. Using a simultaneous equation mediation model, we quantify how childhood factors contribute to healthy aging, both directly and indirectly through their effects on mediating adult outcomes. We find that favorable childhood conditions significantly improve healthy aging scores, both directly and indirectly, mediated through education, income, and wealth. We also find that good health habits have positive effects on healthy aging that are larger in magnitude than the effects of childhood factors. Our findings suggest that exercising, maintaining proper weight, and not smoking are likely to translate into healthier aging.

  2. The B→πK puzzle and supersymmetry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Imbeault, Maxime; Baek, Seungwon; London, David


    At present, there are discrepancies between the measurements of several observables in B→πK decays and the predictions of the Standard Model (the 'B→πK puzzle'). Although the effect is not yet statistically significant-it is at the level of ≥3σ-it does hint at the presence of new physics. In this Letter, we explore whether supersymmetry (SUSY) can explain the B→πK puzzle. In particular, we consider the SUSY model of Grossman, Neubert and Kagan (GNK). We find that it is extremely unlikely that GNK explains the B→πK data. We also find a similar conclusion in many other models of SUSY. And there are serious criticisms of the two SUSY models that do reproduce the B→πK data. If the B→πK puzzle remains, it could pose a problem for SUSY models

  3. Atrocities and confrontational tension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefan Klusemann


    Full Text Available This paper presents an analysis of video-recordings and other micro-level data of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina. It focuses on the sequential unfolding of micro-interactions and emotional dynamics before, and over the course of the atrocity. The paper argues that massacres have a pattern of situational emergence: local emotional dynamics are crucial to explain where and when atrocities do or do not come off and what form they take on the micro-level. It is shown that (1 micro-interactions constitute situational turning-points, towards or away from atrocities and that (2 local emotional dynamics shape the internal structure of atrocities, i.e., their internal dynamics of killings. The analysis is based on recent advances in the micro-sociology of violence by Collins, Katz, and Grossman, as well as Ekman's research tools for identifying emotional cues in micro-data.

  4. Voice Patterns in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fusaroli, Riccardo; Cantio, Cathriona; Bilenberg, Niels

    Background: Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) tend to have atypical modulation of speech, often described as awkward, monotone, or sing-songy [1-3]. The patterns may be one of the most robust and fast signals of social communication deficits in ASD [4, 5]. However, it has proven...... spectrum disorders, Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 35 (2005) 861–869. [5] R.B. Grossman, H. Tager-Flusberg, Quality matters! Differences between expressive and receptive non-verbal communication skills in children with ASD, Res Autism Spect Dis, 6 (2012) 1150-1155. [6] R. Fusaroli, D. Bang......’s syndrome. Objectives: We systematically quantify and explore speech patterns in Danish children (8-12 years) with and without autism. We employ traditional and non-linear techniques measuring the structure (regularity and complexity) of speech behavior (i.e. fundamental frequency, use of pauses, speech...

  5. Understanding foreign language teachers’ practical knowledge: What’s the role of prior language learning experience?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sibel Arıoğul


    Full Text Available Teachers’ practical knowledge is considered as teachers’ general knowledge, beliefsand thinking (Borg, 2003 which can be traced in teachers’ practices (Connelly & Clandinin,1988 and shaped by various background sources (Borg, 2003; Grossman, 1990; Meijer,Verloop, and Beijard, 1999. This paper initially discusses how language teachers areinfluenced by three background sources: teachers’ prior language learning experiences, priorteaching experience, and professional coursework in pre- and in-service education. Bydrawing its data from the author’s longitidunal study, it also presents the findings of a crosscasetheme emerged from the investigation of three English as a foreign language (EFLteachers’ prior language learning experiences. The paper also discusses how the participationin studies on teachers’ knowledge raises teachers’ own awareness while it informs theresearch.

  6. Determinantes de la utilización de servicios de salud en Costa Rica Determinants of health care utilization in Costa Rica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melvin Morera Salas


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Realizar una primera aproximación a los determinantes de la utilización de consultas médicas en Costa Rica. Método: Los datos proceden de la Encuesta Nacional de Salud para Costa Rica 2006. En el análisis econométrico se utilizó un modelo binomial negativo estándar ligado al enfoque de producción de salud de Grossman y un modelo en dos partes congruente con el enfoque agente-principal. Resultados: Los factores determinantes de la utilización de consultas médicas fueron el nivel educativo, el estado de salud percibida, el número de enfermedades crónicas declaradas y la región de residencia. Conclusiones: El hecho de que las variables de necesidad de salud expliquen de forma significativa la probabilidad de contacto con las consultas médicas y que, además, no se registren diferencias significativas de utilización entre quintiles de ingreso y situación de seguro, es un resultado esperable y deseable en un sistema público solidario y casi universal como el costarricense. No se obtienen resultados concluyentes de la influencia del médico en la frecuencia de utilización de las consultas que postula el modelo de agente-principal.Objective: To analyze the determinants of health care utilization (visits to the doctor in Costa Rica using an econometric approach. Methods: Data were drawn from the National Survey of Health for Costa Rica 2006. We modeled the Grossman approach to the demand for health services by using a standard negative binomial regression, and used a hurdle model for the principal-agent specification. Results: The factors determining healthcare utilization were level of education, self-assessed health, number of declared chronic diseases and geographic region of residence. Conclusion: The number of outpatient visits to the doctor depends on the proxies for medical need, but we found no multivariate association between the use of outpatient visits and income or insurance status. This result suggests that

  7. The intersection of disability and healthcare disparities: a conceptual framework. (United States)

    Meade, Michelle A; Mahmoudi, Elham; Lee, Shoou-Yih


    This article provides a conceptual framework for understanding healthcare disparities experienced by individuals with disabilities. While health disparities are the result of factors deeply rooted in culture, life style, socioeconomic status, and accessibility of resources, healthcare disparities are a subset of health disparities that reflect differences in access to and quality of healthcare and can be viewed as the inability of the healthcare system to adequately address the needs of specific population groups. This article uses a narrative method to identify and critique the main conceptual frameworks that have been used in analyzing disparities in healthcare access and quality, and evaluating those frameworks in the context of healthcare for individuals with disabilities. Specific models that are examined include the Aday and Anderson Model, the Grossman Utility Model, the Institute of Medicine (IOM)'s models of Access to Healthcare Services and Healthcare Disparities, and the Cultural Competency model. While existing frameworks advance understandings of disparities in healthcare access and quality, they fall short when applied to individuals with disabilities. Specific deficits include a lack of attention to cultural and contextual factors (Aday and Andersen framework), unrealistic assumptions regarding equal access to resources (Grossman's utility model), lack of recognition or inclusion of concepts of structural accessibility (IOM model of Healthcare Disparities) and exclusive emphasis on supply side of the healthcare equation to improve healthcare disparities (Cultural Competency model). In response to identified gaps in the literature and short-comings of current conceptualizations, an integrated model of disability and healthcare disparities is put forth. We analyzed models of access to care and disparities in healthcare to be able to have an integrated and cohesive conceptual framework that could potentially address issues related to access to

  8. IX : An OS for datacenter applications with aggressive networking requirements

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    The conventional wisdom is that aggressive networking requirements, such as high packet rates for small messages and microsecond-scale tail latency, are best addressed outside the kernel, in a user-level networking stack. We present IX, a dataplane operating system designed to support low-latency, high-throughput and high-connection count applications.  Like classic operating systems such as Linux, IX provides strong protection guarantees to the networking stack.  However, and unlike classic operating systems, IX is designed for the ground up to support applications with aggressive networking requirements on dense multi-core platforms with 10GbE and 40GbE Ethernet NICs.  IX outperforms Linux by an order of magnitude on micro benchmarks, and by up to 3.6x when running an unmodified memcached, a popular key-value store. The presentation is based on the joint work with Adam Belay, George Prekas, Ana Klimovic, Sam Grossman and Christos Kozyrakis, published at OSDI 2014; Best P...

  9. Using foreground/background analysis to determine leaf and canopy chemistry (United States)

    Pinzon, J. E.; Ustin, S. L.; Hart, Q. J.; Jacquemoud, S.; Smith, M. O.


    Spectral Mixture Analysis (SMA) has become a well established procedure for analyzing imaging spectrometry data, however, the technique is relatively insensitive to minor sources of spectral variation (e.g., discriminating stressed from unstressed vegetation and variations in canopy chemistry). Other statistical approaches have been tried e.g., stepwise multiple linear regression analysis to predict canopy chemistry. Grossman et al. reported that SMLR is sensitive to measurement error and that the prediction of minor chemical components are not independent of patterns observed in more dominant spectral components like water. Further, they observed that the relationships were strongly dependent on the mode of expressing reflectance (R, -log R) and whether chemistry was expressed on a weight (g/g) or are basis (g/sq m). Thus, alternative multivariate techniques need to be examined. Smith et al. reported a revised SMA that they termed Foreground/Background Analysis (FBA) that permits directing the analysis along any axis of variance by identifying vectors through the n-dimensional spectral volume orthonormal to each other. Here, we report an application of the FBA technique for the detection of canopy chemistry using a modified form of the analysis.

  10. Research Progress of Polycyclic Polyprenylated Acylphloroglucinols. (United States)

    Yang, Xing-Wei; Grossman, Robert B; Xu, Gang


    Polycyclic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinols (PPAPs) are a class of hybrid natural products sharing the mevalonate/methylerythritol phosphate and polyketide biosynthetic pathways and showing considerable structure and bioactivity diversity. This review discusses the progress of research into the chemistry and biological activity of 421 natural PPAPs in the past 11 years as well as in-depth studies of biological activities and total synthesis of some PPAPs isolated before 2006. We created an online database of all PPAPs known to date at . Two subclasses of biosynthetically related metabolites, spirocyclic PPAPs with octahydrospiro[cyclohexan-1,5'-indene]-2,4,6-trione core and complicated PPAPs produced by intramolecular [4 + 2] cycloadditions of MPAPs, are brought into the PPAP family. Some PPAPs' relative or absolute configurations are reassigned or critically discussed, and the confusing trivial names in PPAPs investigations are clarified. Pharmacologic studies have revealed a new molecular mechanism whereby hyperforin and its derivatives regulate neurotransmitter levels by activating TRPC6 as well as the antitumor mechanism of garcinol and its analogues. The antineoplastic potential of some type B PPAPs such as oblongifolin C and guttiferone K has increased significantly. As a result of the recent appearances of innovative synthetic methods and strategies, the total syntheses of 22 natural PPAPs including hyperforin, garcinol, and plukenetione A have been accomplished.

  11. Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the elderly: role of the pharmacist in a multidisciplinary health care team

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grossman S


    Full Text Available Samuel GrossmanDepartment of Veterans Affairs, New York Harbor Healthcare System, New York, NY, USA; Diabetes Care On-The-Go Inc, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, Hunter College, City University of New York, New York, NY, USA; Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy of Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Garden State Association of Diabetes Educators, Edison, NJ, USAAbstract: Intensive glycemic control using insulin therapy may be appropriate for many healthy older adults to reduce premature mortality and morbidity, improve quality of life, and reduce health care costs. However, frail elderly people are more prone to develop complications from hypoglycemia, such as confusion and dementia. Overall, older persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus are at greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD than from intermittent hyperglycemia; therefore, diabetes management should always include CVD prevention and treatment in this patient population. Pharmacists can provide a comprehensive medication review with subsequent recommendations to individualize therapy based on medical and cognitive status. As part of the patient’s health care team, pharmacists can provide continuity of care and communication with other members of the patient’s health care team. In addition, pharmacists can act as educators and patient advocates and establish patient-specific goals to increase medication effectiveness, adherence to a medication regimen, and minimize the likelihood of adverse events.Keywords: glycemic control, hyperglycemia, continuity of care, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, elderly, type 2 diabetes, pharmacist

  12. Cross-cultural comparison of self-transcendent wisdom between the United States and Korea. (United States)

    Lee, Sulim; Choun, Soyoung; Aldwin, Carolyn M; Levenson, Michael R


    Whether wisdom is a culturally-specific or universal construct is a matter of some debate (see Curnow 1999; Grossman et al. Psychological Science, 2012). This study compared similarities and differences in the factor structure of a measure of wisdom focused on self-transcendence in U.S. (n = 305, M(age) = 33.99) and Korean samples (n = 838, M(age) = 30.28), with ages ranging from 20 to 73). The Adult Self-Transcendence Inventory (ASTI; Levenson et al. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 60, 127-143, 2005) has two factors, self-transcendence and alienation, the latter of which was included to differentiate between social withdrawals due to contemplative practices versus that due to depression. Confirmatory factor analyses found a partial scalar factorial invariance model fit the data best, indicating that the factor structure of the ASTI is largely equivalent and that the construct is comparable across the two cultures. Regression analyses showed that age and religiousness were related to self-transcendence and alienation. Education was related to self-transcendence only. The interaction between age and culture was significant on alienation; alienation was higher in mid-life Koreans but not in Americans, which may reflect either age or cohort effects. Thus, self-transcendence may be a more universal measure of wisdom than those based on pragmatics or cognitive functioning.

  13. Determinants of life expectancy in eastern mediterranean region: a health production function. (United States)

    Bayati, Mohsen; Akbarian, Reza; Kavosi, Zahra


    Determinants of health or health production function in health economics literature constitute noticeable issues in health promotion. This study aimed at estimating a health production function for East Mediterranean Region (EMR) based on the Grossman theoretical model. This ecological study was performed using the econometric methods. The panel data model was used in order to determine the relationship between life expectancy and socioeconomic factors. The data for 21 EMR countries between 1995 and 2007 were used. Fixed-effect-model was employed to estimate the parameters based on Hausman test. In estimating the health production function, factors such as income per capita (β=0.05, Pdeterminants of health status, proxied by life expectancy at birth. A notable result was the elasticity of life expectancy with respect to the employment rate and its significance level was different between males (β=0.13, P0.001). In order to improve the health status in EMR countries, health policymakers should focus on the factors which lie outside the healthcare system. These factors are mainly associated with economic growth and development level. Thus, the economic stabilisation policies with the aim of increasing the productivity, economic growth, and reducing unemployment play significant roles in the health status of the people of the region.

  14. Improved Algorithms Speed It Up for Codes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hazi, A


    Huge computers, huge codes, complex problems to solve. The longer it takes to run a code, the more it costs. One way to speed things up and save time and money is through hardware improvements--faster processors, different system designs, bigger computers. But another side of supercomputing can reap savings in time and speed: software improvements to make codes--particularly the mathematical algorithms that form them--run faster and more efficiently. Speed up math? Is that really possible? According to Livermore physicist Eugene Brooks, the answer is a resounding yes. ''Sure, you get great speed-ups by improving hardware,'' says Brooks, the deputy leader for Computational Physics in N Division, which is part of Livermore's Physics and Advanced Technologies (PAT) Directorate. ''But the real bonus comes on the software side, where improvements in software can lead to orders of magnitude improvement in run times.'' Brooks knows whereof he speaks. Working with Laboratory physicist Abraham Szoeke and others, he has been instrumental in devising ways to shrink the running time of what has, historically, been a tough computational nut to crack: radiation transport codes based on the statistical or Monte Carlo method of calculation. And Brooks is not the only one. Others around the Laboratory, including physicists Andrew Williamson, Randolph Hood, and Jeff Grossman, have come up with innovative ways to speed up Monte Carlo calculations using pure mathematics

  15. Studies of Implicit Prototype Extraction In Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer’s Disease (United States)

    Nosofsky, Robert M.; Denton, Stephen E.; Zaki, Safa R.; Murphy-Knudsen, Anne F.; Unverzagt, Frederick W.


    Studies of incidental category learning support the hypothesis of an implicit prototype-extraction system which is distinct from explicit memory (Smith, 2008). In those studies, patients with explicit-memory impairments due to damage to the medial-temporal lobe performed normally in implicit categorization tasks (Bozoki, Grossman, & Smith, 2006; Knowlton & Squire, 1993). However, alternative interpretations are that: i) even people with impairments to a single memory system have sufficient resources to succeed on the particular categorization tasks that have been tested (Nosofsky & Zaki, 1998; Zaki & Nosofsky, 2001); and ii) working memory can be used at time of test to learn the categories (Palmeri & Flanery, 1999). In the present experiments, patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s disease were tested in prototype-extraction tasks to examine these possibilities. In a categorization task involving discrete-feature stimuli, the majority of subjects relied on memories for exceedingly few features, even when the task structure strongly encouraged reliance on broad-based prototypes. In a dot-pattern categorization task, even the memory-impaired patients were able to use working memory at time of test to extract the category structure (at least for the stimulus set used in past work). We argue that the results weaken the past case made in favor of a separate system of implicit-prototype extraction. PMID:22746953

  16. Time off work and the postpartum health of employed women. (United States)

    McGovern, P; Dowd, B; Gjerdingen, D; Moscovice, I; Kochevar, L; Lohman, W


    Parental and maternity leave policies are a popular fringe benefit among childbearing employed women and a benefit employers frequently are required to offer. However, few rigorous evaluations of the effect of maternal leave on maternal health exist. Using a hybrid of the household and health production theories of Becker and Grossman and a sample of women identified from state vital statistics records, a nonlinear relationship between maternal postpartum health and time off work after childbirth was estimated. For women taking more than 12 weeks leave, time off work had a positive effect on vitality. With more than 15 weeks leave, time off work had a positive effect on maternal, mental health, and with more than 20 weeks leave, time off work had a positive effect on role function. Subjects' mental health scores were comparable and vitality scores slightly lower than age- and gender-specific norms; 70% of women studied reported role function limitations. Findings suggest employed women experience problems in well-being at approximately seven months postpartum. Variables associated with improved health include: longer maternity leaves, fewer prenatal mental health symptoms, fewer concurrent physical symptoms, more sleep, increased social support, increased job satisfaction, less physical exertion on the job, fewer infant symptoms, and less difficulty arranging child care.

  17. Dynamic profile of health investment and the evolution of elderly health. (United States)

    Lo, Te-Fen; Hsieh, Chee-Ruey


    A considerable number of studies have sought to examine the determinants of elderly health. Nevertheless, few of them incorporate a life-course perspective to analyze the dynamics of transition for both health conditions and their predictors. We utilize a nationally representative longitudinal data set of 4007 Taiwanese aged 60 or over and employ discrete-time duration models to investigate the association between annual mortality and its potential risk factors over a nearly twenty-year period (1989-2007). We place particular emphasis on the inherently dynamic character of Grossman's model, and specifically on how public and private health investment shape the personal health outcome over time. Our results support the hypothesis that depreciation rates depend on personal characteristics. In addition, we find that the dynamic profiles of both public and private health investment significantly influence the elderly mortality. An important implication of our study is that implementing universal health insurance and tobacco control programs are effective channels through which the government improves personal health. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Friction pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient of two-phase flow in helically coiled tube once-through steam generator for integrated type marine water reactor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nariai, Hideki; Kobayashi, Michiyuki; Matsuoka, Takeshi.


    Two-phase friction pressure drop and heat transfer coefficients in a once-through steam generator with helically coiled tubes were investigated with the model test rig of an integrated type marine water reactor. As the dimensions of the heat transfer tubes and the thermal-fluid conditions are almost the same as those of real reactors, the data applicable directly to the real reactor design were obtained. As to the friction pressure drop, modified Kozeki's prediction which is based on the experimental data by Kozeki for coiled tubes, agreed the best with the experimental data. Modified Martinelli-Nelson's prediction which is based on Martinelli-Nelson's multiplier using Ito's equation for single-phase flow in coiled tube, agreed within 30%. The effect of coiled tube on the average heat transfer coefficients at boiling region were small, and the predictions for straight tube could also be applied to coiled tube. Schrock-Grossman's correlation agreed well with the experimental data at the pressures of lower than 3.5 MPa. It was suggested that dryout should be occurred at the quality of greater than 90% within the conditions of this report. (author)

  19. Four decades of health economics through a bibliometric lens. (United States)

    Wagstaff, Adam; Culyer, Anthony J


    In this paper, we take a bibliometric tour of the last forty years of health economics using bibliographic "metadata" from EconLit supplemented by citation data from Google Scholar and our own topical classifications. We report the growth of health economics (we find 33,000 publications since 1969-12,000 more than in the economics of education) and list the 300 most-cited publications broken down by topic. We report the changing topical and geographic focus of health economics (the topics 'Determinants of health and ill-health' and 'Health statistics and econometrics' both show an upward trend, and the field has expanded appreciably into the developing world). We also compare authors, countries, institutions and journals in terms of the volume of publications and their influence as measured through various citation-based indices (Grossman, the US, Harvard and the JHE emerge close to or at the top on a variety of measures). Copyright © 2012 World Bank. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  20. Millon's Contributions to Preadolescent and Adolescent Personality Assessment: Searching Onward and Upward. (United States)

    Tringone, Robert; Bockian, Neil


    Theodore Millon was one of the most influential personality theorists of the 20th century. His theory was originally rooted in biosocial learning models and later reconceptualized as an evolutionary model. This foundation of Millon's work encompasses the entire life span. He had a genuine concern for humankind, especially children. His theory encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the relationship among childhood experiences, parenting styles, and recurring events throughout the life span in shaping the personality. Notable contributions to child and adolescent assessment are the Millon Adolescent Personality Inventory (Millon, Green, & Meagher, 1982 ), the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (Millon, Millon, & Davis, 1993 ), and the Millon Pre-Adolescent Clinical Inventory (M-PACI; Millon, Tringone, Millon, & Grossman, 2005 ). Given Millon's influence on the personality disorders section of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the aforementioned instruments have personality constructs tied to familiar DSM categories, and among them, cover the age range of 9 to 18 years old. His development of the Millon Inventories revolutionized personality assessment in the United States and abroad. Millon's legacies will live on through his works and through the respect and compassion he demonstrated toward others.

  1. Environment and Economic Growth. Is Technical Change the Key to Decoupling?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Galeotti, M. [Universita di Milano, Milan (Italy)


    The relationship between economic growth and pollution is very complex, depending upon a host of different factors. Thus the study of this phenomenon represents a challenging endeavor. While most economics papers begin with theory and support that theory with econometric evidence, the literature on Environmental Kuznets Curves has proceeded in the opposite direction: first developing an empirical observation about the world, and then attempting to supply appropriate theories. A number of papers have aimed at providing the theoretical underpinnings to the Environmental Kuznets Curve. Prominent here is the class of optimal growth models. These are usually studied from the point of view of the analytical conditions that must hold in order to obtain an inverted-U functional relationship between pollution and growth. These models are however seldom confronted with the data. In this paper we take one popular optimal growth model designed for climate change policy analysis and carry out a few simulation exercises with the purpose of characterizing the relationship between economic growth and emissions. In particular, we try to assess the relative contribution of the ingredients of the well-known decomposition of the environment-growth relationship put forth by Grossman (1995): according to it, the presumed inverted-U pattern results from the joint effect of scale, composition, and technology components. We do this focusing on the developed regions of the world and on a global pollutant, CO2 emissions.

  2. Willingness to pay and cost of illness for changes in health capital depreciation. (United States)

    Ried, W


    The paper investigates the relationship between the willingness to pay and the cost of illness approach with respect to the evaluation of economic burden due to adverse health effects. The basic intertemporal framework is provided by Grossman's pure investment model, while effects on individual morbidity are taken to be generated by marginal changes in the rate of health capital depreciation. More specifically, both the simple example of purely temporary changes and the more general case of persistent variations in health capital depreciation are discussed. The analysis generates two principal findings. First, for a class of identical individuals cost as measured by the cost of illness approach is demonstrated to provide a lower bound on the true welfare cost to the individual, i.e. cost as given by the willingness to pay approach. Moreover, the cost of illness is increasing in the size of the welfare loss. Second, if one takes into account the possible heterogeneity of individuals, a clear relationship between the cost values supplied by the two approaches no longer exists. As an example, the impact of variations in either financial wealth or health capital endowment is discussed. Thus, diversity in individual type turns out to blur the link between cost of illness and the true economic cost.

  3. Design notes for the next generation persistent object manager for CAP

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Isely, M.; Fischler, M.; Galli, M.


    The CAP query system software at Fermilab has several major components, including SQS (for managing the query), the retrieval system (for fetching auxiliary data), and the query software itself. The central query software in particular is essentially a modified version of the 'ptool' product created at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) as part of the PASS project under Bob Grossman. The original UIC version was designed for use in a single-user non-distributed Unix environment. The Fermi modifications were an attempt to permit multi-user access to a data set distributed over a set of storage nodes. (The hardware is an IBM SP-x system - a cluster of AIX POWER2 nodes with an IBM-proprietary high speed switch interconnect). Since the implementation work of the Fermi-ized ptool, the CAP members have learned quite a bit about the nature of queries and where the current performance bottlenecks exist. This has lead them to design a persistent object manager that will overcome these problems. For backwards compatibility with ptool, the ptool persistent object API will largely be retained, but the implementation will be entirely different

  4. 'Solemnis(ing) beginnings': theories of same-sex marriage in the USA and South Africa. (United States)

    Bennett, Jane


    This paper explores arguments for and against same-sex marriage as 'movement advocacy' in the USA as a backdrop to the proposition that, despite the influence of US discourses on South African debates about same-sex marriage, US discussions are less important to understanding South African responses than controversies about marriage itself in the country. The paper works in two sections. First it sketches legal and critical tensions within the USA around the implications of same-sex marriage activism, drawing on work from Franke, Brandzel, Grossman, Puar and others. Second, it notes arguments on queer homonationalisms, made most forcefully by Puar, concerning the effects and interests of 'exporting' US legal ideals to countries elsewhere, especially poorer countries. It then moves to offer suggestions for ways of nuancing this argument through stronger critical attention to context concerning radically shifting notions of marriage within those countries themselves, using South Africa as a case study. This section draws on recent work by Judge, van Zyl, Scott, Mkhize and Adebayo and Nyameza, among others.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alain Herscovici


    Full Text Available RESUMO Neste trabalho, proponho- me a analisar as falhas dos sistemas de certificação privados a partir do conceito de assimetria da informação, da maneira como este foi desenvolvido por Akerlof, Grossman e Stiglitz. Esta análise pode ser aplicada a várias atividades sociais: meio ambiente, produção alimentar, sistema bancário, riscos financeiros e, de uma maneira mais geral, qualidade dos bens e dos serviços. A partir de uma concepção ampliada da qualidade, ressaltarei os mecanismos que permitem reduzir, de maneira substancial, esta incerteza; mostrarei igualmente porque um sistema de certificação privada não fornece as condições necessárias à implementação de um sistema fiável. Finalmente, indicarei as modalidades de governança alternativa que deveriam permitir alcançar este objetivo.

  6. HIV Pathogenesis: Abstracts from the March 2017 Cleveland Immunopathogenesis Consortium Meeting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael M. Lederman


    Full Text Available The Cleveland Immunopathogenesis Consortium (CLIC was launched in March 2004 by a small group of investigators (Ron Bosch, Jason Brenchley,  Steven Deeks, Danny Douek, Zvi Grossman, Robert Kalayjian, Clifford Harding, Michael Lederman, Leonid Margolis, Miguel Quinones, Benigno Rodriguez, Rafick Sekaly, Scott Sieg, and Guido Silvestri who were increasingly persuaded that immune activation was an important driver of HIV pathogenesis. We met around a chalk board and scribbled our models of pathogenesis, designed some experiments then went back home to do them. We met again soon to review our new and unpublished findings that refined and shaped these models. The data presentations were short, informal and heavy on discussion. The model worked well, the consortium was productive and the meetings catalyzed numerous collaborations and scores of high impact papers. The CLIC (less formally, the Bad Boys of Cleveland [1] has been meeting regularly since then. Consortium membership has expanded to include other investigators (some are listed in the presentations below. Whether the goal is to prevent the morbid complications of HIV infection, to understand the determinants of HIV persistence or the factors that protect from acquisition of infection, a more clear understanding of HIV immunopathogenesis is central. Here in this issue of Pathogens and Immunity is a brief summary of the most recent CLIC//BBC meeting held in Cleveland in March 2017.

  7. Determinantes del estado de salud en un país en vía de desarrollo: resultados del caso colombiano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Ramírez


    Full Text Available El documento encuentra evidencia empírica sobre los determinantes del estado de salud en Colombia, después de la reforma de 1993. El artículo usa la teoría de Grossman y analiza, además de características individuales y socioeconómicas, variables institucionales del sector. Se usaron dos encuestas para los años 1997 y 2000, las cuales cuentan con una medida subjetiva del estado de salud y con información sobre el tipo de afiliación. Se uso modelo econométrico Probit ordenado. Los resultados muestran una relación entre variables individuales, socioeconómicas, e institucionales con el estado de salud de las personas. Finalmente, aunque el tipo de afiliación al sistema parece aumentar las desigualdades en el estado de salud, se cumple el objetivo de enfocar la cobertura en sectores poblacionales vulnerables.

  8. Economic growth and the demand for dietary quality: Evidence from Russia during transition. (United States)

    Burggraf, Christine; Teuber, Ramona; Brosig, Stephan; Glauben, Thomas


    The increasing incidence of nutrition-related chronic diseases worldwide has raised people's awareness of dietary quality. Most existing studies on the topic of changing nutrition patterns measure dietary quality by single macronutrient indicators or anthropometric outcomes. However, such an approach is often too narrow to provide a picture of overall dietary quality and is sometimes even misleading. This study contributes to the existing literature by taking into account that the analysis of dietary quality comprises two dimensions: the adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as the moderate intake of nutrients that increase the risk of chronic diseases. Thereby, we apply Grossman's health investment model to the analysis of the demand for dietary quality, explicitly addressing the different dimensions of dietary quality and the intertemporal character of health investments. We apply our approach to Russia using data from the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey from 1996 to 2008. Our results show that intake levels of vitamins and minerals as well as saturated and total fatty acids increased after 1998 along with economic recovery, while the intake of fiber decreased. Our econometric results imply an income elasticity of vitamins and minerals of 0.051, and an income elasticity of fats of 0.073. Overall, our results are in line with an ongoing nutrition transition in the Russian Federation, which is marked by decreasing deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, as well as the increasing consumption of fats with its accompanying negative health consequences. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. From appetite setpoint to appetition: 50years of ingestive behavior research. (United States)

    Sclafani, Anthony


    I review the main themes of my 50-year research career in ingestive behavior as a graduate student at the University of Chicago and a professor at the City University of New York. A seminar course with my Ph.D. mentor, S. P. Grossman, sparked my interest in the hypothalamic obesity syndrome. I developed a wire knife to dissect the neuropathways and the functional disorder responsible for the syndrome. An elevated appetite setpoint that permitted the overconsumption of palatable foods appeared central to the hypothalamic syndrome. In brain-intact rats, providing an assortment of highly palatable foods (the cafeteria diet) stimulated diet-induced obesity that mimicked elements of hypothalamic obesity. Studies of the determinants of food palatability led to the discovery of a "new" carbohydrate taste (maltodextrin taste) and the confirmation of a fatty taste. In addition to oral taste receptors, gut nutrient sensors stimulated the intake/preference for carbohydrate- and fat-rich foods via an appetition process that stimulates brain reward systems. My research career greatly benefited from many diligent and creative students, collaborators and technicians and research support from my university and the National Institutes of Health. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Curva ambiental de Kuznets e desenvolvimento econômico sustentável

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronaldo A. Arraes


    Full Text Available A motivação deste artigo se baseia na controvérsia existente na literatura recente sobre crescimento econômico, desenvolvimento sustentável e proteção ambiental, gerada a partir da evidência empírica mostrada inicialmente por Grossman e Krueger (1995, 1996, onde a relação entre PIB per capita e emissão de poluentes toma a forma de um U-invertido, denominada na literatura como Curva Ambiental de Kuznets (CAK. Este artigo se distingue por contribuir com a explicação de fatores ligados ao desenvolvimento econômico. Como essa relação tem sido recentemente contestada, muitas interpretações estruturais da CAK têm permanecido fortemente sob o amparo ad hoc. A questão sobre tal fato estilizado é se o crescimento econômico gera por si só uma proteção automática ao meio ambiente, vis a vis ao desenvolvimento sustentável. A partir de dados em painel para países, verifica-se que as variáveis que denotam desenvolvimento sustentável apresentam uma relação fraca com o PIB per capita, quanto a sua representação para uma CAK. Há evidências para curvas ambientais com formato cúbico, indicando que o fenômeno pode ser cíclico, rejeitando-se assim as CAK originais, além de todos os indicadores de desenvolvimento selecionados apontarem para divergências entre países, exceção apenas para o indicador relacionado à educação.The motivation of this article bases on the controversy in the recent literature about economic growth, sustainable development and environmental protection, started with the empirical evidences presented by Grossman and Krueger (1995, 1996, where the relationship between per capita GDP and emission of pollutants takes the shape of an inverted-U, denominated in the literature as Environmental Kuznets Curves (EKC. This article differs from others by contributing with further explanation stemming from economic development indicators. Despite being contested by many authors, several structural

  11. Dynamic Optimization and Conformity in Health Behavior and Life Enjoyment over the Life Cycle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hernan Daniel Bejarano


    Full Text Available This article examines individual and social influences on investments in health and enjoyment from immediate consumption. Our lab experiment mimics the problem of health investment over a lifetime (Grossman 1972a, 1972b. Incentives to find the appropriate expenditures on life enjoyment and health are given by making in each period come period a function of previous health investments. In order to model social effects in the experiment, we randomly assigned individuals to chat/observation groups. Groups were permitted to freely chat between repeated lifetimes. Two treatments were employed: In the Independent-rewards treatment, an individual’s rewards from investments in life enjoyment depend only on his choice and in the Interdependent-rewards treatment; rewards not only depend on an individual’s choices but also on their similarity to the choices of the others in their group, generating a premium on conformity. The principal hypothesis is that gains from conformity increase variance in health behavior among groups and can lead to suboptimal performance. We tested three predictions and each was supported by the data: the Interdependent-rewards treatment 1 decreased within-group variance, 2 increased between-group variance, and 3 increased the likelihood of behavior far from the optimum with respect to the dynamic problem. We also test and find support for a series of subsidiary hypotheses. We found: 4 Subjects engaged in helpful chat in both treatments; 5 there was significant heterogeneity among both subjects and groups in chat frequencies; and 6 chat was most common early in the experiment, and 7 the interdependent rewards treatment increased strategic chat frequency. Incentives for conformity appear to promote prosocial behavior, but also increase variance among groups, leading to convergence on suboptimal strategies for some groups. We discuss these results in light of the growing literature focusing on social networks and health outcomes.

  12. Neural changes in periapical lesions after systemic steroids in the ferret. (United States)

    Holland, G R


    This study was intended to clarify the relationship between the neural changes which occur around the apex of the ferret canine after pulpectomy and the inflammatory process induced by the procedure. In 12 young adult ferrets, under general anesthesia, the pulps in the mandibular canine teeth were removed and replaced with gutta percha and Grossman's sealer. Six of the animals were treated with dexamethasone to reduce the inflammatory response. Three months later, the animals, again under general anesthesia, were perfused with a fixative mixture. Three unoperated animals that had not been treated with dexamethasone were also perfused. The mandibular canine teeth and their supporting tissues were removed, processed, and serially sectioned. Three-dimensional reconstructions of the periapical lesions in each animal were assembled and their volumes measured. The density of innervation in the periapical region was estimated. The mean lesion volume in the pulpectomized animals not treated with dexamethasone was 3.54 (+/- 2.27) mm3 and in the dexamethasone-treated animals 1.33 (+/- 1.31) mm3. The differences were statistically significant when tested by the Mann-Whitney U test (p lesions. The innervation density beneath the canines in the pulpectomized animals not treated with dexamethasone was 164 units per mm2 (+/- 80) and in the steroid-treated animals 151 +/- 68 units per mm2. In the control, untreated animals, the innervation density was 22 +/- 10 units per mm2. The difference between the steroid-treated pulpectomized animals and the untreated pulpectomized animals was not statistically significant (p > 0.5).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clayton, Donald D., E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Clemson University, Clemson, SC (United States)


    I present analytic approximations for some issues related to condensation of graphite, TiC, and silicon carbide in oxygen-rich cores of supernovae of Type II. Increased understanding, which mathematical analysis can support, renders researchers more receptive to condensation in O-rich supernova gases. Taking SN 1987A as typical, my first analysis shows why the abundance of CO molecules reaches an early maximum in which free carbon remains more abundant than CO. This analysis clarifies why O-rich gas cannot oxidize C if {sup 56}Co radioactivity is as strong as in SN 1987A. My next analysis shows that the CO abundance could be regarded as being in chemical equilibrium if the CO molecule is given an effective binding energy rather than its laboratory dissociation energy. The effective binding energy makes the thermal dissociation rate of CO equal to its radioactive dissociation rate. This preserves possible relevance for the concept of chemical equilibrium. My next analysis shows that the observed abundances of CO and SiO molecules in SN 1987A rule out frequent suggestions that equilibrium condensation of SUNOCONs has occurred following atomic mixing of the He-burning shell with more central zones in such a way as to reproduce roughly the observed spectrum of isotopes in SUNOCONs while preserving C/O > 1. He atoms admixed along with the excess carbon would destroy CO and SiO molecules, leaving their observed abundances unexplained. The final analysis argues that a chemical quasiequilibrium among grains (but not gas) may exist approximately during condensation, so that its computational use is partially justified as a guide to which mineral phases would be stable against reactions with gas. I illustrate this point with quasiequilibrium calculations by Ebel and Grossman that have shown that graphite is stable even when O/C >1 if prominent molecules are justifiably excluded from the calculation of chemical equilibrium.

  14. Entrevista com Irineu Franco Perpétuo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréa Cesco


    Full Text Available Irineu Franco Perpétuo é jornalista, natural de São Paulo. Em 2006, já com 12 anos de profissão, começa suas primeiras traduções, sem abandonar seu trabalho como jornalista, crítico e autor de livros teóricos especializado em música erudita, áreas que se cruzarão constantemente em sua vida profissional. A fluência em tantas línguas, aliada a sua expertise na área da música, fizeram com que se tornasse tradutor de textos jornalísticos em inglês para a Revista Concerto e de libretos de ópera do italiano e do alemão para o Teatro Municipal de São Paulo. Já no campo literário, suas traduções são fundamentalmente de textos russos, ora escolhidos por ele, ora solicitados por editoras. Seu mais recente trabalho na área foi a publicação do livro Memórias de Um Caçador, de Ivan Turguêniev, editado em 2013 pela Editora 34, sendo essa a 6ª tradução de diferentes autores russos como Púchkin, Maiakóvski, Tchékhov e Grossman. No caso desse último, o romance Vida e destino, publicado pela Editora Alfaguara em 2014, foi indicado ao prêmio Jabuti de tradução em 2015, e a coletânea A Estrada tem sua tradução ainda no prelo, também pela Editora Alfaguara.

  15. Health Status and Health Dynamics in an Empirical Model of Expected Longevity* (United States)

    Benítez-Silva, Hugo; Ni, Huan


    Expected longevity is an important factor influencing older individuals’ decisions such as consumption, savings, purchase of life insurance and annuities, claiming of Social Security benefits, and labor supply. It has also been shown to be a good predictor of actual longevity, which in turn is highly correlated with health status. A relatively new literature on health investments under uncertainty, which builds upon the seminal work by Grossman (1972), has directly linked longevity with characteristics, behaviors, and decisions by utility maximizing agents. Our empirical model can be understood within that theoretical framework as estimating a production function of longevity. Using longitudinal data from the Health and Retirement Study, we directly incorporate health dynamics in explaining the variation in expected longevities, and compare two alternative measures of health dynamics: the self-reported health change, and the computed health change based on self-reports of health status. In 38% of the reports in our sample, computed health changes are inconsistent with the direct report on health changes over time. And another 15% of the sample can suffer from information losses if computed changes are used to assess changes in actual health. These potentially serious problems raise doubts regarding the use and interpretation of the computed health changes and even the lagged measures of self-reported health as controls for health dynamics in a variety of empirical settings. Our empirical results, controlling for both subjective and objective measures of health status and unobserved heterogeneity in reporting, suggest that self-reported health changes are a preferred measure of health dynamics. PMID:18187217

  16. Factors Considered by Elementary Teachers When Developing and Modifying Mathematical Tasks to Support Children's Mathematical Thinking (United States)

    Fredenberg, Michael Duane

    The idea that problems and tasks play a pivotal role in a mathematics lesson has a long standing in mathematics education research. Recent calls for teaching reform appeal for training teachers to better understand how students learn mathematics and to employ students' mathematical thinking as the basis for pedagogy (CCSSM, 2010; NCTM, 2000; NRC 1999). The teaching practices of (a) developing a task for a mathematics lesson and, (b) modifying the task for students while enacting the lesson fit within the scope of supporting students' mathematical thinking. Surprisingly, an extensive search of the literature did not yield any research aimed to identify and refine the constituent parts of the aforementioned teaching practices in the manner called for by Grossman and xiii colleagues (2009). Consequently, my research addresses the two questions: (a) what factors do exemplary elementary teachers consider when developing a task for a mathematics lesson? (b) what factors do they consider when they modify a task for a student when enacting a lesson? I conducted a multiple case study involving three elementary teachers, each with extensive training in the area of Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), as well as several years experience teaching mathematics following the principles of CGI (Carpenter et al., 1999). I recorded video of three mathematics lessons with each participant and after each lesson I conducted a semi-structured stimulated recall interview. A subsequent follow-up clinical interview was conducted soon thereafter to further explore the teacher's thoughts (Ginsberg, 1997). In addition, my methodology included interjecting myself at select times during a lesson to ask the teacher to explain her reasoning. Qualitative analysis led to a framework that identified four categories of influencing factors and seven categories of supporting objectives for the development of a task. Subsets of these factors and objectives emerged as particularly relevant when the

  17. Fertility results using bovine semen cryopreserved with extenders based on egg yolk and soy bean extract. (United States)

    van Wagtendonk-de Leeuw, A M; Haring, R M; Kaal-Lansbergen, L M; den Daas, J H


    Semen extenders containing components such as egg yolk and skim milk are difficult to standardize and they introduce the risk of microbial contamination. A well-defined extender not originating from animal tissues would present a valuable contribution to the AI industry. We evaluated the fertility of bovine semen cryopreserved with 3 different extenders: 1) TRIS-Standard, prepared at 2 local AI laboratories, containing 20% (v/v) pasteurized egg yolk, 2) TRIS-Concentrate, prepared by adding 20% (v/v) pasteurized egg yolk and 1:5 (v/v) nonpyrogenic water, and 3) Biociphos Plus, a soybean extract containing extender, prepared by adding 1:5 nonpyrogenic water. Ejaculates of 4 Holstein bulls were split into 3 aliquots and cryopreserved with the 3 extenders. Prior to this study, the semen dose-response curve for each of the 4 bulls was developed in a field trial by freezing the semen and randomly distributing the straws throughout the Netherlands for insemination. Optimal semen doses were thus established to detect the effect of extenders on fertility, evaluated by 56-day non-return rate (NR56), and by the estimated conception rate and the calving rate, given a conception. We used the multiphasic model developed by Grossman et al. (7). A total of 22,246 first and second inseminations were recorded. The NR56 ranged among bulls from 67.0 to 70.1% for Tris-Standard, from 67.5 to 69.9% for Tris-Concentrate and from 60.2 to 66.7% for Biociphos Plus. No significant differences in NR56 were detected between Tris-Standard and Tris-Concentrate (P=0.54), whereas Biociphos Plus resulted in a significantly lower NR56 than Tris-Standard and Tris-Concentrate (P<0.05). Estimated conception rate was 72.1, 73.6 and 69.6% and estimated calving rate, given a conception was 80.6, 78.3 and 77.1 for Tris-Standard, Tris-Concentrate and Biociphos Plus, respectively. These results indicate that 1) semen extended with a custom made TRIS-Concentrate can be succesfully used in the field resulting

  18. Reviews of recent publications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Culture and Theory Conley, Verena Andermatt, ed. Rethinking Technologies by Laurence M. Porter Leitch, Vincent B. Cultural Criticism, Literary Theory, Poststructuralism by Merry M. Pawlowski French Studies Bersani, Leo and Ulysse Dutoit. Arts of Impoverishment: Beckett, Rothko, Resnais by Thomas Trezise Boldt-Irons, Leslie Anne. On Bataille: Critical Essays by Walter A. Strauss Deleuze, Gilles. Negotiations . Trans. Martin Joughin by Charles J. Stivale Fisher, Dominique D. Staging of Language and Language(s of the Stage: Mallarmé's poëme critique and Artaud's poetry-minus-text by Maryse Fauvel Goodall, Jane. Artaud and the Gnostic Drama by Claudine G. Fisher Lydon, Mary. Skirting the Issue: Essays in Literary Theory by Carol J. Murphy German Studies Barnouw, Dagmar. Critical Realism: History, Photography, and the Work of Siegfried Kracauer by Florence Martin Pfandl-Buchegger, Ingrid. David Lodge als Literaturkritiker, Theoretiker and Romanautor by Charles A. Grair Samuels, Clarise. Holocaust Visions: Surrealism and Existentialism in the Poetry of Paul Celan by Francis Michael Sharp Stefan, Verena. Shedding and Literally Dreaming. Shedding. Trans. Johanna Steigleder Moore and Beth E. Weckmueller; Literally Dreaming . Trans. Johanna Albert and Tobe Levin; "Euphoria and Cacophony." Trans. and Afterword Tobe Levin by Miriam Frank Stern, J.P. The Dear Purchase: A Theme in German Modernism by Theodore Ziolkowski Russian Studies Berry, Ellen E. and Anesa Miller-Pogacer, eds. Re-Entering the Sign: Articulating New Russian Culture by Rolf Hellebust Erlich, Victor. Modernism and Revolution: Russian Literature in Transition by Henry Elbaum Hohne, Karen and Helen Wussow, eds. A Dialogue of Voices: Feminist Literary Theory and Bakhtin by Laura Beraha Masing-Delic, Irene. Abolishing Death: A Salvation Myth of Russian Twentieth-Century Literature by Rolf Hellebust Paperno, Irina and Joan Delaney Grossman, eds. Creating Life: The Aesthetic Utopia of Russian

  19. Practicing the practice: Learning to guide elementary science discussions in a practice-oriented science methods course (United States)

    Shah, Ashima Mathur

    University methods courses are often criticized for telling pre-service teachers, or interns, about the theories behind teaching instead of preparing them to actually enact teaching. Shifting teacher education to be more "practice-oriented," or to focus more explicitly on the work of teaching, is a current trend for re-designing the way we prepare teachers. This dissertation addresses the current need for research that unpacks the shift to more practice-oriented approaches by studying the content and pedagogical approaches in a practice-oriented, masters-level elementary science methods course (n=42 interns). The course focused on preparing interns to guide science classroom discussions. Qualitative data, such as video records of course activities and interns' written reflections, were collected across eight course sessions. Codes were applied at the sentence and paragraph level and then grouped into themes. Five content themes were identified: foregrounding student ideas and questions, steering discussion toward intended learning goals, supporting students to do the cognitive work, enacting teacher role of facilitator, and creating a classroom culture for science discussions. Three pedagogical approach themes were identified. First, the teacher educators created images of science discussions by modeling and showing videos of this practice. They also provided focused teaching experiences by helping interns practice the interactive aspects of teaching both in the methods classroom and with smaller groups of elementary students in schools. Finally, they structured the planning and debriefing phases of teaching so interns could learn from their teaching experiences and prepare well for future experiences. The findings were analyzed through the lens of Grossman and colleagues' framework for teaching practice (2009) to reveal how the pedagogical approaches decomposed, represented, and approximated practice throughout course activities. Also, the teacher educators

  20. Nevada Test Site, 2006 Waste Management Monitoring Report, Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    David B. Hudson


    Environmental monitoring data were collected at and around the Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites (RWMSs) at the Nevada Test Site. These data are associated with radiation exposure, air, groundwater, meteorology, vadose zone, subsidence, and biota. This report summarizes the 2006 environmental data to provide an overall evaluation of RWMS performance and to support environmental compliance and performance assessment (PA) activities. Some of these data (e.g., radiation exposure, air, and groundwater) are presented in other reports (U.S. Department of Energy, 2006; Warren and Grossman, 2007; National Security Technologies, LLC, 2007). Direct radiation monitoring data indicate that exposure levels around the RWMSs are at or below background levels. Air monitoring data at the Area 3 and Area 5 RWMSs indicate that tritium concentrations are slightly above background levels. There is no detectable man-made radioactivity by gamma spectroscopy, and concentrations of americium and plutonium are only slightly above detection limits at the Area 3 RWMS. Measurements at the Area 5 RWMS show that radon flux from waste covers is no higher than natural radon flux from undisturbed soil in Area 5. Groundwater monitoring data indicate that the groundwater in the uppermost aquifer beneath the Area 5 RWMS is not impacted by facility operations. Precipitation during 2006 totaled 98.6 millimeters (mm) (3.9 inches [in.]) at the Area 3 RWMS and 80.7 mm (3.2 in.) at the Area 5 RWMS. Soil-gas tritium monitoring continues to show slow subsurface migration consistent with previous results. Moisture from precipitation at Area 5 remains at the bottom of the bare-soil weighing lysimeter, but this same moisture has been removed from the vegetated weighing lysimeter by evapotranspiration. Vadose zone data from the operational waste pit covers show that evaporation continues to slowly remove soil moisture that came from the heavy precipitation in the fall of 2004 and the spring of

  1. Nevada Test Site 2005 Waste Management Monitoring Report Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    David B. Hudson, Cathy A. Wills


    Environmental monitoring data were collected at and around the Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites (RWMSs) at the Nevada Test Site. These data are associated with radiation exposure, air, groundwater, meteorology, vadose zone, subsidence, and biota. This report summarizes the 2005 environmental data to provide an overall evaluation of RWMS performance and to support environmental compliance and performance assessment activities. Some of these data (e.g., radiation exposure, air, and groundwater) are presented in other reports (U.S. Department of Energy, 2005; Grossman, 2005; Bechtel Nevada, 2006). Direct radiation monitoring data indicate that exposure levels around the RWMSs are at or below background levels. Air monitoring data at the Area 3 and Area 5 RWMSs indicate that tritium concentrations are slightly above background levels. There is no detectable man-made radioactivity by gamma spectroscopy, and concentrations of americium and plutonium are only slightly above detection limits at the Area 3 RWMS. Measurements at the Area 5 RWMS show that radon flux from waste covers is no higher than natural radon flux from undisturbed soil in Area 5. Groundwater monitoring data indicate that the groundwater in the uppermost aquifer beneath the Area 5 RWMS is not impacted by facility operations. Precipitation during 2005 totaled 219.1 millimeters (mm) (8.63 inches [in.]) at the Area 3 RWMS and 201.4 mm (7.93 in.) at the Area 5 RWMS. Soil-gas tritium monitoring continues to show slow subsurface migration consistent with previous results. Moisture from precipitation at Area 5 has percolated to the bottom of the bare-soil weighing lysimeter, but this same moisture has been removed from the vegetated weighing lysimeter by evapotranspiration. Vadose zone data from the operational waste pit covers show that precipitation from the fall of 2004 and the spring of 2005 infiltrated past the deepest sensors at 188 centimeters (6.2 feet) and remains in the pit cover

  2. Effect of melatonin on nocturnal blood pressure: meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laudon M


    Full Text Available Ehud Grossman1,4, Moshe Laudon2, Nava Zisapel2,31Department of Internal Medicine D and Hypertension Unit, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel; 2Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel and 3Department of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel; 4Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, IsraelBackground: Patients with nocturnal hypertension are at higher risk for cardiovascular complications such as myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular insult. Published studies inconsistently reported decreases in nocturnal blood pressure with melatonin.Methods: A meta-analysis of the efficacy and safety of exogenous melatonin in ameliorating nocturnal blood pressure was performed using a random effects model of all studies fitting the inclusion criteria, with subgroup analysis of fast-release versus controlled-release preparations.Results: Seven trials (three of controlled-release and four of fast-release melatonin with 221 participants were included. Meta-analysis of all seven studies did not reveal significant effects of melatonin versus placebo on nocturnal blood pressure. However, subgroup analysis revealed that controlled-release melatonin significantly reduced nocturnal blood pressure whereas fast-release melatonin had no effect. Systolic blood pressure decreased significantly with controlled-release melatonin (-6.1 mmHg; 95% confidence interval [CI] -10.7 to -1.5; P = 0.009 but not fast-release melatonin (-0.3 mmHg; 95% CI -5.9 to 5.30; P = 0.92. Diastolic blood pressure also decreased significantly with controlled-release melatonin (-3.5 mmHg; 95% CI -6.1 to -0.9; P = 0.009 but not fast-release melatonin (-0.2 mmHg; 95% CI -3.8 to 3.3; P = 0.89. No safety concerns were raised.Conclusion: Add-on controlled-release melatonin to antihypertensive therapy is effective and safe in ameliorating nocturnal hypertension, whereas fast-release melatonin is ineffective. It is necessary

  3. Limitations of using synthetic blood clots for measuring in vitro clot capture efficiency of inferior vena cava filters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robinson RA


    Full Text Available Ronald A Robinson, Luke H Herbertson, Srilekha Sarkar Das, Richard A Malinauskas, William F Pritchard, Laurence W GrossmanOffice of Science and Engineering Laboratories, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, US Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD, USAAbstract: The purpose of this study was first to evaluate the clot capture efficiency and capture location of six currently-marketed vena cava filters in a physiological venous flow loop, using synthetic polyacrylamide hydrogel clots, which were intended to simulate actual blood clots. After observing a measured anomaly for one of the test filters, we redirected the focus of the study to identify the cause of poor clot capture performance for large synthetic hydrogel clots. We hypothesized that the uncharacteristic low clot capture efficiency observed when testing the outlying filter can be attributed to the inadvertent use of dense, stiff synthetic hydrogel clots, and not as a result of the filter design or filter orientation. To study this issue, sheep blood clots and polyacrylamide (PA synthetic clots were injected into a mock venous flow loop containing a clinical inferior vena cava (IVC filter, and their captures were observed. Testing was performed with clots of various diameters (3.2, 4.8, and 6.4 mm, length-to-diameter ratios (1:1, 3:1, 10:1, and stiffness. By adjusting the chemical formulation, PA clots were fabricated to be soft, moderately stiff, or stiff with elastic moduli of 805 ± 2, 1696 ± 10 and 3295 ± 37 Pa, respectively. In comparison, the elastic moduli for freshly prepared sheep blood clots were 1690 ± 360 Pa. The outlying filter had a design that was characterized by peripheral gaps (up to 14 mm between its wire struts. While a low clot capture rate was observed using large, stiff synthetic clots, the filter effectively captured similarly sized sheep blood clots and soft PA clots. Because the stiffer synthetic clots remained straight when approaching the

  4. Influence of the sealer and a plug in coronal leakage after post space preparation Influência do cimento obturador e de um "plug" na infiltração coronária após preparo para pino

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Holland


    Full Text Available The subject of this paper was to conduct an in vitro study of the coronal leakage after root canal filling and post space preparation. One hundred single-rooted human teeth had their crowns removed and the canals prepared and filled by the lateral condensation technique with gutta-percha points and the sealers CRCS and Endofill (a Grossman cement. After post space preparation, the remainder of the filling was protected or not with 1mm of a plug of the following materials: Coltosol, Super Bonder (cyanoacrylate-ester, CRCS and Endofill. After 24 hours in saline, the specimens were immersed in a 2% methylene blue solution in a vacuum environment for 24 hours. The teeth were then sectioned longitudinally, leakage was evaluated linearly and the obtained data were submitted to the Kruskal-Wallis test. The results with the two sealers studied were similar between themselves and worse (pO objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar "in vitro" a infiltração marginal coronária após obturação de canal e preparo para pino, empregando-se ou não um "plug" protetor. Cem dentes humanos unirradiculares extraídos tiveram suas coroas removidas, e os canais preparados biomecanicamente e obturados pela técnica da condensação lateral com cones de guta-percha e os cimentos CRCS e Endofill. Após preparo para pino, os remanescentes das obturações foram ou não protegidos por 1 mm de um "plug" dos seguintes materiais: Coltosol, Super Bonder, CRCS e Endofill. Após permanecerem 24 horas em soro fisiológico, os espécimes foram imersos em solução de azul de metileno a 2%, em ambiente com vácuo, por 24 horas. Os dentes foram então seccionados longitudinalmente, as infiltrações marginais mensuradas linearmente, e os dados obtidos submetidos à análise de variância e teste de Kruskal-Wallis. Os resultados com os 2 cimentos estudados foram semelhantes entre si e piores (ñ<0,01 do que os grupos com "plugs" protetores. A análise estatística ordenou os grupos

  5. The Effects of Agricultural Raw Product Exports on Environment Quality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    hosein mohammadi


    Full Text Available Introduction: The relationship between openness, trade and environmental damaging are the most important problems in the early 1990s. Some scientists assume the environmental quality is a normal good and increasing income increases demand for environmentally safe products. Therefore, Firms will be encouraging the using of safer and less polluting procedure. On the other hand other scientists assume international trade grows the environmental degradation through environmentally polluting industries and expand economics scales in developing countries. While environmental standards are low in these countries, the expansion of trade will lead to more pollution. Some experimental studies have confirmed a negative relationship between trade and environment. The effect of import and export of trade is not considered as important components of trade, despite very consideration of the relationship between openness, trade and environmental by researchers while in general part trade may have different effect on environmental. Materials and Methods: The base model is used to study the relationship between economic growth and environmental indexes and trade. Grossman and Krueger (1991 and Shafik and Bandvpady (1992 used the trade intensity variable, obtained from the ratio of exports plus imports divided by GDP as the World Trade openness of an economy measure. Grossman and Krueger (1991, the first person who developed environmental Kuznets curve (EKC used multiple versions of the model. Instrumental variable regression model has been estimated using panel data of period 1998 and 2009 for 73 countries, including 27 development countries and 46 developing countries. Countries with more than 0.9 Human Development Index eligible as developed countries and countries by Human Development Index between 0.7 to 0.9 considered as developing countries., based on the standard international trade classification. For exports of agricultural raw materials, 5

  6. Guidelines for Authors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdullah Demir


    L., Jodi A. Quas, and Gail S. Goodman, eds. Memory and Suggestibility in the Forensic Interview. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2002. d Translation1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera, trans. Edith Grossman (London: Cape, 1988, 242–55.2. Marquez, Cholera, 33.Bibliography: Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Love in the Time of Cholera. Translated by Edith Grossman. London: Cape, 1988. e Chapter or Other Part of a Book1. John D. Kelly, “Seeing Red: Mao Fetishism, Pax Americana, and the Moral Economy of War,” in Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency, ed. John D. Kelly et al (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010, 77.2. Kelly, “Seeing Red,” 81–82.Bibliography: Kelly, John D. “Seeing Red: Mao Fetishism, Pax Americana, and the Moral Economy of War.” In Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency, edited by John D. Kelly, Beatrice Jauregui, Sean T. Mitchell, and Jeremy Walton, 67–83. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010.   ARTICLEaPrinted1. Joshua I. Weinstein, “The Market in Plato’s Republic,” Classical Philology 104 (2009: 440.2. Weinstein, “Plato’s Republic,” 452–53.Bibliography: Weinstein, Joshua I. “The Market in Plato’s Republic.” Classical Philology 104 (2009: 439–58. b Online1. Gueorgi Kossinets and Duncan J. Watts, “Origins of Homophily in an Evolving Social Network”, American Journal of Sociology 115 (2009: 411, accessed February 28, 2010, doi:10.1086/599247.2. Kossinets and Watts, “Origins of Homophily,” 439. Bibliography: Kossinets, Gueorgi, and Duncan J. Watts. “Origins of Homophily in an Evolving Social Network.” American Journal of Sociology 115 (2009: 405–50. Accessed February 28, 2010. doi:10.1086/599247. ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRIESFor encylopedia entries, the author’s name and surname are written first. These are followed by the title of the entry in quotation marks, the full name of the encyclopedia, , the place and date of publication, its volume number and page numbers:1

  7. Calcic soils and calcretes in the southwestern United States (United States)

    Bachman, George Odell; Machette, Michael N.


    Secondary calcium carbonate of diverse origins, 'caliche' of many authors, is widespread in the southwestern United States. 'Caliche' includes various carbonates such as calcic soils and products of groundwater cementation. The term 'caliche' is generally avoided in this report in favor of such terms as calcrete, calcic soils, and pervasively cemented deposits. Criteria for the recognition of various types of calcrete of diverse origins include field relations and laboratory data. Calcic soils provide a comprehensive set of characteristics that aid in their recognition in the field. These characteristics include a distinctive morphology that is zoned horizontally and can frequently be traced over tens to hundreds of square kilometers. The major process in the formation of pedogenic calcrete and calic soils is the leaching of calcium carbonate from upper soil horizons by downward percolating soil solutions and reprecipitation of the carbonate in alluvial horizons near the base of the soil profile. The formation of pedogenic calcrete involves many factors including climate, source of carbonate, and tectonic stability of the geomorphic surface on which the calcrete is deposited. Most of the carbonate in pedogenic calcrete is probably derived from windblown sand, dust, and rain. Calcic soils and pedogenic calcretes follow a six-stage sequence morphologic development and is based on a classification devised by Gile, Peterson and Grossman in 1966. The .six morphologic stages of carbonate deposition in soils are related to the relative age of the soil and are as follows: I. The first or youngest stage includes filamentous or faint coatings of carbonate on detrital grains. II. The second stage includes pebble coatings which are continuous; firm carbonate nodules are few to common. III. The third stage includes coalesced nodules which occur in a friable or disseminated carbonate matrix. IV. The fourth stage includes platy, firmly cemented matrix which engulfs nodules

  8. New physics patterns in ε{sup ′}/ε and ε{sub K} with implications for rare kaon decays and ΔM{sub K}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buras, Andrzej J. [TUM Institute for Advanced Study, Lichtenbergstr. 2a, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Physik Department, TU München, James-Franck-Straße, D-85748 Garching (Germany)


    The Standard Model (SM) prediction for the ratio ε{sup ′}/ε appears to be significantly below the experimental data. Also ε{sub K} in the SM tends to be below the data. Any new physics (NP) removing these anomalies will first of all have impact on flavour observables in the K meson system, in particular on rare decays K{sup +}→π{sup +}νν̄, K{sub L}→π{sup 0}νν̄, K{sub L}→μ{sup +}μ{sup −} and K{sub L}→π{sup 0}ℓ{sup +}ℓ{sup −} and ΔM{sub K}. Restricting the operators contributing to ε{sup ′}/ε to the SM ones and to the corresponding primed operators, NP contributions to ε{sup ′}/ε are quite generally dominated either by QCD penguin (QCDP) operators Q{sub 6}(Q{sub 6}{sup ′}) or electroweak penguin (EWP) operators Q{sub 8}(Q{sub 8}{sup ′}) with rather different implications for other flavour observables. Our presentation includes general models with tree-level Z and Z{sup ′} flavour violating exchanges for which we summarize known results and add several new ones. We also briefly discuss few specific models. The correlations of ε{sup ′}/ε with other flavour observables listed above allow to differentiate between models in which ε{sup ′}/ε can be enhanced. Various DNA-tables are helpful in this respect. We find that simultaneous enhancements of ε{sup ′}/ε, ε{sub K}, B(K{sub L}→π{sup 0}νν̄) and B(K{sup +}→π{sup +}νν̄) in Z scenarios are only possible in the presence of both left-handed and right-handed flavour-violating couplings. In Z{sup ′} scenarios this is not required but the size of NP effects and the correlation between B(K{sub L}→π{sup 0}νν̄) and B(K{sup +}→π{sup +}νν̄) depends strongly on whether QCDP or EWP dominate NP contributions to ε{sup ′}/ε. In the QCDP case possible enhancements of both branching ratios are much larger than for EWP scenario and take place only on the branch parallel to the Grossman-Nir bound, which is in the case of EWP dominance only possible in the

  9. Radiation Physics for Personnel and Environmental Protection

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Cossairt, J.D.


    preparation and revision of these materials. Alex Elwyn deserves special recognition for his helpful advice during the initial preparation of this work and, indeed, during his entire distinguished career at Fermilab in which he, in so many ways, has been my scientific mentor. Nancy Grossman, Kamran Vaziri, and Vernon Cupps have provided me with very constructive criticism in connection with their assistance in presenting these materials to students in the USPAS. Others whose comments have been very helpful are David Boehnlein, Kathy Graden, Paul Kesich, and Elaine Marshall. William Griffing has supported my efforts in producing the present revision. The original version of this text was presented as part of a course taught at the session of the U. S. Particle Accelerator School held at Florida State University in January 1993. Subsequently, the material was further refined and presented as a course at Fermilab in the spring of 1993 and autumn of 1994. Later, the course was presented at the USPAS sessions held at Duke University in January 1995, at the University of California in January 1997, and at Vanderbilt University in January 1999. This fourth revision represents a compilation of the work of numerous people and it is hoped that the reference citations lead the reader to the original work of those individuals who have developed this field of applied physics. Over the years, I have been greatly .enriched to have been acquainted personally with many of these fine scientists. The problems supplied with each chapter were developed with the goal of promoting better understanding of the text

  10. I. T. - R. O. C. K. S. Comet Nuclei Sample Return Mission (United States)

    Dalcher, N.


    samples will be performed by touch and go manoeuvres and a penetrator device [10]. Solar arrays are used as energy source and additional cooling is required to keep the samples at low temperatures (Lisse C., Schultz P., Meech K. J., Delamere W. A. Icarus 187,4-15 (2007). [4] Simon S.B., Joswiak D.J., Ishii H.A., Bradley J.P., Chi M., Grossman L., Aléon J., Brownlee D.E., Fallon S., Hutcheon I.D., Matrajt G., Mckeegan K.D.: Refractory Inclusion Returned by Stardust from Comet P81/Wild 2. Meteoritics and Planetary Science (2007). [5] George D. Cody, Harald Ade, Conel M. O'D. Alexander, Tohru Araki, Anna Butterworth, Holger Fleckenstein, George Flynn, Mary K. Gilles, Chris Jacobsen, A.L. D. Kilcoyne, Keiko Messenger, Scott A. Sandford, Tolek Tyliszczak, Andrew J.Westphal4, Susan Wirick, and Hikaru Yabuta. Quantitative Organic and Light Element analysis of Comet 81P/Wild 2 particles using C-, N-, and O- µ-XANES, Meteoretics and Planetary Science: In Press. [6] Stern, S. et al. Alice: The Rosetta Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph. Space Science Reviews 128, 507-527 (2007). [7] Balsiger, H. et al. Rosina-Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis. Space Science Reviews 128, 745-801 (2007). [8] Colangeli, L. et al. The Grain Impact Analyser and Dust Accumulator (GIADA) Experiment for the Rosetta Mission: Design, Performances and First Results. Space Science Reviews 128, 803-821 (2007). [9] Yoshimitsu, T., Kubota, T., Nakatani, I., Adachi, T. & Saito, H. Micro-hopping robot for asteroid exploration. Acta Astronautica 52, 441-446 (2003). [10] Lorenz, R. et al. Demonstration of comet sample collection by penetrator. ESA SP-542, 387-393 (2003). [11] Küppers et al. Triple F—a comet nucleus sample return mission. Experimental Astronomy, Online First (2008).

  11. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


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  12. Group theoretical methods and wavelet theory: coorbit theory and applications (United States)

    Feichtinger, Hans G.


    Before the invention of orthogonal wavelet systems by Yves Meyer1 in 1986 Gabor expansions (viewed as discretized inversion of the Short-Time Fourier Transform2 using the overlap and add OLA) and (what is now perceived as) wavelet expansions have been treated more or less at an equal footing. The famous paper on painless expansions by Daubechies, Grossman and Meyer3 is a good example for this situation. The description of atomic decompositions for functions in modulation spaces4 (including the classical Sobolev spaces) given by the author5 was directly modeled according to the corresponding atomic characterizations by Frazier and Jawerth,6, 7 more or less with the idea of replacing the dyadic partitions of unity of the Fourier transform side by uniform partitions of unity (so-called BUPU's, first named as such in the early work on Wiener-type spaces by the author in 19808). Watching the literature in the subsequent two decades one can observe that the interest in wavelets "took over", because it became possible to construct orthonormal wavelet systems with compact support and of any given degree of smoothness,9 while in contrast the Balian-Low theorem is prohibiting the existence of corresponding Gabor orthonormal bases, even in the multi-dimensional case and for general symplectic lattices.10 It is an interesting historical fact that* his construction of band-limited orthonormal wavelets (the Meyer wavelet, see11) grew out of an attempt to prove the impossibility of the existence of such systems, and the final insight was that it was not impossible to have such systems, and in fact quite a variety of orthonormal wavelet system can be constructed as we know by now. Meanwhile it is established wisdom that wavelet theory and time-frequency analysis are two different ways of decomposing signals in orthogonal resp. non-orthogonal ways. The unifying theory, covering both cases, distilling from these two situations the common group theoretical background lead to the

  13. Becoming a science teacher: The competing pedagogies of schools and teacher education (United States)

    Rozelle, Jeffrey J.

    classroom or not. To explore this disproportionate influence, this study documented the differences between the school-based placements and teacher education. Three contrasts were described. First, in schools, interns received support and assistance in real-time from cooperating teachers as they taught, while in teacher education, interns received support in planning for and reflecting on instruction. Second, in schools, interns and cooperating teachers' work had a task-orientation in which they solved concrete and contextualized problems together, while teacher educators were oriented toward ideas about teaching that might be generalized beyond the immediate context of the intern. Finally, in schools, interns acted like teachers. This meant dressing like a teacher, learning to use their bodies and voice in authoritative ways, and managing the physical space of the classroom. In teacher education classrooms, interns returned to talk and learn about teaching but reacquired the persona of students in their dress, movements, and social interactions. This study confirms the literature's consistent finding about the importance of cooperating teacher in the development of a student teacher's practices. In describing the worlds of the school and teacher education, it suggests reasons why the field experience acts as an influential "pedagogy of enactment" (Grossman, Hammerness, & McDonald, 2009) and discusses the implications for teacher education pedagogy.

  14. Nevada Test Site 2007 Waste Management Monitoring Report Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    NSTec Environmental Management


    Environmental monitoring data were collected at and around the Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites (RWMSs) at the Nevada Test Site. These data are associated with radiation exposure, air, groundwater, meteorology, vadose zone, subsidence, and biota. This report summarizes the 2007 environmental data to provide an overall evaluation of RWMS performance and to support environmental compliance and performance assessment (PA) activities. Some of these data (e.g., radiation exposure, air, and groundwater) are presented in other reports (National Security Technologies, LLC, 2007a; 2008; Warren and Grossman, 2008). Direct radiation monitoring data indicate exposure levels at the RWMSs are at background levels. Air monitoring data at the Area 3 and Area 5 RWMSs indicate that tritium concentrations are slightly above background levels. A single gamma spectroscopy measurement for cesium was slightly above the minimum detectable concentration, and concentrations of americium and plutonium are only slightly above detection limits at the Area 3 RWMS. The measured levels of radionuclides in air particulates are below derived concentration guides for these radionuclides. Radon flux from waste covers is well below regulatory limits. Groundwater monitoring data indicate that the groundwater in the uppermost aquifer beneath the Area 5 RWMS is not impacted by facility operations. The 136.8 millimeters (mm) (5.39 inches [in.]) of precipitation at the Area 3 RWMS during 2007 is 13 percent below the average of 158.1 mm (6.22 in.), and the 123.8 mm (4.87 in.) of precipitation at the Area 5 RWMS during 2007 is 6 percent below the average of 130.7 mm (5.15 in.). Soil-gas tritium monitoring at borehole GCD-05U continues to show slow subsurface migration consistent with previous results. Water balance measurements indicate that evapotranspiration from the vegetated weighing lysimeter dries the soil and prevents downward movement percolation of precipitation more effectively

  15. Reliability and Validity of the Telephone-Based eHealth Literacy Scale Among Older Adults: Cross-Sectional Survey. (United States)

    Stellefson, Michael; Paige, Samantha R; Tennant, Bethany; Alber, Julia M; Chaney, Beth H; Chaney, Don; Grossman, Suzanne


    captured 3 factors (or subscales) to measure eHealth literacy in older adults; however, statistically significant correlations between these 3 factors suggest an overarching unidimensional structure with 3 underlying dimensions. As older adults continue to use the Internet more frequently to find and evaluate health information, it will be important to consider modifying the original eHEALS to adequately measure societal shifts in online health information seeking among aging populations. ©Michael Stellefson, Samantha R Paige, Bethany Tennant, Julia M Alber, Beth H Chaney, Don Chaney, Suzanne Grossman. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 26.10.2017.

  16. Potential For Stratospheric Ozone Depletion During Carboniferous (United States)

    Bill, M.; Goldstein, A. H.

    . This interpretation is coherent with higher productivity as a result of an increasing nutrient transfer from the continent to the ocean which occurs during cold and humid climates. We have estimated the effective amount of active chlorine and bromine released to the atmosphere by an increase of the paleobiological production needed to cause ozone depletion. This estimation indicates that the threshold for the onset of ozone strato- spheric depletion is reached if the current day natural source is increased by a factor 2. It is also likely that some of the major methyl halide loss processes such as hydolysis in the ocean and soil uptake were inhibited by lower temperatures, resulting in higher atmospheric concentrations. The increase of methyl halide, by biological sources and 1 the polar conditons in south pole, are compatible with a possible paleoozone layer depletion. Together ozone layer depletion with cold temperatures could be the factors which triggered the mid-Carboniferous (Serpukhovian) extinction. References: Bruckschen, P. ,Oesmann, S.., Veizer, J., 1999. Isotope stratigraphy of the European Carboneferous: Proxy signals for ocean chemistry, climate and tectonics, Chem. Geol., 161, 127-163. Falcon-Lang, H.J., 2000. Fire ecology of the Carbonifer- ous tropical zone, Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol., 164, 355-371. Mii, H.S., Grossman, E.L., Yancey, T.E., 1999. Carboniferous isotope stratigraphies of North America: implications for Carboniferous paleoceanography and Mississippian glacia- tion, Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 111, 960-973. 2

  17. Expansion Formulation of General Relativity: the Gauge Functions for Energy-Momentum Tensor (United States)

    Beloushko, Konstantin; Karbanovski, Valeri

    , that the problem consist not in a existence of the GF energy, and in it localization which is forbidden by an equivalence principle. We shall consider the possibility for generalization of transformation (ref{GrindEQ__1_3_}) on the Riemann space-time for EMT satisfying a condition (ref{GrindEQ__1_1_}). This problem reduce to construction of tensor h(ikl) which will be consistent with a constraint (ref{GrindEQ__1_4_}) and with requirement begin{equation} ⪉bel{GrindEQ__2_1_} h^{ikl} _{;l;k} =0. For such EMT a following transformation is permissible begin{equation} ⪉bel{GrindEQ__2_2_} T^{ik} to tilde{T}^{ik} =T^{ik} +h^{ikl} _{;l} , which not violate the property (ref{GrindEQ__1_1_}). As begin{equation} ⪉bel{GrindEQ__2_3_} h^{ikl} _{;l;k} =frac{1}{2} left(h^{ikl} -h^{ilk} right)_{;l;k} =frac{1}{2} R^{i} _{mlk} h^{mlk} , then from (ref{GrindEQ__2_1_}) it is follows begin{equation} ⪉bel{GrindEQ__2_4_} R^{i} _{mlk} h^{mlk} =0. For a flat space-time the last condition is reduced to identity (i.e. R(i) _{klm} =0). Therefore the requirement (ref{GrindEQ__2_4_}) can be interpreted as a ``Riemann's constraint'' for h(ikl) . References begin{enumerate} A. Einstein and M. Grossman - Z. Math. und Phys., 1913, B62, s.225. L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz. The Classical Theory of Fields - New York, Pergamon, 1994. W. Pauli, A. Sommerfeld. Theory of Relativity - New York, Pergamon, 1985. D. Gilbert - Göttingen Nachrichten, 4 (1917) 4. A.A. Logunov “Lectures on the relativity and gravity theory”, N.P. Konopleva, V.N. Popov. The gauge field - Moscow, Atomizdat, 1988. (in Russian) V.A. Fock. The Theory of Space, Time and Gravitation - London, Pergamon, 1959. Ch. Misner, Kip S. Thorne, Jh. A. Wheeler. Gravitation. - San Francisco, W.H. Freeman and Company, 1973.

  18. Modeling and Forecast Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD using Combination Support Vector Machine with Wavelet Transform

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abazar Solgi


    given from Fourier transform that was introduced in the nineteenth-century. Overall, concept of wavelet transform for current theory was presented by Morlet and a team under the supervision of Alex Grossman at the Research Center for Theoretical Physics Marcel in France. After the parameters decomposition using wavelet analysis and using principal component analysis (PCA, the main components were determined. These components are then used as input to the support vector machine model to obtain a hybrid model of Wavelet-SVM (WSVM. For this study, a series of monthly of BOD in Karun River in Molasani station and auxiliary variables dissolved oxygen (DO, temperature and monthly river flow in a 13 years period (2002-2014 were used. Results and Discussion: To run the SVM model, seven different combinations were evaluated. Combination 6 which was contained of 4 parameters including BOD, dissolved oxygen (DO, temperature and monthly river flow with a time lag have best performance. The best structure had RMSE equal to 0.0338 and the coefficient of determination equal to 0.84. For achieving the results of the WSVM, the wavelet transform and input parameters were decomposed to sub-signal, then this sub-signals were studied with Principal component analysis (PCA method and important components were entered as inputs to SVM model to obtain the hybrid model WSVM. After numerous run this program in certain modes and compare them with each other, the results was obtained. One of the key points about the choice of the mother wavelet is the time series. So, the patterns of the mother wavelet functions that can better adapt to diagram curved of time series can do the mappings operation and therefore will have better results. In this study, according to different wavelet tests and according to the above note, four types of mother wavelet functions Haar, Db2, Db7 and Sym3 were selected. Conclusions: Compare the results of the monthly modeling indicate that the use of wavelet transforms can

  19. EDITORIAL: Special issue on optical neural engineering: advances in optical stimulation technology Special issue on optical neural engineering: advances in optical stimulation technology (United States)

    Shoham, Shy; Deisseroth, Karl


    Biochem. Biophys. 53 33-42 [29] Aravanis A M, Wang L-P, ZhangF, Meltzer L A, Mogri M Z, Schneider M B and Deisseroth K 2007 An optical neural interface: in vivo control of rodent motor cortex with integrated fiberoptic and optogenetic technology J. Neural Eng. 4 S143-56 [30] Grossman N et al 2010 Multi-site optical excitation using ChR2 and micro-LED array J. Neural Eng. 7 016004 [31] Degenaar P, Grossman N, Memon M A, Burrone J, Dawson M, Drakakis E, Neil M and Nikolic K 2009 Optobionic vision—a new genetically enhanced light on retinal prosthesis J. Neural Eng. 6 035007 [32] Zhang J et al 2009 Integrated device for optical stimulation and spatiotemporal electrical recording of neural activity in light-sensitized brain tissue J. Neural Eng. 6 055007

  20. Influence of forest management on the changes of organic soil properties in border part of Kragle Mokradlo Peatland (Stolowe Mountains National Park, Poland) (United States)

    Bogacz, A.; Roszkowicz, M.


    . CONCLUSIONS Shallow organic soils occupy the ombrotrophic sites of a border part of Kragle Mokradlo Peatland. The variety of organic soil throphism in the object resulted from the placement on the base sandstone, partial mixing of soil horizons as well as from muddy and fluvial processes. Peat horizons present in the studied profiles were generally classified as hemic and sapric, sometimes as fibric. Soil horizons exhibited differed thickness and ash content. Forest management strongly changed the properties of organic soil. REFERENCES Bogacz, A. (2000). Physical properties of organic soil in Stolowe Mountains National Park (Poland). Suo 51,3; pp.105-113. Gee, G.W. and Bauder, J.W. (1986). Particle-size analysis. In: Klute, A.(ed.) Methods of Soil Analysis Part I. Agronomy series No. 9. Am. Soc. Agronomy Soil Sci. Am, Inc., Publ., Madison, WI.pp. 383-411. Horawski, M. (1987). Torfoznawstwo dla meliorantow. Pojecia podstawowe.[Peat science for melioration. Basic definitions.]. Wydawnictwo Akademii Rolniczej w Krakowie. pp.37-39.[In Polish]. Lubliner - Mianowska, K. (1951). Wskazowki do badania torfu. Metody geobotaniczne, polowe i laboratoryjne [Hints to peat research. In: Geobotanical, field and laboratory methods] Państwowe Wydawnictwo Techniczne, Katowice.pp.58-60. [In Polish]. Lynn, W.C., Mc Kinzie, W.E., Grossman, R.B. (1974). Field Laboratory Test for characterization of Histosols. In: Histosols, their characteristics, classification and use. pp. 11-20. Oznaczanie gatunku, rodzaju i typu torfu. (1977). [Peat and peat varies. Determination of classes, sort and types of peat]. Polish standard PN-76/G-02501, [Polish Normalization Commitee]. pp.1-11.[In Polish]. Word Reference Base for Soil Resources. 1998. Word Soil Resources Report, 84. FAO-ISRIC-ISSS, Rome, pp.1-88. Zawadzki, S. (1970). Relationship between the content of organic matter and physical properties of hydrogenic soils. Polish Journal of Soil Science Vol.III, 1; pp.3-9.