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  1. Franz Kugler

    Eric Garberson


    Full Text Available Review of: Michel Espagne, Bénédicte Savoy, Céline Trautmann-Waller, Franz Theodor Kugler. Deutscher Kunsthistoriker und Berliner Dichter, Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 2010. Reviews a collection of essays based on papers delivered at the Berlin conference (2008 celebrating Franz Kugler (1808-1858, a key figure in the disciplinary history of art history and an active player the cultural and intellectual life of Berlin in the mid-nineteenth century. Written by historians, art historians, and historians of literature, these essays examine Kugler’s work as an art historian, critic, journal editor, Prussian bureaucrat, poet, and member of several art and literary societies.




    Full Text Available Assessment of tornadoes with the Enhanced Fujita Scale in Romania. An analysis of the damage caused by a tornado, in order to determine the maximum wind speed that was reached, is important both in terms of documenting the phenomenon and to make improvements to the evaluation method which is used, especially if this method is not specific for the analyzed territory. An overview of the way the tornado from Silivaşu de Câmpie, on the 26th of May 2010, was termed EF2 is done to summarize the difficulties that arise in the assessment of tornadoes occurring in Romania with the Enhanced Fujita scale. The lack of correlation between damage indicators, different construction styles and building materials between those in the United States and those selected in this case study are the main issues addressed. Solutions for these issues are discussed as a starting point for the adjustment of Enhanced Fujita scale for Romania.

  3. Higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion

    Igusa, Kiyoshi


    The book is devoted to the theory of topological higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion in K-theory. The author defines the higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion based on Volodin's K-theory and Borel's regulator map. He describes its properties and generalizations and studies the relation between the higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion and other torsions used in K-theory: Whitehead torsion and Ray-Singer torsion. He also presents methods of computing higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion, illustrates them with numerous examples, and describes various applications of higher Franz-Reidemeister torsion, particularly for the study of homology of mapping class groups. Packed with up-to-date information, the book provides a unique research and reference tool for specialists working in algebraic topology and K-theory.

  4. Nuclear astrophysics at FRANZ

    Reifarth, R.; Dababneh, S.; Fiebiger, S.; Glorius, J.; Göbel, K.; Heil, M.; Hillmann, P.; Heftrich, T.; Langer, C.; Meusel, O.; Plag, R.; Schmidt, S.; Slavkovská, Z.; Veltum, D.; Weigand, M.; Wiesner, C.; Wolf, C.; Zadeh, A.


    The neutron capture cross section of radioactive isotopes for neutron energies in the keV region will be measured by a time-of-flight (TOF) experiment. NAUTILUS will provide a unique facility realizing the TOF technique with an ultra-short flight path at the FRANZ setup at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany. A highly optimized spherical photon calorimeter will be built and installed at an ultra-short flight path. This new method allows the measurement of neutron capture cross sections on extremely small sample as needed in the case of 85Kr, which will be produced as an isotopically pure radioactive sample. The successful measurement will provide insights into the dynamics of the late stages of stars, an important independent check of the evolution of the Universe and the proof of principle.


    Henry Mora Jiménez


    Full Text Available El 05 de abril de 2001, en sesión ordinaria del Consejo Universitario de la Universidad Nacional, éste órgano de la UNA tomó el acuerdo de otorgar al Dr. Franz J. Hinkelammert, científico social alemán radicado en Costa Rica desde hace más de veinte años y uno de los fundadores del Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones(DEI; el Doctorado Honoris Causa, “por su excepcional aporte a las ciencias sociales contemporáneas”. El acto público para la entrega oficial de tal distinción se realizó un mes después, y en ese mismo acto, se le solicitó al Dr.Hinkelammert la entrega de una obra reciente o en preparación de su autoría, para que fuera publicada por la Editorial de la UNA, como parte del reconocimiento a su labor intelectual. El borrador final de esa obra fue entregada a la EUNA a finales de 2001, y tratándose de más de 500 páginas, tomó casi un año de prolijo trabajo la tarea de corrección y edición. Se trata del libro que comentamos en la presente entrevista, EL SUJETO Y LA LEY. El retorno del Sujeto reprimido, Editorial Universidad Nacional,Heredia, Costa Rica, 2003.

  6. Dynamical Franz-Keldysh Effect

    Jauho, Antti-Pekka; Johnsen, Kristinn


    We introduce and analyze the properties of dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect, i.e., the change of density of states, or absorption spectra, of semiconductors under the influence of time-dependent electric fields. In the case of a harmonic time dependence, we predict the occurrence of significant fin...... structure, both below and above the zero-field band gap, which should be experimentally observable.......We introduce and analyze the properties of dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect, i.e., the change of density of states, or absorption spectra, of semiconductors under the influence of time-dependent electric fields. In the case of a harmonic time dependence, we predict the occurrence of significant fine...

  7. Los dibujos de Franz Kafka

    Ruano Roldán, Manuel


    El presente trabajo surge de mi pasión por la obra de Franz Kafka. Pasión que se remonta a lejanos años cuando quedé prendado, ya para siempre, de la prosa, para mí mágica, del autor praguense. Consistía el proyecto de investigación, en su intención primera, en confrontar la obra literaria de Kafka con sus dibujos. Pensaba entonces, y hoy estoy firmemente convencido de ello, que algunas de las características, cualidades y estados de sus personajes literarios –humanos o animales– y, lógic...

  8. Fujita Exponent for a Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equation with Localized Source

    Yulan Wang


    Full Text Available This paper is devoted to understand the blow-up properties of reaction-diffusion equations which combine a localized reaction term with nonlinear diffusion. In particular, we study the critical exponent of a p-Laplacian equation with a localized reaction. We obtain the Fujita exponent qc of the equation.

  9. O realismo de Franz Kafka

    Modesto Carone


    Full Text Available Com base no conto "Na galeria", incluído no volume Um médico rural, procura-se mostrar como o realismo se materializa na obra de Franz Kafka. Argumenta-se que a deformação da realidade que pode ser sugerida pela obra do autor obedece a uma percepção aguda do mundo. Kafka mostra, no próprio corpo de obras-primas como esta, as coisas como elas são e as coisas como elas são percebidas pelo olhar alienado.Taking as a guideline the short story "Auf der Galerie", included in the volume Ein Landarzt, the author attempts at showing how "realism" is materialized in the work of Franz Kafka. It is stated that the deformation of reality that could be suggested by the work of the author follows an acute perception of the world. Kafka shows, in the body of such masterpieces, things as they are and how they are perceived by the alienated look.

  10. Excitonic dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect

    Nordstrøm, K.B.; Johnsen, Kristinn; Allen, S.J.


    The dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect is exposed by exploring near-band-gap absorption in the presence of intense THz electric fields. It bridges the gap between the de Franz-Keldysh effect and multiphoton absorption and competes with the THz ac Stark effect in shifting the energy of the excitonic...... resonance. A theoretical model which includes the strong THz field nonperturbatively via a nonequilibrium Green functions technique is able to describe the dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect in the presence of excitonic absorption....

  11. Evaluation of atmospheric-pressure change in tornado using Fujita model

    Shimizu, Juntaro; Ohtsubo, Shunsuke


    Evaluation of the atmospheric-pressure change (APC) in a tornado is necessary to assess the integrity of nuclear-related facilities. The Rankine model has been most frequently used to theoretically calculate the APC in a tornado. The result, however, is considered to be overly conservative because the Rankine model wind speed at the ground is larger than that in reality. On the other hand, the wind speed of the Fujita model is closer to that of actual tornadoes but is expressed by more complicated algebraic equations than that in the Rankine model. Also, because it is impossible to analytically derive the APC equation using the Fujita model, numerical computation is required. A previous study employed the finite element method (FEM) for such a purpose. However, a general-purpose FEM code often requires complicated input parameters. In order to conduct parametric studies to evaluate the integrity of facilities in various cases of tornadoes, the finite-difference method code “TORPEC”, which is specialized to analyze the APC, was developed as a convenient design tool. TORPEC is based on Poisson’s equation derived from the Navier-Stokes equation. It also runs on widely available technical calculation software such as Microsoft"® Excel VBA or MATLAB"®. Taking advantage of such convenience, various calculations have been conducted to reveal the characteristics of APC as functions of the maximum tangential wind speed, axial position and tornado radius. TORPEC is used as a benchmark in the existing paper. The case study results obtained by TORPEC show a constant ratio of the pressure drop of the Fujita model against the Rankine model. This factor can be used to derive the Fujita model result from the Rankine model result without FEM analysis. (author)

  12. Georg Franz Buquoy und "La famosissima Notte"

    Konečný, Lubomír

    -, 0016 (2011), s. 1-9 ISSN 2190-3328 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : Georg Franz August de Longueval, Count Buquoy * Antonio Allegri * Il Correggio Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  13. Revision of the Neotropical genus Protoconnus Franz (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae).

    JaŁoszyŃski, PaweŁ


    The Neotropical genus Protoconnus Franz, belonging to the tribe Glandulariini, is revised. Protoconnus is redefined based on detailed morphological study, and all known species are revised, including 10 originally placed in Protoconnus, one transferred from Euconnus, and 14 described as new. The following species are treated: P. andicola Franz (Peru), P. peruensis Franz (Peru), P. minutus Franz (Peru), P. minutissimus Franz (Peru), P. venezolanus Franz (Venezuela), P. araguanus Franz (Venezuela), P. bolivianus Franz (Bolivia), P. comarapae Franz (Bolivia), P. robustus Franz (Bolivia), P. paraguayanus Franz (Paraguay), P. princeps (Franz), comb. n. (ex Euconnus) (Peru), P. quillabambanus sp. n. (Peru), P. ecuadoranus sp. n. (Ecuador), P. napoanus sp. n. (Ecuador), P. magnus sp. n. (Ecuador), P. impressifrons sp. n. (Bolivia), P. angustus sp. n. (Bolivia), P. acutus sp. n. (Bolivia), P. tunarianus sp. n. (Bolivia), P. apaapa sp. n. (Bolivia), P. maximus sp. n. (Costa Rica), P. minusculus sp. n. (Costa Rica), P. costaricanus sp. n. (Costa Rica), P. inexpectatus sp. n. (Costa Rica), and P. volcanbaru sp. n. (Panama). Lectotypes are designated for P. andicola and P. peruensis.

  14. O ensino religioso em Franz Rosenzwieg

    Guarnieri, Maria Cristina Mariante


    Frente a discussão que se apresenta sobre “Ensino de Religião”, essa comunicação pretende propor uma reflexão a partir do pensador Franz Rosenzweig (1886-1929). Partindo do pressuposto que a religião se dá na experiência concreta, Rosenzweig terá como preocupação principal o ensino religioso, o que transforma uma possível teoria da religião em uma pedagogia da religião, pois, para ele, compreender judaísmo é praticar judaísmo. O objetivo de Rosenzweig não é validar o judaísmo – a religião. É ...

  15. Franz Brentano e il cognitivismo emotivo

    Gemmo Iocco


    Full Text Available This essay aims to describe the specific nature of the emotional cognitivism sketched out by Franz Brentano. Indeed in a more or less direct way the value-theory he developed has played a key-role both within the ethical-axiological debate at the turn of the 20th century and in contemporary debate. In this paper I (a describe the general traits of Brentano’s value-theory focusing primarily on his account of concrete intuitive presentation insofar as it allows us to acknowledge what it is right and wrong. Then (b I discuss Brentano’s characterization of “intrinsic preferability” and conclude by arguing that (c the historical-philosophical prominence and relevance of this value-account may be sought in its “not univocal nature”.

  16. Experiments with radioactive target samples at FRANZ

    Sonnabend, K.; Altstadt, S.; Beinrucker, C.; Berger, M.; Endres, A.; Fiebiger, S.; Gerbig, J.; Glorius, J.; Göbel, K.; Heftrich, T.; Hinrichs, O.; Koloczek, A.; Lazarus, A.; Lederer, C.; Lier, A.; Mei, B.; Meusel, O.; Mevius, E.; Ostermöller, J.; Plag, R.; Pohl, M.; Reifarth, R.; Schmidt, S.; Slavkovská, Z.; Thomas, B.; Thomas, T.; Weigand, M.; Wolf, C.


    The FRANZ facility is currently under construction at Goethe Universität Frankfurt a.M., Germany. It is designed to produce the world's highest neutron intensities in the astrophysically relevant energy range between 10 keV and 1 MeV and consists of a high-intensity proton linac providing energies close to the threshold of the 7Li(p,n) reaction at Ep = 1880 keV. The high intensities of both the proton and the neutron beam allow the investigation of reactions of unstable target isotopes since the needed amount of target material is significantly reduced. We will present two examplary reactions relevant for the s process and the nucleosynthesis of p nuclei, respectively.

  17. Karjamaa, pilved... Franz Liiv ja Juhan Kafka / Toomas Raudam

    Raudam, Toomas, 1947-


    Varem ilmunud: Postimees, 1996, 7.sept. Rets. rmt.: Kafka, Franz. Kirjad Milenale / tlk. Tiiu Relve. Tallinn : Perioodika, 1996. (Loomingu Raamatukogu ; 27-30, 1996; Liiv, Juhan. Mu kallis Liisi / koost. Aarne Vinkel. Tartu : Ilmamaa, 1996

  18. Franz Serafin Exner's Indeterminist Theory of Culture

    Stöltzner, Michael

    By combining Ernst Mach's empiricism, Ludwig Boltzmann's atomism, and the relative frequency interpretation of probability, the Viennese physicist Franz Serafin Exner argued long before quantum mechanics that the basic laws of nature were of indeterministic nature and that the strict deterministic laws found on the macroscopic scale obtained in the limit of very many random events. The number of single events studied in humanistic disciplines was at best sufficient to ascertain weak regularities. But both science and the humanities were grounded in the law of large numbers, such that the world as a whole was governed by a global tendency towards the most probable state. Exner's unified outlook was not reductionist; rather it resembled the unification intended by Alexander von Humboldt's physical description of the world. Moreover, to Exner's lights, even culture was a natural product supervening on the various rising and declining peoples that exhibited a continuous ethical progress and the development of an objective scientific world view. By separating the individual microscopic and the ideal macroscopic levels, Exner's indeterminist theory simultaneously opposed the Spenglerian challenge against science and embraced his criticism of civilization and the death of the arts.

  19. Volume celebrating the 60th birthday of Professor Dr. Franz Fie; Professor Dr. Franz Fiedler zum 60. Geburtstag

    Beheng, K.D. [ed.


    This report was compiled in honor of Professor Dr. Franz Fiedler on the occasion of his 60th birthday on 7 January 1998. Its contributions deal with mesoscale modelling, the propagation of air pollutants, measurements of precipitation using radar, and prediction models. (orig./KW) [Deutsch] Dieser Bericht wurde aus Anlass des 60. Geburtstags von Herrn Prof. Dr. Franz Fiedler am 7. Januar 1998 zusammengestellt. Die Beitraege behandeln mesoskalige Modellierung, Ausbreitung von Luftschadstoffen, Niederschlagsmessung mit Radar und Vorhersagemodelle. (orig.)

  20. Ludwig Boltzmann, Albert Einstein and Franz Joseph; Ludwig Boltzmann, Albert Einstein und Franz Joseph

    Broda, E.


    Under the Emperor Francis Joseph (1848-1916) the natural sciences were less weIl supported in Austria than in other countries of Europe. This is explained by the fact that the German speaking middle classes accepted the preeminence of the feudal forces with their antiscientific attitude. The reason for this readiness to subordination was that those middle classes feIt threatened in their relatively favourable situation by Slavs and Latins. Francis Joseph was the typical representative of the aristocracy. Personally, he did his duty conscientiously and was not corrupt, but progressive ideas and scientific thought were alien to him. From his desk he treated Boltzmann benevolently, but he had no wish to meet personally the greatest mind of the Empire or in any respect to ask his views. Another famous subject of the Emperor, Albert Einstein, was apparently ignored altogether. The structural weakness of Austria, due to the national problems, led to immobilism in her scientific life, but also, up to a point, to tolerance. The impression of Victor Adler on Einstein is considered in this historical context. (author) [German] Die Naturwissenschaften wurden in Österreich unter Franz Joseph (1848-1916) weniger gefördert als in anderen Staaten Europas. Dies wird darauf zurückgeführt, daß das deutschsprechende Bürgertum sich mit der Vorherrschaft der feudalen Kräfte abfand, die nicht wissenschafts-freundlich waren. Für die Bereitschaft zur Unterordnung unter die Feudalen war maßgebend, daß das deutschsprechende Bürgertum sich durch Slawen und Romanen in seiner relativen Vorzugsstellung bedroht sah. Franz Joseph war der typische Repräsentant des konservativen Feudalismus. Er war persönlich pflichtbewußt und integer, doch waren ihm fortschrittliche Gedanken und wissenschaftliche Denkweise fremd. Boltzmann behandelte er von seinem Schreibtisch aus wohlwollend, doch hegte er keinen Wunsch, den größten Geist seines Reiches persönlich kennen zu lernen oder ihn in

  1. Franz Joseph Gall and music: The faculty and the bump

    Eling, P.A.T.M.; Finger, S.; Whitaker, H.A.


    The traditional story maintains that Franz Joseph Gall's (1758-1828) scientific program began with his observations of schoolmates with bulging eyes and good verbal memories. But his search to understand human nature, in particular individual differences in capacities, passions, and tendencies, can

  2. Farewell Jean-Marie Good Luck Eva Welcome back Franz


    At the farewell reception offered by the Director-General, Professor Luciano Maiani, on the occasion of Jean-Marie Dufour's retirement from CERN, three generations of CERN Legal Counsel met. From right to left: Jean-Marie Dufour, who retires on 30 November 2001, after 35 years of service. Eva-Maria Gröniger-Voss, who takes over from Jean-Marie Dufour on 1st December 2001. Ambassador Franz Schmid, CERN Legal Counsel from 1971 to 1974.

  3. A importância da act-psychology de Franz Brentano The importance of Franz Brentano's act-psychology

    Saturnino Pesquero Ramón


    Full Text Available O presente artigo pretende colaborar para resgatar, a Franz Brentano, a paternidade da doutrina da intencionalidade, que fundamenta um dos princípios básicos de sua act-psychology: a indissociabilidade entre idéia e ação para explicar a especificidade da conduta humana. Por esse motivo, é considerado um dos fundadores da psicologia moderna, emancipada da filosofia. Esse pressuposto está subjacente à doutrina da psicanálise, à psicologia da Gestalt e à psicologia cognitiva-fenomenológica.This article attempts to redeem Franz Brentano's paternity of his Intentionality Theory, which sustains his act-psychology, which postulates, among other thesis, the indissociabitity between idea and action for explaining the specificity of human behavior. For that, he is considered one of the creators of modern psychology, as emancipated from philosophy. This assumption is subjacent to Psychoanalysis, Gestalt-Psychology and Cognitive-Phenomelogical Psychology.

  4. The importance of Franz Brentano's act-psychology / A importância da act-psychology de Franz Brentano

    Saturnino Pesquero Ramón


    Full Text Available This article attempts to redeem Franz Brentano's paternity of his Intentionality Theory, which sustains his act-psychology, which postulates, among other thesis, the indissociabitity between idea and action for explaining the specificity of human behavior. For that, he is considered one of the creators of modern psychology, as emancipated from philosophy. This assumption is subjacent to Psychoanalysis, Gestalt-Psychology and Cognitive-Phenomelogical Psychology.

  5. Wissenschaftliches Schreiben in der Fremdsprache Deutsch : am Beispiel von Abschlussarbeiten französischer Studierender

    François, Audrey


    Die vorliegende Arbeit befasst sich mit dem wissenschaftlichen Schreiben in der Fremdsprache Deutsch am Beispiel von Abschlussarbeiten französischer Studierender. Das Ziel der Dissertation ist herauszufinden, wie französische Germanistikstudierende die innere und äußere Form ihrer universitären Abschlussarbeit gestalten. Dabei soll untersucht werden, ob französische fortgeschrittene DaF-Lernende beim wissenschaftlichen Schreiben bestimmte Schwierigkeiten haben, die nicht allen DaF-Lerne...

  6. Franz Anton Mesmer, an introverted personality in medicine and film

    Alberto Enrique D’OTTAVIO


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on a controversial figure in Medicine: Franz Anton Mesmer, who lived during the 18th century and the early 19th century. A biographical context, supported in different authors, explains his professional heterodoxy and his eventual legacy to Medicine, providing simultaneously a referential framework for the equally debatable film Mesmer (1994 and allowing a comparison between the historical truthfulness and the non historical changes made in favour of cinematographic language. Historical film with well-matched wardrobe, approaches to us a polemic physician considered just a medical pioneer or, in contrast, a mere fake linked with occultism and swindle.

  7. Kaiser Franz Joseph I und die Serben 1848–1908

    Wolfgang Rohrbach


    Full Text Available A century from death of Emperor Franz Joseph I (+21.11.1916 triggered a great number of publications about life and almost seven decades long reign of a popular monarch. As the political struggle between Russia, Prussia, Italy and Ottoman Empire are depicted with moderation, Serbia is described unidimensional, with an emphasis on the last decade of Emperors rule. In order to remedy this shortcoming, this contribution is focusing on a period between 1848 and 1908. Today we know much more about relations between Franz Joseph and King Milan Obrenović, as well as with dignitaries of Serbian Orthodox Church, and military, academic and artistic elite. It is, therefore, possible to refute entrenched notions about constant enmity and hostility between Austria and Serbia. In this work, an emphasis is put on cooperation between Austria and Serbia from 1848, when Serbs at Emperors request held a number of important political and military positions, whereas Serbian artists took part in the reconstruction of Imperial Vienna. The university of Vienna hosted the oldest institute for slavistic (1849, becoming, therefore, a crossroad of the cultural and social development of the Balkans.

  8. A rational method to evaluate tornado-borne missile speed in nuclear power plants. Validation of a numerical code based on Fujita's tornado model

    Eguchi, Yuzuru; Sugimoto, Soichiro; Hattori, Yasuo; Hirakuchi, Hiromaru


    Explanation is given about a rational method to evaluate tornado-borne missile speed, flight distance and flight height to be used for safety design of a nuclear power plant. In the method, the authors employed Fujita's DBT-77 model as a tornado wind model to take the near-ground tornado wind profile into account. A liftoff model of an object on the ground was developed by conservatively modeling the lift force due to ground effect. The wind field model and the liftoff model have been compiled together with a conventional flight model into a computer code, named TONBOS. In this study, especially, the code is verified for one- and two-dimensional free-fall problems as well as a case of 1957 Dallas tornado wind field model, whose solutions are theoretically or numerically known. Finally, the code is validated by typical car behaviors characterized by tornado wind speeds of the enhanced Fujita scale, as well as by an actual event where a truck was blown away by a tornado which struck a part of the town of Saroma, Hokkaido in November, 2006. (author)

  9. Franz Boas, geographer, and the problem of disciplinary identity.

    Koelsch, William A


    This paper examines Franz Boas as an aspiring professional geographer during the 1880s: his Baffin Land research, his publications, his participation in geography organizations, and his struggle to attain a university appointment in geography. Frustrated by a seeming lack of opportunity for advancement in Germany, Boas explored career opportunities as a geographer in America and launched a series of unsuccessful but meaningful attempts to dominate the intellectual direction of American geography. Finally, the article reviews the circumstances surrounding Boas's appointment as an anthropologist at Clark University in 1889. Through examining Boas's own words and actions, the paper demonstrates that his professional identification with geography was lengthier and stronger than earlier accounts have suggested. It also critiques the myth of a Baffin Land "conversion" to anthropology, and delineates the circumstances of his shift from German human geography to his Americanist recasting of anthropology after 1889. Copyright 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  10. [Franz Schubert--his life, music and diseases].

    Andersen, S N


    The Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828), the father of the German lied (song), was only 31 years old when he died. During his short life he wrote more than 1,000 pieces, among them 600 lieder, nine symphonies, 18 overtures, chamber music, 15 operettas and operas, six masses, and innumerable piano pieces. Included among the latter are 21 complete sonatas, eight impromptus, Wanderer-Fantasie, dances and piano duets. When he was 26 years old he contracted syphilis and was given the conventional treatment at that time, mercury, which caused him a great deal of problems in the years that followed. However, his premature death was probably caused by typhoid fever.

  11. The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 28 June 1914



    Full Text Available Sunday, June 28, 1914, the world will change in the days of a political murder was carried out. Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Sarajevo visit with his wife and both died as a result of an assassination. The Sarajevo assassination, referred in the history texts as “spark” of the First World War or “like a clap of thunder to Europe”. In Serbia, the secret organization “Black Hand” engaged in activities for the unity of Serbs; together with Gavrilo Princip and Nedjelko Cabrinovic, Trifko Grabez, Muhamed Mehmedbasic, Vaso Cubriloviç , Cvijetko Popoviç had a mystical trip to the assassination plot. The background of the assassination in Sarajevo, causes and consequences of the assassination will be discussed in this study.

  12. 78 FR 61948 - Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition Determinations: “Franz von Stuck”


    ... the exhibition ``Franz von Stuck,'' imported from abroad for temporary exhibition within the United... the Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, from on or about November 2, 2013, until on or about...

  13. Theory of the Franz-Keldysh effect in quantum wells

    Trallero Giner, C.


    We use the effective-mass approximation to obtain the imaginary part, ε 2 , of the dielectric constant of a quantum well in an applied electric field for direct transitions at a normal (M O ) threshold. The calculations of ε 2 are used to evaluate the real part, ε 1 , of the dielectric constant through the Kramers-Kronig relations. The changes in ε 1 and ε 2 due to the electric field are expressed in terms of the corresponding electrooptic functions. All magnitudes are obtained, neglecting excitonic effects, for electric fields both perpendicular to and in the plane of the layers. We show that for fields parallel to the layers the electrooptic functions turn out to be a superposition of two-dimensional Franz-Keldysh ones. The electrooptic functions for fields perpendicular to the layers show a qualitatively different behaviour from those observed in bulk semiconductors. Analytic expressions for the Lorentzian broadening of ε 1 and ε 2 are given in terms of complex valued electrooptic functions of complex argument. (author)

  14. Franz Joseph Gall and music: the faculty and the bump.

    Eling, Paul; Finger, Stanley; Whitaker, Harry


    The traditional story maintains that Franz Joseph Gall's (1758-1828) scientific program began with his observations of schoolmates with bulging eyes and good verbal memories. But his search to understand human nature, in particular individual differences in capacities, passions, and tendencies, can also be traced to other important observations, one being of a young girl with an exceptional talent for music. Rejecting contemporary notions of cognition, Gall concluded that behavior results from the interaction of a limited set of basic faculties, each with its own processes for perception and memory, each with its own territory in both cerebral or cerebellar cortices. Gall identified 27 faculties, one being the sense of tone relations or music. The description of the latter is identical in both his Anatomie et Physiologie and Sur les Fonctions du Cerveau et sur Celles de Chacune de ses Parties, where he provided positive and negative evidences and discussed findings from humans and lower animals, for the faculty. The localization of the cortical faculty for talented musicians, he explained, is demonstrated by a "bump" on each side of the skull just above the angle of the eye; hence, the lower forehead of musicians is broader or squarer than in other individuals. Additionally, differences between singing and nonsinging birds also correlate with cranial features. Gall even brought age, racial, and national differences into the picture. What he wrote about music reveals much about his science and creative thinking. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  15. Temperature Control in a Franz Diffusion Cell Skin Sonoporation Setup

    Robertson, Jeremy; Becker, Sid


    In vitro experimental studies that investigate ultrasound enhanced transdermal drug delivery employ Franz diffusion cells. Because of absorption, the temperature of the coupling fluid often increases drastically during the ultrasound application. The current methodologies for controlling the coupling fluid temperature require either replacement of the coupling fluid during the experiment or the application of a time consuming duty cycle. This paper introduces a novel method for temperature control that allows for a wide variety of coupling fluid temperatures to be maintained. This method employs a peristaltic pump to circulate the coupling fluid through a thermoelectric cooling device. This temperature control method allowed for an investigation into the role of coupling fluid temperature on the inertial cavitation that impacts the skin aperture (inertial cavitation is thought to be the main cause of ultrasound induced skin permeability increase). Both foil pitting and passive cavitation detection experiments indicated that effective inertial cavitation activity decreases with increasing coupling fluid temperature. This finding suggests that greater skin permeability enhancement can be achieved if a lower coupling fluid temperature is maintained during skin insonation.

  16. Franz Josef Land: extreme northern outpost for Arctic fishes

    Natalia V. Chernova


    Full Text Available The remote Franz Josef Land (FJL Archipelago is the most northerly land in Eurasia and its fish fauna, particularly in nearshore habitats, has been poorly studied. An interdisciplinary expedition to FJL in summer 2013 used scuba, seines, and plankton nets to comprehensively study the nearshore fish fauna of the archipelago. We present some of the first underwater images for many of these species in their natural habitats. In addition, deep water drop cameras were deployed between 32 and 392 m to document the fish fauna and their associated habitats at deeper depths. Due to its high latitude (79°–82°N, extensive ice cover, and low water temperatures (<0 °C much of the year, the fish diversity at FJL is low compared to other areas of the Barents Sea. Sixteen species of fishes from seven families were documented on the expedition, including two species previously unknown to the region. One Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus (Somniosidae, ca. 2 m in length, was recorded by drop camera near Hayes Island at 211 m, and Esipov’s pout, Gymnelus esipovi (Zoarcidae, was collected at Wilton Island at 15 m in a kelp forest. Including the tape-body pout, Gymnelus taeniatus, described earlier from the sub-littoral zone of Kuhn Island, 17 fish species are now known from FJL’s nearshore waters. Species endemic to the Arctic accounted for 75% of the nearshore species observed, followed by species with wider ranges. A total of 43 species from 15 families are known from FJL with the majority of the records from offshore trawl surveys between 110 and 620 m. Resident species have mainly high Arctic distributions, while transient species visit the archipelago to feed (e.g., Greenland shark, and others are brought by currents as larvae and later migrate to spawn grounds in the south (e.g., Atlantic cod Gadus morhua, Capelin Mallotus villosus, Beaked redfish Sebastes mentella. Another species group includes warmer-water fishes that are rare waifs (e

  17. Wandering Motive and Its Appeal on Reluctantly Wandering Franz Schubert

    Dragana Jeremić-Molnar


    Full Text Available Franz Schubert was not generous in commenting his own creative procedures, or in revealing his artistic inspirations. Therefore, it is even today not clear why Wilhelm Müller’s collection of poems entitled Winter journey attracted Schubert so strongly that he was so determined to set it as a whole to the music. In this article the author mentions, and rejects as well, couple of commonly accepted interpretations. The path to the lieder cycle Winter journey was paved neither by Schubert’s identification with the main character – outcast overwhelmed by desperation and anticipation of the approaching death – and his strange ways of experiencing the world; neither by composer’s acceptance of impious beliefs hidden in Müller’s poems. The author argues that both poet and composer of Winter journey shared the affinity for the wandering (and wanderer motive which was one of the central topics in the rising romantic Weltanschauung. Schubert was dealing with this motive from 1815 until his death mainly in his lieder, sometimes in very complex manner. In order to understand the real nature of Schubert’s artistic rapprochement to the motive of wandering, the author was obliged to consider and, at the first place, evaluate the works of scholars (such as Theodor Adorno, David Gramit, and Jeffrey Perry who have been dealing with this problem. After that the author focuses her attention to the narrative entitled My dream, the most extensive and enigmatic writing left behind Schubert; she analyses the role of wandering in it, arguing that Schubert was participating in the spiritual currents of his time even unconsciously and trying to adapt them in order to serve as the solutions to his own existent ional dilemmas. Finally, she concludes that the composer was very sensitive for the complexity of the phenomena of wandering, when romantic Weltanschauung was at its peak, and eager to come to terms with this complexity artistically, paying the most

  18. The Beginnings of Photography in Central Europe. Friedrich Franz and the First Daguerreotypes in Brno

    Trnková, Petra


    Roč. 39, č. 2 (2015), s. 121-141 ISSN 0308-7298 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GPP409/11/P834 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : photography * 19th century * daguerreotype * portraiture * Friedrich Franz * Franz Xaver Braumüller * Anton Gindl * Albin Heinrich * Cyril Napp * Josef Carl Lauer * Carl Schuh * Josef Wawra * Andreas Ettingshausen * Voigtländer metal camera * Ackerbaugesellschaft * Brno * Moravia * early photography in Central Europe Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  19. Obituary: Alexander (Andy) Franz Lubenow, 1956-2005

    Buie, Marc William


    Alexander (Andy) Franz Lubenow, Program Coordinator at the Space Telescope Science Institute, was diagnosed with cancer of the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver in May 2005 and died on 29 September 2005. He was forty-nine. Andy was born to Bodo and Helen Lubenow in St. Paul, Minnesota on 4 January 1956. In 1964 at the age of eight, he moved with his family to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and attended the American Community School there until returning with his family in 1973 to St. Paul. Argentina had a big impact on Andy's future as an astronomer. He later recalled how he had observed and was puzzled by the "upside-down" appearance of the Moon in the southern hemisphere. In Argentina, he built his first telescope using a mirror he had ground himself. He never parted ways with that instrument. Andy did not follow a standard educational track. He spent two years at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, before transferring to the University of Minnesota, where he earned his bachelor's degree and began work towards a master's degree in astrophysics. Later he transferred to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he remained until Dr. Peter Stockman hired him to work on the Hubble Space Telescope project. While in school, he worked as a teacher's assistant, taught night school, and gave demonstrations of stargazing. He was an excellent teacher and had a flair for writing. He later wrote articles for a sailing magazine and a pilot's magazine. Andy was a very practical, meticulous, and steady worker, attributes that he combined with an understated and dry sense of humor. He was always able to find a way through a problem, no matter how sticky. If a job required him to roll up his sleeves and get it done through hard work, he would persevere. Nevertheless, he was always on the lookout for an easier way. He had no patience for being forced to deal with stupid things for stupid reasons. At work at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), Andy was

  20. Robert Klopstock and Franz Kafka--the friends from Tatranské Matliare (the High Tatras).

    Mydlík, M; Derzsiová, K


    The paper summarises the accessible literature on the life and work of well-known American lung surgeon, Professor Dr. Med. Robert Klopstock, who was in the years 1920-1924 a friend Franz Kafka. Professor Klopstock was of Hungarian origin and he got acquainted with Franz Kafka at the end of the year 1920 in Tatranské Matliare (The High Tatras). They were both patients treated for lung tuberculosis. They became close friends and their mutual correspondence shows their real friendship. Robert Klopstock was present at Franz Kafka's death-bed on June 3, 1924 in Kierling, near Klosterneuburg, not far from Vienna. Robert Klopstock studied at Medical Faculties of the Universities in Budapest, Prague, Kiel and Berlin. After his graduation in 1933 in Berlin, he worked as a lung surgeon at various surgical clinics and departments in Budapest and Berlin. In 1936 Robert Klopstock together with his wife visited the High Tatras and Tatranské Matliare. In 1937 Robert Klopstock with his wife Gizela, a writer and a translator, who translated the first chapters of Franz Kafka's novel "Trial" into Hungarian language, went to United States of America. During his stay in U.S.A. Dr. Med. Robert Klopstock was very active as a lung surgeon and a scientist. He published 64 specialized scientific papers, mostly in American medical journals. He became Professor of Lung Surgery at Downstate Medical Centre in New York-Brooklyn. He died on June 15, 1972 in New York.

  1. Columbia University's Franz Boas: He Led the Undoing of Scientific Racism.

    Baker, Lee D.


    As early as 1887, the anthropologist Franz Boas began to combat scientific racism and the insistence that blacks were of lower intelligence than whites. Throughout his career, Boas guided anthropology to a consensus that people of color were not racially inferior and that they possessed unique and historically specific cultures. (SLD)

  2. Nonequilibrium absorption in semiconductors and the dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect

    Johnsen, Kristinn; Jauho, Antti-Pekka


    We theoretically study free electron light absorption for a sample which is placed in a strong, time-dependent uniform electric field. In the case of static fields one observes the Franz-Keldysh effect: finite absorption for photon energies below the band gap. We refer to this phenomenon as the F...

  3. Revisiting Wiedemann-Franz law through Boltzmann transport equations and ab-initio density functional theory

    Nag, Abhinav; Kumari, Anuja; Kumar, Jagdish


    We have investigated structural, electronic and transport properties of the alkali metals using ab-initio density functional theory. The electron energy dispersions are found parabolic free electron like which is expected for alkali metals. The lattice constants for all the studied metals are also in good agreement within 98% with experiments. We have further computed their transport properties using semi-classical Boltzmann transport equations with special focus on electrical and thermal conductivity. Our objective was to obtain Wiedemann-Franz law and hence Lorenz number. The motivation to do these calculations is to see that how the incorporation of different interactions such as electron-lattice, electron-electron interaction affect the Wiedeman-Franz law. By solving Boltzmann transport equations, we have obtained electrical conductivity (σ/τ) and thermal conductivity (κ0 /τ) at different temperatures and then calculated Lorenz number using L = κ0 /(σT). The obtained value of Lorenz number has been found to match with value derived for free electron Fermi gas 2.44× 10-8 WΩK-2. Our results prove that the Wiedemann-Franz law as derived for free electron gas does not change much for alkali metals, even when one incorporates interaction of electrons with atomic nuclei and other electrons. However, at lower temperatures, the Lorenz number, was found to be deviating from its theoretical value.

  4. Sur les traces de Franz Kafka dans l’œuvre de Milan Kundera // In the footsteps of Franz Kafka in the work of Milan Kundera

    Lenka Žehrová


    Full Text Available Franz Kafka is undoubtebly an important part of the literary canon of the Central Europe and especially of the canon formed by Milan Kundera in his works. Kundera considers Kafka to be one of his principal masters. He sees Kafka as an antecendent of surrealism and existencialism. According to his collection of essays The Art of the Novel, Kafka is the prototype of the ideal author who invites us to cross the border of the probable showing us the world from the other side. Thus, we can observe the human existence in different and better way. By showing this, he fills up the main task of every novelist. The contribution will analyze the alludes of Kafka in the work of Kundera and will try to describe their character and explain how Kundera works with examples of Kafka and his work in his own books.

  5. Franz Selety (1893-1933?). His cosmological investigations and the correspondence with Einstein (German Title: Franz Selety (1893-1933?). Seine kosmologischen Arbeiten und der Briefwechsel mit Einstein)

    Jung, Tobias

    In 1922, Franz Selety, university-bred philosopher and self-educated physicist and cosmologist, developed a molecular hierarchical, spatially infinite, Newtonian cosmological model. His considerations were based on his earlier philosophical work published in 1914 as well as on the early correspondence with Einstein in 1917. Historically, the roots of hierarchical models can be seen in 18th century investigations by Thomas Wright of Durham, Immanuel Kant and Johann Heinrich Lambert. Those investigations were taken up by Edmund Fournier d'Albe and Carl Charlier at the beginning of the 20th century. Selety's cosmological model was criticized by Einstein mainly due to its spatial infiniteness which in Einstein's opinion seemed to contradict Mach's principle. This criticism sheds light on Einstein's conviction that with his first cosmological model, namely the static, spatially infinite, though unbounded Einstein Universe of 1917, the appropriate cosmological theory already had been established.

  6. Über Wahrheit und Lüge jenseits des deutsch-französischen Sinns

    Keller, Thomas


    Der Beitrag will die Kontrastierung einer deutschen Abwertung der Lüge und einer französischen Lügenfreundlichkeit durch eine Rekonstruktion von transkulturellen pseudologischen Debatten ersetzen. Er erinnert an die Kollision des Kant’schen Lügenverbots mit der repressiven historischen Situation um 1800; Pragmatismus vermeidet Blutzeugentum (Constant und de Charrière). Er zeigt die lebensphilosophische Aufladung von Wahrheit und Lüge um 1900 – in Rollands Jean-Christophe ist die Wahrheit nur ...

  7. Art history’s history in Melbourne: Franz Philipp in correspondence with Arthur Boyd

    Jaynie Anderson


    The article considers the Austrian born art historian Franz Philipp, who came to Australia and made his career at the University of Melbourne in the years after the Second World War. At Vienna Philipp was one of the last pupils of Julius von Schlossser and he brought to Australia the principles of the Vienna School of Art History. Like other art historians of the diaspora he became entranced with Australian art and wrote the first monograph on Arthur Boyd. His correspondence with Boyd (Archiv...

  8. Art history’s history in Melbourne: Franz Philipp in correspondence with Arthur Boyd

    Jaynie Anderson


    Full Text Available The article considers the Austrian born art historian Franz Philipp, who came to Australia and made his career at the University of Melbourne in the years after the Second World War. At Vienna Philipp was one of the last pupils of Julius von Schlossser and he brought to Australia the principles of the Vienna School of Art History. Like other art historians of the diaspora he became entranced with Australian art and wrote the first monograph on Arthur Boyd. His correspondence with Boyd (Archives of the University of Melbourne shows how European methods of art history allowed Philipp to interpret Boyd’s work in a cross cultural manner.

  9. An Image of a Higher World: Ethical Renewal in Franz Brentano and Edmund Husserl

    Michael Gubser


    Full Text Available Although interpreters have long recognized Franz Brentano’s powerful impact on his students, the career-long persistence of his hold on Edmund Husserl is still underestimated. Conventional narratives of Husserl’s development describe his mentor’s pervasive early impact followed by a sharp break from the master’s philosophy. My essay challenges this account by arguing that Husserl’s shift toward transcendental phenomenology within the domain of ethics marked a reappraisal – even a reinvigoration – of Brentanian premises, rather than an attempt to discard them.  

  10. Numerical modeling of a snow cover on Hooker Island (Franz Josef Land archipelago

    V. S. Sokratov


    Full Text Available Results obtained by simulating snow characteristics with a numerical model of surface heat and moisture exchange SPONSOR are presented. The numerical experiments are carried out for Franz Josef Land with typical Arctic climate conditions. The blizzard evaporation parameter is shown to have great influence on snow depth on territories with high wind speed. This parameter significantly improves the simulation quality of the numerical model. Some discrepancies between evaluated and observed snow depth values can be explained by inaccuracies in precipitation measurements (at least in certain cases and errors in calculations of incoming radiation, mostly due to low accuracy in the cloudiness observations.

  11. Franz Kafka, Sigmund Freud and Markus Hajek. A connection in life and death.

    Diamant, H


    When Sigmund Freud was taken ill in 1923 with a malignant tumor of his right upper jaw he was initially treated by the famous Viennese rhino-laryngologist, Professor Markus Hajek. One year later, Franz Kafka, who was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis which had spread to the larynx, was likewise placed under the care of this distinguished specialist. Neither of the encounters proved beneficial from the professional point of view and both well-known patients received remarkably poor attentions in keeping with the general autocratic attitude by clinical chiefs of the time in Vienna. Franz Kafka was terminally ill when he came to Hajek and no treatment was yet available for the disabling and painful laryngeal complication of his advanced tuberculosis. He died about a month after leaving Hajek's ward in Vienna. Sigmund Freud required repeated subsequent operations on his jaw and the insertion of a prothesis. Hajek had handed Freud over to Hans Pichler for further care and it was entirely due to the skill of this extremely competent and empathetic maxilliary surgeon that Freud lived for another 16 years, working to almost full capacity.

  12. Determination of lamivudine and zidovudine permeability using a different ex vivo method in Franz cells.

    Dezani, André Bersani; Pereira, Thaisa Marinho; Caffaro, Arthur Massabki; Reis, Juliana Mazza; Serra, Cristina Helena Dos Reis


    The major processes that control the absorption of orally administered drugs are dissolution and gastrointestinal permeation. These processes depend on two main properties: solubility and permeability. Based on these characteristics, the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS) was proposed as a tool to assist in biowaiver and bioavailability prediction of drugs. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the permeability of lamivudine (3TC) and zidovudine (AZT) using a different ex vivo method in Franz cells. A segment of jejunum was inserted in a Franz cells apparatus, in order to assess drug permeability in the apical-basolateral (A-B) and basolateral-apical (B-A) directions. Each drug was added to the donor chamber, collected from the acceptor chamber and analyzed by HPLC. Fluorescein (FLU) and metoprolol (METO) were used as low and high permeability markers, respectively. The apparent permeability (Papp) results for the A-B direction were: Papp FLU A-B=0.54×10(-4)cm·s(-1), Papp METO A-B=7.99×10(-4)cm·s(-1), Papp 3TC A-B=4.58×10(-4)cm·s(-1) and Papp AZT A-B=5.34×10(-4)cm·s(-1). For the B-A direction, the Papp results were: Papp FLU B-A=0.56×10(-4)cm·s(-1), Papp METO B-A=0.25×10(-4)cm·s(-1), Papp 3TC B-A=0.24×10(-4)cm·s(-1) and Papp AZT B-A=0.19×10(-4)cm·s(-1). For the A-B direction, the Papp results of fluorescein and metoprolol show low and high permeability, respectively, indicating that the membranes were appropriate for permeability studies. For the A-B direction, the Papp results of 3TC and AZT suggest that these antiretroviral drugs have permeability values close to metoprolol. Nevertheless, for the B-A direction the Papp results do not suggest efflux mechanism for any of the drugs. Thereby, the different ex vivo methods using Franz cells can be successfully applied in drug permeability studies, in particular for drug biopharmaceutical classification. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. "Different by Degree": Ella Cara Deloria, Zora Neale Hurston, and Franz Boas Contend with Race and Ethnicity.

    Hoefel, Roseanne


    American Indian ethnographer and linguist Ella Cara Deloria and African American folklorist and writer Zora Neale Hurston did fieldwork for Franz Boas, the father of modern anthropology. Both were shocked by how American racism empowered white people's historical actions. By correcting stereotypes through their work, they reasserted the role of…

  14. Franz Kafka 3. 7. 1883 - 3. 6. 1924 - ein Bewohner des Zaubergs? - Ein Vortrag -

    Hartmut Eggert


    Full Text Available Com a interpretação dos seus textos o autor Franz Kafka muitas vezes é reduzido ao fantasma do criador de labirintos abstratos e absurdos universos burocráticos, mortalmente enfermo e golpeado por uma estrutura edipal sem solução. A palestra empreende a reintegração do escritor no panorama de vários contextos da modernidade no início do século XX, tais como: o movimento da reforma da vida, debates intelectuais, pesquisa acadêmica no campo de acidentes de trabalho, várias relações amorosas e o entusiasmo para novas invenções técnicas. Como resultado, o autor sustenta que se poderia imaginar Kafka perfeitamente na sociedade européia anterior à I Guessa, descrita por Thomas Mann no romance "A montanha mágica".

  15. Standing in front of a closed door. Piotr Dumała’s Franz Kafka

    Kamil Kościelski


    Full Text Available Directed by Piotr Dumala, Franz Kafka is a very unusual example of a biographical movie. The film is composed of carefully thought-out poetic images which, according to the director himself, reflect the “psychic landscape” of the title character. Thus scenes inspired by Kafka's life and his Diaries intertwine with episodes that refer to his literary works. Dumala shows deep understand-ing of the writer’s characteristic way of depicting reality and the unusual perspective of narration indicates his thorough knowledge of Kafka’s works. Dumala draws on this heritage and creates an emotional portrait of the writer, while at the same time providing a universal reflection on the human condition.

  16. The Wiedemann—Franz law in a normal metal—superconductor junction

    Ghanbari R; Rashedi G


    In this paper the influence of superconducting correlations on the thermal and charge conductances in a normal metal—superconductor (NS) junction in the clean limit is studied theoretically. First we solve the quasiclassical Eilenberger equations, and using the obtained density of states we can acquire the thermal and electrical conductances for the NS junction. Then we compare the conductance in a normal region of an NS junction with that in a single layer of normal metal (N). Moreover, we study the Wiedemann—Franz (WF) law for these two cases (N and NS). From our calculations we conclude that the behaviour of the NS junction does not conform to the WF law for all temperatures. The effect of the thickness of normal metal on the thermal conductivity is also theoretically investigated in the paper. (condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties)

  17. The Berlin tradition in Chicago: Franz Alexander and the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis.

    Schmidt, Erika S


    Freud considered Franz Alexander, the first graduate of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute and an assistant in the Berlin Polyclinic, to be "one of our strongest hopes for the future." Alexander went on to become the first director of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis in 1932 and modeled some of the Chicago Institute's mission on his Berlin experiences. He was also a researcher in psychosomatic medicine, a prolific writer about psychoanalysis and prominent in psychoanalytic organizations. As he proposed modifications in psychoanalytic technique, he became a controversial figure, especially in the elaboration of his ideas about brief therapy and the corrective emotional experience. This paper puts Alexander's achievements in historical context, draws connections between the Berlin and Chicago Institutes and suggests that, despite his quarrels with traditional psychoanalysis, Alexander's legacy may be in his attitude towards psychoanalysis, characterized by a commitment to scientific study, a willingness to experiment, and a conviction about the role of psychoanalysis within the larger culture.


    Henry Manuel Mora Jiménez


    Full Text Available Catalogado por el también connotado Enrique Dussel, como el filósofo más prominente en la actualidad en América Latina, Franz Hinkelammert es, en efecto, un pensador y crítico social de gran trayectoria en nuestro continente, desde su llegada a Chile en 1963. Autor de obras de gran relevancia en el campo de la economía, la filosofía y la teología de la liberación, Hinkelammert se desempeña actualmente como miembro del equipo de investigadores del Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones (DEI, con sede en San José de Costa Rica.Con Franz Hinkelammert nos une una amistad de varios años, lo mismo que un vínculo de colaboración con la Escuela de Economía de la UNA, donde asiduamente un grupo de académicos y estudiantes trabajamos y discutimos sus obras. Recordamos en especial sus tesis sobre el subdesarrollo, la teoría del valor, el fetichismo mercantil, y sobre la deuda externa. Su obra es realmente prolija y sugerente, al mismo tiempo que reúne la singular característica de la multidisciplinariedad en la mayoría de sus trabajos. Por estos, y muchos otros motivos, hemos considerado extraordinariamente valioso presentar a los lectores de Economía y Sociedad una síntesis de su pensamiento, a través de los resultados de esta entrevista que tuve el honor de realizar y editar. La misma está estructurada en quince preguntas, numeradas de forma consecutiva. No obstante, y dado que cada pregunta abarca en realidad un área temática, aparecen preguntas o comentarios adicionales de mi parte que se identifican en letra negrita y que son antecedidas por las siglas H.M. La entrevista se realizó a mediados de enero del 2000, y el trabajo de edición finalizó a finales de febrero.

  19. Intentionality, ethology and education: the approaches between John Stuart Mill and Franz Brentano

    Evandro Oliveira de Brito


    Full Text Available The point of this paper is to present the historical introduction of the notion of intentionality as it occurred in the context of philosophical and scientific research on the ethology, namely the science of the formation of character. My argumentative strategy will be to maintain that both John Stuart Mill, in his work Logic of the Moral Sciences, and Franz Brentano, in his work Psychology from an Empirical Stand Point, explicitly agreed that psychology would be the science of elementary laws of mind and Ethology would be the science that correspond to art education in the broadest sense. So at first, I will analyze the converging points of both theories and, second, I will argue that the fundamental difference between the Psychologies of Mill and Brentano was the fact that Brentano's thesis did not recognize the fundamental Millian’s assumption, i.e., the assumption that the causal relationship between psychic’s phenomenon should be the Psychology object of study, from which the psychics’ law would be established. My analysis intend to demonstrate that, for Brentano, the psychical phenomenon while matter of study of Psychology, is itself the fundamental relation between physical phenomenon and psychic phenomenon. This fundamental relation would be characterized by its intentional nature, which made explicit the description of physical phenomenon as the content or the object of the psychic phenomenon. The consequence of this brentanian's thesis imply that the theoretical basis of Ethology also result from the investigation of the intentional nature of the psychic phenomenon.

  20. In tyrannos! Political Theology and “messianic difference” in Franz Rosenzweig’s New Thinking

    Roberto Navarrete


    Full Text Available This paper deals with an elucidation of the theologico-political implications of Franz Rosenzweig’s relational conception of time in his work The Star of Redemption, the peculiarity of which expresses the concept “messianic difference”. Considered from the standpoint of the secularization debate, this messianic temporality offers a response to the verification of the Hegelian assembly of political philosophy and philosophy of history which, according to Rosenzweig, First World War represented. The consequent political disappointment experienced by the author of Hegel und der Staat led him to the pursuit of a Neues Denken determined by the ontological primacy of time as well as the unbreakable relationship which Rosenzweig established between “temporality” and “otherness”. Taking as terminus a quo the anthropological distinction between “personality” and “self”, i. e. between “ethics” and “metaethics”, that Rosenzweig presents in The Star, I will finally attempt to explore the various modes of temporalization that, depending on the relation to the temporalization of God and the world, are possible for the Rosenzweigian Self, as well as their related theologico-political aftermaths.

  1. Comparative study of silver nanoparticle permeation using Side-Bi-Side and Franz diffusion cells

    Trbojevich, Raul A.; Fernandez, Avelina; Watanabe, Fumiya; Mustafa, Thikra; Bryant, Matthew S.


    Better understanding the mechanisms of nanoparticle permeation through membranes and packaging polymers has important implications for the evaluation of drug transdermal uptake, in food safety and the environmental implications of nanotechnology. In this study, permeation of 21 nm diameter silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) was tested using Side-Bi-Side and Franz static diffusion cells through hydrophilic 0.1 and 0.05 µm pore diameter 125 µm thick synthetic cellulose membranes, and 16 and 120 µm thick low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films. Experiments performed with LDPE films discarded permeation of AgNPs or Ag ions over the investigated time-frame in both diffusion systems. But controlled release of AgNPs has been quantified using semipermeable hydrophilic membranes. The permeation followed a quasi-linear time-dependent model during the experimental time-frame, which represents surface reaction-limited permeation. Diffusive flux, diffusion coefficients, and membrane permeability were determined as a function of pore size and diffusion model. Concentration gradient and pore size were key to understand mass transfer phenomena in the diffusion systems.

  2. Comparative study of silver nanoparticle permeation using Side-Bi-Side and Franz diffusion cells

    Trbojevich, Raul A.; Fernandez, Avelina; Watanabe, Fumiya; Mustafa, Thikra; Bryant, Matthew S.


    Better understanding the mechanisms of nanoparticle permeation through membranes and packaging polymers has important implications for the evaluation of drug transdermal uptake, in food safety and the environmental implications of nanotechnology. In this study, permeation of 21 nm diameter silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) was tested using Side-Bi-Side and Franz static diffusion cells through hydrophilic 0.1 and 0.05 µm pore diameter 125 µm thick synthetic cellulose membranes, and 16 and 120 µm thick low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films. Experiments performed with LDPE films discarded permeation of AgNPs or Ag ions over the investigated time-frame in both diffusion systems. But controlled release of AgNPs has been quantified using semipermeable hydrophilic membranes. The permeation followed a quasi-linear time-dependent model during the experimental time-frame, which represents surface reaction-limited permeation. Diffusive flux, diffusion coefficients, and membrane permeability were determined as a function of pore size and diffusion model. Concentration gradient and pore size were key to understand mass transfer phenomena in the diffusion systems.Graphical Abstract

  3. Comparative study of silver nanoparticle permeation using Side-Bi-Side and Franz diffusion cells

    Trbojevich, Raul A. [U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Division of Biochemical Toxicology, National Center for Toxicological Research (United States); Fernandez, Avelina, E-mail: [Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-Universitat de València, Parc Científic, Instituto de Física Corpuscular (Spain); Watanabe, Fumiya; Mustafa, Thikra [University Arkansas at Little Rock, Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences (United States); Bryant, Matthew S. [U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Division of Biochemical Toxicology, National Center for Toxicological Research (United States)


    Better understanding the mechanisms of nanoparticle permeation through membranes and packaging polymers has important implications for the evaluation of drug transdermal uptake, in food safety and the environmental implications of nanotechnology. In this study, permeation of 21 nm diameter silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) was tested using Side-Bi-Side and Franz static diffusion cells through hydrophilic 0.1 and 0.05 µm pore diameter 125 µm thick synthetic cellulose membranes, and 16 and 120 µm thick low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films. Experiments performed with LDPE films discarded permeation of AgNPs or Ag ions over the investigated time-frame in both diffusion systems. But controlled release of AgNPs has been quantified using semipermeable hydrophilic membranes. The permeation followed a quasi-linear time-dependent model during the experimental time-frame, which represents surface reaction-limited permeation. Diffusive flux, diffusion coefficients, and membrane permeability were determined as a function of pore size and diffusion model. Concentration gradient and pore size were key to understand mass transfer phenomena in the diffusion systems.Graphical Abstract.

  4. Dr. Franjo (Franz) Kresnik (1869-1943): a physician and a violin maker.

    Skrobonja, Ante; Muzur, Amir


    Dr. Franjo (Franz) Kresnik (born Wien 1869 - died Rijeka 1943) was an excellent physician and a Central European intellectual, a bohemian mind whose two loves in life made him very special. His passions were medicine and violin making. Most of his life was spent in Susak (now a part of Rijeka, Croatia), where he worked, played music and studied the art of making stringed instruments. He visited Cremona on several occasions and studied a number of violins, drawings and tools made and used by old masters. For his profound knowledge of Cremonese violin making the Italians dubbed him "Uomo che legge violini" (The Man Who Can Read Violins). In his workshop he made fifty-two violins, two violas, two cellos and a string quartet. Some of these instruments are still played in Europe and America. The remaining violins and possessions (tools, manuscripts, drawings, literature and countless diplomas and certificates) have been kept in a memorial room at the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka. In addition, a street near the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka is named after Franjo Kresnik.

  5. The Relevance of Franz L. Neumann’s Critical Theory in 2017: "Anxiety and Politics" in the New Age of Authoritarian Capitalism

    Christian Fuchs


    Full Text Available This articles discusses and contextualises tripleC’s republication of Franz L. Neumann’s essay Anxiety and Politics. It provides some background information on Neumann’s life and works. The essay ascertains that in the age of new nationalisms, rising right-wing authoritarianism and authoritarian capitalism, Franz L Neumann’s works can help us to critically understand contemporary society.

  6. Permeation measurement of gestodene for some biodegradable materials using Franz diffusion cells.

    Liu, Danhua; Zhang, Chong; Zhang, Xiaowei; Zhen, Zhu; Wang, Ping; Li, Jianxin; Yi, Dongxu; Jin, Ying; Yang, Dan


    Biodegradable poly(d,l-lactide) (PDLLA), Poly(trimethylene carbonate) (PTMC), polycaprolactone (PCL), poly(caprolactone-co-d,l-lactide) (PCDLLA) and poly(trimethylene carbonate-co-caprolactone) (PTCL) are recently used for clinical drug delivery system such as subcutaneous contraceptive implant capsule due to their biodegradable properties that they could possess long-term stable performance in vivo without removal, however their permeation rate is unknown. In the work, biodegradable material membranes were prepared by solvent evaporation using chloroform, and commercial silicone rubber membrane served as a control. Gestodene was used as a model drug. Gestodene has high biologic progestational activity which allows for high contraceptive reliability at very low-dose levels. The permeation rate of gestodene for several biodegradable materials was evaluated. In vitro diffusion studies were done using Franz diffusion cells with a diffusion area of 1.33 cm(2). Phosphate buffer solution (PBS, pH 7.4), 10% methanol solution and distilled water were taken in donor and receiver chambers at temperature of 37 °C respectively. The in vitro experiments were conducted over a period of 24 h during which samples were collected at regular intervals. The withdrawn samples were appropriately diluted and measured on UV-vis spectrophotometer at 247 nm. Conclusion data from our study showed that permeation rate of PCDLLA with CL ratio more than 70% could be more excellent than commercial silicone rubber membrane. They may be suitable as a candidate carrier for gestodene subcutaneous contraceptive implants in contraceptive fields.

  7. Validation of the Wiedemann–Franz law in a granular s-wave superconductor in the nanometer scale

    Yousefvand, A; Salehi, H; Shoushtari, M Zargar


    The present study tries to evaluate the validity of the Wiedemann–Franz law in a granular s-wave superconductor in the presence of concentrated impurities. By using Green’s function method and the Kubo formula technique, three distinct contributions of the Aslamazov–Larkin, the Maki–Thompson and, the density of states are calculated for both the electrical conductivity and the thermal conductivity in a granular s-wave superconductor. It is demonstrated that these different contributions to the fluctuation conductivity depend differently on the tunneling because of their different natures. This study examines the transport in a granular superconductor system in three dimensions in the limit of large tunneling conductance, which makes it possible to ignore all localization effects and the Coulomb interaction. We find that the tunneling is efficient near the critical temperature and that there is a crossover to the characteristic behavior of a homogeneous system. When it is far from the critical temperature, the tunneling is not effective and the system behaves as an ensemble of real zero-dimensional grains. The results show that the Wiedemann–Franz law is violated in both temperature regions. (paper)

  8. The astronomer of the duchess -- Life and work of Franz Xaver von Zach 1754-1832. (German Title: Der Astronom der Herzogin -- Leben und Werk von Franz Xaver von Zach 1754-1832)

    Brosche, Peter

    The astronomer, geodesist, geographer and historian of science Franz Xaver von Zach (1754-1832) lived and worked in several European countries. Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg appointed him as the founding scientist of his Seeberg Observatory. This was the place of his strongest activity. Why should we have an interest in him today? There is a rational and an emotional answer. First, he has rendered organisational services to his sciences which are equivalent to a great scientific achievement. Second, Zach was a very colourful character, travelled across many states in a time of radical changes and had connections with many colleagues and public figures. Images from his life therefore provide outlooks, insights and relations.

  9. Wiedemann-Franz ratio in high-pressure and low-temperature thermal xenon plasma with 10% caesium

    Novakovic, N.V.; Milic, B.S.; Stojilkovic, S.M.


    Theoretical investigations of various transport properties of low-temperature noble-gas plasmas with additives has aroused a continuous interest over a considerable spall of time, due to numerous applications. In this paper the results of a theoretical evaluation of electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and their ratio (the Wiedemann-Franz ratio) in xenon plasma with 10% of argon and 10% of caesium are presented, for the temperature range from 2000 K to 20000 K, and for pressures equal to or 5, 10, and 15 time higher than the normal atmospheric pressure. The plasma was regarded as weakly non-ideal and in the state of local thermodynamical equilibrium with the assumption that the equilibrium is attained with the pressure kept constant. The plasma composition was determined on the ground of a set of Saha equations; the ionization energy lowerings were expressed with the aid of a modified plasma Debye radius r* D (rather than the standard r D ), as proposed previously

  10. Contrasting medial moraine development at adjacent temperate, maritime glaciers: Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, South Westland, New Zealand

    Brook, Martin; Hagg, Wilfried; Winkler, Stefan


    Medial moraines form important pathways for sediment transportation in valley glaciers. Despite the existence of well-defined medial moraines on several glaciers in the New Zealand Southern Alps, medial moraines there have hitherto escaped attention. The evolving morphology and debris content of medial moraines on Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier on the western flank of the Southern Alps is the focus of this study. These temperate maritime glaciers exhibit accumulation zones of multiple basins that feed narrow tongues flowing down steep valleys and terminate 400 m above sea level. The medial moraines at both glaciers become very prominent in the lower ablation zones, where the medial moraines widen, and develop steeper flanks coeval with an increase in relative relief. Medial moraine growth appears somewhat self-limiting in that relief and slope angle increase eventually lead to transport of debris away from the medial moraine by mass-movement-related processes. Despite similarities in overall morphologies, a key contrast in medial moraine formation exists between the two glaciers. At Fox Glacier, the medial moraine consists of angular rockfall-derived debris, folded to varying degrees along flow-parallel axes throughout the tongue. The debris originates above the ELA, coalesces at flow-unit boundaries, and takes a medium/high level transport pathway before subsequently emerging at point-sources aligned with gently dipping fold hinges near the snout. In contrast at Franz Josef Glacier, the medial moraine emerges farther down-glacier immediately below a prominent rock knob. Clasts show a mix of angular to rounded shapes representing high level transport and subglacially transported materials, the latter facies possibly also elevated by supraglacial routing of subglacial meltwater. Our observations confirm that a variety of different debris sources, transport pathways, and structural glaciological processes can interact to form medial moraines within New Zealand

  11. Lesekompetenz im Französisch als 1. und 2. Fremdsprache in einer mehrsprachigen Perspektive bei Primarschüler/innen am Ende der 6. Klasse

    Giuseppe Manno


    Full Text Available Im Beitrag werden Resultate eines laufenden Forschungsprojekts vorgestellt, das die Lesekompetenz im Französisch als 1. und 2. Fremdsprache (Umkehrung der bisherigen Reihenfolge durch die Fremdsprachenreform in der Schweiz unter Berücksichtigung der Schulsprache Deutsch in einer mehrsprachigen Perspektive am Ende der Primarstufe (6. Klasse untersucht. Die zentrale Fragestellung ist, ob die Schüler/innen mit Französisch als 1. Fremdsprache über eine bessere Lesekompetenz verfügen als mit Französisch als 2. Fremdsprache (jeweiliger Beginn: 5. Klasse. Des Weiteren wird der Zusammenhang zwischen der Französischlesekompetenz und der Schulsprache untersucht. Für die Überprüfung dieser Fragestellungen liegt ein quasi-experimentelles Design vor, bei dem beide Gruppen zeitverschoben gemessen wurden. In this article we will present some results of an ongoing project which studies the reading comprehension in French at the end of primary school (6th grade as first and as second foreign language (reversal of the previous order in the current reform of the foreign languages in Switzerland by also considering the school language (German within a multilingual approach. The focus of this article is whether learners with French as second foreign language reach a higher proficiency than learners with French as first foreign language (French being still taught from grade 5 on. Furthermore we will study the correlation between the reading comprehension proficiency in French and in German. The quasi-experimental research design is given by the fact that classes in the old and new system could be recorded at different times.

  12. ‘Nicht jüdeln’: Jews and Habsburg Loyalty in Franz Theodor Csokor’s Dritter November 1918

    Lisa Silverman


    Full Text Available This article argues that Franz Theodor Csokor’s three-act drama, Dritter November 1918: Ende der Armee Österreich-Ungarns (Third of November 1918: End of the Army in Austria-Hungary reveals how Jewish difference played an important—if often unrecognized—role in the shaping the terms of Austrian patriotism in the years leading up to 1938. Portrayals of Habsburg loyalty as “Jewish” or “not Jewish” helped articulate how nostalgia for Austria-Hungary would figure in a new sense of Austrianness, a project that took on even more urgency under the authoritarian censors of the Ständestaat. While the play’s portrayal of a Jewish doctor as level-headed, peace-loving, and caring countered some egregious antisemitic stereotypes about disloyal and sexually perverted Jews, it also suggested that Jews were overly rational, lacking in emotional depth, and, ultimately, unable to embody a new Catholic, spiritual, Austrian patriotic ideal. Considered in its broader political context, and along with Csokor’s earlier unpublished drama Gesetz, the play reveals how labelling Habsburg loyalty as Jewish helped to clarify and critique the nature of what it meant to be Austrian under an authoritarian regime that promoted a pro-Catholic, anti-Nazi vision of Austrian patriotism. It also offers a prime example of how even anti-antisemitic authors like Csokor perpetuated negative stereotypes about Jews, even as they aimed to present them in a more positive light.

  13. 3D high resolution tracking of ice flow using mutli-temporal stereo satellite imagery, Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

    Leprince, S.; Lin, J.; Ayoub, F.; Herman, F.; Avouac, J.


    We present the latest capabilities added to the Co-Registration of Optically Sensed Images and Correlation (COSI-Corr) software, which aim at analyzing time-series of stereoscopic imagery to document 3D variations of the ground surface. We review the processing chain and present the new and improved modules for satellite pushbroom imagery, in particular the N-image bundle block adjustment to jointly optimize the viewing geometry of multiple acquisitions, the improved multi-scale image matching based on Semi-Global Matching (SGM) to extract high resolution topography, and the triangulation of multi-temporal disparity maps to derive 3D ground motion. In particular, processes are optimized to run on a cluster computing environment. This new suite of algorithms is applied to the study of Worldview stereo imagery above the Franz Josef, Fox, and Tasman Glaciers, New Zealand, acquired on 01/30/2013, 02/09/2013, and 02/28/2013. We derive high resolution (1m post-spacing) maps of ice flow in three dimensions, where ice velocities of up to 4 m/day are recorded. Images were collected in early summer during a dry and sunny period, which followed two weeks of unsettled weather with several heavy rainfall events across the Southern Alps. The 3D tracking of ice flow highlights the surface response of the glaciers to changes in effective pressure at the ice-bedrock interface due to heavy rainfall, at an unprecedented spatial resolution.

  14. Analytical formulation for modulation of time-resolved dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect by electron excitation in dielectrics

    Otobe, T.


    Analytical formulation of subcycle modulation (SCM) of dielectrics including electron excitation is presented. The SCM is sensitive to not only the time-resolved dynamical Franz-Keldysh effect (Tr-DFKE) [T. Otobe et al., Phys. Rev. B 93, 045124 (2016), 10.1103/PhysRevB.93.045124], which is the nonlinear response without the electron excitation, but also the excited electrons. The excited electrons enhance the modulation with even harmonics of pump laser frequency, and generate the odd-harmonics components. The new aspect of SCM is a consequence of (i) the interference between the electrons excited by the pump laser and those excited by the probe-pulse laser and (ii) oscillation of the generated wave packed by the pump laser. When the probe- and pump-pulse polarizations are parallel, the enhancement of the even harmonics and the generation of the odd-harmonics modulation appear. However, if the polarizations are orthogonal, the effect arising from the electron excitations becomes weak. By comparing the parabolic and cosine band models, I found that the electrons under the intense laser field move as quasifree particles.

  15. Formulation and evaluation of sublingual delivery of piroxicam using thermosensitive polymer with an inverted Franz diffusion cell.

    Sivaraman, Arunprasad; Banga, Ajay K


    The aim of the study was to prepare a sublingual formulation for piroxicam using a thermosensitive polymer and to evaluate its permeation through porcine sublingual mucosa. Formulation technique utilized the transition property of poloxamer from solution state at room temperature to gel state at oromucosal temperature (37 °C). The permeation of the drug was evaluated using an inverted Franz diffusion cell technique that allowed the dosage form to be directly applied onto the substrate with required volume of saliva. The formulation was characterized for microscopy of the piroxicam crystals, sol-gel transition property and in-vitro diffusion study. Poloxamer-based formulation enhanced solubility and increased permeability of the piroxicam. Poloxamer formulation with 0.1% w/w piroxicam delivered a cumulative amount of 11.99 ± 7.82 and 11.23 ± 1.79 μg/cm(2), while non-poloxamer formulation delivered 3.57 ± 2.20 and 4.60 ± 6.90 μg/cm(2) with 0.1 and 0.5 ml artificial saliva, respectively, through porcine sublingual tissue in 6 h. A similar delivery profile was observed for 0.05% w/w piroxicam formulation as well. © 2015 Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

  16. Comparing in vivo biodistribution with radiolabeling and Franz cell permeation assay to validate the efficacy of both methodologies in the evaluation of nanoemulsions: a safety approach

    Cerqueira-Coutinho, C S; De Campo, V E B; Mansur, C R E; Rossi, A L; Veiga, V F; Holandino, C; Freitas, Z M F; Ricci-Junior, E; Santos, E P; Santos-Oliveira, R


    The Franz cells permeation assay has been performed for over 25 years. However, the advent of nanotechnology created a whole new world, especially with regard to topical products. In this new global scenario an increasing number of nanostructure-based delivery systems (NDSs) have emerged and a global warning relating to the safety of these NDSs is arising. This work studied the efficacy of the Franz cells assay, comparing it with the radiolabeling biodistribution test. For this purpose a formulation of sunscreen based on an NDS was developed and characterized. The results demonstrated both that the NDS did not present in vitro cytotoxicity and that the radiolabeling biodistribution test is more precise for the evaluation of NDS cosmetics than the Franz cells assay, since it detected the permeation of the NDS at a picogram order. Due to this fact, and considering all the concerns related to NDSs and nanoparticles in general, more precise methods must be used in order to guarantee the safe use of these new classes of products. (paper)

  17. Die Position des Rätoromanischen und seine Beziehungen zum Deutschen, Französischen und Italienischen

    Roland Bauer


    Full Text Available Die Dialektometrie (DM ist eine induktive Methode, die es erlaubt, in Massendaten versteckte Oberflächenmuster und Tiefenstrukturen zu entdecken und mittels multipler, computergestützter Visualisierungen sicht- und damit auch interpretierbar zu machen. So bietet die DM u.a. eine Reihe von Möglichkeiten, Relationen zwischen den untersuchten Objekten (das sind in der Regel alle in einem Sprachatlas datenseitig abgebildeten Dialekte aufzudeckenund kartographisch in verschiedenster Form zu modellieren, um solcherart u.a. die Position einzelner Dialekte bzw. Geotypen im gesamten Beobachtungsraum näher bestimmen zu können. In diesem Zusammenhang hat es sich als durchaus nützlich erwiesen, zusätzliche Vergleichspunkte mit akrolektalen, also auf Standard- bzw. Hochsprachen bezogene Datenserien einzubauen. Im vorliegenden Fall konnten solcherart wechselseitige, je nach innerlinguistischer Ausrichtung der gewählten Corpora unterschiedlich ausgerichtete Einflüsse der Großsprachen Französisch und Italienisch auf die oberitalienische Dialektlandschaft sowie auf die drei Mitglieder der Sprachfamilie Rätoromanisch (nach Gartner 1883 bzw. ladino (nach Ascoli 1873 aufgezeigt werden. Dem Sprachkontakt aller genannten Idiome mit dem Deutschen konnte hingegen sowohl über die Visualisierung der relativen Präsenz von Germanismen mittels einer Dichtekarte als auch über eine gesonderte dialektometrische Ähnlichkeitskartierung nachgegangen werden, wobei interessante Einblicke in die von verschiedenen Substrat- und Adstratwirkungen abhängige, z.T. deutlich divergente Bewirtschaftung der rätoromanischen Teilräume gewonnen werden konnten.

  18. Eugenics ideals, racial hygiene, and the emigration process of German-American neurogeneticist Franz Josef Kallmann (1897-1965).

    Pow, Stephen; Stahnisch, Frank W


    Biological psychiatry in the early twentieth century was based on interrelated disciplines, such as neurology and experimental biology. Neuropsychiatrist Franz Josef Kallmann (1897-1965) was a product of this interdisciplinary background who showed an ability to adapt to different scientific contexts, first in the field of neuromorphology in Berlin, and later in New York. Nonetheless, having innovative ideas, as Kallmann did, could be an ambiguous advantage, since they could lead to incommensurable scientific views and marginalization in existing research programs. Kallmann followed his Dr. Med. degree (1919) with training periods at the Charité Medical School in Berlin under psychiatrist Karl Bonhoeffer (1868-1948). Subsequently, he collaborated with Ernst Ruedin (1874-1952), investigating sibling inheritance of schizophrenia and becoming a protagonist of genetic research on psychiatric conditions. In 1936, Kallmann was forced to immigrate to the USA where he published The Genetics of Schizophrenia (1938), based on data he had gathered from the district pathological institutes of Berlin's public health department. Kallmann resumed his role as an international player in biological psychiatry and genetics, becoming president (1952) of the American Society of Human Genetics and Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute in 1955. While his work was well received by geneticists, the idea of genetic differences barely took hold in American psychiatry, largely because of émigré psychoanalysts who dominated American clinical psychiatry until the 1960s and established a philosophical direction in which genetics played no significant role, being regarded as dangerous in light of Nazi medical atrocities. After all, medical scientists in Nazi Germany had been among the social protagonists of racial hygiene which, under the aegis of Nazi philosophies, replaced medical genetics as the basis for the ideals and application of eugenics.

  19. Social individualism: Walter Gropius and his appropriation of Franz Müller-Lyer's idea of a new man.

    Poppelreuter, Tanja


    In 1929, Walter Gropius developed the "High-Rise Steel Frame Apartment Building" that was based on theories about the emergence of a New Man put forward by sociologist Franz Müller-Lyer. In his lecture at the Congrès International d’Architecture Moderne conference in 1929, Gropius appropriated Müller-Lyer's sociology in order to promote and prompt the re-development of high-rise tenements and master households. Gropius’ 1931 contribution to the Deutsche Bauausstellung in Berlin incorporated a full-scale community lounge and a recreation area with sporting equipment, as well as a model and plans for a "High-Rise Steel Frame Apartment Building" that were designed in accordance with Müller-Lyer's theories. While it shows Müller-Lyer's influence, the boxing equipment found in the recreation area reflects the importance that sport, and boxing in particular, had gained after 1900. Boxing was perceived as a sport that would not only further fitness but also raise the spirits and help the inhabitant to succeed in the modern urban environment. By providing boxing equipment, Müller-Lyer's vision, which envisaged master households as furthering a community of peaceful individuals living in a condition of mutual trust, is weakened. In 1923, the sociologist Helmuth Plessner had regarded utopian visions of ideal communities as antithesis to actual events in the Weimar Republic. The embracing of theories that promised an evolutionary and linear development towards peaceful communities can be regarded as a counterreaction to a present that was perceived as an imperfect and temporary condition. Furthermore, Gropius’ appropriation of Müller-Lyer's sociology not only helped to distinguish his position from Marxist and socialist theories but also illustrated the contemporary tendency to accept utopian ideas while simultaneously doubting the practicality of some.

  20. Eine polizeiliche ‚Moral‘ der Demütigung. Nebeneffekte der ‚Kriminalitätsbekämpfung‘ in einem französischen Vorort

    Mélina Germes


    Full Text Available Im Anschluss an eine langfristige ethnographische Beobachtung der Arbeit einer Brigade Anti-Criminalité (Einheit zur Kriminalitätsbekämpfung; im Folgenden: BAC in einem Pariser Vorort zwischen 2005 und 2007 hat der Anthropologe Didier Fassin im Jahr 2011 das Buch La force de l'ordre. Une anthropologie de la police des quartiers veröffentlicht, das zu einem Meilenstein in der französischen Polizeiforschung geworden ist und einen wichtigen Beitrag auch zur öffentlichen Debatte geleistet hat. Diese Debatte um das Polizieren der ,Viertelʼ beschäftigt sich mit den diskursiven, organisatorischen und alltagsweltlichen Hintergründen der Polizeiarbeitum wiederholte Identitätskontrollen, ethnischen Diskriminierung und exzessiver Gewaltanwendung zu beschreiben und einzuordnen. Ziel der Untersuchung Fassins in Kontext dieser Debatte ist es, die Polizeiarbeit in den ,Viertelnʼ zu begleiten, zu hinterfragen sowie zu erklären, was diese Polizeiarbeit über die französische Gesellschaft aussagt. Der für dieses Heft von s u b \\ u r b a n übersetzte Auszug aus dem vierten Kapitel seines Buches reflektiert den Begriff von ,Gewaltʼ (zu weiteren Begriffserläuterung vgl. den Textauszug von Fassin in Bezug auf die Polizeiarbeit und unterscheidet zwischen physischer, körperlicher Gewalt und unsichtbaren Formen von psychischer und verbaler Gewalt.  

  1. Hock, Beáta. 2013. Gendered Artistic Positions and Social Voices - Politics, Cinema and the Visual Arts in State-Socialist and Post-Socialist Hungary. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag. 284 pp. illus.

    Lilla Tőke


    Full Text Available Hock, Beáta. 2013. Gendered Artistic Positions and Social Voices - Politics, Cinema and the Visual Arts in State-Socialist and Post-Socialist Hungary. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag. 284 pp. illus. Reviewed by Lilla Tőke, Assistant Professor, City University of New York, LaGuardia Community College

  2. Nopcsa, Baron Franz. 2014. Traveler, Scholar, Politician, Adventurer – A Transylvanian Baron at the Birth of Albanian Independence (ed. and trans. from German Robert Elsie. Budapest: Central European University Press. 227 pp.

    David Mandler


    Full Text Available Nopcsa, Baron Franz. 2014. Traveler, Scholar, Politician, Adventurer – A Transylvanian Baron at the Birth of Albanian Independence (ed. and trans. from German Robert Elsie. Budapest: Central European University Press. 227 pp.  Reviewed by David Mandler, Independent Scholar

  3. ["As we're not willing to hang and behead and not able to deport...". On Emil Kraepelin's influence on Franz von Liszt].

    Schmidt-Recla, A; Steinberg, H


    Emil Kraepelin started his scientific career with a pamphlet demanding complete restructure of German penal law. It is well known that Kraepelin was a recipient of Cesare Lombroso's theses on degeneration and atavism. Therefore his demand for a correctional law completely replacing penal law is easily understood. Still undiscussed however is the question of whether Kraepelin's brochure had a decisive effect on German criminal law, especially on the so-called Marburg Program of Franz von Liszt, still viewed as the first emergence of modern criminal law and policies in Germany. Examination of this shows that despite major theoretical faults, Kraepelin came to conclusions that correspond remarkably with von Liszt's. Special focus should be directed on the psychologist Wilhelm Wundt, who criticised Kraepelin's juridical attempt in a very kind yet fundamental way, and on the relationship that existed between Kraepelin and von Liszt.

  4. Evaluation of the Percutaneous Absorption of Ketamine HCl, Gabapentin, Clonidine HCl, and Baclofen, in Compounded Transdermal Pain Formulations, Using the Franz Finite Dose Model.

    Bassani, August S; Banov, Daniel


    This study evaluates the ability of four commonly used analgesics (ketamine HCl, gabapentin, clonidine HCl, and baclofen), when incorporated into two transdermal compounding bases, Lipoderm and Lipoderm ActiveMax, to penetrate human cadaver trunk skin in vitro, using the Franz finite dose model. In vitro experimental study. Methods. Ketamine HCl 5% w/w, gabapentin 10% w/w, clonidine HCl 0.2% w/w, and baclofen 2% w/w were compounded into two transdermal bases, Lipoderm and Lipoderm ActiveMax. Each compounded drug formulation was tested on skin from three different donors and three replicate skin sections per donor. The Franz finite dose model was used in this study to evaluate the percutaneous absorption and distribution of drugs within each formulation. Rapid penetration to peak flux was detected for gabapentin and baclofen at approximately 1 hour after application. Clonidine HCl also had a rapid penetration to peak flux occurring approximately 1 hour after application and had a secondary peak at approximately 40 hours. Ketamine HCl exhibited higher overall absorption rates than the other drugs, and peaked at 6–10 hours. Similar patterns of drug distribution within the skin were also observed using both transdermal bases. This study suggests that the combination of these 4 analgesic drugs can be successfully delivered transdermally, using either Lipoderm or Lipoderm ActiveMax. Compounded transdermal drug preparations may then provide physicians with an alternative to traditional oral pain management regimens that can be personalized to the specific patient with the potential for enhanced pain control.


    László Heka


    Full Text Available This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Coronation of Franz Joseph l as the King of Hungary and Croatia which was marked by the Hungarian side as the condition of reconciliation with Vienna and the conclusion of the Austro-Hungarian settlement. This compromise between Austria and Hungary has served as a template for a yearlong Croatian-Hungarian settlement in many segments. With these two settlements, the Hungarians settled their relations with the court and with the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, with whom Hungary had been in the state community since 1102. This event marked the end of a long-standing conflict with Austria, and the Croatian issue was removed from the agenda in Budapest and Vienna. In the course of eight centuries of the common statehood, the Coronation was one of the pivotal constitutional questions. The act of the Coronation, which gave the King legitimacy, consisted of the church ritual (anointing and the secular part manifested in taking the oath, and it had a public character and meaning. The latter was reflected in the fact that the crown oath and crown vow (the diplomas of inauguration were considered the contract between the people and the King, and therefore the Crown Defender had a constitutional character. The King got his legitimacy only if he was crowned with the crown of St. Stephen (the Holy Crown, so Franz Joseph l became the Hungarian and Croatian King only after the crowning in Buda. Since the palatine function was incomplete at the time, Hungary had to be represented by Count Gyula Andrassy, who was then the president of the government. After the King’s death in 1916, during the last royal Coronation, a political-legal debate was raised about whether Hungary should be represented by the Prime Minister or other person on behalf of the people.

  6. Massenmedien und Versöhnung: Die Berichterstattung über den deutsch-französischen Friedensprozeß nach dem 2. Weltkrieg

    Susanne Jaeger


    Full Text Available Der vorliegende Beitrag beinhaltet die ersten Ergebnisse einer Langzeitstudie, bei der flächendeckend die deutsche Nachkriegsberichterstattung über Frankreich von 1946 bis 1970 inhaltsanalytisch ausgewertet wurde. Die Studie stützt sich dabei auf das Modell der Nachrichtenfaktoren von Johan Galtung, welche nach seiner Ansicht die Auswahl der Themen bestimmen, die zu einer Nachricht werden. Genau in diesen Selektionsroutinen liegt jedoch die implizite Gefahr, Konflikte zu vertiefen statt sie einzudämmen bzw. durch ein breites Verständnis der Hintergründe gewaltfrei bearbeitbar zu machen. Für die Zeit nach einem Krieg könnten sie Hindernisse auf dem Weg zur Annäherung und Aussöhnung ehemaliger Gegner darstellen. Wie jedoch sieht die Berichterstattung nach dem Krieg tatsächlich aus? Zeigen Massenmedien Bereitschaft zu einer veränderten Berichterstattung? Der Fall der französisch-deutschen Aussöhnung, welcher als Beispiel für einen gelungenen Aussöhnungsprozess gelten kann, belegt, dass Friedensprozesse von den Medien durchaus adäquat begleitet werden können: Z.B. ist der Anteil "positiver" Themen bzw. Berichterstattung konsistent höher als der "negativer", und der Anteil von Non-Elite-Themen steigt an und kündet von Interesse an französischer Lebensart und Kultur. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass Negativismus in den Medien kein Naturgesetz ist, sondern überwunden werden kann, wenn Frieden und Versöhnung auf der Tagesordnung stehen.

  7. Vigencia de la filosofía de Kant en dos expresiones actuales de la inteligencia filosófica en América Latina: Arturo Andrés Roig y Franz J. Hinkelammert The Force of Kant's Philosophy in Two Present Expressions of the Philosophical Intelligence in Latin America: Arturo Andrés Roig y Franz J. Hinkelammert

    Yamandú Acosta


    Full Text Available Al cumplirse doscientos años de la muerte de Immanuel Kant 2004, considerar la vigencia de su pensamiento filosófico, se constituyó en un imperativo categórico, para quienes nos inscribimos en la tradición de la filosofía occidental. En cumplimiento del mismo, el texto que se presenta se ocupa de la vigencia de la filosofía del filósofo de Königsberg a través de la consideración de dos expresiones de la inteligencia filosófica en América Latina: Arturo Andrés Roig (Mendoza, Argentina, 1922 y Franz J. Hinkelammert (Emsdetten, Alemania,1931. Los programas de investigación en curso de los dos autores elegidos, en el abordaje y desarrollo de distintos tópicos, proceden argumentativamente desde, contra y más allá de Kant, exhibiendo una singular vigencia de su filosofía al interior de los mismos. En el pensamiento de Arturo Andrés Roig, los tópicos de referencia que se consideran son: la normatividad del pensamiento filosófico, la filosofía de la historia, la fundamentación de una moral emergente y la fundamentación de una estética motivacional. De la producción teórica de Franz J. Hinkelammert, se presentan: la crítica a la razón utópica y el realismo político, la crítica trascendental de los marcos categoriales de los pensamientos sociales, la trascendentalidad del sujeto y el problema del universalismo ético en la tensión entre la ética de la responsabilidad y la ética de principios. Surge de la consideración de los asuntos enumerados, que en relación al universalismo abstracto de Kant, estos dos exponentes de la inteligencia filosófica en América Latina, convergen en la fundamentación de un universalismo concreto.Currency of Kant's philosophy in two recent expressions of the philosophical intelligence in Latin America: Arturo Andrés Roig and Franz J. Hinkelammert. When it is twohundred years of Immanuel Kant´s death (2004, to consider the currency of his philosophical thought means a categorial must

  8. As contribuições de Jacob Burckhardt ao Manual de História da Arte de Franz Kugler (1848

    Cássio da Silva Fernandes


    Full Text Available Entre junho e setembro de 1847, o historiador suíço Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897 trabalhou em Berlim como assistente de seu ex-professor, Franz Kugler (1808-1858, na segunda edição, revista e ampliada, do Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte de 1848. Esta obra era parte do amplo estudo histórico-artístico, iniciado por Kugler na década de 1830, que simbolizou o nascimento da moderna história universal da arte em língua alemã. No que se refere a Burckhardt, a participação no Manual de História da Arte deixou transparecer elementos de sua futura descoberta historiográfica: a Renascença italiana. Buscaremos, nas infinitas linhas da segunda edição do manual de Kugler, os traços da pena de Burckhardt, onde cintilam dois componentes:de um lado, a arte como expressão fundamental para o entendimento histórico; de outro, a passagem que conduz da Idade Média ao Renascimento e o papel da Itália nessa transformação.Between June and September of 1847, Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897 worked in Berlin as an assistant tom his former professor, Franz Kugler (1808-1858, in the second edition, revised and amplified, of Handbuch der Kunstgeschichte of 1848. This work was part of a broad historic-artistic study, started by Kugler in the 1830s.This study symbolized the birth of the modern universal art history in the German language. Related to Burckhardt, the participation in the History of Art Manual let elements of his future historiographical discovery appear: the Italian Renascence. We will try to get, therefore, in the infinite lines of the second edition of Kugler's manual, the traces of Burckhardt's words. In such traces, two components scintillate: on one side, the art as fundamental expression for the historical understanding; on the other, the passage that leads from Middle Age to Renascence and Italy's role in this transformation.

  9. "Peintre de Sa Majesté Britannique". Franz Adolph of Freenthal and his portrait of Maximilian Hamilton, Prince-Bishop of Olomouc

    Suchánek, Pavel


    Full Text Available This essay examines the portrait of Maximilian von Hamilton (1714-1776, the last Prince-Bishop of Olomouc/Olmütz, painted between 1769 and 1772 by Franz Adolph of Freenthal (1721-1773, a former painter to the British royal court. The study focuses in turn on three visual motifs in Hamilton's portrait: the rhetorical gestures of the sitter, his attire and the way he is depicted, and the form of presentation and the function of the painting in the ceremonial space of the princely residence. In examining each of these motifs, account is taken of the specific visual conventions applied in this genre, and of the contemporary rules of visual rhetoric. By referencing the classical motif of modesty and moderation from antiquity, Adolph underlined the importance of the ideal of antiquity and with it "natural" speech and behaviour. He attempted to express the spirit of antiquity by comparing contemporary clothing and rhetorical gestures to those of the orators or other public figures of antiquity. In a similar way to contemporary British painters, he thus referenced models taken from antiquity, with the aim of evoking a noble past and representing the ideal of the virtue of antiquity.

  10. Soziologische Wissenskulturen zwischen individualisierter Inspiration und prozeduraler Legitimation. Zur Entwicklung qualitativer und interpretativer Sozialforschung in der deutschen und französischen Soziologie seit den 1960er Jahren

    Reiner Keller


    Full Text Available Wie wissen Soziologinnen und Soziologen, was sie wissen? Trotz der Internationalisierung der Soziologie bestehen nach wie vor starke sprachräumliche Unterschiede in der soziologischen Wissensproduktion, in eingesetzten Theorien, Methoden und Fragestellungen. Der nachfolgende Beitrag erläutert die Entwicklung und Ausprägung der Unterschiedlichkeit soziologischer Wissenskulturen im Hinblick auf den Einsatz qualitativer bzw. interpretativer Ansätze seit den 1960er Jahren in Deutschland und Frankreich. Er stützt sich auf ein von uns 2012-2014 geleitetes Forschungsprojekt und dessen empirische Grundlagen: Dokumentenanalysen und Interviews. Wissenskulturen werden als die Arten und Weisen der Produktion und Legitimation von (hier: soziologischem Wissen verstanden. Diesbezüglich lässt sich von der Erkenntnisproduktion als dem zentralen Handlungsproblem soziologischen Forschens sprechen. Während für die französischsprachige Soziologie diagnostisch von einer Lösung dieses Erkenntnisproblems durch die den Forschenden zugeschriebenen Kompetenzen und Inspirationen ausgegangen werden kann, schiebt sich im deutschsprachigen Raume eine prozedurale Legitimation durch Verfahren in den Vordergrund. Der Beitrag rekonstruiert exemplarisch die Ausgangssituation dieser Entwicklungen um die Wende zu den 1960er Jahren und bettet sie in die weitere Entfaltung der jeweiligen Soziologien ein. Er will damit zur gegenwärtigen Entwicklung einer reflexiven Soziologie beitragen. URN:

  11. Comparative evaluation of rivastigmine permeation from a transdermal system in the Franz cell using synthetic membranes and pig ear skin with in vivo-in vitro correlation.

    Simon, Alice; Amaro, Maria Inês; Healy, Anne Marie; Cabral, Lucio Mendes; de Sousa, Valeria Pereira


    In the present study, in vitro permeation experiments in a Franz diffusion cell were performed using different synthetic polymeric membranes and pig ear skin to evaluate a rivastigmine (RV) transdermal drug delivery system. In vitro-in vivo correlations (IVIVC) were examined to determine the best model membrane. In vitro permeation studies across different synthetic membranes and skin were performed for the Exelon(®) Patch (which contains RV), and the results were compared. Deconvolution of bioavailability data using the Wagner-Nelson method enabled the fraction of RV absorbed to be determined and a point-to-point IVIVC to be established. The synthetic membrane, Strat-M™, showed a RV permeation profile similar to that obtained with pig ear skin (R(2)=0.920). Studies with Strat-M™ resulted in a good and linear IVIVC (R(2)=0.991) when compared with other synthetic membranes that showed R(2) values less than 0.90. The R(2) for pig ear skin was 0.982. Strat-M™ membrane was the only synthetic membrane that adequately simulated skin barrier performance and therefore it can be considered to be a suitable alternative to human or animal skin in evaluating transdermal drug transport, potentially reducing the number of studies requiring human or animal samples. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    Barış METE


    Full Text Available In Aspects of the Novel, Edward Morgan Forster introduces the critical concepts of flat and round to describe the nature of different types of fictional characters. According to Forster’s theoretical categorization, flat characters are constructed and exist in their fictional realm around a single feature or quality. As this is the key criterion, Forster argues that flat characters can easily be recognized and remembered by the reader. Flat characters remain mostly the same through circumstances. In other words, flat characters never surprise the reader. Contrary to the nature of flat characters, round characters operate in an opposite direction to their counterparts. Round characters never remain the same throughout events, and it is not easy to recognize them since they do not exist under the dominance of a single trait. In addition to these, round characters are those who surprise the reader. Although Forster’s categorisation of fictional characters has functioned well in most of the cases, some characters are not easily analysed under this formula. Franz Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, for example, seems neither a round nor a flat character. Throughout his story, he remains the same. At the same time, he surprises the reader, which is not expected from him since he is mostly the same character in the text. Samsa’s turning into an insect further complicates the definition of his roundness or flatness. Another example is Iris Murdoch’s Mister Mars. Mister Mars is an animal. But at the same time he is a movie star, a celebrity. He has a pivotal role for the protagonist of the text. Therefore, the aim of this study is first to introduce the theoretical background of the nature of fictional characters and then to display some difficulties present particularly in Forster’s classification through the characterisation of two non-human examples.

  13. [The tribute of the pioneer of hypnotherapy--Franz Anton Mesmer, MD, PhD in the history of psychotherapy and medicine].

    Radovancević, Ljubomir


    Modern hypnosis started with the Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), who believed that the phenomenon known as mesmerism, or animal magnetism, or fluidum was related to an invisible substance--a fluid that runs within the subject or between the subject and the therapist, that is, the hypnotist, or the "magnetizer". The term hypnosis was introduced in the 1840s by a Scottish surgeon James Braid (1795-1860), who believed the subject to be in a particular state of sleep--a trance. In the late 19th century, a French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot (1825-1893) thought hypnotism to be a special physiological state, and his contemporary Hyppotite-Marie Bernheim (1840-1919) believed it to be a psychological state of heightened suggestibility. Sigmund Freud, who studied with Charcot, used hypnosis early in his career to help patients recover repressed memories. He noted that patients would relive traumatic events while under hypnosis, a process know as abreaction. Freud later replaced hypnosis with the technique of free associations. Today, hypnosis is used as a form of therapy (hypnotherapy), a method of investigation to recover lost memories, and research tool. According to Caplan & Sadock, F.A. Mesmer is generally thought of as the fons et origo of modern psychotherapy; and from the early techniques of mesmerism, it is said, have evolved the more elaborate and sophisticated therapeutic measures of the analyst and his colleagues. Although Mesmer was certainly dealing with individuals suffering from a variety of neurotic disorders, and though the clinical successes he achieved were the result of psychological processes that his procedures induced in his patients, Mesmer's theoretical formulations, his understanding of the nature of the treatment he developed, and his specific procedures were all totally different from those of the 20th century analyst. He was one of the corne stones in the development of psychoanalysis through hypnosis mainly of hysterical

  14. La música de Franz Joseph Haydn en España: recopilación, catalogación e interpretación de las fuentes musicales conservadas en Madrid hasta 1833

    Montero García, María del Rosario


    La música de Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) fue adquirida e interpretada en España durante su vida. Prueba de esto es la existencia de un abundante número de impresos y copias manuscritas de obras musicales suyas dispersas por toda la geografía española, así como las frecuentes alusiones al compositor austriaco en fuentes españolas hemerográficas, teóricas, literarias y epistolares. Dichas fuentes muestran que la música de Haydn gozó de gran prestigio, incluso años después de su muerte, reper...

  15. Franz Petrak, 1886—1973

    Arx, von J.A.


    Dr. F. Petrak passed away on October 9, 1973 in Vienna at the age of 87 years. He was born on October 9, 1886 in Mährisch-Weisskirchen, at that time a small town in the Moravian province of the Austrian Monarchy, but now belonging to the CSSR under the Czech name Hranice. A gift of some books,

  16. Review: Franz Breuer with Assistance of Barbara Dieris and Antje Lettau (2009. Reflexive Grounded Theory. Eine Einführung für die Forschungspraxis [Reflexive Grounded Theory: An Introduction to Research Praxis

    Sandra Da Rin


    Full Text Available This textbook by Franz BREUER, produced with the assistance of Barbara DIERIS and Antje LETTAU, is of interest more for the introduction it provides to reflexive research praxis than to grounded theory methodology. This means the subjectivity of the researcher is included in the research process as a decisive source of cognition. Reflexive grounded theory methodology is characterized by three elements that also structure the textbook. In the present review, I focus on two of these in detail: the approach to the research field based on ethnography, particular its epistemological prerequisites, and the inclusion of (self- reflexivity. The latter points to questions that are addressed at the end of this review. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1002140

  17. Biblická zpráva o stvoření a výzvy přírodních věd v díle Franze von Hummelauera (1842–1914

    Ctirad Pospíšil


    Full Text Available The paper is a part of research focused on Catholic theologians and biologists who, in the years 1871–1910, in agreement with the so-called Mivart’s theory, accepted the evolutionary origin of the human body, or did not reject it. It presents the life and work of Franz von Hummelauer, S.J., a Catholic biblical scholar. Three of his writings, dedicated to the problematics of the exegesis of the biblical account of the Creation, are identified. Hummelauer shows a constant respect for the merits of the natural sciences, and there is no trace of fundamentalism in his work. From 1877, he did not cease to accept the contributions of astronomy, and he shows a great openness to the possibility of the evolutional origin of species both in fauna and flora. Although he strictly rejected the hypothesis of the evolutional origin of the human body in 1877, in 1895, he shows much more prudence regarding Mivart’s thesis. If it were possible to exclude the dualism of the instant animation of the body of the first man that came by means of the evolution, the evolutionary origin of the human body would not contradict the biblical account. In his last work on this topic from 1898, Hummelauer constantly shows that the biblical account of the creation has an unequivocal religious informative value and it would be a mistake to search there for statements that would be relevant to the natural sciences.

  18. Redescription of Raphidascaris gigi Fujita, 1928 (Nematoda: Anisakidae), a parasite of freshwater fishes in Japan

    Moravec, František; Nagasawa, K.


    Roč. 52, č. 3 (2002), s. 193-198 ISSN 0165-5752 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA524/00/0267 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z6022909 Keywords : nematodes * parasite of fish * Japan Subject RIV: EG - Zoology Impact factor: 0.640, year: 2002

  19. Ludwig Boltzmann, Albert Einstein and Franz Joseph

    Broda, E.


    Under the Emperor Francis Joseph (1848-1916) the natural sciences were less weIl supported in Austria than in other countries of Europe. This is explained by the fact that the German speaking middle classes accepted the preeminence of the feudal forces with their antiscientific attitude. The reason for this readiness to subordination was that those middle classes feIt threatened in their relatively favourable situation by Slavs and Latins. Francis Joseph was the typical representative of the aristocracy. Personally, he did his duty conscientiously and was not corrupt, but progressive ideas and scientific thought were alien to him. From his desk he treated Boltzmann benevolently, but he had no wish to meet personally the greatest mind of the Empire or in any respect to ask his views. Another famous subject of the Emperor, Albert Einstein, was apparently ignored altogether. The structural weakness of Austria, due to the national problems, led to immobilism in her scientific life, but also, up to a point, to tolerance. The impression of Victor Adler on Einstein is considered in this historical context. (author) [de

  20. Apparatets sammenbrud. 'I straffekolonien' med Franz Kafka

    Gemzøe, Anker


    ’ (1914) introduces a new social motif, afterwards recurrent in Kafka: a cruel, old legal and social formation breaking up, leaving an empty gap and opening to a new situation that could be even worse. My initial reading is expanded by placing the story in personal, literary and historical contexts. From...... contexts. Though in the kafkaesque form of an alienated parable, the story is also a shrewd analysis of the political dilemmas of the intellectual as Kafka saw them at the beginning of the First World War, foreseeing the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Because of Kafka’s specific position...

  1. Quo Vadis, kaubandushiid Hyperlex? / Mike Franz Wahl

    Wahl, Mike Franz, 1966-


    Juhtimiskaasuste võistluse "Juhtimisaju 2007" raames tuli osalejatel lahendada juhtum seoses ettevõtete liitumisega. Vt. samas näited võistlustöödest: Vanaviisi ei saa, uutmoodi ei taha...; Inimesed, rääkige!. Juhtimisaju 2007 parimad võistkonnad

  2. 'Los avisadores del fuego': Franz Rosenzweig, Walter Benjamin y Franz Kafka

    Mate, M. Reyes; Mayorga, Juan


    Hubo pensadores que supieron leer en su tiempo signos de la catástrofe venidera. No eran profetas sino finos analistas. Nos referimos a Rosenzweig, Benjamin y Kafka. Rosenzweig denunció en el "idealismo" de la filosofía que viene desde Jonia y llega hasta Jena la tendencia a un totalitarismo que la convertía en potencialmente en una "ontología de la guerra". Benjamin dejó constancia de la ambigüedad radical del concepto de progreso, tan fundamental para el pensamiento ilustrado. La barbarie, ...

  3. Atividade antimicrobiana e antioxidante do óleo essencial de ho-sho (Cinnamomum camphora Ness e Eberm Var. Linaloolifera fujita Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of ho-sho (Cinnamomum camphora Ness e Eberm Var. Linaloolifera fujita essential oil

    Rogério Luis Cansian


    Full Text Available Este trabalho teve como objetivo determinar a atividade antimicrobiana e antioxidante do óleo essencial de Ho-Sho. O principal componente do óleo essencial obtido a partir de folhas da planta submetidas ao processo de hidrodestilação foi o linalol (80 a 95% m/m. O óleo essencial mostrou atividade antimicrobiana para todos os microrganismos testados, com exceção de Pseudomonas aeruginosa. A maior atividade antimicrobiana do óleo essencial sobre as bactérias testadas foi observada sobre Xanthomonas campestris (33,0 mm e a menor sobre Yersinia enterocolitica (10,5 mm. Para a concentração inibitória mínima (CIM, observou-se que todos os microrganismos apresentaram-se susceptíveis ao óleo essencial de Ho-Sho. A variação das CIM para as bactérias Gram-positivas foi de 1,00 mg.mL-1 (Streptococcus mutans a 1,75 mg.mL-1 (Staphylococcus epidermidis. Já a variação das CIM para as bactérias Gram-negativas foi de 0,625 mg.mL-1 (Citrobacter freundii a 2,50 mg.mL-1 (Shigella flexneri. Os resultados obtidos na determinação da atividade antioxidante do óleo essencial demonstram que o percentual antioxidante aumenta proporcionalmente à concentração de óleo essencial adicionado, atingindo o valor máximo de 97,49% de atividade antioxidante para a concentração de 50000 μg.mL-1.The main objective of this work was to evaluate the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the Ho-Sho essential oil. The major component of the essential oil obtained from the leaves submitted to hydro-distillation was linalool (80-95 wt%. The essential oil showed antimicrobial activity for all tested microorganisms, except for Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Higher antimicrobial activities over the tested bacterium were observed for Xanthomonas campestris (33.0 mm, and lower activities were obtained for Yersinia enterocolitica (10.5 mm. For the minimal inhibition concentration (MIC, it was observed that all microorganisms presented susceptibility to the Ho-Sho essential oil. For Gram-positive bacteria, the MIC varied from 1.00 mg.mL-1 (Streptococcus mutans to 1.75 mg.mL-1 (Staphylococcus epidermidis. In the case of Gram-negative bacteria, the MIC was 0.625 mg.mL-1 for Citrobacter freundii and 2.50 mg.mL-1 for Shigella flexneri. The results related to antioxidant activities demonstrated that the antioxidant percentage increases proportionally to the concentration of the essential oil added reaching the maximum value of 97.49% for the essential oil concentration of 50000 μg.mL-1.

  4. Effect of Modified Fujita Technique Uvulopalatoplasty on Oxidative DNA Damage Levels in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

    Bakan, Ebubekir; Fidan, Vural; Alp, Hamit Hakan; Baygutalp, Nurcan Kilic; Cokluk, Erdem


    Snoring is a social hindrance problem and it can cause life threatening problems. Because of this it must be taken seriously and must be treated. Although there are many ways for treating this problem, still uvulopalatopharngoplasty (UPPP) which is an accepted classical method maintains its importance. Antioxidant status in patients with snoring have been investigated. All studies investigated the effect of CPAP treatment on the level of antioxidant agents. In this study we have examined the effect of UPPP on the level of antioxidant agents in patients with snoring.

  5. Primo Levi and Franz Kafka: an Unheimlich Encounter

    Stefano Bellin


    Full Text Available In 1983 Giulio Einaudi asked Primo Levi to translate Kafka’s Trial for the new series «Scrittori tradotti da scrittori». The proposal sounded original and provocative, and Levi accepted eagerly. The translation, however, had a negative effect on him. While working on The Trial, Levi relived his Auschwitz season, revived his deepest fears, and fell back into depression: he felt as if he was himself on trial. This was partially due to a clash of literary styles as well as to two contrasting – and yet at times kindred – conceptions of language and communication. The present study addresses the following questions: were Levi and Kafka’s literary styles as opposed as Levi implies? How is Levi’s “obscure part” connected to Kafka? Why did Levi associate The Trial with his Holocaust experience and identify himself with Josef K.? What does Levi’s encounter with Kafka tell us about the shame of being human and our capacity to give an account of ourselves? By investigating Levi’s uncanny encounter with Kafka, my essay will discuss Levi’s theory of language, showing how the Levi-Kafka intersection opens up new ways of interpreting Levi’s concerns about communication, the work of the witness, moral responsibility, and shame, which coalesced into the reflections of The Drowned and the Saved.Nel 1983 Giulio Einaudi chiese a Primo Levi di tradurre Il processo di Kafka per la nuova serie Scrittori tradotti da scrittori. La proposta parse a Levi originale ed intelligente, sicché la accettò immediatamente. La traduzione ebbe tuttavia un effetto negativo su di lui. Mentre lavorava al Processo, Levi rivisse la stagione di Auschwitz, risentì le sue più profonde paure e ricadde in depressione. Si sentiva come se fosse lui stesso processato. Ciò era in parte dovuto a due opposte concezioni di stile letterario e a due divergenti – anche se a volte paradossalmente affini – concezioni del linguaggio e della comunicazione. Il presente contributo si interroga su una serie di domande: gli stili di Levi e Kafka sono così opposti come sembrano? Che legame c’è tra la «parte oscura» di Levi e Kafka? Perché Levi associò Il processo con la sua esperienza ad Auschwitz e si identificò con Josef K.? Che cosa ci rivela l’incontro tra Levi e Kafka della vergogna di essere un uomo e della nostra capacità di «dar conto di noi stessi»? Analizzando il perturbante incontro tra Levi e Kafka, il mio saggio discute la «teoria del linguaggio» di Levi e mostra come l’intersezione tra Levi e Kafka apre nuove prospettive di interpretazione riguardo alle preoccupazioni di Levi per la comunicazione, il ruolo del testimone, la responsabilità morale e la vergogna. Tali temi confluirono nelle riflessioni de I sommersi e i salvati e verranno esaminati nella parte finale del presente saggio. PAROLE CHIAVEKafka; The Drowned and the Saved; trial; translation; communication; language; obscure; clear; shame; guilt.

  6. Der französische GAV ist unrealistisch


    "Seit über zwei Wochen ist bei Genf ein Arbeitskonflikt im Gang. Die Arbeiter, die für das CERN eine gigantische Forschungsanlage bauen sollen, verlangen eine bessere Entlönung. Doch das federfürende Baukonsortium will nicht darauf eingehen, und die CERN-Verantwortlichen halten sich aus der Sache raus" (1 page).

  7. Letters by Franz Xaver von Zach to Ranieri Gerbi and Pompilio Pozzetti. (German Title: Briefe von Franz Xaver von Zach an Ranieri Gerbi und Pompilio Pozzetti)

    Meschiari, Alberto

    Two letters by Zach to the physicist Gerbi at Pisa and one to the librarian Pozzetti at Bologna confirm once more the role of the first as collector and distributor of scientific information. In the second letter to Gerbi, Zach ensures the recipient that he had rightfully criticized the optical contributions of Goethe and that the latter doesn't enjoy any reputation as a scientist.

  8. Das "Modèle rhénan" aus französischer Sicht

    Decouard, Emmanuel


    The relationship between France and Germany is still a complex one, and the French perception of the social market economy is a perfect example of the ambivalence that both nations feel towards each other. Already a short glance at the history of economics - from the physiocrates to Keynes and then to Walter Eucken - shows that a profound philosophical and political rift divides France and Germany. In more recent times, this division has been perfectly illustrated by the totally different app...

  9. Franz Kafka in the Design Studio: A Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Approach to Architectural Design Education

    Hisarligil, Beyhan Bolak


    This article demonstrates the outcomes of taking a hermeneutic phenomenological approach to architectural design and discusses the potentials for imaginative reasoning in design education. This study tests the use of literature as a verbal form of art and design and the contribution it can make to imaginative design processes--which are all too…

  10. Neznámá skica Franze Xavera Wagenschöna

    Valeš, Tomáš


    Roč. 60, č. 2 (2011), s. 140-147 ISSN 1211-7390 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : Andreas Magnus Hunglinger * Michael Jindřich Rentz * Sarkander Ježek * St. John of God * Torture of St. John the Evangelist before the Porta Latina * Erlau/Eger * Sáta Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  11. [Remember, Avert, Prevent: Franz Ludwig Berthold Kihn--A Typology of "Euthanasia"].

    Braun, B; Frewer, A; Kornhuber, J


    The current debate on assisted suicide provides the occasion for calling to mind the role of Berthold Kihn as a psychiatrist under National Socialism. With a historical presentation of a typology of euthanasia, the Academic Psychiatry of Erlangen together with the Medical Ethics would like to sensitize discussions on assisted suicide by drawing attention to the start and end of Kihn's scientific career. Relevant archive material, primary and secondary literature were analyzed and evaluated. As Assistant and Senior Physician at the Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital of the University of Erlangen, Kihn lectured on "the elimination of the inferiors". As Director of the Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital of Jena University, Kihn selected psychiatric patients to be murdered under the "T4 action". Kihn participated in drafting a "Euthanasia Law". Despite his involvement in the murder of mentally ill, Kihn returned to Erlangen as a "Soviet Zone refugee", where a Denazification Court considered him a "hanger-on". Kihn was reintegrated in the academic faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander-University and headed a private clinic. On 21.01.1963, the State's Attorney Nuremberg-Fuerth dropped the criminal procedure against Kihn--officially due to a lack of proof of punishable guilt. An appropriate medical historical contextualization can represent an important condition for an adequate medical ethical debate on physician-assisted suicide and the involvement of psychiatrists. FINAL COMMENT: The analysis of Kihn's patterns of thought and argumentation can help sensitize those involved in debates on physician-assisted suicide and highlights the critical role of psychiatry as a discipline in this context. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  12. Phraseologismen und stereotype Sprechakte im Deutschen und im Französischen

    Kauffer, Maurice


    Full Text Available The topic of this paper is the definition and lexicographic treatment of pragmatic phraseologisms and in particular stereotypical speech acts in German and French. We begin with a critical examination of the traditional distinctions within pragmatic phraseologisms, i. e. between formulaic expressions, context-dependent phraseologisms and phraseologisms functioning as sentences. As a result, we propose a new, more clearly delineated set of stereotypical speech acts, i. e. phrases such as Na warte mal!,Sieh mal einer an!, Tu parles ! Tu vois ce que je vois ?.Stereotypical speech acts meet three requirements: semantic idiomaticity, utterance value and pragmatic function, and are generally used in spontaneous or fiction dialogues. Finally, we present a context-rich, corpus-based, bilingual dictionary of stereotypical speech acts that is being compiled in Nancy. Content and design of the dictionary are illustrated by two examples, la belle affaire and das ist die Höhe.

  13. Will the Real Franz Rosenzweig Please Stand Up?: Two Reflections on Two Educational Essays

    Levenson, Alan; Schein, Jeffrey


    The views of Jewish education articulated by Rosenzweig in his essays "It is Time" and in "The Opening of the Lehrhaus" are quite different. So different, in fact, that an account of how one mind can produce such different accounts is necessary. Following the lead of a 1950's popular television quiz show, the authors ask "Will the Real Franz…

  14. “Obituary of Franz Wickhoff” trans. and ed. Marta Filipova

    Vincenc Kramář


    Wickhoff, ‘a man of great refined artistic taste who refused to be bound by period theories and who was open to all truly artistic impressions’, is remembered in this obituary, written by his former student of Czech origin, Vincenc Kramář (1877-1960), an eminent art historian and art collector. Published in 1909, the text overviews the theoretical and methodological approaches that Wickhoff as well as Riegl used and thus outlines, for the first time, the main traits of the Vienna School of ar...

  15. “Obituary of Franz Wickhoff” trans. and ed. Marta Filipova

    Vincenc Kramář


    Full Text Available Wickhoff, ‘a man of great refined artistic taste who refused to be bound by period theories and who was open to all truly artistic impressions’, is remembered in this obituary, written by his former student of Czech origin, Vincenc Kramář (1877-1960, an eminent art historian and art collector. Published in 1909, the text overviews the theoretical and methodological approaches that Wickhoff as well as Riegl used and thus outlines, for the first time, the main traits of the Vienna School of art history, such as genetic links and universal development of art and the objective study of the works of art, that have been associated with it until today.

  16. Kunst-Gedanken in Tiecks «Franz Sternbalds Wanderungen»

    Wolfgang Nehring


    Full Text Available Ludwig Tieck is not only the most productive and stimulating power of German Roman­ticism with respect to literature but also, largely unnoticed by his contemporaries and critics, an innovative proponent of a new art. His Sternbald goes way beyond the position of Wackenroder’s Herzensergießungen from which it started. It not only influenced the artwork of the two most important romantic painters, Philipp Otto Runge and Caspar David Fried­rich, but advocates, in a way, twentieth-century ideas of modern painting.

  17. Lexikalische Typologie – Dänisch und Französisch als endo- bzw. exozentrische Sprachen

    Michael Herslund


    Full Text Available The article discusses one of the lesser studied aspects of linguistic typology, the lexicon. Taking as its point of departure the theory of lexicalisation of Leonard Talmy (1985, i.e. the different combinations of (presumably universal semantic components different (types of languages choose to code in their simple lexical roots, the article applies this approach to French and Danish – typology is not just a question of comparing so-called exotic languages. It appears that just as verb roots in Germanic, such as Danish, and Romance languages, such as French, differ fundamentally in their lexicalisation patterns, so do their nouns. And more importantly, the two word classes exhibit complementary lexicalisation patterns: in Germanic languages the verbs are rather concrete – what is lexicalised is the external, visible aspect of the situation described by the verb, the manner – whereas the Romance verbs are abstract, describing i.e. the idea of a movement and its direction; in nouns, however, the situation is the exact opposite: the Germanic nouns are rather abstract, covering a wide range of phenomena having a certain function in common, but the Romance nouns are concrete, describing the external, visible aspect of things, their form rather than their function. This finding permits the hypothesis of two fundamental linguistic types: the endocentric languages (Germanic, where the concrete information is found in the centre of the clause, the verb, and the exocentric languages (Romance, where this information is found outside the centre, in the nouns.

  18. Das Recht vor seinem Gesetz: Franz Kafka zur (Un‐Möglichkeit einer Selbstreflexion des Rechts / The Law before its Law: Franz Kafka on the (Im‐Possibility of Law’s Self‐Reflection

    Gunther Teubner


    Full Text Available Stellen wir uns vor, der Mann vom Lande in Kafkas Parabel „Vor dem Gesetz“ sei nicht, wie es in der vorschnellen Rollenfixierung zahlreicher Kafka‐Interpretationen heißt, das menschliche Individuum, das der Gewalt der institutionalisierten Gesetzlichkeit (der Macht, der Moral, der Religion etc. ausgeliefert ist. Er sei stattdessen ein Richter „vom Lande“, einer der draußen im Lande einen Rechtsfall nach Recht und Gesetz zu behandeln hat und der nun in seinen Entscheidungsqualen mit dem Gesetz nicht zu Recht kommt. Let us imagine that the man from the country in Kafka’s parable “Before the law” is not the human individual who has been delivered up to the force of institutionalised legalism (power, morality, religion etc, as we find in numerous Kafka interpretations with their somewhat over‐hasty role fixation. Let us suppose instead that he is a judge “from the country”, who – back there, in the country – has to deal with a legal case according to the law, and who now, in the torment of decision‐making, cannot find what is right according to the law.

  19. Sarajevo 1914: An Examination of the Context by which Austria Hungary Responded to the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand


    disputes. Romania and Serbia were recognized as independent states in this Congress, but the agreement on Bosnia and Herzegovina was a half-way house...Greece, and Romania together against Bulgaria. After fighting, peace was arranged and borders re-drawn without Austro-Hungarian input. Williamson...Monarchy 1848- 1918 . 2 vols. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 1950. May, Arthur J. The Hapsburg Monarchy 1867-1914. Harvard University Press

  20. Sprache ohne Kultur: zur Kompetenzorientierung in den Fremdsprachen (am Beispiel des Französischunterrichts in Österreich

    Monika Neuhofer


    Full Text Available Der Beitrag betrachtet die Auswirkungen der Kompetenzorientierung in den Fremdsprachen und stellt die Frage nach der Aufgabe von Fremdsprachen im Kontext einer humanistisch orientierten Allgemeinbildung. Postuliert wird, dass eine ausschließliche Ausrichtung am Kompetenzparadigma bildende Inhalte verflacht oder sogar ausschließt, Sprache entkulturalisiert sowie entpolitisiert. Die Beobachtungen verdanken sich der schulischen Praxis an einem österreichischen Gymnasium und nehmen explizit auf die Veränderungen im Rahmen der neuen kompetenzorientierten Reifeprüfung in Österreich Bezug.  

  1. Juicio, percepción y existencia pragmática en el pensamiento de Franz Brentano

    Francesco De Nigris


    Full Text Available La filosofía de Brentano, más conocida por introducir el antiguo concepto de intencionalidad para distinguir los fenómenos psíquicos de los físicos, acaba siendo una peculiar metafísica en que el objeto es función de la actividad autoperceptiva del sujeto. Los conceptos de juicio como reconocimiento y de conciencia secundaria como percepción interna tienen un papel fundamental en este proceso, porque establecen, desde el comienzo de su doctrina, un ámbito de realidad indudable en que se cumple el concepto clásico de verdad como adaequatio rei et intellectus; si bien con un sentido esencialmente original porque el perceptor resulta ser, a la vez, el percibido. Finalmente, pasando por una comparación con la fenomenología, podremos comprender que esta nueva relación que introduce Brentano entre sujeto y objeto se acerca a las concepciones pragmatistas, anticipando, en su sentido más profundo, importantes cambios filosóficos del existencialismo del siglo XX y de la razón vital.

  2. Superfluità e ‘vuoto mentale’ dei lavoratori: una esplorazione attraverso i racconti di Franz Kafka

    Luigi Ferrari


    Full Text Available Kafka non è stato un impiegato passivo e distratto. Recenti studi sui suoi documenti di lavoro hanno evidenziato una passione e una competenza professionale notevoli. Questa competenza è stata riversata nelle sue opere letterarie che parlano di lavoro e di organizzazioni con una conoscenza diretta. Lo stile simbolista di Kafka è stato molto efficace nel cambiare il modo di vedere le organizzazioni. Lo scrittore, in particolare, ha intuito la crescita degli ultimi anni della popolazione eccedente. Kafka ha saputo afferrare la psicologia e gli atteggiamenti profondi dei lavoratori che fronteggiano la loro superfluità e l’espulsione dal mondo del lavoro. Più in dettaglio, Kafka è stato capace di analizzare la resa psicologica alla superfluità che si esprime soprattutto con una specifica forma di “vuoto mentale”. Parole chiave: , disoccupazione, Kafka, narrazioni del lavoro

  3. Doris Wastl-Walter: Gender Geographien. Geschlecht und Raum als soziale Konstruktionen. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2010.

    Dörte Segebart


    Full Text Available Das Buch ist eine kompakte Einführung in die geographische Geschlechterforschung, die alle relevanten aktuellen Debatten aufgreift. Das bislang erste Lehrbuch zum Thema fasst die theoretischen Grundlagen und methodischen Ansätze zur Analyse der Kategorien Geschlecht, Körper, Umwelt/Natur und Raum zusammen. Anhand von exemplarischen Themenkomplexen (z. B. Arbeit, Migration, Stadt, Ressourcennutzung wird die konkrete Anwendung der theoretischen Konzepte an zahlreichen empirischen Beispielen und Forschungsergebnissen aus der deutschsprachigen und internationalen geographischen Forschung verdeutlicht. Die Publikation ist ein lange fälliges Einführungswerk für Studierende und Wissenschaftler/-innen, die sich mit der räumlich-geographischen Dimension der Gender-Thematik auseinandersetzen.This book is a compact introduction into geographical Gender Studies, which addresses all relevant discussions. The thus far first textbook on this topic summarizes the theoretical foundations and the methodological approaches for the analysis of the categories gender, body, environment/nature, and space. Using exemplary topics (e.g. work, migration, city, resource utilization, the practical application of the theoretical concepts is illustrated with numerous empirical examples and research findings of German and international geographical research. This publication is a long overdue introductory work for students and researchers who deal with the spatial-geographical dimension of gender.

  4. Nature/nurture and the anthropology of Franz Boas and Margaret Mead as an agenda for revolutionary politics

    Sidney M. Greenfield


    Full Text Available There is much more involved in the nature/nurture debate than an abstract theoretical disagreement among dispassionate scientists. Each side of the debate leads logically to significantly different views of the social order and holds different implications for social policy. In this paper I shall argue that Boas' Anthropology with its emphasis on cultural relativism was as much a social and political agenda as it was a scientific theory. The positions on public policy issues he opposed were informed (and rationalized by what its advocates claimed to be science. To be able to counter the discriminatory policy proposals that followed from this science, it was necessary for Boas both to challenge its validity and then replace it with an alternative that would support a more liberal political agenda. This chapter of anthropology's history gains relevance in today's context as neoevolutionary, reductionist theories once more provide "scientific" support for conservative, separatist and often discriminatory social policies.O debate natureza/cultura é muito mais do que um desentendimento teórico e abstrato entre cientistas desapaixonados. Cada lado do debate leva a visões diferentes da ordem social e traz implicações diferentes para políticas sociais. Neste artigo, sugiro que a Antropologia de Boas, com sua ênfase no relativismo cultural, tanto quanto uma teoria científica, foi um programa social e político. As posturas de política pública às quais ele se opunha eram informadas (e racionalizadas por algo apresentado por seus proponentes como ciência. Para combater as propostas discriminatórias que decorriam desta ciência, cabia a Boas desafiar sua validade e substituí-la por uma alternativa que daria apoio a uma agenda política mais liberal. Esse capítulo da história da antropologia assume maior relevância no contexto atual em que teorias néo-evolucionistas e reducionistas mais uma vez fornecem uma base "científica" para políticas sociais conservadoras, separatistas e freqüentemente discriminatórias.

  5. Doplňky k biografii českého botanika Franze Wilibalda Schmidta (1764-1796)

    Kroupa, Jiří K.


    Roč. 2012, č. 1 (2012), s. 157-160 ISSN 1803-7747 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA6005412 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60050516 Keywords : history of science * history of botany * history of medicine * the Enlightenment Subject RIV: EF - Botanics

  6. Complexity of clay mineral formation during 120,000 years of soil development along the Franz Josef chronosequence, New Zealand

    Dietel, J.; Dohrmann, R.; Guggenberger, G.; Meyer-Stueve, S.; Turner, S.; Schippers, A.; Kaufhold, S.; Butz-Braun, R.; Condron, L.M.; Mikutta, R.


    Weathering of primary silicates to secondary clay minerals over time affects multiple soil functions such as the accumulation of organic matter and nutrient cations. However, the extent of clay mineral (trans)formation as a function of soil development is poorly understood. In this study, the degree of weathering of sediments along a 120 kyr soil formation gradient was investigated using X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. Irrespective of site age, mica and chlorite were the dominant clay minerals. During weathering, a remarkable suite of transitional phases such as vermiculite and several interstratifications with vermiculitic, smectitic, chloritic and micaceous layers developed. The degree of weathering was correlated with soil pH and depletion of K, Ca, Na, Fe and Al, regarding both soil depth and site age. Kaolinite occurred especially at the 120 kyr site, indicating slow formation via transitional phases. The findings of this study revealed that long-term soil development caused complex clay mineral assemblages, both temporally and spatially, and linking this variability to soil functioning warrants further research. (author).

  7. Mikroskopische Studien ueber Gesteine aus den Molukken. 2. Gesteine von Seran. Mit einem französischen Résumé

    Schroeder van der Kolk, J.L.C.


    Dans les pages précédentes j’ai décrit quelques uns des nombreux échantillons de roche recueillis par M. Martin pendant son voyage de Séran (Céram). Les types suivants en sont les plus intéressants, les granites à cordiérite, les diorites les péridotites, les andésites à augite, les gneiss, les

  8. Mikroskopische Studien ueber Gesteine aus den Molukken. 1. Gesteine von Ambon und den Uliassern. Mit einem französischen Résumé

    Schroeder van der Kolk, J.L.C.


    Dans le traité précédent j’ai décrit les types les plus caractéristiques parmi les échantillons de roche recueillis par M. MARTIN pendant ses voyages dans les Moluques. Ainsi il s’agit des Granites à biotite, des Péridotites, des Dacites, des Andésites à pyroxène, des Brèches volcaniques et aussi

  9. The Bureaucratic Muse: On Thomas Bernhard's Exempel, Adalbert Stifter's Der Kuss von Sentze, Franz Kafka's In der Strafkolonie, and Oswald Wieners die verbesserung von mitteleuropa, roman

    Hughes, Helen


    The thesis, as its title suggests, works through examples: it looks at the way in which four literary works have responded to the spirit of bureaucracy. It also looks at the way in which each text, by thematizing bureaucracy, questions itself as a literary text. By working through examples the thesis also thematizes the bureaucratization of literature in that each example is an individual case, selected in order to become one of a group. In the introduction it is argued that the essence o...

  10. The way I understood it, it wasn’t meant to be understood – when 6th grade reads Franz Kafka

    Johansen, Martin Blok


    In recent years, literacy problematics and different concepts (Cooperative Learning, Learning Styles) have taken up much of the school’s literature teaching. It has pushed discussions of the professional content into the background. This article takes up the content discussion for renewed debate......, but now also with the aim of discussing the literary texts one can present to children in school. The research questions posed are: Which texts can justifiably be presented to children as part of teaching in school? What will happen if 10 to 12-year-old Danish school pupils are presented with classical...... starting point in three concepts rooted in theory, i.e. unpredictability, defamiliarization and entitlement, which are subsequently used to get to grips with the empirical part of the study. The article does not attempt to depict a hard-and-fast picture of all children being equally enthusiastic about...

  11. Humanismo, sujeto, modernidad. Sobre la crítica de la razón mítica de Franz Hinkelammert

    Estela Fernández Nadal


    Full Text Available El trabajo aborda la concepción de la historia y la crítica de la modernidad desarrolladas por F. Hinkelammert, a las que se ubica en la perspectiva desarrollada por (la primera Escuela de Frankfurt, particularmente por Walter Benjamin. En la elaboración de las categorías fundamentales de la reflexion hinkelammertiana sobre la historia, se destaca un primer hito fundamental, constituido por la Crítica de la razón utópica. En esta obra, el autor presenta la aspiración de alcanzar verdaderas metas imposibles, pensadas en términos de instituciones perfectas, a partir de acercamientos progresivos, como una tendencia propia de la racionalidad moderna que debe ser sometida a critica. La Crítica de la razón mítica constituye el segundo hito de ese desarrollo critico, en el cual se retoma la relación entre cristianismo y modernidad a partir del concepto de “secularización”, mostrando sus relaciones de continuidad/ ruptura respecto a los resortes miticos que alientan paradójicamente la razón instrumental Abstract The work approaches the conception of history and the critique of modernity developed by F. Hinkelammert’s, which lies in the perspective developed by the (first Frankfurt School, particularly by Walter Benjamin. In the developing of the fundamental categories of the Hinkelammert reflection on history, highlights a fundamental first landmark, constituted by the Critic of the utopian reason. In this work, the author presents the aspiration to achieve real impossible goals, thought in terms of perfect institutions, from progressive approaches, as an own tendency of the modern rationality that must be subjected to criticism. The Critic of the mythical reason constitutes the second landmark of that critical development, in which retakes the relation between Christianity and modernity from the concept of “secularization”, showing its relations of continuity/rupture in respect to the mythical springs that paradoxically encourage the instrumental reason.

  12. Reference: 295 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available 295 Fujita that enhances drought stress tolerance in Arabidopsis. 12 3470-88 16284313 200...5 Dec The Plant cell Fujita Miki|Fujita Yasunari|Hiratsu Keiichiro|Maruyama Kyonoshin|Ohme-Takagi Masaru|Par

  13. Grand résumé de Franz Kafka. Éléments pour une théorie de la création littéraire, Paris, Éditions La Découverte, 2010

    Bernard Lahire


    Full Text Available Peut-on percer les mystères de la création ? Et la sociologie est-elle en mesure de se lancer dans une telle aventure lorsqu’il est question d’une création individuelle telle que la création littéraire ? Peut-elle entrer dans la chair même des œuvres, plutôt que rester classiquement postée à leur périphérie, et se contenter d’en observer les circonstances ou les conditions ? Est-elle à même de s’affronter à des œuvres particulièrement difficiles, voire étranges, qui découragent plus d’un lect...

  14. Early Scholars' Visits to Central America: Reports by Karl Sapper, Walter Lehmann, and Franz Termer, edited by Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett and Ellen T Hardy, Theodore E Gutman, 2000

    Charles C. Kolb


    Full Text Available The Cotsen Institute's Director of Publications is archaeologist Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett, herself a specialist on the production and distribution of archaeological ceramics in Mesoamerica and Central America and a scholar of complex society economic organization. Her colleague and the co-editor of this volume, Ellen Hardy, is a Research Associate at The Cotsen Institute and an expert on mortuary customs of the Nicoya region. Theodore (Ted Gutman (1909-1997 was a longtime supporter of the Institute at UCLA worked on a number of translation projects, several of which are presented here. He was the translator of Karl Sapper's Verapaz im 16. und 17. jahrhundert, which appeared as The Verapaz in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: A Contribution to the Historical Geography and Ethnography of Northeastern Guatemala (Los Angeles, University of California, Institute of Archae­ology, Occasional Paper 13, 1985. The contributors to the volume's narrative include, in addtion to Beaudry-Corbett and Hardy, nine other anthropologists who are recognized experts on the region and subject matter.

  15. Inglihääled vaiksel ööl / Loone Ots

    Ots, Loone, 1965-


    Jõululaulust "Püha öö" ("Vaikne öö"), sõnade autor Joseph Franz Mohr, viisi autor Franz Xaver Gruber. Jõulukoraalist "Hõisake, taevad", autor Joachim Neander. Jõulukoraalist "Ma tulen taevast ülevalt", autor Martin Luther

  16. Aspernolides A and B, butenolides from a marine-derived fungus Aspergillus terreus

    Parvatkar, R.R.; DeSouza, C.; Tripathi, A.; Naik, C.G.

    , N., 1996. Antitumor effects of butyrolactone I, a selective cdc2 kinase inhibitor, on human lung cancer cell lines. Anticancer Res. 16, 3387-3395. Nitta, K., Fujita, N., Yoshimura, T., Arai, K., Yamamoto, U., 1983. Metabolic products...

  17. Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — While the Fujita and Saffir-Simpson Scales characterize tornadoes and hurricanes respectively, there is no widely used scale to classify snowstorms. The Northeast...

  18. Computational simulation of natural convection of a molten core in lower head of a PWR pressure vessel

    Vieira, Camila Braga; Romero, Gabriel Alves; Jian Su


    Computational simulation of natural convection in a molten core during a hypothetical severe accident in the lower head of a typical PWR pressure vessel was performed for two-dimensional semi-circular geometry with isothermal walls. Transient turbulent natural convection heat transfer of a fluid with uniformly distributed volumetric heat generation rate was simulated by using a commercial computational fluid dynamics software ANSYS CFX 12.0. The Boussinesq model was used for the buoyancy effect generated by the internal heat source in the flow field. The two-equation k-ω based SST (Shear Stress Transport) turbulence model was used to mould the turbulent stresses in the Reynolds-Average Navier-Stokes equations (RANS). Two Prandtl numbers, 6:13 and 7:0, were considered. Five Rayleigh numbers were simulated for each Prandtl number used (109, 1010, 1011, 1012, and 1013). The average Nusselt numbers on the bottom surface of the semicircular cavity were in excellent agreement with Mayinger et al. (1976) correlation and only at Ra = 109 the average Nusselt number on the top flat surface was in agreement with Mayinger et al. (1976) and Kulacki and Emara (1975) correlations. (author)

  19. Tornadoes and related damage costs: statistical modeling with a semi-Markov approach

    Corini, Chiara; D'Amico, Guglielmo; Petroni, Filippo; Prattico, Flavio; Manca, Raimondo


    We propose a statistical approach to tornadoes modeling for predicting and simulating occurrences of tornadoes and accumulated cost distributions over a time interval. This is achieved by modeling the tornadoes intensity, measured with the Fujita scale, as a stochastic process. Since the Fujita scale divides tornadoes intensity into six states, it is possible to model the tornadoes intensity by using Markov and semi-Markov models. We demonstrate that the semi-Markov approach is able to reprod...

  20. Area Handbook Series: East Germany: A Country Study


    popularity, supported the NSDAP with funds. Meanwhile, Briining’s successor, Franz von Papen , a strong authoritarian who wished to establish a corporate...Study Papen , Franz von , 33 training, 227; Transport Police, xxiv, Parow, 229 xxv, 226, 229, 273; Water Police, 260 Pavlovskii, I.G., 350 Polish Corridor...Constitution). Franz von l’apen, chancellor May-December I132; Hitle’s National Socialists won 2:30 Reichstag seats in July 1932 elettioins and ctiecrged

  1. Development of TONBOS for simulation of liftoff and flight of objects driven by a tornado

    Eguchi, Yuzuru; Sugimoto, Soichiro; Hattori, Yasuo; Hirakuchi, Hiromaru


    A computational code, named TONBOS, is developed to evaluate liftoff and flight behaviors of unconstrained objects on the ground struck by a tornado. In this code, wind field of a tornado is approximated not only by Rankine vortex model, but Fujita's DBT-77 model. Special attention is paid to derivation of appropriate radial velocity profile of the Fujita's DBT-77 model so that local continuity of fluid is satisfied exactly. Motion of objects in flight is described with a conventional three-degree model where aerodynamic drag force and gravity are taken into account, while vertical motion of objects on the ground is assumed to be governed by lift force generated by asymmetric air flow around the objects due to ground effect. Numerical results of TONBOS have turned out to be consistent with those of previous numerical studies as well as damage of car described in the Fujita-scale classification. (author)

  2. USA muusikakriitikud järjestasid aasta 2004 heliplaadid


    New Yorgi kultuuriajakiri Village Voice avaldas muusikaküsitluse Pazz & Jop Poll tulemused: 1. Kanye West "The College Dropout", 2. Brian Wilson "SmiLE", 3. Loretta Lynn "Van Lear Rose", 4. Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand", 5. Green Day "American Idiot". Aasta parimaks singliks valiti Franz Ferdinandi "Take Me Out", järgnesid Jay-Z "99 Problems" ja Usheri "Yeah". Kanye Westile ka Grammy aasta parima räpp-albumi eest ja Franz Ferdinandile kui parimale briti rockbändile Britside-Suurbritannia muusikaauhind

  3. К типологии фантастического в литературе (Гоголь - Кафка - Набоков) / Николай Карпов

    Карпов, Николай


    Käsitletakse fantastilises kirjanduses esinevat tekstivälist tegelikkuse iseloomustamist Nikolai Gogoli jutustuse "Nina", Franz Kafka "Metamorfoosi" ja Vladimir Nabokovi romaani "Kutse tapalavale" põhjal

  4. Underwater noise due to precipitation

    Crum, Lawrence A.; Pumphrey, Hugh C.; Prosperetti, Andrea


    In 1959, G. Franz published a thorough investigation of the underwater sound produced by liquid drop impacts [G. Franz, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 31, 1080 (1959)]. He discovered that, under certain conditions, a gas bubble was entrained by the impacting droplet, and the subsequent oscillation of this b...

  5. Characterization and photocatalytic activity of boron-doped TiO2 thin ...


    Chen Daimai, Wang Dong Yang and Jiang Zhongyi 2006 Ind. Eng. Chem. 45 4110. Cheng Jen-hao 2003 A study on photocatalytic oxidation of aque- ous chlorobenzene solution by nanostructured film of TiO2,. Master Thesis, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. Deki S, Henin Yu Yu Ko, Fujita T, Akamatsu K, Mizuhata ...

  6. Adelic divisors on arithmetic varieties

    Moriwaki, Atsushi


    In this article, the author generalizes several fundamental results for arithmetic divisors, such as the continuity of the volume function, the generalized Hodge index theorem, Fujita's approximation theorem for arithmetic divisors, Zariski decompositions for arithmetic divisors on arithmetic surfaces and a special case of Dirichlet's unit theorem on arithmetic varieties, to the case of the adelic arithmetic divisors.

  7. Structure-Activity Relationships in the Cytoprotective Effect of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) and Fluorinated Derivatives: Effects on Heme Oxygenase-1 Induction and Antioxidant Activities


    Hishikawa, K., Nakaki, T., Fujita, T., 2005. Oral flavonoid supplementation attenuates atherosclerosis development in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice... flavonoids . Free Radical Biology & Medicine 20, 331–342. Wakabayashi, N., Dinkova-Kostova, A.T., Holtzclaw, W.D., Kang, M.I., Kobayashi, A., Yamamoto, M

  8. Research Article Special Issue



    Jan 15, 2018 ... of PSO-GA. In H. Fujita, A. Selamat, & H. Haron (Eds.), Frontiers in artificial intelligence and applications. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2014, pp. 495-512. [8] Masrom S, Abidin S Z Z, Omar N. Easy and concise programming for low-level hybridization of PSO-GA. In International Conference on Intelligent Software ...

  9. Faculty Perceptions of Division I Male Student-Athletes: The Relationship between Student-Athlete Contact, Athletic Department Involvement, and Perceptions of Intercollegiate Athletics

    Tovar, Elizabeth A.


    It has been widely recognized that student-athletes, especially in the sports of men's basketball and football, endure stereotyping (Bowen & Levin, 2003; Simons, Bosworth, Fujita, & Jensen, 2007, Baucom & Lantz, 2001). Although stereotypes about male basketball and football student-athletes academic behaviors are expressed by many sectors of the…

  10. Download this PDF file


    plot was. Savanna of Nigeria. made up of four ridges each 8 m long, with a 75-cm spacing between ridges. Materials and methods. Promiscuous soybean ..... 1987; Fujita et al., 1992), a starter dose of respond to N fertilizer (Sanginga et al.,.

  11. Plasticity of Ability to Form Cross-Modal Representations in Infant Japanese Macaques

    Adachi, Ikuma; Kuwahata, Hiroko; Fujita, Kazuo; Tomonaga, Masaki; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro


    In a previous study, Adachi, Kuwahata, Fujita, Tomonaga & Matsuzawa demonstrated that infant Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) form cross-modal representations of conspecifics but not of humans. However, because the subjects in the experiment were raised in a large social group and had considerably less exposure to humans than to…

  12. Determining the Existence of an Athletic Stigma on a NCAA Division II University Campus

    Parsons, Jennifer C. M.


    This project replicated a previous study by Simons, Bosworth, Fujita, and Jenson (2007) examining the existence of an athletic stigma on a university campus. For this investigation, the researcher adapted the original instrument and surveyed 252 athletes on a comprehensive Midwestern NCAA Division II university campus. The survey provided both…

  13. South Asia | Page 194 | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    Language French. A most valuable contribution not only to the community of development cooperation in the world but also to academia in general for facilitating the understanding of Japan's ODA. — Kimio Fujita, President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Until the early 1960s, Japan was a recipient of ODA ...

  14. Far East Asia | Page 186 | IDRC - International Development ...

    Language French. A most valuable contribution not only to the community of development cooperation in the world but also to academia in general for facilitating the understanding of Japan's ODA. — Kimio Fujita, President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Until the early 1960s, Japan was a recipient of ODA ...

  15. A 2D Rods-in-Air Square-Lattice Photonic Crystal Optical Switch


    4] Tao Chu, Hirohito Yamada, Satomi Ishida, Yasuhiko Arakawa, Thermooptic switch based on photonic-crystal line-defect waveguides, IEEE Photon...Ishida, Yasuhiko Arakawa, Hiroyuki Fujita, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Design and fabrication on MEMS optical mod- ulators integrated with Phc waveguide, in

  16. Effects of Surface Composition on the Aerosolisation and Dissolution of Inhaled Antibiotic Combination Powders Consisting of Colistin and Rifampicin

    Wang, Wenbo; Zhou, Qi Tony; Sun, Si-Ping


    is hygroscopic and rifampicin is hydrophobic, moisture absorption of combination formulations was significantly lower than the pure colistin formulation in the dynamic vapour sorption results. To investigate the dissolution characteristics, four dissolution test methods (diffusion Franz cell, modified Franz cell......, flow-through and beaker methods) were employed and compared. The modified Franz cell method was selected to test the dissolution behaviour of aerosolised powder formulations to eliminate the effect of membrane on dissolution. The results showed that surface enrichment of hydrophobic rifampicin neither...

  17. The New York Review of Books : (1998, 14. mai), nr. 8 : [ülevaade] / vahendanud Anne Lange


    Ka John Keatsi käsitlusest: Nicholase Roe' 'John Keats and the culture of dissent' ja Andrew Motioni 'Keats : a biography'; Nadine Gordimer romaanist 'The house of gun'; Franz Kafka 'Lossi' uustõlkest inglise keelde

  18. Anton Marty

    Rollinger, Robin

    -, Spring (2014), s. 1-18 ISSN 1095-5054 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Anton Marty * Franz Brentano * philosophy of language * theory of meaning * inner form Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  19. Eredamaid helielamusi Helsingi "Avanto'lt" / Rael Artel

    Artel, Rael, 1980-


    Helsingi meediakunsti festival 21.-24. 2002. Põhitähelepanu oli koondunud helile. Franz Pomassli heliinstallatsioonist, Briti loomingulise kollektiivi Semiconductor heli- ja pildiperformance'itest, inglise kunstniku Lis Rhodesi videotest jm.

  20. Plaadid / Sergo Selder

    Selder, Sergo


    Uutest heliplaatidest Ans. Andur "Tuled peale", Franz Ferdinand "You Could HAve It So Mush Better", The Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang", Bill Frisell "East/West", Sheryl Crow "Wildflower", Fun Lovin' Criminals "Livin' In The City", Sentenced "The Funeral Album"

  1. Kuu plaat : Lauri Saatpalu ja Katrin Mandel "Sa oled hea". Plaadid kauplusest Lasering


    Heliplaatidest: Lauri Saatpalu ja Katrin Mandel "Sa oled hea", Goldfrapp "Supernature", Ultima Thule "Ingel ja suli", Sigur Ros "Takk...", Franz Ferdinand "You Could Have It So Much Better", Ans.Andur "Tuled peale"

  2. 31. X avati Eesti Kunstimuuseumi Niguliste filiaalis muuseumi uus eksponaat...


    Avati Franz Hoppenstätti poolt Niguliste kiriku patrooni, Ingerimaa asehaldur Bogislaus von Roseni hauakabelile 1655. a. nikerdatud puidust ehissein, mille konserveeris restauraator Hedi Kard. Seina kirjeldus. 1. XI pühakuteteemaline ekskursioon

  3. Balti aadlipreili kunstiharrastusest : Helene Marie Zoege von Manteuffel (1773/74-1842) = Artistic pursuits of an aristocratic Baltic lady : Helene Marie Zoege von Manteuffel (1773/74-1842) / Kadi Polli

    Polli, Kadi, 1973-


    Aadlitüdrukute haridusest ja kunstiharidusest Balti valgustusaja kunsti(haridus)maastikul. Perekond Zoege von Manteuffeli kunstilembusest ja Ojasoo mõisa tähtsusest baltisaksa kunstiajaloos. Helene Mariest Franz Gerhard Kügelgeni õpilasena ja abikaasana

  4. Krihvlikunsti meistrid / Mai Levin

    Levin, Mai, 1942-


    Näitusest "19. sajandi saksa ja inglise graafikat Selma Lepa kunstikogust" Tallinna Keskraamatukogus. Eksponeeritakse James Abbot McNeill Whistleri, Wilhelm Leibli, Peter Halmi, Karl Stauffer-Berni, Max Klingeri, Franz von Stucki jt. töid

  5. Abielud, mis muutsid maailma / Guido Ilves

    Ilves, Guido


    Muhamed ja Chadidisha. Martin Luther ja Katharina von Bora. Inglise kuninga Henry VIII abielud. Habsburgide keiser Franz Joseph I ja Elisabeth. Vene keisrinna Katariina II abielu keiser Peeter III-ga. Karl Marx ja Jenny. Albert Einstein ja Mileva Maric

  6. a photoreceptor gene mutation in an indigenous black african family

    MUTATION IN AN INDIGENOUS. BLACK AFRICAN FAMILY WITH. RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA. IDENTIFIED USING A RAPID. SCREENING APPROACH FOR. COMMON RHODOPSIN. MUTATIONS. JGreenberg, T Franz, R Goliath, R Ramesar. Hereditary retinal degenerations may be subdivided into those affecting ...

  7. Der Umgang mit den beschlagnahmten Kunstwerken aus Schlössern des ehemaligen Herrscherhauses Habsburg-Lothringen. Ein Dilemma für die junge Tschechoslowakische Republik nach 1918

    Uhlíková, Kristina


    Roč. 70, 1/2 (2016), s. 232-245 ISSN 0029-9626 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Archduke Franz Ferdinand d´Este * history of monument preservation * castles Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  8. The Egg with Two Yellows


    James Watson, Seymour Benzer's work and his place in the .... A graduate student, Ronald J Konopka from. Dayton, joined him, hoping .... genetics of Thomas Hunt Morgan and his student Alfred ... the findings of Franz Boas, Frank A Brown Jr,.

  9. Kusagil struktuurides on kallutatud jõud / Lasse Lehis

    Lehis, Lasse, 1972-


    Kõrgete riigiametnike ja poliitikute kohtuasjadest: kauaaegse Baieri peaministri Franz-Josef Straußi tütre Monika Hohlmeieri juhtumist, Prantsusmaa endise peaministri, linnapea ja europarlamendi liikme Alain Juppé kohtulahendist ja Itaalia peaministri Silvio Berlusconi kohtuasjadest

  10. Basic instinct / Marju Lepajõe

    Lepajõe, Marju, 1962-


    Arvustus: Franz Kafka. Kirjad Milenale : [autori kirjad M. Jesenskale]. Tallinn : Perioodika, 1996. (Loomingu raamatukogu ; 1996, 27/30) ; Juhan Liiv. Mu kallis Liisi : [kirjad Liisa Goldingule]. Tartu : Ilmamaa, 1996

  11. Uudised : Viis ameerika tipporkestrit Kölnis. Schuberti konkurss Grazis. "Kreeka passioon" Londonis. Riccardo Muti tuleb New Yorki? / Priit Kuusk

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    Kölni uue muusika triennaalist, sealsetest esinejatest. IV rahvusvahelisest konkursist "Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne". B. Martinu ooperi "Kreeka passioon" esietendusest Londoni Kuninglikus Ooperis. R. Mutist võib aastal 2002 saada New Yorgi Filharmoonia Orkestri peadirigent

  12. 27 CFR 9.66 - Russian River Valley.


    ... Springs map. (22) Proceed 4.8 miles north-northwest along Mark West Springs Road, which becomes Porter Creek Road, to its intersection with Franz Valley Road, a light-duty road to the north of Porter Creek...

  13. Victor Hugo, ‚Les Misérables´ (1862)

    Krauss, Henning


    Victor Hugo, ‚Les Misérables´ (1862). - In: 19. Jahrhundert - Roman / Friedrich Wolfzettel (Hrsg.). - Tübingen : Stauffenburg-Verl., 1999. - S. 185-218. - (Stauffenburg Interpretation : Französische Literatur)

  14. Isolation and screening of microorganisms from a gari fermentation ...

    Isolation and screening of microorganisms from a gari fermentation process for starter culture development. Vinodh A Edward, Moutairou Egounlety, Melanie Huch, Petrus J Van Zyl, Suren Singh, Naledzani D Nesengani, Vetja M Haakuria, Charles MAP Franz ...

  15. Review: Holger Stoecker: Afrikawissenschaften in Berlin von 1919 bis 1945. Zur Geschichte und Topographie eines wissenschaftlichen Netzwerkes (2008 Buchbesprechung: Holger Stoecker: Afrikawissenschaften in Berlin von 1919 bis 1945. Zur Geschichte und Topographie eines wissenschaftlichen Netzwerkes

    Katrin Bromber


    Full Text Available Review of the monograph: Holger Stoecker: Afrikawissenschaften in Berlin von 1919 bis 1945. Zur Geschichte und Topographie eines wissenschaftlichen Netzwerkes, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2008, ISBN 978-3-515-09161-9, 359 pages. Besprechung der Monographie: Holger Stoecker: Afrikawissenschaften in Berlin von 1919 bis 1945. Zur Geschichte und Topographie eines wissenschaftlichen Netzwerkes, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2008, ISBN 978-3-515-09161-9, 359 Seiten.

  16. Evidence-based diabetes nutrition therapy recommendations are effective: the key is individualization

    Franz, Marion J; Boucher, Jackie L; Evert, Alison B


    Marion J Franz,1 Jackie L Boucher,2 Alison B Evert3 1Nutrition Concepts by Franz, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, 2Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, Minneapolis, MN, 3Diabetes Care Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA, USA Abstract: Current nutrition therapy recommendations for the prevention and treatment of diabetes are based on a systematic review of evidence and answer important nutrition care questions. First, is diabetes nutrition therapy effective? Clinical trials...

  17. Sinusoidal modulation analysis for optical system MTF measurements.

    Boone, J M; Yu, T; Seibert, J A


    The modulation transfer function (MTF) is a commonly used metric for defining the spatial resolution characteristics of imaging systems. While the MTF is defined in terms of how an imaging system demodulates the amplitude of a sinusoidal input, this approach has not been in general use to measure MTFs in the medical imaging community because producing sinusoidal x-ray patterns is technically difficult. However, for optical systems such as charge coupled devices (CCD), which are rapidly becoming a part of many medical digital imaging systems, the direct measurement of modulation at discrete spatial frequencies using a sinusoidal test pattern is practical. A commercially available optical test pattern containing spatial frequencies ranging from 0.375 cycles/mm to 80 cycles/mm was sued to determine the MRF of a CCD-based optical system. These results were compared with the angulated slit method of Fujita [H. Fujita, D. Tsia, T. Itoh, K. Doi, J. Morishita, K. Ueda, and A. Ohtsuka, "A simple method for determining the modulation transfer function in digital radiography," IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging 11, 34-39 (1992)]. The use of a semiautomated profiled iterated reconstruction technique (PIRT) is introduced, where the shift factor between successive pixel rows (due to angulation) is optimized iteratively by least-squares error analysis rather than by hand measurement of the slit angle. PIRT was used to find the slit angle for the Fujita technique and to find the sine-pattern angle for the sine-pattern technique. Computer simulation of PIRT for the case of the slit image (a line spread function) demonstrated that it produced a more accurate angle determination than "hand" measurement, and there is a significant difference between the errors in the two techniques (Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test, p < 0.001). The sine-pattern method and the Fujita slit method produced comparable MTF curves for the CCD camera evaluated.

  18. Artificial Photosynthesis: Beyond Mimicking Nature

    Dau, Holger; Fujita, Etsuko; Sun, Licheng


    In this Editorial, Guest Editors Holger Dau, Etsuko Fujita, and Licheng Sun introduce the Special Issue of ChemSusChem on “Artificial Photosynthesis for Sustainable Fuels”. Here, they discuss the need for non-fossil based fuels, introduce both biological and artificial photosynthesis, and outline various important concepts in artificial photosynthesis, including molecular and solid-state catalysts for water oxidation and hydrogen evolution, catalytic CO 2 reduction, and photoelectrochemical systems.

  19. Far East Asia | Page 104 | IDRC - International Development ...

    Language English. Une contribution des plus précieuses non seulement aux milieux de la coopération au service du développement dans le monde, mais aussi aux milieux universitaires en général qui aident à comprendre l'APD du Japon – Kimio Fujita, Président, Agence japonaise de coopération internationale (JICA).

  20. Publications | Page 159 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    Japan's System of Official Development Assistance. Une contribution des plus précieuses non seulement aux milieux de la coopération au service du développement dans le monde, mais aussi aux milieux universitaires en général qui aident à comprendre l'APD du Japon – Kimio Fujita, Président, Agence japonaise de ...

  1. US Army Institute of Surgical Research Annual Research Progress Report for Fiscal Year 1987.


    212 Takeshi Shimazu, MD; Hisashi Ikeuchi, MD; LTC Gene B. Hubbard, DIA, MS; Avery A. Johnson, BS; Arthur D. Mason, Jr., MD; and COL...levels. Analytical Biochemistry 107:451-455, 1980. 12. Kimura M, Fujita T, and Itokawa Y: Liquid-chromatographic determination of the total thiamine...78234-5012 1 October 1986 - 30 September 1987 INVESTIGATORS Takeshi Shimazu, MD Hisashi Ikeuchi, MD Gene B. Hubbard, DVM, MS, Lieutenant Col iel, VC

  2. Protocol for evaluating Epigenetic modulation of the renal β-adrenergic-WNK4 pathway in salt-sensitive hypertension



    Authors: ShengYu Mu, Tatsuo Shimosawa & Toshiro Fujita ### Abstract In the current study, we found that β2 adrenergic receptor (β2AR) stimulation induced histone acetylation through HDAC8 inhibition, and then decreased transcription of the WNK4 gene by enhancing the binding of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) and negative-GR-responsive-element (nGRE) in WNK4 promoter region. Infusion of isoproterenol decreased WNK4 expression and activated the Na+-Cl- co-transporter in mice, which develop...

  3. How Networking and Social Embeddedness Make Entrepreneurs Successful in Medium-Sized Cities of Peripheral Areas: A Location Case-Study in Brittany (France)

    Baudelle , Guy; Krauss , Gerhard; Marinos , Clément


    International audience; According to the mainstream literature in economic geography, agglomeration economies are so powerful drivers for polarization in the larger metro areas that a center-periphery pattern is almost inescapable, making any peripheral location clearly disadvantageous for firms (Dicken and Lloyd, 1992; Fujita and Thisse, 2003). Urban studies also support such views by demonstrating the growing, steadily trend towards metropolization.However these statements are not fully con...

  4. Professional Business Services and their Role in the EU Economy. Measuring ‘Knock-on’ Effects.

    Paterson, Iain; Sellner, Richard


    This paper investigates the wider economic role of professional services within the EU. Besides their importance measured by shares in value added, gross output or employment, professional services contribute significantly to the economic performance in other sectors via forward linkages. Traditionally these linkages are defined by the Inverse-Leontief Matrix of an Input-Output system. However, we introduce a measure based on the methodology of Fujita (2008) that is more closely related to th...

  5. Japan's System of Official Development Assistance | CRDI - Centre ...

    Une contribution des plus précieuses non seulement aux milieux de la coopération au service du développement dans le monde, mais aussi aux milieux universitaires en général qui aident à comprendre l'APD du Japon – Kimio Fujita, Président, Agence japonaise de coopération internationale (JICA)

  6. Tornadoes, Florida's Miami Tequesta Site, Memphremagog, America's Stonehenge, A.S., Mexico/Rumford ME, and Some Applied Physics.

    Mc Leod, Edward M.; Mc Leod, David M.; Mc Leod, Roger D.


    Hay or dust devils, firestorm "twisters", waterspouts, and Fujita's entire range of F1 to F5 tornadoes have a completely explainable common source. These can exist only where the earth's electromagnetic field, EMF, makes loops, or their associated breaks and reorganizations, like those observable at sunspots. Fujita's F1 tornadoes require ionized air in modest thunderclouds with ordinary up- or downdrafts. The equivalent charge-velocity vector then is in "cross-product" with the "hypothesized," but detectable, "tubes" of magnetic field. This creates the familiar vortex that the ionic flow forms, which initially emerges somewhat horizontally from the thundercloud; this can work its way down the loop to touchdown. Fujita's F2 and F3 tornadoes may need the intersection of an ionized jet stream with a high-level EMF loop. The F4 and F5 variety possibly require the combined effects of vertical storm drafts and a jet stream to reach rotational speeds of 318 mph. We have been at EMF sites detectable by blue-light phenomena, A.S. and tornado sites visually qualify.

  7. On an uninterpretated tensor in Dirac's theory

    Costa de Beauregard, O.


    Franz, in 1935, deduced systematically from the Dirac equation 10 tensorial equations, 5 with a mechanical interpretation, 5 with an electromagnetic interpretation, which are also consequences of Kemmer's formalism for spins 1 and 0; Durand, in 1944, operating similarly with the second order Dirac equation, obtained, 10 equations, 5 of which expressing the divergences of the Gordon type tensors. Of these equations, together with the tensors they imply, some are easily interpreted by reference to the classical theories, some other remain uniterpreted. Recently (1988) we proposed a theory of the coupling between Einstein's gravity field and the 5 Franz mechanical equations, yielding as a bonus the complete interpretation of the 5 Franz mechanical equations. This is an incitation to reexamine the 5 electromagnetic equations. We show here that two of these, together with one of the Durand equations, implying the same tensor, remain uninterpreted. This is proposed as a challenge to the reader's sagacity [fr

  8. Experimental data on heat flux distribution from a volumetrically heated pool with frozen boundaries

    Helle, Maria; Kymaelaeinen, Olli; Tuomisto, Harri


    The COPO II experiments are confirmatory experiments and a continuation project to the earlier COPO I experiments. As in COPO 1, a molten corium pool on the lower head of a RPV is simulated by a two - dimensional slice of it in linear scale 1:2. The corium is simulated by water-zinc sulfate solution with volumetric Joule heating. The heat flux distribution on the boundaries and the temperature distribution in the pool are measured. The major new feature in COPO II is the cooling arrangement which is based on circulation of liquid nitrogen on the outside of the pool boundaries. The use of liquid nitrogen leads to formation of ice on the inside of boundaries. Two geometrically different versions of the COPO II facility have been constructed: one with a tori-spherical bottom shape, simulating the RPV of a VVER-440 reactor as COPO I, and another one with semicircular bottom simulating a western PWR such as AP600. The modified Rayleigh number in the COPO II experiments corresponds to the one in a prototypic corium pool (∼ 10 15 ). This paper reports results from the COPO II-Lo and COPO II-AP experiments with homogenous pool. Results indicate that the upward heat fluxes are in agreement with the results of the COPO I experiments. Also, as expected, the time averaged upward heat flux profile was relatively flat. On the other hand, the heat fluxes at the side and bottom boundaries of the pool were slightly higher in COPO II-Lo than in COPO I. In COPO II-AP, the average heat transfer coefficients to the curved boundary were higher than predicted by Jahn's and Mayinger's correlation, but slightly lower than in BALI experiments. (authors)

  9. Haydn, segundo Villa-Lobos: uma análise do 1º movimento do Quarteto de cordas nº 7 de Villa-Lobos Haydn, by Villa-Lobos: an analysis of 1st movement of Villa-Lobos's String Quartet #7

    Paulo de Tarso Salles


    Full Text Available Este estudo analisa o 1º movimento do Quarteto de Cordas nº 7 de Villa-Lobos e investiga possíveis referências aos quartetos de cordas compostos por Franz Haydn, como Villa-Lobos sugeriu a Arnaldo Estrella.This article analyses the 1st movement of Villa-Lobos' String Quartet nº 7 and search for possible references to Franz Haydn's string quartets, as suggested by Villa-Lobos in conversations with Arnaldo Estrella.

  10. Areeni aasta albumid 2004


    Heliplaatidest: Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand", Toe Tag "Legendaarne", The Libertines "The Libertines ", Morrissey "You Are The Qarry", The Streets "A Grand Don't Come For Free", Kalm "Generalissimus Kalm", Brian Wilson "Smile", Madvillain "Madvillainy", Scissor Sisters "Scissor Sisters", Gary Wilson "Mary Had A Brown Hair", Animal Collective "Sung Tongs", Keane "Hopes And Fears", Todd Rundgren "Liars", Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus", Mylo "Destroy Rock'n'Roll", Devendra Banhart "Rejoicing In The Hands", Stefani "Love Angel Music Baby", Björk "Medulla", Moodymann "Black Mahogani"

  11. Una aportación a la ebanistería granadina de la segunda mitad del siglo XIX

    Aguiló, Mª Paz


    Full Text Available A marquetry door in the Franz Mayer Museum (Mexico has served as the key for discovering the existence of 19th-century Granada furniture workshops where reproductions and interpretations of ancient pieces were made. They were widely disseminated and enjoyed great success on the international market.

    Una puerta de marquetería del museo Franz Mayer de México ha sido el hilo conductor para conocer la existencia de talleres granadinos de reproducciones e interpretaciones de mobiliario antiguo así como su exportación y éxito en el mercado internacional.

  12. Composites Strengthening.


    ti, )) as temprerature decreased 1,, i4 K lla~ k spilit als hcgan it, hit in the saimple at tfi, tetliera- tunec 1, 1\\ Vs enc :enter. the appearan~ei...Is nit tilled tt01 lip i iii ixhit Iti c [he lip trae. ire Ieirl% ixx. ith ii ti ’the ( platelets t iiicw hit the: riir l the dislxaiionsx ,: ’c in ici...and Eng., 1984, vol. 64, p. 17 1. 22. H. Fujita. T. Tabata , N. Sumida. and K. Yoshida: Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. 3 R. J. Arsenault and R. M. Fisher: Scr

  13. Migration modelling in the New Economic Geography

    Camacho Pérez, Maria del Carmen


    The benchmark of this paper is the Fujita and Thisse (2002) core-periphery model, which adds a R&D sector with skilled labor to create new varieties for the modern sector. The number of R&D firms increases not only with the number of existing patents and knowledge spillovers but also with the number of skilled workers who can migrate and choose theregion offering the better lifetime salary.The main objective of the present work is to analyse the long-term consequences of the choice of the mig...

  14. Hadronic interaction and structure of exotic nuclei

    Otsuka, Takaharu


    I will overview recent studies on the evolution of the shell structure in stable and exotic nuclei, and will show its relevance to hadronic interaction, including nuclear forces. This shell evolution is primarily due to the tensor force. The robust mechanism and some examples will be presented. Such examples include the disappearance of existing magic numbers and the appearance of new ones. The shell structure and existing limit of nuclei depend also on the three-body interaction in a specific way. I will sketch how the Δ-hole excitation induced three-body force (Fujita-Miyazawa force) modifies them. (author)

  15. Kafka ja kevad / Mati Sirkel

    Sirkel, Mati, 1949-


    Artiklis arutletakse peamiselt Franz Kafka loomingust lähtuvalt kirjandusklassika ja väärtkirjanduse rollist/võimalustest ühiskonnas. Näib olevat paradoks, et kirjandus täidab oma ühiskondlikku rolli kõige paremini siis, kui tal on suukorv peas

  16. Penetration Enhancing Effect of Polysorbate 20 and 80 on the In ...

    Purpose: To investigate the penetration enhancing effect of two polysorbates - polyoxyethylene 20 (POE-20) and polyoxyethylene 80 (POE-80) - on the in vitro percutaneous absorption of ascorbic acid (AA). Methods: For the permeation experiments, Franz diffusion cell covered with aluminum foil providing an effective ...


    Chinwe Ugochukwu

    building and leadership challenge; language reorientation; conclusion and ... Igbo land, for example, many students enrol to study foreign languages, but the reverse is the ... Following the lead of Franz Boas, such a view is no longer relevant. ... Consequently, on International Mother Language Day, all languages share.

  18. Allegory and Nietzschean Values in Kafka, Camus, and Kazantzakis

    Naylor, Paul Kenneth


    The purpose of this these is to explore Nietzschean values as they appear in three modern allegories: Franz Kafka's The Castle, Albert Camus' The Plague, and Nikos Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek. The intent is to illustrate Friedrich Nietzsche's three stages of the overman as they apply to Kafka, Camus, and Kazantzakis. (91 pages).

  19. ”Jeg har forstået den sådan, at den ikke skal forstås”

    Johansen, Martin Blok


    Hvilke tekster kan man tillade sig at præsentere for børn i skolens undervisning? Det er det hovedspørgsmål, der stilles i denne artikel. Artiklens afsæt er et observations- og interviewstudie af en dansk 6. klasses læsning og analyse af tekster af forfattere som Franz Kafka, Fjodor Dostojevskij ...

  20. A patriotic 'Picture Gallery' or a Universal 'Tree of Knowledge'? Metaphors of Knowledge in the Historia Litteraria Works

    Smyčka, Václav


    Roč. 139, 1/2 (2016), s. 25-49 ISSN 0024-4457 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP406/12/2254 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Nikolaus Adaukt Voigt * Ignaz Born * Franz Martin Pelzel * Ludwig Zehnmark * metaphor * knowledge * temporality Subject RIV: AB - History

  1. Nahrungswahl, Immunkompetenz und Parasiten-Wirt-Beziehungen bei einer ziehenden Singvogelart

    Metzger, Benjamin J.


    Rezension zu: Metzger B J 2012: Diet selection, immune-competence, and parasite-host interactions in a migratory songbird. Vogelwarte 50: 39-40. Dissertation an der Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Fakultät für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften, betreut durch Prof. Dr. Franz Bairlein

  2. Anhaldt-Dessau vürstiriik - ideaalne kultuuripark / Tiina Tammet

    Tammet, Tiina, 1971-


    Franz von Anhaldt-Dessau (1740-1817) 18. sajandil loodud Wörlitzi pargist, mis oli mandri-Euroopas esimene inglise stiilis park. Muinsuskaitse all olev kultuuripark on osa UNESCO Kesk-Elbe-Steckby-Lödderitzer Forsti biosfäärikaitsealast

  3. Grid Computing Das wahre Web 2.0?


    'Grid-Computing ist eine Fortentwicklung des World Wide Web, sozusagen die nchste Generation', sagte (1) Franz-Josef Pfreundt (Fraunhofer-Institut fr Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik) schon auf der CeBIT 2003 und verwies auf die NASA als Grid-Avantgarde.

  4. Online Counseling: A Need for Discovery

    Mallen, Michael J.; Vogel, David L.


    The rejoinder responds to the four reactions by Jeffrey Barnett, Tai Chang, Delida Sanchez-Page, and Franz Caspar and Thomas Berger in the November 2005 issue of The Counseling Psychologist. In doing so, the authors emphasize the important need for further clarity regarding the effectiveness of online mental and behavioral health services in…

  5. Sõõrumaa avab homme galerii / Ants Juske

    Juske, Ants, 1956-2016


    17. detsembril avatakse Tallinnas Rotermanni kvartalis Roseni t. 8 Urmas Sõõrumaa eragalerii US Art Gallery avanäitus, kus on väljas 75 teost. Eksponeeritud Peet Areni, Ann Audova, Eugen Gustav Dückeri, Franz Gebhardti, Johannes Võerahansu, Eduard Wiiralti, Richard Uutmaa jpt. tööd

  6. Folklore in Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God." [Lesson Plan].


    Zora Neale Hurston's work is lively, lyrical, funny, and poignant, but this consummate literary craftsperson was also a first-rate ethnographer, conducting field work for Franz Boas and for the Works Progress Administration (WPA). "Their Eyes Were Watching God," often acclaimed as Hurston's masterpiece, is perhaps the richest beneficiary…

  7. Color in the Classroom: How American Schools Taught Race, 1900-1954

    Burkholder, Zoe


    Between the turn of the twentieth century and the "Brown v. Board of Education" decision in 1954, the way that American schools taught about "race" changed dramatically. This transformation was engineered by the nation's most prominent anthropologists, including Franz Boas, Ruth Benedict, and Margaret Mead, during World War II.…

  8. White Skin, Black Friend: A Fanonian Application to Theorize Racial Fetish in Teacher Education

    Matias, Cheryl E.


    In "Black Skin, white masks" (1967, Grove Press), Franz Fanon uses a psychoanalytic framework to theorize the inferiority-dependency complex of Black men in response to the colonial racism of white men. Applying his framework in reverse, this theoretical article psychoanalyzes the white psyche and emotionality with respect to the…

  9. Fulltext PDF


    Victor Franz Hess was born on June 24, 1883, at Waldstein Castle near Deutsch Feistritz,. Austria, to Vinzens and Sarafine Hess. His father was the chief forester in the estate of Prince. Oettingen-Wallerstein. Victor attended the Gymnasium in the nearby city of Graz and entered the University of Graz in 1901. He received ...

  10. The Nigrostriatal Dopamine System and Methamphetamine: Roles for Excitotoxicity and Environmental, Metabolic and Oxidative Stress


    K. (1995) Methamphetamine -induced hyperthermia and dopaminergic neurotoxicity in mice: pharmacological profile of protective and nonprotective agents...glutamate receptors is protective against methamphetamine neurotoxicity . JNeurosci 22, 2135-2141. Beer R., Franz G., Srinivasan A., Hayes R. L., Pike B. R...1992) The neurotoxic effects of methamphetamine on 5-hydroxytryptamine and dopamine in brain: evidence for the protective effect of chlormethiazole

  11. Художники Кюгельгены. Ч. I-II / Марат Гайнуллин, Александра Мурре

    Гайнуллин, Марат, 1933-


    Saksa kunstnikest, Venemaal, sh. Eesti alal elanud ja töötanud kaksikvendadest Karl Ferdinand ja Gerhard Franz Kügelgenist ning nende kunstnikest järglastest Wilhelm von Kügelgenist (Gerhard Franzi poeg), Konstantin von Kügelgenist (Karl Ferdinandi poeg) ning viimase tütrest Sally von Kügelgenist

  12. Krasota kak blagotvaritelnost / Igor Saveljev

    Saveljev, Igor


    Eesti Sportlaste Ühenduse 9. heategevuslik kunstioksjon Tallinnas Nordic Hotel Forumi restoranis Monaco 20. detsembril 2008. Korraldab galerii Rios. Müügis ligi 30 maali Eesti kunstnikelt. Esile toodud Andrew George Winteri (Sindist pärit Andres Jüri Vinter) maali "Purjelaev merel" ja Franz Karl Eduard von Gebhardti "Kristus haigeid tervendamas". Autoritest

  13. The Magic Background of Pearl Harbor. Volume 2 (May 12, 1941 - August 6, 1941)


    sistance in an Axis move against India.617 German Ambassador Franz von Papen and Foreign Minister Shukru Saracoglu signed a Turkish-German Pact...sadorB rlinportedTokyonJu7,941thatitw sthpinion of Chancellor Hitler and Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop that the United States would hesi...particularlyinregardtowaragainstEngland,HerrHessmighthavebeenanxioustoleaveGermany.ItwasalsoknownthathepossessedagreatdislikeforForeignMin- ister von

  14. Stravinsky: Symphonies, Concertos, Ballets and other works / David S. Gutman

    Gutman, David S.


    Uuest heliplaadist "Stravinsky: Symphonies, Concertos, Ballets and other works. Gabriele Schnaut (sop), Peter Svensson (ten), Franz Grundheber (bar), Günther von Kannen (bass), Jean Piat (narr), Lydia Mordkovitch (vn), Geoffrey Tozer, Boris Berman (pfs), Suisse Romande Chamber Choir, Lausanne Pro Arte Choir, Brassus Choral Society, Suisse Romande Ochestra, Neeme Järvi. Chandos CD CHAN 9240

  15. Replication and Pedagogy in the History of Psychology II: Fowler & Wells's Phrenology

    Trevino, Kelly M.; Konrad, Krista K.


    Phrenologists believed that specific brain regions corresponded to certain character traits. In addition, the size of each brain region was believed to determine the strength of the respective trait. Phrenology originated in Austria with Franz Josef Gall and was popularized and commercialized in America at the end of the 19th century by Orson…

  16. William Healy, M.D., Father of the American Child Guidance Movement


    courts, was another important development, starting in 1899. Meyer, Sigmund Freud , and Healy all contributed to the next step, which coupled the...Dummer Papers lists 454 correspondents. The prominent psychiatrists include: Franz Alexander, Trigant Burrow, Havelock Ellis, Flanders Dunbar, Sigmund ... Freud , Roy Grinker, William Healy, Karen Homey, Marion E. Kenworthy, Lawson Lowrey, Julse Masserman, Karl Menninger, Adolf Meyer, Smith Ely Jelliffe

  17. Mayer-rokitansky-kuster-hauser (MRKH) syndrome: a historical perspective

    Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome is a congenital defect of the Müllerian ducts characterized by uterovaginal agenesis and underdeveloped female genital organs. This paper is a tribute to the contributors of this condition - August Franz Joseph Karl Mayer, Karl Freiherr von Rokitansky, ...

  18. Towards the rational design of novel drugs based on solubility, partitioning/distribution, biomimetic permeability and biological activity exemplified by 1,2,4-thiadiazole derivatives

    Volkova, T. V.; Terekhova, I. V.; Silyukov, O. I.


    -octanol/buffer (pH 7.4) and 1-hexane/buffer (pH 7.4) immiscible phases as model systems imitating the gastrointestinal tract epithelium and the blood-brain barrier were determined. Permeation experiments the new Permeapad™ barrier using Franz diffusion cells were conducted and the apparent permeability...

  19. Tuntud ja tundmatud meistrid 4 / Helena Risthein

    Risthein, Helena, 1954-


    Kadrioru lossis eksponeeritud teos "Madonna puuviljapärja keskel" koosneb kahest maalitahvlist, kuna tolleaegsed kunstnikud spetsialiseerusid kitsale erialale. Pieter Franzs. de Grebber (1600-1653) maalis Maarja Kristus-lapsega ja Frans Ykens (1601-1693) Maarjat ümbritseva puuviljapärja

  20. Saxl and Boll

    Dorothea McEwan


    Full Text Available We know of Aby Warburg being Fritz Saxl’s mentor. What is less known is that Saxl had a second mentor, equally important for his research development, Franz Boll, the celebrated classical philologist. The article charts Boll’s involvement in Saxl’s research activities upon leaving university.

  1. Silence, an Eye of Knowledge

    Aghamohammadi, Mehdi


    One of the conspicuous features of the twentieth-century West was silence. This idea could be supported by examining reflections of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Fritz Mauthner, John Cage, Samuel Beckett, Ihab Hassan, Franz Kafka, Wassily Kandinsky, Jean-Paul Sartre, Virginia Woolf, Wolfgang Iser, Jacques Derrida, and Pierre Macherey. To me, silence is not…

  2. Between Native American and Continental Philosophy: A Comparative Approach to Narrative and the Emergence of Responsible Selves

    Richardson, Troy


    This essay explores some of the affinities between current theories of North American Indigenous trickster narratives and continental philosophy where they are both concerned with the question of responsibility in subject formations. Taking up the work of Judith Butler, Franz Kafka and Gerald Vizenor, the author works to show how both continental…

  3. Mida aastavahetusel kuulatakse : Jõulu TOP 5 / Jaak Ojakäär

    Ojakäär, Jaak, 1958-2016


    Viiest populaarsemast jõlulaulust maailmas - "White Christmas" (I. Berlin), "Jingle Bells" (J. S. Pierpoint), "Santa Claus is coming to town" (F. Coots), "Silent Night" (Franz Gruber) ja "Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer" (Johnny Marks). Laulude sünnist, autoritest, esitajatest

  4. [Dennis Hormuth. Livonia est omnis divisa in partes tres : Studien zum mental mapping der livländischen Chronistik in der Frühen Neuzeit (1558-1721)] / Anti Selart

    Selart, Anti, 1973-


    Arvustus: Hormuth, Dennis. Livonia est omnis divisa in partes tres : Studien zum mental mapping der livländischen Chronistik in der Frühen Neuzeit (1558-1721) (Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte des östlichen Europa, 79). Franz Steiner verlag. Stuttgart 2012

  5. Kas Eesti muusikaõpetus vaevleb rahapuuduses? / Elin Ots ; interv. Kristel Kossar

    Ots, Elin


    Vestlusringis arutavad muusikaõpetajad ja haridusametnikud millised probleemid musikaharidust kimbutavad ja milliseid reforme see vajab. 17. novembril toimunud Eesti Muusikaõpetajate Liidu koolimuusika-alase konverentsi kaks väliskülalist prof. Franz Niermann ja Soili Perkiö avaldavad oma arvamust

  6. Homer: A Collection of Critical Essays. Twentieth Century Views Series.

    Steiner, George, Ed.; Fagles, Robert, Ed.

    One of a series of works aimed at presenting contemporary critical opinion on major authors, this collection includes essays by George Steiner, Leo Tolstoy, Ezra Pound, Erich Auerbach, Edwin Muir, Cedric H. Whitman, Albert B. Lord, W. H. Auden, Ernst Bloch, Georg Lukacs, C. Day Lewis, Gabriel Germain, Franz Kafka, Rachel Bespaloff, Robert…

  7. Carl Stumpf's philosophy of mathematics

    Ierna, Carlo


    Like most of Franz Brentano's students, Carl Stumpf showed an interest in the philosophy of mathematics. In particular, Stumpf wrote his habilitation thesis On the Foundations of Mathematics, used mathematical examples in central parts of his lectures, and later returned to the topic in the

  8. The Multiplicity of Massive Stars: A High Angular Resolution Survey With The HST Fine Guidance Sensor


    the color of the star and filter used ( Horch et al. 2006) as well as the time of observation relative to that of a servicing mission or other...T. C., Gies, D. R., Bagnuolo, W. G. Jr., et al. 2006, ApJ, 639, 1069 Horch , E. P., Franz, O. G., Wasserman, L. H., & Heasley, J. N. 2006, AJ, 132

  9. A Comprehensive Context for Mobile-Code Deployment


    18 Gal, Probst, Franz, 2003 Freund, Mitchell, 1999 Sohr, 1999, 2001 Microsoft, 2000 LSDRG, 2002 Dean, Felten, Balfanz , Wallach, 2003 Govindavajhala...D. Balfanz . Java security: Web browsers and beyond. In D. E. Denning and P. J. Denning, editors, Internet Besieged: Countering Cyberspace Scofflaws

  10. Premiere toob lavale jalgpallimeeskonna, inimkatsed ja punase tooli / Kairi Prints

    Prints, Kairi, 1977-


    Premiere 2012 osalevad neli Eesti tantsukunstnikku: Svetlana Grigorjeva tantsulavastusega "sõp rus est", Kaisa Selde, Kristina-Maria Heinsalu ja Christin Lunts tantsulavastusega "fie", esmakordselt võtab osa välismaalane - sakslanna Mareike Franz tantsulavastusega "Duett". Kõik esietenduvad 9. veebruaril Kanuti gildi saalis

  11. Suveteatri saladused / Ülo Tonts

    Tonts, Ülo, 1931-2016


    Eesti Draamateatri ja Rakvere teatri suvelavastustest: Charles Dickensi 'Nicholas Nickleby elu ja seiklused', lavastanud Georg Malvius; Franz Grillparzer "Esiema needus", lavastaja Mati Unt; Rakvere teatri lavastus 'Dracula, öö valitseja', näidendi on kokku kirjutanud ja lavastanud Peeter Raudsepp

  12. Intentionality and Consciousness

    Ierna, Carlo; Jacquette, Dale


    In this chapter I concentrate on the notion of intentionality and its relation to consciousness. Ever since its re-introduction into contemporary philosophy in the works of Franz Brentano, intentionality has been associated in various ways with consciousness. In the continental and analytic

  13. Glove material, reservoir formation, and dose affect glove permeation and subsequent skin penetration

    Nielsen, Jesper Bo; Sørensen, Jens Ahm


    Protective gloves are used to reduce dermal exposure when managing chemical exposures at the work place. Different glove materials may offer different degrees of protection. The present study combined the traditional ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) model with the Franz diffusion...

  14. Co prozradily kralovické matriky

    Vlček, Pavel

    6/7, 2016/2017 (2017), s. 70-72 ISSN 1805-8906 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Kralovice * Franz and Mathias Tollinger * Martin Prusík * hospital at Kralovice Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage OBOR OECD: Arts, Art history

  15. "Puhastuse" esimesed osatäitjad teada / Kaarel Kressa

    Kressa, Kaarel, 1983-


    Eesti-Soome koostöös valmiva Antti Jokise filmis "Puhastus" mängib vana Aliidet Liisi Tandefelt, Aliidet nooruspäevil Laura Birn, Hansu Peter Franzén, Martinit Tommi Korpela, Aliide vanemaid Anne Reemann ja Elmo Nüganen

  16. Uute tantsijate tulek / Heili Einasto

    Einasto, Heili


    Tallinna Balletikooli galast Estonia teatris. Kavas olid katkendid balletiklassikast ning Marina Kesleri uuslavastus "Tütarlaps ja surm" Franz Schuberti muusikale. Tänavu said lisaks klassikalise balleti suuna lõpetajatele diplomi ka kaasaegse tantsu suuna läbinud noored. Vestlusest Tallinna Ülikooli balletiõppejõu Irina Pähniga

  17. The Former Yugoslavia and the Quest for Improving Regional Stability


    Balkans. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1965. Nelson, Daniel N. Balkan Imbroglio. Colorado: Westview Press, Inc. 1991. Ra’anon, Uri, Maria Mesner, Keith...Carlisle Barracks, 1992. JOURNALS AND PERIODICALS Altmann , Franz-Lothar. "Ex-Yugoslavia’s neighbors: who wants what?" The World Today. Vol. 48, Nos. 8-9

  18. Plerosis and Atomic Gestalts

    Koenderink, J.J.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/070864543; van Doorn, A.J.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/304091294; Pinna, Baingio


    Franz Brentano, 1838–1917, introduced the intriguing concept of “plerosis” in order to account for aspects of the continuum that were “explained” by formal mathematics in ways that he considered absurd from the perspective of intuition, especially visual awareness and imagery. In doing this, he

  19. The Operational Level of War


    Lessons from the Russo-Japanese War." United Service Magazine 30 (October 1904-March 1905):112+. Caemmerer, Rudolf von. The Development of Strategical...over the German operational plan for the western offensive, 1940.] Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1957. This is the best work on the subject. Kissel

  20. Tornadoes and related damage costs: statistical modelling with a semi-Markov approach

    Guglielmo D’Amico


    Full Text Available We propose a statistical approach to modelling for predicting and simulating occurrences of tornadoes and accumulated cost distributions over a time interval. This is achieved by modelling the tornado intensity, measured with the Fujita scale, as a stochastic process. Since the Fujita scale divides tornado intensity into six states, it is possible to model the tornado intensity by using Markov and semi-Markov models. We demonstrate that the semi-Markov approach is able to reproduce the duration effect that is detected in tornado occurrence. The superiority of the semi-Markov model as compared to the Markov chain model is also affirmed by means of a statistical test of hypothesis. As an application, we compute the expected value and the variance of the costs generated by the tornadoes over a given time interval in a given area. The paper contributes to the literature by demonstrating that semi-Markov models represent an effective tool for physical analysis of tornadoes as well as for the estimation of the economic damages to human things.

  1. Severe weather data near nuclear power station and reprocessing fuel facility in Japan

    Nagata, Tadahisa


    The main weather data are updated at any time. The strong wind and tornado (strong wind/tornado) data are opened until March 2016 in Japan. The main weather and the strong wind/tornado data near the nuclear power station (NPS) were investigated. The earthquake, Tunami and volcano were not mentioned on this report. The main weather data might not be severe. The maximum temperature had not been considered in the safety analysis of NPS. The weather data of some small observation posts near NPSs had not been considered. The unusual high temperature and the local severe rain near NPS by the global warming may be considered in future. The maximum intensities of the strong wind/tornado in Japan and near NPS were Fujita-scale 3 and 2, respectively. The maximum intensities of almost half NPSs were Fujita-scale 1. The intensity and the number of the strong winds/tornados differed depending on NPS. The Japanese main weather and strong wind/tornado might not be severe compared with other country. (author)

  2. [Clinical pharmacy practice education in master's course of Meijo University in affiliation with medical school].

    Matsuba, Kazuhisa


    In 2003, Meijo University has developed a new program to train students in master's degree in the field of clinical practice. This new curriculum has three big pillars of educational goal: Problem-Based Learning (PBL), communication skill and clinical pharmacy practice training. Before exposing students to clinical training, they must learn first how to solve various patients' problems through PBL and enhance their communication skill. To provide a clinical environment, education and training, the Faculty of Pharmacy cooperated with the School of Medicine of Fujita Health University. Master's students together with other members of the healthcare team observe patient's disease state and most especially monitor pharmacotherapy. At first, students will be trained for a month at the pharmacy division and experience one week-nursing job. Next, they will be trained at the clinical divisions such as General Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Hematology, Chemotherapy, Gastroenterological Surgery, Psychiatry, and Emergency Unit. Students rotate three-month training on four clinical divisions during one year. The head physicians of the medical department hold concurrent post as professors and share responsibility with the pharmacy faculty in training the students. To have its venue where students, faculty and physicians conduct their discussion on clinical cases, a pharmacy satellite seminar class room was set up at Fujita Health University hospital. Through this, pharmacy students and faculty had more opportunities to exchange knowledge on medicine and pharmacy. Master's students are expected to acquire professionalism, ethical knowledge and pharmaceutical care skills through the clinical pharmacy practice program.

  3. Scanning tunneling spectroscopy studies of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x from the strongly underdoped to strongly overdoped regime

    Slezak, James


    Using atomically resolved scanning tunneling microscopy (STS), we investigate the electronic structure Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x across a range of doping levels from x ˜ 0.1 up to as high as ˜0.23, with significant changes in electronic structure observed above p˜0.21. New sample preparation processes [1] were used to produce heavily overdoped crystals suitable for the imaging of various forms of electronic heterogeneity. The evolution of the gap map δ(r), coherence peak height map A(r), the inelastic tunneling signatures φ(r), and the quasiparticle interference LDOS modulations, as well as their interrelations across this range of doping levels, will be presented. Additional authors: J. Lee, M. Wang, Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Department of Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, U.S.A; K. Fujita, Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan; H. Eisaki, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), 1-1-1 Central 2, Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8568; S. Uchida, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-0033; and J. C. Davis, Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Department of Physics, Cornell University. [1] J. Slezak, K. Fujita, J. C. Davis, in preparation (2005)

  4. Efficacy and safety of febuxostat in elderly female patients

    Mizuno T


    Full Text Available Tomohiro Mizuno,1,2 Takahiro Hayashi,3 Sayo Hikosaka,1 Yuka Shimabukuro,1 Maho Murase,1 Kazuo Takahashi,2 Hiroki Hayashi,2 Yukio Yuzawa,2 Tadashi Nagamatsu,1 Shigeki Yamada3 1Department of Analytical Pharmacology, Graduate School of Pharmacy, Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan; 2Department of Nephrology, School of Medicine, Fujita Health University, Toyoake, Japan; 3Department of Clinical Pharmacy, School of Medicine, Fujita Health University, Toyoake, Japan Background: Maintenance of low serum urate levels is important for the management of gout. Achieving the recommended serum urate levels of less than 6.0 mg/dL is difficult in elderly (65 years of age or older patients with renal impairment. Xanthine oxidase inhibitors allopurinol and febuxostat are used for this purpose. Although febuxostat had been shown to be efficacious in elderly patients, its safety and efficacy in elderly female patients with hyper­uricemia remain unclear.Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of febuxostat in elderly female patients.Methods: We studied a retrospective cohort study. The study included elderly Japanese patients (65 years of age or older who were treated with febuxostat at Fujita Health University Hospital from January 2012 to December 2013. The treatment goal was defined as achievement of serum urate levels of 6.0 mg/dL or lower within 16 weeks; this was the primary endpoint in the present study. Adverse events of febuxostat were defined as more than twofold increases in Common Terminology Criteria for adverse events scores from baseline. Results: We evaluated 82 patients treated with febuxostat during the observation period and classified them into male (n=53 and female (n=29 groups. The mean time to achievement of the treatment goal was significantly shorter in the female group (53 days than in the male group (71 days. There were no significant differences in adverse events between the 2 groups.Conclusion: Our

  5. Concert | United Nations Orchestra at CERN | 19 September


    The United Nations Orchestra will give a concert on the occasion of CERN’s 60th anniversary.   Under the baton of conductor and artistic director Antoine Marguier, the Orchestra will have the pleasure to accompany the soloist Maestro Matteo Fedeli, who, under the patronage of the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations, will perform on a Stradivarius violin. The programme for the concert comprises: Jacques Offenbach, Orpheus in the Underworld Overture Franz von Suppé, Poet and Peasant Overture Camille Saint-Saëns, Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso for solo violin and orchestra Georges Bizet, Carmen Suite No. 1 Franz Lehár, Gold and Silver Waltz Gioachino Rossini, William Tell Overture   Doors open at 6 p.m. The concert will take place in a marquee behind the Globe of Science and Innovation, CERN Book your ticket here.


    Kenny, Robert


    Sigmund Freud's and C. G. Jung's turn to evolutionist anthropological material after 1909 is usually seen as a logical progression of their long-term interest in such material. It is also seen that they used this material ignorant of the significant challenges to the evolutionist paradigm underpinning such material, in particular the challenges led by Franz Boas. This paper argues otherwise: that both psychologists' turnings to such material was a new development, that neither had shown great interest in such material before 1909, and that their turnings to such material, far from being taken in ignorance of the challenges to evolutionist anthropology, were engagements with those challenges, because the evolutionist paradigm lay at the base of psychoanalysis. It argues that it is no coincidence that this engagement occurred after their return from America in 1909, where they had come into first-hand contact with the challenges of Franz Boas.

  7. Quantum independent increment processes

    Franz, Uwe


    This is the second of two volumes containing the revised and completed notes of lectures given at the school "Quantum Independent Increment Processes: Structure and Applications to Physics". This school was held at the Alfried-Krupp-Wissenschaftskolleg in Greifswald in March, 2003, and supported by the Volkswagen Foundation. The school gave an introduction to current research on quantum independent increment processes aimed at graduate students and non-specialists working in classical and quantum probability, operator algebras, and mathematical physics. The present second volume contains the following lectures: "Random Walks on Finite Quantum Groups" by Uwe Franz and Rolf Gohm, "Quantum Markov Processes and Applications in Physics" by Burkhard Kümmerer, Classical and Free Infinite Divisibility and Lévy Processes" by Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Steen Thorbjornsen, and "Lévy Processes on Quantum Groups and Dual Groups" by Uwe Franz.

  8. Freud, Jung and Boas: the psychoanalytic engagement with anthropology revisited

    Kenny, Robert


    Sigmund Freud's and C. G. Jung's turn to evolutionist anthropological material after 1909 is usually seen as a logical progression of their long-term interest in such material. It is also seen that they used this material ignorant of the significant challenges to the evolutionist paradigm underpinning such material, in particular the challenges led by Franz Boas. This paper argues otherwise: that both psychologists' turnings to such material was a new development, that neither had shown great interest in such material before 1909, and that their turnings to such material, far from being taken in ignorance of the challenges to evolutionist anthropology, were engagements with those challenges, because the evolutionist paradigm lay at the base of psychoanalysis. It argues that it is no coincidence that this engagement occurred after their return from America in 1909, where they had come into first-hand contact with the challenges of Franz Boas. PMID:26665301

  9. Thermal and Electrical Conductivities of a Three-Dimensional Ideal Anyon Gas with Fractional Exclusion Statistics

    Qin Fang; Wen Wen; Chen Ji-Sheng


    The thermal and electrical transport properties of an ideal anyon gas within fractional exclusion statistics are studied. By solving the Boltzmann equation with the relaxation-time approximation, the analytical expressions for the thermal and electrical conductivities of a three-dimensional ideal anyon gas are given. The low-temperature expressions for the two conductivities are obtained by using the Sommerfeld expansion. It is found that the Wiedemann—Franz law should be modified by the higher-order temperature terms, which depend on the statistical parameter g for a charged anyon gas. Neglecting the higher-order terms of temperature, the Wiedemann—Franz law is respected, which gives the Lorenz number. The Lorenz number is a function of the statistical parameter g. (condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties)

  10. Magnetic field-induced Landau Fermi liquid in high-T{sub c} metals

    Amusia, M.Ya.; Shaginyan, V.R


    We consider the behavior of strongly correlated electron liquid in high-temperature superconductors within the framework of the fermion condensation model. We show that at low temperatures the normal state recovered by the application of a magnetic field larger than the critical field can be viewed as the Landau Fermi liquid induced by the magnetic field. In this state, the Wiedemann-Franz law and the Korringa law are held and the elementary excitations are the Landau Fermi liquid quasiparticles. Contrary to what might be expected from the Landau theory, the effective mass of quasiparticles depends on the magnetic field. The recent experimental verifications of the Wiedemann-Franz law in heavily hole-overdoped, overdoped and optimally doped cuprates and the verification of the Korringa law in the electron-doped copper oxide superconductor strongly support the existence of fermion condensate in high-T{sub c} metals.

  11. Anmeldelser af litteratur om den græsk-romerske oldtid

    Krasilnikoff, Jens


    Anmeldelse af Neville Morley, "Trade in Classical Antiquity". Key Themes in Ancient History. Cambridge UP, 2007. p.22. Anmeldelse af J. Bingen, "Hellenistic Egypt. Monarchy, Society, economy, Culture", Edinburgh UP, 2007, pp.22-23. Anmeldelse af C. Koehn, "Krieg-Diplomatie-Ideologie. Zur Ausenpol......Anmeldelse af Neville Morley, "Trade in Classical Antiquity". Key Themes in Ancient History. Cambridge UP, 2007. p.22. Anmeldelse af J. Bingen, "Hellenistic Egypt. Monarchy, Society, economy, Culture", Edinburgh UP, 2007, pp.22-23. Anmeldelse af C. Koehn, "Krieg-Diplomatie-Ideologie. Zur...... Ausenpolitik hellenistischer Mittelstaaten", Franz Steiner 2007, pp.24-25. Anmeldelse af A. Kühr,"Als Kadmos nach Boiotien kam. Polis und ethnos im Spiegel thebanischer Gründungsmythen", Franz Steiner 2007, p. 25. P. Low, "Interstate relations in Classical Greece. Morality and Power", Cambridge UP 2007, pp. 26...

  12. ''Improving the EEG''. PHOTON discussion with experts of German political parties on the future of reimbursement for alternative energy; ''Das EEG weiter entwickeln''. PHOTON-Streitgesprach mit Energie-Experten der Bundestagsfraktionen ueber die kuenftige Solarstromfoerderung



    In a PHOTON discussion with Rainer Brinkmann (SPD), Franz Obermeier (CSU), Hans-Josef Fell (Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen), Walter Hirche (FDP) and Eva Bullinger-Schrter (PDS), it became clear that the FDP is not the only political party in Germany to oppose the EEG (Renewable Energy Act). The CSU is thinking about replacing reimbursement for alternative energy sources by a tendering procedure. [German] Weil Wahlprogramme sich meist in Allgemeinplaetzen verlieren, baten wir Energie-Experten aus den fuenf Bundestagsfraktionen in einem Streitgespraech um Klartext: Wie sehen die Plaene zur Solarstromfoerderung aus? Bei der lebhaften Diskussion zwischen Rainer Brinkmann (SPD), Franz Obermeier (CSU), Hans-Josef Fell (Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen), Walter Hirche (FDP) und Eva Bulling-Schroeter (PDS) wurde deutlich: Nicht nur die FDP ist gegen das Erneuerbaree-Energien-Gesetz (EEG). Auch in der Union gibt es Ueberlegungen, die Einspeiseverguetung fuer Solarstrom durch einen Ausschreibungswettbewerb abzuloesen. (orig.)

  13. Lehrkontext Grenzregion: Affekt und Kognition von FremdsprachenlehrerInnen der Nachbarsprache

    Julia Putsche


    Full Text Available Dieser Artikel beschäftigt sich mit Einstellungen von Lehrpersonen, die die Nachbarsprache in der deutsch-französischen Grenzregion unterrichten und sich mit dem didaktisch-methodischen Konzept einer Grenzdidaktik auseinandersetzen. Das methodische Setting ist im Bereich der Aktionsforschung und dem forschenden Lernen verortet. Die Daten basieren auf einer Fragebogenstudie und einem identischen universitären Unterricht an einer deutschen und französischen Hochschule. This paper examines teachers’ beliefs and attitudes in the French-German border region. In it we propose a way to implement a theoretical concept about a foreign language teaching for border regions in initial teacher education program by applying Action Research and Research Based learning approaches. The data presented in this article were collected by means of a questionnaire and of an identical seminar in our universities, Freiburg and Strasbourg.

  14. Kirjandus- ja kultuuritegelased Pärnu Alevi kalmistul / Gerda Kuum

    Kuum, Gerda


    Jutukirjanik Suve Jaan, kodanikunimega Sommer Johann Friedrich (1777-1851); baltisaksa kirjamees ja pastor Johann Heinrich Rosenplänter (1782-1846); kirjamees ja köster Caspar Franz Lorenzsonn (1811-1880); köster Heinrich Gottlieb Lorenzsonn (1803-1847); trükkal ja kirjastaja Friedrich Wilhelm Bonn (1812-1881); linnapead Oskar Alexander Brackmann (1841-1927) ja Jaan Leesment (1870-1941)


    Andressa Nunes Soilo


    Full Text Available This article aims to present, briefly, the main ideas and relations between classic cultural evolutionary theory and historical particularism from Celso Castro’s book “Evolucionismo Cultural: textos de Morgan, Tylor e Frazer” (2005 and “Franz Boas – Antropologia Cultural” (2004. These perspectives marked the beginning of anthropology as a human science capable to understand man and his culture.

  16. 40 years Becker Mining Systems - from small business to internationally successful mining supplier; 40 Jahre Becker Mining Systems - vom Kleinbetrieb zum international erfolgreichen Bergwerksausruester



    Becker Mining Systems was founded in 1964 by Walter Becker, a mining engineer at Maybach coal mine in Friedrichsthal. On the 40th birthday party his son, Dr Franz Becker, reviewed the company history. Other felicitators were Dr. Georgi, Minister for Economic Affairs in Saarland, Dr. Walter-Borjahns, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labor in North Rhine-Westphalia, and Dr. Eikhoff, member of board of directors of DSK. (uke)

  17. Kaks maastikuvaadet Karl Otto Gerhard von Kügelgenilt: romantismi kaja biidermeierlikus sarmis = Two Landscape Views by Otto Gerhard von Kügelgen: Echo of Romanticism in Biedermeier Charm / Kadi Polli

    Polli, Kadi, 1973-


    2010. aastal Frankfurdis H. W. Fichteri kunstigaleriis müüki tulnud kümnest kunstiteosest, sh. Eesti Kunstimuuseumi poolt omandatud kahest Karl Otto Gerhard von Kügelgeni tööst. Franz Gerhard von Kügelgeni noorema poja Karl Otto Gerhard von Kügelgeni elust, loomingust ja tema akvarellidest "Perekond Vinni mõisas" ja "Rändur metsas"

  18. Single-cycle Pulse Synthesis by Coherent Superposition of Ultra-broadband Optical Parametric Amplifiers


    Research Council Centre of Excellence, School of Physics, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia, 3IFN-CNR, Dipartimento di Fisica , Politecnico di...Cristian Manzoni, 1,* Jeffrey Moses, 2 Franz X. Kärtner, 2,3 and Giulio Cerullo 1 1IFN-CNR, Dipartimento di Fisica , Politecnico di Milano, Piazza L...Cerullo1 1 IFN-CNR, Dipartimento di Fisica , Politecnico di Milano, Piazza L. Da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy 2 Department of Electrical

  19. Pedestrian detection for underground mine vehicles using thermal images

    Dickens, JS


    Full Text Available , ?Proximity detection,? August 2010. [On- line]. Available: topicpage58.htm [4] P. Laliberte?, ?Summary study of underground commu- nications technologies,? CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratories, Tech. Rep... Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, vol. 101, no. 3, pp. 127?134, May 2001. [12] W. M. Marx and R. M. Franz, ?Determine appropriate criteria for acceptable environmental conditions,? CSIR: Division of Mining Technology, DeepMine Research Task 6...

  20. On the Advantages and Defects of the American Structuralism



    During the years at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century when Saussure was working out his ideas in Europe, synchronic linguistics was emerging independently, and in a very different style, in America, under the leadership of the anthropologist Franz Boas. Boas set a direction for American linguistics. The school founded by Boas was called structural linguistics. Beside Boas, the other two major representatives of this school during this period were: Sapir and Bloomfield.

  1. メスメリスムの文化史

    奥村, 大介


    Mesmerism or animal magnetism, which a German-born heterodox physician, Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) founded, was the therapy by so called “magnetic fluid”. Since nineteenth century, people have become suspicious of the existence of magnetic fluid and mesmerism's medical efficacy. But afterword, mesmerism continued to have important effects on the cultural history from the era down to modern times, for instance in the fields of opera, ballet, literature, paintings, social thought, psychoana...

  2. Number 13 / Part I. Music. 11. Great Contemporary Pianists in Interpretative Dialogue: Alfred Brendel and Murray Perahia

    Tudor Brînduşa


    Full Text Available The choice of valuable interpretative versions is highly important for both pianists on their way to performance and teachers in their complex activity of piano training. These become real models of esthetical thinking and artistic inspiration in the approach of a musical work. We shall use Sonata in D minor D 958 by Franz Schubert as an interpretative analysis model in the view of the pianists Alfred Brendel and Murray Perahia.

  3. Kui kaua kestis Liivi sõda? / Aleksandr Filjuškin ; tõlkinud Jüri Ojamaa

    Filjuškin, Aleksandr, 1970-


    Liivi sõja erinevatest kronoloogilistest raamidest. Sagedased konfliktid piirialadel olid 16. sajandil tavalised. Nimetust Liivi sõda kasutas esimesena Tilmann Bredebach. Liivi sõjast Baltikumis on kirjutatud neli kroonikat: Johann Renneri kroonika, Balthasar Russowi kroonika, Solomon Henningi kroonika ja Franz Nyensstedti kroonika. Liivi sõja etappidest. Artikli autor eelistaks väljakujunenud kronoloogiliste raamide asemel rääkida Balti sõdadest aastatel 1555-1595

  4. Strategic Aggression: Conditions that Could Trigger Aggressive Military Action by the People’s Republic of China


    interests threw the government into chaos. Hindenburg appointed Franz von Papen as Chancellor on June 1. Three days later he dissolved parliament...then cooperated in an attempt to unseat von Papen by demanding from Hindenburg the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor, which Hindenburg denied...Because he could not secure majority support for his government, von Papen again dissolved parliament on September 12, and scheduled the fourth election

  5. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy: Totalitarian Menace or Monolithic Illusion? An Analysis of the Axis Coalition


    no confidence in against Chancellor Franz von Papen . This led to new elections on 6 November which had unintended consequences--the Nazi’s lost 2...their living space and to maintain peace.1 Preamble to the Pact of Steel On 22 May 1939, the German Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs, Joachim von ...alliance and war. 5 In Germany, Hitler continued to accumulate power after January 1933. With the death of President Paul von Hindenburg, Hitler

  6. The Psycho-Affective Echoes of Colonialism in Fieldwork Relations

    Robert Garot


    Full Text Available This article describes the varieties of relations with African immigrant interviewees in Tuscany as experienced by a white male interviewer from the United States. Franz FANON's discussion of the psycho-affective consequences of colonialism is vital for understanding how naïve and romantic notions of fieldwork relations are disingenuous, counter-productive and perhaps destructive in a neo-colonial landscape. URN:

  7. Two new species of Euconnus (Rhomboconnus) in Peru and Bolivia (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Scydmaeninae).

    JaŁoszyŃski, PaweŁ


    To date, the subgenus Rhomboconnus Franz of Euconnus Thomson was represented by ten species known to occur in Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador. For the first time Rhomboconnus is reported to occur in Peru and Bolivia, and two new species are described: Euconnus wari sp. n. (Peru) and E. inkachakanus sp. n. (Bolivia). The latter species is the largest representative of Rhomboconnus, with body length exceeding 3 mm.

  8. Michael Haneke film Euroopa parim / M. T.

    M. T.


    IX PÖFFil linastuv Michael Haneke film "Varjatud" ("Cache") võitis laupäeval mitu Euroopa Filmiakadeemia auhinda, selhulgas parima filmi, parima lavastaja, parima meesnäitleja (Daniel Auteuil) ja FIPRESCI auhinna. Parim naisnäitleja - Julia Jentsch ("Sophie Scholli viimased päevad"), operaator - Franz Lustig ("Don't Come Knocking"), stsenaarium - Hany Abu-Assad, Bero Beyer ("Kohe paradiisi")

  9. Fantasies of fragmentation in Conrad, Kafka and Pessoa : literary strategies to express strangeness in a hetero-social context

    Bär, Gerald


    Many authors, such as Chamisso, Conrad, Rilke, Kafka, Pessoa, Goll, Nabokov, Celan and Beckett grew up bi- or multilingual, or lived in linguistically and culturally hybrid regions. Recurring to examples of texts by Joseph Conrad, Franz Kafka and Fernando Pessoa, this paper focuses on their common tendency of developing new concepts of the self, by exploring the frontiers of alterity. In a social context, which is often experienced as threatening, the strangeness of being of their liter...

  10. Sobre o caráter apriorístico do princípio ético

    Evandro Oliveira de Brito


    Full Text Available Tradução de uma carta enviada por Franz Brentano à Oskar Kraus, em 24 de março de 1904, na qual Brentano afirma o caráter apriorístico do princípio ético e expõe o fundamento do seu realismo moral.

  11. Effect of different polymers on in vitro and ex vivo permeability of Ofloxacin from its mucoadhesive suspensions

    Chakraborti, Chandra Kanti; Sahoo, Subhashree; Behera, Pradipta Kumar


    Considering the importance of drug permeation from formulations, in vitro and ex vivo drug permeation characteristics of three oral mucoadhesive suspensions of Ofloxacin were designed and compared. Three suspensions of Ofloxacin were prepared by taking two grades of Carbopol polymer such as Carbopol 934 (C934) and Carbopol 940 (C940); and Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. The permeability study was performed by using a Franz diffusion cell through both synthetic cellulose acetate membrane and ex...

  12. Role of different biodegradable polymers on the permeability of ciprofloxacin

    Chakraborti, Chandra Kanti; Sahoo, Subhashree; Behera, Pradipta Kumar


    Since permeability across biological membranes is a key factor in the absorption and distribution of drugs, drug permeation characteristics of three oral suspensions of ciprofloxacin were designed and compared. The three suspensions of ciprofloxacin were prepared by taking biodegradable polymers such as carbopol 934, carbopol 940, and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). The permeability study was performed by using a Franz diffusion cell through both synthetic cellulose acetate membrane and...

  13. Donald Trump: A Critical Theory-Perspective on Authoritarian Capitalism

    Christian Fuchs


    This paper analyses economic power, state power and ideological power in the age of Donald Trump with the help of critical theory. It applies the critical theory approaches of thinkers such as Franz Neumann, Theodor W. Adorno and Erich Fromm. It analyses changes of US capitalism that have together with political anxiety and demagoguery brought about the rise of Donald Trump. This article draws attention to the importance of state theory for understanding Trump and the changes of politics that...

  14. Effects of Sizes and Conformations of Fish-Scale Collagen Peptides on Facial Skin Qualities and Transdermal Penetration Efficiency

    Chai, Huey-Jine; Li, Jing-Hua; Huang, Han-Ning; Li, Tsung-Lin; Chan, Yi-Lin; Shiau, Chyuan-Yuan; Wu, Chang-Jer


    Fish-scale collagen peptides (FSCPs) were prepared using a given combination of proteases to hydrolyze tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) scales. FSCPs were determined to stimulate fibroblast cells proliferation and procollagen synthesis in a time- and dose-dependent manner. The transdermal penetration capabilities of the fractionationed FSCPs were evaluated using the Franz-type diffusion cell model. The heavier FSCPs, 3500 and 4500?Da, showed higher cumulative penetration capability as opposed to the...


    Beckmann, Volker; Wesseler, Justus


    "No form of agriculture should be excluded in the EU." Many observers see this recent statement by European agricultural commissioner Franz Fischler as a clear signal towards a nearby lifting of the quasi EU moratorium on transgenic crops (or GMs for short) launched in 1998 (European Commission 2002). One of the last obstacles towards lifting the moratorium, however, is the problem of coexistence. How can GM-crops and non-GM-crops coexist? Since the European Environmental Agency published its...

  16. Significant Electronic Thermal Transport in the Conducting Polymer Poly(3,4‐ethylenedioxythiophene)

    Weathers, Annie; Khan, Zia Ullah; Brooke, Robert


    Suspended microdevices are employed to measure the in-plane electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and Seebeck coefficient of suspended poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) thin films. The measured thermal conductivity is higher than previously reported for PEDOT and generally increases...... with the electrical conductivity. The increase exceeds that predicted by the Wiedemann–Franz law for metals and can be explained by significant electronic thermal transport in PEDOT....

  17. Vliv vědeckého řízení na formování teorie a praxe řízení v meziválečném Československu

    Kynclová, Veronika


    This bachelor thesis deals with management theory and practice in interwar Czechoslovakia and its connection to American Scientific Management. The aim is to provide a comprehensive view of the various aspects and critically point out successes and failures based on the study of historical documents. The topic is put into historical context and introduces the initial economic situation. Both representatives of theory (Stanislav Špaček, Václav Verunáč) and practice (Franz Hummelberger, Karel L...

  18. Wissenschaftliche Netzwerke und klassifikatorische Bedeutung im Psychiatrischen Handbuch (Traité de Psychiatrie der Medizinisch-Chirurgischen Enzyklopädie (1947-1977 am Beispiel des Begriffes der Psychose

    Emmanuel Delille


    Full Text Available Der deutsche Ausdruck ‘Psychose’ (Carl Friedrich Canstatt, 1841 ist der wissenschaftliche Begriff, der sich zur Bezeichnung von bestimmten Geisteskrankheiten durchgesetzt hat. Als Ausgangsperspektive für die Untersuchung dient dabei die Geschichte der wissenschaftlichen Soziabilitäten. Der Zeitraum (1947-1977 wurde entsprechend der Tätigkeit des französischen Psychiaters Henri Ey im Rahmen der Gruppe „l’Evolution Psychiatrique“ (die Psychiatrische Entwicklung abgesteckt. Ich untersuche in ...

  19. Nation and the Eucharist. The Polish section at the 23rd International Eucharistic Congress in Vienna (1912

    Jan Józef Janicki


    Full Text Available First Eucharistic congresses were first established in France, which for centuries stood out among Catholic nations for its special worship of the Blessed Sacrament. The first international congress was held in 1881 in Lille. The 23rd International Eucharistic Congress took place in 11-15 September 1912 in Vienna under the auspices of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. The article discusses the activity of the Polish section at the congress.

  20. Pärlid mustalt turult / Pekka Erelt

    Erelt, Pekka, 1965-


    Kadrioru Kunstimuuseumi näitusel "Šedöövri sünd" eksponeeritud maalide päritolust. Suur osa kunstiteostest osteti Moskvast ja Petrogradist. Lähemalt järgmistest maalidest: Lambert Jacobsz "Õhtusöök Emmauses", Hieronymus Boschi lähikondne "Rahavahetajate ja kaubitsejate väljaajamine templist", Andrea Vaccaro ateljee "Simson ja Delila", Jacob Jordaens "Püha perekond", Franz Xaver Winterhalter "Vürstinna Olimpiada Barjatinskaja portree"

  1. Stormløb mod grænsen

    Holm, Isak Winkel

    Franz Kafka blev berømt i årene efter Anden Verdenskrig, i skyggen af atomtruslen og det 20. århundredes totalitarisme. Dengang lå det lige for at fortolke hans forfatterskab som et budskab fra en "kafkask" verden hvor det magtesløse menneske uvægerligt må bukke under for meningsløse bureaukratis...

  2. Daily Report, Supplement, East Europe.


    Vaclav Klaus, upon returning from Bavaria, observed in front of a TV camera that negotiations with Sudeten Germans could be entrusted, for instance...the partner declares, "Enough dialogue, let’s begin negotiat- ing." After all, Franz Neubauer , also, commented on Thursday on the setting up of the...asked whether a report had been prepared regarding the events on Kolumbusz Street, because eyewit- nesses had seen video cameras on persons believed to

  3. Kultur- und Nationalbewusstsein:zur Gestaltung einer nationalen Identität Madagaskars

    Wallner, I. (Ingo)


    Die Zusammenführung der einzelnen madagassischen Gesellschaften zu einer „Prä-Nation“ fand 1896 durch die franz. Annexion Madagaskars ein Ende. Die Gesellschaften, in denen die Familie, ihre Ahnen, das Land der Ahnen sowie die kosmologischen Beziehungen den räumlich begrenzten identitären Horizont bildeten, instrumentalisierte die Kolonialmacht durch ihre politique des races. Ethnisierung wurde zum Instrument einer divide et impera-Politik. Das Ergebnis war der Abbruch einer Entwicklung zu na...

  4. Hans Blumenberg: Philosophy and Literature from 1952 to 1958

    Alberto Fragio


    Full Text Available From 1952 to 1958 Hans Blumenberg [1920-1996] wrote five philosophical reviews on literature published in the German journal Hochland that have received very little attention by the scholars. This paper focus on Blumenberg’s early reviews devoted to Franz Kafka [1883-1924], Evelyn Waugh [1903-1966], Ernest Hemingway [1899-1961], Thomas S. Eliot [1888- 1965] and William Faulkner [1897-1962].

  5. Vive la diversité! Vive La Diversité!

    Doris Kolesch


    Full Text Available Der erste deutschsprachige Sammelband zu Homosexualität, Queerness und nicht-normativer Sexualität in der französischen Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte beleuchtet die verschiedenen Facetten dieses weiten Themenbereichs aus unterschiedlichen historischen und methodischen Perspektiven.Drawing on diverse historical and methodological perspectives, this first anthology of homosexuality, queerness, and non-normative sexualities in French literary and cultural history ever to be published in German investigates various facets of diverse sexualities.

  6. Metamorfosis: La animalidad y el mito en La Metamorfosis de Kafka y Axolotl de Cortázar

    Catalina Villalobos Díaz


    Full Text Available El presente artículo propone una lectura de la animalidad, principalmente de la metamorfosis, por medio de dos relatos de dos grandes escritores de la literatura: Axolotl, de Julio Cortázar, y La Metamorfosis, de Franz Kafka. A través de estos textos, se plantea un análisis con respecto a lo que representa una transformación y el mito tras la metamorfosis como tal.

  7. Reviews of recent publications


    Full Text Available Julian W. Connolly, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Nabokov . Thomas Seifrid Simon Franklin and Emma Widdis, eds. National Identity in Russian Culture: An Introduction . Keith Livers Sander L. Gilman. Franz Kafka . Esther K. Bauer Jill Robbins, ed. P/herversions: Critical Studies of Ana Rossetti . Roberta Johnson Jennifer Warburton. John Fowles: A Life in Two Worlds . John Fowles. The Journals, Vol. I . Ed. Charles Drazin Gerd Bayer

  8. Computational physics an introduction

    Vesely, Franz J


    Author Franz J. Vesely offers students an introductory text on computational physics, providing them with the important basic numerical/computational techniques. His unique text sets itself apart from others by focusing on specific problems of computational physics. The author also provides a selection of modern fields of research. Students will benefit from the appendixes which offer a short description of some properties of computing and machines and outline the technique of 'Fast Fourier Transformation.'

  9. The Role of Western Germany in West European Defense


    Ralph. Modern German History. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1964. (DD175 F5) 34. German Research Association. Germany: Franz Steiner Verlag Gmb...and Rudolf , Walter. This Germany. New York: New York Graphic Society Publishers, Ltd., 1954. (DD257 L42) 39. Heidenheimer, Arnold J. The Government...202-07, 243. 47. Lauder, K. H. A Brief Review of Science and Technoloc in Western Germany. London: HIISO, 1955. (Q18 G4G7) 48. Leonhardt, Rudolf Walter

  10. An observational study of the 7 September 2005 Barcelona tornado outbreak

    J. Bech


    Full Text Available This paper presents an observational study of the tornado outbreak that took place on the 7 September 2005 in the Llobregat delta river, affecting a densely populated and urbanised area and the Barcelona International airport (NE Spain. The site survey confirmed at least five short-lived tornadoes. Four of them were weak (F0, F1 and the other one was significant (F2 on the Fujita scale. They started mostly as waterspouts and moved later inland causing extensive damage estimated in 9 million Euros, three injured people but fortunately no fatalities. Large scale forcing was provided by upper level diffluence and low level warm air advection. Satellite and weather radar images revealed the development of the cells that spawned the waterspouts along a mesoscale convergence line in a highly sheared and relatively low buoyant environment. Further analysis indicated characteristics that could be attributed indistinctively to non-supercell or to mini-supercell thunderstorms.

  11. Problems and proposed solution in evaluating tornado-borne missile speed

    Eguchi, Yuzuru; Sugimoto, Soichiro; Hattori, Yasuo; Hirakuchi, Hiromaru


    Large variation was found among the design values of tornado missile speed shown in current standards and guides in Japan and U.S. It was also found that the design missile speed indicated in the Guide issued by the Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan is the most restrictive among them. The primary reason is due to the evaluation method where all the objects are unconditionally assumed to be placed in air as high as 40 m, even if the object should be on the ground. In order to solve this problem, the authors have adopted the tornado engineering model DBT-77 proposed by Dr. Fujita as a wind field model, and developed a numerical analysis code TONBOS with adding an object liftoff model. The effectiveness of the numerical analysis code was demonstrated by simulating liftoff and flight of a truck struck by an F3 tornado in Saroma. (author)

  12. On flows of viscoelastic fluids under threshold-slip boundary conditions

    Baranovskii, E. S.


    We investigate a boundary-value problem for the steady isothermal flow of an incompressible viscoelastic fluid of Oldroyd type in a 3D bounded domain with impermeable walls. We use the Fujita threshold-slip boundary condition. This condition states that the fluid can slip along a solid surface when the shear stresses reach a certain critical value; otherwise the slipping velocity is zero. Assuming that the flow domain is not rotationally symmetric, we prove an existence theorem for the corresponding slip problem in the framework of weak solutions. The proof uses methods for solving variational inequalities with pseudo-monotone operators and convex functionals, the method of introduction of auxiliary viscosity, as well as a passage-to-limit procedure based on energy estimates of approximate solutions, Korn’s inequality, and compactness arguments. Also, some properties and estimates of weak solutions are established.

  13. Prevention of child injuries during tornadoes: cases from the 2011 tornado outbreak in Alabama.

    Campbell, Christine M; Baker, Mark D; Monroe, Kathy W


    Tornadoes and violent weather pose a hazard to children, yet little is known about the use of personal protective devices during storms. An outbreak of tornadoes on April 27, 2011, resulted in the deaths of 23 children in Alabama. Records from 60 patients seen in a pediatric emergency department for tornado-related injuries were reviewed to identify the use of injury prevention devices. Three children directly exposed to a violent tornado (Enhanced Fujita Scale 4) were using safety equipment, specifically, a helmet and infant car seats. These 3 children sustained only minor injuries. Personal protective devices may have played a role in preventing child injuries from tornadoes. To our knowledge, this is the first report in the medical literature on helmet and infant car seat use as child protective devices during tornadoes.

  14. Complex Algebraic Varieties

    Peternell, Thomas; Schneider, Michael; Schreyer, Frank-Olaf


    The Bayreuth meeting on "Complex Algebraic Varieties" focussed on the classification of algebraic varieties and topics such as vector bundles, Hodge theory and hermitian differential geometry. Most of the articles in this volume are closely related to talks given at the conference: all are original, fully refereed research articles. CONTENTS: A. Beauville: Annulation du H(1) pour les fibres en droites plats.- M. Beltrametti, A.J. Sommese, J.A. Wisniewski: Results on varieties with many lines and their applications to adjunction theory.- G. Bohnhorst, H. Spindler: The stability of certain vector bundles on P(n) .- F. Catanese, F. Tovena: Vector bundles, linear systems and extensions of (1).- O. Debarre: Vers uns stratification de l'espace des modules des varietes abeliennes principalement polarisees.- J.P. Demailly: Singular hermitian metrics on positive line bundles.- T. Fujita: On adjoint bundles of ample vector bundles.- Y. Kawamata: Moderate degenerations of algebraic surfaces.- U. Persson: Genus two fibra...

  15. Correction method of slit modulation transfer function on digital medical imaging system

    Kim, Jung Min; Jung, Hoi Woun; Min, Jung Whan; Im, Eon Kyung


    By using CR image pixel data, We examined the way how to calculate the MTF and digital characteristic curve. It can be changed to the text-file (Excel) from a pixel data which was printed with a digital x-ray equipment. In this place, We described the way how to figure out and correct the sharpness of a digital images of the MTF from FUJITA. Excel program was utilized to calculate from radiography of slit. Digital characteristic curve, Line Spread Function, Discrete Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform digital specification curve, were indicated in regular sequence. A big advantage of this method, It can be understood easily and you can get results without costly program an without full knowledge of computer language. It shows many different values by using different correction methods. Therefore we need to be handy with appropriate correction method and we should try many experiments to get a precise MTF figures

  16. Δ-excitations and the three-nucleon force

    Epelbaum, E.; Krebs, H.; Meissner, Ulf-G.


    We study the three-nucleon force in chiral effective field theory with explicit Δ-resonance degrees of freedom. We show that up to next-to-next-to-leading order, the only contribution to the isospin symmetric three-nucleon force involving the spin-3/2 degrees of freedom is given by the two-pion-exchange diagram with an intermediate delta, frequently called the Fujita-Miyazawa force. We also analyze the leading isospin-breaking corrections due to the delta. For that, we give the first quantitative analysis of the delta quartet mass splittings in chiral effective field theory including the leading electromagnetic corrections. The charge-symmetry breaking three-nucleon force due to an intermediate delta excitation is small, of the order of a few keV

  17. Camallanus tridentatus (Drasche) (Nematoda: Camallanidae): new taxonomically important morphological data.

    Santos, Cláudia Portes; Moravec, Frantisek


    Camallanus tridentatus is redescribed on the basis of the examination of specimens obtained from the stomach, caeca and intestine of the naturally infected arapaima Arapaima gigas (Schinz) from the Mexiana Island, Amazon River Delta, Brazil. Data on the surface morphology of adults inferred from confocal laser scanning and scanning electron microscopical observations are also provided. The study revealed some taxonomically important, previously unreported morphological features in this species, such as the presence of the poorly sclerotized left spicule and deirids. C. tridentatus distinctly differs from other congeneric species parasitizing freshwater fishes in South America mainly in the structure of the buccal capsule and the female caudal end. C. maculatus Martins, Garcia, Piazza and Ghiraldelli is considered a junior synonymm of Camallanus cotti Fujita.

  18. Camallanus tridentatus (Drasche (Nematoda: Camallanidae: new taxonomically important morphological data

    Cláudia Portes Santos


    Full Text Available Camallanus tridentatus is redescribed on the basis of the examination of specimens obtained from the stomach, caeca and intestine of the naturally infected arapaima Arapaima gigas (Schinz from the Mexiana Island, Amazon River Delta, Brazil. Data on the surface morphology of adults inferred from confocal laser scanning and scanning electron microscopical observations are also provided. The study revealed some taxonomically important, previously unreported morphological features in this species, such as the presence of the poorly sclerotized left spicule and deirids. C. tridentatus distinctly differs from other congeneric species parasitizing freshwater fishes in South America mainly in the structure of the buccal capsule and the female caudal end. C. maculatus Martins, Garcia, Piazza and Ghiraldelli is considered a junior synonymm of Camallanus cotti Fujita.

  19. Sparse QSAR modelling methods for therapeutic and regenerative medicine

    Winkler, David A.


    The quantitative structure-activity relationships method was popularized by Hansch and Fujita over 50 years ago. The usefulness of the method for drug design and development has been shown in the intervening years. As it was developed initially to elucidate which molecular properties modulated the relative potency of putative agrochemicals, and at a time when computing resources were scarce, there is much scope for applying modern mathematical methods to improve the QSAR method and to extending the general concept to the discovery and optimization of bioactive molecules and materials more broadly. I describe research over the past two decades where we have rebuilt the unit operations of the QSAR method using improved mathematical techniques, and have applied this valuable platform technology to new important areas of research and industry such as nanoscience, omics technologies, advanced materials, and regenerative medicine. This paper was presented as the 2017 ACS Herman Skolnik lecture.

  20. Metagenomic and satellite analyses of red snow in the Russian Arctic

    Nao Hisakawa


    Full Text Available Cryophilic algae thrive in liquid water within snow and ice in alpine and polar regions worldwide. Blooms of these algae lower albedo (reflection of sunlight, thereby altering melting patterns (Kohshima, Seko & Yoshimura, 1993; Lutz et al., 2014; Thomas & Duval, 1995. Here metagenomic DNA analysis and satellite imaging were used to investigate red snow in Franz Josef Land in the Russian Arctic. Franz Josef Land red snow metagenomes confirmed that the communities are composed of the autotroph Chlamydomonas nivalis that is supporting a complex viral and heterotrophic bacterial community. Comparisons with white snow communities from other sites suggest that white snow and ice are initially colonized by fungal-dominated communities and then succeeded by the more complex C. nivalis-heterotroph red snow. Satellite image analysis showed that red snow covers up to 80% of the surface of snow and ice fields in Franz Josef Land and globally. Together these results show that C. nivalis supports a local food web that is on the rise as temperatures warm, with potential widespread impacts on alpine and polar environments worldwide.

  1. Estimating dispersion from a tornado vortex and mesocyclone

    Weber, A.H.; Hunter, C.H.


    Atmospheric dispersion modeling is required to ensure that a postulated breach in radionuclide storage containers at the Savannah River Site (SRS) from a tornado strike of Fujita-scale intensity F2 or higher will not result in an unacceptable dose to individuals. Fujita-scale tornado descriptions are included in Appendix A of this report. Dispersion models previously used at SRS for estimating dispersion following a tornado strike were developed by D.W. Pepper in 1975 (DP-1387, Dispersion of Small Particles) and H.R. Haynes and D.W. Taylor in 1983 (DPST-82-982, Estimating Doses from Tornado Winds). Research conducted in 1983 on the formation and evolution of tornadic thunderstorms has lead to a more complete understanding of the tornado vortex and associated persistent updraft and downdraft regions within the parent thunderstorm. To ensure that appropriate, contemporary methods are used for safety analysis, the Pepper model and the Haynes and Taylor model were evaluated with respect to current knowledge of circulations within tornadic thunderstorms. Pepper's model is complex numerically but contains most of the desired physical parameterizations. Haynes and Taylor's model is used with the Puff-Plume model (an emergency response model on the Weather INformation and Display System at SRS) and has provisions for radionuclide deposition and rainout. Haynes and Taylor assumed heavy rain following the tornado for a period of ten minutes, followed by a lighter rain for another ten minutes, then no rain for the period when the material is transported to 100 km downwind. However, neither model incorporates the effects of a nearby thunderstorm downdraft

  2. Picometer registration of zinc impurity states in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ for phase determination in intra-unit-cell Fourier transform STM

    Hamidian, M H; Firmo, I A; Fujita, K; Mukhopadhyay, S; Davis, J C; Orenstein, J W; Eisaki, H; Uchida, S; Lawler, M J; Kim, E-A


    Direct visualization of electronic-structure symmetry within each crystalline unit cell is a new technique for complex electronic matter research (Lawler et al 2010 Nature 466 347-51, Schmidt et al 2011 New J. Phys. 13 065014, Fujita K et al 2012 J. Phys. Soc. Japan 81 011005). By studying the Bragg peaks in Fourier transforms of electronic structure images and particularly by resolving both the real and imaginary components of the Bragg amplitudes, distinct types of intra-unit-cell symmetry breaking can be studied. However, establishing the precise symmetry point of each unit cell in real space is crucial in defining the phase for such a Bragg-peak Fourier analysis. Exemplary of this challenge is the high-temperature superconductor Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+δ for which the surface Bi atom locations are observable, while it is the invisible Cu atoms that define the relevant CuO 2 unit-cell symmetry point. Here we demonstrate, by imaging with picometer precision the electronic impurity states at individual Zn atoms substituted at Cu sites, that the phase established using the Bi lattice produces a ∼2%(2π) error relative to the actual Cu lattice. Such a phase assignment error would not diminish reliability in the determination of intra-unit-cell rotational symmetry breaking at the CuO 2 plane (Lawler et al 2010 Nature 466 347-51, Schmidt et al 2011 New J. Phys. 13 065014, Fujita K et al 2012 J. Phys. Soc. Japan 81 011005). Moreover, this type of impurity atom substitution at the relevant symmetry site can be of general utility in phase determination for the Bragg-peak Fourier analysis of intra-unit-cell symmetry. (paper)

  3. Warty gastric cancer with polypoid metastases to the gallbladder and urinary bladder

    Matsuyama M


    Full Text Available Mutsushi Matsuyama,1,2 Kazuo Kato,3 Seiichi Goto,4 Suzuko Moritani,5 Kazuhiro Sentani,6 Makoto Kuroda7 1Clinical Laboratory, Hekinan Municipal Hospital, Hekinan, Aichi, 2Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Toyoake, Aichi, 3Clinical Laboratory, Rousai Hospital, Nagoya, Aichi, 4Department of Internal Medicine, Hekinan Municipal Hospital, Hekinan, Aichi, 5Department of Advanced Diagnosis, Division of Pathology, National Hospital Organization, Nagoya Medical Center, Nagoya, Aichi, 6Department of Molecular Pathology, Hiroshima University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Hiroshima, 7Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Toyoake, Aichi, Japan Abstract: An 80-year-old man had severe lumbago that was diagnosed as multiple myeloma. He was treated with melphalan, prednisone, and zoledronic acid, with a good response. However, he had severe anemia, and endoscopic examination revealed gastric cancer. He died 3 months later. Autopsy revealed verrucous gastric cancer consisting of numerous polypoid mucosal excrescences that had metastasized to the gallbladder and urinary bladder, showing similar polypoid mucosal lesions. The cancer consisted of poorly differentiated cells (about 85% and signet ring cells (15% in the stomach. The cancerous tissue was not associated with a desmoplastic reaction, and the signet ring cells showed a positive reaction to cytokeratin 7 and regenerating islet-derived family member 4 antibodies. The cancer cells had a propensity to proliferate on the mucosal surface of the stomach, gallbladder, and urinary bladder. Keywords: warty gastric cancer, polypoid metastases, signet ring cells, cytokeratin 7, regenerating islet-derived family member 4

  4. An observational analysis of a derecho in South China

    Xia, Rudi; Wang, Donghai; Sun, Jianhua; Wang, Gaili; Xia, Guancong


    Derechos occur frequently in Europe and the United States, but reports of derechos in China are scarce. In this paper, radar, satellite, and surface observation data are used to analyze a derecho event in South China on 17 April 2011. A derecho-producing mesoscale convective system formed in an environment with medium convective available energy, strong vertical wind shear, and a dry layer in the middle troposphere, and progressed southward in tandem with a front and a surface wind convergence line. The windstorm can be divided into two stages according to differences in the characteristics of the radar echo and the causes of the gale. One stage was a supercell stage, in which the sinking rear inflow of a high-precipitation supercell with a bow-shaped radar echo induced a Fujita F0 class gale. The other stage was a non-supercell stage (the echo was sequentially kidney-shaped, foot-shaped, and an ordinary single cell), in which downbursts induced a gale in Fujita F1 class. This derecho event had many similarities with derechos observed in western countries. For example, the windstorm was perpendicular to the mean flow, the gale was located in the bulging portion of the bow echo, and the derecho moved southward along with the surface front. Some differences were observed as well. The synoptic-scale forcing was weak in the absence of an advancing high-amplitude midlevel trough and an accompanying strong surface cyclone; however, the vertical wind shear was very strong, a characteristic typical of derechos associated with strong synoptic-scale forcing. Extremely high values of convective available potential energy and downdraft convective available potential energy have previously been considered necessary to the formation of weak-forcing archetype and hybrid derechos; however, these values were much less than 2000 J during this derecho event.

  5. Radiogenic heavy minerals in Brazilian beach sand

    Malanca, A.


    Sand samples collected on the beaches of the 'radioactive' Brazilian town of Guarapari were first separated by flotation in bromoform and successively divided into various magnetic fractions with a Franz isodynamic separator. concentrations of background radionuclides in samples of monazite, ilmenite, and zircon were determined by a γ-ray spectrometer. Chemical composition of monazite, ilmenite and magnetite were assessed by means of an electron microprobe. Monazite resulted to be relatively rich in ThO 2 whose abundance ranged from 5.3 to 7.7 (wt%). (author)

  6. Solid cellulose nanofiber based foams - Towards facile design of sustained drug delivery systems

    Svagan, Anna J; Benjamins, Jan-Willem; Al-Ansari, Zeinab


    acceptable surfactant (lauric acid sodium salt). The drug was suspended in the wet-stable foams followed by a drying step to obtain dry foams. Flexible cellular solid materials of different thicknesses, shapes and drug loadings (up to 50wt%) could successfully be prepared. The drug was released from...... the solid foams in a diffusion-controlled, sustained manner due to the presence of intact air bubbles which imparted a tortuous diffusion path. The diffusion coefficient was assessed using Franz cells and shown to be more than one order of magnitude lower for the cellular solids compared to the bubble...

  7. Insight into a Pedagogical Sketchbook. Life and work of Eva Eyquem

    Richter, Sabine


    Die vorliegende Arbeit dokumentiert und kontextualisiert das Werk der französischen Kunstpädagogin und ehemaligen Itten-Schülerin Eva Eyquem, geb. Plaut (1915-2009). Es ist meine Absicht, ihr Werk für Forschung und Lehre zugänglich zu machen und für einen kunstpädagogischen Diskurs zu öffnen, der sich mit Positionen in der Nachfolge der Bauhaus-Pädagogik befasst. Meine Arbeit ist in zwei Teile gegliedert. Sie umfasst eine Monografie zu Eva Eyquem, sowie eine fachwissenschaftliche Reflexion, i...

  8. Electronic transport coefficients from ab initio simulations and application to dense liquid hydrogen

    Holst, Bastian; French, Martin; Redmer, Ronald


    Using Kubo's linear response theory, we derive expressions for the frequency-dependent electrical conductivity (Kubo-Greenwood formula), thermopower, and thermal conductivity in a strongly correlated electron system. These are evaluated within ab initio molecular dynamics simulations in order to study the thermoelectric transport coefficients in dense liquid hydrogen, especially near the nonmetal-to-metal transition region. We also observe significant deviations from the widely used Wiedemann-Franz law, which is strictly valid only for degenerate systems, and give an estimate for its valid scope of application toward lower densities.

  9. A Magic-Real Gap in Architecture

    Dayer, Carolina


    In 1925, German art critic Franz Roh formalized the notion of Magic Realism (magischer Realismus) as a celebration of everyday life. In Italian literature, the same notion was explored in the works of Massimo Bontempelli. But it was the architect Friedrich Kiesler who imported the notion...... into architecture, stating that ‘Magic Architecture ... holds the balance between the two extremes of man’, his ‘desire for the machine’ and technology on the one hand, his ‘denial of science’ on the other. This paper follows the development of the notion of Magic Realism throughout the twentieth century...

  10. Βιβλιοκρισία: ΑNTJE BOSSELMANN – RUICKBIE, Byzantinischer Schmuck des 9. bis frühen 13. Jahrhunderts, Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden 2011.

    Tζένη ΑΛΜΠΑΝΗ


    Full Text Available Biιβλιοκρισία του: Αntje Bosselmann – Ruickbie, Byzantinischer Schmuck des 9. bis frühen 13. Jahrhunderts. Untersuchungen zum metallen dekorativen Körperschmuck der mittelbyzantinische Zeit anhand datierter Funde [Spätantike – Frühes Christentum – Byzanz. Kunst im ersten Jahrtausend. Hsgb. von Beat Brenk, Johannes G. Deckers, Arne Effenberger, Franz Alto Bauer. Reihe B: Studien und Perspektiven. Bd. 28], Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden 2011, 420 σσ. +832 εικ.([ISBN 978-3-89500-717-0 

  11. ATR-FTIR and Raman spectroscopic investigation of the electroporation-mediated transdermal delivery of a nanocarrier system containing an antitumour drug.

    Balázs, Boglárka; Sipos, Péter; Danciu, Corina; Avram, Stefana; Soica, Codruta; Dehelean, Cristina; Varju, Gábor; Erős, Gábor; Budai-Szűcs, Mária; Berkó, Szilvia; Csányi, Erzsébet


    The aim of the present work was the optimization of the transdermal delivery of a lyotropic liquid crystal genistein-based formulation (LLC-GEN). LLC was chosen as medium in view of the poor solubility of GEN in water. Membrane diffusion and penetration studies were carried out with a Franz diffusion cell, through a synthetic membrane in vitro, a chick chorioallantoic membrane ex ovo, and ex vivo excised human epidermis. Thereafter, LLC-GEN was combined with electroporation (EP) to enhance the transdermal drug delivery. The synergistic effect of EP was verified by in vivo ATR-FTIR and ex vivo Raman spectroscopy on hairless mouse skin.

  12. Światy indeterministyczne Franza-Serafina Exnera i Mariana Smoluchowskiego

    Jacek Rodzeń


    Full Text Available The paper presents philosophical views which have been propagated in the first decade of the 20th-century by Austrian experimental physicist Franz-Serafin Exner (1846-1926. According to Exner all apparently deterministic laws are only a kind of the macroscopic limit of the indeterministic random events and processes in nature. The paper attempts to show whether Exner’s ideas have influenced the views on randomness and probability developed by renowned Polish physicist Marian Smoluchowski (1872-1917 who belonged to informal circle of Exner’s students and assistants (so-called Exner-Kreis.

  13. Adsorção de glifosato sobre solos e minerais Adsorption of glyphosate on soils and minerals

    Luís R. M. Toni


    Full Text Available Glyphosate, an enzyme inhibitor herbicide, has been widely used around the world in agriculture. Dr. John Franz from Monsanto Corporation (USA discovered glyphosate in 1970. It has been showed that glyphosate is strongly adsorbed by inorganic soil components especially aluminium and iron oxides, and the phosphate group is involved in this interaction. The inactivation of glyphosate in soils can last for days or even months depending on soil characteristics. The addition of phosphate from fertilizers can displace glyphosate from the soils and this could be the cause of decreased productivity of some crops.

  14. Rezension : Wissen um den Wahn. Foucaults Geschichte der Psychiatrie ; zu "Foucaults Geschichte der Psychiatrie"

    Krause, Robert


    Aus dem umfangreichen Werk des französischen Philosophen und Sozialhistorikers Michel Foucault (1926-1984) ist ein weiteres Buch auf Deutsch erschienen. Der Band „Die Macht der Psychiatrie" geht auf eine Reihe von Vorlesungen zurück, die Foucault im Wintersemester '73/'74 am Collège de France gehalten hat. Die in Frankreich bereits im Jahr 2003 veröffentlichten 12 Vorlesungen sind der Geschichte der Psychiatrie gewidmet und konzentrieren sich vor allem auf ihre Frühphase. Wesentlich gestützt ...

  15. Proměny vypravěče v próze Jaromíra Johna

    Kleňha, Petr


    Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John This diploma paper focuses on the function of the narrator and his various forms in John's prosaic work. It deals with the issue of the construction of the fictional world and how the narrator influences the reader's understanding of the described events. Primarily, we try to compare the narrative categories of the main contemporary concepts as influenced by Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, Franz Stanzel and Lubomír Doležel. It is our terminology base...

  16. “…and you could hear the whole village chattering” I Malavoglia as figuralized novel

    Paolo Giovannetti


    Full Text Available The essay explains Giovanni Verga’s Malavoglia according to the narrative theory of Franz Karl Stanzel, arguing that the novel provides an example of the figural narrative situation. The figuralization (or reflectorization of Malavoglia is achieved mainly by the so-called (the definition is Ann Banfield’s non-reflective consciousness, that is, by the perceptive interplay of characters, independent of the intervention of an actual narrator. Such a methodological point of view implies a revision of some typological features of modernist novel, which has been too often interpreted only through texts of the “northern” Flaubert-James-Joyce-Woolf line.

  17. «Lei è ebreo?». Mondi a confronto nelle Lettere a Milena di Kafka

    Claudia Sonino


    The essay aims at analyzing, by examining the special bond between Franz Kafka and Milena Jesenská through the lens of their letters, Prague's cultural life in the aftermath of the fall of the Habsburg Empire; an historical event marked by an increasingly threatening and aggressive antisemitism, which made the relationship between the Jewish community and other social units, such as the Czech population, more problematic. The relationship between the Jewish writer and his Czech translator, close friend and confidante, unfolds against this background. A rich and complicated relationship between different albeit communicating worlds.

  18. G.H. Franz’s Modjadji : archetypes of time and the transcendence of history

    L.P. Boshego


    Full Text Available This article examines the Northern Sotho play, “Modjadji”, written by G.H. Franz. The text, about which there is little significant critical literature, presents in mythological terms the quest of the Lobedu rain queen, Modjadji, for secure governance and release from the exigencies of history, both for herself and her people. Through staged ritual, the play evokes archetypes of time to raise a mythic consciousness. This ontology employs a notion of circular time to transcend linearity and its inexorable teleology. Ultimately, the text attempts to extract viable elements of traditional epistemology in order to accommodate its addressees to modernity.

  19. Thema:Gleichheit Natur –Mensch:Aufbrechen der anthropozentrischen Maßstäbe in der Globalisierungsdebatte Überlegungen zum Stellenwert der Philosophie in der Globalisierungsdebatte

    Dungl, Eva


    Seminararbeit im Rahmen des Seminars Globalisierung und Philosophie im WS 2003/2004 bei Univ.-Prof.Dr.Franz Martin Wimmer Inhalt:EINLEITUNG I.Infragestellen der Ökonomie als Wohlfahrt des Menschen II.Einbindung der Ethik in die Ökonomie III.Ist die Einbindung der Ethik in die Ökonomie möglich?IV.Versuch eines ontolologisch-erkenntnistheoretischen Ansatzes im Verhältnis Natur-Mensch I.Natur versus Technik HAUPTTEIL I.Natur versus Technik II.Der "Natur â€?-Begriff im a...

  20. Zwei Briefe auf Guaraní in Alexander von Humboldts Handschrift

    Manfred Ringmacher


    Full Text Available Gegenstand des Aufsatzes von Manfred Ringmacher sind zwei Briefe auf Guaraní in Alexander von Humboldts Handschrift. Die Originale der Abschriften wurden im Jahr 1800 in der ehemals jesuitisch betreuten Indianersiedlung Santa María la Mayor am Río Uruguay geschrieben und an den Vizekönig des spanischen Vizekönigreichs La Plata gesandt. Sie sind mit einer zeitgenössischen spanischen Übersetzung versehen; außerdem hat Alexander von Humboldt in französischer Sprache noch einige Erläuterungen gegeben.

  1. Řešení nezaměstnanosti v Německu ve třicátých letech 20. století

    Liptáková, Alexandra


    This paper mediates a view on economic policies of avoiding mass unemployment in Germany in the 1930s. It is concerned with the causations and development, it introduces a number of programs for dealing with the unemployment, which originate in the Weimar Republic, during the cabinet of Heinrich Brüning, Franz von Papen and Kurt von Schleicher. A major arttention will be given to the national socialist economic policy of Adolf Hitler and his cabinet. In more detail it will concern the system ...

  2. The Conflict Aftermath - A Chance for Democracy: Norm Diffusion in Post-Conflict Peace Building


    after losing Hindenburg’s support. The governments in the last year of the republic under Franz von Papen , and Kurt von Schleicher, were short-lived and...Emperor, the empowerment of the peace party in the Reichstag under Prince Max von Baden and to the formal change of the political system to democracy with...Wolfgang Kapp, General von Lüttwitz, and General Ludendorff to give up their project. In spite of this happy ending for the republic, the putsch left a

  3. The Magic Background of Pearl Harbor. Volume 5


    Incident Pangkalan-Brandan, Sumatra u- n n n n n n n n Panyushkin, Alexander, Russian Ambassador to Chungking n n n n Papen , Franz von , German Ambassador...WALTER VON BRAUCHITSCH; 10th, Inspector General of National Defense General Field Marshal WILHELM KEITEL; 11th, Army Chief of Staff-General FRITZ...Lindbergh) u u u u u n u- uu- u- IV, 192,193 Bratton, Col., in U.S. Army Intelligence --uu_--un_uun unuU-UU- IV, (3), (7) Brauchitsch, W. von , German Gen

  4. All That Was Lost. German Life in Kafka’s  Prague Before World War I, During the War, and At Its End

    Anthony Northey


    Full Text Available In this paper I want to trace briefly how Franz Kafka reacted to some salient cultural features of his time. I will select segments of his writings which I believe reflect his view, or even his characterization of the three main historical periods he lived through: pre-World War I, the war years 1914 to 1918, and five and one half of the postwar years. Of course, this is by no means a complete, thorough discussion of those periods and his works that I mention.

  5. Lo fantástico más allá de la vacilación: la representación mimética del miedo en dos cuentos de Bioy Casares y Cortázar

    Kurz, Andreas


    El artículo revisa algunos conceptos y definiciones de lo fantástico literario y pretende diferenciarlo de lo postulado por el realismo mágico y lo real maravilloso. Se proponen como textos clave al respecto: el libro de Franz Roh que da nombre al realismo mágico, la historia de la literatura fantástica, por H. P. Lovecraft; así como la tesis de ‘das Unheimliche’, de S. Freud. A manera de hipótesis, establecemos el carácter mimético de la literatura fantástica que representa el miedo...

  6. APRESENTAR O IRREPRESENTÁVEL: paisagem com bois e vaca amarela

    Paula Glenadel


    Aproximar o conto de Guimarães Rosa “Conversa de bois” (Sagarana, 1946) do quadro Vaca amarela (1911), de Franz Marc,pintor expressionista ligado ao movimento Der Blaue Reiter,significa repensar a representação dos animais, forçando os limites do comentário batailliano sobre a “mentira poética da animalidade” até fazer da poesia o lugar de uma verdade ética da hospitalidade com a qual se dá acolhida ao totalmente outro. Essa verdade se manifesta como exigência do impossível, como no dito d...

  7. Erschriebenes Leben:Fortgesetzte Erinnerung und Identitätssuche in der Literatur Michel del Castillos

    Hilbers, Antonis


    Die vorliegende Dissertation schließt eine doppelte Forschungslücke: zum einen wird erstmals im Bereich der deutschsprachigen Romanistik dem Werk des 1933 in Madrid geborenen und seit 1957 im französischen Literaturbetrieb fortwährend präsenten Autors Michel del Castillo eine monographische Studie gewidmet. Zum anderen handelt es sich um die erste Arbeit überhaupt, die das Frühwerk (den Hypotext "Tanguy", 1957) mit dem Spätwerk del Castillos (den Hypertexten "Le crime des pères", 1993 und "Ru...

  8. Nos tempos da bioética, a presença dos vitimados questões sobre o outro

    José Roberto Pretel Pereira Job


    Full Text Available O artigo apresenta algumas considerações sobre a bioética, estabelecendo conexões com as necessidades de adotar um ponto de vista que inclua a participação do Outro. Argumenta e enfatiza a necessidade de respeitar a dignidade do ser humano conforme lições ensinadas pelos filósofos Martin Buber, Emmanuel Lévinas, Franz Rosenzweig e Viktor Frankl. Conclui, apontando para a necessidade de incluir o conceito de Alteridade, a fim de pesquisar sobre o relacionamento entre homem e homem.


    Marcelo Mendes de Souza


    Full Text Available This article addresses Homi K. Bhabha’s concept of mimicry in a broader context, other than that of cultural studies and post-colonial studies, bringing together other concepts, such as that of Gilles Deleuze in Difference and repetition, among other texts, and other names, such as Silviano Santiago, Jorge Luís Borges, Franz Kafka and Giorgio Agamben. As a partial conclusion, the article intends to oppose Bhabha’s freudian-marxist view to Five propositions on Psychoanalysis (1973, Gilles Deleuze’s text about Psychoanalysis published right after his book The Anti-Oedipus.

  10. [A country doctor: a proposal of an ethical approach in the 125th anniversary of Frank Kafka's birth].

    Alvarez-Díaz, Jorge Alberto


    Within the framework of the 125 anniversary of the birth of Franz Kafka we discuss his work as a patient affected by tuberculosis. This essay outlines a review of Kafka as a writer and explains the meaning of the term "Kafkaesque". We put forward a commentary on the ethics expressed in a short story entitled A country doctor. An interpretation of Kafka must involve the notion of responsibility, a theological concept that is then followed by the legal context. Finally, Kafka embraces an ethical approach expressed in his work.

  11. Film. Euroopa filmiakadeemia andis välja 2005.aasta filmiauhinnad


    IX PÖFFil linastuv Michael Haneke film "Varjatud" ("Cache") võitis laupäeval mitu Euroopa Filmiakadeemia auhinda, sealhulgas parima filmi, parima lavastaja, parima meesnäitleja (Daniel Auteuil), monteerija (Michael Hudecek, Nadine Muse) ja FIPRESCI auhinna. Parim naisnäitleja - Julia Jentsch ("Sophie Scholli viimased päevad"), operaator - Franz Lustig ("Don't Come Knocking"), stsenaarium - Hany Abu-Assad, Bero Beyer ("Kohe paradiisi"), helilooja - Rupert Gregson-Williams, Andrea Guerra ("Hotel Rwanda"). Elutööpreemia sai sir Sean Connery

  12. Realismo, margen y fragmentariedad en la narrativa de Ezequiel Martínez Estrada

    Gasillón, María Lourdes


    En primer lugar, este trabajo intenta analizar los ensayos escritos por Ezequiel Martínez Estrada sobre Franz Kafka (1967) para luego reconocer sus influencias en el concepto de lo real y realismo en sus propias narraciones ficcionales. En este caso, se abordará uno de sus cuentos más conocidos, “Marta Riquelme”, que construye discursivamente una imagen de lo/s otro/s en distintos planos textuales: autor, narrador, organización, género, personajes, etc. Tanto el ensayista argentino como el es...

  13. Interior and exterior resonances in acoustic scattering. pt. 2 - Targets of arbitrary shape (T-matrix approach)

    Uberall, H.; Gaunaurd, G.C.; Tanglis, E.


    The T-matrix approach, which describes the scattering of acoustic waves (or of other waves) from objects of arbitrary shape and geometry, is here 'married' to the resonance scattering theory in order to obtain the (complex) resonance frequencies of an arbitrary shaped target. For the case of nearly impenetrable targets the partial-wave scattering amplitudes are splitted into terms corresponding to 'internal' resonances, plus an apparently nonresonant background amplitude which, however, contains the broad resonances caused by 'external' diffracted (or Franz-type, creeping) waves, in addition to geometrically reflected and refracted (ray) contributions

  14. Slottet i Transsylvanien

    Ladegaard, Jakob


    The article investigates the hitherto largely ignored traces of the Gothic literary tradition in Franz Kafka’s novel The Castle (1926) by reading it in continuation of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula (1897). It is argued that the interpretation of the ghostlike presence of the Gothic vampire in Kafka...... features of the Gothic to reflect – the one mainly affirmatively, the other critically – on larger historical and ideological issues of gender, the modern state apparatus and the relation between Western and Eastern Europe around the turn of the century....

  15. Eros, Morfeos, Thanatos. Maurice Blanchot, Věra Linhartová a jiní blízcí-vzdálení // Eros, Morfeos, Thanatos. Maurice Blanchot, Věra Linhartová and other close-far ones

    Veronika Košnarová


    Full Text Available This article considers the relationships between the works of Maurice Blanchot and Věra Linhartová, looking at close semantic links between their themes of desire, sleep (dreaming, and death. The connections are examined in the writings of the two authors, especially in their poetic reinterpretations of the Orpheus myth and in the themes of the overcoming of death, the impossibility of death, and the experience of one’s own death. In this context, the article also suggests connections with the ideas of other authors, such as Camille Flammarion, Franz Kafka, Rainer Maria Rilke, Georges Bataille, and Ladislav Klíma.

  16. Falls and fear of falling predict future falls and related injuries in ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury: a longitudinal observational study

    Vivien Jørgensen


    Conclusion: Ambulatory individuals have a high risk of falling and of fall-related injuries. Fall history, fear of falling and walking speed could predict recurrent falls and injurious falls. Further studies with larger samples are needed to validate these findings. [Jørgensen V, Butler Forslund E, Opheim A, Franzén E, Wahman K, Hultling C, Seiger Å, Ståhle A, Stanghelle JK, Roaldsen KS (2017 Falls and fear of falling predict future falls and related injuries in ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury: a longitudinal observational study. Journal of Physiotherapy 63: 108–113

  17. Kriminologie und Kriminalistik im Zugriff der Geschichtswissenschaft

    Peter-Alexis Albrecht


    Full Text Available Rezensierte Werke:Silviana Galassi, Kriminologie im Deutschen Kaiserreich. Geschichte einer gebrochenen Verwissen­schaftlichung, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2004, 452 S., ISBN 3-515-08352-9; Peter Becker, Dem Täter auf der Spur. Eine Geschichte der Kriminalistik, Darmstadt: Primus Verlag 2005, 287 S., ISBN 3-89678-275-4; Peter Becker, Richard F. Wetzell (Hg., Criminals and their Scientists. The History of Criminology in International Perspective, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2006, 492 S., ISBN 0-521-81012-4

  18. Die Kunst der Projektion. Romantik und Dekonstruktion in den Filmen André Téchinés

    Merlin, Dieter


    Thema der vorliegenden Untersuchung sind die Dekonstruktionsmechanismen, mit deren Hilfe metaphysisch begründete Liebeskonzeptionen in den Filmen des französischen Post-Nouvelle-Vague-Regisseurs André Téchiné (geb. 1943) einer kinematographischen Kritik unterworfen werden. Diese Mechanismen werden anhand einer Auswahl von fünf Filmen – HÔTEL DES AMÉRIQUES (1981), LES ROSEAUX SAUVAGES (1994), LES VOLEURS (1996), LOIN (2001) und LES TEMPS QUI CHANGENT (2004) – sowohl unter ästhetisch-formalen a...

  19. Internationalisierung des Lehramts – eine Quadratur des Kreises? Zu Chancen und Grenzen eines grenzüberschreitenden Paradigmas der Lehrerbildung am Beispiel des Masterstudiengangs MEEF / LINT (Lehramt International Nizza-Regensburg

    Jochen Mecke


    Full Text Available Die Internationalisierung ist nicht das Problem, sie ist die Lösung: In einer europäischen Gesellschaft, in der die Dynamik einer neuen Vielfalt derzeit eine der wenigen Konstanten darstellt, die nationenübergreifend Bestand hat und keine Grenzen kennt, brauchen wir eine Lehrerbildung, die strukturell und konzeptionell so gesamteuropäisch angelegt ist wie ihre Herausforderungen. Wir brauchen trotz und wegen verschiedener bildungspolitischer Unterschiede und Hürden neue Ansätze der Kooperation und Vernetzung, deren Chancen und Herausforderungen in der Folge exemplarisch am binationalen Master of Education MEEF / LINT (Lehramt International Deutsch-Französisch skizziert werden sollen.

  20. A High Angular Resolution Survey of Massive Stars in Cygnus OB2: Results from the Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensors


    Horch et al. 2006; Nelan et al. 2012). At these separations we are sampling systems where the components would evolve independently of each other but journal.) the shape of an S-curve is slightly broadened for redder targets ( Horch et al. 2006). We chose calibrators whose colors are within ±0.2...Kudritzki, R. P., & Villamariz, M. R. 2001, A&A, 366, 623 Horch , E. P., Franz, O. G., Wasserman, L. H., & Heasley, J. N. 2006, AJ, 132, 836 Kennedy, M

  1. Il fondamento ultimo e l’ultimo fondamento

    Belloni, Claudio


    L’ontologia di Franz Rosenzweig è costituita da tre elementi (Dio, mondo, uomo) irriducibili l’uno all’altro. Nelle intenzioni del filosofo, tale tripartizione del “nuovo pensiero” si contrappone all’intera tradizione della “vecchia filosofia”, la quale, invece, tende a ricondurre il tutto a unità, operando riduzioni ontologiche inaccettabili. «Dalla Jonia fino a Jena» – dal «Tutto è acqua» di Talete al «Tutto è Spirito» di Hegel – il pensiero ha di volta in volta creduto di poter ricondurre ...

  2. Im Bild sprechen: Cixous Visual Instruction: Cixous

    Jens E. Sennewald


    Gemeinsam von Künstlern und Wissenschaftlern/Philosophen erstellte Bücher sind selten und nicht immer erfolgreich. Eines der Fährnisse ist das Verhältnis zwischen bildlichen und schriftlichen Anteilen: Nicht selten wird der künstlerische Anteil zur Illustration der dominierenden Schrift. Eine Neupositionierung des Bildes im Buch ist nun der amerikanischen Künstlerin Roni Horn gelungen. Mehr als „sujet“ ihres Buches, ist die französische Philosophin Hélène Cixous gleichsam instruierende „Stimm...

  3. A new nasal drug delivery system for Diazepam using natural Mucoadhesive Polysaccharide obtained from tamarind seeds

    Datta, R.; Bandyopadhyaya, Amal K.


    A new nasal drug delivery system of diazepam has been developed with a natural mucoadhesive agent from Tamarindus indica L. The mucoadhesive strength, viscosity and gelling property of this natural mucoadhesive agent was found to be higher in comparison to synthetic polymers, hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and carbopol 934 which are conventionally used for similar purpose. In vitro drug release characteristic through franz-diffusion cell using excised bovine nasal membrane was also found to be better in comparison to the above synthetic polymers. This patient friendly, needle free dosage form may replace the diazepam injections in future. (author)

  4. ‘The originality of Kaschnitz’: Guido Kaschnitz Weinberg, ‘The problem of originality in Roman art’ [Guido Kaschnitz von Weinberg, Das Schöpferische in der römischen Kunst, Römische Kunst, vol. 1, chapter 4, Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1961, 51-73

    Karl Johns


    Full Text Available The vindication of Roman art had been a nearly obsessive preoccupation of the earliest serious comprehensive art historians in Vienna at the end of the nineteenth century. While the relevant books by Franz Wickhoff and Alois Riegl are quoted more than they are actually read, the work of Guido Kaschnitz is even less well known in spite of the fact that he has placed these fundamental questions on a more solid footing. The present text from a lecture held late in his life and published posthumously can hopefully correct misconceptions of his approach to artistic principles.

  5. Bernhard von Gudden, neuro-ophthalmology and the Munich School of Neuroanatomy and Psychiatry.

    Danek, Adrian


    Bernhard von Gudden, psychiatrist to the Royal House of Bavaria (1824-1886), had studied ocular torsion by means of self-observation in the mirror and with the help of after-images for his dissertation of 1848, but later turned to experimental neuroanatomy. Several findings are connected with his name, among them the transverse peduncular tract, part of the accessory optic system. August Forel, Emil Kraepelin and Franz Nissl belonged to his Munich school that took neuroanatomical research as a guiding principle for scientific psychiatry.

  6. Vergleich des Studiums der Tiermedizin in München (Deutschland) und in Liège (Belgien)

    Schaller, Christine Birgit Silvia Verena


    Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit war es, durch einen Vergleich des Studiums der Tiermedizin in München und in Liège die Gemeinsamkeiten und die Unterschiede zwischen diesen beiden Fakultäten zu analysieren. In Deutschland kann das Studium der Tiermedizin an fünf Hochschulen, unter anderem in München, absolviert werden. In der Französischen Gemeinschaft Belgiens gibt es vier Universitäten, die den Bachelor-Studiengang der Tiermedizin anbieten, jedoch ist Liège die einzige Universität, in we...

  7. Areeni aastaalbumid 2005. Personaalsed edetabelid / Tõnu Kaalep

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-2018


    Heliplaatidest: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Worn Copy", Chalice "Süsteemsüsteem", Animal Collective "Feels", Röövel Ööbik "Supersymmetry", Arcade Fire "Funeral", Kanye West "Late Registration", White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan", The Fall "Fall Heads Roll", Antony and the Johnsons "I Am a Bird Now", Sufjan Stevens "Illinoise", Bloc Party "Silent Alarm", LCD Soundsystem "LCD Soundsystem", Devendra Banhart "Cripple Crow", Architecture In Helsinki "In Case We Die", Kate Bush "Aerial", M.I.A. "Arular", Ans.Andur "Tuled peale", Gorillaz "Demon Days", Franz Ferdinand "You Could Have It So Much Better", Songs of Green Pheasant "Songs of Green Pheasant"

  8. Edukas Kristiina Uslar


    Jaapanis Kanazawas rahvusvahelisel konkurssnäitusel Glass Kanazawa 2007 pälvis klaasikunstnik Kristiina Uslar töö "Data Turbine IV" eest ühe kuuest autasust. Võuidutöid saab näha Notojima Klaasikunsti Muuseumis. Näitusel Young Glass 2007 Ebeltofti Klaasimuuseumis Taanis, kus saavad osaleda kuni 35-aastased kunstnikud, valiti K. Uslari töö finaali. Rahvusvahelisel noorte kunstnike konkursil Jutta Cuny Franz Memorial Award said K. Uslari tööd "Exit" ja "Data Turbine I" ühe viiest audiplomist

  9. In memoriam Michel Butor (1926 – 2016

    Christof Weiand


    Full Text Available Am Mittwoch, dem 24. August 2016, ist Michel Butor gestorben, drei Wochen vor seinem 90. Geburtstag. Als Beispiel für Michel Butors Dichtung soll an dieser Stelle ein Gedicht aus den Textes récents – 37 pages/Neueste Texte – 37 Seiten stehen, die 2012 erstmals erschienen sind:Michel Butor, Textes récents – 37 pages/Neueste Texte – 37 Seiten, aus dem Französischen übersetzt, kommentiert und eingerichtet von Christof Weiand (Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2012.

  10. The Cut of the Scythe


    Adolf Hitler, the German dictator, however, had different ideas. His Wehrmecht Adjutant, Colonel Rudolf Schmudt 2 , discussed the Fuehrer’s desire...fl A,- 1.. 4Wr uCCe a A ft nha Zf iao zar *s*wft 194I (Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Yerleg GMBh, 1957), p. 9. 2Rudolf Schmunt vas born on Auguot 13, 1896...of Chief, Army Personnel Office. General of the Infantry, Rudolf Schmundt died from his wounds on October 10, 1944, In a field hospital at Ratzeburg

  11. Energy policy of the Bavarian Government

    Strauss, F J


    On the annual meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Regionaler Energieversorgungsunternehmen in Munich (April 28-29) the Prime Minister of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauss was speaking about Bavarian energy policy as stretching from Kahl to the planned Wackersdorf reprocessing plant. Neither did he fail to mention the intended increase of the coal rate nor to express his opinion on the Ukrainian reactor accident. Besides, Strauss expressed his wish of returning to a harmonic basic energy policy which will look after the interests of man and the environment and will help to arrive at a consensus free from all ideology which is the basis of our conditions of life and future social security.

  12. Simulation of hydrothermal recoveries by adopting symbiotic urban scenario in the Japanese megalopolis

    Nakayama, T.; Fujita, T.; Hashimoto, S.; Hamano, H.


    The heat island phenomenon in summer has become a serious environmental problem with the expansion of cities and industrial areas in Japan. The present research evaluated the positive cooling effect of new material pavement (water-holding blocks) in comparison with the passive cooling effect of lawn. We coupled the process- based NIES Integrated Catchment-based Eco-hydrology (NICE) model (Nakayama, 2008; Nakayama and Watanabe, 2004, 2006, 2007; Nakayama et al., 2006, 2007) to an urban canopy model (Nakayama and Fujita, 2008) and the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) in order to simulate the effect of this newly symbiotic pavement on the hydrologic budget and the regional climate at the Kawasaki eco-town in Japan, with a grid spacing of 200 m. The model simulated the water and heat budgets in various types of natural and artificial pavements (covered by lawn, concrete, steel plate, synthetic rubber sheet, infiltration and water-holding blocks), and to evaluate the role of water-holding blocks in promoting evaporation and cooling to counter the heat island phenomenon (2 degrees lower than that at the lawn), by comparing with the simplified empirical model. The heat budget analysis of observation data showed that the latent heat flux at the water-holding pavement has a strong impact on the cooling temperature, which could be reproduced well by the simulation. Because the water temperature in an aquifer is almost constant throughout the year, it is estimated that the use of groundwater as a heat sink would be very effective for tackling the urban heat island phenomenon, particularly during the summer (Ministry of Environment, 2003). We evaluated the relationship between the effect of groundwater use to ameliorate the heat island phenomenon and the effect of infiltration on the water cycle in the catchment. The procedure to integrate the model simulation with political scenario for the effective selection and use of ecosystem service sites in this study would

  13. Unilateral corneal leukoplakia without limbal involvement

    Hirano K


    Full Text Available Koji Hirano,1 Mihoko Koide,2 Yoshikazu Mizoguchi,3 Yasuhiro Osakabe,4 Kaoru-Araki Sasaki5 1Department of Ophthalmology, Ban Buntane Hotokukai Hospital, School of Medicine, Fujita Health University, Nagoya, Japan; 2Koide Internal Medicine and Eye Clinic, Nagoya, Japan; 3Department of Pathology, Ban Buntane Hotokukai Hospital, School of Medicine, Fujita Health University, Nagoya, Japan; 4Department of Molecular Pathology, Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan; 5Department of Ophthalmology, Japan Health Care Organization, Hoshigaoka Medical Center, Hirakata, Japan Purpose: Leukoplakia is the term given to a white patch or plaque that is found mainly on the oral mucus membrane. It can occasionally be seen on the corneal surface. We report our clinical and histopathological findings in a case of unilateral corneal leukoplakia. Methods: A 26-year-old woman was referred to our hospital because of a white patch on her right cornea that continued to expand. She first noticed the white patch when she was 20 years old, and the white patch had expanded to cover the pupillary area affecting her vision. After plastic surgery on both eyelids for bilateral entropion to alleviate the pain caused by the eyelashes rubbing the cornea, the white corneal patch decreased in size. Because of this reduction, we performed surgery to remove the patch with microforceps under topical anesthesia. The plaque was removed easily and completely, and submitted for histopathological examination. Results: Histopathological examination showed that the specimen had characteristics of epidermis with a basal cell layer, spinous cell layer, granular cell layer, and horny layer with hyperkeratosis. She was diagnosed with leukoplakia of the corneal surface. The basic structure of the squamous cell layer was preserved, and there were no signs of metaplasia. Six months after the removal of the leukoplakia, no recurrence was seen and her corrected decimal visual acuity recovered to 1

  14. A single-arm Phase II validation study of preventing oxaliplatin-induced hypersensitivity reactions by dexamethasone: the AVOID trial

    Yoshida Y


    Full Text Available Yoichiro Yoshida,1 Keiji Hirata,2 Hiroshi Matsuoka,3 Shigeyoshi Iwamoto,4 Masahito Kotaka,5 Hideto Fujita,6 Naoya Aisu,1 Seiichiro Hoshino,1 Takeo Kosaka,6 Kotaro Maeda,3 Fumiaki Kiyomi,7 Yuichi Yamashita1 1Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Fukuoka University Faculty of Medicine, Fukuoka, Japan; 2Department of Surgery, Fukuoka Sanno Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan; 3Department of Surgery, Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Toyoake, Japan; 4Department of Surgery, Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital, Osaka, Japan; 5Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, Sano Hospital, Kobe, Japan; 6Department of Surgical Oncology, Kanazawa Medical University, Uchinada, Japan; 7Academia, Industry and Government Collaborative Research Institute of Translational Medicine for Life Innovation, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, Japan Background: Patients with colorectal cancer treated with oxaliplatin are at risk of hypersensitivity reactions, with the incidence estimated to be 12%–20%. Coinfusion of dexamethasone and oxaliplatin could potentially reduce the incidence of these reactions, but oxaliplatin is reported to be incompatible with alkaline compounds in solution. However, in a previous retrospective study we found that the pH of a solution of dexamethasone and oxaliplatin was less than 7.4, and that hypersensitivity to oxaliplatin could have been prevented by coinfusion of dexamethasone. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of coinfusion of dexamethasone and oxaliplatin to prevent oxaliplatin-induced hypersensitivity reactions.Patients and methods: The AVOID trial was a prospective, multicenter, open-label, single-arm Phase II trial conducted from January to September 2013. The study included 73 patients who received capecitabine plus oxaliplatin (XELOX or XELOX plus bevacizumab therapy for colorectal cancer. In all patients, oxaliplatin was administered in combination with dexamethasone. The primary outcome measure was the presence of

  15. Combination treatment with risperidone long-acting injection and psychoeducational approaches for preventing relapse in schizophrenia

    Zhao Y


    Full Text Available Yueren Zhao,1–3 Taro Kishi,1 Nakao Iwata,1 Manabu Ikeda3,4 1Department of Psychiatry, Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Toyoake, Aichi, Japan; 2Department of Psychiatry, Okehazama Hospital Fujita Kokoro Care Center, Toyoake, Aichi, Japan; 3Department of Neuropsychiatry, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan; 4Department of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan Abstract: A recent meta-analysis showed that long-acting injectable (LAI antipsychotics were not superior to oral antipsychotics for preventing relapse in patients with schizophrenia. We therefore designed a treatment strategy combining risperidone LAI and COMPASS (COMprehensive Psycho-educational Approach and Scheme Set, an original psychoeducational program supporting treatment with risperidone LAI and evaluating subjective treatment satisfaction, transition of symptoms, and effectiveness in preventing symptomatic relapse. The aim of this study was to examine whether addition of COMPASS to risperidone LAI was more effective in preventing relapse in schizophrenia patients than risperidone LAI alone, with the latter group consisting of patients enrolled in a Phase III trial of risperidone LAI in Japan. Patients were followed up for 6 months, with COMPASS continuously implemented from the transition to the observation phase. The primary efficacy measurements were relapse rate (rates of rehospitalization and discontinuation due to inefficacy. Secondary efficacy measurements were the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS and Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF scores. Of the 96 patients originally enrolled, 19 (19.8% were discontinued from all causes. During the 6-month study period, ten of the 96 patients (10.4% relapsed, compared with a 12.2% relapse rate in patients enrolled in a Phase III trial of risperidone LAI in Japan. Patients showed significant improvements in BPRS total

  16. Development and evaluation of a self-efficacy instrument for Japanese sleep apnea patients receiving continuous positive airway pressure treatment

    Saito A


    Full Text Available Ayako Saito,1 Shigeko Kojima,2 Fumihiko Sasaki,3 Masamichi Hayashi,4 Yuki Mieno,4 Hiroki Sakakibara,5 Shuji Hashimoto1 1Department of Hygiene, School of Medicine, Fujita Health University, Toyoake, Japan; 2Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nihon Fukushi University, Handa, Japan; 3SDB Research Laboratory, Takaoka Clinic, Nagoya, Japan; 4Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Allergy, Fujita Health University, Toyoake, Japan; 5Tokushige Kokyuki Clinic, Nagoya, Japan Abstract: The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a self-efficacy instrument for Japanese obstructive sleep apnea (OSA patients treated with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP. Analyzed subjects were 653 Japanese OSA patients (619 males and 34 females treated with CPAP at a sleep laboratory in a respiratory clinic in a Japanese city. Based on Bandura's social cognitive theory, the CPAP Self-Efficacy Questionnaire for Sleep Apnea in Japanese (CSESA-J was developed by a focus group of experts, using a group interview of OSA patients for the items of two previous self-efficacy scales for Western sleep apnea patients receiving CPAP treatment. CSESA-J has two subscales, one for self-efficacy and the other for outcome expectancy, and consists of a total of 15 items. Content validity was confirmed by the focus group. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the factor loadings of self-efficacy and outcome expectancy were 0.47–0.76 and 0.41–0.92, respectively, for the corresponding items. CSESA-J had a significant but weak positive association with the General Self-Efficacy Scale, and a strong positive association with “Self-efficacy scale on health behavior in patients with chronic disease.” Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.85 for the self-efficacy subscale and 0.89 for the outcome expectancy subscale. The intraclass correlation coefficient using data from the first and second measurements with

  17. What influences climate and glacier change in southwestern China?

    Yasunari, Teppei J.


    The subject of climate change in the Tibetan Plateau (TP) and Himalayas has taken on increasing importance because of the availability of water resources from their mountain glaciers (Immerzeel et al 2010). Many of the glaciers over these regions have been retreating, while some are advancing and stable (Yao et al 2004, Scherler et al 2011). Other studies report that some glaciers in the Himalayas show acceleration of their shrinkage (e.g., Fujita and Nuimura 2011). However, the causes of glacier melting are still difficult to grasp because of the complexity of climatic change and its influence on glacier issues. Despite this, it is vital that we pursue further study to enable future predictions of glacier changes. The paper entitled 'Climate and glacier change in southwestern China during the past several decades' by Li et al (2011) provided carefully analyzed, quality controlled, long-term data on atmospheric temperature and precipitation during the period 1961-2008. The data were obtained from 111 Chinese stations. The researchers performed systematic analyses of temperature and precipitation over the whole southwestern Chinese domain. They discussed those changes in terms of other meteorological components such as atmospheric circulation patterns, radiation and altitude difference, and then showed how these factors could contribute to climate and glacier changes in the region. Air temperature and precipitation are strongly associated with glacier mass balance because of heat balance and the addition of mass when it snows. Temperature warming trends over many places in southwestern China were unequivocally dominant in all seasons and at higher altitudes. This indicates that the heat contribution to the glaciers has been increasing. On the other hand, precipitation has a wider variability in time and space. It is more difficult to clearly understand the effect of precipitation on the climate and glacier melting characteristics in the whole of southwestern China

  18. Effect of temperature on electrical conductance of inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle ink during continuous wave laser sintering

    Lee, Dae-Geon; Kim, Dong Keun; Moon, Yoon-Jae; Moon, Seung-Jae


    To determine the effect of temperature on the specific electrical conductance of inkjet-printed ink during continuous wave laser sintering, the temperature of the sintered ink was estimated. The ink, which contained 34 wt.% silver nanoparticles with an average size of approximately 50 nm, was inkjet-printed onto a liquid crystal display glass substrate. The printed ink was irradiated with a 532 nm continuous wave laser for 60 s with various laser intensities. During laser irradiation, the in-situ electrical conductance of the sintered ink was measured to estimate the transient thermal conductivity of the ink. The electrical conductance and thermal conductivity of the ink was coupled to obtain the transient temperature by applying the Wiedemann–Franz law to a two-dimensional transient heat conduction equation. The electrical conductance of laser-sintered ink was highly dependent on the sintering temperature of the ink. - Highlights: • The in-situ electrical conductance was measured during the laser sintering process. • Wiedemann–Franz law coupled the electrical conductance with transient temperature. • The transient temperature of the laser-sintered Ag nanoparticle ink was estimated

  19. The relevance of polymeric synthetic membranes in topical formulation assessment and drug diffusion study.

    Ng, Shiow-Fern; Rouse, Jennifer J; Sanderson, Francis D; Eccleston, Gillian M


    Synthetic membranes are composed of thin sheets of polymeric macromolecules that can control the passage of components through them. Generally, synthetic membranes used in drug diffusion studies have one of two functions: skin simulation or quality control. Synthetic membranes for skin simulation, such as the silicone-based membranes polydimethylsiloxane and Carbosil, are generally hydrophobic and rate limiting, imitating the stratum corneum. In contrast, synthetic membranes for quality control, such as cellulose esters and polysulfone, are required to act as a support rather than a barrier. These synthetic membranes also often contain pores; hence, they are called porous membranes. The significance of Franz diffusion studies and synthetic membranes in quality control studies involves an understanding of the fundamentals of synthetic membranes. This article provides a general overview of synthetic membranes, including a brief background of the history and the common applications of synthetic membranes. This review then explores the types of synthetic membranes, the transport mechanisms across them, and their relevance in choosing a synthetic membrane in Franz diffusion cell studies for formulation assessment purposes.

  20. Pool-Frenkel thermoelectric modulation of exciton photoluminescence in GaSe crystals

    Ertap, H.; Mamedov, G.M.; Karabulut, M.; Bacioglu, A.


    Effect of external field on the exciton photoluminescence of GaSe crystals has been investigated and it has been observed that the PL is quenched with the applied field. The changes observed in the PL spectra have been analyzed with impact exciton, Franz-Keldysh and Pool-Frenkel effects. From the analyses of the experimental data, it has been found that the intensity of direct free, indirect free and bound exciton peaks decreased exponentially with the square root of applied field as I∼exp-β√E. The energy positions of emission peaks were found to shift to longer wavelength with the applied field as ΔE∼β√E. From these findings, the Pool-Frenkel thermoelectric field effect is seen to be the dominant mechanism in the variation of exciton PL with the applied field even though the impact exciton and Franz-Keldysh effects contribute. - Highlights: → Exciton PL intensity varies with the applied field. It decreases with the square root of E in accordance with Pool-Frenkel effect. → In the intrinsic region of PL spectrum, lines belonging to direct and indirect free/bound excitons were observed. → Line positions shifted to longer wavelengths with the applied field. → It was shown that amplitude modulation of exciton PL with electric field was possible.

  1. Geographical distribution of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in the Norwegian and Russian Arctic

    Lie, E.; Bernhoft, A.; Riget, F.; Belikov, Stanislav; Boltunov, Andrei N.; Derocher, A.E.; Garner, G.W.; Wiig, O.; Skaare, J.U.


    Geographical variation of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) was studied in blood samples from 90 adult female polar bear (Ursus maritimus) from Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Kara Sea, East-Siberian Sea and Chukchi Sea. In all regions, oxychlordane was the dominant OCP. Regional differences in mean levels of HCB, oxychlordane, trans-nonachlor, ??-HCH, ??-HCH and p,p???-DDE were found. The highest levels of oxychlordane, trans-nonachlor and DDE were found in polar bears from Franz Josef Land and Kara Sea. HCB level was lowest in polar bears from Svalbard. Polar bears from Chukchi Sea had the highest level of ??- and ??-HCH. The lowest ??-HCH concentration was found in bears from Kara Sea. In all the bears, ???HCHs was dominated by ??-HCH. The geographical variation in OCP levels and pattern may suggest regional differences in pollution sources and different feeding habits in the different regions. Polar bears from the Western Russian Arctic were exposed to higher levels of chlordanes and p,p???-DDE than polar bears from locations westwards and eastwards from this region. This may imply the presence of a significant pollution source in the Russian Arctic area. The study suggests that the western Russian Arctic is the most contaminated region of the Arctic and warrants further research. ?? 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Invitation


    Monday, 11 October Gala-Concert to celebrate 50 years of CERN Jack Liebeck (violin) and Katya Apekisheva (piano) Works by C. Debussy, S. Prokofiev, and L. van Beethoven CERN, Main Auditorium, 20:00 For CERN staff and their families With the assistance of PPARC (UK) Free tickets available at the CERN Press Office (50-1-048). Maximum four tickets per person. For more information on the performers, see: The "WIENER SCHUBERTBUND" celebrates CERN's 50th "DEUTSCHE MESSE" By Franz Schubert performed by the "WIENER SCHUBERTBUND" On the occasion of the Organization's Fiftieth Anniversary, Mr Hans-Walter Gérard Schober, Honorary Consul-General of Austria in Geneva, is pleased to invite all those working at CERN to a mass at which Franz Schubert's German Mass will be sung by the Vienna Schubert Choral Society. This renown men's choir, founded in 1863. Eminent composers, including Richard Strauss, Wilhelm Kinzel, a...

  3. Progesterone lipid nanoparticles: Scaling up and in vivo human study.

    Esposito, Elisabetta; Sguizzato, Maddalena; Drechsler, Markus; Mariani, Paolo; Carducci, Federica; Nastruzzi, Claudio; Cortesi, Rita


    This investigation describes a scaling up study aimed at producing progesterone containing nanoparticles in a pilot scale. Particularly hot homogenization techniques based on ultrasound homogenization or high pressure homogenization have been employed to produce lipid nanoparticles constituted of tristearin or tristearin in association with caprylic-capric triglyceride. It was found that the high pressure homogenization method enabled to obtain nanoparticles without agglomerates and smaller mean diameters with respect to ultrasound homogenization method. X-ray characterization suggested a lamellar structural organization of both type of nanoparticles. Progesterone encapsulation efficiency was almost 100% in the case of high pressure homogenization method. Shelf life study indicated a double fold stability of progesterone when encapsulated in nanoparticles produced by the high pressure homogenization method. Dialysis and Franz cell methods were performed to mimic subcutaneous and skin administration. Nanoparticles constituted of tristearin in mixture with caprylic/capric triglyceride display a slower release of progesterone with respect to nanoparticles constituted of pure tristearin. Franz cell evidenced a higher progesterone skin uptake in the case of pure tristearin nanoparticles. A human in vivo study, based on tape stripping, was conducted to investigate the performance of nanoparticles as progesterone skin delivery systems. Tape stripping results indicated a decrease of progesterone concentration in stratum corneum within six hours, suggesting an interaction between nanoparticle material and skin lipids. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Anesthesia of Torek's operation: the first successful resection of a cancer in the thoracic esophagus-an abridged translation of an essay in Japanese.

    Fujita, Hiromasa


    The first successful resection of a cancer in the thoracic esophagus was performed by Franz Torek around one hundred years ago. Awareness of developments in surgery and the early history can stimulate and foster innovation among surgeons, as well as promote a deeper appreciation of the pioneers of the methods still used today. Here we report the conditions leading to Torek's operation performed in 1913. In the operation, anesthesia was achieved by tracheal insufflation. Ernst Sauerbruch, a surgeon in Germany, first developed a negative-pressure chamber for anesthesia in 1903 and subsequently used this in many open-chest operations. Then in 1909 Samuel Meltzer, a physiologist in New York, proposed ventilation through an intratracheal tube while under anesthesia. Soon afterwards, Sauerbruch gave his chamber to Willey Meyer, a surgeon in the New York German Hospital, who reported Sauerbruch's success in operations in the American journal. The negative-pressure chamber was sent to the Meltzer's laboratory where Meltzer demonstrated that tracheal insufflation was superior to the negative-pressure chamber for open thoracic operations. These findings were conveyed to Meyer and to Franz Torek, a surgeon in the New York German Hospital and a colleague of Meyer, who succeeded in the historical first resection of a cancer in the thoracic esophagus according to Meltzer.

  5. Comparison of New Formulation of Diclofenac Diethylamonium Emulgel with Standard Preparation

    SA Mostafavi


    Full Text Available Introduction & Objective: Oral route is a common route of administration for anti-inflammatory drugs including diclofenac. Due to some disadvantages of this route, the alternative routes of administrations are considered. The skin has been increasingly important in this regard, and many drugs have been formulated intradermal delivery systems. The purpose of this study was to prepare a topical diclofenac formulation emulgel with appropriate skin penetration and compare it with standard formulation. Materials & Methods: To prepare the formulation, we used the emulsion form. Several formulations containing different kinds and amounts of diclofenac salts, different emulsifying agents, and different HPMC concentrations were prepared. The skin penetration was evaluated by using Franz cell apparatus and the concentrations of diclofenac were determined in the receptor phase of Franz cell using spectrophotometer. The in vivo absorption of diclofenac was evaluated by determination of drug in urine. The concentration of drug was determined by HPLC. Results: In selected formulation, 85% of drug was released after 4 hours from formulation which was similar to drug released from standard formulation. The values of coefficient variation for HPLC method were utmost 15%. The range of variation in measurement was between 10 and 1000 ng/ml. Conclusion: The selected formulation had appropriate physicochemical properties. We were unable to measure drug concentrations in urine by the constructed HPLC, therefore it can be suggested that one should determine drug concentration in synovial fluid as the drug is concentrated in it.

  6. Enhanced skin penetration of lidocaine through encapsulation into nanoethosomes and nanostructured lipid carriers: a comparative study.

    Babaei, S; Ghanbarzadeh, S; Adib, Z M; Kouhsoltani, M; Davaran, S; Hamishehkar, H


    Lipid based nanoparticles have become a major research object in topical drug delivery to enable drugs to pass the stratum corneum and reach the desired skin layer. The present investigation deals with the encapsulation of lidoacine into nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) and nanoethosomes for improving its dermal delivery and consequently local anesthetic efficacy. Concurrently these two topical delivery systems were compared. Lidocaine-loaded NLCs and nanoethosomes were characterized by various techniques and used for an in vitro skin penetration study using excised rat skin and Franz diffusion cells. The nanoparticles were tracked in the skin by following the Rhodamine-labled nanocarriers under fluorescent microscopy. Optimized lidocaine-loaded NLCs (size 96 nm, zeta potential -13.7 mV, encapsulation efficiency (EE) % 69.86% and loading capacity (LC) % 10.47%) and nanoethosomes (size 105.4 nm, zeta potential -33.6 mV, EE 40.14% and LC 8.02%) were chosen for a skin drug delivery study. Higher skin drug deposition of NLCs and nanoethosomal formulations compared to lidocaine hydroalcoholic solution represented a better localization of the drug in the skin. NLC formulation showed the lowest entered drug in the receptor phase of Franz diffusion cell in comparison with nanoethosomes and hydroalcoholic solution confirming the highest skin accumulation of drug. Both colloidal systems showed superiority over the drug solution for dermal delivery of lidocaine, however, NLC exhibited more promising characteristics than nanoethosomes regarding drug loading and skin targeted delivery.

  7. Photoreflection investigations of the dopant activation in InP doped with beryllium ions

    Avakyants, L.P.; Bokov, P.Yu.; Chervyakov, A.V.


    The processes of the dopant activation in the InP crystals implanted with Be + ions (energy 100 keV, dose 10 13 cm -2 and subsequent thermal annealing during 10 s) have been studied by means of photoreflection spectroscopy. Spectral lines of the crystal InP were absent in the photoreflection spectra of the samples annealed at temperatures less then 400 Deg C. This fact is connected with the disordering of the crystal structure due to the ion implantation. In the temperature range 400-700 Deg C the lines from InP band gap (1.34 eV) and conductance band-spin-orbit splitting valence subband (1.44 eV) have been observed due to the recovery of the crystal structure. In the photoreflectance spectra of a 800 Deg C annealed sample the Franz-Keldysh oscillations have been observed, which can be an evidence in favour of the dopant activation. Carrier concentration calculated from the period of Franz-Keldysh oscillations was equal to 2.2 x 10 16 cm -3 [ru

  8. Spectral Gap Estimates in Mean Field Spin Glasses

    Ben Arous, Gérard; Jagannath, Aukosh


    We show that mixing for local, reversible dynamics of mean field spin glasses is exponentially slow in the low temperature regime. We introduce a notion of free energy barriers for the overlap, and prove that their existence imply that the spectral gap is exponentially small, and thus that mixing is exponentially slow. We then exhibit sufficient conditions on the equilibrium Gibbs measure which guarantee the existence of these barriers, using the notion of replicon eigenvalue and 2D Guerra Talagrand bounds. We show how these sufficient conditions cover large classes of Ising spin models for reversible nearest-neighbor dynamics and spherical models for Langevin dynamics. Finally, in the case of Ising spins, Panchenko's recent rigorous calculation (Panchenko in Ann Probab 46(2):865-896, 2018) of the free energy for a system of "two real replica" enables us to prove a quenched LDP for the overlap distribution, which gives us a wider criterion for slow mixing directly related to the Franz-Parisi-Virasoro approach (Franz et al. in J Phys I 2(10):1869-1880, 1992; Kurchan et al. J Phys I 3(8):1819-1838, 1993). This condition holds in a wider range of temperatures.

  9. Estudo de liberação in vitro do filtro solar p-metoxicinamato de octila incluso em lipossoma e β-ciclodextrina

    E. P. SANTOS


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi comparar a liberação do p-metoxicinamato de octila (MCO a partir de três formulações em gel. A primeira contendo o MCO livre, a segunda contendo o MCO incluso em β-ciclodextrina (β-CD/MCO e a terceira contendo o MCO incluso em lipossoma (lipossoma/MCO. O estudo de liberação foi realizado em células de difusão do tipo Franz usando membrana artifi cial de acetato de celulose. A concentração de MCO liberada foi determinada por cromatografi a líquida de alta efi ciência (CLAE. Os perfi s de liberação in vitro mostraram que a inclusão do MCO nesses sistemas de liberação reduziu a liberação do MCO para a solução receptora comparando com a formulação de MCO livre. Entre as formulações de β-CD/MCO e lipossoma/MCO, a que liberou menor concentração de MCO para a solução receptora foi a formulação de lipossoma/MCO, mostrando os melhores resultados. Palavras-chave: p-metoxicinamato de octila; lipossoma; ciclodextrina; célula de Franz; liberação in vitro.

  10. CMS: the first barrel ring completed!


    Seven years after design studies began, CERN and the German company DWE have erected the first of the five CMS yoke rings, a giant component weighing 1200 tonnes. The first ring of the CMS magnet yoke, a twelve-sided 15-metre-high colossus, has been erected in the new hall at Point 5 near Cessy. For the last few days it has stood unaided, no longer relying on the central structure required for its assembly. Its construction marks an important milestone in the CMS programme, the culmination of seven years of work at CERN and over two years of manufacturing at DWE. Awarded the contract by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, the German manufacturer has produced and assembled the ring components in collaboration with a team from CERN. This feat of mechanical engineering was celebrated two weeks ago at a drink attended by the main protagonists, headed by Franz Kufner, divisional manager at DWE, Franz Leher, production engineer at DWE, Alain Hervé, CMS technical coordinator,...

  11. ¿Cuál es el problema con el cálculo de utilidad?

    Carlos Molina Velásquez


    Full Text Available Un problema de la ética del bien común, planteado por Franz Hinkelammert es el que representa el “calculo de utilidad”. En el articulo se valora positivamente el carácter consecuencialista de este planteamiento, a la vez que se señalan las virtudes de ciertas versiones del utilitarismo, así como las dificultades con expresiones como “utilidad” o “bienestar para todos”. También se propone recurrir a las ideas de Hinkelammert en el orden del reconocimiento de los limites de factibilidad, lo cual permitiría realizar una crítica original y constructiva a las corrientes utilitaristas y consecuencialistas predominantes. Abstract One problem of the common good ethics posed by Franz J. Hinkelammert is the “calculation of utility”. In this article the consequentialist character of this exposition is positively valued and at the same time it is pointed out the virtues of certain versions of utilitarism as well as, the difficulties posed by expressions as “utility” and “well-being”. It is proposed also to resort to Hinkelammert’s ideas in the orden of recognition of the feasibility limits which would allow us to make a original and constructive critic to the prevailing utilitarian and consequentialist currents.

  12. Playing with anthems: The formation of the cult of empress Elisabeth in Hungarian music

    Windhager Ákos


    Full Text Available In this paper I reveal how the cult of Empress Elisabeth affected the reception of three different volumes of Hungarian music. These three works are: Erzsébet-emlény (Elisabeth Memorial Album, 1854 edited by Kornél Ábrányi; Erzsébet (Elisabeth, 1854 opera by Károly Doppler, Ferenc Doppler and Ferenc Erkel; and Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth (The Legend of Saint Elisabeth, 1865 by Franz Liszt. In spite of their high artistic level, the first two works were banned by the cultural elite who interpreted them as Habsburgian political music after the downfall of the dual state. On the other hand, the intentionally apolitical oratorio by Franz Liszt was regarded by the same cultural elite as the highest standard of artistic representation of the Empress. As a consequence of parallel distribution of both imperially and nationally constructed memories, a strange diffusion appeared in the social sphere, especially in Hungarian cultural memory. Conflicting memories emerged due to the discrepancy between the original Hungarian political myth (Kossuth-myth and Empress Elisabeth’s cult. Using the terminology introduced by Claude Lévi-Strauss, I have labeled this situation as the clash of the cold and hot society in Hungary during the 19th century.

  13. A filter rearing system for mass reared genetic sexing strains of Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

    Fisher, Kingsley; Caceres, Carlos


    The Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly), Ceratitis capitata (Wied.), is arguably the world's most widespread pest of fresh fruit production. With mounting controversy over using chemicals against insect pests, the sterile insect technique (SIT) has become increasingly more important as a successful technology in controlling or eradicating many insect pests. However, the wider adoption of SIT for Medflies has been hindered by damage to fruit from sterile female stings (Hendrichs et al. 1995). Moreover, the release of sterile females in SIT for Medflies is not efficacious (Hendrichs et al. 1995), a point validated in the field in Hawaii (McInnis et al. 1994) and Guatemala (Rendon, personal communication). Hendrichs et al. (1995) list many other advantages for releasing only male Medflies including improved economy, increased safety and improved field monitoring. Genetic systems for the separation of sexes have been developed for Medflies (Franz and Kerremans 1994, Willhoeft et al. 1996) and they allow for large-scale releases of only males. Genetic sexing strains (GSS), as they are known, are based upon selectable characters linked to the male sex by using a Y-autosome translocation (Franz et al. 1996). There are two types of GSS used in mass rearing. First, strains based upon a recessive mutation (wp) change the pupal colour from brown to white. In these strains, females emerge from white pupae and males from brown pupae. A machine is used to sort the pupae based upon colour. First described by Robinson and Van Heemert (1982), the most recent strain, SEIB 6-96 based upon the T(Y;5) 2-22 translocation, is relatively stable in small scale rearing (Franz et al. 1994). Second are the temperature sensitive lethal strains (wp/tsl) which carry a temperature sensitive lethal (tsl) mutation in addition to wp. In tsl strains, female embryos are killed by exposing eggs to a 3 C temperature during development (Franz et al. 1996). Male embryos are not temperature sensitive and

  14. Regelwerke im multilingualen Kontext – ein Erfahrungsbericht aus einem multilingualen Verbund

    Jürgen Küssow


    Full Text Available Der Bibliotheksverbund NEBIS (Netzwerk von Bibliotheken und Informationsstellen in der Schweiz ist der grösste Verbund wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken der Schweiz. Ihm gehören rund 140 Bibliotheken an 154 Standorten aus allen Landesteilen der Schweiz an. Im NEBIS arbeiten Bibliotheken sowohl aus der Deutschschweiz als auch aus den Französisch und Italienisch sprechenden Landesteilen. Der Anteil der nicht-deutschsprachigen Bibliotheken beträgt im NEBIS über 15 Prozent. Auf den Jahresbeginn 2016 hat der NEBIS-Verbund das bisher verwendete Regelwerk KIDS (Katalogisierungsregeln des IDS durch das internationale Regelwerk RDA sowie die hauseigene Normdatenbank durch die deutschorientierte Normdatenbank GND abgelöst. Der Zustand der französischsprachigen Übersetzung der RDA sowie die Übersetzung der Anwendungsregeln des D-A-CH Raumes waren eine der grössten Herausforderungen bei der Einführung im Verbund. In einer mehrsprachigen Umgebung mit einer monolingualen Datenbank wie der GND zu arbeiten, bedeutete besonders für die französischsprachigen Bibliotheken viel Umstellung und Flexibilität. Die Arbeit mit deutschen Begriffen wie zum Beispiel die Berufsbegriffe in der GND erfordert sowohl von der NEBIS-Verbundzentrale wie auch von den französischsprachigen Bibliotheken einen ausserordentlichen Effort. Der NEBIS-Verbund wird auch künftig darauf angewiesen sein, dass die französische Übersetzung der RDA sowie die Übersetzung der Anwendungsregeln möglichst aktuell bleibt. Zudem wird auch im Bereich GND weiterhin eine flexible und geduldige Arbeitsweise aller Beteiligten erforderlich sein. The network of libraries NEBIS (Netzwerk von Bibliotheken und Informationsstellen in der Schweiz is the biggest network of scientific libraries in Switzerland. It comprises ca. 140 libraries with 154 locations in all over Switzerland. Libraries from the German, French and Italian speaking parts of the country are working together in NEBIS. More than

  15. Cost vs. safety: A novel design for t

    Komali Kantamaneni


    Full Text Available Tornadoes are dangerous and destructive weather phenomena. The strongest category of tornadoes on the enhanced Fujita and TORRO scales is responsible for 75% of property destruction and deaths across the globe. These issues highlight the need for new design practices aimed at producing tornado proof homes in particular 3D CAD models in tornado prone zones at current climatic scenarios. Previous studies were entirely based on traditional slants and failed to offer a reliable tornado proof home, other than small rooms and trailers, while, none of the literature concentrated on multiple factors (cost, safety and high-wind proof. Therefore, a knowledge gap exists. In order to address the current research gap, this study attempts to develop an innovative 3D CAD model for tornado resistant homes by incorporating 2 PA (Two Path Analysis. Consequently, this study provides a new design using a 3D-CAD model for a tornado resistant home as in Path One and cost and safety scenarios in Path Two. However, this new design utilizes missile steel and shield technology. Preliminary results showed that, while this new design is safer and more technically sophisticated, it involves an increase of 25–30% in construction costs. However, this increased expense is low in comparison with rebuilding costs.

  16. Individual relocation decisions after tornadoes: a multi-level analysis.

    Cong, Zhen; Nejat, Ali; Liang, Daan; Pei, Yaolin; Javid, Roxana J


    This study examines how multi-level factors affected individuals' relocation decisions after EF4 and EF5 (Enhanced Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale) tornadoes struck the United States in 2013. A telephone survey was conducted with 536 respondents, including oversampled older adults, one year after these two disaster events. Respondents' addresses were used to associate individual information with block group-level variables recorded by the American Community Survey. Logistic regression revealed that residential damage and homeownership are important predictors of relocation. There was also significant interaction between these two variables, indicating less difference between homeowners and renters at higher damage levels. Homeownership diminished the likelihood of relocation among younger respondents. Random effects logistic regression found that the percentage of homeownership and of higher income households in the community buffered the effect of damage on relocation; the percentage of older adults reduced the likelihood of this group relocating. The findings are assessed from the standpoint of age difference, policy implications, and social capital and vulnerability. © 2018 The Author(s). Disasters © Overseas Development Institute, 2018.

  17. Tornado Damage Assessment: Reconstructing the Wind Through Debris Tracking and Treefall Pattern Analysis

    Godfrey, C. M.; Peterson, C. J.; Lombardo, F.


    Efforts to enhance the resilience of communities to tornadoes requires an understanding of the interconnected nature of debris and damage propagation in both the built and natural environment. A first step toward characterizing the interconnectedness of these elements within a given community involves detailed post-event surveys of tornado damage. Such damage surveys immediately followed the 22 January 2017 EF3 tornadoes in the southern Georgia towns of Nashville and Albany. After assigning EF-scale ratings to impacted structures, the authors geotagged hundreds of pieces of debris scattered around selected residential structures and outbuildings in each neighborhood and paired each piece of debris with its source structure. Detailed information on trees in the vicinity of the structures supplements the debris data, including the species, dimensions, location, fall direction, and level of damage. High-resolution satellite imagery helps to identify the location and fall direction of hundreds of additional forest trees. These debris and treefall patterns allow an estimation of the near-surface wind field using a Rankine vortex model coupled with both a tree stability model and an infrastructure fragility model that simulates debris flight. Comparisons between the modeled damage and the actual treefall and debris field show remarkable similarities for a selected set of vortex parameters, indicating the viability of this approach for estimating enhanced Fujita scale levels, determining the near-surface wind field of a tornado during its passage through a neighborhood, and identifying how debris may contribute to the overall risk from tornadoes.

  18. Investigation into the Formation, Structure, and Evolution of an EF4 Tornado in East China Using a High-Resolution Numerical Simulation

    Yao, Dan; Xue, Haile; Yin, Jinfang; Sun, Jisong; Liang, Xudong; Guo, Jianping


    Devastating tornadoes in China have received growing attention in recent years, but little is known about their formation, structure, and evolution on the tornadic scale. Most of these tornadoes develop within the East Asian monsoon regime, in an environment quite different from tornadoes in the U.S. In this study, we used an idealized, highresolution (25-m grid spacing) numerical simulation to investigate the deadly EF4 (Enhanced Fujita scale category 4) tornado that occurred on 23 June 2016 and claimed 99 lives in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. A tornadic supercell developed in the simulation that had striking similarities to radar observations. The violent tornado in Funing County was reproduced, exceeding EF4 (74 m s-1), consistent with the on-site damage survey. It was accompanied by a funnel cloud that extended to the surface, and exhibited a double-helix vorticity structure. The signal of tornado genesis was found first at the cloud base in the pressure perturbation field, and then developed both upward and downward in terms of maximum vertical velocity overlapping with the intense vertical vorticity centers. The tornado's demise was found to accompany strong downdrafts overlapping with the intense vorticity centers. One of the interesting findings of this work is that a violent surface vortex was able to be generated and maintained, even though the simulation employed a free-slip lower boundary condition. The success of this simulation, despite using an idealized numerical approach, provides a means to investigate more historical tornadoes in China.

  19. Mathematical modeling of tornadoes and squall storms

    Sergey A. Arsen’yev


    Full Text Available Recent advances in modeling of tornadoes and twisters consist of significant achievements in mathematical calculation of occurrence and evolution of a violent F5-class tornado on the Fujita scale, and four-dimensional mathematical modeling of a tornado with the fourth coordinate time multiplied by its characteristic velocity. Such a tornado can arise in a thunderstorm supercell filled with turbulent whirlwinds. A theory of the squall storms is proposed. The squall storm is modeled by running perturbation of the temperature inversion on the lower boundary of cloudiness. This perturbation is induced by the action of strong, hurricane winds in the upper and middle troposphere, and looks like a running solitary wave (soliton; which is developed also in a field of pressure and velocity of a wind. If a soliton of a squall storm gets into the thunderstorm supercell then this soliton is captured by supercell. It leads to additional pressure fall of air inside a storm supercell and stimulate amplification of wind velocity here. As a result, a cyclostrophic balance inside a storm supercell generates a tornado. Comparison of the radial distribution of wind velocity inside a tornado calculated by using the new formulas and equations with radar observations of the wind velocity inside Texas Tornado Dummit in 1995 and inside the 3 May 1999 Oklahoma City Tornado shows good correspondence.

  20. Inter-comparison of Rainfall Estimation from Radar and Satellite During 2016 June 23 Yancheng Tornado Event over Eastern China

    Huang, C.; Chen, S.; Liang, Z.; Hu, B.


    ABSTRACT: On the afternoon of June 23, 2016, Yancheng city in eastern China was hit by a severe thunderstorm that produced a devastating tornado. This tornado was ranked as an EF4 on the Enhanced Fujita scale by China Meteorological Administration, and killed at least 99 people and injured 846 others (152 seriously). This study evaluates rainfall estimates from ground radar network and four satellite algorithms with a relatively dense rain gauge network over eastern China including Jiangsu province and its adjacent regions for the Yancheng June 23 Tornado extreme convective storm in different spatiotemporal scales (from 0.04° to 0.1° and hourly to event total accumulation). The radar network is composed of about 6 S-band Doppler weather radars. Satellite precipitation products include Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG), Climate Prediction Center morphing technique (CMORPH), Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks-Cloud Classification System (PERSIANN-CCS), and Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMap). Relative Bias (RB), Root-Mean-Squared Error (RMSE), Correlation Coefficient (CC), Probability Of Detection (POD), False Alarm Ratio (FAR), and Critical Success Index (CSI) are used to quantify the performance of these precipitation products.

  1. Three-nucleon scattering by using chiral perturbation theory potential

    Kamata, Hiroyuki


    Three-nucleon scattering problems are studied by using two-nucleon and three-nucleon potentials derived from chiral perturbation theory. The three-nucleon term is shown to appear in the effective potential of the rank of next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO). New three-nucleon forces are taken into consideration in addition to the conventional Fujita-Miyazawa (FM) type three-nucleon potential. Two-nucleon potential of the chiral perturbation theory is as precise as the conventional ones in low energy region. The FM type three-nucleon force which explains Sagara discrepancy in high energy region is introduced automatically. Concerning the Ay puzzle, the results seems to behave as if the puzzle has been solved at the level of NLO, but at the NNLO (without three-nucleon force) level the result is similar to the cases of conventional potential indicating the need of three-nucleon force. In contrast to the FM type three-nucleon force, five free parameters exist in the new D and E type three-nucleon forces introduced by the NNLO, but they are reduced to two independent parameters by antisymmetrization, which are found to be sensitive to the coupling energy of tritons and to the nd scattering length (spin doublet state). Parameters determined from them cannot give satisfactory answer to the A y puzzle. It seems, however, too hasty to conclude that A y puzzle cannot be solved by the chiral perturbation theory. (S. Funahashi)

  2. 3D Electromagnetic Imaging of Fluid Distribution Below the Kii Peninsula, SW Japan Forearc

    Kinoshita, Y.; Ogawa, Y.; Ichiki, M.; Yamaguchi, S.; Fujita, K.; Umeda, K.; Asamori, K.


    Although Kii peninsula is located in the forearc of southwest Japan, it has high temperature hot springs and fluids from mantle are inferred from the isotopic ratio of helium. Non-volcanic tremors underneath the Kii Peninsula suggest rising fluids from the slab.Previously, in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, wide band magnetotelluric measurements were carried out (Fujita et al. ,1997; Umeda et al., 2004). These studies could image the existence of the conductivity anomaly in the shallow and deep crust, however they used two dimensional inversions and three-dimensionality is not fully taken into consideration. As part of the "Crustal Dynamics" project, we have measured 20 more stations so that the whole wide-band MT stations constitute grids for three-dimensional modeling of the area. In total we have 51 wide-band magnetotelluric sites. Preliminary 3d inverse modeling showed the following features. (1) The high resistivity in the eastern Kii Peninsula at depths of 5-40km. This may imply consolidated magma body of Kumano Acidic rocks underlain by resistive Philippine Sea Plate which subducts with a low dip angle. (2) The northwestern part of Kii Peninsula has the shallow low resistivity in the upper crust, around which high seismicity is observed. (3) The northwestern part of the survey area has a deeper conductor. This implies a wedge mantle where the Philippine Sea subduction has a higher dip angle.

  3. Relating 2-Rainbow Domination To Roman Domination

    Alvarado José D.


    Full Text Available For a graph G, let R(G and yr2(G denote the Roman domination number of G and the 2-rainbow domination number of G, respectively. It is known that yr2(G ≤ R(G ≤ 3/2yr2(G. Fujita and Furuya [Difference between 2-rainbow domination and Roman domination in graphs, Discrete Appl. Math. 161 (2013 806-812] present some kind of characterization of the graphs G for which R(G − yr2(G = k for some integer k. Unfortunately, their result does not lead to an algorithm that allows to recognize these graphs efficiently. We show that for every fixed non-negative integer k, the recognition of the connected K4-free graphs G with yR(G − yr2(G = k is NP-hard, which implies that there is most likely no good characterization of these graphs. We characterize the graphs G such that yr2(H = yR(H for every induced subgraph H of G, and collect several properties of the graphs G with R(G = 3/2yr2(G.

  4. Studies of the nuclear three-body system with three dimensional Faddeev calculations

    Liu, Hang

    A three-body system consists of either a bound state of three particles with definite binding energy or a beam of single particles scattered from a target, where two of the particles are bound. Of the particles are nucleons, the interactions between them are strong and short ranged. A theoretical framework for studying the dynamics of a nuclear three-body system is the Faddeev scheme. In this work the equation for three-body scattering and the bound state are formulated in momentum space, and directly solved in terms of vector variables. For three identical bosons the Faddeev equation for scattering is a three- dimensional inhomogeneous integral equation in five variables, and is solved by Padé summation. The equation for the bound state is a homogeneous one in three variables, and is solved by a Lanczos' type method. The corresponding algorithms are presented, and their numerical feasibility is demonstrated. Elastic as well as inelastic scattering processes in the intermediate energy regime up to 1 GeV incident energy are studied for the first within a Faddeev scheme. The two-body force employed is of Malfliet-Tjon type. Specific emphasis is placed on studying the convergence of the multiple scattering series given by the Faddeev equations. For the bound state, a three-body force of Fujita- Miyazawa type is incorporated in addition to the two-body force. The effects of this three-body force on the bound state properties are investigated.

  5. A forensic re-analysis of one of the deadliest European tornadoes

    Holzer, Alois M.; Schreiner, Thomas M. E.; Púčik, Tomáš


    Extremely rare events with high potential impact, such as violent tornadoes, are of strong interest for climatology and risk assessment. In order to obtain more knowledge about the most extreme events, it is vital to study historical cases. The purpose of this paper is twofold: (1) to demonstrate how a windstorm catastrophe that happened 100 years ago, such as the Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, tornado on 10 July 1916, can be successfully re-analyzed using a forensic approach, and (2) to propose a repeatable working method for assessing damage and reconstructing the path and magnitude of local windstorm and tornado cases with sufficient historical sources. Based on the results of the forensic re-analyses, a chronology of the tornado impact is presented, followed by a description of the key tornado characteristics: a maximum intensity rating of F4, a damage path length of 20 km and a maximum visible tornado diameter of 1 km. Compared to a historical scientific study published soon after the event, additional new findings are presented, namely the existence of two predecessor tornadoes and a higher number of fatalities: at least 34 instead of 32. While the storm-scale meteorology could not be reconstructed, rich damage data sources for the urban area of Wiener Neustadt facilitated a detailed analysis of damage tracks and wind intensities within the tornado. The authors postulate the requirement for an International Fujita Scale to rate tornadoes globally in a consistent way, based on comparable damage indicators.

  6. Application of novel analytical ultracentrifuge analysis to solutions of fungal mannans

    Gillis, Richard B.


    Polysaccharides, the most abundant biopolymers, are required for a host of activities in lower organisms, animals, and plants. Their solution characterization is challenging due to their complex shape, heterogeneity, and size. Here, recently developed data analysis approaches were applied for traditional sedimentation equilibrium and velocity methods in order to investigate the molar mass distribution(s) of a subtype of polysaccharide, namely, mannans from four Candida spp. The molecular weight distributions of these mannans were studied using two recently developed equilibrium approaches: SEDFIT-MSTAR and MULTISIG, resulting in corroboratory distribution profiles. Additionally, sedimentation velocity data for all four mannans, analyzed using ls-g*(s) and Extended Fujita approaches, suggest that two of the fungal mannans (FM-1 and FM-3) have a unimodal distribution of molecular species whereas two others (FM-2 and FM-4) displayed bi-modal and broad distributions, respectively: this demonstrates considerable molecular heterogeneity in these polysaccharides, consistent with previous observations of mannans and polysaccharides in general. These methods not only have applications for the characterization of mannans but for other biopolymers such as polysaccharides, DNA, and proteins (including intrinsically disordered proteins).

  7. Use of incidentally encoded memory from a single experience in cats.

    Takagi, Saho; Tsuzuki, Mana; Chijiiwa, Hitomi; Arahori, Minori; Watanabe, Arii; Saito, Atsuko; Fujita, Kazuo


    We examined whether cats could retrieve and utilize incidentally encoded information from a single past event in a simple food-exploration task previously used for dogs (Fujita et al., 2012). In Experiment 1, cats were led to four open, baited containers and allowed to eat from two of them (Exposure phase). After a 15-min delay during which the cats were absent and all containers were replaced with empty ones, the cats were unexpectedly returned to the room and allowed to explore the containers (Test phase). Although the cats' first choice of container to visit was random, they explored containers from which they had not previously eaten for longer than those from which they did previously eat. In the Exposure phase of Experiment 2, two containers held food, one held a nonedible object, and the fourth was empty. Cats were allowed to eat from one of them. In the post-delay Test phase, the cats first visited the remaining baited-uneaten container significantly more often than chance and they spent more time exploring this container. Because the cats' behavior in the Test phase cannot be explained by association of the container with a pleasant experience (eating), the results suggest that cats retrieved and utilized "what" and "where" information from an incidentally encoded memory from a single experience. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  8. Impact assessment of tornado against nuclear power plant

    Sato, Daisuke


    The impact assessment of tornado against nuclear power plants conforms to the 'Assessment guide for tornado effect on nuclear power plants' stipulated by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. In face of the assessment, important items are the setting of the maximum wind speed considered in design, and the setting of a flying object evaluation model, on the basis of observation results. The Japan Society of Maintenology summarized the verification results of the concept on the setting of tornado design and flying object valuation model, the contents of which are explained here. The following are explained: (1) validity of the setting of tornado design in the Assessment Guide, (2) analysis of synoptic field, (3) study on the regional characteristics of tornado occurrence environmental field by means of the analysis of synoptic field and gust associated index, and (4) setting of tornado design based on the above (1)-(3). Next, on the flying object evaluation model, the authors picked up the Rankine vortex model and Fujita model, and verified the reproducibility of the models using the features of each and the actual state of tornado damage. (A.O.)

  9. Systematic Study of the Failure of a Light-Frame Wood Roof in a Tornado

    Christine Standohar-Alfano


    Full Text Available Tornadoes are a particularly devastating natural hazard that affect communities across the United States, particularly the Midwest and South. They are unique from an engineering point-of-view due to their very low probability of occurrence but often highly destructive consequences. The 2011 season was particularly devastating to the Southeastern portion of the U.S. This paper presents a single case study of a 2012 tornado that struck a single large rural light-frame wood house with an unconventional roof system. A fragility methodology was used as a tool to probabilistically study the loss of the roof system, and bound an Enhanced Fujita (EF scale rating of the tornado. The tornado was initially rated as an EF3 tornado by the U.S. National Weather Service. However, following a detailed site inspection verified with numerical structural models, the tornado was downgraded to an EF2 tornado. As expected, the use of nail connections in a roof-to-wall connection resulted in a weaker link compared to a hurricane clip. The approach presented in this paper can be used as a supplement to the EF rating provided by U.S. National Weather Service meteorologists when unusual conditions in either the structure or surroundings exists.

  10. Antiplatelet antibody may cause delayed transfusion-related acute lung injury

    Torii Y


    Full Text Available Yoshitaro Torii1, Toshiki Shimizu1, Takashi Yokoi1, Hiroyuki Sugimoto1, Yuichi Katashiba1, Ryotaro Ozasa1, Shinya Fujita1, Yasushi Adachi2, Masahiko Maki3, Shosaku Nomura11The First Department of Internal Medicine, Kansai Medical University, Osaka, 2Department of Clinical Pathology, Toyooka Hospital, Hyogo, 3First Department of Pathology, Kansai Medical University, Osaka, JapanAbstract: A 61-year-old woman with lung cancer developed delayed transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI syndrome after transfusion of plasma- and leukoreduced red blood cells (RBCs for gastrointestinal bleeding due to intestinal metastasis. Acute lung injury (ALI recurred 31 days after the first ALI episode. Both ALI episodes occurred 48 hours after transfusion. Laboratory examinations revealed the presence of various antileukocyte antibodies including antiplatelet antibody in the recipient's serum but not in the donors' serum. The authors speculate that antiplatelet antibodies can have an inhibitory effect in the recipient, which can modulate the bona fide procedure of ALI and lead to a delay in the onset of ALI. This case illustrates the crucial role of a recipient's platelets in the development of TRALI.Keywords: delayed TRALI syndrome, recurrence, anti-platelet antibody

  11. On the complexity of a combined homotopy interior method for convex programming

    Yu, Bo; Xu, Qing; Feng, Guochen


    In [G.C. Feng, Z.H. Lin, B. Yu, Existence of an interior pathway to a Karush-Kuhn-Tucker point of a nonconvex programming problem, Nonlinear Anal. 32 (1998) 761-768; G.C. Feng, B. Yu, Combined homotopy interior point method for nonlinear programming problems, in: H. Fujita, M. Yamaguti (Eds.), Advances in Numerical Mathematics, Proceedings of the Second Japan-China Seminar on Numerical Mathematics, Lecture Notes in Numerical and Applied Analysis, vol. 14, Kinokuniya, Tokyo, 1995, pp. 9-16; Z.H. Lin, B. Yu, G.C. Feng, A combined homotopy interior point method for convex programming problem, Appl. Math. Comput. 84 (1997) 193-211.], a combined homotopy was constructed for solving non-convex programming and convex programming with weaker conditions, without assuming the logarithmic barrier function to be strictly convex and the solution set to be bounded. It was proven that a smooth interior path from an interior point of the feasible set to a K-K-T point of the problem exists. This shows that combined homotopy interior point methods can solve the problem that commonly used interior point methods cannot solveE However, so far, there is no result on its complexity, even for linear programming. The main difficulty is that the objective function is not monotonically decreasing on the combined homotopy path. In this paper, by taking a piecewise technique, under commonly used conditions, polynomiality of a combined homotopy interior point method is given for convex nonlinear programming.

  12. Spin Modes in Nuclei and Nuclear Forces

    Suzuki, Toshio; Otsuka, Takaharu


    Spin modes in stable and unstable exotic nuclei are studied and important roles of tensor and three-body forces on nuclear structure are discussed. New shell model Hamiltonians, which have proper tensor components, are shown to explain shell evolutions toward drip-lines and spin properties of both stable and exotic nuclei, for example, Gamow-Teller transitions in 12 C and 14 C and an anomalous M1 transition in 17 C. The importance and the necessity of the repulsive monopole corrections in isospin T = 1 channel to the microscopic two-body interactions are pointed out. The corrections are shown to lead to the proper shell evolutions in neutron-rich isotopes. The three-body force, in particular the Fujita-Miyazawa force induced by Δ excitations, is pointed out to be responsible for the repulsive corrections among the valence neutrons. The important roles of the three-body force on the energies and transitions in exotic oxygen and calcium isotopes are demonstrated.

  13. Modelo de Cloninger

    Ana María Cuevas Toro


    Full Text Available En este artículo se discute sobre la relación entre la esquizofrenia y la personalidad, esta relación es compleja y se puede estudiar desde diferentes perspectivas y modelos. Parece que diversos rasgos de personalidad como altos niveles de neuroticismo y bajos niveles de extraversión (Berenbaum y Fujita, 1994 y altos niveles de evitación del daño (HA y bajos de autodirección (SD (Guillem, Bicu, Semkovska y Debruile, 2002, pueden actuar como factores de vulnerabilidad para la esquizofrenia. También, se han relacionado algunos rasgos con síntoma esquizofrénicos, lo que puede ayudar a explicar la heterogeneidad observada en esta enfermedad. Pero son necesarios más estudios para averiguar qué características de personalidad actúan más como factores presdisponentes y cuáles forman parte de la reacción a la enfermedad

  14. Bedrock cores from 89° North: Implications for the geologic framework and Neogene paleoceanography of Lomonosov Ridge and a tie to the Barents shelf

    Grantz, Arthur; Pease, Victoria L.; Willard, Debra A.; Phillips, R.L.; Clark, David L.


    Two piston cores from the Eurasian flank of Lomonosov Ridge near lat 88.9°N, long 140°E provide the first samples of bedrock from this high-standing trans-Arctic ridge. Core 94-PC27 sampled nonmarine siltstone similar in facies and age to uppermost Triassic to lower Lower Jurassic and mid– Lower Cretaceous beds in the 4 to > 5 km Mesozoic section on Franz Josef Land, on the outer Barents shelf. A ca. 250 Ma peak in the cumulative frequency curve of detrital zircons from the siltstone, dated by U- Th-Pb analysis, suggests a source in the post-tectonic syenites of northern Taymyr and nearby islands in the Kara Sea. Textural trends reported in the literature indicate that the Lower Jurassic nonmarine strata of Franz Josef Land coarsen to the southeast; this suggests the existence of a sedimentary system in which detrital zircons could be transported from the northern Taymyr Peninsula to the outer Barents shelf near the position of core 94-PC27 prior to opening of the Eurasia Basin. Correlation of the coaly siltstone in core 94-PC27 with part of the Mesozoic section on Franz Josef Land is compatible with the strong evidence from seafloor magnetic anomalies and bathymetry that Lomonosov Ridge is a continental fragment rifted from the Barents shelf during the Cenozoic. It also suggests that Lomonosov Ridge near the North Pole is underlain by a substantial section of unmetamorphosed Mesozoic marine and nonmarine sedimentary strata. Core 94-PC29 sampled cyclical deposits containing ice-rafted debris (IRD) overlying weakly consolidated laminated olive-black anoxic Neogene siltstone and mudstone with an average total organic carbon (TOC) of 4.1 wt%. The high TOC content of the mudstone indicates that during the Neogene, prior to the introduction of IRD into the Arctic seas about 3.3 Ma (early late Pliocene), the shallow waters of the central Arctic Ocean supported significant primary photosynthetic organic production near the North Pole. These deposits also contain fine

  15. Mass rearing of the Medfly temperature sensitive lethal genetic sexing strain in Guatemala

    Caceres, C.; Fisher, K.; Rendon, P.


    Field tests have demonstrated the increased efficiency of the sterile insect technique (SIT) for the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.), when only male Medflies are released (Robinson et al. 1986, Nitzan et al. 1993, McInnis et al. 1994, Rendon 1996). Genetic sexing strains (GSS) of Medflies, containing temperature sensitive lethal (tsl) and white pupae colour (wp) mutations (Franz et al. 1994) developed by FAO/IAEA, allow the separation of male flies from female flies. GSS technology has reached a stage where it is being used in large-scale operational programmes, such as the Moscamed Program in Guatemala. GSS based on the wp/tsl have the advantages of: 1) not requiring sophisticated equipment for sex separation, 2) a high accuracy of separation (> 99.5% males) is possible and, 3) separation is achieved during egg development, which excludes the unnecessary rearing of females (Franz et al. 1996). It was shown by Franz et al. (1994) that tsl GSS are genetically stable for many generations under small-scale rearing conditions. However, under the large-scale rearing of operational programmes such as Moscamed (Hentze and Mata 1987), a gradual loss of the sex separation mechanism through recombination remains a problem, as has been demonstrated in Guatemala during 1994-1996. This in no way precludes the use of GSS technology, but it does mean that a management system must be used to control this gradual loss of stability; a strategy for colony management which maintains a stable and high level of accuracy of male-only production. The El Pino facility, which mass produces sterile flies for the Guatemala Medflies SIT Program, has introduced a filter rearing system (FRS) (Fisher and Caceres 1999), and has demonstrated in a Medfly tsl GSS known as VIENNA 4/Tol-94, that genetic stability can be maintained. We report the operation of the FRS and its impact upon genetic stability and male-only production. The concept of the FRS has the potential to improve the

  16. Twardowski On Truth

    Peter Simons


    Full Text Available Of those students of Franz Brentano who went on to become professional philosophers, Kazimierz Twardowski (1866-1938 is much less well-known than his older contemporaries Edmund Husserl and Alexius Meinong. Yet in terms of the importance of his contribution to the history of philosophy, he ranks among Brentano’s students behind at most those two, possibly only behind Husserl. The chief contribution of Twardowski to global philosophy came indirectly, through the influence of his theory of truth on his students, and they on their students, and so on. The most important of these grandstudents is one whom Twardowski presumably knew but never taught, and whose adopted name is obtained by deleting four letters from his own: Tarski.

  17. The listener of the chthonic god sand the barroom player: Adorno’s experience of Schubert

    Jeremić-Molnar Dragana


    Full Text Available In this article the author is reconstructing the complex picture of Franz Schubert created by Theodor Adorno in his numerous references to the Viennese composer, but mostly in his 1928 article “Schubert”. In the late 1920s Adorno experienced Schubert as the tragic composer whose music dwells in the realm of chthonic gods, but nevertheless reveals the joy of “traveling folk, jugglers and tricksters”. It remained, however, unclear how this joy could survive in the hellish landscapes of Schubert’s chthonic music. Later, Adorno recognized Schubert, due to his “habitus”, as the barroom player as well, never mentioning “traveling folk, jugglers and tricksters” any more. This two images of Schubert - Schubert as the Listener of the Chthonic Gods and Schubert as the Barroom Player - proved to be an interesting pair, worth of further theoretical elaboration, which Adorno unfortunately never bothered to undertake.

  18. Ultrastrukturelle Untersuchungen zur Morphologie und Genese der Spermien von Archaeogastropoda

    Kohnert, R.; Storch, V.


    The sperm cells of Patella coerulea (Patellacea), Monodonta turbinata, and Gibbula tumida (Trochacea) were investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy. They belong to the primitive type (sensu Franzén) and have more features in common with primitive Bivalvia sperms than with Neritacea. Their head contains an apical acrosome and a roundish nucleus followed by 4 or 5 mitochondria and a centriolar apparatus which consists of two centrioles, one of which bears a flagellum. The sperm cells of Monodonta and Gibbula are very similar to each other and differ mainly in size; Patella exhibits more differences (very small acrosome, subacrosomal space, variable number of spherical mitochondria (origin of spermic dimorphism ?). The development of the sperm cells shows no peculiarities.

  19. Mydriatics release from solid and semi-solid ophthalmic formulations using different in vitro methods.

    Pescina, Silvia; Macaluso, Claudio; Gioia, Gloria Antonia; Padula, Cristina; Santi, Patrizia; Nicoli, Sara


    The aim of the present paper was the development of semi-solid (hydrogels) and solid (film) ophthalmic formulations for the controlled release of two mydriatics: phenylephrine and tropicamide. The formulations - based on polyvinylalcohol and hyaluronic acid - were characterized, and release studies were performed with three different in vitro set-ups, i.e. Franz-type diffusion cell, vial method and inclined plane; for comparison, a solution and a commercial insert, both clinically used to induce mydriasis, were evaluated. Both gels and film allowed for a controlled release of drugs, appearing a useful alternative for mydriatics administration. However, the release kinetic was significantly influenced by the method used, highlighting the need for optimization and standardization of in vitro models for the evaluation of drug release from ophthalmic dosage forms.

  20. Agriculture and the European public: Agendas, attitudes, and the management of issues

    Scholderer, Joachim

    Introduction: European agriculture has gone through troubled times. The critical point was reached in the 1980s. Support policies had increased production far beyond market demand. Allegations of support abuse were ripe. Policy-makers responded by partially replacing input- and output-linked forms...... of producer support with others. However, radical reform was avoided. In the period 2002-2004, the level of support to producers still amounted to approximately 30% of farm receipts in the EU, and 70% in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. In the public eye, intensified agricultural production was also labelled...... a key culprit in environmental degradation. In the 1990s (notably in the reform plans set forth in the Agenda 2000 under Commissioner Franz Fischler), the EU responded by advocating the "multifunctionality" concept of agriculture. Among the EU's trading partners, the concept quickly gained notoriety...

  1. Field Effect Optoelectronic Modulation of Quantum-Confined Carriers in Black Phosphorus.

    Whitney, William S; Sherrott, Michelle C; Jariwala, Deep; Lin, Wei-Hsiang; Bechtel, Hans A; Rossman, George R; Atwater, Harry A


    We report measurements of the infrared optical response of thin black phosphorus under field-effect modulation. We interpret the observed spectral changes as a combination of an ambipolar Burstein-Moss (BM) shift of the absorption edge due to band-filling under gate control, and a quantum confined Franz-Keldysh (QCFK) effect, phenomena that have been proposed theoretically to occur for black phosphorus under an applied electric field. Distinct optical responses are observed depending on the flake thickness and starting carrier concentration. Transmission extinction modulation amplitudes of more than two percent are observed, suggesting the potential for use of black phosphorus as an active material in mid-infrared optoelectronic modulator applications.

  2. Nuclear dawn F. E. Simon and the race for atomic weapons in World War II

    McRae, Kenneth D


    This book provides a rounded biography of Franz (later Sir Francis) Simon, his early life in Germany, his move to Oxford in 1933, and his experimental contributions to low temperature physics approximating absolute zero. After 1939 he switched his research to nuclear physics, and is credited with solving the problem of uranium isotope separation by gaseous diffusion for the British nuclear programme Tube Alloys. The volume is distinctive for its inclusion of source materials not available to previous researchers, such as Simon's diary and his correspondence with his wife, and for a fresh, well-informed insider voice on the five-power nuclear rivalry of the war years. The work also draws on a relatively mature nuclear literature to attempt a comparison and evaluation of the five nuclear rivals in wider political and military context, and to identify the factors, or groups of factors, that can explain the results.

  3. ‘Between life and death’: On land, silence and liberation in the capital city

    Stephan F. de Beer


    Full Text Available This article reflects on the unfinished task of liberation – as expressed in issues of land – and drawing from the work of Franz Fanon and the Durban-based social movement Abahlali baseMjondolo. It locates its reflections in four specific sites of struggle in the City of Tshwane, and against the backdrop of the mission statement of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria, as well as the Capital Cities Research Project based in the same university. Reflecting on the ‘living death’ of millions of landless people on the one hand, and the privatisation of liberation on the other, it argues that a liberating praxis of engagement remains a necessity in order to break the violent silences that perpetuate exclusion.

  4. Penetration enhancer: monoethylether of diethylene glycol

    Koprda, V.; Kassai, Z.; Bohacik, L.; Bezek, S.; Hadcrafft, J.; Falson-Rieg, F.


    The monoethylether of diethylene glycol (Transcutol), an excellent solubilising agent, has been suggested as a penetration enhancer compatible with trans-dermal drug delivery systems. Using the abdominal skin of 5 day old rats and Franz-type diffusion cells the following topics were studied in this contribution: (1) Flux of Transcutol, labelled with [Ethyl- 14 C]-ether, across an intact skin model, (2) Changes in properties of the skin barrier after stripping with adhesive tape, and (3) Changes in flux of Transcutol when mixed with different co-solvents. The flux from pure solvent in donor compartment reached around 50 μg cm -2 hr -1 across the intact skin horny layer, whilst after 12 strips the flux increased about 200 times. In the presence of propylene glycol dipelargonate, the flux over 2 mg cm -2 hr -1 across non stripped skin was achieved. (authors)

  5. Lattice thermal conductivity of YBa2Cu3O7-δ

    Cohn, J.L.; Wolf, S.A.; Vanderah, T.A.; Selvamanickam, V.; Salama, K.


    We report a systematic study of the ab-plane thermal conductivity (K) on single crystal and liquid-phase processed (LPP) specimens of YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7-δ (δ≤0.16) in the temperature range 10 K ≤ T ≤ 300 K. From measurements of electrical conductivity on the same specimens and application of the Wiedemann-Franz law we estimate the relative contributions to the heat conduction from the carriers and the lattice. The normal-state phonon scattering mechanisms are quantified by calculations which employ the conventional theory of lattice heat conduction by longitudinal acoustic phonons. Differences in the magnitude and temperature dependence of K for the LPP and crystal specimens are accounted for by differences in the relative weight of phonon-defect, phonon-carrier, and phonon-phonon scattering. For all specimens phonon-defect scattering predominates throughout most of the temperature range. (orig.)

  6. Waiting for the Barbarians: Conrad, Kafka, Coetzee

    Simona Micali


    Full Text Available The threat of the “Barbarians at the gates”, who bring chaos and death upon civilization, has gradually become one of the thematic obsessions of contemporary imagination. Along the course of the 20th century, the Enemy became less and less the bearer of another culture, and more and more the carrier of a Nonculture or an Anticulture. Such evolution is particularly evident in popular imagination, in all the comics and blockbuster films which stage the final battle between the heros of (white, Western civilization against a dreadful army of barbarian enemies. The article focus on three works – Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Beim Bau der chinesischen Mauer by Franz Kafka, Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M. Coetzee – which investigate on this mechanism from within, highlighting its ideological implications and its tragic potential.

  7. Theory of the pairbreaking superconductor-metal transition in nanowires

    Del Maestro, Adrian; Rosenow, Bernd; Sachdev, Subir


    We present a detailed description of a zero temperature phase transition between superconducting and diffusive metallic states in very thin wires due to a Cooper pair breaking mechanism. The dissipative critical theory contains current reducing fluctuations in the guise of both quantum and thermally activated phase slips. A full cross-over phase diagram is computed via an expansion in the inverse number of complex components of the superconducting order parameter (one in the physical case). The fluctuation corrections to the electrical (σ) and thermal (κ) conductivities are determined, and we find that σ has a non-monotonic temperature dependence in the metallic phase which may be consistent with recent experimental results on ultra-narrow wires. In the quantum critical regime, the ratio of the thermal to electrical conductivity displays a linear temperature dependence and thus the Wiedemann-Franz law is obeyed, with a new universal experimentally verifiable Lorenz number

  8. Zeitspiel ist keine Alternative - Warum der Wandel zur Pflicht wird

    Dieper, Stephan

    "Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht." (Franz Kafka) Die Welt der Digitalisierung ist voll von Wegen, die jemand gegangen ist, bevor dort ein Weg war. Manche dieser Wege stellten sich als Sackgasse heraus, manche als Abkürzung und aus anderen wurden ganze Wegenetze und Städte. Die Energiewelt wird durch den digitalen Wandel nicht verschont bleiben. Durch die intelligenten Messsysteme und die zugehörigen, neuen Strukturen werden energiefremden Wettbewerbern Chancen zum Markteintritt eröffnet. EVUs müssen sich darauf einstellen, dass der permanente Wandel nicht mehr enden wird. Doch auch den EVUs eröffnen sich Optionen. Um erfolgreich zu sein, müssen sie lernen loszugehen, ohne das genaue Ziel zu kennen.


    Bargheer, Stefan


    The concept of culture used in American anthropology has fundamentally transformed throughout the first half of the twentieth century. The changing resonance of the work of Robert H. Lowie offers revealing insights into this development. Lowie was part of the first generation of students of Franz Boas that highlighted the importance of individual variation for the study of both primitive and civilized societies. Yet, its initial resonance notwithstanding, the culture concept that prevailed in the discipline went into a different direction as the result of anthropologists' involvement in the war effort. It was advanced by the second generation of Boas' students such as Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead, who stressed the homogeneity of cultures. The contrast highlights the diversity of approaches available within anthropology in the first half of the century and the crucial impact of World War II in determining which of these possibilities became institutionalized in the decades after the war. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  10. Colossal enhancement in thermoelectric effect in a laterally coupled double-quantum-dot chain by the Coulomb interactions

    Xiong, Lun; Yi, Lin


    Thermoelectric effects, including Seebeck coefficient (S), thermal conductance (κ), and figure of merit (ZT), in a laterally coupled double-quantum-dot (DQD) chain with two external nonmagnetic contacts are investigated theoretically by the nonequilibrium Green's function formalism. In this system, the DQD chain between two contacts forms a main channel for thermal electrons transporting, and each QD in the main chain couples laterally to a dangling one. The numerical calculations show that the Coulomb interactions not only lead to the splitting of the asymmetrical double-peak structure of the Seebeck coefficient, but also make the thermal spectrum show a strong violation of the Wiedemann–Franz law, leading to a colossal enhancement in ZT. These results indicate that the coupled DQD chain has potential applications in the thermoelectric devices with high thermal efficiency.

  11. Medindo o preconceito racial no Brasil: Aniela Ginsberg e o estudo das atitudes raciais

    Marcos Chor Maio


    Full Text Available Este artigo aborda um conjunto de trabalhos realizados por Ginsberg sobre as relações étnico-raciais no Brasil. Procuro demonstrar que o processo de inflexão da visão de Ginsberg centrado inicialmente em investigações de natureza comportamental passa gradativamente a mobilizar argumentos socioantropológicos para o entendimento das assimetrias raciais. Argumento que tal mudança decorreu sobretudo da influência dos estudos do psicólogo social e antropólogo Otto Klineberg, da Universidade de Columbia, ex-orientando de Franz Boas, professor do Departamento de Psicologia da USP entre 1945 e 1947, e severo crítico dos testes de inteligência e do valor heurístico do conceito de raça.

  12. Common Frontiers of the Exact Sciences and the Humanities

    Hiebert, Erwin N.

    The physicist Franz Serafin Exner (1849-1926) was a prominent Austrian spokesman for the new developments that were coupled with turn-of-the-century experiments and theories related to entropy thermodynamics, the internally structured atom, quantum theory, and relativity. The Exner circle found its inspiration in the intellectual world of Ludwig Boltzmann and his teachers, colleagues, and students. Cross-discipline discussions on common and divergent frontiers of the exact sciences and the humanities meaningfully converged on the significance, comparison, and transfer of concepts such as the laws of nature, causality, probability, and chance. Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West, with its pessimistic, subjectivistic, and negative science-directed messages provided Exner with the opportunity to sharpen his support for the new scientific trends in physics - thus to champion the search for objective truth.

  13. Good and Bad: Love and Intimacy From Plato to Melanie Klein.

    Stromberg, David


    Melanie Klein's theories on love outline a complex system of relations-an oscillating dynamic of psychical and emotional tendencies following from both actual experience and fantasies produced by the mind. Her insights are often discussed and applied in psychoanalytical contexts, but the philosophical implications of her theory-especially in relation to Platonic thought-have rarely been discussed. In this article, I will attempt to address this gap by setting out some preliminary yet core considerations shared by both Plato and Klein. First, I will describe some structural parallels between Kleinian and Platonic thought, especially in dialectical terms. Second, I will outline Plato's covert influence on Freud as passing through the teachings of philosopher Franz Brentano. And last, I will discuss intimacy as a struggle between the forces of good and bad, creativity and destruction, and love and hate-suggesting that Klein's conception of love emerges as a moral exigency.

  14. Märts - kirjutajate lõikuskuu / Rein Veidemann

    Veidemann, Rein, 1946-


    Kultuurkapitali kirjandusauhindadest ja nende saajatest. Proosa - Jüri Ehlvest, "Hobune eikusagilt"; luule - Karl Martin Sinijärv, "Artutart & 39"; näitekirjandus - Vaino Vahing, "Mängud ja kõnelused" ; lastekirjandus - Heino Kiik, "Kuresaapad"; esseistika - Peeter Mudist, "Ratsukäik"; tõlge eesti keelde - Mati Sirkel, Franz Kafka "Hiina müüri ehitamisel"; tõlge eesti keelest (Via Estica) - Antoine Chalvin, Jaan Kaplinski "Le désir de la pousière"; artiklipreemia - Tõnu Õnnepalu, "Kui...Küpsemine. Aleksander Suumani kaks luuletust ja üks raamat ("Meil siin Hüperboreas")", ilmus Loomingus, nr. 5-6; venekeelsete autorite auhind - Mihhail Veller - viimase 10 aasta proosaloomingu eest, ka ilmus 2002. a. eesti keeles tema "Nulltund"

  15. Kultuurkapitali kirjandusauhinnad jagatud


    Proosa - Jüri Ehlvest, "Hobune eikusagilt"; luule - Karl Martin Sinijärv, "Artutart & 39"; näitekirjandus - Vaino Vahing, "Mängud ja kõnelused" ; lastekirjandus - Heino Kiik, "Kuresaapad"; esseistika - Peeter Mudist, "Ratsukäik"; tõlge eesti keelde - Mati Sirkel, Franz Kafka "Hiina müüri ehitamisel"; tõlge eesti keelest (Via Estica) - Antoine Chalvin, Jaan Kaplinski "Le désir de la pousière"; artiklipreemia - Tõnu Õnnepalu, "Kui...Küpsemine. Aleksander Suumani kaks luuletust ja üks raamat ("Meil siin Hüperboreas"), ilmus Loomingus, nr. 5-6; venekeelsete autorite auhind - Mihhail Veller - viimase 10 aasta proosaloomingu eest, ka ilmus 2002. a. eesti keeles tema "Nulltund". Vt. ka: Postimees, 7. märts, lk. 15 ; Eesti Päevaleht : Arkaadia, 7. märts, lk. 20 ; Looming, 2003, nr. 4, lk. 632-633

  16. Linac design for intense hadron beams

    Zhang, Chuan


    Based on the RFQ and H-type DTL structures, this dissertation is dedicated to study the beam dynamics in the presence of significantly strong space-charge effects while accelerating intense hadron beams in the low- and medium-{beta} region. Besides the 5 mA/30 mA, 17 MeV proton injector (RFQ+DTL) and the 125 mA, 40 MeV deuteron DTL of the EUROTRANS and IFMIF facilities, a 200 mA, 700 keV proton RFQ has been also intensively studied for a small-scale but ultra-intense neutron source FRANZ planned at Frankfurt University. The most remarkable properties of the FRANZ RFQ and the IFMIF DTL are the design beam intensities, 200 mA and 125 mA. A new design approach, which can provide a balanced and accelerated beam bunching at low energy, has been developed for intense beams. To design the IFMIF DTL and the injector DTL part of the EUROTRANS driver linac, which have been foreseen as the first real applications of the novel superconducting CH-DTL structure, intensive attempts have been made to fulfill the design goals under the new conditions. For the IFMIF DTL, the preliminary IAP design has been considerably improved with respect to the linac layout as well as the beam dynamics. By reserving sufficient drift spaces for the cryosystem, diagnostic devices, tuner and steerer, introducing SC solenoid lenses and adjusting the accelerating gradients and accordingly other configurations of the cavities, a more realistic, reliable and efficient linac system has been designed. On the other hand, the specifications and positions of the transverse focusing elements as well as the phase- and energy-differences between the bunch-center particle and the synchronous particle at the beginning of the {phi}{sub s}=0 sections have been totally redesigned. For the EUROTRANS injector DTL, in addition to the above-mentioned procedures, extra optimization concepts to coordinate the beam dynamics between two intensities have been applied. In the beam transport simulations for both DTL designs

  17. Selected anthropogenic and natural radioisotopes in the Barents Sea and off the western coast of Svalbard

    Leppänen, Ari-Pekka; Kasatkina, Nadezhda; Vaaramaa, Kaisa; Matishov, Gennady G.; Solatie, Dina


    The Murmansk Marine Biological Institute (MMBI) performed high-latitude expeditions to the Barents Sea during 2007–2009 where a scientist from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) participated. The aim of the expeditions was to study and map the current radiological situation throughout the Barents Sea. In the expeditions, samples of seawater, sediment and biota were collected for radioactivity studies. The 90 Sr and 137 Cs isotopes were analysed from the seawater samples and no spatial distribution in the concentrations of 90 Sr and 137 Cs was found. The sediment samples were analysed for γ-emitting isotopes. In the statistical analysis performed only the 90 Sr was found to have no spatial distribution. In the 137 Cs concentrations two areas containing higher concentrations were observed: one in the western part of Svalbard and another in Franz Victoria Trough near the Franz Josef Land archipelago. The increase in the western coast of Svalbard suggests an Atlantic influence while in the Franz Victoria Trough source regions are possibly more complex. Since 137 Cs in marine sediments mainly originates from terrestrial sources, finding higher concentrations in the northern part of the Barents Sea may also suggest a contribution of 137 Cs carried by the ocean currents and by sea ice from the outside Barents Sea. In addition to γ spectrometric measurements, the sediment samples were radiochemically analysed for 210 Pb. It was found that the unsupported fraction of 210 Pb showed significant spatial variation. The fraction of unsupported 210 Pb was reduced to 40–70% near Bear Island, Edge Island and in the Franz Josef Land archipelago. In these regions the sea is typically covered with sea ice during winter. The relatively low fraction of unsupported 210 Pb is possibly caused by blocking of wet and dry deposition of 210 Pb onto the sea by winter sea ice. In biota samples, only small traces, at the level of 0.2 Bq/kg w.w. of 137 Cs, were found. When the

  18. Resistive and Capacitive Based Sensing Technologies

    Winncy Y. Du


    Full Text Available Resistive and capacitive (RC sensors are the most commonly used sensors. Their applications span homeland security, industry, environment, space, traffic control, home automation, aviation, and medicine. More than 30% of modern sensors are direct or indirect applications of the RC sensing principles. This paper reviews resistive and capacitive sensing technologies. The physical principles of resistive sensors are governed by several important laws and phenomena such as Ohm’s Law, Wiedemann-Franz Law; Photoconductive-, Piezoresistive-, and Thermoresistive Effects. The applications of these principles are presented through a variety of examples including accelerometers, flame detectors, pressure/flow rate sensors, RTDs, hygristors, chemiresistors, and bio-impedance sensors. The capacitive sensors are described through their three configurations: parallel (flat, cylindrical (coaxial, and spherical (concentric. Each configuration is discussed with respect to its geometric structure, function, and application in various sensor designs. Capacitance sensor arrays are also presented in the paper.

  19. Development and optimization of fast dissolving oro-dispersible films of granisetron HCl using Box–Behnken statistical design

    Hema Chaudhary


    Full Text Available The aim was to develop and optimize fast dissolving oro-dispersible films of granisetron hydrochloride (GH by two-factor, three-level Box–Behnken design as the two independent variables such as X1 (polymer and X2 (plasticizer were selected on the basis of the preliminary studies carried out before the experimental design is being implemented. A second-order polynomial equation to construct contour plots for the prediction of responses of the dependent variables such as drug release (Y1, Disintegration time (Y2, and Y3 (Tensile strength was studied. The Response surface plots were drawn, statistical validity of the polynomials was established to find the compositions of optimized formulation which was evaluated using the Franz-type diffusion cell. The designs establish the role of the derived polynomial equation and contour plots in predicting the values of dependent variables for the preparation and optimization.

  20. Ein Mythos wird besichtigt. Le deuxième sexe von Simone de Beauvoir unter dem Mikroskop der Genderforschung

    Lieselotte Steinbrügge


    Full Text Available Aus Anlass des 50jährigen Jubiläums der Erstausgabe von Das andere Geschlecht haben namhafte Wissenschaftlerinnen aus den Gebieten Philosophie, Biologie, Soziologie, Psychoanalyse, Geschichte und Literatur das fast tausendseitige Standardwerk des Feminismus einer akribischen Lektüre unterzogen und dabei versucht, jene Fragen zu rekonstruieren, auf die das Werk bei seinem Erscheinen im Jahr 1949 eine Antwort gab. Die zeitlos scheinende Formel von der Konstruiertheit weiblicher Identität sollte wieder in ihren ursprünglichen Entstehungszusammenhang gestellt, die Autorin aus der mythischen Ferne in die kritische Nähe gerückt werden. Diese kritischen Lektüren sind insgesamt gut dokumentiert und erlauben meines Wissens zum ersten Mal einen Einblick in die Beauvoirsche Werkstatt. Ein weiterer – ebenfalls von Ingrid Galster herausgegebener – Band dokumentiert die Reaktionen, die unmittelbar nach Erscheinen von Le deuxième sexe in der französischen Presse erschienen sind.

  1. Encapsulation of resveratrol in spherical particles of food grade hydrogels

    Balanč Bojana D.


    Full Text Available The paper reports about the preparation and characterization of hydrogel particles containing liposomes loaded with resveratrol as an active compound. The materials used for preparation of the particles were chosen to be suitable for food industry. Different polymer concentrations affect particles shape, size, size distribution, as well as the release kinetics of resveratrol. The diameter of particles varied from 360 to 754 μm, while the narrow size distribution was observed for all types of particles. Release studies were performed in Franz diffusion cell and the results showed the prolonged release of resveratrol from all samples, but the sample with the highest content of polymer (2.5% w/w in particular stood out. The research provides useful information about liposomes containing active compound encapsulated in hydrogel matrices and offers the basis for its application in the food industry.

  2. Renewing "That Which Was Almost Lost or Forgotten": The Implications of Old Ethnologies for Present-Day Traditional Ecological Knowledge Among Canada's Pacific Coast Peoples

    Dianne C. Newell


    Full Text Available The pressure on traditional ecological knowledge (TEK to solve socio-economic issues globally begs the question: What is the state of TEK today, given the economic, social, and cultural ruptures it has endured during the past 200 years? The author traces how historical collaborative work between ethnographic pairings of “insiders” and “outsiders” created partnerships between some prominent anthropologists and local Indigenous research collaborators. Indeed, most of the ground-breaking anthropological work of Franz Boas and others concerning Canada’s Pacific Northwest coast culture area depended on collaborations with George Hunt and other trained Indigenous field workers. Much of their long-standing fieldwork data collection and writings involved their female relatives and anonymous women’s collaboration, lending an accumulated, but unacknowledged, thoroughness to present-day TEK. Future policy concerning collaboration between non-Indigenous academics and Indigenous communities should take into account the lessons to be learned from these historical practices.

  3. Laser-induced thermal coagulation enhances skin uptake of topically applied compounds

    Haak, C S; Hannibal, J; Paasch, U


    microchannels surrounded by CZ compared to channels with no CZ (CZ-20 and CZ-80>CZ-0).The thickness of CZ affected PEG distribution in skin. A thin CZ-20 favored significantly higher mean fluorescence intensities inside CZ areas compared to CZ-80 (PEG 350, 1,000, and 5,000; P ...BACKGROUND: Ablative fractional laser (AFL) generates microchannels in skin surrounded by a zone of thermally altered tissue, termed the coagulation zone (CZ). The thickness of CZ varies according to applied wavelength and laser settings. It is well-known that AFL channels facilitate uptake...... of topically applied compounds, but the importance of CZ is unknown. METHODS: Franz Cells were used to investigate skin uptake and permeation of fluorescent labeled polyethylene glycols (PEGs) with mean molecular weights (MW) of 350, 1,000, and 5,000 Da. Microchannels with CZ thicknesses ranging from 0 to 80...

  4. Mluvím, a tedy jsem // I Speak, Therefore I Am

    Marie Langerová


    Full Text Available In 1960s Czechoslovakia, experimental poetry became an important part of the conceptual turnaround in art. The language in this poetry had its own weight as an object, which, however, lost its function and participated the programs of its own self-destruction. The language of poetry interceded in various fields — the creation of art, new music, sciences. From the end of the 1950s, the poems (‘written by voice’ of Ladislav Novák arose analogously to visual poetry. These unique magnetic tape records were, in the course of the 1960s, put into the international context of vocal poets — Henri Chopin, Ilse and Pierre Garnier, Bernard Heidsieck, Franz Mon, Gerhard Rühm, and so on. This phonetic poetry became part of the search for a universal language of experimental poetry, yet, at the same time opened a new conception of the relationship between poetry and music.

  5. Révolution conservatrice et national-socialisme : le cas d’Edgar J. Jung

    Merlio, Gilbert


    Le titre de cette communication eût pu être : le leurre de la révolution conser­vatrice ou encore le dompteur dompté. Elle va en effet évoquer ce que les histo­riens allemands appellent le Zähmungskonzept, le problème de cette droite alle­mande qui, tout en le méprisant et en s’en méfiant, a fini par laisser Hitler parvenir au pouvoir tout en s’imaginant pouvoir le contrôler : « Was, Hitler an der Macht », s’écrie en substance Franz von Papen après le 30 janvier 1933, « wir regieren ! » Mais,...

  6. Analysis of different tunneling mechanisms of InxGa1−xAs/AlGaAs tunnel junction light-emitting transistors

    Wu, Cheng-Han; Wu, Chao-Hsin


    The electrical and optical characteristics of tunnel junction light-emitting transistors (TJLETs) with different indium mole fractions (x = 5% and 2.5%) of the In x Ga 1−x As base-collector tunnel junctions have been investigated. Two electron tunneling mechanisms (photon-assisted or direct tunneling) provide additional currents to electrical output and resupply holes back to the base region, resulting in the upward slope of I-V curves and enhanced optical output under forward-active operation. The larger direct tunneling probability and stronger Franz-Keldysh absorption for 5% TJLET lead to higher collector current slope and less optical intensity enhancement when base-collector junction is under reverse-biased.

  7. From the early history of X-ray documentation

    Beck, A.


    By chance, eight X-ray plates dating from 1899 were found in 1986. Each of these glass plates shows the patient's name and the date of the examinations, which were performed in Vienna by Prof. Franz Exner, who was a friend of W.C. Roentgen. The glass plates are 25x13 cm and 10x18 cm in area and 3 mm thick. One side is coated with silver bromide. Probably these are some of the earliest X-ray records in the history of radiology. Their quality is comparable with the quality that can be achieved today, even though the materials and the imaging method used were somewhat unsophisticated. (orig.) [de

  8. Soft modes in the perceptron model for jamming.

    Franz, Silvio

    I will show how a well known neural network model \\x9Dthe perceptro provides a simple solvable model of glassy behavior and jamming. The glassy minima of the energy function of this model can be studied in full analytic detail. This allows the identification of two kind of soft modes the first ones associated to the existence a marginal glass phase and a hierarchical structure of the energy landscape, the second ones associated to isostaticity and marginality of jamming. These results highlight the universality of the spectrum of normal modes in disordered systems, and open the way toward a detailed analytical understanding of the vibrational spectrum of low-temperature glasses. This work was supported by a Grant from the Simons Foundation (454941 to Silvio Franz).

  9. The call and the response. Martin Heidegger and Martin Buber on responsibility

    Artur JEWUŁA


    Full Text Available The philosophy of subjectivity reached its limits at the beginning of the 20th century. Various attempts at new thinking appears as a reaction to these limits. Such attempts involve, among others, the philosophy of dialogue that was represented in the works of Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, and Eberhard Grisebach. Another approach includes Martin Heidegger’s demand for returning to the question of Being. In this article I intend to present that both attempts are similar in many ways, although their representatives tended to be critical of one another. However, the thought of Martin Buber as well as Martin Heidegger proves to understand a man as a dynamic being, who faces “the calling”. First, I will analyse the thought of Martin Heidegger as presented in Being and Time, then I describe the thought of Martin Buber mainly based on his treaty I and Thou. Finally, I compare the similarities and differences in the thinking of both philosophers.

  10. The Colonial Situation: Complicities and Distinctions from the Surrealist Image

    Pedro Pablo Gómez


    Full Text Available In this work, taking as baseline the thought of Aimé Césaire and Franz Fanon —keeping in mind the closeness of the Negritude movement with surrealism—, we propose to approach the modernity/coloniality problem, appealing to the denominated surrealist image of beauty. In the first part the colonial situation is approached, in the second the colonial situation from the logic of surrealist image, and in the third the possibility of a decolonial universal or pluriversal is raised. In general terms, exploring the existent link between the “surrealist image” and the colonial structure of modernity —that generates the denominated colonial situation—, we aspire to approach what could be a decolonial aesthetic that, as general problem, will be tackled in later works.

  11. Replication and Pedagogy in the History of Psychology II: Fowler & Wells's Phrenology

    Trevino, Kelly M.; Konrad, Krista K.


    Phrenologists believed that specific brain regions corresponded to certain character traits. In addition, the size of each brain region was believed to determine the strength of the respective trait. Phrenology originated in Austria with Franz Josef Gall and was popularized and commercialized in America at the end of the 19th century by Orson Squire Fowler. In this project, we conducted a replication of Fowler’s phrenology in order to better understand the specificity of the manualized methodology, the extent to which the methodology allowed for positive versus negative analyses, and the implications for the scientific rejection and public acceptance of phrenology. The results of our replication revealed that the subjective judgments and biases of the examiner strongly influence the results of phrenological analyses.

  12. Efficiency and equality in the utilisation of natural resources. Perspectives of the raw materials, energy and water management industries from the view of economic ethics and moral economics; Effizienz und Gerechtigkeit bei der Nutzung natuerlicher Ressourcen. Wirtschaftsethische und moraloekonomische Perspektiven der Rohstoff-, Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft

    Aufderheide, Detlef; Dabrowski, Martin (eds.)


    Water, raw materials, petroleum and natural gas are resources that may be in short supply in the not-so-far future. This will result in national and global distribution conflicts. Here, unlike in the case of other commodities, the market mechanisms will not be able to solve the conflicts, either because of finite exploitability or extremely long planning horizons, or because market processes are influenced or overpowered by strategic interests of states. This book comprises the results of an interdisciplinary conference held in December 2009 at Franz Hitze Haus academy at Muenster, Germany. Current research findings in selected subject areas are presented in five contributions and discussed in two discussions each. The focus is on the effectiveness of modern economic solutions in a dialogue with practical experts from industry, administration and NGOs, as well as with theologians, philosophers and law specialists.

  13. Noncommutative analysis, operator theory and applications

    Cipriani, Fabio; Colombo, Fabrizio; Guido, Daniele; Sabadini, Irene; Sauvageot, Jean-Luc


    This book illustrates several aspects of the current research activity in operator theory, operator algebras and applications in various areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. It is addressed to specialists but also to graduate students in several fields including global analysis, Schur analysis, complex analysis, C*-algebras, noncommutative geometry, operator algebras, operator theory and their applications. Contributors: F. Arici, S. Bernstein, V. Bolotnikov, J. Bourgain, P. Cerejeiras, F. Cipriani, F. Colombo, F. D'Andrea, G. Dell'Antonio, M. Elin, U. Franz, D. Guido, T. Isola, A. Kula, L.E. Labuschagne, G. Landi, W.A. Majewski, I. Sabadini, J.-L. Sauvageot, D. Shoikhet, A. Skalski, H. de Snoo, D. C. Struppa, N. Vieira, D.V. Voiculescu, and H. Woracek.

  14. Investigating the sonophoresis effect on the permeation of diclofenac sodium using 3D skin equivalent.

    Aldwaikat, Mai; Alarjah, Mohammed


    Ultrasound temporally increases skin permeability by altering stratum corneum SC function (sonophoresis). The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of variable ultrasound conditions on the permeation of diclofenac sodium DS with range of physicochemical properties through EpiDerm™. Permeation studies were carried out in vitro using Franz diffusion cell. HPLC method was used for the determination of the concentration of diclofenac sodium in receiving compartment. Parameters like ultrasound frequency, application time, amplitude, and mode of sonication and distance of ultrasound horn from skin were investigated, and the conditions where the maximum enhancement rate obtained were determined. Application of ultrasound enhanced permeation of diclofenac sodium across EpiDerm™ by fivefolds. The most effective enhancing parameters were power sonication of 20kHz frequency, 20% amplitude at continuous mode for 5min. Copyright © 2014. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  15. Effect of phonophoresis on skin permeation of commercial anti-inflammatory gels: sodium diclofenac and ketoprofen.

    Souza, Jaqueline; Meira, Alianise; Volpato, Nadia Maria; Mayorga, Paulo; Gottfried, Carmem


    This study evaluated the use of ultrasound in combination with the commercial anti-inflammatory drugs ketoprofen and sodium diclofenac, according to the parameters used in physiotherapy. Ketoprofen and sodium diclofenac were used in the Franz diffusion cell model adapted to an ultrasound transducer in three conditions: no ultrasound, one application of ultrasound and two applications of ultrasound. High-performance liquid chromatography was used to quantify the total amount of drug permeating skin per unit area, as well as flux and latency. The results showed that for ketoprofen, the amount of drug permeating skin and flux increased with two ultrasound applications. Permeation of sodium diclofenac decreased in the presence of ultrasound. Ultrasound parameters and drug properties must be considered in the use of phonophoresis. Copyright © 2013 World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. [A nosology for supernatural phenomena and the construction of the 'possessed' brain in the nineteenth century].

    Goncalves, Valeria Portugal; Ortega, Francisco


    At the end of the twentieth century, supernatural phenomena such as so called trances and possession by spirits received a scientific classification, which includes the numerous diagnoses of the dominant psychiatry. At the end of the nineteenth century we can observe a process of scientific categorization of phenomena considered to have originated in superstition or popular imagination. In this work we show how trances and spiritual possession were studied by Franz Anton Mesmer and his followers when developing the concept of magnetism; by James Braid during the creation of his theory of hypnosis; and by Jean Martin Charcot, which marked the entry of hysteria into nosological classification. Despite the differences between these schools, we identify the use of the brain and cerebral metaphors as the foundation of theories of the mind.

  17. Reuleaux models at St. Petersburg State University

    Kuteeva, G. A.; Sinilshchikova, G. A.; Trifonenko, B. V.


    Franz Reuleaux (1829 - 1905) is a famous mechanical engineer, a Professor of the Berlin Royal Technical Academy. He became widely known as an engineer-scientist, a Professor and industrial consultant, education reformer and leader of the technical elite of Germany. He directed the design and manufacture of over 300 models of simple mechanisms. They were sold to many famous universities for pedagogical and scientific purposes. Today, the most complete set is at Cornell University, College of Engineering. In this article we discuss the history, the modern state and our using the Reuleaux models that survived at St. Petersburg State University for educational purposes. We present description of certain models and our electronic resource with these models. We provide the information of similar electronic resources from other universities.

  18. Occurrence of a new microsporidium in the skeletal muscle of the flying fish Cypselurus pinnatibarbatus japonicus (Exocoetidae) from Yakushima, Japan.

    Yokoyama, Hiroshi; Lee, Sun-Joung; Bell, Andrew S


    A new microsporidium was observed in the flying fish Cypselurus pinnatibarbatus japonicus (Franz) (Exocoetidae) from Yakushima, Japan. Visual examination revealed the microsporidium to form white elongate nodules in the host's trunk muscle. Monomorphic spores were ovoid to pyriform in shape, with average dimensions of 4.1 x 2.2 microm and possessing a polar tube describing 13-15 coils. Histological observations showed that each parasite focus of infection was encapsulated by a host-produced fibrous membrane. The presence of sporophorous vesicles was not clearly determined. Ribosomal DNA sequence analyses showed the microsporidium to be discrete from other known fish muscle-infecting species and to be most closely related to a clade comprising the Pleistophoridae and Glugea spp. The parasite is provisionally placed as Microsporidium cypselurus sp. n.

  19. The eugenic legacy in psychology and psychiatry.

    Pilgrim, David


    Assumptions about genetic differences in human mental characteristics can be traced in large part to the eugenic movement, ascendant at the turn of the 20th century. This paper offers historical case studies, of 'innate general cognitive ability' and 'psychiatric genetics', in order to appraise the eugenic legacy in current psychology and psychiatry. Reviewing the work of representatives, Cyril Burt, Franz Kallmann and Eliot Slater, along with their research networks, it is argued that eugenics remains a quiet but powerful background influence in modern-day psychology and psychiatry. At the turn of the 21st century, eugenics remains an important area of inquiry, reflection and education for those in the inter-disciplinary field of social psychiatry.

  20. Inkjet printing of insulin microneedles for transdermal delivery.

    Ross, Steven; Scoutaris, Nicolaos; Lamprou, Dimitrios; Mallinson, David; Douroumis, Dennis


    Inkjet printing technology was used to apply insulin polymeric layers on metal microneedles for transdermal delivery. A range of various polymers such as gelatin (GLN), polyvinyl caprolactame-polyvinyl acetate-polyethylene glycol (SOL), poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) (POX) and trehalose (THL) were assessed for their capacity to form thin uniform and homogeneous layers that preserve insulin intact. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) showed homogeneous insulin-polymer layers without any phase separation while SOL demonstrated the best performance. Circular discroism (CD) analysis of rehydrated films showed that insulin's alpha helices and β-sheet were well preserved for THL and SOL. In contrast, GLN and POX insulin layers revealed small band shifts indicating possible conformational changes. Insulin release in Franz diffusion cells from MNs inserted into porcine skin showed rapid release rates for POX and GLN within the first 20 min. Inkjet printing was proved an effective approach for transdermal delivery of insulin in solid state.

  1. ¿Quiénes son ellos?: un estudio psicoanalítico sobre El proceso de Kafka

    Martins, Francisco; Universidad de Brasilia (Brasil)


    El texto presenta el análisis y las reflexiones desarrollados en el Laboratorio de Psicopatología y Psicoanálisis de la Universidad de Brasilia, acerca de la cuestión de "él" (" ellos') en El proceso, de Franz Kafka, y en un caso de delirio de persecución. Fue especialmente investigado el estatuto del pronombre "él" en la paranoia. El trabajo muestra que la comprensión de "él" (" ellos') es un elemento esencial para la elucidación de la cuestión de la extrañeza en la psicosis y de la construc...

  2. Oído y vencido. El debido proceso en la cultura y la jurisprudencia

    José Ramón Narváez


    Full Text Available El debido proceso es una institución técnica del Derecho que también está presente en la cultura popular. En este sentido, el presente trabajo identifica ciertos momentos emblemáticos en los que la cultura popular habla del aprecio social por la institución del debido proceso, en especial en dos figuras literarias clásicas: Robin Hood y El proceso de Franz Kafka. Finalmente, se muestra cómo la jurisprudencia actual tiene también sus referencias de prioridad respecto de esta institución. La idea es acercar al lector, a través del Debido proceso, a la lectura de la historia, la literatura y de la cultura popular universal donde subyace una idea muy acabada del derecho.

  3. [Asbestos at the time of the First World War].

    Bianchi, C; Bianchi, T


    Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th numerous asbestos industries began operations in various parts of the world. At the time of the First World War there is ample evidence of the use of this mineral in shipbuilding, the aircraft industry and in the construction industry. In the years 1912-17 the writer Franz Kafka was co-proprietor of a small asbestos factory in Prague. Some of the writer's novels and journal pages were inspired by this experience. In this way asbestos entered into the history of 20th century European literature. In 1917 asbestos extraction was started at the quarry in Balangero, near Turin, Italy. Risks related to the use of asbestos were known at the beginning of the 20th century and legislation aimed at preventing the harmful effects of the mineral were approved in Italy.

  4. Interior and exterior resonances in acoustic scattering. pt. 1 - spherical targets

    Gaunaurd, G.C.; Tanglis, E.; Uberall, H.; Brill, D.


    In acoustic scattering from elastic objects, resonance features appear in the returned echo at frequencies at which the object's eigenfrequencies are located, which are explained by the excitation of 'interior' creeping waves. Corresponding resonance terms may be split off from the total scattering amplitude, leaving behind an apparently nonresonant background amplitude. This is demonstrated here for scatterers of spherical geometry and in a companion paper also for scatterers of arbitrary geometry, by using the T-matrix approach. For the case of near-impenetrable spheres, it is subsequently shown that the background amplitude can be split further into specularly reflected contributions, plus highly attenuated resonance terms which are explained by the excitation of 'exterior' (Franz-type) creeping waves. The singularity structure of the scattering function is shown mathematically, by using the R-matrix approach of the nuclear-scattering theory, as that of a meromorphic function 'without' any additional 'entire function' (as had been postulated by the singularity expansion method)

  5. Spin heat accumulation induced by tunneling from a ferromagnet.

    Vera-Marun, I J; van Wees, B J; Jansen, R


    An electric current from a ferromagnet into a nonmagnetic material can induce a spin-dependent electron temperature. Here, it is shown that this spin heat accumulation, when created by tunneling from a ferromagnet, produces a non-negligible voltage signal that is comparable to that due to the coexisting electrical spin accumulation and can give a different Hanle spin precession signature. The effect is governed by the spin polarization of the Peltier coefficient of the tunnel contact, its Seebeck coefficient, and the spin heat resistance of the nonmagnetic material, which is related to the electrical spin resistance by a spin-Wiedemann-Franz law. Moreover, spin heat injection is subject to a heat conductivity mismatch that is overcome if the tunnel interface has a sufficiently large resistance.

  6. Molecular beam epitaxy grown Ge/Si pin layer sequence for photonic devices

    Schulze, J., E-mail:; Oehme, M.; Werner, J.


    A key challenge to obtain a convergence of classical Si-based microelectronics and optoelectronics is the manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits integrable into classical Si-based integrated circuits. This integration would be greatly enhanced if similar facilities and technologies could be used. Therefore one approach is the development of optoelectronic components and devices made from group-IV-based materials such as SiGe, Ge or Ge:Sn. In this paper the optoelectronic performances of a pin diode made from a Ge/Si heterostructure pin layer sequence grown by molecular beam epitaxy are discussed. After a detailed description of the layer sequence growth and the device manufacturing process it will be shown that - depending on the chosen operating point and device design - the diode serves as a broadband high speed photo detector, Franz-Keldysh effect modulator or light emitting diode.

  7. Provincialism within limits?

    Hesselager, Jens


    of cosmopolitanism and provincialism in relation to music is developed with reference to Franz Liszt, who in the context of this article comes to function as a sort of ‘cosmopolitan’ mirror image of the ‘provincial’ Danish composer, Henrik Rung (1807-1871). Rung’s work Slaget ved Fredericia (1850) – a piece...... of nationalist political propaganda, in effect – is analysed, and it is suggested that while it is certainly suffused with patriotic rhetoric (such as the occasion demanded), Rung nevertheless at the same time took the opportunity to incorporate a number of significant international musical influences, notably...... from Felicien David’s symphonic ode, Le désert, Meyerbeer’s Les huguenots and from the vocal music of the Italian renaissance. These influences are interpreted as indicative of an international outlook, differing quite markedly from that of his internationally renowned contemporary, Niels W. Gade...

  8. Electrical and thermal transport in the quasiatomic limit of coupled Luttinger liquids

    Szasz, Aaron; Ilan, Roni; Moore, Joel E.


    We introduce a new model for quasi-one-dimensional materials, motivated by intriguing but not yet well-understood experiments that have shown two-dimensional polymer films to be promising materials for thermoelectric devices. We consider a two-dimensional material consisting of many one-dimensional systems, each treated as a Luttinger liquid, with weak (incoherent) coupling between them. This approximation of strong interactions within each one-dimensional chain and weak coupling between them is the "quasiatomic limit." We find integral expressions for the (interchain) transport coefficients, including the electrical and thermal conductivities and the thermopower, and we extract their power law dependencies on temperature. Luttinger liquid physics is manifested in a violation of the Wiedemann-Franz law; the Lorenz number is larger than the Fermi liquid value by a factor between γ2 and γ4, where γ ≥1 is a measure of the electron-electron interaction strength in the system.

  9. Romanistik und gender studies

    Susanne Schlünder


    Full Text Available Die beiden Bände bieten ein breites Spektrum von Beiträgen zur französischen, italienischen und spanischen Literaturwissenschaft. Gedankliche Grundlage der im einzelnen unterschiedlichen Ansätze und Zielsetzungen ist ein im Anschluß an Judith Butler gender-reflektierendes, diskursives Konzept von Geschlecht, dessen wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Herleitung und Perspektiven Renate Kroll einleitend darlegt. Die einzelnen Artikel beschäftigen sich zum einen mit literarischen Strategien, die Schriftstellerinnen vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart erprobt haben, und hinterfragen dabei die Rolle weiblicher Autoren in Literaturgeschichte und Literaturgeschichtsschreibung. Zum anderen widmen sie sich den literarischen Inszenierungs- und Repräsentationsformen von Weiblichkeit und stellen darüber einen Bezug zur Lebenswelt der behandelten Autorinnen her.

  10. Tularemia vaccine development: paralysis or progress?

    Sunagar R


    Full Text Available Raju Sunagar, Sudeep Kumar, Brian J Franz, Edmund J Gosselin Center for Immunology and Microbial Disease, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY, USA Abstract: Francisella tularensis (Ft is a gram-negative intercellular pathogen and category A biothreat agent. However, despite 15 years of strong government investment and intense research focused on the development of a US Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccine against Ft, the primary goal remains elusive. This article reviews research efforts focused on developing an Ft vaccine, as well as a number of important factors, some only recently recognized as such, which can significantly impact the development and evaluation of Ft vaccine efficacy. Finally, an assessment is provided as to whether a US Food and Drug Administration-approved Ft vaccine is likely to be forthcoming and the potential means by which this might be achieved. Keywords: Sex bias, media impact, differential protection, cellular immunity, humoral immunity


    Szabo Csaba


    Full Text Available Recently, an important Mithraic relief was rediscovered and republished by the author of these lines in collaboration with George Bounegru and Victor Sava. The relief, known in the literature as CIMRM 1938 was for a long time considered a „disappeared” monument, the only laconic description being that of Marteen J. Vermaseren from his monumental corpus. Due to the recently rediscovered photographs of the relief and the detailed analysis of the correspondence between Béla Cserni and Franz Cumont, the CIMRM 1938 is now became available for further research. In this article, I will add some further historiographic and iconographic notes on one of the biggest Mithraic reliefs found in Dacia, solving also another mysterious piece in Vermaseren’s catalogue, the CIMRM 1986. The article is also the first publication of Béla Cserni’s photograph about the relief.

  12. Sacred Torrents in Modernity: German Jewish Philosophers and the Legacy of Secularization

    Roemer Nils


    Full Text Available This article investigates the ongoing interaction between the Jewish sacred past and its modern interpreters. Jewish thinkers from the eighteenth century reclaimed these ideals instead of dismissing them. Sacred traditions and modern secular thought existed in their mutual constitutive interdependence and not in opposition. When the optimism in historical progress and faith in reason unraveled in the fin de siècle, it engendered a new critical response by Jewish historians and philosophers of the twentieth century. These critical voices emerged within the fault lines of nineteenth and early twentieth century Jewish anti-historicist responses. What separated twentieth-century Jewish thinkers such as Martin Buber, Franz Rosenzweig, and Gershom Scholem from their nineteenth-century forerunners was not their embrace of religion but their critical stance toward reason and their crumbling faith in historical progress.

  13. Linac design for intense hadron beams

    Zhang, Chuan


    Based on the RFQ and H-type DTL structures, this dissertation is dedicated to study the beam dynamics in the presence of significantly strong space-charge effects while accelerating intense hadron beams in the low- and medium-β region. Besides the 5 mA/30 mA, 17 MeV proton injector (RFQ+DTL) and the 125 mA, 40 MeV deuteron DTL of the EUROTRANS and IFMIF facilities, a 200 mA, 700 keV proton RFQ has been also intensively studied for a small-scale but ultra-intense neutron source FRANZ planned at Frankfurt University. The most remarkable properties of the FRANZ RFQ and the IFMIF DTL are the design beam intensities, 200 mA and 125 mA. A new design approach, which can provide a balanced and accelerated beam bunching at low energy, has been developed for intense beams. To design the IFMIF DTL and the injector DTL part of the EUROTRANS driver linac, which have been foreseen as the first real applications of the novel superconducting CH-DTL structure, intensive attempts have been made to fulfill the design goals under the new conditions. For the IFMIF DTL, the preliminary IAP design has been considerably improved with respect to the linac layout as well as the beam dynamics. By reserving sufficient drift spaces for the cryosystem, diagnostic devices, tuner and steerer, introducing SC solenoid lenses and adjusting the accelerating gradients and accordingly other configurations of the cavities, a more realistic, reliable and efficient linac system has been designed. On the other hand, the specifications and positions of the transverse focusing elements as well as the phase- and energy-differences between the bunch-center particle and the synchronous particle at the beginning of the φ s =0 sections have been totally redesigned. For the EUROTRANS injector DTL, in addition to the above-mentioned procedures, extra optimization concepts to coordinate the beam dynamics between two intensities have been applied. In the beam transport simulations for both DTL designs, no beam

  14. Thermal conductivity of nanoscale thin nickel films

    YUAN Shiping; JIANG Peixue


    The inhomogeneous non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) scheme is applied to model phonon heat conduction in thin nickel films. The electronic contribution to the thermal conductivity of the film is deduced from the electrical conductivity through the use of the Wiedemann-Franz law. At the average temperature of T = 300 K, which is lower than the Debye temperature ()D = 450 K,the results show that in a film thickness range of about 1-11 nm, the calculated cross-plane thermal conductivity decreases almost linearly with the decreasing film thickness, exhibiting a remarkable reduction compared with the bulk value. The electrical and thermal conductivities are anisotropic in thin nickel films for the thickness under about 10 nm. The phonon mean free path is estimated and the size effect on the thermal conductivity is attributed to the reduction of the phonon mean free path according to the kinetic theory.

  15. Solid lipid nanoparticles suspension versus commercial solutions for dermal delivery of minoxidil.

    Padois, Karine; Cantiéni, Céline; Bertholle, Valérie; Bardel, Claire; Pirot, Fabrice; Falson, Françoise


    Solid lipid nanoparticles have been reported as possible carrier for skin drug delivery. Solid lipid nanoparticles are produced from biocompatible and biodegradable lipids. Solid lipid nanoparticles made of semi-synthetic triglycerides stabilized with a mixture of polysorbate and sorbitan oleate were loaded with 5% of minoxidil. The prepared systems were characterized for particle size, pH and drug content. Ex vivo skin penetration studies were performed using Franz-type glass diffusion cells and pig ear skin. Ex vivo skin corrosion studies were realized with a method derived from the Corrositex(®) test. Solid lipid nanoparticles suspensions were compared to commercial solutions in terms of skin penetration and skin corrosion. Solid lipid nanoparticles suspensions have been shown as efficient as commercial solutions for skin penetration; and were non-corrosive while commercial solutions presented a corrosive potential. Solid lipid nanoparticles suspensions would constitute a promising formulation for hair loss treatment. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Effect of Different Skin Penetration Promoters in Halobetasol Propionate Permeation and Retention in Human Skin

    Paulina Carvajal-Vidal


    Full Text Available Halobetasol propionate (HB is a potent synthetic corticosteroid used against inflammatory skin diseases, such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, among others. The aim of this study is to define how the presence of different skin penetration enhancers (nonane, menthone, limonene, azone, carene, decanol, linoleic acid and cetiol affects the penetration and retention in skin of HB. To determine drug penetration through skin, 5% of each promoter was used in an ex vivo system with human skin on Franz cells. The results showed that the highest permeation occurs in the presence of menthone, followed by nonane. Permeation parameters were determined. The in vivo test was assessed, and the formulation containing HB-menthone presented better anti-inflammatory efficacy. These results are useful to generate a specific treatment according to each patient’s needs, and the inflammatory characteristics of the disease.

  17. Effects of vehicles and enhancers on transdermal delivery of clebopride.

    Rhee, Yun-Seok; Huh, Jai-Yong; Park, Chun-Woong; Nam, Tae-Young; Yoon, Koog-Ryul; Chi, Sang-Cheol; Park, Eun-Seok


    The effects of vehicles and penetration enhancers on the skin permeation of clebopride were evaluated using Franz type diffusion cells fitted with excised rat dorsal skins. The binary vehicle system, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether/isopropyl myristate (40/60, w/w), significantly enhanced the skin permeation rate of clebopride. The skin permeation enhancers, oleic acid and ethanol when used in the binary vehicle system, resulted in relatively high clebopride skin permeation rates. A gel formulation consisting of 1.5% (w/w) clebopride, 5% (w/w) oleic acid, and 7% (w/w) gelling agent with the binary vehicle system resulted in a permeation rate of 28.90 microg/cm2/h. Overall, these results highlight the potential of clebopride formulation for the transdermal route.

  18. Footprints of phineas gage: Historical beginnings on the origins of brain and behavior and the birth of cerebral localizationism

    Bhaskara P Shelley


    Full Text Available The intellectual revolution led by ancient Greek philosophers and physicians witnessed the extraordinary evolution of the birth of neuroscience from speculations of cardiocentrism (Aristotelism and encephalocentrism (Galenism. Later further development of neurosciences was hallmarked by the development of anatomic theories of phrenology by the German physician Franz Joseph Gall in 1796. Although phrenology was a pseudoscience, it was Gall who laid the foundations for the subsequent biologically based doctrine of brain behavior localization. The amazing story of Phineas Gage is a classic case in the nineteenth-century neurosciences literature that played a pivotal role in the concept of cerebral localizationism, a theory that moved beyond phrenology. This iconic case marked the historical beginnings of brain origins of human behavior and elucidated a link between brain trauma, prefrontal brain damage and personality change.


    Olivier Christin


    Full Text Available A few years ago, together with Franz Schultheis, of the University of Saint-Gallen and coordinator of the social sciences network ESSE, we chose to study the international circulation of the categories and concepts that are in use in European social sciences. With the publication of the Dictionnaire des concepts  nomades (“Dictionary of nomadic concepts”, that includes only a small number of quite lengthy entries, what we tried to propose were not ready-made solutions, or vademecums for the comparative academic, but a series of questions, or rather the means to ask crucial questions for anyone who practises history, political science, history of economic ideas, or comparative sociology. We did so with two considerations in mind: one political, and the other academic, both of which I will evoke in turn in this paper.

  20. Clement Greenberg e la Halakah del Modernismo

    Camilla Froio


    Full Text Available The understanding of the meaning of Jewish identity in Clement Greenberg's work follows the deep relationship between the conception of Modernism and the interpretation of Franz Kafka's short story The Great Wall of China. Greenberg, whose role as one of the first american popularizers of Kafka's narratives has been relevant, ascribes to the bohemian author an halachic reasoning closely related to his jewish origins. This strictly firm and normative mindset finds resemblances in Greenberg's modernist theory and critical practice, which, according to Susan Noyes-Platt's study, could be interpreted as a derivation, in many aspects, of his Jewish origins and, particularly, as the critic's need to preserve his intellectual thinking from the nazi-fascist advance. Moreover, the article proposes to interpret Greenberg's purism as a form of messianism, that is a faith in a future, but indefinitely belated, absolute purification of the medium.

  1. Diploglossus fasciatus Gray, 1831 (Diploglossa: Anguidae. Primer registro para el Parque Nacional y Área Natural de Manejo Integrado Madidi

    Enrique Domic


    Full Text Available Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, Departamento de La Paz, Provincia Franz Tamayo, Municipio Apolo, Parque Nacional y Área Natural de Manejo Integrado Madidi, TCO Pueblo Indígena de San José de Uchupiamonas, Campamento Corazón del Madidi, cerca de encuentro al arroyo Eslabón y río Tuichi (14°32'32.58"S 67°45'44.91"W; 288 m.s.n.m.. Colectores: Jesús Martínez y Mileniusz Spanowicz. 15 de Marzo del 2013. Macho (SVL: 180 mm; LT: 379 mm; Peso: 130 g. Depositado en la Colección Boliviana de Fauna (CBF 3699, La Paz, Bolivia.

  2. Recommendations for Assessment of the Reliability, Sensitivity, and Validity of Data Provided by Wearable Sensors Designed for Monitoring Physical Activity.

    Düking, Peter; Fuss, Franz Konstantin; Holmberg, Hans-Christer; Sperlich, Billy


    Although it is becoming increasingly popular to monitor parameters related to training, recovery, and health with wearable sensor technology (wearables), scientific evaluation of the reliability, sensitivity, and validity of such data is limited and, where available, has involved a wide variety of approaches. To improve the trustworthiness of data collected by wearables and facilitate comparisons, we have outlined recommendations for standardized evaluation. We discuss the wearable devices themselves, as well as experimental and statistical considerations. Adherence to these recommendations should be beneficial not only for the individual, but also for regulatory organizations and insurance companies. ©Peter Düking, Franz Konstantin Fuss, Hans-Christer Holmberg, Billy Sperlich. Originally published in JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth (, 30.04.2018.

  3. Effects of Sizes and Conformations of Fish-Scale Collagen Peptides on Facial Skin Qualities and Transdermal Penetration Efficiency

    Huey-Jine Chai


    Full Text Available Fish-scale collagen peptides (FSCPs were prepared using a given combination of proteases to hydrolyze tilapia (Oreochromis sp. scales. FSCPs were determined to stimulate fibroblast cells proliferation and procollagen synthesis in a time- and dose-dependent manner. The transdermal penetration capabilities of the fractionationed FSCPs were evaluated using the Franz-type diffusion cell model. The heavier FSCPs, 3500 and 4500 Da, showed higher cumulative penetration capability as opposed to the lighter FSCPs, 2000 and 1300 Da. In addition, the heavier seemed to preserve favorable coiled structures comparing to the lighter that presents mainly as linear under confocal scanning laser microscopy. FSCPs, particularly the heavier, were concluded to efficiently penetrate stratum corneum to epidermis and dermis, activate fibroblasts, and accelerate collagen synthesis. The heavier outweighs the lighter in transdermal penetration likely as a result of preserving the given desired structure feature.

  4. Quantum theory of the optical and electronic properties of semiconductors

    Haug, Hartmut


    This invaluable textbook presents the basic elements needed to understand and research into semiconductor physics. It deals with elementary excitations in bulk and low-dimensional semiconductors, including quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots. The basic principles underlying optical nonlinearities are developed, including excitonic and many-body plasma effects. Fundamentals of optical bistability, semiconductor lasers, femtosecond excitation, the optical Stark effect, the semiconductor photon echo, magneto-optic effects, as well as bulk and quantum-confined Franz-Keldysh effects, are covered. The material is presented in sufficient detail for graduate students and researchers with a general background in quantum mechanics.This fifth edition includes an additional chapter on 'Quantum Optical Effects' where the theory of quantum optical effects in semiconductors is detailed. Besides deriving the 'semiconductor luminescence equations' and the expression for the stationary luminescence spectrum, the resu...

  5. Highlights from e-EPS: Cosmic Day / FEL for SuperB / Assessment Assessed

    Ian Randall, Bénédicte Huchet and EPS


    e-EPS News is a monthly addition to the CERN Bulletin line-up, showcasing articles from e-EPS – the European Physical Society newsletter – as part of a collaboration between the two publications.   International Cosmic Day The first International Cosmic Day will be held on 26 September this year. During this event, students and teachers worldwide will come together in research institutions, universities and classrooms to learn about cosmic particle research. The event will celebrate the centenary of Victor Franz Hess’ discovery of cosmic rays – particles which originate in outer space and spread through the whole universe, often at extremely high energies. On the day, students will tackle such questions as: what are cosmic particles? … where do they come from? … and how can they be measured? Participants will be encouraged to undertake their own cosmic particle experiments: analysing and evaluating the...

  6. Taking an electron-magnon duality shortcut from electron to magnon transport

    Mook, Alexander; Göbel, Börge; Henk, Jürgen; Mertig, Ingrid


    The quasiparticles in insulating magnets are the charge-neutral magnons, whose magnetic moments couple to electromagnetic fields. For collinear easy-axis magnets, this coupling can be mapped elegantly onto the scenario of charged particles in electromagnetic fields. From this mapping we obtain equations of motion for magnon wave packets equal to those of electron wave packets in metals. Thus, well-established electronic transport phenomena can be carried over to magnons: this duality shortcut facilitates the discussion of magnon transport. We identify the magnon versions of normal and anomalous Hall, Nernst, Ettingshausen, and Righi-Leduc effects. They are discussed for selected types of easy-axis magnets: ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, and ferrimagnets. Besides a magnon Wiedemann-Franz law and the magnon counterpart of the negative magnetoresistance of electrons in Weyl semimetals, we predict that certain low-symmetry ferrimagnets exhibit a nonlinear version of the anomalous magnon Hall-effect family.

  7. Development of high frequency and wide bandwidth Johnson noise thermometry

    Crossno, Jesse; Liu, Xiaomeng; Kim, Philip; Ohki, Thomas A.; Fong, Kin Chung


    We develop a high frequency, wide bandwidth radiometer operating at room temperature, which augments the traditional technique of Johnson noise thermometry for nanoscale thermal transport studies. Employing low noise amplifiers and an analog multiplier operating at 2 GHz, auto- and cross-correlated Johnson noise measurements are performed in the temperature range of 3 to 300 K, achieving a sensitivity of 5.5 mK (110 ppm) in 1 s of integration time. This setup allows us to measure the thermal conductance of a boron nitride encapsulated monolayer graphene device over a wide temperature range. Our data show a high power law (T ∼ 4) deviation from the Wiedemann-Franz law above T ∼ 100 K

  8. Ethnoculturally-profiled care: Dementia caregiving targeted towards Middle Eastern immigrants living in Sweden.

    Eleonor Antelius


    Full Text Available This study was set out to explore the understanding of dementia as a culturally and socially shaped illness in order to illuminate such perceptions and experience in relation to ethnoculturally profiled dementia care in Sweden. The results indicate, contrary to many other studies (c.f. Conell et al 2009; Flaskerud 2009; Gray et al 2009; Hinton, Franz & Friend 2004 that the perception of dementia and the described meaning of the disease have little (or nothing to do with decisions regarding formal care. However, cultural norms and traditions in relation to issues of filial piety seem to do. Thus, to understand how different ethnocultural groups might respond to dementia care within a migratory context, the current study illuminate the fact that it is crucial to realize that neither the individual person with dementia, nor larger ethnocultural groups can be placed within a vacuum that seemingly does not change or correlate with surrounding society.

  9. Looking for Oriental fundamentals Fuzzy Logic

    Angel Garrido


    Full Text Available For quite some time we have been trying to trace the river of Non-ClassicalLogics, and especially, Fuzzy Logic, trying to find the sources of this today flowing quite mighty river. Following from Lotfi A. Zadeh, we have traced his inspiring, the Polish logician Jan Lukasiewicz, who in turn was inspired by Aristotle's Peri Hermeneias (De Interpretatione. Also, Lukasiewicz occupies a central position in the Lvov-Warsaw School, who founded Kazimierz Twardowski, a student of Franz Brentano, and this in turn disciple of Bernard Bolzano. The connection with Leibniz and Bolzano come through medieval scholastic thinkers, especially John Duns Scotus and William of Ockham and the problem of future contingents, they had collected from the Aristotelian tradition. But there was to trace the “eastern (oriental track, which leads to the ancient Chinese and Indian philosophy. Here we will treat it as a first and necessary approach.

  10. Dissolving polyvinylpyrrolidone-based microneedle systems for in-vitro delivery of sumatriptan succinate.

    Ronnander, P; Simon, L; Spilgies, H; Koch, A; Scherr, S


    In-vitro permeation studies were conducted to assess the feasibility of fabricating dissolving-microneedle-array systems to release sumatriptan succinate. The formulations consisted mainly of the encapsulated active ingredient and a water-soluble biologically compatible polymer, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tests with Franz-type diffusion cells and Göttingen minipig skins showed an increase of the transdermal flux compared to passive diffusion. A preparation, containing 30% by mass of PVP and 8.7mg sumatriptan, produced a delivery rate of 395±31μg/cm 2 h over a 7-hour period after a negligible lag time of approximately 39min. Theoretically, a 10.7cm 2 microneedle-array patch loaded with 118.8mg of the drug would provide the required plasma concentration, 72ng/mL, for nearly 7h. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  11. Welches Geschlecht hat die Avantgarde? Which gender has the Avantgarde?

    Gertrud Lehnert


    Full Text Available Das Buch betrachtet das Theater der französischen und amerikanischen ‚Avantgarde‘ der Moderne und Postmoderne unter dem Aspekt des Geschlechts: Welcher Verfahren bedient sich avantgardistische Kunst, ist avantgardistische Kunst in geschlechtlicher Hinsicht restriktiv, oder ermöglicht sie die subversive feministische oder auch lesbisch-schwule Ausformung spezifischer Formen?In this book the French and American avantgarde theatre of the modern and postmodern period is analysed from aspects of gender. The questions raised are which processes serve to develop avantgarde art, whether avantgarde art is restrictive with regard to gender, or whether it enables a subversive feminist or specific lesbian/gay forms of theatre?

  12. Looking at CERN from a different perspective

    Jordan Juras


    Although the vast majority of students at CERN study and work on projects in the physics, engineering or IT fields, there are some who come to use CERN as a subject to complement their research in other fields. Larissa Kuchina, a graphic design student, and Jérôme Wohlschlag, an architectural student, completed their degrees and their dissertations on unusual aspects of the Laboratory. Both offer valuable perspectives that are not necessarily the ones we usually encounter.   Top: Aerial vue of the CERN site in 1961 (CERN archive). Bottom: Photo of the Master's project model. Recently, Jérôme Wohlschlag featured CERN in his dissertation for his Master’s degree in architecture at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Developed with the help of Professor Franz Graf’s TSAM Laboratoire des Techniques et de la Sauveguard de L’Architecture Moderne, Jérôme’s project focuse...

  13. A Unesco, a comunicação e o neoliberalismo

    Fernando Quirós


    Full Text Available Este artigo reflete sobre como e por quê o debate sobre informação e comunicação na Unesco foi encerrado com a “nova estratégia de comunicação” fomentada por Federico Mayor Zaragoza, depois dos Estados Unidos da América e o Reino Unido abandonarem as negociações em 1985 e 1986, respectivamente. O autor descreve a crise de 1984 utilizando dois grandes romances do século XX, como fio condutor: O Processo, de Franz Kafka e 1984, de George Orwell. Na conclusão do artigo, afirma-se que as primeiras declarações da embaixadora de Donald Trump na ONU permite identificarmos uma nova chantagem dos conservadores estadunidenenses ao sistema das Nações Unidas.

  14. Deux théories de l'analyse psychique: Wundt et Brentano

    Dewalque, Arnaud


    L’objectif de ce chapitre est de réévaluer succinctement les relations entre la phénoménologie et la psychologie expérimentale naissantes à partir des positions de Franz Brentano et de Wilhelm Wundt. Contrairement à une idée reçue, je suggère, d’une part, que les programmes analytiques de Brentano et de Wundt reposent tous deux sur un procédé expérimental consistant à faire varier les parties des phénomènes psychiques étudiés. Mais je suggère aussi, d’autre part, que les théories de l’analyse...

  15. Early Cosmic Ray Research with Balloons

    Walter, Michael, E-mail:


    The discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess during a balloon flight in 1912 at an altitude of 5350 m would not have been possible without the more than one hundred years development of scientific ballooning. The discovery of hot air and hydrogen balloons and their first flights in Europe is shortly described. Scientific ballooning was mainly connected with activities of meteorologists. It was also the geologist and meteorologist Franz Linke, who probably observed first indications of a penetrating radiation whose intensity seemed to increase with the altitude. Karl Bergwitz and Albert Gockel were the first physicists studying the penetrating radiation during balloon flights. The main part of the article deals with the discovery of the extraterrestrial radiation by V. Hess and the confirmation by Werner Kolhörster.

  16. Early Cosmic Ray Research with Balloons

    Walter, Michael


    The discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess during a balloon flight in 1912 at an altitude of 5350 m would not have been possible without the more than one hundred years development of scientific ballooning. The discovery of hot air and hydrogen balloons and their first flights in Europe is shortly described. Scientific ballooning was mainly connected with activities of meteorologists. It was also the geologist and meteorologist Franz Linke, who probably observed first indications of a penetrating radiation whose intensity seemed to increase with the altitude. Karl Bergwitz and Albert Gockel were the first physicists studying the penetrating radiation during balloon flights. The main part of the article deals with the discovery of the extraterrestrial radiation by V. Hess and the confirmation by Werner Kolhörster.

  17. Early Cosmic Ray Research with Balloons

    Walter, Michael


    The discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess during a balloon flight in 1912 at an altitude of 5350 m would not have been possible without the more than one hundred years development of scientific ballooning. The discovery of hot air and hydrogen balloons and their first flights in Europe is shortly described. Scientific ballooning was mainly connected with activities of meteorologists. It was also the geologist and meteorologist Franz Linke, who probably observed first indications of a penetrating radiation whose intensity seemed to increase with the altitude. Karl Bergwitz and Albert Gockel were the first physicists studying the penetrating radiation during balloon flights. The main part of the article deals with the discovery of the extraterrestrial radiation by V. Hess and the confirmation by Werner Kolhörster

  18. Arendt og Kafka

    Holm, Isak Winkel


    Franz Kafka experienced a legal and political vacuum opening up in the middle of civilized Europe, Hannah Arendt saw it as culminating in the death camps. In this sinister historical situation both authors were not so much interested in the question of specific rights as in the more fundamental...... question of the right to have rights -- to use Arendt's famous formula. This essay explores the intricate relationship between Kafka's and Arendt's analyses of the "calamity of the rightless". On the one hand, Kafka's literary diagnosis of rightlessness will be reconstructed through a reading of his story...... "The Metamorphosis"; on the other hand, Arendt's philosophical portrait of the rightless refugee will be developed in a discussion of her early Kafka essays and, first of all, of her Origins of Totalitarianism. The contention is that Arendt's notion of the right to have rights and, hence, her reading...

  19. High-speed Si/GeSi hetero-structure Electro Absorption Modulator.

    Mastronardi, L; Banakar, M; Khokhar, A Z; Hattasan, N; Rutirawut, T; Bucio, T Domínguez; Grabska, K M; Littlejohns, C; Bazin, A; Mashanovich, G; Gardes, F Y


    The ever-increasing demand for integrated, low power interconnect systems is pushing the bandwidth density of CMOS photonic devices. Taking advantage of the strong Franz-Keldysh effect in the C and L communication bands, electro-absorption modulators in Ge and GeSi are setting a new standard in terms of device footprint and power consumption for next generation photonics interconnect arrays. In this paper, we present a compact, low power electro-absorption modulator (EAM) Si/GeSi hetero-structure based on an 800 nm SOI overlayer with a modulation bandwidth of 56 GHz. The device design and fabrication tolerant process are presented, followed by the measurement analysis. Eye diagram measurements show a dynamic ER of 5.2 dB at a data rate of 56 Gb/s at 1566 nm, and calculated modulator power is 44 fJ/bit.

  20. Enhancement of the thermoelectric figure of merit in a quantum dot due to external ac field

    Chen, Qiao, E-mail: [Department of Maths and Physics, Hunan Institute of Engineering, Xiangtan 411104 (China); Wang, Zhi-yong, E-mail: [School of Optoelectronic Information, Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing 400054 (China); Xie, Zhong-Xiang [Department of Mathematics and Physics, Hunan Institute of Technology, Hengyang 421002 (China)


    We investigate the figure of merit of a quantum dot (QD) system irradiated with an external microwave filed by nonequilibrium Green's function (NGF) technique. Results show that the frequency of microwave field influence the figure of merit ZT significantly. At low temperature, a sharp peak can be observed in the figure of merit ZT as the frequency of ac field increases. As the frequency varies, several zero points and resonant peaks emerge in the figure of merit ZT. By adjusting the frequency of the microwave field, we can obtain high ZT. The figure of merit ZT increases with the decreasing of linewidth function Γ. In addition, Wiedemann–Franz law does not hold, particularly in the low frequency region due to multi-photon emission and absorption. Some novel thermoelectric properties are also found in two-level QD system.

  1. Comments on "cyclical swings" by Professor Hannah Decker: The underappreciated "solid center" of psychiatry.

    Pies, Ronald W


    The history of psychiatry is characterized by some deep ideological and conceptual divisions, as adumbrated in Professor Hannah Decker's essay. However, the schism between "biological" and "psychosocial" models of mental illness and its treatment represents extreme positions among some psychiatrists-not the model propounded by academic psychiatry or its affiliated professional organizations. Indeed, the "biopsycho-social model" (BPSM) developed by Dr. George L. Engel has been, and remains, the foundational model for academic psychiatry, notwithstanding malign market forces that have undermined the BPSM's use in clinical practice. The BPSM is integrally related to "centralizing" and integrative trends in American psychiatry that may be traced to Franz Alexander, Karl Jaspers, and Engel himself, among others. This "Alexandrian-Jaspersian-Engelian" tradition is explored in relation to Professor Decker's "cyclical swing" model of psychiatry's history. (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  2. Tables for 'Art history in the university: Toelken – Hotho – Kugler'

    Eric Garberson


    Full Text Available This essay offers a contextual reading of the extensive but little studied documentation for the education and subsequent university careers of E. H. Toelken (1785-1864, Gustav Heinrich Hotho (1802-1873 and Franz Kugler (1808-1858, three of the earliest art historians to earn doctoral degrees. Spanning about three decades, from 1804 to 1833, their training occurred during a period of rapid disciplinary specialization within the university. Examination of that training, and the teaching careers built on it, contributes to the larger investigation of how existing university structures and procedures accommodated but also informed emerging disciplines in early nineteenth-century Germany. The essay sets out the relevant academic policies and procedures and gives an overview of those trained and appointed in the historical study of art in Berlin between 1810 and 1840. Documents for Toelken and Kugler are then presented through narrative case histories.

  3. Weber and Kafka: The rational and the enigmatic bureaucracy

    Beck Jørgensen, Torben


    Max Weber’s and Franz Kafka’s respective understandings of bureaucracy are as different as night and day. Yet, Kafka’s novel The Castle is best read with Max Weber at hand. In fact, Kafka relates systematically to all the dimensions in Weber’s ideal type of bureaucracy and give us a much......’s painting: Ascending and Descending. Nevertheless, Weber and Kafka can both be right. While Kafka looks at the bureaucratic phenomenon through persons who are marginalized, Weber’s perspective is historic-comparative and top-down. Are the observations of the one more correct than the other? The question...... is meaningless. As two opposite poles, Weber and Kafka ‘magnetize’ each other....

  4. Thermal conductivity, electric resistivity, and Lorenz function for some transition metals measured by a direct electric heating technique

    Binkele, Ludolf


    The validity of the Wiedemann-Franz-Lorenz law in its standard form is disputed in the case of transition metals. However, normal behaviour could be demonstrated for the transition metals molybdenum, tantalum, and niobium by the application of an already tried and tested, and recently improved, modified Kohlrausch measuring method; that is, the high-temperature Lorenz number of these metals takes the Sommerfeld value, within measuring uncertainties of approx. 3%. In the case of tungsten, saturation was observed 16.7% above the Sommerfeld value. Even the Lorenz number of platinum seems to take on a saturation value at that level at temperatures above 1400 K. The lattice conductivity separated by various processes displays a temperature dependence describable by an exponential law for all the metals studied, in contrast to previous assumptions. (author)

  5. Leituras de Kafka: Escólios sobre a burocracia e o exercício da lei

    Bruno Barbosa dos Santos


    Full Text Available Este ensaio tem como objetivo apresentar algumas considerações acerca da burocracia e do direito na obra de Franz Kafka. As breves notas que dão corpo ao texto buscam salientar conceitos fundamentais da literatura kafkiana para fazer deles um novo uso. Deste modo, distanciando-se da exegese “judaico-realística” de Max Brod, o texto recorrerá à fortuna crítica de autores como Walter Benjamin, Günther Anders e Giorgio Agamben para realizar outra leitura das categorias teológicas presentes em Kafka. Com isso, as notas a seguir procuram avaliar as estratégias investidas pelo prosador tcheco contra os mecanismos da lei.

  6. A Transdermal Measurement Platform Based on Microfluidics

    Wen-Ying Huang


    Full Text Available The Franz diffusion cell is one of the most widely used devices to evaluate transdermal drug delivery. However, this static and nonflowing system has some limitations, such as a relatively large solution volume and skin area and the development of gas bubbles during sampling. To overcome these disadvantages, this study provides a proof of concept for miniaturizing models of transdermal delivery by using a microfluidic chip combined with a diffusion cell. The proposed diffusion microchip system requires only 80 μL of sample solution and provides flow circulation. Two model compounds, Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 and potassium ferricyanide, were successfully tested for transdermal delivery experiments. The diffusion rate is high for a high sample concentration or a large membrane pore size. The developed diffusion microchip system, which is feasible, can be applied for transdermal measurement in the future.

  7. Lifshitz black branes and DC transport coefficients in massive Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity

    Kuang, Xiao-Mei; Papantonopoulos, Eleftherios; Wu, Jian-Pin; Zhou, Zhenhua


    We construct analytical Lifshitz massive black brane solutions in massive Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity theory. We also study the thermodynamics of these black brane solutions and obtain the thermodynamical stability conditions. On the dual nonrelativistic boundary field theory with Lifshitz symmetry, we analytically compute the DC transport coefficients, including the electric conductivity, thermoelectric conductivity, and thermal conductivity. The novel property of our model is that the massive term supports the Lifshitz black brane solutions with z ≠1 in such a way that the DC transport coefficients in the dual field theory are finite. We also find that the Wiedemann-Franz law in this dual boundary field theory is violated, which indicates that it may involve strong interactions.

  8. Art history in the university: Toelken – Hotho – Kugler

    Eric Garberson


    Full Text Available This essay offers a contextual reading of the extensive but little studied documentation for the education and subsequent university careers of E. H. Toelken (1785-1864, Gustav Heinrich Hotho (1802-1873 and Franz Kugler (1808-1858, three of the earliest art historians to earn doctoral degrees. Spanning about three decades, from 1804 to 1833, their training occurred during a period of rapid disciplinary specialization within the university. Examination of that training, and the teaching careers built on it, contributes to the larger investigation of how existing university structures and procedures accommodated but also informed emerging disciplines in early nineteenth-century Germany. The essay sets out the relevant academic policies and procedures and gives an overview of those trained and appointed in the historical study of art in Berlin between 1810 and 1840. Documents for Toelken and Kugler are then presented through narrative case histories.

  9. Lipid Nanocapsule-Based Gels for Enhancement of Transdermal Delivery of Ketorolac Tromethamine

    Jaleh Varshosaz


    Full Text Available Previous reports show ineffective transdermal delivery of ketorolac by nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs. The aim of the present work was enhancement of transdermal delivery of ketorolac by another colloidal carriers, lipid nanocapsules (LNCs. LNCs were prepared by emulsification with phase transition method and mixed in a Carbomer 934P gel base with oleic acid or propylene glycol as penetration enhancers. Permeation studies were performed by Franz diffusion cell using excised rat abdominal skin. Aerosil-induced rat paw edema model was used to investigate the in vivo performance. LNCs containing polyethylene glycol hydroxyl stearate, lecithin in Labrafac as the oily phase, and dilution of the primary emulsion with 3.5-fold volume of cold water produced the optimized nanoparticles. The 1% Carbomer gel base containing 10% oleic acid loaded with nanoparticles enhanced and prolonged the anti-inflammatory effects of this drug to more than 12 h in Aerosil-induced rat paw edema model.

  10. Fundamentals for routined utilization of tomography in beam diagnostic

    Reichau, Hermine


    A general and systematic approach to implement tomography for beam diagnostics has been invented and exemplarily shown for the invention of beam tomography for the Frankfurt Neutron Source. Following the diagnostic pipeline the first step was to prepare the data basis for the tomography reconstruction. For the monitoring, standard parameters have to be obtained with sufficient accuracy. In the context of this work, tomography has been kept as flexible as possible. Firstly, it will be used for the analysis of beam dynamics but also for the further development of beam tomography for routined utilization. Later on it will have to serve as a monitoring system at the end of the LEBT of FRANZ. The data preparation for tomography was demonstrated step by step. The iterated backprojection (FBP) algorithm was derived to show the basic idea of tomography which is contained in all forms of tomography algorithms. In connection with data exhibiting a high signal to noise ratio the FBP obtains the result with the highest accuracy, beyond that the accuracy can be controlled by the number of projections. The algebraic reconstruction and maximum entropy approach were outlined in a nutshell. By the introduction of the diagnostic pipeline in combination with the decision systematics the basis for a routined utilization of tomography in ion beam diagnostics have been established and exemplarily demonstrated on the introduction of beam tomography for FRANZ. A rotatable vacuum chamber has been developed to close a gap between the availability of projections to use the FBP and the small physical space on which they have to be determined. (orig.)

  11. Vinflunine in the treatment of bladder cancer

    Mark Bachner


    Full Text Available Mark Bachner, Maria De Santis3rd Medical Department – Center for Oncology and Hematology, Kaiser Franz Josef-Spital der Stadt Wien, and Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for Applied Cancer Research Vienna (LBI-ACR VIEnna, Cluster Translational Oncology, Kaiser Franz Josef-Spital der Stadt Wien, and Applied Cancer Research – Institution for Translational Research Vienna (ACR-ITR VIEnna/CEADDP, Vienna, AustriaAbstract: Vinflunine (VFL is a third-generation bifluorinated semi-synthetic vinca alkaloid obtained by superacidic chemistry from its parent compound, vinorelbine. As with the other vinca alkaloids, the main antineoplastic effects of VFL arise from its interaction with tubulin, the major component of microtubules in mitotic spindles. In contrast to other vinca alkaloids, VFL shows some distinctive properties in terms of tubulin binding, possibly explaining its superior antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo compared with vinorelbine as well as its excellent safety profile. In transitional cell carcinoma (TCC, two single-agent phase II trials were performed testing VFL in platinum-pretreated patients, showing moderate response rates and promising disease control rates. Therefore, the first phase III trial in modern times for second-line TCC of the urothelium was designed in order to further investigate the activity of VFL. First results were presented at the 2008 ASCO conference. VFL appears to be a possible treatment option for patients with TCC progressing after first-line platinum-containing chemotherapy.Keywords: vinflunine, transitional cell carcinoma (TCC of the bladder, bladder cancer, chemotherapy, second-line chemotherapy

  12. Uma nosologia para os fenômenos sobrenaturais e a construção do cérebro 'possuído' no século XIX A nosology for supernatural phenomena and the construction of the 'possessed' brain in the nineteenth century

    Valéria Portugal Gonçalves

    Full Text Available Fenômenos sobrenaturais como os chamados transe e possessão espiritual recebem, no final do século XX, codificação científica, integrando os diagnósticos da psiquiatria hegemônica. No final do século XIX, observamos a apropriação científica de fenômenos considerados originários da superstição ou imaginação popular. Neste trabalho, demonstramos como o transe e a possessão espiritual foram estudados por Franz Anton Mesmer e seus discípulos ao desenvolver o conceito de magnetismo; por James Braid no processo de criação da teoria da hipnose; e por Jean Martin Charcot, marcando a entrada da histeria para as classificações nosológicas. Apesar das diferenças entre essas escolas, identificamos a utilização do cérebro e de metáforas cerebralistas como alicerce das teorias sobre a mente.At the end of the twentieth century, supernatural phenomena such as so called trances and possession by spirits received a scientific classification, which includes the numerous diagnoses of the dominant psychiatry. At the end of the nineteenth century we can observe a process of scientific categorization of phenomena considered to have originated in superstition or popular imagination. In this work we show how trances and spiritual possession were studied by Franz Anton Mesmer and his followers when developing the concept of magnetism; by James Braid during the creation of his theory of hypnosis; and by Jean Martin Charcot, which marked the entry of hysteria into nosological classification. Despite the differences between these schools, we identify the use of the brain and cerebral metaphors as the foundation of theories of the mind.

  13. Rapid formation of a sea ice barrier east of Svalbard

    Nghiem, S. V.; van Woert, M. L.; Neumann, G.


    Daily SeaWinds scatterometer images acquired by the QuikSCAT satellite show an elongated sea ice feature that formed very rapidly (˜1-2 days) in November 2001 east of Svalbard over the Barents Sea. This sea ice structure, called "the Svalbard sea ice barrier," spanning approximately 10° in longitude and 2° in latitude, restricts the sea route and poses a significant navigation hazard. The secret of its formation appears to lie in the bottom of the sea: A comparison between bathymetry from the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean data and the pattern of sea ice formation from scatterometer data reveals that the sea ice barrier conforms well with and stretches above a deep elongated channel connecting the Franz Josef-Victoria Trough to the Hinlopen Basin between Svalbard and Franz Josef Land. Historic hydrographic data from this area indicate that this sea channel contains cold Arctic water less than 50 m below the surface. Strong and persistent cold northerly winds force strong heat loss from this shallow surface layer, leading to the rapid formation of the sea ice barrier. Heat transfer rates estimated from European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts temperature and wind data over this region suggest that the surface water along the deep channel can be rapidly cooled to the freezing point. Scatterometer results in 1999-2003 show that sea ice forms in this area between October and December. Understanding the ice formation mechanisms helps to select appropriate locations for deployment of buoys measuring wind and air-sea temperature profile and to facilitate ice monitoring, modeling, and forecasting.

  14. Thermal properties of some cerium compounds, particularly CeB6

    Peysson, Y.


    Using measurements of specific heat between 0.3 to 250K in the absence of a magnetic field, and from 2 to 250K for magnetic fields between 0 and 8T, it is shown that the γ 8 quadruplet is the fundamental level of the Ce 3+ ion, the γ 8-7 separation energy being of the order of 500K. Detailed analysis suggests a lifting of degeneracy of the multiplet γ 8 in the paramagnetic phase, according to usual processes. Specific heat results obtained at very low temperatures reveal the importance of a significant gap in the spin wave energy spectra. Measurements under a strong magnetic field, around the two magnetic phase transitions of CeB6 show a spectacular reinforcement of the specific heat anomaly at a temperature of the order of T Q . Thermal conductivity of CEB6 is also studied in relation to the possible existence of a Jahn-Teller effect, likely to affect heat transfer by phonons. The problem of the different components of thermal transport prompts the analysis of the Weidemann-Franz law in the Kondo net, and also the study of the thermal conductivity of the compounds CeCu6, CeA12, the alloys Ce 0 . 7 5La 0 . 25 B 6 , Ce x La 1-x Cu 6 , and the fluctuating valence system SmB 6 . In all these bodies, an important contribution of phonons to electron transfer is shown. In the dense incoherent Kondo phase, it is not possible to envisage differences from the Weidemann-Franz law greater than those observed for highly diluted Kondo alloys [fr

  15. Sobre Neuronatomía, Neurohistología e Historia

    Jaime Fandiño-Franky


    Full Text Available En el trabajo titulado “Causas históricas que justificaron al cirugía de las epilepsias” se hacen varias afirmaciones entre las que se cuentan: 1. Franz Morell descubrió las neuronas internunciales 2. En la estimulación del nervio vago los impulsos llegan al núcleo del tracto solitario y de allí al tronco cerebral 3. Las estimulaciones corticales fueron realizadas por Harvey Cushing en 1009 lo que le permitió localizar el área motora y sensitiva. En oposición a estas notas, manifiesto lo que va en contra del consenso histórico en el campo por las siguientes sencillas razones: 1. Las interneuronas son neuronas cruciales de las redes cerebrales relacionadas con el control motor (4 y fueron descubiertas por Camillo Golgi, quién inventó la reacción oscura en 1873 y fue el descubridor de la fina estructura anatómica del sistema nervioso. Estas células que Golgi describió y descubrió, fueron entonces propuestas como prototipo de interneuronas (5. Camilo Golgi realizó este descubrimiento por finales del siglo XIX y Franz Morell realizó contribuciones hacia finales del siglo XX. 2. El núcleo del tracto solitario se ubica en el tronco encefálico y está constituido por aferentes axonicos de los nervios craneales facial, glosofaríngeo y vago (2. Por ubicación topográfica se circunscribe al bulbo raquídeo (3, por lo que estando en el tronco encefálico no pude dirigirse así mismo (es redundante. 3. Harvey Cushing no existía en 1009, él fue un eminente neurocirujano que vivió entre 1869 y 1939 (6.

  16. In vitro-in vivo correlation study for the dermatopharmacokinetics of terbinafine hydrochloride topical cream.

    Saeheng, Suwadee; Nosoongnoen, Wichit; Varothai, Supenya; Sathirakul, Korbtham


    To investigate the relationship between dermatopharmacokinetic (DPK) tape stripping from in vitro and in vivo using 1% terbinafine hydrochloride topical cream as the model formulation. In vitro and in vivo tape strippings were conducted on separated pig ear skin used as a biological membrane for franz diffusion cell testing and the non-hairy skin area at the ventral forearms of healthy volunteers, respectively. Terbinafine (1%) topical cream was applied to the skin for 0.5, 2, and 4 h. The drug profiles of terbinafine across the stratum corneum were determined immediately (time 0 h), and at 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 h after removing the formulation. The amounts of terbinafine were analyzed by a validated high-performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet method. The area under the curve (AUC) and the maximum amounts of terbinafine absorption (Q(max)) were obtained from pharmacokinetic software. Partition coefficient (K(SC/veh)) and diffusion parameter (D/L²) were derived from the Fick's second law equation. During the schedule time of 8 h, the deviations of in vitro and in vivo data were 6.61 and 30.46% for AUC and Q(max), respectively. There was insignificant difference of the K(SC/veh) and the D/L² between excised pig ear and human skin. In addition, K(SC/veh) and D/L² at T(max) of 2 h were used to predict the AUC presented the value of 4.7481 %h whereas the true value calculated from pharmacokinetic software provided the value of 5.9311 %h differing from each other in approximate of 20%. In vitro tape stripping using the separated pig ear skin as a viable membrane of the franz diffusion cell testing demonstrates the potential to represent in vivo tape stripping in human for topical bioavailability/bioequivalence study of terbinafine hydrochloride 1% topical cream.

  17. Temperature data from Norwegian and Russian waters of the northern Barents Sea collected by free-living ringed seals

    Lydersen, Christian; Anders Nøst, Ole; Kovacs, Kit M.; Fedak, Mike A.


    Free-living ringed seals ( N=11) equipped with satellite-relayed data loggers (SRDLs) with incorporated oceanographic-quality temperature sensors were used to collect data from a large sector of the northern Barents Sea during the autumn and early winter. A total of 2346 temperature profiles were collected over a 4-month period from Norwegian and Russian arctic waters in areas that were at times 90-100% ice-covered. Temperature distributions at different depths from northeastern parts of Svalbard, Norway show warm North Atlantic water (NAW) flowing along the continental slope and gradually cooling at all depths as it flows eastwards. The data suggest that most of the cooling takes place west of 30°E. Vertical temperature profiles from the area between Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, Russia show how the surface water cools during freeze-up and demonstrate a warm water flow, which is probably NAW, coming in from the north through a deep trench west of Franz Josef Land. Global oceanographic and climate models require improved oceanographic databases from crucial areas where important hydrological phenomena occur. Such areas in arctic waters are often inaccessible during winter and logistically difficult to reach even in summer. The present study demonstrates how large amounts of oceanographic information can be collected and retrieved in a cost-efficient manner using ice-associated marine mammals as carrier of oceanographic sampling equipment. In addition to the oceanographic value of the data collected by marine mammals in this manner, a vast amount of information regarding the habitat of these animals is concomitantly sampled.

  18. Lo fantástico más allá de la vacilación: la representación mimética del miedo en dos cuentos de Bioy Casares y Cortázar

    Andreas Kurz


    Full Text Available El artículo revisa algunos conceptos y definiciones de lo fantástico literario y pretende diferenciarlo de lo postulado por el realismo mágico y lo real maravilloso. Se proponen como textos clave al respecto: el libro de Franz Roh que da nombre al realismo mágico, la historia de la literatura fantástica, por H. P. Lovecraft; así como la tesis de ‘das Unheimliche’, de S. Freud. A manera de hipótesis, establecemos el carácter mimético de la literatura fantástica que representa el miedo, en oposición a la idea de vacilación expuesta por Todorov. Finalmente, pretendemos testar nuestra hipótesis mediante el análisis de dos cuentos canónicos escritos por Bioy Casares y Cortázar. This article explains some concepts and definitions of fantastic literature and tries to separate them from ´realismo mágico’ and ‘lo real maravilloso’. Franz Roh’s book, H. P. Lovecraft’s history of fantastic literature and Freud’s concept of the ‘unheimlich’ are used as key texts to reach this aim. Our principal hypothesis states the mimetic character and the representation of fear as the main ingredients of fantastic literature, opposing the idea of vacillation exposed by Todorov. We try to test our hypothesis in the analysis of two canonical short stories by Bioy Casares and Cortázar

  19. Anxiety and Politics

    Franz L Neumann


    Franz Leopold Neumann (1900-1954 was a political theorist associated with the Frankfurt School. He obtained a doctoral degree in legal studies at the University of Frankfurt with the dissertation „Rechtsphilosophische Einleitung zu einer Abhandlung über das Verhältnis von Staat und Strafe“ (A Legal-Philosophical Introduction to A Treatise on the Relationship between the State and Punishment. Neumann became the German Social Democratic Party’s (SPD main legal advisor at a time when the Nazis and Hitler gained strength in Germany. At the time when Hitler came to power in 1933, the legal office had to be closed and Neumann had to flee from Germany. In London, he in 1936 obtained his second doctoral degree from the London School of Economics with the work “The Governance of the Rule of Law” under the supervision of Harold Laski and Karl Mannheim. Neumann moved to New York in 1936, where he became a member of the Institute of Social Research (also known as the “Frankfurt School” that was then in exile in the USA. In 1942, he started working for the Office of Strategic Service (OSS, where he together with Herbert Marcuse and Otto Kirchheimer analysed Nazi Germany. In 1942, Neumann published his main book is Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism, 1933–1944 (2nd, updated edition published in 1944, one of the most profound analyses of Nazi Germany’s political economy and ideology. Franz L. Neumann died in 1954 in a car accident.

  20. Formulation and in Vitro, ex Vivo and in Vivo Evaluation of Elastic Liposomes for Transdermal Delivery of Ketorolac Tromethamine

    Néstor Mendoza


    Full Text Available The objective of the current study was to formulate ketorolac tromethamine-loaded elastic liposomes and evaluate their in vitro drug release and their ex vivo and in vivo transdermal delivery. Ketorolac tromethamine (KT, which is a potent analgesic, was formulated in elastic liposomes using Tween 80 as an edge activator. The elastic vesicles were prepared by film hydration after optimizing the sonication time and number of extrusions. The vesicles exhibited an entrapment efficiency of 73 ± 11%, vesicle size of 127.8 ± 3.4 nm and a zeta potential of −12 mV. In vitro drug release was analyzed from liposomes and an aqueous solution, using Franz diffusion cells and a cellophane dialysis membrane with molecular weight cut-off of 8000 Da. Ex vivo permeation of KT across pig ear skin was studied using a Franz diffusion cell, with phosphate buffer (pH 7.4 at 32 °C as receptor solution. An in vivo drug permeation study was conducted on healthy human volunteers using a tape-stripping technique. The in vitro results showed (i a delayed release when KT was included in elastic liposomes, compared to an aqueous solution of the drug; (ii a flux of 0.278 mg/cm2h and a lag time of about 10 h for ex vivo permeation studies, which may indicate that KT remains in the skin (with the possibility of exerting a local effect before reaching the receptor medium; (iii a good correlation between the total amount permeated, the penetration distance (both determined by tape stripping and transepidermal water loss (TEWL measured during the in vivo permeation studies. Elastic liposomes have the potential to transport the drug through the skin, keep their size and drug charge, and release the drug into deep skin layers. Therefore, elastic liposomes hold promise for the effective topical delivery of KT.