Sample records for expansion joints

  1. Bridges Expansion Joints


    Sergey W. Kozlachkow


    The survey is concerned with the expansion joints, used in bridge constructions to compensate medium and significant operational linear and spatial displacements between adjacent spans or between bridge span and pier. The analysis of design features of these types of expansion joints, their advantages and disadvantages, based on operational experience justified the necessity to design constructions, meeting the modern demands imposed to expansion joints.

  2. Bridges Expansion Joints

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey W. Kozlachkow


    Full Text Available The survey is concerned with the expansion joints, used in bridge constructions to compensate medium and significant operational linear and spatial displacements between adjacent spans or between bridge span and pier. The analysis of design features of these types of expansion joints, their advantages and disadvantages, based on operational experience justified the necessity to design constructions, meeting the modern demands imposed to expansion joints.

  3. Bridges Expansion Joints

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sergey W. Kozlachkow


    .... The analysis of design features of these types of expansion joints, their advantages and disadvantages, based on operational experience justified the necessity to design constructions, meeting...

  4. Simplifying Bridge Expansion Joint Design and Maintenance (United States)


    This report presents a study focused on identifying the most durable expansion joints for the South : Carolina Department of Transportation. This is performed by proposing a degradation model for the : expansion joints and updating it based on bridge...

  5. 46 CFR 61.15-12 - Nonmetallic expansion joints. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Nonmetallic expansion joints. 61.15-12 Section 61.15-12... INSPECTIONS Periodic Tests of Piping Systems § 61.15-12 Nonmetallic expansion joints. (a) Nonmetallic expansion joints must be examined externally at each inspection for certification and periodic inspection...

  6. Rapid replacement of bridge deck expansion joints study - phase I. (United States)


    Bridge deck expansion joints are used to allow for movement of the bridge deck due to thermal expansion, dynamics loading, and : other factors. More recently, expansion joints have also been utilized to prevent the passage of winter de-icing chemical...

  7. Large expansion joint movement test; Teste de movimentacao de juntas de expansao de grande porte

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Medeiros, Jorivaldo; Veiga, Jordana Luiza Barbosa da Costa [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Veiga, Jose Carlos [Teadit, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper show the results obtained in a movement test realized on metallic bellows expansion joints used in the turbo expander duct system. A test device was developed. For dada acquisition a dynamometer was used and the tests were performed on gimbal expansion joints type. The joints were pressurized with water during the test. Data acquisition was realized at the design, operation and room pressure. The expansion joints were tested rotating them to the design angular movement of 3 deg and 6 deg degrees. The reactions for each degree of movement were recorded during loading and unloading. The tests confirmed that the expansion joints presented no-interference from construction, which configure in an adequate acceptance proceeding. It was noted the influence of internal pressure on reaction forces during expansion joints movements, these forces are not taken into consideration on theoretical calculations of EJMA design equations. The influence of friction on expansion joints hinges are significant and shall be considered on piping design and mitigated using friction reduction devices. (author)

  8. Fractographic examination of coupons representing aircraft structural joints with and without hole cold expansion

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Yanishevsky, Marko; Li, Gang; Shi, Guoqin; Backman, David S


    In an effort to establish the potential benefits of hole cold expansion and interference fit fasteners for long term fatigue performance, coupons representing three types of aircraft structural joints...

  9. Rapid replacement of bridge deck expansion joints study - phase I : [tech transfer summary]. (United States)


    This initial research phase focused on documenting the current : means and methods of bridge expansion joint deterioration, : maintenance, and replacement and on identifying improvements : through all of the input gathered.

  10. Optical Fiber Sensors For Monitoring Joint Articulation And Chest Expansion Of A Human Body (United States)

    Muhs, Jeffrey D.; Allison, Stephen W.


    Fiber-optic sensors employing optical fibers of elastomeric material are incorporated in devices adapted to be worn by human beings in joint and chest regions for the purpose of monitoring and measuring the extent of joint articulation and chest expansion especially with respect to time.

  11. Flexible concrete link slabs used as expansion joints in bridge decks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lárusson, Lárus Helgi; Fischer, Gregor


    of water through the expansion joint and subsequent corrosion of girders and girder bearings. Investigations on joint-less superstructures using conventional steel reinforcement in so-called concrete link slabs indicate improved performance and economic feasibility. However, this concept requires...... reinforcement serves as a flexible concrete element between the adjacent deck segments. The use of an Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) material instead of conventional concrete significantly reduces crack widths under service conditions and prevents deterioration of the link slab in the tension...

  12. Recommendations for the use of precast deck panels at expansion joints (United States)


    Prestressed concrete panels have been used by the bridge construction industry in the state of Texas for many : years to increase construction speed and improve safety and economy. At expansion joints, cast-in-place concrete : is used and requires te...

  13. Mechanical stability of the LHC dipole-dipole 50-75K thermal shield interconnect "floating" expansion joint concept

    CERN Document Server

    Skoczen, Blazej


    The LHC dipole cryostats are equipped with thermal shields carrying super-insulation. A cold helium transfer line equipped with expansion joints is integrated into the shield carrying trays (aluminium profiles supported on three composite feet). The stainless steel (316 L) expansion joints compensate for thermal contraction/expansion of the aluminium panels as well as for their misalignment. Design of the LHC thermal shield interconnect is based on the "floating" expansion joint concept (distance between the supports is of around 5 m). The present paper is dedicated to the analysis of mechanical stability of this large span system working at room and at cryogenic temperatures.

  14. Cosmological constraints from a joint analysis of cosmic growth and expansion (United States)

    Moresco, M.; Marulli, F.


    Combining measurements on the expansion history of the Universe and on the growth rate of cosmic structures is key to discriminate between alternative cosmological frameworks and to test gravity. Recently, Linder proposed a new diagram to investigate the joint evolutionary track of these two quantities. In this letter, we collect the most recent cosmic growth and expansion rate data sets to provide the state-of-the-art observational constraints on this diagram. By performing a joint statistical analysis of both probes, we test the standard Λcold dark matter model, confirming a mild tension between cosmic microwave background predictions from Planck mission and cosmic growth measurements at low redshift (z generation dark-energy mission forecasts, we show that growth rate constraints at z > 1 will be crucial to discriminate between alternative models.

  15. Repair boundary for parent tube indications within the upper joint zone of hybrid expansion joint (HEJ) sleeved tubes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cullen, W.K.; Keating, R.F. [Westinghouse Electric, Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    In the Spring and Fall of 1994, and the Spring of 1995, crack-like indications were found in the upper hybrid expansion joint (HEJ) region of Steam Generator (S/G) tubes which had been sleeved using Westinghouse HEJ sleeves. As a result of these findings, analytic and test evaluations were performed to assess the effect of the degradation on the structural, and leakage, integrity of the sleeve/tube joint relative to the requirements of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission`s (NRC) draft Regulatory Guide (RG) 1.121. The results of these evaluations demonstrated that tubes with implied or known crack-like circumferential parent tube indications (PTIs) located 1.1 inches or farther below the bottom of the hardroll upper transition, have sufficient, and significant, integrity relative to the requirements of RG 1.121. Thus, the purpose of this report is to provide background information related to the justification of the modified tube repair boundary.

  16. 3D numerical model of tube-tubesheet joint roller expansion process (United States)

    Alexouli, D.; Bøjesen, D.; Bøystrup, L. R.; Klose, C. R.; Nikolov, G. N.; Nielsen, K. B.


    The tube-tubesheet joint by roller expansion process is widely used for the manufacturing of heat exchangers. The industry experiences quality issues with the joint, due to over or under expansion of the tubes. The paper focuses on the numerical modelling of the rolling process, and verification by experiments. The numerical model is simulated using LS-DYNA, where the motion of the rollers is included to simulate the step-wise plastic deformation of the tube. The model is built in 3D, with plane strain assumption for a section of the tube-tubesheet. The tubesheet structure is included in the model to obtain a realistic and appropriate stiffness behaviour. The experiments are investigated using optical measuring equipment, where the Micro Vickers Hardness and the grain structure of the tube in the plastic deformed zone are evaluated. The paper investigates the validity of modelling the tube-tubesheet expansion process with inclusion of the rollers. The input deck for LS-DYNA is available on request, from Karl Brian Nielsen.

  17. Numerical investigation of noise generation and radiation from an existing modular expansion joint between prestressed concrete bridges (United States)

    Ghimire, Jhabindra P.; Matsumoto, Yasunao; Yamaguchi, Hiroki; Kurahashi, Itsumi


    Noise generated from modular bridge expansion joints during vehicle pass-bys has caused localized environmental problems in Japan and elsewhere. The objective of this study was to understand the mechanism of noise generation and radiation from a modular expansion joint installed in an expressway bridge. A numerical investigation was conducted in order to understand the dynamic characteristics of the joint and the acoustic characteristics of the sound field around the joint that measurements cannot reveal due to their limitations, such as the number of measurement locations that are required. Vibro-acoustic analysis was conducted by using the finite element method-boundary element method (FEM-BEM) approach: dynamic analysis of the joint was carried out by FEM and the sound fields inside the cavity located beneath the joint and outside of the cavity were analyzed by BEM. It was concluded that dominant frequency components in the sound pressure inside the cavity were due to excitation of the structural modes of the joint and/or acoustic modes of the cavity. For the expansion joint investigated, the sound field farther than about 35 m from the joint-cavity center could be considered as far field in the range of 50-400 Hz.

  18. Bridge Expansion Joint in Road Transition Curve: Effects Assessment on Heavy Vehicles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paola Di Mascio


    Full Text Available Properly-designed road surfaces provide a durable surface on which traffic can pass smoothly and safely. In fact, the main causes that determine the structural decay of the pavement and its parts are the traffic loads. These repeated actions can create undesirable unevennesses on the road surface, which induce vertical accelerations on vehicles, up to hindering contact between pavement and tire, with dangerous consequences on traffic safety. The dynamic actions transmitted by the vehicles depend on these irregularities: often, a bridge expansion joint (BEJ, introducing a necessary discontinuity between different materials, determines from the beginning a geometric irregularity in the running surface. Besides, some structural conditions could emphasize the problem (e.g., local cracking due to the settlement of the subgrade near the abutment or the discontinuity of stiffness due to the presence of different materials. When the BEJ is located in a transition curve, an inevitable vertical irregularity between road and joint can reach values of some centimeters, with serious consequences for the road safety. This paper deals with the analysis of a case study of a BEJ. Several test surveys were performed in order to fully characterize the effects on both vehicles and pavement. The three-dimensional representation of the pavement surface and the acceleration measurements on a heavy test vehicle were performed to analyze the joint behavior under traffic. Finally, a finite element model was implemented to evaluate the stress contribution on vehicle components induced by the vertical irregularities.

  19. Vibration monitoring of long bridges and their expansion joints and seismic devices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Islami Kleidi


    Full Text Available This paper presents a number of recently installed Structural Health Monitoring (SHM systems: a on a 2km double suspension bridge; b on a long railway viaduct that has experienced cracking; and c on a steel arch bridge in a seismically active area. Damage detection techniques have been applied based on high-frequency measurements of vibrations, pressure and strain, enabling a proper understanding of the structures’ behaviour to be gained. The diverse range of applications presented, designed in collaboration with structure owners and design engineers, includes damage detection on expansion joints of suspension bridges, crack analysis and correlation with accelerations of high-speed trains, and high-frequency performance monitoring of seismic devices. These case studies, based on both static and dynamic approaches, demonstrate the usefulness and ease of use of such systems, and the enormous gains in efficiency they offer.

  20. Field tests on total gap of modular expansion joints to avoid bridge pounding

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bo eLi


    Full Text Available Modular expansion joints (MEJs are used for accommodating large relative displacements of adjacent bridge segments and for completely eliminating pounding. However, the minimum total gap that an MEJ needs to avoid pounding is not well investigated. To provide guidance for the seismic gap of MEJs, the maximum relative displacement of adjacent bridge segments subject to strong earthquakes was studied experimentally. To date, no experimental investigation of excitation spatial variation effect on bridge on natural soil has been reported. This research addressed a bridge with three identical segments of 100 m. A 1:22 scale bridge model founded on compacted beach sand was tested using electro-magnetic inertial exciters. Different ground motions were applied to the model to simulate the effect of spatially varying ground motions. Soil-structure interaction (SSI was studied by comparing the minimum total gaps with those obtained from the fixed-based experiments in the laboratory. The spatially varying ground motions were simulated based on the New Zealand design spectra for soft soil, shallow soil and strong rock conditions using an empirical coherency loss function. SSI was found to reduce the minimum total gap of an MEJ needed to avoid pounding between adjacent segments. Under spatially varying ground motions designing adjacent bridge segments with identical or similar fundamental frequencies is still recommended even if it does not necessarily preclude an out-of-phase movement of adjacent structures.

  1. Study of the causes and identification of the dominant mechanisms of failure of bellows expansion joints used in district heating system pipelines at MOEK (United States)

    Tomarov, G. V.; Nikolaev, A. E.; Semenov, V. N.; Shipkov, A. A.; Shepelev, S. V.


    The results of laboratory studies of material properties and of numerical and analytical investigations to assess the stress-strain state of the metal of the bellows expansion joints used in the district heating system pipelines at MOEK subjected to corrosion failure are presented. The main causes and the dominant mechanisms of failure of the expansion joints have been identified. The influence of the initial crevice defects and the operating conditions on the features and intensity of destruction processes in expansion joints used in the district heating system pipelines at MOEK has been established.

  2. Testing for identification of locking, maintenance and ratification of large expansion joints; Teste para identificacao de travamento, manutencao e aceitacao de junta de expansao de grande porte

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Veiga, Jordana Luiza Barbosa da Costa; Lemos, Ricardo Jose Fernandes; Medeiros, Jorivaldo [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Piping systems connected to large machines must have high reliability. In particular systems that have traditionally turbo expander large diameter and operate at high temperatures (up to 760 deg C) and low pressure (less than 4 kgf/cm2). This paper focuses on verification, maintenance and ratification of the correct functioning of expansion joints ('JE') of a piping system (72 inches external diameter), connected to a turbo expander system. After verification of 'JE's' locking, it was necessary to intervene in the system to restore the correct operation, for reasons of delivery, only maintenance was carried out in the expansion joints connected to this system. These expansion joints were tested before and after the maintenance to ensure proper operation after installation and verify that the locking system had its origin in 'JE'. This paper presents the degradation observed in JE, maintenance performed and the results of the tests. (author)

  3. Ceramic joints (United States)

    Miller, Bradley J.; Patten, Jr., Donald O.


    Butt joints between materials having different coefficients of thermal expansion are prepared having a reduced probability of failure of stress facture. This is accomplished by narrowing/tapering the material having the lower coefficient of thermal expansion in a direction away from the joint interface and not joining the narrow-tapered surface to the material having the higher coefficient of thermal expansion.

  4. Live fate-mapping of joint-associated fibroblasts visualizes expansion of cell contributions during zebrafish fin regeneration. (United States)

    Tornini, Valerie A; Thompson, John D; Allen, Raymond L; Poss, Kenneth D


    The blastema is a mass of progenitor cells responsible for regeneration of amputated salamander limbs and fish fins. Previous studies have indicated that resident cell sources producing the blastema contribute lineage-restricted progeny to regenerating tissue. However, these studies have labeled general cell types rather than granular cell subpopulations, and they do not explain the developmental transitions that must occur for distal structures to arise from cells with proximal identities in the appendage stump. Here, we find that regulatory sequences of tph1b, which encodes an enzyme that synthesizes serotonin, mark a subpopulation of fibroblast-like cells restricted to the joints of uninjured adult zebrafish fins. Amputation stimulates serotonin production in regenerating fin fibroblasts, yet targeted tph1b mutations abrogating this response do not disrupt fin regeneration. In uninjured animals, tph1b-expressing cells contribute fibroblast progeny that remain restricted to joints throughout life. By contrast, upon amputation, tph1b+ joint cells give rise to fibroblasts that distribute across the entire lengths of regenerating fin rays. Our experiments visualize and quantify how incorporation into an appendage blastema broadens the progeny contributions of a cellular subpopulation that normally has proximodistal restrictions. © 2017. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.

  5. Maxillary Expansion


    Agarwal, Anirudh; Mathur, Rinku


    ABSTRACT Maxillary transverse discrepancy usually requires expansion of the palate by a combination of orthopedic and orthodontic tooth movements. Three expansion treatment modalities are used today: rapid maxillary expansion, slow maxillary expansion and surgically assisted maxillary expansion.This article aims to review the maxillary expansion by all the three modalities and a brief on commonly used appliances.

  6. Improved bridge joint materials and design details. (United States)


    Expansion joints accommodate bridge movements that result from factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, concrete shrinkage, creep effects, live loading, settlement of the foundation and substructure, and environmental stressors. Expansion j...

  7. Experimental use of Evazote joint materials (United States)

    Coley, J. O.


    The performance of Evazote joint material is discussed. Merits and shortcomings noted in evaluations are listed. This material is designed to be used in expansion joints in roadways, bridges, sidewalks, roofs and walls, as well as other areas requiring a waterproof filler. Evazote material has been placed in joints on one bridge and in a number of highly expansive joints in prestressed concrete pavement.

  8. expansion method

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this paper, we shall apply the (G /G)-expansion method to obtain the exact travelling wave solution of the two-dimensional ... In §3, we apply our method to the mentioned equations. In §4, some conclusions are ..... The exact solution obtained by this method can be used to check computer codes or as initial condition for ...

  9. Performance indicator of a bridge expansion joint

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kalkman, I.M.; Lentzen, S.S.K.; Courage, W.M.G.; Napoles, O.M.; Galanti, F.M.B.


    In general the condition of a structure can be assessed in terms of a performance indicator. For example, this can be the strength of a structure. An asset manager is concerned with ensuring that the performance of a structure does not fall below a given minimum level. This can be achieved by

  10. Joint ventures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Karsten Engsig

    Afhandlingen analysere de konkurrenceretlige og selskabsretlige regler som er bestemmende for hvordan et joint venture samarbejde er struktureret......Afhandlingen analysere de konkurrenceretlige og selskabsretlige regler som er bestemmende for hvordan et joint venture samarbejde er struktureret...

  11. Joint Disorders (United States)

    A joint is where two or more bones come together, like the knee, hip, elbow, or shoulder. Joints can be damaged by many types of injuries or diseases, including Arthritis - inflammation of a joint. It causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. Over time, ...

  12. On skin expansion. (United States)

    Pamplona, Djenane C; Velloso, Raquel Q; Radwanski, Henrique N


    This article discusses skin expansion without considering cellular growth of the skin. An in vivo analysis was carried out that involved expansion at three different sites on one patient, allowing for the observation of the relaxation process. Those measurements were used to characterize the human skin of the thorax during the surgical process of skin expansion. A comparison between the in vivo results and the numerical finite elements model of the expansion was used to identify the material elastic parameters of the skin of the thorax of that patient. Delfino's constitutive equation was chosen to model the in vivo results. The skin is considered to be an isotropic, homogeneous, hyperelastic, and incompressible membrane. When the skin is extended, such as with expanders, the collagen fibers are also extended and cause stiffening in the skin, which results in increasing resistance to expansion or further stretching. We observed this phenomenon as an increase in the parameters as subsequent expansions continued. The number and shape of the skin expanders used in expansions were also studied, both mathematically and experimentally. The choice of the site where the expansion should be performed is discussed to enlighten problems that can lead to frustrated skin expansions. These results are very encouraging and provide insight into our understanding of the behavior of stretched skin by expansion. To our knowledge, this study has provided results that considerably improve our understanding of the behavior of human skin under expansion. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. NATO Expansion and Alternative Future Security Alignments, (United States)


    International Security," a joint paper by the Institute for USA and Canada and the Center for Naval Analysis, June 1992. 11. Malcolm Mackintosh , "Reform in the...former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Fred C. Ikle, who opposes NATO expansion, has observed that "This remedy may seem all the more urgent as...opposition to NATO expansion include Fred C. Ikl6, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Charles Kupchan, a former member of the U.S. National

  14. Joint Injection/Aspiration (United States)

    ... A Patient / Caregiver Treatments Joint Injection / Aspiration Joint Injections (Joint Aspirations) Fast Facts Joint aspiration is used ... is derived from a joint aspiration or joint injection? Joint aspiration usually is done for help with ...

  15. Joint Commission (United States)

    ... Commission Websites Quick Links The Center for Transforming Healthcare Blogs DataMart Event ... Table of Contents and Abstracts for The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety Monday October 2, ...

  16. Joint pain (United States)

    ... or conditions. It may be linked to arthritis , bursitis , and muscle pain . No matter what causes it, ... Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus Bursitis Chondromalacia patellae Crystals in the joint: Gout (especially ...

  17. Conformal expansions and renormalons

    CERN Document Server

    Brodsky, S J; Grunberg, G; Rathsman, J; Brodsky, Stanley J.; Gardi, Einan; Grunberg, Georges; Rathsman, Johan


    The coefficients in perturbative expansions in gauge theories are factoriallyincreasing, predominantly due to renormalons. This type of factorial increaseis not expected in conformal theories. In QCD conformal relations betweenobservables can be defined in the presence of a perturbative infraredfixed-point. Using the Banks-Zaks expansion we study the effect of thelarge-order behavior of the perturbative series on the conformal coefficients.We find that in general these coefficients become factorially increasing.However, when the factorial behavior genuinely originates in a renormalonintegral, as implied by a postulated skeleton expansion, it does not affect theconformal coefficients. As a consequence, the conformal coefficients willindeed be free of renormalon divergence, in accordance with previousobservations concerning the smallness of these coefficients for specificobservables. We further show that the correspondence of the BLM method with theskeleton expansion implies a unique scale-setting procedure. Th...

  18. Edgeworth expansion for the pre-averaging estimator

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Podolskij, Mark; Veliyev, Bezirgen; Yoshida, Nakahiro

    asymptotic variance. Our approach is based on martingale embedding, Malliavin calculus and stable central limit theorems for continuous diffusions. Moreover, we derive the density expansion for the studentized statistic, which might be applied to construct asymptotic confidence regions.......In this paper, we study the Edgeworth expansion for a pre-averaging estimator of quadratic variation in the framework of continuous diffusion models observed with noise. More specifically, we obtain a second order expansion for the joint density of the estimators of quadratic variation and its...

  19. Resonant state expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lind, P.


    The completeness properties of the discrete set of bound state, virtual states and resonances characterizing the system of a single nonrelativistic particle moving in a central cutoff potential is investigated. From a completeness relation in terms of these discrete states and complex scattering states one can derive several Resonant State Expansions (RSE). It is interesting to obtain purely discrete expansion which, if valid, would significantly simplify the treatment of the continuum. Such expansions can be derived using Mittag-Leffler (ML) theory for a cutoff potential and it would be nice to see if one can obtain the same expansions starting from an eigenfunction theory that is not restricted to a finite sphere. The RSE of Greens functions is especially important, e.g. in the continuum RPA (CRPA) method of treating giant resonances in nuclear physics. The convergence of RSE is studied in simple cases using square well wavefunctions in order to achieve high numerical accuracy. Several expansions can be derived from each other by using the theory of analytic functions and one can the see how to obtain a natural discretization of the continuum. Since the resonance wavefunctions are oscillating with an exponentially increasing amplitude, and therefore have to be interpreted through some regularization procedure, every statement made about quantities involving such states is checked by numerical calculations.Realistic nuclear wavefunctions, generated by a Wood-Saxon potential, are used to test also the usefulness of RSE in a realistic nuclear calculation. There are some fundamental differences between different symmetries of the integral contour that defines the continuum in RSE. One kind of symmetry is necessary to have an expansion of the unity operator that is idempotent. Another symmetry must be used if we want purely discrete expansions. These are found to be of the same form as given by ML. (29 refs.).

  20. Virial Expansion Bounds (United States)

    Tate, Stephen James


    In the 1960s, the technique of using cluster expansion bounds in order to achieve bounds on the virial expansion was developed by Lebowitz and Penrose (J. Math. Phys. 5:841, 1964) and Ruelle (Statistical Mechanics: Rigorous Results. Benjamin, Elmsford, 1969). This technique is generalised to more recent cluster expansion bounds by Poghosyan and Ueltschi (J. Math. Phys. 50:053509, 2009), which are related to the work of Procacci (J. Stat. Phys. 129:171, 2007) and the tree-graph identity, detailed by Brydges (Phénomènes Critiques, Systèmes Aléatoires, Théories de Jauge. Les Houches 1984, pp. 129-183, 1986). The bounds achieved by Lebowitz and Penrose can also be sharpened by doing the actual optimisation and achieving expressions in terms of the Lambert W-function. The different bound from the cluster expansion shows some improvements for bounds on the convergence of the virial expansion in the case of positive potentials, which are allowed to have a hard core.

  1. Wake Expansion Models

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Branlard, Emmanuel Simon Pierre


    Different models of wake expansion are presented in this chapter: the 1D momentum theory model, the cylinder analog model and Theodorsen’s model. Far wake models such as the ones from Frandsen or Rathmann or only briefly mentioned. The different models are compared to each other. Results from thi...... this chapter are used in Chap. 16 to link near-wake and far-wake parameters and in Chap. 20 to study the influence of expansion on tip-losses....

  2. Nuclear expansion with excitation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De, J.N. [Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700064 (India); Departament d' Estructura i Constituents de la Materia, Facultat de Fisica, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona (Spain); Samaddar, S.K. [Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1/AF Bidhannagar, Kolkata 700064 (India); Vinas, X. [Departament d' Estructura i Constituents de la Materia, Facultat de Fisica, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona (Spain); Centelles, M. [Departament d' Estructura i Constituents de la Materia, Facultat de Fisica, Universitat de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, 08028 Barcelona (Spain)]. E-mail:


    The expansion of an isolated hot spherical nucleus with excitation energy and its caloric curve are studied in a thermodynamic model with the SkM{sup *} force as the nuclear effective two-body interaction. The calted results are shown to compare well with the recent experimental data from energetic nuclear collisions. The fluctuations in temperature and density are also studied. They are seen to build up very rapidly beyond an excitation energy of {approx}9 MeV/u. Volume-conserving quadrupole deformation in addition to expansion indicates, however, nuclear disassembly above an excitation energy of {approx}4 MeV/u.

  3. Uniform gradient expansions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Massimo Giovannini


    Full Text Available Cosmological singularities are often discussed by means of a gradient expansion that can also describe, during a quasi-de Sitter phase, the progressive suppression of curvature inhomogeneities. While the inflationary event horizon is being formed the two mentioned regimes coexist and a uniform expansion can be conceived and applied to the evolution of spatial gradients across the protoinflationary boundary. It is argued that conventional arguments addressing the preinflationary initial conditions are necessary but generally not sufficient to guarantee a homogeneous onset of the conventional inflationary stage.

  4. Joint purpose?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pristed Nielsen, Helene


    of anti-discrimination in Europe today? And what empirical evidence may be found for such a joint approach? The paper discusses how the contemporary EU context differs from the American context which prompted Crenshaw to raise the point about intersectionality, and it analyses documents and interviews...

  5. AUTO-EXPANSIVE FLOW (United States)

    Physics suggests that the interplay of momentum, continuity, and geometry in outward radial flow must produce density and concomitant pressure reductions. In other words, this flow is intrinsically auto-expansive. It has been proposed that this process is the key to understanding...

  6. Rethinking expansive learning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kolbæk, Ditte; Lundh Snis, Ulrika

    discussion forum on Google groups, they created new ways of reflecting and learning. We used netnography to select qualitative postings from the online community and expansive learning concepts for data analysis. The findings show how students changed practices of organisational learning...

  7. Joint Hypermobility: What Causes Loose Joints? (United States)

    ... result in a higher incidence of dislocations and sprains. Your doctor might suggest physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles surrounding these joints. See your doctor if your loose joints also cause you pain. Rarely, joint hypermobility is a sign ...

  8. IKEA's International Expansion


    Harapiak, Clayton


    This case concerns a global retailing firm that is dealing with strategic management and marketing issues. Applying a scenario of international expansion, this case provides a thorough analysis of the current business environment for IKEA. Utilizing a variety of methods (e.g. SWOT, PESTLE, McKinsey Matrix) the overall objective is to provide students with the opportunity to apply their research skills and knowledge regarding a highly competitive industry to develop strategic marketing strateg...

  9. Character expansion of matrix integrals


    van de Leur, J. W.; Orlov, A. Yu.


    We consider character expansion of tau functions and multiple integrals in characters of orhtogonal and symplectic groups. In particular we consider character expansions of integrals over orthogonal and over symplectic matrices.

  10. Joint mobilization. (United States)

    Saunders, Deborah Gross; Walker, J Randy; Levine, David


    Therapeutic touch has been used in human beings to soothe aches and pains. Most dogs also seem to enjoy being touched. Manual therapy techniques are skilled hand movements intended to improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion; induce relaxation; mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction. The intent of this article is to provide an overview of the principles of manual therapy, followed by selected treatment techniques for the hip, stifle, elbow, shoulder, carpus.and thoracic and lumbar spine. The techniques of G.D. Maitland, an Australian physical therapist who developed a clinically based approach in the 1960s and 1970s, are emphasized.

  11. Reliability of Tubular Joints

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Thoft-Christensen, Palle

    In this paper the preliminary results obtained by tests on tubular joints are presented. The joints are T-joints and the loading is static. It is the intention in continuation of these tests to perform tests on other types of joints (e.g. Y-joints) and also with dynamic loading. The purpose of th...

  12. Conformal expansions and renormalons

    CERN Document Server

    Gardi, E; Gardi, Einan; Grunberg, Georges


    The large-order behaviour of QCD is dominated by renormalons. On the other hand renormalons do not occur in conformal theories, such as the one describing the infrared fixed-point of QCD at small beta_0 (the Banks--Zaks limit). Since the fixed-point has a perturbative realization, all-order perturbative relations exist between the conformal coefficients, which are renormalon-free, and the standard perturbative coefficients, which contain renormalons. Therefore, an explicit cancellation of renormalons should occur in these relations. The absence of renormalons in the conformal limit can thus be seen as a constraint on the structure of the QCD perturbative expansion. We show that the conformal constraint is non-trivial: a generic model for the large-order behaviour violates it. We also analyse a specific example, based on a renormalon-type integral over the two-loop running-coupling, where the required cancellation does occur.

  13. Permissible limit for mandibular expansion. (United States)

    Motoyoshi, Mitsuru; Shirai, Sawa; Yano, Shinya; Nakanishi, Kotoe; Shimizu, Noriyoshi


    In recent years, mandibular expansion has been increasingly performed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Lateral tipping of the molars associated with mandibular expansion should, however, be considered, because excessive expansion may result in excessive buccal tooth inclination, which may disturb the occlusal relationship. This study was conducted to quantitatively clarify molar movement during mandibular expansion using the Schwarz appliance to determine the permissible limit of mandibular expansion as a clinical index for inclination movement. Inclinations in the masticatory surface of the first molar and intermolar width were measured before expansion (T1), after expansion (T2), and before edgewise treatment (T3). Lower plaster models from 29 subjects treated with expansion plates were used and compared with models from 11 control subjects with normal occlusion. The average treatment change (T1-T2) in intermolar width was 5.42 mm (standard deviation 1.98), and the average angle of buccal tooth inclination was 10.16 degrees (standard deviation 3.83). No significant correlation was found between age prior to treatment and the treatment period when they were compared with the intermolar width increments and inclination angles. There was a significant positive correlation between retention duration and the amount of expansion. The regression coefficient of the angle of buccal tooth inclination during expansion to the increment of the intermolar width was approximately 0.2. This means that 1 mm of expansion is accompanied by 5 degrees of molar lateral tipping. This coefficient is clinically useful for estimating the permissible limit for mandibular expansion.

  14. Joint Replacement (Finger and Wrist Joints) (United States)

    ... artificial joint Damage to vessels, nerves or other structures in the region of the surgery Alternatives Some alternate procedures for treating arthritis include: Joint injections Oral medications such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines Hand therapy exercises and ...

  15. Joint x-ray (United States)

    X-ray - joint; Arthrography; Arthrogram ... x-ray technologist will help you position the joint to be x-rayed on the table. Once in place, pictures are taken. The joint may be moved into other positions for more ...

  16. Burial Ground Expansion Hydrogeologic Characterization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaughan , T.F.


    Sirrine Environmental Consultants provided technical oversight of the installation of eighteen groundwater monitoring wells and six exploratory borings around the location of the Burial Ground Expansion.

  17. Convergence of generalized eigenfunction expansions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mayumi Sakata


    Full Text Available We present a simplified theory of generalized eigenfunction expansions for a commuting family of bounded operators and with finitely many unbounded operators. We also study the convergence of these expansions, giving an abstract type of uniform convergence result, and illustrate the theory by giving two examples: The Fourier transform on Hecke operators, and the Laplacian operators in hyperbolic spaces.

  18. On the Bantu expansion. (United States)

    Rowold, Daine J; Perez-Benedico, David; Stojkovic, Oliver; Garcia-Bertrand, Ralph; Herrera, Rene J


    Here we report the results of fine resolution Y chromosomal analyses (Y-SNP and Y-STR) of 267 Bantu-speaking males from three populations located in the southeast region of Africa. In an effort to determine the relative Y chromosomal affinities of these three genotyped populations, the findings are interpreted in the context of 74 geographically and ethnically targeted African reference populations representing four major ethno-linguistic groups (Afro-Asiatic, Niger Kordofanin, Khoisan and Pygmoid). In this investigation, we detected a general similarity in the Y chromosome lineages among the geographically dispersed Bantu-speaking populations suggesting a shared heritage and the shallow time depth of the Bantu Expansion. Also, micro-variations in the Bantu Y chromosomal composition across the continent highlight location-specific gene flow patterns with non-Bantu-speaking populations (Khoisan, Pygmy, Afro-Asiatic). Our Y chromosomal results also indicate that the three Bantu-speaking Southeast populations genotyped exhibit unique gene flow patterns involving Eurasian populations but fail to reveal a prevailing genetic affinity to East or Central African Bantu-speaking groups. In addition, the Y-SNP data underscores a longitudinal partitioning in sub-Sahara Africa of two R1b1 subgroups, R1b1-P25* (west) and R1b1a2-M269 (east). No evidence was observed linking the B2a haplogroup detected in the genotyped Southeast African Bantu-speaking populations to gene flow from contemporary Khoisan groups. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. TOPICAL REVIEW: Negative thermal expansion (United States)

    Barrera, G. D.; Bruno, J. A. O.; Barron, T. H. K.; Allan, N. L.


    There has been substantial renewed interest in negative thermal expansion following the discovery that cubic ZrW2O8 contracts over a temperature range in excess of 1000 K. Substances of many different kinds show negative thermal expansion, especially at low temperatures. In this article we review the underlying thermodynamics, emphasizing the roles of thermal stress and elasticity. We also discuss vibrational and non-vibrational mechanisms operating on the atomic scale that are responsible for negative expansion, both isotropic and anisotropic, in a wide range of materials.

  20. Thermal Expansion of Polyurethane Foam (United States)

    Lerch, Bradley A.; Sullivan, Roy M.


    Closed cell foams are often used for thermal insulation. In the case of the Space Shuttle, the External Tank uses several thermal protection systems to maintain the temperature of the cryogenic fuels. A few of these systems are polyurethane, closed cell foams. In an attempt to better understand the foam behavior on the tank, we are in the process of developing and improving thermal-mechanical models for the foams. These models will start at the microstructural level and progress to the overall structural behavior of the foams on the tank. One of the key properties for model characterization and verification is thermal expansion. Since the foam is not a material, but a structure, the modeling of the expansion is complex. It is also exacerbated by the anisoptropy of the material. During the spraying and foaming process, the cells become elongated in the rise direction and this imparts different properties in the rise direction than in the transverse directions. Our approach is to treat the foam as a two part structure consisting of the polymeric cell structure and the gas inside the cells. The polymeric skeleton has a thermal expansion of its own which is derived from the basic polymer chemistry. However, a major contributor to the thermal expansion is the volume change associated with the gas inside of the closed cells. As this gas expands it exerts pressure on the cell walls and changes the shape and size of the cells. The amount that this occurs depends on the elastic and viscoplastic properties of the polymer skeleton. The more compliant the polymeric skeleton, the more influence the gas pressure has on the expansion. An additional influence on the expansion process is that the polymeric skeleton begins to breakdown at elevated temperatures and releases additional gas species into the cell interiors, adding to the gas pressure. The fact that this is such a complex process makes thermal expansion ideal for testing the models. This report focuses on the thermal


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bolívar Alencar Ribeiro


    Full Text Available This work was based in a detailed analysis of supplied informations by SIES/MTE, the major database about Solidary Economy in Brazil. The object of this study was the expansion of the solidary economy in the south region of Brazil. This way the general objective to understand and to analyze the expansion of the solidary economy in the south region of Brazil. Thereby search to demonstrate the considerable expansion of activities under the principles of Economics Solidary, this occured on the crisis of formal employment in the decade of 1990, and your apex of growth after the year 2000, when this began to configure how public policy at national. This expansion it was given of differentiated form in Rio Grande do Sul state in general and in pioneering municipalities in the actions that involved the Solidary Economy. Had been considered as hypotheses for this expansion the actions of support entities and the implantation of public politics of support the solidary economy. The research it showed that existence of entities of support, governmental actions,organization capacity of the involved ones beyond the accumulation of experiences is that propitiates matureness of the joint around the solidary economy and induces the creation of public politics of support.

  2. An improved numerical model of the tube-tubesheet joint rolling process

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Søren Bøgelund; Gervang, Bo; Ibsen, Claus Hessler


    The focus of this paper is the numerical modeling of the mechanical tube expansion process, called roller expansion, used in tube to tubesheet joints in heat exchangers. The paper compares a novel finite element based model with previously used models. The numerical models are compared...... in the numerical models. These methods provide enough information about the expanded joint to come to the conclusion that the novel method is superior to the existing models at describing the mechanical rolling process...

  3. Butt Joint Tool Commissioning

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martovetsky, N N


    ITER Central Solenoid uses butt joints for connecting the pancakes in the CS module. The principles of the butt joining of the CICC were developed by the JAPT during CSMC project. The difference between the CSMC butt joint and the CS butt joint is that the CS butt joint is an in-line joint, while the CSMC is a double joint through a hairpin jumper. The CS butt joint has to carry the hoop load. The straight length of the joint is only 320 mm, and the vacuum chamber around the joint has to have a split in the clamp shell. These requirements are challenging. Fig.1 presents a CSMC joint, and Fig.2 shows a CS butt joint. The butt joint procedure was verified and demonstrated. The tool is capable of achieving all specified parameters. The vacuum in the end was a little higher than the target, which is not critical and readily correctable. We consider, tentatively that the procedure is established. Unexpectedly, we discover significant temperature nonuniformity in the joint cross section, which is not formally a violation of the specs, but is a point of concern. All testing parameters are recorded for QA purposes. We plan to modify the butt joining tool to improve its convenience of operation and provide all features necessary for production of butt joints by qualified personnel.

  4. Strategic Complexity and Global Expansion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Oladottir, Asta Dis; Hobdari, Bersant; Papanastassiou, Marina


    The purpose of this paper is to analyse the determinants of global expansion strategies of newcomer Multinational Corporations (MNCs) by focusing on Iceland, Israel and Ireland. We argue that newcomer MNCs from small open economies pursue complex global expansion strategies (CGES). We distinguish....... The empirical evidence suggests that newcomer MNCs move away from simplistic dualities in the formulation of their strategic choices towards more complex options as a means of maintaining and enhancing their global competitiveness....

  5. Estimates of expansion time scales (United States)

    Jones, E. M.

    Monte Carlo simulations of the expansion of a spacefaring civilization show that descendants of that civilization should be found near virtually every useful star in the Galaxy in a time much less than the current age of the Galaxy. Only extreme assumptions about local population growth rates, emigration rates, or ship ranges can slow or halt an expansion. The apparent absence of extraterrestrials from the solar system suggests that no such civilization has arisen in the Galaxy.

  6. Joint Replacement (Finger and Wrist Joints) (United States)

    ... alternate procedures for treating arthritis include: Joint injections Oral medications such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines Hand therapy exercises and protective splints Arthrodesis surgery to fuse bones together, which relieves pain by eliminating motion be-tween damaged joint surfaces ...

  7. Generalised joint hypermobility and knee joint hypermobility

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Junge, Tina; Henriksen, Peter; Hansen, Sebrina


    AIM: Several biomechanical factors, such as knee joint hypermobility (KJH), are suggested to play a role in the etiology of knee joint symptoms and knee osteoarthritis. Nevertheless, the prevalence or consequences of KJH solely or included in the classification of generalized joint hypermobility...... (GJHk) is unknown for a general population. Therefore, the objectives were to report the prevalence of self-reported GJHk and KJH, as well as the association of these conditions to knee joint symptoms, severity and duration of symptoms, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in a Danish adult...... population. METHOD: This study is a cross-sectional population-based survey of 2056 Danish adults. Respondents received online questionnaires of GJHk and KJH, knee joint symptoms, the severity and duration of these, as well as HRQoL. RESULTS: Total response rate was 49% (n = 1006). The prevalence of self...

  8. MP Joint Arthritis (United States)

    ... crack extends into the joint Certain medical conditions ( rheumatoid arthritis , gout and pseudogout , psoriasis, etc.) Infections, often after a cut, puncture or animal bites where bacteria are introduced into the joint and cause rapid ...

  9. Knee joint replacement - slideshow (United States)

    ... this page: // Knee joint replacement - series—Normal anatomy To use the ... to slide 4 out of 4 Overview The knee is a complex joint. It contains the distal ...

  10. Managing Joint Production Motivation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lindenberg, Siegwart; Foss, Nicolai Juul


    We contribute to the microfoundations of organizational performance by proffering the construct of joint production motivation. Under such motivational conditions individuals see themselves as part of a joint endeavor, each with his or her own roles and responsibilities; generate shared...... representations of actions and tasks; cognitively coordinate cooperation; and choose their own behaviors in terms of joint goals. Using goal-framing theory, we explain how motivation for joint production can be managed by cognitive/symbolic management and organizational design....

  11. Distal radioulnar joint injuries


    Thomas, Binu P.; Raveendran Sreekanth


    Distal radioulnar joint is a trochoid joint relatively new in evolution. Along with proximal radioulnar joint , forearm bones and interosseous membrane, it allows pronosupination and load transmission across the wrist. Injuries around distal radioulnar joint are not uncommon, and are usually associated with distal radius fractures,fractures of the ulnar styloid and with the eponymous Galeazzi or Essex_Lopresti fractures. The injury can be purely involving the soft tissue especially the triang...

  12. Reed's Conjecture on hole expansions

    CERN Document Server

    Fouquet, Jean-Luc


    In 1998, Reed conjectured that for any graph $G$, $\\chi(G) \\leq \\lceil \\frac{\\omega(G) + \\Delta(G)+1}{2}\\rceil$, where $\\chi(G)$, $\\omega(G)$, and $\\Delta(G)$ respectively denote the chromatic number, the clique number and the maximum degree of $G$. In this paper, we study this conjecture for some {\\em expansions} of graphs, that is graphs obtained with the well known operation {\\em composition} of graphs. We prove that Reed's Conjecture holds for expansions of bipartite graphs, for expansions of odd holes where the minimum chromatic number of the components is even, when some component of the expansion has chromatic number 1 or when a component induces a bipartite graph. Moreover, Reed's Conjecture holds if all components have the same chromatic number, if the components have chromatic number at most 4 and when the odd hole has length 5. Finally, when $G$ is an odd hole expansion, we prove $\\chi(G)\\leq\\lceil\\frac{\\omega(G)+\\Delta(G)+1}{2}\\rceil+1$.

  13. International joint ventures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Karsten Engsig


    The article analysis problems connected with corporate joint ventures. Among others the possible conflicts between the joint venture agreement and the statutes of the companies is examined, as well as certain problems connected to the fact that the joint venture partners have created commen contr...

  14. Low thermal expansion glass ceramics

    CERN Document Server


    This book is one of a series reporting on international research and development activities conducted by the Schott group of companies With the series, Schott aims to provide an overview of its activities for scientists, engineers, and managers from all branches of industry worldwide where glasses and glass ceramics are of interest Each volume begins with a chapter providing a general idea of the current problems, results, and trends relating to the subjects treated This volume describes the fundamental principles, the manufacturing process, and applications of low thermal expansion glass ceramics The composition, structure, and stability of polycrystalline materials having a low thermal expansion are described, and it is shown how low thermal expansion glass ceramics can be manufactured from appropriately chosen glass compositions Examples illustrate the formation of this type of glass ceramic by utilizing normal production processes together with controlled crystallization Thus glass ceramics with thermal c...

  15. Low Thermal Expansion Glass Ceramics

    CERN Document Server

    Bach, Hans


    This book appears in the authoritative series reporting the international research and development activities conducted by the Schott group of companies. This series provides an overview of Schott's activities for scientists, engineers, and managers from all branches of industry worldwide in which glasses and glass ceramics are of interest. Each volume begins with a chapter providing a general idea of the current problems, results, and trends relating to the subjects treated. This new extended edition describes the fundamental principles, the manufacturing process, and applications of low thermal expansion glass ceramics. The composition, structure, and stability of polycrystalline materials having a low thermal expansion are described, and it is shown how low thermal expansion glass ceramics can be manufactured from appropriately chosen glass compositions. Examples illustrate the formation of this type of glass ceramic by utilizing normal production processes together with controlled crystallization. Thus g...

  16. Thermal Expansion of Hafnium Carbide (United States)

    Grisaffe, Salvatore J.


    Since hafnium carbide (HfC) has a melting point of 7029 deg. F, it may have many high-temperature applications. A literature search uncovered very little information about the properties of HfC, and so a program was initiated at the Lewis Research Center to determine some of the physical properties of this material. This note presents the results of the thermal expansion investigation. The thermal-expansion measurements were made with a Gaertner dilatation interferometer calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 1 deg. F. This device indicates expansion by the movement of fringes produced by the cancellation and reinforcement of fixed wave-length light rays which are reflected from the surfaces of two parallel quartz glass disks. The test specimens which separate these disks are three small cones, each approximately 0.20 in. high.

  17. Repeated expansion in burn sequela. (United States)

    Pitanguy, Ivo; Gontijo de Amorim, Natale Ferreira; Radwanski, Henrique N; Lintz, José Eduardo


    This paper presents a retrospective study of the use of 346 expanders in 132 patients operated at the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic, between the period of 1985 and 2000. The expanders were used in the treatment of burn sequela. In the majority of cases, more than one expander was used at the same time. In 42 patients, repeated tissue expansion was done. The re-expanded flaps demonstrated good distension and viability. With the increase in area at each new expansion, larger volume expanders were employed, achieving an adequate advancement of the flaps to remove the injured tissue. The great advantage of using tissue re-expansion in the burned patient is the reconstruction of extensive areas with the same color and texture of neighboring tissues, without the addition of new scars.

  18. Distributed Aperture Coherence-synthetic Radar Joint Antenna Gain Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhou Baoliang


    Full Text Available By the synthesis of multi-radar electromagnetic wave space energy, Distributed Aperture Coherencesynthetic Radar (DACR achieves long-range power detection via multi-radar airspace expansion to realize high-precision target angle measurement. DACR has the advantages of strong survival ability, a high cost- effectiveness ratio, high angular accuracy, strong expandability, and easy realization. In this article, we analyze the joint antenna gain of a non-directional multi-point source and, given the theoretical derivation and simulation analysis, we establish a distributed-array-antenna geometric model, analyze the joint antenna pattern and gain, respectively, and determine that the joint antenna gain is approximately equal to the unit radar number and the unit radar gain product. Lastly, we perform a joint antenna gain simulation using HFSS software to further verify the joint antenna gain results.

  19. 18 CFR 154.309 - Incremental expansions. (United States)


    ... Changes § 154.309 Incremental expansions. (a) For every expansion for which incremental rates are charged... 18 Conservation of Power and Water Resources 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Incremental expansions... incremental facilities to be rolled-in to the pipeline's rates. For every expansion that has an at-risk...

  20. Asymptotic chaos expansions in finance theory and practice

    CERN Document Server

    Nicolay, David


    Stochastic instantaneous volatility models such as Heston, SABR or SV-LMM have mostly been developed to control the shape and joint dynamics of the implied volatility surface. In principle, they are well suited for pricing and hedging vanilla and exotic options, for relative value strategies or for risk management. In practice however, most SV models lack a closed form valuation for European options. This book presents the recently developed Asymptotic Chaos Expansions methodology (ACE) which addresses that issue. Indeed its generic algorithm provides, for any regular SV model, the pure asymptotes at any order for both the static and dynamic maps of the implied volatility surface. Furthermore, ACE is programmable and can complement other approximation methods. Hence it allows a systematic approach to designing, parameterising, calibrating and exploiting SV models, typically for Vega hedging or American Monte-Carlo. Asymptotic Chaos Expansions in Finance illustrates the ACE approach for single underlyings (suc...

  1. Low-thermal expansion infrared glass ceramics (United States)

    Lam, Philip


    L2 Tech, Inc. is in development of an innovative infrared-transparent glass ceramic material with low-thermal expansion (ZrW2O8) which has Negative Thermal Expansion (NTE). The glass phase is the infrared-transparent germanate glass which has positive thermal expansion (PTE). Then glass ceramic material has a balanced thermal expansion of near zero. The crystal structure is cubic and the thermal expansion of the glass ceramic is isotropic or equal in all directions.

  2. Expansive Openness in Teacher Practice (United States)

    Kimmons, Royce


    Background/Context: Previous work on the use of open educational resources in K-12 classrooms has generally focused on issues related to cost. The current study takes a more expansive view of openness that also accounts for adaptation and sharing in authentic classroom contexts. Purpose/Objective/Research Question/Focus of Study The study seeks to…

  3. On Fourier re-expansions


    Liflyand, E.


    We study an extension to Fourier transforms of the old problem on absolute convergence of the re-expansion in the sine (cosine) Fourier series of an absolutely convergent cosine (sine) Fourier series. The results are obtained by revealing certain relations between the Fourier transforms and their Hilbert transforms.

  4. On persistently positively expansive maps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Arbieto


    Full Text Available In this paper, we prove that any C¹-persistently positively expansive map is expanding. This improves a result due to Sakai (Sakai 2004.Neste artigo, mostramos que todo mapa C¹-persistentemente positivamente expansivo e expansor. Isto melhora um resultado devido a Sakai (Sakai 2004.

  5. The bootstrap and edgeworth expansion

    CERN Document Server

    Hall, Peter


    This monograph addresses two quite different topics, in the belief that each can shed light on the other. Firstly, it lays the foundation for a particular view of the bootstrap. Secondly, it gives an account of Edgeworth expansion. Chapter 1 is about the bootstrap, witih almost no mention of Edgeworth expansion; Chapter 2 is about Edgeworth expansion, with scarcely a word about the bootstrap; and Chapters 3 and 4 bring these two themes together, using Edgeworth expansion to explore and develop the properites of the bootstrap. The book is aimed a a graduate level audience who has some exposure to the methods of theoretical statistics. However, technical details are delayed until the last chapter (entitled "Details of Mathematical Rogour"), and so a mathematically able reader without knowledge of the rigorous theory of probability will have no trouble understanding the first four-fifths of the book. The book simultaneously fills two gaps in the literature; it provides a very readable graduate level account of t...

  6. Multiscale expansions in discrete world

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... multiscale expansions discretely. The power of this manageable method is confirmed by applying it to two selected nonlinear Schrödinger evolution equations. This approach can also be applied to other nonlinear discrete evolution equations. All the computations have been made with Maple computer packet program.

  7. Large N Expansion. Vector Models


    Nissimov, Emil; Pacheva, Svetlana


    Preliminary version of a contribution to the "Quantum Field Theory. Non-Perturbative QFT" topical area of "Modern Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics" (SELECTA), eds. Aref'eva I, and Sternheimer D, Springer (2007). Consists of two parts - "main article" (Large N Expansion. Vector Models) and a "brief article" (BPHZL Renormalization).

  8. Effective Expansion: Balance between Shrinkage and Hygroscopic Expansion. (United States)

    Suiter, E A; Watson, L E; Tantbirojn, D; Lou, J S B; Versluis, A


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between hygroscopic expansion and polymerization shrinkage for compensation of polymerization shrinkage stresses in a restored tooth. One resin-modified glass-ionomer (RMGI) (Ketac Nano, 3M ESPE), 2 compomers (Dyract, Dentsply; Compoglass, Ivoclar), and a universal resin-based composite (Esthet•X HD, Dentsply) were tested. Volumetric change after polymerization ("total shrinkage") and during 4 wk of water storage at 37°C was measured using an optical method (n= 10). Post-gel shrinkage was measured during polymerization using a strain gauge method (n= 10). Extracted human molars with large mesio-occluso-distal slot preparations were restored with the tested restorative materials. Tooth surfaces at baseline (preparation), after restoration, and during 4 wk of 37°C water storage were scanned with an optical scanner to determine cuspal flexure (n= 8). Occlusal interface integrity was measured using dye penetration. Data were analyzed using analysis of variance and post hoc tests (significance level 0.05). All tested materials shrunk after polymerization. RMGI had the highest total shrinkage (4.65%) but lowest post-gel shrinkage (0.35%). Shrinkage values dropped significantly during storage in water but had not completely compensated polymerization shrinkage after 4 wk. All restored teeth initially exhibited inward (negative) cuspal flexure due to polymerization shrinkage. Cuspal flexure with the RMGI restoration was significantly less (-6.4 µm) than with the other materials (-12.1 to -14.1 µm). After 1 d, cuspal flexure reversed to +5.0 µm cuspal expansion with the RMGI and increased to +9.3 µm at 4 wk. After 4 wk, hygroscopic expansion compensated cuspal flexure in a compomer (Compoglass) and reduced flexure with Dyract and resin-based composite. Marginal integrity (93.7% intact restoration wall) was best for the Compoglass restorations and lowest (73.1%) for the RMGI restorations. Hygroscopic

  9. Elbow joint instability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olsen, Bo Sanderhoff; Henriksen, M G; Søjbjerg, Jens Ole


    The effect of simultaneous ulnar and radial collateral ligament division on the kinematics of the elbow joint is studied in a cadaveric model. Severance of the anterior part of the ulnar collateral ligament and the annular ligament led to significant elbow joint instability in valgus and varus...... of the specimens was recorded. The reproducibility of the instability pattern suggests that this model is suitable for evaluating stabilizing procedures aimed at correction of elbow joint instability before these procedures are introduced into patient care....

  10. Jointly Poisson processes


    Johnson, D. H.; Goodman, I. N.


    What constitutes jointly Poisson processes remains an unresolved issue. This report reviews the current state of the theory and indicates how the accepted but unproven model equals that resulting from the small time-interval limit of jointly Bernoulli processes. One intriguing consequence of these models is that jointly Poisson processes can only be positively correlated as measured by the correlation coefficient defined by cumulants of the probability generating functional.

  11. Shrub expansion in SW Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Rasmus Halfdan

    , and has a range of ecosystem effects where it occurs. Shrub expansion has to a large extend been attributed to increasing temperatures over the past century, while grazing and human disturbance have received less attention. Alnus viridis ssp. crispa is a common arctic species that contributes...... including only undisturbed sites. Shrub cover increased most on E and SE facing slopes, in sites with stable substrate, in areas characterised by human disturbance and in areas without muskoxen grazing. Aspect and human disturbances had the strongest effect on shrub expansion, followed by muskoxen...... locations. A. viridis represents an interesting case to study these effects. SW Greenland is a subarctic to low-arctic region with only limited increases in temperatures during the past decades, and observed climate trends being largely dependent on the observation period. In this region there is limited...

  12. Shrub expansion in SW Greenland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Rasmus Halfdan

    of firewood collection. A delayed reaction to the ending of the little ice age cannot be excluded, but seems rather unlikely considering other studies from Greenland. Effects of global warming in SW Greenland must be studied over even longer time periods than the 120 years of the current study. To answer......, and has a range of ecosystem effects where it occurs. Shrub expansion has to a large extend been attributed to increasing temperatures over the past century, while grazing and human disturbance have received less attention. Alnus viridis ssp. crispa is a common arctic species that contributes...... by factors like grazing and human disturbance; II. which climatic factors control shrub growth in SW Greenland and whether these have improved sufficiently over the past century to allow shrub expansion; III. whether growth of A. viridis is promoted by experimental warming; IV. and whether plant genotypes...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriel BURLACU,


    Full Text Available Axial lenticular compensators are made to take over the longitudinal heat expansion, shock , vibration and noise, made elastic connections for piping systems. In order to have a long life for installations it is necessary that all elements, including lenticular compensators, have a good reliability. This desire can be did by technology of manufactoring and assembly of compensators, the material for lenses and by maintenance.of compensator

  14. MR diagnosis of temporomandibular joint. A study of joint effusion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kaneda, Takashi; Yamashiro, Mitsuaki; Ozawa, Kaoru; Suzuki, Hiromi; Okada, Hiroyuki; Yamamoto, Hirotsugu [Nihon Univ., Matsudo, Chiba (Japan). School of Dentistry


    The purposes of this study were to evaluate the relationship between correlation of MR joint effusion of the temporomandibular joint and disk position, to evaluate the relationship between joint effusion and aging, and to assess the frequency of MR joint effusion of bilateral temporomandibular joints. The temporomandibular joints of 192 patients with clinical symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders were imaged bilaterally using high field, surface-coil MR imaging. Oblique sagittal and coronal proton density-weighted and T2-weighted images were obtained. Imaging findings of joint effusion were correlated with disk position, aging, and bilateral temporomandibular joints. MR showed effusion in 4% of the joints with normal superior disk position, 36% of the joints with disk displacement with reduction, and 45% of the joints with disk displacement without reduction. There were significant differences in the incidence of joint effusion between normal disk position and anterior disk displacement with or without reduction. Younger patients less than 40 years were significant higher the incidence of joint effusion than those of older patients. A significant association was seen between joint effusion and aging. MR showed effusion in 17% of the unilateral temporomandibular joint, 24% of the bilateral temporomandibular joints. There was no significant difference between unilateral and bilateral case. These results indicated that joint effusion using MR imaging was associated with varied temporomandibular joint pathologic states. (author)

  15. Creep of timber joints

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van de Kuilen, J.W.G.


    A creep analysis has been performed on nailed, toothed-plates and split-ring joints in a varying uncontrolled climate. The load levels varied between 30% and 50% of the average ultimate short term strength of these joints, tested in accordance with ISO 6891. The climate in which the tests were

  16. 13. Sacroiliac joint pain

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vanelderen, P.; Szadek, K.M.; Cohen, S.P.; Witte, J.; Lataster, A.; Patijn, J.; Mekhail, N.; van Kleef, M.; van Zundert, J.


    The sacroiliac joint accounts for approximately 16% to 30% of cases of chronic mechanical low back pain. Pain originating in the sacroiliac joint is predominantly perceived in the gluteal region, although pain is often referred into the lower and upper lumbar region, groin, abdomen, and/ or lower

  17. 48 CFR 570.403 - Expansion requests. (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Expansion requests. 570.403 Section 570.403 Federal Acquisition Regulations System GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION SPECIAL... Continued Space Requirements 570.403 Expansion requests. (a) If the expansion space is in the general scope...

  18. Homogeneity and Strength of Mortar Joints in Pearl-Chain Bridges

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund, Mia Schou Møller; Arvidsson, Michael; Hansen, Kurt Kielsgaard


    The load carrying mortar joints in Pearl-Chain Bridges are cast vertically which means that they have a placing depth of up to 2.40 m. In the present paper, the feasibility of casting 2.40 m high homogeneous vertical mortar joints is examined. Three high-strength, expansive, self-compacting, read.......40 m high mortar joints. Moreover, the strength of the three mortars meets the requirements for the Pearl-Chain Bridge application. However, when inspected two of the mortars had many surface air bubbles which is a serious concern regarding durability of the mortar joints....

  19. Expansion of protein domain repeats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asa K Björklund


    Full Text Available Many proteins, especially in eukaryotes, contain tandem repeats of several domains from the same family. These repeats have a variety of binding properties and are involved in protein-protein interactions as well as binding to other ligands such as DNA and RNA. The rapid expansion of protein domain repeats is assumed to have evolved through internal tandem duplications. However, the exact mechanisms behind these tandem duplications are not well-understood. Here, we have studied the evolution, function, protein structure, gene structure, and phylogenetic distribution of domain repeats. For this purpose we have assigned Pfam-A domain families to 24 proteomes with more sensitive domain assignments in the repeat regions. These assignments confirmed previous findings that eukaryotes, and in particular vertebrates, contain a much higher fraction of proteins with repeats compared with prokaryotes. The internal sequence similarity in each protein revealed that the domain repeats are often expanded through duplications of several domains at a time, while the duplication of one domain is less common. Many of the repeats appear to have been duplicated in the middle of the repeat region. This is in strong contrast to the evolution of other proteins that mainly works through additions of single domains at either terminus. Further, we found that some domain families show distinct duplication patterns, e.g., nebulin domains have mainly been expanded with a unit of seven domains at a time, while duplications of other domain families involve varying numbers of domains. Finally, no common mechanism for the expansion of all repeats could be detected. We found that the duplication patterns show no dependence on the size of the domains. Further, repeat expansion in some families can possibly be explained by shuffling of exons. However, exon shuffling could not have created all repeats.

  20. Contribution of thermal expansion and

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available A theoretical model is developed to describe the experimental results obtained for the isobaric thermal conductivity of rare gas solids (RGS. The isobaric thermal conductivity of RGS has been analysed within Debye approximation with regard to the effect of thermal expansion. The suggested model takes into consideration the fact that thermal conductivity is determined by U-processes while above the phonon mobility edge it is determined by "diffusive" modes migrating randomly from site to site. The mobility edge ω0 is determined from the condition that the phonon mean-free path restricted by the U-processes cannot be smaller than half of the phonon wavelength.

  1. Gravitational entropy of cosmic expansion

    CERN Document Server

    Sussman, Roberto A


    We apply a recent proposal to define "gravitational entropy" to the expansion of cosmic voids within the framework of non-perturbative General Relativity. By considering CDM void configurations compatible with basic observational constraints, we show that this entropy grows from post-inflationary conditions towards a final asymptotic value in a late time fully non-linear regime described by the Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi (LTB) dust models. A qualitatively analogous behavior occurs if we assume a positive cosmological constant consistent with a $\\Lambda$-CDM background model. However, the $\\Lambda$ term introduces a significant suppression of entropy growth with the terminal equilibrium value reached at a much faster rate.

  2. Cerrejon expansion in a tight market?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pretelt, A. [Carbocol SA, Bogota (Colombia)


    Examines plans to expand Carbocol`s Cerrejon North Zone coal mine (Colombia). Covers: background; current status of the project; main features of the expansion (i.e. coal reserves, infrastructure, operating costs, expansion schedule and market factors); advantages of expansion; and Carbocol`s vision of the market. A positive decision to expand will depend on the results of a feasibility class III study which will define in exact terms the technical and economic aspects of the expansion and the best way to execute it. The study will be completed next year. The expansion programme should improve the profitability of the project. 10 figs.

  3. Appendicular joint dislocations. (United States)

    Hindle, Paul; Davidson, Eleanor K; Biant, Leela C; Court-Brown, Charles M


    This study defines the incidence and epidemiology of joint dislocations and subluxations of the appendicular skeleton. All patients presenting acutely to hospital with a dislocation or subluxation of the appendicular skeleton from a defined population were included in the study. There were 974 dislocations or subluxations over one year between the 1st November 2008 and the 31st October 2009. There was an overall joint dislocation incidence of 157/10(5)/year (188/10(5)/year in males and 128/10(5)/year in females). Males demonstrated a bimodal distribution with a peak incidence of 446/10(5)/year at 15-24 years old and another of 349/10(5)/year in those over 90 years. Females demonstrate an increasing incidence from the seventh decade with a maximum incidence of 520/10(5)/year in those over 90 years. The most commonly affected joints are the glenohumeral (51.2/10(5)/year), the small joints of the hand (29.9/10(5)/year), the patellofemoral joint (21.6/10(5)/year), the prosthetic hip (19.0/10(5)/year), the ankle (11.5/10(5)/year), the acromioclavicular joint (8.9/10(5)/year) and the elbow (5.5/10(5)/year). Unlike fractures, dislocations are more common in the both the most affluent and the most socially deprived sections of the population. Joint disruptions are more common than previously estimated. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Acromioclavicular joint dislocations. (United States)

    Babhulkar, Ashish; Pawaskar, Aditya


    Acromioclavicular (AC) dislocation is a common injury especially among sportsmen. There is still a lack of consensus on whether to conserve or operate type III AC joint dislocations. Even among surgeons inclined to operate AC joint dislocations there is no unanimity on which surgical technique. There are a plethora of choices between mechanical fixation or synthetic materials or biologic anatomic reconstructions. Even among surgeons, there is a choice between open repairs and the latest-arthroscopic reconstructions. This review of AC joint dislocations intends to analyze the available surgical options, a critical analysis of existing literature, actual technique of anatomic repair, and also accompanying complications.

  5. Anterior glenohumeral joint dislocations. (United States)

    Dodson, Christopher C; Cordasco, Frank A


    The glenohumeral joint is the most mobile articulation in the body and the most commonly dislocated diarthroidal joint. Anterior dislocation is by far the most common direction and can lead to instability of the glenohumeral joint, which ranges from subtle increased laxity to recurrent dislocation. Overtime, understanding of anterior shoulder dislocations and the resulting instability has improved. Likewise, significant advances in arthroscopic equipment have allowed use of the arthroscope to address anatomically the various lesions that cause instability. This article reviews the anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical evaluation, and treatment of anterior shoulder instability.

  6. Imagination as expansion of experience. (United States)

    Zittoun, Tania; Cerchia, Frédéric


    This paper proposes a developmental view on imagination: from this perspective, imagination can be seen as triggered by some disrupting event, which generates a disjunction from the person's unfolding experience of the "real" world, and as unfolding as a loop, which eventually comes back to the actual experience. Examining recent and classical theorization of imagination in psychology, the paper opposes a deficitary view of imagination to an expansive notion of imagination. The paper explores Piaget, Vygotsky, Harris and Pelaprat & Cole consider: 1) What does provoke a "rupture" or disjunction? 2) What are the psychological processes involved in the imaginary loop? 3) What nourishes such processes? 4) What are the consequences of such imaginary loop, or what does it enable doing? The paper proposes to adopt an expansive view of imagination, as Vygotsky proposed-a perspective that has been under-explored empirically since his seminal work. To stimulate such sociocultural psychology of imagination, two empirical examples are provided, one showing how children make sense of metaphor in an experimental setting, the other showing a young person using a novel met at school as symbolic resource.

  7. Fast algorithms for Quadrature by Expansion I: Globally valid expansions (United States)

    Rachh, Manas; Klöckner, Andreas; O'Neil, Michael


    The use of integral equation methods for the efficient numerical solution of PDE boundary value problems requires two main tools: quadrature rules for the evaluation of layer potential integral operators with singular kernels, and fast algorithms for solving the resulting dense linear systems. Classically, these tools were developed separately. In this work, we present a unified numerical scheme based on coupling Quadrature by Expansion, a recent quadrature method, to a customized Fast Multipole Method (FMM) for the Helmholtz equation in two dimensions. The method allows the evaluation of layer potentials in linear-time complexity, anywhere in space, with a uniform, user-chosen level of accuracy as a black-box computational method. Providing this capability requires geometric and algorithmic considerations beyond the needs of standard FMMs as well as careful consideration of the accuracy of multipole translations. We illustrate the speed and accuracy of our method with various numerical examples.

  8. Joint Quantum Institute (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) is pursuing that goal through the work of leading quantum scientists from the Department of Physics of the University of Maryland...

  9. Wrist joint assembly (United States)

    Kersten, L.; Johnson, J. D. (Inventor)


    A wrist joint assembly is provided for use with a mechanical manipulator arm for finely positioning an end-effector carried by the wrist joint on the terminal end of the manipulator arm. The wrist joint assembly is pivotable about a first axis to produce a yaw motion, a second axis is to produce a pitch motion, and a third axis to produce a roll motion. The wrist joint assembly includes a disk segment affixed to the terminal end of the manipulator arm and a first housing member, a second housing member, and a third housing member. The third housing member and the mechanical end-effector are moved in the yaw, pitch, and roll motion. Drive means are provided for rotating each of the housings about their respective axis which includes a cluster of miniature motors having spur gears carried on the output drive shaft which mesh with a center drive gear affixed on the housing to be rotated.

  10. Distal radioulnar joint injuries

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Thomas, Binu P; Sreekanth, Raveendran


    .... Injuries around distal radioulnar joint are not uncommon, and are usually associated with distal radius fractures,fractures of the ulnar styloid and with the eponymous Galeazzi or Essex_Lopresti fractures...

  11. Joint Aspiration (Arthrocentesis) (United States)

    ... include juvenile idiopathic arthritis (or JIA, formerly called rheumatoid arthritis, or JRA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and Lyme disease. Joint aspiration is diagnostic but it also can be therapeutic, helping to ...

  12. Improved orthopedic arm joint (United States)

    Dane, D. H.


    Joint permits smooth and easy movement of disabled arm and is smaller, lighter and less expensive than previous models. Device is interchangeable and may be used on either arm at the shoulder or at the elbow.

  13. Resealing concrete pavement joints (United States)


    The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the relative performance of the selected joint sealant materials. Other objectives were to determine the effect of selected sealant configurations and installation methods, and to identify sealant m...

  14. Concrete pavement joint deterioration. (United States)


    Concrete pavements are an important part of our national infrastructure. In recent years the relatively small number of reported joints deteriorating prematurely in concrete pavements around Indiana has increased. Changes over the past 45 years in IN...

  15. Joint Services Electronics Program. (United States)


    Compound Semiconductors." 4 ......... I-*. Univesity of California. Berkeley Electronics Research Laboratory Joint Services Electronics Program August 15...reduction techniques [SCH-66,MCG- 73,HAM-75], for essentially i educing the proportionality constant. A significant portion of the probabilistic literature

  16. Hip joint replacement (United States)

    ... a part of the pelvic bone called the acetabulum) The upper end of the thighbone (called the ... Other reasons for replacing the hip joint are: Fractures in the thigh bone. Older adults often have ...

  17. Successfully Developing Joint Leaders (United States)


    units” (HQ/USA, 1998, 4). For example, Infantrymen proceed to Fort Benning, Georgia, an Aviation officer to Fort Rucker , Alabama, an Armor officer...Supreme Command. New York, NY: Anchor Books, 2002. Colaizzi, Jennifer . “Pinnacle course offers two and three-star commanders joint education...Personal Interview. January 2005. Snider, Don M. “Jointess, Defense Transformation, and the Need for a New Joint Warfare Profession.” Parameters

  18. On the equisummability of Hermite and Fourier expansions

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We prove an equisummability result for the Fourier expansions and Hermite expansions as well as special Hermite expansions. We also prove the uniform boundedness of the Bochner-Riesz means associated to the Hermite expansions for polyradial functions.

  19. Relationship Development in Greenfield Expansions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Drogendijk, Rian; Andersson, Ulf


    This paper investigates conceptually how new Greenfield subsidiaries develop relationships over time. We focus our analysis on the earliest start-up stage of new Greenfield subsidiaries, and on the dynamics of relationships development with five different groups of actors within the MNC...... and the local environment of the new Greenfield. We argue that relationship strength, or the intensity of interaction and resource exchange, depends on the new Greenfield''s degree of dependence or interdependence within these relationships and develop propositions based on institutional theory, resource...... dependency theory and network approaches. In the concluding sections we suggest directions for future work to enhance understanding of the dynamics of relationship management in new Greenfield expansions....

  20. Expansion of Physician Assistant Education. (United States)

    Cawley, James F; Jones, P. Eugene; Miller, Anthony A; Orcutt, Venetia L


    Physician assistant (PA) educational programs were created in the 1960s to prepare a new type of health care practitioner. Physician assistant programs began as experiments in medical education, and later, they proved to be highly successful in preparing capable, flexible, and productive clinicians. The growth of PA educational programs in US medical education-stimulated by grants, public policy, and anticipated shortages of providers-has gone through 3 distinct phases. At present, such programs are in the midst of the third growth spurt that is expected to continue beyond 2020, as a large number of colleges and universities seek to sponsor PA programs and attain accreditation status. Characteristics of these new programs are described, and the implications of the current expansion of PA education are examined.

  1. Serial Tissue Expansion at the Same Site in Pediatric Patients: Is the Subsequent Expansion Faster?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moon Ki Lee


    Full Text Available Background Serial tissue expansion is performed to remove giant congenital melanocytic nevi. However, there have been no studies comparing the expansion rate between the subsequent and preceding expansions. In this study, we analyzed the rate of expansion in accordance with the number of surgeries, expander location, expander size, and sex. Methods A retrospective analysis was performed in pediatric patients who underwent tissue expansion for giant congenital melanocytic nevi. We tested four factors that may influence the expansion rate: The number of surgeries, expander location, expander size, and sex. The rate of expansion was calculated by dividing the ‘inflation amount’ by the ‘expander size’. Results The expansion rate, compared with the first-time group, was 1.25 times higher in the second-or-more group (P=0.04 and 1.84 times higher in the third-or-more group (P<0.01. The expansion rate was higher at the trunk than at other sites (P<0.01. There was a tendency of lower expansion rate for larger expanders (P=0.03. Sex did not affect the expansion rate. Conclusions There was a positive correlation between the number of surgeries and the expansion rate, a positive correlation between the expander location and the expansion rate, and a negative correlation between the expander size and the expansion rate.

  2. Pressurized electrolysis stack with thermal expansion capability (United States)

    Bourgeois, Richard Scott


    The present techniques provide systems and methods for mounting an electrolyzer stack in an outer shell so as to allow for differential thermal expansion of the electrolyzer stack and shell. Generally, an electrolyzer stack may be formed from a material with a high coefficient of thermal expansion, while the shell may be formed from a material having a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. The differences between the coefficients of thermal expansion may lead to damage to the electrolyzer stack as the shell may restrain the thermal expansion of the electrolyzer stack. To allow for the differences in thermal expansion, the electrolyzer stack may be mounted within the shell leaving a space between the electrolyzer stack and shell. The space between the electrolyzer stack and the shell may be filled with a non-conductive fluid to further equalize pressure inside and outside of the electrolyzer stack.

  3. The Standard Joint Unit. (United States)

    Casajuana Kögel, Cristina; Balcells-Olivero, María Mercedes; López-Pelayo, Hugo; Miquel, Laia; Teixidó, Lídia; Colom, Joan; Nutt, David John; Rehm, Jürgen; Gual, Antoni


    Reliable data on cannabis quantities is required to improve assessment of cannabis consumption for epidemiological analysis and clinical assessment, consequently a Standard Joint Unit (SJU) based on quantity of 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (9-THC) has been established. Naturalistic study of a convenience sample recruited from February 2015-June 2016 in universities, leisure spaces, mental health services and cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Adults, reporting cannabis use in the last 60 days, without cognitive impairment or language barriers, answered a questionnaire on cannabis use and were asked to donate a joint to further determine their 9-THC and Cannabidiol (CBD) content. 492 participants donated 315 valid joints. Donators were on average 29 years old, mostly men (77%), single (75%), with at least secondary studies (73%) and in active employment (63%). Marijuana joints (N=232) contained a median of 6.56mg of 9-THC (Interquartile range-IQR=10,22) and 0.02mg of CBD (IQR=0.02); hashish joints (N=83) a median of 7.94mg of 9-THC (IQR=10,61) and 3.24mg of CBD (IQR=3.21). Participants rolled 4 joints per gram of cannabis and paid 5€ per gram (median values). Consistent 9-THC-content in joints lead to a SJU of 7mg of 9-THC, the integer number closest to the median values shared by both cannabis types. Independently if marijuana or hashish, 1 SJU = 1 joint = 0.25 g of cannabis = 7 mg of 9-THC. For CBD, only hashish SJU contained relevant levels. Similarly to the Standard Drink Unit for alcohol, the SJU is useful for clinical, epidemiological and research purposes. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Fundamentals of Thermal Expansion and Thermal Contraction


    Liu, Zi-Kui; Shang, Shun-Li; Wang, Yi


    Thermal expansion is an important property of substances. Its theoretical prediction has been challenging, particularly in cases the volume decreases with temperature, i.e., thermal contraction or negative thermal expansion at high temperatures. In this paper, a new theory recently developed by the authors has been reviewed and further examined in the framework of fundamental thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Its applications to cerium with colossal thermal expansion and Fe3Pt with th...

  5. Auxin steers root cell expansion via apoplastic pH regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana. (United States)

    Barbez, Elke; Dünser, Kai; Gaidora, Angelika; Lendl, Thomas; Busch, Wolfgang


    Plant cells are embedded within cell walls, which provide structural integrity, but also spatially constrain cells, and must therefore be modified to allow cellular expansion. The long-standing acid growth theory postulates that auxin triggers apoplast acidification, thereby activating cell wall-loosening enzymes that enable cell expansion in shoots. Interestingly, this model remains heavily debated in roots, because of both the complex role of auxin in plant development as well as technical limitations in investigating apoplastic pH at cellular resolution. Here, we introduce 8-hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt (HPTS) as a suitable fluorescent pH indicator for assessing apoplastic pH, and thus acid growth, at a cellular resolution in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. Using HPTS, we demonstrate that cell wall acidification triggers cellular expansion, which is correlated with a preceding increase of auxin signaling. Reduction in auxin levels, perception, or signaling abolishes both the extracellular acidification and cellular expansion. These findings jointly suggest that endogenous auxin controls apoplastic acidification and the onset of cellular elongation in roots. In contrast, an endogenous or exogenous increase in auxin levels induces a transient alkalinization of the extracellular matrix, reducing cellular elongation. The receptor-like kinase FERONIA is required for this physiological process, which affects cellular root expansion during the gravitropic response. These findings pinpoint a complex, presumably concentration-dependent role for auxin in apoplastic pH regulation, steering the rate of root cell expansion and gravitropic response.

  6. A review of typical thermal fatigue failure models for solder joints of electronic components (United States)

    Li, Xiaoyan; Sun, Ruifeng; Wang, Yongdong


    For electronic components, cyclic plastic strain makes it easier to accumulate fatigue damage than elastic strain. When the solder joints undertake thermal expansion or cold contraction, different thermal strain of the electronic component and its corresponding substrate is caused by the different coefficient of thermal expansion of the electronic component and its corresponding substrate, leading to the phenomenon of stress concentration. So repeatedly, cracks began to sprout and gradually extend [1]. In this paper, the typical thermal fatigue failure models of solder joints of electronic components are classified and the methods of obtaining the parameters in the model are summarized based on domestic and foreign literature research.

  7. Structure and thermal expansion of liquid bismuth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mudry S.


    Full Text Available Experimental structural data for liquid Bi were used for estimation of the main structure parameters as well as the thermal expansion coefficient both in supercooled and superheated temperature ranges. It was shown that the equilibrium melt had a positive thermal expansion coefficient within a temperature range upon melting and a negative one at higher temperatures. The former was related to structure changes upon melting, whereas the latter with topologic disordering upon further heating. It was found that the superheated melt had a negative thermal expansion coefficient. The results obtained from structural data were compared with the thermal expansion coefficient calculated from the data of density for liquid Bi.

  8. Thermal expansion of L-ascorbic acid (United States)

    Nicolaï, B.; Barrio, M.; Tamarit, J.-Ll.; Céolin, R.; Rietveld, I. B.


    The specific volume of vitamin C has been investigated by X-ray powder diffraction as a function of temperature from 110 K up to complete degradation around 440 K. Its thermal expansion is relatively small in comparison with other organic compounds with an expansivity α v of 1.2(3) × 10-4 K-1. The structure consists of strongly bound molecules in the ac plane through a dense network of hydrogen bonds. The thermal expansion is anisotropic. Along the b axis, the expansion has most leeway and is about 10 times larger than in the other directions.

  9. Traumatic thumb carpometacarpal joint dislocations. (United States)

    Bosmans, B; Verhofstad, M H J; Gosens, T


    Isolated traumatic dislocation of the thumb carpometacarpal joint, also called the trapeziometacarpal joint, is a rare injury. Controversy still exists concerning which ligaments are the true key stabilizers for the joint and therefore need to be damaged to result in dislocation, and optimal treatment strategies for thumb carpometacarpal joint dislocations are the subject of continuing debate. We give a review of the literature concerning traumatic dislocations of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb and propose a treatment algorithm.

  10. Temporomandibular joint examination reviewed

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. Guarda Nardini


    Full Text Available The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ it’s a joint closely related to the skull base, the spine, and the jaws; all these anatomical structures must be taken in consideration when evaluating pain involving the tmj. In order to detect patients affected by pathology or dysfunctions of the tmj, physical examination is of great value in orienting the diagnosis. Inspection must consider the symmetry of the body, the dental status and the type of occlusion. Palpation is a way to assess contractiont involving the muscles of the masticatory system and of the neck. Auscultation, based on articular noise provides means to determine whether we are dealing with degeneration of the joint or a dislocation of the intrarticular disc. In order to confirm the diagnosis obtained with the clinical evaluation, it’s useful to perform imaging techniques as opt, tomography and TC of the tmj and electromyokineosiography – index of the mandibular functionality and of the muscles status. MRI and dynamic MRI are among the non invasive exams which give the greatest amount of information, regarding the disc position and the joint degeneration. Arthroscopy is an invasive technique that allows early diagnosis of degeneration and is helpful to reveal early inflammatory processes of the joint.

  11. Dissimilar metals joint evaluation (United States)

    Wakefield, M. E.; Apodaca, L. E.


    Dissimilar metals tubular joints between 2219-T851 aluminum alloy and 304L stainless steel were fabricated and tested to evaluate bonding processes. Joints were fabricated by four processes: (1) inertia (friction) weldings, where the metals are spun and forced together to create the weld; (2) explosive welding, where the metals are impacted together at high velocity; (3) co-extrusion, where the metals are extruded in contact at high temperature to promote diffusion; and (4) swaging, where residual stresses in the metals after a stretching operation maintain forced contact in mutual shear areas. Fifteen joints of each type were prepared and evaluated in a 6.35 cm (2.50 in.) O.D. size, with 0.32 cm (0.13 in.) wall thickness, and 7.6 cm (3.0 in) total length. The joints were tested to evaluate their ability to withstand pressure cycle, thermal cycle, galvanic corrosion and burst tests. Leakage tests and other non-destructive test techniques were used to evaluate the behavior of the joints, and the microstructure of the bond areas was analyzed.

  12. Skeleton graph expansion of critical exponents in "cultural revolution" years (United States)

    Hao, Bailin

    Kenneth Wilson's Nobel Prize winning breakthrough in the renormalization group theory of phase transition and critical phenomena almost overlapped with the violent "cultural revolution" years (1966-1976) in China. An unexpected chance in 1972 brought the author of these lines close to the Wilson-Fisher є-expansion of critical exponents and eventually led to a joint paper with Lu Yu published entirely in Chinese without any English title and abstract. Even the original acknowledgment was deleted because of mentioning foreign names like Kenneth Wilson and Kerson Huang. In this article I will tell the 40-year old story as a much belated tribute to Kenneth Wilson and to reproduce the essence of our work in English. At the end, I give an elementary derivation of the Callan-Symanzik equation without referring to field theory.

  13. Joint Counterdrug Operations (United States)


    have various chemicals for their production. Anabolic steroids are also under law enforcement control procedures to reduce their illegal use...Categories of Controlled Substances ........................................................................ II-1 • Major Drugs of Abuse ...responsibility for enforcing US drug laws, each significant expansion in drug abuse has brought additional Federal, state, and local agencies into the CD

  14. Studies of welded joints

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. M. Krupa


    Full Text Available Studies of a welded joint were described. The joint was made as a result of the reconstruction of a truss and one of the possible means to make a repair. The studies were of a simulation character and were targeted at the detection of welding defects and imperfections thatshould be eliminated in a real structure. A model was designed and on this model the tests and examinations were carried out. The modelwas made under the same conditions as the conditions adopted for repair. It corresponded to the real object in shape and dimensions, and in the proposed technique of welding and welding parameters. The model was composed of five plates joined together with twelve beads.The destructive and non-destructive tests were carried out; the whole structure and the respective welds were also examined visually. Thedefects and imperfections in welds were detected by surface methods of inspection, penetration tests and magnetic particle flaw detection.The model of the welded joint was prepared by destructive methods, a technique that would never be permitted in the case of a realstructure. For the investigations it was necessary to cut out the specimens from the welded joint in direction transverse to the weld run. The specimens were subjected to metallographic examinations and hardness measurements. Additionally, the joint cross-section was examined by destructive testing methods to enable precise determination of the internal defects and imperfections. The surface methods were applied again, this time to determine the severity of welding defects. The analysis has proved that, fabricated under proper conditions and with parameters of the welding process duly observed, the welded joint has good properties and repairs of this type are possible in practice.

  15. Application of multiobjective optimization to scheduling capacity expansion of urban water resource systems (United States)

    Mortazavi-Naeini, Mohammad; Kuczera, George; Cui, Lijie


    Significant population increase in urban areas is likely to result in a deterioration of drought security and level of service provided by urban water resource systems. One way to cope with this is to optimally schedule the expansion of system resources. However, the high capital costs and environmental impacts associated with expanding or building major water infrastructure warrant the investigation of scheduling system operational options such as reservoir operating rules, demand reduction policies, and drought contingency plans, as a way of delaying or avoiding the expansion of water supply infrastructure. Traditionally, minimizing cost has been considered the primary objective in scheduling capacity expansion problems. In this paper, we consider some of the drawbacks of this approach. It is shown that there is no guarantee that the social burden of coping with drought emergencies is shared equitably across planning stages. In addition, it is shown that previous approaches do not adequately exploit the benefits of joint optimization of operational and infrastructure options and do not adequately address the need for the high level of drought security expected for urban systems. To address these shortcomings, a new multiobjective optimization approach to scheduling capacity expansion in an urban water resource system is presented and illustrated in a case study involving the bulk water supply system for Canberra. The results show that the multiobjective approach can address the temporal equity issue of sharing the burden of drought emergencies and that joint optimization of operational and infrastructure options can provide solutions superior to those just involving infrastructure options.

  16. Primordial vorticity and gradient expansion

    CERN Document Server

    Giovannini, Massimo


    The evolution equations of the vorticities of the electrons, ions and photons in a pre-decoupling plasma are derived, in a fully inhomogeneous geometry, by combining the general relativistic gradient expansion and the drift approximation within the Adler-Misner-Deser decomposition. The vorticity transfer between the different species is discussed in this novel framework and a set of general conservation laws, connecting the vorticities of the three-component plasma with the magnetic field intensity, is derived. After demonstrating that a source of large-scale vorticity resides in the spatial gradients of the geometry and of the electromagnetic sources, the total vorticity is estimated to lowest order in the spatial gradients and by enforcing the validity of the momentum constraint. By acknowledging the current bounds on the tensor to scalar ratio in the (minimal) tensor extension of the $\\Lambda$CDM paradigm the maximal comoving magnetic field induced by the total vorticity turns out to be, at most, of the or...

  17. Local expansions and accretive mappings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. A. Kirk


    Full Text Available Let X and Y be complete metric spaces with Y metrically convex, let D⊂X be open, fix u0∈X, and let d(u=d(u0,u for all u∈D. Let f:X→2Y be a closed mapping which maps open subsets of D onto open sets in Y, and suppose f is locally expansive on D in the sense that there exists a continuous nonincreasing function c:R+→R+ with ∫+∞c(sds=+∞ such that each point x∈D has a neighborhood N for which dist(f(u,f(v≥c(max{d(u,d(v}d(u,v for all u,v∈N. Then, given y∈Y, it is shown that y∈f(D iff there exists x0∈D such that for x∈X\\D, dist(y,f(x0≤dist(u,f(x. This result is then applied to the study of existence of zeros of (set-valued locally strongly accretive and ϕ-accretive mappings in Banach spaces

  18. Transversely Compressed Bonded Joints

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Christian Skodborg; Schmidt, Jacob Wittrup; Stang, Henrik


    The load capacity of bonded joints can be increased if transverse pressure is applied at the interface. The transverse pressure is assumed to introduce a Coulomb-friction contribution to the cohesive law for the interface. Response and load capacity for a bonded single-lap joint was derived using...... non-linear fracture mechanics. The results indicated a good correlation between theory and tests. Furthermore, the model is suggested as theoretical base for determining load capacity of bonded anchorages with transverse pressure, in externally reinforced concrete structures....

  19. Temporomandibular joint examination reviewed


    L. Guarda Nardini


    The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) it’s a joint closely related to the skull base, the spine, and the jaws; all these anatomical structures must be taken in consideration when evaluating pain involving the tmj. In order to detect patients affected by pathology or dysfunctions of the tmj, physical examination is of great value in orienting the diagnosis. Inspection must consider the symmetry of the body, the dental status and the type of occlusion. Palpation is a way to assess contractiont inv...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. I. Zlobina


    Full Text Available Joint involvement in syphilis has been considered as casuistry in recent years. At the same time, the high incidence of primary syphilis and the notified cases of late neurosyphilis may suggest that joint involvement in this disease is by no means always verified. Traditionally there are two forms of syphilitic arthritis: primary synovial (involving the articular membranes and sac and primary bone (involving the articular bones and cartilages ones. The paper describes the authors' clinical case of the primary bone form of articular syphilis in a 34-year-old man. 

  1. Earnings Returns to the British Education Expansion (United States)

    Devereux, Paul J.; Fan, Wen


    We study the effects of the large expansion in British educational attainment that took place for cohorts born between 1970 and 1975. Using the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, we find that the expansion caused men to increase education by about a year on average and gain about 8% higher wages; women obtained a slightly greater increase in education…

  2. Series expansion of the modified Einstein Procedure (United States)

    Seema Chandrakant Shah-Fairbank


    This study examines calculating total sediment discharge based on the Modified Einstein Procedure (MEP). A new procedure based on the Series Expansion of the Modified Einstein Procedure (SEMEP) has been developed. This procedure contains four main modifications to MEP. First, SEMEP solves the Einstein integrals quickly and accurately based on a series expansion. Next,...

  3. Virial expansion coefficients in the harmonic approximation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    R. Armstrong, J.; Zinner, Nikolaj Thomas; V. Fedorov, D.


    The virial expansion method is applied within a harmonic approximation to an interacting N-body system of identical fermions. We compute the canonical partition functions for two and three particles to get the two lowest orders in the expansion. The energy spectrum is carefully interpolated...

  4. Platform Expansion Design as Strategic Choice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Staykova, Kalina S.; Damsgaard, Jan


    In this paper, we address how the strategic choice of platform expansion design impacts the subse-quent platform strategy. We identify two distinct approaches to platform expansion – platform bun-dling and platform constellations, which currently co-exist. The purpose of this paper is to outline...

  5. The heavy quark expansion of QCD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Falk, A.F. [Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD (United States). Dept. of Physics and Astronomy


    These lectures contain an elementary introduction to heavy quark symmetry and the heavy quark expansion. Applications such as the expansion of heavy meson decay constants and the treatment of inclusive and exclusive semileptonic B decays are included. Heavy hadron production via nonperturbative fragmentation processes is also discussed. 54 refs., 7 figs.

  6. Expansion techniques for collisionless stellar dynamical simulations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meiron, Yohai [Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University, Beijing 100871 (China); Li, Baile; Holley-Bockelmann, Kelly [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235 (United States); Spurzem, Rainer, E-mail: [National Astronomical Observatories of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100012 (China)


    We present graphics processing unit (GPU) implementations of two fast force calculation methods based on series expansions of the Poisson equation. One method is the self-consistent field (SCF) method, which is a Fourier-like expansion of the density field in some basis set; the other method is the multipole expansion (MEX) method, which is a Taylor-like expansion of the Green's function. MEX, which has been advocated in the past, has not gained as much popularity as SCF. Both are particle-field methods and optimized for collisionless galactic dynamics, but while SCF is a 'pure' expansion, MEX is an expansion in just the angular part; thus, MEX is capable of capturing radial structure easily, while SCF needs a large number of radial terms. We show that despite the expansion bias, these methods are more accurate than direct techniques for the same number of particles. The performance of our GPU code, which we call ETICS, is profiled and compared to a CPU implementation. On the tested GPU hardware, a full force calculation for one million particles took ∼0.1 s (depending on expansion cutoff), making simulations with as many as 10{sup 8} particles fast for a comparatively small number of nodes.

  7. Copper-to-silicon-carbide joints development for Future CLIC Hom Dampers

    CERN Document Server

    Gil Costa, Miguel


    Ceramic-to-metal joints have been of paramount importance for the nuclear and aeronautic industry since the last century. In this document, two different approaches to the Cu-to-SiC joining are briefly described and discussed. The first approach consists of an intermediate piece of lower Coefficient of Thermal Expansion than copper aiming to reduce the expansion mismatch with the ceramic during the brazing cycle. Soldering is selected as a second attempt, whose lower joining temperature reduces the absolute expansion difference between Cu and SiC. In addition, four SiC metallization processes are proposed and some of them have been also tested and discussed.

  8. Business information query expansion through semantic network (United States)

    Gong, Zhiguo; Muyeba, Maybin; Guo, Jingzhi


    In this article, we propose a method for business information query expansions. In our approach, hypernym/hyponymy and synonym relations in WordNet are used as the basic expansion rules. Then we use WordNet Lexical Chains and WordNet semantic similarity to assign terms in the same query into different groups with respect to their semantic similarities. For each group, we expand the highest terms in the WordNet hierarchies with hypernym and synonym, the lowest terms with hyponym and synonym and all other terms with only synonym. In this way, the contradictory caused by full expansion can be well controlled. Furthermore, we use collection-related term semantic network to further improve the expansion performance. And our experiment reveals that our solution for query expansion can improve the query performance dramatically.

  9. Maxwell superalgebras and Abelian semigroup expansion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P.K. Concha


    Full Text Available The Abelian semigroup expansion is a powerful and simple method to derive new Lie algebras from a given one. Recently it was shown that the S-expansion of so(3,2 leads us to the Maxwell algebra M. In this paper we extend this result to superalgebras, by proving that different choices of abelian semigroups S lead to interesting D=4 Maxwell Superalgebras. In particular, the minimal Maxwell superalgebra sM and the N-extended Maxwell superalgebra sM(N recently found by the Maurer–Cartan expansion procedure, are derived alternatively as an S-expansion of osp(4|N. Moreover, we show that new minimal Maxwell superalgebras type sMm+2 and their N-extended generalization can be obtained using the S-expansion procedure.

  10. Analysis of borehole expansion and gallery tests in anisotropic rock masses (United States)

    Amadei, B.; Savage, W.Z.


    Closed-form solutions are used to show how rock anisotropy affects the variation of the modulus of deformation around the walls of a hole in which expansion tests are conducted. These tests include dilatometer and NX-jack tests in boreholes and gallery tests in tunnels. The effects of rock anisotropy on the modulus of deformation are shown for transversely isotropic and regularly jointed rock masses with planes of transverse isotropy or joint planes parallel or normal to the hole longitudinal axis for plane strain or plane stress condition. The closed-form solutions can also be used when determining the elastic properties of anisotropic rock masses (intact or regularly jointed) in situ. ?? 1991.

  11. New Joint Sealants. Criteria, Design and Materials. (United States)

    Building Research Inst., Inc., Washington, DC.

    Contents include--(1) sealing concrete joints, (2) sealing glass and metal joints, (3) metal and glass joint sealants from a fabricator's viewpoint, (4) a theory of adhesion for joint sealants, (5) geometry of simple joint seals under strain, (6) joint sealant specifications from a manufacturer's viewpoint, (7) joint sealant requirements from an…

  12. Keyed shear joints

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Klaus

    This report gives a summary of the present information on the behaviour of vertical keyed shear joints in large panel structures. An attemp is made to outline the implications which this information might have on the analysis and design of a complete wall. The publications also gives a short...

  13. Imaging the temporomandibular joint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Katzberg, R.W.; Manzione, J.V.; Westesson, P.L.


    This book encompasses all imaging modalities as they apply to the Temporomandibular Joint and its disorders. The volume employs correlative line drawings to elaborate on diagnostic images. It helps teach methods of TMJ imaging and describes findings identified by different imaging modalities to both radiologists and dental clinicians.

  14. Phenomenology of Joint Attention

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    of phenomenology by offering a phenomenology of joint attention. The first section reviews elementary. Husserlian phenomenology and introduces a system for symbolically representing the structure of intentional mental states. The second section summarizes Edith Stein's phenomenological description of empathy, the ...

  15. Acromioclavicular Joint Separations (United States)


    injuries. The sports most likely to cause AC joint dislocations are football, soccer, hockey, rugby , and skiing, among others [9, 28, 29]. The major cause...resected end of the distal clavicle was first described by Weaver and Dunn in 1972 [10]. However, the value of this technique has been ques- tioned since

  16. Joint Robotics Program (United States)


    Kotler , P.M. (1997). Marketing management : Analysis, planning, implementation, and control. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall...collaborations which can identify better solutions and practices in acquisition, contract, financial, logistics and program management . For further...Project Manager , Robotics Joint Project Introduction Sun Tzu wrote first about the importance of logistics over two thousand years ago (Griffith

  17. Temporomandibular Joint Septic Arthritis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gianfranco Frojo, MD


    Full Text Available Summary:. Infection of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ is a rare pediatric condition resulting from the introduction of pathogens into the joint by hematogenous seeding, local extension, or trauma. Early recognition of the typical signs and symptoms including fever, trismus, preauricular swelling, and TMJ region tenderness are critical in order to initiate further evaluation and prevent feared complications of fibrosis, ankylosis, abnormal facial structure, or persistence of symptoms. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography with ancillary laboratory analysis including erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, and white blood cell count are beneficial in confirming the suspected diagnosis and monitoring response to therapy. Initial intervention should include empiric parenteral antibiotics, early mandibular mobilization, and joint decompression to provide synovial fluid for analysis including cultures. This report describes a case of TMJ bacterial arthritis in a healthy 6-year-old male who was promptly treated nonsurgically with intravenous antibiotics and localized needle joint decompression with return to normal function after completion of oral antibiotics and physical therapy.

  18. Jointness: A Selected Bibliography (United States)


    Durell Young, and S. Rebecca Zimmerman . What It Takes: Air Force Command of Joint Operations. Santa Monica: RAND, 2009. 110pp. (U260 .S63 2009...2009. 64pp. McCaffrey, Rachel A. Reciprocally Embedding ISR [Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

  19. Joint Custody and Coparenting. (United States)

    Sell, Kenneth D.

    Results are presented of an intensive search of U.S. newspapers and periodicals on the joint custody of children after divorce, where both parents have continued responsibility for parenting and where the children spend part of each week, month, or year with both of the parents. Areas of concern addressed by these materials include the following:…

  20. Joint-Use Libraries (United States)

    Casstevens, Susan


    The joint-use library is a place where people of all ages, interests, and income levels can find items of interest at no personal cost. The mission of A. H. Meadows Public and High School Library in Midlothian, Texas, is to offer what other public libraries provide: educational and entertainment resources to a community. Yet, the staff also wants…

  1. Posterolateral elbow joint instability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olsen, Bo Sanderhoff; Søjbjerg, Jens Ole; Nielsen, K K


    Thirty-five osteoligamentous elbows were included in a study on the kinematics of posterolateral elbow joint instability during the pivot shift test (PST) before and after separate ligament cuttings in the lateral collateral ligament complex (LCLC). Division of the annular ligament or the lateral...

  2. Acupuncture for peripheral joint osteoarthritis.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Manheimer, Eric; Cheng, K.; Linde, Klaus; Lao, Lixing; Yoo, Junghee; Wieland, Susan; van der Windt, Daniëlle Awm; Berman, Brian M.; Bouter, Lex M.


    BACKGROUND: Peripheral joint osteoarthritis is a major cause of pain and functional limitation. Few treatments are safe and effective. OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of acupuncture for treating peripheral joint osteoarthritis. SEARCH STRATEGY: We searched the Cochrane Central Register of

  3. Steroid injections - tendon, bursa, joint (United States)

    ... gov/ency/article/007678.htm Steroid injections - tendon, bursa, joint To use the sharing features on this ... can be injected into a joint, tendon, or bursa. Description Your health care provider inserts a small ...

  4. Thermally Conductive Metal-Tube/Carbon-Composite Joints (United States)

    Copeland, Robert J.


    An improved method of fabricating joints between metal and carbon-fiber-based composite materials in lightweight radiators and heat sinks has been devised. Carbon-fiber-based composite materials have been used in such heat-transfer devices because they offer a combination of high thermal conductivity and low mass density. Metal tubes are typically used to carry heat-transfer fluids to and from such heat-transfer devices. The present fabrication method helps to ensure that the joints between the metal tubes and the composite-material parts in such heat-transfer devices have both (1) the relatively high thermal conductances needed for efficient transfer of heat and (2) the flexibility needed to accommodate differences among thermal expansions of dissimilar materials in operation over wide temperature ranges. Techniques used previously to join metal tubes with carbon-fiber-based composite parts have included press fitting and bonding with epoxy. Both of these prior techniques have been found to yield joints characterized by relatively high thermal resistances. The present method involves the use of a solder (63 percent Sn, 37 percent Pb) to form a highly thermally conductive joint between a metal tube and a carbon-fiber-based composite structure. Ordinarily, the large differences among the coefficients of thermal expansion of the metal tube, solder, and carbon-fiber-based composite would cause the solder to pull away from the composite upon post-fabrication cooldown from the molten state. In the present method, the structure of the solder is modified (see figure) to enable it to deform readily to accommodate the differential thermal expansion.

  5. Giant negative thermal expansion in magnetic nanocrystals (United States)

    Zheng, X. G.; Kubozono, H.; Yamada, H.; Kato, K.; Ishiwata, Y.; Xu, C. N.


    Most solids expand when they are heated, but a property known as negative thermal expansion has been observed in a number of materials, including the oxide ZrW2O8 (ref. 1) and the framework material ZnxCd1-x(CN)2 (refs 2,3). This unusual behaviour can be understood in terms of low-energy phonons, while the colossal values of both positive and negative thermal expansion recently observed in another framework material, Ag3[Co(CN)6], have been explained in terms of the geometric flexibility of its metal-cyanide-metal linkages. Thermal expansion can also be stopped in some magnetic transition metal alloys below their magnetic ordering temperature, a phenomenon known as the Invar effect, and the possibility of exploiting materials with tuneable positive or negative thermal expansion in industrial applications has led to intense interest in both the Invar effect and negative thermal expansion. Here we report the results of thermal expansion experiments on three magnetic nanocrystals-CuO, MnF2 and NiO-and find evidence for negative thermal expansion in both CuO and MnF2 below their magnetic ordering temperatures, but not in NiO. Larger particles of CuO and MnF2 also show prominent magnetostriction (that is, they change shape in response to an applied magnetic field), which results in significantly reduced thermal expansion below their magnetic ordering temperatures; this behaviour is not observed in NiO. We propose that the negative thermal expansion effect in CuO (which is four times larger than that observed in ZrW2O8) and MnF2 is a general property of nanoparticles in which there is strong coupling between magnetism and the crystal lattice.

  6. On the equisummability of Hermite and Fourier expansions

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We prove an equisummability result for the Fourier expansions and. Hermite expansions as well as special Hermite expansions. We also prove the uniform boundedness of the Bochner-Riesz means associated to the Hermite expansions for polyradial functions. Keywords. Hermite functions; special Hermite expansions; ...

  7. Expansion Coefficient on Oxides and Oxide Ceramics. (United States)


    Classification) EXPANSION COEFFICIENTS ON OXIDES AND OXIDE CERAMICS 12 PFRSONAL AUTHOR(S) Josephine Covino 13a TYPE OF REPORT 13b TIME COVERED 114 DATE OF REPORT...drastically alter expansion properties of oxides. It has been found that fine-grained (᝺ tm) anisotropic ceramic materials, such as hafnium oxide, hafnium ...Gokhale. "Thermal Expansion of Zircon ," Jap. J. AppZ. Phys., 7 (1968), p. 1126. 34 -- ’-a.’! nw-W’W L. .WW U. .PV _ 77 NWC TP 6663 81. J. L. Amoros, M

  8. Some Improved Nonperturbative Bounds for Fermionic Expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lohmann, Martin, E-mail: [Universita di Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Matematica (Italy)


    We reconsider the Gram-Hadamard bound as it is used in constructive quantum field theory and many body physics to prove convergence of Fermionic perturbative expansions. Our approach uses a recursion for the amplitudes of the expansion, discovered in a model problem by Djokic (2013). It explains the standard way to bound the expansion from a new point of view, and for some of the amplitudes provides new bounds, which avoid the use of Fourier transform, and are therefore superior to the standard bounds for models like the cold interacting Fermi gas.

  9. Thermal expansion: Metallic elements and alloys. [Handbook (United States)

    Touloukian, Y. S.; Kirby, R. K.; Taylor, R. E.; Desai, P. D.


    The introductory sections of the work are devoted to the theory of thermal expansion of solids and to methods for the measurement of the linear thermal expansion of solids (X-ray methods, high speed methods, interferometry, push-rod dilatometry, etc.). The bulk of the work is devoted to numerical data on the thermal linear expansion of all the metallic elements, a large number of intermetallics, and a large number of binary alloy systems and multiple alloy systems. A comprehensive bibliography is provided along with an index to the materials examined.

  10. Strength Variation of Parachute Joints (United States)

    Mollmann, Catherine


    A parachute joint is defined as a location where a component is sewn or connected to another component. During the design and developmental phase of a parachute system, the joints for each structural component are isolated and tested through a process called seam and joint testing. The objective of seam and joint testing is to determine the degradation on a single component due to interaction with other components; this data is then used when calculating the margin of safety for that component. During the engineering developmental phase of CPAS (Capsule Parachute Assembly System), the parachute system for the NASA Orion Crew Module, testing was completed for every joint of the six subsystems: the four parachutes (main, drogue, pilot, and FBCP [forward bay cover parachute]), the retention release bridle, and the retention panels. The number of joint tests for these subsystems totaled 92, which provides a plethora of data and results for further analysis. In this paper, the data and results of these seam and joint tests are examined to determine the effects, if any, of different operators and sewing machines on the strength of parachute joints. Other variables are also studied to determine their effect on joint strength, such as joint complexity, joint strength magnitude, material type, and material construction. Findings reveal that an optimally-run seam and joint test program could result in an increased understanding of the structure of the parachute; this should lead to a parachute built with optimal components, potentially saving system weight and volume.

  11. Working abroad, working with others: How firms learn to operate international joint ventures

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    H.G. Barkema (Harry); O. Shenkar (Oded); G.A.M. Vermeulen (Freek); J.H.J. Bell (John)


    textabstractSuccessful international joint ventures entail both learning to operate across national boundaries and learning to cooperate. Hypotheses grounded in organizational learning theory were tested with event-history analysis and data on 1,493 expansions of 25 large Dutch firms between 1966

  12. Peripheral degenerative joint diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilzio Antonio da Silva


    Full Text Available Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, is the most commonrheumatic disorder mainly in a geriatric population. Manifestationsare pain, stiffness and functional loss in the affected joint.According to etiology it is classifi ed as primary (or idiopathicand secondary. Some risk factors for disease development aregenetics, race, age, sex, obesity, occupational activities andarticular biomechanics. Pathogenesis is the same for any cause orlocalization, being catabolic alterations, with synthesis, inhibitionand reparing intent of the cartilage matrix. Metalloproteinases andcytokines (IL-1,IL-6,TNF-α actions promote infl ammatory reactionand cartilage degradation. Pain, the most important symptom,does not correlate with radiologic fi ndings. Peripheral osteoarthritisoccurs predominantly in the knee, hip and hand. Diagnosis is basedon clinical features, laboratorial tests and radiological changes.Rheumatological associations’ guidelines for treatment includenon-pharmacologic (education, physiotherapy, assistive devices,and pharmacologic (analgesics, anti-infl ammatory drugs therapyand surgery. Arthroplasty seems to work better than medicines, butshould be used if other treatments have failed.

  13. Temporomandibular joint disorder (review). (United States)

    Dugashvili, G; Menabde, G; Janelidze, M; Chichua, Z; Amiranashvili, I


    Etiopathogenesis and clinical management of TMJD integrates a number of medical disciplines. In particular, dentistry, oral - facial surgery, neurology, rheumatology and so on. Nowadays there is no unified strategy for the management of this disease. Most cases of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) respond to simple treatment and the prognosis is good. Symptoms usually remit with simple care. In cases of secondary involvement of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the prognosis depends on the primary disease. A comprehensive, chronological history and physical and examination of the patient, including dental history and examination, is essential to diagnose the specific condition to decide further investigations, if any, and to provide specific treatment. in severe cases, a joint consultation of a dentist, neurologist and rheumatologist is needed.

  14. Joint International Accelerator School

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Accelerator School


    The CERN and US Particle Accelerator Schools recently organised a Joint International Accelerator School on Beam Loss and Accelerator Protection, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Newport Beach, California, USA from 5-14 November 2014. This Joint School was the 13th in a series of such schools, which started in 1985 and also involves the accelerator communities in Japan and Russia.   Photo courtesy of Alfonse Pham, Michigan State University.   The school attracted 58 participants representing 22 different nationalities, with around half from Europe and the other half from Asia and the Americas. The programme comprised 26 lectures, each of 90 minutes, and 13 hours of case study. The students were given homework each day and had an opportunity to sit a final exam, which counted towards university credit. Feedback from the participants was extremely positive, praising the expertise and enthusiasm of the lecturers, as well as the high standard and quality of their lectures. Initial dis...

  15. Outpatient Total Joint Arthroplasty. (United States)

    Bert, Jack M; Hooper, Jessica; Moen, Sam


    Outpatient total joint arthroplasty (OTJA) allows for a safe, cost effective pathway for appropriately selected patients. With current pressures on arthroplasty surgeons and their associated institutions to reduce costs per episode of care, it is important to define the steps and challenges associated with establishing an outpatient arthroplasty program. Several studies have outlined techniques of selecting patients suitable for this type of postoperative pathway. With emerging concerns about patients who undergo outpatient arthroplasty being at increased risk of medical complications, which may lessen projected cost savings, it is important to identify value-based strategies to optimize patient recovery after OTJA. This article reviews digital techniques for patient selection and data collection, operating room efficiency systems, and provides a summary of methods to build and maintain value in outpatient total joint replacement within the framework of bundled payment reimbursement.

  16. The Joint Cities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Romano Fistola


    Full Text Available The new connections, which high speed train allows to activate among the metropolitan systems, seem to be able to give life to new urban macro-structures for which the transfer time, among the main poles of the railway segment, becomes comparable to an inside moving into the city and therefore considered as an inter-functional mobility. The tunnel effect generated by the high speed connection seems to be able to allow a new temporal and functional joint among the metropolitan systems consequently supporting the possibility, for the users, to move themselves among the different urban functions belonging to the different cities. The birth of these urban aggregations seems to drive towards new megalopolis, which we can define for the first time with the term: joint-city. For this new metropolitan settlement it seems to be very interesting to investigate the constitutive peculiarities, the systemic articulation, its relational structures, the evolutionary scenarios, and so on. The urban functions (activities can be considered as structures of relationships between people that allows to define "organizational links" inside the community; the urban functions are located in specific places inside urban container or in open spaces. The urban functions represent the urban engines and the functional system can be thought as the “soul of the city", abstract but essential to its survival. In the definition set out here the analysis is carried out for many interconnected urban functional system points (specifically those in Rome and Naples. The new high speed railway has to be considered not only as a new channel of mobility between cities, but as a real possibility of joint between the functional systems of the two centres. A final consideration can be carried out in relation to the possibility of implementing new measures of governance of urban transformations considering the new macro-city: the "Joint City".

  17. Australias Joint Approach (United States)


    Chapter 2. The most significant change is that the section on tools for the Needs Phase, mentioned earlier in this paper, has been deleted . In late...considering how they can be linked into common joint functions, runs the risk of becoming stuck in a replacement syndrome for capability development. 2...culture will be aided by the FPR’s implementation proposal to that Defence creates a culture where corporate behaviour is valued and rewarded. 313

  18. Joint Mission Command Implementation (United States)


    1 AIR WAR COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY JOINT MISSION COMMAND IMPLEMENTATION by Michael Dane Acord, COL, US Army A Research Report Submitted to...assigned to the Air War College, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB), AL. Following the Army Command and General Staff College and School...holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and two Masters Degrees, a Masters in Management from Troy University and a Master of Military Arts and Sciences

  19. Redefining Murder: Joint Enterprise


    Mitchell-Rodd, Nicola


    This article explores the evolution of secondary liability and the unforgiving doctrine of joint enterprise in homicide cases. Exploration of the current law ensues to determine if the distinct decisions of their Lordships in both Powell and Rahman have failed to sufficiently clarify the law; followed by in depth analysis of the Law Commission and Ministry of Justice proposals to reform this infamously disputed area of law.

  20. Prosthetic elbow joint (United States)

    Weddendorf, Bruce C. (Inventor)


    An artificial, manually positionable elbow joint for use in an upper extremity, above-elbow, prosthetic is described. The prosthesis provides a locking feature that is easily controlled by the wearer. The instant elbow joint is very strong and durable enough to withstand the repeated heavy loadings encountered by a wearer who works in an industrial, construction, farming, or similar environment. The elbow joint of the present invention comprises a turntable, a frame, a forearm, and a locking assembly. The frame generally includes a housing for the locking assembly and two protruding ears. The forearm includes an elongated beam having a cup-shaped cylindrical member at one end and a locking wheel having a plurality of holes along a circular arc on its other end with a central bore for pivotal attachment to the protruding ears of the frame. The locking assembly includes a collar having a central opening with a plurality of internal grooves, a plurality of internal cam members each having a chamfered surface at one end and a V-shaped slot at its other end; an elongated locking pin having a crown wheel with cam surfaces and locking lugs secured thereto; two coiled compression springs; and a flexible filament attached to one end of the elongated locking pin and extending from the locking assembly for extending and retracting the locking pin into the holes in the locking wheel to permit selective adjustment of the forearm relative to the frame. In use, the turntable is affixed to the upper arm part of the prosthetic in the conventional manner, and the cup-shaped cylindrical member on one end of the forearm is affixed to the forearm piece of the prosthetic in the conventional manner. The elbow joint is easily adjusted and locked between maximum flex and extended positions.

  1. The international joint commission


    Clamens, Murray


    For over 92 years the International Joint Commission (IJC), United States and Canada, has effectively served the two nations in approving and providing continuous oversight of water resource projects along the 5000-mile common border, in assisting the governments in preventing and resolving issues and disagreements regarding the use of these waters, and in addressing other environmental issues affecting or potentially affecting one or both of the countries. During the first years of the 20th...

  2. 2009 Joint CBRN Conference (United States)


    Angeles, CA USC Rand Arroyo Center Tampa, FL University of South Florida Tempe, AZ ASU Research Park Austin, TX University of Texas Houghton, MI...Engagement 16 Maneuver Enhancement Brigade X A unique multi-functional unit to support Maneuver & Joint Forces commanders One of the five modular ...forward deployed CBRN detection capabilities • Key capabilities will focus on a modular approach – Analytical equipment – Analytical processes

  3. Correlation between distribution of muscle weakness, electrophysiological findings and CTG expansion in myotonic dystrophy. (United States)

    Khoshbakht, Roya; Soltanzadeh, Akbar; Zamani, Babak; Abdi, Siyamak; Gharagozli, Kourosh; Kahrizi, Kimia; Khoshbakht, Rahem; Nafissi, Shahriar


    Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM-1) is a multi-system disorder affecting the muscles, brain, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, eyes and skin. Diagnosis is made by clinical, electrodiagnostic and genetic studies. This study aimed to determine the correlation between CTG expansion and distribution of muscle weakness and clinical and electrophysiological findings. Genetically confirmed DM-1 patients presenting to Shariati Hospital between 2005 and 2011 were included in this study. Clinical, electrodiagnostic and genetic testing was performed and the correlation between CTG expansion and distribution of muscle weakness and clinical and electromyographic findings was studied. Thirty-three genetically confirmed DM-1 patients were enrolled. Myotonia, bifacial weakness and distal upper limb weakness were seen in all patients. Diabetes mellitus was found in one patient (3%), cardiac disturbance in eight (24.2%), cataracts in eight (24.2%), hypogonadism in five (15.2%), frontal baldness in 13 (39.4%), temporalis wasting in 14 (42.4%), temporomandibular joint disorder in seven (21.2%) and mental retardation in eight (24.2%). The mean number of CTG repeats, measured by Southern blot, was 8780 (range 500-15,833). A negative correlation was found between CTG expansion and age of onset. Temporalis wasting and mental retardation were positively correlated with CTG expansion. No relationship was found between weakness distribution, electromyographic findings, other systemic features and CTG expansion. In this study of DM-1 in Iran, we found a correlation between CTG expansion and age of onset, temporalis wasting and mental disability. No correlation between CTG expansion and electrodiagnostic and other clinical findings were detected. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Collisional and collisionless expansion of Yukawa balls. (United States)

    Piel, Alexander; Goree, John A


    The expansion of Yukawa balls is studied by means of molecular dynamics simulations of collisionless and collisional situations. High computation speed was achieved by using the parallel computing power of graphics processing units. When the radius of the Yukawa ball is large compared to the shielding length, the expansion process starts with the blow-off of the outermost layer. A rarefactive wave subsequently propagates radially inward at the speed of longitudinal phonons. This mechanism is fundamentally different from Coulomb explosions, which employ a self-similar expansion of the entire system. In the collisionless limit, the outer layers carry away most of the available energy. The simulations are compared with analytical estimates. In the collisional case, the expansion process can be described by a nonlinear diffusion equation that is a special case of the porous medium equation.

  5. Preliminary bolted-joint data (United States)

    Wichorek, G. R.


    Bolted-joint strength and failure modes for advanced graphite/polyimide composite laminates at 116K (-250 F), room temperature, and 589K (600 F) were determined to provide preliminary design data. The bolted-joint test setup for the low and elevated temperature tests is described. Test results are reported on a quasi-isotropic laminate of Celion 6000/PMR-15. Single bolt, double lap shear specimens were tested to obtain maximum joint strength and failure mode. The effect of joint geometry and temperature on joint strength and failure mode is presented.

  6. The Role of Public and Private Insurance Expansions and Premiums for Low-income Parents: Lessons From State Experiences. (United States)

    Guy, Gery P; M Johnston, Emily; Ketsche, Patricia; Joski, Peter; Adams, E Kathleen


    Numerous states have implemented policies expanding public insurance eligibility or subsidizing private insurance for parents. To assess the impact of parental health insurance expansions from 1999 to 2012 on the likelihood that parents are insured; their children are insured; both the parent and child within a family unit are insured; and the type of insurance. Cross-sectional analysis of the 2000-2013 March supplements to the Current Population Survey, with data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey-Insurance Component and the Area Resource File. Cross-state and within-state multivariable regression models estimated the effects of health insurance expansions targeting parents using 2-way fixed effect modeling and difference-in-difference modeling. All analyses controlled for household, parent, child, and local area characteristics that could affect insurance status. Expansions increased parental coverage by 2.5 percentage points, and increased the likelihood of both parent and child being insured by 2.1 percentage points. Substantial variation was observed by type of expansion. Public expansions without premiums and special subsidized plan expansions had the largest effects on parental coverage and increased the likelihood of jointly insuring both the parent and child. Higher premiums were a substantial deterrent to parents' insurance. Our findings suggest that premiums and the type of insurance expansion can have a substantial impact on the insurance status of the family. These findings can help inform states as they continue to make decisions about expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to cover all family members.

  7. Thermal expansion of doped lanthanum gallates

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Thermal expansion of several compositions of Sr and Mg-doped LaGaO3 including an -site deficient composition (La0.9Sr0.1)0.98(Ga0.8Mg0.2)O2.821 were measured in the temperature range from 298 to 1273 K. The effect of doping on thermal expansion was studied by varying the composition at one site of the ...

  8. Expansion and rupture of charged microcapsules


    Datta, Sujit S.; Abbaspourrad, Alireza; Weitz, David A


    We study the deformations of pH-responsive spherical microcapsules -- micrometer-scale liquid drops surrounded by thin, solid shells -- under the influence of electrostatic forces. When exposed to a large concentration of NaOH, the microcapsules become highly charged, and expand isotropically. We find that the extent of this expansion can be understood by coupling electrostatics with shell theory; moreover, the expansion dynamics is well described by Darcy's law for fluid flow through the mic...

  9. Tissue expansion: Concepts, techniques and unfavourable results


    Milind S Wagh; Varun Dixit


    The phenomenon of tissue expansion is observed in nature all the time. The same properties of the human skin to stretch and expand and yield extra skin if placed under continuous stress over a prolonged period of time has been utilised for reconstructive purposes with the help of a silicon balloon inserted under the skin and progressively filled with saline. The technique of tissue expansion is now more than three decades old and has been a value addition to our armamentarium in reconstructiv...

  10. Negative thermal expansion in framework compounds

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Nov 27, 2015 ... We have studied negative thermal expansion (NTE) compounds with chemi- cal compositions of NX2O8 and NX2O7 (N=Zr, Hf and X=W, Mo, V) and M2O (M=Cu, Ag) using the techniques of inelastic neutron scattering and lattice dynamics. There is a large variation in the negative thermal expansion ...

  11. Russia and the Future Expansion of NATO (United States)


    2001 that he did not intend to let enlargement undermine the potential for U.S.- Russia cooperation. Later in the summer, Putin took a further step...St ra te gy R es ea rc h Pr oj ec t RUSSIA AND THE FUTURE EXPANSION OF NATO BY COLONEL RADEK CERNY Czech Army DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A...Strategy Research Project 3. DATES COVERED (From - To) 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Russia and the Future Expansion of NATO 5a. CONTRACT

  12. The. delta. expansion and local gauge invariance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bender, C.M. (Department of Physics, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 63130 (US)); Cooper, F. (Department of Physics, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 02912 Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexic o 87545); Milton, K.A. (Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklaho ma 73019)


    A recently proposed approximation method, called the {delta} expansion, was introduced in the context of a self-interacting scalar field theory. This approximation method offers the hope of obtaining nonperturbative information about a quantum field theory using perturbative techniques. In this paper we extend formally the {delta}-expansion methods to field theories having local gauge symmetry. We then compute the anomaly in the Schwinger model.

  13. Stochastic quantization and 1/N expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brunelli, J.C. [Instituto de Fisica Teorica (IFT), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Mendes, R.S. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    We study the 1/N expansion of field theories in the stochastic quantization method of Parisi and Wu using the supersymmetric functional approach. This formulation provides a systematic procedure to implement the 1/N expansion which resembles the ones used in the equilibrium. The 1/N perturbation theory for the non linear sigma model in two dimensions is worked out as an example. (author). 19 refs., 5 figs.

  14. Fixed Point Theorems for Times Reasonable Expansive Mapping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chen Chunfang


    Full Text Available Abstract Based on previous notions of expansive mapping, times reasonable expansive mapping is defined. The existence of fixed point for times reasonable expansive mapping is discussed and some new results are obtained.

  15. Expansive Soil Crack Depth under Cumulative Damage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bei-xiao Shi


    Full Text Available The crack developing depth is a key problem to slope stability of the expansive soil and its project governance and the crack appears under the roles of dry-wet cycle and gradually develops. It is believed from the analysis that, because of its own cohesion, the expansive soil will have a certain amount of deformation under pulling stress but without cracks. The soil body will crack only when the deformation exceeds the ultimate tensile strain that causes cracks. And it is also believed that, due to the combined effect of various environmental factors, particularly changes of the internal water content, the inherent basic physical properties of expansive soil are weakened, and irreversible cumulative damages are eventually formed, resulting in the development of expansive soil cracks in depth. Starting from the perspective of volumetric strain that is caused by water loss, considering the influences of water loss rate and dry-wet cycle on crack developing depth, the crack developing depth calculation model which considers the water loss rate and the cumulative damages is established. Both the proposal of water loss rate and the application of cumulative damage theory to the expansive soil crack development problems try to avoid difficulties in matrix suction measurement, which will surely play a good role in promoting and improving the research of unsaturated expansive soil.

  16. Laboratory characterization of rock joints

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hsiung, S.M.; Kana, D.D.; Ahola, M.P.; Chowdhury, A.H.; Ghosh, A. [Southwest Research Inst., San Antonio, TX (United States). Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses


    A laboratory characterization of the Apache Leap tuff joints under cyclic pseudostatic and dynamic loads has been undertaken to obtain a better understanding of dynamic joint shear behavior and to generate a complete data set that can be used for validation of existing rock-joint models. Study has indicated that available methods for determining joint roughness coefficient (JRC) significantly underestimate the roughness coefficient of the Apache Leap tuff joints, that will lead to an underestimation of the joint shear strength. The results of the direct shear tests have indicated that both under cyclic pseudostatic and dynamic loadings the joint resistance upon reverse shearing is smaller than that of forward shearing and the joint dilation resulting from forward shearing recovers during reverse shearing. Within the range of variation of shearing velocity used in these tests, the shearing velocity effect on rock-joint behavior seems to be minor, and no noticeable effect on the peak joint shear strength and the joint shear strength for the reverse shearing is observed.

  17. The Ageing Effect of Mechanical Joints on the Tyre/Joint Noises Monitored by a Control Vehicle Method without Traffic Disturbance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. K. Wong


    Full Text Available This paper studies the ageing effect of mechanical joints reflecting from the tyre/joint impacting noise by measuring the vehicle structure-borne noise change. Field data is collected applying two measurement methods suitable for newly installed and existing old expansion joints. The measurement methodology is improved by designing and applying a trailer for equipment installation. The main advantage of this method is not to disturb existing traffic by lane closure for measurement. Field measurements were conducted regularly for a study period up to 16 months after new joint replacement to monitor the variation of the structure-borne noise change inside a test vehicle while passing through mechanical joints. Empirical relationship is developed based on the field data of the roadside airborne noise change and the vehicle structure-borne noise change. The roadside tyre/joint noises could be converted using calibrated empirical formula. Key result findings include the following. (1 The vehicle structure-borne noise change is found smallest during the 3rd–6th months even lower than that measured when a new joint is installed. The structure-borne noise change then keeps increasing afterwards till the end of the study period. (2 Similar observations are found in all study cases incorporating various mechanical joint types and test vehicle types.

  18. 49 CFR 213.351 - Rail joints. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Rail joints. 213.351 Section 213.351... Rail joints. (a) Each rail joint, insulated joint, and compromise joint shall be of a structurally sound design and dimensions for the rail on which it is applied. (b) If a joint bar is cracked, broken...

  19. Negative thermal expansion materials: technological key for control of thermal expansion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koshi Takenaka


    Full Text Available Most materials expand upon heating. However, although rare, some materials contract upon heating. Such negative thermal expansion (NTE materials have enormous industrial merit because they can control the thermal expansion of materials. Recent progress in materials research enables us to obtain materials exhibiting negative coefficients of linear thermal expansion over −30 ppm K−1. Such giant NTE is opening a new phase of control of thermal expansion in composites. Specifically examining practical aspects, this review briefly summarizes materials and mechanisms of NTE as well as composites containing NTE materials, based mainly on activities of the last decade.

  20. Cold Expansion and Interference for Extending the Fatigue Life of Multi- Layer Metal Joints (United States)


    strategy , since, if anything, load transfer would be increased. Using specimens which had 4% cold-expanded holes and 1.5% interference-fit fasteners...fatigue specimens, promoting load transfer and effectively minimising fretting-initiated failures from these • regions. No such advantage was gained with...Document Control Office Ansett Airlines of Australia, Library Qantas Airways Limited Hawker de Havilland Aust Pty Ltd, Victoria, Library Hawker de

  1. Effective Sealing and Monitoring of Small Movement Expansion Joints in Connecticut Bridges (United States)


    One in nine bridges in the United States is rated as structurally deficient by the 2013 Infrastructure Report Card published by the American Society of Civil Engineers. One of the primary degradation factors that contribute to compromising the struct...

  2. Joint-sparing Corrections in Malunited Lisfranc Joint Injuries. (United States)

    Nery, Caio; Raduan, Fernando; Baumfeld, Daniel


    Lisfranc fracture-dislocations are very serious and potentially disabling injuries. Unfortunately, they are often misdiagnosed. Multiplanar midfoot deformities that result from these fracture-dislocations are precursors of joint degeneration and significant functional disabilities. Anatomic reduction with different types of internal fixation is an efficient method to reconstruct midfoot alignment and stability. Joint-preserving reconstruction techniques emerge as a viable alternative to corrective fusion as they achieve stable joint realignment with preserved motion. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mr Aloïs Girardoz with regard to classification and advancement. As the appellant has not objected, the Board's report and the Director-General's decision will be brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N° 60) from 15 to 29 August 2003. Human Resources Division Tel. 74128

  4. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mr Poul Frandsen concerning his assimilation into the new career structure. As the appellant has not objected, the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General are brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N° 60) from 13 to 24 January 2003. Human Resources Division Tel. 74128

  5. Temporomandibular Joint Imaging. (United States)

    Tamimi, Dania; Jalali, Elnaz; Hatcher, David


    The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is an anatomically and biomechanically complex structure. Understanding how this structure grows and functions is essential to accurate radiographic evaluation. This article discusses the anatomy, function, and growth and development of the TMJ and how growth changes can affect the morphology of the craniofacial structures. Accordingly, the radiographic appearance of the entities that may alter the TMJ are discussed, including developmental, degenerative, inflammatory, and traumatic changes. Both osseous imaging and soft tissue imaging are shown. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    CERN Multimedia

    Human Resources Division


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mr Gert Jan Bossen with regard to dependent child allowance. As the appellant has not objected, the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General are brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N° 60) from 1st to 15 March 2002. Human Resources Division Tel. 74128

  7. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine an appeal lodged by a member of the personnel with regard to advancement. The person concerned has requested that the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General be brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (No. 60) from 24 March to 10 April 2006. Human Resources Department Tel. 74128

  8. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined the internal appeal lodged by a former member of the personnel, a beneficiary of the CERN Pension Fund, against the calculation of his pension in the framework of the Progressive Retirement Programme.   The person concerned has not objected to the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General being brought to the attention of the members of the personnel. In application of Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations, these documents will therefore be available from 26 July to 11 August 2013 at the following link. HR Department Head Office

  9. [Temporomandibular joint disc surgery]. (United States)

    Potier, J; Maes, J-M; Nicot, R; Dumousseau, T; Cotelle, M; Ferri, J


    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are a common disease and may be responsible for major functional and painful repercussions. Treatment is not consensual. The literature highlights the role of conservative treatments (physiotherapy, analgesics, splints) in a first attempt. Minimally invasive surgical techniques (arthroscopy, arthrocentesis) have developed rapidly in recent decades. They have proven effective and reliable, especially in patients suffering from irreducible or reducible anterior disc dislocation or presenting with arthopathies. The goal of our work was to make an update about disk surgery. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  10. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine an internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel with regard to the decision not to grant him an indefinite contract. The person concerned has requested that the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General be brought to the notice of the members of the personnel, in accordance with Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice board of the Main building (Bldg. 60) from 24 September to 7 October 2007. Human Resources Department


    CERN Multimedia

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mr Joào Bento with regard to residential category. As the appellant has not objected, the recommendations of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General are brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article RÊVIÊ1.20 of the Staff Regulations.The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N¡ 60) from 29 October to 12 November 1999.Personnel DivisionTel. 74128


    CERN Multimedia

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mr Olivier Francis Martin with regard to indefinite contract. As the appellant has not objected, the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General are brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N° 60) from 8 to 25 June 2001.

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined the internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel with regard to the decision not to grant him an indefinite contract. The person concerned has not objected to the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General being brought to the notice of the members of the personnel. In application of Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations, these documents will therefore be posted on the notice board of the Main Building (Bldg. 500) from 26 May to 6 June 2008. Human Resources Department (73911)

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined the internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel against the decision to grant him only a periodic one-step advancement for the 2006 reference year. The person concerned has not objected to the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General being brought to the attention of the members of the personnel. In application of Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations, these documents will therefore be posted on the notice board of the Main Building (Bldg. 500) from 1 September to 14 September 2008. Human Resources Department (73911)

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined the internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel with regard to the decision not to award him a periodic one-step advancement for the 2006 reference year. The person concerned has not objected to the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General being brought to the notice of the members of the personnel. In application of Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations, these documents will therefore be posted on the notice board of the Main building (Bldg. 500) from 17 March to 30 March 2008. Human Resources Department Tel. 73911

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine an internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel with regard to the decision not to grant him an indefinite contract. The person concerned has not objected to the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General being brought to the notice of the members of the personnel, in accordance with Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations. These documents will therefore be posted on the notice board of the Main Building (Bldg. 60) from 21 January to 3 February 2008. Human Resources Department (73911)

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    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined the internal appeal lodged by a member of the personnel against the decision to grant him only a periodic one-step advancement for the 2006 reference year. The person concerned has not objected to the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General being brought to the attention of the members of the personnel. In application of Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations, these documents will therefore be posted on the notice board of the Main building (bldg. 500) from 1 September to 14 September 2008. Human Resources Department (73911)

  18. Joint Advisory Appeals Board

    CERN Multimedia


    The Joint Advisory Appeals Board was convened to examine the appeal lodged by Mrs Judith Igo-Kemenes concerning the application of procedures foreseen by Administrative Circular N§ 26 (Rev. 3). As the appellant has not objected, the report of the Board and the final decision of the Director-General are brought to the notice of the personnel in accordance with Article R VI 1.20 of the Staff Regulations. The relevant documents will therefore be posted on the notice boards of the Administration Building (N° 60) from 6 to 20 June 2003. Human Resources Division Tel. 74128

  19. Joint-Sparing Corrections of Malunited Chopart Joint Injuries. (United States)

    Schneiders, Wolfgang; Rammelt, Stefan


    Treatment of malunion and nonunion at the Chopart joint aims at axial realignment of the midfoot to the hindfoot and restoration of the normal relationship of the lateral and medial columns of the foot. In carefully selected patients with intact cartilage, joint-preserving osteotomies are feasible at all 4 bony components of the Chopart joint to restore near-normal function. Priority should be given to the anatomic reconstruction of the talonavicular joint because it is essential for global foot function. Patients must be counseled about the risk of progressive arthritis or osteonecrosis necessitating late fusion. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Mapping Brazilian Cropland Expansion, 2000-2013 (United States)

    Zalles, V.; Hansen, M.; Potapov, P.


    Brazil is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of agricultural goods. Despite undergoing significant increases in its cropland area in the last decades, it remains one of the countries with the most potential for further agricultural expansion. Most notably, the expansion in production areas of commodity crops such as soybean, corn, and sugarcane has become the leading cause of land cover conversion in Brazil. Natural land covers, such as the Amazon and Cerrado forests, have been negatively affected by this agricultural expansion, causing carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, altered water cycles, and many other disturbances to ecosystem services. Monitoring of change in cropland area extent can provide relevant information to decision makers seeking to understand and manage land cover change drivers and their impacts. In this study, the freely-available Landsat archive was leveraged to produce a large-scale, methodologically consistent map of cropland cover at 30 m. resolution for the entire Brazilian territory in the year 2000. Additionally, we mapped cropland expansion from 2000 to 2013, and used statistical sampling techniques to accurately estimate cropland area per Brazilian state. Using the Global Forest Change product produced by Hansen et al. (2013), we can disaggregate forest cover loss due to cropland expansion by year, revealing spatiotemporal trends that could advance our understanding of the drivers of forest loss.

  1. Supercritical flow characteristics at abrupt expansion structure (United States)

    Lim, Jia Jun; Puay, How Tion; Zakaria, Nor Azazi


    When dealing with the design of a hydraulic structure, lateral expansion is often necessary for flow emerging at high velocity served as a cross-sectional transition. If the abrupt expansion structure is made to diverge rapidly, it will cause the major part of the flow fail to follow the boundaries. If the transition is too gradual, it will result in a waste of structural material. A preliminary study on the flow structure near the expansion and its relationship with flow parameter is carried out in this study. A two-dimensional depth-averaged model is developed to simulate the supercritical flow at the abrupt expansion structure. Constrained Interpolation Profile (CIP) scheme (which is of third order accuracy) is adopted in the numerical model. Results show that the flow structure and flow characteristics at the abrupt expansion can be reproduced numerically. The validation of numerical result is done against analytical studies. The result from numerical simulation showed good agreement with the analytical solution.

  2. From joint to single audits

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Claus; Thinggaard, Frank


    This study analyses audit quality differences between audits by a single big audit firm and joint audits with either one or two big audit firms. We exploit the unique situation in Denmark beginning on 1 January 2005, at which time a long-standing mandatory joint audit system for listed companies...... was replaced by a voluntary joint audit system. First, we report the results of a survey of Danish CFOs’ views on and their experiences with the choice of single or joint audits and their perceptions of audit quality. Second, based on data from the mandatory joint audit abolition year and the following two...... years, we test the audit quality differences using abnormal accruals. Most CFOs perceive that audit quality by a single big four audit firm is the same as it is in joint audits with either one or two big four audit firms. The results of our empirical analysis are in line with the perceptions. We find...

  3. Jointly Sponsored Research Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Everett A. Sondreal; John G. Hendrikson; Thomas A. Erickson


    U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Cooperative Agreement DE-FC26-98FT40321 funded through the Office of Fossil Energy and administered at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) supported the performance of a Jointly Sponsored Research Program (JSRP) at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) with a minimum 50% nonfederal cost share to assist industry in commercializing and effectively applying highly efficient, nonpolluting energy systems that meet the nation's requirements for clean fuels, chemicals, and electricity in the 21st century. The EERC in partnership with its nonfederal partners jointly performed 131 JSRP projects for which the total DOE cost share was $22,716,634 (38%) and the nonfederal share was $36,776,573 (62%). Summaries of these projects are presented in this report for six program areas: (1) resource characterization and waste management, (2) air quality assessment and control, (3) advanced power systems, (4) advanced fuel forms, (5) value-added coproducts, and (6) advanced materials. The work performed under this agreement addressed DOE goals for reductions in CO{sub 2} emissions through efficiency, capture, and sequestration; near-zero emissions from highly efficient coal-fired power plants; environmental control capabilities for SO{sub 2}, NO{sub x}, fine respirable particulate (PM{sub 2.5}), and mercury; alternative transportation fuels including liquid synfuels and hydrogen; and synergistic integration of fossil and renewable resources.

  4. Joint collaborative technology experiment (United States)

    Wills, Michael; Ciccimaro, Donny; Yee, See; Denewiler, Thomas; Stroumtsos, Nicholas; Messamore, John; Brown, Rodney; Skibba, Brian; Clapp, Daniel; Wit, Jeff; Shirts, Randy J.; Dion, Gary N.; Anselmo, Gary S.


    Use of unmanned systems is rapidly growing within the military and civilian sectors in a variety of roles including reconnaissance, surveillance, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), and force-protection and perimeter security. As utilization of these systems grows at an ever increasing rate, the need for unmanned systems teaming and inter-system collaboration becomes apparent. Collaboration provides a means of enhancing individual system capabilities through relevant data exchange that contributes to cooperative behaviors between systems and enables new capabilities not possible if the systems operate independently. A collaborative networked approach to development holds the promise of adding mission capability while simultaneously reducing the workload of system operators. The Joint Collaborative Technology Experiment (JCTE) joins individual technology development efforts within the Air Force, Navy, and Army to demonstrate the potential benefits of interoperable multiple system collaboration in a force-protection application. JCTE participants are the Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Airbase Technologies Division, Force Protection Branch (AFRL/RXQF); the Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center Software Engineering Directorate (AMRDEC SED); and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center - Pacific (SSC Pacific) Unmanned Systems Branch operating with funding provided by the Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise (JGRE). This paper will describe the efforts to date in system development by the three partner organizations, development of collaborative behaviors and experimentation in the force-protection application, results and lessons learned at a technical demonstration, simulation results, and a path forward for future work.

  5. Phytomedicine in Joint Disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorin Dragos


    Full Text Available Chronic joint inflammatory disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have in common an upsurge of inflammation, and oxidative stress, resulting in progressive histological alterations and disabling symptoms. Currently used conventional medication (ranging from pain-killers to biological agents is potent, but frequently associated with serious, even life-threatening side effects. Used for millennia in traditional herbalism, medicinal plants are a promising alternative, with lower rate of adverse events and efficiency frequently comparable with that of conventional drugs. Nevertheless, their mechanism of action is in many cases elusive and/or uncertain. Even though many of them have been proven effective in studies done in vitro or on animal models, there is a scarcity of human clinical evidence. The purpose of this review is to summarize the available scientific information on the following joint-friendly medicinal plants, which have been tested in human studies: Arnica montana, Boswellia spp., Curcuma spp., Equisetum arvense, Harpagophytum procumbens, Salix spp., Sesamum indicum, Symphytum officinalis, Zingiber officinalis, Panax notoginseng, and Whitania somnifera.

  6. Ultra-low thermal expansion realized in giant negative thermal expansion materials through self-compensation (United States)

    Shen, Fei-Ran; Kuang, Hao; Hu, Feng-Xia; Wu, Hui; Huang, Qing-Zhen; Liang, Fei-Xiang; Qiao, Kai-Ming; Li, Jia; Wang, Jing; Liu, Yao; Zhang, Lei; He, Min; Zhang, Ying; Zuo, Wen-Liang; Sun, Ji-Rong; Shen, Bao-Gen


    Materials with zero thermal expansion (ZTE) or precisely tailored thermal expansion are in urgent demand of modern industries. However, the overwhelming majority of materials show positive thermal expansion. To develop ZTE or negative thermal expansion (NTE) materials as compensators has become an important challenge. Here, we present the evidence for the realization of ultra-low thermal expansion in Mn-Co-Ge-In particles. The bulk with the Ni2In-type hexagonal structure undergoes giant NTE owing to a martensitic magnetostructural transition. The major finding is that the thermal expansion behavior can be totally controlled by modulating the crystallinity degree and phase transition from atomic scale. Self-compensation effect leads to ultra-low thermal expansion with a linear expansion coefficient as small as +0.68 × 10-6/K over a wide temperature range around room temperature. The present study opens an avenue to reach ZTE particularly from the large class of giant NTE materials based on phase transition.

  7. Expansions and Extensions : Ergodic, combinatorial and geometric properties of β-expansions with arbitrary digits

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kalle, C.C.C.J.


    Let beta be a real number bigger than 1 and A a finite set of arbitrary real numbers. A beta-expansion with digits in A of a real number x is an expression for x by an infinite sum of fractions with powers of beta in the denominators and elements from A in the numerators. Such expansions can be

  8. [Forum on tissue expansion. Expansion of the scalp. Surgical techniques and clinical applications]. (United States)

    Foyatier, J L; Delay, E; Comparin, J P; Latarjet, J; Masson, C L


    Repair of all forms of alopecia is one of the principal applications of scalp expansion. The authors have inserted 400 expansion prostheses, including 20 in the scalp. The surgical technique, choice of material and various types of flaps are described and illustrated by clinical cases of extensive alopecia.

  9. Inflammatory response in equine joints


    Ley, Cecilia


    Proinflammatory cytokines mediate inflammatory responses as well as regulate tissue metabolism. Thus, they may provide a link between inflammation and other pathologic findings seen in equine joint disease. The aims of this thesis were to gain a deeper understanding of the development of chondral pathology in equine osteoarthritis (OA) by obtaining increased knowledge of inflammatory processes in the joint, and to investigate proinflammatory cytokines as markers of joint pathology. Measuremen...

  10. Anisotropic thermal expansion in flexible materials (United States)

    Romao, Carl P.


    A definition of the Grüneisen parameters for anisotropic materials is derived based on the response of phonon frequencies to uniaxial stress perturbations. This Grüneisen model relates the thermal expansion in a given direction (αi i) to one element of the elastic compliance tensor, which corresponds to the Young's modulus in that direction (Yi i). The model is tested through ab initio prediction of thermal expansion in zinc, graphite, and calcite using density functional perturbation theory, indicating that it could lead to increased accuracy for structurally complex systems. The direct dependence of αi i on Yi i suggests that materials which are flexible along their principal axes but rigid in other directions will generally display both positive and negative thermal expansion.

  11. Extrudate Expansion Modelling through Dimensional Analysis Method

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    A new model framework is proposed to correlate extrudate expansion and extrusion operation parameters for a food extrusion cooking process through dimensional analysis principle, i.e. Buckingham pi theorem. Three dimensionless groups, i.e. energy, water content and temperature, are suggested...... to describe the extrudates expansion. From the three dimensionless groups, an equation with three experimentally determined parameters is derived to express the extrudate expansion. The model is evaluated with whole wheat flour and aquatic feed extrusion experimental data. The average deviations...... of the correlation are respectively 5.9% and 9% for the whole wheat flour and the aquatic feed extrusion. An alternative 4-coefficient equation is also suggested from the 3 dimensionless groups. The average deviations of the alternative equation are respectively 5.8% and 2.5% in correlation with the same set...

  12. Variable Joint Elasticities in Running (United States)

    Peter, Stephan; Grimmer, Sten; Lipfert, Susanne W.; Seyfarth, Andre

    In this paper we investigate how spring-like leg behavior in human running is represented at joint level. We assume linear torsion springs in the joints and between the knee and the ankle joint. Using experimental data of the leg dynamics we compute how the spring parameters (stiffness and rest angles) change during gait cycle. We found that during contact the joints reveal elasticity with strongly changing parameters and compare the changes of different parameters for different spring arrangements. The results may help to design and improve biologically inspired spring mechanisms with adjustable parameters.

  13. Rapid palatal expansion: the role of microcirculation. (United States)

    Bilello, G; Currò, G; Messina, P; Scardina, G


    Transverse palate modifications fall under expansive orthopedic therapy of the upper maxilla. The only practical approach to the problem on the transverse plane is that of performing the expansion of the maxillary arch through an opening of the median palatal suture. It is important to understand the changes of the vascular network in midpalatal suture following the starting of rapid maxillary expansion. It is critical to maintain the blood supply and circulation for the osteogenesis and bone remodeling after the expansion. The aim of this research was to evaluate the effects of rapid orthopedic expansion (REP) at the microcirculatory level through capillaroscopic examination. Fifteen patients in their developing years between 9 and 15 years of age (average age 12.16 years) were examined. The application of the REP was the first step in the planning of orthopedic-orthodontic treatment which foresaw further stages in the odonto-osseous movement. The method of Biomicroscopic Video-Imaging of the microcirculation of oral mucosa is performed through the technique of computerized capillaroscopy and the related software. From the results it is evident that immediately after achieving the expansion of the upper maxilla (t1), a slight decrease in the number of vessels per mm² can be observed. In addition, a slight ectasia can be observed in these vessels in comparison to t0. Comparing the videocapillaroscopic images of t1 and t2, an increase in the capillaries per mm² can be observed. Ectasia of the capillaries, though subject to strictly individual variables, can be considered perfectly normal and it is compatible with the normal biology and physiology of vessel microcirculation.

  14. Longitudinal expansion of field line dipolarization (United States)

    Saka, O.; Hayashi, K.


    We examine the substorm expansions that started at 1155 UT 10 August 1994 in the midnight sector focusing on the longitudinal (eastward) expansion of field line dipolarization in the auroral zone. Eastward expansion of the dipolarization region was observed in all of the H, D, and Z components. The dipolarization that started at 1155 UT (0027 MLT) from 260° of geomagnetic longitude (CMO) expanded to 351°(PBQ) in about 48 min. The expansion velocity was 0.03-0.04°/s, or 1.9 km/s at 62°N of geomagnetic latitude. The dipolarization region expanding to the east was accompanied by a bipolar event at the leading edge of the expansion in latitudes equatorward of the westward electrojet (WEJ). In the midnight sector at the onset meridian, the Magnetospheric Plasma Analyzer (MAP) on board geosynchronous satellite L9 measured electrons and ions between 10 eV and 40 keV. We conclude from the satellite observations that this dipolarization was characterized by the evolution of temperature anisotropies, an increase of the electron and ion temperatures, and a rapid change in the symmetry axis of the temperature tensor. The field line dipolarization and its longitudinal expansion were interpreted in terms of the slow MHD mode triggered by the current disruption. We propose a new magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling (MI-coupling) mechanism based on the scenario that transmitted westward electric fields from the magnetosphere in association with expanding dipolarization produced electrostatic potential (negative) in the ionosphere through differences in the mobility of collisional ions and collisionless electrons. The field-aligned currents that emerged from the negative potential region are arranged in a concentric pattern around the negative potential region, upward toward the center and downward on the peripheral.

  15. Parabolic cyclinder functions : examples of error bounds for asymptotic expansions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    R. Vidunas; N.M. Temme (Nico)


    textabstractSeveral asymptotic expansions of parabolic cylinder functions are discussedand error bounds for remainders in the expansions are presented. Inparticular Poincaré-type expansions for large values of the argument$z$ and uniform expansions for large values of the parameter areconsidered.

  16. Soft Manifold Dynamics behind Negative Thermal Expansion (United States)

    Schlesinger, Z.; Rosen, J. A.; Hancock, J. N.; Ramirez, A. P.


    Minimal models are developed to examine the origin of large negative thermal expansion in underconstrained systems. The dynamics of these models reveals how underconstraint can organize a thermodynamically extensive manifold of low-energy modes which not only drives negative thermal expansion but extends across the Brillioun zone. Mixing of twist and translation in the eigenvectors of these modes, for which in ZrW2O8 there is evidence from infrared and neutron scattering measurements, emerges naturally in our model as a signature of the dynamics of underconstraint.

  17. Air expansion in the water rocket

    CERN Document Server

    Romanelli, Alejandro; Madina, Federico González


    We study the thermodynamics of the water rocket in the thrust phase, taking into account the expansion of the air with water vapor, vapor condensation and the energy taken from the environment. We set up a simple experimental device with a stationary bottle and verified that the gas expansion in the bottle is well approximated by a polytropic process $PV^\\beta$= constant, where the parameter $\\beta$ depends on the initial conditions. We find an analytical expression for $\\beta $ that only depends on the thermodynamic initial conditions and is in good agreement with the experimental results.

  18. Large J expansion in ABJM theory revisited. (United States)

    Dimov, H; Mladenov, S; Rashkov, R C

    Recently there has been progress in the computation of the anomalous dimensions of gauge theory operators at strong coupling by making use of the AdS/CFT correspondence. On the string theory side they are given by dispersion relations in the semiclassical regime. We revisit the problem of a large-charge expansion of the dispersion relations for simple semiclassical strings in an [Formula: see text] background. We present the calculation of the corresponding anomalous dimensions of the gauge theory operators to an arbitrary order using three different methods. Although the results of the three methods look different, power series expansions show their consistency.

  19. The Monetary Policy – Restrictive or Expansive?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adam Szafarczyk


    Full Text Available The monetary policy plays an important role in macroeconomic policy of government. There is a question concerning type of this policy ñ expansive or restrictive (easy or tidy monetary policy. Unfortunately, we have a lot of criteria. Each of them gives us other answer. So due to equitation of Irving Fisher we have dominantly expansive monetary policy. This same situation exists when we use nominal value of rediscount interest rate of central bank. Opposite result appears when we use real value of this interest rate or level of obligatory reserve. Taking under consideration liquidity on money market we know, that level of interest rate is too high.  

  20. Scenarios of Expansion to Electric Generation Capacity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Somoza-Cabrera


    Full Text Available We show the building scenarios of expansion to electric generation capacity enough to supply the demand to 2050. We were using the LEAP facility (Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System, to simulate dispatch of electricity at minimum cost. Finally, we show the cost-benefice analysis of the technologies availability, included externality and CO2 emission limited. However that we included the externals cost in this analysis, it results insufficient to closed gap between fossil and renewable technologies of electric generation. Nevertheless, in some opportunities the renewable options had very important participations in the minimal cost scenario of expansion.

  1. Expansion of the whole wheat flour extrusion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cheng, Hongyuan; Friis, Alan


    A new model framework is proposed to describe the expansion of extrudates with extruder operating conditions based on dimensional analysis principle. The Buckingham pi dimensional analysis method is applied to form the basic structure of the model from extrusion process operational parameters. Us....... Using the Central Composite Design (CCD) method, whole wheat flour was processed in a twin-screw extruder with 16 trials. The proposed model can well correlate the expansion of the 16 trials using 3 regression parameters. The average deviation of the correlation is 5.9%....

  2. Effects of city expansion on heat stress under climate change conditions. (United States)

    Argüeso, Daniel; Evans, Jason P; Pitman, Andrew J; Di Luca, Alejandro


    We examine the joint contribution of urban expansion and climate change on heat stress over the Sydney region. A Regional Climate Model was used to downscale present (1990-2009) and future (2040-2059) simulations from a Global Climate Model. The effects of urban surfaces on local temperature and vapor pressure were included. The role of urban expansion in modulating the climate change signal at local scales was investigated using a human heat-stress index combining temperature and vapor pressure. Urban expansion and climate change leads to increased risk of heat-stress conditions in the Sydney region, with substantially more frequent adverse conditions in urban areas. Impacts are particularly obvious in extreme values; daytime heat-stress impacts are more noticeable in the higher percentiles than in the mean values and the impact at night is more obvious in the lower percentiles than in the mean. Urban expansion enhances heat-stress increases due to climate change at night, but partly compensates its effects during the day. These differences are due to a stronger contribution from vapor pressure deficit during the day and from temperature increases during the night induced by urban surfaces. Our results highlight the inappropriateness of assessing human comfort determined using temperature changes alone and point to the likelihood that impacts of climate change assessed using models that lack urban surfaces probably underestimate future changes in terms of human comfort.

  3. Rail expansion devices monitored by FBG sensors on an urban railway viaduct (United States)

    Li, Weilai; Pang, Jin; Lu, Xiaoshan; Liu, Jie


    The fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensing technology was used to monitor the situation of a crevice of the continuous beam joint and rails near rail expansion devices on a viaduct of the urban railway. The monitoring items consisted of the rail temperature, rail displacement, viaduct beam displacement, and strain of sliding rail in the rail expansion device section. The strain sensor was a prefabricate FBG strain gauge, the displacement sensor with different scales used an FBG stress ring, and the FBG of the temperature sensor was pre-drawn and fixed in a metal tube. Compensation sensors were used to balance environmental temperature changes. All FBGs were suspended adhered, therefore the chirped phenomenon of the FBG reflection peak was avoided, and the measurement accuracy was improved. The monitoring results matched to the manual test and theoretical estimation.

  4. Causes of persistent joint pain after arthrocentesis of temporomandibular joint. (United States)

    Honda, Kosuke; Yasukawa, Yoko; Fujiwara, Masanori; Abe, Tetsuya; Urade, Masahiro


    The present study was undertaken to elucidate the factors responsible for the failure of arthrocentesis to cure persistent joint pain in patients with nonreducing articular disc displacement in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Thirty-six patients with internal derangement of the TMJ were selected. Magnetic resonance imaging was used to examine the configuration and position of the articular discs, cortical changes, and bone marrow abnormalities in the condyle and the presence of joint effusion. Arthrocentesis was then performed, and the patients were followed for 6 weeks. The results were then classified as poor or improved. The effects of arthrocentesis did not depend on the configuration of the disc, disc position and motion, or bone marrow abnormalities. Joints with no or minimal amounts of joint effusion achieved a good response to arthrocentesis. Joints with erosive cortical changes of the condyle were less responsive to arthrocentesis. Persistent joint pain after arthrocentesis is generally associated with extensive amounts of joint effusion or erosive cortical changes of the condyle. Copyright © 2011 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Temporomandibular joint arthrography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Choi, Hyung Sik; Lee, Kyung Soo; Kim, Myoung Joon; Jun, Young Hwan; Chang, Duk Soo; Jung, Don Young; Jung, In Won [Capital Armed Forces General Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The stress and occlusion disturbance are very important etiologic factors in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain dysfunction syndromes. Authors performed TMJ arthrograms in the patients with TMJ problem such as pain, click sound, limited motion and locking, etc. The following results noted: 1. The arthrographic findings of 22 TMJ were analyzed. a) Normal: 6 cases b) Anterior disc displacement with rediction: 6 cases {center_dot} Early reduction: 2 cases {center_dot} Intermediate reduction: 3 cases {center_dot} Late reduction: 1 case c) Anterior disc displacement without reduction: 6 cases {center_dot} Two cases had adhesion between the posterior portion of disc and the posterior surfaces of the articular eminence. 2. Among 22 cases, the clinical findings of 16 cases (73%) were compatible with arthrographic findings. 6 cases showed disparity between them.

  6. An innovative steel-concrete joint for integral abutment bridges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Briseghella


    Full Text Available Integral abutment bridges are becoming rather common, due to the durability problems of bearings and expansion joints. At the same time, among short- and medium-span bridges, multi-beam steel-concrete composite deck with hot-rolled girder is an economical and interesting alternative to traditional pre-stressed concrete solutions. The two concepts can be linked together to design integral steel-concrete composite bridges with the benefits of two typologies. The most critical aspect for these bridges is usually the joints between deck and piers or abutments. In this paper, an innovative beam-to-pier joint is proposed and a theoretical and experimental study is introduced and discussed. The analyzed connection is aimed at combining general ease of construction with a highly simplified assembly procedure and a good transmission of hogging and sagging moment at the supports in continuous beams. For this purpose, the traditional shear studs, used at the interface between steel beam and upper concrete slab, are also used at the ends of steel profiles welded horizontally to the end plates. To better understand the behaviour of this kind of joints and the roles played by different components, three large-scale specimens were tested and an FE model was implemented. The theoretical and experimental results confirmed the potential of the proposed connection for practical applications and indicated the way to improve its structural behaviour.

  7. Development of metal-ceramic brazed joints for high temperature applications: example of SiC-Inconel joints

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baffie, T. [CEA/LITEN-DTH, Lab. of Hydrogen Technologies, Grenoble (France); Ziombra, A. [RWTH Aachen (Germany); Schicktanz, R. [BURGMANN Industries, Wolfratshausen (Germany)


    For many applications, sintered silicon carbide SiC, used in high temperature and corrosive environments, has to be brazed to a metal. Nowadays, there is still no tight solution for SiC/metal joints working higher than 400 C; this is mainly explained by chemical (high reactivity) and thermomechanical (high thermal expansion mismatch) incompatibilities between ceramics and metals. These two key points were addressed through the use of a low-active filler metal and interlayer materials. Numerical simulation was employed to optimise the design of the joints and the shape of the parts and thus, reduce stresses on SiC. SiC/metal brazed prototypes of industrial parts were fabricated and tested up to 400 C and failure. (orig.)

  8. Cluster expansions for the correlated basis functions theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guardiola, R. (Granada Univ. (Spain). Dept. de Fisica Nuclear)


    Four kinds of cluster expansions for the calculation of non-diagonal matrix elements of the hamiltonian between correlated states have been derived. The derivation is based on a linearization mechanism for the standard cluster expansions in a configuration mixed state. Particulary simple formulae result for the multiplicative Factor-Aviles-Hartog-Tolhoek expansion and for the exponential form of the Gaudin-Gillespie-Ripka cluster expansion. The resulting expansions are directly usable in finite nuclei.

  9. The Cardassian expansion revisited: constraints from updated Hubble parameter measurements and Type Ia Supernovae data (United States)

    Magaña, Juan; Amante, Mario H.; Garcia-Aspeitia, Miguel A.; Motta, V.


    Motivated by an updated compilation of observational Hubble data (OHD) which consist of 51 points in the redshift range 0.07 galaxies. We focus on two modified Friedmann equations: the original Cardassian (OC) expansion and the modified polytropic Cardassian (MPC). The dimensionless Hubble, E(z), and the deceleration parameter, q(z), are revisited in order to constrain the OC and MPC free parameters, first with the OHD and then contrasted with recent observations of SN Ia using the compressed and full joint-light-analysis (JLA) samples. We also perform a joint analysis using the combination OHD plus compressed JLA. Our results show that the OC and MPC models are in agreement with the standard cosmology and naturally introduce a cosmological-constant-like extra term in the canonical Friedmann equation with the capability of accelerating the Universe without dark energy.

  10. 49 CFR 213.121 - Rail joints. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Rail joints. 213.121 Section 213.121..., DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TRACK SAFETY STANDARDS Track Structure § 213.121 Rail joints. (a) Each rail joint, insulated joint, and compromise joint shall be of a structurally sound design and dimensions for...

  11. 14 CFR 29.935 - Shafting joints. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Shafting joints. 29.935 Section 29.935... STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Powerplant Rotor Drive System § 29.935 Shafting joints. Each universal joint, slip joint, and other shafting joints whose lubrication is necessary for operation must...

  12. 14 CFR 27.935 - Shafting joints. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Shafting joints. 27.935 Section 27.935... STANDARDS: NORMAL CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Powerplant Rotor Drive System § 27.935 Shafting joints. Each universal joint, slip joint, and other shafting joints whose lubrication is necessary for operation must have...

  13. On Learning Ring-Sum-Expansions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fischer, Paul; Simon, H. -U.


    The problem of learning ring-sum-expansions from examples is studied. Ring-sum-expansions (RSE) are representations of Boolean functions over the base {#123;small infinum, (+), 1}#125;, which reflect arithmetic operations in GF(2). k-RSE is the class of ring-sum-expansions containing only monomials...... of length at most k:. term-RSE is the class of ring-sum-expansions having at most I: monomials. It is shown that k-RSE, k>or=1, is learnable while k-term-RSE, k>2, is not learnable if RPnot=NP. Without using a complexity-theoretical hypothesis, it is proven that k-RSE, k>or=1, and k-term-RSE, k>or=2 cannot...... be learned from positive (negative) examples alone. However, if the restriction that the hypothesis which is output by the learning algorithm is also a k-RSE is suspended, then k-RSE is learnable from positive (negative) examples only. Moreover, it is proved that 2-term-RSE is learnable by a conjunction...

  14. Negative thermal expansion in framework compounds

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    electron microscopy, EXAFS and differential scanning calorimetry have been used to study structural properties as a function of temperature for these compounds. In this paper we report the results obtained from our study [14–20] of negative thermal expansion (NTE) compounds with chemical compositions of NX2O8 and.

  15. Polytope expansion of Lie characters and applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walton, Mark A., E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4 (Canada)


    The weight systems of finite-dimensional representations of complex, simple Lie algebras exhibit patterns beyond Weyl-group symmetry. These patterns occur because weight systems can be decomposed into lattice polytopes in a natural way. Since lattice polytopes are relatively simple, this decomposition is useful, in addition to being more economical than the decomposition into single weights. An expansion of characters into polytope sums follows from the polytope decomposition of weight systems. We study this polytope expansion here. A new, general formula is given for the polytope sums involved. The combinatorics of the polytope expansion are analyzed; we point out that they are reduced from those of the Weyl character formula (described by the Kostant partition function) in an optimal way. We also show that the weight multiplicities can be found easily from the polytope multiplicities, indicating explicitly the equivalence of the two descriptions. Finally, we demonstrate the utility of the polytope expansion by showing how polytope multiplicities can be used in the calculation of tensor product decompositions, and subalgebra branching rules.

  16. Resonant state expansion of the resolvent

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berggren, T.; Lind, P. (Department of Mathematical Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 118, S-22100 Lund (Sweden))


    An analytic method of generating resonant state expansions from the standard completeness relation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics is described and shown to reproduce the generalized completeness relations, earlier derived, involving resonant states. The method is then applied to the expansion of the resolvent (the complete Green's function), the symmetry properties of which [ital seem] to be destroyed if a conventional application of the completeness relations is made. These forms of expansions have a continuum term which contains symmetry-restoring contributions and can therefore never vanish identically, nor can it be neglected. The symmetry-conserving form of the expansion has a set of discrete terms which are identical in form to those of the Mittag-Leffler series for the resolvent. In addition, it contains a continuum contribution which in some cases vanishes identically, but in general does not. We illustrate these findings with numerical applictions in which the potential (a square well) is chosen so as to permit analytic evaluation of practically all functions and quantities involved.

  17. Annual cropped area expansion and agricultural production ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper assesses the relationship between annual cropped area expansion and crop output and discusses the implication of such a relationship for environmental management in Benue State, Nigeria. The study was carried out using agricultural production survey (APS) data of five selected crops, namely: rice, sorghum, ...

  18. Hole expansion test of third generation steels (United States)

    Agirre, Julen; Mendiguren, Joseba; Galdos, Lander; de Argandoña, Eneko Sáenz


    The trend towards the implementation of new materials in the chassis of the automobiles is considerably making more complex the manufacturing of the components that built it up. In this scenario materials with higher strengths and lower formabilities are daily faced by tool makers and component producers what reduces the process windows and makes the forming processes to be in the limits of the materials. One of the concerns that tool makers must face during the definition of the tools is the expansion ratios that the holes in the sheet may reach before producing a breakage due to the stretching of the material (also known as edge cracks). For the characterization of such limits, a standard test, the hole expansion test, can be applied so that the limits of the material are known. At the present study, hole expansion tests of a third generation steel, Fortiform1050 with a thickness of 1.2 millimeters have been carried out and compared them to a mild steel, DX54D with a thickness of 0.6 millimeters. A comparison for each material in terms of technology used to punch the hole, mechanical punching vs laser cutting has also been conducted. In addition, the measurement technique (online measurement vs offline measurement) followed in the Hole Expansion Ratio (HER) identification has also been analyzed. Finally, differences between both materials and techniques are presented.

  19. The Asymptotic Expansion Method via Symbolic Computation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan F. Navarro


    Full Text Available This paper describes an algorithm for implementing a perturbation method based on an asymptotic expansion of the solution to a second-order differential equation. We also introduce a new symbolic computation system which works with the so-called modified quasipolynomials, as well as an implementation of the algorithm on it.

  20. Hydrodynamic Gradient Expansion in Gauge Theory Plasmas,

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heller, M.P.; Janik, R.A.; Witaszczyk, P


    We utilize the fluid-gravity duality to investigate the large order behavior of hydrodynamic gradient expansion of the dynamics of a gauge theory plasma system. This corresponds to the inclusion of dissipative terms and transport coefficients of very high order. Using the dual gravity description,

  1. Expansion and contraction of finite states

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tamminga, Allard


    We present a theory that copes with the dynamics of inconsistent information. A method is set forth to represent possibly inconsistent information by a *finite state*. Next, finite operations for expansion and contraction of finite states are given. No extra-logical element -- a choice function or

  2. A Computational Approach to Competitive Range Expansions (United States)

    Weber, Markus F.; Poxleitner, Gabriele; Hebisch, Elke; Frey, Erwin; Opitz, Madeleine


    Bacterial communities represent complex and dynamic ecological systems. Environmental conditions and microbial interactions determine whether a bacterial strain survives an expansion to new territory. In our work, we studied competitive range expansions in a model system of three Escherichia coli strains. In this system, a colicin producing strain competed with a colicin resistant, and with a colicin sensitive strain for new territory. Genetic engineering allowed us to tune the strains' growth rates and to study their expansion in distinct ecological scenarios (with either cyclic or hierarchical dominance). The control over growth rates also enabled us to construct and to validate a predictive computational model of the bacterial dynamics. The model rested on an agent-based, coarse-grained description of the expansion process and we conducted independent experiments on the growth of single-strain colonies for its parametrization. Furthermore, the model considered the long-range nature of the toxin interaction between strains. The integration of experimental analysis with computational modeling made it possible to quantify how the level of biodiversity depends on the interplay between bacterial growth rates, the initial composition of the inoculum, and the toxin range.

  3. Effects of forest expansion on mountain grassland

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guidi, Claudia; Magid, Jakob; Rodeghiero, Mirco


    Background and aims. Grassland abandonment followed by forest succession is the dominant land-use change in the European Alps. We studied the impact of current forest expansion on mountain grassland on changes in physical soil organic carbon (SOC) fractions along a land-use and management gradient...

  4. Stakeholder Support for School Food Policy Expansions (United States)

    Pettigrew, Simone; Pescud, Melanie; Donovan, Robert J.


    The aim of this study was to assess the extent to which parents and school-based stakeholders (principals, teachers, canteen managers and Parents & Citizen Committee presidents) are supportive of potential expansions to a new school food policy. Eight additional policy components elicited in preliminary focus groups with parents and 19 additional…

  5. Global Expansion and English Language Learning (United States)

    Andrade, Maureen Snow


    Demand for higher education is global. As institutions extend opportunities beyond their borders, English language proficiency must be considered. This chapter focuses on considerations related to global expansion, with an emphasis on the role of distance English language courses and the distinct considerations in their development.

  6. Taylor series expansions for stationary Markov chains

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heidergott, B.F.; Hordijk, A.


    We study Taylor series expansions of stationary characteristics of general-state-space Markov chains. The elements of the Taylor series are explicitly calculated and a lower bound for the radius of convergence of the Taylor series is established. The analysis provided in this paper applies to the

  7. Term Dependence: Truncating the Bahadur Lazarsfeld Expansion. (United States)

    Losee, Robert M., Jr.


    Studies the performance of probabilistic information retrieval systems using differing statistical dependence assumptions when estimating the probabilities inherent in the retrieval model. Experimental results using the Bahadur Lazarsfeld expansion on the Cystic Fibrosis database are discussed that suggest that incorporating term dependence…

  8. Revisting expansive learning for knowledge production and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Revisting expansive learning for knowledge production and capability development at postgraduate level in Higher Education Studies. R Niemann. Abstract. Higher education in South Africa is challenged by academic and social demands. Universities, therefore, have to produce graduates who will be able to function ...

  9. On the Convergence of the Virial Expansion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ramawadh, S.D.


    The virial expansion appears in statistical mechanics, an area where physics and mathematics intersect. Throughout this thesis we will mostly ignore the physics and mainly focus on the mathematical aspects. This is a deliberate choice, made for two reasons. Firstly, there are several books that

  10. Critical point anomalies include expansion shock waves

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nannen, N.R.; Guardone, A.; Colonna, P.


    From first-principle fluid dynamics, complemented by a rigorous state equation accounting for critical anomalies, we discovered that expansion shock waves may occur in the vicinity of the liquid-vapor critical point in the two-phase region. Due to universality of near-critical thermodynamics, the

  11. The replication of expansive production knowledge

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wæhrens, Brian Vejrum; Yang, Cheng; Madsen, Erik Skov


    Purpose – With the aim to support offshore production line replication, this paper specifically aims to explore the use of templates and principles to transfer expansive productive knowledge embedded in a production line and understand the contingencies that influence the mix of these approaches....

  12. Engine mounts and structural joints

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    properly implemented, a separate problem-specific solution must be constructed for each joint/structure problem considered. A more general set of analysis tools and design dynamics is required to understand existing designs better and to develop alternate joints based on new or improved welding processes. A problem is ...

  13. Robotic joint experiments under ultravacuum (United States)

    Borrien, A.; Petitjean, L.


    First, various aspects of a robotic joint development program, including gearbox technology, electromechanical components, lubrication, and test results, are discussed. Secondly, a test prototype of the joint allowing simulation of robotic arm dynamic effects is presented. This prototype is tested under vacuum with different types of motors and sensors to characterize the functional parameters: angular position error, mechanical backlash, gearbox efficiency, and lifetime.

  14. Joint mathematical weekend in Copenhagen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Raussen, Martin


    Notes from the 2008 joint mathematical weekend (29.02-02.03.2008) organized by the Danish Mathematical Society......Notes from the 2008 joint mathematical weekend (29.02-02.03.2008) organized by the Danish Mathematical Society...

  15. [Metacarpophalangeal joint injuries and sequelae]. (United States)

    Meier, R


    Injuries of the metacarpophalangeal joints of the thumb and fingers are of a bony or ligamentous nature. They can heal without subsequent problems if correctly diagnosed and treated but incorrect or absent diagnostics and therapy can result in chronic instability, dislocation, fusion as well as subsequent arthritis and functional limitations. They can lead to substantial impairment of the gripping function. Fractures with inclusion of joints and with fragments sufficiently large for refixation are as a rule treated operatively just as differences in torsion and instability. Persisting instabilities are secondarily stabilized by ligamentoplasty and arthritis of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb is treated by fusion. For metacarpophalangeal joints of the fingers the main concern is preserving motion. Established salvage operations for arthritis include denervation, resection arthroplasty and systematic arthrolysis for impairment of the joint and contractures with intact joint surfaces. Even in chronic conditions, with appropriate treatment good functional results for metacarpophalangeal joints of the thumb and fingers can be achieved. This article presents the current pathophysiological principles and concepts for diagnostics and therapy of acute and chronic injuries of the metacarpophalangeal joints of fingers and thumbs.

  16. Active joints for microrobot limbs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Elwenspoek, Michael Curt; Smith, L.; Hok, B.

    In this contribution we propose an electrostatic actuator for active joints. The active joint consists of two plates, one of which is a bilayer and bent by the bimorph effect. The plates are clamped to each other at one edge. A voltage between the plates leads to a very large field at the clamp

  17. [Effects of exercise on joints. (United States)

    Moriyama, Hideki

    Joints are composed of several different tissues(cartilage, capsule, meniscus, and ligament), and articular cartilage plays an important role in maintaining mechanical competence during exercise. Weight-bearing exercise has several benefit, including improved blood and synovial fluid circulation in a given joint. Consistent moderate activities facilitate cycles of anabolism and catabolism. Mechanical stresses are crucial for the maintenance of the morphologic and functional integrity of articular cartilage. Healthy cartilage is exposed by hydrostatic pressure and tensile strain, when cartilage degeneration develops, abnormal cartilage is exposed by shear stress. Moderate(physiological)exercise is characterized by a range of equilibrium between matrix anabolic and catabolic processes, or anabolism beyond catabolism. Joints are susceptible to insufficient or excessive activities, leading to joint degeneration. Lack of exercise is known to induce joint contracture seen clinically as a consequence of disuse changes, and excess mechanical stresses induce joint destruction such as osteoarthritis. Joint diseases resulting from insufficient or excessive activities are new and major challenging issues with our aging population. Thus, it is highly desirable to have an effective and efficient treatment to improve and protect against these joint diseases, and thereby to solve these clearly unanswered issues.

  18. Arthroscopy of the ankle joint

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Dijk, C. N.; Scholte, D.


    Ankle arthroscopy has become a standard procedure for a variety of indications. Joint distraction is applied by many authors. A recent retrospective multicentre study provoked the following questions. Is there an indication for diagnostic arthroscopy? Can arthroscopic surgery of the ankle joint be

  19. Expansion patterns and parallaxes for planetary nebulae (United States)

    Schönberner, D.; Balick, B.; Jacob, R.


    Aims: We aim to determine individual distances to a small number of rather round, quite regularly shaped planetary nebulae by combining their angular expansion in the plane of the sky with a spectroscopically measured expansion along the line of sight. Methods: We combined up to three epochs of Hubble Space Telescope imaging data and determined the angular proper motions of rim and shell edges and of other features. These results are combined with measured expansion speeds to determine individual distances by assuming that line of sight and sky-plane expansions are equal. We employed 1D radiation-hydrodynamics simulations of nebular evolution to correct for the difference between the spectroscopically measured expansion velocities of rim and shell and of their respective shock fronts. Results: Rim and shell are two independently expanding entities, driven by different physical mechanisms, although their model-based expansion timescales are quite similar. We derive good individual distances for 15 objects, and the main results are as follows: (i) distances derived from rim and shell agree well; (ii) comparison with the statistical distances in the literature gives reasonable agreement; (iii) our distances disagree with those derived by spectroscopic methods; (iv) central-star "plateau" luminosities range from about 2000 L⊙ to well below 10 000 L⊙, with a mean value at about 5000 L⊙, in excellent agreement with other samples of known distance (Galactic bulge, Magellanic Clouds, and K648 in the globular cluster M 15); (v) the central-star mass range is rather restricted: from about 0.53 to about 0.56 M⊙, with a mean value of 0.55 M⊙. Conclusions: The expansion measurements of nebular rim and shell edges confirm the predictions of radiation-hydrodynamics simulations and offer a reliable method for the evaluation of distances to suited objects. Results of this paper are based on observations made with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope in Cycle 16 (GO11122

  20. Joint audits - benefit or burden?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Claus; Thinggaard, Frank

    In this paper we examine whether there are perceived and observed benefits or burdens from using two audit firms instead of one. In 2005 the mandatory joint audit requirement was abolished in Denmark. This provides a unique setting for studying the consequences and implications of going from...... a joint audit regime to a single auditor/voluntary joint audit regime. The dataset used in this paper has been collected for the full population of non-financial Danish companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE) in the years 2004 and 2005. We find that a majority of firms perceive joint...... audits to be a net burden. Furthermore, based on DeAngelo's (1981) initial audit pricing model and legislators' claim that joint audits are an unnecessary economic burden to the companies we predict and find discounts (of around 25%) in audit fees in companies that change to single audits. The primary...

  1. 216-B-3 expansion ponds closure plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document describes the activities for clean closure under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) of the 216-B-3 Expansion Ponds. The 216-B-3 Expansion Ponds are operated by the US Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office (DOE-RL) and co-operated by Westinghouse Hanford Company (Westinghouse Hanford). The 216-B-3 Expansion Ponds consists of a series of three earthen, unlined, interconnected ponds that receive waste water from various 200 East Area operating facilities. The 3A, 3B, and 3C ponds are referred to as Expansion Ponds because they expanded the capability of the B Pond System. Waste water (primarily cooling water, steam condensate, and sanitary water) from various 200 East Area facilities is discharged to the Bypass pipe (Project X-009). Water discharged to the Bypass pipe flows directly into the 216-B-3C Pond. The ponds were operated in a cascade mode, where the Main Pond overflowed into the 3A Pond and the 3A Pond overflowed into the 3C Pond. The 3B Pond has not received waste water since May 1985; however, when in operation, the 3B Pond received overflow from the 3A Pond. In the past, waste water discharges to the Expansion Ponds had the potential to have contained mixed waste (radioactive waste and dangerous waste). The radioactive portion of mixed waste has been interpreted by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to be regulated under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954; the dangerous waste portion of mixed waste is regulated under RCRA.

  2. Experimental Analysis on Flow Expansion Over Fan (United States)

    Sittoni, L.; Paola, C.


    We present experimental evidence on the occurrence of large angles of flow expansion with no flow separation over depositional fans. The evolution of a number of self-formed experimental fans was analyzed using overhead images and detailed topographic surveys. Angles of flow expansion up to 45 degrees were found in association with a characteristic bed curvature. Although precise measurements indicate that transverse curvature appeared to slightly decrease downstream over the fans, an approximately constant value of curvature of about 0.1 (r/W = 0.1, where r is the dimensional curvature and W is the maximum width of the fan) fits well all fan sections analyzed. In addition, we found that bed curvature shows a weak proportional dependence with fan expansion angles (alpha around 20 degrees, where alpha is the local plan angle). The curvature appears sufficient to explain the common occurrence of unchannelized, simple fans with opening angles, and hence rates of bedload divergence, much larger than would be predicted from jet theory. We have also analyzed fan development. In our experiments, an instability phenomenon causes a sudden increase in channel width, in association with the formation of a scour. A common development pattern was observed: the upstream-migrating scour initiates flow expansion, inducing in turn the formation of a transient concave heart-shaped fan shape that then slowly develops into a final, steady cone-shaped deposit. Most of the deposition appears to occur during the initial expansion phase. During final steady conditions, fans were also observed to reach values of L/0.5W (L is the final fan length and W is the fan width) approximately constant and in the range 2-4.

  3. Joint Institute for Nanoscience Annual Report 2003

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baer, Donald R.; Campbell, Charles


    The Joint Institute for Nanoscience (JIN) is a cooperative venture of the University of Washington and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to encourage and enhance high-impact and high-quality nanoscience and nanotechnology of all types. This first annual report for the JIN summarizes activities beginning in 2001 and ending at the close of fiscal year 2003 and therefore represents somewhat less than two years of activities. Major portions of the JIN resources are dedicated to funding graduate students and postdoctoral research associates to perform research in collaborations jointly directed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) staff scientists and University of Washington (UW) professors. These fellowships were awarded on the basis of applications that included research proposals. JIN co-sponsors an annual Nanoscale Science and Technology Workshop held in Seattle. In addition to involving PNNL staff in various UW nanoscience courses and seminars, a National Science Foundation grant Development of UW-PNL Collaborative Curriculums in Nano-Science and Technology has allowed the development of three intensive short courses that are taught by UW faculty, PNNL staff, and faculty from other institutions, including Washington State University, the University of Idaho, Stanford University, and the University of Alaska. The initial JIN agreement recognized that expansion of cooperation beyond UW and PNNL would be highly valuable. Starting in early 2003, efforts were initiated to form a regional communication link called the Northwest Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Network (N₄). In concept, N₄ is a tool to encourage communication and help identify regional resources and nanoscience and technology activities.

  4. Medicaid Expansion and Infant Mortality in the United States. (United States)

    Bhatt, Chintan B; Beck-Sagué, Consuelo M


    To explore the effect of Medicaid expansion on US infant mortality rate. We examined data from 2010 to 2016 and 2014 to 2016 to compare infant mortality rates in states and Washington, DC, that accepted the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion (Medicaid expansion states) and states that did not (non-Medicaid expansion states), stratifying data by race/ethnicity. Mean infant mortality rate in non-Medicaid expansion states rose (6.4 to 6.5) from 2014 to 2016 but declined in Medicaid expansion states (5.9 to 5.6). Mean difference in infant mortality rate in Medicaid expansion versus non-Medicaid expansion states increased from 0.573 (P = .08) in 2014 to 0.838 in 2016 (P = .006) because of smaller declines in non-Medicaid expansion (11.0%) than in Medicaid expansion (15.2%) states. The 14.5% infant mortality rate decline from 11.7 to 10.0 in African American infants in Medicaid expansion states was more than twice that in non-Medicaid expansion states (6.6%: 12.2 to 11.4; P = .012). Infant mortality rate decline was greater in Medicaid expansion states, with greater declines among African American infants. Future research should explore what aspects of Medicaid expansion may improve infant survival. (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print January 18, 2018: e1-e3. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2017.304218).

  5. Expansion of World Drylands Under Global Warming (United States)

    Feng, S.; Fu, Q.; Hu, Q. S.


    The world drylands including both semi-arid and arid regions comprise of one-third of the global land surfaces, which support 14% of the world's inhabitants and a significant share of the world agriculture. Because of meager annual precipitation and large potential evaporative water loss, the ecosystems over drylands are fragile and sensitive to the global change. By analyzing the observations during 1948-2008 and 20 fully coupled climate model simulations from CMIP5 for the period 1900-2100, this study evaluated the changes of the world drylands that are defined with a modified form of the Thornthwaite's moisture index. The results based on observational data showed that the world drylands are steadily expanding during the past 60 years. The areas occupied by drylands in 1994-2008 is about 2.0×10^6km^2 (or 4%) larger than the average during the 1950s. Such an expansion is also a robust feature in the simulations of the 20 global climate models, though the rate is much smaller in the models. A stronger expanding rate is projected during the first half of this century than the simulations in the last century, followed by accelerating expansion after 2050s under the high greenhouse gas emission scenario (RCP8.5). By the end of this century, the world drylands are projected to be over 58×10^6km^2 (or 11% increase compared to the 1961-1990 climatology). The projected expansion of drylands, however, is not homogeneous over the world drylands, with major expansion of arid regions over the southwest North America, the northern fringe of Africa, southern Africa and Australia. Major expansions of semi-arid regions are projected over the north side of the Mediterranean, southern Africa, North and South America. The global warming is the main factor causing the increase of potential evapotranspiration estimated by Penman-Monteith algorithm, which in turn dominants the expansion of drylands. The widening of Hadley cell, which has impact on both temperature and precipitation

  6. Defining chemical expansion: the choice of units for the stoichiometric expansion coefficient

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Marrocchelli, Dario; Chatzichristodoulou, Christodoulos; Bishop, Sean R.


    Chemical expansion refers to the spatial dilation of a material that occurs upon changes in its composition. When this dilation is caused by a gradual, iso-structural increase in the lattice parameter with composition, it is related to the composition change by the stoichiometric expansion coeffi...... are provided for changes in oxygen content in fluorite, perovskite, and Ruddlesden-Popper (K2NiF4) phase materials used in solid oxide fuel cells....

  7. Joint action aesthetics. (United States)

    Vicary, Staci; Sperling, Matthias; von Zimmermann, Jorina; Richardson, Daniel C; Orgs, Guido


    Synchronized movement is a ubiquitous feature of dance and music performance. Much research into the evolutionary origins of these cultural practices has focused on why humans perform rather than watch or listen to dance and music. In this study, we show that movement synchrony among a group of performers predicts the aesthetic appreciation of live dance performances. We developed a choreography that continuously manipulated group synchronization using a defined movement vocabulary based on arm swinging, walking and running. The choreography was performed live to four audiences, as we continuously tracked the performers' movements, and the spectators' affective responses. We computed dynamic synchrony among performers using cross recurrence analysis of data from wrist accelerometers, and implicit measures of arousal from spectators' heart rates. Additionally, a subset of spectators provided continuous ratings of enjoyment and perceived synchrony using tablet computers. Granger causality analyses demonstrate predictive relationships between synchrony, enjoyment ratings and spectator arousal, if audiences form a collectively consistent positive or negative aesthetic evaluation. Controlling for the influence of overall movement acceleration and visual change, we show that dance communicates group coordination via coupled movement dynamics among a group of performers. Our findings are in line with an evolutionary function of dance-and perhaps all performing arts-in transmitting social signals between groups of people. Human movement is the common denominator of dance, music and theatre. Acknowledging the time-sensitive and immediate nature of the performer-spectator relationship, our study makes a significant step towards an aesthetics of joint actions in the performing arts.


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    For studying the relationship between condylar hypermobility of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and osteoarthrosis (OA), 13 patients with bilateral condylar hypermobility were evaluated clinically and radiographically, 30 years after non-surgical treatment. The evaluation included range of motion,

  9. Constant time joint bilateral filtering using joint integral histograms. (United States)

    Zhang, Ke; Lafruit, Gauthier; Lauwereins, Rudy; Van Gool, Luc


    In this brief, we present a constant time method for the joint bilateral filtering. First, we propose an image data structure, coined as joint integral histograms (JIHs). Extending the classic integral images and the integral histograms, it represents the global information of two correlated images. In a JIH, the value at each bin indicates an integral determined by the two images. Then, the joint bilateral filtering is transformed to computation and manipulation of histograms. Utilizing the JIHs, we are capable of joint bilateral filtering in constant time. Its performance is validated in a digital photography approach using Flash-noFlash image pairs. Compared with the brute-force method, the proposed method achieves a speedup factor of 2-3 orders of magnitude while producing similar filtering results.

  10. Sideline Management of Joint Dislocations. (United States)

    Schupp, Christian M; Rand, Scott E; Hanson, Travis W; Lee, Bryan M; Jafarnia, Korsh; Jia, Yuhang; Moseley, J Bruce; Seaberg, John P; Seelhoefer, Gregory M


    Athletes can sustain a large variety of injuries from simple soft tissue sprains to complex fractures and joint dislocations. This article reviews and provides the most recent information for sports medicine professionals on the management of simple and complex joint dislocations, i.e., irreducible and/or associated with a fracture, from the sidelines without the benefit of imaging. For each joint, the relevant anatomy, common mechanisms, sideline assessment, reduction techniques, initial treatment, and potential complications will be discussed, which allow for the safe and prompt return of athletes to the field of play.

  11. Temporomandibular Joint Anatomy and Derangements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahadır Odabaş


    Full Text Available Temporomandibular joint (TMJ is a diartrodial joint which is located just before the outer ear way and between the mandibular fossa and mandibular condyle. TMJ has rotation and translation movements. Approximately the 30-50 percent of the population has joint click. Most of the patients which have TMJ click may suffer from disc displacement. By the presence of disharmony between TMJ and occlusion and masticatory muscles, natural balance disappears. Therefore the function of the craniomandibular system and the factors that affects dysfunction must be considered when treatment planning is built.


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elmegaard, Brian; Qvale, Einar Bjørn


    their efficiency are always of interest. Recently, two independent studies have proposed recuperated gas turbines to be configured with the turbine expansion divided, in order to obtain higher efficiency. The idea is to operate the system with a gas generator and a power turbine, and use the gas from the gas......Recuperated gas turbines are currently drawing an increased attention due to the recent commercialization of micro gas turbines with recuperation. This system may reach a high efficiency even for the small units of less than 100 kW. In order to improve the economics of the plants, ways to improve...... divided expansion can be advantageous under certain circumstances. But, in order for todays micro gas turbines to be competitive, the thermodynamic efficiencies will have to be rather high. This requires that all component efficiencies including the recuperator effectiveness will have to be high...

  13. Off-diagonal expansion quantum Monte Carlo. (United States)

    Albash, Tameem; Wagenbreth, Gene; Hen, Itay


    We propose a Monte Carlo algorithm designed to simulate quantum as well as classical systems at equilibrium, bridging the algorithmic gap between quantum and classical thermal simulation algorithms. The method is based on a decomposition of the quantum partition function that can be viewed as a series expansion about its classical part. We argue that the algorithm not only provides a theoretical advancement in the field of quantum Monte Carlo simulations, but is optimally suited to tackle quantum many-body systems that exhibit a range of behaviors from "fully quantum" to "fully classical," in contrast to many existing methods. We demonstrate the advantages, sometimes by orders of magnitude, of the technique by comparing it against existing state-of-the-art schemes such as path integral quantum Monte Carlo and stochastic series expansion. We also illustrate how our method allows for the unification of quantum and classical thermal parallel tempering techniques into a single algorithm and discuss its practical significance.

  14. Locally-smeared operator product expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monahan, Christopher; Orginos, Kostantinos


    We propose a "locally-smeared Operator Product Expansion" (sOPE) to decompose non-local operators in terms of a basis of locally-smeared operators. The sOPE formally connects nonperturbative matrix elements of smeared degrees of freedom, determined numerically using the gradient flow, to non-local operators in the continuum. The nonperturbative matrix elements do not suffer from power-divergent mixing on the lattice, provided the smearing scale is kept fixed in the continuum limit. The presence of this smearing scale prevents a simple connection to the standard operator product expansion and therefore requires the construction of a two-scale formalism. We demonstrate the feasibility of our approach using the example of real scalar field theory.

  15. Morse basis expansion applied to diatomic molecules

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lima, Emanuel F. de, E-mail: [Departamento de Estatística, Matemática Aplicada e Computação, Instituto de Geociências e Ciências Exatas, Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP, Rio Claro, São Paulo 13506-900 (Brazil)


    This work explores the use of the eigenfunctions of the Morse potential with a infinite barrier at long range to solve the radial Schrödinger equation for diatomic molecules. Analytical formulas are obtained for the kinetic energy operator matrix elements in the Morse basis. The Morse basis expansion is applied to find the vibrational–rotational levels of the sodium molecule in the electronic ground state. -- Highlights: ► The Morse potential basis is invoked to find the rovibrational levels of diatomic molecules. ► Analytical formulas for the kinetic energy operator in the Morse basis are obtained. ► The results of the Morse basis expansion show good agreement with the Fourier Grid technique.

  16. Off-diagonal expansion quantum Monte Carlo (United States)

    Albash, Tameem; Wagenbreth, Gene; Hen, Itay


    We propose a Monte Carlo algorithm designed to simulate quantum as well as classical systems at equilibrium, bridging the algorithmic gap between quantum and classical thermal simulation algorithms. The method is based on a decomposition of the quantum partition function that can be viewed as a series expansion about its classical part. We argue that the algorithm not only provides a theoretical advancement in the field of quantum Monte Carlo simulations, but is optimally suited to tackle quantum many-body systems that exhibit a range of behaviors from "fully quantum" to "fully classical," in contrast to many existing methods. We demonstrate the advantages, sometimes by orders of magnitude, of the technique by comparing it against existing state-of-the-art schemes such as path integral quantum Monte Carlo and stochastic series expansion. We also illustrate how our method allows for the unification of quantum and classical thermal parallel tempering techniques into a single algorithm and discuss its practical significance.

  17. 6th International Symposium on Thermal Expansion

    CERN Document Server


    This 6th International Symposium on Thermal Expansion, the first outside the USA, was held on August 29-31, 1977 at the Gull Harbour Resort on Hecla Island, Manitoba, Canada. Symposium Chairman was Ian D. Peggs, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, and our continuing sponsor was CINDAS/Purdue University. We made considerable efforts to broaden the base this year to include more users of expansion data but with little success. We were successful, however, in establishing a session on liquids, an area which is receiving more attention as a logical extension to the high-speed thermophysical property measurements on materials at temperatures close to their melting points. The Symposium had good international representation but the overall attendance was, disappointingly, relatively low. Neverthe­ less, this enhanced the informal atmosphere throughout the meeting with a resultant frank exchange of information and ideas which all attendees appreciated. A totally new item this year was the presentation of a bursary to ...

  18. Asymptotic expansions for the Gaussian unitary ensemble

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Haagerup, Uffe; Thorbjørnsen, Steen


    Let g : R ¿ C be a C8-function with all derivatives bounded and let trn denote the normalized trace on the n × n matrices. In Ref. 3 Ercolani and McLaughlin established asymptotic expansions of the mean value ¿{trn(g(Xn))} for a rather general class of random matrices Xn, including the Gaussian...... aj(g), j ¿ N, as distributions (in the sense of L. Schwarts). We derive a similar asymptotic expansion for the covariance Cov{Trn[f(Xn)], Trn[g(Xn)]}, where f is a function of the same kind as g, and Trn = n trn. Special focus is drawn to the case where and for ¿, µ in C\\R. In this case the mean...

  19. Frostless heat pump having thermal expansion valves (United States)

    Chen, Fang C [Knoxville, TN; Mei, Viung C [Oak Ridge, TN


    A heat pump system having an operable relationship for transferring heat between an exterior atmosphere and an interior atmosphere via a fluid refrigerant and further having a compressor, an interior heat exchanger, an exterior heat exchanger, a heat pump reversing valve, an accumulator, a thermal expansion valve having a remote sensing bulb disposed in heat transferable contact with the refrigerant piping section between said accumulator and said reversing valve, an outdoor temperature sensor, and a first means for heating said remote sensing bulb in response to said outdoor temperature sensor thereby opening said thermal expansion valve to raise suction pressure in order to mitigate defrosting of said exterior heat exchanger wherein said heat pump continues to operate in a heating mode.

  20. Bond return predictability in expansions and recessions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engsted, Tom; Møller, Stig Vinther; Jensen, Magnus David Sander

    We document that over the period 1953-2011 US bond returns are predictable in expansionary periods but unpredictable during recessions. This result holds in both in-sample and out-of-sample analyses and using both univariate regressions and combination forecasting techniques. A simulation study...... but negative in recessions. The results are also consistent with tests showing that the expectations hypothesis of the term structure holds in recessions but not in expansions. However, the results for bonds are in sharp contrast to results for stocks showing that stock returns are predictable in recessions...... but not in expansions. Thus, our results indicate that there is not a common predictive pattern of stock and bond returns associated with the state of the economy....

  1. Cellular Responses to Auxin: Division versus Expansion


    Perrot-Rechenmann, Catherine


    The phytohormone auxin is a major regulator of plant growth and development. Many aspects of these processes depend on the multiple controls exerted by auxin on cell division and cell expansion. The detailed mechanisms by which auxin controls these essential cellular responses are still poorly understood, despite recent progress in the identification of auxin receptors and components of auxin signaling pathways. The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the present knowledge of ...

  2. Multipole expansion in the quantum hall effect

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cappelli, Andrea [INFN, Sezione di Firenze,Via G. Sansone 1, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze (Italy); Randellini, Enrico [INFN, Sezione di Firenze,Via G. Sansone 1, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze (Italy); Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Firenze,Via G. Sansone 1, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze (Italy)


    The effective action for low-energy excitations of Laughlin’s states is obtained by systematic expansion in inverse powers of the magnetic field. It is based on the W-infinity symmetry of quantum incompressible fluids and the associated higher-spin fields. Besides reproducing the Wen and Wen-Zee actions and the Hall viscosity, this approach further indicates that the low-energy excitations are extended objects with dipolar and multipolar moments.

  3. Spatial Linkage and Urban Expansion: AN Urban Agglomeration View (United States)

    Jiao, L. M.; Tang, X.; Liu, X. P.


    Urban expansion displays different characteristics in each period. From the perspective of the urban agglomeration, studying the spatial and temporal characteristics of urban expansion plays an important role in understanding the complex relationship between urban expansion and network structure of urban agglomeration. We analyze urban expansion in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration (YRD) through accessibility to and spatial interaction intensity from core cities as well as accessibility of road network. Results show that: (1) Correlation between urban expansion intensity and spatial indicators such as location and space syntax variables is remarkable and positive, while it decreases after rapid expansion. (2) Urban expansion velocity displays a positive correlation with spatial indicators mentioned above in the first (1980-1990) and second (1990-2000) period. However, it exhibits a negative relationship in the third period (2000-2010), i.e., cities located in the periphery of urban agglomeration developing more quickly. Consequently, the hypothesis of convergence of urban expansion in rapid expansion stage is put forward. (3) Results of Zipf's law and Gibrat's law show urban expansion in YRD displays a convergent trend in rapid expansion stage, small and medium-sized cities growing faster. This study shows that spatial linkage plays an important but evolving role in urban expansion within the urban agglomeration. In addition, it serves as a reference to the planning of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration and regulation of urban expansion of other urban agglomerations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. M. Jiao


    Full Text Available Urban expansion displays different characteristics in each period. From the perspective of the urban agglomeration, studying the spatial and temporal characteristics of urban expansion plays an important role in understanding the complex relationship between urban expansion and network structure of urban agglomeration. We analyze urban expansion in the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration (YRD through accessibility to and spatial interaction intensity from core cities as well as accessibility of road network. Results show that: (1 Correlation between urban expansion intensity and spatial indicators such as location and space syntax variables is remarkable and positive, while it decreases after rapid expansion. (2 Urban expansion velocity displays a positive correlation with spatial indicators mentioned above in the first (1980–1990 and second (1990–2000 period. However, it exhibits a negative relationship in the third period (2000–2010, i.e., cities located in the periphery of urban agglomeration developing more quickly. Consequently, the hypothesis of convergence of urban expansion in rapid expansion stage is put forward. (3 Results of Zipf’s law and Gibrat's law show urban expansion in YRD displays a convergent trend in rapid expansion stage, small and medium-sized cities growing faster. This study shows that spatial linkage plays an important but evolving role in urban expansion within the urban agglomeration. In addition, it serves as a reference to the planning of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration and regulation of urban expansion of other urban agglomerations.

  5. Failure Mechanisms of SAC/Fe-Ni Solder Joints During Thermal Cycling (United States)

    Gao, Li-Yin; Liu, Zhi-Quan; Li, Cai-Fu


    Thermal cycling tests have been conducted on Sn-Ag-Cu/Fe- xNi ( x = 73 wt.% or 45 wt.%) and Sn-Ag-Cu/Cu solder joints according to the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council industrial standard to study their interfacial reliability under thermal stress. The interfacial intermetallic compounds formed for solder joints on Cu, Fe-73Ni, and Fe-45Ni were 4.5 μm, 1.7 μm, and 1.4 μm thick, respectively, after 3000 cycles, demonstrating excellent diffusion barrier effect of Fe-Ni under bump metallization (UBM). Also, two deformation modes, viz. solder extrusion and fatigue crack formation, were observed by scanning electron microscopy and three-dimensional x-ray microscopy. Solder extrusion dominated for solder joints on Cu, while fatigue cracks dominated for solder joints on Fe-45Ni and both modes were detected for those on Fe-73Ni. Solder joints on Fe-Ni presented inferior reliability during thermal cycling compared with those on Cu, with characteristic lifetime of 3441 h, 3190 h, and 1247 h for Cu, Fe-73Ni, and Fe-45Ni UBM, respectively. This degradation of the interfacial reliability for solder joints on Fe-Ni is attributed to the mismatch in coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) at interconnection level. The CTE mismatch at microstructure level was also analyzed by electron backscatter diffraction for clearer identification of recrystallization-related deformation mechanisms.

  6. Frequency dependent thermal expansion in binary viscoelasticcomposites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berryman, James G.


    The effective thermal expansion coefficient beta* of abinary viscoelastic composite is shown to be frequency dependent even ifthe thermal expansion coefficients beta A and beta B of both constituentsare themselves frequency independent. Exact calculations for binaryviscoelastic systems show that beta* is related to constituent valuesbeta A, beta B, volume fractions, and bulk moduli KA, KB, as well as tothe overall bulk modulus K* of the composite system. Then, beta* isdetermined for isotropic systems by first bounding (or measuring) K* andtherefore beta*. For anisotropic systems with hexagonal symmetry, theprincipal values of the thermal expansion beta*perp and beta*para can bedetermined exactly when the constituents form a layered system. In allthe examples studied, it is shown explicitly that the eigenvectors of thethermoviscoelastic system possess non-negative dissipation -- despite thecomplicated analytical behavior of the frequency dependent thermalexpansivities themselves. Methods presented have a variety ofapplications from fluid-fluid mixtures to fluid-solid suspensions, andfrom fluid-saturated porous media to viscoelastic solid-solidcomposites.

  7. Tissue expansion: Concepts, techniques and unfavourable results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Milind S Wagh


    Full Text Available The phenomenon of tissue expansion is observed in nature all the time. The same properties of the human skin to stretch and expand and yield extra skin if placed under continuous stress over a prolonged period of time has been utilised for reconstructive purposes with the help of a silicon balloon inserted under the skin and progressively filled with saline. The technique of tissue expansion is now more than three decades old and has been a value addition to our armamentarium in reconstructive surgery in all parts of the body. However, it still requires careful patient selection, meticulous planning and faultless execution to successfully carry out the process, which usually lasts for more than 8-12 weeks and involves two sittings of surgery. Any compromise in this process can lead to unfavourable results and complications, some minor, which allow continuance of the process to attain the expected goal and others major, which force abandonment of the process without reaching the expected goal. This article seeks to highlight the intricacies of the concept of tissue expansion, the technique related to flawless execution of the process and likely complications with emphasis on their management. We also present our results from a personal series of 138 patients operated over a period of 18 years between 1994 and 2012.

  8. Precision Quantum Chromodynamics From Heavy Quark Expansions

    CERN Document Server

    Benson, D G


    The heavy quark expansion is applied to the semileptonic width of b → c and b → u transitions along with the moments of various decay distributions in the semileptonic b → c transitions. The resulting expressions can be used to improve the precision with which we can extract the values of the CKM matrix elements Vcb and Vub from the data. Heavy quark parameters like mb and m2p are also obtained with values that are completely consistent with theoretical expectations. The observed agreement between the theoretical predictions of the heavy quark expansion and the experimental data tightly constrain the theoretical uncertainty. The heavy quark expansion can also be applied to the photon energy moments in B → Xsγ. The first two of these moments are directly related to mb and m2p . The experimentally imposed cuts on the photon energy spectrum introduce biases into the extracted values of these parameters. Correcting for these biases generates a remarkable agreem...

  9. Microstructural evolution during the thermomechanical fatigue of solder joints

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frear, D R


    Solder joints in electronic packages are electrical interconnections that also function as mechanical bonds. The solder often constrains materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion that, when thermal fluctuations are encountered, causes the solder joint to experience cyclical deformation. Due to the catastrophic consequences of electrical or mechanical failure of solder joints, a great deal of work has been performed to develop a better understanding of the metallurgical response of solder joints subjected to thermomechanical fatigue. This work reviews the microstructural and mechanical evolution that occurs in solder joints during thermomechanical fatigue. The eutectic Sn-Pb solder alloy is highlighted. Unlike most materials that experience thermomechanical fatigue, solder is commonly used at temperatures of up to nine-tenths of its melting point. Therefore extensive creep, solid state diffusion, recrystallization and grain growth occur in this alloy resulting in the evolution of a heterogeneous coarsened band through which failure eventually takes place. Two other solder alloys are compared with the Sn-Pb eutectic, a Pb-rich Sn-Pb alloy and a ternary near eutectic (40In-40Sn-20Pb, all alloys are given in wt. %). The Pb-rich alloy is a precipitated single phase matrix that does not evolve during thermomechanical fatigue and subsequently has a shorter lifetime. Conversely, the 40In-40Sn-20Pb solder is a two phase eutectic in which the microstructures refines during thermomechanical fatigue giving it a longer lifetime than the eutectic Sn-Pb solder. The microstructural processes that occur during thermomechanical fatigue and final fracture behavior are discussed for the three solder alloys. 47 refs., 14 figs.

  10. Joint action aesthetics.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Staci Vicary

    Full Text Available Synchronized movement is a ubiquitous feature of dance and music performance. Much research into the evolutionary origins of these cultural practices has focused on why humans perform rather than watch or listen to dance and music. In this study, we show that movement synchrony among a group of performers predicts the aesthetic appreciation of live dance performances. We developed a choreography that continuously manipulated group synchronization using a defined movement vocabulary based on arm swinging, walking and running. The choreography was performed live to four audiences, as we continuously tracked the performers' movements, and the spectators' affective responses. We computed dynamic synchrony among performers using cross recurrence analysis of data from wrist accelerometers, and implicit measures of arousal from spectators' heart rates. Additionally, a subset of spectators provided continuous ratings of enjoyment and perceived synchrony using tablet computers. Granger causality analyses demonstrate predictive relationships between synchrony, enjoyment ratings and spectator arousal, if audiences form a collectively consistent positive or negative aesthetic evaluation. Controlling for the influence of overall movement acceleration and visual change, we show that dance communicates group coordination via coupled movement dynamics among a group of performers. Our findings are in line with an evolutionary function of dance-and perhaps all performing arts-in transmitting social signals between groups of people. Human movement is the common denominator of dance, music and theatre. Acknowledging the time-sensitive and immediate nature of the performer-spectator relationship, our study makes a significant step towards an aesthetics of joint actions in the performing arts.

  11. Campus/Industry Joint Ventures. (United States)

    McDonald, Eugene J.


    Opportunities for joint economic ventures of colleges and industry are discussed, and a variety of ventures undertaken by Duke University are outlined, including a health club, hotel, and office building. Tax and financing considerations are noted. (MSE)

  12. Education: A Joint Transformation Enabler

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Alexander, Renita


    ... in an organization not known for its adaptability. Underlying the pursuit of transformational concepts necessary to respond to 21st century challenges is an emphasis on joint operations and doctrine...

  13. US Joint Ventures 2014 revision (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A joint venture is a self-directed partnership of agencies, organizations, corporations, tribes, or individuals that has formally accepted the responsibility of...

  14. Finishing touch to joint venture

    CERN Multimedia


    "A new process for polishing titanium and its alloys has been announced following an agreement between Bripol (an Anopol/Delmet joint venture) of Birmingham and the European Organisation for Nuclear Reseach (CERN) in Geneva" (1 paragraph).

  15. Joint Performance and Planning System (United States)

    US Agency for International Development — A joint State/USAID system hosted by State that integrates resource and performance information at the program level and enables more flexible and frequent entry of...

  16. Joint Planning, Education, and Execution

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Vanasse, Margaret


    .... Two key facets of the legislation were the intent to increase attention to the formulation of strategy and contingency planning, and the implementation of mandatory joint education and training...

  17. Torsion testing of bed joints

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Klavs Feilberg; Pedersen, Carsten Mørk


    This paper describes a simple test method for determining the torsion strength of a single bed joint between two bricks and presents results from testing using this test method. The setup for the torsion test is well defined, require minimal preparation of the test specimen and the test can...... be carried out directly in a normal testing machine. The torsion strength is believed to be the most important parameter in out-of-plane resistance of masonry walls subjected to bending about an axis perpendicular to the bed joints. The paper also contains a few test results from bending of small walls about...... an axis perpendicular to the bed joints, which indicate the close connection between these results and results from torsion tests. These characteristics make the torsion strength well suited to act as substitute parameter for the bending strength of masonry about an axis perpendicular to the bed joints....

  18. Modeling of Human Joint Structures. (United States)


    from its original or relaxed length. In such an extension, the stress-strain law becomes highly nonlinear and classical theory of elasticity, which is...this report will be applied to the knee joint. Brantigan and Voshell [1941] presented a review of the conflicting theories on the function of knee...and the anatomy of the joint. This was concluded to be due to the solution technique which was not solving all the equations simultaneously, and

  19. Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under Health Reform.. (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under Health Reform, Interviews with Medicaid Officials In a new study entitled Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under...

  20. NiTi Expansion in Operated Unilateral Cleft Palate Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K Y Poornima


    Conclusion : NiTi expansion in operated cleft patients, showed mainly orthodontic expansion. The significant change in the maxillary inter- molar region is due to the direct placement of NiTi palatal expander to 16, 26.

  1. Following Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion, Do Tooth-Borne or Bone-Borne Appliances Provide More Skeletal Expansion and Dental Expansion? (United States)

    Hamedi-Sangsari, Adrien; Chinipardaz, Zahra; Carrasco, Lee


    The aim of this study was to compare outcome measurements of skeletal and dental expansion with bone-borne (BB) versus tooth-borne (TB) appliances after surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion (SARPE). This study was performed to provide quantitative measurements that will help the oral surgeon and orthodontist in selecting the appliance with, on average, the greatest amount of skeletal expansion and the least amount of dental expansion. A computerized database search was performed using PubMed, EBSCO, Cochrane, Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar on publications in reputable oral surgery and orthodontic journals. A systematic review and meta-analysis was completed with the predictor variable of expansion appliance (TB vs BB) and outcome measurement of expansion (in millimeters). Of 487 articles retrieved from the 6 databases, 5 articles were included, 4 with cone-beam computed tomographic (CBCT) data and 1 with non-CBCT 3-dimensional cast data. There was a significant difference in skeletal expansion (standardized mean difference [SMD], 0.92; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.54-1.30; P < .001) in favor of BB rather than TB appliances. However, there was no significant difference in dental expansion (SMD, 0.05; 95% CI, -0.24 to 0.34; P = .03). According to the literature, to achieve more effective skeletal expansion and minimize dental expansion after SARPE, a BB appliance should be favored. Copyright © 2017 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Detection automatique de bulles HI en expansion (United States)

    Daigle, Anik

    Plusieurs cavités en expansion observées dans le gaz d'hydrogène neutre galactique ont été associées à la présence d'étoiles massives présentant d'intenses vents stellaires ou à des explosions de supernovae. Ces bulles, qui sont remplies de gaz très chaud ( T = 10 5 -10 7 K), tracent donc à la fois les étoiles massives et la phase chaude et ionisée du gaz interstellaire. La morphologie de ces bulles est instable et généralement perturbée par la multitude de structures et de phénomènes existant dans le milieu interstellaire. Leur détection par inspection visuelle est donc difficile et subjective. L'objet de cette thèse est le développement d'une technique de détection automatique et objective de bulles en expansion dans le gaz d'hydrogène neutre de la Voie lactée. Les bulles à progéniteurs stellaires présentent toutes des vitesses d'expansion comprises entre 6 et 19 km s -1 . Une telle caractéristique peut généralement être reconnue dans les spectres en vitesse des cubes de données à 21 cm de l'hydrogène neutre. Notre technique de détection a donc été fondée sur la reconnaissance automatique de la signature d'une expansion à [6, 19] km s -1 dans les spectres en vitesse. La caractérisation et la généralisation de la signature dynamique propre à une bulle en expansion a été confiée à des réseaux de neurones artificiels. Des validations subséquentes, dont certaines liées à la morphologie, ont ensuite été appliquées. La technique a été testée sur onze bulles connues, dont dix ont pu être détectées. La technique a aussi été employée pour la réalisation d'un relevé dans la région du bras de Persée. La distribution spatiale des objets détectés s'est révélée suivre la distribution des étoiles du disque de la Voie lactée. De plus, la distribution selon le rayon et selon la vitesse d'expansion des bulles détectées de rayons plus petits que 10 pc correspondent aux distributions dérivées du mod

  3. [Arthrodesis of the trapeziometacarpal joint]. (United States)

    Pillukat, T; Mühldorfer-Fodor, M; Fuhrmann, R; Windolf, J; van Schoonhoven, J


    Bony fusion of the trapeziometacarpal joint. High demands concerning stability and strength of the thumb in primary or secondary osteoarthritis (e.g., posttraumatic osteoarthritis following injuries to the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb); instability in the absence of osteoarthritis due to malformations, ligamentous laxicity, and joint hypermobility; malformations; improvement of hand function in neurological disorders; salvage procedure after carpometacarpal arthroplasty provided bone stock is sufficient. Osteoarthritis or stiffness of adjacent joints, activities demanding maximal mobility of the thumb, insufficient bone stock. Resection of the articular surfaces of the trapeziometacarpal joint via a dorsal approach. After temporary K‑wire transfixation, application of a dorsal T‑shaped plate (fixed angled or not), replacement of the K‑wire with a lag screw. Immobilization for 8 weeks (radial below-elbow cast including the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint); standard radiographs on second postoperative day and after 8 weeks; removal of stitches after 2 weeks; with bony healing after removal of the cast, guided exercises to increase strength and mobility; full loading for manual tasks after 3 months. With regards to strength, stability, and pain reduction, results are rated as good and excellent with a high degree of patient satisfaction. Disadvantages are implant-related complications and nonhealing of the fusion in an average of 13% of patients. Nevertheless, the procedure is still indicated in young manual workers who tolerate some limitations of mobility.

  4. 36 CFR 72.42 - Expansion and new development. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Expansion and new development... INTERIOR URBAN PARK AND RECREATION RECOVERY ACT OF 1978 Grants for Recovery Action Program Development, Rehabilitation and Innovation § 72.42 Expansion and new development. (a) Expansion. Because the UPARR Program is...

  5. Electrical Resistance Alloys and Low-Expansion Alloys

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjer, Torben


    The article gives an overview of electrical resistance alloys and alloys with low thermal expansion. The electrical resistance alloys comprise resistance alloys, heating alloys and thermostat alloys. The low expansion alloys comprise alloys with very low expansion coefficients, alloys with very low...

  6. 14 CFR 23.969 - Fuel tank expansion space. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Fuel tank expansion space. 23.969 Section 23.969 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT....969 Fuel tank expansion space. Each fuel tank must have an expansion space of not less than two...

  7. Finite Element Modeling of Viscoelastic Behavior and Interface Damage in Adhesively Bonded Joints (United States)


    the unit tensor. For linear viscoelastic model, Prony series expansion of the dimensionless relaxation modulus ( )Rg t can be expressed as follows...D(t) to relaxation modulus E(t) and obtain the corresponding Prony series expression. From the linear theory of viscoelasticity, the relation...the Prony series parameters ig and  i can be defined directly from each term in equation (5). 2.2. Numerical example The model joint analysis

  8. 12 CFR 347.107 - Joint ventures. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Joint ventures. 347.107 Section 347.107 Banks... INTERNATIONAL BANKING § 347.107 Joint ventures. (a) Joint ventures. If a bank, directly or indirectly, acquires or holds an equity interest in a foreign organization that is a joint venture, and the bank or its...

  9. Joint action without and beyond planning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Blomberg, Olle


    to perform “our” joint action. I reject this constraint and argue that some joint actions (such as a joint manoeuvre performed by two figure skaters) are joint in virtue of each participant having what I call ‘socially extended intention-in-action’ that overlap. In chapter 5, I review empirical work...

  10. 47 CFR 76.912 - Joint certification. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Joint certification. 76.912 Section 76.912... CABLE TELEVISION SERVICE Cable Rate Regulation § 76.912 Joint certification. (a) Franchising authorities may apply for joint certification and may engage in joint regulation, including, but not limited to...

  11. Joint Task Force Headquarters Master Training Guide (United States)


    e) JCMT . (f) Corporate Services. 1 IPA/IPL (Imagery Product Archives/Imagery Product Library). 2 COLISEUM. 3 DITDBS. 4 MIDB. 5 FTP. 6 5D...JCMOTF Joint Civil-Military Operations Task Force JCMT Joint Collection Management Tools JCN Joint Communications Network JCSAR Joint Combat Search and

  12. 49 CFR 234.233 - Rail joints. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Rail joints. 234.233 Section 234.233..., Inspection, and Testing Maintenance Standards § 234.233 Rail joints. Each non-insulated rail joint located... than joint bars and the bonds shall be maintained in such condition to ensure electrical conductivity. ...

  13. 14 CFR 23.693 - Joints. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Joints. 23.693 Section 23.693 Aeronautics... Systems § 23.693 Joints. Control system joints (in push-pull systems) that are subject to angular motion... factor may be reduced to 2.0 for joints in cable control systems. For ball or roller bearings, the...

  14. Optical Rotary Joint For Data Transfer (United States)

    Becker, Fred J.


    Proposed joint increases bandwidth and reduces errors. Scheme for transferring digital data across rotary joint uses light instead of electrical signals. Optical joint offers greater bandwidth and operates at considerably lower error rate. Concept applied to transfer of highspeed data to rotating antennas or across joints of robots and manipulators in automated manufacturing.

  15. Joint Airspace Management and Deconfliction (JASMAD) (United States)


    as they traverse in a designated polygonal airspace ( filtered from display...components to be demonstrated at multiple Joint User Group ( JUG ) Warfighter evaluation events and eventually provided to Northrop-Grumman PRB as software...System JASMAD Joint AirSpace Management And Deconfliction JAT Joint Accelerated Targeting JUG Joint Users Group MOD Ministry of Defence MSL Mean

  16. Switching Between Giant Positive and Negative Thermal Expansions of a YFe(CN)6 -based Prussian Blue Analogue Induced by Guest Species. (United States)

    Gao, Qilong; Chen, Jun; Sun, Qiang; Chang, Dahu; Huang, Qingzhen; Wu, Hui; Sanson, Andrea; Milazzo, Ruggero; Zhu, He; Li, Qiang; Liu, Zhanning; Deng, Jinxia; Xing, Xianran


    The control of thermal expansion of solid compounds is intriguing but remains challenging. The effect of guests on the thermal expansion of open-framework structures was investigated. Notably, the presence of guest ions (K(+) ) and molecules (H2 O) can substantially switch thermal expansion of YFe(CN)6 from negative (αv =-33.67×10(-6)  K(-1) ) to positive (αv =+42.72×10(-6)  K(-1) )-a range that covers the thermal expansion of most inorganic compounds. The mechanism of such substantial thermal expansion switching is revealed by joint studies with synchrotron X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption fine structure, neutron powder diffraction, and density functional theory calculations. The presence of guest ions or molecules plays a critical damping effect on transverse vibrations, thus inhibiting negative thermal expansion. An effective method is demonstrated to control the thermal expansion in open-framework materials by adjusting the presence of guests. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  17. Reliability of Tubular Joints:part 1


    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Thoft-Christensen, Palle


    In this paper the preliminary results obtained by tests on tubular joints are presented. The joints are T-joints and the loading is static. It is the intention in continuation of these tests to perform tests on other types of joints (e.g. Y-joints) and also with dynamic loading.The purpose of the test is partly to obtain empirical data for the ultimate load-carrying capacity of tubular T-joints and partly to obtain some experience in performing tests with tubular joints.It is well known that ...

  18. High flux expansion divertor studies in NSTX

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soukhanovskii, V A; Maingi, R; Bell, R E; Gates, D A; Kaita, R; Kugel, H W; LeBlanc, B P; Maqueda, R; Menard, J E; Mueller, D; Paul, S F; Raman, R; Roquemore, A L


    Projections for high-performance H-mode scenarios in spherical torus (ST)-based devices assume low electron collisionality for increased efficiency of the neutral beam current drive. At lower collisionality (lower density), the mitigation techniques based on induced divertor volumetric power and momentum losses may not be capable of reducing heat and material erosion to acceptable levels in a compact ST divertor. Divertor geometry can also be used to reduce high peak heat and particle fluxes by flaring a scrape-off layer (SOL) flux tube at the divertor plate, and by optimizing the angle at which the flux tube intersects the divertor plate, or reduce heat flow to the divertor by increasing the length of the flux tube. The recently proposed advanced divertor concepts [1, 2] take advantage of these geometry effects. In a high triangularity ST plasma configuration, the magnetic flux expansion at the divertor strike point (SP) is inherently high, leading to a reduction of heat and particle fluxes and a facilitated access to the outer SP detachment, as has been demonstrated recently in NSTX [3]. The natural synergy of the highly-shaped high-performance ST plasmas with beneficial divertor properties motivated a further systematic study of the high flux expansion divertor. The National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) is a mid-sized device with the aspect ratio A = 1.3-1.5 [4]. In NSTX, the graphite tile divertor has an open horizontal plate geometry. The divertor magnetic configuration geometry was systematically changed in an experiment by either (1) changing the distance between the lower divertor X-point and the divertor plate (X-point height h{sub X}), or by (2) keeping the X-point height constant and increasing the outer SP radius. An initial analysis of the former experiment is presented below. Since in the divertor the poloidal field B{sub {theta}} strength is proportional to h{sub X}, the X-point height variation changed the divertor plasma wetted area due to

  19. Zirconium titanate: stability and thermal expansion; Titanato de circonio: estabilidad termodinamica y expansion termica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopez-Lopez, E.; Moreno, R.; Baudin, C.


    Zirconium titanate is a well known compound in the field of electro ceramics, although it has also been used in catalyst and sensors applications. The crystallographic thermal expansion anisotropy of this compound makes it a potential candidate as constituent of structural components. In general, to assure the structural integrity and microstructural homogeneity of a ceramic piece, relatively low cooling rates from the fabrication temperature are required. This requirement is essential for zirconium titanate because thermal expansion as well as phase distribution is affected by small variations in the composition and cooling rate. This work reviews the available data on the phase equilibrium relationships in the systems ZrO{sub 2}-TiO{sub 2} and ZrO{sub 2}-TiO{sub 2}-Y{sub 2}O{sub 3}. The main discrepancies as well as the possible origins of them are discussed. Additionally, the crystallographic thermal expansion data in the current literature are reviewed. (Author) 56 refs.

  20. Private randomness expansion with untrusted devices

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Colbeck, Roger; Kent, Adrian, E-mail:, E-mail: [Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, 31 Caroline Street North, Waterloo, ON N2L 2Y5 (Canada)


    Randomness is an important resource for many applications, from gambling to secure communication. However, guaranteeing that the output from a candidate random source could not have been predicted by an outside party is a challenging task, and many supposedly random sources used today provide no such guarantee. Quantum solutions to this problem exist, for example a device which internally sends a photon through a beamsplitter and observes on which side it emerges, but, presently, such solutions require the user to trust the internal workings of the device. Here, we seek to go beyond this limitation by asking whether randomness can be generated using untrusted devices-even ones created by an adversarial agent-while providing a guarantee that no outside party (including the agent) can predict it. Since this is easily seen to be impossible unless the user has an initially private random string, the task we investigate here is private randomness expansion. We introduce a protocol for private randomness expansion with untrusted devices which is designed to take as input an initially private random string and produce as output a longer private random string. We point out that private randomness expansion protocols are generally vulnerable to attacks that can render the initial string partially insecure, even though that string is used only inside a secure laboratory; our protocol is designed to remove this previously unconsidered vulnerability by privacy amplification. We also discuss extensions of our protocol designed to generate an arbitrarily long random string from a finite initially private random string. The security of these protocols against the most general attacks is left as an open question.

  1. Maxillary protraction after surgically assisted maxillary expansion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurindo Zanco Furquim


    Full Text Available This case report describes the orthodontic treatment of a 32-year-old woman with a Class III malocclusion, whose chief compliant was her dentofacial esthetics. The pretreatment lateral cephalometric tracings showed the presence of a Class III dentoskeletal malocclusion with components of maxillary deficiency. After discussion with the patient, the treatment option included surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME followed by orthopedic protraction (Sky Hook and Class III elastics. Patient compliance was excellent and satisfactory dentofacial esthetics was achieved after treatment completion.

  2. Eta-Expansion Does The Trick

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier; Malmkjær, Karoline; Palsberg, Jens


    Partial-evaluation folklore has it that massaging one's source programs can make them specialize better. In Jones, Gomard, and Sestoft's recent textbook, a whole chapter is dedicated to listing such “binding-time improvements”: nonstandard use of continuation-passing style, eta-expansion, and a p......Partial-evaluation folklore has it that massaging one's source programs can make them specialize better. In Jones, Gomard, and Sestoft's recent textbook, a whole chapter is dedicated to listing such “binding-time improvements”: nonstandard use of continuation-passing style, eta...

  3. Eta-Expansion Does The Trick

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier; Malmkjær, Karoline; Palsberg, Jens


    Partial-evaluation folklore has it that massaging one's source programs can make them specialize better. In Jones, Gomard, and Sestoft's recent textbook, a whole chapter is dedicated to listing such “binding-time improvements”: nonstandard use of continuation-passing style, eta-expansion, and a p......Partial-evaluation folklore has it that massaging one's source programs can make them specialize better. In Jones, Gomard, and Sestoft's recent textbook, a whole chapter is dedicated to listing such “binding-time improvements”: nonstandard use of continuation-passing style, eta...

  4. Eta-expansion does The Trick

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier; Malmkjær, Karoline; Palsberg, Jens


    Partial-evaluation folklore has it that massaging one's source programs can make them specialize better. In Jones, Gomard, and Sestoft's recent textbook, a whole chapter is dedicated to listing such “binding-time improvements”: nonstandard use of continuation-passing style, eta-expansion, and a p......Partial-evaluation folklore has it that massaging one's source programs can make them specialize better. In Jones, Gomard, and Sestoft's recent textbook, a whole chapter is dedicated to listing such “binding-time improvements”: nonstandard use of continuation-passing style, eta...

  5. Exploring the expansion history of the universe. (United States)

    Linder, Eric V


    Exploring the recent expansion history of the universe promises insights into the cosmological model, the nature of dark energy, and potentially clues to high energy physics theories and gravitation. We examine the extent to which precision distance-redshift observations can map out the history, including the acceleration-deceleration transition, and the components and equations of state of the energy density. We consider the ability to distinguish between various dynamical scalar field models for the dark energy, as well as higher dimension and alternate gravity theories. Finally, we present a new, advantageous parametrization for the study of dark energy.

  6. Unique expansions and intersections of Cantor sets (United States)

    Baker, Simon; Kong, Derong


    To each α \\in (1/3,1/2) we associate the Cantor set Γα:={∑i=1∞ɛiαi:ɛi∈{0,1}, i⩾1}. In this paper we consider the intersection {{ Γ }α}{\\cap}≤ft({{ Γ }α}+t\\right) for any translation t\\in {R} . We pay special attention to those t with a unique {-1, 0, 1} α-expansion, and study the set Dα:={dimH(Γα∩(Γα+t)):t has a unique {-1,0,1} α-expansion}. We prove that there exists a transcendental number {αKL}≈ 0.394 33\\ldots such that: {{D}α} is finite for α \\in ≤ft({αKL},1/2\\right), {{D}{αKL}}} is infinitely countable, and {{D}α} contains an interval for α \\in ≤ft(1/3,{{αKL}\\right). We also prove that {{D}α} equals ≤ft[0,\\frac{log 2}{-log α}\\right] if and only if α \\in ≤ft(1/3,\\frac{3-\\sqrt{5}}{2}\\right] . As a consequence of our investigation we prove some results on the possible values of \\text{di}{{\\text{m}}H}≤ft({{ Γ }α}{\\cap}≤ft({{ Γ }α}+t\\right)\\right) when {{ Γ }α}{\\cap}≤ft({{ Γ }α}+t\\right) is a self-similar set. We also give examples of t with a continuum of {-1, 0, 1} α-expansions for which we can explicitly calculate \\text{di}{{\\text{m}}H}≤ft({{ Γ }α}{\\cap}≤ft({{ Γ }α}+t\\right)\\right), and for which {{ Γ }α}{\\cap}≤ft({{ Γ }α}+t\\right) is a self-similar set. We also construct α and t for which {{ Γ }α}{\\cap}≤ft({{ Γ }α}+t\\right) contains only transcendental numbers. Our approach makes use of digit frequency arguments and a lexicographic characterisation of those t with a unique {-1, 0, 1} α-expansion.

  7. Capacity Expansion Modeling for Storage Technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hale, Elaine; Stoll, Brady; Mai, Trieu


    The Resource Planning Model (RPM) is a capacity expansion model designed for regional power systems and high levels of renewable generation. Recent extensions capture value-stacking for storage technologies, including batteries and concentrating solar power with storage. After estimating per-unit capacity value and curtailment reduction potential, RPM co-optimizes investment decisions and reduced-form dispatch, accounting for planning reserves; energy value, including arbitrage and curtailment reduction; and three types of operating reserves. Multiple technology cost scenarios are analyzed to determine level of deployment in the Western Interconnection under various conditions.

  8. Landownership Concentration and the Expansion of Education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cinnirella, Francesco; Hornung, Erik


    We study the relationship between large landownership concentration and the expansion of mass education in nineteenth-century Prussia. Cross-sectional estimates show a negative association between landownership concentration and enrollment rates. Fixed-effects panel estimates indicate that regions...... with an initially stronger landownership concentration exhibit increasing enrollment rates. This relationship is not driven by differences in the supply of schooling. We argue that the implementation of agricultural reforms including the stepwise abolition of serfdom is an important driver of the change...

  9. Exploring the expansion history of the universe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Linder, Eric V.


    Exploring the recent expansion history of the universe promises insights into the cosmological model, the nature of dark energy, and potentially clues to high energy physics theories and gravitation. They examine the extent to which precision distance-redshift observations can map out the history, including the acceleration-deceleration transition, and the components and equations of state of the energy density. They consider the ability to distinguish between various dynamical scalar field models for the dark energy, as well as higher dimension and alternate gravity theories. Finally, they present a new, advantageous parametrization for the study of dark energy.

  10. Further analysis of the connected moments expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amore, Paolo; Rodriguez, Martin [Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Colima, Bernal Diaz del Castillo 340, Colima, Colima (Mexico); Fernandez, Francisco M, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [INIFTA (UNLP, CCT La Plata-CONICET), Division Quimica Teorica, Blvd. 113 S/N, Sucursal 4, Casilla de Correo 16, 1900 La Plata (Argentina)


    By means of simple quantum-mechanical models we show that under certain conditions the main assumptions of the connected moments expansion (CMX) are no longer valid. In particular, we consider two-level systems: the harmonic oscillator and the pure quartic oscillator. Although derived from such simple models, we think that the results of this investigation may be of utility in future applications of the approach to realistic problems. We show that a straightforward analysis of the CMX exponential parameters may provide a clear indication of the success of the approach. (paper)

  11. Joint venture instability: a life cycle approach


    Roy Chowdhury, Prabal; Roy Chowdhury, Indrani


    Joint ventures represent one of the most fascinating developments in international business. In the last few decades, the rate of joint venture formation has accelerated dramatically. Nowadays joint ventures are much more widespread and occur in industries like telecommunications, biotechnology etc. At the same time, however, it must be noted that joint ventures are very unstable. In this paper we survey the phenomenon of joint venture instability. We draw on the relative recent theoretical l...

  12. An analysis of a joint shear model for jointed media with orthogonal joint sets; Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koteras, J.R.


    This report describes a joint shear model used in conjunction with a computational model for jointed media with orthogonal joint sets. The joint shear model allows nonlinear behavior for both joint sets. Because nonlinear behavior is allowed for both joint sets, a great many cases must be considered to fully describe the joint shear behavior of the jointed medium. An extensive set of equations is required to describe the joint shear stress and slip displacements that can occur for all the various cases. This report examines possible methods for simplifying this set of equations so that the model can be implemented efficiently form a computational standpoint. The shear model must be examined carefully to obtain a computationally efficient implementation that does not lead to numerical problems. The application to fractures in rock is discussed. 5 refs., 4 figs.

  13. Laboratory simulation of Hot Jupiters atmosphere expansion (United States)

    Prokopov, P. A.; Shaikhislamov, I. F.; Zakharov, Yu P.; Posukh, V. G.; Melekhov, A. V.; Boyarintsev, E. L.; Ponomarenko, A. G.


    Hot Jupiters (HJ) are exoplanets, gas giants with low orbits (≤ 0.1 a.u.). The stellar X-ray and ultraviolet (XUV) radiation energy deposition result in heating ionization and the consequent expansion of planetary atmosphere. Expansion of upper atmosphere under certain conditions could be so large that the majority of light atmospheric constituents overcome the gravitational binding and escape from the planet in a form of hydrodynamic wind. Besides interaction of two counter-streaming plasma flows (stellar wind and ionized upper layers of planet atmosphere), each of this flows interact with planetary magnetic field. In such complex situation laboratory simulation can provide data that can’t be obtained by computer simulation or observation. Experiment was carried out on KI-1 facility: high-vacuum chamber 5m long, 1.2 m in diameter with pressure ∼ 10-6 Torr. Magnetic dipole with two attached laser targets played the role of a planet, and background plasma from θ-pinch used for simulation of stellar wind. As a result, data on a behavior of plasma density and magnetic field were obtained. The novel phenomenon was registered: magnetic field is transferred by the cloud of laser plasma, which was not observed before in experiments or calculations.

  14. Improved Expansion of Random Cayley Graphs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Po-Shen Loh


    Full Text Available In Random Cayley Graphs and Expanders, N. Alon and Y. Roichman proved that for every ε > 0 there is a finite c(ε such that for any sufficiently large group G, the expected value of the second largest (in absolute value eigenvalue of the normalized adjacency matrix of the Cayley graph with respect to c(ε log |G| random elements is less than ε. We reduce the number of elements to c(εlog D(G (for the same c, where D(G is the sum of the dimensions of the irreducible representations of G. In sufficiently non-abelian families of groups (as measured by these dimensions, log D(G is asymptotically (1/2log|G|. As is well known, a small eigenvalue implies large graph expansion (and conversely; see Tanner84 and AlonMilman84-2,AlonMilman84-1. For any specified eigenvalue or expansion, therefore, random Cayley graphs (of sufficiently non-abelian groups require only half as many edges as was previously known.

  15. Completeness relations and resonant state expansions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lind, P. (Department of Mathematical Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 118, S-221 00 Lund (Sweden))


    The completeness properties of the discrete set of bound states, virtual states, and resonant states characterizing the system of a single nonrelativistic particle moving in a central cutoff potential are investigated. We do not limit ourselves to the restricted form of completeness that can be obtained from Mittag-Leffler theory in this case. Instead we will make use of the information contained in the asymptotic behavior of the discrete states to get a new approach to the question of eventual overcompleteness. Using the theory of analytic functions we derive a number of completeness relations in terms of discrete states and complex continuum states and give some criteria for how to use them to form resonant state expansions of functions, matrix elements, and Green's functions. In cases where the integral contribution vanishes, the discrete part of the expansions is of the same form as that given by Mittag-Leffler theory but with regularized inner products. We also consider the possibility of using the discrete states as basis in a matrix representation.

  16. Contradictions of TNCs’ Foreign Economic Expansion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melnikov Aleksandr Borisovich


    Full Text Available Some directions of the external economic expansion of multinational corporations in modern conditions of globalization, the contradictions generated by these conditions and the conflicts in the system of world economy are presented in the article. The global strategy of functioning of multinational corporation professes the principle of “double standards”. Multinational corporations, on the one hand, support liberalization and internationalization in scales of world reproduction, on the other hand – further redistribution of spheres of influence, and imposing the new world economic order. The functional role of modern multinational corporations is inconsistent. Though they stimulate the tendency of increasing the competitiveness, concentration of the capital and production, at the same time, the monopolization and institutional barriers created by multinational corporation and its structural divisions. Multinational corporations determine the competitive struggle, implement the sanitation mechanism and optimization of world economy. The diversification of multinational corporations’ activity promotes the generation of new requirements and the markets (information, innovations, technologies, services, etc. where individual subjects and competitive forces are formed. It is caused by a progressive functional role of modern multinational corporations in the global economy. Massive penetration into the international business, external expansion of transnational monopolies stimulates economic growth in host countries, promotes specialization, division of labor, cooperation. At the same time, the monopolist form of these processes inevitably leads to numerous negative phenomena, a slow down and inconsistent development of production in the countries-recipients.

  17. Extended Plefka expansion for stochastic dynamics (United States)

    Bravi, B.; Sollich, P.; Opper, M.


    We propose an extension of the Plefka expansion, which is well known for the dynamics of discrete spins, to stochastic differential equations with continuous degrees of freedom and exhibiting generic nonlinearities. The scenario is sufficiently general to allow application to e.g. biochemical networks involved in metabolism and regulation. The main feature of our approach is to constrain in the Plefka expansion not just first moments akin to magnetizations, but also second moments, specifically two-time correlations and responses for each degree of freedom. The end result is an effective equation of motion for each single degree of freedom, where couplings to other variables appear as a self-coupling to the past (i.e. memory term) and a coloured noise. This constitutes a new mean field approximation that should become exact in the thermodynamic limit of a large network, for suitably long-ranged couplings. For the analytically tractable case of linear dynamics we establish this exactness explicitly by appeal to spectral methods of random matrix theory, for Gaussian couplings with arbitrary degree of symmetry.

  18. Thin metastructures with engineered thermal expansion (United States)

    Gdoutos, Eleftherios E.

    The geometry and constituent materials of metastructures can be used to engineer the thermal expansion coefficient. In this thesis, we design, fabricate, and test thin thermally stable metastructures consisting of bi-metallic unit cells and show how the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of these metastructures can be finely and coarsely tuned by varying the CTE of the constituent materials and the unit cell geometry. Planar and three-dimensional finite element method modeling is used to drive the design and inform experiments, and predict the response of these metastructures. We demonstrate computationally the significance of out-of-plane effects in the metastructure response. We develop an experimental setup using digital image correlation and an infrared camera to experimentally measure full displacement and temperature fields during testing and accurately measure the metastructures' CTE. We experimentally demonstrate high aspect ratio metastructures of Ti/Al and Kovar/Al which exhibit near-zero and negative CTE, respectively. We demonstrate robust fabrication procedures for thermally stable samples with high aspect ratios in thin foil and thin film scales. We investigate the lattice structure and mechanical properties of thin films comprising a near-zero CTE metastructure. The mechanics developed in this work can be used to engineer metastructures of arbitrary CTE and can be extended to three dimensions.

  19. Spontaneous thermal expansion of nematic elastomers (United States)

    Tajbakhsh, A. R.; Terentjev, E. M.


    We study the monodomain (single-crystal) nematic elastomer materials, all side-chain siloxane polymers with the same mesogenic groups and crosslinking density, but differing in the type of crosslinking. Increasing the proportion of long di-functional segments of main-chain nematic polymer, acting as network crosslinking, results in dramatic changes in the uniaxial equilibrium thermal expansion on cooling from the isotropic phase. At higher concentration of main chains their behaviour dominates the elastomer properties. At low concentration of main-chain material, we detect two distinct transitions at different temperatures, one attributed to the main-chain, the other to the side-chain component. The effective uniaxial anisotropy of nematic rubber, r(T)=ell_{allel}/ell_{bot} proportional to the effective nematic order parameter Q(T), is given by an average of the two components and thus reflects the two-transition nature of thermal expansion. The experimental data is compared with the theoretical model of ideal nematic elastomers; applications in high-amplitude thermal actuators are discussed in the end.

  20. Optimizing a Query by Transformation and Expansion. (United States)

    Glocker, Katrin; Knurr, Alexander; Dieter, Julia; Dominick, Friederike; Forche, Melanie; Koch, Christian; Pascoe Pérez, Analie; Roth, Benjamin; Ückert, Frank


    In the biomedical sector not only the amount of information produced and uploaded into the web is enormous, but also the number of sources where these data can be found. Clinicians and researchers spend huge amounts of time on trying to access this information and to filter the most important answers to a given question. As the formulation of these queries is crucial, automated query expansion is an effective tool to optimize a query and receive the best possible results. In this paper we introduce the concept of a workflow for an optimization of queries in the medical and biological sector by using a series of tools for expansion and transformation of the query. After the definition of attributes by the user, the query string is compared to previous queries in order to add semantic co-occurring terms to the query. Additionally, the query is enlarged by an inclusion of synonyms. The translation into database specific ontologies ensures the optimal query formulation for the chosen database(s). As this process can be performed in various databases at once, the results are ranked and normalized in order to achieve a comparable list of answers for a question.

  1. Transmission network expansion planning with simulation optimization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bent, Russell W [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Berscheid, Alan [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Toole, G. Loren [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    Within the electric power literatW''e the transmi ssion expansion planning problem (TNEP) refers to the problem of how to upgrade an electric power network to meet future demands. As this problem is a complex, non-linear, and non-convex optimization problem, researchers have traditionally focused on approximate models. Often, their approaches are tightly coupled to the approximation choice. Until recently, these approximations have produced results that are straight-forward to adapt to the more complex (real) problem. However, the power grid is evolving towards a state where the adaptations are no longer easy (i.e. large amounts of limited control, renewable generation) that necessitates new optimization techniques. In this paper, we propose a generalization of the powerful Limited Discrepancy Search (LDS) that encapsulates the complexity in a black box that may be queJied for information about the quality of a proposed expansion. This allows the development of a new optimization algOlitlun that is independent of the underlying power model.

  2. Tensor integrand reduction via Laurent expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hirschi, Valentin [SLAC, National Accelerator Laboratory,2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025-7090 (United States); Peraro, Tiziano [Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, School of Physics and Astronomy,The University of Edinburgh,Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, Scotland (United Kingdom)


    We introduce a new method for the application of one-loop integrand reduction via the Laurent expansion algorithm, as implemented in the public C++ library Ninja. We show how the coefficients of the Laurent expansion can be computed by suitable contractions of the loop numerator tensor with cut-dependent projectors, making it possible to interface Ninja to any one-loop matrix element generator that can provide the components of this tensor. We implemented this technique in the Ninja library and interfaced it to MADLOOP, which is part of the public MADGRAPH5{sub A}MC@NLO framework. We performed a detailed performance study, comparing against other public reduction tools, namely CUTTOOLS, SAMURAI, IREGI, PJFRY++ and GOLEM95. We find that Ninja outperforms traditional integrand reduction in both speed and numerical stability, the latter being on par with that of the tensor integral reduction tool GOLEM95 which is however more limited and slower than Ninja. We considered many benchmark multi-scale processes of increasing complexity, involving QCD and electro-weak corrections as well as effective non-renormalizable couplings, showing that Ninja’s performance scales well with both the rank and multiplicity of the considered process.

  3. Renormalized Wick expansion for a modified PQCD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cabo Montes de Oca, Alejandro [Instituto de Cibernetica, Matematica y Fisica, Group of Theoretical Physics, Vedado, La Habana (Cuba); Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste (Italy)


    The renormalization scheme for the Wick expansion of a modified version of the perturbative QCD introduced in previous works is discussed. Massless QCD is considered by implementing the usual multiplicative scaling of the gluon and quark wave functions and vertices. However, also massive quark and gluon counterterms are allowed in this massless theory since the condensates are expected to generate masses. A natural set of expansion parameters of the physical quantities is introduced: the coupling itself and the two masses m{sub q} and m{sub g} associated to quarks and gluons, respectively. This procedure allows one to implement a dimensional transmutation effect through these new mass scales. A general expression for the new generating functional in terms of the mass parameters m{sub q} and m{sub g} is obtained in terms of integrals over arbitrary but constant gluon or quark fields in each case. Further, the one loop potential is evaluated in more detail in the case when only the quark condensate is retained. This lowest order result again indicates the dynamical generation of quark condensates in the vacuum. (orig.)

  4. Induction brazing of complex joints

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Henningsen, Poul; Zhang, Wenqi; Bay, Niels


    Induction brazing is a fast and appropriate method for industrial joining of complex geometries and metal combinations. In all types of brazing processes it is important to heat the joint interface of the two materials to the same, high temperature. If one of the specimens is warmer than the other...... materials has large influence on the heating time and temperature distribution in induction heating. In order to ensure high and uniform temperature distribution near the interface of a joint between dissimilar materials the precise coil geometry and position is of great importance. The present paper...... presents a combined numerical and experimental method for fast determination of appropriate coil geometry and position in induction brazing tube-to-plate joints of different ratios between tube and plate thickness and different combinations of the materials stainless steel, brass and copper. The method has...

  5. Rheumatoid arthritis affecting temporomandibular joint

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amandeep Sodhi


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis (RA is a chronic, systemic, autoimmune inflammatory disorder that is characterized by joint inflammation, erosive properties and symmetric multiple joint involvement. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ is very rare to be affected in the early phase of the disease, thus posing diagnostic challenges for the dentist. Conventional radiographs fail to show the early lesions due to its limitations. More recently cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT has been found to diagnose the early degenerative changes of TMJ and hence aid in the diagnosis of the lesions more accurately. Our case highlights the involvement of TMJ in RA and the role of advanced imaging (CBCT in diagnosing the bony changes in the early phase of the disease.

  6. Temporomandibular joint in rheumatoid arthritis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Syrjaenen, S.M.

    The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) was investigated clinically and by orthopantomography in 110 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and in 73 control subjects. Clinical symptoms in the TMJ were established in 34% of the RA patients and in 18% of the controls. Radiographic abnormalities were found in 60% of the RA patients compared with 15% in the controls. No single radiographic abnormality was characteristic of joint involvement by RA. The most common radiologic features in RA patients were changes in the morphology of the condylar head and articular eminentia, marginal irregularities, reduced mobility, and an anterior position of the condylar head. No abnormalities were encountered in the early stage of the disease, which at least in part could be attributed to the inherent limitations of orthopantomography. The incidence of joint lesions increased with duration of the RA. (orig.).

  7. Periprosthetic joint infection: Current concept

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vinay K Aggarwal


    Full Text Available Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI is one of the most devastating and costly complications following total joint arthroplasty (TJA. Diagnosis and management of PJI is challenging for surgeons. There is no "gold standard" for diagnosis of PJI, making distinction between septic and aseptic failures difficult. Additionally, some of the greatest difficulties and controversies involve choosing the optimal method to treat the infected joint. Currently, there is significant debate as to the ideal treatment strategy for PJI, and this has led to considerable international variation in both surgical and nonsurgical management of PJI. In this review, we will discuss diagnosis and management of PJI following TJA and highlight some recent advances in this field.

  8. Joint US/German Conference

    CERN Document Server

    Gulledge, Thomas; Jones, Albert


    This proceedings volume contains selected and refereed contributions that were presented at the conference on "Recent Developments and New Perspectives of Operations Research in the Area of Production Planning and Control" in Hagen/Germany, 25. - 26. June 1992. This conference was organized with the cooperation of the FernuniversiHit Hagen and was jointly hosted by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Operations Research (DGOR)" and the "Manufacturing Special Interest Group of the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA-SIGMA)". For the organization of the conference we received generous financial support from the sponsors listed at the end of this volume. We wish to express our appreciation to all supporters for their contributions. This conference was the successor of the JOInt ORSA/DGOR-conference in Gaithersburg/Maryland, USA, on the 30. and 31. July 1991. Both OR-societies committed themselves in 1989 to host joint conferences on special topics of interest from the field of operations research. This goal ...

  9. Estimation of joint position error. (United States)

    Agostini, Valentina; Rosati, Samanta; Balestra, Gabriella; Trucco, Marco; Visconti, Lorenzo; Knaflitz, Marco


    Joint position error (JPE) is frequently used to assess proprioception in rehabilitation and sport science. During position-reposition tests the subject is asked to replicate a specific target angle (e.g. 30° of knee flexion) for a specific number of times. The aim of this study is to find an effective method to estimate JPE from the joint kinematic signal. Forty healthy subjects were tested to assess knee joint position sense. Three different methods of JPE estimation are described and compared using a hierarchical clustering approach. Overall, the 3 methods showed a high degree of similarity, ranging from 88% to 100%. We concluded that it is preferable to use the more user-independent method, in which the operator does not have to manually place "critical" markers.

  10. Transverse Reinforcement of Adhesive Joints (United States)

    Sapozhnikov, S.; Shakirov, A.


    The shear of single-lap adhesive joints causes significant peel stresses in the adhesive layer, which is a particularly urgent problem for low-modulus polyurethane compositions. An experimental and computational analysis of various methods for increasing the load-bearing capacity of the joints by their strengthening with metallic z-elements was carried out. This strengthening hinders their delamination by the action of peel stresses, which allows one to reduce the overall dimensions and weight of adhesive joints. Two main strengthening methods were considered: with steel tapping screws (of diameter 2.5 mm) and blind aluminum rivets (of diameter 4.0 mm). The peculiarity of the strengthening lies in the fact that z-elements of minimum available diameter were used for reducing the effect of stress concentrations on the strength of the joints. The test of specimens for each type of strengthening showed an average increase in the ultimate load by 40% for the threaded reinforcements and by 10% for the rivets. During an analysis of stress state of the joints by the FEM, the nonlinear behavior of constituent materials and stress concentration in the region of reinforcing elements were taken into account. The mechanical properties of the adhesive layer and the GFRP covering were determined in separate experiments. The analysis showed that the weight of the reinforced adhesive joints could be lowered by 20-25% relative to that of unreinforced ones without reducing their load-bearing capacity. An additional effect caused by using the threaded reinforcing elements was a more than threefold increase in their rigidity as compared with that of analogous nonreinforced ones.

  11. The Game Object Model and Expansive Learning: Creation, Instantiation, Expansion, and Re-representation (United States)

    Amory, Alan; Molomo, Bolepo; Blignaut, Seugnet


    In this paper, the collaborative development, instantiation, expansion and re-representation as research instrument of the Game Object Model (GOM) are explored from a Cultural Historical Activity Theory perspective. The aim of the paper is to develop insights into the design, integration, evaluation and use of video games in learning and teaching.…

  12. Comparison of the use of notched wedge joints vs. traditional butt joints in Connecticut (United States)


    Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) longitudinal joints have been an item of increasing scrutiny in : Connecticut. The traditional butt joint has typically been the method used in Connecticut. These joints : have been reportedly opening up, creating...

  13. Arthroscopic arthodesis of subtalar joint. (United States)

    Muraro, Gerardo Muñoz; Carvajal, Patricio Fuentes


    Isolated subtalar arthrodesis is well accepted for treatment of pathologic conditions of the subtalar joint associated with pain, instability, and deformity that do not respond to conservative treatment. The most frequent indications are primary talocalcaneal or posttraumatic arthrosis; congenital malformations (coalition); or inflammatory diseases. In the last years, arthroscopic subtalar arthrodesis has become an established technique in treatment of the subtalar arthrosis in the absence of deformities, misalignment and bone loss. As this technique limits soft tissue damages, it may diminish hospitalization days. However, this technique necessitates basic experience in arthroscopy of small joints and knowledge of specific anatomy. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Rothia prosthetic knee joint infection. (United States)

    Trivedi, Manish N; Malhotra, Prashant


    Rothia species - Gram-positive pleomorphic bacteria that are part of the normal oral and respiratory flora - are commonly associated with dental cavities and periodontal disease although systemic infections have been described. We describe a 53-year-old female with rheumatoid arthritis complicated by prosthetic knee joint infection due to Rothia species, which was successfully treated by surgical removal of prosthesis and prolonged antimicrobial therapy. The issue of antibiotic prophylaxis before dental procedures among patients with prosthetic joint replacements is discussed. Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  15. Evaluation of Rock Joint Coefficients (United States)

    Audy, Ondřej; Ficker, Tomáš


    A computer method for evaluation of rock joint coefficients is described and several applications are presented. The method is based on two absolute numerical indicators that are formed by means of the Fourier replicas of rock joint profiles. The first indicator quantifies the vertical depth of profiles and the second indicator classifies wavy character of profiles. The absolute indicators have replaced the formerly used relative indicators that showed some artificial behavior in some cases. This contribution is focused on practical computations testing the functionality of the newly introduced indicators.

  16. Leaving a joint audit system

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Claus; Thinggaard, Frank


    with the auditors than in a equally shared joint audit, and that the auditors' incentives to offer an initial fee discount are bigger. Research limitations/implications: The number of observations is constrained by the small Danish capital market. Future research could take a more qualitative research approach...... deciding to switch to single auditors. Fee discounts do not seem to reflect long-lasting efficiency gains on the part of the audit firm. Orginality/value: Denmark is the first country to leave a mandatory joint audit system, so this is the first time that it is possible to study fee effects related to this....

  17. [Divorce and joint physical custody]. (United States)

    Golse, B


    This work first recalls the definition of joint physical custody, as well as the current legal procedure for obtaining it, its practical implementation, the financial implications for parents, and finally some statistics. Some psychological and psychopathological reflections on the impact of divorce on children are then presented before considering the question of joint physically custody with regard to attachment theory and depending on the age of the child (a great caution seems to be required before three years). The article concludes with a brief discussion of parental alienation syndrome. Copyright © 2014. Published by Elsevier SAS.

  18. Finger Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Dislocation. (United States)

    Ramponi, Denise; Cerepani, Mary Jo


    Finger dislocations are common injuries that are often managed by emergency nurse practitioners. A systematic physical examination following these injuries is imperative to avoid complications. Radiographic views, including the anteroposterior, lateral, and oblique views, are imperative to evaluate these finger dislocations. A dorsal dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint is the most common finger dislocation type often easily reduced. A volar PIP dislocation can often be difficult to reduce and may result in finger deformity. Finger dislocations should be reduced promptly. Referral to an orthopedic hand specialist is required if the dislocation is unable to be reduced or if the finger joint is unstable following reduction attempts.

  19. Dual joint space arthrography in temporomandibular joint disorders: Comparison with single inferior joint space arthrography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Choi, Hyung Sik; Chang, Duk Soo; Lee, Kyung Soo; Kim, Woo Sun; Sung, Jung Ho; Jun, Young Hwan [Capital Armed Forces General Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The temporomandibular joint(TMJ) is really a complex of two synovial space separated by fibrocartilaginous disc. Single inferior joint space arthrography is commonly performed for evaluation of TMJ disorders, which is known to be superior in demonstrating joint dynamics. But it reveals only the inferior surface of the disc. Therefore, dual space arthrography is superior to demonstrate the soft tissue anatomic feature of the joint such as disc position and shape. Authors performed 83 TMJ arthrograms in TMJ problems. Initially, the inferior joint space was done and then the superior space was sequentially contrasted. The follow results were noted: 1. In all cases, dual space arthrography revealed accurate disc shape and positions. 2. Concordant findings between the two techniques: 68 cases (82%). Discordance between the two techniques: 15 cases (18%) 3. Possible causes of discordance between inferior and dual space arthrography. a) Normal varians of anterior recess: 3 cases b) Posterior disc displacement: 4 cases c) Influence of the patient's head position change :4 cases d) False perforation: 2 cases e) Reduction change: 2 cases 4. In 5 cases with anterior displacement, dual space arthrography gave additional findings such as adhesion within the superior space, which could not be evaluated by single inferior space.

  20. Defending the Joint Force: Lessons Learned from Joint Base Balad (United States)


    the enemy’s aerial power by destroying his nests and eggs on the ground than to hunt his flying birds in the air.”1 This concept is reflected in defending its own assets and those of the joint force.  1. Giulio Douhet, The Command of the Air, trans. Dino Ferrari (1942; new imprint

  1. Jointness for the Rest of Us: Reforming Joint Professional Development (United States)


    achieve this end, reform of the present joint development system is required so that legal, cultural , and organizational barriers that hinder...12 Cultural Conflict……...........................................................................................16 Organizational Issues...definitions used in this thesis are as follows: Education - A process and a series of activities that enable an individual to assimilate and develop

  2. Bone and Joint Infections in Older Adults. (United States)

    Mears, Simon C; Edwards, Paul K


    Bone and joint infections in the elderly patient include septic native joints, osteomyelitis, and prosthetic joint infection. Infections are difficult to treat and require a team approach. Surgical debridement and intravenous antibiotics are the keys to treatment. Prosthetic joint infections often need a two-stage approach to treatment. First the infected joint is removed and the infection treated, then a second prosthetic joint is placed. Prosthetic joint infection is becoming the most common complication after joint replacement surgery. Outcomes of treatment of bone and joint infections are related to the severity of the infection and condition of the host. Because the elderly are often frail, treatment is challenging. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. The SWAP Upper Atmosphere Expansion Benchmark (United States)

    Fuller-Rowell, T. J.; Zesta, E.; Basu, S.; Black, C.; Emmert, J. T.; Sutton, E. K.; Thayer, J. P.; Codrescu, M.; Fedrizzi, M.; Tobiska, W. K.; Crowley, G.; Pilinski, M.; Bowman, B. R.; Woods, T. N.; Chamberlin, P. C.


    Atmospheric expansion during extreme events gives rise to increases in neutral density at low-Earth orbit altitudes, which poses two distinct risks to operational spacecraft. The first is the direct effect of enhanced drag on the spacecraft, changing its orbit, increasing the uncertainty of its position, and reducing the orbital lifetime. The second is the indirect effect of atmospheric expansion on the ability to monitor the trajectories of debris, including objects with high area-to-mass ratios, for collision avoidance at all times. The Benchmark for neutral density is defined relative to the empirical neutral density reference models, e.g., JB2008 or NRLMSIS-00. These models are used as a reference in order to extrapolate the response to a 100-year and theoretical maximum event. The Benchmark is also defined for neutral winds: in-track winds change apparent density along an orbit; cross-track winds influence orbit trajectory. The Benchmark is established at three altitudes: 250 km, 400 km, and 850 km, and quantifies the impact from solar ultraviolet radiation (EUV and FUV) at low, medium, and high solar activity on timescales greater than one day; EUV enhancement during impulsive events, such as solar flares; and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) driving geomagnetic storms. A 100-year and theoretical maximum estimate of the peak daily F10.7 proxy are 390 and 500 units, respectively, which would increase global mean density by 100% and 160% at 400 km altitude above the empirical model values at an F10.7 of 240 units. Estimates for a 100-year flare are X30 with a theoretical maximum of X40. The response to an X30 or X40 flare would produce a 75% and 135% density increase, respectively, on the dayside at 400 km altitude at a median solar flux level of 150 sfu. For a Carrington storm the thermospheric temperature is expected to exceed 4000 K, and neutral density is predicted to exceed empirical model estimates of the response to a Bastille or Halloween-like storm by a

  4. Progressive GAA.TTC repeat expansion in human cell lines. (United States)

    Ditch, Scott; Sammarco, Mimi C; Banerjee, Ayan; Grabczyk, Ed


    Trinucleotide repeat expansion is the genetic basis for a sizeable group of inherited neurological and neuromuscular disorders. Friedreich ataxia (FRDA) is a relentlessly progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by GAA.TTC repeat expansion in the first intron of the FXN gene. The expanded repeat reduces FXN mRNA expression and the length of the repeat tract is proportional to disease severity. Somatic expansion of the GAA.TTC repeat sequence in disease-relevant tissues is thought to contribute to the progression of disease severity during patient aging. Previous models of GAA.TTC instability have not been able to produce substantial levels of expansion within an experimentally useful time frame, which has limited our understanding of the molecular basis for this expansion. Here, we present a novel model for studying GAA.TTC expansion in human cells. In our model system, uninterrupted GAA.TTC repeat sequences display high levels of genomic instability, with an overall tendency towards progressive expansion. Using this model, we characterize the relationship between repeat length and expansion. We identify the interval between 88 and 176 repeats as being an important length threshold where expansion rates dramatically increase. We show that expansion levels are affected by both the purity and orientation of the repeat tract within the genomic context. We further demonstrate that GAA.TTC expansion in our model is independent of cell division. Using unique reporter constructs, we identify transcription through the repeat tract as a major contributor to GAA.TTC expansion. Our findings provide novel insight into the mechanisms responsible for GAA.TTC expansion in human cells.

  5. Prosthesis of the wrist-joint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Feldmeier, C.


    Function of the hand-joint and the well-being of patients can be severely affected by arthrosis of the wrist-joint. Therapeutically, arthrodesis usually results in a painfree status of stiffness. A painless and well functioning joint can be achieved by alloplastic joint replacement or resurfacing. The possibilities and clinical results in cases of arthrosis of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb, pseudarthrosis of the scaphoid, aseptic necrosis of the Lunate and severe arthrosis of the radio-carpal joint are demonstrated.

  6. Conflation: a new type of accelerated expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fertig, Angelika; Lehners, Jean-Luc; Mallwitz, Enno [Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert-Einstein-Institute),Am Mühlenberg 1, Potsdam-Golm, 14476 (Germany)


    In the framework of scalar-tensor theories of gravity, we construct a new kind of cosmological model that conflates inflation and ekpyrosis. During a phase of conflation, the universe undergoes accelerated expansion, but with crucial differences compared to ordinary inflation. In particular, the potential energy is negative, which is of interest for supergravity and string theory where both negative potentials and the required scalar-tensor couplings are rather natural. A distinguishing feature of the model is that, for a large parameter range, it does not significantly amplify adiabatic scalar and tensor fluctuations, and in particular does not lead to eternal inflation and the associated infinities. We also show how density fluctuations in accord with current observations may be generated by adding a second scalar field to the model. Conflation may be viewed as complementary to the recently proposed anamorphic universe of Ijjas and Steinhardt.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dumitru FILIPEANU


    Full Text Available The coherence of the global economic system, created by its upswing in the first postwar decades, started to crumble in the ’70s. The destabilizing shocks affected the entire world, but in an uneven manner, in different geographical areas and at different times, being felt most acutely, with devastating economic and social effects, in Third World countries. Although the developed countries were affected as well, they always had means to combat or to diminish the adverse effects of the crises, leading to "gentler" consequences. This paper focuses on four main aspects in postwar global economic expansion, namely: the ’70s – the international monetary crisis and the oil shocks; the foreign debt crisis; the Latin American debt crisis, the Asian financial crises and the current global crisis.

  8. A non-perturbative operator product expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bietenholz, W. [Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Distrito Federal (Mexico). Inst. de Ciencias Nucleares; Cundy, N.; Goeckeler, M. [Regensburg Univ. (DE). Inst. fuer Theoretische Physik] (and others)


    Nucleon structure functions can be observed in Deep Inelastic Scattering experiments, but it is an outstanding challenge to confront them with fully non-perturbative QCD results. For this purpose we investigate the product of electromagnetic currents (with large photonmomenta) between quark states (of low momenta). By means of an Operator Product Expansion the structure function can be decomposed into matrix elements of local operators, and Wilson coefficients. For consistency both have to be computed non-perturbatively. Here we present precision results for a set of Wilson coefficients. They are evaluated from propagators for numerous quark momenta on the lattice, where the use of chiral fermions suppresses undesired operator mixing. This overdetermines the Wilson coefficients, but reliable results can be extracted by means of a Singular Value Decomposition. (orig.)

  9. The replication of expansive production knowledge

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wæhrens, Brian Vejrum; Yang, Cheng; Madsen, Erik Skov


    ; and (2) rather than being viewed as alternative approaches, templates and principles should be seen as complementary once the transfer motive moves beyond pure replication. Research limitations – The concepts introduced in this paper were derived from two Danish cases. While acceptable for theory......Purpose – With the aim to support offshore production line replication, this paper specifically aims to explore the use of templates and principles to transfer expansive productive knowledge embedded in a production line and understand the contingencies that influence the mix of these approaches...... exploration, the small sample size is an obvious limitation for generalisation. Practical implications – A roadmap for knowledge transfer within the replication of a production line is suggested, which, together with four managerial suggestions, provides strong support and clear directions to managers...

  10. Sectoral and regional expansion of emissions trading

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boehringer, Christoph; Bouwe, Dijkstra; Rosendahl, Knut Einar


    We consider an international emissions trading scheme with partial sectoral and regional coverage. Sectoral and regional expansion of the trading scheme is beneficial in aggregate, but not necessarily for individual countries. We simulate international CO{sub 2} emission quota markets using marginal abatement cost functions and the Copenhagen 2020 climate policy targets for selected countries that strategically allocate emissions in a bid to manipulate the quota price. Quota exporters and importers generally have conflicting interests about admitting more countries to the trading coalition, and our results indicate that some countries may lose substantially when the coalition expands in terms of new countries. For a given coalition, expanding sectoral coverage makes most countries better off, but some countries (notably the USA and Russia) may lose out due to loss of strategic advantages. In general, exporters tend to have stronger strategic power than importers.(Author)

  11. Population Genetics of Three Dimensional Range Expansions (United States)

    Lavrentovich, Maxim; Nelson, David


    We develop a simple model of genetic diversity in growing spherical cell clusters, where the growth is confined to the cluster surface. This kind of growth occurs in cells growing in soft agar, and can also serve as a simple model of avascular tumors. Mutation-selection balance in these radial expansions is strongly influenced by scaling near a neutral, voter model critical point and by the inflating frontier. We develop a scaling theory to describe how the dynamics of mutation-selection balance is cut off by inflation. Genetic drift, i.e., local fluctuations in the genetic diversity, also plays an important role, and can lead to the extinction even of selectively advantageous strains. We calculate this extinction probability, taking into account the effect of rough population frontiers.

  12. Expansion of museums in Central Europe?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jagodzińska, Katarzyna


    Full Text Available The paper presents reflections on the specificity of collections and museums of contemporary art in Central Europe and considers a possibility of creating a regional alternative for the West. The analysis is conducted in the context of the expansionist policy of contemporary museums – notably the Louvre, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Hermitage – whose numerous new development projects gave rise to a number of dilemmas in the museological world. The author discusses global "museum brands" that invest in Central Europe and addresses the possible profits of the expansion of such "concerns" for culture in the region, as well as emphasises the potential of the region itself, which may be used for its development without the avail of the internationally renowned collectors' names.

  13. Large-spin expansions of GKP strings (United States)

    Floratos, Emmanuel; Georgiou, George; Linardopoulos, Georgios


    We demonstrate that the large-spin expansion of the energy of Gubser-Klebanov-Polyakov (GKP) strings that rotate in ℝ × S2 and AdS3 can be expressed in terms of Lambert's W-function. We compute the leading, subleading and next-to-subleading series of exponential corrections to the infinite-volume dispersion relation of GKP strings that rotate in ℝ × S2. These strings are dual to the long = 4 SYM operators +… and provide their scaling dimensions at strong coupling. We also show that the strings obey a short-long (strings) duality. For the folded GKP strings that spin inside AdS3 and are dual to twist-2 operators, we confirm the known formulas for the leading and next-to-leading coefficients of their anomalous dimensions and derive the corresponding expressions for the next-to-next-to-leading coefficients.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The EMPIRE code system is being extended to cover the resolved and unresolved resonance region employing proven methodology used for the production of new evaluations in the recent Atlas of Neutron Resonances. Another directions of Empire expansion are uncertainties and correlations among them. These include covariances for cross sections as well as for model parameters. In this presentation we concentrate on the KALMAN method that has been applied in EMPIRE to the fast neutron range as well as to the resonance region. We also summarize role of the EMPIRE code in the ENDF/B-VII.0 development. Finally, large scale calculations and their impact on nuclear model parameters are discussed along with the exciting perspectives offered by the parallel supercomputing.

  15. The worldwide expansion of the Argentine ant

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vogel, Valerie; Pedersen, Jes Søe; Giraud, Tatiana


    Aim The aim of this study was to determine the number of successful establishments of the invasive Argentine ant outside native range and to see whether introduced supercolonies have resulted from single or multiple introductions. We also compared the genetic diversity of native versus introduced...... supercolonies to assess the size of the propagules (i.e. the number of founding individuals) at the origin of the introduced supercolonies. Location Global. Methods We used mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) markers and microsatellite loci to study 39 supercolonies of the Argentine ant Linepithema humile covering both......) and secondary introductions (from sites with established invasive supercolonies) were important in the global expansion of the Argentine ant. In combination with the similar social organization of colonies in the native and introduced range, this indicates that invasiveness did not evolve recently as a unique...

  16. Quantization Noise Shaping on Arbitrary Frame Expansions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boufounos Petros T


    Full Text Available Quantization noise shaping is commonly used in oversampled A/D and D/A converters with uniform sampling. This paper considers quantization noise shaping for arbitrary finite frame expansions based on generalizing the view of first-order classical oversampled noise shaping as a compensation of the quantization error through projections. Two levels of generalization are developed, one a special case of the other, and two different cost models are proposed to evaluate the quantizer structures. Within our framework, the synthesis frame vectors are assumed given, and the computational complexity is in the initial determination of frame vector ordering, carried out off-line as part of the quantizer design. We consider the extension of the results to infinite shift-invariant frames and consider in particular filtering and oversampled filter banks.

  17. The new Medicaid debate: expansion or retrenchment? (United States)


    Health advocates are facing a sea-change in Washington. Comprehensive federal health care reform eluded the nation under the Clinton Administration, but incremental progress through state-based Medicaid expansions and new CHIP programs was widespread, giving rise to some innovative state efforts to cover more of the uninsured. Washington's support was instrumental in those efforts, but the second Bush Administration seems intent on reversing that direction. To protect--and build upon--these nascent Medicaid efforts, advocates will have to mount careful strategies in defense of Medicaid. This States of Health looks at the dangers that may lie ahead and suggests how advocates can respond to keep Medicaid moving in the right direction.

  18. A collisionless plasma thruster plume expansion model (United States)

    Merino, Mario; Cichocki, Filippo; Ahedo, Eduardo


    A two-fluid model of the unmagnetized, collisionless far region expansion of the plasma plume for gridded ion thrusters and Hall effect thrusters is presented. The model is integrated into two semi-analytical solutions valid in the hypersonic case. These solutions are discussed and compared against the results from the (exact) method of characteristics; the relative errors in density and velocity increase slowly axially and radially and are of the order of 10-2-10-3 in the cases studied. The plasma density, ion flux and ambipolar electric field are investigated. A sensitivity analysis of the problem parameters and initial conditions is carried out in order to characterize the far plume divergence angle in the range of interest for space electric propulsion. A qualitative discussion of the physics of the secondary plasma plume is also provided.

  19. The Dynamics of Regional and Global Expansion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Geisler Asmussen, Christian; Nielsen, Bo Bernhard; Osegowitsch, Tom


    presence over time. The authors test the resulting hypotheses using sales data from a sample of 220 of the world’s largest MNEs over the period 1995-2005. The authors focus specifically on the relationship between levels of market penetration inside and outside the home region and rates of change in each......Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to model and test the dynamics of home-regional and global penetration by multi-national enterprises (MNEs). Design/methodology/approach – Drawing on international business (IB) theory, the authors model MNEs adjusting their home-regional and global market...... domain. Findings – The authors demonstrate that MNEs do penetrate both home-regional and global markets, often simultaneously, and that penetration levels often oscillate within an MNE over time. The authors show firms’ rates of regional and global expansion to be affected by their existing regional...

  20. Expansive focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. (United States)

    Bulut, Emel Uzun; Acikgoz, Aydan; Ozan, Bora; Zengin, Ayse Zeynep; Gunhan, Omer


    To present a case of expansive focal cemento-osseous dysplasia and emphasize the importance of differential diagnosis. Cemento-osseous dysplasia is categorized into three subtypes on the basis of the clinical and radiographic features: Periapical, focal and florid. The focal type exhibits a single site of involvement in any tooth-bearing or edentulous area of the jaws. These lesions are usually asymptomatic; therefore, they are frequently diagnosed incidentally during routine radiographic examinations. Lesions are usually benign, show limited growth, and do not require further surgical intervention, but periodic follow-up is recommended because occasionally, this type of dysplasia progresses into florid osseous dysplasia and simple bone cysts are formed. A 24-year-old female patient was referred to our clinic for swelling in the left edentulous mandibular premolarmolar region and felt discomfort when she wore her prosthetics. She had no pain, tenderness or paresthesia. Clinical examination showed that the swelling in the posterior mandible that was firm, nonfluctuant and covered by normal mucosa. On panoramic radiography and computed tomography, a well defined lesion of approximately 1.5 cm in diameter of mixed density was observed. The swelling increased slightly in size over 2 years making it difficult to use prosthetics and, therefore, the lesion was totally excised under local anesthesia, and surgical specimens were submitted for histopathological examination. The histopathological diagnosis was focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. In the present case, because of the increasing size of the swelling making it difficult to use prosthetics, young age of the patient and localization of the lesion, in the initial examination, cemento-ossifying fibroma was suspected, and the lesion was excised surgically; the histopathological diagnosis confirmed it as focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. We present a case of expansive focal cemento-osseous dysplasia. Differential diagnosis

  1. What Determines Joint Venture Termination?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Bo Bernhard


    Joint venture (JV) research continues to flourish as researchers seek to advance our understanding of why so many JVs fail. Cui and Kumar (this issue) take a contingency approach to explain how and why business relatedness may provide new insights as to what determines JV termination...

  2. Durability of building joint sealants (United States)

    Christopher C. White; Kar Tean Tan; Donald L. Hunston; R. Sam Williams


    Predicting the service life of building joint sealants exposed to service environments in less than real time has been a need of the sealant community for many decades. Despite extensive research efforts to design laboratory accelerated tests to duplicate the failure modes occurring in field exposures, little success has been achieved using conventional durability...

  3. Evading the joint decision trap

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stenbæk, Jørgen; Jensen, Mads Christian Dagnis


    is applied, including the concept of the joint-decision trap. The paper finds that the outcome was made possible by compensating the member states that were worst affected by the policy changes. A coalition of net contributors, centered on Germany and the United Kingdom, was influential regarding the overall...

  4. The Rationale for Joint Mobilization. (United States)

    Burkhardt, Sandy

    This paper presents an overview of the functions of connective tissue and the mechanisms of joint injury and contracture formation in relation to therapeutic exercise. The components of connective tissue operation are explained, including fibroblasts, macrophages, plasma cells, and collagen. An examination of the histology of connective tissue as…

  5. Recruitment of knee joint ligaments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blankevoort, L.; Huiskes, R.; de Lange, A.


    On the basis of earlier reported data on the in vitro kinematics of passive knee-joint motions of four knee specimens, the length changes of ligament fiber bundles were determined by using the points of insertion on the tibia and femur. The kinematic data and the insertions of the ligaments were

  6. Arthrography of the ankle joint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crespi Porro, R.; Zellner, A.; Puricelli, G.; Quaglia, R.; Chelazzi, G.


    Arthrography of the ankle joint was first carried out by Johnson and Palmer at the Military Hospital in Stockholm in 1940. Arthrography can be used for judging the integrity of the articular cartilage, of osteochondritis dissecans, arthritis or adhesive capsulitis. The literature shows, however, that more than 95% of the patients on whom this examination has been performed has suffered from acute trauma.

  7. Joint Attention and Anthropological Difference

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Urban, Petr


    Roč. 11, č. 1 (2014), s. 59-70 ISSN 1718-0198 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP401/10/1164 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : joint attention * anthropological difference * phenomenology * great apes * shared intentionality Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  8. Rock-solid artificial joints

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bonger, S.


    Engineers from TU Delft and doctors from Leiden are joining forces to make loose-fitting artificial joints a thing of the past. They are at the forefront in terms of minimally invasive interventions, which make cutting open patients unnecessary. “Nobody else is doing this yet.”

  9. The Joint Accomplishment of Identity (United States)

    Hand, Victoria; Gresalfi, Melissa


    Identity has become a central concept in the analysis of learning from social perspectives. In this article, we draw on a situative perspective to conceptualize identity as a "joint accomplishment" between individuals and their interactions with norms, practices, cultural tools, relationships, and institutional and cultural contexts.…

  10. Diagnosis of Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ya.V. Fishchenko


    Full Text Available Background. Sacroiliac joints are the cause of pain syndromes in 15–30 % of patients, who complained of pain in lumbosacral spine. In this connection, the relevant issue is the differential diagnosis of pain syndromes in the sacroiliac joint with discogenic, arthrogenic and myofascial pain syndromes. The aim of the study was to assess the informativeness of different diagnostic tests during the diagnosis of sacroiliac pain syndromes, either alone or in combination, using as a verifying procedure the diagnostic block with local anesthetic performed under X-ray control. Materials and methods. We have observed 90 patients aged from 30 to 78 years with one- or two-sided pain syndrome in the lumbosacral spine, with or without irradiation in the lower limb, its duration was more than 2 months. Results. The highest sensitivity was observed in Gaenslen’s test (83 % as compared to other tests with lower overdiagnosis (73 %. The positive predictive value of this test was equal to 79 %. Conclusions. Tests in combination with diagnostic block can effectively diagnose the pathology of sacroiliac joint and differentiate it from discogenic or arthrogenic pathology of the lumbar spine and degenerative diseases of the hip joints.

  11. Multilevel joint competing risk models (United States)

    Karunarathna, G. H. S.; Sooriyarachchi, M. R.


    Joint modeling approaches are often encountered for different outcomes of competing risk time to event and count in many biomedical and epidemiology studies in the presence of cluster effect. Hospital length of stay (LOS) has been the widely used outcome measure in hospital utilization due to the benchmark measurement for measuring multiple terminations such as discharge, transferred, dead and patients who have not completed the event of interest at the follow up period (censored) during hospitalizations. Competing risk models provide a method of addressing such multiple destinations since classical time to event models yield biased results when there are multiple events. In this study, the concept of joint modeling has been applied to the dengue epidemiology in Sri Lanka, 2006-2008 to assess the relationship between different outcomes of LOS and platelet count of dengue patients with the district cluster effect. Two key approaches have been applied to build up the joint scenario. In the first approach, modeling each competing risk separately using the binary logistic model, treating all other events as censored under the multilevel discrete time to event model, while the platelet counts are assumed to follow a lognormal regression model. The second approach is based on the endogeneity effect in the multilevel competing risks and count model. Model parameters were estimated using maximum likelihood based on the Laplace approximation. Moreover, the study reveals that joint modeling approach yield more precise results compared to fitting two separate univariate models, in terms of AIC (Akaike Information Criterion).

  12. A study on composite adhesive lap joint (United States)

    Zeng, Qinggang

    In this study, a novel design of adhesive single-lap joint was proposed and investigated. In this new design, load eccentricity as well as singular peel stresses in the joint interface were avoided. In fact, numerical calculations show that, in the new design, the interfacial normal stress becomes compressive in the joint end region, and the shear load is more evenly transferred over the length of the joint. Experimental results using cross-ply carbon/epoxy composites as adherends show that the strength of the new joint is significantly higher than that of the conventional single lap joint. Efforts were made to investigate effects of the four most relevant design parameters of the wavy joint on the critical interfacial stress distributions. By careful selecting the design parameters, interfacial stresses can further be optimized. Test results with unidirectional composite adherends confirm that joint strength can further be improved through careful design. In order to fully demonstrate advantage of the new wavy-lap joint over the conventional single-lap joint, fatigue tests were carried out to determine durability performance of the wavy-lap joint. Fatigue tests show that under the same loading conditions, i.e. same maximum load levels or same load percentage levels, fatigue performance of the wavy-lap joint is much better than that of the conventional single-lap joint. Further study shows that fatigue life of adhesive joint, either flat or wavy, is strongly dependent on loading frequency. This is due to the fact that FM73 adhesive is a viscoelastic material. With the increase of frequency, fatigue lives of both joints also increase. However, the wavy joint still outperforms the flat joint at all loading frequencies.

  13. Expansion by regions: revealing potential and Glauber regions automatically

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jantzen, Bernd [RWTH Aachen University, Institut fuer Theoretische Teilchenphysik und Kosmologie, Aachen (Germany); Smirnov, Alexander V. [Moscow State University, Scientific Research Computing Center, Moscow (Russian Federation); KIT, Institut fuer Theoretische Teilchenphysik, Karlsruhe (Germany); Smirnov, Vladimir A. [Moscow State University, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow (Russian Federation); KIT, Institut fuer Theoretische Teilchenphysik, Karlsruhe (Germany)


    When performing asymptotic expansions using the strategy of expansion by regions, it is a non-trivial task to find the relevant regions. The recently published Mathematica code asy.m automates this task, but it has not been able to detect potential regions in threshold expansions or Glauber regions. In this work we present an algorithm and its implementation in the update asy2.m which also reveals potential and Glauber regions automatically. (orig.)

  14. Anisotropic thermal expansion in crystals of different categories (United States)

    Zamkovskaya, A.; Maksimova, E.


    The three-dimensional (3D) indicatory surfaces of thermal expansion in crystals of different categories were constructed in program MathCad. Indicatory surface of thermal expansion is a sphere, spheroid, ellipsoid or surface of multiple parts, depending on the category of the crystal symmetry. The symmetry elements of thermal expansion include the symmetry elements of the point group of the crystal according Neumann's Principle.

  15. Effect of rapid maxillary expansion on sleep characteristics in children


    Navya Ashok; N. K. Sapna Varma; Ajith, V. V.; Siby Gopinath


    Introduction: Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is an orthopedic treatment procedure routinely used to treat constricted maxillary arches and also a potential additional treatment in children presenting with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). Aims and Objectives: The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of RME on sleep characteristics in children. Materials and Methods: Polysomnography was done on children of 8-13 years of age before expansion (T0), after expansion (T1) and a...

  16. Orthopedic Treatment of Maxillary Expansion: A Review of the Literature


    Sylvia Ng; Minjie Li; Yanqi Yang


    Transverse maxillary deficiency, no matter in adolescents or in adults, is frequently seen in the patients seeking orthodontic treatment. The treatment goal of detaching the midpalatal suture can be achieved using an expansion device. In present article we give a review on various palatal expansion appliances and treatment protocol. A comprehensive search of the literatures was performed to observe the regime of different maxillary expansion appliances and therapies.

  17. Flow in axisymmetric expansion in a catalytic converter


    Gotfredsen, Erik; Meyer, Knud Erik


    The flow in an axisymmetric expansion (circular diffusor) is used in many different engineering applications, such as heat exchangers, catalytic converters and filters. These applications require a relatively uniform flow at the inlet. To minimise the pressure loss, an ideal solution would be to use a quite long expansion, but this is often not possible due to space restrictions. Therefore a short expansion combined with e.g. guide vanes is often used. The present study will use a Selective C...

  18. Series expansions of rotating two and three dimensional sound fields. (United States)

    Poletti, M A


    The cylindrical and spherical harmonic expansions of oscillating sound fields rotating at a constant rate are derived. These expansions are a generalized form of the stationary sound field expansions. The derivations are based on the representation of interior and exterior sound fields using the simple source approach and determination of the simple source solutions with uniform rotation. Numerical simulations of rotating sound fields are presented to verify the theory.

  19. Does query expansion limit our learning? A comparison of social-based expansion to content-based expansion for medical queries on the internet. (United States)

    Pentoney, Christopher; Harwell, Jeff; Leroy, Gondy


    Searching for medical information online is a common activity. While it has been shown that forming good queries is difficult, Google's query suggestion tool, a type of query expansion, aims to facilitate query formation. However, it is unknown how this expansion, which is based on what others searched for, affects the information gathering of the online community. To measure the impact of social-based query expansion, this study compared it with content-based expansion, i.e., what is really in the text. We used 138,906 medical queries from the AOL User Session Collection and expanded them using Google's Autocomplete method (social-based) and the content of the Google Web Corpus (content-based). We evaluated the specificity and ambiguity of the expansion terms for trigram queries. We also looked at the impact on the actual results using domain diversity and expansion edit distance. Results showed that the social-based method provided more precise expansion terms as well as terms that were less ambiguous. Expanded queries do not differ significantly in diversity when expanded using the social-based method (6.72 different domains returned in the first ten results, on average) vs. content-based method (6.73 different domains, on average).

  20. Military Airlift: The Joint Cargo Aircraft Program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Knight, William


    Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) is a joint acquisition program between the Army and the Air Force designed to procure a commercial off-the-shelf aircraft, capable of meeting Army requirements for "direct support" to maneuver units...

  1. Military Airlift: The Joint Cargo Aircraft Program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hess, Allan


    Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) is a joint acquisition program between the Army and Air Force intended to procure a commercial off-the-shelf aircraft capable of meeting Army and Air Force requirements for intra-theater airlift...

  2. Hypothyroidism: Does It Cause Joint Pain? (United States)

    Hypothyroidism: Does it cause joint pain? Can hypothyroidism cause joint pain? I have hypothyroidism and have been experiencing severe arthritis-like pain in my shoulders and hips. Answers from Todd B. ...

  3. Arthritis Mechanisms May Vary by Joint (United States)

    ... Issues Subscribe August 2016 Print this issue Arthritis Mechanisms May Vary by Joint En español Send us ... joints have unique patterns of chemical tags—called epigenetic markers—that differ between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. ...

  4. Strategic Mobility 21 Joint Sea Based Logistics

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mallon, Lawrence G


    The Joint Deployment and Distribution Support Platform (JDDSP) design concept developed by SM21 includes distribution support for joint sea-based forces in its design and will support many of the to...

  5. Expansion ortopedica maxilar con ortodoncia osteogenica periodontalmente acelerada

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lopez Buitrago, Diego Fernando; Jaramillo Abadia, Isabel Cristina


    .... Historicamente, el tratamiento de la discrepancia esqueletica transversal ha estado acompanado de procedimientos de cirugia ortognatica que separan las suturas para permitir la expansion mediante...

  6. Expansion of Tubular with Elastomers in Multilateral Wells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md Velden


    Full Text Available The use of solid expandable tubular technology during the last decade has focused on solving many challenges in well drilling and delivery including zonal isolation, deep drilling, conservation of hole sizes, etc. not only as pioneered solution but also providing cost effective and long lasting solutions. Concurrently, the technology was extended for construction of multilateral in typical wells. The process of horizontal tubular expansion is similar to the vertical expansion of expandable tubular in down-hole environment with the addition of uniformly distributed force due to its weight. The expansion is targeted to increase its diameter such that post expansion characteristics remain within allowable limits. In this study a typical expandable tubular of 57.15 mm outer diameter and 6.35 mm wall thickness was used with two different elastomer seals of 5 and 7 mm thickness placed at equal spacing of 200 mm. The developed stress contours during expansion process clearly showed the high stress areas in the vicinity of expansion region which lies around the mandrel. These high stresses may result in excessive wear of the mandrel. It was also found out that the drawing force increases as the mandrel angle, expansion ratio, and friction coefficient increases. A mandrel angle of 20o  requires minimum expansion force and can be considered as an optimum geometrical parameter to lower the power required for expansion.

  7. 3D automatic expansion: clinical application; L`expansion 3D automatique: application clinique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaboriaud, G.; Pontvert, D.; Rosenwald, J.C. [Institut Curie, 75 - Paris (France)


    The determination of the various volumes (GTV: gross target volume, CTV: clinical target volume, PTV: planned target volume) recommended by the ICRU 50 report is a critical step in conformal treatment planning, since treatment optimisation procedures and documentation rely on accurate dose-volume histograms. The shape and the size of the CTV vary with the computer algorithm, the patient image acquisition parameters, the definition of the GTV and the margins surrounding it. The automatic expansion programs included in commercially available treatment planning system require careful validation and control before and during their routine use by the clinicians. Significant differences have been observed between 2D- and 3D-based expansions, with a usual underestimation of the PTV by 2D algorithms. (author)

  8. Human expansion precipitates niche expansion for an opportunistic apex predator (Puma concolor). (United States)

    Moss, Wynne E; Alldredge, Mathew W; Logan, Kenneth A; Pauli, Jonathan N


    There is growing recognition that developed landscapes are important systems in which to promote ecological complexity and conservation. Yet, little is known about processes regulating these novel ecosystems, or behaviours employed by species adapting to them. We evaluated the isotopic niche of an apex carnivore, the cougar (Puma concolor), over broad spatiotemporal scales and in a region characterized by rapid landscape change. We detected a shift in resource use, from near complete specialization on native herbivores in wildlands to greater use of exotic and invasive species by cougars in contemporary urban interfaces. We show that 25 years ago, cougars inhabiting these same urban interfaces possessed diets that were intermediate. Thus, niche expansion followed human expansion over both time and space, indicating that an important top predator is interacting with prey in novel ways. Thus, though human-dominated landscapes can provide sufficient resources for apex carnivores, they do not necessarily preserve their ecological relationships.

  9. Business process solution `Joint MEISTER`; Gyomu shien solution `Joint MEISTER`

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Watanabe, Y.; Ito, S. [Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The business process solution `Joint{sub M}EISTER` can be ranked among computer systems represented by groupware and WWW applications. This paper describes its typical system, ExchangeUSE work flow solution, and the effect of its introduction, citing a concrete case. The Company A introduced the ExchangeUSE work flow for traveling expenses adjustment and attendance, and has gained a reduction of 7 man-months/month. (author)

  10. Jointness for the Rest of Us: Reforming Joint Professional Development (United States)


    of Military Education : Twenty-Five Years Later." Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs Vol. 56, no. 1 (2012): 136, http...Therefore, education , training, and leadership development programs that teach members of the joint force how to incorporate new technological... Journal of Strategic Studies 35.vol 6 (May 2012): 799-827. Johnson-Freese, Joan. "The Reform of Military Education : Twenty-Five Years Later

  11. Limited finger joint mobility in diabetes


    Brice, J E H; Johnston, D I; Noronha, J.L.


    Limited finger joint mobility was assessed in 112 diabetic children, in their first-degree relatives, and in 50 unrelated non-diabetic children. In 42% of the diabetic children there was limited joint mobility, but 14% of them had more severe involvement. Limited joint mobility was correlated with increasing age, early presentation, and longer duration of diabetes. First-degree relatives of affected diabetic children had a higher incidence (35%) of limited joint mobility compared with relativ...

  12. Joint laxity in the performing arts. (United States)

    Bird, H


    Traditional scoring systems for the assessment of joint flexibility are reviewed and reasons for variation in joint laxity are defined. The value of controlled joint laxity in the hands and arms of musicians is then discussed as well as the desirability of adjusting laxity at the various joints used in the different styles of dance, some of them ethnic, that depend on the specific articular characteristics of each different dancer.

  13. Treatment of a Brodie bite by lower lateral expansion: a case report and fourth year follow-up. (United States)

    Ogihara, K; Nakahara, R; Koyanagi, S; Suda, M


    The patient was a 4 year 4 month old boy at the first visit. The chief complaint was chewing dysfunction. The intra-oral and facial films, study casts, cephalometrics, muscle-balance monitor, temporomandibular joint radiographs were analyzed. The patient presented with a Brodie bite or unilateral posterior cross bite. The upper dental arch was wider than other children of his age. The lower dental arch was significantly smaller than the upper dental arch. The lower dental arch was expanded using a Schwarz appliance. The period of treatment was one year and two months. The period of observation was four years and ten months. First the patient underwent chewing training and secondarily then was treated by lateral expansion. After this treatment the patient achieved good occlusion and muscle function, while the morphology and function of the temporomandibular joints were improved, as well.

  14. Approximate semi-analytical solutions for the steady-state expansion of a contactor plasma (United States)

    Camporeale, E.; Hogan, E. A.; MacDonald, E. A.


    We study the steady-state expansion of a collisionless, electrostatic, quasi-neutral plasma plume into vacuum, with a fluid model. We analyze approximate semi-analytical solutions, that can be used in lieu of much more expensive numerical solutions. In particular, we focus on the earlier studies presented in Parks and Katz (1979 American Institute of Aeronautics, Astronautics Conf. vol 1), Korsun and Tverdokhlebova (1997 33rd Joint Prop. Conf. (Seattle, WA) AIAA-97-3065), and Ashkenazy and Fruchtman (2001 27th Int. Electric Propulsion Conf. (Pasadena, CA)). By calculating the error with respect to the numerical solution, we can judge the range of validity for each solution. Moreover, we introduce a generalization of earlier models that has a wider range of applicability, in terms of plasma injection profiles. We conclude by showing a straightforward way to extend the discussed solutions to the case of a plasma plume injected with non-null azimuthal velocity.

  15. Unfavourable results in temporomandibular joint ankylosis surgery (United States)

    Jagannathan, Mukund; Munoli, Amarnath V.


    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis is a debilitating condition usually afflicting children and young adults. Treatment is surgical, i.e., release of the ankylosed joint/s with or without interposition arthroplasty and correction of secondary deformities (mandibular retrusion and asymmetry) This article deals with identifying potential setbacks in TMJ ankylosis surgery and preventing them. PMID:24501459

  16. Molecular monitoring of equine joint homeostasis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Grauw, J.C.


    Chronic joint disorders are a major cause of impaired mobility and loss of quality of life in both humans and horses. Regardless of the primary insult, any joint disorder is characterized by an upset in normal joint homeostasis, the balance between tissue anabolism and catabolism that is normally

  17. 30 CFR 36.24 - Engine joints. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Engine joints. 36.24 Section 36.24 Mineral... Construction and Design Requirements § 36.24 Engine joints. (a) Cylinder head. The joint between the cylinder head and block of the engine shall be fitted with a metal or metal-clad gasket satisfactory to MSHA...

  18. 24 CFR 570.308 - Joint requests. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 3 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Joint requests. 570.308 Section 570... requests. (a) Joint requests and cooperation agreements. (1) Any urban county and any metropolitan city located, in whole or in part, within that county may submit a joint request to HUD to approve the...

  19. 22 CFR 228.34 - Joint ventures. (United States)


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Joint ventures. 228.34 Section 228.34 Foreign Relations AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT RULES ON SOURCE, ORIGIN AND NATIONALITY FOR COMMODITIES AND... Financing § 228.34 Joint ventures. A joint venture or unincorporated association is eligible only if each of...

  20. Space shuttle SRM field joint: Review paper

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Mohammad Gharouni


    Full Text Available Due to Challenger space shuttle accident in 1986, significant research has been done concerning structural behavior of field joints in solid rocket boosters (SRB. The structural deformations between the clevis inner leg and the tang (male-to-female parts of joint, the sealing of the O-ring to prevent the hot gas in joints, has been neglected causing the failure of the vehicle. Redesigning the field joint in SRB engine by accurate analysis of dynamic and thermal loads and by design of insulator and good O-ring, the leakiness of combustion hot gases was eliminated. Some parts of field joint such as capture feature (CF and its third O-ring, J-leg insulator and shim were added to redesigned field joint. Also, some adjustments in sealing system and pins were done to promote the efficiency of the field joint. Due to different experimental analysis on assembled field joints with default imperfections, redesigned joints operated well. These redesigned field joints are commonly used in aerospace and mechanical structures. This paper investigates the original and the redesigned field joints with additional explanations of different parts of the redesigned joints.

  1. Ultrasonography research of knee joint injury




    Ultrasonographic studies were conducted in 468 patients with complaints of pain in the knee joint between the ages of 35 to 58 years (mean age 48 years). Traumatic injuries are identified as fractures joint, tendon ruptures quadriceps, gap lateral ligaments and the patellar tendon, meniscus damage, as well as changes that may be accompanied at these injuries. Semiotics joint damage elements are described.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Dec 12, 2000 ... Jesse, E., Owen, D. and Sher, K. The benign hypermobile joint syndrome. Arth. Rheum. 1980; 23:1053 - 1056. 8. Al-Rawi, Z.S. and Al-Rawi, Z.T. Joint hypermobility in women with genital prolapse. Lancet. 1982; 1439- 1441. 9. Bird, H., Calguneri, M. and Wright, V. Changes in joint laxity during pregnancy.

  3. 49 CFR 192.233 - Miter joints. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Miter joints. 192.233 Section 192.233... BY PIPELINE: MINIMUM FEDERAL SAFETY STANDARDS Welding of Steel in Pipelines § 192.233 Miter joints. (a) A miter joint on steel pipe to be operated at a pressure that produces a hoop stress of 30...

  4. 49 CFR 178.345-4 - Joints. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Joints. 178.345-4 Section 178.345-4 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION... Containers for Motor Vehicle Transportation § 178.345-4 Joints. (a) All joints between the cargo tank shell...

  5. Residual load carrying capacity of timber joints

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kuilen, J.W.G. van de


    Timber joints that have been preloaded for 2 to 8 years have been short term tested in accordance with EN 26891. The applied load levels varied between 30% and 50% of the average short term strength. The study comprised nailed, toothed-plate and split-ring joints. All joints were made of spruce and

  6. 14 CFR 25.693 - Joints. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Joints. 25.693 Section 25.693 Aeronautics... STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY AIRPLANES Design and Construction Control Systems § 25.693 Joints. Control system joints (in push-pull systems) that are subject to angular motion, except those in ball and roller...

  7. 49 CFR 583.15 - Joint ownership. (United States)


    ... model year. (6) The allied suppliers for the jointly owned carline are the suppliers that are wholly... ownership. (a) A carline jointly owned and/or produced by more than one manufacturer shall be attributed to... requirements in this part with respect to the jointly owned carline. However, carline determinations must be...

  8. Hydrocolonotherapy ankle joints after injuries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Volodymyr Muchin


    Full Text Available Purpose: to improve efficiency of gydrokinesitherapy by means of specially designed devices and monolasts for patients after ankle joint injuries. Material & Methods: there are pedagogical methods, clinical and radiological methods, anthropometric measurements and goniometry were used. Results: the author's technique of hydrokinesitherapy with application hydrokinesimechanotherapy device in the program of physical rehabilitation which provides optimum conditions for the recovery process was developed. Conclusions: the specially designed hydrokinesomechanotherapeutic device and monolasts are allow strictly controlled movement in all planes of the ankle joint, which contributes to the acceleration of the recovery; the conducted anthropometric and goniometric studies were indicate more rapid elimination of edema, increase movement amplitude, carries opposition to the development of contractures and muscle atrophy.

  9. Bony ankylosis of temporomandibular joint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Byeong Do; Yoon, Young Nam; Um, Ki Doo; Ra, Jong Ill; Lee, Wan [School of Dentistry, Wonkwang University, Iksan (Korea, Republic of)


    Ankylosis of joint is defined as limited movement due to infection, trauma, or surgical procedure. A 59-year-old female with a chief complaint of limited movements during mouth opening had a positive history of trauma to her right TMJ area about 5 years ago. From that time, progressive mouth opening limitation and intermittent pain have occurred. At the time of admission the patient showed mandibular deviation to the right side during mouth opening, with a maximum opening limited to 5 mm. On plain radiographs, right condylar enlargement and joint space reduction by newly formed bony tissues were observed. CT scans showed right condylar enlargement, cortical sclerosis, and thickening of the condyle, articular fossa and articular eminence.

  10. Wilmar joint market model, Documentation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meibom, P.; Larsen, Helge V. [Risoe National Lab. (Denmark); Barth, R.; Brand, H. [IER, Univ. of Stuttgart (Germany); Weber, C.; Voll, O. [Univ. of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)


    The Wilmar Planning Tool is developed in the project Wind Power Integration in Liberalised Electricity Markets (WILMAR) supported by EU (Contract No. ENK5-CT-2002-00663). A User Shell implemented in an Excel workbook controls the Wilmar Planning Tool. All data are contained in Access databases that communicate with various sub-models through text files that are exported from or imported to the databases. The Joint Market Model (JMM) constitutes one of these sub-models. This report documents the Joint Market model (JMM). The documentation describes: 1. The file structure of the JMM. 2. The sets, parameters and variables in the JMM. 3. The equations in the JMM. 4. The looping structure in the JMM. (au)

  11. Chronic Periprosthetic Hip Joint Infection

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lange, Jeppe; Troelsen, Anders; Søballe, Kjeld


    INTRODUCTION: Limited information is available regarding the treatment strategy and prognosis of non-selected patients treated for chronic periprosthetic hip joint infection. Such information is important as no head-to-head studies on treatment strategies are available. The purpose of this study...... is to report on the treatment strategy and prognosis of a non-selected, consecutive patient population. METHODS: We identified 130 patients in the National Patient Registry, consecutively treated for a chronic periprosthetic hip joint infection between 2003-2008 at 11 departments of orthopaedic surgery. We...... chart review with a minimum of 5 years follow-up by the nationwide electronic patient record system. RESULTS: After primary revision surgery, 53 patients (41%) had a spacer in situ, 64 (50%) had a resection arthroplasty and 13 (9%) did not have the infected implant removed. 63% were re...

  12. Corrosion damage of rivet joints

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michal Černý


    Full Text Available The work describes the effect of the atmospheric corrosion upon the mechanical properties of blind rivets. The subject of given research is: corrosion of metal materials, system resistance, design modification and others means of prevention against the corrosion attack. The problem of blind rivets, blind rivet setting, setting equipment, terminology and definitions, characteristic, and special blind rivet setting is also analysed. The experiment itself, the experimental method and the evaluation of the test are described. Mechanism of riveted joint damage produced by galvanic corrosion is proposed. Considerable corrosion damage occurred at combination of the joint members and connected materials with different electrochemical potentials. Exposition to the corroding environment produces release of rivet clam, together with decrease of rivet stiffness. The proof of these mechanisms is documented by functional dependence F – ∆L and metallographic tests.

  13. Joint hypermobility syndrome in rheumatology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Satybaldyev


    Full Text Available Joint hypermobility syndrome (JHS is a disease characterized by symptoms of locomotor system involvement in the absence of obvious systemic rheumatic diseases (RDs. JHS accompanied by the symptomatology of RDs should be distinguished from isolated joint hypermobility, in which there are no complaints even in cases of its generalized manifestations and the patients feel virtually healthy. The paper provides an overview of the literature on the JHS. It gives diagnostic criteria for JHS (the Brighton criteria encompasses the Beighton score and the clinical manifestation of damages to the locomotor apparatus, visceral organs, and skin in this syndrome. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction as a possible manifestation of JHS and its impact on the daily life of patients are discussed. Attention is paid to the prevention and treatment of JHS. 

  14. The joint capsule and joint laxity in dogs with hip dysplasia. (United States)

    Madsen, J S


    Present knowledge of the complexity of joint diseases makes it difficult to investigate the causes and early pathogenesis of canine hip dysplasia. Clinical signs of canine hip dysplasia including joint laxity may be a result of primary or secondary alterations of the joint. We already know that joint laxity is related to effusive synovitis (ie, accumulation of synovial fluid) and to other primary collagenous diseases. Canine hip dysplasia may be a third collagenous disease associated with joint laxity. This paper summarizes some of the studies that investigated the relationship between joint laxity and a defect in collagen metabolism and the influence that alterations in transsynovial flow have on joint laxity.

  15. Early interaction in autism spectrum disorder: Mothers' and children's behaviours during joint engagement. (United States)

    Kaale, A; Smith, L; Nordahl-Hansen, A; Fagerland, M W; Kasari, C


    More knowledge about the interaction between young children with autism spectrum disorder and their parents is one way to improve intervention. This study aims to investigate the behaviours of mothers and children with autism spectrum disorder during joint engagement, with a focus on pacing or rate (i.e., incidences per minute) of their behaviours when being in this state. Video recordings of 10 min of free-play between 58 children (2-4 years) diagnosed with childhood autism and their mothers were used to examine rate of mothers' and children's behaviours (i.e., toy introduction, toy expansion, positive affect, and language) during joint engagement, the association between rate of mothers and children's behaviours, the relation between rate of mothers' behaviours and time in joint engagement, and how child factors might be associated with the latter. Mothers(m) and children(c) showed similar rate of positive affect (Mm  = 0.6/Mc  = 0.5) and toy expansion (Mm  = 0.7/Mc  = 0.7) per minute, whereas mothers talked almost three times more than their children (Mm  = 10.2/Mc  = 3.8). In contrast, mothers introduced fewer toys compared to the children (Mm  = 0.7/Mc  = 1.2). Rate of mothers' toy introduction, toy expansion, and positive affect was inversely related to time in joint engagement (Regression coefficient = -70.7 to -48.5, p = .006 to .024). Rates of mothers' and children's behaviours were associated (Spearman rank order coefficient = .53 to .29, p engagement. Time in joint engagement was related to rate of mothers' behaviours and children's mental age but not to rate of children's behaviours in this study. Thus, intervention teaching parents of young children with autism strategies designed to increase time in joint engagement may be vital. The complex nature of the interaction between mother and child behaviours in promoting joint engagement warrants further elucidation. Key messages Increased understanding of parent and child

  16. Predictors of contraction and expansion of area of occupancy for British birds. (United States)

    Bradshaw, Corey J A; Brook, Barry W; Delean, Steven; Fordham, Damien A; Herrando-Pérez, Salvador; Cassey, Phillip; Early, Regan; Sekercioglu, Cagan H; Araújo, Miguel B


    Geographical range dynamics are driven by the joint effects of abiotic factors, human ecosystem modifications, biotic interactions and the intrinsic organismal responses to these. However, the relative contribution of each component remains largely unknown. Here, we compare the contribution of life-history attributes, broad-scale gradients in climate and geographical context of species' historical ranges, as predictors of recent changes in area of occupancy for 116 terrestrial British breeding birds (74 contractors, 42 expanders) between the early 1970s and late 1990 s. Regional threat classifications demonstrated that the species of highest conservation concern showed both the largest contractions and the smallest expansions. Species responded differently to climate depending on geographical distribution-northern species changed their area of occupancy (expansion or contraction) more in warmer and drier regions, whereas southern species changed more in colder and wetter environments. Species with slow life history (larger body size) tended to have a lower probability of changing their area of occupancy than species with faster life history, whereas species with greater natal dispersal capacity resisted contraction and, counterintuitively, expansion. Higher geographical fragmentation of species' range also increased expansion probability, possibly indicating a release from a previously limiting condition, for example through agricultural abandonment since the 1970s. After accounting statistically for the complexity and nonlinearity of the data, our results demonstrate two key aspects of changing area of occupancy for British birds: (i) climate is the dominant driver of change, but direction of effect depends on geographical context, and (ii) all of our predictors generally had a similar effect regardless of the direction of the change (contraction versus expansion). Although we caution applying results from Britain's highly modified and well-studied bird community

  17. Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) (United States)


    Selected Acquisition Report (SAR) RCS: DD-A&T(Q&A)823-503 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) As of FY 2017 President’s Budget Defense Acquisition...Mission and Description 6 Executive Summary 7 Threshold Breaches 8 Schedule 9 Performance 12 Track to Budget 14 Cost and Funding...15 Low Rate Initial Production 26 Foreign Military Sales 27 Nuclear Costs 29 Unit Cost 30 Cost Variance 33 Contracts 36

  18. Joint Force Quarterly. Issue 37 (United States)


    dysentery, cholera , and other diseases . Bridge, road, and other recon- struction projects numbered 1,758 during the first 18 weeks of CERP and put nearly...SJFHQ is a powerful, deploy- able joint command and control (DJC2) suite. Be- cause we will have a standardized, comprehensive suite of tools and...has his visa application from Yemen , the Immigration and Naturalization Ser- vice has his entry stamp in Los Angeles a month later, the Federal

  19. The Joint Master Operational Planner (United States)


    their professional military education did not provide them with the skills necessary to develop a deep and broad appreciation of the operational...era. Capability vs. Task Mismatch Our war colleges do a capable job at the mission of broadly educating senior officers at the O-5 and O-6 teaching the learning areas but emphasizes the importance of attaining both joint and service expertise and warfighting skills .75 Of all the

  20. Theology and development as capability expansion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Séverine Deneulin


    Full Text Available For the last 25 years, human development has become part of official development discourses. It takes the normative position that the success of policies depends on whether they have expanded human flourishing, or expanded the ‘freedoms’ or ‘capabilities’ people have ‘reason to value’, as Amartya Sen would put it. It emphasises the importance of institutions to facilitate such expansion, and the agency of people to create such institutions. The ability of institutions to be conducive to human flourishing depends on the nature of human interaction. When human interaction no longer has the flourishing of other persons as its aim, it can create structures which then constrain human agency. The article argues that the human development perspective could be enriched by theological insights such as structural sin and the contribution of religious narratives to public reasoning. It concentrates on the idea of justice of one biblical parable, and illustrates its argument with examples from the Argentine labour context.

  1. The optimizied expansion method for wavefield extrapolation

    KAUST Repository

    Wu, Zedong


    Spectral methods are fast becoming an indispensable tool for wave-field extrapolation, especially in anisotropic media, because of its dispersion and artifact free, as well as highly accurate, solutions of the wave equation. However, for inhomogeneous media, we face difficulties in dealing with the mixed space-wavenumber domain operator.In this abstract, we propose an optimized expansion method that can approximate this operator with its low rank representation. The rank defines the number of inverse FFT required per time extrapolation step, and thus, a lower rank admits faster extrapolations. The method uses optimization instead of matrix decomposition to find the optimal wavenumbers and velocities needed to approximate the full operator with its low rank representation.Thus,we obtain more accurate wave-fields using lower rank representation, and thus cheaper extrapolations. The optimization operation to define the low rank representation depends only on the velocity model, and this is done only once, and valid for a full reverse time migration (many shots) or one iteration of full waveform inversion. Applications on the BP model yielded superior results than those obtained using the decomposition approach. For transversely isotopic media, the solutions were free of the shear wave artifacts, and does not require that eta>0.

  2. Technology portfolio and capacity expansion under uncertainty (United States)

    Filomena, Tiago Pascoal

    We analyze the problem of generation capacity expansion and portfolio of technologies choice in a restructured electricity market in which marginal costs are uncertain. In our investment model, firms behave as Cournot players and they make three different decisions in equilibrium: (i) the portfolio of technologies, (ii) technologies capacity and (iii) technologies production for every scenario. The decisions related to the portfolio and capacity are ex-ante and the production is ex-post to the realization of uncertainty. We consider the marginal cost as the uncertain parameter and we show with a simple transformation that the model is also flexible to allow for general load curves. Our main result is that portfolio diversification arises even with risk-neutral firms and technologies with different cost expectations. Furthermore, we characterize the production level of each firm for each possible scenario realization. All the conditions that yield (or do not yield) to diversification in a duopoly with two scenarios are discussed in the dissertation. Under our assumptions, we point out that in aggregate terms firms always invest and produce the same quantities. Asymmetry on the use of technologies between players can occur, but it just happens when technologies have the same cost expectation. We show that when technologies present different cost expectation the equilibrium results are unique and symmetric.

  3. Survivial Strategies in Bacterial Range Expansions (United States)

    Frey, Erwin


    Bacterial communities represent complex and dynamic ecological systems. Different environmental conditions as well as bacterial interactions determine the establishment and sustainability of bacterial diversity. In this talk we discuss the competition of three Escherichia coli strains during range expansions on agar plates. In this bacterial model system, a colicin E2 producing strain C competes with a colicin resistant strain R and with a colicin sensitive strain S for new territory. Genetic engineering allows us to tune the growth rates of the strains and to study distinct ecological scenarios. These scenarios may lead to either single-strain dominance, pairwise coexistence, or to the coexistence of all three strains. In order to elucidate the survival mechanisms of the individual strains, we also developed a stochastic agent-based model to capture the ecological scenarios in silico. In a combined theoretical and experimental approach we are able to show that the level of biodiversity depends crucially on the composition of the inoculum, on the relative growth rates of the three strains, and on the effective reach of colicin toxicity.

  4. Medicaid Expansion: A Tale of Two Governors. (United States)

    Flagg, Robin


    This is a study of why two seemingly similar governors made divergent decisions on expanding Medicaid under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Performing a case study of Governors John Kasich (OH) and Scott Walker (WI), I explore the roles played by electoral pressures, political party, governor's ideology, the state's policy heritage, stakeholder advocacy, and the economy in each governor's decision about whether to expand Medicaid. Electoral pressure was the most significant factor for both governors. I demonstrate that even Walker succumbed to state electoral pressures and expanded Medicaid, albeit in a manner unique to Wisconsin. He did this despite his emphatic national rhetoric rejecting Obamacare and expansion. Additionally, existing state political institutions drove each governor to decide in a manner unique to his state: previous Medicaid decisions in Wisconsin and direct democracy in Ohio provided additional pressures and divergent starting points. The remaining factors served less as a driving force behind the decision and more as a frame to justify the decision ex post facto. Case studies allow for a more complex view of how political pressures fit together; differences can be explained and expanded, and an enhanced understanding of political processes can be gleaned. Copyright © 2016 by Duke University Press.

  5. Semiquantum chaos and the large N expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cooper, F.; Habib, S.; Kluger, Y. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States); Dawson, J.; Meredith, D.; Shepard, H. [New Hampshire Univ., Durham, NH (United States). Dept. of Physics


    When a classical oscillator is interacting with a purely quantum mechanical oscillator, described by the Lagrangian L = 1/2 x{sup 2} + 1/2A{sup 2} - 1/2 (m{sup 2} + e{sup 2} A{sup 2})x{sup 2}, where A is a classical variable and x is a quantum operator the relevant degrees of freedom for the quantum oscillator when {l_angle}x(t)x(t){r_angle} = G(t). The classical Hamiltonian dynamics governing the variables A(t). {Pi}{sub A}(t). G(t) and {Pi}{sub G}(t) is chaotic so that the results of making measurements on the quantum system at later times are sensitive to initial conditions. We review this system and discuss how this behavior is altered when the quantum fluctuations of the A oscillator are determined exactly and in a 1/N expansion where N is the number of copies of the x oscillator.

  6. [Feedback control mechanisms of plant cell expansion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cosgrove, D.J.


    We have generated considerable evidence for the significance of wall stress relaxation in the control of plant growth and found that several agents (gibberellin, light, genetic loci for dwarf stature) influence growth rate via alteration of wall relaxation. We have refined our methods for measuring wall relaxation and, moreover, have found that wall relaxation properties bear only a distance relationship to wall mechanical properties. We have garnered novel insights into the nature of cell expansion mechanisms by analyzing spontaneous fluctuations of plant growth rate in seedlings. These experiments involved the application of mathematical techniques for analyzing growth rate fluctuations and the development of new instrumentation for measuring and forcing plant growth in a controlled fashion. These studies conclude that growth rate fluctuations generated by the plant as consequence of a feedback control system. This conclusion has important implications for the nature of wall loosening processes and demands a different framework for thinking about growth control. It also implies the existence of a growth rate sensor.

  7. Progesterone induces adult mammary stem cell expansion. (United States)

    Joshi, Purna A; Jackson, Hartland W; Beristain, Alexander G; Di Grappa, Marco A; Mote, Patricia A; Clarke, Christine L; Stingl, John; Waterhouse, Paul D; Khokha, Rama


    Reproductive history is the strongest risk factor for breast cancer after age, genetics and breast density. Increased breast cancer risk is entwined with a greater number of ovarian hormone-dependent reproductive cycles, yet the basis for this predisposition is unknown. Mammary stem cells (MaSCs) are located within a specialized niche in the basal epithelial compartment that is under local and systemic regulation. The emerging role of MaSCs in cancer initiation warrants the study of ovarian hormones in MaSC homeostasis. Here we show that the MaSC pool increases 14-fold during maximal progesterone levels at the luteal dioestrus phase of the mouse. Stem-cell-enriched CD49fhi cells amplify at dioestrus, or with exogenous progesterone, demonstrating a key role for progesterone in propelling this expansion. In aged mice, CD49fhi cells display stasis upon cessation of the reproductive cycle. Progesterone drives a series of events where luminal cells probably provide Wnt4 and RANKL signals to basal cells which in turn respond by upregulating their cognate receptors, transcriptional targets and cell cycle markers. Our findings uncover a dynamic role for progesterone in activating adult MaSCs within the mammary stem cell niche during the reproductive cycle, where MaSCs are putative targets for cell transformation events leading to breast cancer.

  8. Testing option pricing with the Edgeworth expansion (United States)

    Balieiro Filho, Ruy Gabriel; Rosenfeld, Rogerio


    There is a well-developed framework, the Black-Scholes theory, for the pricing of contracts based on the future prices of certain assets, called options. This theory assumes that the probability distribution of the returns of the underlying asset is a Gaussian distribution. However, it is observed in the market that this hypothesis is flawed, leading to the introduction of a fudge factor, the so-called volatility smile. Therefore, it would be interesting to explore extensions of the Black-Scholes theory to non-Gaussian distributions. In this paper, we provide an explicit formula for the price of an option when the distributions of the returns of the underlying asset is parametrized by an Edgeworth expansion, which allows for the introduction of higher independent moments of the probability distribution, namely skewness and kurtosis. We test our formula with options in the Brazilian and American markets, showing that the volatility smile can be reduced. We also check whether our approach leads to more efficient hedging strategies of these instruments.

  9. Can snowshoe hares control treeline expansions? (United States)

    Olnes, Justin; Kielland, Knut; Juday, Glenn P; Mann, Daniel H; Genet, Hélène; Ruess, Roger W


    Treelines in Alaska are advancing in elevation and latitude because of climate warming, which is expanding the habitat available for boreal wildlife species, including snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus). Snowshoe hares are already present in tall shrub communities beyond treeline and are the main browser of white spruce (Picea glauca), the dominant tree species at treeline in Alaska. We investigated the processes involved in a "snowshoe hare filter" to white spruce establishment near treeline in Denali National Park, Alaska, USA. We modeled the pattern of spruce establishment from 1970 to 2009 and found that fewer spruce established during periods of high hare abundance. Multiple factors interact to influence browsing of spruce, including the hare cycle, snow depth and the characteristics of surrounding vegetation. Hares are abundant at treeline and may exclude spruce from otherwise optimal establishment sites, particularly floodplain locations with closed shrub canopies. The expansion of white spruce treeline in response to warming climate will be strongly modified by the spatial and temporal dynamics of the snowshoe hare filter. © 2017 by the Ecological Society of America.

  10. Oil sector expansion hits small road bump

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Budd, G.


    Indications are that the upward production trend in Saskatchewan's oil industry, evident in recent years, will be reversed in 2002. Predictions are that the drop in production will be a modest one, reflecting the slower economy and the lag time between drilling activity and produced barrels of oil. Also a contributing factor is the fact that the year 2001 marked a decline of 20 per cent in oil well drilling from the previous year, down from 2,401 wells drilled to 1,931 wells. Expansions of last year such as PanCanadian's carbon dioxide project, Husky Energy's heavy oil project at Pike's Peak, northeast of Lloydminster, PanCanadian's SAGD project, Conoco's project at the Kerrobert Pool and Apache Canada's Midale area project southeast of Regina, are all likely to see more modest development during 2002. Similar retrenchment is expected at Nexen's (Wascana) Williston Basin area operations, due in part to the increased drilling cost resulting from the intense activity during 2001, and a 5 to 10 per cent rise in operating costs.

  11. Modeling the expansion of a contactor plasma (United States)

    Hogan, E. A.; Delzanno, G.; Camporeale, E.; Borovsky, J. E.; MacDonald, E.; Thomsen, M. F.


    Plasma contactor technology is widely used on board spacecraft to keep spacecraft charging levels under control. On the International Space Station, for instance, it is used to prevent high current discharges between differently charged surfaces. It consists of emitting a neutral plasma to create a plasma reservoir near the spacecraft in order to balance the currents collected by the spacecraft from the magnetospheric environment. One approach to modeling the contactor plasma plume applies a self-similar solution in order to gain insight into the plume dynamics without requiring expensive numerical simulations [1, 2]. Typically, hydrodynamic fluid equations are used to model the plasma behavior. We present a comparison of different self-similar plume models existing in the literature [1, 2] and compare these with our Particle-In-Cell simulations in the near-field to assess their validity. We will consider both the unmagnetized and the magnetized limit, treating the magnitude and angle (relative to the plasma injection velocity) of the magnetic field as a parameter. [1] F. F. Gabdullin, A. G. Korsun, E. M. Tverdokhlebova, 'The plasma plume emitted onboard the international space station under the effect of the geomagnetic field', IEEE Trans. Plasma Science 36(5) 2207 (2008). [2] M. Merino, E. Ahedo, C. Bombardelli, H. Urrutxua, J. Pelaez, 'Hypersonic plasma plume expansion in space', 32nd International Electric Propulsion Conference, IEPC-2011-086, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2011.

  12. Neuromechanics of the patellofemoral joint. (United States)

    Grabiner, M D; Koh, T J; Draganich, L F


    Patellofemoral joint pain is one of the most common ailments associated with visits to sports medicine clinics and can be disabling, although conservative clinical treatment has a reportedly very high success rate. Patellofemoral joint pain is often associated with improper tracking of the patella within the femoral trochlear notch. Improper tracking of the patella can be associated with increased patellofemoral contact pressures that may be a mechanical stimulus underlying patellar cartilage degeneration. In those cases in which anatomic anomalies and trauma may be excluded as the basis for improper tracking, attention is directed toward possible disruptions to the central nervous system control and contractile potential of the knee joint extensor musculature that underlies proper patellofemoral mechanics. This paper presents a review of three seminal components related to the neuromechanics of patellofemoral function; patellofemoral tracking, patellofemoral contact pressures, and neuromotor control of patellofemoral agonists. It is the intent of the authors to illuminate areas requiring further basic and clinical research and provide a point of departure for this work.

  13. Tuberculosis of the temporomandibular joint. (United States)

    Assouan, C; Anzouan, K; Nguessan, N D; Millogo, M; Horo, K; Konan, E; Zwetyenga, N


    Extrapulmonary and extra-spinal tuberculosis (TB) is rare, even in countries where the disease is endemic. Ten percent of these localizations are cervico-facial. Involvement of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is very unusual. We present the features of such a case. We looked for patients managed for TMJ TB in 2 Maxillofacial Surgery departments and in 1 Pneumology & Phthisiology Department since 1992. The second part of the study was a literature review. One case was found in our departments and 15 other cases were found in published data. Most patients were women with mean age of 39.9 years (5 to 68). Pre-auricular swelling was the predominant functional sign, often without fever or change in the health status. The biological and radiological abnormalities were non-specific (osteolysis, joint pinching, etc.). No lung involvement was observed. The joint recovered its normal function after appropriate management. Tuberculosis of the TMJ is difficult to diagnose given its rarity and the non-specific nature of clinical and paraclinical signs. It must be considered in the differential diagnosis for common diseases of the TMJ whether TB is endemic or not. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  14. Temporomandibular joint diagnostics using CBCT (United States)

    Abrahamsson, A-K; Kristensen, M; Arvidsson, L Z


    The present review will give an update on temporomandibular joint (TMJ) imaging using CBCT. It will focus on diagnostic accuracy and the value of CBCT compared with other imaging modalities for the evaluation of TMJs in different categories of patients; osteoarthritis (OA), juvenile OA, rheumatoid arthritis and related joint diseases, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other intra-articular conditions. Finally, sections on other aspects of CBCT research related to the TMJ, clinical decision-making and concluding remarks are added. CBCT has emerged as a cost- and dose-effective imaging modality for the diagnostic assessment of a variety of TMJ conditions. The imaging modality has been found to be superior to conventional radiographical examinations as well as MRI in assessment of the TMJ. However, it should be emphasized that the diagnostic information obtained is limited to the morphology of the osseous joint components, cortical bone integrity and subcortical bone destruction/production. For evaluation of soft-tissue abnormalities, MRI is mandatory. There is an obvious need for research on the impact of CBCT examinations on patient outcome. PMID:25369205

  15. [Joint contractures in nursing textbooks]. (United States)

    Bartoszek, G; Meyer, G; Thiesemann, R


    The transparency criteria of the German statutory health insurance on joint contracture prevention have led to controversies about the appropriate assessment, prevention and treatment as well as to various actions in nursing practice. However, appropriate nursing assessments and proven treatment options are lacking so far. It is unclear whether textbooks on nursing reflect these uncertainties. Search for textbooks on nursing through internet-based search engines and publisher registers, data extraction by one investigator and control by a second. A total of 35 textbooks with contributions on joint contractures were identified of which 25 included a definition, causes/risk factors are presented in 32 textbooks and assessments are presented in 5 books. Most often positioning into a physiological or functional neutral position and passive moving of limbs are recommended as passive prophylaxis. Recommended therapeutic and preventive options do not differ. None of the textbooks reflect that there is a lack of scientific knowledge on the subject. Textbooks on nursing do not deal with complete and scientific sound information on joint contractures.

  16. Joint Acoustic and Modulation Frequency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Les Atlas


    Full Text Available There is a considerable evidence that our perception of sound uses important features which is related to underlying signal modulations. This topic has been studied extensively via perceptual experiments, yet there are few, if any, well-developed signal processing methods which capitalize on or model these effects. We begin by summarizing evidence of the importance of modulation representations from psychophysical, physiological, and other sources. The concept of a two-dimensional joint acoustic and modulation frequency representation is proposed. A simple single sinusoidal amplitude modulator of a sinusoidal carrier is then used to illustrate properties of an unconstrained and ideal joint representation. Added constraints are required to remove or reduce undesired interference terms and to provide invertibility. It is then noted that the constraints would also apply to more general and complex cases of broader modulation and carriers. Applications in single-channel speaker separation and in audio coding are used to illustrate the applicability of this joint representation. Other applications in signal analysis and filtering are suggested.


    Loudon, Janice K


    The patellofemoral joint is a joint that can be an area of concern for athletes of various sports and ages. The joint is somewhat complex with multiple contact points and numerous tissues that attach to the patella. Joint forces are variable and depend on the degree of knee flexion and whether the foot is in contact with the ground. The sports medicine specialist must have a good working knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the patellofemoral joint in order to treat it effectively.

  18. Magnetic resonance evidence of joint effusion in patients with temporomandibular joint disorders

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ko, Jee Young; Kim, Kee Deog; Park, Chang Seo [Yonsei Univ. College of Dentistry, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The purpose of this study was to find the relationship among the joint status, pain and effusion in patients with temporomandibular joint disorders. Materials included 406 patients (812 joints) with clinical records and bilateral TMJ MRIs in TMJ clinic, Yongdong Severance Hospital. All joints were classified in 4 groups in MR images according to the disc status of joint; normal disc position, disc displacement with reduction (DDsR), and also 2 groups according to the bony status of joint; normal bony structure and osteoarthrosis. MR evidence of joint effusion was categorized in 4 groups according to its amount. To determine the relationship between joint pain and joint effusion, 289 patients with unilateral TMJ symptoms were selected from total materials. Joint effusion was found 8.0% in normal disc position, 32.6% in DDcR, and 59.2% in DDsR (83.1% in early state and 23.1% in late stage). Joint effusion was found 39.7% in osteoarthrosis and 35.0% in normal bony structure. Joint effusion was more found in the painful joints (49.8%) than in the painless joints (22.4%) (p<0.001). Joint effusion in the early stage of DDsR only was more found significantly in painful joints (91.9%) than in painless joints (62.1%) (p<0.001). MR evidence of joint effusion might be related to disc displacement regardless of the presence of osteoarthrosis, and the early stage of DDsR was found more frequently combined with joint effusion and joint pain.

  19. Harmonious Expansion of China's Higher Education: A New Growth Pattern (United States)

    Gu, Jiafeng


    How can one country narrow the regional disparity during the tremendous expansion of higher education? This issue remains unexamined and critical analysis is needed to unveil the spatial dynamics behind expansion of higher education. The spatial analysis shows that there is significant strategic interaction among neighboring provinces in China…

  20. Analysis of Factors Influencing Agritourism Businesses in Expansion


    Jensen, Kimberly; Bruch Leffew, Megan; Menard, Jamey; English, Burton C.


    This study assesses how characteristics of agritourism operations may influence future expansion plans. Differences in barriers which agritourism operations face, as well as types of promotion methods used are examined for expansion-minded agritourism operators. This information will be useful to agritourism operators, as they look for contributors to future growth.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    (MDD) and plasticity of the soil for all additives. But there was also a tremendous improvement in the CBR value when the soil is stabilized with a combination of lime and bagasse ash. This shows a potential of using bagasse ash as admixture in lime stabilized expansive soil. Keywords: Expansive soil, bagasse ash, lime,.

  2. Impact of size and temperature on thermal expansion of nanomaterials

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A theoretical method has been discussed to study the size dependency of thermal expansion of nanomaterials at higher temperature by considering the surface effect. A thermodynamical analysis of the equation of state (EoS) is studied from the knowledge of thermal expansion of nano-materials based on theoretical ...

  3. Did the Higgs boson drive the universe's expansion?

    CERN Multimedia


    The Higgs boson has been moonlighting. Not content with its day job of giving other particles their mass, it may also have driven the expansion of the early universe, given a little tinkering, according to two separate studies. Soon after the big bang the early universe is believed to have undergone a period of rapid expansion, known as inflation.

  4. Implementation of centrifuge testing of expansive soils for pavement design. (United States)


    The novel centrifuge-based method for testing of expansive soils from project 5-6048-01 was implemented into : use for the determination of the Potential Vertical Rise (PVR) of roadways that sit on expansive subgrades. The : centrifuge method was mod...

  5. Studies of Expansive Learning: Foundations, Findings and Future Challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yrjö Engeström


    Full Text Available The paper examines studies based on the theory of expansive learning, formulated in 1987. In recent years the theory has been used in a wide variety of studies and interventions. The theory builds on foundational ideas put forward by Vygotsky, Leont’ev, Il’enkov, and Davydov, key figures in the Russian school of cultural-historical activity theory. Studies based on the theory are reviewed in six sections: expansive learning as transformation of the object, expansive learning as movement in the zone of proximal development, expansive learning as cycles of learning actions, expansive learning as boundary crossing and network building, expansive learning as distributed and discontinuous movement, and formative interventions.A separate section is devoted to critiques of expansive learning. It is concluded that the ultimate test of learning theories is how they help practitioners to generate learning that grasps pressing issues the humankind is facing. The theory of expansive learning currently expands its analyses both up and down, outward and inward. Moving up and outward, it tackles learning in fields or networks of interconnected activity systems with their partially shared and often contested objects. Moving down and inward, it tackles issues of subjectivity, experiencing, personal sense, emotion, embodiment, identity, and moral commitment.

  6. Clusters of Organic Molecules in a Supersonic Jet Expansion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jonkman, Harry T.; Even, Uzi; Kommandeur, Jan


    A wide variety of clusters were obtained in seeded supersonic conical jet expansions of organic molecules. It was shown that mixed clusters probably are formed statistically in the collisional region of the expansion, although kinetic effects cannot be excluded. The molecular fragmentation in the

  7. Shrub expansion in SW Greenland under modest regional warming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Rasmus Halfdan; Meilby, Henrik; Kollmann, Johannes


    Shrub expansion has been observed widely in tundra areas across the Arctic. This phenomenon has been partially attributed to increasing temperatures over the past century. However, relationships among shrub expansion, grazing, and human disturbance have been studied little. SW Greenland is a suba...

  8. Dynamics of plasma expansion in the pulsed laser material interaction

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    process results from the anisotropic expansion velocities associated with different species. These velocities are mainly controlled by the initial dimension of the expanding plasma. An attempt was undertaken to estimate the length of the plume at different ambient gas pressures using an adiabatic expansion model. The rate.

  9. Surgical Splint Design Influences Transverse Expansion in Segmental Maxillary Osteotomies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stokbro, Kasper; Aagaard, Esben; Torkov, Peter


    Purpose: In segmental maxillary procedures, it is imperative to obtain as much of the planned expansion as possible. Lack of obtained expansion, in addition to late relapse after splint removal, can result in relapse of the posterior crossbite. This study investigated the influence of 2 surgical ...

  10. Expansion of U. S. uranium enrichment capacity. Final environmental statement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Reasonably foreseeable environmental, social, economic, and technological costs and benefits of postulated expansion of U. S. enrichment capacity through the year 2000 and reasonably available alternatives to such expansion are described. Both the gas centrifuge and gaseous diffusion methods for the enrichment of uranium are considered in this impact assessment. (JGB)


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    group comprises of basic igneous rocks. Here feldspar and pyroxene minerals of the parent rocks decompose to form montmorillonite - the predominant mineral of expansive soil - and other secondary minerals. The second group comprises of sedimentary rocks that contain montmorillonite. The expansive soils of Ethiopia ...

  12. Higher Education in Ethiopia: Expansion, Quality Assurance and Institutional Autonomy (United States)

    Akalu, Girmaw Abebe


    This article chronicles the key challenges facing Ethiopia as it embarks on an ambitious, ideologically-driven and aggressive expansion of its higher education system in an effort to address its national goals of economic growth and poverty reduction. It is argued that the urge for higher education expansion has placed undue pressures particularly…

  13. 12 CFR 34.84 - Future bank expansion. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Future bank expansion. 34.84 Section 34.84 Banks and Banking COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY REAL ESTATE LENDING AND APPRAISALS Other Real Estate Owned § 34.84 Future bank expansion. A national bank normally should use real...

  14. Asymptotic expansions for high-contrast linear elasticity

    KAUST Repository

    Poveda, Leonardo A.


    We study linear elasticity problems with high contrast in the coefficients using asymptotic limits recently introduced. We derive an asymptotic expansion to solve heterogeneous elasticity problems in terms of the contrast in the coefficients. We study the convergence of the expansion in the H1 norm. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

  15. 14 CFR 29.969 - Fuel tank expansion space. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Fuel tank expansion space. 29.969 Section 29.969 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Powerplant Fuel System § 29.969 Fuel tank expansion space...

  16. 14 CFR 27.969 - Fuel tank expansion space. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Fuel tank expansion space. 27.969 Section 27.969 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: NORMAL CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT Powerplant Fuel System § 27.969 Fuel tank expansion space...

  17. 14 CFR 25.969 - Fuel tank expansion space. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Fuel tank expansion space. 25.969 Section 25.969 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: TRANSPORT CATEGORY AIRPLANES Powerplant Fuel System § 25.969 Fuel tank expansion space...

  18. Electric Grid Expansion Planning with High Levels of Variable Generation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hadley, Stanton W. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); You, Shutang [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Shankar, Mallikarjun [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Liu, Yilu [Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States); Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Renewables are taking a large proportion of generation capacity in U.S. power grids. As their randomness has increasing influence on power system operation, it is necessary to consider their impact on system expansion planning. To this end, this project studies the generation and transmission expansion co-optimization problem of the US Eastern Interconnection (EI) power grid with a high wind power penetration rate. In this project, the generation and transmission expansion problem for the EI system is modeled as a mixed-integer programming (MIP) problem. This study analyzed a time series creation method to capture the diversity of load and wind power across balancing regions in the EI system. The obtained time series can be easily introduced into the MIP co-optimization problem and then solved robustly through available MIP solvers. Simulation results show that the proposed time series generation method and the expansion co-optimization model and can improve the expansion result significantly after considering the diversity of wind and load across EI regions. The improved expansion plan that combines generation and transmission will aid system planners and policy makers to maximize the social welfare. This study shows that modelling load and wind variations and diversities across balancing regions will produce significantly different expansion result compared with former studies. For example, if wind is modeled in more details (by increasing the number of wind output levels) so that more wind blocks are considered in expansion planning, transmission expansion will be larger and the expansion timing will be earlier. Regarding generation expansion, more wind scenarios will slightly reduce wind generation expansion in the EI system and increase the expansion of other generation such as gas. Also, adopting detailed wind scenarios will reveal that it may be uneconomic to expand transmission networks for transmitting a large amount of wind power through a long distance


    da SILVA, Denise Amaro; MADEIRA, Maria de Fátima; FIGUEIREDO, Fabiano Borges


    SUMMARY Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) is a vector-borne disease that affects humans, and domestic and wild animals. It is caused by the protozoan Leishmania (Leishmania) infantum (syn = Leishmania chagasi). The domestic dog (Canis familiaris) is considered the main reservoir of the etiologic agent of VL in domestic and peridomestic environments. In the past three years, although control actions involving domestic dogs are routinely performed in endemic areas of the Rio de Janeiro State, new cases of canine visceral leishmaniasis (CVL) have been reported in several municipalities. The objective of this short communication was to describe the geographical expansion of CVL in the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, through its reports in the scientific literature and studies performed by our group. From 2010 to 2013, autochthonous and allochthonous cases of CVL were reported in the municipalities of Mangaratiba, Marica, Niteroi, Barra Mansa, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Volta Redonda, Resende and Rio de Janeiro. These reports demonstrate that CVL is in intense geographical expansion around the state; therefore, a joint effort by public agencies, veterinarians and researchers is needed in order to minimize and/or even prevent the dispersion of this disease. PMID:26603233


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denise Amaro da SILVA


    Full Text Available SUMMARY Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL is a vector-borne disease that affects humans, and domestic and wild animals. It is caused by the protozoan Leishmania (Leishmania infantum (syn = Leishmania chagasi. The domestic dog (Canis familiaris is considered the main reservoir of the etiologic agent of VL in domestic and peridomestic environments. In the past three years, although control actions involving domestic dogs are routinely performed in endemic areas of the Rio de Janeiro State, new cases of canine visceral leishmaniasis (CVL have been reported in several municipalities. The objective of this short communication was to describe the geographical expansion of CVL in the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, through its reports in the scientific literature and studies performed by our group. From 2010 to 2013, autochthonous and allochthonous cases of CVL were reported in the municipalities of Mangaratiba, Marica, Niteroi, Barra Mansa, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Volta Redonda, Resende and Rio de Janeiro. These reports demonstrate that CVL is in intense geographical expansion around the state; therefore, a joint effort by public agencies, veterinarians and researchers is needed in order to minimize and/or even prevent the dispersion of this disease.