Sample records for energy avaliacao das

  1. Empreendimentos imobiliarios com permuta: avaliacao pela abordagem da teoria das opcoes reais (TOR)

    Goulart Serra, Ricardo; Martelanc, Roy; Ferreira de Sousa, Almir


    .... A abordagem pela teoria das opcoes reais (TOR) supre essa deficiencia. Este artigo avalia um empreendimento imobiliario com permuta com flexibilidade de adiamento e constata que o valor obtido atraves da abordagem da TOR foi 22,6...

  2. Projection of primary energy in electricity generation with evaluation of demand and supply of energy in the medium-term horizon (2020), long-term (2035) and very long term (2060); Projecao das energias primarias na geracao de eletricidade com avaliacao da demanda e oferta de energia, em horizonte de medio prazo (2020), longo prazo (2035) e muito longo prazo (2060)

    Mafra, Olga Y.; Alvim, Carlos Feu; Eidelman, Frida [Brasil e Economia (Brazil); Guimaraes, Leonam dos Santos [Eletrobras Eletronuclear, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The Global Energy demand and the participation of electricity in scenarios of medium (2020), long (2035) and very long (2060) terms are estimated. It is also evaluated the share of different primary energies in electricity generation and their availability in the country. Three economic scenarios were considered and different hypothesis regarding the participation of nuclear energy were analyzed. (author)

  3. The influence of the reactive energy in the electric power sector planning and the need of consolidation of the hourly period for evaluation of the power factor of the loads; A influencia da energia eletrica reativa no planejamento do setor eletrico e a necessidade de consolidacao do periodo horario para avaliacao do fator de potencia das cargas

    Andrade, Moacyr Trindade de Oliveira


    Among expectations of optimization of electric power systems and the national electric rating laws, there is the important factors of consumption and transmission of reactive energy which concerns the objectives of electric sector. Related to it, the DNAEE, ELETROBRAS and the concessionaires have been developing studies in order to optimize the electric system performance, and consequently the investments of concessionaires and consumers, reducing costs imposed to society due to the form of consumption and/or compensation of reactive loads. This work shows the evolution and consolidation of tariff studies and electric performance of the system, indicating the ways which attend the expectations os all segments of the society through a small adaptation of present regulations an rules related to reactive energy, making possible the system growing in supply by the minimum cost. The main objective of this work is to reinforce the real necessity of to remain intact all the new regulation of power factor, that has been consolidated by the DNAEE's document number 085/92 and your revaluation document number 613/93, including the interval of hourly integration for reactive energy at the determinate date and show the damages for the society caused by the postponement of this condition, that has been considerate in the document number 613/93, from April 1994 until April 1996, however keeping in 1994 the introduction of the new power factor reference of 0.92. (author)

  4. Evaluation of quality control tools for patients submitted to IMRT; Avaliacao das ferramentas de controle da qualidade para pacientes submetidos ao IMRT

    Lavor, Milton; Rodrigues, Laura N.; Silva, Marco A., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HCFMRP/USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Radioterapia


    Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is currently being implemented in a rapidly growing number of centers in Brazil. As consequence many institutions are now facing the problem of performing a comprehensive quality control program before and during the implementation of IMRT in the clinical practice. This paper proposes a methodology for quality control and presents the results and evaluations of the data obtained from the proposed methodology. Ionization chamber and two-dimensional array detector were performed in IMRT treatment planning in order to assess the absolute value of the total dose of all fields. The relative total dose distribution of all fields was measured with a radiochromic film and a two-dimensional array in a phantom. A comparison between measured and calculated dose distributions was performed using the gamma-index method, assessing the percentage of points that meet the criteria of ±3% dose difference and ±3mm distance to agreement. As a result and review of 113 tested IMRT beams using ionization chamber and 81 using two-dimensional array, the proposal was to take an action level of about ±5% compared to the treatment planning systems and measurements, for the verification of the dose in a single point at the low gradient dose region. Analysis of the two-dimensional array measurements showed that the gamma value was <1 for 97.7% of the data and for the film the gamma value was <1 for 96.6% of the data. This work can establish action levels required for quality control program proposed and implemented in the Department of Radiotherapy - Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo that allows an accurate delivery of dose in 'sliding-window' IMRT with micro multi leaf collimator. (author)

  5. A regulatory model for conformity evaluation in natural gas building installations; Um modelo regulatorio para avaliacao da conformidade das instalacoes prediais de gas natural

    Fossa, Alberto Jose; Santos, Edmilson Moutinho dos [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia


    The challenge of the Brazilian growth needs to consider necessarily the energy arrangements, and natural gas has relevant participation in this matter. The possibility of its end use that make possible an effective adequacy of our energy matrix must be supported by modern concepts of quality and conformity. In this particular, the program of 'Tecnologia Industrial Basica' (TIB), including concepts and application of conformity evaluation processes, is considered basic for the construction of a consistent gas market. This paper present the Brazilian reality related to TIB aspects and elements, from which it constructs a technician and regulatory building gas installations model proposal for a conformity evaluation program in the country. (author)

  6. Assessment of natural radioactivity of sands in beaches from Great Vitoria, ES, Brazil; Avaliacao da radioatividade natural em areias das praias da Grande Vitoria, ES

    Aquino, Reginaldo Ribeiro de


    In this work the concentrations of natural radionuclides {sup 226}Ra, {sup 232}Th and {sup 40}K were determined in superficial sand samples for 16 locations throughout the coast of the Great Victory, metropolitan region of the state of Espirito Santo, Southeast of Brazil. The assessed beaches were Manguinhos and Jacaraipe in Serra county, Camburi, Praia do Canto and Curva da Jurema in Vitoria county, Praia da Costa and Itapua in Vila Velha county, Setibao, Setibinha, Praia do Morro, Praia das Castanheiras and Areia Preta in Guarapari county and sand of the Paulo Cesar Vinha Reserve also located in Guarapari county. Three sand samples of each beach were sealed in 100 mL high density polyethylene flasks. After approximately 4 weeks in order to reach secular equilibrium in the {sup 238}U and {sup 2}'3{sup 2}Th series, the samples were measured by high resolution gamma spectrometry and the spectra analyzed with the WinnerGamma software. The self absorption correction was performed for all samples. The {sup 226}Ra concentration was determined from the weighted average concentrations of {sup 214}Pb and {sup 21}'4Bi, the {sup 232}Th concentration was determined from the weighted average concentrations of {sup 228}Ac, {sup 2}'1{sup 2}Pb and {sup 212}Bi and the concentration of {sup 40}K is determined by its single gamma transition of 1460 keV. The radium equivalent concentration and the external hazard index where obtained from the concentrations of {sup 226}Ra, {sup 232}Th and {sup 4}'0K. {sup 226}Ra concentrations show values varying from 3 +- 1 to 738 +- 38{sup -1}, with the highest values for the central locality of the Camburi beach. {sup 232}Th concentrations show values varying from 7 +- 3{sup -1} to 7422 +- 526{sup -1}, with the highest values for Areia Preta beach. {sup 40}K concentrations show values varying from 14 +- 6{sup -1} to 638 +- 232{sup -1}, with the highest values for Areia Preta beach

  7. Evaluation of occupational exposure in interventionist procedures using Monte Carlo Method; Avaliacao das exposicoes dos envolvidos em procedimentos intervencionistas usando metodo Monte Carlo

    Santos, William S.; Neves, Lucio P.; Perini, Ana P.; Caldas, Linda V.E., E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Belinato, Walmir; Maia, Ana F. [Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS), Sao Cristovao, SE (Brazil). Departamento de Fisica


    This study presents a computational model of exposure for a patient, cardiologist and nurse in a typical scenario of cardiac interventional procedures. In this case a set of conversion coefficient (CC) for effective dose (E) in terms of kerma-area product (KAP) for all individuals involved using seven different energy spectra and eight beam projections. The CC was also calculated for the entrance skin dose (ESD) normalized to the PKA for the patient. All individuals were represented by anthropomorphic phantoms incorporated in a radiation transport code based on Monte Carlo simulation. (author)

  8. Assessment of conditions of service to maximum demand in decennial horizon; Avaliacao das condicoes de atendimento a demanda maxima em horizonte decenal

    Guimaraes, Flavio Borsato; Nasser, Ivana Costa [Wise Systems, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Andrade, Danielle Bueno de; Machado, Renato Simoes; Morozowski Filho, Marciano [Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Planning the future hydro capacity in Brazil includes considering power reinforcements in the peak hours due to the increasing numbers of run-of-river plants. It means that the Brazilian's reservoir profile has been changing over the years from five years regularization to monthly regularization. This article presents a deterministic methodology to evaluate the capacity reserve of the Brazilian power system. It is based on the 'capacity reserve margin' calculation done by a monthly comparison between peak availability and maximum peak load. This methodology was applied to the Decennial Energy Expansion Plan 2019 (PDE 2019) and its final results are shown here through Peak Balances considering different operation conditions and the whole inflows historical records. Additionally, it is presented a suggestion about the evolution of peak evaluation criteria to be applied to the Brazilian power system on its expansion planning. (author)

  9. Evaluation of emissions in gas powered electric generator engine with vegetable oil; Avaliacao das emissoes de gases em motor gerador eletrico alimentado com oleo vegetal

    Oliveira, Thalita C. de; Cunha, Joao Paulo Barreto; Cotrim, Suzane Santana; Brito, Gustavo Mendes; Delmond, Josue Gomes [Universidade Estadual de Goias (UNUCET/UEG), Anapolis, GO (Brazil). Unidade Universitaria de Ciencias Exatas e Tecnologicas], E-mail:


    The use of vegetable oils as fuel in diesel engines is a good alternative to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels, either in pure form or as biodiesel. The soybean, oilseed single high-availability in Brazil, is the most viable feedstock for the production of oil and its use as a fuel because of the structure of production, distribution and grain crushing. This study aimed to evaluate the performance of a duty diesel generator fueled with blends of diesel and soybean oil at concentrations of 10%, 25%, 50% and 75%, and soybean oil pure, 100%. During the tests we evaluated the energy consumption of the generator and the emission of greenhouse gases (O{sub 2}, CO, CO{sub 2}, NO{sub x} and SO{sub 2}), according to the demand of electric charges (0, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 Watts) connected to the group generator. The results, using the F test, showed that the hourly consumption of fuel increased with increasing concentration in the mixture of diesel fuel and engine load demand from the generator. It follows that in the environment, increasing the oil concentration in the mixture caused a reduction in emissions, except for the emission of oxygen. The best choice for the operation for the engine generator using vegetable oil soya be provided for up to 60 % oil in the mixture and load demand up to 1000W, in which occurred lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and therefore improved efficiency in the combustion process. (author)

  10. Evaluation of neutron doses beyond of primary shielding of rooms housing clinical linear accelerators; Avaliacao das doses de neutrons alem das barreiras primarias de salas que abrigam aceleradores lineares clinicos

    Rezende, Gabriel Fonseca da Silva


    The growing need to build radiotherapy rooms in places with lack of available space leads to the necessity of unconventional solutions for the shielding projects. In most cases, adding metals to the primary barriers is the best way to shield the rooms properly. However, when photons with energies equal to or great than 10 MeV interact with nuclei of materials with high atomic number, neutrons are ejected and can result in a problem of radioprotection both inside and outside the room. Currently, the only empirical formula existing in the literature to assess the dose equivalent due to neutrons beyond the laminated barriers works only under very specific conditions, and a validation of this formula had not yet been done. In this work, the Monte Carlo code MCNPX was used to verify the validity of the above formula for cases of primary barriers containing lead or iron sheets in rooms that house linear accelerators with 10, 15 and 18 MV. Moreover, such a code was used to evaluate the coefficient of neutron production and tenth-value layer for neutrons in concrete, both parameters that directly influence the equation studied. The study results showed that over 90% of the values compared between the formula and the simulations present discrepancies above 100%, which led to conclude that the formula from the literature produces values that do not match the reality. In addition, there were inconsistencies in the parameters that make up the formula, leading to a need to review this formula in order to build a new model that will better represent the real case. (author)

  11. The European Nuclear Energy Tribunal; Das Europaeische Kernenergie-Gericht. Was ist denn das?

    Feldmann, Ulrike


    The European Nuclear Energy Tribunal (ENET) already exists since 1 January 1960 under the auspices of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The European Nuclear Energy Court was established with the Protocol of Security Control in the Field of Nuclear Energy of 20 December 1957. Also the Nuclear Energy Agency (Nuclear Energy Agency NEA) within the OECD was established with this protocol. The seat of the court is at the OECD headquarters in Paris.

  12. Assessing the quality of energy supplied by small renewable energy systems; Avaliacao da qualidade da energia fornecida por sistemas renovaveis isolados de pequeno porte

    Galhardo, Marcos Andre Barros; Pinho, Joao Tavares [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Grupo de Estudos e Desenvolvimento de Alternativas Energeticas], e-mail:, E-mail:


    This paper makes an analysis of the power quality supplied by small renewable energy systems with energy storage in a battery bank and its DC/AC conversion by an inverter. It is shown that the power quality supplied by stand-alone renewable systems depends on the used inverter, specially of its voltage waveform, the load supplied and the voltage level in the battery bank, which has a direct influence on the value of the rms output voltage of the inverter. For these analysis, measurements are presented for typical loads used in these systems as illumination, TV, refrigerator, etc., and combinations of these loads, supplied by different waveforms. (author)

  13. Building and cities. Study of energetical demand in Lisbon; Os edificios e a Cidade estudio de avaliacao das necessidades energeticas dos edificios no espaco urbano, o caso da cidades de lisboa

    Goncalves, H. P.; Panao, M. O.; Camelo, S. L.; Graca, J. M.; Ramalho, A. F.; Aguilar, R.


    The evaluation of the building thermal performance in an urban environment was undertaken in Lisbon city (Portugal) within the frame of ACLURE Project (Built Environment, Urban Climate and Rational Use of Energy) (Goncalves et al, 2004). In order to reveal the main parameters that affect the building thermal behavior, an experimental survey of the dwellings and the urban climate was performed and modeling facilities were also used. While the experimental results allow to infer how the dwellings interact with the urban climate, the modeling analysis estimate the average annual energy demands for different geographical and morphological conditions, namely by the canyon height- to-with ratio (H/W). (Author)

  14. Evaluation of alternatives for reducing the consumption of natural gas fuel at city-gates of Brazilian transport systems; Avaliacao das alternativas de reducao do consumo de gas natural combustivel nos pontos de entrega dos sistemas de transporte brasileiros

    Santos, Almir B. [Agencia Nacional do Petroleo, Gas Natural e Biocombustiveis (ANP), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Augusto, Cristiane R.; Seidl, Peter R. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola de Quimica; Goncalves, Raquel G. [UNISUAM - Centro Universitario Augusto Motta, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This work aims to identify actions that can be implemented to increase the energy efficiency of processes involved in the value chain of natural gas, specifically in the process of heating in existing city-gates of transporting natural gas Brazilians plants. The goal is increase supply of gas in Brazil. The main function of city-gates is to deliver the natural gas in contract terms (flow, pressure, temperature and quality). The main issue related to the consumption of natural gas fuel in city-gates is related to the operation (set-up and control) of natural gas combustion, in other words, depends on how the heating system is adjusted dynamically to burn, efficiently, the exact amount of gas required by this system, depending on temperature, pressure, temperature, quality and flow of natural gas at the 'city-gates'. The main objective of this work is to present a study on alternatives at design, set-up and control of natural gas city-gates (transport) in Brazil, aiming to increase the energy efficiency of this facility, and thus contributing to the growth in supply of natural gas available to the market. (author)

  15. Simulation and evaluation of mammography quality from an X-ray equipment of a instrument calibration laboratory; Simulacao e avaliacao das qualidades da mamografia do equipamento de raios-x de um laboratorio de calibracao de instrumentos

    Silva, Natalia F. da; Castro, Maysa C. de; Caldas, Linda V.E., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The Instrument Calibration Laboratory (ICL) of the Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil has developed some work in order to establish a primary standard system for low energy X-ray employing a ionization chamber of free air. For this, one of the most important steps is the determination of factors of correction of its answer. Simulation is a frequently used tool for this because some correction factors can not be determined experimentally. For the correct simulation of these correction factors is necessary some input parameters such as geometry, the material composition of the dosimeter, the experimental arrangement and the radiation source are specified correctly. For the ionization chamber available on the LCI, the geometry, the material components and the experimental arrangement can be obtained easily. On the other hand, spectrum of radiation energy source, which must be inserted into the computer code has not been obtained. Thus, this study aims to determine this radiation spectrum, thus enabling the characterization of the new primary standard for low power X-radiation of ICL.

  16. Performance evaluation of the conventional Brazilian industries radiation protection in the small industrial gauges and industrial radiography areas; Sistema de avaliacao de desempenho em radioprotecao das industrias convencionais brasileiras nas areas de medidores nucleares e radiografia industrial

    Santos, Joyra Amaral dos


    This works evaluates by punctuation the performance in conventional Brazilian industries radiation protection area which make use of small industrial gauges and industrial radiography. It proposes, procedures for industry self-evaluation, besides a new radiation protection plans pattern for the small industrial gauges area. The data source where inspection reports of Dosimetry Radiation Protection Institute/Nuclear Energy Commission conventional Brazilian industries' radiation protection plans, beyond visitation to the inspection place. The performance evaluation has been realized both in the administrative and operational aspects of the industries. About of 60% of the industries have a satisfactory register control which does not happen to the operational control. The performance evaluation advantage is that industries may self-evaluate, foreseeing Dosimetry Radiation Protection Institute's regulation inspections, correcting its irregularities, automatically improving its services. The number of industries which have obtained satisfactory performance in both areas is below 70%, both in administrative and operational aspects. Such number can be considered a low one as it is radiation protection. The procedures propose in this work aim to improve such a situation. (author)

  17. Evaluation of the solar energy potential in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo State, Brazil; Avaliacao do potencial de energia solar no municipio de Piracicaba, SP, Brasil

    Villa Nova, Nilson Augusto [Sao Paulo Univ., Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz. Dept. de Fisica e Meterorologia; Pereira, Andre Belmont [Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Ciencia do Solo e Engenharia Agricola


    This paper presents a development of a mathematical model for evaluation of the solar energy potential available in Piracicaba, SP, Brazil, as function of only a radiometric measurement in the zenital passage. Solar energy potential values determined by the proposed methodology will allow the evaluation of the maximum possible performance of the energy capture systems. These potential values will be very important in engineering projects which have the objective of solar energy utilization in its various forms.

  18. Performance evaluation on projects of energy efficiency of AES ELETROPAULO - indicators proposition; Avaliacao de desempenho de projetos do programa de eficiencia energetica da AES Eletropaulo - proposicao de indicadores

    Saidel, Marco Antonio; Gimenes, Andre Luiz Veiga; Braga, Lillian Kariny Queiroz Serra; Rangel, Paulo Jose da Silva Mourao; Sigoli, Jose Marcelo [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia; AES ELETROPAULO, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:;;;;


    This work proposes a series of quality and performance indicators for quantitatively and qualitatively evaluation of Energy Efficiency of the Law 9991/2000, through a punctuation criterion, and to evaluate the performance of the Energy Service Companies (ESC), from the results of the projects presented and executed considering their final results related to presented proposals.

  19. Electric energy deficit marginal cost: historic, evaluation and proposition of a new method; Custo marginal do deficit de energia eletrica: historico, avaliacao e proposta de uma nova metodologia

    Loureiro, Paulo Gerson Cayres


    The optimization model actually used to the energy operation planning of the National Interconnected System - NIS has as objective function the minimization of expected total cost operation. To achieve this goal the model provides optimal allocation of hydrothermal resources during the study horizon, employing aggregated subsystems. The deficit marginal cost is a parameter which is explicitly informed to the model, and does a part in the operation total cost calculation being a predominant factor in the service conditions evaluation of national electric energy market, affecting the energy costs and the risk of deficit on NIS. In this work is realized an integral study about the electric energy deficit marginal cost, starting with a historical review, followed by a actualization of your actual value and a propose of a new method for the calculation of deficit marginal cost value. The studies shows the impact of the values found over service conditions to the electric energy market in the energy operation planning, focusing on some usual indicators adopted in studies of the electrical sector. (author)

  20. Evaluation of a wood chipping system for eucalyptus tops for energy; Avaliacao de um sistema de cavaqueamento de ponteiras de eucalipto para aproveitamento energetico

    Canto, Juliana Lorensi do [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil); Machado, Carlos Cardoso; Souza, Amaury Paulo de; Sant' Anna, Cleverson de Mello [Departamento de Engenharia Florestal da Universidade Federal de Vicosa, UFV, MG (Brazil)], E-mails:,,; Seixas, Fernando [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, ESALQ], E-mail:


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance and to estimate costs of a wood chipping system for tree tops, which are considered residuals from wood harvesting, to be used for energy. The study was developed in a forest industry in the Para State, located in the north region of Brazil. The system was comprised by one wood chipper, two forwarders and one front loader. Data collection was based on time study, fuel consumption and chips load weighting. System average productivity was 17.51 tonnes per effective hour. Machine utilization rate was 51.9% due to many delays, mainly for repair and maintenance of the chipper. Chips transportation was considered to be the critical point of the system, due to some lack of trucks available for blowing chips. The system can produce between 94 and 162 times more energy than the energy consumed. System cost per effective hour was R$ 376.56, which means R$ 21.51/tonne of chips or R$ 2.70/G J. (author)

  1. System precision assessment ExacTrac 6D® BrainLab of the Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da USP; Avaliacao da precisao do sistema Exactrac 6D® BrainLab do Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da USP

    Maistro, Carlos E.B., E-mail: [Programa de Residencia Multiprofissional em Fisica Medica, Faculdade de Medicina de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Nakandakari, Marcos V.N.; Ribeiro, Victor A.B.; Sales, Camila P. de; Rodrigues, Laura N. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Instituto de Radiologia. Servico de Radioterapia. Hospital das Clinicas


    The goal of this study was to evaluate the precision of ExacTrac 6D® Brainlab system, installed at Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da USP, in frameless radiosurgery treatments. Four sets of tests were performed for different purposes in order to assess the following parameters: the accuracy of location through infrared system; evaluation of the reproducibility of fusion algorithm; evaluation of the X-ray system; and the end-to-end test with the goal of assess the overall accuracy of the system. It was found that the infrared system showed a maximum deviation of 0.5 mm in terms of positioning and the X-ray system showed a precision of 0.15 mm and 0.6°. The reproducibility of fusion algorithms provided a maximum deviation in position which was less than 0.5 mm and 0.5° and the quantitative analysis of the results for end-to-end test showed an overall accuracy of the system better than 0.8 mm. (author)

  2. Firewood and wood-shaving use energy assessment for energy generation in sericulture agroindustry; Avaliacao energetica do uso da lenha e cavaco de madeira para producao de energia em agroindustria seropedica

    Nascimento, Mario Donizeti do [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Pos-Graduacao em Agronomia], E-mail:; Biaggioni, Marco Antonio Martin [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Dept. de Engenharia Rural], E-mail:


    The aim of this paper was to perform an energy assessment of firewood and wood-shaving use for energy generation in sericulture agroindustry boilers. In this research, we used a boiler from a silk spinning factory located in the city of Duartina, Sao Paulo, Brazil, that currently uses eucalyptus firewood as fuel to generate water vapour used in silk fiber production. In the studied fuels utilization system energy consumption structure development, we considered energy input in Megajoule (MJ) by type, source and form involved in several firewood use technical itinerary operations, as well as in wood-shaving use technical itinerary operations. From these fuels utilization built structure, we performed a firewood- and wood-shaving-generated energy input comparative analysis, in Megajoule/hour (MJ.h{sup -1}), to produce 2.968,80 kg.h{sup -1} of vapour, which is the boiler average production, during the following years: 2004, 2005, and 2006. The energy analysis results revealed that to replace eucalyptus firewood with wood-shaving is something possible in the boiler, reducing total energy consumption approximately by 21%. (author)

  3. Balanced evaluation of energy systems: development of an integration model between use and energy generation; Avaliacao balanceada de sistemas energeticos: desenvolvimento de um modelo de integracao entre uso e geracao de energia

    Marins, Karin Regina de Castro [Universidade do Estado de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo]. E-mail:


    The present theme treats of urban and environment planning through an integrated approach. Developed as master of science dissertation, the project included the development of a balanced evaluation of energy systems, having in mind the efficient, potentialize initiatives of both sides. In the system of 'Energy use' strategies for energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings from urban, architecture solutions were included. In {sup e}nergy generation{sup ,} urban centralized systems and distributed generation systems were included. Electricity, environmental heating and refrigeration were considered, excepting peaks in the daily consumption. The model involve quantitative evaluation modules and graphical interfaces, giving support to development of project and decision making processes, demonstrating the advantages of the integrated approach.

  4. The energy policy turnaround. Designing the new system; Die Energiewende. Das neue System gestalten

    Kohler, Stephan; Matsoukas, Stella [Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH, Berlin (Germany); Diermann, Ralph [Redaktionsbuero fuer Energie und Cleantech, Muenchen (Germany)


    The contribution under consideration describes the German energy system in the year 2050 as climatic friendly, secure and economic. The German Energy Agency (Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany) sketches the development to this target.

  5. The German Energy Law after the Energy Law Reform of 2005; Das deutsche Energierecht nach der Energierechtsreform 2005

    Buedenbender, U. [Technische Univ. Dresden (Germany). Juristische Fakultaet, Lehrstuhl fuer Buergerlisches Recht, Energiewirtschaftsrecht und Arbeitsrecht


    In 2005, the Energy Law was changed fundamentally after having been subject to an extensive reform in 1998. Energy industry belongs to the industries of outstanding economical importance. Industry, small enterprises, agriculture, freelancers, public institutions and private households are energy consumers and thus affected by the new energy law. The following article deals with the guidelines and focuses of the new law.

  6. The Freiburg self-supporting passive solar energy house; Das energieautarke Solarhaus Freiburg: Passive Solarenergienutzung im Niedrigenergiehaus

    Goetzberger, A. [Fraunhofer-Inst. fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Voss, K. [Fraunhofer-Inst. fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)


    The Freiburg self-supporting passive solar energy house is characterized by its optimized structure and high-efficiency ventilation system. Disregarding the basic self-support concept, the measures taken compete with regard to their cost-benefit relations, their acceptance on the part of occupants, and their architectural implications. While the cost-effective improvements in thermal insulation suggested themselves, the installation of the energy-efficient but expensive heat recovery system did not meet with immediate approval. Provided suitable walls, passive solar energy utilization through long-lived transparent thermal insulation systems covers much of the ventilation heat losses without requiring auxiliary energy. Thermotropic layers which serve as self-regulating sunshades and are integrated into the cover glazing are expected to reduce the cost, simplify maintenance, and add to the attraction of the overall system. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das Ziel der energetischen Autarkie fuehrte zu einer optimierten Bauweise und dem Einsatz eines hocheffizienten Lueftungssystems. Sofern ein solches Ziel nicht im Vordergrund steht, konkurriern die eingesetzten Massnahmen zueinander hinsichtlich ihrer Kosten/Nutzen-Relation, ihrer Akzeptanz beim Nutzer und ihren architektonischen Konsequenzen. Waehrend die Verbesserung der Waermedaemmung ohne Frage die naheliegende und kostenguenstige Massnahme darstellt, ist der Einsatz einer energieffizienten Waermerueckgewinnung hinsichtlich Kosten und Nutzerakzeptanz ein nicht unerheblicher Schritt. Die TWD deckt, eine geeignete Wand vorausgesetzt, einen grossen Teil der Lueftungswaermeverluste ueber die passive Solarenergienutzung. Die benoetigt dazu keine Betriebsenergie und besitzt als rein bauliche Massnahme eine potentiell lange Nutzungsdauer. Thermotrope Schichten als selbstregelnder Sonnenschutz innerhalb der Deckverglasung lassen hinsichtlich Kosten und Wartung eine wesentliche Vereinfachung erwarten, so dass das Gesamtsystem deutlich

  7. The principle of seasonal thermal energy storage; Das Prinzip des saisonalen Thermospeichers

    Katzenbach, R.; Arslan, U.; Rueckert, A. [Darmstadt Univ. (Germany). Inst. und Versuchsanstalt fuer Geotechnik


    The principle of seasonal thermal energy storage is based on the use of soil and groundwater for energy storage. Thermal energy (e.g. solar energy, waste heat from processes, or heat contained in seepage water) is fed into the foundation soil, where it is stored until required. On the other hand, cold can be stored during the winter season and used for cooling in summer. Optimisation means that heat is removed from the soil during the winter season, so that the soil will cool down. The cooled-down soil can then be used for cooling purposes in the summer season; at the same time, excess heat is fed back into the soil, so that the original temperature level for winter operation is regained. Heat is supplied and removed via heat exchangers or energy piles. The storage volume is defined as the soil volume containing heat exchangers or energy piles. The contribution discusses the theoretical fundamentals of heat transfer. (orig./AKF)

  8. 2014. Start-up year for a new energy policy; 2014. Das Jahr des energiepolitischen Neubeginns

    Wetzel, Daniel [Welt-Gruppe, Berlin (Germany). Ressort Wirtschaft


    In 2014 at last the political leadership succeeded in backing away from the subsidy regime imposed by the Renewable Energy Law (EEG). In its amendment to the EEG subsidy law the German federal government has initiated the transition to a tendering and auctioning system which is to help keep the costs of the energy transition under control. The new law also requires investors to observe specific lower and upper limits on the rate of expansion. In the meantime the European and German energy supply faces new uncertainty from the escalating Ukraine crisis.

  9. Energy efficient solutions for the complete railway system; Energieeffiziente Loesungen fuer das Gesamtsystem Bahn

    Meinert, M.; Rechenberg, K.; Hein, G. [Siemens AG, Erlangen (Germany)


    Innovative technologies for the power supply of electric railway vehicles by stationary and mobile devices allow to operate the complete railway system in an energy efficient manner and therefore reduce the energy consumption considerably. So it is necessary to examine the power supply of the railway network as well as the railway vehicles and their own operational behaviour within the railway network. A complete tramway system was choosen as one example. (orig.)

  10. Administrative tutelage of energy access policies; Tutela regulatoria das politicas de acesso a energia

    Vannucci, Vasconcellos Mariana; Souza, Mendonca Fabiano Andre de [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de pos Graduacao em Direito


    The change of the position of the State in relation to the economy, although brought the opening of the market to the foreign investments, brought the responsibility of this State in relation to its social aspect. The creation of public policy that could grow the development in the country has been the main goal of the governmental actions, also of its economic planning. This because, when it prevent itself of the direct action in the economy, the State brought for itself the control of some essentials sectors, amongst them the energy sector as well. The energy is a strategical good, the development of a society depends of that, and then, it must be faced as condition to assure the quality of life of the society of direct and indirect form. Therefore the energy is a character of social right, being necessary the implementation of public policies, to not only assure the access of all to the energy, as the rational use of this resource, therefore its it offers assures the independence of a nation in relation to others. It is in this direction that this work searches to analyze the guardianship of the policy of access to the energy by the State, in way this can accomplish the basic objectives of the Constitution, amongst them, the development. (author)

  11. The computer science institute building of TU Brunswick University. Construction of an energy-efficient university building; Das Informatikzentrum der TU Braunschweig. Realisierung eines energieeffizienten Institutsgebaeudes

    Rozynski, M.; Gerder, F. [Technische Univ. Braunschweig (Germany). Inst. fuer Gebaeude- und Solartechnik


    Saving of resources will be a key issue in future building construction. A new building projected on the campus of Brunswick University will have a power supply and ventilation concept that ensures low energy consumption. The project is carried out with funds provided by the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in the context of the SolarBau funding concept. Construction of the building will be followed by an extensive monitoring programme that is to ensure its perfect function. [German] Eine wesentliche Zielsetzung zukuenftigen Bauens ist der sparsame Umgang mit Ressourcen. Im Rahmen eines integralen Planungsprozesses konnte fuer den Neubau des Informatikzentrums der TU Braunschweig ein Energie- und Lueftungskonzept realisiert werden, dass auf einen niedrigen Energieverbrauch zielt. Das Projekt wird im Rahmen des Foerderkonzeptes SolarBau durch das Bundesministerium fuer Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi) gefoerdert. Durch das anschliessende umfangreiche Monitoringprogramm wird derzeit die Funktionsfaehigkeit dieses Konzeptes ueberprueft. (orig.)

  12. Internet for energy. Trends in automation of electrical power systems; Das Internet der Energie. Trends in der Automatisierung von Energienetzen

    Rehtanz, Christian [Technische Univ. Dortmund (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Energiesysteme und Energiewirtschaft; Wietfeld, Christian [Technische Univ. Dortmund (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Kommunikationsnetze


    Transeuropean electricity markets and the integration of renewable energy sources make the process of electrical power systems more and more complex. The information, communication and control technologies have to deal with these challenges. New trends and solutions will be introduced in the following article. (orig.)

  13. Cashless prepayment systems - solution for problems of energy supplying companies with not paying customers?; Vorkassensysteme - Loesung fuer das Problem der insolventen Kunden bei Energieversorgungsunternehmen?

    Winterbauer, G. [Vertrieb HTS Elektronik GmbH, Epfenbach (Germany)


    The author wants to demonstrate, that cashless prepayment systems could possibly solve the rapidly increasing problem of energy supplying companies with loss of demands. (orig.) [Deutsch] Der Verfasser versucht aufzuzeigen, dass elektronische Vorkassensysteme durchaus als Loesung fuer das staendig zunehmende Problem von Zahlungsausfaellen bei Energieversorgungsunternehmen verwendet werden koennen. (orig.)

  14. The energy dilemma. Why should we think about nuclear power again; Das Energiedilemma. Warum wir ueber Atomkraft neu nachdenken muessen

    Rubner, J.


    The author brakes on of the biggest taboo in Germany. She pleads for a return to nuclear power. She argues in the book that Germany can't give up nuclear power due to supply reliability, environmental protection as politic-sociological reasons. An intelligent provocation worthwhile to be read and discussed. Some main topics drawn from content: Atom - Germans' favourite fear; big thirst for oil; Germany - yours coal; myth sun; atoms for peace and fission for climate. (GL) [German] Energie ist das Schluesselthema der Zukunft. Die wesentlichen weltpolitischen Auseinandersetzungen werden sich an Fragen der Energieversorgung entzuenden. Jeanne Rubner argumentiert in ihrem Buch, dass Deutschland aus Gruenden der Versorgungssicherheit, des Umweltschutzes sowie aus politisch-strategischen Gruenden zur Zeit auf Kernenergie nicht verzichten kann. Wir muessen einsehen, dass wir den Traum vom Atomausstieg verabschieden muessen. Dennoch macht sich Rubner in diesem Buch nicht zum Sprachrohr der Atomlobby. Ihr geht es vielmehr um eine realistische Beurteilung einer zukunftstraechtigen Energiepolitik. Die Dramatik des Buches besteht nicht zuletzt darin, dass sich die Autorin - gegen ihre politischen Wuensche und Hoffnungen - zu einer Revision der eigenen Position gezwungen sieht.

  15. Load and production forecasting as a basis for the energy management of local energy systems; Last- und Erzeugungsprognosen als Grundlage fuer das Energiemanagement lokaler Energiesysteme

    Meisenbach, C. [Technische Univ. Dresden (Germany). Inst. fuer Elektroenergieversorgung


    Energy management systems make it possible to cover the electricity demand of local systems with optimal economic efficiency while giving due consideration to all technical side constraints. After a definition of the quality of supply demanded by the consumer the management system automatically adapts the available output capacity to the actual demand of the uninfluenceable consumers. This is achieved by a dual optimisation of the energy system, i.e. optimisation of storage and power plant operation and optimisation of load control, using evolutionary algorithms. These algorithms work on the basis of short-term and ultra-short-term forecasts of power demand and power output which have to be as precise as possible and which are generated by means of artificial neuronal networks. The present paper describes and assesses different ways of creating neuronal forecasting systems. It is possible to derive generally valid rules for the design of such systems. As a preparatory step to setting up generally valid design criteria for the forecasting and management system the author verifies the theoretical research results on the basis of a representative body of data from local energy systems of different size and geographic location. [German] Mit Hilfe eines Energiemanagements laesst sich der Strombedarf lokaler Systeme unter Einhaltung aller technischen Randbedingungen jederzeit oekonomisch optimal decken. Nach Festlegung der geforderten Versorgungsqualitaet der Verbraucher wird mit dem Management automatisch die zur Verfuegung stehende Leistung an den Leistungsbedarf der nicht beeinflussbaren Verbraucher angepasst. Dies wird durch eine beidseitige Optimierung des Energiesystems, d.h. einer Speicher- und Kraftwerkseinsatzoptimierung sowie einer Laststeuerung, realisiert. Fuer diese Aufgabe werden evolutionaere Algorithmen eingesetzt. Grundlage dafuer bilden moeglichst exakte Prognosen des Leistungsbedarfs und der erzeugten Leistung im kuerzest- und kurzfristigen Bereich

  16. Evaluation of the maximum energy achieved through generation of hydro and wind power in the Northeast subsystem; Avaliacao da maxima energia assegurada atraves de geracao hidro-eolica no subsistema do Nordeste

    Campos, Pedro T.; Teixeira, Marcos A.; Kissel, Johannes [Gesellschaft Fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) (Germany)


    In the current context to encourage sustainable development, wind energy plays an important role in the spread of renewable energy sources. In this paper, the possibilities and difficulties of wind power integration in large-scale are evaluated, specifically in the northeastern region of Brazil. From the seasonal complementarity with the water source, scenarios are set out where the maximum participation of only these two sources in the energy supply of the region is sought. Aiming to evaluate the possibilities of a completely sustainable regional energy supply, the northeast subsystem is isolated, excluding, in principle, imports and exports. Therefore, the energy storage capacity of reservoirs in the region is used as a key factor, combined with the seasonal availability of data sources and the annual energy consumption of the region. (author)

  17. Development of a methodology for the evaluation of energy efficiency of central irrigation pivots; Desenvolvimento de uma metodologia para a avaliacao da eficiencia energetica de pivos centrais de irrigacao

    Lima, Aureo Cezar de [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Petrolina (CEFET-Pet), PE (Brazil); Guimaraes Junior, Sebastiao Camargo; Camacho, Jose Roberto; Salerno, Carlos Henrique [Universidade Federal de Uberlandia (NERFAE/UFU), MG (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Eletrica. Nucleo de Eletricidade Rural e Fontes Alternativas de Energia


    It will be presented in this work a methodology for the evaluation of the energy efficiency of irrigation center systems by central pivot. Integrating water efficiency application with the energy associated to the sprinklers, adduction pipeline, pivot arm and pump systems, the proposed indexes make possible to evaluate the energy income of each component of the irrigation system, contributing for the increase of the global efficiency of the irrigated agriculture. (author)

  18. Energy evaluation of soil preparation for deployment of the eucalyptus culture: a subsidy for sustainable analysis; Avaliacao energetica do preparo do solo para implantacao da cultura de eucalipto: subsidio para uma analise de sustentabilidade

    Bueno, Osmar de Carvalho [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Dept. de Gestao e Tecnologia Agroindustrial; Quintana, Nuria Rosa Gagliardi [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Energia na Agricultura


    The knowledge of the production and expenditure of energy for the agriculture are fundamental due, among other factors, to the strategic importance that occupies as producing of energy input for other economic sections. With the objective of presenting the participation of the several energy types employees in the soil prepare for implantation of the eucalyptus culture, this work is constituted in a contribution regarding the subject of the sustain grow. It was determined that the field hypothetical to be prepared possesses soil with sandy texture and raise plan or soft-wavy, where the minimum cultivation of the soil allows without problems, the use of 'subsolador florestal multifuncional'. The silviculture practical, linked to the minimum cultivation of the soil in the implantation of the culture was: liming, court of the residues and roots, subsoil, basic fertilizing, control chemical of undesirable plants and control chemical of ants. The technical coefficients, the work day, the revenue, the identification of the tractors, implements and equipment; its specifications and respective consumption of fuel, lubricants and greases, besides the quantification of the labor used by silviculture practical, were certain starting from collected secondary data. The adopted methodological procedures were based in literature revision. In agreement with the obtained results, it was ended that of the total of energy maid's 3.309,62 MJ for hectare in the soil prepare, it is had the participation of 83,30% of industrial energy, 16,52% of fossil energy and 0,18% of biological energy. It was verified like this that the dependence of the industrial energy and of the fossil energy in the soil prepare. In that way, we suggest himself the search of the use of another types of energy that they allow the energy sustainability of this agro-ecosystems. (author)

  19. Energy and economic evaluation of the cotton agr o-ecosystem: a boarding between family systems of Paraguay and Brazil productions; Avaliacao energetica e economica do agroecossistema algodao: uma abordagem entre sistemas familiares de producao do Paraguai e Brasil

    Romero, Maria Gloria Cabrera [Pos-graduacao em Agronomia - Energia na Agricultura, FCA/UNESP, Botucatu, SP (Brazil)], e-mails:,; Bueno, Osmar de Carvalho; Esperancini, Maura Seiko Sutsui [Dept. de Gestao e Tecnologia Agroindustrial, FCA/UNESP, Botucatu, SP (Brazil)], e-mail:


    The objective of this work was to evaluate the energy and economic efficiency indexes per unit of cotton agr o-ecosystem area in family production systems of Paraguay and Brazil; and, to establish a relationship between the energy and economic. Typologies presented by the Program to Support Small Cotton Holdings (Paraguay), and by the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (Brazil). Family systems of the two countries were identified; these are located from Paraguay (San Juan-Ca) and from Brazil (Le me-Sp). To construct the energy expenditure structure of the cotton agr o-ecosystem, as well as to assess the economic efficiency, the mean values obtained were considered, when they presented similarities in production systems and they were within the typology proposed in this study. From the technical itinerary observed the Paraguayan agr o-ecosystem depended (fossil fuel 56.76%) and industrial source (35.99%). Thus, the energy balance of the agricultural stage was established, which attained a value of 17,740.69 MJ ha{sup -1}; an energy efficiency of 5.28, and a cultural efficiency of 3.04. The Brazilian agr o-ecosystem depended on energy from industrial source (insecticides 39.82%) and from fossil fuel (33.59%); it reached an energy balance of 19,547.88 MJ ha{sup -1}; an energy efficiency of 2.12, and a cultural efficiency index of 0.71. In the economic and energy indicator ratio, with regard to the months referring to the harvest time, that is to say, March, April, and May, the maximum economic efficiency indicator of paraguay was attained in the month of May (1,00), and from Brazil in the month of May (1,71). Both production systems analyzed were presented efficient, however, dependent of external circumstances and non-renewable energy sources. (author)

  20. The principle of environmental compatible energy supply in energy law characteristics and environmental (energy) legal connections; Das Prinzip der umweltvertraeglichen Energieversorgung in energiewirtschaftsrechtlichen Auspraegungen und umwelt(energie)rechtlichen Verzahnungen

    Stecher, Michaela


    The course of the investigation follows the path of the electric power. Considered are the electricity industry value-added stages with their environmental impact and their relevant legal regulations. The focus in each case are the environmentally relevant legal rules of EnWG, whose own contributions are examined for environmental objective as well as the interaction with other legislation. First, the value chain of the supply or production of primary energy sources is considered closer. Second, the conversion of primary energy sources in electricity is to take in the view. The conversion plant depending on widely varying environmental impacts and the relevant legal instruments are shown. Thirdly comes the electricity downstream value-added level of network operations, through which the electric power is transmitted and distributed. In the fourth stage, the effect of support of the legal requirements for the storage of electricity is considered. Fifth value chain is the distribution, through which the direct relationship between suppliers and customers is organized. [German] Der Gang der Untersuchung folgt dem Weg des Stroms. Betrachtet werden die elektrizitaetswirtschaftlichen Wertschoepfungsstufen mit ihren jeweiligen Umweltauswirkungen und den einschlaegigen rechtlichen Regelungen. Im Zentrum stehen dabei jeweils die umweltrelevanten Normen des EnWG, deren eigenstaendiger Beitrag zum Umweltvertraeglichkeitsziel ebenso wie das Zusammenwirken mit anderen Rechtsvorschriften untersucht werden. Zunaechst wird die Wertschoepfungsstufe der Bereitstellung bzw. Gewinnung der Primaerenergietraeger naeher betrachtet. Als zweites ist die Umwandlung der Primaerenergietraeger in Elektrizitaet in den Blick zu nehmen. Die je nach Konversionsanlage stark variierenden Umweltauswirkungen und das einschlaegige rechtliche Instrumentarium werden dargestellt. Drittens folgt die der Stromerzeugung nachgelagerte Wertschoepfungsstufe des Netzbetriebs, ueber die der Strom uebertragen und

  1. Human health impacts due to using of energy resources according to the local Resource Integrated Planning (RIP); Avaliacao dos efeitos na saude humana do uso dos recursos energeticos dentro do PIR local

    Odongo, Fatuma Catherine Atieno [Universidade de Sao Paulo (IEE/USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia], e-mail:; Grimoni, Jose Aquiles Baesso; Udaeta, Miguel Edgar Morales [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica], e-mail:, e-mail:; Biague, Mario Fernandes [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica. Grupo de Energia


    The human health impacts due to the use of energy resources are identified and characterized. Regarding the methodology, the impacts due to the use of energy resources worldwide were studied and analyzed, with great focus on the Brazilian reality. In this sense, the provoked impacts and, especially, the environmental ones were mostly discussed in the context of emissions issues and poor air quality. Mortality and morbidity were used as indicators for measuring the effects of poor air quality on human health. From these data it is concluded that an increase in the level of pollution increases mortality and morbidity. (author)

  2. Model for energy planning of degraded river basins based on hydrological evaluation of hydroelectric reservoirs in operation; Modelo de planejamento energetico de bacias hidrograficas degradadas baseado na avaliacao hidrica de reservatorios hidreletricos em operacao

    Santos, Afonso Henriques Moreira [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil); Ferreira, Aloisio Caetano; Ottoni, Arthur Benedicto; Nogueira Neto, Claudio; Silva, Denis de Souza


    The human occupation of the hydrographic basin, made in the past without plans, generated alteration of the hydrology characteristics, presenting as direct consequence modifications of its hydric availabilities. Or either, the floods in the rainy periods and the droughts in the ones of dryness currently tend to be more frequent and with bigger intensity. These conditions have affected the operation as well as the planning of the hydroelectric reservoirs, that have generated energy in conditions of different hydric availabilities (worse) of those foreseeing at the time of the project. These situations result in uncertainties and energy losses for the investor as well as in the system. Under such premises, the present article analyzes the energy-economic influences of the deterioration of the hydric regimen of some on exploitations in operation to the system, located in basins degrades in the South, Southeastern and Northeast regions; enhancing the importance of the studies of hydric economy of these units of management (degraded basins) as subsidy of taking of decision for gradual recovery of its hydric availabilities; taking in account the energy optimization of the hydroelectric reservoirs in located operation as well as the minimization of inherent the financial losses to the uncertainties of its hydric resources. (author)

  3. Evaluation of IMRT plans for prostate treatment using energies of 6 MV and 15 MV; Avaliacao de planejamentos de IMRT para tratamento de prostata utilizando energias de 6 MV e 15 MV

    Guimaraes, Lucas Francisco C.; Silva, Murilo C. da; Silveira, Paula J.; Flosi, Adriana A.; Boccaletti, Karina W., E-mail: [A. C. Camargo Cancer Center, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Servico de Radioterapia


    This study aims to evaluate and compare radiotherapy plans with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for prostate cancer treatments optimized for photon energies of 6 MV and 15 MV. We retrospectively evaluated 29 patients with prostate cancer, planned with IMRT technique with prescribed dose of 78 Gy. The initial plan was done for the two photon energies, keeping the same optimization parameters and comparing maximum, minimum and modal PTV doses, conformity and homogeneity indexes, dose gradients, isodoses volumes of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 Gy, and the total number of monitor units. It was found that the plans are equivalent regarding higher isodose volumes, conformity and homogeneity indexes, maximum, minimum and modal PTV doses. However, for 6 MV plans there was a considerable increase in both number of monitor units and volume lower isodose volumes, especially the 30 Gy. (author)

  4. Evaluation of gains of energy efficiency in illumination with the use of proposed rulemaking labeling for buildings; Avaliacao dos ganhos em eficiencia energetica em iluminacao com o uso da proposta de regulamentacao de etiquetagem para edificios

    Araujo, Guilherme Augusto Marques; Saidel, Marco Antonio [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica], Emails:,


    This article aims to examine the gains in energy efficiency through the classification levels, assigned to the installation of lighting systems with the use of the proposed regulations for voluntary labeling of the level of energy efficiency in commercial buildings, and public services. Were produced three different simulations: the first, considering a survey of data in an existing building which is hosting an administrative part of the public power, composed of 275 dependences. The second and third simulations deal with the application in a lighting project in the same enterprise, in two different luminaries (composed of optical systems with and without fins, respectively). From these activities that guide the direct application of the methodology for preparation of projects have been established comparisons between the results and made comments on the rates of illuminance, the levels of efficiency and the use of luminaries. (author)

  5. Evaluation of energy efficiency of climatization system in dairy cattle free-stall; Avaliacao da eficiencia energetica de sistemas de climatizacao em galpoes tipo 'free-stall' para confinamento de bovinos leiteiros

    Perissinoto, Mauricio [Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Rural. Setor de Construcoes Rurais], Email:; Moura, Daniella Jorge de; Lima, Karla Andrea Oliveira de; Mendes, Angelica Signor [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (FEAGRI/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Agricola; Matarazzo, Soraia Vanessa


    The objective of this research was the evaluation of the economical efficiency, in relation to water and energy expenses, of two different evaporative cooling systems, misting and sprinkler, associated with forced ventilation. The study was carried out in a commercial dairy cattle farm located in a small city of Sao Paulo State. The experimental period was twenty-eight consecutive days of November 2003. For the economical analysis of each system of climatization the cost with electrical energy and water expended in each system was considered and also the feeding consumption. The sprinkling cooling system presented a greater consumption of water and energy than the misting system. Even those treatments promoting similar feed intake (the difference was 3.0 kg DM.animal{sup -1}.month{sup -1}), the sprinkling system associated to forced ventilation led to an increase (18.0 liters.animal{sup -1}.month{sup -1}) of 3% in milk production. As consequence, it was observed an increase of 5,8% in total month profit in relation to misting system. (author)

  6. Methodology to evaluate the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes: application in a metropolitan region of Campinas, Sao Paulo state, Brazil; Metodologia para avaliacao da energia associada ao residuo solido industrial: aplicacao a regiao metropolitada de Campinas

    Batista, Tereza Rosana Orrico [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Curso de Pos-graduacao em Planejamento de Sistemas Energeticos; Teixeira, Egle Novaes [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Civil, Arquitetura e Urbanismo; Silva, Ennio Peres da [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Planejamento Energetico. Lab. de Hidrogenio


    The aim of this work is to the application of a methodology to evaluate the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes in the metropolitan region of Campinas. The methodological route proposed is: the characterization of the research area and the production/management of the industrial solid wastes; the energetic classification and the qualitative/quantitative research of the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes; and, the valuation of the applicability of the energetic utilization mechanisms proposed to the region. This methodology when applied at the Campinas metropolitan region proved to be valid and it resulted in a synthetically presentation of the social and environmental reality of the industrial sector and the destination of the wastes, as well as it indicated the potentialities related to the energetic utilization of the industrial solid waste in the region. With the obtained results it was shown the importance of the the production and the destination of the industrial solid wastes in the Campinas metropolitan region , and the meaning, in terms of electric potency, of the values of the energy associated to the wastes with a known factor of energetic conversion shown in the researched sample. (author)

  7. Evaluation of the energy dependence of ionization chambers pencil type calibrated beam tomography standards; Avaliacao da dependencia energetica de camaras de ionizacao do tipo lapis calibradas em feixes padroes de tomografia

    Fontes, Ladyjane Pereira; Potiens, Maria da Penha A., E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleres (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The Instrument Calibration Laboratory of IPEN (LCI - IPEN) performs calibrations of pencil-type ionization chambers (IC) used in measures of dosimetric survey on clinical systems of Computed Tomography (CT). Many users make mistakes when using a calibrated ionization chamber in their CT dosimetry systems. In this work a methodology for determination of factors of correction for quality (Kq) through the calibration curve that is specific for each ionization chamber was established. Furthermore, it was possible to demonstrate the energy dependence on an pencil-type Ionization Chamber(IC) calibrated at the LCI - IPEN. (author)

  8. Surface morphological changes on the human dental enamel and cement after the Er:YAG laser irradiation at different incidence angles; Avaliacao morfologica das superficies do esmalte e do cimento dental apos a irradiacao do laser de Er:YAG em diferentes angulacoes

    Tannous, Jose Trancoso


    This is a morphological analysis study through SEM of the differences of the laser tissue interaction as a function of the laser beam irradiation angle, under different parameters of energy. Fourteen freshly extracted molars stored in a 0,9% sodium chloride solution were divided in seven pairs and were irradiated with 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 mJ per pulse, respectively. Each sample received three enamel irradiations and three cement irradiations, either in the punctual or in the contact mode, one near to the other, with respectively 30, 45 and 90 inclinations degrees of dental surface-laser-beam incidence. Four Er:YAG pulses (2,94 {mu}m, 7-20 Hz, 0,1-1 J energy/pulse - Opus 20 - Opus Dent) with water cooling system (0,4 ml/s) were applied. After the laser irradiation the specimens were analysed through scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results were analysed by SEM micrographs showing a great difference on the laser tissue interaction characteristics as a function of the irradiation angle of the laser beam. All the observations led to conclude that, considering the laser parameters used, the incidence angle variation is a very important parameter regarding the desired morphological effects. This represents an extremely relevant detail on the technical description of the Er:YAG laser irradiation protocols on dental tissues. (author)

  9. Evaluation of the ICRU operational magnitudes implantation for the photon radiation at the Angra I and Angra II nuclear power plants; Avaliacao da implantacao das grandezas operacionais do ICRU para a radiacao de fotons nas usinas nucleares Angra I e II

    Viana, Ronaldo do Nascimento


    The measurements of photon radiation field intensity are usually performed by a radiation protection technician trained and having skill in using radiation rate meters. Nowadays, these measurements are reported on exposure quantity and used to protect exposed individuals against the radiation risks while executing their activities. The International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements - ICRU - defined the operational quantity ambient equivalent dose H{sup *}(10). This quantity is accepted by the scientific community as the best estimative of the protection quantity effective dose, which can not be directly measured. The operational quantity H{sup *}(10) was introduced in Brazilian rules by the National Commission of Nuclear Energy - CNEN (2005a), although its adoption was conditioned to studies of convenience and applicability of implementation. The present work may contribute to these studies, as it presents the evaluation of H{sup *}(10)'s implementation at the Nuclear Central Almirante Alvaro Alberto - CNAAA. The evaluation involved radiological tests - the energy dependence and angular dependence - applied to six types of photon radiation rate meters utilized at the CNAAA, with represent around 83% of the total number of rate meters in use by CNAAA. The result of this evaluation is favorable to the quantity H{sup *}(10)'s implementation. Suggestions are presented in order to update de rate meters and the technical and administrative procedures related to the Laboratory of Calibration of Rate Meters - LCMR, belonging to CNAAA. Thus, it could be possible to perform the calibration of the rate meters at the nuclear installation. The results obtained allows to carry out new evaluations of H{sup *}(10)'s implementation on installations that perform measurements with radiation rate meters on the practice of radiation protection, in order to adopt the H{sup *}(10) quantity in our country. (author)

  10. Disinfection of effluent of wastewater treated using solar energy (SODIS): evaluation of a solar concentrator device; Desinfeccao de efluentes com tratamento terciario utilizando energia solar (SODIS): avaliacao do uso do dispositivo para concentracao dos raios solares

    Paterniani, Jose Euclides Stipp; Silva, Marcelo Jacomini Moreira da [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia Mecanica. Saneamento e Ambiente]. E-mail:


    Besides being an available natural resource, the solar energy is very applicable in places with few recourses and low money resources, because there aren't either the need of chemical products neither a huge cost (commercial materials can be reused). To make this job we re-used PET bottles half painted black with the variables: 1, 2, 4 and 6 hours of heat exposition and we also used a concentrator of rays of sunshine. The affluent control parameters were turbidity, apparent color, temperature, total coliforms and E. coli. These last three were evaluated before and after the disinfection process (effluent parameters). To assess the bacteria reactivation we kept the water in bottles for 24 hours, pretending a very common situation in Brazilian rural houses. We conclude that the use of the concentrator of rays of sunshine can reduce the heat exposition from 6 to 4 hours, without harm the SODIS efficiency. Using the concentrator of rays of sunshine for 6 hours we can obtain, besides SODIS, the process of solar pasteurization (SOPAS), which stops the re-growth of bacteria with a 70 deg C water temperature. We also observed that when the sky is cloudy the incidence of solar radiation and, therefore, the SODIS efficiency decrease, even if the water temperature is higher during the disinfection. Although, this factor doesn't mean a significant influence statistically. (author)

  11. Multi-wall carbon nanotubes/epoxy resin composites characterization of the starting materials and evaluation of thermal and electrical conductivity;Compositos resina epoxi/nanotubos de carbonos de paredes multiplas: caracterizacao dos materiais de partida e avaliacao das condutividades eletrica e termica

    Silva, Wellington Marcos da


    In this study we investigate the electrical and thermal properties of I) composite materials fabricated with O, I, 0,5 and I wt% of concentric multi-wall carbon nanotubes/epoxy resin (MWNT) dispersed randomly in the resin; 2) MWNT buckypaper/resin composite materials; 3) and neat MWNT buckypaper. Initially, we use the techniques of thermogravimetry, infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, energy dispersive spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence, scanning and transmission electron microscopy for a broadening characterization of the starting materials, to evaluate its morphology, purity, chemical composition and structure, in order to optimize the properties of crosslinked resin and, consequently, of the composite systems. Important parameters such as the average molecular mass and the equivalent weight of epoxy resin (DGEBA) were determined by {sup 1}H-NMR analysis and, after that, resin/curing agent relations with Phr 10, 15, 20 and 53,2 were elaborated and investigated by thermogravimetry, the resin/curing agent relation with Phr 10 showed to be the most thermally stable. This stoichiometric relation was used to elaborate the composites. We have evaluated that the effect of adding 10 wt% of the solvent acetone to the epoxy resin preparation does not alter its properties so we have adopted two routes to fabricate the composites. In the first route we used 10 wt% of acetone and, in the second the MWNT were dispersed in the matrix without using the solvent. However, no significant difference was observed for the dispersion of the bundle tubes in both systems. The electrical conductivity of the composites and buckypapers was evaluated by impedance spectroscopy and the thermal conductivity by the flash laser flash method. Only the buckypapers presented high values for electrical conductivity (10{sup 3} S.m{sup -1}). The composite systems presented values of 10{sup -3} S.m{sup -1}, only a bit different from the value of the crosslinked resin. For thermal

  12. Determination of enrichment processes and the concentrations of radon in underground mines of fluorite and coal in Santa Catarina state: criteria for evaluation of radiological risks; Determinacao dos processos de enriquecimento e das concentracoes de Radonio em minas subterraneas de fluorita e carvao do estado de Santa Catarina: criterios para avaliacao dos riscos radiologicos

    Santos, Carlos Eduardo Lima dos


    The inhalation of radon present in underground mines can imply in the deposition of its descendent in the lungs, which may cause harm to the lungs tissues and induce cancer. Concentration of radon not greater than 500 Bq/m3 in the environment of underground mines is considered to be acceptable internationally and concentrations above 1500 Bq/m3 require protective measures for the miners. The objectives of this research work are to determine the enrichment processes and the concentrations of radon in air, as well as the resulting doses due to the presence of this radionuclide in three underground mines of fluorite and three underground mines of coal in the State of Santa Catarina. The concentration of radon was measured employing two types of detectors of nuclear tracks (SSNTD), the LEXAN and the CR-39. This detection method consists in counting, with the help of a microscope, tracks resulting from the interaction of alpha particles with the film, due to the penetration of Rn-222 in the interior of the detector chamber and its decaying process. Contents of radium in collected samples of rocks, minerals and underground water were determined and compared with the corresponding radon concentration found in the underground air. It was observed that the coal mines showed low concentrations of radon, which can be explained by the low concentration of radium in rocks (sandstones and siltites in the footwall and hang wall) and in the coal that composes the mining environment or, yet still, due to the good ventilation system. The average dose to the workers of the coal mines was estimated as 0.7 mSv/a, value inferior to the limit of 1 mSv/a established by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) for members of the public, and corresponding to a risk of fatal cancer after 50 years of work under this condition of 0.2%. On the other hand, the fluorite mines showed much higher concentrations of radon and superior to 1000 Bq/m3. The inefficiency of the ventilation system

  13. Determination of enrichment processes and radon concentration in underground mines of fluorite and coal in Santa Catarina state: criteria for radiation risk assessment; Determinacao dos processos de enriquecimento e das concentracoes de radonio em minas subterraneas de fluorita e carvao do estado de Santa Catarina: criterios para avaliacao dos riscos radiologicos

    Santos, Carlos Eduardo Lima dos


    The inhalation of radon present in underground mines can imply in the deposition of its descendants in the lungs, which may cause harm to the lungs tissues and induce cancer. Concentration of radon not greater than 500 Bq/m{sup 3} in the environment of underground mines is considered to be acceptable internationally and concentrations above 1500 Bq/m{sup 3} require protective measures for the miners. The objectives of this research work are to determine the enrichment processes and the concentrations of radon in air, as well as the resulting doses due to the presence of this radionuclide in three underground mines of fluorite and three underground mines of coal in the State of Santa Catarina. The concentration of radon was measured employing two types of detectors of nuclear tracks (SSNTD), the LEXAN and the CR-39. This detection method consists in counting, with the help of a microscope, tracks resulting from the interaction of alpha particles with the film, due to the penetration of Rn-222 in the interior of the detector chamber and its decaying process. Contents of radium in collected samples of rocks, minerals and underground water were determined and compared with the corresponding radon concentration found in the underground air. It was observed that the coal mines showed low concentrations of radon, which can be explained by the low concentration of radium in rocks (sandstones and siltites in the foot wall and hang wall) and in the coal that composes the mining environment or, yet still, due to the good ventilation system. The average dose to the workers of the coal mines was estimated as 0.7 mSv/a, value inferior to the limit of 1 mSv/a established by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) for members of the public, and corresponding to a risk of fatal cancer after 50 years of work under this condition of 0.2%. On the other hand, the fluorite mines showed much higher concentrations of radon and superior to 1000 Bq/m{sup 3}. The inefficiency of the

  14. Evaluation of pelvic masses using magnetic resonance imaging; Avaliacao por ressonancia magnetica das massas pelvicas

    Souza, Luis Ronan Marques Ferreira de; Faintuch, Salomano; Goldman, Susan Menasce; Louveira, Maria Helena; Ajzen, Sergio Aron; Szejnfeld, Jacob [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem]. E-mail:


    To demonstrate the main magnetic resonance imaging findings in patients with adnexal masses. We reviewed the images of 33 patients submitted to magnetic resonance scans of the pelvis due to suspicion of adnexal masses. Images were obtained using the following magnetic resonance imaging sequences: T1 TSE axial, T2 TSE coronal, sagittal and axial, and T 1 SPIR axial pre- and post-gadolinium injection. Among the 33 patients studied, 17 had benign ovarian masses, five had uterine tube diseases, two had sub serous myomas, one had an ectopic pregnancy, one had an embryonic cyst and one had a urachal cyst. One of the advantages of magnetic resonance imaging is multiplanar analysis that allows evaluation of the extension of the expansive adnexal lesions. The excellent contrast between structures as well as the different characteristics of the lesions in each sequence allow diagnostic precision, particularly in patients with mature cystic teratomas, endometriomas and hemorrhagic cysts. (author)

  15. Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of traumatic muscle injuries; Avaliacao por ressonancia magnetica das injurias musculares traumaticas

    Dias, Elisa Pompeu [Santa Casa de Misericordia do Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Marchiori, Edson [Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Radiologia; Coutinho Junior, Antonio Carlos; Domingues, Romulo Cortes; Domingues, Romeu Cortes [Centro Medico Barrashopping, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Clinica de Diagnostico por Imagem (CDPI)


    We evaluated 43 magnetic resonance scans of the leg or thigh of patients suffering from sports trauma. Strains were the most frequent lesions observed. These lesions presented iso- or hypointense signal on T1 and hyperintense signal on T2 images, and were classified according to the intensity of the injury of the fibers into grades 1, 2 and 3. The second most common lesions in these series were contusions that appeared iso- or hypointense on T1 and hyperintense on T2 images. Fibrosis was also observed as low signal lesions on T1 and T2 images. (author)

  16. Research for the era of renewable energies: Themes 2010; Forschen fuer das Zeitalter der erneuerbaren Energien. Themen 2010

    Stadermann, Gerd; Szczepanski, Petra (comps.)


    Within the jubilee meeting of the Renewable Energy Research association (Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany) from 11th to 12th October, 2010, in Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany) the following lectures were held: (1) From the foundation idea to the research association solar power (Gerd Eisenbeiss); (2) Successes affiliated - Joint research and work on the energy supply of the future (Joachim Luther); (3) Research for the era of renewable energies (Wolfgang Eberhardt); (4) Energy research package of the Federal Government: Benchmarks for the 6th Energy Research Program (Knut Kuebler); (5) Research promotion of the Federal Environment Ministry for renewable energies (Kerstin Deller); (6) Vision of a sustainable energy system 2050 (Juergen Schmid); (7) Open Invention for the demands of a new electricity age (Michael Weinhold); (8) Safeguarding the future by means of innovations in the photovoltaic industry (Ralf Luedemann); (9) Silicon wafer solar cells - New horizons (Rolf Brendel); (10) Thin film solar cells - Technology of the future? (Michael Powalla); (11) Photovoltaics - New concepts (Vladimir Dyakonov); (12) Geothermal power generation - base load electricity for the renewable energy mix 2050 (Ernst Huenges); (13) Wind energy - Challenges for the development of technology (Andreas Reuter); (14) Solar thermal power plants - Integration of electricity and fuels in a European integrated grid (Robert Pitz-Paal); (15) Efficient utilization of biomass - Residual substances, competitive uses and cascade utilization (Frank Baur); (16) Sustainable energy supply of buildings for solar and energy efficient construction (Gerd Hauser); (17) The potential of technology development for the utilization of solar power (Gerhard Stryi-Hipp); (18) Energy storage and grid management (Adreas Hauer); (19) Systems and technologies for the transition to an energy efficient town (Christina Sager); (19) Economic consequences of a 100 % supply with renewable energy as a technology

  17. Avaliacao neuropsicologica de idosos praticantes de capoeira

    Diogo Miranda Petry


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: Este estudo procura contribuir com uma relação pouco explorada no meio acadêmico: capoeira, cognição e envelhecimento. Relacionando estudos sobre funções executivas e a capoeira, busca-se investigar a interligação desta arte e as funções executivas. Estas se referem a desempenhos de comportamentos complexos (memória de trabalho, flexibilidade mental, tomada de decisão e a memória léxico-semântica. OBJETIVO: Comparar o desempenho de funções executivas em idosas praticantes de capoeira e idosas não praticantes de exercício físico. MÉTODO: Estudo transversal que coletou as informações de cada participante apenas uma vez. Serão comparados dois grupos: 1 grupo de idosos praticantes de capoeira e 2 idosos que não fazem exercício físico. Para seleção e caracterização dos grupos utilizaram-se: questionário sociodemográfico, aspectos gerais de saúde e escala de hábitos de leitura e escrita, mini-exame de estado mental (MEEM e escala de depressão de Yesavage (GDS-30. Para avaliar o desempenho das funções executivas foi realizado o teste de trilhas e as tarefas de fluência verbal. Para análise estatística dos dados será utilizado o teste de Shapiro-Wilk para normatização dos dados. O teste de t de Student e o teste U de Mann Whitney serão usados para comparar duas médias de amostras independentes. Utilizou-se a improvisação, a ação, a tomada de decisão, o equilíbrio e as noções de espaço, tempo, ritmo, música, e a compreensão do jogo da capoeira como intervenção devido à possível utilização dos processos executivos nessa arte. RESULTADOS: Verificou-se que não houve diferença significativa nos testes realizados. Porém houve superioridade nos testes de fluência verbal e testes de trilha A e B, sendo maior em B no grupo de capoeira do que no grupo controle. CONCLUSÃO: A prática de capoeira tem uma tendência em contribuir para a melhora das funções executivas, embora os

  18. Model of systemic characterization of the energy supply options; Modelo de caracterizacao sistemica das opcoes de oferta energetica

    Fujii, Ricardo Junqueira; Galvao, Luiz C. Ribeiro [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia]. E-mails:;; Udaeta, Miguel Edgar Morales [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia]. E-mail:


    This paper presents an alternative change of the traditional approach through a proposition of a model of energy resources by integrating all these dimensions. The objectives are: supplying a methodology for the evaluation of a global cost of the energy resources and another one to estimate such a resources potential. To facilitate the evaluation process, the model suggests the use of CCE - Completed Cost Evaluation, which allows the qualitative and quantitative costs, reducing the necessity of quantitative data limited in certain cases. The model can be applied jointly to portfolios selection and analysis tools for evaluation of the best offers for the expansion energy offers.

  19. The future Renewable Energy Law - how much reform is necessary?; Das zukuenftige EEG - wie viel Reform ist erforderlich?

    Perner, Jens; Riechmann, Christoph [Frontier Economics, Koeln (Germany)


    The question as to the future remuneration and market integration of renewable energies is currently a topic of lively debate. This has resulted, amongst other factors, from the increase of the reallocation charge from 3.59 euro cents to 5.28 euro cents per kWh as of 1 January 2013. Given this situation the question is no longer whether the German system for the promotion of renewables needs to be reformed but rather to what extent. Attempts to reform the Renewable Energy Law by merely making minor adjustments do not appear sufficient in view of the present cost level. What is inevitably needed are models that are unerringly oriented to integrating renewable energies in the market and to facilitating competition between them.

  20. E-Energy: The future of energy supply. Model project for an 'Internet of Energy'; E-Energy: Die Zukunft der Energieversorgung. Modellprojekte fuer das 'Internet der Energie'

    Wedler, Michael [Baum Consult GmbH, Muenchen (Germany)


    Through 2012, the Federal Ministry of Economics will provide funds for six model projects aimed at the development of an ''Internet of Energy'': Power supply is to be reliable, economically efficient, and environment-friendly. The current problems of global climate change, increasing energy demand and depletion of fossil fuels present great challenges which in the long run can be met only by a massive increase in renewables-based energy supply. This is a problem as the current supply structure was not designed for this. (orig.)

  1. The renewable energy permanent forum and the development of solar energy, wind power, biomass energy and small scale hydroelectric power plants in Brazil; O foro permanente das energias renovaveis e o desenvolvimento das energias solar, eolica, da biomassa e das pequenas centrais hidroenergeticas no Brasil

    Freitas, Marcos Aurelio Vasconcelos de [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Planejamento Energetico; Stemmer, Gaspar Erich; Campos, Ivonice Aires [Ministerio de Ciencia e Tecnologia, Brasilia, DF (Brazil); Moreira, Jose Roberto; Zilles, Roberto; Fabrizy, Marie Pierre; Faga, Murilo T.W.; Fedrizzi, M.C. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica; Feitosa, Everaldo [Pernambuco Univ., Recife, PE (Brazil); Correa, Francisco [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Mazzon, L.A. [Associacao Brasileiras de Refrigeracao, Ar Condicionado, Ventilacao e Aquecimento (ABRAVA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Pereira, Osvaldo Soliano [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). CRESESB


    This paper presents a summary of the main works developed during the last three years by the Renewable Energy Permanent Forum. Special emphasis is given to the existing situation and main goals in the areas of solar energy, wind power, biomass fuels and small scale hydroelectric power plants in Brazil. State and national government policies are presented. Several case studies are also presented 36 refs., 4 tabs.

  2. Powering the future. How we will (eventually) solve the energy crisis and fuel the civilization of tomorrow; Der Letzte macht das Licht aus. Die Zukunft der Energie

    Laughlin, Robert B. [Stanford Univ., CA (United States)


    When it gets dark, we turn on the light. When it gets cold, we heat. When we need energy for the global industry and technology, we make use of the energy. Every time. But soon the earth fuels such as coal, gas, oil and uranium are irrevocably depleted. And then? The Nobel laureate Robert B. Laughlin reports on the future of our energy supply.

  3. Energy - the problem and the transition in physics, technics, and environment; Energie - das Problem und die Wende in Physik, Technik und Umwelt

    Stierstadt, Klaus


    What existed first, the energy problem or the energy transition? For the clarification of this question the author gives a survey about the actual situation of our energy demand and the means and ways to its satisfaction. The reader learns to know the function of numerous energy transformers, from the wind mill via the automobile motor until the solar cell. The advantages and disadvantages of the different transformers are explained, just so their efficiencies and cost as well as the physical natural laws, which they must obey. A perpetuum mobile doesn't exist, but indeed an almost inexhaustible energy source, the sun, which can meet many thousandfold our demand, if we use it intelligently. Who has read this book can go confidently in each discussion about the energy problem and the energy transition.

  4. The zero-point field. On the search for the cosmic basic energy; Das Nullpunkt-Feld. Auf der Suche nach der kosmischen Ur-Energie

    McTaggart, L.


    Does an inexhaustable energy source exist from which all life is fed? A form of energy, which penetrates all dead and living expression forms of life? Does a logical, scientific explanation exist for parapsychological phenomena like clairvoyance, telepathy, ghost healing, synchronicity, and a model for the mode of action of homeopathy? Do serious researchers and scientific studies to be token in ernest exist, which not only deal with this questions but also have found answers? During eight years the British scientific journalist Lynne McTaggart has researched. ''Teh zero-point field'' is the result of numerous speeches with renowned physicists, biophysicists, neuroscientists, biologist, and consciousness researchers on the whole world, which have independently discovered phenomena, which are combined like puzzle pieces to a fascinating total picture.

  5. A politica estadunidense de desgermanizacao do sistema de transporte aereo brasileiro: o caso da Condor

    Quintaneiro, Tania


    Analise e avaliacao da politica dos Estados Unidos de extincao das atividades da empresa de transporte aereo Condor, por meio de sua inclusao na Lista Negra, do corte no fornecimento de combustivel...

  6. Auto-eficacia, raciocinio verbal e desempenho escolar em estudantes

    Bernardo de Oliveira, Mariana; Benevides Soares, Adriana


    ...; 34 do sexo masculino e 23 do sexo feminino. Os instrumentos utilizados foram o Roteiro de Avaliacao de Auto- eficacia, a prova de raciocinio verbal da BPR-5 e as notas das avaliacoes escolares de Portugues e Redacao...

  7. Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG. Report on the 57th business year 1995; Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG. Bericht ueber das 57. Geschaeftsjahr 1995



    The present report describes the tasks and activities of one of the German power economy`s large integrated companies which operate large-scale power plants. The 1995 business report disclases extensive financial data (balance, profit and loss account etc.). The purpose of the business is to produce, transmit or transport, respectively, and distribute electricity, long-distance thermal energy, and gas. (RHM) [Deutsch] Es wird eine Beschreibung der Aufgaben und Aktivitaeten dieses grossen Verbundunternehmens und Grosskraftwerksbetreibers der deutschen Elektrizitaetswirtschaft gegeben, wobei der Geschaeftsbericht 1995 zahlreiche finanzielle Daten (Bilanz, Gewinn- u. Verlustrechnung etc.) offenlegt. Der Zweck des Unternehmens ist die Erzeugung, Fortleitung und Verteilung von elektrischem Strom, von Fernwaerme und Gas. (RHM)

  8. Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG. Report on the 58th business year 1996; Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG. Bericht ueber das 58. Geschaeftsjahr 1996



    The present report describes the tasks and activities of one of the German power economy`s large integrated companies which operate large-scale power plants. The 1996 business report disclases extensive financial data (balance, profit and loss account etc.). The purpose of the business is to produce, transmit or transport, respectively, and distribute electricity, long-distance thermal energy, and gas. (RHM) [Deutsch] Es wird eine Beschreibung der Aufgaben und Aktivitaeten dieses grossen Verbundunternehmens und Grosskraftwerksbetreibers der deutschen Elektrizitaetswirtschaft gegeben, wobei der Geschaeftsbericht 1996 zahlreiche finanzielle Daten (Bilanz, Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung etc.) offenlegt. Der Zweck des Unternehmens ist die Erzeugung, Fortleitung und Verteilung von elektrischem Strom, von Fernwaerme und Gas. (RHM)

  9. The big experimental manual of Free Energy. Cold Fusion - Tesla-Waves - Space-Quantum-Energy - a.o.; Das grosse Freie Energie Experimentier-Handbuch. Kalte Fusion - Tesla-Wellen - Raum-Quanten-Energie - u.v.m.

    Lay, P.; Chmela, H.; Wiedergut, W.


    The main topics of the lectures are: Experiments on cold fusion; Information on space-quantum energy; phenomena of rotating magnets; advanced electrostatic motors; generation of scalar waves; complex rotating fields and levitation from an advanced view; free energy converters. (GL)

  10. Technical evaluation of the reduction of energy consumption and electrical demand of active power on the campus of UFMT (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso) after implantation of the energy efficiency project; Avaliacao tecnica da reducao do consumo de energia eletrica e demanda de potencia ativa no campus da UFMT apos implantacao do projeto de eficiencia energetica

    Gomes, Teresa Irene Ribeiro de Carvalho Malheiro; Vasconcelos, Arnulfo Barroso de [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (NIEPE/UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Estudos de Planejamento Energetico; Ochiuto, Milton de Souza; Bernardes, Thiago Alves [Centrais Eletricas Matogrossenses (CEMAT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil); Barros, Regiane Silva de [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil)


    Since the energy crisis of 2001, measures that promote rational use of energy have been adopted by the Brazilian population. Either by industries that developed more efficient equipment, or by consumers, inclined in acquiring these equipment and adopting rational energy use measures, or by the government, that established a series of measures stimulating the energy efficiency. This work will go to illustrate some of these measures, as the implantation of STAMP PROCEL, that aims to indicate to the consumer which equipment achieve greater efficiency in each category. And law number 9,991, of July 24 2000, that regulates research and development investments in energy efficiency by electric sector companies. Finally, the result of the implantation of a energy efficiency project in a public agency will be shown, illustrating the impacts that the development of these projects bring to society as a whole. (author)

  11. Assessing scenarios of the brazilian energy matrix in the long-term plan of Ministry of Mines and Energy: impacts in the oil and gas industry; Avaliacao de cenarios de matriz energetica nacional no plano de longo prazo do Ministerio de Minas e Energia: impactos na industria de oleo e gas

    Machado, Giovani; Szklo, Alexandre; Schaeffer, Roberto [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Planejamento Energetico


    The Law no. 9,478/97 establishes that among its attributions the Energy Policy National Council (CNPE) must review periodically the national energy matrix. This paper aims at discussing the scenarios considered in the current revision based on an integrated energy planning approach, identifying its key points and analyzing its eventual consequences, particularly for oil and gas industry. More precisely, it evaluates the effects over the O and G industry of changes in the international and national circumstances. The international key factors focused are, mainly, oil and oil product prices and productive and technological strategies of O and G companies. The national key factors discussed fuel prices, inter-fuel substitution potentials, efficiency levels, potentials of new discovers and characteristics of Brazilian reserves of oil and natural gas (on-shore or off-shore E and P, oil or gas fields, API degree density, sulfur and acid contents), and adequate energy infra-structure (necessity of distribution and transportation grid expansion, refining capacity etc.). Such discussions have important implications for public policies and corporate strategies. (author)

  12. Off with oil - but how? Energy supply, sustainability, climate change, resource shortage - how do we manage this?; Weg vom Oel - aber wie? Energieversorgung, Nachhaltigkeit, Klimawandel, Ressourcenknappheit - Wie ist das zu schaffen?

    Keppler, Erhard


    The author summarizes critically present national and European energy policy with a view of energy political need for action in 21st century. For this reason presented are realized discussed possibilities to generate energy. Besides specific principles of energy gaining all potentials are estimated and possible contribution on energy supply discussed. All fossil fuels are covered, as all important regenerative methods for energy generation, incl. nuclear power, as energy storage, energy transport, waste processing and possibilities for energy saving. The last chapter discusses white hopes of energy production, below also nuclear fusion. (orig./GL) [German] Der Autor zieht eine kritische Bilanz der gegenwaertigen nationalen und europaeischen Energiepolitik - mit Blick auf energiepolitischen Handlungsbedarf im 21. Jahrhundert. Hierbei werden die gegenwaertig diskutierten Moeglichkeiten, Energie zu erzeugen, dargestellt. Neben den spezifischen Prinzipien der Energiegewinnung werden deren Potenziale abgeschaetzt und die moeglichen Beitraege zur Energieversorgung eroertert. Alle fossilen Energietraeger werden behandelt, ebenso alle wichtigen regenerativen Energieerzeugungsmethoden, Kernenergie eingeschlossen, sowie Energiespeicherung, Energietransport, Abfallverwertung und Energieeinsparmoeglichkeiten. Das letzte Kapitel diskutiert die ''Hoffnungstraeger'' kuenftiger Energieerzeugungsmoeglichkeiten, darunter auch die Fusion. (orig.)

  13. The new role of national oil companies - NOCs in international energy markets: a study case of BRICS; O novo papel das national oil companies - NOCs nos mercados internacionais de energia: um estudo de caso das BRICS

    Simas, Marcelo Marinho [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    remarkable change is observed in the environment of the oil and gas industry from the beginning of this decade in view of several factors: raise of technical ability and investments in R and D by the National Oil Companies (NOCs); rising tendency of oil price - result of economical expansion of China and India - despite momentary falls; nationalization of oil and gas reserves in several countries and technological transfer from oil companies to services companies. Herewith a high degree of reserves concentration of oil and gas production was acquired toward a few companies and countries. According the PFC Energy, in 2009 NOCs held 77% of world reserves of oil and 51% of gas against 7% and 9% respectively of the International Oil Companies (IOCs), with impact on oil geopolitics and energy market. Contrarily, IOCs are also redefining their role in this 'chess game' of oil geopolitics due above all to the direction of exploitation programs for deep waters in the few remained areas, to the high investments in R and D to raise the recovery factor of the mature fields and to rendering specialized services to the NOCs. The objective of this research is to consider the new strategies of the NOCs, their influences in the economic and energetic policies of the home countries of the companies as well as the IOCS, their influences in the concentration of the reserves and production, integration with the productive chain and participation in several sectors of industry. (author)

  14. The EEG as an instrument of the Federal areal management of renewable energies - also a contribution to the discussion about energy sectoral planning; Das EEG als Instrument des Bundes zur raeumlichen Steuerung der erneuerbaren Energien - zugleich ein Beitrag zur Diskussion um eine Energiefachplanung

    Gruener, Anna-Maria [Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Wuerzburg (Germany); Sailer, Frank [Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Wuerzburg (Germany). Forschungsgebiet Energieanlagen- und Infrastrukturrecht


    The areal management of the power generation structure takes place at first glance mainly on the Zoning and Planning Law, less than the energy law. The only sporadically encountered jurisprudential work for controlling effect of the EEG came to the conclusion, the current configuration of the support system in the EEG is in deficit and ''blind'' to the localization and areal distribution of energy generation plants in the Federal territory, although the EEG is representing a ''downright predestined management tool''. On closer inspection, however, shows that individual provisions have entirely certain location preferences or cause areal distribution effects and the EEG thus play a management effect. The contribution is therefore devoted to the question of whether and how the EEG 2014, with the overall network expansion and payment system is able to manage the energy production from renewable energy sources in the area and whether an energy specialist planning is useful and necessary. [German] Die raeumliche Steuerung der Energieerzeugungsstruktur findet auf den ersten Blick vornehmlich ueber das Raumordnungs- und Planungsrecht statt, weniger ueber das Energierecht. Die allenfalls vereinzelt anzutreffenden rechtswissenschaftlichen Arbeiten zur Steuerungsleistung des EEG kommen zu dem Ergebnis, die jetzige Ausgestaltung des Foerdersystems im EEG sei defizitaer und ''blind'' gegenueber der Lokalisierung und raeumlichen Verteilung von EE-Anlagen im Bundesgebiet, obwohl das EEG doch ein ''geradezu praedestiniertes Steuerungsinstrument'' darstelle. Bei naeherer Betrachtung zeigt sich jedoch, dass einzelne Regelungen durchaus bestimmte Standortpraeferenzen aufweisen bzw. raeumliche Verteilungseffekte bewirken und dem EEG damit eine steuernde Wirkung zukommt. Der Beitrag widmet sich daher der Frage, ob und wie das EEG 2014 sowie das allgemeine Netzausbau- und -entgeltsystem die Energieerzeugung

  15. Energy- and humidity-budget of the non-hydrostatic mesoscale model GESIMA by nesting into the regional climate model REMO; Energie- und Feuchtehaushalt im nichthydrostatischen Mesoskalamodell GESIMA bei Nestung in das Regionalklimamodell REMO

    Horneffer, K. [GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH (Germany). Inst. fuer Gewaesserphysik]|[Hamburg Univ. (Germany). Fachbereich 15 - Geowissenschaften


    The `Geesthacht Simulationsmodel of the Atmosphere` (GESIMA) was nested into the `Regional Climate Model` (REMO). Exemplary studies prove that the presented nesting scheme is suitable to resolve subscale phenomena in the regional climate model. Some results of simulations above the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea were presented. The mesoscale model GESIMA could now be used to analyze real synoptic weather situations. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das Geesthachter Simulationsmodell der Atmosphaere (GESIMA) wird in das Regionalklimamodell (REMO) genestet. Beispielhafte Untersuchungen zeigen, dass mit der genesteten Modellversion subskalige Effekte, die durch das grobe Raster des Regionalklimamodells fallen, aufgeloest werden. Dies wird anhand von Simulationen ueberprueft. Hauptuntersuchungsgegenstand ist die Insel Gotland in der Ostsee. Duch die Nestung kann das Mesoskalamodell fuer tatsaechliche synoptische Situationen eingesetzt werden. (orig.)

  16. The power system of the future. Important decision aids for changed energy strategies in politics and industry; Das Energiesystem der Zukunft. Wichtige Entscheidungshilfen zum Energieumbau fuer Politik und Wirtschaft

    Langer, H.


    'Solar energy - power for the 21st century' was the first joint meeting of Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Sonnenenergie (DGS) and Forschungsverbund Sonnenenergie (FVS), which took place at Freiburg on July 5 and 7. While the 12. International Solar Forum of the DGS discussed the whole range of renewable energy sources, the 11th Annual Meeting of the FVS was dedicated to cost reduction strategies for solar cells. [German] 'Sonne - Die Energie des 21. Jahrhunderts' nannte sich die erste Gemeinschaftstagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Sonnenenergie (DGS) und des Forschungsverbunds Sonnenenergie (FVS) vom 5. und 7. Juli in Freiburg. Waehrend sich das '12. Internationale Sonnenforum' der DGS der ganzen Palette der erneuerbaren Energien widmete, hatte sich die '11. FVS-Jahrestagung' ganz den Strategien zur Kostensenkung bei Solarzellen verschrieben. (orig.)

  17. Acceptance of energy management in medium-sized industrial firms in Hessen. Report to the IMPULS programme Hessen in Darmstadt; Akzeptanz von Energiemanagement in der mittelstaendischen Industrie in Hessen. Bericht an das IMPULS-Programm Hessen in Darmstadt

    Boede, U.; Gruber, E.; Weigert, K.


    Furthering of innovation processes in the sense of lastingly sustainable development demands recognizing existing obstacles and points where furtherance might be beneficial. The search for strategies and points of attack needs to start from existing attitudes and patterns of behaviour (commission of inquiry, 1997). This comprises implementation-oriented offers to enterprises, and offers taking needs into account. Within the framework of its energy conservation and climate protection policy, the state of Hessen furthers employment-accompanied qualification of planning and executing vocational groups as well as users in energy efficiency. The IMPULS programme of Hessen, a programme instituted by the ministry for the environment, energy, youth, family and health affairs of Hessen, organizes seminars on 'rational use of electric power' enabling decision-makers to inform themselves on energy-saving measures and to exchange their knowledge. Enterprises with a potential for in-house energy conservation have a great interest in hints and support to be rapidly transformed into action. (orig.) [German] Im Innovationsprozesse in Richtung einer nachhaltig zukunftsvertraeglichen Entwicklung zu foerdern, kommt es darauf an, vorhandene Hemnisse und Ansatzpunkte zur Foerderung zu erkennen. Die Suche nach Strategien und Ansatzpunkten muss an vorhandenen Einstellungen und Verhaltensmustern ansetzen (Enquete-Kommission, 1997). Darunter fallen auch umsetzungs- und an den Beduerfnissen orientierte Angebote fuer Unternehmen. Im Rahmen seiner Energieeinspar- und Klimaschutzpolitik foerdert das Land Hessen die berufsbegleitende Qualifikation im Energieeffizienzbereich fuer planende und ausfuehrende Berufsgruppen und fuer Anwender. Das IMPULS-Programm Hessen, eine Einrichtung des hessischen Ministeriums fuer Umwelt, Energie, Jugend, Familie und Gesundheit, bietet Entscheidungstraegern mit seinen Seminaren im Bereich 'rationelle Stromnutzung' die Moeglichkeit, sich ueber

  18. Evaluation of process variables in obtaining of organo clays; Avaliacao das variaveis de processo na obtencao de argilas organofilicas

    Costa, D.L.; Cardoso, M.A.F.; Ferreira, H.S.; Neves, G.A.; Ferreira, H.C. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (CCT/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Centro de Ciencais e Tecnologia. Unidade Academica de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:


    The Paraiba state is the greater producing of bentonite in Brazil, for several industrial uses. In this production the Na{sup +} bentonite are distinguished, that when treated with ionic surfactants are used in based oil drilling fluids. The national production of organoclays for based oil drilling fluids is very poor, so this product is imported by PETROBRAS, from America. This present work has as objective the study of involved basic organofilization variable process such as: speed of agitation, temperature and time of cure preparation of organoclays, using bentonite clays Brasgel PA and Cloisite NA{sup +}, later treated with the ionic surfactant Praepagem WB. Organoclays had been characterized by X-ray and swell of Foster to determine the organoclays compatibility with the oil ways and to correlate the variable studied with the gotten results. (author)

  19. Imaging assessment of isolated lesions affecting cranial nerve III; Avaliacao por imagem das lesoes isoladas do III par craniano

    Garcia, Marcelo de Mattos [Colegio Brasileiro de Radiologia e Diagnostico por Imagem (CBR), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Martins, Jose Carlos Tadeu [Sociedade Brasileira de Neuroradiologia, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The aim of this study is to review the anatomy and main pathologic conditions affecting cranial nerve III using imaging studies, particularly magnetic resonance imaging. Imaging methods are essential in the evaluation of patients with suspected lesions of the oculomotor nerve once signs and symptoms are unspecific and a large number of diseases can affect cranial nerve III. A brief review of the literature is also presented. (author)

  20. Evaluation of radiation doses in paediatric patients undergoing voiding cystourethrography; Avaliacao das doses de radiacao em uretrocistografia miccional de criancas

    Travassos, Leonardo Vieira [Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Instituto Fernandes Figueira; Boechat, Marcia Cristina Bastos; Santos, Eloa Nunez [Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Instituto Fernandes Figueira. Servico de Radiologia; Santos, Eloa Nunez; Oliveira, Sergio Ricardo de; Silva, Marcos Otaviano da [Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Carvalho, Antonio Carlos Pires [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Dept . de Radiologia


    To evaluate dose-area product, skin entrance dose and doses from fluoroscopy and radiography in voiding cystourethrography studies of pediatric patients. Procedures performed in 37 patients by four physicians of the institution were evaluated. Measurements were performed with an equipment including an ionization chamber directly coupled to the x-ray tube window and an electrometer (Diamentor) connected to a computer for data collection. Some procedures heterogeneity was observed and guidelines for good radiographic techniques were not followed. On average, 11 radiographs are performed for each study, with extended fluoroscopy time delivering a higher average final dose than those reported in the literature. The adoption of radiography with high kilo voltage technique and restricted utilization of fluoroscopy can result in a significant reduction of doses during this procedure, considering that the major contribution to the final dose comes from fluoroscopy. (author)

  1. Unilateral pulmonary veins atresia: evaluation by computed tomography; Atresia unilateral das veias pulmonares: avaliacao por tomografia computadorizada

    Eifer, Diego Andre; Arsego, Felipe Veras, E-mail: [Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA), RS (Brazil). Serv. de Radiologia; Torres, Felipe Soares [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Escola de Medicina


    Unilateral pulmonary vein atresia is a rare congenital condition. In addition to cardiac malformations or pulmonary hypertension, patients may present with recurrent pulmonary infections or hemoptysis in childhood or adolescence. The authors report a case where the typical findings of such condition were observed at computed tomography in an adult patient. (author)

  2. Energy, social aspects and natural resources in agrarian reform projects: evaluation of life conditions; Energia, sociedade e recursos naturais em projeto de reforma agraria: avaliacao das condicoes de vida, possibilidades e dificuldades no assentamento Ipora (Rio Preto da Eva e Itacoatiara - AM)

    Franca, Breno de Souza [Amazonas Univ., Manaus, AM (Brazil). Nucleo de Eficiencia Energetica (NEFEN)]. E-mail:


    This paper presents an account of the activities and information collected in the research project 'Alternative technologies to the rural area: technological, economic and social aspects', developed in the Ipora Placement Project (Rio Preto da Eva and Itacoatiara - Amazonas State, Brazil). The actions developed in this project were based on the research-action method and are focused in the energetic matters, however the social, economic and environmental aspects of each energetic alternative discussed were always considered and proved to be decisive in the decision-taking process of the project activities. This paper introduces a discussion of the referred Placement in that context and also tries to foster new studies, evaluations and conclusions about it. (author)

  3. Evaluation of using urban solid residues as renewable energy source: a reflexions on the way of production oriented to the wasteful consumption; Avaliacao do uso dos residuos solidos urbanos como fonte de energia renovavel: uma reflexao sobre o modo de producao voltado ao consumo perdulario

    Costa, Angela Oliveira da; Rosa, Luiz Pinguelli; Henriques, Rachel Martins [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Planejamento Energetico]|[Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Instituto Virtual Internacional de Mudancas Globais (IVIG)]. E-mails:;;; Silva, Neilton Fidelis da [Centro de Educacao Tecnologica do Rio Grande do Norte (CEFET/RN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    This article discusses the waste concept, the historical origin and formation, considering the social, economical and cultural characters. The document evaluates the rule of solid urban residue (SUR) as energy source, introducing the discussion that SUR carries a load of energy superior to the energy that can be obtained from his use as primary source.

  4. O marketing das cidades

    Almeida, Clarinda da Costa


    O Marketing das Cidades, é uma área de aplicação do Marketing, com crescente importância para o desenvolvimento e crescimento de cidades, regiões, países, no limite de qualquer lugar. É o processo de gestão que é desenvolvido nas cidades para atender à satisfação das necessidades e desejos de indivíduos e organizações. Assim pretende-se, neste artigo, descrever e analisar o uso e a importância das ferramentas de marketing no desenvolvimento das cidades, através da elaboração de um modelo p...

  5. Assessment of potential areas to biomass cultivation for energy production and a contribution of remote sensing and geographic information systems; Avaliacao de areas potenciais ao cultivo de biomassa para producao de energia e uma contribuicao de sensoriamento remoto e sistemas de informacoes geograficas

    Miura, Adalberto K.; Anjos, Sergio D. dos [EMBRAPA Clima Temperado, Pelotas, RS (Brazil)], E-mail:; Formaggio, Antonio R.; Shimabukuro, Yosio E. [Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil); Luiz, Alfredo J.B. [EMBRAPA Meio Ambiente, Jaguariuna, SP (Brazil)


    Since early times, the human kind has been using the biomass for energy purposes. However, the current increasing energy demand can endanger the energy security of the nations and, as well, could put in risk the planet's environmental quality and human health. Thus, by the issues concern about the fossil fuels utilization, the importance of renewable energy sources is being rescued. In this scenario, the biomass energy planning becomes very important to tropical countries, like Brazil, because it would allow stimulating the production of biomass for energy where it is required, but in a sustainable way, considering the social and environmental aspects. Thus, this study aims to present important aspects related with regional energy planning as a contribution for proposing better solutions to energy demands and to think about better public policies related to energy production from biomass. Besides, a contribution of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in order to assess areas for biomass energy production and a conceptual model are presented as framework which demonstrates how these techniques can constitute support tools to strategic decision making process in bioenergy issues. Some difficult and constraints to territorial and agro-energy planning in Brazil was also presented. (author)

  6. Das berufliche und das private Geschlecht

    Almut Sülzle


    Full Text Available Jutta Wergen untersucht Geschlechterkonstruktionen in Männerberufen, indem sie Frauen befragt, die als Lkw-Fahrerinnen, als Binnenschifferinnen und als Bus- bzw Straßenbahnfahrerinnen im öffentlichen Nahverkehr arbeiten. Dabei kann sie zeigen, dass diese Berufe sehr unterschiedliche Kontexte für Geschlechterarrangements zur Verfügung stellen, von traditioneller Arbeitsteilung bis zur Umkehrung derselben. Der Kern der Erkenntnis dieser Arbeit, das sei hier schon vorweggenommen, ist bestechend und zugleich faszinierend einfach: die Trennung in ein „professionelles“ und ein „privates“ Geschlecht.

  7. System implementation of electromobility, challenges to the energy industry law, current status. Pt. 1; Systemintegration von Elektromobilitaet, Herausforderung an das Energiewirtschaftsrecht, eine Standortbestimmung. T. 1

    Keil, Eric [Verband kommunaler Unternehmen e.V., Berlin (Germany). Sachgebiet Netzzugang, Strom, Entflechtung; Schmelzer, Knut [Jena Univ. - Kompetenzzentrum fuer Technik, Wirtschaft, Recht e.V. (Germany). Inst. fuer Energiewirtschaftsrecht


    The authors of the first part of the contribution under consideration report on generic considerations on the implementation of electrical mobility in the valid energy industry law. Moreover, the authors report on the fundamental question whether and to what extent electrical mobility can be understood as an extended task of supply in the sense of the valid energy industry law.

  8. Evaluation of the potential energy briquettes made with corn stubble (Zea mays) and soybean residue (Glycine max (L.)) combined with waste wood; Avaliacao do potencial energetico de briquetes confeccionados com residuo de milho (Zea mays) e residuo de soja (Glycine max (L.)) combinado com residuo de madeira

    Travessini, Rosana; Schutz, Fabiana Costa de Araujo; Oyama, Paulo; Possan, Edna; Bittencourt, Paulo R.S. [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (UTFPR), Medianeira, PR (Brazil)], emails:,,,,


    The agriculture industry produces a large amount of biomass whose use constitutes an economically viable alternative energy through the compression of the lignocellulosic portion, replacing the wood with an equivalent product. This is possible through the briquette, which is a very efficient way to concentrate the available energy in biomass. This study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of burning briquettes. The making of briquettes was performed in the laboratory of Electro mechanics and burning at the Laboratory of Environmental UTFPR Campus Medianeira / PR. For the analysis, the energy balance of the combinations we used a bomb calorimeter IKA C5000, Laboratory of Biomass Energy (LEB), Federal University of Parana - UFPR. From the results we can conclude that in all aspects of the briquettes made from soybean residues are more efficient and still points to the need for studies to the development of more efficient equipment for these specific applications. (author)

  9. Data base for the evaluation of energy efficiency measures 2008 (Exploitation for the year 2008); Datenbasis zur Bewertung von Energieeffizienzmassnahmen 2008 (Auswertung fuer das Jahr 2008)

    Wuensch, Marco; Seefeldt, Friedrich [Prognos AG, Berlin (Germany); Schlomann, Barbara; Fleiter, Tobias; Gerspacher, Andreas [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI), Karlsruhe (Germany); Rohde, Clemens [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI), Karlsruhe (Germany); Technische Univ. Muenchen (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Energiewirtschaft und Anwendungstechnik; Geiger, Bernd; Kleeberger, Heinrich [Technische Univ. Muenchen (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Energiewirtschaft und Anwendungstechnik


    The investigation under consideration provides a detailed data base regarding a final and useful energy demand in Germany. It serves as a basis for a future assessment of energy efficiency developments in separate sectors, applications and purposes. The project was conducted with data for the reference year 2007. The project focused on three final consumption sectors 'Private Household', 'Trade, commerce and services' and 'industry'. It did not cover the transport sector. The first chapter presents a calculation of the energy demand for the year 2008. Especially, it addresses the issue of changes in the procedure in comparison to the previous year. The second chapter presents the results of a differentiated final energy consumption for the year 2008 in the case of the three final consumption sectors. The results for the year 2008 are very good loadable.

  10. Das Risiko der Landschaft

    Mosé Ricci


    Full Text Available Die italienischen Landschaften sind in Gefahr wegen der immer zunehmenden Umweltschaeden, und es ist noetig, ueber diese Notstandlage, die nicht allen bewusst ist, nachzudenken. Wir leben in einen zweideutigen Zustand, in welchem theoretisch alle die Unversehrtheit des Landes verteidigen, aber dann einen Lebensstil fuehren, der nicht die Systeme der Umwelt und der Landschaft schuetzt. Achgeben auf das Risiko der Landschaft hat eine doppelte Bedeutung, fuer das kollektive Gewissen und fuer die Regelung des Territoriums. Die Analyse der Gefahr fuer die Landschaft, der Kompetenz der Forschung ueber den Kulturschatz Italiens, hat die Unterstuetzung der “Carta del rischio del ministero per i beni e le attività culturali”. Um diese in Kraft treten zu lassen, ist es noetig, das Landschaftsgut aus Vermoegensanschauungen zu definieren, so wie in der Europaischen Konvention und aus Juristischer Sicht vorgesehen ist. In dieser Optik kann die Planung und Aenderung des Territoriums als Punkt der Risikokontrolle angesehen werden.

  11. Das Reflektierende Team

    Lorensen, Marlene Ringgaard; Gaarden, Marianne


    Bedeutungszuschreibungen. Marianne Gaardens Forschung zeigt, dass zwischen Predigenden und Hörenden ein ›dritter Raum‹ entsteht, wie sie das nennt. Dabei handelt es sich um einen liminalen, rituell konturierten Raum, in dem Hörende Predigtelemente rezipieren und in ihre eigenen gelebten Erfahrungen einbauen. Komplementär...... dazu hat Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen das Potenzial des von außen kommenden, dezidiert ›andersartigen‹ Beitrags der Hörenden für die dialogische Predigt im Rückgriff auf Theorien von Mikhail Bakhtin analysiert. Als theologische Grundfigur steht hinter der Arbeit im reflektierenden homiletischen Team also...... intersubjektiv eng verwobenen Gemeinschaft sind. Das Konzept des ›dritten Raumes‹ trägt der Einsicht Rechnung, dass wir im Dialog lernen und uns entwickeln. Es geht nicht darum, dass eine Person die andere überzeugt: Beide verändern sich im fortschreitenden Prozess....

  12. MiDAS

    McIlroy, Simon Jon; Saunders, Aaron Marc; Albertsen, Mads


    The Microbial Database for Activated Sludge (MiDAS) field guide is a freely available online resource linking the identity of abundant and process critical microorganisms in activated sludge wastewater treatment systems to available data related to their functional importance. Phenotypic properties...... communities. The taxonomy can be used to classify unknown sequences, and the online MiDAS field guide links the identity to the available information about their morphology, diversity, physiology and distribution. The use of a common taxonomy across the field will provide a solid foundation for the study...... of microbial ecology of the activated sludge process and related treatment processes. The online MiDAS field guide is a collaborative workspace intended to facilitate a better understanding of the ecology of activated sludge and related treatment processes—knowledge that will be an invaluable resource...

  13. Comparative economical evaluation among photovoltaic system, motor generator, and regular electric energy rural distribution lines for the supply of small rural properties and schools; Avaliacao economica comparativa entre sistema solar fotovoltaico, comjunto moto-gerador e rede de distribuicao rural para suprimento de pequenas propriedades e escolas rurais

    Barroso, Soraya S.; Martins, Paulo M.; Lima Torres, Manuel E. de; Silva, Luiz Carlos S. [Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (CEMIG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, has presently about 190,00 small rural properties which are not yet served by electric energy. This great number is due to among other factors, the lack of funds for the construction of rural distribution lines, which demand high investments to small charges reduced intensive use. The photovoltaic energy is presented as an electrification option, especially for isolated small rural properties, located far from the electric lines and presenting low demand potential. An alternative to the photovoltaic system is the installation of low power gasoline generators. This paper is divided in two parts: the first one compares the photovoltaic energy system unitary costs with the gasoline generator for the supply of small residential and community demands such as schools and public health assistance buildings. The second part of this paper presents not served by electric energy yet which an installation of the photovoltaic system is preferable to the regular electric energy rural distribution, using as main criteria the cost-benefit relationship 4 figs., 4 tabs.

  14. Estimativa das necessidades energéticas em pacientes com doença renal crônica Estimating the energy requirement of chronic kidney disease patients

    Juliana Cordeiro Dias Rodrigues


    Full Text Available Estabelecer as necessidades energéticas de pacientes com doença renal crônica é importante para que se possam tratar os distúrbios nutricionais encontrados nessa população. Segundo os guias de condutas voltados ao cuidado nutricional de pacientes com essa doença, a recomendação energética pode variar entre 30 e 40kcal/kg/dia. Contudo, trabalhos que avaliaram os componentes do gasto energético nos pacientes com doença renal crônica sugerem que as necessidades energéticas dessa população podem diferir do valor recomendado acima, a depender da condição clínica (presença de comorbidades, da modalidade de tratamento empregado e do nível de atividade física. Dessa forma, o presente trabalho tem como objetivo fazer uma revisão dos estudos sobre o gasto energético de pacientes com doença renal crônica, com o intuito de abordar as seguintes questões: (1 as atuais recomendações de energia para pacientes com doença renal crônica estão adequadas? (2 qual equação de predição poderia ser empregada para estimar as necessidades energéticas desse grupo de pacientes? Assim, esta revisão busca auxiliar o nutricionista ao estimar as necessidades energéticas de pacientes com doença renal crônica.Estimating the energy requirement of patients with chronic kidney disease is highly important for treating the nutritional disorders often seen in this population. According to the specific guidelines for patients with chronic kidney disease, the currently recommended daily energy intake varies from 30 to 40kcal/kg/day. However, studies that investigated energy expenditure components of patients with chronic kidney disease suggested that the energy requirement may differ from the one proposed earlier, depending on overall clinical condition (i.e. presence of comorbidities, treatment modality and level of physical activity. With this perspective in mind, the present study aims to review the studies assessing energy expenditure

  15. Time for a fundamental reform of subsidisation under the Renewable Energy Law. The quota model; Zeit fuer eine grundlegende Reform der EEG-Foerderung. Das Quotenmodell

    Haucap, Justus [Duesseldorf Univ. (Germany). Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE); Kuehling, Juergen [Regensburg Univ. (Germany). Lehrstuhl fuer Oeffentliches Recht, Immobilienrecht, Infrastrukturrecht und Informationsrecht


    The energy turnaround is one of the greatest challenges of the future. Its success hinges on whether the costs of converting the power supply system remain affordable. The existing subsidy model under the German Renewable Energy Law provides no guarantee for this, and it therefore urgently in need of a fundamental revision. A sensible alternative towards establishing an efficient subsidy system in Germany that conforms to its constitution as well as to European law would be to introduce a quota model such as that used with great success in Sweden.

  16. Proposal for the optimization of the procedures for the analysis, assessment and follow-up of energy efficiency at the Manaus Energia S/A enterprise environment; Proposta de otimizacao dos procedimentos para analise, avaliacao e acompanhamento de projetos de eficiencia energetica no ambito da empresa Manaus Energia S/A

    Costa Junior, Benjamim Cordeiro [Manaus Energia S/A., AM (Brazil). Programa de Eficiencia Energetica e Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento


    The present article has for objective, to present a proposal to optimize the procedures for analysis and evaluation of projects that composes the annual Program of Energy Efficiency of Manaus Energia S/A, assisting to criteria of market prices, sustainability and return for the company. (author)

  17. The quantity does it? The EEG 2017 and the consequences for the German energy transition; Menge macht's? Das EEG 2017 und die Folgen fuer die deutsche Energiewende

    Meya, Jasper N.; Neetzow, Paul [Oldenburg Univ. (Germany); Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Neubauer, Linda; Pechan, Anna [Oldenburg Univ. (Germany)


    The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) has so far been the driving force behind German energy transition and has found many imitators internationally as an effective funding instrument. With the reform of the EEG, which was approved by the Federal Government, the promotion of renewable energies (EE) was shifted from the current price to a quantity control. The present analysis of the impact of the switch to cost-efficiency, the diversity of actors, the achievement of the EE production targets and network consistency shows that the efficiency advantages of tendering may be reduced by higher transaction costs and regional expansion ambitions dampened. The tendered quantities are not sufficient for the long term to increase EE share to the targeted level. It is also doubtful whether a grid-compatible EE expansion is achieved. [German] Das Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG) war bislang der Motor der deutschen Energiewende und hat als effektives Foerderinstrument international viele Nachahmer gefunden. Mit der von der Bundesregierung beschlossenen Reform des EEG wird die Foerderung der erneuerbaren Energien (EE) von der bisherigen Preis- auf eine Mengensteuerung umgestellt. Die vorliegende Analyse der Auswirkungen der Umstellung auf Kosteneffizienz, Akteursvielfalt, Erreichen der EE-Erzeugungsziele und Netzkonformitaet zeigt, dass die Effizienzvorteile der Ausschreibungen ggf. durch hoehere Transaktionskosten verringert und regionale Ausbauambitionen gedaempft werden. Die ausgeschriebenen Mengen reichen langfristig nicht aus, um den EE-Anteil zielkonform zu erhoehen. Es ist zudem fraglich, ob ein netzkonformer EE-Ausbau erreicht wird.

  18. Biogas from fibrous digestate and wood. New lignin extraction (LX) process for energy and raw material production from plant residues; Biogas aus ''ausgegorenem'' Gaerrest und Holz. Das neue Lignin-Extraktions-(LX)-Verfahren zur Energie- und Rohstoffproduktion aus pflanzlichen Reststoffen

    Streffer, R.M.F. [maxbiogas GmbH, Marienwerder (Germany)


    75% of plant biomass on earth is made of cellulose and lignine, the lignocelluloses. In a simplified view the lignin wraps in plant biomass the substances easily degraded by microorganisms like cellulose. The LX process utilizes plant biomass and separates it to lignine and pretreated LX-substrate with a reduced lignine content, which is fed back to the fermentation process to be degraded. Combining a biogas plant with the LX process allows even the degradation of fibrous plant parts and it is possible to digest wood. E.g. the fibrous digest is fermented more efficient than maize silage. The LX process has therefore the potential to be able to produce in future economically either energy as wells as resources form plant residues. (orig.) [German] 75% der pflanzlichen Biomasse auf der Welt bestehen aus Zellulose und Lignin, der Lignocellulose. Lignin umhuellt, vereinfacht beschrieben, im pflanzlichen Substrat die leicht durch Mikroorganismen abbaubaren Stoffe, wie Zellulose. Das LX-Verfahren verwertet pflanzliche Biomasse und erzeugt daraus Lignin und stark im Ligningehalt reduziertes, sogenanntes ''aufgeschlossenes'', LX-Substrat, dass dann dem weiteren Abbauprozess zugefuehrt wird. Kombiniert man zum Beispiel eine Biogasanlage mit dem LX-Verfahren, so koennen selbst faserige Pflanzenbestandteile und erstmalig auch Holz vergoren werden. Beispielsweise wird ''ausgegorener'' Gaerrest effizienter fermentiert als Maissilage. Damit hat das LX-Verfahren das Potenzial, kuenftig sowohl Energie als auch Rohstoffe aus pflanzlichen Reststoffen wirtschaftlich herstellen zu koennen.

  19. Potential and participation of forests in the energy matrix Potencial e participação das florestas na matriz energética

    José Mauro Magalhães Ávila Paz Moreira


    Full Text Available

    Mankind is seeking to increase the use of renewable energy sources on the world energetic matrix, aiming on Green House Gas Emissions (GHGE reduction. Biomass potential for energy generation studies, including forest products and residues, have been conducted worldwide, showing great potential. Besides, wood energy uses contribute to GHGE reduction, and is a locally available energy source at competitive costs in many countries. The proportion of fuelwood on Brazilian energy matrix has decreased over the last four decades, nevertheless consumption has increased during the last ten years. South and Northeast regions are the biggest fuelwood producers in Brazil, Southeast is the main producers of wood charcoal. In order to increase forest biomass potential for energy generation, small and medium farmers forest technology access should be facilitated, and forest plantation area should be increased in order to supply wood biomass rising demand for energy purposes on the near future.

    doi: 10.4336/2011.pfb.31.68.363

    Algumas nações têm buscado aumentar a participação de fontes renováveis na sua matriz energética, com o objetivo de reduzir as emissões de gases de efeito estufa (GEE. Avaliações do potencial da biomassa, inclusive de origem florestal, para geração de energia, tem sido o foco de vários estudos no Brasil e no mundo, concluindo que a biomassa apresenta um forte potencial para geração de energia, com vantagens para a redução da emissão de GEE, sendo de fácil acesso e disponível localmente a custos competitivos em vários países. No Brasil, a madeira para energia tem perdido participação na matriz energética, mas o seu consumo tem aumentado na última década, sendo as regiões Sul e Nordeste as principais produtoras nacionais de lenha, e a Sudeste a principal produtora de carvão vegetal. Para aumentar o potencial de geração de energia de biomassa florestal no país seria necessária a difusão de

  20. Our path to the 21{sup st} century. Interim result for the environmental and energy policy; Unser Weg in das 21. Jahrhundert. Zwischenbilanz der Umwelt- und Energiepolitik



    A future-oriented society needs a close connection between ecology and economy, if it should show solidarity. It is about growth which no longer is linked to an excessive consumption of natural resources. Instead, climate and natural resources shall be conserved. A gain in quality of life shall be enabled. This fundamental transformation process is a key target of the Federal Republic of Germany. Under this aspect, the contribution under consideration supplies an interim balance of the environmental policy and energy policy.

  1. Brief analysis of the energy matrix in the state of Mato Grosso and the mesoregions; Analise sucinta das matrizes energeticas de Mato Grosso e suas mesorregioes

    Canavarros, Otacilio Borges; Ferreira, Noel Flavio Costa; Melo, Moises Candido de; Leite, Jose Ermete Rabello [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Estudos em Planejamento]. E-mails:;


    The text presents relative energetic analyses to the Mato Grosso and its regions, with basis in presented matrices of offer and demand in the document - BEEMT 2004 - Mato Grosso Energetic Balance and Regions - period 1995 a 2003. The analyses were made leading in account two average taxes of annual growth in 1999/2003 periods 1995/2003 and, respectively, objectifying one better understanding of the evolution of the behavior of the energy ones in the State. (author)

  2. Determinação das energias de superfície do SnO2 puro e dopado Surface energy of pure and doped tin oxide

    R. H. R. Castro


    Full Text Available A calorimetria tem se mostrado uma importante ferramenta para o controle e entendimento de comportamentos de sistemas nanoestruturados. Isto se deve basicamente às recentes medidas de energia de superfície reportadas na literatura; isto é, como em sistemas nanométricos a superfície tem uma maior contribuição na energia livre total do sistema, o conhecimento desta entalpia é fundamental para alcançar o controle desejado. No entanto, procedimentos calorimétricos para medida da energia de superfície são relativamente complexos e, se fosse possível estimar a energia de superfície por métodos alternativos, isto poderia ser de grande importância para o desenvolvimento da nanociência. Neste trabalho a energia de superfície do SnO2 é apresentada por medida de calorimetria de dissolução e corrigida por calorimetria de adsorção de água. Após isso, uma discussão sobre a influência de aditivos iônicos na área de superfície específica do SnO2 é apresentada. Quando os aditivos iônicos formam excesso de superfície no SnO2, a área de superfície aumenta mesmo considerando o aumento difusional esperado. Isto pode ser relacionado com a diminuição da energia de superfície pelos aditivos devido ao excesso de superfície como previsto por Gibbs. Baseado nesta premissa e utilizando o valor medido de energia de superfície do SnO2, as medidas de área de superfície dos pós dopados são utilizadas para calcular a energia de superfície de pós dopados com Ni, Fe, Cr e Mg.Calorimetry has been proved to be an important tool to control and understand the behavior of nanostructured systems. This is basically because of the recent surface energy measurements reported in the literature by high-temperature calorimetry. That is, since in nanosized systems the surface accounts for a larger part of the total atoms, knowing their energy is of main importance to achieve a desired control. However, calorimetric procedures to measure the

  3. Evaluation of some aspects of the competitive model of the electric sector of 1993-2003 and its impact on the risk of energy deficit; Avaliacao de alguns dos aspectos do modelo competitivo eletrico de 1993-2003 e seus impactos quanto ao risco de deficit de energia

    Moura, Ana Maria [Companhia de Distribuicao de Gas de Santa Catarina - SCGAS, Florianopolis, SC (Brazil); Kaehler, Jose Wagner Maciel [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil)


    We search with this article to identify and to analyze some of the aspects of the competitive model of the electric sector in the last decade, as well as its impacts so that the possibility of risk of energy deficit was an imminent fact. Particularly, we evaluate under three aspects: the long transition of the state model for the private one; some regulations risks of the model; joint absence, in the conception and also in the implantation of the reforms of the electric sector, oil and gas that ahead of the stagnation of the agents that resulted in the black out of 2001. (author)

  4. Energetic evaluation: public schools sector; Avaliacao energetica: setor escolas publicas

    Jota, Patricia Romeiro da Silva; Ribeiro, Mariane Correa; Martins, Fernando Henrique Dias; Silva, Valeria R. Borges da [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisa em Energia Inteligente


    Energy consumption evaluation at schools is very important for school management. However, there is a great difference among consumption rates, and a simplified analysis would lead to wrong evaluation. It is not possible to analyze schools that have different number of students or different sizes, unless these variables are applied. This article proposes a methodology in order to develop a sector analysis taking into account operation features. A case study is presented to illustrate this methodology. (author)

  5. Das Interview als Beziehungsraum

    Tietel, Erhard


    Am Beispiel einer schwierigen Interviewbeziehung wird gezeigt, daß und in welcher Weise das Beziehungsgeschehen im Interview sowie die Verwendung des Beziehungsraums des Interviews durch den Befragten entscheidende heuristische Hinweise zum Aufspüren und Verstehen latenter Aspekte des Forschungsthemas geben können. Die im Interview stattfindende Reduktion des potentiell triadischen Beziehungsraums auf dyadisch-geschlossene Beziehungsebenen und der weitgehende Verlust des eigenen Spielraums un...

  6. Durch das Leben lernen

    Ingolf Waßmann


    Full Text Available Web 2.0 und soziale Netzwerke gaben erste Impulse für neue Formen der Online-Lehre, welche die umfassende Vernetzung von Objekten und Nutzern im Internet nachhaltig einsetzen. Die Vielfältigkeit der unterschiedlichen Systeme erschwert aber deren ganzheitliche Nutzung in einem umfassenden Lernszenario, das den Anforderungen der modernen Informationsgesellschaft genügt. In diesem Beitrag wird eine auf dem Konnektivismus basierende Plattform für die Online-Lehre namens “Wiki-Learnia” präsentiert, welche alle wesentlichen Abschnitte des lebenslangen Lernens abbildet. Unter Einsatz zeitgemäßer Technologien werden nicht nur Nutzer untereinander verbunden, sondern auch Nutzer mit dedizierten Inhalten sowie ggf. zugehörigen Autoren und/oder Tutoren verknüpft. Für ersteres werden verschiedene Kommunikations-Werkzeuge des Web 2.0 (soziale Netzwerke, Chats, Foren etc. eingesetzt. Letzteres fußt auf dem sogenannten “Learning-Hub”-Ansatz, welcher mit Hilfe von Web-3.0-Mechanismen insbesondere durch eine semantische Metasuchmaschine instrumentiert wird. Zum Aufzeigen der praktischen Relevanz des Ansatzes wird das mediengestützte Juniorstudium der Universität Rostock vorgestellt, ein Projekt, das Schüler der Abiturstufe aufs Studium vorbereitet. Anhand der speziellen Anforderungen dieses Vorhabens werden der enorme Funktionsumfang und die große Flexibilität von Wiki-Learnia demonstriert.

  7. The energy concept of the federal state of Lower Saxony. Reliable, environmentally friendly, climate friendly, and affordable. Energy policy for tomorrow; Das Energiekonzept des Landes Niedersachsen. Verlaesslich, umweltfreundlich, klimavertraeglich und bezahlbar. Energiepolitik fuer morgen



    The present publication shows how the energy concept of the state administration of Lower Saxony contributes to a vision of tomorrow's energy supply and how it can be realised. It sets out by describing the present status of the energy supply and the challenges and situation confronting Germany and Lower Saxony. The ensuing chapters have the following headings: Energy supply in 2020: accelerating the expansion of renewable energies, exploiting potentials sustainably and efficiently; Prospects and instruments for improving energy efficiency; Modern conventional power plants for securing a stable and efficient electricity supply; The expansion of electricity networks and the development of smart grids; Costs of the energy turnaround; Natural gas and crude oil. The final chapter bears the heading: Innovation and energy research - our strengths.

  8. ''Improving the EEG''. PHOTON discussion with experts of German political parties on the future of reimbursement for alternative energy; ''Das EEG weiter entwickeln''. PHOTON-Streitgesprach mit Energie-Experten der Bundestagsfraktionen ueber die kuenftige Solarstromfoerderung



    In a PHOTON discussion with Rainer Brinkmann (SPD), Franz Obermeier (CSU), Hans-Josef Fell (Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen), Walter Hirche (FDP) and Eva Bullinger-Schrter (PDS), it became clear that the FDP is not the only political party in Germany to oppose the EEG (Renewable Energy Act). The CSU is thinking about replacing reimbursement for alternative energy sources by a tendering procedure. [German] Weil Wahlprogramme sich meist in Allgemeinplaetzen verlieren, baten wir Energie-Experten aus den fuenf Bundestagsfraktionen in einem Streitgespraech um Klartext: Wie sehen die Plaene zur Solarstromfoerderung aus? Bei der lebhaften Diskussion zwischen Rainer Brinkmann (SPD), Franz Obermeier (CSU), Hans-Josef Fell (Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen), Walter Hirche (FDP) und Eva Bulling-Schroeter (PDS) wurde deutlich: Nicht nur die FDP ist gegen das Erneuerbaree-Energien-Gesetz (EEG). Auch in der Union gibt es Ueberlegungen, die Einspeiseverguetung fuer Solarstrom durch einen Ausschreibungswettbewerb abzuloesen. (orig.)

  9. Expert opinion: Comparative analysis of the social costs of electricity generation in the context of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG); Gutachten: Vergleich externer Kosten der Stromerzeugung in Bezug auf das Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz

    Hohmeyer, O.


    The expert opinion for the German Federal Environmental Agency explains and discusses the results of six scenarios describing the outcome of substitution of conventional electricity generation technologies relying exclusively on fossil fuels, using as a reference case the generation of middle load power in Germany in 1998 with the then operating German power plants, as well as projections for the year 2001. One major objective of the expert opinion is to evaluate results in terms of social and other relevant costs, achieved through the use of renewable energy technologies for electricity generation since effectiveness of the German EEG, (act promoting power generation from renewable energy sources). The comparative evaluation distinctly refers to conventional and renewable generation technologies in assessing their economic and environmental impacts. The second aspect analysed is the support (and its efficiency) offered so far by the existing national policies and laws, as well as the European Directives and guidelines on promotion of renewable energy technologies. Proposals for improvement are presented. (orig./CB) [German] Im Gutachten werden sechs Szenarien fuer die substituierte konventionelle Stromerzeugung entwickelt, die als Basis sowohl die durchschnittliche Stromerzeugung unter Verwendung fossiler Brennstoffe als auch die Erzeugung von Mittellaststrom fuer die Jahre 1998 und 2010 betrachten und anhand entsprechender Referenzsysteme und Berechnungen die Ergebnisse liefern, die die Frage nach allen relevanten, seit Einfuehrung des EEG bis heute, durch den Einsatz erneuerbarer Energietraeger substituierten Kosten und umweltrelevanten Verbesserungen beantworten und detailliert schildern. In der Zusammenfassung werden vor allem die Ergebnisse von Vergleichen bezogen auf verschiedene erneuerbare und konventioneller Energietraeger fuer das Mittellastszenario auf der Basis des fuer 1998 dokumentierten deutschen Kraftwerksparks vorgestellt. Ferner werden die

  10. MiDAS

    McIlroy, Simon Jon; Kirkegaard, Rasmus Hansen; McIlroy, Bianca

    A deep understanding of the microbial communities and dynamics in wastewater treatment systems is a powerful tool for process optimization and design (Rittmann et al., 2006). With the advent of amplicon sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene, the diversity within the microbial communities can now...... web platform about the microbes in activated sludge and their associated ADs. The MiDAS taxonomy proposes putative names for each genus-level-taxon that can be used as a common vocabulary for all researchers in the field....

  11. Durch das Leben lernen

    Ingolf Waßmann; Daniel Versick; Anja Thomanek; Djamshid Tavangarian


    Web 2.0 und soziale Netzwerke gaben erste Impulse für neue Formen der Online-Lehre, welche die umfassende Vernetzung von Objekten und Nutzern im Internet nachhaltig einsetzen. Die Vielfältigkeit der unterschiedlichen Systeme erschwert aber deren ganzheitliche Nutzung in einem umfassenden Lernszenario, das den Anforderungen der modernen Informationsgesellschaft genügt. In diesem Beitrag wird eine auf dem Konnektivismus basierende Plattform für die Online-Lehre namens “Wiki-Learnia” präsentiert...

  12. The ANEEL and the criteria for the resource application in energy efficiency of the electric energy distribution companies; A ANEEL e os criterios para aplicacao de recursos em programas de eficiencia energetica das distribuidoras de energia eletrica

    Haddad, Jamil [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Inst. de Sistemas Eletrico e Energia. Grupo de Estudos Energeticos (GEE)]. E-mail:


    Each year the ANEEL establishes the criteria for the of the Energy Efficiency Programs of the electric power distribution companies. This subject has an importance nevertheless to be highlighted only when conjunctural circumstances occur such as the 2001/2002 electric energy crisis. Such characteristics increase the ANEEL responsibility, because the regulation must observe the structural character which performs the energy efficiency actions. Recently, the ANEEL altered the criteria for the resource application by the electric power distribution companies. This article describes the importance of the energy efficiency and make comments on these frequent regulatory changes. (author)

  13. Energy problem in East Central Europe. Pt. 2. Energy policies and power pools in the Central European COMECON countries. Das Energieproblem in Ostmitteleuropa. T. 2. Energiepolitik und Energieverbund in den mitteleuropaeischen RGW-Staaten


    The following subjects are dealt with in this collection: 1. Energy policies as affected by both oil-price crises, using as examples Czechoslovakia, the GDR, Poland and Hungary. 2. Questions of energy economy in the curricula for geography in the GDR and in Czechoslovakia. 3. Notes on the development of energy intensity in the national income in selected COMECON countries. 4. Economic questions of power pools in the Eastern Block. 5. International agreements on raw materials in COMECON and 6. Technical and economic problems of energy transport within COMECON.

  14. Energy agreement Brazil-German and the perspectives of institutional cooperation in renewable energy sector; Acordo energetico Brasil-Alemanha e as perpectivas de cooperacao institucional no campo das energias renovaveis

    Guimaraes, Patricia Borba Vilar; Xavier, Yanko Marcius de Alencar [Agencia Nacional do Petroleo, Gas Natural e Biocombustiveis (ANP), Brasilia, DF (Brazil). Programa de Recursos Humanos em Direito do Petroleo, Gas Natural e Biocombustiveis


    This work examine the purpose of institutional relations between Brazil and Germany, which are now consolidated in the political, economic, cultural and social development, by virtue of the intense cooperation that has been developed over recent years through numerous public and private entities of both countries.The sector of energy production, strategic for national development, was signed in May 2008, an energy agreement that is part of the action plan of the strategic joint German-Brazilian, demonstrating that Brazil and Germany hold similar views regarding the discussion of the energy sector, in particular, renewable energy.

  15. Das ATHENA-Projekt: [

    Passenheim, Renate


    Full Text Available [english] Since the winter semester of 2002/03, the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg has been using the electronic learning environment ATHENA. It is the "virtual bulletin board" for the exchange and provision of information on the study of medicine within the faculty. Since 2004/05, the platform has been operated using the open source system LRN. The system is used with the focus on document management. The use of the interactive learning contents and programme takes place as a web-based support of the required attendance classes and independent study. The tools available on the platform are used within the departments for the integration of computer-assisted examination concepts, and the conducting of online course evaluations. [german] Seit dem Wintersemester 2002/03 setzt die Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg die elektronische Lernumgebung ATHENA ein. Sie ist das "Virtuelle Schwarze Brett" für den Austausch und die Bereitstellung von Informationen zum Medizinstudium an der Fakultät. Seit 2004/05 wird die Plattform mit dem Open-Source-System .LRN betrieben. Das System wird eingesetzt mit dem Schwerpunkt der Kurs- und Dokumentenverwaltung. Die Nutzung der interaktiven Lerninhalte und -programme erfolgt als webbasierte Unterstützung der Präsenzveranstaltungen sowie im Selbststudium. Die in der Plattform verfügbaren Tools werden in den Fachbereichen zur Integration computerunterstützter Prüfungskonzepte sowie zur Durchführung von Online-Kursevaluationen eingesetzt.


    Marta Ofélia Chaile


    Full Text Available O trabalho relata uma investigação levada a cabo entre profissionais das áreas de Física – Energias Renováveis (ER e Pedagogia, que procura difundir e ensinar as ER. Propôs-se, para isso, preparar um grupo de docentes de escolas técnicas sob a modalidade conhecida como Formação Docente em Serviço, em um processo onde a inserção e a recorrência a materiais técnico-informáticos se constituíram em importante contribuição. A investigação efetuou abordagens complementares: a inserção curricular das ER no nível médio, a formação em serviço de docentes do nível primário, a pesquisa-ação colaborativa entre docentes. Para caracterizar o sujeito da categoria “formação docente em serviço” foram aplicadas entrevistas e recolhidos relatos, narrativas de aulas dadas, de onde se interpretam concepções, representações e escolas de formação para os docentes. O material de ensino, por sua parte, foi testado em campo, mediante sucessivas análises. Os resultados do estudo qualitativo permitiram conhecer pautas de orientação do processo de formação, em relação ao uso de materiais técnico-informáticos no ensino. The paper presents an investigation carried out by professionals of Physics – Renewable Energy (RE and Pedagogy areas, whose aim is to spread and teach RE. Therefore, it is set forth the training of a group of secondary technical school teachers under the modality known as In-service Teacher Training, through which the inclusion and the recurrence to techno-computing material will constitute a significant contribution. The research produced complementary approaches: RE curriculum insertion in middle school, in-service teacher training in the primary school, and collaborative action research among teachers. In order to characterize the subject of the category “in-service teacher training”, interviews are carried out, and stories and school class narrations are collected, from which conceptions

  17. The water-energy relationship: energy management on water supply systems of Brazil's sanitation companies; A relacao entre agua e energia: gestao energetica nos sistemas de abastecimento de agua das companhias de saneamento basico do Brasil

    Moura, Gustavo Nikolaus Pinto de


    Energy and water resources are related in various ways, among which is the use of electric power in Water Supply Systems (WSS). This dissertation identifies actions that can be carried out under the adoption of energy management systems by sanitation companies in order to better use energy resources and, therefore, water resources. The importance of the input electric power to the WSS is presented, as well as the inefficiency of its use mainly due to losses in distribution networks, inappropriate operational routine and inadequate equipment. Two studies were conducted to evaluate the performance of possible actions for energy management in the WSS. The first action was the energy performance indicators use in hypothetical WSS, and the second, the use of EPANET 2.0 simulation software to verify the feasibility of the frequency converter equipment in the water network distribution of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's Environmental Sanitation Centre. (author)

  18. Opportunities for the integration of wind gas at new buildings into the Act on Power Generation from Renewable Energy Sources (EEWaermeG); Moeglichkeiten zur Integration des Einsatzes von Windgas bei Neubauten in das Erneuerbare-Energie-Waermegesetz

    Antoni, Oliver [Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Wuerzburg (Germany)


    The power-to-gas technology as well as the utilization of wind gas produced by this technology is in the transitional phase from the research and development to the market maturity. Despite of sophisticated technical developments and despite of the first regulatory approaches of the financial and other promotions, further efforts are necessary in order to make the utilization of wind gas more economical and in order to facilitate the utilization of wind gas as an option for energy storage to handle the fluctuating power generation from wind power and solar energy. The author of the contribution under consideration reports on the so far only little noticed legal aspect of utilizing wind gas for heat supply and refrigeration supply of buildings as well as on the fulfilment of the obligation to use from the Act on Power Generation from Renewable Energy Sources (EEWaermeG).

  19. Completely in agreement with 'Energy 2000'. The holiday village Fiesch (Valais) has been awarded the Solar Prize 1998; Voll im Trend von Energie 2000. Das Walliser Feriendorf Fiesch als Solarpreistraeger 1998 ausgezeichnet

    Arnold, L.


    Sun, wood, heat recovery and only very little heating oil. These are the keywords of the successful refurbishment of the pilot and demonstration plant 'Gommerdorf' in Fiesch (1060 m above sea level). In the course of this renewal of a 30 years old heating equipment the local utility 'Holiday Village Fiesch' gave interesting signals towards a future more environment-friendly energy policy, in accordance with the objectives of the Swiss Action Programme 'Energy 2000'. [German] Sonne, Holz, Waermerueckgewinnung und nur noch sehr wenig Heizoel zeichnen die gelungene Sanierung der Pilot- und Demonstrationsanlage im 'Gommerdorf' in Fiesch (1060 m ue.M.) aus. Die Genossenschaft 'Feriendorf Fiesch' setzte im Rahmen der Ziele vom Aktionsprogramm 'Energie 2000' fuer die Sanierung ihrer dreissigjaehrigen Energieversorgung zukunftsweisende und interessante umwelt- und energiepolitische Akzente. (author)

  20. The right of energy storage after the energy policy turnaround. The new regulations for electricity storage in EnWG and EEG; Das Recht der Energiespeicherung nach der Energiewende. Die neuen Regelungen zur Stromspeicherung im EnWG und EEG

    Sailer, Frank [Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Wuerzburg (Germany)


    The legislation on the energy policy turnaround in the summer of 2011 results not only in legislative changes in the power distribution networks (e.g., paragraph 12a et seq EnWG, NABEG), but also in the electricity storage. Thus the ''law of energy storage'' has been partially revised and for the first time comprehensively codified with a view to the EnWG. The author of the contribution under consideration analyzes this in more detail.

  1. "Das Konkrete ist das Abstrakte, an das man sich schließlich gewöhnt hat." (Laurent Schwartz) Über den Ablauf des mathematischen Verstehens

    Lowsky, Martin

    Die im Titel genannte Aussage findet sich in den Lebenserinnerungen von Laurent Schwartz (1915-2002), einem der fruchtbarsten Mathematiker, Mitglied der Gruppe Bourbaki. Im Original lautet die Aussage: "un objet concret est un objet abstrait auquel on a fini par s'habituer." Schwartz erläutert sie am Beispiel des Integrals über {e^{-1/2{x^2}}} , das den Wert Wurzel aus 2π hat und in dem sich also die Zahlen e und π verknüpfen. Was Schwartz aber vor allem ausdrücken will, ist dies: Das mathematische Verständnisd geht langsam vor sich und es bedarf der Anstrengung. "Es ist eine Frage der Zeit und der Energie", sagt Schwartz, und gerade dies mache es so schwer, die höhere Mathematik unter das Volk zu bringen. Das Lernen und Lehren von Mathematik laufe eben mühevoll und langsam ab.

  2. easyDAS: Automatic creation of DAS servers

    Jimenez Rafael C


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Distributed Annotation System (DAS has proven to be a successful way to publish and share biological data. Although there are more than 750 active registered servers from around 50 organizations, setting up a DAS server comprises a fair amount of work, making it difficult for many research groups to share their biological annotations. Given the clear advantage that the generalized sharing of relevant biological data is for the research community it would be desirable to facilitate the sharing process. Results Here we present easyDAS, a web-based system enabling anyone to publish biological annotations with just some clicks. The system, available at is capable of reading different standard data file formats, process the data and create a new publicly available DAS source in a completely automated way. The created sources are hosted on the EBI systems and can take advantage of its high storage capacity and network connection, freeing the data provider from any network management work. easyDAS is an open source project under the GNU LGPL license. Conclusions easyDAS is an automated DAS source creation system which can help many researchers in sharing their biological data, potentially increasing the amount of relevant biological data available to the scientific community.

  3. Origens das formas budistas

    Fernando Carlos Chamas

    Full Text Available RESUMO As características de uma imagem de Buda são o resultado do processo milenar que uniu três fatores: as mitologias orientais mais antigas que o budismo, sua capacidade de se adequar às crenças locais e as suas próprias reinterpretações. Após o surgimento das primeiras estátuas que representavam o Buda histórico, o ideal de beleza para um ser que alcançou a Iluminação baseou-se nas antigas "ciências" orientais, predominantemente mentais e de energias sutis. Enquanto a estética ocidental discutia as idealizações da arte com racionalidade, ignorando um oriente "pagão e supersticioso", as imagens budistas personificavam estados mentais que o ocidente só cogitaria na sua modernidade. A arte budista transmite o legado ancestral e imutável de chaves místicas da consciência e do equilíbrio..

  4. Das Mechanostat-Modell

    Kerschan-Schindl K


    Full Text Available Der Knochen ist ständig wechselnden Belastungen ausgesetzt und adaptiert seine Festigkeit entsprechend. Mangelnde körperliche Aktivität bedeutet eine zu geringe Verformung des Knochens und in der Folge einen Knochenabbau. Zyklische Belastungen des Knochens jenseits der Modelling-Schwelle, welche ausreichend starke Verformungen des Knochens und Verschiebungen der intrakanalikulären Flüssigkeit mit sich bringen, resultieren in einer Erhöhung der Knochenfestigkeit. Diese Verformungen werden durch Osteozyten wahrgenommen. Die mechanischen Kräfte werden in biochemische Signale umgewandelt (Mechanotransduktion und schließlich die Effektorzellen aktiviert (Transmission. Die Förderung der Osteoblasten bei Hemmung der Osteoklastenaktivität führt letztlich zu einer positiven Knochenbilanz. Die Reaktionen des Knochens sind aber nicht nur von Intensität und Frequenz der Belastung, sondern auch von der Beschleunigung der Bewegung abhängig. Nicht-mechanische Faktoren wie Sexualhormone modulieren das Ausmaß der Adaptation des Skeletts auf mechanische Reize.

  5. Adjustment of the Brazilian radioprotection standards to the safety principles of the International Atomic Energy Agency; Adequacao das normas brasileiras de radioprotecao aos principios fundamentais de seguranca da International Atomic Energy Agency

    Pereira, Wagner de S.; Py Junior, Delcy de A., E-mail: [Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB), Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil). Unidade de Tratamento de Minerio. Grupo Multidisciplinar de Radioprotecao; Kelecom, Alphonse, E-mail: [Universidade Federal Fluminense (LARARA-PLS/GETA/UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Grupo de Estudos em Temas Ambientais. Lab. de Radiobiologia e Radiometria Pedro Lopes dos Santos; Pereira, Juliana R. de S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil)


    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has a recommendation with 10 basic safety principles (Fundamental Safety Principles Safety Fundamentals series, number SF-1), which are: 1) Responsibility for safety; 2) Role for government; 3) Leadership and management for safety; 4) Justification of facilities and activities; 5) Optimization of protection; 6) Limitation of risk to individuals; 7) Protection of present and futures generations; 8) Prevention of accidents; 9) Emergency preparedness and response and 10) Protection actions to reduce existing or unregulated radiations risk. The aim of this study is to verify that the Brazilian standards of radiation protection meet the principles described above and how well suited to them. The analysis of the national radiation protection regulatory system, developed and deployed by the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), showed that out of the ten items, two are covered partially, the number 2 and 10. The others are fully met. The item 2 the fact that the regulatory body (CNEN) be stock controller of a large company in the sector put in check its independence as a regulatory body. In item 10 the Brazilian standard of radiation protection does not provide explicit resolution of environmental liabilities.

  6. "Panoramas das literaturas das Américas"

    Helcías Martán Góngora


    Full Text Available De manera poco menos que ignorada pasó entre nosotros el primer volumen del Panorama das Literaturas das Américas, editado por el Municipio de Nova Lisboa, en Angola, a mediados del año de 1958. Es verdad que este libro no fue puesto a la venta en las librerías, pero fue remitido a varios escritores colombianos.

  7. Psicoterapia das depressões

    Sidnei Schestatsky; Marcelo Fleck


    Os autores examinam o status atual das psicoterapias no tratamento das depressões, principalmente das quatro formas melhor testadas empiricamente nos últimos 10 anos: psicoterapia interpessoal, psicoterapia cognitiva e comportamental, e psicoterapia psicodinâmica breve. São descritos os principais estudos de eficácia dessas psicoterapias assim como uma revisão metaanalítica sobre o assunto. Conclui-se que já há sólidas evidências de bons resultados nas depressões ambulatoriais e unipolares qu...

  8. Renewable energy for electricity and heat in Germany. A holistic model of the 2050 energy system; Erneuerbare Energien fuer Strom und Waerme in Deutschland. Eine ganzheitliche Modellierung des Energiesystems fuer das Jahr 2050

    Henning, Hans-Martin [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). Bereich Thermische Systeme und Gebaeudetechnik; Palzer, Andreas [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). Bereich Thermische Anlagen und Gebaeudetechnik


    The German Energiewende has tongues wagging. Over discussions about electricity prices, feed-in-law and right-of-way for power lines, people sometimes forget the objectives: substantial reduction of carbon emissions and stabilization of the climate on a exologically and socially acceptable temperature level. Time and again doubts arise about ghe feasibility of such a system at reasonable cost in a densely populated industry nation of the northern hemisphere. The study discussed in this article demonstrates how the need for electricity and heat in Germany can be supplied by renewable energy to an extent of up to 100 %. Different scenarios will be shown which are in accordance with the 80 to 95 % reduction goal of the German government for the reduction of greenhouse gases. (orig.)

  9. Desvelando a Internet das Coisas

    Lucia Santaella


    Full Text Available O presente artigo pretende relatar as origens da Internet das Coisas, seu estado de arte e evidenciar seus principais vetores. Para tal, o estudo percorrerá as eras midiáticas de Santaella (2007, p. 179-189, a par da discussão das máquinas de Turing, da arquitetura Von Neumann até chegar à Internet e seu estado atual, implementada nas coisas.

  10. DAS: Personal Diabetes Management System

    Aisha Batool


    Full Text Available In this study we have presented the design and implementation of a Diabetes Assistant System (DAS which is able to store and manage the diabetic patient’s medical data. DAS (Diabetes Assistance System is developed after studying several well-known existing diabetes management systems and includes many features that were not available in past. In addition to this many features of existing systems are redesigned for more productivity and effective disease management. DAS not only facilitates diabetic patients to manage their lifestyles but it also provides functionalities for medical practitioners and support staff for disease management features. DAS supports core features of user management, disease management, visit management and extended features for socialization. DAS is developed by focusing users’ needs of mobility and ease of access hence available as web-based and mobile-based diabetes management system. DAS enables doctors to support patients remotely and view their disease history. Moreover, a doctor can manage his/her personal profile and daily schedule of online availability. Patients can manage their profiles, daily activities, test results, medications, foods intakes and appointments. In addition to this, patients can view their disease history, doctor’s schedule and health tips. The support staff manages disease related information like medicines, manufacturers, tests, foods and exercises data. In addition they can view/manage doctor’s schedule and appointments.


    Iris Barbosa Boulart


    Full Text Available Resumo Este artigo aborda a questão da identidade no interior das organizações: identidade das pessoas, que são diferentes umas das outras e identidade das organizações, que são marcadas por suas particularidades e sua cultura. São analisadas as abordagens de autores como Erik Erikson, Georges Herbert Mead, Peter Berger e Luckman, assim como Erving Goffman no caso da identidade das pessoas. A identidade organizacional é abordada principalmente na perspectiva de Edgar Schein, que, no Brasil, tem como seguidor o grupo liderado por Maria Tereza Leme Fleury, da Universidade de São Paulo. A parte final do artigo tece considerações sobre as mudanças advindas da globalização e do desenvolvimento da tecnologia da informação e suas conseqüências para a identidade das pessoas e das organizações. Palavras-chave: identidade pessoal, identidade organizacional, identidade no trabalho, socialização organizacional. Abstract This article deals with the issue of identity within organizations: people’s identity, that are different from one another and the identity of the organizations, which are marked by their peculiarities and culture. The approaches of authors such as Erik Erikson, Georges Herbert Mead, Peter Berger and Luckman are analyzed, as well as Erving Gooffman’s approach to people’s identity. The organizationa l identity is approched mainly through Edgar Schein’s perspective, which has the group leaded by Maria Tereza Leme Fleury, from Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, as a follower in Brazil. The final part of this article makes comments on the changes brought about globalization and information technology development and their consequences for the identity of people and organizations. Key-words: personal identity, organizational identity, work identity, organizational socialization.

  12. MyDas, an extensible Java DAS server.

    Gustavo A Salazar

    Full Text Available A large number of diverse, complex, and distributed data resources are currently available in the Bioinformatics domain. The pace of discovery and the diversity of information means that centralised reference databases like UniProt and Ensembl cannot integrate all potentially relevant information sources. From a user perspective however, centralised access to all relevant information concerning a specific query is essential. The Distributed Annotation System (DAS defines a communication protocol to exchange annotations on genomic and protein sequences; this standardisation enables clients to retrieve data from a myriad of sources, thus offering centralised access to end-users.We introduce MyDas, a web server that facilitates the publishing of biological annotations according to the DAS specification. It deals with the common functionality requirements of making data available, while also providing an extension mechanism in order to implement the specifics of data store interaction. MyDas allows the user to define where the required information is located along with its structure, and is then responsible for the communication protocol details.

  13. MyDas, an extensible Java DAS server.

    Salazar, Gustavo A; García, Leyla J; Jones, Philip; Jimenez, Rafael C; Quinn, Antony F; Jenkinson, Andrew M; Mulder, Nicola; Martin, Maria; Hunter, Sarah; Hermjakob, Henning


    A large number of diverse, complex, and distributed data resources are currently available in the Bioinformatics domain. The pace of discovery and the diversity of information means that centralised reference databases like UniProt and Ensembl cannot integrate all potentially relevant information sources. From a user perspective however, centralised access to all relevant information concerning a specific query is essential. The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) defines a communication protocol to exchange annotations on genomic and protein sequences; this standardisation enables clients to retrieve data from a myriad of sources, thus offering centralised access to end-users.We introduce MyDas, a web server that facilitates the publishing of biological annotations according to the DAS specification. It deals with the common functionality requirements of making data available, while also providing an extension mechanism in order to implement the specifics of data store interaction. MyDas allows the user to define where the required information is located along with its structure, and is then responsible for the communication protocol details.

  14. Cultura intelectual das elites coloniais


    Discutir o peso que a cultura intelectual das elites coloniais teve nas experiências imperiais da Europa Moderna é um dos primeiros objectivos do conjunto de ensaios que constitui este número temático da revista Cultura – História e Teoria das Ideias. Tema relevante na historiografia internacional, onde são inúmeros os exemplos de reflexões em torno dos instrumentos intelectuais de que as elites coloniais dispunham, bem como a respeito dos objectos culturais por elas produzidos, ele tem sido ...

  15. Futurismo. A vanguarda das vanguardas

    Andréia Guerini


    Full Text Available Claudia Salaris é considerada uma das mais importantes estudiosas do futurismo. Não por acaso, a autora italiana contribui com as comemorações dos 100 anos da publicação do primeiro manifesto do futurismo com a bela edição Futurismo: L’avanguardia delle avanguardie [Futurismo: a vanguarda das vanguardas] (Milão/Florença: Giunti, 2009, 239 pp..

  16. Evaluation of knee meniscus lesions using MRI - a comparative study of pulse sequences; Avaliacao da lesao meniscal por meio de ressonancia magnetica do joelho - estudo comparativo das sequencias

    Fernandes, Artur da Rocha C.; Vilela, Sonia de Aguiar; Turrini, Elisabeth; Lederman, Henrique M. [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), SP (Brazil). Escola Paulista de Medicina. Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem


    The frequency of knee disability after injuries has become higher, in this context meniscal lesions keep an important role. This study evaluated 34 MR exams using 1.5-T system (Signa; GE). In this group 26 had 4 sequences (5 acquisitions); 2 coronal (T1, MPGR), 3 sagittal (T1, T2, proton density). The aim of this study was to evaluate the MR pulse sequence`s reproducibility and observer variability. Two readers (A and B) reviewed the exams using the same criteria. The reader A reviewed all sequences for each patient; the reader B reviewed the individual sequences at random on two separate occasions, 6 months apart. The signal expression of meniscal lesion is more evident with T1 (short TR/short TE) sagittal; however, in this sequence the results were less consistent. The sagittal proton density (long TR/short TE) was very close to be the idea sequence: had good concordance among the readings of readers A and B. Kappa concordance test showed best result for sagittal proton density images (Kw = 0.84). (author) 47 refs., 17 figs., 2 tabs.

  17. Evaluation of the strengthening of the conditions of voltage security using sensitivity analysis; Avaliacao do reforco das condicoes da seguranca de tensao utilizando a analise de sensibilidade

    Rosa, A.L.S.; Costa, V.M. da; Peres, W. [Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF), MG (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia], Emails:,,; Prada, R.B. [Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC-Rio), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Eletrica], Email:


    Voltage stability or voltage security analysis has motivated an expressive attention of power systems researchers. In this work, a simple and fast method evaluates voltage security and proposes conditions to improve the loading margin. System analysis is carried out in terms of active power transmission path. Sensitivity analysis provides the most adequate buses to active and reactive power redispatch. A sequential iterative methodology to reinforce system conditions is presented. (author)

  18. Evaluation of the mineral impurities and wear down in alcohol and sugar industry; Avaliacao das impurezas minerais e desgaste na industria sucroalcooleira atraves de analise por ativacao neutronica

    Bacchi, Marcio A.


    A tropical clime culture, the sugar cane is planted mainly in underdeveloped countries, being a important economic source. The agricultural sector received during many years funds for technological development, but the sugar cane pressing system did not receive significant technical evolution since the fifties. One of the problem needs solution is the low quality of the raw material, caused by the difficulty of the reaping operation, it causes exaggerated addiction of impurities. The industrial ware down in plants and distilleries does not come exclusively from the action from mineral impurities, occurring also in the processing of pure raw material, free of soil, but is known that the great increase in ware down especially in the extraction system due to the presence of soil on the cane. Keeping the level of minerals to the minimum, makes the ware down to follow to acceptable technical and economical levels. This paper discusses the possibility of quantify the ware down of the extraction equipment by neutron activation of samples collected in one sugar cane plant. For that, the study of the behavior of the elements from sugar cane itself and soil present as impurity and the ware down of the metallic equipment. It was not possible quantify any addition of ware down elements in cane and its derivatives, by the processing system. The iron demonstrated to be a potential tracer element of ware down but the high rates of soil makes difficult the measurement of this element, when proceeding from of the ware down. The reason iron/scandium might be useful in identification of iron of mechanical ware down origin, serving as label of soil origin. Iron and thorium are good tracers of soil in sugar cane loads, being usable for the determination of the impurities levels once known their concentration in the sugar cane original soils. 70 refs., 9 figs., 16 tabs.

  19. Evaluation of the chemical modifications in petroleum asphalt cement with the addition of polypropylene; Avaliacao das modificacoes quimicas no cimento asfaltico de petroleo com a adicao de polipropileno

    Marcondes, C.P.; Sales, M.J.A.; Resck, I.S., E-mail: mjsales@unb.b [Universidade de Brasilia (LabPol/UnB), DF (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Lab. de Pesquisa em Polimeros; Farias, M.M.; Souza, M.V.R. [Universidade de Brasilia (UnB), DF (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Civil e Ambiental


    Studies show that the common distress mode in the Brazilian highway network are fatigue cracks and plastic deformation, which are associated with the type of material used in the pavement layers, structural project, excessive traffic load and weathering. To minimize these defects, research on modifiers such as polymers, added to asphalt binders have been developed to provide physical, chemical and rheological improvement. This paper investigates chemical modifications of the binders with the addition of PP by FTIR, NMR and DSC. FTIR spectra of pure and modified binder showed no differences in absorption. NMR analysis showed no strong chemical bonds between the binder and PP. DSC curve of PP showed a melting temperature of 160 deg C ({Delta}H = 94J/g) and the pure binder presented an endothermic transition between 20 and 40 deg C ({Delta}H = 2J/g). In the DSC curves of mixtures, these transitions are not significant, indicating possible interactions between asphalt binder and PP. (author)

  20. Thermal analysis of Brazilian standards proposals for social residential buildings; Avaliacao termica das propostas de normas brasileiras para edificacoes de interesse social

    Dilkin, Pedro [Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Ijui, RSA (Brazil). Dept. de Fisica, Estatistica e Matematica]. E-mail:; Schneider, Paulo Smith [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:


    This work presents a critical analysis of national proposals of standards for the thermal performance of simple residential buildings. A review of some international standards is performed together with the description of the national proposals of standards, and a prototype of a house is assembled, following each one of the texts. Results are displayed and the prototypes are simulated using the TRNSYS environment, concerning winter and summer periods of Porto Alegre. Finally, the national proposal that achieved the best performance is improved by means new simulations. (author)

  1. Assessment of the supramolecular structures presents into biological samples by SAXS technique;Avaliacao das estrutras supramoleculares presentes em amostras biologicas atraves da tecnica de SAXS

    Conceicao, A.L.C.; Antoniassi, M.; Poletti, M., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Fisica e Matematica


    In this work was made an assessment of the supramolecular structures presents into human breast tissue normal and pathological samples, as well as into two types of animals samples (tendon chicken and pork fat) using the small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) technique. The scattering profiles of the samples were determined at the momentum transfer range O.150nm{sup -1}<=5:q(=4pi.sin({theta}/2)/{lambda})<=8.500nm{sup -1}. In this range, it was possible identify structures corresponding to collagen fibrils (glandular tissue) and to triacylglycerides (adipose tissue) from the correlation between the information extracted from the human breast tissues scattering profiles and those extracted from animals samples. (author)

  2. Imaging of acquired non-traumatic cochlear lesions: iconographic essay; Avaliacao por imagem das lesoes cocleares adquiridas (nao-traumaticas): ensaio iconografico

    Garcia, Marcelo de Mattos; Gonzaga, Juliana Gontijo [Clinica Axial - Centro de Imagem, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)]. E-mail:;


    Different non-traumatic acquired cochlear lesions are shown in this article with imaging methods. They may be responsible for neuro sensorial hearing loss or vertigo. The method of choice is computed tomography when evaluating the osseous labyrinth whereas magnetic resonance imaging has superior resolution in the studies of the membranaceous labyrinth. (author)

  3. Ultrasound stress measurements for API X65 pipes; Avaliacao por ultra-som das tensoes impostas em tubo API X-65

    Medeiros, Raimundo C.; Santos, Ramon Loback Medeiros [TRANSPETRO - PETROBRAS Transporte S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Bittencourt, Marcelo S.Q.; Lamy, Carlos A. [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Donato, Guilherme V.P. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Risks of damages or even premature collapse of buried pipelines caused by their interaction with geologically unstable soils are well-established phenomena. Therefore, both monitoring and measurements of the actual loads transmitted by the soil to the pipeline are mandatory requirements, and define the necessity of developing new nondestructive techniques capable to carry out through evaluations of these loads in field. The aim of this paper has been placed on the presentation of a cutting-edge ultrasonic technology applied to stress measurements. To accomplish this purpose a series of ultrasonic tests were conducted on tensile specimens extracted from API 5L Grade X-65 steel pipe to determine its acoustic birefringence. The results have evidenced the acoustic birefringence to be a technique sufficiently consistent and, consequently, it shall be considered as a promising tool for the evaluation of the structural integrity of metallic structures in the near future. In addition, it was also observed that the use of this technique allows measuring the residual stress resulting from the pipe manufacturing process. (author)

  4. Contribution of ultrasonography and scintillography to the evaluation of parothyroid glands; Contribuicao da ultra-sonografia na avaliacao das glandulas paratireoideas

    Craide, Rosany Helena [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Ultra-som; Cerri, Giovanni Guido [Instituto do Coracao, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem; Custodio, Melani Ribeiro; Jorgetti, Vanda [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Nefrologia; Oliveira, Ilka Regina S. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Inst. de Radiologia; Vermelho, Marli B.F. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Ultra-sonografia


    Sonography and scintilography are good methods for imaging the parathyroid adenomas and hyperplasias. The diagnostic methods were correlated in order to determine the sensitivity of sonographic evaluation with that of scintigraphy in the preoperative examinations for hyperparathyroidism suspected on clinical groups. Scintigraphic examinations were obtained using technetium-9 9 m and technetium-99m-sestamibi as radionuclide agents. A group of 36 patients was evaluated with sonography 19 being correlated with sestamibi. Our results suggest that sonography yields a sensitivity of 77 and 78.5%in comparison with scintigraphy with technetium-99m and with technetium-99m-sestamibi, respectively. The sonographic limitations are ectopic glands, enlarged thyroid goiter and posteriorly displaced adenomas. (author)

  5. Selection and ordering of contingencies for evaluation of voltage safety conditions; Selecao e ordenacao de contingencias para avaliacao das condicoes de seguranca de tensao

    Moura, Ricardo Drumond de


    Although the use of compensation of reactive power allows a higher loading in the electric system, it leads it to work closer to voltage collapse situations. Therefore it's necessary to assess the behavior of the system regarding to this phenomena in the occurrence of the contingencies. In this work some existing methods are studied to check the capacity of ranking the contingencies that might affect the system, and how these methods rank them by severity and select those which are more damaging. The methods are studied having as the main focus the real-time operation. This work proposes a method which is able to rank and select a list of probable contingencies, having as a basis, nodal indexes of voltage security conditions assessment. These indexes are based on MV A margin to the maximum loading, indicate the region of operation on V x P,Q curve, and the relative importance among buses. The sensitivity index which indicates the reduction of the power margin before a contingency, is studied in detail. Besides the nodal analysis, it is proposed a form of a systemic analysis which is able to rank and select the contingencies according to their influence upon all electrical system. (author)

  6. Synthesis optimization of calcium aluminate cement phases for biomedical applications; Avaliacao da sintese das fases de cimento de aluminato de calcio

    Andrade, T.L.; Santos, G.L.; Oliveira, I.R. [Universidade do Vale do Paraiba (UNIVAP), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil); Pandolfelli, V.C. [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (UFSCar), SP (Brazil)


    Calcium aluminate cement (CAC) has been studied as a potential material for applications in the areas of health such as, endodontics and bone reconstruction. These studies have been based on commercial products consisting of a mixture of phases. Improvements can be attained by investigating the synthesis routes of CAC aiming the proper balance between the phases and the control of impurities that may impair its performance for biomedical applications. Thus, the aim of this work was to study the CAC synthesis routes in the Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}-CaCO{sub 3} and Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}-CaO systems, as well as the phase characterization attained by means of X ray analysis. The Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}-CaO route enabled the production of the target phases (CA, CA{sub 2}, C{sub 3}A and C{sub 12}A{sub 7}) with a higher purity compared to the Al2O3-CaCO3 one. As a result the particular properties of these phases can be evaluated to define a more suitable composition that results in better properties for an endodontic cement and other applications. (author)

  7. Evaluation of mechanical properties in stainless alloy ferritic with 5 % molybdenum; Avaliacao das propriedades mecanicas em ligas inoxidaveis ferriticas com 5% de molibdenio

    Lima Filho, V.X.; Gomes, F.H.F.; Guimaraes, R.F.; Saboia, F.H.C.; Abreu, H.F.G. de [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia do Ceara (IFCE). Campus Maracanau, CE (Brazil)], e-mail:


    The deterioration of equipment in the oil industry is caused by high aggressiveness in processing the same. One solution to this problem would increase the content of molybdenum (Mo) alloys, since this improves the corrosion resistance. As the increase of Mo content causes changes in mechanical properties, we sought to evaluate the mechanical properties of alloys with 5% Mo and different levels of chromium (Cr). Were performed metallography and hardness measurement of the alloys in the annealed condition. Subsequent tests were performed tensile and Charpy-V, both at room temperature. The results showed that 2% difference in the content of Cr did not significantly alter the mechanical properties of alloys. The alloys studied had higher values in measured properties when compared to commercial ferritic alloys with similar percentages of Cr. The high content of Mo resulted in a brittle at room temperature but ductile at temperatures above 70 degree C. (author)

  8. Integrity assessment of the tubes of the boilers 8 and 9 at power plant; Avaliacao da integridade dos tubos das caldeiras 8 e 9 da Central Termoeletrica 1

    Silva, Luiz Antonio da; Lage, Andre do Carmo [Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil)


    This work presents the results of the integrity analysis made in the boiler number 8 and 9 of Thermoelectric Center number 1 of CSN to evaluate the residual life of components tubes, as well as the implementation of best recommended actions, after results of the tests of endoscopy, metallography, measurement of oxide layer and dimensional (US, a/b Scan and Eddy current). This work evaluates the studies performed in the main components of the boilers, which were applied modern techniques to analyse the failure mechanisms. The non-destructive testing (NDT) used allowed indicate its damage accumulative and critical points for correction. The realization of this work had the benefit increased operational reliability and availability of boilers. (author)

  9. Evaluation of chemical elements migration from food packaging plastics into food; Avaliacao da migracao de elementos quimicos das embalagens plasticas para alimentos

    Kamiya, Adriana M.; Fulfaro, Roberto; Saiki, Mitiko [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Supervisao de Radioquimica


    This work presents results of As, Cd, Co, Cr, Sb, Se, Sn, and Zn obtained in the analysis of plastics from food packing materials by instrumental neutron activation analysis. The radiometric method was also applied to evaluate the migration of Co and Sb from the plastic into the food simulant. The possible sources of the toxic elements in plastic materials and the advantages of radiometric method in the migration evaluation are discussed. (author)

  10. Helical computed tomography of the paranasal sinuses in children: evaluation of sinus inflammatory diseases; Tomografia computadorizada helicoidal dos seios paranasais na crianca: avaliacao das sinusopatias inflamatorias

    Dutra, Luiz Dias [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Dept. de Radiologia; Marchiori, Edson [Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Radiologia]. E-mail:


    We conducted a retrospective analysis of 71 selected pediatric patients, aged 1 to 7 years, which were submitted to helical computed tomography examination of the paranasal sinuses in the period between March, 1997 and April, 1998 due to recurrent acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. Clinical and helical computed tomography findings were compared by evaluating the pneumatization of the paranasal sinuses, ostiomeatal complexes, anatomic variants, the status of mucosal surface and lesion extension. The most common CT findings were total or partial opacification of one or more paranasal cavities (92.9%), followed by mucosal thickening (67.6%). In the majority of cases there was association between sinusitis and ostiomeatal obstruction. Anatomic variants were identified from the age of one year. The most common anatomic variant was septonasal deviation (14.1%) that was associated to sinusitis in about 71% of the patients. (author)

  11. Evaluation of occupational exposure during the exploration and physical processing of monazite; Avaliacao das exposicoes ocupacionais durante as etapas de exploracao e beneficiamento fisico da monazita

    Farias, Joao Torres de


    In Brazil the most important concentrations of monazite sands occur in the beaches and sandbanks that extend throughout the coast, from the State of Rio Grande do Norte down to the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Nowadays, the most important Brazilian monazite concentrations - considered as being the fourth worldwide reservoir of rare-earth elements - are located at the north seacoast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, near Buena town. At this location the Brazilian Nuclear Industries - INB - manages an industrial complex for prospecting, mining and physical separation and concentration of monazite sands. Among the elements present at the monazite sands there are the radioelements thorium and uranium, which make the monazite sand a radioactive mineral. Monazite is constituted basically of 62% in TR{sub 2}0{sub 3} (rare-earth oxides), 5,5% of thorium in Th0{sub 2} (thorium oxide) and 0,25% of uranium in U{sub 3}0{sub 8} (uranium oxide). The general objective of the present work was to estimate the occupational doses at the industrial complex for prospecting, mining and physical separation and concentration of monazite sands located at Buena, at the north of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The occupational exposures occur mainly through the inhalation of airbone dust particles of mineraIs containing thorium and uranium, during the prospection and physical separation and concentration of monazite. To evaluate the impact of the occupational exposures during the physical separation and concentration of monazite, it was necessary to evaluate the effective equivalent doses due to thorium contamination of the air and the exposures due to the daughter radionuclides from the natural series of uranium and thorium. The results obtained at the present work showed that, although occupational doses are within the annual dose limits established by the Brazilian regulatory authority - CNEN - in some of the working places within the industrial complex the concentrations of radionuclides in air are above the maximum recommended levels. (author)

  12. The Protium heptaphyllum resin: isolation, structural characterization and evaluation of thermal properties; Resina de Protium heptaphyllum: isolamento, caracterizacao estrutural e avaliacao das propriedades termicas

    Vieira Junior, Gerardo Magela; Souza, Cleide Maria Leite de; Chaves, Mariana Helena [Piaui Univ., Teresina, PI (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica]. E-mail:


    Three mixtures of triterpenes (maniladiol and breine; {alpha} and {beta}-amyrin; lupenone, {alpha} and {beta}-amyrinone) were isolated from Protium heptaphyllum March resin. The structural identification was based on NMR and mass spectrometry data. Lupenone, and {alpha} and {beta}-amyrinone were not reported before as constituents of this resin. The resin was submitted to methylation and acetylation reactions. The pure and derivatized resins and the mixtures (maniladiol and breine; {alpha} and {beta}-amyrin) were analyzed by TG and DSC. The TG curves revealed that the derivatization decreases the thermal stability of the resin. The DSC curves showed peaks that can be assigned to evaporation and phase transitions processes. (author)

  13. Control loop performance evaluation and diagnostic in the oil refining process; Avaliacao de desempenho e diagnostico das malhas de controle no processo de refino de petroleo

    Santos, Regina Lucia de A.; Pavanelli, Paula E. [Chemtech, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Miranda, Filipe Costa Pinto dos R. [PETROBRAS S.A., Maua, SP (Brazil). Refinaria de Capuava (RECAP)


    Management Assets has been a theme treated with growing priority and importance by Processes Industry. Control loops are important assets to guarantee the security and operational stability of processes when they present a good performance. Usually there are a large number of control loops in processes units and their initial investment and maintenance costs are expensive. Human evaluation of control loops, in a non-systematic way, does not identify all the problems that can degrade regulatory control performance, and this the main reason to use systematic monitoring and evaluation techniques and software tools necessary to keep loops efficient. This work describes the continuous activity of monitoring and evaluation of the control systems of a petroleum refinery. Depending on some performance indexes, the loops are prioritized and some actions are taken (valve maintenance or tuning adjustment) to improve control loop performance and to avoid the reduction of product quality, raw material and utilities waste and even unit shutdown. (author)

  14. Importance of evaluation of uncertainties on the measurement of natural gas and petroleum volumes; Importancia da avaliacao das incertezas na medicao dos volumes de petroleo e gas natural

    Silva Filho, Jose Alberto Pinheiro da; Oliveira, Thiago Barra Vidal de; Mata, Josaphat Dias da [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], Emails:,,; Val, Luiz Gustavo do [Instituto de Qualidade e Metrologia (IQM), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], E-mail:


    The measurement is considered as the 'cash register' of the enterprises, increasing the accuracy and the exigence at each step when come close to the delivery points, where the 0.1 % of differences are discussed. The work presents the approach used in the evaluation of measurement uncertainties in the volumes obtained of petroleum and natural gas at the processes of production in Brazil, and in the international level as well.

  15. Magnetic resonance angiography in the evaluation of renal arteries: imaging findings; Angiografia por ressonancia magnetica na avaliacao das arterias renais: achados de imagem

    Nacif, Marcelo Souto [Faculdade de Medicina de Teresopolis, RJ (Brazil). Curso de Radiologia]. E-mail:; Santos, Alair Augusto Sarmet Moreira Damas dos [Instituto de Pos-graduacao Medica Carlos Chagas (VOT-Imagem), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Curso de Especializacao em Radiologia; Marchiori, Edson [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Radiologia]. E-mail:


    Objective: to describe indications, main findings and diagnosis of magnetic resonance angiographies of renal arteries. Materials and methods: a retrospective study including 56 imaging studies covering a total of 111 renal arteries, performed during the period between December 6, 2001 and March 11, 2004. The angiographies were performed in a 1.5 T scanner, in compliance with the Department protocol. Results: as regards sex, it was found that 55.4% (n = 31) patients were male and 44.6% (n = 25) were female. The youngest patient was 12 years old and the oldest 88 years old. From a total of 25 different clinical indications, systemic arterial hypertension was the principal one with 26.7% (n = 15), followed by abdominal and/or lumbar pain with 12.5% (n 7), abdominal aortic aneurysm with 10.7% (n = 6), renal artery stenosis with 8.9% (n = 5), and others. Among these 56 studies, 43 (76.7%) had different types of findings and 13 (23.2%) were normal. The majority of findings were related to vascular diameter and amongst them, parietal irregularities, aneurysms and stenosis were the most frequent. Parietal irregularity was the most frequent alteration in the right renal artery with 17.87% (n = 10) and stenosis, in the left renal artery, with 25.45% (n = 14). Conclusion: magnetic resonance angiography has shown to be an excellent non-invasive method for evaluation of renal arteries, because of its sensitivity and multiplanar capacity for demonstrating vascular structures. (author)

  16. Pequeno almanaque das palavras protegidas

    Noemi Jaffe


    Full Text Available ada e orah brincavam de proteger palavras importantes e assim inventaram um almanaque das palavras protegidas. isso porque as palavras andam pelas bocas de todo mundo. mudam de sentido. de som. de tamanho. as palavras são tão desprotegidas.

  17. Energy

    Foland, Andrew Dean


    Energy is the central concept of physics. Unable to be created or destroyed but transformable from one form to another, energy ultimately determines what is and isn''t possible in our universe. This book gives readers an appreciation for the limits of energy and the quantities of energy in the world around them. This fascinating book explores the major forms of energy: kinetic, potential, electrical, chemical, thermal, and nuclear.

  18. Methodology for classification of commercial edification and of service according to the regulation for voluntary tagging of the energy efficiency level of commercial, services and public buildings - economic evaluation of the simulated and classified models; Metodologia para classificacao de edificacao comercial e de servico conforme a regulamentacao para etiquetagem voluntaria do nivel de eficiencia energetica de edificios comerciais, de servicos e publicos - avaliacao economica dos modelos simulados e classificados

    Baptista, Norma do Nascimento; Rovere, Emilio Lebre La [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Planejamento Energetico], e-mail:, e-mail:


    This article presents the methodology developed for determination of energy performance and the classification in accordance with the Regulation for the Voluntary Tagging of the Efficiency Level of commercial, services and public edifications. The methodology applies to commercial and service edification, specifically for offices and schools purposes.

  19. Das Österreichische Infarktregister

    Steinbach K


    Full Text Available In das Österreichische Infarktregister wurden zwischen 1990 und 2001 in 41 Krankenanstalten 11.611 Patienten mit einem Q-Zacken- und 1814 Patienten mit einem Nicht-Q-Zacken-Myokardinfarkt aufgenommen. Es wurden die Angina pectoris-Anamnese, der Einweisungsmodus, die Akutbehandlung, die Komplikationsrate, die nichtinvasive und invasive Diagnostik, die Mortalität sowie die medikamentöse Behandlung bei Entlassung dokumentiert. Mit einem über 12 Jahre laufenden Register wurde der Trend betreffend das Management von Patienten mit akutem Myokardinfarkt dokumentiert. Dieser zeigt entsprechend den Erkenntnissen der klinischen Forschung eine kontinuierliche Zunahme der Thrombolysebehandlung, der invasiven Diagnostik und Therapie und dadurch bedingt eine Abnahme der Spitalsmortalität, ebenso eine dem internationalen Standard entsprechende medikamentöse Therapie bei Entlassung.

  20. Das


    “Volksbedarf start Luxusbedarf”war Motto yon Hannes Meyer,der im Jahre 1928 die Leitung des Bauhauses übernahm. Die Produktion in den Werkstǎtten wurde auf die kostensparende industrielle Massenproduktion und die Verwendung von billigen Materialien ausgerichtet, die dieErzeugnisse für breite Bevǒkerungsschichten erschwinglich machte.

  1. The actual role of alternative energies in electricity supply in Brazil in the nineties; O real papel das energias alternativas no suprimento de electricidade no Brasil na decada de 90

    Prado Junior, Fernando Amaral Almeida; Simoes, Nivaldo Silveira [Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Starting in the seventies, deep changes have occurred in the electric sector, and alternative energy sources appeared as an option to hydraulic power. Presently, the effective contribution of alternative sources such as solar energy, cogeneration and energy conservation will not be predominant in the short run. Nevertheless, the study of these technologies is fundamental for the utilities` strategies. 4 refs., 5 figs.

  2. Psicoterapia das depressões

    Sidnei Schestatsky


    Full Text Available Os autores examinam o status atual das psicoterapias no tratamento das depressões, principalmente das quatro formas melhor testadas empiricamente nos últimos 10 anos: psicoterapia interpessoal, psicoterapia cognitiva e comportamental, e psicoterapia psicodinâmica breve. São descritos os principais estudos de eficácia dessas psicoterapias assim como uma revisão metaanalítica sobre o assunto. Conclui-se que já há sólidas evidências de bons resultados nas depressões ambulatoriais e unipolares quando tratadas por intervenções psicossociais, combinadas ou não com farmacoterapia.It is examined the present status of psychotherapeutic treatment of depression, specially the impact of the four types of psychotherapy best empirically tested for the past 10 years: interpersonal therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapies, and brief psychodynamic therapy. Both the main efficacy studies of those therapies as well as a meta-analytic review of their results are described. The conclusion is that there are already strong evidences of good outcome when ambulatorial unipolar depression is treated by psychossocial interventions, alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy.

  3. Impact of energy efficiency and alternative sources in the Brazilian electric matrix: scenarios 2005-2050; Impacto da eficiencia energetica e das fontes alternativas na matriz eletrica brasileira: cenarios 2005-2050

    Saidel, Marco A.; Gimenes, Andre L.V.; Fujii, Ricardo J. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (GEPEA/USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia; Furtado, Marcelo [Greenpeace Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Part of a worldwide initiative championed by Greenpeace International and EREC - European Renewable Energy Council, a partnership between Greenpeace Brazil and GEPEA/USP were established for producing two national alternative energy scenarios, as a blueprint for how to meet forthcoming Brazilian energy needs in a sustainable way. Such scenarios, one reflecting the views of GEPEA/USP and another the perceptions by Greenpeace, were both based on a reference scenario strongly drawing from the 'Plano Decenal 2006-2015' and the 'Plano Nacional de Energia 2030', both by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. From the alternative scenarios one may see that is feasible to satisfy the increasing Brazilian demand through the integrated deployment of alternative resources, Natural Gas fueled thermal power plants and energy conservation measures. To develop the Brazilian electricity energy base in such terms, however, is mandatory to conduct further debate on energy planning issues, conservation measures and alternatives resources concerns included. (author)

  4. Renewable energies. Overall survey of engineering insurers within the German Insurance Association (GDV) on the level of technological development and the technical hazard potential; Erneuerbare Energien. Gesamtueberblick der Technischen Versicherer im GDV ueber den technologischen Entwicklungsstand und das technische Gefaehrdungspotenzial

    Land, Thorsten (comp.)


    In 2009, important processes have been initiated which impact on the development of renewable energies in a long-term run. Two of these projects are the Desertic Industrial Initiative and the construction of a 2-GW solar power station in the People's Republic of China. The Desertec Industrial Initiative intends to cover 15 % of the european electricity requirement by means of about 400 billion Euro. It is the largest ever proposed project of renewable energy. In order to document the current knowledge and to make it available, the project group 'Renewable Energies' of the engineering insurer in the German Insurance Association has prepared this publication. This publication provides a current overview of the state of the art and the technical potential threat for the conversion of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy and biomass into usable energy.

  5. How about a slightly more? The PLUS energy school Rostock. A refurbishment project serving as a model; Darf's ein bisschen mehr sein? Die PLUS Energieschule Rostock. Ein Sanierungsobjekt, das Schule machen koennte

    Wollensak, Heidi [Wollensak Architekten, Wismar (Germany); Institut fuer Gebaeude + Energie + Licht Planung, Wismar (Germany)


    Since the implementation of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) the construction industry makes every effort of energy-optimized construction and renovation. In order to implement the recent energy policy objectives of the Federal Government also the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany) set a signal: Within the research project 'Energy-efficient schools' under the program 'Energy-optimized building' three selected schools should produce more primary energy than it needs for its own operation. The European School of Rostock (Federal Republic of Germany) is the largest of these PLUS energy schools - the first phase of construction will soon be occupied.

  6. Energy

    Robertson, William C


    Confounded by kinetic energy? Suspect that teaching about simple machines isn t really so simple? Exasperated by electricity? If you fear the study of energy is beyond you, this entertaining book will do more than introduce you to the topic. It will help you actually understand it. At the book s heart are easy-to-grasp explanations of energy basics work, kinetic energy, potential energy, and the transformation of energy and energy as it relates to simple machines, heat energy, temperature, and heat transfer. Irreverent author Bill Robertson suggests activities that bring the basic concepts of energy to life with common household objects. Each chapter ends with a summary and an applications section that uses practical examples such as roller coasters and home heating systems to explain energy transformations and convection cells. The final chapter brings together key concepts in an easy-to-grasp explanation of how electricity is generated. Energy is the second book in the Stop Faking It! series published by NS...

  7. Comparison of the DAS28-CRP and DAS28-ESR in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Sengul, Ilker; Akcay-Yalbuzdag, Seniz; Ince, Bugra; Goksel-Karatepe, Altinay; Kaya, Taciser


    To compare the Disease Activity Score with 28 joint (DAS28) using erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) (DAS28-ESR) and DAS28 using C-reactive protein (CRP) (DAS28-CRP) with thresholds validated for DAS28-ESR in Turkish patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The DAS28 data of 112 patients with rheumatoid arthritis followed in a local outpatient clinic were used. First, the correlation between DAS28-CRP and DAS28-ESR and the correlation between their unique components ([0.36 × In (CRP + 1) + 0.96] and [0.70 × In (ESR)]) were analyzed. Second, a Bland-Altman plot was constructed for the evaluation of the level of agreement between DAS28-CRP and DAS28-ESR. Lastly, the agreement between these two methods was analyzed by κ coefficient. Although there was a strong correlation between DAS28-CRP and DAS28-ESR, the correlation between their unique components was fair. Although more than 95% of the point data fall between the upper and lower bounds of the limit of agreement, the percentage error (46%) was higher than the acceptable proportion of 30%. The κ coefficient of agreement between DAS28- ESR and DAS28-CRP with validated thresholds for DAS28-ESR was 0.42, which was close to the lower boundary for moderate agreement. The results of this study demonstrated that there is discordance between DAS28-ESR and DAS28-CRP with the validated thresholds for DAS28-ESR. Using the DAS28-CRP with threshold values validated for DAS28-ESR may lead to errors in the determination of disease activity and therefore may lead to errors in the management of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. © 2015 Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

  8. Comparative study of the impacts of hydroelectric power plants with impacts avoided by a Virtual Plants Equivalents (VPEs) through of energy efficiency actions; Estudo comparativo dos impactos das usinas hidreletricas com os impactos evitados por uma usina virtual equivalente atraves das acoes de eficiencia energetica

    Silva, Roberto Perillo Barbosa da; Barros, Regiane Silva de [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (FEM/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Mecanica], emails:, Rossi, Luiz Antonio [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (FEAGRI/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. Engenharia Agricola], email:


    This article presents a comparative study of the impacts caused by Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPPs) in relation to the impacts avoided through actions that promotes energy efficiency called Virtual Plants Equivalents (VPEs). To do so, it was considering the recent results presented by the National Program for Electric Energy Conservation (PROCEL) to the year 2008, which shows that the program actions' in this period resulted in a Virtual Plant Equivalent of 1049 MW. It was performed a survey of the values of wetland and families displaced by the construction of hydropower plants and, later, it was compared these data with the values found in the literature and, finally, it was established that the actions of energy efficiency are important instruments to avoid (or at least postpone) the social and environmental impacts directly and indirectly that affects the whole society. Thus, it is suggested that there is a stimulus in relation to energy efficiency actions, what is observed nowadays in Brazil is that these actions are negligible before the potential that exists at industrial, commercial and residential sectors. (author)

  9. The role of bioenergy in the energy transition. The ''Smart Bioenergy'' concept; Die Rolle der Bioenergie in der Energiewende. Das ''Smart Bioenergy''-Konzept

    Thraen, Daniela [Helmholtz-Zentrum fuer Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig (Germany). Dept. Bioenergie (BEN); DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH, Leipzig (Germany). Bereich Bioenergiesysteme; Seitz, Stefanie B.; Wirkner, Ronny; Nelles, Michael [DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH, Leipzig (Germany). Bereich Bioenergiesysteme


    The energy system's transformation away from fossil and therefore finite resources and ecological harmful use towards renewable energy sources and sustainable forms of usage proceeds. But even after 35 years, the German energy transition has yet not reached its ambitious goals. Moreover, in the recent years the progress has stagnated in certain areas. This is due to the fact that one of the central challenges of the energy system's changeover to an sole use renewable energy (RE) have not yet mastered: the reliable and stable delivery of RE for all energy dependent sectors starting form electricity via heat to mobility in the face of fluctuating energy sources like sun and wind. Bioenergy with its flexible use of innovative technologies and smart integration in the overall system is therefore vital to grant stability of energy supply. Furthermore, bioenergy can recourse on sustainable resources and may become therefore the backbone of the future bioeconomy. For this purpose an integrative approach is necessary that aligns the aforementioned building blocks in a cohesive whole: the Smart Bioenergy concept - that will be presented here with its elements but also open questions and challenges.

  10. A economia das pirites alentejanas

    Guimarães, Paulo Eduardo


    Nos meados do século XIX a Inglaterra tinha praticamente esgotadas as suas minas de cobre e, apesar do controlo monopolístico que detinha sobre o enxofre siciliano, não era capaz de satisfazer as necessidades crescentes das suas indústrias metalúrgicas. O cobre era cada vez mais necessário a uma vasta gama de ferramentas e de máquinas e, sobretudo, era requerido pela jovem indústria eléctrica. O enxofre, matéria-prima a partir da qual se obtinha o ácido sulfúrico, era utilizado no fabrico da ...

  11. Radiometric evaluation of graves of victims of the accident with Cesium 137 in Goiania, GO, Brazil: 25 years after; Avaliacao radiometrica das sepulturas das vitimas do acidente com o Cesio 137 em Goiania: 25 anos apos

    Lage, Leonardo B.; Correa, Rosangela da S.; Santos, Eliane E. dos, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares do Centro-Oeste (CRCN-CO/CNEN-GO), Abadia de Goias, GO (Brazil); Freitas-Junior, Ruffo, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Programa de Mastologia


    Twenty-five years after the radiation accident in Goiania, this study aims to evaluate the radiological situation in the area demarcated by the graves of the victims of the accident with cesium-137. Radiometric survey was carried out on the surface that encompasses the four graves and vicinity, from a pre-established mesh. Dose rate measurements were carried out, using the IdentFINDER equipment, positioned at 1 m height from the ground. The values of dose rates at the points measured ranged from 0.03 to 0.07 μSv/h. This variation of dose rate is less than those obtained in the local graveyard and are in the range of background radiation observed in Goiania. Considering the results obtained 25 years after the accident, it was concluded that engineering barriers adopted at that time are effective, stating the place absolutely safe from a radiological point of view, both for the individual from the public as to the environment.

  12. Evaluation of the conditions and practices of radiological protection technicians in radiology, according to Ordinance 453; Avaliacao das condicoes e das praticas de protecao radiologica dos tecnicos em radiologia, segundo a portaria 453

    Costa, Rogerio Ferreira da


    Professionals in radiology suffer whole body exposure to low doses for long periods . The system of radiological protection should keep exposures below recommended thresholds, thus avoiding the stochastic effects that can be triggered with any dose level value, and there is not a threshold for induction of the same. Therefore it is important to use personal dosimeter for monitoring doses and protective equipment. The increase in procedures using ionizing radiation in recent years has been noted with concern, since many companies are not complying with the standards of protection. This is because some procedures may be performed without the need of surgery, which presents a greater risk to the patient. Furthermore, Brazilians are being exposed to radiation without necessity. The reasons range from radiological equipment miscalibrated to poorly trained staff. Thus we evaluate the conditions and practices of radiation protection technicians in radiology according to Ordinance 453 in Goiania, GO, Brazil. Through a descriptive survey with a quantitative approach, we used the technique of gathering information based on a questionnaire. From this survey, we identified the procedures used by radiation protection professionals and concluded that there are failures in the procedures for protecting patients and accompanying and in the training of the professionals. (author)

  13. Security of energy supply. New shortages, the revival of resource nationalism and the prospects for multilateral solutions; Energiesicherheit. Neue Knappheiten, das Wiederaufleben des Ressourcennationalismus und die Aussichten fuer multilaterale Ansaetze

    Dirmoser, D.


    The topic of ''security of supply'' was off the political agenda for almost two decades. This has changed since the price surge of the past years revealed shortages, making supply shortfalls and interruptions a real possibility. In view of this situation many countries are now relying on national security strategies. A run for access to oil and gas has begun. In the year 2020 half of the world's oil and gas production will come from countries that are now regarded as high-risk zones. Security of energy supply will thus also depend on whether the flow of investments and resources remains unaffected by tensions, crises and international conflicts. Neither a diversified energy mix nor the increased use of renewable energy or improvements in energy efficiency can provide protection against the impact of international relationships on security of energy supply.

  14. The impact of the Russian lobbying on the German and European energy policy. The case Gazprom; Die Auswirkung der russischen Lobbyarbeit auf die deutsche und europaeische Energiepolitik. Das Fallbeispiel Gazprom

    Milaqi, Bledar


    The author of the contribution under consideration reports on the relationship between Germany, the European Union and Gazprom (Moscow, Russia). The author supports the hypothesis that Gazprom pushes the idea of an immediate common European energy strategy by its activities and impacts the German and European energy policy. The aspects of the participation of the Russian politics in the strategic decision-making bodies of Gazprom in key situations are elucidated.

  15. The impact of water vapour on climate; Does a hydrogen energy management bear higher risks than the combination of fossil fuels. Der Einfluss von Wasserdampf auf das Klima; Birgt eine Wasserstoffenergiewirtschaft hoehere Klimarisiken als die Verbrennung fossiler Energietraeger

    Zittel, W. (Ludwig-Boelkow-Systemtechnik GmbH, Ottobrunn (Germany)); Altmann, M. (Ludwig-Boelkow-Systemtechnik GmbH, Ottobrunn (Germany))


    Do water vapour emissions from a solar hydrogen system affect the climate This question was investigated by the authors. They state: The comparison with natural emissions by evaporation shows that emissions caused by energy generation, regardless of whether they stem from fossil, nuclear or regenerative energy systems, are negligible with a proportion of 0.005%. On the other hand, carbon dioxide emissions with a proportion of 4%, constitute a factor which already impedes the natural cycle. (orig.)

  16. Effects of the introduction of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on sources of energy and the electricity grid; Auswirkungen der Markteinfuehrung von Elektrofahrzeugen und Plug-In-Hybrids auf die Energietraeger und das Elektrizitaetsnetz. Bericht

    Rigassi, R.; Huber, S. [Enco AG, Liestal (Switzerland); Strub, P. [Pierre Strub - nachhaltig wirkt, Basel (Switzerland)


    This comprehensive final report for the Swiss federal Office of Energy (SFOE) discusses the effects of the introduction of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on sources of energy and the electricity grid. According to the authors, the introduction of electric drives in the automobile sector will cause no important additional consumption of electricity by 2035 for an expected percentage of around 25% of all vehicles being wholly or partly electrically powered; fossil fuel consumption can, however, be reduced by almost a quarter. The energy storage function of the batteries in electric vehicles can additionally be used to help integrate the high proportion of stochastically generated wind and solar power in the power grid. Energy and CO{sub 2} balances for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are discussed, as is the use of vehicle batteries as part of a 'vehicle-to-grid' system that can help regulate the electricity mains. The potential for using vehicles for the supply of regulating energy is looked at. Charge optimisation and mains feed-in are discussed. The ecological effects of this regulating function are examined in the European context. Relationships to other energy scenarios are presented and discussed. Finally, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made. Questions still to be examined are listed.

  17. The role of geodata and geotools in sustainable energy planning. The Interreg project 'North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning'; Die Bedeutung von Geodaten und Geowerkzeugen fuer eine nachhaltige Energieplanung. Das Interreg-Projekt 'North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning'

    Knies, Juergen [Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth, Oldenburg (DE). Inst. fuer Angewandte Photogrammetrie und Geoinformatik (IAPG)


    The Interreg IVB project 'North Sea Sustainable Energy Planning' is to promote the development of models for regional development in consideration of renewable energy sources and the implementation of measures for higher energy efficiency in consideration of regional and international boundary conditions. Geodata and geotools provide a basis for sustainable energy planning. The Institute of Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics of Jade Hochschule University developed concepts and geotools to support decision-makers in this task. The concepts and tools are presented in this paper.

  18. Energy


    Canada, Britain, and Spain. We found that the energy industry is not in crisis ; however, U.S. government policies, laws, dollars, and even public...CEIMAT (Centro de Investagaciones Energeticas , Medioambeintales y Tecnologicas) Research and development Page 3 of 28ENERGY 8/10/04 an emerging national crisis (war), emergency (natural disaster), or major impact event (Y2K). Certain resources are generally critical to the

  19. Means to estimate the influence of user variables on a smart integration of electric vehicles into the future energy grid; Methoden zur Bestimmung des Nutzereinflusses auf eine intelligente Integration von Elektrofahrzeugen in das zukuenftige Energienetz

    Hahnel, Ulf J.J. [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Freiburg Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Psychologie; Benoit, Pascal; Goelz, Sebastian; Kohrs, Robert [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Solare Energiesysteme (ISE), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Spada, Hans [Freiburg Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Psychologie


    A smart integration of electric vehicles into the future energy grid guarantees for matching energy demand and supply. To sufficiently integrate electric vehicles into the energy grid, it is necessary to maximize the vehicles' availability for intelligent charging processes. However, the availability highly depends on the motivation and skills of their users. Future drivers have to decide whether they want to initiate direct or intelligent charging processes. In case of intelligent charging processes, the systems require information about upcoming departure times and trip lengths. Inaccurate user predictions may reduce vehicles' availability for intelligent charging processes or may lead to insufficient battery levels. In the present paper, we investigate the influence of user variables on electric vehicles' availability for smart integration. We use data from psychological research that allows for comparing mobility predictions with actual mobility. We further technologically interpret data and display means to account for user variables in future charging scenarios. (orig.)

  20. Evaluation of doses from radiodiagnostic procedures performed in veterinary medicine and assessing of the doses of secondary radiation in the medical staff and animal owners; Avaliacao das doses resultantes de procedimentos radiodiagnosticos realizados em medicina veterinaria e avaliacao das doses secundarias de radiacao espalhada no corpo clinico e nos proprietarios dos animais

    Veneziani, Glauco Rogerio


    The primary goal in veterinary radiography is to produce radiographs of diagnostic quality on the first attempt. This goal serves three purposes: (1) to decrease radiation exposure to the patient and veterinary personnel; (2) to decrease the cost of the study for the client; and (3) to produce diagnostic data for rapid interpretation and treatment of the patient. This work aimed to determine the doses in dogs submitted to chest and abdomen X rays using the technique of thermoluminescence (TL) dosimetry. The radiation doses were assessed using thermoluminescent dosimeters of calcium sulphate doped with dysprosium (CaSO{sub 4}:Dy) and lithium fluoride doped with magnesium and titanium (LiF:Mg,Ti). The obtained results indicate that is extremely important the assessment of radiation doses involved in veterinary diagnostic radiology procedures, to evaluate the delivered doses to the animals, to be used as a parameter in the individual monitoring of pet's owners, who assist the animal positioning, and to protect occupationally exposed workers at the Veterinary Radiology Clinics. (author)

  1. As novas estruturas organizacionais das bolsas

    Marcos Galileu Lorena Dutra


    O presente trabalho investiga as novas estruturas organizacionais das bolsas de valores e das bolsas de mercadorias e futuros, implementadas após os processos de desmutualização. É feita uma análise da importância das bolsas para o desenvolvimento econômico, bem como do seu papel de entidades auto-reguladoras. São ainda apresentados os principais fatores que motivaram a conversão das bolsas de associações mutualísticas para sociedades anônimas, bem como as conseqüências dessa alteração organi...

  2. As novas estruturas organizacionais das bolsas

    Marcos Galileu Lorena Dutra


    O presente trabalho investiga as novas estruturas organizacionais das bolsas de valores e das bolsas de mercadorias e futuros, implementadas após os processos de desmutualização. É feita uma análise da importância das bolsas para o desenvolvimento econômico, bem como do seu papel de entidades auto-reguladoras. São ainda apresentados os principais fatores que motivaram a conversão das bolsas de associações mutualísticas para sociedades anônimas, bem como as conseqüências dessa alteração organi...

  3. O livro das pequenas coisas

    Alckmar Santos


    Full Text Available O livro das pequenas coisas foi produzido a partir da oficina “Criação poética digital” ministrada pelo coletivo formado por Nupill, 1maginári0: poéticas computacionais e Ateliê Ciclope de arte e publicação digital durante o VI Simpósio Internacional e VIII Simpósio Nacional de Literatura e Informática, realizado na Universidade de Passo Fundo entre os dias 9 e 11 de novembro de 2016. Atualmente está disponível na internete em

  4. Energy balance, bioelectricity and emission of greenhouse gases from power plants in Mato Grosso do Sul; Balanco energetico, bioeletricidade e emissao de gases estufa das usinas de Mato Grosso do Sul

    Turdera, Eduardo Mirko Valenzuela [Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados (UFGD), MS (Brazil)], email:


    First we present in this paper the most important greenhouse gases emitted by sugar cane crops. The principal reference of the energy balance methodology and its theory are described. Furthermore, we show the yields of the unique energy balance applied to the sugar cane mills of Mato Grosso do Sul. The yields brings information about land use of the sugar cane crops, efficiency of technologies and process to produce ethanol and inputs about how the companies could improve its competitive position which involves, to care of environment impacts. Finally, we present the yield of CO{sub 2} emissions of the five mills evaluated. (author)

  5. The German law ''KonTraG'' is not sufficient for the energy trading. The importance of the so-called soft factors in successful risk management; Das KonTraG genuegt nicht im Energiehandel. Die Bedeutung der weichen Faktoren im erfolgreichen Risikomanagement

    Jaden, E.


    The following article deals with the wholescale trading of energy. The energy market in Central Europe is under development with respect to liquidity, transparency, variety of products and standardisation of contracts. It is true that especially the big energy providers have prepared the organisations by way of significant input of own and consulting capacities to match the new German legal requirements for a sufficient risk management, but the long term success of trading in volatile markets will mainly depend on the so-called soft factors such as strategy, attitude in leadership and communication, personnel policy and most important of all the way how to manage price risk positions day by day. These soft factors can very hardly be implemented and controlled by any law, consulting or auditing. (orig.) [German] Der Verfasser eroertert den Engergie-Grosshandel. Hier ist der Markt zur Zeit in Mitteleuropa in Bezug auf Liquiditaet, Transparenz, Produktvielfalt und Standardisierung in der Entwicklungsphase. Zwar haben sich insbesondere die grossen Energiegesellschaften mit viel Eigen- und Beratungsaufwand auf die Erfuellung der neuen gesetzlichen Risikomanagement-Anforderungen vorbereitet, aber beim Handel in volatilen Maerkten sind besonders die durch Gesetz, Beratung und Wirtschaftspruefung schwer in den Griff zu bekommenden so genannten weichen Faktoren wie Strategie, Fuehrungs- und Kommunikationsverhalten, Personalpolitik und als wichtigstes das Preisrisiko-Steuerungsverhalten fuer den langfristigen Erfolg massgebend. (orig.)

  6. Sustainability of the renewable sustainable energies: initial case study for the biomass and the bio fuels; Sustentabilidade das energias renovaveis sustentaveis: estudo inicial de caso para a biomassa e para os biocombustiveis

    Moret, Artur de Souza [Fundacao Universidade Federal de Rondonia, Porto Velho, RO (Brazil). Grupo de Pesquisa Energia Renovavel Sustentavel]. E-mail:


    This text will have one brief conceptual quarrel on the existing relations between development, energy and biomass. Intending to show that the use of the biomass with criteria is an important form of implementation of a differentiated and sustainable development. (author)

  7. Treatment analysis of incentive politics for renewable energy projects in the clean development mechanism (CDM): the Brazilian case; Analise do tratamento das politicas de incentivos a projetos de energias renovaveis no mecanismo de desenvolvimento limpo (MDL): o caso brasileiro

    Medeiros, Anamelia; Hauser, Philipp, Emails:,


    This paper analyses the politics for mitigation recently adopted by the Brazil, and discuss his treatment under the rules of CDM, viewing to contribute for a transparent solution which to allow the conciliation global and national politics for the clean expansion of the energy sector in Brazil.

  8. Infuence of the amount of energy at the outlet of elbow suction pipes on the results of efficiency measurements in water turbines; Der Einfluss der Energiehoehe am Austritt von Ellbogen-Saugrohren auf das Ergebnis von Wirkungsgradmessungen an Wasserturbinen

    Geromiller, W. [Sulzer-Escher Wyss GmbH, Ravensburg (Germany); Feyrer, R. [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Stroemungsmechanik und Hydraulische Stroemungsmaschinen


    These studies on flow conditions in and following a Kaplan elbow suction pipe were commissioned by the company Sulzer-Escher Wyss. The measured speed distribution in the outlet cross-section of the suction pipe deviates strongly from the mean speed and shows maxima of speed along the vertical external walls. The energy calculated from the measured speeds exceeds the value calculated according to the IEC guidelines from the mean speed at full load by a factor of two to three. The resulting additional losses are taken into account by the guaranteed efficiencies. Since, according to IEC, the energy at the outlet is always calculated with the same proportion of speed energy from the mean value, the results of the efficiency measurement depend on the magnitude of the water table above the suction pipe. Because of this dependence and with a view to higher measuring accuracy, pressure measurement in the outlet cross-section of the suction pipe is to be preferred to water table measurement. (orig./AKF) [Deutsch] Im Auftrag der Firma Sulzer-Escher Wyss wurden Untersuchungen der Stroemungsverhaeltnisse in und nach einem Kaplan-Ellbogensaugrohr durchgefuehrt. Die gemessene Geschwindigkeitsverteilung im Saugrohraustrittsquerschnitt weicht sehr stark von der mittleren Geschwindigkeit ab und weist die Geschwindigkeitsmaxima entlang den vertikalen Aussenwaenden auf. Die aus den gemessenen Geschwindigkeiten berechnete Energie uebertrifft den gemaess IEC-Richtlinien aus der mittleren Geschwindigkeit berechneten Wert bei Vollast um den Faktor zwei bis drei. Diese daraus resultierenden Zusatzverluste sind in den abgegebenen Wirkungsgradgarantien enthalten. Da laut IEC die Energie am Austritt immer mit dem gleichen Anteil der Geschwindigkeitsenergie aus dem Mittelwert gerechnet wird, sind die Ergebnisse der Wirkungsgradmessung von der Groesse der Saugrohrueberdeckung abhaengig. Wegen dieser Abhaengigkeit von der Saugrohrueberdeckung und wegen einer besseren Messgenauigkeit ist die

  9. Das berufliche und das private Geschlecht Gender: Professional and Private

    Almut Sülzle


    Full Text Available Jutta Wergen untersucht Geschlechterkonstruktionen in Männerberufen, indem sie Frauen befragt, die als Lkw-Fahrerinnen, als Binnenschifferinnen und als Bus- bzw Straßenbahnfahrerinnen im öffentlichen Nahverkehr arbeiten. Dabei kann sie zeigen, dass diese Berufe sehr unterschiedliche Kontexte für Geschlechterarrangements zur Verfügung stellen, von traditioneller Arbeitsteilung bis zur Umkehrung derselben. Der Kern der Erkenntnis dieser Arbeit, das sei hier schon vorweggenommen, ist bestechend und zugleich faszinierend einfach: die Trennung in ein „professionelles“ und ein „privates“ Geschlecht.Jutta Wergen examines gender constructions in traditionally male careers by interviewing women who work as truck drivers, ship captains, and bus and tram drivers in public transportation. In doing so she can show that these careers provide very different contexts for gender arrangements, from traditional division of work to its reversal. The core of the realization of this study-this is anticipated here-is fascinating and amazingly simple: the division between a “professional” and a “private” gender.

  10. Enhancing the growth of renewable energy sources. Pt. 2. The fossil fuel economy is meeting a turning point; Das Wachstum der Erneuerbaren beschleunigen. T. 2. Die fossile Energiewirtschaft vor dem Scheitelpunkt

    Seltmann, Thomas


    The first part of this article was published in SBZ 7/09; it described the dramatic shortage of fossil fuels. The second part presents analyses and forecasts of the potential and rate of development of renewable energy sources. The central statement is that development can be faster and at lower investments than often assumed, but there are still massive obstacles. Also, the faster the conversion to renewables, the less costly it will be. (orig.)

  11. EU project 'ThermoMap'. Model for assessing near-surface geothermal energy potentials; Das EU-Projekt 'ThermoMap'. Modell zur Abschaetzung oberflaechennaher Geothermiepotenziale

    Bertermann, David [Erlangen-Nuernberg Univ. (Germany). GeoZentrum Nordbayern


    The EU project ''ThermoMap'' aims to evaluate the near-surface geothermal energy potential of the participating countries. The existing geoscience data sets are the fundament for this. Based on the problem and the objectives of the project, the author of the contribution under consideration explains the concept of work, presents the estimation model in a simplified form and gives an insight into the determination of the thermal conductivity and heat capacity.

  12. An uncomfortable truth. The strikingly high costs of the promotion of solar power by means of the Renewable Energy Law; Eine unbequeme Wahrheit. Die frappierend hohen Kosten der Foerderung von Solarstrom durch das Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz

    Frondel, Manuel; Schmidt, Christoph M.; Moore, Nils aus dem


    The costs of the promotion of solar power by the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) made the promotion to a prime example of a missed policy of subsidizing. On 11th October, 2010 the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (WI, Wuppertal, Federal Republic of Germany) submitted a study on behalf of the agency for renewable energies (Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany) concerning with the basic statements and cost estimations of the Rhenish-Westphalian Institute for Economic Research e.V. (RWI, Essen, Federal Republic of Germany) for the promotion of solar power. The contribution under consideration discusses nine points of criticism of the study of the WI. The economically justifiable difference in the cost estimation between WI and RWI amounts nearly 6 %. This deviation lies in the range of uncertainties. Differences going beyond this value are due to allegedly positive effects of the promotion of the photovoltaics. These are not considered cost-lowering by RWI. The order of magnitude of the costs of the German promotion of solar power, determined by the RWI, is confirmed by the study of WI.

  13. Renewable energies in Latin America: enterprises grow international in sustainable manner. The example of Costa Rica; Erneuerbare Energien in Lateinamerika: Die nachhaltige Internationalisierung von Unternehmen. Das Beispiel Costa Rica

    Johst, Claus-Bernhardt


    The threshold and developing countries reject most of the demands of the Kyoto Protocol and are waiting in suspense for the renegotiations on climate protection scheduled for December 2009 in Copenhagen. The American continent will play a decisive role here, not least because, in many experts' opinion, the United States have so far done too little in response to the imminent climate change. However, there is also a noteworthy example to the contrary, where, despite a difficult market environment, a political course is being pursued in accordance with sustainability principles and in reconciliation of economic, social and ecological goals: the example of Costa Rica. After having dedicated itself for decades to ecotourism this small Central American state has now set itself the honourable goal of establishing a CO{sub 2} neutral energy supply system by the year 2021. The intent of this book is to provide enterprises of the renewable energy sector with an overview of the Central American and in particular Costa Rican region and to offer advice as to when and for whom an entry into its local energy economy will be worthwhile and what should be taken into account in the process.

  14. Das Konzept des 'Medialen Habitus'

    Sven Kommer


    Full Text Available Sven Kommer fragt in seinem Beitrag, inwieweit das Habitus-Konzept als Erklärungsmuster für die beobachtbare Zementierung sozialer Ungleichheit im Schulsystem greift. Dabei konstatiert der Beitrag, dass alle an der Weiterschreibung des Habitus-Konzepts beteiligten AutorInnen sich darin einig sind, dass es wichtige Beiträge für die Selbst-Aufklärung einer weitestgehend mediatisierten Gesellschaft leistet. Der Artikel geht dabei – auch angesichts der PISA-Studien – von dem empirischen Befund aus, dass die individuelle Ausprägung der Medienkompetenz aufs engste mit den Ressourcen des Elternhauses verbunden ist und sich dabei die elterlichen Formen der Medienerziehung unübersehbar mit den aktuellen medialen Handlungspraxen verbinden. Dieser Befund deckt sich auf weite Strecken auch mit den Ergebnissen der Bildungssoziologie Pierre Bourdieus, weshalb die Diskussionen zum medialen Habitus im Rahmen dieser Ausführungen auch mit empirischen Argumenten unterfüttert werden. Ganz in diesem Sinne arbeitet der Artikel auch heraus, dass die aus dem Kontext der Cultural Studies stammenden Thesen zur Nivellierung kultureller Milieu-Unterschiede wenig empirisch fundiert sind. Der Artikel betont dahingehend, dass hier eine unreflektierte Infiltration durch genuin neoliberales Gedankengut vorliegt, da mit ihr auch die Annahme einer "freien Wahl" von Lebensweg, Milieuzugehörigkeit oder Gender verbunden werden kann. Dabei wir auch eingehend der "Clash of Habitus" diskutiert, der zwischen Lehrenden und Lernenden stattfindet und das Augenmerk ein Mal mehr auf die Tatsache lenkt, das unser Bildungssystem auf dieser pädagogisch relevanten Ebene durch soziale Ungleichheiten gekennzeichnet ist. In his essay, Sven Kommer questions whether the notion of habitus is suitable to support the understanding of the obvious consolidation of inequality in the school system. He shows that all authors active in the continued use of the notion of habitus agree that it

  15. Evaluation of measures of the German Ministry of Economics (BMWi) in support of enhanced use of renewable energy technologies (1994 - 1998). Final report; Evaluierung der Foerderung von Massnahmen zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien durch das Bundesministerium fuer Wirtschaft (1994 - 1998). Endbericht

    Reichert, J.; Gruber, E.; Mannsbart, W.


    The document presents an analysis of a governmental support programme for enhanced use of renewable energy technologies, installed for the period from 1994 to 1998. The '100 million Deutschmark programme' financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) was intended to boost applications of renewable energy technologies in the residential and commercial sector. The objectives of the programme were to improve market penetration of renewable energy technologies, eg. by inducing a decline in costs, so as to bring those generation technologies closer to the break-even point of economic efficiency, or make them achieve economic efficiency on a broader basis through more widespread applications. The evaluation presented in the document was to show the programme's achievements with respect to the following aspects and criteria: Comparison with other governmental programmes, in particular those of Land governments. Indirect effects on employment, imports and exports, or in terms of incentives for technological enhancements. Assessment of direct effects on the marketing situation and the technologies. The conclusions drawn were to include recommendations for a successor programme. (orig./CB) [German] Vom Bundesministerium fuer Wirtschaft (BMWi) wurde die Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien durch Investitionszuschuesse fuer private Haushalte und Unternehmen von 1994 bis 1998 in einem '100-Millionen-DM-Programm' gefoerdert. Es war als Breitenprogramm ausgelegt, sollte die Nachfrage staerken und Marktimpulse in Form von Kostendegressionen geben, so dass die erneuerbaren Energien der Wirtschaftlichkeit naeher kommen oder sie erreichen. Die vorliegende Evaluation sollte den Erfolg des Programmes durch Aussagen zu den nachstehenden Themenschwerpunkten analysieren: - Vergleich des Foerderprogramms mit anderen Programmen, insbesondere denjenigen auf Laenderebene. - Die indirekten Wirkungen auf Arbeitsplaetze, Import und Export, Anstoss fuer technische

  16. Analysis of the Brazilian national regulatory overview aiming the insertion of mini and micro hydroelectric power plants in the energy market; Analise do panorama regulatorio nacional visando a insercao das mini e microcentrais hidreletricas no mercado de energia

    Ferrari, Jason Tibirica


    The significant expansion of Small Hydro Power plant - SHPs, in the past seven years, can be largely credited, to the incentives regulated by ANEEL, with the intention of stimulating the construction of those enterprises. Among other incentives, they deserve prominence: the authorization no payment for exploration of the hydraulic potential; the relative discharge of financial compensation for the use of hydraulic resources; and the discounts, foreseen in law, for power grid use. In the period of 1998 to October of 2004, ANEEL authorized the construction of 308 SHPs, throughout Brazil, and it allowed the refurbishment of further 46 plants. Besides, it registered 192 hydropower plants , with smaller potency or same to 1 MW, denominated MHP - Mini and Micro Hydropower Plants. Part of this universe of 500 small or miniplants, 43 are located in Sao Paulo state and the great majority in Minas Gerais. In seven years of existence ANEEL granted, 4.576 MW of SHPs and MHP. Those enterprises will contribute to the expansion of the offer of energy, with economy of the use of transmission lines, once the power plant is located, in general, close of the consumer market. The small hydropower plants and mini hydropower plants exemplify a interesting and creative alternative to assist the energy infrastructure development, respecting the other pillars, relative to the environment and the sustainable development. On this context is possible to highlight the value of renewable and less pollutant sources of energy, as well as the prevention of the negative environmental impacts. These types of projects are the ones that come close to perfection, even if considered the available technological resources of the time they were built. Moreover, it can serve as paradigm for the contemporary engineers. All those that, in fact were wrapped up in the recovery or refurbishment of those preciousness, unanimously pay tribute to the SHPs. (author)

  17. EEG Clearing Office strengthened by EEG 2012. Alternative dispute resolution in the renewable energies industry; Aufwertung der Clearingstelle EEG durch das EEG 2012. Alternative Dispute Resolution im Bereich der Erneuerbaren Energien

    Chatzinerantzis, Alexandros; Fach, Martin [Linklaters LLP, Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Praxisgruppe Litigation and Arbitration


    The EEG Clearing Office is a special arbitration forum for the purpose of facilitating quick and inexpensive out-of-court dispute resolutions and resolving cases of legal uncertainty in connection with the regulations of the EEG (Renewable Energy Law). The Clearing Office has developed dynamically over the past years, as the numbers of newly registered potential and ongoing procedures impressively show. In the 2012 amendment to the EEG the legislature has fundamentally revised and substantially widened the legal basis for the work of the Clearing Office. This provides the motivation for presenting the Clearing Office and its procedural rules in the following article.

  18. Pornografie – Was ist das ?

    Corinna Rückert


    Full Text Available Die Diskussionen über das kulturelle und mediale Phänomen ‚Pornografie‘ zeichnen sich oft durch Unkenntnis des Betrachtungsgegenstands und definitorischer Ungenauigkeiten aus. Der vorliegende Text benennt Irrtümer und Vorurteile und liefert einen Beitrag zu einer wissenschaftlich nachvollziehbaren Definitionsgrundlage als Basis für weitere Diskussionen. Die nachfolgenden Überlegungen sind eine Kurzzusammenfassung der Dissertation von Corinna Rückert: Frauenpornographie. Pornographie von Frauen für Frauen. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Studie. Frankfurt am Main 2000.Discussions on the cultural and media phenomenon of “pornography” often stand out in their lack of knowledge about the object under consideration and their imprecisely defined terminology. The text at hand points out confusions and prejudices and also contributes to the creation of a scholarly and comprehensible foundation for establishing a definition that can serve as a basis for further discussion. The following considerations provide a short summary of Corinna Rückert’s dissertation: Frauenpornographie. Pornographie von Frauen für Frauen. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Studie. Frankfurt am Main 2000 [Female Pornography. Pornography by Women for Women. A Cultural Study].

  19. Instrumentos em Lingua Brasileira de Sinais para avaliacao da qualidade de vida da populacao surda

    Neuma Chaveiro


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Construir a versão em Língua Brasileira de Sinais dos instrumentos WHOQOL-BREF e WHOQOL-DIS para avaliar a qualidade de vida da população surda brasileira. MÉTODOS: Utilizou-se metodologia proposta pela Organização Mundial da Saúde (WHOQOL-BREF e WHOQOL-DIS para a construção dos instrumentos adaptados para população surda em Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Libras. A pesquisa para execução do instrumento consistiu de 13 etapas: 1 criação do sinal qualidade de vida; 2 desenvolvimento das escalas de respostas em Libras; 3 tradução por um grupo bilíngue; 4 versão reconciliadora; 5 primeira retrotradução; 6 produção da versão em Libras a ser disponibilizada aos grupos focais; 7 realização dos grupos focais; 8 revisão por um grupo monolíngue; 9 revisão pelo grupo bilíngue; 10 análise sintática/semântica e segunda retrotradução; 11 reavaliação da retrotradução pelo grupo bilíngue; 12 filmagem da versão para o software; 13 desenvolvimento do software WHOQOL-BREF e WHOQOL-DIS em Libras. RESULTADOS: Características peculiares da cultura da população surda apontaram a necessidade de adaptações na metodologia de aplicação de grupos focais quando compostos por pessoas surdas. As convenções ortográficas da escrita das línguas sinalizadas não estão consolidadas, o que trouxe dificuldades em registrar graficamente as etapas de tradução. As estruturas linguísticas que causaram maiores problemas de tradução foram as que incluíram expressões idiomáticas do português, muitas sem conceitos equivalentes entre o português e a Libras. Foi possível construir um software do WHOQOL-BREF e WHOQOL-DIS em Libras. CONCLUSÕES: O WHOQOL-BREF e o WHOQOL-DIS em Libras possibilitarão que os surdos se expressem autonomamente quanto a sua qualidade de vida, o que permitirá investigar com maior precisão essas questões.

  20. Consumo e digestibilidade aparente da matéria seca, proteína e energia bruta, e balanço de nitrogênio das silagens de cinco genótipos de milho Consumption and apparent digestibility of dry matter, crude protein and crude energy, and balance of nitrogen of silages of five maize genotypes

    G.A.R. Freitas


    Full Text Available Quantificaram-se o consumo voluntário e a digestibilidade aparente da matéria seca, proteína bruta, energia bruta e balanço de nitrogênio das silagens de cinco genótipos de milho (HT01, HT47C, HT129, AG 5011 e BR 3123. Foram utilizados 15 carneiros alojados em gaiolas metabólicas para coleta total de fezes e urina. O delineamento experimental foi o inteiramente ao acaso com cinco tratamentos e seis repetições. Não foram observadas diferenças entre os genótipos quanto ao consumo e digestibilidade da MS, da EB e da PB (P>0,05. Os consumos de MS, EB e PB digestíveis e energia metabolizável também não foram diferentes entre os híbridos (P>0,05. Quanto às relações consumo de energia digestível/consumo de MS e consumo de energia metabolizável/consumo de MS, o genótipo AG5011 foi semelhante ao HT01 (P>0,05 e superior aos demais (P0,05. Todos os genótipos produziram silagens de bom valor nutritivo, entretanto o genótipo AG5011 apresentou maior eficiência na utilização da energia (PThe voluntary intake and the apparent digestibility of dry matter, crude protein and crude energy and the nitrogen balance, of silages of five maize genotypes (HT01, HT47C, HT129, AG5011 and BR3123 were quantified. Fifteen sheep were stored in metabolic cages for total collection of feces and urine. A complete randomized design, with five treatments and six repetitions was used. The intake and digestibility of dry matter, crude protein and crude energy did not differ (P>0.05 among treatments. The intake of digestible dry matter, crude protein, crude energy and metabolic energy did not differ (P>0.05 among the genotypes. The ratios of digestible energy intake/dry matter intake and metabolic energy intake/dry matter intake of the genotype AG5011 silage was similar (P>0.05 to HT01, and higher than the other genotypes (P<0.05. All genotypes showed similar and positive nitrogen balance, and all of them produced silages of good nutritional value

  1. Das biochemische Rezidiv beim Prostatakarzinom

    Rauchenwald M


    Full Text Available Als biochemisches Rezidiv (BCR wird der Wiederanstieg des nach kurativer Therapie des Prostatakarzinoms (PCa abgefallenen PSA-Werts bezeichnet. Der PSA-Verlauf nach kurativer Therapie ist von der primären Behandlungsmethode abhängig, weshalb auch unterschiedliche Definitionen dafür vorliegen. Der Verlauf selbst scheint prognostische Bedeutung zu haben. Ein Wiederanstieg des PSA-Werts geht der klinischen Progression voraus, wodurch frühzeitig eine Therapie eingeleitet werden kann. Der ideale Zeitpunkt für eine Sekundärbehandlung ist allerdings noch ungenügend definiert. Fast die Hälfte der BCR treten innerhalb der ersten 2 Jahre, ¾ innerhalb der ersten 5 Jahre nach Primärtherapie auf. Als Risikofaktoren für einen BCR werden ein primäres Tumorstadium ≥ T2c, PSA 15, Samenblaseninvasion, Lymphknotenbefall sowie Gleason-Score ≥ 8 angesehen. Von klinischer Bedeutung ist vor allem die Unterscheidung zwischen lokoregionärem und systemischem Rezidiv. Hierzu werden als Parameter neben dem primären Tumorstadium und Gleason-Score das posttherapeutische Intervall und die PSA-Dynamik empfohlen. Als diagnostische Maßnahmen erscheinen nur die Skelettszintigraphie und die Positronenemissionstomographie mit Acetat- oder Cholintracern und diese ebenfalls nur bei entsprechend hohen PSA-Werten sinnvoll. Therapeutisch kommt nach primärer Radikaloperation und Verdacht auf einen lokalen Progress in erster Linie die Salvagebestrahlung zur Anwendung, nach primärer Radiatio wird allerdings vorwiegend die hormonelle Manipulation einer Salvageoperation oder alter“nativen lokaltherapeutischen Maßnahmen vorgezogen.

  2. Implementation and evaluation of a batch digester; Implementacao e avaliacao de um biodigestor de producao discontinua

    Duarte Neto, Ely Dias; Alvarenga, Leonardo Henrique; Costa, Lilian de Melo; Nascimento, Paulo Henrique; Silveira, Rafael Zanini; Leite, Leonardo Henrique de Melo [Centro Universitario de Belo Horizonte (UniBH), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)], e-mails:,,,,,


    The human development is intrinsically linked to the types of energy that had access. The control of the fire was the first big step for mankind. The use of Natural gas begins in the twentieth century in America, but with exports to Russia with the largest reserves on the planet, natural gas took place in the coal fired power. Today natural gas has become the world more energy used in power plants and is the fastest growing energy use in the world. This article describes an experimental implementation of a digester showing the equivalence between the production of biogas and the amount of material used and the practice that seeks to provide a small producer of an energy source. The biomass, after passing through the digester and producing biogas, also produces bio fertilizer for fertilization of soils. (author)

  3. Avaliacao da seguranca de diferentes doses de suplementos de acido folico em mulheres do Brasil

    Quenia dos Santos


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO Avaliar a distribuição da ingestão de ácido fólico e a segurança de diferentes doses de suplementos em mulheres em idade reprodutiva. MÉTODOS Foram utilizados dados de consumo a partir de dois dias não consecutivos de registro alimentar de 6.837 mulheres em idade reprodutiva (19 a 40 anos participantes do Inquérito Nacional de Alimentação, módulo da Pesquisa de Orçamentos Familiares 2008-2009. Médias e percentis de consumo habitual de folato natural e ácido fólico foram estimados utilizando o método do National Cancer Institute . Cinco cenários foram simulados somando-se diferentes doses diárias de fortificação (400 mcg, 500 mcg, 600 mcg, 700 mcg e 800 mcg ao ácido fólico oriundo dos alimentos consumidos pelas mulheres. Comparou-se o total de ácido fólico (dieta + suplemento com o nível máximo de ingestão tolerável (UL = 1.000 mcg para definir a dose segura de suplementação. RESULTADOS Mulheres com ingestão habitual de ácido fólico acima do nível máximo de ingestão tolerável foram observadas para doses de suplemento de 800 mcg (7,0% das mulheres. Abaixo desse valor, qualquer dose de suplementação mostrou-se segura. CONCLUSÕES O uso de suplementos de até 700 mcg de ácido fólico mostrou-se seguro.

  4. Methodologies for assessment of three phase induction motors; Metodologias para avaliacao de motores de inducao trifasicos

    Ramos, Mario Cesar E.S.; Tatizawa, Hedio [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil); Ramos, Mario Cesar Giacco [Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (UMC), SP (Brazil)


    National and international methodologies are presented existing for determination of the yield of industrial three phase induction motors, viewing the energy consumption reduction and assessment of possible equipment replacement. So, measurement results were analysed, conducted by five enterprises specialized on motor efficiency. Also, it is presented a case study using the described methodologies.

  5. Armas estratégicas e poder no sistema internacional: o advento das armas de energia direta e seu impacto potencial sobre a guerra e a distribuição multipolar de capacidades Strategic weapons and power in international system: the arise of direct energy weapons and their potential impact over the war and multipolar distribution of capabilities

    Fabrício Schiavo Ávila


    Full Text Available O pós-Guerra Fria (1991-2006 apresenta uma mudança significativa no cenário estratégico: a maior acessibilidade da tecnologia militar e o surgimento de novas armas capazes de modificar o poder coercitivo dos países - como as armas de energia direta - acabam pondo em xeque a ideia de que a primazia nuclear é condição suficiente para garantir a unipolaridade. Focando-se no atual recrudescimento das tensões entre EUA e Rússia - especialmente com a proposta norte-americana de implementação do Escudo Antimíssil no Leste Europeu - e analisando as relações de poder entre os três países, procuramos revelar que tipo de competição ocorrerá no sistema internacional nas próximas décadas. O presente artigo analisa as reais possibilidades de que a primazia nuclear norte-americana se torne efetiva, uma vez que, para tanto, é necessário o desarmamento estratégico das demais potências. Como uma guerra nuclear entre os três países possui um custo político muito elevado, as disputas tendem a ser decididas na esfera das operações. Para ilustrar esta última afirmação, usamos um cenário contrafactual de guerra nuclear limitada entre Estados Unidos, Rússia e China, por meio do qual tentamos evidenciar as precondições táticas e operacionais para uma eventual vitória da coalizão sino-russa.The evolution of the Post-Cold War (1991-2006 international system shows a significant amount of change regarding the strategic capabilities of United States, Russia, and China. The rise of a new class of strategic weapons called directed energy weapons (lasers and high power microwaves, as well as the great costs associated with the quest for nuclear primacy, demand closer examination of the current assumption about the links between nuclear primacy and unipolar distribution of power in the International System. Starting with the current tensions between US and Russia, we try to reveal in this article what kind of competition might be observed

  6. The role of energy-related consultancy in increasing the energy performance in small and mid-sized enterprises. Feedback analysis of a survey among SMEs and energy consultants in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Final report to the Ministry of environment and transport of Baden-Wuerttemberg; Die Rolle der Energieberatung bei der rationellen Energienutzung in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen. Auswertung einer Umfrage unter kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen und Energieberatern in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Endbericht an das Ministerium fuer Umwelt und Verkehr Baden-Wuerttemberg

    Schmid, C. (comp.); Gruber, E.; Weigert, K.


    The small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have to cope with typical shortcomings due to tight technical, financial, or human resources, in attempts to implement energy performance improvement measures in their shops. As a rule, none of the persons employed has the time to qualify for and perform the functions of an energy efficiency specialist. This is why consultancy by external specialists is the adequate solution (when doubts about the cost efficiency and general usefulness of such services have been removed). The document contains the important aspects of a survey carried out in order to gather information about availability of consultancy services for SMEs in the producing sector, and available experience and results. The survey covers about 50 enterprises of the mechanical engineering and printer's shop branches, as well as about 50 consulting firms in Baden-Wuerttemberg. (orig./CB) [German] In kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen existieren eine Reihe von technischen, oekonomischen und einstellungsbedingten Hemmnissen bei der Umsetzung von Massnahmen der rationellen Energienutzung. Aufgrund der geringen Mitarbeiterzahl gibt es in diesen Unternehmen in der Regel niemanden, der fuer Fragen der rationellen Energienutzung zustaendig ist und moegliche Einsparmassnahmen verfolgt. Gerade fuer kleinere Unternehmen ist daher die Inanspruchnahme externer Energiefachleute sinnvoller als der kostenintensive Aufbau von eigenem Know-how. Allerdings werden Energieberatungen u. a. aus Kostengruenden und Zweifel am Nutzen haeufig nicht in Anspruch genomen. In der vorliegenden Studie wurden das Angebot von und Erfahrungen mit Energieberatungen fuer kleine und mittlere Unternehmen des produzierenden Gewerbes untersucht. Dazu wurden auch Fragen zum Umfeld, vor allem zur Wirkung und Ueberwindung von Hemmnissen in den Betrieben und zur Bereitschaft zur Durchfuehrung von Massnahmen rationeller Energienutzung beruecksichtigt. Ziel der Arbeit war es, einen Einblick in den

  7. Evaluation of operation strategies of hybrid systems; Avaliacao de estrategias de operacao de sistemas hibridos

    Hauschild, Luciano; Zilles, Roberto [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia. Lab. de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos]. E-mail:


    This article evaluates the operation strategies of photovoltaic-eolic-diesel hybrid systems used for the rural area applied to two cases studies placed at the Cardoso Island, SP. The operation strategies evaluation is performed by simulation using data collected at the Cardoso Island such as electric power consumption profile and the solar and wind potential. With those data, simulation have been done considering different operation strategies and different levels of renewable energies penetration in the total energy produced by the system, in order to obtain system operation results such as Diesel oil consumption and depth of average discharge of the battery banks. From the simulation results an economic analysis have been done by using elements data from the cost of life average cycle (LAC) for determining which strategy is the most adequate for operation the electric power supply hybrid system.

  8. Model of global evaluation for energetic resources; Modelo de avaliacao global de recursos energeticos

    Fujii, Ricardo Junqueira; Udaeta, Miguel Edgar Morales; Galvao, Luiz Claudio Ribeiro [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia]. E-mail:;;


    The traditional energy planning usually takes into account the technical economical costs, considered alongside environmental and a few political restraints; however, there is a lack of methods to evenly assess environmental, economical, social and political costs. This work tries to change such scenario by elaborating a model to characterize an energy resource in all four dimensions - environmental, political, social and economical - in an integrated view. The model aims at two objectives: provide a method to assess the global cost of the energy resource and estimate its potential considering the limitations provided by these dimensions. To minimize the complexity of the integration process, the model strongly recommends the use of the Full Cost Accounting - FCA - method to assess the costs and benefits from any given resource. The FCA allows considering quantitative and qualitative costs, reducing the need of quantitative data, which are limited in some cases. The model has been applied in the characterization of the region of Aracatuba, located in the west part of the state of Sao Paulo - Brazil. The results showed that the potential of renewable sources are promising, especially when the global costs are considered. Some resources, in spite of being economically attractive, don't provide an acceptable global cost. It became clear that the model is a valuable tool when the conventional tools fail to address many issues, especially the need of an integrated view on the planning process; the results from this model can be applied in a portfolio selection method to evaluate the best options for a power system expansion. It has to be noticed that the usefulness of this model can be increased when adopted with a method to analyze demand side management measures, thus offering a complete set of possible choices of energy options for the decision maker. (author)

  9. The ERP energy conservation program. Das ERP-Energiesparprogramm

    Althammer, W. (Deutsche Ausgleichsbank, Bonn (Germany, F.R.))


    The paper mainly addresses small- and medium-scale enterprises. ERP financial assistance is exclusively intended for the support of projects which promise economic and industrial benefits. It is explicitly reserved for projects which very much depend on financial support, and would hardly get along otherwise. The overall economic situation of owners is to be considered. Plants in need of rehabilitation are excluded from this program. (orig.).

  10. Deutsch lernen über das Internet

    Engler, Lela-Rose


    Full Text Available Seit einigen Jahren wird diskutiert, welche Möglichkeiten die Anwendung und Einbeziehung des "Internet" im Fremdsprachenerwerb bietet. Dabei hat sich das Interesse u. a. darauf gerichtet, welche Potentiale die neuen Medien bei der Gestaltung von fremdsprachlichen Lehr-und Lernprozessen über die Distanz bergen, also über ihren Einsatz im direkten Sprachunterricht hinaus. Erfahrungen mit Sprachkursen auf multimedialer Basis haben zu einer Diskussion über die Veränderungen des Lehrens und Lernens in diesen neuen Umgebungen geführt. Eine große Rolle spielt dabei das autonome Lernen, das durch den Einsatz der neuen Medien im Fremdsprachenunterricht gefördert wird. Noch gibt es nur wenige Untersuchungen zu fremdsprachlichen Lernprozessen in Sprachfernlernkursen. In dem Beitrag sollen neben anderen auch eigene Erfahrungen aus einem Distanzkurs dargestellt werden.

  11. O efeito das bebidas alcoólicas pode ser afetado pela combinação com bebidas energéticas? Um estudo com usuários Can energy drinks affect the effects of alcoholic beverages? A study with users

    Sionaldo Eduardo Ferreira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar em uma amostra de critério, o padrão de uso de bebidas energéticas, isoladamente e em associação com bebidas alcoólicas. MÉTODOS: Cento e trinta e seis voluntários (idade 24 ± 6 anos que relataram ao menos um uso anterior de bebidas energéticas foram submetidos a uma entrevista padronizada sobre hábitos de consumo de bebidas energéticas e alcoólicas. RESULTADOS: A maioria da amostra relatou usar bebidas energéticas tanto isoladamente (79% como em combinação com bebidas alcoólicas (76%, neste caso preferencialmente com uísque (90%, vodka (37% ou cerveja (13%. Após a ingestão isolada de bebidas energéticas, 61% relataram não sentir nenhum efeito, 10% mencionaram aumento da alegria, 9% euforia, 9% insônia, 7% desinibição e 24% aumento do vigor físico. Dos que relataram uso combinado com álcool, 14% relataram não sentir alteração dos efeitos do álcool, mas 38% reportaram aumento de alegria, euforia (30%, insônia (11%, desinibição (27% e do vigor físico (24%. Observou-se grande variabilidade no número de usos de bebidas energéticas na vida (14 ± 16, mas certa regularidade na quantidade ingerida por ocasião (1,5 ± 0,7 latas. CONCLUSÕES: Os dados sugerem que os efeitos das bebidas energéticas são bastante variáveis, dependendo provavelmente da dose ingerida e da sensibilidade individual. Alguns relatos sugerem que há interação com o álcool, expressa pelo aumento dos efeitos excitatórios ou redução de seus efeitos depressores. São discutidos possíveis mecanismos farmacológicos subjacentes a esta combinação.OBJECTIVES: The pattern of use of energy drinks, alone or combined with alcoholic beverages, was evaluated in a criteria sample. METHODS: 136 volunteers aged 24 ± 6 years, who had reported at least one previous use of energy drinks, answered a questionnaire on their pattern of use of energy drinks and alcoholic beverages. RESULTS: Most of the sample (76% reported using energy

  12. Composição Química e Valores de Energia Metabolizável das Farinhas de Penas e Vísceras Determinados por Diferentes Metodologias para Aves Chemical Composition and Metabolizable Energy Values of Feathers Meal and Poultry By-Product Meal Determined by Different Methodologies for Chickens

    Adriana Helena do Nascimento


    Full Text Available Uma série de experimentos foi realizada com o objetivo de estabelecer o valor nutritivo de nove farinhas de vísceras e de seis farinhas de penas para aves. Quatro diferentes metodologias foram utilizadas para determinar os valores de energia metabolizável aparente corrigida (EMAn e verdadeira corrigida (EMVn: método tradicional (com pintos e galos e método de Sibbald (com galos inteiros e galos cecectomizados. Os valores de EMAn e EMVn da farinha de vísceras estimados variaram de 3.051 a 3.621 e de 2.866 a 3.583 kcal/kg, respectivamente. Para a farinha de penas os valores variaram de 2.952 a 3.629 e de 2.703 a 3.671 kcal/kg para a EMAn e EMVn, respectivamente. Entre as metodologias realizadas para determinação dos valores energéticos dos alimentos, as correlações foram baixas, portanto, as diferenças nos valores energéticos dos alimentos podem ser atribuídas à metodologia empregada.A serie of experiments was carried out with the objective to determine the nutritive value of nine poultry by-product meal and six feather meal for chickens. Four different methodologies were used to determine the values of N corrected apparent (AMEn and true corrected (TMEn metabolizable energy, where the traditional method was used with chicks and cocks and the Sibbald method was used with roosters and cecectomized cocks. The estimated AMEn and TMEn values of viscera meal ranged from 3,051 to 3,621 and from 2,866 to 3,583 kcal/kg, respectively. Feathers meal values ranged from 2,952 to 3,629 and from 2,703 to 3,671 kcal/kg for AMEn and TMEn, recpectively. Among the methodologies to determine the feeds energy, the correlations were low, so the differences on the feeds energy values were due to the methodology used.

  13. Modos de irredutibilidade das propriedades emergentes

    El-Hani, Charbel Niño; Queiroz, João


    A partir de uma revisão dos postulados centrais das filosofias emergentistas e uma caracterização de algumas variedades de emergentismo, este artigo trata de uma das teses mais controversas relacionadas a esta doutrina filosófica, a tese da irredutibilidade. O argumento principal é que o significado desta tese deve ser refinado, sob pena de não se avançar na discussão sobre os sentidos em que se pode dizer que as propriedades emergentes são "irredutíveis". A partir dos trabalhos de Stephan e ...

  14. Modos de irredutibilidade das propriedades emergentes

    Charbel, Niño El-Hani; Queiroz, João


    v.3,n.1,jan./mar. 2005 p.9-41 A partir de uma revisão dos postulados centrais das filosofias emergentistas e uma caracterização de algumas variedades de emergentismo, este artigo trata de uma das teses mais controversas relacionadas a esta doutrina filosófica, a tese da irredutibilidade. O argumento principal é que o significado desta tese deve ser refinado, sob pena de não se avançar na discussão sobre os sentidos em que se pode dizer que as propriedades emergentes são "irredutíveis". ...

  15. Dispositivos de Controlo das Dependências

    Basilio, António João Pinheiro


    Os dispositivos de controlo e as dependências, com ou sem substância (a droga, o álcool, o jogo, etc.), são o objecto principal da nossa pesquisa. Em suma, como caracterizar as metamorfoses que se verificam actualmente nos dispositivos de controlo das toxicodependências e qual a relação entre estas metamorfoses e os actuais debates sobre as dependências em geral? Esta dissertação debruça-se sobre alguns dos dispositivos de controlo das dependências, em Portugal, (2000-2006), atrav...

  16. Impacts evaluation: recent experience in rural electrification; Avaliacao de impactos: experiencia recente em eletrificacao rural

    Pereira, Marcio Giannini; Rodrigues, Alexia de Freitas; Paz, Luciana Rocha Leal da [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Camacho, Cristiane Farias [Fundacao Padre Leonel Franca (FPLF), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The electric power is one of the important requirements for the promotion of the social inclusion and of the development, especially in rural areas. In order to fill out this gap, the Brazilian government established as a goal reaches the universalization of the public electric energy services to provide conditions for the improvement of the quality of life of the urban and rural population. In this sense, the evaluation of the recent experiences in rural electrification can be of great help to achieve this objective in an efficient way. The results of such evaluation can point out some actions for the universalization of the attendance seeking for the continuous improvement of the planning and decision making process, either in the direction of the attendance of the proposed goals or in the poverty mitigation. (author)

  17. Physik gestern und heute Das Eiskalorimeter

    Heering, P.


    Kalorimetrische Messungen gehören heute zum experimentellen Standardrepertoire im Bereich der Thermodynamik und der physikalischen Chemie. Das erste Gerät für derartige Messungen entwickelten Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts die französischen Wissenschaftler Antoine Laurent Lavoisier und Pierre Simon de Laplace.

  18. Das Internet in der Biologielehrerausbildung - ein Zwischenbericht

    Bauer, A; Graf, D.


    Auch in der universitären Lehre nimmt die Bedeutung des Internet ständig zu. Im Beitrag werden verschiedene Möglichkeiten beschrieben, wie das world wide web schon heute in der Biologielehrerausbildung eingesetzt wird. Vorgestellt werden internetunterstützte Lehre und verschiedene Formen der internetgestützten Lehre, wie Teleteaching, Expertensysteme, virtuelle Seminare und WBT.

  19. Das Urheberrecht prallt auf die remix generation

    Christian Berger


    Full Text Available LehrerInnen sind ehrenhafte Menschen, die sich bemühen, keine Rechtsverstöße zu machen. Allerdings macht das geltende Urheberrecht dies sehr schwer. Die nächste Generation hat da ohnehin schon eine ganz andere Praxis. Eigentlich beginnt es oftmals ganz harmlos und mensch selbst hat dabei weder böse Hintergedanken noch kommerzielle Interessen. Eine Lehrerin möchte ein Arbeitsblatt herstellen. Schnell mal ins Internet und ein geeignetes Foto zur Illustration suchen. Download öffnen und … naja, eigentlich könnte ich da doch schnell noch eine Kleinigkeit dazu ergänzen, dann würde das optimal passen. Gesagt, getan. Im Bildbearbeitungsprogramm ist die Sache in fünf Minuten erledigt. Reinkopieren ins Arbeitsblatt. Fertig. Morgen noch in der Schule ausdrucken und kopieren. Den SchülerInnen gefällt das und sie sind motiviert, das Blatt auszufüllen. Die Lehrerin hat allerdings eine Rechtsverletzung begangen und wäre dafür auch gerichtlich verfolgbar.

  20. The Das-Popowicz Moyal Momentum Algebra

    Boulahoual, A


    We introduce in this short note some aspects of the Moyal momentum algebra that we call the Das-Popowicz Mm algebra. Our interest on this algebra is motivated by the central role that it can play in the formulation of integrable models and in higher conformal spin theories.

  1. Das Haarkleid eines Fetus von Schimpanse

    Bolk, L.


    In seiner ausführlichen Arbeit über die Richtung der Haare bei den Affenembryonen nebst allgemeinen Erörterungen über die Ursachen der Haarrichtungen, hat Schwalbe eine Fülle von Tatsachen und eine wertvolle kritische Betrachtung über das Problem der Haarrichtungen geliefert. Leider war der Autor ni

  2. A relevância das informações financeiras das empresas brasileiras cotadas

    Silva,Eliane Pereira da


    Mestrado em Gestão de Empresas Este trabalho analisa o papel da contabilidade como fornecedora de informações no mercado de capitais. O estudo tem por objetivo analisar a relevância da informação financeira avaliando a qualidade das informações financeiras das empresas brasileiras cotadas. Para avaliar a qualidade dessa informação financeira usaram-se duas medidas que são a gestão dos resultados (earnings management) e a relevância das informações (value relevance). A a...

  3. Um paralelo entre os impactos das usinas hidrelétricas e termoelétricas

    Guerra, Sinclair Mallet-Guy; Carvalho,Antomar Viegas de


    Comparison between the environmental impacts from the hydroelectric and thermoelectric dams shows the importance of the energy conservation programs. Paralelo entre os impactos ambientais das usinas hidrelétricas .e termoelétricas demonstra a importância dos programas de conservação de energia.

  4. Ueber das Zirkulationssystem einer Machilde (Thysanura

    Rudolf Barth


    Full Text Available Es werden Anatomie und Histologie des Zirkulations- und Bingegewebssytems der letzten Segmente und der Schwanzanhaenge einer nicht naeher bestimmten Machilide beschrieben. Es ergeben sich folgende Hauptergebnisse: a - Das Bindegewebssystem hat eine ausgedehnt Entwicklung erfahren und schliesst, abgesehen vom Respirationssystem und den Lymphzellen, alle Organe gegen die Lymphfluessigkeit des Mixocoels ab ("Diffusionsbarrieren". Es wird der mixocoelomiale Raum dem intracoelomialen gegenueber gestellt. Dieser schliesst die Mehrzahl der Organe in sich ein und erfaehrt im aeussersten Ende des Abdomens (etwa vom Anus ab und in den Schwanzanhaengen eine ausgedehnte Entwicklung. Abdomenende und Anhaenge werden durch eine mesodermale Quermembran gegen den mixocoelomialen Raum abgeschlossen. b - Das Zirkulationssystem besteht im hinterem Koerperteis aus dem Rueckengefaess, das sich bis zur Quermembran fortsetzt und vor dieser ein Rueckstromventil und eine Filterregion besitzt, durch die keine Lymphzellen hindurchfliessen koennen, - ferner aus einem Terminalgefaess, das in Fortsetzung des Rueckengefaesses das Terminalfilum bis zum Ende durchlaeuft; hier muendet es in den intracoelomialen Raum. Ausserdem besitzt jeder Cercus ein Gefaess, das an der Quermembran mit einer ein Ventil tragenden Oeffnung beginnt und an der Spitze des Cercus sich ebenfalls oeffnet. Es hat seitliche Eintrittsoeffnungen und Bindegewebsbaender, durch die waehrend der Pulsation des Rueckengefaesses der Querschnitt veraendert wird. Der Zirkulationsweg geht aus der Figur 4 hervor. Terminalgefaess und Cercusgefaesse haben keine Muskelelemente. Die Cercusgefaesse treten nicht mit dem Rueckengefaess in Verbindung. C - Die Lymphfluessigkeit des mixocoelomialen Raumes hat eine andere Zusammensetzung als die des Raumes hinter der Quermembran. d - Das Rueckengefaess besteht aus einer inneren Muskularis, die gegen das Gefaesslumen durch das Sarkolemm abgeschlossen ist, und aus einer

  5. Metastasis dosimetric evaluation applied to systemic radiotherapy; Avaliacao dosimetrica em metastases aplicada a radioterapia sistemica

    Mendes, Bruno Melo; Campos, Tarcisio Passos Ribeiro [Minas Gerais Univ., Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Curso de Pos-graduacao em Ciencias e Tecnicas Nucleares


    In the cancer pathology the metastases are the major reason for death. The systemic radiotherapy proposes the prescription of systemic radiopharmaceuticals that, through their many ways of affinity with the cancerous cells, will concentrate radioisotopes on the tumor and in its metastasis, generating a possible control dose for the colony propagation. Herein, a Monte Carlo based computational model is proposed to evaluate the physical dose in an arbitrary cancerous colony of {approx}10{sup 4} small lung cancer cells, considering all possible nuclear, biological, and morphological parameters, as well as the specific compartment cellular uptakes. As result, physical absorbed dose in MeV/g was obtained in the cell's nucleus, in the cytoplasm and in the interstice, provided by x-rays, gamma rays, Auger electrons and Beta particles emitted from the following radioisotope decays: Es-89, Y-90, In-111, Sm-153, Dy-165, Ho-166, Er-169 e Re-188. It can be verified, from the reduced colony model, that the Auger electrons are responsible for a large part of the total absorbed dose, despite of the Beta energy emitted. Issuing the Auger electrons emitted by radioisotopes, as In-111 and Sm-153, reached the largest doses in the nucleus of the colony's model. The present data, conjugated with a simple biokinetics model, histological data, and medical cintilographic images allow an improvement in the evaluation of the radiopharmaceutical concentration to be prescribed for the patient. (author)

  6. Avaliacao da gestao ambiental dos hoteis de selva na Amazonia, Brasil

    Gomes de Moraes, Adriana


    Full Text Available In the challenge of desvelar of that it forms the hoteleiros enterprises they manage its ambient action without causing great impacts in one of biggest ecosystems of the world, the Amazonian forest, was tried to know in this research the forms of ambient management of the located hotels of forest in the legal Amazônia. The norteadora question of the research was to know that type of ambient management is made by the hotels of selva?Foi used as instrument of collection of data the questionnaire, that if subdividiui in four great subjects to be searched. The first one was relative questions to the planning of the place, according to to the profile of the customer, third to the room and the relative questions architecture the building subject relative questions to the energy resources and infrastructure of the public services. As result of this analysis was concluded that two of three hotels searched are practising management ambient of form less impactante, since type of construction adopted until services offered to guests, or either shows objective that its hotel is coadjuvante for customer that visits this type of place, that stops it does not import luxury, comfort and amenities, more yes contact with the fauna and flora and way of life of the natives.

  7. Determining the climate impact of the German government's Integrated Energy and Climate Programme (IEKP) and proposing a plan to continuously monitor its climate impact. Work package 2. Development of monitoring tools for the Integrated Energy and Climate Programme (IEKP); Ermittlung der Klimaschutzwirkung des Integrierten Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramms der Bundesregierung IEKP und Vorschlag fuer ein Konzept zur kontinuierlichen Ueberpruefung der Klimaschutzwirkung des IEKP. Arbeitspaket 2. Entwicklung eines Monitoringkonzepts fuer das Integrierte Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramm (IEKP)

    Doll, Claus; Eichhammer, Wolfgang; Fleiter, Tobias [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer System- und Innovationsforschung, Karlsruhe (DE)] (and others)


    Since November 2010, there exist an obligation to evaluate the effects of the integrated energy and climate program (IEKP) by means of a regular monitoring in order to check the validity of the instruments. With this in mind, the authors of the contribution under consideration at first report on the basic structure of the monitoring plan. Subsequently, 22 measures of this concept are presented.

  8. The effects of the German feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity generation on the German energy system. An analysis with the energy system model TIMES-D; Die Auswirkungen des EEG auf das Energiesystem Deutschlands. Eine Betrachtung mit dem Energiesystemmodell TIMES-D

    Goetz, Birgit; Voss, Alfred; Blesl, Markus; Fahl, Ulrich [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung


    In Germany, the electricity generation from renewable energy has been promoted since the year 2000 by a feed-in tariff system, the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). This article evaluates the long-term impact of the German feed-in tariffs on the development of the German energy system with the help of the energy system model TIMES-D. In the model-based analysis, both the payment side (i.e. the tariffs) and the cost side (i.e. the EEG apportionment) are taken into consideration. Through the promotion of the feed-in tariff system - in combination with the European Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) - the use of renewable energies in electricity generation in Germany rises considerably such that renewable energy sources account for almost 40% of total gross electricity consumption in 2030. Accordingly, until 2020 total EEG fee payments as well as the EEG apportionment increase significantly. The impact of the feed-in tariff system on final electricity demand is, however, relatively small. Alternative scenario settings show that the expansion of the renewable electricity generation through the feed-in tariff system clearly exceeds the development which would occur when trying to reach the reduction targets of the ETS in a cost-efficient way. (orig.)

  9. Estimativa do vigor das sementes e das plântulas de Bixa orellana L.

    Roberta Leopoldo Ferreira

    Full Text Available RESUMO A multiplicação de espécies como as da planta de urucum tem limitações em função do conhecimento limitado das características morfológicas e fisiológicas das sementes e das plântulas e da restrição de métodos para determinar a qualidade dessas sementes. Nessa pesquisa, o objetivo foi estudar a adequação do teste de envelhecimento acelerado para estimar o vigor das sementes de urucum (Bixa orellana L., relacionando os resultados desse teste com a formação das plântulas e as diferenças de genótipo dos acessos genéticos. As sementes de urucum, representadas por quatro acessos genéticos, e por três lotes, foram avaliadas pelos testes de germinação, primeira contagem da germinação, classificação do vigor das plântulas e emergência das plântulas (total e índice de velocidade. No teste de envelhecimento acelerado foram avaliados a temperatura, de 41 ºC, e os períodos, de 48; 72 e 96 horas, de exposição das sementes às umidades relativas de 100% (água e de 76% (solução saturada de NaCl. A solução saturada reduz a quantidade de água absorvida pelas sementes de urucum, expostas às condições do teste de envelhecimento acelerado, reduzindo a deterioração das sementes, favorecendo a uniformidade dos resultados e a redução da proliferação de fungos, comuns na germinação das sementes de urucum. O teste de envelhecimento acelerado, com água ou solução salina, por 72 horas ou 96 horas, é eficiente para classificar as sementes de urucum quanto à qualidade. Assim, as variações dos teores de água das sementes de urucum devem ser entre 23;6 e 28;9% (72 horas e 29;7 e 32;9% (96 horas para a utilização da água e entre 7,3 e 9,5% para a utilização da solução salina de NaCl.

  10. Leitura rapida do KDIGO 2012: Diretrizes para avaliacao e manuseio da doenca renal cronica na pratica clinica

    Gianna Mastroianni Kirsztajn


    Full Text Available Os autores desta "leitura rápida" apresentam os dados que consideraram mais relevantes na versão 2012 do KDIGO referente à avaliação e manuseio da doença renal crônica. Não se trata da opinião dos autores, mas sim de uma apresentação mais concisa das diretrizes, que podem ser úteis na prática clínica.

  11. Determining the climate impact of the German government's Integrated Energy and Climate Programme (IEKP) and proposing a plan to continuously monitor its climate impact. Work package 3. Description of monitoring tools for the Integrated Energy and Climate Programme (IEKP); Ermittlung der Klimaschutzwirkung des Integrierten Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramms der Bundesregierung IEKP und Vorschlag fuer ein Konzept zur kontinuierlichen Ueberpruefung der Klimaschutzwirkung des IEKP. Arbeitspaket 3. Beschreibung des Monitoringtools fuer das Integrierte Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramm (IEKP)

    Doll, Claus; Eichhammer, Wolfgang; Fleiter, Tobias [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer System- und Innovationsforschung, Karlsruhe (DE)] (and others)


    The reports on the Work Packages 1 and 2 describe the development of the monitoring concept for the individual measures of the integrated energy and climate program (IEKP). In the third work package, the monitoring concept was developed in an Excel tool presenting the actual output of the third work package The authors of the contribution under consideration describe the functionality of this Excel tool.

  12. Energies; Energies



    In the framework of the National Debate on the energies in a context of a sustainable development some associations for the environment organized a debate on the nuclear interest facing the renewable energies. The first part presents the nuclear energy as a possible solution to fight against the greenhouse effect and the associated problem of the wastes management. The second part gives information on the solar energy and the possibilities of heat and electric power production. A presentation of the FEE (French wind power association) on the situation and the development of the wind power in France, is also provided. (A.L.B.)

  13. Legitimation allein durch Entwicklung? : Das Beispiel Ruanda

    Stroh, Alexander


    "In Ruanda soll 2008 zum zweiten Mal nach dem Genozid (1994) ein Teil des Parlaments gewählt werden. Eine Debatte um die Bedeutung der Qualität dieser Wahlen für die weitere Entwicklungszusammenarbeit ist noch nicht erkennbar. Obgleich sich global ein allgemeiner Zusammenhang zwischen Demokratie und Entwicklungszuwendungen etabliert hat, wird die autokratische Herrschaft in Ruanda von Geberseite akzeptiert. Das Land erhält gegenwärtig so viel Entwicklungshilfe wie nie zuvor in Friedenszeiten....

  14. International law aspects of EU-Russia energy relations. An analysis with special reference to the provisional application of the energy charter treaty by Russia; Das voelkerrechtliche Verhaeltnis zwischen der EU und Russland im Energiesektor. Eine Untersuchung unter Beruecksichtigung der vorlaeufigen Anwendung des Energiecharta-Vertrages durch Russland

    Pritzkow, Sebastian


    Questions related to energy issues in the relationship between the EU and Russia are often discussed from a political science perspective. At the same time, a broad analysis of these questions from an international law perspective is currently missing. The author endeavors to close this gap. Emanating from an overview on relevant actors and their respective interests, the present work addresses relevant legal instruments between the EU and Russia - paying special attention to the EU-Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) and to the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). Russia did not ratify the latter, but applied the ECT on a provisional basis for over 14 years. Thus, the specific regime of provisional application under Article 45 ECT is analyzed. In doing so, particular focus is put on a general problem of international law: The provisional application of a treaty, subject to the condition that treaty provisions are not inconsistent with the signatories' respective municipal laws. Deriving from that, the author addresses several legal questions with respect to EU-Russia energy relations such as trade, transit, investment protection and security of energy supply. For each question, a description of the legal status quo is given. Also, it is demonstrated to which extent this status quo differs from the interests of the relevant actors, and how Russia's WTO accession and/or Russia's ratification of the ECT would change the situation. The work ends with concluding remarks and an outlook on the future. (orig.)

  15. Por uma semiologia das mídias

    François Jost


    Discute as complexas relações contraídas entre a Semiologia e a teoria das mídias, com vistas à proposição de uma semiótica direcionada à comunicação televisual, capaz de dar conta das especificidades desse tipo de processo...

  16. Efeitos agudos da atividade contra-resistência sobre o gasto energético: revisitando o impacto das principais variáveis Efectos agudos de la actividad contra resistencia sobre el costo energético: revisión del impacto de las principales variables Acute effects of resistance exercise on energy expenditure: revisiting the impact of the training variables

    Cláudia de Mello Meirelles


    Full Text Available Considerando a crescente prevalência de sobrepeso e obesidade no Brasil e em várias partes do mundo, tornam-se necessárias estratégias que busquem o seu controle. A associação entre dieta e exercícios físicos aeróbios é, há muito, reconhecida como uma maneira inócua e efetiva de contornar o problema; já o impacto da atividade contra-resistência na perda de peso é, ainda, bastante questionável. Assim, o objetivo da presente revisão foi discutir o efeito termogênico da atividade contra-resistência, buscando esclarecer o impacto das diversas variáveis - intensidade, duração, número de séries, intervalo entre séries, velocidade de execução e modo (circuito ou séries múltiplas a ela relacionadas. Os estudos apontam que a atividade contra-resistência pode aumentar o gasto energético total de forma aguda, através do próprio custo energético de sua execução, assim como durante o período de recuperação (EPOC. É reconhecido, também, que as diversas variáveis associadas ao exercício contra-resistência afetam de maneiras distintas os resultados obtidos. Número de repetições, carga, intervalo de recuperação entre séries e número de séries, quando manipulados de forma a aumentar o volume ou a intensidade da atividade, podem, em última análise, aumentar sobremaneira o gasto energético decorrente de uma sessão típica de exercícios. De maneira geral, considerando todas as limitações dos estudos revisados, a literatura aponta que o volume é a variável de maior impacto sobre o gasto energético durante a realização da atividade e a intensidade sobre o EPOC.Considerando la creciente prevalencia del sobrepeso y la obesidad en el Brasil y en varias partes del mundo, se torna necesario buscar estrategias que intenten su control. La asociación entre dieta y ejercicios físicos aeróbicos hace mucho es reconocida como una manera inócua y efectiva de controlar el problema, así como el impacto de la

  17. Para uma sociologia das ausências e uma sociologia das emergências

    Boaventura de Sousa Santos


    Full Text Available Procede‑se a uma crítica do modelo de racionalidade ocidental – o modelo de uma razão indolente – propondo‑se os prolegómenos de um outro modelo, o de uma razão cosmopolita. Procura‑se fundar três procedimentos sociológicos nesta razão cosmopolita: a sociologia das ausências, a sociologia das emergências e o trabalho de tradução.

  18. Das CARNOTsche Paradigma und seine erkenntnistheoretischen Implikationen

    Schöpf, Hans-Georg

    Der vorliegende historisch-kritische Essay führt die Eigentümlichkeiten der klassischen phänomenologischen Thermodynamik auf das von CARNOT geschaffene Paradigma zurück und greift einige damit zusammenhängende Fragen auf.Translated AbstractCARNOT's Paradigm and its Epistemological ImplicationsThe present historic-critical essay traces the pecularities of classical phenomenological thermodynamics back to the paradigm, created by CARNOT, and takes up some questions to which this paradigm gives rise.

  19. Das Werk des Architekten Peter Neufert.

    Ghise-Beer, Anka


    Die folgende Arbeit thematisiert den Architekten Peter Neufert (1925-1999), Sohn des Bauhaus-Architekten Ernst Neufert (Autor der "Bauentwurfslehre", 1936). Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg beginnt Peter Neufert, erst noch gemeinsam mit seinem Vater, später im Alleingang, sein eigenständiges architektonisches Werk aufzubauen. 1953 wird das "Atelier Neufert" in Köln eröffnet und Neufert zählt vorwiegend ab Mitte der 50er und in den 60er Jahren zu einem der bekanntesten Architektenpersönlichkeiten Kö...

  20. Macht auf das Tor! - Opens the gate!

    Claudemir de Quadros


    Full Text Available Macht auf das Tor! (Abra o portão foi publicado, possivelmente, na primeira metade do século 20. Editado por Max Dirkschneider, Raimund Heuler e Felix Oberborbeck, apresenta músicas, rimas, piadas, jogos e canções.A edição apresentada nesse espaço é de um livro que pertence à família de Carolina Drebes, estudante do curso de Pedagogia do Centro Universitário Franciscano, Santa Maria/RS.

  1. O Comportamento das Aves Poultry Behavior

    EJ Campos


    Full Text Available Os estudos sobre o comportamento das aves, principalmente as galinhas, datam de 1912, quando o gênero Gallus passou a ser estudado com mais intensidade na área da Genética. Tais estudos eram simplesmente filosóficos até o início da década de 80, quando uma nova era da produção industrial avícola surgiu, objetivando um maior volume de produção econômica em todas as áreas de exploração. Esse objetivo reativou de maneira científica os estudos de comportamento das aves face à tecnologia de produção empregada nos sistemas de exploração, tornando-os mais acentuados já na década de 90, culminando com um simpósio internacional realizado nos Estados Unidos onde foram traçados os objetivos ou linhas de pesquisas na exploração avícola. O intuito era evitar problemas com os movimentos ambientalistas, traçando novos rumos para uma produção eficiente sem interferir no comportamento das aves já no início do novo milênio. Esta revisão, tem como objetivo principal uma análise científica e filosófica sobre o comportamento das aves em diversos métodos de exploração.Studies on poultry behavior initiated in 1972, at that time, fowls from Gallus domesticus species were the most important animal for the initial studies of Genetic. Since then, just the philosophical concepts where involved in those studies. However, at the beginning of 80 decade, these studies were intensified taking into account technological approaches for an economical industrial poultry production. Meanwhile, the reactions from activists involved in the behavior of the animal subjected to production became more strong at the beginning of 90's as well as those studies on chicken behavior. Finally, in 1998, an international symposium, promoted by chicken behavior scientists were held in the United States, in order to establish new methods of exploitation of poultry without interfering in its normal behavior, at the beginning of new millenium. The main

  2. Accountability vertical das empresas estatais federais brasileiras

    Louzada, Sergio Vinicius


    O estudo investiga a accountability vertical das empresas estatais federais brasileiras realizadas através dos portais web. Para tanto, foram levantadas, na literatura, informações relevantes para a melhor compreensão do alcance do termo accountability, de forma a permitir o desenvolvimento de modelo de análise a ser utilizado no trabalho. O modelo proposto compreende 3 dimensões: “Transparência”, “Interação e Participação” e “Prestação de Contas e Resultado” a cada dimensão co...

  3. Para politizar o mundo das coisas

    Thiago Machado Balbi


    Full Text Available To politicize the world of things – This review presents A comunicação das coisas: teoria ator-rede e cibercultura [The communication of things: Actor-network theory and cyberculture], by André Lemos, raising its key aspects. In a constant dialogue with Bruno Latour's theory, and other like-minded authors, Lemos offers to Brazilian readers more than a book about cyberculture, but a deep reflection about communication and hybridization between people and things, namely, humans and non-humans, dealing with the political, ethical and pedagogical consequences of the hybrids in society.

  4. Das Werk des Architekten Peter Neufert.

    Ghise-Beer, Anka


    Die folgende Arbeit thematisiert den Architekten Peter Neufert (1925-1999), Sohn des Bauhaus-Architekten Ernst Neufert (Autor der "Bauentwurfslehre", 1936). Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg beginnt Peter Neufert, erst noch gemeinsam mit seinem Vater, später im Alleingang, sein eigenständiges architektonisches Werk aufzubauen. 1953 wird das "Atelier Neufert" in Köln eröffnet und Neufert zählt vorwiegend ab Mitte der 50er und in den 60er Jahren zu einem der bekanntesten Architektenpersönlichkeiten Kö...

  5. Development of an indicator system for the German action plan to global climate change (DAS); Entwicklung eines Indikatorensystems fuer die Deutsche Anpassungsstrategie an den Klimawandel (DAS)

    Schoenthaler, Konstanze; Andrian-Werburg, Stefan von [Bosch und Partner GmbH, Muenchen (Germany); Nickel, Darla [Ecologic gGmbH Institut fuer Internationale und Europaeische Umweltpolitik, Berlin (Germany)


    On 17th December 2008 the German Federal Cabinet adopted the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS: Deutsche Anpassungsstrategie) (BUNDESREGIERUNG 2008). The DAS has created the framework for adapting to the consequences of climate change in Germany. First and foremost, the DAS contributes its guidelines at Federal level, to provide guidance for agents at other levels. The Strategy lays the foundation for a medium-term process. In conjunction with the individual Federal States and other groups representing various sectors of society, the Strategy provides a step-by-step assessment of the risks of climate change. Furthermore, it states the potential requirements for action, and defines the appropriate goals and potential adaptation measures to be developed and implemented in the process. The Strategy is divided into 13 action fields and two cross-sectional fields (=14+15). (1) Human health (2) Building sector (3) Water regime, water management, coastal and marine protection (4) Soil (5) Biological diversity (6) Agriculture (7) Woodland and forestry (8) Fishery (9) Energy industry (conversion, transport and supply) (10) Financial services industry (11) Transport, transport infrastructure (12) Trade and industry (13) Tourism industry (14) Spatial, regional and physical development planning (15) Civil protection. In due course, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) will design a comprehensive set of tools to support and implement the DAS. This will be made available for download from An integral part of this will be the 'Tatenbank' (, the 'Klimalotse' (, FISKA (special information system 'Adaptation') and an Indicator System to aid adaptation. The latter is one of the key tasks identified for the DAS. As far as the Indicator System is concerned, it has been decided to prepare a Report on Indicators for the challenges facing Germany and the

  6. Evaluation of mechanical and electrical properties for an aluminium alloy thermo resistant for application in electrical cables and wires; Avaliacao das propriedades mecanicas e eletricas para uma liga de aluminio termorresistente para aplicacao em fios e cabos eletricos

    Amaral, M.A.; Reis, W.L.S.; Souza, A.T.M.D.; Quaresma, J.M.V. [Universidade Federal do Para, Belem, PA (Brazil)


    With the constant growth of brazilian industry and, consequently, the demand for electric power, realized the need to develop new metal alloys for use in wire and cable transmission and distribution of electricity to support the high temperatures which will be submitted. this study is based on the modification of aluminum by contents of Zr. the alloys were cast into ingot shaped {sup u,} after machined to a diameter of 18 mm, were homogenized and cold-worked (rolled). subsequently underwent a series of heat treatments at temperatures (230 degree c, 310 degree c and 390 degree c) for one hour in order to obtain the recrystallization temperature of alloys and demonstrate its potential for thermo resistant. With the inclusion of increasing contents of Zr, the alloy showed a higher recrystallization temperature and an increase in their limit of tensile strength. (author)

  7. Evaluation of radiation doses on critical organs in the treatment of cancer of the cervix using HDR-brachytherapy; Avaliacao das doses em orgaos criticos no tratamento do cancer de colo uterino com braquiterapia de alta taxa de dose

    Soares, Taciana; Jansem, Teresa [Pernambuco Univ., Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Biofisica e Radiobiologia; Amaral, Ademir [Pernambuco Univ., Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Energia Nuclear; Cavalcanti, Homero; Vicente, Marcos [Centro de Radioterapia de Pernambuco (CERAPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    High dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy is one type of treatment of the cervix carcinoma. During the planning for this therapy, especial attention is given to proximal normal organs such as bladder and rectum. In fact, due to their radiosensibility and localization, bladder and rectum are considered as critical organs. In this work we have studied the influence of the positioning of patient legs in the dose delivered to these critical organs in the treatment of cancer of the cervix using HDR-brachytherapy. (author)

  8. Evaluation of compatibility and thermal properties of PP composites incorporated with Moringa oleifera fibers; Avaliacao das propriedades termicas e compatibilidade de compositos de PP incorporados com fibras de Moringa oleifera

    Sa, Daniel M.; Novack, Katia M., E-mail:, E-mail: [Dept. de Quimica (DEQUI) - Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP), Ouro Preto, MG (Brazil); Botaro, Vagner R., E-mail: [UFSCar/Sorocaba, SP (Brazil)


    The 70s, marked by the oil crisis led to knowledge about environmental problems due to indiscriminate use of nonrenewable resources. The automobile manufacturers have sought to obtain new materials for building more efficient cars, which favored the development of high-performance polymers. One alternative was the use of agents of natural reinforcements in composites manufacturing. In this work, composites were prepared using polypropylene as matrix and as a reinforcing agent of natural seed pods of Moringa oleifera in different proportions, treated with sodium hydroxide solution 10%. These composites were characterized by TGA, DSC, XRD, MEV and water absorption. It was found that increasing the amount of fiber in the polymer matrix did not change significantly the morphology and amount of water absorption of the samples. It was also observed that the addition of larger amounts of fibers decreases the degradation temperature of the samples and their melting temperatures shifts to lower temperatures, indicative of compatibility matrix / reinforcement agents. (author)

  9. Computed tomography prospective study of pleural-pulmonary changes after abdominal surgery : assessment of associated risk factors; Estudo prospectivo por tomografia computadorizada das alteracoes pleuro-pulmonares apos cirurgia abdominal: avaliacao dos fatores de risco associados

    Rossi, Luis Antonio [Pontificia Univ. Catolica de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Medicas e Biologicas]. E-mail:; Bromberg, Sansom Henrique [Instituto de Assistencia Medica ao Servidor Publico Estadual de Sao Paulo (IAMSPE), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Curso de Pos-graduacao em Gastroenterologia Cirurgica


    Postoperative pleural-pulmonary changes (PPC) are very common following elective abdominal surgery, resolving without clinical manifestations in most patients. The incidence and risk factors associated are unknown. Objective: to determine the incidence of PPC and possible association with risk factors using computerized tomography (CT). Material and method: thirty seven patients submitted to elective abdominal surgery were prospectively analyzed using CT performed in the preoperative period and 48 hours after surgery. The PPC was scored from 0 to III. The risk factors evaluated were: age, sex, obesity, smoking history, alcoholism, comorbid conditions, cancer, ASA classification, duration of surgery, surgical incision type and number of days of hospitalization. Results: Pleura effusion was detected by CT in 70.3% (26/37) of the patients and pulmonary atelectasis in 75.5% (28/37). Grade I and II PPC was found in 59.5% (22/37) of the patients and grade III in 21.6% (8/37). Two (5.4%) of these patients developed serious pulmonary complications whereas one patient died. Surgery due to cancer, class ASA >2, longitudinal incision and > 15 cm showed statistical significance and were associated with pleural effusion. The hospitalization was over 2.4 longer for patients with PPC. Conclusion: PPC is frequently seen in patients submitted to abdominal surgery. The use of the CT for the detection of pulmonary atelectasis and pleural effusion proved to be effective. Most cases of PPC are self-limited, resolving without symptoms. (author)

  10. Evaluation of physical and mechanical and gaseous emissions in reuse waste in the development of a ceramic products; Avaliacao das propriedades fisica e mecanica e de emissoes gasosas no reaproveitamento de residuos no desenvolvimento de um produto ceramico

    Rodrigues, R.A.; Martins, B.E.D.B.S.; Couto, V.M.P.; Campos, J.C.; Guimaraes, C.S.; Almeida, V.C., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia. Escola de Quimica


    The search for alternative environmentally less aggressive disposal of solid waste has been the path taken to reverse the negative scenario established by the improper disposal of these materials. The aim of this study was to evaluate the recycling of the waste: sludge from water treatment and WTP, glass beads, obtained from the blasting chamber, aiming to develop a ceramic material. Compositions were prepared with different percentages of waste. The ceramic bodies were sintered at 900 deg C, 1000 deg C and 1100 deg C being tested for water absorption and bending failure stress, and characterized by X-ray diffraction We performed the analysis of greenhouse gases released during the burning process. Preliminary results indicate that the ceramic material produced did not show a gain of resistance expected by the introduction of micro glass beads, and that we must observe the legal limits for air emissions coming from burning.(author)

  11. Evaluation of capital investment in thermoelectric generation projects in the Brazilian electric sector using the real options theory; Avaliacao de investimento de capital em projetos de geracao termoeletrica no setor eletrico brasileiro usando teoria das opcoes reais

    Castro, Alessandro de Lima


    In the Brazilian Electric System about 92% of the generated electricity is of hydraulic origin. Today the system is operating practically in the limit of your capacity. Solutions of short time to make possible the expansion of the offer of electricity generation go by the installation of cycle combining thermal using natural gas as fuel. In this dissertation, it was used the real options theory to evaluate generation assets in the Brazilian electricity sector. In Brazil, central operator dispatches a flexible thermal when the electricity spot price is larger than the operation costs. The operation decision is like an European call, where underlying asset is the electricity and the strike price is the operation cost. The value of the capacity is the sum of all decisions to operate the thermal unit, in the remaining life of unit. It was used Monte Carlo Simulation and Dynamic Programming to evaluate this model. The problem is divided in two parts. In the first part, the base case is fixed and evaluated and the expected NPV and project risk are calculated in function of contract level. In the second part, many sensibilities are done in relation to base case. At the end, the value of flexibility is calculated for each contract level. (author)

  12. The application of scenarios techniques for evaluation of portfolio investments in E and P projects; A aplicacao das tecnicas de cenarios na avaliacao de carteira de investimentos em projetos de E e P

    Torres, Arnaldo L.M.; Rocha, Fabio M.; Rodrigues, Joao R.L.; Farias Filho, Jose Rodrigues de; Campagnac, Luiz A.P. [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Nucleo de Competitividade, Estrategia e Organizacoes (LABCEO)


    Managements in the organizations deal daily with decision making, today the market competitiveness requires rationality and efficiency. In the project portfolio management a lot of questions emerge to the management, such as: The projects chosen are really the best projects? They are suitable for the reality of the company? The evaluation criteria are appropriate? The methodology employed is adequate? The application of resources is optimized? There is a real commitment from all levels of the organizational structure? In this context, the objective of this work is to describe a model that try to be more applied to the reality, taking into consideration conceptual and motivational aspects related to the implementation of project management involving high investment with restrictions on resources, and still provide a tool to support decision . (author)

  13. Evaluation of analyte additions method for sodium determination in fuel ethanol by flame atomic emission spectrometry; Avaliacao do metodo das adicoes de analito para a determinacao de sodio em alcool combustivel por espectrometria de emissao atomica em chama

    Oliveira, Adriana Paiva de; Okumura, Leonardo Luiz; Gomes Neto, Jose Anchieta [UNESP, Araraquara, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Dept. de Quimica Analitica


    The analyte additions method was applied for sodium determination in fuel ethanol by atomic emission spectrometry. Graphics involving emission intensity versus analyte concentration in the 0 - 0.300 mg Na L{sup -1} interval concentration range containing 2.1 g K L{sup -1} as an ionisation buffer. Twenty samples of commercial fuel ethanol were collected in different gas stations located in Araraquara city, analyzed and results obtained varied from 0.0072 to 1.55 mg Na L{sup -1}. The limits of detection (L.O.D.) varied from 0.0026 to 0.0239 mg Na L{sup -1}. Recoveries varied in the 95 - 104 % interval. The relative standard deviations (n=12) for three analyte additions in all samples were {<=}4,1 %. (author)

  14. Evaluation of environmental degradation effects in morphology of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers; Avaliacao dos efeitos da degradacao ambiental na morfologia das fibras de polietileno de ultra-alto peso molecular (PEUAPM)

    Vivas, Viviane; Zylberberg, Marcel P.; Cardoso, Andre Luis V.; Pereira, Iaci M., E-mail: [Centro Tecnologico do Exercito (CTEx), RJ (Brazil); Weber, Ricardo P.; Suarez, Joao C. Miguez [Instituto Militar der Engenharia (IME), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This study aims to evaluate changes in the morphology of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE), before and after exposure to environmental agents. Fibers produced by two different manufacturers were analyzed. To characterize the morphology, we used the technique of small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS). The results demonstrate that the original morphology of the fibers was UHMWPE affected by the defects caused by exposure to environmental agents. (author)

  15. Evaluation of rheological behavior and sensory properties of ready to eat salad dressings submitted to irradiation; Avaliacao do comportamento reologico e das propriedades sensoriais de molhos comerciais para salada tratados por irradiacao

    Gallo, Juliana Maria Altavista Sagretti


    This study evaluated the rheological behavior of 11 salad dressings ready to eat, processed by gamma irradiation, at doses: 3 kGy and 5 kGy. This assessment was made by rheograms traced by measurements of viscosity and shear stress by shear rate. Mathematical parameters obtained from these measures also contributed to the conclusion of the behavior exhibited and for choosing the best mathematical model applicable to them. The measurements were performed on a Brookfield viscometer Model LVDV - III. The Neslab thermal bath was used to maintain ambient temperature during the whole analysis. This study protocol was done in two stages. In step 1, the evaluation was performed soon after the samples have been irradiated when these were close to their dates of manufacture. In phase 2 the samples were reassessed after a period of storage, near the expiration date of their validity. Simultaneously pH measurement was performed to evaluate their stability in the face of treatment and sensory analyzes of two salad dressings were studied, in order to verify the acceptance of these when submitted to irradiation. The shear-thinning behavior was confirmed for all dressings through the mathematical model, the power law, that best model apply to this, in both phases. The irradiation at the absorbed doses studied did not influence this behavior. The results of sensory evaluation indicated good acceptance of irradiated sauces for the tasters. (author)

  16. Methodology for evaluation of the stability of electric systems of offshore oil platforms in interconnected operations; Metodologia para a avaliacao dos sistemas eletricos das plataformas de petroleo offshore em operacao interligada

    Ribeiro, Dalmo Junior; Mendes, Pedro Paulo de Carvalho [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)


    The electric system of the platforms usually operates in an isolated way, requesting therefore a redundancy in the generating units so that a can have a reliable and uninterrupted system of their loads. A way to improve the quality in operation in terms of safety, reliability and economy can be the connection of the platforms of petroleum that are close, since it is viable. The objective of this work is to show the methodology for the stability study of the electric system in interlinked operation in way to detail the data of the equipment that are necessary, as: One line Diagram; Transmission lines; Transformers; Power system compensator; Generating; Speed regulators; Voltage regulators; Turbines and other. Another focus of the work is to show some control models and regulation of the electric system to maintain it stable and to show models for the interconnection of two or more platforms. (author)

  17. Evaluation of X ray radiation doses in pediatric examinations of cranial computerized tomography based on optimization studies; Avaliacao das doses de radiacao X em exames pediatricos de tomografia computadorizada de cranio com base em estudos de otimizacao

    Daros, Kellen Adriana Curci


    This paper identifies the technical conditions for CT examination which offers lowest absorbed dose and to attend the manufacturer recommendations as far the spatial resolution is concerned. The paper evaluates the absorbed dose during cranial CT in up to 6 years children satisfying the technical condition recommended by the manufacturer and routine clinical conditions. The paper also established a quantitative relationship among the absorbed dose and its distribution in the cranial regions of pediatric patients up to 6 years old in a way to estimate the doses subject to optimized conditions

  18. Time evaluation of discharges of suspension solids in the treated acid waters from the Osamu Utsumi - INB - Brazil; Avaliacao temporal das descargas de solidos em suspensao nas aguas acidas tratadas da mina Osamu Utsumi/INB

    Maculan, Gabriella Giarola [Universidade Federal de Alfenas (UNIFAL), Pocos de caldas, MG (Brazil); Alberti, Heber Luiz Caponi, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (LAPOC/CNEN), Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil). Laboratorio de Pocos de Caldas


    The present work presents only the flow and mass variations of particles on the the treated water at the points of interface with the environment. The region presents two very well established stations (dry and rainy), and the generated flows also presented oscillations as function of the hydrological year. The full knowledge of the hydrological fluxes involved in the Mine Acid Draining generation is essential for the elaboration of solutions aiming to minimize the environmental and costs impacts associated to the environmental passive generated by uranium mining

  19. Nanocomposite biofilms obtained from Whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) protein isolate and Montmorillonite: evaluation of the physical, mechanical and barrier properties; Biofilmes nanocompositos obtidos de isolado proteico de corvina (Micropogonias furnieri) e Montmorilonita: avaliacao das propriedades fisicas, meanicas e de barreira

    Cortez-Vega, William Renzo, E-mail: [Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados (UFGD), MS (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia; Bagatini, Daniela Cardozo; Souza, Juliana Tais Andreghetto de; Prentice, Carlos, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: dqmprent@furg.b [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG), RS (Brazil). Escola de Quimica e Alimentos


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the properties of nanocomposite biofilms based on Whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) protein isolate with organophilic clays. Initially the croaker protein isolate (CPI) was obtained using the pH shifting process from by-products of croaker industrialization. A Box and Behnken experimental design was used to develop the films, with three levels of CPI (2, 3.5 and 5 g.100 g{sup -1} solution), montmorillonite MMT clay (0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 g.100 g{sup -1} solution) and glycerol (25, 30 and 35 g.100g{sup -1} CPI). The polymeric films were produced by the 'casting technique'. The tensile strength values ranged from 7.2 to 10.7 MPa and the elongation values from 39.6 to 45.8 %. The water vapor permeability (WVP) values ranged from 3.2 to 5.5 ({sup -2}.d{sup -1}) and the CPI had an average protein content of 97.87 % protein (d. b.). It was concluded that the nanocomposite films produced from CPI with MMT were promising from the standpoint of their mechanical properties, visual appearance and easy handling, as well as for their low water vapor permeability and low water solubility. With respect to their mechanical properties, the concentrations of CPI and MMT were the main factors influencing the development of the nanocomposite films. The results obtained from the experimental design indicated that 3.5 g of CPI.100 g{sup -1}solution, 0.5 g of MMT.100 g{sup -1} solution and 30 g of glycerol.100 g{sup -1} CPI would be the ideal parameters for the development of nanocomposite films by 'casting'. (author)

  20. Microporous membranes from polyamide 6/national clay nanocomposites - Part 2: microstructural and permeability evaluation; Obtencao de membranas microporosas a partir de nanocompositos de polimida 6/argila nacional - Parte 2: avaliacao microestrutural e de permeabilidade das membranas obtidas

    Leite, Amanda M.D.; Araujo, Edcleide M.; Lira, Helio de L.; Paz, Rene Anisio da; Medeiros, Vanessa da Nobrega, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais


    Organic/inorganic hybrid membranes of polyamide 6 and mineral clay containing layers of silicate were prepared and compared to those of the pure polymer. Use was made of an as-received sodium clay from industry and another organophilized with ammonium quaternary salts (Dodigen and Cetremide). The salts make the clays surface hydrophobic and improve their incorporation into the polymer matrix in the molten state. Membranes were prepared with these nanocomposites using the immersion-precipitation technique with formic acid as a solvent, and precipitation in a water bath as non-solvent. The acid concentration in the solution containing the polymer and the hybrids was varied to study its influence in morphology and permeability of the membranes. An asymmetric morphology consisting of a filter skin and a porous support was observed, with pores both on the surface and in the cross section being affected by the different salts. This asymmetric morphology was also affected significantly by the acid concentration, with thicker filter skins for higher concentrations. The acid concentration affected the pores size and their distribution. The clay particles probably acted as a barrier to the flow. The permeating flux for the two acid concentrations varied as a function of the distinct morphologies. (author)

  1. Evaluation of the environmental aging and mechanical properties of the polypropylene/sugarcane bagasse composites; Avaliacao do envelhecimento ambiental e das propriedades mecanicas dos compositos de polipropileno/bagaco de cana-de-acucar

    Paiva, Rayane Lima de Moura; Mulinari, Daniella Regina [Centro Universitario de Volta Redonda (UNIFOA), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil)


    Polypropylene (PP) reinforced with fibers from sugarcane bagasse composites in different proportions were prepared. Also environmental aging was conducted for the composites and their mechanical properties determined. The results showed that chemical treatment caused changes in color and chemical composition of the fibers, removing impurities and amorphous constituents such as lignin and hemicellulose, techniques of FTIR, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy confirmed these data. Also, it was observed that addition of natural fiber in PP matrix provided an improvement in the mechanical properties materials. The weathering test revealed a slight mass gain after 75 days, but it was clear that the inclusion of fibers has a higher mass gain compared to pure PP. (author)

  2. In vitro evaluation of the chemical and morphological changes of the enamel surface using different bleaching techniques; Avaliacao in vitro das alteracoes quimica e morfologica da superficie do esmalte utilizando diferentes tecnicas de clareamento dental

    Mattos, Alessandra de Siervi


    'In vitro' evaluation through MEV and EDS of the morphological and chemical changes, respectively, of the bovine enamel, submitted to different bleaching techniques. For the MEV evaluation eighteen apical thirds were pigmented and divided into two parts. One half of each sample was the control and the other half was bleached according to the protocol of each test group (n= 6). Group I - home bleaching with a 10% carbamide peroxide; group II bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide and LED; group III - bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide with diode laser bleaching. The same procedure was done with the eighteen samples which were analyzed through EDS and which had their buccal surface grinded and polished before the bleaching procedure in order to obtain more precise values of the fraction of calcium and phosphorus. The results showed no morphological changes among the analyzed control halves and the bleached halves. There was not a statistical significant difference about Ca and P values, among the control halves and the bleached halves regarding the chemical components (p< 0,05). (author)

  3. Evaluation of the homogeneity of reference flat sources used in calibration of surface contamination monitors; Avaliacao da homogeneidade das fontes planas de referencia utilizadas na calibracao de monitores de contaminacao de superficie

    Silva Junior, I.A.; Xavier, M.; Siqueira, P.T.D.; Potiens, M.P.A., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The aim of this study was to re-evaluate the uniformity of the wide area reference sources of the Calibration Laboratory of Instruments (LCI-IPEN) used in the calibration of surface contamination monitors, according the recommendations of the ISO 8769 standard and the NRPB. In this work used six wide area reference sources of 150 cm{sup 2} of {sup 241}Am, {sup 14}C, {sup 36}Cl, {sup 137}Cs, {sup 90}Sr+{sup 90}Y and {sup 99}Tc with reference dates between 1996 and 1997 and three sources of 100 cm{sup 2} of {sup 14}C, {sup 137}Cs and {sup 60}Co were used with reference dates 2007. Measurements were performed with a radiation monitor of the Thermo, model FH40GX with a pancake probe, model FHZ732GM. We also made several models on paper with the objective of define each measurement position and an aluminum plate with a square hole (6.25 cm{sup 2}) in its center, allowing the passage of the radiation only through the hole. Each wide area reference source was positioned in setup and measurements were performed in order to cover the entire surface of the source. The values of the uniformity obtained partially confirm previous data obtained in another study conducted by LCI-IPEN, showing that some wide area reference sources 150 cm{sup 2} in disagree with ISO 8769. In the former work, just the source of {sup 241}Am (7.3%) was within the range specified by the standard, now have sources of {sup 241}Am (5.7%), {sup 137}Cs (8.8%), {sup 90}Sr+{sup 9}'0Y (8, 8%) and {sup 99}Tc (9.2%) with values within the specified uniformity. The sources of {sup 14}C (53.3%) and {sup 36}Cl (16.6%) were outside the specified. The wide area reference sources of 100 cm{sup 2}, show disagreement in values of uniformity of the sources {sup 14}C (46.7%) and {sup 60}Co (10.4%). The values of the uniformity of the wide area reference sources show that some fonts can not be used in calibrations, because not in accordance with the value of uniformity specified in ISO 8769:2010, this is a conditions to believe a laboratory according to ISO 17025, show the laboratory performs its services with a high quality. The continuation of this study, as part of the characterization of the sources used in the calibration of surface contamination monitors, will be performed using a computational model. (author)

  4. Evaluation of demand for water and electricity for papaya micro sprinkler irrigation system in Paraiba state, Brazil; Avaliacao das demandas de agua e energia eletrica para mamao irrigado por microaspersao no estado da Paraiba

    Lopes, Riuzuani Michelle Bezerra Pedrosa; Dantas Neto, Jose; Farias, Soahd Arruda Rached Farias; Azevedo, Carlos Alberto Vieira de [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UAEAG/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia e Recursos Naturais. Unidade Academica de Engenharia Agricola], Emails:,,,


    This study aimed to conduct an assessment on the demands for water and electricity for fruit irrigated by micro sprinkler irrigation in agricultural planning. We obtained the demands of gross water and electricity for papaya in 15 municipalities spread over the Rio Paraiba-PB, which was used by micro irrigation system with 90% application efficiency. The city of Joao Pessoa is the place to lower water consumption, requiring 32.9% of the amount required for papaya in Exile, which had the highest annual and daily evapotranspiration, combined with the lowest annual rainfall likely at a 75 % probability. The municipalities were chosen because they had a greater variance in terms of climate, in order to examine various irrigation demands. In Exile is a necessary volume of water-to 8.006,9 m{sup 3}.ha{sup -1}.year{sup -1} to produce one hectare of papaya while in Joao Pessoa need to 2.712,89 m{sup 3}.ha-1.year{sup -1}. The consumption of electricity in the city of Desterro is higher among the cities studied, necessitating 2.009,0 kW.ha{sup -1}.ano{sup -1} to produce one hectare of papaya, while in Joao Pessoa we only need 876,54 kW.ha {sup -1}.ano{sup -1} (author)

  5. HDPE/LLDPE blend-based nanocomposites - Part I: evaluation of thermo-mechanical properties and weathering resistance; Nanocompositos de blendas HDPE/LLDPE e OMMT - parte I: avaliacao das propriedades termo-mecanicas e da resistencia ao intemperismo

    Passador, Fabio R.; Backes, Eduardo H.; Travain, Daniel R.; Ruvolo Filho, Adhemar; Pessan, Luiz A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (UFSCar), SP (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais


    Nano composites from high density polyethylene/ linear low density polyethylene (HDPE/LLDPE) blends were prepared at the melt state in an extruder, using HDPE-g-MA as compatibilizer agent. The structural characterization was performed through wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results showed that adding the compatibilizer induced formation of a predominant intercalated microstructure. Dynamic-mechanical studies showed that the addition of the compatibilizer increases the interactions between the nano clay surface and the polyolefin matrix. The weathering conditions affected the mechanical behavior of HDPE/LLDPE blend-based nano composites. Both treatments performed in hot water and in a forced convection air oven provided the relief of residual stresses in the polymer matrix, while the treatment in an accelerated aging chamber provided the formation of carbonyl groups that lead to a decreased degree of crystallinity and elastic modulus of the nanocomposites. (author)

  6. The value of fetal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of diaphragmatic hernias; O valor da ultra-sonografia e da ressonancia magnetica fetal na avaliacao das hernias diafragmaticas

    Amim, Bruno [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Curso de Pos-graduacao em Radiologia]. E-mail:; Werner Junior, Heron; Daltron, Pedro Augusto; Antunes, Erika; Fazecas, Tatiana; Rodrigues, Leise; Domingues, Romeu Cortes [Clinica de Diagnostico por Imagem (CDPI), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Guerra, Fernando [Instituto Fernandes Figueira, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Marchiori, Edson [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Gasparetto, Emerson Leandro [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    To demonstrate the relevance of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging findings in the prenatal characterization and prognostic evaluation in cases of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Materials And Methods: Fourteen pregnant women (mean gestational age = 28.7 weeks) who had undergone ultrasonography for suspicion of fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia were assessed by means of magnetic resonance imaging on a 1.5 tesla equipment, following the standard protocol. Two radiologists evaluated the images and the findings were defined by consensus. Results: Twelve fetuses had left diaphragmatic hernia and two, right diaphragmatic hernia. Ultrasonography showed the fetal liver inside the thorax of five fetuses (three with left diaphragmatic hernia, and two with right diaphragmatic hernia) and magnetic resonance imaging in eight fetuses (six with left diaphragmatic hernia, and two with right diaphragmatic hernia). Stomach and small bowel loop herniation was observed in all of the fetuses with left diaphragmatic hernia (n = 12) at both magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasonography. Eight fetuses (seven with left diaphragmatic hernia and one with right diaphragmatic hernia) survived after surgical treatment. Conclusion: Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging are complementary imaging methods in the evaluation of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Magnetic resonance imaging is a helpful diagnostic method complementary to ultrasonography for evaluation of the fetal liver positioning, considering its relevance as a prognostic factor in cases of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. (author)

  7. Chemical constituents of Parmotrema lichexanthonicum Eliasaro and Alder: isolation, structure modification and evaluation of antibiotic and cytotoxic activities; Constituintes quimicos de Parmotrema lichexanthonicum Eliasaro and Adler: isolamento, modificacoes estruturais e avaliacao das atividades antibiotica e citotoxica

    Micheletti, Ana C.; Beatriz, Adilson; Lima, Denis Pires de; Honda, Neli K. [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), Campo Grande, MS (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica]. E-mail:; Pessoa, Claudia do O; Moraes, Manoel Odorico de; Lotufo, Leticia Veras; Magalhaes, Hemerson Iury Ferreira [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Dept. de Fisiologia e Farmacologia; Carvalho, Nadia C.P. [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), Campo Grande, MS (Brazil). Hospital Universitario. Lab. de Microbiologia


    From the lichen Parmotrema lichexantonicum were isolated the depsidone salazinic acid, the xanthone lichexanthone, and the depside atranorin. The two major compounds, salazinic acid and lichexanthone, were selected for structure modifications. Salazinic acid afforded O-alkyl salazinic acids, some of them potentially cytotoxic against tumor cell lines (HCT-8, SF-295 and MDA/ MB - 435). From lichexanthone were obtained norlichexanthone, 3-O-methylnorlichexanthone, 3-O-methyl-6-O-prenylnorlichexanthone, 3,6-di-O-prenyl-norlichexanthone, 3,6-bis[(3,3-dimethyloxyran-2-il)methoxy] -1-hydroxy-8-methyl-9H-xanten-9-one and 3,6-bis[3-(dimethylamine)propoxy]-1-hydroxy-8-methyl- 9H-xanten-9-one. The last compound was the most active against S. aureus. (author)

  8. Reduction of ANGRA{sub 1} reactor hot leg temperature: neutronic, operational and safety evaluation; Reducao da temperatura das pernas quentes de Angra-1: avaliacao neutronica, operacional e de seguranca

    Ponzoni Filho, Pedro; Sato, Sadakatu [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Fundacao Universitaria Jose Bonifacio


    The aim of the reduction of Angra 1 NPP hot leg temperature (T{sub hot}) is to reduce the potential for the initiation and propagation of primary water stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in steam generator (SG) tubes. Many nuclear power plants are operating with reduced T{sub hot} because it has been demonstrated that SG tubes SCC is associated with increased water temperature. This paper is a summary of a full design, made of 6 tasks: determination of new primary thermodynamic parameters; calculation of nuclear parameters that are used as input in accident and transient analysis, for reduced T{sub hot}; safety evaluation of all accidents and transients of Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR); safety evaluation of other transients; plant operation evaluation and reactor Protection System evaluation. The goals and conclusions of the full design are provided in this paper. (author)

  9. Assessment of occupational radiation protection conditions during power enhancement of the Angra-2 nuclear power plant; Avaliacao das condicoes de radioprotecao ocupacional durante a elevacao de potencia na Unidade 2 da Central Nuclear Almirante Alvaro Alberto - Angra-2

    Azevedo, Eduardo M.; Rocha, Antonio Carlos S.; Ferreira, Paulo R.R.; Mouco, Charles Dickens C.L.; Godoy, Jose M.O.; Matta, Luiz E.S.C. [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper intend to analyse the occupational radioprotection conditions of the Angra-2 nuclear power plant, from the startup up to reach 100% of the nominal power. To perform this work a group of dose rates measures was made including beta/gamma and neutron radiation, particulates and iodine monitoring, and surface contamination, during the whole process. These measures were made inside of the three main buildings: the reactor buildings (UJA - reactor core and UJB) and the Reactor Auxiliary Building (UKA). (author)

  10. Verification of the patient positioning for evaluation of PTV margins in radiotherapy of prostate cancer; Verificacao do posicionamento do paciente para a avaliacao das margens de PTV em radioterapia do cancer de prostata

    Frohlich, B.F.; Peron, T.M.; Scheid, A.M.; Cardoso, F.; Alves, F.; Alves, M.S.; Dias, T.M. [Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil)


    The work aimed to verify the relative displacements between the patient and the isocenters of the device based on the reproducibility of positioning, and estimates a PTV margins of radiotherapy treatments for prostate cancer. The results of displacements were obtained from a sample of 30 patient and showed values in vertical, longitudinal and lateral directions -0.03 ± 0.48 cm, 0.12 ± 0.47 cm and 0.02 ± 0.53 cm, respectively. PTV margins were calculated resulting in 0.97 cm for vertical direction, 0.85 cm for longitudinal, and 0.98 cm for lateral. (author)

  11. Evaluating uncertainties in the cross-calibration of parallel ion chambers used in electron beam radiotherapy; Avaliacao das incertezas no processo de calibracao cruzada de camaras de placas paralelas utilizadas em feixes de eletrons para radioterapia

    Anderson, Ernani; Travassos, Paulo; Ferreira, Max da Silva; Carvalho, Samira Marques de; Silva, Michele Maria da; Peixoto, Jose Guilherme Pereira, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Salmon Junior, Helio Augusto [Grupo COI - Clinicas Oncologicas, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This study aims to estimative the combined standard uncertainty for a detector parallel plate used for dosimetry of electron beams in linear accelerators for radiotherapy, which has been calibrated by the cross-calibration method. Keeping the combined standard uncertainty next of the uncertainty informed in the calibration certificate of the reference chamber, become possible establish the calibration factor of the detector. The combined standard uncertainty obtained in this study was 2.5 %. (author)

  12. Evaluation of thermal properties of nanocomposites based on Ecobras matrix and vermiculite modified with alkyl phosphonium salt; Avaliacao das propriedades termicas dos nanocompositos de Ecobras e vermiculita modificada com sal alquil fosfonio

    Oliveira, Marcelo F.L. de; Leite, Marcia C.A.M., E-mail: [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Braga, Fernanda C.F.; Oliveira, Marcia G. [Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The use of biodegradable polymers for producing nanocomposites with mineral fillers fetch the production of new materials with low cost and reduced environmental impact, combined with improvements in the mechanical and thermal properties. Nanocomposites based on Ecobras and vermiculite (VMT) modified with hexadecyl tributyl phosphonium bromide (Ph-VMT) were prepared by melt intercalation. The intercalation of Ph-VMT in Ecobras was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The thermal properties of Ecobras and their compositions were characterized by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA). The addition of VMT and Ph- VMT in Ecobras increases the crystallization temperature (Tc) and crystalline melting (Tm), as observed by DSC analysis. The result of the thermogravimetric analysis showed that the addition of Ph-VMT in Ecobras improved thermal stability of the nanocomposite. (author)

  13. Evaluation of work routines in PET/CT service with and individual tool in real time; Avaliacao das rotinas de trabalho em servico de PET/CT com ferramenta de monitoracao individual em tempo real

    Moreira, Maryana N.; Oliveira, Fernanda R. de; Fischer, Andreia C.F.S.; Bacelar, Alexandre [Servico de Fisica Medica e Radioprotecao, Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil)


    This study used a direct monitoring system (RemoteDose) that presents the individual dose and dose rate measurements, plotted instantly, as a tool to evaluate work routines of Individuals Occupationally Exposed (IOE) of a PET/CT Service. With this evaluation was possible to identify the critical tasks performed by each work team (Pharmaceutical/Nursing/Radiology Technician team) for subsequent optimization of patient care processes. It was also possible to assess whether these tasks are properly distributed among this teams. The RemoteDose system proved to be able to assist the optimization of radiation protection of a PET/CT Service, proving to be an important ally of the Radiation Protection Supervisor in this process, since it allows the display of real-time monitoring. (author)

  14. Tomography assessment of lung hyper inflation areas within cats in a pressure controlled ventilation staggered; Avaliacao tomografica das areas de de hiperinsuflacao pulmonar em gatos submetidos a ventilacao controlada a pressao escalonada

    Martins, Alessandro Rodrigues de Carvalho, E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (FM/USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Programa de Anestesiologia; Fantoni, Denise Tabacchi; Ambrosio, Aline Magalhaes [Universidade de Sao Paulo (FMVZ/USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia; Santos, Jaqueline Franca dos; Villamizar, Lenin Arturo [Universidade de Sao Paulo (FMVZ/USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia. Programa de Cirurgia; Pinto, Ana Carolina Brandao de Campos Fonseca [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia. Disciplina de Diagnostico por Imagem; Martins, Thiago do Amaral [UFAPE Vet Intenziv, Itapecerica da Serra, SP (Brazil); Malbouisson, Luis Marcelo Sa [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HC/USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. UTI Anestesiologica


    Mechanical ventilation is essential for oxygen supply during anesthesia. Some strategies are related to lung injury associated with mechanical ventilation. 10 cats, 4±1 kg, 1-6 years old, induced and maintained with propofol (6mg/kg, 0,5mg/kg/min) placed in supine position, subjected to pressure controlled ventilation (PCV) in oxygen at 40% with 5cmH{sub 2}O peak pressure in 'ZEEP' for 20 minutes, rising in 2cmH{sub 2}O installments peak pressure every five minutes until it reached 15cmH{sub 2}O. Moments P5, P7, P9, P11, P13, P15. Respiratory rate and inspiratory time were held on 15 movements per minute and 1 second regardless their EtCO{sub 2}. Muscle relaxation achieved by rocuronium bollus (1mg/kg/IV). Immediately, at each increase on pressure was performed a 4 seconds' inspiratory pause to allow the five millimeters CT slice of diaphragmatic region followed by hemogasometric and cardiorespiratory variables collected. P5 had the smallest hyperinflated area (3,24±4,02) Compared to other moments. P5 blood gases showed acidaemia (7,257±0,08) for mild respiratory acidosis (45±9.2) with good oxygenation (178±40.8mmHg) compared to other times which obtained reduction of CO{sub 2} and an increased pH. As the increase in peak pressure was observed increased distension of the lung parenchyma, a fact related to possible risk of lung injury in prolonged periods. 5cmH{sub 2}O pressure was demonstrated to be less harmful due to its lower hyper inflated areas that other moments, even with a low pH and high CO{sub 2}, being corrected by increasing respiratory rate.

  15. Preliminary analysis of doses to evaluate the image quality in radiographic examinations in veterinary radiology;Analise preliminar das doses para avaliacao da qualidade da imagem em exames radiograficos na radiologia veterinaria

    Pinto, Ana Carolina B.C.F.; Dias, Mayara T.P.; Santos, Andrea C. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia; Melo, Camila S.; Furquim, Tania A.C. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (IEE/USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia


    This work has as objective to promote the analysis of the radiological doses and quality of the image of the technical letter used for the accomplishment of thorax and coxal radiographic examination of animals of canine and feline species. The study was accomplished in the service of Diagnosis for Image in Veterinarian Hospital of Veterinary Medicine and Zootecnia College of University of Sao Paulo, in two conventional equipment. Initially, physical features of the animals and the technique used were collected for each one of the 188 radiographic examinations of thorax and 52 examinations of coxal. The animals were placed in different groups, according to their body weight. For each group, the averages for each feature were calculated: thickness of the radiographed region, tension, electric current, time of exhibition, current product electric-time, size of the used film, presence or absence of bucky and feature of focus (narrow or thick). On the basis of the averages of group M (of lesser weights that 5kg for cats and between 10,1kg and 20kg for dogs), was executed a physical analysis of the current technical letter, using the equipment: ionization chamber (to determinate the value of kerma in air), simulator objects (representative of the thickness of the animal) and three dispositive standards of test that evaluate space resolution, resolution in low contrast and contrast-detail. The obtained images were analyzed and compared for a physicist and a radiologist medical veterinary. The results had shown that the examinations supply dose considered high for techniques used mainly for coxal. The equipment A, although to supply higher doses, presents the better images for the majority of the projections. However, the study indicates that there are not exactly reference levels, but these examinations must pass for improvement of quality of image (author)

  16. Evaluation of rheological properties of cement slurries doped with fiber of glass wool; Avaliacao das propriedades reologicas e mecanicas de pastas de cimento aditivadas com fibra de la de vidro

    Paiva, Luanna Carla Matias; Barros, Marcus Vinicius Cavalcanti; Martinelli, Antonio E.; Freitas, Julio Cezar Oliveira [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (LABCIM/UFRN), RN (Brazil). Lab. de Cimentos; Lima, Cicero S.; Barroso, Carlos Andre Marques; Oliveira, Theogenes S. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), RN (Brazil); Bezerra, Ulisses Targino [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia da Paraiba (LABEME/IFPB), Joao Pessoa, PB (Brazil). Lab. de Ensaio de Materiais e Estruturas


    This paper describes the results of cement slurry systems using silica-based glass wool fiber as admixture after grinding during 90 s, 180 s, 300 s and 600 s. Scanning electron microscopy images of the fiber depicted the changes in the material as a result of milling. Slurries were formulated with specific mass 15.6 ppg using 2% (BWOC) of the wool fibers. Rheological and mechanical tests were performed. Increasing in milling time improved both the rheological properties and compressive strength of the slurries. Preliminary tests obtained with the fibers revealed the potential application of the material in cement slurries for oil wells. (author)

  17. Preliminary evaluation of exposures of computerized tomography patients in Latin America: IAEA project RLA/9/67; Avaliacao preliminar das exposicoes de pacientes em tomografia computadorizada na America Latina: Projeto IAEA RLA/9/67

    Kodlulovich, S.; Silveira, V. [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Khoury, H.J. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Departamcnto de Energia Nuclear; and others


    The aim of this study was to obtain preliminary values of reference levels in CT . Were sent to each country forms with information of radiological protection and routine CT protocols. The CT dose index and absorbed dose to organs was estimated from the technical data for each equipment . The results showed that the total number of examinations performed 92 % are adult patients and 8 % are children. The most frequent examination of the skull was adult (40 % ) and abdomen for children (42 % ) . About the service , 67 % of the equipment are multicut and 76 % have specific protocols for pediatric patients. The CTDI{sub vol} values for head exams of adults vary between 2 and 352 mGy for pediatric patients under 1 year 1-191 mGy under 7 years old 5-335 mGy. For chest values ranged from 3 to 26 mGy for adults, between 1 and 89 mGy for children under 1 year and between 3-114 mGy for children between 1 and 7 years. Exams of the abdomen/pelvis of adults the range was 3-47 mGy , between 4-90 mGy for children under 1 year and between 2-31 mGy for children between 1 and 7 years. This study showed that although there are pediatric protocols, there is a wide variation in values of CTDl{sub vol} indicating a high potential for dose reduction. This result requires immediate action for optimization and implementation of diagnostic reference values in Latin America.

  18. Prospective evaluation of biorefinery routes in Brazil, from sugar cane bagasse as a basic feedstock; Avaliacao prospectiva das rotas de biorefinaria no Brasil, a partir do bagaco de cana-de-acucar como materia-prima basica

    Ely, Romulo Neves


    Bio refineries have been identified either as an alternative to oil refineries or as a supplement. This work seeks to understand these plants applied to the Brazilian case, which has in the alcohol-sugar sector a large number of lignocellulose material (sugar-cane bagasse) produced in large scale as a residue of the process of sugar and alcohol production. In this case, technological routes that are able to use this product as a basic feedstock for the industrial process will be described. Therefore, a model based on a set of economical and technological variables is applied to the routes. In this model, different profiles of bio refinery plants are described and compared with different hypothetical regions, which are characterized by a combination of both access to different amounts of raw material and different types of consumers. Overall, this work describes a model of both location and competition of the main bio refinery technological routes in Brazil that have the sugar-cane bagasse as the basic raw material. (author)

  19. Psicologia das massas: contexto e desafios brasileiros

    Jaqueline Gomes de Jesus


    Full Text Available A interpenetração de valores e práticas sociais entre culturas, no contexto da globalização, é baseada na interdependência econômica dos países, em meios de transportes mais eficazes, na comunicação aberta e em mobilizações massivas. O fenômeno das massas ou multidões tem sido objeto de vários estudos, especialmente pelas Ciências Sociais. A Psicologia, porém, pouco tem contribuído na discussão. Uma das dimensões dessa realidade é a formação de novos movimentos sociais, que buscam modelos alternativos de apoio e organização e têm conduzido, ao redor do mundo, mobilizações de rua que superam seus objetivos iniciais, a exemplo dos distúrbios em Londres e da Primavera Árabe. Este artigo apresenta um histórico do conceito de massas, sua abordagem como construto psicossocial, o desenvolvimento do conceito e os desafios para sua pesquisa e aplicação no âmbito da Psicologia Social brasileira.

  20. Tratamento das bexigas neurogênicas

    José Antonio Levy


    Full Text Available Na micção normal existem duas fases: uma primeira, voluntária, na dependência da musculatura estriada-abdominal e do assoalho pélvico; uma segunda, reflexa, subordinada ao sistema nervoso parassimpático. Nas lesões agudas da medula, após uma fase inicial de atonia, a função vesical evolui para as formas autônoma, reflexa e não inibida, de acôrdo com a localização e a extensão da lesão. O tratamento das bexigas neurogênicas inicialmente visará manter o órgão em bom estado até que uma fase definitiva tenha sido alcançada; é por meio da lavagem contínua em sistema fechado com sonda de dupla corrente que são obtidos os melhores resultados. A segunda fase do tratamento (tratamento das seqüelas visará, em primeiro lugar, o combate ao resíduo urinário, quase sempre presente nas bexigas neurogênicas; ulteriormente cuidará da reeducação do órgão.

  1. Deep Astrometric Standards (DAS) and Galactic Structure

    Platais, I; Zacharias, N


    The advent of next-generation imaging telescopes such as LSST and Pan-STARRS has revitalized the need for deep and precise reference frames. The proposed weak-lensing observations with these facilities put the highest demands on image quality over wide angles on the sky. It is particularly difficult to achieve a sub-arcsecond PSF on stacked images, where precise astrometry plays a key role. Current astrometric standards are insufficient to achieve the science goals of these facilities. We thus propose the establishing of a few selected deep (V=25) astrometric standards (DAS). These will enable a reliable geometric calibration of solid-state mosaic detectors in the focal plane of large ground-based telescopes and make a substantial contribution to our understanding of stellar populations in the Milky Way. In this paper we motivate the need for such standards and discuss the strategy of their selection and acquisition and reduction techniques. The feasibility of DAS is demonstrated by a pilot study around the o...

  2. Os arredores das cidades romanas de Portugal

    de Alarcão, Jorge


    Full Text Available The author has considered in previous papers three levels of Roman urban settlements: capital towns, vici and castella (Romanized hill-forts or villages; and «casais» or very small farm-houses. In the present paper, he considers the landscape on the outskirts of four Roman capital towns of Portugal and distinguishes three different landscapes: the first, with middle and small farms, sometimes, a villa; the second, with villages around the town, at some distance; finally, the villae in a centuriated landscape.[pt] O autor distinguiu, em anteriores trabalhos, três níveis de aglomerados populacionais —capitais de civitates, vici e castella/aldeias— e três níveis de estabelecimentos rurais— villae, granjas e casais. Neste artigo examina os arredores das cidades romanas de Portugal e distingue três tipos de paisagem: uma composta por granjas e casais, eventualmente algumas villae; outra, por aldeias, mais ou menos distantes umas das outras; e uma terceira, composta de villae num território centuriado.

  3. Fontes de energia em suplementos múltiplos de auto-regulação de consumo na recria de novilhos mestiços em pastagens de Brachiaria decumbens durante o período das águas Energy sources in multiple supplements of self-feed of growing crossbred steers at pastures of Brachiaria Decumbens in wet season

    Mário Fonseca Paulino


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se avaliar o efeito de diferentes fontes energéticas em suplementos múltiplos de auto-regulação de consumo sobre o ganho médio diário (GMD, ganho de peso total (GPT, pH e a concentração de amônia ruminal em novilhos recriados em pastejo no período das águas. Foram avaliados suplementos contendo grão de milho moído (GMM, milho desintegrado com palha e sabugo (MDPS, sorgo moído (SM e tratamento controle (mistura mineral - MM. Utilizaram-se 16 novilhos mestiços Holandês-Zebu, não-castrados, com 12 meses de idade e peso médio inicial de 265 kg para avaliar o desempenho. Os parâmetros ruminais foram obtidos utilizando-se quatro novilhos mestiços Holandês-Zebu fistulados no rúmen. O pH do líquido ruminal variou de 6,43 a 6,62 (média de 6,55, não sendo influenciado pelas quantidades de sal e de suplemento consumidas. As concentrações de amônia foram de 9,61; 25,71; 24,45 e 26,04 mg/dL, respectivamente para os tratamentos MM, GMM, MDPS, SM. Não se verificou diferença entre os tratamentos, contudo o suplemento MDPS proporcionou ganhos adicionais em torno de 220 g/animal/dia. Maiores concentrações de amônia ruminal foram observadas nos animais suplementados.The effect of different energy sources in multiple supplements of self-feed on the average daily gain (ADG, total weight gain (TWG, pH and ruminal ammonia concentration of steers grazed at pasture in the wet season was evaluated. Treatments were supplements containing ground corn grain (GCG, corn, ears and cob (CEC, ground sorghum (GS and control treatment (mineral mix - MM. Sixteen crossbreed steers with initial age and weight of 12 months old and 265 kg were used. Ruminal parameters were obtained from four crossbreed steers fistulated in the rumen. The pH values ranged from 6.43 to 6.62, with an average of 6.55 not having effect for the amounts of salt and supplement consumed. Concentrations were 9.61, 25.71, 24.45 and 26.04 mg/dL, respectively, for MM, GCG

  4. Das seneszenzassoziierte Gen HvS40 der Gerste

    Trösch, Mirl


    In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde das seneszenzassoziierte Gen HvS40 der Gerste als dual kodierendes Gen charakterisiert. Damit wurde ein solches Gen erstmals in Pflanzen beschrieben. Der alternative S40+1-Leserahmen, der den kanonischen Leserahmen im 5'-Bereich überragt, konnte auch in anderen monokotylen, jedoch nicht in dikotylen Arten gefunden werden. Das S40-Protein, das durch den kanonischen Leserahmen S40+3 kodiert wird, kann der pflanzenspezifischen Proteinfamilie DUF584 zugeordnet...

  5. Sublimation and das Ding in Mahler's Symphony no. 8.

    Muller, John P


    This paper addresses sublimation in Gustav Mahler's Symphony no. 8 through Lacan's (1986, 1992) notion of das Ding, the Thing. The author reads Lacan as using das Ding, a term taken from Freud, as shorthand for archaic experience. Lacan provides a reference point when he states that "the Kleinian doctrine places the mother's body there" (1992, p. 117). Das Ding refers to unmediated contact with the Other, usually mother, in which traces of a primitive gratification mark the loss of immediacy, point to a lost object, and establish the trajectory of desire. Sublimation is an attempt to bring us into contact with das Ding.

  6. Walter Benjamin , leitor das Flores do mal

    Dolf Oehler


    Full Text Available O texto conta a história da leitura de Baudelaire por Benjamin. Desde as traduções mal recebidas ao projeto das Passagens. Leitor fraterno, Benjamin vive as mesmas condições do poeta – sem domicílio, sem biblioteca, sem posição social. Assim consegue apreender profundamente a poesia baudelairiana.Abstract: The text tells the story of the work of Benjamin about Baudelaire. Since the first translations to the Passagenwerk Project. As a fraternal reader, Benjamin lives the same conditions of the poet – without a home, without a library, without a social position. These similarities make possible to him to understand profoundly Baudelaire’s poetry.Keywords: Benjamin; Baudelaire; poetry; city. Dolf Oehler é professor Emérito de Literatura Comparada da Universidade de Bonn

  7. Projecto "Sindicato das Crianças"



    Foi criado em Outubro um fórum virtual de discussão dos problemas das crianças em Portugal e no Mundo. Os incentivadores desta iniciativa são um grupo de cidadãos» entre eles reconhecerão pediatras Jornalistas e outros (Ana Maria Galvão Lucas, Clara Sottomayor, Eduardo Sá, Isabel Stilwell, Mário Cordeiro). Numa altura em que em Portugal os indicadores de saúde infantil atingiram os melhores níveis na nossa História e em que a natalidade nunca esteve tão baixa» ainda existem muitos problemas p...

  8. Adolescentes e crack: pelo caminho das pedras

    Eduardo Tomm


    Full Text Available Nos últimos anos, a sociedade tem observado uma rápida expansão no uso de crack, especialmente por adolescentes e jovens. É evidente a necessidade de ouvir esses sujeitos de para melhor compreender sua situação. Para atender a essa necessidade, desenvolvemos uma pesquisa qualitativa descritivo-exploratória cujo foco foi um grupo terapêutico para adolescentes usuários de crack que ocorreu no Centro de Atenção Psicossocial Infanto-Juvenil (CAPSi em uma cidade do interior do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Amparados na modalidade expost-facto, analisamos documentos produzidos nessa instituição. O resultado foi uma cartografia que acompanhou discursivamente os adolescentes pelo "caminho das pedras": os lugares, tratamentos, pessoas, ideias e momentos dos quais falam.

  9. Das ovarielle Überstimulationssyndrom (OHSS

    Sander T


    Full Text Available Das ovarielle Überstimulationssyndrom (OHSS ist eine relativ häufige Komplikation bei der künstlichen Befruchtung bzw. bei einer ovariellen Stimulationsbehandlung. Es wird über die Pathophysiologie berichtet, die durch eine erhöhte Gefäßpermeabilität mit einer Flüssigkeitsverschiebung in den extravasalen Raum bedingt ist, vermutlich getriggert durch den vaskulären endothelialen Wachstumsfaktor (VEGF. Junge Frauen mit hyperandrogenämischen Zyklusstörungen und polyzystischem Ovarsyndrom (PCOS haben ein erhöhtes Risiko und eine Ovulationsinduktion mit HCG (humanem Choriongonadotropin sollte vermieden werden. Erscheinungsbild, Präventionsmaßnahmen und Therapie werden mit dem Ziel erläutert, die Komplikationsrate niedrig und die Schwangerschaftsrate so hoch wie möglich zu halten.

  10. Lista atualizada das Orchidaceae do Distrito Federal

    Batista João Aguiar Nogueira


    Full Text Available É apresentada a relação atualizada de Orchidaceae para o Distrito Federal (DF, a unidade da federação onde se situa a capital brasileira, localizada no centro do país. São reconhecidos 72 gêneros e 254 táxons (246 espécies e oito táxons subespecíficos, dos quais 17 (6,7% são conhecidos apenas localmente. Os gêneros mais significativos no DF são Habenaria (74 espécies e três táxons subespecíficos, Cyrtopodium (17 espécies, Cleistes (13 espécies e a subtribo Spiranthinae (11 gêneros com 34 espécies e dois táxons subespecíficos. Gêneros como Epidendrum (oito espécies, Pleurothallis (sete espécies, Oncidium (seis espécies e Maxillaria (três espécies são abundantes na Mata Atlântica no sudeste brasileiro, mas pouco representados na região. Cerca de 73% das Orchidaceae do DF apresentam hábito terrestre, o que contrasta marcadamente com a Mata Atlântica e a região Amazônica, onde predominam espécies epifíticas. Dentro do Cerrado, o DF representa o local mais bem amostrado e com o maior número de espécies conhecidas, compreendendo cerca de 51% das orquídeas listadas para todo o bioma. Esta relação tem como objetivo subsidiar a monografia desta família para a flora do Distrito Federal.

  11. Energy [R]evolution - a sustainable world energy outlook - 4th edition 2012 world energy scenario

    Teske, Sven; Pregger, Thomas; Simon, Sonja; Naegler, Tobias; O’Sullivan, Marlene; Schmid, Stephan; Frieske, Benjamin; Pagenkopf, Johannes; Graus, Wina; Kermeli, Katerina; Zittel, Werner; Rutovitz, Jay; Harris, Steve; Ackermann, Thomas; Ruwahata, Rena


    Das von der Energiesystemanalyse im DLR-Institut für Technische Thermodynamik in Stuttgart in Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern erarbeitete globale Energieszenario Energy [R]evolution zeigt nach Weltregionen differenzierte Wege auf, wie erneuerbare Energien bis zum Jahr 2050 eine sichere und nachhaltige globale Energieversorgung gewährleisten können. Gleichzeitig kann so der Ausstoß von klimaschädlichem CO2 drastisch reduziert werden. Das Szenario wurde von Greenpeace International als grundsätzlic...

  12. Transporte de ovos férteis: Influência das idades das matrizes, tempos de estocagem e das estradas

    Aérica C. Nazareno


    Full Text Available Propôs-se, com esta pesquisa, avaliar a influência de diferentes idades das matrizes e tempos de estocagem no número de ovos trincados durante a operação de transporte em diferentes estradas. A pesquisa foi conduzida na empresa integradora avícola em Mogi-Mirim - SP, por meio do acompanhamento de três carregamentos em diferentes estações do ano (primavera, verão e outono. Foi utilizado um caminhão climatizado do tipo baú com capacidade para 592 caixas de ovos. Foram registrados, por meio de quatro acelerômetros, os níveis de vibração (m s-2 e choques em percursos realizados nas estradas de terra e asfalto. O número de ovos trincados foi obtido por meio da contabilização de 18 caixas de ovos transportadas que apresentavam três idades de matrizes e três tempos de estocagem, pelo método visual. Foi utilizado o delineamento experimental inteiramente aleatorizado com esquema fatorial 3 x 3. Conclui-se que as matrizes velhas e intermediárias apresentaram o maior número de ovos trincados; os maiores níveis de vibração e choques da carga ocorreram no sentido horizontal enquanto a estrada de asfalto ofereceu as piores condições para o transporte de ovos.

  13. Leibniz e a retomada das formas substanciais

    Dante Carvalho Targa


    Full Text Available Considerando o percurso total do pensamento de G. W. Leibniz, o presente trabalho remete ao período da escrita do Discurso de Metafísica (1686, que antecede ao estado final de sua filosofia, popularmente conhecido como o “sistema das mônadas”. Embora esta obra inaugure a maturidade do pensamento leibniziano, expondo boa parte dos pressupostos fundamentais de sua metafísica, a formulação do conceito de substância simples ou mônada ainda não se faz presente. Todavia, suas origens e a direção na qual avançam as indagações de Leibniz sobre a determinação ontológica do real são sugeridas pela restauração do conceito de forma substancial, que o autor retoma da filosofia escolástica num sentido específico, simultaneamente integrando-o à sua teoria da substância e convertendo-o num ícone de sua oposição à filosofia cartesiana. Tendo encontrado a ocasião oportuna para fazer chegar suas idéias ao afamado teólogo e intelectual francês Antonie Arnauld, Leibniz sintetiza nos artigos do Discurso os principais aspectos de sua filosofia, agregando às considerações sobre a fé, o bem e a liberdade algumas posições peculiares em relação ao contexto filosófico do final do séc. XVII. Dentre elas, a retomada do antigo conceito escolástico de forma substancial consistirá numa ousada reivindicação pela prioridade da metafísica frente à envolvente influência do mecanicismo nas modernas concepções filosóficas sobre a natureza e as substâncias corpóreas. Se, por um lado, Leibniz é conhecido pelo seu ímpeto de harmonização das diferentes tendências filosóficas de sua época, por outro, suas apropriações dos diferentes conceitos e pontos de vista oriundos destas vertentes sempre resultaram em algo novo e mais profundo, distinguindo-se por fim de sua origem. Com relação ao tema da forma substancial não é diferente, uma vez que, embora constitua um marco de sua oposição à primazia do mecanicismo na

  14. Políticas externas das grandes potências

    Freire, Maria Raquel


    Relatório da unidade curricular apresentado no âmbito das provas de agregação agregação na área de Relações Internacionais, especialidade de História e Teoria das Relações Internacionais, da Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra

  15. Pedagogical Basis of DAS Formalism in Engineering Education

    Hiltunen, J.; Heikkinen, E.-P.; Jaako, J.; Ahola, J.


    The paper presents a new approach for a bachelor-level curriculum structure in engineering. The approach is called DAS formalism according to its three phases: description, analysis and synthesis. Although developed specifically for process and environmental engineering, DAS formalism has a generic nature and it could also be used in other…

  16. DASMiner: discovering and integrating data from DAS sources

    Vasconcelos Ana


    Full Text Available Abstract Background DAS is a widely adopted protocol for providing syntactic interoperability among biological databases. The popularity of DAS is due to a simplified and elegant mechanism for data exchange that consists of sources exposing their RESTful interfaces for data access. As a growing number of DAS services are available for molecular biology resources, there is an incentive to explore this protocol in order to advance data discovery and integration among these resources. Results We developed DASMiner, a Matlab toolkit for querying DAS data sources that enables creation of integrated biological models using the information available in DAS-compliant repositories. DASMiner is composed by a browser application and an API that work together to facilitate gathering of data from different DAS sources, which can be used for creating enriched datasets from multiple sources. The browser is used to formulate queries and navigate data contained in DAS sources. Users can execute queries against these sources in an intuitive fashion, without the need of knowing the specific DAS syntax for the particular source. Using the source's metadata provided by the DAS Registry, the browser's layout adapts to expose only the set of commands and coordinate systems supported by the specific source. For this reason, the browser can interrogate any DAS source, independently of the type of data being served. The API component of DASMiner may be used for programmatic access of DAS sources by programs in Matlab. Once the desired data is found during navigation, the query is exported in the format of an API call to be used within any Matlab application. We illustrate the use of DASMiner by creating integrative models of histone modification maps and protein-protein interaction networks. These enriched datasets were built by retrieving and integrating distributed genomic and proteomic DAS sources using the API. Conclusion The support of the DAS protocol allows that

  17. A teoria das duas consciências

    Arno Engelmann


    Full Text Available Baseando-se na repartição da "consciência" feita por Tolman, Engelmann chama uma de consciência-imediata, a parte individual e presente, e outra de consciência-mediata, a parte restante. Engelmann subdivide a consciência-mediata em consciência-mediata-do-observador, individual mas passada, e consciência-mediata-de-outros. Engelmann apresenta ainda mais três teorias aparentadas: a teoria das oito hipóteses básicas, nome dado às primeiras hipóteses que partem da consciência-imediata e terminam na consciência-mediata-de-outros; a teoria dos indicadores de consciência, em número bem maior que o simples relato verbal; e a teoria dos cinco escalões de percepto, nome dado às diversas atitudes que um ser humano é capaz de exercer ante um percepção consciente.

  18. Os Simpsons no dia das bruxas

    Chantal Herskovic


      Este artigo tem como objetivo resgatar paródias da série de TV Os Simpsons a partir de histórias inspiradas em obras da literatura gótica, visando verificar de que forma dialogam com os textos de partda e com o tema de Halloween ou o Dia das Bruxas. Serão utilizadas para análise reflexões teóricas propostas por Umberto Eco (2001 em que o autor discute o papel da cultura de massa na atualidade; por David Punter, (1996 em que analisa as características da literatura gótica; por Alberto Manguel (2005 em que distingue os conceitos de terror e horror; por Julio Plaza (2001 em que propõe estudos sobre transcriação sígnica e o conceito de intertextualidade; e, finalmente, por Linda Hutcheon (1986 em que analisa a questão da adaptação e o conceito de paródia.

  19. Gabinete de curiosidades: o paradoxo das maravilhas

    Maria Lívia C. M. Ramos Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Os Wunderkammern, gabinetes de maravilhas ou curiosidades, são bastante citados como a origem dos museus modernos. O artista plástico Walmor Corrêa fez referência a esses espaços na sua instalação intitulada Memento mori, realizada no ano de 2007 em Porto Alegre. Trabalhou-se com as imagens dessa obra e com referenciais dos Estudos Culturais para pensar os sentidos de ciência, principalmente da biologia, postos em circulação por essa instalação ao evocar os gabinetes. Caminhou-se entre a potência que as maravilhas têm de desestabilizar as hierarquias a que estamos familiarizados e a força que os sentidos já dados exercem sobre essas excentricidades, fazendo com que elas acabem por (reafirmar a centralidade da qual parecem se fazer fugir. Memento mori pode multiplicar possibilidades no entre arte-ciência, questionar a centralidade das regras normativas, efetuando-se como uma atividade política no encontro entre arte-biologia. E pode, também, levar a uma jogada que reforça sistemas classificatórios, estereotipagens. Pode, ainda, sugerir mais um caminho, e outro, e outros.


    Yogyrema Setyanto Putra


    Full Text Available Pemetaan batas daerah aliran sungai (DAS merupakan salah satu parameter utama yang digunakan sebagai batasan penentuan kondisi tutupan lahan dan geomorfologi pada DAS. Ketersediaan data Digital Elevation Model (DEM, dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai pengelolaan DAS dalam bentuk pemetaan batas DAS serta mendapatkan kondisi geomorfologi DAS. Sayangnya keberagaman produk data DEM sering menimbulkan pertanyaan bagi pengguna tentang produk data DEM manakah yang sebaiknya digunakan dalam penelitiannya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan hasil perbandingan dari batas DAS yang diolah yaitu menggunakan data ASTERGlobal Digital Elevation Model (GDEM terhadap data Badan Pengelolaan Daerah Aliran Sungai (BPDAS. Metode yang dilakukan dalam penelitian ini mencakup pra pengolahan, pengolahan, dan kartografis. Pada pra pengolahan citra proses yang dilakukan antara lain pemotongan citra DEM, koreksi geometrik, ekstraksi garis kontur Peta RBI ke DEM, pengkoreksian jaringan sungai BPDAS terhadap Peta RBI. Pada tahap pengolahan dilakukan analisa hidrologi permukaan pada data DEM untuk mendapat batas DAS. Pada tahap akhir dilakukan kartografi untuk pembuatan peta batas dimana data batas ditampalkan. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian, secara kuantitatif nilai morfometri hasil pengolahan ASTER GDEM menunjukkan nilai yang berbeda dengan data BPDAS, tetapi masih dalam rentang kelas benuk DAS yang sama.

  1. Evolution of the energy content and emissions of CO{sub 2} associated with Brazilian economic production between 1990 and 2030: a hybrid approach; Evolucao do conteudo energetico e das emissoes de CO{sub 2} associadas a producao economica brasileira entre 1990 e 2030: uma abordagem hibrida

    Pereira Junior, Amaro Olimpio; Soares, Jeferson Borghetti; Oliveira, Ricardo Gorini de; Queiroz, Renato Pinto de [Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:


    This study proposes um hybrid approach to analyze the results of the Energy National Plan 2030, performed by EPE, a state owned Enterprise of Energy Research. The model integrates the energy data to macroeconomics, giving them consistence, from the input-output analysis. The resultant matrixes from this methodology are use to analyze the evolution of energy content and the CO{sub 2} emissions associated to the economic production of choose sectors. (author)

  2. Assessment of decision making models in sensitive technology: the nuclear energy case; Avaliacao de modelos decisorios em tecnologia sensivel: o caso da energia nuclear

    Silva, Eduardo Ramos Ferreira da [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    In this paper a bibliographic review is proceeded on the decision making processes approaching the sensitive technologies (the military and civilian uses as well), and the nuclear technology herself. It is made a correlation among the development of the nuclear technology and the decision making processes, showing that from 70 decade on, such processes are connected to the national security doctrines influenced by the Brazilian War College. So, every time that the national security is altered, so is the master line of the decision making process altered. In the Brazil case, the alteration appeared from the World War II up to the new proposals coming out from the Ministry of Defense are shown related to the nuclear technology. The existent models are analysed with a conclusion that such models are unveiling at the present situation of the moment, concerning to the nuclear technology.

  3. The new petroleum; Das neue Oel

    Ristau, Oliver


    Lithium is expected to play a key role in tomorrow's energy scenarios as a raw material for electric batteries. However, the booming electromobility may result in supply shortages in the PV sector.

  4. The hydrogeothermal potential of Southern Hesse; Das hydrogeothermische Potential Suedhessens

    Fitzer, C.; Fluhrer, S.; Sanner, B.; Knoblich, K. [Giessen Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Angewandte Geowissenschaften


    The paper investigates rock series suited as storage media and the temperature distribution in the subsurface of Southern Hesse. It gives an idea of the possibilities for hydrogeothermal energy use in the area. The densily populated Rhein-Main-region provides a good demand potential for geothermal heat. A substantially elevated geothermal gradient of about 60 K/km as compared to the continental average of 30 K/km could be demonstrated in the northern part of the Upper Rhine Graben. Thermal anomalies could be localised. The Rotliegend-layers (Perm) provide the highest geothermal ressources in the region. In more shallow depth, the Hydrobia layers (Teritary) show reasonable values. To the north, the potential of these series decreases. Hence hydrogeothermal energy use should not be considered in the northern part of Southern Hesse. The highest potential can be expected from the Rotliegend layers in the area of Stockstadt and Biebesheim. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Untersuchung geht auf die moeglichen Speichergesteine und die Temperaturverteilung im Untergrund Suedhessens ein und gibt einen ersten Eindruck von den Moeglichkeiten zur Nutzung der Hydrogeothermie in der Region. Fuer geothermische Waerme besteht im dicht besiedelten Rhein-Main-Gebiet eine gute Abnehmerstruktur. Im noerdlichen Oberrheingraben konnte im Mittel ein deutlich erhoehter Temperaturgradient von etwa 60 K/km gegenueber dem kontinentalen Krustendurchschnittswert von 30 K/km nachgewiesen werden. Waemeanomalien wurden lokalisiert. Die Rotliegendschichten weisen im untersuchten Gebiet eindeutig die hoechsten Ressourcen auf. In geringerer Tiefenlage erzielen die Hydrobienschichten noch beachtliche Werte. Nach Norden nimmt das Potential der Schichten ab. Daher ist von einer Nutzung der Hydrogeothermie im noerdlichen Bereich Suedhessens eher abzuraten. Die hoechsten Ressourcen in Suedhessen sind im Bereich von Stockstadt und Biebesheim in den Rotliegenschichten zu erwarten. (orig.)

  5. Das Anreizargument in Wirtschaftsethik und Gerechtigkeitstheorie

    Neuhäuser Christian


    Full Text Available Die Idee, dass vor allem monetäre Anreize das Verhalten von Wirtschaftsakteuren in gewünschte Richtungen lenken und sogar dabei helfen können, durch Leistungssteigerung zusätzliche Wohlfahrtseffekte zu generieren, spielt in der politischen Ökonomie seit ihren Anfängen eine zentrale Rolle. Es spricht sogar einiges dafür, dass dieser Gedanke das verbindende Glied der Ökonomik als Gesellschaftstheorie im Gegensatz zu anderen gesellschaftstheoretischen Entwürfen ausmacht. Dennoch halte ich dieses Anreizargument aus normativer Perspektive für unterentwickelt, wie ich in Auseinandersetzung mit der Ökonomischen Ethik bzw. Ordnungsethik nach Karl Homann und der Integrativen Wirtschaftsethik zeigen möchte. Weder gelingt es der Ordnungsethik nach Karl Homann, die Bedeutung von Anreizstrukturen hinreichend zu begründen, obwohl sie in Ansätzen wichtige Argumente formuliert. Noch gelingt es der Integrativen Wirtschaftsethik, die zentrale Rolle von Anreizstrukturen für die normative Theoriebildung überzeugend zurückzuweisen. Mir geht es nicht darum, den einen oder anderen wirtschaftsethischen Ansatz grundsätzlich zurückzuweisen, sondern vielmehr, auf Lücken in der Argumentation und sich daraus ergebende Forschungsfragen hinzuweisen. Vor diesem Hintergrund könnte es helfen, einen verwandten Diskurs aus der gegenwärtigen Gerechtigkeitstheorie in die Überlegungen mit einzubeziehen. Denn die grundlegende Idee der ökonomischen Gesellschaftstheorie einer Wohlfahrtssteigerung durch die gezielte Manipulation von Anreizstrukturen hat auch in der gegenwärtigen Gerechtigkeitstheorie ihre Wirkung entfaltet. In seiner Theorie der Gerechtigkeit hat John Rawls argumentiert, dass selbst Egalitaristen bestimmte Einkommensunterschiede zulassen müssen, wenn dadurch für Leistungsträgerinnen solche Anreize gesetzt werden, die gleichzeitig auch den Schlechtestgestellten zum Vorteil gereichen. Diese Argumentation ist von Gerald Cohen einer harschen

  6. Auto-Exame das Mamas: Uma Realidade Feminina

    Vieira, Francieli; SOET; Salci, Maria Aparecida; CESUMAR


    O câncer de mama é a principal neoplasia maligna que acomete as mulheres no Brasil, e em 2006 apresentou uma incidência de 48.930 casos (INCA, 2007). Desta forma é necessária a conscientização das pessoas quanto ao auto-exame das mamas, por se tratar de um método importante de detecção precoce desta neoplasia (DAVIM et al.,2003). O presente estudo, uma pesquisa de natureza quantitativa, teve como objetivo identificar o conhecimento e prática do auto-exame das mamas em acadêmicas de um curso d...

  7. Evaluation of conformal radiotherapy techniques through physics and biologic criteria; Avaliacao de tecnicas radioterapicas conformacionais utilizando criterios fisicos e biologicos

    Bloch, Jonatas Carrero


    In the fight against cancer, different irradiation techniques have been developed based on technological advances and aiming to optimize the elimination of tumor cells with the lowest damage to healthy tissues. The radiotherapy planning goal is to establish irradiation technical parameters in order to achieve the prescribed dose distribution over the treatment volumes. While dose prescription is based on radiosensitivity of the irradiated tissues, the physical calculations on treatment planning take into account dosimetric parameters related to the radiation beam and the physical characteristics of the irradiated tissues. To incorporate tissue's radiosensitivity into radiotherapy planning calculations can help particularize treatments and establish criteria to compare and elect radiation techniques, contributing to the tumor control and the success of the treatment. Accordingly, biological models of cellular response to radiation have to be well established. This work aimed to study the applicability of using biological models in radiotherapy planning calculations to aid evaluating radiotherapy techniques. Tumor control probability (TCP) was studied for two formulations of the linear-quadratic model, with and without repopulation, as a function of planning parameters, as dose per fraction, and of radiobiological parameters, as the α/β ratio. Besides, the usage of biological criteria to compare radiotherapy techniques was tested using a prostate planning simulated with Monte Carlo code PENELOPE. Afterwards, prostate planning for five patients from the Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirao Preto, USP, using three different techniques were compared using the tumor control probability. In that order, dose matrices from the XiO treatment planning system were converted to TCP distributions and TCP-volume histograms. The studies performed allow the conclusions that radiobiological parameters can significantly influence tumor control

  8. Evaluation of essential minerals in carioquinha beans by EDXRF; Avaliacao de minerais essenciais em feijao carioquinha por EDXRF

    Paula, Ellen Cristina Alves de; Aquino, Reginaldo R. [Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Scapin, Marcos A. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN-CNEN/SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    In this study, the levels of essential minerals in the carioquinha beans were analyzed by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence technique (EDXRF), searching determine the possible minerals, quantities and the correlation among different sources of same variety and the possible contribution of each to the human diet.

  9. Evaluation of essential minerals in pumpkin seeds by EDXRF; Avaliacao de minerais essenciais em sementes de abobora moranga por EDXRF

    Boaro, Flavia Araujo; Zacari, Cristiane Z. [Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Scapin, Marcos A.; Aquino, Reginaldo R. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN-CNEN/SP), Sao Paulo, SP(Brazil)


    Pumpkin seeds, marketed in the Municipal Market of Sao Paulo, Brazil, were analyzed using the Energy Dispersive of X-ray Fluorescence technique (EDXRF) seeking to evaluate the content of the main essential minerals present in these seeds, and their contribution to human nutrition.

  10. Ambientes Colaborativos Virtuais: potencial das redes sociais. O caso das empresas do Algarve

    Ana Belo


    Full Text Available O objetivo do presente artigo é analisar o potencial das redes sociais no desempenho das pequenas e médias empresas da região do Algarve, tendo sido efectuado um questionário para o efeito. O estudo empírico realizado revela que os dados recolhidos (de 70 empresas possuem boas qualidades psico-métricas. Procedeu-se a uma análise categórica de componentes principais, a qual identificou duas principais tipologias de objectivos nas redes sociais: redes sociais para interacção produto-cliente e pesquisa ou conhecimento; e redes sociais com potencial para o marketing. Uma análise suplementar - análise hierárquica de clusters (com recurso ao método de agrupamento de Ward - identificou três padrões de empresas consoante o seu grau de envolvimento em redes sociais: cluster Social Tec Grau 1; cluster Social Tec Grau 2 e cluster Social Tec Grau 3. Estas análises permitem validar uma metodologia sustentável para este tipo de avaliação.

  11. Wann wird die Demokratie erwachsen? Kinder und das Wahlrecht

    Lecce, Steven


    Full Text Available Dieser Artikel untersucht, ob es moralisch vertretbar ist, Kindervon Wahlen auszuschließen. Letztendlich gibt es starke Spannungen zwischen den egalitären Annahmen der Demokratie und unserem offensichtlichen Unwillen, Kindern das Wahlrecht zuzugestehen. Solange kein plausibler Grund für die ungleiche Behandlungvon Erwachsenen und Kindern gefunden wird, muss die anhaltende politische Vorenthaltung des Wahlrechts von unseren jüngsten Bürgern als das bezeichnet werden, was sie ist: soziale Ungerechtigkeit. Der Artikel beginnt mit der Darstellung einiger konzeptionellerSchwierigkeiten, die im Verhältnis Kindheit – Demokratie aufkommen. Anschließend untersucht er zwei sehr unterschiedliche Demokratieansätze und ihre Bedeutung für das Kinderwahlrecht: Prozeduralismus und das vermeintliche Kinderrecht auf eine offene Zukunft.

  12. Baleizão:aldeia amiga das pessoas idosas

    Rosa, Luis Manuel Pereira


    Dissertação de mestrado em Saúde comuntária, orientada por Maria Manuela Narciso Pereira, Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Escola Superior de Saúde. O projeto que realizámos: “Baleizão – Aldeia amiga das pessoas idosas”, tem como inspiração o “Guia Global das Cidades Amigas das Pessoas Idosas” (2009). Pretendemos construir um projeto de intervenção comunitária em função das necessidades identificadas no “Diagnóstico de Saúde” efetuado na localidade de Baleizão (2010), definindo estratégias d...

  13. Piimatootjad hädas laenuraha maksmisega / Anne Oja

    Oja, Anne, 1970-


    Mitmed piimatootjad ja -tööstused on hätta sattunud laenu- ja liisingumaksetega. Diagramm: Piimatootjate maksuvõlad. Lisad: Hädas laenu- ja liisingumaksetega; Raskuste põhjused. Kommenteerivad Ero Viik ja Andres Oopkaup

  14. O encaminhamento político das reformas estruturais

    Juan Carlos Torre


    Examinam-se, com base nos casos do México, da Bolívia e do Brasil, os fatores que condicionam a capacidade das elites governamentais de iniciar, definir e sustentar no tempo os processos de reformas estruturais...

  15. DAS: a data management system for instrument tests and operations

    Frailis, Marco; Zacchei, Andrea; Lodi, Marcello; Cirami, Roberto; Pasian, Fabio; Trifoglio, Massimo; Bulgarelli, Andrea; Gianotti, Fulvio; Franceschi, Enrico; Nicastro, Luciano; Conforti, Vito; Zoli, Andrea; Smart, Ricky; Morbidelli, Roberto; Dadina, Mauro


    The Data Access System (DAS) is a metadata and data management software system, providing a reusable solution for the storage of data acquired both from telescopes and auxiliary data sources during the instrument development phases and operations. It is part of the Customizable Instrument WorkStation system (CIWS-FW), a framework for the storage, processing and quick-look at the data acquired from scientific instruments. The DAS provides a data access layer mainly targeted to software applications: quick-look displays, pre-processing pipelines and scientific workflows. It is logically organized in three main components: an intuitive and compact Data Definition Language (DAS DDL) in XML format, aimed for user-defined data types; an Application Programming Interface (DAS API), automatically adding classes and methods supporting the DDL data types, and providing an object-oriented query language; a data management component, which maps the metadata of the DDL data types in a relational Data Base Management Syste...

  16. Das Ausmalbuch zum ATLAS-Experiment

    Anthony, Katarina


    Deutsche Fassung - The ATLAS Experiment Colouring Book is a free-to-download educational book, ideal for kids aged 5-9. It aims to introduce children to the field of High-Energy Physics, as well as the work being carried out by the ATLAS Collaboration.

  17. Rural electrification based on photovoltaic systems: systemic evaluation and analysis; Eletrificacao rural com sistemas fotovoltaicos: avaliacao e analise sistemicas

    Orellana Lafuente, Renan Jorge


    In spite of all advances made by modern technology, there are still regions which remoteness has made electrification of poor rural localities very difficult or impossible. The only practical solution for these localities is a local, decentralized form of electrical generation, such as solar energy. Based on its availability and potential, together with the scientific and technical advances made in photovoltaic conversion, solar energy is an alternative which is viable for many rural areas in developing countries. The technology has matured sufficiently, but in its application there is still a need for systematization for experiences, especially in the areas of planning and management. The present work deals with a project carried in the community of Chimboata, Chimboata department, Bolivia. The implementation aspects are analysed and the implementation methodology described. Finally, the forms of managing and funding this type of systems are analysed. (author)

  18. Thermodynamic evaluation for cogeneration plant of a shopping center; Avaliacao termodinamica de uma planta cogerativa de um shopping center

    Santana, Gean C.S.; Torres, Ednildo A. [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil); Campos, Michel F. [PETROBRAS S.A., Salvador, BA (Brazil)


    Recent instability in the Brazilian electrical energy supply, together with the re-structuring of the power sector and government initiatives to increase natural gas participation in the system have led to discussion over the possibility of implementing cogeneration plants that utilize natural gas as an energy source in power generating for use in cooling and heating systems. Given this context, the use of cogeneration plants is an alternative for service sector companies (such as retail centers, universities, schools, and hospitals) that would like to implement with the goal of producing electricity and cooling for indoor environmental climate control. In this study, an energetic analysis (based on the first law of thermodynamics) and an exergetic analysis (based on the second law) were performed on two cogeneration plants. (author)

  19. Energy study 2007 for the German state of Sachsen-Anhalt. Published on behalf of the Minister of Economy and Labour of Sachsen-Anhalt; Energiestudie 2007 fuer das Land Sachsen-Anhalt. Untersuchung im Auftrag des Ministeriums fuer Wirtschaft und Arbeit des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt

    Weber, A.


    The current energy concept of Sachsen-Anhalt dates back to 2004. Since then, boundary conditions have changed. International energy markets are characterized by growing demand and rising energy prices. This has influenced Germany as well. Further, sustainable power supply and global climate change have become relevant issues during the past few years. Against this background, Sachsen-Anhalt intends to modify its energy concept. The first step will be the provision of a current information and data base on all aspects of world, national and state energy supply and all relevant boundary conditions. The 'Energiestudie 2007' was prepared by Institut fuer Energetik und Umwelt gGmbH. The contents are based on current studies and investigations. The 'Energiestudie' will provide an information base which may be maintained and updated by actors of Sachsen-Anhalt. (orig.)

  20. The Ludwigslust geothermal project; Das Geothermieprojekt Ludwigslust

    Bosecke, W.P. [Stadtwerke Ludwigslust-Grabow GmbH, Ludwigslust (Germany)


    The Ludwigslust-Grabow GmbH town works have been planning the erection of a goethermal heating station since 1991. An energy consumption analysis shows not only that geothermal energy can be used economically, but also that the use of combined heat and power would prove economical. From January 1993 onwards, the first conversion work was carried out in selected parts of the town. This is a report on results of the project so far. (HW) [Deutsch] Die Stadtwerke Ludwigslust-Grabow GmbH planen seit 1991 die Errichtung eines Geothermieheizwerkes. Eine Energieverbrauchserhebung zeigt, dass nicht nur Geothermie wirtschaftlich nutzbar ist, sondern auch die Ausnutzung der Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung sich als wirtschaftlich tragfaehig erwies. Ab Januar 1993 wurden dann erste Umbauarbeiten in den ausgewaehlten Stadtvierten durchgefuehrt. Ueber bisherige Ergebnisse des Projektes wird berichtet. (HW)


    Janiene dos Santos e Silva


    Full Text Available A investigação das tendências comportamentais e suas possíveis manifestações nos cenários de consumo é fundamental para as marcas definirem suas estratégias mercadológicas e construírem vínculos mais duradouros com seus consumidores. Existem diversas empresas fornecedoras de metodologias de pesquisa que sistematizam essas tendências, disponibilizando-as para uso dos profissionais de marketing e branding. A proposta do presente artigo é associar as tendências atuais no gerenciamento de marcas e os comportamentos emergentes na sociedade, resultado do contexto sociocultural, econômico e político. Trata-se, portanto, de um texto predominantemente teórico, ainda que expresse a pesquisa documental realizada junto aos institutos de pesquisa no país que atuam no segmento de tendências comportamentais.

  2. A controladoria no contexto atual das empresas

    Aliciane Aparecida Novello


    Full Text Available A literatura existente sobre percorre caminhos que nem sempre proporcionam o entendimento imediato ou a solução para as dificuldades surgidas durante o desenvolvimento dessa função dentro das organizações, como a apresentação dos conceitos básicos e de exemplos objetivos para a solução deles. Acredita-se que se pode transcrever sobre o tema de forma ainda sucinta por se tratar de uma área razoavelmente nova, que permite ser desmistificada. Controles bem feitos, baseados em informações de boa qualidade, são a essência não só da produtividade da área, mas também do crescimento do indivíduo, do grupo e da empresa. A missão da área de é assegurar a otimização do resultado econômico global da empresa. A Administração é o ramo do conhecimento que cuida da gestão dos recursos e do processo decisório (REPETE. Por conta dessa visão integradora da atuação dos profissionais da Administração e da Contabilidade, observa-se a necessidade da adoção do modelo sistêmico nas organizações. De forma resumida e conclusiva, cabe à controladoria garantir a eficácia da empresa por meio da otimização de seus resultados, ocupar-se da gestão econômica da empresa, com fim de orientá-la, zelando pela continuidade da empresa. The existing Iiterature about controllership follows ways which not always provideimmediate understanding ar the solution to the difficulties which appear during thedevelopment of this funetion in the companies, such as the presentation of the basicconcepts and the objective examples to their solution. It is believed that it can betranscyibed briefly about the theme because it is reasonably new area which can bedemystified. Well performed contrais, based on good qualilV information, are thescent not only of the produetivity, but also of the individuais, group and company'sdevelopment. The controllership mission is to assure the company's global economicalresults optimization. The business management is

  3. Evaluation for turbine implementation for a micro hydroelectric power plant; Avaliacao para implantacao de uma turbina para uma microcentral hidreletrica

    Alves, Gilberto Manoel; Halmeman, Maria Cristina Rodrigues; Oliveira, Franciene Gois [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Programa de Pos-graduacao em Energia na Agricultura; Seraphim, Odivaldo Jose [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Dep. de Engenharia Rural


    In this work it was analyzed the viability technical and economical of turbines to micro hydroelectric headquarters as an alternative to consumers not served by electric energy in isolated areas. It was used a experimental methods to create an estimative and a evaluation of the hydroelectric potential, through hydrological criteria in the area and, thus, be able to note if there is viability for its use. Some kinds of turbines made by the national industry were verified, analyzing the technical and economical characteristics and in function of the hydro energetic-conditions of the area. The results shoed that a micro-headquarters serves the necessities and expectations of the owner at the electric energy supply. It was noted that the expenses are smaller comparing to the other expenses know in the literature, from national factories. Even though the limiting factor is the distance from the production to the consumer, the potency of 18.4 kw was enough to satisfy the local necessities. The installation of de micro headquarters will bring enhances and facilities by the fact that it represents a big social importance for the area. (author)

  4. Energetic evaluation of a mechanical dryer (flex) to familiar agriculture; Avaliacao energetica de um secador mecanico (FLEX) para cafeicultura familiar

    Donzeles, Sergio M.L. [Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuaria de Minas Gerais (CTZM/EPAMIG), Vicosa, MG (Brazil). Centro Tecnologico da Zona da Mata], E-mail:; Silva, Juarez S.; Martin, Samuel; Nogueira, R.M.; Silva, Jadir N.; Zanata, Fabio L. [Universidade Federal de Vicosa (DEA/UFV), MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Agricola], Emails:,,


    Actually, the coffee is one of the most important exportation crops of the country. The utilization of obsolete or unsuitable processes, specifically related to the coffee drying, it can to damage the final quality of the product, besides to result in a low profitability of the coffee growing. In this work a mechanical drier (flex) was built, for the familiar coffee growing, being subsequently evaluated, to the drying of peeled cherry coffee, by the realization of two tests: one with heating of the air using vegetable coal and other combining the use of solar heater with vegetable coal. Basing on the results, it was possible to conclude that the drying of coffee in the mechanical drier Flex can be carried out using vegetable coal as fuel as well as associating the use of the vegetable coal with the solar collector, to save energy. (author)

  5. Evaluation of welding by MIG in martensitic stainless steel; Avaliacao da soldagem pelo processo MIG em aco inoxidavel martensitico

    Fernandes, M.A. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil); Mariano, N.A.; Marinho, D.H.C. Marinho, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Alfenas (UNIFAL), Pocos de Caldas, MG (Brazil)


    This work evaluated structure's characterization and mechanical properties after the welding process of the stainless steel CA6NM. The employed welding process was the metal active gas with tubular wire. The control of the thermal cycle in the welding process has fundamental importance regarding the properties of the welded joint, particularly in the thermally affected zone. The mechanical properties were appraised through impact resistance tests and the hardness and microstructure through metallographic characterization and Ray-X diffraction. The parameters and the process of welding used promoted the hardness and toughness appropriate to the applications of the steel. Welding energy's control becomes an essential factor that can affect the temperature of carbide precipitation and the nucleation of the retained austenite in the in the region of the in the thermally affected zone. (author)

  6. Determination of the proteins and carbohydrates fractions and estimative of the energy value of forages and by-products in Brazilian Northeast Determinação das frações proteicas e de carboidratos e estimativa do valor energético de forrageiras e subprodutos da agroindústria produzidos no Nordeste Brasileiro

    José Gilson Lousada Regadas Filho


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to characterize the carbohydrates and proteins fractions and to estimate the energetic value of native and adapted forages and agro industry by-products produced in Brazilian Northeast. To obtain the carbohydrates fractions, according with CNCPS system, were calculated the total carbohydrates, its fractions B2, C and the soluble neutral detergent components. For the determination of nitrogenous fractions, were analyzed the non-protein nitrogenous compounds, soluble and insoluble nitrogen in borate-phosphate buffer, protein nitrogen insoluble in neutral detergent and acid detergent. To the estimative of TDN, were used the equations proposed by NRC (2001. The by-products analyzed carbohydrates fractions varied from 19.35 to 58.52%; 9.95 to 61.44% and 15.35 to 70.06, for A+B1, B2 and C, respectively. In the forages, the fractions A, B1, B2, B3 and C of nitrogenous compounds presented variation from 9.84 to 42.33%; 1.58 to 11.47%; 48.63 to 80.10%; 0.70 to 6.13% and 0.43 to 2.86%, respectively. The estimated TDN of the forages varied from 48.30 to 65.42%, while for the by-products varied from 31.41 to 128.9%. The fractionation of nitrogen compounds and carbohydrates are simple methodologies and should be common practices in laboratories of feed evaluation.O experimento foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar as características agronômicas e químico-bromatológica de diferentes cultivares de milho para ensilagem. Foram avaliados doze cultivares de milho em delineamento experimental em blocos casualizados, com três blocos, 12 tratamentos e três repetições. As parcelas foram constituídas por três linhas de seis metros de comprimento e espaçamento de 0,8 m entre linhas. O ciclo das plantas, do plantio à colheita, variou de 105 a 114 dias. A altura média diferiu entre os cultivares (P 0,05 entre os cultivares para número de espigas por planta (0,9 a 1,1, teores de matéria seca (33,2 a 38,2 %, de extrato etéreo (1,9 a

  7. Research project ``Geoscientific, geotechnological and process-related research to optimize the available processes for geothermal energy utilisation under the aspect of long-term exploitation``; Forschungsprojekt ``Geowissenschaftliche, geotechnologische und verfahrenstechnische Forschungsarbeiten zur Vervollkommnung des Verfahrens der Nutzung geothermischer Ressourcen im Hinblick auf das Langzeitverhalten

    Rohstock, B.; Schneider, H. [Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH (Germany)


    The research project was started with the objective of developing the essential geological-technical-technological parts of the utilisation of highly-mineralised thermal waters for heating. It is based on the findings from the drilling and testing of 29 deep geothermal wells, the erection and operation of Geothermal Heating Stations in Northeast Germany until 1990. The operation of the Waren (Mueritz) and Neubrandenburg Geothermal Heating Stations including their modernisation and the solution of problems which occurred sometimes give proof of the principal technical-technological implementability of thermal water utilisation for energetic purposes. Matter of concern is the recirculation of the thermal water after being used for balneological purposes to the main flow of water used for energetic purposes without affecting subsequent reinjection. The conditioning of the thermal water before and after use for bathing and balneo-therapeutic purposes is another problrm. The essential results are presented here. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das Forschungsvorhaben wurde mit dem Zeit der Vervollkommnung der wesentlichen geologisch-technisch-technologischen Teilbereiche der waermeseitigen Nutzung von hochmineralisierten Thermalwaessern aufgenommen. Die mit dem Niederbringen und Testen von 29 Geothermie-Tiefbohrungen, der Errichtung und dem Betrieb der Geothermischen Heizzentralen in Nordostdeutschland bis 1990 gewonnen Erkentnisse bildeten dabei die Grundlage. der seither fortgesetzte Betrieb der Geothermischen Heizzentralen in Waren (Mueritz) und Neubrandenburg einschliesslich deren Modernisierung sowie die zwischenzeitlich aufgetretenen und im positiven Sinne geloesten Probleme unterstreichen die grundsaetzlich geloeste technisch-technologisce Realisierbarkeit der waermetechnischen Thermalwassernutzung. Zu loesen ist die Problematik der Aufbereitung des stofflich zu nutzenden Thermalwassers vor und nach Einsatz im Bade- und medizinisch-therapeutischen Bereich. Im Vortrag werden die

  8. Chemical constituents of the stem bark of Vochysia thyrsoidea Pohl. (Vochysiaceae) and evaluation of their cytotoxicity and inhibitory activity against cathepsins B and K; Constituintes quimicos das cascas do caule de Vochysia thyrsoidea Pohl. (Vochysiaceae) e avaliacao das atividades citotoxica e inibitoria frente as catepsinas B e K

    Sousa, Lorena Ramos Freitas de; Silva, Jame' s A. da; Vieira, Paulo Cezar [Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (UFSCar), SP (Brazil). Departamento de Quimica; Costa, Maisa Borges; Santos, Mirley Luciene dos; Menezes, Antonio Carlos Severo, E-mail: [Universidade Estadual de Goias (UEG), Anapolis, GO (Brazil). Unidade Universitaria de Ciencias Exatas e Tecnologicas; Sbardelotto, Aline Borba; Pessoa, Claudia do O; Moraes, Manoel Odorico de [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Fac. de Medicina. Dept. de Fisiologia e Farmacologia


    A new flavonoid, catechin-3-O-(3{sup -}O-trans-cinnamoyl)-α-rhamnopyranoside, along with known compounds, catechin-3-O-α-rhamnopyranoside, 3-oxo-urs-12-en-28-oic acid, 2,4,6-trimethoxybenzoic acid, 2-butyl-D-fructofuranoside and 1-butyl-D-fructofuranoside, has been isolated from the stem bark of V. thyrsoidea. These compounds were assayed for inhibition of protease activity (cathepsins B and K) and against cancer cell lines. Catechin-3-O-(3{sup -}O-trans-cinnamoyl)-α-rhamnopyranoside showed moderate inhibitory activity (IC{sub 50} = 62.02 µM) against cathepsin B while 2-butyl-D-fructofuranoside was the most potent against a strain of CNS (SF-295) and human leukemia (HL-60) with IC{sub 50} = 36.80 μM and IC{sub 50} = 25.37 μM, respectively (author)

  9. Chemical constituents of the leaves and anti-inflammatory activity evaluation of extracts of roots and leaves of Guettarda pohliana Muell. Arg. (Rubiaceae); Constituintes quimicos das folhas e avaliacao da atividade anti-inflamatoria de extratos das raizes e folhas de Guettarda pohliana Muell. Arg. (Rubiaceae)

    Testa, Glaucio; Oliveira, Paulo Roberto Neves de; Silva, Cleuza Conceicao da; Schuquel, Ivania Teresinha Albrecht; Santin, Silvana Maria de Oliveira, E-mail: [Departamento de Quimica, Universidade Estadual de Maringa, Maringa, PR (Brazil); Kato, Lucilia; Oliveira, Cecilia Maria Alves de [Instituto de Quimica, Universidade Federal de Goias, Samambaia, Goiania, GO (Brazil); Arruda, Laura Licia Milani de; Bersani-Amado, Ciomar Aparecida [Departamento de Farmacologia e Terapeutica, Universidade Estadual de Maringa, Maringa, PR (Brazil)


    This phytochemical investigation of Guettarda pohliana leaves led to the isolation of the triterpenes pomolic acid, rotundic acid, 3b,6a,19a,23-tetrahydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid, clethric acid, ursolic acid and oleanolic acid, the monoterpenoids loliolide and secoxyloganin, besides daucosterol and steroids. The structures of the isolated compounds were assigned on the basis of NMR data, including two-dimensional NMR methods. The anti-inflammatory activity of the crude methanolic extracts from leaves and roots, as well as of their fractions, was evaluated. (author)

  10. Effects of the introduction of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on sources of energy and the electricity grid - Additional information; Auswirkungen der Markteinfuehrung von Elektrofahrzeugen und Plug-In-Hybrids auf die Energietraeger und das Elektrizitaetsnetz. Ergaenzende Informationen - Schlussbericht

    Rigassi, R.; Huber, S. [Enco AG, Liestal (Switzerland); Strub, P. [Pierre Strub - nachhaltig wirkt, Basel (Switzerland)


    This comprehensive annex to a final report for the Swiss federal Office of Energy (SFOE) discusses the effects of the introduction of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on sources of energy and the electricity grid. Energy and CO{sub 2} balances are discussed as is the use of vehicle batteries as part of a 'vehicle-to-grid' system that can help regulate the electricity mains. Charge optimisation and mains fed-in are discussed. The control and cost/remuneration of the power involved are looked at. The modelling involved for calculating the power quantities involved is examined. Data on related vehicle technologies and their usage is presented and discussed. The Swiss power grid, production and the mix of electricity produced are looked at and the needs for regulating energy are discussed. Factors taken into account for the comparison of carbon dioxide emissions are looked at. Further additional information is presented and discussed. Relationships to other energy scenarios are presented and discussed. Finally, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made. Questions still to be examined are listed.

  11. Uma leitura semiótica das multidões

    Alexandre Rocha da Silva


    Full Text Available Uma leitura semiótica das multidões tem o objetivo de problematizar as funções do incomensurável na semiose. Tal problematização envolve os problemas da imanência, do primado da mediação que caracteriza o pensamento semiótico contemporâneo e da desconstrução das identidades operada pelas teorias queer. Para tanto, metodologicamente, (1 apresentamos os conceitos de multidão desenvolvidos por Charles Sanders Peirce, Antônio Negri e Michael Hardt; (2 discutimos o caráter descritivo das categorias faneroscópicas de Peirce para propor a Zeroidade como condição e imanência de toda a semiose; (3 identificamos a dupla face – virtual e mediada – da singularidade e (4 demonstramos de que maneira a singularidade, que é uma potência, dá lugar na semiose a identidades. É o caráter indissociável da singularidade, da identidade e das crenças/hábitos que permite a este artigo denunciar falsas dicotomias e afirmar o perspectivismo como horizonte fundamental para os estudos semióticos das multidões.

  12. Load curve modelling of the residential segment electric power consumption applying a demand side energy management program; Modelagem da curva de carga das faixas de consumo de energia eletrica residencial a partir da aplicacao de um programa de gerenciamento de energia pelo lado da demanda

    Rahde, Sergio Barbosa [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica e Mecatronica]. E-mail:; Kaehler, Jose Wagner [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia]. E-mail:


    The dissertation aims to offer a current vision on the use of electrical energy inside CEEE's newly defined area of operation. It also intends to propose different alternatives to set up a Demand Side Management (DSM) project to be carried out on the same market segment, through a Residential Load Management program. Starting from studies developed by DNAEE (the Brazilian federal government's agency for electrical energy), to establish the load curve characteristics, as well as from a research on electrical equipment ownership and electricity consumption habits, along with the contribution supplied by other utilities, especially in the US, an evaluation is offered, concerning several approaches to residential energy management, setting up conditions that simulate the residential segment's scenarios and their influence on the general system's load. (author)

  13. Manuscritos freudianos inéditos: das ich und das es

    Juan Carlos Cosentino


    Full Text Available Apresentamos aqui uma leitura crítica e comparada entre o rascunho e a forma final de O ego e o id, no momento em que nasce uma dissimetria entre o inconsciente reprimido e o material inconsciente que permanece não reconhecido. Partimos do capítulo "Os dois tipos de pulsão". O próprio Freud nos lembra que as questões aí levantadas retomam pensamentos iniciados em 1920. A partir da redefinição do Inconsciente e, mais tarde, com a reformulação da ideia de pulsão de morte, tais considerações permanecem mais perto da psicanálise que do texto Além.... Não obstante, o que denomina "nossa especulação" retorna nas conclusões do capítulo IV sobre o pressuposto da pulsão de morte. Com a irrupção do não-ligado, quais são os propósitos da pulsão de morte, em 1923, quando esta tem as mãos livres? Em 1924, constata que não-toda a pulsão está inscrita na representação. Intervém o silêncio da pulsão: essa fronteira, onde o id fala, o id goza e nada sabe.Freudian unpublished manuscripts: das Ich und das Es. This is a critical and comparative reading of the manuscripts of The Ego and the Id. We can read in this work a dissymmetry between the repressed unconscious and the material that remains unknown. We depart from chapter IV, "The two kinds of Drives". As Freud announces, the matters he displays resume thoughts from his writings of 1920. So, starting with the redefinition of Ucs and afterwards, with the reformulation of the idea of Todestrieb, they remain much closer to psychoanalysis than Beyond the pleasure principle. But what he calls, "our speculation" returns in the conclusions of chapter IV about the assumption of the Todestrieb. With the breaking through of the not bound: what are the purposes the Todestrieb serves, when, as he says in 1923, it has its hands free? In 1924 he confirms that not-all the drive is inscribed in the representation. The silence of the drive intervenes: this border, where id speaks, id enjoys

  14. Audit Committee: Um Estudo das Características das Empresas Listadas na BM&FBOVESPA

    Milena Araújo Rego Amorim


    Full Text Available Objetivo: O objetivo deste estudo foi comparar as características dos comitês de auditoria de 65 empresas listadas na BM&FBovespa nos anos de 2014 e 2015, com as obtidas anteriormente nos anos de 2012 e 2013. Fundamento: O comitê de auditoria pode ser considerado um instrumento da governança corporativa, sendo formado por membros do conselho de administração, e sua composição deverá ser representada por membros independentes e especialistas na área da contabilidade ou financeira. Método: Foram investigadas a expertise, a independência e o tamanho, sendo realizado um estudo descritivo, com abordagem quantitativa e pesquisa documental. Resultados: Foi possível identificar que, em 2014, as áreas mais significativas foram engenharia, economia, administração e contabilidade, havendo poucas variações no ano de 2015. Quanto à independência dos membros, a maioria das empresas cumpriu com as boas práticas de governança corporativa, sendo que em 2014 aproximadamente 14% das empresas não atenderam a este requisito. Com mediana de 3,0 membros e médias de 3,22 em 2014 e 3,20 membros em 2015, cumpriram-se, em sua maioria, as recomendações da Comissão de Valores Mobiliários contidas na instrução n° 509, na Lei Sarbanes-Oxley e na Resolução BACEN nº 3.198/04. No que se refere ao tamanho, os resultados mostram que 49 empresas, nos anos referenciados, continham três ou mais membros em seus comitês, correspondendo, respectivamente, a 75,3% e 74,3%. Contribuições: Verificou-se que os comitês de auditoria não se apresentam de forma homogênea nas empresas e, mesmo com as recomendações de órgãos internos e da Lei Sarbanes-Oxley, apresentam-se de formas diversas.

  15. Technological developments for environmental monitoring and assessment at PETROBRAS; O desenvolvimento de tecnologia de avaliacao e monitoramento ambiental na PETROBRAS

    Guimaraes, Pedro Penido D.; Veiga, Leticia Falcao [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Borges, Heloisa V.


    Since 2000 PETROBRAS adopted strategies and actions to establish excellence in Environmental Management and Operational Safety - PEGASO, having invested around 6.1 billions of reais in the last four years to reduce emissions, residues, effluents, and to improve prevention and accident control in its units. In this context, PETROBRAS Research and Development Center has been expanding knowledge about the ecosystems where the company operates, providing essential information to evaluate viability and sustainability on its enterprises, as well as for environmental licensing. Reinforcing its corporative strategy, it was created in 2002 the Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Section, a group that counts nowadays with 48 professionals. This group develops technology and methodology for monitoring in social and environmental context for the petroleum industry, gas and energy, evaluating the impacts of PETROBRAS activities and products life cycle, contributing for reduction of negative effects and to improve the company's environmental management. The research areas are: land, coastal and marine ecosystems monitoring, atmospheric monitoring and air quality, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, social and economic evaluation and environmental damage valuation. Working partnerships with the scientific community established several contacts with Brazilian and international universities. Among these various projects related to activities in the Brazilian offshore we present some aspects of the project Campos Basin Deep Sea Environmental Monitoring. (author)

  16. Evaluation of harmonic distortions using small scale computers; Avaliacao de distorcoes harmonicas utilizando-se computadores de pequeno porte

    Paschoareli Junior, Dionizio


    The emergence more and more constant of non-linear loads in the power systems, with the consequent distortion in the voltage wave forms and of current, turns necessary complementary analyses in the planning of the systems, in way the if understands and to minimize the effects caused by the harmonic distortions. Among the methods used in this analysis are the computational programs that determine the flow of harmonic current and the voltages distorted in the buses. The objective of this work is the optimization of a program developed for large computers, turning possible its utilization in microcomputers. Besides, several models of components and two electric systems have its answers to the presence of multiple frequencies of the fundamental (harmonic frequency) evaluated and the results of the simulations will be presented. It also accomplishes simulations that make possible the visualization of the distortions in the voltage wave forms of the buses. Finally, the work offers a global and qualitative vision of this phenomenon that has been reason increasing preoccupation for mainly among the responsible for the quality of the supplied energy.

  17. Cementing quality evaluation with ultrasonic logs in fiberglass casings; Avaliacao da qualidade do cimento em revestimentos de fibra de vidro

    Campos, Wellington; Lazaro, Andre F. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The sonic and ultrasonic profiles are used as the main tools in assessing the cementing quality between formation and casing in oil wells. This assessment is important, because, if there is a failure in the primary cementing, both the structural integrity and zone isolation will be compromised. The sonic profiles are based on the acoustic energy attenuation in casing, cement and formation, while the ultrasonic profiles are based on the resonance of the wave pulse within the media where they travel (casings, cement and formation). The attenuation and resonance are due to the difference in the way the wave travel within these media. The acoustic impedance is the quantification of this difference, determining the refraction and reflection between the environments, and wave attenuation as well. In steel casings, this difference is meaningful, allowing the captured signals (reflected pulses) to be interpreted as good adhesion between cement and casing, or a lack of adhesion at some interval. In fiber glass casings, the impedance contrast between glass and cement is small and not detectable with the CBL/VDL sensors. The CBL/VDL tools provide an inefficient assessment of the quality of the cementing. The ultrasonic profile does not have this problem, theoretically. The goal of this work is to demonstrate and recommend the ultrasonic tool as the main instrument to assess the cementation quality in fiber glass casings. (author)

  18. In competition for the best energy-plus building. German teams score at Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 with architecture, engineering and marketing opportunities; Im Wettkampf um das beste Plusenergiehaus. Deutsche Teams punkten beim Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 mit Architektur, Konstruktion und Vermarktungschancen

    Gintars, Dorothee


    For the competition, 18 interdisciplinary student teams from all over the world developed and built houses that generate at least as much energy - using solar systems - as they consume. They were supported by their universities, researchers and companies. From Germany, students took part from Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) and RWTH Aachen University, supported with government energy research funds. Whereas the design from Constance has perfected a modular construction system, with the Aachen team the focus is on recycling. After ten disciplines, the two homes achieved 4{sup th} and 5{sup th} places. (orig.)

  19. Das Fernsehen als Kummertante - Beratungsangebote für Kinder

    Sandra Fleischer


    Full Text Available Mehrere Sender buhlen mit Beratungsversprechen und ominösen Lebenshilfetipps um Zuschauer. Die Super-Nanny, Hunde-Mutti, Hausfrau-Fee – alle wissen, wie es besser geht und «beraten» gern. Abseits von Pseudo-Beratungsshows, Tarotkarten und Aroma­stäbchentherapie bietet der KI.KA seit 2003 ein explizites Beratungsangebot für Kinder an. Das Projekt führt der KI.KA in Zusammenarbeit mit der Nummer gegen Kummer und der BZgA durch. Der KI.KA-Kummerkasten ist das erste interaktiv angelegte Beratungsangebot für Kinder ab 7 Jahren im deutschen Fernsehen, allerdings nicht das erste mediale Berat­ungsangebot für Kinder in der Geschichte des Fernsehens. Der folgende Artikel bezieht sich auf Forschungsergebnisse, welche ich innerhalb meines Promotionsprojektes erarbeitete.

  20. Aspectos sociotécnicos das TI & Relacionamento Humano & Sinergia

    Sergio Vieira Holtz Filho


    Full Text Available As Tecnologias de Informação (TI estão entre os principais agentes de mudança sociais. Para gerir tais mudanças, uma miríade de áreas do conhecimento humano têm muito a contribuir para a abordagem dos aspectos sociotécnicos das TI e promover sinergia. Como uma organização empresarial atua no sentido de provocar mudanças no comportamento das pessoas, visando a melhoria contínua, esse processo de mudança provocada chama-se aprendizagem. Isto posto, neste artigo apresentaremos resultados observados em empresas em processo de reengenharia e submetidas a utilização de metodologias integradas (PDCA, Método Paulo Freire e Roteiro Integração de Equipes, abordando os aspectos sociotécnicos das TI & relacionamentos humanos pela praxe da pedagogia como elemento de sinergia.

  1. Das PCOS – aktuelle endokrine und klinische Aspekte

    Schorsch M


    Full Text Available Kein gynäkologisch-endokrinologisches Krankheitsbild ist so häufig wie das PCO-Syndrom. Einerseits sind äußerst unterschiedliche pathophysiologische Mechanismen am PCOS beteiligt, die von einer Insulinresistenz über zentrale Regulationsstörungen bis zu seltenen Polymorphismen reichen, anderseits sind die therapeutischen Prozeduren oft schwierig und erfordern langfristige Anstrengungen. Während ohne Kinderwunsch die antiandrogene Therapie und die Prophylaxe von Langzeitmorbiditäten im Vordergrund der Therapie stehen, reicht die Therapie bei Kinderwunsch von der Clomifengabe, der Low-dose-FSH-Therapie und dem „Ovarian drilling“ bis zum IVF, wobei hier besonders das Überstimulationssyndrom des Ovars vermieden werden muss. Das PCOS stellt weiterhin eine erhebliche Herausforderung für jeden Reproduktionsmediziner dar.

  2. The data acquisition system (DAS) for the improved CERN SC

    Beger, H; Fiebig, A; Schroot, H


    A digital data acquisition system (DAS) based on a minicomputer is described which registers the failure sequences in various equipment areas of the CERN synchrocyclotron (henceforward referred to as the SC). The avalanches of failure signals which occur from time to time are tapped from the alarm/security systems, time-resolved to 10 msec and recorded on a printer in order to aid SC failure diagnosis. The mechanisms of the DAS and its relation to the SC equipment are explained in some detail. All programs were constructed at assembler language level for speed and for ease of on-line program maintenance. The alarm sequences recorded have been of considerable help during the running in of the new radiofrequency system. Now that the new SC is operational, the DAS furnishes useful data from several equipment areas to the operators and engineers.


    Berutti, Eliane Borges; UERJ


    Ao se tratar de literatura norte-americana contemporânea, oestudo das literaturas das minorias faz-se necessário. A partir deStonewall (1969), as minorias sexuais têm reivindicado não apenasparticipação política na sociedade norte-americana mas também inclusãono cânon literário. A teoria quer, desenvolvida nos anos 80 e90, também tem contribuído para o estudo da literatura das minoraissexuais. Neste artigo, analisarei dois contos dessa produção literária,“Six Fables” de Bernard Cooper e “How ...

  4. Technical and economic modeling of the presence sensor adjust influence on the lamps useful life and the economy of energy - case study at the University of Sao Paulo, BR; Modelagem tecnico-economica da influencia do ajuste de sensores de presenca sobre a vida util das lampadas e a economica de energia - estudo de caso na universidade de Sao Paulo

    Saidel, Marco Antonio; Gimenes, Andre Luiz Veiga; Capello, Ricardo Machado; Peng, Tang [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia]. E-mail:;;;


    This paper evaluates the technical and economic viability through three main types of presence sensors in the market: the infrareds, the ultrasonics and the dual. With this objective, behavioural simulations modeled in classrooms of the university of Sao Paulo, validated by field survey for evaluating the energy reduction potential and impacts in the service life of the lamps. (author)

  5. New possibilities for the introduction of power generation by means of biogas in regional bio energy concepts by means of the implementation of the flexibility premium by means of the EEG 2012; Neue Moeglichkeiten fuer die Integration der Stromerzeugung mittels Biogas in regionalen Bioenergiekonzepten mittels der Einfuehrung der Flexibilitaetspraemie durch das EEG 2012

    Holzhammer, Uwe [Fraunhofer Institut fuer Windenergie und Energiesystemtechnik (IWES), Kassel (Germany). Bereich Bioenergie-Systemtechnik; Scholwin, Frank; Nelles, Michael


    The renewable energy act (EEG) 2012 introduced the flexibility premium (FP) as a capacity component in the payment system for generating electricity based on biogas. This FP in combination with the market premium (MP) allows biogas plant operators the combination of direct marketing concepts and demand oriented production of electricity. Lower workloads of engines and biogas storages are financed by revenues from MP, FP and EPEX too. The FP contributes to the implementation of fluctuating renewable energy sources. Moreover the FP generates possibilities to reduce the workload also for whole existing biogas plants without major rebuilding measures, if the electricity can be produced demand-oriented. The results of this analysis demonstrate a way out of the steeply rising prices for feedstock in regions with a high rate of bioenergy. If the price for the feedstock is very high, the demand-oriented electricity production is more economic for the operators of existing biogas plants than the base load operation with high workload. The brake even point of the feedstock price depends on the year of re-setting from the steady-state to the demand-oriented operation. The flexible operation with FP is an economic alternative and helps to develop the (renewable) energy systems and to integrate bioenergy in regional renewable energy concepts. (orig.)

  6. As Américas: nascimento e morte das utopias

    Bernd, Zilá


    Full Text Available Ao refletir sobre as Américas e a americanidade, buscamos destacar o conceito de mobilidade como uma característica dominante das culturas americanas e que se manifesta através de passagens, deslocamentos e transferências. Essa transitoriedade está presente em diferentes níveis, tais como: cultural, discursivo, temporal, espacial e contribui para consolidar e favorecer a percepção dos imaginários e das relações transversais entre as Américas

  7. Os conteúdos das visões da ayahuasca

    Benny Shanon


    Este artigo examina os conteúdos das alucinações visuais induzidas pela infusão psicotrópica ayahuasca. Ele faz parte de uma investigação fenomenológica mais ampla que busca estudar a ayahuasca de uma perspectiva psicológico-cognitiva. (Até agora, quase todos os estudos da ayahuasca partiram das ciências naturais ou da antropologia.) Análises comparativas quantitativas revelam que certos itens de conteúdo específico são especialmente prevalescentes em visões da ayahuasca e se reencontram em r...



    O uso das argilas com propriedades tecnológicas tem despertado grandes interesses nas indústrias, pois é um argilomineral abundante no Brasil e economicamente viável, além de ser um material que ao ser descartado não agride o meio ambiente. Dentre suas várias aplicações podemos destacar na cosmetologia, onde está relacionada com o ajuste das propriedades reológicas, estabilidade de emulsões e suspensões e na liberação de substâncias específicas. O objetivo desse trabalho foi avaliar o pote...

  9. Melatonin und das kardiovaskuläre System

    Sakotnik A


    Full Text Available Melatonin, das physiologisch bedeutendste Hormon der Epiphyse, zog nicht zuletzt aufgrund zahlreicher populärer Bücher über seine "wundersamen Effekte" die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich. Synthese und Sekretion von Melatonin werden wesentlich durch den Hell/Dunkel-Zyklus beeinflußt: Trifft Licht auf die Retina, so wird die Melatoninsekretion supprimiert. Melatonin beeinflußt endogene zirkadiane Rhythmen sowie Köpertemperatur und Stimmungslage. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird das derzeitige Wissen um Interaktionen von Melatonin und dem kardiovaskulären System kritisch beleuchtet. Zusammenfassend muß die Rolle von Melatonin im menschlichen Organismus äußerst kontroversiell betrachtet werden.

  10. Arterite temporal com comprometimento das glândulas salivares

    Lineu C. Werneck


    Full Text Available E relatado um caso de arterite temporal em paciente com crises de cefaléia paroxística associadas a síndrome depressiva e, na última crise, a aumento de volume das glândulas salivares. Biopsia de artéria temporal superficial mostrou aspecto típico de arterite, com células gigantes mononucleadas. A cefalalgia e o aumento de volume das glândulas salivares regrediram mediante a administração de corticoesteróides.

  11. Das Kolorektale Karzinom - Teil 2: Diagnose und chirurgische Therapie

    Hauser H


    Full Text Available Das kolorektale Karzinom stellt einen der häufigsten bösartigen Tumoren in den sogenannten Industriestaaten dar. Rektumkarzinome nehmen aus anatomischen und funktionellen Gründen innerhalb der kolorektalen Karzinome eine Sonderstellung ein. Sie weisen im Vergleich zu Kolonkarzinomen unterschiedliche lymphatische Ausbreitungswege sowie ein höheres Lokalrezidivrisiko auf. Dementsprechend spielt die Unterscheidung zwischen Kolon- und Rektumkarzinomen für das therapeutische Vorgehen eine entscheidende Rolle. Präoperative diagnostische Abklärung sowie chirurgisches Vorgehen bei kolorektalen Karzinomen werden in dieser Arbeit dargestellt und diskutiert.

  12. Aids e a Aids das ciências

    Kenneth R. de Camargo Jr


    Este trabalho visa apresentar parte dos desenvolvimentos de uma pesquisa sobre a construção das doenças no discurso biomédico, partindo de uma abordagem ligada à sociologia do conhecimento, aqui definida como antiessencialista. Com o intuito de demonstrar algumas das questões teórico-metodológicas apontadas, os dados da pesquisa referentes ao estabelecimento do HIV como agente etiológico da Aids, obtidos a partir da revisão de textos médicos, são analisados através do recurso a categorias de ...

  13. Os conteúdos das visões da ayahuasca

    Benny Shanon


    Este artigo examina os conteúdos das alucinações visuais induzidas pela infusão psicotrópica ayahuasca. Ele faz parte de uma investigação fenomenológica mais ampla que busca estudar a ayahuasca de uma perspectiva psicológico-cognitiva. (Até agora, quase todos os estudos da ayahuasca partiram das ciências naturais ou da antropologia.) Análises comparativas quantitativas revelam que certos itens de conteúdo específico são especialmente prevalescentes em visões da ayahuasca e se reencontram em r...

  14. Teoria das representações sociais: a ruptura de paradigmas das correntes clássicas das teorias psicológicas

    Luis Fernando Rocha

    Full Text Available A teoria das representações sociais é o principal objetivo deste artigo de revisão bibliográfica, cujo estudo se inicia com a discussão dos paradigmas científicos predominantes e de como a teoria se encontra em uma posição de rompimento com esses paradigmas. Desenvolvida sob a necessidade de se construir uma Psicologia social que superasse a dicotomia indivíduo e sociedade, a teoria abarca uma série de objetos que dizem respeito à comunicação e à elaboração de comportamentos entre indivíduos e grupos. O texto também traz críticas à teoria, particularmente no tocante à sua relação com o conceito de ideologia, proposta por diversos autores. De todo modo, a fecundidade de seus conceitos e o amplo uso a que pode ser submetida tornam a teoria das representações sociais importante construto, não somente para a Psicologia como também para as disciplinas das áreas de humanidades.


    Ana Clarissa Santos


    Full Text Available Dentro do paradigma funcionalista, caracterizado pelo objetivismo filosófico e pela sociologia da manutenção do status quo, a teoria institucional e da ecologia das organizações são amplamente estudadas para explicar por que as organizações podem ser, paradoxalmente, tão diferentes e tão semelhantes. A teoria da ecologia das organizações defende que existe grande diferença entre as organizações e, com o passar do tempo, aquelas mais adaptadas são selecionadas pelo ambiente. Isso faz com que as empresas se mantenham mais semelhantes, seja, simplesmente, pela própria seleção, seja pela busca da uniformidade àquelas que são bem sucedidas. Essa é a ideia central da teoria institucional, em que a existência dos isomorfismos coercitivo, mimético e normativo padroniza as organizações. Ocorrendo uma mudança importante no ambiente, o ciclo reinicia, havendo uma nova seleção e a consequente busca do isomorfismo. Finalmente, pode-se observar que uma teoria complementa a outra, gerando um ciclo para a existência das organizações, que não podem ser vistas como excludentes.

  16. The Siemens pyrolysis-combustion process; Das Siemens Schwel-Brenn-Verfahren

    Schmitz, D. [Siemens - KWU, Offenbach (Germany)


    The market introduction fo the SIEMENS pyrolysis-combustion process is a technical and ecological milestone in thermal waste processing. It bridges the gap between conventional incineration and recycling and is ideally suited for the modern waste management philosophy. The innovative combination of pyrolysis followed by high-temperature combustion produces energy and reusable materials nearly without emissions. (orig/sr) [Deutsch] Die Markteinfuehrung des Schwel-Brenn-Verfahrens hat im Bereich der thermischen Muellentsorgung eine technologische und oekologische Zeitenwende eingeleitet. Es fuegt sich als Bruecke zwischen herkoemmlicher Muellverbrennung und stofflichem Muell-Recyling ideal in das Konzept einer oekologischen Kreislaufwirtschaft. Die innovative Kombination von Muellverschwelung (Pyrolyse) und anschliessender Hochtemperaturverbrennung wandelt den unvermeidbaren Restmuell nahezu rueckstandsfrei in Wertstoffe und Energie um. (orig/SR)

  17. Digestibilidade aparente da energia e proteína das farinhas de resíduo da filetagem da tilápia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus e da corvina (Plagioscion squamosissimus e farinha integral do camarão canela (Macrobrachium amazonicum para a tilápia do Nilo Apparent digestibility of energy and protein of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus and corvina (Plagioscion squamosissimus by-product meal, and canela crayfish (Macrobrachium amazonicum meal for Nile

    Wilson Rogério Boscolo


    Full Text Available O experimento foi conduzido objetivando determinar os coeficientes de digestibilidade aparente (CDa da energia bruta (EB e proteína bruta (PB, das farinhas de peixe obtidas a partir de resíduos de filetagem da corvina (FC, resíduos da filetagem da Tilápia (FT e farinha integral de camarão canela (FM para tilápia do Nilo. Foram utilizados 40 peixes revertidos sexualmente, com peso médio de 40 g, acondicionados em um tanque de alimentação de 500L. A coleta de fezes foi feita em duas cubas cilíndricas com fundo cônico, de 150L. A determinação dos CDa foi feita por metodologia indireta, tendo sido utilizado 0,1% de óxido crômico (Cr2O3, como indicador incorporado à ração. As médias de temperatura, oxigênio dissolvido, pH e condutividade elétrica, durante o período experimental, foram de 28,5 ± 0,5ºC; 3,57 ± 0,12 mg/L; 7,21 ± 0,03; e 0,18 ± 0,01 mS/cm, respectivamente. Os CDa para a PB e EB foram de 70,67 e 54,45 para FC; 67,09 e 48,52 para FT; e 88,79 e 68,38 para FM, apresentando valores de proteína (% e energia (kcal/kg digestíveis, na matéria natural, de 37,50 e 2107,46 para FC; 28,72 e 1927,18 para a FT; e 53,74 e 2763,23 para FM, respectivamente. Os alimentos estudados têm potencial para utilização na alimentação da tilápia do Nilo, sendo necessária a determinação dos seus níveis de inclusão em rações para as diferentes fases de cultivo da espécie.The trial was conducted to evaluate the apparent digestibility coefficients (CDa of gross energy (EB and crude protein (PB of tilapia (FT and corvina (FC processing by-product meal, and canela crayfish (Macrobrachium amazonicum meal (FM, for Nile tilapia fingerlings. Forty sexual reverted fishes, with average weight of 40 g, were allotted to 500 L feeding tanks. Feces collection was performed at two 150 L conical tanks. CDa was evaluated by an indirect method, with 0.1% chromic oxide (Cr2O3 as the indicator. Average temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and

  18. Diagnostico das praticas de alimentacao complementar para o matriciamento das acoes na Atencao Basica

    Lais Amaral Mais


    Full Text Available A alimentação complementar adequada e oportuna é essencial para o crescimento e o desenvolvimento saudáveis da criança, sendo a Atenção Primária à Saúde, em especial os Núcleos de Apoio à Saúde da Família, o lócus ideal para o desenvolvimento de ações pertinentes a esta prática. Estudo transversal com aplicação de questionário para mães e avaliação antropométrica de 324 crianças visou desenvolver um escore de inadequações na alimentação complementar e estudar suas relações com variáveis socioeconômicas, clínico-epidemiológicas e nutricionais. Para quantificação das inadequações alimentares foi criado um escore por meio do Método Delphi. Foram observadas altas frequências para todas as inadequações, especialmente na introdução tardia de sólidos (80,2%, precoce de açúcares/engrossantes (78,1% e precoce de líquidos (73,5%. Entre as variáveis mais significantemente associadas com o escore estão desmame precoce do aleitamento materno exclusivo (p = 0,000 e total (p = 0,005, ausência de companheiro (p = 0,001 e a mãe ser chefe da família (p = 0,025. A utilização do escore identifica situações de maior risco para subsidiar as ações prioritárias da assistência nutricional, especialmente para promover o trabalho matricial.

  19. Das Tibetische Totenbuch : Vom tibetischen Ritualtext zum spirituellen Klassiker

    Rakow, K.


    Der Artikel befasst sich mit der Transformation tibetisch-buddhistischer Ritualtexte in einen universellen, spirituellen Klassiker, der unter dem Titel Das Tibetische Totenbuch große Bekanntheit erlangte und den westlichen Menschen die ‚Kunst des Lebens und des Sterbens’ lehren soll. Den Ausgangspun

  20. Ciência das Redes: Aspectos Epistemológicos

    Gustavo Vaconcelos Cavalcante


    Full Text Available Na época da escrita deste documento observa-se o alvorecer de uma nova ciência - A “Ciência das Redes”. Esta ciência, que por sua própria natureza já nasce com característica transdisciplinar, vem procurar buscar respostas aos desafios do novo milênio. A Ciência das Redes encontra-se ainda em sua infância e necessita demonstrar a sua robustez como ciência e para isso a busca de seus fundamentos epistemológicos é condição fundamental. O objetivo central deste trabalho é o de buscar bases epistemológicas e transdisciplinares para a Ciência das Redes. Para alcançar este objetivo foi utilizado como fundamentação para a construção de um modelo epistemológico: o conceito de “Rizoma” oriundo dos trabalhos filosóficos de Gilles Deleuze e Felix Guattari, o “Pensamento Complexo” baseado na obra de Edgar Morin e as propriedades oriundas da Ciência das Redes

  1. Das Eismeer – Caspar David Friedrich and the North

    Nina Hinrichs


    1840 created the work of art Das Eismeer in the years 1823/24. Besides his painting Mönch am Meer it is his most radical painting. It depicts a dramatic and grim subject: A shipwreck in the Arctic Sea. According to different cultural, historical and social contexts there have been many different interpretations of his painting since it was produced.

  2. Cabaret Voltaire ja "Kabaret das Lust" / Marko Raat

    Raat, Marko, 1973-


    Prantsuse režissööri Catherine Breillatþ "Romanss" ja pornograafia mõiste ning Andres Maimiku, Arbo Tammiksaare, Juhan Ulfsaki Kabaret das Lust kava "Elu mõte" ja selle raames näidatud Tammiksaare-Maimiku mängufilmi sugemetega dokumentaalfilm "Macbeth" : loominguline ühendus "Suits"

  3. Filosofia das ciências sociais: temas atuais

    Harold Kincaid


    Full Text Available A filosofia das ciências sociais, concebida da maneira adequada, tem algo a oferecer aos que praticam as ciências sociais. Os cientistas sociais adotam em suas pesquisas, ainda que de forma implícita, alguma filosofia de sua ciência. Para evitar impasses, é melhor explicitar essa filosofia e ser criticamente consciente dos seus méritos. A filosofia das ciências sociais, por sua vez, não pode ser praticada sem um envolvimento íntimo com a pesquisa social. O artigo esboça alguns desenvolvimentos da filosofia da ciência pós-positivista e suas implicações para a filosofia das ciências sociais. Essa perspectiva geral é então aplicada a alguns debates das ciências sociais: a natureza da causalidade; o lugar dos mecanismos na pesquisa social e da legitimidade de explicações puramente macrossociológicas; a distinção entre pesquisa qualitativa e quantitativa; a distinção entre evidência observacional e evidência experimental; a polêmica entre o individualismo e o holismo metodológicos na explicação sociológica.

  4. Musgos urbanos do recanto das Emas, Distrito Federal, Brasil

    Câmara Paulo Eduardo


    Full Text Available Fruto da ocupação desordenada de Brasília, o Recanto das Emas é uma das mais recentes cidades criadas no entorno da capital. Localizada a 25,8km do Plano Piloto, conta com área de 101.476km². O Recanto das Emas foi criado em 1993 e hoje conta com população de aproximadamente 100.000 habitantes. Foram selecionados vários pontos de coleta procurando abranger toda a cidade e diferentes áreas. Foram encontrados relativamente poucos representantes da brioflórula, com predomínio de espécies ruderais. A divisão Bryophyta conta com 10 espécies e sete famílias, destacandose a família Bryaceae com três espécies. Barbula indica (Hook. Spreng. é citada pela primeira vez para a região Centro-Oeste. Os resultados explicam-se pelo pouco tempo de existência da cidade, que conta com poucos substratos para fixação das populações de briófitas e não permitiram ainda o estabelecimento de nova cobertura vegetal.

  5. Study of nuclear reactions involving heavy nuclei and intermediate- and high-energy protons and an application in nuclear reactor physics (ADS); Estudo das reacoes nucleares envolvendo nucleos pesados e protons a energias intermediarias e altas de uma aplicacao em fisica de reatores nucleares (ADS)

    Matuoka, Paula Fernanda Toledo


    In the present work, intermediate- and high-energy nuclear reactions involving heavy nuclei and protons were studied with the Monte Carlo CRISP (Rio - Ilheus - Sao Paulo Collaboration) model. The most relevant nuclear processes studied were intranuclear cascade and fission-evaporation competition. Preliminary studies showed fair agreement between CRISP model calculation and experimental data of multiplicity of evaporated neutrons (E < 20 MeV) from the p(1200 MeV) + {sup 208}Pb reaction and of spallation residues from the p(1000 MeV) + {sup 208}Pb reaction. The investigation of neutron multiplicity from proton-induced fission of {sup 232}Th up to 85 MeV showed that it was being overestimated by CRISP model; on the other hand, fission cross section were being underestimated. This behavior is due to limitations of the intranuclear cascade model for low-energies (around 50 MeV). The p(1200 MeV) + {sup 208}Pb reaction was selected for the study of a spallation neutron source. High-energy neutrons (E > 20 MeV) were emitted mostly in the intranuclear cascade stage, while evaporation presented larger neutron multiplicity. Fission cross section of 209 mb and spallation cross section of 1788 mb were calculated both in agreement with experimental data. The fission process resulted in a symmetric mass distribution. Another Monte Carlo code, MCNP, was used for radiation transport in order to understand the role of a spallation neutron source in a ADS (Accelerator Driven System) nuclear reactor. Initially, a PWR reactor was simulated to study the isotopic compositions in spent nuclear fuel. As a rst attempt, a spallation neutron source was adapted to an industrial size nuclear reactor. The results showed no evidence of incineration of transuranic elements and modifications were suggested. (author)

  6. New build, relocation, extension, change of concept or ''upgrading'' repair of power plants eligible for subsidies under the Renewable Energy Law or: The phantom power plant; Neubau, Versetzung, Erweiterung, Konzeptaenderung und 'verbessernde' Reparatur von EEG-Anlagen oder: Das Anlagenphantom

    Thomas, Henning; Vollprecht, Jens [Becker Buettner Held, Berlin (Germany)


    This article endeavours to define categories for the reconstruction of power plants eligible for subsidies under the Renewable Energy Law (EEG plants) and assess what legal treatment each merits under the law in force. It is shown that this also depends on what constitutes a plant under the EEG Law, a question which the authors then endeavour to answer. However, the article's main focus is on the provision on the replacement of components of EEG plants contained in Art. 3 No. 5 Half-Sentence 2 of the 2012 EEG, which is of central importance for the legal treatment of reconstructed EEG plants.

  7. The relationship between governmental and industrial players in national contexts. A multi-dimensional analysis of power in the telecommunication and energy sectors in Great Britain and Germany; Das Verhaeltnis von staatlichen und marktwirtschaftlichen Akteuren im nationalen Kontext. Eine mehrdimensionale Machtanalyse der Telekommunikations- und Energiebranche in Grossbritannien und Deutschland

    Philippi, Roland Gottfried


    Using the telecommunication and energy sectors in Great Britain and Germany as a case example the present study examines the power relationships between states and transnational companies. A multi-dimensional study of power relationships covering instrumental, structural and discursive dimensions was designed and carried out by empirical means. The results are discussed on the basis of theories of international relations and international political economy. This is used as a point of departure for seeking answers to frequently asked questions regarding the state's ability to act and the shift in power towards industrial players.

  8. 5. Kassel symposium on energy systems engineering: On-site energy generation using renewable energy sources. Proceedings 2000; 5. Kasseler Symposium: Energie-Systemtechnik. Erneuerbare Energien- und rationelle Energieverwendung. Dezentrale Energieversorgung mit hohem regenerativen Anteil. Tagungsband 2000

    Schwarz, R. (comp.)


    The focal topic of the 5th Kassel Symposium on Energy Systems Engineering was ''Decentralised energy supply with a high share of renewable energies''. The contributions covered a wide range of issues including the potential of renewable energies, supply and operating concepts, components, systems engineering and future perspectives. [German] Das 5. Kasseler Symposium Energie-Systemtechnik legt seinen Schwerpunkt auf das Thema: 'Dezentrale Energieversorgung mit hohem regenerativem Anteil'. Es spannt hierzu einen Bogen von den Potenzialen der Erneuerbaren Energien ueber Versorgungs- und Betriebsfuehrungskonzepte sowie Komponenten und Systemtechnik bis hin zu zukuenftigen Perspektiven. (orig.)

  9. Application of neutron activation techniques and x-ray energy dispersion spectrometry, in analysis of metallic traces adsorbed by chelex-100 resin; Ativacao das tecnicas de ativacao neutronica e espectrometria por dispersao de onda e de energia de raios X, na analise de tracos metalicos adsorvidos pela resina chelex-100

    Fernandes, Jair C.; Amaral, Angela M.; Magalhaes, Jesus C.; Pereira, Jose S.J.; Silva, Juliana B. da; Auler, Lucia M.L.A. [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    In this work, the authors have investigated optimal conditions of adsorption for several ion metallic groups (cations of heavy metals and transition metals, oxyanions metallics and metalloids and cations of rare earths), as traces (ppb), withdrawn and in mixture of groups, by chelex-100 resin. The experiments have been developed by bath techniques in ammonium acetate tamponade solution 40 mM pH 5,52 content 0,5 g of chelex-100 resin. After magnetic agitation for two hours, resins were dried and submitted to X-ray energy dispersion spectrometry, x-ray fluorescence spectrometry and neutron activation analysis. The results have demonstrated that chelex-100 resin adsorb quantitatively transition element groups and rare earth groups in two cases (withdrawn and simultaneously adsorption)

  10. Teoria das representações sociais: a ruptura de paradigmas das correntes clássicas das teorias psicológicas

    Luis Fernando Rocha


    A teoria das representações sociais é o principal objetivo deste artigo de revisão bibliográfica, cujo estudo se inicia com a discussão dos paradigmas científicos predominantes e de como a teoria se encontra em uma posição de rompimento com esses paradigmas. Desenvolvida sob a necessidade de se construir uma Psicologia social que superasse a dicotomia indivíduo e sociedade, a teoria abarca uma série de objetos que dizem respeito à comunicação e à elaboração de comportamentos entre indivíduos ...

  11. Wer liest schon das "Kleingedruckte"? Urheberrecht bei Audioproduktion im Unterricht

    Christian Berger


    Full Text Available Gesetze gelten, ob mensch diese kennt oder auch nicht kennt. Dieser Beitrag ist keine juristische Abhandlung sondern bietet praxisbezogene Wegweiser für LehrerInnen durch den juristischen Dschungel des Urheberrechtes und die Schaffung einer Basis für eine Verbreitung der schulischen Medienproduktionen ... Aus dem Alltag der SchülerInnen und LehrerInnen ist die Nutzung des Internets nicht mehr wegzudenken. Es ist also nicht überraschend, dass zahlreiche Audioproduktionen aus dem Unterricht im Internet zu finden sind. Weniger bekannt sind die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen, die hier zu beachten sind. Auf Webseiten findet man Nutzungsbedingungen für die Inhalte oftmals nur nach längerem Suchen – wenn überhaupt. Wenn aber da nicht zu lesen ist, in welcher Art die Inhalte der Webseite zu nutzen sind, dann ist außer dem Lesen, Ansehen, Anhören und Speichern auf dem eigenen Rechner nichts ohne Rückfrage bei den InhaberInnen der Seiten gestattet. Das Urheberrecht soll die Werke der kreativ Schaffenden vor unerlaubter Nutzung schützen und ihnen die Möglichkeit offen lassen, ihre Werke oder auch nur die Nutzung derselben zu verkaufen. Nun werden Sie sagen, dass es doch ganz normal sei in unserer kapitalistischen Gesellschaft, dass Werke zu Waren und am Marktplatz gehandelt werden. Aber ganz so klar und einfach ist das nicht, denn im Markt spielen noch mehr Beteiligte mit, die ebenfalls verdienen wollen. Nun werden Sie einwenden, dass die Schule eben kein Marktplatz sei und der Unterricht doch ganz andere Ziele verfolge. Richtig. Allerdings beinhaltet das derzeitige Urheberrecht hier keine Ausnahmeregelungen. Es gibt allerdings auch keine einfachen allgemeinen Regelungen, sondern viele Einzelfälle, die ihre Besonderheiten haben und unterschiedlich abzuhandeln sind. Konkret geht es um drei Bereiche der Gesetzgebung: das Urheberrecht, das Medienrecht und Schutzbestimmungen im "Persönlichkeitsrecht". Hier ist gleich einmal anzumerken, dass ein

  12. Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis- INAA: environmental studies in Das Velhas Basin, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Rabelo V, M.A.; Andrade Q, M.T. [Researcher of National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, CNPq, Center University of the East of Minas Gerais State, UNILESTE-MG (Brazil); Araujo M, R. [CDTN (Brazil); Albernaz A, I. [SCA- CNRS/USR/059, Lyon (France); Oliveira, A.H. de [Federal University of Minas Gerais State (Brazil)]. e-mail:


    The Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis - INAA was applied to determine concentrations of several elements in unpolluted areas and in the mining and farming region of the Das Velhas Basin, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. INAA was applied using the TRIGA Mark I IPR - R1 reactor at the Nuclear Technology Development Center of the National Committee of Nuclear Energy (CDTN/CNEN), in Belo Horizonte city, Minas Gerais State. At 100 kW of potency the flux of neutrons is 6.6 10{sup 11}{sup -2}.s{sup -1}. The samples analyzed were: water; sediment; gravel of gold mine and forage. The obtained results for the Das Velhas Basin in water and sediment samples - mining companies region - show a high level ({mu}g/g) of contamination with the analyzed elements, mainly in the sediment samples. During the period of floods, in farming region hundreds of kilometers away, contamination is found in fish and forage, reaching and harming both people and animals that live in the marginal region. (Author)

  13. The quest for narrow e{sup +}e{sup -} cumulative energy distributions heavy ion collisions. The GSI e{sup +}e{sup -} puzzle; Die Suche nach schmalen e{sup +}e{sup -} Summenenergieverteilungen in Schwerionenkollisionen. Das GSI e{sup +}e{sup -}-Puzzle

    Ganz, R.


    The examination of electron-positron pairs which are emitted in heavy-ion collisions at the Coulomb barrier was continued with the newly designed EPoS II spectrometer at the UNILAC accelerator. The objective of the experiments was to further analyse the narrow line structures in the positron-electron cumulative energy distributions, which were observed in preceding measurements examining the collision systems U 238 + Th 232 and U 238 + Ta181 with the EPOS I spectrometer. By means of a reproduction experiment, the existence of the lines was statistically verified relying on a large data pool. [Deutsch] Die Untersuchung von Elektron- Positron Paaren, die bei Schwerionenkol lisionen an der Coulombbarriere emittiert werden, wurde mit dem neu kon zipierten EPoS II Spektrometer am UNILAC- Beschleuniger fortgesetzt. D ie Motivation der Experimente war die weitere Untersuchung der schmale n Linienstrukturen in den Positron- Elektron- Summenenergieverteilunge n, die in vorangegangenen Messungen der Stosssysteme U 238+ Th 232 un d U 238+ Ta 181 mit dem EPOS I Spektrometer beobachtet wurden. Durch ei ne Reproduktion wurde die Existenz der Linien anhand einer grossen Date nmenge statistisch sicher geprueft.

  14. Samuel Barnsley Pessoa e os determinantes sociais das endemias rurais

    Gilberto Hochman


    Full Text Available O artigo analisa os principais aspectos da trajetória, das ideias e da atuação acadêmica e política de Samuel Barnsley Pessoa (1898-1976. Indica que a atuação de Samuel Pessoa deve ser compreendida também a partir da sua militância comunista e ressalta que uma das contribuições originais de seus trabalhos foi o estabelecimento da relação entre estrutura agrária e endemias rurais, entre latifúndio e doença e a adesão a um projeto de transformação da sociedade brasileira.

  15. Modelagem molecular das δ-endotoxinas do Bacillus thuringiensis

    Wagner Alexandre Lucena


    Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) é uma bactéria Gram-positiva entomotóxica usada no controle de insetos-praga e vetores de doenças há mais de 60 anos. Desde a introdução das plantas cultivadas expressando genes de Bt, ficou demonstrado que cultivares-Bt constituem uma importante ferramenta no aumento da produtividade e diminuição no uso de pesticidas químicos. O sucesso do Bt advém da produção das δ-endotoxinas (Cry). Estas toxinas compartilham um mecanismo de ação semelhante, com pelo menos, algu...

  16. Dialética das relações raciais

    Octavio Ianni


    Full Text Available AS RELAÇÕES raciais estão enraizadas na vida social de indivíduos, grupos e classes sociais. As desigualdades sociais frequentemente se manifestam nos estereótipos e nas intolerâncias, polarizadas em torno de etnias, assim como gênero e outras diversidades sociais como as de gênero, religiosas e outras. Em síntese, a dinâmica das diversidades e das desigualdades "fabrica" continua e reiteradamente as intolerâncias e preconceitos.RACIAL relationships are rooted in the social life of individuals, groups and social classes. Social inequalities often manifest themselves in stereotypes and intolerance, polarized around ethnicities and other social diversities such as gender, religion etc. In brief, the dynamics of diversity and inequality continuously and reiteratively "manufactures" intolerance and bigotry.

  17. Ciência das Redes: Aspectos Epistemológicos

    Cavalcante, Gustavo Vaconcelos


    Na época da escrita deste documento observa-se o alvorecer de uma nova ciência - A “Ciência das Redes”. Esta ciência, que por sua própria natureza já nasce com característica transdisciplinar, vem procurar buscar respostas aos desafios do novo milênio. A Ciência das Redes encontra-se ainda em sua infância e necessita demonstrar a sua robustez como ciência e para isso a busca de seus fundamentos epistemológicos é condição fundamental. O objetivo central deste trabalho é o de buscar bases epis...

  18. Das Verhalten von Mastputen bei unterschiedlicher Besatzdichte und Einstreuart

    Günthner, Pia


    Die Europäische Union bereitet eine Haltungsverordnung für Puten vor, die in Deutschland die freiwillige Vereinbarung ersetzen soll. Die vorliegende Untersuchung soll wissenschaftliche Grundlagen zum Verhalten der Puten bei unterschiedlichen Besatzdichten liefern, um somit die bevorstehende Revision der Vereinbarung zu unterstützen. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden in 2 Mast-Durchgängen (Winter und Sommer) das Verhalten von Puten der Linie B.U.T. Big 6 bei unterschiedlichen Besatzdichten und...


    Francisca Soraia Ferreira Leite


    Full Text Available Com as transformações no ambiente de negócios, os ativos intangíveis, potencialmente gerados pelo capital intelectual, ganharam importância. Este estudo tem como objetivo analisar e testar uma métrica alternativa de avaliação de desempenho que leva em conta os recursos humanos da empresa: o Retorno por Empregado (RE. Uma pesquisa exploratória foi realizada através do estudo de caso de três empresas com ações negociadas na BM&FBOVESPA no período 2006-2009. A partir das demonstrações financeiras das empresas, foram medidos seus desempenhos pelas métricas tradicionais, Retorno sobre Ativo e Retorno sobre Patrimônio Líquido, e pelo RE. O valor das ações de cada empresa foi usado como referência para criação de valor. Um estudo empírico complementar apontou que a correlação entre o RE e o preço das ações foi mais alta e significativa do que a correlação entre os indicadores tradicionais para a empresa mais intensiva em capital intelectual. Para as empresas intensivas em capital físico e em mão de obra, os indicadores de desempenho tradicionais apresentaram correlação mais alta. Sugere-se que a métrica alternativa seja um importante índice para empresas intensivas em capital intelectual. Reforça-se que tal medida de desempenho corporativo, que incorpora o efeito da força de trabalho intelectual, é uma contribuição importante à literatura sobre intangíveis.

  20. As possibilidades e os limites das identidades múltiplas

    Daniela do Carmo Kabengele


    Full Text Available Este artigo procura pensar a dinâmica da identidade a partir das possíveis identidades múltiplas que se inscrevem em uma pessoa, por um lado, e discute os limites da atualização dessas identidades em contextos específicos, por outro. O argumento é de que a identidade pode ser entendida como posicionamento, mas deve-se notar, especialmente, os feixes de forças presentes no contexto social.

  1. Wer regiert das Intenet? - Ausschnitte aus den Veranstaltungen der Ringvorlesung

    Schünemann, Wolf J.


    In den vergangenen Jahren, und noch einmal verstärkt mit den jüngsten Enthüllungen im sogenannten NSA-Skandal, hat sich die öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit für das Internet als Gegenstand politischen Denkens und gesellschaftlicher Regulierung erheblich gesteigert. Vor diesem Hintergrund scheint es geboten, grundlegende Fragen des gesellschaftspolitischen Umgangs mit dem Internet, vor allem auch der (zwischen-) staatlichen und transnationalen Regulierung des Netzes unter Einschluss verschiedener ge...

  2. Mutismus - das stationäre Therapiekonzept des Sprachheilzentrums Meisenheim


    Hintergrund: Mutismus, als schweigender Rückzug, bei vorhandener Sprechfähigkeit, wird als Kommuniaktionsstörung verstanden, die eine Bewältigungsstrategie des Kindes auf individuell als schwierig, stressauslösend bzw. als belastend empfundene Situationen im jeweiligen Beziehungskontext darstellt.Material und Methoden: Der therapeutische Ansatz basiert auf der Grundhaltung, dass das Kind als Person im Mittelpunkt des Denkens und Handelns steht. Der individuelle Entwicklungsstand und die pos...

  3. Contribuição das incubadoras tecnológicas na internacionalização das empresas incubadas

    Raquel Engelman


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho, teve-se como propósito verificar como as incubadoras tecnológicas brasileiras contribuem para a internacionalização das empresas incubadas no ponto de vista dos gestores das incubadoras. Para atender a esse propósito, desenvolveu-se um modelo que, além de oferecer suporte à pesquisa, possa servir de base para estudos e ações sobre internacionalização de empresas de base tecnológica incubadas. O modelo foi elaborado a partir da literatura sobre as duas áreas de interesse do trabalho. De um lado, foram abordadas referências sobre internacionalização de empresas, fazendo-se um levantamento sobre os fatores que influenciam sua internacionalização, principalmente micro e pequenas empresas de base tecnológica; de outro, foram estudados aspectos sobre o processo de incubação de empreendimentos tecnológicos, bem como as ações e os serviços disponibilizados pelas incubadoras. A pesquisa descritiva foi realizada com 40 incubadoras tecnológicas brasileiras (50% da população e que atenderam aos seguintes critérios: estar em efetiva operação há um tempo superior a dois anos e com pelo menos uma empresa graduada. A partir de questionários identificou-se que 40% das incubadoras da amostra possuem programa formal voltado para a internacionalização das incubadas e 60% das incubadoras têm empresas que iniciaram processo de internacionalização. Os resultados apontaram uma relação positiva entre incubação e internacionalização. A pesquisa forneceu indicações de ações e serviços que são efetivos na internacionalização das empresas.

  4. Kohapärimuslik luule nädalalehes Das Inland / Die Sagendichtung in der Wochenschrift Das Inland

    Liina Lukas


    Full Text Available Das spätromantische Interesse für Ortsüberlieferungen, angeregt von den “Deutschen Sagen” (1816–1818 der Brüder Grimm, blühte im Baltikum in den 1830er und 1840er Jahren auf und gipfelte – im estnischen Sprachgebiet – in der zweisprachigen Ausgabe des estnischen Nationalepos “Kalevipoeg” / “Kalew’s Sohn” (1857–1861, dem Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald seine Endgestalt gab, aber das von mehreren Sammlern und Bearbeitern geprägt wurde. Literarische Bearbeitungen von Volkssagen fanden schnell ihren Weg in Zeitungen und Zeitschriften, in Gedichtbände und Anthologien – oft in modischer Balladenform, die dem mythisch-romantischen Inhalt der Volkssage am besten zu entsprechen schien. Die Blütezeit der Sagendichtung im Baltikum sind die 1840er Jahre, als vor allem in der Zeitschrift „Das Inland“ mehrere dichterischen Bearbeitungen estnischer und lettischer Volkssagen erschienen (von Heinrich Blindner, Otto Dreistern, Eduard Pabst, Minna von Mädler, Theodor Rutenberg, Robert Falck, P. Otto u. a. 1845 erschien hier das nach einer Sage von Friedrich Robert Faehlmann verfasste Gedicht „Koit und Hämarik / Morgenroth und Abendroth“ von Minna von Mädler – fünf Jahre vor der Fassung von Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwalds estnischsprachiger Ballade „Koit ja Hämarik“. Zwischen 1831 und 1836 verfasste Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald seine deutschsprachigen Balladen, von denen „Die Belagerung von Bewerin im Jahre 1207“ 1846 im „Inland“ gedruckt wurde. Das Jahr 1846 kann als „Balladenjahr“ der Zeitschrift bezeichnet werden. Die eigentliche Domäne der deutschbaltischen (lyro-epischen Dichtung ist die historische Ballade, die fußend auf baltischen Chroniken und Familiengeschichten zumeist von Ruinen alter Schlösser und den sie einst bewohnenden historischen Personen und deren Heldentaten berichtet. Doch schon im Jahre 1847 kann man im Inland die Kritik gegenüber diesem Balladenboom vernehmen, u.a. mit dem

  5. Higroscopicidade das sementes de pimenta (Capsicum chinense L.

    Hellismar W. da Silva


    Full Text Available RESUMOA higroscopicidade de sementes fornece informações essenciais para otimização de processos de secagem, armazenamento e desenvolvimento de embalagens. O objetivo neste trabalho foi determinar as isotermas de dessorção das sementes de pimenta (Capsicum chinense L., variedade Cabacinha, para diferentes condições de temperatura e atividade de água utilizando-se o método estático indireto, sendo a atividade de água (aw determinada por meio do equipamento Hygropalm Model Aw1. Aos dados experimentais foram ajustados modelos matemáticos frequentemente utilizados para representação da higroscopicidade de produtos agrícolas. Para uma atividade de água constante o aumento da temperatura reduz o teor de água de equilíbrio higroscópico das sementes de pimenta. As isotermas de dessorção apresentam formato sigmoidal do tipo II. Os modelos de Cavalcanti Mata, Chen Clayton, Chung Pfost, Chung Pfost Modificado, Henderson e Henderson Modificado são adequados para representar a higroscopicidade das sementes de pimenta Cabacinha para a faixa de temperatura de 10 a 40 °C e atividade de água de 0,213 a 0,975.

  6. Politische Bildung und das Web 2.0

    Heike Schaumburg


    Full Text Available Aktuell erhält die Diskussion um die Rolle des Internet in der Politischen Bildung neuen Auftrieb durch die Entwicklung der sogenannten Web-2.0- Technologien, die im Vergleich zum Web 1.0 ein erheblich grösseres Potenzial zur Mitgestaltung politischer Inhalte und Prozesse und bzw. zur Partizipation bieten, aber auch neue Möglichkeiten der Kommunikation und Vernetzung eröffnen. In der vorliegenden Studie wird der Frage nachgegangen, inwieweit das Internet und speziell das Web 2.0 in der Lage sind, die in die Technik gesetzten Hoffnungen zu erfüllen. Dabei wird zunächst ausgelotet, welche Potenziale das Web 2.0 für die Politische Bildung mit Blick auf ihre didaktische Gestaltung bieten könnte. Im Anschluss daran wird auf der Basis einer Analyse des Internet-Angebots der traditionellen Anbieter Politischer Bildung (Bundes- und Landeszentralen für Politische Bildung, politische Stiftungen sowie von Internetportalen im Bereich Politische Bildung festgestellt, welche Verbreitung Web-2.0-Angebote gegenwärtig besitzen. Schliesslich wird auf der Grundlage einer Nutzerbefragung an knapp 300 Teilnehmern virtueller politischer Bildungsangebote einer politischen Stiftung der Frage nachgegangen, wie Web-2.0-Angebote in der Politischen Bildungsarbeit aus Nutzersicht beurteilt werden.

  7. Para um estudo psicológico das virtudes morais

    La Taille Yves de


    Full Text Available O propósito deste artigo é defender a importância de estudos psicológicos das virtudes morais (como generosidade, coragem, humildade, fidelidade etc.. Tal defesa é realizada de várias formas. Do ponto de vista filosófico, o tema das virtudes não somente é clássico (Ver Aristóteles, por exemplo como tem sido rediscutido por autores contemporâneos descontentes com as limitações da ética moderna, em geral baseada no conceito de direito. Do ponto de vista psicológico, o autor defende a idéia segundo a qual as virtudes morais não somente participam da gênese da moralidade, como representam traços de caráter essenciais à coesão da personalidade moral. Tal perspectiva está, de certa forma, anunciada na obra de Piaget sobre o juízo moral, como em autores outros como Tugendhat. Ela está também presente nos estudos sobre a relação entre o sentimento de vergonha e a ética. Finalmente, aponta-se que, no que se refere à educação moral, as virtudes podem representar um tema rico e sugestivo para a reflexão das crianças e adolescentes.

  8. Ruptura prematura das membranas antes da 35a semana: resultados perinatais


    OBJETIVO: Descrever os resultados perinatais na ruptura prematura das membranas pré-termo.MÉTODOS: Estudo observacional do tipo coorte retrospectivo, realizado no Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira - IMIP, de janeiro de 2008 a dezembro de 2012. Foram incluídas 124 gestantes com ruptura prematura das membranas pré-termo, com feto único e idade gestacional

  9. Estudo da dispersão de poluentes, aplicado a um parque de energia das ondas


    Este trabalho resultou da minha colaboração na Martifer Energy Systems no âmbito do projecto FLOW. Ao longo deste projecto foi necessário a compreensão da dinâmica da região de instalação de um dispositivo para extracção da energia das ondas, com especial importância para o regime de correntes. Para tal foi implementado o modelo numérico oceanográfico ROMS AGRIF e que foi utilizado para o estudo de diversos parâmetros, como temperatura e a salinidade. Um estudo de movimento de flutua...

  10. Neustart des LHC das Higgs-Teilchen und das Standardmodell : die Teilchenphysik hinter der Weltmaschine anschaulich erklärt

    Knochel, Alexander


    Dieses Essential gibt eine kompakte Einführung in unser aktuelles Bild der Elementarteilchenphysik. Es legt dabei den Schwerpunkt auf Phänomene wie das Higgs-Teilchen, welche am Large Hadron Collider (LHC) erforscht werden. Der LHC am Forschungszentrum CERN bei Genf ist der leistungsfähigste Beschleuniger der Welt und läuft seit dem Frühjahr 2015 erneut mit Rekordenergie. Der Autor beschreibt, wie das sogenannte „Standardmodell der Teilchenphysik“ aufgebaut ist und wie die Experimente des LHC es durch genauere Messungen festigen und durch neue Entdeckungen revolutionieren können. Dabei werden die wichtigsten grundlegenden Begriffe erklärt: Was sind beispielsweise virtuelle Teilchen, und welche Rolle spielen sie in der Natur? Was ist eine Quantenfeldtheorie? Sind die Elementarteilchen wirklich elementar? Was ist Symmetriebrechung?


    Camila Kelly de Sena Souza


    Full Text Available Para que o alimento possa cumprir seu papel de mantenedor do estado nutricional dos pacientes, é preciso considerar a composição nutricional, a qualidade microbiológica e os aspectos organolépticos da refeição. Nesse contexto, este estudo teve por objetivo avaliar a temperatura das preparações destinadas aos pacientes de um hospital particular em São Paulo. As refeições são acondicionadas em dois tipos de recipientes: pratos retornáveis e pratos térmicos descartáveis capazes de suportar reaquecimento em forno micro-ondas. Neste trabalho, foram analisadas as dietas oferecidas no almoço e jantar dos pacientes em sete refeições. A temperatura foi aferida na montagem, e antes da entrega ao paciente com um termômetro a laser. Todos os alimentos apresentaram temperaturas corretas ao final da cocção, porém apenas 5,4% das preparações se encontravam em temperatura de segurança no momento da montagem das bandejas dos pacientes. Nas copas, 8,9% das preparações se encontravam abaixo da temperatura correta, após o reaquecimento. Apesar do reaquecimento final possivelmente melhorar a aceitação da dieta, a qualidade microbiológica pode estar comprometida, uma vez que os alimentos foram mantidos em temperatura inadequada entre uma e duas horas. Torna-se necessário investimento em novos equipamentos no local de produção, para evitar perda da temperatura antes da montagem das bandejas com consequente aumento do tempo de exposição dessas preparações em temperaturas inadequadas, além de manutenção preventiva e corretiva dos equipamentos utilizados no local de distribuição, treinamento dos funcionários e monitoramento constante da temperatura durante todo processo produtivo.

  12. Neurobiologia das emoções Neurobiology of the emotions

    Vanderson Esperidião-Antonio


    Full Text Available CONTEXTO: A "natureza" das emoções é um dos temas arcaicos do pensamento ocidental, sendo tematizada em diferentes manifestações da cultura como a arte, a religião, a filosofia e a ciência, desde tempos imemoriais. Nos últimos anos, o avanço das neurociências possibilitou a construção de hipóteses para a explicação das emoções, especialmente a partir dos estudos envolvendo o sistema límbico. OBJETIVOS: Apresentar uma discussão atualizada acerca da neurobiologia dos processos relativos às emoções, demarcando suas conexões com o controle neurovegetativo. MÉTODOS: Revisão da literatura e reflexão crítica dos textos obtidos. RESULTADOS: Apresentação das principais estruturas neurais relativas às emoções, suas vias e circuitos de maior relevância, os neurotransmissores implicados, seguindo-se uma discussão sobre as principais emoções. CONCLUSÕES: Espera-se que o presente manuscrito possa contribuir à difusão de idéias sobre o sistema das emoções, as quais poderão motivar futuros estudos capazes de elucidar pontos ainda em aberto.BACKGROUND: The "nature" of emotions is one of the archaic subjects of the western thought, being the theme choice in diverse manifestations of culture - as in art, religion, philosophy and science - from time immemorial. In recent years the advances in Neurosciences have made it possible to build hypotheses to explain emotions, a possibility derived particularly from the studies involving the limbic system. OBJECTIVES: To present an updated discussion about the neurobiology of the processes relating to emotions and their connections with neurovegetative control. METHODS: Review of the literature on the subject. RESULTS: An updated account of the main neural structures related with emotions, the pathways and circuits of greater relevance as well as the regarding neurotransmitters. The neurobiological aspects of emotions are also discussed. DISCUSSION: It is expected that the present

  13. Das perguntas wittgensteinianas à pedagogia das competências: ou desmontando a caixa-preta de Perrenoud

    Rafael Ferreira de Souza Mendes Pereira


    Full Text Available Este artigo faz parte de uma pesquisa de mestrado que se propõe a analisar conceitos educacionais e curriculares por meio da filosofia da linguagem elaborada por Ludwig Wittgenstein. Dessa perspectiva, examinamos alguns pressupostos teóricos da chamada pedagogia das competências e interrogamos se esse modelo pedagógico, em nome de pretensa renovação do ensino, não encorajaria a reificação de conceitos mentais concernentes ao processo de aprendizagem. Com este fim, abordamos a reformulação que essa pedagogia oferece a respeito de conceitos como aprender, saber, compreender, destacando as ambiguidades daí decorrentes. Argumenta-se que é possível obter uma leitura mais rigorosa das suas propostas de modernização pedagógica se investigarmos o uso dado a esses conceitos nos jogos de linguagem em que eles são mobilizados. Wittgenstein, na segunda fase de sua produção intelectual, mostrou como a negligência linguística à dinâmica que dá significado aos conceitos e metáforas referentes à nossa vida mental fez com que diversas filosofias assumissem um perfil metafísico. Este artigo não apenas examina como um fenômeno análogo pode ocorrer no campo pedagógico, como também defende que as ferramentas analíticas construídas por Wittgenstein podem ser usadas contra os diferentes dogmatismos pedagógicos. Desse modo, o artigo aponta vias alternativas de problematização acerca do significado das reformas dos sistemas escolares que têm buscado fundamentos naquela pedagogia.

  14. Impact of the marketing activities related to service offer an the Nuclear Information Center of the brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission; Impacto das atividades de marketing relativas a promocao de servicos no Centro de Informacoes Nucleares da Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear

    Amaral, Sueli Angelica do


    Exploratory field research confirms the marketing administration philosophy in Nuclear Information Center (CIN) of National Commission of Nuclear Energy (CNEN), analyzing marketing activities referring to SONAR-INIS (current awareness) and SERVIR-INIS (provision of copies) promotion, in order to evaluate the impact of these activities relating to the use of the services by real users. The data collecting took place using a technique of documental analysis, semi-structured interviews with five managers of the Center, simple no-participant observation accomplished by the researcher in CIN, questionnaires about the administration philosophy applied to the managers, and questionnaires sent by mail to 176 users of the international sample. The 122 users`answers (69,31% of answers rate) were analyzed according to the statistical procedures of Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS), with 0,05% of error margin, and 95% of confidence level. Nine assumptions of research were tested. It was concluded that: the first knowledge of the services was by circulars or letters; SONAR-INIS was not considered as the principal service by its information contents in order to develop professional activities by 60,5% of the users; SERVIR-INIS was considered the main service to access the documents related to the interest of 47,8% of the user; to the majority the most important reason to use both services was the convenience and facilities to access the services; suitability of interest was the most important criterion in order to accomplish the appropriate service; the CIN inquiry frequency to know about users` satisfaction level, their information interests, needs and expectation in order to adapt information offer to demand was irregular and seldom; CIN`s concerns about knowing users` critics, complaints and suggestions was recognized by users; the majority of the users was interested in receiving information about the benefits of the services; the price of the copies obtained in

  15. Einfluß der Knochendichte aud das Bruchverhalten und die Stabilität nach Osteosynthese am proximalen Humerus

    Fankhauser F


    Full Text Available Einleitung: Frakturen des proximalen Humerus stellen 4-5 % aller Extremitätenfrakturen dar und betreffen insbesondere den älteren Menschen mit schlechter Knochenqualität. Das Ausmaß der Knochenqualitätsminderung scheint der dominierende Faktor über andere Aspekte bei der Frakturentstehung sowie der operativen Behandlung proximaler Oberarmfrakturen zu sein. Material und Methode: An Leichenhumeri wurde primär mittels DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry eine Knochendichtemessung durchgeführt. Im Anschluß wurden alle Knochen einer Biegebelastung ausgesetzt und dabei die Bruchfestigkeit des jeweiligen Humerus in Korrelation zur Knochendichte gesetzt. Nach Schraubenosteosynthese wurde neuerlich ein Belastungstest durchgeführt und dieses Ergebnis in Korrelation zur Knochendichte gesetzt. Ergebnisse: Unter Berücksichtigung der Knochendichte zeigten sich die Ergebnisse des Biegeversuchs hochsignifikant, nicht jedoch im Hinblick auf die Knochengröße. Auch die Belastungstests nach Versorgung mittels Schrauben waren hochsignifikant im Hinblick auf die Korrelation zur Knochendichte, wobei die Knochendichte über andere Parameter wie Schraubengröße, -anzahl und -position dominierte. Diskussion: Neben der Weiterentwicklung von Technik und Implantaten zur Versorgung proximaler Humerusfrakturen sollte das Hauptaugenmerk auf die Qualität des Knochens selbst gelegt werden, welche das Frakturrisiko und die Stabilität nach operativer Versorgung determiniert.

  16. Multiple allosteric effectors control the affinity of DasR for its target sites.

    Tenconi, Elodie; Urem, Mia; Świątek-Połatyńska, Magdalena A; Titgemeyer, Fritz; Muller, Yves A; van Wezel, Gilles P; Rigali, Sébastien


    The global transcriptional regulator DasR connects N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) utilization to the onset of morphological and chemical differentiation in the model actinomycete Streptomyces coelicolor. Previous work revealed that glucosamine-6-phosphate (GlcN-6P) acts as an allosteric effector which disables binding by DasR to its operator sites (called dre, for DasR responsive element) and allows derepression of DasR-controlled/GlcNAc-dependent genes. To unveil the mechanism by which DasR controls S. coelicolor development, we performed a series of electromobility shift assays with histidine-tagged DasR protein, which suggested that N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate (GlcNAc-6P) could also inhibit the formation of DasR-dre complexes and perhaps even more efficiently than GlcN-6P. The possibility that GlcNAc-6P is indeed an efficient allosteric effector of DasR was further confirmed by the high and constitutive activity of the DasR-repressed nagKA promoter in the nagA mutant, which lacks GlcNAc-6P deaminase activity and therefore accumulates GlcNAc-6P. In addition, we also observed that high concentrations of organic or inorganic phosphate enhanced binding of DasR to its recognition site, suggesting that the metabolic status of the cell could determine the selectivity of DasR in vivo, and hence its effect on the expression of its regulon.

  17. Energy and commodities market; Energie- und Rohstoffmaerkte

    Bokermann, Marcus; Prass, Markus [Vattenfall Markets, Berlin (Germany)


    The electricity markets in Central and Western Europe and in the nordic countries have further shown weak in 2014 with falling prices. The key factors were the declining quotations for coal and natural gas and the warm weather. Another driver was the growth of renewable energy. In the power markets conditions remained mostly an oversupply. The upward trending prices on the CO{sub 2} emissions market were not formative enough to turn the market sentiment. They only caused for volatility during the year. [German] Die Strommaerkte in Mittel- und Westeuropa sowie in den nordischen Laendern haben sich auch im Jahr 2014 weiterhin schwach bei fallenden Preisen gezeigt. Die wesentlichen Einflussfaktoren waren die sinkenden Notierungen fuer Steinkohle und Erdgas sowie das warme Wetter. Ein weiterer Treiber war das Wachstum der erneuerbaren Energien. Auf den Strommaerkten herrschte weiterhin ueberwiegend ein Ueberangebot. Die aufwaerts tendierenden Preise auf dem CO{sub 2}-Emissionsmarkt waren nicht praegend genug, um die Marktstimmung zu drehen. Sie sorgten lediglich fuer Volatilitaet im Jahresverlauf.

  18. Das gastral differenzierte Adenom (pyloric gland adenoma. Fact or Fiction?

    Vieth M


    Full Text Available Das gastral differenzierte Adenom des Magens wird in der englischen Literatur als "pyloric gland adenoma" bezeichnet. Der erste Bericht zu dieser Entität erschien 1976 als Buchbeitrag, allerdings wurde die Läsion damals als eine Adenom-artige Hyperplasie mukoider Drüsen beschrieben. Erst ab 1990 wurden Pylorusdrüsen-Adenome korrekt als gastral differenzierte Adenome identifiziert und diagnostische Kriterien entwickelt. Die Bezeichnung Pylorusdrüsen-Adenom spiegelt die Entstehung aus den tiefen gastralen Drüsenverbänden wieder. Sicher sind die Pylorusdrüsen-Adenome bereits im Routine-HE-Präparat zu diagnostizieren und durch die Immunhistochemie zu bestätigen. Typischerweise exprimieren die Pylorusdrüsen-Adenome Mucin 6, das sonst nur im tiefen Drüsenkörper gefunden werden kann, über die gesamte Breite der Läsion, oft bis zur Oberfläche. Das oberflächliche Mucin 5AC ist oft nur auf eine schmale oberflächliche Zone beschränkt; die Expression kann jedoch stark variieren. Eine Kombination mit Anteilen gewöhnlicher tubulärer Adenome (intestinale Differenzierung kann beobachtet werden. Überproportional häufig ist die Magen-Corpusschleimhaut älterer Patientinnen mit Autoimmungastritis betroffen. Die Häufigkeit von Pylorusdrüsen-Adenomen wird mit 2,7 % aller Magenpolypen angegeben und ist damit nicht so selten wie vermutet. Die wenigen vorhandenen Publikationen zu diesem Thema deuten darauf hin, daß diese Entität meist fehlinterpretiert wird. Pylorusdrüsen-Adenome können im gesamten Gastrointestinaltrakt entstehen. Die klinische Bedeutung liegt in der hohen Rate (30 % der malignen Entartung. Allerdings handelt es sich hierbei vorwiegend um hochdifferenzierte Frühkarzinome mit entsprechend guter Prognose nach endoskopischer Abtragung.

  19. Agroecologia: Potencializando os papéis das mulheres rurais

    Fabiana da Silva Andersson


    Full Text Available O artigo analisa se e como a agroecologia potencializa os papéis das mulheres rurais, em sua maioria agricultoras, dos municípios de Arroio do Padre e São Lourenço do Sul (RS. Através da realização de entrevistas em profundidade e da observação participante, o artigo analisa as percepções dessas mulheres a respeito das realidades por elas vivenciadas tanto no âmbito produtivo (lavoura como reprodutivo (doméstico. É importante destacar que, em Arroio do Padre, há um processo incipiente de “agroecologização”, ou seja, as unidades familiares encontram-se nos níveis iniciais da transição agroecológica. Já em São Lourenço do Sul, observou-se que essas mulheres atuam na agroecologia há mais de 40 anos. Estas distintas trajetórias conferem percepções de mundo diferenciadas entre os dois contextos sociais. Enquanto para as interlocutoras de Arroio do Padre a agroecologia pouco interfere em suas escolhas dentro e fora de casa, já para as entrevistadas de São Lourenço do Sul é essencial no repensar das relações estabelecidas no lar e no seu entorno, especialmente nos assuntos que tangem aos mercados e a sua valorização enquanto “agricultora”.


    Juliana Machado VILHENA


    Full Text Available A estratégia para a introdução de uma metodologia nacional de avaliação de impactos ambientais de edifícios iniciou-se quando o Brasil formalizou a sua integração ao projeto Green Building Challenge durante a Conferência Sustainable Building 2000. Desde então novas implementações foram elaboradas para se adequarem ao contexto nacional e refletirem as necessidades da agenda brasileira. Uma nova metodologia desenvolvida por SILVA (2003 ampliou o escopo tradicional de avaliação ambiental para avaliação de sustentabilidade de edifícios através da incorporação de aspectos sócio-econômicos. No entanto uma interface de avaliação ainda está em desenvolvimento. Além disso, a consulta às partes interessadas na construção civil do estado de São Paulo revelou a carência de ferramentas de orientação para o mercado no ciclo de vida das edificações, principalmente para a etapa de projeto. O objetivo deste trabalho é, portanto, definir diretrizes para a sustentabilidade das edificações capazes de orientar clientes, incorporadores, projetistas, construtores, fornecedores e usuários na tomada de decisões em cada fase do ciclo de vida do empreendimento. Para cumprir com o objetivo proposto foi elaborada uma planilha de diretrizes para a sustentabilidade das edificações que foram aplicadas em um estudo de caso demonstrando como esta ferramenta contribui na busca de metas sustentáveis. Palavras-chave: diretrizes, edifícios, sustentabilidade.

  1. On the phenomenon of electromagnetic hypersensitivity; Das Phaenomen der Elektrosensibilitaet

    David, E.; Reissenweber, J.; Wojtysiak, A.; Pfotenhauer, M. [Witten-Herdecke Univ., Witten (Germany). Inst. fuer Normale und Pathologische Physiologie; Witten-Herdecke Univ., Witten (Germany). Zentrum fuer Elektropathologie


    For more than fifteen years electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are intensively discussed in connection with health hazards in mass media as well as questions of standard setting by the authorities. The present elaboration gives an extended overview over the actual situation of the special electromagnetic hypersensitivity issue in relation to electromagnetic field research in the international scientific community. There are parallels and analogies between the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and those of the Multiple-Chemical-Sensitivity-Syndrome and other environmental diseases. The first part deals with the biophysical fundamental knowledge of interactions between electromagnetic fields and biological systems such as man or animal including threshold values and threshold philosophy. Then hypothetical mechanisms of action of EMF are demonstrated, with a special focus on the melatonin hypothesis, which has not been proved in all its parts up to now. Additionally, in the context of our biomedical research into disorders of well-being we conducted an analysis of written and telephone questions about the EMF issue which are sent to our center. The results are of scientific and political interest and are demonstrated in detail. (orig.) [German] Das Phaenomen der Elektrosensibilitaet gewinnt zunehmend an Bedeutung innerhalb der Diskussion um die medizinisch-biologischen Wirkungen elektromagnetischer Felder. Es konnte bisher nicht nachgewiesen werden, dass die Elektrosensibilitaet/Magnetosensibilitaet als eigenstaendige Krankheitseinheit (Krankheitsentitaet) existiert. Es handelt sich dabei um ein Phaenomen, das vor etwa 15 Jahren benannt und zunaechst nicht ernst genommen wurde. Im Rahmen des relativ jungen medizinisch-biologischen Fachgebietes Elektropathologie scheinen weitere Untersuchungen erforderlich, um die teilweise auch widerspruechlichen Befunde aufzuklaeren und zu erfahren, ob Felder Befindlichkeitsstoerungen ausloesen koennen, die in aehnlicher Form

  2. Das Knochenmaterial: Ein Nano-Komposit aus Mineral und Kollagen

    Fratzl-Zelman N


    Full Text Available Eine wesentliche Aufgabe des Knochens ist seine Stützfunktion für den Körper. Die dafür notwendigen mechanischen Eigenschaften erhält der Knochen durch seinen komplexen hierarchischen Aufbau. Makroskopisch unterscheidet man Geometrie und die innere Architektur im spongiösen und im kompakten Knochen (Röhrenknochen. Das Knochenmaterial selbst ist aus komplexen Strukturen bis zur Größenordnung von wenigen Nanometern aufgebaut. Auf der untersten Ebene ist die Knochenmatrix ein Kompositmaterial aus 2 Komponenten mit ganz unterschiedlichen mechanischen Eigenschaften. Es besteht aus langen elastischen Fasern aus Typ-I-Kollagenfibrillen, in die harte 2–4 Nanometer dicke Kalziumphosphatpartikel eingelagert sind. Für die mechanische Kompetenz dieses Materials spielen viele Faktoren eine Rolle. Abweichungen z. B. im Aufbau oder bei der Quervernetzung der Kollagenmoleküle sowie in der Form, Größe und Anordnung der Mineralpartikel bewirken Veränderungen der mechanischen Eigenschaften. Wesentlich bestimmt auch der Grad der Mineralisierung die Elastizität (Steifigkeit des Knochenmaterials. Bei Knochenerkrankungen können die beschriebenen Veränderungen im Knochenmaterial zu einem erhöhten Frakturrisiko führen. In vielen Fällen ist es daher wichtig, zusätzlich zu den biochemischen Parametern und der klinischen DEXAKnochendichtemessung eine Knochenbiopsie des betroffenen Patienten zu untersuchen. Neue methodische Ansätze erlauben es, gezielt bestimmte hierarchische Ebenen des Materials zu überprüfen und die Auswirkungen von Erkrankungen auf das Knochenmaterial zu erfassen. Diese Information ist nicht nur für das Verstehen verschiedenster Erkrankungen generell notwendig, sondern kann auch zur Bestimmung des Frakturrisikos und für die Therapieentscheidung für den einzelnen Patienten wichtig sein.

  3. Erigeron sumatrensis, das Sumatra-Berufkraut, in Frankfurt am Main

    Buttler, Karl Peter


    Erigeron sumatrensis ist seit 1981 in Frankfurt am Main als Neophyt bekannt. Das gegenwärtige Verbreitungsmuster deutet darauf hin, dass die Art sich langsam ausbreitet. Um ihr Erkennen zu erleichtern, wird ein Bestimmungsschlüssel für die in Europa vorkommenden annuellen Adventivarten der Sektion Conyza beigegeben, ergänzt durch einige Anmerkungen zu noch offenen taxonomischen Fragen. Für drei Herkünfte aus Frankreich wurde die hexaploide Chromosomenzahl 2n = 54 ermittelt. Erigeron sumatr...

  4. Criatividade Gótica: o contrapoder das trevas

    Lima, Maria Antónia


    O poder dos artistas sempre teve o seu espaço expressivo limitado por outros poderes aos quais tem reagido por processos transgressivos. No caso da Criatividade Gótica, pode-se dizer que esta sempre estimulou expansões imaginativas apresentando-se como um contrapoder comparativamente associado a certas rupturas da modernidade e das vanguardas. Em Love, Mystery and Misery, Coral Ann Howells sublinha o ímpeto antirracional do Gótico caracterizando-o como um género hibrido com energias transgres...

  5. Diagnósticos histopatológicos das pneumoconioses

    Capelozzi, Vera Luiza; Saldiva, Paulo Hilário Nascimento


    As doenças asbesto-induzidas constituem um grave problema de saúde em decorrência de um grande número de trabalhadores expostos ao asbesto ao longo dos últimos 50 anos. Processos judiciais contra indústrias que lidam com asbesto somam centenas, com crescente adição de novos casos. O assunto relativo à asbestose é complexo, e muito embora a história natural das doenças induzidas esteja bem estabelecida, muitas áreas importantes, como a patologia, permanecem ainda pouco compreendidas. No Brasil...

  6. Internationalization of Água das Pedras to Tokyo (Japan)

    Dias, Maria Carlota da Rocha Baptista


    A Work Project, presented as part of the requirements for the Award of a Masters Degree in Management from the NOVA – School of Business and Economics Água das Pedras is a natural carbonated mineral water exploited and sold by Unicer S.A, a 44% Danish and 56% Portuguese company, the largest beverage company in Portugal1. The market for bottled water in Portugal has been stabilizing in the past years due to its maturity character. At the same time, the expansion of off-trade distribution ch...

  7. Estudo químico das saponinas da Phytolacca thyrsiflora

    HARAGUCHI, Mitsue; Motidome,Mario; OTTO R. GOTTLIEB


    As saponinas fitolacósidos B e E e uma nova saponina, o 30-metil-éster do ácido 3-O-B-D-glicopiranosil jaligônico, foram isolados do resíduo butanólico das raízes frescas de Phytolacca thyrsiflora (família Phytolaccaceae). A hidrólise ácida da saponina bruta forneceu as sapogeninas, a fitolacagenina e o ácido jaligônico. A identificação dos compostos foi realizada principalmente por análises espectroscópicas.

  8. Das Theaterspiel der Kolpingsfamilien im Bistum Münster

    Nunes Matias, J. (Jutta)


    Die Theatergruppen der Kolpingsfamilien eignen sich gut für eine Untersuchung zur Geschichte des Amateurtheaters, da schon am Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts eine rege Theaterarbeit in den Vereinen vorhanden war. Das Repertoire bestand bis 1918 hauptsächlich aus biblisch-religiösen Theaterstücken. Zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen kam es zu einer Umorientierung: es sollte kulturell und pädagogisch anspruchsvolleres Theater gefördert werden. Die auffälligsten Entwicklungen im Repertoire der Kolpingsfa...

  9. Wilhelm Reich, das Schreiben, meine Neurose und ich

    Jan Decker


    Full Text Available Der Prosaiker, Dramatiker und Hörspielautor Jan Decker reflektiert in diesem Essay über Bedingungen und Widerstände des literarischen Schreibens. Dabei geht es weniger um poetologische Verfahren als vielmehr um ein Hinterfragen der Bedingungen und Dispositionen, die einen Menschen dazu verleiten, einen literarischen Text dort entstehen zu lassen, wo sich ein Selbstempfinden und die Welt berühren. Ein Bogen wird gespannt, der über die Erotik und Körperlichkeit des Schreibakts hinweg letztlich dazu führt, die »Ursprungsneurose« als das zu pflegende Enigma des Autors zu erkennen.

  10. Determinantes da estrutura de capital das empresas listadas na Bovespa

    Eduardo Glasenapp Moraes


    Os determinantes da estrutura de capital das empresas geram pesquisas e discussões no mundo acadêmico e profissional. Algumas teorias que concorrem para dar explicações são a teoria de custos de agência, teoria do trade-off, teoria de assimetria informacional e a teoria de interação entre as empresas no mercado de competição de produtos e com fornecedores. No mercado brasileiro, alguns trabalhos analisaram variáveis explicativas dos modelos de custos de agência, trade-off e assimetria informa...

  11. Das arterielle idiopathische akute spontane subdurale Hämatom

    Stippler M


    Full Text Available Das akute idiopathische spontane subdurale Hämatom ist ein seltenes Krankheitsbild. Es betrifft aber als wichtige Differentialdiagnose von nichttraumatischer Bewußtseinsstörung sowohl Neurochirurgen, Neurologen und Internisten. Vor allem eine rasche Diagnose ist erforderlich, denn nur durch eine sofortige neurochirurgische Intervention kann die ansonst infauste Prognose verbessert werden. Diese Arbeit soll anhand der Literaturrecherchen, anatomischer Untersuchung und der Präsentation eines typischen klinischen Fallbeispiels dieses Krankheitsbild wieder mehr ins Bewußtsein rücken, um den Zeitverlust durch interdisziplinäre Abklärung zu verringern.

  12. Cineclube Antonio das Mortes and its independent film production

    Marina da Costa Campos


    Full Text Available This article analysis the production of experimental films made by Cineclube Antonio das Mortes (CAM in 1980, in Goiania, Through the term "independent film". This work is an initial study, therefore, it’s intended, first, to discuss the various conceptions given to “independent cinema” in Brazilian cinema history, from the late 1940s until 1980. Then, this work will try to understand how this production of this Cineclube approaches or moves away from the different conceptions that this term has acquired over the decades.

  13. A Economia das Drogas em uma abordagem heterodoxa

    Taciana Santos de Souza


    O campo denominado Economia das Drogas engloba complexas relações sociais que consolidam um vigoroso processo de acumulação de capital. Esse setor apresenta especificidades atreladas à clandestinidade, particularidades associadas a cada mercadoria e semelhanças a outras indústrias e setores da economia formal. Esse tema é estudado na presente dissertação, que tem por objetivo contribuir para explicar as razões pelas quais as políticas de proibição às drogas não conseguem cessar este mercado. ...

  14. Jesus und das Blut-Fest der Medien

    Höltgen, Stefan


    Was unterscheidet "Die Passion Christi" (2004) vom Splatterfilm "Blood Feast" (1963), der im Januar 2004 wegen Gewaltverherrlichung verboten wurden? Viel diskutiert wird dieser Tage über Gewaltdarstellungen im Film. Entzündet hat sich die Debatte an "Die Passion Christi", dem Film, der die letzten Stunden Jesu Christi zeigt. Diese waren von der Marter sowie der Vorbereitung und Durchführung der Kreuzigung geprägt (Passion reloaded: Ein Porno des Leidens). Wie das genau ausgesehen hat, darüber...

  15. O Impacto das UPPs sobre a Performance Escolar no RJ

    Butelli, Pedro Henrique


    Este trabalho tem como objetivo analisar mudanças de curto prazo na performance escolar relacionadas à implantação das UPPs na cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Avaliamos o efeito da ocupação policial pré-UPP nas notas de exames bimestrais aplicados em escolas municipais da cidade. Para reforçar a interpretação de efeito causal, usamos como pressuposto de identificação o fato de a decisão de implantar as UPPs em determinadas favelas seguir principalmente motivações independentes de características de...

  16. Utilização das estatinas e o seu impacto na prevalência das doenças cardiovascular

    Martins, Patrícia Cruz, 1987-


    Introdução: As doenças cardiovasculares são a principal causa de morte em Portugal. Apesar das taxas de óbitos terem vindo progressivamente a descer, são ainda valores preocupantes em termos de saúde pública. Neste particular, o papel da dislipidémia na patogénese das doenças cardiovasculares, está bem documentado. Das várias classes de fármacos utilizadas para reduzir os níveis de colesterol, as Estatinas assumem especial importância na redução das co-morbilidades das doenças cardiovasculare...

  17. The fuel index method as a new planning instrument in the erection and redevelopment of residential estates; Das Brennstoffkennzahl-Verfahren als neues Planungsinstrument fuer Neubau- und Sanierungsvorhaben

    Elsenberger, U. [Industrie und Communal Consulting GmbH, Aachen (Germany); Boese, M.; Diefenbach, N.; Petersdorff, C.; Schultze, K. [Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany). 3. Physikalisches Inst. A


    The fuel index method aims at the largest possible exploitation of conservation potentials in residential thermal energy supply. The introduction of a thermal quality standard for thermal energy systems lays the foundation in process engineering terms for a competition between environment-friendly thermal energy supply and thermal insulation, with the aim to save energy and cost. Using higher-grade thermal energy at higher cost than current energy costs is approved of if its use involves an ambitious conservation aim. In this way, particularly rational energy techniques are promoted. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das Brennstoffkennzahl-Verfahren zielt auf eine effektive Erschliessung weitgehender Einsparziele bei der Waermeversorgung von Wohngebieten. Mit der Einfuehrung der Waermequalitaet als Guetemass eines Waermeversorgungssystems werden die verfahrenstechnischen Grundlagen fuer eine auf kostenguenstige Energieeinsparung ausgerichtete Konkurrenz zwischen umweltfreundlicher Waermeversorgung und Waermeschutz geschaffen. Waerme hoeherer Qualitaet darf bei Vorgabe eines ehrgeizigen Einsparziels teurer sein als heute ueblich. Damit wird der Einsatz besonders rationeller Energietechniken gefoerdert. (orig.)

  18. O Julgamento Ético-Político das Ciências e das Artes em Rousseau

    Adriano Melo Medeiros


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é apresentar o exame que Jean-Jacques Rousseau faz do estado das ciências e das artes no século XVIII e apreciar criticamente os juízos e conclusões por ele apresentados, tendo em vista evidenciar os princípios éticos e políticos que guiaram estas análises e suas obras subsequentes. Utilizando-se de uma abordagem qualitativa numa pesquisa bibliográfica, procura-se demonstrar que o referido filósofo desenvolve sua apreciação do assunto em tela a partir de pressupostos que conduzem-no a concluir que as ciências e artes promovem mais vícios que virtudes, tanto para os indivíduos quanto para as sociedades. Apesar desta situação, ele acredita ser possível que ambas sejam causa do bem, uma vez que a causa da corrupção delas está ligada ao modo como a sociedade, e em particular quem detém o poder, lida com o Saber. Nestes raciocínios estão presentes os fundamentos desta sua primeira obra filosófica e a base das seguintes, o que nos leva a concluir que, sem torná-los manifesto não é possível avaliar o mérito, ou demérito, do conjunto de sua filosofia.Palavras-chave: Ética. Filosofia política. Estética. Iluminismo.

  19. Simetria das medidas timpanométricas e as respostas das emissões otoacústicas transientes em neonatos

    Liliane Aparecida Fagundes Silva


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: verificar a ocorrência de simetria maior ou igual à 70%, entre as orelhas, comparando os resultados da timpanometria nas frequências de 226 e 1000Hz com as respostas das emissões otoacústicas em neonatos. MÉTODOS: foram avaliados 39 neonatos, em média com 60 horas de vida, sendo 20 do sexo feminino e 19 do sexo masculino. Cada recém-nascido foi submetido à avaliação timpanométrica com as sondas de 226 e 1000 Hz, e avaliação das emissões otoacústicas transientes em ambas as orelhas. Os resultados foram submetidos a testes estatísticos. RESULTADOS: na análise da amostra pode-se observar ocorrência de simetria <70% nas respostas das emissões otoacústicas em 74,4% do total de neonatos. Por outro lado, na timpanometria, houve uma maior ocorrência de simetria ≥ 70%, tanto para sonda de 226 quanto para 1000Hz (76,9% e 84,6%, respectivamente. No que diz respeito ao gênero e orelha, as diferenças encontradas em cada teste não foram significantes, embora tenha sido observada maior amplitude de respostas de emissões otoacústicas na orelha direita. CONCLUSÃO: os resultados sugerem haver simetria no sistema auditivo em sua porção mais periférica, e início de assimetrias a partir da cóclea.

  20. O comportamento entoacional das exclamativas-wh e das interrogativas-wh no português brasileiro

    Karina Zendron da Cunha


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é analisar o comportamento entoacional de sentenças exclamativas e interrogativas com pronome em português brasileiro, variedade de Florianópolis. Tendo em vista que analisamos quatro posições nas sentenças interrogativas-wh e exclamativas-wh (WH, foco, X e sílaba tônica final, nossas hipóteses preveem que (i na posição foco o valor de F0 é significativamente diferente das outras posições sentenciais (WH, X e sílaba tônica final tanto nas sentenças exclamativas-wh quanto nas interrogativas-wh; (ii as sentenças exclamativas-wh com pronome E-only (como devem apresentar comportamento entoacional diferente das sentenças com pronome non-E-only (quanto e que; (iii as sentenças interrogativas-wh têm um mesmo comportamento entoacional, independentemente do pronome WH presente nessas sentenças; e (iv as sentenças interrogativas-wh têm o mesmo comportamento entoacional das exclamativas-wh com WH E-only. Com o intuito de comprovar nossas hipóteses, apresentaremos o resultado de um experimento piloto de produção de fala. Para a análise dos dados, utilizamos o script MOMEL/INTSINT for Praat. Os resultados do experimento comprovaram as hipóteses (i, (ii e (iii.

  1. Energy [r]evolution - a sustainable world energy outlook

    Teske, S.; Muth, J.; Sawyer, S; T. Pregger; Simon, S; Naegler, T.; O'Sullivan, M.; Schmid, S; Pagenkopf, J.; Frieske, B.; Graus, W.H.J.; Kermeli, K.; Zittel, W.; Rutovitz, J.; Harris, S.


    Der Bericht stellt die Neuauflage der Weltenergie-Szenarien dar, die das Institut für Technische Thermodynamik des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) zusammen mit über 30 weiteren Experten im Auftrag von Greenpeace International und dem European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) erarbeitet haben. Die Weltenergie-Szenarien „Energy [R]evolution 2010“ zeigen, wie die globalen CO2-Emissionen von heute 30 Milliarden Tonnen pro Jahr bis zur Mitte des Jahrhunderts auf rund zehn Millia...

  2. Smart Home Dashboard. The intelligent energy management; Smart Home Dashboard. Das intelligente Energiemanagement

    Stopczynski, Martin; Ghiglieri, Marco [Technische Univ. Darmstadt (Germany). Fachgebiet Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik


    Due to an increasingly smarter environment, however smart home components are used in households. A variety of household appliances can be monitored and controlled by smart plugs. An advantage of this development is the individual investigation of devices in terms of individual power consumption. However, the usability of the end user side also increases proportional to the number of existing devices. A possible access of external market participants is not currently implemented without major security problems. The authors of the contribution under consideration report on the Smart Home Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive power management. The smart home dashboard is intuitively operable and meets current safety standards. The aim of this paper is: (1) Adjustment of the handling of the recorded data to the current privacy policy; (2) Enforcement of the privacy of the end user by means of the implementation of smart grid protection objectives; (3) Providing a secure access for remote participants.


    Jonas Silva Abreu


    Full Text Available Em 1995, foi publicado o livro “Consumidores e Cidadãos” de Nestor Garcia Canclini. O livro trazia como tema a globalização e o consumo como agentes das transformações ocorridas no processo de elaboração das identidades coletivas no espaço latinoamericano. Tendo este texto como marco histórico-reflexivo, o objetivo do artigo é decifrar quais identidades foram produzidas no continente e entender a construção e negociação destes valores. Com o auxílio de outras obras, as identidades serão descritas tanto no contexto tradicional da modernidade constatadas na formação dos estados, nações e partidos políticos, mas também na ambiência multicultural da pós-modernidade que se fazem presentes nos discursos étnicos, atitudes religiosas e movimentos sociais em diferentes subgrupos. O trabalho pressupõe ainda que rádio, cinema, televisão e mais recentemente as redes de tecnologia e cultura transnacionais são meios que ajudaram a construir e alterar as identidades na região, além de elaborarem imagens e discursos sobre elas.

  4. Desenvolvimento de conceitos: o paradigma das transformações

    José Fernando Bitencourt Lomônaco

    Full Text Available Keil (1989 investigou se artefatos e espécies naturais permaneciam membros das mesmas categorias após transformações mudando seus aspectos característicos mais salientes. Este trabalho replica um de seus experimentos, objetivando comprovar a validade de seus resultados em nosso meio. Participaram 30 crianças, subdivididas em três grupos (6/7; 8/9 e 10/11 anos. Traduziu-se seis estórias, quatro referentes a espécies naturais, duas a artefatos. Estas relatavam situações em que médicos operavam espécies naturais e artefatos alterando suas propriedades comportamentais e perceptivas mais salientes e transformando-os em outras espécies, referentes à mesma categoria. A cada sujeito narrou-se as estórias e ao final de cada uma perguntava-se se ocorreu a transformação em outra espécie. Observou-se que os sujeitos avaliaram corretamente a identidade dos artefatos, mas somente com o aumento da idade os atributos definidores passaram a ser considerados para avaliação da identidade correta das espécies naturais. De maneira geral, nossos resultados confirmaram o estudo de Keil.

  5. Revisão: Aspectos gerais das bacteriocinas

    Mayara Baptistucci OGAKI


    Full Text Available Resumo Bacteriocinas são peptídeos antimicrobianos sintetizados nos ribossomos, tendo sido descrita uma grande diversidade de bacteriocinas, as quais diferem entre si quanto a composição de aminoácidos, biossíntese, transporte e modo de ação. Nos alimentos, as bacteriocinas podem ser encontradas naturalmente como produtos da microbiota normal ou introduzida (cultura starter ou probióticos. Devido às suas aplicabilidades frente a organismos patogênicos contaminantes em alimentos, vários estudos têm sido publicados, tornando o uso destes peptídeos uma alternativa aos conservantes químicos tradicionais. Considerando-se as propriedades das bacteriocinas e sua potencial aplicação como bioconservadores de alimentos e alternativa aos antibióticos, o presente estudo busca acercar-se de uma visão geral das bacteriocinas quanto aos aspectos históricos, sistemas de classificação, biossíntese e transporte, modo de ação, abordando também algumas de suas aplicações na indústria de alimentos.

  6. Homo sapiens und das 21. Jahrhundert - evolutionsbiologische Betrachtungen

    Oehler, Jochen

    Was meinen wir, wenn wir vom 21. Jahrhundert sprechen? Es ist ein Zeitraum, der sich durch die Festlegung des Menschen ergibt, die nach Christi Geburt verstrichene Zeit in Jahren zu zählen. Eine kulturelle Leistung, die primär auf der Fähigkeit beruht, das Phänomen Zeit a priori wahrnehmen zu können. Die Antizipation der Zeit ist in der Welt der Organismen ein weit verbreitetes Prinzip. Entsprechend existieren auf zellulären bis zu zentralnervösen Ebenen verschiedenste Mechanismen, die dies ermöglichen. So basiert die Zeitwahrnehmung des Menschen auf zentralnervösen Strukturen und Prozessen phylogenetisch älterer Hirnstrukturen, die ihrerseits die Körperfunktionen von der zellulären bis zur Verhaltensebene steuern und regeln und sie damit an exogene Zeitregime, wie z. B. den Tag-Nacht-Rhythmus (circadianer Rhythmus), anpassen. Die Chronobiologie weist nach, welch große adaptive Bedeutung zeitantizipierende Mechanismen für die Organismen haben, das heißt Fitness fördernd sind (Piechulla 1999; Spork 2004). Die für verschiedene Kulturen des Menschen maßgebliche Zeitrechnung basiert auf der quantitativen Erfassung kosmisch oder irdisch regelmäßig wiederkehrender Ereignisse.

  7. Ambiente virtual: a ponte para conhecer as bibliotecas das escolas

    Ediane Toscano Galdino de Carvalho


    Full Text Available Identifica a existência de bibliotecas escolares a partir dos endereços eletrônicos das escolas da rede particular de ensino da cidade de João Pessoa, PB. Dessa forma, o artigo aborda a web como espaço significativo no processo de gestão das escolas, além de ser instrumento dinamizador para o ensino e aprendizagem, sendo necessário conhecer todas as operacionalidades da web e poder utilizar a favor da escola e conseqüentemente da biblioteca. Em se tratando do processo metodológico, a pesquisa caracteriza-se como exploratória, utilizando-se do ambiente virtual para explorar os dados necessários à mesma. A investigação foi realizada em vinte escolas da rede de ensino privado da cidade de João Pessoa, PB. Como resultado, observou-se que o número de escolas que identificam em seus sites a existência de bibliotecas é extremamente reduzido tendo em vista que a biblioteca é uma instituição integrante para o processo de ensino e aprendizagem de uma escola.


    Jonas Silva Abreu


    Full Text Available Em 1995, foi publicado o livro “Consumidores e Cidadãos” de Nestor Garcia Canclini. O livro trazia como tema a globalização e o consumo como agentes das transformações ocorridas no processo de elaboração das identidades coletivas no espaço latinoamericano. Tendo este texto como marco histórico-reflexivo, o objetivo do artigo é decifrar quais identidades foram produzidas no continente e entender a construção e negociação destes valores. Com o auxílio de outras obras, as identidades serão descritas tanto no contexto tradicional da modernidade constatadas na formação dos estados, nações e partidos políticos, mas também na ambiência multicultural da pós-modernidade que se fazem presentes nos discursos étnicos, atitudes religiosas e movimentos sociais em diferentes subgrupos. O trabalho pressupõe ainda que rádio, cinema, televisão e mais recentemente as redes de tecnologia e cultura transnacionais são meios que ajudaram a construir e alterar as identidades na região, além de elaborarem imagens e discursos sobre elas.

  9. Os conteúdos das visões da ayahuasca

    Benny Shanon


    Full Text Available Este artigo examina os conteúdos das alucinações visuais induzidas pela infusão psicotrópica ayahuasca. Ele faz parte de uma investigação fenomenológica mais ampla que busca estudar a ayahuasca de uma perspectiva psicológico-cognitiva. (Até agora, quase todos os estudos da ayahuasca partiram das ciências naturais ou da antropologia. Análises comparativas quantitativas revelam que certos itens de conteúdo específico são especialmente prevalescentes em visões da ayahuasca e se reencontram em relatos de informantes de diferentes origens socioculturais. Os resultados são discutidos teoricamente à luz de considerações tanto psicológicas como antropológicas.This paper examines the contents of the visual hallucinations induced by the Amazonian psychotropic brew ayahuasca. It is part of a comprehensive phenomenological investigation attempting to study ayahuasca from a cognitive-psychological perspective. (So far, practically all studies of ayahuasca pertained either to the natural sciences or to anthropology. Comparative quantitative analyses reveal that some specific content items are especially prevalent in ayahuasca visions, and that these are encountered in the reports of informants from different personal and socio-cultural backgrounds. Theoretically, the findings are discussed in light of both psychological and anthropological considerations.

  10. Sensibilidade as catecolaminas dos atrios direitos das ratas : influencia das fases do ciclo estral e do "stress"

    Monica Luiza Viegas Rodrigues


    Resumo: Os objetivos deste trabalho foram: analisar a sensibilidade ao efeito cronotrópico da isoprenalina, noradrenalina e adrenalina de átrios direitos isolados de ratas normais, em cada uma das fases do ciclo estral, ou após 50 minutos de natação, durante o estro ou o diestro; correlacionar as alterações de sensibilidade com as fases do ciclo estral e/ou com os níveis plasmáticos de corticosterona. Utilizamos ratas adultas, Wistar, normais, sedentárias, ou imediatamente após 50 min de nata...

  11. Iconografia das festas populares em Cândido Portinari: sentidos/significados das expressões carnavalescas


    O texto apresenta a pesquisa realizada sobre a iconografia das festas populares em Cândido Portinari, identificando como as imagens criam sentidos para o entendimento da cultura popular e de suas expressões simbólicas. Para tanto, foi necessário apresentar as telas pintadas por Portinari que caracterizam o sub-tema "festas populares", mais especificamente, as telas relacionadas ao "carnaval". Procuramos entender a iconografia de Portinari numa dimensão pedagógica voltada à educação física. Tr...

  12. Influência da clorhexidina como inibidor das metaloproteinases na alteração da cor das resinas compostas

    Chibeles, Inês Pereira


    Dissertação para obtenção do grau de Mestre no Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz Objetivo: Verificar in vitro se a clorhexidina, como inibidor das metaloproteinases, provoca alteração de cor numa resina composta. Materiais e métodos: Vinte dentes terceiros molares hígidos foram distribuídos aleatoriamente em quatro grupos de cinco dentes. Cada grupo foi restaurado com a resina composta Filtek Z100 e tratado previamente com um protocolo de sistema adesivo formando os seg...

  13. Influência da clorhexidina como inibidor das metaloproteinases na alteração da cor das resinas compostas

    Chibeles, Inês Pereira


    Dissertação para obtenção do grau de Mestre no Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz Objetivo: Verificar in vitro se a clorhexidina, como inibidor das metaloproteinases, provoca alteração de cor numa resina composta. Materiais e métodos: Vinte dentes terceiros molares hígidos foram distribuídos aleatoriamente em quatro grupos de cinco dentes. Cada grupo foi restaurado com a resina composta Filtek Z100 e tratado previamente com um protocolo de sistema adesivo formando os seg...

  14. DasPy – Open Source Multivariate Land Data Assimilation Framework with High Performance Computing

    Han, Xujun; Li, Xin; Montzka, Carsten; Kollet, Stefan; Vereecken, Harry; Hendricks Franssen, Harrie-Jan


    Data assimilation has become a popular method to integrate observations from multiple sources with land surface models to improve predictions of the water and energy cycles of the soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum. In recent years, several land data assimilation systems have been developed in different research agencies. Because of the software availability or adaptability, these systems are not easy to apply for the purpose of multivariate land data assimilation research. Multivariate data assimilation refers to the simultaneous assimilation of observation data for multiple model state variables into a simulation model. Our main motivation was to develop an open source multivariate land data assimilation framework (DasPy) which is implemented using the Python script language mixed with C++ and Fortran language. This system has been evaluated in several soil moisture, L-band brightness temperature and land surface temperature assimilation studies. The implementation allows also parameter estimation (soil properties and/or leaf area index) on the basis of the joint state and parameter estimation approach. LETKF (Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter) is implemented as the main data assimilation algorithm, and uncertainties in the data assimilation can be represented by perturbed atmospheric forcings, perturbed soil and vegetation properties and model initial conditions. The CLM4.5 (Community Land Model) was integrated as the model operator. The CMEM (Community Microwave Emission Modelling Platform), COSMIC (COsmic-ray Soil Moisture Interaction Code) and the two source formulation were integrated as observation operators for assimilation of L-band passive microwave, cosmic-ray soil moisture probe and land surface temperature measurements, respectively. DasPy is parallelized using the hybrid MPI (Message Passing Interface) and OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) techniques. All the input and output data flow is organized efficiently using the commonly used NetCDF file

  15. Ecotoxicological assessment of sediments from Tiete river between Salesopolis and Suzano, SP (Brazil); Avaliacao ecotoxicologica de sedimentos do rio Tiete, entre os municipios de Salesopolis e Suzano, SP

    Alegre, Gabriel Fonseca


    Once introduced into the aquatic environment, many substances can bind or be adsorbed by organic particles in suspension. Depending on the river morphology and hydrological conditions, these particles in suspension containing the contaminants can be deposited along its course, becoming part of the bottom sediments, making them actual sinks and often a source of contamination for the water column and benthic organisms. In the assessment of water, sediment has been one of the most important indicators of the contamination levels in aquatic ecosystems, representing the deposition of contaminants in the environment that occurred over the years and even decades. The Tiete River cross the Sao Paulo state, however, in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, the river shows the most severe degradation. In the region of Salesopolis, the waters of the Tiete River are used for public supply, but across the city of Mogi das Cruzes the water quality decreases significantly. Considering the importance of the Tiete river and the sediment for the aquatic biota, this study aimed to evaluate the toxicity of the sediment at five points along the Tiete river, between the cities of Salesopolis and Suzano, Sao Paulo. Four sampling were carried out: two in the summer (rainy season) and two in winter (dry season). The whole sediment was assessed by acute and chronic toxicity tests with Hyalella azteca and Ceriodaphnia dubia, respectively, the elutriate was assessed by chronic toxicity test using C. dubia, while the porewater was evaluated by acute toxicity test with Vibrio fischeri. Samples of river water were also evaluated for chronic toxicity tests with C. dubia. The quantification of metals and hydrocarbons in sediment samples was also carried out in order to correlate the biological effects with the chemical contamination. The obtained results with the whole sediment test indicate Mogi das Cruzes and Suzano cities as the most toxic sites and also as the sites with the highest

  16. Evaluation of thermoluminescent BeO samples in standard radiotherapy beams; Avaliacao de amostras termoluminescentes de BeO em feixes padroes de radioterapia

    Groppo, Daniela P.; Silva, Jonas O.; Caldas, Linda V.E., E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Beryllium oxide thermoluminescent samples were evaluated in standard radiotherapy beams of low energy. Results for response reproducibility, dose-response curve and energy dependence were obtained. The lower detection limit was determined. The pellets of BeO showed their usefulness for beam dosimetry. (author)


    Leonardo Cândido Rolim


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem por objetivo sistematizar questões acerca da colonização dos sertões do Siará Grande, tendo como ponto principal a consolidação do comércio das carnes secas e salgadas no “porto do sertão” da ribeira do Jaguaribe, isto é, a vila de Santa Cruz do Aracati. Tendo sido criada em 1748 com o objetivo de cobrar impostos e impor um “controle social” ao povoado que, desde a década de 1720, já era importante praça comercial do litoral setentrional do Estado do Brasil. Trata-se, portanto, de analisar os objetivos da conquista dos sertões, tendo em vista sua integração à dinâmica do império português, a partir da constituição de circuitos mercantis de abastecimento alimentar das principais praças da América Portuguesa.


    João Afonso


    Full Text Available Vivemos numa sociedade em que a atividade física (AF e desportiva assumem grande relevância no quotidiano das pessoas, relevância essa que corresponde à forma como a sociedade encara valores essenciais da vida do cidadão, como a liberdade, a educação, a igualdade, a saúde e a qualidade de vida (Vasconcelos, 2001.Objetivo: Procurámos saber quais os hábitos de AF e Desportiva fora da escola e no contexto escolar; que tipos e com que frequência praticam AF; qual a opinião e nível de satisfação que têm das aulas de Educação Física, da AF e do Desporto Escolar e sobre a sua prática regular; Identificámos quais as rezões e influências que as atletas apresentam para a prática; quanto tempo as atletas dedicam, semanalmente, à prática moderada e vigorosa; qual a idade com que iniciaram a prática desportiva; com que regularidade as atletas praticam AF com os amigos e qual o seu conhecimento acerca destas atividades praticadas pelos amigos.

  19. Evaluation of the repeatability of dosimetric parameters of a linear accelerator beam; Avaliacao da repetibilidade de parametros dosimetricos do feixe de um acelerador linear

    Morelli, Humberto A.S.; Oliveira, Harley F. de; Silva, Maelson do N.; Pavoni, Juliana F., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Servico de Radioterapia


    This study aims to evaluate the repeatability of symmetry and flatness of the photon beam of 6 MV linear accelerator Oncor Impression, Siemens, from the Radiotherapy Department of the Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirao Preto - USP. In total they were collected 102 measures, weekly, through two-dimensional detector of ionization chambers, Matrixx Evolution, IBA Dosimetry, connected to a computer with software OmniProI'mrt. The isocenter of the linear accelerator was placed in the center of the sensitive volume of the detector with solid water plates above and below these. Data were collected with 100 UM, with field size 10 x 10 cm². The flatness and symmetry values were calculated by the software used. The first measurement of this work was used as reference, the others were compared with it, taking into account the values of permissible variation for these parameters. The minimum, maximum and average value were analyzed. The literature indicates that the flatness and symmetry values should not vary by more than 2 and 3%, respectively. The results of this work show that the values of these parameters for the linear accelerator study are within the permissible variations in protocols and are therefore able to appropriate clinical use. (author)

  20. A vantagem competitiva das nações e a vantagem competitiva das empresas: o que importa na localização?

    Martim Francisco de Oliveira e Silva


    Full Text Available Há dois enfoques dominantes para explicar o desempenho das empresas: a visão da Organização Industrial e a Visão Baseada em Recursos, ambos amplamente pesquisados. Entretanto, a relação entre o desempenho das empresas e a competitividade das nações ainda é pouco explorada. Este estudo buscou verificar se o desempenho das empresas se relaciona ao ambiente de seus países e quais fatores destes são mais relevantes. Foram encontradas evidências da relação entre os indicadores de competitividade dos países e o desempenho sustentável de suas empresas. O estudo relacionou de maneira pioneira os conceitos da vantagem competitiva das nações e da vantagem competitiva das empresas, testou empiricamente o modelo do Diamante Competitivo do professor Michael Porter, destacou três variáveis habitualmente negligenciadas na linha de pesquisas das fontes de desempenho de empresas (a Sofisticação dos Compradores, o PIB e as Compras Governamentais e criou um indicador de desempenho que também traduz sua sustentabilidade, associado à linha da pesquisa da persistência dos retornos extraordinários.

  1. Alternative energies; Energies alternatives

    Bonal, J.; Rossetti, P


    The earth took millions years to made the petroleum, the gas the coal and the uranium. Only a few centuries will be needed to exhaust these fossil fuels and some years to reach expensive prices. Will the wold continue on this way of energy compulsive consumption? The renewable energies and some citizen attitudes are sufficient to break this spiral. This book proposes to discuss these alternative energies. It shows that this attitude must be supported by the government. It takes stock on the more recent information concerning the renewable energies. it develops three main points: the electricity storage, the housing and the transports. (A.L.B.)

  2. Positron impact ionization of atomic hydrogen at low energies

    K Chakrabarti


    Low energy positron impact ionization of atomic hydrogen is studies theoretically using the hyperspherical partial wave method of Das [1] in constant 12, equal energy sharing geometry. The TDCS reveal considerable differences in physics compared to electron impact ionization under the same geometry.

  3. A King of Judges? - Wider das Richterkönigtum

    Oliver M. Brupbacher


    Full Text Available An Essay in Reconstruction of Tasks and Functions of the Republican Praetor as Jurisdictional Authority - Ein Versuch der Rekonstruktion von Aufgaben und Funktionen des Republikanischen Prätors als JurisdiktionsmagistratIt is widely accepted that the Roman law in its main characteristics was developed by an elite of legal “professionals”. Among them were those magistrates whom the Romans called praetores. The exact nature of the tasks fulfilled and of the functions performed by the praetors with respect to the Roman law and its development, however, remains considerably less clear. This article presents a reconstruction of the tasks and functions of the praetors in the Roman republic by drawing on the accounts of the Roman historian Livy for the years 218 to 167 B.C. It concludes that a closer examination of the praetors’ actual activities results in placing the jurisdiction – contrary to some of the positions in classic legal history – rather at the far end of a long list of praetorian activities. Instead, it suggests that the main praetorian functions consisted in providing a structural coupling of the Roman legal system with its environment as well as in facilitating legal dogmatics.Es besteht kein Zweifel daran, dass das römische Recht in seinen Grundzügen die Schöpfung einer elitären “Berufsschicht” darstellt. Zu diesem Kreis mit Recht befasster Personen gehörten auch diejenigen Magistraten, die in Rom praetores genannt wurden. Welche Aufgaben und Funktionen die Prätoren im Hinblick auf das römische Recht und seine Entwicklung genau erfüllten, scheint weniger gesichert. Die Aufgaben und Funktionen der Prätoren der römischen Republik anhand der Berichte des Historikers Titus Livius für die Jahre 218 bis 167 v. Chr. zu rekonstruieren, ist Gegenstand des vorliegenden Artikels. Er konstatiert, dass eine Betrachtung der faktischen Umstände der Prätur die Rechtsprechung – im Widerspruch zu klassischen Auffassungen in

  4. Diagnóstico e tratamento das lombalgias e lombociatalgias

    AV Brazil


    Full Text Available DESCRIÇÃO DO MÉTODO DE COLETA DE EVIDÊNCIAS: Reunião consensual e multidisciplinar para elaboração do texto com inclusão das citações bibliográficas, numa colaboração das especialidades de reumatologia, ortopedia e traumatologia, neurocirurgia, radiologia, medicina física e reabilitação e patologia da coluna vertebral. A partir de um texto básico referencial elaborado pelo editor médico, os participantes, divididos em cinco grupos de trabalho, geraram, por acréscimos e subtrações ao texto básico, recomendações aprovadas, posteriormente, em plenária, que permitiram a edição de um texto preliminar. O documento do consenso foi veiculado pela Internet, para consulta pública, tendo recebido várias sugestões e comentários de especialistas no assunto. As propostas foram devidamente avaliadas por uma comissão julgadora e revisora, que selecionou as que foram incorporadas ao texto preliminar. O editor médico, a partir da versão revisada, chegou ao texto final publicado, que recebeu da Biblioteca Nacional o ISBN n° 85-901548-1-5. Uma versão resumida do referido consenso, com algumas adequações, foi elaborada em trabalho colaborativo entre o editor médico e a comissão técnica do projeto diretrizes AMB/CFM. GRAU DE RECOMENDAÇÃO E FORÇA DE EVIDÊNCIA: A: Grandes ensaios clínicos aleatorizados e meta-análises. B: Estudos clínicos e observacionais bem desenhados. C: Relatos e séries de casos clínicos. D: Publicações baseadas em consensos ou opiniões de especialistas. OBJETIVOS: Oferecer informações sobre o diagnóstico e tratamento das lombalgias e lombociatalgias. PROCEDIMENTOS: Diagnósticos e terapêuticos para as lombalgias e lombociatalgias.

  5. O impacto das oscilações da taxa de câmbio na rendibilidade das empresas e do mercado

    Fonseca, Ana Rita Lopes da


    O primeiro objetivo deste trabalho é analisar o impacto das oscilações da taxa de câmbio na rendibilidade das empresas e do mercado. O segundo consiste em saber se a rendibilidade das empresas e do mercado reage assimetricamente às valorizações e desvalorizações da moeda. Por forma a concretizar os objetivos do trabalho utilizamos uma amostra constituída por 1 351 empresas de três setores (industrial, materiais básicos e bens de consumo) pertencentes a seis mercados, durante os...

  6. Wind energies; Energies eoliennes

    Martin, J.


    The main part of this study is focused on the wind turbine, including a full overview of turbine types, with in each case advantages, disadvantages and conditions of use. Subsidiary elements are mentioned, for support or energy conversion (into electricity, water pumping, heat generation). A glimpse is added to energy storage, and an economic balance is stroke. (D.L.)

  7. Reorganização das TIC na Defesa Nacional

    Seuanes, Fernando


    As Tecnologias de Informação (TI) desempenham hoje um papel fundamental no quotidia-no e serão cada vez mais um pilar da superioridade da informação, da resiliência e da agi-lidade que caraterizarão as Forças Armadas do futuro. Com efeito, atenta a realidade atual e os desenvolvimentos que se perspetivam no médio e longo prazo, salientando-se a título de exemplo as iniciativas relacionadas com a partilha de informação no âmbito da NATO e da UE, a necessidade de otimização das Forças Ar-mad...

  8. A história das disciplinas escolares

    Antonio Viñao


    A história das disciplinas escolares constitui um campo de investigação configurado a partir dos anos de 1970, sobretudo na Grã-Bretanha por Ivor F. Goodson, entre outros, com a influência da “nova sociologia da educação” inglesa e dos chamados “estudos do currículo”, e na França, também entre outros, por Dominique Julia e André Chervel. Nesse caso, no marco da também chamada “história cultural” e, no âmbito da educação, da história da “cultura escolar”. Esse campo seria introduzido e desenvo...

  9. A sociologia das profissões de Eliot Freidson

    Cardoso, Denise


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro Sócio-Econômico. Programa de Pós-graduação em Serviço Social O presente estudo foi concebido com o intuito de analisar a obra do sociólogo norte-americano Eliot Freidson, principalmente do ponto de vista de suas potenciais contribuições para ampliar a compreensão atual do serviço social como profissão no Brasil contemporâneo. A sociologia das profissões teve um notável desenvolvimento durante a segunda metade do século...

  10. Novo teste para diagnóstico das afasias

    José G. Albernaz


    Full Text Available Um novo teste para diagnóstico e contrôle do tratamento das diferentes formas de afasia, especialmente adaptado para a língua portuguêsa, é apresentado e descrito em detalhe. O teste, que será de valor para clínicos e psicólogos interessados no tratamento e reabilitação de pacientes afásicos, se executa em cêrca de 30 minutos, interpreta-se fàcilmente e fornece os elementos necessários para o planejamento da reeducação da linguagem. Além disso, a repetição do teste de tempos em tempos indicará os progressos do paciente e sugerirá modificações do plano de tratamento no momento oportuno.

  11. Sobre a Classificação das Palavras

    PERINI Mário A.


    Full Text Available Neste artigo discutimos algumas questões básicas relativas à classificação das palavras, a saber: o tipo de unidade a ser classificada (palavras, e não lexemas; a necessidade de estabelecer objetivos claros para a classificação; e a distinção estrita entre classes (baseadas em relações paradigmáticas e funções (baseadas em relações sintagmáticas. A partir daí, discutimos a questão da distinção tradicionalmente aceita entre "adjetivos" e "substantivos", e mostramos que essa distinção não é de classe, mas de função. Ou seja, adjetivos e substantivos não se distinguem enquanto classes de palavras em português.

  12. Professionell entwickeln mit Java EE 7 das umfassende Handbuch

    Salvanos, Alexander


    Ein praxisorientiertes Lehrbuch zur JEE 7 und zugleich ein Standardwerk, das Sie auf Ihrem Weg zum Enterprise-Entwickler begleitet. Inklusive Best Practices für leichtgewichtige Enterprise Applications, Standards zu servicebasierten Anwendungen, Persistence API, Dependency Injection, HTML5 und Performance-Tuning. Aus dem Inhalt: Grundlagen und Installation Software-Architektur mit Java EE Webanwendungen mit HTML5 und CSS3 Java Standard Tag Library Asynchrone Servlets und Non-blocking I/O Datenbanken anbinden mit der JDBC API Java Server Faces Datenbank-Organisation Java Persistence API Objektrelationales Mapping Transaktionssicherheit Performance-Tuning Internationalisierung Enterprise Java Beans WebSockets PrimeFaces Deployment Galileo Press heißt von jetzt an Rheinwerk Verlag.

  13. O direito internacional privado das sucessões no Brasil

    André de Carvalho Ramos


    Full Text Available O presente artigo analisa os dispositivos da Lei de Introdução às Normas do Direito Brasileiro relativos ao Direito Internacional Privado das Sucessões no Brasil, expondo as questões controvertidas relativas à lei do domicílio como regra para a sucessão e a unidade sucessória. Nessa linha, o exame do tema abarca também a regra do tratamento preferencial aos sucessores brasileiros e a controversa redação relacionada à capacidade de suceder, além do impacto da pluralidade de jurisdições na regência da sucessão do de cujus. Ao final, examina-se a possibilidade de conciliar a regra de fixação da jurisdição cível brasileira e a escolha do direito material determinada pela LINDB.

  14. Next-Generation DAS for the Russian VLBI-Network

    Nosov, E.


    The digital DAS R1002M was developed by Institute of Applied Astronomy. The system consists of 16 Base Band Converters (BBC) with digital signals processing on video frequencies and provides the total data recording rate up to 2048 Mbps. The data format is VSI-H. Input frequency range is 100-1000 MHz. Selectable bandwidths of BBC's are from 0.5 to 32 MHz. The sample rate of ADC is 64 Msps. R1002M system is compatible to analog systems and is intended for their replacement. Two R1002M systems have been installed in Svetloe and Zelenchukskaya observatories. The results of Svetloe-Zelenchukskaya observation with use of R1002M are considered. In 2011 the same system will be established in Badary.

  15. Cidadania e feminismo no reconhecimento dos direitos humanos das mulheres


    Este artigo examina ações de cidadania e de proteção dos direitos humanos das mulheres. Aborda a articulação global de movimentos de mulheres e feministas e o seu impacto na configuração de acordos internacionais e agendas públicas nacionais nos três últimos decênios. A análise busca a conexão entre estudos feministas, de gênero e de capital social para refletir sobre os padrões de inserção política feminina nos âmbitos mundial e brasileiro, avaliar os sentidos e significados dessa participaç...

  16. Das strukturelle Defizit: Methodische Probleme und politische Implikationen

    Philipp Heimberger


    Full Text Available Der strukturelle Budgetsaldo ist eine zentrale Kontrollgröße im EU-Fiskalregelwerk. Vor dem Hintergrund der rechtlichen Bindung der Fiskalpolitik über diese für Konjunktur- und Einmaleffekte korrigierte Budgetgröße sind jedoch erhebliche Prognoseabweichungen und Ex-post-Ergebniskorrekturen bei der Berechnung des strukturellen Budgetsaldos zu problematisieren. Dieses Papier beleuchtet diese Revisionen im Hinblick auf die zugrunde liegenden methodischen Probleme und diskutiert die politischen Implikationen. Das zentrale methodische Problem besteht in der Schätzung des Output-Potenzials. Die Europäische Kommission unterschätzte in den letzten Jahren die negativen Outputlücken, was eine Überschätzung der strukturellen Defizite zur Folge hat. Eine strikte rechtliche Bindung des Gesamtstaates an strukturelle Budgetregelgrenzen, die Vorgaben bis auf die zweite Nachkommastelle beinhalten, erscheint angesichts der hohen Revisionsanfälligkeit des strukturellen Budgetsaldos somit als problematisch.

  17. Baden-Wuerttemberg. Energy report 97; Baden-Wuerttemberg. Energie-Bericht 97



    The energy report reviews the energy policy of the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg in the light of the national and international situation in the year under report. Tables and diagrams present data and information on the worldwide energy consumption, the energy consumption in the European Union and in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as on the energy supplies of the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg: energy consumption; primary energy consumption; end-use energy consumption; rational use of energy; mineral oil; coal; electricity; natural gas; district heating; renewable energy sources; energy supply structures; the energy balance of Baden-Wuerttemberg for the past year; and more. (orig.) [Deutsch] Der Energiebericht gibt einen Ueberblick ueber die Energiepolitik Baden-Wuerttembergs im nationalen und internationalen Rahmen fuer das Berichtsjahr. Tabellen und Graphiken informieren ueber die wichtigsten Daten zum Energieverbrauch weltweit, in der Europaeischen Union und in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland sowie zur Energieversorgung des Landes Baden-Wuerttemberg: Energieverbrauch; Primaerenergieverbrauch; Endenergieverbrauch; rationelle Nutzung von Energie; Mineraloel; Kohle; Strom; Erdgas; Fernwaerme; Erneuerbare Energien; Versorgungsstrukturen; Energiebedingte Emissionen; Energiebilanz Baden-Wuerttemberg fuer das Vorjahr; und mehr. (orig.)

  18. O papel das vivências no Aufbau

    Sofia Inês Albornoz Stein


    Full Text Available Este artigo faz a análise de alguns aspectos do sistema de constituição do Logische Aufbau der Welt (A construção lógica do mundo de Rudolf Carnap, tendo em vista duas possíveis interpretações da base autopsicológica escolhida pelo autor, ou seja, das vivências. Alguns autores, como Michael Friedman e Moulines, vêem o Aufbau como sendo um sistema estrutural cujas formas não são determinadas pelas experiências básicas - pelas vivências. Outros, como, por exemplo, Stegmüller, afirmam que as estruturas, as definições do Aufbau, resultam de relações que podem ser estabelecidas entre estas. Acompanhando os argumentos desses intérpretes e a proposta epistemológica do próprio Carnap, sustento a necessidade de pensar a base autopsicológica, as vivências, como determinantes das relações estruturais do Aufbau.This paper is an analysis of some aspects of the constitutional system of Carnap's Logische Aufbau der Welt. It considers two possible interpretations of the autopsychological basis - the elementary experiences - as this concept is used in Carnap's book. Some authors, like Michael Friedman and Moulines, see the Aufbau as a structural system whose forms are not determined by basic experiences - elementary experiences. Others, as for instance Stegmüller, say that the structures, the definitions, within the Aufbau are the result of relations which can be established among those experiences. Following the arguments of these interpreters as well as Carnap's epistemological proposal, I sustain in this paper that it is necessary to think about the autopsychological basis - the elementary experiences - as determining Aufbau's structural relations.

  19. Os atores subnacionais no Mercosul: o caso das Papeleras

    Marcelo de Almeida Medeiros


    Full Text Available A constante e progressiva participação de governos subnacionais na esfera internacional chama atenção para uma nova dimensão das relações internacionais. As razões para esta implicação de governos subnacionais no cenário externo são vinculadas tanto às mudanças que ocorreram na esfera internacional, às reformas no interior dos Estados, quanto às modificações que têm lugar no comportamento dos governos subnacionais. A proposta deste artigo é analisar o conflito, resultante da construção de usinas Papeleras, de uma conjunção entre o governo nacional argentino, o governo provincial de Entre Ríos e setores da sociedade civil de Gualeguaychú contra o governo uruguaio. O caso das papeleras revela-se um objeto de pesquisa que reflete os desafios enfrentados pelo Estado-nação na contemporaneidade. Esses desafios perpassam: (i a questão da governance, a saber, uma forma ótima de gerenciar problemas socioeconômicos aliando mecanismos políticos de legitimidade e dispositivos econômicos eficientes; (ii o tema da emergência paulatina de níveis concorrentes de gerenciamento da coisa pública em nível global, os agentes infraestatais despontando como vetor de legitimidade da ação cidadã; (iii o tópico relativo à ecologia e a seu regime internacional ativo balizando a tendência de reformulação da concepção do conceito de soberania, tanto no seu flanco interno, quanto no externo.

  20. Modelos de democracia na era das transições

    Ribeiro, Adelia Maria Miglievich


    Full Text Available O artigo reúne perspectivas acerca da democracia contemporânea, seus desafios e possibilidades, de quatro importantes autores vinculados, em suas especificidades, à chamada teoria crítica. Ellen Wood, Jürgen Habermas, Boaventura de Sousa Santos e Claus Offe são convocados para a terefa de esclarecimento do polissêmico conceito de democracia e expressar a crise mesma do fenômeno que se busca nomear, portanto, das idéias de representação e de participação, das relações entre o político e o econômico, entre o mercado e a cidadania. Os quatro autores indicam os limites inextricáveis no fazer democrático do modelo representativo liberal e expõem diagnósticos e prognósticos distintos, complementares ou mesmo antagônicos que buscamos sistematizar. As matrizes teóricas anunciadas permitiram-nos a reconstrução de modelos de democracia: a democracia radical de Wood em sua crítica nodal ao capitalismo como organizador da vida em sociedade; a democracia procedural ou deliberacionista de Habermas que visa à síntese dos modelos liberal e republicano sem os vícios destes; a democracia participativa Sousa Santos e sua aposta num novo contrato social e recriar o Estado; a democracia liberal reformada de Offe no capitalismo desorganizado pós-welfare. O debate em torno destas propostas de democracia, por fim, sugere pistas na renegociação da democracia em contextos pós-nacionais

  1. O Impacto das Regras do Programa Bolsa Família Sobre a Fecundidade das Beneficiárias

    Luis Antonio Winck Cechin


    Full Text Available Este trabalho investiga um possível incentivo do Programa Bolsa Família ao aumento da fecundidade de suas beneficiárias em decorrência de suas regras, dado que a quantidade de recursos transferidos depende do número de filhos da família. O diferencial deste estudo reside na análise desse impacto em um maior período de exposição das beneficiárias aos efeitos do PBF. Aplica-se o algoritmo de seleção de covariadas proposto por Imbens (2014 e o método de Propensity Score Matching. Os resultados apontaram que o PBF gera pequeno incentivo à geração do segundo filho, sendo que as regiões Centro-Oeste e Nordeste apresentaram os maiores valores de impacto.

  2. The superconducting magnet system for the WENDELSTEIN 7-X fusion experiment; Das supraleitende Magnetsystem fuer das Fusionsexperiment WENDELSTEIN 7-X

    Sapper, J.


    In devices of the TOKAMAK type (JET/Culham, GB, and TFTR/Princeton Laboratory, U.S.A.), successful plasma ignition was achieved, and fusion-induced generation of electricity of some megawatts, for a period of seconds. Experiments of the next generation will tackle the problems of electricity generation sustained over longer periods, for which the STELLARATOR machines are the device of choice, as these, other than the TOKAMAKS, do not require generation of plasma ring currents between 10 and 20 MA. The magnet system in the STELLARATOR devices has to be a superconducting magnet system. At present, bench-scale LT superconductors are available made of materials on the basis of NbTi or Nb{sub 3}Sn, which are applied according to system configuration ( induction at the conductor, current density, temperature, alternating magnetic field load). The paper explains the magnet system intended for use in the planned STELLARATOR WENDELSTEIN 7-X experiments at IPP, Garching. (orig./MM) [Deutsch] In Maschinen des Typs TOKAMAK (JET/Culham, GB und TFTR/Princeton Laboratory, USA) wurde bei den genannten technischen Gegebenheiten die Zuendbedingung erreicht und Fusionsleistung im Megawattbereich fuer einige Sekunden erzeugt. Experimente der naechsten Generation muessen den Dauerbetrieb anstreben, wobei hierfuer Maschinen des Typs STELLARATOR besonders geeignet sind, weil Massnahmen zur Erzeugung eines Plasmaringstromes von 10 bis 20 MA - wie sie fuer TOKAMAKS noetig werden - entfallen koennen. Das Magnetsystem muss - wegen des andernfalls hohen Dauerleistungsbedarfs - supraleitend ausgefuehrt werden. Hierfuer stehen heute im technischen Massstab Niedertemperatursupraleiter auf der Basis von NbTi oder Nb{sub 3}Sn zur Verfuegung, die abhaengig von den geforderten Einsatzbedingungen (Induktion am Leiter, Stromdichte, Temperatur und Wechselfeldbelastung) zum Einsatz gelangen. Im folgenden ist das fuer den geplanten STELLARATOR WENDELSTEIN 7-X (IPP, Garching) vorgesehene Magnetsystem

  3. Energy Handbook; Energy Vademecum

    Israels, E.; Stofberg, F.


    This is the third and revised print of the Handbook energy-conscious designing of new dwellings. The handbook addresses the latest developments in the field of developing, designing and realizing of new dwellings. [Dutch] Dit is een derde en sterk herziene druk van het 'Vademecum energiebewust ontwerpen van nieuwbouwwoningen', dat in 1992 verscheen. In het 'EnergieVademecum' komen de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van energiebewust ontwikkelen, ontwerpen en realiseren van nieuwbouwwoningen aan bod.

  4. Tratamento cirúrgico das valvopatias: Parte 3

    Domingo M Braile

    Full Text Available Este trabalho, subdividido em três partes, apresentou breve histórico da cirurgia cardíaca, com ênfase a cirurgia valvar e substitutos valvulares, empregados com sucesso na década de 60, inicialmente com próteses mecânicas, seguidas pelas heterólogas após a introdução do glutaraldeído para preservação dos tecidos biológicos. As indicações básicas para operar lesões valvares consistem em alívio dos sintomas, prevenção das complicações e da mortalidade. Foram descritos, também, na primeira parte da publicação, aspectos da indicação cirúrgica, com ênfase em estenose e insuficiência das valvas mitral, aórtica, tricúspide e pulmonar, endocardite infecciosa ativa e da conduta pré-operatória, além da caracterização das diferentes próteses valvulares cardíacas mecânicas e biológicas existentes no mercado e suas complicações mais freqüentes. O tratamento cirúrgico das valvopatias, incluindo técnica operatória para troca de valvas mitral, aórtica, tricúspide e pulmonar, condutas anestésica e pós-operatória e reoperações foram abordados na segunda parte da publicação. O trabalho foi concluído considerando as situações especiais, como tratamento cirúrgico na endocardite em valvas mitral, tricúspide e aórtica, cuja incidência é maior que na mitral e a causa mais comum de insuficiência aórtica aguda. O desenvolvimento da endocardite tem fisiopatologia diferente quando comparado às próteses e valvas naturais, com morbi-mortalidade maior que a observada nas valvas nativas. Existem fatores que aumentam o risco de endocardite em valva nativa, raça negra, próteses mecânicas, sexo masculino e longo tempo de circulação extracorpórea. A interação clínico-cirúrgica parece influenciar de forma decisiva na obtenção de melhores resultados para essa lesão. Finalmente, foi registrada a nossa experiência com próteses biológicas em posição mitral e aórtica com 11 e 10 anos de seguimento

  5. O atendimento educacional especializado pelas vozes das professoras

    Cleide Aparecida Hoffmann Bernardes


    Full Text Available This study aims to acknowledge the teaching work of/in the Specialized Educational Service (SES in the public education system of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, through the voices of teachers who work in the area. Data were collected by questionnaires from approximately 34 Kindergarten and Elementary School teachers. All the participants were women between 31 and 50 years old selected through public tender, and who work a 40-hour week journey in the Specialized Education Service. These teachers are experienced in the field - 71% have been teaching for over six years in the municipal education; however, 88% of them have been working in the SES for three years or less and are, therefore, undergoing a professional moment of discovery and survival. Considering that these teachers are in a (recognition moment in the SES, their work is still singly configured. Nevertheless, some of the teachers perform activities that involve the whole school community. Participants’ voices revealed a lack of cohesion of teachers in the SES. There is need to discuss about this issue in order to try to understand their role, and even signify the SES as a pedagogical strategy in the school context, by contributing to the schooling process students, who are, first of all, school students. O estudo teve por objetivo conhecer o trabalho docente do/no Atendimento Educacional Especializado (AEE em uma rede municipal de ensino do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil, pelas vozes das professoras que atuam nesse serviço. Para a construção dos dados, aplicaram?se questionários a 34 professoras atuantes na Educação Infantil e no Ensino Fundamental, que foram tratados à luz da análise de conteúdo. Todas as participantes da pesquisa são mulheres com idades entre 31 e 50 anos concursadas como docentes no AEE, atuando 40 horas semanais como docentes no AEE. Pode-se dizer que as professoras especializadas são experientes, já que 71% atuam há mais de seis anos na rede

  6. Reconhecimento das marcas patrocinadoras dos times de Futebol Brasileiro

    Giovani Blasi Martino Lanna


    Full Text Available Resumo O futebol é uma das maiores paixões dos brasileiros e os fatos que cercam esse esporte são constantemente propagados nos diversos meios de comunicação. A vasta divulgação do esporte desperta o interesse de muitas empresas a querer vincular a sua marca a determinado time de futebol com vistas a maximizar seus retornos de exposição, imagem e vendas. O presente estudo objetivou verificar o reconhecimento das marcas patrocinadoras dos times de futebol brasileiro na percepção dos torcedores. O público alvo do estudo foi composto por estudantes universitários selecionados por amostragem não probabilística por conveniência, totalizando 126 estudantes. A coleta de dados foi realizada por meio de questionário, no mês de junho de 2015, que foi respondido através de entrevista pessoal e individual. Os resultados demonstraram que 28,3% dos respondentes não torcem por nenhum time e 71,7% torcem por algum time. Considerando apenas a parcela dos respondentes que torcem por algum time, 28,9% não reconhecem nenhuma marca patrocinadora do time que torce e 71,1% reconhecem. Observa-se que a maior parcela dos torcedores reconhece as marcas patrocinadoras do time de futebol. Conclui-se que quando o indivíduo torce por algum time de futebol há um reconhecimento considerável das marcas patrocinadoras. ABSTRACT Recognition of sponsoring brands of Brazilian Football teams Football is one of the greatest passions of Brazilians and the facts surrounding this sport are constantly propagated in the media. The wide dissemination of the sport awakens the interest of many companies that want to link their brand to a certain football team in order to maximize your exposure returns, image and sales. This study aimed to verify he recognition of the sponsoring brands of Brazilian football teams in the perception of the fans. The study was composed of college students selected as target for non-probabilistic sampling for convenience, totaling 126

  7. Wann löste sich das Gebiet des Indischen Archipels von der Tethys?

    Martin, K.


    Das Gebiet des Indischen Archipels gehört den Geosynklinalen an, welche nach HAUG das südöstliche Asien umschlingen und sich ostwärts über Neu-Guinea nach Neu-Seeland hin fortsetzen, zum grössten Teile aber noch hypothetischer Natur sind ¹). Als palaeogeographisches Resultat seiner Studien über dies

  8. Das Coaching-Programm der Universität St. Gallen


    Coaching ist ein nicht nur für Führungskräfte, sondern bereits während des Studiums zunehmend eingesetztes Instrument zur Förderung und Entwicklung von Führungsqualitäten. Das Buch gibt einen Einblick in das Coaching- und Mentoring-Programm der Universität St. Gallen sowie weiterer Institutionen und Unternehmen.

  9. Gefährlicher Trend : Smartphone im Strassenverkehr : auch zu Fuss ist das Ablenkungspotenzial sehr gross.


    Viele Menschen, die sich zu Fuß im Straßenverkehr bewegen, nutzen dabei das Smartphone. Dies ist das Ergebnis einer Erhebung von DEKRA in sechs europäischen Hauptstädten. Von den rund 14.000 erfassten Personen nutzten fast 17 Prozent ihr Handy — für Textnachrichten, zum Telefonieren oder Musikhören.

  10. O significado das limitações dos idosos para estudantes de Fisioterapia.

    Eduardo Hiroo Kikuchi


    Full Text Available Esta pesquisa teve, como objetivo, investigar o significado das limitações físicas e sensoriais dos idosos para os estudantes do curso de Fisioterapia. Trata-se de pesquisa qualitativa realizada com 32 alunos com o procedimento de simulações das dificuldades físicas e sensoriais dos idosos num ambiente com obstáculos. Para a coleta de dados, aplicou-se uma entrevista não estruturada com análise pelo método hermenêutico-dialético. Foram constatados nove significados: valorização das pessoas idosas com atitudes positivas, angústia de ter limitações, conhecimento das limitações para um tratamento fisioterapêutico mais adequado, efeitos das limitações na realização das atividades cotidianas dos idosos, percepção do preconceito existente na sociedade, as pessoas não percebem que estão a envelhecer, obstáculos do ambiente para os idosos, superação das dificuldades cotidianas e percepção das dificuldades dos avós.  

  11. Gefährlicher Trend : Smartphone im Strassenverkehr : auch zu Fuss ist das Ablenkungspotenzial sehr gross.


    Viele Menschen, die sich zu Fuß im Straßenverkehr bewegen, nutzen dabei das Smartphone. Dies ist das Ergebnis einer Erhebung von DEKRA in sechs europäischen Hauptstädten. Von den rund 14.000 erfassten Personen nutzten fast 17 Prozent ihr Handy — für Textnachrichten, zum Telefonieren oder Musikhören.

  12. 50 CFR 648.10 - VMS and DAS requirements for vessel owners/operators.


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false VMS and DAS requirements for vessel owners... General Provisions § 648.10 VMS and DAS requirements for vessel owners/operators. (a) VMS Demarcation Line. The VMS Demarcation Line is defined by straight lines connecting the following coordinates in...

  13. Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 12 op. 112 (Das Jahr 1917) / Hans-Christian Dadelsen

    Dadelsen, Hans-Christian


    Uuest heliplaadist "Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 12 op. 112 (Das Jahr 1917). Hamlet-Suite op. 32a. Das goldene Zeitalter [The Age of Gold] (Suite) op. 22a. Göteborger Symphoniker, Neeme Järvi". DG CD 431 688-2 (WD:77'21") DDD

  14. Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 12 op. 112 (Das Jahr 1917) / Hans-Christian Dadelsen

    Dadelsen, Hans-Christian


    Uuest heliplaadist "Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 12 op. 112 (Das Jahr 1917). Hamlet-Suite op. 32a. Das goldene Zeitalter [The Age of Gold] (Suite) op. 22a. Göteborger Symphoniker, Neeme Järvi". DG CD 431 688-2 (WD:77'21") DDD

  15. Hat sich das Gehirn beim Haushunde, im Vergleich mit Wildhundarten, vergrössert, oder verkleinert

    Dubois, Eug.


    In dem inhaltreichen Buche „Der Mensch. Sein Ursprung und seine Entwicklung” von W. LECHE ¹) finden sich die sehr merkwürdigen Abbildungen zweier „Skeletten von nahezu derselben Grösse, das eine von einem zahmen Hund, das andere von einer wilden Hundeart”, nach der Meinung des Autors „schlagende Bei

  16. Objetivos socioemocionais das atividades de conhecimento físico

    Angela Camargo Brascher


    Full Text Available Moralidade e conhecimento são desenvolvidos através de um processo interno de construção e estão estreitamente relacionados, como estudado por Piaget (1994. As implicações pedagógicas da teoria piagetiana nos dois domínios, moral e intelectual, são mostradas por Kamii e DeVries (1991 que desenvolvem, com base nessa teoria, princípios de ensino e objetivos cognitivos e socioemocionais para atividades de conhecimento físico para a pré-escola. Nas atividades de conhecimento físico, as ações da criança sobre o objeto passam por quatro níveis descritos pelas autoras. Gonçalves (1991 cria atividades de conhecimento físico para as primeiras séries do ensino fundamental, fazendo a extensão dos princípios de ensino e dos objetivos cognitivos de Kamii e DeVries para essas séries, e verifica que o nível das explicações causais, que não é alcançado na pré-escola, é atingido nas primeiras séries. Os objetivos socioemocionais definidos por Kamii e DeVries dizem respeito às relações da criança com o adulto e com seus iguais, e compreendem o desenvolvimento da autonomia, cooperação e iniciativa, considerando que, à luz do construtivismo de Piaget, essas características são necessárias para que a construção ocorra. Nesse contexto, desde que a proposta de Gonçalves focaliza o domínio cognitivo, buscamos investigar o potencial das atividades de conhecimento físico também para o desenvolvimento socioemocional nas séries iniciais.

  17. Perspective of the frontolateral craniotomies Perspectivas das craniotomias frontolaterais

    Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo


    Full Text Available The pterional craniotomy is one of the most frequently surgical approaches used in neurosurgery and currently it has become a mainsteam. It allows excellent microsurgical exposure of anterior and posterior regions of the arterial circle of Willis, supra and paraselar regions, the superior orbital fissure of sphenoid bone, cavernous sinus, orbit, temporal lobe, midbrain and the frontal lobe. Like others techniques, the pterional craniotomy presented disadvantages related to dissection of the temporal muscle. From the first fronto lateral craniotomy described by Dandy to expose the optic chiasm and the pituitary we pass through the Yasargil's classical description of craniotomy centered in fronto-temporal sylvian fissure until reaching the recent"minipterional craniotomy", modifications of the pterional craniotomy were proposed to reduce the extra cranial tissue trauma and reduce the area of craniotomy without affecting the exposure of surgical targets, thus improving their aesthetic and functional results. An historical analysis of the frontolateral approaches has demonstrated that they have evolved from larger craniotomies to smaller ones, however only the minipterional craniotomy is able to offer similar surgical exposure.A craniotomia pterional é um dos acessos cirúrgicos mais freqüentemente utilizados. Esta técnica permite excelente exposição microcirúrgica das regiões anterior e posterior do polígono de Willis, regiões supra-selar, fissura orbital superior do osso esfenóide, seio cavernoso, órbita, lobo temporal, mesencéfalo e lobo frontal. Como outras técnicas, a craniotomia pterional tem desvantagens relacionadas à manipulação do músculo temporal. Desde a primeira craniotomia fronto lateral descrita por Dandy para expor o quiasma óptico e a hipófise, passando pela descrição clássica de Yasrgil para craniotomia centrada na fissura silviana, até chegar em craniotomias recentes como a"minipterional", modificações da

  18. Padrao epidemiologico das oclusopatias muito graves em adolescentes brasileiros

    Karen Glazer Peres


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever o padrão de distribuição das oclusopatias em adolescentes brasileiros e identificar fatores associados a esse agravo bucal. MÉTODOS: Foram analisados dados de 7.328 e 5.445 adolescentes de 12 e 15-19 anos, respectivamente, participantes da Pesquisa Nacional de Saúde Bucal (SBBrasil 2010. O desfecho foi oclusopatia muito grave segundo o índice de estética dental. As variáveis de exposição foram sexo, cor da pele, renda familiar mensal, número de bens, aglomeração no domicílio, cárie não tratada, perda dentária, uso, frequência e motivo da consulta odontológica. Foram conduzidas análises de regressão logística considerando a complexidade do desenho amostral, com base em modelo hierarquizado. RESULTADOS: Prevalência de oclusopatia muito grave foi observada em 6,5% e 9,1% nos jovens de 12 e 15-19 anos, respectivamente. Após análise ajustada, a chance do desfecho foi 1,59 (IC95% 1,08;2,34 vez maior nos pardos e pretos em relação aos brancos e 2,66 (IC95% 1,26;5,63 vezes maior dentre aqueles com perda de pelo menos um primeiro molar aos 12 anos. Jovens de 15-19 anos cuja renda familiar mensal foi de até R$ 1.500,00 (OR 2,69 [IC95% 1,62;4,47] e aqueles que consultaram o dentista para tratamento (OR 2,59 [IC95% 2,55;4,34] apresentaram maior chance de oclusopatia muito grave quando comparados aos de maior renda e que procuraram o dentista para prevenção. CONCLUSÕES: A distribuição das oclusopatias em adolescentes brasileiros segue o padrão de iniquidade social de outros agravos à saúde. Essas informações são úteis para a formulação de critérios relacionados tanto com a distribuição e provisão de recursos quanto com as prioridades de tratamento ortodôntico fundamentados no princípio da equidade da atenção à saúde bucal.


    Abdur Rahman


    Full Text Available Telah terjadi terjadi kerusakan habitat lingkungan mangrove, abrasi dan akresi yang menyebabkan semakin tingginya muka air  di sepanjang DAS Sungai Barito (DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak dan DAS Kuin, sebab erjadinya proses abrasi dan akresi  yang terjadi di sepanjang garis pantai, terutama DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak dan DAS Kuin. Klasifikasi pemanfaatan lahan dan konversinya serta perubahan pesisir berupa akresi dan abrasi di sepanjang pantai area penelitian di analisis dengan memanfaatkan informasi dari data citra satelit Landsat multi temporal yang di peroleh pada tanggal 29 Juni tahun 1985, dan 03 September 2006. Dominasi pemanfaatan lahan berupa HPH, pertambangan dan pemukiman dengan konversi lahan pada hutan untuk pemanfaatan lain memberikan dampak erosi yang cukup besar dengan ditunjukannya wilayah pesisir yang mengalami peningkatan akresi terutama pada bagian muara sungai (delta. Tren perubahan yang terlihat pada kawasan pesisir di area penelitian selama 21 tahun adalah abrasi sebesar 294,55 m2 di daerah Muara S. Martapura, 75,53 m2 di sekitar muara S. Alalak. Dan perubahan Abrasi sebesar 177,42 m2 , dan akresi sebesar 610,86 m2 di sekitar Muara S. Barito/Kuin. Have happened happened damage of environmental habitat of mangrove, and abrasi of akresi causing its excelsior of face irrigate alongside DAS River of Barito (DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak and of DAS Kuin, because the happening of process of abrasi and of akresi that happened alongside coastline, especially DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak and  DAS Kuin. Classification exploiting of farm and its conversion and also change of coastal area in the form of and akresi of abrasi alongside research area coast in analysis by exploiting information of satellite image data of Landsat temporal multi which in obtaining on 29 June year 1985, and 03 September 2006. Domination exploiting of farm in the form of HPH, settlement and mining with farm conversion at forest for other exploiting give big enough

  20. A preliminary psychometric evaluation of Music in Dementia Assessment Scales (MiDAS)

    McDermott, Orii; Orgeta, Vasiliki; Ridder, Hanne Mette Ochsner


    development to maximize its content validity. This study aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of MiDAS. Methods: Care home residents with dementia attended weekly group music therapy for up to ten sessions. Music therapists and care home staff were requested to complete weekly MiDAS ratings......-retest reliability, adequate concurrent validity, and good construct validity. High factor loadings between the five MiDAS Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) items, levels of Interest, Response, Initiation, Involvement ,and Enjoyment, were found. Conclusions: This study indicates that MiDAS has good psychometric properties...... despite the small sample size. Future research with a larger sample size could provide a more in-depth psychometric evaluation, including further exploration of the underlying factors. MiDAS provides a measure of engagement with musical experience and offers insight into who is likely to benefit on other...


    Célia Gomez Sardinha Silva


    Full Text Available O ambiente escolar é um espaço profícuo de interações sociais que se organiza de modo a mesclar diferentes representações, quer seja dos agentes da instituição escolar, dos membros da família ou das pessoas da comunidade. Diante disso, objetiva-se com este estudo básico, qualitativo e exploratório, caracterizado como estudo bibliográfico, refletir sobre os aspectos conceituais da Teoria das Representações Sociais no contexto educacional. Conclui-se, portanto que a Teoria das Representações Sociais, pode ajudar a compreender a realidade do contexto educacional, em suas múltiplas facetas, a partir das práticas que se desenvolvem frente às representações construídas.

  2. Estudo sobre o controle da brotação das gemas epifilas em Bryophyllum Calycinum

    Simone Montedioca.


    Resumo: Estudando os fatores que controlam a brotação das gemas epifilas em Bryophyllum calycinum, pode-se verificar que fatores endógenos a planta é que estariam controlando o processo de brotação. Foi verificado que, com a remoção dos ápices e das gemas laterais ou do floema em duplo anelamento ocorre a liberação das gemas epifilas. Também em folhas destacadas observa-se a brotação das gemas epifilas. Dos hormônios testados, as auxinas se mostraram efetivas em inibir a brotação das gemas ...

  3. Army symposium: Electrical energy engineering today; Wehrtechnisches Symposium: Moderne elektrische Energietechnik

    Busse, H. (ed.) [Bundesakademie fuer Wehrverwaltung und Wehrtechnik, Mannheim (Germany). Fachgebiet Elektrotechnik und Elektroenergiewesen


    This symposium was held in Mannheim on May 20/21, 2000. All aspects of energy engineering were discussed, including electrochemical energy sources like accumulator batteries and fuel cells. The proceedings volume contains 26 papers which reflect the state of the art and current trends in electrical energy engineering in the German army. [German] Das Wehrtechnische Symposium 'Moderne elektrische Energietechnik' wurde von der Lehrabteilung Wehrtechnik der Bundesakademie fuer Wehrverwaltung und Wehrtechnik in Mannheim in der Zeit vom 20.05.-21.05.2000 durchgefuehrt. Das Programm enthaelt die aktuellen Themen der elektrischen Energietechnik. Die elektroschemischen Energiequellen (Batterien und Brennstoffzellen) wurden in das Programm integriert. Dadurch konnte das gesamte Spektrum der Energietechnik vielschichtig dargestellt und in der Diskussion unter z.T. sehr verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten beleuchtet werden. Die im vorliegenden Tagungsband abgedruckten 26 Skripte wurden weder gekuerzt noch ergaenzt. Sie zeigen insgesamt den aktuellen Stand und die erfolgversprechenden Entwicklungstendenzen der elektrischen Energietechnik in der Bundeswehr auf. (orig.)

  4. Energy options?; Energie opties?

    Van Sark, W. (ed.)


    March 2006 the so-called Options Document was published by the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP). The document is an overview of technical options to reduce energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases up to 2020. Next to a brief summary of the document a few reactions and comments on the contents of the document are given. [Dutch] Maart 2006 publiceerde het Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) en het Milieu- en Natuurplanbureau (MNP) het zogenaamde Optiedocument energie en emissies 2010-2020. Daarin wordt een overzicht gegeven van de technische mogelijkheden voor vermindering van het energieverbruik en de uitstoot van broeikasgassen en luchtverontreinigende stoffen tot 2020. Naast een korte samenvatting van het document worden enkele reacties gegeven op de inhoud.

  5. Jogo livre: analogias em torno das 17 regras do futebol

    Luiz Henrique de Toledo


    Full Text Available O tema central desse ensaio é a análise das regras do futebol à luz de algumas teorias sociais que subsidiam, explícita ou implicitamente, inúmeras abordagens sobre o fenômeno esportivo. Manipulando o sumário do livro de regras, e impondo três deslocamentos conceituais de inspiração estruturalista, estrutural funcionalista e configuracional, respectivamente, os argumentos aqui desenvolvidos procuram recolocar o núcleo mais infra-estrutural do futebol, concebido no conjunto de suas regras, e que está na base do entendimento do futebol como um esporte moderno, dentro de um movimento comparativo mais amplo, fundamental para a consolidação de uma proposta de antropologia do esporte.The central topic of this essay is the analysis of football (soccer rules in the light of social theories which, implicitly or explicitly, subsidize several approaches of the phenomenon of sports. By handling the summary of the rule book and setting three conceptual shifts of structuralist, funcional-structuralist and configurational inspiration, respectively, the reasoning developed here aims to relocate the infra-structural nucleus of football (soccer conceived from the perspective of the whole set of its rules and which is at the basis of an understanding of football (soccer as a modern sport, in a larger comparative movement which is fundamental to the consolidation of a proposal of an anthropology of sports.

  6. Tomografia computadorizada das patologias acometendo o compartimento iliopsoas

    Montandon Cristiano


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo revisar as patologias que acometem o compartimento iliopsoas. Foi realizada análise retrospectiva de casos com acometimento do compartimento iliopsoas avaliados por tomografia computadorizada (TC, no Departamento de Radiologia da Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Universidade Estadual de Campinas, nos últimos dez anos, confirmados por biópsia cirúrgica ou percutânea. Os principais diagnósticos encontrados foram neoplasias, abscessos e hematomas. Os achados tomográficos baseiam-se na extensão do acometimento iliopsoas, no grau de atenuação, margens da lesão, presença de gás e/ou calcificações, destruição óssea, infiltração da gordura e acometimento de estruturas abdominais adjacentes. A TC é o método de escolha na avaliação do compartimento iliopsoas, podendo ser utilizada para orientar biópsias percutâneas, cirúrgicas ou drenagem. Porém, os achados isolados do estudo por TC, sem o conhecimento da história clínica, não são específicos para permitir a diferenciação das diversas patologias que acometem o compartimento iliopsoas.

  7. A permeabilidade social das carreiras do ensino superior

    Maria Ligia de Oliveira Barbosa

    Full Text Available Este artigo propõe-se a analisar as diferenças entre cursos pertencentes a três áreas de conhecimento (ciências biológicas, exatas e humanas quanto à sua capacidade para oferecer maior igualdade de oportunidades no momento de expansão e diversificação do ensino superior brasileiro. O estudo foi realizado a partir dos microdados do Exame Nacional de Desempenho dos Estudantes (ENADE, combinando a nota geral da prova às respostas do questionário socioeconômico dos alunos, de forma a avaliar as associações entre o financiamento dos estudos de graduação e o desempenho e permanência nos diferentes cursos. Ao mesmo tempo em que os resultados confirmam as diferenças entre as áreas de conhecimento, também indicam a importância desses mecanismos de custeio das despesas para a finalização dos cursos. Verificam-se diferenças significativas em cada curso quanto ao desempenho associado a cada tipo de bolsa e de financiamento.

  8. O uso das terapias alternativas por enfermeiros docentes

    Maria Julia Paes da Silva


    Full Text Available Os estudos e discussões sobre as Práticas Alternativas de Saúde (PAS estão mais freqüentes no âmbito da Enfermagem, propiciando discussões sobre o processo saúde-doença num paradigma diferente do modelo biomédico vigente. O objetivo deste trabalho foi verificar quais as práticas alternativas utilizadas por docentes de Enfermagem em si mesmos e/ou nas respectivas famílias e se as discutem com seus alunos. A população do estudo foi 59 docentes de graduação em Enfermagem da cidade de São Paulo, que responderam a um questionário. Os respondentes foram escolhidos aleatoriamente e os dados coletados em outubro de 1996. Verificou-se que 39 (66,1% deles usaram as PAS sendo as mais comuns a homeopatia (24 vezes, os florais (21 e a massagem oriental (13. Mesmo os que não fizeram uso das PAS, são favoráveis ao seu uso em situações específicas; 56 (94,9% docentes são favoráveis ao seu ensino; apenas 31 (52,5% falam sobre isso com seus alunos.

  9. Die Bedeutung von Governance für das Steuerrecht

    Tina Ehrke-Rabel


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: All over the world States struggle with guaranteeing effective taxation at a level playing field. The biggest tax gaps are not due to „simple“ tax fraud, but to tax evasion which in a globalized and „dematerialized“ world of economic activities taking place in the cloud is hardly detected by tax administrations. This lack of efficiency in the enforcement of tax law is not only based on the lack of State ́s resources but also on the fact that the instruments of enforcement have been adapted little to the changements in the way economic activities are effectuated. Concepts of good governance could offer new ideas for improving the enforcement rules. DEUTSCH: Eine gleichmäßige Besteuerung sicherzustellen fällt den Staaten heutzutage nicht leicht. Die größten Steuerausfälle werden nach überwiegender Auffassung nicht mehr durch einfache Steuerhinterziehungen, sondern durch Steuerumgehungen bewirkt, die in einer globalisierten und „entmaterialisierten“ (weil in der „Cloud“ stattfindenden Wirtschaftswelt vielfach vom Staat unentdeckt möglich sind. Die Vollzugsineffizienz liegt nicht nur an knappen staatlichen Ressourcen zur Sicherstellung der Kontrolle, sondern auch am Vollzugsinstrumentarium, das den geänderten Verhältnissen wirtschaftlicher Aktivitäten wenig angepasst wurde. Governance-Aspekte könnten Lösungsansätze bieten.

  10. A vivência das profissionais do sexo

    Laécia Lizianne de Paiva

    Full Text Available Estudo qualitativo, de caráter exploratório, envolvendo 10 profissionais do sexo feminino, realizado em Pau dos Ferros/RN. Aplicou-se entrevista semiestruturada. Buscou-se conhecer a prática sexual, analisar a vulnerabilidade e avaliar as necessidades em saúde das profissionais do sexo. A partir da análise de conteúdo, categoria temática, percebe-se a atividade como profissão, já que as entrevistadas atuam no ramo da prostituição pela renda gerada. Foi avaliado que a aceitação da família é um obstáculo e que as visitas à unidade de saúde se resumem a consultas ou à coleta de Papanicolau. É importante que se programem ações que promovam a melhoria do conhecimento em saúde, os direitos e deveres em saúde e cidadania, proporcionando uma melhora na assistência prestada a essa categoria profissional.

  11. A vivência das profissionais do sexo

    Laécia Lizianne de Paiva

    Full Text Available Estudo qualitativo, de caráter exploratório, envolvendo 10 profissionais do sexo feminino, realizado em Pau dos Ferros/RN. Aplicou-se entrevista semiestruturada. Buscou-se conhecer a prática sexual, analisar a vulnerabilidade e avaliar as necessidades em saúde das profissionais do sexo. A partir da análise de conteúdo, categoria temática, percebe-se a atividade como profissão, já que as entrevistadas atuam no ramo da prostituição pela renda gerada. Foi avaliado que a aceitação da família é um obstáculo e que as visitas à unidade de saúde se resumem a consultas ou à coleta de Papanicolau. É importante que se programem ações que promovam a melhoria do conhecimento em saúde, os direitos e deveres em saúde e cidadania, proporcionando uma melhora na assistência prestada a essa categoria profissional.


    Ester Buffa

    Full Text Available RESUMO: Quando, a partir dos anos 1960, o território das universidades brasileiras passou a ter o câmpus por modelo, foi preciso criar escritórios técnicos responsáveis por sua construção. Neste artigo, pretendemos mostrar a atuação de equipes técnicas no projeto e na construção do câmpus. Trata-se de uma tarefa complexa, que envolve inúmeros profissionais de variada formação, técnicos e acadêmicos, várias instâncias de decisão e de autorização. Escolhemos, como exemplo, o Escritório de Desenvolvimento Físico da Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar. Utilizamos como fonte, além dos conhecimentos adquiridos em mais de uma década com pesquisas neste tema, uma bibliografia geral e uma específica.

  13. Etnografia e etnopoesia: Estudos sobre a Casa das Minas

    Sergio Ferretti


    Full Text Available Dies ist der Erfahrungsbericht eines brasilianischen Anthropologen über seine Feldforschung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem deutschen Schriftsteller Hubert Fichte in der Casa das Minas, in São Luis do Maranhão, 1981-1982. Wenngleich einige Fehlinformationen Fichtes berichtigt sowie seine Indiskretion gegenüber Informanten kritisiert werden, stellt dieser Aufsatz die mit dem deutschen 'Ethnopoeten' gemachten Lernerfahrungen in den Vordergrund: seine Kunst des Interviews, die Priorität von Gegenständen allgemeinen Interesses, die Wichtigkeit der Karteikarten-Datei, die Suche nach Schönheit in den Aussagen... Was die methodologischen Unterschiede betrifft, so erweist sich die Ethnopoesie als frei von den Konventionen anthropologischer Feldforschung und kann sich damit auf die ästhetischen Qualitäten des Textes, auf die literarische Form konzentrieren. Andererseits liegen die Vorzüge der Ethnographie, besonders in der Tradition Malinowskis, in der Verpflichtung gegenüber der Wahrheit der Fakten und der Präzision der Details. - Siehe auch, in dieser Nummer von Pandaemonium Germanicum, Willi Bolles komplementären Aufsatz über "Ethnopoesie und Ethnographie".

  14. A influência das economias emergentes em assuntos internacionais

    Nubia Nieto


    Full Text Available Este artigo examina o impacto das economias emergentes nos assuntos internacionais. A chegada dos países do Bric (Brasil, Rússia, Índia e China modificou o mapa da ordem mundial e as estratégias para projetar poder hegemônico. O Bric eclipsará o poder econômico dos países mais ricos do mundo? Quais são as principais estratégias do Bric para projetar seu poder no mundo? Essas e outras questões são analisadas no texto, que leva em consideração o novo cenário geopolítico do século XXI.This article explores the impact of emerging economies in international affairs. The arrival of the Bric's countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China has changed the map of the global order and the strategies to project hegemonic power. Could the Bric eclipse the economic power of the richest countries of the world? What are the main strategies of Bric to project its power worldwide? These and other questions are analysed in this text taking into account the new geopolitical scenario of the twenty-first century.

  15. Breve retrospectiva do desenvolvimento das atividades de auditoria no Brasil

    Álvaro Ricardino


    Full Text Available É difícil determinar a exata data em que foi procedido o primeiro trabalho de Auditoria no Brasil, mas, há exatamente um século, o balanço da São Paulo Tramway Light & Power Co., relativo ao período compreendido entre junho de 1899 e 31 de dezembro de 1902, foi certificado pela empresa canadense de Auditoria Clarkson & Cross - atualmente Ernst & Young. Este artigo procura recuperar a memória desse período, basicamente sob três ângulos: técnicooperacional, acadêmico e legal. Em termos operacionais, a primeira empresa de Auditoria Independente a se estabelecer no Brasil foi a DeloitteToucheTohmatsu, que instalou seu primeiro escritório no Rio de Janeiro, em 1911, e o segundo em Recife, em 1917. Àquela época, o país estava longe de ter qualquer tipo de preocupação com o assunto. Um dos primeiros artigos sobre esse tema foi publicado, em 1928, pela Revista Paulista de Contabilidade, com o título "Contabilidade na Grã-bretanha". O primeiro livro sobre Auditoria foi publicado apenas em 1957 e denominado "Curso de Auditoria". No que se refere ao aspecto legal, os conceitos e técnicas de auditoria foram formalmente introduzidos no ensino universitário por força do Decreto-Lei 7.988, de 22 de dezembro de 1945, o qual regulamentava a educação superior nos cursos de Economia, Contabilidade e Ciências Atuariais. Ainda no âmbito das leis, somente em 1965, pela primeira vez, foi introduzida afigura do Auditor Independente em um diploma legal. Esse foi um marco de enorme importância para a evolução da profissão e das práticas contábeis. Desde então, tanto as práticas de Auditoria quanto seu ensino acadêmico se consolidaram no país, de forma a atender seu principal objetivo: opinar a respeito da adequação das demonstrações contábeis publicadas, no que diz respeito aos seus aspectos mais relevantes.It is hard to determine the exact date of the first auditing work in Brazil but, about one century ago, the balance sheet

  16. A etnografia das ruas: notas sobre estudar e ser estudado

    Hecht, Tobias


    Full Text Available Passeando entre as notas e as lembranças de dois períodos distintos de trabalho de campo, este ensaio "impressionista" trata da dinâmica em mudança de uma relação de pesquisa com crianças de rua. Em 1992-1993, conduzi trabalho de campo para uma dissertação sobre crianças de rua no nordeste brasileiro. Retornando à região seis anos mais tarde, descobri que a maioria das crianças estudadas apenas uma fração de geração antes estavam então mortas. Estas anotações enfocam minhas conversas com um dos sobreviventes e com quem (e sobre quem estou agora escrevendo uma biografia. Esse esforço colaborativo, voltado de certo modo a reconsiderar as implicações éticas da pesquisa com crianças que levam vidas violentas e vulneráveis, levanta uma gama de novos desafios éticos, alguns dos quais inteiramente imprevistos

  17. ``Battered child`` syndrome; Das ``Battered-Child``-Syndrom

    Elsner, K.; Merk, J.; Sokiranski, R. [Ulm Univ. (Germany). Abt. Diagnostische Radiologie


    Synonyms for the `battered child` syndrome (BCS) are terms describing the physical and body aspects of the process, such as `child abuse`, or `non-accidental injury`. These are to be distinguished from the psychic aspects and abuse, emotional and bodily neglect, and sexual abuse. Most cases are one or another combination of these aspects. Radiology is the essential method for giving proof of such abuses, identifying the signs of maltreatment in a medical record, or for disproving suspected abuse. (orig./AJ) [Deutsch] Als Synonym fuer das `Battered-Child`-Syndrom (BCS) stehen die Begriffe der koerperlichen-/physikalischen-Kindesmisshandlung, im angelsaechsischen Sprachraum die Begriffe `Child Abuse` und `Nonaccidental Injury`. Vom Syndrom abzugrenzen sind die seelische Misshandlung, die seelische und koerperliche Vernachlaessigung, und der sexuelle Missbrauch. Kombinationsformen sind nicht selten. Bei der Diagnostik des Syndroms spielt die Radiologie eine entscheidende Rolle. So hilft der Einsatz adaequater Untersuchungsmethoden, den Tatbestand der Misshandlung zu identifizieren und zu dokumentieren, aber auch einen Verdacht zu widerlegen. (orig./AJ)

  18. Process cost calculation - an alternative to cost management?; Prozesskostenrechnung - eine Alternative fuer das Kostenmanagement?



    Increasing competition and changing markets in the energy sector make new demands on cost management and at the same time on the quality to be provided by the costing systems. The process cost calculation used today in various branches of industry is able to contribute - by orientating itself to processes and chains of delivered value - to an assignment of costs doing more justice to the causes so that costing information with improved meaningfulness is available for entrepreneurial decisions. The authors introduce process cost calculation and illustrate its function using a practice-related example for its application. Potential fields of utilisation in the electricity supply enterprises are subsequently shown. (orig.) [Deutsch] Zunehmender Wettbewerb und sich wandelnde Maerkte im Energiesektor stellen neue Anforderungen an das Kostenmanagement und damit auch an die Qualitaet der von den Kostenrechnungssystemen bereitzustellenden Informationen. Die heute in verschiedenen Wirtschaftszweigen eingesetzte Prozesskostenrechnung kann - durch Orientierung an Prozessen und Wertschoepfungsketten - zu einer verursachungsgerechteren Kostenzuordnung beitragen, so dass fuer unternehmerische Entscheidungen Kostenrechnungsinformationen mit verbesserter Aussagekraft zur Verfuegung stehen. Die Verfasser stellen die Prozesskostenrechnung vor und veranschaulichen deren Funktionsweise anhand eines praxisbezogenen Anwendungsbeispiels. Im Anschluss werden moegliche Einsatzgebiete fuer Energieversorgungsunternehmen aufgezeigt. (orig.)


    Luis Felipe Soares Cherem


    Full Text Available No sudeste do Brasil, principalmente no Estado de Minas Gerais, são observados planaltos escalonados drenados por diferentes bacias hidrográficas, muitas vezes separadas entre si por nítidos degraus morfológicos resultantes da diferença no potencial erosivo de suas cabeceiras de drenagem, como resposta à tectônica distensiva cenozoica. Adicionalmente, capturas fluviais que condicionam a rede de drenagem a buscar um novo perfil de equilíbrio e alteram a morfologia dos canais envolvidos (captor, capturado, decaptado e afluentes diretos são frequentes. Esse artigo apresenta o papel de três grandes capturas fluviais (Capturas de São Vicente de Paula, de Carandaí e de Vilas-Boas na morfodinâmica de três bordas interplanálticas entre as quatro mais importantes bacias hidrográficas do sudeste do Brasil: são Francisco, Doce, Paraná e Paraíba do Sul.  A análise inicial com base em material cartográfico (cartas topográficas, geológicas e geomorfológicas e os trabalhos de campo, com descrição dos canais envolvidos mostraram que as três capturas analisadas apresentam características diferentes: 1 em Vilas-Boas a crista da escarpa se encontra na posição original e as alterações na paisagem se limitam aos vales, com incisão de 2,5m, até 1 km à montante do ponto de captura; 2 em Carandaí a crista da escarpa já se encontra recuada a cerca de 1,5 km do ponto de captura, que foi rebaixado em100 m, e as alterações atingem os 3 km de distância desse ponto; e 3 em São Vicente a crista da escarpa já se encontra recuada a cerca de 3,5 km do ponto de captura, que foi rebaixado em 250m (atingindo o planalto inferior e as alterações atingem 8km de distância desse ponto.   Estes resultados demonstram a influência das capturas fluviais na morfodinâmica das bordas interplanálticas do sudeste do Brasil. As capturas aceleram a morfodinâmica do processo de recuo das escarpas, onde as áreas capturadas são dissecadas e

  20. (Con/divergências das áreas de conhecimento na pedagogia universitária das licenciaturas

    Luana Rosalie Stahl


    Full Text Available Resumo: Com este trabalho objetivou-se investigar as influências das áreas específicas de conhecimento dos professores de uma Instituição de Ensino Superior (IES pública nos movimentos da docência universitária e discutir potenciais indicadores que caracterizam uma Pedagogia Universitária das licenciaturas nas áreas de Ciências Humanas (CH e Linguística, Letras e Artes (LLA. O trabalho foi realizado a partir das narrativas de 13 docentes. A pesquisa é qualitativa, de cunho narrativo (CONNELLY; CLANDININ, 1995; MCEVAN, 1998, e os achados foram submetidos à Análise Textual Discursiva (MORAES; GALIAZZI, 2007. Concluiu-se que as licenciaturas possuem aspectos convergentes e divergentes que evidenciam que pedagogias específicas podem ser configuradas com estratégias formativas próprias para a docência. Palavras-chave: Pedagogia Universitária. Áreas de conhecimento. Licenciaturas.   Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the influences of the teacher’s knowledge specific areas of a public Higher Education Institution (HEI in movements of the university teaching, and to discuss potential indicators that characterize a University Pedagogy of the licentiate degrees in the areas of Human Sciences (HS and Linguistics, Letters and Arts (LLA. The work was performed from the narratives of 13 teachers. The research was qualitative, of narrative type (CONNELLY; CLANDININ, 1995; MCEVAN, 1998, and the findings passed through a discursive textual analysis (MORAES; GALIAZZI, 2007. It was concluded that the licenciate courses have convergent and divergent aspects showing that specific pedagogies can be configured with formative strategies specific for teaching. Keywords: University pedagogy. Knowledge areas. Licentiate courses.   Resumen: Este trabajo objetiva investigar las influencias de las áreas específicas de conocimiento de los profesores de una IES publica en los movimientos de la docencia universitaria y discutir potenciales