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  1. Sport injuries in enduro riders: a review of literature. (United States)

    Khanna, Anil; Bagouri, Elmunzar O; Gougoulias, Nikolaos; Maffulli, Nicola


    enduro is an off road motorcycling event. It is a fast, exciting adventure sport with increasing numbers of participants and competitions. we performed search of PubMed, Medline, CINAHL, and Embase databases using the following keywords 'Enduro injuries', 'off-road motorcycle injuries' and 'Enduro sport'. We identified four studies which described the physiological characteristic of enduro riders and the injury pattern sustained by these athletes. hands, wrists and forearms are the predominant areas of overuse in enduro riders. The extremities are the most injured parts in enduro. However, 98% of these injuries are mild to moderate with abbreviated injury scale grades 1 and 2. there is paucity of published data on enduro injuries. In depth understanding of the physiological aspect of enduro riders with close monitoring of injuries is needed to promote safety measures in enduro and to reduce risk factors of injury which in turn can help to make enduro a safe alternative to the other dangerous motorcycling sports.

  2. Sport injuries in enduro riders: a review of literature (United States)

    Khanna, Anil; Bagouri, Elmunzar O.; Gougoulias, Nikolaos; Maffulli, Nicola


    Summary Introduction enduro is an off road motorcycling event. It is a fast, exciting adventure sport with increasing numbers of participants and competitions. Materials and methods we performed search of PubMed, Medline, CINAHL, and Embase databases using the following keywords ‘Enduro injuries’, ‘off-road motorcycle injuries’ and ‘Enduro sport’. We identified four studies which described the physiological characteristic of enduro riders and the injury pattern sustained by these athletes. Results hands, wrists and forearms are the predominant areas of overuse in enduro riders. The extremities are the most injured parts in enduro. However, 98% of these injuries are mild to moderate with abbreviated injury scale grades 1 and 2. Conclusion there is paucity of published data on enduro injuries. In depth understanding of the physiological aspect of enduro riders with close monitoring of injuries is needed to promote safety measures in enduro and to reduce risk factors of injury which in turn can help to make enduro a safe alternative to the other dangerous motorcycling sports. PMID:26605195


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In the event of an emergency, head of the motorcycle has a split second to decide what to do defensive maneuver. The most common choice is the braking maneuver. Starting motorcycle braking is associated with the selection of additional brake, which uses a driver. It is here to choose to use the front brake, rear or both simultaneously. The paper presents the study of the effects of such decision on the braking process. Tests were carried out for enduro and highway-tourist motorbikes.



    Paweł SKRZYPCZYK; Robert KAŁUŻA; Piotr CZECH


    In the event of an emergency, head of the motorcycle has a split second to decide what to do defensive maneuver. The most common choice is the braking maneuver. Starting motorcycle braking is associated with the selection of additional brake, which uses a driver. It is here to choose to use the front brake, rear or both simultaneously. The paper presents the study of the effects of such decision on the braking process. Tests were carried out for enduro and highway-tourist motorbikes.

  5. HP 9816

    CERN Multimedia


    The 9816 was introduced in late 1982. This was the low-cost model in the 200 Series range. It only had two expansion slots and featured a monitor integrated with the system unit and modular keyboard and mass storage (usually a 9121 dual 3.5 inch floppy drive). The monitor was nine inches diagonally with a 400 by 300 dot resolution. The HP 9816 was also designated as the HP 9000 216. It did not include any disk drives but it had a built-in 9 inch monochrome monitor, built-in HP-IB and RS-232 ports and 2 expansion slots. The standard keyboard for the 9816 is a itty-bitty number. The 9816 A came with 128K bytes of memory. The 9816 S included all of the above plus disk based BASIC and a card containing an additional 256K of memory bringing the total memory to 512K but only leaving only one expansion slot open.

  6. 3HP tolerance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Cells and cell cultures are provided that have improved tolerance to 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3HP). Genetic modifications to provide a mutated or overexpressed SFA1 gene or other enhancement of 3HP detoxification via a glutathione- dependent dehydrogenase reaction, including medium supplementation...... with glutathione, may be combined with a 3HP producing metabolic pathway....

  7. Expressão do Mg+2, CK, AST e LDH em equinos finalistas de provas de enduro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliana V.F. Sales


    Full Text Available Nos últimos anos, o equino atleta vem sendo cada vez mais requerido. Dessa forma, as exigências por alto desempenho têm fomentado o interesse pelo estudo das afecções relacionadas com a fisiopatologia de diversas enfermidades dos equinos. A relação entre o íon magnésio e o exercício físico tem recebido atenção significativa visto que este íon está intimamente relacionado ao tecido muscular estriado esquelético. Além disso, dentre as principais estratégias para a detecção e acompanhamento clínico de lesões musculares, destacam-se a avaliação das atividades das enzimas creatino quinase (CK, lactato desidrogenase (LDH e aspartato aminotransferase (AST. A busca pelo estabelecimento de parâmetros que se relacionam entre si é um fator determinante na compreensão de alterações fisiológicas encontradas diante do esforço em equinos atletas. Desta forma, o presente trabalho teve como objetivo determinar como as concentrações sanguíneas do íon magnésio e as atividades enzimáticas das enzimas CK, LDH e AST comportaram-se em equinos Puro Sangue Árabe finalistas de provas de enduro de 90km e relacionar as possíveis alterações com o tipo de esforço físico desempenhado pelos animais. Foram avaliadas a atividade enzimática das enzimas CK, LDH, AST e a concentração do íon magnésio no exercício em relação ao repouso de 14 equinos clinicamente hígidos da raça Puro Sangue Árabe, sendo 9 machos e 5 fêmeas, com idades variando entre 6 a 12 anos, submetidos a treinamento para enduro e participantes de provas de 90 km. Pode-se observar que as variáveis acima mencionadas sofreram aumento com diferença estatística em relação ao repouso. O exercício físico de enduro determinou a ocorrência de alterações nas atividades enzimáticas das enzimas CK (p≤0,001, LDH (p=0,0001, AST (p=0,0007 e na concentração do íon magnésio (p=0,0004, no exercício em relação ao repouso (p≤0,05. Fato que determinou altera

  8. HP investeerib tulevikku / Fredy-Edwin Esse

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Esse, Fredy-Edwin


    Maailma suurima tehnoloogiafirma Hewlett-Packard (HP) tootearenduskulud kasvasid IV kvartalis 16%, 814 mln dollarini. Autor märgib, et HP aktsia on praegu väga hea saak, kuid mingit imehüpet aktsia hinnas ei tuleks kindlasti oodata

  9. H.P. Hanssens nationale retorik

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kock, Christian Erik J


    Hvordan var H.P. Hanssens retorik om danskheden og det nationale? Dette spørgsmål stiller professor i retorik Christian Kock, Københavns Universitet.......Hvordan var H.P. Hanssens retorik om danskheden og det nationale? Dette spørgsmål stiller professor i retorik Christian Kock, Københavns Universitet....

  10. Haptoglobin levels, but not Hp1-Hp2 polymorphism, are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. (United States)

    Carvalho, Laura M L; Ferreira, Cláudia N; de Oliveira, Daisy K D; Rodrigues, Kathryna F; Duarte, Rita C F; Teixeira, Márcia F A; Xavier, Luana B; Candido, Ana Lúcia; Reis, Fernando M; Silva, Ieda F O; Campos, Fernanda M F; Gomes, Karina B


    Proteomic studies suggest an association between haptoglobin (Hp) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Hp is a classic inflammatory marker and binds to the intravascular hemoglobin, avoiding the oxidative damages that can be caused by free hemoglobin. Inflammation and oxidative stress are important in the pathogenesis of the PCOS, one of the most frequent metabolic diseases in women. To validate these proteomic studies, we developed a controlled cross-sectional study that aimed to evaluate the Hp levels and allelic and genotypic frequencies of Hp1-Hp2 polymorphism in Brazilian women with PCOS. We also investigated the correlation between Hp levels and several important parameters in PCOS as follows: body mass index (BMI), waist circumference (WC), fasting glucose, post-prandial glucose, homeostatic model assessment (HOMA), lipid accumulation product (LAP), C-reactive protein (CRP), and metabolization test of tetrazolium salts (MTTs-serum antioxidant capacity). Plasma Hp levels were higher in the PCOS group than in controls [8.20 (4.04) g/L; 7.98 (3.31) g/L; p = 0.018]. No significant difference was observed in the frequency of Hp1-Hp2 genotypes under additive, recessive, or dominant model of inheritance between the PCOS and the control groups. Plasma Hp levels did not differ according to the genotype. However, plasma Hp showed a negative correlation with MTT (r = - 0.383; p = 0.028), as well as a positive correlation with CRP (r = 0.361; p = 0.014) in the PCOS group. Hp1-Hp2 polymorphism is not associated with PCOS but plasma Hp could be a potential biomarker for PCOS and its complications.

  11. Optimal design of PV and HP system

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nepper-Rasmussen, Bjarke Christian; Rasmussen, Theis Bo


    electric energy demand of the HP to hours where excess PV power is present. The self-consumption of the PV energy affects the overall net present value (NPV). In this paper, a method which maximizes the NPV by finding the cost-optimal combination of PV, HP and BT sizes, is proposed. Results show......Methods of utilizing residential produced photovoltaic (PV) power by converting to thermal energy through heat pumps (HP) are present in literature, where thermal energy is dispersed as either heat or hot water at the instant moment of PV production. In this paper an alternative solution...

  12. HP-SEE User Forum 2012

    CERN Document Server

    Karaivanova, Aneta; Oulas, Anastasis; Liabotis, Ioannis; Stojiljkovic, Danica; Prnjat, Ognjen


    This book is a collection of carefully reviewed papers presented during the HP-SEE User Forum, the meeting of the High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe’s (HP-SEE) Research Communities, held in October 17-19, 2012, in Belgrade, Serbia. HP-SEE aims at supporting and integrating regional HPC infrastructures; implementing solutions for HPC in the region; and making HPC resources available to research communities in SEE, region, which are working in a number of scientific fields with specific needs for massively parallel execution on powerful computing resources. HP-SEE brings together research communities and HPC operators from 14 different countries and enables them to share HPC facilities, software, tools, data and research results, thus fostering collaboration and strengthening the regional and national human network; the project specifically supports research groups in the areas of computational physics, computational chemistry and the life sciences. The contributions presented i...

  13. Resposta hematológica de cavalos de enduro, que correram diferentes distâncias, no período pós-prova

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.F. Siqueira

    Full Text Available RESUMO O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar as alterações hematológicas após provas de enduro de diferentes distâncias até 14 dias após a prova, período de recuperação metabólica e musculoesquelética, as quais ocorrem em cavalos treinados e que concluíram as competições em boas condições de saúde. Foram avaliados 32 cavalos Árabes, com 400 (±32kg, treinados para provas de enduro, que competiram em quatro provas nas categorias velocidade livre de 80km (n=13, 120km (n=14 e 160km (n=5. Amostras de sangue foram coletadas antes da largada (M0, imediatamente após a saída da última inspeção veterinária (M1 e três horas após (M2. Já nos respectivos haras, foram coletadas amostras aos três (M3, sete (M4 e 14 (M5 dias após a prova. Houve aumento dos valores de eritrócitos, hemoglobina e hematócrito após o término da prova em todos os cavalos, e esse aumento se manteve até três horas após a prova nos cavalos de 120 e 80km. Houve aumento do número de plaquetas em todos os cavalos, que permaneceu elevado até três horas após a prova e normalizou-se a partir do terceiro dia. Houve efeito (P<0,05 da prova sobre as variáveis eritrócitos, hemoglobina e hematócrito, do número de plaquetas, aumento na contagem de neutrófilos e diminuição da contagem de linfócitos após o término da prova e três horas depois, retornando ao normal a partir do terceiro dia. Um dado inédito deste estudo foi o aumento de eosinófilos sanguíneos após três dias da competição, que se manteve até o sétimo dia. Esse fato pode sinalizar a participação dessas células no processo de reparação. A avaliação dos componentes sanguíneos se mostrou uma importante ferramenta para a avaliação da recuperação dos animais. Como só foram avaliados cavalos que completaram a prova, as alterações encontradas após dias do esforço sinalizam a relevância de se estudarem melhor as etapas e os componentes da recuperação metabólica e

  14. Verification of Goal-Oriented HP-Adaptivity

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Paszynski, M; Demkowicz, L; Pardo, D


    .... The analytical solution has been used to validate a goaloriented hp adaptive strategy based on a simultaneous solution of a dual problem, and an hp strategy based on minimizing the projection-based...

  15. Endurance race equines performance fed diets with oil levels Desempenho de equinos submetidos a enduro alimentados com níveis de óleo de soja na dieta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Correa de Lacerda Neto


    Full Text Available In order to study the endurance equine performance, experimental diets composed by five increasing soybean oil levels (control, 6, 12, 18, 24% of the concentrate were given. The following variables were analyzed: lactate concentration (LA, Glucose (GL, Cardiac frequency (FC and rectal temperature (TR. Twenty Arabian horses were used, 9.5 ±5.5 years old, weight 400 ± 30 kg, undergone to an 80 Km endurance race simulation in a treadmill. The endurance was divided in four rings (phases with 20 km each. There was no effect (p>0.05 of the oil addition but there was an effect (P<0.05 of distance on the LA, TR, GL variables. For the FC variable, we observed the effect (p<0.05 of the soybean addition and the distance. The soybean oil addition upper than 6% in the concentrate maintained lower the cardiac frequency, favoring the endurance horse performance. This lower cardiac frequency could suggest that animal lasted longer time in aerobic metabolism, situation that was confirmed by the non exponential increase in the lactate concentration and the increase in the glucose concentration. The oil favored the endurance horse performance.Com o objetivo de estudar o desempenho de cavalos de enduro, foram fornecidas dietas compostas por cinco níveis crescentes de óleo de soja (controle – sem adição de óleo, 6, 12, 18 e 24% do concentrado. As seguintes variáveis foram analisadas: concentração de lactato sangüíneo (LA, glicemia (GL, freqüência cardíaca (FC e temperatura retal (TR. Foram utilizados 20 eqüinos da raça Árabe, idades 9,5 ±5,5 anos, pesos de 400 ± 30 kg, submetidos à simulação de prova de enduro de 80 km em esteira rolante. O enduro foi dividido em quatro anéis (fases de 20 km cada. Não foi observado efeito (p>0,05 da adição de óleo de soja, porém observou-se efeito (p<0,05 da distância percorrida sobre as variáveis LA, TR e GL. Para a variável FC foi observado efeito (p<0,05 da distância percorrida bem como da adi

  16. HP advances Grid Strategy for the adaptive enterprise

    CERN Multimedia


    "HP today announced plans to further enable its enterprise infrastructure technologies for grid computing. By leveraging open grid standards, HP plans to help customers simplify the use and management of distributed IT resources. The initiative will integrate industry grid standards, including the Globus Toolkit and Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), across HP's enterprise product lines" (1 page).

  17. Spectral/hp element methods for CFD

    CERN Document Server

    Karniadakis, George Em


    Traditionally spectral methods in fluid dynamics were used in direct and large eddy simulations of turbulent flow in simply connected computational domains. The methods are now being applied to more complex geometries, and the spectral/hp element method, which incorporates both multi-domain spectral methods and high-order finite element methods, has been particularly successful. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to these methods. Written by leaders in the field, the book begins with a full explanation of fundamental concepts and implementation issues. It then illustrates how these methods can be applied to advection-diffusion and to incompressible and compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Drawing on both published and unpublished material, the book is an important resource for experienced researchers and for those new to the field.

  18. Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for optimizing 3HP production

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Niels Bjerg; Maury, Jerome; Oberg, Fredrik


    cerevisiae. One main reason for selecting Baker's yeast as host organism is that yeast has a high tolerance towards low pH in comparison to bacteria, e.g. E. coli. Hence, it lowers the consumption of base for neutralization of growth media when compared to bacteria. The preferred engineered pathway towards 3...... and the market for acrylate products exceeds USD 100 billion. As an alternative to oil and gas derived acrylic acid, 3-hydroxypropionic (3HP) acid produced from renewable sources is highly desired, because 3HP can easily be converted into acrylic acid. We are setting out to produce 3HP in yeast Saccharomyces...

  19. Transcriptional profiling of type II toxin-antitoxin genes of Helicobacter pylori under different environmental conditions: identification of HP0967-HP0968 system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative bacterium that colonizes the human gastric mucosa and is responsible for causing peptic ulcers and gastric carcinoma. The expression of virulence factors allows the persistence of H. pylori in the stomach, which results in a chronic, sometimes uncontrolled inflammatory response. Type II toxin-antitoxin systems have emerged as important virulence factors in many pathogenic bacteria. Three type II toxin-antitoxin (TA systems have previously been identified in the genome of H. pylori 26695: HP0315-HP0316, HP0892-HP0893, and HP0894-HP0895. Here we characterized a heretofore undescribed type II TA system in H. pylori, HP0967-HP0968, which is encoded by the bicistronic operon hp0968-hp0967 and belongs to the Vap family. The predicted HP0967 protein is a toxin with ribonuclease activity whereas HP0968 is an antitoxin that binds to its own regulatory region. We found that all type II TA systems were expressed in H. pylori during early stationary growth phase, and differentially expressed in the presence of urea, nickel, and iron, although the hp0968-hp0967 pair was the most affected under these environmental conditions. Transcription of hp0968-hp0967 was strongly induced in a mature H. pylori biofilm and when the bacteria interacted with AGS epithelial cells. Kanamycin and chloramphenicol considerably boosted transcription levels of all the four type II TA systems. The hp0968-hp0967 TA system was the most frequent among 317 H. pylori strains isolated from all over the world. This study is the first report on the transcription of type II TA genes in H. pylori under different environmental conditions. Our data show that the HP0967 and HP0968 proteins constitute a bona fide type II TA system in H. pylori, whose expression is regulated by environmental cues, which are relevant in the context of infection of the human gastric mucosa.

  20. HP fotovõistluse finalistid veebis / Henrik Roonemaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Roonemaa, Henrik


    Hewlett-Packardi koduleheküljel on üleval rahvusvahelise digitaalfotograafia konkursi HP Invision Digital Photography Awards 2002 finalistide tööd, nende hulgas Katrin Arraku foto "Minu kala Vallo"

  1. Spectral/hp element methods: Recent developments, applications, and perspectives

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Xu, Hui; Cantwell, Chris; Monteserin, Carlos


    The spectral/hp element method combines the geometric flexibility of the classical h-type finite element technique with the desirable numerical properties of spectral methods, employing high-degree piecewise polynomial basis functions on coarse finite element-type meshes. The spatial approximation...... regularity assumptions an exponential reduction in approximation error between numerical and exact solutions can be achieved. This method has now been applied in many simulation studies of both fundamental and practical engineering flows. This paper briefly describes the formulation of the spectral/hp...... element method and provides an overview of its application to computational fluid dynamics. In particular, it focuses on the use of the spectral/hp element method in transitional flows and ocean engineering. Finally, some of the major challenges to be overcome in order to use the spectral/hp element...

  2. Identification of novel drug targets in HpB38, HpP12, HpG27, Hpshi470, HpSJM180 strains of Helicobacter pylori : an in silico approach for therapeutic intervention. (United States)

    Neelapu, Nageswara Rao Reddy; Pavani, T


    Helicobacter species colonizes the stomach and are associated with the development of gastritis disease. Drugs for treatment of Helicobacter infection relieve pain or gastritis symptoms but they are not targeted specifically to Helicobacter pylori. Therefore, there is dire need for discovery of new drug targets and drugs for the treatment of H. pylori. The main objective of this study is to screen the potential drug targets by in silico analysis for the potent strains of H. pylori which include HpB38, HpP12, HpG27, Hpshi470 and HpSJM180. Genome and metabolic pathways of pathogen H. pylori and the host Homosapien sapiens are compared and genes which were unique to H. pylori were filtered and catalogued. These unique genes were subjected to gene property analysis to identify the potentiality of the drug targets. Among the total number of genes analysed in different strains of H. pylori nearly 558, 569, 539, 569, 567 number of genes in HpB38, HpP12, HpG27, Hpshi470 and HpSJM180 found qualified as unique molecules and among them 17 qualified as potential drug targets. Membrane fusion protein of hefABC efflux system, 50 S ribosomal protein L33, Hydrogenase expression protein/formation of HypD, Cag pathogenecity island protein X, Apolipoprotein N acyl transferase, DNA methyalse, Histone like binding protein, Peptidoglycan-associated lipoprotein OprL were found to be critical drug targets to H. pylori. Three (hefABC efflux system, Hydrogenase expression protein/formation of HypD, Cag pathogenecity island protein X) of the 17 predicted drug targets are already experimentally validated either genetically or biochemically lending credence to our unique approach.

  3. Tonopah Test Range EGS graphics tracking display system: HP370

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meyer, R.H.; Bauhs, K.C.


    This report describes the HP370 component of the Enhanced Graphics System (EGS) used at Tonopah Test Range (TTR). Selected Radar data is fed into the computer systems and the resulting tracking symbols are displayed on high-resolution video monitors in real time. These tracking symbols overlay background maps and are used for monitoring/controlling various flight vehicles. This report discusses both the operational aspects and the internal configuration of the HP370 Workstation portion of the EGS system.

  4. Reposição eletrolítica sobre variáveis fisiológicas de cavalos em provas de enduro de 30 e 60km

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teixeira-Neto Antônio Raphael


    Full Text Available O presente estudo teve como objetivo a comparação de variáveis fisiológicas (freqüência cardíaca, peso corporal, hematócrito, proteínas totais entre um grupo de eqüinos atletas submetidos a provas de enduro eqüestre nas distâncias de 30 e 60km com velocidade média de 10 e 15km h-1, respectivamente. Em ambas as provas, os animais foram divididos em dois grupos experimentais que receberam, ou não, reposição eletrolítica por via oral, na forma de pasta, antes, durante e após as referidas provas. Os resultados obtidos revelaram que a administração da pasta eletrolítica não apresentou nenhum efeito colateral aos animais, nas distâncias em que foi avaliada, e sugerem que um suplemento à base de eletrólitos pode contribuir para o desempenho de cavalos submetidos a esforços prolongados.

  5. Electron beam inspection of 16nm HP node EUV masks (United States)

    Shimomura, Takeya; Narukawa, Shogo; Abe, Tsukasa; Takikawa, Tadahiko; Hayashi, Naoya; Wang, Fei; Ma, Long; Lin, Chia-Wen; Zhao, Yan; Kuan, Chiyan; Jau, Jack


    EUV lithography (EUVL) is the most promising solution for 16nm HP node semiconductor device manufacturing and beyond. The fabrication of defect free EUV mask is one of the most challenging roadblocks to insert EUVL into high volume manufacturing (HVM). To fabricate and assure the defect free EUV masks, electron beam inspection (EBI) tool will be likely the necessary tool since optical mask inspection systems using 193nm and 199nm light are reaching a practical resolution limit around 16nm HP node EUV mask. For production use of EBI, several challenges and potential issues are expected. Firstly, required defect detection sensitivity is quite high. According to ITRS roadmap updated in 2011, the smallest defect size needed to detect is about 18nm for 15nm NAND Flash HP node EUV mask. Secondly, small pixel size is likely required to obtain the high sensitivity. Thus, it might damage Ru capped Mo/Si multilayer due to accumulated high density electron beam bombardments. It also has potential of elevation of nuisance defects and reduction of throughput. These challenges must be solved before inserting EBI system into EUV mask HVM line. In this paper, we share our initial inspection results for 16nm HP node EUV mask (64nm HP absorber pattern on the EUV mask) using an EBI system eXplore® 5400 developed by Hermes Microvision, Inc. (HMI). In particularly, defect detection sensitivity, inspectability and damage to EUV mask were assessed. As conclusions, we found that the EBI system has capability to capture 16nm defects on 64nm absorber pattern EUV mask, satisfying the sensitivity requirement of 15nm NAND Flash HP node EUV mask. Furthermore, we confirmed there is no significant damage to susceptible Ru capped Mo/Si multilayer. We also identified that low throughput and high nuisance defect rate are critical challenges needed to address for the 16nm HP node EUV mask inspection. The high nuisance defect rate could be generated by poor LWR and stitching errors during EB writing

  6. A methodology to split the total cumulative Hp(10) dose into the Hp(10) i doses received during various procedures performed by interventional cardiologist. (United States)

    Domienik, Joanna


    The methodology describing how to split the cumulative Hp(10) dose of interventional cardiologists into Hp(10) i doses received during procedures of various types based on procedure-specific ELDO coefficients and Hp(3) doses per procedure is presented. The appropriate equations for Hp(10) i (Hp(10) for procedure type i), depending on the number of various procedure types (i  =  1 … 4) performed by a particular physician, are derived. The methodology can be applied to whole-body doses measured on the lead apron and therefore can be used for optimisation of work practices in those catheterisation labs where routine dosimeter is worn above the apron.

  7. hp Spectral element methods for three dimensional elliptic problems ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Abstract. This is the first of a series of papers devoted to the study of h-p spec- tral element methods for solving three dimensional elliptic boundary value problems on non-smooth domains using parallel computers. In three dimensions there are three different types of singularities namely; the vertex, the edge and the ...

  8. EV and HP Providing Ancillary Services in the Nordic Region

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Liu, Zhaoxi; Wu, Qiuwei

    This report covers the analysis of the electric vehicle (EV) and heat pump (HP) providing ancillary services to the power system of the Nordic region including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The analysis is to investigate the feasibility of EVs and HPs to serve as demand as frequency reserve...... (DFR) providers in the distribution power system in the four mentioned Nordic countries....

  9. h-p Spectral element methods for three dimensional elliptic ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The h-p version of the finite element method for solving three dimensional elliptic problems on non-smooth domains with exponential accuracy was proposed by Guo in [9,. 12]. To overcome the singularities which arise along vertices and edges they used geo- metric meshes which are defined in neighbourhoods of vertices, ...

  10. Printerite riigihanked libisevad HP-le / Askur Alas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alas, Askur, 1973-


    AS Rapo turundusjuhi Andres Kaevu hinnangul oli maksuameti korraldatud riigihanke eesmärk osta HP printereid ning välistada konkurendid. Tema sõnul võimaldaksid mõne teise firma printerid riigil raha kokku hoida. Kommenteerib Konica Minolta Baltia Eesti filiaali juhataja Margus Vaino

  11. Alterations in muscular enzymes of horses competing long-distance endurance rides under tropical climate Alterações em enzimas musculares de cavalos em competições de enduro de longa distância em clima tropical

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.R. Teixeira-Neto


    Full Text Available This study tried to monitor the alterations of muscle enzymes activity - creatinokinase (CK, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH, and aspartate aminotransferase (AST - in a group of horses that participated of 70 and 100km distance rides in five competitions of an annual endurance championship under tropical climate. Pre ride levels (U/l were 245.13±9.84 for CK, 496.61±14.76 for LDH, and 328.95±8.65 for AST. When compared to these levels, the results revealed a significant decrease in all enzymes activities in the first moment of the rides. Peak levels, significantly different, were reached, immediately after rides by CK (413.591±50.75; 24 hours post rides by LDH (628.61±33.30; and 48 hours after rides by AST (389.89±16.96. Monitoring of recovery period revealed different behavior among enzymes activities with CK values returning to pre ride values (279.61±23.05 24 hours post rides, while LDH and AST values returned to pre ride values (505.25±33.78 and 359.35±24.90, respectively 72 hours post rides. These data revealed different alterations in concentration of muscular enzymes in endurance horses directly related to the duration of the effort.Estudaram-se as alterações de atividade das enzimas musculares creatino quinase (CK, lactato desidrogenase (LDH e aspartato aminotransferase (AST em um grupo de cavalos que utilizados em provas de enduro de 70 e 100km de distância, em cinco competições. Os valores (U/l basais (antes da largada foram 245,13±9,84 para CK, 496,61±14,76 para LDH e 328,95±8,65 para AST. Todas as atividades das enzimas decresceram no primeiro momento das provas (~30km. Valores de pico, significativamente diferentes, foram alcançados para CK (413,59±50,75 imediatamente após 70km de distância; 24 horas após para LDH (628,61±33,30; e 48 horas após as provas para AST (389,89±16,96. A monitoração do período de recuperação revelou diferente comportamento entre as concentrações enzimáticas com CK retornando aos

  12. Ecocardiografia de equinos Puro Sangue Árabe após exercício de enduro de diferentes intensidades Echocardiography in Arabian horses after endurance exercise of different intensities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camila Alfaro de Oliveira Bello


    Full Text Available A ecocardiografia é um método não invasivo e adequado para a avaliação das alterações cardíacas em equinos, identificando assim aqueles animais que apresentaram melhor adaptação e condicionamento ao exercício a que foram submetidos. O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar por meio de exames ecocardiográficos em modo-M e bidimensional os índices funcionais cardíacos de 15 equinos Puro Sangue Árabe, sendo nove machos e seis fêmeas, com idade variando de seis a 12 anos, submetidos a diferentes intensidades de exercício prolongado de enduro. Para tanto, foram divididos em três grupos, sendo que quatro animais percorreram 30km (GI, seis animais percorreram 90km (GII e cinco animais percorreram 120km (GIII. As avaliações ocorreram antes do início de cada prova, sendo considerado o momento zero (M0 e 30 minutos após percorrerem o último anel da correspondente prova, caracterizando o momento final (Mf. Diante do tratamento estatístico, não se verificaram diferenças significantes entre os índices obtidos no M0 e Mf do GI. De outra forma, no GII para VS, FC, VEs e VEd, assim como no GIII para VS, FC, VEs, VEd e SIVd, observou-se diferença estatística. Portanto, em equinos de enduro a ecocardiografia revelou que o exercício físico permitiu o estabelecimento de índices funcionais cardíacos próprios, de acordo com a intensidade do exercício imposto.Echocardiography is a noninvasive and accurate evaluation of cardiac abnormalities in horses, thereby determining those animals that show better adaptation to exercise and conditioning to which they were submitted. The aim of this study was to verify by echocardiographic M-mode and two-dimensional cardiac functional indices of 15 purebred Arabian horses, nine males and six females, ranging in age from 6 to 12 years, subjected to different intensities prolonged endurance exercise. Thus, both groups were divided into three, in which four animals traveled 30km (GI, six animals

  13. Expressão do Mg+2, CK, AST e LDH em equinos finalistas de provas de enduro Endurance horses finalists: expression of Mg+2, CK, AST and LDH in horse finalists of endurance race

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliana V.F. Sales


    Full Text Available Nos últimos anos, o equino atleta vem sendo cada vez mais requerido. Dessa forma, as exigências por alto desempenho têm fomentado o interesse pelo estudo das afecções relacionadas com a fisiopatologia de diversas enfermidades dos equinos. A relação entre o íon magnésio e o exercício físico tem recebido atenção significativa visto que este íon está intimamente relacionado ao tecido muscular estriado esquelético. Além disso, dentre as principais estratégias para a detecção e acompanhamento clínico de lesões musculares, destacam-se a avaliação das atividades das enzimas creatino quinase (CK, lactato desidrogenase (LDH e aspartato aminotransferase (AST. A busca pelo estabelecimento de parâmetros que se relacionam entre si é um fator determinante na compreensão de alterações fisiológicas encontradas diante do esforço em equinos atletas. Desta forma, o presente trabalho teve como objetivo determinar como as concentrações sanguíneas do íon magnésio e as atividades enzimáticas das enzimas CK, LDH e AST comportaram-se em equinos Puro Sangue Árabe finalistas de provas de enduro de 90km e relacionar as possíveis alterações com o tipo de esforço físico desempenhado pelos animais. Foram avaliadas a atividade enzimática das enzimas CK, LDH, AST e a concentração do íon magnésio no exercício em relação ao repouso de 14 equinos clinicamente hígidos da raça Puro Sangue Árabe, sendo 9 machos e 5 fêmeas, com idades variando entre 6 a 12 anos, submetidos a treinamento para enduro e participantes de provas de 90 km. Pode-se observar que as variáveis acima mencionadas sofreram aumento com diferença estatística em relação ao repouso. O exercício físico de enduro determinou a ocorrência de alterações nas atividades enzimáticas das enzimas CK (p≤0,001, LDH (p=0,0001, AST (p=0,0007 e na concentração do íon magnésio (p=0,0004, no exercício em relação ao repouso (p≤0,05. Fato que determinou altera

  14. HP1β is a biomarker for breast cancer prognosis and PARP inhibitor therapy.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Young-Ho Lee

    Full Text Available Members of the heterochromatin protein 1 family (HP1α, β and γ are mostly associated with heterochromatin and play important roles in gene regulation and DNA damage response. Altered expression of individual HP1 subtype has profound impacts on cell proliferation and tumorigenesis. We analyzed the expression profile of HP1 family by data mining using a published microarray data set coupled with retrospective immunohistochemistry analyses of archived breast cancer biospecimens. We found that the patient group overexpressing HP1β mRNA is associated with poorly differentiated breast tumors and with a significantly lower survival rate. Immunohistochemical staining against HP1α, HP1β and HP1γ shows that respective HP1 expression level is frequently altered in breast cancers. 57.4-60.1% of samples examined showed high HP1β expression and 39.9-42.6 % of examined tumors showed no or low expression of each HP1 subtype. Interestingly, comparative analysis on HP1 expression profile and breast cancer markers revealed a positive correlation between the respective expression level of all three HP1 subtypes and Ki-67, a cell proliferation and well-known breast cancer marker. To explore the effect of individual HP1 on PARP inhibitor therapy for breast cancer, MCF7 breast cancer cells and individually HP1-depleted MCF7 cells were treated with PARP inhibitor ABT-888 with or without carboplatin. Notably, HP1β-knockdown cells are hypersensitive to the PARP inhibitor ABT-888 alone and its combination with carboplatin. In summary, while increased HP1β expression is associated with the poor prognosis in breast cancer, compromised HP1β abundance may serve as a useful predictive marker for chemotherapy, including PARP inhibitors against breast cancer.

  15. A Chaotic Oscillator Based on HP Memristor Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guangyi Wang


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a simple autonomous memristor-based oscillator for generating periodic signals. Applying an external sinusoidal excitation to the autonomous system, a nonautonomous oscillator is obtained, which contains HP memristor model and four linear circuit elements. This memristor-based oscillator can generate periodic, chaotic, and hyperchaotic signals under the periodic excitation and an appropriate set of circuit parameters. It also shows that the system exhibits alternately a hidden attractor with no equilibrium and a self-excited attractor with a line equilibrium as time goes on. Furthermore, some specialties including burst chaos, irregular periodic bifurcations, and nonintermittence chaos of the circuit are found by theoretical analysis and numerical simulations. Finally, a discrete model for the HP memristor is given and the main statistical properties of this memristor-based oscillator are verified via DSP chip experiments and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology tests.

  16. Performance of a multi-frontal parallel direct solver for hp-finite element method


    Paszynski M.; Pardo D.; Torres-Verdín C.


    In this paper we present the performance of our parallel multi-frontal direct solver when applied to solve linear systems of equations resulting from discretizations of a hp Finite Element Method (hp-FEM). The hp-FEM generates a sequence of computational meshes delivering exponential convergence of the numerical error with respect to the mesh size (number of degrees of freedom). A sequence of meshes is obtained by performing several hp refinements starting from an arbitrary initial mesh. The ...

  17. AFRL’s HP3 60mm Powder Gun (United States)


    amount tissue paper for wadding. The primer is activated via a solenoid -driven firing pin. Once ignited, the black powder travels down the igniter...used at the HP3 facility. Both VISARs share a single Coherent Verdi (532 nm) 6 Watt Laser as the light source. The light is transmitted from the laser ...for the crush pin signals to propagate to the recorders is not matched to the time for the optical signals to reach the recorders, it is not expected

  18. Vibration and Stability of 3000-hp, Titanium Chemical Process Blower

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Les Gutzwiller


    Full Text Available This 74-in-diameter blower had an overhung rotor design of titanium construction, operating at 50 pounds per square inch gauge in a critical chemical plant process. The shaft was supported by oil-film bearings and was directdriven by a 3000-hp electric motor through a metal disk type of coupling. The operating speed was 1780 rpm. The blower shaft and motor shaft motion was monitored by Bently Nevada proximity probes and a Model 3100 monitoring system.

  19. Mammalian HP1 Isoforms Have Specific Roles in Heterochromatin Structure and Organization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laia Bosch-Presegué


    Full Text Available HP1 is a structural component of heterochromatin. Mammalian HP1 isoforms HP1α, HP1β, and HP1γ play different roles in genome stability, but their precise role in heterochromatin structure is unclear. Analysis of Hp1α−/−, Hp1β−/−, and Hp1γ−/− MEFs show that HP1 proteins have both redundant and unique functions within pericentric heterochromatin (PCH and also act globally throughout the genome. HP1α confines H4K20me3 and H3K27me3 to regions within PCH, while its absence results in a global hyper-compaction of chromatin associated with a specific pattern of mitotic defects. In contrast, HP1β is functionally associated with Suv4-20h2 and H4K20me3, and its loss induces global chromatin decompaction and an abnormal enrichment of CTCF in PCH and other genomic regions. Our work provides insight into the roles of HP1 proteins in heterochromatin structure and genome stability.

  20. Crosstalk between the HpArsRS two-component system and HpNikR is necessary for maximal activation of urease transcription

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beth M Carpenter


    Full Text Available Helicobacter pylori NikR (HpNikR is a nickel dependent transcription factor that directly regulates a number of genes in this important gastric pathogen. One key gene that is regulated by HpNikR is ureA, which encodes for the urease enzyme. In vitro DNA binding studies of HpNikR with the ureA promoter (PureA previously identified a recognition site that is required for high affinity protein/DNA binding. As a means to determine the in vivo significance of this recognition site and to identify the key DNA sequence determinants required for ureA transcription, herein, we have translated these in vitro results to analysis directly within H. pylori. Using a series of GFP reporter constructs in which the PureA DNA target was altered, in combination with mutant H. pylori strains deficient in key regulatory proteins, we confirmed the importance of the previously identified HpNikR recognition sequence for HpNikR-dependent ureA transcription. Moreover, we identified a second factor, the HpArsRS two-component system that was required for maximum transcription of ureA. While HpArsRS is known to regulate ureA in response to acid shock, it was previously thought to function independently of HpNikR and to have no role at neutral pH. However, our qPCR analysis of ureA expression in wildtype, nikR and arsS single mutants as well as a nikR/arsS double mutant strain background showed reduced basal level expression of ureA when arsS was absent. Additionally, we determined that both HpNikR and HpArsRS were necessary for maximal expression of ureA under nickel, low pH and combined nickel and low pH stresses. In vitro studies of HpArsR-P with the PureA DNA target using florescence anisotropy confirmed a direct protein/DNA binding interaction. Together, these data support a model in which HpArsRS and HpNikR cooperatively interact to regulate ureA transcription under various environmental conditions. This is the first time that direct ‘cross-talk’ between Hp

  1. A novel hp-FEM model for IPMC actuation (United States)

    Pugal, D.; Kim, K. J.; Solin, P.; Aabloo, A.


    The system of Poisson and Nernst-Planck (PNP) equations is used to describe the charge transport in ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) materials. This process is a key mechanism for the electromechanical transduction of the material. As the system coupled with elastostatic equations is nonlinear and for a domain with two electrodes, the charge concentration differences occur in a very narrow region near the boundaries, the required computing power for a full scale finite element (FE) model is, especially in 3D, rather significant. Furthermore, it is challenging to find a mesh that would be optimal in terms of calculation time, required computing resources, and calculation accuracy. Most of the commercially available FE software for multi-physics problems has rather strict restrictions in terms of element types, mesh types, and choice of polynomial degrees. In this paper, we explore the option of using hp-FEM modeling to solve the PNP and elastostatic equation system. First, we demonstrate how the multi-meshing and the time dependent adaptivity help to control the error of the solution and also how the problem size is reduced. This is done by studying Poisson-Nernst-Planck system of equations in a 2D domain with different hp-adaptivity types. Both 2D and 3D versions of the model are implemented in Hermes which is a space- and space-time adaptive hp-FEM solver. Full mathematical derivation of the weak formulation of the system of equations is presented. Furthermore, we show how the features of Hermes can be useful in modeling more complicated full scale actuation of IPMC.

  2. Assessment of the Hewlett-Packard HP47210A capnometer. (United States)

    Kinsella, S M


    The Hewlett-Packard HP47210A Capnometer, a "mainstream" infra-red carbon dioxide analyser, has a sensor in-line with the patient circuit. The calibration apparatus is included within the unit, and an internal microprocessor corrects for the presence of nitrous oxide and varying concentrations of oxygen. Maximum error was 0.37 kPa for carbon dioxide partial pressures less than 5.3 kPa, and less than 3.6% for partial pressures of carbon dioxide greater than 5.3 kPa.

  3. SGN III code conversion from Apollo to HP

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Hae Cho [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    SGN III computer code is used to analyze transient behavior of reactor coolant system, pressurizer and steam generators in the event of main steam line break (MSLB), and to calculate mass and energy release for containment design. This report firstly describes detailed work carried out for installation of SFN III on Apollo DN 10000 and code validation results after installation. Secondly, a series of work is also describes in relation to installation of SGN III on HP 9000/700 series as well as relevant code validation results. Attached is a report on software verification and validation results. 8 refs. (Author) .new.

  4. Nektar++: An open-source spectral/ hp element framework (United States)

    Cantwell, C. D.; Moxey, D.; Comerford, A.; Bolis, A.; Rocco, G.; Mengaldo, G.; De Grazia, D.; Yakovlev, S.; Lombard, J.-E.; Ekelschot, D.; Jordi, B.; Xu, H.; Mohamied, Y.; Eskilsson, C.; Nelson, B.; Vos, P.; Biotto, C.; Kirby, R. M.; Sherwin, S. J.


    Nektar++ is an open-source software framework designed to support the development of high-performance scalable solvers for partial differential equations using the spectral/ hp element method. High-order methods are gaining prominence in several engineering and biomedical applications due to their improved accuracy over low-order techniques at reduced computational cost for a given number of degrees of freedom. However, their proliferation is often limited by their complexity, which makes these methods challenging to implement and use. Nektar++ is an initiative to overcome this limitation by encapsulating the mathematical complexities of the underlying method within an efficient C++ framework, making the techniques more accessible to the broader scientific and industrial communities. The software supports a variety of discretisation techniques and implementation strategies, supporting methods research as well as application-focused computation, and the multi-layered structure of the framework allows the user to embrace as much or as little of the complexity as they need. The libraries capture the mathematical constructs of spectral/ hp element methods, while the associated collection of pre-written PDE solvers provides out-of-the-box application-level functionality and a template for users who wish to develop solutions for addressing questions in their own scientific domains.

  5. HELOKA-HP thermal-hydraulic model validation and calibration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jin, Xue Zhou; Ghidersa, Bradut-Eugen; Badea, Aurelian Florin


    Highlights: • The electrical heater in HELOKA-HP has been modeled with RELAP5-3D using experimental data as input. • The model has been validated using novel techniques for assimilating experimental data and the representative model parameters with BEST-EST. • The methodology is successfully used for reducing the model uncertainties and provides a quantitative measure of the consistency between the experimental data and the model. - Abstract: The Helium Loop Karlsruhe High Pressure (HELOKA-HP) is an experimental facility for the testing of various helium-cooled components at high temperature (500 °C) and high pressure (8 MPa) for nuclear fusion applications. For modeling the loop thermal dynamics, a thermal-hydraulic model has been created using the system code RELAP5-3D. Recently, new experimental data covering the behavior of the loop components under relevant operational conditions have been made available giving the possibility of validating and calibrating the existing models in order to reduce the uncertainties of the simulated responses. This paper presents an example where such process has been applied for the HELOKA electrical heater model. Using novel techniques for assimilating experimental data, implemented in the computational module BEST-EST, the representative parameters of the model have been calibrated.

  6. Shigella flexneri targets the HP1γ subcode through the phosphothreonine lyase OspF. (United States)

    Harouz, Habiba; Rachez, Christophe; Meijer, Benoit M; Marteyn, Benoit; Donnadieu, Françoise; Cammas, Florence; Muchardt, Christian; Sansonetti, Philippe; Arbibe, Laurence


    HP1 proteins are transcriptional regulators that, like histones, are targets for post-translational modifications defining an HP1-mediated subcode. HP1γ has multiple phosphorylation sites, including serine 83 (S83) that marks it to sites of active transcription. In a guinea pig model for Shigella enterocolitis, we observed that the defective type III secretion mxiD Shigella flexneri strain caused more HP1γ phosphorylation in the colon than the wild-type strain. Shigella interferes with HP1 phosphorylation by injecting the phospholyase OspF. This effector interacts with HP1γ and alters its phosphorylation at S83 by inactivating ERK and consequently MSK1, a downstream kinase. MSK1 that here arises as a novel HP1γ kinase, phosphorylates HP1γ at S83 in the context of an MSK1-HP1γ complex, and thereby favors its accumulation on its target genes. Genome-wide transcriptome analysis reveals that this mechanism is linked to up-regulation of proliferative gene and fine-tuning of immune gene expression. Thus, in addition to histones, bacteria control host transcription by modulating the activity of HP1 proteins, with potential implications in transcriptional reprogramming at the mucosal barrier. © 2014 The Authors.

  7. Roles of Piwi Proteins in Transcriptional Regulation Mediated by HP1s in Cultured Silkworm Cells (United States)

    Tatsuke, Tsuneyuki; Zhu, Li; Li, Zhiqing; Mitsunobu, Hitoshi; Yoshimura, Kaito; Mon, Hiroaki; Lee, Jae Man; Kusakabe, Takahiro


    Piwi proteins are part of a superfamily of Argonaute proteins, which are one of the core components of the RNA silencing pathway in many eukaryotes. Piwi proteins are thought to repress the transposon expression both transcriptionally and post-transcriptionally. Recently, Drosophila melanogaster Piwi was recently reported to associate with chromatin and to interact directly with the Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1a). However, similar interactions have not been reported in other higher eukaryotes. Here we show that silkworm Piwi proteins interact with HP1s in the nucleus. The silkworm, Bombyx mori, has two Piwi proteins, Ago3 and Siwi, and two typical HP1 proteins, HP1a and HP1b. We found that HP1a plays an important role in the interaction between Ago3/Siwi and HP1b in the ovary-derived BmN4 cell line. We also found that Ago3/Siwi regulates the transcription in an HP1-dependent manner. These results suggest that silkworm Piwi proteins function as a chromatin regulator in collaboration with HP1a and HP1b. PMID:24637637

  8. Analysis of the human HP1 interactome reveals novel binding partners

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rosnoblet, Claire; Vandamme, Julien; Völkel, Pamela


    Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) has first been described in Drosophila as an essential component of constitutive heterochromatin required for stable epigenetic gene silencing. Less is known about the three mammalian HP1 isotypes CBX1, CBX3 and CBX5. Here, we applied a tandem affinity purification...... approach coupled with tandem mass spectrometry methodologies in order to identify interacting partners of the mammalian HP1 isotypes. Our analysis identified with high confidence about 30-40 proteins co-eluted with CBX1 and CBX3, and around 10 with CBX5 including a number of novel HP1-binding partners. Our...... data also suggest that HP1 family members are mainly associated with a single partner or within small protein complexes composed of limited numbers of components. Finally, we showed that slight binding preferences might exist between HP1 family members....

  9. High-resolution mapping reveals links of HP1 with active and inactive chromatin components.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elzo de Wit


    Full Text Available Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1 is commonly seen as a key factor of repressive heterochromatin, even though a few genes are known to require HP1-chromatin for their expression. To obtain insight into the targeting of HP1 and its interplay with other chromatin components, we have mapped HP1-binding sites on Chromosomes 2 and 4 in Drosophila Kc cells using high-density oligonucleotide arrays and the DNA adenine methyltransferase identification (DamID technique. The resulting high-resolution maps show that HP1 forms large domains in pericentric regions, but is targeted to single genes on chromosome arms. Intriguingly, HP1 shows a striking preference for exon-dense genes on chromosome arms. Furthermore, HP1 binds along entire transcription units, except for 5' regions. Comparison with expression data shows that most of these genes are actively transcribed. HP1 target genes are also marked by the histone variant H3.3 and dimethylated histone 3 lysine 4 (H3K4me2, which are both typical of active chromatin. Interestingly, H3.3 deposition, which is usually observed along entire transcription units, is limited to the 5' ends of HP1-bound genes. Thus, H3.3 and HP1 are mutually exclusive marks on active chromatin. Additionally, we observed that HP1-chromatin and Polycomb-chromatin are nonoverlapping, but often closely juxtaposed, suggesting an interplay between both types of chromatin. These results demonstrate that HP1-chromatin is transcriptionally active and has extensive links with several other chromatin components.

  10. HP Memristor mathematical model for periodic signals and DC

    KAUST Repository

    Radwan, Ahmed G.


    In this paper mathematical models of the HP Memristor for DC and periodic signal inputs are provided. The need for a rigid model for the Memristor using conventional current and voltage quantities is essential for the development of many promising Memristors\\' applications. Unlike the previous works, which focuses on the sinusoidal input waveform, we derived rules for any periodic signals in general in terms of voltage and current. Square and triangle waveforms are studied explicitly, extending the formulas for any general square wave. The limiting conditions for saturation are also provided in case of either DC or periodic signals. The derived equations are compared to the SPICE model of the Memristor showing a perfect match.

  11. A nonlinear HP-type complementary resistive switch

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul K. Radtke


    Full Text Available Resistive Switching (RS is the change in resistance of a dielectric under the influence of an external current or electric field. This change is non-volatile, and the basis of both the memristor and resistive random access memory. In the latter, high integration densities favor the anti-serial combination of two RS-elements to a single cell, termed the complementary resistive switch (CRS. Motivated by the irregular shape of the filament protruding into the device, we suggest a nonlinearity in the resistance-interpolation function, characterized by a single parameter p. Thereby the original HP-memristor is expanded upon. We numerically simulate and analytically solve this model. Further, the nonlinearity allows for its application to the CRS.

  12. Parâmetros eletrocardiográficos de equinos Puro Sangue Árabe submetidos a exercício prolongado de enduro Electrocardiographic parameters of Arabian horses submitted to prolonged exercise of endurance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cinthia Beatriz da Silva Dumont


    Full Text Available Foram estabelecidos os parâmetros eletrocardiográficos de 20 equinos Puro Sangue Árabe em repouso e após exercício prolongado de enduro. A frequência cardíaca média foi de 35,85bpm em repouso, com predominância do ritmo sinusal, e de 53,78bpm, com taquicardia sinusal após o exercício. Como variação fisiológica, observou-se marcapasso migratório, e como não fisiológica, complexo ventricular prematuro. No pós-exercício, ocorreu aumento da amplitude das ondas P, R, S e T, com onda P tendendo a se tornar única em 35% dos animais e bífida positiva em 65%, e a onda T monofásica positiva. Houve redução da duração das ondas, dos intervalos e dos segmentos, e alongamento do QTc; porém, o complexo QRS quase não se alterou. O eixo elétrico, no plano frontal, apresentou desvios à direita e à esquerda em repouso sugestivo de aumento de câmara e hipertrofia secundárias ao treinamento, ao passo que, após o exercício, demonstrou desvio extremo para a direita, indicando alterações eletrolíticas. O escore cardíaco médio foi de 128,45ms, o que caracteriza os animais como atletas, sendo reduzido a 118,60ms após o exercício.Electrocardiographic parameters of 20 Thoroughbred Arabian horses were established at rest and after prolonged endurance exercise. The mean heart rate was 35.85bpm at rest with predominant sinus rhythm, and 53.78bpm with sinus tachycardia after exercise. As physiological variation, wandering pacemaker was observed, and as non physiological, premature ventricular complex was noted. At post-exercise there was an increase of the amplitude of waves P, R, S and T, with P wave tending to become single in 35% of the animals and bifid positive in 65%, and with monophase positive T wave. There was a reduction in the duration of the waves, intervals and segments, and elongation of QTc, but the QRS complex hardly changed. The electrical axis in the frontal plane showed deviations to the right and to the left at rest

  13. Helicobacter pylori HP0425 Targets the Nucleus with DNase I-Like Activity. (United States)

    Kim, Jung-Min; Choe, Min-Ho; Asaithambi, Killivalavan; Song, Jae-Young; Lee, Yong Seok; Lee, Je Chul; Seo, Ji-Hyun; Kang, Hyung-Lyun; Lee, Kon Ho; Lee, Woo-Kon; Cho, Myung-Je; Rhee, Kwang-Ho; Youn, Hee-Shang; Baik, Seung-Chul


    Nuclear targeting of bacterial proteins has a significant impact on host cell pathology. Helicobacter pylori have many nuclear targeting proteins that translocate into the nucleus of host cells. H. pylori HP0425, annotated as hypothetical, has a nuclear localization signal (NLS) sequence, but its function has not been demonstrated. The aim of this experiment was to address the nuclear translocation of HP0425 and determine the effect of HP0425 pathology on host cells. To investigate the nuclear localization of HP0425, it was expressed in AGS and MKN-1 cells as a GFP fusion protein (pEGFP-HP0425), and its localization was analyzed by confocal microscopy. Recombinant HP0425 (rHP0425) protein was overproduced as a GST fusion protein in Escherichia coli and purified by glutathione-affinity column chromatography. Purified rHP0425 was examined for cytotoxicity and DNase activity. The pEGFP-HP0425 fluorescence was expressed in the nucleus and cytosol fraction of cells, while it was localized in the cytoplasm in the negative control. This protein exhibited DNase activity under various conditions, with the highest DNase activity in the presence of manganese. In addition, the rHP0425 protein efficiently decreased cell viability in a concentration-dependent manner. These results suggest that HP0425 carrying a nuclear localization signal sequence translocates into the nucleus of host cells and degrades genomic DNA by DNase I-like enzymatic activity, which is a new pathogenic strategy of H. pylori in the host. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. 75 FR 34169 - Hewlett-Packard Company, Inkjet Consumer Solutions, HP Consumer Hardware Inkjet Lab, Including... (United States)


    ... Employment and Training Administration Hewlett-Packard Company, Inkjet Consumer Solutions, HP Consumer... Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance on October 23, 2008, applicable to all workers of Hewlett-Packard..., Washington location of Hewlett Packard Company, Inject Consumer Solutions, HP Consumer Hardware Inject Lab...

  15. Analysis of HP1α regulation in human breast cancer cells

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, Rune; Christensen, Dennis B; Rosborg, Sanne


    immunoprecipitation analysis of the HP1α gene showed a decrease in the histone mark for transcriptional activity H3-K36 tri-methylation and RNA polymerase II in invasive breast cancer cells which correlated with a decreased abundance of basal transcription factors at the HP1α promoter. E2F transcription factors...

  16. 76 FR 14349 - Airworthiness Directives; British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1... (United States)


    ... Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1, Jetstream Series 200, Jetstream Series 3101, and... issued British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100 & 3200 Service Bulletin 32-JA090240, Revision 1, dated... British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1, Jetstream Series 200, Jetstream Series...

  17. Pulmonary haptoglobin (pHp) is part of the surfactant system in the human lung. (United States)

    Abdullah, Mahdi; Goldmann, Torsten


    Since the existence of pHp was demonstrated, it has been shown that this molecule and its receptor CD163 are regulated by different stimuli. Furthermore, a comparably fast secretion of pHp was described as well as the immuno-stimulatory effects. The intention of this study was to elucidate the role of pHp in the human lungs further. Here we show, by means of confocal microscopy and immune-electron-microscopy, a clear co-localization of pHp with surfactant protein-B in lamellar bodies of alveolar epithelial cells type II. These results are underlined by immunohistochemical stainings in differently fixed human lung tissues, which show pHp in vesicular and released form. The images of the released form resemble the intended position of surfactant in the human alveolus. pHp is secreted by Alveolar epithelial cells type II as previously shown. Moreover, pHp is co-localized with Surfactant protein-B. We conclude that the presented data shows that pHp is a native part of the surfactant system in the human lung.

  18. Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene (1-HP) in environmental and occupational studies--a review

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Ase M; Mathiesen, Line; Pedersen, Marie


    -level occupational exposure to PAH it is crucial to provide knowledge on intra- and inter-individual variation in the evaluation of 1-HP. The highest contribution originates from environmental tobacco smoke, but also different country, cooking culture, and behavior influences urinary of 1-HP....

  19. Personal dosimetry in terms of HP(3): Monte Carlo and experimental studies. (United States)

    Ferrari, P; Gualdrini, G; Bedogni, R; Fantuzzi, E; Monteventi, F; Morelli, B


    Hp(3) has been defined as the operational quantity for eye lens dosimetry. Hp(3)/ka conversion coefficients were evaluated at the GSF (Germany) in a 30x30x15 cm3 4-elements ICRU slab phantom for various energies and incident angles through Monte Carlo. The ISO report 12,794 suggests to employ a PMMA water filled phantom, of the same dimensions, for dosemeter calibration in terms of Hp(3). The present paper briefly summarises the main aspects of a study carried out at ENEA-Radiation Protection Institute (Bologna, Italy) to provide practical procedures for the calibration of dosemeters in terms of Hp(3). Tabulations of a new set conversion coefficients and air kerma backscatter factors are provided as a function of energy and incident angle. The paper demonstrates that a more accurate approach to the dosimetric assessment in terms of Hp(3) could be rather simply introduced employing a reduced phantom.

  20. Global investigations of the satellite-based Fugro OmniSTAR HP service (United States)

    Pflugmacher, Andreas; Heister, Hansbert; Heunecke, Otto


    OmniSTAR is one of the world's leading suppliers of satellite-based augmentation services for onshore and offshore GNSS applications. OmniSTAR currently offers three services: VBS, HP and XP. OmniSTAR VBS is the code-based service, suitable for sub-metre positioning accuracy. The HP and XP services provide sub-decimetre accuracy, with the HP service based on a precise differential methodology and the XP service uses precise absolute positioning. The sub-decimetre HP and XP services both have distinctive convergence behaviour, and the positioning task is essentially a time-dependent process during which the accuracy of the estimated coordinates continuously improves over time. To validate the capabilities of the OmniSTAR services, and in particular the HP (High Performance) service, globally distributed measurement campaigns were performed. The results of these investigations confirm that the HP service satisfies its high accuracy specification, but only after a sufficient initialisation phase. Two kinds of disturbances can handicap HP operation: lack of GNSS observations and outages of the augmentation signal. The most serious kind of disturbance is the former. Within a few seconds the achieved convergence level is completely lost. Outages in the reception of augmentation data merely affect the relevant period of the outage - the accuracy during the outage is degraded. Only longer interruptions lead to a loss of the HP solution. When HP convergence is lost, the HP process has to be re-initialized. If there are known points (so-called “seed points”) available, a shortened “kick-start”-initialization is possible. With the aid of seed points it only takes a few minutes to restore convergence.

  1. Modeling bacterial transport in the subsurface using HP1 (United States)

    Zhang, H.; Olson, M. S.


    Bacterial infiltration through the subsurface has been studied experimentally under different conditions of interest and is dependent on a variety of physical, chemical and biological factors, such as solution chemistry, bacterial size and surface properties, and mineral surfaces etc. However, most bacterial transport studies are often not directly relevant to processes occurring in natural systems. Bacteria have been frequently detected and reported in stormwater runoff. Mixing of stormwater runoff with groundwater in the subsurface during infiltration causes changes in solution chemistry, which lead to changes in bacterial surface properties (such as zeta potential) and collector surface charge and properties. This study focuses on bacterial transport as stormwater runoff infiltrates into the subsurface. A microbial reactive transport model is developed using HP1(HYDRUS1D-PHREEQC), which accounts for changes in the physical and chemical factors that control bacterial attachment onto liquid-solid and liquid-air interfaces. Bacterial attachment efficiency to liquid-solid interfaces is considered both under unfavorable conditions, as predicted by DLVO theory and the Maxwell approach coupling both primary and secondary-minima deposition, and under favorable conditions. Bacterial attachment at the liquid-air interface is modeled using mass transfer equations, which vary with changes in the water content profile. Different scenarios are simulated to observe bacterial transport behavior in uniformly and variably unsaturated soil, under high and low surface ponding depths and with varied and constant rates of bacterial attachment. Column transport experiments have been developed to experimentally validate the microbial reactive transport model.

  2. Haplotype association between haptoglobin (Hp2 and Hp promoter SNP (A-61C may explain previous controversy of haptoglobin and malaria protection.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharon E Cox


    Full Text Available Malaria is one of the strongest recent selective pressures on the human genome, as evidenced by the high levels of varying haemoglobinopathies in human populations-despite the increased risk of mortality in the homozygous states. Previously, functional polymorphisms of Hp, coded by the co-dominant alleles Hp1 and Hp2, have been variously associated with several infectious diseases, including malaria susceptibility.Risk of a clinical malarial episode over the course of a malarial transmission season was assessed using active surveillance in a cohort of Gambian children aged 10-72 months. We report for the first time that the major haplotype for the A-61C mutant allele in the promoter of haptoglobin (Hp-an acute phase protein that clears haemoglobin released from haemolysis of red cells-is associated with protection from malarial infection in older children, (children aged >or=36 months, >500 parasites/ul and temperature >37.5 degrees C; OR = 0.42; [95% CI 0.24-0.73] p = 0.002 (lr test for interaction, or=36 months, p = 0.014. Protection was also observed using two other definitions, including temperature >37.5 degrees C, dipstick positive, plus clinical judgement of malaria blinded to dipstick result (all ages, OR = 0.48, [95% CI 0.30-0.78] p = 0.003; >or=36 months, OR = 0.31, [95% CI 0.15-0.62] p = 0.001. A similar level of protection was observed for the known protective genetic variant, sickle cell trait (HbAS.We propose that previous conflicting results between Hp phenotypes/genotypes and malaria susceptibility may be explained by differing prevalence of the A-61C SNP in the populations studied, which we found to be highly associated with the Hp2 allele. We report the -61C allele to be associated with decreased Hp protein levels (independent of Hp phenotype, confirming in vitro studies. Decreased Hp expression may lead to increased oxidant stress and increased red cell turnover, and facilitate the development of acquired immunity, similar to

  3. Preliminary assessment of Geant4 HP models and cross section libraries by reactor criticality benchmark calculations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cai, Xiao-Xiao; Llamas-Jansa, Isabel; Mullet, Steven


    to reactor modelling. Before version 9.5, Geant4 HP thermal scattering model (i.e. the S(α; β) model ) supports only three bounded isotopes, namely, H in water and polyethylene, and C in graphite. Newly supported materials include D in heavy water, O and Be in beryllium oxide, H and Zr in zirconium hydride......, U and O in uranium dioxide, Al metal, Be metal, and Fe metal. The native HP cross section library G4NDL does not include data for elements with atomic number larger than 92. Therefore, transuranic elements, which have impacts for a realistic reactor, can not be simulated by the combination of the HP...

  4. File list: Oth.Lar.05.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available Oth.Lar.05.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell dm3 TFs and others Su(var)2-HP2 Larva...e SRX287876 ...

  5. hp-HGS strategy for inverse 3D DC resistivity logging measurement simulations

    KAUST Repository

    Gajda-Zaǵorska, Ewa


    In this paper we present a twin adaptive strategy hp-HGS for solving inverse problems related to 3D DC borehole resistivity measurement simulations. The term “simulation of measurements” is widely used by the geophysical community. A quantity of interest, voltage, is measured at a receiver electrode located in the logging instrument. We use the self-adaptive goal-oriented hp-Finite Element Method (hp-FEM) computer simulations of the process of measurements in deviated wells (when the angle between the borehole and formation layers are < 90 deg). We also employ the hierarchical genetic search (HGS) algorithm to solve the inverse problem. Each individual in the population represents a single configuration of the formation layers. The evaluation of the individual is performed by solving the direct problem by means of the hp-FEM algorithm and by comparison with measured logging curve. We conclude the paper with some discussion on the parallelization of the algorithm.

  6. h-p adaptive finite element methods in computational fluid dynamics (United States)

    Oden, J. T.; Demkowicz, L.


    The principal ideas of h-p adaptive finite element methods for fluid dynamics problems are discussed. Applications include acoustics, compressible Euler and both compressible and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. Several numerical examples illustrate the presented concepts.

  7. Investigating tumor perfusion and metabolism using multiple hyperpolarized 13C compounds: HP001, pyruvate and urea

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    von Morze, Cornelius; Larson, Peder E.Z.; Hu, Simon


    The metabolically inactive hyperpolarized agents HP001 (bis-1,1-(hydroxymethyl)-[1-13C]cyclopropane-d8) and urea enable a new type of perfusion magnetic resonance imaging based on a direct signal source that is background-free. The addition of perfusion information to metabolic information obtained...... by spectroscopic imaging of hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate would be of great value in exploring the relationship between perfusion and metabolism in cancer. In preclinical normal murine and cancer model studies, we performed both dynamic multislice imaging of the specialized hyperpolarized perfusion compound HP001...... of separate dynamic HP001 imaging and copolarized pyruvate/urea imaging were compared. A strong and significant correlation (R=0.73, P=.02) detected between the urea and HP001 data confirmed the value of copolarizing urea with pyruvate for simultaneous assessment of perfusion and metabolism....

  8. The HP0256 gene product is involved in motility and cell envelope architecture of Helicobacter pylori

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Douillard, Francois P


    Abstract Background Helicobacter pylori is the causative agent for gastritis, and peptic and duodenal ulcers. The bacterium displays 5-6 polar sheathed flagella that are essential for colonisation and persistence in the gastric mucosa. The biochemistry and genetics of flagellar biogenesis in H. pylori has not been fully elucidated. Bioinformatics analysis suggested that the gene HP0256, annotated as hypothetical, was a FliJ homologue. In Salmonella, FliJ is a chaperone escort protein for FlgN and FliT, two proteins that themselves display chaperone activity for components of the hook, the rod and the filament. Results Ablation of the HP0256 gene in H. pylori significantly reduced motility. However, flagellin and hook protein synthesis was not affected in the HP0256 mutant. Transmission electron transmission microscopy revealed that the HP0256 mutant cells displayed a normal flagellum configuration, suggesting that HP0256 was not essential for assembly and polar localisation of the flagella in the cell. Interestingly, whole genome microarrays of an HP0256 mutant revealed transcriptional changes in a number of genes associated with the flagellar regulon and the cell envelope, such as outer membrane proteins and adhesins. Consistent with the array data, lack of the HP0256 gene significantly reduced adhesion and the inflammatory response in host cells. Conclusions We conclude that HP0256 is not a functional counterpart of FliJ in H. pylori. However, it is required for full motility and it is involved, possibly indirectly, in expression of outer membrane proteins and adhesins involved in pathogenesis and adhesion.

  9. Neutrophil-activating protein (HP-NAP) versus ferritin (Pfr): comparison of synthesis in Helicobacter pylori. (United States)

    Dundon, W G; Polenghi, A; Del Guidice, G; Rappuoli, R; Montecucco, C


    We recently reported that the neutrophil-activating protein (HP-NAP) of Helicobacter pylori is capable of binding iron in vitro. To more fully understand the relationship between iron and HP-NAP the synthesis of HP-NAP was compared to that of Pfr, another iron-binding protein of H. pylori. Synthesis of HP-NAP and Pfr in growing cultures of H. pylori was analysed under iron depletion and iron, copper, nickel and zinc overload. The synthesis of HP-NAP and Pfr in H. pylori was also analysed under conditions of varying pH and oxidative stress. In addition, recombinant HP-NAP and Pfr were produced in Escherichia coli to assess the contribution of the two proteins to increased survival of E. coli under heavy metal overload. Our data reveal that both HP-NAP and Pfr accumulate in the stationary phase of growth. HP-NAP synthesis is not regulated by iron depletion or overload or by the presence of copper, nickel or zinc in liquid medium and it does not confer resistance to these metals when produced in E. coli. Except for an increase in the synthesis of Pfr at pH 5.7 neither the pH or oxidative stress conditions investigated had an affect on the synthesis of either protein. An increase in Pfr synthesis was observed under iron overload and a decrease was observed under conditions of copper, nickel and zinc overload confirming previous reports. Recombinant Pfr, as well as conferring resistance to iron and copper as previously reported, also conferred resistance to zinc overload when produced in E. coli.

  10. Serum protein polymorphism in Chuetas (Majorcan Jews)--GC, A2HS, ORM, ITI and HP. (United States)

    Picornell, A; Castro, J A; Ramon, M M


    A sample of 140 Chuetas (descendants of Majorcan Jews) were typed for the GC, A2HS, ORM, ITI and HP serum proteins. Studies on ORM and ITI markers have not yet been reported in other Jewish populations. The allele frequencies obtained were: GC*1 = 0.610; A2HS*1 = 0.787; ORM*F1 = 0.339; ORM*S = 0.497; ITI*1 = 0.581; ITI*2 = 0.414; HP*2FS = 0.625; HP*1S = 0.230; HP*1F = 0.135. Some rare variants were found in polymorphic frequencies (ORM*S1 = 0.043; ORMS*S2 = 0.096; A2HS*10 = 0.015). These results have been compared with those found in other Jewish and non-Jewish European populations. The relatively high frequency of the HP*2FS allele and the presence of ORM*S1 and ORM*S2 variants in Chuetas show the Jewish origin of this population. The frequencies of GC and A2HS in Chuetas are similar to those found in other surrounding non-Jewish populations. ITI results are similar to those found in the two European populations studied. HP frequencies suggest a Spanish admixture.

  11. Development and analytical performance evaluation of FREND-SAA and FREND-Hp (United States)

    Choi, Eunha; Seong, Jihyun; Lee, Seiyoung; Han, Sunmi


    The FREND System is a portable cartridge reader, quantifying analytes by measuring laser-induced fluorescence in a single-use reagent cartridge. The objective of this study was to evaluate FREND-SAA and FREND-Hp assays. The FREND-SAA and Hp assays were standardized to the WHO and IFCC reference materials. Analytical performance studies of Precision, Linearity, Limits of Detections, Interferences, and Method Comparisons for both assays were performed according to the CLSI guidelines. Both assays demonstrated acceptable imprecision of %CV in three different levels of samples. The linearity of the assays was found to be acceptable (SAA 5 150 mg/L, Hp 30 400 mg/dL). The detection limits were 3.8 mg/L (SAA) and 10.2 mg/dL (Hp). No significant interference and no significant deviation from linearity was found in the both comparison studies. In conclusion, NanoEnTek's FREND-SAA and Hp assays represent rapid, accurate and convenient means to quantify SAA and Hp in human serum on FREND system.

  12. 75 FR 62424 - EDS, an HP Company (Re-Branded as HP-Enterprise Services) Including On-Site Workers From: Abel... (United States)


    ... Floyd and Company, Trinity Government SYS a Private Co, Verizon Network Integration Corp, Vision... Provider Inc., Teksystems, The Experts Inc., TM Floyd and Company, Trinity Government SYS a Private Co... Company (Re-Branded as HP--Enterprise Services) Including On-Site Workers From: Abel Personnel Inc...

  13. Lambton generating station's experience with HP turbine copper deposition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Caravaggio, M. [Lambton Generating Station, Ontario Power Generation Inc., Courtright, ON (Canada)


    This paper covers the understanding developed from, as well as the timeline and techniques that were used to address, rapid, dramatic HP turbine performance losses associated with copper deposition on two of four 500 MW coal-fired drum units at Ontario power generation's (OPG's) Lambton generating station (GS) over the last three years. The two affected units both had greater than 20 MW de-rates caused by copper deposition and 5-10% losses in HP cylinder efficiency during the period. On one unit the HP cylinder was being replaced by a dense pack HP turbine (decision made prior to identifying the copper deposition issue), and on the other unit a physical clean of the turbine was opted for, with additional study being conducted for possible chemical cleans in the future. This paper outlines Lambton's current understanding of the copper transport cycle through a drum type boiler (based on industry literature and OPG/Lambton GS operating experience), as well as Lambton's experiences to date with the solutions chosen for addressing HP turbine copper deposition. (orig.)

  14. P-27/HP endolysin as antibacterial agent for antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus of human infections. (United States)

    Gupta, Ragini; Prasad, Yogendra


    Staphylococcus aureus causes a wide range of suppurative infections in humans and animals. Due to its high virulence, ability to adopt various environmental conditions, and acquired multiple drug resistance, treatment of such infections has become difficult. Therefore, there is an immense need to develop alternate drug modalities to control this pathogen. In past few years, phage-encoded endolysin therapy has emerged as a new hope not only due to its ability to specifically kill the target bacteria irrespective of their antibiotic sensitivity but also because of minimum or no side effects, a problem associated with antibiotic therapy. In this article, we report purification of a broad spectrum anti-staphylococcal endolysin (P-27/HP endolysin) encoded by phage P-27/HP isolated from sewage water. On SDS-PAGE endolysin resolved in three polypeptides of molecular weights 33.5, 48.6, and 62.2 kDa. Endolysin exhibited maximum in vitro lytic activity at temperature between 35 and 40°C and pH 7.0. In vivo experiments revealed considerable (99.9%) elimination of S. aureus 27/HP from spleens of endolysin-treated mice and had saved them from death due to bacteremia caused by S. aureus 27/HP challenge infection. Thus, P-27/HP endolysin offers suitable substitute of antibiotics to control S. aureus infections.

  15. Ada Compiler Validation Summary Report. Certificate Number: 891019W1. 10178, Hewlett Packard Company HP 9000 Series 800 Ada Compiler, Version 4.35 HP 9000 Series 800 Model 850. Completion of On-Site Testing: 19 October 1989 (United States)


    34 HPC * HP Pascal " HP FORTRAN 77 for HP 9000 Series 800 computers Compiler products from vendors other than Hewlett-Packard may not conform to the...maximum number of elements needed U-SIZE: constant := U size; -- Subsitute U’SIZE here -- The constant U SIZE should also be: -- 1. a multiple of two... product does not support the association of an HP-UX signal such as SIGINT with an Ada procedure or a task entry. The signal must be handled inside an

  16. Fluence to Hp(3) conversion coefficients for neutrons from thermal to 15 MeV. (United States)

    Gualdrini, G; Ferrari, P; Tanner, R


    The recent statement on tissue reactions issued by the International Commission on Radiological Protection in April 2011 recommends a very significant reduction in the equivalent dose annual limit for the eye lens from 150 to 20 mSv y(-1); this has stimulated a lot of interest in eye lens dosimetry in the radiation protection community. Until now no conversion coefficients were available for the operational quantity Hp(3) for neutrons. The scope of the present work was to extend previous evaluations of H*(10) and Hp(10) performed at the PTB in 1995 to provide also Hp(3) data for neutrons. The present work is also intended to complete the studies carried out on photons during the last 4 y within the European Union-funded ORAMED (optimisation of radiation protection for medical staff) project.

  17. The Spectral/hp-Finite Element Method for Partial Differential Equations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engsig-Karup, Allan Peter


    This set of lecture notes provides an elementary introduction to both the classical Finite Element Method (FEM) and the extended Spectral/$hp$-Finite Element Method for solving Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). Many problems in science and engineering can be formulated mathematically...... independently. The original set of course notes has been modified and updated and additional chapters describing the high-order extensions to form the Spectral/$hp$-Finite Element Method have been included. Thus the significant contributions of Chapters 1, 2 and 5 covering the classical Finite Element Method...... are in large parts due to V. A. Barker and J. Reffstrup. With this set of lecture notes it should be possible for the reader to make a Spectral/$hp$-FEM toolbox in successive steps with the support given in the text. Emphasis is on the practical details supported with basic and sufficient theory to build...

  18. HP0197 contributes to CPS synthesis and the virulence of Streptococcus suis via CcpA.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anding Zhang

    Full Text Available Streptococcus suis serotype 2 (SS2, a major swine pathogen and an emerging zoonotic agent, has greatly challenged global public health. The encoding proteins with unknown functions the bacterium encodes are an obstruction to studies of the pathogenesis. A novel surface protective antigen HP0197 is one of these proteins which have no sequence homology to any known protein. In the present study, the protein was determined to be involved in bacterial virulence through an evaluation of the isogenic mutant (Δhp0197 in both mice and pigs. The experimental infection also indicated that Δhp0197 could be cleared easily during infection, which could be attributed to the reduced thickness of the capsular polysaccharides (CPS and the significantly reduced phagocytotic resistance. Microarrays-based comparative transcriptome analysis suggested that the suppressed expression of the operon responsible for CPS synthesis might be reversed by CcpA activity, which controlled global regulation of carbon catabolite through the binding of the CcpA and HPr-Ser-46-P to the catabolite-responsive elements (cre of the target operons. The hypothesis was approved by the fact that the purified FLAG-tagged HPr from WT stain exhibited a higher binding activity to cre with CcpA compared to the Δhp0197 by the Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay, suggesting lower level of phosphorylation of the phosphocarrier protein HPr at residue Ser-46 (HPr-Ser-46P in Δhp0197. These indicated that HP0197 could enhance CcpA activity to control the expression of genes involved in carbohydrate utilization and CPS synthesis, thus contributing to the virulence of S. suis.

  19. A catalytic antibody heavy chain HpU-2 degrading its epitope peptide and H. pylori urease. (United States)

    Hifumi, Emi; Yamada, Yukiko; Uda, Taizo


    The HpU-2 monoclonal antibody (mAb) raised against Helicobacter pylori urease mainly recognized the alpha-subunit of the urease. On the other hand, the heavy chain of HpU-2 mAb (HpU-2-H) isolated from the parent mAb recognized both the alpha- and beta-subunit, in which the beta-subunit was recognized more strongly than the beta-subunit. HpU-2-H cleaved a peptide, SVELIDIGGNRRIFGFNALVD, which is the epitope sequence recognized by HpU-2 mAb, showing a double-phase reaction profile at 25 degrees C in a phosphate buffer. After an induction time of 24h, the cleavage of the peptide was initiated by HpU-2-H at a high rate and it was completed at 80 h of incubation. By mass spectroscopy, two main fragmented peptides, SVELIDIGGNRR and SVELIDIGGNRRIFG, were identified. In addition, many small peptide fragments were produced by successive cleavage of the fragmented peptides. Cleavage tests for H. pylori urease by HpU-2-H revealed that the beta-subunit of the urease was cleaved first and completely decomposed at 20 h of incubation. Cleavage of the alpha-subunit started after the complete decomposition of the beta-subunit. These cleavage results were in good agreement with the immunological features of HpU-2-H. The irrelevant proteins, BSA and HSA, were hardly cleaved by HpU-2-H.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ni Wayan Sri Ariyani


    Full Text Available Nowadays notebook is not a luxurious thing any more, but has been one of  the things that should be obligatorily owned by high school student, university student, and practitioners. The competition among the notebooks has been getting tight. The reason is that they have been produced with almost similar attributes, qualities, and design but different prices. This study aims at (1 identifying the similarity between the notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp and those produced by its competitors such as, IBM, Sony, Acer and Toshiba, (2 identifying the consumers perception of the notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp and of those produced by its competitors, (3 identifying what is the superiority of the notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp compared with the superiority of those produced by its competitors, and (4 identifying what strategy is relevant in strengthening the positioning of the notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp. The samples were determined by purposive sampling, and the respondents employed totaled 100 spreading over Denpasar City. To achieve maximum result, Multi Dimensional Scaling (MDS was applied as the instrument of analysis to identify the similarity among the notebooks and Correspondence Analysis (CA was employed as the instrument of analysis to identify the superiority of each variable of every notebook. The result of the study show that the notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp is perceived to resemble those produced by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. This means that the notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp competes against those produced by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba, and that it does not compete against that produced by Acer. The notebook produced by Hewlett Packard (hp is superior in the variables of product varieties, post sales, distribution channels, and promotion. The notebook produced by IBM superior in the variable product quality, while that produced by Sony is superior in the variable of product  design

  1. The next step in coastal numerical models: spectral/hp element methods?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eskilsson, Claes; Engsig-Karup, Allan Peter; Sherwin, Spencer J.


    In this paper we outline the application of spectral/hp element methods for modelling nonlinear and dispersive waves. We present one- and two-dimensional test cases for the shallow water equations and Boussinesqtype equations – including highly dispersive Boussinesq-type equations.......In this paper we outline the application of spectral/hp element methods for modelling nonlinear and dispersive waves. We present one- and two-dimensional test cases for the shallow water equations and Boussinesqtype equations – including highly dispersive Boussinesq-type equations....



    Lorena Lazo, Paul; Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos; Ruiz Lizama, Edgar; Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos


    The article presents a program in C++ language that emulates the behavior of a HP 48G calculator. For this, we use the concepts that the paradigm of the programming oriented to objects and battery algorithms for the polish notation provide. In the implementation of the program a Borland C++ 4.5 Compiler was used. El artículo presenta un programa en lenguaje C++ que emula el comportamiento de la calculadora HP 48G. Para ello se utiliza los conceptos que provee el paradigma de la programació...

  3. 210-HP Diesel Engine Endurance and Performance Testing with Fire Resistant Diesel Fuel (United States)


    containing 10.4 percent volume water. The specific fuel comsumption increased to 23.91 percent when the engine ran at the end of the 400-hour test with...Motor The motor which drives the pumps is manufactured by Reliance Electric Company. The motor’s performance specifications are as follows: 1.5 hp...BARREL BARRELS ON-OFF MANUAL SHUT-OFF VALVES 11 /OF2WAE 1 1/2 HP PUMP PUMP SURFACTANT PUMP ELECTRIC MOTOR 220/240 VAC 1 P M MICROMETER DIALS PRESSURE

  4. HP-67 calculator programs for thermodynamic data and phase diagram calculations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brewer, L.


    This report is a supplement to a tabulation of the thermodynamic and phase data for the 100 binary systems of Mo with the elements from H to Lr. The calculations of thermodynamic data and phase equilibria were carried out from 5000/sup 0/K to low temperatures. This report presents the methods of calculation used. The thermodynamics involved is rather straightforward and the reader is referred to any advanced thermodynamic text. The calculations were largely carried out using an HP-65 programmable calculator. In this report, those programs are reformulated for use with the HP-67 calculator; great reduction in the number of programs required to carry out the calculation results.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Corrêa de Lacerda Neto


    Full Text Available Changes in venous blood pH, pCO2, pO2, HCO-3 and cBase, and in serum concentrations of sodium, potassium, ionized calcium and chloride were studied in eight Arabian horses during endurance ride of 60km, with controlled speed of 12km/h-. The blood samples were collected prior to the beginning (M0 of the exercise, immediately after the ride (M1 and one hour after the ride (M2, with the animals resting. Immediately after the end of the exercise (M1 the animals presented higher values for pH which, added to the increase of cHCO3- and cBase, characterized the metabolic alkalosis, probably due to losses of chloride ions in the sweat. The metabolic changes observed in M1 were quickly corrected by respiratory changes, characterized by increased pCO2 or hypoventilation. Additionally, the horses presented dehydration, hypocalcemia and hypokalemia. The metabolic disturbances observed were not associated with clinical changes.

    KEY WORDS: Acid-base, electrolytes, endurance, equine
    Avaliaram-se as alterações do pH, pCO2, pO2, HCO-3 e da cBase do sangue venoso e das concentrações séricas de sódio, potássio, cálcio ionizado e cloreto de oito cavalos adultos da raça Árabe, durante prova de enduro de 60 km de extensão, com velocidade média de 12km h-1. As amostras de sangue foram coletadas antes do início da prova (M0, imediatamente após o seu término (M1 e sessenta minutos após a realização da prova (M2, com os animais já em repouso. Imediatamente após o término do exercício (M1, os animais apresentaram aumento nos valores do pH o qual, associado ao aumento da cHCO3- e da cBase, caracterizou a alcalose metabólica, que teve como provável origem a perda de cloro no suor. As alterações metabólicas observadas no M1 foram rapidamente corrigidas por modificações respiratórias, caracterizadas pelo aumento da pCO2 ou hipoventilação. Adicionalmente, apresentaram desidratação, hipocalemia e hipocalcemia. Não se

  6. Parâmetros bioquímicos de equinos submetidos à simulação de prova de enduro recebendo dietas com adição de óleo de soja Biochemical parameters of horses submitted to an endurance simulation receiving diets with soybean oil addition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberta Ariboni Brandi


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de verificar o efeito da adição de níveis crescentes de óleo no concentrado sobre a atividade plasmática das enzimas creatina quinase (CK, aspartato aminotransferase (AST e lactato desidrogenase (LDH como indicativo de metabolismo energético, foram fornecidas dietas experimentais compostas de cinco níveis de óleo (controle, 6, 12, 18 e 24% do concentrado. Utilizaram-se 20 equinos da raça Árabe, peso médio de 400 kg, submetidos a prova de enduro de 80 km em esteira rolante. O enduro foi dividido em quatro anéis de 20 km, com duração média de 1 hora e dez minutos. A adição de óleo e a distância percorrida tiveram efeitos sobre as variáveis AST, CK e LDH, que apresentaram as respectivas expressões: AST (7,045-0,2292x+0,007991x2+0,008517z- 0,0003282xz, CK (8,06-,07020x+0,05546x2-0,001262x3+0,01204z+0,0006207xz e LDH (6,624-0,3522x+0,03448x2-0,0008382x3+0,02401z-0,0007489xz . O óleo é uma importante e bem aproveitada fonte de energia para equinos em exercício, pois sua adição na dieta de animais submetidos a prova de enduro promoveu alteração metabólica que favorece a produção de energia. O metabolismo animal poupou suas reservas energéticas oriundas da glicose, favorecendo a utilização do óleo. A menor atividade plasmática das enzimas AST, CK e LDH com a adição de óleo nas dietas indica direcionamento do metabolismo energético para a β-oxidação. Como apresentam várias isoenzimas, as enzimas estudadas atuam amplamente no metabolismo energético, favorecendo a constante reposição de ATP ao longo do exercício.The objective of this study was to verify the effect of increasing soybean oil addition levels in the concentrate, on the enzymatic activity CK (Creatine Kinase, LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase, AST (Astarte aminostrafase, as an indication of energetic metabolism. Compond experimental diets were given with five oil levels (control, 6, 12, 18 and 24% concentrate. Twenty Arabian equines

  7. Study of the inclusion interaction of HP-γ-cyclodextrin with bupropion and its analytical application (United States)

    Misiuk, Wieslawa; Jasiuk, Emilia


    Inclusion complex formation between bupropion (BUP) and hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin (HP-γ-CD) was studied by Fourier transformation infrared (FT-IR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and UV spectroscopy. The main factors affecting inclusion interaction were discussed in detail. The inclusion complex of bupropion and hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin was studied at pH 5 in aqueous phase. Stoichiometry of the complex was found to be 1:1 and apparent formation constant (log K) was determined as 3.54 ± 0.01, suggesting a tendency of the drug to enter HP-γ-CD cavity. All obtained information proved the formation of BUP/HP-γ-CD inclusion complex. A significant enhancement of absorption intensity of bupropion in presence of HP-γ-CD was shown. Due to the property a sensitive spectrophotometric method was elaborated for determination of active substance in bulk solution. At optimum experimental conditions, a linear relationship between absorbance and concentration of bupropion is observed in range of 4-60 μg mL-1 with limit detection of 0.32 μg mL-1 and correlation coefficient of 0.9991. The proposed method was applied successfully to the determination of BUP in pharmaceutical preparations and the results were satisfactory in comparison to official method.

  8. Developing Consensus on the CompHP Professional Standards for Health Promotion in Europe (United States)

    Speller, Viv; Parish, Richard; Davison, Heather; Zilnyk, Anna


    Building on the CompHP Core Competencies for health promotion the Professional Standards for Health Promotion have been developed and consulted on across Europe. The standards were formulated to fit within the complexity of professional, occupational and educational standards frameworks in Europe as learning outcome standards with performance…

  9. 78 FR 48468 - Hewlett Packard Company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Unit, EG HP Storage, Enterprise... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Hewlett Packard Company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Unit, EG... behalf of workers of Hewlett Packard Company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Unit, EG HP Storage...

  10. Polymorphism of serum proteins (C3, BF, HP and TF) of six populations in Colombia. (United States)

    Bernal, J E; Sarmiento, P; Briceno, I; Papiha, S S


    Five hundred and eighty-five serum samples from six populations in Colombia (Baranoa, Choco, Uitoto Indians, Subachoque, Pasto and Urban Bogotan) were investigated for four genetic markers. For the HP, C3 and BF systems but not for TF there is a wide range of gene frequency variation and these differences are compared with those in the few previous studies.

  11. Critical Success Factors in Crafting Strategic Architecture for E-Learning at HP University (United States)

    Sharma, Kunal; Pandit, Pallvi; Pandit, Parul


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to outline the critical success factors for crafting a strategic architecture for e-learning at HP University. Design/methodology/approach: A descriptive survey type of research design was used. An empirical study was conducted on students enrolled with the International Centre for Distance and Open Learning…

  12. Mechanisms of continental subduction and exhumation of HP and UHP rocks

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Burov, Evgene; Francois, Thomas; Yamato, Philippe; Wolf, Sylvie

    We discuss possible scenarios of continental collision, and their relation to mechanisms of exhumation of HP and UHP rocks, inferred from thermo-mechanical numerical models accounting for thermo-rheological complexity of the continental lithosphere. Due to this complexity, mechanisms of continental

  13. HP-Xe to go: Storage and Transportation of Hyperpolarized 129-Xe

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Repetto, M.; Zimmer, S.; Almendinger, F.; Blümler, P.; Doll, M.; Grasdijk, J.O.; Heil, W.; Jungmann, K.; Karpuk, S.; Krause, H.-J.; Offenhaeusser, A.; Schmidt, U.; Sobolev, Y.; Willmann, L.


    Recently the spin-lattice relaxation time T1 of hyperpolarized (HP)-129Xe was significantly improved by using uncoated and Rb-free storage vessels of GE180 glass. For these cells, a simple procedure was established to obtain reproducible wall relaxation times of about 18 h. Then the limiting

  14. 75 FR 3418 - Airworthiness Directives; British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1... (United States)


    ... Directives; British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1, Jetstream Series 200, Jetstream... Service Information BAE Systems (Operations) Limited has issued British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100 & 3200 Service Bulletin No. 32-JA020741, dated November 2, 2002; British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100...

  15. Stability estimates for h-p spectral element methods for general ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    be noted that the method is assymptotically faster then the h-p finite element method. For problems with mixed boundary conditions we cannot use this stability theorem to parallelize our method since the factor in the stability estimate can grow as M4. To get around this problem we make the spectral element functions ...

  16. Helicobacter pylori HP1034 (ylxH) is required for motility

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Amsterdam, Karin; van der Ende, Arie


    Background. Helicobacter pylori motility is essential for the colonization and persistence in the human gastric mucosa. So far, more than 50 genes have been described to play a role in flagellar biosynthesis. H. pylori YlxH (HP1034) is annotated as an ATP-binding protein. However, H. pylori YlxH

  17. ViSION: a CERN openlab R&D partnership with HP on SDN

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Video Productions


    CERN Communications Systems Group Leader Jean-Michel Jouanigot shares an inside view on the CERN openlab ViSION (Virtual Services In Openflow Networks) project, an R&D collaboration with HP on SDN to develop an application to orchestrate network traffic.

  18. GALILEO: un nuovo server HP SuperDome per il calcolo parallelo al CILEA


    Arlandini, Claudio


    Il CILEA potenzia il suo parco macchine per il calcolo parallelo ad alte prestazioni con un server HP Superdome a 64 processori, e 64GB di memoria centrale. Questa acquisizione conferma il CILEA tra le più importanti realtà del supercalcolo europeo.

  19. New approach to calculate the true-coincidence effect of HpGe detector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alnour, I. A., E-mail:, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, International University of Africa, 12223 Khartoum (Sudan); Wagiran, H. [Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Skudai,Johor (Malaysia); Ibrahim, N. [Faculty of Defence Science and Technology, National Defence University of Malaysia, Kem Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Hamzah, S.; Elias, M. S. [Malaysia Nuclear Agency (MNA), Bangi, 43000 Kajang, Selangor D.E. (Malaysia); Siong, W. B. [Chemistry Department, Faculty of Resource Science & Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak (Malaysia)


    The corrections for true-coincidence effects in HpGe detector are important, especially at low source-to-detector distances. This work established an approach to calculate the true-coincidence effects experimentally for HpGe detectors of type Canberra GC3018 and Ortec GEM25-76-XLB-C, which are in operation at neutron activation analysis lab in Malaysian Nuclear Agency (NM). The correction for true-coincidence effects was performed close to detector at distances 2 and 5 cm using {sup 57}Co, {sup 60}Co, {sup 133}Ba and {sup 137}Cs as standard point sources. The correction factors were ranged between 0.93-1.10 at 2 cm and 0.97-1.00 at 5 cm for Canberra HpGe detector; whereas for Ortec HpGe detector ranged between 0.92-1.13 and 0.95-100 at 2 and 5 cm respectively. The change in efficiency calibration curve of the detector at 2 and 5 cm after correction was found to be less than 1%. Moreover, the polynomial parameters functions were simulated through a computer program, MATLAB in order to find an accurate fit to the experimental data points.

  20. On optimal node and polynomial degree distribution in one-dimensional hp -FEM

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Chleboun, J.; Šolín, Pavel


    Roč. 95, č. 1 (2013), s. 75-88 ISSN 1436-5057 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP105/10/1682 Institutional support: RVO:61388998 Keywords : hp * boundary value problem * optimal mesh Subject RIV: JM - Building Engineering

  1. Stability estimates for h-p spectral element methods for elliptic ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    Stability estimates for h-p spectral element methods for elliptic problems. PRAVIR DUTT, SATYENDRA TOMAR. ∗ and. B V RATHISH KUMAR. Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208 016, India. ∗. Present address: Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Mathematical Physics and.

  2. One step ahead of technology Cern and HP - an ideal team project

    CERN Multimedia

    Garvey, Kelsey


    "In 2004, the It team at Cern recognized the comprehensiveness and future of the LHC Computing Grid Project and realized that the IT infrastructures were not sufficient enough to manage the data. Cern therefore partnered with HP ProCurve the following year to minimize the day-to-day workload and improve infrastructure for data output" (1 page)

  3. Microstructure of Magnesium alloy AZ91-HP cast in permanent and non-permanent moulds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tiedje, Niels; Sørensen, Rasmus Kirkegaard; Albachari, Sami


    Casting of different geometries were made with AZ91-HP in different moulding media, so that a range of cooling conditions were obtained. Cooling curves were measured and compared to the microstructures found in the castings. It was shown that segregation in the alloy is highly dependent on cooling...

  4. On Adjusting the H-P Filter for the Frequency of Observations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Uhlig, H.F.H.V.S.; Ravn, M.


    This paper studies how the HP-Filter should be adjusted, when changing the frequency of observations. The usual choices in the literature are to adjust the smoothing parameter by multiplying it with either the square of the observation frequency ratios or simply with the observation frequency. In

  5. LEO to GEO (and Beyond) Transfers Using High Power Solar Electric Propulsion (HP-SEP) (United States)

    Loghry, Christopher S.; Oleson, Steven R.; Woytach, Jeffrey M.; Martini, Michael C.; Smith, David A.; Fittje, James E.; Gyekenyesi, John Z.; Colozza, Anthony J.; Fincannon, James; Bogner, Aimee; hide


    Rideshare, or Multi-Payload launch configurations, are becoming more and more commonplace but access to space is only one part of the overall mission needs. The ability for payloads to achieve their target orbits or destinations can still be difficult and potentially not feasible with on-board propulsion limitations. The High Power Solar Electric Propulsion (HP-SEP) Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV) provides transfer capabilities for both large and small payload in excess of what is possible with chemical propulsion. Leveraging existing secondary payload adapter technology like the ESPA provides a platform to support Multi-Payload launch and missions. When coupled with HP-SEP, meaning greater than 30 kW system power, very large delta-V maneuvers can be accomplished. The HP-SEP OMV concept is designed to perform a Low Earth Orbit to Geosynchronous Orbit (LEO-GEO) transfer of up to six payloads each with 300kg mass. The OMV has enough capability to perform this 6 kms maneuver and have residual capacity to extend an additional transfer from GEO to Lunar orbit. This high deltaV capability is achieved using state of the art 12.5kW Hall Effect Thrusters (HET) coupled with high power roll up solar arrays. The HP-SEP OMV also provides a demonstration platform for other SEP technologies such as advanced Power Processing Units (PPU), Xenon Feed Systems (XFS), and other HET technologies. The HP-SEP OMV platform can be leveraged for other missions as well such as interplanetary science missions and applications for resilient space architectures.

  6. A parallel direct solver for the self-adaptive hp Finite Element Method

    KAUST Repository

    Paszyński, Maciej R.


    In this paper we present a new parallel multi-frontal direct solver, dedicated for the hp Finite Element Method (hp-FEM). The self-adaptive hp-FEM generates in a fully automatic mode, a sequence of hp-meshes delivering exponential convergence of the error with respect to the number of degrees of freedom (d.o.f.) as well as the CPU time, by performing a sequence of hp refinements starting from an arbitrary initial mesh. The solver constructs an initial elimination tree for an arbitrary initial mesh, and expands the elimination tree each time the mesh is refined. This allows us to keep track of the order of elimination for the solver. The solver also minimizes the memory usage, by de-allocating partial LU factorizations computed during the elimination stage of the solver, and recomputes them for the backward substitution stage, by utilizing only about 10% of the computational time necessary for the original computations. The solver has been tested on 3D Direct Current (DC) borehole resistivity measurement simulations problems. We measure the execution time and memory usage of the solver over a large regular mesh with 1.5 million degrees of freedom as well as on the highly non-regular mesh, generated by the self-adaptive h p-FEM, with finite elements of various sizes and polynomial orders of approximation varying from p = 1 to p = 9. From the presented experiments it follows that the parallel solver scales well up to the maximum number of utilized processors. The limit for the solver scalability is the maximum sequential part of the algorithm: the computations of the partial LU factorizations over the longest path, coming from the root of the elimination tree down to the deepest leaf. © 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Identification and characterization of a nuclear localization signal of TRIM28 that overlaps with the HP1 box

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moriyama, Tetsuji; Sangel, Percival [Laboratory of Nuclear Transport Dynamics, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka 567-0085 (Japan); Yamaguchi, Hiroki [School of Medicine, Osaka University, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan); Obuse, Chikashi [Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 001-0021 (Japan); Miyamoto, Yoichi [Laboratory of Nuclear Transport Dynamics, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka 567-0085 (Japan); Oka, Masahiro, E-mail: [Laboratory of Nuclear Transport Dynamics, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka 567-0085 (Japan); Laboratory of Biomedical Innovation, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan); Yoneda, Yoshihiro, E-mail: [National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka 567-0085 (Japan); Laboratory of Biomedical Innovation, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan)


    Tripartite motif-containing 28 (TRIM28) is a transcription regulator, which forms a repressor complex containing heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1). Here, we report identification of a nuclear localization signal (NLS) within the 462-494 amino acid region of TRIM28 that overlaps with its HP1 binding site, HP1 box. GST-pulldown experiments revealed the interaction of the arginine-rich TRIM28 NLS with various importin α subtypes (α1, α2 and α4). In vitro transport assay demonstrated that nuclear localization of GFP-TRIM28 NLS is mediated by importin αs, in conjunction with importin β1 and Ran. Further, we demonstrated that HP1 and importin αs compete for binding to TRIM28. Together, our findings suggest that importin α has an essential role in the nuclear delivery and preferential HP1 interaction of TRIM28. - Highlights: • TRIM28 contains an NLS within the 462-494 amino acid region. • The nuclear import of TRIM28 is mediated by importin α/importin β1. • TRIM28 NLS overlaps with HP1 Box. • HP1 and importin α compete for binding to TRIM28.

  8. HP30-2, a mitochondrial PRAT protein for import of signal sequence-less precursor proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana. (United States)

    Rossig, Claudia; Gray, John; Valdes, Oscar; Rustgi, Sachin; von Wettstein, Diter; Reinbothe, Christiane; Reinbothe, Steffen


    Chloroplasts and mitochondria contain a family of putative preprotein and amino acid transporters designated PRAT. Here, we analyzed the role of two previously characterized PRAT protein family members, encoded by At3g49560 (HP30) and At5g24650 (HP30-2), in planta using a combination of genetic, cell biological and biochemical approaches. Expression studies and green fluorescent protein tagging identified HP30-2 both in chloroplasts and mitochondria, whereas HP30 was located exclusively in chloroplasts. Biochemical evidence was obtained for an association of mitochondrial HP30-2 with two distinct protein complexes, one containing the inner membrane translocase TIM22 and the other containing an alternative NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit (NDC1) implicated in a respiratory complex 1-like electron transport chain. Through its association with TIM22, HP30-2 is involved in the uptake of carrier proteins and other, hydrophobic membrane proteins lacking cleavable NH2 -terminal presequences, whereas HP30-2's interaction with NDC1 may permit controlling mitochondrial biogenesis and activity. © 2017 Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  9. Single-molecule kinetic analysis of HP1-chromatin binding reveals a dynamic network of histone modification and DNA interactions. (United States)

    Bryan, Louise C; Weilandt, Daniel R; Bachmann, Andreas L; Kilic, Sinan; Lechner, Carolin C; Odermatt, Pascal D; Fantner, Georg E; Georgeon, Sandrine; Hantschel, Oliver; Hatzimanikatis, Vassily; Fierz, Beat


    Chromatin recruitment of effector proteins involved in gene regulation depends on multivalent interaction with histone post-translational modifications (PTMs) and structural features of the chromatin fiber. Due to the complex interactions involved, it is currently not understood how effectors dynamically sample the chromatin landscape. Here, we dissect the dynamic chromatin interactions of a family of multivalent effectors, heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) proteins, using single-molecule fluorescence imaging and computational modeling. We show that the three human HP1 isoforms are recruited and retained on chromatin by a dynamic exchange between histone PTM and DNA bound states. These interactions depend on local chromatin structure, the HP1 isoforms as well as on PTMs on HP1 itself. Of the HP1 isoforms, HP1α exhibits the longest residence times and fastest binding rates due to DNA interactions in addition to PTM binding. HP1α phosphorylation further increases chromatin retention through strengthening of multivalency while reducing DNA binding. As DNA binding in combination with specific PTM recognition is found in many chromatin effectors, we propose a general dynamic capture mechanism for effector recruitment. Multiple weak protein and DNA interactions result in a multivalent interaction network that targets effectors to a specific chromatin modification state, where their activity is required. © The Author(s) 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Nucleic Acids Research.

  10. Fuzzy physical programming for Space Manoeuvre Vehicles trajectory optimization based on hp-adaptive pseudospectral method (United States)

    Chai, Runqi; Savvaris, Al; Tsourdos, Antonios


    In this paper, a fuzzy physical programming (FPP) method has been introduced for solving multi-objective Space Manoeuvre Vehicles (SMV) skip trajectory optimization problem based on hp-adaptive pseudospectral methods. The dynamic model of SMV is elaborated and then, by employing hp-adaptive pseudospectral methods, the problem has been transformed to nonlinear programming (NLP) problem. According to the mission requirements, the solutions were calculated for each single-objective scenario. To get a compromised solution for each target, the fuzzy physical programming (FPP) model is proposed. The preference function is established with considering the fuzzy factor of the system such that a proper compromised trajectory can be acquired. In addition, the NSGA-II is tested to obtain the Pareto-optimal solution set and verify the Pareto optimality of the FPP solution. Simulation results indicate that the proposed method is effective and feasible in terms of dealing with the multi-objective skip trajectory optimization for the SMV.

  11. Genetic polymorphism of AHSG, FXIIIB, HP and PLG serum proteins in six Jewish groups in Israel. (United States)

    Cleve, H; Nevo, S; Oppong-Nketiah, M; Schröder, M; Cleve, B; Nabulsi, A J; Chopra, V


    The allelic distribution of the polymorphic serum proteins AHSG, PLG, FXIIIB and HP was studied in six Jewish groups who migrated to Israel from the Middle East, North Africa, Rumania, Bulgaria, Central and Eastern Europe. The observed AHSG and PLG allele frequencies in these Jewish groups were more or less similar to the observed distributions in non-Jewish populations from their respective areas of origin, while FXIIIB and HP frequencies were similar to those in European populations. Therefore, no uniform pattern of genetic relationships between the Jewish groups was observed. A genetic distance analysis including comparative data from Europe and the Middle East reflected differences between the Jewish groups according to their areas of origin.

  12. Testování a test reporting v nástroji HP ALM


    Hoffmann, Patrik


    Bachelor thesis is devoted to detailed analysis of an issue of software testing, test reporting and quality assurance which is an integral part of software development. The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate on the importance of test reporting and report creation in HP Application Lifecycle Management tool. Expected contribution of this thesis is the possibility to utilize the information included as a tutorial for report and dashboard creation as a supportive role for tes...

  13. Pengukuran Tekanan Udara Menggunakan Dt-sense Barometric Presure Berbasis Sensor Hp03


    Yulkifli, Yulkifli; Asrizal, Asrizal; Ardi, Ruci


    This research has successfully designed an instrument to measure air pressure, namely, DT-Sense Barometric Pressure and Temperature (DT-SBPT). DT-SBPT is a smart sensor module on the basis of HP03 sensor. Data were collected using direct and indirect measurement. Direct measurement was done toward air pressure. Indirect measurement, however, was applied to determine the exact and accuracy of the measurement of air pressure. Data were analyzed by using two ways, namely statistic and graphic wa...

  14. Substructuring preconditioners for an h-p domain decomposition method with interior penalty mortaring

    KAUST Repository

    Antonietti, P. F.


    We propose and study an iterative substructuring method for an h-p Nitsche-type discretization, following the original approach introduced in Bramble et al. Math. Comp. 47(175):103–134, (1986) for conforming methods. We prove quasi-optimality with respect to the mesh size and the polynomial degree for the proposed preconditioner. Numerical experiments assess the performance of the preconditioner and verify the theory. © 2014, Springer-Verlag Italia.

  15. Investigation of the $^{8}$Li($^{2}$H,p)$^{9}$Li Reaction at REX-ISOLDE

    CERN Multimedia


    We propose to investigate the $^{8}$Li($^{2}$H,p )$^{9}$Li reaction at REX-ISOLDE. The main aim is to test a recently found discrepancy in extracted spectroscopic factors for this reaction. As a byproduct we will obtain improved data relevant for predictions of the $^{8}$Li(n,$\\gamma$)$^{9}$Li rate in inhomogeneous nucleosynthesis. For the full experiment including beam tuning and background measurements we ask for 13 shifts.

  16. Simulation of marine controlled source electromagnetic measurements using a parallel fourier hp-finite element method


    Pardo D.; Nam M.J.; Torres-Verdín C.; Hoversten M.G.; Garay Iñ.


    We introduce a new numerical method to simulate geophysical marine controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) measurements for the case of 2D structures and finite 3D sources of electromagnetic (EM) excitation. The method of solution is based on a spatial discretization that combines a 1D Fourier transform with a 2D self-adaptive, goal-oriented, hp-Finite element method. It enables fast and accurate simulations for a variety of important, challenging and practical cases of marine CSEM acquisiti...

  17. The TIF1β-HP1 System Maintains Transcriptional Integrity of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Satoru Miyagi


    Full Text Available TIF1β is a transcriptional corepressor that recruits repressive chromatin modifiers to target genes. Its biological function and physiological targets in somatic stem cells remain largely unknown. Here, we show that TIF1β is essential for the maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs. Deletion of Tif1b in mice induced active cycling and apoptosis of HSCs and promoted egression of HSCs from the bone marrow, leading to rapid depletion of HSCs. Strikingly, Tif1b-deficient HSCs showed a strong trend of ectopic expression of nonhematopoietic genes. Levels of heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1α, β and γ proteins, which form a complex with TIF1β, were significantly reduced in the absence of TIF1β and depletion of HP1 recapitulated a part of the phenotypes of Tif1b-deficient HSCs. These results demonstrate that the TIF1β-HP1 system functions as a critical repressive machinery that targets genes not normally activated in the hematopoietic compartment, thereby maintaining the transcriptional signature specific to HSCs.

  18. Quaternionic soliton equations from Hamiltonian curve flows in HP{sup n}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anco, Stephen C; Asadi, Esmaeel [Department of Mathematics, Brock University, St Catharines, ON (Canada)], E-mail:, E-mail:


    A bi-Hamiltonian hierarchy of quaternion soliton equations is derived from geometric non-stretching flows of curves in the quaternionic projective space HP{sup n}. The derivation adapts the method and results in recent work by one of us on the Hamiltonian structure of non-stretching curve flows in Riemannian symmetric spaces M = G/H by viewing HP{sup n} as a symmetric space in terms of compact real symplectic groups and quaternion unitary groups. As main results, scalar-vector (multi-component) versions of the sine-Gordon (SG) equation and the modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equation are obtained along with their bi-Hamiltonian integrability structure consisting of a shared hierarchy of quaternionic symmetries and conservation laws generated by a hereditary recursion operator. The corresponding geometric curve flows in HP{sup n} are shown to be described by a non-stretching wave map and a mKdV analog of a non-stretching Schroedinger map.

  19. 80- to 100-hp Stirling engine feasibility study. Progress report No. 21, January--March 1977

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Postma, N.D.


    Ford Motor Company has sponsored research and development of a 170 hp swashplate-type of Stirling engine suitable for application to a passenger car having a curb weight in the neighborhood of 4,600 pounds. The success of this program has justified the need for investigating the application of the Stirling engine to passenger vehicles of smaller size and lighter weight. Progress is reported for the research program which has two tasks. Task I provided for preparation of a report containing an evaluation and presentation of the results of Contractor-financed testing of a Torino passenger car powered by a 170 hp Stirling cycle engine. Task II provides for a feasibility study to evaluate the potential of a Stirling cycle engine for significant improvements in emissions and fuel economy over the present day internal combustion engine, and to develop a concept of an 80 to 100 hp engine design suitable for use in a passenger car in the 2500 to 3000 lb. weight class. The ultimate objective of this and other Ford programs is to develop technology to determine whether it is reasonable to undertake a high volume Stirling engine production program.

  20. 80-100 HP Stirling engine feasibility study. Progress report No. 15, July--September 1976

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Postma, N.D.


    Ford Motor Company has sponsored research and development of a 170-hp swashplate-type of Stirling engine suitable for application to a passenger car having a curb weight in the neighborhood of 4600 lb. The success of this application program has justified the need for investigating the application of the Stirling engine to passenger vehicles of smaller size and lighter weight. Progress is reported on a program which has as its objectives two tasks. Task I provides for preparation of a report containing an evaluation and presentation of the results of Contractor-financed testing of a Torino passenger car powered by a 170-hp Stirling cycle engine. Task II provides for the conduct of a feasibility study to evaluate the potential of a Stirling cycle engine for significant improvement in emissions and fuel economy over the present day internal combustion engine, and to develop a concept of an 80- to 100-hp engine design suitable for use in a passenger car in the 2500 to 3000 pound weight class. The ultimate objective of this and ensuing programs is to develop an engine design feasible for high volume production.

  1. An efficient algorithm for building locally refined hp - adaptive H-PCFE: Application to uncertainty quantification (United States)

    Chakraborty, Souvik; Chowdhury, Rajib


    Hybrid polynomial correlated function expansion (H-PCFE) is a novel metamodel formulated by coupling polynomial correlated function expansion (PCFE) and Kriging. Unlike commonly available metamodels, H-PCFE performs a bi-level approximation and hence, yields more accurate results. However, till date, it is only applicable to medium scaled problems. In order to address this apparent void, this paper presents an improved H-PCFE, referred to as locally refined hp - adaptive H-PCFE. The proposed framework computes the optimal polynomial order and important component functions of PCFE, which is an integral part of H-PCFE, by using global variance based sensitivity analysis. Optimal number of training points are selected by using distribution adaptive sequential experimental design. Additionally, the formulated model is locally refined by utilizing the prediction error, which is inherently obtained in H-PCFE. Applicability of the proposed approach has been illustrated with two academic and two industrial problems. To illustrate the superior performance of the proposed approach, results obtained have been compared with those obtained using hp - adaptive PCFE. It is observed that the proposed approach yields highly accurate results. Furthermore, as compared to hp - adaptive PCFE, significantly less number of actual function evaluations are required for obtaining results of similar accuracy.

  2. Professionalisierung in der Frühpädagogik. Qualifikationsniveau und -bedingungen des Personals in Kindertagesstätten. Gutachten


    Blossfeld, Hans-Peter; Bos, Wilfried; Daniel, Hans-Dieter; Hannover, Bettina; Lenzen, Dieter; Prenzel, Manfred; Roßbach, Hans-Günther; Tippelt, Rudolf; Wößmann, Ludger


    Das Gutachten skizziert zunächst "die gesellschaftlichen Erwartungen an die frühpädagogischen Einrichtungen als Bildungseinrichtungen [...], und es wird auf der Grundlage von neueren Forschungsbefunden diskutiert, welchen Beitrag der Besuch und vor allem die Qualität der frühpädagogischen Einrichtungen leisten können. Besonders wichtige Merkmale der Qualität sind dabei das Ausbildungsniveau und die Kompetenzen des frühpädagogischen Personals. In einemnächsten Schritt wird die gegenwärtige Aus...

  3. File list: Oth.CeL.50.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available Oth.CeL.50.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell dm3 TFs and others Su(var)2-HP2 Cell ...line ...

  4. File list: Oth.CeL.10.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available Oth.CeL.10.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell dm3 TFs and others Su(var)2-HP2 Cell ...line ...

  5. File list: Oth.CeL.20.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available Oth.CeL.20.SuBRACKETLvarBRACKETR2-HP2.AllCell dm3 TFs and others Su(var)2-HP2 Cell ...line ...

  6. Notes on HP1 a software package for simulating variably-saturated water flow, heat transport, solute transport, and biogeochemistry in porous media. HP1 Version 2.2

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jacques, D.; Simunek, J.


    HP1 is a comprehensive modeling tool in terms of processes and reactions for simulating reactive transport and biogeochemical processes in variably-saturated porous media. HP1 results from coupling the water and solute transport model HYDRUS-1D (Simunek et al., 2009a) and PHREEQC-2 (Parkhurst and Appelo, 1999). This note provides an overview of how to set up and execute a HP1 project using version 2.2.002 of HP1 and version 4.13 of the graphical user interface (GUI) of HYDRUS-1D. A large part of this note are step-by-step instructions for selected examples involving mineral dissolution and precipitation, cation exchange, surface complexation and kinetic degradation networks. The implementation of variably-saturated flow conditions, changing boundary conditions, a layered soil profile or immobile water is also illustrated.

  7. Heterochromatin marks HP1γ, HP1α and H3K9me3, and DNA damage response activation in human testis development and germ cell tumours

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bartkova, J; Moudry, P; Hodny, Z


    Heterochromatinization has been implicated in fundamental biological and pathological processes including differentiation, senescence, ageing and tumourigenesis; however, little is known about its regulation and roles in human cells and tissues in vivo. Here, we show distinct cell-type- and cancer...... protein and without DDR activation. Overall, these results provide novel insights into cell-related and tumour-related diversity of heterochromatin in human tissues in vivo, relevant for andrology and intrinsic anti-tumour defence roles attributed to activated DDR and cellular senescence.......-invasive carcinoma in situ (CIS; n=26) lesions and a series of overt germ cell tumours, including seminomas (n=26), embryonal carcinomas (n=18) and teratomas (n=11). Among striking findings were high levels of HP1γ in foetal gonocytes, CIS and seminomas; enhanced multimarker heterochromatinization without DDR...

  8. The HP10 Taenia monoclonal antibody-based ELISA detects a similar protein in the vesicular fluid of Taenia hydatigena. (United States)

    Cortez, Maria M; Rojas, Glenda C; Parkhouse, R Michael E


    Diagnosis of Taenia solium cysticercosis in endemic rural communities depends on serological tests, as typically there is no access to imaging facilities. The HP10 antigen ELISA (HP10 Ag ELISA), which detects a high molecular weight secreted protein of viable metacestodes, has been employed for the diagnosis of both human and porcine cysticercosis in such communities. In this communication, we formally demonstrate that the HP10 Ag ELISA, already known to function for the detection of T. saginata and T. solium cysticercosis, also detects a similar high molecular weight antigen of T. hydatigena. Thus, the HP10 Ag assay, while specific for human cysticercosis, may not be recommended for the diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis where there is co-infection of pigs with T. solium and T. hydatigena.

  9. Investigation into the Effects of VHF and UHF Band Radiation on Hewlett-Packard (HP) Cesium Beam Frequency Standards

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dickens, Andrew


    This paper documents an investigation into reports which have indicated that exposure to VHF and UHF band radiation has adverse effects on the frequency stability of HP cesium beam frequency standards...

  10. Host-guest kinetic interactions between HP-β-cyclodextrin and drugs for prediction of bitter taste masking. (United States)

    Guo, Zhen; Wu, Fei; Singh, Vikramjeet; Guo, Tao; Ren, Xiaohong; Yin, Xianzhen; Shao, Qun; York, Peter; Patterson, Laurence H; Zhang, Jiwen


    Cyclodextrins (CD) are widely used bitter taste masking agents, for which the binding equilibrium constant (K) for the drug-CD complex is a conventional parameter for quantitating the taste masking effects. However, some exceptions have been reported to the expected relationship between K and bitterness reduction and the relationship between kinetic parameters of a drug-CD interaction, including association rate constant (K a ) and disassociation rate constant (K d ), and taste masking remains unexplored. In this study, based upon a database of kinetic parameters of drugs-HP-β-CD generated by Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging for 485 drugs, the host-guest kinetic interactions between drugs and HP-β-CD for prediction of taste masking effects have been investigated. The taste masking effects of HP-β-CD for 13 bitter drugs were quantitatively determined using an electronic gustatory system (α-Astree e-Tongue). Statistical software was used to establish a model based on Euclidean distance measurements, K a and K d of the bitter drugs/HP-β-CD-complexes (R 2 =0.96 and Ptaste masking by HP-β-CD and was successful in predicting the extent of taste masking by HP-β-CD of 44 bitter drugs, which was in accordance with the literature reported. In conclusion, the relationship between kinetics of drug-CD interactions and taste masking was established and providing a new strategy for predicting the cyclodextrin mediated bitter taste masking. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  11. A Comparison between the hp-version of Finite Element Method with EIDORS for Electrical Impedance Tomography. (United States)

    Saeedizadeh, N; Kermani, S; Rabbani, H


    In this study, a hp-version of Finite Element Method (FEM) was applied for forward modeling in image reconstruction of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT). The EIT forward solver is normally based on the conventional Finite Element Method (h-FEM). In h-FEM, the polynomial order (p) of the element shape functions is constant and the element size (h) is decreasing. To have an accurate simulation with the h-FEM, a mesh with large number of nodes and elements is usually needed. In order to overcome this problem, the high order finite element method (p-FEM) was proposed. In the p-version, the polynomial order is increasing and the mesh size is constant. Combining the advantages of two previously mentioned methods, the element size (h) was decreased and the polynomial order (p) was increased, simultaneously, which is called the hp-version of Finite Element Method (hp-FEM). The hp-FEM needs a smaller number of nodes and consequently, less computational time and less memory to achieve the same or even better accuracy than h-FEM. The SNR value is 42db for hp-FEM and is 9db for h-FEM. The numerical results are presented and verified that the performance of the hp-version is better than of the h-version in image reconstruction of EIT.

  12. Intrabody-mediated diverting of HP1β to the cytoplasm induces co-aggregation of H3-H4 histones and lamin-B receptor. (United States)

    Cardinale, Alessio; Filesi, Ilaria; Singh, Prim B; Biocca, Silvia


    Diverting a protein from its intracellular location is a unique property of intrabodies. To interfere with the intracellular traffic of heterochromatin protein 1β (HP1β) in living cells, we have generated a cytoplasmic targeted anti-HP1β intrabody, specifically directed against the C-terminal portion of the molecule. HP1β is a conserved component of mouse and human constitutive heterochromatin involved in diverse nuclear functions including gene silencing, DNA repair and nuclear membrane assembly. We found that the anti-HP1β intrabody sequesters HP1β into cytoplasmic aggregates, inhibiting its traffic to the nucleus. Lamin B receptor (LBR) and a subset of core histones (H3/H4) are also specifically co-sequestered in the cytoplasm of anti-HP1β intrabody-expressing cells. Methylated histone H3 at K9 (Me9H3), a marker of constitutive heterochromatin, is not affected by the anti-HP1β intrabody expression. Hyper-acetylating conditions completely dislodge H3 from HP1β:LBR containing aggregates. The expression of anti-HP1β scFv fragments induces apoptosis, associated with an alteration of nuclear morphology. Both these phenotypes are specifically rescued either by overexpression of recombinant full length HP1β or by HP1β mutant containing the chromoshadow domain, but not by recombinant LBR protein. The HP1β-chromodomain mutant, on the other hand, does not rescue the phenotypes, but does compete with LBR for binding to HP1β. These findings provide new insights into the mode of action of cytoplasmic-targeted intrabodies and the interaction between HP1β and its binding partners involved in peripheral heterochromatin organisation. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Transcriptional Repression of Hox Genes by C. elegans HP1/HPL and H1/HIS-24 (United States)

    Studencka, Maja; Wesołowski, Radosław; Opitz, Lennart; Salinas-Riester, Gabriela; Wisniewski, Jacek R.; Jedrusik-Bode, Monika


    Elucidation of the biological role of linker histone (H1) and heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) in mammals has been difficult owing to the existence of a least 11 distinct H1 and three HP1 subtypes in mice. Caenorhabditis elegans possesses two HP1 homologues (HPL-1 and HPL-2) and eight H1 variants. Remarkably, one of eight H1 variants, HIS-24, is important for C. elegans development. Therefore we decided to analyse in parallel the transcriptional profiles of HIS-24, HPL-1/-2 deficient animals, and their phenotype, since hpl-1, hpl-2, and his-24 deficient nematodes are viable. Global transcriptional analysis of the double and triple mutants revealed that HPL proteins and HIS-24 play gene-specific roles, rather than a general repressive function. We showed that HIS-24 acts synergistically with HPL to allow normal reproduction, somatic gonad development, and vulval cell fate decision. Furthermore, the hpl-2; his-24 double mutant animals displayed abnormal development of the male tail and ectopic expression of C. elegans HOM-C/Hox genes (egl-5 and mab-5), which are involved in the developmental patterning of male mating structures. We found that HPL-2 and the methylated form of HIS-24 specifically interact with the histone H3 K27 region in the trimethylated state, and HIS-24 associates with the egl-5 and mab-5 genes. Our results establish the interplay between HPL-1/-2 and HIS-24 proteins in the regulation of positional identity in C. elegans males. PMID:23028351


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan Mihajlović


    Full Text Available This text is dealing with attempt of Management department, of Technical faculty in Bor, todevelop and further sustain the „entrepreneurial spirit“among young people. The subject of the paperis the HP LIFE program, in which Technical faculty in Bor is the only partner institution from Serbia.Besides up-to-date IT equipment obtained by Hewlett Packard in previous phases of this project,during 2012 this project was financially sustained by the Serbian institution „Centre for promotionof science“. This support will increase the scope of project activities during this year, including newtarget groups.

  15. Quantification of bitumen particles in aerosol and soil samples using HP-GPC

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fauser, Patrik; Tjell, Jens Christian; Mosbæk, Hans


    A method for identifying and quantifying bitumen particles, generated from the wear of roadway asphalts, in aerosol and soil samples has been developed. Bitumen is found to be the only contributor to airborne particles containing organic molecules with molecular weights larger than 2000 g pr. mol....... These are separated and identified using High Performance Gel Permeation Chromatography (HP-GPC) with fluorescence detection. As an additional detection method Infra Red spectrometry (IR) is employed for selected samples. The methods have been used on aerosol, soil and other samples....

  16. Coupled-Flow Simulation of HP-LP Turbines Has Resulted in Significant Fuel Savings (United States)

    Veres, Joseph P.


    Our objective was to create a high-fidelity Navier-Stokes computer simulation of the flow through the turbines of a modern high-bypass-ratio turbofan engine. The simulation would have to capture the aerodynamic interactions between closely coupled high- and low-pressure turbines. A computer simulation of the flow in the GE90 turbofan engine's high-pressure (HP) and low-pressure (LP) turbines was created at GE Aircraft Engines under contract with the NASA Glenn Research Center. The three-dimensional steady-state computer simulation was performed using Glenn's average-passage approach named APNASA. The areas upstream and downstream of each blade row mutually interact with each other during engine operation. The embedded blade row operating conditions are modeled since the average passage equations in APNASA actively include the effects of the adjacent blade rows. The turbine airfoils, platforms, and casing are actively cooled by compressor bleed air. Hot gas leaks around the tips of rotors through labyrinth seals. The flow exiting the high work HP turbines is partially transonic and, therefore, has a strong shock system in the transition region. The simulation was done using 121 processors of a Silicon Graphics Origin 2000 (NAS 02K) cluster at the NASA Ames Research Center, with a parallel efficiency of 87 percent in 15 hr. The typical average-passage analysis mesh size per blade row was 280 by 45 by 55, or approx.700,000 grid points. The total number of blade rows was 18 for a combined HP and LP turbine system including the struts in the transition duct and exit guide vane, which contain 12.6 million grid points. Design cycle turnaround time requirements ran typically from 24 to 48 hr of wall clock time. The number of iterations for convergence was 10,000 at 8.03x10(exp -5) sec/iteration/grid point (NAS O2K). Parallel processing by up to 40 processors is required to meet the design cycle time constraints. This is the first-ever flow simulation of an HP and LP

  17. Protein-Loosing Entropathy Induced by Unique Combination of CMV and HP in an Immunocompetent Patient

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Chen


    Full Text Available Protein-losing gastroenteropathies are characterized by an excessive loss of serum proteins into the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in hypoproteinemia (detected as hypoalbuminemia, edema, and, in some cases, pleural and pericardial effusions. Protein-losing gastroenteropathies can be caused by a diverse group of disorders and should be suspected in a patient with hypoproteinemia in whom other causes, such as malnutrition, proteinuria, and impaired liver protein synthesis, have been excluded. In this paper, we present a case of protein-losing enteropathy in a 22-year-old immunocompetent male with a coinfection of CMV and Hp.

  18. HP1-mediated formation of alternative lengthening of telomeres-associated PML bodies requires HIRA but not ASF1a.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wei-Qin Jiang

    Full Text Available Approximately 10% of cancers use recombination-mediated Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT instead of telomerase to prevent telomere shortening. A characteristic of cells that utilize ALT is the presence of ALT-associated PML nuclear bodies (APBs containing (TTAGGGn DNA, telomere binding proteins, DNA recombination proteins, and heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1. The function of APBs is unknown and it is possible that they are functionally heterogeneous. Most ALT cells lack functional p53, and restoration of the p53/p21 pathway in these cells results in growth arrest/senescence and a substantial increase in the number of large APBs that is dependent on two HP1 isoforms, HP1α and HP1γ. Here we investigated the mechanism of HP1-mediated APB formation, and found that histone chaperones, HIRA and ASF1a, are present in APBs following activation of the p53/p21 pathway in ALT cells. HIRA and ASF1a were also found to colocalize inside PML bodies in normal fibroblasts approaching senescence, providing evidence for the existence of a senescence-associated ASF1a/HIRA complex inside PML bodies, consistent with a role for these proteins in induction of senescence in both normal and ALT cells. Moreover, knockdown of HIRA but not ASF1a significantly reduced p53-mediated induction of large APBs, with a concomitant reduction of large HP1 foci. We conclude that HIRA, in addition to its physical and functional association with ASF1a, plays a unique, ASF1a-independent role, which is required for the localization of HP1 to PML bodies and thus for APB formation.

  19. Lightning and Radar Observations of the 29 May 2004 Tornadic HP Supercell during TELEX (United States)

    Macgorman, D. R.; Kuhlman, K. M.


    On 29 May 2004, a tornadic heavy-precipitation (HP) supercell storm moved through central Oklahoma and through the Thunderstorm Electrification and Lightning Experiment (TELEX) domain. Three dimensional lightning location data from the Oklahoma Lightning Mapping Array (OK-LMA) depict the evolution of the storm, including convective surges, overshooting tops, and the formation and dissipation of lightning weak holes. In addition to the OK-LMA, the storm was also observed by two C-band mobile radars (SMART-R radars) providing three-minute volume scans and by the KOUN polarimetric S-band radar. Analysis of a lightning weak hole showed that it was co-located horizontally with a core of strong updrafts and with a bounded weak echo region. The majority of the cloud-to-ground lightning detected in the storm by the National Lightning Detection Network lowered negative charge to ground. However, during genesis of the strongest tornado, the dominant polarity of ground flashes near the reflectivity core of the storm evolved to positive. Also at approximately this time, negative ground strikes began occurring under the anvil, tens of kilometers from the reflectivity core, as lightning activity surged roughly 100 km into the anvil. Observations from these platforms provide insight into HP supercell evolution and structure and into relationships of lightning with other properties of the storm.

  20. Postharvest Analysis of Lowland Transgenic Tomato Fruits Harboring hpRNAi-ACO1 Construct

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bita Behboodian


    Full Text Available The plant hormone, ethylene, is an important regulator which involved in regulating fruit ripening and flower senescence. In this study, RNA interference (RNAi technology was employed to silence the genes involved in ethylene biosynthetic pathway. This was achieved by blocking the expression of specific gene encoding the ACC oxidase. Initially, cDNA corresponding to ACO1 of lowland tomato cultivar (MT1, which has high identity with ACO1 of Solanum lycopersicum in GenBank, was cloned through RT-PCR. Using a partial coding region of ACO1, one hpRNAi transformation vector was constructed and expressed ectopically under the 35S promoter. Results showed that transgenic lines harboring the hpRNA-ACO1 construct had lower ethylene production and a longer shelf life of 32 days as compared to 10 days for wild-type fruits. Changes in cell wall degrading enzyme activities were also investigated in cases where the transgenic fruits exhibited reduced rates of firmness loss, which can be associated with a decrease in pectin methylesterase (PME and polygalacturonase (PG activities. However, no significant change was detected in both transgenic and wild-type fruits in terms of β-galactosidase (β-Gal activity and levels of total soluble solid, titratable acid and ascorbic acid.

  1. Multi-level hp-finite cell method for embedded interface problems with application in biomechanics. (United States)

    Elhaddad, Mohamed; Zander, Nils; Bog, Tino; Kudela, László; Kollmannsberger, Stefan; Kirschke, Jan S; Baum, Thomas; Ruess, Martin; Rank, Ernst


    This work presents a numerical discretization technique for solving three-dimensional material interface problems involving complex geometry without conforming mesh generation. The finite cell method (FCM), which is a high-order fictitious domain approach, is used for the numerical approximation of the solution without a boundary-conforming mesh. Weak discontinuities at material interfaces are resolved by using separate FCM meshes for each material sub-domain, and weakly enforcing the interface conditions between the different meshes. Additionally, a recently developed hierarchical hp-refinement scheme is employed to locally refine the FCM meshes in order to resolve singularities and local solution features at the interfaces. Thereby, higher convergence rates are achievable for non-smooth problems. A series of numerical experiments with two- and three-dimensional benchmark problems is presented, showing that the proposed hp-refinement scheme in conjunction with the weak enforcement of the interface conditions leads to a significant improvement of the convergence rates, even in the presence of singularities. Finally, the proposed technique is applied to simulate a vertebra-implant model. The application showcases the method's potential as an accurate simulation tool for biomechanical problems involving complex geometry, and it demonstrates its flexibility in dealing with different types of geometric description. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

  2. Optimization and mechanisms for biodecoloration of a mixture of dyes by Trichosporon akiyoshidainum HP 2023. (United States)

    Martorell, María M; Rosales Soro, María Del M; Pajot, Hipólito F; de Figueroa, Lucía I C


    Trichosporon akiyoshidainum HP2023 is a basidiomycetous yeast isolated from Las Yungas rainforest (Tucumán, Argentina) and selected based on its outstanding textile-dye-decolorizing ability. In this work, the decolorization process was optimized using Reactive Black 5 as dye model. Lactose and urea were chosen as carbon and nitrogen sources through a one-at-time approach. Afterwards, factorial designs were employed for medium optimization, leading to the formulation of a simpler optimized medium which contains in g L(-1): lactose 10, yeast extract 1, urea 0.5, KH2PO4 1 and MgSO4 1. Temperature and agitation conditions were also optimized. The optimized medium and incubation conditions for dye removal were extrapolated to other dyes individually and a mixture of them. Dye removal process happened through both biosorption and biodegradation mechanisms, depending primarily on the dye structure. A positive relation between initial inoculum and dye removal rate and a negative relation between initial dye concentration and final dye removal percentages were found. Under optimized conditions, T. akiyoshidainum HP2023 was able to completely remove a mixture of dyes up to a concentration of 300 mg L(-1), a concentration much higher than those expected in real effluents.

  3. Dose rate constants for the quantity Hp(3) for frequently used radionuclides in nuclear medicine. (United States)

    Szermerski, Bastian; Bruchmann, Iris; Behrens, Rolf; Geworski, Lilli


    According to recent studies, the human eye lens is more sensitive to ionising radiation than previously assumed. Therefore, the dose limit for personnel occupationally exposed to ionising radiation will be lowered from currently 150 mSv to 20 mSv per year. Currently, no data base for a reliable estimation of the dose to the lens of the eye is available for nuclear medicine. Furthermore, the dose is usually not monitored. The aim of this work was to determine dose rate constants for the quantity Hp(3), which is supposed to estimate the dose to the lens of the eye. For this, Hp(3)-dosemeters were fixed to an Alderson Phantom at different positions. The dosemeters were exposed to radiation from nuclides typically used in nuclear medicine in their geometries analog to their application in nuclear medicine, e.g. syringe or vial. The results show that the handling of high-energy beta (i.e. electron or positron) emitters may lead to a relevant dose to the lens of the eye. For low-energy beta emitters and gamma emitters, an exceeding of the lowered dose limit seems to be unlikely. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier GmbH.

  4. HP1 recruits activity-dependent neuroprotective protein to H3K9me3 marked pericentromeric heterochromatin for silencing of major satellite repeats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kerstin Mosch

    Full Text Available H3 lysine 9 trimethylation (H3K9me3 is a histone posttranslational modification (PTM that has emerged as hallmark of pericentromeric heterochromatin. This constitutive chromatin domain is composed of repetitive DNA elements, whose transcription is differentially regulated. Mammalian cells contain three HP1 proteins, HP1α, HP1β and HP1γ These have been shown to bind to H3K9me3 and are thought to mediate the effects of this histone PTM. However, the mechanisms of HP1 chromatin regulation and the exact functional role at pericentromeric heterochromatin are still unclear. Here, we identify activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP as an H3K9me3 associated factor. We show that ADNP does not bind H3K9me3 directly, but that interaction is mediated by all three HP1 isoforms in vitro. However, in cells ADNP localization to areas of pericentromeric heterochromatin is only dependent on HP1α and HP1β. Besides a PGVLL sequence patch we uncovered an ARKS motif within the ADNP homeodomain involved in HP1 dependent H3K9me3 association and localization to pericentromeric heterochromatin. While knockdown of ADNP had no effect on HP1 distribution and heterochromatic histone and DNA modifications, we found ADNP silencing major satellite repeats. Our results identify a novel factor in the translation of H3K9me3 at pericentromeric heterochromatin that regulates transcription.

  5. Proposal of concentration limits for determining the hazard property HP 14 for waste using ecotoxicological tests. (United States)

    Hennebert, Pierre


    Different ecotoxicological test batteries and concentration limits have been proposed to assess the hazard property (HP) HP 14 'Ecotoxic' for waste in the European Union and its member states. In test batteries, if the concentration of waste in the culture/dilution medium producing 50% of inhibitory biological effect in one or more test(s) is below the concentration limit of the test, the waste is classified as hazardous. A summarized review of the test batteries proposed since 1998 is presented. The last proposed test battery uses seven aquatic and terrestrial species with standardized methods, but with options and uniform concentration limits of 10% of waste eluate or solid waste in the culture/dilution medium. No attempt was made to match this hazard assessment with the classification made in the European List of Waste (LoW). The aim of this paper is to propose for the same test battery (reduced to 6 tests without options) concentration limits that match with the European List of Waste. This list was taken as reference (despite the fact that waste can be hazardous for other properties than the most frequent HP 14, and its partly political nature for some opinions). The concentration limits (CLs) for tests are the concentrations producing the highest ecotoxicological effects for each test observed in a non-hazardous waste set. Data from Germany, France and Belgium (from in total 5 different sources from 2009 to 2016) with the above-mentioned test battery (without options) were gathered for 81 samples, being the largest set ever published. In total, ten non-hazardous (NH) waste samples (as defined by the LoW and for most of them checked by chemical composition) were used to establish CLs. These CLs were then applied to 13 hazardous (H) waste by the LoW, and all were classified as hazardous. The matching of the resulting classification with the LoW is convincing. For the 58 'mirror entries' in the LoW (hazardous or not depending of the presence of hazardous

  6. A replica exchange Monte Carlo algorithm for protein folding in the HP model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shmygelska Alena


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The ab initio protein folding problem consists of predicting protein tertiary structure from a given amino acid sequence by minimizing an energy function; it is one of the most important and challenging problems in biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics. The ab initio protein folding problem is computationally challenging and has been shown to be NP MathType@MTEF@5@5@+=feaafiart1ev1aaatCvAUfKttLearuWrP9MDH5MBPbIqV92AaeXatLxBI9gBaebbnrfifHhDYfgasaacH8akY=wiFfYdH8Gipec8Eeeu0xXdbba9frFj0=OqFfea0dXdd9vqai=hGuQ8kuc9pgc9s8qqaq=dirpe0xb9q8qiLsFr0=vr0=vr0dc8meaabaqaciaacaGaaeqabaqabeGadaaakeaat0uy0HwzTfgDPnwy1egaryqtHrhAL1wy0L2yHvdaiqaacqWFneVtcqqGqbauaaa@3961@-hard even when conformations are restricted to a lattice. In this work, we implement and evaluate the replica exchange Monte Carlo (REMC method, which has already been applied very successfully to more complex protein models and other optimization problems with complex energy landscapes, in combination with the highly effective pull move neighbourhood in two widely studied Hydrophobic Polar (HP lattice models. Results We demonstrate that REMC is highly effective for solving instances of the square (2D and cubic (3D HP protein folding problem. When using the pull move neighbourhood, REMC outperforms current state-of-the-art algorithms for most benchmark instances. Additionally, we show that this new algorithm provides a larger ensemble of ground-state structures than the existing state-of-the-art methods. Furthermore, it scales well with sequence length, and it finds significantly better conformations on long biological sequences and sequences with a provably unique ground-state structure, which is believed to be a characteristic of real proteins. We also present evidence that our REMC algorithm can fold sequences which exhibit significant interaction between termini in the hydrophobic core relatively easily. Conclusion We demonstrate that REMC utilizing the pull move

  7. Risk stratification for surgical outcomes in older colorectal cancer patients using ISAR-HP and G8 screening tools. (United States)

    Souwer, Esteban T D; Verweij, Norbert M; van den Bos, Frederiek; Bastiaannet, Esther; Slangen, Rob M E; Steup, Willem H; Hamaker, Marije E; Portielje, Johanna E A


    Older patients are at risk for adverse outcomes after surgical treatment of cancer. Identifying patients at risk could affect treatment decisions and prevent functional decline. Screening tools are available to select patients for Geriatric Assessment. Until now their predictive value for adverse outcomes in older colorectal cancer patients has not been investigated. To study the predictive value of the Geriatric 8 (G8) and Identification of Seniors at Risk for Hospitalized Patients (ISAR-HP) screening tools for adverse outcomes after elective colorectal surgery in patients older than 70years. Primary outcomes were 30-day complication rates, secondary outcomes were the length of hospital stay and six-month mortality. Multicentre cohort study from two hospitals in the Netherlands. Frail was defined as a G8 ≤14 and/or ISAR-HP ≥2. Odds ratio (OR) is given with 95% CI. Overall, 139 patients (52%) out of 268 patients were included; 32 patients (23%) were ISAR-HP-frail, 68 (50%) were G8-frail, 20 were frail on both screening tools. Median age was 77.7years. ISAR-HP frail patients were at risk for 30-day complications OR 2.4 (CI 1.1-5.4, p=0.03), readmission OR 3.4 (1.1-11.0), cardiopulmonary complications OR 5.9 (1.6-22.6), longer hospital stay (10.3 versus 8.9day) and six-months mortality OR 4.9 (1.1-23.4). When ISAR-HP and G8 were combined OR increased for readmission, 30-day and six-months mortality. G8 alone had no predictive value. ISAR-HP-frail patients are at risk for adverse outcomes after colorectal surgery. ISAR-HP combined with G8 has the strongest predictive value for complications and mortality. Patients screening frail on ISAR-HP are at increased risk for morbidity and mortality. Screening results of G8 alone was not predictive for postoperative outcomes. Predictive value increased when G8 and ISAR-HP were combined. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Novel roles of Caenorhabditis elegans heterochromatin protein HP1 and linker histone in the regulation of innate immune gene expression. (United States)

    Studencka, Maja; Konzer, Anne; Moneron, Gael; Wenzel, Dirk; Opitz, Lennart; Salinas-Riester, Gabriela; Bedet, Cecile; Krüger, Marcus; Hell, Stefan W; Wisniewski, Jacek R; Schmidt, Henning; Palladino, Francesca; Schulze, Ekkehard; Jedrusik-Bode, Monika


    Linker histone (H1) and heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) are essential components of heterochromatin which contribute to the transcriptional repression of genes. It has been shown that the methylation mark of vertebrate histone H1 is specifically recognized by the chromodomain of HP1. However, the exact biological role of linker histone binding to HP1 has not been determined. Here, we investigate the function of the Caenorhabditis elegans H1 variant HIS-24 and the HP1-like proteins HPL-1 and HPL-2 in the cooperative transcriptional regulation of immune-relevant genes. We provide the first evidence that HPL-1 interacts with HIS-24 monomethylated at lysine 14 (HIS-24K14me1) and associates in vivo with promoters of genes involved in antimicrobial response. We also report an increase in overall cellular levels and alterations in the distribution of HIS-24K14me1 after infection with pathogenic bacteria. HIS-24K14me1 localization changes from being mostly nuclear to both nuclear and cytoplasmic in the intestinal cells of infected animals. Our results highlight an antimicrobial role of HIS-24K14me1 and suggest a functional link between epigenetic regulation by an HP1/H1 complex and the innate immune system in C. elegans.

  9. Goal-Oriented Self-Adaptive hp Finite Element Simulation of 3D DC Borehole Resistivity Simulations

    KAUST Repository

    Calo, Victor M.


    In this paper we present a goal-oriented self-adaptive hp Finite Element Method (hp-FEM) with shared data structures and a parallel multi-frontal direct solver. The algorithm automatically generates (without any user interaction) a sequence of meshes delivering exponential convergence of a prescribed quantity of interest with respect to the number of degrees of freedom. The sequence of meshes is generated from a given initial mesh, by performing h (breaking elements into smaller elements), p (adjusting polynomial orders of approximation) or hp (both) refinements on the finite elements. The new parallel implementation utilizes a computational mesh shared between multiple processors. All computational algorithms, including automatic hp goal-oriented adaptivity and the solver work fully in parallel. We describe the parallel self-adaptive hp-FEM algorithm with shared computational domain, as well as its efficiency measurements. We apply the methodology described to the three-dimensional simulation of the borehole resistivity measurement of direct current through casing in the presence of invasion.

  10. Hp(3)/Φ conversion coefficients for neutrons: discussion on the basis of the new ICRP recommended limit for the eye lens. (United States)

    Ferrari, P; Gualdrini, G; Tanner, R; Fantuzzi, E


    The new recommendation issued by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) introducing a 20-mSv annual dose limit for the eye lens stimulated an interesting debate among the radiation protection community. In the present work the problem of estimating Hp(3) for neutron realistic workplace spectra is treated, employing the recently published Hp(3)/Φ conversion coefficients with the aim of establishing a workplace-dependent relationship between Hp(10) and Hp(3). The results demonstrate that, whilst the two quantities can differ by less than 10 %, in general, Hp(10) cannot be considered a conservative estimate of Hp(3). © The Author 2013. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  11. The negative-difference effect during the localized corrosion of magnesium and of the AZ91HP alloy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Weber Cristina R.


    Full Text Available Galvanostatic tests with pure magnesium and with the AZ91HP alloy were performed in NaCl solutions, and the volume of hydrogen evolved during the tests was measured. In order to examine the negative-difference effect, a concept was developed to separate the hydrogen evolution (H.E. on the passive surface and the H.E. inside the pits. An analysis of the volumetric data showed that the current density of H.E. inside the pits is much higher for Mg than for the AZ91HP alloy. With the assumption, that the ratio between the hydrogen reduction rate and the rate of the anodic metal dissolution, expressed by the factor k, does not change with the polarization, a k value of ca. 0.5 for pure Mg was found, while for the AZ91HP alloy this value was only ca. 0.3.

  12. Improved Functional Properties and Efficiencies of Nitinol Wires Under High-Performance Shape Memory Effect (HP-SME) (United States)

    Casati, R.; Saghafi, F.; Biffi, C. A.; Vedani, M.; Tuissi, A.


    Martensitic Ti-rich NiTi intermetallics are broadly used in various cyclic applications as actuators, which exploit the shape memory effect (SME). Recently, a new approach for exploiting austenitic Ni-rich NiTi shape memory alloys as actuators was proposed and named high-performance shape memory effect (HP-SME). HP-SME is based on thermal recovery of de-twinned martensite produced by mechanical loading of the parent phase. The aim of the manuscript consists in evaluating and comparing the fatigue and actuation properties of austenitic HP-SME wires and conventional martensitic SME wires. The effect of the thermomechanical cycling on the actuation response and the changes in the electrical resistivity of both shape memory materials were studied by performing the actuation tests at different stages of the fatigue life. Finally, the changes in the transition temperatures before and after cycling were also investigated by differential calorimetric tests.

  13. Improved Functional Properties and Efficiencies of Nitinol Wires Under High-Performance Shape Memory Effect (HP-SME) (United States)

    Casati, R.; Saghafi, F.; Biffi, C. A.; Vedani, M.; Tuissi, A.


    Martensitic Ti-rich NiTi intermetallics are broadly used in various cyclic applications as actuators, which exploit the shape memory effect (SME). Recently, a new approach for exploiting austenitic Ni-rich NiTi shape memory alloys as actuators was proposed and named high-performance shape memory effect (HP-SME). HP-SME is based on thermal recovery of de-twinned martensite produced by mechanical loading of the parent phase. The aim of the manuscript consists in evaluating and comparing the fatigue and actuation properties of austenitic HP-SME wires and conventional martensitic SME wires. The effect of the thermomechanical cycling on the actuation response and the changes in the electrical resistivity of both shape memory materials were studied by performing the actuation tests at different stages of the fatigue life. Finally, the changes in the transition temperatures before and after cycling were also investigated by differential calorimetric tests.

  14. Helicobacter pylori antigen HP0986 (TieA) interacts with cultured gastric epithelial cells and induces IL8 secretion via NF-κB mediated pathway. (United States)

    Devi, Savita; Ansari, Suhail A; Vadivelu, Jamuna; Mégraud, Francis; Tenguria, Shivendra; Ahmed, Niyaz


    The envisaged roles and partly understood functional properties of Helicobacter pylori protein HP0986 are significant in the context of proinflammatory and or proapoptotic activities, the two important facilitators of pathogen survival and persistence. In addition, sequence analysis of this gene predicts a restriction endonuclease function which remained unknown thus far. To evaluate the role of HP0986 in gastric inflammation, we studied its expression profile using a large number of clinical isolates but a limited number of biopsies and patient sera. Also, we studied antigenic role of HP0986 in altering cytokine responses of human gastric epithelial (AGS) cells including its interaction with and localization within the AGS cells. For in vitro expression study of HP0986, 110 H. pylori clinical isolates were cultured from patients with functional dyspepsia. For expression analysis by qRT PCR of HP0986, 10 gastric biopsy specimens were studied. HP0986 was also used to detect antibodies in patient sera. AGS cells were incubated with recombinant HP0986 to determine cytokine response and NF-κB activation. Transient transfection with HP0986 cloned in pEGFPN1 was used to study its subcellular localization or homing in AGS cells. Out of 110 cultured H. pylori strains, 34 (31%) were positive for HP0986 and this observation was correlated with in vitro expression profiles. HP0986 mRNA was detected in 7 of the 10 biopsy specimens. Further, HP0986 induced IL-8 secretion in gastric epithelial cells in a dose and time-dependent manner via NF-κB pathway. Serum antibodies against HP0986 were positively associated with H. pylori positive patients. Transient transfection of AGS cells revealed both cytoplasmic and nuclear localization of HP0986. HP0986 was moderately prevalent in clinical isolates and its expression profile in cultures and gastric biopsies points to its being naturally expressed. Collective observations including the induction of IL-8 via TNFR1 and NF

  15. Evaluation of recombinant HP6-Tsag, an 18 kDa Taenia saginata oncospheral adhesion protein, for the diagnosis of cysticercosis. (United States)

    Ferrer, Elizabeth; González, Luís Miguel; Martínez-Escribano, José Angel; González-Barderas, María Eugenia; Cortéz, María Milagros; Dávila, Iris; Harrison, Leslie J S; Parkhouse, R Michael E; Gárate, Teresa


    With the objective of providing inexpensive and reproducible assays for the detection of antibodies indicating exposure to Taenia saginata and Taenia solium, we have evaluated the diagnostic utility of the T. saginata oncosphere adhesion protein (HP6-Tsag), expressed in baculovirus (HP6-Bac) and bacteria (HP6-GST [glutathione S-transferase]), employing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) and sera from T. saginata infected cattle, T. solium infected pigs and serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from clinically defined T. solium neurocysticercosis (NCC) patients. The two recombinant proteins were antigenic in all three systems, with the signal to background ratio of the HP6-Bac ELISA slightly higher than that for the HP6-GST ELISA. Assay performance in cattle was similar to previously described peptide-based ELISA assays, although NCC sample sensitivity/specificity was marginally better. The sensitivity of the HP6-Bac and HP6-GST ELISAs was close for active human NCC (77.4 and 80.6% for serum and 76.9 and 73.1% for CSF samples, respectively). In inactive human NCC, however, the sensitivity of the HP6-Bac ELISA was almost twice that of the HP6-GST ELISA. Because peptides are relatively expensive and recombinant proteins are simple and economical to produce, the latter may provide useful reagents for antibody detection in countries with endemic cysticercosis/NCC.

  16. The WRKY transcription factor HpWRKY44 regulates CytP450-like1 expression in red pitaya fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus). (United States)

    Cheng, Mei-Nv; Huang, Zi-Juan; Hua, Qing-Zhu; Shan, Wei; Kuang, Jian-Fei; Lu, Wang-Jin; Qin, Yong-Hua; Chen, Jian-Ye


    Red pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) fruit is a high-value, functional food, containing a high level of betalains. Several genes potentially related to betalain biosynthesis, such as cytochrome P450-like (CytP450-like), have been identified in pitaya fruit, while their transcriptional regulation remains unclear. In this work, the potential involvement of a WRKY transcription factor, HpWRKY44, in regulating CytP450-like1 expression in pitaya fruit was examined. HpWRKY44, a member of the Group 1 WRKY family, contains two conserved WRKY motifs and is localized in the nucleus. HpWRKY44 also exhibits trans-activation ability. Gene expression analysis showed that the expression of HpCytP450-like1 and HpWRKY44 increased steadily during pitaya fruit coloration, which corresponded with the production of elevated betalain levels in the fruit. HpWRKY44 was also demonstrated to directly bind to and activate the HpCytP450-like1 promoter via the recognition of the W-box element present in the promoter. Collectively, our findings indicate that HpWRKY44 transcriptionally activates HpCytP450-like1, which perhaps, at least in part, contributes to betalain biosynthesis in pitaya fruit. The information provided in the current study provides novel insights into the regulatory network associated with betalain biosynthesis during pitaya fruit coloration.

  17. hp-version discontinuous Galerkin methods on polygonal and polyhedral meshes

    CERN Document Server

    Cangiani, Andrea; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H; Houston, Paul


    Over the last few decades discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods (DGFEMs) have been witnessed tremendous interest as a computational framework for the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Their success is due to their extreme versatility in the design of the underlying meshes and local basis functions, while retaining key features of both (classical) finite element and finite volume methods. Somewhat surprisingly, DGFEMs on general tessellations consisting of polygonal (in 2D) or polyhedral (in 3D) element shapes have received little attention within the literature, despite the potential computational advantages. This volume introduces the basic principles of hp-version (i.e., locally varying mesh-size and polynomial order) DGFEMs over meshes consisting of polygonal or polyhedral element shapes, presents their error analysis, and includes an extensive collection of numerical experiments. The extreme flexibility provided by the locally variable elemen t-shapes, element-sizes, and elemen...

  18. An hp-local Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Parabolic Integro-Differential Equations

    KAUST Repository

    Pani, Amiya K.


    In this article, a priori error bounds are derived for an hp-local discontinuous Galerkin (LDG) approximation to a parabolic integro-differential equation. It is shown that error estimates in L 2-norm of the gradient as well as of the potential are optimal in the discretizing parameter h and suboptimal in the degree of polynomial p. Due to the presence of the integral term, an introduction of an expanded mixed type Ritz-Volterra projection helps us to achieve optimal estimates. Further, it is observed that a negative norm estimate of the gradient plays a crucial role in our convergence analysis. As in the elliptic case, similar results on order of convergence are established for the semidiscrete method after suitably modifying the numerical fluxes. The optimality of these theoretical results is tested in a series of numerical experiments on two dimensional domains. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

  19. Investigation of HP Turbine Blade Failure in a Military Turbofan Engine (United States)

    Mishra, R. K.; Thomas, Johny; Srinivasan, K.; Nandi, Vaishakhi; Bhatt, R. Raghavendra


    Failure of a high pressure (HP) turbine blade in a military turbofan engine is investigated to determine the root cause of failure. Forensic and metallurgical investigations are carried out on the affected blades. The loss of coating and the presence of heavily oxidized intergranular fracture features including substrate material aging and airfoil curling in the trailing edge of a representative blade indicate that the coating is not providing adequate oxidation protection and the blade material substrate is not suitable for the application at hand. Coating spallation followed by substrate oxidation and aging leading to intergranular cracking and localized trailing edge curling is the root cause of the blade failure. The remaining portion of the blade fracture surface showed ductile overload features in the final failure. The damage observed in downstream components is due to secondary effects.

  20. The implications of HP/HT reservoir conditions on the selection and application of scale inhibitors - some preliminary results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jordan, M.M; Sorbie, K.S.; Graham, G.M.; Hennessey, S.; Hill, P.


    This paper presents some of the obtained initial results on the thermal stability of scale inhibitor chemicals under HP/HT conditions offshore. Very little information is available on this topic in the open literature, with only a few references to the treatment of geothermal systems. This topic will be a very important issue especially as squeeze treatments are carried out in the new HP/HT reservoirs, such as ETAP (Eastern Trough Area Project) due for first oil in early 1999, and in reservoirs of the new central fields which contain very high salinity brines. 6 refs., 17 figs., 1 tab.

  1. HP3 on ExoMars - Cutting airbag cloths with the sharp tip of a mechanical mole (United States)

    Krause, C.; Izzo, M.; Re, E.; Mehls, C.; Richter, L.; Coste, P.


    The HP3 - Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package - is planned to be one of the Humboldt lander-based instruments on the ESA ExoMars mission. HP3 will allow the measurement of the subsurface temperature gradient and physical as well as thermophysical properties of the subsurface regolith of Mars down to a depth of 5 meters. From these measurements, the planetary heat flux can be inferred. The HP³ instrument package consists of a mole trailing a package of thermal and electrical sensors into the regolith. Beside the payload elements Thermal Excitation and Measurement Suite and a Permittivity Probe the HP3 experiment includes sensors to detect the forward motion and the tilt of the HP3 payload compartment. The HP3 experiment will be integrated into the lander platform of the ExoMars mission. The original accommodation featured a deployment device or a robotic arm to place HP3 onto the soil outside the deflated lander airbags. To avoid adding such deployment devices, it was suggested that the HP3 mole should be capable of piercing the airbags under the lander. The ExoMars lander airbag is made of 4 Kevlar layers (2 abrasive and 2 bladders). A double fold of the airbag (a worst case) would represent a pile of 12 layers. An exploratory study has examined the possibility of piercing airbag cloths by adding sharp cutting blades on the tip of a penetrating mole. In the experimental setup representative layers were laid over a Mars soil simulant. Initial tests used a hammer-driven cutting tip and had moderate to poor results. More representative tests used a prototype of the HP3 mole and were fully successful: the default 4 layer configuration was pierced as well as the 12 layer configuration, the latter one within 3 hours and about 3000 mole strokes This improved behaviour is attributed to the use of representative test hardware where guidance and suppression of mole recoil were concerned. The presentation will provide an explanation of the technical requirements on

  2. Analysis of Regolith Properties Using Seismic Signals Generated by InSight's HP3 Penetrator (United States)

    Kedar, Sharon; Andrade, Jose; Banerdt, Bruce; Delage, Pierre; Golombek, Matt; Grott, Matthias; Hudson, Troy; Kiely, Aaron; Knapmeyer, Martin; Knapmeyer-Endrun, Brigitte; Krause, Christian; Kawamura, Taichi; Lognonne, Philippe; Pike, Tom; Ruan, Youyi; Spohn, Tilman; Teanby, Nick; Tromp, Jeroen; Wookey, James


    InSight's Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS) provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity to conduct the first geotechnical survey of the Martian soil by taking advantage of the repeated seismic signals that will be generated by the mole of the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3). Knowledge of the elastic properties of the Martian regolith have implications to material strength and can constrain models of water content, and provide context to geological processes and history that have acted on the landing site in western Elysium Planitia. Moreover, it will help to reduce travel-time errors introduced into the analysis of seismic data due to poor knowledge of the shallow subsurface. The challenge faced by the InSight team is to overcome the limited temporal resolution of the sharp hammer signals, which have significantly higher frequency content than the SEIS 100 Hz sampling rate. Fortunately, since the mole propagates at a rate of ˜1 mm per stroke down to 5 m depth, we anticipate thousands of seismic signals, which will vary very gradually as the mole travels. Using a combination of field measurements and modeling we simulate a seismic data set that mimics the InSight HP3-SEIS scenario, and the resolution of the InSight seismometer data. We demonstrate that the direct signal, and more importantly an anticipated reflected signal from the interface between the bottom of the regolith layer and an underlying lava flow, are likely to be observed both by Insight's Very Broad Band (VBB) seismometer and Short Period (SP) seismometer. We have outlined several strategies to increase the signal temporal resolution using the multitude of hammer stroke and internal timing information to stack and interpolate multiple signals, and demonstrated that in spite of the low resolution, the key parameters—seismic velocities and regolith depth—can be retrieved with a high degree of confidence.

  3. Infectivity of H7 LP and HP influenza viruses at different temperatures and pH and persistence of H7 HP virus in poultry meat at refrigeration temperature. (United States)

    Beato, Maria Serena; Mancin, Marzia; Bertoli, Elena; Buratin, Alessandra; Terregino, Calogero; Capua, Ilaria


    The aims of this study were to assess the infectivity of highly pathogenic (HP) and low pathogenicity (LP) H7 AI viruses at different temperatures and pH values and to investigate the persistance of HP H7 virus in chicken, turkey and duck meat. The H7 viruses tested remained infectious at +4°C and +20°C for 200 and >50 days, respectively. At pH 5, H7 viruses retained their infectivity for a shorter period of time compared to pH 7. The infectivity of HP H7 was detected >2 months in meat maintained at +4°C and was higher in chicken meat compared to turkey and duck meat. Results of this study show that higher temperatures and lower pH values both reduce virus infectivity and demonstrate that HP H7 virus can remain infectious in meat for extended periods of time. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Ethnicity/culture modulates the relationships of the haptoglobin (Hp) 1-1 phenotype with cognitive function in older individuals with type 2 diabetes. (United States)

    Guerrero-Berroa, Elizabeth; Ravona-Springer, Ramit; Heymann, Anthony; Schmeidler, James; Hoffman, Hadas; Preiss, Rachel; Koifmann, Keren; Greenbaum, Lior; Levy, Andrew; Silverman, Jeremy M; Leroith, Derek; Sano, Mary; Schnaider-Beeri, Michal


    The haptoglobin (Hp) genotype has been associated with cognitive function in type 2 diabetes. Because ethnicity/culture has been associated with both cognitive function and Hp genotype frequencies, we examined whether it modulates the association of Hp with cognitive function. This cross-sectional study evaluated 787 cognitively normal older individuals (>65 years of age) with type 2 diabetes participating in the Israel Diabetes and Cognitive Decline study. Interactions in two-way analyses of covariance compared Group (Non-Ashkenazi versus Ashkenazi Jews) on the associations of Hp phenotype (Hp 1-1 versus non- Hp 1-1) with five cognitive outcome measures. The primary control variables were age, gender, and education. Compared with Ashkenazi Jews, non-Ashkenazi Jews with the Hp 1-1 phenotype had significantly poorer cognitive function than non-Hp 1-1 in the domains of Attention/Working Memory (p = 0.035) and Executive Function (p = 0.023), but not in Language/Semantic Categorization (p = 0.432), Episodic Memory (p = 0.268), or Overall Cognition (p = 0.082). After controlling for additional covariates (type 2 diabetes-related characteristics, cardiovascular risk factors, Mini-mental State Examination, and extent of depressive symptoms), Attention/Working Memory (p = 0.038) and Executive Function (p = 0.013) remained significant. Older individuals from specific ethnic/cultural backgrounds with the Hp 1-1 phenotype may benefit more from treatment targeted at decreasing or halting the detrimental effects of Hp 1-1 on the brain. Future studies should examine differential associations of Hp 1-1 and cognitive impairment, especially for groups with high prevalence of both, such as African-Americans and Hispanics. Copyright © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wenjiao Xiao


    Full Text Available The exhumation and tectonic emplacement of eclogites and blueschists take place in forearc accretionary complexes by either forearc- or backarc-directed extrusion, but few examples have been well analysed in detail. Here we present an example of oblique wedge extrusion of UHP/HP rocks in the Atbashi accretionary complex of the Kyrgyz South Tianshan.

  6. 75 FR 41531 - Hewlett Packard (HP) Global Product Development, Working On-Site at General Motors Corporation... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Hewlett Packard (HP) Global Product Development, Working On-Site at General Motors Corporation, Milford, MI; Notice of Revised Termination of Investigation Pursuant to...

  7. Optimization of statistical methods for HpGe gamma-ray spectrometer used in wide count rate ranges

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gervino, G., E-mail: [UNITO - Università di Torino, Dipartimento di Fisica, Turin (Italy); INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sez. Torino, Turin (Italy); Mana, G. [INRIM - Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Turin (Italy); Palmisano, C. [UNITO - Università di Torino, Dipartimento di Fisica, Turin (Italy); INRIM - Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Turin (Italy)


    The need to perform γ-ray measurements with HpGe detectors is a common technique in many fields such as nuclear physics, radiochemistry, nuclear medicine and neutron activation analysis. The use of HpGe detectors is chosen in situations where isotope identification is needed because of their excellent resolution. Our challenge is to obtain the “best” spectroscopy data possible in every measurement situation. “Best” is a combination of statistical (number of counts) and spectral quality (peak, width and position) over a wide range of counting rates. In this framework, we applied Bayesian methods and the Ellipsoidal Nested Sampling (a multidimensional integration technique) to study the most likely distribution for the shape of HpGe spectra. In treating these experiments, the prior information suggests to model the likelihood function with a product of Poisson distributions. We present the efforts that have been done in order to optimize the statistical methods to HpGe detector outputs with the aim to evaluate to a better order of precision the detector efficiency, the absolute measured activity and the spectra background. Reaching a more precise knowledge of statistical and systematic uncertainties for the measured physical observables is the final goal of this research project.

  8. Extended Pile Driving Model to Predict the Penetration of the Insight/HP3 Mole into the Martian Soil (United States)

    Poganski, Joshua; Kömle, Norbert I.; Kargl, Günter; Schweiger, Helmut F.; Grott, Matthias; Spohn, Tilman; Krömer, Olaf; Krause, Christian; Wippermann, Torben; Tsakyridis, Georgios; Fittock, Mark; Lichtenheldt, Roy; Vrettos, Christos; Andrade, José E.


    The NASA InSight mission will provide an opportunity for soil investigations using the penetration data of the heat flow probe built by the German Aerospace Center DLR. The Heat flow and Physical Properties Probe (HP3) will penetrate 3 to 5 meter into the Martian subsurface to investigate the planetary heat flow. The measurement of the penetration rate during the insertion of the HP3 will be used to determine the physical properties of the soil at the landing site. For this purpose, numerical simulations of the penetration process were performed to get a better understanding of the soil properties influencing the penetration performance of HP3. A pile driving model has been developed considering all masses of the hammering mechanism of HP3. By cumulative application of individual stroke cycles it is now able to describe the penetration of the Mole into the Martian soil as a function of time, assuming that the soil parameters of the material through which it penetrates are known. We are using calibrated materials similar to those expected to be encountered by the InSight/HP3 Mole when it will be operated on the surface of Mars after the landing of the InSight spacecraft. We consider various possible scenarios, among them a more or less homogeneous material down to a depth of 3-5 m as well as a layered ground, consisting of layers with different soil parameters. Finally we describe some experimental tests performed with the latest prototype of the InSight Mole at DLR Bremen and compare the measured penetration performance in sand with our modeling results. Furthermore, results from a 3D DEM simulation are presented to get a better understanding of the soil response.

  9. Effect of a long-chained fructan Raftiline HP on blood lipids and spontaneous atherosclerosis in low density receptor knockout mice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mortensen, Alicja; Poulsen, Morten; Frandsen, Henrik Lauritz


    The effect of a long-chained fructan Raftiline HP on spontaneous hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis was studied in 40 LDLR-/- male mice receiving isocaloric, balanced in fat content, purified diets with 0 or 10% Raftiline HP, for 16 weeks. The feed intake was comparable (3.9 v. 3.8 g/day) b...

  10. HP0902 from Helicobacter pylori is a thermostable, dimeric protein belonging to an all-beta topology of the cupin superfamily. (United States)

    Sim, Dae-Won; Lee, Yoo-Sup; Kim, Ji-Hun; Seo, Min-Duk; Lee, Bong-Jin; Won, Hyung-Sik


    Here, we report the first biochemical and structural characterization of the hypothetical protein HP0902 from Helicobacter pylori, in terms of structural genomics. Gel-permeation chromatography and dynamic light scattering indicated that the protein behaves as a dimer in solution. Circular dichroism spectroscopy showed that HP0902 primarily adopts a beta-structure and the protein was highly thermostable with a denaturing temperature higher than 70 degrees C. Finally, the backbone NMR assignments were obtained on the [(13)C,(15)N]HP0902 and the secondary structure was determined using the chemical shift data. Additionally, the local flexibility was assessed via a heteronuclear (1)H-(15)N steady state NOE experiment. The results revealed that HP0902 would adopt a compactly folded, all-beta topology with 11 beta-strands. All of the results clearly support the notion that HP0902 belongs to the cupin superfamily of proteins.

  11. The Nuclear Oncogene SET Controls DNA Repair by KAP1 and HP1 Retention to Chromatin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alkmini Kalousi


    Full Text Available Cells experience damage from exogenous and endogenous sources that endanger genome stability. Several cellular pathways have evolved to detect DNA damage and mediate its repair. Although many proteins have been implicated in these processes, only recent studies have revealed how they operate in the context of high-ordered chromatin structure. Here, we identify the nuclear oncogene SET (I2PP2A as a modulator of DNA damage response (DDR and repair in chromatin surrounding double-strand breaks (DSBs. We demonstrate that depletion of SET increases DDR and survival in the presence of radiomimetic drugs, while overexpression of SET impairs DDR and homologous recombination (HR-mediated DNA repair. SET interacts with the Kruppel-associated box (KRAB-associated co-repressor KAP1, and its overexpression results in the sustained retention of KAP1 and Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1 on chromatin. Our results are consistent with a model in which SET-mediated chromatin compaction triggers an inhibition of DNA end resection and HR.

  12. An alternative direct compound dispensing method using the HP D300 digital dispenser. (United States)

    Jones, Raisa E; Zheng, Wei; McKew, John C; Chen, Catherine Z


    Evaluation of compound activity in vitro is crucial to drug discovery efforts and require that the compounds be accurately and reliably titrated and dispensed to the assay wells. The HP D300 dispenser uses inkjet technology to achieve small-volume dispensing that allows concentration-response testing using the direct dilution paradigm. Although inkjet technology has been long in existence, it is new to the field of screening and drug development. We have evaluated the D300 dispenser in a biochemical assay, a cell-based reporter gene assay, and a cytotoxicity assay. The software for this instrument is user friendly, and the compound-dispensing process is streamlined. However, a limitation is that this dispenser is currently applicable to only 96-well and 384-well plate formats and not to 1536-well high-density plates. Our results indicate that the D300 generates clean and reproducible results that correlate with those produced with more commonly used instruments such as the pin tool. We found that the instrument is useful and can improve the throughput of compound dispensing in 96-well and 384-well plates.

  13. Gr and hp-1 tomato mutants unveil unprecedented interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and fruit ripening. (United States)

    Chialva, Matteo; Zouari, Inès; Salvioli, Alessandra; Novero, Mara; Vrebalov, Julia; Giovannoni, James J; Bonfante, Paola


    Systemic responses to an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus reveal opposite phenological patterns in two tomato ripening mutants depending whether ethylene or light reception is involved. The availability of tomato ripening mutants has revealed many aspects of the genetics behind fleshy fruit ripening, plant hormones and light signal reception. Since previous analyses revealed that arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis influences tomato berry ripening, we wanted to test the hypothesis that an interplay might occur between root symbiosis and fruit ripening. With this aim, we screened seven tomato mutants affected in the ripening process for their responsiveness to the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Funneliformis mosseae. Following their phenological responses we selected two mutants for a deeper analysis: Green ripe (Gr), deficient in fruit ethylene perception and high-pigment-1 (hp-1), displaying enhanced light signal perception throughout the plant. We investigated the putative interactions between ripening processes, mycorrhizal establishment and systemic effects using biochemical and gene expression tools. Our experiments showed that both mutants, notwithstanding a normal mycorrhizal phenotype at root level, exhibit altered arbuscule functionality. Furthermore, in contrast to wild type, mycorrhization did not lead to a higher phosphate concentration in berries of both mutants. These results suggest that the mutations considered interfere with arbuscular mycorrhiza inducing systemic changes in plant phenology and fruits metabolism. We hypothesize a cross talk mechanism between AM and ripening processes that involves genes related to ethylene and light signaling.

  14. Endogenous retrovirus EAV-HP linked to blue egg phenotype in Mapuche fowl.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Wragg

    Full Text Available Oocyan or blue/green eggshell colour is an autosomal dominant trait found in native chickens (Mapuche fowl of Chile and in some of their descendants in European and North American modern breeds. We report here the identification of an endogenous avian retroviral (EAV-HP insertion in oocyan Mapuche fowl and European breeds. Sequencing data reveals 100% retroviral identity between the Mapuche and European insertions. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of European oocyan chicken indicates over-expression of the SLCO1B3 gene (P<0.05 in the shell gland and oviduct. Predicted transcription factor binding sites in the long terminal repeats (LTR indicate AhR/Ar, a modulator of oestrogen, as a possible promoter/enhancer leading to reproductive tissue-specific over-expression of the SLCO1B3 gene. Analysis of all jungle fowl species Gallus sp. supports the retroviral insertion to be a post-domestication event, while identical LTR sequences within domestic chickens are in agreement with a recent de novo mutation.

  15. KIVA-hpFE. Predictive turbulent reactive and multiphase flow in engines - An Overview

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrington, David Bradley [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Research and development of KIVA-hpFE for turbulent reactive and multiphase flow particularly as related to engine modeling program has relevance to National energy security and climate change. Climate change is a source problem, and energy national security is consumption of petroleum products problem. Accurately predicting engine processes leads to, lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, where engines in the transportation sector currently account for 26% of the U.S. GHG emissions. Less dependence on petroleum products leads to greater energy security. By Environmental Protection Agency standards, some vehicles are now reaching 42 to the 50 mpg mark. These are conventional gasoline engines. Continued investment and research into new technical innovations, the potential exists to save more than 4 million barrels of oil per day or approximately $200 to $400 million per day. This would be a significant decrease in emission and use of petroleum and a very large economic stimulus too! It is estimated with further advancements in combustion, the current emissions can be reduced up to 40%. Enabling better understanding of fuel injection and fuel-air mixing, thermodynamic combustion losses, and combustion/emission formation processes enhances our ability to help solve both problems. To provide adequate capability for accurately simulating these processes, minimize time and labor for development of engine technology, are the goals of our KIVA development program.

  16. Functional and evolutionary analyses of Helicobacter pylori HP0231 (DsbK protein with strong oxidative and chaperone activity characterized by a highly diverged dimerization domain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarzyna Marta Bocian-Ostrzycka


    Full Text Available Helicobacter pylori does not encode the classical DsbA/DsbB oxidoreductases that are crucial for oxidative folding of extracytoplasmic proteins. Instead, this microorganism encodes an untypical two proteins playing a role in disulfide bond formation – periplasmic HP0231, which structure resembles that of EcDsbC/DsbG, and its redox partner, a membrane protein HpDsbI (HP0595 with a -propeller structure. The aim of presented work was to assess relations between HP0231 structure and function.We showed that HP0231 is most closely related evolutionarily to the catalytic domain of DsbG, even though it possesses a catalytic motif typical for canonical DsbA proteins. Similarly, the highly diverged N-terminal dimerization domain is homologous to the dimerization domain of DsbG. To better understand the functioning of this atypical oxidoreductase, we examined its activity using in vivo and in vitro experiments. We found that HP0231 exhibits oxidizing and chaperone activities but no isomerizing activity, even though H. pylori does not contain a classical DsbC. We also show that HP0231 is not involved in the introduction of disulfide bonds into HcpC (Helicobacter cysteine-rich protein C, a protein involved in the modulation of the H. pylori interaction with its host. Additionally, we also constructed a truncated version of HP0231 lacking the dimerization domain, denoted HP0231m, and showed that it acts in E. coli cells in a DsbB-dependent manner. In contrast, HP0231m and classical monomeric EcDsbA (Escherichia coli DsbA protein were both unable to complement the lack of HP0231 in H. pylori cells, though they exist in oxidized forms. HP0231m is inactive in the insulin reduction assay and possesses high chaperone activity, in contrast to EcDsbA. In conclusion, HP0231 combines oxidative functions characteristic of DsbA proteins and chaperone activity characteristic of DsbC/DsbG, and it lacks isomerization activity.

  17. Evaluation des fluides de forage HP/HT pour forages profonds Evaluation of Hp/Ht Drilling Fluid Formulations for Deep Drilling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Argillier J. F.


    Full Text Available Le forage de puits profonds exige la mise au point de fluides de forage dont la formulation est adaptée aux températures élevées de formation : l'une des principales difficultés est la dégradation thermique des additifs chimiques utilisés dans les formulations à base d'eau qui se produit fréquemment lors du forage de puits à température élevée. Cette dégradation peut conduire à des variations importantes des caractéristiques rhéologiques et de filtration et à une perte de propriétés nécessaires à leur performance. De plus, même s'il n'y a pas de dégradation des composants la viscosité des solutions de polymères hydrosolubles couramment utilisés dans les formulations de fluides diminue fortement avec l'augmentation de la température au-dessus de 60°C. Une autre source de difficulté qui apparaît à forte température avec les boues à base d'eau est la gélification des argiles utilisées dans la formulation. Ce phénomène provoque une forte augmentation de la viscosité de la formulation et des pertes de charges, en particulier en cas de reprise de forage. Diverses méthodes ont été mises au point pour étudier le comportement des boues à base d'eau dans des conditions de pression et de température élevées, entre autres : - des expériences de laboratoire, pour étudier par exemple la stabilité en conditions anaérobies des solutions de polymères et le comportement rhéologique des suspensions d'argile dans des conditions de pression et de température élevées afin de simuler les caractéristiques de gélification des argiles à haute température; - des essais sur boucle d'étude HP/HT en utilisant une boucle expérimentale conçue pour étudier les fluides de forage dans des conditions de fond réalistes, c'est-à-dire des températures atteignant 180°C, des pressions atteignant 500 bar et des taux de cisaillement atteignant 10 000 s puissance( -1 Cette méthodologie a permis d'étudier un certain

  18. Dynamic and flexible H3K9me3 bridging via HP1β dimerization establishes a plastic state of condensed chromatin (United States)

    Hiragami-Hamada, Kyoko; Soeroes, Szabolcs; Nikolov, Miroslav; Wilkins, Bryan; Kreuz, Sarah; Chen, Carol; De La Rosa-Velázquez, Inti A.; Zenn, Hans Michael; Kost, Nils; Pohl, Wiebke; Chernev, Aleksandar; Schwarzer, Dirk; Jenuwein, Thomas; Lorincz, Matthew; Zimmermann, Bastian; Walla, Peter Jomo; Neumann, Heinz; Baubec, Tuncay; Urlaub, Henning; Fischle, Wolfgang


    Histone H3 trimethylation of lysine 9 (H3K9me3) and proteins of the heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) family are hallmarks of heterochromatin, a state of compacted DNA essential for genome stability and long-term transcriptional silencing. The mechanisms by which H3K9me3 and HP1 contribute to chromatin condensation have been speculative and controversial. Here we demonstrate that human HP1β is a prototypic HP1 protein exemplifying most basal chromatin binding and effects. These are caused by dimeric and dynamic interaction with highly enriched H3K9me3 and are modulated by various electrostatic interfaces. HP1β bridges condensed chromatin, which we postulate stabilizes the compacted state. In agreement, HP1β genome-wide localization follows H3K9me3-enrichment and artificial bridging of chromatin fibres is sufficient for maintaining cellular heterochromatic conformation. Overall, our findings define a fundamental mechanism for chromatin higher order structural changes caused by HP1 proteins, which might contribute to the plastic nature of condensed chromatin. PMID:27090491

  19. The Effect of Replacing Fish Meal in the Diet with Enzyme-Treated Soybean Meal (HP310) on Growth and Body Composition of Rainbow Trout Fry. (United States)

    Haghbayan, Samira; Shamsaie Mehrgan, Mehdi


    The potential of enzyme-treated soybean meal powder (HP310) as fish meal alternative in diets for rainbow trout weighing 1.17 ± 0.3 g was evaluated for 60 days. Fish meal was replaced with HP310 at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of experimental diets. A control group was also considered. The results showed that diets containing 75% and 100% HP310 had significantly higher feed conversion ratio and lower feed intake, weight gain and specific growth rate compared to fish feed diets containing higher levels of fish protein ingredients (p growth performance (p fish feed diets with HP310 had lower hematocrit, hemoglobin and red blood cells compared to the control group, but the differences between the control and the other treatments up to 75% HP310 replacement levels of diet (p > 0.05). However increasing in level of HP310 in the diet caused a significant increase of the white blood cells (p fish fed with a diet totally replaced by HP310 showed the highest values of ash and moisture content among the diets and showed significantly different levels when compared with the control and other feeding treatments (p < 0.05).

  20. Synchrotron topographic and photoluminescence investigations of porous layer in HT-HP treated silicon implanted with deuterium ions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wieteska, K. [Institute of Atomic Energy, 05-400 Otwock-Swierk (Poland); Wierzchowski, W.; Surma, B. [Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warsaw (Poland); Misiuk, A.; Prujszczyk, M. [Institute of Electron Technology, Al. Lotnikow 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw (Poland); Graeff, W. [HASYLAB at DESY, Notkestrasse 85, 22603 Hamburg (Germany); Antonova, I.V. [Institute of Semiconductor Physics, RAS, Lavrentieva 13, 630090, Novosibirsk (Russian Federation)


    The 001 oriented Cz-Si samples were implanted at room temperature with 200 keV deuterium ions to the dose 1.7 x 10{sup 17} cm{sup -2} and treated at up to 950 C under hydrostatic Ar pressure (HP) up to 11 kbar for up to 10 h. The sample properties were studied by means of monochromatic synchrotron X-ray diffraction topography as well as by rocking curve (RC) and photoluminescence (PL) measurements. The thermal annealing caused rapid disappearance of interference effects in RCs and topographs. This process was significantly moderated by HP providing the layers with spongy like structure owing the presence of deuterium - filled inclusions. In the last case the most significant contribution of the PL peaks attributed to dislocations was observed. (copyright 2005 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)

  1. Comparing Hp(3) evaluated from the conversion coefficients from air kerma to personal dose equivalent for eye lens dosimetry calibrated on a new cylindrical PMMA phantom (United States)

    Esor, J.; Sudchai, W.; Monthonwattana, S.; Pungkun, V.; Intang, A.


    Based on a new occupational dose limit recommended by ICRP (2011), the annual dose limit for the lens of the eye for workers should be reduced from 150 mSv/y to 20 mSv/y averaged over 5 consecutive years in which no single year exceeding 50 mSv. This new dose limit directly affects radiologists and cardiologists whose work involves high radiation exposure over 20 mSv/y. Eye lens dosimetry (Hp(3)) has become increasingly important and should be evaluated directly based on dosimeters that are worn closely to the eye. Normally, Hp(3) dose algorithm was carried out by the combination of Hp(0.07) and Hp(10) values while dosimeters were calibrated on slab PMMA phantom. Recently, there were three reports from European Union that have shown the conversion coefficients from air kerma to Hp(3). These conversion coefficients carried out by ORAMED, PTB and CEA Saclay projects were performed by using a new cylindrical head phantom. In this study, various delivered doses were calculated using those three conversion coefficients while nanoDot, small OSL dosimeters, were used for Hp(3) measurement. These calibrations were performed with a standard X-ray generator at Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL). Delivered doses (Hp(3)) using those three conversion coefficients were compared with Hp(3) from nanoDot measurements. The results showed that percentage differences between delivered doses evaluated from the conversion coefficient of each project and Hp(3) doses evaluated from the nanoDots were found to be not exceeding -11.48 %, -8.85 % and -8.85 % for ORAMED, PTB and CEA Saclay project, respectively.

  2. Efficacy, safety and mechanism of HP-β-CD-PEI polymers as absorption enhancers on the intestinal absorption of poorly absorbable drugs in rats. (United States)

    Zhang, Hailong; Huang, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Yongjing; Gao, Yang


    Oral bioavailability of some hydrophilic therapeutic macromolecules was very poor, thus leading to their limited application in clinic. To investigate the efficacy, safety and mechanism of HP-β-CD-PEI polymers on the intestinal absorption of some poorly absorbable drugs in rats. Effects of HP-β-CD-PEI polymers on the intestinal absorptions of drugs were investigated by an in situ closed loop method in rats. The safety of HP-β-CD-PEI polymer was evaluated by measurement of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity and amount of protein released from rat intestinal perfusate. The absorption enhancing mechanisms were explored by the measurement of zeta potential, transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) and in vitro transport of FD4 (a paracellular marker) across rat intestinal membranes, respectively. HP-β-CD-PEI polymers, especially HP-β-CD-PEI1800, demonstrated excellent absorption enhancing effects on drug absorption in a concentration-dependent manner and the enhancing effect was more efficient in the small intestine than that in the large intestine. Five percent (w/v) HP-β-CD-PEI1800 obviously decreased the TEER, accompanied with increase in the intestinal transport of FD4, indicating that absorption enhancing actions of HP-β-CD-PEI polymers were possibly performed by loosening tight junctions of intestinal epithelium cells, thereby increasing drug permeation via a paracellular pathway. A good liner relationship between absorption enhancing effects of HP-β-CD-PEI polymers and their zeta potentials suggested the contribution of positive charge on the surface of these polymers to their absorption enhancing effects. HP-β-CD-PEI polymers might be potential and safe absorption enhancers for improving oral delivery of poorly absorbable macromolecules including peptides and proteins.

  3. Investigation into the effects of VHF and UHF band radiation on Hewlett-Packard (HP) Cesium Beam Frequency Standards (United States)

    Dickens, Andrew


    This paper documents an investigation into reports which have indicated that exposure to VHF and UHF band radiation has adverse effects on the frequency stability of HP cesium beam frequency standards. Tests carried out on the basis of these reports show that sources of VHF and UHF radiation such as two-way hand held police communications devices do cause reproducible adverse effects. This investigation examines reproducible effects and explores possible causes.

  4. Calculation of Ambient (H*(10)) and Personal (Hp(10)) Dose Equivalent from a 252Cf Neutron Source

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Traub, Richard J.


    The purpose of this calculation is to calculate the neutron dose factors for the Sr-Cf-3000 neutron source that is located in the 318 low scatter room (LSR). The dose factors were based on the dose conversion factors published in ICRP-21 Appendix 6, and the Ambient dose equivalent (H*(10)) and Personal dose equivalent (Hp(10)) dose factors published in ICRP Publication 74.

  5. 80-100 HP Stirling engine feasbility study. Progress report No. 18, for the quarter October--December 1976

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Postma, N.D.


    Progress is reported for a program to investigate the use of an 80 to 100 hp Stirling engine in a 2500 to 3000 lb. passenger car. The engine was installed in a dynamometer test cell, and dynamometer emissions of HC, CO, and NO/sub x/ were measured. Fuel economy data are also given, and various engine design modifications (seals, fuel system, exhaust gas recirculation system, burner) are discussed. (PMA)

  6. Comparison of properties and microstructures of Trefimetaux and Hycon 3HP{trademark} after neutron irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Edwards, D.J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab., Richland, WA (United States); Singh, B.N.; Toft, P.; Eldrup, M. [Risoe National Lab., Roskilde (Denmark)


    The precipitation strengthened CuNiBe alloys are among three candidate copper alloys being evaluated for application in the first wall, divertor, and limiter components of ITER. Generally, CuNiBe alloys have higher strength but poorer conductivity compared to CuCrZr and CuAl{sub 2}O{sub 3} alloys. Brush-Wellman Inc. has manufactured an improved version of their Hycon CuNiBe alloy that has higher conductivity while maintaining a reasonable level strength. It is of interest, therefore, to investigate the effect of radiation on the physical and mechanical properties of this alloy. In the present work the authors have investigated the physical and mechanical properties of the Hycon 3HP{trademark} alloy both before and after neutron irradiation and have compared its microstructure and properties with the European CuNiBe candidate alloy manufactured by Trefirmetaux. Tensile specimens of both alloys were irradiated in the DR-3 reactor at Risoe to displacement dose levels up to 0.3 dpa at 100, 250 and 350 C. Both alloys were tensile tested in the unirradiated and irradiated conditions at 100, 250 and 350 C. Both pre- and post-irradiation microstructures of the alloys were investigated in detail using transmission electron microscopy. Fracture surfaces were examined under a scanning electron microscope. Electrical resistivity measurements were made on tensile specimens before and after irradiation; all measurements were made at 23 C. At this point it seems unlikely that CuNiBe alloys can be recommended for applications in neutron environments where the irradiation temperature exceeds 200 C. Applications at temperatures below 200 C might be plausible, but only after careful experiments have determined the dose dependence of the mechanical properties and the effect of sudden temperature excursions on the material to establish the limits on the use of the alloy.

  7. Reactor Lithium Heat Pipes for HP-STMCs Space Reactor Power System (United States)

    Tournier, Jean-Michel; El-Genk, Mohamed S.


    Design and performance analysis of the nuclear reactor's lithium heat pipes for a 110-kWe Heat Pipes-Segmented Thermoelectric Module Converters (HP-STMCs) Space Reactor Power system (SRPS) are presented. The evaporator length of the heat pipes is the same as the active core height (0.45 m) and the C-C finned condenser is of the same length as the STMC panels (1.5 m). The C-C finned condenser section is radiatively coupled to the collector shoes of the STMCs placed on both sides. The lengths of the adiabatic section, the values of the power throughput and the evaporator wall temperature depend on the radial location of the heat pipe in the reactor core and the number and dimensions of the potassium heat pipes in the heat rejection radiator. The reactor heat pipes have a total length that varies from 7.57 to 7.73 m, and a 0.2 mm thick Mo-14%Re wick with an average pore radius of 12 μm. The wick is separated from the Mo-14%Re wall by a 0.5 mm annulus filled with liquid lithium, to raise the prevailing capillary limit. The nominal evaporator (or reactor) temperature varies from 1513 to 1591 K and the thermal power of the reactor is 1.6 MW, which averages 12.7 kW for each of the 126 reactor heat pipes. The power throughput per heat pipe increase to a nominal 15.24 kW at the location of the peak power in the core and to 20.31 kW when an adjacent heat pipe fails. The prevailing capillary limit of the reactor heat pipes is 28.3 kW, providing a design margin >= 28%.

  8. Optical studies of defects generated in neutron-irradiated Cz-Si during HP-HT treatment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Surma, B.; Wnuk, A. [Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warsaw (Poland); Misiuk, A. [Institute of Electron Technology, Al. Lotnikow 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw (Poland); Londos, C.A. [Department of Physics, Panepistimiopolis, GR-15784 Zografos, Athens (Greece); Bukowski, A. [Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warsaw (Poland); Silicon CEMAT, Wolczynska 133, 01-919 Warsaw (Poland)


    Neutron-irradiated Czochralski grown silicon subjected to heat treatment (HT) at 350 C and 1000 C under enhanced hydrostatic pressure (HP) was studied in this work. It has been shown that external hydrostatic pressure enhances the creation of VO{sub 2} defects in neutron irradiated silicon subjected to the HP-HT treatment at 350 C. Enhanced formation of platelet-like oxygen precipitates was found in the samples treated at 1000 C under 1.1 GPa. This effect was more pronounced in the samples with VO{sub 2} defects. Presented results seem to suggest that probably HP helps to transform VO{sub 2} to some kind of defects or change alone VO{sub 2} defects in the form that can act as an additional nucleus for an additional oxygen precipitation at 1000 C. No correlation between the plate-like oxygen precipitates related absorption at 1225 cm{sup -1} and dislocation-related emission has been confirmed. (copyright 2005 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)

  9. HP3-RAD: a compact radiometer design with on-site calibration for in-situ exploration (United States)

    Kopp, Emanuel; Mueller, Nils; Grott, Matthias; Walter, Ingo; Knollenberg, Jörg; Hanschke, Frank; Kessler, Ernst; Meyer, Hans-Georg


    Many processes on planetary bodies are driven by their respective surface energy balance, and while planetary climate is influenced by the dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer, surface radiation drives the Yarkovksy and YORB effects on small airless bodies. In addition, insolation governs cometary activity and drives the dust cycle on Mars. The radiative flux received and emitted at the surface of solar system bodies is thus a fundamental quantity, which is driven by the reception of solar radiation in the visible wavelength band, while re-radiation primarily occurs in the thermal infrared. Knowledge of the relevant radiative fluxes enables studies of thermo-physical surface properties, and radiometers to measure surface brightness temperatures have been payloads on many missions. The HP3-RAD is part of the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3) on the InSight mission to Mars. It is a light-weight thermal infrared radiometer with compact design. HP3-RAD measures radiative flux in 3 spectral bands using thermopile detectors. The 120 g device includes integrated front-end electronics as well as a deployable cover that protects the sensors from dust contamination during landing. In addition, the cover is simultaneously used as a calibration target. The instrument concept as well as its implementation will be described, and special emphasis will be put on technological challenges encountered during instrument development. Potential future improvements of the design will be discussed.

  10. Upper Cretaceous HP-LT metamorphism along the leading edge of the Mesozoic Bolkardag platform, southern Turkey (United States)

    Parlak, Osman; Kop, Alican; Robertson, Alastair; Karaoglan, Fatih; Neubauer, Franz; Koepke, Jürgen


    HP/LT metamorphism within the Anatoliodes (Tavşanlı and Afyon zonses) provides key evidence of Late Cretaceous/Paleogene subduction of N the margin of the Tauride microcontinent. HP/LT metamorphism within the Bolkar Daǧ has long been suspected, but without supporting evidence until now. HP/LT rocks are exposed as disrupted stratiform bodies interbedded with pale-coloured meta-limestones (tens of metres thick in all) around the periphery of Kargöl, 20 km SE of Ulukışla. The outcrops are mapped as lying within the Bokar Daǧ stratigraphy, separate from lower grade accretionary melange and unmetamorphosed ophiolitic rocks further north. The age of the meta-basic rocks is uncertain but could be either Early Mesozoic or Late Meszoic based on comparison with the Taşvanlı Zone elsewhere. The protoliths of the HP/LT rock are mostly meta-basic extrusives igneous rocks, including massive lava and lava breccia, mostly converted to amphibolite. The protoliths fall into two groups, alkaline (Nb/Y=1.43-2.05) and tholeiitic (Nb/Y=0.04-0.58). Chondrite-normalized REE patterns, N-MORB normalized multi-element diagrams and tectonic discrimination diagrams suggest that the alkaline amphibolites were derived from the metamorphism of intra-plate basaltic rocks. The tholeiitic amphibolites form two groups, one characterized by slightly LREE-enriched (La/YbN=1,74-2,67) patterns and progressive enrichment in LIL elements; this has a similarity to enriched-mid ocean ridge basalts (E-MORB). The second group of tholeiitic amphibolites is characterized by LREE-depleted (La/YbN=0,57-0,90) rare earth element patterns. Multi-element diagram of this group exhibits strong negative Nb anomalies and flat HFS elements compared to N-MORB, suggesting a subduction influence on magmatism. Petrographic studies of the amphibolites indicate a blueschist facies overprint, represented by glaucophane. 40Ar-39Ar isotopic age determinations performed on amphibole separates yielded ages from 92.29±0

  11. Cross-Validation of the Spanish HP-Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy Confirmed with Some Cross-Cultural Differences

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Alcorta-Garza, Adelina; San-Martín, Montserrat; Delgado-Bolton, Roberto; Soler-González, Jorge; Roig, Helena; Vivanco, Luis


    .... The Health Professional Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy (JSE-HP) was developed in response to a need for a psychometrically sound instrument to measure empathy in the context of patient care...

  12. Paleomagnetism of the Mississippian HP pipe and the western margin of the North American craton (United States)

    Symons, D. T. A.; Lewchuk, M. T.

    The HP pipe is a small oval (80m×40m) kimberlitic diatreme near Golden, B.C., in the fold-and-thrust belt of the Rocky Mountains. The pipe intrudes gently-dipping (˜10°S) Late Cambrian to Middle Ordovician limestones with nearly vertical contacts. It is comprised of carbonate breccia fragments and pyroxenite nodules in a light-green serpentine matrix and gives a Rb-Sr age of 348±7 Ma. A later phase of dark-green dikes cut the breccia and adjacent limestones. AF and thermal step demagnetization of 168 specimens from 42 oriented blocks was done using an automated cryogenic magnetometer in a shielded room for remanence measurement. The diatreme breccia and dikes retain a stable A remanence component after thermal cleaning above ˜400°C and AF cleaning above ˜20 mT. Their combined mean direction of 129.8°, -44.3° (α95 = 6.5°) after tilt correction gives a concordant Mississippian pole position of 138.5°E, 44.5°N (Dp = 5.1°, Dm = 8.2°). The limestones provide a positive contact test by giving a stable B component direction of 114.4°, -22.7° (α95 = 12.4°) with a concordant Late Cambrian to Middle Ordovician pole of 141.0°E, 24.3°N (δp = 7.0°, δm = 13.3°). These concordant poles indicate that the fold-and-thrust belt is part of the North American craton. Thus the suture with allochthonous terranes to the west must be located at or west of the Rocky Mountain Trench. Both the diatreme and limestones retain a low-coercivity and unblocking-temperature C component, isolated by vector subtraction without tilt correction, that records a minor overprint from the Laramide Orogeny combined with Pleistocene viscous remanence.

  13. Analysis of the effect of true coincidence summing on efficiency calibration for an HP GE detector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rodenas, J.; Gallardo, S.; Ballester, S.; Primault, V. [Valencia Univ. Politecnica, Dept. de Ingenieria Quimica y Nuclear (Spain); Ortiz, J. [Valencia Univ. Politecnica, Lab. de Radiactividad Ambiental (Spain)


    The H.P. (High Purity) Germanium detector is commonly used for gamma spectrometry in environmental radioactivity laboratories. The efficiency of the detector must be calibrated for each geometry considered. This calibration is performed using a standard solution containing gamma emitter sources. The usual goal is the obtaining of an efficiency curve to be used in the determination of the activity of samples with the same geometry. It is evident the importance of the detector calibration. However, the procedure presents some problems as it depends on the source geometry (shape, volume, distance to detector, etc.) and shall be repeated when these factors change. That means an increasing use of standard solutions and consequently an increasing generation of radioactive wastes. Simulation of the calibration procedure with a validated computer program is clearly an important auxiliary tool for environmental radioactivity laboratories. This simulation is useful for both optimising calibration procedures and reducing the amount of radioactivity wastes produced. The M.C.N.P. code, based on the Monte Carlo method, has been used in this work for the simulation of detector calibration. A model has been developed for the detector as well as for the source contained in a Petri box. The source is a standard solution that contains the following radionuclides: {sup 241}Am, {sup 109}Cd, {sup 57}Co, {sup 139}Ce, {sup 203}Hg, {sup 113}Sn, {sup 85}Sr, {sup 137}Cs, {sup 88}Y and {sup 60}Co; covering a wide energy range (50 to 2000 keV). However, there are two radionuclides in the solution ({sup 60}Co and {sup 88}Y) that emit gamma rays in true coincidence. The effect of the true coincidence summing produces a distortion of the calibration curve at higher energies. To decrease this effect some measurements have been performed at increasing distances between the source and the detector. As the true coincidence effect is observed in experimental measurements but not in the Monte Carlo

  14. Design of small diameter HT/HP sour service reeled rigid pipelines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carneiro, Daniel; Gouveia, Joao; Tardelli, Luciano [Tecnitas, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:; Parrilha, Rafael [Bureau Veritas Group, London (United Kingdom); Oazen, Eduardo; Cardoso, Carlos [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The paper presents an overview of the challenges overcome in the engineering design of two 219 mm diameter, 6 km length oil production pipelines, to be installed by reeling at Espirito Santo Basin, offshore Brazilian coast in 1500 m water depth. The high temperature and high pressure (HT/HP) operating conditions and sour content associated with the small diameter required to single well oil production would usually lead to flexible flow line solution in Brazilian fields. The decision of employing small diameter thick-walled rigid C-Mn steel pipelines with thick thermal insulation made necessary extensive engineering work to achieve a safe and robust thermal expansion control arrangement, including the design of walking mitigation and buckle initiation apparatus; a feasible weld acceptance criterion covering both high cycle fatigue due to pipe lay and vortex induced vibration (VIV) at free spans, and high strain low cycle fatigue and fracture growth induced by reeling installation and in-service lateral buckling. Several studies were performed using highly non-linear three-dimensional finite element models considering: pipe-soil interaction with full 3D seabed bathymetry; load history maintained from pipe lay to operational cycles, including temperature transient effects; high plastic strains (including steel properties de-rating due to high temperature) and section ovalization; mechanical contact between pipe and appurtenances during both installation and operational phases. Pipe-soil interaction comprised embedment considering dynamic effects of pipe lay and full non-linear lateral and axial response curves including break-out and residual resistance. Strain concentration factors due to field joints were evaluated using detailed solid models considering non-linear response of both steel and insulation materials. Susceptibility to VIV at free spans was assessed considering post loaded deformed span natural frequencies, including multi-span interaction effects and

  15. Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1a positively regulates euchromatic gene expression through RNA transcript association and interaction with hnRNPs in Drosophila.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucia Piacentini


    Full Text Available Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1a is a well-known conserved protein involved in heterochromatin formation and gene silencing in different species including humans. A general model has been proposed for heterochromatin formation and epigenetic gene silencing in different species that implies an essential role for HP1a. According to the model, histone methyltransferase enzymes (HMTases methylate the histone H3 at lysine 9 (H3K9me, creating selective binding sites for itself and the chromodomain of HP1a. This complex is thought to form a higher order chromatin state that represses gene activity. It has also been found that HP1a plays a role in telomere capping. Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that HP1a is present at many euchromatic sites along polytene chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster, including the developmental and heat-shock-induced puffs, and that this protein can be removed from these sites by in vivo RNase treatment, thus suggesting an association of HP1a with the transcripts of many active genes. To test this suggestion, we performed an extensive screening by RIP-chip assay (RNA-immunoprecipitation on microarrays, and we found that HP1a is associated with transcripts of more than one hundred euchromatic genes. An expression analysis in HP1a mutants shows that HP1a is required for positive regulation of these genes. Cytogenetic and molecular assays show that HP1a also interacts with the well known proteins DDP1, HRB87F, and PEP, which belong to different classes of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNPs involved in RNA processing. Surprisingly, we found that all these hnRNP proteins also bind heterochromatin and are dominant suppressors of position effect variegation. Together, our data show novel and unexpected functions for HP1a and hnRNPs proteins. All these proteins are in fact involved both in RNA transcript processing and in heterochromatin formation. This suggests that, in general, similar epigenetic mechanisms

  16. Comparative analysis of the folding dynamics and kinetics of an engineered knotted protein and its variants derived from HP0242 of Helicobacter pylori (United States)

    Wang, Liang-Wei; Liu, Yu-Nan; Lyu, Ping-Chiang; Jackson, Sophie E.; Hsu, Shang-Te Danny


    Understanding the mechanism by which a polypeptide chain thread itself spontaneously to attain a knotted conformation has been a major challenge in the field of protein folding. HP0242 is a homodimeric protein from Helicobacter pylori with intertwined helices to form a unique pseudo-knotted folding topology. A tandem HP0242 repeat has been constructed to become the first engineered trefoil-knotted protein. Its small size renders it a model system for computational analyses to examine its folding and knotting pathways. Here we report a multi-parametric study on the folding stability and kinetics of a library of HP0242 variants, including the trefoil-knotted tandem HP0242 repeat, using far-UV circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy. Equilibrium chemical denaturation of HP0242 variants shows the presence of highly populated dimeric and structurally heterogeneous folding intermediates. Such equilibrium folding intermediates retain significant amount of helical structures except those at the N- and C-terminal regions in the native structure. Stopped-flow fluorescence measurements of HP0242 variants show that spontaneous refolding into knotted structures can be achieved within seconds, which is several orders of magnitude faster than previously observed for other knotted proteins. Nevertheless, the complex chevron plots indicate that HP0242 variants are prone to misfold into kinetic traps, leading to severely rolled-over refolding arms. The experimental observations are in general agreement with the previously reported molecular dynamics simulations. Based on our results, kinetic folding pathways are proposed to qualitatively describe the complex folding processes of HP0242 variants.

  17. Animation company "Fast Forwards" production with HP Utility Data Center; film built using Adaptive Enterprise framework enabled by shared, virtual resource

    CERN Document Server


    Hewlett Packard have produced a commercial-quality animated film using an experimental rendering service from HP Labs and running on an HP Utility Data Center (UDC). The project demonstrates how computing resources can be managed virtually and illustrates the value of utility computing, in which an end-user taps into a large pool of virtual resources, but pays only for what is used (1 page).


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Karakaya


    Full Text Available This research was conducted on the laboratory conditions. Different levels of K2HP04 (0.00%, 0.25%, 0.30% and NaCl (2.5%, 3.0% were applied on the goat meat and the pH, water holding capacity and cooking loss were observed. According to the results the effects of 0.25% K2HP04 addition was found statistically insignificant (p

  19. Raman spectroscopy of detrital garnet from the (U)HP terrane of eastern Papua New Guinea (United States)

    Andò, Sergio; Baldwin, Suzanne L.; Fitzgerald, Paul G.; Malusà, Marco G.; Aliatis, Irene; Vezzoli, Giovanni; Garzanti, Eduardo


    Garnet is one of the most widespread heavy minerals in sediments derived from orogenic systems. Its chemical composition varies systematically with temperature and pressure conditions, and thus provides information on the metamorphic evolution of source areas that is crucial in tectonic and geodynamic reconstructions. Garnet is easily identified in mineral grain mounts and is relatively stable during burial diagenesis. Raman spectroscopy allows rapid determination of garnet compositions in grain mounts or thin sections of sand and sandstone samples, and can be used to assess their density and chemical composition quite accurately ("MIRAGEM" method of Bersani et al., 2009; Andò et al., 2009). In the D'Entrecastreaux Islands of southeastern Papua New Guinea, the world's youngest (U)HP rocks are exposed. There, mafic rocks and their felsic host gneisses were metamorphosed under eclogite facies conditions from late Miocene to Pliocene, before being exhumed from depths of ~90 km (Baldwin et al., 2004, 2008). The eclogite preserves a peak assemblage of garnet, omphacite, rutile, phengite and Si02 (Hill and Baldwin, 1993). A coesite-eclogite has been found in one small island outcrop. In order to sample garnet populations representative of a larger geographical area, we sampled and studied a heavy-mineral-dominated placer sand (HMC 80) from a beach from SE Goodenough Island. Garnet grains in beach sand are associated with blue-green to subordinately green-brown amphibole and minor epidote, omphacitic clinopyroxene, titanite, apatite and rutile. The subordinate low-density fraction is feldspatho-quartzose with high-rank metamorphic rock fragments and biotite (Q62 F35 Lm2; MI 360). Detrital garnets are mostly classified as almandine with relatively high Mg and Ca and lacking Mn, typical of the eclogite facies (Win et al., 2007; type Ci garnets of Mange and Morton 2007; Andò et al., 2013). In well-described stratigraphic sequences within syn-and post-tectonic basins

  20. 3-Hydroxypropionic acid production by recombinant Escherichia coli ZJU-3HP01 using glycerol-glucose dual-substrate fermentative strategy. (United States)

    Niu, Kun; Xiong, Tao; Qin, Hai-Bin; Wu, Hao; Liu, Zhi-Qiang; Zheng, Yu-Guo


    3-Hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP) is an important platform synthesis block for sets of chemicals, but the relatively low production of 3-HP from biological sources presented major barriers for its industrial applications. In this study, a dual-substrate fermentative strategy by glycerol and glucose was proposed, and the aim was to evaluate the effect of different substrate addition strategies on the fermentation process. The results indicated that the optimal cosubstrate was glucose (20 g/L), and the enzymatic activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase (AldH) could be improved 3.5-fold as compared with no glucose addition. Continuous fed-batch fermentation at a constant speed displayed better 3-HP production of 17.20 g/L and highest specific 3-HP productivity of 1.79 mmol/(g cell·H) than the other fed-batch mode. The addition of glucose could greatly reduce the imbalance of the activity between glycerol dehydratase and AldH and provide a feasible method for improving 3-HP production. These results would be helpful in developing the 3-HP fermentation process. © 2016 International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  1. Industrial scale HP-HT synthesis of hard and wear resistant c-Zr3N4 (United States)

    Dzivenko, Dmytro; Riedel, Ralf; Taniguchi, Takashi; Chauveau, Thierry; Zerr, Andreas


    We present a large scale high-pressure high-temperature (HP-HT) synthesis of hard and wear resistant cubic zirconium nitride having Th3P4-type structure,c-Zr3N4. This material, also available as well-adhesive coatings with exceptional wear resistance, represents a compound competitive to diamond and c-BN with respect to machining of low-carbon steels and other ferrous alloys. We obtained c-Zr3N4 powder at pressures as low as 6.5 GPa and temperatures of 1400-1600 °C from nanocrystalline Zr3N4+x precursor using a belt-type apparatus - a static HP-HT device widely employed for the commercial production of diamond and c-BN. The HP products are characterized in details by means of powder X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and combustion elemental analysis. In addition to major polycrystalline c-Zr3N4, we unveil the formation of a quaternary compound c-(Zr1-xTax)3 (N1-yOy)4 which indicates the possibility of doping of c-Zr3N4, thus introducing it for practical application as a multifunctional material. Moreover, we consider ways of cementing the c-Zr3N4 powders (similar to cemented tungsten carbides) which would allow economic fabrication of large bodies based on this compound. Supported by the DFG (Bonn, Germany) within SPP 1236 and by the IFR ``Paris Nord Plaine de France''.

  2. An EAV-HP insertion in 5' Flanking region of SLCO1B3 causes blue eggshell in the chicken.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhepeng Wang

    Full Text Available The genetic determination of eggshell coloration has not been determined in birds. Here we report that the blue eggshell is caused by an EAV-HP insertion that promotes the expression of SLCO1B3 gene in the uterus (shell gland of the oviduct in chicken. In this study, the genetic map location of the blue eggshell gene was refined by linkage analysis in an F(2 chicken population, and four candidate genes within the refined interval were subsequently tested for their expression levels in the shell gland of the uterus from blue-shelled and non-blue-shelled hens. SLCO1B3 gene was found to be the only one expressed in the uterus of blue-shelled hens but not in that of non-blue-shelled hens. Results from a pyrosequencing analysis showed that only the allele of SLCO1B3 from blue-shelled chickens was expressed in the uterus of heterozygous hens (O*LC/O*N. SLCO1B3 gene belongs to the organic anion transporting polypeptide (OATP family; and the OATPs, functioning as membrane transporters, have been reported for the transportation of amphipathic organic compounds, including bile salt in mammals. We subsequently resequenced the whole genomic region of SLCO1B3 and discovered an EAV-HP insertion in the 5' flanking region of SLCO1B3. The EAV-HP insertion was found closely associated with blue eggshell phenotype following complete Mendelian segregation. In situ hybridization also demonstrated that the blue eggshell is associated with ectopic expression of SLCO1B3 in shell glands of uterus. Our finding strongly suggests that the EAV-HP insertion is the causative mutation for the blue eggshell phenotype. The insertion was also found in another Chinese blue-shelled breed and an American blue-shelled breed. In addition, we found that the insertion site in the blue-shelled chickens from Araucana is different from that in Chinese breeds, which implied independent integration events in the blue-shelled chickens from the two continents, providing a parallel evolutionary

  3. HP2 survey. III. The California Molecular Cloud: A sleeping giant revisited (United States)

    Lada, Charles J.; Lewis, John A.; Lombardi, Marco; Alves, João


    suggesting that cloud structure plays a major role in setting the global star formation rates in GMCs HP2 (Herschel-Planck-2MASS) survey is a continuation of the series originally entitled "Herschel-Planck dust opacity and column density maps" (Lombardi et al. 2014, Zari et al. 2016).The reduced Herschel and Planck map and the column density and temperature maps are available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

  4. Subduction and exhumation structures preserved in Cerro del Almirez HP metaserpentinites (Betic Cordillera, SE Spain) (United States)

    Jabaloy-Sánchez, Antonio; López Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Vicente; Gómez-Pugnaire, María Teresa; Padrón-Navarta, José Alberto; Garrido, Carlos J.


    The Cerro del Almirez massif (Nevado-Filábride Complex, Betic Cordillera, SE Spain) is composed of antigorite serpentinite and chlorite harzburgite separated by a thin reaction front in a paleo-subduction setting. Structural analysis of ultramafic lithologies and metasedimentary host rocks provides information on the tectonic evolution of this massif during prograde metamorphism in a subduction zone and during subsequent exhumation. Here we report for the first time HP structures related to a subduction event underwent by ultramafic rocks of the Nevado-Filábride Complex. The oldest subduction-related structures are preserved in Atg-serpentinites: a penetrative S1 foliation and associated L1 stretching lineation were formed in a non-coaxial regime with a top-to-the-W sense of shearing. This planar linear fabric is crosscut by olivine ± Ti-clinohumite veins formed during the prograde breakdown of brucite and pre-metamorphic clinopyroxene at temperatures ranging from 465 to 500 ºC [1]. Veins occur as a system of decimetric long joints, some of them hybrid open and sheared veins with associated drag folds. They recorded embrittlement processes due to the release of 6% vol. H2O of the rock. S1 foliation can, however, be simultaneous with or be overgrown by olivine and/or tremolite porphyroblasts, product of the prograde reaction Di + Atg → Fo + Tr + H2O, which occurred at T > 600 ºC and P = 1.7-1.9 GPa [1]. Generation of S1/L1 fabric was followed by static annealing at ca. 680 ºC and 1.6-1.9 GPa [2]. The S1/L1 fabric in Atg-serpentinite is crosscut by the Atg-out isograd and overgrown by the Atg-serpentinite dehydration products that gave place to Chl-harzburgite. Peak metamorphic conditions of the Chl-harzburgite assemblage reached 680-710 ºC and 1.6-1.9 GPa [3]. Prograde Chl-harzburgite is crosscut by sets of conjugate zones associated to grain-size reduction of olivine grains [3]. These grain size reduction zones are interpreted as brittle structures

  5. A Hybrid Neural Network and H-P Filter Model for Short-Term Vegetable Price Forecasting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Youzhu Li


    Full Text Available This paper is concerned with time series data for vegetable prices, which have a great impact on human’s life. An accurate forecasting method for prices and an early-warning system in the vegetable market are an urgent need in people’s daily lives. The time series price data contain both linear and nonlinear patterns. Therefore, neither a current linear forecasting nor a neural network can be adequate for modeling and predicting the time series data. The linear forecasting model cannot deal with nonlinear relationships, while the neural network model alone is not able to handle both linear and nonlinear patterns at the same time. The linear Hodrick-Prescott (H-P filter can extract the trend and cyclical components from time series data. We predict the linear and nonlinear patterns and then combine the two parts linearly to produce a forecast from the original data. This study proposes a structure of a hybrid neural network based on an H-P filter that learns the trend and seasonal patterns separately. The experiment uses vegetable prices data to evaluate the model. Comparisons with the autoregressive integrated moving average method and back propagation artificial neural network methods show that our method has higher accuracy than the others.

  6. Influence of the phantom shape (slab, cylinder or Alderson) on the performance of an Hp(3) eye dosemeter. (United States)

    Behrens, R; Hupe, O


    In the past, the operational quantity Hp(3) was defined for calibration purposes in a slab phantom. Recently, an additional phantom in the form of a cylinder has been suggested for eye lens dosimetry, as a cylinder much better approximates the shape of a human head. Therefore, this work investigates which of the two phantoms, slab or cylinder, is more suitable for calibrations and type tests of eye dosemeters. For that purpose, a typical Hp(3) eye dosemeter was irradiated on a slab, a cylinder and on a human-like Alderson phantom. It turned out that the response on the three phantoms is nearly equal for angles of radiation incidence up to 45° and deviates only at larger angles of incidence. Thus, calibrations (usually performed at 0° radiation incidence) are practically equivalent on both the slab and the cylinder phantoms. However, type tests (up to 75° or even 90° radiation incidence) should be carried out on a cylinder phantom, as also for large angles of incidence the response on the cylinder and the Alderson phantoms is rather similar, whereas the response on the slab significantly deviates from the one on the Alderson phantom. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  7. Writing time estimation of EB mask writer EBM-9000 for hp16nm/logic11nm node generation (United States)

    Kamikubo, Takashi; Takekoshi, Hidekazu; Ogasawara, Munehiro; Yamada, Hirokazu; Hattori, Kiyoshi


    The scaling of semiconductor devices is slowing down because of the difficulty in establishing their functionality at the nano-size level and also because of the limitations in fabrications, mainly the delay of EUV lithography. While multigate devices (FinFET) are currently the main driver for scalability, other types of devices, such as 3D devices, are being realized to relax the scaling of the node. In lithography, double or multiple patterning using ArF immersion scanners is still a realistic solution offered for the hp16nm node fabrication. Other lithography candidates are those called NGL (Next Generation Lithography), such as DSA (Directed-Self-Assembling) or nanoimprint. In such situations, shot count for mask making by electron beam writers will not increase. Except for some layers, it is not increasing as previously predicted. On the other hand, there is another aspect that increases writing time. The exposure dose for mask writing is getting higher to meet tighter specifications of CD uniformity, in other words, reduce LER. To satisfy these requirements, a new electron beam mask writer, EBM-9000, has been developed for hp16nm/logic11nm generation. Electron optical system, which has the immersion lens system, was evolved from EBM-8000 to achieve higher current density of 800A/cm2. In this paper, recent shot count and dose trend are discussed. Also, writing time is estimated for the requirements in EBM-9000.

  8. Developmental validation of the Quantifiler(®) HP and Trio Kits for human DNA quantification in forensic samples. (United States)

    Holt, Allison; Wootton, Sharon Chao; Mulero, Julio J; Brzoska, Pius M; Langit, Emanuel; Green, Robert L


    The quantification of human genomic DNA is a necessary first step in the DNA casework sample analysis workflow. DNA quantification determines optimal sample input amounts for subsequent STR (short tandem repeat) genotyping procedures, as well as being a useful screening tool to identify samples most likely to provide probative genotypic evidence. To better mesh with the capabilities of newest-generation STR analysis assays, the Quantifiler(®) HP and Quantifiler(®) Trio DNA Quantification Kits were designed for greater detection sensitivity and more robust performance with samples that contain PCR inhibitors or degraded DNA. The new DNA quantification kits use multiplex TaqMan(®) assay-based fluorescent probe technology to simultaneously quantify up to three human genomic targets, allowing samples to be assessed for total human DNA, male contributor (i.e., Y-chromosome) DNA, as well as a determination of DNA degradation state. The Quantifiler HP and Trio Kits use multiple-copy loci to allow for significantly improved sensitivity compared to earlier-generation kits that employ single-copy target loci. The kits' improved performance provides better predictive ability for results with downstream, newest-generation STR assays, and their shortened time-to-result allows more efficient integration into the forensic casework analysis workflow. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. Stability analysis of arbitrarily shaped moderately thick viscoelastic plates using Laplace-Carson transformation and a simple hp cloud method (United States)

    Jafari, Nasrin; Azhari, Mojtaba


    In this paper, the stability analysis of moderately thick time-dependent viscoelastic plates with various shapes is studied using the Laplace-Carson transformation and simple hp cloud meshless method. The shear effect of the plate is described by the first order shear deformation theory. The mechanical properties of the materials are supposed to be linear viscoelastic based on the constant bulk modulus. The displacement field is assumed to be the product of two functions, one being a function of geometrical parameters and the other a known exponential function of time. The simple hp cloud method is used for discretization which is based on Kronecker-delta properties. Thus, the essential boundary conditions can be imposed directly. A numerical investigation is made by employing the inverse of Laplace-Carson transformation. The time history of buckling coefficients of viscoelastic plates of various shapes with different boundary conditions is considered. Moreover, a number of numerical results are presented to study the effect of thickness, aspect ratio, different boundary conditions, and various shapes on the time history of buckling coefficients of the viscoelastic plate.

  10. TIPT, a male germ cell-specific partner of TRF2, is chromatin-associated and interacts with HP1. (United States)

    Brancorsini, Stefano; Davidson, Irwin; Sassone-Corsi, Paolo


    The differentiation process of spermatogenesis is based on a finely timed program of transcriptional regulation and chromatin remodeling. Male germ cells utilize specialized transcription complexes, which display specific differences in the components of the general transcription machinery. The TATA-binding protein (TBP)-related protein 2 (TRF2) is essential for progression in spermiogenesis and for the structuring of the chromocenter, an heterochromatic structure unique of round spermatids. To decipher the molecular pathways of TRF2 action, we have searched for TRF2 partners in male germ cells. We have isolated TIPT (TRF2 interacting protein in testis), a relatively small protein that associates with TRF2 with affinity comparable to TFIIA. TIPT is uniquely expressed in testis, with a developmental pattern that temporally parallels the one of TRF2. Importantly, TIPT interacts also with HP1 proteins, thereby establishing an intriguing link between transcription and chromatin condensation. Association of TIPT with either TRF2 or HP1 occurs through the C-terminal domain in a mutually exclusive manner. These findings indicate that TIPT could contribute to the precise timing of the molecular events in male germ cells, specifically by linking transcription to chromatin remodeling in round spermatids.

  11. Exercise intensity, but not electrolyte reposition, alters plasmatic cortisol and glucose levels of horses submitted to 30 and 60km distance endurance rides A intensidade do esforço, mas não a reposição eletrolítica, altera as concentrações plasmáticas de cortisol e glicose de eqüinos em provas de enduro de 30 e 60km

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antônio Raphael Teixeira-Neto


    Full Text Available This study was aimed at comparing cortisol and glucose plasmatic levels in a group of trained horses submitted to 30 and 60km endurance exercises, at the average speed of 10 and 15km h-1, respectively. The horses were randomly divided in two groups, one treated, orally, with a hypertonic electrolyte paste before, during and after the tasks and the other used as control. Cortisol data revealed significant increase in the first moment when the intensity of the exercise was higher (15km/h or with the prolongation of it (30km long, in the second moment to all groups. Glucose data remained constant during 30km ride; however after 20km distance, in 60km ride, it revealed a significant increase in control group, returning to basal levels in the subsequent moment. Electrolyte replenishment has its importance in the maintenance of the hidroelectrolyte and acid-base status and, in this study, may have contributed to the homeostasis of glucose levels.O presente estudo teve como objetivo comparar os níveis plasmáticos de glicose e cortisol de um grupo de eqüinos atletas submetidos ao esforço de longa duração (enduro eqüestre em distâncias de 30 e 60km, com velocidades médias de 10 e 15km h-1, respectivamente. Os animais foram aleatoriamente separados em dois grupos, sendo que a um deles foi administrada, por via oral, uma pasta eletrolítica hipertônica antes, durante e após as referidas provas. O outro grupo foi usado como controle. Os resultados das concentrações de cortisol revelaram um aumento significativo, no primeiro momento, em que a intensidade do esforço era maior (15km/h, ou com a continuação deste (30km de distância, no segundo momento, para todos os grupos. Os resultados referentes à concentração de glicose permaneceram constantes durante a prova de 30km; entretanto, nos primeiros 20km da prova de 60km, tais resultados revelaram um aumento significativo no grupo controle, retornando a valores basais no momento subseq

  12. A proposal for a test method for assessment of hazard property HP 12 ("Release of an acute toxic gas") in hazardous waste classification - Experience from 49 waste. (United States)

    Hennebert, Pierre; Samaali, Ismahen; Molina, Pauline


    A stepwise method for assessment of the HP 12 is proposed and tested with 49 waste samples. The hazard property HP 12 is defined as "Release of an acute toxic gas": waste which releases acute toxic gases (Acute Tox. 1, 2 or 3) in contact with water or an acid. When a waste contains a substance assigned to one of the following supplemental hazards EUH029, EUH031 and EUH032, it shall be classified as hazardous by HP 12 according to test methods or guidelines (EC, 2014a, 2014b). When the substances with the cited hazard statement codes react with water or an acid, they can release HCl, Cl 2 , HF, HCN, PH 3 , H 2 S, SO 2 (and two other gases very unlikely to be emitted, hydrazoic acid HN 3 and selenium oxide SeO 2 - a solid with low vapor pressure). Hence, a method is proposed:For a set of 49 waste, water addition did not produce gas. Nearly all the solid waste produced a gas in contact with hydrochloric acid in 5 min in an automated calcimeter with a volume >0.1L of gas per kg of waste. Since a plateau of pressure is reached only for half of the samples in 5 min, 6 h trial with calorimetric bombs or glass flasks were done and confirmed the results. Identification of the gases by portable probes showed that most of the tested samples emit mainly CO 2 . Toxic gases are emitted by four waste: metallic dust from the aluminum industry (CO), two air pollution control residue of industrial waste incinerator (H 2 S) and a halogenated solvent (organic volatile(s) compound(s)). HF has not been measured in these trials started before the present definition of HP 12. According to the definition of HP 12, only the H 2 S emission of substances with hazard statement EUH031 is accounted for. In view of the calcium content of the two air pollution control residue, the presence of calcium sulphide (EUH031) can be assumed. These two waste are therefore classified potentially hazardous for HP 12, from a total of 49 waste. They are also classified as hazardous for other properties (HP 7

  13. Liposome-encapsulated EF24-HP{beta}CD inclusion complex: a preformulation study and biodistribution in a rat model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Agashe, H.; Lagisetty, P.; Sahoo, K.; Bourne, D. [University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (United States); Grady, B. [School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering (United States); Awasthi, V., E-mail: [University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (United States)


    3,5-Bis(2-fluorobenzylidene)-4-piperidone (EF24) is an anti-proliferative diphenyldifluoroketone analog of curcumin with more potent activity. The authors describe a liposome preparation of EF24 using a 'drug-in-CD-in liposome' approach. An aqueous solution of EF24 and hydroxypropyl-{beta}-cyclodextrin (HP{beta}CD) inclusion complex (IC) was used to prepare EF24 liposomes. The liposome size was reduced by a combination of multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Co-encapsulation of glutathione inside the liposomes conferred them with the capability of labeling with imageable radionuclide Tc-99m. Phase solubility analysis of EF24-HP{beta}CD mixture provided k{sub 1:1} value of 9.9 M{sup -1}. The enhanced aqueous solubility of EF24 (from 1.64 to 13.8 mg/mL) due to the presence of HP{beta}CD helped in the liposome preparation. About 19% of the EF24 IC was encapsulated inside the liposomes (320.5 {+-} 2.6 nm) by dehydration-rehydration technique. With extrusion technique, the size of 177 {+-} 6.5 nm was obtained without any effect on encapsulation efficiency. The EF24-liposomes were evaluated for anti-proliferative activity in lung adenocarcinoma H441 and prostate cancer PC-3 cells. The EF24-liposomes demonstrated anti-proliferative activity superior to that of plain EF24 at 10 {mu}M dose. When injected in rats, the Tc-99m-labeled EF24-liposomes cleared from blood with an {alpha}-t{sub 1/2} of 21.4 min and {beta}-t{sub 1/2} of 397 min. Tissue radioactivity counting upon necropsy showed that the majority of clearance was due to the uptake in liver and spleen. The results suggest that using 'drug-in-CD-in liposome' approach is a feasible strategy to formulate an effective parenteral preparation of EF24. In vitro studies show that the liposomal EF24 remains anti-proliferative, while presenting an opportunity to image its biodistribution.

  14. HP1330 Contributes to Streptococcus suis Virulence by Inducing Toll-Like Receptor 2- and ERK1/2-Dependent Pro-inflammatory Responses and Influencing In Vivo S. suis Loads

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qiang Zhang


    Full Text Available Streptococcus suis 2 (SS2 has evolved into a highly invasive pathogen responsible for two large-scale outbreaks of streptococcal toxic shock-like syndrome (STSLS in China. Excessive inflammation stimulated by SS2 is considered a hallmark of STSLS, even it also plays important roles in other clinical symptoms of SS2-related disease, including meningitis, septicemia, and sudden death. However, the mechanism of SS2-caused excessive inflammation remains poorly understood. Here, a novel pro-inflammatory protein was identified (HP1330, which could induce robust expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, MCP-1, and IL-1β in RAW264.7 macrophages. To evaluate the role of HP1330 in SS2 virulence, an hp1330-deletion mutant (Δhp1330 was constructed. In vitro, hp1330 disruption led to a decreased pro-inflammatory ability of SS2 in RAW 264.7 macrophages. In vivo, Δhp1330 showed reduced lethality, pro-inflammatory activity, and bacterial loads in mice. To further elucidate the mechanism of HP1330-induced pro-inflammatory cytokine production, antibody blocking and gene-deletion experiments with macrophages were performed. The results revealed that the pro-inflammatory activity of HP1330 depended on the recognition of toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2. Furthermore, a specific inhibitor of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2 pathways could significantly decrease HP1330-induced pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and western blot analysis showed that HP1330 could induce activation of the ERK1/2 pathway. Taken together, our findings demonstrate that HP1330 contributes to SS2 virulence by inducing TLR2- and ERK1/2-dependent pro-inflammatory cytokine production and influencing in vivo bacterial loads, implying that HP1330 may be associated with STSLS caused by SS2.

  15. Test of ring, eye lens and whole body dosemeters for the dose quantity Hp(3) to be used in interventional radiology (United States)

    Szumska, A.; Budzanowski, M.; Kopeć, R.


    In its statement on tissue reactions approved on 21st April 2011, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP, 2012) reviewed its recommendation concerning the equivalent dose limit for the eye lens and reduced the dose limits for occupationally exposed persons to 20 mSv in a year, averaged over defined periods of 5 years, with no single year exceeding 50 mSv. This limit was approved and written down in the new EURATOM (European Atomic Energy Community) directive 2013/59 and in the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) BSS (Basic Safety Standard) of July 2014. For that reason, the necessity to monitor the eye lens may become more important than it was before. However, specially dedicated dosemeters for the dose quantity Hp(3) are using very rarely. Commonly use are only whole body personal dosemeters for the personal dose equivalent quantities Hp(10) worn on the trunk and ring dosemeters worn on finger to measure the quantity Hp(0.07). Therefore, in this work it was investigated whether dosemeters from routine use calibrated in terms of Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) and worn on thyroid collar and protective apron could deliver similar results like dedicated eye lens dosemeter worn close to the eyes. The results show that the best method if dedicated eye lens dosimeters is not used is to measure doses in terms of Hp(0.07) on the thyroid collar (Pearson product, r=0.85). Obtained results shows also importance of proper localization of eye lens dosimeter (close to the eye, from side of the X-ray source).

  16. Design and development of Stirling engines for stationary-power-generation applications in the 500- to 3000-hp range. Phase I final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The first phase of the design and development of Stirling engines for stationary power generation applications in the 373 kW (500 hp) to 2237 kW (3000 hp) range was completed. The tasks in Phase I include conceptual designs of large Stirling cycle stationary engines and program plan for implementing Phases II through V. Four different heater head designs and five different machine designs were prepared in sufficient detail to select a design recommended for development in the near future. A second order analysis was developed for examining the various loss mechanisms in the Stirling engine and for predicting the thermodynamic performance of these engines. The predicted engine thermal brake efficiency excluding combustion efficiency is approximately 42% which exceeds the design objective of 40%. The combustion system designs were prepared for both a clean fuel combustion system and a two-stage atmospheric fluidized bed combustion system. The calculated combustion efficiency of the former is 90% and of the latter is 80%. Heat transport systems, i.e., a heat exchanger for the clean fuel combustion system and a sodium heat pipe system for coal and other nonclean fuel combustion systems were selected. The cost analysis showed that for clean fuels combustion the proposed 2237 kW (3000 hp) system production cost is $478,242 or $214/kW ($159/hp) which is approximately 1.86 times the cost of a comparable size diesel engine. For solid coal combustion the proposed 2237 kW (3000 hp) system production cost is approximately $2,246,242 which corresponds to a cost to power capacity ratio of $1004/kW ($749/hp). The two-stage atmospheric fluidized bed combustion system represents 81% of the total cost; the engine represents 14% depending on the future price differential between coal and conventional clean fuels, a short payback period of the proposed Stirling cycle engine/FBC system may justify the initial cost. (LCL)

  17. Orthorhombic HP-REOF (RE = Pr, Nd, Sm - Gd) - high-pressure syntheses and single-crystal structures (RE = Nd, Sm, Eu)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glaetzle, Matthias; Schauperl, Michael; Liedl, Klaus R.; Huppertz, Hubert [Institut fuer Allgemeine, Anorganische und Theoretische Chemie, Fakultaet fuer Chemie und Pharmazie, Universitaet Innsbruck, Innrain 80-82, 6020, Innsbruck (Austria); Hejny, Clivia; Tribus, Martina [Institut fuer Mineralogie und Petrographie, Fakultaet fuer Geo- und Atmosphaerenwissenschaften, Universitaet Innsbruck, Innrain 52, 6020, Innsbruck (Austria)


    High-pressure modifications of the rare earth oxide fluorides REOF (RE = Pr, Nd, Sm - Gd) were successfully synthesized under conditions of 11 GPa and 1200 C applying the multianvil high-pressure/high-temperature technique. Single crystals of HP-REOF (RE = Nd, Sm, Eu) were obtained making it possible to analyze the products by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The compounds HP-REOF (RE = Nd, Sm, Eu) crystallize in the orthorhombic α-PbCl{sub 2}-type structure (space group Pnma, No. 62, Z = 4) with the parameters a = 632.45(3), b = 381.87(2), c = 699.21(3) pm, V = 0.16887(2) nm{sup 3}, R{sub 1} = 0.0156, and wR{sub 2} = 0.0382 for HP-NdOF, a = 624.38(3), b = 376.87(2), c = 689.53(4) pm, V = 0.16225(2) nm{sup 3}, R{sub 1} = 0.0141, and wR{sub 2} = 0.0323 for HP-SmOF, and a = 620.02(4), b = 374.24(3), c = 686.82(5) pm, V = 0.15937(2) nm{sup 3}, R{sub 1} = 0.0177, and wR{sub 2} = 0.0288 for HP-EuOF. Calculations of the bond valence sums clearly showed that the oxygen atoms occupy the tetrahedrally coordinated position, whereas the fluorine atoms are fivefold coordinated in form of distorted square-pyramids. The crystal structures and properties of HP-REOF (RE = Nd, Sm, Eu) are discussed and compared to the isostructural phases and the normal-pressure modifications of REOF (RE = Nd, Sm, Eu). Furthermore, results of investigations by EDX and Raman measurements including quantum mechanical calculations are presented. (copyright 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  18. Finite element analysis of the Girkmann problem using the modern hp-version and the classical h-version

    KAUST Repository

    Niemi, Antti


    We perform finite element analysis of the so called Girkmann problem in structural mechanics. The problem involves an axially symmetric spherical shell stiffened with a foot ring and is approached (1) by using the axisymmetric formulation of linear elasticity theory and (2) by using a dimensionally reduced shell-ring model. In the first approach the problem is solved with a fully automatic hp-adaptive finite element solver whereas the classical h-version of the finite element method is used in the second approach. We study the convergence behaviour of the different numerical models and show that accurate stress resultants can be obtained with both models by using effective post-processing formulas. © Springer-Verlag London Limited 2011.

  19. Modelling, experimentation and simulation of a reversible HP/ORC unit to get a Positive Energy Building

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dumont, Olivier; Carmo, Carolina; Quoilin, Sylvain


    This paper presents an innovative building comprising a heat pump connected to a solar roof and a geothermal heat exchanger. This unit is able to invert its cycle and operate as an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). The solar roof is producing large amount of heat throughout the year. This allows...... and fluid R134a shows promising performance with a net electrical energy produced over one year reaching 4030 kWh. Following that, a prototype has been built and has proven the feasibility of the technology. Finally, a simulation code including the building, the ground heat exchanger, the thermal energy...... storage, the solar roof and the reversible HP/ORC unit is developed and allows to perform a sensivity analysis. Annual results show that this technology leads to a Positive Energy Building....

  20. A TaqI RFLP detected by the human haptoglobin (HP) cDNA probe, pULB1148

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hyland, V.J. (Adelaide Children' s Hospital, North Adelaide (Australia))


    pULB1148 has a 1.4 kb HP cDNA insert in the PstI site of pBR322 (Straten, A. et al., 1983). TaqI identifies an invariant band of 7.0 kb and a simple two allele polymorphism with a band of either 7.2 kb (F.1) or 5.8 kb (F.2). The haptoglobin gene has been localized to 16q22.105->16q22.108 by Southern blot analysis of human-mouse cell hybrids. Co-dominant inheritance was shown in the three generation Utah pedigree K-1331. The three generation family is shown below. The following haplotype frequencies were observed among 25 unrelated Utah individuals: C.1/F.1 0.14, C.1/F.2 0.4 and C.2/F.1 0.46. No C.2/F.2 haplotype was detected.

  1. Shape Optimization of Impeller Blades for 15,000 HP Centrifugal Compressor Using Fluid Structural Interaction Analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kang, Hyun Su [Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon (Korea, Republic of); Oh, Jeongsu [Daejoo Machinery Co., Daegu (Korea, Republic of); Han, Jeong Sam [Andong National University, Andong (Korea, Republic of)


    This paper discusses a one-way fluid structural interaction (FSI) analysis and shape optimization of the impeller blades for a 15,000 HP centrifugal compressor using the response surface method (RSM). Because both the aerodynamic performance and the structural safety of the impeller are affected by the shape of its blades, shape optimization is necessary using the FSI analysis, which includes a structural analysis for the induced fluid pressure and centrifugal force. The FSI analysis is performed in ANSYS Workbench: ANSYS CFX is used for the flow field and ANSYS Mechanical is used for the structural field. The response surfaces for the FSI results (efficiency, pressure ratio, maximum stress, etc.) generated based on the design of experiments (DOE) are used to find an optimal shape for the impeller blades, which provides the maximum aerodynamic performance subject to the structural safety constraints.

  2. Growth promotion in pigs by oxytetracycline coincides with down regulation of serum inflammatory parameters and of hibernation-associated protein HP-27

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Soler, Laura; Miller, Ingrid; Hummel, Karin


    and lipid metabolism, confirming the anti-inflammatory mechanism of OTC. Interestingly, apart from the classic acute phase reactants also down regulation was seen of a hibernation associated plasma protein (HP-27), which is to our knowledge the first description in pigs. Although the exact function in non......-hibernators is unclear, down regulation of HP-27 could be consistent with increased appetite, which is possibly linked to the anti-inflammatory action of OTC. Given that pigs are good models for human medicine due to their genetic and physiologic resemblance, the present results might also be used for rational...

  3. HPC Institutional Computing Project: W15_lesreactiveflow KIVA-hpFE Development: A Robust and Accurate Engine Modeling Software

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrington, David Bradley [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Waters, Jiajia [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    KIVA-hpFE is a high performance computer software for solving the physics of multi-species and multiphase turbulent reactive flow in complex geometries having immersed moving parts. The code is written in Fortran 90/95 and can be used on any computer platform with any popular complier. The code is in two versions, a serial version and a parallel version utilizing MPICH2 type Message Passing Interface (MPI or Intel MPI) for solving distributed domains. The parallel version is at least 30x faster than the serial version and much faster than our previous generation of parallel engine modeling software, by many factors. The 5th generation algorithm construction is a Galerkin type Finite Element Method (FEM) solving conservative momentum, species, and energy transport equations along with two-equation turbulent model k-ω Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) model and a Vreman type dynamic Large Eddy Simulation (LES) method. The LES method is capable modeling transitional flow from laminar to fully turbulent; therefore, this LES method does not require special hybrid or blending to walls. The FEM projection method also uses a Petrov-Galerkin (P-G) stabilization along with pressure stabilization. We employ hierarchical basis sets, constructed on the fly with enrichment in areas associated with relatively larger error as determined by error estimation methods. In addition, when not using the hp-adaptive module, the code employs Lagrangian basis or shape functions. The shape functions are constructed for hexahedral, prismatic and tetrahedral elements. The software is designed to solve many types of reactive flow problems, from burners to internal combustion engines and turbines. In addition, the formulation allows for direct integration of solid bodies (conjugate heat transfer), as in heat transfer through housings, parts, cylinders. It can also easily be extended to stress modeling of solids, used in fluid structure interactions problems, solidification, porous media

  4. New petrological data on the hp-rocks of the zone of pfunds (lower engadine window, Switzerland/Austria). (United States)

    Bertle, R. J.; Koller, F.; Frank, W.


    Within the Engadine Window of the western Eastern Alps, which exposes HP-LT-rocks, penninic units are exposed. 3 main units can be differentiated (from bottom to top): Zone of Pfunds (Valais), Tasna unit (Brianconnais), Fimber unit (Piemontais). In this paper we discuss new occurrences of HP-minerals in the Zone of Pfunds at Piz Mundin which are typical for subduction related metamorphism. The Piz Mundin represents an ophiolitic sequence that is overprinted by HP-LT-metamorphism during the Tertiary. The geochemistry of the basalts identifies them as tholeiitic basalts. The sediments covering the basalts are of Cretaceous age. BOUSQUET 1998 reports carpholite, high-Si-phengite and glaucophane from that region. Crossite - following him can be found in late veins within the basalts. His petrological calculations define pressures up to 15 kbar at 380^o C based on carpholite and glaucophane. He distinguished a region with carpholite and UCHP-metamorphism from a region without carpholite and "normal" HP-metamorphism. During detailed geological mapping of the first author it was possible to demonstrate that the occurrence of carpholite is limited by the bulk chemistry of the metasedimentary host rock. Metasediments with clastic input show no carpholite - there might be too much detrital feldspar in the sediment, preventing the development of carpholite. Moreover in the basic rocks (metapillows and metabasalts) it was possible to find also metamorphic clinopyroxen and aragonite. Clinopyroxene is rimmed by glaucophane and/or stilpnomelane. Glaucophane itselfs shows high zonation: blue core with pigments, rimmed by an inclusion-free blue amphibole which itself is rimmed by a slightly green to colourless amphibole (actinolite? or tremolite). The metamorphic pyroxene shows about 25 % jadeite- and 40 % acmite-component. HP-conditions might be higher than those given by BOUSQUET et al. 2002 as pyroxene is a precursor of glaucophane. The new findings of metamorphic aragonite are

  5. dDsk2 regulates H2Bub1 and RNA polymerase II pausing at dHP1c complex target genes. (United States)

    Kessler, Roman; Tisserand, Johan; Font-Burgada, Joan; Reina, Oscar; Coch, Laura; Attolini, Camille Stephan-Otto; Garcia-Bassets, Ivan; Azorín, Fernando


    dDsk2 is a conserved extraproteasomal ubiquitin receptor that targets ubiquitylated proteins for degradation. Here we report that dDsk2 plays a nonproteolytic function in transcription regulation. dDsk2 interacts with the dHP1c complex, localizes at promoters of developmental genes and is required for transcription. Through the ubiquitin-binding domain, dDsk2 interacts with H2Bub1, a modification that occurs at dHP1c complex-binding sites. H2Bub1 is not required for binding of the complex; however, dDsk2 depletion strongly reduces H2Bub1. Co-depletion of the H2Bub1 deubiquitylase dUbp8/Nonstop suppresses this reduction and rescues expression of target genes. RNA polymerase II is strongly paused at promoters of dHP1c complex target genes and dDsk2 depletion disrupts pausing. Altogether, these results suggest that dDsk2 prevents dUbp8/Nonstop-dependent H2Bub1 deubiquitylation at promoters of dHP1c complex target genes and regulates RNA polymerase II pausing. These results expand the catalogue of nonproteolytic functions of ubiquitin receptors to the epigenetic regulation of chromatin modifications.

  6. 75 FR 57506 - EDS, an HP Company, A Subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company Including On-Site Leased Workers from... (United States)


    ... Employment and Training Administration EDS, an HP Company, A Subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company Including... Company, a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company, Detroit, Michigan. The notice was published in the... subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company. The Department has determined that these workers were sufficiently...

  7. The Hewlett-Packard HP-41CV Hand-Held Computer as a Medium for Teaching Mathematics to Fire Control Systems Repairers. Research Report 1408. (United States)

    Boldovici, John A.; Scott, Thomas D.

    A study compared the benefits of using the Hewlett-Packard HP-41CV hand-held computer, as opposed to conventional training without computers, in teaching mathematics to fire control systems repairers. Thirty soldiers in a course to train fire control systems repairers received training in technical mathematics using the hand-held computer, whereas…

  8. Program Plan: research and development for improved efficiency, small steam turbine project No. 1380, Phase II. [For 500 to 5,000 hp

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The approach that will be taken to execute and manage a program to provide a catalyst for the introduction of higher efficiency steam engines in the 500 to 5,000 hp range is described. Task breakdown and details are given in Section I. Section II presents plan cost, manpower plan, and includes reporting forms. (MCW)

  9. Performance Evaluation of a HP/ORC (Heat Pump/Organic Rankine Cycle) System with Optimal Control of Sensible Thermal Storage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carmo, Carolina; Nielsen, Mads P.; Elmegaard, Brian


    come to contribute to the integration of intermittent renewables.This paper describes an innovative concept that consists of the addition of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) toa combined solar system coupled to a ground-source heat pump (HP) in a single-family building. The ORC enables the use of solar...

  10. Stirling engine feasibility study of an 80 to 100 hp engine and of improvement potential for emissions and fuel economy. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    A study was made to evaluate the potential of a Stirling engine for significant improvement in emissions and fuel economy over the present-day internal combustion engine and to initiate, on the basis of the experience gained in the Ford/Philips 170 hp Stirling engine development program, the design of an engine in the 80 to 100 hp range suitable for use in a passenger car in the 2,500 to 3,000 lb weight class. The final report given covers two major tasks. Task I was the Contractor-financed testing of a 170 hp Stirling engine powered Torino passenger vehicle. The fuel economy of the 170 hp Stirling engine-powered Torino approximates that of similar 1977 model year production passenger vehicles in a comparable weight class, with comparable performance. Emissions meet the objective of 0.41/3.4/0.4 grams per mile (HC/CO/NO/sub x/). Task II was a design study of an 80 to 100 hp engine in a passenger car in the 2,500 to 3000 lb weight class based on the 170 hp Torino installation. The baseline vehicle selected for comparison purposes is a 1976 Pinto with a 2.3 liter 4-cylinder engine. The engine is rated 84 hp, with 4 double-acting cylinders, each of 98 cc displacement (4 to 98), and utilizes a swashplate drive. The swashplate Stirling engines did not package well in the compact car. Despite optimization of the engine to achieve minimum length, the Stirling powered compact car was 89 mm (3.5 inches) longer than its Pinto baseline. Fuel economy of the swashplate engine was adversely affected by attempts to fit it within the Pinto engine compartment. The 4 cylinder-dual crankshaft Stirling engine resulted in a very attractive vehicle. The engine packaged within the confines of the Pinto engine compartment. However, the packageable engine did not incorporate the rotary preheater as used on the swashplate engine. Emissions and noise level objectives could be met.

  11. Cross-Validation of the Spanish HP-Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy Confirmed with Some Cross-Cultural Differences. (United States)

    Alcorta-Garza, Adelina; San-Martín, Montserrat; Delgado-Bolton, Roberto; Soler-González, Jorge; Roig, Helena; Vivanco, Luis


    Medical educators agree that empathy is essential for physicians' professionalism. The Health Professional Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy (JSE-HP) was developed in response to a need for a psychometrically sound instrument to measure empathy in the context of patient care. Although extensive support for its validity and reliability is available, the authors recognize the necessity to examine psychometrics of the JSE-HP in different socio-cultural contexts to assure the psychometric soundness of this instrument. The first aim of this study was to confirm its psychometric properties in the cross-cultural context of Spain and Latin American countries. The second aim was to measure the influence of social and cultural factors on the development of medical empathy in health practitioners. The original English version of the JSE-HP was translated into International Spanish using back-translation procedures. The Spanish version of the JSE-HP was administered to 896 physicians from Spain and 13 Latin American countries. Data were subjected to exploratory factor analysis using principal component analysis (PCA) with oblique rotation (promax) to allow for correlation among the resulting factors, followed by a second analysis, using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Two theoretical models, one based on the English JSE-HP and another on the first Spanish student version of the JSE (JSE-S), were tested. Demographic variables were compared using group comparisons. A total of 715 (80%) surveys were returned fully completed. Cronbach's alpha coefficient of the JSE for the entire sample was 0.84. The psychometric properties of the Spanish JSE-HP matched those of the original English JSE-HP. However, the Spanish JSE-S model proved more appropriate than the original English model for the sample in this study. Group comparisons among physicians classified by gender, medical specialties, cultural and cross-cultural backgrounds yielded statistically significant differences

  12. Cross-validation of the Spanish HP-Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy confirmed with some cross-cultural differences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adelina Alcorta-Garza


    Full Text Available Context: Medical educators agree that empathy is essential for physicians’ professionalism. The Health Professional Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy (JSE-HP was developed in response to a need for a psychometrically sound instrument to measure empathy in the context of patient care. Although extensive support for its validity and reliability is available, the authors recognize the necessity to examine psychometrics of the JSE-HP in different socio-cultural contexts to assure the psychometric soundness of this instrument. The first aim of this study was to confirm its psychometric properties in the cross-cultural context of Spain and Latin American countries. The second aim was to measure the influence of social and cultural factors on the development of medical empathy in health practitioners.Methods: The original English version of the JSE-HP was translated into International Spanish using back-translation procedures. The Spanish version of the JSE-HP was administered to 896 physicians from Spain and thirteen Latin American countries. Data were subjected to exploratory factor analysis using principal component analysis with oblique rotation (promax to allow for correlation among the resulting factors, followed by a second analysis, using confirmatory factor analysis. Two theoretical models, one based on the English JSE-HP and another on the first Spanish student version of the JSE (JSE-S, were tested. Demographic variables were compared using group comparisons.Results: A total of 715 (80% surveys were returned fully completed. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of the JSE for the entire sample was 0.84. The psychometric properties of the Spanish JSE-HP matched those of the original English JSE-HP. However, the Spanish JSE-S model proved more appropriate than the original English model for the sample in this study. Group comparisons among physicians classified by gender, medical specialties, cultural and cross-cultural backgrounds yielded

  13. Enrichment of HP1a on Drosophila chromosome 4 genes creates an alternate chromatin structure critical for regulation in this heterochromatic domain.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicole C Riddle


    Full Text Available Chromatin environments differ greatly within a eukaryotic genome, depending on expression state, chromosomal location, and nuclear position. In genomic regions characterized by high repeat content and high gene density, chromatin structure must silence transposable elements but permit expression of embedded genes. We have investigated one such region, chromosome 4 of Drosophila melanogaster. Using chromatin-immunoprecipitation followed by microarray (ChIP-chip analysis, we examined enrichment patterns of 20 histone modifications and 25 chromosomal proteins in S2 and BG3 cells, as well as the changes in several marks resulting from mutations in key proteins. Active genes on chromosome 4 are distinct from those in euchromatin or pericentric heterochromatin: while there is a depletion of silencing marks at the transcription start sites (TSSs, HP1a and H3K9me3, but not H3K9me2, are enriched strongly over gene bodies. Intriguingly, genes on chromosome 4 are less frequently associated with paused polymerase. However, when the chromatin is altered by depleting HP1a or POF, the RNA pol II enrichment patterns of many chromosome 4 genes shift, showing a significant decrease over gene bodies but not at TSSs, accompanied by lower expression of those genes. Chromosome 4 genes have a low incidence of TRL/GAGA factor binding sites and a low T(m downstream of the TSS, characteristics that could contribute to a low incidence of RNA polymerase pausing. Our data also indicate that EGG and POF jointly regulate H3K9 methylation and promote HP1a binding over gene bodies, while HP1a targeting and H3K9 methylation are maintained at the repeats by an independent mechanism. The HP1a-enriched, POF-associated chromatin structure over the gene bodies may represent one type of adaptation for genes embedded in repetitive DNA.

  14. Recruitment of Tat to heterochromatin protein HP1 via interaction with CTIP2 inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication in microglial cells. (United States)

    Rohr, Olivier; Lecestre, Dominique; Chasserot-Golaz, Sylvette; Marban, Céline; Avram, Dorina; Aunis, Dominique; Leid, Mark; Schaeffer, Evelyne


    The Tat protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) plays a key role as inducer of viral gene expression. We report that Tat function can be potently inhibited in human microglial cells by the recently described nuclear receptor cofactor chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter transcription factor-interacting protein 2 (CTIP2). Overexpression of CTIP2 leads to repression of HIV-1 replication, as a result of inhibition of Tat-mediated transactivation. In contrast, the related CTIP1 was unable to affect Tat function and viral replication. Using confocal microscopy to visualize Tat subcellular distribution in the presence of the CTIPs, we found that overexpression of CTIP2, and not of CTIP1, leads to disruption of Tat nuclear localization and recruitment of Tat within CTIP2-induced nuclear ball-like structures. In addition, our studies demonstrate that CTIP2 colocalizes and associates with the heterochromatin-associated protein HP1alpha. The CTIP2 protein harbors two Tat and HP1 interaction interfaces, the 145-434 and the 717-813 domains. CTIP2 and HP1alpha associate with Tat to form a three-protein complex in which the 145-434 CTIP2 domain interacts with the N-terminal region of Tat, while the 717-813 domain binds to HP1. The importance of this Tat binding interface and of Tat subnuclear relocation was confirmed by analysis of CTIP2 deletion mutants. Our findings suggest that inhibition of HIV-1 expression by CTIP2 correlates with recruitment of Tat within CTIP2-induced structures and relocalization within inactive regions of the chromatin via formation of the Tat-CTIP2-HP1alpha complex. These data highlight a new mechanism of Tat inactivation through subnuclear relocalization that may ultimately lead to inhibition of viral pathogenesis.

  15. Trypanosoma brucei gambiense group 1 is distinguished by a unique amino acid substitution in the HpHb receptor implicated in human serum resistance.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebecca E Symula

    Full Text Available Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense (Tbr and T. b. gambiense (Tbg, causative agents of Human African Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness in Africa, have evolved alternative mechanisms of resisting the activity of trypanosome lytic factors (TLFs, components of innate immunity in human serum that protect against infection by other African trypanosomes. In Tbr, lytic activity is suppressed by the Tbr-specific serum-resistance associated (SRA protein. The mechanism in Tbg is less well understood but has been hypothesized to involve altered activity and expression of haptoglobin haemoglobin receptor (HpHbR. HpHbR has been shown to facilitate internalization of TLF-1 in T.b. brucei (Tbb, a member of the T. brucei species complex that is susceptible to human serum. By evaluating the genetic variability of HpHbR in a comprehensive geographical and taxonomic context, we show that a single substitution that replaces leucine with serine at position 210 is conserved in the most widespread form of Tbg (Tbg group 1 and not found in related taxa, which are either human serum susceptible (Tbb or known to resist lysis via an alternative mechanism (Tbr and Tbg group 2. We hypothesize that this single substitution contributes to reduced uptake of TLF and thus may play a key role in conferring serum resistance to Tbg group 1. In contrast, similarity in HpHbR sequence among isolates of Tbg group 2 and Tbb/Tbr provides further evidence that human serum resistance in Tbg group 2 is likely independent of HpHbR function.

  16. Analysis of acute-phase proteins, AHSG, C3, CLI, HP and SAA, reveals distinctive expression patterns associated with breast, colorectal and lung cancer. (United States)

    Dowling, Paul; Clarke, Colin; Hennessy, Kim; Torralbo-Lopez, Beatriz; Ballot, Jo; Crown, John; Kiernan, Ingrid; O'Byrne, Kenneth J; Kennedy, M John; Lynch, Vincent; Clynes, Martin


    Early detection, clinical management and disease recurrence monitoring are critical areas in cancer treatment in which specific biomarker panels are likely to be very important in each of these key areas. We have previously demonstrated that levels of alpha-2-heremans-schmid-glycoprotein (AHSG), complement component C3 (C3), clusterin (CLI), haptoglobin (HP) and serum amyloid A (SAA) are significantly altered in serum from patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. Here, we report the abundance levels for these proteins in serum samples from patients with advanced breast cancer, colorectal cancer (CRC) and lung cancer compared to healthy controls (age and gender matched) using commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits. Logistic regression (LR) models were fitted to the resulting data, and the classification ability of the proteins was evaluated using receiver-operating characteristic curve and leave-one-out cross-validation (LOOCV). The most accurate individual candidate biomarkers were C3 for breast cancer [area under the curve (AUC) = 0.89, LOOCV = 73%], CLI for CRC (AUC = 0.98, LOOCV = 90%), HP for small cell lung carcinoma (AUC = 0.97, LOOCV = 88%), C3 for lung adenocarcinoma (AUC = 0.94, LOOCV = 89%) and HP for squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (AUC = 0.94, LOOCV = 87%). The best dual combination of biomarkers using LR analysis were found to be AHSG + C3 (AUC = 0.91, LOOCV = 83%) for breast cancer, CLI + HP (AUC = 0.98, LOOCV = 92%) for CRC, C3 + SAA (AUC = 0.97, LOOCV = 91%) for small cell lung carcinoma and HP + SAA for both adenocarcinoma (AUC = 0.98, LOOCV = 96%) and squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (AUC = 0.98, LOOCV = 84%). The high AUC values reported here indicated that these candidate biomarkers have the potential to discriminate accurately between control and cancer groups both individually and in combination with other proteins. Copyright © 2011 UICC.

  17. Analysis and development of spatial hp-refinement methods for solving the neutron transport equation; Analyse et developpement de methodes de raffinement hp en espace pour l'equation de transport des neutrons

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fournier, D.


    The different neutronic parameters have to be calculated with a higher accuracy in order to design the 4. generation reactor cores. As memory storage and computation time are limited, adaptive methods are a solution to solve the neutron transport equation. The neutronic flux, solution of this equation, depends on the energy, angle and space. The different variables are successively discretized. The energy with a multigroup approach, considering the different quantities to be constant on each group, the angle by a collocation method called SN approximation. Once the energy and angle variable are discretized, a system of spatially-dependent hyperbolic equations has to be solved. Discontinuous finite elements are used to make possible the development of hp-refinement methods. Thus, the accuracy of the solution can be improved by spatial refinement (h-refinement), consisting into subdividing a cell into sub-cells, or by order refinement (p-refinement), by increasing the order of the polynomial basis. In this thesis, the properties of this methods are analyzed showing the importance of the regularity of the solution to choose the type of refinement. Thus, two error estimators are used to lead the refinement process. Whereas the first one requires high regularity hypothesis (analytical solution), the second one supposes only the minimal hypothesis required for the solution to exist. The comparison of both estimators is done on benchmarks where the analytic solution is known by the method of manufactured solutions. Thus, the behaviour of the solution as a regard of the regularity can be studied. It leads to a hp-refinement method using the two estimators. Then, a comparison is done with other existing methods on simplified but also realistic benchmarks coming from nuclear cores. These adaptive methods considerably reduces the computational cost and memory footprint. To further improve these two points, an approach with energy-dependent meshes is proposed. Actually, as the

  18. Pseudomorphs of Neotethyan Evaporites in Anatolia's HP/LT belts - Aptian basin-wide pelagic gypsum deposits (United States)

    Scheffler, Franziska; Oberhänsli, Roland; Pourteau, Amaury; Immenhauser, Adrian; Candan, Osman


    Rosetta Marble was defined in SW Anatolia as 3D-radiating textures of dm-to-m-long calcite rods in the HP/LT metamorphosed Mid-Cretaceous pelagic carbonate sequence of the Ören Unit. Rosetta Marble in the type locality are interbedded with meta-chert beds, and may constitute entire carbonate beds. Rare aragonite relicts and Sr-rich, fibrous calcite pseudomorphs after aragonite witness the HP metamorphic imprint of this sequence during the closure of a Neotethyan oceanic domain during latest Cretaceous-Palaeocene times. We investigated the Rosetta Marble of the Ören Unit, as well as other known and newly found localities in the Tavşanlı and Afyon zones, and the Alanya Massif and Malatya area, to decipher the metamorphic, diagenetic and sedimentologic significance of these uncommon textures. Based on field, petrographic and geochemical investigations, we document a wide variety of Rosetta-type textures. A striking resemblance with well-known gypsum morphologies (e.g. shallow-tail, palm-tree textures) leads us to argue that Rosetta Marble was initially composed of giant gypsum crystals (selenite). The absence of anhydrite relicts of pseudomorphs indicate that gypsum transformed into calcite soon after the deposition by the mean of a sulphate reduction reaction. The gypsum-to-calcite transformation requires that organic matter intervened as a reactant phase. Mid Cretaceous oceanic domains in the Tethyan realm are characterised by overall anoxic conditions that allowed the preservation of organic material. Rosetta Marble exposures are widely distributed over 600 km along the Neotethyan suture zone. During deepening of the Neotethyan ocean in Mid Cretaceous times, basin-wide and cyclic sedimentation of gypsum and radiolarite occurred. The origin of high-salinity waters needed for gypsum precipitation was located at shelf levels. Density and gravity effects forced the brines to cascade downwards into the deep ocean. Favorable climatic conditions trigger the formation

  19. An Analysis of the Constitutional Court Ruling on the Annulment of the Provisions on Coastal Water Concessions (HP-3

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Riza Damanik


    Full Text Available After the annulment of the Coastal Water Concessions (HP-3 in 16 June 2011, traditional fisher folk organization leaders found a great fighting spirit to further follow-up the Constitutional Court Ruling to support their daily lives. For those who are being “evicted” from their living space (the coastal waters, they want to reclaim their rights through constitutional ways. Likewise, those who (feel to have lost their existence as Indonesian traditional fisher folk are impatient to find out whether there is a breakthrough in the Constitutional Court Ruling that can restore the fisher folk’s family way of life. The ruling itself was complex and not easy to understand: 169 pages, with complex writing systematic and typical legal language. For this reason, the analysis of the Constitutional Court Ruling regarding the Judicial Review on Law No. 27 of 2007 on the Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands was necessary in order to provide a simpler representation of the Constitutional Court Ruling, and one that is expected to trigger a constructive discussion to implement the favorable parts of the decree for the greatest welfare of the people.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    syafrizal syafrizal


    Full Text Available Tidak banyak para teknisi menggunakan transmisi putaran pada mesin dari satu poros ke poros yang lain memperhitungkan adanya slip antara poros dengan transmisi, sehingga putaran ouput poros yang diharapkan tidak tercapai. Seperti yang ditunjukkan pada transmisi pulley dan v-belt, pada pulley dan v-belt bahwa putaran output yang disampaikan pada pulley akan terjadi penurunan nilai putaran beberapa persen karena timbul slip antara belt dengan pulley. Penurunan nilai putaran tersebut akan bertambah dengan bertambahnya massa putaran yang dibawa. Dalam penelitian ini penulis menggunakan motor Hp dan putara 1410 rpm, pulley dan v-belt dengan koefisien gesk sebesar = 0,3. Secara analisa teoritis dengan memilih faktor kritis 1,056 maka nilai putaran tersebut akan berubah sebesar , dengan rasio putaran pulley sebesar i = 2,953216. Ketika dilakukan pengujian dengan beban massa 1,707 kg maka putaran poros motor diperoleh sebesar 1489 rpm, dengan menggunakan rasio putaran maka putaran pulley output sebesar 504,2 rpm, tetapi pada pengukuran putaran pulley sebesar 497,35 rpm, sehingga menimbulkan selisih sebesar 6,9 rpm atau mengalami slip sebesar 1,39 %, dan nilai ini akan terus bertambah dengan bertambahnya beban massa putar yang dibawa. Berdasar analisa empiris besarnya slip dengan menggunakan program excel, maka didapatlah persamaan hubungan persentase slip dengan perubahan massa yang dipakai seperti; .

  1. An Entropy Stable h/p Non-Conforming Discontinuous Galerkin Method with the Summation-by-Parts Property

    KAUST Repository

    Friedrich, Lucas


    This work presents an entropy stable discontinuous Galerkin (DG) spectral element approximation for systems of non-linear conservation laws with general geometric (h) and polynomial order (p) non-conforming rectangular meshes. The crux of the proofs presented is that the nodal DG method is constructed with the collocated Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto nodes. This choice ensures that the derivative/mass matrix pair is a summation-by-parts (SBP) operator such that entropy stability proofs from the continuous analysis are discretely mimicked. Special attention is given to the coupling between nonconforming elements as we demonstrate that the standard mortar approach for DG methods does not guarantee entropy stability for non-linear problems, which can lead to instabilities. As such, we describe a precise procedure and modify the mortar method to guarantee entropy stability for general non-linear hyperbolic systems on h/p non-conforming meshes. We verify the high-order accuracy and the entropy conservation/stability of fully non-conforming approximation with numerical examples.

  2. Real-time simulation of H-P noisy Schrödinger equation and Belavkin filter (United States)

    Garg, Naman; Parthasarathy, Harish; Upadhyay, D. K.


    The Hudson-Parthasarathy noisy Schrödinger equation is an infinite-dimensional differential equation where the noise operators—Creation, Annihilation and Conservation processes—take values in Boson Fock space. We choose a finite truncated basis of exponential vectors for the Boson Fock space and obtained the unitary evolution in a truncated orthonormal basis using the Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization process to the exponential vectors. Then, this unitary evolution is used to obtained the approximate evolution of the system state by tracing out over the bath space. This approximate evolution is compared to the exact Gorini-Kossakowski-Sudarshan-Lindblad equation for the system state. We also perform a computation of the rate of change of the Von Neumann entropy for the system assuming vacuum noise state and derive condition for entropy increase. Finally, by taking non-demolition measurement in the sense of Belavkin, we simulate the Belavkin quantum filter and show that the Frobenius norm of the error observables j_t(X)-π _t(X) becomes smaller with time for a class of observable X. Here j_t(X) is the H-P equation observable and π _t(X) is the Belavkin filter output observable. In last, we have derived an approximate expression for the filtered density and entropy of the system after filtering.

  3. Tensile and electrical properties of unirradiated and irradiated Hycon 3HP{trademark} CuNiBe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zinkle, S.J.; Eatherly, W.S. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)


    The unirradiated tensile properties of two different heats of Hycon 3HP{trademark} CuNiBe (HT Temper) have been measured over the temperature range of 20-500{degrees}C for longitudinal and long transverse orientations. The room temperature electrical conductivity has also been measured for both heats. Both heats exhibited a very good combination of strength and conductivity at room temperature. The strength remained relatively high at all test temperatures, with a yield strength of 420-520 MPa at 500{degrees}C. However, low levels of ductility (<5% uniform elongation) were observed at test temperatures above 200-250{degrees}C, due to flow localization adjacent to grain boundaries. Fission neutron irradiation to a dose of {approximately}0.7 dpa at temperatures between 100 and 240{degrees}C produced a slight increase in strength and a significant decrease in ductility. The measured tensile elongation increased with increasing irradiation temperature, with a uniform elongation of {approximately}3.3% observed at 240{degrees}C. The electrical conductivity decreased slightly following irradiation, due to the presence of defect clusters and Ni, Zn, Co transmutation products. The data indicate that CuNiBe alloys have irradiated tensile and electrical properties comparable or superior to CuCrZr and oxide dispersion strengthened copper at temperatures <250{degrees}C, and may be suitable for certain fusion energy structural applications.

  4. SRC burn test in 700-hp oil-designed boiler. Volume 1. Integrated report. Final technical report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This burn test program was conducted during the period of August 1982 to February 1983 to demonstrate that Solvent Refined Coal (SRC) products can displace petroleum as a boiler fuel in oil- and gas-designed boilers. The test program was performed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center (PETC). Three forms of SRC (pulverized SRC, a solution of SRC dissolved in process-derived distillates, and a slurry of SRC and water) and No. 6 Fuel Oil were evaluated in the 700-hp (30 x 10/sup 6/ Btu/hour) watertube, oil-designed boiler facility at PETC. The test program was managed by the International Coal Refining Company (ICRC) and sponsored by the Department of Energy. Other organizations were involved as necessary to provide the expertise required to execute the test program. This final report represents an integrated overview of the test program conducted at PETC. More detailed information with preliminary data can be obtained from separate reports prepared by PETC, Southern Research Institute, Wheelabrator-Frye, Babcock and Wilcox, and Combustion Engineering. These are presented as Annex Volumes A-F. 25 references, 41 figures, 15 tables.

  5. KIVA-hpFE: Predictive turublent reactive and multiphase flow in engines : Science Supporting Mission of the Laboratory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrington, David Bradley [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Waters, Jiajia [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Research and development of KIVA-hpFE for turbulent reactive and multiphase flow particularly as related to engine modeling program has relevance to National energy security and climate change. Climate change is a source problem, and energy national security is consumption of petroleum products problem. Accurately predicting engine processes leads to, lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, where engines in the transportation sector currently account for 26% of the U.S. GHG emissions. Less dependence on petroleum products leads to greater energy security. By Environmental Protection Agency standards, some vehicles are now reaching 42 to the 50 mpg mark. These are conventional gasoline engines. Continued investment and research into new technical innovations, the potential exists to save more than 4 million barrels of oil per day or approximately $200 to $400 million per day. This would be a significant decrease in emission and use of petroleum and a very large economic stimulus too! It is estimated with further advancements in combustion, the current emissions can be reduced up to 40%. Enabling better understanding of fuel injection and fuel-air mixing, thermodynamic combustion losses, and combustion/emission formation processes enhances our ability to help solve both problems. To provide adequate capability for accurately simulating these processes, minimize time and labor for development of engine technology, are the goals of our KIVA development program.

  6. Knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS of students in H.P. Government Dental College and Hospital, Shimla, India. (United States)

    Fotedar, Shailee; Sharma, Kapil Rajeev; Sogi, Girish M; Fotedar, Vikas; Chauhan, Atul


    The purpose of this cross-sectional survey was to assess the knowledge and attitudes towards patients with HIV/AIDS among dental students in H.P. Government Dental College, Shimla, India. In November 2011, a survey was conducted of all the dental students of the college using a forty-five-item, self-administered questionnaire. The total mean knowledge score was 68.3 percent (good knowledge). The mean knowledge score was statistically higher in the clinical group than in the preclinical group. A majority of the students were aware of the association between HIV and oral candidiasis (89.1 percent), major aphthous (83.2 percent), and Kaposi's sarcoma (68.9 percent). Only 4.9 percent had professional attitudes about treating patients with HIV/AIDS. Male students had significantly fewer negative attitudes and higher positive attitudes than female students. The overall attitude score was significantly higher in the clinical group than in the preclinical group. Although a majority of the students had good knowledge, there were some inadequacies in their knowledge; those were more frequently seen in the preclinical students. It is important that dental students, as future dentists, develop not only the necessary practical skills but also knowledge and attitudes that will prepare them to treat patients with HIV/AIDS.

  7. 40 CFR Table 1 to Subpart Jjjj of... - NOX, CO, and VOC Emission Standards for Stationary Non-Emergency SI Engines ≥100 HP (Except... (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false NOX, CO, and VOC Emission Standards for... Combustion Engines Pt. 60, Subpt. JJJJ, Table 1 Table 1 to Subpart JJJJ of Part 60—NOX, CO, and VOC Emission... power Manufacture date Emission standards a g/HP-hr NOX CO VOC d ppmvd at 15% O2 NOX CO VOC d Non...

  8. Biocompatibility of New Pulp-capping Materials NeoMTA Plus, MTA Repair HP, and Biodentine on Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells. (United States)

    Tomás-Catalá, Christopher J; Collado-González, Mar; García-Bernal, David; Oñate-Sánchez, Ricardo E; Forner, Leopoldo; Llena, Carmen; Lozano, Adrián; Moraleda, José M; Rodríguez-Lozano, Francisco J


    The aim of the present study was to evaluate the in vitro cytotoxicity of MTA Repair HP, NeoMTA Plus, and Biodentine, new bioactive materials used for dental pulp capping, on human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs). Biological testing was carried out in vitro on hDPSCs. Cell viability and cell migration assays were performed using eluates of each capping material. To evaluate cell morphology and cell attachment to the different materials, hDPSCs were directly seeded onto the material surfaces and analyzed by scanning electron microscopy. The chemical composition of the pulp-capping materials was determined by energy-dispersive X-ray and eluates were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Statistical differences were assessed by analysis of variance and Tukey test (P Biodentine showed higher rates of cell viability than MTA Repair HP and NeoMTA Plus (P Biodentine (P Biodentine disks but moderate rates on MTA Repair HP and NeoMTA Plus disks. Energy-dispersive X-ray pointed to similar weight percentages of C, O, and Ca in all 3 materials, whereas other elements such as Al, Si, and S were also found. The new pulp-capping materials MTA Repair HP, NeoMTA Plus, and Biodentine showed a suitable degree of cytocompatibility with hDPSCs, and good cell migration rates, although Biodentine showed higher rates of proliferation time-dependent. Copyright © 2017 American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Monocrotophos, an organophosphorus insecticide, disrupts the expression of HpNetrin and its receptor neogenin during early development in the sea urchin (Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus). (United States)

    Zhang, Xiaona; Xu, Lei; Tian, Hua; Wang, Cuicui; Wang, Wei; Ru, Shaoguo


    Netrins, chemotropic guidance cues, can guide the extension of serotonergic axons by binding to netrin receptors during neural development. However, little is known about whether disruption of netrin signaling is involved in the mechanisms by which organophosphorus pesticides affect serotonergic nervous system (SNS) development. In this study, we evaluated the effects of the pesticide monocrotophos (MCP) on the expression patterns of HpNetrin and its receptor neogenin as well as on the intracellular calcium ion (Ca 2+ ) levels in Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus (sea urchin) by exposing fertilized embryos to 0, 0.01, 0.10, and 1.00mg/L MCP. The results showed that MCP disrupted HpNetrin and neogenin expression at different developmental stages in H. pulcherrimus and that Ca 2+ appeared to be involved in the MCP-induced developmental neurotoxicity. Specifically, the lower concentrations of MCP elevated HpNetrin and neogenin transcription, resulting in higher intracellular Ca 2+ levels during the early developmental stages in the sea urchin; this may affect netrin-directed cell migration/axon extension and subsequently disrupt serotonergic axon branching and synapse formation. In contrast, 1.00mg/L MCP exhibited an inhibitory effect on HpNetrin and neogenin transcription. This finding implies that the regulatory roles of these factors may be diminished during early development, thereby causing developmental defects in the sea urchin. Collectively, our results provide a basis for exploring the involvement of netrin and neogenin in the organophosphate-induced disruption of the SNS during development. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Interaction of APC/C-E3 Ligase with Swi6/HP1 and Clr4/Suv39 in Heterochromatin Assembly in Fission Yeast*S⃞♦ (United States)

    Dubey, Rudra Narayan; Nakwal, Nandni; Bisht, Kamlesh Kumar; Saini, Ashok; Haldar, Swati; Singh, Jagmohan


    Heterochromatin assembly in fission yeast is initiated by binding of Swi6/HP1 to the Lys-9-dimethylated H3 followed by spreading via cooperative recruitment of Swi6/HP1. Recruitment of Cohesin by Swi6/HP1 further stabilizes the heterochromatin structure and integrity. Subsequently, polyubiquitylation of Cut2 by anaphase-promoting complex-cyclosome (APC/C)-ubiquitin-protein isopeptide ligase (E3 ligase) followed by degradation of Cut2 releases Cut1, which cleaves the Rad21 subunit of Cohesin, facilitating sister chromatid separation during mitosis. Here, we demonstrate a surprising role of APC/C in assembly of heterochromatin and silencing at mating type, centromere, and ribosomal DNA loci. Coincidentally with the loss of silencing, recruitment of Swi6, H3-Lys-9-Me2, and Clr4 at dg-dh repeats at cen1 and the K region of mat locus is abrogated in mutants cut4, cut9, and nuc2. Surprisingly, both Cut4 and Cut9 are also highly enriched at these regions in wild type and depleted in swi6Δ mutant. Cut4 and Cut9 interact directly with Swi6/HP1 and Clr4, whereas the mutant Cut4 does not, suggesting that a direct physical interaction of APC subunits Cut4 and Cut9 with Swi6 and Clr4 is instrumental in heterochromatin assembly. The silencing defect in APC mutants is causally related to ubiquitylation activity of APC-E3 ligase. Like swi6 mutant, APC mutants are also defective in Cohesin recruitment and exhibit defects like lagging chromosomes, chromosome loss, and aberrant recombination in the mat region. In addition, APC mutants exhibit a bidirectional expression of dh repeats, suggesting a role in the RNA interference pathway. Thus, APC and heterochromatin proteins Swi6 and Clr4 play a mutually cooperative role in heterochromatin assembly, thereby ensuring chromosomal integrity, inheritance, and segregation during mitosis and meiosis. PMID:19117951

  11. Response to Metronidazole and Oxidative Stress Is Mediated through Homeostatic Regulator HsrA (HP1043) in Helicobacter pylori (United States)

    Olekhnovich, Igor N.; Vitko, Serhiy; Valliere, Meaghan


    Metronidazole (MTZ) is often used in combination therapies to treat infections caused by the gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori. Resistance to MTZ results from loss-of-function mutations in genes encoding RdxA and FrxA nitroreductases. MTZ-resistant strains, when cultured at sub-MICs of MTZ (5 to 20 μg/ml), show dose-dependent defects in bacterial growth; depressed activities of many Krebs cycle enzymes, including pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase (PFOR); and low transcript levels of porGDAB (primer extension), phenotypes consistent with an involvement of a transcriptional regulator. Using a combination of protein purification steps, electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSAs), and mass spectrometry analyses of proteins bound to porG promoter sequences, we identified HP1043, an essential homeostatic global regulator (HsrA [for homeostatic stress regulator]). Competition EMSAs and supershift analyses with HsrA-enriched protein fractions confirmed specific binding to porGDAB and hsrA promoter sequences. Exposure to MTZ resulted in >10-fold decreases in levels of HsrA and in levels of the HsrA-regulated gene products PFOR and TlpB. Exposure to paraquat (PQ), hydrogen peroxide, or organic peroxides showed near equivalence with MTZ, revealing a common oxidative stress response pathway. Finally, direct superoxide dismutase (SOD) assays showed an inverse relationship between HsrA levels and SOD activity, suggesting that HsrA may serve as a repressor of sodB. As a homeostatic sentinel, HsrA appears to be ideally positioned to enable rapid shutdown of genes associated with metabolism and growth while activating (directly or indirectly) oxidative defense genes in response to low levels of toxic metabolites (MTZ or oxygen) before they reach DNA-damaging levels. PMID:24296668

  12. SRC burn test in 700-hp oil-designed boiler. Annex Volume C. Boiler emission report. Final technical report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Solvent-Refined Coal (SRC) test burn program was conducted at the Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center (PETC) located in Bruceton, Pa. One of the objectives of the study was to determine the feasibility of burning SRC fuels in boilers set up for fuel oil firing and to characterize emissions. Testing was conducted on the 700-hp oil-fired boiler used for research projects. No. 6 fuel oil was used for baseline data comparison, and the following SRC fuels were tested: SRC Fuel (pulverized SRC), SRC Residual Oil, and SRC-Water Slurry. Uncontrolled particulate emission rates averaged 0.9243 lb/10/sup 6/ Btu for SRC Fuel, 0.1970 lb/10/sup 6/ Btu for SRC Residual Oil, and 0.9085 lb/10/sup 6/ Btu for SRC-Water Slurry. On a lb/10/sup 6/ Btu basis, emissions from SRC Residual Oil averaged 79 and 78%, respectively, lower than the SRC Fuel and SRC-Water Slurry. The lower SRC Residual Oil emissions were due, in part, to the lower ash content of the oil and more efficient combustion. The SRC Fuel had the highest emission rate, but only 2% higher than the SRC-Water Slurry. Each fuel type was tested under variable boiler operating parameters to determine its effect on boiler emissions. The program successfully demonstrated that the SRC fuels could be burned in fuel oil boilers modified to handle SRC fuels. This report details the particulate emission program and results from testing conducted at the boiler outlet located before the mobile precipitator take-off duct. The sampling method was EPA Method 17, which uses an in-stack filter.

  13. HP 2671G GRAPHICS

    CERN Multimedia


    The 2671 was a text-only printer with a maximum print speed of 120 characters per second. The 2671 printers are very robust. For paper, they use normal thermal roll paper sold in most office supply stores for older fax machines. Although thermal printing is a quiet technology, the paper advance mechanism of these printers is plenty loud.

  14. HP Vertica essentials

    CERN Document Server

    Agrawal, Rishabh


    This is a step-by-step guide with an easy-to-follow approach. A variety of diagrams and images support the concepts explored in the book. This book also contains important tips and tricks, thus making it a really useful reference for Vertica administration activities.If you are a Vertica user or DBA who wants to perform basic administration and fine tuning, this book is for you. Prior knowledge of Vertica will help you to understand the concepts better, but is not mandatory. Some intermediate knowledge of RDBMS, SQL, Linux, and scripting languages such as Perl or Python will be helpful.

  15. Fate and transport of mercury in soil systems : a numerical model in HP1 and sensitivity analysis (United States)

    Leterme, Bertrand; Jacques, Diederik


    Mercury (Hg) poses threats for human health and the environment, notably due to its persistence and its ability to bioaccumulate in ecosystems. Anthropogenic activities are major contributors of mercury release to soils. Main sources of contamination include manufacturing (chlor-alkali plants, manometer spill), mine tailings from mercury, gold and silver mining industries, wood preservation. The objective of this study was to develop a reactive transport model for simulating mercury fate and transport in the unsaturated zone, and to gain insight in the fate and transport of Hg following anthropogenic soil contamination. The present work is done in the framework of the IMaHg project, which aims at providing recommendations to improve management of sites contaminated by mercury within the SNOWMAN funding framework. A model of mercury fate and transport in soil systems was developed using the reactive transport code HP1 (Jacques and Šimůnek, 2010). The geochemical database THERMODDEM (Blanc et al., 2012) is used, augmented with some speciation data from (Skyllberg, 2012). The main processes accounted for in the model are : Hg aqueous speciation (including complexation with dissolved organic matter (DOM) - humic and fulvic acids, and thiol groups), Hg sorption to solid organic matter (SOM), dissolution of solid phase Hg (e.g. cinnabar HgS(s)), dissolution of Hg non-aqueous liquid phase (NAPL), sunlight-driven Hg(II) reduction to Hg(0), Hg(0) diffusion in the gas phase and volatilization, DOM sorption to soil minerals. Colloid facilitated transport is implicitly accounted for by solute transport of Hg-DOM complexes. Because we focused on soil systems having a high Hg contamination, some processes showing relatively smaller Hg fluxes could be neglected such as vegetation uptake and atmospheric wet and dry deposition. NAPL migration and entrapment is not modelled, as pollution is assumed to be historical and only residual NAPL to be present. Mercury methylation and

  16. Influence of the β-Mg17Al12 Phase Morphology on the Corrosion Properties Of Az91hp Magnesium Alloy (United States)

    Guo, Lingling; Zhang, Jumei


    The morphology of β-Mg17Al12 phase and corrosion behavior of AZ91HP magnesium alloy after spheroidizing treatment were investigated by optical microcope electrochemical and immersion tests in 3.5% NaCl at 25°C. The results show that the coarse divorced eutectic phase of AZ91HP cast magnesium alloy dissolve into Mg matrix during the isothermal process at 415°C, and the lameller β phase precipitated from magnesium solid solution as perlite-type precipitation during the slowly cooling. Next, the spheroidizing treatment at different temperatures for 20h was carried out, and the lameller β phase were spheroridizing by dissolved themselves. After spheroidizing treatment at 300°C for 20h, many small granular β phase are scattering within the magnesium matrix. The corrosion properties of AZ91HP magnesium alloy in 3.5% NaCl decreased obviously after spheroidizing treatment, the polarization measurement of the alloy can be up to -1.412V from -1.56V of the cast. The β-Mg17Al12 phase act as a corrosion barrier and hinder corrosion propagation, if the second phase is in the form of a spherical morphology.

  17. Prediction of extracellular proteases of the human pathogen Helicobacter pylori reveals proteolytic activity of the Hp1018/19 protein HtrA.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin Löwer

    Full Text Available Exported proteases of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori are potentially involved in pathogen-associated disorders leading to gastric inflammation and neoplasia. By comprehensive sequence screening of the H. pylori proteome for predicted secreted proteases, we retrieved several candidate genes. We detected caseinolytic activities of several such proteases, which are released independently from the H. pylori type IV secretion system encoded by the cag pathogenicity island (cagPAI. Among these, we found the predicted serine protease HtrA (Hp1019, which was previously identified in the bacterial secretome of H. pylori. Importantly, we further found that the H. pylori genes hp1018 and hp1019 represent a single gene likely coding for an exported protein. Here, we directly verified proteolytic activity of HtrA in vitro and identified the HtrA protease in zymograms by mass spectrometry. Overexpressed and purified HtrA exhibited pronounced proteolytic activity, which is inactivated after mutation of Ser205 to alanine in the predicted active center of HtrA. These data demonstrate that H. pylori secretes HtrA as an active protease, which might represent a novel candidate target for therapeutic intervention strategies.

  18. Metamorphic P-T-t-d evolution of (U)HP metabasites from the South Tianshan accretionary complex (NW China) - Implications for rock deformation during exhumation in a subduction channel

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Soldner, J.; Oliot, E.; Schulmann, K.; Štípská, P.; Kusbach, Vladimír; Anczkiewicz, R.


    Roč. 47, July (2017), s. 161-187 ISSN 1342-937X Institutional support: RVO:67985530 Keywords : eclogite * Tianshan massif * (U)HP metamorphic belt Subject RIV: DB - Geology ; Mineralogy Impact factor: 6.959, year: 2016

  19. HP-CsB{sub 5}O{sub 8}. Synthesis and characterization of an outstanding borate exhibiting the simultaneous linkage of all structural units of borates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sohr, Gerhard; Huppertz, Hubert [Institut fuer Allgemeine, Anorganische und Theoretische Chemie, Leopold-Franzens-Universitaet Innsbruck (Austria); Toebbens, Daniel M. [Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin fuer Materialien und Energie GmbH, Berlin (Germany); Schmedt auf der Guenne, Joern [Department fuer Chemie/Biologie, Universitaet Siegen (Germany)


    The new cesium pentaborate HP-CsB{sub 5}O{sub 8} is synthesized under high-pressure/high-temperature conditions of 6 GPa and 900 C in a Walker-type multianvil apparatus. The compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pnma (Z=4) with the parameters a=789.7(1), b=961.2(1), c=836.3(1) pm, V=0.6348(1) nm{sup 3}, R{sub 1}=0.0359 and wR{sub 2}=0.0440 (all data). The new structure type of HP-CsB{sub 5}O{sub 8} exhibits the simultaneous linkage of trigonal BO{sub 3} groups, corner-sharing BO{sub 4} tetrahedra, and edge-sharing BO{sub 4} tetrahedra including the presence of threefold-coordinated oxygen atoms. With respect to the rich structural chemistry of borates, HP-CsB{sub 5}O{sub 8} is the second structure type possessing this outstanding combination of the main structural units of borates in one compound. The structure consists of corrugated chains of corner- and edge-sharing BO{sub 4} tetrahedra interconnected through BO{sub 3} groups forming octagonal channels. Inside these channels, cesium is 13+3-fold coordinated by oxygen atoms. {sup 11}B MQMAS NMR spectra are analyzed to estimate the isotropic chemical shift values and quadrupolar parameters. IR and Raman spectra are obtained and compared to the calculated vibrational frequencies at the Γ-point. The high-temperature behavior is examined by means of temperature-programmed powder diffraction. (copyright 2014 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  20. Neue Herausforderungen für die Kindertagesstätten: Professionalisierung des Personals in der Frühpädagogik


    Blossfeld, Hans-Peter; Roßbach, Hans-Günther


    "Die meisten Experten sind sich heute weitgehend einig, dass das entscheidende Fundament für spätere erfolgreiche Bildungs- und Berufskarrieren im Lebenslauf bereits in der frühkindlichen Entwicklung gelegt wird. Qualitativ hochwertige Bildungsangebote in den Kindertagesstätten sind deswegen auch ein wichtiges Ziel. Allen Kindern muss dort ein Zugang zu vielfältigen Bildungsangeboten und Lerninhalten eröffnet werden. Eine Schlüsselrolle kommt in diesem Zusammenhang der Qualität des frühpädago...

  1. Amphibole equilibria as monitors of P-T path and process in the exhumation of HP/UHP terranes (United States)

    Waters, David; Airaghi, Laura; Czertowicz, Thomas


    trend between actinolite and pargasite, with low glaucophane component. Pressures and temperatures for matrix and spongy amphiboles are constrained by mapping phase compositions and proportions on P-T phase diagrams calculated for a range of water contents in bulk rock and local systems. In HP eclogites they define near-isothermal decompression trajectories from ~20 to ~12 kbar at ~630-670°C. Matrix and spongy amphiboles from UHP eclogites lacking significant hydrous minerals require influx of external fluid in the interval 16-12 kbar. In symplectites conditions are derived from an internal equilibrium among amphibole, pyroxene and plagioclase. In a number of cases the variation along lamellae in a symplectite colony defines a P-T array covering ~60°C of cooling over ~3 kbar decompression down to 12-10 kbar. In many cases amphibole development can be linked to both external and local sources of aqueous fluid. Microstructural and chemical evidence links symplectite formation to the breakdown of phengite. The near-isothermal earlier stages of P-T paths in these slices dominated by continental units suggest that exhumation did not take place in a cold subduction channel, but may reflect a post-collisional mechanism. The lower P-T slope of paths associated with later symplectite arrays may reflect the loss of buoyancy contrast as exhuming slices reach crustal levels.

  2. HP-β-CD-PLGA nanoparticles improve the penetration and bioavailability of puerarin and enhance the therapeutic effects on brain ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. (United States)

    Tao, Hai-quan; Meng, Qingfeng; Li, Ming-hui; Yu, Hui; Liu, Mei-fang; Du, Dan; Sun, Shou-li; Yang, Hai-cheng; Wang, Yan-ming; Ye, Wei; Yang, Li-zhuang; Zhu, Da-ling; Jiang, Chuan-lu; Peng, Hai-sheng


    It is well known that puerarin attenuates ischemia-reperfusion injury and promotes function recovery of ischemic region. However, due to its reverse physiochemical properties, puerarin does not easily cross the blood-brain barrier. The aim of the present study is to create puerarin nanoparticles which increase and prolong the puerarin concentration in the brain. Using emulsion solvent evaporation techniques, we designed puerarin-loaded poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles. Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) was used to increase the solubility of puerarin and gelatin to enhance viscosity of inner water phase, which improved puerarin entrapment. The drug release kinetics and nanoparticle degradation in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) were analyzed by electronic microscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography. Computerized tomography scans were used to detect the infarction volume and electroencephalogram (EEG) was recorded to estimate the recovery of brain function. The results showed that the combined HP-β-CD and gelatin significantly improved the entrapment efficiency. The infarction volume was significantly decreased on days 3 and 7 after the administration of puerarin nanoparticles compared with that of control and pure puerarin. EEG was also significantly improved. Puerarin nanoparticles are potentially applicable for the brain injury induced by ischemic-reperfusion.

  3. Correlation Between Presence of imaA (HP0289) and Inflammation in H. pylori Infected Patients through Analysis of Bacterial DNA (United States)

    Gupta, A.; Jain, S.


    The bacterium Helicobacter pylori inhabits the stomachs of nearly half of the world's human population, yet only a small fraction (20%) of those people are harmfully affected by the organism. Inflammation caused by the species often results in stomach ulcers or even cancer in these infected patients. Previous studies indicate that the uncharacterized H. pylori gene imaA (HP0289) may be responsible for suppressing this inflammation. Correlation between the intactness of the gene and inflammation levels in patients was determined through analysis of 105 DNA samples from H. pylori infected patients. Traditional PCR and gel electrophoresis techniques were used in the experimentation process. Primers including AC235, 5'imaARev, 3'imaAFor2446, 3'imaARevClinical, ureA637For, ureA637Rev, interFor1, interRev1, interFor2, and interRev2 were used to identify deletions in HP0289 in each DNA sample. The results from this analysis could allow for eventual remediation of the adverse effects of H. pylori.

  4. Growth promotion in pigs by oxytetracycline coincides with down regulation of serum inflammatory parameters and of hibernation-associated protein HP-27. (United States)

    Soler, Laura; Miller, Ingrid; Hummel, Karin; Razzazi-Fazeli, Ebrahim; Jessen, Flemming; Escribano, Damian; Niewold, Theo


    The growth promoting effect of supplementing animal feed with antibiotics like tetracycline has traditionally been attributed to their antibiotic character. However, more evidence has been accumulated on their direct anti-inflammatory effect during the last two decades. Here we used a pig model to explore the systemic molecular effect of feed supplementation with sub therapeutic levels of oxytetracycline (OTC) by analysis of serum proteome changes. Results showed that OTC promoted growth, coinciding with a significant down regulation of different serum proteins related to inflammation, oxidation and lipid metabolism, confirming the anti-inflammatory mechanism of OTC. Interestingly, apart from the classic acute phase reactants also down regulation was seen of a hibernation associated plasma protein (HP-27), which is to our knowledge the first description in pigs. Although the exact function in non-hibernators is unclear, down regulation of HP-27 could be consistent with increased appetite, which is possibly linked to the anti-inflammatory action of OTC. Given that pigs are good models for human medicine due to their genetic and physiologic resemblance, the present results might also be used for rational intervention in human diseases in which inflammation plays an important role such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  5. The High Performance Shape Memory Effect (HP-SME in Ni Rich NiTi Wires: In Situ X-Ray Diffraction on Thermal Cycling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Coduri Mauro


    Full Text Available A novel approach for using Shape Memory Alloys (SMA was recently proposed and named highperformance shape memory effect (HP-SME. The HP-SME exploits the thermal cycling of stress-induced martensite for producing extremely high mechanical work with a very stable functional fatigue behaviour in Ni rich NiTi alloy. The latter was found to differ significantly from the functional fatigue behaviour observed for conventional SMA. This study was undertaken in order to elucidate the microstructural modifications at the basis of this particular feature. To this purpose, the functional fatigue was coupled to in situ Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Diffraction, by recording patterns on wires thermally cycled by Joule effect under a constant applied stress (800 MPa. The accurate analysis the line profile XRD data suggests the accumulation of defects upon functional cycling, while the fibre texture was not observed to change. The functional fatigue exhibits a very similar behaviour as the line broadening of XRD peaks, thus suggesting the accumulation of dislocations as the origin of the mechanism of the permanent deformation.

  6. Fi Investigations On Hp-Rocks From The Lower Engadine Window New Insights On Its Late Tectono-Metamorphic Evolution (United States)

    Bertle, R. J.; Götzinger, M. A.; Koller, F.


    Fluid inclusions studies in metamorphic rocks allow to reconstruct not only the chemistry of the fluids enabling and/or supporting metamorphic reactions but also the late metamorphic evolution of orogenesis. Therefore late, discordant quarz-calcite veins were investigated using FI-techniques. The Engadine Window which is exposed at the Swiss-Austrian-border exposes the penninic units of the Western Alps as a tectonic window within the Austroalpine nappes of the Eastern Alps. The nappes of the Engadine window underwent metamorphism and deformation during Tertiary times (THÖNI 1981, BERTLE 2000). The highest unit (Fimber unit) and the core of the window (= Zone of Pfunds) suffered HP-LT-metamorphism. P-T-conditions for parts of the Zone of Pfunds at the region of Piz Mundin are at 13-15 kbar at 380^oC (BOUSQUET et al. 2002) indicated by the occurrence of carpholite and glaucophane. The late metamorphic history is not very well constrained. There exist only a few FI-data published in an abstract by STÖCKHERT et al. 1990 and some unpublished data in RING 1989. During the ongoing mapping campaign of the first author samples from the Fimber unit and the Zone of Pfunds were collected and investigated using a LINKHAM freezing-cooling-stage. The investigated veins are discordant in respect to the main-foliation of the rocks and show nice cristalls of quarz, calcite and sometimes feldspar (adularia). Structural data implie that the investigated veins correspond to a set of ac-joints that correlate to the late updoming of the large "Engadiner Gewölbe" (Engadin anticlinal structure, MATTMÜLLER 1996). All investigated veins (from all tectonic units) show the same relationship to the anticlinal structure. FI-investigations show, that a large amount of the primary FI are decrepitated, however it was possible to find enough to provide a serious statistical data set. FI from Piz Mundin in the core of the Engadine window exhibit at the base of the vein quarz at the contact to

  7. Epidemiological study of non-communicable diseases (NCD) risk factors in tribal district of Kinnaur, HP: A cross-sectional study. (United States)

    Negi, Prakash Chand; Chauhan, Raman; Rana, Vivek; Vidyasagar; Lal, Kavinder

    There are no data available on the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCD) risk factors among the tribal population of hill state of Himachal Pradesh (HP). The epidemiological study of NCD risk factors was done in the tribal population of district Kinnaur of HP to estimate the burden of NCD risk factors and their risk determinants. WHO STEP wise approach was used for screening of the core NCD risk indicators in 3582 randomly selected natives of Kinnaur aged 20-70 years by trained Health workers of the district health services. The hypertension was prevalent in 19.7% (18.4-21.1%) and diabetes in 6.9% (6.1-7.8%) of the population. Awareness of hypertension and diabetes was 39.8% and 40.8% respectively. The adherence to prescribed medications was reported in 52.1% and 56.4% of patients of aware hypertension and diabetes respectively. Overall, 23.3% and 8.5% of the patients with hypertension and diabetes had controlled BP and blood glucose respectively. Overweight and obesity were observed in 38.2% (36.6-39.9%) and 8.8% (7.9-9.8%) of the population respectively. The consumption of tobacco and alcohol was reported in 22.6% and 24.9% of the population, respectively, and 34.5% were physically inactive. Physical inactivity, BMI, high alcohol consumption, and age were independently associated with risk of hypertension, while age was the only determinant of risk of diabetes. Education and women gender had a significant influence on tobacco and alcohol consumption behavior adjusted for age. NCD risk factors are prevalent in the tribal district of Kinnaur. The awareness, treatment, control of blood pressure and blood glucose were found to be suboptimum in the study subjects. Strengthening of primary health care services and community based interventions are urgently required to improve awareness and control of NCD risk factors in this tribal district of HP. Copyright © 2016 Cardiological Society of India. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olga Gziut


    Full Text Available Safety of Mg milling processes can be expressed by means of the form and the number of fractions of chips formed during milling. This paper presents the state of the art of magnesium alloys milling technology in the aspect of chip fragmentation. Furthermore, the impact of the depth of cut ap and the rake angle γ on the number of chip fractions was analysed in the study. These were conducted on AZ91HP magnesium cast alloy and milling was performed with carbide tools of varying rake angle values (γ = 5º and γ = 30º. It was observed that less intense chip fragmentation occurs with decreasing depth of cut ap. The number of chip fractions was lower at the tool rake angle of γ = 30º. The test results were formulated as technological recommendations according to the number of generated chip fractions.

  9. Application of the Monte Carlo method to the analysis of measurement geometries for the calibration of a HP Ge detector in an environmental radioactivity laboratory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rodenas, Jose [Departamento de Ingenieria Quimica y Nuclear, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Apartado 22012, E-46071 Valencia (Spain)], E-mail:; Gallardo, Sergio; Ballester, Silvia; Primault, Virginie [Departamento de Ingenieria Quimica y Nuclear, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Apartado 22012, E-46071 Valencia (Spain); Ortiz, Josefina [Laboratorio de Radiactividad Ambiental, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Apartado 22012, E-46071 Valencia (Spain)


    A gamma spectrometer including an HP Ge detector is commonly used for environmental radioactivity measurements. The efficiency of the detector should be calibrated for each geometry considered. Simulation of the calibration procedure with a validated computer program is an important auxiliary tool for environmental radioactivity laboratories. The MCNP code based on the Monte Carlo method has been applied to simulate the detection process in order to obtain spectrum peaks and determine the efficiency curve for each modelled geometry. The source used for measurements was a calibration mixed radionuclide gamma reference solution, covering a wide energy range (50-2000 keV). Two measurement geometries - Marinelli beaker and Petri boxes - as well as different materials - water, charcoal, sand - containing the source have been considered. Results obtained from the Monte Carlo model have been compared with experimental measurements in the laboratory in order to validate the model.

  10. Measurement of personal equivalent dose Hp(3) during procedures involving in positron emission tomography; Medida del equivalente de dosis personal en cristalino Hp(3) durante los procedimientos asociados a la tomografía por emisión de positrones

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guiu Souto, J.; Sánchez García, M.; Vázquez, R.; Pardo Montero, J.; Pombar Cameán, M.


    The aim of the present study consists to determinate the personal equivalent dose Hp(3) at eye lens during the procedures involved in positron emission tomography. We have monitored the nurse's staff which is responsible of handling and dispensing 18F. We characterize the relevant stages as the preparation, the transport and the administration of monodose syringes in terms of occupational dose. We observed that the preparation presents a major contribution to the occupational doses than the other stages. In addition, during those stage there is a correlation between the dose increments and handling activity. To establish the eye lens dose we use the following dosimetry set: a direct readout solid state dosimeter for general purposes calibrated at Hp(10) and a set of thermolumiscent dosimeters specific for 18F calibrated at Hp(3). Finally, for the dose intercomparison between above dosimeters we obtain a correction factor by Monte Carlo. The eye lens dose, with a value of 2.8 ± 0.4 mSv/yr, results more critical than the dose obtained in other locations, as extremities. [Spanish] El propósito del presente trabajo consiste en la determinación del equivalente de dosis personal Hp(3) en cristalino durante los procedimientos asociados a la tomografía por emisión de positrones. Se ha monitorizado al personal de enfermería que realiza las tareas de manipulación y dispensación del 18F. Se ha realizado un estudio caracterizando la dosis en las etapas más relevantes del procedimiento: la preparación manual de las jeringuillas, el transporte de las mismas y su posterior administración al paciente. Se observó que la preparación es la etapa que más contribuye a la dosis ocupacional, además durante dicha etapa se observa una clara correlación entre el incremento de dosis y la actividad manipulada. Para determinar la dosis en cristalino se ha utilizado el siguiente equipo dosimétrico: un detector de estado sólido de lectura directa de propósito general

  11. Determination of the dose equivalent Hp(0.07) in hands of occupationally exposed personnel in the practice of proton emission tomography (PET/CT); Determinacion de la dosis equivalente Hp(0.07) en manos de trabajadores ocupacionalmente expuestos en la practica de Tomografia por Emision de Positrones (PET/CT)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lea, D. [Servicio de Radiofisica Sanitaria, Unidad de Tecnologia Nuclear, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Km 11 Carretera Panamerican, Altos del Pipe, Caracas (Venezuela); Ruiz, N.; Esteves, L. [Centro Diagnostico Docente Las Mercedes, Calle Paris cruce con calle Caroni, Edif. CDD, Las Mercedes, Caracas (Venezuela)]. e-mail:


    In Venezuela recently it was implanted the Positron Emission Tomography technique (PET) with the perspective of implanting it at national level. Even when in our country practices it of nuclear medicine it exists from early of 70, there is not experience in the determination of the occupational doses by exposure to the external radiation in hands. By this reason, a concern exists in the workers of the centers of nuclear medicine where it is practiced the Positron Emission Tomography technique. In absence of the TLD dosimetry to measure dose in hands in our country, measurements of the dose equivalent of the workers of the PET national reference center were made, using a detector of hands type diode. It was determined the dose in hands in terms of dose equivalent Hp(0.07) in two work positions, that is: the corresponding to the transfer of the receiving vial of ({sup 18}F) FDG to the shield, quality control and uni doses division. The second work position corresponds the person in charge of administering, via intravenous, the ({sup 18}F) FDG. In this work it realizes the dose equivalent in hands Hp(0.07) measures in each one of the work positions before described by daily production. The informed doses correspond to a total average produced activity of 20.4 GBq (550 mCi). The results of the measurements in terms of dose equivalent in hands Hp(0.07) correspond to 2.1 {+-} 20% mSv in the work position of division and 0.4 {+-} 10% mSv in the position of injection of the radioactive material. At short term this foreseen until 4 productions per week, what means an annual dose equivalent Hp(0.07) in hands of 400 mSv approximately, without taking into account abnormal situations as its are spills of the ({sup 18}F) FDG in the work place. This work is the starting point so that the regulatory authority settles down, in Venezuela, dose restrictions in the PET practices and implant, in the centers of nuclear medicine, an optimization politics of this practice in conformity

  12. Visualization by BiFC of different C/EBP{beta} dimers and their interaction with HP1{alpha} reveals a differential subnuclear distribution of complexes in living cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Susperreguy, Sebastian; Prendes, Luciana P.; Desbats, Maria A.; Charo, Nancy L. [Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental, CONICET, Buenos Aires (Argentina); Brown, Karen [Chromosome Biology Group, Imperial College of London, London (United Kingdom); MacDougald, Ormond A. [Dept. of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Kerppola, Tom [Dept. of Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Schwartz, Jessica [Dept. of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Piwien-Pilipuk, Graciela, E-mail: [Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental, CONICET, Buenos Aires (Argentina)


    How the co-ordinated events of gene activation and silencing during cellular differentiation are influenced by spatial organization of the cell nucleus is still poorly understood. Little is known about the molecular mechanisms controlling subnuclear distribution of transcription factors, and their interplay with nuclear proteins that shape chromatin structure. Here we show that C/EBP{beta} not only associates with pericentromeric heterochromatin but also interacts with the nucleoskeleton upon induction of adipocyte differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells. Different C/EBP{beta} dimers localize in different nuclear domains. Using BiFC in living cells, we show that LAP (Liver Activating Protein) homodimers localize in euchromatin and heterochromatin. In contrast, LIP (Liver Inhibitory Protein) homodimers localize exclusively in heterochromatin. Importantly, their differential subnuclear distribution mirrors the site for interaction with HP1{alpha}. HP1{alpha} inhibits LAP transcriptional capacity and occupies the promoter of the C/EBP{beta}-dependent gene c/ebp{alpha} in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes. When adipogenesis is induced, HP1{alpha} binding decreases from c/ebp{alpha} promoter, allowing transcription. Thus, the equilibrium among different pools of C/EBP{beta} associated with chromatin or nucleoskeleton, and dynamic changes in their interaction with HP1{alpha}, play key roles in the regulation of C/EBP target genes during adipogenesis.

  13. SATNET development and operation, pluribus satellite IMP development, remote site maintenance, internet operations and maintenance, mobile access terminal network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP for VAK-UNIX (United States)

    Haverty, J. F.


    This Quarterly Technical Report describes work on the development of and experimentation with packet broadcast by satellite; on development of Pluribus Satellite IMPs (Interface Message Provision); on a study of the technology of Remote Site Maintenance; on Internetwork monitoring; on shipboard satellite communications; and on the development of Transmission control Protocols for the HP3000 and VAX-UNIX.

  14. System and component design and test of a 10 hp, 18,000 rpm AC dynamometer utilizing a high frequency AC voltage link, part 1 (United States)

    Lipo, Thomas A.; Alan, Irfan


    Hard and soft switching test results conducted with one of the samples of first generation MOS-controlled thyristor (MCTs) and similar test results with several different samples of second generation MCT's are reported. A simple chopper circuit is used to investigate the basic switching characteristics of MCT under hard switching and various types of resonant circuits are used to determine soft switching characteristics of MCT under both zero voltage and zero current switching. Next, operation principles of a pulse density modulated converter (PDMC) for three phase (3F) to 3F two-step power conversion via parallel resonant high frequency (HF) AC link are reviewed. The details for the selection of power switches and other power components required for the construction of the power circuit for the second generation 3F to 3F converter system are discussed. The problems encountered in the first generation system are considered. Design and performance of the first generation 3F to 3F power converter system and field oriented induction moter drive based upon a 3 kVA, 20 kHz parallel resonant HF AC link are described. Low harmonic current at the input and output, unity power factor operation of input, and bidirectional flow capability of the system are shown via both computer and experimental results. The work completed on the construction and testing of the second generation converter and field oriented induction motor drive based upon specifications for a 10 hp squirrel cage dynamometer and a 20 kHz parallel resonant HF AC link is discussed. The induction machine is designed to deliver 10 hp or 7.46 kW when operated as an AC-dynamo with power fed back to the source through the converter. Results presented reveal that the proposed power level requires additional energy storage elements to overcome difficulties with a peak link voltage variation problem that limits reaching to the desired power level. The power level test of the second generation converter after the

  15. System and component design and test of a 10 hp, 18,000 rpm AC dynamometer utilizing a high frequency AC voltage link, part 1 (United States)

    Lipo, Thomas A.; Alan, Irfan


    Hard and soft switching test results conducted with one of the samples of first generation MOS-controlled thyristor (MCTs) and similar test results with several different samples of second generation MCT's are reported. A simple chopper circuit is used to investigate the basic switching characteristics of MCT under hard switching and various types of resonant circuits are used to determine soft switching characteristics of MCT under both zero voltage and zero current switching. Next, operation principles of a pulse density modulated converter (PDMC) for three phase (3F) to 3F two-step power conversion via parallel resonant high frequency (HF) AC link are reviewed. The details for the selection of power switches and other power components required for the construction of the power circuit for the second generation 3F to 3F converter system are discussed. The problems encountered in the first generation system are considered. Design and performance of the first generation 3F to 3F power converter system and field oriented induction moter drive based upon a 3 kVA, 20 kHz parallel resonant HF AC link are described. Low harmonic current at the input and output, unity power factor operation of input, and bidirectional flow capability of the system are shown via both computer and experimental results. The work completed on the construction and testing of the second generation converter and field oriented induction motor drive based upon specifications for a 10 hp squirrel cage dynamometer and a 20 kHz parallel resonant HF AC link is discussed. The induction machine is designed to deliver 10 hp or 7.46 kW when operated as an AC-dynamo with power fed back to the source through the converter. Results presented reveal that the proposed power level requires additional energy storage elements to overcome difficulties with a peak link voltage variation problem that limits reaching to the desired power level. The power level test of the second generation converter after the

  16. Petrology of HP/LT metapelitic rocks of an accretionary wedge, the Central Pontides, Turkey: evidence for tectonic stacking and syn-subduction exhumation (United States)

    Aygül, Mesut; Okay, Aral; Oberhänsli, Roland


    Cretaceous HP/LT chloritoid-bearing metapelitic rocks crop out widely in the central part of the Pontides, northern Turkey. They are associated with eclogite to blueschist-facies metabasites and represent deep levels of an underplated subduction-accretion complex, which is tectonically overlain by low-grade HP phyllite/metasandstone intercalation along an extensional shear zone. Close to the shear zone, the footwall micaschists consist of quartz, phengite, paragonite, chlorite, rutile with syn-kinematic albite porphyroblast formed by pervasive shearing during exhumation. This type of micaschists is tourmaline-bearing and their retrograde nature suggests high-fluid flux along shear zones. Peak metamorphic assemblages are partly preserved in the chloritoid-micaschist farther away from the shear zone. Three peak metamorphic assemblages are identified and their PT conditions are constrained by pseudosections produced by Theriak-Domino and by Raman spectra of carbonaceous material: 1) garnet-chloritoid-glaucophane with lawsonite pseudomorphs (P: 17.5 ± 1 Kbar, T: 390-450 °C) 2) chloritoid with glaucophane pseudomorphs (P: 16-18 Kbar, T: 475 ± 40 °C) and 3) relatively high-Mg chloritoid (17%) with jadeite pseudomorphs (22-25 Kbar; T: 440 ± 30 °C) in addition to phengite, paragonite, quartz, chlorite, rutile. The last mineral assemblage is interpreted as transformation of the chloritoid + glaucophane assemblage to chloritoid + jadeite paragenesis with increasing pressure. Absence of tourmaline suggests that the chloritoid-micaschist did not interact with B-rich fluids during zero strain exhumation. Peak metamorphic assemblages and PT estimates suggest tectonic stacking within wedge with different depths of burial. 40Ar/39Ar phengite age of a pervasively sheared footwall micaschist is constrained to 100.6 ± 1.3 Ma and that of a chloritoid-micaschist is constrained to 91.8 ± 1.8 Ma suggesting exhumation during on-going subduction. Coupling and exhumation of the

  17. P- T- t evolution of eclogite/blueschist facies metamorphism in Alanya Massif: time and space relations with HP event in Bitlis Massif, Turkey (United States)

    Çetinkaplan, Mete; Pourteau, Amaury; Candan, Osman; Koralay, O. Ersin; Oberhänsli, Roland; Okay, Aral I.; Chen, Fukun; Kozlu, Hüseyin; Şengün, Fırat


    The Alanya Massif, which is located to the south of central Taurides in Turkey, presents a typical nappe pile consisting of thrust sheets with contrasting metamorphic histories. In two thrust sheets, Sugözü and Gündoğmuş nappes, HP metamorphism under eclogite (550-567 °C/14-18 kbar) and blueschist facies (435-480 °C/11-13 kbar) conditions have been recognized, respectively. Whereas the rest of the Massif underwent MP metamorphism under greenschist to amphibolite facies (525-555 °C/6.5-7.5 kbar) conditions. Eclogite facies metamorphism in Sugözü nappe, which consists of homogeneous garnet-glaucophane-phengite schists with eclogite lenses is dated at 84.8 ± 0.8, 84.7 ± 1.5 and 82 ± 3 Ma (Santonian-Campanian) by 40Ar/39Ar phengite, U/Pb zircon and rutile dating methods, respectively. Similarly, phengites in Gündoğmuş nappe representing an accretionary complex yield 82-80 Ma (Campanian) ages for blueschist facies metamorphism. During the exhumation, the retrograde overprint of the HP units under greenschist-amphibolite facies conditions and tectonic juxtaposition with the Barrovian units occurred during Campanian (75-78 Ma). Petrological and geochronological data clearly indicate a similar Late Cretaceous tectonometamorphic evolution for both Alanya (84-75 Ma) and Bitlis (84-72 Ma) Massifs. They form part of a single continental sliver ( Alanya- Bitlis microcontinent), which was rifted from the southern part of the Anatolide-Tauride platform. The P- T- t coherence between two Massifs suggests that both Massifs have been derived from the closure of the same ocean ( Alanya- Bitlis Ocean) located to the south of the Anatolide-Tauride block by a northward subduction. The boundary separating the autochthonous Tauride platform to the north from both the Alanya and Bitlis Massifs to the south represents a suture zone, the Pamphylian- Alanya- Bitlis suture.

  18. Modeling of environmental effects in genome-wide association studies identifies SLC2A2 and HP as novel loci influencing serum cholesterol levels.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wilmar Igl


    Full Text Available Genome-wide association studies (GWAS have identified 38 larger genetic regions affecting classical blood lipid levels without adjusting for important environmental influences. We modeled diet and physical activity in a GWAS in order to identify novel loci affecting total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. The Swedish (SE EUROSPAN cohort (N(SE = 656 was screened for candidate genes and the non-Swedish (NS EUROSPAN cohorts (N(NS = 3,282 were used for replication. In total, 3 SNPs were associated in the Swedish sample and were replicated in the non-Swedish cohorts. While SNP rs1532624 was a replication of the previously published association between CETP and HDL cholesterol, the other two were novel findings. For the latter SNPs, the p-value for association was substantially improved by inclusion of environmental covariates: SNP rs5400 (p(SE,unadjusted = 3.6 x 10(-5, p(SE,adjusted = 2.2 x 10(-6, p(NS,unadjusted = 0.047 in the SLC2A2 (Glucose transporter type 2 and rs2000999 (p(SE,unadjusted = 1.1 x 10(-3, p(SE,adjusted = 3.8 x 10(-4, p(NS,unadjusted = 0.035 in the HP gene (Haptoglobin-related protein precursor. Both showed evidence of association with total cholesterol. These results demonstrate that inclusion of important environmental factors in the analysis model can reveal new genetic susceptibility loci.

  19. Analisis Peta Persepsi Pemilihan Atribut Produk Laptop Di Kalangan Mahasiswa Universitas Telkom Kota Bandung (Studi Pada Laptop Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Samsung dan Apple

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wiwik Melwinda


    Full Text Available This research aims to find out laptop brand selection perceptual map of among Telkom University students. The object of this research study are some of incoming laptop brand in Top Brand 2016 which are Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Samsung and Apple. The attributes of the study are design instrument, operation system, variation, feature set, specification, processor, battery resistance, product price, price resale, warranty, LCD display, storage capacity, product quality, sustainability to defect, and keyboard quality. This research used quantitative method. Research instrument used was a questionnaire, which distributed to 100 respondent sample area of the object of research. In taking a sample of this study, the researcher used Non-Probability technique by using purposive sampling method. The data analysis that used is multidimensional scalling analysis, this analysis gives perception map picture, appeared the position of each laptop brand that is close together or far apart. Laptop brand that showed in a perceptual map will display rank of the best position than another laptop brand. As perception, Apple occupies the first best position among another best laptop brands. That is proved by the rank position from respondents preference based on overall attributes which is more excellent in design, operation system, variation, feature set, specification, processor, battery resistance, product quality, and keyboard quality. For price product attribute is occupied by Lenovo as the cheapest rather than another laptop brands. Meanwhile, for the LCD display attribute, price resale, and storage capacity are occupied by Asus which get the second best rank based overall attribute.

  20. Potential Effects of Surface Temperature Variations and Disturbances and Thermal Convection on the Mars InSight HP3 Heat-Flow Determination (United States)

    Morgan, Paul; Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Lorenz, Ralph; Grott, Matthias; Kroemer, Olaf; Müller, Nils


    The HP3 instrument on the InSight lander mission will measure subsurface temperatures and thermal conductivities from which heat flow in the upper few meters of the regolith at the landing site will be calculated. The parameter to be determined is steady-state conductive heat flow, but temperatures may have transient perturbations resulting from surface temperature changes and there could be a component of thermal convection associated with heat transport by vertical flow of atmospheric gases over the depth interval of measurement. The experiment is designed so that it should penetrate to a depth below which surface temperature perturbations are smaller than the required measurement precision by the time the measurements are made. However, if the measurements are delayed after landing, and/or the probe does not penetrate to the desired depth, corrections may be necessary for the transient perturbations. Thermal convection is calculated to be negligible, but these calculations are based on unknown physical properties of the Mars regolith. The effects of thermal convection should be apparent at shallow depths where transient thermal perturbations would be observed to deviate from conductive theory. These calculations were required during proposal review and their probability of predicting a successful measurement a prerequisite for mission approval. However, their uncertainties lies in unmeasured physical parameters of the Mars regolith.

  1. Simultaneous frequency stabilization and high-power dense wavelength division multiplexing (HP-DWDM) using an external cavity based on volume Bragg gratings (VBGs) (United States)

    Hengesbach, Stefan; Klein, Sarah; Holly, Carlo; Witte, Ulrich; Traub, Martin; Hoffmann, Dieter


    Multiplexing technologies enable the development of high-brightness diode lasers for direct industrial applications. We present a High-Power Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (HP-DWDM) with an average channel spacing of 1.7 (1.5) nm and a subsequent external cavity mirror to provide feedback for frequency stabilization and multiplexing in one step. The "self-optimizing" multiplexing unit consists of four reflective Volume Bragg Gratings (VBGs) with 99% diffraction efficiency and seven dielectric mirrors to overlay the radiation of five input channels with an adjustable channel spacing of 1-2 nm. In detail, we focus on the analysis of the overall optical efficiency, the change of the beam parameter product and the spectral width. The performance is demonstrated using five 90 μm multimode 9xx single emitters with M2<=17. Because of the feedback the lateral (multimodal) spatial and angular intensity distribution changes strongly and the beam parameter product decreases by a factor of 1.2 to 1.9. Thereby the angular intensity distribution is more affected than the width of the beam waist. The spectral width per emitter decreases to 3-200 pm (FWHM) depending on the injection current and the reflectance of the feedback mirror (0.75%, 1.5%, 4%, 6% or 8%). The overall optical multiplexing efficiency ranges between 77% and 86%. With some modifications (e.g. enhanced AR-coatings) we expect 90-95%.

  2. Genetic variability of the 18 kDa/HP6 protective antigen in Taenia saginata and Taenia asiatica: implications for vaccine development. (United States)

    González, Luis M; Ramiro, Raquel; García, Luz; Parkhouse, R Michael E; McManus, Donald P; Gárate, Teresa


    Genomic characterization of the genes encoding the Taenia 18 kDa/HP6 protective antigens was carried out for Taenia saginata and T. asiatica using 42 taeniid isolates comprising 23 samples of T. saginata, 13 samples of T. asiatica and 6 samples of T. solium. The corresponding sequences from all taeniid isolates were PCR-amplified with specific primers and then sequenced. All the genes, and other described taeniid gene homologues, had the same genomic structure. Surprisingly, the T. saginata TSA18 gene showed nucleotide variability within the 23 samples analyzed. This resulted in two distinct genotypes with 96% DNA sequence similarity and deduced amino acid sequences with 21 substitutions, mainly located in the second exon which contains the fibronectin type III domain. In regards to T. asiatica, the 18 kDa gene (TASI18) was very similar to the T. saginata antigen homologues, both at the DNA and deduced amino acid sequence levels, and the TSOL18 gene was conserved among T. solium isolates as previously described. The implications of these findings on the future development of taeniid vaccines are discussed. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Modeling of environmental effects in genome-wide association studies identifies SLC2A2 and HP as novel loci influencing serum cholesterol levels. (United States)

    Igl, Wilmar; Johansson, Asa; Wilson, James F; Wild, Sarah H; Polasek, Ozren; Hayward, Caroline; Vitart, Veronique; Hastie, Nicholas; Rudan, Pavao; Gnewuch, Carsten; Schmitz, Gerd; Meitinger, Thomas; Pramstaller, Peter P; Hicks, Andrew A; Oostra, Ben A; van Duijn, Cornelia M; Rudan, Igor; Wright, Alan; Campbell, Harry; Gyllensten, Ulf


    Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified 38 larger genetic regions affecting classical blood lipid levels without adjusting for important environmental influences. We modeled diet and physical activity in a GWAS in order to identify novel loci affecting total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. The Swedish (SE) EUROSPAN cohort (N(SE) = 656) was screened for candidate genes and the non-Swedish (NS) EUROSPAN cohorts (N(NS) = 3,282) were used for replication. In total, 3 SNPs were associated in the Swedish sample and were replicated in the non-Swedish cohorts. While SNP rs1532624 was a replication of the previously published association between CETP and HDL cholesterol, the other two were novel findings. For the latter SNPs, the p-value for association was substantially improved by inclusion of environmental covariates: SNP rs5400 (p(SE,unadjusted) = 3.6 x 10(-5), p(SE,adjusted) = 2.2 x 10(-6), p(NS,unadjusted) = 0.047) in the SLC2A2 (Glucose transporter type 2) and rs2000999 (p(SE,unadjusted) = 1.1 x 10(-3), p(SE,adjusted) = 3.8 x 10(-4), p(NS,unadjusted) = 0.035) in the HP gene (Haptoglobin-related protein precursor). Both showed evidence of association with total cholesterol. These results demonstrate that inclusion of important environmental factors in the analysis model can reveal new genetic susceptibility loci.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andi Trimulyono


    Full Text Available Salah satu aspek yang paling penting dalam pembuatan kapal adalah perencanaan sistem propulsi salah satu aspek dari sistem propulsi itu sendiri adalah perencanaan desain Propeller. Propeller merupakan salah satu aspek yang harus direncanakan dengan baik agar tercapai tujuan kapal dalam hal kecepatan. Kecepatan pada kapal tidak terlepas dari desain propeller yang baik agar mendapatkan gaya dorong (Thrust optimal yang dihasilkan oleh gerak propeller.Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui nilai thrust optimum untuk Propeller TB Ari 400 HP dari analisa model variasi sudut rake dan jumlah daun yang dibuat sehingga dapat diketahui dari variasi model tersebut manakah yang memiliki nilai thrust tinggi dan torque terendah serta untuk mengetahui perbandingan nilai thrust yang dihasilkan dari variasi model B-series dan Kaplan dengan variabel sudut rake dan jumlah daun. Hasil dari penelitian ini menunjukkan Nilai thrust tertinggi dihasilkan pada model Propeller Ka5 50 diameter 1 m sudut rake 00 dengan nilai thrust tertinggi sebesar 14608,8 N pada putaran 500 RPM. Nilai torque terendah dihasilkan pada model Propeller B4 50 Series sudut 100 diameter 0,813m dengan nilai 513,967 Nm pada putaran 500 RPM. Nilai perbandingan thrust dan torque tersebut  di dapatkan dari model dengan parameter analisis dimensi yang sama dan Putaran 500 RPM. Dan mendaptkan Nilai efisiensi tertinggi diperoleh pada model propeller B4 50 sudut rake 120 diameter 0,813 m yaitu sebesar 0,6764 pada putaran 500 RPM

  5. Research of ALA combined with HpD-PDT which induced s180 ascitic tumor cells, death or apoptosis on cytology (United States)

    Zhu, Jing; Yan, Min; Zhang, Hui-Guo; Li, Enling; Luo, Hongyu


    To ascertain the adequate dosage of ALA combined with HpD-PDT which induced tumor cell death or apoptosis on cytology. And to study the different effect of ALA-PDT and HPD-PDT used only. Rat ascitic tumor cells(S180) were randomly divided into several groups and incubated with ALA(20μg/ml 、40μg/ml、80μg/ml 、160μg/ml)、HPD(2.5μg/ml、5μg/ml、10μg/ml)and their combination dosages. 630nm light (total output 2W) was delivered to tumor cells at a constant fluence rate: 200mw/cm2 and a constant irradiated time period: 20 minutes. We set 3 groups (no photosensitizers or no irradiation or neither) to be the control groups. We used inversion microscopy to observe the morphological change of tumor cells and flow cytometry technology to detect the death or apoptosis of tumor cells during the experiment. ..

  6. Preparation of highly pure daidzin on oligo-β-cyclodextrin-Sepharose HP and investigation of chromatographic behavior of isoflavones by molecular docking. (United States)

    Yang, Li; Li, Cong; Yuan, Tianhu; Tan, Tianwei; Zhang, Liqun


    A novel method using column chromatography on oligo-β-cyclodextrin-Sepharose HP for the preparation of high purity daidzin from crude soybean samples was proposed in this work. The isoflavone of daidzin in sample A and B was purified under the optimum mobile phase composed of methanol/acetic acid/water=20.0/8.0/72.0 (v/v/v) at a flow-rate of 1.0 mL/min in one-step operation with a purity of 97.2% and 98.1%, a recovery of 95.3% and 96.3% respectively. The target products in isolated fraction were detected and characterized by HPLC analysis and ESI-MS spectrum. Preparative separation with sample-load of up to 2.42 mg/mL medium gave satisfactory results for daidzin with the purities over 97% and recoveries approximately 90%. Molecular docking simulations were utilized to help demonstrate the inclusion complexation between β-cyclodextrin and the isoflavones in samples through inclusion geometries and calculations of the binding energies. The prediction of the elution orders with AUTODOCK and SURFLEX-DOCK were validated by the chromatographic results. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Evaluation of a DNA vaccine candidate co-expressing GP3 and GP5 of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) with interferon α/γ in immediate and long-lasting protection against HP-PRRSV challenge. (United States)

    Du, Yijun; Qi, Jing; Lu, Yu; Wu, Jiaqiang; Yoo, Dongwan; Liu, Xing; Zhang, Xiumei; Li, Jun; Sun, Wenbo; Cong, Xiaoyan; Shi, Jianli; Wang, Jinbao


    Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) has become one of the most economically important diseases to the global pork industry. Current vaccination strategies only provide a limited protective efficacy. In this study, a DNA vaccine, pVAX1(©)-α-γ-GP35, co-expressing GP3 and GP5 of PRRSV with interferon α/γ was constructed, and its immediate and long-lasting protection against highly pathogenic PRRSV (HP-PRRSV) challenge were examined in pigs. For immediate protection, the results showed that pVAX1(©)-α-γ-GP35 could provide partially protective efficacy, which was similar to the pVAX1(©)-α-γ (expressing interferon α/γ). For long-lasting protection, pigs inoculated with pVAX1(©)-α-γ-GP35 developed significantly higher PRRSV-specific antibody response, T cell proliferation, IFN-γ, and IL-4, than those vaccinated with pVAX1(©)-GP35 (expressing GP3 and GP5 of PRRSV). Following homologous challenge with HP-PRRSV strain SD-JN, pigs inoculated with pVAX1(©)-α-γ-GP35 showed almost no clinical signs, no lung lesions, and significantly lower viremia, as compared to those in pVAX1(©)-GP35 group. It indicated that pVAX1(©)-α-γ-GP35 could induce enhanced immune responses and provide both immediate and long-lasting protection against HP-PRRSV challenge in pigs. The DNA vaccine pVAX1(©)-α-γ-GP35 might be an attractive candidate vaccine for the prevention and control of HP-PRRSV infections.

  8. Knowledge, attitude and practices about oral cancers among dental students in H.P Government Dental College, Shimla-Himachal Pradesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shailee Fotedar


    Full Text Available Aim: The aim was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices among undergraduate dental students about oral cancer. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional questionnaire study was conducted among undergraduate dental students between the 3rd and 5th years in H.P Government Dental College, Shimla. The questionnaire consisted of 15 questions, five each on knowledge, attitudes and practices. The data were analyzed by Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS Inc., version 16 for Windows, Chicago, IL, USA. Results: The response rate of the study was 90.6%. There were 23 (21.5% males and 84 (78.5% females in the study. There was a predominance of females (78.5%. The average knowledge percentage for the entire population is 81.9% (excellent knowledge. Tobacco and alcohol were correctly identified by 63.5% of the subjects. Squamous cell carcinoma was described as the most common type of oral cancer by 105 (98.3% of the students. 60.7% of the subjects strongly disagreed that their knowledge regarding the prevention and detection of oral cancer is current and adequate, and 99% agreed that there is a need for additional training/information regarding oral cancer. About 92.5% of the subjects used to educate their subjects about the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol. Conclusion: The study implies that the knowledge, especially about the etiological factors of oral cancer needs to be reinforced throughout the undergraduate dental courses so that they can use the same in educating and motivating the masses to adapt healthy lifestyles.

  9. Computer controlled data measurement and analysis system used for measuring switching parameters of semiconductors. [Employs HP 2114B minicomputer; reports contain all applicable coding in assembly language

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Culp, C.H.; Eckels, D.E.


    A computer-controlled data acquisition system which was employed to measure the threshold switching parameters of amorphous semiconductors is described. This system is capable of measuring the delay time required for a sample to switch, the electrical energy put into a sample and the charge passing through it during the delay time, and its ambient temperature. With this equipment an experimenter is able to control the magnitude and maximum duration of the voltage applied to a sample, the time interval between applications of voltage, and the load resistor in series with a sample. An HP 2114B minicomputer provides control and analysis capabilities for this system. Basically, this apparatus is a constant voltage pulse generator and signal processor. Major modules of this system are a transistorized high voltage switch, a digitally controlled high voltage resistor and power supply, a low-thermal-noise input-scanner, a precision timer, and two analog integrators. The amplitude of a voltage pulse can be varied from 0V to 1 kV and the maximum duration can be varied from 10 to 300 s. During the voltage pulse, a signal which represents the current through a sample is processed by analog integrators and signal multipliers. If the sample switches to a low-resistance state during a voltage pulse, this equipment automatically detects the event and removes the voltage from the sample to prevent sample deterioration. Following the voltage pulse, a teletypewriter prints the raw data from the integrators, power supply, and timer and the calculated values of the charge and energy input. 44 figures, 2 tables. (auth)

  10. Optimization of Deep Drilling Performance--Development and Benchmark Testing of Advanced Diamond Product Drill Bits & HP/HT Fluids to Significantly Improve Rates of Penetration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alan Black; Arnis Judzis


    This document details the progress to date on the OPTIMIZATION OF DEEP DRILLING PERFORMANCE--DEVELOPMENT AND BENCHMARK TESTING OF ADVANCED DIAMOND PRODUCT DRILL BITS AND HP/HT FLUIDS TO SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE RATES OF PENETRATION contract for the year starting October 2002 through September 2002. The industry cost shared program aims to benchmark drilling rates of penetration in selected simulated deep formations and to significantly improve ROP through a team development of aggressive diamond product drill bit--fluid system technologies. Overall the objectives are as follows: Phase 1--Benchmark ''best in class'' diamond and other product drilling bits and fluids and develop concepts for a next level of deep drilling performance; Phase 2--Develop advanced smart bit--fluid prototypes and test at large scale; and Phase 3--Field trial smart bit--fluid concepts, modify as necessary and commercialize products. Accomplishments to date include the following: 4Q 2002--Project started; Industry Team was assembled; Kick-off meeting was held at DOE Morgantown; 1Q 2003--Engineering meeting was held at Hughes Christensen, The Woodlands Texas to prepare preliminary plans for development and testing and review equipment needs; Operators started sending information regarding their needs for deep drilling challenges and priorities for large-scale testing experimental matrix; Aramco joined the Industry Team as DEA 148 objectives paralleled the DOE project; 2Q 2003--Engineering and planning for high pressure drilling at TerraTek commenced; 3Q 2003--Continuation of engineering and design work for high pressure drilling at TerraTek; Baker Hughes INTEQ drilling Fluids and Hughes Christensen commence planning for Phase 1 testing--recommendations for bits and fluids.

  11. Investigation of Advanced Components in a High Pressure Single-Cell Electrolyser for the Development of a HP-PEM-ELY Stack as Part of a Regenerative Fuel Cell System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Niakolas Dimitrios K.


    Full Text Available The objective of the presented work, done under current ESA activity (Contract No. 4000109578/13/NL/SC, is the performance and tolerance evaluation of selected components and materials for the development of a High Pressure, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM Electrolyser (HP-PEM-ELY Stack, aiming to operate at 80 bar with a performance output of 0.3 A/cm2 at 1.6 V. An extensive study was performed on a single-cell high pressure PEM electrolyser manifold, leading to a list of materials with suitable properties and engineering solutions towards operation in space environment. This investigation provided the necessary feedback for the design of a HP-PEM-ELY stack, which is also discussed. The ultimate target of the current ESA activity is to implement research findings, develop and operate a complete regenerative fuel cell system, comprising of a High Temperature Fuel Cell Stack and the HP-PEM-ELY stack. System aspects are briefly discussed.

  12. Progression of emphysema evaluated by MRI using hyperpolarized (3)He (HP (3)He) measurements in patients with alpha-1-antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency compared with CT and lung function tests

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stavngaard, T; Søgaard, L Vejby; Batz, M


    as compared to yearly decline. PURPOSE: To investigate the progression of emphysema over a period of 2 years using diffusion-weighted hyperpolarized (HP) (3)He magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with alpha-1-antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Nine patients with severe A1AT...... deficiency were studied over a period of 2 years (baseline, year 1, and year 2) with HP (3)He MRI using apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), lung function tests (FEV(1) and carbon monoxide lung diffusion capacity [D(L,CO)]), and computed tomography (CT) using densitometric parameters (15th percentile...... density [CT-PD15] and relative area of emphysema below -910 HU [CT-RA-910]). RESULTS: Seven patients were scanned three times, one patient two times, and one patient only at baseline. The mean increase in ADC values from first to last HP (3)He MR scanning was 3.8% (0.014 cm(2)/s [SD 0.024 cm(2)/s...

  13. [Pr2(pdc3(Hpdc(H2O4]n·n(H3hp·8n(H2O, a One-Dimensional Coordination Polymer Containing PrO6N3 Tri-Capped Trigonal Prisms and PrO8N Mono-Capped Square Anti-Prisms (H2pdc = Pyridine 2,6-Dicarboxylic Acid, C7H5NO4; 3hp = 3-Hydroxy Pyridine, C5H5NO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahzad Sharif


    Full Text Available The synthesis, structure and some properties of the one-dimensional coordination polymer, [Pr2(pdc3(Hpdc]n·n(H3hp·8n(H2O, (H2pdc = pyridine 2,6-dicarboxylic acid, C7H5NO4; 3hp = 3-hydroxypyridine, C5H5NO are described. One of the Pr3+ ions is coordinated by two O,N,O-tridentate pdc2− ligands and one tridentate Hpdc− anion to generate a fairly regular PrO6N3 tri-capped trigonal prism, with the N atoms acting as the caps. The second Pr3+ ion is coordinated by one tridentate pdc2− dianion, four water molecules and two monodentate bridging pdc2− ligands to result in a PrO8N coordination polyhedron that approximates to a mono-capped square-anti-prism. The ligands bridge the metal-atom nodes into a chain, which extends in the [100] direction. The H3hp+ cation and uncoordinated water molecules occupy the inter-chain regions and an N–HLO and numerous O–HLO hydrogen bonds consolidate the structure. The H3hp+ species appears to intercalate between pendant pdc rings to consolidate the polymeric structure. Crystal data: 1 (C33H43N5O29Pr2, Mr = 1255.54, triclinic,  (No. 2, Z = 2, a = 13.2567(1 Å, b = 13.6304(2 Å, c = 13.6409(2 Å, α = 89.695(1°, β = 63.049(1°, γ = 86.105(1°, V = 2191.16(5 Å3, R(F = 0.033, wR(F2 = 0.084.

  14. Magnetized Jets Driven by the Sun, the Structure of the Heliosphere Revisited: Consequences for Draping of BISM ahead of the HP and Time Variability of ENAs (United States)

    Opher, M.; Drake, J. F.; Zieger, B.; Michael, A.; Toth, G.; Swisdak, M.; Gombosi, T. I.


    field in a small layer ahead of the HP in agreement with Voyager 1 observations (as seen in Opher & Drake 2013). We present results of the heliospheric jets for a weaker magnetic field, representative of the 2010-2012 period and what is expected to be seen in the ENA maps with solar cycle.

  15. Fluid-mediated metal transport in subduction zones and its link to arc-related giant ore deposits: Constraints from a sulfide-bearing HP vein in lawsonite eclogite (Tianshan, China) (United States)

    Li, Ji-Lei; Gao, Jun; John, Timm; Klemd, Reiner; Su, Wen


    High-pressure (HP) veins in eclogites provide insight into element mobility during fluid-rock interaction in subduction zones. Here, we present a petrological-geochemical study of a sulfide-bearing HP vein and its massive lawsonite eclogite host rock from the Chinese Tianshan (ultra-)high-pressure/low-temperature metamorphic belt. The omphacite-dominated vein is enveloped by a garnet-poor, sulfide-bearing eclogite-facies reaction selvage. Lawsonite, garnet, omphacite, glaucophane and other HP minerals occur as inclusions in pyrite porphyroblasts of the selvage rock, indicating that the selvage formed prograde under eclogite-facies conditions. Relicts of wall-rock garnet (Grt_I) cores in recrystallized selvage garnet (Grt_II) close to the wall rock and the Ca distribution in Grt_II, which images the overgrown selvage matrix, indicate that the selvage formed due to dissolution-precipitation processes as a consequence of fluid-rock interaction of the wall rock eclogite with the vein-forming fluid. The peak metamorphic P-T conditions of the wall-rock eclogite are estimated at ca. 590 °C and 23 kbar. Mass-balance calculations indicate that the reaction selvage experienced: (1) a depletion of the large-ion lithophile elements (K-Rb-Ba) of up to 100% relative to their concentrations in the wall-rock eclogite; (2) a moderate depletion of the HREE and some transition metal elements including Fe, Cu, Ni, Zn, Co, Cr, and Mn (10-40%); (3) a significant enrichment of CaO (up to 50-80%), Sr (up to ˜200%), Pb (up to ˜170%) and S (up to ˜210%); (4) a slight to moderate enrichment of the LREE (10-20%) and MREE (0-40%); whereas (5) the HFSE show no significant variations.

  16. Effect of composition, heat treatment and processing technologies on the microstructure and properties of HP and IP rotors of large steam turbines from 1CrMoV steels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tchizhik, A.A. [The Polzunov Central Boiler and Turbine Institute, Department the Fatigue Life of Materials for Power Plant Equipment, St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)


    In the presentation the evolution of the technology manufacturing of the large forging from the 1CrMoV steels and the results complex of the long time investigations rotors on virgin state and after different operation times is analyzed. Among the information there are the criterion of the optimization of the composition steel service properties, especially super long - term creep resistance, creep fracture and long time cracks resistance. Two safety coefficients: stress (SSC) and time safety coefficient (TSC) must be used for calculations of the possibility prolongation service life of HP and IP rotors for large steam turbines. (orig.) 11 refs.

  17. Análisis, diseño y aplicación de una metodología de implantación de proyectos de ITIL v3 sobre HP Service Manager


    García Caro, Anna


    Projecte realitzat mitjançant programa de cooperació educativa Universitat–Empresa, amb l'empresa Servicios Tecnológicos Aplicados a Nuevas Metodologías, S.L. (stanum, S.L.) Aquest PFC consisteix en la elaboració d'una metodologia d'implantació de projectes de la versió 3 d'ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). La metodologia proposada està pensada per a implantacions d'ITIL v3 sobre l'eina HP Service Manager 7.

  18. Greenschist-Facies Pseudotachylytes and Gouge: a Microstructural Study of the Deformation Propagation at the Boundary Between Hp-Metabasite and Calcite Bearing Metasediments (United States)

    Crispini, L.; Scambelluri, M.; Capponi, G.


    Recent friction experiments on calcite-bearing systems reproduce pseudotachylyte structures, that are diagnostic of dinamic calcite recrystallization related to seismic slip in the shallow crust. Here we provide the study of a pseudotachylyte (PT) bearing low angle oblique-slip fault. The fault is linked to the exhumation of Alpine HP-ophiolites and it is syn- to post-metamorphic with respect to retrograde greenschist facies metamorphism. The observed microstructures developed at the brittle-ductile transition and suggest that seismic and interseismic slip was enhanced by interaction with fluids. The fault zone is in-between high-pressure eclogite-facies metabasites (hangingwall) and calcite bearing metasediments (footwall). The mafic rocks largely consist of upper greenschist facies hornblende, albite, chlorite, epidote with relict eclogitic garnet, Na-pyroxene and rutile; metasediments correspond to calcschist and micaschist with quartz, phengite, zoisite, chlorite, calcite and relics of garnet. Key features of the oucrop are: the thickness and geometry of the PT and gouge; the multiple production of PT characterized by overprinting plastic and brittle deformation; the occurrence in footwall metasediments of mm-thick bands of finely recrystallized calcite coeval with PT development in the hangingwall. The damage zone is ca. 2 m-thick and is characterized by two black, ultra-finegrained straight and sharp Principal Slip Zones (PSZ) marked by PT. The damage zone shows a variety of fault rocks (cataclasite and ultracataclasite, gouge and PT) with multiple crosscutting relationships. Within the two main PSZ, PT occurs in 10-20 cm thick layer, in small scale injection veins and in microfractures. In the mafic hanging wall, the PT is recrystallized and does not preserve glass: it shows flow structures with subrounded, embayed and rebsorbed quartz in a fine grained matrix composed of isotropic albite + chlorite + quartz + epidote + titanite, suggesting recrystallization

  19. Timing and processes for exhumation of HP/LT rocks of the southern Brooks Range (AK): Insight from combined geochemistry and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of white mica (United States)

    O'Brien, T.; Miller, E. L.; Grove, M. J.; Hayden, L. A.


    The obduction of an island arc onto the Arctic Alaska continental margin in the Jura-Cretaceous led to southward subduction of continental crust and high-pressure/low-temperature (HP/LT) epidote-blueschist facies metamorphism in the southern Brooks Range (BR). A regionally developed greenschist facies normal-sense shear zone system along the southern margin of the BR suggests that extensional faulting had an influential role in the exhumation of the metamorphic core. To better constrain the exhumation history of the metamorphic core of the BR, samples were collected from a N-S transect through the metamorphic core of the orogen. Electron microprobe (EMP) analyses of white micas reveal that they are composed of phengite (Si > 3.0 pfu) or a combination of phengite + paragonite. Si-content of phengites reveal a southward increase in Si from 3.1 to 3.4 pfu (corresponding to an increase in pressure). Si-contents in higher-P phengites are scattered, reflecting subsequent muscovite growth. The Si trend is matched by a southward increase in the 40Ar/39Ar total gas ages of white micas. Phengite from the north are characterized by younger ages (~115 Ma) and flatter 40Ar/39Ar spectra. Farther south, phengites and paragonites yield older 40Ar/39Ar ages. These samples yield convex, staircase 40Ar/39Ar spectra that initiate ~115-120 Ma and flatten-out ~130-138 Ma. Modeling using MacArgon proposes that an initial cooling of HP/LT metamorphism occurred ~130-138 Ma, recorded in the high-Si phengites and paragonites. Following initial cooling, modeling suggests HP/LT rocks stalled in the greenschist facies field before subsequent exhumation, resulting in the staircase 40Ar/39Ar spectra. Flatter 40Ar/39Ar spectra recorded by the northern samples and modeling of 40Ar/39Ar results from the southern samples suggest that these rocks from metamorphic core of the BR were exhumed to temperatures < 300°C by ~115 Ma.

  20. The micro hydropower projects ({mu}HP) as alternative care in isolated communities: a case study; As microcentrais hidreletricas ({mu}CH) como alternativa de atendimento as comunidades isoladas: um estudo de caso

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tiago Filho, Geraldo Lucio; Gabetta, Jose Henrique; Campos, Bruno Thiago Lopes da Costa [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (CERPCH/UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Inst. de Recursos Naturais. Centro Nacional de Referencia em Pequenas Centrais Hidreletricas


    The concept of micro hydropower plants ({mu}HP) is different and simpler than the small or large hydropower plants, which makes the necessary different actions for its implementation in relation to the bigger ones. This article presents the results of this energy model in the communities and its impact, moreover treating in a wider context, of the productive use of the energy for the community's improvement, seeking the preservation and improvement of its several resources, contributing to enhancement of the life quality, with seeks the sustainable development. This way, it is waited that the generated impacts are administered inside of a synergic and balanced atmosphere, under the pillars of social inclusion, environmental prudence and economical feasibility. (author)

  1. Host-guest inclusion systems of daidzein with 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) and sulfobutyl ether-β-cyclodextrin (SBE-β-CD): Preparation, binding behaviors and water solubility (United States)

    Deng, Yinghui; Pang, Yanhua; Guo, Yafei; Ren, Yufeng; Wang, Fen; Liao, Xiali; Yang, Bo


    Daidzein is an isoflavone of naturally abundance existing in plants and foods which has attracted much attention for its significant benefits on human health. However, its application was severely limited by its poor solubilities, instability and low bioavailability. To overcome these drawbacks, inclusion complexes of daidzein with two cyclodextrin (CD) derivatives, i.e., 2-hydropropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) and sulfobutyl ether-β-cyclodextrin (SBE-β-CD) were prepared and characterized both in solution and solid state by 1D and 2D NMR, XRD, SEM and elemental analyses. Fluorescence spectroscopy and the Job plot were used to demonstrate a mainly 1:1 inclusion mode between daidzein and CDs. Their thermal stabilities were evaluated with TG and DSC experiments. Moreover, water solubility of daidzein was significantly improved by inclusion complexation with CDs. These results might suggest valuable approaches to developments of new pharmaceutical formulations of daidzein.

  2. Recombinant versus highly-purified, urinary follicle-stimulating hormone (r-FSH vs. HP-uFSH in ovulation induction: a prospective, randomized study with cost-minimization analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grassi Giuseppina


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Both recombinant FSH (r-FSH and highly-purified, urinary FSH (HP-uFSH are frequently used in ovulation induction associated with timed sexual intercourse. Their effectiveness is reported to be similar, and therefore the costs of treatment represent a major issue to be considered. Although several studies about costs in IVF have been published, data obtained in low-technology infertility treatments are still scarce. Methods Two hundred and sixty infertile women (184 with unexplained infertility, 76 with CC-resistant polycystic ovary syndrome at their first treatment cycle were randomized and included in the study. Ovulation induction was accomplished by daily administration of rFSH or HP-uFSH according to a low-dose, step-up regimen aimed to obtain a monofollicular ovulation. A bi- or tri-follicular ovulation was anyway accepted, whereas hCG was withdrawn and the cycle cancelled when more than three follicles greater than or equal to 18 mm diameter were seen at ultrasound. The primary outcome measure was the cost of therapy per delivered baby, estimated according to a cost-minimization analysis. Secondary outcomes were the following: monofollicular ovulation rate, total FSH dose, cycle cancellation rate, length of the follicular phase, number of developing follicles (>12 mm diameter, endometrial thickness at hCG, incidence of twinning and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, delivery rate. Results The overall FSH dose needed to achieve ovulation was significantly lower with r-FSH, whereas all the other studied variables did not significantly differ with either treatments. However, a trend toward a higher delivery rate with r-FSH was observed in the whole group and also when results were considered subgrouping patients according to the indication to treatment. Conclusion Considering the significantly lower number of vials/patient and the slight (although non-significant increase in the delivery rate with r-FSH, the cost

  3. Design and development of Stirling Engines for stationary power generation applications in the 500 to 3000 hp range. Subtask 1A report: state-of-the-art conceptual design

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The first portion of the Conceptual Design Study of Stirling Engines for Stationary Power Application in the 500 to 3000 hp range which was aimed at state-of-the-art stationary Stirling engines for a 1985 hardware demonstration is summarized. The main goals of this effort were to obtain reliable cost data for a stationary Stirling engine capable of meeting future needs for total energy/cogeneration sysems and to establish a pragmatic and conservative base design for a first generation hardware. Starting with an extensive screening effort, 4 engine types, i.e., V-type crank engine, radial engine, swashplate engine, and rhombic drive engine, and 3 heat transport systems, i.e., heat pipe, pressurized gas heat transport loop, and direct gas fired system, were selected. After a preliminary layout cycle, the rhombic drive engine was eliminated due to intolerable maintenance difficulties on the push rod seals. V, radial and swashplate engines were taken through a detailed design/layout cycle, to establish all important design features and reliable engine weights. After comparing engine layouts and analyzing qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria, the V-crank engine was chosen as the candidate for a 1985 hardware demonstration.

  4. Ab initio study of the compound-energy modeling of multisublattice structures: The (hP6) Ni{sub 2}In-type intermetallics of the Ni–In–Sn system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramos de Debiaggi, S., E-mail: [Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Buenos Aires 1400, 8300 Neuquén (Argentina); Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo en Ingeniería de Procesos, Biotecnología y Energías Alternativas – CONICET-UNCo (Argentina); González Lemus, N.V. [Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Buenos Aires 1400, 8300 Neuquén (Argentina); Deluque Toro, C. [Grupo de Nuevos Materiales, Universidad de la Guajira, Riohacha (Colombia); Fernández Guillermet, A. [CONICET - Instituto Balseiro, Centro Atómico Bariloche, Avda. Bustillo 9500, 8400 Bariloche (Argentina)


    Highlights: • A DFT study of the compounds involved in CALPHAD modeling of the Ni–In–Sn (hP6) phase. • Several three-sublattice compounds of Ni, In, Sn and vacancies are studied ab initio. • Structural, cohesive and thermodynamic properties and the electronic DOS are reported. • Trends in calculated properties are correlated with changes in electronic structure. • A picture of the chemical bonding trends for these s-p/d type compounds is discussed. - Abstract: The thermodynamic modeling of non-stoichiometric, multisublattice intermetallic phases using the Compound-Energy Formalism (CEF) involves the determination of parameters representing the Gibbs energy (G{sub m}) of binary compounds, the so-called “end-member compounds” (EMCs), which are often metastable or hypothetical. In current CALPHAD (i.e., “Calculation of Phase Diagrams”) work, these quantities are treated as free parameters to be determined by searching for the best fit to the available information in the optimization procedure. The general purpose of this paper is to propose a theoretical approach to the study of the EMCs which makes use of density-functional-theory (DFT) ab initio calculations. The present method is applied to the EMCs involved in the CEF modeling of the non-stoichiometric (hP6) Ni{sub 2}In-structure type phase of the Ni–In and Ni–In–Sn systems using the three-sublattice models (Ni){sub 1}(Ni,Va){sub 1}(In,Ni){sub 1} and (Ni,Va){sub 1}(Ni,Va){sub 1}(In,Ni,Sn){sub 1}, respectively. By means of systematic ab initio projected augmented waves (PAW) calculations using the VASP code we study the EMCs involved in the CEF formulations of the G{sub m} for this phase in the binary and the ternary systems. Specifically, we study the twelve EMCs corresponding to the following sublattice occupations: (Ni){sub 1}(Ni){sub 1}(In){sub 1}, which is usually described as Ni:Ni:In (i.e., a compound with formula “Ni{sub 2}In”), Ni:Ni:Ni (i.e., “Ni{sub 3}”), Ni:Ni:Sn (

  5. Embolie de liquide amniotique : évaluation de son incidence, de ses facteurs de risque, de son diagnostic positif et de sa prise en charge médicale. Étude rétrospective et multicentrique sur 20 cas entre 2003 et 2009, au sein de 12 maternités de l'AP-HP


    Munganeemea, Hanna


    Amniotic fluid embolism: evaluation of its incidence, of its risk factors, its positive diagnosis and its medical care. Multicenter retrospective study on 20 cases between 2003 and 2009 in 12 maternity hospitals of the AP-HP. In 2010, the amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is the second leading cause of maternal mortality in France (12%) after postpartum hemorrhage. Risk factors are poorly understood, the clinical picture is variable and there is no pathognomonic paraclinical examination validated...

  6. Comparison of properties and microstructures of Trefimetaux CuNiBe and Hycon 3HP {sup TM} before and after neutron irradiation. (ITER R and D Task no. T213)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Edwards, D.J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab., Materials Development. Group, Richland (United States); Eldrup, M.; Toft, P.; Singh, B.N


    The precipitation strengthened CuNiBe alloys are among the three candidate copper alloys that are being evaluated for application in the first wall, divertor, and limiter components of ITER. Generally, CuNiBe alloys have higher strength but poorer conductivity compared to CuCrZr and Cu-A1{sub 2}O{sub 3} alloys. Brush-Wellman Inc. has developed an improved version of their Hycon CuNiBe alloy that has higher conductivity while maintaining a reasonable level of strength. In the present work we have investigated the physical and mechanical properties of the Hycon 3HP{sup TM} alloy both before and after neutron irradiation and have compared its microstructure and properties with the European CuNiBe candidate alloy manufactured by Trefimetaux. Tensile specimens of both alloys were irradiated in the DR-3 reactor at Risoe to displacement dose levels of up to 0.3 dpa at 100, 250 and 350 {sup d}eg{sup C}. Both alloys were tensile tested in vacuum in the unirradiated and irradiated conditions at 100, 250 and 350 {sup d}eg{sup C} and the microstructures of the alloys were investigated using transmission electron microscopy. Electrical resistivity measurements were made on tensile specimens be-fore and after irradiation; all measurements were made at 23 {sup d}eg{sup C}. Results of these investigations are presented and discussed in terms of the sensitivity of these alloys to test temperature, which becomes increasingly problematic when the irradiation and test temperature reaches 250 {sup d}eg{sup C} and above. (au)

  7. The Matpar Server on the HP Exemplar (United States)

    Springer, Paul


    This presentation reviews the design of Matlab for parallel processing on a parallel system. Matlab was found to be too slow on many large problems, and with the Next Generation Space Telescope requiring greater capability, the work was begun in early 1996 on parallel extensions to Matlab, called Matpar. This presentation reviews the architecture, the functionality, and the design of MatPar. The design utilizes a client server strategy, with the client code written in C, and the object-oriented server code written in C++. The client/server approach for Matpar provides ease of use an good speed.

  8. Weather Analysis Programs Using HP-41CV. (United States)


    LQT, 8DI; F;0M .Lz E. Program Table I Surface Winds Program. *#B - INV 181 VA~N 151 STO 18 FrX 0 1.3 102 1M8 152 GTO " GRPD " "CTR LT?" - / 193 + 153...LBL "EPST q, pkufMPT 5 8 184 STO 1 154 98.0 95 STO 0! 55 / 195 GTO "GRAD 155 STO 18 0j "CTP LOH!* 5 STO 18 I06#LBL "WSH" 156 GTO GRPD * 87 PPOMFPT 57...RCL 18 138 STO 18 1889LBL "ANTI* 39 RCL 7 89 X>Y’ 139 GTO * GRPD , !89 RCL 11 48 ENTERt 98 GTO *TWO* 1408L NOR* 198 RCL 25 41 RCL 88 91 !/X 141 368.8 191

  9. Thermodynamic studies at the low-dimensional spin systems HP-(VO){sub 2}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, SrCu{sub 2}(BO{sub 3}){sub 2}, and azurite; Thermodynamische Untersuchungen an den niedrigdimensionalen Spinsystemen HP-(VO){sub 2}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, SrCu{sub 2}(BO{sub 3}){sub 2} und Azurit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bruehl, Andreas


    The present thesis deals with the low-temperature properties of three low-dimensional spin systems. The main experimental topic lies on measurements on the thermal expansion and on the specific heat, which were performed with a high-resolution capacitative dilatometer respectively an AC calorimeter facility. Because the so-called magnetic Grueneisen parameters, which describe the strength of the coupling of the magnetic partial system to the lattice, are throughout very large, especially the thermal-expansion measurements yield valuable information on the understanding of the treated systems. The central result of this thesis represent measurements on the high-pressure phase of (VO){sub 2}P{sub 2}O{sub 7}, briefly PP-VOPO. This system consists of alternating spin chains, whereby both exchange constants have similar values, i. e. only a weak alternation is present. In the thermal expansion an anomaly especially pronounced in chain direction at about 13 K. From the Grueneisen parameters determined by application of this model it can be concluded that the pronounced low-temperature anomaly in HP-VOPO is partly caused by the strong deformation dependence of the smaller of the two exchange constants, but partly also on the neighbourhood to a quantum critical point. The two-dimensional dimer system SrCu{sub 2}(BO{sub 3}){sub 2} has gotten fame by the localization of the triplet excitations and the magnetization plateaus at certain fractions of the saturation magnetization conditioned by this. In the thermal expansion a distinct anomaly at the same temperature (T=8 K) is observed, as it also occurs in the specific heat. Finally measurements at the natural mineral azurite are presented, in which the spin are arranged in so-called diamond chains. In the magnetic susceptibility, the specific heat, and the thermal expansion a remarkable double structure occurs. Also the {lambda}-shaped antiferromagnetic order transition was studied and the phase diagram, consisting of

  10. Oxonium ions substituting cesium ions in the structure of the new high-pressure borate HP-Cs{sub 1-x}(H{sub 3}O){sub x}B{sub 3}O{sub 5} (x=0.5-0.7)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sohr, Gerhard; Heymann, Gunter; Wurst, Klaus; Huppertz, Hubert [Institut fuer Allgemeine, Anorganische und Theoretische Chemie, Leopold-Franzens-Universitaet Innsbruck (Austria); Neumair, Stephanie C. [Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G., Schwaz (Austria); Schmedt auf der Guenne, Joern [Department fuer Chemie und Biologie, Universitaet Siegen (Germany)


    The new high-pressure borate HP-Cs{sub 1-x}(H{sub 3}O){sub x}B{sub 3}O{sub 5} (x=0.5-0.7) was synthesized under high-pressure/high-temperature conditions of 6 GPa/900 C in a Walker-type multianvil apparatus. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/c (Z=8) with the parameters a=1000.6(2), b=887.8(2), c=926.3(2) pm, β=103.1(1) , V=0.8016(3) nm{sup 3}, R1=0.0452, and wR2=0.0721 (all data). The boron-oxygen network is analogous to those of the compounds HP-MB{sub 3}O{sub 5}, (M=K, Rb) and exhibits all three structural motifs of borates - BO{sub 3} groups, corner-sharing BO{sub 4} tetrahedra, and edge-sharing BO{sub 4} tetrahedra - at the same time. Channels inside the boron-oxygen framework contain the cesium and oxonium ions, which are disordered on a specific site. Estimating the amount of hydrogen by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction led to the composition HP-Cs{sub 1-x}(H{sub 3}O){sub x}B{sub 3}O{sub 5} (x=0.5-0.7), which implies a nonzero phase width. (copyright 2014 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  11. Identification and analytical characterization of nine synthetic cathinone derivatives N-ethylhexedrone, 4-Cl-pentedrone, 4-Cl-α-EAPP, propylone, N-ethylnorpentylone, 6-MeO-bk-MDMA, α-PiHP, 4-Cl-α-PHP, and 4-F-α-PHP. (United States)

    Liu, Cuimei; Jia, Wei; Li, Tao; Hua, Zhendong; Qian, Zhenhua


    Clinical and forensic toxicology laboratories are continuously confronted by analytical challenges when dealing with the new psychoactive substances (NPS) phenomenon. In this study, the analytical characterization of nine synthetic cathinones is described: 2-(ethylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one (N-ethylhexedrone 1), 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)pentan-1-one (4-Cl-pentedrone 2), 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(ethylamino)pentan-1-one (4-Cl-α-EAPP 3), 1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-propylaminopropan-1-one (propylone 4), 1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-ethylaminopentan-1-one (N-ethylnorpentylone 5), 1-(6-methoxy-3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-methylaminopropan-1-one (6-MeO-bk-MDMA 6), 4-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)pentan-1-one (α-PiHP 7), 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)hexan-1-one (4-Cl-α-PHP 8), and 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)hexan-1-one (4-F-α-PHP 9). The identification was based on ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole time-of-flight-mass spectrometry (UHPLC-QTOF-MS), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The mass-spectral fragmentations of these compounds following collision-induced dissociation (CID) and electron ionization (EI) were studied to assist forensic laboratories in identifying these compounds or other substances with similar structure in their case work. To our knowledge, no analytical data about the compounds 1-4, 7, and 8 have appeared until now, making this the first report on these compounds. The GC-MS data of 5, 6 and 9 has been reported, but this study added the LC-MS, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and NMR data for additional characterization. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  12. Skidder load capacity and fuel consumption HP-41C program (United States)

    Ross A. Phillips


    This program gives the log weight that the skidder can move and gives fuel consumption either in liters or gallons per turn. Slope of the skid trail, skidder weight, and skid distance must be entered into the program.

  13. Performance assessment of deteriorated and retrofitted steel HP piles. (United States)


    Steel piles are known to deteriorate at high rates in Nebraska, partially as a result of exposure to weathering, and partially due to corrosive soils. The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) employs a reinforced concrete jacket to slow the progressio...

  14. Nonconforming hp spectral element methods for elliptic problems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this paper we show that we can use a modified version of the ℎ- spectral element method proposed in [6,7,13,14] to solve elliptic problems with general boundary conditions to exponential accuracy on polygonal domains using nonconforming spectral element functions. A geometrical mesh is used in a neighbourhood ...

  15. Interaction between the Drosophila heterochromatin proteins SUUR and HP1

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A.V. Pindyurin (Alexey); L.V. Boldyreva (Lidiya); V.V. Shloma (Victor); T.D. Kolesnikova (Tatiana); G.V. Pokholkova (Galina); E.N. Andreyeva (Evgeniya); E. Kozhevnikova (Elena); I.G. Ivanoschuk (Igor); E.A. Zarutskaya (Ekaterina); S.A. Demakov (Sergey); A.A. Gorchakov (Andrey); E.S. Belyaeva (Elena); I.F. Zhimulev (Igor)


    textabstractSUUR (Suppressor of Under-Replication) protein is responsible for late replication and, as a consequence, for DNA underreplication of intercalary and pericentric heterochromatin in Drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes. However, the mechanism by which SUUR slows down the

  16. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_NUAMA.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    L'étude vise à estimer la productivité des producteurs d'igname en Côte d'Ivoire. L'échantillon a consisté en un panel de 190 producteurs d'igname. Les données ont permis d'étudier la dynamique de la productivité agricole dans le temps. Les résultats montrent, d'une part, qu'en culture d'igname, la productivité, a connu.

  17. HP müüb eeskujuga / Tarmo Virki

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Virki, Tarmo


    Infotehnoloogiafirma Hewlett-Packard'i ajaloost, asutajatest, naisjuhist Carly Fiorina'st, tegevusest, ühinemisprotsessist Compaq'iga, konkurentsivõitlusest IBM-iga ja infotehnoloogia arengutrendidest maailmas

  18. Pilved HP ja Compaqi ühinemistehingu kohal / Kaja Koovit

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koovit, Kaja, 1968-


    Hewlett-Packardi suuraktsionärid on Compaq-iga ühinemise vastu ja kuigi ettevõtte juhtkond püüab tehingut lõpule viia, on analüütikud arvamusel, et arvutitööstuse ajaloo suurim ühinemine jookseb karile

  19. Stability estimates for hp spectral element methods for general ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences; Volume 113; Issue 4. Stability Estimates for ℎ- Spectral ... We establish basic stability estimates for a non-conforming ℎ- spectral element method which allows for simultaneous mesh refinement and variable polynomial degree. The spectral element functions are ...

  20. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_MOUNDZEO.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    où Rgo est le rayonnement extra-terrestre, , l'albédo de la surface évaporante ; a et b sont des coefficients empiriques qui dépendent de la latitude, la longitude, la hauteur du soleil et de la transmissivité de l'atmosphère. Le facteur n, est la durée effective de l'insolation,. N, la durée théorique du jour et le rapport n/N,.

  1. Noncoplanar /sup 2/H(p,2p) n reaction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonbright, D.I.; McDonald, A.M.; van Oers, W.T.H.; Watson, J.W.; Caplan, H.S.; Cameron, J.M.; Rogers, J.G.; Soukup, J.; Kloet, W.M.; Stolk, C.; Tjon, J.A.


    Calculations based upon the Faddeev equations and measurements of proton-induced deuteron disintegration cross sections have been made at 23.0 and 39.5 MeV for two types of constant-relative-energy loci. In the first configuration the variation of the breakup cross section was studied for fixed values of the final state NN relative energies and a fixed momentum of one of the emerging protons. In the second configuration the variation of the breakup cross section was studied for equal relative energies between all three pairs of nucleons with the two protons emerging with equal momenta symmetrically with respect to the incident beam direction. At 39.5 MeV calculations and measurements were made of both types of loci while at 23.0 MeV only the second kinematical configuration was studied.

  2. h-p Spectral element methods for three dimensional elliptic ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Keywords. Spectral element method; non-smooth domains; geometric mesh; vertex singularity; edge singularity; vertex-edge singularity; differentiability estimates; stability estimates; exponential accuracy.

  3. h-p Spectral element methods for three dimensional elliptic ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... Kanpur 208 016, India; Department of Mathematics, The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur 302 031, India; TIFR Centre For Applicable Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore 560 065, India; Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208 016, ...

  4. Nonconforming h-p spectral element methods for elliptic problems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    of the corners, modified polar coordinates are used and a global coordinate system elsewhere. ... applies to elliptic systems too. A method ... Schur complement. Let M denote the number of corner layers and W denote the number of degrees of freedom in each independent variable of the spectral element functions, which.

  5. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_DAKUO.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    EFFET DE L'INOCULUM «COMPOST PLUS». SUR LE COMPOSTAGE DES TIGES DE COTONNIER. ET LES RENDEMENTS EN COTON AU BURKINA FASO. D. DAKUO1, B. KOULIBALY2, C. TIAHOUN1 et F. LOMPO3. 1Société Burkinabé des fibres textiles (SOFITEX). Direction du développement de la production ...

  6. Stability estimates for hp spectral element methods for elliptic ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Author Affiliations. Pravir Dutt1 Satyendra Tomar1 2 B V Rathish Kumar1. Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208 016, India; Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Mathematical Physics and Computational Mechanics, University of Twente, The Netherland ...

  7. HP: por una movilidad segura en entornos educativos


    Sanz, Melchor


    La ciberseguridad tiene que controlar muchos aspectos, desde el software a trav??s de antivirus y cortafuegos a la parte menos accesible de un equipo como puede ser la Bios en la que puede haber fallos de seguridad

  8. Influência da altitude sobre parâmetros eletrocardiográficos, obtidos por meio do uso do "Holter" em cavalos de enduro em diferentes níveis de condicionamento físico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo R. Griska


    Full Text Available Resumo: O presente trabalho teve por objetivo o estudo da influência da altitude sobre os parâmetros eletrocardiográficos obtidos por meio do uso do Holter em 40 cavalos das raças Árabe e Cruza Árabe, em diferentes níveis de condicionamento físico, realizando treinamento em trilhas de 15 km de extensão com velocidade média de 15km/h e variando entre o nível do mar até 1700m de altitude. O monitoramento eletrocardiográfico foi obtido por eletrocardiografia padrão em repouso antes do exercício e por eletrocardiografia dinâmica, com o uso do Holter, durante o exercício e na recuperação pós-exercício. Os animais apresentaram ritmo sinusal com período médio gravado para taquicardia sinusal (32% e bradicardia sinusal (14%. Entre as arritmias observadas estão o bloqueio atrioventricular de primeiro grau (20% e o bloqueio atrioventricular de segundo grau (5%. As arritmias ectópicas supraventriculares foram observadas em dois animais e somente um animal apresentou arritmia ventricular. O número de assistolias foi maior em animais menos condicionados. As frequências cardíacas médias e máximas sofreram efeito da altitude com valores maiores em altitude elevada.

  9. ADa Compiler Validation Summary Report: Certificate Number 911107W1. 11227 Hewlett-Packard HP 9000 Series 700/800 Ada Compiler, Version 5.35 HP 9000 Series 700 Model 720 = HP 9000 Series 700 Model 720 (United States)


    Facility ASLi /SCEL Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-6503 92-04471 9 2 2 20 022 Certificate Information The following Ada implementation was tested and...following example illustrates the use of an enumeration representation clause. 4-2 F 4. Type Representation Example type COLOR is (RED, ORANGE , YELLOW...GREEN, AQUA, BLUE, VIOLET); for COLOR use (RED => 10, ORANGE => 20, YELLOW => 40, GREEN => 80, AQUA => 160, 4 BLUE => 320, VIOLET => 640); In the

  10. Intelligence Aid for Evaluating Enemy Courses of Action (ENCOA): Guide for Manual and HP41-C/HP41-CV Calculator Procedures (United States)


    for use by intellignece analysts in field operations, tactical training, and academic DD I 1473wu EDITION OF f OV 65 IS OBSOLETE UNCLASSIFIED SECURITY...Category Factor t.i Fields of fire 1.2 Cover and concealment 1.0 TERRAIN FACTORS 1. oblt 1.4 Seize/deny key terrain 1.5 Observation 1.o Natural/ artificial ...provisions of terrain. - 1.6 Exploits or accommodates natural and artificial obstacles. 2.0 U.S. FORCE FACTORS *: As related to mission accomplishment

  11. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\NGUESSAN KOFFI.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    1Université de Cocody-Abidjan, Côte-d'Ivoire, U.F.R. Biosciences, Laboratoire de Botanique. 22 BP 582 .... collectées, à l'état frais, au cours d'investigations ... Botanique. MATERIEL TECHNIQUE DE PREPARATION DE. L'EXTRAIT. Un matériel technique comportant une broyeuse électrique de marque RETSH, pour la.

  12. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\FOSSOU K. R..xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    amplifier un fragment unique de taille 1500 pb (Figure 2). La digestion effectuée sur toutes les souches amplifiées avec l'enzyme de restriction Tsp 509I a généré 3 types de profils sur la base du nombre de bandes de digestion généré par souche. Il.

  13. 3000-HP Roller Gear Transmission Development Program. Volume 3. Roller Gear Manufacture (United States)


    longitudinal waves. Acoustic contact between the transducer and the roller surface was by glycerine . A 0.25- inch-thick steel reference block from dirt, grease and scale. Upon the component being immersed in the tank, all air bubbles shall be removed from the surface being tested. 158

  14. Super long-term creep tests of advanced HP and IP rotor steels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tchizhik, A.A. [The Polzunov Central Boiler and Turbine Institute, Department the Fatigue Life of Materials for Power Plans Equipment, St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)


    A creep model has been developed for predicting the long-term creep behavior, in excess of 200,000 h for advanced materials.The new creep theory is based on a continuum microdamage model and is used to calculate the fields of stress and strain and wedge and cavities damage in critical components of steam and gas turbines. The application of this new model increases the reliability and service life of modern turbines. The accuracy of the model to predict long - term creep behavior, creep ductility was verified using the data bank of super long-term creep tests of advanced materials. (orig.) 12 refs.

  15. Conversion of the NOLAPS (Navy Operational Local Atmospheric Prediction System) Model to the HP9845. (United States)


    Kolmogoroff (1942), Prandt and Wieghardt (1945), Rotta (1951), and others), Mellcr and Yarmda (1974) of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program at...they are not written to the history tape to save space . This capability would require code charges to the existing software. b) In the plot of the...S.D., and W.T. Thorrpson, 1982: QCerational evaluation of a turbulence closure model forecast system. Mon. Wea. Rev., 110, 1535 -1543. 2. Kolmogoroff

  16. Computational Aspects of the h, p and h-p Versions of the Finite Element Method. (United States)


    Analisi Numerics del CNR, 27100 Pavia, Italy 1. Introduction very complex, hence we will consider only some aspects of finite element method for linear...analysis pf plates in bending, in Proceeding of the Conference tional comparisons of the finite element methods, on Matrix Methods in Structural Mechanics...426) 1962 6- We did not address here the question of the rela- [16] Morley, L.S.D.: Skew plates and structures , Pergamon tion of the quality results

  17. Fulminant sepsis is a cardinal sign of HP-PRRSV in pigs (United States)

    In 2006 a unique syndrome with high morbidity and mortality was recognized in growing pigs in China that became known as porcine high fever disease (PHFD). One consistent finding in affected pigs was the detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) that had unique nsp2 ge...

  18. 2016 KIVA-hpFE Development: A Robust and Accurate Engine Modeling Software

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrington, David Bradley [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Waters, Jiajia [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Los Alamos National Laboratory and its collaborators are facilitating engine modeling by improving accuracy and robustness of the modeling, and improving the robustness of software. We also continue to improve the physical modeling methods. We are developing and implementing new mathematical algorithms, those that represent the physics within an engine. We provide software that others may use directly or that they may alter with various models e.g., sophisticated chemical kinetics, different turbulent closure methods or other fuel injection and spray systems.

  19. CosmosDG: An hp-adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Code for Hyper-resolved Relativistic MHD (United States)

    Anninos, Peter; Bryant, Colton; Fragile, P. Chris; Holgado, A. Miguel; Lau, Cheuk; Nemergut, Daniel


    We have extended Cosmos++, a multidimensional unstructured adaptive mesh code for solving the covariant Newtonian and general relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations, to accommodate both discrete finite volume and arbitrarily high-order finite element structures. The new finite element implementation, called CosmosDG, is based on a discontinuous Galerkin (DG) formulation, using both entropy-based artificial viscosity and slope limiting procedures for the regularization of shocks. High-order multistage forward Euler and strong-stability preserving Runge-Kutta time integration options complement high-order spatial discretization. We have also added flexibility in the code infrastructure allowing for both adaptive mesh and adaptive basis order refinement to be performed separately or simultaneously in a local (cell-by-cell) manner. We discuss in this report the DG formulation and present tests demonstrating the robustness, accuracy, and convergence of our numerical methods applied to special and general relativistic MHD, although we note that an equivalent capability currently also exists in CosmosDG for Newtonian systems.

  20. Detectability and printability of EUVL mask blank defects for the 32-nm HP node (United States)

    Cho, Wonil; Han, Hak-Seung; Goldberg, Kenneth A.; Kearney, Patrick A.; Jeon, Chan-Uk


    The readiness of a defect-free extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) mask blank infrastructure is one of the main enablers for the insertion of EUVL technology into production. It is essential to have sufficient defect detection capability and understanding of defect printability to develop a defect-free EUVL mask blank infrastructure. The SEMATECH Mask Blank Development Center (MBDC) has been developing EUVL mask blanks with low defect densities with the Lasertec M1350 and M7360, the 1st and 2nd generations, respectively, of visible light EUVL mask blank inspection tools. Although the M7360 represents a significant improvement in our defect detection capability, it is time to start developing a 3rd generation tool for EUVL mask blank inspection. The goal of this tool is to detect all printable defects; therefore, understanding defect printability criteria is critical to this tool development. In this paper, we will investigate the defect detectability of a 2nd generation blank inspection tool and a patterned EUVL mask inspection tool. We will also compare the ability of the inspection tools to detect programmed defects whose printability has been estimated from wafer printing results and actinic aerial images results.

  1. ASASSN-17hp: Discovery of A Probable Supernova in ESO 575-G066 (United States)

    Fernandez, J. M.; Cacella, P.; Brimacombe, J.; Brown, J. S.; Stanek, K. Z.; Holoien, T. W.-S.; Kochanek, C. S.; Shields, J.; Thompson, T. A.; Shappee, B. J.; Prieto, J. L.; Bersier, D.; Dong, Subo; Bose, S.; Chen, Ping; Nicholls, B.


    During the ongoing All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN, Shappee et al. 2014), using data from the quadruple 14-cm "Cassius" telescope in Cerro Tololo, Chile, we discovered a new transient source, most likely a supernova, in the galaxy ESO 575-G066.

  2. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\KOUADJO G..xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    and specified primers listed in Table 2 were used, to amplify corresponding regions in .... Table 3 : Distribution of A) gene ChrC, B) gene ChrB1 and C) gene ChrA1 within the 66 staphylococci strains according to signal .... de données. Le logiciel MEGA4 (Tamura et al., 2007) a été utilisé par la méthode du Neighbor- joining ...

  3. Achary Ganesha see Sachin HP 57 Effect of a new condensation ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Achary Ganesha see Sachin H P. 57. Effect of a new condensation product on electrodeposition of zinc from a non-cyanide bath. 219. Agnihotry S A see Ahmad Shahzada. 31. Ahmad A A. Adhesive B-doped DLC films on biomedical alloys used for bone fixation. 301 see Alsaad A M. 407. Ahmad Shahzada. Synthesis and ...

  4. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\SORO DRAMANE.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    de l'extrait de poudre et de l'huile essentielle de Xylopia aethiopica (Dunal) A. Rich. (Annonaceae) sur Fusarium oxysporum f. sp Radicis-lycopersici (Forl), champignon parasite des cultures de tomate. E.J.S.R.. 39 (2) : 279 - 288. Tanaka H., Hattori H., Oh-Uchi T., Sato M.,. Yamaguchi R., Sako M. and Y. Tateishi. 2008.

  5. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_EDITIONS FINALES D'AGRON ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    été évalués : la germination des graines, la croissance primaire et secondaire des tiges, ainsi que la surface foliaire des plants. ... were : seed germination, longitudinal and diametric growths of the stem and leaf area. Results show that high ..... respectivement sur les plantes d'arachide et de haricot. Cette toxicité pourrait ...

  6. 76 FR 28635 - Airworthiness Directives; British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1... (United States)


    ... Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100 & 3200 Service Bulletin 32-JA090240, Revision 1, dated January 18, 2010. (2... defined in paragraph 2.D.(4) of British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100 & 3200 Service Bulletin 32... bores for cracks. Do the inspections following British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100 & 3200 Service...

  7. 75 FR 19209 - Airworthiness Directives; British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Model HP.137 Jetstream Mk.1... (United States)


    ... Register approved the incorporation by reference of British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100 & 3200 Service Bulletin No. 32-JA030644, Revision No. 1, dated August 19, 2008; British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100... Register approved the incorporation by reference of BAE Systems British Aerospace Jetstream Series 3100...

  8. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_SORO D. et al..xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    La mise en valeur actuelle des sols, aussi bien par les petits paysans que par les grands fermiers, fait peu appel a l'utilisation d'engrais minéraux. La pratique de la jachère est très rare et les espèces et variétés ont parfois des places précises sur l'exploitation. Afin d'appréhender la logique de fertilité des sols chez le.

  9. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\NGUESSAN KOFFI.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    Agronomie Africaine 24 (1) : 1 - 6 (2012). 1. Toxicité de Boerhavia ... bordure des pistes (N'Guessan, 2008). La plante est surtout connue pour ses vertus ... Dans le Centre-Ouest de la Côte d'Ivoire ..... biaceae) sur l'activité cardio-vasculaire de.

  10. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_EDITIONS FINALES D'AGRON ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    l'Institut National de la Statistique (INS, 2008) le taux de pauvreté a augmenté de 10 à 36 %, de 1985 à 1995. ... de production et de commercialisation des cultures vivrières pour une prise en charge auto- entretenue ... et de 12,6 % pour le lait et les produits laitiers. Au cours de ces deux dernières décennies, le poisson est ...

  11. Flow development through HP & LP turbines, Part I: Inward rotating cavity flow with superimposed throughflow (United States)

    Gao, Jinhai; Du, Qiang; Liu, Jun; Liu, Guang; Wang, Pei; Liu, Hongrui; Du, Meimei


    With the aid of numerical method, both flow field and its accompanied loss mechanism within the rotating cavity are investigated in detail in the 1st part of the two parts paper. For ease of comparison, rotating cavity is further classified as the rotor-stator cavity case and the rotor-rotor cavity case. Results indicate that flow within both kinds of the cavity act as the inviscid flow except that the flow near walls, neighboring the lower G region and in the vicinity of the rotating orifices. In the regions except such inviscid-flow-dominate domains, the theoretical core rotation factor can be safely used to predict the swirl ratio within the cavity. When detailed flow pattern is considered, Ekman-type flow exists near periphery of the surface's boundary layer where viscous effect is non-negligible. However, due to the complex profile of the simulated cavity case, vortices structure is varied within the cavity. By comparison, swirl ratio can be used to predict the magnitude of loss. Due to the relatively evident rotating effects of the rotor-rotor cavity, swirl ratio even increases to 1.4 in the current model, which means that flow is moving faster than the surrounding disc. Further investigation finds that this kind of highly rotating flow is accompanied with serious undesirable pressure loss. Parenthetically, unlike its counterpart, swirl ratio above 1.0 doesn't happen when fluid passes through the rotor-stator cavity. So it is suggested that rotor-rotor flow cavity with the superimposed inward throughflow should be avoided in the engine design or certain measurements should be provided when such structure design is unavoidable. Simulation done in the current paper is meaningful since these dimensional parameters are typical in the design of state-of-art. Relatively lower range of Re φ and C w is not considered in the current two parts paper.

  12. Il nuovo server per il calcolo parallelo al CILEA: HP 9000 Enterprise Server K580


    Bonini, Francesca


    In questo articolo è presentato il nuovo server ad alte prestazioni, per il calcolo parallelo, disponibile al Cilea. In particolare, viene fornita una breve descrizione dei pacchetti software disponibili, della configurazione e delle modalità di utilizzo della macchina.

  13. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_KONE CH.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    d'un échantillonnage effectué dans le cadre d'un essai d'efficacité herbicide dans la même forêt classée. A cet effet, il a montré que les espèces les plus infestantes sont Chromolaena odorata. (L.) R.M. King & H. Rob., Centrosema pubescens Benth, Solanum verbascifolium L.,. Lantana camara L., Solanum torvum Swartz,.

  14. The application of HP-GFC chromatographic method for the analysis of oligosaccharides in bioactive complexes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Savić Ivan


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to optimize a GFC method for the analysis of bioactive metal (Cu, Co and Fe complexes with olygosaccharides (dextran and pullulan. Bioactive metal complexes with olygosaccharides were synthesized by original procedure. GFC was used to study the molecular weight distribution, polymerization degree of oligosaccharides and bioactive metal complexes. The metal bounding in complexes depends on the ligand polymerization degree and the presence of OH groups in coordinative sphere of the central metal ion. The interaction between oligosaccharide and metal ions are very important in veterinary medicine, agriculture, pharmacy and medicine.

  15. A New Heuristic Algorithm for Protein Folding in the HP Model. (United States)

    Traykov, Metodi; Angelov, Slav; Yanev, Nicola


    This article presents an efficient heuristic for protein folding. The protein folding problem is to predict the compact three-dimensional structure of a protein based on its amino acid sequence. The focus is on an original integer programming model derived from a platform used for Contact Map Overlap problem.

  16. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_EDITIONS FINALES D'AGRON ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    , reste fortement dominée par les multinationales (GEPEX) malgré les objectifs de soutien fixés par les structures créées en 2000, à la faveur de la politique de libéralisation de la filière. Ce sont la. Bourse du Café et du Cacao (BCC), le Fonds.

  17. Well GeHP detector calibration for environmental measurements using reference materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tedjani, A. [Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, UMR CNRS 6249, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-25030 Besançon (France); Laboratoire de Physique des Rayonnements et Applications, Université de Jijel, B.P. 98, Oueled Aissa, Jijel 18000 (Algeria); Mavon, C. [Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, UMR CNRS 6249, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-25030 Besançon (France); Belafrites, A. [Laboratoire de Physique des Rayonnements et Applications, Université de Jijel, B.P. 98, Oueled Aissa, Jijel 18000 (Algeria); Degrelle, D. [Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, UMR CNRS 6249, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-25030 Besançon (France); Boumala, D. [Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, UMR CNRS 6249, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-25030 Besançon (France); Laboratoire de Physique des Rayonnements et Applications, Université de Jijel, B.P. 98, Oueled Aissa, Jijel 18000 (Algeria); Rius, D. [Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, UMR CNRS 6249, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-25030 Besançon (France); Groetz, J.-E., E-mail: [Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, UMR CNRS 6249, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, F-25030 Besançon (France)


    A well-type detector installed in the Modane underground Laboratory (LSM) can combine both low background and high detection efficiency and it is well suited for the analysis of small amounts of environmental samples. Reference materials such as IAEA-447 (moss-soil), IAEA-RG-Th1 and IAEA-RG-U1 were used for the detector calibration, owing to a chemical composition close to those of the environmental samples. Nevertheless, the matrix effects and the true coincidence summing effects must be corrected from the full energy peak efficiency (FEPE). The FEPE was performed for a wide range of energy by a semi-empirical method using Monte Carlo simulation (MCNP6), intended for environmental measurements such as lake sediments dating. In the well geometry, the true coincidence summing effects could be very important and correction factors have been computed in three different ways.

  18. Synthesis and quality control of {sup 13}C-enriched urea for Helicobacter pylori (HP) diagnosis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sant Ana Filho, Carlos R.; Tavares, Claudineia R.O.; Ferreira, Andre V.; Prestes, Cleber V.; Bendassolli, Jose A., E-mail: [Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil)


    The aim of the study was to synthesize the urea ({sup 13}CO(NH{sub 2}){sub 2}), with 99% {sup 13}C atoms, and to perform a quality analysis for the diagnosis (breath test) of Helicobacter pylori. Furthermore, the process was submitted to economic analysis. The reaction was performed in a stainless steel reactor, lined with polytetrafluoroethylene, under low pressure and temperature. The synthesis method was shown to be appropriate (2.35 g; 81.9% yield), evidenced by physico-chemical and microbiological results, according to Brazilian legislation. The production and diagnosis costs were competitive compared with national and international market values, rendering this a valuable tool in clinical medicine. (author)

  19. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\FOSSOU K. R..xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    Le pois d'Angole (Cajanus cajan) est une importante légumineuse à graines cultivée dans les zones tropicales, notamment en Afrique de l'Ouest. Toutefois, dans cette partie de l'Afrique, la diversité des rhizobia nodulant la plante est peu connue, alors que son exploration peut permettre d'améliorer son intérêt.

  20. By die uittrede van Prof. H.P. Wolmarans | Oosthuizen | HTS ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 15, No 2-4 (1959) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register · Download this PDF file. The PDF file you ...

  1. Stellite failure on a P91 HP valve - failure investigation and modelling of residual stresses

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thorborg, Jesper; Hald, John; Hattel, Jesper Henri


    The sequence of the primary welding process and the following secondary processes of machining, and heat treatment has been modelled to predict the residual conditions in a Stellite 6 overlay weld on a P91 steam turbine valve. The different process steps are coupled in order to transfer the resid...

  2. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\EDITIONS FINALES D'AGRON AFR ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    Les nématodes à galles (Meloidogyne spp). figurent parmi les phytoparasites les plus dommageables des cultures maraîchères. En vue de trouver une alternative à la lutte chimique contre ces parasites, l'effet nématicide d'extraits aqueux de feuilles, tiges, racines fraiches et séchées de 4 espèces de plantes : hyptis.

  3. EV and HP Scheduling with Network Constraints in the Nordic Region

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Liu, Zhaoxi; Wu, Qiuwei

    Large scale deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps (HPs) holds great potential not only to limit the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and fossil fuel consumption in the transportation and heating sectors but also to cope with the intermittency due to the further utilization of renewable...

  4. Initiating intermediate-depth earthquakes: Insights from a HP-LT ophiolite from Corsica (United States)

    Deseta, N.; Ashwal, L. D.; Andersen, T. B.


    The hypocentres of intermediate-depth earthquakes have been shown to overlap with the regions in subducting slabs that contain high abundances of hydrous minerals. This relationship was initially revealed using geophysical and numerical modelling and until recently has lacked corroboration from direct field-based research. We evaluated the relationship of the coincidence of intermediate-depth earthquakes with hydrous minerals in the slab by undertaking detailed geochemical analyses of blueschist to lawsonite to eclogite facies pseudotachylytes and their hostrocks located within an exhumed ophiolite, the Eocene Schistes Lustres Complex in Corsica. These units comprise incompletely metamorphosed metagabbro and peridotite. The wallrocks of the pseudotachylytes contain variable amounts of hydrous minerals: tremolite, Mg-hornblende, glaucophane in the metagabbro, and serpentine, tremolite and chlorite in the peridotite. Back-scatter-electron images show that the hydrous minerals entrained in the melt undergo fusion rather than dehydration. Vesicular and H2O-rich melt veins are observed cross-cutting partially molten pseudotachylyte fault veins and show evidence of H2O exsolution during melt solidification. The crystallisation products of these melts indicate formation under high temperature, high pressure conditions (1400-1700 °C; 1.5 GPa). The peridotite-hosted pseudotachylytes crystallised olivine, orthopyroxene and diopside, which are surrounded by interstitial Al- and H2O-rich glass. The metagabbro pseudotachylyte is dominated by Al-rich omphacite, ilmenite and high-Fe anorthite. XRF bulk analyses of the wallrock of the pseudotachylyte and electron microprobe analyses of the pseudotachylyte matrix, entrained survivor clasts and the crystallisation products show that near-total disequilibrium melting took place. The peridotite-hosted pseudotachylyte composition is skewed strongly towards chlorite; however, the preservation of delicate dendritic diopside and olivine hopper crystals suggests that the pseudotachylyte is unaltered, indicating that preferential fusion of chlorite took place. The metagabbro-hosted pseudotachylyte matrix composition is very similar to the bulk wallrock composition but slightly skewed by the preferential melting of Mg-hornblende and tremolite. Not all the pseudotachylytes are hydrous as the H2O content of the melts is highly variable; the metagabbro-pseudotachylyte ranges from 0 to 4 wt.% and the peridotite-pseudotachylyte ranges from 0 to 14 wt.%. The range in H2O content of the pseudotachylytes has lead us to conclude that the localised dehydration of hydrous minerals may be a second order factor in initiating intermediate-depth seismicity. However, we have observed that the pseudotachylytes with the most chaotic vein networks, thickest fault veins and most comminuted material have the highest abundances of hydrous wallrock minerals, possibly owing to repeated fluid ingress in between pseudotachylyte-generating events. This implies that free fluids enhance pseudotachylyte generation and possibly seismicity, but are not a first order requirement. Microtextural and geochemical results from this study suggest that the presence of abundant H2O-rich minerals in the slab exerts a strong rheological control during high strain-rate deformation, facilitating thermally-triggered localising shear instabilities. These field-based observations allow us to explore the assumption of the causal link between slab hydration and earthquake nucleation, and offer fresh insight into the debate of how intermediate-depth earthquakes take place.

  5. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\KOUADJO G..xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    chez ces bactéries n'étant pas connus, des méthodes utilisant la PCR et des techniques d'hybridation ADN-. ADN ont été utilisées pour voir si oui ou non ces souches de staphylocoques arboraient les déterminants chr du plasmide pMOL28 qui confère la résistance au chrome chez Cupriavidus metallidurans. Par utilisation.

  6. Dosimeter configurations for the measurement of Hs(0.07) and Hp(10) from photons

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, P.; Bøtter-Jensen, L.; Ennow, K.


    The optimisation is discussed of filter/detector configurations of dosemeters for individual monitoring for photons in the energy range from 20 keV to 1.3 MeV. Experimental data are given on energy and angular responses of dosemeters with different combinations of aluminium and plastic filters. Li...

  7. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_EDITIONS FINALES D'AGRON ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    identifier trois groupes de facteurs qui influencent ... localités. A titre d'illustration, le statut matrimonial et le nombre d'épouses contribuent à réduire le risque d'un ménage ..... l'année durant l'exécution du projet de promotion hydro-agricole dans ...

  8. Applications of p-hydroxyphenacyl (pHP) and coumarin-4-ylmethyl photoremovable protecting groups. (United States)

    Givens, Richard S; Rubina, Marina; Wirz, Jakob


    Most applications of photoremovable protecting groups have used o-nitrobenzyl compounds and their (often commercially available) derivatives that, however, have several disadvantages. The focus of this review is on applications of the more recently developed title compounds, which are especially well suited for time-resolved biochemical and physiological investigations, because they release the caged substrates in high yield within a few nanoseconds or less. Together, these two chromophores cover the action spectrum for photorelease from >700 nm to 250 nm.

  9. C:\\Users\\HP Pro 2000\\Desktop\\CISSE MOUSSA.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    Epidemiologist Freshwater Institute. Shepherdstown, West Virginia.8 p. Blanco M. M., A. Gibello and J. F. Fernández- garayzábal. 2001. Influence of fish health management: Bases, procedures and economic implications. Departamento de. Patología Animal I (Sanidad Animal),. Facultad de Veterinaria. 24 p. Boutin R. 2001.

  10. C__Users_HP Pro 2000_Desktop_MBETID-BESSANE.xps

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    HP Pro 2000

    Le principe économique de rationalité et particulièrement l'hypothèse de maximisation de l'utilité ont .... de la culture. Les variables économiques sont le revenu agricole. (REVAG) et le capital de l'exploitation (CAPEX) mesurés en FCFA, la superficie cultivée. (SUPCU) exprimée en m² et le nombre d'actifs familiaux (ACTIF).

  11. 76 FR 10403 - Hewlett Packard (HP), Global Product Development, Engineering Workstation Refresh Team, Working... (United States)


    ... Workstation Refresh Team, Working On-Site at General Motors Corporation, Milford, MI; Notice of Revised... Engineering Application Support Team, working on-site at General Motors Corporation, Milford, Michigan... Team, working on-site at General Motors Corporation, Milford, Michigan, who became totally or partially...

  12. The member of the Academy H.P. Keres and the Relativity theory in Estonia (United States)

    Kuusk, P.; Muursepp, P. V.; Piir, Ivar


    The first popular lecture on the Einstein theory of relativity was given in Estonia already in 1914 by Jaan Sarv (1877-1954)[1],afterwards a professor of mathematics at the Tartu University. The first student courses on special relativity were delivered by Professor of Mathematics Juri Nuut (1892-1952): non-Euclidean geometry (1930), the mathematical theory of relativity (1932/1933),the Lorenz transformations (1937). His own research work concerned the Lobachevsky geometry [7] and its application to cosmology [6]. Harald Keres qraguated from the Tartu University in 1936. He gave the first student course on general relativity (based on books [11-14]in 1940.In 1942,he got the dr.phil.nat degree form the Tartu University for his theses "Raum und Zeit in der allgemeinen Relativitatstheorie". The degree of the doctor of mathematical and physical sciences was confirmed by VAK (the All-Union Higher Attestation Commission) in 1949.In this period, he got aquainted with the leading Soviet scientists working on General Relativity, prof.V.A.Fock,Prof.D.D.Ivanenko,Prof.A.Z.Petrov,and Prof.M.F.Shirokov. After World War two all-union university courses were introduced in Tartu State University. According to the curriculum of the course the special theory of relativity is a part of electrodynamics obligatory for all students of the department of Physics. From 1947 till 1985 this course was delivered by Prof.PaulKard(1914-1985).He also published a number of text-books on the subject [15-19]. The general theory of relativity was read by Prof.H.Keres in 1951-1960 and later by his pupils R.Lias and A.Koppel [20-23] as a special course for students specializing in theoretical Physics. The first PHD-s in general relativity were made by R.Lias [27](1954) and I.Piir [28] (1955). In 1961, Prof.H.Keres was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian S.S.R. He left the TArtu State University and began to work in the Institute of Physics as the head of the Department of THeoretical Physics.His main scientific works [35-40]were made in the sixties.In his works he introduced inertial systems that can be used in the Einstein theory as well as in the Newton theory of gravitation.these systems are determined by freely falling particles and clocks and cannot be realized as a rigid frame of references. In these frames, the non-relativistic Newtonian theory can be considered as a limit of the relativistic Einstein theory. Currently the main directions of the research on general relativity in Tartu are the following: 1) connections between the relativistic and non-relativistic theories of gravitation and the corresponding exact solutions (A.Koppel), 2) radiation fields fields in a curved space-time,especially the propagation and detection of gravitational waves (I.Piir,V.Unt, R.Tamello, R.Mankin). The modern trends in theoretical physics are represented by the investigations in supergravity,curved superspace and superstrings (P.Kuusk). A detailed history of the research work on cosmology in Estonia is the subject of a subsequent paper.

  13. Buffer selection for HP treatment of biomaterials and its consequences for enzyme inactivation studies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bruins, M.E.; Matser, A.M.; Janssen, A.E.M.; Boom, R.M.


    Biochemical systems are best studied under buffered conditions and it is, therefore, necessary to have good knowledge on the pressure-induced changes in buffer pH. For experiments conducted at a set temperature, it is possible to use a relatively stable pressure buffer. However, when experiments

  14. Study of the response to neutrons of a personal dosemeter in mixed fields (n, {gamma}) in function of Hp(10); Estudio de la respuesta a neutrones de un dosimetro personal en campos mixtos (n, {gamma}) en funcion de Hp(10)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cruzate, J.; Gregori, B.; Carelli, J.; Aguerre, L.; Discacciatti, A. [Autoridad REgulatoria Nuclear, Av. del Libertador 8250 (1429), Buenos Aires (Argentina)]. e-mail:


    In this work it is presented the theoretical study and their experimental validation of the answer of the personal dosimetro in terms of the component of neutrons of the personal equivalent dose Hpn(10) in function of the energy, in presence of fields of neutrons and range. The personal dosimetro, based on detecting termoluminiscentes (TLD), it consists of two detectors 7LiF and two 6LiF, located low filters of plastic and cadmium starting from whose information is evaluated the component range and of neutrons of the dose. Additionally it consists of a detecting CaF2, used basically to discriminate against the energy of the component range and to make the corresponding corrections on the evaluation of the dose range obtained with the 7LiF. The answer to neutrons in function of the energy, defined as the quotient among the one I number of reactions 6Li(n, a)4He taken place in each TLD and the Hpn(10), it was calculated using the code MCNPX and the library ENDF/B-VI. You model the dosimetro under the irradiation conditions proposed by the ISO8529-3. Faces monoenergeticos were simulated in the range of energy understood between 70 keV and 5 MeV. The dispersion in each one of the results of the simulation is smaller than 3%. You I study the existent relationship among the answer te6rica, reactions (n,a)/Hpn(10) and the experimental one, nC/Hpn(10), for a given thermal treatment. The factor of resulting conversion is constant in the energy and similar to 1,71 104 reacciones(n, a)/nC, with a smaller standard deviation to 10%. The experimental answer was obtained starting from the irradiations carried out in the mark of the International Intercomparacion of Dosimetria in Mixed Campos (n,) 2004 organized by the OIEA next to the PTB (Germany) and the IRSN (France). The extension of these calculations to other spectra of neutrons of fields real they will allow to obtain group of factors of application conversion in routine and accidental situations. (Author)

  15. Numerical Treatment of Differential and Integral Equations by the P and H-P Versions of the Finite Element Method (United States)


    OF ABSTRACT UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED SAR %SN 33-.O’-,280-50O tardard Zc-- 298 -7 - - ’ gBR ’WOfr ’ Best Avai~lable Copy a’a NUMERICAL...1, 1985. [5] J. Pitkiranta. The problem of membrane locking in finite element analysis of cylindrical shells. Technical report, Institute of

  16. Analysis of a HP-refinement method for solving the neutron transport equation using two error estimators

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fournier, D.; Le Tellier, R.; Suteau, C., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [CEA, DEN, DER/SPRC/LEPh, Cadarache, Saint Paul-lez-Durance (France); Herbin, R., E-mail: [Laboratoire d' Analyse et de Topologie de Marseille, Centre de Math´ematiques et Informatique (CMI), Universit´e de Provence, Marseille Cedex (France)


    The solution of the time-independent neutron transport equation in a deterministic way invariably consists in the successive discretization of the three variables: energy, angle and space. In the SNATCH solver used in this study, the energy and the angle are respectively discretized with a multigroup approach and the discrete ordinate method. A set of spatial coupled transport equations is obtained and solved using the Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method (DGFEM). Within this method, the spatial domain is decomposed into elements and the solution is approximated by a hierarchical polynomial basis in each one. This approach is time and memory consuming when the mesh becomes fine or the basis order high. To improve the computational time and the memory footprint, adaptive algorithms are proposed. These algorithms are based on an error estimation in each cell. If the error is important in a given region, the mesh has to be refined (h−refinement) or the polynomial basis order increased (p−refinement). This paper is related to the choice between the two types of refinement. Two ways to estimate the error are compared on different benchmarks. Analyzing the differences, a hp−refinement method is proposed and tested. (author)

  17. Reliable Stress and Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Complex Aircraft Components Using a H-P Version of FEM (United States)


    time) and are, at least by parts, company oriented. The question of the principles of the safety is directly related to these codes. For example, in the...are complex JN’T)(y) is oscillatory but only in a close neighbourhoud of y = 0. FFA TN 1992-17 1 11Relative error 10 -10-2 163 _ •"A• , 2 U:; 10-5 -E

  18. Consumer Decision Making In Selecting Laptop Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (Ahp) Method (Study: Hp, Asus And Toshiba)


    Tampi, Yeriko A. N; Pangemanan, Sifrid S.; Tumewu, Ferdinand J


    Developing laptop brings revolution in people daily life, it increases people standard of living and has great effect on business, science, education, medical sector, transportation and so on. This research used Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to compare each laptop based on the criteria; value added features, peripheral specifications, core technical features, physical appearance and price and payment conditions. The respondent is 50 people and this research using purposive sampling. The ...

  19. Smart Dual-Mode Heat Pump With HP2Grid Functionality To Support Large-Scale Integration Of Intermittent Renewables

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carmo, Carolina; Blarke, Morten Boje


    The transition towards a 100 % fossil-free energy system, while achieving extreme penetration levels of intermittent wind and solar power in electricity generation, requires demandside technologies that are smart (intermittency-friendly) and efficient. The interaction between electric and thermal...... materials and the ability to generate electricity back to the grid. This new concept will not only improve the residential thermal supply system efficiency by 30-40 %, but will also extend the current intra-day flexibility of heat pumps to a wider range of flexible uses. In this paper, we will investigate...

  20. Gender differences in the management of acute coronary syndrome patients: One year results from HPIAR (HP-India ACS Registry). (United States)

    Mahajan, Kunal; Negi, Prakash Chand; Merwaha, Rajeev; Mahajan, Nitin; Chauhan, Vivek; Asotra, Sanjeev


    Data from high-income countries suggest that women receive less intensive diagnostic and therapeutic management than men for acute coronary syndrome (ACS). There is a paucity of such data in the Indian population, which is 69% rural and prior studies focused mostly on urban populations. The objective of the present study was to identify the gender based differences in ACS management, if any, in a predominantly rural population. Data from 35 hospitals across Himachal Pradesh covering >90% of state population were collected for one year (July 2015-June 2016). A total of 2118 ACS subjects met inclusion criteria and baseline characteristics, in-hospital treatments and mortality rates were analyzed. Women constituted less than one-third of ACS population. Women were older compared to men and were more likely to present with NSTEMI/UA. Misinterpretation of initial symptoms and late presentation were also common in women. Fewer women received optimal guideline based treatment and PCI (0.9% vs 4.2%, p1 (27.3% vs 20.4%, pgender and mortality was attenuated (adjusted odds ratio [OR]=1.36 [0.77-2.38]). The present study from India, is the first of its kind to evaluate the gender based differences among ACS patients, in a predominantly rural population. Our analysis demonstrates a significant gender based difference between symptom awareness and delay in presentation, management and in-hospital outcome. Further studies are warranted across other parts of country to investigate this gender disparity. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  1. Characterization of the arginine decarboxylase gene (ORF HP0422, speA) involved in acid tolerance in Helicobacter pylori. (United States)

    Valenzuela, Manuel; Cáceres, Aníbal; Almarza, Oscar; Bravo, Denisse; Soto, Sarita; Cerda, Oscar; Toledo, Héctor


    Helicobacter pylori is a motile microaerophilic bacterium that colonizes the human stomach. H. pylori infection triggers gastric diseases, such as gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. Stomach represents a barrier for microorganism colonization, particularly because of its high hydrochloric acid concentration. The main mechanism developed by H. pylori to maintain intracellular pH homeostasis in this environment is the urease activity. However, urease negative strains can be also isolated from clinical samples, suggesting that H. pylori presents other components involved in acid resistance. Here, we present some evidence that the arginine decarboxylase gene (speA) in H. pylori could be involved in an acid adaptation mechanism similar to the one in Enterobacteriaceae, which is dependent on the presence of arginine. Indeed, speA mRNA and protein expression are acutely induced by acid stress. Moreover, we showed that H. pylori uses arginine in an acid response mechanism required for its growth in acid conditions. Altogether, these results provide novel information regarding the H. pylori physiology and acid response mechanism. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fadhlika Ridha


    Full Text Available Pada proses pembuatan pupuk di PKT-5, berbagai gas limbah berbahaya dimusnahkan dengan cara membakarnya melalui Flare, sebelum terbakar di Flare gas-gas tersebut dialirkan dan ditampung pada sebuah Vessel bertekanan atau biasa disebut Vessel High Pressure Flare Knock Out Drum. Dalam perancangan konstruksinya perlu dilakukan analisis sehingga desain dari vessel tersebut sesuai dengan yang diharapkan dan aman untuk dioperasikan. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan mensimulasikan desain dari Vessel KO Drum menggunakan perhitungan manual sesuai 2007 ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 dan Software Compress 6258. Perhitungan dilakukan pada desain head, shell, saddle, nozzle, stiffener ring secara manual dan menggunakan software untuk mengetahui tegangan-tegangan yang terjadi. Selanjutnya dari kedua metode tersebut akan dibandingan hasil perhitungan manual & software.

  3. Ada (Trade Name) Compiler Validation Summary Report: Alsys Inc., AlsyCOMP 003, V3.1, HP Vectra. (United States)


    constructs. The testing also identifies behaviour that is’ implementation dependent but permitted by the Ada Standard. Six classes of tests are used...poy.ted language constru’th ’~’,ired h 1-he Ada S*aindard. T: deteivmine that the implltinentati(,n-dependent behaviour is -i ’wed b, the Ada Standard...which the compiler generates a result that demonstrates nonconformity to the Ada Standard. 1-3 INTRODUCTION Host The computer on which the compiler

  4. Dry development rinse (DDR) process and material for ArF/EUV extension technique toward 1Xnm hp and beyond (United States)

    Shigaki, Shuhei; Onishi, Ryuji; Sakamoto, Rikimaru


    Since the pattern pitch is getting smaller and smaller, the pattern collapse issue has been getting sever problem in the lithography process. Pattern collapse is one of the main reasons for minimizing of process margin at fine pitch by ArF-immersion or EUV lithography. The possible major cause of pattern collapse is the surface tension of the rinsing liquid and the shrinkage of resist pattern's surface. These surface tension or shrinkage are occurred in the spin drying process of the rinsing liquid. The influence of surface tension against very small pitch pattern is particularly severe. One of the most effective solution for this problem is thinning of the resist film thickness, however this strategy is reaching to its limits in terms of substrate etching process anymore. Recently the tri-layer resist process or hard mask processes have been used, but there is a limit to the thinning of resist film and there is no essential solution for this problem. On the other hand, dry development process such a supercritical drying method or DSA patterning by dry etching have been known as an ultimate way to suppress the pattern collapse issue. However, these processes are not applied to the mass production process right now because these have some problems such a defect issue, requirement of the special equipment and so on. We newly developed the novel process and material which can prevent the pattern collapse issue perfectly without using any special equipment. The process is Dry Development Rinse process (DDR process), and the material used in the process is Dry Development Rinse material (DDR material). DDR material is containing the special polymer which can replace the exposed and developed part. And finally, the resist pattern is developed by dry etching process without any pattern collapse issue. In this paper, we will discuss the approach for preventing the pattern collapse issue in ArF and EUV lithography process, and propose DDR process and DDR material as the solution.

  5. Performance Evaluation of HP/ORC (Heat Pump/Organic Rankine Cycle) System with Optimal Control of Sensible Thermal Storage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Do Carmo, Carolina Madeira Ramos; Dumont, Olivier; Nielsen, Mads Pagh


    energy in periods of no thermal energy demand and reverses the heat pump cycle to supply electrical power. A dynamic model based on empirical data of this system is used to determine the annual performance. Furthermore, this work assesses the benefits of different control strategies that address...... of the users. Results show that real load control logic can lessen the adverse effects of cycling in the compressor of the system as well as increase the thermal demand (up to 33%) and the electrical demand (max. 8.4%) covered by renewable energy (solar). However, the extension of these improvements is highly...

  6. Hepatitis A among health workers in Paris hospitals. Occupational Health Physicians of Paris Hospital (AP-HP). (United States)

    Domart, M; Mlika-Cabanne, N; Henzel, D; Pouliquen, A; Florentin, A; Marande, J L; Xerri, B; Aufrere, A; Larouzé, B


    To design a vaccination strategy against hepatitis A among hospital employees, we carried out a serological survey of hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection in 10 university hospitals in the Paris area. Subjects under 60 years of age were consecutively enrolled by occupational health services and tested for IgG to HAV by ELISA. Of the 1,516 subjects recruited, 926 were health workers (HW), 322 clerks, and 268 cooks or kitchen employees. Among HW and clerks the HAV seroprevalence was 53.8% (95% CI: 44.0-65.6), increasing with age and being higher among employees of African or Caribbean origin than those from Europe (83.6% vs 45.6%, P originating from Europe were close (46.8% vs 42.6%) and remained so after adjustment for age. HAV seroprevalences in HW caring for adults and those caring for children were also similar (45.2% vs 40.1%). Seroprevalence was higher in assistant nurses than in nurses (51.3% vs. 39.8%, P origin and age.

  7. Striding Towards Better Physical Therapy (United States)


    This paper presents a discussion on a new rehabilitative device that promises to improve physical therapy for patients working to regain the ability to walk after facing traumatic injuries or a degenerative illness. Produced by Enduro Medical Technology, of East Hartford, Connecticut, the Secure Ambulation Module (S.A.M.) creates a stable and secure environment for patients as they stand during ambulation therapy.

  8. SATNET Development and Operation. Pluribus Satellite IMP Development, Remote Site Maintenance. Internet Development. Mobile Access Terminal Network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP-TAC. (United States)


    Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. Early this summer, an extremely severe thunderstorm at Etam disrupted SATNET operations for several hours, during which time...power could not be maintained within acceptable levels by the Etam site personnel. Several outages of the ARPANET direct connection via SATNET...power supply for the VDH interface of the BBN gateway between the SATNET Etam Satellite IMP and the ARPANET BBN40 IMP. Subsequently, the VDH interface

  9. Paternal heterochromatin formation in human embryos is H3K9/HP1 directed and primed by sperm-derived histone modifications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    C. van de Werken (Christine); G.W. van der Heijden (Godfried); C. Eleveld (C.); M. Teeuwssen (Miriam); M. Albert (Mareike); W.M. Baarends (Willy); J.S.E. Laven (Joop); A.H.F.M. Peters (Antoine H. F. M.); E.B. Baart (Esther)


    textabstractThe different configurations of maternal and paternal chromatin, acquired during oogenesis and spermatogenesis, have to be rearranged after fertilization to form a functional embryonic genome. In the paternal genome, nucleosomal chromatin domains are re-established after the

  10. HP-41CV Flight Performance Advisory System (FPAS) for the E-2C, E-2B, and C-2A Aircraft (United States)


    Groundspeed) WD - R17 (Wind Direction) WV - R18 (Wind Velocity) HDG - R19 (Aircraft Heading) LOPA - R20 (Level off altitude) Governing Equations...r= (PA- LOPA ) ((GW-35000) (13�E-13)41676E-6) Max Range Descent CAS (>10000): MNDCIS - f (PJ,GU) ORDCAS - 151.503exp((-5077E-𔄃) (PA)) + (GV-35000

  11. HP-SPME of volatile polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from water using multiwalled carbon nanotubes coated on a steel fiber through electrophoretic deposition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maghsoudi, S.; Noroozian, E. [Shahid Bahonar Univ., Kerman (Iran, Islamic Republic of). Dept. of Chemistry


    A headspace solid-phase microextraction (SPME) method using a stainless steel wire electrophoretically coated with dodecylsulfate modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes was used for the gas chromatographic (GC) determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in aqueous samples. Electrophoretic deposition was easily carried out from an aqueous sodium dodecylsulfate medium. The effects of various parameters on the efficiency of SPME process, such as extraction time, extraction temperature, ionic strength, desorption time, and desorption temperature were studied. Under optimized conditions, the detection limits for the various PAHs studied varied from 0.03 to 0.07 ng mL{sup -1}. The inter-day and intra-day relative standard deviations at a 10 ng mL{sup -1} concentration level (n = 7) using a single-fiber were from 5.5 to 9.7 and 4.1 to 8.5 %, respectively. The fiber-to-fiber RSD% (n = 3) was between 7.3 and 11.1 %. The linear ranges were between 0.1 and 100 ng mL{sup -1}. The method was successfully applied to the analysis of a real sample with the recoveries from 88 to 105 % for 5 ng mL{sup -1} and 89 to 101 % for 0.5 ng mL{sup -1} samples. (orig.)

  12. Total ionizing dose radiation hardness of the ATLAS MDT-ASD and the HP-Agilent 0.5 um CMOS process

    CERN Document Server

    Posch, C


    A total ionizing dose (TID) test of the MDT-ASD, the ATLAS MDT front-end chip has been performed at the Harvard Cyclotron Lab. The MDT-ASD is an 8-channel drift tube read-out ASIC fabricated in a commercial 0.5 um CMOS process (AMOS14TB). The accumulated TID at the end of the test was 300 krad, delivered by 160 MeV protons at a rate of approximately 70 rad/sec. All 10 irradiated chips retained their full functionality and performance and showed only irrelevantly small changes in device parameters. As the total accumulated dose is substantially higher than the relevant ATLAS Radiation Tolerance Criteria (RTCtid), the results of this test indicate that MDT-ASD meets the ATLAS TID radiation hardness requirements. In addition, the results of this test correspond well with results of a 30 keV gamma TID irradiation test performed by us on an earlier prototype at the CERN x-ray facility as well as with results of other irradiation test on this process found in literature.

  13. The Efficacy of Inositol and N-Acetyl Cysteine Administration (Ovaric HP in Improving the Ovarian Function in Infertile Women with PCOS with or without Insulin Resistance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela Sacchinelli


    Full Text Available Objective. Substances such as inositol and N-acetylcysteine (NAC have been recently shown to be effective in treatment of PCOS patients. The aim of this prospective trial is to evaluate the efficacy of NAC + Inositol + folic acid on ovulation rate and menstrual regularity in PCOS patients with and without insulin resistance. Methods. Among the 91 PCOS patients treated with NAC + Inositol + folic, insulin resistance was present in 44 subjects (A and absent in 47 (B. The primary endpoint was the ovulation rate/year, determined by menstrual diary, serum progesterone performed between 21° and 24° days, ultrasound findings of growth follicular or luteal cysts, and luteal ratio. HOMA-index assessment after 6 and 12 months of treatment was evaluated as secondary endpoint. Results. In both groups there was a significant increase in ovulation rate and no significant differences were found in the primary outcome between two groups. In group A, a significant reduction of HOMA-index was observed. Conclusions. The association NAC + Inositol + folic, regardless of insulin-resistance state, seems to improve ovarian function in PCOS patients. Therefore, inositol and NAC may have additional noninsulin-related mechanisms of action that allow achieving benefits also in those patients with negative HOMA-index.

  14. Rheological and geodynamic controls on the mechanisms of subduction and HP/UHP exhumation of crustal rocks during continental collision : Insights from numerical models

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Burov, Evgene; Francois, Thomas; Agard, Philippe; Le Pourhiet, Laetitia; Meyer, Bertrand; Tirel, C.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/304838209; Lebedev, Sergei; Yamato, Philippe; Brun, Jean Pierre


    While subduction of crustal rocks is increasingly accepted as a common scenario inherent to convergent processes involving continental plates and micro-continents, its occurrence in each particular context, as well as its specific mechanisms and conditions is still debated. The presence of

  15. Experimental Investigation of InSight HP3 Mole Interaction with Martian Regolith Simulant. Quasi-Static and Dynamic Penetration Testing (United States)

    Marshall, Jason P.; Hudson, Troy L.; Andrade, José E.


    The InSight mission launches in 2018 to characterize several geophysical quantities on Mars, including the heat flow from the planetary interior. This quantity will be calculated by utilizing measurements of the thermal conductivity and the thermal gradient down to 5 meters below the Martian surface. One of the components of InSight is the Mole, which hammers into the Martian regolith to facilitate these thermal property measurements. In this paper, we experimentally investigated the effect of the Mole's penetrating action on regolith compaction and mechanical properties. Quasi-static and dynamic experiments were run with a 2D model of the 3D cylindrical mole. Force resistance data was captured with load cells. Deformation information was captured in images and analyzed using Digitial Image Correlation (DIC). Additionally, we used existing approximations of Martian regolith thermal conductivity to estimate the change in the surrounding granular material's thermal conductivity due to the Mole's penetration. We found that the Mole has the potential to cause a high degree of densification, especially if the initial granular material is relatively loose. The effect on the thermal conductivity from this densification was found to be relatively small in first-order calculations though more complete thermal models incorporating this densification should be a subject of further investigation. The results obtained provide an initial estimate of the Mole's impact on Martian regolith thermal properties.

  16. Development and validation of the first high performance-lateral flow immunoassay (HP-LFIA) for the rapid screening of domoic acid from shellfish extracts. (United States)

    Jawaid, Waqass; Meneely, Julie; Campbell, Katrina; Hooper, Mark; Melville, Karrie; Holmes, Stephen; Rice, Jennifer; Elliott, Christopher


    A lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) has been developed and fully validated to detect the primary amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) toxin, domoic acid (DA). The performance characteristics of two versions of the test were investigated using spiked and naturally contaminated shellfish (mussels, scallops, oysters, clams, and cockles). The tests provide a qualitative result, to indicate the absence or presence of DA in extracts of shellfish tissues, at concentrations that are relevant to regulatory limits. The new rapid assay (LFIA version 2) was designed to overcome the performance limitations identified in the first version of the assay. The improved test uses an electronic reader to remove the subjective nature of the generated results, and the positive cut-off for screening of DA in shellfish was increased from 10 ppm (version 1) to 17.5 ppm (version 2). A simple extraction and test procedure was employed, which required minimal equipment and materials; results were available 15 min after sample preparation. Stability of the aqueous extracts at room temperature (22 °C) at four time points (up to 245 min after extraction) and across a range of DA concentrations was 100.3±1.3% and 98.8±2.4% for pre- and post-buffered extracts, respectively. The assay can be used both within laboratory settings and in remote locations. The accuracy of the new assay, to indicate negative results at or below 10 ppm DA, and positive results at or above 17.5 ppm, was 99.5% (n=216 tests). Validation data were obtained from a 2-day, randomised, blind study consisting of multiple LFIA lots (n=3), readers (n=3) and operators (n=3), carrying out multiple extractions of mussel tissue (n=3) at each concentration (0, 10, 17.5, and 20 ppm). No matrix effects were observed on the performance of the assay with different species (mussels, scallops, oysters, clams, and cockles). There was no impact on accuracy or interference from other phycotoxins, glutamic acid or glutamine with various strip incubations (8, 10, and 12 min). The accuracy of the assay, using naturally contaminated samples to indicate negative results at or below 12.5 ppm and positive results at or above 17.5 ppm, was 100%. Variability between three LFIA lots across a range of DA concentrations, expressed as coefficient of variation (% CV), was 1.1±0.4% (n=2 days) based on quantitative readings from the electronic reader. During an 8 week stability study, accuracy of the method with test strips stored at various temperatures (6, 22, 37 and 50 °C) was 100%. Validation for both versions included comparisons with results obtained using reference LC-UV methods. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alan Black; Arnis Judzis


    The industry cost shared program aims to benchmark drilling rates of penetration in selected simulated deep formations and to significantly improve ROP through a team development of aggressive diamond product drill bit--fluid system technologies. Overall the objectives are as follows: Phase 1--Benchmark ''best in class'' diamond and other product drilling bits and fluids and develop concepts for a next level of deep drilling performance; Phase 2--Develop advanced smart bit-fluid prototypes and test at large scale; and Phase 3--Field trial smart bit-fluid concepts, modify as necessary and commercialize products. As of report date, TerraTek has concluded all major preparations for the high pressure drilling campaign. Baker Hughes encountered difficulties in providing additional pumping capacity before TerraTek's scheduled relocation to another facility, thus the program was delayed further to accommodate the full testing program.

  18. Diaion HP-2MG modified with 2-(2,6-dichlorobenzylideneamino) benzenethiol as new adsorbent for solid phase extraction and flame atomic absorption spectrometric determination of metal ions. (United States)

    Ghaedi, M; Montazerozohori, M; Haghdoust, S; Zaare, F; Soylak, M


    A solid phase extraction method for enrichment-separation and the determination of cobalt (Co(2+)), copper (Cu(2+)), nickel (Ni(2+)), zinc (Zn(2+)) and lead (Pb(2+)) ions in real samples has been proposed. The influences of some analytical parameters like pH, flow rate, eluent type and interference of matrix ions on recoveries of analytes were optimized. The limits of detection were found in the range of 1.6-3.9 µg L(-1), while preconcentration factor for all understudy metal ions were found to be 166 with loading half time (t 1/2) less than 10 min. The procedure was applied for the enrichment-separation of analyte ions in environmental samples with recoveries higher than 94.8% and relative SD <4.9% (N = 5).

  19. The pi pi interaction in nuclear matter from a study of the pi sup + A-> pi sup +pi sup+-A' reactions 25.80.Hp

    CERN Document Server

    Bonutti, F; Fragiacomo, E; Grion, N; Rui, R; Brack, J T; Felawka, L; Gibson, E F; Hofman, G J; Kermani, M; Mathie, E L; Meier, R; Ottewell, D; Raywood, K; Sevior, M E; Smith, G R; Tacik, R


    The pion-production reactions pi sup + A-> pi sup +pi sup+-A' were studied on sup 2 H, sup 1 sup 2 C, sup 4 sup 0 Ca, and sup 2 sup 0 sup 8 Pb nuclei at an incident pion energy of T subpi sub sup + =283 MeV. Pions were detected in coincidence using the CHAOS spectrometer. The experimental results are reduced to differential cross sections and compared to both theoretical predictions and the reaction phase space. The composite ratio C subpi subpi sup A between the pi sup +pi sup+- invariant masses on nuclei and on the nucleon is also presented. Near the 2m subpi threshold pion pairs couple to (pi pi) sub I sub = sub J sub = sub 0 when produced in the pi sup +-> pi sup +pi sup - reaction channel. There is a marked near-threshold enhancement of C subpi sub sup + subpi sub sup - sup A which is consistent with theoretical predictions addressing the partial restoration of chiral symmetry in nuclear matter. Furthermore, the behaviour of C subpi sub sup + subpi sub sup - sup A is well described when the restoration o...

  20. Examination of the relationship between Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Strategic Leadership in the Computer Industry: based on the evaluation and analysis of Dell and HP


    Guan, Yueyao


    Abstract Based on the evaluation and analysis of two predominate companies�¢���� performances, Hewlett-Packard and Dell Inc, in the computer industry. This paper has found that a right strategic move at the right time is crucial but only makes half of the story. In order to achieve long-term successes, strategic leaders must make sure the compatibility between the corporate strategy and the competitive advantage exists before a major strategic change is made....

  1. Ada (Trade Name) Compiler Validation Summary Report: ALSYS Ltd AlsyCOMP - 007, V1.0 Host: HP 1000 A900 Target: Same as Host. (United States)


    implements legal language constructs and that it identifies and rejects illegal language constructs. The testing also identifies behaviour that is...that the implementation-dependent behaviour is allowed by the Ada Standard Testing of this compiler was conducted by NCC under the direction of the...accurate and complete, or that the subject compiler has no nonconformities to the Ada Standard other than those presented. Copies of this report are

  2. Regulació de l'heterocromatina constitutiva en condicions normals i d'estrès: Paper de SirT1 i d'HP1


    Raurell Vila, Helena


    La sirtuïna 1 (SirT1), una desacetilasa depenent de NAD, promou la formació de l’heterocromatina facultativa (HF) desacetilant H4K16Ac, H3K9Ac i H1K26Ac i establint marcadors d’heterocromatina via interacció amb la histona metiltransferasa Suv39h1, un factor clau en l’organització de la cromatina. Però SirT1 també regula l’heterocromatina constitutiva (HC) depenent de Suv39h1 a través d’un mecanisme desconegut. Considerant la importància de l’HC en l’organització i estabilitat de la croma...

  3. Pressure Fluctuations on the Bed of Surge Tank at the H.P. Zimapan, Hgo., with Different Arrangements Studied on Hydraulic Model, with the Lowest Operation Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Marengo–Mogollón


    Full Text Available In this paper, the pressure fluctuations of the surge tank in the Zimapan Hydroelectric Project are compared in a hydraulic model. The shaft is located lateral, over the conduction tunnel and in the simple form (permitting the tunnel entering the shaft, with and without orifice plates taking into account the demand and supply condition of energy with the minimum level of water of the conduction. It was determined the hydraulic efficiency and it was found that it was the best constructive option.

  4. O chamado de Cthulhu na Internet: as modificações do monstro de H.P. Lovecraft realizadas por fãs no Facebook.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriela Birnfeld Kurtz


    Full Text Available Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937, nascido em Providence, Estados Unidos, escreveu contos e poemas do gênero da literatura fantástica. Sua principal criação, o monstro Cthulhu, sobreviveu ao tempo, sendo modificado e reinterpretado em diversas esferas do entretenimento e, na cibercultura, apropriado pelos fãs em grande escala ao redor do mundo. Por meio da análise de postagens e conversações dentro da página “Cthulhu”, no Facebook, objetivou-se compreender quem é o personagem para os fãs, em um contexto onde as novas mídias e os Sites de Redes Sociais amplificam e facilitam as formas de produção e difusão de conteúdo entre o fandom.

  5. Efficacy and completion rates of rifapentine and isoniazid (3HP) compared to other treatment regimens for latent tuberculosis infection: a systematic review with network meta-analyses. (United States)

    Pease, Christopher; Hutton, Brian; Yazdi, Fatemeh; Wolfe, Dianna; Hamel, Candyce; Quach, Pauline; Skidmore, Becky; Moher, David; Alvarez, Gonzalo G


    We conducted a systematic review and network meta-analysis (NMA) to examine the efficacy and completion rates of treatments for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). While a previous review found newer, short-duration regimens to be effective, several included studies did not confirm LTBI, and analyses did not account for variable follow-up or assess completion. We searched MEDLINE, Embase, CENTRAL, PubMed, and additional sources to identify RCTs in patients with confirmed LTBI that involved a regimen of interest and reported on efficacy or completion. Regimens of interest included isoniazid (INH) with rifapentine once weekly for 12 weeks (INH/RPT-3), 6 and 9 months of daily INH (INH-6; INH-9), 3-4 months daily INH plus rifampicin (INH/RFMP 3-4), and 4 months daily rifampicin alone (RFMP-4). NMAs were performed to compare regimens for both endpoints. Sixteen RCTs (n = 44,149) and 14 RCTs (n = 44,128) were included in analyses of efficacy and completion. Studies were published between 1968 and 2015, and there was diversity in patient age and comorbidities. All regimens of interest except INH-9 showed significant benefits in preventing active TB compared to placebo. Comparisons between active regimens did not reveal significant differences. While definitions of regimen completion varied across studies, regimens of 3-4 months were associated with a greater likelihood of adequate completion. Most of the active regimens showed an ability to reduce the risk of active TB relative to no treatment, however important differences between active regimens were not found. Shorter rifamycin-based regimens may offer comparable benefits to longer INH regimens. Regimens of 3-4 months duration are more likely to be completed than longer regimens.

  6. Impact of a pneumatic tube system transport on hemostasis parameters measurement: the experiment of Cochin universitary hospital (AP-HP, Paris, France). (United States)

    Calmette, Leyla; Ibrahim, Firas; Gouin, Isabelle; Horellou, Marie-Hélène; Mazoyer, Élisabeth; Fontenay, Michaela; Flaujac, Claire


    Samples transported by pneumatic tube system are submitted to forces of acceleration and deceleration which can affect laboratory parameters. At Cochin hospital, majority of samples of hemostasis, except for platelets tests, are transported by pneumatic tube system. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of a pneumatic tube system (PTS) transport compared to hand-delivered transport on samples and to qualify Cochin hospital PTS according to requirements of standard ISO 15189. A bibliographical study was made and showed that pneumatic tube system particularly influences platelets tests. Four citrate tubes were collected in 5 healthy volunteers in the maternity: 2 tubes were transported by PTS and 2 others were hand-delivered to the laboratory. Five coagulation tests were analyzed: prothrombine time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), factor (F) V, FVIII and platelet closure time with PFA-100TM collagen/epinephrine. For each volunteer, the results obtained by PTS and by hand-delivered transport were compared with formula usually used for biological analysis retake: 2.8 x standard deviation of reproductibility variation coefficient (SH GTA 01, COFRAC). This study did not show an impact of PTS on PT, aPTT, FV and FVIII. For PFA-100TM collagen/epinephrine, we noted an impact on 2/5 volunteers. These results, in agreement with the literature, led to the conclusion that Cochin hospital PTS is in compliance to transport samples for usual coagulation tests except platelet tests. This study allowed to issue French recommendations for PTS transport of hemostasis tubes qualification available on "Groupe français d'hémostase et thrombose" Web site.

  7. Nietsche EA, Teixeira E, Medeiros HP, organizers. Care-educational technologies: a possibility for the empowerment of the nurse? Porto Alegre (RS): Moriá; 2014


    Aline Tomaz de Carvalho; Mariana Gonçalves de Oliveira


    For the researchers in technologies of/in Nursing, the following work was released ‘Care-educational Technologies: A possibility for the empowerment of the nurse?’ The initial interest for the elaboration of the book emerged from three organizers: Elisabeta Albertina Nietsche, doctor, nurse and professor of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS, Brazil; Elizabeth Teixeira, doctor, nurse and professor of the Universidade do Estado do Pará, Brazil; Horácio Pires Medeiros, nurse and maste...

  8. Calibration of photographic dosemeters to evaluate the personal equivalent dose, Hp (10), irradiated by different radiation qualities and angles of incidence; Calibracao de dosimetros fotograficos para avaliar o equivalente de dose pessoal, Hp(10), irradiados por diferentes qualidades de radiacao e angulos de incidencia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Santoro, Christiana; Antonio Filho, Joao, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (DEN/UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Departamento de Energia Nuclear; Santos, Marcus Aurelio P.; Goncalves Filho, Luiz Carlos, E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares do Nordeste (CRCN-NE/CNEN-PE), Recife, Pe (Brazil)


    To use radiation detectors, should periodically perform tests and calibrations on instruments in order to verify its good functionality. One way to ascertain the quality of the instrument is to conduct a study of the angular dependence of the response of the radiation detectors. The photographic dosimetry has been used widely to quantify the radiation doses and to estimate levels of doses received by workers involved with X-and gamma radiation. Photographic dosimeters are used because provide wide range of exposure and good accuracy. One of the sources of error have been introduced by different irradiation geometries between calibration and measurement in radiation fields used in x-ray and gamma ray sources, therefore, there is a need for an evaluation of the sensitivity of dosimeters with variation of the angle of the incident beam. In this study were tested 190 photographic dosemeters in the Metrology Laboratory of the Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares do Nordeste (CRCN-NE) using the phantom H{sub p} (10), where the dosimeters are evaluated on the basis of the new operational magnitude for individual monitoring, the equivalent personal dose, H{sub p} (10). Angular dependence of these radiation detectors was studied in X radiation fields (in the range of 45 keV energy to 164 keV) and gamma radiation ({sup 137}Cs-662 keV e {sup 60}Co - 1250 keV)

  9. Conversion factors in patient activity external rate Hp (10) in the patient environment in metabolic therapy with 1-131; Coeficientes de conversion actividad en pacientes a tasa externa Hp(10) en el entorno del paciente en terapia metabolica con I-131

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barquero Sanz, R.; Chambung, K.; Jaesseong, L.; Castillo Belmonte, A. del; Alonso Hernandez, D.; Andres Rodriguez, C.; Tortosa Oliver, R.; Mari Palacios, A.


    The purpose of this study is to determine the conversion factors (h) of R-131 to H measured in the patients environment, as the provision of activity in the same body or tumor, and analyzing the magnitude of the variables most significant influence on the measure of H. Applying the same procedure developed by the working group SEFM based on external exposure measurements made CHin taking the patient during their hospital stay, will optimize the procedure.

  10. 2. the influence of feeding protein and energy

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    gained significanlly faster than gilts. LP pigs had signilicantly more backfat than HP pigs and highly significantly more backfat than HP-HP and. fiP-LP pigs while HP-HP resuited m a significsnt reduction in backfat when compared with HP. Statistically. treatment effects on C + K measurements were identical to the backfat ...

  11. Antibacterial activity from Siamese crocodile ( Crocodylus siamensis ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Antibacterial agents were purified from Siamese crocodile serum by anion exchange, gel filtration and reversed phase HPLC. Six antibacterial agents designed as Hp14, Hp15, Hp17, Hp31, Hp36 and Hp51 were purified and proved to carry activity against Salmonella typhi, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, ...

  12. Haptoglobin polymorphism in relation to coronary plaque characteristics on radiofrequency intravascular ultrasound and near-infrared spectroscopy in patients with coronary artery disease

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Buljubasic, Nermina; Oemrawsingh, Rohit M; Smeets, Mirjam B|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/244204055; Cheng, Jin M; Regar, Evelyn; van Geuns, Robert-Jan M; Serruys, Patrick W J C; Boersma, Eric; Akkerhuis, K Martijn; Kardys, Isabella; Arslan, Fatih


    BACKGROUND: Conflicting results exist regarding the association between a common Haptoglobin (Hp) polymorphism and risk of coronary artery disease. We investigated the association of three functionally different anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory Hp phenotypes (Hp1-1, Hp2-1, Hp2-2) with invasively

  13. Haptoglobin 2-2 Genotype Is Associated with TNF-α and IL-6 Levels in Subjects with Obesity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brissia Lazalde


    Full Text Available Objective. To evaluate the association between Haptoglobin (HP gene polymorphisms with inflammatory status in obese subjects. Materials and Methods. A cross-sectional study was carried out. A total of 276 apparently healthy men and nonpregnant obese women were enrolled and allocated according to the HP genotype into the HP1/HP1, HP2/HP1, and HP2/HP2 groups. Distribution of HP genotypes was 49, 87, and 140 for the HP1/HP1, HP2/HP1, and HP2/HP2, respectively. The HP genotype was determined using the polymerase chain reaction method. A multiple linear regression analysis adjusted by age, sex, waist circumference, and total body fat was used to determine the association between HP genotypes with TNF-α, IL-6, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP levels. Results. A multiple linear regression analysis adjusted by sex, waist circumference, and total body fat was performed showing a significant association between the HP2/HP2 genotype and TNF-α (β = 0.180; 95% CI 14.41–159.64, P = 0.01 and IL-6 (β = 0.188; 95% CI 1.53–12.72, P = 0.01 levels, but not with hsCRP (β = −0.008; 95% CI −1.64–1.47, P = 0.914 levels, whereas the HP2/HP1 genotype showed no association compared with the HP1/HP1 genotype (control group. Conclusion. Results of our study show that the HP2/HP2 genotype is associated with elevated TNF-α and IL-6, but not with hsCRP, levels in obese subjects.

  14. Combined Quarterly Technical Report Number 27. SATNET Development and Operation, Pluribus Satellite IMP Development, Remote Site Maintenance, Internet Operations and Maintenance, Mobile Access Terminal Network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP for VAX-UNIX (United States)


    ARPANET was created at DCEC, and the circuit between the DCEC gateway and the Etam Satellite IMP was made operational. As part of the upgrading of all...Packet Satellite Project (PSP) terminals in SATNET, we supported COMSAT in replacing the PSP terminals at Etam , Goonhilly, and Tanum with 2nd...include a 50 Kb/s terrestrial circuit between the Etam Satellite IMP and the SDAC ARPANET IMP, a 9.6 Kb/s terrestrial circuit between the Goonhilly

  15. Combined Quarterly Technical Report Number 26. SATNET Development and Operation, Pluribus Satellite IMP Development, Remote Site Maintenance, Internet Operations and Maintenance, Mobile Access Terminal Network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP for VAX-UNIX (United States)


    problem, existing mechanisms to trace the interference to its source must rely on Etam earth station personnel and are difficult and lengthy to apply...Due to software not coping well with the noise on the satellite channel, the Etam Satellite IMP crashed on several occasions, causing outages in...finally traced by the Etam site personnel to an unreliable SPADE up-converter installed at Goonhilly. The installation coincided with our first outage

  16. Combined Quarterly Technical Report Number 23. SATNET Development and Operation. Pluribus Satellite IMP Development. Remote Site Maintenance. Internet Operations and Maintenance. Mobile Access Terminal Network. TCP for the HP3000. TCP-TAC. TCP for VAX-UNIX (United States)


    IMPs in turn. The interactive stream facility was enabled only on the Goonhilly- Etam path with a size sufficient to accommodate one packet totaling 58...48 Kb/s landline circuit. Figure 2 clearly shows the much lower delays for packets on the Goonhilly- Etam path below the threshold size compared with...Goonhilly- Etam (Intuactive Stems Present) -- --- -Goonhilly-Tanum (Interactive Streams Absent) 0 - I-- . .A I _ 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 PACKET LENGTH

  17. Combined Quarterly Technical Report Number 24. SATNET Development and Operation, Pluribus Satellite IMP Development, Remote Site Maintenance, Internet Operations and Maintenance, Mobile Access Terminal Network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP for VAX-UNIX (United States)


    activities are described below. After the release of new software into the BBN gateway, we discovered that the Etam Satellite IMP could not be loaded...through the VDH circuit from the BBN gateway. Emergency software reloads required the IMP-to-IMP circuit between the Etam Satellite IMP and the SDAC...ehe second and third parts of the version number. Thus, version numbers of Satellite IMP software currently in the field are 3.4:1 for sites Etam

  18. Combined Quarterly Technical Report Number 25. SATNET Development and Operation, Pluribus Satellite IMP Development, Remote Site Maintenance, Internet Operations and Maintenance, Mobile Access Terminal Network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP for VAX-UNIX. (United States)


    assembler, the SATNET VDH Loader/Dumper was converted first and successfully released to Etam . Subsequently, after the normal hours allocated daily to...all of our tests at Etam . Only when the software was released to Goonhilly did we discover that the BCPL gateway installed at UCL was not tolerant of...within the correct buffer pool, both Etam and Tanum crashed several times. Second, because the Satellite IMP did not protect itself against addresses

  19. Mozarts Gegenwärtigkeit in der zeitgenössischen Musik: Werken von F. Weiss, A. Schnittke, V. Dinescu, R. Vlad, A. Stroe, T. Olah, H.P. Türk und D. Dediu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandu-Dediu Valentina


    Full Text Available (nemački Das Zitat aus Mozart oder die Übernahme von mozartschen schöpferischen Ideen in die gegenwärtige Musik scheint - insbesondere in der rumänischen Musik - eine oft verwendete kompositorische Technik zu sein. Beachtlich ist die stilistische Mannigfaltigkeit der analysierten Werke, vielleicht auch dank verschiedener Entstehungszeiten iM Laufe zweier Jahrzehnten hauptsächlich aber durch Individualisierung bestimmter Persönlichkeiten (Ferdinand Weiss, Alfred Schnittke, Violeta Dinescu, Roman Vlad, Aurel Stroe, Tiberiu Olah, Hans-Peter Türk und Dan Dediu. Der Weg, der sich offenbart, reicht von der ludischen Collage bis zur Suggestion von symbolischen mozartschen Elementen.

  20. Mozarts Gegenwärtigkeit in der zeitgenössischen Musik: Werken von F. Weiss, A. Schnittke, V. Dinescu, R. Vlad, A. Stroe, T. Olah, H.P. Türk und D. Dediu


    Sandu-Dediu Valentina


    (nemački) Das Zitat aus Mozart oder die Übernahme von mozartschen schöpferischen Ideen in die gegenwärtige Musik scheint - insbesondere in der rumänischen Musik - eine oft verwendete kompositorische Technik zu sein. Beachtlich ist die stilistische Mannigfaltigkeit der analysierten Werke, vielleicht auch dank verschiedener Entstehungszeiten iM Laufe zweier Jahrzehnten hauptsächlich aber durch Individualisierung bestimmter Persönlichkeiten (Ferdinand Weiss, Alfred Schnittke, Violeta Dinescu, Ro...

  1. Mozarts Gegenwärtigkeit in der zeitgenössischen Musik: Werken von F. Weiss, A. Schnittke, V. Dinescu, R. Vlad, A. Stroe, T. Olah, H.P. Türk und D. Dediu

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sandu-Dediu Valentina


    ... hauptsächlich aber durch Individualisierung bestimmter Persönlichkeiten (Ferdinand Weiss, Alfred Schnittke, Violeta Dinescu, Roman Vlad, Aurel Stroe, Tiberiu Olah, Hans-Peter Türk und Dan Dediu...

  2. Effects of feeding endophyte-infected fescue seed to Holstein cows during the dry period on plasma nitric oxide (NO), xanthine oxidase (XO) and haptoglobin (Hp) status in newborn calves. (United States)

    Fescue toxicosis in cattle, caused by ingestion of endophyte-infected fescue (EIF), is associated with decreased feed intake, growth, milk production and reproductive efficiency as well as decreased resistance to heat, transportation and immune stress. Increased inflammatory response to immune chal...

  3. SATNET Development and Operation. Pluribus Satellite IMP Development, Remote Site Maintenance. Internet Development. Mobile Access Terminal Network, TCP for the HP3000, TCP-TAC, TCP for VAX-UNIX (United States)


    0111 8.6.6 Timeouts.. ... * e c c cc.c c. cc...0 . ... 111l 8.7 Transmission Control Protocolo .0*00*0. *0.. .. 0,,,. 112 8.7.1 Connection...for the development of a low-cost Wideband Packet Satellite Network Node. The underlying attraction of this approach is its use of existing familiar ...attempting to develop novel approaches to the solution of these problems. These staff members must, of course, be fully familiar with the current methods

  4. Using high-performance ¹H NMR (HP-qNMR®) for the certification of organic reference materials under accreditation guidelines--describing the overall process with focus on homogeneity and stability assessment. (United States)

    Weber, Michael; Hellriegel, Christine; Rueck, Alexander; Wuethrich, Juerg; Jenks, Peter


    Quantitative NMR spectroscopy (qNMR) is gaining interest across both analytical and industrial research applications and has become an essential tool for the content assignment and quantitative determination of impurities. The key benefits of using qNMR as measurement method for the purity determination of organic molecules are discussed, with emphasis on the ability to establish traceability to "The International System of Units" (SI). The work describes a routine certification procedure from the point of view of a commercial producer of certified reference materials (CRM) under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditation, that resulted in a set of essential references for (1)H qNMR measurements, and the relevant application data for these substances are given. The overall process includes specific selection criteria, pre-tests, experimental conditions, homogeneity and stability studies. The advantages of an accelerated stability study over the classical stability-test design are shown with respect to shelf-life determination and shipping conditions. Copyright © 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Zachování HP minerálů a textur ve světlých a mafických granulitech Rychlebských hor


    Schlöglová, Kateřina


    Diploma thesis - Kateřina Schlöglová - 2011 1/2 English abstract Granulites of the Rychleby Mts. represent relics of high-pressure eclogite-facies metamorphic rocks that are scattered in various crustal and mantle segments of the Variscan orogen in central Europe. These rocks may provide important insights into early stages of Variscan plate convergence and burial as well as exhumation mechanisms. We use mineral assemblages and chemistry to reconstruct the pressure-temperature paths, mechanis...

  6. Technical requirements for implementation of an individual monitoring service for evaluation of operational quantity HP(10) using thermoluminescent dosimetry; Requisitos tecnicos para a implantacao de um servico de monitoracao individual externa de corpo inteiro para fotons utilizando dosimetria termoluminescente

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Francisco, Adelaide Benedita Armando


    This work aims to establish technical requirements for the development of a TLDs system for the assessment of operational quantity H{sub P}(10), in order to implement an external individual monitoring service in countries who do not have. This allows a better understanding of the technic and the thermoluminescent dosimetry system, thus contributing to identify the technical criteria to be followed by a dosimetry laboratory and evaluation of the dosimetric system performance. For this, the review of the specific literature of the dosimetry field was conducted and later the type and performance tests that must be followed by a dosimetric system were reproduced in practice. In additional was made a analysis of internationals standards norms and the technical regulation used in Brazil, to define the essentials type testes to a dosimetric system. To check the performance of a dosimetry system, a performance analysis of the Brazilian TLDs system was carried out over the past 6 years using the trumpet curve, where it was observed that most of TLDs system, in this review period, were approved and have excellent performance. The technical requirements for the development of a thermoluminescent dosimetry system ensure that the system provides technically reliable results and allow demonstration of compliance with the standard criteria established by national and international standards, and the implementation of the dosimetry system, is verified the compliance of the annual doses limits set for occupationally exposed. (author)

  7. Hairpin plum pox virus coat protein (hpPPV-CP) structure in 'HoneySweet' C5 plum provides PPV resistance when genetically engineered into plum (Prunus domestica) seedlings (United States)

    The genetically engineered plum 'HoneySweet' (aka C5) has proven to be highly resistant to Plum pox virus (PPV) for over 10 years in field trials. The original vector used for transformation to develop 'HoneySweet' carried a single sense sequence of the full length PPV coat protein (ppv-cp) gene, y...

  8. Virulência de Nematoides Entomopatogênicos (Rhabditida) LPP37‚ LPP38‚ LPP39‚ LPP40 E HP88 em Solos com Diferentes Concentrações Salinas em Tampão M9 -resumo-


    Felipe Da-Silva-Costa; L Parente-Ribeiro; Claudia Dolinski


    Os nematoides entomopatogênicos (NEPs) são representados por dois gêneros‚ Heterorhabditis poinar e Steinernema travassos. Ambos são patógenos obrigatórios de insetos‚ que possuem uma associação simbiótica com as bactérias patogênicas Photorhabdus e Xenorhabdus‚ respectivamente. Os Isolados Heterorhabditis sp. LPP37‚ Heterorhabditis sp. LPP38‚ Heterorhabditis sp. LPP39‚ Heterorhabditis sp. LPP40 foram isolados de áreas de manguezal do Noroeste Fluminense RJ. Foram utilizadas 10 placas de Petr...

  9. Early Results of a New Rotating Hinge Knee Implant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Giurea


    Full Text Available Background. Indication for rotating hinge (RH total knee arthroplasty (TKA includes primary and revision cases, with contradictory results. The aim of this study was to report prospective early results of a new modular rotating hinge TKA (EnduRo. For this implant several new design features and a new bearing material (carbon-fiber reinforced poly-ether-ether-ketone have been developed. Furthermore, we tried to establish a new classification of failure modes for revision TKA. Methods. 152 EnduRo rotating-hinge prostheses were implanted in two centers. In 90 patients a primary implantation has been performed and 62 patients were revision cases. Knee Society Score (KSS, Western Ontario and McMaster Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC, Oxford Knee Score (OKS, and Range of motion (ROM were assessed before surgery, 3 months postoperatively, 12 months postoperatively, and annually thereafter. We defined 3 types of complications: Type 1, infection; type 2, periprosthetic complications; type 3, implant failures. Results. KSS, WOMAC, OKS, and ROM revealed significant improvements between the preoperative and the follow-up investigations. There were 14 complications (9.2% leading to revision surgery, predominantly type 2. Conclusion. Our study shows excellent clinical results of the EnduRo TKA. Furthermore, no premature material failure or unusual biological response to the new bearing material could be detected.

  10. 77 FR 22792 - Non-Competitive Program Expansion Supplement To Revise, Update, and Disseminate Educational... (United States)


    .... Saint Louis University UB4HP19060 Missouri 427,879.00 42,222 The University of Montana UB4HP19056... College UB4HP19055 Tennessee 418,222.00 42,222 Baylor College of Medicine UB4HP19052 Texas 414,000.00 42...

  11. Iron deficiency anemia as the only sign of infection with Helicobacter pylori: a report of 9 pediatric cases. (United States)

    Russo-Mancuso, Giovanna; Branciforte, Francesca; Licciardello, Maria; La Spina, Milena


    Recently, an association between Helicobacter pylori (HP) and iron deficiency anemia (IDA) was proposed. We describe 9 pediatric patients with a history of long-standing IDA and HP infection. After HP test results were confirmed to be positive, anti-HP therapy consisting of omeprazole, clarithromycin, and amoxicillin was administered for 2 weeks. The hematologic profile and iron status were assessed before and periodically after the end of the eradication regimen. The eradication of HP was associated with stable normalization of iron stores. HP infection may be involved in cases of IDA of unknown origin, and the eradication of HP is associated with the resolution of anemia.

  12. Polymorphism of human haptoglobin and its clinical importance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vânia Peretti de Albuquerque Wobeto


    Full Text Available Haptoglobin (Hp is a plasma glycoprotein, the main biological function of which is to bind free hemoglobin (Hb and prevent the loss of iron and subsequent kidney damage following intravascular hemolysis. Haptoglobin is also a positive acute-phase protein with immunomodulatory properties. In humans, the HP locus is polymorphic, with two codominant alleles (HP1 and HP2 that yield three distinct genotypes/phenotypes (Hp1-1, Hp2-1 and Hp2-2. The corresponding proteins have structural and functional differences that may influence the susceptibility and/or outcome in several diseases. This article summarizes the available data on the structure and functions of Hp and the possible effects of Hp polymorphism in a number of important human disorders.

  13. Effects of 45S5 bioglass on surface properties of dental enamel subjected to 35% hydrogen peroxide (United States)

    Deng, Meng; Wen, Hai-Lin; Dong, Xiao-Li; Li, Feng; Xu, Xin; Li, Hong; Li, Ji-Yao; Zhou, Xue-Dong


    Tooth bleaching agents may weaken the tooth structure. Therefore, it is important to minimize any risks of tooth hard tissue damage caused by bleaching agents. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of applying 45S5 bioglass (BG) before, after, and during 35% hydrogen peroxide (HP) bleaching on whitening efficacy, physicochemical properties and microstructures of bovine enamel. Seventy-two bovine enamel blocks were prepared and randomly divided into six groups: distilled deionized water (DDW), BG, HP, BG before HP, BG after HP and BG during HP. Colorimetric and microhardness tests were performed before and after the treatment procedure. Representative specimens from each group were selected for morphology investigation after the final tests. A significant color change was observed in group HP, BG before HP, BG after HP and BG during HP. The microhardness loss was in the following order: group HP>BG before HP, BG after HP>BG during HP>DDW, BG. The most obvious morphological alteration of was observed on enamel surfaces in group HP, and a slight morphological alteration was also detected in group BG before HP and BG after HP. Our findings suggest that the combination use of BG and HP could not impede the tooth whitening efficacy. Using BG during HP brought better protective effect than pre/post-bleaching use of BG, as it could more effectively reduce the mineral loss as well as retain the surface integrity of enamel. BG may serve as a promising biomimetic adjunct for bleaching therapy to prevent/restore the enamel damage induced by bleaching agents. PMID:23743618


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ioan BÂCA


    Full Text Available Sport Tourism is a form of relaxation and active leisure based on motric activities that contribute to health maintenance. The social dimension of sport tourism results from its ability to mobilize large masses of the population to participate in recreational activities and to contribute to the pursuit of project development and exploiting potentially attractive regions (tourist resorts, recreational complexes, etc.. At the level of Bistriţa-Năsăud County, organising and pursuing sport tourism is based on three fundamental elements: natural resources, infrastructure, and tourism sport tradition. Among sport tourism activities, following are noteworthy: cycling tourism, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, navigation, skiing, paragliding, alpine skiing, ski touring, enduro, etc.

  15. Odtekstowić świat: poetyckie afordancje w projekcie "Dom wzgórz"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marek Pieniążek


    Full Text Available The author discusses the contemporary aspects of culture which allows for self-construction of identity. He also points out that in the areas of arts and sciences we can observe transcending the traditional disciplinary divisions. Scientific discoveries often become similar to artistic experiments. Therefore, new opportunities for creative activities are opening up for researchers with competencies of artists. The author discusses the analysis of the effects of such artistic and scientific activities with the use of the concept of affordances James J. Gibson. New techno-biological possibilities of artistic creation are presented on the example of cultural transmobility that was obtained with the use of Husqvarna enduro motorcycle. The last part of the essay is presenting the novelty of scientific experiments with exploring poetic techno-bio-performances, in which the individual opening to the world (affordance becomes a way of creating non-textual ways of representing experience.

  16. Experimental and numerical investigation on the motorcycle front frame flexibility and its effect on stability (United States)

    Cossalter, V.; Doria, A.; Massaro, M.; Taraborrelli, L.


    It is well known that front fork flexibility may have a significant effect on motorcycle stability. This work addresses the problem of developing lumped element models of the front fork from experimental results. The front forks of an enduro motorcycle and of a super sport motorcycle are characterized performing static, dynamic and modal tests by means of specific testing equipment. The concept of wheel twisting axis is proposed to characterize static and dynamic deformability of the front fork. Modal analysis results show the presence of two important modes of vibration of the front assembly in the low frequency range: the lateral mode and the longitudinal mode. Different lumped models are discussed and a new model that takes into account information obtained from static and dynamic tests is proposed. Simulations are carried out by means of a multibody code and show the effect of the front assembly deformability on the weave and wobble vibration modes.

  17. Association of Helicobacter pylori infection with serum vitamin B12 level in women of gestational age in Khorram Abad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    fatemeh Yari


    Findings: There was no significant difference between mean age of HP positive and HP negative participants. 76 out of 110 (72.2% samples were HP positive. The rate of HP seropositivity was significantly higher in patients with serum vitamin B12 level less than 12 pg/ml. who had lower and moderate vitamin B12 levels (145-180 pg/ml, that is 94% vs 64.5%, P<0.013. Conclusion: High HP seropositivity rate among patients with low-normal less serum vitamin B12 levels than normal indicates that there may be an association between HP infection and serum vitamin B12 levels.

  18. Potential health implication of in vitro human low-density lipoprotein-vitamin E oxidation modulation by polyphenols derived from Côte d'Ivoire's oil palm species. (United States)

    Monde, Absalome; Carbonneau, Marie-Annette; Michel, Françoise; Lauret, Celine; Diabate, Sekou; Konan, Eugene; Sess, Daniel; Cristol, Jean-Paul


    Antioxidant activities of polyphenolic compounds extracted (PPEs) from ripe fruits of oil palms are investigated by studying their in vitro effects on human low-density lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation. Four oil palm species ( Elaeis guineensis ) are issued from the National Centre of Agronomic Research of Côte d'Ivoire, of which two are parental varieties (HP1 and HP2), while the other two are crossing varieties (HP3 and HP4). The main identified compounds were rutin (HP3 and HP4) and caffeic and chlorogenic (5-caffeoyl quinic) acids (HP1, HP3, and HP4). The highest total phenolic content was found for HP4, while it was significantly lower for HP2. Antioxidative effects were monitored by Cu(2+)- or 2,2'-azobis(2-amidinopropane) hydrochloride (AAPH)-induced generation of conjugated dienes (lag time and oxidation rate). The highest PPE specific antioxidant activity (SAA) values were obtained with crossing varieties (HP3 and HP4) in the copper-oxidation assay. In the AAPH-oxidation assay, SAA values were comparable for all four varieties. PPEs were effective at preventing LDL-vitamin E depletion in vitro. They could exert direct beneficial antioxidant effects on vitamin E and other antioxidants contained in food and beverages in vivo, within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. These data could also be of particular importance for a healthier nutrition or the management of chronic diseases by a polyphenol-rich diet.

  19. In vivo and in vitro studies establishing haptoglobin as a major susceptibility gene for diabetic vascular disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rabea Asleh


    Full Text Available Rabea Asleh, Andrew P LevyFaculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, IsraelAbstract: Hemoglobin (Hb released during hemolysis is a potent oxidant. Extracorpuscular Hb may enter the vessel wall and mediate low-density lipoprotein oxidation, thereby promoting the development and progression of atherosclerosis. Haptoglobin (Hp is an antioxidant protein as a result of its ability to bind Hb and block Hb-induced oxidative damage. Hp also facilitates the removal of Hb from the extravascular compartment via the CD163 macrophage scavenger receptor. In man, there are two common alleles for Hp denoted 1 and 2, and correspondingly, three different possible genotypes: Hp1-1, Hp2-1, and Hp2-2. We have recently demonstrated in several longitudinal studies that Hp genotype is an independent risk factor for diabetic vascular complications. Specifically, we have shown that diabetic individuals with Hp 2-2 are more likely to develop nephropathy, retinopathy, and cardiovascular disease as compared with those with Hp2-1 or Hp1-1. Mechanistically, we have found significant Hp type differences in the antioxidant and CD163-mediated scavenging and activation functions of the different Hp protein types. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that these functions are modified in the diabetic state. In this review, we focus on the clinical studies associating the Hp polymorphism and diabetic vascular complications, and the molecular basis behind this interaction.Keywords: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, haptoglobin polymorphism, hemoglobin, oxidative stress

  20. Degradation and effect of hydrogen peroxide in small-scale recirculation aquaculture system biofilters

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Møller, Martin Sune; Arvin, Erik; Pedersen, Lars-Flemming


    From an environmental point of view, hydrogen peroxide (HP) has beneficial attributes compared with other disinfectants in terms of its ready degradation and neutral by-products. The rapid degradation of HP can, however, cause difficulties with regard to safe and efficient water treatment when...... applied in different systems. In this study, we investigated the degradation kinetics of HP in biofilters from water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The potential effect of HP on the nitrification process in the biofilters was also examined. Biofilter elements from two different pilot-scale RAS...... were exposed to various HP treatments in batch experiments, and the HP concentration was found to follow an exponential decay. The biofilter ammonia and nitrite oxidation processes showed quick recuperation after exposure to a single dose of HP up to 30 mg L−1. An average HP concentration of 10–13 mg L...

  1. Prophylactic colectomy for hyperplastic polyposis.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Doran, D


    Hyperplastic polyposis (HP) is important to recognise as it increases the risk of adenomata which may develop dysplastic change or frank adenocarcinoma. We present the case of a 58-year-old woman with HP.

  2. Control Oriented Model of a Variable Geometry Turbocharger in an Engine with Two EGR Loops Modélisation de compresseur à géométrie variable dédiée au contrôle pour un moteur avec deux boucles EGR

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Chauvin J; Grondin O; Moulin P


    ... Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) loops: High Pressure (HP) and Low Pressure (LP). This model is implemented in a basic control strategy and evaluated experimentally during tests with LP or HP EGR...

  3. Medical and Dental Patient Issues (United States)

    ... Arizona Atlanta Baltimore-Washington Buckeye Cascade Central Rocky Mountain Cincinnati Columbia Deep South Delaware Valley East Tennessee ... Heritage Strategic Plan The Lighter Side Publications HP Journal Submit Manuscript Highlights Archive Journal Online HP News ( ...

  4. Pregnancy and Radiation Exposure (United States)

    ... Arizona Atlanta Baltimore-Washington Buckeye Cascade Central Rocky Mountain Cincinnati Columbia Deep South Delaware Valley East Tennessee ... Heritage Strategic Plan The Lighter Side Publications HP Journal Submit Manuscript Highlights Archive Journal Online HP News ( ...

  5. Doses from Medical Radiation Sources (United States)

    ... Arizona Atlanta Baltimore-Washington Buckeye Cascade Central Rocky Mountain Cincinnati Columbia Deep South Delaware Valley East Tennessee ... Heritage Strategic Plan The Lighter Side Publications HP Journal Submit Manuscript Highlights Archive Journal Online HP News ( ...

  6. Helium compressors for closed-cycle, 4.5-Kelvin refrigerators (United States)

    Hanson, T. R.


    An improved helium compressor for traveling-wave maser and closed-cycle refrigerator systems was developed and is currently being supplied to the DSN. This new 5-hp compressor package is designed to replace the current 3-hp DSN compressors. The new compressor package was designed to retrofit into the existing 3-hp compressor frame and reuse many of the same components, therefore saving the cost of documenting and fabricating these components when implementing a new 5-hp compressor.

  7. 75 FR 12800 - Petitions for Modification (United States)


    ... National Electric Code for 480 Volt AC 250 H.P. and 300 H.P. head drive motors. The petitioner states that... be set higher than is currently allowed by the National Electric Code; (6) means will be provided to... use of smaller cables than allowed by the National Electric Code for 480 Volt AC 250 H.P. and 300 H.P...

  8. Passion and dependency in online shopping activities. (United States)

    Wang, Chih-Chien; Yang, Hui-Wen


    This study examines the influence of harmonious passion (HP) and obsessive passion (OP) to online shopping dependency. The results show that both HP and OP might lead to online shopping dependency and online shoppers with OP are more dependent on online shopping activities. In addition, this study also found out that HP and OP could be denoted as a sequence of different intensities of passion, where HP might be a necessity of OP.

  9. Pressure fluctuations on the bed of surge tank at the H.P. Zimapan, Hgo., with different arrangements studied on hydraulic model, with the lowest operation conditions; Fluctuaciones de presion en la base del pozo de oscilacion del P.H. Zimapan Hgo., con diferentes arreglos estudiados en modelo hidraulico ante las condiciones minimas de operacion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marengo Mogollon, H. [Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Ochoa Alvarez, F.J.; Cortes Cortes, C. [Comision Federal de Electricidad (Mexico)]. E-mail:;


    In this paper, the pressure fluctuations of the surge tank in the Zimapan Hydroelectric Project are compared in a hydraulic model. The shaft is located lateral, over the conduction tunnel and in the simple form (permitting the tunnel entering the shaft); with and without orifice plates taking into account the demand and supply condition of energy with the minimum level of water of the conduction. It was determined the hydraulic efficiency and it was found that it was the best constructive option. [Spanish] En este articulo se comparan las fluctuaciones de presion en el pozo de oscilacion del P.H. Zimapan, Hgo., Mexico las cuales fueron estudiadas en modelo hidraulico al considerar dicho pozo ubicado en diferentes posiciones; lateralmente y sobre el eje de la conduccion; pozo simple y con tuberia de conexion; con y sin placa de orificio, para maniobras de rechazo y demanda de carga de las turbinas de generacion con el nivel del agua correspondiente al NAMINO. Se determino la eficiencia hidraulica comparandola con las otras opciones encontrandose que la mejor opcion para el funcionamiento hidraulico es el pozo lateral, que ademas permite optimizar el procedimiento constructivo.

  10. La actividad peroxidasa en caña de azúcar (Saccharum spp: evolución temporal de la reacción y su posible rol en la resistencia a la roya marrón (Puccinia melanocephala, H&P

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available La roya marrón de la caña de azúcar, causada por Puccinia melanocephala, es una enfermedad foliar de preocupación en casi todos los países donde se cultiva la caña de azúcar. Los programas de mejoramiento del cultivo se encuentran en la búsqueda de fuentes de resistencia de la planta al patógeno.

  11. Measurement of conversion coefficients between air Kerma and personal dose equivalent and backscatter factors for diagnostic X-ray beams; Determinacao experimental dos coeficientes de conversao de Kerma no ar para o equivalente de dose pessoal, Hp(d), e fatores de retroespalhamento em feixes de raios-x diagnostico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rosado, Paulo Henrique Goncalves


    Two sets of quantities are import in radiological protection: the protection and operational quantities. Both sets can be related to basic physical quantities such as kerma through conversion coefficients. For diagnostic x-ray beams the conversion coefficients and backscatter factors have not been determined yet, those parameters are need for calibrating dosimeters that will be used to determine the personal dose equivalent or the entrance skin dose. Conversion coefficients between air kerma and personal dose equivalent and backscatter factors were experimentally determined for the diagnostic x-ray qualities RQR and RQA recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The air kerma in the phantom and the mean energy of the spectrum were measured for such purpose. Harshaw LiF-100H thermoluminescent dosemeters (TLD) were used for measurements after being calibrated against an 180 cm{sup 3} Radcal Corporation ionization chamber traceable to a reference laboratory. A 300 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) slab phantom was used for deep-dose measurements. Tl dosemeters were placed in the central axis of the x-ray beam at 5, 10, 15, 25 and 35 mm depth in the phantom upstream the beam direction Another required parameter for determining the conversion coefficients from was the mean energy of the x-ray spectrum. The spectroscopy of x-ray beams was done with a CdTe semiconductor detector that was calibrated with {sup 133} Ba, {sup 241} Am and {sup 57} Co radiation sources. Measurements of the x-ray spectra were carried out for all RQR and RQA IEC qualities. Corrections due to the detector intrinsic efficiency, total energy absorption, escape fraction of the characteristic x-rays, Compton effect and attenuation in the detector were done aiming an the accurate determination of the mean energy. Measured x-ray spectra were corrected with the stripping method by using these response functions. The typical combined standard uncertainties of conversion coefficients and backscatter factors were 12% and 6% respectively. (author)

  12. The Haptoglobin-CD163-Heme Oxygenase-1 Pathway for Hemoglobin Scavenging

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, Jens Haugbølle; Etzerodt, Anders; Svendsen, Pia


    in macrophages followed by lysosomal Hp-Hb breakdown and HO-1-catalyzed conversion of heme into the metabolites carbon monoxide (CO), biliverdin, and iron. The plasma concentration of Hp is a limiting factor as evident during accelerated hemolysis, where the Hp depletion may cause serious Hb-induced toxicity...

  13. First introduction of highly pathogenic H5NI avian influenza A viruses in wild and domestic birds in Denmark, Northern Europe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bragstad, K.; Jørgensen, Poul Henrik; Handberg, Kurt


    Background: Since 2005 highly pathogenic ( HP) avian influenza A H5N1 viruses have spread from Asia to Africa and Europe infecting poultry, humans and wild birds. HP H5N1 virus was isolated in Denmark for the first time in March 2006. A total of 44 wild birds were found positive for the HP H5N1 i...

  14. Strategier for udredning og behandling af dyspepsi

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jarbøl, Dorte Ejg; Kjeldsen, H.C.; Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Ove B.


    almen praksis er empirisk behandling med antisekretorisk medicin, med efterfølgende endoskopi for nonrespondere. Noninvasiv test for Helico-bacter pylori (Hp) efterfulgt af eradikationskur til Hp-positive (Hp- test-and-treat ) er en strategi, der anbefales i flere guidelines til yngre patienter...

  15. East ad Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peak ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    was interfaced with an HP-85 microcomputer to facilitate the rapid acquisition of the spectro- chromatographic data. In addition, the detector was equipped with a 4.5 p1 volume flow cell. This system was connected to an HP 9 12 1 dual disc drive, an HP 7470A plotter and an ink-jet printer (Hewlett-Packard, Avondale, USA).

  16. Benchmarking Curriculum Content in Entry-Level Health Professional Education with Special Reference to Health Promotion Practice in Physical Therapy: A Multi-Institutional International Study (United States)

    Bodner, Michael E.; Rhodes, Ryan E.; Miller, William C.; Dean, Elizabeth


    Health promotion (HP) warrants being a clinical competency for health professionals given the global burden of lifestyle-related conditions; these are largely preventable with lifestyle behavior change. Physical therapists have a practice pattern conducive to HP, including lifestyle behavior change. The extent to which HP content is included in…

  17. Experiment list: SRX507380 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available + (wildtype) || age of animals=1-5 day old || tissue=Ovaries || chip antibody=anti-HP1 || chip antibody vend...1770: WT anti-HP1- replicate#2; Drosophila melanogaster; ChIP-Seq source_name=WT_WT_anti-HP1 || strain=piwi/

  18. Polysaccharides of St. John’s Wort Herb Stimulate NHDF Proliferation and NEHK Differentiation via Influence on Extracellular Structures and Signal Pathways

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Abakuks


    Full Text Available St. John's Wort herb extracts often contain undesirable or volitional polysaccharides. As polysaccharides exhibit structure-dependent biological functions in the present study water-soluble polysaccharides were extracted from herb material, fractionated by anion exchange chromatography into four main polysaccharide fractions (denominated as Hp1, Hp2, Hp3 and Hp4 and characterized by HPAEC-PAD, CE, IR and GC-MS. Biological activity on human skin keratinocytes and fibroblasts was assessed by investigation of their effect on proliferation, metabolism, cytotoxicity, apoptosis and differentiation. The underlying mechanisms were investigated in gene expression studies. Polysaccharide fraction Hp1 was mainly composed of β-D-glucose. Hp2, Hp3 and Hp4 contained pectic structures and arabinogalactan proteins varying in composition and quantity. Polysaccharides of Hp1 induced the keratinocyte differentiation by inhibiting the gene expression of the epidermal growth factor and insulin receptor. While the collagen secretion of fibroblasts was stimulated by each polysaccharide fraction only Hp1 stimulated the synthesis. The fibroblast proliferation was reduced by Hp1 and increased by Hp4. This effect was related to the influence on genes that referred to oxidative stress, metabolism, transcription processes and extracellular proteins. In conclusion polysaccharides have been shown as biologically active ingredients of aqueous St. John's Wort extracts with a relation between their structural characteristics and function.

  19. 1. Association between Presence of Haptoglobin Phenotypes and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    1 (58%), Hp 2-1. (14%) and Hp 2-2 (28%). In the hypertensive group 31. (62%) had Hp1-1 phenotype compared to 27 (54%) of the normotensives. There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups with regard to the.

  20. Investigation fo Helicobacter Pylori prevalance in children with vitamine B12 deficiency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    ishak abdurrahman isik


    Conclusion: Although vitamin B 12 levels of HP positive patients were lower than that of HP negative patients this differance was not statistically significant. Hereafter new studies with high number of patients will be helpful to investigate relation between HP infection and vitamin B 12 deficiency. [J Contemp Med 2015; 5(4.000: 221-225

  1. Beneficial effects of hydroxyapatite on enamel subjected to 30% hydrogen peroxide. (United States)

    Jiang, Tao; Ma, Xiao; Wang, Zhejun; Tong, Hua; Hu, Jiming; Wang, Yining


    To evaluate the effect of combination of hydroxyapatite (HA) and hydrogen peroxide (HP) on color, microhardness and morphology of human tooth enamel. Forty-eight human dental blocks were obtained from 12 pairs of premolars and were randomly divided into four groups. Group DW was treated with distilled water, group HP with 30% HP, group HA+DW with HA mixed with distilled water and group HA+HP with HA mixed with 30% HP. Baseline and final color measurements and microhardness test were carried out before and after bleaching experiments. Two specimens from each group were selected for morphological investigation after final tests. The DeltaE of group HP and HA+HP were significantly higher than those of group DW (p=0.000 and p=0.000) and group HA+DW (p=0.000 and p=0.000). The percentage microhardness loss of group HA+HP was significantly lower than that of group HP (p=0.047), but significantly higher than those of group DW (p=0.000) and group HA+DW (p=0.000). The obvious variation of morphology was only observed on enamel surfaces in group HP. This study suggested that combination of HA and HP was effective in tooth whitening. HA could significantly reduce the microhardness loss of enamel caused by 30% HP and keep enamel surface morphology almost unchanged.

  2. The Nuts and Bolts of Delivering New Technical Reports via Database-Generated RSS Feeds (United States)

    Zhu, Qin


    At the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Labs Research Library, the metadata of HP Labs technical reports (research papers, reports, and articles) is managed through their customized library catalog system. RSS is used to make newly published technical reports from the ILS available externally as RSS feeds on the HP Labs Technical Reports Web site and…

  3. Helicobacter pylori Infection and Development of Gastric Cancer a 10-Year Follow-up Population-Based Study in a High Incidence Area

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sadjadi, Alireza; Alizadeh, Behrooz Z.; Babaei, Masoud; Derakhshan, Mohammad H.; Ahmadi, Emad; Etemadi, Arash; Houshiar, Afshin; Pourfarzi, Farhad; Yazdanbod, Abbas; Sotoudeh, Masoud; de Bock, Geertruida H.; Malekzadeh, Reza

    Backgrounds & Aim: H. pylori (HP) infection is the most important etiology of gastric cancer (GC) in the world but it causes GC in only a minority of those infected .Eradication of HP can decrease the development of GC only in the subgroup of HP infected subjects without precancerous lesions.

  4. 40 CFR 60.4230 - Am I subject to this subpart? (United States)


    ... this section. For the purposes of this subpart, the date that construction commences is the date the... or equal to 500 HP (except lean burn engines with a maximum engine power greater than or equal to 500 HP and less than 1,350 HP); (ii) On or after January 1, 2008, for lean burn engines with a maximum...

  5. Utilizing High Pressure Processing to Induce Structural Changes in Dairy and Meat Products

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Orlien, Vibeke


    High pressure (HP) is capable of modifying the functional properties of milk and meat proteins by pressure-induced changes of the molecular structure. Therefore, HP treatment of milk and meat has been extensively investigated to understand, clarify, and utilize HP processing in the food industry...

  6. Re-evaluation of the haptoglobin reference values with the radial immunodiffusion technique

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rijn, H.J.M. van; Schreurs, W.H.P.; Schrijver, J.


    The reference values of the three main types of serum haptoglobin Hp 1-1, Hp 2-1, and Hp 2-2, as determined by radial immunodiffusion and with phenotype determination on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis have been re-evaluated for both sexes. For that purpose about 500 serum samples were collected

  7. 2026- IJBCS-Article-Madieye Gueye

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    hémoglobine (Hb) plasmatique, susceptible d'exposer les hématies à un stress oxydant. L'haptoglobine présente trois phénotypes majeurs (Hp. 1-1, Hp 2-1 et Hp 2-2) susceptibles de fixer l'hémoglobine extracellulaire avec une efficacité différente.

  8. High pressure treatment of brine enhanced pork affects endopeptidase activity, protein solubility, and peptide formation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grossi, Alberto Blak; Gkarane, Vasiliki; Otte, Jeanette Anita Held


    at 600 MPa following storage at 2 °C for up to 8 weeks. In this report a novel protocol for SDS gelatin zymography was established, and an increase of cathepsin B and L activity after HP treatment was shown followed by a decrease during storage. No calpain activity was detected following HP treatment. HP...

  9. Hansenula polymorpha Pmt4p Plays Critical Roles in O-Mannosylation of Surface Membrane Proteins and Participates in Heteromeric Complex Formation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hyunah Kim

    Full Text Available O-mannosylation, the addition of mannose to serine and threonine residues of secretory proteins, is a highly conserved post-translational modification found in organisms ranging from bacteria to humans. Here, we report the functional and molecular characterization of the HpPMT4 gene encoding a protein O-mannosyltransferase in the thermotolerant methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha, an emerging host for the production of therapeutic recombinant proteins. Compared to the deletion of HpPMT1, deletion of another major PMT gene, HpPMT4, resulted in more increased sensitivity to the antibiotic hygromycin B, caffeine, and osmotic stresses, but did not affect the thermotolerance of H. polymorpha. Notably, the deletion of HpPMT4 generated severe defects in glycosylation of the surface sensor proteins HpWsc1p and HpMid2p, with marginal effects on secreted glycoproteins such as chitinase and HpYps1p lacking a GPI anchor. However, despite the severely impaired mannosylation of surface sensor proteins in the Hppmt4∆ mutant, the phosphorylation of HpMpk1p and HpHog1p still showed a high increase upon treatment with cell wall disturbing agents or high concentrations of salts. The conditional Hppmt1pmt4∆ double mutant strains displayed severely impaired growth, enlarged cell size, and aberrant cell separation, implying that the loss of HpPMT4 function might be lethal to cells in the absence of HpPmt1p. Moreover, the HpPmt4 protein was found to form not only a homomeric complex but also a heteromeric complex with either HpPmt1p or HpPmt2p. Altogether, our results support the function of HpPmt4p as a key player in O-mannosylation of cell surface proteins and its participation in the formation of heterodimers with other PMT members, besides homodimer formation, in H. polymorpha.

  10. Haptoglobin gene subtypes in three Brazilian population groups of different ethnicities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana L. Miranda-Vilela


    Full Text Available Haptoglobin is a plasma hemoglobin-binding protein that limits iron loss during normal erythrocyte turnover and hemolysis, thereby preventing oxidative damage mediated by iron excess in the circulation. Haptoglobin polymorphism in humans, characterized by the Hp*1 and Hp*2 alleles, results in distinct phenotypes known as Hp1-1, Hp2-1 and Hp2-2, whose frequencies vary according to the ethnic origin of the population. The Hp*1 allele has two subtypes, Hp*1F and Hp*1S, that also vary in their frequencies among populations worldwide. In this work, we examined the distribution frequencies of haptoglobin subtypes in three Brazilian population groups of different ethnicities. The haptoglobin genotypes of Kayabi Amerindians (n = 56, Kalunga Afro-descendants (n = 70 and an urban population (n = 132 were determined by allele-specific PCR. The Hp*1F allele frequency was highest in Kalunga (29.3% and lowest in Kayabi (2.6%. The Hp*1F/Hp*1S allele frequency ratios were 0.6, 1.0 and 0.26 for the Kayabi, Kalunga and urban populations, respectively. This variation was attributable largely to the Hp*1F allele. However, despite the large variation in Hp*1F frequencies, results of FST (0.0291 indicated slight genetic differentiation among subpopulations of the general Brazilian population studied here. This is the first Brazilian report of variations in the Hp *1F and Hp*1S frequencies among non-Amerindian Brazilians.

  11. Modulation of quantum dots and clearance of helicobacter pylori with synergy of cell autophagy. (United States)

    Huang, Yu; Deng, Xin; Lang, Jian; Liang, Xingqiu


    Helicobacter pylori (Hp) is one type of Gram-negative pathogenic bacterium that colonizes and causes a wide range of gastric diseases. Once Hp penetrates into cells, the currently recognized triple or quadruple therapy often loses effectiveness. Recent evidence suggests that autophagy is closely associated with Hp infection, and can play an important role in the eradication of Hp. More importantly, certain types of quantum dots (QDs) can induce and modulate cellular autophagy, and can be developed into conjugates making QDs potential candidates as new anti-Hp agents. Copyright © 2018. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  12. Space shuttle heat pipe thermal control systems (United States)

    Alario, J.


    Heat pipe (HP) thermal control systems designed for possible space shuttle applications were built and tested under this program. They are: (1) a HP augmented cold rail, (2) a HP/phase change material (PCM) modular heat sink and (3) a HP radiating panel for compartment temperature control. The HP augmented cold rail is similar to a standard two-passage fluid cold rail except that it contains an integral, centrally located HP throughout its length. The central HP core helps to increase the local power density capability by spreading concentrated heat inputs over the entire rail. The HP/PCM modular heat sink system consists of a diode HP connected in series to a standard HP that has a PCM canister attached to its mid-section. It is designed to connect a heat source to a structural heat sink during normal operation, and to automatically decouple from it and sink to the PCM whenever structural temperatures are too high. The HP radiating panel is designed to conductively couple the panel feeder HPs directly to a fluid line that serves as a source of waste heat. It is a simple strap-on type of system that requires no internal or external line modifications to distribute the heat to a large radiating area.

  13. Entrepreneurship in health education and health promotion: five cardinal rules. (United States)

    Eddy, James M; Stellefson, Michael L


    The nature of health education and health promotion (HE/HP) offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurial activity. As primary prevention of chronic diseases becomes a more central component of the health and/ or medical care continuum, entrepreneurial opportunities for health educators will continue to expand. The process used to design, implement, and evaluate health promotion and disease prevention has clear articulation with entrepreneurial, marketing management, and other business processes. Thus, entrepreneurs in HE/HP must be able to utilize business process to facilitate creative, new HE/HP business ideas. The purpose of this article is to weave theory and practical application into a primer on entrepreneurial applications in HE/HP. More specifically, the authors meld their prospective experiences and expertise to provide background thoughts on entrepreneurship in HE/HP and develop a framework for establishing an entrepreneurial venture in HE/HP. Five Cardinal Rules for Entrepreneurs in HE/HP are proposed.

  14. Generation of a haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex-specific Fab antibody blocking the binding of the complex to CD163

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Horn, Ivo R; Nielsen, Marianne Jensby; Madsen, Mette


    During intravascular hemolysis hemoglobin (Hb) binds to haptoglobin (Hp) leading to endocytosis of the complex by the macrophage receptor, CD163. In the present study, we used a phage-display Fab antibody strategy to explore if the complex formation between Hp and Hb leads to exposure of antigenic...... was measured for non-complexed Hp or Hb. The Fab antibody completely inhibited the binding of 125I-labeled Hp-Hb complexes to CD163 and blocked their uptake in CD163-transfected cells. In conclusion, we have raised a receptor-blocking antibody specifically recognizing the Hp-Hb complex. In addition to provide...... new insight into the changes occurring when Hp and Hb bind, the present study provides a new potential tool for measuring and removal of Hp-Hb complexes from plasma/serum....

  15. Plasma haptoglobin levels and radiation chimeras in mice. [Gamma radiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hayakawa, J.; Tsuchiya, T.; Dei, T.


    When irradiated mice were grafted with allogeneic bone marrow, their plasma haptoglobin(Hp) significantly increased 2 weeks after grafting. To elucidate the generation of the increase of Hp in allogeneic bone marrow recipients, the relationship between the Hp levels and allograft reactions was assessed. The Hp levels of irradiated recipients, which were inoculated with allogeneic spleen cells, increased with the increase of alloantigen-sensitive units in donor cells. The positive correlation between the Hp levels and graft-versus-host reactions evaluated by spleen weight assay was also observed in unirradiated F/sub 1/ hybrid mice which received parental spleen cells. It is, therefore, suspected that the elevated Hp levels found in allogeneic-bone-marrow recipients are associated with lymphoid cell proliferation initiated by alloantigenic stimulations, and it was concluded that Hp levels in allogeneic-bone-marrow recipients provide an indicator of the degree of allograft reactions.

  16. High-pressure studies with x-rays using diamond anvil cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shen, Guoyin; Mao, Ho Kwang


    Pressure profoundly alters all states of matter. The symbiotic development of ultrahigh-pressure diamond anvil cells, to compress samples to sustainable multi-megabar pressures; and synchrotron x-ray techniques, to probe materials' properties in situ, has enabled the exploration of rich high-pressure (HP) science. In this article, we first introduce the essential concept of diamond anvil cell technology, together with recent developments and its integration with other extreme environments. We then provide an overview of the latest developments in HP synchrotron techniques, their applications, and current problems, followed by a discussion of HP scientific studies using x-rays in the key multidisciplinary fields. These HP studies include: HP x-ray emission spectroscopy, which provides information on the filled electronic states of HP samples; HP x-ray Raman spectroscopy, which probes the HP chemical bonding changes of light elements; HP electronic inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy, which accesses high energy electronic phenomena, including electronic band structure, Fermi surface, excitons, plasmons, and their dispersions; HP resonant inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy, which probes shallow core excitations, multiplet structures, and spin-resolved electronic structure; HP nuclear resonant x-ray spectroscopy, which provides phonon densities of state and time-resolved Mössbauer information; HP x-ray imaging, which provides information on hierarchical structures, dynamic processes, and internal strains; HP x-ray diffraction, which determines the fundamental structures and densities of single-crystal, polycrystalline, nanocrystalline, and non-crystalline materials; and HP radial x-ray diffraction, which yields deviatoric, elastic and rheological information. Integrating these tools with hydrostatic or uniaxial pressure media, laser and resistive heating, and cryogenic cooling, has enabled investigations of the structural, vibrational, electronic, and

  17. High-pressure studies with x-rays using diamond anvil cells (United States)

    Shen, Guoyin; Mao, Ho Kwang


    Pressure profoundly alters all states of matter. The symbiotic development of ultrahigh-pressure diamond anvil cells, to compress samples to sustainable multi-megabar pressures; and synchrotron x-ray techniques, to probe materials’ properties in situ, has enabled the exploration of rich high-pressure (HP) science. In this article, we first introduce the essential concept of diamond anvil cell technology, together with recent developments and its integration with other extreme environments. We then provide an overview of the latest developments in HP synchrotron techniques, their applications, and current problems, followed by a discussion of HP scientific studies using x-rays in the key multidisciplinary fields. These HP studies include: HP x-ray emission spectroscopy, which provides information on the filled electronic states of HP samples; HP x-ray Raman spectroscopy, which probes the HP chemical bonding changes of light elements; HP electronic inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy, which accesses high energy electronic phenomena, including electronic band structure, Fermi surface, excitons, plasmons, and their dispersions; HP resonant inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopy, which probes shallow core excitations, multiplet structures, and spin-resolved electronic structure; HP nuclear resonant x-ray spectroscopy, which provides phonon densities of state and time-resolved Mössbauer information; HP x-ray imaging, which provides information on hierarchical structures, dynamic processes, and internal strains; HP x-ray diffraction, which determines the fundamental structures and densities of single-crystal, polycrystalline, nanocrystalline, and non-crystalline materials; and HP radial x-ray diffraction, which yields deviatoric, elastic and rheological information. Integrating these tools with hydrostatic or uniaxial pressure media, laser and resistive heating, and cryogenic cooling, has enabled investigations of the structural, vibrational, electronic, and

  18. Loss of heterochromatin protein 1 gamma reduces the number of primordial germ cells via impaired cell cycle progression in mice. (United States)

    Abe, Kanae; Naruse, Chie; Kato, Tomoaki; Nishiuchi, Takumi; Saitou, Mitinori; Asano, Masahide


    Signals from extraembryonic tissues in mice determine which proximal epiblast cells become primordial germ cells (PGCs). After their specification, approximately 40 PGCs appear at the base of the allantoic bud and migrate to the genital ridges, where they expand to about 25 000 cells by Embryonic Day (E)13.5. The heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) family members HP1alpha, HP1beta, and HP1gamma (CBX5, CBX1, and CBX3, respectively) are thought to induce heterochromatin structure and to regulate gene expression by binding methylated histone H3 lysine 9. We found a dramatic loss of germ cells before meiosis in HP1gamma mutant (HP1gamma(-/-)) mice that we generated previously. The reduction in PGCs in HP1gamma(-/-) embryos was detectable from the early bud stage (E7.25), and the number of HP1gamma(-/-) PGCs was gradually reduced thereafter. Bromodeoxyuridine incorporation into PGCs was significantly reduced in E7.25 and E12.5 HP1gamma(-/-) embryos. Furthermore, a lower proportion of HP1gamma(-/-) PGCs than wild-type PGCs was in S phase, and a higher proportion, respectively, was in G1 phase at E12.5. Moreover, the proportion of p21 (Cip, official symbol CDKN1A)-positive HP1gamma(-/-) PGCs was increased, suggesting that the G1/S phase transition was inhibited. However, no differences were detected between fate determination, migration, apoptosis, or histone modification of PGCs of control embryos and those of HP1gamma(-/-) embryos. Therefore, the reduction in PGCs in HP1gamma(-/-) embryos could be caused by impaired cell cycle in PGCs. These results suggest that HP1gamma plays an important role in keeping enough germ cells by regulating the PGC cell cycle.

  19. Histoplasmosis in the Muñiz Hospital of Buenos Aires Histoplasmose no Hospital Muñiz de Buenos Aires

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amadeo J. Bava


    Full Text Available Some epidemiological and immunological characteristics and the methodology of diagnosis of 44 cases of histoplasmosis (HP; 36 (27 males and 9 women associated with AIDS (HP+AIDS and 8 (7 males and 1 female with other predisposing factors (HP+non AIDS, diagnosed in the Muñiz Hospital (MH during 1994, were retrospectively studied. The median age (MA of HP+AIDS patients was 28 years; 25.5 (22-40 in the women and 28.5 (20-42 in the men and 50 (22-58 years in the HP+non AIDS patients. The more frequent risk factors for HIV infection were intravenous drug addiction (55% and homo/bisexuality (19%. The MA of these groups were 28 (20-39 and 41 (26-42 years, respectively. Tobaccoism was a predisposing factor in 83% of HP+non AIDS patients. The muco-cutaneous lesions scraping and blood-cultures established the initial diagnosis in 53% and 36% of HP+AIDS patients, respectively and the muco-cutaneous lesions biopsies in 75% of HP+non AIDS cases. At time of diagnosis, all HP+AIDS patients had 200 CD4 + lymphocytes/µl. Seventy two per cent of HP+AIDS patients were born in Buenos Aires (Bs As city and 62% of HP+non AIDS patients were born in provinces of Argentina other than Bs As. At moment of diagnosis, 87.5% of HP+AIDS and 62.5% of HP+non AIDS patients lived in Bs As city and Bs As outskirts.Foram estudadas, retrospectivamente, algumas características epidemiológicas e imunológicas e a metodologia de diagnóstico de 44 casos de histoplasmose (HP; 36 (27 homens e 9 mulheres associados com AIDS (HP+AIDS e 8 (7 homens e 1 mulher com outros fatores predisponentes (HP, sem AIDS, diagnosticados no Hospital Muñiz (MH durante 1994. A idade média (MA de pacientes com HP + AIDS foi 28 anos; 25,5 (22-40 nas mulheres e 28,5 (20-42 nos homens e 50 anos (22-58 nos pacientes HP, sem AIDS. Os fatores de risco mais frequentes para infecção pelo HIV foram uso de drogas intravenosas (55% e homo/bissexualidade (19%. A MA destes grupos foi de 28 anos (20-39 e 41 anos

  20. Association Between Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Long-term Outcome in Patients with Drug-eluting Stent Implantation (United States)

    Wang, Rui; Chen, Lei-Lei; Wang, De-Zhao; Chen, Bu-Xing


    To investigate the relationship between Helicobacter pylori (Hp) infection and the long-term outcome in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients with drug-eluting stent (DES) implantation and so as to explore the significance of Hp eradication therapy in preventing major adverse cardiac events (MACE) and upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB). 539 ACS patients with DES implantation from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012 were analyzed. All the patients were divided into two groups according to the result of 13C urea breath test. 253 patients with Hp infection were put into group A (Hp+), and 286 cases without Hp infection were put into group B (Hp-). Demographic data was collected and all patients went through biochemical indicators and other routine blood examinations. We explored the correlations of Hp infection with MACE and UGIB after 3 to 5 years of follow-up using survival analysis. Survival analysis showed that Hp infection was a predictor of MACE and UGI. Sub-group analysis showed that patients with Hp eradication therapy had no relationship with MACE but had a lower rate of UGIB than those without Hp eradication therapy.

  1. Acute phase protein haptoglobin as inflammatory marker in serum and synovial fluid in an equine model of arthritis. (United States)

    Barrachina, Laura; Remacha, Ana Rosa; Soler, Lourdes; García, Natalia; Romero, Antonio; Vázquez, Francisco José; Vitoria, Arantza; Álava, María Ángeles; Lamprave, Fermín; Rodellar, Clementina


    Acute phase proteins are useful inflammatory markers in horses. Haptoglobin (Hp) serum level is increased in horses undergoing different inflammatory processes, including arthritis. However, Hp concentration has not been assessed in inflammatory synovial fluid (SF). The aim of the present study was to investigate the Hp response in serum and SF in horses undergoing experimentally induced arthritis. For this purpose, serum and SF samples were collected from 12 animals before amphotericin B-induced arthritis was created (T0, healthy) and 15days after the lesion induction (T1, joint inflammation) and Hp was determined by single radial immunodiffusion. The Hp increase between T0 and T1 was significant in both serum and SF, and serum Hp concentration at T0 was significantly higher than in SF, but significant differences were not found at T1, indicating a higher Hp increase in SF. A significant positive correlation for Hp concentration between serum and SF samples was found. These results highlight the potential usefulness of Hp as inflammatory marker in horses, showing for the first time the increase of Hp in SF from joint inflammation in the horse. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Reducing peanut allergens by high pressure combined with polyphenol oxidase (United States)

    Chung, Si-Yin; Houska, Milan; Reed, Shawndrika


    Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) has been shown to reduce major peanut allergens. Since high pressure (HP) can increase enzyme activity, we postulated that further reduction of peanut allergens can be achieved through HP combined with PPO. Peanut extracts containing caffeic acid were treated with each of the following: (1) HP; (2) HP+PPO; (3) PPO; and (4) none. HP was conducted at 300 and 500 MPa, each for 3 and 10 min, 37 °C. After treatment, SDS-PAGE was performed and allergenic capacity (IgE binding) was determined colorimetrically in inhibition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blots, using a pooled plasma from peanut-allergic patients. Data showed that HP alone had no effect on major peanut allergens. However, HP at 500 MPa combined with PPO (HP500/PPO) induced a higher (approximately twofold) reduction of major peanut allergens and IgE binding than PPO alone or HP300/PPO. There was no difference between treatment times. We concluded that HP500/PPO at 3-min enhanced a twofold reduction of the allergenic capacity of peanut extracts, as compared to PPO itself.

  3. Effects of high-pressure argon and nitrogen treatments on respiration, browning and antioxidant potential of minimally processed pineapples during shelf life. (United States)

    Wu, Zhi-shuang; Zhang, Min; Wang, Shao-jin


    High-pressure (HP) inert gas processing causes inert gas and water molecules to form clathrate hydrates that restrict intracellular water activity and enzymatic reactions. This technique can be used to preserve fruits and vegetables. In this study, minimally processed (MP) pineapples were treated with HP (∼10 MPa) argon (Ar) and nitrogen (N) for 20 min. The effects of these treatments on respiration, browning and antioxidant potential of MP pineapples were investigated after cutting and during 20 days of storage at 4 °C. Lower respiration rate and ethylene production were found in HP Ar- and HP N-treated samples compared with control samples. HP Ar and HP N treatments effectively reduced browning and loss of total phenols and ascorbic acid and maintained antioxidant capacity of MP pineapples. They did not cause a significant decline in tissue firmness or increase in juice leakage. HP Ar treatments had greater effects than HP N treatments on reduction of respiration rate and ethylene production and maintenance of phenolic compounds and DPPH(•) and ABTS(•+) radical-scavenging activities. Both HP Ar and HP N processing had beneficial effects on MP pineapples throughout 20 days of storage at 4 °C. Copyright © 2012 Society of Chemical Industry.

  4. Integrating health promotion with quality improvement in a Swedish hospital. (United States)

    Astnell, Sandra; von Thiele Schwarz, Ulrica; Hasson, Henna; Augustsson, Hanna; Stenfors-Hayes, Terese


    Integration of workplace employee health promotion (HP) and occupational health and safety (OHS) work into organizational quality improvement systems is suggested as a way to strengthen HP and OHS activities in an organization. The aim of this article was to study what consequences integration of HP, OHS and a quality improvement system called kaizen has on the frequency and type of HP and OHS activities. A quasi-experimental study design was used where an integration of the three systems for HP, OHS respectively kaizen, was performed at six intervention units at a Swedish hospital. The remaining six units served as controls. Document analysis of all employees' written improvement suggestions (kaizen notes) during 2013 was conducted. The findings show that the intervention group had more suggestions concerning HP and OHS (n = 114) when compared with the control group (n = 78) and a greater variety of HP and OHS suggestions. In addition, only the intervention group had included HP aspects. In both groups, most kaizen notes with health consideration had a preventive focus rather than rehabilitative. The intervention, i.e. the integration of HP, OHS and kaizen work, had a favourable effect on HP and OHS work when compared with the controls. The results of the study support that this system can work in practice at hospitals. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  5. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by Penicillium citrinum, not Enoki spores. (United States)

    Yoshikawa, Sumiko; Tsushima, Kenji; Yasuo, Masanori; Fujimoto, Keisaku; Kubo, Keishi; Kumagai, Toshiko; Yamazaki, Yoshitaka


    Flammulina velutipes is called the Enoki mushroom in Japanese and is cultivated indoors. Mushroom workers face occupational exposure to a tremendous number of fungi and organic antigens capable of causing hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP). One worker employed at an Enoki farm developed HP due to Penicillium citrinum. This study investigated new cases of HP among the workers cultivating Enoki. Serum Krebs von der Lungen-6 (KL-6), surfactant protein (SP)-A and SP-D were measured. Lymphocyte stimulation tests (LST) and double immunodiffusion tests (DIT) were performed to identify P. citrinum. Workers showing high levels of KL-6, SP-A, or SP-D and a high LST value or positive DIT were identified and then were further examined by chest computed tomography, bronchoalveolar lavage and transbronchial lung biopsy. The initial patient and new HP patients were defined as the HP group and the other participants were defined as the non-HP group. Forty-eight Enoki workers participated in the study. Four of nine workers who met the criteria for further examinations were diagnosed as having HP due to P. citrinum. In comparison between non-HP group and HP group, KL-6, SP-D and LST values were significantly higher in HP group. There was a strong correlation between KL-6 and SP-D. DIT had high sensitivity and high specificity. KL-6, SP-D, LST, and DIT were useful for detecting HP patients. KL-6 was the most useful predictor of HP in this study. DIT was useful not only as a predictor of HP but also as a detector of the causative antigen.

  6. Helicobacter pylori antibodies and iron deficiency in female adolescents.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Göran Sandström

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Iron deficiency (ID is a common clinical problem worldwide, affecting primarily females. Helicobacter pylori (HP infection has been shown to be associated with ID. The objective of this study was to define the prevalence of HP antibodies in female adolescents, and to find out if there was a correlation between HP infection and ID. The secondary aim was to study if regularly performed sporting activity, have any association to HP infection, in itself. DESIGN: A controlled clinical trial. SETTING: A senior high school in Gothenburg, Sweden. SUBJECTS: All female athletes at a senior high school for top-level athletes were offered to take part, and 56 athletes took part in the study. The control group consisted of a random sample of age-matched non-athlete students of which 71 entered the study. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Iron deficiency (ID and iron deficiency anaemia (IDA were defined by the use of levels of haemoglobin, serum iron, total iron-binding capacity, transferrin saturation, and serum ferritin, as previously described. HP IgG-antibodies were detected by ELISA. RESULTS: 18 of 127 (14% adolescent females had antibodies against HP. Only 3% had IDA, while 50% had ID. In total, 66% of the HP positive females had ID compared to 48% of the negative females (p = 0.203. No correlation between sporting activity and HP infection was found. Regarding ethnicity, 11/28 of subjects from medium-high risk areas were HP-positive, compared to 7/99 coming from low-risk areas (p<0.001. CONCLUSION: The main finding of this study is that the prevalence of HP IgG antibodies was 14% in adolescent females. We could not find any difference regarding frequency of ID and IDA, between HP positive and negative individuals. Ethnicity is of great importance for the risk of HP infection, while sporting activity itself seems to have no association to HP-infection.

  7. Study of serum creatine kinase isoenzyme CKMB in endurance horses after prolonged physical exercise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilian Emy dos Santos Michima


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de estudar a influência do exercício físico prolongado na indução de lesão miocárdica e na desqualificação de equinos em provas de enduro, colheram-se 87 amostras de sangue de equinos adultos Árabes e mestiços para determinação da concentração sérica da isoenzima MB (CKMB, da atividade sérica de creatina quinase (CK e do índice CKMB/CK. Dividiram-se as amostras da seguinte forma: C (controle, n = 34: equinos em repouso, no dia anterior à competição; G1 (n = 24: equinos que finalizaram as competições; G2 (n = 14: equinos desqualificados durante as competições por causa metabólica e G3 (n = 15: equinos desqualificados durante as competições por claudicação. Os valores medianos obtidos de CKMB, para os grupos C, G1, G2 e G3, foram respectivamente 2,25; 2,95; 1,95 e 2,40 ng/mL; para a atividade de CK, os resultados foram 164,2; 1228,0; 840,0 e 581,0 U/L a 30°C; e para o índice CKMB/CK, os resultados foram 1,41; 0,21; 0,23 e 0,42%. Houve média correlação positiva entre distância percorrida e CKMB e CK, e negativa entre distância e índice CKMB/CK. O exercício físico de resistência não leva a aumento significante dos valores da isoenzima CKMB, mas sim da atividade sérica da enzima CK, indicando dano à musculatura esquelética. Animais desqualificados por causa metabólica parecem não apresentar envolvimento de lesão miocárdica na causa de desqualificação. Não foi possível verificar a presença de lesão cardíaca induzida pelo exercício em equinos de enduro e sua relação com causas metabólicas de desqualificação a partir da utilização de CKMB como único marcador cardíaco.

  8. Effect of home-bleaching gels modified by calcium and/or fluoride and the application of nano-hydroxyapatite paste on in vitro enamel erosion susceptibility. (United States)

    Santos, Luciana Floriani Thives Freitas; Torres, Carlos Rocha Gomes; Caneppele, Taciana Marco Ferraz; Magalhães, Ana Carolina; Borges, Alessandra Buhler


    This in vitro study compared the effect of bleaching agents modified by the addition of calcium and/or fluoride and the application of a nano-hydroxyapatite paste after bleaching, on the susceptibility of enamel to erosion. Bovine enamel cylindrical samples (3 mm diameter) were assigned to six groups (n = 20 specimens/group) according to the bleaching agent: no bleaching (C-control), 7.5% hydrogen peroxide gel (HP), HP with 0.5% calcium gluconate (HP+Ca), HP with 0.2% sodium fluoride (HP+F), HP with calcium and fluoride (HP+Ca+F) and HP followed by the application of a nano-hydroxyapatite agent (HP+NanoP). The gels were applied on the enamel surface (1 h) followed by cyclic erosive challenges (Sprite Zero®-2 min), for 14 days. The paste was applied after bleaching for 5 min (HP+NanoP). The enamel surface alteration was measured by contact profilometry (µm) (after 7 and 14 days). C-control (mean ± SD: 2.29 ± 0.37 at 7 days/4.86 ± 0.72 at 14 days) showed significantly lower loss compared to the experimental groups. HP+Ca (3.34 ± 0.37/6.75 ± 1.09) and HP+F (4.49 ± 0.92/7.61 ± 0.90) presented significantly lower enamel loss than HP (4.18 ± 0.50/10.30 ± 1.58) only for 14 days and HP+Ca+F (4.92 ± 1.03/8.12 ± 1.52) showed values similar to the HP+F group. The HP+NanoP (5.51 ± 1.04/9.61 ± 1.21) resulted in enamel loss similar to the HP after 14 days. It was found that 7.5% hydrogen peroxide increased the susceptibility of enamel to erosion. The addition of calcium or fluoride to the bleaching gel reduced the erosion effect, while the nano-hydroxyapatite agent did not provide any protective effect.

  9. Bioelectrochemistry of heme peptide at seamless three-dimensional carbon nanotubes/graphene hybrid films for highly sensitive electrochemical biosensing. (United States)

    Komori, Kikuo; Terse-Thakoor, Trupti; Mulchandani, Ashok


    A seamless three-dimensional hybrid film consisting of carbon nanotubes grown at the graphene surface (CNTs/G) is a promising material for the application to highly sensitive enzyme-based electrochemical biosensors. The CNTs/G film was used as a conductive nanoscaffold for enzymes. The heme peptide (HP) was immobilized on the surface of the CNTs/G film for amperometric sensing of H2O2. Compared with flat graphene electrodes modified with HP, the catalytic current for H2O2 reduction at the HP-modified CNTs/G electrode increased due to the increase in the surface coverage of HP. In addition, microvoids in the CNTs/G film contributed to diffusion of H2O2 to modified HP, resulting in the enhancement of the catalytic cathodic currents. The kinetics of the direct electron transfer from the CNTs/G electrode to compound I and II of modified HP was also analyzed.

  10. Theoretical modelling and experimental study of air thermal conditioning process of a heat pump assisted solid desiccant cooling system

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nie, Jinzhe; Li, Zan; Hu, Wenju


    Taking the integrated gaseous contaminants and moisture adsorption potential of desiccant material, a new heat pump assisted solid desiccant cooling system (HP-SDC) was proposed based on the combination of desiccant rotor with heat pump. The HP-SDC was designed for dehumidification, cooling and air......, and the results showed the model could be used to predict the heat and moisture transfer in desiccant rotor. The air thermal conditioning process and energy consumption of HP-SDC was then experimental measured under varied outdoor thermal environments. Results showed that compared to conventional ventilation...... system, the energy performance of HP-SDC was more efficient mainly due to high efficient air purification capacity, reduction of cooling load and raised evaporation temperature. The energy performance of HP-SDC was sensitive to outdoor humidity ratio. Further improvements of HP-SDC energy efficiency...

  11. [Super catalytic antibodies (antigenase) capable of destroying H. pylori urease]. (United States)

    Taizo, Uda; Hifumi, Emi; Okamura, Yoshiko


    Antigenase has an ability to decompose the antigen peptide or protein. We have produced some monoclonal antibodies(HpU mAbs series) for H. pylori urease. Out of them, the light chain of HpU-9 mAb possesses a catalytic triad composed of Asp, Ser and His, which acts as a catalytic site against the antigen, based on the structural analysis of molecular modeling. HpU-9-L belongs to the germline cs1 which inherently encodes the catalytic triads in the sequence, indicating that HpU-9-L must be an antigenase. As expected, HpU-9-L showed the specific degradation against the beta-subunit of the urease. The heavy chain of HpU-2 also exhibited the specific degradation of the urease. These antigenases will be used for the medicinal application.

  12. Hydrostatic pressure in articular cartilage tissue engineering: from chondrocytes to tissue regeneration. (United States)

    Elder, Benjamin D; Athanasiou, Kyriacos A


    Cartilage has a poor intrinsic healing response, and neither the innate healing response nor current clinical treatments can restore its function. Therefore, articular cartilage tissue engineering is a promising approach for the regeneration of damaged tissue. Because cartilage is exposed to mechanical forces during joint loading, many tissue engineering strategies use exogenous stimuli to enhance the biochemical or biomechanical properties of the engineered tissue. Hydrostatic pressure (HP) is emerging as arguably one of the most important mechanical stimuli for cartilage, although no optimal treatment has been established across all culture systems. Therefore, this review evaluates prior studies on articular cartilage involving the use of HP, with a particular emphasis on the treatments that appear promising for use in future studies. Additionally, this review addresses HP bioreactor design, chondroprotective effects of HP, the use of HP for chondrogenic differentiation, the effects of high pressures, and HP mechanotransduction.

  13. Heat pipe applications for the space shuttle. (United States)

    Tawil, M.; Alario, J.; Prager, R.; Bullock, R.


    Discussion of six specific applications for heat pipe (HP) devices on the space shuttle. These applications were chosen from 27 concepts formulated as part of a study to evaluate the potential benefits associated with HP use. The formulation process is briefly described along with the applications which evolved. The bulk of the discussion deals with the 'top' six - namely, HP radiators for waste heat rejection, an HP augmented cold rail, an HP circuit for electronic equipment cooling, modular heat sink for control of remote packages, an HP temperature control for compartments, and air-cooled equipment racks. The philosophy, physical design details, and performance data are presented for each concept along with a comparison with the baseline design where applicable.

  14. Haptoglobin Phenotype Predicts a Low Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Svensson, My; Strandhave, Charlotte; Krarup, H.B.

    F-PO1096 Haptoglobin Phenotype Predicts a Low Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease My Svensson,1 Charlotte Strandhave,1 Henrik My Svensson,1 Charlotte Strandhave,1 HenrikKrarup,2 Jeppe H. Christensen.1 1Department of Nephrology, Aalborg Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark; 2...... to a phenotype-dependent antioxidant capacity where Hp 2-2 exhibits a low antioxidant ability, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. An attenuated heart rate variability (HRV) may be an important predictor of mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). In the present study, we examined......Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Aalborg Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark. Introduction Three major phenotypes for the haptoglobin (Hp) gene has been identified: Hp 1-1, Hp 2-2, and the heterozygous Hp 2-1. Hp 2-2 is associated with a poor outcome in patients with cardiovascular disease. This may be due...

  15. Effects of Community Screening for Helicobacter pylori

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bomme, Maria; Hansen, Jane Møller; Wildner-Christensen, Mette


    BACKGROUND & AIMS: Helicobacter pylori (Hp) eradication improves the prognosis of peptic ulcer disease (PUD), dyspepsia, and possibly gastric cancer. Hp screening tests are accurate and eradication therapy is effective. Hp population screening seems attractive. The aim of this study was to evaluate...... the long-term effect of Hp population screening and eradication on dyspepsia prevalence and the incidence of PUD, and as secondary outcomes to assess the effect on health-care consumption and quality of life. METHODS: At baseline in 1998-1999 20,011 individuals aged 40-65 years were randomized to Hp...... screening and eradication or a control group with no screening. Both groups received a questionnaire on dyspepsia and quality of life. Register data were obtained for all randomized individuals. RESULTS: Baseline questionnaire response rate was 63%. Of the 5,749 screened, 1,007 (17.5%) individuals were Hp...

  16. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Metallic Conductivity in Cubic PbVO3 under High Pressure (United States)

    Oka, Kengo; Yamauchi, Touru; Kanungo, Sudipta; Shimazu, Taku; Oh-ishi, Katsuyohi; Uwatoko, Yoshiya; Azuma, Masaki; Saha-Dasgupta, Tanusri


    The physical properties of the high-pressure (HP) cubic phase of PbVO3 were investigated on experimental and theoretical bases. Above 3 GPa, PbVO3 exhibits a structural transition from the tetragonal phase to the cubic phase. Electrical resistivity measurement on a twinned single-crystalline sample under HP showed the metallic conductivity of the HP phase, which was absent in the polycrystalline sample. The observed metallic ground state is in accordance with our theoretical calculations, which also suggest the presence of ferromagnetic ordering in the HP phase. However, the magnetic measurement under HP above the transition pressure did not reveal ferromagnetic behavior. Theoretical calculations produced the magnetic moments of the V ions in the HP phase; thus, this difference can be attributed to a lack of ferromagnetic ordering of magnetic moments.

  17. Cosmic radiation protection dosimetry using an Electronic personal Dosemeter (Siemens EPD) on selected international flights. (United States)

    Yasuda, H; Fujitaka, K


    The effectiveness of an Electronic Personal Dosemeter (Siemens EPD) for cosmic-radiation dosimetry at aviation altitudes was examined on eight international flights between March and September, 1998. The EPD values (Hepd) of the dose equivalent from penetrating radiation, Hp(10), were assumed to be almost the same as the electron absorbed doses during those flights. Based on the compositions of cosmic radiation in the atmosphere and the 1977 ICRP recommendation, an empirical equation to conservatively estimate the personal dose equivalent (Hp77) at a depth of 5 cm was derived as Hp77 = 3.1 x Hepd. The personal dose equivalent (Hp90) based on the 1990 ICRP recommendation was given by Hp90 = 4.6 x Hepd; the conservative feature of Hp90 was confirmed in a comparison with the calculated effective doses by means of the CARI-6 code. It is thus expected that the EPD will be effectively used for radiation protection dosimetry on selected international flights.

  18. Positive fungal quantitative PCR and Th17 cytokine detection in bronchoalveolar lavage fluids: Complementary biomarkers of hypersensitivity pneumonitis? (United States)

    Bellanger, Anne-Pauline; Gbaguidi-Haore, Houssein; Gondoin, Anne; Pallandre, Jean-Rene; Vacheyrou, Mallory; Valot, Benoit; Soumagne, Thibaud; Reboux, Gabriel; Dalphin, Jean-Charles; Millon, Laurence


    Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a large group of diseases, including hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and sarcoidosis. In this study, we aimed to identify bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) biomarkers which could be contributive for HP diagnosis. We analyzed 39 BALF samples from 12 ILD patients with sarcoidosis, 11 with IPF and 16 with HP. We determined the levels of 10 cytokines and carried out quantitative PCR for 10 microorganisms involved in farm-associated or domestic forms of HP. IL-8, IL-6, TNFα, IL-17 and IL-23 levels were significantly higher in BALF samples from HP patients (pEurotium amstelodami and Wallemia sebi were positively significantly more frequently for HP patients (p<0.05, one-way Kruskal-Wallis). The biomarkers identified here can be detected in BALF, which could be routinely obtained as complementary analysis in ILD diagnosis. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. Evaluation of 3-hydroxypropionate biosynthesis in vitro by partial introduction of the 3-hydroxypropionate/4-hydroxybutyrate cycle from Metallosphaera sedula. (United States)

    Ye, Ziling; Li, Xiaowei; Cheng, Yongbo; Liu, Zhijie; Tan, Gaoyi; Zhu, Fayin; Fu, Shuai; Deng, Zixin; Liu, Tiangang


    The chemical 3-hydroxypropionate (3HP) is an important starting reagent for the commercial synthesis of specialty chemicals. In this study, a part of the 3-hydroxypropionate/4-hydroxybutyrate cycle from Metallosphaera sedula was utilized for 3HP production. To study the basic biochemistry of this pathway, an in vitro-reconstituted system was established using acetyl-CoA as the substrate for the kinetic analysis of this system. The results indicated that 3HP formation was sensitive to acetyl-CoA carboxylase and malonyl-CoA reductase, but not malonate semialdehyde reductase. Also, the competition between 3HP formation and fatty acid production was analyzed both in vitro and in vivo. This study has highlighted how metabolic flux is controlled by different catalytic components. We believe that this reconstituted system would be valuable for understanding 3HP biosynthesis pathway and for future engineering studies to enhance 3HP production.

  20. Cleaning efficacy of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin for biofouling reduction on reverse osmosis membranes. (United States)

    Alayande, Abayomi Babatunde; Kim, Lan Hee; Kim, In S


    In this study, an environmentally friendly compound, hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) was applied to clean reverse osmosis (RO) membranes fouled by microorganisms. The cleaning with HP-β-CD removed the biofilm and resulted in a flux recovery ratio (FRR) of 102%. As cleaning efficiency is sometimes difficult to determine using flux recovery data alone, attached bacterial cells and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) were quantified after cleaning the biofouled membrane with HP-β-CD. Membrane surface characterization using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) confirmed the effectiveness of HP-β-CD in removal of biofilm from the RO membrane surface. Finally, a comparative study was performed to investigate the competitiveness of HP-β-CD with other known cleaning agents such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), Tween 20, rhamnolipid, nisin, and surfactin. In all cases, HP-β-CD was superior.