Sample records for ehgp-10 vysokointensivnykh gamma-istochnikov

  1. Elimination of ion losses in the EhGP-10-1 charge-exchange accelerator

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fridrikh, M.


    To improve the ion transit factor in the EhGP-10-1 charge-exchange accelerator the injector ion-optical properties are studied. The injector operates at constant high voltage U a -23 kV. Using an immersion lens the negative ion energy before entering the accelerating tube is increased up to energy proportional to the conductor voltage. A single electrostatic lens provides a cross-over in the vicinity of immersion lens. By reducing the electric field gradient at the accelerating tube inlet, optimizing input electrode voltage and shifting the single lens by 0.26 m towards the accelerating tube inlet almost full beam transit is attained at all conductor voltages