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  1. TOMIS-Data (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — Tasking, Operations and Management Information System (TOMIS) data asset consolidates the data required for Air and Marines Operations(AMO) maritime and aviation...

  2. Designing a sustainable business model for e-governance embedded rural telecentres (EGERT in India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gopal Naik


    The first part of this article, the academic perspective, suggests an alternative model for rural telecentres, the e-governance embedded rural telecentres (EGERT, in which e-governance is an important service to be provided, and details the contentious issues clustered round the role of the government; the viability of partnership models with the private and NGO sectors; the institutional design for rural telecentres; the services to be rendered by the centres and the likely markets for them; the location of the centres and support in the form of infrastructure and manpower; and the technology to support the institutional design. Stakeholder representatives from the government, the industry, the NGO sector and the academia discuss these issues in the second part of the article, and make suggestions towards a viable model for service.

  3. Hrvoje Tomić, PhD in Technical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siniša Mastelić Ivić


    Full Text Available Hrvoje Tomić defended his PhD thesis Geospatial Data Analysis for the Purpose of Real Estate Valuation in Urban Areas at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, on November 15, 2010. His mentor was Prof. Dr. Siniša Mastelić Ivić, and the other two members of the Grading and Defence Committee were Assist. Prof. Dr. Vlado Cetl and Prof. Dr. Goran Poljanec from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb.

  4. Report on investigation of new energy vision planning at Tomi Village; 2001 nendo Tomi son chiiki shin energy vision sakutei chosa hokokusho

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    With an objective of accelerating introduction of and uplifting consciousness on new energies at Tomi Village in Okayama Prefecture, investigations and discussions were given on the energy demand, quantity of new energies available, and the new energy introduction projects for the town, thus a new energy vision was established. The amount of energy demand in Tomi Village is 64,261 GJ/year in fiscal 1999. By departments, the transportation department accounts for 45.2%, the consumer department for 28.3% and the industrial department for 26.5%. Energy types are accounted for by petroleum at 87.5%, and electric power at 12.5%. The new energy introduction projects have discussed introduction of photovoltaic power generation system and solar heat hot water making system into nursery schools, primary and middle schools, the public hall, the Tomi Communication Center, the village office, and clinics, small size wind power generation system into primary and middle schools, ligneous bio-mass combustion system and middle size wind power generation system into the camping site, low-drop electric power generation system into Shiraga Valley, street lights powered by photovoltaic and small power wind generation systems, and clean energy fueled automobiles for public use. (NEDO)

  5. On the Wing of a Whitebird: A Tomie dePaola Resource Book (United States)

    Hornburg, Val


    This book provides literacy ideas for many of the books Tomie dePaola has illustrated and/or written. Ideas for introducing each book are presented, as are comprehension questions. Ideas for making connections through other curriculum areas, including writing, art, mathematics, science, social studies and drama, are included as well.

  6. Psychometric Evaluation of the Theory of Mind Inventory (ToMI): A Study of Typically Developing Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (United States)

    Hutchins, Tiffany L.; Prelock, Patricia A.; Bonazinga, Laura


    Two studies examined the psychometric properties of the Theory of Mind Inventory (ToMI). In Study One, 135 caregivers completed the ToMI for children (ages 3 through 17) with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Findings revealed excellent test-retest reliability and internal consistency. Principle Components Analysis revealed three subscales related…

  7. Study of marble provenience in antique artifacts found at Histria and Tomis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pentia, M.; Sharp, Z.; Nedelcu, L.; Alexandrescu-Vianu, M.


    The importance of assigning a correct provenience of ancient marble artifacts in detecting forgeries and in associating broken or separated fragments is obvious. The first use of isotopic analysis for marble provenience studies was that of Craig and Craig in 1972. The stable isotopic signature technique uses the deviation ratios for 13 C / 12 C and 18 O / 16 O relative to a conventional standard. This deviation is expressed as δ 13 C and δ 18 O. By statistical treatment of the data from the data base of some classical Greek and Roman marble quarries it could be possible to locate and to fix the extension of every quarry distribution point (δ 13 C, δ 18 O) as a scatter plot of these values. The quarry statistical characteristics could be described by a bivariate Gaussian distribution. Some marble artifacts found at Histria and Tomis sites were analyzed to determine their provenience using stable isotopic analysis and petrography. The main petrographic features are accessory mineral content, grain size, structures and texture. Comparison between the isotopic values of the samples and the ancient quarry data base was carried out by statistical methods. This allowed to find for every sample the confidence level of the provenience of any quarry of the data base, or the probability that any random point ( 13 C/ 12 C, 18 O/ 16 O) of a specific quarry falls to a distance greater than that of the measured sample point. (authors)

  8. Tomi Ungerer's palimpsestic work: a case of intercultural translation and interlinguistic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Schneider


    Full Text Available Tomi Ungerer, author and illustrator of works for children, born in France, Strasbourg, in 1931, speaks three languages: French, English, German, and the Alsatian dialect. Therefore, his idiosyncratic linguistic fluency gives him an opportunity to supervise the translation of his pieces. Written primarily in English, his works are also provided – with his supervision – both in French and German. Many excerpts of these texts manifest how effectively Ungerer plays with all the languages he is acquainted with, as he creates expressions, puns, and sounds emerging from his subversive mind. If his concoction of these translations and retranslations are taken into consideration, it would be plausible to affirm that Ungerer has been setting forth a living and open work – a real linguistic palimpsest.  This study focuses first on the Alsatian aspects present in Ungerer’s work, whose childhood has been spent in Alsace. Afterwards, the focus shall be directed to two of his works – Les Trois Brigands and Otto – which have been retranslated; and, finally, the expressions which have been revised by the author, present in Amis-Amies are reflected upon.

  9. Postmodernismi apooria või kriitiline postmodernism / Tomi Kaarto ; tõlk. Ülle Põlma

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaarto, Tomi


    Postmodernistlik film ja vägivald filmis. Käsitluse aluseks mängufilm "Tõeline romanss" ("True Romance") : Stsenarist Quentin Tarantino : režissöör Tony Scott : Ameerika Ühendriigid 1993. Bibliograafia lk. 65

  10. X-ray fluorescence analysis and optical emission spectrometry of an roman mirror from Tomis, Romania

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Belc, M.; Bogoi, M.; Ionescu, D.; Guita, D.; Caiteanu, S.; Caiteanu, D.


    The miscellaneous population of Roman Empire, their diverse cultural tradition, their ability to assimilate the roman civilization spirits, had determined a permanent reassessment superimposed upon the roman contribution. Analysis was undertaken using optical emission spectrometry and non-destructive X-ray fluorescence. X-ray fluorescence analysis is a well-established method and is often used in archaeometry and other work dealing with valuable objects pertaining to the history of art and civilization. Roman mirror analysed has been found not to be made of speculum (a high tin bronze). (authors)

  11. "Õhtuti süütasid nad kassi haual küünla..." : [luuletused] / Tomi Kontio ; soome keelest tõlkinud Jan Kaus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kontio, Tomi


    Sisu: "Õhtuti süütasid nad kassi haual küünla..." ; "Meri on plekkis, terasest neiu seisab..." ; "Lumi puude okstel, kirmetis aknal, jää..." ; Kontula kaar ; Vastavalt tahtele ; Ühel kaardil ; Esimene lumi ; Dimensioonid ; Pieta

  12. The Ontario Mother and Infant Study (TOMIS III: A multi-site cohort study of the impact of delivery method on health, service use, and costs of care in the first postpartum year

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Landy Christine


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The caesarean section rate continues to rise globally. A caesarean section is inarguably the preferred method of delivery when there is good evidence that a vaginal delivery may unduly risk the health of a woman or her infant. Any decisions about delivery method in the absence of clear medical indication should be based on knowledge of outcomes associated with different childbirth methods. However, there is lack of sold evidence of the short-term and long-term risks and benefits of a planned caesarean delivery compared to a planned vaginal delivery. It also is important to consider the economic aspects of caesarean sections, but very little attention has been given to health care system costs that take into account services used by women for themselves and their infants following hospital discharge. Methods and design The Ontario Mother and Infant Study III is a prospective cohort study to examine relationships between method of delivery and maternal and infant health, service utilization, and cost of care at three time points during the year following postpartum hospital discharge. Over 2500 women were recruited from 11 hospitals across the province of Ontario, Canada, with data collection occurring between April 2006 and October 2008. Participants completed a self-report questionnaire in hospital and structured telephone interviews at 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months after discharge. Data will be analyzed using generalized estimating equation, a special generalized linear models technique. A qualitative descriptive component supplements the survey approach, with the goal of assisting in interpretation of data and providing explanations for trends in the findings. Discussion The findings can be incorporated into patient counselling and discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of different delivery methods, potentially leading to changes in preferences and practices. In addition, the findings will be useful to hospital- and community-based postpartum care providers, managers, and administrators in guiding risk assessment and early intervention strategies. Finally, the research findings can provide the basis for policy modification and implementation strategies to improve outcomes and reduce costs of care.

  13. Tartu Ülikooli robot päästab tenniseväljaku koristaja öötööst / Nils Niitra

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Niitra, Nils, 1975-


    Tartu Tähtvere tennisekeskuse juht Egert Ivask tegi EAS-ile projekti innovatsiooniosaku saamiseks, et selle abil saaks teha koostööd Tartu Ülikooliga, mille üliõpilased on nüüdseks tennisekeskuse jaoks vajaliku koristusroboti peaaegu valmis saanud


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    AJTCAM 47. DIMETHOXYFLAVONE ISOLATED FROM THE STEM BARK OF STEREOSPERMUM KUNTHIANUM POSSESSES. ANTIDIARRHOEAL ACTIVITY IN RODENTS. Ching, F. P.1*, Otokiti, I. O.2 and Egert-omoneukanrin, B.2. 1*Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Basic Medical ...

  15. Tom ja Anni ajavad isad-emad naerma / Kai Väärtnõu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Väärtnõu, Kai


    ETV lastesaate "Saame kokku Tomi juures" stsenarist on Jaak Urmet ehk Wimberg. Teksti improviseerivad ka näitlejad Karol Kuntsel ja Maria Soomets. Lisaks tutvustus "Pööningule purjetab proua Õietolmutuust"

  16. Tom ja Anni said suureks / Kairit Tsäro

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tsäro, Kairit, 1974-


    ETV staažikas lastesaade "Saame kokku Tomi juures" lõpetab. Saate produtsent Margus Saar, Anni - Maria Soomets ja postiljon Eedi - Kalju Orro, vaatavad tagasi viiele aastale ja meenutavad saatekülalisi

  17. Lydia Rahula kasvatas pojast ideaalmehe / Kadi Lehtmets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lehtmets, Kadi


    Tšehhimaal Olomoucis toimunud koorifestivalil "Musica Religiosa" kuldmedalid pälvinud kooride dirigentidest: Tallinna Poistekoori dirigendist Lydia Rahulast ja tema pojast, Tallinna Poistekoori meeskoori dirigendist Tomi Rahulast

  18. Raamatututvustus / Oskar Tanner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tanner, Oskar, pseud., 1939-


    Eliade, Mircea. Jaaniöö; Kippel, Enn. Kui Raudpea tuli; Beecher Stowe, Harriet. Onu Tomi onnike; Wallace, Edgar. Valge mask; Buchan, John. Kolm pantvangi; Rendell, Ruth. Hunditapp; Jurin, Artur. Näpsu

  19. Milliste plaanidega lähed vastu uuele õppeaastale? / Triinu Lepp, Gleb Tšurbanov, Erik Paemurru, Steven Huang...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimusele vastavad hariduskolleegiumi algkooli 3. klassi õpilane Egert, prantsuse lütseumi 12. klassi õpilane Triinu Lepp, Sillamäe kutsekooli 3. kursuse õpilane Gleb Tšurbanov, Tallinna reaalkooli 11. klassi õpilane Erik Paemurru, Toronto Crescenti keskkooli õpilane Steven Huang, kunstiakadeemia muinsuskaitse- ja restaureerimisosakonna õppejõud Jaan Tamm, Tartu Miina Härma gümnaasiumi 2. a klassi õpilane Erki Külaots, Tallinna 21. kooli 11. klassi õpilane Sander Kaur ja Tapa gümnaasiumi 7. klassi õpilane Evelin Orgse

  20. Bluebonnet Fiber Collages (United States)

    Sterling, Joan


    This article presents a lesson that uses stitching and applique techniques to create a fiber collage in which every child is successful with high-quality work. This lesson was inspired by Tomie dePaola's "The Legend of the Bluebonnet." The back cover had a lovely illustration of the bluebonnet flower the author thought would translate easily to a…

  1. Gastric carcinoma in Durban's Indian population

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jan 19, 1991 ... The records of all patients with histologically proven malig- nant gastric tumours ... treatment, and a third underwent palliative bypass or laparo- tomy only. .... palliation or cure of 56%, the low rate of resectability and the associated poor ... lung and stomach cancers in South Africa, 1968-1972. S Afr Med] ...

  2. Tartu noored kunstnikud salapärasuse vaimustuses / Margus Kiis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kiis, Margus


    Tartu Noorte Kunstnike Näitusest Tartu Kunstnike Majas. Iseloomustatud Priit Pajose, Lauri Pajose, Margus Pumpa, Andres Sütevaka, Kaie Luige, Maris Palgi, Külli Suitso, Kadri Kängsepa, Peeter Krossmani, Saimi Kalevi Makkoneni, Kaarel Vulla, Katri Kuuski, Väike Tomi, Meiu Mündi, Karol Kagovere, Meta Narusbeli, Aili Penti, Kene Triive ja Raivo Irdi töid

  3. Muretu elu oma majas / Susanne Vento

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vento, Susanne


    Lastega perele kujundatud maja (195 m2) Sivo Joutsenlahti Vaasa elamumessil. Simons Elementti puitkarkassiga eramu valmib tehases viies osas. Sisekujundaja Anne Melender. Söögilaua, diivanvoodi, elutoa diivanid ja tugitooli on disaininud disainer ja sisearhitekt Tomi Kouvola. Seintel Juhani Melenderi graafika. 10 värv. sisevaadet

  4. Interventions for tubal ectopic pregnancy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hajenius, P. J.; Mol, F.; Mol, B. W. J.; Bossuyt, P. M. M.; Ankum, W. M.; van der Veen, F.


    BACKGROUND: Treatment options for tubal ectopic pregnancy are; (1) surgery, e.g. salpingectomy or salpingo(s)tomy, either performed laparoscopically or by open surgery; (2) medical treatment, with a variety of drugs, that can be administered systemically and/or locally by various routes and (3)

  5. Threatre 1

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    he states that “tactility seeks aesthetic quality in the effect that artwork has on the observer (10). As such .... the play; be it language, style, genre, plot, music, spectacle and techniques. Herein, the theory of deconstruction comes to .... TOMI (Chants with ritualistic tempo) Adieu! CHORUS OF WISHES. (from backstage) Adieu!

  6. Genito-urinary tuberculosis - experience with 52 urology inpatients

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ism. Fifty patients underwent excretory urography and the findings were very varied. Patients were treated priInarily with antituberculosis drugs, but. 58% also required some form. ofsurgery; nephrec- tomy was the commonest operation. Ureteral strictures developed in over 50% of cases with renal involvement. We conclude ...

  7. Uudised : Isaac Hayes loobub koka rollist. Bergeni festival soomestub

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Satiirilises animaseriaalis "South Park" mustanahalise koolikoka rollis lugenud soulilauljast Isaak Hayes'ist. 24. maist 6. juunini kestval Bergeni kultuurifestivalil Norras tulevad esitusele Jean Sibeliuse sümfooniad, Magnus Lindbergi heliteosed, koreograaf Tomi Paasoneni teos "Olotila" ja pianist Juho Pohjoneni klverikontsert

  8. Tom Rüütel: Tööandjal on igal juhul kasud sees / intervjueerinud Helen Kask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rüütel, Tom


    Kui oluliseks peab Tom töötamist ning millisena näeb ta tööandjate suhtumst erivajadusega töötajasse? Millised on Tomi mõtted seoses töövõimetoetuse (TVK) reformiga? Tom Rüütel õpib Tallinna Ülikoolis magistrantuuri teisel kursusel rakenduslikku sotsiaaltööd

  9. Brief Report: Preliminary Evaluation of the Theory of Mind Inventory and Its Relationship to Measures of Social Skills (United States)

    Lerner, Matthew D.; Hutchins, Tiffany L.; Prelock, Patricia A.


    This study presents updated information on a parent-report measure of Theory of Mind (ToM), formerly called the Perception of Children's Theory of Mind Measure (Hutchins et al., "J Autism Dev Disord" 38:143-155, 2008), renamed the Theory of Mind Inventory (ToMI), for use with parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study…

  10. Brief Report: An Independent Replication and Extension of Psychometric Evidence Supporting the Theory of Mind Inventory (United States)

    Greenslade, Kathryn J.; Coggins, Truman E.


    This study presents an independent replication and extension of psychometric evidence supporting the "Theory of Mind Inventory" ("ToMI"). Parents of 20 children with ASD (4; 1-6; 7 years; months) and 20 with typical development (3; 1-6; 5), rated their child's theory of mind abilities in everyday situations. Other parent report…

  11. The Use of Vincristine in Refractory Auto-immune Thrombocytopenic ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Two patients with auto-immune thrombocytopenic purpura are reported who continued to bleed despite high doses of corticosteroids, immunosuppressive therapy and splenec- tomy. The addition of vincristine to their therapeutic regimen produced a response in each case and both patients are now off all therapy without ...

  12. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) Systems and Applications Meeting (United States)

    1999-01-01 C. Tomis RedIRIS, Centro Comunicaciones CSIC RedIRIS Serrano 142, 28006 Madrid, Spain tel + 34-91-585-5150 fax +34-91-564-7421 e-mail...I&D) and managed by the Centro de Comunicaciones CSIC RedIRIS, which depends on the Scientific Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones

  13. Brief Report: An Independent Replication and Extension of Psychometric Evidence Supporting the Theory of Mind Inventory. (United States)

    Greenslade, Kathryn J; Coggins, Truman E


    This study presents an independent replication and extension of psychometric evidence supporting the Theory of Mind Inventory (ToMI). Parents of 20 children with ASD (4; 1-6; 7 years; months) and 20 with typical development (3; 1-6; 5), rated their child's theory of mind abilities in everyday situations. Other parent report and child behavioral assessments included the Social Responsiveness Scale-2, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-2, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-4, and Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Preschool, 2. Results revealed high internal consistency, expected developmental changes in children with typical development, expected group differences between children with and without ASD, and strong correlations with other measures of social and communication abilities. The ToMI demonstrates strong psychometrics, suggesting considerable utility in identifying theory of mind deficits in children with ASD.

  14. Effect of modified surgical method on subcutaneous hydrops of patients with breast cancer after modified radical mastectomy


    Yan Li; Hua-Feng Pan; Gui-Lan Sun


    Objective: Through prospective randomized clinical study,to observe the preventive effect of improved surgical method to subcutaneous hydrops after modified radical mastec tomy. Method: A total of 80 cases of patients who have done modified radical mastectomy were selected, and randomly divided them into study group (40 cases) and control group (40 cases), then adopted different surgical methods as followed respectively, to observe the daily drainage volume at the first 3 d after ...

  15. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Pramana – Journal of Physics. A K Grover. Articles written in Pramana – Journal of Physics. Volume 58 Issue 5-6 May-June 2002 pp 925-935 Physics of Vortex State. Study of the peak effect phenomenon in single crystals of 2H-NbSe2 · C V Tomy D Pal S S Banerjee S Ramakrishnan A K Grover S ...

  16. Musicality in the Language of Picture Books (United States)

    Heald, Robin


    The authors of picture books who write especially melodic language are doing more than simply offering up work that is pleasing to the ear. They are accessing more of the whole child. In this article five picture books will be discussed for their musical attributes: "Now One Foot, Now the Other", by Tomie dePaola, "The Cat in the Hat", by Dr.…

  17. Recensione

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peluso Pasquale


    Full Text Available Edito per i tipi della Wolters Kluwer – Cedam, il manuale Principi di Criminologia di Balloni, Bisi e Sette si segnala per la vastità degli argomenti trattati e per l’originalità dell’approccio metodologico scelto. L’opera si compone di due tomi e si avvale anche di contributi di altri studiosi per la trattazione di alcune specifiche tematiche.

  18. Using the Theory of Mind Inventory to Detect a Broad Range of Theory of Mind Challenges in Children with Hearing Loss: A Pilot Study (United States)

    Hutchins, Tiffany L.; Allen, Lyndsey; Schefer, Maggie


    Traditional child-performance measures of theory of mind (ToM) are associated with several limitations. The Theory of Mind Inventory-2 (ToMI-2) is a new broadband caregiver-informant measure designed to tap children's ToM competence. The purposes of this pilot study were to (1) gather preliminary data to explore the scope of the ToM challenges…

  19. Combined social cognitive and neurocognitive rehabilitation strategies in schizophrenia: neuropsychological and psychopathological influences on Theory of Mind improvement. (United States)

    Bechi, M; Bosia, M; Spangaro, M; Buonocore, M; Cocchi, F; Pigoni, A; Piantanida, M; Guglielmino, C; Bianchi, L; Smeraldi, E; Cavallaro, R


    Neurocognitive and social cognitive impairments represent important treatment targets in schizophrenia, as they are significant predictors of functional outcome. Different rehabilitative interventions have recently been developed, addressing both cognitive and psychosocial domains. Although promising, results are still heterogeneous and predictors of treatment outcome are not yet identified. In this study we evaluated the efficacy of two newly developed social cognitive interventions, respectively based on the use of videotaped material and comic strips, combined with domain-specific Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT). We also analysed possible predictors of training outcome, including basal neurocognitive performance, the degree of cognitive improvement after CRT and psychopathological variables. Seventy-five patients with schizophrenia treated with CRT, were randomly assigned to: social cognitive training (SCT) group, Theory of Mind Intervention (ToMI) group, and active control group (ACG). ANOVAs showed that SCT and ToMI groups improved significantly in ToM measures, whereas the ACG did not. We reported no influences of neuropsychological measures and improvement after CRT on changes in ToM. Both paranoid and non-paranoid subjects improved significantly after ToMI and SCT, without differences between groups, despite the better performance in basal ToM found among paranoid patients. In the ACG only non-paranoid patients showed an improvement in non-verbal ToM. Results showed that both ToMI and SCT are effective in improving ToM in schizophrenia with no influence of neuropsychological domains. Our data also suggest that paranoid symptoms may discriminate between different types of ToM difficulties in schizophrenia.

  20. Clinical and subclinical deficits at 8 years in a geographically defined cohort of low birthweight infants.


    Pharoah, P O; Stevenson, C J; Cooke, R W; Stevenson, R C


    OBJECTIVE--To determine the prevalence of subclinical deficits in cognitive and motor function in low birthweight infants. DESIGN--Children of birth weight < or = 2000 g born to mothers resident in Merseyside in 1980-1 assessed using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), the Neale analysis of reading ability, and the Stott-Moyes-Henderson test of motor impairment (TOMI). Children attending normal schools assessed with controls matched for age, sex, and class in school. Children...

  1. Admission Chest CT Complements Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy in Prediction of Adverse Outcomes in Thermally Injured Patients (United States)


    full-thickness burn (% FT), injury severity score (ISS), presence of tracheos- tomy, arterial carboxyhemoglobin levels (COHb), and the ratio (PFR) of...RADS, radiologist score; COHb, carboxyhemoglobin . Table 3. Results* Variable Inhalation Injury, N = 25 No Inhalation Injury, N = 19 P RADS 109 (74... carboxyhemoglobin . Table 6. Logistic regression predictor of composite outcome* Variable P Odds Ratio 95% Confidence Interval Limit I nhalation injury + RADS

  2. Observing the Peripheral Burning of Cigarettes by an Infrared Technique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liu C


    Full Text Available A modern infrared camera was used to observe the peripheral burning of cigarettes during puffing and smouldering. The computer-controlled infrared system captured thermal images with recording rates up to 50 Hz at 8-bit (256-colour resolution. The response time was less than 0.04 s at ca. 780 °C. The overall performance of the system was superior to most infrared systems used in previously reported investigations. The combined capacity allowed us to capture some faster, smaller high-temperature burning events on the periphery of a cigarette during puffing, which was first described by Egertion et al. in 1963 using an X-ray method. These transient burning events were caused by tobacco shreds near the coal surface experiencing the maximum air influx. The temperature of these transient burning events could be ca. 200 to 250 °C higher than the average peripheral temperature of the cigarette. The likelihood of these high-temperature burning events occurring during smouldering was significantly less. Some other details of the cigarette's combustion were also observed with improved simplicity and clarity.

  3. Mise au point

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    tomie est replacé et fixé par des fils d'acier, krönlein lais- sait ce fragment pédiculé au fascia temporalis afin d'évi- ter la dépression de la fosse temporale due à la désinser- tion du muscle temporal [20] ; dans notre série, après reconstitution du cadre, le muscle temporal est suturé à son point d'insertion. pour les tumeurs ...

  4. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U08397-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available 6 |pid:none) Polaromonas sp. JS666, complete... 43 1e-06 U40031_3( U40031 |pid:none) Reithrodontomys megalot...ogena... 53 1e-06 U83832_3( U83832 |pid:none) Reithrodontomys fulvescens NADH dehydr... 52 1e-06 U83822_3( U...83822 |pid:none) Sigmodon ochrognathus NADH dehydrogena... 51 1e-06 U83831_3( U83831 |pid:none) Reithrodon...tomys megalotis NADH dehydro... 52 1e-06 AP009385_2172( AP009385 |pid:none) Burkhol

  5. Cywilizacja łacińska: ekspansja-dominacja-kryzys


    Kubiaczyk, Filip; Sareło, Zbigniew; Jakóbczyk, Stanisław; Kaźmierczak, Marek; Ciesielski, Mieszko; Kornacka-Sareło, Katarzyna; Kubiaczyk, Monika; Gaj, Beata; Gnyś-Nidecka, Małgorzata


    Cywilizacja łacińska. Ekspansja-dominacja-kryzys Abstrakt Teksty zebrane w niniejszym tomie skupiają się na problemie przyczyn kryzysu cywilizacji zachodniej, zwłaszcza jej tradycji łacińskiej, z różnych perspektyw badawczych (historycznej, filozoficznej, filologicznej i kulturoznawczej). To zróżnicowane podejście znalazło wyraz w odmiennym formułowaniu podejmowanych zagadnień i przyjętej metodologii, jak i użytej terminologii w odniesieniu do analizowanej kategorii. Pojęcia cywilizac...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Maffei


    Full Text Available Os Lusíadas in its Chant VI presents some of the central issues of the poem. One of them relates to a series of developments that advertise themselves, in that point on the narrative to explode in future moments, from dicho­tomies that oppose, apparently, pleasure with food vs. sacrificial value, for instance. The delicacies and banquets are points of departure and arrival for much of this discussion, that envolves Veloso, Venus, Bacchus, wine, love and so on.

  7. Treatment of wastewater from service areas at motorways

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Makowska Małgorzata


    Full Text Available This paper deals with wastewater treatment systems placed in motorway service areas (MSAs. In the years 2008-2009 eight of such facilities installed on the stretch of the A2 motorway between Poznań and Nowy Tomyśl were examined and analyzed. The system consists of a septic tank, a submerged aerated biofilter and an outflow filter. The volume of traffic on the highway was analyzed, the amount of water use was measured and peak factors were calculated. On this basis it was concluded that the inflows to the wastewater treatment systems in many cases exceeded the nominal design values.

  8. Postille

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Maria Cabrini


    Full Text Available - Raffaele Ruggiero, Machiavelli e la crisi dell’analogia, Bologna, il Mulino (Collana: Studi e ricerche, 2015, pp. 188; - Luigi Marfè, «In English Clothes». La novella italiana in Inghilterra: politica e poetica della traduzione, Torino, Accademia University Press, 2015, pp. X-166; - Riccardo II dal testo alla scena, a cura di Mariangela Tempera, Bologna, Emil di Odoya, 2015, pp. 186; - Franco Marucci, Storia della letteratura inglese. Dalle origini al 1625, Firenze, Le Lettere, 2015, vol. 1 (due tomi, pp. 585+288.

  9. Theory of Mind intervention for outpatients with schizophrenia. (United States)

    Bechi, Margherita; Spangaro, Marco; Bosia, Marta; Zanoletti, Andrea; Fresi, Francesco; Buonocore, Mariachiara; Cocchi, Federica; Guglielmino, Carmelo; Smeraldi, Enrico; Cavallaro, Roberto


    Social disability is one of the critical areas known to be a predictor of daily functioning in schizophrenia. Recent studies showed that impairments in Theory of Mind (ToM) contribute to real-world social functioning and are more strongly associated with community outcomes than other neuropsychological domains of cognition. Several experiments revealed an improving potential of social cognition targeted training, particularly through introduction of verbalisation and explicit manipulation of information about others' mental states. Based on these data, we evaluated longitudinally, with a controlled trial, the feasibility and efficacy of ToM training and the possible influences of daily functioning and IQ on the enhancement of ToM abilities. Thirty outpatients with schizophrenia were recruited and randomly allocated to two groups: ToM Intervention (ToMI), based on verbalisation of selected comic strips representing ToM scenarios, or active control group (ACG). Results showed a significant improvement of ToM abilities among subjects allocated to ToMI compared to ACG, confirming the hypothesis of the enhancing potential of training methods targeting ToM functions. Moreover, we observed no influences of neuropsychological and functional variables on ToM improvement. Development of future studies should take into account possible effects of ToM training on functional outcome, according to the strong associations between ToM abilities and real-world social functioning.

  10. Canoe-Kayak club

    CERN Multimedia

    Canoë-kaxak club


    Voici quelques nouvelles de nos compétiteurs qui se sont illustrés lors des dernières compétitions organisées depuis la fin du mois d’août. Tout d’abord en slalom, les frères Jimmy et Tomy Ly en participant à la TRASS du 19 au 29 août, tournée Rhône Alpes Slalom sur les bassins d’Etrembières, Sault-Brenaz et Saint Pierre de Bœuf, ont pu prendre leurs marques pour ensuite aller performer avec le Canoë Club de Genève à la course nationale Suisse de Grenchen où ils ont obtenu les résultats suivants : Jimmy en minime 1er en kayak, 1er  en Canoë biplace et  2ème en Canoë monoplace Tomy en cadet 1er en Canoë monoplace, 3ème en kayak  et 3ème en Canoë biplace   Je tiens à F&...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorica COCA


    Full Text Available Ovidian exile opera offers numerous precious information about Scythia Minor, Dobrogea today that historians have not capitalized only from the late XIX century and early XX century, after digs in the territory of Dobrogea, when archaeologists and historians have realized that the ovidian source deserve more attention. Although seen with the eye of the poet and not with the historian one, at a careful reading of operas „Tristia” and „Epistulae ex Ponto”, information about placing Tomis, about population, about climate and vegetation comes to light, and their comparison with literary sources of the time, with the historical and archaeological ones helps us find out how much of the information left by Ovidius can be capitalized in establishing historical truth.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ireneus KOWALIK


    Full Text Available Studies were carried out in the two years in Trzcianka near Nowy Tomyśl, on brown soil, IIIa – IVa with pH 7.1 – 7.2. Plants of five maize cultivars were cut at the height of 15 cm and 55 cm. The lower parts of stems with leaves which remain on the field in case of high cutting, were characterized by a smaller content of protein and by a greater content of fibre, in comparison with the higher parts of plants. The energetic value of 1 kg of dry matter of the lower 40 cm part with leaves expressed in MJ NEL, in spite of significant differences in the chemical composition, was only insignificantly lower than the upper part. The content of dry matter, the chemical composition and the energetic value of both parts differed, depending on the cultivar.

  13. Dimensional accuracy of ceramic self-ligating brackets and estimates of theoretical torsional play. (United States)

    Lee, Youngran; Lee, Dong-Yul; Kim, Yoon-Ji R


    To ascertain the dimensional accuracies of some commonly used ceramic self-ligation brackets and the amount of torsional play in various bracket-archwire combinations. Four types of 0.022-inch slot ceramic self-ligating brackets (upper right central incisor), three types of 0.018-inch ceramic self-ligating brackets (upper right central incisor), and three types of rectangular archwires (0.016 × 0.022-inch beta-titanium [TMA] (Ormco, Orange, Calif), 0.016 × 0.022-inch stainless steel [SS] (Ortho Technology, Tampa, Fla), and 0.019 × 0.025-inch SS (Ortho Technology)) were measured using a stereomicroscope to determine slot widths and wire cross-sectional dimensions. The mean acquired dimensions of the brackets and wires were applied to an equation devised by Meling to estimate torsional play angle (γ). In all bracket systems, the slot tops were significantly wider than the slot bases (P brackets, and Clippy-Cs (Tomy, Futaba, Fukushima, Japan) among the 0.018-inch brackets. The Damon Clear (Ormco) bracket had the smallest dimensional error (0.542%), whereas the 0.022-inch Empower Clear (American Orthodontics, Sheboygan, Wis) bracket had the largest (3.585%). The largest amount of theoretical play is observed using the Empower Clear (American Orthodontics) 0.022-inch bracket combined with the 0.016 × 0.022-inch TMA wire (Ormco), whereas the least amount occurs using the 0.018 Clippy-C (Tomy) combined with 0.016 × 0.022-inch SS wire (Ortho Technology).

  14. Linguistic landscape of memorial spaces in multinational communities: The case of Banat Bulgarians in Serbia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sikimić Biljana Lj.


    Full Text Available For the linguistic landscape analysis of private signs of Banat Bulgarians we chose two cemeteries, both of them multiethnic, since Banat Bulgarians in Serbia do not form a majority population in any village. The cemetery in Jaša Tomić/Modoš is religiously mixed, but the Catholic and Orthodox part are still divided. Banat Bulgarians in Konak village are buried in the Catholic cemetery; there is a separate Orthodox cemetery for the majority population. These two villages (Jaša Tomić and Konak were selected because they share a similar situation from the diachronic socio-linguistical point of view: apart for a brief time during World War II, the Bulgarian/Paulician language was hardly taught since the early 20th century; Bulgarian was used only in the family and the Catholic church (there are prayer books in Banat Bulgarian; there were many mixed marriages; there was no revival of language and culture As inscriptions on all existing Banat Bulgarian Cyrillic headstones are in Serbian and none of the cemeteries visited have inscriptions in Bulgarian, or rather in the Bulgarian Cyrillic, this indicates that the use and knowledge of standard Bulgarian is limited among the Banat Bulgarians. At the same time, the use of Banat Bulgarian in the Latin alphabet on a proportionally large number of headstones up to the end of the 20th century in the Serbian part of the Banat, and also actively today in Vinga in the Romanian part of Banat, indicates the great importance of the Banat Bulgarian language in preserving the identity of Banat Bulgarians.

  15. Stiffness and frictional resistance of a superelastic nickel-titanium orthodontic wire with low-stress hysteresis. (United States)

    Liaw, Yu-Cheng; Su, Yu-Yu M; Lai, Yu-Lin; Lee, Shyh-Yuan


    Stress-induced martensite formation with stress hysteresis that changes the elasticity and stiffness of nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) wire influences the sliding mechanics of archwire-guided tooth movement. This in-vitro study investigated the frictional behavior of an improved superelastic Ni-Ti wire with low-stress hysteresis. Improved superelastic Ni-Ti alloy wires (L & H Titan, Tomy International, Tokyo, Japan) with low-stress hysteresis were examined by using 3-point bending and frictional resistance tests with a universal test machine at a constant temperature of 35 degrees C, and compared with the former conventional austenitic-active superelastic Ni-Ti wires (Sentalloy, Tomy International). Wire stiffness levels were derived from differentiation of the polynomial regression of the unloading curves, and values for kinetic friction were measured at constant bending deflection distances of 0, 2, 3, and 4 mm, respectively. Compared with conventional Sentalloy wires, the L & H Titan wire had a narrower stress hysteresis including a lower loading plateau and a higher unloading plateau. In addition, L & H Titan wires were less stiff than the Sentalloy wires during most unloading stages. Values of friction measured at deflections of 0, 2, and 3 mm were significantly (P Sentalloy wires at all bending deflections (P <.05). Stress-induced martensite formation significantly reduced the stiffness and thus could be beneficial to decrease the binding friction of superelastic Ni-Ti wires during sliding with large bending deflections. Austenitic-active alloy wires with low-stress hysteresis and lower stiffness and friction offer significant potential for further investigation.

  16. Metal release from simulated fixed orthodontic appliances. (United States)

    Hwang, C J; Shin, J S; Cha, J Y


    Most orthodontic appliances and archwires are stainless steel or nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloys that can release metal ions, with saliva as the medium. To measure metal released from the fixed orthodontic appliances currently in use, we fabricated simulated fixed orthodontic appliances that corresponded to half of the maxillary arch and soaked them in 50 mL of artificial saliva (pH 6.75 +/- 0.15, 37 degrees C) for 3 months. We used brackets, tubes, and bands made by Tomy (Tokyo, Japan). Four groups were established according to the appliance manufacturer and the type of metal in the .016 x .022-in archwires. Groups A and B were stainless steel archwires from Ormco (Glendora, Calif) and Dentaurum (Ispringen, Germany), respectively, and groups C and D were both NiTi archwires with Ormco's copper NiTi and Tomy's Bioforce sentalloy, respectively. Stainless steel archwires were heat treated in an electric furnace at 500 degrees C for 1 minute and quenched in water. We measured the amount of metal released from each group by immersion time. Our conclusions were as follows: (1) there was no increase in the amount of chromium released after 4 weeks in group A, 2 weeks in group B, 3 weeks in group C, and 8 weeks in group D; (2) there was no increase in the amount of nickel released after 2 weeks in group A, 3 days in group B, 7 days in group C, and 3 weeks in group D; and (3) there was no increase in the amount of iron released after 2 weeks in group A, 3 days in group B, and 1 day in groups C and D. In our 3-month-long investigation, we saw a decrease in metal released as immersion time increased.

  17. PREFACE: 4th Workshop on Theory, Modelling and Computational Methods for Semiconductors (TMCSIV) (United States)

    Tomić, Stanko; Probert, Matt; Migliorato, Max; Pal, Joydeep


    renowned theoretical groups from many European countries (Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Norway, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, etc.), as well as Asia (Iran, Japan) and USA. We would like to thank all participants for making this a very successful meeting and for their contribution to the conference programme and these proceedings. We would also like to acknowledge the financial support from the Institute of Physics (Semiconductor Physics Group and Computational Physics Group), EPSRC-UK, the CECAM UK-Hartree Node, CCP9, and Quantum Wise (distributors of Atomistix). The Editors Acknowledgments Conference Organising Committee: Stanko Tomić (Chair, University of Salford) Matt Probert (University of York) Max Migliorato (University of Manchester) Joydeep Pal (University of Manchester) Programme Committee: David Whittaker (University of Sheffield, UK) John Robertson (University of Cambridge, UK) Risto Nieminen (Helsinki University of Technology Finland) Eoin O'Reilly (Tyndall Institute Cork Republic of Ireland) Marco Califano (University of Leeds, UK) Stewart Clark (University of Durham, UK) Stanko Tomić (University of Salford, UK) Mauro Pereira (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) Aldo Di Carlo (University of Rome ''Tor Vergata,'' Italy) Lev Kantorovich (King's College London, UK) Mervin Roy (University of Leicester, UK) Ben Hourahine (University of Strathclyde, UK) Rita Magri (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) Zoran Ikonic (University of Leeds) John Barker (University of Glasgow) The proceedings were edited and compiled by Joydeep Pal, Max Migliorato and Stanko Tomić.

  18. Effectiveness of music therapy: a summary of systematic reviews based on randomized controlled trials of music interventions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamioka H


    Full Text Available Hiroharu Kamioka,1 Kiichiro Tsutani,2 Minoru Yamada,3 Hyuntae Park,4 Hiroyasu Okuizumi,5 Koki Tsuruoka,6 Takuya Honda,7 Shinpei Okada,8 Sang-Jun Park,8 Jun Kitayuguchi,9 Takafumi Abe,9 Shuichi Handa,5 Takuya Oshio,10 Yoshiteru Mutoh111Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of Drug Policy and Management, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; 3Kyoto University Graduate School Research, Kyoto, Japan; 4Department of Functioning Activation, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Aichi, Japan; 5Mimaki Onsen (Spa Clinic, Tomi, Nagano, Japan; 6Graduate School of Social Services, Japan College of Social Work, Tokyo, Japan; 7Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo, Japan; 8Physical Education and Medicine Research Foundation, Tomi, Nagano, Japan; 9Physical Education and Medicine Research Center Unnan, Shimane, Japan; 10Social Welfare Service Corporation CARE-PORT MIMAKI, Tomi, Nagano, Japan; 11The Research Institute of Nippon Sport Science University, Tokyo, JapanObjective: The objective of this review was to summarize evidence for the effectiveness of music therapy (MT and to assess the quality of systematic reviews (SRs based on randomized controlled trials (RCTs.Study design: An SR of SRs based on RCTs.Methods: Studies were eligible if they were RCTs. Studies included were those with at least one treatment group in which MT was applied. We searched the following databases from 1995 to October 1, 2012: MEDLINE via PubMed, CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature, Web of Science, Global Health Library, and Ichushi-Web. We also searched all Cochrane Database and Campbell Systematic Reviews up to October 1, 2012. Based on the International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision, we identified a disease targeted for each article.Results: Twenty-one studies met all inclusion criteria. This study included 16

  19. Histological Evaluation of Allium sativum Oil as a New Medicament for Pulp Treatment of Permanent Teeth. (United States)

    Mohammad, Shukry Gamal; Raheel, Syed Ahmed; Baroudi, Kusai


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the histo pathology effects of two medicaments Allium sativum oil and formocresol on the remaining pulp tissue of the permanent teething children. A total of 18 premolars were included in this study. Two sound premolars were extracted and subjected to histological examination to show the normal pulp tissue. Pulpo tomy procedure was performed in the rest of the remaining 16 premolars; half of them using Allium sativum oil and the rest of the tested premolars were medicated using formocresol and all were sealed with suitable restoration. Then, premolars extracted at variable intervals (48 hours, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months), stained using hemotoxylin and eosin etain (H&E) and prepared for histopathology examination. Histological evaluation seemed far more promising for Allium sativum oil than formocresol. Histological evaluation revealed that teeth treated with Allium sativa oil showed infammatory changes that had been resolved in the end of the study. On the contrary, the severe chronic infammation of pulp tissue accompanied with formocresol eventually produced pulp necrosis with or without fibrosis. In addition, pulp calcification was evidenced in certain cases. Allium sativum oil is a biocompatible material that is compatible with vital human pulp tissue. It offers a good healing potential, leaving the remaining pulp tissue healthy and functioning.

  20. Clinical audit on hysterectomy for year 2011 in fatima memorial hospital lahore

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ambreen, A.; Anwar, K.; Khurshid, S.


    Background: Hysterectomy is a major gynaecological procedure performed in Pakistan. The aim of this audit was to assess the standard of hysterectomy in Fatima memorial hospital, so as to improve the quality of patient care and outcome. Methods: This was a clinical audit and included all patients undergoing hysterectomy for benign gynaecological conditions at initial assessment during the period from 1st January 2011 to 31st December 2011 in all three gynae units of Fatima memorial hospital Lahore. Results: A total of 114 patients were included for analysis: 83.33% having abdominal hysterectomies, 2.63% having laparoscopic hysterectomies and 14.04% undergoing vaginal hysterectomies. Uterine fibroids constituted the commonest indication for abdominal hysterectomies, while the genital prolapse was the most common indication for vaginal hysterectomy. The overall incidence of complications for vaginal hysterectomy was lower than that for both abdominal hysterectomy and laparoscopic hysteric-tomy. Conclusion: Vaginal approach should be considered as first choice for uterus less than 12 weeks size, along with more vigorous training for this approach. (author)

  1. Hypertriglyceridemia-associated Acute Pancreatitis with Chylous Ascites in Pregnancy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shih-Chang Chuang


    Full Text Available Both cholesterol and triglyceride levels in serum increase progressively during pregnancy. Hypertrigly-ceridemia is a well-recognized cause of acute pancreatitis, while pancreatitis-associated chylous ascites has rarely been reported. We report a 28-year-old female with coexistence of hypertriglyceridemia, acute pancreatitis, and chylous ascites during pregnancy. After emergency cesarean section, she was treated with nil per os, intravenous hydration, antibiotics, and analgesics as required. Due to the development of positive peritonitis 5 days later, an exploratory laparotomy was performed. Surgical interventions included pancreatic necrosec-tomy, right hemicolectomy and ileostomy, cholecystostomy, gastrostomy, and feeding jejunostomy. Postoperative treatment included antibiotics, total parenteral nutrition, and then low-fat diet with medium-chain triglyceride supplementation. She was discharged on the 43rd day after surgery and was free of symptoms during 6 months of follow-up. Ileocolostomy was performed 6 months after discharge. Fasting lipid profile should be regularly monitored during pregnancy due to the association of hypertriglyceridemia with development of acute pancreatitis in the mother.

  2. CERN firefighters win medals in New York

    CERN Multimedia

    Joannah Caborn Wengler


    This year CERN's firefighters have taken part for the first time in the World Police and Fire Games,held in New York at the end of August. After an intensive training programme and some glorious achievements, the members of the CERN Fire Brigade taking part in the event enthusiastically share their experience with us.   Tomi Salmi (left) and Toni Rasanen (next to him) with their medals. Everybody has heard of the Olympic Games, but did you know that every two years firefighters and police officers from around the world hold their own version, which is second in size only to the Olympics? Since the mid-1980s, the World Police and Fire Games have taken place on three different continents, making waves in the cities that have hosted them. This year, the CERN Fire Brigade was part of a 10-day sports extravaganza in the city that never sleeps. Five CERN firefighters, two from Britain and three from Finland, participated in the Games in their chosen disciplines of triple jump, open water ...

  3. A patient with mandibular deviation and 3 mandibular incisors treated with asymmetrically bent improved superelastic nickel-titanium alloy wires. (United States)

    Ikeda, Yuhei; Kokai, Satoshi; Ono, Takashi


    Skeletal and dental discrepancies cause asymmetric malocclusions in orthodontic patients. It is difficult to achieve adequate functional occlusion and guidance in patients with congenital absence of a mandibular incisor due to the tooth-size discrepancy. Here, we describe the orthodontic treatment of a 22-year-old woman with an asymmetric Angle Class II malocclusion, mandibular deviation to the left, and 3 mandibular incisors. The anterior teeth and maxillary canines were crowded. We used an improved superelastic nickel-titanium alloy wire (Tomy International, Tokyo, Japan) to compensate for the asymmetric mandibular arch and an asymmetrically bent archwire to move the maxillary molars distally. A skeletal anchorage system provided traction for intermaxillary elastics, and extractions were not needed. We alleviated the crowding and created an ideal occlusion with proper overjet, overbite, and anterior guidance with Class I canine and molar relationships. This method of treatment with an asymmetrically bent nickel-titanium alloy wire provided proper Class I occlusion and anterior guidance despite the mandibular deviation to the left and 3 mandibular incisors, without the need for extractions. Copyright © 2017 American Association of Orthodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. In vitro physical, chemical, and biological evaluation of commercially available metal orthodontic brackets. (United States)

    Kim, Joo Hyoung; Cha, Jung Yul; Hwang, Chung Ju


    This in vitro study was undertaken to evaluate the physical, chemical, and biological properties of commercially available metal orthodontic brackets in South Korea, because national standards for these products are lacking. FOUR BRACKET BRANDS WERE TESTED FOR DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY, (MANUFACTURING ERRORS IN ANGULATION AND TORQUE), CYTOTOXICITY, COMPOSITION, ELUTION, AND CORROSION: Archist (Daeseung Medical), Victory (3M Unitek), Kosaka (Tomy), and Confidence (Shinye Odontology Materials). The tested rackets showed no significant differences in manufacturing errors in angulation, but Confidence brackets showed a significant difference in manufacturing errors in torque. None of the brackets were cytotoxic to mouse fibroblasts. The metal ion components did not show a regular increasing or decreasing trend of elution over time, but the volume of the total eluted metal ions increased: Archist brackets had the maximal Cr elution and Confidence brackets appeared to have the largest volume of total eluted metal ions because of excessive Ni elution. Confidence brackets showed the lowest corrosion resistance during potentiodynamic polarization. The results of this study could potentially be applied in establishing national standards for metal orthodontic brackets and in evaluating commercially available products.

  5. Laser-assisted oral surgery in general practice (United States)

    McCauley, Mark C.


    This presentation will demonstrate and discuss any surgical applications of the Argon dental laser. This presentation will also increase the awareness and basic understanding of the physical principals of the Argon laser. The wavelength of the Argon laser is specifically absorbed by red pigments such a hemoglobin which is abundant in oral soft tissue. The result is a sharp clean incision with minimal thermal damage to adjacent healthy tissue. Preprosthetic procedures such as full arch vestibuloplasty, labial and lingual frenectomy, and epulis fissuratum removal will be demonstrated. Other soft tissue management procedures such as minor periodontal pocket elimination surgery (gingivectomy), removal of hyperplastic granulation tissue from around poorly maintained implants, and the removal of granulation and/or cystic tissue from the apex of teeth undergoing endodontic (apicoec-tomy) surgery will also be demonstrated and discussed. Provided basic oral surgery protocol is followed, surgical procedures utilizing the Argon laser can be accomplished with minimal bleeding, minimal trauma and with minimal post-operative discomfort.

  6. Ancient Greek Terminology in Hepatopancreatobiliary Anatomy and Surgery. (United States)

    Papoulas, Michail; Douvetzemis, Stergios


    Most of the terminology in medicine originates from Greek or Latin, revealing the impact of the ancient Greeks on modern medicine. However, the literature on the etymology of Greek words used routinely in medical practice is sparse. We provide a short guide to the etymology and meaning of Greek words currently used in the field of hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) anatomy and surgery. Focusing on HPB medical literature, the etymology and origin of Greek words including suffixes and prefixes are shown and analyzed. For example, anatomy (anatomia) is a Greek word derived from the prefix ana- (on, upon) and the suffix -tomy from the verb temno meaning to cut. Surgery, however, is not a Greek word. The corresponding Greek word is chirourgiki derived from cheir (hand) and ergon (action, work) meaning the action made by hands. Understanding the root of Greek terminology leads to an accurate, precise and comprehensive scientific medical language, reflecting the need for a universal medical language as a standardized means of communication within the health care sector.

  7. Posterior Retroperitoneoscopic Resection of Extra-adrenal Paraganglioma Located in the Aorto-caval Space. (United States)

    Kang, Sang-Wook; Kandil, Emad; Kim, Min Jhi; Kim, Kwang Soon; Lee, Cho Rok; Jeong, Jong Ju; Nam, Kee-Hyun; Chung, Woong Youn; Park, Cheong Soo


    The posterior retroperitoneoscopic adrenalec tomy has several advantages compared with the transperitoneal approach such as a shorter and more direct route to the target organ, no breach of the intraperitoneal space, and no required retraction of the adjacent organs. It also is a safe procedure with a short learning curve.1 - 5 This report presents a challenging case of an extra-adrenal paraganglioma located in the aorto-caval space and managed using the retroperitoneal approach. A 39-year-old man was placed in the prone jackknife position, and three incisions were made in the right posterior abdominal wall for placement of the laparoscopic ports. The retroperitoneal space was entered with diathermy and blunt finger dissection, and retropneumoperitoneum was achieved with carbon dioxide insufflation pressure up to 18 mmHg. After identification of the right kidney and vessels, the tumor was meticulously dissected and excised with an energy device. The specimen was removed using a laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag, and the port sites were closed in layers. The operative time was 130 min, and the total blood loss was 30 ml. The tumor was diagnosed as a moderately differentiated extra-adrenal paraganglioma. The Von Hippel-Lindau gene mutation was detected using next-generation sequencing. The posterior retroperitoneoscopic approach is a safe, feasible, and effective method for excising an extra-adrenal paraganglioma even in the aorto-caval space. The authors suggest that this procedure is a useful surgical option for treatment of an aorto-caval paraganglioma for selected patients and by experienced surgeons.

  8. Preoperative low level laser therapy in dogs undergoing tibial plateau levelling osteotomy: A blinded, prospective, randomized clinical trial. (United States)

    Rogatko, Cleo P; Baltzer, Wendy I; Tennant, Rachel


    To evaluate the influence of preoperative low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on therapeutic outcomes of dogs undergoing tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO). Healthy dogs undergoing TPLO were randomly assigned to receive either a single preoperative LLLT treatment (800-900 nm dual wavelength, 6 W, 3.5 J/cm 2 , 100 cm 2 area) or a sham treatment. Lameness assessment and response to manipulation, as well as force plate analysis, were performed preoperatively, then again at 24 hours, two weeks, and eight weeks postoperatively. Radiographic signs of healing of the osteo-tomy were assessed at eight weeks postoperatively. Twenty-seven dogs (27 stifles) were included and no major complications occurred. At eight weeks postoperatively, a significant difference in peak vertical force analysis was noted between the LLLT (39.6% ± 4.7%) and sham groups (28.9% ± 2.6%), (p dogs in the LLLT group (6.6 ± 1.6 years) was greater than that for the sham group (4.5 ± 2.0, p dogs (5/8) had healed at the eight-week time point than in the sham group (3/12) despite the age difference (p = 0.11) Clinical significance: The results of this study demonstrate that improved peak vertical force could be related to the preoperative use of LLLT for dogs undergoing TPLO at eight weeks postoperatively. The use of LLLT may improve postoperative return to function following canine osteotomies and its use is recommended.

  9. Comparison of clinical outcomes in PRK with a standard and aspherical optimized profile: a full case analysis of 100 eyes with 1-year follow-up. (United States)

    Dausch, Dieter; Dausch, Burglinde; Wottke, Matthias; Sluyterman van Langeweyde, Georg


    One hundred eyes from 55 adult patients with myopia were retrospectively studied to determine the comparative safety, efficacy, and predictability of aberration smart ablation (ASA) and a new advanced ablation algorithm (Triple-A) using the MEL(®) 80 excimer laser. Fifty myopic eyes with a manifest refraction spherical equivalent (MRSE) between -1.0 diopters (D) and -9.75 D were consecutively treated with photorefractive keratec-tomy ASA, and 50 myopic eyes with an MRSE between -1.38 D and -11.0 D with photorefractive keratectomy Triple-A. Uncorrected distance visual acuity, MRSE, the absolute value of the cylinder, corrected distance visual acuity, and postoperative complications at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months (1 year) were descriptively analyzed and compared at 1 year. After 12 months, the MRSE variance was statistically significantly better in patients triaged to receive Triple-A compared with patients receiving ASA (ASA, ±0.7 D; Triple-A, ±0.15 D; P<0.001). Furthermore, no patient in the Triple-A group had any cylinder postoperatively. Patients in the Triple-A treatment arm achieved a superior result. No statistically significant difference in the two treatment arms was noted for the analysis of the mean MRSE at 12 months (P=0.78). Triple-A was more effective than standard aspherical surgical intervention in a number of treatment outcome parameters (eg, MRSE, astigmatism, efficacy index). The two surgical procedures were equivalent in terms of safety.

  10. Social Cognition in Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Associations with Executive Functions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Miranda


    Full Text Available Autism spectrum disorder (ASD and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD are neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by social impairments. The first objective of this study was to analyze social cognition deficits of children with ADHD, high-functioning ASD (HFASD, and typical development (TD in their performance on explicit and applied measures of theory of mind (ToM. The second objective was to investigate the relationships between executive functions and social cognition in HFASD and ADHD. One hundred and twenty-six 7- to 11-year old children, 52 with HFASD, 35 with ADHD, and 39 with TD, performed the NEPSY-II social perception subtests. Parents estimated their children's ToM skills using the Theory of Mind Inventory (ToMI. Teacher-reported data from the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF were also obtained. The HFASD and ADHD groups showed worse performance on the verbal ToM task than the TD group, and only the performance of the HFASD group was significantly lower than the TD group on the contextual ToM task. Parents also estimated that the HFASD group had more difficulties on the applied ToM than the ADHD and TD groups. Furthermore, there is a different executive function-theory of mind link in the HFASD and ADHD groups: behavioral regulation processes such as inhibition and emotional control are more associated with social cognition in children with ADHD, whereas metacognitive processes such as initiation and planning have a strong association with social cognition in children with HFASD. These findings have implications for understanding social perception deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders, highlighting the need for early intervention.

  11. The Getic Ovid in Prešeren and Politian: Literary Myth, Political Paradigm, Civilisatory Argument

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Marinčič


    Full Text Available For France Prešeren, Ovid is an important literary model (Gazele[Ghazals], Ljubeznjeni soneti[Amorous Sonnets] and the paradigm of an unhappy poet (Glosa. In fact, what has prompted some contemporary interpreters to read Ovid’s exile to Tomis as mere autobiographical fiction is Ovid’s own endeavour to endow his exile with a paradigmatic quality. The experience of the poet-exile, described in the Tristia andEpistulae ex Ponto, thus acquired the status of a literary myth in the early modern era; it was already Angelo Poliziano who additionally used it as a paradigm of great literary authority, which could be wielded by a contemporary poet-exile as an argument in his conflict with the prince or the state. Politian, who voluntarily withdrew from Florence for six months in 1479–80, applied Ovid’s exile in literary form to his own experience; his Epigram XXVII sounds the theme of his decline as an artist, which the prince may halt by recalling the poet from the barbarian country. Ovid himself attributed his artistic “decline” to his linguistic alienation, practically illustrating the latter with subtle stylistic devices (such as “stuttering”. Similarly, Prešeren’s German cycle, which was published in the Illyrisches Blatt and originally intended for publication in his Poems, may be read as a didactic staging of denationalisation; the first poem, which expressly alludes to Ovid, effectively portrays by reference to the Tristia the spontaneous, uncontrolled process of language assimilation. In this sense, the German cycle is both a warning, aimed at the half-Germanised bourgeoisie, and a self-ironic, metaliterary illustration of linguistic alienation in the poet’s home exile.

  12. DeepNAT: Deep convolutional neural network for segmenting neuroanatomy. (United States)

    Wachinger, Christian; Reuter, Martin; Klein, Tassilo


    We introduce DeepNAT, a 3D Deep convolutional neural network for the automatic segmentation of NeuroAnaTomy in T1-weighted magnetic resonance images. DeepNAT is an end-to-end learning-based approach to brain segmentation that jointly learns an abstract feature representation and a multi-class classification. We propose a 3D patch-based approach, where we do not only predict the center voxel of the patch but also neighbors, which is formulated as multi-task learning. To address a class imbalance problem, we arrange two networks hierarchically, where the first one separates foreground from background, and the second one identifies 25 brain structures on the foreground. Since patches lack spatial context, we augment them with coordinates. To this end, we introduce a novel intrinsic parameterization of the brain volume, formed by eigenfunctions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator. As network architecture, we use three convolutional layers with pooling, batch normalization, and non-linearities, followed by fully connected layers with dropout. The final segmentation is inferred from the probabilistic output of the network with a 3D fully connected conditional random field, which ensures label agreement between close voxels. The roughly 2.7million parameters in the network are learned with stochastic gradient descent. Our results show that DeepNAT compares favorably to state-of-the-art methods. Finally, the purely learning-based method may have a high potential for the adaptation to young, old, or diseased brains by fine-tuning the pre-trained network with a small training sample on the target application, where the availability of larger datasets with manual annotations may boost the overall segmentation accuracy in the future. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Colonial Empires of the East and the Eest: Images of the Other, from Tacito to David Malouf, from Salman Rushdie to Michael Ondaatje

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elvira Gòdono


    Full Text Available Many centuries before Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1902 and Rudyard Kipling’s Kim (1901 were published, the East and West were still divided, as in Tacito’s De Germania, by a limes also visible in David Malouf’s An Imaginary Life (1978, in which the poet Ovid exiled at Tomi, is friends with the savage Child, of animal nature in a human body, similar to the metamorphic migrants of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses (1988, which hides the magnificent and ancient East of Mahābhārata and Rāmāyana in many Western identities, lost in diabolic European cities. This chaotic antithesis in Michael Ondaatje’s pages lets Sri Lanka’s childish ghosts float amidst stories of peregrination and in search of a Promised Land. In the Skin of a Lion (1987 includes an epigraph from the ancient poem of Gilgamesh, an Eastern echo in a novel profoundly important for many Western studies that often focus on the theory of the canon or on postmodern literature. These categories are discussed with the prospect of broadening cultural and post-colonial studies, in order to merge theory of genres and thematic criticism with anthropology, mythology, and ethnology. Multiple citations expand the original object of research, adding the colonial prophecy present in North American myths, as demonstrated by Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence or Lévi-Strauss. Incessantly moving from one space to another, authors give voice to the native cry from multiple perspectives, narrating – like all colonial empires founded on human cruelty– the beast’s nature that has shown its worst aspect.

  14. Polska w oczach guwernera Skórzewskich, czyli zapiski księdza Pocharda z lat 1792–1833 w zbiorach Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Poznaniu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renata Wilgosiewicz-Skutecka


    Full Text Available W zbiorach rękopisów przechowywanych w Bibliotece Uniwersyteckiej w Poznaniu znajdują się trzy tomy wspomnień Claude’a Antoine’a Pocharda – francuskiego księdza, żyjącego w czasach rewolucji francuskiej, należącego do prêtres réfractaires i w roku 1792 zmuszonego do opuszczenia ojczyzny. W latach 1792–1796 pozostawał on na emigracji w Szwajcarii, później przyjął posadę guwernera synów Józefa Skórzewskiego, starosty gnieźnieńskiego, i Heleny z Lipskich Skórzewskiej. Zapiski księdza Pocharda prowadzone w latach 1792–1833 dotyczą obu tych okresów. Ich lektura daje możliwość śledzenia losów duchownego w trudnych czasach rewolucyjnych, a także zagłębienia się w relacje naocznego świadka wydarzeń z życia rodzinnego Skórzewskich, wydarzeń ukazanych w szerszym kontekście historycznym – polskim i europejskim. Artykuł jest wprowadzeniem do badania tych rękopisów jako wielowątkowego materiału mogącego zainteresować zarówno literaturoznawców, jak i historyków, pozwalającego weryfikować wiedzę i stawiać hipotezy dotyczące dziejów jednego z najznamienitszych rodów wielkopolskich.

  15. Transsexual Mastectomy: Selection of Appropriate Technique According to Breast Characteristics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hüsamettin Top


    Full Text Available Background: Subcutaneous mastectomy for female- to-male transsexuals is usually the first surgical pro- cedure in sexual reassignment. The main objective of subcutaneous mastectomy is to create an aesthetically pleasing male chest contour by removing all glandular tissue while minimizing chest wall scars. Aims: In this paper, we present our experience with subcutaneous mastectomy performed in female-to- male transsexual patients. The authors recommend their point of view to aid in selecting the most suitable subcutaneous mastectomy technique depending on breast characteristics. Study Design: Retrospective cross-sectional study. Methods: Between March 2011 and December 2014, 52 patients underwent bilateral subcutaneous mastec- tomies (total of 104 mastectomies, performed using the following four techniques: Webster semicircular, concentric circular, vertical, and apron flap. The tech- nique decision depended on the breast size, degree of skin excess, skin elasticity, chest width, nipple areolar complex size and position. Results: Seventeen patients (32.7% were operated with Webster semicircular, 7 patients (13.5% with con- centric periareolar, 12 patients with vertical (23%; and 16 patients (30.8% with the apron flap technique. The overall postoperative complication rate was 13.4%. All patients were satisfied with the aesthetic results of their subcutaneous mastectomies within the follow-up period. Conclusion: To obtain higher patient satisfaction with aesthetic results and lower postoperative complication rates, breast characteristics are evaluated in a detailed fashion, while choosing the ideal technique of Female-to-Male (FtM subcutaneous mastectomy. The presented surgical new algorithm facilitates the selection of the most reliable surgical technique

  16. The Anatomy of Alimentary Tract in Chinese Reindeer(Rangifer ta randus)%中国驯鹿消化道的结构特点

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘为民; 杨银凤; 都格尔斯仁; 乔灵; 额尔敦木图; 嘎拉扎布


    对分布于中国东北地区的驯鹿消化道进行了大体解剖学的观察。驯鹿无鼻唇镜,仅有不发达的唇镜。舌无叶状乳头。雌、雄鹿均具有上犬齿。主要的唾液腺包括腮腺、下颌腺、单口舌下腺。胃包括瘤胃、网胃、瓣胃、皱胃。升结肠分为初袢、旋袢和终袢。旋袢具有5周向心回和5周离心回,在离心回的最后1周具有1个“S”状袢。%The digestive tract ana tomy of reindeer that live in northeastChina was studied.The reindeer has no pl anum nasonabiale,but has an undeveloped planun labiales.There are filiform papil lae,fungiform papillae,valate papillae and lenticular papillae,but no foliate pa pillae on the tongue.Both the male and female have uper canine tooth.The primary major salivary glands included parotid gland,mandibular gland,and monostomalica l sublingual gland.The stomach included rumen,reticulum,omasum and abomasum.The spiral loop of ascending colon have 5 centripeta turns and 5 centrifugal turns.I n the last centrifugal turn there is an “s”formed loop in the ventro-caudal qu adrant.

  17. Effect of modified surgical method on subcutaneous hydrops of patients with breast cancer after modified radical mastectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yan Li


    Full Text Available Objective: Through prospective randomized clinical study,to observe the preventive effect of improved surgical method to subcutaneous hydrops after modified radical mastec tomy. Method: A total of 80 cases of patients who have done modified radical mastectomy were selected, and randomly divided them into study group (40 cases and control group (40 cases, then adopted different surgical methods as followed respectively, to observe the daily drainage volume at the first 3 d after surgery; when the drainage volume ≤ 20 mL, 24 h after surgery, removed the drainage tubes, to record the drainage days, total cases who occured subcutaneous hydrops and all adverse events after surgery. Results: Study group: the first 3 d of daily drainage volume declined quickly, and were accordingly less than that in control group; and ≤ 50 mL/24 h on the third day. Drainage total days median (4 d were less than that in control group (7 d; subcutaneous hydrops occurrence rate was only 2%, which wasgreatly lower than that in control group (14%, statistics difference had significance. Through the comparison between study group and control group, this surgical method improvement will not bring any surgical safety problems, such as hematoma, wound infection, skin flap necrosis and upper limb LOM etc. Only extended the surgical time slightly. While in control group, drainage tubes fell into the dead space or were blocked frequently, then induced hydrops; but in study group, due to the suture of latissimus dorsi leading edge and chestwall, dead space disappeared at this spot, drainage tube were not blocked any more. Conclusion: In mastectomy and axillary lymph dissection, due to axillary dissection, ligation might lead to open lymphatic tissue, added that suture fixed latissimus dorsi leading edge and skin flap leading to disappeared dead space, compared with traditional surgical method, this improved surgical method could obviously reduce the occurrence rate of hydrops

  18. A systematic review of randomized controlled trials on curative and health enhancement effects of forest therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamioka H


    Full Text Available Hiroharu Kamioka,1 Kiichiro Tsutani,2 Yoshiteru Mutoh,3 Takuya Honda,4 Nobuyoshi Shiozawa,5 Shinpei Okada,6 Sang-Jun Park,6 Jun Kitayuguchi,7 Masamitsu Kamada,8 Hiroyasu Okuizumi,9 Shuichi Handa91Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, 2Department of Drug Policy and Management, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 3Todai Policy Alternatives Research Institute, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 4Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo, 5Food Labeling Division, Consumer Affairs Agency, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, Tokyo, 6Physical Education and Medicine Research Foundation, Nagano, 7Physical Education and Medicine Research Center Unnan, Shimane, 8Department of Environmental and Preventive Medicine, Shimane University School of Medicine, Shimane, 9Mimaki Onsen (Spa Clinic, Tomi City, Nagano, JapanObjective: To summarize the evidence for curative and health enhancement effects through forest therapy and to assess the quality of studies based on a review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs.Study design: A systematic review based on RCTs.Methods: Studies were eligible if they were RCTs. Studies included one treatment group in which forest therapy was applied. The following databases – from 1990 to November 9, 2010 – were searched: MEDLINE via PubMed, CINAHL, Web of Science, and Ichushi-Web. All Cochrane databases and Campbell Systematic Reviews were also searched up to November 9, 2010.Results: Two trials met all inclusion criteria. No specific diseases were evaluated, and both studies reported significant effectiveness in one or more outcomes for health enhancement. However, the results of evaluations with the CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials 2010 and CLEAR NPT (A Checklist to Evaluate a Report of a Nonpharmacological Trial checklists generally showed a remarkable lack of description in the studies. Furthermore, there was a

  19. PREFACE: Euro-TMCS I: Theory, Modelling and Computational Methods for Semiconductors (United States)

    Gómez-Campos, F. M.; Rodríguez-Bolívar, S.; Tomić, S.


    participants for making this a very successful meeting and for their contribution to the conference programme and these proceedings. We would also like to acknowledge the financial support from Universidad de Granada, the CECAM UK-Hartree Node, project TEC2013-47283-R of Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, and the company Materials Design (distributors of MedeA Software). Conference Organising Committee: Francisco M. Gómez-Campos (Co-chair, Universidad de Granada) Salvador Rodríguez-Bolívar (Co-chair, Universidad de Granada) Stanko Tomić (Co-chair, University of Salford)

  20. A systematic review of nonrandomized controlled trials on the curative effects of aquatic exercise

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamioka H


    Full Text Available Hiroharu Kamioka1, Kiichiro Tsutani2, Yoshiteru Mutoh3, Hiroyasu Okuizum4, Miho Ohta5, Shuichi Handa4, Shinpei Okada6, Jun Kitayuguchi7, Masamitsu Kamada7, Nobuyoshi Shiozawa8, Sang-Jun Park4, Takuya Honda4, Shoko Moriyama41Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of Drug Policy and Management, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3Department of Physical and Health Education, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; 4Mimaki Onsen (Spa Clinic, Tomi City, Japan; 5Laboratory of Aqua, Health, and Sports Medicine, 6Physical Education and Medicine Research Foundation, Nagano, Japan; 7Physical Education and Medicine Research Center Unnan, Unnan City, Japan; 8Department of Longevity and Social Medicine, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama, JapanBackground: The objectives of this review were to integrate the evidence of curative effects through aquatic exercise and assess the quality of studies based on a review of nonrandomized controlled trials (nRCTs.Methods: Study design was a systematic review of nonrandomized controlled trials. Trials were eligible if they were nonrandomized clinical trials. Studies included one treatment group in which aquatic exercise was applied. We searched the following databases from 2000 up to July 20, 2009: MEDLINE via PubMed, CINAHL, and Ichushi-Web.Results: Twenty-one trials met all inclusion criteria. Languages included were English (N = 9, Japanese (N = 11, and Korean (N = 1. Target diseases were knee and/or hip osteoarthritis, poliomyelitis, chronic kidney disease, discomforts of pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases, and rotator cuff tears. Many studies on nonspecific disease (healthy participants were included. All studies reported significant effectiveness in at least one or more outcomes. However results of evaluations with the TREND and CLEAR-NPT checklists generally

  1. Oncoplastic Resection of Retroareolar Breast Cancer: Central Quadrantectomy and Reconstruction by Local Skin-Glandular Flap

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Naguib, S.F.


    Background: Patients with central breast neoplasms account for 5 to 20% of breast cancer cases and, for a long time, they have been denied Breast Conservation Surgery (BCS) and conventionally treated with mastectomy. The high incidence of Nipple-Areola-Complex (NAC) involvement usually associated with these tumors necessitates nipple and areolar resection together with an adequate safety margin around the tumor, which yields an unacceptable cosmetic result. With the help of Oncoplastic Surgical Techniques, BCS can be offered to these patients. In this study central quadrantectomy and breast reconstruction by an infero-Iaterally based pedicled flap were evaluated. Patients and Methods: This study comprised 23 women with central breast tumors treated at the National Cancer Institute (NC]), Cairo University and at the Aswan Cancer Center, Egyptian Ministry of Health. Their ages ranged from 31 to 62 years (mean: 48.4±10.2 years). Twenty-two had a palpable mass, while only I had Paget's disease of the nipple without mass. The size of their tumors ranged from 4 to 33mm (mean: 16.9±8.6mm). Only 9 women showed clinical suspicion of NAC involvement in the form of nipple retraction. Seventeen cases had their tumors strictly in the retro-areolar region, while 5 had tumors extending for a maximum of I.5Cm beyond the areolar edge. All patients underwent central quadrantec-tomy with NAC resection removing a cylinder of breast tissue reaching down to the pectoral muscle together with axillary dissection. Advancement of an infero-Iaterally based skin-glandular flap was then carried out. All patients received adjuvant radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. Results: Fourteen patients showed pathological evidence of nipple infiltration (60.8%). The free safety margin (SM) ranged from 9 to 13mm (mean: 10. 0.9mm). This could be accomplished from the first attempt in 18 patients; however, in 5 patients a second wider excision was needed to obtain an adequate

  2. A video demonstration of preserved piloting by scent tracking but impaired dead reckoning after fimbria-fornix lesions in the rat. (United States)

    Whishaw, Ian Q; Gorny, Boguslaw P


    ; Martin et al., 1997; Maaswinkel and Whishaw, 1999). The objective of the present video demonstrations was to solve the problem of cue specification in order to examine the relative contribution of the hippocampus in the use of these strategies. The rats were trained in a new task in which they followed linear or polygon scented trails to obtain a large food pellet hidden on an open field. Because rats have a proclivity to carry the food back to the refuge, accuracy and the cues used to return to the home base were dependent variables (Whishaw and Tomie, 1997). To force an animal to use a a dead reckoning strategy to reach its refuge with the food, the rats were tested when blindfolded or under infrared light, a spectral wavelength in which they cannot see, and in some experiments the scent trail was additionally removed once an animal reached the food. To examine the relative contribution of the hippocampus, fimbria-fornix (FF) lesions, which disrupt information flow in the hippocampal formation (Bland, 1986), impair memory (Gaffan and Gaffan, 1991), and produce spatial deficits (Whishaw and Jarrard, 1995), were used.

  3. Tratamento cirúrgico das bronquiectasias. Revisão de 34 casos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurora Lino


    treatment relies on surgical ressection. In the period between 1988 and 1995, 34 patients with bronchiectasis, 17 women and 17 men, with mean age of 43,8±17,9 years, underwent surgery. Indications for surgery were as follows: failure of medical treatment in 17 patients (50%, who presented with recurrent bronchopulmonary infections; occurrence of complications, such as hemoptysis and/or blood stained sputum, in 15 patients (44%; pulmonary mass lesion of uncertain etiology in 2 patients (5,8%. We were able to determine the etiology in 23 patients: bronchopneumonia in childhood and/or adolescence in 12 patients, sequelae to pulmonary tuberculosis in 10 patients and aspiration of a foreign body in one case. Sputum production, cough, hemoptysis and/or blood stained sputum were the most frequent symptoms. Anatomycal involvement of the lesions was documented by CT scan, in 26 patients, I 0 of whom also underwent bronchography. In 8 patients bronchography alone was performed. In all patients except one, lesions were unilateral and preferentially located in the LIL, RSL and RML. Before surgery, pulmonary function changes, were predominantly of the obstructive type (14 patients or 41 %.The following surgical procedures were done: 4 pneumectomys, 23 lobectomys (5 associated with segmental ressections, 4 segmentec-tomys and 3 bilobectomys. Post surgical mortality was null and morbidity was 20% (7 patients. In post-surgical follow-up, during 6-24 month period, 20 patients (58,8% remained asymptomatic, 11 (32,3% showed substantial clinical improvement without deterioration of their respiratory function and in 3 (8,8% surgical ressection was not beneficial. Palavras-chave: bronquiectasias, tratamento cirúrgico, avaliação funcional respiratória, : Key-words, bronchiectasis, surgical treatment, pulmonary function testing

  4. Συμβολὴ εἰς τὴν χρονολόγησιν τῶν Ἀβαρικῶν καὶ Σλαβικῶν ἐπιδρομῶν ἐπὶ Μαυρικίου (582-602 (μετ' ἐπιμέτρου περὶ τῶν Περσικῶν πολέμων

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    soleil (19 mars 592, ambassade franque (592, année impériale, fin de la guerre perse (automne 591, mort du patriarche Jean le Jeûneur (printemps ou automne 595, chute de Maurice (novembre 602 etc. En se fondant sur ces dates-clès et en suivant les indications de Théophylacte sur les saisons, ainsi que toutes les données chronologiques des autres sources, l'auteur étudie en détail (pp. 159-182 les étapes de la guerre des Byzantins contre les Avares et les Slaves de 592 à 602 et essai d'en établir les dates. En voilà les résultats essentiels de cette recherche : 592 mars : campagne de Maurice592    : expédition des Avares en Thrace593    : campagnes de Priscos contre les Slaves594    : commandement de Pierre (qui n'a duré qu'une année595    : nouvelle campagne de Priscos595  fin -automne 597 : dix-huit mois d'accalmie à la frontière du Danube597  automne : expédition avare contre Tomis598    : peste au camp des Avars. Traité de paix (qui rétablit la frontière du Danube599         été-automne : rupture du traité.   Campagnes   des   Byzantins  au Danube et à Theiss (Tissos600    été -601 été : une année d'accalmie (=19e année  du règne de Maurice601    été-automne : Pierre à Palastolon et en Dardanie602         : Expéditions  byzantines  au-delà  du  Danube. Sédition de l'armée byzantine. Chute de MauriceEn appendice (pp. 183-193 l'auteur expose les derniers événements de la guerre perse et examine le problème de leur chronologie. Il est amené à accepter, parmi les dates proposées, l'automne 591 comme celle de la fin de la guerre.Suivent deux tableaux:1       tableau   chronologique   général   des   événements de 592-602, fondé sur les données des sources (pp. 194-202.2       tableau des dates proposées par les historiens modernes (pp. 203-205.

  5. 12th WINFOCUS world congress on ultrasound in emergency and critical care. (United States)

    Acar, Yahya; Tezel, Onur; Salman, Necati; Cevik, Erdem; Algaba-Montes, Margarita; Oviedo-García, Alberto; Patricio-Bordomás, Mayra; Mahmoud, Mustafa Z; Sulieman, Abdelmoneim; Ali, Abbas; Mustafa, Alrayah; Abdelrahman, Ihab; Bahar, Mustafa; Ali, Osama; Lester Kirchner, H; Prosen, Gregor; Anzic, Ajda; Leeson, Paul; Bahreini, Maryam; Rasooli, Fatemeh; Hosseinnejad, Houman; Blecher, Gabriel; Meek, Robert; Egerton-Warburton, Diana; Ćuti, Edina Ćatić; Belina, Stanko; Vančina, Tihomir; Kovačević, Idriz; Rustemović, Nadan; Chang, Ikwan; Lee, Jin Hee; Kwak, Young Ho; Kim, Do Kyun; Cheng, Chi-Yung; Pan, Hsiu-Yung; Kung, Chia-Te; Ćurčić, Ela; Pritišanac, Ena; Planinc, Ivo; Medić, Marijana Grgić; Radonić, Radovan; Fasina, Abiola; Dean, Anthony J; Panebianco, Nova L; Henwood, Patricia S; Fochi, Oliviero; Favarato, Moreno; Bonanomi, Ezio; Tomić, Ivan; Ha, Youngrock; Toh, Hongchuen; Harmon, Elizabeth; Chan, Wilma; Baston, Cameron; Morrison, Gail; Shofer, Frances; Hua, Angela; Kim, Sharon; Tsung, James; Gunaydin, Isa; Kekec, Zeynep; Ay, Mehmet Oguzhan; Kim, Jinjoo; Kim, Jinhyun; Choi, Gyoosung; Shim, Dowon; Lee, Ji-Han; Ambrozic, Jana; Prokselj, Katja; Lucovnik, Miha; Simenc, Gabrijela Brzan; Mačiulienė, Asta; Maleckas, Almantas; Kriščiukaitis, Algimantas; Mačiulis, Vytautas; Macas, Andrius; Mohite, Sharad; Narancsik, Zoltan; Možina, Hugon; Nikolić, Sara; Hansel, Jan; Petrovčič, Rok; Mršić, Una; Orlob, Simon; Lerchbaumer, Markus; Schönegger, Niklas; Kaufmann, Reinhard; Pan, Chun-I; Wu, Chien-Hung; Pasquale, Sarah; Doniger, Stephanie J; Yellin, Sharon; Chiricolo, Gerardo; Potisek, Maja; Drnovšek, Borut; Leskovar, Boštjan; Robinson, Kristine; Kraft, Clara; Moser, Benjamin; Davis, Stephen; Layman, Shelley; Sayeed, Yusef; Minardi, Joseph; Pasic, Irmina Sefic; Dzananovic, Amra; Pasic, Anes; Zubovic, Sandra Vegar; Hauptman, Ana Godan; Brajkovic, Ana Vujaklija; Babel, Jaksa; Peklic, Marina; Radonic, Vedran; Bielen, Luka; Ming, Peh Wee; Yezid, Nur Hafiza; Mohammed, Fatahul Laham; Huda, Zainal Abidin; Ismail, Wan Nasarudin Wan; Isa, W Yus Haniff W; Fauzi, Hashairi; Seeva, Praveena; Mazlan, Mohd Zulfakar


    veterans: a retrospective analysis from the first Croatian veteran's hospitalEdina Ćatić Ćuti, Stanko Belina, Tihomir Vančina, Idriz KovačevićA15 The challenge of AAA: unusual case of obstructive jaundiceEdina Ćatić Ćuti, Nadan RustemovićA16 Educational effectiveness of easy-made new simulator model for ultrasound-guided procedures in pediatric patients: vascular access and foreign body managementIkwan Chang, Jin Hee Lee, Young Ho Kwak, Do Kyun KimA17 Detection of uterine rupture by point-of-care ultrasound at emergency department: a case reportChi-Yung Cheng, Hsiu-Yung Pan, Chia-Te KungA18 Abdominal probe in the hands of interns as a relevant diagnostic tool in revealing the cause of heart failureEla Ćurčić, Ena Pritišanac, Ivo Planinc, Marijana Grgić Medić, Radovan RadonićA19 Needs assessment of the potential utility of point-of-care ultrasound within the Zanzibar health systemAbiola Fasina, Anthony J. Dean, Nova L. Panebianco, Patricia S. HenwoodA20 Ultrasonographic diagnosis of tracheal compressionOliviero Fochi, Moreno Favarato, Ezio BonanomiA21 The role of ultrasound in the detection of lung infiltrates in critically ill patients: a pilot studyMarijana Grgić Medić, Ivan Tomić, Radovan RadonićA22 The SAFER Lasso; a novel approach using point-of-care ultrasound to evaluate patients with abdominal complaints in the emergency departmentYoungrock Ha, Hongchuen TohA23 Awareness and use of clinician-performed ultrasound among clinical clerkship facultyElizabeth Harmon, Wilma Chan, Cameron Baston, Gail Morrison, Frances Shofer, Nova Panebianco, Anthony J. DeanA24 Clinical outcomes in the use of lung ultrasound for the diagnosis of pediatric pneumoniasAngela Hua, Sharon Kim, James TsungA25 Effectiveness of ultrasound in hypotensive patientsIsa Gunaydin, Zeynep Kekec, Mehmet Oguzhan AyA26 Moderate-to-severe left ventricular ejection fraction related to short-term mortality of patients with post-cardiac arrest syndrome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

  6. 5th National Congress of the Italian Society of Physiotherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Aina


    basis of genetic dystonia: a multimodal MRI study Elisabetta Sarasso, Federica Agosta, Aleksandra Tomić, Silvia Basaia, Nataša Dragašević, Marina Svetel, Massimiliano Copetti, Vladimir S. Kostic, Massimo Filippi P37 The relative inclination of the end vertebrae of a scoliotic single curve can influence the results of the conservative treatment? A pilot study Francesco Saveri, Michele Romano, Matteo Mastrantonio, Alessandra Negrini, Fabio Zaina, Negrini Stefano P38 Physiotherapy for myofascial pain syndromes: reported methodological quality of randomized controlled trials indexed in the PEDro database Alessandro Schneebeli, Greta Castellini, Valentina Redaelli, Emiliano Soldini, Marco Barbero P39 Is the patellar pubic percussion test useful to diagnose only femur fractures or something else? Two case reports Segat M, Casonato O, Margelli M, Pillon S. P40 Effectiveness of new rehab method for MDI Spunton V, Fenini R, Garofalo R, Conti M P41 Toe walking and autism: cross-sectional study on clinical presentation patterns and correlation with language delay Valagussa G, Balatti V, Trentin L, Melli S, Norsi M, and Grossi E P42 Active Kyphosis Value (AKV: a new test for the evaluation of the kyphotisation mobility of the thoracic spine Massimiliano Vanossi, Francesco Saveri, Michele Romano P43 Pain Drawing and psychological distress in low back pain - systematic review and meta-analysis Carla Vanti, Sara Taioli, Ivan Gardenghi, Lucia Bertozzi, Anna Rosso, Antonio Romeo, Paolo Pillastrini P44 Responsiveness of the Oswestry Disability Index in symptomatic lumbar spondylolisthesis Carla Vanti, Silvano Ferrari, Martina Ruggeri, Marco Monticone P45 The relationship between instability tests, pain and disability in non-specific low back pain Carla Vanti, Bellini Filippo, Cristina Conti, Federica Faresin, Martina Ruggeri, Raffaella Piccarreta, Silvano Ferrari P46 Smartphone applications (apps for physical therapists: a review Villanova Luca, Vercelli Stefano P47 A randomized

  7. Prikazi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Drahomira Gavranović


    Full Text Available Mirna Willer - Marijana Tomić, ur. Summer school in the study of old books: proceedings. Zadar: Sveučilište u Zadru, 2010.Zbornik radova s Ljetne škole o staroj knjizi koja se održavala od 28. rujna do 2. listopada 2009. prva je u nizu publikacija u nakladničkom nizu Studija iz knjižnične i informacijske znanosti koji je pokrenuo Odjel za knjižničarstvo Sveučilišta u Zadru. Zbornik je pisan na engleskom jeziku, a sadrži petnaest međunarodno recenziranih članaka, od kojih je trinaest bilo izloženo na spomenutoj ljetnoj školi, jedan je izložen dan prije njezina početka, a vezan je uz predavanja doktorskim studentima na Poslijediplomskom studiju Društvo znanja i prijenos informacija u sklopu kojeg je i održana Ljetna škola o staroj knjizi, a jedan je napisan od strane doktorske kandidatkinje, kao rezultat suradnje s jednim od predavača na Ljetnoj školi. Svaki je tekst opremljen sažetkom i ključnim riječima na hrvatskom jeziku te bibliografijom korištenih radova.Zbornik je podijeljen u pet tematskih cjelina, kao što je bio podijeljen i program Ljetne škole. Prva cjelina pod nazivom Nova kulturalna povijest (New cultural history sadrži ukupno tri članka. Prvi članak autora W. Browna pod naslovom Rukopisi i prošlost u ranosrednjovjekovnoj Europi na primjeru laika i dokumenata govori o rukopisima u franačkoj Europi, točnije, o zbirkama formula i tragovima koji upućuju na to koliko su se laici i svećenici u srednjem vijeku koristili tim dokumentima. S obzirom da su mnogi srednjovjekovni dokumenti objavljeni u redigiranoj verziji, Brown upozorava da se pomnijim čitanjem i proučavanjem mogu uočiti i neke pogrešne interpretacije i zaključci koji su doneseni zbog istraživanja na redigiranim, a ne na originalnim srednjovjekovnim rukopisnim dokumentima, tj. danas dobro poznatim zbirkama formula. Drugi rad autora M. Lončara pod naslovom Stari rukopisi u Zadru: vrlo kratak uvod u stanje i u nedoumice oko na