Sample records for duriron

  1. Materials development for thermochemical cycles: sulfuric acid vaporizer. Semiannual technical report, October 1, 1977--March 31, 1978

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Krikorian, O.H.


    Installation of a sulfuric acid corrosion test facility has been completed and is described. The facility is to be used for testing of potential materials for containment and heat exchange of a sulfuric acid vaporizer at temperatures up to 725 0 K and boiling pressures of >20 atm (2 MPa). Materials that are ready for test are Duriron, Durichlor 51, single crystal Si, hot-pressed Si 3 N 4 (Noralide NC-132), and hot-pressed SiC (Crystar HD-435), and tests are expected to get underway in April pending Hazards Control approval