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  1. Reduction of emissions and increase of energy efficiency are no contradiction. Reduction of NO{sub x} by means of primary measures with the VLN process; Emissionsminderung und Steigerung der Energieeffizienz sind kein Widerspruch. NO{sub x}-Minderung durch Primaermassnahmen mit dem VLN-Verfahren

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martin, Ulrich [Martin GmbH fuer Umwelt- und Energietechnik, Muenchen (Germany)


    Since a long time, the pure disposal and the homogenisation of waste materials were the main issues of the waste incineration. Thus, the reduction of the limits of nitrous oxides from 200 mg/Nm{sup 3} to 100 mg/Nm{sup 3} for new plants with a thermal input of more than 50 MW from 1st January, 2013, was embedded in the amendment of the 17th BImSchV (Federal Nuisance Control Ordinance). The VLN process (VLN = very low NO{sub x}) supplies an enhanced energy efficiency and a reduced emission within the process of the thermal waste utilization. This is achieved by a simultaneous reduction of the waste gas volume flow and the emissions of nitrous oxide while maintaining the usual process requirements such as stability and burnout quality. This requires a sufficient calorific value because especially enhanced amounts of water impact the ignition capability and liberation of combustible materials from the fuel. This is in contrast to the enhanced energy efficiency due to a lower waste gas volume flow because the total consumption of the waste gas treating elements is reduced at a constant specific energy demand. This also is due to the significant reduction of the expenditure of the secondary reduction of nitrous oxide. This not only saves occasional costs of the reduction agent and possibly occasional energy consumptions but also facilitates considerably lower emissions at unchanged or even declining expenditure of the reduction process.

  2. Vliv horkých a studených vln na kardiovaskulární úmrtnost a nemocnost v České republice

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hanzlíková, Hana; Kyselý, Jan; Plavcová, Eva


    Roč. 69, č. 3 (2016), s. 74-82 ISSN 0026-1173 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GAP209/11/1985 Institutional support: RVO:68378289 Keywords : temperature extremes * hot spells * cold spells * cardiovascular diseases * hospital admissions * mortality * Central Europe Subject RIV: DG - Athmosphere Sciences, Meteorology

  3. Teorie Eliotových vln – jedno z teoretických východisek technické analýzy investičních instrumentů

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oldřich Rejnuš


    Full Text Available The theory of Elliott’s waves is the world wide know and reputable theory in many branches of science. This argument is applicable also to financial market topic, where the theory of Elliott’s waves became basic for the whole scale of technical analysis oriented to investment instruments evaluation – mainly the shares, currencies or commodities. Anyway to understand the dilemma correctly, the right choice of its application is quite difficult, not only because of its understanding but also its basics and axioms, and the choice of analytical methods based on its principles used in investment practice. The content of this article is Elliott’s theory basics analysis, focused on research of each kind of Elliott’s waves from mutual relations on each hierarchy levels point of view and also in between each level. Furthermore there are analyses of positive benefits of Elliott’s theory together with whole scale of possible problems and difficulties, which not allow other development and more often use in investment practice.

  4. Časová proměnlivost horkých vln v České republice a extrémní horká vlna z roku 1994

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kyselý, Jan


    Roč. 56, - (2003), s. 13-19 ISSN 0026-1173 R&D Projects: GA ČR GP205/01/D040 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z3042911 Keywords : heat wave * temporal variability * Czech Republic * mortality Subject RIV: DG - Athmosphere Sciences, Meteorology

  5. Numericko-experimentální analýza šíření napěťových vln v ocelové desce zatížené kolmým rázem

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kolman, Radek; Trnka, Jan; Plešek, Jiří


    Roč. 11, č. 6 (2004), s. 1-13 ISSN 1210-2717 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA2076904 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z2076919 Keywords : Stress wave propagation in plate * holointerferometry * finite element method Subject RIV: JJ - Other Materials

  6. Interview with Eddie Reisch (United States)

    Owen, Hazel


    Eddie Reisch is currently working as a policy advisor for Te Reo Maori Operational Policy within the Student Achievement group with the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, where he has implemented and led a range of e-learning initiatives and developments, particularly the Virtual Learning Network (VLN). He is regarded as one of the leading…

  7. Social Norms and the Relationship between Cigarette Use and Religiosity among Adolescents in the United States (United States)

    Gryczynski, Jan; Ward, Brian W.


    This study investigated the social dynamics that underlie the negative association between religiosity and cigarette use among U.S. adolescents. Using data from the 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the authors used a theory-based conceptual model (vicarious learning networks [VLN]) to examine the role that key reference group norms…

  8. Noise Estimation for Single-Slice Sinogram of Low-Dose X-Ray Computed Tomography Using Homogenous Patch

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhiwu Liao


    Full Text Available We present a new method to estimate noise for a single-slice sinogram of low-dose CT based on the homogenous patches centered at a special pixel, called center point, which has the smallest variance among all sinogram pixels. The homogenous patch, composed by homogenous points, is formed by the points similar to the center point using similarity sorting, similarity decreasing searching, and variance analysis in a very large neighborhood (VLN to avoid manual selection of parameter for similarity measures.Homogenous pixels in the VLN allow us find the largest number of samples, who have the highest similarities to the center point, for noise estimation, and the noise level can be estimated according to unbiased estimation.Experimental results show that for the simulated noisy sinograms, the method proposed in this paper can obtain satisfied noise estimation results, especially for sinograms with relatively serious noises.

  9. Plant 115-kDa actin-filament bundling protein, P-115-ABP, is a homologue of plant villin and is widely distributed in cells. (United States)

    Yokota, Etsuo; Vidali, Luis; Tominaga, Motoki; Tahara, Hiroshi; Orii, Hidefumi; Morizane, Yosuke; Hepler, Peter K; Shimmen, Teruo


    In many cases, actin filaments are arranged into bundles and serve as tracks for cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells. We have isolated an actin-filament bundling protein, which is composed of 115-kDa polypeptide (P-115-ABP), from the germinating pollen of lily, Lilium longiflorum [Nakayasu et al. (1998) BIOCHEM: Biophys. Res. Commun. 249: 61]. P-115-ABP shared similar antigenicity with a plant 135-kDa actin-filament bundling protein (P-135-ABP), a plant homologue of villin. A full-length cDNA clone (ABP115; accession no. AB097407) was isolated from an expression cDNA library of lily pollen by immuno-screening using antisera against P-115-ABP and P-135-ABP. The amino acid sequence of P-115-ABP deduced from this clone showed high homology with those of P-135-ABP and four villin isoforms of Arabidopsis thaliana (AtVLN1, AtVLN2, AtVLN3 and AtVLN4), especially AtVLN4, indicating that P-115-ABP can also be classified as a plant villin. The P-115-ABP isolated biochemically from the germinating lily pollen was able to arrange F-actin filaments with uniform polarity into bundles and this bundling activity was suppressed by Ca2+-calmodulin (CaM), similar to the actin-filament bundling properties of P-135-ABP. The P-115-ABP type of plant villin was widely distributed in plant cells, from algae to land plants. In root hair cells of Hydrocharis dubia, this type of plant villin was co-localized with actin-filament bundles in the transvacuolar strands and the sub-cortical regions. Microinjection of the antiserum against P-115-ABP into living root hair cells caused the disappearance of transvaculor strands and alteration of the route of cytoplasmic streaming. In internodal cells of Chara corallina in which the P-135-ABP type of plant villin is lacking, the P-115-ABP type showed co-localization with actin-filament cables anchored on the intracellular surface of chloroplasts. These results indicated that plant villins are widely distributed and involved in the organization of actin

  10. EEG biofeedback


    Dvořáček, Michael


    Vznik EEG aktivity v mozku, rozdělení EEG vln podle frekvence, způsob měření EEG, přístroje pro měření EEG. Dále popis biofeedback metody, její možnosti a návrh biofeedback her. Popis zpracování naměřených EEG signálů. EEG generation, brain rhythms, methods of recording EEG, EEG recorder. Description of biofeedback, potentialities of biofeedback, proposal of biofeedback games. Description of processing measured EEG signals. B

  11. [Neuroeffector connections of multimodal neurons in the African snail (Achatina fulica)]. (United States)

    Bugaĭ, V V; Zhuravlev, V L; Safonova, T A


    Using a new method of animal preparation, the efferent connections of giant paired neurons on the dorsal surface of visceral and right parietal ganglia of snail, Achatina fulica, were examined. It was found that spikes in giant neurons d-VLN and d-RPLN evoke postjunctional potentials in different points of the snail body and viscerae (in the heart, in pericardium, in lung cavity and kidney walls, in mantle and body wall muscles, in tentacle retractors and in cephalic artery). The preliminary analysis of synaptic latency and facilitation suggests a direct connections between giant neurons and investigated efferents.

  12. Giant multimodal heart motoneurons of Achatina fulica: a new cardioregulatory input in pulmonates. (United States)

    Zhuravlev, V; Bugaj, V; Kodirov, S; Safonova, T; Staruschenko, A


    The regulation of the heartbeat by the two largest neurons, d-VLN and d-RPLN, on the dorsal surface of visceral and right parietal ganglia of Giant African snail, Achatina fulica, was examined. Using the new method of animal preparation, for the first time, discrete biphasic inhibitory-excitatory junction potentials (I-EJPs) in the heart and several muscles of the visceral sac were recorded. The duration of hyperpolarizing phase (H-phase) of biphasic I-EJPs was 269+/-5.6 ms (n=5), which is 2-3 times less than that of the cholinergic inhibitory JPs (682+/-68.5 ms, n=5). The H-phase of I-EJPs was not altered by the application of atropine, picrotoxine, succinylcholinchloride, D-tubocurarine and tetraethylammonium or substitution of Cl(-) ions. Even the low-frequency neuronal discharges (1-2 imp/s) evoked significant facilitation and potentiation of the H-phase. Between the multimodal neurons d-VLN/d-RPLN and mantle or visceral organs there is evidence of direct synaptic connections. These neurons were found to have no axonal branches in the intestinal nerve as once suspected but reach the heart through several other nerves. New giant heart motoneurons do not interact with previously identified cardioregulatory neurons.

  13. Mathematical prediction of freezing times of bovine semen in straws placed in static vapor over liquid nitrogen. (United States)

    Santos, M V; Sansinena, M; Zaritzky, N; Chirife, J


    A widespread practice in cryopreservation is to freeze spermatozoa by suspending the straws in stagnant nitrogen vapor over liquid nitrogen (N(2)V/LN(2)) for variable periods of time before plunging into liquid nitrogen (-196°C) for indefinite storage. A mathematical heat transfer model was developed to predict freezing times (phase change was considered) required for bull semen and extender packaged in 0.5ml plastic straws and suspended in static liquid nitrogen vapor. Thermophysical properties (i.e. thermal conductivity, specific heat, density, initial freezing temperature) of bovine semen and extender as a function of temperature were determined considering the water change of phase. The non-stationary heat transfer partial differential equations with variable properties (nonlinear mathematical problem) were numerically solved considering in series thermal resistances (semen suspension-straw) and the temperature profiles were obtained for both semen suspension and plastic straw. It was observed both the external heat transfer coefficient in stagnant nitrogen vapor and its temperature (controlled by the distance from the surface of liquid nitrogen to the straw) affected freezing times. The accuracy of the model to estimate freezing times of the straws was further confirmed by comparing with experimental literature data. Results of this study will be useful to select "safe" holding times of bull semen in plastic straws placed N(2)V/LN(2) to ensure that complete freezing of the sample has occurred in the nitrogen vapor and avoid cryodamage when plunging in LN(2). Freezing times predicted by the numerical model can be applied to optimize freezing protocols of bull semen in straws. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. SEEK: a systems biology data and model management platform. (United States)

    Wolstencroft, Katherine; Owen, Stuart; Krebs, Olga; Nguyen, Quyen; Stanford, Natalie J; Golebiewski, Martin; Weidemann, Andreas; Bittkowski, Meik; An, Lihua; Shockley, David; Snoep, Jacky L; Mueller, Wolfgang; Goble, Carole


    features of the SEEK software, and describes the use of the SEEK in the SysMO consortium (Systems biology for Micro-organisms), and the VLN (virtual Liver Network), two large systems biology initiatives with different research aims and different scientific communities.