Sample records for cv curriculum vitae

  1. Visulaizing the Curriculum Vitae

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wildgaard, Lorna Elizabeth; Lund, Haakon

    , the relationships between publications and academic activites matter more than the individual activity. In order to leverage relationships in CV and publication data, we explore the usefulness of OrientDB, a multimodel noSQL database with a graph database engine, that claims to be simple and effecient to use...... is to explore if using OrientDB can present a supplementary infographic in evaluation using CV and publication information visually, as an analytical tool to create maps, giving the evaluand the opportunity to draw thematic connections between job experience/career goals and publication activites....


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yazid Basthomi


    Full Text Available The present study, a part of a larger project, deals with the under-researched (sub genre of curriculum vitae (CV of theses written in English by Indonesian students of English as a foreign language (EFL. The corpus was composed of CV of 40 theses obtainable from the Graduate Library, Graduate Program, Universitas Negeri Malang (State University of Malang, Indonesia. In a categorical structure, the CVs exhibit four main issues: personal information about age and familial origin, academic information pertaining to educational backgrounds, work information, and another piece of personal information, i.e., family. Central to the findings is that the CVs allude to the notion of celebration with narcissistic expressions.

  3. Using the Curriculum Vita To Study the Career Paths of Scientists and Engineers: An Assessment. (United States)

    Lane, Eliesh O'Neil; Dietz, James S.; Chompalov, Ivan; Bozeman, Barry; Park, Jongwon

    The usefulness of the curriculum vita (CV) as a data source for examining the career paths of scientists and engineers was studied. CVs were obtained in response to an e-mail message sent to researchers working in the area of biotechnology who were funded by the National Science Foundation (55 responses) or listed as authors (industry only) in the…

  4. The curriculum vitae: gateway to academia. (United States)

    Christenbery, Tom L


    A CV serves as formal documentation of the applicant’s career path and provides necessary demographic and historical information for career change or advancement. Therefore, each section of the CV should be a thorough accounting of the applicant’s academic, work, and professional responsibilities and attainments. The guidelines in this column also are relevant for nurse educators applying for positions in schools of nursing.

  5. Curriculum vitae method in science policy and research evaluation: the state-of-the-art


    Carolina Cañibano; Barry Bozeman


    This is a state-of-the-art assessment for a small but burgeoning research approach, use of curricula vitae in research evaluation. The accumulated research remains sufficiently modest for us to consider nearly all published studies and the full range of research purposes to which CV analysis has been applied. CV analysis has been theory-driven, and theory and tools have increasingly converged. Advances in method and technique have been abetted especially by the push for a scientific and techn...

  6. Curriculum vitae of the LOTOS–EUROS (v2.0 chemistry transport model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. M. Manders


    Full Text Available The development and application of chemistry transport models has a long tradition. Within the Netherlands the LOTOS–EUROS model has been developed by a consortium of institutes, after combining its independently developed predecessors in 2005. Recently, version 2.0 of the model was released as an open-source version. This paper presents the curriculum vitae of the model system, describing the model's history, model philosophy, basic features and a validation with EMEP stations for the new benchmark year 2012, and presents cases with the model's most recent and key developments. By setting the model developments in context and providing an outlook for directions for further development, the paper goes beyond the common model description.With an origin in ozone and sulfur modelling for the models LOTOS and EUROS, the application areas were gradually extended with persistent organic pollutants, reactive nitrogen, and primary and secondary particulate matter. After the combination of the models to LOTOS–EUROS in 2005, the model was further developed to include new source parametrizations (e.g. road resuspension, desert dust, wildfires, applied for operational smog forecasts in the Netherlands and Europe, and has been used for emission scenarios, source apportionment, and long-term hindcast and climate change scenarios. LOTOS–EUROS has been a front-runner in data assimilation of ground-based and satellite observations and has participated in many model intercomparison studies. The model is no longer confined to applications over Europe but is also applied to other regions of the world, e.g. China. The increasing interaction with emission experts has also contributed to the improvement of the model's performance. The philosophy for model development has always been to use knowledge that is state of the art and proven, to keep a good balance in the level of detail of process description and accuracy of input and output, and to keep a good record

  7. Forcing gravitas / Vita Terauda

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Terauda, Vita


    Läti Avaliku Poliitika Keskuse direktor Vita Terauda leiab, et Läti riigieelarve kulude vähendamine avalikus sektoris on pikaajalise mõjuga ning poliitikud ei tohiks otsuseid kulude vähendamise kohta vastu võtta nende tagajärgedele mõtlemata

  8. Origini della vita

    CERN Document Server

    Dyson, Freeman


    Spirito, irrequieto, eccezionalmente colto, Freeman Dyson è lontanissimo dallo stereotipo dello scienziato chiuso nella torre d'avorio della propria specializzazione. In questo saggio egli prende la parola, lui fisico teorico ed esperto di problemi degli armamenti, nel dibattito sull'origine della vita. Un tema che, fino a ieri oggetto di esercitazioni teoriche a sfondo filosofico, comincia ad acquistare una dimensione concreta grazie alle possibilità di verifica sperimentale consentite dai progressi della biologia molecolare e dalle tecniche di simulazione al calcolatore.

  9. How to write a medical CV


    Agha, Riaz; Whitehurst, Katharine; Jafree, Daniyal; Devabalan, Yadsan; Koshy, Kiron; Gundogan, Buket


    A medical curriculum vitae remains an important document that has 2 main roles: to distinguish candidates applying for various positions, whether that be jobs, posts, grants and it provides a means of keeping an up-to-date record of all your achievements and skills gained thus far. This article provides detailed guidance on how to structure an effective curriculum vitae to maximize your chances of success when applying for these positions.

  10. How to write a medical CV. (United States)

    Agha, Riaz; Whitehurst, Katharine; Jafree, Daniyal; Devabalan, Yadsan; Koshy, Kiron; Gundogan, Buket


    A medical curriculum vitae remains an important document that has 2 main roles: to distinguish candidates applying for various positions, whether that be jobs, posts, grants and it provides a means of keeping an up-to-date record of all your achievements and skills gained thus far. This article provides detailed guidance on how to structure an effective curriculum vitae to maximize your chances of success when applying for these positions.

  11. Le « CV multilingue automatisé »


    Terrier, Linda; Vaillant Sirdey, Christine; Arino, Mathilde


    De par leur mission d’insertion professionnelle, les IUT ont depuis longtemps inscrit dans leurs programmes pédagogiques nationaux l’élaboration du curriculum vitae en langue(s) étrangère(s). La politique de mobilité internationale encourage aujourd’hui toutes les formations universitaires du secteur LANSAD à intégrer la création d’un CV dans leur formation en langue.La rédaction d’un CV, déjà complexe en langue maternelle, réclame pour d’autres langues la maîtrise de savoir-faire spécifiques...

  12. Using the Curriculum Vitae in Leadership Research (United States)

    Bawazeer, Wazerah; Gunter, Helen M


    Professional biography research with those who hold formal positions in educational organizations is an established approach to researching leaders, leading and leadership. A key focus is on the oral account of a life story, and this can include family and wider life experiences. What is less of a feature is how the respondent codifies their…

  13. [Do you know "Humanae Vitae"?]. (United States)

    Gakwaya, D


    This work, appearing on the 25th anniversary of "Humanae Vitae," describes the contents of the encyclical on family planning, summarizes reactions to it from western church leaders, and reflects on its relevance to modern societies. "Humanae Vitae" begins with a statement acknowledging the problems posed by population growth to societies and to individual families. Deteriorating conditions of housing and employment and increasing economic and educational inadequacies often make it difficult to raise large families in the modern world. Views of the role of women in society and of the value of marital love and the significance of the sex act in relation to marital love have undergone change. The document raised the question of whether it is time to entrust to couples greater responsibility in regulating their fertility. The document referred to the reasons why the Pope and the Church have the authority to answer such a question and described the care with which the document was prepared before moving to the second major part of the article, that concerning doctrinal principles. After remarking on the respect due to nature, to the purposes of the conjugal act which were identified as union and procreation, and to faithfulness to God's design, the Pope moved on to condemn means of birth regulation termed illicit, which include abortion and direct sterilization as well as contraception. 2 exceptions were recognized, therapeutic sterilization and recourse to infertile periods for couples who for serious reasons wished to avoid pregnancy. The third section instructed priests, couples, bishops, and others in their duties in relation to the contents of Humanae Vitae. The encyclical was praised by some church leaders but also questioned. The fact that the work was not presented as infallible and possible conflicts with the duty of men affirmed in Vatican II not to act against their consciences were noted. When Humanae Vitae was published, the world population was 3.6 billion

  14. Le « CV multilingue automatisé » The « Automated Multilingual Resume Builder »


    Mathilde Arino; Christine Vaillant Sirdey; Linda Terrier


    De par leur mission d’insertion professionnelle, les IUT ont depuis longtemps inscrit dans leurs programmes pédagogiques nationaux l’élaboration du curriculum vitae en langue(s) étrangère(s). La politique de mobilité internationale encourage aujourd’hui toutes les formations universitaires du secteur LANSAD à intégrer la création d’un CV dans leur formation en langue.La rédaction d’un CV, déjà complexe en langue maternelle, réclame pour d’autres langues la maîtrise de savoir-faire spécifiques...

  15. Speculations regarding the history of Donum Vitae. (United States)

    Harvey, J C


    In March 1987, the Vatican published Instruction on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation, also known as Donum Vitae. Prepared by the Roman Catholic Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Donum Vitae is intended as a magisterial teaching document that invites further reflection on the relationship between natural moral law and reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization. To aid it in its work, the CDF consulted anonymous religious and lay experts in the fields of moral theology, genetics, biology, medicine, and physiology. Harvey speculates on the history of Donum Vitae's preparation, particularly as to the identities of the individuals whom the CDF consulted. He raises the possibility of a biased consultation process, one that called upon moral theologians whose views would be known to support pre-established conclusions.

  16. A Day in the Life at DaVita Academy (United States)

    Weinstein, Margery


    When a company name means "giving life," the bar for learning and development programs is held high. In this article, the author describes what it takes to graduate from DaVita Academy, the soft skills training program dialysis services company DaVita offers all its employees. DaVita's chief executive officer, Kent Thiry, states that the Academy…

  17. PHP-HT (VitaResc Biotech). (United States)

    Baldwin, A; Wiley, E


    VitaResc (formerly Apex) is developing PHP-HT, pyridoxalated hemoglobin polyoxyethylene conjugate, for the potential treatment of nitric oxide-induced shock (characterized by hypotension), associated with various etiologies, initially in septic shock. A phase I safety study and an initial phase I/II patient trial for NO-induced shock have been completed, and VitaResc has enrolled patients in three of five planned cohorts in a continuation of these trials to include a protocol of continuous infusion and dose escalation [330680,349187,390918]. The results from the dose escalation trials are expected to provide the basis for a randomized, controlled phase II/III pivotal trial of PHP-HT [390918]. VitaResc has licensed PHP-HT exclusively from Ajinomoto for all indications, worldwide, except Japan [275263]. Ajinomoto originally developed the human derived and chemically modified hemoglobin preparation as a blood substitute, but no development has been reported by the company since 1997 [275277,303577]. The other potential indications of PHP-HT include shock associated with burns, pancreatitis, hemodialysis and cytokine therapies [275277]. VitaResc expects the annual market potential of PHP-HT to exceed 1 billion dollars [330680].

  18. Momenti nella vita di uno scienziato

    CERN Document Server

    Rossi, Bruno


    Nel giro di pochi decenni, la nostra visione del mondo fisico, dal mond subatomico al mondo del cosmo, ha subito una profonda evoluzione. In questo libro, uno degli scienziati che hanno contribuito a tale sviluppo narra la storia della sua vita e del suo lavoro.

  19. Curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robi Kroflič


    Full Text Available Modern curriculum theories emphasize that if we understand the curriculum as a real core substance of education. We have to bear in mind, when planning the curriculum, the whole multitude of factors (curricula which have an influence on the educational impact. In the field of andragogy, we especially have to consider educational needs, and linking the strategies of instruction with those of learning. The best way of realizing this principle is the open strategy of planning the national curriculum and process-developmental strategy of planning with the microandragogic situation. This planning strategy is S1m1lar to the system-integration strategy and Jarvis's model of negotiated curriculum, which derive from the basic andragogic principle: that the interests and capacities of adults for education increase if we enable them to cooperate in the planning and production of the curriculum.

  20. Dolce Vita meetings with gas professionals: third meeting; Les rendez-vous Dolce Vita avec la filiere: troisieme rencontre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Cegibat, the information-recommendation agency of Gaz de France for building engineering professionals, has organized this third conference about the Dolce Vita products and services offer, created by Gaz de France for the residential sector with the aim to promote the use of natural gas for a better comfort and lower energy consumptions. This third meeting makes a status of the development of the Dolce Vita offer and of its evolutions: step status of the evolution of the Dolce Vita offer, experience feedback from professionals, partnerships and marketing tools, combined solar-gas solutions and condensation boilers: implementation in the Dolce Vita offer. (J.S.)

  1. Dispositivi formativi e forme di vita

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Cappa


    Full Text Available Il dibattito pedagogico che ha caratterizzato gli ultimi anni ha spesso insistito sull’importanza del nesso tra sviluppo tecnologico e modelli formativi. Questa relazione, però, troppo spesso non valorizza i modi in cui l’esperienza educativa e formativa dovrebbe essere sempre più accuratamente pensata, progettata e predisposta se vista dalla prospettiva delle buone pratiche tecnologiche. Tale valorizzazione dell’istanza formativa deve prendere avvio da una riflessione critica e approfondita sui modelli impliciti ed espliciti che caratterizzano le pratiche educative e formative, valorizzando l’uso e l’interpretazione che i soggetti rendono attuali.Per consentire tale riflessione è necessario pensare un dispositivo pedagogico che non perda di vista la complessità delle dimensioni che agiscono nell’accadere educativo, capace di creare nuovi percorsi di sperimentazione delle conoscenze e nuove ipotesi di formazione di sé e degli altri. La formazione interpretata alla luce dei dispositivi pedagogici può offrire un valido strumento teorico e pratico per immaginare, progettare e valutare gli effetti che ogni azione formativa produce legati alla trasformazione dei saperi, alla vita delle forme e alle forme di vita contemporanee.

  2. VITA-6.2: Advanced visual tool for information management

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Jacobson, Z.; Truong, Q.S.; Houston, B.; Taylor, V.; Herber, N.; El Gebaly, A.


    Visual Interface for Text Analysis (VITA), our combined user interface and meta-search engine software application, improves the quality and speed at which intelligence analysts can explore novel massive text corpora via innovations that facilitate user contextual awareness. (author)

  3. Dolce Vita meetings with gas professionals: second meeting; les rendez-vous Dolce Vita avec la filiere: deuxieme rencontre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Cegibat, the information-recommendation agency of Gaz de France for building engineering professionals, has organized this second conference about the Dolce Vita products and services offer, created by Gaz de France for the residential sector with the aim to promote the use of natural gas for a better comfort and lower energy consumptions. This second meeting makes a first status of the implementation of the Dolce Vita offer: qualitative and quantitative status, communication and marketing tools, two testimonies in individual houses, two testimonies in social buildings, two testimonies of private property developers, synthesis and perspectives. (J.S.)

  4. VITA Experiential, Service-Learning, Learned Competencies, and Changed Mindsets (United States)

    Boneck, Robin; Barnes, Jeffrey N.; Stillman, Tyler F.


    The authors describe how Southern Utah University has integrated the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program as an experiential servicelearning activity for over a decade and a half. First, we describe the value of experiential servicelearning. Second, we detail the program, its oversight, its student…

  5. Pastoral Conventions in Martino Filetico’s De Vita Theocriti

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hass, Trine Arlund


    Martino Filetico (1430–1490) recounts the life of Theocritus in De Vita Theocriti, a brief text of thirty verses. In the traditional description of Renaissance pastoral poetry, Virgil is considered the primary model and the best example, and the authoritative commentators praise his qualities...

  6. CV equipment responsibilities

    CERN Document Server

    Pirollet, B


    This document describes the limits of the responsibilities of the TS/CV for fire fighting equipment at the LHC. The various interfaces, providers and users of the water supply systems and clean water raising systems are described.

  7. Emgu CV essentials

    CERN Document Server

    Shi, Shin


    This book provides a practical guide to Emgu CV libraries, with sample code and examples used throughout to explain the concepts clearly. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the Computer Vision field and the implementation of that topic in Emgu CV.If you are a C# programmer working on computer vision projects, this book is for you. You should have prior experience with C#.

  8. Un manoscritto smarrito della «Vita nuova»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marzia Festa


    Full Text Available L’articolo si concentra sul codice di Pesaro della Vita nuova, di cui Donato Pirovano ha recentemente constatato lo smarrimento. Di fronte a tale perdita, non sappiamo se temporanea o permanente, ci siamo posti alcuni interrogativi. Con l’obiettivo di rispondere a questa serie di domande, è stata presa in esame una l’edizione pesarese (1829, esemplata sul codice disperso. Al fine di accertare se l’edizione sia considerabile sostitutiva di P, abbiamo svolto una collazione tra questa e il manoscritto, servendoci dei dati del codice tramandatici da Michele Barbi nella sua edizione della Vita Nuova del 1932. Il risultato a cui siamo giunti, al termine del confronto, ha decretato che l’edizione pesarese non può essere ritenuta una copia perfetta di questo prezioso testimone, perché troppe sono le discordanze tra i due testi, ma è pur vero che, data la sua stretta affinità con il codice, ne rimane una ricca e importante testimonianza.This paper addresses the recent disappearance of the Pesaro codex of the Vita nuova, as lately ascertained by Donato Pirovano. Without knowing if this loss is temporary or permanent, some questions concerning its possible recovery through a copy of the original manuscript need to be asked. The object of his study is to answer these questions through the analysis of a potential descriptus. Only the 1829 Pesaro edition, copied from the missing manuscript, seemed to be eligible for this role. To ascertain whether this edition was asuitable substitute for thr Pesaro codex, I collated it with passages copied directly from the manuscript by Michele Barbi in his 1932 edition of the Vita Nuova. Even though the great number of discordances suggests that the former cannot be considered a copy of the original, its value as testimony still holds true.

  9. Application of VitaVallis dressing for infected wounds

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kirilova, N. V.; Fomenko, A. N.; Korovin, M. S.


    Today there is a growing demand for safe and efficient antimicrobial dressings for infected wound treatment. The antimicrobial sorption material for VitaVallis dressings was produced by one-stage oxidation of aluminum nanopowder in water in the presence of fibrous acetylcellulose matrix. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that the material is made up of fibers of diameter 1.5–3.0 µm with adhered agglomerated alumina nanosheets. An antimicrobial study revealed a high inhibitory effect of VitaVallis against the growth of gram-negative (E.coli, P. aeruginosa) and gram-positive (S. aureus) strains. The antimicrobial activity of the dressing against microbial pathogens on the wound surface was demonstrated in in vivo experiments on male rats. The dressing was also tested on volunteer patients. The testing showed reduction of the wound healing period, accelerated cleaning of the infected wound and enhanced tissue regeneration in the wound. The results demonstrate that the VitaVallis dressing can be used for the treatment of deep infected wounds

  10. Application of VitaVallis dressing for infected wounds

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kirilova, N. V., E-mail:; Fomenko, A. N., E-mail:; Korovin, M. S., E-mail: [Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS, 2/4 Akademicheskii pr., Tomsk, 634055 (Russian Federation)


    Today there is a growing demand for safe and efficient antimicrobial dressings for infected wound treatment. The antimicrobial sorption material for VitaVallis dressings was produced by one-stage oxidation of aluminum nanopowder in water in the presence of fibrous acetylcellulose matrix. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that the material is made up of fibers of diameter 1.5–3.0 µm with adhered agglomerated alumina nanosheets. An antimicrobial study revealed a high inhibitory effect of VitaVallis against the growth of gram-negative (E.coli, P. aeruginosa) and gram-positive (S. aureus) strains. The antimicrobial activity of the dressing against microbial pathogens on the wound surface was demonstrated in in vivo experiments on male rats. The dressing was also tested on volunteer patients. The testing showed reduction of the wound healing period, accelerated cleaning of the infected wound and enhanced tissue regeneration in the wound. The results demonstrate that the VitaVallis dressing can be used for the treatment of deep infected wounds.

  11. CV : [luuletused] / Mari Vallisoo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vallisoo, Mari, 1950-2013


    Sisu: CV ; Sõnaraamat ; Tegijad ; "Kus leemekulp?..." ; "Veel üks viimnepäev mis asja teha sellega..." ; "Ülemise riiuli ääre pääl...", "Alkeemik Alberti elamus...", "Valge pulber veel enam valgega...", "Meie isa, kes sa...", "Ükskord, kui Maa...", "Kevadvesi ja -pori...", "Mõisnik Meeskurat müüs mu vaarisale..."

  12. 77 FR 6863 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for VITA/TCE Program Forms (United States)


    .../TCE Program Forms AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury. ACTION: Notice and request for... VITA/TCE Program Forms 14310, 8653, 8654, and 14024. DATES: Written comments should be received on or... . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title: VITA/TCE Program Forms. OMB Number: 1545-2222. Form Number: Forms 14310, 8653...

  13. La vita di un economista. (The life of an economist

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Il documento è un contributo ad una serie di ricordi e riflessioni sulle esperienze professionali di illustri economisti  per Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review iniziate nel 1979. In esso Charles P. Kindleberger riflette sulla sua vita e la sua carriera , dai suoi anni formativi a sua esperienze nel mondo accademico .The paper is a contribution to a series of recollections and reflections on the professional experiences of distinguished economists which the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review started in 1979. In it Charles P. Kindleberger reflects on his life and career, from his formative years to his experiences in academia.JEL: B31, A20 

  14. L'arte della vita: biotecnologie e bioetica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosangela Maria Barcaro


    Full Text Available La bioarte è un’esperienza artistica che pone in relazione arte, scienza e  biotecnologie esaminando da un nuovo punto di vista i concetti di vita, evoluzione, natura. L’idea rivoluzionaria alla base di tale esperienza è l’uso della materia organica vivente come mezzo espressivo, o medium, trattata con tecniche rese possibili dalle scoperte scientifico-tecnologiche più recenti.La bioarte si propone di avvicinare l’opinione pubblica alle problematiche generate da attività che plasmano il rapporto dell’uomo con le biotecnologie e di esplorare i timori che tali attività suscitano nella società.L’articolo descrive alcune opere realizzate da bioartisti internazionali, con l’intento di fornire un’analisi bioetica e non estetica di un fenomeno culturale che mostra numerose contraddizioni. 

  15. Just pimping the CV? The feasibility of ready-to-use bibliometric indicators to enrich cirriculum vitae

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wildgaard, Lorna Elizabeth

    is highly individual and using indicators as “benchmarks” unwise. Further the simple calculation of cites per publication per years-since-first-publication is a more informative indicator than the ready-to-use ones and can also be used to estimate if it is at all worth the scholar’s time to apply indicators...

  16. [Almost an autobiography: a study of social scientists in health based on the Lattes Curriculum]. (United States)

    do Nascimento, Juliana Luporini; Nunes, Everardo Duarte


    Among the various ways of adopting the biographical approach, we used the curriculum vitaes (CVs) of Brazilian researchers who work as social scientists in health as our research material. These CVs are part of the Lattes Platform of CNPq - the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, which includes Research and Institutional Directories. We analyzed 238 CVs for this study. The CVs contain, among other things, the following information: professional qualifications, activities and projects, academic production, participation in panels for the evaluation of theses and dissertations, research centers and laboratories and a summarized autobiography. In this work there is a brief review of the importance of autobiography for the social sciences, emphasizing the CV as a form of "autobiographical practice." We highlight some results, such as it being a group consisting predominantly of women, graduates in social sciences, anthropology, sociology or political science, with postgraduate degrees. The highest concentration of social scientists is located in Brazil's southern and southeastern regions. In some institutions the main activities of social scientists are as teachers and researchers with great thematic diversity in research.

  17. Narrare la guerra: da Vita e destino a Le Benevole

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilla Panichi


    Full Text Available Questo saggio si concentra su due romanzi storici che hanno per argomento la Seconda guerra mon- diale e lo sterminio degli ebrei d’Europa: Vita e destino di Vasilij Grossman (1980 e Le Benevole di Jonathan Littell (2006. La scelta è determinata sia dal rapporto esistente tra i due romanzi, sia dalla convinzione che essi rappresentino, per forma e contenuti, due diversi paradigmi attraverso i quali l’immaginario collettivo ha costruito la narrazione dell’evento guerra. Inoltre si tratta di opere che hanno, in tempi diversi, creato un caso letterario: Le Benevole ha sollevato molti problemi orientando il dibattito su temi etici piuttosto che estetici; Vita e destino ha subito la censura in Unione Sovietica. In questa sede si è scelto di analizzare i romanzi da una prospettiva strettamente letteraria, attraverso due argomenti: la legittimità della costruzione finzionale in rapporto al punto di vista dell’autore (testimone dei fatti narrati nel caso di Grossman, post-testimone nel caso di Littell e l’analisi degli elementi romanzeschi di tradizione ottocentesca e modernista. This paper focuses on two novels narrating the Second World War and the extermination of the Jews of Europe: Life and Fate, by Vasily Grossman (1980, and The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell (2006. These books have been chosen because they are closely related to each other and because they embody two different paradigms through which the Second World War has been represented. Moreover both Life and Fate and The Kindly Ones have been literary events: the first was censored in the Soviet Union, the second gave rise to a wide-ranging debate on ethical and aesthetical problems. The following paper analyzes these novels from a strictly literary perspective, focusing on two issues: the legitimacy of fiction (Grossman narrates the war from the standpoint of a witness, Littell, born in 1967, is in the position of the historian and the relationship of these texts with the

  18. Die Evagriusübersetzung der Vita Antonii : Rezeption - Überlieferung - Edition : Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Vitas Patrum-Tradition

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bertrand, P.H.E.


    The Life of Antony, translated by Evagrius of Antioch: Reception, Manuscript Tradition, Edition. With special emphasis on Vitas Patrum Tradition The Life of Antony is the first and one of the most famous saints’ lives that has ever been written. Shortly after the death of the desertfather

  19. Using curriculum vitae to compare some impacts of NSF research grants with research center funding


    Monica Gaughan; Barry Bozeman


    While traditional grants remain central in US federal support of academic scientists and engineers, the role of multidisciplinary NSF Centers is growing. Little is known about how funding through these Centers affects scientific output or (as is an NSF aim) increases academic collaboration with industry. This paper tests the use of CVs to examine how Center funding affects researchers' publication rates and their obtaining industry grants. Copyright , Beech Tree Publishing.

  20. Borges, Ariosto e la vita segreta dei personaggi minori

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Dorigatti


    Full Text Available Inteso quale omaggio a Emilio Bigi, sia pure indiretto, lo studio prende spunto da un’intervista, tuttora inedita, rilasciata nel 1984 dallo scrittore argentino Jorge Luis Borges, in cui aveva citato, credendoli ariosteschi, dei versi che per lui, giunto in età ormai avanzata, erano diventati, più che un motto, una metafora di vita. Poco importa che, come verrà chiarito vagliando la loro storia e le relative fonti, quei versi, facenti capo alla misteriosa figura di un personaggio saraceno, Alibante di Toledo, in realtà appartenessero all’officina poetica di Francesco Berni: essi vengono ciò nondimeno assunti quale filo conduttore per un percorso esplorativo all’interno dell’Orlando furioso che ne vaglia la valenza per così dire “ariostesca”, giusta la reminiscenza borgesiana. Approdata infine a Cervantes, la discussione si conclude facendo ritorno a Borges e misurando l’impatto che quei medesimi versi hanno avuto sulla sua propria opera poetica.Intended as a heartfelt tribute to Emilio Bigi, albeit an indirect one, this essay draws on an interview, still unpublished, given by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges in 1984, in which he quoted a couple of lines of poetry which he firmly believed to be by Ariosto, and which for him, by then an old man, had become, more than a motto, a metaphor of life. It does not really matter that, as will become apparent retracing their history as well as their sources, these lines, centring on the mysterious figure of a Saracen character called Alibante of Toledo, actually belonged to Francesco Berni: they are here assumed as the main motif to be explored within Orlando furioso, in order to ascertain to what extent their nature may be regarded to be Ariostan, just as Borges thought. Having finally reached Cervantes, the discussion concludes by returning once more to Borges and considering the impact that these lines, which had remained engrained in his memory throughout his life, had on his own

  1. Antimicrobial Potential and Chemical Characterization of Serbian Liverwort (Porella arboris-vitae: SEM and TEM Observations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amit Kumar Tyagi


    Full Text Available The chemical composition of Porella arboris-vitae extracts was determined by solid phase microextraction, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SPME GC-MS, and 66 constituents were identified. The dominant compounds in methanol extract of P. arboris-vitae were β-caryophyllene (14.7%, α-gurjunene (10.9%, α-selinene (10.8%, β-elemene (5.6%, γ-muurolene (4.6%, and allo-aromadendrene (4.3% and in ethanol extract, β-caryophyllene (11.8%, α-selinene (9.6%, α-gurjunene (9.4%, isopentyl alcohol (8.8%, 2-hexanol (3.7%, β-elemene (3.7%, allo-aromadendrene (3.7%, and γ-muurolene (3.3% were the major components. In ethyl acetate extract of P. arboris-vitae, undecane (11.3%, β-caryophyllene (8.4%, dodecane (6.4%, α-gurjunene (6%, 2-methyldecane (5.1%, hemimellitene (4.9%, and D-limonene (3.9% were major components. The antimicrobial activity of different P. arboris-vitae extracts was evaluated against selected food spoilage microorganisms using microbroth dilution method. The Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC varied from 0.5 to 1.5 mg/mL and 1.25 to 2 mg/mL for yeast and bacterial strains, respectively. Significant morphological and ultrastructural alterations due to the effect of methanolic and ethanolic P. arboris-vitae extracts on S. Enteritidis have also been observed by scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope, respectively. The results provide the evidence of antimicrobial potential of P. arboris-vitae extracts and suggest its potential as natural antimicrobial agents for food preservation.

  2. The significance of the second cave episode in Jerome’s Vita Malchi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacobus P. Kritzinger


    Full Text Available The authors argue that the second cave episode in Jerome’s Vita Malchi Monachi Captivi should, in view of the similarities with the first cave episode and the high incidence of literary devices employed in it, be recognised for its value in the interpretation of this vita. The book was intended as a defence of, and an exhortation to a life of celibacy and this dual purpose is clearly demonstrated in both episodes in which a cave is used as the setting. The second cave episode has been neglected in the scholarly debate about the purpose of the book and this article attempts to set the record straight.

  3. Instant OpenCV starter

    CERN Document Server

    Dalal, Jayneil


    Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks.A practical, quick, and hands-on guide for Python developers and hobbyists who want to get started with computer vision with OpenCV.This book is great for developers, hobbyists, and students new to computer vision who are looking to get a good grounding in how to use the OpenCV library. It's assumed that you will have some basic experience in C/C++ programming.

  4. Changes of serum contents of LPO, SOD after treatment with vita. E-C complex in patients with liver spot

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Li Qing; Feng Zheng


    Objective: To investigate the changes of serum contents of LPO, SOD and therapeutic efficacy after treatment with Vita. E-C complex in patients with liver spot. Methods: Serum LPO and SOD contents were measured both before and after treatment with Vita E-C complex (Vita. E l00mg, Vita. C 200mg x 3/d for 3 months) in 30 patients with liver spot as well as in 10 controls. Results: Before treatment, the serum LPO contents in the patients were significantly higher than those in controls. After treatment, the LPO contents dropped markedly, being significantly lower than the values before treatment. However, the SOD contents were about the same as those in controls and changes little after treatment. Conclusion: Vita. E-C complex was of definite therapeutic value for the treatment of liver spot. (authors)

  5. In Hac Vita: Increasing Nordic Homeowners' Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Neset, Tina; Linnér, Björn-Ola; Navarra, carlo


    The NordForsk funded research project In Hac Vita project is a collaboration between the Nordic insurance companies If, Gjensidige, Trygg-Hansa/ Codan and Tryg Insurance, and the Top-level Research Initiative the Nordic Centre of Excellence NORD-STAR. The project concerns climate change adaptatio...... to adapt to climate change and extreme weather effects....

  6. Environmental analysis of natural gas life cycle; Analisi ambientale del ciclo di vita del gas naturale

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Riva, A.; D' Angelosante, S.; Trebeschi, C. [Snam SpA, Rome (Italy)


    Life Cycle Assessment is a method aimed at identifying the environmental effects connected with a given product, process or activity during its whole life cycle. The evaluation of published studies and the application of the method to electricity production with fossil fuels, by using data from published databases and data collected by the gas industry, demonstrate the importance and difficulties to have reliable and updated data required for a significant life cycle assessment. The results show that the environmental advantages of natural gas over the other fossil fuels in the final use stage increase still further if the whole life cycle of the fuels, from production to final consumption, is taken into account. [Italian] L'analisi del ciclo di vita e' una metodologia che consente di identificare gli effetti ambientali associati ad un prodotto, processo o attivita' lungo il loro ciclo di vita. La valutazione di studi pubblicati e l'applicazione della metodologia alla produzione di energia elettrica da combustibili fossili, utilizzando dati provenienti da banche dati di letteratura e raccolti dall'industria del gas, dimostrano l'importanza e la difficolta' di avere a disposizione dati affidabili ed aggiornati, necessari per un'analisi significativa del ciclo di vita. I risultati mostrano che i vantaggi ambientali del gas naturale rispetto agli altri combustibili fossili nella fase di utilizzo finale, aumentano ulteriormente se si considera l'intero ciclo di vita dei diversi combustibili, dalla produzione al consumo finale.

  7. Locus pietatis et vitae II, Vranov u Brna 20.–22. 9. 2010

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Freemanová, Michaela


    Roč. 47, č. 4 (2010), s. 407-409 ISSN 0018-7003. [Locus pietatis et vitae II. Vranov u Brna, 20.09.2010–22.09.2010] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90580513 Keywords : history * monastic orders * conference Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  8. Narrazioni di narrazioni: orientamento narrativo e progetto di vita (Federico Batini, Gabriel Del Sarto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuela Ladogana


    Full Text Available Il volume, denso di contenuti e ricco di riferimenti teorici, traccia con chiarezza le sue linee di sviluppo ed apre alla riflessione, anche pedagogica, sull’esigenza di recuperare la dimensione narrativa e autobiografica per la realizzazione di una pratica orientativa che guidi e sostenga il soggetto in orientamento verso la riscoperta e ricostruzione del proprio progetto di vita.

  9. 75 FR 25314 - Community Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Matching Grant Program-Availability of... (United States)


    ... correction to a notice of the Community Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Matching Grant Program, which... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Internal Revenue Service Community Volunteer Income Tax Assistance... notice of the availability of application packages for the 2011 Community Volunteer Income Tax Assistance...

  10. Parrhesia e forma-di-vita. Soggettivazione e desoggettivazione in Michel Foucault e Giorgio Agamben

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefano Marchesoni


    Full Text Available Nei suoi libri recenti sotto il titolo principale "Homo sacer", Agamben si concentra sul concetto di forma-di-vita. Con questo articolo vorrei fornire una spiegazione del significato di questo concetto, sostenendo che le sue origini si possono far risalire alle "Vite degli uomini infami" di Foucault.

  11. The Vita Activa as Compass: Navigating Uncertainty in Teaching with Hannah Arendt (United States)

    Rogers, Carrie Ann Barnes


    This dissertation is an exploration of stories of uncertainty in the lives of elementary teachers and the value that the ideas of Hannah Arendt lend to the discussion around uncertainty. In "The Human Condition" (1958) Hannah Arendt theorizes the life of action, the "vita activa". Arendtian action is inherently uncertain because to be "capable of…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandr Mikhailovich Pashkov


    Full Text Available The article proves that one of the sources of Fyodor Glinka’s poem Karelia was the legend describing The Vita of Lazar of Murom — a Greek monk who founded the Murom Monastery of St. Assumption on the southeastern shore of Onega Lake in the middle of the 14th century. This fact has not been mentioned yet in any of the literature studies devoted to Glinka’s works. It is believed that The Vita of Lazar of Murom was created during the period between the late 14th and early 15th century. At the end of the 18th century this manuscript’s copy belonged to a high rank Petrozavodsk offi cial I. A. Pykhtin. In 1805, he consigned his copy of The Vita of Lazar of Murom to a well-known Petrozavodsk historian T. V. Balandin, who made another copy of it. Soon T.V. Balandin transferred his copy to a famous Orthodox church historian Evgenii (Bolkhovotinov, who in turn published this copy in 1813 in the 5th volume of his work The History of Russian Hierarchy. In 1826–1830, poet Fyodor Glinka was sent to exile in Petrozavodsk for having participated in the Decembrist movement. He met T. V. Balandin, read the text of The Vita of Lazar of Murom and included a story about a monk who had moved from Greece to Russia into his poem Karelia, published in 1830. Besides, the name of Saint Lazar is mentioned in the main text of the poem and twice in its footnotes. Glinka had a great intuitive feel for a language and noticed correlation between style and authenticity of the legend about Lazar’s life. So, The Vita of Lazar of Murom became one of the sources which inspired Fyodor Glinka to create his poem Karelia and to certain extent determined its content.

  13. Per l’eutanasia. Note minime sul diritto a decidere della vita e della salute

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Riccardo Conte


    Full Text Available Dopo aver ricordato che secondo recenti sentenze della Corte europea dei diritti dell’uomo «il diritto di un individuo a decidere in quale maniera e in quale momento la sua vita debba essere chiusa, a condizione che egli sia in grado di formare liberamente la sua volontà e il suo proposito d’agire in conseguenza, è uno degli aspetti della sua vita privata ai sensi dell’art. 8 della Convenzione»; e dopo aver illustrato le posizioni nel mondo cristiano di dissenso rispetto al Magistero ecclesiastico sul tema dell’eutanasia,  l’Autore si sofferma ad esaminare  disegni di legge presentati al Parlamento italiano per disciplinare la materia.

  14. Historiography and biography genre in the Vita Caligulae from Suetonius - some impressions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danielle Lima


    Full Text Available This paper presents the reflections and the results of the Scientific Initiation Research about Vita Caligulae (Life of Caligula, from Suetonius (69/70 - 130? a.C. and his relation to the roman historiography. In our study, we start from the biography of Caligula emperor, named De Vita Caligulae, to analyze those generic aspects of the biography in the way to notice its features and how this biography is inserted in the historiographical roman tradition, to be known, as a way to write history or as a different genre. During the research, besides the translation of the biography, we realized a brief study about the roman historiography, as well as some considerations about the textual and stylish aspects of Suetonius.  

  15. Visual Interpretation with Three-Dimensional Annotations (VITA): Three-Dimensional Image Interpretation Tool for Radiological Reporting


    Roy, Sharmili; Brown, Michael S.; Shih, George L.


    This paper introduces a software framework called Visual Interpretation with Three-Dimensional Annotations (VITA) that is able to automatically generate three-dimensional (3D) visual summaries based on radiological annotations made during routine exam reporting. VITA summaries are in the form of rotating 3D volumes where radiological annotations are highlighted to place important clinical observations into a 3D context. The rendered volume is produced as a Digital Imaging and Communications i...

  16. Thuja occidentalis (Arbor vitae): A Review of its Pharmaceutical, Pharmacological and Clinical Properties


    Naser, Belal; Bodinet, Cornelia; Tegtmeier, Martin; Lindequist, Ulrike


    Arbor vitae (Thuja occidentalis L.) is a native European tree widely used in homeopathy and evidence-based phytotherapy. Many reviews and monographs have been published on the herbal substance's description, mode of action and clinical use. However, no comprehensive evidence-based review is available. Therefore, our aim was to search MEDLINE databases and survey manufacturers for further details or unpublished data. This review presents the botany, ethnobotany and phytochemistry, especial...

  17. Validation of the VitaBit Sit–Stand Tracker: Detecting Sitting, Standing, and Activity Patterns

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nathalie M. Berninger


    Full Text Available Sedentary behavior (SB has detrimental consequences and cannot be compensated for through moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (PA. In order to understand and mitigate SB, tools for measuring and monitoring SB are essential. While current direct-to-customer wearables focus on PA, the VitaBit validated in this study was developed to focus on SB. It was tested in a laboratory and in a free-living condition, comparing it to direct observation and to a current best-practice device, the ActiGraph, on a minute-by-minute basis. In the laboratory, the VitaBit yielded specificity and negative predictive rates (NPR of above 91.2% for sitting and standing, while sensitivity and precision ranged from 74.6% to 85.7%. For walking, all performance values exceeded 97.3%. In the free-living condition, the device revealed performance of over 72.6% for sitting with the ActiGraph as criterion. While sensitivity and precision for standing and walking ranged from 48.2% to 68.7%, specificity and NPR exceeded 83.9%. According to the laboratory findings, high performance for sitting, standing, and walking makes the VitaBit eligible for SB monitoring. As the results are not transferrable to daily life activities, a direct observation study in a free-living setting is recommended.

  18. The linear shade guide design of Vita 3D-master performs as well as the original design of the Vita 3D-master. (United States)

    Corcodel, N; Rammelsberg, P; Jakstat, H; Moldovan, O; Schwarz, S; Hassel, A J


    Visual tooth colour assessment by use of the Vita 3D-Master(®) (3D; Vita Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany) is well documented. To improve handling, a new linear arrangement of the shade tabs has been introduced (LG; Linearguide 3D-Master(®) ). The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the linear design has an effect on shade matching. Fifty-six students underwent identical, theoretical and practical training, by use of an Internet learning module [Toothguide Training Software(®) (TT)] and a standardised training programme [Toothguide Training Box(®) (TTB)]. Each student then matched 30 randomly chosen shade tabs presented in an intra-oral setting by a standardised device [Toothguide Check Box(®) (TCB)]; 15 matches were made using the 3D and 15 using the LG shade guide system, under a daylight lamp (840 matches for each guide). It was recorded to what extent the presented and selected shade tabs, or the lightness group of the tabs, matched, also the needed time for colour matching. The results showed that 35% of perfect matches were observed for the 3D and 32% for the LG. The lightness group was correct in 59% of cases for 3D and 56% for LG. Mean time needed for matching of tabs and lightness group was no different between groups (no significant difference for any assessment). Within the limitations of the study design, the colour assessment with regard to performance and time needed in shade matching was not different with the LG or the 3D. Therefore, the user should choose which shade tab arrangement is more applicable. © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sugiyatno A.


    Full Text Available Japansche citroen (JC rootstock is still the main choice for producing citrus seeds for its high availability and compatibility. Other rootstocks have been used in the production, yet they produce unsatisfying results. Based on the theory, there is an alternative to use rootstock as interstock in order to stimulate the growth of scion. The objective of this reseach is to understand the effect of interstock on the growth of Mandarin cv. Batu 55, Tangerine cv. Pontianak and Lime cv. Nimas. This research was conducted in the screen house of Tlekung Experimental Field of Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute (ICSFRI in Batu-East Java, located on 950 m asl, from January to April 2016. This research was arranged in a CRD design with 4 replications and 24 interstock-scion combination treatments. The interstocks used in this study were Carizzo citrange, Citrumello, Poncirus trifoliata, Volkameriana, Rough lemon, Troyer citrange, Kanci and control (JC combined with 3 scions namely Mandarin cv. Batu 55, Tangerine cv. Pontianak and Lime cv. Nimas propagated by grafting. The result showed the percentage of successful grafting ranged between 37.5% to 100%, while the percentage of the shoot formed on grafted plants was 75%-100%. The use of Poncirus trifoliata as interstock has stimulated fastest bud break on Tangerine cv. Pontianak in just 24.75 days while the Troyer citrange has stimulated better shoot growth in Lime cv. Nimas, resulted to the highest shoot around 52.20 cm which was significantly different from other treatments. Meanwhile, Carizzo citrange has been found to have some influences to the plant diameter and the number of leave of Lime cv. Nimas but showed insignificant effect on the growth of its own diameter. The use of interstock showed that it can be used to promote the growth of scion which usually has slow growth when it is directly grafted on the rootstock.

  20. The Dating and Authorship of the Poem Vita Mahumeti, Attributed to Embrico of Mainz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando González Muñoz


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to review the problems with the date of writing and the authorship of one of the first legendary accounts of the Prophet Muhammad written in Central Europe: the Vita Mahumeti, attributed to Embrico of Mainz. After presenting the available evidence and the conjectures of different scholars, a new hypothesis about the identity of the author is put forward, which at the same time enables us to clarify the dating of the work, its possible sources and meaning.

  1. Concept City: Roma ri-vista e vissuta ne La dolce vita e La grande bellezza


    Martini, Alessia


    A partire dagli anni del neorealismo, Roma è stata una location particolarmente amata dai registi italiani che hanno utilizzato con finalità simboliche diversi luoghi della città—dalle borgate ai monumenti del centro—al fine di raccontare un preciso momento storico e una precisa situazione sociale. In questo articolo prenderò in considerazione due film ambientati a Roma, La dolce vita di Federico Fellini (1960) e La grande bellezza di Paolo Sorrentino (2013), per analizzare le valenze che la ...

  2. Biotransformation of Pueraria lobata Extract with Lactobacillus rhamnosus vitaP1 Enhances Anti-Melanogenic Activity. (United States)

    Kwon, Jeong Eun; Lee, Jin Woo; Park, Yuna; Sohn, Eun-Hwa; Choung, Eui Su; Jang, Seon-A; Kim, Inhye; Lee, Da Eun; Koo, Hyun Jung; Bak, Jong Phil; Lee, Sung Ryul; Kang, Se Chan


    Isoflavone itself is less available in the body without the aid of intestinal bacteria. In this study, we searched for isoflavone-transforming bacteria from human fecal specimens ( n = 14) using differential selection media. Isoflavone-transforming activity as the production of dihydrogenistein and dihydrodaidzein was assessed by high-performance liquid chromatography and we found Lactobacillus rhamnosus , named L. rhamnosus vitaP1, through 16S rDNA sequence analysis. Extract from Pueraria lobata (EPL) and soy hypocotyl extract were fermented with L. rhamnosus vitaP1 for 24 and 48 h at 37°C. Fermented EPL (FEPL) showed enhanced anti-tyrosinase activity and antioxidant capacities, important suppressors of the pigmentation process, compared with that of EPL ( p Lactobacillus rhamnosus vitaP1 was found to be able to biotransform isoflavones in EPL. FEPL showed augmented anti-melanogenic potential.

  3. Elements of the universe in Philo’s De Vita Mosis: Cosmological theology or theological cosmology?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gert J. Steyn


    Full Text Available It is the intention of this article to investigate how Philo’s understanding of the universe, and particularly its four basic elements as taught by the Greek philosophers, influenced his description of the God of Israel’s world in which the Moses narrative unfolds. Given the fact that Philo was a theologian par excellence, the question can be asked whether Philo’s approach is closer to what one might call ‘theological cosmology’ or rather closer to ‘cosmological theology’? After a brief survey of Philo’s inclination to interpret Jewish history in the light of Greek cosmology, the study proceeds with his universe as symbolised in the high priest’s vestments. The τετρακτύςwith its 10 points of harmony is a key to Philo’s symbolism and numerology. The article concludes that Philo is not writing cosmology per se in his De Vita Mosis, but he is rather writing a theology that sketches the cosmic superiority and involvement of Israel’s God against the backdrop of Greek cosmology as it was influenced by Pythagoras’ geometry and numerology as well as by Plato’s philosophy. In this sense his account in the De Vita Mosisis closer to a cosmological theology. He utilises the cosmological picture of the Greco-Hellenistic world in order to introduce and present the powerful nature and qualities of Israel’s God.

  4. Conciencia hispana y tradición monástica en la Vita Fructuosi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodríguez de la Peña, Alejandro


    Full Text Available The author of Vita Fructuosi, probably a monk follower of Saint Fructuosus of Braga in the area of Gallaecia, shows in this biography an evident sense of rooting in the monastic Tradition, specially in the Egyptianeastern one, and also he declares a strong Roman-Catholic and Hispanic conscience. As the highest expression of it, he presents Saint Fructuosus with the same merits of the Egyptian monks and, joined to Saint Isidorus of Seville, as a light for Spain, for the Western and for the whole Catholic Church: they both are two causes of glory for a Visigothic Spain which fells herself as Roman and Catholic.El autor de la Vita Fructuosi, al parecer un monje discípulo de San Fructuoso de Braga en el área de Gallaecia, muestra en esta biografía un claro sentido de arraigo en la Tradición monástica, especialmente egipcio-oriental, y manifiesta una fuerte conciencia romano-católica e hispana. Como máxima expresión de todo ello, presenta a San Fructuoso a la altura de los méritos de los monjes egipcios y, junto con San Isidoro de Sevilla, como una lumbrera de Hispania, del Occidente y de toda la Iglesia Católica: ambos son dos motivos de gloria de la Hispania visigótica que se siente romana y católica.

  5. The Help-line "Invito alla Vita": a new project for suicide prevention in Trentino region. (United States)

    Di Napoli, Wilma; Andreatta, Olaf


    "Invito alla Vita" is a community-based suicide prevention project that officially started in Trentino in late 2008. The project was promoted by the local Health Services, trying from the beginning to involve other community subjects, and has been working over five years and a half in different directions, particularly promoting a phone help-line. The aims of the Invito alla Vita (IaV) Help Line have been clear from the beginning: decrease the sense of loneliness, offer encouragement and support, promote engagement with health services, reduce stigma and prejudice. Contrary to popular misconceptions, talking with people about suicide will not increase suicide risk, neither will it induce patients to commit suicide.The volunteers involved in the IaV help-line offer people empathic listening without judgment and easy tips, to reduce loneliness, sadness and supply reassurance that other people care. In this study we tried to deepen our knowledges about the volunteers' motivations and necessities to use them for creating a better system of support: we realized indeed that continuous training and supervision, along with official awards given by community institutions, are basic factors to sustain the volunteers' motives to cooperate with the help line.

  6. Wyoming CV Pilot Traveler Information Message Sample (United States)

    Department of Transportation — This dataset contains a sample of the sanitized Traveler Information Messages (TIM) being generated by the Wyoming Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot. The full set of TIMs...

  7. cv. “Sukali Ndiizi”- AAB

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 27, 2013 ... improve transformation and regeneration efficiency of banana (cv. “Sukali .... Vuylsteke (1989) proliferation medium in the tissue culture .... DNA repair machinery is more active during cell division ... Biology-Plant 40:31-45.

  8. Assessment of Color Changes in Vita 3D-Master Shade Guide after Sterilization and Disinfection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hossein Dashti


    Full Text Available Purpose:Dental shade guides are commonly used for color determination and should be disinfected and sterilized. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the color change of Vita 3D Master shade tabs after disinfection and sterilization. Material and methods:Overall, 98 samples (shade tabs were randomly selected from 14 new, unused Vita 3D sets, including the following shades: 2M1, 3L1.5, 3M1, 3M2, 3M3, 3R1.5 and 4M1. In each set, values of 2, 3 and 4, chroma of 1, 2 and 3 and hue were selected for the comparison of different shades. All tabs were measured using the Vita Easyshade device at baseline. The first group was disinfected with Deconex and the second group was sterilized by autoclaving in a simulated annual application. All the tabs were measured again using the same device. This process was repeated to simulate 2 and 3 years of usage. Statistical analysis was conducted by repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA and independent t-test and paired sample t-test. Results:In the disinfected group, we observed significant differences in value and chroma in all periods (p˂0.001. However, hue showed no significant difference after the first year of simulated treatment (p=0.527, though it was significantly different in the second and third simulations (p˂0.001. In the sterilized group, all variables showed a significant difference for each year (p˂0.05. Considering total color difference (ΔE, there was a significant difference between the two groups in the first, second and third simulated years; ΔE increased in the sterilized group more than in the disinfected samples (p˂0.001.  Conclusions:  The color change of shade tabs was significant both after disinfection by a chemical solution and by sterilization through autoclaving. However, although disinfectants may not have a clinically important effect, sterilization should be considered as an interfering factor during color-matching procedure.

  9. 76 FR 56455 - DaVita, Inc.; Analysis of Agreement Containing Consent Orders To Aid Public Comment (United States)


    ... personal information, like anyone's Social Security number, date of birth, driver's license number or other... include competitively sensitive information such as costs, sales statistics, inventories, formulas... competition between DaVita and DSI when negotiating rates charged by dialysis providers. As a result, the...

  10. Visual Interpretation with Three-Dimensional Annotations (VITA): three-dimensional image interpretation tool for radiological reporting. (United States)

    Roy, Sharmili; Brown, Michael S; Shih, George L


    This paper introduces a software framework called Visual Interpretation with Three-Dimensional Annotations (VITA) that is able to automatically generate three-dimensional (3D) visual summaries based on radiological annotations made during routine exam reporting. VITA summaries are in the form of rotating 3D volumes where radiological annotations are highlighted to place important clinical observations into a 3D context. The rendered volume is produced as a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) object and is automatically added to the study for archival in Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). In addition, a video summary (e.g., MPEG4) can be generated for sharing with patients and for situations where DICOM viewers are not readily available to referring physicians. The current version of VITA is compatible with ClearCanvas; however, VITA can work with any PACS workstation that has a structured annotation implementation (e.g., Extendible Markup Language, Health Level 7, Annotation and Image Markup) and is able to seamlessly integrate into the existing reporting workflow. In a survey with referring physicians, the vast majority strongly agreed that 3D visual summaries improve the communication of the radiologists' reports and aid communication with patients.

  11. Anti radiation action of 'Vin-Vita' food additive solution in 'Kuyalnik' mineral water under sublethal gamma-irradiation conditions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Baraboj, V.A.; Lobasyuk, B.O.; Oleksyijenko, N.O.; Kujev, V.L.; Goncharov, M.Yi.; Smul's'kij, S.P.; Kolker, Yi.A.; Babov, K.D.


    The study involved four groups of female Wistar rats. Protective anti radiation action of 'Vin-Vita' food additive solution in 'Kuyalnik' mineral water especially in the concentration of 500 mg/l has been revealed, which was proved by hemoglobin, hematocrit, ESR, white blood parameters and animal behaviour

  12. International Curriculums. (United States)

    Neal, Larry L.

    This workshop presentation on international curriculums in the field of parks, recreation, leisure, cultural services, and travel/tourism comments that the literature is replete with articles addressing what the field is about, but not about curriculum issues, models, and structure. It reports an international survey of 12 college educators…

  13. Evaluation of accuracy of shade selection using two spectrophotometer systems: Vita Easyshade and Degudent Shadepilot. (United States)

    Kalantari, Mohammad Hassan; Ghoraishian, Seyed Ahmad; Mohaghegh, Mina


    The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the accuracy of shade matching using two spectrophotometric devices. Thirteen patients who require a full coverage restoration for one of their maxillary central incisors were selected while the adjacent central incisor was intact. 3 same frameworks were constructed for each tooth using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology. Shade matching was performed using Vita Easyshade spectrophotometer, Shadepilot spectrophotometer, and Vitapan classical shade guide for the first, second, and third crown subsequently. After application, firing, and glazing of the porcelain, the color was evaluated and scored by five inspectors. Both spectrophotometric systems showed significantly better results than visual method ( P spectrophotometers ( P Spectrophotometers are a good substitute for visual color selection methods.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ongari, Barbara


    Full Text Available Le immense potenzialità del primo anno di vita ed il loro essere a fondamento dello sviluppo della personalità vengono discusse qui in una prospettiva relazionale, evidenziando il significato fondamentale della qualità delle interazioni precoci, verbali e non verbali, tra il bambino ed i suoi caregiver. Viene sottolineato anche il ruolo-chiave delle emozioni e dei vissuti interpersonali nella costruzione dell’architettura della mente infantile. The extraordinary potentialities during the first year of life and the fact that they are at the basis of the development of personality are proposed here using a relational prospective. The fundamental significance connected to the quality of the precocious verbal and non–verbal interactions between infants and their caregiver is evidenced as well. The key-role of the interpersonal emotions and feelings inside the construction of the infants’ mind architecture is highlighted.

  15. Elements of the universe in Philo’s De Vita Mosis: Cosmological theology or theological cosmology?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gert J. Steyn


    Full Text Available It is the intention of this article to investigate how Philo’s understanding of the universe, and particularly its four basic elements as taught by the Greek philosophers, influenced his description of the God of Israel’s world in which the Moses narrative unfolds. Given the fact that Philo was a theologian par excellence, the question can be asked whether Philo’s approach is closer to what one might call ‘theological cosmology’ or rather closer to ‘cosmological theology’? After a brief survey of Philo’s inclination to interpret Jewish history in the light of Greek cosmology, the study proceeds with his universe as symbolised in the high priest’s vestments. The τετρακτύς with its 10 points of harmony is a key to Philo’s symbolism and numerology. The article concludes that Philo is not writing cosmology per se in his De Vita Mosis, but he is rather writing a theology that sketches the cosmic superiority and involvement of Israel’s God against the backdrop of Greek cosmology as it was influenced by Pythagoras’ geometry and numerology as well as by Plato’s philosophy. In this sense his account in the De Vita Mosis is closer to a cosmological theology. He utilises the cosmological picture of the Greco-Hellenistic world in order to introduce and present the powerful nature and qualities of Israel’s God. Hierdie artikel het ten doel om ondersoek in te stel na Philo se begrip van die heelal en veral die vier basiese elemente soos dit deur die Griekse filosowe geleer is. Dit het verder ten doel om vas te stel tot watter mate hierdie denke sy beskrywing van die God van Israel se wêreld, waarbinne die Moses-vertelling ontvou, beïnvloed het. Gegewe die feit dat Philo ’n teoloog par excellence is, kan die vraag gevra word of Philo se benadering nader is aan wat ’n mens ’n ‘teologiese kosmologie’ kan noem, of eerder nader aan ’n ‘kosmologiese teologie’ is? Na ’n kort oorsig oor Philo se neiging om die

  16. OpenCV for secret agents

    CERN Document Server

    Howse, Joseph


    This book is for programmers who want to expand their skills by building fun, smart, and useful systems with OpenCV. The projects are ideal in helping you to think creatively about the uses of computer vision, natural user interfaces, and ubiquitous computers (in your home, car, and hand).

  17. AstroCV: Astronomy computer vision library (United States)

    González, Roberto E.; Muñoz, Roberto P.; Hernández, Cristian A.


    AstroCV processes and analyzes big astronomical datasets, and is intended to provide a community repository of high performance Python and C++ algorithms used for image processing and computer vision. The library offers methods for object recognition, segmentation and classification, with emphasis in the automatic detection and classification of galaxies.

  18. The Limbic-Prefrontal Network Modulated by Electroacupuncture at CV4 and CV12

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiliang Fang


    Full Text Available fMRI studies showed that acupuncture could induce hemodynamic changes in brain networks. Many of these studies focused on whether specific acupoints could activate specific brain regions and were often limited to manual acupuncture at acupoints on the limbs. In this fMRI study, we investigated acupuncture's modulation effects on brain functional networks by electroacupuncture (EA at acupoints on the midline of abdomen. Acupoints Guanyuan (CV4 and Zhongwan (CV12 were stimulated in 21 healthy volunteers. The needling sensations, brain activation, and functional connectivity were studied. We found that the limbic-prefrontal functional network was deactivated by EA at CV4 and CV12. More importantly, the local functional connectivity was significantly changed during EA stimulation, and the change persisted during the period after the stimulation. Although minor differences existed, both acupoints similarly modulated the limbic-prefrontal functional network, which is overlapped with the functional circuits associated with emotional and cognitive regulation.

  19. Effect of Sodium Cyanide on Wheat (Triticum durum cv. Altar and T. aestivum cv. Cumhuriyet)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gemici, Meliha; Karshenass, A.M.; Tan, Kit


    The effect of sodium cyanide on the morphology of stem, leaves and grain yields of Triticum durum cv. Altar and Triticum aestivum cv. Cumhuriyet grown under glass was studied. Seeds were planted in six different sets of pots containing ordinary garden soil. After formation of the first leaves......, the first set was used as the control and watered using ordinary bottled water sold commercially. The other five sets with T. durum cv. Altar and T. aestivum cv. Cumhuriyet seedlings were additionally watered with various concentrations of sodium cyanide, the test-quantity used being 10-50 mg/L. Growth...... of individual plants was monitored until grain production. It was found that the sodium cyanide concentrations in the feed solutions affected plant stature, with the plants becoming progressively dwarfed with increasing dosage. Anomalies in the morphological and anatomical structure of the plant were also noted...

  20. Elective frozen elephant trunk procedure using the E-Vita Open Plus prosthesis in 94 patients: a multicentre French registry. (United States)

    Verhoye, Jean-Philippe; Belhaj Soulami, Reda; Fouquet, Olivier; Ruggieri, Vito Giovanni; Kaladji, Adrien; Tomasi, Jacques; Sellin, Michel; Farhat, Fadi; Anselmi, Amedeo


    Our goal was to evaluate the operative outcomes of the frozen elephant trunk technique using the E-Vita Open Plus® hybrid prosthesis in chronic aortic arch diseases and report clinical and radiological outcomes at the 1-year follow-up. As determined from a prospective multicentre registry, 94 patients underwent frozen elephant trunk procedures using the E-Vita Open Plus hybrid device for the treatment of chronic aortic conditions, including 50% chronic aortic dissections, 40% degenerative aneurysms and 10% miscellaneous indications. Fifty percent of the cases were reoperations. The perioperative mortality rate was 11.7%. Spinal cord ischaemia and stroke rates were 4% and 9.6%, respectively. The mean cardiopulmonary bypass time was 252 ± 97 min, cardiac ischaemia time was 152 ± 53 min and cerebral perfusion time was 82 ± 22 min. Concomitant procedures were observed in 15% of patients. Among the 83 surviving patients, the survival rate after the 1-year follow-up was 98%. Eleven percent of patients underwent endovascular completion, whereas 4% of patients required aortic reintervention at 1 year. The E-Vita Open Plus hybrid device confirms the favourable short- and mid-term outcomes offered by its predecessor in frozen elephant trunk procedures in patients with chronic aortic arch disease. Implantation of the E-Vita Open Plus is associated with good 1-year survival rates, good rates of favourable aortic remodelling in both chronic dissection and degenerative aneurysms and a reproducible technique in a multicentre registry. Continued follow-up is required due to the risk of evolution at the downstream aorta. © The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. All rights reserved.

  1. Effects of the Oxygen-Carrying Solution OxyVita C on the Cerebral Microcirculation and Systemic Blood Pressures in Healthy Rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rania Abutarboush


    Full Text Available The use of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOC as oxygen delivering therapies during hypoxic states has been hindered by vasoconstrictive side effects caused by depletion of nitric oxide (NO. OxyVita C is a promising oxygen-carrying solution that consists of a zero-linked hemoglobin polymer with a high molecular weight (~17 MDa. The large molecular weight is believed to prevent extravasation and limit NO scavenging and vasoconstriction. The aim of this study was to assess vasoactive effects of OxyVita C on systemic blood pressures and cerebral pial arteriole diameters. Anesthetized healthy rats received four intravenous (IV infusions of an increasing dose of OxyVita C (2, 25, 50, 100 mg/kg and hemodynamic parameters and pial arteriolar diameters were measured pre- and post-infusion. Normal saline was used as a volume-matched control. Systemic blood pressures increased (P ≤ 0.05 with increasing doses of OxyVita C, but not with saline. There was no vasoconstriction in small (<50 µm and medium-sized (50–100 µm pial arterioles in the OxyVita C group. In contrast, small and medium-sized pial arterioles vasoconstricted in the control group. Compared to saline, OxyVita C showed no cerebral vasoconstriction after any of the four doses evaluated in this rat model despite increases in blood pressure.

  2. Collaborative Undergraduate HBCU Student Summer Prostate Cancer Training Program (United States)


    Maternal Morbidity & Mortality Infant Mortality & Low Birth Weight Immunizations children and adult Asthma STD’s including HIV Cancer Obesity Diabetes...TA, co-taught, or taught. “Course of Life” is the Latin translation of Curriculum Vitae. Tips on Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) the most common non-skin cancer in America , and affects 1 in 6 men. In 2009, more than 192,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and

  3. La vita è blending. Per una lettura integrata del film di Roberto Benigni

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emanuele Broccio


    Full Text Available Il notevole incremento di studi critici sulla Poetica Cognitiva sta riscattandola dall’accusa di offrire soltanto una nuova e seducente terminologia, guadagnandole invece la dignità di metodologia scientifica. Mosso dall’interesse che il fenomeno della integrazione concettuale (blending suscita, il mio intervento propone una lettura del film La vita è bella di Roberto Benigni proprio in funzione del suo organizzarsi intorno a un blending che ne sostiene l’intero impianto ideativo. Il film è stato molto criticato, oltre che per un certo impaccio tecnico nella messa in scena, per il fatto di condurre un racconto di morte e sterminio attraverso un punto di vista comico. Attraverso l’applicazione del blending, insieme ad altri strumenti di analisi classica, cercherò di dimostrare come la strutturazione del racconto intorno alla duplice contaminazione di realtà e fantasia, comico e tragico, lo sottrae dal rischio di scivolare nel melodramma e nel patetismo, mantenendo alta l’empatia dello spettatore. La mia lettura sottolinea dunque come tutto il film sia costruito su un continuo blending, e ne evidenzia le modalità di realizzazione, dimostrando, attraverso un’opera ampiamente nota e di vasto consenso, come le scienze cognitive possano offrire validi strumenti di analisi che precisano pregresse intuizioni critiche e illuminano zone dell’opera d’arte rimaste in ombra o confinate alla valutazione estetica.

  4. The “Enemy” of the Saint in the Vita Fulgentii

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabella D'Auria


    Full Text Available This paper aims to analyze the traits that characterize the “enemy” of the saint in the Vita Fulgentii. The work tells in twenty-nine chapters the life of the bishop of Ruspe Fulgentius, troubled by exile and persecutions both in the monastic phase and in the episcopal one, in the context of the vandalic invasion in Africa between 5th and 6th century. The “enemy”, that identifies, in the most cases, with the invader of arian faith, presents a stereotyped nature, summarizing the tipical characteristics of barbarian and the ones specific to the heterodox. In order to achieve the goal of the reader’s moral edification, the text presents antithetical models, the saint ant his opposer, and all the account revolves around this dialectic; so it is worthy of interest to pick out the elements that define, throught a relationship of opposition, the collective identities, that in this text are represented by Catholics invaded and by barbarian and heretic invaders.

  5. Sustainable Mobility and Lifestyle Mobilità sostenibile e stili di vita

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosa Anna La Rocca


    discussed in this article refer to “bottom up” solutions to tackle climate change in which the transport sector bears a heavy responsibility.
    These reports have all the same target - the urgency to respond to global climate change in urban centers-  but different methodology to test how and how much is the commitment of govern and people to meet this challenge.
    What stands out is the awareness that current lifestyles must necessarily change in order to assure vivibility to the future generations.
    This article attempts to stimulate the attention of the scientific field about the possibilities that an in-depth study dealing with signals of changement may have.

    L’articolo propone una riflessione sulla necessità di un approfondimento scientifico sulle prospettive di cambiamento necessarie a qualsiasi modello di sostenibilità.

    Nello scenario attuale, la prospettiva della sostenibilità, infatti, sembra sempre più orientata a modificare o quantomeno a mettere in discussione gli attuali modelli di crescita socioeconomica.

    A voler sintetizzare all’estremo, si tratta di prendere coscienza del fatto che gli attuali stili di vita debbano necessariamente modificarsi, se realmente si vuole tentare di ammortizzare gli effetti dell’irresponsabile gestione del territorio e delle città sulle generazioni che seguiranno la nostra.

    La questione non è affatto semplice e non è avulsa da polemiche e contrasti politici, sostanzialmente pronti ad individuare nella cultura occidentale e nell’economia capitalista conseguente la fonte di tutti i mali.

    Obiettivo di questo articolo è provare a riflettere sulle modalità che potrebbero contrastare le criticità derivanti da stili di vita negativamente incidenti sugli elementi territoriali ed ambientali.

    A tale scopo nell’articolo vengono esaminati report ed iniziative (bottom-up o top down particolarmente significativi nella ricerca di stili di vita sostenibili.

    Gli esempi

  6. Thuja occidentalis (Arbor vitae: A Review of its Pharmaceutical, Pharmacological and Clinical Properties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belal Naser


    Full Text Available Arbor vitae (Thuja occidentalis L. is a native European tree widely used in homeopathy and evidence-based phytotherapy. Many reviews and monographs have been published on the herbal substance's description, mode of action and clinical use. However, no comprehensive evidence-based review is available. Therefore, our aim was to search MEDLINE databases and survey manufacturers for further details or unpublished data. This review presents the botany, ethnobotany and phytochemistry, especially the different contents of essential oil (Thujone in relation to different extraction procedures of this medicinal plant. Thuja's antiviral action and immunopharmacological potential, such as stimulatory and co-stimulatory effects on cytokine and antibody production and activation of macrophages and other immunocompetent cells, have been evaluated in numerous in vitro and in vivo investigations. Although no controlled trials have been conducted on Thuja occ alone, many clinical studies have been performed with a herbal medicinal product containing a special extract of Thuja occ and other immunostimulants, demonstrating its therapeutic efficacy and safety in respiratory tract infections.

  7. A Profilaxia do Silêncio: Nietzsche e a Virtude da Vita Contemplativa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jelson Roberto Oliveira


    Full Text Available Pretende-se mostrar como o tema do silêncio, apresentado como parte do projeto nietzscheano de revitalização da vita contemplativa, adquire importância no chamado segundo período de sua produção, ligado àquela que poderia ser considerada a primeira e mais contundente das virtudes humanas apontadas por Nietzsche: o cultivo de si. Nesse sentido, trata-se de uma noção requisitada como parte do projeto crítico da modernidade implementado pelo filósofo alemão, cujo ponto de partida é uma revisão da própria tarefa da filosofia, conduzindo a uma crítica radical da moralidade vigente, da hipertrofia da racionalidade e da importância da linguagem. O silêncio, associado à solidão, aparece como uma profilaxia e radical aprofundamento em relação à anulação de si no arrulho da multidão moderna.

  8. A atividade cristianizadora de Amando de Maastricht na Vita Sancti Amandi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leila Rodrigues da Silva


    Full Text Available Tendo como referência o discurso hagiográfico veiculado na Vita Sancti Amandi, o presente artigo tem por objetivo analisar as alusões à atividade cristianizadora do monge-bispo-peregrino Amando de Maastricht. Para tal, dividimos a abordagem em duas partes centrais: na primeira, ressaltamos a relação do monacato irlandês com o processo de multiplicação e expansão das diversas formas de vida monástica, com especial atenção para uma de suas expressões: a Peregrinatio pro Christo. Na segunda, passamos à análise do texto hagiográfico buscando compreender a atividade cristianizadora atribuída a Amando de Maastricht por seu hagiógrafo. Neste processo, ressaltamos cinco modalidades de atuação: pregação a cristãos; pregação a não cristãos, “pagãos” e “supersticiosos”; libertação, conversão e treinamento de cativos para atividade missionária; realização de milagres de cura e conversão das testemunhas, e construção de mosteiros e igrejas.

  9. CV controls from design to operation

    CERN Document Server

    Blanc, D


    The cooling and Ventilation (CV) group has emphasised the need to redefine its organisational structure at the end of 98. The main objective of this operation was to ensure the CV group to be more competitive and efficient through the growing tasks of the LHC projects. The main evolution given to this reorganisation is that the new structure is more project oriented and then operates on three distinct axes: Design, Work and Operation. Process control project management requires a complete and early interaction and participation of all the actors involved. This procedure to be efficient and constructive must be considered and performed not only during the design stage but along the project planning phases and must go beyond the completion work including the process control operation activity. The paper explains the present project management for process control. It describes the present constraints and gives suggestions to a different approach to these projects to improve performances and efficiency of a contr...


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Montgomery, M. M.


    Net tidal torque by the secondary on a misaligned accretion disk, like the net tidal torque by the Moon and the Sun on the equatorial bulge of the spinning and tilted Earth, is suggested by others to be a source to retrograde precession in non-magnetic, accreting cataclysmic variable (CV) dwarf novae (DN) systems that show negative superhumps in their light curves. We investigate this idea in this work. We generate a generic theoretical expression for retrograde precession in spinning disks that are misaligned with the orbital plane. Our generic theoretical expression matches that which describes the retrograde precession of Earths' equinoxes. By making appropriate assumptions, we reduce our generic theoretical expression to those generated by others, or to those used by others, to describe retrograde precession in protostellar, protoplanetary, X-ray binary, non-magnetic CV DN, quasar, and black hole systems. We find that spinning, tilted CV DN systems cannot be described by a precessing ring or by a precessing rigid disk. We find that differential rotation and effects on the disk by the accretion stream must be addressed. Our analysis indicates that the best description of a retrogradely precessing spinning, tilted, CV DN accretion disk is a differentially rotating, tilted disk with an attached rotating, tilted ring located near the innermost disk annuli. In agreement with the observations and numerical simulations by others, we find that our numerically simulated CV DN accretion disks retrogradely precess as a unit. Our final, reduced expression for retrograde precession agrees well with our numerical simulation results and with selective observational systems that seem to have main-sequence secondaries. Our results suggest that a major source to retrograde precession is tidal torques like that by the Moon and the Sun on the Earth. In addition, these tidal torques should be common to a variety of systems where one member is spinning and tilted, regardless if

  11. Welding Curriculum. (United States)

    Alaska State Dept. of Education, Juneau. Div. of Adult and Vocational Education.

    This competency-based curriculum guide is a handbook for the development of welding trade programs. Based on a survey of Alaskan welding employers, it includes all competencies a student should acquire in such a welding program. The handbook stresses the importance of understanding the principles associated with the various elements of welding.…

  12. Learning openCV computer vision with the openCV library

    CERN Document Server

    Bradski, Gary


    Learning OpenCV puts you right in the middle of the rapidly expanding field of computer vision. Written by the creators of OpenCV, the widely used free open-source library, this book introduces you to computer vision and demonstrates how you can quickly build applications that enable computers to see" and make decisions based on the data. With this book, any developer or hobbyist can get up and running with the framework quickly, whether it's to build simple or sophisticated vision applications

  13. Pictures to a story. Notes on Vita di San Filippo Neri at the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Federica Vettori


    Full Text Available During the eighteenth century the venetian publishing knows a flowering season thanks to the involvement of great artists in the field of illustration. Pietro Antonio Novelli was one of the most prolific inventors of decorations for illustrated books. He sketched the illustrations of Vita di San Filippo Neri engraved by Innocente Alessandri and printed in Venice in 1793. At the Museum of Bassano del Grappa we can find a special watercolored edition: sixty large prints that tell, as if they were history paintings, the life of the saint.

  14. Organisation des travaux ST-CV

    CERN Document Server

    Martel, C; CERN. Geneva. ST Division


    Débutée il y a deux ans, la phase de construction des installations de refroidissement du LHC a atteint en 2003 son apogée. De nombreux autres projets sont également gérés par le groupe dans divers secteurs du laboratoire. La spécificité du groupe est de réaliser des installations complexes impliquant des spécificités diverses telles qu’aéraulique, hydraulique, électrique, etc. Pour faire face à ces demandes la section travaux du groupe ST CV a adopté une structure capable de réaliser ces divers projets avec un minimum de personnel. La première partie de ce document décrit l’organisation de la section travaux ST CV. Dans une deuxième partie, les auteurs dressent un état des lieux des chantiers par projet en décrivant plus particulièrement les activités dans les domaines du traitement d’air et de refroidissement par eau.

  15. Retendering of ST-CV maintenance contract

    CERN Document Server

    Battistin, M


    During the next three years, the ST/CV group will be deeply involved in the installation works for the LHC project. During this period the need for maintenance activity will decrease. The minimum level will be reached during the “long shutdown” of the PS and SPS machines in 2005. The budget for the maintenance will decrease accordingly, thus the CV group had to review its maintenance strategy. The new contract, which started on January 1st 2003, has been defined to cope with these workload variations during the next years and to guarantee the minimum maintenance activity on the existing equipment. A lump-sum contract based on a win-win strategy has been discarded. The contractor no longer has to guarantee the performance of the CERN cooling and ventilation systems. A new price list strategy based on performance indicators and penalties has been chosen. The contractor now has to guarantee the performance of every maintenance operation demanded by CERN. This modification obliged the Operation section of the...

  16. Action in the vita activa: Plurality, freedom, power, and the language of Daang Matuwid

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joefer Maninang


    Full Text Available “A life without speech and without action…is literally dead to the world; it has ceased to be a human life because it is no longer lived among men.” – H. Arendt, The Human Condition In her celebrated philosophical work The Human Condition (HC,woman philosopher - political theorist Johanna “Hannah” Arendt (1906-75 writes in the Prologue, “What I propose, therefore, is very simple: it is nothing more than to think what we are doing.” What we are doing, Arendt reiterates, is the central theme of her philosophical work which investigates the vita activa, a term she uses to designate three fundamental human activities namely labor, work, and action. These activities according to Arendt correspond to the basic human conditions of life, worldliness, and plurality respectively which in turn are under the most general condition of existence: birth and death, natality, and mortality (Arendt, 1998. The central theme “what we are doing” is from where this whole papers reflective expository analysis of the current Philippine government administrations political battle cry of Daang Matuwid or “straight path” - the national anti-corruption campaign or honesty in the government platform proceeds and takes inspiration (Casiple, 2014. As we may have known, Daang Matuwid is executed as a public policy by President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III (popularly addressed as “PNoy” for President Noynoy in his legitimate capacity being the highest official of the country. Daang Matuwid is implemented in all branches of the government: the executive, the legislative, the judicial and their departments. It applies to all institutions in their functions, to all offices and their affiliates. Daang Matuwid is mandated to be observed by all government personnel; elected and appointed officials (the president himself included, administrators and staff, and extends to employees of corporations in the public service. Daang Matuwid simply means honesty

  17. Inchiesta sulle condizioni di vita e sanitarie degli immigrati presenti nella cittá di Messina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Alfino


    Full Text Available A Messina e nella sua provincia vivono circa 7328 stranieri con regolare permesso di soggiorno (dati aggiornati al 31/12/02 Questura di Messina Ufficio Immigrati ai quali si deve aggiungere una quota di soggetti, irregolari e clandestini, stimata intorno al 25% dei regolari (fonte dati Caritas, Kirone. Le Comunità maggiormente presenti sono quelle provenienti dalle Filippine, Marocco, Sri Lanka. Al fine di valutare il livello di assistenza sanitaria fornita agli immigrati, nel periodo compreso tra Dicembre 2002 e Maggio 2003, abbiamo intervistato un campione di immigrati relativamente alle loro abitudini di vita, sul tipo di lavoro svolto, sullo stato di salute attuale e pregresso, sull’eventuale ricorso alle strutture del Servizio Sanitario Locale e sulle vaccinazioni praticate nel Paese di origine e in Italia. Sono stati intervistati 1204 soggetti (42,19% Sri Lanka, 24,75% Marocco, 25,91% Filippine, 3,15% Tunisia, 1,82% Senegal, 0,16% Algeria. La comunità cinese, anch’essa significativamente presente nella città, si è dimostrata diffidente e non interessata alla nostra indagine. Sono state evidenziate notevoli carenze del Servizio Sanitario locale, per mancanza di un sistema di monitoraggio e prevenzione rivolto agli immigrati. Il 99% degli intervistati pur essendo iscritto al S.S.N.ed avendo nell’84% il medico di famiglia, non possiede il libretto sanitario, è stato sottoposto alle vaccinazioni obbligatorie del Paese di origine, ma non le ha integrate con quelle Italiane, ad eccezione del 2,3% di soggetti che ha praticato quella antiinfluenzale e dell’ 1,2% che si è sottoposto a quella antitifica ed antiepatite A per motivi occupazionali. Malgrado l’intervista mirasse a sondare il livello di assistenza sanitaria, ha svelato altri dettagli: il 79,2% dei soggetti cerca di mantenere le abitudini alimentari originarie; solo lo 0,5% ha dichiarato di aver subito un infortunio, mentre riguardo al tipo di attività svolta si rilevano

  18. Envisioning Curriculum as Six Simultaneities (United States)

    Hussain, Hanin; Conner, Lindsey; Mayo, Elaine


    This paper uses the discourse of complexity thinking to envision curriculum as six partial and coupled facets that exist simultaneously: curriculum as structure, curriculum as process, curriculum as content, curriculum as teaching, curriculum as learning and curriculum as activity. Such a curriculum is emergent and self-organising. It is emergent…

  19. Criteria and quality standards for aquatic life protection; Criteri e standard di qualita` per la protezione della vita acquatica

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Volterra, L.; De Nava, V.; Mancini, L. [Istituto Superiore di Sanita`, Rome (Italy). Lab. di Igiene Ambientale


    The report concerns two Italian laws, n.130/92 and 131/92 derived from the EEC directives n. 659/78 and 923/91 concerning water quality respectively for freshwater and for marine water suitable for shellfish. The meaning of each parameter, included in the two laws, is explained considering that their purpose is protection and promotion of aquatic life. This review was originated by a request that Ministry of the Environment directed to the `Istituto Superiore of Sanita` to supply information necessary for a possible definition of lacking standards and to draw up appropriate monitoring plans. [Italiano] Il rapporto si riferisce a due decreti, il numero 130/92 e il 131/92 recepiti dalle direttive comunitarie 659/78 e 923/91 riguardanti rispettivamente la qualita` delle acque dolci che richiedono protezione e miglioramento per la vita dei pesci e i requisiti di qualita` delle acque per la molluschiocoltura. Si elencano isignificati dei singoli parametri introdotti nelle due normative il cui scopo e` quello di proteggere e favorire lo sviluppo della vita acquatica in ambienti di acqua dolce e marina. La rassegna e` nata da una richiesta formulata all`Istituto Superiore di Sanita` da parte del Ministero dell`Ambiente per fornire indicazioni necessarie per la eventuale definizione degli standard mancanti ed indirizzi per la formulazione di idonei piani di sorveglianza.

  20. Fistole retto-vaginali Crohn-relate trattate mediante trasposizione del muscolo gracile: risultati a lungo termine e qualità della vita


    Tassone, Daniela


    OBIETTIVO: Le fistole retto-vaginali Crohn-relate hanno un impatto significativo sulla qualità della vita. Quando il canale anale è alterato da ulcerazioni e stenosi o in pazienti con difetti estesi del perineo, la chirurgia locale produce risultati insoddisfacenti. Lo scopo di questo studio è quello di valutare l'efficacia della trasposizione del muscolo gracile nelle fistole retto-vaginali Crohn-relate e determinare i suoi effetti sulla qualità della vita. MATERIALI E METODI: Da gennaio...

  1. IJ-OpenCV: Combining ImageJ and OpenCV for processing images in biomedicine. (United States)

    Domínguez, César; Heras, Jónathan; Pascual, Vico


    The effective processing of biomedical images usually requires the interoperability of diverse software tools that have different aims but are complementary. The goal of this work is to develop a bridge to connect two of those tools: ImageJ, a program for image analysis in life sciences, and OpenCV, a computer vision and machine learning library. Based on a thorough analysis of ImageJ and OpenCV, we detected the features of these systems that could be enhanced, and developed a library to combine both tools, taking advantage of the strengths of each system. The library was implemented on top of the SciJava converter framework. We also provide a methodology to use this library. We have developed the publicly available library IJ-OpenCV that can be employed to create applications combining features from both ImageJ and OpenCV. From the perspective of ImageJ developers, they can use IJ-OpenCV to easily create plugins that use any functionality provided by the OpenCV library and explore different alternatives. From the perspective of OpenCV developers, this library provides a link to the ImageJ graphical user interface and all its features to handle regions of interest. The IJ-OpenCV library bridges the gap between ImageJ and OpenCV, allowing the connection and the cooperation of these two systems. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. Uptake and Effects of the e-Vita Personal Health Record with Self-Management Support and Coaching, for Type 2 Diabetes Patients Treated in Primary Care

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Vugt, M.; de Wit, M.; Sieverink, Floor; Roelofsen, Y.; Hendriks, S.H.; Bilo, H.J.G.; Snoek, F.J.


    We studied the use, uptake, and effects of e-Vita, a personal health record, with self-management support and personalized asynchronized coaching, for type 2 diabetes patients treated in primary care. Patients were invited by their practice nurse to join the study aimed at testing use and effects of

  3. Engineering the curriculum: Towards an adaptive curriculum (United States)

    Johns-Boast, Lynette Frances

    The curriculum is one of the most important artefacts produced by higher education institutions, yet it is one of the least studied. Additionally, little is known about the decision-making of academics when designing and developing their curricula, nor how they make use of them. This research investigates how 22 Australian higher education engineering, software engineering, computer science, and information systems academics conceive of curriculum, what approaches they take when designing, and developing course and program curricula, and what use they make of the curriculum. It also considers the implications of these conceptions and behaviour upon their curricula. Data were collected through a series of one-to-one, in-depth, qualitative interviews as well as small focus group sessions and were analysed following Charmaz’ (2006) approach to grounded theory. In this thesis, I argue that the development of curricula for new higher degree programs and courses and / or the updating and innovating of an existing curriculum is a design problem. I also argue that curriculum is a complex adaptive system. Surrounding the design and development of a curriculum is a process of design that leads to the creation of a designed object - the official-curriculum. The official-curriculum provides the guiding principles for its implementation, which involves the design and development of the curriculum-in-use, its delivery, and evaluation. Data show that while the participants conceive of curriculum as a problem of design involving a design process leading to the development of the official-curriculum, surprisingly, their behaviour does not match their conceptions. Over a very short period, their behaviour leads to a process I have called curriculum drift where the official-curriculum and the curriculum-in-use drift away from each other causing the curriculum to lose its integrity. Curricular integrity is characterised through the attributes of alignment, coherence, and

  4. Improving Postharvest Storage of Apple Cv.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Etemadi Nasab


    Full Text Available Apple is one of the important fruit in Iran. according to respiration and ethylene production behaviors, apple classified as a climacteric fruit. Therefore, any treatments, which can inhibit or prevent the action of ethylene, they can increase the postharvest life of horticultural production. 1-methylcyclopropane (1-MCP is one of the chemical which is environmental save and use as a very small concentrations. In this experiment, the effects of 1-MCP at concentrations of 0 (as a control, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 µl.l-1 were used in apple cv. "Golab Kohanz", a land race fruits which is cultivated from long times ago in Iran. After the 1-MCP treatment, they were moved to cold room at 2 ºC and RH of ca 90% for 60 days. Samples were removed from the cold room and analysis for physicochemical characteristics. "Golab Kohanz" apples treated with 1-MCP showed improved fruit firmness, titratable acidity (TA, and total soluble solid after 147 days at 2ºC , compared to the control non-treated fruits. Also, treatment with 1-MCP significantly reduced the incidence of superficial scald in "Golab Kohanze". In general, 1-MCP-treated apples delay ripening during storing in cold room and increased shelf life. Overall, the results indicate that 1-MCP has tremendous potential for maintaining apple quality during storage and post storage.

  5. A "three-in-one" sample preparation method for simultaneous determination of B-group water-soluble vitamins in infant formula using VitaFast(®) kits. (United States)

    Zhang, Heng; Lan, Fang; Shi, Yupeng; Wan, Zhi-Gang; Yue, Zhen-Feng; Fan, Fang; Lin, Yan-Kui; Tang, Mu-Jin; Lv, Jing-Zhang; Xiao, Tan; Yi, Changqing


    VitaFast(®) test kits designed for the microbiological assay in microtiter plate format can be applied to quantitative determination of B-group water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin B12, folic acid and biotin, et al. Compared to traditional microbiological methods, VitaFast(®) kits significantly reduce sample processing time and provide greater reliability, higher productivity and better accuracy. Recently, simultaneous determination of vitamin B12, folic acid and biotin in one sample is urgently required when evaluating the quality of infant formulae in our practical work. However, the present sample preparation protocols which are developed for individual test systems, are incompatible with simultaneous determination of several analytes. To solve this problem, a novel "three-in-one" sample preparation method is herein developed for simultaneous determination of B-group water-soluble vitamins using VitaFast(®) kits. The performance of this novel "three-in-one" sample preparation method was systematically evaluated through comparing with individual sample preparation protocols. The experimental results of the assays which employed "three-in-one" sample preparation method were in good agreement with those obtained from conventional VitaFast(®) extraction methods, indicating that the proposed "three-in-one" sample preparation method is applicable to the present three VitaFast(®) vitamin test systems, thus offering a promising alternative for the three independent sample preparation methods. The proposed new sample preparation method will significantly improve the efficiency of infant formulae inspection. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Un'estrema solitudine la vita e l'opera di Werner Heisenberg

    CERN Document Server

    Cassidy, David C


    Il genio di Werner Heisenberg attraversa l'orizzonte della fisica del nostro secolo come una meteora. Testimoniano della fecondità e dell'originalità del suo pensiero non solo il Nobel che gli fu assegnato a soli 32 anni, ma soprattutto i decisivi impulsi da lui dati alla fisica quantistica, alla teoria delle particelle elementari, alla teoria del nucleo. Si deve a Heisenberg quel "principio di indeterminazione" che ha rivoluzionato non solo il corso della fisica ma il modo di concepire la posizione dell'uomo nell'universo. L'interesse del libro, però, vuole andare oltre la fisica, giacché il curriculum del "ragazzo di campagna dei biondi capelli" rispecchia in forma emblematica l'ambiguo rapporto della scienza col potere.

  7. A practical introduction to computer vision with OpenCV

    CERN Document Server

    Dawson-Howe, Kenneth


    Explains the theory behind basic computer vision and provides a bridge from the theory to practical implementation using the industry standard OpenCV libraries Computer Vision is a rapidly expanding area and it is becoming progressively easier for developers to make use of this field due to the ready availability of high quality libraries (such as OpenCV 2).  This text is intended to facilitate the practical use of computer vision with the goal being to bridge the gap between the theory and the practical implementation of computer vision. The book will explain how to use the relevant OpenCV

  8. Guidelines on CV networking information flow optimization for Texas. (United States)


    Recognizing the fundamental role of information flow in future transportation applications, the research team investigated the quality and security of information flow in the connected vehicle (CV) environment. The research team identified key challe...

  9. Calibration of ADRET voltage generator type CV102. Program CODAV

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lagarde, Gerard.


    The CODAV programm studied by the Metrology SES/SME laboratory is used for the calibration of ADRET voltage generator type CV.102. A JCAM.10 microcomputer run the measurement cycle and the printout of the results [fr

  10. Nutritive evaluation of Medicago truncutula (cv. jernalong) pasture ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nutritive evaluation of Medicago truncutula (cv. jernalong) pasture for sheep. 1. Seasonal .... obtained by laboratory work, using in vitro techniques. (Engels et al. .... model that was used to explain 92,3% of the variance in. IVDOM content.

  11. [Chicano Counselor Training: Curriculum and Beyond Curriculum]. (United States)

    Aleman, Ramon

    The particulars of the evolved curriculum and how the training has evolved around the change-agent concept are stressed in this presentation. The measure of success achieved in attempting to influence the staff and course of studies of the regular guidance department is also emphasized. The curriculum of this counselor training institute has, from…

  12. Sociology of Hidden Curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alireza Moradi


    Full Text Available This paper reviews the concept of hidden curriculum in the sociological theories and wants to explain sociological aspects of formation of hidden curriculum. The main question concentrates on the theoretical approaches in which hidden curriculum is explained sociologically.For this purpose it was applied qualitative research methodology. The relevant data include various sociological concepts and theories of hidden curriculum collected by the documentary method. The study showed a set of rules, procedures, relationships and social structure of education have decisive role in the formation of hidden curriculum. A hidden curriculum reinforces by existed inequalities among learners (based on their social classes or statues. There is, in fact, a balance between the learner's "knowledge receptions" with their "inequality proportion".The hidden curriculum studies from different major sociological theories such as Functionalism, Marxism and critical theory, Symbolic internationalism and Feminism. According to the functionalist perspective a hidden curriculum has a social function because it transmits social values. Marxists and critical thinkers correlate between hidden curriculum and the totality of social structure. They depicts that curriculum prepares learners for the exploitation in the work markets. Symbolic internationalism rejects absolute hegemony of hidden curriculum on education and looks to the socialization as a result of interaction between learner and instructor. Feminism theory also considers hidden curriculum as a vehicle which legitimates gender stereotypes.

  13. Curriculum Development in Geomorphology. (United States)

    Gregory, Kenneth J.


    Examines the context of present curriculum development in geomorphology and the way in which it has developed in recent years. Discusses the content of the geomorphology curriculum in higher education and the consequences of curriculum development together with a consideration of future trends and their implications. (GEA)

  14. Remarks to Dr. Paul E. Tomaszewski’s comments on the research of Jan Czochralski’s curriculum vitae (a reply (in Polish

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michał KOKOWSKI


    Full Text Available The author replies to the text entitled “Remarks to the comment by Prof.  Michal Kokowski on the research of Jan Czochralski’s biography” by Dr. Paweł E. Tomaszewski (2015, highlighting the key contentious issues, including the need to rely systematically on historical sources and the criticism thereof.

  15. A comparison on the flexural strength of a new dental porcelain (D.} Dentin with Vita company Dentin porcelain (VMK 68N

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghahramanloo A.


    Full Text Available Statement of Problem: Dental porcelain is one of the best materials ever used in dentistry. Excellent tissue"ncompatibility, esthetics, very low solubility in oral fluids, high compressive strength, and the lowest bacterial"nplaque accumulation on the glazed porcelain are some of its advantages. Porcelain brittleness due to its low"ntensile strength, impact strength and the occlusal attrition of opposing teeth enamel are some of its"ndisadvantages. The most important mechanical properties of dental porcelains are their flexural strength that is"nthe ability of a porcelain to resist fracture when loaded from above. Different ways have been proposed to"neliminate porcelain brittleness and develop its flexural strength, among which baking porcelain on a metal"nframework is more commonly used."nPurpose: Considering that restoration and replacement of teeth by porcelain fused to metal restorations is still"nthe most commonly used technique, the aim of the present study was to measure the flexural strength of a"nporcelain bonded to metal powder, D4 Dentin, and to compare it with Vita Dentin powder."nMaterials and Methods: In this experimental study, a stainless steel box, 25x5x2mm was made according to"nISO 6872: 1995 (E Standard and filled with D4 Dentin powder and Vita Dentin (VMK 68N and baked in"nVita furnace. Then 10 blocks of D^ Dentin and 10 of Vita Dentin were made. Samples were placed on the"nthree point bending test machine and force was applied the middle of each block. To analyze the data, t-"nstudent test and co-variance analysis were used."nResults: Mean flexural strength of D4 Dentin was 53.40±1.35 MPa and that of Vita Dentin was 53.86+7.38"nMPa. The difference was not statistically significant."nConclusion: According to ISO 6872: 1995 (E standard, the flexural strength of all D4 Dentin samples were"ngreater than 50 Mpa.

  16. Anonymous voting for multi-dimensional CV quantum system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shi Rong-Hua; Xiao Yi; Shi Jin-Jing; Guo Ying; Lee, Moon-Ho


    We investigate the design of anonymous voting protocols, CV-based binary-valued ballot and CV-based multi-valued ballot with continuous variables (CV) in a multi-dimensional quantum cryptosystem to ensure the security of voting procedure and data privacy. The quantum entangled states are employed in the continuous variable quantum system to carry the voting information and assist information transmission, which takes the advantage of the GHZ-like states in terms of improving the utilization of quantum states by decreasing the number of required quantum states. It provides a potential approach to achieve the efficient quantum anonymous voting with high transmission security, especially in large-scale votes. (paper)

  17. Instant OpenCV for iOS

    CERN Document Server

    Kornyakov, Kirill


    Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. This book uses a very practical approach, with each recipe and their associated sample projects or examples focusing on a particular aspect of the technology.This book is intended for OpenCV developers who are interested in porting their applications to the iOS platform. Basic experience with OpenCV, computer vision, Objective C, and other iOS tools is encouraged.

  18. Ensacamento de frutos de pereira cv. Housui Bagging of nashi pear cv. Housui

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan Dagoberto Faoro


    Full Text Available Foi avaliada a qualidade de frutos de pêra japonesa cv. Housui (Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta ensacados com diferentes tipos de sacos de papel e em duas épocas: 34 e 83 dias após a florada. O ensacamento não influenciou na firmeza, no teor de sólidos solúveis totais e no peso médio dos frutos. Sacos vermelhos não induziram aumento do pH da polpa, mas o uso de sacos duplos, sacos marrons, sacos de papel kraft marrons e sacos de pipoca brancos aumentaram significativamente o pH. Ao buscar-se maior precocidade de colheita, os melhores resultados foram obtidos com o uso de sacos pequenos de papel manteiga aos 34 dias após a floração e o uso de sacos grandes duplos ou sacos grandes marrons, 83 dias após a plena floração. O ensacamento 34 dias após a plena floração, com sacos grandes de papel duplo de cor marrom ou sacos de papel kraft marrons, ou ainda o uso de sacos pequenos parafinados transparentes de papel manteiga, aos 34 dias, seguidos pela colocação, aos 83 dias, dos dois tipos de sacos grandes citados anteriormente, resultaram em frutos de melhor qualidade externa (película de coloração homogênea e mais clara, lisa e com lenticelas pouco salientes. O uso de sacos vermelhos de papel manteiga e de sacos de pipoca brancos, com ou sem ensacamento prévio com sacos pequenos de papel manteiga parafinado, não resultaram em melhoria substancial da qualidade externa do fruto.The fruit quality of Nashi pears cv. Housui (Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta have been evaluated after bagging with different paper bags at two bagging dates: 34 and 83 days after full bloom. The bagging did not affect the fruit firmness, the total soluble solids and the average fruit weight. Red bags did not affect the pH of the fruit flesh. However the fruit bagged with double bags of brown color, brown kraft paper and white popcorn paper increased the pH. In order to harvest precociously, the use of small transparent paraffin paper bags 34 days after full bloom

  19. e-Vita: design of an innovative approach to COPD disease management in primary care through eHealth application. (United States)

    Talboom-Kamp, E P W A; Verdijk, N A; Blom, C M G; Harmans, L M; Talboom, I J S H; Numans, M E; Chavannes, N H


    COPD is a highly complex disease to manage as patients show great variation in symptoms and limitations in daily life. In the last decade self-management support of COPD has been introduced as an effective method to improve quality and efficiency of care, and to reduce healthcare costs. Despite the urge to change the organisation of health care and the potential of eHealth to support this, large-scale implementation in daily practice remains behind, especially in the Netherlands. We designed a multilevel study, called e-Vita, to investigate different organisational implementation methods of a self-management web portal to support and empower patients with COPD in three different primary care settings. Using a parallel cohort design, the clinical effects of the web portal will be assessed using an interrupted times series (ITS) study design and measured according to changes in health status with the Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ). The different implementations and net benefits of self-management through eHealth on clinical outcomes will be evaluated from human, organisational, and technical perspectives. To our knowledge this is the first study to combine different study designs that enable simultaneous investigation of clinical effects, as well as effects of different organisational implementation methods whilst controlling for confounding effects of the organisational characteristics. We hypothesize that an implementation with higher levels of personal assistance, and integrated in an existing care program will result in increased use of and satisfaction with the platform, thereby increasing health status and diminishing exacerbation and hospitalisation. NTR4098 (31-07-2013).

  20. Plant regeneration of Brassica oleracea subsp. italica (Broccoli) CV ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Jun 3, 2009 ... Department of Agriculture Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor Darul. Ehsan, Malaysia. Accepted 20 March, 2009. Hypocotyls and shoot tips were used as explants in in vitro plant regeneration of broccoli (Brassica oleracea subsp.italica) cv. Green Marvel.

  1. Electromechanical Engineering Technology Curriculum. (United States)

    Georgia State Univ., Atlanta. Dept. of Vocational and Career Development.

    This guide offers information and procedures necessary to train electromechanical engineering technicians. Discussed first are the rationale and objectives of the curriculum. The occupational field of electromechanical engineering technology is described. Next, a curriculum model is set forth that contains information on the standard…

  2. Mountain-Plains Curriculum. (United States)

    Mountain-Plains Education and Economic Development Program, Inc., Glasgow AFB, MT.

    The document lists the Mountain-Plains curriculum by job title (where applicable), including support courses. The curriculum areas covered are mathematics skills, communication skills, office education, lodging services, food services, marketing and distribution, welding support, automotive, small engines, career guidance, World of Work, health…

  3. Solar Technology Curriculum, 1980. (United States)

    Seward County Community Coll., Liberal, KS.

    This curriculum guide contains lecture outlines and handouts for training solar technicians in the installation, maintenance, and repair of solar energy hot water and space heating systems. The curriculum consists of four modular units developed to provide a model through which community colleges and area vocational/technical schools can respond…

  4. The Galapagos Jason Curriculum. (United States)

    National Science Teachers Association, Arlington, VA.

    The JASON Curriculum Project materials are designed to prepare teachers and students for an exploration around the Galapagos Islands via satellite transmission of live images and sound. This curriculum package contains five units, 25 lesson plans, and over 50 activities, along with teacher background material, student worksheets and readings, a…

  5. Equasions for Curriculum Improvement. (United States)

    Eckenrod, James S.


    Describes the Technology in Curriculum (TIC) program resource guides which will be distributed to California schools in the fall of 1986. These guides match available instructional television programs and computer software to existing California curriculum guides in order to facilitate teachers' classroom use. (JDH)

  6. Thematic curriculum approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Šefer Jasmina P.


    Full Text Available Thematic curriculum combines disciplines and media. The process is problem-oriented and the scenario most often follows the logic of exploring or storytelling. Those two approaches to teaching are appropriate because they fit into interdisciplinary and creative open-ended problem solving through play, as insisted upon by thematic curriculum. The matrix, where seven types of abilities intersect with five types of problems according to their degree of openness, defines well the outcomes of teaching. However, it did not prove to be suitable for planning the majority of activities in thematic curriculum, for it follows with difficulty the process of exploring or storytelling i.e. it disrupts the subject matter coherence of thematic curriculum. Therefore, it is suggested that matrix should be used for disciplinary curriculum planning but for that of thematic curriculum only in exclusive cases. The matrix should be used primarily as a framework for evaluating the distribution of various types of abilities and problem situations in teaching. The logic of diverse approaches to teaching reflects itself in the manner of planning and organizing the teaching process. Conceptual, visual-graphic, structural and other aids employed during educational process planning should suit the nature of the approach chosen. On the basis of qualitative investigations of educational process, in the present paper considerations are given to various approaches to teaching development of various drafts for the planning of teaching, and recognition of the logic of storytelling and exploring in thematic curriculum.

  7. Engaging Stakeholders in Curriculum Development (United States)

    Wood, Jo Nell


    This article investigates the importance of parent and community engagement in curriculum development, along with curriculum leadership, engaging stakeholders, and the importance of curriculum. Parent and community member engagement is examined in light of curriculum committee participation as reported by Missouri superintendents. Survey responses…

  8. Analisis Kinerja CV. Fabamus Famili Utama Semarang Dengan Balanced Scorecard


    Permata, Nilla Mega; Nugraha, Hari Susanta; Nurseto, Sendhang


    A method of measuring the performance of the company to assist in knowing the health condition of the company itself. The study was conducted on the CV. Fabamus First Family with Balanced Scorecard approach to measuring through four perspectives: financial perspective, customer perspective, internal business process perspective and learning and growth perspectives. In the financial aspects of performance measurement with a weight of 70%, 10% customer perspective, internal business process per...



    Yuniarti, Yenni; Mauliana, Sarah


    CV. Digital FNB is one of the companies that involved in Digital Printing business. Based on survey in the middle of 2011-2012, there are 31 digital printing businesses in the city of Jambi. In order to examine the marketing stratey implemented, descriptive study has been conducted, uses interview, observation, and documentation as instruments. The strategy that observed in this study consist of marketing strategy including market segmentation, targeting, product strategy, pricing strategy, ...

  10. Applications in Foreign Currency Prima CV Ellindo Money Changer


    Wisnu Sutrisno; Ire Puspa Wardhani, Skom, MMSI


    This explains the scientific writing about the design of application programs forforeign currency transactions by using Visual Basic 6.0 programming language.In scientific writing database is also used by Visual Data Manager (VisData)integrated in Visual Basic 6.0 program itself. Consists of three tables namelyCurrency,Customer and Transaction.In the end application program for foreign currency transactions will be applied to theCV. Prima Ellindo Money Changer for ease in performing activitie...

  11. The draft genome of Corchorus olitorius cv. JRO-524 (Navin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Debabrata Sarkar


    Full Text Available Here, we present the draft genome (377.3 Mbp of Corchorus olitorious cv. JRO-524 (Navin, which is a leading dark jute variety developed from a cross between African (cv. Sudan Green and indigenous (cv. JRO-632 types. We predicted from the draft genome a total of 57,087 protein-coding genes with annotated functions. We identified a large number of 1765 disease resistance-like and defense response genes in the jute genome. The annotated genes showed the highest sequence similarities with that of Theobroma cacao followed by Gossypium raimondii. Seven chromosome-scale genetically anchored pseudomolecules were constructed with a total size of 8.53 Mbp and used for synteny analyses with the cocoa and cotton genomes. Like other plant species, gypsy and copia retrotransposons were the most abundant classes of repeat elements in jute. The raw data of our study are available in SRA database of NCBI with accession number SRX1506532. The genome sequence has been deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the accession LLWS00000000, and the version described in this paper will be the first version (LLWS01000000.

  12. Vita von Magdalene Schoch


    Nicolaysen, Rainer; Krause, Eckart; Oeter, Stefan; Cujé, Lennie; Lüthje, Jürgen; Schoch, Magdalene


    Aus der Einleitung: „In einer akademischen Feierstunde am 15. Juni 2006 wurde der Hörsaal J im Hauptgebäude der Universität Hamburg in Magdalene-Schoch-Hörsaal benannt – die fünfte Namensgebung im Rahmen des 1999 begonnenen Programms zur Benennung restaurierter Hörsäle nach im „Dritten Reich“ vertriebenen Hamburger Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern. [...] Das vorliegende Heft der Hamburger Universitätsreden dokumentiert die auf der Feier gehaltenen Reden [...] Bei den anschließend ...

  13. La vita del cosmo

    CERN Document Server

    Smolin, Lee


    Secondo l'autore, la fisica contemporanea dovrebbe superare la vecchia impostazione newtoniana, e il pensiero fisico dovrebbe tener conto a tutti i livelli dei più recenti sviluppi teorici: l'universo si comporta come se fosse soggetto alle leggi dell'evoluzione e della selezione naturale. E' tutto plastico, e le sue leggi non sono immutabili; esiste addirittura una "competizione tra universi possibili", che dà come risultato la realtà in cui viviamo.

  14. Influence of Light Conditions and Light Sources on Clinical Measurement of Natural Teeth Color using VITA Easyshade Advance 4,0® Spectrophotometer. Pilot Study. (United States)

    Posavec, Ivona; Prpić, Vladimir; Zlatarić, Dubravka Knezović


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare lightness (L), chroma (C) and hue (h), green-red (a) and blue-yellow (b) character of the color of maxillary right central incisors in different light conditions and light sources. Two examiners who were well trained in digital color evaluation participated in the research. Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) were used to analyze intra- and interobserver reliability. The LCh and L*a*b* values were determined at 08.15 and at 10.00 in the morning under three different light conditions. Tooth color was assessed in 10 subjects using intraoral spectrophotometer VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0 ® set at the central region of the vestibular surface of the measured tooth. Intra- and interobserver ICC values were high for both examiners and ranged from 0.57 to 0.99. Statistically significant differences in LCh and L*a*b* values measured in different time of the day and certain light condition were not found (p>0.05). Statistically significant differences in LCh and L*a*b* values measured under three different light conditions were not found, too (p>0.05). VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0 ® is reliable enough for daily clinical work in order to assess tooth color during the fabrication of esthtic appliances because it is not dependent on light conditions and light sources.

  15. Curriculum Guidelines for Periodontics. (United States)

    Journal of Dental Education, 1985


    Guidelines describe the interrelationships of this and other dental fields, give an overview of the curriculum and its primary educational objectives, and outline the suggested prerequisites, core content, specific behavioral objectives, sequencing, and faculty requirements. (MSE)

  16. Curriculum and Cognition (United States)

    Rosenstein, Joseph


    Paper presented at the Summer Meeting of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf held in Philadelphia, June 24-27, 1970. Discussed are concepts of curriculum development, cognitive development, and educational methods with implications for the handicapped. (CB)

  17. Analisis Daya Saing untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Layanan terhadap Pelanggan dengan Pendekatan CRM di CV. BLITZSPOT

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suryadi Muhammad


    Full Text Available CV. Blitzspot adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang jasa penyediaan layanan internet (internet service provider, yang berkantor pusat di Komplek Padasuka Indah Ruko Blok A-1, Cimahi, Jawa Barat. Berdasarkan hasil wawancara dan hasil observasi pada data transaksi CV. Blitzspot, konsumen CV. Blitzspot yang melakukan transaksi tiap tahunnya selalu berkurang, hal ini dikarenakan konsumen sering membandingkan layanan-layanan yang ditawarkan oleh para pesaing CV. Blitzspot. Bila permasalahan tersebut belum teratasi, konsumen CV. Blitzspot akan menurun tiap tahunnya dan akan selalu berpindah ke pesaing CV. Blitzspot. Direktur Utama CV. Blitzspot ingin menganalisis daya saing untuk menentukan layanan-layanan yang akan diberikan kepada pelanggan CV. Blitzspot dan penentuan strategi untuk mempertahankan konsumen CV. Blitzspot.  Metode Analisis daya saing yang digunakan adalah Model Analisis Berlian Porter dan Metode Pengelompokkan Pelanggan yang digunakan adalah Metode LRFM. Berdasarkan hasil pengujian dan pembahasan yang telah dibuat, maka dapat ditarik kesimpulan bahwa Direktur Utama dapat menganalisis daya saing CV. Blitzspot dengan menggunakan Berlian Porter untuk meningkatkan kualitas layanan terhadap pelanggan CV. Blitzspot.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teuta Serreqi Jurić


    Full Text Available The Christian idea of Providence is quite conventional in Byzantine literature and it is not surprising that it is present in Vita Bas., the biography of Emperor Basil I, Porphyrogenitus’ grandfather, in which we also find a strong influence of the Holy Scripture. Taking into account the author’s frequent references to the mentioned idea, in this paper we aim to examine the relationship between the emphasis of the idea of Providence and the influence of the Holy Scripture, as well as to answer the question of why Porphyrogenitus constantly stresses the importance of divine providence throughout Basil’s life if the Byzantines perceived emperors as appointed by God himself. Our research has shown that the author, wishing to support the idea that God’s will played a key role in every aspect of Basil’s life, used the Holy Scripture as a source from which he extracted quotes or lexical and phraseological parallels and incorporated them into the descriptions of important moments in Basil’s life in order to present his grandfather as a pious man, obedient to God’s will, which consequently led him to the throne. Additionally, he aimed to describe Basil’s personal traits, more precisely, justice, piety and mercy, as Christian virtues which marked his politics, as well as to highlight his sobriety and prudence in the face of most difficult family circumstances, one of which was surely the death of his son Constantine. With the same intention the author used the exempla when comparing Basil to the biblical figures of Samson, Abraham and the father from the Parable of the prodigal son, or biblical metaphors of the storm and the shepherd and his flock, when illustrating the dangers of war and depicting Basil as a ruler. Although the use of quotes and stylistic devices usually follows the rhetorical conventions of a given period of time and genre standards, and in this case the genre we are dealing with is an encomium written in honour of a

  19. Induction of single flower mutant in Hibiscus cv. 'Alipur Beauty'

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Banerji, B.K.; Datta, S.K.


    Stem cuttings of Hibicus cv. 'Alipur Beauty' were irradiated with 0, 1.0, 2.0 Krad of gamma rays in 60 Co source and planted just after irradiation. Data were recorded on days to sprout, number of sprouts, sprouting percentage, survival, plant height, leaf number and size, abnormal leaves and plants, floral abnormalities and induction of somatic mutations in flower colour/form. Some of the characters like plant height, leaf number, abnormal leaves and plants and leaf size were recorded after 60 and 120 days. 7 refs. (author)



    Stemy Simon, Divya Kumaran A.K.


    The helmet is the main safety equipment of motorcyclists, but many drivers do not use it. The main aim of this project is to construct an automatic detection of the motorcyclist without helmet from video using OpenCV library tools. If they are not wearing the helmet, the license plate of the motorcycle is focused automatically. By using Computer Vision technique we can detect and recognize the license plate number. We make the training set of different characters of different sizes. Based on ...

  1. Comparison of tracking algorithms implemented in OpenCV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janku Peter


    Full Text Available Computer vision is very progressive and modern part of computer science. From scientific point of view, theoretical aspects of computer vision algorithms prevail in many papers and publications. The underlying theory is really important, but on the other hand, the final implementation of an algorithm significantly affects its performance and robustness. For this reason, this paper tries to compare real implementation of tracking algorithms (one part of computer vision problem, which can be found in the very popular library OpenCV. Moreover, the possibilities of optimizations are discussed.

  2. OpenCV 3.0 computer vision with Java

    CERN Document Server

    Baggio, Daniel Lélis


    If you are a Java developer, student, researcher, or hobbyist wanting to create computer vision applications in Java then this book is for you. If you are an experienced C/C++ developer who is used to working with OpenCV, you will also find this book very useful for migrating your applications to Java. All you need is basic knowledge of Java, with no prior understanding of computer vision required, as this book will give you clear explanations and examples of the basics.

  3. Rethinking the mathematics curriculum

    CERN Document Server

    Hoyles, Celia; Woodhouse, Geoffrey


    At a time when political interest in mathematics education is at its highest, this book demonstrates that the issues are far from straightforward. A wide range of international contributors address such questions as: What is mathematics, and what is it for? What skills does mathematics education need to provide as technology advances? What are the implications for teacher education? What can we learn from past attempts to change the mathematics curriculum? Rethinking the Mathematics Curriculum offers stimulating discussions, showing much is to be learnt from the differences in culture, national expectations, and political restraints revealed in the book. This accessible book will be of particular interest to policy makers, curriculum developers, educators, researchers and employers as well as the general reader.

  4. Learners, teachers and curriculum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Karen Bjerg


    of virtual e-learning, interviews with teachers and 10 learner participants in a virtual classroom setting, and discourse analysis of curriculum developed for the particular e-learning course The research has taken place in the context of a study of e-learning and virtual teaching of Danish as a Second...... language for adults. The research results indicate that teachers seem to compensate by trying to create virtual communities of learning. Learners, however, experience disembedded relations. Conversely, curriculum development, on tends to ‘exploit’ the conditions of disembedding social relations in e-learning......, locationally distant”. The aim of the paper is to analyse and discuss how different positions in e-learning settings result in different answers to modernity. These settings can be applied to either teacher, learner or curriculum positions. The research was based on a qualitative longitudinal case study...

  5. Alcohol and CV Health: Jekyll and Hyde J-Curves. (United States)

    O'Keefe, Evan L; DiNicolantonio, James J; O'Keefe, James H; Lavie, Carl J


    A routine of light or moderate alcohol consumption (≤1 drink/day for women and 1 to 2 drinks/day for men) is associated with a lower risk for all-cause mortality, coronary artery disease (CAD), type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), heart failure (HF), and stroke. Conversely, heavy drinking, (>4 drinks/day) is associated with an increased risk for death and cardiovascular (CV) disease (CVD). Excessive alcohol intake trails behind only smoking and obesity among the 3 leading causes of premature deaths in the United States (US). Heavy alcohol use is a common cause of reversible hypertension (HTN), nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation (AF), and stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic). Among males aged 15 to 59 years, alcohol abuse is perhaps the leading cause of premature death. As such, the risk-to-benefit ratio of drinking is less favorable in younger individuals. A daily habit of light to moderate drinking is ideal for those who choose to consume alcohol regularly. Red wine in particular before or during the evening meal is linked with the best long-term CV outcomes. Most of the studies on alcohol and health are observational, and correlation does not prove causation. Health care professionals should not advise nondrinkers to begin drinking because of the paucity of randomized outcome data coupled with the potential for alcohol abuse even among seemingly low risk individuals. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  6. Resistance selection on banana CV. Ambon Kuning Against Fusarium Wilt

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sutarto, Ismiyarti; Meldia, Yeni; Jumjunidang


    This research was conducted in order to study the occurrence of mutation on irradiated plantlets and their resistance of plants of banana cv. Ambon Kuning against Fusarium wilt. Plantlets of banana cv. Ambon Kuning sized 5 cm were exposed to gamma rays at the doses 5 - 35 Gy intervals, then were subcultured for obtained M 1 V 5 plantlets. More over, the planlets were acclimatized and were planted in the field was already infected by Fasarium (f).culbense (FOC). The result indicated that irradiated plantlets of the doses 20 - 35 Gy were not able to survive up to 6 months after exposing to gamma rays. Abnormalities of M 1 V 5 plantlets originated from irradiated plantlets at the doses 10 and 15 Gy were shown on rossette plantlets with rigid and dark green leaves, and the formation of smooth mass morphologically shaped like calculus. The appearance of plant height and number of suckers of suckers of M 1 V 5 plants in the field was quite various. The number of survival plants after 8 moths planting was 8, 7, 15, and 28, respectively originated from untreated plants and irradiated plantlets at the doses 5, 10, and 15 Gy. After one year planting , only 2 plants were able to survive from irradiated plantlet at the dose 15 Gy. The plants could produce 27 plantlets obtained from culturing their shoot tips. Further study of these plantlets was needed in order create the stability of their resistance to FOC. (author)

  7. EN-CV during LS1: upgrade, consolidation, maintenance, operation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nonis, M.


    The Cooling and Ventilation (CV) Group in the Engineering Department (EN) will be heavily involved in several projects and activities during the long shutdown in 2013 and 2014 (LS1) within a time-frame limited to around twelve months. According to the requests received so far, most projects are related to the upgrade of users' equipment, consolidation work, and the construction of new plants. However, through the experience gained from the first years of the LHC run, some projects are also needed to adapt the existing installations to the new operating parameters. Some of these projects are presented hereafter, outlining the impact that they will have on operational working conditions or risks of breakdown. Among these projects we find: the PM32 raising pumps, the cooling of the CERN Control Center, R2E, the backup cooling towers for ATLAS and cryogenics, a thermosyphon for ATLAS, or new pumps in UWs. Finally, EN-CV activities during LS1 for maintenance, operation, and commissioning will be mentioned since they represent a major workload for the Group

  8. Perancangan Kemasan Transportasi Buah Jambu Air (Syzygium aqueum cv Camplong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Jamboo cv Camplong was an exotic fruit from Sampang Indonesia which had high economic values. The quality of fresh Jamboo was greatly influenced by the types of packaging and ways of its transportation that affected its shelf life. The purpose of this research were designing a primary packaging and analyzing the quality of Jamboo cv Camplong after short transportation (from Sampang to Surabaya. Farmers used conventional packaging with capacity of 8.4 kg/box (dimension 478 mm x 146 mm x 354 mm. Based on theoretical packaging design showed that the flute BC cardboard (capacity 4.5 kg/box, dimension 357 mm x 217 mm x 216 mm with partition flute A cardboard. In fact, there was needed modification of the dimension (342 mm x 210 mm x 200 mm because of the fruits diameter (60-65 mm. This result did not change the efficiency usage of transportation space (91-95% and compression strength of box can support (7 boxes/ stack. The result showed that the mechanical damage after transportation were 20.87% for conventional packaging (as control and 7.70% for modification packaging design (packaging with partition.

  9. Curriculum at the Interface

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This Symposium presents curriculum design and content issues in a Scandinavian business school at its Centenary. The aim is an exploration of an educational institution at the interface of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) within the historical trends of the European Union. We hope...... of interdisciplinarity, use of text production as a tool in support of project and thesis writing, and the use of plurilingual content based teaching in a cooperative learning model for European studies. The history of one curriculum model initiated to educate better citizens, combining interdisciplinary methods...

  10. In Vivo and in Vitro Evaluations of Repeatability and Accuracy of VITA Easyshade® Advance 4.0 Dental Shade-Matching Device

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davor Illeš


    Full Text Available Objectives: The objective of this study was to evaluate the intra-device repeatability and accuracy of dental shade-matching device (VITA Easyshade® Advance 4.0 using both in vitro and in vivo models. Materials and methods: For the repeatability assessment, the in vivo model utilized shade-matching device to measure the central region of the labial surface of right maxillary central incisors of 10 people twice. The following tooth colors were measured: B1, A1, A2, A3, C1 and C3. The in vitro model included the same six Vitapan Classical tabs. Two measurements were made of the central region of each shade tab. For the accuracy assessment, each shade tab from 3 Vitapan Classical shade guides was measured once. CIE L*a*b* values were determined. Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs were used to analyze the in vitro and in vivo intra-device repeatability of the shade-matching device. The difference between in vitro and in vivo models was analyzed. Accuracy of the device tested was calculated. Results: The mean color differences for in vivo and in vitro models were 3.51 and 1.25 E units, respectively. The device repeatability ICCs for in vivo measurements ranged from 0.858 to 0.971 and for in vitro from 0.992 to 0.994. Accuracy of the device tested was 93.75%. Conclusion: Within the limitations of the experiment, VITA Easyshade®Advance 4.0 dental shade-matching device enabled reliable and accurate measurement. It can be a valuable tool for the determination of tooth colours.

  11. Wilting and biological additive effect on in situ degradability and chemical composition of Arachis pintoi cv Belomonte silage


    Rosana Aparecida Possenti; Evaldo Ferrari Júnior; Valdinei Tadeu Paulino; Ivani Pozar Otsuk; Patrícia Brás


    The purpose of this work was to evaluate the effect of wilting and biological additive amendment on chemical composition, fermentation and ruminal degradability of Arachis pintoi cv Belmonte silage. The following treatments were analysed: T1- Arachis pintoi cv Belmonte fresh forage; T2 - Arachis pintoi cv Belmonte fresh forage plus bacterial additive added to the forage prior to the ensilage; T3- Arachis pintoi cv Belmonte wilted by the sun for 4 hours; T4- Arachis pintoi cv Belmonte wilted b...

  12. Community as Curriculum (United States)

    Cummins, Jim; Chow, Patricia; Schechter, Sandra R.


    This article describes a project involving teachers, parents, and university researchers in collaborations to support multilingual children's development and use of language. Strategies for fostering an inclusive climate included building on the interests and resources of the local community, involving community members in curriculum development,…


    Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA. Graduate School of Education.


  14. Classical Curriculum Design (United States)

    George, Judith W.


    The article identifies some key findings in pedagogical research over recent decades, placing them within a framework of logical curriculum development and current practice in quality assurance and enhancement. Throughout, the ideas and comments are related to the practice of teaching classics in university. (Contains 1 figure and 3 notes.)

  15. The Corporate Law Curriculum (United States)

    Mofsky, James S.


    On the premise that corporate counsel must be an able diagnostician before he can focus on highly specialized and interrelated issues of business law, the author suggests an approach to corporate law curriculum in which the basic course balances the quality and quantity of material designed to create the needed sensitivity. (JT)

  16. School Curriculum in Japan (United States)

    Nakayasu, Chie


    This article examines Japanese education system especially relevant to the school curriculum, which might support Japanese high performance in the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), mainly through Japanese policy documents. The Japanese education systems have been constructed by the local context of society and politics,…

  17. Latin Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    North Carolina State Dept. of Public Instruction, Raleigh. Instructional Services.

    North Carolina's Latin curriculum guide describes the overarching concepts for Latin study, particularly at the secondary level, and outlines what students should know and be able to do at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. It is designed to provide directions to school districts as they plan and/or continue to improve their Latin…

  18. Box City Curriculum. (United States)

    Center for Understanding the Built Environment, Prairie Village, KS.

    This curriculum packet contains two lesson plans about cities and architecture intended for use with students in upper elementary grades and middle schools. The first lesson plan, "City People, City Stories" (Jan Ham), states that understanding architecture and cities must begin with an understanding of the people of the city. The children create…

  19. Fashion Merchandising Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Winthrop Coll., Rock Hill, SC. School of Home Economics.

    The curriculum guide (developed by the South Carolina Office of Vocational Education, the School of Home Economics of Winthrop College, business leaders, and distributive educators) is designed for the teaching of a one-year distributive education specialty program for 12th grade students interested in pursuing a career in fashion merchandising.…

  20. Graphic Communications. Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    North Dakota State Board for Vocational Education, Bismarck.

    This guide provides the basic foundation to develop a one-semester course based on the cluster concept, graphic communications. One of a set of six guides for an industrial arts curriculum at the junior high school level, it suggests exploratory experiences designed to (1) develop an awareness and understanding of the drafting and graphic arts…

  1. Curriculum Development Through Delphi (United States)

    Reeves, Gary; Jauch, Lawrence R.


    The basic Delphi methodology is outlined along with possible goals and objectives in a Delphi study. The results of an actual case study in the use of the Delphi method for higher education curriculum development are reported, and attention is given to the problem of selecting participants for a Delphi exercise. (Author/LBH)

  2. A Cooking Curriculum. (United States)

    Wright, Wynn D., Ed.

    This cooking curriculum, issued by the Washington District Early Childhood Council, details specific ways in which language arts, math, science, and social studies may be taught through cooking specific recipes. Cooking activities and recipes are presented for the fall, winter, and spring months, and guidelines are provided for preparing…

  3. K-6 Science Curriculum. (United States)

    Blueford, J. R.; And Others

    A unified science approach is incorporated in this K-6 curriculum mode. The program is organized into six major cycles. These include: (1) science, math, and technology cycle; (2) universe cycle; (3) life cycle; (4) water cycle; (5) plate tectonics cycle; and (6) rock cycle. An overview is provided of each cycle's major concepts. The topic…

  4. Hospitality Occupations. Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    California State Dept. of Education, Sacramento. Bureau of Homemaking Education.

    This curriculum guide on the hospitality occupations was developed to help secondary and postsecondary home economics teachers prepare individuals for entry-level jobs in the hospitality industry. The content is in seven sections. The first section presents organizational charts of a medium-size hotel, food and beverage division, housekeeping and…

  5. Across the Curriculum. (United States)

    Burns, Marilyn; And Others


    Across-the-curriculum articles focus on four areas. A math activity describes optical illusions and the properties of shapes. A hands-on science activity presents the chemistry of secret messages. A writing lesson helps students capture the essence of character. An art lesson presents a project on medieval castles. (SM)

  6. Rethinking the MSW Curriculum (United States)

    Colby, Ira C.


    The foundation year and specialization year of study are the accepted framework for graduate social work education. A common belief among educators is that accreditation standards are prescriptive by design, resulting in a rigidity that neither encourages nor supports curricular innovation. This article outlines a newly developed curriculum model…

  7. Analisis Tingkat Kepuasan Kerja Karyawan pada CV Sumber Pangan di Denpasar




    Analysis of Job Satisfaction at CV Food Sources in DenpasarHuman resources is a factor of production which is very important for a company,compared with other factors of production include natural resources, capital, andskills. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of employee satisfactionCV Food Source in Denpasar. The location determination is done deliberately. Thetotal number of the population sampled that stout 40 employees CV Source of Foodin Denpasar. The factors used in...

  8. Curriculum, Curriculum Development, Curriculum Studies? Problematising Theoretical Ambiguities in Doctoral Theses in the Education Field (United States)

    du Preez, Petro; Simmonds, Shan


    Theoretical ambiguities in curriculum studies result in conceptual mayhem. Accordingly, they hinder the development of the complicated conversation on curriculum as a verb. This article aims to contribute to reconceptualizing curriculum studies as a dynamic social practice that aspires to thinking and acting with intelligences and sensitivity so…

  9. Pengaruh Budaya Organisasi, Kepemimpinan, dan Motivasi Kerja terhadap Kepuasan Kerja Karyawan CV Surya Raya

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laksmi Sito Dwi Irvianti


    Full Text Available This research was conducted on CV Surya Raya which is engaged in car shipping. The aim of this study is to determine the influence of organization culture, leadership, and working motivation partially to employees’ satisfaction in CV Surya Raya. The data was collected by conducting interviews with the company and distributing questionnaires to 67 employees as respondents and then analyzed using linear regression analysis method. From the research results, leadership variable does not have a significant impact on employees' job satisfaction in CV Surya Raya. Whereas, the motivation variable has greater influence on job satisfaction of CV Surya Raya employees compared to the organization's culture.

  10. CIVAC CV-01 type pressure gage for middle vacuum pumps

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Olaru, Grigore; Aculai, Agustin


    The digital display pressure gage CIVAC CV-01 measures absolute pressures in vacuum range of 10 2 - 10 -3 mbar in any installation or equipment generating or using low pressures. It uses a transducer type PIRANI, model TR-02. It is a portable device, easy to exploit and handle. It is applied in research, chemistry, metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering. The system of coupling the transducer to the enclosure where the pressure is to be measured is of type ISO-PNEUROP with flange, collar and adjusting ring with a DN 25 ring gasket. The technical and functional features are: - Measuring error: ± 35% of real conventional value ; - Response time: 20 ms; - Number of measuring points: 1; - Output signal: 0 - 10 V d.c.; - Repeatability error: 5%; - Max weight: 1,600 Kg; Size: 91 x 117 x 187 mm. (authors)

  11. Cytotoxic diterpenoids from Jatropha curcas cv. nigroviensrugosus CY Yang Roots. (United States)

    Liu, JieQing; Yang, YuanFeng; Xia, JianJun; Li, XuYang; Li, ZhongRong; Zhou, Lin; Qiu, MingHua


    An investigation of phytochemicals from the roots of Jatropha curcas cv. nigroviensrugosus resulted in the isolation of twenty diterpenoids, including lathyranlactone, an unusual diterpenoid lactone possessing a 5/13/3 tricyclic skeleton, jatrocurcasenones A-E and jatrophodiones B-E, as well as 10 known analogues. All isolates were evaluated for cytotoxicity against the HL-60, SMMC-772, A-549, MCF-7 and SW480 human tumor cell lines using the MTS viability assay. Four of the known analogues showed cytotoxic activity in these cell lines, with IC50 values ranging from 2.0 to 23.0 μM. Moreover, the assessment of their cytotoxic structure-activity relationships showed the epoxy ring between C-5 and C-6 and the hydroxyl group at C-2 were the key functionalities for cytotoxicity. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Sign Language Translator Application Using OpenCV (United States)

    Triyono, L.; Pratisto, E. H.; Bawono, S. A. T.; Purnomo, F. A.; Yudhanto, Y.; Raharjo, B.


    This research focuses on the development of sign language translator application using OpenCV Android based, this application is based on the difference in color. The author also utilizes Support Machine Learning to predict the label. Results of the research showed that the coordinates of the fingertip search methods can be used to recognize a hand gesture to the conditions contained open arms while to figure gesture with the hand clenched using search methods Hu Moments value. Fingertip methods more resilient in gesture recognition with a higher success rate is 95% on the distance variation is 35 cm and 55 cm and variations of light intensity of approximately 90 lux and 100 lux and light green background plain condition compared with the Hu Moments method with the same parameters and the percentage of success of 40%. While the background of outdoor environment applications still can not be used with a success rate of only 6 managed and the rest failed.

  13. Gamma irradiation studies on Gladiolus cv. White Friendship

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Banerji, B.K.; Datta, S.K.; Sharma, S.C.


    Dormant corms of Gladiolus cv. White Friendship were irradiated with 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1250 Gy of gamma rays. Reduction in survival, plant height, number of leaves and floret, spike length, leaf and corm size and delayed flowering were recorded after irradiation. Morphological abnormalities in foliage and florets and chromosomal aberration during root tip mitosis increased with increase in exposure. Flowering was ceased cent per cent in highest dose of 1250 Gy. LD 50 on survival basis was found in 750 Gy exposure. MV 2 and MV 3 also followed the similar pattern of results as exhibited by MV 1 plants. Pink flower colour mutation was detected in few plants as sectorial chimeric form in MV 2 in treated population. In MV 3 one plant produced spike with lighter pink florets in 750 Gy treatment. This mutant has been isolated in pure form. (author). 10 refs., 2 figs., 2 tabs

  14. Induced somatic mutation in mango, mangifera indica L. cv. Langra

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Siddiqui, S.H.


    Dormant buds of mango (Mangifera indica L. cv. Langra) exposed to acute gamma-irradiation dosages of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 kiloroentgens (kR), were grafted on to one-year-old seedling stock. Dosages of 2.0 and 3.0 kR were found satisfactory for the purpose, as measured by bud lethality and scion growth. A bud graft from 3.0 kR bore fruits of excellent quality. Compared with the control, the fruits were heavier, larger and had more creamish-yellow pulp. None of the other morphological changes expressed by the mutant fruits, observed over three fruiting seasons, were disadvantageous. The tree habit is being further investigated before the mutant can be considered for release as an improved cultivar. (author)

  15. Analisis Pengukuran Produktivitas Perusahaan Alsintan CV. Cherry Sarana Agro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prima Fithri


    Full Text Available CV Cherry Sarana Agro is a manufacturing company, which produces agricultural machinery. In reality, company evaluatesits work and performance based on level of profits. In order to maintain the company's performance, it is necessary to measures the productivity of company to see how effective the performance of this company. So it can be determined what is needed in order to improve the performance of the company and also can increase profits. Measuring the productivity can be seen from the financial data that obtained from the company. Then based on data processing, show this company's productivity levels decreased during the period of measurement and it means company requires efforts to increase the efficient use of inputs. It is necessary for company to increase its productivity for the future. This improvement was made by taking into account the partial productivity as inputs that affect the profitability of the company on an ongoing basis.

  16. CV activities on the LHC complex during the long shutdown

    CERN Document Server

    Deleval, S; Body, Y; Obrecht, M; Moccia, S; Peon, G


    The presentation gives an overview of the major projects and work foreseen to be performed during next long shutdown on cooling and ventilation plants. Several projects are needed following the experience of the last years when LHC was running, in particular the modifications in the water cooling circuits presently in overflow. Some other projects are linked to the CV consolidation plan. Finally, most of the work shall be done to respond to additional requests: SR buildings air conditioning, the need to be able to clean and maintain the LHC cooling towers without a complete stop of cooling circuits, the upgrade of the air conditioning of the CCC rack room cooling etc. For all these activities, the author will detail constraints and the impact on the schedule and on the operation of the plants that will however need to run for most of the shutdown duration. The consequence of postponing the long shutdown from 2012 to 2013 will be also covered.

  17. Propolis extract in postharvest conservation Solo papaya cv. 'Golden'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flávia Regina Passos


    Full Text Available The high perishability of papaya (Carica papaya L. reduces its lifespan as well as limits marketing. Coating the fruits is an alternative to aid food preservation. We aimed to evaluate the effects of coating propolis extract on the physicochemical characteristics of papaya stored at room temperature. Solo papayas cv. 'Golden' were randomly divided into five postharvest treatment groups, three forms of dip-coating (70% alcohol, hydroalcoholic extract of propolis to 2.5%, and hydroalcoholic extract of propolis to 5% and two controls (one uncoated and one with refrigerated uncoated fruits. The weight loss, firmness, soluble solids (SS, titratable acidity (TA, SS/TA, and hydrogen potential (pH were evaluated at the intervals of 4 days every 12th storage day. Sensory analysis was performed on the 4th day of storage of papayas and evaluated by untrained through the acceptance testing. Treatments “refrigerated”, “propolis 2.5%”, and “5% propolis” presented with the lowest weight loss. The firmness level for treatment propolis 5% was superior to that of control, alcohol, and 2.5% propolis treatments. The SS was greater for propolis 5% treatment, which only differed from the alcohol treatment. The TA and SS/TA did not vary with the treatments, but with the storage time. The pH of refrigerated papaya showed significant differences in relation to other treatments. The fruits subjected to refrigerated treatment presented with chilling injury. Papayas coated with propolis extract showed sensory acceptability similar to that in other treatments on the 4th day of storage. The coating of propolis extract is a promising alternative for the control of weight loss and for the maintenance of firmness in Solo papaya cv. 'Golden'.

  18. Core Problem: Does the CV Parent Body Magnetization require differentiation? (United States)

    O'Brien, T.; Tarduno, J. A.; Smirnov, A. V.


    Evidence for the presence of past dynamos from magnetic studies of meteorites can provide key information on the nature and evolution of parent bodies. However, the suggestion of a past core dynamo for the CV parent body based on the study of the Allende meteorite has led to a paradox: a core dynamo requires differentiation, evidence for which is missing in the meteorite record. The key parameter used to distinguish core dynamo versus external field mechanisms is absolute field paleointensity, with high values (>>1 μT) favoring the former. Here we explore the fundamental requirements for absolute field intensity measurement in the Allende meteorite: single domain grains that are non-interacting. Magnetic hysteresis and directional data define strong magnetic interactions, negating a standard interpretation of paleointensity measurements in terms of absolute paleofield values. The Allende low field magnetic susceptibility is dominated by magnetite and FeNi grains, whereas the magnetic remanence is carried by an iron sulfide whose remanence-carrying capacity increases with laboratory cycling at constant field values, indicating reordering. The iron sulfide and FeNi grains are in close proximity, providing mineralogical context for interactions. We interpret the magnetization of Allende to record the intense early solar wind with metal-sulfide interactions amplifying the field, giving the false impression of a higher field value in some prior studies. An undifferentiated CV parent body is thus compatible with Allende's magnetization. Early solar wind magnetization should be the null hypothesis for evaluating the source of magnetization for chondrites and other meteorites.

  19. Death of pastures syndrome: tissue changes in Urochloa hybrida cv. Mulato II and Urochloa brizantha cv. Marandu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. G. Ribeiro-Júnior

    Full Text Available Abstract The quality of forage production is a prerequisite to raising livestock. Therefore, income losses in this activity, primarily cattle raising, can result in the impossibility of economic activity. Through the qualitative and quantitative anatomical study of Urochloa hybrida cv. Mulato II and U. brizantha cv. Marandu, we searched for descriptions and compared changes in the individual vegetative body from populations with death syndrome pastures (DPS. Specimens were collected at different physiological stages from farms in northern Mato Grosso. After collection, the individuals were fixed in FAA50 and stored in 70% alcohol. Histological slides were prepared from the middle third of the sections of roots, rhizomes, and leaves, and the proportions and characteristics of tissues were evaluated in healthy, intermediate, and advanced stages of DPS. Changes were compared between cultivars. With the advancement of the syndrome, the following changes were observed: a more marked decrease in the length of roots in U. hybrida; disorganization of the cortical region of the roots and rhizome cultivars; fungal hyphae in roots and aerenchyma formation in U. hybrida; a decrease in sclerenchyma fiber proportions in roots and leaves; sclerification of the epidermis of U. brizantha rhizomes; and an increase in pericyclic fibers in U. hybrida. Furthermore, there was a decrease in the volume of epidermal cells of the abaxial face of the leaves of both cultivars, with a greater reduction in U. hybrida; a gradual decrease in thickness in the midrib of leaves similar to leaf mesophyll; conduction system obstructions; partial or total cell lysis in roots and rhizomes affected by the syndrome. Obstructions in sieve tube element and companion cells, and sometimes obstruction in xylem vessel elements. The evolution of DPS in cultivars was similar, but there were variations, arising probably from the physiological response to stress, such as aerenchyma formation in

  20. Designing a Mathematics Curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee Peng Yee


    Full Text Available A decade of PMRI saw the changes in the classroom in some of the primary schools in Indonesia. Based on observation, we can say that though the mathematics syllabus in Indonesia did not change, its curriculum has changed under the movement of PMRI. In this article, we put in writing some of the experience gained through the involvement in designing curricula since 1971. Hopefully, some of the observations made may be of use to the colleagues in Indonesia. The discussion below will cover some deciding factors in designing a curriculum, some practices, and the latest trends. For convenience, we keep the discussion general, and do not refer to a specific syllabus. Also, in many cases, we refer mainly to secondary schools, that is, Grade 7 to Grade 10.

  1. Bioethanol production from corn stover residues. Process design and Life Cycle Assessment; Bioetanolo da resuidui della lavorazione del mais: process design e analisi del ciclo di vita

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Bari, I; Dinnino, G; Braccio, G [Dipartimento Tecnologie per l' Energia, Fonti Rinnovabili e Risparmio Energetico, ENEA, Centro Ricerche Trisaia, Matera (Italy)


    In this report, the mass and energy balance along with a land-to-wheel Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is described for a corn stover-to-ethanol industrial process assumed to consist of the main technologies being researched at ENEA TRISAIA: pretreatment by steam explosion and enzymatic hydrolysis. The modelled plant has a processing capacity of 60kt/y (dimensioned on realistic supplying basins of residues in Italy); biomass is pre-treated by acid catalyzed-steam explosion; cellulose and hemicelluloses are hydrolyzed and separately fermented; enzymes are on-site produced. The main target was to minimize the consumption of fresh water, enzymes and energy. The results indicate that the production of 1kg bio ethanol (95.4 wt%) requires 3.5 kg biomass dry matter and produces an energy surplus up to 740 Wh. The main purpose of the LCA analysis was to assess the environmental impact of the entire life cycle from the bio ethanol production up to its end-use as E10 blended gasoline. Boustead Model was used as tool to compile the life cycle inventory. The results obtained and discussed in this reports suffer of some limitations deriving from the following main points: some process yields have been extrapolated according to optimistic development scenarios; the energy and steam recovery could be lower than that projected because of lacks in the real systems; water recycle could be limited by the yeast tolerance toward the potential accumulation of toxic compounds. Nevertheless, the detailed process analysis here provided has its usefulness in: showing the challenging targets (even if they are ambitious) to bet on to make the integrated process feasible; driving the choice of the most suitable technologies to bypass some process bottlenecks. [Italian] Questo rapporto illustra il bilancio di massa e di energia insieme alla valutazione del Ciclo di vita (LCA) per un processo industriale di produzione di bioetanolo da residui di mais costituito dalle principali tecnologie studiate

  2. How Adequate is your CV? Analyzing French CVs with ReaderBench

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gutu, Gabriel; Dascalu, Mihai; Trausan-Matu, Stefan; Lepoivre, Olivier


    This study is aimed at presenting a new ReaderBench-based tool built to support candidates in increasing the quality of their CV for a job opening. Both the visual quality and the textual content are considered while also providing an overview and corresponding feedback for the entire CV.

  3. CV-Online tahab Londoni börsile / Annika Matson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Matson, Annika, 1976-


    Personaliotsinguga tegelev firma tahab tulevikus minna Londoni ja OMXi börsile. Diagramm: CV-Online Group loodab tänavu esmakordselt positiivse kulumieelse ärikasumi. Vt. samas: Üks CV-Online'i aktsionäridest on ka Google'i aktsionär; Väsinud ootamast esimest IPOt


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohd. Harisudin


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui posisi bersaing jahe instan produk CV. Intrafood dan strategi bersaing yang dapat direkomendasikan untuk meraih keberasilannya. Metode dasar yang digunakan adalah analisis deskriptif. Penentuan lokasi penelitian ditentukan dengan metode purposive, yaitu CV. Intrafood Surakarta. Jenis data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah data primer dan data sekunder. Metode analisis data menggunakan analisis Perceptual Mapping. Dari hasil penelitian diperoleh informasi bahwa jahe instan produk CV Intrafood berada pada peringkat ke-2 dari produk empat jahe instan yang diperbandingkan. Atribut yang dapat dijadikan kekuatan utama dalam meningkatkan pemasaran jahe instan produk CV. Intrafood adalah manfaat produk. Sisi yang paling lemah adalah atribut desain kemasan dan kinerja produk dalam kemasan. Abstract This study aims to determine the competitive position of the product instant ginger CV. Intrafood and competitive strategy can be recommended to achieve success. The basic method used is descriptive analysis. Determining the location of the study are determined by purposive method, namely CV. Intrafood Surakarta. Data used in this study is primary data and secondary data. Method analyzed using Perceptual Mapping. From the results of the study concluded that instant ginger of CV Intrafood product ranks second of four instant ginger products are compared. Attributes that can be used as a major force in improving product marketing instant ginger CV. Intrafood is the benefits of the product. The weakest side is the packaging design and performance attributes of the product in the packaging.

  5. Una ricerca sulla qualità della vita scolastica di bambini e bambine affetti da malattie emorragiche congenite. Lettura critica dei dati e considerazioni pedagogiche.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandra Gigli


    Full Text Available Il presente rapporto di ricerca costituisce l'esito del lavoro svolto dalle ricercatrici A. Gigli, S. Demozzi del Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione dell’Università di Bologna all'interno del progetto Strategico di Ateneo dal titolo “Definizione di linee guida d’intervento sui pazienti pediatrici affetti da malattie emorragiche congenite: aspetti medici, psicosociali, educativi ed etici”. L'obiettivo principale del lavoro è stato quello di analizzare il punto di vista degli insegnanti in merito alla vita scolastica dei bambini con malattie emorragiche congenite (Mec, le loro relazioni con insegnanti e compagni, i rapporti tra scuola e famiglie. Per monitorare questi aspetti legati alla vita scolastica, nel 2008 è stata realizzata un’indagine sul campo che ha coinvolto insegnanti di scuole dell’infanzia, scuole primarie, scuole secondarie di primo grado della Provincia di Bologna che hanno in classe un/a bambino/a affetti da Mec. Le rilevazioni effettuate tramite interviste semi strutturate hanno avuto i seguenti obiettivi: verificare l’esistenza di rappresentazioni “distorte” delle patologie ed eventuali pregiudizi esistenti; analizzare il processo informativo attraverso cui i docenti conoscono la situazione del bambino e vengono informati sulle Mec; rilevare i nodi problematici e punti di forza, che qualificano negativamente o positivamente le relazione scuola-famiglia; monitorare l’esistenza di pregiudizi in merito alle capacità cognitive dei bambini; verificare se, secondo i docenti, la malattia influisce sulla qualità della relazione educativa, indagando, in particolare, sugli aspetti comunicativi; rilevare eventuali problematiche di integrazione nel gruppo dei pari; verificare se l’adozione di strategie per permettere una migliore integrazione o lo svolgimento delle attività didattiche, ludiche e sportive; rilevare i bisogni formativi e informativi dei docenti. Nell’articolo si presenta una lettura

  6. La partecipazione dei fedeli laici alla vita pubblica. Testimonianza cristiana, etica pubblica e bene comune nell’insegnamento di Benedetto XVI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Franceschi


    Full Text Available Versione riveduta e ampliata, nel testo e nell’apparato bibliografico, della relazione presentata con il titolo “L’impegno dei fedeli laici nella vita pubblica tra responsabilità propria, libertà e dovere di obbedienza al magistero. L’insegnamento di Benedetto XVI” al Convegno di studi “Il fedele laico: realtà e prospettive”, organizzato dalla Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (7-8 aprile 2011. Il contributo è destinato alla pubblicazione negli Atti del Convegno. SOMMARIO: 1. Considerazioni introduttive. Natura essenzialmente laicale della responsabilità politica - 2. L’intervento della Chiesa nel dibattito pubblico su questioni inerenti alla vita sociale e politica. I principi c.d. non negoziabili - 3. Fondamentale libertà dei fedeli rispetto alle indicazioni della gerarchia in materia temporale – 4. La funzione di orientamento dei pastori della comunità ecclesiale e i confini dell’intervento della stessa – 5. I limiti alla libertà dei fedeli in materia temporale: il rapporto tra libertà e verità e la salvaguardia delle esigenze etiche fondamentali e irrinunciabili per il bene comune e della società – 6. Benedetto XVI e l’invito a una nuova generazione di cattolici impegnati in politica. La difesa della centralità della persona umana come compito primario dei credenti impegnati nel governo della città terrena– 7. (segue L’impegno a favore della promozione di un concetto positivo di laicità, aperto alla Trascendenza − 8. (segue La politica come forma singolare di realizzazione della carità – 9. (segue La dottrina sociale della Chiesa come strumento di formazione essenziale e guida sicura per i fedeli laici impegnati nell’ambito socio-politico – 10. Considerazioni conclusive. Doveri, rispettivi, dello Stato e della Chiesa affinché si conservino, o se necessario si creino le condizioni esterne idonee e necessarie allo svolgimento dei compiti dei christifideles laici nella polis.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Febri Muhammad Rachadian


    Full Text Available Perkembangan teknologi sangat pesat sehingga dunia perindustrian harus mengikuti perkembangannya. Penerapan teknologi diharapkan dapat meningkatkan proses produksi sehingga dapat menghasilkan produk yang berkualitas. Pada industri pembuatan mesin cetak di CV XYZ, mesin-mesin yang digunakan telah hampir lebih dari 20 tahun. Ada indikasi bahwa mesin-mesin tersebut sudah lewat umur pakainya. Alternatif yang digunakan selama ini ialah penggantian komponen yang rusak. Peneliti ingin membandingkan alternative tersebut dengan  penambahan mesin frais baru. Untuk itu diperlukan analisis kelayakan investasi penambahan mesin baru. Dalam perkiraan kurun waktu 10 tahun dan suku bunganya 15 % dengan menggunakan NPV, penambahan mesin frais menarik sebesar Rp 461.201.000 dibandingkan penggantian komponen yang rusak sebesar Rp 211.227.000. Sebaliknya pada PBP, penggantian komponen yang rusak masih mengungguli dengan 1 tahun 4 bulan dibandingkan penambahan mesin frais baru selama 2 tahun 1 bulan. Begitupun juga PI penggantian komponen yang rusak masih menarik sebesar 4,2 dibandingkan PI penambahan mesin frais baru sebesar 2,56. Dapat disimpulkan bahwa dalam jangka waktu 10 tahun, alternatif penggantian komponen yang rusak masih lebih baik dibandingkan penambahan mesin frais baru. Namun, untuk investasi jangka panjang, mungkin saja alternatif penambahan mesin frais baru lebih menarik. Kata Kunci: penggantian komponen rusak, mesin frais baru, mesin cetak Abstract The rapid development of technology makes the world of industry must follow its development. Application of technology is expected to improve the production process so it can be produce a quality product. On the industrial manufacture of printing machines in CV XYZ, the machines have been used almost more than 20 years. There are indications that those machines passed the age lifetime. The alternatives that have been used during this time are the replacement of defective parts. Researchers wanted to

  8. Nitrogen fertilization on the establishment of Arachis pintoi cv. Belmonte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita Manuele Porto Sales


    Full Text Available The objective was to evaluate the effect of nitrogen fertilization on the establishment of forage peanut (Arachis pintoi cv. Belmonte propagated vegetatively. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse in a completely randomized design with treatments arranged in a 2 × 4 factorial design - two ages (70 and 85 days after planting and four nitrogen doses (0, 40, 80 and 120 kg/ha - with four replications. Morphogenetic and structural characteristics and production were evaluated. The nitrogen accelerated the establishment of the forage peanut with an increase in dry weight of green leaves and stolons. The greatest length of stolons (48.0 cm was obtained with a dose equivalent to 86 kg N/ha and higher density of stolons (20 stolons/vase between 78 and 82 kg N/ha. Nitrogen fertilization also reduced the phyllochron from 6.7 to 4.6 days/leaf. These data were more intense at 85 days, suggesting greater photosynthetic contribution during this period related to the large number of leaves after 70 days. Therefore, nitrogen can be an important tool to accelerate the establishment of pure stands of forage peanut.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nelly Nelly


    Full Text Available Evaluation objectives of inventory information systems at CV. Facilities Telemaxindo was to evaluate the weaknesses of the implementation of internal control, as well as estimating and assessing possible risks that might arise. The research method used is literature study of reference books in the library, and field study consisted of observation, interviews with relevant parties, creating check lists, check the inventory information systems documentation, and testing of inventory application systems. The results are findings of control weaknesses in the implementation of security management, operational management control, boundary control, input control, and output control on the present inventory information system. These weaknesses could pose a risk and if not dealt soon it could hurt the company. The resulting conclusion of the security management control, boundary control, control input, and output control is not running well so that it needs to be improved in accordance with the recommendations, while operational management control has been running fairly well.Keywords: evaluation, information system, inventory

  10. Infrared small target detection technology based on OpenCV (United States)

    Liu, Lei; Huang, Zhijian


    Accurate and fast detection of infrared (IR) dim target has very important meaning for infrared precise guidance, early warning, video surveillance, etc. In this paper, some basic principles and the implementing flow charts of a series of algorithms for target detection are described. These algorithms are traditional two-frame difference method, improved three-frame difference method, background estimate and frame difference fusion method, and building background with neighborhood mean method. On the foundation of above works, an infrared target detection software platform which is developed by OpenCV and MFC is introduced. Three kinds of tracking algorithms are integrated in this software. In order to explain the software clearly, the framework and the function are described in this paper. At last, the experiments are performed for some real-life IR images. The whole algorithm implementing processes and results are analyzed, and those algorithms for detection targets are evaluated from the two aspects of subjective and objective. The results prove that the proposed method has satisfying detection effectiveness and robustness. Meanwhile, it has high detection efficiency and can be used for real-time detection.

  11. Seven health physics calculator programs for the HP-41CV

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rittmann, P.D.


    Several user-oriented programs for the Hewlett-Packard HP-41CV are explained. The first program builds, stores, alters, and ages a list of radionuclides. This program only handles single- and double-decay chains. The second program performs convenient conversions for the six nuclides of concern in plutonium handling. The conversions are between mass, activity, and weight percents of the isotopes. The source can be aged and/or neutron generation rates can be computed. The third program is a timekeeping program that improves the process of manually estimating and tracking personnel exposure during high dose rate tasks by replacing the pencil, paper, and stopwatch method. This program requires a time module. The remaining four programs deal with computations of time-integrated air concentrations at various distances from an airborne release. Building wake effects, source depletion by ground deposition, and sector averaging can all be included in the final printout of the X/Q - Hanford and X/Q - Pasquill programs. The shorter versions of these, H/Q and P/Q, compute centerline or sector-averaged values and include a subroutine to facilitate dose estimation by entering dose factors and quantities released. The horizontal and vertical dispersion parameters in the Pasquill-Gifford programs were modeled with simple, two-parameter functions that agreed very well with the usual textbook graphs. 8 references, 7 appendices

  12. A virtual computing infrastructure for TS-CV SCADA systems

    CERN Document Server

    Poulsen, S


    In modern data centres, it is an emerging trend to operate and manage computers as software components or logical resources and not as physical machines. This technique is known as â€ワvirtualisation” and the new computers are referred to as â€ワvirtual machines” (VMs). Multiple VMs can be consolidated on a single hardware platform and managed in ways that are not possible with physical machines. However, this is not yet widely practiced for control system deployment. In TS-CV, a collection of VMs or a â€ワvirtual infrastructure” is installed since 2005 for SCADA systems, PLC program development, and alarm transmission. This makes it possible to consolidate distributed, heterogeneous operating systems and applications on a limited number of standardised high-performance servers in the Central Control Room (CCR). More generally, virtualisation assists in offering continuous computing services for controls and maintaining performance and assuring quality. Implementing our systems in a vi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve como objetivo desenvolver um protocolo para a obtenção de mudas de kiwi (Actinidia chinensis Planch, cv. Hayward, por meio do cultivo in vitro de cotilédones. Utilizou-se o meio de MURASHIGE & SKOOG (1962 -- MS, suplementado com dois tipos de auxina (AIA e AIB e uma citocinina (BAP. Foram verificados os efeitos de três doses de auxinas (0,125; 0,250 e 0,375 mg.L-1, combinadas com três doses de citocinina (0,5; 1,0 e 1,5 mg.L-1 na capacidade morfogênica dos explantes. Procedeu-se o estudo histológico dos órgãos das plântulas obtidas in vitro, e verificou-se, também, a capacidade de aclimatação das mudas ex vitro. A menor dose de AIB (0,125 mg.L-1, independentemente das doses de BAP, foi a mais eficaz na morfogênese dos explantes. Não foram verificadas alterações histológicas e anatômicas das plântulas obtidas in vitro. Aos três meses após o cultivo ex vitro dos explantes, verificou-se a sobrevivência de 88% das plantas transplantadas em condições de campo.

  14. Antidiabetic and anticancer activities of Mangifera indica cv. Okrong leaves (United States)

    Ganogpichayagrai, Aunyachulee; Palanuvej, Chanida; Ruangrungsi, Nijsiri


    Diabetes and cancer are a major global public health problem. Plant-derived agents with undesirable side-effects were required. This study aimed to evaluate antidiabetic and anticancer activities of the ethanolic leaf extract of Mangifera indica cv. Okrong and its active phytochemical compound, mangiferin. Antidiabetic activities against yeast α-glucosidase and rat intestinal α-glucosidase were determined using 1 mM of p-nitro phenyl-α-D-glucopyranoside as substrate. Inhibitory activity against porcine pancreatic α-amylase was performed using 1 mM of 2-chloro-4 nitrophenol-α-D-maltotroside-3 as substrate. Nitrophenol product was spectrophotometrically measured at 405 nm. Anticancer activity was evaluated against five human cancer cell lines compared to two human normal cell lines using 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide assay. Mango leaf extract and mangiferin exhibited dose-dependent inhibition against yeast α-glucosidase with the IC50 of 0.0503 and 0.5813 mg/ml, respectively, against rat α-glucosidase with the IC50 of 1.4528 and 0.4333 mg/ml, respectively, compared to acarbose with the IC50 of 11.9285 and 0.4493 mg/ml, respectively. For anticancer activity, mango leaf extract, at ≥200 μg/ml showed cytotoxic potential against all tested cancer cell lines. In conclusion, mango leaf possessed antidiabetic and anticancer potential in vitro. PMID:28217550

  15. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: The development of a curriculum ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    approach to environmental education and curriculum innovation. ... transition from an external and rational strategy of curriculum ... 'scientific' approaches to curriculum development .... 'get the conservation message across' so as to foster.

  16. Palingenio e Rej. Alcune osservazioni sulle affinità tra lo Zodiacus vitae e il Wizerunk własny żywota człowieka poczciwego [Palingenius and Rej. A few notes on the associations between Zodiacus vitae (The Zodiac of Life and Wizerunek własny człowieka poczciwego (The Image of a Good Man

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ewelina Drzewiecka


    Full Text Available "The paper focuses on the relations between two 16th century works: Marcellus Palingenius’ The Zodiac of Life and Mikołaj Rej’s The Image of a Good Man’s Life. The philosophical poem Zodiacus vitae fell into oblivion in Italy, but has gained considerable popularity all over Europe since the 16th century. In Poland all the greatest Renaissance humanists, such as Jan Kochanowski and Mikołaj Rej, knew and read it. The latter, clearly inspired by the work of the Italian master, published The Image of a Good Man’s Life in 1558. Since the 19th century there have been some comparative studies of The Zodiac and The Image in the field of Polish literature. This article presents the current state of the research and points out general similarities and differences between these works, regarding both the story line and philosophy. "

  17. Engendering Curriculum History. Studies in Curriculum Theory Series (United States)

    Hendry, Petra


    How can curriculum history be re-envisioned from a feminist, poststructuralist perspective? "Engendering Curriculum History" disrupts dominant notions of history as linear, as inevitable progress, and as embedded in the individual. This conversation requires a history that seeks "rememberance" not representation, "reflexivity" not linearity, and…

  18. Whatever Happened to Curriculum Theory? Critical Realism and Curriculum Change (United States)

    Priestley, Mark


    In the face of what has been characterised by some as a "crisis" in curriculum--an apparent decline of some aspects of curriculum studies combined with the emergence of new types of national curricula which downgrade knowledge--some writers have been arguing for the use of realist theory to address these issues. This article offers a…

  19. Curriculum Online Review System: Proposing Curriculum with Collaboration (United States)

    Rhinehart, Marilyn; Barlow, Rhonda; Shafer, Stu; Hassur, Debby


    The Curriculum Online Review System (CORS) at Johnson County Community College (JCCC) uses SharePoint as a Web platform for the JCCC Curriculum Proposals Process. The CORS application manages proposals throughout the approval process using collaboration tools and workflows to notify all stakeholders. This innovative new program has changed the way…

  20. Biology Reflective Assessment Curriculum (United States)

    Bayley, Cheryl Ann

    Often students and educators view assessments as an obligation and finality for a unit. In the current climate of high-stakes testing and accountability, the balance of time, resources and emphasis on students' scores related to assessment have been slanted considerably toward the summative side. This tension between assessment for accountability and assessment to inform teaching strains instruction and educators' ability to use that information to design learning opportunities that help students develop deeper conceptual understanding. A substantive body of research indicates that formative and reflective assessment can significantly improve student learning. Biology Reflective Assessment Curriculum (BRAC) examines support provided for high school science students through assessment practices. This investigation incorporates the usage of reflective assessments as a guiding practice for differentiated instruction and student choice. Reflective assessment is a metacognitive strategy that promotes self-monitoring and evaluation. The goals of the curriculum are to promote self-efficacy and conceptual understanding in students learning biology through developing their metacognitive awareness. BRAC was implemented in a high school biology classroom. Data from assessments, metacognitive surveys, self-efficacy surveys, reflective journals, student work, a culminating task and field notes were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum. The results suggest that students who develop their metacognitive skills developed a deeper conceptual understanding and improved feelings of self-efficacy when they were engaged in a reflective assessment unit embedded with student choice. BRAC is a tool for teachers to use assessments to assist students in becoming metacognitive and to guide student choice in learning opportunities.

  1. Sustainability Infused Curriculum (United States)

    Ibarra, D. L.


    The Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF) in Hong Kong established a sustainability policy in 2015, which explicitly states, "an experimentally integrated, environmentally and ethically sustainable system of science education and conservation practices based on the 2012 Jeju Declaration of the World Conservation Congress will be implemented through the school". ISF Academy is a private Chinese bilingual school in Hong Kong serving over 1500 students K-12, following the framework and curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The strategy behind the implementation of this policy includes: development of a scientific sustainable curriculum that is age appropriate; establish a culture of sustainability within the ISF community and beyond to the wider HK community; install sustainable infrastructure that allows students to learn; and learn first hand sustainable living practices. It is well understood that solutions to the environmental challenges facing Hong Kong and our planet will require multiple disciplines. The current sustainability programs at ISF include: a) a whole school aerobic food waste composting system and organic farming, b) energy consumption monitoring of existing buildings, c) upcoming installation of an air pollution monitoring equipment that will correlate with the AQHI data collected by the Hong Kong government, d) a Renewable Energy Education Center (REEC) that will teach students about RE and also produce solar energy for classroom consumption, and e) student lead environmental group that manages the paper and used cooking oil recycling on campus. The Shuyuan Science and Sustainability faculty work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that the above mentioned projects are incorporated into the curriculum throughout the school. Interdisciplinary units (IDU) of study are being developed that encourage faculty and students to work across subject areas. Projects include Personal Projects, Extended Essays

  2. Assembly of the Lactuca sativa, L. cv. Tizian draft genome sequence reveals differences within major resistance complex 1 as compared to the cv. Salinas reference genome. (United States)

    Verwaaijen, Bart; Wibberg, Daniel; Nelkner, Johanna; Gordin, Miriam; Rupp, Oliver; Winkler, Anika; Bremges, Andreas; Blom, Jochen; Grosch, Rita; Pühler, Alfred; Schlüter, Andreas


    Lettuce (Lactuca sativa, L.) is an important annual plant of the family Asteraceae (Compositae). The commercial lettuce cultivar Tizian has been used in various scientific studies investigating the interaction of the plant with phytopathogens or biological control agents. Here, we present the de novo draft genome sequencing and gene prediction for this specific cultivar derived from transcriptome sequence data. The assembled scaffolds amount to a size of 2.22 Gb. Based on RNAseq data, 31,112 transcript isoforms were identified. Functional predictions for these transcripts were determined within the GenDBE annotation platform. Comparison with the cv. Salinas reference genome revealed a high degree of sequence similarity on genome and transcriptome levels, with an average amino acid identity of 99%. Furthermore, it was observed that two large regions are either missing or are highly divergent within the cv. Tizian genome compared to cv. Salinas. One of these regions covers the major resistance complex 1 region of cv. Salinas. The cv. Tizian draft genome sequence provides a valuable resource for future functional and transcriptome analyses focused on this lettuce cultivar. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Integrated Curriculum and Subject-based Curriculum: Achievement and Attitudes (United States)

    Casady, Victoria

    The research conducted for this mixed-method study, qualitative and quantitative, analyzed the results of an academic year-long study to determine whether the use of an integrated fourth grade curriculum would benefit student achievement in the areas of English language arts, social studies, and science more than a subject-based traditional curriculum. The research was conducted based on the international, national, and state test scores, which show a slowing or lack of growth. Through pre- and post-assessments, student questionnaires, and administrative interviews, the researcher analyzed the phenomenological experiences of the students to determine if the integrated curriculum was a beneficial restructuring of the curriculum. The research questions for this study focused on the achievement and attitudes of the students in the study and whether the curriculum they were taught impacted their achievement and attitudes over the course of one school year. The curricula for the study were organized to cover the current standards, where the integrated curriculum focused on connections between subject areas to help students make connections to what they are learning and the world beyond the classroom. The findings of this study indicated that utilizing the integrated curriculum could increase achievement as well as students' attitudes toward specific content areas. The ANOVA analysis for English language arts was not determined to be significant; although, greater growth in the students from the integrated curriculum setting was recorded. The ANOVA for social studies (0.05) and the paired t-tests (0.001) for science both determined significant positive differences. The qualitative analysis led to the discovery that the experiences of the students from the integrated curriculum setting were more positive. The evaluation of the data from this study led the researcher to determine that the integrated curriculum was a worthwhile endeavor to increase achievement and attitudes


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darminto Pujotomo


    Full Text Available CV. Citra Jepara adalah perusahaan furnitur ekspor. Pada masa itu, perusahaan hanya melihat level keuntungan untuk mengkaji perusahaan telah berjalan lebih baik atau kebalikannya. Hasil persepsi membuat perusahaan hanya sedikit memperhatikan efisiensi pemakaian sumber daya yang dimiliki (input sehingga perusahaan membutuhkan biaya besar untuk melakukan aktivitas perusahaan.Penelitian ini mempelajari evaluasi produktivitas perusahaan dan pengukuran serta hubungan antara level produktivitas dengan level profitabilitas (kemampuan perusahaan untuk menciptakan laba yang dapat dicapai oleh perusahaan.Hasil penelitian ini tentang pengukuran produktivitas parsial memperlihatkan level produktivitas berubah-ubah dan masih memerlukan usaha peningkatan produktivitas parsial terutama dalam pemakaian masing-masing input dengan efisien. Level Total Factor Productivity selama perioda pengukuran memperlihatkan level pertumbuhan positif. Ini melukiskan perusahaan sukses dalam mengelola input tenaga kerja dan modal kolektif yang dimiliki. Level Total Productivity selama perioda pengukuran menunjukkan level pertumbuhan yang berubah-ubah. Ini melukiskan perusahaan itu belum dapat mengelola input yang dimiliki keseluruhan dengan sukses. Untuk melukiskan hubungan antara produktivitas total dengan profitabilitas dari hasil penelitian bisa diketahui faktor produktivitas (0,998 mempunyai pengaruh lebih besar dibandingkan pemulihan harga (0,457 untuk peningkatan profitabilitas perusahaan selama kurun waktu satu tahun perioda pengukuran. Diperlukan usaha untuk meningkatkan profitabilitas perusahaan untuk periode mendatang disertai usaha untuk meningkatkan produktivitas yang memusatkan pada peningkatan produktivitas material dan produktivitas modal sebagai input yang sangat mempengaruhi profitabilitas perusahaan dengan cara berkelanjutkan dan berkesinambungan. Kata kunci: pengukuran evaluasi dan produktivitas, profitabilitas    CV. Citra Jepara is an export furniture

  5. Advanced Texas Studies: Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Harlandale Independent School District, San Antonio, TX. Career Education Center.

    The guide is arranged in vertical columns relating curriculum concepts in Texas studies to curriculum performance objectives, career concepts and career performance objectives, suggested teaching methods, and audio-visual and resource materials. Career information is included on 24 related occupations. Space is provided for teachers' notes which…

  6. Rethinking the Tertiary Mathematics Curriculum (United States)

    Petocz, Peter; Reid, Anna


    Mathematics curriculum at the tertiary level is located within a range of social and cultural theories, and is often constructed by academics seeking to promulgate a particular view of mathematics. We argue that such a curriculum should incorporate a real acknowledgement of the different ways in which students understand the nature of mathematics…

  7. Tides. Ocean Related Curriculum Activities. (United States)

    Marrett, Andrea

    The ocean affects all of our lives. Therefore, awareness of and information about the interconnections between humans and oceans are prerequisites to making sound decisions for the future. Project ORCA (Ocean Related Curriculum Activities) has developed interdisciplinary curriculum materials designed to meet the needs of students and teachers…

  8. Guidelines for Curriculum Development. Revised. (United States)

    Kistler, K.; And Others

    The curriculum development process explained in this booklet was first implemented at College of the Redwoods in May 1986 and then revised in June 1989. First, information on the college's Curriculum Committee is provided, indicating that the committee was formed to plan credit/non-credit courses; evaluate and approve additions, modifications, or…

  9. Models for Instruction and Curriculum. (United States)

    Toth, Elizabeth L.


    Proposes three models of course-specific curricula and a content-curriculum model for undergraduate public-relations education, and proposes core and elective areas for a master's of public-relations curriculum. Agrees that public-relations curricula should have a broad liberal arts and science basis, and recommended more attention to ethics,…

  10. Curriculum theory in physical education (United States)

    Jewett, Ann E.


    Primary current concerns of curriculum theorists in sport and physical education relate to clarification of value orientations underlying curricular decision-making, selection and statement of curriculum goals, identification and organization of programme content, and the process of curriculum change. Disciplinary mastery is the most traditional value orientation and that which is most frequently found in practice. Curriculum theorists have identified four other value orientations for study: social reconstruction, self-actualization, learning process, and ecological validity. Health-related fitness and the development of motor skills have long been the primary goals of physical education. In recent years, however, curriculum specialists have begun to assign higher priorities to goals of personal integration and challenge, of social development and multicultural understanding. There is general agreement that human movement activities constitute the subject-matter of the sport and physical education curriculum. Differences exist, however, as to how learning activities should be selected for particular programmes. The current trend in seeking better understanding of content is toward studying the operational curriculum with particular attention to the historical and social contexts. An important contemporary focus is the need to translate short-term results into lifestyle changes. The curriculum in sports and physical education should be viewed as a multitude of possibilities.

  11. Transportation Consumer Education Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Finn, Peter; And Others

    Materials in this curriculum guide represent a selection of the major transportation consumer topics and ideas and are designed to set the stage for more intensive transportation consumer education curriculum development and teacher efforts. (Eleven manuals covering the four transportation topics of public transportation, transportation and the…

  12. Customizing Curriculum with Digital Resources (United States)

    Miller, Jeffrey


    To effectively use digital resources in the classroom, teachers must customize the information, merge it with pre-existing curriculum, differentiate it for diverse student populations, and still meet standards-based learning goals. This article describes a solution to these challenges: the Curriculum Customization Service, which provides access to…

  13. Discrete Mathematics and Curriculum Reform. (United States)

    Kenney, Margaret J.


    Defines discrete mathematics as the mathematics necessary to effect reasoned decision making in finite situations and explains how its use supports the current view of mathematics education. Discrete mathematics can be used by curriculum developers to improve the curriculum for students of all ages and abilities. (SLD)

  14. Curriculum Change Management and Workload (United States)

    Alkahtani, Aishah


    This study examines the ways in which Saudi teachers have responded or are responding to the challenges posed by a new curriculum. It also deals with issues relating to workload demands which affect teachers' performance when they apply a new curriculum in a Saudi Arabian secondary school. In addition, problems such as scheduling and sharing space…

  15. The Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum. (United States)

    Krogh, Suzanne

    This textbook provides an outline of an integrated curriculum for early childhood education. Part 1 discusses the human element in school: the child and the teacher and child development. Part 2 contains the curriculum itself and covers the subjects of language, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, and movement. Guidelines provide…

  16. Novel circulatory connection from the acupoint Zhong Wan(CV12 to pancreas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Minsoo Kim


    Full Text Available Objectives : Demonstrating a novel circulatory path from the acupoint(CV12 to the pancreas. Method : Alcian blue(1% solution, 20μl, pH 7.4 was injected into the acupoint(CV12. Two hours later the surfaces of internal organs were observed by using a stereomicroscope. Results : Alcian blue arrived and colored the omental fat band(OFB on the pancreas. The OFB connected the head and tail of the pancreas, the pancreas and the spleen, and the pancreas and the stomach. Conclusion : The existence of a novel circulatory path from the acupoint CV12 to the pancreas and its OFB was demonstrated.

  17. Analisis Strategi Mitigasi Resiko Pada Supply Chain CV Surya Cip Dengan House of Risk Model


    Pertiwi, Yoana Ellen; Susanty, Aries


    Analysis of Risk Mitigation Strategies on CV Surya CIP's Supply Chain Using House of Risk Model. In the supply chain activities always has the potential of risk, therefore risk management is necessary for handling the risks. At the company that produces plastic molding machine such as CV Surya CIP, in its supply chain activities have a chance to arise risks. The purpose of this study is to identify the various risks that occur in the CV Surya CIP and its causes, severity and determine the ...

  18. Analisis Pengawasan Logistik Produk Aqua Ukuran 330ml Pada CV. Dlu'x Resto Samarinda


    Mardiana, Ali Masuhud, H. Mulyadi Syp


    The problem in this research is "Are Determination Against Aqua Products Logistics Control 330ml sizes on CV. DLux Resto has been optimized? "This study aims to determine the amount of inventory on the CV aqua 330ml sizes. Dlu'x Resto in Samarinda.Formulation of the problem in this study is whether the determination of the logistical monitoring product inventory aqua 330ml sizes that have been carried out on the CV. Dlu'x Resto Samarinda already performed optimally.The hypothesis in this stud...

  19. The teacher and the curriculum;

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Priestley, M.; Biesta, G.; Philippou, Stavroula


    A key debate in the curriculum field has centred on the extent to which teachers should or could achieve agency over the curriculum they enact. Risks to teacher agency have come from top-down control of curricula, either through input regulation (prescription of content, methods and/or teaching m...... with a discussion of why it is important to understand and take into account teacher agency, when formulating and developing curriculum policy.......A key debate in the curriculum field has centred on the extent to which teachers should or could achieve agency over the curriculum they enact. Risks to teacher agency have come from top-down control of curricula, either through input regulation (prescription of content, methods and/or teaching...

  20. Eating the curriculum. (United States)

    Hunter, K M


    The alimentary metaphor--learning as ingestion--is well established in medical education: students are spoonfed, forcefed; they cram, digest, and metabolize information; and they regurgitate it on tests. In the author's experience, these metaphors are inextricably bound with the attitudes and information they describe, organize, and sometimes generate in medical education. Alimentary imagery shapes discussions of the curriculum, and its perversities characterize and help perpetuate much that needs changing in North American medical education. Medical school teachers speak of their life's work as feeding students, not as chiefs but as the anxious caretakers of problem eaters, and the images used most often to describe the teacher-learner relationship suggest an underlying infantilization of medical students. Alimentary metaphors are not in themselves evil. A closer look at medicine's uses of the metaphor of learning as eating suggests a healthier educational philosophy. Despite the "full plate" that students are served, they are metaphorically starving. Fundamental curriculum reform should help them learn to be healthy eaters-using lessons from parents, pediatricians, and child psychologists about how to do this, which are discussed in detail. The difficult-to-achieve but imperative goal of medical education should be to put students in charge of their own "eating" and thereby produce intellectually curious, self-motivated, active, and "well-nourished" physicians who know how to feed themselves in the right amounts and at reasonable levels, maintain a healthy skepticism about the information they consume, and periodically check that information for freshness.

  1. Nucleonics across the curriculum

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Marrano, Rich


    Many within the ''nuclear'' community are interested in attracting young people to careers in nuclear related fields while they are at the age when they are considering career choices. High school is a good to introduce students to ideas that may lead them to investigate careers in nuclear science. However, they may not even be exposed to those ideas for various reasons. For example, many teachers may not see the connection between nuclear issues and other areas of instruction. In addition, most teachers already have a full curriculum, and adding another topic is unlikely. As a result many students will not see some of the practical applications of nuclear science in other fields of study unless they take a class where nuclear science is a specified topic of study. A good alternative is to incorporate nuclear examples across the curriculum to illustrate concepts already included in other classes. This would be a simple step that teachers may find interesting and would expose a variety of students to nuclear issues. (author)

  2. Fox grape cv. Bordô (Vitis labrusca L.) and grapevine cv. Chardonnay (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivated in vitro under different carbohydrates, amino acids and 6-Benzylaminopurine levels


    Carvalho, Dayse Cristina de; Silva, André Luís Lopes da; Schuck, Mariane Ruzza; Purcino, Marivel; Tanno, Guilherme Nakao; Biasi, Luiz Antonio


    The aim of this work was to study the influence of sucrose and glucose, amino acids and BAP (6-Benzylaminopurine) levels on in vitro shoot regeneration of fox grape cv. Bordô and grapevine cv. Chardonnay. The nodal segments from micropropagated material were used as explants and half-strength MS medium as the basal medium. Sucrose and glucose at 15, 30 and 45 g.L-1 were tested as a carbon source and the supplementation of adenine, asparagine, alanine, glycine, cysteine, glutamine, arginine wa...

  3. Limited geographic distribution of the novel cyclovirus CyCV-VN. (United States)

    Le, Van Tan; de Jong, Menno D; Nguyen, Van Kinh; Nguyen, Vu Trung; Taylor, Walter; Wertheim, Heiman F L; van der Ende, Arie; van der Hoek, Lia; Canuti, Marta; Crusat, Martin; Sona, Soeng; Nguyen, Hanh Uyen; Giri, Abhishek; Nguyen, Thi Thuy Chinh Bkrong; Ho, Dang Trung Nghia; Farrar, Jeremy; Bryant, Juliet E; Tran, Tinh Hien; Nguyen, Van Vinh Chau; van Doorn, H Rogier


    A novel cyclovirus, CyCV-VN, was recently identified in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from patients with central nervous system (CNS) infections in central and southern Vietnam. To explore the geographic distribution of this novel virus, more than 600 CSF specimens from patients with suspected CNS infections in northern Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and The Netherlands were screened for the presence of CyCV-VN but all were negative. Sequence comparison and phylogenetic analysis between CyCV-VN and another novel cyclovirus recently identified in CSF from Malawian patients indicated that these represent distinct cycloviral species, albeit phylogenetically closely related. The data suggest that CyCV-VN has a limited geographic distribution within southern and central Vietnam. Further research is needed to determine the global distribution and diversity of cycloviruses and importantly their possible association with human disease.

  4. Analisis Pengaruh Lingkungan Kerja dan Pemberian Kompensasi terhadap Kinerja Karyawan CV Mum Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jerry M. Logahan


    Full Text Available Mum CV is a company engaged in the sale of bread. To increase sales of bread (performance it needs to investigate the influence of work environment and compensation of employees. The method of analysis used in this study is descriptive, Pearson Regression, and Multiple Regression. The data were obtained from the employees performance by completing the questionnaires provided using Likert scale which was useful to determine the level of disagreement questions on the questionnaires. Results achieved in this study are the work environment has no significant influence on employees performance in CV Mum Indonesia, amounting to 0,068. Compensation has significant, no influence on employees performance in CV Mum Indonesia that is equal to 0,580 and there is a significant effect of 33.6%. Work environment and compensation have a significant impact on employees performance in CV Mum Indonesia. It is equal to 0,580 and there is a significant effect of 33.6%.

  5. Biofuels from the Fresh Water Microalgae Chlorella vulgaris (FWM-CV for Diesel Engines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saddam H. Al-lwayzy


    Full Text Available This work aims to investigate biofuels for diesel engines produced on a lab-scale from the fresh water microalgae Chlorella vulgaris (FWM-CV. The impact of growing conditions on the properties of biodiesel produced from FWM-CV was evaluated. The properties of FWM-CV biodiesel were found to be within the ASTM standards for biodiesel. Due to the limited amount of biodiesel produced on the lab-scale, the biomass of dry cells of FWM-CV was used to yield emulsified water fuel. The preparation of emulsion fuel with and without FWM-CV cells was conducted using ultrasound to overcome the problems of large size microalgae colonies and to form homogenized emulsions. The emulsified water fuels, prepared using ultrasound, were found to be stable and the size of FWM-CV colonies were effectively reduced to pass through the engine nozzle safely. Engine tests at 3670 rpm were conducted using three fuels: cottonseed biodiesel CS-B100, emulsified cottonseed biodiesel water fuel, water and emulsifier (CS-E20 and emulsified water containing FWM-CV cells CS-ME20. The results showed that the brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC was increased by about 41% when the engine was fueled with emulsified water fuels compared to CS-B100. The engine power, exhaust gas temperature, NOx and CO2 were significantly lower than that produced by CS-B100. The CS-ME20 produced higher power than CS-E20 due to the heating value improvement as a result of adding FWM-CV cells to the fuel.

  6. Analisis Pengaruh Kemampuan, Usaha dan Dukungan Perusahaan terhadap Kinerja Karyawan pada CV Sandang Gloria Konveksindo


    Logahan, Jerry; Sari, Synthia Atas; Marisa, Dian


    Clothing Konveksindo CV Gloria is a trading company engaged in the sale of products and clothing items. Therefore, the performance of employees is very important in achieving that goal. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of ability, effort, and support the company towards the employee's performance CV Gloria Konveksindo Clothing. The method of analysis used in this study is descriptive, Pearson Regression, and Multiple Regression. Data obtained from the appraisal of employ...

  7. Cyclovirus CyCV-VN species distribution is not limited to Vietnam and extends to Africa. (United States)

    Garigliany, Mutien-Marie; Hagen, Ralf Matthias; Frickmann, Hagen; May, Jürgen; Schwarz, Norbert Georg; Perse, Amanda; Jöst, Hanna; Börstler, Jessica; Shahhosseini, Nariman; Desmecht, Daniel; Mbunkah, Herbert Afegenwi; Daniel, Achukwi Mbunkah; Kingsley, Manchang Tanyi; Campos, Renata de Mendonca; de Paula, Vanessa Salete; Randriamampionona, Njary; Poppert, Sven; Tannich, Egbert; Rakotozandrindrainy, Raphael; Cadar, Daniel; Schmidt-Chanasit, Jonas


    Cycloviruses, small ssDNA viruses of the Circoviridae family, have been identified in the cerebrospinal fluid from symptomatic human patients. One of these species, cyclovirus-Vietnam (CyCV-VN), was shown to be restricted to central and southern Vietnam. Here we report the detection of CyCV-VN species in stool samples from pigs and humans from Africa, far beyond their supposed limited geographic distribution.

  8. Characterization of a novel gene encoding ankyrin repeat domain from Cotesia vestalis polydnavirus (CvBV)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shi Min; Chen Yafeng; Huang Fang; Liu Pengcheng; Zhou Xueping; Chen Xuexin


    Cotesia vestalis (Haliday) is an endoparasitoid of Plutella xylostella (L.) larvae and injects a polydnavirus (CvBV) into its host during oviposition. In this report we describe the characterization of a gene (CvBV805) and its products. CvBV805 is located on the segment S8 of CvBV genome; it has a size of 909 bp and encodes a predicted protein of 125 amino acids. This protein contains an ankyrin repeat domain with a high degree of similarity with IκB-like genes. Gene transcripts were detected in extracts of the host as early as 2 h post-parasitization (p.p.) and continued to be detected through 24 h. Tissue-specific expression patterns showed that CvBV805 might be involved in early host immunosuppression. CvBV805 was detected in parasitized hosts at 12 h p.p. and in rBac-eGFP-CvBV805-infected Tn-5B1-4 cells at 72 h.p.i. by using western blots analysis. The size of the protein expressed in the host hemocytes and infected Tn-5B1-4 cells was 17 kDa and 56 kDa (including eGFP), respectively, which nearly corresponded with the predicted molecular weight (14.31 kDa) of CvBV805, suggesting that the protein did not undergo extensive post-translational modification. The protein was confirmed to be present within the nuclear region in hemocytes of the parasitized P. xylostella larvae at 48 h p.p. using confocal laser scanning microscopy

  9. Evaluation of faba beans ( Vicia faba cv. Fiord) and sweet lupins ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluation of faba beans ( Vicia faba cv. Fiord) and sweet lupins ( Lupizus albus cv. Kiev) as protein sources for ... P igsi n the metabolisrna ndN balance trial consurned5 % less( P < 0.01)o 1'thel upind ietc omparedto the fabab eand iet (l 370 vs. | 440 gld).N o significandt ift'erenceisn the digestiblee nergy( DE) contenta nd ...

  10. Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan terhadap Loyalitas Pelanggan di Rental Mobil CV. Ilham Motor Gandu Mlarak Ponorogo


    Dhika Amalia


    The purpose of this study was to determine the amount of quality customer service and loyalty to know a very dominant factor affecting customer loyalty in the CV . Ilham Motor. This research method is the primary data from the questionnaires , sampling technique is a technique associated with customer 100 CV Ilham Motor . Data analysis is a quantitative method to test the validity , reliability testing , multiple linear regression analysis , the correlation coefficient analytic , analytic det...

  11. Developing human technology curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teija Vainio


    Full Text Available During the past ten years expertise in human-computer interaction has shifted from humans interacting with desktop computers to individual human beings or groups of human beings interacting with embedded or mobile technology. Thus, humans are not only interacting with computers but with technology. Obviously, this shift should be reflected in how we educate human-technology interaction (HTI experts today and in the future. We tackle this educational challenge first by analysing current Master’s-level education in collaboration with two universities and second, discussing postgraduate education in the international context. As a result, we identified core studies that should be included in the HTI curriculum. Furthermore, we discuss some practical challenges and new directions for international HTI education.

  12. Measurement invariance of big-five factors over the life span: ESEM tests of gender, age, plasticity, maturity, and la dolce vita effects. (United States)

    Marsh, Herbert W; Nagengast, Benjamin; Morin, Alexandre J S


    This substantive-methodological synergy applies evolving approaches to factor analysis to substantively important developmental issues of how five-factor-approach (FFA) personality measures vary with gender, age, and their interaction. Confirmatory factor analyses (CFAs) conducted at the item level often do not support a priori FFA structures, due in part to the overly restrictive assumptions of CFA models. Here we demonstrate that exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM), an integration of CFA and exploratory factor analysis, overcomes these problems with the 15-item Big Five Inventory administered as part of the nationally representative British Household Panel Study (N = 14,021; age: 15-99 years, Mage = 47.1). ESEM fitted the data substantially better and resulted in much more differentiated (less correlated) factors than did CFA. Methodologically, we extended ESEM (introducing ESEM-within-CFA models and a hybrid of multiple groups and multiple indicators multiple causes models), evaluating full measurement invariance and latent mean differences over age, gender, and their interaction. Substantively the results showed that women had higher latent scores for all Big Five factors except for Openness and that these gender differences were consistent over the entire life span. Substantial nonlinear age effects led to the rejection of the plaster hypothesis and the maturity principle but did support a newly proposed la dolce vita effect in old age. In later years, individuals become happier (more agreeable and less neurotic), more self-content and self-centered (less extroverted and open), more laid back and satisfied with what they have (less conscientious, open, outgoing and extroverted), and less preoccupied with productivity. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved

  13. Lifestyle and emotional well-being in men and women with type 2 diabetes (e-VitaDM-4; ZODIAC-48). (United States)

    Hendriks, Steven H; van Soldt, Evelien G W; van Vugt, Michael; Groenier, Klaas H; Roelofsen, Yvonne; Maas, Angela H E M; Bilo, Henk J G; Kleefstra, Nanne; van Hateren, Kornelis J J


    Whether lifestyle is associated with well-being in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) is largely unknown. Uncovering and clarifying associations between these constructs may lead to new strategies for improving both. The aim was to investigate the relationship between lifestyle and well-being, focussing on gender differences. This cross-sectional study included 1085 patients with T2D that participated in the e-Vita part of the Zwolle outpatient diabetes project integrating available care (ZODIAC) study. Patients were included from May 2012 until September 2014 from 52 general practices. Emotional well-being was assessed with the World Health Organization-5 well-being index (WHO-5). Lifestyle information on body mass index, smoking, physical activity and alcohol use was extracted from self-reported questionnaires. Multiple linear regression analyses were used. After adjustment for other lifestyle factors, physical activity, smoking and drinking 22-35 alcohol consumptions per week were associated with the WHO-5 score in men and physical activity and smoking were associated with the WHO-5 score in women. In the fully adjusted analyses for the total study population, physical activity and smoking were still associated with the WHO-5 score (b = 1.1, P men: b =0.8, P = .006, in women: b = 1.4, P = .001). This study shows a negative, non-clinically relevant association between smoking and emotional well-being in the total population with T2D and a positive, non-clinically relevant association between physical activity and emotional well-being in both men and women with T2D.

  14. CurriM : Curriculum mining (Poster)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pechenizkiy, M.; Trcka, N.; De Bra, P.M.E.; Toledo, P.


    Curriculum mining includes three main kinds of tasks: (i) actual curriculum model discovery, i.e. constructing complete and compact academic curriculum models that are able to reproduce the observed behavior of students, (ii) curriculum model conformance checking, i.e. checking whether the observed

  15. Curriculum Prototypes and the Seven Dwarfs. (United States)

    Chapman, Shirley

    Jonathan Culler's notion, that each change of perspective a reader makes brings something different from the text, is explored by using four curricula. They are: the traditional language arts curriculum, an active reading comprehension curriculum, a psychology curriculum, and a feminist curriculum. By analyzing the same text, "Snow White and…

  16. School Leadership and Curriculum: German Perspectives (United States)

    Huber, Stephan; Tulowitzki, Pierre; Hameyer, Uwe


    This article looks at the role of school leadership vis-à-vis the curriculum. First, it offers a brief overview of school leadership in Germany. Next, curriculum development and curriculum research in Germany is briefly recapped. We present empirical data on school leadership preferences, strain experience, and practices as to curriculum work.…

  17. [Habitat factor analysis for Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii based on spatial information technology]. (United States)

    Wang, Xiao-ming; Wang, Ke; Ao, Wei-jiu; Deng, Jin-song; Han, Ning; Zhu, Xiao-yun


    Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii, a tertiary survival plant, is a rare tree species of significant economic value and expands rapidly in China. Its special habitat factor analysis has the potential value to provide guide information for its planting, management, and sustainable development, because the suitable growth conditions for this tree species are special and strict. In this paper, the special habitat factors for T. grandis cv. Merrillii in its core region, i.e., in seven villages of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province were analyzed with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and a series of data, such as IKONOS image, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and field survey data supported by the spatial information technology. The results showed that T. grandis cv. Merrillii exhibited high selectivity of environmental factors such as elevation, slope, and aspect. 96.22% of T. grandis cv. Merrillii trees were located at the elevation from 300 to 600 m, 97.52% of them were found to present on the areas whose slope was less than 300, and 74.43% of them distributed on sunny and half-sunny slopes. The results of PCA analysis indicated that the main environmental factors affecting the habitat of T. grandis cv. Merrillii were moisture, heat, and soil nutrients, and moisture might be one of the most important ecological factors for T. grandis cv. Merrillii due to the unique biological and ecological characteristics of the tree species.

  18. Grade 6 Science Curriculum Specifications. (United States)

    Alberta Dept. of Education, Edmonton. Curriculum Branch.

    This material describes curriculum specifications for grade 6 science in Alberta. Emphases recommended are: (1) process skills (50%); (2) psychomotor skills (10%); (3) attitudes (10%); and (4) subject matter (30%). Priorities within each category are identified. (YP)

  19. Culture, Identity and the Curriculum. (United States)

    Burtonwood, Neil


    Critiques recent versions of pluralism by examining the concepts of culture and identity underlying them. Proposes a model of education that rejects cultural transmission in favor of a transformational curriculum that goes beyond culture. (SK)

  20. Business ethics across the curriculum?


    Brinkmann, Johannes; Sims, Ronald R.; Nelson, Lawrence J.


    This is the authors’ final, accepted and refereed manuscript to the article. This article describes and discusses team teaching and particularly guest lectures as a way of integrating ethics into the business curriculum. After a brief discussion of business school responsibilities and the teaching of ethics, the article looks at efforts to integrate the teaching of ethics across the curriculum. Then, findings from a small pilot study among business ethics and business school co...

  1. Hidden Curriculum: An Analytical Definition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Reza Andarvazh


    Full Text Available Background: The concept of hidden curriculum was first used by Philip Jackson in 1968, and Hafferty brought this concept to the medical education. Many of the subjects that medical students learn are attributed to this curriculum. So far several definitions have been presented for the hidden curriculum, which on the one hand made this concept richer, and on the other hand, led to confusion and ambiguity.This paper tries to provide a clear and comprehensive definition of it.Methods: In this study, concept analysis of McKenna method was used. Using keywords and searching in the databases, 561 English and 26 Persian references related to the concept was found, then by limitingthe research scope, 125 abstracts and by finding more relevant references, 55 articles were fully studied.Results: After analyzing the definitions by McKenna method, the hidden curriculum is defined as follows: The hidden curriculum is a hidden, powerful, intrinsic in organizational structure and culture and sometimes contradictory message, conveyed implicitly and tacitly in the learning environment by structural and human factors and its contents includes cultural habits and customs, norms, values, belief systems, attitudes, skills, desires and behavioral and social expectations can have a positive or negative effect, unplanned, neither planners nor teachers, nor learners are aware of it. The ultimate consequence of the hidden curriculum includes reproducing the existing class structure, socialization, and familiarizing learners for transmission and joining the professional world.Conclusion: Based on the concept analysis, we arrived at an analytical definition of the hidden curriculum that could be useful for further studies in this area.Keywords: CONCEPT ANALYSIS, HIDDEN CURRICULUM, MCKENNA’S METHOD

  2. Staying afloat: surviving curriculum change. (United States)

    Brady, Debra; Welborn-Brown, Pauline; Smith, Debra; Giddens, Jean; Harris, Judith; Wright, Mary; Nichols, Ruth


    In response to calls for nursing education reform, a content-based curriculum was changed to a concept-based curriculum, using Kanter's 7 skills for effective change model. The skills include tuning in to the environment, challenging the prevailing organizational wisdom, communicating a compelling aspiration, building coalitions, transferring ownership to a working team, learning to persevere, and making everyone a hero. The authors describe the steps taken to successfully accomplish this arduous task.

  3. Core curriculum illustration: rib fractures. (United States)

    Dunham, Gregor M; Perez-Girbes, Alexandre; Linnau, Ken F


    This is the 24th installment of a series that will highlight one case per publication issue from the bank of cases available online as part of the American Society of Emergency Radiology (ASER) educational resources. Our goal is to generate more interest in and use of our online materials. To view more cases online, please visit the ASER Core Curriculum and Recommendations for Study online at .

  4. Energy Management Curriculum Starter Kit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turner, W.C.


    The Energy Management Curriculum Starter Kit was designed to help engineering educators develop and teach energy management courses. Montana State University and Oklahoma State University courses are embodied in the model curriculum given. The curricula offered at many other universities throughout the United States are also presented. The kit was designed specifically to train engineering students to be good energy managers. Courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level are presented.

  5. Global curriculum in surgical oncology. (United States)

    Are, C; Berman, R S; Wyld, L; Cummings, C; Lecoq, C; Audisio, R A


    The significant global variations in surgical oncology training paradigms can have a detrimental effect on tackling the rising global cancer burden. While some variations in training are essential to account for the differences in types of cancer and biology, the fundamental principles of providing care to a cancer patient remain the same. The development of a global curriculum in surgical oncology with incorporated essential standards could be very useful in building an adequately trained surgical oncology workforce, which in turn could help in tackling the rising global cancer burden. The leaders of the Society of Surgical Oncology and European Society of Surgical Oncology convened a global curriculum committee to develop a global curriculum in surgical oncology. A global curriculum in surgical oncology was developed to incorporate the required domains considered to be essential in training a surgical oncologist. The curriculum was constructed in a modular fashion to permit flexibility to suit the needs of the different regions of the world. Similarly, recognizing the various sociocultural, financial and cultural influences across the world, the proposed curriculum is aspirational and not mandatory in intent. A global curriculum was developed which may be considered as a foundational scaffolding for training surgical oncologists worldwide. It is envisioned that this initial global curriculum will provide a flexible and modular scaffolding that can be tailored by individual countries or regions to train surgical oncologists in a way that is appropriate for practice in their local environment. Copyright © 2016 Society of Surgical Oncology, European Society of Surgical Oncology. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  6. La última curiosidad filológica de Don José Fradejas Lebrero: la voz «rera» del "Libro de vita beata" de Juan de Lucena (a modo de necrológica)


    Gómez Redondo, Fernando


    Esta nota rinde homenaje a don José Fradejas Lebrero, fallecido en diciembre de 2010, reconstruyendo desde una conversación telefónica la que pudo ser su última pesquisa filológica: averiguar el significado de la voz «rera» en el "Libro de vita beata" de Juan de Lucena. This note pays homage to don José Fradejas Lebrero, who died in December 2010, rebuilt from a telephone conversation that could be his last philological research: find the meaning of the word «rera» in the ...

  7. [Regularity of Clinical Application of Lianquan (CV 23) in Chinese Ancient Times According to Literature of Traditional Chinese Medicine]. (United States)

    Deng, Mei-Jun; Liu, Chun-Yan; Xie, Yu; Zhu, Jie-Bin; Xu, Zhen-Hua


    To summarize the regularity of application of Lianquan (CV 23) in clinical practice in Chinese ancient times through analysis of ancient traditional Chinese medical (TCM) literature. A total of 60 books involving CV 23 from the 1 156 ancient TCM books listed in the fifth edition of Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine were collected by using CV 23 as the main keyword and "Sheben" "Benchi", and "Jieben" (the other names of CV 23 in TCM)as the supplementary keywords and analyzed systematically. A database was then constructed from the collected data, including the related types of disorders or symptoms, acupoint recipes, and methods of needling and moxibustion, contraindications, etc. A total of 196 articles related to the application of CV 23 from 60 ancient classical books were collected in accordance with the inclusive criteria. Among them, 155 articles are referred to the indications of CV 23, 35 to types of disorders such as asthma, cough, tongue swelling with difficulty in speaking, protracted tongue, acute contraction of tongue root, vomiting, spasm syndrome, stroke, aphtha, problems of mouth and teeth, throat problems, etc. of the internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and five-sense organs; 64 items are referred to the application of single CV 23, 91 to CV 23-included recipes containing 111 adjunct acupoints, and 78 to stimulation of CV 23 with acupuncture needle, moxibustion, pricking blood, and fire needle. Moreover, of the 111 adjunct acupoints, the most commonly used are Shaoshang (LU 11), Tiantu (CV 22), Hegu (LI 4), Yuye (EX-HN 13), Zhongchong (PC 9), etc. Lianquan (CV 23) is mainly used for glossopharyngeal problems chiefly by syndrome-meridian differentiation. The supplement of complementary acupoints or five-shu points in combination with CV 23 has a synergistic effect. Moxibustion (3 moxa- cones in general) is often employed, and the needling depth is usually about 7.5 mm. The common contraindication of CV 23 is severe tongue swelling.

  8. Conservação de tangerina cv. Clemenules utilizando diferentes recobrimentos = Conservation of Mandarins cv. Clemenules with different cuticles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosa de Oliveira Treptow


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi verificar os efeitos de diferentes recobrimentos e períodos de armazenamento na conservação de tangerinas Clemenules. Após a colheita, as frutas foram submetidas ao pré-resfriamento por 12 horas a 5ºC e em seguida, aos seguintes tratamentos: T1 testemunha; T2 filme de polietileno microperfurado; T3 filme de polietileno não perfurado; T4 cera de carnaúba a 50%, diluída em água; T5 cera de carnaúba a 100% (não diluída. As tangerinas foram armazenadas por 20, 40 e 60 dias em temperatura de 5ºC e UR de 90-95%, depois foram mantidas em temperatura de 15±1ºC e UR de 75-80%, durante quatro dias simulando a comercialização. Na colheita e após cada período de armazenamento, seguido de simulação decomercialização, foram avaliadas as variáveis: perda de massa; cor; sólidos solúveis (SS; acidez titulável (AT; relação SS/AT; podridões, distúrbios fisiológicos e características sensoriais. Amodificação da atmosfera reduziu a perda de massa, a incidência de distúrbios e podridões de tangerinas Clemenules durante o armazenamento. As frutas acondicionadas em filme de polietilenosem perfuração ou aquelas revestidas com cera sem diluição apresentaram sabor estranho e menor qualidade geral. Tangerinas ‘Clemenules’ acondicionadas em filme de polietileno microperfurado ecera diluída em 50% de água podem ser armazenadas durante 60 dias a 5ºC e comercializadas durante quatro dias a 15±1ºC sem comprometer a qualidade sensorial.The aim of this work was to evaluate the effects of different cuticles and storage periods on the conservation of mandarins cv. Clemenules. After harvest the fruits were kept at 5ºC during 12 hours. Then, they were submitted to the following treatments: T1 control; T2 micro perforated polyethylene bag; T3 non-perforated polyethylene bag; T4 carnauba wax at 50% in water; T5 carnauba wax at 100% (without dilution. The mandarins were stored for 20, 40 and 60 days at 5

  9. Produtividade e valor nutritivo da Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu em um sistema silvipastoril Productivity and nutritional value of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu in a silvopastoral system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.F. Sousa


    Full Text Available O experimento foi realizado em sistema silvipastoril (Ssp localizado no bioma de Cerrado, no município de Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, no ano agrícola de 2004-2005. Avaliou-se a influência do Ssp composto pela arbórea bolsa-de-pastor (Zeyheria tuberculosa sobre os parâmetros produção, atributos morfogênicos, composição bromatológica e valor nutritivo da gramínea Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu, e os efeitos sobre as condições microclimáticas. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos ao acaso, com cinco blocos (épocas de corte, dois tratamentos (T1 - B. brizantha cv. Marandu sombreada com a Z. tuberculosa e T2 - B. brizantha cv. Marandu, a pleno sol e três repetições (parcelas. O sombreamento proporcionado pela Z. tuberculosa, apesar de reduzir a produção de matéria seca (MS da gramínea, favoreceu o aumento do teor de proteina bruta (PB e não alterou a produção de PB/ha e nem afetou a concentração de FDN. Os teores de FDA foram mais altos que os encontrados a pleno sol, o que provavelmente resultou em menor degradabilidade in vitro da MS e da matéria orgânica, não alterando a degradabilidade efetiva.The experiment was carried out in a Silvopastoral system (Sps located in Brazilian Savannah, Lagoa Santa county, Minas Gerais State, during the agricultural year of 2004-2005. It was studied the influence of Sps formed by "Bolsa de Pastor" (Zeyheria tuberculosa on the production, morphogenic attributes, bromatological composition and nutritional value of the graminaceous Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu as well as on the microclimatic aspects. The Sps was established in 1982, in a red-yellow latossol by the natural regeneration process. The experiment was based on a randomized block design, with 5 blocks (cutting times, 2 treatments (T1 - B. brizantha cv. Marandu shaded by Z. tuberculosa and T2 - B. brizantha cv. Marandu at open sky and three repetitions (plots. Although the DM production of the graminaceous in the Sps


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amalia Sholehana


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThis research was conducted to formulate to increase the sheep production at CV Mitra Tani Farm (CV MT Farm, Ciampea, Bogor. The research was conducted using descriptive analysis by analyzing the problem experienced by CV. MitraTani Farm. Primary data and secondary data were gathered at this research. The research was also conducted using several analytical methods such as value chain mapping, internal factor evaluation (IFE and external factor evaluation (EFE matrix, SWOT and quantitative strategic planning matrix (QSPM. Based on the value chain analysis, the current production of sheep at CV MT farm is highly depending on the supply from its partners and internal farmers. According to the IFE and EFE results, the differences of each weighted values were respectively 2,120 and 0,686 so the position of the company in the SWOT matrix was situated at Quadrant I. Therefore the company needs to use a growth strategy. The QSPM sequenced the strategy priority as follow (1 increasing the number of lambs, (2 developing the management, (3 strengthening the capital and ownership, (4 improving the quality through technology. The result of the gross profit margin calculation, if the sheep‘s selling is increased up to 1000 sheep per month then the possible annual profit that can be earned by CV MT farm is 40,34% of the total production.Keywords: MT Farm, sheep production, strategies, SWOT, QSPM, gross profit marginABSTRAKPenelitian ini dilakukan untuk memformulasikan strategi peningkatan produksi domba di CV Mitra Tani Farm (CV MT Farm, Ciampea, Bogor. Pendekatan penelitian yang diterapkan adalah analisis deskriptif yang dilakukan dengan mempelajari permasalahan dari objek yang diteliti. Data yang dikumpulkan dalam penelitian ini adalah data primer dan data sekunder. Penelitian dilakukan menggunakan alat analisis berupa pemetaan rantai nilai,  matriks IFE (Internal Factor Evaluation dan EFE (External Factor Evaluation, SWOT, dan QSPM (Quantitative

  11. 3CV+2: modelo de calidad para la construcción de la vivienda 3CV+2: quality model for dwelling construction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salvador García Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta el modelo y los resultados que, desde Junio de 2005, se han alcanzado en el desarrollo del Programa Nacional de Certificación de los Procesos Constructivos de la Vivienda en base al Modelo 3cv+2. El programa se ha desarrollado con base a un convenio entre el Tecnológico de Monterrey y la Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Desarrollo y Promoción de Vivienda. Actualmente se encuentran voluntariamente en el programa 52 empresas inmobiliarias de diferentes estados de la República Mexicana. El modelo de calidad 3cv+2 es una metodología que busca establecer en los niveles operativos de la construcción criterios que permitan reducir la variabilidad del proceso de construcción, y además permita de manera sistemática, y en un proceso de mejora continua, evaluar el desempeño de calidad en proyectos de construcción de vivienda. El modelo 3cv+2 define en su nombre el alcance del mismo, 3 criterios de calidad para la vivienda (insumos, proceso y producto, apoyado por 2 auditorías (+2, la auditoría interna de la propia empresa, mas la auditoría externa hecha por el Tecnológico de Monterrey. El modelo 3cv+2 busca garantizar que los insumos utilizados en la construcción de las viviendas sean de calidad superior, y que los procesos de ejecución posean características de calidad, productividad, eficiencia, racionalización, y estandarización; de tal manera que insumos y productos sean de alto valor agregado, y garanticen la calidad especificada en las etapas parciales y en la vivienda terminada.This paper presents the model and the results that have been achieved during the development of the National Quality Certification Program based on the model 3cv +2 from June 2005. This program has been developed based on an agreement between the Monterrey Tech and the National Chamber of Housing Industry. Nowadays, the program has 52 voluntary real estate companies from different states of Mexico. The 3cv+2 quality model is a

  12. Studies of frequency dependent C-V characteristics of neutron irradiated p+-n silicon detectors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Li, Zheng; Kraner, H.W.


    Frequency-dependent capacitance-voltage fluence (C-V) characteristics of neutron irradiated high resistivity silicon p + -n detectors have been observed up to a fluence of 8.0 x 10 12 n/cm 2 . It has been found that frequency dependence of the deviation of the C-V characteristic (from its normal V -1/2 dependence), is strongly dependent on the ratio of the defect density and the effective doping density N t /N' d . As the defect density approaches the effective dopant density, or N t /N' d → 1, the junction capacitance eventually assumes the value of the detector geometry capacitance at high frequencies (f ≤ 10 5 Hz), independent of voltage. A two-trap-level model using the concept of quasi-fermi levels has been developed, which predicts both the effects of C-V frequency dependence and dopant compensation observed in this study

  13. Immobilization of enzymatic extracts of Portulaca oleracea cv. roots for oxidizing aqueous bisphenol A. (United States)

    Matsushima, Kazuki; Kaneda, Hirokazu; Harada, Kazuo; Matsuura, Hideyuki; Hirata, Kazumasa


    Water pollution from the release of industrial wastewater is a serious problem for almost every industry. Enzymes from portulaca, Portulaca oleracea cv., have been investigated for their ability to degrade bisphenol A (BPA), one of the well-known estrogenic pollutants. Enzymatic crude extracts from P. oleracea cv. roots were immobilized on aminopropyl-modified glass beads. They maintained BPA metabolic activity over a broad range of pH values and temperatures. The immobilized enzyme was reusable with more than 50 % of its initial activity retained after 12 batch reactions and no loss of activity after storage for 1 month at -30 °C. Thus, the immobilization of extracts from P. oleracea cv. roots is a useful method for removing BPA from industrial wastewater.

  14. Light equation in eclipsing binary CV Boo: third body candidate in elliptical orbit (United States)

    Bogomazov, A. I.; Kozyreva, V. S.; Satovskii, B. L.; Krushevska, V. N.; Kuznyetsova, Y. G.; Ehgamberdiev, S. A.; Karimov, R. G.; Khalikova, A. V.; Ibrahimov, M. A.; Irsmambetova, T. R.; Tutukov, A. V.


    A short period eclipsing binary star CV Boo is tested for the possible existence of additional bodies in the system with a help of the light equation method. We use data on the moments of minima from the literature as well as from our observations during 2014 May-July. A variation of the CV Boo's orbital period is found with a period of {≈}75 d. This variation can be explained by the influence of a third star with a mass of {≈}0.4 M_{⊙} in an eccentric orbit with e≈0.9. A possibility that the orbital period changes on long time scales is discussed. The suggested tertiary companion is near the chaotic zone around the central binary, so CV Boo represents an interesting example to test its dynamical evolution. A list of 14 minima moments of the binary obtained from our observations is presented.

  15. Segmentation of kidney using C-V model and anatomy priors (United States)

    Lu, Jinghua; Chen, Jie; Zhang, Juan; Yang, Wenjia


    This paper presents an approach for kidney segmentation on abdominal CT images as the first step of a virtual reality surgery system. Segmentation for medical images is often challenging because of the objects' complicated anatomical structures, various gray levels, and unclear edges. A coarse to fine approach has been applied in the kidney segmentation using Chan-Vese model (C-V model) and anatomy prior knowledge. In pre-processing stage, the candidate kidney regions are located. Then C-V model formulated by level set method is applied in these smaller ROI, which can reduce the calculation complexity to a certain extent. At last, after some mathematical morphology procedures, the specified kidney structures have been extracted interactively with prior knowledge. The satisfying results on abdominal CT series show that the proposed approach keeps all the advantages of C-V model and overcome its disadvantages.

  16. Non scholae, sed vitae discimus!

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ursula Mulley


    Full Text Available "We want our young people exposed to ICT in school from the very beginning, and we want teachers who are confident to share their knowledge", mit diesen Aussagen der EU-Kommissarin for Education, Nellie Kroes (Europäische Kommision, 2013, wird deutlich, dass LehrerInnen aufgefordert sind, den ihnen anvertrauten Kindern einen sinnvollen Umgang mit Medien nahe zu bringen. Wie wichtig das Ausbilden dieser Fähigkeiten und das Erwerben der Kenntnisse in diesem Bereich ist, kann durch die Tatsache, dass die Europäische Union digitale Kompetenz zu einer der acht Schlüsselkompetenzen zählt und von der Europäischen Kommission in ihrer "Digitalen Agenda" (Europäische Kommission, 2006 nachweislich eingefordert wird, erkannt werden. Studien, wie beispielsweise die 3. Oö. Kinder-Medien-Studie (Oö. Kinder-Medien-Studie, 2012 belegen, dass Kinder bereits vor dem Schuleintritt mit neuen Technologien und dem Internet Erfahrungen sammeln. Diese Erkenntnisse führen zur Fragestellung, welche Maßnahmen im schulischen Kontext gesetzt werden müssen, um SchülerInnen im Bereich der Medienbildung zu unterstützen und auf den individuellen und kollektiven Habitus im Bereich der Medienbildung einzugehen. Eine Arbeitsgruppe mit ExpertInnen (digi.komp, 2013a erstellte im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur zu diesem Zweck einen Referenzrahmen für digitale Kompetenzen für SchülerInnen des Primarbereichs. Dieses digitale Kompetenzmodell mit zahlreichen Anwendungsbeispielen ermöglicht allen SchulpartnerInnen in Österreich eine Orientierung beim Arbeiten mit "Neuen" Medien. Es soll SchülerInnen dazu befähigen, dass sie am Ende der vierten Schulstufe Kompetenzen im Bereich der ICT aufweisen.

  17. TBT recommends : Doctor Rockit. Vitas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eksperimentaalse elektroonilise muusika produtsent Matthew Herbert oma Big Bändiga 5. märtsil Tallinnas Sakala keskuses. Vene laulja Vitase heliplaadi "The Songs of My Mother" esitluskontsertidest 14. märtsil Vilniuses, 19. märtsil Riias ja 20. märtsil Tallinnas Vene Kultuurikeskuses

  18. Experimental Physical Sciences Vitae 2017

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kippen, Karen Elizabeth [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Del Mauro, Diana [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Patterson, Eileen Frances [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Fronzak, Hannah Kristina [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Cruz, James Michael [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Kramer, Robert W. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Martin, Genevieve [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Robinson, Richard Cecil [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Trujillo, Carlos Genaro [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Valdez, Sandra M. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    Frequently our most basic research experiments stimulate solutions for some of the most intractable national security problems, such as nuclear weapons stewardship, homeland security, intelligence and information analysis, and nuclear and alternative energy. This publication highlights our talented and creative staff who deliver solutions to these complex scientific and technological challenges by conducting cutting-edge multidisciplinary physical science research.

  19. Isotopic coherence of refractory inclusions from CV and CK meteorites: Evidence from multiple isotope systems (United States)

    Shollenberger, Quinn R.; Borg, Lars E.; Render, Jan; Ebert, Samuel; Bischoff, Addi; Russell, Sara S.; Brennecka, Gregory A.


    Calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs) are the oldest dated materials in the Solar System and numerous previous studies have revealed nucleosynthetic anomalies relative to terrestrial rock standards in many isotopic systems. However, most of the isotopic data from CAIs has been limited to the Allende meteorite and a handful of other CV3 chondrites. To better constrain the isotopic composition of the CAI-forming region, we report the first Sr, Mo, Ba, Nd, and Sm isotopic compositions of two CAIs hosted in the CK3 desert meteorites NWA 4964 and NWA 6254 along with two CAIs from the CV3 desert meteorites NWA 6619 and NWA 6991. After consideration of neutron capture processes and the effects of hot-desert weathering, the Sr, Mo, Ba, Nd, and Sm stable isotopic compositions of the samples show clearly resolvable nucleosynthetic anomalies that are in agreement with previous results from Allende and other CV meteorites. The extent of neutron capture, as manifested by shifts in the observed 149Sm-150Sm isotopic composition of the CAIs is used to estimate the neutron fluence experienced by some of these samples and ranges from 8.40 × 1013 to 2.11 × 1015 n/cm2. Overall, regardless of CAI type or host meteorite, CAIs from CV and CK chondrites have similar nucleosynthetic anomalies within analytical uncertainty. We suggest the region that CV and CK CAIs formed was largely uniform with respect to Sr, Mo, Ba, Nd, and Sm isotopes when CAIs condensed and that CAIs hosted in CV and CK meteorites are derived from the same isotopic reservoir.

  20. Khatyrka, a new CV3 find from the Koryak Mountains, Eastern Russia (United States)

    MacPherson, Glenn J.; Andronicos, Christopher L.; Bindi, Luca; Distler, Vadim V.; Eddy, Michael P.; Eiler, John M.; Guan, Yunbin; Hollister, Lincoln S.; Kostin, Alexander; Kryachko, Valery; Steinhardt, William M.; Yudovskaya, Marina; Steinhardt, Paul J.


    A new meteorite find, named Khatyrka, was recovered from eastern Siberia as a result of a search for naturally occurring quasicrystals. The meteorite occurs as clastic grains within postglacial clay-rich layers along the banks of a small stream in the Koryak Mountains, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of far eastern Russia. Some of the grains are clearly chondritic and contain Type IA porphyritic olivine chondrules enclosed in matrices that have the characteristic platy olivine texture, matrix olivine composition, and mineralogy (olivine, pentlandite, nickel-rich iron-nickel metal, nepheline, and calcic pyroxene [diopside-hedenbergite solid solution]) of oxidized-subgroup CV3 chondrites. A few grains are fine-grained spinel-rich calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions with mineral oxygen isotopic compositions again typical of such objects in CV3 chondrites. The chondritic and CAI grains contain small fragments of metallic copper-aluminum-iron alloys that include the quasicrystalline phase icosahedrite. One grain is an achondritic intergrowth of Cu-Al metal alloys and forsteritic olivine ± diopsidic pyroxene, both of which have meteoritic (CV3-like) oxygen isotopic compositions. Finally, some grains consist almost entirely of metallic alloys of aluminum + copper ± iron. The Cu-Al-Fe metal alloys and the alloy-bearing achondrite clast are interpreted to be an accretionary component of what otherwise is a fairly normal CV3 (oxidized) chondrite. This association of CV3 chondritic grains with metallic copper-aluminum alloys makes Khatyrka a unique meteorite, perhaps best described as a complex CV3 (ox) breccia.

  1. Mineralogy and Petrography of MIL 090001, a Highly Altered CV Chondrite from the Reduced Sub-Group (United States)

    Keller, Lindsay P.


    MIL 090001 is a large (greater than 6 kg) CV chondrite from the reduced subgroup (CV(sub red)) that was recovered during the 2009-2010 ANSMET field season [1]. The CV(sub red) subgroup meteorites retain primitive characteristics and have escaped the Na and Fe meta-somatism that affected the oxidized (CV(sub ox)) subgroups. MIL 090001 is, however, reported to be altered [1], and thus a major objective of this study is to characterize its mineralogy and petrography and the extent of the alteration.

  2. Detoxification of microcystin-LR in water by Portulaca oleracea cv. (United States)

    Isobe, Takatoshi; Okuhata, Hiroshi; Miyasaka, Hitoshi; Jeon, Bong-Seok; Park, Ho-Dong


    Microcystin-LR (0.02 μg/ml) in the hydroculture medium of Portulaca oleracea cv., became below the detection level (<0.0001 μg/ml) by HPLC analysis after 7 days. The toxicity of microcystin estimated with protein phosphatase inhibition assay, however, remained at 37% of the initial level, indicating that microcystin-LR was transformed by P. oleracea cv. into unknown compound(s) of lower toxicity. Copyright © 2013 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  3. Curriculum structure: principles and strategy. (United States)

    Oliver, R; Kersten, H; Vinkka-Puhakka, H; Alpasan, G; Bearn, D; Cema, I; Delap, E; Dummer, P; Goulet, J P; Gugushe, T; Jeniati, E; Jerolimov, V; Kotsanos, N; Krifka, S; Levy, G; Neway, M; Ogawa, T; Saag, M; Sidlauskas, A; Skaleric, U; Vervoorn, M; White, D


    This report provides general guidelines for the structure of a curriculum, followed by specific advice on the principles of learning and teaching, the process of restructuring and change leadership and management. It provides examples of several educational philosophies, including vertical and horizontal integration. It discusses the use of competence, learning outcomes, level of degree and assessment and provides a number of recommendations. It does not seek to be prescriptive of time allocation to disciplines within a curriculum. Although this report has been written primarily for those who will develop an undergraduate curriculum, the information may be sufficiently generic to apply to the recent development in graduate entry ('shortened dental' or 'accelerated') courses and to postgraduate degree planning and higher education certificate or diploma courses for other dental care professionals (auxiliaries). The report may have a European bias as progress is made to converge and enhance educational standards in 29 countries with different educational approaches - a microcosm of global collaboration.

  4. Curriculum enrichment through indigenous Zulu games | Roux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Curriculum enrichment through indigenous Zulu games. ... 1997). The aim of the study was to document and analyze indigenous Zulu games for possible curriculum enrichment of physical ... AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL.

  5. Problem Based Learning, curriculum development and change ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Problem Based Learning, curriculum development and change process at ... was started in 1924 and has been running a traditional curriculum for 79 years. ... Methods: The stages taken during the process were described and analysed.

  6. Guidelines for Developing Competency-Based Curriculum. (United States)

    Goodson, Ludy


    Presents guidelines for the development of competency-based curriculum formulated as a result of an automotive mechanics curriculum workshop. Listed are specific guidelines for content development, writing style, and illustration. (LRA)

  7. Curriculum as a Discourse: Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Revive Curriculum Reconceptualists' Thought (United States)

    Harb, Majed


    Curriculum reconceptualists seek to reshape the field of curriculum studies. Unlike traditional curricularists, they reprobate the technical approach of curriculum development because of its pure functional and managerial tendency. Reconceptualists look at curriculum from various philosophy-saturated perspectives. One of their claims is…

  8. Putting culture in the curriculum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sairanen, Raija; Richardson, Eileen; Kelly, Hélène


    The purpose of this paper is to describe the rationale for and the method of designing a framework for a European curriculum to promote intercultural competence in health care students. The background relating to the migration of people into and across Europe is cited as the factor driving the need...... for such a project. The project group emerged from the European organisation known as COHEHRE (Consortium of Higher Education Institutes in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe). Composed of a group of nurse educators from 5 European countries it charts the process which led them to create a curriculum framework...

  9. Evaluation of an Eating Disorder Curriculum. (United States)

    Moriarty, Dick; And Others


    A qualitative and quantitative evaluation of "A Preventive Curriculum for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia" is reported. The evaluation, which included teachers, researchers, health professionals, and students, included development of the curriculum as well as pilot testing activities. The curriculum development and evaluation consisted of…

  10. National Curriculum and Federalism: The Australian Experience (United States)

    Harris-Hart, Catherine


    Whilst the past 35 years have seen numerous attempts at national curriculum collaboration in Australia, these have invariably failed largely due to the constitutional reality that the States have responsibility for curriculum. Federal government involvement in curriculum can only be achieved, therefore, with the consent of the States. To achieve…

  11. Business Mathematics Curriculum Guide. Bulletin 1612. Revised. (United States)

    Louisiana State Dept. of Education, Baton Rouge. Div. of Academic Programs.

    This curriculum guide for business mathematics was developed to establish statewide curriculum standards for the Louisiana Competency-based Education Program. Following an overview of the secondary school mathematics curriculum, eight goals for the business mathematics course are listed. A pacing chart with suggested time periods for each major…

  12. An International Marketing Curriculum - Development and Analysis. (United States)

    Abboushi, Suhail; Lackman, Conway; Peace, A. Graham


    Describes the process of market-driven curriculum design in the development of an undergraduate International Marketing (IM) major at Duquesne University (Pennsylvania) School of Business Administration. Reports on a market study revealing profiles and IM curriculum design preferences of exporting companies. Discusses the curriculum development,…

  13. Curriculum Designed for an Equitable Pedagogy (United States)

    Cullen, Roxanne; Hill, Reinhold R.


    Rather than viewing curriculum as linear, a post-modern, learner-centered curriculum design is a spiral or recursive curriculum. Post-modernism provides a much less stable foundation upon which to build a model of student learning, a model that recognizes and even celebrates individual difference and one that is supported by research on how people…

  14. Leading Change in the Primary Science Curriculum (United States)

    Waller, Nicky; Baker, Chris


    Nicky Waller and Chris Baker believe that change can be a good thing and explain how their training has helped others to adjust to the new science curriculum. In September 2013, teachers across England received the definitive version of the new primary curriculum "Leading Change in the Primary Science Curriculum." This course aimed to…

  15. 14 CFR 121.911 - Indoctrination curriculum. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Indoctrination curriculum. 121.911 Section... Indoctrination curriculum. Each indoctrination curriculum must include the following: (a) For newly hired persons being trained under an AQP: The certificate holder's policies and operating practices and general...

  16. Greenhouse gases in the life cycle of fossil fuels: critical aspects in upstream emissions estimate and their repercussions on the overall life-cycle; Gas serra nel ciclo di vita dei combustibili fossili: criticita' nella valutazione delle emissioni, precombustione e ripercussioni sul ciclo di vita completo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zerlia, Tiziana [Stazione Sperimentale per i Combustibili, San Donato Milanese (Italy)


    of infrastructure,..); (b) raw gas composition (CH4/Co2); (c) methodologies used to evaluate/measure emissions. Thus, while the uncertainly in Co2 emissions by combustion is rather low, the estimate of pre combustion emissions evaluated by using default emission factors coupled with different methodologies and/or different system boundaries, may have a wide (and, most of all, unknown) range of uncertainty especially in some fuel producing countries. All this suggests that. owing to the heavy Italian reliance on fossil imports, the emission reduction projects aimed to earn carbon credits by the Kyoto mechanisms might really play a significant role to help Italy to fulfil the Kyoto commitments and to give the private sector growth opportunities abroad. At the same time, it seems obvious that the carbon emissions can be really t rated just when data concerning them are reliable. Thus, the harmonization of the emission evaluation approaches and the adoption of recognized methodologies of measure/estimate, constitute binding items to make it possible that the Kyoto mechanisms and their environmental targets can work. [Italian] In un precedente studio sul ciclo di vita dei combustibili fossili nella produzione termoelettrica sono stati individuati i principali punti deboli di carbone, olio e gas nello stadio combustione. L'attenzione viene ora rivolta al segmento precombustione del gas naturale e del carbone. I risultati mostrano l'entita' delle emissioni di gas serra precombustione, la loro incidenza sul ciclo di vita completo e l'elevata incertezza della stima legata principalmente alla sito-specificita' delle torri delle emissioni nel segmento precombustione e alla metodologia seguita.

  17. Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum cv. Nellie White) (United States)

    Conditions were optimized for transient transformation of Lilium longiflorum cv. Nellie White using Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Bulb scale and basal meristem explants were inoculated with A. tumefaciens strain AGL1 containing the binary vector pCAMBIA 2301 which has the uidA gene that codes for ß-gl...

  18. Possibility of Recombination Gain Increase in CV Ions at 4.0 nm Via Coherence (United States)

    Luo, Y.; Morozov, A.; Gordon, D.; Sprangle, P.; Svidzinsky, A.; Xia, H.; Scully, M.; Suckewer, S.

    This paper is about the recent experimental results on amplification of the CV line in the "water window" at 4.03 nm from resonance transition to the ground level of He-like ions in recombination scheme. The indication of the amplification of the CV line has been observed when an elongated narrow plasma channel was created, where high intensity 100 fs beams, optimal for creating CV ions in high density plasma, was propagated up to 0.5-0.6 mm. Without channeling the effective plasma length was much shorter and there was no indication of amplification.The large interest in gain generation in He-like ions in the transition to ground state is due to the possibility of applying a recently developed theory of Lasing Without Inversion (LWI) in XUV and X-ray regions to largely increase the gain for such transitions. The presented results of the indication of CV line amplifications are being discussed from the point of view of using LWI as a superradiance gain increase, hence to construct a very compact soft X-ray laser in the "water window".The last part of the paper is related to the application of the ultra-intensive fs plasma laser, which is currently in the process of development by using stimulated Raman backscattering (SRBS) to create a plasma amplifier and compressor, as the pump for compact laser operating in the "water window" and also at shorter wavelengths.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. I. Fedorova


    Full Text Available Based on hybrid and inbreed population of radish cv. Mokhovskiy using CMS-ogura nine lines with 100% of male sterility and fertile maintainers were selected. Using the multiplex PCR, the presence of cytoplasm of Ogura type in ms-lines and its absence in mf-lines were confirmed.

  20. Limited geographic distribution of the novel cyclovirus CyCV-VN

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Le, Van Tan; de Jong, Menno D.; Nguyen, Van Kinh; Nguyen, Vu Trung; Taylor, Walter; Wertheim, Heiman F. L.; van der Ende, Arie; van der Hoek, Lia; Canuti, Marta; Crusat, Martin; Sona, Soeng; Nguyen, Hanh Uyen; Giri, Abhishek; Nguyen, Thi Thuy Chinh Bkrong; Ho, Dang Trung Nghia; Farrar, Jeremy; Bryant, Juliet E.; Tran, Tinh Hien; Nguyen, Van Vinh Chau; van Doorn, H. Rogier


    A novel cyclovirus, CyCV-VN, was recently identified in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from patients with central nervous system (CNS) infections in central and southern Vietnam. To explore the geographic distribution of this novel virus, more than 600 CSF specimens from patients with suspected CNS

  1. Automatic tracking of red blood cells in micro channels using OpenCV (United States)

    Rodrigues, Vânia; Rodrigues, Pedro J.; Pereira, Ana I.; Lima, Rui


    The present study aims to developan automatic method able to track red blood cells (RBCs) trajectories flowing through a microchannel using the Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV). The developed method is based on optical flux calculation assisted by the maximization of the template-matching product. The experimental results show a good functional performance of this method.

  2. Cherry Picking Robot Vision Recognition System Based on OpenCV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhang Qi Rong


    Full Text Available Through OpenCV function, the cherry in a natural environment image after image preprocessing, color recognition, threshold segmentation, morphological filtering, edge detection, circle Hough transform, you can draw the cherry’s center and circular contour, to carry out the purpose of the machine picking. The system is simple and effective.

  3. Production of calibration sources and/or radioactive tracers with the cyclotron CV-28

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Osso Junior, Joao Alberto


    The present stage of production of calibration sources and radioactive tracers with the Cyclotron CV-28 is described. Among the methods already developed special attention is given to the production of 57 Co, 109 Cd and 111 In. (author). 3 refs

  4. Lipid abnormalities in streptozotocin-diabetes: Amelioration by Morus indica L. cv Suguna leaves


    Andallu, B.; Vinay Kumar, A. V.; Varadacharyulu, N. Ch.


    AIM: To observe the influence of mulberry (Morus indica L. cv Suguna) leaves on lipid abnormalities in STZ-diabetic rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Treatment with dried mulberry leaf powder for a period of 8 weeks in hyperglycemic and hyperlipidemic STZ-diabetic rats. RESULTS: Mulberry leaves regulated fasting blood glucose, ameliorated the abnormalities in lipid profile as indicated by significant (P

  5. Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program, Comprehensive Installation Plan - WYDOT CV Pilot (United States)


    The Wyoming Department of Transportation's (WYDOT) Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Deployment Program is intended to develop a suite of applications that utilize vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology to re...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    This research was conducted at CV. Tilzak Pinrang which is a business as a cog in the business of selling. Based on research that has been done, it is not all revenue recognition in accordance with IAS 23 is not dibuatkannya marked revenue balance sheet and income statement, so that the impact to the company's earnings were only included proceeds earned in one year.





    2014 Hasnawati Karase Haris Maupa Mukhtar Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis strategi segmentasi pasar terhadap volume penjualan busana muslim pada CV Rabbani Asysa Makassar. Data penelitian ini diperoleh dari kuesioner (primer) mengenai segmentasi pasar Rabbani Makassar dengan mengambil sampel sebanyak 75 responden. Temuan penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa variabel strategi segmentasi pasar yang terdiri dari segmentasi geografis, segmentasi demografis, segm...

  8. In vitro multiplication of banana (Musa sp.) cv. Grand Naine | Ahmed ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A micropropagation method is described for banana (Musa Spp.) Cv. Grand Naine. Suckers were surface sterilized with HgCl2 (0.1%) for 6 min which gave minimum contamination with maximum culture establishment. Of various treatment combinations, Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium + BAP 4.00 mg/l with IAA 2.00 ...

  9. PlantCV v2: Image analysis software for high-throughput plant phenotyping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Malia A. Gehan


    Full Text Available Systems for collecting image data in conjunction with computer vision techniques are a powerful tool for increasing the temporal resolution at which plant phenotypes can be measured non-destructively. Computational tools that are flexible and extendable are needed to address the diversity of plant phenotyping problems. We previously described the Plant Computer Vision (PlantCV software package, which is an image processing toolkit for plant phenotyping analysis. The goal of the PlantCV project is to develop a set of modular, reusable, and repurposable tools for plant image analysis that are open-source and community-developed. Here we present the details and rationale for major developments in the second major release of PlantCV. In addition to overall improvements in the organization of the PlantCV project, new functionality includes a set of new image processing and normalization tools, support for analyzing images that include multiple plants, leaf segmentation, landmark identification tools for morphometrics, and modules for machine learning.

  10. The influence of virus diseases on grape polyphenols of cv. 'Refosk'

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tomazic, I.; Vrhovsek, U.; Korosec-Koruza, Z.


    External stimuli such as microbial infections, ultraviolet radiation, and chemical stressors can modulate the synthesis of polyphenols in the plants. Cv. 'Refosk' was used to show the influence of the GLRaV-1 and rugose wood (RW) on the polyphenols in grape. The infection shifted polyphenols from seeds to grape skins but had no impact on anthocyanins

  11. Endogenous auxin regulates the sensitivity of Dendrobium (cv. Miss Teen) flower pedicel abscission to ethylene

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rungruchkanont, K.; Ketsa, S.; Chatchawankanphanich, O.; Doorn, van W.G.


    Dendrobium flower buds and flowers have an abscission zone at the base of the pedicel (flower stalk). Ethylene treatment of cv. Miss Teen inflorescences induced high rates of abscission in flower buds but did not affect abscission once the flowers had opened. It is not known if auxin is a regulator


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samsuardi Samsuardi


    Full Text Available This study aims at determining the parallel process of car rental agreement between Harkat Rent Car Company and the owner of the car, and between the company and its customers in an Islamic economics perspective. This study also aims to analyze the risk coverage of the leased car. The data for this study was gathered through interviews, observation and documentation studies. The collected data was then analyzed using descriptive analysis method. Results showed that the process of car leasing begin when customer rented a car from CV. Harkat which was owned by its partner. The company provided a shared price for car owners according to a mutual agreement and applied only for a certain period. Furthermore, the partner has to allocate 20 percent of the income for the company. In addition, the company also required the partner to cover for maintenance costs, insurance, equipment, and spare parts. In the context of Islamic economics, the practice of leasing parallel conducted by the company was not fully Shariah compliance due to practice a lease above a lease and using two contracts in one transaction. =========================================== Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perjanjian sewa menyewa mobil secara paralel antara Perusahaan Rent Car CV. Harkat dengan pemilik mobil dan dengan konsumennya dalam perspektif ekonomi Islam. Penelitian ini juga bertujuan untuk menanganalisis pertanggungan resiko terhadap mobil yang dijadikan objek sewa menyewa tersebut sewa menyewa mobil di Perusahaan Rent Car CV. Data untuk penelitian ini bersumber dari wawancara, obesrvasi dan studi dokumentasi. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah deskriptif analisis. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa CV. Harkat menyewakan mobil milik mitra kerjanya (pemilik mobil kepada pelanggan yang membutuhkan sewa mobil untuk keperluannya. Pemilik usaha memberikan harga kongsi kepada pemilik mobil sesuai dengan kesepakatan bersama dan untuk jangka waktu

  13. Oral Communication across the Curriculum (United States)

    Ediger, Marlow


    Proficiency in oral communication is necessary in school and in society. To do well in the different curriculum areas, pupils must speak with clarity and understanding. For example, in a discussion group in the social studies involving the topic "the pros and cons of raising taxes," pupils need to express knowledgeable ideas with appropriate voice…

  14. Curriculum Innovation for Marketing Analytics (United States)

    Wilson, Elizabeth J.; McCabe, Catherine; Smith, Robert S.


    College graduates need better preparation for and experience in data analytics for higher-quality problem solving. Using the curriculum innovation framework of Borin, Metcalf, and Tietje (2007) and case study research methods, we offer rich insights about one higher education institution's work to address the marketing analytics skills gap.…

  15. Broadening the spectrum through curriculum

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Engel-Hills P


    Radiography has experienced changes and challenges from a number of sources. The rapid technological changes in imaging an radiation treatment, changes in the professional context and social transformation have had an impact on the shape and structure of the radiography curriculum. It too must change to prepare graduates for the broadening radiography spectrum

  16. Complex Variables throughout the Curriculum (United States)

    D'Angelo, John P.


    We offer many specific detailed examples, several of which are new, that instructors can use (in lecture or as student projects) to revitalize the role of complex variables throughout the curriculum. We conclude with three primary recommendations: revise the syllabus of Calculus II to allow early introductions of complex numbers and linear…

  17. Food Production & Service Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Michigan State Univ., East Lansing. Coll. of Agriculture and Natural Resources Education Inst.

    This curriculum guide deals with planning and implementing a course in food production and service. Addressed in the course are the following topics: using basic food service processes; performing the tasks of a kitchen helper, stock clerk, baker's helper, pastry helper, cook's helper, pantry goods maker, short order cook, cook, dining room…

  18. Sustainability in Chemical Engineering Curriculum (United States)

    Glassey, Jarka; Haile, Sue


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe a concentrated strategy to embed sustainability teaching into a (chemical) engineering undergraduate curriculum throughout the whole programme. Innovative teaching approaches in subject-specific context are described and their efficiency investigated. Design/methodology/approach: The activities in…

  19. Predoctoral Curriculum Guidelines for Biomaterials. (United States)

    Journal of Dental Education, 1986


    The American Association of Dental Schools' predoctoral guidelines for biomaterials curricula includes notes on interrelationships between this and other fields, a curriculum overview, primary educational goals, prerequisites, a core content outline, specific behavioral objectives for each content area, and information on sequencing, faculty and…

  20. Ethnomusicology, Ethnomathematics, and Integrating Curriculum (United States)

    Bazinet, Ryan; Marshall, Anne Marie


    Integrating curriculum provides rich opportunities for students to focus on relevant applications to the real world and make meaningful connections across different disciplines. This article attempts to go beyond common discourse and platitudes by offering specific examples, showing we--an ethnomusicologist and a mathematics educator--attempted to…

  1. Social Crisis and Curriculum Accords (United States)

    Apple, Michael W.


    School curricula are not politically neutral grounds of knowledge. Rather, each takes certain social forms and embodies certain interests. The article discusses how the power of class, race, and gender dynamics determines curriculum structure. It also discusses the role of the school in capitalist countries. (JL)

  2. Cement Mason's Curriculum. Instructional Units. (United States)

    Hendirx, Laborn J.; Patton, Bob

    To assist cement mason instructors in providing comprehensive instruction to their students, this curriculum guide treats both the skills and information necessary for cement masons in commercial and industrial construction. Ten sections are included, as follow: related information, covering orientation, safety, the history of cement, and applying…

  3. Planning Curriculum in International Education. (United States)

    Durtka, Sharon; Dye, Alex; Freund, Judy; Harris, Jay; Kline, Julie; LeBreck, Carol; Reimbold, Rebecca; Tabachnick, Robert; Tantala, Renee; Wagler, Mark

    International education begins at home, in the very communities and environments most familiar to students. A student does not need to travel outside U.S. borders to meet the peoples or understand the issues of the global village. This planning guide shows how curriculum in all subject areas encompasses global challenges, global cultures, and…

  4. ICT tools for curriculum development

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    McKenney, Susan; Nieveen, N.M.; van den Akker, J.J.H.; Kuiper, W.J.A.M.; Hameyer, U.


    Along with others in this book, this chapter examines a recent trend in curriculum development, namely, employing the computer to support this complex process. Not to be confused with the vast majority of ICT tools for education, which support the teachers and learners more directly, this discussion

  5. Politisk retorik, curriculum og praksis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kristjansdottir, Bergthora


    orienteret fag i en globaliseret verden. Bergthóra Kristjánsdóttir Lektor, ph.d., DPU Aarhus Universitet. Underviser på DAV og masteruddannelsen i dansk som andetsprog. Forsker i uddannelsespolitik på makro- og mikroniveau, herunder minoriteter/majoriteter, curriculum, tosprogethed, dansk og dansk som...

  6. Digital Citizenship in the Curriculum (United States)

    Krutka, Daniel G.; Carpenter, Jeffrey P.


    "If education is to be a safeguard of democracy, then recent events suggest tweets and other social media must be part of curriculum," write Daniel G. Krutka and Jeffrey P. Carpenter. In this article, the authors argue that teaching citizenship also requires teaching with and about social media. They provide a framework for educators to…

  7. Curriculum structure: principles and strategy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oliver, R.; Kersten, H.; Vinkka-Puhakka, H.; Alpaslan, G.; Bearn, D.; Cema, I.; Delap, E.; Dummer, P.; Goulet, J.P.; Gugushe, T.; Jeniati, E.; Jerolimov, V.; Kotsanos, N.; Krifka, S.; Levy, G.; Neway, M.; Ogawa, T.; Saag, M.; Sidlauskas, A.; Skaleric, U.; Vervoorn, M.; White, D.


    This report provides general guidelines for the structure of a curriculum, followed by specific advice on the principles of learning and teaching, the process of restructuring and change leadership and management. It provides examples of several educational philosophies, including vertical and

  8. Science Curriculum Guide, Level 4. (United States)

    Newark School District, DE.

    The fourth of four levels in a K-12 science curriculum is outlined. In Level 4 (grades 9-12), science areas include earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Six major themes provide the basis for study in all levels (K-12). These are: Change, Continuity, Diversity, Interaction, Limitation, and Organization. In Level 4, all six themes are…

  9. "Mexico in Transition." Curriculum Units. (United States)

    Oregon Univ., Eugene. Foreign Language Resource Center.

    These curriculum units were developed in a National Endowment for the Humanities 1994 summer seminar "Mexico in Transition." The 23 lessons are written in Spanish. Lessons are entitled: (1) "La Migracion Mexicana Vista a Traves del Cuento 'Paso del Norte' de Juan Rulfo" (Jose Jorge Armendariz); (2) "Los Grupos Indigenas de…

  10. TENCompetence Learning Design Toolkit, Runtime component, ccsi_v3_2_10c_v1_4

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sharples, Paul; Popat, Kris; Llobet, Lau; Santos, Patricia; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Miao, Yongwu; Griffiths, David; Beauvoir, Phillip


    Sharples, P., Popat, K., Llobet, L., Santos, P., Hernandez-Leo, D., Miao, Y., Griffiths, D. & Beauvoir, P. (2009) TENCompetence Learning Design Toolkit, Runtime component, ccsi_v3_2_10c_v1_4 This release is composed of three files corresponding to CopperCore Service Integration (CCSI) v3.2-10cv1.4,


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maya Christina


    Full Text Available Employment remains the fundamental probel faced by many countries including Indonesia. One of the efforts the Government of Indonesia in extending employment opportunities is to develop the tourism sector. Bali is one of the potential tourist destinastions and it needs to be marketed. Cooperation between the Travel Bureau with the provider of the accommodation or hotel is one of the ways the potential market and the most instrumental in the development of the company, namely human resources required or called by labor. CV. CAN Tour and Travel is one of the tourist industry in Bali trip with a number of guest handling that quite a lot. This research aims to know the availability of labor needs resevartion in order CV. CAN Tour and Travel development and also to find out how the workforce qualification is required. Determination technique using the key informant that was labor reservation CV. CAN Tour and Travel, while the base of the informant was CV. CAN Tour and Travel Manager. Data analysis technique used is the analysis of workload and workforce needs analysis. The research results obtained indicate that shortage of time working as many as 210 minutes. So the manpower needed by CV. CAN Tour and Travel is two people with the fact that there is only 1 nowaday. It can be seen from the burden of the work done in a day’s work and the workforce absences. So labor needs on the Reservation Department is supposed to be 3 people, with 2 staff 1 reservations and ticketing staff. It was necessary increase manpower in the Labour Departmen’s Reservation in the reservation and also training to develop the ability to work.

  12. [Creating an integrated nursing curriculum]. (United States)

    Romano, R A; Papa, L M; Lopes, G T


    During the last two decades, Brazilian society has gone through great changes into political, ideological and economical fields. These changes left their strings into society, specially in population health. The nurse formation based on the Law n(o) 5540/68 and on the Statement n(o) 163/72, no more meets population demands. Since 1992, the Nursing Faculty of UERJ-FEUerj intensifies the reflection movement upon teaching-learning process searching for transforming its own reality. The making of this project presents two complementary and important reasons: FEUerj docents and discents' desire in elaborating a curriculum which searches for nurses' formation that articulates teaching-work-community, theory and practice, based on a Critical Theory of Education, on the line of PROBLEMATIZATION, and the accomplishment of Statement n(o) 314/94 from the CFE and from the Letter of Order MEC n(o) 1171/15/dez/94. From debating, the professional profile has been defined from the social environment where the profession is performed and the alumnate's characteristics; area determination or group of attributions, according to professional praxis adequation, concept hierachization, processes, etc., which in the process of 'classification and syntheses' of knowledge results into a netlike chained and related tree. In the first phase of the curriculum study, it has diagnosed as principal condition, the actual curriculum 'DECONTEXTUALIZATION' and the 'US' to be faced to lead it to an end the Curriculum Reformulation Proposal. The Process of Pedagogical Abilitation for professors, workshops, researches on the desirable and present profile, seminars, performance, abilities and principles systematization, identification of areas which compose the integrated curriculum, subjects localization into areas and articulation between professional subjects and other activities, has been implemented. Based on this work on the problematized pedagogy first step, an instrument 'Research on the

  13. Comportamento agronômico inicial da cv. Chimarrita enxertada em cinco porta-enxertos de pessegueiro Agronomical behavior of cv. Chimarrita on five rootstocks of peach trees

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moacir da Silva Rocha


    Full Text Available O trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar a resposta agronômica da cv. Chimarrita enxertada em cinco porta-enxertos, nas condições edafoclimáticas da região de Pelotas-RS, no período de 2003 a 2005. Durante o período de execução do experimento, foram avaliados o diâmetro do tronco do porta-enxerto e da cultivar-copa, comprimento médio dos ramos principais, volume de copa, massa fresca e massa seca do material vegetal retirado nas podas verde e de inverno, índice de intensidade de poda, massa média dos frutos, produção por planta, eficiência produtiva, produção por hectare, sólidos solúveis totais, firmeza da polpa, diâmetro e coloração dos frutos. O porta-enxerto 'Capdeboscq' induziu o maior crescimento vegetativo na cv. Chimarrita durante os três anos de avaliação, seguido do porta-enxerto 'Okinawa'. Este, por sua vez, induziu o maior rendimento produtivo (1,65 t ha-1. A cv. Capdeboscq proporcionou a obtenção de frutos com maior massa. Os porta-enxertos 'GF 305' e 'Aldrighi' induziram menor desenvolvimento vegetativo e a mais baixa produtividade (0,52 t.ha-1 .The objective for this study was to evaluate the agronomical behavior of cv. Chimarrita on five rootstocks of peach trees in Pelotas- RS from 2003 to 2005. The variables evaluated were: trunk diameters of the rootstock and of the scion; length of the annual terminal growth; volume of the canopy; fresh and dry weight of the material taken by the summer and winter pruning; pruning intensity index; fruit weight; fruit production per tree; production efficiency; productivity per hectare; total soluble solids; pulp firmness; and fruit diameter and color. It was observed that the trees from: rootstock 'Capdeboscq' promoted higher vegetative growth and larger fruits, followed by the ones from the rootstock 'Okinawa' which promoted the highest yield (1, 65 t.ha-1; the rootstock 'GF 305' and 'Aldrighi' had the lowest vegetative development and yield (0, 52 t.ha-1.

  14. Fox grape cv. Bordô (Vitis labrusca L. and grapevine cv. Chardonnay (Vitis vinifera L. cultivated in vitro under different carbohydrates, amino acids and 6-Benzylaminopurine levels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dayse Cristina de Carvalho


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to study the influence of sucrose and glucose, amino acids and BAP (6-Benzylaminopurine levels on in vitro shoot regeneration of fox grape cv. Bordô and grapevine cv. Chardonnay. The nodal segments from micropropagated material were used as explants and half-strength MS medium as the basal medium. Sucrose and glucose at 15, 30 and 45 g.L-1 were tested as a carbon source and the supplementation of adenine, asparagine, alanine, glycine, cysteine, glutamine, arginine was tested at 40 g.L-1. The BAP levels (1 and 5 μM in solid and double-phase media were evaluated and compared with a control medium without BAP. Bordô had best in vitro growth than Chardonnay. Sucrose was a better carbohydrate source than glucose for both the cultivars. Bordô and Chardonnay had different amino acid preferences for some parameters. In conclusion, for in vitro shoot regeneration from the nodal segments, culture on solid medium with 5 μM BAP, 15 g.L-1 sucrose for Bordô and 45 g.L-1 sucrose for Chardonnay showed better results. Similarly, the supplementation of 40 g.L-1 arginine for Bordô and 40 g.L-1 arginine or glycine for Chardonnay showed better results.

  15. Effect of mechanical damage and wound healing on the viscoelastic properties of stems of flax cultivars (Linum usitatissimum L. cv. Eden and cv. Drakkar). (United States)

    Paul-Victor, Cloé; Dalle Vacche, Sara; Sordo, Federica; Fink, Siegfried; Speck, Thomas; Michaud, Véronique; Speck, Olga


    As plant fibres are increasingly used in technical textiles and their composites, underlying principles of wound healing in living plant fibres are relevant to product quality, and provide inspiration for biomimetic healing in synthetic materials. In this work, two Linum usitatissimum cultivars differing in their stem mechanical properties, cv. Eden (stems resistant to lodging) and cv. Drakkar (with more flexible stems), were grown without wound or with stems previously wounded with a cut parallel or transversal to the stem. To investigate wound healing efficiency, growth traits, stem biomechanics with Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and anatomy were analysed after 25-day recovery. Longitudinal incisions formed open wounds while transversal incisions generated stem growth restoring the whole cross-section but not the original stem organisation. In the case of transversal wound healing, all the bast fibre bundles in the perturbed area became lignified and pulled apart by parenchyma cells growth. Both Linum cultivars showed a healing efficiency from 79% to 95% with higher scores for transversal healing. Morphological and anatomical modifications of Linum were related to mechanical properties and healing ability. Alongside with an increased understanding of wound healing in plants, our results highlight their possible impact on textile quality and fibre yield.

  16. Effect of inoculation and nitrogen top-dressing on yields and fodder value of winter pea cv. Maksimirski ozimi in triticale cv. Clercal mixture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darko Uher


    Full Text Available Two year field trials (1999-2001 were aimed to determine the inoculation seed winter pea and nitrogen top-dressing effect on number and active nodules of pea root and also on the green mass and dry matter yield of winter pea cv. Maksimirski ozimi and triticale cv. Clercal mixture. Immediately before sowing the inoculation of pea seeds was done by the indigenous variety of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae which belongs to the collection of Department of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb. The highest total nodule number on pea root (134 was determined on the inoculated variant as well as active nodule (120. Average mixture green mass yields were ranging from 20.9 t ha-1 (control up to 30.1 t ha-1 (inoculation + nitrogen top-dressing. Total dry matter yields were ranging from 3.71 t ha-1 (control up to 5.36 t ha-1 (nitrogen top-dressing. Pea crude protein yields in 2001 were ranging from 500 kg ha-1 (nitrogen top-dressing up to 642 kg ha-1 (inoculation and for triticale, those values were from 322 kg ha-1 (control up to 498 kg ha-1 (nitrogen top-dressing. Total mixture crude proteins yields were from 845 kg ha-1 (control up to 998 kg ha-1 (nitrogen top-dressing.

  17. Effect of inoculation and nitrogen top-dressing on yields and fodder value of winter pea cv. Maksimirski ozimi in wheat cv. Sana mixture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darko Uher


    Full Text Available Two year field trials (1999 - 2001 were performed to determine theinoculation seed winter pea and nitrogen top-dressing effect on number and active nodules of pea root and also on the green mass and dry matter yield of winter pea cv. Maksimirski ozimi and wheat cv. Sana mixture. Immediately before sowing the inoculation of pea seeds was accomplished by the indigenous variety of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae which belongs to the collection of Department of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb. The highest total nodule number on pea root (159 was determined on the inoculated variant as well as active nodule 144. Average mixture green mass yield were ranging from 24,65 t ha-1 (control up to 35,50 t ha-1 (inoculation. Total dry matter yields were ranging from 3,93 t ha-1 (control up to 5,66 t ha-1 (inoculation. Yields crude proteins pea in 2001 were ranging from 692 kg ha-1 (control up to 1058 kg ha-1 (inoculation and for wheat, those values ranged from 199 kg ha-1 (control up to 454 kg ha-1 (nitrogen top-dressing. Total crude proteins mixture yields were in range from 891 kg ha-1 (control up to 1360 kg ha-1 (inoculation.

  18. Avaliação da Brachiaria brizantha cv. marandu em sistemas silvipastoris Evaluation of Brachiaria brizantha cv. marandu in silvopastoral systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G.R. Moreira


    Full Text Available Avaliou-se a degradabilidade in situ da matéria seca (MS da Brachiaria brizantha cv. marandu colhida em dois sistemas silvipastoris compostos pelas arbóreas, ipê felpudo (Zeyheria tuberculosa e aroeira (Myracrodruon urundeuva, localizados no bioma Cerrado, município de Lagoa Santa, MG. O período de coleta da forragem foi de dezembro de 2004 a abril de 2005. O delineamento utilizado foi em blocos ao acaso, segundo esquema de parcelas subdivididas, sendo as parcelas os tratamentos e as sub-parcelas os tempos de degradação. O sombreamento com as arbóreas não influenciou a degradabilidade in situ da matéria seca da forrageira.In situ degradability of dry matter of Brachiaria brizantha cv. marandu harvested in two silvopastoral systems was evaluated. One system was composed by Zeyheria tuberculosa tree and the other by Myracrodruon urundeuva, both located at Brazilian Savannah, Lagoa Santa, MG. A completely ramdomized block experimental design in a splitplot arrangement was used. The treatments were allocated in the plots and the times in the splitplot. No effect of shade was observed for in situ dry matter degradability.

  19. Thermal stability of oils added with avocado (Persea americana cv. Hass) or olive (Olea europaea cv. Arbequina) leaf extracts during the French potatoes frying. (United States)

    Jiménez, Paula; García, Paula; Bustamante, Andrés; Barriga, Andrés; Robert, Paz


    Effect of the addition of avocado (Persea americana cv. Hass) or olive (Olea europaea cv. Arbequina) hydroalcoholic leaf extracts (AHE and OHE, respectively) on thermal stability of canola oil (CO) and high oleic sunflower oil (HOSO) during French potatoes frying at 180°C was studied. The extracts were characterized by the total phenolic content, phenol chromatographic profiles and antioxidant activity. B-type trimer procyanidins were the major phenolic compounds identified in AHE. OHE showed higher phenol content, antioxidant activity regarding AHE. CO+OHE and HOSO+OHE decreased the formation of polar compounds and showed an anti-polymeric effect with respect to oils without extracts, whereas AHE extract showed a prooxidant effect on HOSO. Therefore, OHE showed an antioxidant effect on HOSO and CO under the studied conditions. In addition, all systems (CO+AHE, HOSO+AHE, CO+OHE and HOSO+OHE) increased the retention of tocopherols. These results demonstrate the potential utility of OHE as natural antioxidant for oils. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Efeito de reguladores de crescimento em uva apirênica, cv. BRS Clara Effect of growth regulators on the seedless grape cv. BRS Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jair Costa Nachtigal


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve por objetivo verificar o efeito da aplicação de diferentes concentrações do ácido giberélico (AG3, do thidiazuron (TDZ e do forchlorfenuron (CPPU no aumento do tamanho dos cachos e das bagas e no teor de sólidos solúveis totais de uva sem semente, cv. BRS Clara. As plantas foram conduzidas no sistema de latada, sobre o porta-enxerto IAC 572, no espaçamento 2,5 x 2,0m e com irrigação por microaspersão. Os experimentos foram conduzidos na Estação Experimental de Viticultura Tropical, da Embrapa Uva e Vinho, em Jales-SP. Os reguladores de crescimento foram aplicados via pulverização localizada no cacho, utilizando-se de concentrações de 0 a 4mg.L-1 de CPPU; 0 a 10mg.L-1 de TDZ, e de 0 a 90mg.L-1 de AG3, isolados ou em conjunto. De modo geral, a aplicação dos reguladores de crescimento promove a melhoria da qualidade dos cachos da cv. BRS Clara; o uso do TDZ e do CPPU em conjunto com o AG3 produz um efeito sinérgico, proporcionando melhor resposta do que o uso isolado do AG3; os tratamentos com 60mg.L-1 de AG3; 20mg.L-1 de AG3 + 4mg.L-1 de CPPU, e 10mg.L-1 de AG3 + 5mg.L-1 de TDZ proporcionam os melhores resultados para o aumento do diâmetro das bagas; a aplicação de AG3 antes da floração da cv. BRS Clara provoca abortamento excessivo, reduzindo a qualidade comercial dos cachos; a utilização de concentrações elevadas dos reguladores reduz o teor de sólidos solúveis totais.The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different concentrations of gibberellic acid (AG3, thidiazuron (TDZ and forchlorfenuron (CPPU on the size of bunches and berries and on the total soluble solids content, when applied in different concentrations on the seedless grapes, cv. BRS Clara. The grapevines were grafted on the rootstock IAC 572, trained in the pergola system and, spaced 2.5 x 2.0m and irrigated by micro sprinklers. The experiments were carried out at the Embrapa Grape and Wine Experimental

  1. Modificação da atmosfera na qualidade pós-colheita de ameixas cv. Reubennel Modified atmosphere on postharvest quality of plums cv. Reubennel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo Barbosa Malgarim


    Full Text Available Ameixas, de modo geral, têm curto período de conservação pós-colheita, havendo necessidade de otimizar as condições de colheita e de armazenamento. Este trabalho objetivou avaliar o efeito de diferentes modificadores de atmosfera, durante o armazenamento refrigerado, na qualidade pós-colheita de ameixas cv. Reubennel. Frutas no estádio de maturação meio-maduro foram submetidas aos seguintes modificadores de atmosfera: filmes de polietileno de 12,5 e 15µm de espessura e cera à base de carnaúba e avaliadas após 10; 20; 30 e 40 dias de armazenamento a 0ºC e UR de 90-95%. Avaliaram-se a perda de massa, cor, firmeza da polpa, pH, sólidos solúveis (SS, acidez titulável (AT, relação SS/AT, incidência de podridões, escurecimento interno e características sensoriais. Essas avaliações foram realizadas 3 dias após a retirada das frutas da câmara fria. Verificou-se que a cera à base de carnaúba GARFRESH N (BL9,5, sem diluição, e filmes de polietileno de 12,5 e 15µm reduziram a perda de massa, porém são impróprios para a modificação da atmosfera, em ameixas cv. Reubennel durante o armazenamento refrigerado. Ameixas cv. Reubennel mantêm a qualidade quando armazenadas durante 30 dias a 0ºC sem atmosfera modificada.Plums quickly loose postharvest quality, which makes imperative to optimize harvest and storage conditions. The objective of this work was to determine the effects of various atmosphere modifiers on the postharvest quality of cold storage plums, cv. Reubennel. Semi-mature fruits were stored under the following atmosphere modifiers conditions: polyethylene films 12,5 or 15µm of thickness; or carnauba wax. After submitted to these conditions the fruits were stored for 10, 20, 30 and 40 days in a cold room at 0ºC and 90-95% RH. Three days after taken out from the cold storage, the fruits were evaluated about: weight loss; color; firmness; pH; soluble solids (SS; titratable acidity (TA; SS/TA ratio; incidence of

  2. Curriculum reform and the market

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Karen Bjerg


    A neo-liberal discourse in the 2000s has been prevalent not only in international and Danish educational policy contexts, but also within a specific area, namely the education of adult immigrants in Denmark. With the adoption of a new law in 2003 high-stakes testing, standards, new market economy...... in Denmark. Based on studies of curriculum reform and research about headmasters’ and teachers’ attitudes the article addresses paradoxes rising in the wake of the neo-liberal education policy. Despite the intention of high-stakes testing to increase adult migrants’ language and employment related....... Teachers furthermore find the new working conditions stressing. It is discussed whether a neo-liberal discourse in adult teaching is ‘dumping down’ the intentions of curriculum and education reform....

  3. Curriculum reform and the market

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Karen Bjerg


    A neo-liberal discourse in the 2000s has been prevalent not only in international and Danish educational policy contexts, but also within a specific area, namely the education of adult immigrants in Denmark. With the adoption of a new law in 2003 high-stakes testing, standards, new market economy...... in Denmark. Based on studies of curriculum reform and research about headmasters’ and teachers’ attitudes the article addresses paradoxes rising in the wake of the neo-liberal education policy. Despite the intention of high-stakes testing to increase adult migrants’ language and employment related....... Teachers furthermore find the new working conditions stressing. It is discussed whether a neo-liberal discourse in adult teaching is ‘dumping down’ the intentions of curriculum and education reform....

  4. Creating a National HIV Curriculum. (United States)

    Spach, David H; Wood, Brian R; Karpenko, Andrew; Unruh, Kenton T; Kinney, Rebecca G; Roscoe, Clay; Nelson, John


    In recent years, the HIV care provider workforce has not kept pace with an expanding HIV epidemic. To effectively address this HIV workforce shortage, a multipronged approach is needed that includes high-quality, easily accessible, up-to-date HIV education for trainees and practicing providers. Toward this objective, the University of Washington, in collaboration with the AIDS Education and Training Center National Coordinating Resource Center, is developing a modular, dynamic curriculum that addresses the entire spectrum of the HIV care continuum. Herein, we outline the general principles, content, organization, and features of this federally funded National HIV Curriculum, which allows for longitudinal, active, self-directed learning, as well as real-time evaluation, tracking, and feedback at the individual and group level. The online curriculum, which is in development, will provide a free, comprehensive, interactive HIV training and resource tool that can support national efforts to expand and strengthen the United States HIV clinical care workforce. Copyright © 2016 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. An improved technique for quasi-static C-V measurements

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Turan, R.; Finstad, T.G.


    A new automated quasi-static C-V measurement technique for MOS capacitors has been developed. This techniques uses an integrating electrometer to measure the charge accumulated on a MOS capacitor in response of a small voltage step. Making use of the internal data storage system of a commercial electrometer and a personal computer, the charge Q on the MOS capacitor is measured as a function of time t and stored. The capacitance is then obtained by analyzing this Q-t data set. A Si MOS sample is measured and analyzed in terms of interface charges as an example. Advantages over a commercial quasi-static meter which uses similar measurement technique are presented. It is also shown that this technique is potentially capable of measuring both high and low frequency C-V curves simultaneously. 9 refs. 5 figs

  6. Sensitivity of Phaseolus vulgaris cv. `CIAP 7247F' plants to Glufosinate ammonium herbicide in greenhouse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Idalmis Bermúdez-Caraballoso


    Full Text Available Genetic breeding in Phaseolus by genetic transformation requires an efficient selection system. The present investigation was aimed to determine the minimum lethal concentration of glufosinate-ammonium (Finale ® in beans plants cv. `CIAP 7247F' grown in greenhouse. Different concentrations of the herbicide were applied to the foliage of plants in acclimatization phase (20, 30 y 40 mg l-1 and the control. Results showed that the minimum lethal concentration in plants in acclimatization phase was 30 mg l-1. Results also demonstrated that is possible the use of the herbicide as a selective agent of beans transformants cv. `CIAP 7247F' carrying the bar gene. Keywords: genetic transformation, herbicide, selective agent, tissue culture

  7. Diagnosis of Elevator Faults with LS-SVM Based on Optimization by K-CV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhou Wan


    Full Text Available Several common elevator malfunctions were diagnosed with a least square support vector machine (LS-SVM. After acquiring vibration signals of various elevator functions, their energy characteristics and time domain indicators were extracted by theoretically analyzing the optimal wavelet packet, in order to construct a feature vector of malfunctions for identifying causes of the malfunctions as input of LS-SVM. Meanwhile, parameters about LS-SVM were optimized by K-fold cross validation (K-CV. After diagnosing deviated elevator guide rail, deviated shape of guide shoe, abnormal running of tractor, erroneous rope groove of traction sheave, deviated guide wheel, and tension of wire rope, the results suggested that the LS-SVM based on K-CV optimization was one of effective methods for diagnosing elevator malfunctions.

  8. Camera calibration method of binocular stereo vision based on OpenCV (United States)

    Zhong, Wanzhen; Dong, Xiaona


    Camera calibration, an important part of the binocular stereo vision research, is the essential foundation of 3D reconstruction of the spatial object. In this paper, the camera calibration method based on OpenCV (open source computer vision library) is submitted to make the process better as a result of obtaining higher precision and efficiency. First, the camera model in OpenCV and an algorithm of camera calibration are presented, especially considering the influence of camera lens radial distortion and decentering distortion. Then, camera calibration procedure is designed to compute those parameters of camera and calculate calibration errors. High-accurate profile extraction algorithm and a checkboard with 48 corners have also been used in this part. Finally, results of calibration program are presented, demonstrating the high efficiency and accuracy of the proposed approach. The results can reach the requirement of robot binocular stereo vision.

  9. Automatic segmentation of Leishmania parasite in microscopic images using a modified CV level set method (United States)

    Farahi, Maria; Rabbani, Hossein; Talebi, Ardeshir; Sarrafzadeh, Omid; Ensafi, Shahab


    Visceral Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that affects liver, spleen and bone marrow. According to World Health Organization report, definitive diagnosis is possible just by direct observation of the Leishman body in the microscopic image taken from bone marrow samples. We utilize morphological and CV level set method to segment Leishman bodies in digital color microscopic images captured from bone marrow samples. Linear contrast stretching method is used for image enhancement and morphological method is applied to determine the parasite regions and wipe up unwanted objects. Modified global and local CV level set methods are proposed for segmentation and a shape based stopping factor is used to hasten the algorithm. Manual segmentation is considered as ground truth to evaluate the proposed method. This method is tested on 28 samples and achieved 10.90% mean of segmentation error for global model and 9.76% for local model.

  10. Vigor tests to evaluate the physiological quality of corn seeds cv. 'Sertanejo'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Vieira dos Anjos Sena

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: The vigor tests are intended to monitor the quality of seeds as it allows reliably distinguish lots of low and high vigor, providing additional information to the germination test. So in this study the objective was to identify the most efficient vigor tests on stratification of lots of corn seeds cv. 'Sertanejo'. The experiment was conducted at Laboratory of Seed Analysis at the Center of agricultural Science of the Universidade Federal da Paraíba, using samples from 20 seed lots in a completely randomized design. For characterization of the lots it was evaluated water content, germination and vigor (cold test, electrical conductivity, accelerated aging, seedling emergence in field and germination at low temperatures. The accelerated aging, electrical conductivity and field emergence of seedlings tests are the most efficient for classification of lots of corn seeds cv. 'Sertanejo' in levels of vigor, been the seeds of lot 1 the most vigorous.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heri Yulianto


    Full Text Available Standard by PT Sumber Trada Motor leads to no availability of vehicles to be sold by outlets CV Nobel Perdana. Giving great discounts and gifts, making consumers tend to buy directly from outlets PT Sumber Trada Motor. This agency system turns into competition due to the sales and market share CV Nobel Perdana excellent. The usefulness of this study as a researcher competence in the field of business law violations agreement. The problem of research is how the legal provisions breach agreement, the implementation of competition law to businesses which violate the agreement. Is expected to the Government through the KPPU to crack down on employers who violate the law No. 5 of 1999 on Competition, so as to control the businesses that destroy the independence of other businesses.   Keywords: Standard, Agreement, Agency

  12. Potato cv. Romano reaction to primary and secondary infection with potato necrotic strain Y virus (PVYNTN

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Drago Milošević


    Full Text Available Primary and secondary infections with PVYNTN were investigated on forty plants of the potato cv. Romano inoculated in a greenhouse in Serbia in 2012 and 2013. PVY isolates were collected from the potato growing region of Čačak and identified by ELISA and RT-PCR methods. The sequence of the Serbian isolate 3D (Acc. No. KJ946936 showed 100% match with seven PVY isolates deposited in GenBank and described as NTN. A significant difference was detected between PVYNTN symptoms exibited on leaves of the cv. Romano under primary and secondary infections. The findings are significant because they are based on symptoms observed, so that it is clear that there are two distinct types of infection: primary and secondary. Symptoms of primary and secondary infection were the same on potato tubers and had the form of necrotic rings.

  13. Slurry sampling in serum blood for mercury determination by CV-AFS

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Aranda, Pedro R.; Gil, Raul A.; Moyano, Susana; De Vito, Irma; Martinez, Luis D.


    The heavy metal mercury (Hg) is a neurotoxin known to have a serious health impact even at relatively low concentrations. A slurry method was developed for the sensitive and precise determination of mercury in human serum blood samples by cold vapor generation coupled to atomic fluorescence spectrometry (CV-AFS). All variables related to the slurry formation were studied. The optimal hydrochloric concentration and tin(II) chloride concentration for CV generation were evaluated. Calibration within the range 0.1-10 μg L -1 Hg was performed with the standard addition method, and compared with an external calibration. Additionally, the reliability of the results obtained was evaluated by analyzing mercury in the same samples, but submitted to microwave-assisted digestion method. The limit of detection was calculated as 25 ng L -1 and the relative standard deviation was 3.9% at levels around of 0.4 μg L -1 Hg

  14. Sim4CV: A Photo-Realistic Simulator for Computer Vision Applications

    KAUST Repository

    Müller, Matthias


    We present a photo-realistic training and evaluation simulator (Sim4CV) ( with extensive applications across various fields of computer vision. Built on top of the Unreal Engine, the simulator integrates full featured physics based cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and animated human actors in diverse urban and suburban 3D environments. We demonstrate the versatility of the simulator with two case studies: autonomous UAV-based tracking of moving objects and autonomous driving using supervised learning. The simulator fully integrates both several state-of-the-art tracking algorithms with a benchmark evaluation tool and a deep neural network architecture for training vehicles to drive autonomously. It generates synthetic photo-realistic datasets with automatic ground truth annotations to easily extend existing real-world datasets and provides extensive synthetic data variety through its ability to reconfigure synthetic worlds on the fly using an automatic world generation tool.

  15. Maintaining Growth and Sustainable Strategy in Brown Sugar Business, and the Investment Financing Alternative Decision (Case Study: CV. Delovry Sukses Gemilang)


    Ariyani, Laurentia Nindita; Siahaan, Uke MMP


    CV. Delovry Sukses Gemilang (CV. DSG) is a brown sugar supplier from manufacturers in Maron Village, Blitar, to the warehouse of distributors which is located in Tambun, Bekasi. In doing the business, CV. DSG provides the working capital to the collectors in Blitar to produce and pack the brown sugar. Fluctuating commodity prices of sugar cane leads CV. DSG to be difficult to continually maintain the business and shipping costs which is a way further from Blitar to Bekasi. These issues lead C...

  16. Crimson Viper, Phase IV: Field Experimentation Venue Report and CV14 Combined Report (United States)


    battery sources. The system consists of a master node and other nodes used to create a wireless dark network. The wireless mesh nodes are self...create a wireless dark network. The wireless mesh nodes are self-configuring and self-healing. During CV14 Phase IV, separation of nodes averaged...the southern tip of the province, close to the tourism center Pattaya. The Sattahip Naval Base is the largest base of the Royal Thai Navy and is home

  17. Qualitative analysis of laser cutting of CV joints for automobile industry (United States)

    Aboites, Vicente; Ramirez, Roberto; Rayas, Juan


    The optimization of an automatic laser cutting system is reported. This CO2 laser system assisted by an O2 gas jet is used in the cutting of Constant Velocity (CV) joint for the automotive industry. The experimental parameters varied in order to obtain cuts with low roughness were the laser power, cutting speed and oxygen pressure. A mathematical model is presented which explains many of the features of the qualitative optimization realized.

  18. Qualitative analysis of laser cutting of CV joints for the automobile industry (United States)

    Aboites, V.; Ramírez, R.; Rayas, J.


    The optimization of an automatic laser cutting system is reported. This CO II laser system assisted by an O II gas jet is used in the cutting of Constant Velocity (CV) joint for the automotive industry. The experimental parameters varied in order to obtain cuts with low roughness were the laser power, cutting speed and oxygen pressure. A mathematical model is presented which explains many of the features of the qualitative optimization realized.

  19. Analisis Dan Rekayasa Supplier Relationship Management System Pada CV. Softcom Medan




    CV. SOFTCOM is a business entity engages in the computer sales and repair services. At the beginning of its establishment, the company did not see the importance of specialized brand in selling its product. The background of this study was the phenomenon in which many suppliers and different brands of the products found in the market that the company found it difficult to serve its customers claiming the damage of the sold products, the time of product delivered by the suppliers was frequentl...

  20. Auditory extinction and dichotic listening cv task in cerebral infarction preliminary report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Muszkat


    Full Text Available Six stroke patients were studied using a dichotic listening¹ CV task, 4 with left hemisphere infarction, 2 with right hemisphere infarction. It was observed a «lesion--effect», a shift of hemisphere prevalence to the side opposite a brain lesion. The authors suggest that the lesion-effect can be explained by the auditory extinction phenomenon at the linguistic level.

  1. Implementasi JSON Parsing Pada Aplikasi Mobile E-commerce Studi Kasus : CV V3 Tekno Indonesia


    Destian Wijaya, Bhakti; E.M.A, Fenty; Fiade, Andrew


    Sistem operasi Android saat ini merupakan salah satu dari sekian banyak sistem operasi padasmartphone yang sedang mengalami pertumbuhan pesat di dunia, khususnya di Indonesia. CV VitigaTekno Indonesia bergerak di bidang pemasaran gadget membutuhkan media marketing yang dapatdiakses secara online selain website yaitu melalui smartphone. Oleh karena itu penelitian ini berfokuspada bagaimana membuat aplikasi mobile e-commerce pada smartphone Android, dengan caramengambil data yang berasal dari w...

  2. IV and CV curves for irradiated prototype BTeV silicon pixel sensors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Coluccia, Maria R.


    The authors present IV and CV curves for irradiated prototype n + /n/p + silicon pixel sensors, intended for use in the BTeV experiment at Fermilab. They tested pixel sensors from various vendors and with two pixel isolation layouts: p-stop and p-spray. Results are based on exposure with 200 MeV protons up to 6 x 10 14 protons/cm 2

  3. Real-time detecting and tracking ball with OpenCV and Kinect (United States)

    Osiecki, Tomasz; Jankowski, Stanislaw


    This paper presents a way to detect and track ball with using the OpenCV and Kinect. Object and people recognition, tracking are more and more popular topics nowadays. Described solution makes it possible to detect ball based on the range, which is set by the user and capture information about ball position in three dimensions. It can be store in the computer and use for example to display trajectory of the ball.

  4. A real-time camera calibration system based on OpenCV (United States)

    Zhang, Hui; Wang, Hua; Guo, Huinan; Ren, Long; Zhou, Zuofeng


    Camera calibration is one of the essential steps in the computer vision research. This paper describes a real-time OpenCV based camera calibration system, and developed and implemented in the VS2008 environment. Experimental results prove that the system to achieve a simple and fast camera calibration, compared with MATLAB, higher precision and does not need manual intervention, and can be widely used in various computer vision system.

  5. A Geometric Correction Method of Plane Image Based on OpenCV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Xiaopeng


    Full Text Available Using OpenCV, a geometric correction method of plane image from single grid image in a state of unknown camera position is presented. The method can remove the perspective and lens distortions from an image. The method is simple and easy to implement, and the efficiency is high. Experiments indicate that this method has high precision, and can be used in some domains such as plane measurement.

  6. Phytoremediation of 4,4'-thiodiphenol (TDP) and other bisphenol derivatives by Portulaca oleracea cv. (United States)

    Okuhata, Hiroshi; Ninagawa, Masahiko; Takemoto, Naomichi; Ji, Hezhe; Miyasaka, Hitoshi; Iwamoto, Ai; Nagae, Masaki; Ishibashi, Yasuhiro; Arizono, Koji


    4,4'-Thiodiphenol (TDP) is a bisphenol derivative, and there has been no report on TDP removal by any plants or pure bacterial cultures. The removal of TDP by Portulaca oleracea cv., a floricultural herbal plant, was examined with a hydroculture system, and 97% of TDP was removed after 4 days culture. Copyright © 2012 The Society for Biotechnology, Japan. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Analisis Potensi Kecelakaan Kerja Pada CV. Automotive Workshop Dengan Metode Failure Mode and Effect Analysis


    Syauqi, Qiqi Azwani; Susanty, Aries


    [Potential Analysis of Work Accidents at CV. Automotive Workshop using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Method] Nowadays the global automotive industry, especially in developing countries has increased along with the increasing number of internet users and mobile penetration, the GDP rate increase of the developing countries and the growth of middle class-society, which makes the car sales in these countries increased anually. According to Carmudi, Semarang was the second-highest of the car l...

  8. Teacher collaborative curriculum design in technical vocational colleges: a strategy for maintaining curriculum consistency?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Albashiry, N.M.; Voogt, J.M.; Pieters, J.M.


    The Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) curriculum requires continuous renewal and constant involvement of stakeholders in the redesign process. Due to a lack of curriculum design expertise, TVET institutions in developing contexts encounter challenges maintaining and advancing the

  9. CV Raman

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    formatted to take advantage of the changes in publishing methods in the past thirty ..... This work would not have been possible without the support and en- couragement of ..... in which Raman made his decision, have a deeper significance than .... Light in Water and the Colour of the Sea within a month of his return to India ...

  10. Exploring the SDSS Data Set with Linked Scatter Plots. I. EMP, CEMP, and CV Stars

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carbon, Duane F.; Henze, Christopher; Nelson, Bron C., E-mail: [NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility, Moffett Field, CA, 94035-1000 (United States)


    We present the results of a search for extremely metal-poor (EMP), carbon-enhanced metal-poor (CEMP), and cataclysmic variable (CV) stars using a new exploration tool based on linked scatter plots (LSPs). Our approach is especially designed to work with very large spectrum data sets such as the SDSS, LAMOST, RAVE, and Gaia data sets, and it can be applied to stellar, galaxy, and quasar spectra. As a demonstration, we conduct our search using the SDSS DR10 data set. We first created a 3326-dimensional phase space containing nearly 2 billion measures of the strengths of over 1600 spectral features in 569,738 SDSS stars. These measures capture essentially all the stellar atomic and molecular species visible at the resolution of SDSS spectra. We show how LSPs can be used to quickly isolate and examine interesting portions of this phase space. To illustrate, we use LSPs coupled with cuts in selected portions of phase space to extract EMP stars, CEMP stars, and CV stars. We present identifications for 59 previously unrecognized candidate EMP stars and 11 previously unrecognized candidate CEMP stars. We also call attention to 2 candidate He ii emission CV stars found by the LSP approach that have not yet been discussed in the literature.

  11. Analisis Pengaruh Kemampuan, Usaha dan Dukungan Perusahaan terhadap Kinerja Karyawan pada CV Sandang Gloria Konveksindo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jerry Logahan


    Full Text Available Clothing Konveksindo CV Gloria is a trading company engaged in the sale of products and clothing items. Therefore, the performance of employees is very important in achieving that goal. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of ability, effort, and support the company towards the employee's performance CV Gloria Konveksindo Clothing. The method of analysis used in this study is descriptive, Pearson Regression, and Multiple Regression. Data obtained from the appraisal of employee performance by filling in the questionnaire that has been provided by using a Likert scale that is useful to know the degree of disagreement and agreement existing employees to the question on the questionnaire. The results achieved in this study were the ability of employees to work have an influence for 28.8% of employee performance, employee efforts in working to have the effect of 50.6% on employee performance, corporate support for work processes have the effect of 47.7% the performance of employees, while the ability of employees, employee efforts, and support the company has influence for 66.3% of the employee's performance CV Gloria Konveksindo Clothing. With this capability expected of employees, employee efforts, and support the company serve as the main factor to improve employee performance.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rahmad Budiono


    Full Text Available Salah satu komoditi palawija yang memiliki peranan yang penting di Indonesia adalah jagung, karena merupakan sumber protein dan kalori yang sangat dibutuhkan oleh ayam peternak. Pengiriman yang belum tepat waktu merupakan penyebab belum efisiennya kinerja rantai pasokan jagung. Oleh karena itu penelitian ini bertujuan untuk (1 mengidentifikasi dan mengkaji pengelolaan rantai pasokan jagung pada CV. AMIN, (2 menganalisis kinerja rantai pasokan jagung dalam hal efisiensi dan pelaksanaan kemitraan, dan (3 menganalisis alternatif kebijakan pengembangan manajemen rantai pasokan berdasarkan hasil evaluasi rantai pasokan.Penelitian akan dilakukan di CV. AMIN, Jl. Raya Merapi, Lampung Tengah dan petani mitra yang berada di kabupaten Nganjuk. Penelitian mengenai manajemen rantai pasokan Jagung tersebut dilakukan pada bulan Desember 2012 hingga Januari 2013. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan observasi. Responden dalam penelitian ini adalah petani jagung yang berada di Nganjuk, Pengepul, pihak CV. AMIN, dan Gudang Ternak. Penelitian dilakukan dengan metode analisis deskriptif kerangka Food Supply Chain Networking (FSCN, analisis tataniaga, dan analisis deskriptif dengan menggunakan kesesuaian atribut.

  13. Programación de Aplicaciones OpenCV sobre Sistemas Heterogéneos SoC-FPGA


    Sanchis Cases, Francisco José


    OpenCV es una biblioteca de primitivas de procesado de imagen que permite crear algoritmos de Visión por Computador de última generación. OpenCV fue desarrollado originalmente por Intel en 1999 para mostrar la capacidad de procesamiento de los micros de Intel, por lo que la mayoría de la biblioteca está optimizada para correr en estos micros, incluyendo las extensiones MMX y SSE. Actualmente es ampliamente utilizada tanto por la comunidad científica como p...

  14. Aminoethoxivinilglicina no controle do amadurecimento de frutos de caqui cv. Fuyu Aminoethoxyvinylglycine in the ripening control of persimmon fruits cv. Fuyu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela Fuentes Fagundes


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se avaliar o efeito de aminoethoxivinilglicina (AVG, aplicado na pós-colheita, no amadurecimento de frutos de caqui (Diospyros kaki L. cv. Fuyu, armazenados à temperatura de 0 ± 2 ºC. Os frutos foram imersos durante dois minutos em solução de AVG, na concentração de 0; 415; 830 e 1.200 g ha-1 e dissolvidos em água destilada e adição de espalhante adesivo (óleo vegetal a 0,02% (v/v, secos à temperatura ambiente no barracão e armazenados em câmara fria a 0 ± 2 ºC e 95±2 % UR, e avaliados aos 32 e 52 dias com relação à firmeza, sólidos solúveis, pH da polpa, acidez titulável e injúria por frio. O AVG mostrou-se promissor no uso pós-colheita em caqui, onde os frutos tratados conservaram índices de firmeza linear em função da dose e teores de AT, SS e pH aceitáveis para o 'Fuyu'. Porém os frutos apresentaram translucidez, característica de injúria por frio, indicando a necessidade de novos estudos para se compreender a fisiologia pós-colheita deste fruto.An experiment was carried out to analyze the effect of the application of Aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG in post harvest application in persimmon fruits (Diospyros kaki L. cv. Fuyu stored at a temperature of 0 ± 2ºC. The fruits were immersed for two minutes into an AVG solution at a concentration of 0; 415; 830; 1200 g ha-1 and dissolved in distillated water. Then it was added adhesive spreader (vegetable oil 0.02% (v/v, dried at room temperature and stored at 0 ± 2 ºC and 95±2 % humidity. The treatments were evaluated on the 32nd and 52nd days to check the firmness, soluble solids, pH of the pulp, tritable acidity and chilling injury. The AVG may be promising in post harvest use with persimmon fruits, where treated fruits preserved linear levels of firmness in function of the doses and TA, SS and pH levels are acceptable for cv. Fuyu. However, fruits showed translucency, which are characteristics of chilling injury, indicating that new studies are

  15. Materiality and discourse in school curriculum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Valero, Paola


    We bring contemporary theoretical approaches to bear on the question of the relationship between the material and the discursive in curriculum studies when researching the effects of power of the school curriculum in generating the inclusion/exclusion of learners. We argue for the need to bring...... of intellectual, social, and economic poverty are organized in the curriculum. Our focus on school mathematics is essential, since this is a curricular area that is seldom approached as a field of cultural politics....

  16. Development of Curriculum of Learning through Photograph (United States)

    Suzuki, Keiko; Aoki, Naokazu; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki

    A curriculum of an integrated learning using power of photography in the junior highschool was constructed, and was experimented in the class "Seminar for Photographic Expression" of the integrated learning at a junior high school. The center of the curriculum is viewing photographs and self-expression using photography. By comparing the results of questionnaires investigation between before and after the class it is suggested that the curriculum brings about increase in self-esteem, empathy, and motivation for learning. This educational effect is really to foster ability to live self-sufficient lives. On the basis of these results curriculums which can be conducted by anyone at every junior highschool were proposed.

  17. Curriculum Differential Enactment: The Interplay of Teacher, Class, and Curriculum Materials (United States)

    Eisenmann, Tammy


    Curriculum materials' developers typically assume the existence of certain general social-educational classroom practices and norms. Conversely, the current study addresses the effects of context on curriculum enactment, focusing on the interrelations between teacher, class and curriculum materials. Each of the two case studies presented herein…

  18. Formative Evaluation of EFNEP Curriculum: Ensuring the Eating Smart • Being Active Curriculum Is Theory Based (United States)

    Natker, Elana; Baker, Susan S.; Auld, Garry; McGirr, Kathryn; Sutherland, Barbara; Cason, Katherine L.


    The project reported here served to assess a curriculum for EFNEP to ensure theory compliance and content validity. Adherence to Adult Learning Theory and Social Cognitive Theory tenets was determined. A curriculum assessment tool was developed and used by five reviewers to assess initial and revised versions of the curriculum. T-tests for…

  19. State-Based Curriculum-Making: Approaches to Local Curriculum Work in Norway and Finland (United States)

    Mølstad, Christina Elde


    This article investigates how state authorities in Norway and Finland design national curriculum to provide different policy conditions for local curriculum work in municipalities and schools. The topic is explored by comparing how national authorities in Norway and Finland create a scope for local curriculum. The data consist of interviews with…

  20. Automotive Mechanics Curriculum Outline for Secondary Schools. Vocational Education Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Louisiana State Dept. of Education, Baton Rouge. Div. of Vocational Education.

    This curriculum outline for secondary automotive mechanics is structured around Louisiana's Vocational-Technical Automotive Mechanics Curriculum. The curriculum is composed of 16 units of instruction, covering the following topics: benchwork, fundamentals of automotive engines, preventive maintenance, automotive brakes, steering and front…

  1. Project-Based Learning in Post-WWII Japanese School Curriculum: An Analysis via Curriculum Orientations (United States)

    Nomura, Kazuyuki


    In the 2000s, the new national curriculum, dubbed as the "yutori curriculum," introduced a new subject for project-based learning "Integrated Study" as its prominent feature. Comparing curriculum orientations in project-based learning in three historical periods after the WWII including Integrated Study, this paper aims to…



    Juliana Domingues Lima; Wilson da Silva Moraes


    Esse trabalho teve por objetivo testar métodos de controle de contaminação bacteriana no processo de multiplicação in vitro de bananeira (Musa AAA cv. Caipira), utilizando-se hipoclorito de sódio (NaOCl), antibiótico rifampicina e suas combinações. Não houve oxidação excessiva dos explantes após a imersão em NaOCl ou rifampicina. O melhor tratamento para explantes recém isolados foi imersão em NaOCl a 1% (v/v), dura...

  3. WNT Inhibitory Activity of Malus Pumila miller cv Annurca and Malus domestica cv Limoncella Apple Extracts on Human Colon-Rectal Cells Carrying Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Mutations. (United States)

    Riccio, Gennaro; Maisto, Maria; Bottone, Sara; Badolati, Nadia; Rossi, Giovanni Battista; Tenore, Gian Carlo; Stornaiuolo, Mariano; Novellino, Ettore


    Inhibitors of the Wingless-related Integration site (WNT)/β-catenin pathway have recently been under consideration as potential chemopreventive agents against Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP). This autosomal-dominant syndrome is caused by germline mutations in the gene coding for the protein APC and leads to hyperactivation of the WNT/β-catenin signaling pathway, uncontrolled intestinal cell proliferation and formation of adenocarcinomas. The aim of the present work was to: (i) test, on in vitro cultures of cells carrying FAP mutations and on ex vivo biopsies of FAP patients, the WNT inhibitory activity of extracts from two common southern Italian apples, Malus pumila Miller cv. 'Annurca' and Malus domestica cv 'Limoncella'; (ii) identify the mechanisms underpinning their activities and; (iii) evaluate their potency upon gastrointestinal digestion. We here show that both Annurca and Limoncella apple extracts act as WNT inhibitors, mostly thanks to their polyphenolic contents. They inhibit the pathway in colon cells carrying FAP mutations with active dilutions falling in ranges close to consumer-relevant concentrations. Food-grade manufacturing of apple extracts increases their WNT inhibitory activity as result of the conversion of quercetin glycosides into the aglycone quercetin, a potent WNT inhibitor absent in the fresh fruit extract. However, in vitro simulated gastrointestinal digestion severely affected WNT inhibitory activity of apple extracts, as result of a loss of polyphenols. In conclusion, our results show that apple extracts inhibit the WNT pathway in colon cells carrying FAP mutations and represent a potential nutraceutical alternative for the treatment of this pathology. Enteric coating is advisable to preserve the activity of the extracts in the colon-rectal section of the digestive tract.

  4. WNT Inhibitory Activity of Malus Pumila miller cv Annurca and Malus domestica cv Limoncella Apple Extracts on Human Colon-Rectal Cells Carrying Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Mutations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gennaro Riccio


    Full Text Available Inhibitors of the Wingless-related Integration site (WNT/β-catenin pathway have recently been under consideration as potential chemopreventive agents against Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP. This autosomal-dominant syndrome is caused by germline mutations in the gene coding for the protein APC and leads to hyperactivation of the WNT/β-catenin signaling pathway, uncontrolled intestinal cell proliferation and formation of adenocarcinomas. The aim of the present work was to: (i test, on in vitro cultures of cells carrying FAP mutations and on ex vivo biopsies of FAP patients, the WNT inhibitory activity of extracts from two common southern Italian apples, Malus pumila Miller cv. ‘Annurca’ and Malus domestica cv ‘Limoncella’; (ii identify the mechanisms underpinning their activities and; (iii evaluate their potency upon gastrointestinal digestion. We here show that both Annurca and Limoncella apple extracts act as WNT inhibitors, mostly thanks to their polyphenolic contents. They inhibit the pathway in colon cells carrying FAP mutations with active dilutions falling in ranges close to consumer-relevant concentrations. Food-grade manufacturing of apple extracts increases their WNT inhibitory activity as result of the conversion of quercetin glycosides into the aglycone quercetin, a potent WNT inhibitor absent in the fresh fruit extract. However, in vitro simulated gastrointestinal digestion severely affected WNT inhibitory activity of apple extracts, as result of a loss of polyphenols. In conclusion, our results show that apple extracts inhibit the WNT pathway in colon cells carrying FAP mutations and represent a potential nutraceutical alternative for the treatment of this pathology. Enteric coating is advisable to preserve the activity of the extracts in the colon-rectal section of the digestive tract.




  6. A combined SEM, CV and EIS study of multi-layered porous ceramic reactors for flue gas purification

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    He, Zeming; Andersen, Kjeld Bøhm; Nygaard, Frederik Berg


    The effect of sintering temperature of 12-layered porous ceramic reactors (comprising 5 cells) was studied using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The difference in microstructures of the reactors was evaluated by SEM...

  7. Automated and connected vehicle (AV/CV) test bed to improve transit, bicycle, and pedestrian safety : technical report. (United States)


    Crashes involving transit vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians are a concern in Texas, especially in urban areas. This research explored the potential of automated and connected vehicle (AV/CV) technology to reduce or eliminate these crashes. The pr...

  8. Defective secretion of mucilage is the cellular basis for agravitropism in primary roots of Zea mays cv. Ageotropic (United States)

    Miller, I.; Moore, R.


    Root caps of primary, secondary, and seminal roots of Z. mays cv. Kys secrete large amounts of mucilage and are in close contact with the root all along the root apex. These roots are strongly graviresponsive. Secondary and seminal roots of Z. mays cv. Ageotropic are also strongly graviresponsive. Similarly, their caps secrete mucilage and closely appress the root all along the root apex. However, primary roots of Z. mays cv. Ageotropic are non-responsive to gravity. Their caps secrete negligible amounts of mucilage and contact the root only at the extreme apex of the root along the calyptrogen. These roots become graviresponsive when their tips are coated with mucilage or mucilage-like materials. Peripheral cells of root caps of roots of Z. mays cv. Kys contain many dictyosomes associated with vesicles that migrate to and fuse with the plasmalemma. Root-cap cells of secondary and seminal (i.e. graviresponsive) roots of Z. mays cv. Ageotropic are similar to those of primary roots of Z. mays cv. Kys. However, root-cap cells of primary (i.e. non-graviresponsive) roots of Z. mays cv. Ageotropic have distended dictyosomal cisternae filled with an electron-dense, granular material. Large vesicles full of this material populate the cells and apparently do not fuse with the plasmalemma. Taken together, these results suggest that non-graviresponsiveness of primary roots of Z. mays cv. Ageotropic results from the lack of apoplastic continuity between the root and the periphery of the root cap. This is a result of negligible secretion of mucilage by cells along the edge of the root cap which, in turn, appears to be due to the malfunctioning of dictyosomes in these cells.

  9. Kedudukan Para Pihak Dalam Perjanjian Waralaba Studi : Perjanjian Waralaba Antara PT. Indomarco Prismatama Dengan CV. E. Makmur


    Putra, M. S. Feroni


    The rapid franchising business development occurs because the franchising system in general has more probable success compared to the self-performed business with a new trade mark, yet this franchising business agreement of Indomaret between PT. Indomarco Prismatama and CV. E. Makmur. The research question to be answered in this study were that were the rights what were the constraints faced by PT. Indomarco Prismatama and CV. E. Makmur in this agreement, and how did PT. Indomarco Prismatama ...

  10. Examining the Gaps between Teaching and Learning in the Technology Curriculum within Taiwan's 9-Year Articulated Curriculum Reform from the Perspective of Curriculum Implementation (United States)

    Lin, Kuen-Yi; Chang, Liang-Te; Tsai, Fu-Hsing; Kao, Chia-Pin


    Curriculum reform has frequently focused on the curriculum-development stage, overlooking considerations regarding curriculum implementation, which has led to reform failure. In this study, consideration was placed primarily on the curriculum implementation stage. The gaps between teachers' and students' perceptions of content, learning…

  11. Didactic Communication and the Curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirela Arsith


    Full Text Available The hypothesiswhichwe assume is thatthemanagementof thecurriculum is a coherentand unifiedwhole ofprinciples,functions, strategies, criteria designed, integrated andcontextualizedin such way that it would determine the achievement of the aims of quality standards of variousdegrees of generality. Inourapproach,we proposeas basis theconstructivism, a theory of scientificknowledge,which isapplied to learning problems, characterized by the following key ideas: our mindis real;the essenceofthe studyrepresents themental events;knowledge is dynamic activity; learningrepresentsa natural consequence of performance;teaching is a processof negotiated construction ofmeaning;theknowledge processcorerepresent soling problems.What we want to prove is that acompetency-based curriculum isappropriate forachievingthe aims of education.



    P. H. Kusumawathie; Norhisham Mohamad; Ferdous Azam


    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore the conceptual awareness of curriculum policy makers on curriculum development process based on SOLO Taxonomy curriculum approach in secondary level schools. Further, the study explored the relationship between the curriculum development inputs and the SOLO based curriculum development process. The curriculum development inputs are teacher effectiveness, school community, school environment and technology availability. Method: Data was collecte...

  13. Students' Perspectives on LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum (United States)

    Snapp, Shannon D.; Burdge, Hilary; Licona, Adela C.; Moody, Raymond L.; Russell, Stephen T.


    Implementing curriculum that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) people has the potential to create an equitable learning environment. In order to learn more about students' experiences of LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, 26 high school students with diverse racial/ethnic, sexual, and gender identities…

  14. Water Pollution, Environmental Science Curriculum Guide Supplement. (United States)

    McKenna, Harold J.

    This curriculum guide is a 40-day unit plan on water pollution developed, in part, from the National Science Foundation Environmental Science Institutes' Ninth Grade Environmental Science Curriculum Guide. This unit contains teacher lesson plans, suggested teacher and student modules, case studies, and activities to be developed by teachers…

  15. Information-Processing Models and Curriculum Design (United States)

    Calfee, Robert C.


    "This paper consists of three sections--(a) the relation of theoretical analyses of learning to curriculum design, (b) the role of information-processing models in analyses of learning processes, and (c) selected examples of the application of information-processing models to curriculum design problems." (Author)

  16. Innovative Conference Curriculum: Maximizing Learning and Professionalism (United States)

    Hyland, Nancy; Kranzow, Jeannine


    This action research study evaluated the potential of an innovative curriculum to move 73 graduate students toward professional development. The curriculum was grounded in the professional conference and utilized the motivation and expertise of conference presenters. This innovation required students to be more independent, act as a critical…


    Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA. Graduate School of Education.


  18. Incorporating Dynamical Systems into the Traditional Curriculum. (United States)

    Natov, Jonathan


    Presents a brief overview of dynamical systems. Gives examples from dynamical systems and where they fit into the current curriculum. Points out that these examples are accessible to undergraduate freshmen and sophomore students, add continuity to the standard curriculum, and are worth including in classes. (MM)

  19. Designing Research in Environmental Education Curriculum Policy ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    There is increasing dissatisfaction at many levels with existing environmental education curricula in southern Africa. The resulting change and innovation is opening up possibilities for innovative research into the construction, conceptualisation and implementation of the curriculum. However, researching the curriculum ...

  20. A Prospective Curriculum Using Visual Literacy. (United States)

    Hortin, John A.

    This report describes the uses of visual literacy programs in the schools and outlines four categories for incorporating training in visual thinking into school curriculums as part of the back to basics movement in education. The report recommends that curriculum writers include materials pertaining to: (1) reading visual language and…

  1. Regionalism as a Principle for Curriculum Relevance. (United States)

    Blunt, R. J. S.


    Examines the rhetoric of a curriculum development proposal at the University of Port Elizabeth (South Africa) which uses the concept of regionalism as a principal for curriculum development. The regionalist approach is then examined in light of two different approaches to the function of the university. It is concluded that postmodern universities…

  2. Texas Real Estate Curriculum Workshop Summary Report. (United States)

    Lyon, Robert

    The Texas Real Estate Research Center-Texas Education Agency (TRERC-TEA) curriculum workshop was attended by over 40 participants representing 26 Texas community colleges. These participants divided into eight small groups by real estate specialty area and developed curriculum outlines and learning objectives for the following real estate courses:…

  3. A Review of New Mathematics Curriculum Materials. (United States)

    Vanderlin, Carl J., Jr.

    This manual outlines the nature of some of the major curriculum projects in mathematics and lists materials which are available from these projects. An introductory statement concerning the history and philosophy of each program is indicated. The curriculum projects reported on are: (1) Boston College Mathematics Institute, (2) Cambridge…

  4. Meta-Theory and Curriculum Development. (United States)

    Hartoonian, H. Michael

    Curriculum development in any area should be imbued with a meaning that focuses on the cultural values of motivation, logic, and human relationships. The term "meaning" implies seeing relationships (linguistic, economic, political, moral), understanding logic, and being sensitive to the enduring values of the culture. Curriculum developers and…

  5. Dental Curriculum Development in Developing Countries. (United States)

    Phantumvanit, Prathip


    Since establishment of formal dental education in Southeast Asia, changes stemming from research and technology have led to dental curriculum changes. Development of the dental curriculum can be divided into three phases: disease oriented; health oriented; and community oriented. Evolution of these phases is traced in the dental curricula of Laos,…

  6. Technical writing in the radiologic technology curriculum. (United States)

    Bell, R


    Although courses in technical writing are no longer suggested in the Curriculum Guide for Programs in Radiologic Technology, the writer believes that writing is essential to the growth of the profession and development of the professional. Emphasis is placed on some of the benefits that accrue to students who are exposed to technical writing as part of their technology curriculum.

  7. Anatomy of a Bible Course Curriculum. (United States)

    Paterson, Frances R. A.


    Examines case law on the subject of Bible instruction in the public schools, offers a detailed analysis and critique of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools curriculum, and provides suggestions for public schools contemplating adding a course on the Bible to their curricula. (Contains 89 references.) (Author/PKP)

  8. Evolution of Singapore's School Mathematics Curriculum (United States)

    Kaur, Berinderjeet


    The evolution of Singapore's school mathematics curriculum is in tandem with developments in the education system of Singapore. In the last six decades, economic policies of the government that are necessary for the survival of Singapore in a fast changing world have shaped the aims of the school mathematics curriculum. The present day curriculum…

  9. Enquiring Minds: A "Radical" Curriculum Project? (United States)

    Morgan, John


    This article focuses on Enquiring Minds, a three-year curriculum development project funded by Microsoft as part of its Partners in Learning programme and run by Futurelab. The article suggests that the project is best understood as an example of a new type of "curriculum entrepreneurialism" that is impatient with the traditional…

  10. General or Vocational Curriculum: LD Preference (United States)

    Dupoux, Errol


    This study assessed the perceptions of high school students with learning disabilities about the suitability or preference of an academic or vocational curriculum. Students were administered the Vocational Academic Choice Survey (VACS), designed to measure students' perceptions of which curriculum is more suitable for them. Results revealed that a…

  11. Can curriculum managers' reflections produce new strategies ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    managers) who used Moodle visions to manage their school curriculum at a school in Durban, South Africa. The curriculum managers' main aim of using Moodle was to improve teacher and learner performance. The purpose of the study was to ...

  12. Dissect, Design, and Customize the Curriculum (United States)

    Tienken, Christopher H.


    Education bureaucrats in 45 states have approved the Common Core State Standards ([CCSS], 2010) as the de facto national curriculum. The implementation of the CCSS will be monitored by a national standardized test in language arts and mathematics. The confluence of a standardized curriculum enforced with a standardized test will entrench a…

  13. Curriculum Redesign in Veterinary Medicine: Part I. (United States)

    Chaney, Kristin P; Macik, Maria L; Turner, Jacqueline S; Korich, Jodi A; Rogers, Kenita S; Fowler, Debra; Scallan, Elizabeth M; Keefe, Lisa M

    Curricular review is considered a necessary component for growth and enhancement of academic programs and requires time, energy, creativity, and persistence from both faculty and administration. At Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (TAMU), the faculty and administration partnered with the university's Center for Teaching Excellence to create a faculty-driven, data-enhanced curricular redesign process. The 8-step process begins with the formation of a dedicated faculty curriculum design team to drive the redesign process and to support the college curriculum committee. The next steps include defining graduate outcomes and mapping the current curriculum to identify gaps and redundancies across the curriculum. Data are collected from internal and external stakeholders including veterinary students, faculty, alumni, and employers of graduates. Data collected through curriculum mapping and stakeholder engagement substantiate the curriculum redesign. The guidelines, supporting documents, and 8-step process developed at TAMU are provided to assist other veterinary schools in successful curricular redesign. This is the first of a two-part report that provides the background, context, and description of the process for charting the course for curricular change. The process involves defining expected learning outcomes for new graduates, conducting a curriculum mapping exercise, and collecting stakeholder data for curricular evaluation (steps 1-4). The second part of the report describes the development of rubrics that were applied to the graduate learning outcomes (steps 5-8) and engagement of faculty during the implementation phases of data-driven curriculum change.

  14. Adolescent Sexual Education: Designing Curriculum That Works (United States)

    Quincy, Michael L.


    The purpose of this review paper, "Adolescent Sexual Education: Designing Curriculum That Works", is to present some basic curriculum necessities for developing an in-school sexual education program that results in decreasing the number of teenagers initiating sex, thus reducing the number of teen pregnancies and cases of sexually transmitted…

  15. Curriculum Change in Nunavut: Towards Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (United States)

    McGregor, Heather Elizabeth


    Between 1985 and the present, curriculum developers, educators and Elders in Nunavut have been working towards reconceptualization of curriculum to better meet the strengths and needs of Inuit students and to reflect, preserve, and revitalize Inuit worldview, language, and culture. This article outlines the development of the 1989 curriculum…

  16. Integrating gender into a basic medical curriculum.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verdonk, P.; Mans, L.J.L.; Lagro-Janssen, A.L.M.


    INTRODUCTION: In 1998, gaps were found to exist in the basic medical curriculum of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre regarding health-related gender differences in terms of biological, psychological and social factors. After screening the curriculum for language, content and context,

  17. Academic Knowledge Construction and Multimodal Curriculum Development (United States)

    Loveless, Douglas J., Ed.; Griffith, Bryant, Ed.; Bérci, Margaret E., Ed.; Ortlieb, Evan, Ed.; Sullivan, Pamela, Ed.


    While incorporating digital technologies into the classroom has offered new ways of teaching and learning into educational processes, it is essential to take a look at how the digital shift impacts teachers, school administration, and curriculum development. "Academic Knowledge Construction and Multimodal Curriculum Development" presents…

  18. Marine Biology Activities. Ocean Related Curriculum Activities. (United States)

    Pauls, John

    The ocean affects all of our lives. Therefore, awareness of and information about the interconnections between humans and oceans are prerequisites to making sound decisions for the future. Project ORCA (Ocean Related Curriculum Activities) has developed interdisciplinary curriculum materials designed to meet the needs of students and teachers…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noor Arifin


    Full Text Available Abstract: Analysis of Work Quality, Performance, and Job Satisfaction in CV. Duta Senenan Jepara. This study aims to analyze the effect of the quality work life of employees to their performance, analyze the effect of the quality of work life to the job satisfaction, and analyze the effect of the job satisfaction to employee performance. Variables used in this study are: quality of work Life developed by Wayne Cascio 1992; the performance of employees, developed by Elmuti and Kathawala, 1997; and variables Job Satisfaction, provided by Robbin, 1996 and Wexley et al, 1992. The sample of this study consists of 65 employees. The data Analysis were performed using structural equation modeling with partial least square approach. The result suggests that the quality of work life affects the performance; the satisfaction affects the employee performance; and the quality of working life has no effect on employee satisfaction.   Keywords :  quality of work life, on job satisfaction, employee performance   Abstrak: Analisis Kualitas Kehidupan, Kinerja, dan Kepuasan Kerja pada CV. Duta Senenan Jepara. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pengaruh kualitas kehidupan kerja terhadap kinerja karyawan, menganalisis pengaruh kualitas kehidupan kerja terhadap kepuasan kerja, dan menganalisis pengaruh kepuasan kerja terhadap kinerja karyawan. Variabel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah: Kualitas Kehidupan Kerja, dari Cascio Wayne 1992. kemudian kinerja karyawan, dari Elmuti dan Kathawala, 1997, dan Kepuasan Kerja, yang dikembangkan oleh Robbin, 1996 serta Wexley, 1992. Penelitian ini mengambil sampel 65 karyawan dari CV DUTA Senenan Jepara. Teknik analisis yang digunakan adalah Structural Equation Modeling (SEM dengan pendekatan Partial Least Square (PLS. Penelitian ini menyimpulkan bahwa kualitas kehidupan kerja sangat berpengaruh terhadap kinerjanya; kepuasan berpengaruh terhadap kinerja karyawan dan kualitas kehidupan kerja tidak


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonny Koeswara


    Full Text Available Six Sigma adalah metodologi yang terstruktur untuk memperbaiki proses yang difokuskan pada usaha mengurangi variasi pada proses sekaligus mengurangi defect pada produk dengan menggunakan pendekatan statistik dan Problem solving tools secara intensif. Tujuan dari metode Six Sigma ini adalah untuk mendapatkan zero defect dengan menjalankan 5 tahapan yaitu : Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve ,dan Control (DMAIC. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk menerapkan metode Six Sigma di Cv. Sancu Creative Indonesia yang merupakan badan usaha yang memproduksi sandal karakter. Masalah yang terjadi adalah adanya defect sol sandal mudah mengelupas yang berakibat pada kualitas sandal dan salah satu penghambat visi dan misi perusahaan. Penelitian ini dibagi dalam 5 tahap. Tahap pertama adalah Define, yang bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi masalah yang terjadi yang berasal dari kebutuhan konsumen berdasarkan data DCA dan OQC defect di CV. SANCU. Tahap kedua adalah Measure yaitu mengukur kondisi level performance proses saat ini (Z-Level. Pada tahap ini dilakukan validasi sistem pengukuran  dengan  menghitung  Dpo,Dpmo,Yield  dan  Sigma  level.  Tahap  ketiga  adalah Analyze yaitu menentukan faktor-faktor penyebab terjadinya sol sandal mengelupas dan sekaligus menentukan vital faktor. Hasil dari pengujian menunjukkan bahwa vital faktor adalah waktu penempelan.Tahap keempat adalah improvement yaitu melakukan perbaikan dengan memberikan timer diarea lokasi penempelan. Control yaitu kegiatan melakukan pemantauan dari hasil perbaikan yang telah di implementasikan Kondisi   setelah   perbaikan   menghasilkan   perubahan   yang   signifikan   terhadap kapabilitas performance pada sandal, yaitu perubahan nilai sigma level setelah perbaikan 4.74s dari yang sebelum perbaikan adalah 4.26 s. Dari nilai tersebut dapat disimpulkan bahwa metode waktu penempelan dan kontrol pada performance sandal Cv. Sancu sudah membaik.

  1. Herpes simplex virus produces larger plaques when assayed on ultraviolet irradiated CV1 cells

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Coohill, T.P.; Babich, M.A.; Taylor, W.D.; Snipes, W.


    Plaque development for either untreated or UV treated irradiated Herpes simplex virus Type 1 was faster when assayed on UV irradiated CV1 cells. This Large Plaque Effect only occurred if a minimum delay of 12h between cell irradiation and viral inoculation was allowed. Shorter delays gave plaques that were smaller than controls (unirradiated virus-unirradiated cells). The effect was maximal for a 48-h delay and remained unchanged for delays as long as 84h. The effect was greatest for cell exposures of 10Jm -2 . (author)

  2. Development of high yielding mutants of Brassica campestris L. cv. Toria selection through gamma rays irradiation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Javed, M.A.; Siddiqui, M.A.; Khan, M.K.R.; Khatri, A.; Khan, I.A.; Dahar, N.A.; Khanzada, M.H.; Khan, R.


    Homogeneous seeds of Brassica campestris L. cv. Toria selection were treated with different doses of gamma rays (750, 1000 and 1250 Gy) to induce genetic variability for the selection of new genotypes with improved agronomic traits. After passing through different stages of selection, two promising mutants were selected for further studies. Two selected mutants along with 5 other entries including parent variety were evaluated for yield and yield components in yield trials for two consecutive years. The mutant TS96-752 was significantly (P less than or equal to 0.05) superior to all other entries in grain yield but at par with FSD 86028-3

  3. In Vivo and in Vitro Micrografting of Pistachio, Pistacia vera L. cv. "Siirt"


    ONAY, Ahmet; PİRİNÇ, Vedat; ADIYAMAN, Filiz; IŞIKALAN, Çiğdem; TİLKAT, Engin; BAŞARAN, Davut


    In this study, the success of in vivo and in vitro micrografts of pistachio (Pistacia vera L. cv. "Siirt") materials are presented. The only variable tested was age (1, 5, 10, and 30-year-old trees). Ten- to 12-day-old axenic seedlings germinated in vitro or seedlings (3 to 5 months-old) grown in pots in vivo were used as rootstocks. Shoot tips collected from the four age classes of mature trees of pistachio were the source of scions. Firm contact between the scion and roots...

  4. Study of the activation of the parts components of the CV-28 cyclotron

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fajardo, P.W.


    The CV-17 cyclotron, isochronous, compact, of variable energy is an accelerator of charged particles and is applied in several situations such as: radioisotopes production, neutron production, irradiation damage analysis, activation analysis. During the production of the particle beams, the parts components of the interior of the cyclotron are irradiated and become radioactive. Due the fact of the cyclotron require maintenance, the knowledgement of the radionuclides present is of primordial importance of the view point of the radioprotection. Taking the excitation function of a nuclear reaction is observed that determined reaction may happen and produce a radionuclide. The radionuclides formed in the parts components by charged particles are presented. (V.R.B.)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Slavica TODIĆ


    Full Text Available Level of affi nity between grapevine rootstock and Vitis vinifera as scion, quality of reproductive materials and technological actions in grapevine rootstock production process determine success in grapevine rootstock production in large extent. Practical training showed that difference in level of compatibility between grapevine rootstock and grafted Vitis vinifera cultivars are existing. Direct effects of these differences are unequal yield of fi rst class grafted grapevine rootlings. In this paper, level of compatibility in nursery between clones of cv. Chardonnay BCL 75, VCR4 and cv. Merlot R18, MCL 519 and grapevine rootstocks Kober 5BB (Vitis berlandieri x V. riparia, SO4 (V. berlandieri x V. riparia and 41B (Chasselas x V.berlandieri were investigated. The trial was conducted in commercial grapevine nursery located in Velika Drenova, Serbia. As an index of compatibility, grade of high quality grapevine grafted rootlings, dry matter in mature shoots and root system development were used. Grafting was done by `tongue grafting` indoor technique. Stratifi cation was done in sand, on temperature of the stratifi cation material of 26-28oC, and humidity of around 90%. Grafted cuttings were waxed twice: before stratifi cation, and before planting in the nursery. Grafted rootlings were classed in two classes according to regulations of quality, (Yugoslav Offi cial Register, 26/79. Grafted rootlings that did not satisfi ed standard criteria were discarded. Both clones of cv. Chardonnay gave the highest percentage of I class grafted rootlings on grapevine rootstock 41B: clone BCL 75 – 60% and clone VCR4 – 61%. In the same combination, those grapevine grafted rootlings had the highest weight of the root system. Lower percentage of obtained I class grafted rootlings was established on rootstock Kober 5BB, while statistically signifi cantly lower yields were obtained on grapevine rootstock SO4: clone BCL75 – 43% and clone VCR4 – 48%. Dry

  6. Induction of chlorophyll chimeras and chlorophyll mutations in mungbean (Vigna radiata) cv. T44

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Singh, V.P.; Yadav, R.D.S.


    Uniform and healthy seeds of mungbean (Vigna radiata) cv. T44 were exposed to varying doses of gamma rays, ethyl methane sulphonate (EMS) and combination treatment of gamma rays with EMS. The data were recorded for seed germination, plant survival, frequency and spectrum of chlorophyll chimeras in M 1 and chlorophyll mutations in M 2 generation. Among all, the combination treatments were found most effective for inducing chlorophyll chimeras and chlorophyll mutations than the gamma rays or EMS alone. Of the mutants under reference, the albino, xantha and chlorina showed monogenic recessive while viridis exhibited digenic recessive inheritance. (author). 8 refs., 2 tabs

  7. Influence of gamma radiation on carbohydrates metabolism of ripening papaya (Carica papaya L. cv. Solo)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gomez, M.L.P.A.; Lajolo, F.M.; Cordenunsi, B.R.


    Food irradiation is one of the most promising treatments that can be utilized for fruits disinfestation and extension of shelf life. The authors studied the influence of 0,5 kGy of Gamma irradiation on the soluble carbohydrates composition of papaya (Carica papaya L. cv. Solo) fruit, and on sucrose metabolizing enzymes: sucrose synthase (SS), sucrose-phosphate synthase, acid and neutral invertases activities, during ripening. The results demonstrated that ethylene production, total soluble sugars, sucrose content, and sucrose-phosphate synthase and invertases activities were affected by irradiation, but not respiration, glucose and fructose content, and SS activity. (author)





    Estudou-se o efeito da embalagem de policloreto de vinila (PVC) sobre a vida de prateleira de mangas cv. Tommy Atkins armazenadas sob refrigeração. Mangas no estádio de maturidade fisiológica, com casca verde ou levemente avermelhada, foram embaladas individualmente, com filme de 10mm de espessura, e armazenadas por 28 dias a 12ºC (80-90% UR). Frutos sem embalagem serviram de controle. Durante o período de armazenagem, foram feitas avaliações sensoriais utilizando o método de escala hedônica ...

  9. 123 I production using CV-28 cyclotron from IPEN-CNEN/SP

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mestnik, S.A.C.; Mengatti, J.; Nieto, W.; Yanagawa, S.I.; Sumiya, L.C.A.; Silva, C.P.G.; Osso Junior, J.A.


    The main conditions for iodine 123 production by 124 Te (p,2 n) 123 I reaction were presented, using the cyclotron CV-28 at IPEN-CNEN/SP, with protons of E max = 24 MeV. Two types of targets (Te O 2 and Te O 2 + 2% Al 2 O 3 ) and the influence of Al 2 O 3 in iodine release were studied. After the selection, the 124 Te O 2 (96,2%) target, was melted in platinum support and irradiated with proton current until 12 mu A. The separation of 123 I was made by dry distillation, using induction furnace and O 2 atmosphere. (C.G.C.)





    O presente trabalho foi desenvolvido com o objetivo de dimensionar as perdas de qualidade de maçãs cv. Gala durante o armazenamento refrigerado. Para determinar estas perdas, foi feito um acompanhamento durante três anos consecutivos, com frutos de três tamanhos: calibre em torno de 100 frutos/caixa de 18kg, calibre 130 e calibre acima de 200. Quinzenalmente, durante os primeiros 90 dias de armazenagem no primeiro ano, 144 dias no segundo ano e 211 dias no terceiro ano, amostras de 20 a 30 ma...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iracema MP Calderon

    Full Text Available Objective: This review aims to develop a critical and current analysis of the basic structure of a Postgraduate program for proposing improvement actions and new evaluation criteria. Method: To examine the items that are areas of concentration (AC, research lines (LP, research projects (PP, curricular structure and fundraising were consulted the Area Document, the 2013 Evaluation Report and the Assessment Sheets of Medicine III programs, evaluated in the 2010-2012 period. Results: Consistency is recommended especially among AC, LP and PP, with genuine link between activities and permanent teachers skills and based on structured curriculum in the education of the student. The Program Proposal interfere, and much, in qualifying a program. The curriculum should provide subsidy to the formation of the researcher, through the core subjects, and development of PP, being the concept of disciplines to support lines and research projects. Fundraise should be set out in research projects and in the CV-Lattes. The area recommended that at least 40-50% of permanent teachers present fundraising and the minimum 20-25% of these teachers to have productivity scholarship PQ / CNPq during the triennium. Conclusion: It is necessary to promote wide discussion and find a consensus denominator for these issues. The actions should contribute to the improvement of evaluation forms and certainly for the qualification of the programs but graduate.

  12. Crecimiento en clavel estándar cv. Nelson, en suelo y en sustratos Crescimento de cravo estandar cv. Nelson, em solo e em substratos Growth of standard carnation cv. Nelson, in soil and substrates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Del Pilar Baracaldo Argüello


    Full Text Available El cultivo de clavel en la sabana de Bogotá ha sido importante, ya que representa en la actualidad el segundo lugar de exportación en flores de corte. Recientemente, su producción en sistema de cultivo en sustrato ha aumentado debido fundamentalmente a limitantes de tipo sanitario, por lo cual es importante el estudio del crecimiento de las plantas establecidas en este sistema de cultivo. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar el crecimiento del clavel estándar cv. Nelson establecido en sustratos y en suelo, a segundo pico de cosecha, para lo cual, en el SENA - Centro Multisectorial de Mosquera, plantas de clavel se sometieron a los siguientes tratamientos: 100% de cascarilla de arroz quemada; 65% cascarilla de arroz quemada - 35% fibra de coco; 35% cascarilla de arroz quemada - 65% fibra de coco y suelo. En muestreos continuos se evaluaron las variables número de hojas, longitud del tallo, diámetro de tallo, número de nudos y diámetro y longitud del botón floral y se ajustaron curvas de crecimiento. Las plantas cultivadas en el tratamiento suelo presentaron mayor número de tallos. En este tratamiento los tallos florales también presentaron un mayor número de nudos y de hojas; sin embargo, fueron más cortos. Así mismo, presentaron menor diámetro de tallo y menor longitud y diámetro del botón floral; características determinantes de la calidad. Por tanto, la producción de tallos exportables de grado "select" fue significativamente inferior en el tratamiento suelo, en comparación con los demás tratamientos.O cultivo de cravo no planalto de Bogotá tem sido importante, visto que representa, na atualidade, o segundo lugar nas exportações colombianas de flores de corte. Recentemente, sua produção em sistemas de cultivo em substrato tem aumentado em consequência de fatores sanitários. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o desenvolvimento do cravo tipo estandar cv. Nelson, estabelecido em substratos e em solo, na segunda


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego Henriques Santos


    Full Text Available

    Phosphorus is considered an essential element for plants, but it is found in low amounts in Brazilian soils, mainly in areas destined to pastures, and the application of organic matter contributes to the improvement of physical, chemical and biological soil attributes. The research had the objective of evaluating the application effects of the Bokashi organic compound on soil macro and micronutrients contents and leaves, as well as on Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandú dry mass yield, evaluating the potential of the organic fertilizer as phosphorus source, in comparison with conventional chemical fertilizers. Different organic compound doses supplied the soil with 17 kg P2O5 ha-1, 34 kg P2O5 ha-1, 68 kg P2O5 ha-1, 136 kg P2O5 ha-1, and 204 kg P2O5 ha-1, comparing it with the conventional chemical fertilizer and the control. The results revealed that the organic fertilizer Bokashi can adequately replace the conventional chemical fertilizer of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandú, supplying the soil and plant with appropriate nutrients levels and maintaining the dry mass yield.

    KEY-WORDS: Organic matter; organic fertilizers; plants mineral nutrition; Bokashi

  14. Crowdsourced Curriculum Development for Online Medical Education. (United States)

    Shappell, Eric; Chan, Teresa M; Thoma, Brent; Trueger, N Seth; Stuntz, Bob; Cooney, Robert; Ahn, James


    In recent years online educational content, efforts at quality appraisal, and integration of online material into institutional teaching initiatives have increased. However, medical education has yet to develop large-scale online learning centers. Crowd-sourced curriculum development may expedite the realization of this potential while providing opportunities for innovation and scholarship. This article describes the current landscape, best practices, and future directions for crowdsourced curriculum development using Kern's framework for curriculum development and the example topic of core content in emergency medicine. A scoping review of online educational content was performed by a panel of subject area experts for each step in Kern's framework. Best practices and recommendations for future development for each step were established by the same panel using a modified nominal group consensus process. The most prevalent curriculum design steps were (1) educational content and (2) needs assessments. Identified areas of potential innovation within these steps included targeting gaps in specific content areas and developing underrepresented instructional methods. Steps in curriculum development without significant representation included (1) articulation of goals and objectives and (2) tools for curricular evaluation. By leveraging the power of the community, crowd-sourced curriculum development offers a mechanism to diffuse the burden associated with creating comprehensive online learning centers. There is fertile ground for innovation and scholarship in each step along the continuum of curriculum development. Realization of this paradigm's full potential will require individual developers to strongly consider how their contributions will align with the work of others.

  15. Heterogeneous compute in computer vision: OpenCL in OpenCV (United States)

    Gasparakis, Harris


    We explore the relevance of Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) in Computer Vision, both as a long term vision, and as a near term emerging reality via the recently ratified OpenCL 2.0 Khronos standard. After a brief review of OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0, including HSA features such as Shared Virtual Memory (SVM) and platform atomics, we identify what genres of Computer Vision workloads stand to benefit by leveraging those features, and we suggest a new mental framework that replaces GPU compute with hybrid HSA APU compute. As a case in point, we discuss, in some detail, popular object recognition algorithms (part-based models), emphasizing the interplay and concurrent collaboration between the GPU and CPU. We conclude by describing how OpenCL has been incorporated in OpenCV, a popular open source computer vision library, emphasizing recent work on the Transparent API, to appear in OpenCV 3.0, which unifies the native CPU and OpenCL execution paths under a single API, allowing the same code to execute either on CPU or on a OpenCL enabled device, without even recompiling.

  16. Quality characteristics of soybean pasted (Doenjang) manufactured with 2 soybean mutant lines derived from cv. baekwon

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lee, Kyung Jun; Kang, Si Yong; Choi, Hong Il; Kim, Jin Baek


    In order to identification of the possibility of manufacturing soybean paste (doenjang) with soybean mutant lines induced from gamma-ray mutagenesis, this study was performed to investigate the quality characteristics of doenjang using two soybean mutant lines, Baekwon-1 (BW-1) and Baekwon-2 (BW-2) and their original cultivar (cv. Baekwon, BW) for 8 weeks. The BW and two mutant lines (BW-1 and BW-2) were showed higher content of amino type nitrogen than control (cv. Taegwang). The pH decreased and the titratable acidity increased all the samples during aging period. The lightness, redness and yellowness of doenjang were the lowest in BW. Total free sugar content of doenjang was the highest in control (10.43%) after 4 weeks and composed mainly fructose and glucose. The order of the free amino acid content was Glutamic acid>Leucine>Lysine>Phenylalanine>Aspartic acid in control, Glutamic acid>Leucine >Arginine>Lysine>Phenylalanine in BW, Glutamic acid>Lysine>Phenylalanine>Aspartic acid>Valine in BW-1 and Glutamic acid>Arginine>Lysine>Phenylalanine>Aspartic acid in BW-2, respectively. Our results showed that it is possible to increase the quality of doenjang using soybean mutant lines in manufacturing soybean paste

  17. Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles Used in Preservative Solutions for Chrysanthemum cv. Puma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis M. Carrillo-López


    Full Text Available The use of pulse solutions containing antimicrobials has been reported, but more research is necessary. To increase vase life and to study their effect on opening inflorescences, silver nanoparticles were used in vase solutions for cv. Puma Chrysanthemum stems. The nanoparticles were synthesized biologically using Chenopodium ambrosioides L. applied at concentrations of 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1, and 5 mM and compared with a control. Treatments were replicated five times. The stems were cut to 50 cm and observed until the end of their vase life. Low concentrations of silver nanoparticles promoted inflorescence opening and leaf yellowing, while the control leaves remained green, but there was a lower degree of inflorescence opening. High concentrations of silver nanoparticles (0.5, 1, and 5 mM caused senescence due to low water uptake through the stems. Statistical differences in inflorescence opening and diameter, bacterial growth (CFU mL−1 in vase solutions, fresh weight, water uptake, and vase life were found among treatments. Longer vase life and less weight loss were observed in the stems exposed to low concentrations of silver nanoparticles. Low concentrations of silver nanoparticles promoted inflorescence opening and increased vase life of Chrysanthemum cv. Puma.

  18. Intestinal Permeability and Cellular Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Compounds from Mango (Mangifera indica cv. Ataulfo Peels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramón Pacheco-Ordaz


    Full Text Available Mango (Mangifera indica cv. Ataulfo peel contains bound phenolics that may be released by alkaline or acid hydrolysis and may be converted into less complex molecules. Free phenolics from mango cv. Ataulfo peel were obtained using a methanolic extraction, and their cellular antioxidant activity (CAA and permeability were compared to those obtained for bound phenolics released by alkaline or acid hydrolysis. Gallic acid was found as a simple phenolic acid after alkaline hydrolysis along with mangiferin isomers and quercetin as aglycone and glycosides. Only gallic acid, ethyl gallate, mangiferin, and quercetin were identified in the acid fraction. The acid and alkaline fractions showed the highest CAA (60.5% and 51.5% when tested at 125 µg/mL. The value of the apparent permeability coefficient (Papp across the Caco-2/HT-29 monolayer of gallic acid from the alkaline fraction was higher (2.61 × 10−6 cm/s than in the other fractions and similar to that obtained when tested pure (2.48 × 10−6 cm/s. In conclusion, mango peels contain bound phenolic compounds that, after their release, have permeability similar to pure compounds and exert an important CAA. This finding can be applied in the development of nutraceuticals using this important by-product from the mango processing industry.

  19. Biochemical markers assisted screening of Fusarium wilt resistant Musa paradisiaca (L.) cv. puttabale micropropagated clones. (United States)

    Venkatesh; Krishna, V; Kumar, K Girish; Pradeepa, K; Kumar, S R Santosh; Kumar, R Shashi


    An efficient protocol was standardized for screening of panama wilt resistant Musa paradisiaca cv. Puttabale clones, an endemic cultivar of Karnataka, India. The synergistic effect of 6-benzyleaminopurine (2 to 6 mg/L) and thidiazuron (0.1 to 0.5 mg/L) on MS medium provoked multiple shoot induction from the excised meristem. An average of 30.10 +/- 5.95 shoots was produced per propagule at 4 mg/L 6-benzyleaminopurine and 0.3 mg/L thidiazuron concentrations. Elongation of shoots observed on 5 mg/L BAP augmented medium with a mean length of 8.38 +/- 0.30 shoots per propagule. For screening of disease resistant clones, multiple shoot buds were mutated with 0.4% ethyl-methane-sulfonate and cultured on MS medium supplemented with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (FOC) culture filtrate (5-15%). Two month old co-cultivated secondary hardened plants were used for screening of disease resistance against FOC by the determination of biochemical markers such as total phenol, phenylalanine ammonia lyase, oxidative enzymes like peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, catalase and PR-proteins like chitinase, beta-1-3 glucanase activities. The mutated clones of M. paradisiaca cv. Puttabale cultured on FOC culture filtrate showed significant increase in the levels of biochemical markers as an indicative of acquiring disease resistant characteristics to FOC wilt.

  20. Intestinal Permeability and Cellular Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Compounds from Mango (Mangifera indica cv. Ataulfo) Peels (United States)

    Pacheco-Ordaz, Ramón; González-Aguilar, Gustavo A.


    Mango (Mangifera indica cv. Ataulfo) peel contains bound phenolics that may be released by alkaline or acid hydrolysis and may be converted into less complex molecules. Free phenolics from mango cv. Ataulfo peel were obtained using a methanolic extraction, and their cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) and permeability were compared to those obtained for bound phenolics released by alkaline or acid hydrolysis. Gallic acid was found as a simple phenolic acid after alkaline hydrolysis along with mangiferin isomers and quercetin as aglycone and glycosides. Only gallic acid, ethyl gallate, mangiferin, and quercetin were identified in the acid fraction. The acid and alkaline fractions showed the highest CAA (60.5% and 51.5%) when tested at 125 µg/mL. The value of the apparent permeability coefficient (Papp) across the Caco-2/HT-29 monolayer of gallic acid from the alkaline fraction was higher (2.61 × 10−6 cm/s) than in the other fractions and similar to that obtained when tested pure (2.48 × 10−6 cm/s). In conclusion, mango peels contain bound phenolic compounds that, after their release, have permeability similar to pure compounds and exert an important CAA. This finding can be applied in the development of nutraceuticals using this important by-product from the mango processing industry. PMID:29419800

  1. Business Strategy of CV Jaya Sampurna in Facing Soft Drink Distributor Competition in Bekasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seri Nurmala


    Full Text Available CV Jaya Sampurna is a soft drink distributor in Bekasi. Distributor company has a low profit margin, moreover the product sold is Fast Moving Consumers Goods with a very low profit margin (3.5%–5%. Therefore the company depends on a high volume of sales. Besides, there are many competitors in this industry, thus the business strategy is needed to improve the competitive advantage of the company. Given the conditions,this research was to identify the internal and the external factors, to identify the formulation of business strategy alternative, and to identify the recommendation of functional strategy for CV Jaya Sampurna. Research used descriptive method; and the type of research used was case study. Data were gathered from questionnaires and interview to three member of managers: Director, Operational Manager, and Finance Manager. Data wereanalyzed by using EFE, IFE, SWOT, IE, Grand Strategy Matrix and QSPM. The result of this research implies that the alternative strategy based on QSPM’s result was market penetration


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Hu


    Full Text Available For the island coastline segmentation, a fast segmentation algorithm for C-V model method based on exponential image sequence generation is proposed in this paper. The exponential multi-scale C-V model with level set inheritance and boundary inheritance is developed. The main research contributions are as follows: 1 the problems of the "holes" and "gaps" are solved when extraction coastline through the small scale shrinkage, low-pass filtering and area sorting of region. 2 the initial value of SDF (Signal Distance Function and the level set are given by Otsu segmentation based on the difference of reflection SAR on land and sea, which are finely close to the coastline. 3 the computational complexity of continuous transition are successfully reduced between the different scales by the SDF and of level set inheritance. Experiment results show that the method accelerates the acquisition of initial level set formation, shortens the time of the extraction of coastline, at the same time, removes the non-coastline body part and improves the identification precision of the main body coastline, which automates the process of coastline segmentation.

  3. Information Hiding In Digital Video Using DCT, DWT and CvT (United States)

    Abed Shukur, Wisam; Najah Abdullah, Wathiq; Kareem Qurban, Luheb


    The type of video that used in this proposed hiding a secret information technique is .AVI; the proposed technique of a data hiding to embed a secret information into video frames by using Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Curvelet Transform (CvT). An individual pixel consists of three color components (RGB), the secret information is embedded in Red (R) color channel. On the receiver side, the secret information is extracted from received video. After extracting secret information, robustness of proposed hiding a secret information technique is measured and obtained by computing the degradation of the extracted secret information by comparing it with the original secret information via calculating the Normalized cross Correlation (NC). The experiments shows the error ratio of the proposed technique is (8%) while accuracy ratio is (92%) when the Curvelet Transform (CvT) is used, but compared with Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), the error rates are 11% and 14% respectively, while the accuracy ratios are (89%) and (86%) respectively. So, the experiments shows the Poisson noise gives better results than other types of noises, while the speckle noise gives worst results compared with other types of noises. The proposed technique has been established by using MATLAB R2016a programming language.

  4. Verbal cues effectively orient children's auditory attention in a CV-syllable dichotic listening paradigm. (United States)

    Phélip, Marion; Donnot, Julien; Vauclair, Jacques


    In their groundbreaking work featuring verbal dichotic listening tasks, Mondor and Bryden showed that tone cues do not enhance children's attentional orienting, in contrast to adults. The magnitude of the children's right-ear advantage was not attenuated when their attention was directed to the left ear. Verbal cues did, however, appear to favour the orientation of attention at around 10 years, although stimulus-onset asynchronies (SOAs), which ranged between 450 and 750 ms, were not rigorously controlled. The aim of our study was therefore to investigate the role of both types of cues in a typical CV-syllable dichotic listening task administered to 8- to 10-year-olds, applying a protocol as similar as possible to that used by Mondor and Bryden, but controlling for SOA as well as for cued ear. Results confirmed that verbal cues are more effective than tone cues in orienting children's attention. However, in contrast to adults, no effect of SOA was observed. We discuss the relative difficulty young children have processing CV syllables, as well as the role of top-down processes in attentional orienting abilities.

  5. Testing Anchoring effect in CV Data from Dichotomous Choice with a Follow-up Questioning

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shin, Young Cheol [Dae-Jin University, Pocheon (Korea)


    A questionnaire of dual bisected selection of CVM, which is an induced approach of intended payment, was suggested to overcome statistical inefficiency of a questionnaire of single bisected selection. In spite of several advantages of it, it is doubted that there would be an occurrence of anchoring effect, which is a psychological source of convenient starting point. Therefore, the general intended payment model, which can review the anchoring effect from CV questionnaire of dual bisected selection, was suggested and a mechanism that can review the anchoring effect from the model. This model is combining the dual variation model by Cameron and Quiggin (1994) with the results of bisected selective responses of a firstly presented particular amount as an explanatory variable of the second interior intended payment amount. If the sign of coefficient of the results of bisected selective responses of a firstly presented particular amount was negative and statistically significant, then it can be said that there is an anchoring effect. However, when there is uncertainty of occurrence of anchoring effect from the coefficient review, there is no need to worry about the anchoring effect if the average of estimated values of intended payment amount from two responses were different. As a result of applying this model and mechanism to CV materials on the improvement of water quality of the Han River, there is no need to worry about the anchoring effect. (author). 21 refs., 4 tabs.

  6. Obtaining of potato microtubers cv. ‘Andinita’ in Temporary Immersion Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janet Igarza Castro


    Full Text Available The Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrícolas (INIA, Venezuela, is producing potato seed by biotechnology in its National Seed Plan. The seeds needed are greater than the installed capacity. The acquisition of temporary immersion system (ITS enables developing research in the production of seed potatoes to ensure quality, efficiency and reduced production costs. The purchase of seeds will decrease and contribute to food security and sovereignty of the country. This work was aimed to obtain potato microtubers cv. ‘Andinita’ in SIT. In vitro plants propagated by organogenesis and SIT in 10 liters capacity were used. Explants (100 were inoculated per pot. After five weeks in multiplication a change of culture medium was carried out to induce tuberization. Three immersion frequencies were tested. Plant height was measured and the number of microtubers and fresh dough was quantified. Potato microtubers cv. ‘Andinita’ in SIT were obtained. The best results were achieved with immersions every four hours, averaging five to seven microtubers per plant (approximately 600 microtubers per culture vessel, with sizes between 4 and 16 mm, with an average of 3 g fresh weight, which ensured budding efficiency and allow direct field planting. This result constitutes the first report of the use of SIT for propagation of potatoes in Venezuela. This is a new possibility to use SIT in other varieties. Key words: shoot tip, immersion frequency, seed

  7. Quality characteristics of soybean pasted (Doenjang) manufactured with 2 soybean mutant lines derived from cv. baekwon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Kyung Jun; Kang, Si Yong; Choi, Hong Il; Kim, Jin Baek [Advanced Radiation Technology Institute, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Jeongeup (Korea, Republic of)


    In order to identification of the possibility of manufacturing soybean paste (doenjang) with soybean mutant lines induced from gamma-ray mutagenesis, this study was performed to investigate the quality characteristics of doenjang using two soybean mutant lines, Baekwon-1 (BW-1) and Baekwon-2 (BW-2) and their original cultivar (cv. Baekwon, BW) for 8 weeks. The BW and two mutant lines (BW-1 and BW-2) were showed higher content of amino type nitrogen than control (cv. Taegwang). The pH decreased and the titratable acidity increased all the samples during aging period. The lightness, redness and yellowness of doenjang were the lowest in BW. Total free sugar content of doenjang was the highest in control (10.43%) after 4 weeks and composed mainly fructose and glucose. The order of the free amino acid content was Glutamic acid>Leucine>Lysine>Phenylalanine>Aspartic acid in control, Glutamic acid>Leucine >Arginine>Lysine>Phenylalanine in BW, Glutamic acid>Lysine>Phenylalanine>Aspartic acid>Valine in BW-1 and Glutamic acid>Arginine>Lysine>Phenylalanine>Aspartic acid in BW-2, respectively. Our results showed that it is possible to increase the quality of doenjang using soybean mutant lines in manufacturing soybean paste.

  8. Heliconia cv. Golden Torch cultivated under different irrigation depths in protected environment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alcilane Arnaldo Silva


    Full Text Available The genus Heliconia is commercially detached by the exotic appearance of the inflorescences but is susceptible to lack of moisture in the soil, being necessary the irrigation management. In this sense, the objective was to evaluate the effect of different irrigation levels on the plant growth and productive characters of Heliconia psittacorum cv. Golden Torch cultivated in vase. The experiment was conducted from March to October 2014, in a randomized blocks design. Five treatments corresponding to the different irrigation levels were used [50, 75, 100, 125 and 150% of the evaporation measured in Class A (ECA] with four replicates and two plants per replicate. The following evaluations were carried out: number of days for the emergence of the first tiller, number of days for the emergence of the first inflorescence, number of days for the inflorescence harvest, crop cycle, diameter of the flower stem, length of the flower stem, inflorescence length, plant high, number of tillers and productivity of flower stems. Chlorophyll and leaf area measurements were performed. The irrigation levels tested significantly influenced the number of days for the first inflorescence harvest, length of the flower stem and inflorescence length. The irrigation level of 150% ECA provided better results for the length of the flower stem, inflorescence length and for leaf area but without differences from 75%, 100% and 125% ECA. Thus, for the cultivation of the heliconia cv. Golden Torch in pot can be recommended the level corresponding from 75% to 150% ECA.

  9. Storage and methyl jasmonate in postharvest conservation of roses cv. Avalanche

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elka Fabiana Aparecida Almeida


    Full Text Available The use of methyl jasmonate has demonstrated its efficiency to extend the vase life of cut flowers. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of methyl jasmonate associated with storage at low temperatures on the postharvest quality of Rosa cv. Avalanche stems. The treatments consisted of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 μM of methyl jasmonate, besides the control with distilled water. The flower buds were sprayed with 4 mL of the solution, according to the treatments, and then kept in a cold chamber (1 °C for periods of 2 and 6 days. Subsequently, the stems were taken to the postharvest laboratory at a temperature of 16 °C. Better quality, higher fresh weight and water absorption were observed in flower stems stored for 2 days. The application of methyl jasmonate caused less turgescence and greater darkening of roses. It was possible to conclude that two days is the best storage time at 1 °C and the use of methyl jasmonate does not maintain the quality of roses cv. Avalanche after harvest.

  10. a Fast Segmentation Algorithm for C-V Model Based on Exponential Image Sequence Generation (United States)

    Hu, J.; Lu, L.; Xu, J.; Zhang, J.


    For the island coastline segmentation, a fast segmentation algorithm for C-V model method based on exponential image sequence generation is proposed in this paper. The exponential multi-scale C-V model with level set inheritance and boundary inheritance is developed. The main research contributions are as follows: 1) the problems of the "holes" and "gaps" are solved when extraction coastline through the small scale shrinkage, low-pass filtering and area sorting of region. 2) the initial value of SDF (Signal Distance Function) and the level set are given by Otsu segmentation based on the difference of reflection SAR on land and sea, which are finely close to the coastline. 3) the computational complexity of continuous transition are successfully reduced between the different scales by the SDF and of level set inheritance. Experiment results show that the method accelerates the acquisition of initial level set formation, shortens the time of the extraction of coastline, at the same time, removes the non-coastline body part and improves the identification precision of the main body coastline, which automates the process of coastline segmentation.

  11. Intestinal Permeability and Cellular Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Compounds from Mango (Mangifera indica cv. Ataulfo) Peels. (United States)

    Pacheco-Ordaz, Ramón; Antunes-Ricardo, Marilena; Gutiérrez-Uribe, Janet A; González-Aguilar, Gustavo A


    Mango ( Mangifera indica cv. Ataulfo) peel contains bound phenolics that may be released by alkaline or acid hydrolysis and may be converted into less complex molecules. Free phenolics from mango cv. Ataulfo peel were obtained using a methanolic extraction, and their cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) and permeability were compared to those obtained for bound phenolics released by alkaline or acid hydrolysis. Gallic acid was found as a simple phenolic acid after alkaline hydrolysis along with mangiferin isomers and quercetin as aglycone and glycosides. Only gallic acid, ethyl gallate, mangiferin, and quercetin were identified in the acid fraction. The acid and alkaline fractions showed the highest CAA (60.5% and 51.5%) when tested at 125 µg/mL. The value of the apparent permeability coefficient (Papp) across the Caco-2/HT-29 monolayer of gallic acid from the alkaline fraction was higher (2.61 × 10 -6 cm/s) than in the other fractions and similar to that obtained when tested pure (2.48 × 10 -6 cm/s). In conclusion, mango peels contain bound phenolic compounds that, after their release, have permeability similar to pure compounds and exert an important CAA. This finding can be applied in the development of nutraceuticals using this important by-product from the mango processing industry.

  12. Exogenous application of ascorbic acid alleviates chilling injury in apricot (Prunus armeniaca L. cv. Shahroudi flowers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hassan Bayat


    Full Text Available One of the most important limiting factors in spread of apricot in Iran is late spring frost, which damages flower bud and decrease total yield of crop. It has been found that ascorbic acid (AA plays a beneficial role during plant response to chilling and freezing stresses. To evaluate the effects of AA on alleviating of cold stress, the flower buds of Prunus armeniaca L. cv. Shahroudi were sprayed at pink cluster stage with AS at 4 levels (0, 100, 200 and 300 mg. L-1 and were then exposed to artificial cold stress (4 h at –4 °C or without cold stress (+ 25°C. Experimental attributes including electrolyte leakage (EL of flower buds and percentage of damage of pistil, anthers and petals to temperature treatments were determined. The results showed that at - 4°C the lowest and highest percentage of damage and EL of flower buds were observed in application of 200 and 0 mg. L-1 AA, respectively. The highest and lowest percentage of damage of flower organs and EL were obtained in application of 300 and 200 mg. L-1 AA, respectively at + 25 °C. Based on the results of this experiment, AA alleviates the negative effect of cold stress on EL and flower organ damages in apricot cv. Shahroudi, depending on the concentrations of AA used.

  13. C-V characterization of Schottky- and MIS-gate SiGe/Si HEMT structures

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Onojima, Norio; Kasamatsu, Akihumi; Hirose, Nobumitsu; Mimura, Takashi; Matsui, Toshiaki


    Electrical properties of Schottky- and metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS)-gate SiGe/Si high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) were investigated with capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements. The MIS-gate HEMT structure was fabricated using a SiN gate insulator formed by catalytic chemical vapor deposition (Cat-CVD). The Cat-CVD SiN thin film (5 nm) was found to be an effective gate insulator with good gate controllability and dielectric properties. We previously investigated device characteristics of sub-100-nm-gate-length Schottky- and MIS-gate HEMTs, and reported that the MIS-gate device had larger maximum drain current density and transconductance (g m ) than the Schottky-gate device. The radio frequency (RF) measurement of the MIS-gate device, however, showed a relatively lower current gain cutoff frequency f T compared with that of the Schottky-gate device. In this study, C-V characterization of the MIS-gate HEMT structure demonstrated that two electron transport channels existed, one at the SiGe/Si buried channel and the other at the SiN/Si surface channel

  14. C-V characterization of Schottky- and MIS-gate SiGe/Si HEMT structures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Onojima, Norio [National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795 (Japan)], E-mail:; Kasamatsu, Akihumi; Hirose, Nobumitsu [National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795 (Japan); Mimura, Takashi [National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795 (Japan); Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0197 (Japan); Matsui, Toshiaki [National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795 (Japan)


    Electrical properties of Schottky- and metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS)-gate SiGe/Si high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) were investigated with capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements. The MIS-gate HEMT structure was fabricated using a SiN gate insulator formed by catalytic chemical vapor deposition (Cat-CVD). The Cat-CVD SiN thin film (5 nm) was found to be an effective gate insulator with good gate controllability and dielectric properties. We previously investigated device characteristics of sub-100-nm-gate-length Schottky- and MIS-gate HEMTs, and reported that the MIS-gate device had larger maximum drain current density and transconductance (g{sub m}) than the Schottky-gate device. The radio frequency (RF) measurement of the MIS-gate device, however, showed a relatively lower current gain cutoff frequency f{sub T} compared with that of the Schottky-gate device. In this study, C-V characterization of the MIS-gate HEMT structure demonstrated that two electron transport channels existed, one at the SiGe/Si buried channel and the other at the SiN/Si surface channel.

  15. International trends in curriculum research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Jens

    of the western school systems (especially within natural science and mathematics), the PISA-study has also been followed by school and curriculum radical reforms. The inspiration for the European reforms was taken in the so called accountability policy that during the 1990s had been developed in the USA...... is at the same time a centralization and a decentralization strategy: centralization at the input and the output side and decentralization of processes. The basic idea is that those responsible for the processes (principals and teachers) are held responsible for the outcomes. In the USA outcomes are related...... of their first generation goals as well of their national test systems. A trend in international school reform policy seems to be a break with the New Public Management and accountability philosophy that has played a major role over the last two decades. It is probably too early to say that these strategies...

  16. Science curriculum formation in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chaiklin, Seth

    Cultural-historical theory is primarily a psychological theory about and human action and development within meaningful contexts. As a psychologically-oriented theory, it can be relevant to science education research, even if it was not been developed or elaborated specifically in relation...... to problems within science education. STEM education research can be reduced (roughly) to four major problem areas: curriculum, empirical evaluation of existing practices and conditions, didactics, and professional development, where each of these categories can be concretised further according to grade...... between research and practice, (b) the idea of developmental teaching, and (c) the idea of theoretical thinking. This paper will present an example of subject-matter analysis for food production and food chemistry to illustrate practical consequences that follow from these three points....

  17. Evolution across the Curriculum: Microbiology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alita R. Burmeister


    Full Text Available An integrated understanding of microbiology and evolutionary biology is essential for students pursuing careers in microbiology and healthcare fields. In this Perspective, we discuss the usefulness of evolutionary concepts and an overall evolutionary framework for students enrolled in microbiology courses. Further, we propose a set of learning goals for students studying microbial evolution concepts. We then describe some barriers to microbial evolution teaching and learning and encourage the continued incorporation of evidence-based teaching practices into microbiology courses at all levels. Next, we review the current status of microbial evolution assessment tools and describe some education resources available for teaching microbial evolution. Successful microbial evolution education will require that evolution be taught across the undergraduate biology curriculum, with a continued focus on applications and applied careers, while aligning with national biology education reform initiatives.

  18. Botany in Edinburgh's Medical Curriculum. (United States)

    Wilson, Hazel


    In the early 18th century, at the founding of Edinburgh University Medical School, the study of botany was regarded as an essential component of medical training. Botanical teaching began as basic instruction in the recognition of medical plants, considered a vital aspect of a physician's Materia Medica studies. Over the next hundred years growing importance was given to the study of botany as a science, its popularity peaking under John Hutton Balfour's tenure as Professor (1845-1879). The relevance of botanical study later declined in the undergraduate medical curriculum until its cessation in 1961 .This paper considers the history of botanical studies in Edinburgh, including the reasons for its introduction and its changing importance over time.

  19. Mutual Workshops enhancing Curriculum Integration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjerregaard Jensen, Lotte; Markvorsen, Steen; Almegaard, Henrik


    . A course in material science was moved from the fourth to the first semester so that the project could be informed by material science. A new course in geometry was prepared and software that could facilitate an integrated design project was introduced (STAAD Pro). The ‘full package’ of the new third....... Every semester has a teaching team consisting of all the teachers for courses in that semester. Each semester also has its own theme and a multidisciplinary, joint project. So the most active members of the teaching team, of course, are those responsible for courses that address the theme and contribute...... to the joint project. The theme of the third semester is ‘structural design’. Structural design is defined as an integration of material science, statics and geometry in relation to an architectural project. Anticipating the implementation of CDIO and this theme, major changes were made to the curriculum...

  20. Evolution across the Curriculum: Microbiology (United States)

    Burmeister, Alita R.; Smith, James J.


    An integrated understanding of microbiology and evolutionary biology is essential for students pursuing careers in microbiology and healthcare fields. In this Perspective, we discuss the usefulness of evolutionary concepts and an overall evolutionary framework for students enrolled in microbiology courses. Further, we propose a set of learning goals for students studying microbial evolution concepts. We then describe some barriers to microbial evolution teaching and learning and encourage the continued incorporation of evidence-based teaching practices into microbiology courses at all levels. Next, we review the current status of microbial evolution assessment tools and describe some education resources available for teaching microbial evolution. Successful microbial evolution education will require that evolution be taught across the undergraduate biology curriculum, with a continued focus on applications and applied careers, while aligning with national biology education reform initiatives. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education PMID:27158306

  1. Evaluation of oral microbiology lab curriculum reform. (United States)

    Nie, Min; Gao, Zhen Y; Wu, Xin Y; Jiang, Chen X; Du, Jia H


    According to the updated concept of oral microbiology, the School of Stomatology, Wuhan University, has carried out oral microbiology teaching reforms during the last 5 years. There was no lab curriculum before 2009 except for a theory course of oral microbiology. The school has implemented an innovative curriculum with oral medicine characteristics to strengthen understanding of knowledge, cultivate students' scientific interest and develop their potential, to cultivate the comprehensive ability of students. This study was designed to evaluate the oral microbiology lab curriculum by analyzing student performance and perceptions regarding the curriculum from 2009 to 2013. The lab curriculum adopted modalities for cooperative learning. Students collected dental plaque from each other and isolated the cariogenic bacteria with selective medium plates. Then they purified the enrichment culture medium and identified the cariogenic strains by Gram stain and biochemical tests. Both quantitative and qualitative data for 5 years were analysed in this study. Part One of the current study assessed student performance in the lab from 2009 to 2013. Part Two used qualitative means to assess students' perceptions by an open questionnaire. The 271 study students' grades on oral microbiology improved during the lab curriculum: "A" grades rose from 60.5 to 81.2 %, and "C" grades fell from 28.4 to 6.3 %. All students considered the lab curriculum to be interesting and helpful. Quantitative and qualitative data converge to suggest that the lab curriculum has strengthened students' grasp of important microbiology-related theory, cultivated their scientific interest, and developed their potential and comprehensive abilities. Our student performance and perception data support the continued use of the innovative teaching system. As an extension and complement of the theory course, the oral microbiology lab curriculum appears to improve the quality of oral medicine education and help to

  2. Curriculum Development for Enhancing Grade Nine Students' Systems Thinking (United States)

    Hernthaisong, Preeyanan; Sitti, Somsong; Sonsupap, Kanyarat


    The objectives of this research were to study the development of a curriculum for enhancing grade 9 students' cognitive skills using a curriculum based on Systems Thinking Process. There were 3 phases: 1) studying of the problem; 2) development of tentative curriculum; and 3) implementation of the curriculum in a pilot study. The samples were 32…

  3. Impact of the Curriculum Reform on Problem Solving Ability in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    An ex post facto study was conducted to examine the effect of the curriculum reform on 60 Dilla University chemistry education students' problem solving ability. The study shows that the curriculum reform that shifted university introductory courses of the old curriculum into preparatory school levels in the new curriculum ...

  4. A Substantiation of Macdonald's Models in Science Curriculum Development. (United States)

    Searles, W. E.


    A history and analysis of science curriculum development is presented. Factors which influence the selection and organization of content in a science curriculum are discussed, including Macdonald's curriculum development models, propositions for curriculum development, and changes made in science curricula during the last century. (CJ)

  5. Medical humanities in the undergraduate medical curriculum. (United States)

    Supe, Avinash


    The medical humanities have been introduced in medical curricula over the past 30 years in the western world. Having medical humanities in a medical school curriculum can nurture positive attitudes in the regular work of a clinician and contribute equally to personality development. Though substantial evidence in favour of a medical humanities curriculum may be lacking, the feedback is positive. It is recommended that medical humanities be introduced into the curriculum of every medical school with the purpose of improving the quality of healthcare, and the attitudes of medical graduates.

  6. Curriculum and instruction in nuclear waste disposal

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Robinson, M.; Lugaski, T.; Pankratius, B.


    Curriculum and instruction in nuclear waste disposal is part of the larger problem of curriculum and instruction in science. At a time when science and technological literacy is crucial to the nation's economic future fewer students are electing to take needed courses in science that might promote such literacy. The problem is directly related to what science teachers teach and how they teach it. Science content that is more relevant and interesting to students must be a part of the curriculum. Science instruction must allow students to be actively involved in investigating or playing the game of science

  7. Scientific Skills and Processes in Curriculum Resources (United States)

    Kremer, Joe


    Increasingly, the science education community has recognized the need for curriculum resources that support student development of authentic scientific practices, rather than focusing exclusively on content knowledge. This paper proposes a tool for teachers and researchers to assess the degree to which certain curriculum resources and lessons achieve this goal. After describing a method for reflecting on and categorizing curriculum resources, I apply the method to highlight differences across three teaching methods: Modeling Instruction, Physics Union Mathematics, and a traditional, lecture-based approach.

  8. Evaluating the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Mardiana


    Full Text Available The study was to: (1 identify the interpretation toward the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum; and (2 evaluate the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum. In order to achieve these objectives, the researchers implemented the method of philosophy interpretation, namely a method that might discover an individual’s paradigm through the texts or the articles that he or she composed. Furthermore, in order to evaluate the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum the researchers implemented certain criteria and this effort was supported by the expert interview. The data were analyzed by means of hermeneutic method, namely the presence of a relationship among the three elements namely text, interpreter and reader. The conclusions of the study then were as follows: (1 the interpretation toward the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum contained six points namely: (a establishing and developing the nation’s attitude and civilization or the nation’s character, (b developing the curriculum based on the nation’s culture, (c referring to the fact that education had been a process of developing the learning participants’ potentials, (d referring to the fact that education had been based on the nation’s culture and experience in the past, (e referring to the fact that education had been basis of the nation’s life continuity and (f Referring to the fact that education had been adjusted to the life of the learning participants as an individual, a society member and a citizen; (2 the six philosophical reasons namely: (a perennialism, (b essentialism, (c progressivism, (d pragmatism, (e existentialism and (f reconstructionism; (3 the following evaluation results: (a the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum based on the interpretation results had provided clear educational objectives and functions, (b the philosophical foundation of 2013 Curriculum had been in accordance to facts, (c the philosophical foundation of 2013

  9. Why American curriculum research could enrich Swiss curriculum stud-ies


    Brühwiler Ingrid


    Implementing American curriculum research in another country is very problematic and frequently undesired because curriculum studies are complex as there are differences in terms history research approaches and political and social contexts. Nevertheless it is worthwhile to consider some North American curriculum theories as the findings lead to an enriching understanding of schools and hence of curricula and society. In this article William Pinar’s method of “currere” is explained to determ...

  10. Curriculum Guidelines for Clinical Dental Hygiene. (United States)

    Journal of Dental Education, 1985


    The American Association of Dental Schools curriculum guidelines for clinical dental hygiene include definitions, notes on the interrelationship of courses, an overview of course objectives, and suggested primary educational goals, prerequisites, core content, specific objectives, sequencing, faculty, and facilities. (MSE)

  11. A Proposed Curriculum Model for Geriatric Optometry. (United States)

    Rosenbloom, Albert A.


    A model for a geriatric optometry curriculum that defines key content areas and addresses the values essential for effective practice and basic therapeutic modalities used in treatment regimens with older adults is outlined. (MSE)

  12. Formal education of curriculum and instructional designers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    McKenney, Susan; Visscher-Voerman, Irene


    McKenney, S., & Visscher-Voerman, I. (2013). Formal education of curriculum and instructional designers. Educational Designer, 2(6). Available online:

  13. The Curriculum and Homogenization of Abilities (United States)

    Loveless, Eugene J.


    Argues against emphasis on standard curriculum and makes suggestions for providing basis to increase heterogeneity of high level abilities of college students and for allowing highly talented but selectively developed students to gain appropriate training. (IR)

  14. Collaborative curriculum development in teacher design teams

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Handelzalts, Adam


    Teachers’ participation in collaborative curriculum development is considered as having great potential for creating materials which are suitable for their specific context and for their professional development. However, the process in which teacher teams commonly negotiate the process of

  15. Bridging Innovation and Curriculum in Higher Education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Fenzhi; Kolmos, Anette; Du, Xiangyun


    As innovation is seen as a key factor in economic competitiveness, graduates who can contribute to and participate in innovation are in great need.. Higher education is confronted with the demands that the curriculum practice and learning environments should facilitate innovation and competences...... for innovation. Problem and project based learning has been seen as a strategy for renewing the teaching practice and the learning environment by integrating the competence demands of the curriculum and of work life during the process of education. However, the integrations of innovation into curriculum...... are minor in the problem and project based learning (PBL) literature. Based on theoretical reflections and practical cases in Aalborg University (Denmark), this article presents the basis of PBL knowledge and curriculum conceptualization, and explores a case experience which bridges innovation and PBL...

  16. Integrated Assessment for an Integrated Curriculum. (United States)

    Mockrish, Rob


    In a sixth grade science classroom for able students, major grades are broken down into four categories: lab reports, projects, creative writing, and written tests. These four components of assessment structure how the curriculum content is presented. (JDD)

  17. It’s The Curriculum, Stupid!

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grayling, Ian


    Full Text Available In this paper we, firstly, explore the importance and positioning of ‘thinking skills’ within the Further Education (FE curriculum in hard times - for society generally and education in particular. Secondly, we argue that ‘thinking skills’ have been lost from the curriculum over recent years and are now in urgent need of rehabilitation; not as a bolt-on, but at the heart of the curriculum. We then invite readers to consider the Learning and Skills Improvement Service’s (LSIS endorsed framework for ‘Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural’ education as a powerful means of re-embedding ‘thinking’ within the vocational curriculum in support of both the ‘skills’ and the ‘social cohesion’ agendas. Finally, we consider the implications of this for the development of vocational pedagogy and for teacher education.

  18. Influencing Curriculum Development and Knowledge of Climate ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Journal of Agricultural Extension ... Besides, the pedagogies and curricula are centrally defined by university governance structures which ... The study aimed at influencing curriculum development and knowledge of climate change issues at ...

  19. Curriculum for neurogastroenterology and motility training

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gyawali, C P; Savarino, E; Lazarescu, A


    Although neurogastroenterology and motility (NGM) disorders are some of the most frequent disorders encountered by practicing gastroenterologists, a structured competency-based training curriculum developed by NGM experts is lacking. The American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society (ANMS) ...

  20. Integrating components of culture in curriculum planning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grace Chibiko Offorma


    Full Text Available Culture is seen from different perspectives but the focus of this paper is on the totality of people’s way of life; those things that bind the society together. In this paper, the key concepts of curriculum, culture, and curriculum planning are explained. The components of culture, namely, universals of culture, specialties of culture and alternatives of culture are discussed. Integration is briefly presented and how to integrate culture in the curriculum planning is discussed. This can be done through situational analysis to identify the necessary cultural contents to be included or integrated in the curriculum. Different modes of delivery to be used are role play, dramatization, collaboration, field trips, games and simulation, and other interactive modes that make learning meaningful and worthwhile.

  1. Nuclear power and the science curriculum

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Scott, W.


    The curriculum provision in UK schools for studies of nuclear power, its scientific aspects, its technologies and its effect upon society are examined in the light of present concern for an informed lay opinion. (U.K.)

  2. Black Curriculum Orientations: A Preliminary Inquiry. (United States)

    Watkins, William H.


    Six curriculum orientations predominate in African-American educational experience: functionalism, accommodation, liberalism, Black Nationalism, Afrocentrism, and social reconstruction. Tied to the history of slavery and oppression, these orientations will continue to develop separate from the mainstream. (SK)

  3. Promoting Racial Equality in the Nursing Curriculum. (United States)

    Foolchand, M. K.


    Equality in nursing education and the profession can be promoted in the following ways: a working policy on racism and equal opportunities; curriculum content that explores stereotypes, values, attitudes, and prejudices; and multicultural health research, education, and promotion. (SK)

  4. Avaliação da cv. Merlot para elaboração de vinho tinto Evaluation of cv. Merlot to make red wine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Antenor Rizzon


    Full Text Available A uva Merlot é uma das responsáveis pelas características dos vinhos tintos de Saint Émillion, região de Bordeaux, França. Foi introduzida no Rio Grande do Sul através da Estação Agronômica de Porto Alegre. É, atualmente, uma das cultivares tinta de Vitis vinifera L. com maior volume de produção da Serra Gaúcha. É utilizada para a elaboração de vinho tinto para ser consumido jovem. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar o potencial enológico da cv. Merlot para a elaboração de vinho tinto fino. Para isso, realizaram-se estudos para caracterizar o cacho, o mosto e o vinho nas safras de 1987 a 1994, em Bento Gonçalves, RS. Os resultados evidenciaram que a cv. Merlot tem cacho com peso médio de 161,9g e baga esférica e pequena, pesando 1,61g. No mosto, o valor médio de açúcar é de 18,4ºBrix; o da acidez total, de 104meqL-1; e o do pH, de 3,21. O vinho se caracteriza por ter teores médios de 10,8% v/v de álcool; 70,3meqL-1 de acidez titulável; e pH de 3,49. Sob o aspecto sensorial, o vinho Merlot apresenta cor vermelho-violáceo com boa intensidade. Gustativamente distingue-se pela maciez, equilíbrio e fineza.Merlot is a traditional grape of the Saint Émillion wines, Bordeaux region - France. It was introduced into, the State of Rio Grande do Sul by the Estação Agronômica de Porto Alegre, Brazil. Today, of the red grape cultivars it shows the largest production in the Serra Gaúcha region. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the enological potential of Merlot grapes for red winemaking. To achieve this purpose, variables related to berry clusters, must and wine were measured between 1987 and 1994 vintages, from Merlot vineyards located in the municipality of Bento Gonçalves. The results showed that Merlot grapes have clusters of medium size (161.9g and small berries (1.61g. The must showed adequate sugar level (18.4ºBrix, high titratable acidity (104mqL-1 and medium pH 3.21. The wine Merlot had an

  5. A microsatellite library for Carica papaya L. cv. Sunrise solo Marcadores microssatélites para Carica papaya L. cv. Sunrise solo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvia Correa Santos


    Full Text Available In experimental areas of the Education and Researches Ilha Solteira and Jaboticabal UNESP/Campus farms were selected and tagged 20 hermaphrodite plants and 20 feminine of cultivar Sunrise Solo, Improved Sunrise Solo cv.72/12 and Baixinho of Santa Amália.The seeds origined of the selected fruits were cropped to be analysed the self-pollination efficiency and frequency of the sex in the progenies. After that, samples of the young leaf of the matrix plants were colected for the extration of the DNA. It was built five library enriched of microsatellite sequencies, using probes (TCA10, (TC13, (GATA4, (CAC10 e (TGAG8.It was possible the development of the primers only in the library that has utilized the probe (TCA10. This probe allowed the design of 32 primer pairs. From these, 31 presented pattern of unique band in agarose Metaphor and in acrilamide. For primer S36 were observed 2 bands, but with no polymorphism to differentiation in the sexual form at papaya tree culture. However, these primers can be tested, in the futures, in the investigation of the others features in segregated populations of this specie and the related species, germoplasm analysis, cultivars identification, parent evolution and molecular markers for the assisted plant breeding programs.Em áreas experimentais das Fazendas de Ensino e Pesquisa da UNESP/Campus de Ilha Solteira e Jaboticabal foram selecionadas e marcadas 20 plantas hermafroditas e 20 femininas dos cultivares Sunrise Solo, Improved Sunrise Solo cv.72/12 e Baixinho de Santa Amália. As sementes provenientes dos frutos selecionados foram plantadas para analisar-se a eficiência da autofecundação e a freqüência dos sexos nas progênies. Posteriormente, amostras de tecido foliar jovem das plantas matrizes foram coletadas para a extração de DNA. Foram construídas cinco bibliotecas enriquecidas de seqüências microsatélites, utilizando-se as sondas (TCA10, (TC13, (GATA4, (CAC10 e (TGAG8. Foi possível o

  6. Avaliação da cv. Tannat para elaboração de vinho tinto Evaluation of cv. Tannat to elaborate red wine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Antenor Rizzon


    Full Text Available A uva Tannat, originária do Sudoeste da França, foi introduzida no Rio Grande do Sul, pela Estação Experimental de Caxias do Sul. É uma cultivar difundida na Serra Gaúcha para elaboração de vinho tinto, utilizado para corte e para a produção de vinho varietal. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar o potencial enológico da cv. Tannat para a elaboração de vinho tinto fino nessa região vitícola. Para isso, realizaram-se estudos para caracterizar o cacho, o mosto e o vinho nas safras de 1987 a 1994, a partir de um vinhedo localizado em Bento Gonçalves, RS. Os resultados evidenciaram que a cv. Tannat tem cacho com peso médio de 216,1g e baga esférica pequena (1,54g. O mosto apresenta teor elevado de acidez titulável (155meq/L-1. O vinho se caracteriza por teores elevados em: polifenóis totais (I 280= 43,0, taninos (1,9g/L, antocianinas (539mg/L, potássio (1.856mg/L-1 e soma dos álcoois superiores (512mg/L-1. As características sensoriais do vinho Tannat na Serra Gaúcha evidenciam uma cor vermelha-violácea intensa, tânicos, nervosos, relativamente duros e aromas de frutas vermelhas. É recomendável para corte com outros vinhos tintos finos para intensificar sua cor e estrutura e também para a produção de vinho varietal podendo melhorar com o amadurecimento em barricas de carvalho.The Tannat grape is native to the Southwest of France, and was introduced into the State of Rio Grande do Sul by the Caxias do Sul Experimental Station. It is a cultivar diffused in the Serra Gaucha region with the purpose of elaborating varietal red wine for blending. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the enological potential of the Tannat grape for red wine in this region. To achieve this objective, variables related to the berries, clusters, must, and wine were evaluated from the 1987 to 1994 vintages, in a vineyard established in Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil. The results showed that Tannat grapes have large clusters (216.1g and

  7. Energy saving in Bellota Mexico S.A. de C.V.; Ahorro de energia en Bellota Mexico S.A de C.V.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Salazar Lopez, Jose Albeiro [Bellota Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)


    The present article intends to make a general description of the different activities that were developed in Bellota Mexico S.A. de C.V. during year 2001 and which lead to obtaining the national prize of energy saving granted by the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) and the Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia Electrica (FIDE). In the executed actions stands out an entirely coordinated program that includes: lighting systems, motors, refrigeration systems, transformers, special projects (settling tanks), capacitors, compressed air pipeline, induction furnaces, machinery in general, maximum demand control, preventive maintenance, measuring systems, operational and organizational systems. In all these subjects a fast description is made of the performed actions and the obtained results. It is mentioned in addition the importance of making a power diagnosis and the use of historical data for the planning of the strategies to follow. Also reference is made of the use of appropriate technology that considers the use of high-energy efficiency equipment, such as motors, lamps, compressors, etc. Finally an evaluation is made of the obtained results where the improvement of the electrical parameters stands out such as: reduction of the power index in 35.06%, reduction of the maximum demand in 11.94%, increase of the power factor from 93.53% in 98.21%. The obtained results demonstrate that investing in energy saving it is a good business. [Spanish] El presente trabajo tiene por objeto hacer una descripcion general de las diferentes actividades que se desarrollaron en Bellota Mexico S.A. de C.V. durante el ano 2001 y que condujeron a la obtencion del premio nacional de ahorro de energia otorgado por la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) y el Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia Electrica (FIDE). En las acciones ejecutadas se destaca todo un programa coordinado que abarca: sistemas de iluminacion, motores, sistemas de refrigeracion, transformadores, proyectos

  8. Estiolamento na micropropagação do Abacaxizeiro cv. Pérola Etiolated in micropropagation of cv. Pérola Pineapple plant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Aparecida Moreira


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se estudar o efeito do estiolamento na micropropagação de abacaxizeiro cv. Pérola e posterior recuperação dos brotos estiolados, realizando-se dois experimentos. No primeiro, os caules utilizados como explantes foram obtidos de brotos pré-estabelecidos in vitro, dos quais foram retiradas as folhas. O estiolamento foi induzido colocando-se os explantes em tubos de ensaio no escuro por 20, 40 e 80 dias, contendo os seguintes meios de cultura: 1 MS suplementado com 0,1 mg.L-1 de ANA e 0,5 mg.L-1 de BAP, 2 MS suplementado com 1,8 mg.L-1 de ANA e 2 mg.L-1 de BAP e 3 MS sem reguladores de crescimento. Para número de brotos, o melhor meio foi o MS + 1,8 mg.L-1 de ANA e 2 mg.L-1 de BAP, obtendo-se média de 10,26 brotações aos 40 dias no escuro. Para comprimento de brotos estiolados, o meio MS sem reguladores de crescimento foi significativamente melhor quando os explantes foram mantidos por 80 dias no escuro, apresentando comprimento médio de 10,86 cm. No segundo experimento, os brotos estiolados, com e sem o ápice, foram colocados horizontalmente em placas contendo meios de cultura com idêntica formulação aos descritos anteriormente. Para número total de brotos, brotações estioladas sem ápice em meio MS suplementado com 1,8mg.L-1 de ANA e 2 mg.L-1 de BAP promoveram o melhor resultado, correspondendo a 10,61 brotações por explante.It was aimed to produce micropropagated plantlets of pineapple cv. Pérola by using the etiolated technique and subsequent recovery of etiolated shoots. Two experiments were carried out. In the first, the stalks used as explant were obtained from in vitro shoots established without leaves. The etiolation was induced by putting the explants in test tubes in the darkness for 20, 40 and 80 days with the media: 1 MS supplemented with ANA 0.1mg.L-1 and BAP 0.5mg.L-1, 2 MS supplemented with ANA 1.8mg.L-1 and BAP 2mg.L-1 and 3 MS without growth regulators. The best results for shoot number were obtained

  9. Reactivation of UV- and γ-irradiated herpes virus in UV- and X-irradiated CV-1 cells

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Takimoto, K.; Niwa, O.; Sugahara, T.


    Enhanced reactivation of UV- and γ-irradiated herpes virus was investigated by the plaque assay on CV-1 monkey kidney monolayer cells irradiated with UV light or X-rays. Both UV- and X-irradiated CV-1 cells showed enhancement of survival of UV-irradiated virus, while little or no enhancement was detected for γ-irradiated virus assayed on UV- or X-irradiated cells. The enhanced reactivation of UV-irradiated virus was greater when virus infection was delayed 24 or 48 h, than for infection immediately following the irradiation of cells. Thus the UV- or X-irradiated CV-1 cells are able to enhance the repair of UV damaged herpes virus DNA, but not of γ-ray damaged ones. (author)

  10. White Paper: Curriculum in Interventional Radiology. (United States)

    Mahnken, Andreas H; Bücker, Arno; Hohl, Christian; Berlis, Ansgar


    Purpose  Scope and clinical importance of interventional radiology markedly evolved over the last decades. Consequently it was acknowledged as independent subspecialty by the "European Union of Medical Specialists" (UEMS). Based on radiological imaging techniques Interventional Radiology is an integral part of Radiology. Materials und Methods  In 2009 the German Society for Interventional Radiology and minimally-invasive therapy (DeGIR) developed a structured training in Interventional Radiology. In cooperation with the German Society of Neuroradiology (DGNR) this training was extended to also cover Interventional Neuroradiology in 2012. Tailored for this training in Interventional Radiology a structured curriculum was developed, covering the scope of this modular training. Results  The curriculum is based on the DeGIR/DGNR modular training concept in Interventional Radiology. There is also an European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology developed by the "Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe" (CIRSE). The presented curriculum in Interventional Radiology is designed to provide a uniform base for the training in Interventional Radiology in Germany, based on the competencies obtained during residency. Conclusion  This curriculum can be used as a basis for training in Interventional Radiology by all training sites. Key Points: · Interventional Radiology is an integral part of clinical radiology. · The German Society for Interventional Radiology and minimally-invasive therapy (DeGIR) developed a curriculum in Interventional Radiology. · This curriculum is an integrative basis for the training in interventional. Citation Format · Mahnken AH, Bücker A, Hohl C et al. White Paper: Curriculum in Interventional Radiology. Fortschr Röntgenstr 2017; 189: 309 - 311. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  11. Electroacupuncture stimulation at CV4 prevents ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in rats via Wnt-β-catenin signaling. (United States)

    Fan, Huailing; Ji, Feng; Lin, Ying; Zhang, Mulan; Qin, Wei; Zhou, Qi; Wu, Qiang


    The present study aimed to investigate the effect of electroacupuncture stimulation at CV4 (also termed Guanyuan) on femoral osteocalcin also termed bone gla protein (BGP), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), bone mineral density (BMD) and biomechanics, as well as the Wnt‑β‑catenin signaling pathway in rats with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Female Sprague‑Dawley rats (4.5‑months old) were randomly divided into sham, Ovx, CV4 and mock groups (n=10/group). With the exception of those in the sham group, the rats were ovariectomized to induce postmenopausal osteoporosis. The rats in the CV4 and mock groups were given electroacupuncture at CV4 and non‑acupoint, respectively. The rats in the Ovx model and sham groups underwent identical fixing procedures, but did not undergo electroacupuncture. Following treatment, hematoxylin and eosin staining was used to observe morphological changes in the left femoral trabecular bone, and a three‑point‑bending test was used to analyze femur biomechanics and determine the BMD. In addition, an enzyme‑linked immunosorbent assay was used to measure the serum levels of ALP/BGP and reverse transcription‑quantitative polymerase chain reaction was used detect the expression levels of Wnt3a, β‑catenin and Runx2. In the present study, it was demonstrated that electroacupuncture at CV4 significantly improved the osteoporotic morphological changes that occurred in the ovariectomized rats, increased serum ALP and BGP levels, enhanced the maximum and fracture loads, increased BMD (Pelectroacupuncture stimulation at CV4 affected bone formation and promoted bone metabolism in rats with postmenopausal osteoporosis, possibly by activating the Wnt‑β‑catenin signaling pathway.

  12. Digestive oncologist in the gastroenterology training curriculum (United States)

    Mulder, Chris Jacob Johan; Peeters, Marc; Cats, Annemieke; Dahele, Anna; Droste, Jochim Terhaar sive


    Until the late 1980s, gastroenterology (GE) was considered a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. Today, GE also incorporates Hepatology. However, Digestive Oncology training is poorly defined in the Hepatogastroenterology (HGE)-curriculum. Therefore, a Digestive Oncology curriculum should be developed and this document might be a starting point for such a curriculum. HGE-specialists are increasingly resisting the paradigm in which they play only a diagnostic and technical role in the management of digestive tumors. We suggest minimum end-points in the standard HGE-curriculum for oncology, and recommend a focus year in the Netherlands for Digestive Oncology in the HGE-curriculum. To produce well-trained digestive oncologists, an advanced Digestive Oncology training program with specific qualifications in Digestive Oncology (2 years) has been developed. The schedule in Belgium includes a period of at least 6 mo to be spent in a medical oncology department. The goal of these programs remains the production of well-trained digestive oncologists. HGE specialists are part of the multidisciplinary oncological teams, and some have been administering chemotherapy in their countries for years. In this article, we provide a road map for the organization of a proper training in Digestive Oncology. We hope that the World Gastroenterology Organisation and other (inter)national societies will support the necessary certifications for this specific training in the HGE-curriculum. PMID:21556128

  13. Analysis and modeling of wafer-level process variability in 28 nm FD-SOI using split C-V measurements (United States)

    Pradeep, Krishna; Poiroux, Thierry; Scheer, Patrick; Juge, André; Gouget, Gilles; Ghibaudo, Gérard


    This work details the analysis of wafer level global process variability in 28 nm FD-SOI using split C-V measurements. The proposed approach initially evaluates the native on wafer process variability using efficient extraction methods on split C-V measurements. The on-wafer threshold voltage (VT) variability is first studied and modeled using a simple analytical model. Then, a statistical model based on the Leti-UTSOI compact model is proposed to describe the total C-V variability in different bias conditions. This statistical model is finally used to study the contribution of each process parameter to the total C-V variability.

  14. The critical thinking curriculum model (United States)

    Robertson, William Haviland

    The Critical Thinking Curriculum Model (CTCM) utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that integrates effective learning and teaching practices with computer technology. The model is designed to be flexible within a curriculum, an example for teachers to follow, where they can plug in their own critical issue. This process engages students in collaborative research that can be shared in the classroom, across the country or around the globe. The CTCM features open-ended and collaborative activities that deal with current, real world issues which leaders are attempting to solve. As implemented in the Critical Issues Forum (CIF), an educational program administered by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the CTCM encompasses the political, social/cultural, economic, and scientific realms in the context of a current global issue. In this way, students realize the importance of their schooling by applying their efforts to an endeavor that ultimately will affect their future. This study measures student attitudes toward science and technology and the changes that result from immersion in the CTCM. It also assesses the differences in student learning in science content and problem solving for students involved in the CTCM. A sample of 24 students participated in classrooms at two separate high schools in New Mexico. The evaluation results were analyzed using SPSS in a MANOVA format in order to determine the significance of the between and within-subjects effects. A comparison ANOVA was done for each two-way MANOVA to see if the comparison groups were equal. Significant findings were validated using the Scheffe test in a Post Hoc analysis. Demographic information for the sample population was recorded and tracked, including self-assessments of computer use and availability. Overall, the results indicated that the CTCM did help to increase science content understanding and problem-solving skills for students, thereby positively effecting critical thinking. No matter if the

  15. Paraneoplastic Choreoathetosis in a Patient with Small Cell Lung Carcinoma and Anti-CRMP5/CV2: A Case Report

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lassen, Lisbeth Landschoff; Somnier, Finn; Aydin, Dogu


    Introduction: The occurrence of more or less monosymptomatic paraneoplastic choreoathetosis associated with anti-CRMP5/CV2 antibodies is rare. Typically, such autoantibodies are associated with a more classical syndrome - paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis. Frequently, small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC...... 14 months after the onset of the symptoms. Conclusion: We report paraneoplastic choreoathetosis associated with anti-CRMP5/CV2 antibodies. Such published case histories are rare. Although expected, we did not find any reduced signal intensity at the basal ganglia on the T1-weighted or increased...

  16. Increasing sustainability through the use of organic matters/manures in banana production. cv. harichal

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Miano, T.F.; Baloch, M.A.; Baloch, A.F.; Miano, T.F.


    A banana experiment was carried out with cv. Harichal under the ecological conditions of Tando Jam to study the effect of organic manures/matter on the growth and bunch weight (yield) of banana. The treatments applied were ; FYM, Dry leaves, Stalk of the banana bunch and control with constant doses of NPK (136g + 57g + 148g per plant). Minimum days (490.33) from planting to harvest were observed under the treatment of FYM followed by stalk of the bunch and dried leaves. The highest single fruit weight (107 g), fruit length( 18.30 cm) bunch weight (25.46 kg) and calculated yield per hectare (33.80 tons) were observed under FYM with NPK fertilizer followed by stalk of the bunch and dried leaves. (author)

  17. Inducing gravitropic curvature of primary roots of Zea mays cv Ageotropic (United States)

    Moore, R.; Evans, M. L.; Fondren, W. M.


    Primary roots of the mutant 'Ageotropic' cultivar of Zea mays are nonresponsive to gravity. Their root caps secrete little or no mucilage and touch the root only at the extreme apex. A gap separates the cap and root at the periphery of the cap. Applying mucilage from normal roots or substances with a consistency similar to that of mucilage to tips of mutant roots causes these roots to become strongly graviresponsive. Gravicurvature stops when these substances are removed. Caps of some mutants secrete small amounts of mucilage and are graviresponsive. These results indicate that (a) the lack of graviresponsiveness in the mutant results from disrupting the transport pathway between the cap and root, (b) movement of the growth-modifying signal from the cap to the root occurs via an apoplastic pathway, and (c) mucilage is necessary for normal communication between the root cap and root in Zea mays cv Ageotropic.

  18. Physiological responses of PEA (Pisum sativum cv. meteor) to irrigation salinity

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shahid, M.A.; Pervez, M.A.; Balal, R.M.; Azhar, N.; Shahzad, J.; Ubaidullah


    The effects of irrigation water or soil salinity on physiological aspects of pea (Pisum sativum cv.Meteor) were contrived. Ten weeks old pea plants were treated with NaCl at 0, 40, 90 and 140 mM in nutrient solution Plants were grown in controlled environment and harvested at each 3 days interval for decisiveness 0 physiological parameters. Photosynthetic rate, relative water content, stomatal conductance and chlorophyll contents reduced by increasing the NaCI concentration while CO/sub 2/ concentration and free proline content intensified. By experiment it was adumbrated that high salinity level along with prolonged accentuate duration is more drastic to pea plants physiology. Results also exhibited that pea plants could indulge 40 and 90 mM NaCl but are sensitive to 140 mM. (author)

  19. Induction of in vivo mutation in chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev) cv. Pink Repin breeding

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Neto, Augusto Tulmann; Latado, Rodrigo Rocha


    Mutation induction was used with the objective of obtaining mutants for flower colour of chrysanthemum, cv. Repin (pink colour). Rooted cuttings were irradiated with 20 Gy of gamma rays and before the selection the cutting back method was used to advance the generations. The frequency of colour mutants observed was 5.8%. Among the mutants obtainedthe white and dark-pink-coloured ones were evaluated in yield trial and post-harvest. The results indicated that these mutants mantained the same agronomical characteristics showed by the control, with the exception of plant height in the white mutant that was shorter. Due to commercial interest of the producers, these mutants were multiplied and released as new cultivars. The white flower colour mutant was named Cristiane and the dark-pink, Ingrid. This was the first example of cultivars from an ornamental plant released by mutation breeding in Brazil. (author)

  20. OpenCV-Based Nanomanipulation Information Extraction and the Probe Operation in SEM

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dongjie Li


    Full Text Available Aimed at the established telenanomanipulation system, the method of extracting location information and the strategies of probe operation were studied in this paper. First, the machine learning algorithm of OpenCV was used to extract location information from SEM images. Thus nanowires and probe in SEM images can be automatically tracked and the region of interest (ROI can be marked quickly. Then the location of nanowire and probe can be extracted from the ROI. To study the probe operation strategy, the Van der Waals force between probe and a nanowire was computed; thus relevant operating parameters can be obtained. With these operating parameters, the nanowire in 3D virtual environment can be preoperated and an optimal path of the probe can be obtained. The actual probe runs automatically under the telenanomanipulation system's control. Finally, experiments were carried out to verify the above methods, and results show the designed methods have achieved the expected effect.

  1. Defect Detection in Superconducting Radiofrequency Cavity Surface Using C + + and OpenCV (United States)

    Oswald, Samantha; Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Collaboration


    Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) uses superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) cavities to accelerate an electron beam. If theses cavities have a small particle or defect, it can degrade the performance of the cavity. The problem at hand is inspecting the cavity for defects, little bubbles of niobium on the surface of the cavity. Thousands of pictures have to be taken of a single cavity and then looked through to see how many defects were found. A C + + program with Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) was constructed to reduce the number of hours searching through the images and finds all the defects. Using this code, the SRF group is now able to use the code to identify defects in on-going tests of SRF cavities. Real time detection is the next step so that instead of taking pictures when looking at the cavity, the camera will detect all the defects.

  2. Central heating pipes cause unwanted heating; CV-leidingen zorgen voor ongewenste opwarming

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wessels, R. [biq-stadsontwerp, Rotterdam (Netherlands); Nuijten, O. [ISSO, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


    Research has shown that the risk of hot spots in the drinking water pipes is very high. Hot spots are, for example, caused by central heating pipes that are too close to the water pipes. The water pipes may be 25 C for a long period, thus creating the risk of legionella growth. The various disciplines need to be careful in the design stage and building stage to prevent such situations from occurring. [Dutch] Onderzoek heeft uitgewezen dat het risico op 'hotspots' in de drinkwaterleidingen erg groot is. Hotspots worden bijvoorbeeld veroorzaakt door cv-leidingen die te dicht in de buurt van waterleidingen lopen. Die waterleidingen kunnen dan langdurig warmer zijn dan 25C en daardoor gevaar opleveren voor legionellagroei. Het vereist zorg van meerdere disciplines in de ontwerpfase en de bouwfase om deze situaties te vermijden.

  3. Proliferation Potential of 18-Month-Old Callus of Ananas comosus L. cv. Moris

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.E. De Silva


    Full Text Available Differential effect of plant growth regulators and additives in proliferation of 18-month-old calli of Ananas comosus L. cv. Moris were assessed in vitro. The proliferation of callus relied on the growth regulators and additives. Of the different auxins supplemented in the Murashige and Skoog (MS media, 32.22 μM α-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA gave the highest mean fresh weight of callus (46.817 g. Medium supplemented with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D was inferior to NAA, while b-naphthoxy acetic acid (BNOA and p-chlorophenoxy acetic acid (4-CPA were not effective in proliferating 18-months old callus. Addition of casein hydrolysate and coconut water to NAA supplemented medium showed better proliferation and production of callus. However, in terms of callus production, NAA at 32.22 μM was economically better.

  4. Characterization of Vitis vinifera L. Cv. Carménère grape and wine proanthocyanidins. (United States)

    Fernández, Katherina; Kennedy, James A; Agosin, Eduardo


    A formal compositional study of the proanthocyanidins of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Carménère was conducted in this work. We first characterized the polymeric proanthocyanidins of Carménère skins, seeds, and wines. In addition, the wine astringency was analyzed and compared with Cabernet Sauvignon. Although Carménère wines had a higher proanthocyanidin concentration and mean degree of polymerization than Cabernet Sauvignon wines, the former wines were perceived as less astringent. The low seed/skin proportion in Carménère wines as compared to other varieties, as evidenced by the reduced number of seeds per berry and the higher amount of epigallocatechin subunits of Carménère wine proanthocyanidins, could explain this apparent paradox.

  5. Proximate Nutritional Evaluation of Gamma Irradiated Black Rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. Cempo ireng) (United States)

    Riyatun; Suharyana; Ramelan, A. H.; Sutarno; Saputra, O. A.; Suryanti, V.


    Black rice is a type of pigmented rice with black bran covering the endosperm of the rice kernel. The main objective of the present study was to provide details information on the proximate composition of third generation of gamma irradiated black rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. Cempo ireng). In respect to the control, generally speaking, there were no significant changes of moisture, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and fibers contents have been observed for the both gamma irradiated black rice. However, the 200-BR has slightly better nutritional value than that of 300-BR and the control. The mineral contents of 200-BR increased significantly of about 35% than the non-gamma irradiated black rice.

  6. Odour-active compounds in guava (Psidium guajava L. cv. Red Suprema). (United States)

    Pino, Jorge A; Bent, Leandra


    Solid phase microextraction and simultaneous distillation-extraction combined with GC-FID, GC/MS, aroma extract dilution analysis and odour activity values were used to analyse volatile compounds from guava (Psidium guajava L. cv. Red Suprema) and to estimate the most odour-active compounds. The analysis led to the detection of 141 compounds, 121 of which were positively identified. The composition of guava fruit volatiles included 43 esters, 37 terpenes, 18 aldehydes, 16 alcohols, ten acids, six ketones, four furans and seven miscellaneous compounds. Seventeen odorants were considered as odour-active compounds, with (E)-β-ionone, ethyl hexanoate, ethyl butanoate, hexanal, (Z)-3-hexenal, hexyl acetate, (E)-2-hexenal and limonene contributing most to the typical guava aroma of this cultivar. © 2013 Society of Chemical Industry.

  7. Study of the TAF 2012 DriveLine (CV-CD

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandru POZDÎRCĂ


    Full Text Available TAF is the acronym for Articulated Forestry Tractor – a heavy vehicle uses in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest, in a process called “skidding”. TAF use a cardan shafts transmission from the gear box (CV to distribution box (CD. The distribution box split the movement thru axels or winch. The study applied the cardan theory on a specific case and based on the numeric results a few design modifications are proposed for reducing the angular velocity pulse on the CD input shaft. Theoretical results may have a significant importance in practice, impacting the reduction of transmission noise and vibrations - already claimed in the case of the distribution box for the current constructive solution. An original AutoLISP program are made in order to analyze and optimize the transmission, with graphical results.

  8. Micropropagation from cultured nodal explants of rose (Rosa hybrida L. cv. ‘Perfume Delight’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamnoon Kanchanapoom


    Full Text Available A method for the micropropagation of rose (Rosa hybrida L. cv. ‘Perfume Delight’ was developed. First to fifth nodal explants from young healthy shoots were excised and cultured on basal medium of Murashige and Skoog (1962, MS containing several concentrations of BA and NAA. Multiple shoot formation of up to 3 shoots was obtained on MS medium supplemented with 3 mg/l BA and 0.003 mg/l NAA. Shoot readily rooted on ¼MS medium devoid of growth regulators.Rooted plantlets were hardened and established in pots at 100% survival. In vitro flowering was observed on rose plantscultured on MS medium containing 3 mg/l BA and 0.003 mg/l NAA.

  9. Changes in endogenous growth inhibitors in onion bulbs (Allium cepa L. cv. Sochaczewska during storage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elżbieta Kielak


    Full Text Available Changes in inhibitor activity in the onion bulbs (Allium cepa L. cv. Sochaczewska during storage were investigated. Onions were dried under an umbrella roof until October 15th or November 15th and thereafter stored in a cold-room at 0-1°C until May 15th. The activity of inhibitors fluctuated markedly during the storage period. At least two peaks and two decreases of inhibitor activity were observed. The weather conditions seemed to strongly influence the level and the date of appearance of inhibitors in onions. Higher inhibitor activity is usually connected with better storage and less sprouting of onions during storage. Prolonged drying under an umbrella roof enhanced onion quality after storage only in these cases when it actually improved the drying of onions.

  10. Use of nootkatone as a senescence indicator for Rouge La Toma Cv. grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.). (United States)

    Biolatto, Andrea; Sancho, Ana M; Cantet, Rodolfo J C; Güemes, Daniel R; Pensel, Norma A


    The objective of this research was to study the usefulness of nootkatone as a senescence indicator for Rouge La Toma cv. grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.), simulating different treatments that included the normal postharvest handling of citrus fruits: temperature conditioning, cold storage, shipment periods to overseas markets such as Japan and the U.S., marketing conditions, and storage at nonchilling temperature (control treatments). The highest nootkatone levels, determined by GLC-MS analyses, were detected in fruits subjected to control treatments. No significant differences were observed in nootkatone levels between treatments either with or without temperature conditioning prior to the start of the cold storage. Levels of nootkatone increased throughout time for all assayed treatments. The linear regressions of nootkatone levels showed correlation coefficients of 0.80 and 0.83 with storage time (29 and 42 days, respectively). Therefore, nootkatone appears to be a good indicator of senescence for Rouge La Toma grapefruit.

  11. Development of seedlings of watermelon cv. Crimson Sweet irrigated with biosaline water

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José E. S. B. da Silva


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThe limited access and the scarcity of good quality water for agriculture are some of the major problems faced in agricultural areas, particularly in arid and semiarid regions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of watermelon seedlings (cv. Crimson Sweet, irrigated with different concentrations of biosaline water of fish culture. The experimental design was completely randomized with five treatments, corresponding to biosaline water at different concentrations (0, 33, 50, 67 and 100%, and four replicates of 108 seedlings. Watermelon seeds were sown in plastic trays filled with commercial substrate and irrigated with different solutions of biosaline water. Seedlings were harvested for biometric analysis at 14, 21 and 28 days after sowing. The use of biosaline water did not affect emergence and establishment of seedlings until 14 days after sowing, the period recommended for transplantation. However, the use of biosaline water affected the development of seedlings with longer exposure time.

  12. Effect of Gamma Irradiation to Yellow Flesh Watermelon cv. ''Huay Sai Thong''

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Puripunyavanich, Vichai


    Yellow flesh watermelon seeds cv. Huay Sai Thong was irradiated with gamma rays. The experiment has been shown LD 50 dose at 420 Gy and GR 50 dose at 480 Gy approximately. Seeds of watermelon irradiated at 200 and 400 Gy were sown to find out mutation characteristics. The growth rate of M 1 plants was lower than the normal one. In M 2 plants, some irradiated lines showed non-dark green stripe on surface of fruit. Genetic testing was done according to skin color on watermelon fruit. It was found that the normal stripe characteristic was dominant and non-stripe characteristic was recessive. The Short length vine characteristic was selected till M 7 generation. The two lines of non-stripe watermelon and two lines of normal-stripe watermelon were selected for short length vine characteristic

  13. [Phenolic compounds in leaves insertions of Mentha × villosa Huds. cv. Snežná]. (United States)

    Tekeľová, Daniela; Bittner Fialová, Silvia; Tóth, Jaroslav; Czigle, Szilvia

    Lamiaceae plants mostly accumulate active ingredients in their leaves. The subfamily Nepetoideae, including the genus Mentha L., is characterized by the presence of essential oil and antioxidant phenolics, chiefly hydroxycinnamic acids with predominance of rosmarinic acid, and flavonoids. Mentha × piperita and M. spicata are the most broadly used mints in both medicine and industry, while M. x villosa is less known in our country. Herbal drugs in the form of leaves are usually analysed unpartitioned, while single leaves insertions have only been studied occasionally. Therefore, the aim of this work was the quantification of the active compounds content in the leaves pairs of Mentha × villosa Huds. cv. Snežná, using pharmacopoeial methods: total hydroxycinnamic derivatives expressed as rosmarinic acid (THD) and luteolin-type flavonoids. THD content ranged from 6.7% to 9.4% in the leaves pairs water extracts, and from 6.6% to 14.0% in methanol extracts. Flavonoids contents, expressed as luteolin-7-O-glucoside, ranged from 4.0% to 8.8% in water extracts, and from 4.0% to 10.5% in methanol extracts. Antioxidant activity (DPPH) expressed as SC50 ranged from 10.2 to 16.9 μ (drug dry weight) in water extracts, and from 10.7 to 21.6 μ in methanol extracts. The highest content of phenolic compounds as well as the highest antioxidant activity were found to be in the top sheet, while the lowest content of phenolic compounds and lowest antioxidant activity were detected in the leaves of the middle stem part.Key words: Mentha × villosa Huds cv. Snežná hydroxycinnamic derivatives rosmarinic acid luteolin-7-O-glucoside DPPH.

  14. Quantifying key parameters as elicitors for alternate fruit bearing in cv. 'Elstar' apple trees. (United States)

    Krasniqi, Anne-Lena; Damerow, Lutz; Kunz, Achim; Blanke, Michael M


    The commonly known alternate bearing, i.e. year-to-year change of large and small yields of fruit tree crops worldwide, is often induced by abiotic stress such as late frost, which will eliminate flowers or fruitlets. This study presents an alternative form, biotic biennial bearing, i.e. change of large and small yields of the same trees within the same tree row in the same year. Three methods were developed or modified for the analysis of the number of flower clusters and yield of 2086 apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cv. 'Elstar' trees. The first method, i.e., based on intersect between yield in year x and year x+1 and flower clusters in year x, yielded 91-106 flower clusters, whereas the second method, i.e., mean yield in year x and year x+1, resulted in a range of 72-133 flower clusters, or 9.6kg/tree necessary for sustainable cultivation of apple cv. 'Elstar'. The third 'biennial bearing index' (BBI), was calculated in three ways as the ratio of differences in tree yields to cumulative tree yield, for individual trees (rather than orchard average) to demonstrate the tree-to-tree alternation. A scheme for the possible underlying regulatory mechanisms was developed, which includes potential elicitors such as light deprivation and subsequent lack of flower initiation, are discussed as a possible result of polar basipetal GA7 transport, cytokinin level in the xylem and phloem and down-regulation of the gene expression of the flowering gene. Suggested countermeasures included early chemical or mechanical thinning. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Effect of pre-harvest fruit bagging on post-harvest quality of guava cv. Swarupkathi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md. Mokter Hossain


    The investigation was carried out at Germplasm Centre (BAU-GPC, Bangladesh Agricultural University, during March to July 2016 in order to investigate the effect of pre-harvest fruit bagging on post-harvest quality of guava cv. Swarupkathi. Four different bagging materials viz. brown paper bag, white paper bag, white polythene bag, black polythene bag included for the study and uncovered fruits were used as control treatment. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design with three replications. Fruit bagging treatments showed significant effects on different parameters studied. It was observed that fruit size, fruit weight, vitamin C concentration, and moisture content increased due to fruit bagging. Fruits were gained maximum in size (6.59 cm length, 5.86 cm diameter and weight (164.26 g under white paper bag followed by white polythene bag (131.3g. The skin color of fruits was very attractive in case of white paper bag than that of other treatments. Total soluble solid concentration of the fruit was found maximum (12.33% Brix under brown paper bag while maximum vitamin C concentration (162.14 mg 100 g-1 was recorded under white paper bag. Uncovered fruits showed maximum total sugar, non-reducing sugar, reducing sugar concentrations (10.13%, 6.05%, 4.08%, respectively.The results revealed that fruit bagging in general, improved the growth and quality of guava fruits as compared to control. Among the various fruit covering materials, white paper bag was found to be the best for overall improvement of physical and chemical quality of guava cv. Swarupkathi. [Fundam Appl Agric 2018; 3(1.000: 363-371

  16. Paloma (RX J0524+42): the missing link in magnetic CV evolution? (United States)

    Schwarz, R.; Schwope, A. D.; Staude, A.; Rau, A.; Hasinger, G.; Urrutia, T.; Motch, C.


    Decent optical photometry of the canditate magnetic CV Paloma has uncovered three persistent periods at 157, 146, and 136 min, which we interpret as the manifestation of the orbital motion of the system, the white dwarf's spin, and a related side-band frequency of the other two. All three periodicities are caused by a double-humped modulation of about 1 mag appearing only at certain fractions of the beat cycle, and it probably originates from one or two accretion spots. Our data is consistent with two plausible solutions, with the spin period being either 146 or 136 min. The appearance of a corresponding spin-folded light curve suggests two different scenarios, for which either pole switching between two diametrically opposed accretion regions (for P_spin = 146 min) or pole migration of one single spot (with P_spin = 136 min) is the preferred accretion mode. Complementary ROSAT X-ray observations and low-resolution spectroscopy provide supporting evidence of the magnetic nature of the object. Depending on the choice of the spin period, the degree of asynchronism with respect to the orbital period is 7% or 14%, implying a beat period of 0.7 or 1.4 days. Thus, the source populates the gap between the near-synchronous polars (Paloma is a key object for magnetic CV evolution: it might be the first bona fide transition object between the DQ Her and AM Her system with a white dwarf currently in the process of synchronisation. Based in part on observations made at Observatoire de Haute Provence (CNRS), France.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dewa Ayu Tenara Kardinia Cidhy


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to design a prototype of a future business model which would be adopted to achieve balance between the aspects of new business opportunities and competitive advantages of CV Suratin Bamboo. The analytical method utilized in the study was the business model canvas approach (BMC supported by the blue ocean strategy and SWOT.  The results revealed that through this business model development, bamboo workshop is expected to provide information regarding bamboo derived products, raise awareness of preserving the indigenous bamboo culture, increase sense of belonging to domestic products, as well as become the primary support of innovation and ideas in constructing Indonesia as a nation. Meanwhile, for businesses actors, besides increasing revenue, conducting bamboo workshops is expected to increase the company growths for the long term. The opportunity to maneuver in the development of bamboo-based business model demonstrates that bamboo business with high quality products has both tangible and intangible potentials to be developed further.Keywords: bamboo, blue ocean strategy, business model canvas, creative tourism, extracurricularABSTRAKTujuan penelitian ini adalah merancang prototype model bisnis masa depan yang akan digunakan untuk menemukan keseimbangan antara aspek peluang bisnis yang baru dan aspek keuntungan kompetitif CV Suratin Bamboo. Metode analisis yang digunakan adalah dengan pendekatan kanvas model bisnis (BMC dilengkapi dengan blue ocean strategy serta SWOT. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan melalui pengembangan model bisnis ini, pelatihan bambu diharapkan mampu memberikan informasi tentang produk turunan bambu, meningkatkan kesadaran melestarikan kearifan lokal budaya bambu, meningkatkan rasa cinta produk dalam negeri, serta menjadi pendorong lahirnya inovasi dan gagasan yang membangun bangsa Indonesia. Sementara bagi pelaku usaha, selain peningkatan revenue, pelatihan bambu diharapkan mampu meningkatkan

  18. Rooting and acclimatization of the Japanese plum tree, cv. América

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliana de Magalhães Bandeira


    Full Text Available Rooting and acclimatization are limiting steps in plant micropropagation, especially in woody plant species. This study aimed to evaluate the IAA and IBA effect on the in vitro rooting and acclimatization of micropropagated shoots of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl. cv. América. Shoots from 3 to 4 cm long were inoculated in MS medium with half salt and vitamin concentrations (MS/2 added with IAA and IBA (0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 mg L-1. After a 20-day period in in vitro cultivation, the shoots were evaluated, and then transferred to a greenhouse, and evaluated after 30 days. At the end of the in vitro cultivation period, no significant interactions were observed for number of roots per shoot and rooting percentage, but a significant effect was recorded for auxin type only, for which shoots grown in media added with IBA showed high values - 0.87 and 41.95%, respectively. A linear increase response from 1.45 to 5.75 cm was verified for root length of shoots cultivated in IBA medium; however, no significant effect was observed, and a 0.86 cm average root length per shoot grown in medium added with IAA was found. After 30 days of acclimatization period, the largest survival percentage was obtained from shoots cultivated in medium with 1 mg L-1 of IBA and IAA (88% and 92%, respectively. Although, IBA provided the highest in vitro rooting, most of the surviving shoots were those originated in IAA-added medium, probably because IBA promoted longer fibrous roots, less appropriate for transplant and soil fixation, as they are easily damaged. It was concluded that in vitro rooting with the addition of the highest IAA concentration (1 mg L-1 provided the greatest plant survival during the acclimatization period of the Japanese plum cv. América.

  19. Sensory analysis and volatile compounds of olive oil (cv. Cobrancosa) from different irrigation regimes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fernandes-Silva, A. A.; Falco, V.; Correia, C. M.; Villalobos, F. J.


    The aim of this study was to assess the effect of different irrigation strategies on the sensory quality of virgin olive oil VOO) from the cv. cobrancosa- integrated into a protected denomination of origin of Azeite de Tras-os-Montes in the Northeast of Portugal. Three irrigation treatments were applied: (T2)-full irrigation, which received a seasonal water equivalent of 100% of the estimated crop evapotranspiration (ET{sub c}), (T1)-continuous deficit irrigation (30% ETc) and (T0)- rainfed treatment. Data were collected from two consecutive crop years (2005-2006). Olive oil samples were analyzed for volatiles by GC-MS and the results compared with sensory evaluation data. Total volatile compounds tended to decrease with the amount of water applied. The characteristics pungent and bitter were more pronounced in olive oils from T0 and T1, which had higher polyphenolic concentrations, with a strong positive relationship with this variable and the bitter attribute. The Principal Components Analysis clearly separates the three olive oils from 2005, the driest year, and aggregates into a single group the three samples from 2006, suggesting no effect of irrigation on volatile compounds in years with a rainy spring and a marked effect in years with severe drought, suggesting that the effect of the trees’ water status on these variables occurs throughout the crop season and not just during the oil accumulation phase. In general, olive oil from the cv. Cobrançosa is more bitter than pungent and has a typical nutty sensory attribute shown by a strong positive relationship between benzaldehyde and the sensory notes of almonds and nuts. (Author) 34 refs.

  20. Uso eficiente del agua para el cultivo de rosa cv. Freedom bajo invernadero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John J. Arévalo-H


    Full Text Available Determinar el requerimiento de agua y el momento adecuado de distribución, es un factor fundamental para el cultivo de flores. El objetivo del presente trabajo fue determinar el efecto de la aplicación de tres láminas de riego sobre el desarrollo y producción del cultivo de la Rosa cv. Freedom, bajo invernadero. El experimento se realizó con tres láminas de riego en un cultivo de rosa (Rosa spp. cv. Freedom. Se analizó el crecimiento de los tallos florales, la vida en florero, la producción y la eficiencia en el uso del agua. Los tratamientos se basaron en tres niveles de evapotranspiración de cultivo (ETc (70, 80 y 100%. Durante el estudio, el cultivo se mantuvo en producción constante. Se aplicaron 384,87, 254,25 y 218,97 m³ correspondiente a 100, 80 e 70% de ETc respectivamente, significando un ahorro de agua de 14,0 y 21,8% en el 80 e 70% de ETc respectivamente. El coeficiente de cultivo (Kc vario entre 0,58 y 1,65, con una media de 1,13. No se encontraron diferencias en la producción. Las curvas de crecimiento presentaron incremento continuo, con ajuste al modelo logístico. El 70% de ETc presentó la mayor eficiencia en el uso del agua, con 185 tallos m-3. La conservación media de los tallos florales fue de 12 a 15 días. La mayor causa de pérdida fue la deshidratación, que inició en el día 11, comportamiento normal del tallo floral.