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  1. Substitution of polar crown coupling cotter key by the brackets of the generator rotor of Ilha Solteira hydroelectric power plant; Substituicao das chavetas de acoplamento da coroa polar com os bracos do rotor da UG: 07 da UHE Ilha Solteira

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Machado Filho, Orlando Marcondes [Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo (CESP), SP (Brazil)


    The obsolescence of generation equipment leads to the need of maintenance solutions which are creative and sometimes unexpected. This work describes the procedure which enabled to fix a 480 tons rotor with satisfactory results in a compatible time schedule 7 photos, 2 refs.

  2. Markus Davidsen on Fiction-Based Religions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Davidsen, Markus Altena


    Interview with Christ Cotter from the Religious Studies Project. The podcast can be foudn here: with Christ Cotter from the Religious Studies Project. The podcast can be foudn here:

  3. Andres Ehin tähistas sünnipäeva raamatuesitlusega / Maire Kõrver

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kõrver, Maire, 1961-


    Andres Ehin esitles oma luulekogu "Põdrapõrnikapääsukene" ja selle ingliskeelset tõlget "Moose Beetle Swallow" oma sünnipäeval Iiri suursaadiku residentsis, kus oli kohal ka luulekogu tõlkija, Iiri luuletaja Patrick Cotter

  4. SSC Model Fits to Simultaneous Fermi and CAO observations of Bl Lac's (United States)

    Gordon, Tyler; Macomb, Daryl J.; Hand, Jared; Norris, Jay P.; Long, Min


    The Challis Astronomical Observatory (CAO) has been surveying a sample of blazar-type AGN since 2010. The CAO blazar sample includes4 3 sources - comprising 30 FSRQs, 15 BL Lacs, one radio galaxy and four unclassified sources - covering a redshift range 0.02 Potter and Cotter (MNRAS, 2012, 423, 756-765).

  5. Variational approaches to water wave simulations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gagarina, Elena Vitalyevna


    This thesis starts with the study the theoretical aspects of water wave modelling using a variational framework, which is directly associated with phase space and energy conservation laws. In particular, we focus on a new variational model based on the work of Cotter and Bokhove. The new model inclu

  6. Isolation, Characterization and Identification of Environmental Bacterial Isolates with Screening for Antagonism Against Three Bacterial Targets (United States)


    Engineering Center (NSRDEC) is investigating the use of narrow-spectrum antimicrobials in non- traditional textiles to protect the Warfighter from pathogenic...Shlae. “Fix the Antibiotic Pipeline”. Nature 472:32. (2011) Cotter, P.A., C. Hin, and R.P. Ross. “Bacteriocin Developing Innate Immunity for Food ...Ahriovel, R.L. Lopez, and N.B. Omar. “Bacteriocin-based Strategies for Food Biopreservation”. International Journal of Food Microbiology 120:51-70 (2007

  7. Selected Methods for Locking Screw Joints, Including the Use of Adhesives, Used in the Helicopter Construction (United States)

    Rudawska, Anna; Cisz, Sławomir; Warda, Tomasz


    The paper presents the problems of preventing screw joints from self-loosening on one of helicopter. The research examines selected locking methods used in aircraft produced by different manufacturers. Experimental tests were performed to investigate the loosening torque of screw joints locked by various devices: cotter pin, locknut, centre punching, self-locking nut and adhesive. A comparative analysis of the investigated locking methods is made with respect to their locking strength and efficiency.

  8. Technology Insertion-Engineering Services Process Characterization. Task Order No. 1. Book 2 of 5. Database Documentation Book. OO-ALC MANPRA (C5 Main Landing Gear - WCD’S) (United States)


    1 PAOZZ .26 Z1200 72962 NUT ............................................................. 1 PAOZZ -27 4G14359-IO1 A 98897 CLIP ...MS21256.1 96906 CLIP (See figure 2-1 for NPA) .................. 4 PAOZZ .30 MS24665-132 96906 PIN, Cotter (see figure 2-1 for NHA) ....... 2 PAOZZ...90-75󈧉 ID’ rCP iiE C𔃺 ".1.1 1:-.CI * f2 F’I H- 0~-LN L ~f * B-OC£USHING~ (LALRf3E) 00__1___ N I PR, L. u m 00-i 02- 00js L.E𔃼 ________ tN t L’ f

  9. The Archeological Record at Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake Arkansas and Missouri (United States)


    Thornfield, MO, Wilhoit, MO, Mincy, MO, Protein SW, MO, Protein, MO, Theodosa, MO, Isabella, MO, Omaha NE, MO, Diamond City, AR-MO, Peel , AR-MO, Cotter NW, AR... maize , Turoski had killed one of the fowls that were roosting on a low tree, plunged it in hot water, and while he cleaned it I fried the corn; then...fireplace, no window, and a weighted roof; close by was a field of about seven acres, planted with maize . In the corners stood two large beds, covered

  10. Scale-selective dissipation in energy-conserving finite element schemes for two-dimensional turbulence

    CERN Document Server

    Natale, Andrea


    We analyse the multiscale properties of energy-conserving upwind-stabilised finite element discretisations of the two-dimensional incompressible Euler equations. We focus our attention on two particular methods: the Lie derivative discretisation introduced in Natale and Cotter (2016a) and the SUPG discretisation of the vorticity advection equation. Such discretisations provide control on enstrophy by modelling different types of scale interactions. We quantify the performance of the schemes in reproducing the non-local energy backscatter that characterises two-dimensional turbulent flows.

  11. Summary of Federal Aviation Administration Responses to National Transportation Safety Board Safety Recommendations. (United States)


    main gear assembly disclosed that the safety pin in the apex bolt of the main gear torque link had sheared and the nut on the apex bolt had been forced...Douglas performed a failure analysis of the recovered apex bolt which indicated that the safety pin failed or fell out and that the apex attachment nut...Operators Letter (AOL) 9-1261 on April 24, 1981, to change the method of securing the apex bolt attachment nut by replacing the safety pin , washer and cotter

  12. Copper Vapor Generator (United States)


    The relation between density and refractive index in a gas is described by the Pale- Gladstone Law 60 • i M where the summation is over the...ias Phase," J.Clietn. Phys. 5], 2757 ( 1969 ). 22. G.M. Grover. TP. Cotter, and G.F. Erickson, "Structures of Very High Thermal Conductance...34 J.Appl.Phys. 40. 3370 ( 1969 ). 24. PP. Sorokin and J.R. Lankard. "Infrared Lasers Resulting from Gitut Pulse Laser Excitation of Alkali Metal Molecules

  13. Visual Servicing for Optimization of Anticancer Drug Uptake in Human Breast Cancer (United States)


    sciences of the united states of america, 1991. 88(7): p. 2702-6. 15. Dickson, R.B. and M.E. Lippman, Cancer: principles and practice of oncology ...Cancer of the Breast, ed. V.T. Devita , Jr., Hellman, S., and Rosenberg, S.A. 1997, Philadelphia: Lippincott- Raven. Ch. 36, pp. 1541-1557. 16. Cotter...mechanism of drug resistance. hematology/ oncology clinics of north america, 1995. 9(2): p. 451-73. 22. Hengartner, M.O., The biochemistry of apoptosis

  14. Excavation of Eleven Archaic and Woodland Sites in the Divide-Cut Section of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterways, Tishomingo County, Mississippi. (United States)


    Plain 4 Saltillo Fabric Impressed 34 Alexander Incised 1 Thomas Plain 75 Tishomingo Corkmarked 64 Wheeler Plain 1 Unknown Shell Tempered 1 disturbed...Example B is the remains of a tetrapodal support, also found at the Bynum Mounds (Cotter and Corbett 1951). Examples E. F, and G are Saltillo Fabric...22Ts777 22Ts577 22Ts2O6 Wheeler Plain 1 Alexander Incised 1 Thomas Plain 12 75 Saltillo Fabric Impressed 34 Baldwin Plain 6 4 Tishomingo Plain 9 7

  15. Lake Superior lipids (United States)

    Fish chemistry data (d13C, d15N, C:N, lipid content) published in Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2015, 29, 2069??2077 DOI: 10.1002/rcm.7367This dataset is associated with the following publication:Hoffman , J., M. Sierszen , and A. Cotter. Fish tissue lipid-C:N relationships for correcting ä13C values and estimating lipid content in aquatic food web studies. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. Wiley InterScience, Silver Spring, MD, USA, 29(21): 2069–2077, (2015).

  16. Engineering Evaluation and Analysis for the Improvement of Military Standard Generators. Volume 2 (United States)


    THE ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM OF THE MEP-114A 30-kW DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN GENERATOR SET SAugust 1985 Prepared by: Steven R. Landa Mission Research...Corporation 5434 Ruffin Road San Diego , CA 92123 Under: Army Contract No. DAAK70-84-C-0066 0 TABLE OF CONTENTS _Section Page 1 INTRODUCTION TO ANALYSIS 3...below its abso- lute maximum ratings. * a S 41 V REFERENCES 1. L.D. Cotter, S.R. Landa , and V.A... van Lint, "EMP Analysis of TCU and GCU in the

  17. Bolting applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Czajkowski, C J


    An investigation of bolting practices specific to the nuclear industry was performed. The report covered a large spectrum of topics e.g. bolts embedded in concrete, specifications, inspection of bolting, both at receipt and inservice. Plots of preload versus yield strength for different bolting materials in different environments are presented as well as information relative to the stress corrosion cracking resistance of the more recent reactor internals bolting materials A286 and Inconel X-750. Part of the report contains input by Standard Pressed Steel Inc. (a bolting consultant) relative to bolting standards, cottering methods and potential areas for bolting improvement.

  18. コッター数の少ないRC造プレキャストコア壁の構造性能に関する実験的研究


    仲地, 唯治; Nakachi, Tadaharu


    In the core wall system in high-rise buildings, precast core walls are effective for construction because they can be built more quickly than cast-in-place core walls. In this study, a lateral loading test was conducted on a wall column simulating the corner and the area near the corner of an L-shaped core wall with a small quantity of cotters. The wall column was divided into precast columns, and horizontal tied rebars were concentrated at the second and third floor levels, and the mid heigh...

  19. Contemporaneous VLBA 5 GHz Observations of Large Area Telescope Detected Blazars (United States)


    on board the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is a wide-field telescope covering the energy range from about 20 MeV to more than 300 GeV. It has been... energies via inverse Compton processes (e.g., Björnsson 2010; Tavecchio et al. 2011; Abdo et al. 2011). Meier (2005) expected several reconnection...Astrophys. Space Sci. Libr ., 285, 109 Healey, S. E., Romani, R. W., Cotter, G., et al. 2008, ApJS, 175, 97 Healey, S. E., Romani, R. W., Taylor, G. B


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emerson Antônio Maccari


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to identify the adherence of the Information Systems (IS to the variables of an experiment based on business games. This relation was measured by means of the companies financial performance indicator ROE - Return on Equity. A multi-case study method was adopted to compare seven companies. Six out of seven developed an ISs - Information System. A strong adherence of the IS to the variables of the experiment and the performance reached by the companies was observed. The results reinforce the Fritzsche, Rodich and Cotter's (1987 research discoveries, pointing to a direct relation between the use of Information Systems and the financial performance measured by ROE.

  1. Pre-aspiration in Welsh English: a case study of Aberystwyth

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hejná, Michaela

    of as the most important. Chapter 7 finds that women pre-aspirate more frequently than men, which is in accordance with many pre-aspiration studies, but this difference decreases as the age decreases and results in no gender difference in the youngest speakers. Breathiness is not affected by gender......, if it is sensitive to social factors such as age or gender as well, and it suggests some implications for sound changes including pre-aspiration. Chapter 1 summarises the questions addressed in this thesis and outlines where this work is positioned with respect to our current knowledge of the phenomenon...... at least equally well as breathiness, voicing, release duration, or the duration of the preceding vowel, and better than voiceless closure duration, glottalisation, or f0 before or after the plosive in question in the word- medial (cotter [khɒhtsə] ~ codder [khɒdə]) and the word-final positions (cot...

  2. Environmental Audit, Rifle, Gunnison and Grand Junction UMTRA Project Sites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report documents the results of the comprehensive baseline Environmental Audit completed for the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) sites at Grand Junction, Rifle, and Gunnison, Colorado. Included in the Audit were the actual abandoned mill sites, associated transportation and disposal cell facilities, and representative examples of the more than 4,000 known vicinity properties. Sites investigated include: Climax Mill Site, Truck/Train Haul Route, Cotter Transfer Station, Cheney Disposal Cell, Rifle Mill Sites (Old and New Rifle), Gunnison Mill Site, Vicinity Properties, and Estes Gulch and Proposed Landfill Site No. 1 Disposal Cells. The UMTRA Audit was a comprehensive baseline audit which considered all environmental programs and the activities associated with ongoing and planned remediation at the UMTRA sites listed above. Compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was not considered during this investigation. The Audit Team looked at the following technical disciplines: air, surface water/drinking water, groundwater, soil/sediment/biota, waste management, toxic and chemical materials, quality assurance, radiation, inactive waste sites, and environmental management. 6 figs., 12 tabs.

  3. An iterative statistical tolerance analysis procedure to deal with linearized behavior models

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Antoine DUMAS; Jean-Yves DANTAN; Nicolas GAYTON; Thomas BLES; Robin LOEBL


    Tolerance analysis consists of analyzing the impact of variations on the mechanism behavior due to the manufacturing process. The goal is to predict its quality level at the design stage. The technique involves computing probabilities of failure of the mechanism in a mass production process. The various analysis methods have to consider the component’s variations as random variables and the worst configuration of gaps for over-constrained systems. This consideration varies in function by the type of mechanism behavior and is realized by an optimization scheme combined with a Monte Carlo simulation. To simplify the optimization step, it is necessary to linearize the mechanism behavior into several parts. This study aims at analyzing the impact of the linearization strategy on the probability of failure estimation; a highly over-constrained mechanism with two pins and five cotters is used as an illustration for this study. The purpose is to strike a balance among model error caused by the linearization, computing time, and result accuracy. In addition, an iterative procedure is proposed for the assembly requirement to provide accurate results without using the entire Monte Carlo simulation.

  4. Historical Land-Use Influences the Long-Term Stream Turbidity Response to a Wildfire (United States)

    Harrison, Evan T.; Dyer, Fiona; Wright, Daniel W.; Levings, Chris


    Wildfires commonly result in an increase in stream turbidity. However, the influence of pre-fire land-use practices on post-fire stream turbidity is not well understood. The Lower Cotter Catchment (LCC) in south-eastern Australia is part of the main water supply catchment for Canberra with land in the catchment historically managed for a mix of conservation (native eucalypt forest) and pine ( Pinus radiata) plantation. In January 2003, wildfires burned almost all of the native and pine forests in the LCC. A study was established in 2005 to determine stream post-fire turbidity recovery within the native and pine forest areas of the catchment. Turbidity data loggers were deployed in two creeks within burned native forest and burned pine forest areas to determine turbidity response to fire in these areas. As a part of the study, we also determined changes in bare soil in the native and pine forest areas since the fire. The results suggest that the time, it takes turbidity levels to decrease following wildfire, is dependent upon the preceding land-use. In the LCC, turbidity levels decreased more rapidly in areas previously with native vegetation compared to areas which were previously used for pine forestry. This is likely because of a higher percentage of bare soil areas for a longer period of time in the ex-pine forest estate and instream stores of fine sediment from catchment erosion during post-fire storm events. The results of our study show that the previous land-use may exert considerable control over on-going turbidity levels following a wildfire.

  5. Preservice teachers' use of lesson study in teaching nature of science (United States)

    McDowell, Amy Virginia

    The purpose of this study was to explore preservice teachers' lived experiences in a lesson study focused on teaching and learning nature of science (NOS). The body of knowledge about shifting pre- and in-service novice NOS understandings is substantial. The focus of science education research is now exploring ways to move these informed NOS understandings into classroom practice (Abd-El-Khalick & Lederman, 2000b). The research questions guiding the study were (a) how do preservice teachers' understandings of NOS shift as a result of the lesson study experience?, and (b) how does the reflective practice that occurs in lesson study influence preservice teachers' transition of NOS tenets into classroom practice? The participants in this study represented a sample of graduate preservice teachers, who were part of a middle and secondary science teaching alternative certification program in a southeastern university. In the first summer semester of this certification program, the participants were immersed in reform based science instruction; a section of which included NOS teachings (INTASC, 2002). In the following semester, participants were placed in a practicum setting; where the exploration of the preservice teachers' teaching of NOS was supported through the modified lesson study framework. Data sources included the Views on Nature of Science-Form B (VNOS-b), interviews, and lesson study portfolios. Analysis of NOS understandings was guided by instruments found in literature associated with the VNOS-b (Lederman et al., 2002) and reflection (Ward & McCotter, 2004). Results showed successful transfer of NOS into classroom practice using the modified lesson study framework, with less success in the deepening of participants' NOS understandings. Of particular significance was that results indicated a deepening of NOS pedagogical content knowledge for those participants functioning at higher levels of reflection. The study's results contributes to two knowledge bases

  6. Long-term impact of bottom trawling on pelagic-benthic coupling in the southern North Sea (German Bight) (United States)

    Friedrich, Jana; van Beusekom, Justus E. E.; Neumann, Andreas; Naderipour, Celine; Janssen, Felix; Ahmerkamp, Soeren; Holtappels, Moritz; Schueckel, Ulrike


    were measured on sandy (permeable) and silty (diffusive) sediments, whereas significant differences of microbial O2 uptake were observed indeed between permeable and diffusive sediments. Nevertheless, when considering the multitude of different methods, we found that benthic respiration over the season seemed to be governed mainly by settling of fresh organic matter during calm periods and its rapid turnover in a region where strong tidal and wind-forced currents distribute suspended particles over large areas. Summer pelagic respiration rates were an order of magnitude higher then benthic rates, and account for 88-93% of total respiration, which represents 79-98% of pelagic primary production. Our measurements of benthic respiration account for 7-12% of the total in the German Bight, which is lower compared to earlier studies. Strong tidal and wind-forced currents along with the lack of complex three-dimensional biogenic structures seem to prevent settling of suspended matter and foster resuspension, thereby supporting pelagic turnover processes. Hence, we assume that benthic turnover might have been higher before systematic bottom trawling destroyed the bottom hydrobiological regime. Today, due to the strong current regime in the German Bight, the pelagic system appears to be a largely closed system of production and respiration, with comparably little for export to the benthic system due to absence of biogenic structures. References Callaway R, Engelhard GH, Dann J, Cotter J, Rumohr H (2007) One century of North Sea epibenthos and fishing: comparison between 1902-1912, 1982-1985 and 2000. Marine Ecology Progress Series 346, 27-43. Christiansen S (2009) Towards good environmental status - A network of marine protected areas for the North Sea. In: Lutter S (ed) WWF Germany, Fankfurt/Main Emeis K-C, van Beusekom J, Callies U, Ebinghaus R, Kannen A, Kraus G, Kröncke I, Lenhart H, Lorkowski I, Matthias V, Möllmann C, Pätsch J, Scharfe M, Thomas H, Weisse R, Zorita E

  7. Planetary Protection Bioburden Analysis Program (United States)

    Beaudet, Robert A.


    , impacting an RCC panel is executed in minutes instead of hours needed by the commercial programs. Target damage due to impact can be assessed quickly, provided that target vibration modes and allowable stress are known. This work was done by Robert Clark, Jr., Paul Cotter, and Constantine Michalopoulos of The Boeing Company for Johnson Space Center. For further information, contact the JSC Innovation Partnerships Office at (281) 483-3809. MSC-24988-1 Wing Leading Edge RCC Rapid Response Damage Prediction Tool (IMPACT2) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas (3) the MSL statistics for only the accountable assays. Other options on the main menu include a data editing form and utility programs that produce various reports requested by the microbiologists and the project, and tools to generate the groupings for the final analyses. The analyses can be carried out in three ways: Each assay can be treated separately, the assays can be collectively treated for the whole zone as a group, or the assays can be collected in groups designated by the JPL Planetary Protection Manager. The latter approach was used to generate the final report because assays on the same equipment or similar equipment can be assumed to have been exposed to the same environment and cleaning. Thus, the statistics are improved by having a larger population, thereby reducing the standard deviation by the square root of N. For each method mentioned above, three reports are available. The first is a detailed report including all the data. This version was very useful in verifying the calculations. The second is a brief report that is similar to the full detailed report, but does not print out the data. The third is a grand total and summary report in which each assay requires only one line. For the first and second reports, most of the calculations are performed in the report section itself. For the third, all the calculations are performed directly in the query bound to the report. All the numeric al

  8. Selected Abstracts of the 1st Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS 2015; Budapest (Hungary; September 16-20, 2015; Session “Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Various Authors


    Full Text Available Selected Abstracts of the 1st Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (jENS 2015; Budapest (Hungary; September 16-20, 2015ORGANIZING INSTITUTIONSEuropean Society for Neonatology (ESN, European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR, Union of European Neonatal & Perinatal Societies (UENPS, European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI, with the local host of Hungarian Society of Perinatology and Obstetric Anesthesiology, Hungarian Society of Perinatology (MPT, supported by Council of International Neonatal Nurses (COINN, organizing secretariat MCA Scientific EventsPROGRAMME COMMITTEEArtúr Beke (Hungarian Society, Morten Breindahl (ESN, Giuseppe Buonocore (UENPS, Pierre Gressens (ESPR, Silke Mader (EFCNI, Manuel Sánchez Luna (UENPS, Miklós Szabó (Hungarian Society of Perinatology, Luc Zimmermann (ESPR Session “Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology”ABS 1. TRANSITIONAL CHANGES IN CEREBRAL BLOOD VOLUME OF TERM AND PRETERM INFANTS WITH AND WITHOUT RESPIRATORY SUPPORT AFTER BIRTH • B. Schwaberger, G. Pichler, A. Avian, C. Binder-Heschl, N. Baik, B. UrlesbergerABS 2. HEMATOLOGIC ABNORMALITIES IN THE FIRST 72 HOURS OF LIFE IN SMALL-FOR-GESTATIONAL-AGE PRETERM NEWBORNS • A. Matic, A. RistivojevicABS 3. THE ANTICOAGULANT ACTION OF ACTIVATED PROTEIN C IN VERY PRETERM INFANTS • E. Neary, N. McCallion, B. Kevane, K. Egan, M. Cotter, F. Ni AinleABS 4. SURVIVAL AFTER CARDIAC ARREST IN THE NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT • E. Foglia, R. Langeveld, L. Heimall, A. Deveney, A. Ades, E. JensenABS 5. A PATENT DUCTUS ARTERIOSUS SEVERITY SCORE INCORPORATING MARKERS OF HAEMODYNAMIC SIGNIFICANCE AND LEFT VENTRICLE DIASTOLIC FUNCTION PREDICTS CHRONIC LUNG DISEASE • A.T. James, J.D. Corcoran, P. Dicker, O. Franklin, Y.N. Elsayed, J. Ting, A. Sehgal, A. Malikawi, A. Harabor, A.S. Soraisham, P.J. McNamaraABS 6. A STUDY TO VALIDATE THE DURATION OF ASSESSMENT OF BASELINE NIRS VALUES IN PRETERM BABIES WITH ECHOCARDIOGRAPHICALLY