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  1. Peter St. John | NREL (United States)

    St. John Photo of Peter St. John Peter St. John Researcher III-Chemical Engineering Peter.StJohn | 303-384-7969 Orcid ID Education Peter St. John received his engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2015. During his Ph.D., St. John applied

  2. Simulation of ground-water flow in the St. Peter aquifer in an area contaminated by coal-tar derivatives, St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Water Resources Investigation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lorenz, D.L.; Stark, J.R.


    A model constructed to simulate ground-water flow in part of the Prairie du Chien-Jordan and St. Peter aquifers, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, was used to test hypotheses about the movement of ground water contaminated with coal-tar derivatives and to simulate alternatives for reducing the downgradient movement of contamination in the St. Peter aquifer. The model, constructed for a previous study, was applied to simulate the effects of current ground-water withdrawals on the potentiometric surface of the St. Peter aquifer. Model simulations predict that the multiaquifer wells have the potential to limit downgradient migration of contaminants in the St. Peter aquifer caused by cones of depression created around the multiaquifer wells. Differences in vertical leakage to the St. Peter aquifer may exist in areas of bedrock valleys. Model simulations indicate that these differences are not likely to affect significantly the general patterns of ground-water flow

  3. Church of St. Peter and Paul in the village under Kopaonik

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raičević Slobodan


    Full Text Available In the border of the municipality towards Kosovo, Kuršumlija preserved the St. Cemetery's church of Peter and Paul in village Lukovo near the famous rehabilitation center Lukovo's spa. Church is one nave with a semicircular apse at the east vaults with semicircular arch reinforced with cross sec­tion curve, which relies on a few strong pilasters placed inside long walls. According to folk tradition the church was built in the middle ages and served to diggers and foundries of lead ores of King Milutin. Upon termination of exploitation ore the church neglected and in the 19th century it suffered its first renewal 1871st and another 1895th year. Saved epigraphic inscription with carved year of renewal (1895th, icons and wall decor of the church provide information about reliably judging its recent history and artistic value. Soon after the bricklaying work 1895th Church has received from the altar wall of icons, and after that, and mural painting small artistic value. The crown of the vault is painted Pantocrator, about whose performances are painted scenes of the Transfiguration, Ascension of Christ, Vavedenje and Entry into Jerusalem. On the western wall are shown the Dormition of the Mother of God and in the first zone are shown standing figures of Sts. Constantine and Helena, St. Simon Mir refills and St. Prince Lazar - kefaloforos. On the triumphal arch are Old. Testament scenes of hospitality and sacrifice of Abraham and in the apse bust of God Savaot. In the zone of standing figures are shown Sts. Druid, St. Czar Uroš and St. King Stephen, St. Sunday, St. Petka, St. Procopius, and St. George. From the figures standing at the altar of bishops are shown St. John Chrysostom, St. Sava Serbian, St. Basil the Great and St. Athanasius. There was saved the altar compartments with icons. At the czar's gate are shown Blagovesti and in the order of main icons: Christ Almighty, Mother of God with Christ, St. John the Forerunner, icons of patron St

  4. The Peter Effect Revisited: Reading Habits and Attitudes of College Students (United States)

    Applegate, Anthony J.; Applegate, Mary DeKonty; Mercantini, Martha A.; McGeehan, Catherine M.; Cobb, Jeanne B.; DeBoy, Joanne R.; Modla, Virginia B.; Lewinski, Kimberly E.


    Certainly a primary goal of literacy education is the creation of avid, enthusiastic, and highly motivated readers. However, in this article revisiting the Peter Effect (Applegate & Applegate, 2004), researchers surveyed more than 1,000 college sophomores and found strikingly low levels of enthusiasm for reading. Only 46.6% of surveyed…

  5. Utilization of the St. Peter Sandstone in the Illinois Basin for CO2 Sequestration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Will, Robert; Smith, Valerie; Leetaru, Hannes


    This project is part of a larger project co-funded by the United States Department of Energy (US DOE) under cooperative agreement DE-FE0002068 from 12/08/2009 through 9/31/2014. The study is to evaluate the potential of formations within the Cambro-Ordovician strata above the Mt. Simon Sandstone as potential targets for carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration in the Illinois and Michigan Basins. This report evaluates the potential injectivity of the Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone. The evaluation of this formation was accomplished using wireline data, core data, pressure data, and seismic data acquired through funding in this project as well as existing data from two additional, separately funded projects: the US DOE funded Illinois Basin – Decatur Project (IBDP) being conducted by the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium (MGSC) in Macon County, Illinois, and the Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Sequestration (ICCS) Project funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which received a phase two award from DOE. This study addresses the question of whether or not the St. Peter Sandstone may serve as a suitable target for CO2 sequestration at locations within the Illinois Basin where it lies at greater depths (below the underground source of drinking water (USDW)) than at the IBDP site. The work performed included numerous improvements to the existing St. Peter reservoir model created in 2010. Model size and spatial resolution were increased resulting in a 3 fold increase in the number of model cells. Seismic data was utilized to inform spatial porosity distribution and an extensive core database was used to develop porosity-permeability relationships. The analysis involved a Base Model representative of the St. Peter at “in-situ” conditions, followed by the creation of two hypothetical models at in-situ + 1,000 feet (ft.) (300 m) and in-situ + 2,000 ft. (600 m) depths through systematic depthdependent adjustment of the Base Model

  6. Geological Carbon Sequestration Storage Resource Estimates for the Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone, Illinois and Michigan Basins, USA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barnes, David; Ellett, Kevin; Leetaru, Hannes


    The Cambro-Ordovician strata of the Midwest of the United States is a primary target for potential geological storage of CO2 in deep saline formations. The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive evaluation of the Cambro-Ordovician strata in the Illinois and Michigan Basins above the basal Mount Simon Sandstone since the Mount Simon is the subject of other investigations including a demonstration-scale injection at the Illinois Basin Decatur Project. The primary reservoir targets investigated in this study are the middle Ordovician St Peter Sandstone and the late Cambrian to early Ordovician Knox Group carbonates. The topic of this report is a regional-scale evaluation of the geologic storage resource potential of the St Peter Sandstone in both the Illinois and Michigan Basins. Multiple deterministic-based approaches were used in conjunction with the probabilistic-based storage efficiency factors published in the DOE methodology to estimate the carbon storage resource of the formation. Extensive data sets of core analyses and wireline logs were compiled to develop the necessary inputs for volumetric calculations. Results demonstrate how the range in uncertainty of storage resource estimates varies as a function of data availability and quality, and the underlying assumptions used in the different approaches. In the simplest approach, storage resource estimates were calculated from mapping the gross thickness of the formation and applying a single estimate of the effective mean porosity of the formation. Results from this approach led to storage resource estimates ranging from 3.3 to 35.1 Gt in the Michigan Basin, and 1.0 to 11.0 Gt in the Illinois Basin at the P10 and P90 probability level, respectively. The second approach involved consideration of the diagenetic history of the formation throughout the two basins and used depth-dependent functions of porosity to derive a more realistic spatially variable model of porosity rather than applying a

  7. Turbulence-driven shifts in holobionts and planktonic microbial assemblages in St Peter & St Paul Archipelago, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Paula B. Moreira


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the planktonic and the holobiont Madracis decactis (Scleractinia microbial diversity along a turbulence-driven upwelling event, in the world´s most isolated tropical island, St Peter and St Paul Archipelago (SPSPA, Brazil. Twenty one metagenomes were obtained for seawater (N=12, healthy and bleached holobionts (N=9 before, during and after the episode of high seawater turbulence and upwelling. Microbial assemblages differed between low turbulence-low nutrient (LLR and high-turbulence-high nutrient (HHR regimes in seawater. During LLR there was a balance between autotrophy and heterotrophy in the bacterioplankton and the ratio cyanobacteria:heterotrophs ~1 (C:H. Prochlorales, unclassified Alphaproteobacteria and Euryarchaeota were the dominant bacteria and archaea, respectively. Basic metabolisms and cyanobacterial phages characterized the LLR. During HHR C:H << 0.05 and Gammaproteobacteria approximated 50% of the most abundant organisms in seawater. Alteromonadales, Oceanospirillales and Thaumarchaeota were the dominant bacteria and archaea. Prevailing metabolisms were related to membrane transport, virulence, disease and defense. Phages targeting heterotrophs and virulence factor genes characterized HHR. Shifts were also observed in coral microbiomes, according to both annotation–indepent and -dependent methods. HHR bleached corals metagenomes were the most dissimilar and could be distinguished by their di- and tetranucleotides frequencies, Iron Acquision metabolism and virulence genes, such as V. cholerae-related virulence factors. The healthy coral holobiont was shown to be less sensitive to transient seawater-related perturbations than the diseased animals. A conceptual model for the turbulence-induced shifts is put forward.

  8. Refresher Course in Theoretical Physics at St. Stephen's College ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 7; Issue 5. Refresher Course in Theoretical Physics at St. Stephen's College University of Delhi, Delhi. Information and Announcements Volume 7 Issue 5 May 2002 pp 103-103 ...

  9. The strange story of Peter Lynds: Is this college drop-out really a physics genius, as some people are claiming?

    CERN Multimedia

    Adam, D


    "Who is Peter Lynds? The question has been troubling the world of physics since articles began appearing in newspapers and websites around the world earlier this month claiming that Lynds, a 27-year-old college dropout from New Zealand, had developed a radical new theory of time" (1 page).

  10. An Institutional Autopsy of St. Augustine Junior College (United States)

    Lumadue, Richard T.


    Institutional autopsies can teach much about why learning centers fail the test of time. St. Augustine Junior College in north Florida, the brainchild of Dr. George Apel, was begun in 1942 and ended seven years later in 1949. The purposes of the short-lived college are identified for discussion in this paper. Also identified are the reasons for…

  11. Peter Halley / Peter Halley ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Halley, Peter


    Ameerika maalikunstnikust Peter Halley'st (sünd. 1953) ja tema loomingust, intervjuu kunstnikuga tema New Yorgi ateljees 30. XII 1999. Peter Halley võrgustikke kujutavatest maalidest, elektroonilise teadetetahvli The Thing ja Moodsa Kunsti Muuseumi veebilehekülje jaoks tehtud digitaalsetest töödest ning muust

  12. Democracy's College: The American Community College in the 21st Century--Framing the Issue (United States)

    Topper, Amelia M.; Powers, Jeanne M.


    In this manuscript, the guest editors of the EPAA Special Issue on "Democracy's College: The American Community College in the 21st Century": a) introduce the background, history, and context of community colleges in the larger higher education landscape; b) summarize the three research papers and two video commentaries that were…

  13. Optically continuous silcrete quartz cements of the St. Peter Sandstone: High precision oxygen isotope analysis by ion microprobe (United States)

    Kelly, Jacque L.; Fu, Bin; Kita, Noriko T.; Valley, John W.


    A detailed oxygen isotope study of detrital quartz and authigenic quartz overgrowths from shallowly buried (ratio by laser fluorination, resulting in an average δ 18O of 10.0 ± 0.2‰ (1SD, n = 109). Twelve thin sections were analyzed by CAMECA-1280 ion microprobe (6-10 μm spot size, analytical precision better than ±0.2‰, 1SD). Detrital quartz grains have an average δ 18O of 10.0 ± 1.4‰ (1SD, n = 91) identical to the data obtained by laser fluorination. The ion microprobe data reveal true variability that is otherwise lost by homogenization of powdered samples necessary for laser fluorination. Laser fluorination uses samples that are one million times larger than the ion microprobe. Whole rock (WR) samples from the 53 rocks were analyzed by laser fluorination, giving δ 18O between 9.8‰ and 16.7‰ ( n = 110). Quartz overgrowths in thin sections from 10 rocks were analyzed by ion microprobe and average δ 18O = 29.3 ± 1.0‰ (1SD, n = 161). Given the similarity, on average, of δ 18O for all detrital quartz grains and for all quartz overgrowths, samples with higher δ 18O(WR) values can be shown to have more cement. The quartz cement in the 53 rocks, calculated by mass balance, varies from outlier at 33 vol.% cement. Eolian samples have an average of 11% cement compared to marine samples, which average 4% cement. Two models for quartz cementation have been investigated: high temperature (50-110 °C) formation from ore-forming brines related to Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) mineralization and formation as silcretes at low temperature (10-30 °C). The homogeneity of δ 18O for quartz overgrowths determined by ion microprobe rules out a systematic regional variation of temperature as predicted for MVT brines and there are no other known heating events in these sediments that were never buried to depths >1 km. The data in this study suggest that quartz overgrowths formed as silcretes in the St. Peter Sandstone from meteoric water with δ 18O values of -10

  14. A 21st-Century Humanities for the Community College (United States)

    Alford, Barry; Elden, Lucia


    This essay examines not only the role the humanities play in the community college curriculum but also how our approach to and understanding of the humanities must change. The defense of a 21st-century humanities has to begin in the experience of our students and not in the traditional canons of our disciplines.

  15. Sea-level rise impacts on the temporal and spatial variability of extreme water levels: A case study for St. Peter-Ording, Germany (United States)

    Santamaria-Aguilar, S.; Arns, A.; Vafeidis, A. T.


    Both the temporal and spatial variability of storm surge water level (WL) curves are usually not taken into account in flood risk assessments as observational data are often scarce. In addition, sea-level rise (SLR) can further affect the variability of WLs. We analyze the temporal and spatial variability of the WL curve of 75 historical storm surge events that have been numerically simulated for St. Peter-Ording at the German North Sea coast, considering the effects induced by three SLR scenarios (RCP 4.5, RCP 8.5, and a RCP 8.5 high end scenario). We assess potential impacts of these scenarios on two parameters related to flooding: overflow volumes and fullness. Our results indicate that due to both the temporal and spatial variability of those events the resulting overflow volume can be two or even three times greater. We observe a steepening of the WL curve with an increase of the tidal range under the three SLR scenarios, although SLR induced effects are relatively higher for the RCP 4.5. The steepening of the WL curve with SLR produces a reduction of the fullness, but the changes in overflow volumes also depend on the magnitude of the storm surge event.

  16. Arsenic release from chlorine-promoted alteration of a sulfide cement horizon: Evidence from batch studies on the St. Peter Sandstone, Wisconsin, USA

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    West, Nicole; Schreiber, Madeline; Gotkowitz, Madeline


    Elevated As concentrations have been measured in wells in the St. Peter Sandstone aquifer of eastern Wisconsin, USA. The primary source is As-bearing sulfide minerals (pyrite and marcasite) within the aquifer. There is concern that well disinfection by chlorination may facilitate As release to groundwater by increasing the rate and extent of sulfide oxidation. The objective of this study was to examine the abiotic processes that mobilize As from the aquifer solids during controlled exposure to chlorinated solutions. Thin sections made from sulfidic aquifer material were characterized by quantitative electron probe micro-analysis before and after 24 h exposure to solutions of different Cl 2 concentrations. Batch experiments using crushed aquifer solids were also conducted to examine changes in solution chemistry over 24 h. Results of the combined experiments indicate that Cl 2 addition affects As release and uptake in two ways. First, Cl 2 increases oxidation of sulfide minerals, releasing more As from the mineral structure. Chlorine addition also increases the rate of Fe(II) oxidation and subsequent hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) precipitation, allowing for increased uptake of As onto the mineral surface. Although HFOs can act as sinks for As, they can release As if biogeochemical conditions (e.g. redox, pH) change. These results have implications not only for disinfection of drinking water wells in the study area, but also suggest that introduction of oxidants may adversely affect water quality during aquifer storage and recovery programs in aquifers containing As-bearing minerals.

  17. [Award of the Salomon-Neumann-Medal 2017 - Speech of the Laureate Prof. Bernt-Peter Robra, 5 September 2017, St. Peter´s Church Lübeck]. (United States)

    Robra, Bernt-Peter


    The Salomon-Neumann-Medal 2017 of the German Society for Social Medicine and Prevention (DGSMP) was awarded to Bernt-Peter Robra, Institute for Social Medicine and Health Economics (ISMG) of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. The person and scientific merits of Manfred Pflanz are valued and topics of the masterplan2020-process are highlighted, that offer chances for developments in medicine and public health. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  18. Career Development and Social Inclusion at St Patrick's College: A Case Study (United States)

    Hughes, Cathy


    Consistent with the Commonwealth government's social inclusion agenda, the mission statement of St Patrick's College advocates the development and delivery of career development services and programs that promote social justice and social inclusion. This case study describes the evolving career development program at St Patrick's College, which…

  19. Multidisciplinary Investigations embedded in a photogrammatric three dimensional survey in an archaeological site and St Peter and Paul Church in Agro Valley (Messina, Italy) (United States)

    Crupi, Vincenza; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Majolino, Domenico; Paladini, Giuseppe; Persico, Raffaele; Saccone, Mauro; Spagnolo, Grazia; Venuti, Valentina


    In the framework of the National School "Science and Cultural Heritage: from Non-Invasive Analysis to 3D Recostruction" (19-23 September 2016, Messina-Valle d'Agrò, Italy), organized by the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences of the University of Messina, in co-opeartion with the Department of Geosciences of the University of Malta and in agreement with the Regional Order of Geologists of Sicily, non-invasive investigations have been performed aimed at the exploitation, fruition and safeguard of the archaeological site of Scifì and the St Peter and Paul Church in Agro Valley. Different georadar prospections [1-2] were carried out at both sites. Prospections have been performed by using a Ris-Hi mode system equipped with a dual antenna at the central frequencies of 200 and 600 MHz [3], and made along an orthogonal grid with 40 cm spacing. Data processing involved a zero timing, background removal on all tracks, a gain in-depth, a one-dimensional Butterworth filtering and a Kirchoff migration. Measurements of ambient vibrations were also performed [4-5], that revealed the absence of remarkable side heterogeneities, or large impedance contrasts associated surface stratigraphy. Measurements were also taken to measure the natural frequency of the church. In the two investigated sites, we also conducted spectroscopic investigations. The analysis was mainly focused on the study of variations, in terms of elemental composition by means of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurements as well as Raman spectrospopy which allow to determine the elemental composition of the sample under investigation. In addition, several images (by means of drones) were also collected in order to create a detailed 3D model for each site the ultimate goal of creating a digital archive for the virtual use of sites of interest. References [1] M. Pieraccini, L. Noferini, D. Mecatti, C. Atzeni, R. Persico, F. Soldovieri, Advanced Processing Techniques

  20. Summary of Synoptic Meteorological Observations (SSMO). South America and Selected Island Coastal Marine Areas, Atlantic Islands. Volume 3. Area 17 - Tierra del Fuego, Area 18 - Falkland Islands, Area 19 -South Georgia, Area 20 - Tristan da Cunha Group, Area 21 - Trindade, Area 22 - St. Helena, Area 23 - Ascension, Area 24 - St. Peter and Paul Rocks (United States)


    0 17.5 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 FACE »21 »TW* ■■’■ "■ IIUI" »E«ICD! fOVE«-«LO 1963-1970 JANUARY TABLE 18 (CONTi IKEA 0021 TOINDADE...DIRECTION VIPSuS SE4 HEIGHTS IFTl IKEA 0024 ST, PETER AND PAUL ROCKS ,6N 29.3» s iu HGT 1-3 4-10 11-21 22-33 34-47 41« PCT 1...l". - L ■■■’■■’ • ’ " wwm PEIKOl iQVER-»LLI IS’OS-l1»?» I SFPTEMBfR TABLE 16 (CDNT1 IKEA 002« ST. PETER AND PAUL RCfKS

  1. Peter Nansen og Aalborg

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bang, Karin


    Om Peter nansens tilknytning til Limfjordsegnen. Peter Nansen betragtede hele livet Aalborg som sin "hjemby" - det var her, han havde sin rod. Han kom til Aalborg som et-årig i april 1862, da hans far F.P.N. Nansen blev kapellan ved Budolfi Kirke. Mange af barndomsferierne tilbragte han hos sin...

  2. Remembering Peter Medway (United States)

    Hardcastle, John; Clements, Simon


    Peter Medway was an exceptionally able teacher, researcher and thinker, and his work throws light on governments, inspectors and educators. In the early 1960s, Peter met a theory which "established language as a major means of constructing our realities". Later, after teaching English in secondary schools for two decades, he reflected on…

  3. Mathematics Practicum at St. Olaf College: Project-Based Learning through Academic Civic Engagement (United States)

    Sanft, Rebecca; Ziegler-Graham, Kathryn


    The Mathematics Practicum has been offered at St. Olaf College for over 30 years. The Practicum is a 4-week, January Interim course where three teams of five students work on consulting problems solicited from area businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. These problems have significant mathematical, statistical, and…

  4. Above and Beyond: Working Together to Transform Our Colleges for the 21st Century (United States)

    Woods, Bob


    "Reclaiming the American Dream" is the cornerstone of American Association of Community Colleges's (AACC) 21st-Century Initiative, launched in 2011 with the goal of outfitting an additional 5 million students with degrees, certificates, or other credentials by 2020. In Phase 1 of the initiative, featured was a nationwide "listening…

  5. Interview with Peter Jenni

    CERN Multimedia

    PH Newsletter


    Peter Jenni, former spokesperson of the ATLAS Collaboration, discusses the challenges and satisfactions from his long-standing career in high-energy physics in this month’s PH Newsletter.   Peter Jenni. Following a long career at CERN that dates back to 1970 (ranging from Summer Student to Fellow and to Staff), Peter Jenni recently retired after about 40 years marked by exciting discoveries (from the first two-photon production of eta-prime at SPEAR to the Higgs boson at the LHC). Peter was involved in the LHC from its very beginnings and was spokesperson of the ATLAS Collaboration until February 2009. Peter Jenni will continue working with ATLAS as a guest scientist with the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, and when he's not travelling he still spends most of his time in his office in Building 40, where he met with interviewer Panos Charitos. Panos Charitos: When did you first arrive to CERN? Peter Jenni: I first came to CERN as a Summer Student in ...

  6. Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future. A Report from the 21st-Century Commission on the Future of Community Colleges (United States)

    American Association of Community Colleges (NJ1), 2012


    In the summer of 2011, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) launched a new 21st-Century Initiative. The overall goal of the initiative is to educate an additional 5 million students with degrees, certificates, or other credentials by 2020. Grounded in the enduring commitment of community colleges to improving the lives of students…

  7. Peter Pan-demien

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Claus


    Ungdommelig opførsel er moderne. I gamle dage skulle vi blive voksne. I dag skal selv gamle mænd og kvinder holde sig unge. Peter Pan-panikken er i os, og en af vores væsentligste sociale lidelser er umodenhed.......Ungdommelig opførsel er moderne. I gamle dage skulle vi blive voksne. I dag skal selv gamle mænd og kvinder holde sig unge. Peter Pan-panikken er i os, og en af vores væsentligste sociale lidelser er umodenhed....

  8. Peter A. Florschutz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cleef Antoine M.


    Full Text Available El 25 de mayo de 1976 falleció inesperadamente, a la edad de53 años, Peter Arnold Florschütz, eminente briólogo y profesor deBotánica Sistemática en Utrecht (Holanda. Era bien conocido porsus estudios de los musgos de Surinam. Fue coautor del "Index Muscorum", miembro de la comisión de la Flora Neotrópica y tesorero del IAPT.

  9. Obituary: Peter Robert Wilson, 1929-2007 (United States)

    Snodgrass, Herschel B.


    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Peter Robert Wilson, a well-known and well-loved figure in the solar physics community. Peter was on the faculty of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney for 39 years, and Chair of the department for 24 of these years. He was the author or co-author of more than 80 scientific research papers and a book, Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles (1994), published by Cambridge University Press. He died suddenly of a heart attack, at his home in Glebe, Australia, in the early morning of 11 November 2007. Peter was an organizer of, and participant in, many international conferences and workshops. He traveled extensively, holding visiting appointments at the University of Colorado (JILA), at Cambridge University, at the College de France (Paris), and at the California Institute of Technology [CalTech]. Most of his work was in the field of solar physics, but he also did some work on the philosophy of science and on tides. Peter came from a line of mathematicians. His father, Robert Wilson, immigrated to Australia from Glasgow in 1911, and became a mathematics teacher at Scotch College, a private school in Melbourne. There his name was changed to 'Bill' because 'Bob' was already taken." Peter's enjoyment of this story as characteristic of Australian academia (as any fan of Monty Python would understand) is indicative of his infectious sense of humor. In a similar vein, he claimed ancestry traced back to the eighteenth-century Scottish mathematician Alexander Wilson, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. That Wilson is famous in the solar physics community for his discovery, known as the "Wilson Effect," of the photospheric depressions associated with sunspots. Peter himself could not resist writing a paper on this subject, and was delighted when the bait was taken by some less-informed colleagues who chided him for "naming an effect after himself." "Bill" Wilson married Naomi

  10. Peter Carravetta, Del postmoderno.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandro Carrera


    Full Text Available Peter Carravetta, professor of “Italian and Italian American Studies” at SUNY Stony Brook, with an Italian and American education, has put together in his massive Del postmoderno possibly the most complete critical review so far of American academic production from the 1970s to the present. “Postmodern” is the key word of the cultural turn that took place between the 1950s and the 1970s only to meet its death, in Carravetta’s opinion, on September 11, 2001, when the shortlived illusion that h...

  11. Entrevista a Peter Wade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herminia Gonzálvez Torralbo


    Full Text Available Peter Wade, Doctor en Antropología Social por la Universidad de Cambridge y actualmente profesor en la Universidad de Manchester (Reino Unido ha dedicado la mayor parte de su vida a explorar las relaciones étnicas y las ideas de raza que existen en América Latina, con particular referencia a las poblaciones negras. A lo largo de su trayectoria académica Peter Wade ha estudiado los procesos de discriminación racial, identidad negra, y movimiento social negro, incorporando también la sexualidad a sus temas centrales de investigación. Wade es autor de libros como “Raza y Etnicidad en América Latina” o “Música, Raza y Nación”, una de las mejores publicaciones sobre música popular colombiana, y de artículos como Afro-Latin Studies: Reflections on the Field o Hybridity Theory and Kinship Thinking. En la actualidad combina su labor docente con su participación en el macro proyecto Public Undestanding of Genetics (PUG, que cuenta con siete equipos de investigación en diferentes países de la Unión Europea.

  12. Peter Carey's Laptop

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rowan Wilken


    Full Text Available In 2001, the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne built on its holdings of Australian literary manuscripts by acquiring all the papers, drafts and other items associated with Peter Carey’s Booker Prize-winning novel, True History of the Kelly Gang. The centrepiece of this acquisition, and the focus of this article, is Carey’s Apple Mac Classic laptop computer. The argument that is developed in this article is that Carey’s laptop is a technological artefact that operates, especially at the time of its acquisition, as an important talisman in three interrelated senses. First, it was viewed by library staff as a key means of gaining access to the ‘true history’ of Carey’s own creative drive or creative unconscious. Second, its public display alongside other textual objects (mostly books served to reinforce a reconstructed corporate image that endeavoured to reposition the library as a vital contemporary cultural site and key player in Melbourne’s institutional gallery scene. Third, it was a crucial symbolic acquisition insofar as it spoke to certain desires within library management at that time, and which responded to similar moves at major libraries elsewhere around the world, to embrace collection digitisation as the path forward.

  13. Nobel euro isale / Peter Lõhmus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lõhmus, Peter


    Eesti Panga asepresident Peter Lõhmus tutvustab oma õpetajat, New Yorgi Columbia Ülikooli professorit Robert Mundelli, kes sai tänavase Nobeli majanduspreemia. Eeskätt on Mundell tuntud kui nn. optimaalse valuutapiirkonna teooria rajaja

  14. Liberal Arts and Sciences Education for the 21st Century Knowledge Economy : A Case Study of Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Wende, M.C.


    This chapter describes how Amsterdam University College (AUC), a liberal arts and science honours college in The Netherlands, promotes internationalization and adopts a global approach in its curriculum and academic community. It shows how global learning outcomes and 21st century skills can be

  15. Liberal Arts and Sciences Education for the 21st Century Knowledge Economy: A Case Study of Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Klein Bog, Deirdre; van der Wende, Marijk; Jung, Insung; Nishimura, Mikiko; Sasao, Toshiaki


    This chapter describes how Amsterdam University College (AUC), a liberal arts and science honours college in The Netherlands, promotes internationalization and adopts a global approach in its curriculum and academic community. It shows how global learning outcomes and 21st century skills can be

  16. Peter H. Schlechtriem / Ingeborg Schwenzer

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schwenzer, Ingeborg


    Järelehüüe Saksa tsiviilõiguse arendajale, mitmete Euroopa ja Ameerika Ühendriikide ülikoolide külalisõppejõule, Tartu Ülikooli audoktorile, professor Peter H. Schlechtriemile (02. 03. 1933-23. 04. 2007)

  17. Richard Peters and Valuing Authenticity (United States)

    Degenhardt, M. A. B.


    Richard Peters has been praised for the authenticity of his philosophy, and inquiry into aspects of the development of his philosophy reveals a profound authenticity. Yet authenticity is something he seems not to favour. The apparent paradox is resolved by observing historical changes in the understanding of authenticity as an important value.…

  18. What Would Peter Drucker Say? (United States)

    Sundre, Steven M.; Raisch, C. Daniel


    Applies observations and advice by management guru Peter F. Drucker to the role of school system leaders. Topics include the customer as king, the continually changing definition of success, effective time management, the ethical dimension of decision making, and performance-based leadership (MLF)

  19. Peter Fisk kutsub innovatiivsusele / Kuldar Kullasepp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kullasepp, Kuldar, 1980-


    Turunduskonverentsil Password esinenud Suurbritannia turunduskonsultandi Peter Fiski ettekandest. Lisa: Peter Fiski näited suurepärastest äridest. Aasta Turunduskonkursi korraldaja Hando Sinisalu kommentaarid konkursile: Tulemuslikkus ennekõike. Lisa: Turundustegu

  20. Der Prager hl. Wenzel von Peter Parler – Fortsetzung eines hundertjährigen Diskurses mit neuen Argumenten

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hlobil, Ivo


    Roč. 54, č. 1 (2006), s. 31-56 ISSN 0049-5123 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : Prague * St Vitus Cathedral * Peter Parler Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  1. National Geographicu fotograaf: "Eestlased peavad end ise maailmale nähtavaks tegema!" / Peter Essick ; intervjueerinud Birgit Püve

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Essick, Peter, 1957-


    Ameerika loodusfotograaf räägib oma tööst ajakirjale National Geographic, eeskujudest, huvitavamatest pildistamistest, majanduskriisi mõjust fotograafide tööle, konkurentsist. Peter Essick'i eluloolisi andmeid

  2. R. S. Peters and the Periphery (United States)

    Haynes, Bruce


    Paul Hirst claimed that Richard Peters "revolutionised philosophy of education". This does not accord with my experience in the Antipodean periphery. My experience of the work of Wittgenstein, Austin and Kovesi before reading Peters and Dewey, Kuhn and Toulmin subsequently meant that Peters was a major but not revolutionary figure in my…

  3. Peter Severin Fønss

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Mette Frisk


    I begyndelsen af 1800-tallet var Danmark præget af krigstilstanden under Englandskrigene i 1801 og 1807-1814, statsbankerotten i januar 1813 og en voldsom økonomisk krise, der satte ind under krigen og fortsatte frem til slutningen af 1820’erne. Fra 1818 blev landets vigtigste erhverv, landbruget...... korruption. Amtmanden i Randers Amt fra 1805 til 1820, Peter Severin Fønss, var en af dem....

  4. Peter Standley 1924 – 2003

    CERN Multimedia


    Peter Standley was one of the very early members of CERN staff. He joined CERN nearly 50 years ago and retired 20 years ago. Peter had been reading physics at Oxford University; that made him, in times of the second world war, an obvious candidate to work on the newly invented radar techniques and, as radar officer, he became a member of the Royal Navy. After demobilisation, he was attracted, like many of those working in the radar field, by the construction of particle accelerators, preparing his thesis on the 125 MeV electron synchrotron at the Clarendon Laboratory at Oxford. There he became involved in a fantastic, at that time almost unimaginable emerging project, for a European Laboratory, later to be called CERN. In 1954, he was nominated linkman between CERN and the company (Metropolitan Vickers), which had obtained the contract for the construction of the linear accelerator for the proton synchrotron, the PS, which was the first large project and "raison d'être" of the new ...

  5. Peter Zerweck : Tallinna pole kõrghooneid juurde vaja / Peter Zerweck ; interv. Askur Alas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Zerweck, Peter


    Saksa linnaplaneerimisspetsialisti Peter Zerweckiga Tallinna linnaplaneerimise probleemidest. Peter Zerweck on kutsutud Tallinna planeerimist nõustama. Seekordsed teemad on kõrghooned, Lasnamäe, teemaplaneeringud ja seadus

  6. Implementing the INTERGROWTH-21st fetal growth standards in France: a 'flash study' of the College Français d'Echographie Foetale (CFEF). (United States)

    Stirnemann, J J; Fries, N; Bessis, R; Fontanges, M; Mangione, R; Salomon, L J


    To assess potential differences in fetal size between the French population and the international population from the INTERGROWTH-21 st (IG-21 st ) Project and to measure the impact of switching to the IG-21 st reference standards for fetal size. This was a nationwide cross-sectional study of fetal ultrasound biometry. Low-risk singleton pregnancies were recruited prospectively within the network of the national French College of Fetal Ultrasound, CFEF, over a 6-week period. Further selection was performed based on the criteria of the IG-21 st Project in order to obtain a comparable population. Head circumference (HC) was used as the main fat-free skeletal measure of growth for comparison of French fetal size with that of the IG-21 st population. The impact of switching to the IG-21 st fetal growth standards was quantified by comparing Z-scores calculated using the IG-21 st standards with those calculated using locally derived reference ranges for HC, abdominal circumference (AC) and femur length (FL). Following selection, 4858 cases were analyzed. The distribution of HC demonstrated clear similarity between our French population and the IG-21 st population: our observed centile curves closely matched those of IG-21 st and the Z-scores were close to 0 across gestational age. The IG-21 st standards performed as well as did locally derived charts in terms of screening for small-for-gestational age by AC, while they identified significantly fewer small FL values than were expected and than did the locally derived charts. Under strict selection criteria, fetal size in France is similar to that of the international population used in the IG-21 st Project. The discrepancies in FL are unlikely to impact on prenatal management. Therefore, switching from locally derived reference ranges to the IG-21 st standards appears to be a safe option. Copyright © 2016 ISUOG. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Copyright © 2016 ISUOG. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. College and University Earth System Science Education for the 21st Century (ESSE 21) (United States)

    Johnson, D. R.; Ruzek, M.; Schweizer, D.


    The NASA/USRA Cooperative University-based Program in Earth System Science Education (ESSE), initiated over a decade ago through NASA support, has led in the creation of a nationwide collaborative effort to bring Earth system science into the undergraduate classroom. Forty-five ESSE institutions now offer over 120 Earth system courses each year, reaching thousands of students annually with interdisciplinary content. Through the course offerings by faculty from different disciplines and the organizational infrastructure of colleges and universities emphasizing cross disciplinary curricula, programs, degrees and departments, the ESSE Program has led in systemic change in the offering of a holistic view of Earth system science in the classroom. Building on this successful experience and collaborative infrastructure within and among colleges, universities and NASA partners, an expanded program called ESSE 21 is being supported by NASA to extend the legacy established during the last decade. Through its expanded focus including partnerships with under represented colleges and universities, the Program seeks to further develop broadly based educational resources, including shared courses, electronic learning materials and degree programs that will extend Earth system science concepts in both undergraduate and graduate classrooms and laboratories. These resources emphasizing fundamentals of Earth system science advance the nation's broader agenda for improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics competency. Overall the thrust within the classrooms of colleges and universities is critical to extending and solidifying courses of study in Earth system and global change science. ESSE 21 solicits proposals from undergraduate institutions to create or adopt undergraduate and graduate level Earth system science content in courses, curricula and degree programs. The goal for all is to effect systemic change through developing Earth system science learning materials

  8. Peter Petersen & Co. A/S

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nygaard, Erik


    Peter Petersen & Co. A/S : administrations- og lagerbygning kommenteret af: Erik Nygaard. Resumé på engelsk & tysk.......Peter Petersen & Co. A/S : administrations- og lagerbygning kommenteret af: Erik Nygaard. Resumé på engelsk & tysk....

  9. Anmeldelse: Peter Gøtzsches nye bog: Big pharma = Big crime?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Møller, Marianne


    Cochrane-lægen Peter Gøtzsche har udgivet en bog med stærk kritik af medicinalindustrien og systemet for godkendelse og kontrol af medicin. Bogen er ladet med eksempler fra mange terapeutiske områder og er - med sin usædvanligt hårde retorik - en oplagt debatskaber....

  10. Kõik, mis teen, see kaob : lavastuskunstnik / Peter Schubert ; interv. Eero Epner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schubert, Peter


    Intervjuu saksa lavastuskunstniku Peter Schubertiga, kes töötab põhikohaga lavastus- ja kostüümikunsti professorina Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensees. Lavakujunduse juurde jõudmisest, lavastuskunstnike ettevalmistamisest, lavastuskunsti rollist, "pildist" ehk optilisest üldmuljest, oma tööviisist, lavastaja ja kunstniku koostööst Saksamaal jm.

  11. Peter Fisk : hoidke servale, mitte keskele / Kaido Einama

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Einama, Kaido, 1971-


    Strateegi ja turundaja, Genius Worksi tegevjuhi Peter Fiski esinemisest Tallinna Lauluväljaku uues konverentsikeskuses toimunud innovatsioonikonverentsil InnoEstonia 2007. Vt. samas: Kes on Peter Fisk?

  12. Knud Peter Harboe. Construcciones estrictas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaime José Ferrer Forés


    Full Text Available Se analiza la trayectoria del arquitecto danés Knud Peter Harboe (1925 - 2002 caracterizada por la fidelidad tanto a los elementos constructivos tradicionales como a los planteamientos modernos, y se examinan las timber frame houses más destacadas de la década de los sesenta, entre las que figura la casa del arquitecto en Ordrup (1958, y la posterior transposición a las estructuras porticadas de hormigón armado que desarrollará en la escala de los edificios públicos de la década de los setenta en la sede para N Foss Electric en Hillerød (1961 o el edificio de Pharmacia en Hillerød (1971, que le permitirán introducirse en la expresión formal del hormigón armado. La tectonicidad de su obra evoca la estructura anónima del entramado de las construcciones tradicionales y la noción de una arquitectura como ensamblaje de componentes, mediante la articulación de los postes de madera o la lógica de los elementos prefabricados que establecen el orden del espacio y la expresión del entramado estructural como sistema ordenador.

  13. Peter Greenaway klaarib kunstiajalooga arveid / Johannes Saar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saar, Johannes, 1965-


    Peter Greenaway multimeediainstallatsioon seeriast "Üheksa klassikalist maali" Paolo Veronese maalist "Kaana pulm" San Giorgio Maggiore kloostris Venezias 6. juunist 13. septembrini. Kloostri söögisaali otsaseinal on Paolo Veronese maali "Kaana pulm" 2007. a. valminud koopia

  14. Peter Lax, mathematician an illustrated memoir

    CERN Document Server

    Hersh, Reuben


    Hersh's memoir of Peter Lax is a revealing glimpse into the life, times, and work of one of the giants of mathematics. The story, told through reminiscences and interviews with Lax himself, his family, and his close friends, is the story of mathematics and its relationships to science and society from the Second World War to the end of the century. -Charlie Epstein, University of Pennsylvania This book is a biography of one of the most famous and influential living mathematicians, Peter Lax. He is virtually unique as a preeminent leader in both pure and applied mathematics, fields which are o

  15. Synopsis and Review of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association 2013 ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Guideline. (United States)

    Brown, Helen F


    The "2013 ACCF/AHA Guideline for the Management of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines" is a major revision of the 2004 guideline. This article provides a synopsis and review of the guideline focusing on changes in patient care and implementing processes to ensure quality care. The implementation of this guideline provides nursing with a unique opportunity to affect patients and families primarily by recognition of the event and education about lifestyle modification and disease management. Regionalization of emergency systems provides a novel situation for nursing to develop interdepartmental and system protocols.

  16. Peter Taylor | IDRC - International Development Research Centre

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    He leads a multidisciplinary team that strengthens policy research capacity in developing countries on issues of economic policy, governance, and health systems. Peter has more than 30 years of experience in international development, including positions at the Institute of Development Studies, UK; Helvetas Vietnam; ...

  17. Plastiliinivõlur Peter Lord / Margit Tõnson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tõnson, Margit, 1978-


    PÖFFi animafilmide festivali "Animated Dreams" ja Nukufilmi 50. juubeli külaline, Bristolis asuva kuulsa Aardman Studio asutajaid ja režissöör Peter Lord oma stuudiost. Lisaks "Jumal on suur animaator, animaator on väike jumal"

  18. Peter Waterman and T-Matrix Methods (United States)

    Mishchenko, M. I.; Martin, P.A.


    This paper summarizes the scientific legacy of Peter C. Waterman (1928-2012) who introduced concepts and theoretical techniques that have had a major impact on the fields of scattering by particles and particle groups, optical particletcharacterization, radiative transfer, and remote sensing. A biographical sketch is also included.

  19. R. S. Peters: The Reasonableness of Ethics (United States)

    Haynes, Felicity


    This article will begin by examining the extent to which R. S. Peters merited the charge of analytic philosopher. His background in social psychology allowed him to become more pragmatic and grounded in social conventions and ordinary language than the analytic philosophers associated with empiricism, and his gradual shift from requiring internal…

  20. Reading R. S. Peters on Education Today (United States)

    Cuypers, Stefaan E.; Martin, Christopher


    This introduction to this special issue offers an overview of R. S. Peters' seminal role in the development of modern philosophy of education, acknowledging the originality and range of his work, and indicating his continuing importance to the field. It explains the structure and organisation of the collection and provides a rationale for this…

  1. The Statue of Liberty Peter Max Style! (United States)

    Cunningham, Kathy


    The author's school is only 30 minutes from New York City, so every year when second-graders study towns and cities, the students do a project based on New York City landmarks. This year was the Statue of Liberty. The author introduced Peter Max's famous Pop art to her students, and explained that, as the art world kept changing, artists decided…

  2. Prince Peter's 7 years in Kalimpong

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brox, Trine; Zeitzen, Miriam Koktvedgaard


    and document empty spots on the map and to rescue the remnants of local cultures in Upper Asia. With the developing crisis in Tibet, however, Prince Peter was stranded in Kalimpong, waiting in vain for permission to enter Tibet. Yet unfavourable political circumstances turned into great opportunities...

  3. Peter Koch: wizard of wood use (United States)

    M.E. Lora


    Like his pioneer forefathers, Peter Koch sees opportunity where others see obstacles. And his vision is helping to reshape the wood industry. Since 1963 Koch has directed research on processing southern woods for the U.S. Forest Service's Southern Forest Experiment Station in Pineville, Louisiana. In that time, he has invented six revolutionary machines, developed...

  4. Peter Crockaert on Self-Reference

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hanke, Miroslav

    -, č. 28/52 (2014), s. 145-167 ISSN 0231-5955 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GP13-08389P Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Peter Crockaert * Semantic paradoxes * Scholastic logic * Thomism Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  5. An Interview with Peter MacDonald. (United States)

    American Indian Journal, 1979


    Peter MacDonald, Chairman of the Navajo Nation, the largest tribe in the United States speaks to such issues as energy development/management, oil companies, Navajo-Hopi relocation legislation, traditionalism, and the role of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes. (RTS)

  6. The Peters' plus syndrome: a review

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Maillette de Buy Wenniger-Prick, Liesbeth J. J. M.; Hennekam, Raoul C. M.


    Peters' plus syndrome is an infrequently described entity that combines anomalies in the anterior chamber of the eye with other multiple congenital anomalies, and a developmental delay. Major symptoms are extremely variable anterior chamber anomalies, cupid bow of the upper lip, cleft lip and

  7. Kalevipoeg - ein Interview mit Prof. Dr. Peter Petersen / Peter Petersen ; interv. Laine Paavo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Petersen, Peter


    Kalevipoja uuest saksakeelsest väljaandest: Kalevipoeg : das estnische Nationalepos / in der Übersetzung von Ferdinand Löwe ; herausgegeben von Peter Petersen Ilm. andmed Stuttgart ; Berlin : Mayer, 2004.

  8. Peter Priisalm eelistab juhina meeskonnamängu / Peter Priisalm ; interv. Aive Antsov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Priisalm, Peter


    AS-i Microlink Eesti juhatuse esimehe kohalt lahkunud Peter Priisalm oma tegevusest infotehnoloogiaettevõttes, tagasiastumise põhjustest, karjäärist ja selle planeerimisest ning ettevõtte juhtimisest

  9. Brother Peter of Jesus at Purgatory: rewrites of a historiographyc passage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joan Mahiques Climent


    Full Text Available The second volume of the Reforma de los descalzos (Madrid, 1655 of Brother Francis of St. Mary relates that Brother Peter of Jesus, while dying in Bellpuig because of the plague, appeared to a companion in Lleida to say he was in Purgatory. From different printed works and engravings published from 1681 to 1724, we study the relationship between texts and images representing this episode. We also edit two versions written by Brother John of St. Joseph (1642-1718, whose autographs are preserved in mss. 990 and 991 of the University of Barcelona Library.

  10. Peter Waterman and his scientific legacy (United States)

    Mishchenko, Michael I.; Kahnert, Michael; Mackowski, Daniel W.; Wriedt, Thomas


    Peter C. Waterman, a giant figure in the theory of electromagnetic, acoustic, and elastic wave scattering, passed away on 3 June, 2012. In view of his fundamental contributions, which to a large degree have guided the progress of these disciplines over the past five decades and affected profoundly the multifaceted research published in the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer (JQSRT), we felt that it would be appropriate to solicit papers for a special issue of JQSRT commemorating Peter Waterman's scientific legacy. This initiative was endorsed by the JQSRT management and has resulted in a representative collection of high-quality papers which have undergone the same peer scrutiny as any paper submitted to JQSRT.

  11. CERN through the lens of Peter Ginter

    CERN Multimedia


    This summer, passers-by along the Quai Wilson on the banks of Lake Geneva will be able to enjoy an unusual exhibition of photographs devoted to CERN and the LHC. Fifty images from the work of Peter Ginter, organized into themes, give strollers on the Quai Wilson a glimpse of the unique human and scientific adventure at CERN. An exhibition panel, showing a scientist against the background of ALICE’s huge red electromagnet.CERN will reach an important milestone in 2008 with the start-up of the LHC, opening a new window on our Universe for physicists around the world. To celebrate this event with the people who live around Lake Geneva and visitors to the area, CERN and the city of Geneva are jointly putting on the photography exhibition "CERN through the lens of Peter Ginter", which opens on 29 May. A group of some fifty images taken by the German photo...

  12. Peter Pan på All Inclusive

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schwartz, Camilla


    I løbet af de sidste ti år er det blevet svært og ikke mindst enormt kedeligt at blive voksen i nyere dansk litteratur, og det i en sådan grad, at der måske i samtidslitteraturen er tale om en nærmst epidemisk modstand mod at blive formet og modnet i voksne termer. I artiklen Peter Pan på All...

  13. Peter Bauer: Blazing the Trail of Development


    Ian Vasquez


    Peter Bauer was a pioneer in development economics and his contributions to the field have been vindicated by the collapse of central planning. Through most of his career, however, Bauer was marginalized by the economics profession. Even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, economists frequently neglect Bauer’s work. Two survey articles on trade and development by Anne Krueger are presented as examples of that neglect. Bauer’s emphasis on choice, his interdisciplinary methodology, and his c...

  14. Peter Greenaway: Ilusionista, Coleccionador, Narrador, Documentarista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luís Nogueira


    Full Text Available In the title of this reflection I have attempted to summarize themultifaceted portrait of the author Peter Greenaway which I have outlined: conjurer and documentarian, collector and narrator. In the work of another author we might find clear dichotomies; in the case of Greenaway, we instead face slippery overlapping. The reflection that follows seeks to combine a possible response with a two-fold concern: to question the narrative taking as a starting point documentary and Greenaway cinema.

  15. New Myositis Classification Criteria-What We Have Learned Since Bohan and Peter. (United States)

    Leclair, Valérie; Lundberg, Ingrid E


    Idiopathic inflammatory myopathy (IIM) classification criteria have been a subject of debate for many decades. Despite several limitations, the Bohan and Peter criteria are still widely used. The aim of this review is to discuss the evolution of IIM classification criteria. New IIM classification criteria are periodically proposed. The discovery of myositis-specific and myositis-associated autoantibodies led to the development of clinico-serological criteria, while in-depth description of IIM morphological features improved histopathology-based criteria. The long-awaited European League Against Rheumatism and American College of Rheumatology (EULAR/ACR) IIM classification criteria were recently published. The Bohan and Peter criteria are outdated and validated classification criteria are necessary to improve research in IIM. The new EULAR/ACR IIM classification criteria are thus a definite improvement and an important step forward in the field.

  16. Peter Lorange: ära murra oma sõna isegi raskel ajal! / Peter Lorange

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lorange, Peter, 1943-


    Euroopa parima ärikooli IMD endine president ning mitmete ülikoolide audoktor Peter Lorange vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad rahvusvahelises ärikoolis õppimist, Eesti ärihariduseta juhtide õppimist ja õppimise võimalusi ning soovitusi juhtidele majanduslanguse ajaks

  17. Peter Schlechtriem zum Gedächtnis - in memoriam Peter Schlechtriem / Rolf Herber, Jan Ramberg

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Herber, Rolf


    Järelehüüe Saksa tsiviilõiguse arendajale, mitmete Euroopa ja Ameerika Ühendriikide ülikoolide külalisõppejõule, Tartu Ülikooli audoktorile, professor Peter H. Schlechtriemile (02. 03. 1933-23. 04. 2007)

  18. A Conversation with Peter Senge: Transforming Organizational Cultures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Riane Eisler


    Full Text Available Riane Eisler talks with Peter Senge, internationally renowned expert on management and organizational leadership, about transforming organizational cultures from domination to partnership.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H K Thakkar


    Full Text Available Background: The problem of overweight and obesity is not confined only to developed countries but is also widely prevalent in developing countries. Low levels of physical activity, TV watching, and dietary pattern are modifiable risk factors for overweight and obesity in college girls. Objective: To assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity as defined by the Body Mass Index(BMI criteria of WHO among 18-24 year old college girls in Agra and identify its associated factors. Material & Methods: A cross-sectional study, adopting a multistage stratified random sampling procedure, has been conducted in 2009 among 400 college going girls aged 18-24 years in randomly selected degree colleges of Agra(urban & rural. Pre-designed and pre-tested questionnaire was used to elicit the information about dietary history and physical activity. Height and weight was measured and BMI was calculated. Statistical Analysis: Percentage, chi square Results: The prevalence of overweight and obesity was found to be 18.5% & 4.5% respectively according to BMI criteria of WHO. Skipping of breakfast was found to be about 14.5%. Eating fast food on alternate basis at college and at other places was found to be common among 48.5% & 51% of the subjects respectively. The average time spent on watching television was significantly higher among the obese (4.2hrs/day & overweight (4.0hrs/day than among normal & underweight subjects (3.5hrs/day. Gossip hours found to be nearly twice among obese (1.8hrs/day as compared to normal & underweight (1.0hrs/day. It was found that close to two third (63.0% and more than half (55.7% of the subjects had never or occasionally been involved in outdoor and indoor games respectively and only one fourth (24.3% of the subjects involved in daily play. Among obese subjects, 28.3% of the subjects used to play for 2 hours/week. Almost all the subjects (94.3% were involved in daily household task like washing clothes. Three fourth (76.1% of obese


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    HK Thakkar


    Full Text Available Background: The problem of overweight and obesity is not confined only to developed countries but is also widely prevalent in developing countries. Low levels of physical activity, TV watching, and dietary pattern are modifiable risk factors for overweight and obesity in college girls. Objective: To assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity as defined by the Body Mass Index(BMI criteria of WHO among 18-24 year old college girls in Agra and identify its associated factors. Material & Methods: A cross-sectional study, adopting a multistage stratified random sampling procedure, has been conducted in 2009 among 400 college going girls aged 18-24 years in randomly selected degree colleges of Agra(urban & rural. Pre-designed and pre-tested questionnaire was used to elicit the information about dietary history and physical activity. Height and weight was measured and BMI was calculated. Statistical Analysis: Percentage, chi square Results: The prevalence of overweight and obesity was found to be 18.5% & 4.5% respectively according to BMI criteria of WHO. Skipping of breakfast was found to be about 14.5%. Eating fast food on alternate basis at college and at other places was found to be common among 48.5% & 51% of the subjects respectively. The average time spent on watching television was significantly higher among the obese (4.2hrs/day & overweight (4.0hrs/day than among normal & underweight subjects (3.5hrs/day. Gossip hours found to be nearly twice among obese (1.8hrs/day as compared to normal & underweight (1.0hrs/day. It was found that close to two third (63.0% and more than half (55.7% of the subjects had never or occasionally been involved in outdoor and indoor games respectively and only one fourth (24.3% of the subjects involved in daily play. Among obese subjects, 28.3% of the subjects used to play for 2 hours/week. Almost all the subjects (94.3% were involved in daily household task like washing clothes. Three fourth (76.1% of obese

  1. FOREWORD: Peter Clay Eklund: a scientific biography Peter Clay Eklund: a scientific biography (United States)

    Cole, Milton W.; Crespi, Vincent H.; Dresselhaus, Gene F.; Dresselhaus, Mildred S.; Mahan, Gerald D.; Sofo, Jorge O.


    Peter Eklund grew up in Southern California and attended the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in physics. After working for one year at the Lockheed Missile and Space Company in Sunnyvale, California, he left to pursue graduate studies at Purdue University. There he carried out PhD research in strongly correlated electron and phonon systems under the supervision of J M Honig and L L van Zandt. Peter joined the group of Millie and Gene Dresselhaus at MIT in 1974 as a Postdoctoral Fellow after one year as an instructor at the University of Kentucky. At MIT, he continued work on strongly correlated systems in collaboration with Professor David Adler (who had an adjoining office), but for the most part he got excited about sp2 carbon systems and graphite intercalation compounds, a new research direction which the Dresselhaus group had started one year before Peter's arrival at MIT. Over the next 35 years Peter, Millie and Gene co-authored over 50 research articles, several review articles, and a big nine-hundred-and-fifty page book. In 1974, they saw graphite intercalation compounds as a long-neglected research direction of great promise. They studied these new materials together over the next 16 years, focusing on their optical spectroscopy. Their pioneering vibrational spectroscopy studies provided a means to characterize the fundamental properties of carbon materials. Optical spectroscopy became a centerpiece in the research portfolios of all three, both when they were together at MIT and after Peter left for the University of Kentucky in 1977 to start his independent career as an Assistant Professor of Physics. Peter became a full Professor at Kentucky in 1986. He continued to work with Millie and Gene and also acquired an ever-expanding network of students, postdocs and collaborators. As each new carbon nanostructure emerged—graphite intercalation compounds, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and most recently graphene—Peter was at the cutting edge

  2. Peter Becker and his Nazi past

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zeidman, Lawrence A; Kondziella, Daniel


    Peter Becker was a German neurologist who helped classify the muscular dystrophies, and described Becker muscular dystrophy and Becker myotonia. His involvement in National Socialism began in 1933, when he was compelled by his peers to join the SA (brown shirts). He later joined the Nazi party......, the Nazi Doctors Association, and the Nazi Lecturers' Association. He renewed his SA membership to maintain his position at a genetics institute. Colleagues stated postwar that he was not an active Nazi, and he was de-Nazified in 1947, able to continue his career. Later, Becker admitted to most......, but not all, of his Nazi memberships in his autobiography, and wrote 2 books exploring the origins of Nazism and racial hygiene. The "neurologic court of opinion" must weigh in on how we should best remember Becker, and at the very least, we as neurologists must learn the dangers of career opportunism at any...

  3. Nobels Nobels laureates photographed by Peter Badge

    CERN Document Server


    A unique photographic record of all living Nobel laureates. In this handsome coffee-table book, photographer Peter Badge captures the likeness of every living Nobel laureate in a lasting black-and-white image -- more than 300 striking portraits in all. Brief biographical sketches accompanying the large-scale photographs pay homage to each laureate's singular contribution to science, literature or world peace. Bringing readers face-to-face with Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, the Dalai Lama, James Watson, Gabriel García Márquez, Toni Morrison, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Linda Buck, and Paul Samuelson among many others, NOBELS offers an intimate and compelling look at well-known honorees as well as lesser-known recipients. A fascinating word/image tableau.

  4. Berger Peter L., Invitation à la sociologie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicolas Marquis


    Full Text Available L’invitation à la sociologie de Peter Berger est la réédition d’un ouvrage initiale­ment paru en 1963. Né en 1929, P. Berger est un des grands noms de la sociologie amé­ricaine actuelle, notamment connu chez nous pour un ouvrage coécrit avec Th. Luck­­mann et paru trois ans après la première édition de Invitation à la sociologie : The Social Construction of Reality, qui constitue une étape importante dans l’approche dite du constructivisme social en réactivant la tradition phénoménologique en...

  5. R. S. Peters' Normative Conception of Education and Educational Aims (United States)

    Katz, Michael S.


    This article aims to highlight why R. S. Peters' conceptual analysis of "education" was such an important contribution to the normative field of philosophy of education. In the article, I do the following: 1) explicate Peters' conception of philosophy of education as a field of philosophy and explain his approach to the philosophical analysis of…

  6. 77 FR 14773 - Vigue, Peter A.; Notice of Filing (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Docket No. ID-6627-001] Vigue, Peter A.; Notice of Filing Take notice that on March 6, 2012, Peter A. Vigue submitted for filing, an application for authority to hold interlocking positions, pursuant to section 305(b) of the Federal Power Act, 16...

  7. Ritual, Imitation and Education in R. S. Peters (United States)

    Warnick, Bryan R.


    This article reconstructs R. S. Peters' underlying theory of ritual in education, highlighting his proposed link between ritual and the imitation of teachers. Rituals set the stage for the imitation of teachers and they invite students to experience practices whose value is not easily discernable from the outside. For Peters, rituals facilitate…

  8. 77 FR 26538 - Vigue, Peter A.; Notice of Filing (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Docket No. ID-6627-001] Vigue, Peter A.; Notice of Filing Take notice that on April 26, 2012, Peter A. Vigue submitted for filing, a supplement to the application for authority to hold interlocking positions filed on March 6, 2012, pursuant to...

  9. Against the Corporate Culture Ideology: An Interview with Peter Mayo (United States)

    Suoranta, Juha


    This article presents an interview with Peter Mayo, author and expert in the field of sociology of adult education, on his major influences in this area, his books, and his views on the role of radical adult education and radical scholarship in the future. In the interview, Peter Mayo states that his initial view of adult education was quite a…

  10. The Social Dynamics of the Peter Principle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Fiedor


    Full Text Available In this paper the author presents a critique of the recent computational studies looking at efficient promotion strategies in hierarchical organisations [1, 2], and presents his own study, more applicable for socio-economic systems. While previous research based on the Peter Principle [3] is an interesting and fresh (though grounds have been laid by [4] view on the problem of organisational efficiency, they do lack psychological and sociological basis so important in social sciences [5, 6]. Therefore the advice saying that it may be beneficial to promote worst employees or employees at random is not based on sound methodological grounds of social sciences [7]. In this paper two mechanisms are introduced to the model proposed by [1], which bring the computational study closer to real life organisations, rendering the analysis more enlightening for them and their strategies. The first introduces social dynamics allowing agents to conform to the perceived expectations of the organisation, and the latter frees the model from univariate analysis of the competence of an agent together with the crude mechanisms for its propagation between positions, exchanging it for multivariate analysis with mechanism based on the classic research by Henri Fayol [8]. The results of these simulations allow the author to conclude that despite the fact that Peter was right in principle; in real organisations the best way to promote employees is to choose the best employees, which is in agreement with the reality of most organisations [9]. The paper underlines the need to use the methodology of social science in econophysics.

  11. Theories of Power, Poverty, and Law: In Commemoration of the Contributions of Peter Bachrach--Power, Law, and Final Thoughts: The Contributions of Peter Bachrach (United States)

    Schneider, Elizabeth M.


    I am pleased to be part of this symposium to celebrate the life and work of Peter Bachrach. Although my focus is the relevance of Peter's ideas of power to law, I want to begin with some personal comments as well as raise some final thoughts, drawing on others' contributions. Like so many of Peter's other students, I adored him. Peter's joy in…

  12. Bioprospecting Anticancer Compounds from the Marine-Derived Actinobacteria Actinomadura sp. Collected at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (Brazil)


    Silva, Amaro E. T.; Guimarães, Larissa A.; Ferreira, Elthon G.; Torres, Maria da Conceição M.; Silva, Alison B. da; Branco, Paola C.; Oliveira, Francisca Andréa S.; Silva, Genivaldo G. Z.; Wilke, Diego V.; Silveira, Edilberto R.; Pessoa, Otília Deusdenia L.; Jimenez, Paula C.; Costa-Lotufo, Leticia V.


    The actinomycete strain BRA 177 was recovered from sediment samples collected at the St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago, Brazil. This work accessed the ability of this strain, identified as Actinomadura sp., to produce bioactive metabolites by exploring the genome and characterizing chemistry and cytotoxicity of isolated compounds. From the crude ethyl acetate extract, the pigments nonylprodigiosin, cyclononylprodigiosin and methylcyclooctilprodigiosin were isolated and displayed cytotoxicity...

  13. 1st college of physicians lecture: the role of internal medicine as a specialty in the era of subspecialisation. (United States)

    Chee, Y C


    This paper is divided into 4 parts. The first deals with the definition of specialties and traces its roots from the early 20th century in the United States of America with the formation and growth of Specialty Boards. The second is a reflection on the scene in Singapore from the 1960s to the present, describing the change from public healthcare institutions run by the civil service to the autonomous restructured public service hospitals towards the end of the 20th century. The third section deals with what the 4ps have expressed about changes necessary to the Singapore system in the 21st century. The 4ps are the politicians, the payers, the patients and the public. It is about value for money, better coordination and better communication. Finally, just what is Internal Medicine - its competencies and its practice. A review of the systems in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA is presented. The idea of the "hospitalist" is discussed. Concluding remarks deal with the viability of Internal Medicine because of low reimbursement, administrative burdens and brief patient visits.

  14. Abies semenovii B. Fedtsch. at the Peter the Great Botanical Garden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tkachenko Kirill


    Full Text Available Abies semenovii B. Fedtsch. (Pinaceae is an extremely rare flora species of the Central Asia (Kirghizia; it has been cultivated at the Peter the Great Botanical Garden of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS since 1949, where it was first introduced into general cultivation. Since 2000, upon reaching the age of 43 years, the seed reproduction of the plants is being marked. An X-ray test proved seeds, collected in 2014, to be filled and full. In spring 2015, first time in the 67 years of cultivating this specie in St. Petersburg area, first young crops were received. Abies semenovii – a cold hard and decorative tree – has to be introduced into the gardening of St. Petersburg and shall be promoted into the Karelia and further to the northern regions of the European part of the Russian Federation.

  15. Pilot Peter Hoag and HL-10 (United States)


    Air Force Major Peter Hoag stands in front of the HL-10 Lifting Body. Maj. Hoag joined the HL-10 program in 1969 and made his first glide flight on June 6, 1969. He made a total of 8 flights in the HL-10. They included the fastest lifting-body flight, which reached Mach 1.861 on Feb. 18, 1970. The HL-10 was one of five heavyweight lifting-body designs flown at NASA's Flight Research Center (FRC--later Dryden Flight Research Center), Edwards, California, from July 1966 to November 1975 to study and validate the concept of safely maneuvering and landing a low lift-over-drag vehicle designed for reentry from space. Northrop Corporation built the HL-10 and M2-F2, the first two of the fleet of 'heavy' lifting bodies flown by the NASA Flight Research Center. The contract for construction of the HL-10 and the M2-F2 was $1.8 million. 'HL' stands for horizontal landing, and '10' refers to the tenth design studied by engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va. After delivery to NASA in January 1966, the HL-10 made its first flight on Dec. 22, 1966, with research pilot Bruce Peterson in the cockpit. Although an XLR-11 rocket engine was installed in the vehicle, the first 11 drop flights from the B-52 launch aircraft were powerless glide flights to assess handling qualities, stability, and control. In the end, the HL-10 was judged to be the best handling of the three original heavy-weight lifting bodies (M2-F2/F3, HL-10, X-24A). The HL-10 was flown 37 times during the lifting body research program and logged the highest altitude and fastest speed in the Lifting Body program. On Feb. 18, 1970, Air Force test pilot Peter Hoag piloted the HL-10 to Mach 1.86 (1,228 mph). Nine days later, NASA pilot Bill Dana flew the vehicle to 90,030 feet, which became the highest altitude reached in the program. Some new and different lessons were learned through the successful flight testing of the HL-10. These lessons, when combined with information from it's sister ship, the M2

  16. Executive Editor Frank Shushok, Jr. Sits down with Peter Felten and Charles C. Schroeder to Discover What Matters Most for a Meaningful Undergraduate Experience (United States)

    Shushok, Frank, Jr.


    Peter Felten is executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning and assistant provost for teaching and learning at Elon University, where he also serves as a professor of history. Charles C. Schroeder is the past president of ACPA--College Student Educators International and founding coexecutive editor of "About Campus." Felten and…

  17. Solution of Peter Winkler's Pizza Problem (United States)

    Cibulka, Josef; Kynčl, Jan; Mészáros, Viola; Stolař, Rudolf; Valtr, Pavel

    Bob cuts a pizza into slices of not necessarily equal size and shares it with Alice by alternately taking turns. One slice is taken in each turn. The first turn is Alice's. She may choose any of the slices. In all other turns only those slices can be chosen that have a neighbor slice already eaten. We prove a conjecture of Peter Winkler by showing that Alice has a strategy for obtaining 4/9 of the pizza. This is best possible, that is, there is a cutting and a strategy for Bob to get 5/9 of the pizza. We also give a characterization of Alice's best possible gain depending on the number of slices. For a given cutting of the pizza, we describe a linear time algorithm that computes Alice's strategy gaining at least 4/9 of the pizza and another algorithm that computes the optimal strategy for both players in any possible position of the game in quadratic time. We distinguish two types of turns, shifts and jumps. We prove that Alice can gain 4/9, 7/16 and 1/3 of the pizza if she is allowed to make at most two jumps, at most one jump and no jump, respectively, and the three constants are the best possible.

  18. Rootsi riigikaitsel uus siht / Peter Hultqvist ; intervjueeris Evelyn Kaldoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hultqvist, Peter


    Intervjuu Rootsi kaitseminister Peter Hultqvistiga Rootsi kaitsepoliitikast ja NATOsse astumise võimalusest. Läänemerel toimuvast Rootsi sõjalisest suurõppusest Aurora, kus osalevad ka Saaremaa kaitseliitlased ning miinijahtija Vambola

  19. Kolmanda aastatuhande piraadid / kommenteerinud Peter Chalk ja Gordan Van Hook

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Piraatlusest Somaalia piirkonnas ja rahvusvahelistest dokumentidest piraatluse vastu võitlemiseks 21. sajandil. Kommenteerivad uurimiskeskuse RAND Corporation vanempoliitanalüütik Peter Chalk ja transpordikompanii Maersk Line innovatsiooni ja arenduse vanemdirektor Gordan Van Hook

  20. Jim Peters' collapse in the 1954 Vancouver Empire Games marathon. (United States)

    Noakes, Tim; Mekler, Jackie; Pedoe, Dan Tunstall


    On 7 August 1954, the world 42 km marathon record holder, Jim Peters, collapsed repeatedly during the final 385 metres of the British Empire and Commonwealth Games marathon held in Vancouver, Canada. It has been assumed that Peters collapsed from heatstroke because he ran too fast and did not drink during the race, which was held in windless, cloudless conditions with a dry-bulb temperature of 28 degrees C. Hospital records made available to us indicate that Peters might not have suffered from exertional heatstroke, which classically produces a rectal temperature > 42 degrees C, cerebral effects and, usually, a fatal outcome without vigorous active cooling. Although Peters was unconscious on admission to hospital approximately 60 minutes after he was removed from the race, his rectal temperature was 39.4 degrees C and he recovered fully, even though he was managed conservatively and not actively cooled. We propose that Peters' collapse was more likely due to a combination of hyperthermia-induced fatigue which caused him to stop running; exercise-associated postural hypotension as a result of a low peripheral vascular resistance immediately he stopped running; and combined cerebral effects of hyperthermia, hypertonic hypernatraemia associated with dehydration, and perhaps undiagnosed hypoglycaemia. But none of these conditions should cause prolonged unconsciousness, raising the possibility that Peters might have suffered from a transient encephalopathy, the exact nature of which is not understood.

  1. Peter Mandelson: laienemisel on nii poliitiline kui ka majanduslik tähendus / Peter Mandelson ; interv. Marianne Mikko

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mandelson, Peter


    Tuntud Briti poliitik Peter Mandelson on üks kindlamaid kandidaate Euroopa Komisjoni voliniku kohale. Euroopa Komisjonist, Euroopa Liidu roteeruvast juhtimisest, eurost, migratsioonist, terrorismist, suhetest USA-ga, Iraagi tulevikust

  2. Peter and Louise: Being Clergy in a Secularized World

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leth-Nissen, Karen Marie


    of a continuum of churches, with the very ecclesial at one end and the very societal at the other. Both Louise and Peter experience the pressure of simultaneous expectations from the church as an institution, the church as a community, and the society in which they are embedded. Understanding how Peter......’ doctrines on what it means to be a true church. Together, these implicit and explicit theologies (Percy 2010) will inform us about the ecclesiologies of the churches today; how they are being the church. The analysis will explain some of the differences between these two majority churches and how...

  3. Pooling strategies for St Petersburg gamblers


    Csörgö, Sandor; Simons, Gordon


    Peter offers to play exactly one St Petersburg game with each of [math] players, Paul [math] , [math] , Paul [math] , whose conceivable pooling strategies are described by all possible probability distributions [math] . Comparing infinite expectations, we characterize among all [math] those admissible strategies for which the pooled winnings, each distributed as [math] , yield a finite added value for each and every one of Paul [math] , [math] , Paul [math] in comparison with their individual...

  4. Conference Report on the Annual Conference of the New York State Association of Junior Colleges (21st, Niagara Falls, April 26-27, 1968). (United States)

    New York State Association of Junior Colleges.

    This report examines four areas of faculty involvement in junior college activities. (1) In college governance, faculties are told to (a) look to self-government first and then, if necessary, turn to outside organizations, (b) seek a "golden mean" between communalism and instrumentalism, and (c) seek mutual equality, trust, and respect…

  5. Evolution of floral symmetry Peter K Endress, Current Opinion in ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    First page Back Continue Last page Graphics. Evolution of floral symmetry Peter K Endress, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2001, 4:86–91. Polysymmetric (more than one plane of symmetry) to monosymmetric in angiosperm (flowering plants) evolution; the other way in Antirrhinaceae. Left and right handed helicity. Bees ...

  6. SuchThatCast Episode 5: Peter Asaro

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Soraker, Johnny


    Peter Asaro is Assistant Professor at the School of Media Studies in the New School for Public Engagement, New York, specializing in philosophy of science, technology and media. His work examines the interfaces between social relations, human minds and bodies, artificial intelligence and robotics,

  7. Age and growth of the longfin eel, Anguilla mossambica Peters ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Otoliths were successfully used for age determination and growth-rate calculation of the longfin eel, Anguilla mossambica Peters, 1852. The large opaque nucleus of the otoliths represents the leptocephalid stage and probably lasts from one and a half to two years. Thereafter, one opaque and one hyaline zone is deposited ...

  8. Peter Effect in the Preparation of Reading Teachers (United States)

    Binks-Cantrell, Emily; Washburn, Erin K.; Joshi, R. Malatesha; Hougen, Martha


    The Peter Effect (Applegate & Applegate, 2004) claimed that one cannot be expected to give what one does not possess. We applied this notion to reading teacher preparation and hypothesized that teacher educators who do not possess an understanding of basic language constructs would not prepare teacher candidates with an understanding of these…

  9. Peters' Concept of "Education as Initiation": Communitarian or Individualist? (United States)

    Cotter, Richard


    A central element of Richard Peters' philosophy of education has been his analysis of "education as initiation". Understanding initiation is internally related to concepts of community and what it may mean to be a member. The concept of initiation assumes a mutually interdependent, dynamic relationship between the individual and community that…

  10. Kaks teenetemärki Peter Hundile / Kalev Vilgats

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vilgats, Kalev


    Pärnu maavanem Andres Metsoja andis president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese volitusel AS Wendre suuromanikule Peter Hundile üle Valgetähe IV klassi teenetemärgi ettevõtluse edendamise eest. Ettevõtja pälvis ka Pärnu linna vapimärgi

  11. Peter Jarvis and the Understanding of Adult Learning (United States)

    Illeris, Knud


    By comparing Peter Jarvis' understanding of learning with two other approaches--which Jarvis himself has referred to as "the most comprehensive": Etienne Wenger's "social theory of learning" and my own psychologically oriented theory of "the three dimensions of learning"--it becomes evident that Jarvis' understanding…

  12. The Nobel Prize winner in physics 2013--Peter Higgs

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Liu Jinyan


    Peter Higgs is a famous English physicist who was known for his works on Higgs mechanism and Higgs particle. He won the 2013 Noble Prize in physics. This paper briefly outlines his life, the proposition of Higgs mechanism and the origin of the name of Higgs particle. The discovery of Higgs particle is also given here. (author)

  13. My Journey with Peter: Moving Ideas that Matter (United States)

    Blyth, Dale A.


    Youth development lost a pioneer and a champion, Peter Benson, in October. Benson was a pioneer whose ideas mattered and a champion of approaches to research and its use in the community that has made a difference around the world. Benson's work, life, and spirit have helped transform people's understanding of young people, what it takes to…

  14. Portrait Face-Off: Gilbert Stuart vs. Peter Max (United States)

    Crumpecker, Cheryl


    When art classes are short and infrequent, it is always a challenge to meet required state and national standards. A unit comparing and contrasting Peter Max's Pop art portraits with the realistic style of Gilbert Stuart's presidential portraits provides an opportunity to address a huge number of these requirements. Focus can change with the age…

  15. R. S. Peters and the Concept of Education (United States)

    Beckett, Kelvin Stewart


    In this essay Kelvin Beckett argues that Richard Peters's major work on education, "Ethics and Education," belongs on a short list of important texts we can all share. He argues this not because of the place it has in the history of philosophy of education, as important as that is, but because of the contribution it can still make to the future of…

  16. R. S. Peters' "The Justification of Education" Revisited (United States)

    Cuypers, Stefaan E.


    In his 1973 paper "The Justification of Education" R. S. Peters aspired to give a non-instrumental justification of education. Ever since, his so-called "transcendental argument" has been under attack and most critics conclude that it does not work. They have, however, thrown the baby away with the bathwater, when they furthermore concluded that…

  17. Towards an amphibious anthropology: water and Peter Sloterdijk

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bos, R. ten


    In the paper Peter Sloterdijk is portrayed as a philosopher of elements who tries to correct the traditional philosophical reliance on earth by focusing on the elements air and water. The paper discusses the role that the latter element plays in Sloterdijk's philosophy. It is argued that it is

  18. Education, Ethics and Values: A Response to Peter Blaze ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Education, Ethics and Values: A Response to Peter Blaze Corcoran's Keynote Address, EEASA 2003. ... while there is much value in the principles of the Earth Charter for guiding educational practice, educators should also consider some of the dilemmas of simply appropriating univeral ethical frameworks to guide practice.

  19. Marginal Experiments: Peter Brook and Stepping out Theatre Company (United States)

    Harpin, Anna


    This article juxtaposes the recent work of Peter Brook with a Bristol-based mental health service-user collective--Stepping Out Theatre Company. Informed by field-work with the company, this chapter explores the aesthetic and political relationship between professional, experimental theatre work and community-based performance practice. Drawing…

  20. Air conditioning spaceship earth: Peter Sloterdijk's ethico-aesthetic paradigm

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    S. van Tuinen (Sjoerd)


    textabstractAbstract. This paper explores the convergence of anthropology and ecology in the recent work of Peter Sloterdijk. Firstly, it is argued that Sloterdijk proposes an important new interpretation of Heideggerian Gelassenheit for which I propose the English word `relief '. The concept of

  1. Food and feeding habits of Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters) in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The diet of 745 Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters) of less than 0,5 up to 2000 g wet mass, in Hartbeespoort Dam, was determined from stomach content analysis. Samples of fish were selected to cover a whole annual cycle. Small fish fed initially on zoobenthos and zooplankton, but fish with a mass of over 4 g fed ...

  2. Het gelijk van Peter Singer: een ethische analyse

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boer, Th.A.


    Volgens Peter Singer maakt de mens zich schuldig aan speciecisme, discriminatie van dieren t.o.v. mensen zuiver en alleen omdat we tot verschillende soorten behoren. Singers ethiek is omstreden, zoals mr. dr. M. de Blois betoogt in zijn artikel "Bij de beesten af. Een beschouwing over de ethiek van

  3. Plecospondylic spinal column in the viviparous Cyprinodont Lebistes reticulatus (Peters)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stolk, A.


    Description of a case of plecospondylic spinal column in the viviparous Cyprinodont Lebistes reticulatus (PETERS), the so-called guppy or millionfish. In this deformity the following phenomena have been observed: displacement of vertebrae, transformation of vertebrae, increase in size of vertebrae,

  4. Welcome to the 21st International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes (United States)


    Dear Participants and Guests On behalf of the Rector's Office, welcome to St. Petersburg University, one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious universities in Russia. The 12 Colleges Building (named after the Collegia of Peter the Great's time, Ministries in the modern sense of the word) has been home to the University since 1804. St. Petersburg State University is the successor of the first Russian University founded by Peter the Great on 24 January 1724. It's distinguished faculty members include mathematicians Chebyshev and Smirnov, physicists Lenz and Fock, chemists Mendeleev and Butlerov, embryologist Kovalevsky, and physiologist Sechenov. Several of our alumni won Nobel Prizes - Pavlov, Semenov, Kantorovich, Landau and Prokhorov. The University is the alma mater of two presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. St. Petersburg State University today consists of 19 faculties on two campuses: in the historic downtown, on Vasilyevsky Island, and in Peterhof. The Faculty of Physics carries out research projects through the efforts of 260 employees, of which 150 hold doctoral degrees, and 50 have been awarded Grand Doctorates. The work is done in a vast variety of areas, from the physics of elementary particles to the physics of the atmosphere. Optics and spectroscopy has been a particularly significant area of research. This field of inquiry goes back to the work of Academician D S Rozhdestvensky more than 70 years ago, when he first suggested his famous hook method. After him the work was headed by S Frisch, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and editor-in-chief of Optics and Spectroscopy Journal. Today research projects in optics involve over 50 staff members, graduate and post-graduate students. Work involves projects on spectroscopy of cold and hot plasma, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, non-linear spectroscopy and spectroscopic analysis. Our scholars support active international ties with their colleagues worldwide. The

  5. Constructing the economic–historic context of 1 Peter: Exploring a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Sep 30, 2010 ... addressees of 1 Peter, which could serve as basis for an economic interpretation of 1 Peter and other New Testament books. After discussing 1 Peter as ...... the Empire, Harvard University Press, Cambridge. McCaughey, J.D. ...

  6. 75 FR 49992 - Peter W.S. Grigg, M.D.; Revocation of Registration (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Drug Enforcement Administration Peter W.S. Grigg, M.D.; Revocation of... Order to Show Cause and Immediate Suspension of Registration to Peter W.S. Grigg, M.D. (Respondent), of... Registration, BG2107856, issued to Peter W.S. Grigg, M.D., be, and it hereby is, revoked. This Order is...

  7. Anterior segment dysgenesis (Peters' anomaly) in two snow leopard (Panthera uncia) cubs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hamoudi, Hassan; Rudnick, Jens-Christian; Prause, Jan Ulrik


    remnant of the hyaloid artery. The male had hydrocephalus and thus some of the features of Peters' plus syndrome (Peters' anomaly in addition to systemic malformations). The histological findings in the eyes of these snow leopard siblings are identical with those described in humans with Peters' anomaly....

  8. The Travails of Criticality: Understanding Peter McLaren's Revolutionary Vocation. An Article Review of Peter McLaren, "Pedagogy of Insurrection" (New York: Peter Lang, 2015) (United States)

    Baldacchino, John


    This is an article review of Peter McLaren's "Pedagogy of Insurrection" (New York: Peter Lang, 2015). While it seeks to position McLaren's work within the context of critical pedagogy, this paper also assesses McLaren from the wider discussion of Marxist--Hegelian discourse as it evolved within the Left. Engaging with McLaren critically,…

  9. Abnormal centromere-chromatid apposition (ACCA) and Peters' anomaly. (United States)

    Wertelecki, W; Dev, V G; Superneau, D W


    Abnormal centromere-chromatid apposition (ACCA) was noted in a patient with Peters' anomaly. Previous reports of ACCA emphasized its association with tetraphocomelia and other congenital malformations (Roberts, SC Phocomelia, Pseudothalidomide Syndromes). This report expands the array of congenital malformations associated with ACCA and emphasizes the diagnostic importance of ocular defects for the ascertainment of additional cases of ACCA and its possible relationship with abnormal cell division.

  10. Toeplitz quantization and asymptotic expansions : Peter Weyl decomposition

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Engliš, Miroslav; Upmeier, H.


    Roč. 68, č. 3 (2010), s. 427-449 ISSN 0378-620X R&D Projects: GA ČR GA201/09/0473 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10190503 Keywords : bounded symmetric domain * real symmetric domain * star product * Toeplitz operator * Peter-Weyl decomposition Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics Impact factor: 0.521, year: 2010

  11. Social Media Go to College (United States)

    Martínez-Alemán, Ana M.


    Technology's march into the college classroom continues. Generations of college and university faculty have both embraced and resisted instructional technologies such as the book, the mimeograph, the overhead projector, and hand-held calculators. Now college and university faculty are greeting the 21st century's signature…

  12. Jackson Peter A. (dir.), Queer Bangkok: 21st Century Markets, Media, and Rights


    Ricordeau, Gwénola


    Depuis 2008, la collection « Queer Asia » des éditions de l’Université de Hong Kong publie chaque année plusieurs monographies et anthologies consacrées au genre et à la sexualité en Asie. Queer Bangkok, l’un des plus récents ouvrages de cette collection, rassemble des communications présentées à la dixième conférence internationale des études thaïlandaises qui s’est tenue à l’Université Thammasat (Bangkok) en janvier 2008, au cours de laquelle les études LGBT ont occupé une place significati...

  13. St. Peter und Paul-Kirche in Kralovice und Bonifaz Wolmut?

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Vlček, Pavel

    -, č. 11 (2011), s. 25-38 ISSN 1213-5372 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : Bonifaz Wohlmut * Kralovice * renaissance * architecture Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  14. Analysis of the Papal Benediction Sign: The ulnar neuropathy of St. Peter. (United States)

    Futterman, Bennett


    The origin of the Papal Benediction Sign has been a source of controversy for many generations of medical students. The question has been whether the Papal Benediction Sign posture is the result of an injury to the median nerve or to the ulnar nerve. The increasingly popular use of online "chat rooms" and the vast quantities of information available on the internet has led to an increasing level of confusion. Looking in major anatomy texts, anatomy and board review books as well as numerous internet sites the answer remains unresolved. Through the analysis of functional anatomy of the hand, cultural and religious practices of the early centuries of the Common Era and church art a clear answer emerges. It will become apparent that this hand posture results from an ulnar neuropathy. Copyright © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  15. Thermophysical behavior of St. Peter sandstone: application to compressed air energy storage in an aquifer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Erikson, R.L.


    The long-term stability of a sandstone reservoir is of primary importance to the success of compressed air energy storage (CAES) in aquifers. The purpose of this study was to: develop experimental techniques for the operation of the CAES Porous Media Flow Loop (PMFL), an apparatus designed to study the stability of porous media in subsurface geologic environments, conduct experiments in the PMFL designed to determine the effects of temperature, stress, and humidity on the stability of candidate CAES reservoir materials, provide support for the CAES field demonstration project in Pittsfield, Illinois, by characterizing the thermophysical stability of Pittsfield reservoir sandstone under simulated field conditions.

  16. The Forerunner of the Government Reform of Peter the Great

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikita V. Shevtsov


    Full Text Available Abstract: This article describes the life and work of the distinguished political leader of the 17th century Vasiliy Vasilyevich Golitsyn. He entered the history of our country as a thoughtful reformist and a brilliant diplomat. His transformations created the foundation for the future pivotal reforms by Peter the Great. Being an outstanding analyst and a strategic planner, Golytsin won his combats not on the bloody battlefields but in the course of fights on the diplomatic arena. During the reign of Sophia, when he had received ultimately unlimited power warrant, he mainly fostered all of his efforts to the implementation of the socio-economic changes and the rise of prestige of the Russian State. However, as it often happens with the prominent reformists he became a victim of the in-house political tussle; he placed the wrong bet on Sophia instead of Peter the Great and his court. As a result, he was deprived from his post, lost his estates, and was sent into exile to the north of the country. The author of this article followed the probable route of Golytsin’s exile ramblings and paid special attention to the stay of the disgraced knyaz in Pinezhskiy Volok - currently the settlement of Pinega situated approximately 200 km away from Arkhangelsk on the banks of the Pinega River. The article also offers a detailed description of the Krasnogorskiy Monastery located 15 km away from the settlement. Golitsyn used to visit this monastery regularly and in 1714 was buried there disclaimed by Peter. The tombstone from his grave was preserved and is now stored in the Museum of Regional Studies in Pinega.

  17. The Petition of Peter the Great for The Orthodox Christians of Venice as Part of Russia's Foreign Policy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iastrebov Aleksei


    Full Text Available The petition of Peter the Great for return of a taken church from the Orthodox christians of Venice is interesting in the context of the religious motives behind his domestic and foreign policy, his interaction with Catholicism, and his support of Orthodoxy in Europe and the Ottoman Empire. The charter itself is a unique document testifying to the concerns of the Russian czar for coreligionists in a Catholic country. At the same time, it is clear that in an epoch when religion was tightly intertwined with politics, such an appeal was not only part of religious but also secular politics. The goals of the Russian government in the Balkans coincide with the aspirations of the Orthodox peoples languishing under the yoke of the Turks: they had seen in Russia the liberator of the hated invaders. The natural allies of Moscow-Petersburg themselves for a long time to convince kings to stand up for the persecuted faith, and calls were heard from bishops of the Eastern Church and the authorities are dependent on the Turkish vassal principalities. Finally, the moment came. Despite the fact that Peter did not want war with the Sultan, he had to prepare for it, and for that sought to mobilize all the allies, including the Balkan Christians. The letter addressed to the Venetian Doge, actually addressed to them. Following the message the Russian government opens in Venice diplomatic agency, whose task are monitoring the political situation in Italy and the Balkans, as well as the recruitment of volunteers under the fl ag of St. Andrew. Thus, the charter-petition of Peter for the Orthodox of Venice has completely fulfi lled its task — it has become part of a policy to win sympathy of the peoples of the Balkans, and has contributed to the understanding that the Venetian government would not object to the actions of the Russian envoys in the country.

  18. Peter Koslowski’s Ethics and Economics or Ethical Economy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl


    This paper presents the concept of ethical economy (Wirtschaftsethik) and the relation between ethics and economics on the basis of the work of the German ethical economist Peter Koslowski. The concept of ethical economy includes three levels: micro, meso and macro levels; and it also deals...... with the philosophical analysis of the ethical foundations of the economy. After the discussion of these elements of the ethical economy, the paper presents some possible research topics for a research agenda about economic ethics or ethical economy....

  19. Distribution of Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879 (Reptilia: Scincidae in Andhra Pradesh, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.M.M. Javed


    Full Text Available Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879, hitherto a Western Ghats endemic species, has been recently recorded from the central Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh based on a specimen collected in the Nallamalai Hills in 2003. Our herpetological surveys in Andhra Pradesh reveal the presence of Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879 in a few more localities other than the Nallamalai Hills. This paper deals with the distribution and status of Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879 in Andhra Pradesh based on recent sightings and collections.

  20. Content analysis of the professional journal of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, III: 1966-2015-into the 21st century. (United States)

    Armstrong, Linda; Stansfield, Jois; Bloch, Steven


    Following content analyses of the first 30 years of the UK speech and language therapy professional body's journal, this study was conducted to survey the published work of the speech (and language) therapy profession over the last 50 years and trace key changes and themes. To understand better the development of the UK speech and language therapy profession over the last 50 years. All volumes of the professional journal of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists published between 1966 and 2015 (British Journal of Communication Disorders, European Journal of Communication Disorders and International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders) were examined using content analysis. The content was compared with that of the same journal as it appeared from 1935 to 1965. The journal has shown a trend towards more multi-authored and international papers, and a formalization of research methodologies. The volume of papers has increased considerably. Topic areas have expanded, but retain many of the areas of study found in earlier issues of the journal. The journal and its articles reflect the growing complexity of conditions being researched by speech and language therapists and their professional colleagues and give an indication of the developing evidence base for intervention and the diverse routes which speech and language therapy practice has taken over the last 50 years. © 2017 Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

  1. Kunsti lastekodu / Stuart Bailey, Peter Bilak ; intervjueerinud Kristjan Mändmaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bailey, Stuart


    Rahvusvahelisest disainiajakirjast Dot Dot Dot. Väljaandjate slovakkia disaineri ja tüpograafi Peter Bilaki ja inglise disaineri Stuart Bailey eluloolisi andmeid. Korraldavad õpikoja Eesti Kunstiakadeemias

  2. John P. Peters and the committee of 430 physicians. (United States)

    Lundberg, George D


    John Peters and his committee had a few basic goals. One was that local, state, and federal governments needed to provide money to construct facilities, support medical research and education, and care for the poor. And they wanted experts to call the shots. Over time, Peters and the committee got what they wanted for the most part: Hill-Burton money for building the hospitals, the rise of the National Institutes of Health, Medicare, Medicaid, a Veterans Administration system, and new and expanded medical schools. The experts calling the shots included David Kessler at the Food and Drug Administration and Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. In the halcyon days of American health system reform, back in 1993, Yale's Paul Beeson wrote about the Committee of 430 Physicians and its goals in the Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha. Beeson was optimistic and he quoted from my 1991 JAMA health system reform editorial as a sharp contrast to what Fishbein had written - although coincidentally, we both quote Lincoln. My editorial began, "'with malice toward none, with charity for all...' so spoke Abraham Lincoln in his second inaugural address recognizing that he had no political consensus regarding either the constitutionality of states seceding or the morality of slavery being abolished. Nonetheless, he knew what was right and was able, through persuasive, often inspiring rhetoric, to conclude a bloody and decisive Civil War and constitute the foundation for this great republic.... Yet access to basic medical care for all of our inhabitants is still not a reality in this country. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is a long-standing, systematic, institutionalized racial discrimination.... An aura of inevitablitiy is upon us. It is not acceptable morally, ethically, or economically for so many of our people to be medically uninsured or seriously underinsured. We can solve this problem. We have the knowledge and the resources, the skills, the time, and the moral

  3. Observations on the radiosensitivity of guppy (Lebistes reticulatus Peters)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Panlaque, C.A.


    The ichthyologically well-known teleostean fish, Lebistes reticulatus Peters commonly known as guppy, found abundant in pools, streams and estuaries was studied to establish its sensitivity to radiation and to explore its possible use as a biological indicator organism of radiation effects in the aquatic system. The guppy, Lebistes reticulatus was found to be radiosensitive. Chromosome aberrations were induced by gamma-irradiation of fish in vivo. Through cytogenetic technique the aberrant chromosomes were evaluated. The aberrant chromosomes observed were of various types such as chromatid gaps and breaks, chromosome gaps and breaks, chromatid and chromosome fragments, polycentrics (dicentrics and tricentrics), fusions and translocations. Of the types seen, it is concluded that dicentrics are the most reliable indicator of radiation effects. In the course of this study, the Lethal Radiation Dose in guppy within thirty days was determined. It was found to lie in the dose of 3 krad (LDsub(50/30)). (author)

  4. Professor Peter Higgs: "My Life as a Boson"

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    Professor Peter Higgs played a key role in the development of the Standard Model, our current theory of fundamental physics. The search for the Higgs Boson is the centrepiece of the LHC programme at CERN, and the existence of this famously elusive particle is likely to be confirmed or refuted with data currently being collected, using apparatus partly designed at Bristol. Professor Higgs will introduce the ideas of spontaneous symmetry breaking, and discuss how these developed from their application in condensed matter through the earlier work of Yoichiro Nambu and Jeffrey Goldstone, to the work of Robert Brout, Francois Englert and himself in 1964. The subsequent application of these ideas to electroweak theory will be discussed briefly.

  5. The Existential Concern of the Humanities R. S. Peters' Justification of Liberal Education (United States)

    Cuypers, Stefaan E.


    Richard Stanley Peters was one of the founding fathers of analytic philosophy of education in the twentieth century. After reviewing Peters' disentanglement of the ambiguities of liberal education, I reconstruct his view on the status and the existential foundations of the humanities. What emerges from my reconstruction is an original…

  6. Ripples from a Passing Ship: Memories; and a Legacy of Richard Peters (United States)

    Harris, Kevin


    This paper outlines aspects and dimensions of my "relationship" with Richard Peters from 1966 onward. The underlying suggestion is that, while Peters' contribution to philosophy of education was undeniably of major proportions, both that contribution and his legacy are institutional rather than substantive. (Contains 15 notes.)

  7. Reflections on Peters' View of the Nature and Purpose of Work in Philosophy of Education (United States)

    Aspin, D. N.


    In this article I describe the analytic approach adopted by Peters, his colleagues and followers of the "London line" in the 1960s and 1970s and argue that, even in those times, other approaches to philosophy of education were being valued and practised. I show that Peters and his colleagues later became aware of the need for philosophy of…

  8. The "Physically Educated" Person: Physical Education in the Philosophy of Reid, Peters and Aristotle (United States)

    MacAllister, James


    This article will derive a definition and account of the physically educated person, through an examination of the philosophy of Andrew Reid, Richard Peters and Aristotle. Initially, Reid's interpretation of Peters' views about the educational significance of practical knowledge (and physical education) will be considered. While it will…

  9. Vision and Elusiveness in Philosophy of Education: R. S. Peters on the Legacy of Michael Oakeshott (United States)

    Williams, Kevin


    Despite his elusiveness on important issues, there is much in Michael Oakeshott's educational vision that Richard Peters quite rightly wishes to endorse. The main aim of this essay is, however, to consider Peters' justifiable critique of three features of Oakeshott's work. These are (1) the rigidity of his distinction between vocational and…

  10. Otto Peters on Distance Education: The Industrialization of Teaching and Learning. Routledge Studies in Distance Education. (United States)

    Keegan, Desmond, Ed.

    This book contains new and previously published translations of 11 essays and articles about the industrialization of teaching and learning in distance education that were originally published in German by Otto Peters between 1965 and 1993. A "Preface" (Desmond Keegan) and an introduction placing Peters' writings in their historical…

  11. UK Institute of Physics (IOP) President Sir Gareth Roberts (right) at CERN on 9 July with (right to left) IOP council vice-president and distinguished physicist Peter Kalmus, CERN engineer Tim Watson and IOP director of science Peter Cooper

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loiez


    UK Institute of Physics (IOP) President Sir Gareth Roberts (right) at CERN on 9 July with (right to left) IOP council vice-president and distinguished physicist Peter Kalmus, CERN engineer Tim Watson and IOP director of science Peter Cooper

  12. La lógica interna en Los Juegos de niños (1560 de Peter Brueghel. [Internal motricity logic in Children's Games (1560 by Peter Brueghel].

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irene Andújar


    Full Text Available El análisis del folclore y las tradiciones de una sociedad es una herramienta indispensable para dibujar y comprender un lugar y una época. En el ámbito lúdico, los juegos de la población tienen que permitir estudiar diferentes aspectos sociales tales como la tipología de estas prácticas y sus participantes, su simbolización o la situación económica de un pueblo y una clase social. El objeto de estudio del presente artículo es la obra pictórica de Peter Brueghel, Juegos de niños (1560. Concretamente, se analizan las diferentes prácticas lúdicas en función de su carácter motriz, de su lógica interna y de la utilización de algún instrumento. La metodología se ha basado el análisis estadístico de los juegos que aparecen en el grabado y en el tratamiento de las principales fuentes textuales que interpretan el cuadro y lo relacionan con la sociedad de la época. Los resultados se relacionan y reafirman los estudios históricos de la época en los cuales se destaca la poca intervención-control por parte del adulto y unas prácticas lúdicas, mayoritariamente de bajo nivel socio-cognitivo-motriz. Se concluye que la obra permite describir la situación de los juegos en su época, vista desde la óptica del pintor, lo que tiene que permitir aplicar estas prácticas al siglo XXI, comparándolas y relacionándolas con los juegos de hoy en día. Abstract The analysis of folklore and traditions of a society is an indispensable tool to draw and understand a place and a time. In the play area, the games of the population must allow to study different social aspects such as the typology of these practices and their participants, their symbolization or the economic situation of a people and a social class. The object of study of the present article is the pictorial work of Peter Brueghel, Games of children (1560. Specifically, we analyze the different ludic practices according to their motive nature, their internal logic and the use of

  13. Spolia from the Church of St. Nicholas in Nikoljac

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pejić Svetlana


    Full Text Available Two, so far unknown, spolia with carved interlace ornaments, built into the wall of the Church of St. Nicholas in Nikoljac are analyzed. These spolia are a part of the collection of fragments discovered earlier in the Church of St. Peter in Bijelo Polje. A comparative analysis was performed on a multitude of pre-Romanic material, in order to determine the time when they were made and whether they originated from any specific circle of stonemasons, and also to identify the initial position of the fragments in the liturgical church furniture for which they had been carved. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 177036

  14. Peter Shepheard Espacios intermedios entre la arquitectura y el paisaje

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan J. Tuset


    Full Text Available ResumenAcabada la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el Movimiento Moderno se debatió entre su continuidad o crisis, lo que llevó a numerosos arquitectos y críticos a formular teorías y adoptar actitudes disciplinares trasgresoras con el momento. Una de ellas fue la del arquitecto, urbanista y paisajista inglés Peter Shepheard quien desarrolló una actividad profesional, teórica y docente de la que se trasluce la relevancia del concepto in between como una de las claves defi nitorias del diseño arquitectónico en la segunda mitad del siglo XX. Para Shepheard el diseño moderno debía ser el encuentro entre la arquitectura, el urbanismo y el paisaje. Aseveración que vino precedida por diferentes tipos de obras arquitectónicas, proyectos urbanos, artículos y publicaciones sobre el diseño del paisaje y del jardínque le convirtieron en una voz de referencia en el contexto británico. Shepheard alentó a los paisajistas a convencerse de que las tres disciplinas anteriores convergen en un sola y que la responsabilidad de la joven profesión de arquitecto del paisaje es asumir el reto del diseño arquitectónico, urbano y paisajístico como un todo en la búsqueda y defi nición de espacios intermedios entre la arquitectura y el paisaje. AbstractAfter the Second World War, Modernism started to debate his continuity or crisis. This led many architects and critics to formulate theories and take up breaking disciplinary attitudes against that time. One of them was the English architect, urban planner and landscape designer Peter Shepheard who developed a professional, theoretical and academic career where the concept in between got relevance as one of the defi ning keys of the architectural design in the second half of the twentieth century. To Shepheard modern design should be the encounter between architecture, urbanism and landscape. This claim was preceded by different types of architectural works, urban projects, articles and publications on

  15. Peter McLaren & the 3 R’s: Reflection, Resistance and Revolution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Gabbard


    Full Text Available I cannot feign some distanced objectivity in writing this profile of Peter McLaren. Our relationship dates back to 1989, when Philip Stedman, one of my professors at the University of Cincinnati, invited me to accompany him on a visit to Peter at nearby Miami University of Ohio. I had read some of Peter’s work, particularly some of his early collaborations with Henry Giroux, who had helped bring Peter to Miami from Canada. No amount of reading, however, could have prepared me for meeting him face-to-face.

  16. Safety in the energy economy. In memoriam Peter J. Tettinger; Sicherheit in der Energiewirtschaft. In memoriam Peter J. Tettinger

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pielow, Johann-Christian (ed.)


    The Bochum contributions to energy act and mining legislation 'Safety in the energy economy' is published by the Institute for Mining and Energy Law of the Ruhr-University Bochum (Bochum, Federal Republic of Germany) and contains the following contributions: (a) In memory of professor Dr. iur. Peter J. Tettinger, the many years' director of the Institute for Mining and Energy Law ({dagger} 23rd September,2005) (Klaus Stern); (b) Energy security in an uncertain world (Claude Mandil); (c) Energy charer treaty and its role in international energy (Andrei Konoplanik, Thomas Waelde); (d) Reduction of energy conflicts by protection of foreign investments (Helga Steeg); (e) 'e8' - An initiative of the power industry for sustainability and climate (Wolfgang Strassburg); (f) Gazprom and the European power supply - from the Russian-Ukrainian crisis in January, 2006, to G8 gummit in July, 2006 (Inigo del Guayo); (g) The timetable for a competition-orientated European power internal market (Peter Mombaur); (h) The guarantee for the grid access as a condition for effective competitive electricity market (Franz Juergen Saecker); (i) Security of supply - appearance forms and constellations of assessment (Gunther Kuehne); (j) Federal order of ensuring infrastructure in the area of energy (Joerg Ennuschat); (k) Legal fundaments for the coordination of power plants and grids in the electricity economy according to the Energy Law Reform of 2005 (Ulrich Buedenbender); (l) Reform of the Spanish law of electricity economy in the year 2006 (Antonio Jimenez-Blanco); (m) Liberalizing electricity markets: Does Europe challenge member states? (Estanislao Aarana Garcia, Leonor Moral Soriano, Maria Asuncion Torres L'opez); (n) Security of planning with the construction of power plants? Actual trends in the law of spatial and special planning (Ulrich Battis); (o) Security of planning for energy supply lines (Norbert Kaemper); (p) Security of supply due to legal

  17. „Amadeusz”. Miloš Forman i Peter Shaffer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Małgorzata Choczaj


    Full Text Available The study is devoted to Miloš Forman’s film, a story about Mozart’s life, taken from Peter Shaffer’s drama. The author proposes a detailed analysis of Forman’s film as an autonomous work in the production of which the film was a medium. The film was an effect of collaboration between the author of the play and the director. The effect of the work is a film which is an example of a close connection of the form and the content – harmony between picture and music, which becomes almost one of the main characters. Individual compositions of Mozart form a network of motives closely connected with the visual aspect and make its sense deeper according to several rules of showing music as a part of the film medium, such as musical motives, explaining the music by the composer or music which uses media. Connecting the music and the aesthetics of the film make Amadeus a harmonious audio-visual performance.

  18. Cytogenetic study of Philippine guppy (Lebistes reticulatus Peters)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gregorio, J.S.


    One means of evaluating the hazards caused by radioactivity on the genomes of aquatic organisms is to screen the exposed cells for chromosome aberrations. Since fish comprise the majority of aquatic organisms, it will be very interesting to prepare and establish a baseline study of the chromosome numbers of this species. The Philippine guppy (Lebistes reticulatus Peter) collected from the different sampling areas were studied using the gill epithelial cells. These were studied to determine the chromosome number and the fundamental number of the species; to study the chromosome morphology and its karyotype. Cytogenetic techniques were used to analyze the chromosomes of the guppy. Of the karyotypes seen, it was concluded that the guppies collected from the three areas show no considerable differences. Apparently, no chromosomal abnormalities were seen in the cells analyzed. The karyotype was constructed to illustrate the chromosome morphology of the guppy. This constructed karyotype of the guppy can be used as a model for determining chromosome aberration effects on the component of the aquatic ecosystems. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdulloh Hanif


    Full Text Available Abstract: Haul is a tradition typical of Muslims in Indonesia. Although as a term, can be likened to haul in the tradition of pilgrimage of Muslims in general, but in Indonesia haul have different shapes and implementation in practice with the pilgrimage. This can be seen clearly as an institutionalized social activity. Meaning of pilgrimage as a reminder of death eventually not be the main objective in the implementation of the haul, although religious motives still underlie the practice. However haul relfeksi has become a kind of history, not just in view of the transience of human life, but rather the development of the vision and mission of human life further they get from the reflection of history celebrated figures. Making of history eventually become important to observe. History is not just a stretch of the past, present, and future, but, in the context of haul, history is closely related to building public awareness about the celebrated figures, either directly or through stories or media. Building awareness is what allows every individual who commemorate haul will internalize the objects of consciousness different from the historical reflection, although figures are presented objectively observed through individuals close to and understand objectively as himself. It is at least able to prove that religion is very closely linked to community activities. Keywords: Haul, Peter L. Berger, Sosiologi Pengetahuan dan Refleksi Sejarah.

  20. Reflections on Peter Slezak and the 'Sociology of Scientific Knowledge` (United States)

    Suchting, W. A.

    The paper examines central parts of the first of two papers in this journal by Peter Slezak criticising sociology of scientific knowledge and also considers, independently, some of the main philosophical issues raised by the sociologists of science, in particular David Bloor. The general conclusion is that each account alludes to different and crucial aspects of the nature of knowledge without, severally or jointly, being able to theorise them adequately. The appendix contains epistemological theses central to a more adequate theory of scientific knowledge.... our Histories of six Thousand Moons make no Mention of any other, than the two great Empires of Lilliput and Blefuscu. Which mighty Powers have ... been engaged in a most obstinate War for six and thirty Moons past. It began upon the following Occasion. It is allowed on all Hands, that the primitive Way of breaking Eggs before we eat them, was upon the larger End: But ... the Emperor [of Lilliput] ... published an Edict, commanding all his Subjects, upon great Penalties, to break the smaller End of their Eggs. The People so resented this Law, that ... there have been six Rebellions raised on that Account ... These civil Commotions were constantly fomented by the Monarchs of Blefuscu ... It is computed, that eleven Thousand have, at several Times, suffered Death, rather than break Eggs at the smaller End. Many hundred large Volumes have published upon this Controversy ...

  1. The Representation of Aboriginality in the Novels of Peter Temple

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bill Phillips


    Full Text Available Identity politics is fraught with difficulties. Of few places is this truer than in Australia when it comes to the representation of Aboriginality. On the one hand the absence or invisibility of Aboriginality in Australian life and culture maybe interpreted as a deliberate exclusion of a people whose presence is uncomfortable or inconvenient for many Australians of immigrant origin. Equally, the representation of Aboriginality by non-Aboriginals may be seen as an appropriation of identity, an inexcusable commercial exploitation or an act of neocolonialism. Best-selling and prize-winning South African-born author Peter Temple appears to be very much aware of these pitfalls. In his crime novels, written between 1996 and 2009, he has obviously made the decision to grasp the nettle and attempt to represent Aboriginality in a way that would be as acceptable as possible. This paper traces the evolution of Temple's representation of Aboriginality through the three major Aboriginal characters present in his novels: Cameron Delray (Bad Debts, 1996; Black Tide, 1999; Dead Point, 2000; and White Dog, 2003, Ned Lowey (An Iron Rose, 1998 and Detective Sergeant Paul Dove (The Broken Shore, 2005 and Truth, 2009.

  2. Towards Maturity in 1 Peter: Freedom, Holiness, Immortality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul B. Decock


    Full Text Available Growth towards maturity is dependent on the presence of freedom, holiness and immortality. These are presented as divine qualities that are utterly lacking in human beings. However, while human beings are ignorant and weak, sinful and mortal the addressees of 1 Peter1 are reminded that they have also been begotten anew by the imperishable seed of God’s Word, the Good News of Jesus Christ in order to share immortal life. This article looks first at human beings who as God’s creatures are ‘flesh’, but are also enabled to acknowledge their ‘fleshly’ state, to appreciate (‘desire’ and ‘taste’ (2:2–3 the Gospel and to submit to God. The second part considers the saving role of Christ as the powerful yet rejected ‘stone’ placed and offered by God as the model and means to transcend the ‘flesh’ in the flesh (4:1–2. A final part focuses on the new birth and the growth process in which the fleshly desires and ways of living give way to a manner of life, which is a witness to God’s saving power.

  3. Profiles in medical courage: Peter Wilmshurst, the physician fugitive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated at 150 words. "Nothing defines human beings better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs." -Scott Adams, US humorist, in The Dilbert Principle (1996Peter Wilmshurst, a cardiologist in the UK, has taken on medical companies over their honesty not once, but twice. His exciting story illustrates how far companies will go to protect their quest for big bucks and the potential financial risk incurred by honest physicians who do clinical research. A movie entitled “The Fugitive”, based on the popular 1960’s television series, was released in 1993. The movie and television series both tell the story of Dr. Richard Kimble wrongly accused of murdering his wife and Kimble’s search for the real killer, a one-armed man. In the movie version, Harrison Ford plays Kimble and discovers that the one-armed man, Frederick Sykes, is employed by a pharmaceutical company that is working on a new drug …

  4. Comparison of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association and the European Society of Cardiology guidelines for the management of patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes. (United States)

    Alame, Aya J; Karatasakis, Aris; Karacsonyi, Judit; Danek, Barbara A; Resendes, Erica; Martinez Parachini, Jose R; Kalsaria, Pratik; Roesle, Michele; Rangan, Bavana V; Sorajja, Paul; Jneid, Hani; Banerjee, Subhash; Brilakis, Emmanouil S


    The American College of Cardiology (ACC), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) have been developing guidelines to assist clinicians in making evidence-based decisions. The current ACC/AHA and ESC guidelines for non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes (NSTE-ACS) that were updated in 2014 and 2015, respectively, were compared to assess the number of recommendations on the basis of class of recommendation and level of evidence (LOE), the sources cited, and the content. The total number of recommendations in the ACC/AHA and ESC guidelines was 182 and 147, respectively. The recommendation class distribution of the ACC/AHA guidelines was 61.0% class I (compared with 61.9% in the ESC guidelines, P=0.865), 29.7% class II (compared with 32.0% in the ESC guidelines, P=0.653), and 9.3% class III (compared with 6.1% in the ESC guidelines, P=0.282). The LOE distribution among ACC/AHA guidelines was 15.9% LOE A (compared with 27.9% in the ESC guidelines, P=0.008), 50.0% LOE B (compared with 33.3% in the ESC guidelines, P=0.002), and 34.1% LOE C (compared with 38.8% in the ESC guidelines, P=0.377). The ACC/AHA guidelines cited 827 publications and the ESC guidelines cited 551 publications, 124 of which were shared by both sets of guidelines. The guidelines' approaches to NSTE-ACS were consistent, with minor differences in diagnostic and medical therapy recommendations. Overall, the ACC/AHA and ESC guidelines contain a comparable number of recommendations and provide similar guidance for the management of patients with NSTE-ACS.

  5. St. Lucia. (United States)


    The population of St Lucia was 123,000 in 1986, with an annual growth rate of 2%. The infant mortality rate stands at 22.2/1000 live births, and life expectancy is 70.3 years for males and 74.9 years for females. The literacy rate is 78%. St Lucia's labor force is allocated as follows: agriculture, 36.6%; industry and commerce, 20.1%; and services, 18.1%. The gross national product (GNP) was US$146 million in 1985, with an annual growth rate of 3% and a per capita GNP of $1071. St Lucia is a parliamentary democracy modeled on the British Westminster system. The island is divided into 16 parishes and 1 urban area (the capital, Castries). St Lucia is currently a politically stable country, although the high level of youth unemployment is a cause for concern. Ongoing stability may depend on the government's ability to provide services such as jobs and housing. The economy has evolved from a monocrop sugar plantation type to a diversified economy based on agriculture, industry, and tourism. Agriculture, dominated by the banana industry, is characterized by the participation of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. Industry is being encouraged through the provision of incentives such as tax rebates. The government is attempting to maintain a sound investment climate through a tripartite dialogue with the private sector and trade unions. Overall economic policy is predicated on the attraction of sound investments, by both local and foreign entities, to accelerate the rate of economic growth, solve the unemployment problem, and generate a solid balance-of-payments position.

  6. 2012 Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) Oregon Lidar: Green Peter (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — WSI collected Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data of the Green Peter study area for the Oregon LiDAR Consortium (OLC) in Linn County, Oregon. The collection of...

  7. 2015 Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) Oregon Lidar: Green Peter (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — WSI collected Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data of the Green Peter study area for the Oregon LiDAR Consortium (OLC) in Linn County, Oregon. The collection of...

  8. Kunsti lastekodu / Stuart Bailey, Peter Bil'ak ; interv. Kristjan Mändmaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bailey, Stuart


    Rahvusvahelisest disainiajakirjast Dot Dot Dot. Väljaandjate slovakkia disaineri ja tüpograafi Peter Bil'aki ja inglise disaineri Stuart Bailey eluloolisi andmeid. Korraldavad õpikoja Eesti Kunstiakadeemias

  9. Peter Paul Rubens, Galileo Galilei und die Schlacht am Weißen Berg

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Konečný, Lubomír


    Roč. 26, č. 52 (2005), s. 85-91 ISSN 0391-9064 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z80330511 Keywords : Peter Paul Rubens * Galileo Galilei * moon Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  10. Romantic Resonances in the Rhetoric of Peter Elbow's "Writing Without Teachers." (United States)

    Yager, Kristi


    Seeks to uncover the historical roots within English Romanticism of Peter Elbow's thinking in order to show the depth and complexity of his assumptions about writing. Implicitly refutes charges questioning the intellectual credibility of Elbow's work. (TB)

  11. Science Matters Podcast: Questions and Answers with EPA's Dr. Peter Grevatt (United States)

    Listen to a podcast with Dr. Peter Grevatt, the director of EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection, as he answers questions about children's health, or read some of the highlights from the conversation here.

  12. President Ilves võõrustas Kanada ministrit Peter Van Loan'i

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilves kohtus 9. juulil 2010 Ärmal Kanada väliskaubandusministri Peter Van Loan'iga, kes mõjuka parlamendi- ja valitsuspoliitikuna aitas oluliselt kaasa Kanada valitsuse otsusele anda Eesti kodanikele viisavabadus

  13. Läbi legendide William Shakespeare'i poole / Maris Peters

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Peters, Maris


    Tutvustus: Wells, Stanley. Kas on tõsi, et Shakespeare ...? / tõlkinud Maris Peters. Tallinn : Argo, 2010. Raamat William Shakespeare kohta käivatest legendidest, kuuldustest ja teooriatest ning tema teoste autorsusest

  14. Peter Warry: 'managing conflict is a skill that Professor Warry will need in his new role'

    CERN Multimedia

    Goddard, A


    Peter Warry - former member of Department of Trade and Industry's deregulation task force, and special advisor to the Margaret Thatcher government - has been appointed chairman of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (1 paragraph).

  15. Tilda Swintoni uskumatu elu / Tilda Swinton ; intervjueerinud Peter Cowie, refereerinud Margit Tõnson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Swinton, Tilda, 1960-


    Berliini 59. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali poolt ellu kutsutud ja noortele talentidele mõeldud "Berlinale Talent Campus" vestluste sari nimega "Rambivalgus". Vestlust Berlinale võistlusprogrammi žürii esinaise Tilda Swintoniga modereeris filmiajaloolane Peter Cowie, vahendas Margit Tõnson

  16. Peter in the Gospel of Mark and in Early Christianity in Rome

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willert, Niels


    Artiklen gennemgår Markusevangeliets portræt af apostlen Peter og drøfter spørgsmålet, hvorfor Peter er så negativt skildret hos Markus. Litterære og pædagogiske (indirekte formaning til datidens kristne) intentioner forklarer først og fremmest dette træk hos Markus. Men også historiske spørgsmål...

  17. The Image of God in the Second Epistle of Peter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krzysztof Suszko


    Full Text Available An analysis of this text reveals the two essential issues handled in the epistle: (1 the constant presence of the theme of God considered from the viewpoint of His glory and (2 an ultimate Christocentrism of all content references in the image of God. The word “glory” (δόξα appears five times, always in key places of the inspired text under study. The epistle exposes the theology of faith from the aspects of knowledge and calling, so as to successively reveal the mystery of Jesus Christ being the Divine Person – in the context of the Divine Trinity – and, furthermore, to disclose His subsequent Christological titles leading to a complete revelation in the expression: “Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ” (κύριος ἡμῶν καὶ σωτήρ Ἰησοῦς Χριστός. At the same time, the epistle describes the main practical goal, i.e. “partaking of the divine nature” (cf. 2 Peter 1 : 4 through “God and Jesus, our Lord” (θεός καὶ Ἰησοῦς κύριος ἡμῶν, and the method of reaching this goal; it also warns against going a different way by contrasting the two dimensions of reality: the earthly and the eternal.

  18. [Tatjana Niemsch. Reval im 16. Jahrhundert : erfahrungsräumliche Deutungsmuster städtischer Konflikte] / Juhan Kreem

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kreem, Juhan, 1971-


    Arvustus: Niemsch, Tatjana. Reval im 16. Jahrhundert : erfahrungsräumliche Deutungsmuster städtischer Konflikte. (Kieler Werkstücke. Reihe G: Beiträge zur Frühen Neuzeit, 6). Verlag Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main u.a. 2013

  19. Professor Peter Choyce: an early pioneer of intraocular lenses and corneal/refractive surgery. (United States)

    Pandey, Suresh K; Apple, David J


    Professor Peter Choyce, FRCS, DOMS, MS, was one of the pioneers of intraocular lens implant surgery. He developed an interest in artificial lens implantation following cataract surgery, a procedure that was widely criticized by the ophthalmic establishment in the UK, Europe, North America and other countries. Owing to the opposition to the intraocular lenses, Peter Choyce together with Sir Harold Ridley co-founded the International Intraocular Implant Club in 1966, which was responsible for the gradual acceptance of artificial lens implantation. Peter Choyce developed several models of intraocular lens, but did not patent the majority of them. The Choyce Mark IX, manufactured by Rayner Intraocular Lenses, became the first US Food and Drug Administration-approved intraocular lens in 1981. A review of Peter Choyce's record confirms a significant number of original innovations in the field of anterior segment surgery, including many procedures taken for granted today, but not associated with his name. These include early work on both kerato- and intraocular lens-refractive procedures, keratoprosthesis, pioneering paediatric implant procedures and others. Unfortunately his tenacious adherence to anterior chamber lens technology, while in general clinically sound, caused many to question his influence and hence he remained poorly understood even until after his death. He passed away on 8 August 2001 after a long fight with colon cancer. In this article, we provide evidence and elaborate Peter Choyce's accomplishments, which places him as one of the most innovative ophthalmologist in his surgical field in the twentieth century.

  20. Anomalia de Peters, seus aspectos clínicos e terapêuticos: relato de caso Peter's anomaly, clinical and therapeutic aspects: case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isadora Meyer


    Full Text Available A anomalia de Peters consiste na mais comum opacidade corneana congênita e é secundária à malformação do segmento anterior do olho. Suas principais características são opacidade corneana central e sinéquias da íris e/ou do cristalino com a região do leucoma. Pode apresentar-se de forma isolada ou associada a outras anomalias oculares e sistêmicas, tendo prognóstico mais sombrio nestes casos. A etiologia da anomalia Peters permanece incerta, sendo aventadas causas genéticas, infecciosas, traumáticas e tóxicas. O tratamento varia com a apresentação do quadro, sendo importante a pronta detecção da doença, possibilitando o tratamento precoce, com bom desenvolvimento da visão. Este trabalho relata um caso de anomalia de Peters diagnosticado tardiamente e discute as características da doença e possibilidades de tratamento.Peter's anomaly consists in the most common congenital corneal opacity related to a malformation of the anterior segment of the eye. Its main characteristics are central leukoma and iridocorneal adherences at the area affected by the leukoma. It can be identified isolated or in association with other ocular or systemic abnormalities, and the prognostic tend to be worse in the latter cases. The etiology of Peter's anomaly remains uncertain, but the most likely causes are related to genetic, infectious, traumatic and toxic factors. A range of possible treatment strategies exists, though the effectiveness of each of them depends on how the disease occurs and whether it is identified in early or advanced stages - the earlier the diagnosis, the higher the possibility of a successful intervention, given that precocious treatments are more likely to result in a good development of the vision. This work reports a case of Peter's anomaly that was diagnosed in an advanced stage, discussing the characteristics of the case and treatment possibilities.

  1. The 2009 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: Peter Agre, Chemistry 2003. (United States)

    Agre, Peter


    Peter Agre, born in 1949 in Northfield Minnesota, shared the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Roderick MacKinnon for his discovery of aquaporins, the channel proteins that allow water to cross the cell membrane. Agre's interest medicine was inspired by the humanitarian efforts of the Medical Missionary program run by the Norwegians of his home community in Minnesota. Hoping to provide new treatments for diseases affecting the poor, he joined a cholera laboratory during medical school at Johns Hopkins. He found that he enjoyed biomedical research, and continued his laboratory studies for an additional year after medical school. Agre completed his clinical training at Case Western Hospitals of Cleveland and the University of North Carolina, and returned to Johns Hopkins in 1981. There, his serendipitous discovery of aquaporins was made while pursuing the identity of the Rhesus (Rh) antigen. For a century, physiologists and biophysicists had been trying to understand the mechanism by which fluid passed across the cell's plasma membrane. Biophysical evidence indicated a limit to passive diffusion of water, suggesting the existence of another mechanism for water transport across the membrane. The putative "water channel," however, could not be identified. In 1988, while attempting to purify the 30 kDa Rh protein, Agre and colleagues began investigating a 28 kDa contaminant that they believed to be a proteolytic fragment of the Rh protein. Subsequent studies over the next 3-4 years revealed that the contaminant was a membrane-spanning oligomeric protein, unrelated to the Rh antigen, and that it was highly abundant in renal tubules and red blood cells. Still, they could not assign a function to it. The breakthrough came following a visit with his friend and former mentor John Parker. After Agre described the properties of the mysterious 28 kDa protein, Parker suggested that it might be the long-sought-after water channel. Agre and colleagues tested this idea by

  2. Uue tehnoloogiaga varustatud William Morrise poeg = The son of William Morris - equipped with new technology / Peter Davey ; interv. Georg Poslawski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Davey, Peter


    Inglise arhitekt ja arhitektuuriajaloolane Peter Davey arhitektuurikriitika traditsioonidest ja rollist, identiteedist ja kopeerimisest arhitektuuris, arhitektuuriajakirjade mõjust ühiskondlikule elule, soome arhitektuurist jm

  3. Peter G. Peterson: Running on Empty: How The Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future And What Americans Can Do About It

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefanía Óskarsdóttir


    Full Text Available Á síðasta ári kom út í Bandaríkjunum bók sem vakti eftirtekt hjá þeim sem áhuga hafa á framvindu bandarískra stjórnmála og efnahagslífs. Þetta er bókin Running on Empty: How The Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future And What Americans Can Do About It eftir virtan fjármálamann og stjórnmálaskýranda, Peter G. Peterson. Peterson hefur m.a. gegnt starfi bankastjóra eins af undirbönkum bandaríska seðlabankans (Federal Reserve Bank í New York og stýrir nú Council on Foreign Relations og Blackstone Group.

  4. Tendencies in evolution of 21st century management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marin Buble


    Full Text Available Classical paradigm of management formulated over century ago started to receive substantial critics already in the second half of 20th century. First attack on the paradigm appeared by the end of 1960s when the environment finally started to be treated as an important element of management. The second significant attack appeared in 1978 when Tom Peters (1978 developed the concept of eight principles of excellence which were in complete contradiction with the principles of classical paradigm of management. Peter Senge created further deflection from the paradigm in the 1990 with the concept of learning organization, while in the same year Michael Hammer and James Champy founded the thesis of organization of work around processes, as opposed to organization around tasks. At the beginning of 21st century a significant attack on the traditional paradigm of management was carried out by Peter Drucker who pointed out the changes which will emerge and their implications on enterprise, its organization and management. The greatest attack on classical paradigm of management was carried out by Gary Hamel (2007, stating that many management principles and systems are based on inadequate paradigm(s, and therefore manager's innovations represent ultimate source of competitive advantages. All of this led some authors to ask themselves a question: Is the end of management on the way? In search for an answer to this question, this paper shows that the end of management has not come, but its future is yet to be devised.

  5. Supplemental Colleges (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — The Supplemental Colleges layer attempts to capture additional Post Secondary Education campuses of colleges and universities associated with a single campus listed...

  6. Interview with Peter McLaren, on His Work, on His Visit to Turkey and on Ongoing Popular Struggles (United States)

    Fassbinder, Samuel Day


    Peter McLaren is, as the back cover of his (2005) Capitalists & Conquerors: a critical pedagogy against empire says, "professor of urban education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles". Peter is also now a Distinguished Fellow in Critical Studies at Chapman…

  7. Theories of Power, Poverty, and Law: In Commemoration of the Contributions of Peter Bachrach--Empowerment and Poverty (United States)

    Levi, Margaret


    My subject is the way Peter Bachrach addressed the question of poverty. But given that I was his student and research assistant and that I am a political scientist largely because of him, it is impossible to resist a few words about the experience of being in his classrooms. Peter was an inspiring teacher of politics. The substantive content of…

  8. 75 FR 63533 - Gulf & Ohio Railways Holding Co., Inc., H. Peter Claussen and Linda C. Claussen-Continuance in... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board [Docket No. FD 35414] Gulf & Ohio Railways Holding Co., Inc., H. Peter Claussen and Linda C. Claussen--Continuance in Control Exemption--Lancaster & Chester Railroad, LLC Gulf & Ohio Railways Holding Co., Inc. (G&O), H. Peter Claussen and Linda...

  9. Is R. S. Peters' Way of Mentioning Women in His Texts Detrimental to Philosophy of Education? Some Considerations and Questions (United States)

    Lees, Helen E.


    Discussion in this article considers the unfortunate way R.S. Peters made mention of women when it was pertinent to his argumentation: portraying them, directly or indirectly, as abuse-able (murderable), deficient, aberrant, clueless and inconstant. It is argued that the high profile and esteem within which Peter's texts are held within philosophy…

  10. Functional structure of laminated microbial sediments from a supratidal sandy beach of the German Wadden Sea (St. Peter-Ording) (United States)

    Bühring, Solveig I.; Kamp, Anja; Wörmer, Lars; Ho, Stephanie; Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe


    Hidden for the untrained eye through a thin layer of sand, laminated microbial sediments occur in supratidal beaches along the North Sea coast. The inhabiting microbial communities organize themselves in response to vertical gradients of light, oxygen or sulfur compounds. We performed a fine-scale investigation on the vertical zonation of the microbial communities using a lipid biomarker approach, and assessed the biogeochemical processes using a combination of microsensor measurements and a 13C-labeling experiment. Lipid biomarker fingerprinting showed the overarching importance of cyanobacteria and diatoms in these systems, and heterocyst glycolipids revealed the presence of diazotrophic cyanobacteria even in 9 to 20 mm depth. High abundance of ornithine lipids (OL) throughout the system may derive from sulfate reducing bacteria, while a characteristic OL profile between 5 and 8 mm may indicate presence of purple non-sulfur bacteria. The fate of 13C-labeled bicarbonate was followed by experimentally investigating the uptake into microbial lipids, revealing an overarching importance of cyanobacteria for carbon fixation. However, in deeper layers, uptake into purple sulfur bacteria was evident, and a close microbial coupling could be shown by uptake of label into lipids of sulfate reducing bacteria in the deepest layer. Microsensor measurements in sediment cores collected at a later time point revealed the same general pattern as the biomarker analysis and the labeling experiments. Oxygen and pH-microsensor profiles showed active photosynthesis in the top layer. The sulfide that diffuses from deeper down and decreases just below the layer of active oxygenic photosynthesis indicates the presence of sulfur bacteria, like anoxygenic phototrophs that use sulfide instead of water for photosynthesis.

  11. Peter I's icon from the St Nicholas church in Tallinn : iconography and ideology / Jelena Pogosjan, Maria Smorzhevskihh-Smirnova

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pogosjan, Jelena


    Tallinna vanimale vene õigeusu kirikule 1711. aastal Aleksander Menšikovi tellitud ikooni "Issanda liturgia" ajaloolisest ja ideoloogilisest tähendusest, selle seostest Vene impeeriumi ideoloogiaga ja ikoonimaalija valikutest selle ideoloogia esitamiseks luterlikus Tallinnas, ka ikoonis peidetud sõnumitest, mis peegeldavad tsaari isiklikke muresid

  12. The Desire to Achieve "Normalcy" - Peter Schneider's Post-Wall Berlin Novel Eduard's Homecoming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siegfried Mews


    Full Text Available As one critic correctly observed on the occasion of Peter Schneider's sixtieth birthday (21 April 2000, the author's life and work have been defined by two momentous events whose import far surpasses that of happenings of merely local significance (see Karasek...

  13. Peter as character in the Gospel of Matthew: complexity and inversion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Leonel


    Full Text Available This article focuses on the apostle Peter as a character in the Gospel of Matthew.  It aims at identifying the nuances and changes of the character Peter in the Gospel. For this purpose, I take as a starting point that the gospel belongs to the literary genre of ancient Greco-Roman Biography, which presents Jesus Christ as the protagonist. The other characters are developed in relationship with him. The same is true with the Apostle Peter. The article unfolds from narrative theory, in particular the categorization of characters. I categorize, based on Erich Auerbach and Robert Alter, the features of biblical characters, developing comparisons with theories of the character in the modern novel. The analysis of the main texts from the Gospel of Matthew that portray the character Peter leads to the conclusion that its main features are complexity and inversion. They produce an overview of the involution of the character in the narrative of the Gospel of Matthew.

  14. Critically Enlightened Romantic Values and English Pedagogy: A Response to Peter Medway (United States)

    Stevens, David


    In this response to Peter Medway's paper, "English and Enlightenment' (Changing English 17:1, 2010), I take issue with little of what he so lucidly writes, except his implicit and occasionally explicit denunciation of Romanticism as the proper basis of English pedagogy. I am concerned in this paper to emphasise the positive aspects of…

  15. Embracing the Humanistic Vision: Recurrent Themes in Peter Roberts' Recent Writings (United States)

    Reveley, James


    Running like a leitmotif through Peter Roberts' recently published philosophico-educational writings there is a humanistic thread, which this article picks out. In order to ascertain the quality of this humanism, Roberts is positioned in relation to a pair of extant humanisms: radical and integral. Points of comparability and contrast are…

  16. Peter Hunt võttis vastu teenetemärgid / Silvia Paluoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paluoja, Silvia, 1956-


    AS Wendre suuromanik, Pärnumaa suurim tööandja Peter Hunt võttis 17. juunil 2010 Pärnu raekojas vastu talle president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese poolt annetatud Valgetähe IV klassi teenetemärgi ettevõtluse edendamise eest ning Pärnu linna vapimärgi

  17. "Operating on a Basis of Student Consent": Peter Medway's Work in "Finding a Language" (United States)

    Burgess, Tony


    Written nearly 40 years ago, Peter Medway's "Finding a Language" continues to be an arresting read, which offers a powerful vision of what might be possible in education. In this brief introduction, I set the work in context, referring to ideas that Pete engaged with and recalling a little of the times.

  18. R. S. Peters and J. H. Newman on the Aims of Education (United States)

    Ozolins, Janis T.


    R. S. Peters never explicitly talks about wisdom as being an aim of education. He does, however, in numerous places, emphasize that education is of the whole person and that, whatever else it might be about, it involves the development of knowledge and understanding. Being educated, he claims, is incompatible with being narrowly specialized.…

  19. A Critique of Peter Jarvis's Conceptualisation of the Lifelong Learner in the Contemporary Cultural Context (United States)

    Bagnall, Richard G.


    This paper examines Peter Jarvis's conceptualisation of lifelong learners, who are seen as being the individual products of their learning engagements, constrained by their individual biological potentials. They are presented as seeking existentially authentic resolution to dialectically oppositional disjunctures between their individual…

  20. The Place of Philosophy in the Training of Teachers: Peters Revisited (United States)

    Clark, John A.


    In 1964, Richard Peters examined the place of philosophy in the training of teachers. He considered three things: Why should philosophy of education be included in the training of teachers; What portion of philosophy of education should be included; How should philosophy be taught to those training to be teachers. This article explores the context…

  1. Local and Global in the Formation of a Learning Theorist: Peter Jarvis and Adult Education (United States)

    Holford, John


    Peter Jarvis is a towering figure in the study of adult and lifelong education and a leading and original theorist of learning. This paper sets out his intellectual and professional biography, maps the main contours of his work and introduces fourteen papers by leading scholars devoted to his work. Five broad phases in Jarvis' life are identified:…

  2. Interview with Peter Samis and Mimi Michaelson, Authors of "Creating the Visitor-Centered Museum" (United States)

    Spero, Susan


    "Creating the Visitor-Centered Museum" offers insight into why and how 10 case study museums have transformed to serve the needs of their public. Susan Spero interviews authors Peter Samis and Mimi Michaelson about the purpose of the book, their case study choices, the key characteristics of visitor-centered institutions and their…

  3. "Staying on Task": What Constitutes Classwork in Peter Medway's "Finding a Language"? (United States)

    Pangilinan, J. P.


    In "Finding a Language", Peter Medway addresses questions of central importance to English teaching--questions of curriculum and of pedagogy. How he addresses these questions provides a sharp contrast to the current orthodoxies of a rigidly prescriptive national curriculum and a closely monitored regime of objective-led, skills-based…

  4. Takashi Murakami ja Peter Doigi suurnäitus Frankfurdis / Jaan Elken

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Elken, Jaan, 1954-


    Kuni 4. I 2009 Frankfurdi moodsa kunsti muuseumis avatud jaapani kunstniku Takashi Murakami (sünd. 1962) personaalnäitusest ning Shirni kunsthallis avatud inglise kunstniku Peter Doigi (sünd. 1959) maalinäitusest ja lühidalt Rene Magritte'i 1948. a. näituse "La Periode Vache" rekonstruktsioonist

  5. Paradoxes of a Long Life Learning: An Exploration of Peter Jarvis's Contribution to Experiential Learning Theory (United States)

    Dyke, Martin


    The paper explores the work of Peter Jarvis related to learning with particular reference to his definitions of learning and his models of the learning process. This exploration will consider different approaches to experiential learning and demonstrate the contribution Jarvis has made, noting how his writing on the subject has changed over time.…

  6. Unfreiwillige Wanderschaft im Erzählwerk Peter Härtlings

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Ulbrecht, Siegfried


    Roč. 23, č. 2 (2012), s. 108-128 ISSN 1210-9029 Institutional support: RVO:68378017 Keywords : Härtling, Peter * literary studies * autobiographical prose * contemporary German literature * escape and displacement Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  7. Remarks on the biology and zoogeography of Solenodon (Atopogale) cubanus Peters, 1861 (Mammalia, Insectivora)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Varona, Luis S.


    The biology of Solenodon cubanus Peters, 1861, is poorly known. Recently, a male and two females were studied in the Havana Zoo and observations on this species were made in the field as well. The animals were docile unless startled or handled roughly. Previously unpublished information on their

  8. The Incompatibility of Punishment and Moral Education: A Reply to Peter Hobson. (United States)

    Marshall, James D.


    Responds to Peter Hobson's assertions concerning the relationship of punishment and moral education. Draws upon the writings of Michael Foucoult in suggesting that punishment in the legal sense does not fit well with efforts to develop rational autonomy. Suggests that traditional talk of punishment obscures the reality of practice. (KO)

  9. Süütuse kaotamine / Richard Branson ; intervjueerinud Peter Fisk ; tõlkinud Endrik Randoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Branson, Richard


    Turunduskirjanik Peter Fiski intervjuu Suurbritannia ärimagnaadi Sir Richard Bransoniga, milles arutletakse ettevõtja suurimate saavutuste ja suurimate pettuste üle, uuritakse Bransoni võimet juhtida oma 450 ettevõtet, tema suhtumist konkurentsi ning uutesse äriideedesse, samuti tema ajakasutust

  10. Leading South African lawyer tours Tallinn = Lõuna-Aafrika tippadvokaat Tallinnas / Peter Whelan

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Whelan, Peter


    Eesti advokaadibüroo Lepik & Luhaäär LAWIN kutsel külastas septembris 2007 Tallinna maailma tuntuima sõltumatute advokaadibüroode assotsiatsiooni Lex Mundi Lõuna-Aafrikast pärit juhatuse liige Peter Whelan

  11. Transmission of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) from Dendronereis spp. (Peters) (Nereididae) to penaeid shrimp

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Haryadi, D.; Verreth, J.A.J.; Verdegem, M.C.J.; Vlak, J.M.


    Dendronereis spp. (Peters) (Nereididae) is a common polychaete in shrimp ponds built on intertidal land and is natural food for shrimp in traditionally managed ponds in Indonesia. White spot syndrome virus (WSSV), an important viral pathogen of the shrimp, can replicate in this polychaete (Desrina

  12. Globalisation in Africa: Reflecting on Peter Jarvis's Superstructure and Substructure Model (United States)

    Preece, Julia


    This paper reflects on Peter Jarvis' book "Globalisation, lifelong learning and the learning society," volume 2--in which he describes human learning within a global context and factors contributing to globalisation. He describes the relationship of power between countries manifested as the superstructure and sub structure. The paper…

  13. Between Fiction and Reality: Maps and Cartographic Logic in the Works of Peter Sís (United States)

    Cantavella, Anna Juan


    This article examines the use of maps in the works of Czech author-illustrator Peter Sís in order to consider the role that cartography plays in the construction of four of his biographical picturebooks: Follow the Dream: "The Story of Christopher Columbus" (2003/1991), "Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei" (1996), "The Tree…

  14. Socio-historical impulse in literature: a study of Peter Abrahams ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Peter Abrahams is one of those who believe that with fiction, certain abnormalities in a society can be remedied thus Mine Boy albeitseen by some as a journalistic history of the South African society, like other works of art, is pure fiction, whose inspiration comes by what happens around the author. Our interest in this paper ...

  15. A Study on The Translation Strategies of English Advertising Texts Based on Peter Newmark's Translation Theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    随着世界全球化和商业化的发展,广告已经普遍存在于人们的生活之中,并影响着人们.广告不仅是一种商品推销的手段,也是一种文化传递的交流手段.因此,对于商家来说一则有效的广告不仅要考虑说什么,还要考虑如何说,而对于译者来说,主要考虑的是该如何有效的传达广告所传递的信息,达到预期的目的.因此,研究英文广告文本及其翻译策略显得尤为必要.本文旨在通过对纽马克翻译理论的研究,尤其是他基于语言的不同功能所提出的翻译理论及两大核心翻译方法—语义翻译和交际翻译,来探析不同类型广告英语的翻译策略,力求通过利用这些翻译策略使原语广告与译语广告产生同样的效果.通过对纽马克翻译理论的研究以及对不同类型英文广告的分析,本文最后得出结论:在广告英语的翻译过程中没有所谓的万能或通用翻译法,应根据不同类型的广告灵活选择适当的翻译法.%Nowadays, with the development of the world's globalization and commercialization, more and more foreign commodities are pouring into China, also, more and more Chinese products commodities are pouring into foreign countries. Advertising has been influencing us pervasively in our daily life. It is not only the means of commodity marketing, but also the transmitter of culture. To the sellers, an effec-tive advertising involves not only what to say but also how to say. While to the translators, what they concern most is how to convey the information appropriately and effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to study English advertising texts (EAT) and their translation strategies. This essay focuses on the translation theories of Peter New Mark, es-pecially the functions of language and the two major translation meth-ods---semantic translation (ST) and communicative translation (CT), with the hope of finding more effective translation strategy for different types of

  16. America's Teacher Colleges: Are They Making the Grade? Hearing before the Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness of the Committee on Education and the Workforce. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, First Session (May 20, 2003). (United States)

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

    A hearing was held to explore whether U. S. teachers' colleges are doing an adequate job. Opening statements by Representative Howard P. McKeon and Representative Dale Kildee set the stage for the testimony of these witnesses: (1) Lisa Graham Keegan, Chief Executive Officer, Education Leaders Council; (2) Kati Haycock, Director, The Education…

  17. St. John's Wort (image) (United States)

    The herb St. John's Wort is believed to be helpful in relieving mild to moderate depression, but should only be taken under a physician's supervision. St. John's Wort may clash with other medications or ...

  18. 50 years of comparative biochemistry: The legacy of Peter Hochachka. (United States)

    Buck, L T; Burness, G; Campbell, K L; Darveau, C-A; Driedzic, W; Guderley, H; McClelland, G B; Moon, T W; Moyes, C D; Schulte, P M


    Peter Hochachka was an early pioneer in the field of comparative biochemistry. He passed away in 2002 after 4 decades of research in the discipline. To celebrate his contributions and to coincide with what would have been his 80th birthday, a group of his former students organized a symposium that ran as a satellite to the 2017 Canadian Society of Zoologists annual meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). This Special Issue of CBP brings together manuscripts from symposium attendees and other authors who recognize the role Peter played in the evolution of the discipline. In this article, the symposium organizers and guest editors look back on his career, celebrating his many contributions to research, acknowledging his role in training of generations of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in comparative biochemistry and physiology. Copyright © 2018. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  19. [Questions on the first operation with ethyl ether as anaesthetic by Dr. Peter Parker]. (United States)

    Chen, Q


    Ethyl ether was the first accepted effective general anaesthetic. It was introduced into China by an America missionary, Dr. Peter Parker. This was one of the historical events of medical communication between China and the West. In the records of the first operation with ether, however, Dr. Parker unusually omitted the patient's medical record number and the date of the operation, while those of other operations with ether anesthetics were all available. This was very unusual for a doctor like Peter Parker who always recorded every important case in detail in the hospital reports. It seems that he deliberately rather than carelessly omitted the information for some reasons. Based on the analysis of Parker's reports, a conclusion is made that the anesthetic effect of the case was actually ineffective. Furthermore, possible answers to this are outlined and question by discussion based on the situation that Parker faced in the late Qing era.

  20. PETER loop. Multifunctional test facility for thermal hydraulic investigations of PWR fuel elements

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ganzmann, I.; Hille, D.; Staude, U.


    The reliable fuel element behavior during the complete fuel cycle is one of the fundamental prerequisites of a safe and efficient nuclear power plant operation. The fuel element behavior with respect to pressure drop and vibration impact cannot be simulated by means of fluid-structure interaction codes. Therefore it is necessary to perform tests using fuel element mock-ups (1:1). AREVA NP has constructed the test facility PETER (PWR fuel element tests in Erlangen) loop. The modular construction allows maximum flexibility for any type of fuel elements. Modern measuring instrumentation for flow, pressure and vibration characterization allows the analysis of cause and consequences of thermal hydraulic phenomena. PETER loop is the standard test facility for the qualification of dynamic fuel element behavior in flowing fluid and is used for failure mode analysis.

  1. Distance Education in Transition: new trends and challenges. Author: Otto Peters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Keith Harry


    Full Text Available I was delighted to be offered the chance to review this book because, although Professor Peters published Learning and Teaching in Distance Education: Pedagogical analyses and interpretations in an international perspective, in 1998, I hoped that this new volume would provide a new and different perspective on the most recent developments in distance education and in the role which Professor Peters has played in them. The subtitle of the new book, “New Trends and Challenges” seemed to justify my sense of anticipation. And to some extent the book does live up to expectations; it draws upon first-hand experience of the author as an online tutor who is clearly excited by the potential benefits of new technology for the teacher and, most importantly the learner.

  2. Hans-Peter Schultze, a great paleoichthyologist for whom work is synonymous with enjoyment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Cloutier


    Full Text Available In the summer of 1982, Hans-Peter Schultze and Gloria Arratia were invited to a small museum located on a fossiliferous site of the Devonian Escuminac Formation in Miguasha, Quebec, eastern Canada, Hans-Peter was to work with Marius Arsenault, the director of the Miguasha Museum, on the skull of the elpistostegalid Elpistostege watsoni, a species closely related to basal tetrapod. In addition, he went through the collections to describe and measure numerous juvenile specimens of the osteolepiform. Eusthenopteran foordi. As expected, there two projects turned out to be important contributions in lower vertebrate paleontology and systematics: one on the origin of tetrapods (1985, and the second one on growth patterns of a Late Devonian fish (1984. During his visit to Miguasha, Hans-Peter also spent time digging for fossils and drawing numerous specimens in the collection. In addition, in order to help the personnel of the museum to identify some of the Escuminac fished, he created an identification key based on the gross morphology of the scales. For a small group of undergraduate students, hired at the museum during the summer as naturalists, it was a unique opportunity to discuss paleontology with a leading researcher. We were amazed by his willingness to talk to us, even if then most of us only spoke French! For the first time, we were exposed to Hennigian methodology and its usage in vertebrate paleontology during and evening lecture that Hans-Peter prepared for us. His lecture was delightful; it was an intensive course in lower vertebrate anatomy, and an intellectual journey among the philosophers Karl Marx and Karl Popper, the entomologists Willy Hennig and Lars Brundin, and "The Band of Four" (Rosen et al., 1981. It was for most of us our first exposure to science, as it should be done. We were all impressed by his knowledge and above all by his simplicity and friendliness. Two years later I started my Ph.D. at The University of Kansas

  3. Beuchot’s formal analogism within Peter Singer’s philosophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Barrientos-Rastrojo


    Full Text Available This paper analyses an analogic reading of singerian ethics. Firstly, it studies Mauricio Beuchot’s analogical hermeneutics grounds. Then, it takes them to each of the Peter Singer’s ethical universes. Finally, it reveals the scheme of his ethic that will be followed in his future works. Therefore, this article has a prospective mission related to Professor Singer and it has an practical mission related to Mauricio Beuchot because it determines a practical performance to his analogical hermeneutics.

  4. Author and Authority. John Gielgud's Prospero in Peter Greenway's "Prospero's Books"


    Duse, Marco


    In 1991, film director Peter Greenaway turned William Shakespeare’s "The Tempest" into an experimental and visually daring film called "Prospero’s Books", starring John Gielgud as Prospero. Shot on 35mm film and edited making extensive use of electronic image processing, "Prospero’s Books" is a technologically advanced phantasmagoria that reveals the multiple aspects of Shakespeare's meta-masque. In the film, Gielgud voices all the characters, thus turning "The Tempest" into a creative act th...

  5. Empirical Asset Pricing: Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller


    Campbell, John Y.


    The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for 2013 was awarded to Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller for their contributions to the empirical study of asset pricing. Some observers have found it hard to understand the common elements of the laureates research, preferring to highlight areas of disagreement among them. This paper argues that empirical asset pricing is a coherent enterprise, which owes much to the laureates seminal contributions, and that important themes in ...

  6. For a theory of children’s literature: Peter Hunt’s case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available As the first specialist in children's literature to be appointed Head Professor at a British university (The Cardiff University, when Peter Hunt chose children’s and youth literature as his PhD theme, he was told by his advisor that it was not a seriously enough subject. During the 1980s, there were no literary critics in Britain who focused on children’s and youth books analysis. Since then, Peter Hunt is devoted to thinking children's literature by a critical and theoretical bias. Thus, this paper aims to study the theoretical and critical issues raised by Peter Hunt in order to extract a specific theory of children's literature. In proposing to study children's literature by a theoretical bias instead of by a historical, cultural or emotional one, the English researcher is concerned with issues such as the concept of the book as an object, the notion of reader and reading (how do children construct meaning?, and especially the children's literature definition. These issues are raised into the broadest context of the Twentieth Century literary theory, making them more comprehensive and productive.

  7. The History of Research and Development Islands Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aleksandr B. Kosolapov


    Full Text Available The article discusses the history of the discovery, research and development of the islands of Russian pioneers in Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan from the middle of the XIX century. The paper used in scientific papers and journalistic materials researchers Islands Peter the Great Bay, unpublished sources: Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East, Primorsky Region State Archives, Archives of Primorsky regional department of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Geographical Society" Society for the Study of the Amur region. The methodological basis of the work was the principle of historicism and objectivity, allowed to consider the issue of research and development of the islands of the Gulf of Peter the Great on a broad documentary basis in the process of development in the specific historical conditions. The history of hydrographic discoveries of natural and geographical studies. It touches upon the issues concerning the construction of Vladivostok fortress. In the periodical press materials recreated pages agricultural and industrial development of the islands. Examples of business entrepreneurs first edge (A.D. Startsev, M.I. Jankowski, O.V. Lindgolm. The Toponymic notes link the island territories with the names of their discoverers, explorers, industrialists. The authors conclude that the historical conditionality of development of the islands is linked mainly with the military interests of Russia on its southeastern edge, using the resources of the sea and the unique natural conditions suitable for the development of agricultural, industrial, recreation and tourism.

  8. A tribute to Peter H Seeburg (1944-2016: a founding father of molecular neurobiology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William Wisden


    Full Text Available On 22nd August 2016, the fields of molecular neurobiology and endocrinology lost one of their pioneers and true giants, Peter Seeburg, who died aged 72, a day after his birthday. His funeral ceremony took place in Heidelberg where he had worked since 1988, first as a professor at the University of Heidelberg (ZMBH and then since 1996 as a director of the Max Plank Institute (Dept. of Molecular Neurobiology. Many of Peter’s former colleagues, students and postdocs came together with his family members to celebrate his life. Touching eulogies were given by no less than two Nobel prize winners: the physiologist Bert Sakmann, who collaborated with Peter for many years, and the developmental biologist Christiane Nüsslein-Vollhard, who was a friend and fellow PhD student with Peter. His professional contemporary, Heinrich Betz, gave a warm and endearing assessment of Peter’s contributions to the field of molecular neurobiology. One of Peter’s sons, Daniel P. Seeburg, now a neuroradiologist in the USA, and biotechnologist Karoly Nikolics, one of Peter’s friends from the days of Genentech, both emotionally summed up the warm and intense character of the man that many of his former students and postdocs knew.

  9. College Explorer. (United States)

    Ahl, David H.


    The "College Explorer" is a software package (for the 64K Apple II, IBM PC, TRS-80 model III and 4 microcomputers) which aids in choosing a college. The major features of this package (manufactured by The College Board) are described and evaluated. Sample input/output is included. (JN)

  10. Peter van Dam, James Kennedy, Friso Wielenga (eds., Achter de zuilen. Op zoek naar religie in naoorlogs Nederland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim Christiaens


    Full Text Available Peter van Dam, James Kennedy, Friso Wielenga (eds., Achter de zuilen. Op zoek naar religie in naoorlogs Nederland (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2014, 456 pp., isbn 978 90 8964 680 4. 

  11. El esquema de Kohlberg revisado: R. S. Peters y la educación moral temprana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available 1 For his writer, it is not possible to establish a split between reason and passion, since the affectionate aspects of morals are closely linked to the use or reason: one's own reason of assumed moral concepts forms an affectionate reply to other people in society, defined as social feeling or altruism.2 As far as the theme of contents, Peters establishes his proposal by replying to the following questions: A. WHY WORRY ABOUT THE CONTENTS? The author gives two types of reason: social reason: not all adults évolue towards superior states, many remain in the conventional state, in which it is essential to possess moral contents by which to be guided. Individual reason: learning of the contents is a pre-requisite to the application of rules in a autonomous manner. B. WHAT TYPE OF CONTENTS MUST BE TAUGTH? In reply. Peters elaborates a list of «basic rules», justifiable under any social situation, which along whith principles will constitute the contents of moral education, since according to the author, they are appropriate for whatever form social life the individuals could find. C. How SHOULD THE CONTENTS BE TAUGHT? Peters answers this in a blunt manner: in watever way that may contribute to the children learning rules, taking care not to dull their capacity for developing an independent attitude oppossing them. And as yet the techniques of cognitive stimulation cannot be used whith small children, in the preconventional and conventional states, the author believes that one must employ some form of «instruction». In short, it can be said that the legitimation of Peters' proposal centres on his consideration of morales as actions, which implies the fact that the child is an agent before being a conscious agent, which allows him to express a series of interrogatives as a way of justification of his support of the teaching in early moral education, since his objective must be not so much the development of «forms» and «models» of reasoning

  12. Motivating Students in the 21st Century. (United States)

    Sedden, Mandy L; Clark, Kevin R


    To examine instructors' and students' perspectives on motivation in the classroom and clinical environments and to explore instructional strategies educators can use to motivate college students in the 21st century. Articles selected for this review were from peer-reviewed journals and scholarly sources that emphasized student and educator perspectives on motivation and instructional strategies to increase student motivation. Understanding how college students are motivated can help educators engage students in lessons and activities, ultimately improving the students' academic performance. Students exhibit increased motivation in classes when educators have high expectations, conduct an open-atmosphere classroom, and use multidimensional teaching strategies. Instructional styles such as connecting with students, creating an interactive classroom, and guiding and reminding students improved student motivation. Radiologic science educators must be mindful of how college students are motivated and use various instructional strategies to increase students' motivation in the classroom and clinical setting. ©2016 American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

  13. Peter Gilliver

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    May 8, 1986 ... materials were to be collected, he appealed for collectors of ... During 1873 and 1874 Furnivall devoted little time to the Dictionary, because of ..... rime relates how Murray's preference for the spelling of rime over rhyme, which.

  14. Peter Debye

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Hopefully, the new year will bring more good than our little faith allows us ... to such an extent that the Royal Academy of Sciences has awarded you the Nobel Prize ... ended in Europe in 1939, during the turmoil of the Second World War.

  15. Horsfield, Peter

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 1, 2016 ... of new media technologies into Christian forms of communication among believers and ... the author draws on a number of perspectives on media to give ... the New York bishops, the US Catholic Conference of Bishops, and ...

  16. lichtensteini (peters)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    behaviour and reproduction of Lichtenstein's hartebeest. (Alcelaphus ... observations made on a small population In south-eastern ... tions with persons who had a working knowledge .of this species. ... Western Selous G.R. - Rodgers.

  17. ST Elevation in AVR: When Time May Not Mean Muscle (United States)


    REPORT TYPE 1013112017 Presentation 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE ST Elevation in AVR: When Thne May Not Mean !Vfu&cle 6. AUTHOR{S) Capt \\Villiam T...ACCF/AHA Guideline for the Management of ST -Elevation Myocardial Infarction A Report of the Arnerican College of C ardiology Foundation/ Ameri can...C7Q n ([) G) ro )::>t w :J r+ c.. < -· ro ti) ti) ro ti) OJ m ti) -ro n Take home points •Don’t ignore ST elevation in aVR •Look closely

  18. Forest inventory, Peter T. Johnson Wildlife Mitigation Unit, Craig Mountain, Idaho. Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Narolski, S.W.


    The primary objective of this report is to determine the quantity and quality of existing forest habitat types on the 59,991-acre Peter T. Johnson Wildlife Mitigation Unit (WMU). Products from this effort include a description of the ecological condition, a map of habitat types, and an inventory of forest resources on the WMU lands. The purpose of this and other resource inventories (plant and wildlife) is to assess the current resources condition of the WMU and to provide necessary information to generate a long-term management for this area

  19. Healing bodies or saving souls? Reverend Dr Peter Parker (1804-1888) as medical missionary. (United States)

    Fu, Louis


    The important role played by medical services in the preaching of the Gospel in China was undeniable. Anglo-American missionaries entered Canton in the early 18th century and introduced modern Western medicine to China. Reverend Dr Peter Parker, founder of medical missionaries to China, was more than that, far more advanced than his predecessors including Drs Pearson, Livingstone and Colledge. He was an enthusiastic missionary of exceptional ability and vigour as witnessed his labours at the Canton Ophthalmic Hospital. His 20 years in the medical field unexpectedly paved the way for his future career as a diplomat in the American Legation. © © IMechE 2014.

  20. Peter Andreas Hansen und die astronomische Gemeinschaft - eine erste Auswertung des Hansen-Nachlasses. (United States)

    Schwarz, O.; Strumpf, M.

    The literary assets of Peter Andreas Hansen are deposited in the Staatsarchiv Hamburg, the Forschungs- und Landesbibliothek Gotha and the Thüringer Staatsarchiv Gotha. They were never systematically investigated. The authors present here some results of a first evaluation. It was possible to reconstruct the historical events with regard to the maintenance of the Astronomische Nachrichten and the Altona observatory in 1854. Hansen was a successful teacher for many young astronomers. His way of stimulating the evolution of astronomy followed Zach's tradition.

  1. Language and Reality. Peter Mittelstaedt's Contributions to the Philosophy of Physics (United States)

    Falkenburg, Brigitte


    The article investigates the way in which Peter Mittelstaedt has been contributing to the philosophy of physics for half a century. It is shown that he pursues a path between rationalism and empiricism in the sense of Erhard Scheibe’s philosophy of the physicists. Starting from Kant’s a priori he gives a rational reconstruction of the conceptual revolutions of 20th century physics. The central topic of his philosophy of physics is the quest for semantic self-consistency, which for quantum mechanics is a hard nut to crack.

  2. Effect of Temperature on Reproduction and Sex Ratio of Guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters)


    H. Arfah; S. Mariam; . Alimuddin


    Water temperature could affect the reproduction of broodstock and sex ratio of progeny.  In this study, broodstock of guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters) was reared in different temperature to determine its effect on reproduction of broodstock and sex ratio of their progeny. The result of study show that broodstock reared at 27°C produced more fry (16 males mean) than that of 30°C (10 males), while broodstock reared at 33°C produced no progeny.  Percentage of male fish produced by broodstock r...

  3. Forest inventory: Peter T. Johnson Wildlife Mitigation Unit, Craig Mountain, Idaho. Final Report.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Narolski, Steven W.


    The primary objective of this report is to determine the quantity and quality of existing forest habitat types on the 59,991-acre Peter T. Johnson Wildlife Mitigation Unit (WMU). Products from this effort include a description of the ecological condition, a map of habitat types, and an inventory of forest resources on the WMU lands. The purpose of this and other resource inventories (plant and wildlife) is to assess the current resources condition of the WMU and to provide necessary information to generate a long-term management for this area.

  4. Transformations and innovations of punk graphic design in Peter Punk series from Disney

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Regina Rossetti


    Full Text Available The punk movement is an example of peripheral culture that currently influences the dominant culture. This article aims to point out what were the changes and the innovations that the punk graphic design had to struggle to adapt itself to the series Peter Punk, exhibited by Disney XD channel. Through literature review and analysis of images, it is possible to conclude that the show’s graphic design absorbed the punk style with other influences, but without the spontaneity of punk.

  5. Forceps delivery at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Forceps delivery at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. ... Ibadan, Nigeria. CO Aimakhu, O Olayemi, OO Enabor, FA Oluyemi, VE Aimakhu ... Methodology: A retrospective analysis of all forceps delivery done at this centre between the 1st of January 1997 and 31st December 2001, a 5-year period was done.

  6. Surveys in 1961 on St. Thomas & St. Croix

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahl, Thorkel; Licht, Kjeld de Fine

    Registration of towns and buildings erected during the Danish reign of the Caribbean Isles of St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix 1671-1917 (now belonging to the USA under the name of Virgin Islands)....

  7. Caruso St John y Robert Smithson: Interferencias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emilia Hernández Pezzi


    Full Text Available Resumen Los discursos cruzados son el soporte común del presente número de Cuadernos. El cruce que planteamos tiene como protagonistas al artista Robert Smithson y a los arquitectos Adam Caruso y Peter St John. Estos últimos hacen mención del trabajo del artista norteamericano para explicar su proyecto de remodelación de Stortorget, la plaza de la catedral en el centro de Kalmar, Suecia. A partir de aquí, comenzamos una exploración del trabajo y las preocupaciones de ambos que nos permite dibujar convergencias y sintonías procesuales por encima de las diferencias temáticas, ideológicas y estilísticas. Al disponer en paralelo la obra de Smithson y Caruso St John descubrimos vibraciones y resonancias que muestran una interacción productiva de sus preocupaciones. La materia se convierte en sus propuestas en un objeto activo y sensible, un depósito energético con el que operar. El traslado de piedras en Stortorget convoca la memoria de la ciudad del mismo modo que el basalto y la sal del Spiral Jetty, erosionados por el tiempo, nos hablan de procesos abiertos. El tiempo y la memoria pasan a ser soportes estratégicos con los que construyen sus miradas. Los objetos se disuelven en las relaciones que establecen con su entorno produciendo equilibrios frágiles e instantáneos. De esta manera el artículo pretende generar un vórtice de reflexión, una espiral en cuyo recorrido se manifiesten las tensiones parciales del cruce propuesto, sus fijezas momentáneas.

  8. Assessing 21st Century Skills: A Guide to Evaluating Mastery and Authentic Learning (United States)

    Greenstein, Laura


    The Common Core State Standards clearly define the skills students need for success in college and the 21st century workplace. The question is, how can you measure student mastery of skills like creativity, problem solving, and use of technology? Laura Greenstein demonstrates how teachers can teach and assess 21st century skills using authentic…

  9. Evolution of Capsaicinoids in Peter Pepper (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) During Fruit Ripening. (United States)

    Barbero, Gerardo F; de Aguiar, Ana C; Carrera, Ceferino; Olachea, Ángel; Ferreiro-González, Marta; Martínez, Julian; Palma, Miguel; Barroso, Carmelo G


    The evolution of individual and total contents of capsaicinoids present in Peter peppers (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) at different ripening stages has been studied. Plants were grown in a glasshouse and the new peppers were marked in a temporal space of ten days. The extraction of capsaicinoids was performed by ultrasound-assisted extraction with MeOH. The capsaicinoids nordihydrocapsaicin (n-DHC), capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, homocapsaicin, and homodihydrocapsaicin were analyzed by ultraperformance liquid chromatography (UHPLC)-fluorescence and identified by UHPLC-Q-ToF-MS. The results indicate that the total capsaicinoids increase in a linear manner from the first point of harvest at ten days (0.283 mg/g FW) up to 90 days, at which point they reach a concentration of 1.301 mg/g FW. The evolution as a percentage of the individual capsaicinoids showed the initial predominance of capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, and n-DHC. Dihydrocapsaicin was the major capsaicinoid up to day 50 of maturation. After 50 days, capsaicin became the major capsaicinoid as the concentration of dihydrocapsaicin fell slightly. The time of harvest of Peter pepper based on the total capsaicinoids content should be performed as late as possible. In any case, harvesting should be performed before overripening of the fruit is observed. © 2016 Wiley-VHCA AG, Zürich.

  10. Una nueva pintura de Peter Thijs identificada en la Colegiata de Santa Gertrudis de Nivelles (Valonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanzsalazar, Jahel


    Full Text Available Considered today as anonymous and attributed in a 1925 document to Gaspar de Crayer, the painting at Nivelles reveals the stylistic features of Peter Thijs: composition, models, handling and color are comparable to other works by his hand. As usual, Thijs has recourse to the paintings of Van Dyck, while eluding the more habitual depictions of this episode from the life of Saint Dominic, fervor for whom grew in Antwerp during the first half of the 17th century, due promotion by Dominicans and Jesuits.

    Tenida en la actualidad como anónima, y atribuida a Gaspar de Crayer en documentos de principios del siglo XX, la pintura de la Colegiata de Nivelles es comparable en composición, modelos, factura y sentido del color con otras obras de Peter Thijs. El pintor recurre, como fue su costumbre, a Van Dyck, a la vez que se distancia de las representaciones más frecuentes de este episodio de la vida de Santo Domingo, cuyo fervor creció en Amberes por impulso de dominicos y jesuitas en la primera mitad del siglo XVII.

  11. Bicycles, Airplanes and Peter Pans: Flying Scenes in Steven Spielberg's Films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emilio Audissino


    Full Text Available In Steven Spielberg's cinema the flight is a recurring theme. Flying scenes can be sorted into two classes: those involving a realistic flight – by aircraft – and those involving a magical flight – by supernatural powers. The realistic flight is influenced by the war stories of Spielberg's father – a radio man in U.S. Air-force during WWII – and it is featured in such films as Empire of the Sun (1987, Always (1989, and 1941 (1979. The magical flight is influenced by James M. Barries' character Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy, 1911, which is quoted directly in E.T. the Extraterrestrial (1982 and, above all, in Hook (1991, which is a sequel to Barrie's story. These two types of flying scenes are analysed as to their meanings, compared to the models that influenced them, and surveyed as to their evolution across Spielberg's films. A central case study is the episode The Mission from Amazing Stories (1985, in which the realistic and the magical flights overlap.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristiani Bereta da Silva


    Peter Lee was, until he very recently retired, a senior lecturer in the History Education Unit at the Institute of Education at the University of London. Having taught History in primary and secondary schools, Professor Lee has coordinated several research projects related to History Teaching and Learning, including CHATA (Concepts of History and Teaching Approaches a project well-known in Brazil. Several of his publications investigate the ideas that children and teenagers have over History in several books, chapters, and articles – many of these with Rosalyn Ashby as co-author.  Some of his articles have been translated to Portuguese, circulating among researchers concerned with understanding how children learn History. The questions in this interview have been elaborated so that Peter Lee’s reflections may collaborate with the development of History Teaching and History Education research in Brazil. All contact has been made via e-mail, a rather useful tool that has shortened the distance between Florianópolis and London for a few long moments between July and October 2012.

  13. Performance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research (PETER): evaluation of 114 measures (United States)

    Bittner, A. C. Jr; Carter, R. C.; Kennedy, R. S.; Harbeson, M. M.; Krause, M.


    The goal of the Performance Evaluation Tests for Environmental Research (PETER) Program was to identify a set of measures of human capabilities for use in the study of environmental and other time-course effects. 114 measures studied in the PETER Program were evaluated and categorized into four groups based upon task stability and task definition. The Recommended category contained 30 measures that clearly obtained total stabilization and had an acceptable level of reliability efficiency. The Acceptable-But-Redundant category contained 15 measures. The 37 measures in the Marginal category, which included an inordinate number of slope and other derived measures, usually had desirable features which were outweighed by faults. The 32 measures in the Unacceptable category had either differential instability or weak reliability efficiency. It is our opinion that the 30 measures in the Recommended category should be given first consideration for environmental research applications. Further, it is recommended that information pertaining to preexperimental practice requirements and stabilized reliabilities should be utilized in repeated-measures environmental studies.

  14. A Framework for Research at Canadian Colleges (United States)

    Fisher, Roger


    With the advent of the post-industrial 21st century knowledge-based economy and the demands of global competitiveness, Canada's community colleges are under increased pressure to extend their historical mandates (of career-related education and regional economic development) by incorporating "research", especially "applied…

  15. Game Changers: The Quest to Rethink Institutional Roles and Functions at U.S. Community Colleges (United States)

    Woods, Bob


    When the 10 members of the American Association of Community College's (AACC's) 21st-Century Implementation Team 7 (nine of whom are community college presidents) sat down in 2013 to talk about reforming institutional roles and functions at the nation's two-year career and technical colleges, everyone in the room knew the work before them would be…

  16. St. Croix trap study (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The data set contains detailed information about the catch from 600 trap stations around St. Croix. Data fields include species caught, size data, trap location...

  17. Morfometria testicular durante o ciclo reprodutivo de Dendropsophus minutus (Peters (Anura, Hylidae Testicular morphometry during the reproductive cycle of Dendropsophus minutus (Peters (Anura, Hylidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lia R. de S. Santos


    Full Text Available Este estudo descreve o ciclo reprodutivo de machos de Dendropsophus minutus (Peters, 1872 com base na análise da morfometria testicular e a correlação com parâmetros climáticos. Cinqüenta indivíduos foram coletados em São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo. Após as análises macroscópicas, os testículos foram encaminhados à rotina histológica, fixados com Bouin e incluídos em historesina. Cortes de 2 µm foram corados com azul de toluidina 1% e observados ao microscópio. Testículos de D. minutus são órgãos pequenos (comprimento 1,90 ± 0,13 mm, esbranquiçados, com forma oval e encontrados na cavidade abdominal. Estão localizados na extremidade cranial dos rins e apresentam assimetria quanto a sua posição. Estatisticamente não há variação intra-individual no comprimento e no peso dos testículos, bem como na área e diâmetro dos lóculos seminíferos. Quanto à histologia testicular, foi possível identificar ao longo do ano nos lóculos seminíferos, todos os tipos celulares da linhagem espermatogênica, caracterizando uma gametogênese contínua, corroborada por fatores ecológicos e comportamentais. Informações sobre a morfometria testicular e ciclo reprodutivo tem importante valor biológico para anuros de regiões neotropicais.This study describes the male reproductive cycle of Dendropsophus minutus (Peters, 1872 based on testicular morphometric analysis, related to climatic conditions. Fifty individuals where collected in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo. After macroscopic analysis, the testes were submitted to histological routine, fixed with Bouin, embedded in historesin. Sections of 2 µm were stained with 1% toluidine blue and observed to the microscope. The testes of D. minutus are small organs (length 1.90 ± 0.13 mm, whitish, oviform and found in the abdominal cavity. They are located in the cranial extremity of the kidneys and present asymmetry as far as position. According to statistical analyses, there

  18. Helmintos parásitos de Telmatobius jelskii (Peters (Anura, Leptodactylidae de Lima, Perú Helminth parasites of Telmatobius jelskii (Peters (Anura, Leptodactylidae from Lima, Peru

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Iannacone


    Full Text Available A quantitative research of parasites of 67 endemic frog Telmatobius jelskii (Peters, 1863 collected from Laguna Tucto (76°46'11"W, 10°39'11"S where Pativilca River is originated was conducted, and was located in the Province of Oyon, high Andean area from the Department of Lima, Peru during September-October 2000. Of the frogs collected, 23 were females and 44 males. Male showed a length between 5.2 ± 0.5 cm (range = 4.0-6.4 cm and female between 5.5 ± 1 cm (range = 3.9-7.6 cm and were not found differences between both sexes. 86 specimens of parasite and three species in total during all the survey were collected. 28 hosts were infected (41.8%. twenty-five hosts (37.3% showed infection with one parasite species, and three (4.5% had two parasite species. Three parasite species were found: Gorgoderina parvicava Travassos, 1922 (Digenea: Gorgoderidae (Prevalence = 40.3%; mean Intensity = 3.1; mean abundance = 1.2, Cylindrotaenia americana Jewell, 1916 (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae (Prevalence = 3%; mean Intensity = 1; mean abundance = 0.02 and Aplectana hylambatis (Baylis, 1927 (Nematoda: Cosmocercidae (Prevalence = 3%; mean Intensity = 1; mean abundance = 0.02. G. parvicava had an overdispersed distribution and was the dominant species. An effect of sex and length with prevalence and mean abundance of infection of G. parvicava was not found. The relationship of helminthes parasites with T. jelskii is discussed. G. parvicava and C. americana are new records for T. jelskii.

  19. Improve Your Marketing Results by Asking Peter F. Drucker's "Five Most Important Questions." (United States)

    Rossum, Constance; Baum, Geoffrey


    This case study demonstrates how the Office of Marketing & Public Relations at Claremont McKenna College used five "Drucker Tool" questions to improve marketing's image on campus and awareness of the college among key constituencies. It concludes with a reevaluation of the initial marketing strategy based on the growing importance of…

  20. Peter Becker and his Nazi past: the man behind Becker muscular dystrophy and Becker myotonia. (United States)

    Zeidman, Lawrence A; Kondziella, Daniel


    Peter Becker was a German neurologist who helped classify the muscular dystrophies, and described Becker muscular dystrophy and Becker myotonia. His involvement in National Socialism began in 1933, when he was compelled by his peers to join the SA (brown shirts). He later joined the Nazi party, the Nazi Doctors Association, and the Nazi Lecturers' Association. He renewed his SA membership to maintain his position at a genetics institute. Colleagues stated postwar that he was not an active Nazi, and he was de-Nazified in 1947, able to continue his career. Later, Becker admitted to most, but not all, of his Nazi memberships in his autobiography, and wrote 2 books exploring the origins of Nazism and racial hygiene. The "neurologic court of opinion" must weigh in on how we should best remember Becker, and at the very least, we as neurologists must learn the dangers of career opportunism at any cost.

  1. Alison and Peter Smithson: The Space Between. Edited by Max Risselada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Abalos Ramos


    Full Text Available The Space Between (Walther König, Cologne, 2016 is the third part of the trilogy about the work of Alison and Peter Smithson seen through their own eyes. It follows The Charged Void: Architecture (2001 and The Charged Void: Urbanism (2005 both published by Monacelli Press, New York. This long-awaited book by Walther König features the same layout and general design as the two previous volumes but has a personality all of its own. The Space Between includes more than forty writings spanning the Smithsons’ entire career and features a wealth of illustrations from their own archives. Just as the The Charged Void was not merely a work about their work, this essential new volume is far more than just a compilation of their thoughts.

  2. Dr. Peter Cavanaugh Explains the Need and Operation of the FOOT Experiment (United States)


    This video clip is an interview with Dr. Peter Cavanaugh, principal investigator for the FOOT experiment. He explains the reasoning behind the experiment and shows some video clips of the FOOT experiment being calibrated and conducted in orbit. The heart of the FOOT experiment is an instrumented suit called the Lower Extremity Monitoring Suit (LEMS). This customized garment is a pair of Lycra cycling tights incorporating 20 carefully placed sensors and the associated wiring control units, and amplifiers. LEMS enables the electrical activity of the muscles, the angular motions of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, and the force under both feet to be measured continuously. Measurements are also made on the arm muscles. Information from the sensors can be recorded up to 14 hours on a small, wearable computer.

  3. Peter Bourne's drug policy and the perils of a public health ethic, 1976-1978. (United States)

    Clark, Claire D; Dufton, Emily


    As President Jimmy Carter's advisor for health issues, Peter Bourne promoted a rational and comprehensive drug strategy that combined new supply-side efforts to prevent drug use with previously established demand-side addiction treatment programs. Using a public health ethic that allowed the impact of substances on overall population health to guide drug control, Bourne advocated for marijuana decriminalization as well as increased regulations for barbiturates. A hostile political climate, a series of rumors, and pressure from both drug legalizers and prohibitionists caused Bourne to resign in disgrace in 1978. We argue that Bourne's critics used his own public health framework to challenge him, describe the health critiques that contributed to Bourne's resignation, and present the story of his departure as a cautionary tale for today's drug policy reformers.

  4. The Learning Curve in neurofeedback of Peter Van Deusen: A review article

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The Learning Curve (TLC in neurofeedback concept emerged after Peter Van Deusen compiled the results of articles on the expected electrical activity of the brain. This concept was subsequently tested on patients at four clinics in Atlanta between 1994 and 2001. The aim of this paper was to report the historical aspects of TLC. Articles published on the electronic databases MEDLINE/PubMed and Web of Science were reviewed. During patient evaluation, TLC investigates categories called disconnected, hot temporal lobes, reversal of alpha and beta waves, blocking, locking, and filtering or processing. This enables neuroscientists to use their training designs and, by means of behavioral psychology, to work on neuroregulation, as self-regulation for patients. TLC shows the relationships between electrical, mental and behavioral activity in patients. It also identifies details of patterns that can assist physicians in their choice of treatment.

  5. Species of Juglandaceae at Peter the Great Botanic Garden at Apothecaries Island

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firsov Gennadii


    Full Text Available The first exotic species of Juglandaceae family at Peter the Great Botanic Garden of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS in Saint-Petersburg was Juglans regia - mentioned at M. M. Terechovskij ‘s Catalogue in 1796. Twenty five taxa from 4 genera have been tested since then: Carya - 6, Juglans - 14, Platycarya - 1, Pterocarya - 4. There are 14 taxa from 3 genera in modern collection: Carya - 2, Juglans - 9, Pterocarya - 3. All species besides Carya cordiformis and Juglans nigra produce fruits. Four species of Juglans (J. ailanthifolia, J. cinerea, J. cordiformis, J. mandshurica and its hybrids produce self-sowing. There are 2 species, Juglans ailanthifolia and Pterocarya pterocarpa, which are included into the Red Data Book of Russian Federation (2008. They need In situ and Ex situ conservation and may be recommended for Saint-Petersburg’s city planting. There are considerable prospects for both repeated introduction (Carya illinoensis and primary introduction (Juglans sigillata.

  6. Pseudepigraphy and the Petrine school: Spirit and tradition in 1 and 2 Peter and Jude

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick Chatelion Counet


    Full Text Available This article identifies four “patterns of religion” (E P Sanders in the pseudepigraphic letters of Peter and Jude in order to support the hypothesis of a “Petrine school” (J H Elliott. The first pattern that connects the letters is a Geisttradition (K Aland, guaranteeing continuity of tradition. The second is the interrelationship between faith and ethics (fides quae and fides qua. The combination of sanctification and eschatology is a third pattern connecting the three documents. Finally, two florilegia can be identified (one from the Old Testament and apocrypha, and one from the chokmatic tradition, suggesting a fourth pattern: a warning against ungodliness and infidelity. The existence of a Petrine group could represent a preliminary stage of subsequent Early Catholicism.

  7. Peter Paul Rubens, Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc and Joan of Arc

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Borusowski Piotr


    Full Text Available In 2011 a discovery was made at the Department of Prints and Drawings of the National Museum in Warsaw - a drawing hitherto described as a Kneeling knight by an anonymous seventeenth-century artist, turned out to be Joan of Arc, a sketch well-known to art historians studying the oeuvre of Peter Paul Rubens, although thought to be lost during the Second World War. The drawing, until now known only through the black and white photograph, could be thoroughly analysed for the first time. In the context of information thus obtained, the historical context of creating the sketch transpired as an equally important matter, including the hypothetical role that may have been played in its creation by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc.

  8. Sir Peter Medawar: science, creativity and the popularization of Karl Popper (United States)

    Calver, Neil


    Sir Peter Medawar was respected by scientists and literati alike. It was perhaps not surprising, then, that he would choose to involve himself in the ‘two cultures’ debate of 1959 and beyond. The focus of his intervention was the philosophy of Sir Karl Popper. However, Medawar's Popper was not the guru of falsification familiar from philosophy textbooks. Medawar's distinctive interpretation of Popper treated him instead as the source of insights into the role of creativity and imagination in scientific inquiry. This paper traces the context for Medawar's adoption of Popperian philosophy, together with its application before the debate. It then examines, within the context of the debate itself, the way in which Medawar attempted to reconcile scientific inquiry with literary practice. Medawar became increasingly convinced that not only was induction epistemologically unsound, but it was also damaging to the public role of the scientist. His construction of Popperianism would, he envisaged, provide a worthy alternative for scientists’ self-image.

  9. Effect of radiation on the early period of gametogenesis in Tilapia mossambika Peters

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chmilevskij, D.A.; Ivojlov, A.A.


    Tilapia mossambica Peters larvae 10 days after hatching were X-irradiated at 350 R, and the number of germinative cells at different stages of development was followed. In the control, 10-day larvae possessed primordial germ cells and gonia; 15-day larvae had mostly gonia; in 20-day larvae some gonia were entering early prophase of meiosis; 25-day larvae possessed gonia and early meiotic prophase oocytes; and 30-day larvae had oogonia, oocytes at early prophase and at the previtellogenesis stage. After the irradiation, 13- and 14-day larvae showed some mitotic disturbances; however the mass death of germ cells was observed after their entering the pachytene stage in fishes 25 days old

  10. Yes! There is an ethics of care: an answer for Peter Allmark. (United States)

    Bradshaw, A


    This paper is a response to Peter Allmark's thesis that 'there can be no "caring" ethics'. It argues that the current preoccupation in nursing to define an ethics of care is a direct result of breaking nursing tradition. Subsequent attempts to find a moral basis for care, whether from subjective experimental perspectives such as described by Noddings, or from rational and detached approaches derived from Kant, are inevitably flawed. Writers may still implicitly presuppose a concept of care drawn from the Judaeo-Christian tradition but without explicit recourse to its moral basis nursing is left rudderless and potentially without purpose. The very concept of 'care' cut off from its roots becomes a meaningless term without either normative or descriptive content. PMID:8932719

  11. Arabic plant names and botany in Arabic civilisation. The contribution of Peter Forsskål (1732-1763) and others

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Provencal, Philippe


    A presentation of the state of Botany in the Classical Arabic Civilisation and of some of the main contributors to our knowledge in this field, especially Peter Forsskål.......A presentation of the state of Botany in the Classical Arabic Civilisation and of some of the main contributors to our knowledge in this field, especially Peter Forsskål....

  12. The search for asbestos within the Peter Mitchell Taconite iron ore mine, near Babbitt, Minnesota. (United States)

    Ross, Malcolm; Nolan, Robert P; Nord, Gordon L


    Asbestos crystallizes within rock formations undergoing intense deformation characterized by folding, faulting, shearing, and dilation. Some of these conditions have prevailed during formation of the taconite iron ore deposits in the eastern Mesabi Iron Range of Minnesota. This range includes the Peter Mitchell Taconite Mine at Babbitt, Minnesota. The mine pit is over 8 miles long, up to 1 mile wide. Fifty three samples were collected from 30 sites within areas of the pit where faulting, shearing and folding occur and where fibrous minerals might occur. Eight samples from seven collecting sites contain significant amounts of ferroactinolite amphibole that is partially to completely altered to fibrous ferroactinolite. Two samples from two other sites contain ferroactinolite degraded to ropy masses of fibers consisting mostly of ferrian sepiolite as defined by X-ray diffraction and TEM and SEM X-ray spectral analysis. Samples from five other sites contain unaltered amphiboles, however some of these samples also contain a very small number of fiber bundles composed of mixtures of grunerite, ferroactinolite, and ferrian sepiolite. It is proposed that the alteration of the amphiboles was caused by reaction with water-rich acidic fluids that moved through the mine faults and shear zones. The fibrous amphiboles and ferrian sepiolite collected at the Peter Mitchell Mine composes a tiny fraction of one percent of the total rock mass of this taconite deposit; an even a smaller amount of these mineral fragments enter the ambient air during mining and milling. These fibrous minerals thus do not present a significant health hazard to the miners nor to those non-occupationally exposed. No asbestos of any type was found in the mine pit.

  13. Transatlantic Enlightenment : Peter Gay and the drama of German history in the United States, 1930s-1970s

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leeman, M.M.


    This is the first research on the life and work of the Jewish German-American historian Peter Gay (1923-2015). The dissertation analyzes the impact of Gay’s experience of emigration from Nazi Germany to the United States on his idea of western culture. It focuses especially on the period from the

  14. Pratt & Whitney Advanced Ducted Propulsor (ADP) Engine Test in 40x80ft w.t.: Engineers Peter (United States)


    Pratt & Whitney Advanced Ducted Propulsor (ADP) Engine Test in 40x80ft w.t.: Engineers Peter Zell (left) and Dr Clifton Horne (right) are shown preparing a laser light sheet for a flow visualization test. Shown standing in the nacelle of the ADP is John Girvin, senior test engineer for Pratt & Whitney.

  15. 76 FR 13271 - Gulf & Ohio Railways, Inc., H. Peter Claussen and Linda C. Claussen-Continuance in Control... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board [Docket No. FD 35414] Gulf & Ohio Railways, Inc., H. Peter Claussen and Linda C. Claussen--Continuance in Control Exemption--Lancaster & Chester Railroad, LLC AGENCY: Surface Transportation Board, DOT. ACTION: Correction to notice of exemption...

  16. Translation, Adaptation or Amputation? Arctic Explorer-Writer-Anthropologist Peter Freuchen's Little-Known Danish Translation of Moby Dick

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klitgård, Ida


    . The translation was made by the internationally famous Arctic explorer and writer Peter Freuchen, and his version of the novel has been so drastically cut down to the bare skeleton of the plot that we may speak of amputation rather than adaptation. The result is a so-called real “man’s book”, as is pronounced...

  17. Mida oled sina teinud, et Internet oleks senisest ohutum? / Helin Puksand, Peter Fifka, Marek Strandberg, Birgy Lorenz...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimusele vastavad Tallinna Mustamäe Gümnaasiumi eesti keele õpetaja Helin Puksand, Microsofti esindaja Peter Fifka, riigikogu liige Marek Strandberg, Pelgulinna Gümnaasiumi arvutiõpetaja Birgy Lorenz, Tallinna Ülikooli haridustehnoloogia keskuse juhataja Mart Laanpere, teleajakirjanik Andres Raid ja Kose Gümnaasiumi saksa keele õpetaja Astrid Sildnik


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalya Gennadievna Komar


    Full Text Available This article raises the question of the Old Russian sources of Alexander Pushkin’s novel The Captain’s Daughter and presents an attempt to identify the traditions of Ermolay-Erazmus’s The Tale of Peter and Fevronia in it. The main purpose of the research was to identify the parallelism between Pushkin’s novel and The Tale at the imaginative, narrative and thematic levels. Therefore, it was based on application of the comparative method. The main characters of both the books are compared in succession: Prince Peter and Peter Grinyov first, and then Fevronia and Masha Mironova. The results of the analysis lead to the conclusion that the male images reflect the spiritual evolution from being self-willed to obtaining Christian humility, and the key moment of the characters’ spiritual evolution is the meeting with wise virgins, etc. As far as the female images are concerned, the key parallel between them is the praise of their wisdom at the end of both stories. Thus, the material of the research enables us to speak about the traditions of The Tale of Peter and Fevronia being preserved in Pushkin’s last novel.

  19. Läänemerel näeb pingelist Vene-NATO vastasseisu / Peter Roberts ; intervjueeris Evelyn Kaldoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Roberts, Peter


    NATO üksuste tegutsemisest Läänemerel. Sagenenud on juhtumid, kus Venemaa ründab elektrooniliste vahenditega NATO laevade navigatsioonisüsteeme. Intervjuu Briti mereväeeruohvitseri ja RUSI mõttekoja sõjateaduste direktori Peter Robertsiga

  20. Peter Fensham--Head, Heart and Hands (on) in the Service of Science Education and Social Equity and Justice (United States)

    Gunstone, Richard


    When Peter Fensham was appointed to the new Chair of Science Education at Monash University in 1967 he was the first Professor of Science Education in Australia, and, we think, may well have been the first such professor anywhere in the world outside USA. Over the subsequent 40+ years he has made/still makes remarkable and diverse contributions to…

  1. PREFACE: 31st European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (United States)

    Dendy, Richard


    This special issue of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion comprises refereed papers contributed by invited speakers at the 31st European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics. The conference was jointly hosted by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, by the EURATOM/UKAEA Fusion Association and by Imperial College London, where it took place from 28 June to 2 July 2004. The overall agenda for this conference was set by the Board of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society, chaired by Friedrich Wagner (MPIPP, Garching) and his successor Jo Lister (CRPP, Lausanne). It built on developments in recent years, by further increasing the scientific diversity of the conference programme, whilst maintaining its depth and quality. A correspondingly diverse Programme Committee was set up, whose members are listed below. The final task of the Programme Committee has been the preparation of this special issue. In carrying out this work, as in preparing the scientific programme of the conference, the Programme Committee formed specialist subcommittees representing the different fields of plasma science. The chairmen of these subcommittees, in particular, accepted a very heavy workload on behalf of their respective research communities. It is a great pleasure to take this opportunity to thank: Emilia R Solano (CIEMAT, Madrid), magnetic confinement fusion; Jürgen Meyer-ter-Vehn (MPQ, Garching), laser-plasma interaction and beam plasma physics; and Jean-Luc Dorier (CRPP, Lausanne), dusty plasmas. The relatively few papers in astrophysical and basic plasma physics were co-ordinated by a small subcommittee which I led. Together with Peter Norreys (RAL, Chilton), we five constitute the editorial team for this special issue. The extensive refereeing load, compressed into a short time interval, was borne by the Programme Committee members and by many other experts, to whom this special issue owes much. We are also grateful to the Local Organizing Committee

  2. Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies in adults: A comparative study of Bohan and Peter and European Neuromuscular Center 2004 criteria. (United States)

    Challa, Sundaram; Jakati, Saumya; Uppin, Megha S; Kannan, Meena A; Liza, Rajasekhar; Murthy Jagarlapudi, M K


    Bohan and Peter criteria are widely used for the diagnosis of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIMs). Recently, European Neuromuscular Center (ENMC) formulated criteria to identify subgroups of IIMs. To compare the two diagnostic criteria in adult IIMs. This was a retrospective review of case records of histologically confirmed IIMs in adults between January 2014 and May 2015. Both the Bohan and Peter, and ENMC 2004 criteria were applied in the same group of patients to subgroup the IIMs. Muscle biopsy was evaluated in all the four domains: muscle fiber, inflammatory, connective tissue, and vascular, with the basic panel of histological stains. Sporadic inclusion body myositis (s-IBM) was diagnosed using ENMC IBM diagnostic research criteria 2011. During the study period, 69 patients fulfilled the ENMC criteria for IIMs including 16 patients with s-IBM. The subgrouping as per the ENMC criteria (53) was: dermatomyositis (DM) in 30; polymyositis (PM) in 2; immune-mediated necrotizing myopathy (IMNM) in 9; and nonspecific myositis (NM) in 12 patients, whereas subgrouping by the Bohan and Peter criteria was DM in 9 and PM with and without connective tissue disease (CTD) in 26 patients only. There was underdiagnosis of DM, as perifascicular atrophy is not recognized as a diagnostic histological feature, and overdiagnosis of PM with and without CTD due to poor characterization of histological features in PM by the Bohan and Peter criteria. Systematic evaluation of muscle biopsy according to the ENMC criteria with basic panel of histochemical stains improved the diagnostic yield of IIM significantly when compared to the Bohan and Peter criteria.

  3. College education (United States)

    Criswell, David R.


    Space Grant Colleges and Universities must build the space curriculum of the future on the firm basis of deep knowledge of an involvement with the present operating programs of the nation and an on-going and extensive program of leading edge research in the aerospace sciences and engineering, management, law, finance, and the other arts that are integral to our planetary society. The Space Grant College and Fellowship Program must create new academic fields of enquiry, which is a long and difficult process that will require deeper and broader interaction between NASA and academia than has previously existed.

  4. College algebra

    CERN Document Server

    Kolman, Bernard


    College Algebra, Second Edition is a comprehensive presentation of the fundamental concepts and techniques of algebra. The book incorporates some improvements from the previous edition to provide a better learning experience. It provides sufficient materials for use in the study of college algebra. It contains chapters that are devoted to various mathematical concepts, such as the real number system, the theory of polynomial equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and the geometric definition of each conic section. Progress checks, warnings, and features are inserted. Every chapter c

  5. Asthenospheric percolation of alkaline melts beneath the St. Paul region (Central Atlantic Ocean) (United States)

    Brunelli, Daniele; Seyler, Monique


    Two peridotite suites collected by submersible in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean (Hekinian et al., 2000) were studied for textures, modes, and in situ major and trace element compositions in pyroxenes. Dive SP12 runs along the immersed flank of the St. Peter and Paul Rocks islets where amphibole-bearing, ultramafic mylonites enriched in alkalies and incompatible elements are exposed (Roden et al., 1984), whereas dive SP03 sampled a small intra-transform spreading centre situated about 370 km east of the St. Peter and Paul Rocks. Both suites are characterized by undeformed, coarse-grained granular textures typical of abyssal peridotites, derived from residual mantle after ˜ 15% melting of a DMM source, starting in the garnet stability field. Trace element modelling, textures and lack of mineral zoning indicate that the residual peridotites were percolated, reacted and refertilized by ˜ 2.6% partially aggregated melts in the uppermost level of the melting region. This relatively large amount of refertilization is in agreement with the cold and thick lithosphere inferred by previous studies. Freezing of trapped melts occurred as the peridotite entered the conductive layer, resulting in late-stage crystallization of olivine, clinopyroxene, spinel, ± plagioclase. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns in clinopyroxenes from SP03 indicate that they last equilibrated with (ultra-) depleted partial melts. In contrast, REE concentrations in clinopyroxenes from SP12 display U and S shaped LREE-enriched patterns and the calculated compositions of the impregnating melts span the compositional range of the regional basalts, which vary from normal MORB to alkali basalt sometimes modified by chromatographic fractionation with no, or very limited, mineral reaction. Thus the mylonitic band forming the St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks ridge is not a fragment of subcontinental lithospheric mantle left behind during the opening of the Central Atlantic, nor the source of the alkaline basalts

  6. Effect of Temperature on Reproduction and Sex Ratio of Guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Arfah


    Full Text Available Water temperature could affect the reproduction of broodstock and sex ratio of progeny.  In this study, broodstock of guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters was reared in different temperature to determine its effect on reproduction of broodstock and sex ratio of their progeny. The result of study show that broodstock reared at 27°C produced more fry (16 males mean than that of 30°C (10 males, while broodstock reared at 33°C produced no progeny.  Percentage of male fish produced by broodstock reared at 30°C is higher than that of 27°C.  Incubation time of embryo before birth is sorter in broodstock reared at 30°C (4-12 days compared with 27°C (18-22 days.  However, several progeny of broodstock reared at 30°C had abnormal vertebrae. Keywords: guppy, Poecilia reticulata, sex reversal, reproduction, monosex   ABSTRAK Suhu air inkubasi diduga dapat mempengaruhi reproduksi induk ikan dan nisbah kelamin keturunannya.  Pada penelitian ini, induk ikan gapi (Poecilia reticulata Peters dipelihara pada suhu 27°C, 30°C dan suhu 33°C untuk mengetahui pengaruhnya terhadap reproduksi dan rasio kelamin keturunannya.  Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa induk ikan gapi yang dipelihara pada suhu 27°C menghasilkan anak lebih banyak (rata-rata 16 ekor daripada di suhu 30°C (10 ekor, sementara induk gagal melahirkan pada suhu pemeliharaan 33°C. Proporsi anak jantan yang dihasilkan oleh induk yang dipelihara pada suhu 30°C lebih banyak dibandingkan pada suhu 27°C.  Waktu inkubasi embrio sebelum dilahirkan oleh induk yang dipelihara pada suhu 30°C lebih singkat, yaitu 4-12 hari, dibandingkan pada  suhu 27°C, 18-22 hari.  Namun demikian beberapa anak ikan yang lahir dari induk yang dipelihara pada suhu suhu 30°C mengalami abnormalitas pada bagian tulang belakangnya.  Kata kunci: ikan gapi, Poecilia reticulata, sex reversal, reproduksi, monoseks

  7. St. Anselm and Teaching (United States)

    Evans, Gillian R.


    Discusses the educational principles and methods of the medieval philosopher and theologian, St. Anselm. Educational practices of medieval monastic schools, town schools, private tutors, and pastoral teaching are discussed. Available from: Taylor & Francis Ltd., P.O. Box 9137, Church Street Station, New York, N.Y. 10049. (Author/DB)

  8. The dynamics of the species into collections of the North American and the Himalayan hills in Alpinarium of Peter the Great Botanical Garden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tkachenko Kirill


    Full Text Available Botanical gardens' collections of living plants are valuable not only because of their exhibitions, but also because of the data accumulated during introductions of new plants. Inventory allows to collect valuable material about introduction of different types of plants (species and taxa. Analysis of the available information allows to select and recommend advanced species (genus complex for the needs of urbane floristics; the perennial herbaceous plants of mountain areas come in the first place. A new list of advanced ornamental and household plants is introduced in the article. The recommended plants can be used for urban gardening and various groundscape works, and for creation of seed orchards in the neighboring regions. The study of introduction results helps not only to determine the advanced species (and taxa, but to understand which spices will not be able to survive a long time in the new conditions (mainly because of the climate, for example in the North-West of Russia. Over the past 60 years, around 385 plants of 61 families has been introduced at the North American and Himalayan rock gardens of the Peter the Great Botanical Garden. In the 60s of the 20th century, the exposition of these rock gardens had nearly 130 species from 51 families, 20 years later – 254 plants of 55 families. In the beginning of the 21st century, there were 249 taxa of the 52 families. Since 2010, the Alpinarium had to undergo a major reconstruction following the restoration and addition of the collection. As of 2015, the exposition of the North American and Himalayan rock gardens has 200 species of 54 families.

  9. Eliminate the Army and Air Force Reserves: Building a Robust National Guard to Meet 21st Century Operational Challenges (United States)



  10. Peter Andreas Hansen and the astronomical community - a first investigation of the Hansen papers. (German Title: Peter Andreas Hansen und die astronomische Gemeinschaft - eine erste Auswertung des Hansen-Nachlasses. ) (United States)

    Schwarz, Oliver; Strumpf, Manfred

    The literary assets of Peter Andreas Hansen are deposited in the Staatsarchiv Hamburg, the Forschungs- und Landesbibliothek Gotha and the Thüringer Staatsarchiv Gotha. They were never systematically investigated. We present here some results of a first evaluation. It was possible to reconstruct the historical events with regard to the maintenance of the Astronomische Nachrichten and the Altona observatory in 1854. Hansen was a successful teacher for many young astronomers. His way of stimulating the evolution of astronomy followed Zach's tradition.

  11. [Catering services bases in the Russian army under military regulation of Peter the Great]. (United States)

    Konyshev, I S; adamenko, A M; Koshelev, V P


    At Peter I the regular army was organized and the system of target state deliveries to troops of the food is created. Provisioning and fodder was normalized as portion and ration. Portion was contained the products forpeoplefood, and ration - fodder for horses food who were used by the serviceman. Portion and ration unit was identical to all categories of the military personnel. Difference in food level consisted in that, how many portions and rations serviceman received. Up to the end of existence of Russian army in 1918 in each rota there were contractor and the cook who were engaged in foodstuff and cooking under sergeant-major and one of rota officers supervision. According to the Charter it was necessary to carry with respect and attention to officers and soldiers, their needs, including in the field of supply and catering services and providing with the food: Despite the lack of scientific justification, soldiers' nutrition was sufficient to provide fighting capacity of the Russian army.

  12. Personality as a Social Process: where Peter Giordano Meets Boris Parygin. (United States)

    Mironenko, Irina A


    In this paper I comment on the "Individual personality is best understood as process, not structure: A Confucian-inspired perspective" article by Peter Giordano (Culture & Psychology, 23(4), 502-518 (2017)), which addresses the question of how to comprehend a personality which is continuously changing and varying with changes in social contexts and situations. The issue which Giordano turns up I believe to be of great importance and topicality in the quickly changing globalizing contemporary world. Giordano's paper highlights an important problem in the development of contemporary personality psychology, but much remains to be clarified concerning his process-centric model. I introduce the theory of Boris Parygin, which can make a contribution to the discussion of personality as a process. Parygin's theory addresses the same issues that Giordano focuses on: human personality exists and develops in the context of social situation. Parygin's theoretical model of personality involves two personality schemas: a "static" one and a "dynamic" one. The "structure" and the "process" -centered approaches are joint here to complement each other. Personality life-span development, formation of personality structures, is considered as a process of interaction and dialectical confrontation with the social environment, in the course of which the personality, originally engendered by social factors, builds up its autonomy and realizes its unique individual spiritual potential.

  13. Principles of plastic surgery portrayed by the professional life of Dr John Peter Mettauer. (United States)

    Avashia, Yash J; Thaller, Seth R


    Regarded as "America's first plastic surgeon," Dr John Peter Mettauer's professional life displays 3 fundamental keystones of plastic surgery: education, innovation, and practice. To fully appreciate the history of our plastic surgery, one must look beyond a purely factual recount of noteworthy actions performed decades ago. Fundamental principles that governed achievements of our predecessors remain applicable even today. Dr Mettauer thrived as a medical student under the influence of distinguished professors in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Later, he continued to propagate their basic tenets when he established his medical institute in 1837. Throughout his life, Dr Mettauer combined ingenuity with scientific inquiry to devise numerous unprecedented surgical techniques and instruments. He was a prolific writer and exquisitely documented his work in medical journals for the benefit of both contemporary and future surgeons. One of Dr Mettauer's momentous achievements in plastic surgery that displays his remarkable capabilities was his contributions to management of both simple and complicated cases of cleft palate. He was the first to describe relaxing lateral incisions for treating complete cleft palates and, incidentally, was the first to successfully treat this in America. He invariably replicated similar success in establishing techniques for treating a wide range of anatomic deformities. Cumulatively, Dr Mettauer's lifelong commitment and diligence have truly laid a foundation for the eventual progress and success in the field of plastic surgery.

  14. The Quantum Logical Challenge: Peter Mittelstaedt's Contributions to Logic and Philosophy of Science (United States)

    Beltrametti, E.; Dalla Chiara, M. L.; Giuntini, R.


    Peter Mittelstaedt's contributions to quantum logic and to the foundational problems of quantum theory have significantly realized the most authentic spirit of the International Quantum Structures Association: an original research about hard technical problems, which are often "entangled" with the emergence of important changes in our general world-conceptions. During a time where both the logical and the physical community often showed a skeptical attitude towards Birkhoff and von Neumann's quantum logic, Mittelstaedt brought into light the deeply innovating features of a quantum logical thinking that allows us to overcome some strong and unrealistic assumptions of classical logical arguments. Later on his intense research on the unsharp approach to quantum theory and to the measurement problem stimulated the increasing interest for unsharp forms of quantum logic, creating a fruitful interaction between the work of quantum logicians and of many-valued logicians. Mittelstaedt's general views about quantum logic and quantum theory seem to be inspired by a conjecture that is today more and more confirmed: there is something universal in the quantum theoretic formalism that goes beyond the limits of microphysics, giving rise to interesting applications to a number of different fields.

  15. Earthquake Magnitude Relationships for the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, Equatorial Atlantic (United States)

    de Melo, Guilherme W. S.; do Nascimento, Aderson F.


    We have investigated several relationships between ML, M(NEIC) and Mw for the earthquakes locally recorded in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (SPSPA), Equatorial Atlantic. Because we only have one station in the area, we could not derive attenuation relations for events recorded at different distances at different stations. Our approach was then to compare our ML estimates with magnitudes reported by NEIC. This approach produced acceptable results particularly for epicentral distance smaller than 100 km. For distances greater that 100 km, there is a systematic increase in the residuals probable due to the lack of station correction and our inability to accurately estimate Q. We also investigate the Mw—M(NEIC) relationship. We find that Mw estimates using S-wave produce smaller residuals when compared with both M(NEIC). Finally, we also investigate the ML—Mw relationship and observe that given the data set we have, the 1:1 holds. We believe that the use of the present methodologies provide consistent magnitude estimates between all the magnitudes investigated that could be used to better assess seismic hazard in the region.

  16. Um olhar brandiano em Peter Zumthor: arquitetura e intervenção

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria de Betânia Uchôa Cavalcanti Brendle


    Full Text Available Sensibilidade e delicadeza, qualidades cada vez mais raras na produção da arquitetura contemporânea e no trato das estruturas urbanas e tectônicas passadas remanescentes no tecido construído da cidade do século XXI. Arquitetura reduzida (promovida? a cenários burlescos onde se caricatura espetáculos mediáticos formais gerados a partir do supérfluo, do imagético e do grandioso que desvirtuam e distorcem as  necessidades e qualidades essenciais da vida humana. Hoje a produção da arquitetura responde cada vez menos às necessidades programáticas, tecnológicas e funcionais, ao genius loci, à aura, espiritualidade e atmosfera do lugar. Neste artigo percorre-se três obras de Peter Zumthor que remetem às  arquiteturas cuja deferência com a paisagem natural e construída e com fragmentos de épocas passadas as  legitimaram a tornar-se parte indivisível do lugar onde passaram a existir.

  17. Şebeke Yolu Pazarlamada Peter Clothier’in Başari Prensipleri


    HASSÜLÜN, Pınar; EROL, Damra


    Doğrudansatışın bir türü olan şebeke yoluyla pazarlama; tüketicilere ya da firmalaradoğrudan ulaşmayı amaçlayan, sağladığı rekabet avantajından birçok firmanınkullanmaya çalıştığı bir yöntemdir. Türkiye’deki şebeke yoluyla pazarlamauygulamalarını inceleyerek; distribütörlerin şebeke yoluyla pazarlamada başarıprensiplerine  bakış  açısını belirlemek, sonuçlar çıkarmak ve budoğrultuda öneriler geliştirmektir. Anket bölümündeki sorular PeterClothier'in  ‘‘Multi Level Marketing’’kitabındaki ...

  18. The recepetion of Peter singer´s theories in France

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emilie Dardenne


    Full Text Available Peter Singer’s views on the status of animals, the sanctity of human life, and world poverty have attracted both attention and intense controversy in many Western countries, including the United States, Canada, and Germany. The reactions in France to his theories are less well-known. The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of critical responses to Singer by French academics and thinkers. How have they received Singer’s contention that we must bring nonhuman animals within the sphere of moral concern? How has his claim been received according to which we must recognize that the worth of human life varies? Do French scholars agree with his utilitarian views on abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, his defi nition of the term “person”? Finally, is he considered in France as a brilliant and groundbreaking ethicist, as a dangerous extremist, or somewhere in between

  19. Transmission of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) from Dendronereis spp. (Peters) (Nereididae) to penaeid shrimp. (United States)

    Haryadi, D; Verreth, J A J; Verdegem, M C J; Vlak, J M


    Dendronereis spp. (Peters) (Nereididae) is a common polychaete in shrimp ponds built on intertidal land and is natural food for shrimp in traditionally managed ponds in Indonesia. White spot syndrome virus (WSSV), an important viral pathogen of the shrimp, can replicate in this polychaete (Desrina et al. 2013); therefore, it is a potential propagative vector for virus transmission. The major aim of this study was to determine whether WSSV can be transmitted from naturally infected Dendronereis spp. to specific pathogen-free (SPF) Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone) through feeding. WSSV was detected in naturally infected Dendronereis spp. and Penaeus monodon Fabricius from a traditional shrimp pond, and the positive animals were used in the current experiment. WSSV-infected Dendronereis spp. and P. monodon in a pond had a point prevalence of 90% and 80%, respectively, as measured by PCR. WSSV was detected in the head, gills, blood and mid-body of Dendronereis spp. WSSV from naturally infected Dendronereis spp was transmitted to SPF L. vannamei and subsequently from this shrimp to new naïve-SPF L. vannamei to cause transient infection. Our findings support the contention that Dendronereis spp, upon feeding, can be a source of WSSV infection of shrimp in ponds. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  20. Zwei Brüder Dunte aus Reval tun Gutes in Hamburg / Peter von Tiling

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tiling, Peter von


    Tallinnast pärit Dunte suguvõsast, peamiselt vendadest Gustav ja Gerhard Dunte'st (sünd. 1635-1693), kes asunud edukate kaupmeestena elama Hamburgi toetasid märkimisväärselt pastor Johann Winklerit tema tegevuses omaaegsete sotsiaalprobleemidega

  1. Identifying 21st Century Capabilities (United States)

    Stevens, Robert


    What are the capabilities necessary to meet 21st century challenges? Much of the literature on 21st century skills focuses on skills necessary to meet those challenges associated with future work in a globalised world. The result is a limited characterisation of those capabilities necessary to address 21st century social, health and particularly…

  2. Intense Undular Bores on the Autumn Pycnocline of Shelf Waters of the Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan) (United States)

    Dolgikh, G. I.; Novotryasov, V. V.; Yaroshchuk, I. O.; Permyakov, M. S.


    The results of field observations of an internal undular bore that were performed in a coastal zone of constant depth in the Sea of Japan are presented. A hydrodynamic model of undular bores is discussed according to which the recorded disturbances of the water medium are an experimental prototype of strongly nonlinear (intense) internal undular bores on the pycnocline of shelf waters of Peter the Great Bay with an intensity close to the limit.

  3. The diakonia of Practical Theology to the alienated in South Africa in the light of 1 Peter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gert Breed


    Full Text Available This article investigates the role that Practical Theology can play in addressing the problem of alienation amongst the people of South Africa. The investigation is conducted from the viewpoint of the biblical concept of diakonia (service work. This concept as well as the content of Practical Theology as it is found in the first letter of Peter is investigated with the purpose of elucidating the diakonia of Practical Theology with regard to alienation. Four questions are answered in the article:� What may some of the reasons why people in South Africa experience alienation be?� What significance do the results of the most recent research into the diakon word group have for the diakonia of Practical Theology?� What insight can be gained from 1 Peter into the diakonia of Practical Theology for people who may be experiencing alienation in South Africa?� What should the diakonia of Practical Theology in the light of 1 Peter be for people who experience alienation? Intradisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary implications: This article addresses the issue of alienation. This is an issue that also falls within the research field of sociology and psychology. This article wants to make a contribution from a biblical perspective using the exegesis of a New Testament letter (1 Pt with the focus on 1 Peter 4:10 and the use of the diakon word group in the letter. The article thus also operates on the research field of New Testament Theology. The results of the exegesis are used to give guidelines for the diakonia of Practical Theology in South Africa. The article challenges the way some research in Practical Theology is done, not using the Bible as reference point, thus making the distinction between Practical Theology and sciences like sociology and psychology indistinct.

  4. When Management Is not Self Centered : Where Peter Drucker and Milton Friedman Agree on the Business of Business


    von Müller, Camillo


    Peter Drucker (1978) holds that managers must take responsibility for the common weal. This notion seems to contradict Milton Friedman's (1970) famous observation according to which, "the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits." As the essay demonstrates, Friedman (1970) does not deduce this claim in terms of economic reasoning. Rather, in his determination of managerial obligations, he refers to the institutions of private property and the act of contracting. He thus ev...

  5. Oliver St John Gogarty. (United States)

    Clarke, R W


    Oliver St John Gogarty--Otolaryngologist to fashionable Edwardian Dublin--was a distinguished poet and a Senator in the fledgling Irish Free State after its establishment in 1922. He numbered amongst his acquaintances the poet William Butler Yeats, the novelist James Joyce and a host of political and literary persona who helped to shape modern Ireland. He was satirised as 'stately plump Buck Mulligan' in Joyce's novel Ulysses.

  6. Zgaga, P., Teichler, U., & Brennan, J. (Eds.) (2012). The globalisation challenge for European higher education / Convergence and Diversity, Centres and Peripheries. Frankfurt/M.: Peter Lang. [Book review


    Strajn, Darko


    Book review of: Zgaga, P., Teichler, U., & Brennan, J. (Eds.) (2012). The globalisation challenge for European higher education / Convergence and Diversity, Centres and Peripheries. Frankfurt/M.: Peter Lang. 389 pp., ISBN 978-3-631- 6398-5.

  7. On Relationship Religion-Individual and Society (Example of Ünver Gü-nay, Peter Berger, E. M. Hamdi Yazır

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa ÖZDEMİR


    In this article Ünver Günay, Peter Berger and E. M. Hamdi Yazır’s exceptional approaches that criticizing mentioned extreme approaches and commenting original synthesis and comments on religion-society relation were discussed.

  8. ST Safety What's on?

    CERN Document Server

    Jacot, C


    Du premier coup de pioche jusqu'à la mise en place de la tente abritant le buffet offert lors de la cérémonie d'achèvement d'un projet, la division ST est sur les rangs et apporte son savoir faire. Ces projets nombreux et pluridisciplinaires sont étudiés, se réalisent, s'exploitent et font l'objet de maintenance jusqu'à leur démantèlement. Durant leurs cycles de vie, la division ST avance les compétences professionnelles spécifiques à chaque corps de métiers incluant le recours à de nombreux contrats avec des entreprises extérieures pour réaliser les travaux sur les sites du CERN. Pour en conserver la maîtrise, la division ST applique une gestion de projet, une assurance de la qualité et s'attache tout particulièrement à la sécurité, à la réglementation, à la prévention des risques et la gestion de ceux-ci. Sous la supervision du DSO, un ensemble de procédures et de démarches a été développé afin de faciliter les tâches du maître d'ouvrage et des entreprises contractantes, c...

  9. Roegneria alashanica Keng: a species with the StStStYStY genome constitution. (United States)

    Wang, Richard R-C; Jensen, Kevin B


    The genome constitution of tetraploid Roegneria alashanica Keng has been in question for a long time. Most scientific studies have suggested that R. alashanica had two versions of the St genome, St 1 St 2 , similar to that of Pseudoroegneria elytrigioides (C. Yen & J.L. Yang) B.R. Lu. A study, however, concluded that R. alashanica had the StY genome formula typical for tetraploid species of Roegneria. For the present study, R. alashanica, Elymus longearistatus (Bioss.) Tzvelev (StY genomes), Pseudoroegneria strigosa (M. Bieb.) Á. Löve (St), Pseudoroegneria libanoctica (Hackel) D.R. Dewey (St), and Pseudoroegneria spicata (Pursh) Á. Löve (St) were screened for the Y-genome specific marker B14(F+R) 269 . All E. longearistatus plants expressed intense bands specific to the Y genome. Only 6 of 10 R. alashanica plants exhibited relatively faint bands for the STS marker. Previously, the genome in species of Pseudoroegneria exhibiting such faint Y-genome specific marker was designated as St Y . Based on these results, R. alashanica lacks the Y genome in E. longearistatus but likely possess two remotely related St genomes, St and St Y . According to its genome constitution, R. alashanica should be classified in the genus Pseudoroenera and given the new name Pseudoroegneria alashanica (Keng) R.R.-C. Wang and K.B. Jensen.

  10. Standing in Need of Justification: Michael Apple, R. S. Peters and Jürgen Habermas (United States)

    Wheeler-Bell, Quentin


    Curriculum decisions are increasingly seen as technocratic or bureaucratic problems, rather than democratic issues that must be deliberated over. As such, curriculum decisions are placed in the hands of a small minority of bureaucrats and business elites who assume the only purpose of education is to prepare children for college and/or the labour…

  11. Microseismic noise in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, equatorial Atlantic (United States)

    de Queiroz, Daniel É.; do Nascimento, Aderson F.; Schimmel, Martin


    Microseismic noise, also known as ambient seismic noise, are continuous vibrations mostly composed of Rayleigh waves pervasively recorded in the mili Hertz to 1 Hz frequency range. Their precise source mechanisms are under investigations and related to atmospheric perturbations and ocean gravity waves. Our purpose is to show the behavior of the microseismic noise recorded in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (SPSPA) with respect to wind intensity and ocean waves height in this region, between the North and South Atlantic Ocean. We have recorded both primary microseisms (PM) 0.04-0.12 Hz and the secondary microseisms (SM) 0.12-0.4 Hz during almost four years (2012-2015) and we used frequency, temporal, spatial and statistical correlation analysis to do qualitative and quantitative analysis with respect to wind speed intensity and significant wave height for the same periods. The results indicate a good correlation between the PM and the SM noise in the region particularly during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere and a poor correlation during the summer. We have also shown that probably most of the PM are generated in the SPSPA itself. We note that the intensity of SM recorded in SPSPA appears to have a seasonal behavior with the summer and winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and seems to influence the correlation between the PM and the SM, suggesting that the sources of the PM and the SM are not related to the same atmospheric event and from different places. PM generation would occur near the SPSPA whilst the SM would have distant sources towards the North Atlantic.

  12. The word “Theology” from the Presocratics to Peter Abelard: Philosophy and Science. Some Remarks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Ferrante


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to reconstruct, through the analysis of some key moments, the evolution of the term “theology” within the Western philosophical thought. Starting with the first formulation by the Presocratics, the study takes into consideration both the first attestation of the term by Plato (in the second book of the Republic and the role it plays in Aristotle’s works (Metaphysics. In its second part, the paper considers the importance of the term “theology” in the Latin world, through the study of the Augustine’s critic against the greek thinkers, which will lead to a further development in the Middle Ages. The point of arrival is Peter Abelard, who formulated a concept of “theology” conceived as a science. At first, the term was tied to a pagan conception of society and was devoid of any scientific connotation. With the advent of Christianity, it begins to take on an universalistic character connected with the concept of an absolute truth. It is here pointed out, through all of these antecedents, how, in the Middle Ages, when the “theology” became an autonomous science and responds to its own laws, how it is assumed and used as an instrument to manage both science and truth. Thanks to the contributions of the ancient philosophers, developed by medieval thinkers, it was possible to subsequently use the term “theology” also in a political sense. It also allows us to extend it to other fields than its original one. Finally, this paper wants to stress that it is necessary to first study the evolution of the concepts of terminology, because it allows us to better understand the concepts that are used in science

  13. The Community College Option (United States)

    Rosenbaum, James E.; Ahearn, Caitlin; Rosenbaum, Janet


    Efforts to promote college for all for all has opened college doors to a broad range of students. But college--and career success after college--doesn't have to mean a bachelor's degree. Community college credentials, such as associate's degrees and one-year certificates, can lead to further degrees or jobs that offer more benefits than students…

  14. Academic achievement and college persistence of African American students with trauma exposure. (United States)

    Boyraz, Güler; Horne, Sharon G; Owens, Archandria C; Armstrong, Aisha P


    This study examined the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomatology and college persistence in African American 1st-year students from 2 universities. Of the 569 participants, 423 (74%) reported lifetime exposure to traumatic events; 20.6% of these students met the criteria for PTSD. For trauma-exposed females, after controlling for academic and nonacademic factors, higher levels of PTSD symptomatology in the 1st semester of college were associated with increased likelihood of leaving college prior to the end of the 2nd year of college; the relationship between the 2 variables was partially mediated by 1st-year grade point average (GPA). PTSD symptomatology was not significantly associated with academic achievement or persistence for males. For trauma-exposed females, in addition to PTSD symptomatology, being a student at a predominantly White institution and entering college with low high school GPA were identified as risk factors for low academic achievement and college dropout; on the other hand, involvement in on-campus activities and higher levels of perceived academic integration in the 1st semester were associated with higher 1st-year GPA, which, in turn, was related to increased likelihood of remaining in college. Clinical implications and strategies to support students with trauma exposure and PTSD are discussed.

  15. Zinc- and Y-group-bearing senaite from St Peters Dome, and new data on senaite from Dattas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. (United States)

    Foord, E.E.; Sharp, W.N.; Adams, J.W.


    'Mineral Y', an unidentified phase described in association with murataite from a pegmatite in the Pikes Peak granite, El Paso County, Colorado (A.M. 59-172) is now found to be a senaite containing ZnO 7.05% and RE2O3 + Y2O3 5.24%, with the Zn and Y-group REE entering the (Ti,Fe,Mn) position. A Zn-bearing senaite from Dattas, Diamantina, Minas Gerais, has ZnO 7.7%.-R.A.H.

  16. ESI-VI8, Peter Island, U. K. and Eastern St John, U. S. Virgin Islands 2000 (Environmental Sensitivity Index Map) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps are an integral component in oil-spill contingency planning and assessment. They serve as a source of information in the...

  17. Reuleaux models at St. Petersburg State University (United States)

    Kuteeva, G. A.; Sinilshchikova, G. A.; Trifonenko, B. V.


    Franz Reuleaux (1829 - 1905) is a famous mechanical engineer, a Professor of the Berlin Royal Technical Academy. He became widely known as an engineer-scientist, a Professor and industrial consultant, education reformer and leader of the technical elite of Germany. He directed the design and manufacture of over 300 models of simple mechanisms. They were sold to many famous universities for pedagogical and scientific purposes. Today, the most complete set is at Cornell University, College of Engineering. In this article we discuss the history, the modern state and our using the Reuleaux models that survived at St. Petersburg State University for educational purposes. We present description of certain models and our electronic resource with these models. We provide the information of similar electronic resources from other universities.

  18. College mechanics

    CERN Document Server

    Şengül, Caner


    College Mechanics QueBank has been designed to be different, enthusiastic, interesting and helpful to you. Therefore, it is not just a test bank about mechanics but also it is like a compass in order to find your way in mechanics Each chapter in this book is put in an order to follow a hierarchy of the mechanics topics; from vectors to simple harmonic motion. Throughout the book there are many multiple choice and long answer questions for you to solve. They have been created for YGS, LYS, SAT, IB or other standardized exams in the world because mechanics has no boundaries and so Physics has no country. Learn the main principle of each chapter and explore the daily life applications. Then you can start to solve the questions by planning a problem solving method carefully. Finally, enjoy solving the questions and discover the meachanics of the universe once more.

  19. Communication from ST Group

    CERN Multimedia

    TS Department


    In order to prepare the organization of the Open Days, please note that FM Group will not able to take into account either specific requests for waste collection from 2nd to 6th of April, either removal or PC transport requests between the 31st and the 11th of March. We kindly ask you to plan the collection of any type of waste and the urgent transport of office furniture or PC before the 31st of March. Waste collection requests shall be formulated contacting FM Support at 77777 or at the email address; removal of office furniture or PC transport requests must be made using the EDH ‘Transport request’ form selecting the "Removals" or the "PC transport" category from the drop-down menu. For any question concerning the waste sorting, please consult the following web address: Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. TS/FM Group

  20. Feminisms at the Door: Gender and Sex at a Women's College (United States)

    Overton, Susan Chappell


    This dissertation is a qualitative study of early 21st century American female college students' experiences of their gender, sexuality, and racial identities, and of institutional politics as their single-sex college transitioned to co-education. It is an ethnography that utilizes feminist theorizing to understand tensions between feminists…

  1. Community Colleges and Underappreciated Assets: Using Institutional Data to Promote Success in Online Learning (United States)

    Hachey, Alyse; Conway, Katherine; Wladis, Claire


    Adapting to the 21st century, community colleges are not adding brick and mortar to meet enrollment demands. Instead, they are expanding services through online learning, with at least 61% of all community college students taking online courses today (Pearson, 2011). As online learning is affording alternate pathways to education for students, it…

  2. College and Community Partnerships: Extending the Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation to Veterans (United States)

    Fuchs, Steven J.; Cannella, Lee grace; Pisano, Susan


    In fall 2010, St. Joseph's College initiated a partnership between the college, Northport VA Medical Center, and Long Island State Veterans Home that provides a therapeutic platform for the integration of the three communities through sustainable and mutually beneficial curricular and co-curricular service and experiential learning programs. In…

  3. Preparing Community College Leaders: The AACC Core Competencies for Effective Leadership & Doctoral Education (United States)

    McNair, Delores E.


    Community colleges in the United States face shortages of leaders prepared to assume administrative positions in the 21st century. To respond to this shortage, graduate programs are emerging with a specific emphasis on community college leadership; other graduate programs offer broader curricula focused on educational leadership, policy, or higher…

  4. Drinking games and contextual factors of 21st birthday drinking. (United States)

    Neighbors, Clayton; Rodriguez, Lindsey M; Rinker, Dipali V; DiBello, Angelo M; Young, Chelsie M; Chen, Chun-Han


    21st birthday celebrations are among the highest risks for alcohol use throughout emerging adulthood and celebrants often experience a range of alcohol-related consequences. The present research considered what happens when drinking games are paired with an already high-risk event (i.e., 21st birthday celebrations) and how drinking games compare with other contextual factors on 21st birthdays. Approximately four days after turning 21, 1124 college students (55% women) completed an online survey assessing alcohol use and related consequences experienced during their birthday celebrations. Participants were also asked whether drinking games and other contextual factors were associated with their celebrations. Overall, 18% of participants reported playing drinking games during their 21st birthday celebrations. These individuals reported consuming more alcohol, had higher estimated BACs, and experienced more negative consequences than those who did not play drinking games. The association between playing drinking games and alcohol use and negative consequences was stronger for men. The effect of drinking games on negative consequences was mediated through elevated BAC levels. Receiving bar specials, having drinks purchased, playing drinking games, and loud music were uniquely and significantly associated with all alcohol outcomes. Together, these results suggest that drinking games are part of a larger context of risk contributing to extreme drinking on 21st birthdays. Furthermore, these results will help to facilitate interventions that are more individually tailored to target specific contextual risks, behaviors, and events.



    Natalya Gennadievna Komar


    This article raises the question of the Old Russian sources of Alexander Pushkin’s novel The Captain’s Daughter and presents an attempt to identify the traditions of Ermolay-Erazmus’s The Tale of Peter and Fevronia in it. The main purpose of the research was to identify the parallelism between Pushkin’s novel and The Tale at the imaginative, narrative and thematic levels. Therefore, it was based on application of the comparative method. The main characters of both the books are compared in su...

  6. Study of dissolved oxygen content in the Eastern Bosporus Strait (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan) (United States)

    Grigoryeva, N. I.


    Seasonal changes in the dissolved oxygen (DO) content in water were analyzed based on long-term observations (2006-2013) in the Eastern Bosporus Strait (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan). It was found that the monthly average DO concentrations at the bottom of the strait were significantly lower in summer than the average annual long-term data. The minimum DO contents were recorded during four months, from July to October. It was shown that the DO content in water depended on changes in current directions in the strait: lower DO contents resulted from hypoxic water inflow, mostly from Amur Bay.

  7. Fantastical conversations with the other in the self: Dorothy L. Sayers (1893–1957) and her Peter Wimsey as Animus


    Martin, Laura


    Dorothy L. Sayers created in her fictional character Lord Peter Wimsey a “contrasexual” figure in her own imagination, with whom she carried on an extended dialogue over many years. C.G. Jung's concept of the contrasexual archetype, the anima (in men) or the animus (in women), can provide a very useful tool for investigating the presence of this transgendered voice within the self. Specifically in relation to Sayers and her Wimsey, Jung's theory can uncover the successful conversion of a pote...

  8. From ‘Bad’ to ‘Mad’: Labelling and Behaviour in Peter Shaffer’s Equus


    Méndez García, Carmen María


    The process of ‘labelling’ (whereby labels are socially imposed on a given behaviour by a given person) is an extensive and recurrent one in our society, as proved by the labelling of behaviours and people even into the literary text. In our analysis, we will try to show how applying one of two most different labels (psychopathic or psychotic) greatly influences our understanding of the existence of ‘evil’ or moral responsibility in the deeds of a person. To such end, we will use Peter Shaffe...

  9. Peters y España: edición musical y relaciones comerciales entre 1868 y 1892

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    García Mallo, M. Carmen


    Full Text Available Through the study of one case in particular this article wishes to contribute to adding to the knowledge concerning the importation of printed music in Spain from 1868 to 1892. The case in point refers to the commercial relations that existed during the above period between the German Editorial, Peters, and certain Spanish editors then in business. The material in question consists of nineteen documents -sixteen letters, two order lists and a steamship dispatch certificate- addressed mostly to Peters by five editors and a Spanish musical association, all of which are currently conserved in a well known Leipzig Archive: the Sächsisches Staatsarchiv Leipzig. Reading and analyzing the said documents introduces us to subject matter which, although it has been studied before, enshrouds many unanswered questions: through what channels was foreign music introduced, what means of payment were employed and what manner of repertory was requested? The answer to these questions will give us an idea of the tastes prevalent during that period as well as the commercial outlets utilized, etc.Este artículo pretende ser una aportación al mejor conocimiento de la importación de música impresa en España entre 1868 y 1892 a través de un caso concreto: la relación comercial que existió durante el periodo mencionado entre la editorial alemana Peters y algunos de los editores españoles entonces activos. El material tomado como base está formado por diecinueve documentos —esto es, dieciséis cartas, dos listas de pedido y un resguardo de envío en barco de vapor—, dirigidos en su mayoría a Peters por cinco editores y una asociación musical españoles que se conservan, en la actualidad, en un conocido archivo de Leipzig: el Sächsisches Staatsarchiv Leipzig. A través de la lectura y análisis de dichos documentos nos acercamos a un fenómeno que, aunque conocido y estudiado, todavía encierra diversos interrogantes: cuáles eran las vías de suministro

  10. 3. Similarities Across the Centuries: A Comparison Between Two Vocal Works by Barbara Strozzi and Peter Maxwell Davies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marisi Rossella


    Full Text Available Musical creativity may be expressed by composers in diverse ways: sometimes they compose fully original works, which are characterized by specific features making them unique. Other times, musicians may feel a particular affinity with colleagues who lived centuries before, or identify peculiar resemblances between the time they live in, and a previous epoch, such as similar cultural climate and approach to life: in these cases, composers may author pieces which show surprising similarities with those of some predecessors. The present study compares a work of the seventeenth century, composed by Barbara Strozzi, and one composed in the 1960s by Peter Maxwell Davies, highlighting their similarities.

  11. Peter Koslowski’s Ethics and Economics or Ethical Economy: A Framework for a research agenda in business ethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacob Dahl Rendtorff


    Full Text Available This paper presents the concept of ethical economy (Wirtschaftsethik and the relation between ethics and economics on the basis of the work of the German ethical economist Peter Koslowski. The concept of ethical economy includes three levels: micro, meso and macro levels; and it also deals with the philosophical analysis of the ethical foundations of the economy. After the discussion of these elements of the ethical economy, the paper presents some possible research topics for a research agenda about economic ethics or ethical economy.

  12. Predação de morcegos por Chrotopterus auritus (Peters (Mammalia, Chiroptera no pantanal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil Bat predation by Chrotopterus auritus (Peters (Mammalia, Chiroptera in pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo Oscar Bordignon


    Full Text Available Foi registrada a predação de Carollia perspiscillata (Linnaeus, 1758 e Peropterix macrotis (Wagner, 1843 por Chrotopterus autitus (Peters, 1856 em uma caverna na morraria do Urucum em Corumbá, centro-oeste do Brasil. Os fragmentos de asas e um crânio encontrados sob o local de pouso de C. auritus junto às fezes, após comparados com material de coleção, mostraram que este morcego alimenta-se oportunamente de outras espécies de morcegos ocupantes do mesmo abrigo.The predation of Carollia perspiscillata (Linnaeus, 1758 and Peropterix macrotis (Wagner, 1843 by Chrotopterus auritus (Peters, 1856 was registered in a cave at Urucum's mountains of Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The wing fragments and cranium finded under feces deposites, in replace point of C. auritus, were comparated with colection reference material and revealed that C. auritus can eat occasionaly other bat species that inhabit in same roost.

  13. Predictors of Familial Acculturative Stress in Asian American College Students (United States)

    Castillo, Linda G.; Zahn, Marion P.; Cano, Miguel A.


    The authors examined the predictors of familial acculturative stress in 85 Asian American college students. Participants were primarily 1st- and 2nd-generation U.S. citizens. Results showed that perceived acculturative family conflict and family intragroup marginalization were related to higher levels of familial acculturative stress for…

  14. ACHP | News | St. Elizabeths Programmatic Agreement Signed (United States)

    Search skip specific nav links Home arrow News arrow St. Elizabeths Programmatic Agreement Signed St redevelopment of the St. Elizabeths West Campus, which is part of the St. Elizabeths National Historic Landmark this project, due to the historic significance of the NHL. GSA's client for the St. Elizabeths

  15. College Student Migration. (United States)

    Fenske, Robert H.; And Others

    This study examines the background characteristics of two large national samples of first-time enrolled freshmen who (a) attended college within their state of residence but away from their home community, (b) migrated to a college in an adjacent state, (c) migrated to a college in a distant state, and (d) attended college in their home community.…

  16. College Student Suicide (United States)

    Taub, Deborah J.; Thompson, Jalonda


    Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among college students, and it is estimated that 1,088 college students die by suicide each year (National Mental Health Association and the Jed Foundation, 2002). This chapter presents the context of college student mental health within which the problem of college student suicide is situated. Because…

  17. Surviving Math, Surviving College (United States)

    Schaffhauser, Dian


    According to a 2000 community college study by Miami Dade College (FL) President Emeritus Robert McCabe, 41 percent of students entering community colleges are underprepared in at least one basic skill area. A three-year study of community college students, published in 2009 by the National Center for Education Statistics, reported that 41 percent…

  18. A Multi-Institutional Study of Black and Latina/o Community College Students' Transfer Intentions: A Theory of Planned Behavior Reconceptualization (United States)

    Nellum, Christopher James


    Community colleges currently enroll over one-third of all undergraduates and serve as the gateway to postsecondary education for increasing numbers of Americans in the 21st century, especially students of color. A significant portion of community college students aspire to transfer to a four-year college or university, but only 23% to 40% make…

  19. Post Doctorate Award on Central America and the Caribbean at St ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    This grant will allow St Antony's College at the University of Oxford to establish a 2-year post doctoral position on Central America and the Caribbean under the leadership of Canadian historian, Margaret MacMillan. The position will be awarded to a scholar from the region, in keeping with IDRC's philosophy that developing ...

  20. Complete versus culprit-only revascularization for ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bangalore, Sripal; Toklu, Bora; Wetterslev, Jørn


    BACKGROUND: The 2013 American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association guidelines for patients with ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction gives a class III indication for nonculprit artery percutaneous coronary intervention at the time of primary percutaneous coronary inte...

  1. The Next Frontier in Making Disciples: 21st-Century Technology Use in CCCU Member Institutions (United States)

    Boden, Karen E.


    An unprecedented opportunity exists for Christian colleges and universities to utilize 21st-century technology and the impact of globalization to broaden the use of distance learning for missional purposes through their educational offerings. Some institutions offer open education that allows those with Internet access to take courses at no cost…

  2. From Engagement to Ecotone: Land-Grant Universities in the 21st Century (United States)

    Brown, John Seely; Pendleton-Jullian, Ann; Adler, Richard


    In 2012, the country's land-grant colleges and universities will celebrate their sesquicentennial. This anniversary provides a good opportunity to consider how these distinctively American institutions have evolved over the past 150 years and how well they are doing today in preparing students for the 21st century. Resilience will be a key…

  3. Alcohol use by undergraduate students on their 21st birthday: predictors of actual consumption, anticipated consumption, and normative beliefs. (United States)

    Day-Cameron, Jennifer M; Muse, Lauren; Hauenstein, Jennifer; Simmons, Lisa; Correia, Christopher J


    Recent research has identified celebration of a 21st birthday as an environmental event during which many college students engage in risky levels of alcohol consumption. The current study examined the relationship between personality and different aspects of alcohol use during 21st birthday celebrations: actual amount consumed for those who had turned 21, anticipated amount consumed for those under the age of 21, and normative beliefs regarding the amount other students consume on their 21st birthdays. Sensation seeking and impulsivity both displayed significant bivariate relationships with all three aspects of 21st birthday drinking. Personality traits did not contribute unique variance to actual 21st birthday drinking after the effects of typical alcohol consumption were accounted for in the models. Impulsivity contributed unique variance to models accounting for anticipated drinking and normative beliefs. Additional research is necessary to better understand the role personality variables play on alcohol consumption during 21st birthday celebrations. Copyright 2009 APA

  4. Personal Qualities and College Admissions. (United States)

    Willingham, Warren W.; Breland, Hunter M.

    The extent to which personal and academic factors are important in college admission decisions was studied in 1978, based on data on 25,000 applicants to 9 colleges (Colgate University, Williams College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Kenyon College, Kalamazoo College, Occidental College, Hartwick College, University of Richmond, and Bucknell…

  5. CLEP college mathematics

    CERN Document Server

    Friedman, Mel


    Earn College Credit with REA's Test Prep for CLEP* College Mathematics Everything you need to pass the exam and get the college credit you deserve.CLEP* is the most popular credit-by-examination program in the country, accepted by more than 2,900 colleges and universities. For over 15 years, REA has helped students pass the CLEP* exam and earn college credit while reducing their tuition costs. Our test prep for CLEP* College Mathematics and the free online tools that come with it, allow you to create a personalized CLEP* study plan that can be customized to fit you: your schedule, your lea

  6. Teknisk Ståbi

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Teknisk Ståbi er de bygningsprojekterendes og entreprenørers håndbog. Den dækker matematik, fysik, statestik, laster og sikkerhed samt beggematerialerne: beton, stål, træ, murværk, letbeton, glas og endelig fundering. Denne udgave er en næsten totalrevision, baseret på de nye Eurocodes, der afløs...

  7. Peter Bourne’s Drug Policy and the Perils of a Public Health Ethic, 1976–1978 (United States)

    Dufton, Emily


    As President Jimmy Carter’s advisor for health issues, Peter Bourne promoted a rational and comprehensive drug strategy that combined new supply-side efforts to prevent drug use with previously established demand-side addiction treatment programs. Using a public health ethic that allowed the impact of substances on overall population health to guide drug control, Bourne advocated for marijuana decriminalization as well as increased regulations for barbiturates. A hostile political climate, a series of rumors, and pressure from both drug legalizers and prohibitionists caused Bourne to resign in disgrace in 1978. We argue that Bourne’s critics used his own public health framework to challenge him, describe the health critiques that contributed to Bourne’s resignation, and present the story of his departure as a cautionary tale for today’s drug policy reformers. PMID:25521893


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available O texto literário foi constantemente dinamizado, no século XX, por novas tecnologias midiáticas. Destaca-se, nessas relações intersemióticas, o diálogo entre literatura e cinema. Se, por sua vez, a literatura auxiliou o cinema a estabelecer-se como arte, este dinamizou, enriqueceu e divulgou a escrita artística. Sob essa perspectiva, este artigo trata do diálogo que a arte contemporânea trava com obras clássicas da literatura universal. Para demonstrar essas imbricações, trabalhamos com A tempestade, peça de Shakespeare, e com Prospero’s books, filme de Peter Greenaway.

  9. Peter Heller's a Child Analysis with Anna Freud: the significance of the case for the history of child psychoanalysis. (United States)

    Midgley, Nick


    A Child Analysis with Anna Freud, a collection of Anna Freud's detailed case notes of her treatment of the young Peter Heller between 1929 and 1932, was first published in English in 1990. Not only does this work give us direct access to Anna Freud's ways of thinking and working at a crucial period in the early history of child analysis; it is also one of the few records of an adult reflecting in depth on the experience of being in analysis as a child. Yet to date this work has received little attention in the psychoanalytic literature. In an attempt to redress this neglect, the Heller case study is placed in the context of Anna Freud's emerging ideas about child analysis. In particular, its significance in the development of her psychoanalytic thinking is investigated in the light of her 1927 book, The Technique of Child Analysis.

  10. Peter Konwitschny, Opera and Theatre Director Shaping the Profile of the Bratislava Opera of a New Millennium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mojžišová Michaela


    Full Text Available The paper examines the work of the acclaimed German opera and theatre director Peter Konwitschny at the Opera of the Slovak National Theatre. The authoress bases herself on an analysis of the productions of Eugen Onegin (2005 [Eugene Onegin], by Tchaikovsky, Puccini’s Madama Butterfly (2007 and Bohéma (2013 [La bohème], Janáček‘s Vec Makropulos (2015 [The Makropulos Affair], and Halévy‘s Židovka (2017 [La Juive], all of which, save for Janáček‘s opera, the Opera of the Slovak National Theatre has borrowed from foreign theatre scenes. The authoress makes a stocklist of the basic principles of Konwitschny’s direction signature and his contribution to theatre production, as well as to the artistic ensemble of the Bratislava Opera.

  11. “The Cinema is Dead! Long Live the Cinema!” The Future of Media According to Peter Greenaway

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angelina Milosavljević-Ault


    Full Text Available Peter Greenaway, director and artist is rethinking the notion of cinema in relation to other media and technologies, such as TV, painting, theater. “The Cinema is Dead! Long Live the Cinema!” is an interpretation of the known phrase that implies the continuation of the institution in spite of changes in personell. During the short history of cinema as an “aesthetic technology”, or “technological aesthetics”, Greenaway recognizes three periods of style which correspond to Winckelmann’s periodization of art: birth, maturity and decline. The director builds his thesis on the maturity of cinema of today in this premise, claiming that the cinema not annihilated, but invogorated by new technologies, which enrich both the cinema and our aesthetic experience. According to Greenaway, cinema has a glorious future.

  12. Admirável Shakespeare novo: literatura, cinema e vídeo em prospero s books de Peter Greenaway


    Santos, Eveline Alvarez dos


    A relação entre o cinema e a literatura é muito conhecida através do tempo e dos estudos teóricos comparativos. Em 1991, o inglês Peter Greenaway, diretor de filmes, disse em entrevista para uma importante revista americana que “o cinema não é uma desculpa para ilustrar a literatura”. Apesar disso, nós sabemos que a literatura vem se tornando, mais e mais, um objeto de inspiração para o cinema e a televisão. Dentre estes textos literários, nós temos muitos escritos por Shakespeare, renomado c...

  13. American College Health Association (United States)

    ... a robust series of courses leading to a brand new certification – the College Health and Wellness Professional ( ... future college health and wellness professionals, and strengthen awareness of the profession and association. Each month we' ...

  14. Depression and College Students (United States)

    ... depression and other mental health issues? Reference Share Depression and College Students Download PDF Download ePub Order ... Answers to college students’ frequently asked questions about depression Feeling moody, sad, or grouchy? Who doesn’t ...

  15. College Information Needs. (United States)

    Cibik, Margaret A.


    A survey of a sampling of college-bound high school seniors in Arizona was undertaken to determine students' information needs for college choice. Items, including institutional, student, and program characteristics, are ranked in order of perceived importance. (MSE)

  16. College Women's Health (United States)

    ... Health - Learn the facts about HPV, HIV, and birth control. College Women's Social Media Toolkit - Share health tips with your campus community. College Women's Campaign - Find out how your school can join. Sign up for email alerts. Order ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erich Kettenhofen


    Full Text Available This Article discusses the question pertaining to the primacy of the Pope of Rome from the fi rst to the eighth centuries. The author criticizes the Roman Catholic teaching of the primacy of the pope as well as papal infallibility both of which were promulgated at the First Vatican Council in 1870. The author’s sources include an analysis of the proof texts employed by the Council: texts from scripture, from the works of early Christian fathers (Saint Ireneus and Saint Ambrose, from the works of the roman Pontiff s (Leo the Great, Hormisdus, and Gregory the great, on which the Council based its assumptions regarding the primacy of Peter and of the roman pontiff s. A panoramic view and detailed study of these documents lead the author to conclude that the doctrine of primacy has no real foundation in fact. The scriptures underscore the significance but not the particular office of Peter whose importance is founded in the fact that the apostle was at the head of the Christian community in Jerusalem. The Council incorrectly understood the proof texts on which it based the primacy doctrine separating them from their historical and social Sitz im Leben. The author pays particular attention to the historical circumstances surrounding the particular position of Rome as the capital city, the unique, for the western half of the Empire, apostolic origin of the see, its distance from Constantinople, and the relative independence of the popes in the face of the Byzantine emperors, an understanding which was not at all shared by the Eastern Churches. The author concludes that the pretensions of the popes to primacy were never accepted by the whole of the Church.

  18. College Access Marketing (United States)

    Tremblay, Christopher W.


    College Access Marketing (CAM) is a relatively new phenomenon that seeks to positively influence the college-going rate. This report defines CAM, describes CAM examples, and discusses how CAM seeks to counter barriers to college. It explores four main elements of CAM: information, marketing, advocacy, and social mobilization. Further, it…

  19. American Indian Community Colleges. (United States)

    One Feather, Gerald

    With the emergence of reservation based community colleges (th Navajo Community College and the Dakota Community Colleges), the American Indian people, as decision makers in these institutions, are providing Indians with the technical skills and cultural knowledge necessary for self-determination. Confronted with limited numbers of accredited…

  20. Cash for College. (United States)

    National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Washington, DC.

    This booklet contains answers to questions that students may ask about financial aid for college. The booklet describes the usual costs of college, and suggests ways students can pay for a college education. The types of financial aid available are described, and the application process is outlined. The booklet offers tips for comparing different…

  1. Early College High Schools (United States)

    Dessoff, Alan


    For at-risk students who stand little chance of going to college, or even finishing high school, a growing number of districts have found a solution: Give them an early start in college while they still are in high school. The early college high school (ECHS) movement that began with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 10 years ago…

  2. Planning for College Success (United States)

    PEPNet, 2009


    "Planning for College Success" (PCS) is a curriculum model designed by Sharon Downs, M.S., for a course intended to assist deaf and hard of hearing students during their initial introduction to college life. This program allows students to work one-on-one with a counselor to plan for their college success. The program includes short-term goals and…

  3. Cyberbullying in College


    Carlos P. Zalaquett; SeriaShia J. Chatters


    Cyberbullying is commonly presented as affecting K-12 populations. Current research suggests cyberbullying continues in college. A diverse sample of 613 university students was surveyed to study their cyberbullying experiences in high school and college. Nineteen percent of the sample reported being a victim of cyberbullying in college and 35% of this subsample reported being cyberbullied in high school. Additional fin...

  4. Right Here, Right Now: Career Advancement of Generation X Female Mid-Level Administrators in Community Colleges in the Southeast (United States)

    Lee, Terri Suzanne Holston


    Community colleges in the United States are facing what some researchers are calling a "crisis" (Piland & Wolf, 2003; Shults, 2001). The current generation of community college leaders, those born to the birth cohort known as the Baby Boomers, are eligible to retire early in the 21st century. These retirements will leave a…

  5. What's in Your Financial Package? Student Credit Card Use and Economic Insecurity in College (United States)

    Andrews, Benjamin D.


    Since the turn of the 21st century, going to college has become increasingly financially difficult in the United States. Tuition prices continued to rise, state funding for higher education declined, and the mean family income declined or stagnated for all but the top 20 percent of families (Goldrick-Rab 2016). In a period where college has risen…

  6. ACRR fission product release tests: ST-1 and ST-2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Allen, M.D.; Stockman, H.W.; Reil, K.O.; Grimley, A.J.; Camp, W.J.


    Two experiments (ST-1 and ST-2) have been performed in the Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR) at Sandia National Laboratories (SNLA) to obtain time-resolved data on the release of fission products from irradiated fuels under light water reactor (LWR) severe accident conditions. Both experiments were conducted in a highly reducing environment at maximum fuel temperatures of greater than 2400 K. These experiments were designed specifically to investigate the effect of increased total pressure on fission product release; ST-1 was performed at approximately 0.16 MPa and ST-2 was run at 1.9 MPa, whereas other parameters were matched as closely as possible. Release rate data were measured for Cs, I, Ba, Sr, Eu, Te, and U. The release rates were higher than predicted by existing codes for Ba, Sr, Eu, and U. Te release was very low, but Te did not appear to be sequestered by the zircaloy cladding; it was evenly distributed in the fuel. In addition, in posttest analysis a unique fuel morphology (fuel swelling) was observed which may have enhanced fission product release, especially in the high pressure test (ST-2). These data are compared with analytical results from the CORSOR correlation and the VICTORIA computer model

  7. The Inverted ‘Rue d’Amour’ : On Hans Peter Duerr’s Der erotische Leib, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt a.M. 1997

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wouters, Cas


    Der erotische Leib, Hans Peter Duerr’s latest book and the fourth instalment of his Der Mythos vom Zivilisationsprozess (The Myth of the Civilising Process), deals with differences and similarities through time and place in the erotic appeal of breasts and in the standard of shame that surrounds

  8. Peter Van Elsuwege and Roman Petrov, eds. Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union: Towards a Common Regulatory Space?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andriy Tyushka


    Full Text Available Peter Van Elsuwege and Roman Petrov, eds. Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union: Towards a Common Regulatory Space? London and New York: Routledge, 2014. xxx, 268 pp. Notes on Contributors. Preface by Marc Maresceau. Foreward by Kostiantyn Yelisieiev. Illustrations. Informative table and list. Index. $145.00, cloth.

  9. Milliste tunnetega võtsite vastu teate tähtajatu töölepingu kehtestamisest direktoritele? / Pruul, Raimu; Soopa, Aavo; Koppelmann, Elmu; Eiche, Heili; Peters, Silja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimusele vastavad Häädemeeste Keskkooli direktor Raimu Pruul, Viljandi Maagümnaasiumi direktor Aavo Soopa, Tapa Gümnaasiumi direktor Elmu Koppelmann, Lohusuu Põhikooli direktor Heili Eiche ning Põltsamaa vallavalitsuse haridus- ja kultuurinõunik Silja Peters

  10. Who is the Scientist-Subject? A Critique of the Neo-Kantian Scientist-Subject in Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison’s Objectivity

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Shah, Esha


    The main focus of this essay is to closely engage with the role of scientist-subjectivity in the making of objectivity in Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison’s book Objectivity, and Daston’s later and earlier works On Scientific Observation and The Moral Economy of Science. I have posited four

  11. Muusikamaailm. Magnus Lindbergi festivali jätk. Jonas Forsell taas ooperijuhiks. Marcello Panni uus ooper. György Kurtagile Sonningi preemia. Peter Gradenwitz lahkunud / Priit Kuusk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    Soome helilooja Magnus Lindbergi mitmeid teoseid esitatakse Inglismaal. Rootsi heliloojast Jonas Forsellist sai jaanuaris Kopenhaageni trupi Den Anden Opera kunstiline juht. Firenzes tuli esiettekandele Marcello Panni uus ooper "The Banquet ئ Talking about Love". Helilooja György Kurtag pälvis Taani 2003.a. Leonie Sonningi muusikapreemia. 91aastasena suri muusikateadlane Peter Gradenwitz

  12. Tekenen en vasseren : Het bedrijf van Jan Peter van Baurscheit (1699 - 1768) en de architectuur in het tweede kwart van de achttiende eeuw

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Breedveldt Boer, I.M.


    Jan Peter van Baurscheit the Younger (1699 - 1768) was educated to become a sculptor and an architect in the studio of his father, J.P. van Baurscheit the elder (1669 - 1728), who owned one of the leading sculptor studios in Antwerpen. Van Baurscheit continued the bussiness after his father's death

  13. Herrens röst

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rösing, Lilian Munk


    Om språket är gränsen mellan djur och människor, vad innebär det när hundar talar? I filmen Upp pratar de animerade hundarna, men med sin husses röst. Lilian Munk Rösing ser filmen i sällskap av bland andra Jacques Lacan, Slavoj Žižek och Renata Salecl och finner en röst utan kropp, en kropp besj...

  14. St. Louis FUSRAP Lessons Learned

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Eberlin, J.; Williams, D.; Mueller, D.


    The purpose of this paper is to present lessons learned from fours years' experience conducting Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action activities at the St. Louis Downtown Site (SLDS) under the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP). Many FUSRAP sites are experiencing challenges conducting Remedial Actions within forecasted volume and budget estimates. The St. Louis FUSRAP lessons learned provide insight to options for cost effective remediation at FUSRAP sites. The lessons learned are focused on project planning (budget and schedule), investigation, design, and construction

  15. Cancer: A Personal Journey. Notes from the Edge.The Diary of Peter J. Morgan, M.D. (United States)



    It is a mistake to think that all personal experiences with cancer are the same. For certain, all cancer patients do confront the possibility of an early death and the prospect of pain and suffering due to the tumor and its treatment. But the specific emotional issues differ with each patient and each family, and the responses to these issues take many forms. In an eloquent and moving film, "Cancer: A Personal Journey. Notes from the Edge.," we are given the privilege of accompanying a remarkable young physician, Peter J. Morgan, on his journey with cancer, a two and one-half year journey that ended with his death at age 31. At age 29, Dr. Morgan, an internist-in-training who intended to pursue a career in hematology and oncology, noted a mass on his leg. Tragically, metastasis to the lungs had already taken place at the time of diagnosis of a synovial sarcoma. There followed the all-too-familiar story of chemotherapy and experimental treatments, pain, debilitation, and ultimately demise, and in itself this experience would move us with the sorrow of a precious life lost. What makes this particular story so remarkable are the insights of this young physician and the struggle for survival of a spirit that would not succumb to the "chaos" of cancer. In the two-year period of his life as a cancer patient, Peter Morgan kept a diary that records his thoughts, his emotional turmoil, and his reflections on life and an untimely death. In particular, we are able to understand the need for his spiritual self to remain alive and to grow despite the deterioration of his physical being. And we see that spiritual triumph in his compelling relationships with his family and his colleagues, in his reflections on art and music and nature, and most of all in his writings and his appreciation of the immense possibilities for joy in life. This is not an easy journey to watch, but the intense sadness of his experience is balanced by his friendships and the great satisfaction he derived

  16. Geologic and Geophysicsal Studies of Natural Hazards and Risks in the Gulf of Peter the Great, Japan Sea (United States)

    Anokhin, Vladimir; Shcherbakov, Viktor; Motychko, Viktor; Slinchenkov, Vladimir; Sokolov, Georgy; Kotov, Sergey; Kartashov, Sergey


    The area of the Gulf of Peter the Great is socially, economically and culturally one of the most important regions for the Russian Far East. At the same time, there have been reported palpable natural hazards, which pose a real threat to local infrastructure. Complex field team of the Gramaberg VNIIOkeangeologia institute carried out geological and geophysical studies of natural hazards in the water area and coastal zone of the gulf in the summer and autumn of 2012. The research program included - geodetic deformation monitoring of the coastal zone by the HDS 3000 Leica tachometer; - echo sounding of the underwater part of the coastal slope by the LCX-37C depth sounder equipped with active external 12-channel GPS Lowrance antenna LGC-3000; - high-frequency acoustic profiling by GeoPulse Subbotom Profilier with oscillator frequency of 12.2 kHz for the study of bottom sediments to a depth of 40 m; - hydromagnetic measurements by SeaSPY Marine Magnetics magnetometer for investigation of deep geological structure; - sonar measurements by GEO SM C-MAX, 325 kHz frequency emitters for studying seafloor features; - studies of the water column (sensing and sampling); - bottom sediment sampling. Analytic work was performed by mass spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, gamma spectrometry and included the following. For water - the content of Fe, Mn, Cd, As, Pb, Cu, Co, Ni, Cr, Zn, Hg in solution and in suspension, polycyclic aromatic compounds, organochlorine pesticides, oil, methane. For sediments - grade analysis, mineralogical analysis of sand, determination of Fe, Mn, Cd, As, Pb, Cu, Co, Ni, Cr, Zn, Hg content; identification of petroleum products, polychlorinated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides, the specific activity of Cs-137. As a result, a set of geological maps was composed: maps of pre-Quaternary and Quaternary rocks and deposits, lithological map, geomorphological map, map of engineering

  17. Public versus Private Colleges: Political Participation of College Graduates (United States)

    Lott, Joe L., II.; Hernandez, Jose; King, Joe P.; Brown, Tiffany; Fajardo, Ismael


    Using data from the Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study (B&B:93/03) of College Graduates, we use structural equation modeling to model the relationships between college major, values held in college, collegiate community service participation, and the post-college political participation of college graduates by public versus private…

  18. Mount St. Helens aerosol evolution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oberbeck, V.R.; Farlow, N.H.


    Stratospheric aerosol samples were collected using a wire impactor during the year following the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Analysis of samples shows that aerosol volume increased for 6 months due to gas-to-particle conversion and then decreased to background levels in the following 6 months.

  19. Mount St. Helens aerosol evolution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oberbeck, V.R.; Farlow, N.H.; Fong, W.; Snetsinger, K.G.; Ferry, G.V.; Hayes, D.M.


    Stratospheric aerosol samples were collected using a wire impactor during the year following the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Analysis of samples show that aerosol volume increased for 6 months due to gas-to-particle conversion and then decreased to background levels in the following 6 months.

  20. Methylphenidatinduceret ST-elevations-myokardieinfarkt

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ruwald, Martin Huth; Ruwald, Anne-Christine Huth; Tønder, Niels


    Adult attention deficit and hyperkinetic disorder (ADHD) is increasingly diagnosed and treated with methylphenidate. We present the case of an 20 year-old man, who was diagnosed with ADHD and suffered a ST elevation acute myocardial infarction due to coronary vasospasm related to an overdose...

  1. 1st quarterly report 1977

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The present report describes the activities carried out in the 1st quarter of 1977 at the Gesellschaft fuer Kernforschung in Karlsruhe or on its behalf in the framework of the fast breeder project (PSB). The problems and main results of the partial projects fuel rod development, materials testing, reactor physics, reactor safety and reactor technology are presented. (RW) [de

  2. Simple stålrammebygninger

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ellum, J.C.; Buhelt, M.

    Ved en simpel stålrammebygning forstås i anvisningen en lukket, fritliggende bygning i én etage, hvor tagkonstruktionen ud over egenlast kun er påvirket af naturlaster, dvs. sne og vind. Dimensioneringen af de bærende konstruktioner gennemføres ved at benytte publikationens omfattende tabeldata o...

  3. Simple stålrammebygninger

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ellum, J.C.

    Anvisningen gennemgår dimensioneringen og bringer detaljerede konstruktionstegninger til simple stålrammebygninger, dvs. lukkede, fritliggende bygninger i én etage, hvor tagkonstruktionen ud over egenlast kun er påvirket af naturlaster, dvs. sne og vind. Dimensioneringen sker ved at udfylde et di...

  4. Cyberbullying in College

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos P. Zalaquett


    Full Text Available Cyberbullying is commonly presented as affecting K-12 populations. Current research suggests cyberbullying continues in college. A diverse sample of 613 university students was surveyed to study their cyberbullying experiences in high school and college. Nineteen percent of the sample reported being a victim of cyberbullying in college and 35% of this subsample reported being cyberbullied in high school. Additional findings and practical implications are presented.

  5. A variation on forced migration: Wilhelm Peters (Prussia via Britain to Turkey) and Muzafer Sherif (Turkey to the United States). (United States)

    Russell, Gül


    In 1933 the Turkish Republic formally offered university positions to 30 German-speaking academics who were dismissed with the coming to power of the National Socialist Government. That initial number went up to 56 with the inclusion of the technical assistants. By 1948 the estimated total had increased to 199. Given renewable five-year contracts with salaries substantially higher than their Turkish counterparts, the foreign émigrés were to implement the westernization program of higher education. The ten year-old secular Turkish Republic's extensive social reforms had encompassed the adoption of the Latin alphabet, and equal rights for women, removing gender bias in hiring. Such a high concentration of émigré academics in one institution, "the highest anywhere in the world," provides a unique opportunity to study a subject which has been neglected. In this article two cases in psychology will be examined: Wilhelm Peters (1880-1963), who came, via Britain, to Istanbul in 1936 from the University of Jena in Germany, and Muzafer Sherif (1906-1988) who went to the United States from Ankara University in 1945. The purpose of the comparative analysis is to identify the features that are specific to the German experience, and those that are shared and underlie translocation in science within the multifaceted complexity of the process of forced migration.

  6. Public Lecture | The long road to the LHC | Prof. Lyn Evans, Dr. Daniel Treille and Prof. Peter Jenni | 9 October

    CERN Document Server


    “The long road to the LHC” by Prof. Lyn Evans, Dr. Daniel Treille and Prof. Peter Jenni. Thursday 9 October, 7.30 p.m. in the Globe of Science and Innovation. Talk in English with simultaneous interpreting into French.  Entrance free. Limited number of seats. Reservation essential: +41 22 767 76 76 or   Lyn Evans. Lecture by Lyn Evans Abstract The key to the discovery of the Higgs boson has been the development of particle accelerators at CERN over the years. I will explain how a particle accelerator works and will follow the path from the construction of the Proton Synchrotron in the 1950s to the world’s most powerful colliding beam machine, the Large Hadron Collider. Biography Born in 1945, Lyn Evans has spent his whole career in the field of high energy physics and particle accelerators, participating in all the great projects of CERN. From 1993 he led the team that designed, built and commissioned the LHC. He is currently ...

  7. Cato Guldberg and Peter Waage, the history of the Law of Mass Action, and its relevance to clinical pharmacology. (United States)

    Ferner, Robin E; Aronson, Jeffrey K


    We have traced the historical link between the Law of Mass Action and clinical pharmacology. The Law evolved from the work of the French chemist Claude Louis Berthollet, was first formulated by Cato Guldberg and Peter Waage in 1864 and later clarified by the Dutch chemist Jacobus van 't Hoff in 1877. It has profoundly influenced our qualitative and quantitative understanding of a number of physiological and pharmacological phenomena. According to the Law of Mass Action, the velocity of a chemical reaction depends on the concentrations of the reactants. At equilibrium the concentrations of the chemicals involved bear a constant relation to each other, described by the equilibrium constant, K. The Law of Mass Action is relevant to various physiological and pharmacological concepts, including concentration-effect curves, dose-response curves, and ligand-receptor binding curves, all of which are important in describing the pharmacological actions of medications, the Langmuir adsorption isotherm, which describes the binding of medications to proteins, activation curves for transmembrane ion transport, enzyme inhibition and the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, which describes the relation between pH, as a measure of acidity and the concentrations of the contributory acids and bases. Guldberg and Waage recognized the importance of dynamic equilibrium, while others failed to do so. Their ideas, over 150 years old, are embedded in and still relevant to clinical pharmacology. Here we explain the ideas and in a subsequent paper show how they are relevant to understanding adverse drug reactions. © 2015 The British Pharmacological Society.

  8. Technical note: Fu-Liou-Gu and Corti-Peter model performance evaluation for radiative retrievals from cirrus clouds (United States)

    Lolli, Simone; Campbell, James R.; Lewis, Jasper R.; Gu, Yu; Welton, Ellsworth J.


    We compare, for the first time, the performance of a simplified atmospheric radiative transfer algorithm package, the Corti-Peter (CP) model, versus the more complex Fu-Liou-Gu (FLG) model, for resolving top-of-the-atmosphere radiative forcing characteristics from single-layer cirrus clouds obtained from the NASA Micro-Pulse Lidar Network database in 2010 and 2011 at Singapore and in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, in 2012. Specifically, CP simplifies calculation of both clear-sky longwave and shortwave radiation through regression analysis applied to radiative calculations, which contributes significantly to differences between the two. The results of the intercomparison show that differences in annual net top-of-the-atmosphere (TOA) cloud radiative forcing can reach 65 %. This is particularly true when land surface temperatures are warmer than 288 K, where the CP regression analysis becomes less accurate. CP proves useful for first-order estimates of TOA cirrus cloud forcing, but may not be suitable for quantitative accuracy, including the absolute sign of cirrus cloud daytime TOA forcing that can readily oscillate around zero globally.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángel Adrianis Gómez Degraves


    Full Text Available Esta investigación tuvo por objeto diseñar una propuesta metodológico-estadística para medir la inteligencia organizacional, fundamentada en la quinta disciplina de Peter Senge. Para ello, se desarrolló un proyecto factible con un estadio de investigación exploratoria documental, bajo un diseño bibliográfico, obteniéndose como resultado la definición del constructo Inteligencia Organizacional, la operacionalización del constructo Aprendizaje Organizacional, la elaboración del instrumento escala de investigación y las técnicas estadísticas adecuadas para el análisis estadístico de los datos generados por la escala. La revisión documental proporcionó elementos básicos, teórico-metodológico-estadísticos, en la construcción de una escala de medida de la Inteligencia Organizacional.

  10. The Tale of Peter Rabbitにおけるキリスト教図像学的考察


    林, 孝憲; Takanori, HAYASHI; 初等教育科


    The Tale of Peter Rabbitの細部を観察すると、様々なキリスト教に関するシンボリックなイメージが認められることに気付く。それは本来、友人の子供に宛てた絵手紙であったものから出版を目的とした版へと改訂する際に、意図して書き加えられたものと推測される。本論では、キリスト教図像学の視点からこの物語を読み直し、聖書を中心としたキリスト教のモティーフが物語の構成に大きな役割を果たしていることを解明してゆきたい。...

  11. The business against case revolution. An interview with Nestlé's Peter Brabeck. Interview by Sue Wetlaufer. (United States)

    Brabeck, P


    One of the world's most enduring companies, Nestle epitomizes everything that today's high-flying, headline-grabbing companies are not. It respects technology but doesn't consider it central to strategy. It values growth but prefers it controlled. It seeks talented professionals but wants only those who are modest in word and deed. Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck is skeptical of the relentless push for radical transformation heard from every quarter. He believes, instead, in continuous improvement through slow and steady change. Big, dramatic change is fine for a crisis, Brabeck says, but not every company is in crisis all the time. Many companies are like Nestle--performing well, growing and innovating, without frenzy, without bloodshed. While he acknowledges that every company must change in order to compete in today's turbulent marketplace, Brabeck makes the focus of his work identifying and strengthening those aspects of Nestle that should stay the same. For example, Nestle eschews the noise and energy swirling around technology. Many companies make technology the focal point of strategy, Brabeck says, but Nestle is about people, products, and brands. The company uses technology to create better products but keeps it in its right place--the background. Brabeck also talks candidly about how to fight complacency in a successful company, how to institutionalize collaboration in a decentralized organization, and how to resist pressure from analysts and money managers and focus on long-term, sustainable and profitable growth--in short, how to win the war without the revolution.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luigi Gussago


    Full Text Available In his latest novel Parrot and Olivier in America (2009 the Australian-born novelist Peter Carey explores the way three seemingly incompatible civilisations translate the New World. On the one hand Olivier, the snobbish French aristocrat, struggles to understand the concept of democracy in America because he wants to translate it ‘literally’ into his own system (of behaviour, social convenience, pragmatics, etc.. On the other hand, Parrot, the British-Australian pícaro and Olivier’s “clown and secretaire”, enjoys rewriting his master’s awful calligraphy, changing some of the Frenchman’s views on America according to his whim, and deliberately acting as a bad translator. Thirdly, the American free citizen, the “Man of the Future” (p. 187: s/he uses language creatively, coining a personal idiolect as evidence of belonging to a nation at its début, where “greed might tear the land apart but still the low could climb so high” (p. 251. This paper aims at illustrating how these three entities translate other systems of values, or their loss of values, into systems with which they can identify. The theoretical framework of my study proceeds from the contributions of Yuri Lotman, the main representative of the Tartu-Moscow school of semiotics.

  13. The implantation of a PV electric energy generation system at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul islands

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Galdino, Marco Antonio; Silva, Patricia de Castro da [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], E-mail:; Souza, Marco Antonio Carvalho [Secretaria da Comissao Interministerial para os Recursos do Mar (SECIRM), Brasilia, DF (Brazil)


    The Saint Peter and Saint Paul Islands are located at 0 degree 55.00' N and 29 degree 20.76'' W, at a distance of circa 550 M (nautical miles) NE from the City of Natal, RN (Northeast Region of Brazil), and comprises of many small islands and rocks of igneous plutonic origin. In 1998, a first Scientific Station was built in order to receive researchers involved in several projects. The CEPEL, as responsible by the electrical energy supply to the Scientific Station; designed and installed a PV electric energy generation system which had a power of 3.6 kWp. This system operated successfully for the last 10 years, suffering frequent maintenance. In 2006, a new design for the Scientific Station has been started aiming to improve its resources and safety. The new PV system has a maximum power of 7.8 kWp, and employs an updated technology (SMA, Germany). The equipment was integrated and submitted to intensive testing at facilities of CEPEL, and was installed and commissioned at the Islands in June 2008. Since the installation, the equipment has been operating as required, meeting the energy and water demand of the Station. The present paper describes the many steps involved in the implantation of the PV system at the Scientific Station. (author)

  14. St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) and Pregnancy (United States)

    ... best live chat Live Help Fact Sheets Share St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) Tuesday, 01 May 2018 ... risk. This sheet talks about whether exposure to St. John’s Wort may increase the risk for birth ...

  15. Posttraumatic stress, effort regulation, and academic outcomes among college students: A longitudinal study. (United States)

    Boyraz, Güler; Granda, Rebecca; Baker, Camille N; Tidwell, Lacey Lorehn; Waits, J Brandon


    Entering college with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomatology has been linked to poor academic performance and increased risk for dropping out of college; however, little is known regarding the mechanisms by which PTSD symptoms have deleterious effects on college outcomes. Drawing from a self-regulated learning (SRL) perspective, which suggests that students' learning behaviors and outcomes can be influenced by contextual and developmental factors, we hypothesized that students who enter college with high PTSD symptomatology may experience difficulties in effort regulation, which in turn, may have deleterious effects on their academic performance and college persistence. These hypothesized relationships, as well as the potential gender differences in these relationships were examined using a longitudinal study design and a multigroup structural equation modeling approach. Of the 928 1st-year students who participated in the study, 484 (52.2%) students who reported lifetime exposure to traumatic events constituted the final sample of the study. The prevalence of PTSD among the trauma-exposed participants was 12.4%. After controlling for participation in on-campus activities and American College Testing (ACT) assessment scores, the relationship between PTSD symptomatology in the 1st semester of college and 2nd-year enrollment was mediated by effort regulation and 1st-year cumulative grade-point average (GPA). Specifically, participants who started college with higher levels of PTSD symptomatology also reported lower levels of effort regulation, which in turn, had a significant indirect effect on 2nd-year enrollment through 1st-year GPA. Results also indicated that the paths in the hypothesized model were not significantly different for men and women. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  16. The Role of Generational Status, Self-Esteem, Academic Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Social Support in College Students' Psychological Well-Being (United States)

    Wang, Chia-Chih D. C.; Castaneda-Sound, Carrie


    This study examined the influences of generational status, self-esteem, academic self-efficacy, and perceived social support on 367 undergraduate college students' well-being. Findings showed that 1st-generation students reported significantly more somatic symptoms and lower levels of academic self-efficacy than did non-1st-generation students. In…

  17. Spot Støjbergs støj

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kock, Christian Erik J


    Inger Støjberg er placeret på en af de mest profilerede poster i Løkkes regering. Spørger du hende om fortiden, taler hun om fremtiden. Spørger du hende om fremtiden, taler hun om fortiden. Ergo: Hun taler udenom, og hun er god til det. Hun er så god, at det skader demokratiet. Lær at spotte hend...

  18. Transnational Militancy in the 21st Century (roundtable discussion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faisal Devji


    Full Text Available The following roundtable discussion took place via email between September 2009 and January 2010. The participants were invited on the basis of each having a unique disciplinary background – history, sociology and political theory – but at the same time enough in common to debate both the analytic and normative dimensions of transnational militancy. Faisal Devji is currently Reader in Modern South Asian History at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. His most recent book is The Terrorist in Search of Humanity: Militant Islam and GlobalPolitics. Prof. Kevin McDonald is Marie Curie International Fellow in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His most recent book, Our Violent World: Terrorism in Society, is being published April, 2010. Saul Newman is Reader in Political Theory, also at Goldsmiths College. Saul is known for his work on ‘postanarchist’ theory, but also recently co-authored a book with the title Politics Most Unusual: Violence, Sovereignty and Democracy in the War on Terror. The roundtable was initiated and chaired by Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies co-editor Nathan Coombs.

  19. Beyond College Eligibility: A New Framework for Promoting College Readiness. College Readiness Indicator Systems Resource Series (United States)

    Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, 2014


    The College Readiness Indicator Systems (CRIS) initiative was developed in response to a troubling pattern: More students than ever are enrolling in college after high school, but many of them are not college ready, as evidenced by persistently low rates of college completion. The sense of urgency to close the gap between college eligibility and…

  20. Team Danmarks støttekoncept

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Storm, Rasmus K.

    Evaluering af Team Danmarks støttekoncept 2005-2008 med omfattende analyser af Team Danmarks virke, dets støttekoncept og de samarbejdsrelationer med specialforbund, udøvere, politisk valgte ledere, trænere mv., som udmøntningen af støttekonceptet forudsætter. Herunder analyse af...



    Kaliev, Sultan; Zhumagulova, Batima


    This article analyzes the spatial-temporal code oflingua-culture as one of the components of the general cognitive-matrix modelof the structure of the concept "London" in the literary and regionalwork of Peter Ackroyd "London: The Biography". This approachimplements integration of cognitive-matrix modeling of the structure of theconcept and the system of codes of lingua-culture (anthropomorphic,temporal, vegetative, spiritual, social, chemical, etc.) The space-timecode of ...

  2. 76 FR 44531 - Safety Zone; Fourth Annual Chillounge Night St. Petersburg Fireworks Display, Tampa Bay, St... (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Fourth Annual Chillounge Night St. Petersburg Fireworks Display, Tampa Bay, St... proposes to establish a temporary safety zone on the waters of Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida during the Fourth Annual Chillounge Night St. Petersburg Fireworks Display on Saturday, November 19, 2011...

  3. 75 FR 51945 - Safety Zone; Potomac River, St. Mary's River, St. Inigoes, MD (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Potomac River, St. Mary's River, St. Inigoes, MD AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION... of the St. Mary's River, a tributary of the Potomac River. This action is necessary to provide for.... Navy helicopter located near St. Inigoes, Maryland. This safety zone is intended to protect the...

  4. 78 FR 19632 - Special Local Regulations; St. Thomas Carnival Watersport Activities, Charlotte Amalie Harbor; St... (United States)


    ...-AA08 Special Local Regulations; St. Thomas Carnival Watersport Activities, Charlotte Amalie Harbor; St... proposes to establish a special local regulation on the waters of Charlotte Amalie Harbor in St Thomas, USVI during the St. Thomas Carnival Watersport Activities, a high speed boat race. The event is...

  5. 76 FR 68098 - Safety Zone; Fourth Annual Chillounge Night St. Petersburg Fireworks Display, Tampa Bay, St... (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Fourth Annual Chillounge Night St. Petersburg Fireworks Display, Tampa Bay, St... Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone on the waters of Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida during the Fourth Annual Chillounge Night St. Petersburg Fireworks Display on Saturday, November 19, 2011...

  6. College Drinking - Changing the Culture (United States)

    ... about college alcohol policies College Drinking - Changing the Culture This is your one-stop resource for comprehensive ... More about special features College Drinking - Changing the Culture This is your one-stop resource for comprehensive ...

  7. What Is College for? (United States)

    Wise, Phyllis M.; Martin, Carolyn A.; Kinbrough, Walter M.; Hitt, John C.; Urgo, Joseph R.; Lief, Charles G.; Drake, Michael V.; Hellyer, Brenda; Pepicello, William


    Lately there has been a great deal of discussion about the importance of measuring a college's "return on investment." Is the point of a college education quantifiable results or personal and intellectual growth? In pursuit of answers, "The Chronicle" asked a selection of higher-education leaders. Phyllis M. Wise, Chancellor of…

  8. Latino College Completion: Hawaii (United States)

    Excelencia in Education (NJ1), 2012


    In 2009, Excelencia in Education launched the Ensuring America's Future initiative to inform, organize, and engage leaders in a tactical plan to increase Latino college completion. An executive summary of Latino College Completion in 50 states synthesizes information on 50 state factsheets and builds on the national benchmarking guide. Each…

  9. Faculty Handbook. Regis College. (United States)

    Regis Coll., Weston, MA.

    Regis College policies and procedures are described in this 1976 faculty handbook. Chapter 1 covers college organization and governance, including roles of academic officers and committees. Specific faculty data are presented in Chapter 2, such as definition of academic ranks and titles, recruitment and appointment, promotion, tenure, review,…

  10. Who Takes College Algebra? (United States)

    Herriott, Scott R.; Dunbar, Steven R.


    The common understanding within the mathematics community is that the role of the college algebra course is to prepare students for calculus. Though exceptions are emerging, the curriculum of most college algebra courses and the content of most textbooks on the market both reflect that assumption. This article calls that assumption into question…

  11. Community Colleges Today (United States)

    Crawford, Corinne; Jervis, Angela


    Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, has been teaching in community colleges for the past 18 years. Dr. Biden believes that community colleges are "…uniquely American institutions where anyone who walks through the door is one step closer to realizing the American dream." This is an inspiring sentiment. However, of all the…

  12. Latino College Completion: Pennsylvania (United States)

    Excelencia in Education (NJ1), 2012


    In 2009, Excelencia in Education launched the Ensuring America's Future initiative to inform, organize, and engage leaders in a tactical plan to increase Latino college completion. An executive summary of Latino College Completion in 50 states synthesizes information on 50 state factsheets and builds on the national benchmarking guide. Each…

  13. Examining Latina College Experiences (United States)

    Romero, Amanda R.


    The purposes of this qualitative narrative study were to explore the potential areas of conflict Latina college students experience between their educational goals and traditional cultural gender roles and expectations. Participants were selected utilizing purposeful sampling methods. All participants were first-generation college students.…

  14. College Rankings. ERIC Digest. (United States)

    Holub, Tamara

    The popularity of college ranking surveys published by "U.S. News and World Report" and other magazines is indisputable, but the methodologies used to measure the quality of higher education institutions have come under fire by scholars and college officials. Criticisms have focused on methodological flaws, such as failure to consider…

  15. Your 21st Century Toolkit (United States)

    Villano, Matt


    In this article, the author discusses how several institutions are turning to popular technologies to streamline and facilitate fundraising efforts. These popular solutions include social networking websites and other Web 2.0 tools, e-mail marketing products, and a new look at enterprise-level solutions. At Monmouth College, web professionals…

  16. The Danish St. Croix Project

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    J. Douma, Michael; Rasmussen, Anders Bo


    H. Seward, commonly viewed as an anti-colonizationist, was at least a mild proponent of colonization in its earliest stages. The paper demonstrates further that in the summer of 1862 the St. Croix colonization project was an important stepping stone in the Lincoln administration’s legal......Working from previously unknown sources in Danish archives, this article establishes for the first time the important role that the island of St. Croix played in the Lincoln Administration’s considerations on colonizing African Americans abroad. The paper argues that U.S. Secretary of State William....... The substantial conclusion of the paper is that, contrary to earlier perceptions in the historiography, African American colonization during the Civil War was not led and directed entirely from Washington. Rather, in this case, the Danish minister proposed a colonization plan and then worked with the United...

  17. St. Lawrence action plan meter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The purpose of this bulletin is to report on the progress achieved under the St. Lawrence Action Plan. Under each of the Action Plan`s five objectives, it outlines environmental management indicators which identify actions taken and shows the results. This report presents the data collected in late August 1992 on the activities carried out by all partners of both governments involved in SLAP. The objectives examined in the bulletin are: to reduce by 90% the liquid toxic waste discharged by the 50 plants targeted for priority action; to prepare remediation plans for contaminated federal sites and restore wetlands; to conserve 5000 additional hectares of habitat and create a marine park; to develop and implement recovery plans for mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and plants; and to determine the state of the St. Lawrence River.

  18. Benjamin Ortmeyer: Mythos und Pathos statt Logos und Ethos, Zu den Publikationen führender Erziehungswissenschaftler in der NS-Zeit: Eduard Spranger, Herman Nohl, Erich Weniger und Peter Petersen, Weinheim / Basel: Beltz 2009 [Rezension


    Zimmer, Hasko


    Rezension von: Benjamin Ortmeyer: Mythos und Pathos statt Logos und Ethos, Zu den Publikationen führender Erziehungswissenschaftler in der NS-Zeit: Eduard Spranger, Herman Nohl, Erich Weniger und Peter Petersen, Weinheim / Basel: Beltz 2009, 606 S.

  19. Signature of the CERN GoldenBook at CERN by Peters Higgs British theoretical physicist - He worked on proposals to unify the weak and the electromagnetic forces into a single electroweak theory, The Boson of Higgs.

    CERN Multimedia

    Claudia Marcelloni


    Signature of the CERN GoldenBook at CERN by Peters Higgs British theoretical physicist - He worked on proposals to unify the weak and the electromagnetic forces into a single electroweak theory, The Boson of Higgs.

  20. Visit of Peters Higgs at Point 2 ALICE Experiment - British theoretical physicist, He worked on proposals to unify the weak and the electromagnetic forces into a single electroweak theory, The Boson of Higgs.

    CERN Multimedia

    Mona Schweizer


    Visit of Peters Higgs at Point 2 ALICE Experiment - British theoretical physicist, He worked on proposals to unify the weak and the electromagnetic forces into a single electroweak theory, The Boson of Higgs.

  1. 21st Century Security Manager


    Stelian ARION


    We live in world of uncertainty that generates major paradigms changing that affect security risk management. Modern organization’s security risks management can’t be done without a profound knowlegde and daily practice for security governance, security risk management and resilience. 21st Century security manager need to deal with several areas of konwledge in order to succesfully manage security risks. The document presents the advantages, disadvantages and challenges for security managers ...

  2. Monstrous (InAuthenticity: Text and Identity in Peter Carey’s My Life as a Fake

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nataša Kampmark


    Full Text Available Taking (inauthenticity as his subject and intertextuality as the structuring principle, Peter Carey brings together Australian literary and social history, literary theory and a self-reflexive probe into the issues of identity, authenticity and cultural insecurity of a postcolonial society. The novel is interpreted as an allegorical account of national history and an allegorical narrative on the theoretical matters of originality and authorship.Keywords: Carey, identity, (inauthenticity, intertextuality, text, postcolonialism. The most well-known Australian author today, Peter Carey, has more than once found inspiration for his novels in already existing texts of British and Australian cultures. The most notable examples are his sixth novel titled Jack Maggs, his seventh novel titled True History of the Kelly Gang and the one explored in this paper, his eighth novel titled My Life as a Fake. Carey’s Jack Maggs (1997 retells the story of Dickens’ Great Expectations and in a postcolonial fashion of re-writing imperial texts gives voice to the previously marginalised point of view so that the story is told from the perspective of the runaway convict, Magwitch. The Booker Prize winning True History of the Kelly Gang (2001 is inspired by the so-called “Jerilderie letter,” which was written by Australia’s most famous outlaw, Ned Kelly, after a bank robbery in 1879. The fifty-six page long original letter is expanded in Carey’s version into thirteen parcels which actually make up this epistolary novel. My Life as a Fake (2003 is a roman a clef based on the literary hoax which took place in Melbourne in 1944 and assumed an Ossianic significance in the Australian literary establishment. Wishing to explore the depths of degradation which, in their opinion, Australian modernist poetry had reached, two young disgruntled poets, Harold Stewart and James McAuley, conjured up a fictitious poet, Ern Malley, a mechanic and the author of The Darkening

  3. Use of and inhospital outcomes after early clopidogrel therapy in patients not undergoing an early invasive strategy for treatment of non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: results from Can Rapid risk stratification of Unstable angina patients Suppress ADverse outcomes with Early implementation of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines (CRUSADE). (United States)

    Alexander, Deepu; Ou, Fang-Shu; Roe, Matthew T; Pollack, Charles V; Ohman, E Magnus; Cannon, Christopher P; Gibler, W Brian; Fintel, Dan J; Peterson, Eric D; Brown, David L


    Although current guidelines recommend early initiation of clopidogrel in patients with non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI), the degree to which it has been adopted in clinical practice remains unclear. We sought to determine patterns of early (vs 9.5%, P = .90). Until recently, up to 50% of NSTEMI patients in contemporary practice in the United States not undergoing PCI within 24 hours of arrival in the United States are not treated according to guideline recommendations. Among a high-risk NSTEMI population not undergoing PCI within 24 hours of arrival, the nonrandomized short-term use of clopidogrel is associated with a lower risk of inhospital mortality without an increased risk of major bleeding.

  4. High-dose therapy and autologous transplantation for lymphoma: the Peter MacCallum Cancer institute experience

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dowling, A.J.; Prince, H.M.; Wolf, M.; Januszewicz, H.; Seymour, J.F.; Gates, P.; Wirth, A.; Juneja, S.; Smith, J.G.


    High-dose therapy (HDT) with autologous bone marrow or blood cell transplantation for the treatment of lymphoma commenced at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in 1986. To examine the patient characteristics and outcomes of patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) and Hodgkin's disease (HD) treated with HDT and autologous transplantation at our Institute in the first 10 years of the service (1986-95). A retrospective analysis was performed examining patient characteristics, prior chemotherapy regimens, pretransplant disease status, HDT regimen, source of stem cells, time for haematopoietic recovery, complications of transplantation, response rates, overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS). Sixty-seven patients with NHL were treated with an estimated 5-year OS rate of 44% (95% confidence interval (CI) 32-56%) and PFS rate of 34% (95% CI 21-44%). Factors independently predictive of an unfavourable PFS on multivariate analyses were presence of constitutional symptoms at transplant (P < 0.002) and chemotherapy-resistant disease at transplant (P= 0.02). Twenty-three patients with HD were treated with a 5-year predicted OS rate of 74% (95% CI 56-92%) and PFS rate of 57% (95% CI 36-77%).There was no difference in PFS for HD patients who relapsed either within 12 months of completion of front-line therapy or after this time (P =0.5). The transplant-related mortality for the entire cohort was 17%, with a progressive decrease over time. HDT with autologous transplantation achieves durable PFS and OS in patients with lymphoma. Improved patient selection, therapy modifications according to prognostic factors and ongoing improvements in supportive care should improve outcomes further

  5. La transposición como procedimiento artístico en la obra de Peter Rostovsky

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Guillermina Fressoli


    Full Text Available Este trabajo indaga la obra del artista Peter Rostovsky, el uso de la transposición  como recurso estético. El caso ofrece un ejemplo de cómo la transposición, en el marco de una tendencia artística que trabaja desde la deconstrucción de diferentes códigos o representaciones culturales, puede devenir un recurso que apela a una referencia compartida con un eventual espectador a fin de componer un discurso poético. Como hipótesis se considera que a través de este procedimiento el artista  reflexiona sobre el desplazamiento de hábitos de visibilidad y percepción en la cultura contemporánea. Este dispositivo, que revisita diferentes obras modernas, formula un enunciado que reflexiona sobre el estatuto de la experiencia en la actualidad. Para desarrollar el problema que el caso plantea se indagará específicamente sobre la serie Ephifany Models en la que el artista reelabora la obra del pintor Caspar Friedrich y, a través de él, los recursos pictóricos del romanticismo alemán. En esa reelaboración Rostovsky traslada el texto decimonónico a una nueva materia significante, este desplazamiento que el artista establece entre el discurso romántico y los recursos del arte contemporáneo comprometen valoraciones sociales y culturales que producen un cambio de sentido del texto fuente constituyendo una transposición.

  6. Flynn, Peter, et al. Interconnecting Translation Studies and Imagology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2016, 340 p

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davi S. Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Contrary to the idea of following a precise conceptual plan in what concerns translation choices and beliefs, and to the detriment of traditional more prescriptive views on translation techniques, the possibility of intuition and creativity surface from contemporary critiques upon the matter. Such shift has not only bestowed translations with a deserved arena for them to perform their task, but has actually provided them with important tools for one to position him/herself socially and politically in what regards an issue that have always been social and political: the text. When I kidnap meaning from the original and suggest it actually belongs to every instance that happens to touch it, the autonomy inevitably directed by this process towards translator and reader ultimately grants both an opportunity to inflict a material and consistent influence on such meaning. That  is, when I pose that meanings do not belong to the original, such meanings end up losing their status of “possessions” – and eventually one learns they do not belong to anyone at all. The question one might be asking is: why would this autonomy to transform necessarily change anything for those involved in the enterprise of translation? Well, it does change many things; not to say everything. As translators acknowledge the active role they play for the maintenance or alteration of certain narratives, their task is no longer taken as a simple – uncontrollable – code transferring; i.e., translators are turned from rewriters into writers, from carriers  of old meanings into inventers of new ones. In the book Interconnecting Translation Studies and Imagology (2015 – edited by Peter Flynn, Luc van Doorslaer, and Joep Leerssen – the authors and compiled articles address the fact that it is only through a more autonomous notion of translation that questionable cultural aspects, as well as prejudiced images of this or that tradition, might be finally overcome.

  7. Exploring rape myths, gendered norms, group processing, and the social context of rape among college women: a qualitative analysis. (United States)

    Deming, Michelle E; Covan, Eleanor Krassen; Swan, Suzanne C; Billings, Deborah L


    The purpose of this research is to explore the negotiation strategies of college women as they interpret ambiguous rape scenarios. In focus groups, 1st- and 4th-year college women were presented with a series of three vignettes depicting incidents that meet the legal criteria for rape yet are ambiguous due to the presence of cultural rape myths, contexts involving alcohol consumption, varying degrees of consent, and a known perpetrator. These contexts are critical in understanding how college women define rape. Key findings indicated many of these college women utilized rape myths and norms within their peer groups to interpret rape scenarios.

  8. A New Energy-Centered Curriculum for Community College Students (United States)

    Johnson, Kevin; Haung, Jingrong; Zwicker, Andrew


    For many years, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory's (PPPL) science education program has run ``Energy in the 21^st Century'' workshops for K-12 teachers and students. These workshops have focused on non fossil fuel sources of energy including solar, hydrogen fuel cells, and fusion. A new program was recently started at a local community college focusing on these same topics. In the first year, new labs will be woven into the existing physics curriculum. These labs explore advantages and disadvantages of each energy source. The goals of the program include increasing students' interest in science with the expectation that they will pursue higher education at a four year college and beyond. In future years, this program will be expanded to include other topics throughout the existing curriculum. This is just the start of expanding the level of education offered at the local community college.

  9. Impact of human-associated Escherichia coli clonal groups in Antarctic pinnipeds: presence of ST73, ST95, ST141 and ST131. (United States)

    Mora, Azucena; García-Peña, Francisco Javier; Alonso, María Pilar; Pedraza-Diaz, Susana; Ortega-Mora, Luis Miguel; Garcia-Parraga, Daniel; López, Cecilia; Viso, Susana; Dahbi, Ghizlane; Marzoa, Juan; Sergeant, Martin J; García, Vanesa; Blanco, Jorge


    There is growing concern about the spreading of human microorganisms in relatively untouched ecosystems such as the Antarctic region. For this reason, three pinniped species (Leptonychotes weddellii, Mirounga leonina and Arctocephalus gazella) from the west coast of the Antartic Peninsula were analysed for the presence of Escherichia spp. with the recovery of 158 E. coli and three E. albertii isolates. From those, 23 harboured different eae variants (α1, β1, β2, ε1, θ1, κ, ο), including a bfpA-positive isolate (O49:H10-A-ST206, eae-k) classified as typical enteropathogenic E. coli. Noteworthy, 62 of the 158 E. coli isolates (39.2%) exhibited the ExPEC status and 27 (17.1%) belonged to sequence types (ST) frequently occurring among urinary/bacteremia ExPEC clones: ST12, ST73, ST95, ST131 and ST141. We found similarities >85% within the PFGE-macrorrestriction profiles of pinniped and human clinic O2:H6-B2-ST141 and O16:H5/O25b:H4-B2-ST131 isolates. The in silico analysis of ST131 Cplx genomes from the three pinnipeds (five O25:H4-ST131/PST43-fimH22-virotype D; one O16:H5-ST131/PST506-fimH41; one O25:H4-ST6252/PST9-fimH22-virotype D1) identified IncF and IncI1 plasmids and revealed high core-genome similarities between pinniped and human isolates (H22 and H41 subclones). This is the first study to demonstrate the worrisome presence of human-associated E. coli clonal groups, including ST131, in Antarctic pinnipeds.

  10. Dating Violence among College Students: Key Issues for College Counselors (United States)

    Murray, Christine E.; Kardatzke, Kerrie N.


    The authors present a review of literature examining dating violence among college students. They describe 6 key issues related to dating violence among college students that affect college counselors' work. These key issues relate to the incidence and prevalence of physical, sexual, and psychological violence in college students' dating…

  11. 21st International Seapower Symposium (United States)


    miral Guillermo Barrera, Colombian Navy (Ret.), and CNO Distinguished Inter- national Fellow at the U.S. Naval War College. Admiral Barrera examined...domain, covering a variety of areas, including military security, resource security, passage security, and environmental security. To address maritime...general framework for the intervention of navies in monitoring activity taking place at sea. Likewise, domes- tic legislation specifies the navy’s mission

  12. Investigating the Learning Challenges Presented by Digital Technologies to the College of Education in Kuwait University (United States)

    Aldhafeeri, Fayiz; Male, Trevor


    There is now widespread recognition that digital technologies, particularly portable hand held devices capable of Internet connection, present opportunities and challenges to the way in which student learning is organized in schools, colleges and institutions of higher education in the 21st Century. Traxler, "Journal of the Research Centre…

  13. Characteristics of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States: A Reciprocal Interdependence Analysis (United States)

    LaBelle, Jeffrey; Kendall, Daniel


    What common values do diverse Jesuit institutions share? In what ways are Jesuit colleges and universities working to maintain mission, identity, and traditions within the context of 21st-century higher education? To ground their response to these questions, the researchers first review the historical and ecclesial developments that have…

  14. Multimodal Representation Contributes to the Complex Development of Science Literacy in a College Biology Class (United States)

    Bennett, William Drew


    This study is an investigation into the science literacy of college genetics students who were given a modified curriculum to address specific teaching and learning problems from a previous class. This study arose out of an interest by the professor and researcher to determine how well students in the class Human Genetics in the 21st Century…

  15. Managing the College Classroom: Perspectives from an Introvert and an Extrovert (United States)

    Braden, Stephen W.; Smith, Deborah N.


    One of the biggest challenges facing college instructors in the 21st century is classroom misbehavior. The authors propose that how one handles classroom incivility is a matter of personality type. One of the authors is an extrovert; the other an introvert. The authors discuss personality theory, general classroom management, how to identify…

  16. The Role of Women's Colleges and Universities in Providing Access to Postsecondary Education (United States)

    Renn, Kristen A.


    Based on a qualitative, comparative, multiple case study of the contributions and status of 21st century women's colleges and universities, this article analyzes the topic of women's access to postsecondary education in ten nations. Despite decreasing numbers of women-only institutions in some regions (e.g., North America), the sector is growing…

  17. Problem Gambling on College Campuses (United States)

    McComb, Jennifer L.; Hanson, William E.


    The vast majority of college students gamble, with some doing so problematically. This article discusses gambling and problem gambling among college students, framing it as an emerging health issue on college campuses nationwide. Given that 4 out of 5 college students admit to gambling, and that approximately 8% gamble problematically, it is…

  18. Peter Møllgaard

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Møllgaard, Peter


    Den grønne omstilling og forsyningssikkerheden kan og skal sikres via øget samarbejde over grænserne og baseres på energy-only-modellen. Det var Energikommissionens anbefaling til et af de centrale strategiske valg i energi- og klimapolitikken. Det repræsenterer i sig selv en ny kurs i energipoli...

  19. Letter from Peter Davis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Peter Davis


    This article begins with the writings of the efforts of certain groups who try to incorporate the information that is misunderstanding and conflict with modern scientific facts relating to the dangers of nuclear power plants and radioactive waste. At the same time these people try analyzes the idea that the solar panels and windmills can produce enough electricity to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power is not required to make. During the period of human life, the various forms of energy have been applied. In life and art that developed at this time, more energy is needed. Accordingly, the fourth-generation nuclear reactor with a production capacity of high temperature operation and is said to have special advantages for the supply of cheap energy and no pollution, is needed in developing countries.

  20. Peter Debye and Electrochemistry

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    however, remember him for the Debye–Hückel limiting law that describes the behavior ... ing the non-ideal behavior of strong electrolytes, his math- ematical treatment ... and the diffraction of X-rays and electrons in gases, he is best known to ...

  1. Peter N. Ciesielski | NREL (United States)

    ," ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering (2018) "Enhanced mobility CsPbI3 quantum dot : Homologous Series of Oxygenated C5 Molecules," The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2017) " Chemistry and Engineering (2017) "Predictive Model for Particle Residence Time Distributions in Riser

  2. Peter Debye and Electrochemistry

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Author Affiliations. A K Shukla1 T Prem Kumar2. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012, India. Electrochemical Power Systems Division Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CSIR) Karaikudi 630006, India.

  3. Going to College (United States)

    ... chocolate cake. Many college campuses have lots of fast-food restaurants within easy reach of dorms or classes. ... re stressed, means you are overriding your body's natural signals. This tends to lead to more chaotic ...

  4. American College of Gastroenterology (United States)

    ... journal published to provide an opportunity to share interesting case reports. Edited by GI fellows, it is ... AmCollegeGastro Events November 9 Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases – AIBD 2017 November 9 - 11, 2017 Walt Disney ...

  5. Getting Exercise in College (United States)

    ... in college? What Does My Body Need? The importance of exercise is nothing new. Thomas Jefferson once ... commitment to regular activity. According to the 2008 Physical activity guidelines, kids and teens should do 60 minutes ...

  6. Fort St. Vrain core performance

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McEachern, D.W.; Brown, J.R.; Heller, R.A.; Franek, W.J.


    The Fort St. Vrain High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor core performance has been evaluated during the startup testing phase of the reactor operation. The reactor is graphite moderated, helium cooled, and uses coated particle fuel and on-line flow control to each of the 37 refueling regions. Principal objectives of startup testing were to determine: core and control system reactivity, radial power distribution, flow control capability, and initial fission product release. Information from the core demonstrates that Technical Specifications are being met, performance of the core and fuel is as expected, flow and reactivity control are predictable and simple for the operator to carry out

  7. 1st International Conference on Advancements of Medical Electronics

    CERN Document Server

    Bag, Sandip; Ganguly, Karabi; Sarkar, Indranath; Biswas, Papun


    The book is a collection of peer-reviewed scientific papers submitted by active researchers in the 1st International Conference on Advancements of Medical Electronics (ICAME2015). The conference is organized jointly by the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering, JIS College of Engineering, West Bengal, India. The primary objective of the conference is to strengthen interdisciplinary research and its applications for the welfare of humanity. A galaxy of academicians, professionals, scientists, statesman and researchers from different parts of the country and abroad got together and shared their knowledge. The book presents research articles of medical image processing & analysis, biomedical instrumentation & measurements, DSP & clinical applications, embedded systems & its applications in healthcare. The book can be referred as a tool for further research.

  8. Features of distribution and quality of organic matter in the bottom sediments of the Great Peter Bay (Sea of Japan) (United States)

    Nesterova, Olga; Tregubova, Valentina; Semal, Victoria; Vasenev, Ivan


    The nature and distribution of organic carbon in marine waters depends on: 1) biological productivity and revenue of the autochthonous organic matter to the bottom; 2) sediment grain-size composition and conditions of dumping, which in turn depends of hydrothermic regime, topography, speed River mist and received major erosion products; 3) living conditions of the benthos (the quantity consumed of OM, gas regime of habitats, physiological capacity of heterotrophs). Autochthonous OM of phytoplankton plays a dominant role in the processes of formation of humus in aquatic conditions. Bottom sediments at different distance from the shoreline to depths from 0.5 up to 480 m of the Sea of Japan, which are formed in various conditions of facies, were selected as the objects of study. There is no clear relationships to the amount of organic matter in bottom sediments on the characteristics of the distribution and nature of living matter in the oceans and seas. This is because the process of sedimentation and fossilization of organic matter on the seabed and the ocean floor depends on many factors (currents, depth). Humus of studied bottom sediments in composition can be attributed mainly to the humic type. Nonhydrolyzing rest is 70-90%. This is characteristic of bottom sediments formed in facial types of small bays, internal coastal shelf bights and the underwater slope. At a fraction of the carbon of humic acids in organic matter, ranging from 4 to 80% of the amount of humic and fulvic acids. Fulvic acids content is much less. This is due to more favourable conservation situation of humic acids in precipitation with high content of organic matter, whereas fulvic acids in aquatic environments are more labile and almost not dumped. Despite the fact humic acids are not the most stable component (s), however, with increased content of humic acids, the mobility of organic matter and removing it from the bottom sediments are reduced. Internal shelf facies of the Great Peter Bay

  9. Karyotypic variation in Rhinophylla pumilio Peters, 1865 and comparative analysis with representatives of two subfamilies of Phyllostomidae (Chiroptera

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Gomes


    Full Text Available The family Phyllostomidae belongs to the most abundant and diverse group of bats in the Neotropics with more morphological traits variation at the family level than any other group within mammals. In this work, we present data of chromosome banding (G, C and Ag-NOR and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH for representatives of Rhinophylla pumilio Peters, 1865 collected in four states of Brazil (Amazonas, Bahia, Mato Grosso and Pará. Two karyomorphs were found in this species: 2n=34, FN=64 in populations from western Pará and Mato Grosso states and 2n=34, FN=62 from Amazonas, Bahia, and northeastern Pará and Marajó Island (northern. Difference in the Fundamental Number is determined by variation in the size of the Nucleolar Organizer Region (NOR accompanied with heterochromatin on chromosomes of pair 16 or, alternatively, a pericentric inversion. The C-banding technique detected constitutive heterochromatin in the centromeric regions of all chromosomes and on the distal part of the long arm of pair 15 of specimens from all localities. FISH with a DNA telomeric probe did not show any interstitial sequence, and an 18S rDNA probe and silver staining revealed the presence of NOR in the long arm of the pair 15, associated with heterochromatin, and in the short arm of the pair 16 for all specimens. The intra-specific analysis using chromosome banding did not show any significant difference between the samples. The comparative analyses using G-banding have shown that nearly all chromosomes of R. pumilio were conserved in the chromosome complements of Glossophaga soricina Pallas, 1766, Phyllostomus hastatus Pallas, 1767, Phyllostomus discolor Wagner, 1843 and Mimon crenulatum Geoffroy, 1801, with a single chromosomal pair unique to R. pumilio (pair 15. However, two chromosomes of M. crenulatum are polymorphic for two independent pericentric inversions. The karyotype with 2n=34, NF=62 is probably the ancestral one for the other karyotypes

  10. Diet of the oilfish Ruvettus pretiosus (Perciformes: Gempylidae in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul archipelago, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danielle de Lima Viana


    Full Text Available Feeding aspects of the oilfish, Ruvettus pretiosus, were studied based on 360 stomachs of both male and female specimens caught off the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago. The total length of the specimens ranged from 52.4 cm to 189.0 cm. Of the 360 stomachs examined, 135 presented some food and 225 were empty. Thirty-four taxa were identified, represented by 16 fish, 17 cephalopods and 1 crustacean. The stabilization of the food items richness was attained at 35 food items and 104 stomachs, approximately. A remarkable predation upon the flying fish Cheilopogon cyanopterus was observed around SPSPA, directly related to the main reproductive period of this species in the area. The oilfish's food spectrum shows that the species feeds on a wide vertical range in the water column, catching prey items at the surface or in shallow waters, as well as epi-mesopelagic fish, in addition to mesopelagic cephalopods.Aspectos alimentares do peixe-prego, Ruvettus pretiosus, foram estudados com base nos estômagos de 360 espécimes, de ambos os sexos, capturados nos arredores do Arquipélago de São Pedro e São Paulo. Todos os exemplares foram capturados com linha de mão. O comprimento total dos exemplares variou de 52,4 cm a 189,0 cm. Dos 360 estômagos examinados, 135 apresentaram algum alimento e 225 estavam vazios. Trinta e quatro táxons foram identificados, representados por 16 peixes, 17 cefalópodes e um crustáceo. A estabilização da riqueza dos itens alimentares foi obtida com 35 itens e 104 estômagos. Uma predação notável sobre o peixe-voador Cheilopogon cyanopterus foi observada nas adjacências do ASPSP, diretamente relacionada com o principal período reprodutivo dessa espécie na área. O espectro alimentar do peixe-prego mostra que a espécie se alimenta em uma ampla faixa vertical na coluna d'agua, capturando desde presas de superfície ou águas rasas, a peixes epi-mesopelágicos, além de cefalópodes mesopelágicos.

  11. «I’ll kill him and I’ll eat him!»: Peter Greenaway and the cinematic Trauerspiel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mattia Petricola


    Full Text Available The career of British director Peter Greenaway, now more than four decades long, has often been animated by a profound interest in what one may call the aesthetics of death. This is particularly true for his 80s and 90s films, which explore a wide array of strategies for the staging and ritualization of death. In The Cook, the Thief, his Wife & Her Lover (1989, for the first time, this interest takes Greenaway into the territories of the tragic.I propose to rethink the fundamental relationship that Greenaway’s film entertains with the narrative and aesthetic forms of the tragic. More precisely, I suggest to interpret The Cook in the light of the reflections on the Trauerspiel (mourning-play that Walter Benjamin elaborates in The Origin of German Tragic Drama [Ursprung des deutschen Trauerspiels]. After giving a short account of the first macro-section of Benjamin’s essay, I will argue that the opposition between the Thief and the Lover mirrors the Trauerspiel’s opposition between Tyrant and Martyr, that Benjamin regards as one of the conceptual cores of this theatrical form. This, in turn, reflects the presence in the film of a more abstract conflict between two systems for the construction of knowledge and experience. By drawing on Benjamin’s study, I will trace this conflict back to the opposition between nature and books in baroque culture.The battle between the Thief/Tyrant and the Lover/Martyr takes the form of a succession of rites and counter-rites for the (unmaking of social bonds, and the film constructs these rites by clearly referring to the Christian imagination and its subversion. I will contend that the motif of the subversion of the Holy Communion can provide us with a unifying key for the interpretation of the film. From a semiotic perspective, this manipulation consists in the substitution of what our culture constructs as food with its dysphoric counterparts: decay, excrement, and human flesh.

  12. Evaluation of guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters) immunization against Tetrahymena sp. by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). (United States)

    Sharon, Galit; Nath, Pulak R; Isakov, Noah; Zilberg, Dina


    Analysis of the effectiveness of guppy (Poecilia reticulata Peters) immunization based on measurements of antibody (Ab) titers suffers from a shortage of reagents that can detect guppy antibodies (Abs). To overcome this problem, we immunized mice with different preparations of guppy immunoglobulins (Igs) and used the mouse antisera to develop a quantitative enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The most efficient immunogen for mouse immunization was guppy Igs adsorbed on protein A/G beads. Antisera from mice boosted with this immunoglobulin (Ig) preparation were highly specific and contained high Ab titers. They immunoreacted in a Western blot with Ig heavy and light chains from guppy serum, and Ig heavy chain from guppy whole-body homogenate. The mouse anti-guppy Ig was applied in an ELISA aimed at comparing the efficiency of different routes of guppy immunization against Tetrahymena: (i) anal intubation with sonicated Tetrahymena (40,000 Tetrahymena/fish in a total volume of 10 μL) mixed with domperidon, deoxycholic acid and free amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine and tryptophan), or (ii) intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of sonicated Tetrahymena in complete Freund's adjuvant (15,000 Tetrahymena/fish in total a volume of 20 μL). Negative control fish were anally intubated with the intubation mixture without Tetrahymena, or untreated. ELISA measurement of anti-Tetrahymena Ab titer revealed a significantly higher level of Abs in i.p.-immunized guppies, compared to the anally intubated and control fish. In addition, the efficiency of immunization was tested by monitoring guppy mortality following (i) i.p. challenge with Tetrahymena (900 Tetrahymena/fish) or (ii) cold stress followed by immersion in water containing 10,000 Tetrahymena/mL. Fish mortality on day 14 post-Tetrahymena infection by i.p. injection exceeded 50% in the control and anally intubated fish, compared to 31% in i.p.-immunized fish. Immunization did not protect from

  13. Special report: Mt. St. Helens (United States)

    Mt. St Helens Volcano, Cascade Range, Southern Washington, USA (46.20°N, 122.18°W.) All times are local (GMT - 7 h through October 24, GMT - 8 h thereafter. Lava extrusion that probably began October 30 added a new lobe to the composite dome in the crater of Mt. St. Helens. After lava extrusion ended September 10 (see September 22 Eos), rates of deformation in the crater remained low for several weeks, as they had after earlier extrusion episodes. Sulfur dioxide emission ranged from 70 to 190 tons per day between October 9 and 24, but showed no particular trends. Inflation of the dome has caused small thrust faults to form in the surrounding crater floor. In early October the most active thrust, south of the dome, was moving at about 1.5 cm/d, and stations on the north crater rampart showed outward movement of about 0.5 cm/d. By October 24 these rates had increased to 14.5 and 3.5-4 cm/d, respectively, and leveling profiles perpendicular to the dome showed that crater floor tilt rates had reached 400-500 μrad/d, prompting the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to issue an advisory prediction of renewed lava extrusion within the next two weeks.

  14. Inquiry-based science: Preparing human capital for the 21 st century and beyond (United States)

    Boyd, Yolanda F.

    High school students need to graduate with 21st century skills to be college and career ready and to be competitive in a global marketplace. A positive trend exists favoring inquiry-based instructional practices that purportedly not only increase science content knowledge, but also 21 st century skill development. A suburban school district, Areal Township (pseudonym), implemented an inquiry-based science program based on this trend; however, the degree to which the program has been meeting students' needs for science content knowledge and 21st century skills development has not been explored. If we were to understand the process by which an inquiry-based science program contributes to attainment of science content and 21st century skill development, then we might be able to improve the delivery of the program and provide a model to be adopted by other schools. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptive case study was to engage with multiple stakeholders to formatively assess the successes and obstacles for helping students to achieve science content and 21st century skills through an inquiry-based curriculum. Using constructivist theory, this study aimed to address the following central research question: How does the implementation of an inquiry-based program within the Areal Township School District (ATSD) support the acquisition of science content knowledge and the development of 21st century skills? This study found that 21st century skill development is embedded in inquiry-based instructional practices. These practices engage students in meaningful learning that spirals in content and is measured using diverse assessments. Time to do inquiry-based science and adequate time for collegial collaboration were obstacles for educators in grades K-5. Other obstacles were turnkey professional development and a lack of ongoing program monitoring, as a result of imposed extrinsic factors from state and federal mandates. Lastly, it was discovered that not all parts of

  15. Infographics as Eye Candy: Review of World War II in Numbers: An Infographic Guide to the Conflict, Its Conduct, and Its Casualties by Peter Doyle (2013

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joel Best


    Full Text Available Peter Doyle. World War II in Numbers: An Infographic Guide to the Conflict, Its Conduct, and Its Casualties, illustrated by Lindsey Johns (Buffalo NY: Firefly Books, 2013. 224 pp. ISBN: 177085195X. Doyle’s book contains dozens of graphs of statistical data dealing with World War II. Many of these graphs are visually striking. However, they often violate fundamental graphing principles, in that they distort quantitative relationships, use unidentified scales, and often make it difficult to compare quantities. Graphic software makes it easy to create imaginative images, but these can fail to communicate the very information that is the graph’s purpose.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Radu Ștefan VERGATTI


    Full Text Available Constantin Brâncoveanu (1688-1714, Prince of Wallachia, and Peter I the Great (1682-1725, Tsar of the entire Russia, are remembered as two European personalities of remarkable importance. Their relationship was indirect, as they never had actually met. Nevertheless, in their foreign politic both were united by a common aspiration towards to blow the Sublime Porte. By his actions the Romanian voivode aspired to maintain the independence of his state. In its turn, the tsar was looking to conquer the Istanbul and to get into control over three continents

  17. AVTA Federal Fleet PEV Readiness Data Logging and Characterization Study for Department of Veterans Affairs. James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schey, Stephen [Intertek Testing Services, North America, Phoenix, AZ (United States); Francfort, Jim [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    This report focuses on the Department of Veterans Affairs, James J. Peters VA Medical Center (VA - Bronx) fleet to identify daily operational characteristics of select vehicles and report findings on vehicle and mission characterizations to support the successful introduction of PEVs into the agencies’ fleets. Individual observations of these selected vehicles provide the basis for recommendations related to electric vehicle adoption and whether a battery electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (collectively referred to as PEVs) can fulfill the mission requirements.

  18. ¿Acaso no somos bibliotecarios? El ideal humanista en la profesión bibliotecaria a la luz de las Normas para el parque humano de Peter Sloterdijk = Are we not Librarians? The Humanist Ideal in Librarianship in Light of Peter Sloterdijk’s «Rules for the Human Zoo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilo Franco


    Full Text Available El presente artículo aborda algunos de los postulados más relevantes de la polémica y notoria ponencia “Regeln für den Menschenpark”, presentada por el filósofo alemán Peter Sloterdijk en julio de 1999, en relación con cierto llamamiento en pos de una renovación del ideal humanista en la profesión bibliotecaria lanzado tanto desde dentro como desde fuera de la misma durante las últimas décadas = This article tackles some of the most relevant postulates in the controversial and notorious presentation “Regeln für den Menschenpark”, lectured by German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk in July 1999, as related to certain appeal for a renewal of the Humanist ideal in Librarianship launched both from within and without thereof over the past decades.

  19. Quality Education in English class in vocational college

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Quality education in English teaching in elementary education should transit from examination-oriented education to quality education,which is an explicit requirement of CPC Central Committee and the State Council to the education in vocational colleges.Quality education in vocational colleges faces the challenges of the 21st century education and needs to be carried out in-depth reform.This paper collects different kinds of books and information about the Quality education.It tries to answer the following questions:what is the quality education in vocational college? What contents does it include? In the past years,many English teachers and educators have made a great effort in this area,and they have got great achievements in this field.Therefore,to strengthen the quality education in vocational college is the core and the key to the students.The reform and opening up to the world,the rapid economic development and the rapid expansion of foreign exchanges of China today demands the quality education in vocational college as particularly importance in English Teaching.

  20. 33 CFR 100.915 - St. Clair River Classic Offshore Race, St. Clair, MI. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false St. Clair River Classic Offshore Race, St. Clair, MI. 100.915 Section 100.915 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY REGATTAS AND MARINE PARADES SAFETY OF LIFE ON NAVIGABLE WATERS § 100.915 St. Clair River...

  1. Mentorship through advisory colleges. (United States)

    Murr, Andrew H; Miller, Carol; Papadakis, Maxine


    Medical students face pressures ranging from the need to create a social network to learning vast amounts of scientific material. Students often feel isolated in this system and lack mentorship. In order to counteract feelings of bureaucratic anonymity and isolation, the University of California San Francisco has created an advisory college to foster the professional and personal growth and well being of students. UCSF has developed a formal structure to advise medical students. A selection committee, chaired by the associate dean of student affairs, appointed five faculty mentors to head advisory colleges. These five colleges serve as the advising and well-being infrastructure for the students. Mentors were chosen from a balanced range of clinical disciplines, both primary and specialty. The disciplines are obstetrics-gynecology, otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, medicine, pediatrics, and psychiatry. The mentors have demonstrated excellence in advising and counseling of students. Mentors meet individually at the beginning of the academic year with incoming first-year and second-year students. They then have bimonthly meetings with eight to ten students within each college throughout the academic year. Curricula for these group sessions include well-being discussions and coping techniques, sessions on the hidden and informal curriculum of professionalism, and discussions on career choices and strategies. For third-year students, advisory college meetings are scheduled during intersessions, which are weeklong courses that occur between the eight-week clerkship blocks. Mentors are available throughout the year to meet with students on an as-needed basis, and advisory colleges may hold group social activities. The dean's office supports each mentor with 20% salary and provides administrative support for the group college activities. Historically, UCSF students feel they receive an excellent education and appropriate job opportunities, but they do not feel they

  2. Unmarried parents in college. (United States)

    Goldrick-Rab, Sara; Sorensen, Kia


    Noting that access to higher education has expanded dramatically in the past several decades, Sara Goldrick-Rab and Kia Sorensen focus on how unmarried parents fare once they enter college. Contrary to the expectation that access to college consistently promotes family stability and economic security, the authors argue that deficiencies in current policy lead college attendance to have adverse consequences for some families headed by unmarried parents. Although rates of college attendance have increased substantially among unmarried parents, their college completion rates are low. One explanation is inadequate academic preparation. Another is financial constraints, which can force unmarried students to interrupt their studies or increase their work hours, both of which compromise the quality of their educational experiences and the outcomes for their children. The authors point out that although many public programs offer support to unmarried parents attending college, the support is neither well coordinated nor easily accessed. Over the past three decades, loans have increasingly replaced grants as the most common form of federal and state financial aid. Confusion about what is available leads many low-income students to the two most "straightforward" sources of income--loans and work, both of which involve significant costs and can operate at cross-purposes with public forms of support. Too much work can lead to reductions in public benefits, and earnings do not always replace the lost income. A growing body of experimental evidence shows that providing social, financial, and academic supports to vulnerable community college students can improve achievement and attainment. Contextualized learning programs, for example, have enabled participants not only to move on from basic skills to credit-bearing coursework, but also to complete credits, earn certificates, and make gains on basic skills tests. Another successful initiative provided low-performing students with

  3. Pre-college education (United States)

    Stein, Sylvia


    Pre-college education efforts are many and varied, involving the teachers, students, parents, museums, and youth groups. However, it is necessary to reach out to school administration at all levels if teachers are to be innovative in their approaches. This introductory meeting clearly indicated that more interaction between the participants would be profitable. It is clear that the science pipeline leading from kindergarten to college entry needs to be filled with students. What is not clear is how we can do it. The plethora of projects being pursued by the NASA Space Grant College Fellowship (NSGC) programs to accomplish that goal are heartening and exciting. However, this large gamut of programs may also indicate how new we are in this game and how little anyone knows about creating a pre-college interest in science and engineering. In a way, it resembles the situation of the common cold--there is no known cure yet, so there are many so-called remedies. Unfortunately, the time we had together was entirely too short to address the evaluation situation, so that we can in the future zero in on the most effective approaches. This report is a summary of the many ways the different NSGC' s are approaching pre-college education and a list of suggestions.

  4. 21st International Meshing Roundtable

    CERN Document Server

    Weill, Jean-Christophe


    This volume contains the articles presented at the 21st International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) organized, in part, by Sandia National Laboratories and was held on October 7–10, 2012 in San Jose, CA, USA. The first IMR was held in 1992, and the conference series has been held annually since. Each year the IMR brings together researchers, developers, and application experts in a variety of disciplines, from all over the world, to present and discuss ideas on mesh generation and related topics. The technical papers in this volume present theoretical and novel ideas and algorithms with practical potential, as well as technical applications in science and engineering, geometric modeling, computer graphics, and visualization.

  5. Fort St. Vrain decommissioning project

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fisher, M.


    Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo), owner of the Fort St. Vrain nuclear generating station, achieved its final decommissioning goal on August 5, 1997 when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission terminated the Part 50 reactor license. PSCo pioneered and completed the world's first successful decommissioning of a commercial nuclear power plant after many years of operation. In August 1989, PSCo decided to permanently shutdown the reactor and proceed with its decommissioning. The decision to proceed with early dismantlement as the appropriate decommissioning method proved wise for all stake holders - present and future - by mitigating potential environmental impacts and reducing financial risks to company shareholders, customers, employees, neighboring communities and regulators. We believe that PSCo's decommissioning process set an exemplary standard for the world's nuclear industry and provided leadership, innovation, advancement and distinguished contributions to other decommissioning efforts throughout the world. (author)

  6. 21st Century Security Manager

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stelian ARION


    Full Text Available We live in world of uncertainty that generates major paradigms changing that affect security risk management. Modern organization’s security risks management can’t be done without a profound knowlegde and daily practice for security governance, security risk management and resilience. 21st Century security manager need to deal with several areas of konwledge in order to succesfully manage security risks. The document presents the advantages, disadvantages and challenges for security managers thah have government backgroud, or IT security backgroud, or are promoted from organization’s inside leaders. There are six different areas of knowledge that successful security programs of the future must incorporate, either in the knowledge base of their leaders or in the collective knowledge of the leading staff. They are government elements, security organization, emerging issue awareness, IT security, business elements and executive leadership.

  7. Data Abstraction Mechanisms in Sina/st

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meyrowitz, N.K.; Aksit, Mehmet; Tripathi, Anand


    This paper describes a new data abstraction mechanism in an object-oriented model of computing. The data abstraction mechanism described here has been devised in the context of the design of Sina/st language. In Sina/st no language constructs have been adopted for specifying inheritance or

  8. 21st Century Skills Map: The Arts (United States)

    Dean, Colleen; Ebert, Christie M. Lynch; McGreevy-Nichols, Susan; Quinn, Betsy; Sabol, F. Robert; Schmid, Dale; Shauck, R. Barry; Shuler, Scott C.


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of the Arts.

  9. 21st Century Skills Map: Geography (United States)

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2009


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of Geography.

  10. 21st Century Skills Map: World Languages (United States)

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2011


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of World Languages. [Funding for this paper was provided by EF Education.

  11. Firmaets Største Bedrift

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Peer Henrik

    fortæller, hvordan de tidligere modstandsfolk Arne Sejr og Niels Frommelt få år efter befrielsen etablerede deres såkaldte Firma for med støtte fra ledende danske politikere, Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste og CIA at organisere en hemmelig krig mod Sovjetunionens danske støtter. Meget tyder på, at både...

  12. Analysis of subsequent publication and impact of abstracts presented at the Sir Peter Freyer Surgical Symposium: Focus on the Plenary Session. (United States)

    O' Connor, D J; Lowery, A J; Kearney, D; McAnena, O J; Sweeney, K J; Kerin, M J


    The quality of abstracts presented at a conference reflects the academic activity and research productivity of the surgical/scientific association concerned. The abstract to publication rate (44.5 % internationally), is an important indicator of the quality of presented research. To evaluate the publication rate and impact of abstracts presented at the plenary session of the Sir Peter Freyer Surgical Symposium over a 25-year period (1989-2014), and identify factors influencing publication. Plenary abstracts were identified from abstract books of the Symposium from 1989-2014. The authors, institution, subspecialty and research subject were recorded. A Medline search with name of the first and last author, key words and content of all abstracts was conducted to identify related publications. The impact factor (IF) of the journal and the time to publication was recorded. 298 presented abstracts resulted in 168 publications (publication rate: 56 %). Basic Science research accounted for 80 % (n = 237) of the total number of presentations with the remaining 20 % (n = 61) being categorised as clinical research. Overall, cancer research accounted for 48 % of presented work. The average time to publication was 2 ± 7 years, while 11 % of all published studies achieved publication in the year of the symposium. The median impact factor for published research was 3.558 (IF range 0-39). These results indicate that the quality of papers presented at the Sir Peter Freyer Surgical Symposium compares favourably with international equivalents, making this meeting an important forum for Irish Academic Surgery.

  13. Exhibition “Byzantium through the Centuries” at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuri Pyatnitsky


    Full Text Available From June 24 to October 2, 2016, the Hermitage Museum held the exhibition Byzantium through the Centuries that enjoyed an exceptionally great success among the general public and professionals. The exhibition included unknown or little-known icons presented the variety of iconographic centers of Byzantium, and also Early Byzantine silver specimen found in the 19th century in the Crimea and Moldova. The concept – and this defined the structure of the exhibition – was purely art historical: to show the distinctive characteristics of the artistic language of Byzantium. The exhibition was displayed in the Nicholas Hall where visitors could see the art works from the 1st to the mid-15th century; the final chord was the painting Apostle St Peter of the famous El Greco. The objects of the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods demonstrated the basis that served as foundation for the new Christian art. Works of the 9th - 12th centuries from the museums of Greece, those themed with the art of the Crusaders in Byzantium, and Palaiologan icons of the 14th - mid-15th century – all reflected culture of local medieval centers and the high art of different schools of icon painting. The design of the exhibition made possible to grasp the whole hall, see the amazing unity and diversity of art works, feel their eternal spiritual value, and feel yourself in a special artistic surrounding. In connection with the exhibition the Hermitage issued two publications, a brochure The Art of Devine Beauty and Spirituality (Пятницкий 2016, and a richly illustrated volume Byzantium through the Centuries (Византия 2017.

  14. 77 FR 59035 - Notice of Intent To Rule on Request To Release Airport Property at the St. George Airport, St... (United States)


    ... To Release Airport Property at the St. George Airport, St. George, UT AGENCY: Federal Aviation... rule and invite public comment on the release of land at St. George Airport under the provisions of..., City of St. George, Utah, at the following address: Mr. Gary Esplin, City Manager, City of St. George...

  15. Constructing Learning-by-Doing Pedagogical Model for Delivering 21st Century Engineering Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghassan Frache


    Full Text Available The United Arab Emirates (UAE is dedicated to establishing the best teaching and learning environment for students and staff across all higher education institutions. To heed this call, the engineering division adopted the Learning-by-Doing (LBD pedagogical philosophy for 21st Century education at the heart of its strategic directions. This study intends to explore how LBD is understood and practiced in UAE colleges and how 21st Century skills can be explicitly incorporated into its engineering curriculum by using constructive alignment as a pattern for instructional design. This work intends to investigate the general question: “What constructively aligned Learning-by-Doing pedagogical model, with the incorporation of 21st Century skills, needs to be developed to effectively teach and prepare engineering students at the Higher College of Technology, UAE for successful long-term employment in the global working economy?”. Using mixed method research design and input from its major stakeholders, student survey questionnaires, engineering instructors and dean structured interviews, overt class observation and syllabi examination have all been utilized for data triangulation. In conclusion, the study developed a collaborative LBD model tailor-fitted to the institution’s engineering program and to UAE’s culture.

  16. Protecting Colleges and Students: Community College Strategies to Prevent Default (United States)

    McKibben, Bryce; La Rocque, Matthew; Cochrane, Debbie


    Student loan default, defined as federal loan borrowers' failure to make any payments for at least 270 days, is an issue of increasing importance to community colleges and their students. This report takes a unique look at student loan default at nine community colleges across the nation, and how those colleges are working to help students avoid…

  17. College and Community in Partnership: The Furniture College at Letterfrack. (United States)

    Rosenfeld, Stuart A.


    A community economic development organization in rural Ireland partnered with a technical college to build a college to teach furniture design and manufacturing, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and new production technologies. The college has been successful in attracting good students and helping them find employment. A research and…

  18. A Human Resource Development Action Plan for the Radiography Program Sponsored by Lincoln Land/St. John's Based on a View of the Radiographer of the Future. (United States)

    Dowd, Steven B.

    The purpose of a practicum was to develop an effective and valid human resource development plan based on a view of the practitioner of the future. The targeted program was one in radiography (radiologic technology) co-sponsored by Lincoln Land Community College and St. John's Hospital (Illinois). A review of the literature was used to establish a…

  19. Galleria mellonella infection model demonstrates high lethality of ST69 and ST127 uropathogenic E. coli.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Majed F Alghoribi

    Full Text Available Galleria mellonella larvae are an alternative in vivo model for investigating bacterial pathogenicity. Here, we examined the pathogenicity of 71 isolates from five leading uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC lineages using G. mellonella larvae. Larvae were challenged with a range of inoculum doses to determine the 50% lethal dose (LD50 and for analysis of survival outcome using Kaplan-Meier plots. Virulence was correlated with carriage of a panel of 29 virulence factors (VF. Larvae inoculated with ST69 and ST127 isolates (10(4 colony-forming units/larvae showed significantly higher mortality rates than those infected with ST73, ST95 and ST131 isolates, killing 50% of the larvae within 24 hours. Interestingly, ST131 isolates were the least virulent. We observed that ST127 isolates are significantly associated with a higher VF-score than isolates of all other STs tested (P≤0.0001, including ST69 (P<0.02, but one ST127 isolate (strain EC18 was avirulent. Comparative genomic analyses with virulent ST127 strains revealed an IS1 mediated deletion in the O-antigen cluster in strain EC18, which is likely to explain the lack of virulence in the larvae infection model. Virulence in the larvae was not correlated with serotype or phylogenetic group. This study illustrates that G. mellonella are an excellent tool for investigation of the virulence of UPEC strains. The findings also support our suggestion that the incidence of ST127 strains should be monitored, as these isolates have not yet been widely reported, but they clearly have a pathogenic potential greater than that of more widely recognised clones, including ST73, ST95 or ST131.

  20. Community colleges and economic mobility


    Natalia A. Kolesnikova


    This paper examines the role of community colleges in the U.S. higher education system and their advantages and shortcomings. In particular, it discusses the population of community college students and economic returns to community college education for various demographic groups. It offers new evidence on the returns to an associate's degree. Furthermore, the paper uses data from the National Survey of College Graduates to compare educational objectives, progress, and labor market outcomes ...

  1. Largest College Endowments, 2011 (United States)

    Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012


    Of all endowments valued at more than $250-million, the UCLA Foundation had the highest rate of growth over the previous year, at 49 percent. This article presents a table of the largest college endowments in 2011. The table covers the "rank," "institution," "market value as of June 30, 2011," and "1-year change" of institutions participating in…

  2. NASFAA's Cash for College. (United States)

    National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Washington, DC.

    This guide advises students about college costs and how to pay them. The booklet explains financial aid and how it can help a student reach his or her educational goals. Merit-based and need-based aid programs are described, and the family's expected financial contribution is explained. The process of obtaining and completing the Free Application…

  3. College Algebra I. (United States)

    Benjamin, Carl; And Others

    Presented are student performance objectives, a student progress chart, and assignment sheets with objective and diagnostic measures for the stated performance objectives in College Algebra I. Topics covered include: sets; vocabulary; linear equations; inequalities; real numbers; operations; factoring; fractions; formulas; ratio, proportion, and…

  4. Book Industry Trends: College (United States)

    Oda, Stephanie; Sanislo, Glenn


    With the cost of college said to be escalating at double the rate of inflation, parents and students have voiced frustration, some think unreasonably, about textbook prices. In 2007, higher-education publishers continued to grapple with price resistance to textbooks and competition from the used-book market. This article reports that…

  5. Colleges and Cable Franchising. (United States)

    Glenn, Neal D.

    After noting issues of audience appeal and financial and philosophical support for educational broadcasting, this paper urges community colleges to play an active role in the process of cable franchising. The paper first describes a cable franchise as a contract between a government unit and the cable television (CATV) company which specifies what…

  6. Inside the College Presidency. (United States)

    Educational Record, 1996


    In interview, president of the American Council on Education, Robert H. Atwell, offers his perspectives on the current state of the college presidency; its pressures, rewards, and frustrations; and what he'd like to see administrators do differently. Qualities of an effective president include high energy, tolerance for ambiguity, good listening…

  7. Perspectives on Multiunit Colleges (United States)

    Rossmeier, Joseph G.


    Research shows that neither centralization nor decentralization of decision-making authority in multiunit community colleges is a primary determinant of organizational effectiveness; rather it is the degree of participation in decision-making by staff members at all hierarchical levels. (BB)

  8. Gamers Go to College (United States)

    Westman, Craig; Bouman, Penny


    This book was written both to examine and reveal the Gamer generation as a popular culture trend that has been two plus decades in the making and shaping. And, it is a generation that is now entering college--Gen G. This book explores how the Gamer generation is less a subset of the Millennial generation, but rather a unique generation unto…

  9. California Community Colleges Parking Survey. (United States)

    McIntyre, Chuck

    In 1990, a representative sample of 25 California community colleges was contacted by telephone to determine their parking policies and practices. The colleges were sampled on the basis of location and size. Study findings included the following: (1) 17 of the colleges reported that they had insufficient numbers of on-campus parking spaces; (2)…

  10. Symposium: What Is College English? (United States)

    Bloom, Lynn Z.; White, Edward M.; Enoch, Jessica; Hawk, Byron


    This symposium explores the role(s) College English has (or has not) had in the scholarly work of four scholars. Lynn Bloom explores the many ways College English influenced her work and the work of others throughout their scholarly lives. Edward M. White examines four articles he has published in College English and draws connections between…

  11. Community College Employee Wellness Programs (United States)

    Thornton, L. Jay; Johnson, Sharon


    This paper describes the prevalence and characteristics of employee wellness programs in public community colleges accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). A random sample of 250 public community colleges accredited by SACS was mailed a 46-item employee-wellness program survey. The survey solicited program information…

  12. What Is a College For? (United States)

    Slutsky, Bette


    Argues that open enrollment policies have debased the community college and led to an abandonment of merit, standards, and competency. Suggests their new mission be to serve only those adults who qualify and can benefit from college-level work, abandoning those vocational, remedial, and recreational responsibilities which community colleges have…

  13. Tenure and America's Community Colleges (United States)

    DiMaria, Frank


    America's colleges and universities have been moving slowly but steadily away from tenure over the past decade. The American Federation of Teachers reports that community colleges have seen a 22% increase in the number of instructional staff between 1997 and 2007. During that time, the percentage of community college faculty that were full-time…

  14. ST peak during percutaneous coronary intervention serves as an early prognostic predictor in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lønborg, Jacob; Kelbæk, Henning; Engstrøm, Thomas


    AIMS: To evaluate the clinical importance of the ST peak phenomenon during primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). METHODS AND RESULTS: Continuous ST monitoring was performed in 942 STEMI patients from arrival until 90...... minutes after revascularisation. ST peak was defined as ≥1 mm increase in the ST-segment during PCI compared with the ST elevation before intervention. ST peak was observed in 26.9% of patients. During median follow-up of 4.1 years, 20.7% of patients experienced a major adverse cardiac event (MACE). ST...... and ST peak including ST resolution and epicardial flow, ST peak remained significantly associated with MACE: adjusted hazard ratio (HR) 1.40 (95% confidence interval [CI] 1.01-1.95) and 1.41 (95% CI: 1.02-1.96). CONCLUSIONS: In the largest study hitherto evaluating the ST peak phenomenon during primary...

  15. The Fiscal Impacts of College Attainment (United States)

    Trostel, Philip A.


    This study quantifies one part of the return to U.S. public investment in college education, namely, the fiscal benefits associated with greater college attainment. College graduates pay much more taxes than those not going to college. Government expenditures are also much less for college graduates than for those without a college education.…

  16. St2-80: a new FISH marker for St genome and genome analysis in Triticeae. (United States)

    Wang, Long; Shi, Qinghua; Su, Handong; Wang, Yi; Sha, Lina; Fan, Xing; Kang, Houyang; Zhang, Haiqin; Zhou, Yonghong


    The St genome is one of the most fundamental genomes in Triticeae. Repetitive sequences are widely used to distinguish different genomes or species. The primary objectives of this study were to (i) screen a new sequence that could easily distinguish the chromosome of the St genome from those of other genomes by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and (ii) investigate the genome constitution of some species that remain uncertain and controversial. We used degenerated oligonucleotide primer PCR (Dop-PCR), Dot-blot, and FISH to screen for a new marker of the St genome and to test the efficiency of this marker in the detection of the St chromosome at different ploidy levels. Signals produced by a new FISH marker (denoted St 2 -80) were present on the entire arm of chromosomes of the St genome, except in the centromeric region. On the contrary, St 2 -80 signals were present in the terminal region of chromosomes of the E, H, P, and Y genomes. No signal was detected in the A and B genomes, and only weak signals were detected in the terminal region of chromosomes of the D genome. St 2 -80 signals were obvious and stable in chromosomes of different genomes, whether diploid or polyploid. Therefore, St 2 -80 is a potential and useful FISH marker that can be used to distinguish the St genome from those of other genomes in Triticeae.

  17. 21st Century Cell Culture for 21st Century Toxicology. (United States)

    Pamies, David; Hartung, Thomas


    There is no good science in bad models. Cell culture is especially prone to artifacts. A number of novel cell culture technologies have become more broadly available in the 21st century, which allow overcoming limitations of traditional culture and are more physiologically relevant. These include the use of stem-cell derived human cells, cocultures of different cell types, scaffolds and extracellular matrices, perfusion platforms (such as microfluidics), 3D culture, organ-on-chip technologies, tissue architecture, and organ functionality. The physiological relevance of such models is further enhanced by the measurement of biomarkers (e.g., key events of pathways), organ specific functionality, and more comprehensive assessment cell responses by high-content methods. These approaches are still rarely combined to create microphysiological systems. The complexity of the combination of these technologies can generate results closer to the in vivo situation but increases the number of parameters to control, bringing some new challenges. In fact, we do not argue that all cell culture needs to be that sophisticated. The efforts taken are determined by the purpose of our experiments and tests. If only a very specific molecular target to cell response is of interest, a very simple model, which reflects this, might be much more suited to allow standardization and high-throughput. However, the less defined the end point of interest and cellular response are, the better we should approximate organ- or tissue-like culture conditions to make physiological responses more probable. Besides these technologic advances, important progress in the quality assurance and reporting on cell cultures as well as the validation of cellular test systems brings the utility of cell cultures to a new level. The advancement and broader implementation of Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) is key here. In toxicology, this is a major prerequisite for meaningful and reliable results, ultimately



    Harriet Wambui Njui


    This paper reviews literature on selected pedagogical practices with a view to making recommendations on how teacher training colleges in Kenya could employ collaborative pedagogies in instruction in order to nurture teacher trainees with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that prepare them to effectively facilitate learning in schools after pre-service training. Collaborative pedagogies have the advantage of developing learners with 21st century skills such as creativity, critical think...

  19. How risky is college investment?


    Hendricks, Lutz; Leukhina, Oksana


    This paper is motivated by the fact that nearly half of U.S. college students drop out without earning a bachelor’s degree. Its objective is to quantify how much uncertainty college entrants face about their graduation outcomes. To do so, we develop a quantitative model of college choice. The innovation is to model in detail how students progress towards a college degree. The model is calibrated using transcript and financial data. We find that more than half of college entrants can predict...

  20. Coping Self-Efficacy and Academic Stress among Hispanic First-Year College Students: The Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence (United States)

    Watson, Joshua C.; Watson, April A.


    In this study, the authors examined the role that emotional intelligence plays in moderating the relationship between academic stress and coping self-efficacy among a sample of 125 Hispanic 1st-year college students enrolled at a medium-size, southern Hispanic-serving institution. Results of a 2-stage hierarchical multiple regression analysis…