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  1. Power conversion and quality of the Santa Clara 2 MW direct carbonate fuel cell demonstration plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Skok, A.J. [Fuel Cell Engineering Corp., Danbury, CT (United States); Abueg, R.Z. [Basic Measuring Instruments, Santa Clara, CA (United States); Schwartz, P. [Fluor Daniel, Inc., Irvine, CA (United States)] [and others


    The Santa Clara Demonstration Project (SCDP) is the first application of a commercial-scale carbonate fuel cell power plant on a US electric utility system. It is also the largest fuel cell power plant ever operated in the United States. The 2MW plant, located in Santa Clara, California, utilizes carbonate fuel cell technology developed by Energy Research Corporation (ERC) of Danbury, Connecticut. The ultimate goal of a fuel cell power plant is to deliver usable power into an electrical distribution system. The power conversion sub-system does this for the Santa Clara Demonstration Plant. A description of this sub-system and its capabilities follows. The sub-system has demonstrated the capability to deliver real power, reactive power and to absorb reactive power on a utility grid. The sub-system can be operated in the same manner as a conventional rotating generator except with enhanced capabilities for reactive power. Measurements demonstrated the power quality from the plant in various operating modes was high quality utility grade power.

  2. Startup, testing, and operation of the Santa Clara 2MW direct carbonate fuel cell demonstration plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Skok, A.J.; Leo, A.J. [Fuel Cell Engineering Corp., Danbury, CT (United States); O`Shea, T.P. [Santa Clara Demonstration Project, CA (United States)


    The Santa Clara Demonstration Project (SCDP) is a collaboration between several utility organizations, Fuel Cell Engineering Corporation (FCE), and the U.S. Dept. Of Energy aimed at the demonstration of Energy Research Corporation`s (ERC) direct carbonate fuel cell (DFC) technology. ERC has been pursuing the development of the DFC for commercialization near the end of this decade, and this project is an integral part of the ERC commercialization effort. The objective of the Santa Clara Demonstration Project is to provide the first full, commercial scale demonstration of this technology. The approach ERC has taken in the commercialization of the DFC is described in detail elsewhere. An aggressive core technology development program is in place which is focused by ongoing interaction with customers and vendors to optimize the design of the commercial power plant. ERC has selected a 2.85 MW power plant unit for initial market entry. Two ERC subsidiaries are supporting the commercialization effort: the Fuel Cell Manufacturing Corporation (FCMC) and the Fuel Cell Engineering Corporation (FCE). FCMC manufactures carbonate stacks and multi-stack modules, currently from its production facility in Torrington, CT. FCE is responsible for power plant design, integration of all subsystems, sales/marketing, and client services. FCE is serving as the prime contractor for the design, construction, and testing of the SCDP Plant. FCMC has manufactured the multi-stack submodules used in the DC power section of the plant. Fluor Daniel Inc. (FDI) served as the architect-engineer subcontractor for the design and construction of the plant and provided support to the design of the multi-stack submodules. FDI is also assisting the ERC companies in commercial power plant design.

  3. The 2 MW Santa Clara Project (United States)

    Eichenberger, Paul H.

    The City of Santa Clara, CA, USA, has hosted the world's first field demonstration of a molten carbonate fuel cell power plant. This US$46 million, 2 MW generator was a joint effort of five US utilities, the federal government, and two US research organizations. The demonstration used sixteen 125 kW stacks placed in four modules. The balance of plant (BOP) is the equipment that prepares and supplies the fuel to the stacks and converts the d.c. current to a.c. BOP construction started in April 1994, and was completed in June 1995. The BOP configuration allowed testing and development before installation of the four modules. The final full-temperature test was completed in February 1996. The four fuel cell modules were installed and cured, and power delivery began in April 1996. The plant operated for approximately 720 h at design output before electrical anomalies occurred and the plant was shut down for repairs. The plant restarted in August, but it soon became obvious that other problems had been caused by the electrical anomalies. The plant shut down and was reconfigured to a 1 MW plant. The restarted plant was ramped to 1 MW, but additional problems began to occur and the plant demonstration ended. The plant produced 2500 MWh, and operated at 1000°F, or higher, for over 5290 h. The plant set operational records, and demonstrated multistack, automatic control, and stable-field operation. Power quality met all standards with no measurable NOx or SOx output. The plant isolated itself from the grid during two major California, USA grid outages. The plant also experienced a shutdown of the automatic control system, and placed itself on hot standby using the mechanical field systems. The plant then restarted without incident.

  4. 76 FR 16811 - Notice of Realty Action: Direct Sale of Public Lands in Santa Clara County, CA (United States)


    ... Bureau of Land Management Notice of Realty Action: Direct Sale of Public Lands in Santa Clara County, CA... public land are proposed for direct sale to the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority (Authority) in... parcels, isolated from other public lands. The BLM is proposing a direct sale to the Authority because...

  5. 76 FR 68784 - Notice of Realty Action: Direct Sale of Public Land in Santa Clara County, CA (United States)


    ....EU0000; CACA 50168 12] Notice of Realty Action: Direct Sale of Public Land in Santa Clara County, CA....html . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The following parcel of public land is being proposed for direct sale... legal access. The BLM is proposing a direct sale to Mariposa Peak, LLC. Mariposa Peak, LLC, owns...

  6. Design of 2 MW Permanent Magnet Double Stator Generator Direct-Driven by Wind Turbine%2MW双定子直驱永磁同步风力发电机的设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘婷; 黄守道; 欧阳红林


    The direct drive wind power generator operates at low speed with a larger size and large number of poles, and it accounts for a large space. Double stator PMSG( permanent magnet synchronous generator) with the rated power of 2 MW which was driven directly without gear system was designed. Comparative study of the performance both of no load and rated load with single stator PMSG was studied based on FEA( Finite Element Analysis). The results show that the design is reasonable. Compared with the 2 MW single stator permanent magnet wind power generator, double stator PMSG can get good performance and reduce the weight and volume of the generator, which has good reference value.%根据直驱风力发电机级数多、转速低、体积大的特点,设计了额定功率2 MW的双定子直驱式永磁同步风力发电机,并通过电磁场有限元分析软件对所设计发电机进行了空载和额定负载情况下的仿真研究,验证了设计方案的可行.并与同功率的单定子永磁发电机相比,双定子永磁同步风力发电机性能良好,同时可以减轻重量,并有效提高电机的空间利用率,对双定子复合式风力发电机的设计具有一定的参考价值.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    FuelCell Energy


    With about 50% of power generation in the United States derived from coal and projections indicating that coal will continue to be the primary fuel for power generation in the next two decades, the Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program (CCTDP) has been conducted since 1985 to develop innovative, environmentally friendly processes for the world energy market place. The 2 MW Fuel Cell Demonstration was part of the Kentucky Pioneer Energy (KPE) Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) project selected by DOE under Round Five of the Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program. The participant in the CCTDP V Project was Kentucky Pioneer Energy for the IGCC plant. FuelCell Energy, Inc. (FCE), under subcontract to KPE, was responsible for the design, construction and operation of the 2 MW fuel cell power plant. Duke Fluor Daniel provided engineering design and procurement support for the balance-of-plant skids. Colt Engineering Corporation provided engineering design, fabrication and procurement of the syngas processing skids. Jacobs Applied Technology provided the fabrication of the fuel cell module vessels. Wabash River Energy Ltd (WREL) provided the test site. The 2 MW fuel cell power plant utilizes FuelCell Energy's Direct Fuel Cell (DFC) technology, which is based on the internally reforming carbonate fuel cell. This plant is capable of operating on coal-derived syngas as well as natural gas. Prior testing (1992) of a subscale 20 kW carbonate fuel cell stack at the Louisiana Gasification Technology Inc. (LGTI) site using the Dow/Destec gasification plant indicated that operation on coal derived gas provided normal performance and stable operation. Duke Fluor Daniel and FuelCell Energy developed a commercial plant design for the 2 MW fuel cell. The plant was designed to be modular, factory assembled and truck shippable to the site. Five balance-of-plant skids incorporating fuel processing, anode gas oxidation, heat recovery

  8. CLARA: an integrated clinical research administration system. (United States)

    Bian, Jiang; Xie, Mengjun; Hogan, William; Hutchins, Laura; Topaloglu, Umit; Lane, Cheryl; Holland, Jennifer; Wells, Thomas


    Administration of human subject research is complex, involving not only the institutional review board but also many other regulatory and compliance entities within a research enterprise. Its efficiency has a direct and substantial impact on the conduct and management of clinical research. In this paper, we report on the Clinical Research Administration (CLARA) platform developed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. CLARA is a comprehensive web-based system that can streamline research administrative tasks such as submissions, reviews, and approval processes for both investigators and different review committees on a single integrated platform. CLARA not only helps investigators to meet regulatory requirements but also provides tools for managing other clinical research activities including budgeting, contracting, and participant schedule planning.

  9. 2 MW for Andalusia; Zwei Megawatt fuer Andalusien

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weithoener, H.


    In late February 2007, Geosol and Caja Granada commissioned two solar power plants, Alqueria and Ventanas in Andalusia, with a total capacity of 2 MW. The initiator and project leader was the Spanish Geosol Iberica seated at Granada. Up to 17 MW are projected for the final production stage. (orig.)


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crowley, Cory F. [Fermilab; Ammigan, K. [Fermilab; Anderson, K. [Fermilab; Hartsell, B. [Fermilab; Hurh, P. [Fermilab; Hylen, J. [Fermilab; Zwaska, R. [Fermilab


    Fermilab’s Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) will utilize a modified design based on the NuMI low energy target that is reconfigured to accommodate beam operation at 1.2 MW. Achieving this power with a graphite target material and ancillary systems originally rated for 400 kW requires several design changes and R&D efforts related to material bonding and electrical isolation. Target cooling, structural design, and fabrication techniques must address higher stresses and heat loads that will be present during 1.2 MW operation, as the assembly will be subject to cyclic loads and thermal expansion. Mitigations must be balanced against compromises in neutrino yield. Beam monitoring and subsystem instrumentation will be updated and added to ensure confidence in target positioning and monitoring. Remote connection to the target hall support structure must provide for the eventual upgrade to a 2.4 MW target design, without producing excessive radioactive waste or unreasonable exposure to technicians during reconfiguration. Current designs and assembly layouts will be presented, in addition to current findings on processes and possibilities for prototype and final assembly fabrication.

  11. Development of a 2 MW relativistic backward wave oscillator

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Yaduvendra Choyal; Lalit Gupta; Prasad Deshpande; Krishna Prasad Maheshwari; Kailash Chander Mittal; Suresh Chand Bapna


    In this paper, a high power relativistic backward wave oscillator (BWO) experiment is reported. A 230 keV, 2 kA, 150 ns relativistic electron beam is generated using a Marx generator. The beam is then injected into a hollow rippled wall metallic cylindrical tube that forms a slow wave structure. The beam is guided using an axial pulsed magnetic field having a peak value 1 T and duration 1 ms. The field is generated by the discharge of a capacitor bank into a solenoidal coil. A synchronization circuit ensures the generation of the electron beam at the instant when the axial magnetic field attains its peak value. The beam interacts with the SWS modes and generates microwaves due to Cherenkov interaction. Estimated power of 2 MW in TM 01 mode is observed.

  12. The Story of Clara Pickle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Everyone in town knew Clara Pickle.She was asdear and sw eet as anyone could be.In fact,it wasClara Pickle's good nature that gother in trouble.O ne day a grey cat w andered into Clara’skitchen.Clara,who lived alone,took the cat in.Shewas glad for the com pany.The nextm orning she letthecat out for a breath of fresh air.W hen the cat cam eback that afternoon,he was no longer alone.H e hadbrought his entire fam ily and m ost ofhis friends.Therewere thirty-four cats in all。Clare,sweet soul that she was,adopte...

  13. CLARA: CLAS12 Reconstruction and Analysis Framework

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gyurjyan, Vardan [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Matta, Sebastian Mancilla [Santa Maria U., Valparaiso, Chile; Oyarzun, Ricardo [Santa Maria U., Valparaiso, Chile


    In this paper we present SOA based CLAS12 event Reconstruction and Analyses (CLARA) framework. CLARA design focus is on two main traits: real-time data stream processing, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) in a flow based programming (FBP) paradigm. Data driven and data centric architecture of CLARA presents an environment for developing agile, elastic, multilingual data processing applications. The CLARA framework presents solutions capable of processing large volumes of data interactively and substantially faster than batch systems.

  14. CLARA: CLAS12 Reconstruction and Analysis Framework (United States)

    Gyurgyan, V.; Mancilla, S.; Oyarzún, R.


    In this paper we present SOA based CLAS12 event Reconstruction and Analyses (CLARA) framework. CLARA design focus is on two main traits: real-time data stream processing, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) in a flow based programming (FBP) paradigm. Data driven and data centric architecture of CLARA presents an environment for developing agile, elastic, multilingual data processing applications. The CLARA framework presents solutions capable of processing large volumes of data interactively and substantially faster than batch systems.

  15. Design Optimization and the path towards a 2 MW Spallation Neutron Source

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    M. Blaskiewicz; N. Catalan-Lasheras; D. Davino; A. Fedotov; Y. Lee; N. Malitsky; Y. Papaphilippou; D. Raparia; A. Shishlo; N. Tsoupas; J. Wei; W. Weng; S. Zhang; J. Billen; S. Kurennoy; S. Nath; J. Stovall; H. Takeda; L. Young; R. Keller; J. Staples; A. Aleksandrov; Y. Cho; P. Chu; S. Cousineau; V. Danilov; M. Doleans; J. Galambos; J. Holmes; N. Holtkamp; D. Jeon; S. Kim; R. Kustom; E. Tanke; W. Wan; R. Sundelin


    The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) is designed to ultimately reach an average proton beam power of 2 MW for pulsed neutron production. The SNS physics groups analyze the machine performance within the hardware constraints, optimize the accelerator design, and establish the best path towards a 2 MW and higher spallation neutron source.

  16. Thermal power output determination of 2 MW heat source by using of thermocouples (United States)

    Holubcik, Michal; Vician, Peter; Palacka, Matej


    Experiment is an operation or procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or law, to test or establish a hypothesis, or to illustrate a known law. The most important part of the experiment is to evaluate the measured values. Measurement accuracy depends on a number of factors. Deviations of instruments cannot eliminate or influence if it is neglect the possibility of using more precise measuring equipment. Another way for the most accurate results can be calibration. Calibration allows achieve measurement values with relatively high accuracy using less precision instruments. The paper deals about the problematic of thermal power measurement accuracy. Thermal power was measured on heat source with nominal thermal power 2 MW by using direct calorimetric method. There were used ultrasonic flow meter and type K thermocouples. Type K thermocouples are not very suitable for these applications because of their low precision. The paper presents the possibility of using calibrated thermocouples for the thermal power measurement with acceptable accuracy.

  17. A Pole Pair Segment of a 2-MW High-Temperature Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Song, Xiaowei (Andy); Mijatovic, Nenad; Kellers, Jürgen


    A 2-MW high-temperature superconducting (HTS) generator with 24 pole pairs has been designed for the wind turbine application. In order to identify potential challenges and obtain practical knowledge prior to production, a full-size stationary experimental setup, which is one pole pair segment...

  18. A Pole Pair Segment of a 2 MW High Temperature Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Song, Xiaowei (Andy); Mijatovic, Nenad; Kellers, Jürgen


    A 2 MW high temperature superconducting (HTS) generator with 24 pole pairs has been designed for the wind turbine application. In order to identify potential challenges and obtain practical knowledge prior to production, a fullsize stationary experimental set-up, which is one pole pair segment...

  19. Clara Maass, yellow fever and human experimentation. (United States)

    Chaves-Carballo, Enrique


    Clara Louise Maass, a 25-year-old American nurse, died of yellow fever on August 24, 1901, following experimental inoculation by infected mosquitoes in Havana, Cuba. The human yellow fever experiments were initially conducted by MAJ Walter Reed, who first used written informed consent and proved the validity of Finlay's mosquito-vector hypothesis. Despite informed consent form and an incentive of $100 in U.S. gold, human subjects were exposed to a deadly virus. The deaths of Clara Maass and two Spanish immigrants resulted in a public outcry and the immediate cessation of yellow fever human experiments in Cuba.

  20. 78 FR 66982 - Santa Clara Pueblo Disaster #NM-00039 (United States)


    ... ADMINISTRATION Santa Clara Pueblo Disaster NM-00039 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice... for the Santa Clara Pueblo (FEMA- 4151-DR), dated 10/29/2013. Incident: Severe Storms and Flooding... disaster: Primary Areas: Santa Clara Pueblo. The Interest Rates are: Percent For Physical Damage:...

  1. 27 CFR 9.126 - Santa Clara Valley. (United States)


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Santa Clara Valley. 9.126... Santa Clara Valley. (a) Name. The name of the viticultural area described in this section is “Santa Clara Valley.” (b) Approved Maps. The appropriate maps for determining the boundaries of the...

  2. Novel method for isolation of murine clara cell secretory protein-expressing cells with traces of stemness.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiao-Yang Wang

    Full Text Available Clara cells are non-ciliated, secretory bronchiolar epithelial cells that serve to detoxify harmful inhaled substances. Clara cells also function as stem/progenitor cells for repair in the bronchioles. Clara cell secretory protein (CCSP is specifically expressed in pulmonary Clara cells and is widely used as a Clara cell marker. In addition CCSP promoter is commonly used to direct gene expression into the lung in transgenic models. The discovery of CCSP immunoreactivity in plasma membranes of airway lining cells prompted us to explore the possibility of enriching Clara cells by flow cytometry. We established a novel and simple method for the isolation of CCSP-expressing cell Clara cells using a combination of mechanical and enzymatic dissociation followed by flow cytometry sorting technology. We showed that ∼25% of dissociated cells from whole lung expressed CCSP. In the resulting preparation, up to 98% of cells expressed CCSP. Notably, we found that several common stem cell markers including CD44, CD133, Sca-1 and Sox2 were expressed in CCSP(+ cells. Moreover, CCSP(+ cells were able to form spheroid colonies in vitro with 0.97‰ efficiency. Parallel studies in vivo confirmed that a small population of CCSP(-expressing cells in mouse airways also demonstrates stem cell-like properties such as label retention and harboring rare bronchioalveolar stem cells (BASCs in terminal bronchioles (TBs. We conclude that CCSP(+ cells exhibit a number of stem cell-like features including stem cell marker expression, bronchosphere colony formation and self-renewal ability. Clara cell isolation by flow cytometry sorting is a useful method for investigating the function of primary Clara cells in stem cell research and mouse models.

  3. Development of a 2 MW CW Waterload for Electron Cyclotron Heating Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    R. Lawrence,Ives; Maxwell Mizuhara; George Collins; Jeffrey Neilson; Philipp Borchard


    Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. developed a load capable of continuously dissipating 2 MW of RF power from gyrotrons. The input uses HE11 corrugated waveguide and a rotating launcher to uniformly disperse the power over the lossy surfaces in the load. This builds on experience with a previous load designed to dissipate 1 MW of continuous RF power. The 2 MW load uses more advanced RF dispersion to double the capability in the same size device as the 1 MW load. The new load reduces reflected power from the load to significantly less than 1 %. This eliminates requirements for a preload to capture reflected power. The program updated control electronics that provides all required interlocks for operation and measurement of peak and average power. The program developed two version of the load. The initial version used primarily anodized aluminum to reduce weight and cost. The second version used copper and stainless steel to meet specifications for the ITER reactor currently under construction in France. Tests of the new load at the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency confirmed operation of the load to a power level of 1 MW, which is the highest power currently available for testing the load. Additional tests will be performed at General Atomics in spring 2013. The U.S. ITER organization will test the copper/stainless steel version of the load in December 2012 or early in 2013. Both loads are currently being marketed worldwide.

  4. Hydrogeologic framework of the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Hanson, Randall T.


    The hydrologic framework of the Santa Clara Valley in northern California was redefined on the basis of new data and a new hydrologic model. The regional groundwater flow systems can be subdivided into upper-aquifer and lower-aquifer systems that form a convergent flow system within a basin bounded by mountains and hills on three sides and discharge to pumping wells and the southern San Francisco Bay. Faults also control the flow of groundwater within the Santa Clara Valley and subdivide the aquifer system into three subregions.After decades of development and groundwater depletion that resulted in substantial land subsidence, Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) and the local water purveyors have refilled the basin through conservation and importation of water for direct use and artificial recharge. The natural flow system has been altered by extensive development with flow paths toward major well fields. Climate has not only affected the cycles of sedimentation during the glacial periods over the past million years, but interannual to interdecadal climate cycles also have affected the supply and demand components of the natural and anthropogenic inflows and outflows of water in the valley. Streamflow has been affected by development of the aquifer system and regulated flow from reservoirs, as well as conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water. Interaquifer flow through water-supply wells screened across multiple aquifers is an important component to the flow of groundwater and recapture of artificial recharge in the Santa Clara Valley. Wellbore flow and depth-dependent chemical and isotopic data indicate that flow into wells from multiple aquifers, as well as capture of artificial recharge by pumping of water-supply wells, predominantly is occurring in the upper 500 ft (152 m) of the aquifer system. Artificial recharge represents about one-half of the inflow of water into the valley for the period 1970–1999. Most subsidence is occurring below 250 ft

  5. Dynamic simulation of a direct carbonate fuel cell power plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ernest, J.B. [Fluor Daniel, Inc., Irvine, CA (United States); Ghezel-Ayagh, H.; Kush, A.K. [Fuel Cell Engineering, Danbury, CT (United States)


    Fuel Cell Engineering Corporation (FCE) is commercializing a 2.85 MW Direct carbonate Fuel Cell (DFC) power plant. The commercialization sequence has already progressed through construction and operation of the first commercial-scale DFC power plant on a U.S. electric utility, the 2 MW Santa Clara Demonstration Project (SCDP), and the completion of the early phases of a Commercial Plant design. A 400 kW fuel cell stack Test Facility is being built at Energy Research Corporation (ERC), FCE`s parent company, which will be capable of testing commercial-sized fuel cell stacks in an integrated plant configuration. Fluor Daniel, Inc. provided engineering, procurement, and construction services for SCDP and has jointly developed the Commercial Plant design with FCE, focusing on the balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment outside of the fuel cell modules. This paper provides a brief orientation to the dynamic simulation of a fuel cell power plant and the benefits offered.

  6. Groundwater quality in the Santa Clara River Valley, California (United States)

    Burton, Carmen A.; Landon, Matthew K.; Belitz, Kenneth


    The Santa Clara River Valley (SCRV) study unit is located in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, California, and is bounded by the Santa Monica, San Gabriel, Topatopa, and Santa Ynez Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. The 460-square-mile study unit includes eight groundwater basins: Ojai Valley, Upper Ojai Valley, Ventura River Valley, Santa Clara River Valley, Pleasant Valley, Arroyo Santa Rosa Valley, Las Posas Valley, and Simi Valley (California Department of Water Resources, 2003; Montrella and Belitz, 2009). The SCRV study unit has hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters. Average annual rainfall ranges from 12 to 28 inches. The study unit is drained by the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers, and Calleguas Creek. The primary aquifer system in the Ventura River Valley, Ojai Valley, Upper Ojai Valley, and Simi Valley basins is largely unconfined alluvium. The primary aquifer system in the remaining groundwater basins mainly consists of unconfined sands and gravels in the upper portion and partially confined marine and nonmarine deposits in the lower portion. The primary aquifer system in the SCRV study unit is defined as those parts of the aquifers corresponding to the perforated intervals of wells listed in the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) database. Public-supply wells typically are completed in the primary aquifer system to depths of 200 to 1,100 feet below land surface (bls). The wells contain solid casing reaching from the land surface to a depth of about 60-700 feet, and are perforated below the solid casing to allow water into the well. Water quality in the primary aquifer system may differ from the water in the shallower and deeper parts of the aquifer. Land use in the study unit is approximately 40 percent (%) natural (primarily shrubs, grassland, and wetlands), 37% agricultural, and 23% urban. The primary crops are citrus, avocados, alfalfa, pasture, strawberries, and dry beans. The largest urban areas in the study unit are the cities of

  7. 77 FR 39726 - Land Acquisitions: Pueblo of Santa Clara (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Acquisitions: Pueblo of Santa Clara AGENCY: Bureau of Indian Affairs... into trust for the Pueblo of Santa Clara on January 27, 2012. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:...

  8. Final report on the development of a 2 MW/10 second battery energy storage system for power disturbance protection

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Voltage sags, swells and momentary power interruptions lasting a few cycles to several seconds are common disturbances on utility power distribution systems. These disturbances are a result of normal utility recloser switching activity due in part to distribution system short circuits from natural causes such as lightning, rodents, traffic accidents, and current overloads. Power disturbances pose serious problems for many customers with critical, voltage sensitive equipment. Faults can interrupt a manufacturing process, cause PLC`s to initialize their programmed logic and restart equipment out of sequence, create computer data errors, interrupt communications, lockup PC keyboards and cause equipment to malfunction. These momentary disturbances result in billions of dollars of lost productivity annually due to downtime, cleanup, lost production and the loss of customer confidence in the business. This report describes prototype development work for a factory assembled 2 MW/10 Second Battery Energy Storage System. The system design includes (1) a modular battery energy storage system comprised of several strings of batteries-each string provided with an integral Power Conversion System (PCS), (2) an Electronic Selector Device (ESD) comprised of a solid state static switch with sensing and power switching controls, and utility interconnection termination bus bars, and (3) a separate isolation transformer to step-up PCS output voltage to interface directly with the distribution transformer serving the industrial or commercial customer. The system monitors the utility distribution system voltage for voltage sags, swells, and interruptions, switches the customer`s critical loads from utility power to the energy stored in the systems batteries and provides up to 2 MVA until the disturbance clears or up to 10 seconds. Once the ESD sensing circuits have confirmed that the utility is again stable, it seamlessly returns the critical load to the utility. 22 figs., 1 tab.

  9. A plasma wakefield acceleration experiment using CLARA beam

    CERN Document Server

    Xia, G; Clarke, J; Smith, J; Cormier-Michel, E; Jones, J; Williams, P H; Mckenzie, J W; Militsyn, B L; Hanahoe, K; Mete, O; Aimidula, A; Welsch, C P


    We propose a Plasma Accelerator Research Station (PARS) based at proposed FEL test facility CLARA (Compact Linear Accelerator for Research and Applications) at Daresbury Laboratory. The idea is to use the relativistic electron beam from CLARA, to investigate some key issues in electron beam transport and in electron beam driven plasma wakefield acceleration, e.g. high gradient plasma wakefield excitation driven by a relativistic electron bunch, two bunch experiment for CLARA beam energy doubling, high transformer ratio, long bunch self-modulation and some other advanced beam dynamics issues. This paper presents the feasibility studies of electron beam transport to meet the requirements for beam driven wakefield acceleration and presents the plasma wakefield simulation results based on CLARA beam parameters. Other possible experiments which can be conducted at the PARS beam line are also discussed.

  10. Estuarine ecology : A report on Santa Clara County Wetlands (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report on the Santa Clara County wetlands was written just prior to the establishment of the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The report summarizes...

  11. En el Cincuentenario del Hospital Santa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto Rueda Pérez


    Full Text Available

    El 16 de julio de 1942 nace el Hospital Sanatorio Antituberculoso Santa Clara en Santafé de Bogotá.
    Un siglo atrás, casi a la fecha, en 1843, nace en Alemania Roberto Koch, quien, 60 años antes de la fundación del Hospital, el 24 de marzo de 1882, presenta al mundo el descubrimiento del Micobacterium Tuberculosis, germen causante de la enfermedad que ataca alhombre desde sus más remotos orígenes y que aún nos acompaña, especialmente en los países subdesarrollados, causando severo impacto en la salud de las poblaciones más necesitadas, apesar de los grandes avances alcanzados en el campo de la Medicina a nivel mundial.
    Por haber sido destinado el Hospital altratamiento de los tuberculosos, destino que aún conserva primordialmente aunque, como se verá posteriormente, sus camas reciben enfermos de medicina general dada la evolución de los tratamientos y la modernización de los esquemas terapéuticos, se justifica ampliamente mencionar aquí los principales avances relacionados con el control de la Tuberculosis a través de los tiempos hasta la fundación del Hospital.

    Estos se pueden resumir así:

    • 'HIPOCRATES (460-377 a. C.:describe la consunción y la llama tisis; lanza el concepto de herencia que perdura por siglos.
    • ARISTOTELES(324-284a. C.:habla del contagio a través de la respiración.
    • CELSO (siglo I a. C.: describe el tubérculo y señala tres formas de consunción: atrofia, caquexia y tisis.
    • GALENO(181-261 d. C.: la agrupa con otras enfermedades transmisibles: la peste, la sarna, etc.
    • EDADMEDIA(sigloVII alXIIId. C.:se destaca únicamente como aporte nuevo Maimonides, filósofo judío radicado en Granada (11351204,quien describe la tisis de los animales.

    Posteriormente Girolamo Fracastoro (1478-1553, nacido en Verona,la asimila a la viruela y lanza la teoría microbiana.

    • PARACELSO(1493-1541pregona que: los

    • Plasma wakefield acceleration at CLARA facility in Daresbury Laboratory

      Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

      Xia, G., E-mail: [School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Manchester (United Kingdom); The Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Daresbury, Warrington (United Kingdom); Nie, Y. [Deutsche Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg (Germany); Mete, O.; Hanahoe, K. [School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Manchester (United Kingdom); The Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Daresbury, Warrington (United Kingdom); Dover, M.; Wigram, M.; Wright, J.; Zhang, J. [School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Manchester (United Kingdom); Smith, J. [Tech-X UK Corporation, Daresbury Innovation Centre, Warrington (United Kingdom); Pacey, T.; Li, Y. [School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Manchester (United Kingdom); The Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Daresbury, Warrington (United Kingdom); Wei, Y.; Welsch, C. [The Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Daresbury, Warrington (United Kingdom); University of Liverpool, Liverpool (United Kingdom)


      A plasma accelerator research station (PARS) has been proposed to study the key issues in electron driven plasma wakefield acceleration at CLARA facility in Daresbury Laboratory. In this paper, the quasi-nonlinear regime of beam driven plasma wakefield acceleration is analysed. The wakefield excited by various CLARA beam settings are simulated by using a 2D particle-in-cell (PIC) code. For a single drive beam, an accelerating gradient up to 3 GV/m can be achieved. For a two bunch acceleration scenario, simulation shows that a witness bunch can achieve a significant energy gain in a 10–50 cm long plasma cell.

    • 78 FR 67210 - Santa Clara Pueblo Disaster #NM-00038 (United States)


      ... ADMINISTRATION Santa Clara Pueblo Disaster NM-00038 AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice...: Submit completed loan applications to: U.S. Small Business Administration, Processing and Disbursement... of Disaster Assistance, U.S. Small Business Administration, 409 3rd Street, SW., Suite...

    • ["The piano trio" Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms]. (United States)

      Albretsen, C S


      The relationship between the pianist and composer Clara Schumann and the composers Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms has for a century been an interesting topic. Clara and Robert Schumann both suffered separation from their mothers during early childhood. Johannes Brahms was intensely spoiled by his mother. Robert Schumann needed a structuring wife in his adult life, while Johannes Brahms turned to be afraid of intrusive women. Robert Schumann's psychotic breakdown in February 1854 had a complex background: a hypomanic state, some marital problems, a stressful journey with musical appearances, and possibly a difficulty in differentiating between himself and his new friend Johannes Brahms. As for Clara Schumann, who lost her mother before the age of five, musical activities became her way of overcoming the difficulties of life. She was able to support Robert in his lunatic asylum and their seven children growing up in three separate towns. The chronic diseases of the sons: schizophrenia, polyarthritis and tuberculosis made a deep impression on her and her fingers and hands were periodically immobilised with severe pain. For four decades Johannes was her able "son" and Clara was his "mother", at a safe distance.

    • 78 FR 66756 - Santa Clara Pueblo; Amendment No. 1 to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration (United States)


      ... SECURITY Federal Emergency Management Agency Santa Clara Pueblo; Amendment No. 1 to Notice of a Major... amends the notice of a major disaster declaration for the Santa Clara Pueblo (FEMA-4147-DR), dated... disaster declaration for the Santa Clara Pueblo is hereby amended to include Public Assistance...

    • 78 FR 64233 - Santa Clara Pueblo; Major Disaster and Related Determinations (United States)


      ... SECURITY Federal Emergency Management Agency Santa Clara Pueblo; Major Disaster and Related Determinations... Presidential declaration of a major disaster for the Santa Clara Pueblo (FEMA-4147-DR), dated September 27... Santa Clara Pueblo resulting from severe storms and flooding during the period of July 19-21, 2013,...

    • 76 FR 9640 - Prevailing Rate Systems: Santa Clara, CA, Tulsa County, OK, and Angelina County, TX (United States)


      ..., ``Santa Clara,'' which was abolished as a NAF FWS wage area by a final rule (74 FR 9951) published on... MANAGEMENT 5 CFR Part 532 RIN 3206-AM22 Prevailing Rate Systems: Santa Clara, CA, Tulsa County, OK, and... of California by removing the entry for ``Santa Clara.'' 0 3. Appendix D to subpart B is amended...

    • Sevilla PV a.2 MW- Photovoltaic plant grid; Sevilla PV 1.2 MW-Central Fotovoltaica de conexion a red con doble concentracion y seguimiento solar en dos ejes

      Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

      Valera, P.; Enrile, J.; Osuna, R.; Alonso Abella, M.; Chenlo, F.


      The purpose of this project is to install a 1.2 MW, double concentration Photovoltaic plant grid connected to the utility for electricity generation to set the basis of a significant cost reduction in the generation of PV energy. Two concepts are considered: low concentration (effective factor of 2.2X) and two-axis sun tracking. The project takes advantages of the Spanish Royal Decree 436/2004 on production of electricity by PV systems. The solar feed in tariff for these systems is fixed in approximately 0.22 /kWh for system of a power output greater than 100kW. This will contribute to pay back the initial investment; to develop and prove the new PV technology and reduce GHG emissions, helping to the European White Paper target. (Author)

    • Efeito de reguladores de crescimento em uva apirênica, cv. BRS Clara Effect of growth regulators on the seedless grape cv. BRS Clara

      Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

      Jair Costa Nachtigal


      Station for Tropical Viticulture in Jales, SP. The bunches were directly sprayed with the plant growth regulators, either individually or combined, in concentrations from 0 to 4mg.L-1 of CPPU; 0 to 10mg.L-1of TDZ and 0 to 90mg.L-1 of AG3. Generally, the application of growth regulators improved the quality of the bunches of the cv. BRS Clara; the use of TDZ and CPPU, combined with AG3, produce a synergistic effect, causing a better response than the isolated use of AG3; the treatments with 60mg.L-1 of AG3, 20mg.L-1 of AG3 + 4mg.L-1 of CPPU and 10mg.L-1 of AG3 + 5mg.L-1 of TDZ provide the best results for increase in the berries diameter; the application of AG3 before flowering cause excessive abortion which reduced the commercial value of the bunches. High concentrations of plant growth regulators decrease the content of total soluble solids.

    • Esker Ri Nursing Home, Kilnabinnia, Clara, Offaly.

      LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

      Ohmann, Christian


      Abstract Background A recent survey has shown that data management in clinical trials performed by academic trial units still faces many difficulties (e.g. heterogeneity of software products, deficits in quality management, limited human and financial resources and the complexity of running a local computer centre). Unfortunately, no specific, practical and open standard for both GCP-compliant data management and the underlying IT-infrastructure is available to improve the situation. For that reason the "Working Group on Data Centres" of the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) has developed a standard specifying the requirements for high quality GCP-compliant data management in multinational clinical trials. Methods International, European and national regulations and guidelines relevant to GCP, data security and IT infrastructures, as well as ECRIN documents produced previously, were evaluated to provide a starting point for the development of standard requirements. The requirements were produced by expert consensus of the ECRIN Working group on Data Centres, using a structured and standardised process. The requirements were divided into two main parts: an IT part covering standards for the underlying IT infrastructure and computer systems in general, and a Data Management (DM) part covering requirements for data management applications in clinical trials. Results The standard developed includes 115 IT requirements, split into 15 separate sections, 107 DM requirements (in 12 sections) and 13 other requirements (2 sections). Sections IT01 to IT05 deal with the basic IT infrastructure while IT06 and IT07 cover validation and local software development. IT08 to IT015 concern the aspects of IT systems that directly support clinical trial management. Sections DM01 to DM03 cover the implementation of a specific clinical data management application, i.e. for a specific trial, whilst DM04 to DM12 address the data management of trials across the unit

  1. Structure and Velocities of the Northeastern Santa Cruz Mountains and the Western Santa Clara Valley, California, from the SCSI-LR Seismic Survey (United States)

    Catchings, R.D.; Goldman, M.R.; Gandhok, G.


    Introduction: The Santa Clara Valley is located in the southern San Francisco Bay area of California and generally includes the area south of the San Francisco Bay between the Santa Cruz Mountains on the southwest and the Diablo Ranges on the northeast. The area has a population of approximately 1.7 million including the city of San Jose, numerous smaller cities, and much of the high-technology manufacturing and research area commonly referred to as the Silicon Valley. Major active strands of the San Andreas Fault system bound the Santa Clara Valley, including the San Andreas fault to the southwest and the Hayward and Calaveras faults to the northeast; related faults likely underlie the alluvium of the valley. This report focuses on subsurface structures of the western Santa Clara Valley and the northeastern Santa Cruz Mountains and their potential effects on earthquake hazards and ground-water resource management in the area. Earthquake hazards and ground-water resources in the Santa Clara Valley are important considerations to California and the Nation because of the valley's preeminence as a major technical and industrial center, proximity to major earthquakes faults, and large population. To assess the earthquake hazards of the Santa Clara Valley better, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has undertaken a program to evaluate potential earthquake sources and potential effects of strong ground shaking within the valley. As part of that program, and to better assess water resources of the valley, the USGS and the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) began conducting collaborative studies to characterize the faults, stratigraphy, and structures beneath the alluvial cover of the Santa Clara Valley in the year 2000. Such geologic features are important to both agencies because they directly influence the availability and management of groundwater resources in the valley, and they affect the severity and distribution of strong shaking from local or regional

  2. Annual progress report on the development of a 2 MW/10 second battery energy storage system for power disturbance protection

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), acting for the US Department of Energy (DOE), contracts for and administers programs for the purpose of promoting the development and commercialization of large scale, transportable battery energy storage systems. Under DOE Co-Op Agreement No. DE-FC04-94AL99852, SNL has contracted for the development and delivery of an initial prototype 250 kW bridge that becomes an integral subsystem of a 2 MW/10 Second System that can be used by utility customers to protect power sensitive equipment from power disturbances. Development work includes field installation and testing of the prototype unit at a participating utility site for extended product testing with subsequent relocation to an industrial or commercial participating utility customer site for additional evaluation. The program described by the referenced document calls for cost sharing with the successful bidder and eventual title transfer to the participating utility. Prototype delivery is scheduled for January of 1996, with a period of two years allowed for field testing. A final report summarizing the test data with conclusions and recommendations is part of the contract.

  3. Carbon isotope geochemistry of the Santa Clara River



    The Santa Clara River is a prototypical small mountainous river, with a headwater height greater than 1000 m and a basin area smaller than 10,000 m 2. Although individual small mountainous rivers export trivial amounts of sediment and carbon to the ocean, as a group these rivers may export a major fraction (as much as 50%) of the total global river sediment flux [Milliman and Syvitski, 1992], making their geochemistry relevant the study of the ocean's carbon cycle. In addition, many small riv...

  4. Clara E. Lida. Caleidoscopio del exilio. Actores, memoria, identidades

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rose Duroux


    Full Text Available Desde mediados de la década de 1980 he publicado y disertado sobre el exilio español en México en diversos foros académicos. Ello me ha permitido explorar distintas facetas vinculadas con el tema y recibir comentarios y sugerencias valiosas. De alguna manera, con la suma de todas estas miradas se construyeron los fragmentos que, como en los giros de un caleidoscopio, combinan reflexiones e imágenes a la vez complementarias y nuevas.Clara E. Lida Soixante-dix ans après la fin de la Guerre d’Es...

  5. Spectroscopic studies with the PRISMA-CLARA set-up

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fioretto, E; Corradi, L; Angelis, G de; Napoli, D R; Sahin, E; Silvestri, R; Stefanini, A M; Valiente-Dobon, J J [INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Viale dell' Universita 2, Legnaro (PD), I-35020 (Italy); Bazzacco, D; Beghini, S; Farnea, E; Lenzi, S M; Lunardi, S; Mason, P; Mengoni, D; Montagnoli, G; Scarlassara, F; Ur, C A [Dipartimento di Fisica dell' Universita di Padova and INFN, Via Marzolo 8, Padova, I-35131 (Italy); Gadea, A [Instituto de Fisica Corpuscolar, CSIC-Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, E-46071 (Spain); Pollarolo, G, E-mail: enrico.fioretto@lnl.infn.i [Dipartimento di Fisica Teorica dell' Universita di Torino and INFN, Via P. Giuria 1, Torino, I-10125 (Italy)


    The large solid angle magnetic spectrometer for heavy ions PRISMA, installed at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL), was operated up to the end of March 2008 in conjunction with the highly efficient CLARA set-up. It allowed to carry out nuclear structure and reaction mechanism studies in several mass regions of the nuclide chart. Results obtained in the vicinity of the island of inversion and for the heavy iron and chromium isotopes are presented in this contribution. The status of the new focal plane detectors specifically designed for light ions and slow moving heavy ions is also reported.

  6. Ultrastructural immunohistochemical localization of Clara cell secretory protein in pulmonary epithelium of rabbits.


    Patton, S E; Gupta, R. P.; Nishio, S.; Eddy, E M; Jetten, A. M.; Plopper, C. G.; Nettesheim, P; Hook, G E


    Highly purified Clara cells (93 +/- 3%) isolated from the lungs of rabbits were used to produce an antiserum against Clara cell secretory proteins. This antiserum was used to identify and study the biosynthesis and secretion of [35S]methionine-labeled proteins from isolated Clara cells. The antiserum recognized one major secretory protein with apparent molecular weight of 6 kDa and reacted weakly with a higher molecular weight protein of about 180 kDa. Biosynthesis and secretion of these prot...

  7. Documentation of the Santa Clara Valley regional ground-water/surface-water flow model, Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Hanson, R.T.; Li, Zhen; Faunt, C.C.


    The Santa Clara Valley is a long, narrow trough extending about 35 miles southeast from the southern end of San Francisco Bay where the regional alluvial-aquifer system has been a major source of water. Intensive agricultural and urban development throughout the 20th century and related ground-water development resulted in ground-water-level declines of more than 200 feet and land subsidence of as much as 12.7 feet between the early 1900s and the mid-1960s. Since the 1960s, Santa Clara Valley Water District has imported surface water to meet growing demands and reduce dependence on ground-water supplies. This importation of water has resulted in a sustained recovery of the ground-water flow system. To help support effective management of the ground-water resources, a regional ground-water/surface-water flow model was developed. This model simulates the flow of ground water and surface water, changes in ground-water storage, and related effects such as land subsidence. A numerical ground-water/surface-water flow model of the Santa Clara Valley subbasin of the Santa Clara Valley was developed as part of a cooperative investigation with the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The model better defines the geohydrologic framework of the regional flow system and better delineates the supply and demand components that affect the inflows to and outflows from the regional ground-water flow system. Development of the model includes revisions to the previous ground-water flow model that upgraded the temporal and spatial discretization, added source-specific inflows and outflows, simulated additional flow features such as land subsidence and multi-aquifer wellbore flow, and extended the period of simulation through September 1999. The transient-state model was calibrated to historical surface-water and ground-water data for the period 197099 and to historical subsidence for the period 198399. The regional ground-water flow system consists of multiple aquifers that are grouped

  8. 78 FR 67382 - Santa Clara Pueblo; Major Disaster and Related Determinations (United States)


    ... SECURITY Federal Emergency Management Agency Santa Clara Pueblo; Major Disaster and Related Determinations... Presidential declaration of a major disaster for the Santa Clara Pueblo (FEMA-4151-DR), dated October 24, 2013... Act''), as follows: I have determined that the damage to the lands associated with the Santa...

  9. Tar Creek study, Sargent oil field, Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Wagner, David L.; Fedasko, Bill; Carnahan, J.R.; Brunetti, Ross; Magoon, Leslie B.; Lillis, Paul G.; Lorenson, T.D.; Stanley, Richard G.


    Field work in the Tar Creek area of Sargent oil field was performed June 26 to 28, 2000. The Santa Clara County study area is located in Sections, 30, 31, and 32, Township 11 South, Range 4 East, M.D.B&M; and in Sections 25 and 36, Township 11 South, Range 3 East, M.D.B.&M., north and south of Tar Creek, west of Highway 101. The work was a cooperative effort of the California Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), California Geological Survey (CGS), and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The purpose of the project was to map the stratigraphy and geologic structure (David Wagner, CGS); sample oil for age dating (Les Magoon, USGS); and search for undocumented wells plus conduct a GPS survey of the area (Bill Fedasko, J.P. Carnahan, and Ross Brunetti, DOGGR)

  10. 76 FR 72972 - Notice of Realty Action: Competitive Sale of Public Land in Santa Clara County, CA (United States)


    ... Bureau of Land Management Notice of Realty Action: Competitive Sale of Public Land in Santa Clara County... approximately 23.42 acres, more or less, in Santa Clara County, California. The public land would be sold for... described contains 23.42 acres, more or less, in Santa Clara County, California. Appraised fair market...

  11. 76 FR 16812 - Notice of Realty Action: Modified Competitive Bid Sale of Public Land in Santa Clara County, CA (United States)


    ... Notice of Realty Action: Modified Competitive Bid Sale of Public Land in Santa Clara County, CA AGENCY... approximately 9.27 acres in Santa Clara County, California, for not less than the appraised fair market value of..., more or less, in Santa Clara County. The public land was originally identified as suitable for...

  12. 75 FR 8106 - Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo... (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara... located in Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California. We provide this notice in... in Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California, consists of several non...

  13. Modeling the Cienega de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico (United States)

    Huckelbridge, K. H.; Hidalgo, H.; Dracup, J.; Ibarra Obando, S. E.


    The Cienega de Santa Clara is a created wetland located in the Colorado River Delta (CRD), in Sonora, Mexico. It is sustained by agricultural return flows from the Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation District in Arizona and the Mexicali Valley in Mexico. As one of the few wetlands remaining in the CRD, it provides critical habitat for several species of fish and birds, including several endangered species such as the desert pupfish (Cyprinodon macularius) and the Yuma clapper rail (Rallus longirostris yumanensis). However, this habitat may be in jeopardy if the quantity and quality of the agricultural inflows are significantly altered. This study seeks to develop a model that describes the dynamics of wetland hydrology, vegetation, and water quality as a function of inflow variability and salinity loading. The model is divided into four modules set up in sequence. For a given time step, the sequence begins with the first module, which utilizes basic diffusion equations to simulate mixing processes in the shallow wetland when the flow and concentration of the inflow deviate from the baseline. The second module develops a vegetated-area response to the resulting distribution of salinity in the wetland. Using the new area of vegetation cover determined by the second module and various meteorological variables, the third module calculates the evapotranspiration rate for the wetland, using the Penman-Montieth equation. Finally, the fourth module takes the overall evapotranspiration rate, along with precipitation, inflow and outflow and calculates the new volume of the wetland using a water balance. This volume then establishes the initial variables for the next time step. The key outputs from the model are salinity concentration, area of vegetation cover, and wetland volume for each time step. Results from this model will illustrate how the wetland's hydrology, vegetation, and water quality are altered over time under various inflow scenarios. These outputs can ultimately be used

  14. High efficiency direct fuel cell hybrid power cycle for near term application

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Steinfeld, G.; Maru, H.C. [Energy Research Corp., Danbury, CT (United States); Sanderson, R.A. [Fuel Cell Systems Consultant, Wethersfield, CT (United States)


    Direct carbonate fuel cells being developed by Energy Research Corporation can generate power at an efficiency approaching 60% LHV. This unique fuel cell technology can consume natural gas and other hydrocarbon based fuels directly without requiring an external reformer, thus providing a simpler and inherently efficient power generation system. A 2 MW power plant demonstration of this technology has been initiated at an installation in the city of Santa Clara in California. A 2.85 MW commercial configuration shown in Figure 1 is presently being developed. The complete plant includes the carbonate fuel cell modules, an inverter, transformer and switchgear, a heat recovery unit and supporting instrument air and water treatment systems. The emission levels for this 2.85 MW plant are projected to be orders of magnitude below existing or proposed standards. The 30 year levelized cost of electricity, without inflation, is projected to be approximately 5{cents}/kW-h assuming capital cost for the carbonate fuel cell system of $1000/kW.

  15. - Evaluación de los factores que inciden en la mortalidad por fasciolosis en la provincia de Villa Clara, Cuba (Evaluation of factors that impact in the mortality by fascioliasis in villa clara province, Cuba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María del Rosario León Beovides


    Full Text Available Resumen. Se analizó retrospectivamente el comportamiento de la mortalidad por fasciolosis en bovinos en la provincia de Villa Clara (Cuba correlacionándose la información estadística correspondiente a la mortalidad por sectores con los resultados de visitas realizadas a las direcciones municipales del Instituto de Medicina Veterinaria, con el fin de evaluar el cumplimiento de las medidas de Programa de Prevención de Enfermedades. Se demostró que el incremento en el índice de mortalidad por fasciolosis en la provincia se corresponde con los incumplimientos de las medidas establecidas para su control Abstract. It was retrospectively analyzed the behavior of mortality by fascioliasis in bovine in Villa Clara Province (Cuba, correlating the statistical information that corresponds to the mortality by sectors with the results of visits carried out to the municipal directions of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, with the purpose of evaluating the execution of measures of Disease Prevention Program. It was demonstrated that the increase in mortality index by fascioliasis in the province corresponds with the non-fulfillments of established measures for its control.

  16. REGISTRO HOSPITALARIO DE INFARTO AGUDO DE MIOCARDIO EN SANTA CLARA / Hospital registry of acute miocardial infarction in Santa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Morales Salinas


    Full Text Available Resumen Introducción y objetivos: En Cuba las estadísticas vitales de la morbi-mortalidad por infarto agudo de miocardio proceden de pequeñas áreas de salud. El objetivo fue identificar las principales características y conducta hospitalaria de los pacientes con infarto a través de un registro hospitalario de infarto. Métodos: Se monitorizaron los casos de infarto ocurridos en pacientes de 45 a 74 años de edad y residentes en Santa Clara, durante los años 2007 y 2008. Las fuentes de información fueron: listados de egresos hospitalarios, registros hospitalarios de infarto de miocardio, certificados de defunción y registros de autopsias nosocomiales. Se utilizó la metodología MONICA (MONItoring Trends and Determinants in CArdiovascular Disease Project. Resultados: Se registraron 297 pacientes con infarto. El 62,7 % de los varones y el 46,8 % de las mujeres recibieron tratamiento de reperfusión. Las letalidades hospitalarias en varones y mujeres fueron de 25,3 % y 45 %. Las variables que se relacionaron con una mayor mortalidad fueron la edad, el sexo femenino, la frecuencia cardíaca alta, el infarto de topografía anterior, la creatinina elevada, así como los antecedentes personales de cardiopatía isquémica previa y diabetes mellitus. Mientras que el tratamiento con fibrinolíticos y/o betabloqueadores se correlacionaron inversamente con la mortalidad. Conclusiones: Existió una elevada prevalencia de dislipidemia desconocida y letalidad hospitalaria a 28 días; así como una baja utilización de las estrategias cruentas. La hipertensión sistólica al ingreso se relacionó con un mejor pronóstico. / Abstract Introduction and objectives: In Cuba, the vital statistics of morbi-mortality due to acute myocardial infarction come from small health areas. The objective of this study was to identify the main characteristics and hospital management of patients with myocardial infarction, through a hospital registry of infarctions

  17. A 2MW 6-phase BLDC Generator Developed from a PM Synchronous Generator for Wind Energy Application

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chen, Zhuihui; Chen, Zhe; Liu, Xiao


    In the direct drive wind turbine application, a PMSM generator often works together with a diode rectifier, which connects to a boost converter. In this paper, a six-phase BLDC generator is developed from the prototype design of three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator. The diode...... rectifier is adopted. The cases the with different loads are studied. The finite element simulation shows the developed BLDC generator is better than the PMSM generator in terms of DC voltage ripple and torque ripple. Furthermore, the volume of the BLDC generator is smaller, despite of more permanent magnet...... is required. The efficiencies and the costs are also compared. As the result shows, BLDC generators connected with the diode rectifiers are good candidates for direct drive wind turbines....

  18. Wave propagation and site response in the Santa Clara Valley (United States)

    Fletcher, Joe B.; Boatwright, J.; Lindh, A.G.


    Forty-two portable digital instruments were deployed across the Santa Clara Valley from June until early November 1998; this array recorded 14 small and moderate local events and 7 large teleseismic events. We analyze the ground motion from these events to determine station delays and relative site amplification within the Valley. P waves from an event at the southern edge of the valley are early (??t > -0.35 sec) at stations over an axial ridge in the basement interface in the middle of the valley, but late (??t < 0.20 sec) for stations over the Cupertino and Evergreen basins to either side. The S-wave delays are approximately twice as large. Teleseismic P-waves from an M = 7.0 event beneath the Bonin Islands show a similar pattern in travel-time delays. The P waves are amplified by factors of 1.5-3 for frequencies below 2 Hz at stations within either basin, compared with stations on the axial ridge. The P-wave coda appear enhanced at 2-3 sec, but coda Q estimates at frequencies from 0.2 to 1.1 Hz are not markedly different at stations over the basin compared with stations on the ridge with the possible exceptions of consistently high values over the northern end of the Evergreen Basin. We invert the S-wave spectra for site-specific attenuation and amplification from the 14 local events by assuming a common source spectra for each event, 1/r geometrical spreading, and constraining the inversion using the 30-m velocity profile at four stations in the array. The largest amplifications occurred in the 1- to 6-Hz band at stations near the northwest edge of the Evergreen basin. While the highest amplifications occur at stations with the lowest S-wave velocities, the scatter obscures the correlation between velocity and amplification. The stations in the basins are characterized by higher attenuation than the stations on the basement ridge.

  19. The role of Scgb1a1+ Clara cells in the long-term maintenance and repair of lung airway, but not alveolar, epithelium. (United States)

    Rawlins, Emma L; Okubo, Tadashi; Xue, Yan; Brass, David M; Auten, Richard L; Hasegawa, Hiroshi; Wang, Fan; Hogan, Brigid L M


    To directly test the contribution of Scgb1a1(+) Clara cells to postnatal growth, homeostasis, and repair of lung epithelium, we generated a Scgb1a1-CreER "knockin" mouse for lineage-tracing these cells. Under all conditions tested, the majority of Clara cells in the bronchioles both self-renews and generates ciliated cells. In the trachea, Clara cells give rise to ciliated cells but do not self-renew extensively. Nevertheless, they can contribute to tracheal repair. In the postnatal mouse lung, it has been proposed that bronchioalveolar stem cells (BASCs) which coexpress Scgb1a1 (Secretoglobin1a1) and SftpC (Surfactant Protein C), contribute descendants to both bronchioles and alveoli. The putative BASCs were lineage labeled in our studies. However, we find no evidence for the function of a special BASC population during postnatal growth, adult homeostasis, or repair. Rather, our results support a model in which the trachea, bronchioles, and alveoli are maintained by distinct populations of epithelial progenitor cells.

  20. Clara Haber, nee Immerwahr (1870-1915): Life, Work and Legacy. (United States)

    Friedrich, Bretislav; Hoffmann, Dieter


    We examine the life, work, and legacy of Clara Haber, nee Immerwahr, who became the first woman to earn a doctorate from the University of Breslau, in 1900. In 1901 she married the chemist Fritz Haber. With no employment available for female scientists, Clara freelanced as an instructor in the continued education of women, mainly housewives, while struggling not to become a housewife herself. Her duties as a designated head of a posh household hardly brought fulfillment to her life. The outbreak of WWI further exacerbated the situation, as Fritz Haber applied himself in extraordinary ways to aid the German war effort. The night that he celebrated the "success" of the first chlorine cloud attack, Clara committed suicide. We found little evidence to support claims that Clara was an outspoken pacifist who took her life because of her disapproval of Fritz Haber's involvement in chemical warfare. We conclude by examining "the myth of Clara Immerwahr" that took root in the 1990s from the perspective offered by the available scholarly sources, including some untapped ones.

  1. Clara Haber, nee Immerwahr (1870–1915): Life, Work and Legacy (United States)


    Abstract We examine the life, work, and legacy of Clara Haber, nee Immerwahr, who became the first woman to earn a doctorate from the University of Breslau, in 1900. In 1901 she married the chemist Fritz Haber. With no employment available for female scientists, Clara freelanced as an instructor in the continued education of women, mainly housewives, while struggling not to become a housewife herself. Her duties as a designated head of a posh household hardly brought fulfillment to her life. The outbreak of WWI further exacerbated the situation, as Fritz Haber applied himself in extraordinary ways to aid the German war effort. The night that he celebrated the “success” of the first chlorine cloud attack, Clara committed suicide. We found little evidence to support claims that Clara was an outspoken pacifist who took her life because of her disapproval of Fritz Haber's involvement in chemical warfare. We conclude by examining “the myth of Clara Immerwahr” that took root in the 1990s from the perspective offered by the available scholarly sources, including some untapped ones. PMID:27099403

  2. Spatially explicit West Nile virus risk modeling in Santa Clara County, California. (United States)

    Konrad, Sarah K; Miller, Scott N; Reeves, Will K; Tietze, Noor S


    A geographic information system model designed to identify regions at risk for West Nile virus (WNV) transmission was calibrated and tested with data collected in Santa Clara County, California. American Crows that died from WNV infection in 2005 provided spatial and temporal ground truth. When the model was run with parameters based on Culex tarsalis infected with the NY99 genotype of the virus, it underestimated WNV occurrence in Santa Clara Co. The parameters were calibrated to fit the field data by reducing the number of degree-days necessary to reach the mosquito's extrinsic incubation period from 109 to 76. The calibration raised model efficiency from 61% to 92% accuracy, and the model performed well the following year in Santa Clara Co.

  3. Clara Barton: teacher, nurse, Civil War heroine, founder of the American Red Cross. (United States)

    Evans, Gerald D


    Clara Barton was a nineteenth century woman driven to greatness. She was a teacher, a nurse, a Civil War heroine and founder of the American Red Cross. In order to cut a path into the future we must know where we have been. The story of Clara Barton is about someone who cut that path. It is about courage, overcoming obstacles, never giving up and doing the job that needs doing. What makes it fascinating is the human side, the weaknesses that coloured her life. We can learn from her journey as we develop our own path into the future.

  4. 77 FR 28895 - Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo... (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alameda, Santa Clara... Wildlife Refuge, located in the Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties of California, consists of... Federal Register notice of intent on February 23, 2010 (75 FR 8106), to solicit additional comments....

  5. See Us as We Are: Clara Chu--University of California at Los Angeles (United States)

    Library Journal, 2005


    This article highlights the influence of Clara Chu, associate professor in the University of California at Los Angeles's (UCLA) Department of Information Studies. Her influence extends far beyond her campus. She works with many organizations to advance multiculturalism in librarianship. As a prolific researcher, writer, and speaker, Chu has given…

  6. Clara Barton High School Bilingual Program. O.E.E. Evaluation Report, 1982-1983. (United States)

    Collazo-Levy, Dora; Sica, Michael

    In 1982-83, the program evaluated here provided tutorial and supportive services to approximately 50 Spanish-speaking students of limited English proficiency (LEP) in grades 9-12 at Clara Barton High School, Brooklyn, New York. The program's main objective was to enable LEP students to function successfully in terms of language achievement and…

  7. Spatially Explicit West Nile Virus Risk Modeling in Santa Clara County, CA (United States)

    A geographic information systems model designed to identify regions of West Nile virus (WNV) transmission risk was tested and calibrated with data collected in Santa Clara County, California. American Crows that died from WNV infection in 2005, provided spatial and temporal ground truth. When the mo...

  8. First light measurements of the Total Solar Irradiance experiment CLARA on NORSAT-1 (United States)

    Schmutz, Werner


    NORSAT-1 is a Norwegian micro-satellite, which will be launched April 22, 2016. (In the future at the time of writing this abstract.) The satellite carries two scientific instruments and an AIS receiver for performing ship detection from space. One of the scientific instruments is a Compact Light-weight Absolute RAdiometer (CLARA) and the other is a Langmuir Probe instrument comprising four probes mounted on booms. The latter experiment will measure electron density and the platform's floating potential along the orbit. The University of Oslo provides the Langmuir probes. The radiometer experiment CLARA has been built by PMOD/WRC funded through the Swiss PRODEX program. It will measure Total Solar Irradiance with an instrument of novel design that is optimized for minimizing mass and size by still ensuring highest measuring accuracy and thermal stability. The radiometers of CLARA have been fully characterized as well as calibrated at the TRF facility. It is expected that the first light accuracy of the absolute measurement of Total Solar Irradiance will be better than pm0.3 W/m^{2, allowing to probe the current TSI composite for its absolute level. The presentation will give an overview of the CLARA instrument and its calibration. It is expected that at the time of the COSPAR conference the first light TSI value of CLARA/NORSAT-1 is ready for publication. Together with a previous absolute TSI measurements available for July 27, 2010 measured by PREMOS/PICARD the new absolute TSI measurement will be used to test the accuracy of long term TSI trend given by the relative TSI composite.

  9. 2 MW液态钍基熔盐实验堆主屏蔽温度场分析%Temperature field analysis for the main shielding of the 2-MW thorium-based molten salt experimental reactor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    何杰; 夏晓彬; 蔡军; 潘登; 彭玉; 黄建平; 张国庆


    Background:Molten salt reactor is a fourth generation advanced reactor. The concrete wall is the key part of this high-temperature reactor shielding, so temperature field analysis is important. Purpose: This study attempts to calculate the temperature field of the TMSR-LF1 (2-MW liquid-fueled molten salt experimental reactor) shielding, and judge if it meets the design requirements. Methods: In accordance with the problem that MCNP (Monte Carlo N Particle Transport Code) results cannot be directly imported into Fluent, a program which converts MCNP results to the spatial distribution of power density, and imports the spatial distribution of power density into the Fluent in the form of User-Defined Function (UDF) was developed by using Python programming language to realize the coupling of the two. According to TMSR-LF1 design parameters, a one-eight physical and thermal model of the whole reactor is established, using code MCNP and Fluent. Reactor radiation shielding thermal analysis adopts the assumptions that the different environment temperatures are 5°C, 18°C, 25°C, 30°C, 35°C and 40°C, respectively.Results: The maximal values of temperature and temperature gradient in the radiation shielding concrete wall are 67.42 °C and 78.40 °C·m?1, which are lower than limit values.Conclusion: The radiation shielding concrete wall can meet the design requirements.%反应堆主屏蔽是核反应堆的重要组成部分,用来有效降低反应堆运行时屏蔽体外的辐射剂量水平,以满足反应堆部件材料对辐射限制的要求.温度是影响反应堆主屏蔽性能的重要因素.针对2 MWth液态熔盐堆(2-MW liquid-fueled molten salt experimental reactor,TMSR-LF1),采用MCNP软件获得功率分布后,利用Fluent软件对主屏蔽进行温度场计算.计算过程中利用Python语言编写了程序(MCNP to Fluent,MTF)来实现将MCNP(Monte Carlo N Particle Transport Code)计算结果转换为功率密度的空间分布,

  10. The Architectonics of Luna Clara e Apolo Onze: a Metalinguistic Reflection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marice Fiuza Geletkanicz


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a metalinguistic reflection about the methodological process from which resulted a master's degree thesis entitled Luna Clara e Apolo Onze: a creative organization of voices. More specifically, it intends to show how, from the foundations of dialogical discourse analysis, and from a preliminary examination of the corpus, the book of Adriana Falcão entitled Luna Clara e Apolo Onze, the author of the research developed a specific way of describing the authorial architectonics of a verbal work which integrates visual resources. It intends still to consider how, in the context of the dialogic conception of language, one can propose an object of study, and a specific way of studying it by considering a phenomenon such as a book and examining it by means of concepts compatible with this object, instead of applying ready-made categories.

  11. Estimation of carbon sequestration by tree species in three farms in Villa Clara province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Carlos García Hernández


    Full Text Available The research took place in two farms of the Cifuentes municipality and in a farm of the Santa Clara municipality, province of Villa Clara. It was carried out from November 2008 to May 2009, with the objective of estimating the capture of Carbon by common arboreal species in these farms. The plant biomass analyses were made according to the methodology of Mercadet and Álvarez (2005. Several parameters were analyzed. Age, height and perimeter of the plants were the most influential parameters on the amount of carbon sequestered. In this regard, we performed a multivariate curve fitting, showing the age of the plants the highest percent of dependence (54.89%. Palma Real with values between 0.81 and 0.84 t / plant and the Mango between 0.60 and 0.81 t /plant of retained Carbon, were the most outstanding in the capture of Carbon.

  12. Physical subdivision and description of the water-bearing sediments of the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Wentworth, Carl M.; Jachens, Robert C.; Williams, Robert A.; Tinsley, John C.; Hanson, Randall T.


    A thick Quaternary alluvial section fills a sedimentary basin beneath the Santa Clara Valley, California, located within the San Andreas Fault system at the south end of San Francisco Bay. This section consists of an upper sequence about 1,000 feet thick containing eight sedimentary cycles and a lower fine-grained unit as thick as several hundred feet. Together these constitute the Quaternary Santa Clara Basin. The section overlies an irregular unconformity with more than 1,200 feet of relief cut into the underlying bedrock. This stratigraphy is determined through study of new wells and seismic reflection profiles, together with a sample of the many thousands of water wells in the valley. It represents a major change and improvement in understanding of the basin, particularly with regard to the upper cyclic sequence, which forms a large groundwater system that is an important resource in the San Francisco Bay region.

  13. Evaluation of animal control measures on pet demographics in Santa Clara County, California, 1993–2006

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philip H. Kass


    Full Text Available The measurable benefits of animal control programs are unknown and the aim of this study was to determine the impact of these programs on pet population changes. A prospective cross-sectional study of 1000 households was implemented in 2005 to evaluate characteristics of the owned and unowned population of dogs and cats in Santa Clara County, California. The same population was previously studied 12 years earlier. During this time period, the county instituted in 1994 and then subsequently disestablished a municipal spay/neuter voucher program for cats. Dog intakes declined from 1992–2005, as they similarly did for an adjacent county (San Mateo. However, cat intakes declined significantly more in Santa Clara County than San Mateo, with an average annual decline of approximately 700 cats for the 12 year period. Time series analysis showed a greater than expected decline in the number of cats surrendered to shelters in Santa Clara County during the years the voucher program was in effect (1994–2005. The net savings to the county by reducing the number of cat shelter intakes was estimated at approximately $1.5 million. The measurable benefits of animal control programs are unknown and the aim of this study was to determine the impact of these programs on pet population changes.

  14. Evaluation of animal control measures on pet demographics in Santa Clara County, California, 1993-2006. (United States)

    Kass, Philip H; Johnson, Karen L; Weng, Hsin-Yi


    The measurable benefits of animal control programs are unknown and the aim of this study was to determine the impact of these programs on pet population changes. A prospective cross-sectional study of 1000 households was implemented in 2005 to evaluate characteristics of the owned and unowned population of dogs and cats in Santa Clara County, California. The same population was previously studied 12 years earlier. During this time period, the county instituted in 1994 and then subsequently disestablished a municipal spay/neuter voucher program for cats. Dog intakes declined from 1992-2005, as they similarly did for an adjacent county (San Mateo). However, cat intakes declined significantly more in Santa Clara County than San Mateo, with an average annual decline of approximately 700 cats for the 12 year period. Time series analysis showed a greater than expected decline in the number of cats surrendered to shelters in Santa Clara County during the years the voucher program was in effect (1994-2005). The net savings to the county by reducing the number of cat shelter intakes was estimated at approximately $1.5 million. The measurable benefits of animal control programs are unknown and the aim of this study was to determine the impact of these programs on pet population changes.

  15. Effects of N-acetylcysteine on Clara cells in rats with cigarette smoke exposure

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIAO Ji-ping; CHI Chun-hua; LI Hai-chao; TANG Xiu-ying


    Background The number of Clare cells and the Clara cell 16-kDa protein (CC16) levels of the lung decrease in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a powerful antioxidant and can reduce the frequency of acute exacerbations of COPD. But the exact mechanism is unclear. The present study was designed to investigate the effects of NAC on Clara cells in rats with cigarette smoke exposure.Methods Eighteen adult male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 3 groups, 12 exposed to cigarette smoke (CS) thrice a day, 10 cigarettes for 30 minutes each time for 1 week, without (CS group) or with (CS+NAC group) oral intake of NAC 80 mg·kg~(-1)·d~(-1), and another 6 rats exposed to fresh air (control group). Clara cells were observed by an electron microscope. The Mrna expression of CC16 and CC16 protein in lungs were determined by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and immunohistochemistry respectively. The glutathion (GSH) level in plasma and lung tissue were tested by fluorimetry assay.Results Compared with the controls, the pathologic score of small airways significantly increased in the CS exposed rats (20.3±14.7 vs. 53.7±11.5, P 0.05). No significant difference was found in the expression of CC16 Mrna among the three groups. Correlation analysis indicated that the percentage of CC16-positive cells in bronchioles negatively correlated with the pathologic score of small airways (r=-0.592, P<0.05), but not with GSH level.Conclusions One-week CS exposure decreased the number of Clara cells and the expression of CC16 in bronchioles in rats. NAC might provide protection of the Clara cells from oxidative damage and possibly through the elevation of the synthesis and secretion of CC16. These data indicate that NAC decreases airway inflammation induced by CS via induction of CC16.

  16. Crescimento e desenvolvimento de frutos do tomateiro 'Santa Clara' e do seu mutante natural 'Firme' Growth and development of 'Santa Clara' tomato fruit and its mutant 'Firme'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcia Lima Moura


    Full Text Available Na região produtora de hortaliças de Viçosa, MG, identificaram-se plantas de tomate da cv. Santa Clara (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., que apresentam senescência foliar precoce e estigmas amarelados, com frutos de coloração "amarelo-creme" quando imaturos e vermelho quando maduros, de maturação lenta, e mais firmes que o fenótipo normal. Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar o crescimento e desenvolvimento dos frutos normais e mutantes. O delineamento experimental foi de blocos casualizados com quatro repetições. Os frutos mutantes apresentaram matéria fresca total e diâmetro transversal e longitudinal menores do que o normal durante todo o seu desenvolvimento. A espessura do pericarpo foi significativamente menor nos frutos mutantes do que nos frutos normais, a partir dos 21 dias após a antese. Folhas medianas e basais de plantas mutantes apresentaram menores teores de clorofila do que o observado em plantas normais. O período de amadurecimento do fruto mutante foi de 14 dias, enquanto dos frutos normais foi de 7 dias, quando ligados à planta-mãe, demonstrando a maior longevidade dos frutos mutantes. Além disso, os frutos mutantes apresentaram atraso na elevação da produção de etileno durante o amadurecimento.'Santa Clara' tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. plants showing earlier leaf senescence and yellowish stigma, fruits with pale yellow when immature and red when reach full ripe stage, associated to a lower rate of ripening and firmer than the wild type, were found in Viçosa, MG. The objective of this study was to evaluate the fruit growth and development of the mutant and wild type tomatoes. Mutant fruits showed smaller total fresh weight than wild type throughout development and thinner pericarp after 21 days after flowering. Basal and intermediate mutant plant leaves showed lower chlorophyll levels. 'Santa Clara' fruit took 7 days to reach full red ripe stage, while mutant fruits took 14 days. Furthermore

  17. Fisiologia do amadurecimento na planta do tomate 'Santa Clara' e do mutante 'Firme' Physiology of vine-ripened tomato 'Santa Clara' and its mutant 'Firme'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Márcia Lima Moura


    Full Text Available O mutante natural de tomate 'Firme' da cv. Santa Clara tem frutos com coloração "amarelo-creme" quando imaturos, firmes e com amadurecimento lento. Estudou-se as alterações fisiológicas que ocorrem durante o processo de amadurecimento na planta de frutos de tomate da cv. Santa Clara e do mutante 'Firme'. Os frutos normais e mutantes foram colhidos em 6 diferentes estádios de maturidade, e em cada um deles foram avaliados a produção de etileno e CO2, os teores de açúcares solúveis totais do pericarpo e do tecido locular, e as atividades das enzimas oxidase do ACC e poligalacturonase. Os frutos mutantes apresentaram menores taxas respiratórias e de produção de etileno em todos os estádios de maturidade. A atividade da oxidase do ACC apresentou padrão de comportamento distinto durante o amadurecimento na planta dos frutos mutantes e normais, porém com semelhante atividade final. Os frutos mutantes apresentaram atraso no aumento da atividade da enzima poligalacturonase em relação aos frutos normais nas fases iniciais do amadurecimento. Frutos normais acumularam açúcares solúveis totais durante seu amadurecimento na planta, enquanto que nos frutos mutantes os teores foram inferiores nos estádios mais avançados do amadurecimento quando comparados com aqueles no início do climatério. O pericarpo dos frutos mutantes nos estádios mais avançados do amadurecimento teve teores de açúcares total inferiores.The natural tomato mutant 'Firme' from cv. Santa Clara presents a yellow-pale appearance when immature, firm texture and slow ripening. Some of the physiological changes throughout ripening of cv. Santa Clara and the natural mutant 'Firme' were evaluated on the vine. Fruit ethylene and CO2 production, locular and outer pericarp total soluble sugars content, ACC oxidase and poligalacturonase activities were evaluated in both genotypes at six maturity stages. Mutant fruits presented lower ethylene and CO2 production at all

  18. Epidemiological and ecological characteristics of past dengue virus infection in Santa Clara, Peru. (United States)

    Reiskind, M H; Baisley, K J; Calampa, C; Sharp, T W; Watts, D M; Wilson, M L


    To determine risk factors associated with dengue (DEN) virus infection among residents of Santa Clara, Peru, a rural Amazonian village near Iquitos, a cross-sectional serological, epidemiological and environmental survey was conducted. Demographic, social and behavioural information was obtained by standardized questionnaire from 1225 Santa Clara residents (61.3%) aged 5 years or older. Additional data were obtained on the environmental variables and immature mosquito species and abundance surrounding each household (n = 248). Sera that had been collected previously by the Peruvian Ministry of Health from residents were tested by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for DEN virus IgG antibody. Antibody identity was verified as DEN by plaque reduction neutralization test. Data on individuals were analysed by univariate and multivariable methods, and independent sample t-tests. Spatial clustering was evaluated by comparing distances among DEN positive households. Overall, antibody prevalence was 29.4 % and more than doubled from the youngest to the oldest age groups, but did not differ by sex. Curiously, length of residence in Santa Clara was negatively associated with DEN virus antibodies. More frequent travel to Iquitos was positively associated with seroprevalence. Residents who obtained water from a river source rather than a local well also had significantly higher antibody prevalence. None of the environmental variables measured at each household corresponded to the patterns of antibody distribution. Of the larval mosquitoes found around residences, all were determined to be species other than Aedes. No evidence of spatial autocorrelation among antibody-positive households was detected. These results strongly suggested that recent DEN virus transmission did not occur in the village and that most infections of residents of this rural village were acquired while visiting the city of Iquitos.

  19. The Quaternary Silver Creek Fault Beneath the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Wentworth, Carl M.; Williams, Robert A.; Jachens, Robert C.; Graymer, Russell W.; Stephenson, William J.


    The northwest-trending Silver Creek Fault is a 40-km-long strike-slip fault in the eastern Santa Clara Valley, California, that has exhibited different behaviors within a changing San Andreas Fault system over the past 10-15 Ma. Quaternary alluvium several hundred meters thick that buries the northern half of the Silver Creek Fault, and that has been sampled by drilling and imaged in a detailed seismic reflection profile, provides a record of the Quaternary history of the fault. We assemble evidence from areal geology, stratigraphy, paleomagnetics, ground-water hydrology, potential-field geophysics, and reflection and earthquake seismology to determine the long history of the fault in order to evaluate its current behavior. The fault formed in the Miocene more than 100 km to the southeast, as the southwestern fault in a 5-km-wide right step to the Hayward Fault, within which the 40-km-long Evergreen pull-apart basin formed. Later, this basin was obliquely cut by the newly recognized Mt. Misery Fault to form a more direct connection to the Hayward Fault, although continued growth of the basin was sufficient to accommodate at least some late Pliocene alluvium. Large offset along the San Andreas-Calaveras-Mt Misery-Hayward Faults carried the basin northwestward almost to its present position when, about 2 Ma, the fault system was reorganized. This led to near abandonment of the faults bounding the pull-apart basin in favor of right slip extending the Calaveras Fault farther north before stepping west to the Hayward Fault, as it does today. Despite these changes, the Silver Creek Fault experienced a further 200 m of dip slip in the early Quaternary, from which we infer an associated 1.6 km or so of right slip, based on the ratio of the 40-km length of the strike-slip fault to a 5-km depth of the Evergreen Basin. This dip slip ends at a mid-Quaternary unconformity, above which the upper 300 m of alluvial cover exhibits a structural sag at the fault that we interpret as

  20. Bioaccumulation of selenium (Se) in the Cienega de Santa Clara wetland, Sonora, Mexico. (United States)

    García-Hernández, J; Glenn, E P; Artiola, J; Baumgartner, D J


    The Cienega de Santa Clara, on the east side of the Colorado River delta, is a brackish wetland supported by agricultural drainage water from the United States that provides habitat for endangered fish and bird species. Bioaccumulation of selenium has created toxicity problems for wildlife in similar wetlands in the United States. This is the first selenium survey in the Cienega de Santa Clara. Ten sites were selected to collect water (dissolved), sediments (total), plants, invertebrates, and fish. Samples were collected from October 1996 to March 1997. Selenium was detected in all samples. Concentrations in water ranged from 5 to 19 microg/L and increased along a salinity gradient. Although water levels of selenium exceeded EPA criterion for protection of wildlife, levels in sediments (0.8-1.8 mg/kg), aquatic plants (0.03-0.17 mg/kg), and fish (2.5-5.1 mg/kg whole body, dry wt) did not exceed USFWS recommended levels. It is concluded from this study that the levels of selenium in water did not affect the overall health of the fish sampled. Therefore, it is important to maintain or improve the water quality entering this wetland to continue to have normal levels of Se in the food chain components.

  1. Phenolic composition of the Brazilian seedless table grape varieties BRS Clara and BRS Morena. (United States)

    Lago-Vanzela, Ellen Silva; Da-Silva, Roberto; Gomes, Eleni; García-Romero, Esteban; Hermosín-Gutiérrez, Isidro


    The detailed phenolic composition (anthocyanins, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, stilbenes, and flavan-3-ols) in the skin and flesh of the new BRS Clara and BRS Morena seedless table grapes has been studied using HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS. The two grapes, especially BRS Morena, contained high amounts of phenolic compounds, mainly located in their skins and qualitatively not different from those found in Vitis vinifera grapes. In addition, BRS Morena (a teinturier variety) showed qualitatively different phenolic compositions in its skin and flesh, mainly affecting the anthocyanin and flavonol profiles. Consistent with high phenolic contents, high antioxidant capacity values were registered for both grape varieties, especially for BRS Morena. Proanthocyanidins and hydroxycinnamoyl-tartaric acids were the major phenolic compounds found in BRS Clara and were also important in BRS Morena, although anthocyanins were the main phenolic compounds in the latter case. These results suggest that the entire grapes, including the skin, may potentially possess properties that are beneficial to human health. In this context, the BRS Morena grape can be considered as a high resveratrol producer.

  2. Santa Clara Valley water district multi-aquifer monitoring-well site, Coyote Creek Outdoor Classroom, San Jose, California (United States)

    Hanson, R.T.; Newhouse, M.W.; Wentworth, C.M.; Williams, C.F.; Noce, T.E.; Bennett, M.J.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD), has completed the first of several multiple-aquifer monitoring-well sites in the Santa Clara Valley. This site monitors ground-water levels and chemistry in the one of the major historic subsidence regions south of San Jose, California, at the Coyote Creek Outdoor Classroom (CCOC) (fig. 1) and provides additional basic information about the geology, hydrology, geochemistry, and subsidence potential of the upper- and lower-aquifer systems that is a major source of public water supply in the Santa Clara Valley. The site also serves as a science education exhibit at the outdoor classroom operated by SCVWD.

  3. INCIDENCIA DE CARDIOPATÍAS DURANTE EL EMBARAZO EN LA PROVINCIA DE VILLA CLARA / Incidence of heart disease during pregnancy in Villa Clara province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilín C. Luna Alonso


    Full Text Available ResumenIntroducción y objetivos: Las enfermedades cardiovasculares constituyen la cuarta causa de muerte durante el período gravídico-puerperal, y un indicador de morbilidad y mortalidad para el producto de la concepción. El objetivo de esta investigación fue determinar el comportamiento de la cardiopatía en la embarazada, su atención médica y evolución durante y al final del embarazo. Método: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo, prospectivo, donde se analizaron 283 gestantes con diagnóstico de cardiopatía, atendidas en el Hospital Universitario Gineco-Obstétrico "Mariana Grajales" de Santa Clara, Villa Clara, en el período 2008-2010. La información se obtuvo mediante la revisión de las historias clínicas individuales, interrogatorio, examen físico completo, así como pruebas complementarias para establecer o confirmar el diagnóstico. Resultados: Se obtuvo una incidencia de 17,2 cardiopatías por cada mil gestantes y en el 59,7 % de ellas, la cardiopatía era adquirida; el prolapso valvular mitral fue la más frecuente (45 %. De las congénitas, el 36,8 % se trataba de una comunicación interauricular. Se utilizó antibioprofilaxis en el 96,8 % de las embarazadas y en el 96,1 % de ellas se mantuvo un seguimiento médico. El 92,6 % tenía clase funcional I y 4,6 % presentó complicación por su enfermedad. El 77,4 % parió entre las 37 y 42 semanas, y el 82,7 % tuvo parto eutócico. Conclusiones: Las gestantes cardiópatas fueron más frecuentes en edades entre 20 y 29 años, con predominio de las que no habían parido, captación entre las 13 y 24 semanas, y cardiopatías adquiridas. La atención médica que prevaleció fue la antibioprofilaxis y el seguimiento médico con evolución final del embarazo satisfactoria. / AbstractIntroduction and Objectives: Cardiovascular diseases are the fourth leading cause of death during the gravid-puerperal period, and an indicator of morbidity and mortality for the product of conception

  4. Caballos de tracción de la ciudad de Santa Clara, Cuba. III Glicemia y electrolitros (Traction horses of Santa Clara city, Cuba. III Glycaemia electrolytes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio César Castillo Cuenca


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio de bioquímica sanguínea glicemia y electrolitos (Na, K, Ca, Mg en 100 caballos machos castrados seleccionados al azar utilizados en el transporte local de pasajeros en la ciudad de Santa Clara, Cuba. La sangre se extrajo directamente de la yugular determinándose la glicemia mediante la técnica de la glucosa oxidasa y los electrolitos por espectrofotometría de absorción atómica. El análisis estadístico reveló diferencias altamente significativas al comparar los valores medios obtenidos de la glucosa y los electrolitos con los correspondientes a la media referencial para la especie. Exceptuando el potasio, en el resto de los parámetros la media real fue inferior a la referencial, aunque en todos los casos, estos valores se encuentran dentro del rango planteado. Los equinos están sometidos a un trabajo exhaustivo y prolongado, que afecta el correcto funcionamiento de su organismo y el incremento de la concentración de iones potasio en el plasma es un buen indicador del esfuerzo físico a que son sometidos los animales.

  5. Analysis of the radioactivity in the 'Elguea' spa, Villa Clara, Cuba; Analisis de la radiactividad en el balneario 'Elguea' , Villa Clara, Cuba

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fernandez G, I.M.; Zerquera, J.T.; Carrazana G, J.; Capote F, E.; Rodriguez C, G. [CPHR, La Habana (Cuba)]. e-mail:


    The 'Elguea' spa, located in the north coast of the county of Villa Clara, Cuba, is considered one of those more important spas of Latin America. The waters of this spa are rich in salts of chlorine, sodium, bromine, sulfides and its contain radon. As a result of measurements of environmental gamma dose rates carried out in the area of the spa, its were considered levels of dose between 0.13 and 2.3 mSv. The obtained results motivated that it was carried out a characterization, from the radiological point of view, of the spa. This characterization is of supreme importance to be able to evaluate the impact that it has and the discharges of its waters on the environment, as well as, those dose that the population potentially affected can receive by these discharges. With this end its were carried out quantitative determinations of those existent natural more significant radionuclides in different environmental objects coming from the area of the spa and its surroundings, as well as one characterization gamma 'in situ' of the same one. The obtained results are present in this work. (Author)

  6. Lifetime measurements of neutron-rich nuclei around {sup 48}Ca with the CLARA-PRISMA setup

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mengoni, D.; Farnea, E. [Dipartimento di Fisica dell' Universita, Padova (Italy); INFN, Sezione di Padova, Padova (Italy); Valiente-Dobon, J.J.; Latina, A. [Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Legnaro (Italy); Gadea, A. [Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Legnaro (Italy); CSIC-Universitat de Valencia, IFIC, Valencia (Spain); Dewald, A. [Institut fuer Kernphysik, Koeln Universitaet (Germany)


    The lifetimes of excited states in neutron-rich nuclei around the doubly-magic nucleus {sup 48}Ca have been measured using a novel technique that combines the Recoil Distance Doppler Shift method with the CLARA-PRISMA spectrometers. This is the first time such a method is applied to measure lifetimes of neutron-rich nuclei populated via a multinucleon transfer reaction. The experimental method are discussed and the results for Ca nuclei are compared with realistic simulations of the CLARA and PRISMA spectrometers. (orig.)

  7. Water resources development in Santa Clara Valley, California: insights into the human-hydrologic relationship

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reynolds, Jesse L. [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    Groundwater irrigation is critical to food production and, in turn, to humankind's relationship with its environment. The development of groundwater in Santa Clara Valley, California during the early twentieth century is instructive because (1) responses to unsustainable resource use were largely successful; (2) the proposals for the physical management of the water, although not entirely novel, incorporated new approaches which reveal an evolving relationship between humans and the hydrologic cycle; and (3) the valley serves as a natural laboratory where natural (groundwater basin, surface watershed) and human (county, water district) boundaries generally coincide. Here, I investigate how water resources development and management in Santa Clara Valley was influenced by, and reflective of, a broad understanding of water as a natural resource, including scientific and technological innovations, new management approaches, and changing perceptions of the hydrologic cycle. Market demands and technological advances engendered reliance on groundwater. This, coupled with a series of dry years and laissez faire government policies, led to overdraft. Faith in centralized management and objective engineering offered a solution to concerns over resource depletion, and a group dominated by orchardists soon organized, fought for a water conservation district, and funded an investigation to halt the decline of well levels. Engineer Fred Tibbetts authored an elaborate water salvage and recharge plan that optimized the local water resources by integrating multiple components of the hydrologic cycle. Informed by government investigations, groundwater development in Southern California, and local water law cases, it recognized the limited surface storage possibilities, the spatial and temporal variability, the relatively closed local hydrology, the interconnection of surface and subsurface waters, and the value of the groundwater basin for its storage, transportation, and

  8. Simulated ground motion in Santa Clara Valley, California, and vicinity from M≥6.7 scenario earthquakes (United States)

    Harmsen, Stephen C.; Hartzell, Stephen


    Models of the Santa Clara Valley (SCV) 3D velocity structure and 3D finite-difference software are used to predict ground motions from scenario earthquakes on the San Andreas (SAF), Monte Vista/Shannon, South Hayward, and Calaveras faults. Twenty different scenario ruptures are considered that explore different source models with alternative hypocenters, fault dimensions, and rupture velocities and three different velocity models. Ground motion from the full wave field up to 1 Hz is exhibited as maps of peak horizontal velocity and pseudospectral acceleration at periods of 1, 3, and 5 sec. Basin edge effects and amplification in sedimentary basins of the SCV are observed that exhibit effects from shallow sediments with relatively low shear-wave velocity (330 m/sec). Scenario earthquakes have been simulated for events with the following magnitudes: (1) M 6.8–7.4 Calaveras sources, (2) M 6.7–6.9 South Hayward sources, (3) M 6.7 Monte Vista/Shannon sources, and (4) M 7.1–7.2 Peninsula segment of the SAF sources. Ground motions are strongly influenced by source parameters such as rupture velocity, rise time, maximum depth of rupture, hypocenter, and source directivity. Cenozoic basins also exert a strong influence on ground motion. For example, the Evergreen Basin on the northeastern side of the SCV is especially responsive to 3–5-sec energy from most scenario earthquakes. The Cupertino Basin on the southwestern edge of the SCV tends to be highly excited by many Peninsula and Monte Vista fault scenarios. Sites over the interior of the Evergreen Basin can have long-duration coda that reflect the trapping of seismic energy within this basin. Plausible scenarios produce predominantly 5-sec wave trains with greater than 30 cm/sec sustained ground-motion amplitude with greater than 30 sec duration within the Evergreen Basin.

  9. Caracterización de la mortalidad fetal tardía en Villa Clara. Characterization of Late Fetal Mortality in Villa Clara.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Antonio Suárez González


    Full Text Available

    Fundamento: Eventos como la mortalidad fetal tardía agreden la evolución normal esperada en el embarazo, con una connotación en la mujer, la pareja y la comunidad. Objetivo: Caracterizar la mortalidad fetal tardía según factores asociados. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo de las 74 muertes fetales registradas en el Hospital Universitario Ginecoobstétrico Mariana Grajales de Santa Clara, durante los años 2009 y 2010. Se analizaron las variables: edad materna, antecedentes patológicos personales maternos, edad gestacional al momento de la muerte fetal, lugar y momento de ocurrencia y causas de la muerte. Resultados: El 67,6 % de las gestantes tenían entre 20 y 35 años. La hipertensión arterial crónica y el asma bronquial fueron los antecedentes patológicos personales de mayor incidencia entre las gestantes. Ocurrieron los óbitos fetales en una edad gestacional entre 28 y 36,6 semanas fundamentalmente. El 52,7 % de las muertes ocurrieron fuera del hospital y antes del parto en 55 casos (74,3 %. Resultaron las causas más frecuentes las idiopáticas y los trastornos hipertensivos de la gestación. Conclusiones: Es necesario intensificar el control del riesgo reproductivo preconcepcional y la atención prenatal, pues sin dudas, aunque mucho se ha logrado en este sentido, los resultados del estudio muestran que en alguna medida las causas de los óbitos fetales fueron prevenibles.

    Background: Events like late fetal mortality alter the regular, expected course of pregnancy. This carries a negative connotation for the woman, the couple and the community. Objective: To characterize late fetal mortality according to associated factors. Methods: A descriptive study of the 74 fetal deaths registered in the ’Mariana Grajales’ Gynecological and Obstetric University Hospital of Santa

  10. Modeling Nitrogen Deposition for the Santa Clara County Habitat Conservation Plan (United States)

    Weiss, S. B.; Meyers, T.; Held, T.; Zippen, D.


    Nutrient-poor serpentine soils in Santa Clara County, CA, support numerous rare, threatened, and endangered species such as the Bay checkerspot butterfly. Serpentine grasslands are particularly vulnerable to atmospheric nitrogen deposition, which provides a competitive advantage to invasive annual grasses which overrun the flower-filled grasslands and degrade habitat for the protected species. The effects of N-deposition on these grasslands was first scientifically documented in 1999, and led to a series of mitigation projects for powerplants and road improvements that include habitat acquisition, monitoring, and grazing management. In 2005, a Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Communities Conservation Plan (HCP/NCCP) was initiated to consolidate project-by-project mitigation into a regional plan covering impacts, especially indirect impacts on N-deposition, from development within the 209,500 ha study area (62% of Santa Clara County) and the cities therein. This HCP/NCCP is the first to address N-deposition effects on biodiversity. To understand the origins of the nitrogen being deposited in Santa Clara grasslands, IFC Jones & Stokes used multiple air quality modeling approaches including Gaussian line-source modeling of major highways and regional Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling. Line-source modeling allowed for the estimation of N-deposition resulting from increased traffic. Gaussian modeling results indicate that the major highways closest to serpentine habitats result in the greatest environmental impact. The CMAQ modeling used the Particle and Precursor Tagging Methodology (PPTM) source apportionment technique to partition sources. In the base period (Dec 2000- Jan 2001), the CMAQ PPTM simulation estimates that 30% of the total nitrogen deposition is associated with mobile sources operating within the study area; an additional 16% emanates from stationary sources in the study area. Therefore, 46% of nitrogen deposition on the habitat areas

  11. Migration, Memory and Hong Kong as a 'Space of Transit' in Clara Law's Autumn Moon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tony Mitchell


    Full Text Available Macau-born and Melbourne-based film maker Clara Law and her screenwriter-producer-director husband Eddie Fong have produced a transnational output of films which are beginning to receive critical recognition as major contributions to contemporary cinema. These ‘films of migration’ explore what Gina Marchetti has encapsulated as ‘the Chinese experience of dislocation, relocation, emigration, immigration, cultural hybridity, migrancy, exile, and nomadism—together termed the “Chinese diaspora”’. The self-imposed ‘relocation’ of Law and Fong to Australia in 1994 was the result of increasing frustration with the rampantly commercial imperatives of Hong Kong cinema and its lack of appreciation for the auteur cinema they wanted to pursue.

  12. Comportamento do camarão em diferentes substratos nas fases clara e escura do dia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniele Bezerra dos Santos


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o efeito do tipo de substrato sobre a preferência, o enterramento e a atividade natatória de camarões (Litopenaeus vannamei. Juvenis (0,93±0,29 g e adultos machos e fêmeas (10,05±1,18 g foram observados durante 24 horas, por meio do método animal focal, com registros instantâneos. Foram testadas as seguintes granulometrias (tratamentos dos substratos: I, 100% C; II, 50% C + 50% B; III, 50% A + 50% C; IV, 100% B; V, 50% B + 50% A; e VI, 100% A, em que as letras referemse ao diâmetro médio das partículas, A = 0,25-2,0 mm; B = 0,0625-0,25 mm; e C = <0,0625 mm. Foram aplicados seis tratamentos com 18 repetições para cada categoria: camarões juvenis, machos e fêmeas. Cada indivíduo foi exposto por 24 horas aos seis tipos de substrato, simultaneamente, e o seu comportamento foi observado nas fases clara e escura do dia. A natação ocorreu principalmente na fase escura e o enterramento, na fase clara, no substrato IV. Os camarões juvenis e adultos (machos ou fêmeas preferem o substrato composto de areia fina e muito fina (0,0625-0,25 mm, tanto para permanência quanto para enterramento.

  13. Nutrient contributions to the Santa Barbara Channel, California, from the ephemeral Santa Clara River (United States)

    Warrick, J.A.; Washburn, L.; Brzezinski, Mark A.; Siegel, D.A.


    The Santa Clara River delivers nutrient rich runoff to the eastern Santa Barbara Channel during brief (???1-3 day) episodic events. Using both river and oceanographic measurements, we evaluate river loading and dispersal of dissolved macronutrients (silicate, inorganic N and P) and comment on the biological implications of these nutrient contributions. Both river and ocean observations suggest that river nutrient concentrations are inversely related to river flow rates. Land use is suggested to influence these concentrations, since runoff from a subwatershed with substantial agriculture and urban areas had much higher nitrate than runoff from a wooded subwatershed. During runoff events, river nutrients were observed to conservatively mix into the buoyant, surface plume immediately seaward of the Santa Clara River mouth. Dispersal of these river nutrients extended 10s of km into the channel. Growth of phytoplankton and nutrient uptake was low during our observations (1-3 days following runoff), presumably due to the very low light levels resulting from high turbidity. However, nutrient quality of runoff (Si:N:P = 16:5:1) was found to be significantly different than upwelling inputs (13:10:1), which may influence different algal responses once sediments settle. Evaluation of total river nitrate loads suggests that most of the annual river nutrient fluxes to the ocean occur during the brief winter flooding events. Wet winters (such as El Nin??o) contribute nutrients at rates approximately an order-of-magnitude greater than "average" winters. Although total river nitrate delivery is considerably less than that supplied by upwelling, the timing and location of these types of events are very different, with river discharge (upwelling) occurring predominantly in the winter (summer) and in the eastern (western) channel. ?? 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Mapping Typha Domingensis in the Cienega de Santa Clara Using Satellite Images, Global Positioning System, and Spectrometry (United States)

    Sanchez, Richard D.; Burnett, Earl E.; Croxen, Fred


    The Cienega de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico, a brackish wetland area created near the delta of the Colorado River from drainage effluent flowing from the United States since 1977, may undergo changes owing to the operation of the Yuma Desalting Plant in the United States. This has become the largest wetland in the delta region containing rare and endangered species, yet little is known about the environmental impact of these changes. The water quality of the marsh is of growing concern to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) which operates the Desalting Plant. Consequently, the BOR solicited the U.S. Geological Survey to investigate the limits and usefulness of satellite, global positioning system (GPS), and spectra data to map the Typha domingensis (cattail) of the Cienega de Santa Clara. Typha domingensis was selected by the BOR as the Cienega de Santa Clara indicator species to best predict the environmental effects of effl uent from the Yuma Desalting Plant. The successful base mapping of Typha domingensis will provide a viable tool for long-term monitoring and stress detection in the Cienega de Santa Clara.

  15. Near-Surface Structure and Velocities of the Northeastern Santa Cruz Mountains and the Western Santa Clara Valley, California, From Seismic Imaging (United States)

    Catchings, R.D.; Gandhok, G.; Goldman, M.R.; Steedman, Clare


    Introduction The Santa Clara Valley (SCV) is located in the southern San Francisco Bay area of California and is bounded by the Santa Cruz Mountains to the southwest, the Diablo Ranges to the northeast, and the San Francisco Bay to the north (Fig. 1). The SCV, which includes the City of San Jose, numerous smaller cities, and much of the high-technology manufacturing and research area commonly referred to as the Silicon Valley, has a population in excess of 1.7 million people (2000 U. S. Census; The SCV is situated between major active faults of the San Andreas Fault system, including the San Andreas Fault to the southwest and the Hayward and Calaveras faults to the northeast, and other faults inferred to lie beneath the alluvium of the SCV (CWDR, 1967; Bortugno et al., 1991). The importance of the SCV as a major industrial center, its large population, and its proximity to major earthquake faults are important considerations with respect to earthquake hazards and water-resource management. The fault-bounded alluvial aquifer system beneath the valley is the source of about one-third of the water supply for the metropolitan area (Hanson et al., 2004). To better address the earthquake hazards of the SCV, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has undertaken a program to evaluate potential seismic sources, the effects of strong ground shaking, and stratigraphy associated with the regional aquifer system. As part of that program and to better understand water resources of the valley, the USGS and the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) began joint studies to characterize the faults, stratigraphy, and structures beneath the SCV in the year 2000. Such features are important to both agencies because they directly influence the availability and management of groundwater resources in the valley, and they affect the severity and distribution of strong shaking from local and regional earthquakes sources that may affect

  16. Subsurface and petroleum geology of the southwestern Santa Clara Valley ("Silicon Valley"), California (United States)

    Stanley, Richard G.; Jachens, Robert C.; Lillis, Paul G.; McLaughlin, Robert J.; Kvenvolden, Keith A.; Hostettler, Frances D.; McDougall, Kristin A.; Magoon, Leslie B.


    Gravity anomalies, historical records of exploratory oil wells and oil seeps, new organic-geochemical results, and new stratigraphic and structural data indicate the presence of a concealed, oil-bearing sedimentary basin beneath a highly urbanized part of the Santa Clara Valley, Calif. A conspicuous isostatic-gravity low that extends about 35 km from Palo Alto southeastward to near Los Gatos reflects an asymmetric, northwest-trending sedimentary basin comprising low-density strata, principally of Miocene age, that rest on higher-density rocks of Mesozoic and Paleogene(?) age. Both gravity and well data show that the low-density rocks thin gradually to the northeast over a distance of about 10 km. The thickest (approx 4 km thick) accumulation of low-density material occurs along the basin's steep southwestern margin, which may be controlled by buried, northeast-dipping normal faults that were active during the Miocene. Movement along these hypothetical normal faults may been contemporaneous (approx 17–14 Ma) with sedimentation and local dacitic and basaltic volcanism, possibly in response to crustal extension related to passage of the northwestward-migrating Mendocino triple junction. During the Pliocene and Quaternary, the normal faults and Miocene strata were overridden by Mesozoic rocks, including the Franciscan Complex, along northeastward-vergent reverse and thrust faults of the Berrocal, Shannon, and Monte Vista Fault zones. Movement along these fault zones was accompanied by folding and tilting of strata as young as Quaternary and by uplift of the modern Santa Cruz Mountains; the fault zones remain seismically active. We attribute the Pliocene and Quaternary reverse and thrust faulting, folding, and uplift to compression caused by local San Andreas Fault tectonics and regional transpression along the Pacific-North American Plate boundary. Near the southwestern margin of the Santa Clara Valley, as many as 20 exploratory oil wells were drilled between 1891

  17. SRTM Perspective View with Landsat Overlay: Santa Paula, and Santa Clara River Valley, California (United States)


    Rectangular fields of the agriculturally rich Santa Clara River Valley are visible in this perspective view generated using data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and an enhanced Landsat image. The Santa Clara River, which lends its name to this valley, flows from headwaters near Acton, California, 160 km (100 miles) to the Pacific Ocean, and is one of only two natural river systems remaining in southern California. In the foreground of this image, the largely dry riverbed can be seen as a bright feature as it winds its way along the base of South Mountain. The bright region at the right end of this portion of the valley is the city of Santa Paula, California. Founded in 1902, this small, picturesque town at the geographic center of Ventura County is referred to as the 'Citrus Capital of the World.' The city is surrounded by orange, lemon, and avocado groves and is a major distribution point for citrus fruits in the United States. The bright, linear feature in the center of the valley is State Highway 126, the valley's 'main drag.' For visualization purposes, topographic heights displayed in this image are exaggerated two times. Colors, from Landsat data, approximate natural color.The elevation data used in this image was acquired by SRTM aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, launched on February 11, 2000. SRTM used the same radar instrument that comprised the Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C/X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SIR-C/X-SAR) that flew twice on Endeavour in 1994. SRTM was designed to collect three-dimensional measurements of Earth's land surface. To collect the 3-D SRTM data, engineers added a mast 60 meters (about 200 feet)long, installed additional C-band and X-band antennas, and improved tracking and navigation devices. The mission is a cooperative project between the NASA, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) of the U.S. Department of Defense, and the German and Italian space agencies. It is managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  18. Osmotic Effect of Conditioning on Seeds of Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum L. Santa Clara Variety

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brigitte Liliana Moreno Medina


    Full Text Available The tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L. is one of the most important vegetables in the world, taking into account its nutritional potential and high economic value. In this crop the quality of seed depends on various factors, one of which is its physiology, which is determined by a germination and viability test. Osmotic seed conditioning is reported to be a technique for improving the physiological quality through the uniformity of the germination percentage. For this reason, the objective of this research was to evaluate the osmotic conditioning on tomato seeds of the Santa Clara variety. Using treatments of four doses of potassium nitrate (0, 100, 200 and 400 mg L-1 , the seeds were imbibitioned for 24 hours in solution and then washed with distilled water. They were placed in petri dishes in random order with three replications for a total of 12 experimental units, consisting of 35 seeds. The method seeks to hydrate the seeds with a solution of given concentration and for a period of time, in order to activate the seed metabolism. The best result was obtained with the treatment of 200 mg L-1 of potassium nitrate, followed by 400 mg L-1 , represented by a lower TMG , lower and higher PG VMG.

  19. Chromium geochemistry of serpentinous sediment in the Willow core, Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Oze, Christopher J.; LaForce, Matthew J.; Wentworth, Carl M.; Hanson, Randall T.; Bird, Dennis K.; Coleman, Robert G.


    A preliminary investigation of Cr geochemistry in serpentinous sediment completed for a multiple-aquifer ground-water monitoring well (Willow core of Santa Clara County, CA) determined sediment at depths >225 meters contains Cr concentrations ranging from 195 to 1155 mg/kg. Serpentinous sediment from this site is a potential source of non-anthropogenic Cr contamination. Chromium-bearing minerals such as Cr-spinel appear to be the main source of Cr in the sediment; however, Cr-bearing silicates and clay minerals are additional Cr sources. Aqueous Cr concentrations in the sediment are <4.6 mg/L; however, the valence of Cr was not identified in the solutions or in the sediment. Although there is no indication of Cr(VI) contamination derived from the serpentinous sediment, elevated Cr concentrations in the sediment, the observed ‘dissolution’ textures of the Cr-bearing minerals, the estimated redox environment, and water chemistry indicate the formation of Cr(VI) is potentially favorable.

  20. Seasonal trends of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide over North Santa Clara, Cuba. (United States)

    Alejo, Daniellys; Morales, Mayra C; de la Torre, Jorge B; Grau, Ricardo; Bencs, László; Van Grieken, René; Van Espen, Piet; Sosa, Dismey; Nuñez, Vladimir


    Atmospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) levels were monitored simultaneously by means of Radiello passive samplers at six sites of Santa Clara city, Cuba, in the cold and the warm seasons in 2010. The dissolved ionic forms of NO2 and SO2 as nitrate and sulfite plus sulfate, respectively, were determined by means of ion chromatography. Analysis of NO2 as nitrite was also performed by UV-Vis spectrophotometry. For NO2, significant t tests show good agreement between the results of IC and UV-Vis methods. The NO2 and SO2 concentrations peaked in the cold season, while their minimum levels were experienced in the warm season. The pollutant levels do not exceed the maximum allowable limit of the Cuban Standard 39:1999, i.e., 40 μg/m(3) and 50 μg/m(3) for NO2 and SO2, respectively. The lowest pollutant concentrations obtained in the warm season can be attributed to an increase in their removal via precipitation (scavenging) while to the decreased traffic density and industrial emission during the summer holidays (e.g., July and August).

  1. Elastic stresses and plastic deformations in 'Santa Clara' tomato fruits caused by package dependent compression

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to study the fruit compression behavior aiming to develop new tomato packages. Deformations caused by compression forces were observed inside packages and in individual 'Santa Clara' tomato fruit. The forces applied by a transparent acrylic lever to the fruit surface caused pericarp deformation and the flattened area was proportional to the force magnitude. The deformation was associated to the reduction in the gas volume (Vg, caused by expulsion of the air from the loculus cavity and reduction in the intercellular air volume of the pericarp. As ripening advanced, smaller fractions of the Vg reduced by the compressive force were restored after the stress was relieved. The lack of complete Vg restoration was an indication of permanent plastic deformations of the stressed cells. Vg regeneration (elastic recovery was larger in green fruits than in the red ones. The ratio between the applied force and the flattened area (flattening pressure, which depends on cell turgidity, decreased during ripening. Fruit movements associated with its depth in the container were observed during storage in a transparent glass container (495 x 355 x 220 mm. The downward movement of the fruits was larger in the top layers because these movements seem to be driven by a summation of the deformation of many fruits in all layers.

  2. Land subsidence in the Santa Clara Valley, California as of 1980 (United States)

    Poland, J.F.; Ireland, R.L.


    From 1916 to 1966 in the San Jose area of Santa Clara Valley, California, deficient rainfall and runoff was accompanied by a fourfold increase in groundwater withdrawals. In response the artesian head declined 180-240 ft. The land surface subsided 12.7 ft in San Jose, due to compaction of the fine-grained compressible beds. The subsidence resulted in flooding of lands, and the compaction of the sediments caused compressional failure of many well casings. From 1967 to 1975, the artesian head recovered 70 to 100 feet due to a fivefold increase in surface water imports, favorable local water supply, decreased withdrawal, and increased recharge. In 1960, the Geological Survey installed extensometers in core holes 1,000 ft deep in San Jose and Sunnyvale. Measurements of compaction of the confined aquifer system obtained from these extensometers demonstrate the marked decrease in rate of compaction in response to the major head recovery since 1967. In San Jose the rate decreased from about 1 ft/yr in 1961 to 0.1 ft/yr in 1973. The subsidence has been stopped by raising the artesian head in the aquifers until it equaled or exceeded the maximum pore pressures in the fine-grained beds. However, the subsidence will recommence if the artesian head is drawn down appreciably below the levels of 1971-73. (USGS)

  3. The Ecological Footprint of the Agrarian Sector in Villa Clara. A qualitative approximation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Reinoso Pérez


    Full Text Available This research deals with the environmental impacts and aspects and their relationship to the ecological footprint of the agrarian sector in Villa Clara. In order to achieve this goal, 23 enterprises were used as study cases, which were clustered according to the main land use: (i succession planting (17 and (ii livestock and animal production (6. The information collected was used to develop the environmental aspects and impacts matrixes associated to the productive processes in each enterprise. The environmental aspects with higher relative frequencies (> 0.60 were water and energy consumption, the existence of invasive plants, the soil use, the greenhouse gas emissions, the use of forest resources, the generation of solid wastes and the use of agro-chemicals. Such aspects are causing negative impacts on the environment, and consequently they are increasing the ecological print of the sector in this province. The use of heavy machineries, the generation of liquid and dangerous residues, the continuous grazing and the use of alien species had a significant impact with a relative frequency below 0.55. However, these environmental aspects should be under control. It is concluded that, in all of the studied cases, the environmental aspects had a negative incidence on the environment. And they contribute in many ways to increase the ecological footprint of the agrarian sector in the territory. The implementation of the Environmental Management System, according to the international standards, is recommended.

  4. Field-trip guide to the southeastern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Stoffer, Philip W.; Messina, Paula


    This field trip is an introduction to the geology of the southeastern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in southern Santa Clara County. Seven stops include four short hikes to access rock exposures and views of the foothills east of Loma Prieta Peak between Gilroy and San José. Field-trip destinations highlight the dominant rock types of the "Franciscan assemblage" including outcrops of serpentinite, basalt, limestone, ribbon chert, graywacke sandstone, and shale. General discussions include how the rocks formed, and how tectonism and stream erosion have changed the landscape through time. All field trip stops are on public land; most are near reservoir dams of the Santa Clara Valley Water District. In addition, stops include examination of an Ohlone Indian heritage site and the New Almaden Mining Museum.

  5. Modeling and validation of a 3D velocity structure for the Santa Clara Valley, California, for seismic-wave simulations (United States)

    Hartzell, S.; Harmsen, S.; Williams, R.A.; Carver, D.; Frankel, A.; Choy, G.; Liu, P.-C.; Jachens, R.C.; Brocher, T.M.; Wentworth, C.M.


    A 3D seismic velocity and attenuation model is developed for Santa Clara Valley, California, and its surrounding uplands to predict ground motions from scenario earthquakes. The model is developed using a variety of geologic and geophysical data. Our starting point is a 3D geologic model developed primarily from geologic mapping and gravity and magnetic surveys. An initial velocity model is constructed by using seismic velocities from boreholes, reflection/refraction lines, and spatial autocorrelation microtremor surveys. This model is further refined and the seismic attenuation is estimated through waveform modeling of weak motions from small local events and strong-ground motion from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Waveforms are calculated to an upper frequency of 1 Hz using a parallelized finite-difference code that utilizes two regions with a factor of 3 difference in grid spacing to reduce memory requirements. Cenozoic basins trap and strongly amplify ground motions. This effect is particularly strong in the Evergreen Basin on the northeastern side of the Santa Clara Valley, where the steeply dipping Silver Creek fault forms the southwestern boundary of the basin. In comparison, the Cupertino Basin on the southwestern side of the valley has a more moderate response, which is attributed to a greater age and velocity of the Cenozoic fill. Surface waves play a major role in the ground motion of sedimentary basins, and they are seen to strongly develop along the western margins of the Santa Clara Valley for our simulation of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

  6. A case history study on causation of the landslide in Santa Clara, California, USA

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yun Liao; Sadek M. Derrega; Craig A. Hall


    This paper presents a case history study on the geologic investigation and numerical modeling of a reactivated landslide in the County of Santa Clara, California to identify the failure mechanism. The landslide occurred on an approximately 18.3-m high, north-facing slope during March 2011. The land-slide measured about 33.5 m in width and about 51.8 m in length. Along the toe of the slope, a residential structure with a swimming pool was built on a cut and fill pad and there are several other structures present along the western side of the pad. The landslide occurred immediately to the south of the residential building and moved northward between the County Road A and the house’s side yard. The movement of the landslide resulted in damaging the west-bound traffic lane of County Road A and encroached onto the paved driveway for the residential property. An investigation was performed to identify the failure mechanism of the landslide to conclude whether Road A re-alignment by the County or prominent cutting performed along the lower portion of the slope by the homeowner during 2000 through 2004 contributed to the reactivation of the old landslide deposit. The investigation included site reconnaissance, reviewing available published geologic information, reviewing site-specific geologic and geotechnical data developed by other consultants, and performing numerical modeling. The outcomes of the investigation indicate that the primary causation for the reactivation and failure of the subject pre-existing landslide is the prominent cutting performed along the lower portion of the slope during 2000 through 2004 and water tank cut bench. The Road A re-alignment did not contribute to the reactivation of the old landslide deposit.

  7. Shaded relief aeromagnetic map of the Santa Clara Valley and vicinity, California (United States)

    Roberts, Carter W.; Jachens, Robert C.


    This aeromagnetic map covers the southern portion of San Francisco Bay, the Santa Clara Valley and surrounding mountains, part of which has been modelled in threedimensions (Jachens and other, 2001). The magnetic anomaly map has been compiled from existing digital data. Data was obtained from six aeromagnetic surveys that were flown at different times, spacings and elevations. The International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) for the date of each survey had been removed in the initial processing. The resulting residual magnetic anomalies were analytically continued onto a common surface 305 m (1000 ft) above terrain. Portions of each survey were substantially above the specified flight height listed in the table. The surveys were then merged together using a commercial software package called Oasis Montage. The gray lines on the map indicate the extent of each survey. The program used these regions of overlap to determine the best fit between surveys. Black dots show probable edges of magnetic bodies defined by the maximum horizontal gradient determined using a computer program by Blakely (1995). Crystalline rocks generally contain sufficient magnetic minerals to cause variations in the Earth’s magnetic field that can be mapped by aeromagnetic surveys. Sedimentary rocks are generally weakly magnetized and consequently have a small effect on the magnetic field: thus a magnetic anomaly map can be used to “see through” the sedimentary rock cover and can convey information on lithologic contrasts and structural trends related to the underlying crystalline basement (see Nettleton,1971; Blakely, 1995). Faults often cut magnetic bodies and offset magnetic anomalies can thus be used to help determine fault motion. Serpentinite, which is highly magnetic, is often found along faults. On this map areas of low magnetic anomalies are shown in blues and green while highs are shown in reds and magentas. Faults are from Brabb and others, 1998a,1998b, Graymer and others

  8. Caracterización de la mortalidad fetal tardía en Villa Clara.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Antonio Suárez González


    Full Text Available Fundamento: Eventos como la mortalidad fetal tardía agreden la evolución normal esperada en el embarazo, con una connotación en la mujer, la pareja y la comunidad. Objetivo: Caracterizar la mortalidad fetal tardía según factores asociados. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo de las 74 muertes fetales registradas en el Hospital Universitario Ginecoobstétrico Mariana Grajales de Santa Clara, durante los años 2009 y 2010. Se analizaron las variables: edad materna, antecedentes patológicos personales maternos, edad gestacional al momento de la muerte fetal, lugar y momento de ocurrencia y causas de la muerte. Resultados: El 67,6 % de las gestantes tenían entre 20 y 35 años. La hipertensión arterial crónica y el asma bronquial fueron los antecedentes patológicos personales de mayor incidencia entre las gestantes. Ocurrieron los óbitos fetales en una edad gestacional entre 28 y 36,6 semanas fundamentalmente. El 52,7 % de las muertes ocurrieron fuera del hospital y antes del parto en 55 casos (74,3 %. Resultaron las causas más frecuentes las idiopáticas y los trastornos hipertensivos de la gestación. Conclusiones: Es necesario intensificar el control del riesgo reproductivo preconcepcional y la atención prenatal, pues sin dudas, aunque mucho se ha logrado en este sentido, los resultados del estudio muestran que en alguna medida las causas de los óbitos fetales fueron prevenibles.

  9. Política social para la atención a la vejez: una necesidad para. Villa Clara Social policy for old age care: a necessity for Villa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yamila Roque Doval


    Full Text Available Resumen Villa Clara es la provincia más envejecida del país y la atención a este proceso demográfico se declara como urgente para este territorio. El artículo que se presenta constituye un resultado parcial del estudio que viene realizando, en el área de Política Social, un grupo de investigadores del proyecto Estudios de Población, que coordina el Centro de Estudios Demográficos (CEDEM, en la Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas. El objetivo del estudio es destacar, a partir del análisis de datos estadísticos del Censo de Población y Viviendas del 2012 ofrecidos por la Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas e Información (ONEI, la urgencia de incorporar a la estrategia de desarrollo de la provincia de Villa Clara la necesidad de la atención al adulto mayor. La muestra seleccionada está compuesta por 8 municipios de la provincia (Quemado de Güines, Sagua la Grande, Encrucijada, Cifuentes, Santa Clara, Placetas, Camajuaní y Remedios, que son los más envejecidos, según datos de la ONEI. Como resultado se propone que: la política social que se diseñe tenga como objetivo general lograr una atención eficaz a las necesidades del adulto mayor de la provincia a partir de los rasgos esenciales que caracterizan ese proceso en el territorio, que se base en valores como la solidaridad, la cooperación, que los principios que la sustenten sean de descentralización, flexibilidad en el diseño de la política, prevención, equidad, valorando siempre las necesidades y las posibilidades reales de acceso a los servicios de este grupo poblacional. Villa Clara provinceis the oldest in the country and attention to this demographic processis declared a surgent for this territory. The present article is a partial result of the study being done in the area of Social Policy, a group of researchers at the Population Studies project, coordinated by CEDEM at the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas. The aim of the studyis to

  10. Consideraciones sobre el ciclo de Taenia saginata en humanos y bovinos de la provincia Villa Clara, Cuba (Considerations on the cycle of saginata Taenia in humans and bovines of the province Villa Clara, Cuba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. MV Pedro De la Fe Rodríguez


    Full Text Available El objetivo del presente trabajo fue el de conocer la situación del ciclo de Taenia saginata en la provincia Villa Clara. Se estudiaron los registros de matanza del matadero ¨Chichi Padrón¨ y se valoró la inspección postmortem a los bovinos faenados en este, además fueron analizadas las encuestas aplicadas a los humanos positivos a Taenia saginata desde 1998 hasta 2001. La mayor prevalencia de Cysticercus en bovinos y de casos humanos de Taenia saginata se detectaron en los municipios Manicaragua (0,60 % y 33, Placetas (0,53 % y 28 y Santa Clara (0,40 % y 26, resultados que difirieron estadísticamente (p<0.05 con los de los demás municipios de la provincia. El sistema de vigilancia postmortem en el matadero no garantiza la inocuidad de las carnes en cuanto a la cisticercosis. La teniosis es más prevalente en personas adultas y las ocupaciones más relacionadas fueron: amas de casa (56 %, gastronomía (8,3 %, matadero (2,3 % y campesinos (2,3 %, entre los síntomas más frecuentes estaban: dolor abdominal (70 %, nauseas (68 %, debilidad (36 %, descenso de peso (31 %, diarrea (28 %, nerviosismo (20 %, insomnio (18 % y anorexia (15 %. ABSTRACT.- The objective of the present work was the study of the general characteristics of the Taenia saginata life cycle in Villa Clara province. The slaughter registrations of the ¨Chichi Padrón¨ slaughterhouse was studied and was valued the postmortem inspection of bovines. Also, it was analyzed the humans positive to Taenia saginata from 1998 to 2001. The biggest Cysticercus prevalence in bovine and human cases number of Taenia saginata were detected in the municipalities Manicaragua (0,60% and 33, Placetas (0,53% and 28 and Santa Clara (0,40% and 26, results that differed statistically (p <0.05 with those of the other municipalities in the same province. The system of postmortem surveillance in the slaughterhouse doesn't guarantee the meats innocuousness from the Cysticercus viewpoint. The teniosis

  11. A Contamination Vulnerability Assessment for the Santa Clara and San Mateo County Groundwater Basins

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moran, J E; Hudson, G B; Eaton, G F; Leif, R


    In response to concerns expressed by the California Legislature and the citizenry of the State of California, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), implemented a program to assess groundwater quality, and provide a predictive capability for identifying areas that are vulnerable to contamination. The program was initiated in response to concern over public supply well closures due to contamination by chemicals such as MtBE from gasoline, and solvents from industrial operations. As a result of this increased awareness regarding groundwater quality, the Supplemental Report of the 1999 Budget Act mandated the SWRCB to develop a comprehensive ambient groundwater-monitoring plan, and led to the initiation of the Ambient Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program. The primary objective of the GAMA Program is to assess the water quality and to predict the relative susceptibility to contamination of groundwater resources throughout the state of California. Under the GAMA program, scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) collaborate with the SWRCB, the U.S. Geological Survey, the California Department of Health Services (DHS), and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) to implement this groundwater assessment program. In 2001 and 2002, LLNL carried out this vulnerability study in the groundwater basins of Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, located to the south of the city of San Francisco. The goal of the study is to provide a probabilistic assessment of the relative vulnerability of groundwater used for the public water supply to contamination from surface sources. This assessment of relative contamination vulnerability is made based on the results of two types of analyses that are not routinely carried out at public water supply wells: ultra low-level measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and groundwater age dating (using the tritium-helium-3 method). In addition, stable oxygen isotope measurements

  12. Water quality of Calero Reservoir, Santa Clara County, California, 1981-83 (United States)

    Clifton, D.G.; Gloege, I.S.


    Data were collected from December 1980 to September 1983 to describe water quality conditions of Calero Reservoir and the Almaden-Calero canal, Santa Clara County, California. Results show that water in Calero Reservoir and the canal generally met water quality criteria, as identified by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board San Francisco Bay Region, for municipal and domestic supply, water contact and non-contact recreation, warm water fish habitat, wildlife habitat, and fish spawning. Water temperature profiles show that Calero Reservoir can be classified as a warm monomictic reservoir. Water transparency profiles showed rapid attenuation of light with depth in the water column. The depth of the euphotic zone ranged from .5 m to 5.0 m. In winter and spring, light-extinction values generally were high throughout the water column; in summer and fall, values generally were high near the reservoir bottom. Dissolved oxygen concentrations were anion in Calero Reservoir. Concentrations of total recoverable mercury in the bottom sediments in Calero Reservoir ranged from 0.06 to 0.85 mg/kg, but concentrations in the water column were was generally < 1 mg/L. Mean total nitrogen concentration in the Reservoir was 1.00 mg/L, much of it in dissolved form (mean concentration was 0.85 mg/L). Mean total organic nitrogen concentration in Calero Reservoir was 0.65 mg/L, and mean total nitrate concentration was 0.21 mg/L. Mean total phosphorus and dissolved orthophosphorous concentrations were 0.05 and 0.019 mg/L, respectively. Net primary productivity in the euphotic zone ranged from -2,000 to 10,000 mg of oxygen/sq m/day; the median value was 930. Carlson 's trophic-state index, calculated using water transparency, total phosphorus, and chlorophyll-a values, indicated that the reservoir was eutrophic. Fecal coliform bacteria concentrations were < 20 colonies/100 ml in the reservoir and < 200 colonies/100 ml in the canal. Fecal streptococcal bacteria concentrations

  13. Presencia de Stegomastodon (Gomphotheriidae, Proboscidea en el Pleistoceno Superior de la zona costera de Santa Clara del Mar (Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberdi, M. T.


    Full Text Available Gomphotheriidae fossil remains from shore level of Santa Clara del Mar (Mar del Plata, Argentina are described. The comparative morphological and multivariate analysis of the m3 with other South American gomphotheres remains, mainly from Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, allow their identification as Stegomastodon platensis. This species seems better adapted to live on the middle latitudes and warm climatic conditions. The possible movement routes from north to the most austral zones or areas are discussed. Stegomastodon from South America is a big-size form which is present along the East route and in several shore areas of Ecuador and Peru. In the present work some palaeoecological and palaeogeographical considerations are included. From a radiometric AMS datum, the remains of Santa Clara del Mar are dated in the late Pleistocene (17,880 ± 60 AP.Se describen restos bien conservados de gonfoterios (Mammalia, Proboscidea encontrados en los niveles pleistocenos que afloran en los acantilados costeros de Santa Clara del Mar (Mar del Plata, Argentina. Se analizan algunos de sus caracteres más importantes y se compara con otros gonfoterios provenientes de distintas localidades de Argentina, Brasil y Bolivia. El estudio comparativo, mediante análisis multivariante del m3, permitió su identificación como Stegomastodon platensis. Nosotros consideramos que todos los Gomphotheriidae del territorio actual de Argentina deberían incluirse en un único género y una única especie: Stegomastodon platensis. Esta especie parece estar mejor adaptada a vivir en latitudes medias, y en condiciones climáticas templadas. Se discuten sus posibles vías de desplazamiento desde el norte hacia zonas o áreas más australes. Stegomastodon de América del Sur es una forma de gran tamaño, que se encuentra a lo largo de la ruta del este y en algunas áreas costeras de Ecuador y Perú. En el presente artículo se incluyen algunas consideraciones paleoecológicas y

  14. Un fardo funerario procedente de Huaca Santa Clara, valle de Virú (ca. 1150 a. D.)



    En este artículo se describen los textiles de un fardo funerario descubierto en Huaca Santa Clara, en el valle de Virú, el cual contenía los restos de un niño pequeño acompañado por otros niños y llamas sacrificadas. Los tejidos asociados a este entierro intrusivo —realizado unos cuatro siglos después del abandono del sitio por los miembros de la sociedad Virú— resultan de fundamental importancia dado que no solamente nos ayudan a entender la naturaleza de este complejo evento ritual sino que...

  15. Características físico-químicas e produtivas da videira 'BRS Clara' sob cultivo protegido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Larissa Abgariani Colombo


    Full Text Available Atualmente, a preferência por uvas sem sementes vem aumentando nos mercados interno e externo, sendo uma alternativa a produção de uvas sob cultivo protegido. No entanto, o custo de produção de uvas finas para mesa tem sido afetado pela intensa necessidade de controle de doenças fúngicas, como o míldio (Plasmopara viticola. O trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a produção e as características físicoquímicas dos frutos da videira 'BRS Clara' sobre os porta-enxertos 'IAC 572 Jales' e 'IAC 766 Campinas', sob diferentes tipos de cultivo protegido. O experimento foi realizado no município de Marialva-PR, durante duas safras regulares (set.-dez.2007, ago-dez.2008. O delineamento experimental foi o de blocos ao acaso, com quatro repetições, em arranjo fatorial 7 x 2 (sete tipos de cultivo protegido e dois porta-enxertos. Os tratamentos foram os seguintes tipos de cultivo: a. tela plástica sem fungicidas para míldio; b. tela plástica com fungicidas para míldio (padrão de controle da região; c. cobertura plástica sem fungicidas para míldio; d. cobertura plástica e 50% de redução do padrão de fungicidas para míldio; e. cobertura plástica e 75% de redução do padrão de fungicidas para míldio; f. cobertura plástica com fosfito e cobre, e g. cobertura plástica sem fungicidas. Verificou-se que o cultivo protegido não alterou as características produtivas da videira 'BRS Clara', como número de cachos e produção por planta; os porta-enxertos 'IAC 766' e 'IAC 572' são indicados para a produção da uva 'BRS Clara', e a utilização da cobertura plástica permite a redução do número de aplicações de fungicidas para míldio no cultivo da uva 'BRS Clara'.

  16. Predicted Liquefaction in the Greater Oakland and Northern Santa Clara Valley Areas for a Repeat of the 1868 Hayward Earthquake (United States)

    Holzer, T. L.; Noce, T. E.; Bennett, M. J.


    Probabilities of surface manifestations of liquefaction due to a repeat of the 1868 (M6.7-7.0) earthquake on the southern segment of the Hayward Fault were calculated for two areas along the margin of San Francisco Bay, California: greater Oakland and the northern Santa Clara Valley. Liquefaction is predicted to be more common in the greater Oakland area than in the northern Santa Clara Valley owing to the presence of 57 km2 of susceptible sandy artificial fill. Most of the fills were placed into San Francisco Bay during the first half of the 20th century to build military bases, port facilities, and shoreline communities like Alameda and Bay Farm Island. Probabilities of liquefaction in the area underlain by this sandy artificial fill range from 0.2 to ~0.5 for a M7.0 earthquake, and decrease to 0.1 to ~0.4 for a M6.7 earthquake. In the greater Oakland area, liquefaction probabilities generally are less than 0.05 for Holocene alluvial fan deposits, which underlie most of the remaining flat-lying urban area. In the northern Santa Clara Valley for a M7.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault and an assumed water-table depth of 1.5 m (the historically shallowest water level), liquefaction probabilities range from 0.1 to 0.2 along Coyote and Guadalupe Creeks, but are less than 0.05 elsewhere. For a M6.7 earthquake, probabilities are greater than 0.1 along Coyote Creek but decrease along Guadalupe Creek to less than 0.1. Areas with high probabilities in the Santa Clara Valley are underlain by latest Holocene alluvial fan levee deposits where liquefaction and lateral spreading occurred during large earthquakes in 1868 and 1906. The liquefaction scenario maps were created with ArcGIS ModelBuilder. Peak ground accelerations first were computed with the new Boore and Atkinson NGA attenuation relation (2008, Earthquake Spectra, 24:1, p. 99-138), using VS30 to account for local site response. Spatial liquefaction probabilities were then estimated using the predicted ground motions

  17. Liquefaction Hazard Maps for Three Earthquake Scenarios for the Communities of San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale, Northern Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Holzer, Thomas L.; Noce, Thomas E.; Bennett, Michael J.


    Maps showing the probability of surface manifestations of liquefaction in the northern Santa Clara Valley were prepared with liquefaction probability curves. The area includes the communities of San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Sunnyvale. The probability curves were based on complementary cumulative frequency distributions of the liquefaction potential index (LPI) for surficial geologic units in the study area. LPI values were computed with extensive cone penetration test soundings. Maps were developed for three earthquake scenarios, an M7.8 on the San Andreas Fault comparable to the 1906 event, an M6.7 on the Hayward Fault comparable to the 1868 event, and an M6.9 on the Calaveras Fault. Ground motions were estimated with the Boore and Atkinson (2008) attenuation relation. Liquefaction is predicted for all three events in young Holocene levee deposits along the major creeks. Liquefaction probabilities are highest for the M7.8 earthquake, ranging from 0.33 to 0.37 if a 1.5-m deep water table is assumed, and 0.10 to 0.14 if a 5-m deep water table is assumed. Liquefaction probabilities of the other surficial geologic units are less than 0.05. Probabilities for the scenario earthquakes are generally consistent with observations during historical earthquakes.

  18. El dinamismo transformador del agua y de la luz en Atisbos de luz de Bella Clara Ventura Transformative Dynamics of Water and Light in Atisbos de Luz by Bella Clara Ventura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Chen Sham


    Full Text Available En Atisbos de luz (2007, la poeta colombomexicana Bella Clara Ventura nos invita a sopesar y a valorar el dinamismo transformador de la luz en su complemento con el agua fecunda y fluyente. Ésta es la clave no sólo para poder ingresar en el universo poético trazado como una aventura de iniciación hacia la luminosidad del cosmos, sino también para emprender el camino de una iniciación estética que se propone como indagación y reflexión, abierta a inquirir el cosmos y la escritura poética.In Atisbos de luz (2007 the Colombian-Mexican poet Bella Clara Ventura invites the reader to ponder and appraise the transformative dynamics of light in relation to a fecund, flowing water. This is not only the key to enter a poetic world presented as an adventure of initiation into the luminosity of the cosmos, but it is also the first step in the journey of an aesthetic initiation through inquiry and reflection for comprehending the universe and poetic writing.

  19. Clara Schumann, Teresa Carreño, Rosita Renard: la condición de mujer en sus carreras musicales Clara Schumann, Teresa Carreño, Rosita Renard: Their Female Condition in their Musical Careers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Castillo Didier


    Full Text Available Clara Wieck, después Schumann, alemana, Teresa Carreño, venezolana, Rosita Renard, chilena, se distinguen como algunas de las más destacadas pianistas a lo largo de un poco más de una centuria, desde algo antes de mediados del siglo XIX a la mitad del XX. Hay paralelismos y también contrastes en sus vidas y sus carreras. Pero tanto el transcurrir de sus existencias como el del quehacer musical al que se dedicaron están marcados por hechos ligados a su condición de mujeres. Tratamos de hacer un paralelo entre sus vidas y entre el desarrollo de sus carreras destacando las particularidades y dificultades que en ambos planos les impuso la condición de mujeres.Clara Wieck, later Schumann, Germán, Teresa Carreño, Venezuelan, Rosita Renard, Chilean, have all of them distinguished as some ofthe most outstandingpianists along a little more than a century, from befare the mid 19th century fo the mid 20th. There are parallelisms and contrasts in their Uves and careers. Rut their Uves as well as their musical development were strongly affected by facts linked to their condition as women. We have tried to establish these parálisis, higlighting particularities and difficulties arisingfrom their condition of women.

  20. Ephemeral stream reaches preserve the evolutionary and distributional history of threespine stickleback in the Santa Clara and Ventura River watersheds of southern California (United States)

    Richmond, Jonathan Q.; Jacobs, David K.; Backlin, Adam R.; Swift, Camm C.; Dellith, Chris; Fisher, Robert N.


    Much remains to be understood about the evolutionary history and contemporary landscape genetics of unarmored threespine stickleback in southern California, where populations collectively referred to as Gasterosteus aculeatus williamsoni have severely declined over the past 70+ years and are now endangered. We used mitochondrial sequence and microsatellite data to assess the population genetics and phylogeography of unarmored populations sampled immediately downstream from the type locality of G. a. williamsoni in the upper Santa Clara River, and assessed their distinctiveness with respect to low-armor populations in the downstream sections of the river and the adjacent Ventura River. We also characterized the geographic limits of different plate morphs and evaluated the congruence of those boundaries with barriers to dispersal in both river systems and to neutral genetic variation. We show substantial population structuring within the upper reach of the Santa Clara River, but little partitioning between the lower Santa Clara and Ventura Rivers—we attribute these patterns to different ancestry between spatially subdivided populations within the same drainage, a predominance of downstream gene flow, and ability for coastal dispersal between the Santa Clara and Ventura Rivers. We also show that alleles from introduced low-plate stock have infiltrated a native population in at least one upper Santa Clara River tributary, causing this formerly unarmored population to become gradually low-plated over a 30 + year time period. Measures of genetic diversity, census surveys, and severe habitat disturbance all indicate that unarmored stickleback near the type locality are currently at high risk of extinction.

  1. Prevalencia de antigenos fimbriales f4 y f18 en cerditos lactantes y destetados diarreicos en la provincia de Villa Clara, Cuba (Prevalence of f4 and f18 fimbrial antigens in diarrheal nursing and weaned piglets of the province of Villa Clara.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Castillo Cuenca. Julio César


    Full Text Available RESUMENEl presente trabajo se realizó con el objetivo de determinar la prevalencia de antígenos fimbriales F4 y F18 en cerditos lactantes y destetados diarreicos de la Provincia de Villa Clara.SUMMARYThe present work was carried out with the objective of determining the prevalence of F4 and F18 fimbrial antigens in diarrheal nursing and weaned piglets of the Province of Villa Clara.

  2. De Palacio a Monasterio. Génesis y transformación del Real Monasterio de Santa Clara de Sevilla

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oliva Muñoz, Pablo


    Full Text Available The convent of Santa Clara is one of the largest religious buildings in Seville. Founded in 1289, it became the oldest second one in the city after that of San Clemente, which is located in the same northwestern area of the old Almohad wall. The comprehensive study of the building, as part of the rehabilitation project, has allowed knowing its evolution and the survival of structures previous to the granting of the land where it is sited.El convento de Santa Clara es uno de los edificios de carácter religioso más grandes de Sevilla. Fundado en 1289 se convierte en el segundo más antiguo de la ciudad tan sólo precedido por el de San Clemente que se ubica en el mismo sector del extremo Noroeste de la antigua cerca almohade. El estudio integral del edificio como parte del proyecto de rehabilitación nos ha permitido conocer su evolución y la pervivencia de estructuras heredadas previas a la concesión de los terrenos que ahora ocupa.

  3. 70 anos da guerreira: a mestiçagem brasileira na tradução musical de Clara Nunes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Expedito Leandro Silva


    Full Text Available Clara Francisca Gonçalves Pinheiro. Stage Name: Clara Nunes. On August 12, 2012 this vigorous woman from Paraopeba in the state of Minas Gerais would have turned 70 years old. Her family life, in the context of culture and religion, contributed to her musical de- velopment from an early age broadening her contact with folk music. In this sense, her songs started dialoging with the world of samba and with the universe of African-Brazilian religions. Among the songs that best represent the artist portrayal are “Canto das Três Raças” and “Brasil Mestiço Santuário da Fé”, sang by her in the 1980s, the lyrics and interpretation showed the social Brazilian ethnological context in great detail. However, the cries of the people and the musical manifestation reproduced in the songs present an ideology of nationhood whose identity is the Brazilian miscegenation which means the cultures of the native Indians, the white and the black people.

  4. A arquitetônica de Luna Clara e Apolo Onze: uma reflexão metalinguística

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adail Sobral


    Full Text Available Este artigo propõe uma reflexão metalinguística acerca do percurso metodológico de que resultou a pesquisa de mestrado intitulada Luna Clara e Apolo Onze: uma organização criativa de vozes, que descreve a arquitetônica autoral da obra. Mais especificamente, pretende-se mostrar como, a partir dos princípios da análise dialógica do discurso, e de um exame preliminar do corpus - o livro de Adriana Falcão, Luna Clara e Apolo Onze, a pesquisadora desenvolveu uma maneira específica de descrever a arquitetônica deste que é um texto verbal que integra recursos visuais. Pretende ainda refletir acerca de como, no âmbito da concepção dialógica, se pode construir um objeto de estudo, e uma maneira de estudá-lo, partindo da observação de um fenômeno como um livro e de seu exame mediante conceitos compatíveis com esse objeto, em vez de aplicar categorias prontas.

  5. Breast- and cervical-cancer screening among Korean women--Santa Clara County, California, 1994 and 2002. (United States)


    Asians account for an increasing proportion of the U.S. population. Koreans are the fifth largest Asian subpopulation, totaling 1.2 million in 2000. In Santa Clara County (2000 population: 1.7 million), California, Koreans constitute 1.3% of the population. In 1994 and 2002, two population-based surveys were conducted among Korean women (2000 population: approximately 12,000) in Santa Clara County regarding breast- and cervical-cancer screening. The results were contrasted with two surveys of the general population of California women conducted during the same years. This report summarizes the findings of those surveys, which indicated that Korean women received less frequent breast- and cervical-cancer screening compared with all California women. This report also assesses compliance with the 2010 national health objectives for Papanicolaou (Pap) tests and mammography screening. Multifaceted community programs that include culturally and linguistically sensitive education of community members and their health-care providers, along with improved health-care access, will be required to achieve the 2010 national health objectives.

  6. Hb Santa Clara (beta 97His-->Asn), a human haemoglobin variant: functional characterization and structure modelling. (United States)

    De Rosa, Maria Cristina; Carelli Alinovi, Cristiana; Schininà, Maria Eugenia; Clementi, Maria Elisabetta; Amato, Antonio; Cappabianca, Maria Pia; Pezzotti, Michela; Giardina, Bruno


    This study examines the functional and structural effects of amino acid substitution at alpha(1)beta(2) interface of Hb Santa Clara (beta 97His-->Asn). We have characterized the variation by a combination of electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry and DNA sequence analysis followed by oxygen-binding experiments. Functional studies outlined an increased oxygen affinity, reduced effect of organic phosphates and a reduced Bohr effect with respect to HbA. In view of the primary role of this interface in the cooperative quaternary transition from the T to R conformational state, a theoretical three-dimensional model of Hb Santa Clara was generated. Structural investigations suggest that replacement of Asn for His beta 97 results in a significant stabilization of the high affinity R-state of the haemoglobin molecule with respect to the low affinity T-state. The role of beta FG4 position has been further examined by computational models of known beta FG4 variants, namely Hb Malmö (beta 97His-->Gln), Hb Wood (beta 97His-->Leu), Hb Nagoya (beta 97His-->Pro) and Hb Moriguchi (beta 97His-->Tyr). These findings demonstrate that, among the various residues at the alpha(1)beta(2) (and alpha(2)beta(1)) intersubunit interface, His beta FG4 contributes significantly to the quaternary constraints that are responsible for the low oxygen affinity of human deoxyhaemoglobin.

  7. Status and understanding of groundwater quality in the Santa Clara River Valley, 2007-California GAMA Priority Basin Project (United States)

    Burton, Carmen A.; Montrella, Joseph; Landon, Matthew K.; Belitz, Kenneth


    Groundwater quality in the approximately 460-square-mile Santa Clara River Valley study unit was investigated from April through June 2007 as part of the Priority Basin Project of the Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program. The GAMA Priority Basin Project is conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in collaboration with the California State Water Resources Control Board and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The Santa Clara River Valley study unit contains eight groundwater basins located in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and is within the Transverse and Selected Peninsular Ranges hydrogeologic province. The Santa Clara River Valley study unit was designed to provide a spatially unbiased assessment of the quality of untreated (raw) groundwater in the primary aquifer system. The assessment is based on water-quality and ancillary data collected in 2007 by the USGS from 42 wells on a spatially distributed grid, and on water-quality data from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) database. The primary aquifer system was defined as that part of the aquifer system corresponding to the perforation intervals of wells listed in the CDPH database for the Santa Clara River Valley study unit. The quality of groundwater in the primary aquifer system may differ from that in shallow or deep water-bearing zones; for example, shallow groundwater may be more vulnerable to surficial contamination. Eleven additional wells were sampled by the USGS to improve understanding of factors affecting water quality.The status assessment of the quality of the groundwater used data from samples analyzed for anthropogenic constituents, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pesticides, as well as naturally occurring inorganic constituents, such as major ions and trace elements. The status assessment is intended to characterize the quality of untreated groundwater resources in the primary aquifers of the Santa Clara River Valley study unit


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ariel Espino-Valdés


    Full Text Available Actualmente, el control de gestión tiene un papel decisivo como perspectiva de dirección en las empresas cubanas, ya que se optimiza el conocimiento de los trabajadores en función de los resultados de la organización. Se han introducido distintos enfoques en este sentido, pero en pocas empresas se han logrado conectar los objetivos estratégicos con las metas a alcanzar. El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo mostrar un procedimiento para implementar el control de gestión en las Empresas de Campismo Popular, que permita la utilización de los inductores de cambio para el alineamiento de la gestión de los procesos con la estrategia establecida, bajo un enfoque sistémico y proactivo, profundizando en el diagnóstico del clima organizacional. El trabajo muestra como resultado fundamental el diseño de un procedimiento de carácter integrador con enfoques modernos e indicadores de gestión que permitirán el análisis oportuno del cumplimiento de los objetivos.ABSTRACTAt present, the controlling plays an important role as directing philosophy in Cuban enterprises, optimizing the knowledge of employees in terms of results of the organization. Different approaches have been introduced on this direction but it has not been possible to link the strategic objectives with the goals to reach. The current investigation aims at developing a control system of management in Campismo Popular enterprises, with the purpose of using the inductors of change to align the management of processes with the established strategy, under a systemic and proactive approach, deepening in the organizational environment. This work shows important results like the design of a procedure with integrated character, with modern approaches and indicators of management, which will permit the opportune analysis of the fulfillment of objectives





    La utilización continua en riego agrícola, de agua clara de relaves mineros generados por flotación alcalina de sulfuros de cobre, puede afectar la calidad del suelo, los productos agrícolas y la malla trófica, debido a que contiene altas concentraciones de molibdeno y sulfatos. El objetivo de ésta investigación fue evaluar el efecto del riego con agua clara de relave, alta en molibdeno y sulfatos, sobre la calidad química y biológica del suelo y sobre la calidad del forraje de ballica ...

  10. [Anatomical Vitamin C-Research during National Socialism and the Post-war Period: Max Clara's Human Experiments at the Munich Anatomical Institute]. (United States)

    Schûtz, Mathias; Schochow, Maximilian; Waschke, Jens; Marckmann, Georg; Steger, Florian


    In autumn of 1942, Max Clara (1899-1966) became chairman of the anatomical institute Munich. There, he intensified his research concerning the proof of vitamin C with the bodies of executed prisoners which were delivered by the Munich-Stadelheim prison. This research on human organs was pursued by applying ascorbic acid (Cebion) to prisoners before their execution. The paper investigates this intensified and radicalized anatomical research through human experiments, which Max Clara conducted in Munich and published from Istanbul during the postwar years, as well as its scientific references from the Nazi period.

  11. On the 25th Aniversary of the Cardiology Center "Ernesto Che Guevara" in Villa Clara, Cuba A propósito del 25 aniversario del Cardiocentro “Ernesto Che Guevara” de Villa Clara, Cuba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Bermúdez Yera


    Full Text Available .El  Cardiocentro “Ernesto Che Guevara” de Santa Clara está próximo a celebrar el 25 aniversario de fundado. En esta institución, que ha recibido varios reconocimientos, se realizan casi todos los procedimientos relacionados con la cirugía cardiovascular, la cardiología intervencionista y la electrofisiología. Específicamente en la  cirugía cardiovascular se han ejecutado hasta la fecha aproximadamente 7 000 intervenciones con una media de supervivencia quirúrgica del 95 %, mientras que en la cardiología intervencionista se realizan anualmente más de 1 500 estudios y entre 400 y 500 intervencionismos. Este sencillo artículo tiene la intensión de exponer algunos de los más importantes resultados de esta institución en el cuarto de siglo de existencia.

  12. Aerodynamic characteristics analysis and simulation research of 1.2 MW wind turbine generator rotor%1.2 MW风电机叶轮气动性能分析与仿真

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    屈圭; 林峰


    The design on wind turbine generator rotor is usually divided into two parts: design calcu-lation and capability validation. The high-power wind generator must be given the validation of aerody-namic capability after the geometry data of the blade was obtained. Based on the theoretically calculated model, the theory calculation and practically data testing of 1.2 MW turbine rotor has been made. And simulation model was established. As a showing result, it is necessary to enlarge the amendatory coeffi-cient properly and ensure the theory design reliability during the theoretically calculating and validating. The factors on losses of the hub and tip, the effect of friction, ere is synthesized to make the function of simulation and validation better. The theory calculation and simulation must be combined with the testing in the design processes of rotor to ensure the design result much more in accord with the running fact.%风力发电机叶轮设计通常分为设计计算与性能验证两部分.对大功率风电机,在得到叶片的几何数据后,必须进行叶轮的气动性能验证计算.建立理论计算模型,以具体1.2 MW风电机叶轮为对象,进行了理论计算和实际数据测试,并建立了仿真验证模型.结果显示,依据理论模型进行设计计算和验证计算时,要适当增大修正系数,保证理论设计与实际运行结果更加接近.在建立大功率叶轮仿真模型时要综合轮毂和叶尖损失,重视摩擦等因素的影响,使模型的仿真验证功能更强.大功率叶轮设计时必须将理论计算与仿真和试验验证相结合,保证设计结果更加符合运行实际.

  13. Deformation from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake near the southwest margin of the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Schmidt, Kevin M.; Ellen, Stephen D.; Peterson, David M.


    Damage to pavement and near-surface utility pipes, caused by the 17 October 1989, Loma Prieta earthquake, provides evidence for ground deformation in a 663 km2 area near the southwest margin of the Santa Clara Valley, California (USA). A total of 1427 damage sites, collected from more than 30 sources, are concentrated in four zones, three of which lie near previously mapped faults. In one of these zones, the channel lining of Los Gatos Creek, a 2-km-long concrete strip trending perpendicular to regional geologic structure, was broken by thrusts that were concentrated in two belts, each several tens of meters wide, separated by more than 300 m of relatively undeformed concrete.

  14. Demographic factors associated with perceptions about water safety and tap water consumption among adults in Santa Clara County, California, 2011. (United States)

    van Erp, Brianna; Webber, Whitney L; Stoddard, Pamela; Shah, Roshni; Martin, Lori; Broderick, Bonnie; Induni, Marta


    The objective of this study was to examine differences in tap water consumption and perceptions of bottle versus tap water safety for Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites, as well as associations with other demographic characteristics. Data are from the Santa Clara County, California, Dietary Practices Survey (2011; N = 306). We used logistic regression to examine associations between demographic characteristics and 1) perceptions that bottled water is safer than tap and 2) primarily consuming tap water. Hispanics were less likely than non-Hispanic whites to primarily drink tap water (OR = 0.33; 95% CI, 0.11-0.99), although there was no significant difference in perceptions that bottled water is safer between these groups (OR = 0.50; 95% CI, 0.11-2.27). Hispanics may be an important population for interventions promoting tap water consumption.

  15. A comparison of three tests to detect general clustering of a rare disease in Santa Clara County, California. (United States)

    Hill, E G; Ding, L; Waller, L A


    Statistical tests to detect clustering of a rare disease investigate whether an observed spatial pattern of cases appears to be due to chance alone. Heterogeneous population density and the geographic structure of the data under consideration complicate the ability to make comparisons of different tests. Further, interpretation of test results depends on the nature of the test used and what feature of the data it is designed to detect. With these issues in mind, we compare three recent tests for assessing general clustering among cases where the population is distributed heterogeneously across the study area, namely those of Besag and Newell, Turnbull et al. and Tango. We compare these methods using 1981 incidence data for severe cardiac birth defects from Santa Clara County, California.

  16. A propósito del 25 aniversario del Cardiocentro “Ernesto Che Guevara” de Villa Clara, Cuba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Bermúdez Yera


    Full Text Available El  Cardiocentro “Ernesto Che Guevara” de Santa Clara está próximo a celebrar el 25 aniversario de fundado. En esta institución, que ha recibido varios reconocimientos, se realizan casi todos los procedimientos relacionados con la cirugía cardiovascular, la cardiología intervencionista y la electrofisiología. Específicamente en la  cirugía cardiovascular se han ejecutado hasta la fecha aproximadamente 7 000 intervenciones con una media de supervivencia quirúrgica del 95 %, mientras que en la cardiología intervencionista se realizan anualmente más de 1 500 estudios y entre 400 y 500 intervencionismos. Este sencillo artículo tiene la intensión de exponer algunos de los más importantes resultados de esta institución en el cuarto de siglo de existencia.

  17. Immunocytochemical localization of the surfactant apoprotein and Clara cell antigen in chemically induced and naturally occurring pulmonary neoplasms of mice. (United States)

    Ward, J. M.; Singh, G.; Katyal, S. L.; Anderson, L. M.; Kovatch, R. M.


    The localization of surfactant apoprotein (SAP) and the Clara cell antigen(s) (CCA) was studied in naturally occurring and experimentally induced pulmonary hyperplasias and neoplasms by avidin-biotin peroxidase complex (ABC) immunocytochemistry. Lungs of B6C3F1 and A strain mice with naturally occurring lesions, B6C3F1 mice given injections of N-nitrosodiethylamine (DEN), BALB/c nu/nu or nu/+ mice exposed transplacentally on Day 16 of gestation to ethylnitrosourea (ENU), or BALB/c nu/+ mice exposed to ENU at 8-12 weeks of age were preserved in formalin or Bouin's fixative. After ABC immunocytochemistry, SAP was found in the cytoplasm of normal alveolar Type II cells; in the majority of cells in focal alveolar and solid hyperplasias originating in peribronchiolar or peripheral locations; and in solid, tubular, papillary, and mixed adenomas and carcinomas. The larger mixed-pattern neoplasms and small or large tubular neoplasms usually had the least number of cells with SAP. The majority of large papillary adenomas and carcinomas in BALB/c mice exposed to ENU and in untreated A strain mice contained SAP in the nuclei of many neoplastic cells but only in the cytoplasm of a few neoplastic cells. CCA was found in normal Clara cells of bronchi and bronchioles but not in any hyperplastic or neoplastic lesion of any mouse studied. This study provided immunocytochemical evidence that the vast majority of naturally occurring and experimentally induced pulmonary neoplasms of mice are alveolar Type II cell adenomas and carcinomas. Images Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 PMID:3883798

  18. Statistical analysis and mathematical modeling of a tracer test on the Santa Clara River, Ventura County, California (United States)

    Paybins, Katherine S.; Nishikawa, Tracy; Izbicki, John A.; Reichard, Eric G.


    To better understand flow processes, solute-transport processes, and ground-water/surface-water interactions on the Santa Clara River in Ventura County, California, a 24-hour fluorescent-dye tracer study was performed under steady-state flow conditions on a 28-mile reach of the river. The study reach includes perennial (uppermost and lowermost) subreaches and ephemeral subreaches of the lower Piru Creek and the middle Santa Clara River. Dye was injected at a site on Piru Creek, and fluorescence of river water was measured continuously at four sites and intermittently at two sites. Discharge measurements were also made at the six sites. The time of travel of the dye, peak dye concentration, and time-variance of time-concentration curves were obtained at each site. The long tails of the time-concentration curves are indicative of sources/sinks within the river, such as riffles and pools, or transient bank storage. A statistical analysis of the data indicates that, in general, the transport characteristics follow Fickian theory. These data and previously collected discharge data were used to calibrate a one-dimensional flow model (DAFLOW) and a solute-transport model (BLTM). DAFLOW solves a simplified form of the diffusion-wave equation and uses empirical relations between flow rate and cross-sectional area, and flow rate and channel width. BLTM uses the velocity data from DAFLOW and solves the advection-dispersion transport equation, including first-order decay. The simulations of dye transport indicated that (1) ground-water recharge explains the loss of dye mass in the middle, ephemeral, subreaches, and (2) ground-water recharge does not explain the loss of dye mass in the uppermost and lowermost, perennial, subreaches. This loss of mass was simulated using a linear decay term. The loss of mass in the perennial subreaches may be caused by a combination of photodecay or adsorption/desorption.

  19. Seroprevalencia de babesiosis bovina en la hacienda Vegas de la Clara, Gómez Plata (Antioquia, 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Zapata Salas


    Full Text Available La babesiosis es una enfermedad del ganado bovino transmitida por la garrapata Rhipicephalus (Boophilus microplus y causada por los parásitos protozoarios Babesia bovis y B. bigemina. Una zona se considera epizootiológicamente estable frente a Babesia spp, cuando el 75% de los bovinos entre las edades de 3 a 9 meses son serorreactivos (IgG frente a Babesia bovis y Babesia bigemina y no hay evidencia de signos clínicos. El objetivo de esta investigación fue determinar la seroprevalencia de Babesia bovis y Babesia bigemina en el ganado bovino de la hacienda Vegas de la Clara (Universidad de Antioquia, Gómez Plata, Antioquia, por medio de inmunofluorescencia indirecta. Se diseñó un estudio descriptivo prospectivo con análisis de corte transversal. Fue evaluada toda la población bovina de la hacienda Vegas de la Clara (n = 118. Las muestras fueron evaluadas por inmunofluorescencia indirecta para la detección de anticuerpos tipo IgG específicos contra Babesia bovis y B. bigemina. La serorreactividad obtenida en los bovinos evaluados, para al menos una especie de Babesia fue del 89,8%, para Babesia bovis del 83,8%, mientras que para B. bigemina del 61%. Se obtuvo una relación estadísticamente significativa entre la serorreactividad para B. bigemina y la frecuencia del tratamiento garrapaticida. La serorreactividad indica estabilidad enzoótica en el hato para B. bovis, mientras que para B. bigemina se encontró que la frecuencia del tratamiento garrapaticida interrumpe su ciclo de transmisión.

  20. Immunohistochemical demonstration of Clara cell antigen in lung tumors of bronchiolar origin induced by N-nitrosodiethylamine in Syrian golden hamsters. (United States)

    Rehm, S.; Takahashi, M.; Ward, J. M.; Singh, G.; Katyal, S. L.; Henneman, J. R.


    Both alveolar type II cells and Clara cells have been suggested as cells of origin of human bronchioloalveolar lung carcinomas and other pulmonary neoplasms, based on the presence of cell specific markers identified by immunocytochemical methods. Alveolar type II cell origin of solid and papillary lung tumors of the mouse has been demonstrated, and Clara cells have been suggested as cell of origin for hamster pulmonary neoplasms. Therefore, chemically induced bronchiolar hyperplasias and pulmonary neoplasms of Syrian golden hamsters were analyzed by avidin-biotin immunohistochemistry to localize a hamster-specific Clara cell antigen (CCA) and keratin. The hamsters had been treated subcutaneously with multiple doses of N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA). Proliferative lesions of low cuboidal, tall columnar, or pleomorphic cells were present within bronchioles or adjacent to airways in the alveolar parenchyma. Frequently areas of squamous cell differentiation were present focally or diffusely that were immunoreactive for cytokeratin. Immunoreactivity for cytokeratin was also noted for hyperplastic bronchiolar neuroepithelial bodies. Cellular hyperplasias extending out into the alveolar parenchyma contained ciliated cells and frequently consisted of cells immunoreactive for CCA, showing them to be of bronchiolar Clara cell origin. Tumors developed from bronchiolar cell hyperplasias localized within bronchioles and from bronchiolar cells lining former alveolar walls. Neoplastic growth patterns were tubulo-papillary, forming loose networks or densely cellular areas. Immunoreactivity for cytoplasmic CCA was found in 50% of the tumors and was seen most frequently in small cuboidal cells and larger, vacuolated cells scattered throughout the neoplasms. In summary, evidence is presented that NDEA-induced pulmonary tumors of the Syrian golden hamster originated from cells lining bronchioles and from extrabronchiolar Clara cell hyperplasias of the terminal bronchioles. As the

  1. Doña Clara e don Luis: l’ennesima 'questione amorosa' all’interno della "venta de Palomeque" (Don Quijote, I, 32-47

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Candeloro


    Full Text Available ITDoña Clara e don Luis rappresentano l’ultima coppia d’innamorati che raggiunge la locanda di Palomeque, all’interno di quella serie di disavventure e riconoscimenti insperati che danno vita allo “escandaloso happy end” – come lo definirà ironicamente Juan Benet – nel quale si risolve l’azione principale connessa alle numerose trame secondarie  sviluppate proprio nello spazio “scenico” della famosa locanda. Scopo di questo studio è quello di analizzare le caratteristiche e le problematiche legate alla “questione amorosa” di doña Clara e don Luis, il modo in cui nasce e si sviluppa tale intreccio e le tecniche narrative attraverso cui Cervantes ricollega e amalgama questa storia d’amore a quelle delle altre coppie presenti nella conclusione della Primera Parte del Quijote.ENDoña Clara and don Luis are the last couple of lovers arriving to Palomeque's inn. They are the umpteenth romantic couple in a string of episodes based on several recognition scenes between different couples.  That's why they contribute to reach that "scandalous happy end" – as Juan Benet ironically defined it –, through which the main action of the novel's plot comes to a conclusion and allows to finish, at the same time, all the secondary plots at the inn. This report aims to analyze the characteristics and problems related to "the love issue" between Doña Clara and don Luis and, in special, all the particular narrative techniques which Cervantes uses to link this "love story" with other couples in the first part of Don Quijote.Keywords: Cervantes – Don Quijote – narrative techniques – Doña Clara and Don Luis – love question

  2. Nuclear structure studies in the area around the valence maximum of {sup 170}Dy with CLARA+PRISMA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soederstroem, Paer-Anders [Uppsala University (Sweden)


    While the existence of shell closures and the search for exotic doubly magic nuclei is a cornerstone of our understanding of the atomic nucleus, their even-even, doubly-mid-shell counterparts are arguably even more rare. Above the sd shell, the corresponding doubly mid-shell, even-even systems which are particle bound are limited to {sup 28}Si, {sup 38}Si, {sup 48}Cr and {sup 170}Dy. Assuming the standard spherical shell gaps, {sup 170}Dy might naively be expected to be amongst the most collective of all nuclei. The double mid-shell at {sup 170}Dy may also represent the single best hope in the entire Segre chart for the empirical realization of the SU(3) dynamical symmetry of the interacting boson model. An experiment for nuclear structure studies of {sup 170}Dy and its neighbors has been performed at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro. Multi-nucleon transfer reactions with a {sup 82}Se beam on a {sup 170}Er target were used to reach the neutron-rich isotopes. The reaction fragments were identified using the magnetic spectrometer PRISMA and the {gamma}-ray spectra were recorded using the CLARA germanium detector array. The analysis of this data is ongoing. Preliminary {gamma}-ray spectra for neutron rich isotopes in this area are presented as well as relative cross sections for production of these isotopes in multi-nucleon transfer reactions.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Dentro de los aspectos funcionales de un sistema acuático uno de los más determinantes es la producción fitoplanctónica. En este trabajo se midió la producción primaria del fitoplancton (método del 14C en un lago de aguas claras de la Amazonía colombiana, en diferentes momentos del ciclo hidrológico. La producción primaria osciló entre 0,6 y 2,3 g C m-2 d-1, valor este último medido durante la fase de aguas bajas. Estos resultados indican que la comunidad fitoplanctónica del lago Boa fluctúa desde condiciones de muy baja capacidad de asimilación de carbono inorgánico (aguas altas, hasta momentos en que este potencial se incrementa hasta cuatro veces (aguas bajas. Tales cambios drásticos obedecen a las fluctuaciones en la abundancia de microalgas, las que a su vez se presentan como respuesta a la variación trófica que tiene el lago durante el ciclo hidrológico. De esta manera, se pasa de condiciones oligotróficas en la época de inundación a un estado eutrófico cuando el sistema se desconecta del río en aguas bajas.

  4. Erudition, Dialogue and Instruction in «Noches claras» by Manuel de Faria e Sousa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Silva Pereira


    Full Text Available In Noches claras by Manuel de Faria e Sousa, among discourses and chapters which serve different purposes, an intense programme of cultural divulgation starts to take form, which offers the readers themes of social and religious nature as well as of moral philosophy, stimulating their intellectual curiosity. By combining the strong didactic aesthetics of the miscellanea, as it was cultivated in the Iberian Peninsula in the 16th and 17th centuries, with the specific features of dialogue, the project gained density and gave way to a more pleasant use than the mere occasional search for information. The variety in themes and sense of erudition, resulting from a wide range of ancient and modern cultural and religious sources, are now seen as part of a more coherent composition, thus overcoming the risks of fragmented reading. On the other hand, the autobiographical drive which can be found across a significant part of Faria e Sousa’s literary production, allows him to come closer to the essay genre, as the author is regarded as the one who is responsible for carefully choosing the material, organizing and exposing it based on his knowledge and life experience which were the marks of the discrete man.

  5. Predicted liquefaction in the greater Oakland area and northern Santa Clara Valley during a repeat of the 1868 Hayward Fault (M6.7-7.0) earthquake (United States)

    Holzer, Thomas L.; Noce, Thomas E.; Bennett, Michael J.


    Probabilities of surface manifestations of liquefaction due to a repeat of the 1868 (M6.7-7.0) earthquake on the southern segment of the Hayward Fault were calculated for two areas along the margin of San Francisco Bay, California: greater Oakland and the northern Santa Clara Valley. Liquefaction is predicted to be more common in the greater Oakland area than in the northern Santa Clara Valley owing to the presence of 57 km2 of susceptible sandy artificial fill. Most of the fills were placed into San Francisco Bay during the first half of the 20th century to build military bases, port facilities, and shoreline communities like Alameda and Bay Farm Island. Probabilities of liquefaction in the area underlain by this sandy artificial fill range from 0.2 to ~0.5 for a M7.0 earthquake, and decrease to 0.1 to ~0.4 for a M6.7 earthquake. In the greater Oakland area, liquefaction probabilities generally are less than 0.05 for Holocene alluvial fan deposits, which underlie most of the remaining flat-lying urban area. In the northern Santa Clara Valley for a M7.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault and an assumed water-table depth of 1.5 m (the historically shallowest water level), liquefaction probabilities range from 0.1 to 0.2 along Coyote and Guadalupe Creeks, but are less than 0.05 elsewhere. For a M6.7 earthquake, probabilities are greater than 0.1 along Coyote Creek but decrease along Guadalupe Creek to less than 0.1. Areas with high probabilities in the Santa Clara Valley are underlain by young Holocene levee deposits along major drainages where liquefaction and lateral spreading occurred during large earthquakes in 1868 and 1906.

  6. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2005 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2005 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  7. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2006 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2006 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  8. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2007 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2007 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  9. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2008 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2008 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  10. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2010 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2010 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  11. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2009 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2009 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  12. Un peu de désordre n'est pas du tout désagréable Clara Gaspar se passionne pour son métier au CERN, sans jamais oublier son Portugal

    CERN Multimedia

    Imhof, Michel


    Clara Gaspar is passionately fond of her job at CERN and enjoys the enrichment of life being in an international community. She misses some things and will never forget Portugal but counts Geneva as her home (2 pagees)

  13. Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge : Self Monitoring Program for Alviso Ponds Within South San Francisco Bay Low Salinity Salt Ponds Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties, California : 2004 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual report summarizes the results of the 2004 water quality sampling conducted at the Alviso Ponds in Santa Clara County, California, which are part of the...

  14. Application of seismic refraction tomography for tunnel design in Santa Clara Mountain, San Juan, Argentina Application of seismic refraction tomography for tunnel design in Santa Clara Mountain, San Juan, Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Imhof Armando Luis


    Full Text Available

    A geophysical survey involving seismic refraction tomography (SRT for mapping 'P' waves was carried out in Sierra Santa Clara, San Juan Province, Argentina in July 2009. The purpose of the geophysical survey was to determine the degree of fracturing and the rigidity of the rock mass through which it is planned to build a 290 m long road tunnel traversing the mountain almost perpendicular to the axis thereof, at around 100 m depth from the summit.

    Several difficulties arose from the operational point of view which made it almost impossible to conduct fieldwork in normal circumstances. Firstly, the topography had almost 45° slopes and 100 m research depths which would have involved having had to use explosives to generate seismic waves reaching sensors which had sufficient signal-to-noise ratio for distinguishing them. Legal restrictions regarding the use of explosives on the one hand and insufficient power when using hammer blows on the other made it necessary to design and build a gas-powered gun to achieve the minimum energy (2 kJ required for detecting seismic signals.

    Secondly, using conventional interpretation methods involving layered models was inoperable in such geological structures; seismic tomography methods were thus used which make use of the velocity gradient concept (both lateral and in-depth. This allowed mapping subsurface velocity variations in the form of velocity contour lines.

    The methodology used with the new seismic waves' source generator, as well as SRT application in this type of geological structure, demonstrated that satisfactory results could be obtained for this kind of geophysical study for geotechnical purposes.

    A geophysical survey involving seismic refraction tomography (SRT for mapping 'P' waves was

  15. FACTORES RELACIONADOS CON LA URGENCIA HIPERTENSIVA EN UN ÁREA DE SALUD URBANA DE SANTA CLARA / Factors linked to hypertensive emergency in an urban health area of Santa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexis López Casanova


    Full Text Available Introduction and objectives: Arterial hypertension manifest itself in many individuals with the appearance of an acute event, the hypertensive emergency, which takes place many times in hypertensive individuals who have not been diagnosed or who have been incorrectly treated. The aim of this research is to characterize the factors linked to the hypertensive emergency. Method: A descriptive, cross-sectional study in a sample formed by 150 patients presenting the above mentioned condition who were treated at the Emergency Department of the Santa Clara Polyclinic during the period from January 2007 to January 2008. The clinical and epidemiological variables were gathered by means of interviews with the patients. Chi square was used in the statistical analysis. Results: There was a predominance of male patients (54 %, the age group between 46 and 60 years of age (54 % and the white race in both sexes (57,4 %. The most common associated illnesses were ischemic heart disease (18.6 % and diabetes mellitus (14 %. Captopril was the first therapeutic choice in 82,7 percent of the cases, presenting a high resolution rate (80,6 %. It was determined that 49 percent of the patients were not correctly controlled, and that the adherence to the pharmacologic treatment was moderate in 49,3 percent and bad in 30 percent of the cases. Conclusions: The hypertensive emergency prevailed in males and in the age group between 46 and 60 years of age. Ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus were the most common associated illnesses; as well as a family history of arterial hypertension, smoking and obesity as atherosclerotic risk factors. Arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus were associated with a higher lack of response to standard therapy. Captopril was the most commonly usedmedication, showing a high resolution rate. The lack of adherence to the treatment and the inadequate control prevailed.

  16. The Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire (SCSORF): a validation study on Iranian Muslim patients undergoing dialysis. (United States)

    Pakpour, Amir H; Plante, Thomas G; Saffari, Mohsen; Fridlund, Bengt


    The Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire (SCSORF) is an often used and validated scale that is uncommonly utilized in culturally diverse populations. The purpose of this research investigation was to adapt the SCSORF for use among Iranian Muslim patients undergoing dialysis and to examine the reliability and validity of the scale among this population. A total of 428 patients (228 females, 200 males, M age = 52.2 years, SD = 10) were selected from five dialysis center in Tehran and Qazvin, Iran. A comprehensive forward-backward translation system was used for cross-cultural translation. Patients completed a baseline questionnaire obtaining demographic and clinical information as well as the SCSORF, the Age Universal Religious Orientation Scale (AUROS), the religious life inventory (RLI), and the Duke University religion index (DUREL). 2 weeks later, patients were asked to complete the SCSORF once again. Reliability of the SCSORF was examined using internal consistency and test-rest reliability. Convergent validity and factor structure using exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were also examined. Cronbach's α for the single construct of the SCSORF was 0.89 with adequate test-retest reliability measured over a 2 week period. SCSORF scores were significantly correlated with AUROS, RLI and the DUREL. The EFA generated a single factor solution for the SCSORF while these results were confirmed by the CFA in an independent sample. Findings demonstrated that the SCSORF has favorable reliability, convergent validity, and divergent validity among Iranian Muslim patients undergoing dialysis and is recommended for use by clinicians (e.g., nephrologists) to measure strength of religious faith among patients.

  17. Reach-scale channel sensitivity to multiple human activities and natural events: Lower Santa Clara River, California, USA (United States)

    Downs, Peter W.; Dusterhoff, Scott R.; Sears, William A.


    Understanding the cumulative impact of natural and human influences on the sensitivity of channel morphodynamics, a relative measure between the drivers for change and the magnitude of channel response, requires an approach that accommodates spatial and temporal variability in the suite of primary stressors. Multiple historical data sources were assembled to provide a reach-scale analysis of the lower Santa Clara River (LSCR) in Ventura County, California, USA. Sediment supply is naturally high due to tectonic activity, earthquake-generated landslides, wildfires, and high magnitude flow events during El Niño years. Somewhat typically for the region, the catchment has been subject to four reasonably distinct land use and resource management combinations since European-American settlement. When combined with analysis of channel morphological response (quantifiable since ca. 1930), reach-scale and temporal differences in channel sensitivity become apparent. Downstream reaches have incised on average 2.4 m and become narrower by almost 50% with changes focused in a period of highly sensitive response after about 1950 followed by forced insensitivity caused by structural flood embankments and a significant grade control structure. In contrast, the middle reaches have been responsive but are morphologically resilient, and the upstream reaches show a mildly sensitive aggradational trend. Superimposing the natural and human drivers for change reveals that large scale stressors (related to ranching and irrigation) have been replaced over time by a suite of stressors operating at multiple spatial scales. Lower reaches have been sensitive primarily to 'local' scale impacts (urban growth, flood control, and aggregate mining) whereas, upstream, catchment-scale influences still prevail (including flow regulation and climate-driven sediment supply factors). These factors illustrate the complexity inherent to cumulative impact assessment in fluvial systems, provide evidence for a

  18. Measuring religious faith in cancer patients: reliability and construct validity of the Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith questionnaire. (United States)

    Sherman, A C; Simonton, S; Adams, D C; Latif, U; Plante, T G; Burns, S K; Poling, T


    Growing attention has focused on associations between religious involvement and health outcomes for cancer patients. Unfortunately, research has been hampered by lack of measures suitable for use in oncology settings. This study examined the performance of one recently developed measure, the Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire (SCSORF). Initial investigations with cancer patients in a bone marrow transplant program and with non-oncology patients yielded promising results. This study provided additional information about temporal stability and convergent validity. The measure was evaluated in two well-defined samples: (1) 95 breast cancer patients, and (2) 53 healthy young adults. Most of the cancer patients had recent diagnoses and localized or regional disease. In each sample, the instrument demonstrated high test-retest reliability (r's=0.82-0.93) and internal consistency (r's=0.95-0.97). It displayed strong correlations with measures of intrinsic religiosity (r's=0.67-0.82, p<0.0001), and moderate correlations with organizational religiosity (r's=0.61-069, p<0.0001), non-organizational religiosity (r's=0.52-0.55, p<0.0001), comfort from religion (r=0.58, p<0.0001), and ratings of self as religious (r=0.58, p<0.0001). Among cancer patients, scores were significantly associated with optimism (r=0.30, p<0.01), but not with openness of family communication about cancer or perceived social support. These data build on previous findings with cancer patients, and suggest that the SCSORF may be a useful measure of religious faith in oncology settings.

  19. Ground water/surface water responses to global climate simulations, Santa Clara-Calleguas Basin, Ventura, California (United States)

    Hanson, R.T.; Dettinger, M.D.


    Climate variations can play an important, if not always crucial, role in successful conjunctive management of ground water and surface water resources. This will require accurate accounting of the links between variations in climate, recharge, and withdrawal from the resource systems, accurate projection or predictions of the climate variations, and accurate simulation of the responses of the resource systems. To assess linkages and predictability of climate influences on conjunctive management, global climate model (GCM) simulated precipitation rates were used to estimate inflows and outflows from a regional ground water model (RGWM) of the coastal aquifers of the Santa ClaraCalleguas Basin at Ventura, California, for 1950 to 1993. Interannual to interdecadal time scales of the El Nin??o Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) climate variations are imparted to simulated precipitation variations in the Southern California area and are realistically imparted to the simulated ground water level variations through the climate-driven recharge (and discharge) variations. For example, the simulated average ground water level response at a key observation well in the basin to ENSO variations of tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures is 1.2 m/??C, compared to 0.9 m/??C in observations. This close agreement shows that the GCM-RGWM combination can translate global scale climate variations into realistic local ground water responses. Probability distributions of simulated ground water level excursions above a local water level threshold for potential seawater intrusion compare well to the corresponding distributions from observations and historical RGWM simulations, demonstrating the combination's potential usefulness for water management and planning. Thus the GCM-RGWM combination could be used for planning purposes and - when the GCM forecast skills are adequate - for near term predictions.

  20. Inherited igneous zircons in jadeitite predate high-pressure metamorphism and jadeitite formation in the Jagua Clara serpentinite mélange of the Rio San Juan Complex (Dominican Republic) (United States)

    Hertwig, Andreas; McClelland, William C.; Kitajima, Kouki; Schertl, Hans-Peter; Maresch, Walter V.; Stanek, Klaus; Valley, John W.; Sergeev, Sergey A.


    This study utilizes zircon SIMS U-Pb dating, REE and trace-element analysis as well as oxygen isotope ratios of zircon to distinguish jadeite-rich rocks that formed by direct crystallization from a hydrous fluid from those that represent products of a metasomatic replacement process. Zircon was separated from a concordant jadeitite layer and its blueschist host, as well as from loose blocks of albite-jadeite rock and jadeitite that were all collected from the Jagua Clara serpentinite-matrix mélange in the northern Dominican Republic. In the concordant jadeitite layer, three groups of zircon domains were distinguished based on both age as well as geochemical and oxygen isotope values: age groups old (117.1 ± 0.9 Ma), intermediate (three dates: 90.6, 97.3, 106.0 Ma) and young (77.6 ± 1.3 Ma). Zircon populations from the blueschist host as well as the other three jadeite-rich samples generally match zircon domains of the old age group in age as well as geochemistry and oxygen isotope ratios. Moreover, these older zircon populations are indistinguishable from zircon typical of igneous oceanic crust and hence are probably inherited from igneous protoliths of the jadeite-rich rocks. Therefore, the results suggest that all investigated jadeite-rich rocks were formed by a metasomatic replacement process. The younger domains might signal actual ages of jadeitite formation, but there is no unequivocal proof for coeval zircon-jadeite growth.

  1. ORTHOIMAGERY, Santa Clara, CA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Digital orthographic imagery datasets contain georeferenced images of the Earth's surface, collected by a sensor in which object displacement has been removed for...

  2. Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — LAS format files, raw LiDAR data in its native format, classified bare-earth LiDAR DEM and photogrammetrically derived breaklines generated from LiDAR Intensity...

  3. Vigilancia y control en criaderos temporales y permanentes de culícidos en Villa Clara (Vigilance and control in temporal and permanent breeding ground of mosquitoes in Villa Clara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janhad L. Rodríguez Mendieta


    Full Text Available El trabajo se desarrolló en la Unidad Provincial de Vigilancia y Lucha Antivectorial de la provincia de Villa Clara, en el período comprendido entre el primero de julio al primero de noviembre del 2005. Para el mismo se representaron gráficamente los 304 criaderos permanentes y 218 temporales de culícidos; distribuidos en los 13 municipios de dicha provincia. Se tomaron muestras de cuerpos de agua (28 criaderos existentes en los 13 municipios de la provincia para detectar la Densidad Larvaria según la metodología del cucharón. Se determinaron las principales especies de culícidos que habitan en la provincia y se compararon dos métodos (Temephos al 2% y peces de control para estos vectores, determinándose el costo – riesgo del Temephos al 2%, el Bacillus thurigiensis y los peces como métodos de control de mosquitos mediante una ponderización. Los datos primarios se procesaron en el sistema computarizado Excel del paquete Office XP y para el procesamiento estadístico de la efectividad de cada tratamiento se empleó la prueba de comparación de proporciones del paquete Statgraphics plus 4.1, ambos sistemas sustentados en WindowsÒ. Los resultados muestran que las especies de mosquitos más difundidas en la provincia son: el Anopheles albimanus, el Aedes mediovitatus, el Aedes scapularis, el Aedes confinis, el Culex quinquefasciatus, el Culex nigripalpus y el Culex corniger; además, los resultados demuestran la superioridad del control con peces sobre el control con Temephos ya que es más eficiente (99% versus 87% para p < 0.01 en el control de culícidos. La vigilancia con peces (no gastos en divisas y $ 1 035.08 MN es más económica que el Temephos (847 500 CUC y $ 12 490.96 MN y que el Bacillus thurigiensis (6 328 cuc y $ 8 280.64 MN. Se concluye que los peces constituyen un efectivo control para las poblaciones de culícidos, recomendando el uso de los mismos por todos los beneficios que estos representan. This work was

  4. California GAMA Program: Sources and transport of nitrate in shallow groundwater in the Llagas Basin of Santa Clara County, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moran, J E; McNab, W; Esser, B; Hudson, G; Carle, S; Beller, H; Kane, S; Tompson, A B; Letain, T; Moore, K; Eaton, G; Leif, R; Moody-Bartel, C; Singleton, M


    A critical component of the State Water Resource Control Board's Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program is to assess the major threats to groundwater resources that supply drinking water to Californians (Belitz et al., 2004). Nitrate is the most pervasive and intractable contaminant in California groundwater and is the focus of special studies under the GAMA program. This report presents results of a study of nitrate contamination in the aquifer beneath the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy, CA, in the Llagas Subbasin of Santa Clara County, where high nitrate levels affect several hundred private domestic wells. The main objectives of the study are: (1) to identify the main source(s) of nitrate that issue a flux to the shallow regional aquifer (2) to determine whether denitrification plays a role in the fate of nitrate in the subbasin and (3) to assess the impact that a nitrate management plan implemented by the local water agency has had on the flux of nitrate to the regional aquifer. Analyses of 56 well water samples for major anions and cations, nitrogen and oxygen isotopes of nitrate, dissolved excess nitrogen, tritium and groundwater age, and trace organic compounds, show that synthetic fertilizer is the most likely source of nitrate in highly contaminated wells, and that denitrification is not a significant process in the fate of nitrate in the subbasin except in the area of recycled water application. In addition to identifying contaminant sources, these methods offer a deeper understanding of how the severity and extent of contamination are affected by hydrogeology and groundwater management practices. In the Llagas subbasin, the nitrate problem is amplified in the shallow aquifer because it is highly vulnerable with high vertical recharge rates and rapid lateral transport, but the deeper aquifers are relatively more protected by laterally extensive aquitards. Artificial recharge delivers low-nitrate water and provides a means of

  5. Analysis of seismic waves crossing the Santa Clara Valley using the three-component MUSIQUE array algorithm (United States)

    Hobiger, Manuel; Cornou, Cécile; Bard, Pierre-Yves; Le Bihan, Nicolas; Imperatori, Walter


    We introduce the MUSIQUE algorithm and apply it to seismic wavefield recordings in California. The algorithm is designed to analyse seismic signals recorded by arrays of three-component seismic sensors. It is based on the MUSIC and the quaternion-MUSIC algorithms. In a first step, the MUSIC algorithm is applied in order to estimate the backazimuth and velocity of incident seismic waves and to discriminate between Love and possible Rayleigh waves. In a second step, the polarization parameters of possible Rayleigh waves are analysed using quaternion-MUSIC, distinguishing retrograde and prograde Rayleigh waves and determining their ellipticity. In this study, we apply the MUSIQUE algorithm to seismic wavefield recordings of the San Jose Dense Seismic Array. This array has been installed in 1999 in the Evergreen Basin, a sedimentary basin in the Eastern Santa Clara Valley. The analysis includes 22 regional earthquakes with epicentres between 40 and 600 km distant from the array and covering different backazimuths with respect to the array. The azimuthal distribution and the energy partition of the different surface wave types are analysed. Love waves dominate the wavefield for the vast majority of the events. For close events in the north, the wavefield is dominated by the first harmonic mode of Love waves, for farther events, the fundamental mode dominates. The energy distribution is different for earthquakes occurring northwest and southeast of the array. In both cases, the waves crossing the array are mostly arriving from the respective hemicycle. However, scattered Love waves arriving from the south can be seen for all earthquakes. Combining the information of all events, it is possible to retrieve the Love wave dispersion curves of the fundamental and the first harmonic mode. The particle motion of the fundamental mode of Rayleigh waves is retrograde and for the first harmonic mode, it is prograde. For both modes, we can also retrieve dispersion and ellipticity

  6. Geologic map of the Hayward fault zone, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties, California: a digital database (United States)

    Graymer, R.W.; Jones, D.L.; Brabb, E.E.


    The Hayward is one of three major fault zones of the San Andreas system that have produced large historic earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Area (the others being the San Andreas and Calaveras). Severe earthquakes were generated by this fault zone in 1836 and in 1868, and several large earthquakes have been recorded since 1868. The Hayward fault zone is considered to be the most probable source of a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area, as much as 28% chance for a magnitude 7 earthquake before the year 2021 (Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities, 1990). The Hayward fault zone, as described in this work, is a zone of highly deformed rocks, trending north 30 degrees west and ranging in width from about 2 to 10 kilometers. The historic earthquake generating activity has been concentrated in the western portion of the zone, but the zone as a whole reflects deformation derived from oblique right-lateral and compressive tectonic stress along a significant upper crustal discontinuity for the past 10 million or more years. The Hayward fault zone is bounded on the east by a series of faults that demarcate the beginning of one or more structural blocks containing rocks and structures unrelated to the Hayward fault zone. The eastern bounding faults are, from the south, the Calaveras, Stonybrook, Palomares, Miller Creek, and Moraga faults. These faults are not considered to be part of the Hayward fault zone, although they are shown on the map to demarcate its boundary. The western boundary of the zone is less clearly defined, because the alluvium of the San Francisco Bay and Santa Clara Valley basins obscures bedrock and structural relationships. Although several of the westernmost faults in the zone clearly project under or through the alluvium, the western boundary of the fault is generally considered to be the westernmost mapped fault, which corresponds more or less with the margin of thick unconsolidated surficial deposits. The Hayward fault

  7. Leonor de Sicilia y Santa Clara de Teruel: la fundación reginal de un convento de clarisas y su primer desarrollo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roebert, Sebastian


    Full Text Available The history of the monastery of the Poor Clares of Teruel, also known as Santa Catalina or Santa Clara de Teruel, is virtually unknown. One reason for the lack of studies dedicated to this convent is the complete loss of its archive during the Spanish Civil War. The present study intends to reconstruct the foundation and initial development of Santa Clara de Teruel from its beginning in 1367 until the fi rst quarter of the 15th century, using mostly hitherto unknown sources from other archives. Special attention will be paid to the founder of the monastery, Leonor of Sicily (1349-1375, queen of the Crown of Aragon.La historia del monasterio de las clarisas de Teruel, conocido tanto por el nombre de Santa Catalina como por el de Santa Clara de Teruel, nos resulta hasta el día de hoy prácticamente desconocida. Seguramente, este hecho se debe en buena medida a la destrucción completa del archivo conventual durante la Guerra Civil. El presente estudio pretende reconstruir el proceso fundacional y analizar el primer desarrollo del monasterio, desde su creación en el año 1367 hasta el primer cuarto del siglo XV, a través de la documentación que se conserva en otros archivos y que permanece, en su mayor parte, inédita y sin estudiar. Además, se investigará el papel preponderante que desempeñó la fundadora y principal promotora del convento, Leonor de Sicilia (1349-1375, reina de la Corona de Aragón.

  8. Radionuclides and heavy metals in rainbow trout from Tsichomo, Nana Ka, Wen Povi, and Pin De Lakes in Santa Clara Canyon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fresquez, P.R.; Armstrong, D.R.; Naranjo, L. Jr.


    Radionuclide ({sup 3}H, {sup 90}Sr, {sup 137}Cs, {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239}Pu, and total uranium) and heavy metal (Ag, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, and TI) concentrations were determined in rainbow trout collected from Tsichomo, Nana Ka, Wen Povi, and Pin De lakes in Santa Clara Canyon in 1997. Most radionuclide and heavy metal concentrations in fish collected from these four lakes were within or just above upper limit background concentrations (Abiquiu reservoir), and as a group were statistically (p < 0.05) similar in most parameters to background.



    Norma E. Batista Hernández; Milagros Alegret Rodriguez; Oscar Antón Fleites


    Fundamentos: El cáncer de mama y el de cérvix continúan siendo un problema de salud, a pesar de la existencia de programas de prevención y de diagnóstico precoz. Por no existir en nuestra provincia estudios similares, se decidió realizar esta investigación, con el objetivo de identificar conglomerados espaciales y/o espacio-temporales que permitan el análisis de la morbimortalidad por cáncer de mama y cérvix en la provincia Villa Clara. Métodos: Estudio observacional descriptivo, focalizado e...

  10. Manejo de desechos orgánicos del hogar y las escuelas en las comunidades de Santa Clara y Cuestillas de Florencia


    Gadea-Rivas, Arnoldo; Elizondo-Solís, Jorge Mario; González-Jiménez, Hermer


    Proyecto de Investigación código 5402-2151-5301 El papel y los residuos orgánicos de cocina son la mayoría de los desechos generados en hogares rurales. Este proyecto propuso opciones para el manejo de esos desechos de escuelas y hogares en Santa Clara y Cuestillas de Florencia, ambas comunidades aledañas a la Sede Regional del Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Por medio de charlas y visitas al Relleno Municipal de San Carlos, los niños aprendieron sobre el manejo de los desechos sól...

  11. El sistema lacustre de la Formación Mollar en el depocentro triásico de Santa Clara (provincia de Mendoza, Argentina)


    Luis A. Spalletti; Zavattieri,Ana María


    El depocentro triásico de Santa Clara, Cuenca Cuyana, se caracteriza por espesos depósitos generados en ambiente lacustre. Uno de ellos, con un registro de más de 345 m, corresponde a la Formación Mollar. El tramo inferior a medio está caracterizado por una monótona sucesión de lutitas bituminosas acumuladas por decantación suspensiva en el 'off shore' anóxico de un cuerpo lacustre hidrológicamente cerrado y que muestra alto contenido de materia orgánica amorfa de origen algal y de restos de ...

  12. Estudio clínico, epidemiológico y etiopatogénico de las cardiopatías congénitas en Villa Clara


    Navarro Ruíz, Maribel


    Se realizó una investigación con el objetivo de caracterizar la prevalencia, el comportamiento clínico y la supervivencia de las cardiopatías congénitas así como variables epidemiológicas de riesgo asociadas, con un alcance preventivo, entre 2000 y 2008 en Villa Clara. La muestra para el estudio clínico fue de 371 productos nacidos vivos con una cardiopatía congénita diagnosticada antes de los 28 días, nacidos muertos, abortos espontáneos e interrupciones de la gestación de causa genética....

  13. p172: An alveolar type II and Clara cell specific protein with late developmental expression and upregulation by hyperoxic lung injury. (United States)

    Girod, C E; Shin, D H; Hershenson, M B; Solway, J; Dahl, R; Miller, Y E


    The epithelium of the alveolus and distal airway meets unique requirements, functioning as a gas exchange membrane and barrier to alveolar flooding by vascular contents as well as to bloodstream contamination by airborne toxins and pathogens. Gene products specifically expressed by this epithelium, notably the surfactant apoproteins, have had important clinical application. No cell surface antigen specific for alveolar type II and Clara cells has been described. We report the biochemical characterization, tissue and developmental expression, and upregulation by injury of a 172 kD protein recognized by a monoclonal antibody, 3F9, synthesized in response to immunization with freshly isolated rat alveolar type II cells. p172 is expressed in a polarized fashion by the apical surface of rat alveolar type II and Clara cells. An immunohistochemical survey of various rat tissues and organs reveals lung specificity. p172 is first detectable in rare epithelial cells at 19 days of gestation, a time when the fully differentiated alveolar type II cell is identified by the first detection of lamellar bodies. There is a dramatic increase in p172 expression just prior to birth. Hyperoxic lung injury results in increased expression of p172. The upregulation of p172 by hyperoxia and its cell-specific expression suggests an important adaptive function.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available La investigación que se presenta tiene como objeto de estudio las carreteras rurales de interés nacional en la provincia de Villa Clara, localizada en la región central de Cuba, con el propósito de analizar la seguridad vial en los tramos que componen dicha red. Se realiza la caracterización de la accidentalidad vehicular, mediante un procedimiento que contempla cinco aspectos e incluye la determinación de un orden de peligrosidad. Además, se determina la influencia de cada uno de los elementos componentes del sistema de seguridad vial en la accidentalidad y su interrelación. El área de estudio es la provincia de Villa Clara, para la cual se particulariza en el aporte a la inseguridad vial, de los elementos relativos a la carretera, a partir del análisis de los modelos de reportes de accidentes de tránsito en tres momentos, contribuyendo de esta forma con la propuesta medidas, regulaciones o acciones de conservación a favor de la disminución de los accidentes de tránsito, como resultado de un mayor conocimiento de sus causas.

  15. Estudio de la resistencia a compresión simple del adobe elaborado con suelos procedentes de Crescencio Valdés, Villa Clara, Cuba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barroso, I. J.


    Full Text Available In this article we study the resistance to simple compression of the adobe bricks with building purposes. The study was carried out with various clay soils from Crescencio Valdés village, municipality of Camajuaní, Villa Clara, Cuba. In order to select the best soils to construction we have considered 1 MPa (10 kg/cm2 as minimum resistance to simple compression. So the soils that do not verify that requirement have been improved only by adding sand.En este artículo se estudia la resistencia a compresión simple que presenta el adobe elaborado con diferentes suelos procedentes del pueblo de Crescencio Valdés, situado en el municipio de Camajuaní, Villa Clara, Cuba. Se valora la idoneidad de la utilización de cada suelo estudiado bajo la premisa de alcanzar con el adobe elaborado una resistencia a compresión simple de 1 MPa (10 kg/cm2, ya que dicho adobe será utilizado posteriormente para edificación en dicho pueblo

  16. Geología y registros magnéticos entre arroyo La Tapera y Santa Clara del Mar, Mar del Plata

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.C. Bidegain


    Full Text Available Estudios paleomagnéticos se realizaron en secuencias del Pleistoceno-Holoceno del sector comprendido entre el arroyo La Tapera y Santa Clara del Mar, en Mar del Plata. Los sedimentos de la base de los perfiles en el arroyo La Tapera y en Camet, que se interpreta pertenecen a la Formación Ensenada, contienen direcciones de polaridad reversa y se asignan al cron Matuyama. Las capas sedimentarias de la base del perfil de Santa Clara del Mar, solo presentan direcciones de polaridad normal, por consiguiente toda la secuencia sedimentaria de esta localidad se asigna al cron Brunhes, (< 0,78 Ma. Los registros de susceptibilidad magnética siguen el patrón de los perfiles realizados en el plateau de loess de Argentina. Los valores más bajos de susceptibilidad corresponden a mayor grado de pedogénesis y meteorización más intensa. Las titanomagnetitas acarreadas por el viento en los períodos glaciares (más secos, son las portadoras principales de la remanencia y responden por los registros magnéticos más elevados que se obtienen en las capas menos meteorizadas.

  17. Ground-Water Quality Data in the Santa Clara River Valley Study Unit, 2007: Results from the California GAMA Program (United States)

    Montrella, Joseph; Belitz, Kenneth


    Ground-water quality in the approximately 460-square-mile Santa Clara River Valley study unit (SCRV) was investigated from April to June 2007 as part of the statewide Priority Basin project of the Ground-Water Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program. The GAMA Priority Basin project was developed in response to the Groundwater Quality Monitoring Act of 2001 and is being conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The study was designed to provide a spatially unbiased assessment of the quality of raw ground water used for public water supplies within SCRV, and to facilitate a statistically consistent basis for comparing water quality throughout California. Fifty-seven ground-water samples were collected from 53 wells in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Forty-two wells were selected using a randomized grid-based method to provide statistical representation of the study area (grid wells). Eleven wells (understanding wells) were selected to further evaluate water chemistry in particular parts of the study area, and four depth-dependent ground-water samples were collected from one of the eleven understanding wells to help understand the relation between water chemistry and depth. The ground-water samples were analyzed for a large number of synthetic organic constituents (volatile organic compounds [VOC], pesticides and pesticide degradates, potential wastewater-indicator compounds, and pharmaceutical compounds), a constituent of special interest (perchlorate), naturally occurring inorganic constituents (nutrients, major and minor ions, and trace elements), radioactive constituents, and microbial constituents. Naturally occurring isotopes (tritium, carbon-13, carbon-14 [abundance], stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in water, stable isotopes of nitrogen and oxygen in nitrate, chlorine-37, and bromine-81), and dissolved noble gases also were measured to help identify the source

  18. Mouse bronchiolar cell carcinogenesis. Histologic characterization and expression of Clara cell antigen in lesions induced by N-nitrosobis-(2-chloroethyl) ureas. (United States)

    Rehm, S.; Lijinsky, W.; Singh, G.; Katyal, S. L.


    Female Swiss mice (Cr:NIH(S)) developed bronchiolar cell hyperplasia, dysplasia, metaplasia, and various morphologic types of bronchiolar cell tumors after topical (skin) application of N-nitroso-methyl-bis-chloroethylurea (NMBCU) or N-nitroso-tris-chloroethylurea (NTCU). These compounds are the first found to induce systemically bronchiolar cell tumors in mice in high incidence. Twice a week, with a 3-day interval, a 25-microliter drop of 0.04 mol/l (molar) NMBCU or NTCU in acetone was applied to the shaved interscapular integument for a maximum of 35 to 40 weeks. The earliest lung neoplasms were seen in mice that died after 23 weeks of treatment and affected 11 of 19 with NMBCU and 14 of 19 with NTCU treatment. Tumor growth pattern was nodular or the neoplastic tissue was frequently disseminated throughout the parenchyma, starting from multicentric peribronchiolar foci. The most common tumor types were squamous cell carcinomas and adenosquamous carcinomas, followed by adenocarcinomas with or without secretory cells, and a single ciliated-cell tumor. Histochemical and immunohistochemical studies were carried out on paraffin-embedded lungs using the avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase complex procedure and antisera against keratin, Clara cell antigen, surfactant apoprotein, neuron-specific enolase, bombesin, and chromogranin A. In several mice from both groups, hyperplasias and tumors were composed of cells expressing Clara cell antigen. No tumor cells were found expressing alveolar type II or neuroendocrine cell markers. It appeared that bronchiolar cells, in particular Clara cells, had migrated from terminal bronchioles or invaded bronchiolar walls to extend into the alveolar parenchyma. Squamous cell metaplasia with keratin expression was seen within airways or associated with glandular tumors, especially at the periphery. A unique cell type, with large eosinophilic globules and associated eosinophilic crystals, was seen lining airways or forming hyperplastic and

  19. Un monestir a la cruïlla. Els inventaris de sagristia del monestir de Sant Antoni i Santa Clara de Barcelona (1389-1461

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jornet Benito, Núria


    Full Text Available The Monastery of Santa Clara and San Antonio in Barcelona was the first community of the Order of St. Clare in Catalonia. The present article reveals the wealth of its sacristy inventories as first-class historical sources. The study illustrates the special characteristics of the series of documents in the monastery’s archives: its authorship (by female sacristans as well as the main types of items inventoried and described (liturgical clothing and ornaments, jewelry, works of art, books .... The ensemble provides a rich perspective on female monastic culture with regard to its involvement in liturgy, sacred imagery and written culture. One of the outstanding results is an appreciation of the careful and detailed functional design applied by the community of nuns to each item, to keep track of time and the liturgical calendar, as well as to manage and live their relationship with the outside world.[ca] En el present article es posa al descobert la riquesa com a font històrica de primer ordre dels inventaris de sagristia del monestir de Sant Antoni i Santa Clara de Barcelona, primera comunitat de l’orde de Santa Clara en terres catalanes. L’estudi ens acosta a les particularitats d’aquesta sèrie documental en el seu fons arxivístic, la seva autoria (el càrrec de sagristana, així com a les principals tipologies de béns inventariats i descrits (parament i vestimenta litúrgica, orfebreria, obres d’art, llibres.... El conjunt permet donar una imatge rica de la cultura monàstica femenina, en l’acompanyament de la litúrgia, en la imatgeria sagrada, en la cultura escrita. Entre els resultats, sobresurt, la concepció funcional, curosa i detallada que la comunitat de germanes féu de cada peça, a l’hora de marcar el temps i el calendari litúrgic, com també a l’hora de gestionar i viure el dins/fora, la relació amb l’exterior.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norma E. Batista Hernández


    Full Text Available Fundamentos: El cáncer de mama y el de cérvix continúan siendo un problema de salud, a pesar de la existencia de programas de prevención y de diagnóstico precoz. Por no existir en nuestra provincia estudios similares, se decidió realizar esta investigación, con el objetivo de identificar conglomerados espaciales y/o espacio-temporales que permitan el análisis de la morbimortalidad por cáncer de mama y cérvix en la provincia Villa Clara. Métodos: Estudio observacional descriptivo, focalizado en la detección de conglomerados espaciales y espacio-temporales de la incidencia y mortalidad del cáncer de mama y cérvix en Villa Clara, utilizando la técnica estadística de exploración espacio-temporal (programa SatScan v .7.01. La muestra abarcó la totalidad de mujeres diagnosticadas durante el año 2004 y de ellas las fallecidas hasta el cierre del año 2009. Resultados: El cáncer de mama mostró concordancia en los resultados tanto espaciales como espacio-temporales con un riesgo de padecer la enfermedad de 1,63 y 1,91 respectivamente, los municipios que conformaron conglomerados significativos se ubicaron hacia el centro y noreste de la provincia, encabezados por Santa Clara, cabecera provincial. El cáncer de cérvix evidenció desde el punto de vista temporal el diagnóstico de 100 casos frente a 68,8 esperados durante los meses de marzo a julio del 2004. El estudio espacio-temporal mostró un conglomerado de incidencia en los municipios ubicados al noreste de la provincia. El riesgo relativo de presentar la enfermedad para las mujeres que vivían en estas zonas fue 3,46 frente a las del resto de la provincia. Conclusiones: Se mostró la presencia de conglomerados estadísticamente significativos tanto espaciales como espacio-temporales en las áreas de mayor riesgo de enfermar por estos cánceres. No hubo conglomerados de muertes y diagnósticos tardíos.

  1. The lung enriched transcription factor TTF-1 and the ubiquitously expressed proteins Sp1 and Sp3 interact with elements located in the minimal promoter of the rat Clara cell secretory protein gene. (United States)

    Toonen, R F; Gowan, S; Bingle, C D


    The mechanisms that direct expression of the Clara cell secretory protein (CCSP) gene to the bronchiolar epithelial cells of the lung remain to be elucidated. Previous studies have identified a number of proteins which bind to a functionally important region (Region 1) located -132 to -76 bp from the transcription start site in the rat CCSP gene. Subsequently we have shown that while Region 1 is an important positive regulator of CCSP gene expression, sequences 3' of this region (-75 to +38) are sufficient to confer tissue-specific expression of a reporter gene. In the present study we have used transient transfections with a deletion series of CCSP-CAT reporter plasmids (where CAT is chloramphenicol acetyltransferase) and gel mobility shift assays with a series of overlapping oligonucleotides covering the whole minimal promoter region to study protein-DNA interactions within this region. These studies have identified a conserved functional binding site for the lung and thyroid enriched homeodomain transcription factor TTF-1, located between positions -51 and -42 from the transcription start site. CCSP-CAT chimaeric reporters containing this region are specifically activated by TTF-1 in co-transfection assays, and nuclear extracts from cells which express TTF-1 bind to this region, as does in vitro translated rat TTF-1. Three additional conserved regions were identified, and in further gel mobility shift studies with an oligonucleotide spanning the conserved region immediately 5' to the TTF-1 site we identified a binding site for the ubiquitously expressed zinc-finger-containing proteins Sp1 and Sp3. These studies suggest that cell-type-restricted and ubiquitous nuclear proteins may play a combined role in the regulation of the CCSP gene within the bronchiolar epithelium by interacting with the minimal promoter region. PMID:8687389

  2. Geo-environmental assessment of the city and municipality of Santa Clara for improving the health surveillance system Evaluación geoambiental de la ciudad y el municipio de Santa Clara, Cuba, para el perfeccionamiento del sistema de vigilancia de salud

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mabel Font Aranda


    Full Text Available This paper presents the results of the geo-environmental assessment of the city and municipality of Santa Clara, Cuba, developed with the purpose of determining and focusing on environmental health problems, and to propose preventive actions to minimize them. To accomplish the goal of contributing to improvement the Health Surveillance System the theoretical-methodological bases that justify the contribution of the geographical sciences to the solution of this problem have been developed. These approaches are implemented in the study case of Santa Clara, offering valuable information for the office of Municipal Public Health and the Municipal Unit of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Such results favor a rapid and opportune decision-making process in relation to risk factors with spatial and territorial dimension.El artículo expone los resultados de la evaluación geoambiental de la ciudad y el municipio de Santa Clara, Cuba, desarrollada con el propósito de determinar y focalizar problemas de salud ambiental, y proponer acciones preventivas para atenuarlos. Con el fin de contribuir al perfeccionamiento del Sistema de Vigilancia en Salud se desarrollan los fundamentos teóricometodológicos que justifican la contribución de las ciencias geográficas a la solución del problema y se implementan en el caso de estudio, aportando una valiosa información al Sectorial Municipal de Salud Pública y a la Unidad Municipal de Higiene y Epidemiología. La misma favorece la toma de decisiones rápidas y oportunas ante factores de riesgo en su dimensión espacial y territorial.  

  3. Development of a local-scale urban stream assessment method using benthic macroinvertebrates: An example from the Santa Clara Basin, California (United States)

    Carter, J.L.; Purcell, A.H.; Fend, S.V.; Resh, V.H.


    Research that explores the biological response to urbanization on a site-specific scale is necessary for management of urban basins. Recent studies have proposed a method to characterize the biological response of benthic macroinvertebrates along an urban gradient for several climatic regions in the USA. Our study demonstrates how this general framework can be refined and applied on a smaller scale to an urbanized basin, the Santa Clara Basin (surrounding San Jose, California, USA). Eighty-four sampling sites on 14 streams in the Santa Clara Basin were used for assessing local stream conditions. First, an urban index composed of human population density, road density, and urban land cover was used to determine the extent of urbanization upstream from each sampling site. Second, a multimetric biological index was developed to characterize the response of macroinvertebrate assemblages along the urban gradient. The resulting biological index included metrics from 3 ecological categories: taxonomic composition ( Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera), functional feeding group (shredder richness), and habit ( clingers). The 90th-quantile regression line was used to define the best available biological conditions along the urban gradient, which we define as the predicted biological potential. This descriptor was then used to determine the relative condition of sites throughout the basin. Hierarchical partitioning of variance revealed that several site-specific variables (dissolved O2 and temperature) were significantly related to a site's deviation from its predicted biological potential. Spatial analysis of each site's deviation from its biological potential indicated geographic heterogeneity in the distribution of impaired sites. The presence and operation of local dams optimize water use, but modify natural flow regimes, which in turn influence stream habitat, dissolved O2, and temperature. Current dissolved O2 and temperature regimes deviate from natural

  4. Caballos de tracción de la Ciudad De Santa Clara, Cuba. II Algunos parámetros hematológicos (

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio C. Castillo1, Omelio Cepero,1Reinaldo Quiñones,1


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio hematológico en100 caballos machos castradosseleccionados al azar utilizados en eltransporte local de pasajeros en laciudad de Santa Clara, Cuba. Lahemoglobina se determinó por latécnica de la ciano-metahemoglobinapor espectrofotometría, el volumenglobular agregado por la técnica delmicrohematocrito y el total de glóbulosblancos por recuento en la cámara deNeubauer. El 52% de los equinospresentaron valores de hemoglobinaentre 70 y 100 /L de sangre, lo que nospermite inferir que presentan un estadoanémico, lo que se corrobora por losvalores del hematocrito entre 0,25 y0,32 L/L en el 45% de los animales. Losvalores promedios de hemoglobina yhematocrito de 100 /L y 0.32 L/Lrespectivamente, coinciden con el límiteinferior de dichos valores reportados enla literatura para los equinos. Losequinos están sometidos a un trabajoexhaustivo y prolongado, que afecta elcorrecto funcionamiento de suorganismo.It was carried out a haematologicalstudy in 100 at random selectedcastrated male horses used in the localtransport of passengers in Santa ClaraCity, Cuba. The haemoglobin wasdetermined by cyanomethahaemoglobintechnique by meansof a spectrophotometer. The addedglobular volume and the total of whitecells were determined by the techniqueof micro haemathocrit and by countingin Neubauer’s chambers respectively.The 52% of the horses presentedhaemoglobin values between 70 and100 /L of blood, which allows us to inferthat they present an anemic state,which is corroborated by thehaemathocrit values between 0.25 and0.32 L/L in 45% of the animals. Theaverage values of haemoglobin andhaemathocrit of 100 g /L and 0.32 L/Lrespectively, coincides with the lowestlimit of these values reported in theliterature for horses. The horses aresubjected to an exhaustive and longwork that affects the correct of their


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo V. Abril Saltos


    Full Text Available Esta investigación se realizó en la provincia de Pastaza, Ecuador, su objetivo fue identificar las principales especies vegetales utilizadas en alimentación humana, en las explotaciones agropecuarias de los cantones Pastaza, Mera y Santa Clara, comparando su frecuencia de reporte en función del cantón y etnia del productor, para lo cual se elaboró una encuesta, que consta de aspectos de identificación de los agricultores, plantas utilizadas en alimentación humana y sus formas de usos, la cual fue aplicada a 214 productores en la provincia, correspondiente al 30 % de productores identificados. A nivel global, se reportaron 59 especies, teniendo por cantón 32 especies en Pastaza, 16 en Mera y 56 en Santa Clara, en función de la etnia del productor se reportaron 44 especies utilizadas por mestizos y 46 especies utilizadas por Kichwas. Se obtuvo 33 familias botánicas, siendo Solanaceae y Arecaceae las que mayor número de especies reportan. El análisis de frecuencia de reportes, a través de cuadros de contingencia, con respecto al cantón y etnia del productor, presentó diferencias significativas en el valor de P para los estadísticos Chi cuadrado de Pearson y Chi cuadrado MV-G2. El análisis de comparación de proporciones mostró nueve especies, siendo las más destacadas Musa spSchott, Manihot esculenta Crantz L. y Colocasia esculenta (L.. Se concluye que en la zona existe diversidad en el uso de plantas para la alimentación humana, en la cual su variabilidad está influenciada por los componentes cantón y etnia del productor.

  6. Solid-State 2MW Klystron Power Control System

    CERN Document Server

    Kempkes, Michael; Gaudreau, Marcel; Hawkey, Timothy; Roth, Ian


    Under an SBIR effort for the DOE, Diversified Technologies, Inc. designed, built, and installed a solid state power control system for the Advanced Light Source klystrons at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). This system consists of two major elements - a 100 kV, 20 A CW solid state series switch, and a solid state voltage regulator for the mod-anode of the klystron. The series switch replaces the existing mercury ignitron crowbar, eliminating these environmentally hazardous components while providing enhanced arc protection and faster return to transmit. The mod-anode voltage regulator uses series IGBTs, operating in the linear regime, to provide highly rapid and accurate control of the mod-anode voltage, and therefore the output power from the klystron. Results from the installation and testing of this system at ANL will be presented.

  7. Utilização do mecanismo de transposição de peixes da Usina Hidrelétrica Santa Clara por camarões (Palaemonidae), bacia do rio Mucuri, Minas Gerais, Brasil Use of Santa Clara Power Plant fish lift by Palaemonidae shrimps, Mucuri River basin, Minas Gerais, Brazil


    Paulo dos S. Pompeu; Fábio Vieira; Carlos B. Martinez


    Durante a operação do elevador para peixes da Usina Hidrelétrica Santa Clara, de novembro de 2003 a março de 2004, todos os crustáceos palaemonídeos adultos que utilizaram o mecanismo foram contados e o número de jovens estimado. Duas espécies foram registradas: Macrobrachium carcinus (Linnaeus, 1758) e Macrobrachium acanthurus (Wiegmann, 1836). A utilização do mecanismo por adultos foi bastante restrita, com apenas 185 exemplares registrados. Porém, o número de jovens de M. carcinus utilizan...

  8. Avaliação dos níveis de clorofila em folhas de tomateiro da cultivar Santa Clara, do mutante ‘firme’ e do híbrido F1 - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v25i1.2110 Chlorophyll level evaluation in tomatoes leaves of Santa Clara cultivar, of ‘firme’ mutant and hybrid F1 - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v25i1.2110

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aldo Shimoya


    Full Text Available Recentemente, na região produtora de hortaliças de Viçosa, Estado de Minas Gerais, foram identificadas plantas de tomate da cultivar Santa Clara, Lycopersicum esculentum (Solanaceae, que se mostraram potencialmente úteis em programas de melhoramento que visem aumentar a vida de prateleira de frutos. No entanto, essas plantas promissoras, denominadas de ‘mutante firme’, apresentam senescência foliar precoce e redução do tamanho médio dos frutos, quando o gene se encontra no estado homozigótico recessivo, sendo visualmente normal quando no estado heterozigótico. Assim o objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar os níveis de pigmentos foliares em diferentes posições da planta e em diferentes tempos de cultivo, pelos métodos descritos por Lichtenthaler (1987 e pelo índice SPAD (Soil Plant Analylitical Division Value, para verificar a ocorrência ou não de comportamento diferencial de indivíduos heterozigotos em relação aos progenitores Santa Clara e ao mutante ‘firme’. Para isso, foram realizados dois experimentos, empregando-se plantas cultivadas em vasos, submetidas a condições de casa-de-vegetação e arranjadas em delineamento inteiramente casualizado. Os resultados das análises, pelo método de Lichtenthaler (1987 mostraram que a clorofila e os pigmentos carotenóides são degradados mais precocemente no mutante ‘firme’ em relação à cultivar Santa Clara. Além do que, pelo índice SPAD observou-se que os indivíduos, portando a mutação no estado heterozigótico, e os da cultivar Santa Clara apresentaram taxas similares de degradação de clorofila em relação ao tempo de cultivo. Com isso, pode-se concluir que a mutação no estado heterozigótico, em cruzamento com Santa Clara, tem seus efeitos restaurados para esses caracteres bioquímicosRecently, in Viçosa (MG, a region of vegetable crop producing, tomatoes of Santa Clara cultivar, Lycopersicum esculentum (Solanaceae, that showed potential use for

  9. Efeitos de doses e formas de aplicação de reguladores de crescimento em uvas sem sementes, cv. BRS Clara, em região tropical Effects of plant growth regulators for growth in seedless grape, cv. BRS Clara, in tropical region

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reginaldo Teodoro de Souza


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o efeito do uso dos reguladores vegetais, ácido giberélico e tidiazuron, no tamanho de bagas da cultivar BRS Clara em Região Tropical. Os experimentos foram conduzidos em 2006 e 2007, na Estação Experimental de Viticultura Tropical, em Jales-SP, região noroeste do Estado de São Paulo, em plantas da cv. BRS Clara. Foram testadas diferentes concentrações de GA3 aplicadas isoladamente, combinadas com Crop Set ou tidiazuron, em aplicações únicas ou sequênciais (2 e 4 vezes. As avaliações foram feitas por ocasião da maturação das uvas, considerando-se a massa fresca dos cachos, dos engaços e das bagas, determinadas por meio de balança analítica; o comprimento e o diâmetro médio das bagas, utilizando-se de paquímetro; e o teor de sólidos solúveis (SS, por meio de refratômetro manual. Os experimentos foram conduzidos em delineamento experimental de blocos casualizados, representados por uma planta, com 15 repetições, no ano de 2006, e 10 repetições, no ano de 2007. Os dados foram submetidos à análise de variância e, para a comparação das médias dos tratamentos, foi utilizado o teste Skott Nott, ao nível de 5% de probabilidade. Observou-se que o uso dos reguladores promoveu o crescimento das bagas na cultivar BRS Clara em todos os tratamentos, diferindo da testemunha.The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the use of plant growth regulators, gibberellic acid and thidiazuron about the size of the berries BRS Clara in Tropical Region. The experiments were conducted in 2006 and 2007, in the Experimental Station of Tropical Viticulture in Jales, SP, northwestern state of São Paulo. Were tested different concentrations of GA3 applied in isolation, combined with Crop set and thidiazuron, in single or sequential applications (2 and 4 times. The assessments were made during the ripening of the grapes, considering the masses of fresh bunch of rachis and berry, determined

  10. Programación del riego de la papa en el “Valle del Yabú”, Santa Clara, Cuba.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. Job


    Full Text Available The objective of the current research was to study the applied irrigation scheduling of the potato during two crop cycles (2009 -2009/10 in Cooperative No. 2 in the Yabú Valley of Santa Clara. Also to carry out corrections required in order to establish a scientifically based irrigation program. In the first crop cycle it was proven that the timing of irrigation application and the amount of water applied did not meet the technical criteria but was dependant on the decisions taken by persons with practical experience in relation to this activity and the programming of irrigation characterized by the application of small depths of irrigation which did not moisten below 20 cm of soil depth in a way which the irrigation interfered with the cultural and chemical processes and left the soil with a hydric deficit. In both crops tension meter were placed at 20 and 40 soil depth, taking periodic measurement of humidity and daily measurements of soil and balance water, because of this the number of irrigation was reduce during the second crop cycle.El objetivo del presente trabajo, ejecutado durante dos cosechas 2009 y 2009-10 fue estudiar la programación del riego de la papa que se realiza en la Unidad Cooperativa No.2 del “Valle del Yabú” de Santa Clara y realizar correcciones para lograr el establecimiento de una programación de riego científicamente fundamentada. En la primera cosecha, se comprobó que el momento de aplicación del riego y el volumen de agua aportado no obedecían a criterios técnicos, sino que dependían de decisiones empíricas de las personas que se relacionaban con esta actividad y la programación del riego se caracterizaba por aplicar muy pequeñas láminas de agua que no lograban humedecer 20 cm de profundidad de suelo, de modo que, el riego obstaculizaba las labores fitosanitarias y culturales y dejaba el suelo con déficit hídrico. En ambas cosechas, se colocaron tensiómetros a 20 y 40 cm de profundidad del suelo

  11. Diagnóstico mediante técnicas de ultrasonidos del forjado de madera del refectorio del Convento de Santa Clara en Carmona (Sevilla

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pérez Gálvez, Filomena


    Full Text Available Ultrasonic tests are an effective technique of getting adiagnosis of timber structures in historical buildings. Thistechnique is quite valuable to undertake a restoration job. Anew methodology of analysis and diagnosis of timber roofsthrough this non destructive technique is presented.The aim of this article is to get the state of damage and thebending strenght capacity of the timber roof of the Monasteryof Santa Clara in Carmona (Seville dining´s room by usingthis technology.From the results obtained about the bending strenghtcapacity of the studied beams, it can be affirmed that thetimber roof is not able to support safely enough the new useproposed.Considering the historic and artistic importance of thistimber roof, we propose as a restoration methodology basedon hanging the roof through bolts from a reinforced concreteplatform built-in the perimeter walls. This solutionguarantees that the timber roof does not work, just adjustingthe distance between the bolts.Los métodos de ultrasonidos son una técnica eficaz para eldiagnóstico de elementos estructurales de madera enedificios antiguos. Esta técnica proporciona una gran ayudaa la hora de acometer una obra de rehabilitación. Sepresenta una metodología de análisis y diagnostico deforjados de madera mediante dicha técnica no destructiva.El objetivo de este artículo es obtener el grado de deterioro yla capacidad resistente de la madera del alfarje delrefectorio del Convento de Santa Clara en Carmona (Sevillautilizando la metodología propuesta.Por extrapolación de los resultados obtenidos sobre lacapacidad resistente de las vigas estudiadas se puedeconcluir que el conjunto del forjado no es capaz de soportarcon seguridad suficiente el nuevo uso propuesto.Teniendo en cuenta el valor histórico artístico del alfarje sepropone y aporta como solución de rehabilitación laconsistente en colgar el forjado existente mediante pernos deuna losa de hormigón armado empotrada en los

  12. Inference of Eco-geomorphic Processes Using Integrated Historical Data for a Rapidly Changing Mediterranean-climate River Corridor: Lower Santa Clara River, California (United States)

    Beller, E. E.; Grossinger, R. M.; Downs, P. W.; Orr, B. K.


    Environmental conservation demands reach-specific data as the basis for place-based restoration and management measures. However, areas such as the lower Santa Clara River valley have been subject to intensive modification since the at least the nineteenth century, but without regular hydrogeomorphic or ecological monitoring (e.g., flow gauging, repeat topographic surveys, vegetation mapping) until the mid-twentieth century. This gap has limited data on former river corridor form and understanding of historical eco-geomorphic processes. The result is a lack of consensus about the range of potential riparian and aquatic habitats to consider as restoration targets, their appropriate relative distribution, and the relationship between such ecological targets and physical processes on the river, past and present. To address this data gap on the lower Santa Clara River, we initiated an effort to extend the documentation of river characteristics beyond readily available early data sets (such as aerial photography from 1927) by integrating historical cartographic, textual, and visual accounts to create a heterogeneous but substantial dataset describing hydrologic, geomorphic, and riparian characteristics back to 1769 - the date of the first non-native exploration of the region. We collected over 1,000 documents, including General Land Office survey data, early maps from the county surveyor, and traveler’s accounts of the region, evaluating each source for its accuracy and reliability. These data were synthesized to evaluate the location and composition of riparian areas that persisted despite substantial flood events and impacts of rapidly changing land use, and to determine aspects of the former hydrology of the river affecting riparian pattern that are still relevant today. The data also indicate the general resilience of mainstem channel form in response to these events in contrast to the present-day eco-geomorphic system, which is far more sensitive to change. Used

  13. Utilização do mecanismo de transposição de peixes da Usina Hidrelétrica Santa Clara por camarões (Palaemonidae, bacia do rio Mucuri, Minas Gerais, Brasil Use of Santa Clara Power Plant fish lift by Palaemonidae shrimps, Mucuri River basin, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo dos S. Pompeu


    Full Text Available Durante a operação do elevador para peixes da Usina Hidrelétrica Santa Clara, de novembro de 2003 a março de 2004, todos os crustáceos palaemonídeos adultos que utilizaram o mecanismo foram contados e o número de jovens estimado. Duas espécies foram registradas: Macrobrachium carcinus (Linnaeus, 1758 e Macrobrachium acanthurus (Wiegmann, 1836. A utilização do mecanismo por adultos foi bastante restrita, com apenas 185 exemplares registrados. Porém, o número de jovens de M. carcinus utilizando o elevador foi estimado em 19.120 indivíduos. Embora o mecanismo avaliado tenha permitido a passagem dos palaemonídeos para montante do barramento, ficou clara a necessidade de novos arranjos estruturais e de manejo específicos para esses animais. Essas ações se referem ao desenvolvimento de estruturas direcionadas para a sua passagem e a adoção de vertimentos programados durante o período reprodutivo para permitir o carreamento de larvas para jusante. Esses dois caminhos representam formas efetivas de manejo, imprescindíveis para a manutenção das populações deste importante componente da biota aquática.During the Santa Clara Power Plant fish lift operation, from November 2003 to March 2004, Palaemonidae adult specimens were counted and identified and estimated juveniles number. Two Palaemonidae species were recorded: Macrobrachium carcinus (Linnaeus, 1758 and Macrobrachium acanthurus (Wiegmann, 1836. The use of the fish lift by adults was restricted, since only 185 individuals were registered. However, the estimated juveniles number was 19,120 individuals. Although existing fish passage systems could be considered as an alternative for Palaemonidae migration, planned spills during the reproductive periods could allow the drift of larvae. Moreover, the constructions of specific structures for upstream migration should be considered as an alternative for the maintenance of this important component of aquatic biota.

  14. Tissue-specific expression, hormonal regulation and 5'-flanking gene region of the rat Clara cell 10 kDa protein: comparison to rabbit uteroglobin. (United States)

    Hagen, G; Wolf, M; Katyal, S L; Singh, G; Beato, M; Suske, G


    The amino acid sequence of rat Clara Cell 10 kDa secretory protein (CC10) shows 55% identity to rabbit uteroglobin. In order to define the relationship between rat CC10 and rabbit uteroglobin in detail, the tissue-specific expression and hormonal regulation of rat CC10 mRNA was analyzed. We report that like rabbit uteroglobin, rat CC10 mRNA is expressed in lung and esophagus, as well as in uteri of estrogen- and progesterone-treated females. Expression of CC10 mRNA in lung is regulated by glucocorticoids. The similarity in expression pattern of rat CC10 mRNA and rabbit uteroglobin mRNA is reflected by a striking similarity in the 5'-flanking regions of the two genes. Despite this overall similarity, two regions of 0.3 kb and 2.1 kb are absent in the rat CC10 upstream gene region. The larger region includes a cluster of hormone receptor binding sites, believed to be responsible for differential regulation of rabbit uteroglobin by glucocorticoids and progesterone. Thus, while the sequence identities in the coding and 5'-flanking regions point towards a common ancestor for the uteroglobin and CC10 gene, later events (deletions/insertions) might have caused species-specific differences in their regulation. Images PMID:2349092

  15. Caballos De Tracción De La Ciudad De Santa Clara, Cuba. I Algunos Parámetros Biométricos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio C. Castillo, Omelio Cepero,Reinaldo Quiñones,


    Full Text Available Se determinó la carga de arrastresegún la medida de la alzada y lacondición corporal de 100 caballosmachos castrados seleccionados al azarutilizados en el transporte local depasajeros en la ciudad de Santa Clara,Cuba. Adicionalmente se midió elperímetro torácico y los resultados seanalizaron estadísticamente medianteun análisis de varianza de clasificaciónsimple tomándose como factor lacondición corporal. Los resultadosrevelaron que el 35% de los animalesse encontraban desnutridos y el 100%sometidos a una carga de arrastresuperior a la establecida por lasregulaciones del Instituto de MedicinaVeterinaria según la condición corporaly la medida de la alzadarespectivamente. Los resultadosestadísticos revelaron que se puedeestimar la condición corporal de uncaballo conociendo los valores delperímetro torácico con un 95% deconfiabilidad, por lo que se recomendódesarrollar una guía práctica dirigida alpersonal responsabilizado con laestimación de la condición corporal delos caballos utilizados con este u otrofin.

  16. Simulation of ground-water/surface-water flow in the Santa Clara-Calleguas ground-water basin, Ventura County, California (United States)

    Hanson, Randall T.; Martin, Peter; Koczot, Kathryn M.


    Ground water is the main source of water in the Santa Clara-Calleguas ground-water basin that covers about 310 square miles in Ventura County, California. A steady increase in the demand for surface- and ground-water resources since the late 1800s has resulted in streamflow depletion and ground-water overdraft. This steady increase in water use has resulted in seawater intrusion, inter-aquifer flow, land subsidence, and ground-water contamination. The Santa Clara-Calleguas Basin consists of multiple aquifers that are grouped into upper- and lower-aquifer systems. The upper-aquifer system includes the Shallow, Oxnard, and Mugu aquifers. The lower-aquifer system includes the upper and lower Hueneme, Fox Canyon, and Grimes Canyon aquifers. The layered aquifer systems are each bounded below by regional unconformities that are overlain by extensive basal coarse-grained layers that are the major pathways for ground-water production from wells and related seawater intrusion. The aquifer systems are bounded below and along mountain fronts by consolidated bedrock that forms a relatively impermeable boundary to ground-water flow. Numerous faults act as additional exterior and interior boundaries to ground-water flow. The aquifer systems extend offshore where they crop out along the edge of the submarine shelf and within the coastal submarine canyons. Submarine canyons have dissected these regional aquifers, providing a hydraulic connection to the ocean through the submarine outcrops of the aquifer systems. Coastal landward flow (seawater intrusion) occurs within both the upper- and lower-aquifer systems. A numerical ground-water flow model of the Santa Clara-Calleguas Basin was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey to better define the geohydrologic framework of the regional ground-water flow system and to help analyze the major problems affecting water-resources management of a typical coastal aquifer system. Construction of the Santa Clara-Calleguas Basin model required

  17. Relationships of field habitat measurements, visual habitat indices, and land cover to benthic macroinvertebrates in urbanized streams of the Santa Clara Valley, California (United States)

    Fend, S.V.; Carter, J.L.; Kearns, F.R.


    We evaluated several approaches for measuring natural and anthropogenic habitat characteristics to predict benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages over a range of urban intensity at 85 stream sites in the Santa Clara Valley, California. Land cover was summarized as percentage urban land cover and impervious area within upstream buffers and the upstream subwatersheds. Field measurements characterized water chemistry, channel slope, sediment, and riparian canopy. In . addition to applying the visual-based habitat assessment in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's rapid bioassessment protocol, we developed a simplified urban habitat assessment index based on turbidity, fine sediment deposition, riparian condition, and channel modification. Natural and anthropogenic habitat variables covaried along longitudinal stream gradients and were highly correlated with elevation. At the scale of the entire watershed, benthic macroinvertebrate measures were equally correlated with variables expressing natural gradients and urbanization effects. When natural gradients were reduced by partitioning sites into ecoregion subsection groupings, habitat variables most highly correlated with macroinvertebrate measures differed between upland and valley floor site groups. Among the valley floor sites, channel slope and physical modification of channel and riparian habitats appeared more important than upstream land cover or water quality in determining macroinvertebrate richness and ordination scores. Among upland sites, effects of upstream reservoir releases on habitat quality appeared important. Rapid habitat evaluation methods appeared to be an effective method for describing habitat features important to benthic macroinvertebrates when adapted for the region and the disturbance of interest. ?? 2005 by the American Fisheries Society.

  18. Reporte inicial de las investigaciones arqueológicas en el tercer claustro del antiguo convento de Santa Clara de Asís

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Darwin A. Arduengo García


    Full Text Available Este trabajo propone una nueva lectura del tercer claustro del edificio del antiguo convento de Santa Clara de Asís de la Habana Vieja, sede del Centro Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museología (CENCREM. Los antecedentes de los que se parte críticamente son la importante investigación publicada por el historiador Pedro Herrera (2006, así como los reportes de las investigaciones arqueológicas llevadas a cabo en las áreas del edificio durante unos cincuenta años. Durante los últimos cinco años las investigaciones fundamentales realizadas por el grupo de arqueología del CENCREM en lo tocante al proyecto investigativo general del convento han estado dedicadas a las instalaciones hidráulicas del primer claustro y a los cambios constructivos del tercer claustro. Como consecuencia de las investigaciones en el tercer claustro se ha identificado una capilla no reportada en la bibliografía o en fuentes documentales


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Cespón Castro


    Full Text Available

    El presente artículo contiene los principales resultados obtenidos de un estudio empírico sobre logística inversa en el sector industrial de la provincia de Villa Clara. En el mismo se parte de la hipótesis de que es posible identificar una taxonomía de estrategias de logística inversa que se subdivide en tres grandes tipos: Comercial, de Recuperación y Medio Ambiental, las cuales son validadas mediante el estudio. Ello permite identificar el estado del Arte de este importante componente de la Logística de los Negocios en todo un universo de empresas industriales de la mencionada provincia, como vía para una futura secuencia de acciones de mejoramiento.

  20. River channel sensitivity to change in the context of human activities and natural factors: an 80-year record of channel morphodynamics on the lower Santa Clara River, Ventura County, California (United States)

    Downs, P. W.; Dusterhoff, S. R.; Sears, W. A.


    River channel adjustments arise from the application of numerous catchment-based stressors operating at different space and time scales. Natural stressors include the impact of climatic phenomena and their inheritance; human stressors include both direct and indirect factors whose impacts have grown in magnitude and intensity during the Anthropocene, especially since about 1945. Consequently, the sensitivity of river channel morphodynamics is likely to have changed also, with implications for landform understanding and river management. Reconstructing channel morphodynamics during the Anthropocene requires interpreting multiple historical and secondary data sources to document changes at sufficient (i.e., reach-scale) resolution: for the 60-km lower Santa Clara River (LSCR), Ventura County, California, we used flow, sediment and precipitation records, repeat aerial photographs, LiDAR data, repeat topographic surveys, in-channel vegetation data, field observations, numerical modeling of high flow events, and narrative accounts. The catchment historical context since European-American settlement includes periods dominated by ranching and colonization (ca.1820-1890), irrigations and diversions (ca.1890-1955), dams and river modifications (1955-1990), and urban population growth (1990-present). Natural stressors were investigated based on the correlation of instantaneous flood peaks with annual rainfall records in this semi-arid setting. Successful prediction of the majority of gauged floods since about 1950 allows a flood sequence to be reconstructed back to 1873. Floods are clustered and of considerably greater magnitude in El Nino years of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation. The great majority of sediment transport thus occurs in El Nino years so that the dominant discharge is the largest discharge on record, in contrast to humid-region alluvial rivers. Responding to these stressors, the average width of the active channel bed has become narrower by almost 50% (1938

  1. EVIDENCIA DE ESCORIAS DE COBRE PREHISPÁNICAS EN EL ÁREA DE SANTA CLARA DEL COBRE, MICHOACÁN, OCCIDENTE DE MÉXICO (Evidence of Prehispanic Copper Slags from the Santa Clara del Cobre Area, Michoacan, Western Mexico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Luis Punzo Díaz


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presentan los primeros resultados de dataciones para objetos arqueológicos metálicos en Mesoamérica. A través del análisis arqueomagnético de las escorias, producto de la fundición del cobre en siete sitios arqueológicos de los alrededores de Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, se logró ubicarlas cronológicamente; pudiendo determinar la presencia de esta tecnología de fundición desde los últimos cien años antes de la llegada de los españoles, durante el esplendor del Señorío Tarasco, hasta adentrado el siglo XVIII, cuando nuevas tecnologías y una producción masiva de cobre se desarrollaron en todos los territorios bajo el dominio español. ENGLISH: This paper presents the first magnetic dating of metal items in Mesoamerica. The archaeomagnetic analysis of the slags, the residual product of the copper smelting process from seven archaeological sites near the town of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán State, made it possible to estimate their production time. The results obtained thus far suggest the presence of smelting technology in this area 100 years before the Spanish conquest, synchronous of apogee of the Tarascan Señorio, until the XVIII century when the development of new technologies and a massive production of copper occurred in whole territories under the Spanish dominance.

  2. Could the gene coding for human uteroglobin (clara cell 10 kDa protein) be a candidate gene for atopy?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mukherjee, A.B.; Peri, A.; Miele, L. [SDG, Bethesda, MD (United States)] [and others


    It has been proposed that human immune response to allergens is genetically determined. Most of these allergic responses are directed to environmental proteins and are mediated by immunoglobulin E (IgE). These allergic disorders (eg. allergic asthma) are commonly known as atopy. IgE activates phospholipase A{sub 2} (PLA{sub 2}) which hydrolyzes cell membrane phospholipids generating free fatty acids, such as arachidonic acid (AA). AA is utilized as the substrate for the generation of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids and platelet activating factor (PAF). These agents can cause inflammation as well as bronchoconstriction, hallmarks of asthma. IgE-induced mast cell degranulation and accumulation of basophils and eosinophils in the lung are also characteristic immunological processes commonly found in atopic asthma. Recent investigations suggest that a group I PLA{sub 2} may be associated with the secretory granules of these cells. An inverse relationship between the levels of eicosanoids and hUG has been found in the nasopharyngeal lavage fluid of children with viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, often a precipitating factor in asthma. Results of genetic linkage studies mapped a putative atopy gene in human chromosome 11q{sup 13}, the same region in which we localized the hUG gene. Moreover, a genetic linkage between atopic IgE responses and chromosome 11q{sup 13} has been reported. In addition, hUG is: (i) a potent inhibitor of PLA{sub 2} activity, (ii) a potent antiinflammatory/immunomodulatory and antichemotactic protein and has a hitherto undetermined receptor-mediated activity. Taken together, these findings suggest that a mutation either in the hUG or its receptor genes may manifest symptoms characteristic of atopy. Hence, we raise the question whether hUG is a candidate gene for this disease.

  3. Evaluation of tracer tests completed in 1999 and 2000 on the upper Santa Clara River, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, California (United States)

    Cox, Marisa H.; Mendez, Gregory O.; Kratzer, Charles R.; Reichard, Eric G.


    The interaction of surface water and hyporheic water along the Santa Clara River in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, California, was evaluated by conducting tracer tests and analyzing water-quality data under different flow conditions in October 1999 and May 2000. Tracer and water-quality samples were collected at multiple river and hyporheic sites as well as at the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Saugus and Valencia Water Reclamation Plants. These water reclamation plants provide the main source of base flow in the river. Rhodamine WT dye was injected into the river to determine river traveltimes and to indicate when Lagrangian water-quality sampling could be performed at each site. Sodium bromide was injected into the river at a constant rate at the water reclamation plants to evaluate the surface-water and shallow ground-water interactions in the hyporheic zone. In the upper reach of the study area, which extends 2.9 river miles downstream from the Saugus Water Reclamation Plant, traveltime was 3.2 hours during May 2000. In the lower reach, which extends 14.1 river miles downstream from the Valencia Water Reclamation Plant, traveltime was 9.6 hours during October 1999 and 7.1 hours during May 2000. The sodium bromide tracer was detected at both hyporheic locations sampled during October 1999, and at two of the three hyporheic locations sampled during May 2000. On the basis of Rhodamine dye tests, flow curves were constructed from the discharge measurements in the Valencia reach. Flow-curve results indicate net gains in flow throughout most, but not all, of the upper parts of the reach and net losses in flow at the lower part of the reach. Lagrangian water-quality sampling provides information on the changes in chemistry as the water flows downstream from the water reclamation plants. Along both reaches there is an increase in sulfate (40-60 mg/L in the Saugus reach and 160 mg/L in the Valencia reach) and a decrease in chloride (about 45 mg/L in the

  4. On the optimal method for evaluating cloud products from passive satellite imagery using CALIPSO-CALIOP data: example investigating the CM SAF CLARA-A1 dataset

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K.-G. Karlsson


    Full Text Available A method for detailed evaluation of a new satellite-derived global 28-yr cloud and radiation climatology (Climate Monitoring SAF Cloud, Albedo and Radiation dataset from AVHRR data, named CLARA-A1 from polar orbiting NOAA and Metop satellites is presented. The method combines 1 km and 5 km resolution cloud datasets from the CALIPSO-CALIOP cloud lidar for estimating cloud detection limitations and the accuracy of cloud top height estimations.

    Cloud detection is shown to work efficiently for clouds with optical thicknesses above 0.30 except for at twilight conditions when this value increases to 0.45. Some misclassifications generating erroneous clouds over land surfaces in semi-arid regions in the sub-tropical and tropical regions are revealed. In addition, a substantial fraction of all clouds remains undetected in the Polar regions during the polar winter season due to the lack of or an inverted temperature contrast between Earth surfaces and clouds.

    Subsequent cloud top height evaluation took into account the derived information about the cloud detection limits. It was shown that this has fundamental importance for the achieved results. An overall bias of −274 m was achieved compared to a bias of −2762 m if no measures were taken to compensate for cloud detection limitations. Despite this improvement it was concluded that high-level clouds still suffer from substantial height underestimations while the opposite is true for low-level (boundary layer clouds.

    The validation method and the specifically collected satellite dataset with optimal matching in time and space are suggested for a wider use in the future for evaluation of other cloud retrieval methods based on passive satellite imagery.

  5. Effects of limestone quarrying and cement-plant operations on runoff and sediment yields in the Upper Permanente Creek basin, Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Nolan, K.M.; Hill, B.R.


    High sediment loads below headwater areas of the Permanente Creek drainage basin, Santa Clara County, California, have caused flood-control problems in downstream lowland areas. Measured sediment yields in Permanente Creek, which drains areas affected by limestone quarrying and cement-plant operations, were 14 times greater than yields from the West Fork Permanente Creek, which primarily drains parkland. Part of this large disparity in yields is the result of higher runoff/unit of drainage area in the Permanente Creek Basin. Results of rainfall-runoff modeling indicate that the tendency for higher runoff from Permanente Creek results from natural differences in basin physiography. Runoff during periods of high streamflow (when most sediment is transported) is dominated by subsurface flow, which is not affected by human activities. Although artificial features created by human activities seem to have had only minor effects on runoff, they apparently have had major effects on sediment availability. Artificial features accounted for 273 acres (89%) of the 307 acres of active erosional landforms mapped in 1984. Increased availability of sediment in the Permanente Creek basin appears to be indicated by elevated intercepts of sediment-transport curves. A comparison of sediment-transport curves for the West Fork Permanente Creek with similar curves for the Permanente Creek basin under natural conditions suggests that the sediment yield from Permanente Creek is about 3.5 times higher than it would be under natural basin conditions. The increased yield apparently is due to an increase in sediment availability rather than an increase in runoff. (USGS)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosaura Rodríguez Flores


    Full Text Available Los tumores odontogénicos (TO son un grupo complejo y poco frecuente de neoplasias con características clínicas, radiológicas, histopatológicas y evolución muy variables. El Carcinoma odontogénico de células claras (COCC es una neoplasia maligna, de comportamiento agresivo variable que se presenta en maxilares. Histológicamente se constituye de nidos de células, frecuentemente de citoplasma claro, rico en glucógeno, rodeadas por bandas de colágena. Pertenece al grupo de los tumores odontogénicos epiteliales malignos. Se presenta el caso de un hombre de 57 años con un tumor en hueso y seno maxilar izquierdo, sometido a hemimaxilectomía subtotal izquierda. Los estudios de imagen demostraron una lesión destructiva mixta en maxilar y seno maxilar izquierdo y la histología reveló la imagen clásica de COCC y la inmunohistoquímica mostró inmunoreactividad para Queratina AE1/AE3, EMA y S-100 (focal. Se demostró abudante glucógeno mediante la reacción de PAS en el citoplasma de las células neoplásicas. El paciente ha tenido seguimiento por 5 años y está asintomático después de la cirugía sin tratamiento complementario con radioterapia.

  7. ¿Favoritas de la corona? Los amores del rey y la promoción de la orden de Santa Clara en Castilla (ss. XIII-XIV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graña Cid, María del Mar


    Full Text Available The promotion of female mendicant houses by the kings of Castile offers a typology of “partnering foundations” associated with women. Alfonso X and Pedro I collaborated with their lovers, Mayor Guillén and María de Padilla, and the latter also with his daughters, Beatriz and Isabel, in order to create monasteries of the Order of Saint Clare or its previous forms. These pages analyse the foundational processes that connect the familiar with the political and the personal, offer visible forms of interaction between sexes and reveal some of the physiognomies adopted by the nuns that constituted an exclusively female religious order in which women acted as its main historical agents.En la política de promoción de las monjas mendicantes que desarrollaron los reyes de Castilla se percibe una tipología de “fundaciones en relación” con mujeres. Alfonso X y Pedro I colaboraron con sus amantes, Mayor Guillén y María de Padilla, y el segundo también con sus hijas, Beatriz e Isabel, para dar origen a monasterios de la Orden de Santa Clara o de sus formas previas. Estas páginas analizan unos procesos de fundación que enlazan lo personal y lo familiar con lo político, visibilizan formas de interacción entre los sexos y desvelan algunas de las fisonomías adoptadas por las religiosas que constituyeron la institución clarisa, una orden religiosa exclusivamente femenina en la que tuvieron gran peso las mujeres como agentes históricos.

  8. Short baseline variations in site response and wave-propagation effects and their structural causes: Four examples in and around the santa clara valley, California (United States)

    Hartzell, S.; Ramirez-Guzman, L.; Carver, D.; Liu, P.


    Ground motion records of local and regional events from a portable array are used to investigate the structural causes of variations in ground motion over distances of a few hundred meters to a few kilometers in the sedimentary basin environment of the Santa Clara Valley, California, and its margins. Arrays of portable seismic stations are used to target four study areas with different ground motion patterns: (1) an edge of the alluvial basin extending up onto a marginal ridge (Blossom Hill), (2) a Cenozoic basin with a nearly flat bottom (Cupertino Basin), (3) a long, narrow Cenozoic basin with a steep V profile (Evergreen Basin), and (4) a line perpendicular to the trace of the Hayward fault. Average peak velocities on Blossom Hill from local earthquakes are a factor of 2.5 times higher than nearby valley sites. Three-dimensional (3D) modeling is used to conclude that the majority of the amplification is due to lower shear-wave velocities along a local fault zone (Shannon–Berrocal). Site amplification over the Cupertino Basin in the frequency band 0.5–4 Hz is generally low (less than 2.0 relative to a Mesozoic rock site) and spatially uniform. This response is attributed to the shallow, flat-bottomed shape of the basin and the uniform, flat-laying sedimentary fill. In contrast, site amplification in the Evergreen Basin generally exceeds 3.0 and is attributed to the deep, V-shaped geometry of the basin and younger sedimentary fill. 3D waveform modeling shows the elongated shape of the Evergreen Basin causes more efficient trapping of long-period waves for sources along the long axis of the basin. A low-velocity zone is postulated along the Hayward fault with a width between 100 and 200 m, based on elevated site response along the fault trace and 4.5-Hz fault zone guided waves on the horizontal components of stations near the fault.

  9. Long-term and seasonal ground deformation in the Santa Clara Valley, California, revealed by multi decadal InSAR time series (United States)

    Chaussard, E.; Burgmann, R.; Shirzaei, M.; Baker, B.


    The Santa Clara Valley, California, is a shallow basin located between the San Andreas and Hayward-Calaveras fault zones. The Valley is known to experience land subsidence and uplift related to groundwater extraction and recharge. We use Small Baseline (SB) Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) time series to precisely map time-dependent ground deformation at the scale of the basin, relying on data sets from 4 satellites (ERS1, ERS2, Envisat, and ALOS1) to cover a twenty-year time period (1992-2012). The ground deformation map produced provides constraints on the lateral distribution of water-bearing units in the valley, information that is critical to effectively manage groundwater resources, and on the areas more likely to experience subsidence related ground deformation or flooding. Multi-year and seasonal time-series reveal different ground deformation patterns. Long-term uplift at few millimeters per year dominates east of the Silver Creek fault (SCF) and likely relates to the poroelastic response of the confined aquifer to recovery of groundwater levels since the 1960s. In contrast seasonal uplift and subsidence in winter and summer, respectively, dominate west of the SCF, near San Jose. We compare the InSAR derived deformation to precipitation and well data to explain this seasonal variability. The differential subsidence across the SCF indicates that the fault partitions the shallow confined aquifer and was likely active since the deposition of these Holocene sediments. Relying on the multiple viewing geometries from the different spacecraft we isolate a narrow band of horizontal deformation in the immediate vicinity of the SCF. This zone of high extensional strain is due to the localized differential subsidence and is likely to experience fissuring.

  10. Geologic, water-chemistry, and hydrologic data from multiple-well monitoring sites and selected water-supply wells in the Santa Clara Valley, California, 1999-2003 (United States)

    Newhouse, M.W.; Hanson, R.T.; Wentworth, C.M.; Everett, Rhett; Williams, C.F.; Tinsley, J.C.; Noce, T.E.; Carkin, B.A.


    To better identify the three-dimensional geohydrologic framework of the Santa Clara Valley, lithologic, geologic, geophysical, geomechanical, hydraulic, and water-chemistry data were collected from eight ground-water multiple-well monitoring sites constructed in Santa Clara County, California, as part of a series of cooperative studies between the U.S. Geological Survey and the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The data are being used to update and improve the three-dimensional geohydrologic framework of the basin and to address issues related to water supply, water chemistry, sequence stratigraphy, geology, and geological hazards. This report represents a compilation of data collected from 1999 to 2003, including location and design of the monitoring sites, cone penetrometer borings, geologic logs, lithologic logs, geophysical logs, core analysis, water-chemistry analysis, ground-water-level measurements, and hydraulic and geomechanical properties from wells and core samples. Exploratory cone penetrometer borings taken in the upper 17 to 130 feet at six of the monitoring sites identified the base of Holocene as no deeper than 75 feet in the central confined area and no deeper than 35 feet in the southern unconfined areas of the valley. Generalized lithologic characterization from the monitoring sites indicates about four to six different aquifer units separated by relatively fine-grained units occur within the alluvial deposits shallower than 860 feet deep. Analysis of geophysical logs indicates that coarse-grained units varied in thickness between 10 and 25 feet in the southeastern unconfined area of the valley and between 50 and 200 feet in the south-central and southwestern areas of the valley. Deviations from temperature-gradient logs indicate that the majority of horizontal ground-water flow occurs above a depth of 775 feet in the south central and above 510 feet in the southeastern areas of the valley. Bulk physical properties from more than 1,150 feet of

  11. Evaluación y modificación del Sistema de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales de la Planta de Matanza del ITCR en Santa Clara, San Carlos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alma Deloya Martínez


    Full Text Available La planta de matanza de ganado vacuno y porcino del ITCR, Sede San Carlos, en Santa Clara, procesa en promedio 23 reses y 11 cerdos por día. El caudal de aguas residuales promedio generado durante el proceso de matanza varió de un máximo de 72 m3/día hasta un mínimo de 12 m3/día. Las aguas residuales son tratadas en un sistema de tratamiento biológico anaerobio, para controlar la contaminación del agua, según el Reglamento de vertido y reúso de aguas residuales. El sistema original consistió en un tanque de aireación y un sedimentador integrado al tanque de aireación. La aireación se suministraba por rotores mecánicos. Durante el desarrollo del proyecto, se encontró que el principal problema en la operación y control del sistema eran los sólidos suspendidos totales y los sólidos sedimentables, no presentándose problemas de calidad del efluente en términos de DBO, DQO y otros parámetros. Para solucionar el problema de los sólidos, en el efluente del sistema de tratamiento se modificó el sistema aerobio existente a un sistema anaerobio (para reducir la producción de sólidos, usando como ayuda del tratamiento un compuesto biológico, que actúa como floculante y coagulante, lo que mejora la sedimentación de los sólidos. Con la modificación del sistema, se alcanzaron eficiencias de remoción de los sólidos sedimentables en un 95%, de la demanda bioquímica de oxígeno DBO en un 83% y la DQO en un 75%, cumpliéndose con la normativa para todos los parámetros exigidos por el Ministerio de Salud.

  12. Sítio Arqueológico Ruínas da Estância Santa Clara: uma unidade doméstica da Fronteira Oeste/RS


    Jaqueline Ferreira Pes


    Este trabalho visa apresentar as pesquisas realizadas no sítio arqueológico histórico Ruínas da Estância Santa Clara, um estabelecimento rural localizado no município de Quaraí/RS, fronteira com Artigas no Uruguai. As intervenções de campo foram efetivadas no ano de 2009 e 2011, dando continuidade ao projeto Salamanca desenvolvido pelo Laboratório de Estudos e Pesquisas Arqueológicas da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, que visa resgatar e valorizar o patrimônio arqueológ...

  13. Isolation and characterization of latent and active polyphenoloxidase in BRS Clara (CNPUV 154-147 × Centennial seedless) and BRS Morena (Marroo seedless × Centennial seedless) seedless table grapes. (United States)

    Lago-Vanzela, Ellen Silva; Pavezzi, Fabiana Carina; Martin, Natália; Gomes, Eleni; Da Silva, Roberto


    The seedless grapes BRS Clara and BRS Morena, developed in Brazil, are currently growing in popularity due to their premium texture and taste. However, there are no reports on the polyphenoloxidase (PPO) from these cultivars. In this paper, active and latent PPO from BRS Clara and BRS Morena seedless grapes were extracted using the non-ionic detergents Triton-X-100 (active) and Triton-X-114 (latent), and their catecholase activities were characterized. The PPO extracted using Triton-X-110 exhibited maximum activities at pH 6.0 and at 25 °C. Above 30 °C, a gradual decline in activities was noted, with complete inactivation at 60 °C. The PPO from grapes extracted with Triton-X-114 was activated with 0.2% of the ionic detergent sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), and exhibited maximum activities at pH 5.5 and at 30 °C. It was stable until the temperature reached 60 °C.

  14. Direct fuel cell product design improvement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maru, H.C.; Farooque, M. [Energy Research Corp., Danbury, CT (United States)


    Significant milestones have been attained towards the technology development field testing and commercialization of direct fuel cell power plant since the 1994 Fuel Cell Seminar. Under a 5-year cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy signed in December 1994, Energy Research Corporation (ERC) has been developing the design for a MW-scale direct fuel cell power plant with input from previous technology efforts and the Santa Clara Demonstration Project. The effort encompasses product definition in consultation with the Fuel Cell Commercialization Group, potential customers, as well as extensive system design and packaging. Manufacturing process improvements, test facility construction, cell component scale up, performance and endurance improvements, stack engineering, and critical balance-of-plant development are also addressed. Major emphasis of this product design improvement project is on increased efficiency, compactness and cost reduction to establish a competitive place in the market. A 2.85 MW power plant with an efficiency of 58% and a footprint of 420 m{sup 2} has been designed. Component and subsystem testing is being conducted at various levels. Planning and preparation for verification of a full size prototype unit are in progress. This paper presents the results obtained since the last fuel cell seminar.

  15. Directed homology

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fahrenberg, Uli


    We introduce a new notion of directed homology for semicubical sets. We show that it respects directed homotopy and is functorial, and that it appears to enjoy some good algebraic properties. Our work has applications to higher-dimensional automata....

  16. Direct Democracy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Beramendi, Virginia; Ellis, Andrew; Kaufman, Bruno

    While many books on direct democracy have a regional or national approach, or simply focus on one of the many mechanisms associated with direct democracy, this Handbook delves into a global comparison of direct democracy mechanisms, including referendums, citizens' initiatives, agenda initiatives...... included as a chapter in the Handbook are possible measures for best practices of implementation, designed for those who wish to tailor direct democracy instruments to their specific needs. In order to further complement the best practices, a variety of global case studies detail the practical uses...... of direct democracy mechanisms in specific contexts. These country case studies allow for in depth discussion of particular issues, including signature collection and voter participation, campaign financing, media coverage, national variations in the usage of direct democracy procedures and national lessons...

  17. Regulation on the expression of Clara cell secretory protein in the lungs of the rats with acute lung injury by growth hormone

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    MIN Jia; LUO Fo-quan; ZHAO Wei-lu


    Background Clara cell secretory protein (CC16) is an important lung derived protective factor and may play an important role on the pathogenesis of acute lung injury (ALl) induced by endotoxemia.Growth hormone (GH) is an important anabolism hormone secreted by GH cells of the hypophysis.Pravious research showed that GH would significantly exacerbate ALl induced by endotoxemia,but the mechanism is not very clear yet.Whether the effects are related to CC16 or not is undetermined.Methods One hundred and twelve male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into an ALl group and a GH group.The rats in the two groups were subdivided into seven subgroups,according to injection with lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or not,then according to different intervals of time after LPS injection; 0 hour (pre-injection of LPS,acted as control group),0.5 hour,1 hour,2 hours,4 hours,6 hours and 24 hours for subgroups.Pulmonary alveolar septa area density (PASAD) and ploymorphonuclear cells (PMN) in the lungs were analyzed morphometrically.The levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and interleukin 6 (1L-6) were determined by radioimmunoassay.To analyze the expression and activation of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB),the numbers of NF-kB positive cells in lungs were counted after immunofluorescence staining.and the levels of NF-KB inhibitory protein-α (1KB-α) in lung homogenates of rats were detected by Western blotting.The expression levels of CC16 mRNA in lungs of the rats with ALl were determined by semi-quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).The levels of CC16 protein in lung homogenates were detected by Western blotting.Results Half an hour after LPS injury both the PASAD and PMN numbers in lungs of the rats with ALl began to increase significantly and peaked at 6-hour post-injury.They then began to recover and reached normal levels at 24-hour post-injury.Both the PASAD and PMN numbers in the GH group increased more significantly than those in the ALl group

  18. Análisis espacial del diagnóstico tardío vs. mortalidad: una herramienta para apoyar estudios epidemiológicos sobre el cáncer. Villa Clara. Cuba 2004-2009

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar Antón Fleites


    Full Text Available Fundamento: la tasa de mortalidad por cáncer en Villa Clara, al cierre del 2009, se mantuvo por encima de la media nacional, con ocurrencia significativa de mayor número de casos con diagnóstico tardío en fallecidos que en los sobrevivientes al período de estudio. Objetivo: mostrar las potencialidades del análisis espacio-temporal para identificar conglomerados espaciales y/o espacio-temporales que nos permitan el análisis del diagnóstico tardío como variable explicativa de la mortalidad, de las cinco localizaciones de cánceres bajo programa en la provincia. Métodos: estudio observacional descriptivo, focalizado en la detección de conglomerados espaciales y espacio-temporales del diagnostico tardío del cáncer en Villa Clara, utilizando una técnica estadística de exploración espacio-temporal (SaTScan v7.0.1., la muestra abarcó la totalidad de pacientes diagnosticados durante el año 2004, y de estos, los fallecidos hasta el cierre del año 2009. Resultados: reveló la presencia de conglomerados significativos tanto espaciales como espacio-temporales, de las áreas de mayor riesgo de diagnóstico indeterminado. Conclusiones: demostró ser una buena herramienta para el análisis del diagnóstico tardío del cáncer, y permitió la generación de hipótesis sobre posibles determinantes que ayuden a orientar nuevas investigaciones.

  19. Clara细胞在兔肺缺血再灌注损伤中的作用%Role of Clara cells in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury in rabbits

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李戈辉; 李李; 沈金美; 裴万敏


    目的 探讨Clara细胞在兔肺缺血再灌注(IR)损伤中的作用.方法 健康家兔24只.随机分为3组(n=8):假手术组(S组)、IR组、肺Clara细胞剥除+IR组(CIR组).CIR组置于萘气体浓度为89.28 mg/m3的气体箱中12 h,S组和IR组置于无萘气体箱中12 h.取出正常饲养24 h后.IR组和CIR组采用阻断左肺门60 min,再灌注120 min的方法制备肺IR模型,S组不予阻断肺门.于再灌注120 min时采集颈动脉血样5 ml,测定血清TNF-α和总蛋白浓度,收集支气管肺泡灌洗液(BALF),计数WBC、中性粒细胞(PMN),计算PMN百分比,取肺组织测定MDA含量和湿/干重比值(W/D比值),观察病理学改变和Clara细胞的分布情况.结果 S组肺泡完整,肺实质无炎性细胞浸润,可见较多的Clara细胞;IR组肺不张伴肺气肿,肺间质增宽水肿,中度炎性细胞浸润,肺泡腔内有淡黄色渗出,渗出物有WBC,亦可见较多的Clara细胞;CIR组炎性细胞浸润严重,肺泡腔内渗出物多.WBC较多,血管腔变窄,甚至出现无复流现象,Clara细胞少见.与S组比较,IR组和CIR组BALF中WBC计数、PMN百分比、血清TNF-α浓度、肺组织MDA含量及W/D比值升高(P<0.05 );与IR组比较,CIR组BALF中WBC计数、PMN百分比、血清TNF-α浓度、肺组织MDA含量及W/D比值升高(P<0.05).结论 肺IR损伤时兔肺内Clara细胞通过抑制炎性反应产生内源性的保护作用.%Objective To investigate the role of Clara cells in lung ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury in rabbits.Methods Twenty-four healthy 10-12 month old rabbits of either sex weighing 1.5-2.0 kg were randomly divided into 3 groups ( n = 8 each) ; group A sham operation (group S) ; group B lung I/R and group C Clara cell elimination+ lung I/R. The animals were anesthetized with iv pentobarbital 30 mg/kg , tracheostomized and mechanically ventilated. In group B and C lung I/R was induced by clamping the left hilum of lung for 60 min followed by 120 min repeffusion. In group C Clara ceils

  20. Directing Creativity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Darsø, Lotte; Ibbotson, Piers


    In this article we argue that leaders facing complex challenges can learn from the arts, specifically that leaders can learn by examining how theatre directors direct creativity through creative constraints. We suggest that perceiving creativity as a boundary phenomenon is helpful for directing it....... Like leaders, who are caught in paradoxical situations where they have to manage production and logistics simultaneously with making space for creativity and innovation, theatre directors need to find the delicate balance between on one hand renewal of perceptions, acting and interaction...... and on the other hand getting ready for the opening night. We conclude that the art of directing creativity is linked to developing competencies of conscious presence, attention and vigilance, whereas the craft of directing creativity concerns communication, framing and choice....

  1. Future directions. (United States)

    Raffa, Robert B; Tallarida, Ronald J


    The chapters of this book summarize much of what has been done and reported regarding cancer chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment. In this chapter, we point out some future directions for investigation.

  2. Directed Replacement

    CERN Document Server

    Karttunen, L


    This paper introduces to the finite-state calculus a family of directed replace operators. In contrast to the simple replace expression, UPPER -> LOWER, defined in Karttunen (ACL-95), the new directed version, UPPER @-> LOWER, yields an unambiguous transducer if the lower language consists of a single string. It transduces the input string from left to right, making only the longest possible replacement at each point. A new type of replacement expression, UPPER @-> PREFIX ... SUFFIX, yields a transducer that inserts text around strings that are instances of UPPER. The symbol ... denotes the matching part of the input which itself remains unchanged. PREFIX and SUFFIX are regular expressions describing the insertions. Expressions of the type UPPER @-> PREFIX ... SUFFIX may be used to compose a deterministic parser for a ``local grammar'' in the sense of Gross (1989). Other useful applications of directed replacement include tokenization and filtering of text streams.

  3. Direct ELISA. (United States)

    Lin, Alice V


    First described by Engvall and Perlmann, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a rapid and sensitive method for detection and quantitation of an antigen using an enzyme-labeled antibody. Besides routine laboratory usage, ELISA has been utilized in medical field and food industry as diagnostic and quality control tools. Traditionally performed in 96-well or 384-well polystyrene plates, the technology has expanded to other platforms with increase in automation. Depending on the antigen epitope and availability of specific antibody, there are variations in ELISA setup. The four basic formats are direct, indirect, sandwich, and competitive ELISAs. Direct ELISA is the simplest format requiring an antigen and an enzyme-conjugated antibody specific to the antigen. This chapter describes the individual steps for detection of a plate-bound antigen using a horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated antibody and luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) substrate. The methodological approach to optimize the assay by chessboard titration is also provided.

  4. A Formação Água Clara na Região de Araçaíba - SP: Registro U-Pb de Uma Bacia Mesoproterozóica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Werner Weber


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho fundamenta-se no estudo isotópico dos corpos metabasíticos associados à Formação ÁguaClara e as suas relações com as encaixantes. A Formação Água Clara é constituída predominantemente por uma seqüência derochas carbonáticas (mármores puros a impuros. Rochas cálcio-silicáticas, cálcio xistos, mica xistos, anfibólio xistos, quartzitos,granada-clorita-biotita xistos, metacherts, metatufos básicos e intermediários, metabasitos, anfibolitos e cornubianitos. Asrochas metabásicas estudadas normalmente têm dimensões longitudinais expressivas chegando a quilométricas, com dimensõestransversais de até centenas de metros. São de coloração cinza – esverdeada, apresentam granulometria fina a média etextura normalmente nematoblástica. Ocorrem termos mais isótropos que exibem textura granoblástica. São compostos porpiroxênios (diopsídio ou augita, anfibólios (actinolita e hornblenda e plagioclásios (andesina/oligoclásio. Os acessórios maiscomuns são apatita, magnetita, epidoto, titanita e raramente zircão. Em lâmina observa-se texturas ofíticas e subofíticaspreservadas o que indica uma provável origem ígnea para esses corpos. Os dados geoquímicos sugerem composições semelhantesa basaltos enriquecidos de cadeias mesoceânicas (E-MORB com tendências a basaltos de ilhas oceânicas (OIB. Ascaracterísticas de basaltos toleíticos, subalcalinos semelhantes a basaltos enriquecidos de cadeias mesoceânicas com tendênciaa basaltos de ilhas oceânicas (OIB, permitem sugerir como ambiente geotectônico gerador deste magmatismo básico, ambientesdistensivos ou em bacias de retroarco. Os dados analíticos U-Pb (convencional, EMF e SHRIMP obtidos para oslitotipos metabásicos indicam épocas de cristalização dos zircões e conseqüente formação dessas rochas durante omesoproterozóico, com idades do intervalo 1590 – 1470 Ma. Os valores neoproterozóicos obtidos (~600 Ma

  5. Directing Lives

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    YANG Yang is he director of China Television PlayCenter.Before the arrival of the series Holding Hands,she filmed television plays reflecting women and marriage.Examples of her work include Niu Yuqin and Her Trees and theMidnight Trolley.The artistry and sympathy towards women inthese programmes make it obvious that they were directed by awoman.Holding Hands especially cements this connection.

  6. Dynamic modeling and direct power control of wind turbine driven DFIG under unbalanced network voltage conditions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jia-bing HU; Yi-kang HE; Lie XU


    This paper proposes an analysis and a direct power control (DPC) design of a wind turbine driven doubly-fed in-duction generator (DFIG) under unbalanced network voltage conditions. A DFIG model described in the positive and negative synchronous reference frames is presented. Variations of the stator output active and reactive powers are fully deduced in the presence of negative sequence supply voltage and rotor flux. An enhanced DPC scheme is proposed to eliminate stator active power oscillation during network unbalance. The proposed control scheme removes rotor current regulators and the decomposition processing of positive and negative sequence rotor currents. Simulation results using PSCAD/EMTDC are presented on a 2-MW DFIG wind power generation system to validate the feasibility of the proposed control scheme under balanced and unbalanced network conditions.

  7. Viscosity of egg white from hens of different strains fed with commercial and natural additives Viscosidade da clara de ovo proveniente de poedeiras de diferentes espécies com aditivos comerciais e naturais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernanda Papa Spada


    Full Text Available Yolk color and egg white (albumen cleanliness and viscosity are important parameters by which consumers judge the quality of eggs. This study aimed to investigate changes in albumen viscosity during storage of eggs for up to 36 days from two different commercial laying hen strains (Carijo Barbada and Isa Brown fed a diet containing annatto (1.5 and 2.0% or a synthetic additive without synthetic colorants (control. Analyses of humidity, albumen height, pH, viscosity, foam formation, and stability were carried out on eggs. Carijo Barbada strain had smaller albumen, lower humidity and higher egg white viscosity than Isa Brown strain; however, with storage, viscosity lowered significantly on both strains. Initially, the addition of 2.0% of annatto or a synthetic additive increased viscosity in both strains, but with storage only the control maintained longer viscosity. Lower viscosity did not change foam density and stability.A coloração da gema, transparência e viscosidade da clara (albúmen são parâmetros importantes que os consumidores consideram na avaliação dos ovos. O objetivo do estudo foi verificar as trocas que ocorrem na armazenagem por 36 dias em relação à viscosidade da clara de ovos produzidos por poedeiras de duas diferentes linhagens (Carijo Barbada eIsa Brown , as quais receberam dietas contendo urucum (1,5 e 2,0% ou aditivo sintético. Foram realizadas as análises de umidade, altura do albúmen, pH, viscosidade, formação e estabilidade da espuma. A linhagem Carijó Barbada apresentou menor quantidade de albúmen, menor umidade e maior viscosidade que a linhagem Isa Brown, entretanto, com a estocagem, a viscosidade diminuiu significativamente para ambas as linhagens. Inicialmente, a adição de 2,0% de urucum ou aditivo sintético foi suficiente para aumentar a viscosidade em ovos obtidos de ambas as linhagens, mas com a estocagem, somente o controle manteve maior viscosidade. A baixa viscosidade não interferiu na

  8. A dimensão da linguagem na narrativa de Adriana Falcão: análise de algumas artimanhas linguístico-discursivas em Luna Clara & Apolo Onze

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anete Mariza Torres Di Gregorio


    Full Text Available Este trabalho objetiva inicialmente refletir sobre o ensino de Língua Portuguesa, levando-se em conta a tríade: leitura/língua(gem/literatura. Para tal, elege-se uma das obras de Adriana Falcão, cuja escritura mostra apreço à língua materna. Tendo-se em vista mostrar a dimensão da linguagem na narrativa de Falcão, apresenta-se – à luz dos estudos de Dominique Maingueneau – a análise de algumas artimanhas linguístico-discursivas em “Luna Clara & Apolo Onze”. Maingueneau considera válido aplicar as leis do discurso às produções literárias. Chama a atenção para o fato de que a enunciação da criação ficcional fundamenta-se nas leis do discurso, no entanto, não se limita a elas. Cabe ao autor administrar a elaboração de sua obra – encaixada em um determinado contrato da literatura – visando à não frustração do leitor.

  9. Blind shear-wave velocity comparison of ReMi and MASW results with boreholes to 200 m in Santa Clara Valley: Implications for earthquake ground-motion assessment (United States)

    Stephenson, W.J.; Louie, J.N.; Pullammanappallil, S.; Williams, R.A.; Odum, J.K.


    Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) and refraction microtremor (ReMi) are two of the most recently developed surface acquisition techniques for determining shallow shear-wave velocity. We conducted a blind comparison of MASW and ReMi results with four boreholes logged to at least 260 m for shear velocity in Santa Clara Valley, California, to determine how closely these surface methods match the downhole measurements. Average shear-wave velocity estimates to depths of 30, 50, and 100 m demonstrate that the surface methods as implemented in this study can generally match borehole results to within 15% to these depths. At two of the boreholes, the average to 100 m depth was within 3%. Spectral amplifications predicted from the respective borehole velocity profiles similarly compare to within 15 % or better from 1 to 10 Hz with both the MASW and ReMi surface-method velocity profiles. Overall, neither surface method was consistently better at matching the borehole velocity profiles or amplifications. Our results suggest MASW and ReMi surface acquisition methods can both be appropriate choices for estimating shearwave velocity and can be complementary to each other in urban settings for hazards assessment.

  10. Bondat i literatura: el Machado de Xirau, a "Por una senda clara" Goodness and literature: Xirau’s Machado in ‘Por una senda clara’ Bondad y Literatura: el Machado de Xirau del texto ‘Por una senda clara’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Misericòrdia Anglès Cervelló


    Full Text Available A partir del text del filòsof Joaquim Xirau «Por una senda clara», considerat com a text literari, s’analitza l’ideal de bondat compartit per Xirau i Machado. El corriol clar (la senda clara, com el descriu Xirau, és camí d’educació moral, segons els ideals de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza i els valors de la fenomenologia; és la vida del mestre Giner de los Ríos, és el camí cap a l’exili i és la pròpia vida. El text literari no es limita a descriure una qüestió moral, fa una acció moral. _________________________________ À partir du texte du philosophe Joaquim Xirau, «Por una senda clara», considéré comme un texte littéraire, nous analysons l’idéal de sagesse partagé par Xirau et Machado. Le sentier clair (senda clara, comme le décrit Xirau, est le chemin de l’éducation morale, selon les idéaux de l’Institución Libre de Enseñanza (Institution Libre d’Enseignement et les valeurs de la phénoménologie; c’est la vie du maître Giner de los Ríos, c’est le chemin vers l’exil et c’est la vie même. Le texte littéraire ne se limite pas à décrire une question morale, il a aussi une action morale.On the basis of the literary text «Por una senda clara» by the philosopher Joaquim Xirau, we analyse the ideal of goodness shared by Xirau and Machado. The clear path (senda clara, as described by Xirau, is the way towards moral education, in accordance with the ideals of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza and the values of phenomenology; it is the life of master Giner de los Ríos, the way to exile, and one’s own life. Literary texts not only deal with moral issues, but are moral acts as well.A partir del texto del filósofo Joaquim Xirau «Por una senda clara», considerado como texto literario, se analiza el ideal de bondad compartido por Xirau y Machado. La senda clara, tal como la describe Xirau, es camino de educación moral, según los ideales de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza y los

  11. Advance care directives (United States)

    ... advance directive; Do-not-resuscitate - advance directive; Durable power of attorney - advance care directive; POA - advance care directive; Health care agent - advance care directive; Health care proxy - ...

  12. Variation and clinical significance of Clara cell protein in patients with pulmonary contusion%肺挫伤患者血清CC16的变化及临床意义

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴峰; 丁伯应; 杨小龙; 任刚; 熊克品; 徐东


    目的:探讨肺挫伤患者血清人克拉拉细胞蛋白(Clara cell protein,CC16)水平变化及临床意义。方法:应用ELISA方法检测42例肺挫伤患者(实验Ⅰ组:轻-中度肺挫伤患者24例;实验Ⅱ组:重度肺挫伤患者18例)伤后24 h内及治疗后1 d、3 d、7 d、14 d血清CC16水平变化,并与16例健康体检者(对照组)血清CC16水平进行比较。结果:实验组各个时间点血清CC16水平均高于对照组,差异具有统计学意义( P<0.01)。伤后24 h内和治疗后1 d、3 d、7 d、14 d血清CC16水平之间均有差异( P<0.01),且有逐渐下降趋势。实验Ⅱ组各个时间点血清CC16水平均较实验Ⅰ组同时间点偏高,差异有统计学意义( P<0.01)。结论:肺挫伤患者伤后早期血清CC16水平明显上升,且随治疗进程逐渐下降。血清CC16水平上升与肺挫伤程度有密切关系。血清CC16水平变化可能为肺挫伤早期诊断提供生物学指标。%Objective:To investigate the variation and clinical significance of 16kDa Clara cell protein(CC16) in patients with pulmonary contusion. Methods:Forty-two patients with pulmonary contusion were divided into experimental group I(n=24,moderate pulmonary contusion)and experimental groupⅡ(n=18,severe pulmonary contusion).Enzyme-linked immunoadsordent assay (ELISA) was used to detect the serum levels of CC16 in the two groups of patients within 24 h after the incident and at day 1,3,7 and 14 after treatment.The results were compared with another 16 healthy subjects in-cluded as controls.Results:Serum CC16 level in each time point was higher in the two experimental groups than the controls(P<0.01).The difference was significant concerning the levels of CC16 measured within 24 h after contusion and at day 1,3,7 and 14 after treatment(P<0.01),yet the levels ten-ded to decline.In addition,the levels in each time point in experimental group II were somewhat higher than group

  13. 3D virtual reconstruction of the choir of the Convent of Santa Clara in Toro (Zamora: recovering a medieval space of female devotion through photogrammetric recording and rendering techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Gutiérrez Baños


    Full Text Available The Convent of Santa Clara in Toro (Zamora was founded in the mid-13th century. After destruction during the Castilian civil struggles of the last years of this century, its fabric was rebuilt and it was inhabited again by the Clarissan nuns, who still occupy it.  Its architecture corresponds for the most part to its early-14th century rebuilding, even though it is concealed by works carried out from the 16th to the 18th centuries, so that it is apparently a Baroque complex.  In the 1950s, in the choir of this Medieval hidden structure, a set of wall paintings of the mid-14thcentury was brought to light (one of the most important set of wall paintings of the early Gothic period ever found in Castile, but they were immediately detached from the walls and sold. It was only after a combination of circumstances that they came back to Toro to be installed in another building, the church of San Sebastián de los Caballeros, transformed into a museum. As a consequence of all these operations, the arrangement and sense of these wall paintings was lost. The virtual three-dimensional (3D reconstruction, based on a deep analysis and criticism of historical sources and on a close inspection and photogrammetric recording of the original room once occupied by the wall paintings, enables us to place them back in their original context through the use of rendering techniques, so recovering one of the most exciting spaces of female devotion of the Castilian 14thcentury.

  14. Amplitude Linearizers for PEP-II 1.2 MW Klystrons and LLRF Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Van Winkle, D.; Browne, J.; Fox, J.D.; Mastorides, T.; Rivetta, C.; Teytelman, D.; /SLAC


    The PEP-II B-factory has aggressive current increases planned for luminosity through 2008. At 2.2A (HER) on 4A (LER) currents, we estimate that longitudinal growth rates will be comparable to the damping rates currently achieved in the existing low level RF and longitudinal feedback systems. Prior to having a good non-linear time domain model [1] it was postulated that klystron small signal gain non-linearity may be contributing to measured longitudinal growth rates being higher than linearly predicted growth rates. Five prototype klystron amplitude modulation linearizers have been developed to explore improved linearity in the LLRF system. The linearizers operate at 476 MHz with 15 dB dynamic range and 1 MHz linear control bandwidth. Results from lab measurements and high current beam tests are presented. Future development plans, conclusions from beam testing and ideas for future use of this linearization technique are presented.

  15. Floodplain Mapping, SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Floodplain Mapping/Redelineation study deliverables depict and quantify the flood risks for the study area. The primary risk classifications used are the...

  16. DCS Hydrology, Santa Clara County, California (United States)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Hydrology data include spatial datasets and data tables necessary for documenting the hydrologic procedures for estimating flood discharges for a flood insurance...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Dentro de los aspectos funcionales de un sistema acuático uno de los más determinantes es la producción fitoplanctónica. En este trabajo se midió la producción primaria del fitoplancton (método del 14C en un lago de aguas claras de la Amazonía colombiana, en diferentes momentos del ciclo hidrológico. La producción primaria osciló entre 0,6 y 2,3 g C m-2 d-1, valor este último medido durante la fase de aguas bajas. Estos resultados indican que la comunidad fitoplanctónica del lago Boa fluctúa desde condiciones de muy baja capacidad de asimilación de carbono inorgánico (aguas altas, hasta momentos en que este potencial se incrementa hasta cuatro veces (aguas bajas. Tales cambios drásticos obedecen a las fluctuaciones en la abundancia de microalgas, las que a su vez se presentan como respuesta a la variación trófica que tiene el lago durante el ciclo hidrológico. De esta manera, se pasa de condiciones oligotróficas en la época de inundación a un estado eutrófico cuando el sistema se desconecta del río en aguas bajas.Phytoplankton production is one of the most significant aspects in aquatic ecosystems. In this paper primary production of the phytoplankton community was measured (14C method in a clear water lake in the Colombian Amazon region in different periods of the hydrological cycle. Primary production varied between 0.6 and 2.3 g C m-2 d-1, the last recorded at low water phase. Results show that the phytoplankton community of Lake Boa fluctuates from very low capacity of carbon assimilation during high water but increased four times during low water. The strong change in productivity follows the variation in algal abundance, which in turn reflects changes in water quality conditions during the hydrologic cycle. Thus, the lake passes from oligotrophic conditions during the flooding period to eutrophic conditions when the lake is disconnected from the river at low water phase.

  18. Effect of polysaccharide addition on the foaming properties of egg white protein in aqueous and high sugar contente systems = Efeito da adição de polissacarídeos nas propriedades espumantes de proteínas da clara de ovo em sistemas aquoso e com alto teor de açúcares


    Mitie Sônia Sadahira


    Nos confeitos aerados (marshmallow e nougat), a espuma é produzida pela aeração de xaropes de açúcares, estabilizada por proteínas tais como proteínas da clara de ovo (PCO). A pectina, polissacarídeo aniônico, pode formar complexos eletrostáticos com proteína em pH abaixo do ponto isoelétrico da proteína. A hidroxipropilmetilcelulose (HPMC) é um polissacarídeo neutro com propriedades emulsificantes. O trabalho visou estudar as propriedades espumantes (capacidade de aeração e estabilidade da e...

  19. Streamflow gains and losses along San Francisquito Creek and characterization of surface-water and ground-water quality, southern San Mateo and northern Santa Clara counties, California, 1996-97 (United States)

    Metzger, Loren F.


    San Francisquito Creek is an important source of recharge to the 22-square-mile San Francisquito Creek alluvial fan ground-water subbasin in the southern San Mateo and northern Santa Clara Counties of California. Ground water supplies as much as 20 percent of the water to some area communities. Local residents are concerned that infiltration and consequently ground-water recharge would be reduced if additional flood-control measures are implemented along San Francisquito Creek. To improve the understanding of the surface-water/ground-water interaction between San Francisquito Creek and the San Francisquito Creek alluvial fan, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) estimated streamflow gains and losses along San Francisquito Creek and determined the chemical quality and isotopic composition of surface and ground water in the study area.Streamflow was measured at 13 temporary streamflow-measurement stations to determine streamflow gains and losses along a 8.4-mile section of San Francisquito Creek. A series of five seepage runs between April 1996 and May 1997 indicate that losses in San Francisquito Creek were negligible until it crossed the Pulgas Fault at Sand Hill Road. Streamflow losses increased between Sand Hill Road and Middlefield Road where the alluvial deposits are predominantly coarse-grained and the water table is below the bottom of the channel. The greatest streamflow losses were measured along a 1.8-mile section of the creek between the San Mateo Drive bike bridge and Middlefield Road; average losses between San Mateo Drive and Alma Street and from there to Middlefield Road were 3.1 and 2.5 acre-feet per day, respectively.Downstream from Middlefield Road, streamflow gains and losses owing to seepage may be masked by urban runoff, changes in bank storage, and tidal effects from San Francisco Bay. Streamflow gains measured between Middlefield Road and the 1200 block of Woodland Avenue may be attributable to urban runoff and (or) ground-water inflow. Water

  20. The Study of Fuzzy Proportional Integral Controllers Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbine Converters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yancai Xiao


    Full Text Available In order to meet the requirements of high precision and fast response of permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD wind turbines, this paper proposes a fuzzy proportional integral (PI controller associated with a new control strategy for wind turbine converters. The purpose of the control strategy is to achieve the global optimization for the quantization factors, ke and kec, and scale factors, kup and kui, of the fuzzy PI controller by an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO method. Thus the advantages of the rapidity of the improved PSO and the robustness of the fuzzy controller can be fully applied in the control process. By conducting simulations for 2 MW PMDD wind turbines with Matlab/Simulink, the performance of the fuzzy PI controller based on the improved PSO is demonstrated to be obviously better than that of the PI controller or the fuzzy PI controller without using the improved PSO under the situation when the wind speed changes suddenly.

  1. Compensation of negative sequence stator flux of doubly-fed induction generator using polar voltage control-based direct torque control under unbalanced grid voltage condition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Badrinarayan Bansilal Pimple


    Full Text Available This study proposes a polar voltage control-based direct torque control method to reduce the effects of unbalanced grid voltage on doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG-based wind turbine system. Under unbalanced grid voltage, the stator flux has a negative sequence component which leads to second harmonic pulsation in torque, stator active power, stator reactive power, stator current and rotor current. In the control scheme, the negative sequence rotor voltage vector is controlled to compensate the negative sequence stator flux by negative sequence rotor flux. Simulation study is carried out on a 2 MW DFIG system using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Feasibility of the proposed control strategy is experimentally verified on a 1.5 kW DFIG system.

  2. Acesso ao alimento artificial e enchimento do trato digestivo de juvenis do camarão marinho Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone (Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae durante as fases clara e escura do período de 24 horas Artificial food access and digestive tract filling of juvenil marine shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone (Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae during light and dark phases in 24-hour period

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cibele S. Pontes


    Full Text Available A escassez de dados acerca do comportamento alimentar do camarão marinho Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931 com relação ao alimento artificial ofertado em bandejas poderá induzir a uma alimentação inadequada, resultando no desperdício da ração, no aporte desnecessário de nutrientes, e conseqüente aumento dos custos com a alimentação e da poluição ambiental potencial desta atividade. Objetivando fornecer subsídios para a melhoria do manejo alimentar praticado nas fazendas, foram realizados estudos comportamentais utilizando 64 juvenis de Litopenaeus vannamei (7,57 ± 1,01g, mantidos em densidade populacional de 33 m², submetidos a fotoperíodo artificial, em ciclo invertido, para observação durante as fases clara e escura. A ração foi ofertada em intervalos pré-estabelecidos, registrando-se posteriormente através de método focal contínuo: a latência para chegada à bandeja, b latência para consumo do alimento e c Índice de Enchimento do Trato Digestivo. Os animais foram mais rápidos para chegar à bandeja e também para iniciar o consumo do alimento nos horários da fase clara. O enchimento do trato digestivo mostrou-se superior na meia hora subsequente à oferta do alimento, especialmente nos horários da fase clara.The few data on the marine shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931 behavior related to feed offer in trays can result inadequate feeding by the animal, feed wastage and unnecessary nutrient input, increasing feed costs and potential environmental pollution of that culture. In order to provide tools for improved feed management methods in shrimp farms, a behavioral study was conducted, using 64 Litopenaeus vannamei juveniles (7,57 ± 1,01g, one animal per 33 m². They were submitted to artificial photoperiods, half of them in reversed cycle, in order to register behavior during light and dark phases. The following variables were registered (continuous sampling after feed exposition: a latency to access the

  3. Mineralogy and trace-element geochemistry of the high-grade iron ores of the Águas Claras Mine and comparison with the Capão Xavier and Tamanduá iron ore deposits, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil (United States)

    Spier, Carlos Alberto; de Oliveira, Sonia Maria Barros; Rosière, Carlos Alberto; Ardisson, José Domingos


    Several major iron deposits occur in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero (QF), southeastern region of Brazil, where metamorphosed and heterogeneously deformed banded iron formation (BIF) of the Cauê Formation, regionally called itabirite, was transformed into high- (Fe >64%) and low-grade (30% < Fe < 64%) hematite ores. Based on their mineralogical composition, three major types of itabirites occur in the QF: siliceous, dolomitic, and amphibolitic itabirite. Unlike other mines in the QF, the Águas Claras Mine contained mainly high-grade ores hosted within dolomitic itabirite. Two distinct types of high-grade ore occurred at the mine: soft and hard. The soft ore was the most abundant and represented more than 85% of the total ore mined until it was mined out in 2002. Soft and hard ores consist essentially of hematite, occurring as martite, anhedral to granular/tabular hematite and, locally, specularite. Gangue minerals are rare, consisting of dolomite, sericite, chlorite, and apatite in the hard and soft ores, and Mn-oxides and ferrihydrite in the soft ore where they are concentrated within porous bands. Chemical analyses show that hard and soft ores consist almost entirely of Fe2O3, with a higher amount of detrimental impurities, especially MnO, in the soft ore. Both hard and soft ores are depleted in trace elements. The high-grade ores at the Águas Claras Mine have at least a dual origin, involving hypogene and supergene processes. The occurrence of the hard, massive high-grade ore within “fresh” dolomitic itabirite is evidence of its hypogene origin. Despite the contention about the origin of the dolomitic itabirite (if this rock is a carbonate-rich facies of the Cauê Formation or a hematite-carbonate precursor of the soft high-grade ore), mineralogical and geochemical features of the soft high-grade ore indicate that it was formed by leaching of dolomite from the dolomitic itabirite by meteoric water. The comparison of the Águas Claras, Capão Xavier and

  4. Invariants of directed spaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Raussen, Martin


    Directed spaces are the objects of study within directed algebraic topology. They are characterised by spaces of directed paths associated to a source and a target, both elements of an underlying topological space. The algebraic topology of these path spaces and their connections are studied from...

  5. Directed Energy Anechoic Chamber (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Directed Energy Anechoic Chamber comprises a power anechoic chamber and one transverse electromagnetic cell for characterizing radiofrequency (RF) responses of...

  6. Decisions Concerning Directional Dependence (United States)

    von Eye, Alexander; DeShon, Richard P.


    In this rejoinder, von Eye and DeShon discuss the decision strategies proposed in their original article ("Directional Dependence in Developmental Research," this issue), as well as the ones proposed by the authors of the commentary (Pornprasertmanit and Little, "Determining Directional Dependency in Causal Associations," this issue). In addition,…

  7. Direction and Description (United States)

    Ben-Menahem, Yemima

    This paper deals with the dependence of directionality in the course of events-or our claims concerning such directionality-on the modes of description we use in speaking of the events in question. I argue that criteria of similarity and individuation play a crucial role in assessments of directionality. This is an extension of Davidson's claim regarding the difference between causal and explanatory contexts. The argument is based on a characterisation of notions of necessity and contingency that differ from their modal logic counterparts on the one hand, and from causality and chance on the other. I show that some types of directionality are perfectly compatible with both determinism and indeterminism at the microscopic level, and that there is no likelihood of, or advantage to, reducing such directionality to other laws or causal processes.

  8. Directed network modules

    CERN Document Server

    Pálla, G; Farkas, I J; Pollner, P; Vicsek, T; Derenyi, Imre; Farkas, Illes J.; Palla, Gergely; Pollner, Peter; Vicsek, Tamas


    A search technique locating network modules, i.e., internally densely connected groups of nodes in directed networks is introduced by extending the Clique Percolation Method originally proposed for undirected networks. After giving a suitable definition for directed modules we investigate their percolation transition in the Erdos-Renyi graph both analytically and numerically. We also analyse four real-world directed networks, including Google's own webpages, an email network, a word association graph and the transcriptional regulatory network of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The obtained directed modules are validated by additional information available for the nodes. We find that directed modules of real-world graphs inherently overlap and the investigated networks can be classified into two major groups in terms of the overlaps between the modules. Accordingly, in the word-association network and among Google's webpages the overlaps are likely to contain in-hubs, whereas the modules in the email and t...

  9. Direct peroral cholangioscopy (United States)

    Parsi, Mansour A


    Peroral cholangioscopy is an important tool for diagnosis and treatment of various biliary disorders. Peroral cholangioscopy can be performed by using a dedicated cholangioscope that is advanced through the accessory channel of a duodenoscope, or by direct insertion of a small-diameter endoscope into the bile duct. Direct peroral cholangioscopy refers to insertion of an ultraslim endoscope directly into the bile duct for visualization of the biliary mucosa and lumen. This approach provides a valuable and economic solution for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the biliary tree. Compared to ductoscopy using a dedicated cholangioscope, the direct approach has several advantages and disadvantages. In this editorial, I discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and possible future developments pertaining to direct peroral cholangioscopy. PMID:24527174

  10. Comportamento de Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone (Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae em função da oferta do alimento artificial nas fases clara e escura do período de 24 horas Behavior of Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone (Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae in relation to artificial food offer along light and dark phases in a 24 h period

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cibele S. Pontes


    Full Text Available A escassez de dados acerca do comportamento do camarão marinho Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931 relacionado ao alimento artificial ofertado em comedouros poderá induzir a uma alimentação inadequada, aumentando a relação custo/benefício e os impactos ambientais potenciais do seu cultivo. Objetivando fornecer subsídios para a melhoria do manejo alimentar praticado nas fazendas, foram desenvolvidos estudos comportamentais utilizando 64 juvenis de L. vannamei (7,57 ± 1,01 g, submetidos a fotoperíodo artificial, metade deles em ciclo invertido, para observação das suas atividades durante as fases clara e escura. A ração foi oferecida em intervalos pré-estabelecidos, registrando-se antes e depois da oferta: exploração, natação, alimentação e inatividade (focal instantâneo. A natação ocorreu preferencialmente durante a fase escura. A alimentação foi mais elevada na primeira meia hora posterior à oferta, com ênfase nos horários da fase clara. O alimento artificial atuou, em ambas as fases, como um indutor da exploração do substrato, tornando os camarões mais ativos em todos os horários posteriores à sua oferta.The few data on the marine shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931 behavior related to artificial food offer in feeding trays may result an inadequate feeding by the animal, increasing the cost/benefit relation in shrimp culture and its potential environmental impact. In order to provide tools for optimizing feeding management in shrimp farms, a behavioral study was developed, using 64 L. vannamei juveniles (7,57 ± 1,01 g. They were submitted to artificial photoperiods, half of them in reversed cycle, in order to register their behavior during light and dark phases. In established intervals, the following activities were registered before and after food exposition: exploration, swimming, feeding and inactivity (instantaneous sampling. Swimming occurred mostly during the dark phase. Feeding time was higher in

  11. Direct Conversion of Energy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Corliss, William R


    Topics include: direct versus dynamic energy conversion; laws governing energy conversion; thermoelectricity; thermionic conversion; magnetohydrodynamic conversion; chemical batteries; the fuel cell; solar cells; nuclear batteries; and advanced concepts including ferroelectric conversion and thermomagnetic conversion.

  12. Direct sale in USA


    Koula, Alexandr


    This thesis deals with direct sales. The thesis discuss the connection between theoretical part of my personal experience as a door to door sales person in the US, describing a sales process, using a techniques of direct sales and communication skills in practice. It stresses the importance of understanding the basic concepts of personality and communication. The main objective of this work is a suggestion to improve the sales manual for increasing sales success of door to door sales persons ...

  13. Electrohydrodynamic direct-writing (United States)

    Huang, Yongan; Bu, Ningbin; Duan, Yongqing; Pan, Yanqiao; Liu, Huimin; Yin, Zhouping; Xiong, Youlun


    The electrohydrodynamic (EHD) direct-writing technique can be used to print solid/liquid straight/serpentine nanofibers onto a large-area substrate, in a direct, continuous, and controllable manner. It is a high-efficiency and cost-effective solution-processable technique to satisfy increasing demands of large-area micro/nano-manufacturing. It is ground-breaking to direct-write sub-100 nm fibers on a rigid/flexible substrate using organic materials. A comprehensive review is presented on the research and developments related to the EHD direct-writing technique and print heads. Many developments have been presented to improve the controllability of the electrospun fibers to form high-resolution patterns and devices. EHD direct-writing is characterized by its non-contact, additive and reproducible processing, high resolution, and compatibility with organic materials. It combines dip-pen, inkjet, and electrospinning by providing the feasibility of controllable electrospinning for sub-100 nm nanofabrication, and overcomes the drawbacks of conventional electron-beam lithography, which is relatively slow, complicated and expensive.

  14. Direct conversion technology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Massier, P.F.; Back, L.H.; Ryan, M.A.; Fabris, G.


    The overall objective of the Direct Conversion Technology task is to develop an experimentally verified technology base for promising direct conversion systems that have potential application for energy conservation in the end-use sectors. This report contains progress of research on the Alkali Metal Thermal-to-Electric Converter (AMTEC) and on the Two-Phase Liquid-Metal MHD Electrical Generator (LMMHD) for the period January 1, 1991 through December 31, 1991. Research on AMTEC and on LMMHD was initiated during October 1987. Reports prepared on previous occasions (Refs. 1--5) contain descriptive and performance discussions of the following direct conversion concepts: thermoelectric, pyroelectric, thermionic, thermophotovoltaic, thermoacoustic, thermomagnetic, thermoelastic (Nitionol heat engine); and also, more complete descriptive discussions of AMTEC and LMMHD systems.

  15. Modelling directional solidification (United States)

    Wilcox, William R.; Regel, Liya L.


    This grant, NAG8-831, was a continuation of a previous grant, NAG8-541. The long range goal of this program has been to develop an improved understanding of phenomena of importance to directional solidification, in order to enable explanation and prediction of differences in behavior between solidification on Earth and in space. Emphasis in the recently completed grant was on determining the influence of perturbations on directional solidification of InSb and InSb-GaSb alloys. In particular, the objective was to determine the influence of spin-up/spin-down (ACRT), electric current pulses and vibrations on compositional homogeneity and grain size.

  16. The direction of time

    CERN Document Server

    Reichenbach, Hans


    Ever a source of philosophical conjecture and debate, the concept of time represents the beating heart of physics. This final work by the distinguished physicist Hans Reichenbach represents the culmination and integration of a lifetime's philosophical contributions and inquiries into the analysis of time. The result is an outstanding overview of such qualitative, or topological, attributes of time as order and direction.Beginning with a discussion of the emotive significance of time, Reichenbach turns to an examination of the time order of mechanics, the time direction of thermodynamics and m

  17. Direct policy search

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Heidrich-Meisner, V.; Igel, Christian


    process. Exploration is realized by stochastic perturbations, which can be applied at different levels. When considering direct policy search in the space of neural network policies, exploration can be applied on the synaptic level or on the level of neuronal activity. We propose neuroevolution strategies...... (NeuroESs) for direct policy search in RL. Learning using NeuroESs can be interpreted as modelling of extrinsic perturbations on the level of synaptic weights. In contrast, policy gradient methods (PGMs) can be regarded as intrinsic perturbation of neuronal activity. We compare these two approaches...

  18. Incretin secretion: direct mechanisms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balk-Møller, Emilie; Holst, Jens Juul; Kuhre, Rune Ehrenreich


    The incretin hormones glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) are secreted from gastro-intestinal K- and L-cells, respectively, and play an important role in post-prandial blood glucose regulation. They do this by direct stimulation of the pancreatic β...... enzyme responsible for incretin degradation (dipeptidyl peptidase-4) is inhibited (drugs are already on the market) while the secretion of endogenous GLP-1 secretion is stimulated at the same time may prove particularly rewarding. In this section we review current knowledge on the mechanisms for direct...

  19. Direct Sulfation of Limestone

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hu, Guilin; Dam-Johansen, Kim; Wedel, Stig


    -state diffusion. The nucleation and crystal grain growth of the solid product, and this mixed control mechanism provide satisfactory explanations of the various phenomena related to the direct sulfation of limestone, such as porosity in the product layer, the variation of the apparent reaction orders of SO2, O-2...

  20. Directional loudness perception

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sivonen, Ville Pekka

    developed. The research and modeling of loudness have mainly been concerned with the temporal and spectral aspects of sounds, while the spatial aspects have mostly been overlooked. This PhD thesis investigates the spatial aspects of loudness perception, namely, how does the direction from which a sound...

  1. Directions for further research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Minsaas, Atle; Psaraftis, Harilaos N.


    chapter of this book we discuss directions for further research in this area. We do so by taking stock of (1) related recommendations of project SuperGreen, and (2) related activities mainly in European research. Links between research and policy-making as two activities that should go hand in hand...

  2. Direct vision internal urethrotomy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jakobsen, H; Willumsen, H; Søndergaard Jensen, L


    During a five-year period, direct vision internal urethrotomy was used for the treatment of urethral strictures in 34 men. After the primary operation the patients were followed for an average period of 29 months (range 3-73 months). During this period 53% of the patients were found to have one...

  3. Advanced directives: open issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriella Negrini


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND In Italy Advanced directives have not been regulated by law yet. Moreover, there is a confusion of concepts: advanced directives, refusal of treatment, medical futility and euthanasia are not synonymous.DISCUSSION The following aspects are then discussed: object of directives; elapse of time between their expression and their application; knowledge of the directives and their obligatory nature. The refusal of a treatment that can save a person’s life is a critical subject. There are different ethical points of view: according to lay ethics, the patient’s self-determination prevails; the religious viewpoint, instead, says that life is a gift which we cannot dispose of. In any case, the patient will be confronted with the professional autonomy of the doctor. Should the doctor save a patient’s life in any case or should he achieve best clinical practice, in respect of his will? The doctor should interpret the patient’s will but with caution and judgment. An exemption from responsibility should be provided by law for doctors who respect patient’s living will.

  4. Polymer Directed Protein Assemblies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick van Rijn


    Full Text Available Protein aggregation and protein self-assembly is an important occurrence in natural systems, and is in some form or other dictated by biopolymers. Very obvious influences of biopolymers on protein assemblies are, e.g., virus particles. Viruses are a multi-protein assembly of which the morphology is dictated by poly-nucleotides namely RNA or DNA. This “biopolymer” directs the proteins and imposes limitations on the structure like the length or diameter of the particle. Not only do these bionanoparticles use polymer-directed self-assembly, also processes like amyloid formation are in a way a result of directed protein assembly by partial unfolded/misfolded biopolymers namely, polypeptides. The combination of proteins and synthetic polymers, inspired by the natural processes, are therefore regarded as a highly promising area of research. Directed protein assembly is versatile with respect to the possible interactions which brings together the protein and polymer, e.g., electrostatic, v.d. Waals forces or covalent conjugation, and possible combinations are numerous due to the large amounts of different polymers and proteins available. The protein-polymer interacting behavior and overall morphology is envisioned to aid in clarifying protein-protein interactions and are thought to entail some interesting new functions and properties which will ultimately lead to novel bio-hybrid materials.

  5. Polar Direct Drive (United States)

    Skupsky, S.


    Direct drive offers the potential of higher target gain on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) than x-ray drive: The initial direct-drive target design had a 1-D gain of 45 and consisted primarily of a pure cryogenic DT shell. Using the expected levels of target and laser nonuniformities for the NIF, two-dimensional (2-D) hydrodynamic simulations predicted target gains around 30.(P.W. McKenty et al.), Phys. Plasmas 8, 2315 (2001). More-recent designs have shown that higher target gains could be obtained by replacing a portion of the DT shell with ``wetted'' CH foam and by using adiabat shaping: (1) Higher-Z material (C) in the foam increases laser absorption by about 40% (from 60% absorption to 85%).(S. Skupsky et al.), in Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications 2001, edited by K. Tanaka et al. (Elsevier, Paris, 2002), p. 240. (2) Adiabat shaping allows the main portion of the fuel to be placed on a lower adiabat without compromising target stability.(V.N. Goncharov et al.), Phys. Plasmas 10, 1906 (2003). These direct-drive concepts can be tested on the NIF, long before that facility is converted to a direct-drive (spherically symmetric) irradiation configuration. Using the NIF x-ray-drive beam configuration, some of the near-polar beams could be pointed to better illuminate the target's equator. These more-oblique, equatorial beams will have lower absorption and reduced drive efficiency than the polar beams. One strategy to compensate for the difference in polar and equatorial drive is to reduce the irradiation at the poles and employ different pulse shapes to accommodate the time-dependent variations in drive and absorption. This concept of polar direct drive (PDD) has been studied using the 2-D hydrocode DRACO to determine the requirements for achieving ignition and moderate target gain for the NIF. Experiments on the OMEGA laser will examine the effects of oblique irradiation on target drive. Results of simulations for different direct-drive target designs

  6. Direct photons at FAIR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baeuchle, Bjoern [Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1, D-60438 Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Bleicher, Marcus; Grimm, Andreas [Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1, D-60438 Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Frankfurt Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Theoretische Physik


    Photons, as all electromagnetic probes, can give direct access to the hot and dense phase of a heavy-ion reaction. We show calculations of direct photon emission at SiS100- and SiS-300 energies with the UrQMD-hybrid model. UrQMD is a full microscopic+macroscopic transport/fluid-dynamics hybrid model with hadron- and string-driven equilibration phase, a full (3+1)-dimensional fluiddynamic hot and dense phase and a hadronic after-burner. Unequilibrated matter at high rapidity is preserved during the fluid phase. A strong emphasis is set on the impact of viscosity and Equation of State at zero and non-zero baryon density to the spectra and flow patterns of thermal and non-thermal photons in A+A-collisions at the colliding systems relevant for FAIR.

  7. Direction sensitive neutron detector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ahlen, Steven; Fisher, Peter; Dujmic, Denis; Wellenstein, Hermann F.; Inglis, Andrew


    A neutron detector includes a pressure vessel, an electrically conductive field cage assembly within the pressure vessel and an imaging subsystem. A pressurized gas mixture of CF.sub.4, .sup.3He and .sup.4He at respective partial pressures is used. The field cage establishes a relatively large drift region of low field strength, in which ionization electrons generated by neutron-He interactions are directed toward a substantially smaller amplification region of substantially higher field strength in which the ionization electrons undergo avalanche multiplication resulting in scintillation of the CF.sub.4 along scintillation tracks. The imaging system generates two-dimensional images of the scintillation patterns and employs track-finding to identify tracks and deduce the rate and direction of incident neutrons. One or more photo-multiplier tubes record the time-profile of the scintillation tracks permitting the determination of the third coordinate.

  8. Directional Solidification of Ledeburite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Trepczyńska-Łent


    Full Text Available Directional solidification of ledeburite was realised out using a Bridgman’s device. The growth rate for movement sample v=83.3 μm/s was used. In one sample the solidification front was freezing. The value of temperature gradient in liquid at the solidification front was determined. Interfacial distance λ on the samples was measured with NIS-Elements application for image analysis.

  9. Future directions for QCD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bjorken, J.D.


    New directions for exploring QCD at future high-energy colliders are sketched. These include jets within jets. BFKL dynamics, soft and hard diffraction, searches for disoriented chiral condensate, and doing a better job on minimum bias physics. The new experimental opportunities include electron-ion collisions at HERA, a new collider detector at the C0 region of the TeVatron, and the FELIX initiative at the LHC.

  10. Direct hydrocarbon fuel cells (United States)

    Barnett, Scott A.; Lai, Tammy; Liu, Jiang


    The direct electrochemical oxidation of hydrocarbons in solid oxide fuel cells, to generate greater power densities at lower temperatures without carbon deposition. The performance obtained is comparable to that of fuel cells used for hydrogen, and is achieved by using novel anode composites at low operating temperatures. Such solid oxide fuel cells, regardless of fuel source or operation, can be configured advantageously using the structural geometries of this invention.

  11. Site-directed mutagenesis. (United States)

    Bachman, Julia


    Site-directed mutagenesis is a PCR-based method to mutate specified nucleotides of a sequence within a plasmid vector. This technique allows one to study the relative importance of a particular amino acid for protein structure and function. Typical mutations are designed to disrupt or map protein-protein interactions, mimic or block posttranslational modifications, or to silence enzymatic activity. Alternatively, noncoding changes are often used to generate rescue constructs that are resistant to knockdown via RNAi.

  12. Direct Olive Oil Analysis



    The practical impact of “direct analysis” is undeniable as it strong contributes to enhance the so-called productive analytical features such as expeditiousness, reduction of costs and minimisation of risks for the analysts and environment. The main objective is to establish a reliable bypass to the conventional preliminary operations of the analytical process. This paper offers a systematic approach in this context and emphasises the great field of action of...

  13. Directional Antineutrino Detection (United States)

    Safdi, B. R.; Suerfu, J.


    We propose the first truly directional antineutrino detector for antineutrinos near the threshold for the inverse beta decay (IBD) of hydrogen, with potential applications including the spatial mapping of geo-neutrinos, searches for stellar antineutrinos, and the monitoring of nuclear reactors. The detector consists of adjacent and separated target and neutron-capture layers. The IBD events, which result in a neutron and a positron, take place in the target layers. These layers are thin enough so that the neutrons escape without scattering elastically. The neutrons are detected in the thicker neutron-capture layers. The location of the IBD event is determined from the energy deposited by the positron as it slows in the medium and from the two gamma rays that come from the positron annihilation. Since the neutron recoils in the direction of the antineutrino's motion, a line may then be drawn between the IBD event location and the neutron-capture location to approximate the antineutrino's velocity. In some events, we may even measure the positron's velocity, which further increases our ability to reconstruct the antineutrino's direction of motion. Our method significantly improves upon previous methods by allowing the neutron to freely travel a long distance before diffusing and being captured. Moreover, our design is a straightforward modification of existing antineutrino detectors; a prototype could easily be built with existing technology. We verify our design through Monte Carlo simulations in Geant4, using commercially-available boron-loaded plastic scintillators for the target and neutron-capture layer materials. We are able to discriminate from background using multiple coincidence signatures within a short, ~microsecond time interval. We conclude that the detector could likely operate above ground with minimal shielding.

  14. Direct olive oil analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peña, F.


    Full Text Available The practical impact of “direct analysis” is undeniable as it strong contributes to enhance the so-called productive analytical features such as expeditiousness, reduction of costs and minimisation of risks for the analysts and environment. The main objective is to establish a reliable bypass to the conventional preliminary operations of the analytical process. This paper offers a systematic approach in this context and emphasises the great field of action of direct methodologies in the routine analysis of olive oil. Two main types of methodologies are considered. On the one hand, the direct determination of volatile components is systematically considered. On the other hand, simple procedures to automatically implement the preliminary operations of the oil analysis using simple devices in which the sample is directly introduced with/without a simple dilution are present and discussed.El impacto práctico del análisis directo es tan innegable como que el contribuye decisivamente a mejorar las denominadas características analíticas relacionadas con la productividad como la rapidez, la reducción de costes y la minimización de riesgos para los analistas y el ambiente. El principal objetivo es establecer un adecuado "bypass" a las operaciones convencionales preliminares del proceso analítico. Este artículo ofrece una propuesta sistemática en este contexto y resalta el gran campo de acción de las metodologías directas en los análisis de rutina del aceite de oliva. Se analizan los dos tipos principales de metodologías. Por una lado, se analiza la determinación directa de los compuestos volátiles. Por el otro, se presentan y discuten los procedimientos simples para implementar automáticamente las operaciones preliminares del análisis del aceite usando sistemas simples en los que la muestra se introduce directamente con/sin un dilución simple.

  15. DISE: directed sphere exclusion. (United States)

    Gobbi, Alberto; Lee, Man-Ling


    The Sphere Exclusion algorithm is a well-known algorithm used to select diverse subsets from chemical-compound libraries or collections. It can be applied with any given distance measure between two structures. It is popular because of the intuitive geometrical interpretation of the method and its good performance on large data sets. This paper describes Directed Sphere Exclusion (DISE), a modification of the Sphere Exclusion algorithm, which retains all positive properties of the Sphere Exclusion algorithm but generates a more even distribution of the selected compounds in the chemical space. In addition, the computational requirement is significantly reduced, thus it can be applied to very large data sets.

  16. Direct reading inductance meter (United States)

    Kolby, R. B. (Inventor)


    A direct reading inductance meter comprised of a crystal oscillator and an LC tuned oscillator is presented. The oscillators function respectively to generate a reference frequency, f(r), and to generate an initial frequency, f(0), which when mixed produce a difference equal to zero. Upon connecting an inductor of small unknown value in the LC circuit to change its resonant frequency to f(x), a difference frequency (f(r)-f(x)) is produced that is very nearly a linear function of the inductance of the inductor. The difference frequency is measured and displayed on a linear scale in units of inductance.

  17. Omni-directional railguns

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shahinpoor, M.


    This invention is comprised of a device for electromagetically accelerating projectiles. The invention features two parallel conducting circular plates, a plurality of electrode connections to both upper and lower plates, a support base, and a projectile magazine. A projectile is spring-loaded into a firing position concentrically located between the parallel plates. A voltage source is applied to the plates to cause current to flow in directions defined by selectable, discrete electrode connections on both upper and lower plates. Repulsive Lorentz forces are generated to eject the projectile in a 360 degree range of fire.

  18. AngularJS directives

    CERN Document Server

    Vanston, Alex


    This book uses a practical, step-by-step approach, starting with how to build directives from the ground up before moving on to creating web applications comprised of multiple modules all working together to provide the best user experience possible.This book is intended for intermediate JavaScript developers who are looking to enhance their understanding of single-page web application development with a focus on AngularJS and the JavaScript MVC frameworks.It is expected that readers will understand basic JavaScript patterns and idioms and can recognize JSON formatted data.

  19. Psychiatric Advance Directives: Getting Started (United States)

    ... More... Home Getting Started National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives - Getting Started Getting Started Psychiatric advance directives (PADs) are relatively new legal instruments ...

  20. Reações entre caolim, virus de influenza suína e inibidor de clara de ôvo da hemoaglutinação de vírus Reactions involving kaolin, swine influenza virus, and egg-whiteinhibidor of virus hemagglutination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frank Lanni


    Full Text Available O caolim adsorve a atividade inibitória mais ràpidamente que o nitrogênio total da clara de ôvo bruta e menos ràpidamente que o nitrogênio total das preparações semipurificadas de inibidor. A adsorção do inibidor é reversível. O tratamento de preparações semipurificadas pelo vírus ativo da influenza suína causa um ligeiro aumento da adsorção da atividade e do nitrogênio total. O vírus ativo combina-se no frigorífico com o caolim que adsorveu o inibidor e pode ser em grande parte recuperado à temperatura ambiente. Uma quantidade menor de vírus é fixada pelo caolim não tratado. O aquecimento do vírus durante 30 minutos a 53°C aumenta sua adorção pelo caolim.Kaolin adsorbs inhibitory activity more rapidly than total nitrogen from crude egg-white and less rapidly than total nitrogen from semipurified inhibitor preparations. The adsorption of inhibitoris reversible. Treatment of semipurified preparations with active swine influenza virus causes a slight increase in the adsorption of activity and total nitrogen. Active virus combines with inhibitor-coated kaolin in the cold and can be recovered in great part at room temperature. A smaller amount of virus is bound by untreated kaolin. Heating the virus for 30 minutes at 53°C increases its adsortion by kaolin.

  1. Una nota sobre escultura castellana del siglo XIII: Juan González, el pintor de las imágenes de Burgos, y el sepulcro de doña Mayor Guillén de Guzmán en el convento de Santa Clara de Alcocer (Guadalajara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gutiérrez Baños, Fernando


    Full Text Available In 2009 Christie’s London brought to light the contract for the tomb of doña Mayor Guillén de Guzmán († c. 1263, former mistress of king Alfonso X the Wise. The contract comes from the convent of Poor Clares of Alcocer (Guadalajara, where the tomb itself remained until completely destroyed in 1936 at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Dated in Burgos in 1276, the document provides a full description of the work to be carried out. This allows us to compare it with other contemporary tombs, underlining the highly innovative features of that created for doña Mayor. In addition, the document provides access to the personality of the artist responsible for this work: a certain until now unknown Juan González, who introduces himself as el pintor de las imágenes de Burgos (‘the painter of images of Burgos’.En 2009 Christie’s de Londres dio a conocer el contrato del sepulcro de doña Mayor Guillén de Guzmán († c. 1263, antigua amante del rey Alfonso X el Sabio. El contrato procede del convento de Santa Clara de Alcocer (Guadalajara, donde el propio sepulcro se conservó hasta su completa destrucción en 1936 al estallar la Guerra Civil. Datado en Burgos en 1276, el documento nos proporciona una completa descripción de la obra a realizar. Esto nos permitirá compararla con otros sepulcros contemporáneos, subrayando los rasgos altamente innovadores del sepulcro de doña Mayor. Por otra parte, el documento nos permitirá acceder a la personalidad del artista responsable de la obra: un cierto Juan González, desconocido hasta la fecha, que se presenta como el pintor de las imágenes de Burgos.

  2. Direct Production of Copper (United States)

    Victorovich, G. S.; Bell, M. C.; Diaz, C. M.; Bell, J. A. E.


    The use of commercially pure oxygen in flash smelting a typical chalcopyrite concentrate or a low grade comminuted matte directly to copper produces a large excess of heat. The heat balance is controlled by adjusting the calorific value of the solid feed. A portion of the sulfide material is roasted to produce a calcine which is blended with unroasted material, and the blend is then autogeneously smelted with oxygen and flux directly to copper. Either iron silicate or iron calcareous slags are produced, both being subject to a slag cleaning treatment. Practically all of the sulfur is contained in a continuous stream of SO2 gas, most of which is strong enough for liquefaction. A particularly attractive feature of these technologies is that no radically new metallurgical equipment needs to be developed. The oxygen smelting can be carried out not only in the Inco type flash furnace but in other suitable smelters such as cyclone furnaces. Another major advantage stems from abolishion of the ever-troublesome converter aisle, which is replaced with continuous roasting of a fraction of the copper sulfide feed.

  3. Remote direct memory access (United States)

    Archer, Charles J.; Blocksome, Michael A.


    Methods, parallel computers, and computer program products are disclosed for remote direct memory access. Embodiments include transmitting, from an origin DMA engine on an origin compute node to a plurality target DMA engines on target compute nodes, a request to send message, the request to send message specifying a data to be transferred from the origin DMA engine to data storage on each target compute node; receiving, by each target DMA engine on each target compute node, the request to send message; preparing, by each target DMA engine, to store data according to the data storage reference and the data length, including assigning a base storage address for the data storage reference; sending, by one or more of the target DMA engines, an acknowledgment message acknowledging that all the target DMA engines are prepared to receive a data transmission from the origin DMA engine; receiving, by the origin DMA engine, the acknowledgement message from the one or more of the target DMA engines; and transferring, by the origin DMA engine, data to data storage on each of the target compute nodes according to the data storage reference using a single direct put operation.

  4. Direct diverticular inguinal hernia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ekberg, O.; Kullenberg, K.

    Nineteen patients with direct diverticular inguinal hernia (DDIH) were examined with herniography and surgically explored. A lump medially in the groin and pain were the prominent clinical manifestations in 18 patients. Physical examination indicated the presence of a DDIH in 6 patients. In 16 patients herniography revealed hernial sacs protruding from the supravesical fossa in 5 and from the medial inguinal fossa in 11. At operation a circumscribed defect was found in the transverse fascia laterally and cranially to the pubic tubercle in all patients. In 16 patients peritoneal hernial sacs were demonstrated at surgery while in 3 only lipomas (fatty hernia) were contained within the defect. In our opinion DDIH is a specific variety of inguinal hernia with a fairly typical clinical presentation and radiographic appearance but probably often overlooked at surgery.

  5. Direct Dimethyl Ether Synthesis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Takashi Ogawa; Norio Inoue; Tutomu Shikada; Yotaro Ohno


    Dimethyl ether (DME) is a clean and economical alternative fuel which can be produced from natural gas through synthesis gas. The properties of DME are very similar to those of LP gas. DME can be used for various fields as a fuel such as power generation, transportation, home heating and cooking,etc. It contains no sulfur or nitrogen. It is not corrosive to any metal and not harmful to human body. An innovative process of direct synthesis of DME from synthesis gas has been developed. Newly developed catalyst in a slurry phase reactor gave a high conversion and high selectivity of DME production. One and half year pilot scale plant (5 tons per day) testing, which was supported by METI, had successfully finished with about 400 tons DME production.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Bláha


    Full Text Available UAV systems have become an attractive data acquisition platform in emerging applications. As measuring instrument they extend the lineup of possible surveying methods in the field of geomatics. However, most of UAVs are equipped with low-cost navigation sensors such as GPS or INS, allowing a positioning accuracy of 3 to 5 m. As a result the acquired position- and orientation data fea- tures a low accuracy which implicates that it cannot be used in applications that require high precision data on cm-level (e.g. direct georeferencing. In this paper we will analyze the potential of differential post-processing of GPS data from UAV in order to im- prove the positioning accuracy for applications basing on direct georeferencing. Subsequently, the obtained results are compared and verified with a track of the octocopter carried out with a total station simultaneously to the GPS data acquisition. The results show that the differential post-processing essentially improved the accuracy of the Falcon position data. Thereby the average offset be- tween the data sets (GPS data, track and the corresponding standard deviation is 0.82 m and 0.45 m, respectively. However, under ideal conditions it is even possible to improve this positioning accuracy to the cm-range. Furthermore, there are still several sources of error such as the offset between the GPS antenna of the Falcon 8 and the prism which is used for the track. Considering this fact there is further room for improvement regarding the here discussed positioning method.

  7. Growth directions of microstructures in directional solidification of crystalline materials. (United States)

    Deschamps, J; Georgelin, M; Pocheau, A


    In directional solidification, as the solidification velocity increases, the growth direction of cells or dendrites rotates from the direction of the thermal gradient to that of a preferred cristalline orientation. Meanwhile, their morphology varies with important implications for microsegregation. Here, we experimentally document the growth directions of these microstructures in a succinonitrile alloy in the whole accessible range of directions, velocities, and spacings. For this, we use a thin sample made of a single crystal on which the direction of the thermal gradient can be changed. This allows a fine monitoring of the misorientation angle between thermal gradient and preferred crystalline orientation. Data analysis shows evidence of an internal symmetry which traces back to a scale invariance of growth directions with respect to a Péclet number. This enables the identification of the relationship between growth directions and relevant variables, in fair agreement with experiment. Noticeable variations of growth directions with misorientation angles are evidenced and linked to a single parameter.

  8. Directed animals in the gas


    Borgne, Yvan Le; Marckert, Jean-François


    In this paper, we revisit the enumeration of directed animals using gas models. We show that there exists a natural construction of random directed animals on any directed graph together with a particle system that explains at the level of objects the formal link known between the density of the gas model and the generating function of directed animals counted according to the area. This provides some new methods to compute the generating function of directed animals counted according to area...

  9. Directed HK propagator (United States)

    Kocia, Lucas; Heller, Eric J.


    We offer a more formal justification for the successes of our recently communicated "directed Heller-Herman-Kluk-Kay" (DHK) time propagator by examining its performance in one-dimensional bound systems which exhibit at least quasi-periodic motion. DHK is distinguished by its single one-dimensional integral—a vast simplification over the usual 2N-dimensional integral in full Heller-Herman-Kluk-Kay (for an N-dimensional system). We find that DHK accurately captures particular coherent state autocorrelations when its single integral is chosen to lie along these states' fastest growing manifold, as long as it is not perpendicular to their action gradient. Moreover, the larger the action gradient, the better DHK will perform. We numerically examine DHK's accuracy in a one-dimensional quartic oscillator and illustrate that these conditions are frequently satisfied such that the method performs well. This lends some explanation for why DHK frequently seems to work so well and suggests that it may be applicable to systems exhibiting quite strong anharmonicity.

  10. New Directions in Biotechnology (United States)


    The macromolecule crystallization program within NASA is undergoing considerable pressure, particularly budgetary pressure. While it has shown some successes, they have not lived up to the expectations of others, and technological advances may rapidly overtake the natural advantages offered by crystallization in microgravity. Concomitant with the microgravity effort has been a research program to study the macromolecule crystallization process. It was believed that a better understanding of the process would lead to growth of improved crystals for X-ray diffraction studies. The results of the various research efforts have been impressive in improving our understanding of macromolecule crystallization, but have not led to any improved structures. Macromolecule crystallization for structure determination is "one of", the job being unique for every protein and finished once a structure is obtained. However, the knowledge gained is not lost, but instead lays the foundation for developments in new areas of biotechnology and nanotechnology. In this it is highly analogous to studies into small molecule crystallization, the results of which have led to our present day microelectronics-based society. We are conducting preliminary experiments into areas such as designed macromolecule crystals, macromolecule-inorganic hybrid structures, and macromolecule-based nanotechnology. In addition, our protein crystallization studies are now being directed more towards industrial and new approaches to membrane protein crystallization.

  11. Directed Incremental Symbolic Execution (United States)

    Person, Suzette; Yang, Guowei; Rungta, Neha; Khurshid, Sarfraz


    The last few years have seen a resurgence of interest in the use of symbolic execution -- a program analysis technique developed more than three decades ago to analyze program execution paths. Scaling symbolic execution and other path-sensitive analysis techniques to large systems remains challenging despite recent algorithmic and technological advances. An alternative to solving the problem of scalability is to reduce the scope of the analysis. One approach that is widely studied in the context of regression analysis is to analyze the differences between two related program versions. While such an approach is intuitive in theory, finding efficient and precise ways to identify program differences, and characterize their effects on how the program executes has proved challenging in practice. In this paper, we present Directed Incremental Symbolic Execution (DiSE), a novel technique for detecting and characterizing the effects of program changes. The novelty of DiSE is to combine the efficiencies of static analysis techniques to compute program difference information with the precision of symbolic execution to explore program execution paths and generate path conditions affected by the differences. DiSE is a complementary technique to other reduction or bounding techniques developed to improve symbolic execution. Furthermore, DiSE does not require analysis results to be carried forward as the software evolves -- only the source code for two related program versions is required. A case-study of our implementation of DiSE illustrates its effectiveness at detecting and characterizing the effects of program changes.

  12. Directionally solidified mullite fibers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sayir, A. [Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH (United States); Farmer, S.C. [National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Cleveland, OH (United States). Lewis Research Center


    Directionally solidified fibers with nominal mullite compositions of 3Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} {center_dot} 2SiO{sub 2} were grown by the laser heated float zone (LHFZ) method at NASA Lewis. High resolution digital images from an optical microscope evidence the formation of a liquid-liquid miscibility gap during crystal growth. Experimental evidence shows that the formation of mullite in aluminosilicate melts is in fact preceded by liquid immiscibility. The average fiber tensile strength is 1.15 GPa at room temperature. The mullite fibers retained 80% of their room temperature tensile strength at 1,450 C. SEM analysis revealed that the fibers were strongly faceted and that the facets act as critical flaws. Examined in TEM, these mullite single crystals are free of dislocations, low angle boundaries and voids. Single crystal mullite showed a high degree of oxygen vacancy ordering. Regardless of the starting composition, the degree of order observed in polycrystalline fibers was lower than that observed in the mullite single crystals.

  13. Magnetostrictive direct drive motor (United States)

    Naik, Dipak; Dehoff, P. H.


    Highly magnetostrictive materials such as Tb.3Dy.7Fe2, commercially known as TERFENOL-D, have been used to date in a variety of devices such as high power actuators and linear motors. The larger magnetostriction available in twinned single crystal TERFENOL-D, approx. 2000 ppm at moderate magnetic field strengths, makes possible a new generation of magnetomechanical devices. NASA researchers are studying the potential of this material as the basis for a direct microstepping rotary motor with torque densities on the order of industrial hydraulics and five times greater than that of the most efficient, high power electric motors. Such a motor would be a micro-radian stepper, capable of precision movements and self-braking in the power-off state. Innovative mechanical engineering techniques are juxtaposed on proper magnetic circuit design to reduce losses in structural flexures, inertias, thermal expansions, eddy currents, and magneto-mechanical coupling, thus optimizing motor performance and efficiency. Mathematical models are presented, including magnetic, structural, and both linear and nonlinear dynamic calculations and simulations. In addition, test results on prototypes are presented.

  14. Coatings for directional eutectics (United States)

    Rairden, J. R.; Jackson, M. R.


    Coatings developed to provide oxidation protection for the directionally-solidified eutectic alloy NiTaC-B (4.4 weight percent Cr) were evaluated. Of seven Co-, Fe- and Ni-base coatings that were initially investigated, best resistance to cyclic oxidation was demonstrated by duplex coatings fabricated by depositing a layer of NiCrAl(Y) by vacuum evaporation from an electron beam source followed by deposition of an Al overlayer using the pack cementation process. It was found that addition of carbon to the coating alloy substantially eliminated the problem of fiber denudation in TaC-type eutectic alloys. Burner rig cycled NiTaC-B samples coated with Ni-20Cr-5Al-0.1C-0.1Y+Al and rupture-tested at 1100 deg C performed as well as or better than uncoated, vacuum cycled and air-tested NiTaC-13; however, a slight degradation with respect to uncoated material was noted in air-stress rupture tests at 870 deg C for both cycled and uncycled samples.

  15. The median recoil direction as a WIMP directional detection signal


    Green, Anne M; MORGAN, BEN


    Direct detection experiments have reached the sensitivity required to detect dark matter WIMPs. Demonstrating that a putative signal is due to WIMPs, and not backgrounds, is a major challenge however. The direction dependence of the WIMP scattering rate provides a potential WIMP `smoking gun'. If the WIMP distribution is predominantly smooth, the Galactic recoil distribution is peaked in the direction opposite to the direction of Solar motion. Previous studies have found that, for an ideal de...

  16. Efficient multi-site-directed mutagenesis directly from genomic template

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Fengtao Luo; Xiaolan Du; Tujun Weng; Xuan Wen; Junlan Huang; Lin Chen


    In this article, the traditional multi-site-directed mutagenesis method based on overlap extension PCR was improved specifically for complicated templates, such as genomic sequence or complementary DNA. This method was effectively applied for multi-site-directed mutagenesis directly from mouse genomic DNA, as well as for combination, deletion or insertion of DNA fragments.

  17. Directed and Almost-Directed Flow Loops in Real Networks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Todinov


    Full Text Available Directed flow loops are highly undesirable because they are associated with wastage of energy for maintaining them and entail big losses to the world economy. It is shown that directed flow loops may appear in networks even if the dispatched commodity does not physically travel along a closed contour. Consequently, a theorem giving the necessary and sufficient condition of a directed flow loop on randomly oriented straight-line flow paths has been formulated and a close-form expression has been derived for the probability of a directed flow loop. The results show that even for a relatively small number of intersecting flow paths, the probability of a directed flow loop is very large, which means that the existence of directed flow loops in real networks is practically inevitable. Consequently, a theorem and an efficient algorithm have been proposed related to discovering and removing directed flow loops in a network with feasible flows. The new concept ‘almost-directed flow loop’ has also been introduced for the first time. It is shown that the removal of an almost-directed flow loop also results in a significant decrease of the losses. It is also shown that if no directed flow loops exist in the network, the removal of an almost-directed flow loop cannot create a directed flow loop.

  18. Clara Barton National Historic Site Tract and Boundary Data (United States)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — These ESRI shape files are of National Park Service tract and boundary data that was created by the Land Resources Division. Tracts are numbered and created by the...

  19. 吃螃蟹的橙子UrangeSantaClara

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



  20. Crescere errando: minori immigrati non accompagnati" (Clara Silva - Giovanna Campani

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olivia Salimbeni


    Full Text Available La presenza in Italia di minori immigrati non accompagnati è un fenomeno recente e tuttavia in forte crescita. Questo testo raccoglie i risultati di quella che potremmo definire la seconda di tre tappe di una ricerca europea incentrata sullo studio del fenomeno dei minori immigrati non accompagnati, avviata nel 2000 e da poco terminata. L’indagine è stata svolta nel quadro di finanziamento del 'Programma Daphne' della Commissione Europea e ha riguardato nelle prime due fasi tre realtà europee, Italia, Germania e Finlandia e nella terza altre realtà quali il Portogallo, la Spagna, la Francia e la Grecia.

  1. Future directions of MDSplus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Manduchi, G., E-mail: [Consorzio RFX, Corso Stati Uniti 4, 35127 Padova (Italy); Fredian, T., E-mail: [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 175 Albany Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States); Stillerman, J., E-mail: [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 175 Albany Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States)


    Highlights: • This paper describes the directions in the evolution of the MDSplus data system. • It describes three Use Cases in data streaming. • It shows the performance of MDSplus in local and remote data streaming. • It describes the main concepts in decoupling data access. • It presents the last features and tools. - Abstract: The first version of MDSplus was released in 1991 for VAX/VMS. Since then MDSplus has been progressively adopted in an increasing number of fusion experiments and its original implementation has been extended during these years to cover new requirements and toward a multi-platform implementation. Currently MDSplus is in use at more than 30 laboratories and is being used both for pulsed applications as well as for continuous data streaming for long lasting experiments. Thanks to its large user base, it has been possible to collect requirements driving the evolution of the system toward improved usability and better performance. An important recent feature of the MDSplus is its ability of handling a continuous stream of data, which is readily available as soon at it has been stored in the pulse files. Current development is oriented toward an improved modularity of MDSplus and the integration of new functionality. Improved modularity is achieved by moving away from monolithic implementation toward a plug-ins approach. This has already been achieved recently for the management of remote data access, where the original TCP/IP implementation can now be integrated with new user-provided network protocols. Following a similar approach, work is in progress to let new back-ends be integrated in the MDSplus data access layer. By decoupling the MDSplus data management from the disk data file format it is possible to integrate new solutions such as data cloud without affecting the user Application Programming Interface.

  2. New air quality guidelines: framework directive and daughter directive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosalía Fernández Patier


    Full Text Available The old Directives about air quality had some problems in their application, both in the management of ambient air quality and in the lack of public information. The new Directives, based in 96/62/EC Directive about assesment and management of ambient air resolve these problems. They are more strict in permited limit values of pollutants and establish new Directives for new pollutants. The new Directives have been transposed the national legislation in RD 1073/2002 of 18 October.

  3. Innovative tool of direct marketing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T.S. Maksymova


    Full Text Available The aspects of direct marketing activation on the basis of interactive applications introduction are examined. Basic advantages, linked with the use of the integrated marketing communications during formation of direct marketing strategies are open up.

  4. Evolutionary trends in directional hearing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carr, Catherine E; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jakob


    and lizards resemble this ancestral, directionally sensitive framework. Despite this anatomically similarity, coding of sound source location differs between birds and lizards, although all show mechanisms for enhancing sound source directionality. Comparisons with mammals reveal similarly complex...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Qingcai ZHANG


    In this article,we study the problems of Borel's directions of meromorphic functions concerning shared values and prove that if two meromorphic functions of infinite order share three distinct values,their Borel's directions are same.

  6. Estimation of wave directional spreading

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Deo, M.C.; Gondane, D.S.; SanilKumar, V.

    One of the useful measures of waves directional spreading at a given location is the directional spreading parameter. This paper presents a new approach to arrive at its characteristic value using the computational technique of Artificial Neural...

  7. Forman curvature for directed networks

    CERN Document Server

    Sreejith, R P; Saucan, Emil; Samal, Areejit


    A goal in network science is the geometrical characterization of complex networks. In this direction, we have recently introduced the Forman's discretization of Ricci curvature to the realm of undirected networks. Investigation of Forman curvature in diverse model and real-world undirected networks revealed that this measure captures several aspects of the organization of complex undirected networks. However, many important real-world networks are inherently directed in nature, and the Forman curvature for undirected networks is unsuitable for analysis of such directed networks. Hence, we here extend the Forman curvature for undirected networks to the case of directed networks. The simple mathematical formula for the Forman curvature in directed networks elegantly incorporates node weights, edge weights and edge direction. By applying the Forman curvature for directed networks to a variety of model and real-world directed networks, we show that the measure can be used to characterize the structure of complex ...

  8. A Novel Method to Magnetic Flux Linkage Optimization of Direct-Driven Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based on Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qian Xie


    Full Text Available This paper pays attention to magnetic flux linkage optimization of a direct-driven surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous generator (D-SPMSG. A new compact representation of the D-SPMSG nonlinear dynamic differential equations to reduce system parameters is established. Furthermore, the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of new D-SPMSG equations in the process of varying magnetic flux linkage are considered, which are illustrated by Lyapunov exponent spectrums, phase orbits, Poincaré maps, time waveforms and bifurcation diagrams, and the magnetic flux linkage stable region of D-SPMSG is acquired concurrently. Based on the above modeling and analyses, a novel method of magnetic flux linkage optimization is presented. In addition, a 2 MW D-SPMSG 2D/3D model is designed by ANSYS software according to the practical design requirements. Finally, five cases of D-SPMSG models with different magnetic flux linkages are simulated by using the finite element analysis (FEA method. The nephograms of magnetic flux density are agreement with theoretical analysis, which both confirm the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed approach.

  9. New directions at NSF (United States)

    Harvey, Albert B.


    The mission and scope of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and lightwave technology will be very briefly discussed. The focus of the presentation will be directed toward changes in research support that are taking place and the opportunities we have for aiming our research to meet the challenges and needs that face the nation. In the USA it is very clear that defense oriented research is downsizing and is being redirected into economy driven aresas, such as manufacturing, business, and industry. For those researchers who are willing to move into these areas and find a niche, the rewards may be very great. Industrial research partners should also seize these opportunities to enhance their resources in an otherwise bleak future for industrial support of basic research in lightwave technology and many other reserach disciplines. These activities of bringing together industry and academia will have the value added benefit of providing increased job opportunities for students. An outline of some of these opportunities and incentives will be presented. On the international front, there has never been a better time for the encouragement of joint research and collaboration across borders. The economic potential for involvement in Eastern Europe and Asia are enormous. Agencies like ourselves are open to help support of visiting scientist/engineer exchange, international conferences and forums and support of innovative ideas to help further enhance economic developemnt of the world and hence the quality of life. The presence of the Russian delegation here at these SPIE meetings in in part the result of NSF support. Concomitant with these changes is a growing interest in education. Academia is gradually realizing that education includes training for students to acquire jobs and hence we complete the cycle of the importance of interacting with industry. At the NSF a major new initiative is being introduced in Optical Science and Engineering (OSE). This effort has been

  10. A Change of Direction (United States)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Released July 21, 2004 The atmosphere of Mars is a dynamic system. Water-ice clouds, fog, and hazes can make imaging the surface from space difficult. Dust storms can grow from local disturbances to global sizes, through which imaging is impossible. Seasonal temperature changes are the usual drivers in cloud and dust storm development and growth. Eons of atmospheric dust storm activity has left its mark on the surface of Mars. Dust carried aloft by the wind has settled out on every available surface; sand dunes have been created and moved by centuries of wind; and the effect of continual sand-blasting has modified many regions of Mars, creating yardangs and other unusual surface forms. In this image we can clearly see a major change in wind regimes. The classic yardang form occupies the top of the image. These older yardangs were formed by a NW/SE wind regime. The younger, smaller yardangs are forming in the rest of the image from a NE/SW wind. The age relationship is readily visible at the intersection area, where the large yardangs are being cut crosswise into NE/SW aligned forms. The top framelet of this image has vertical black/white lines caused by charge on the camera CCD. Image information: VIS instrument. Latitude -6.3, Longitude 183.8 East (176.2 West). 19 meter/pixel resolution. Note: this THEMIS visual image has not been radiometrically nor geometrically calibrated for this preliminary release. An empirical correction has been performed to remove instrumental effects. A linear shift has been applied in the cross-track and down-track direction to approximate spacecraft and planetary motion. Fully calibrated and geometrically projected images will be released through the Planetary Data System in accordance with Project policies at a later time. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages the 2001 Mars Odyssey mission for NASA's Office of Space Science, Washington, D.C. The Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS

  11. Edge adaptive directional total variation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hua Zhang


    Full Text Available The directional total variation (DTV model has been proposed very recently for image denoising. However, the DTV model works well when there is just one dominant direction in the image. In this Letter, the authors propose to make the DTV model adaptive to image edge direction so that the proposed model can handle images with several dominant directions. Experiment and comparison show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

  12. Optimal selection for direct mail

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bult, [No Value; Wansbeek, T


    Direct marketing (mail) is a growing area of marketing practice, yet the academic journals contain very little research on this topic. The most important issue for direct marketers is how to sample targets from a population for a direct mail campaign. Although some selection methods are described in

  13. Motor directional tuning across brain areas: Directional resonance and the role of inhibition for directional accuracy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margaret Yvonne Mahan


    Full Text Available Motor directional tuning (Georgopoulos et al., 1982 has been found in every brain area in which it has been sought for during the past 30-odd years. It is typically broad, with widely distributed preferred directions and a population signal that predicts accurately the direction of an upcoming reaching movement or isometric force pulse (Georgopoulos et al., 1992. What is the basis for such ubiquitous directional tuning? How does the tuning come about? What are the implications of directional tuning for understanding the brain mechanisms of movement in space? This review addresses these questions in the light of accumulated knowledge in various sub-fields of neuroscience and motor behavior. It is argued (a that direction in space encompasses many aspects, from vision to muscles, (b that there is a directional congruence among the central representations of these distributed directions arising from rough but orderly topographic connectivities among brain areas, (c that broad directional tuning is the result of broad excitation limited by recurrent and non-recurrent (i.e. direct inhibition within the preferred direction loci in brain areas, and (d that the width of the directional tuning curve, modulated by local inhibitory mechanisms, is a parameter that determines the accuracy of the directional command.

  14. Multi-Directional Motion Adaptation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Patrick McGovern


    Full Text Available The direction aftereffect (DAE is a phenomenon whereby prolonged exposure to a moving stimulus biases the perceived direction of subsequent stimuli. It is believed to arise through a selective suppression of directionally tuned neurons in the visual cortex, causing shifts in the population response away from the adapted direction. Whereas most studies consider only unidirectional adaptation, here we examine how concurrent adaptation to multiple directions affects the DAE. Observers were required to judge whether a random dot kinematogram (RDK moved clockwise or counter-clockwise relative to upwards. In different conditions, observers adapted to a stimulus comprised of directions drawn from a distribution or to bidirectional motion. Increasing the variance of normally distributed directions reduced the magnitude of the peak DAE and broadened its tuning profile. Asymmetric sampling of Gaussian and uniform distributions resulted in shifts of DAE tuning profiles consistent with changes in the perceived global direction of the adapting stimulus. Discrimination thresholds were elevated by an amount that related to the magnitude of the bias. For bidirectional adaptors, adding dots in directions away from the adapting motion led to a pronounced reduction in the DAE. This reduction was observed when dots were added in opposite or orthogonal directions to the adaptor suggesting that it may arise via inhibition from a broadly tuned normalisation pool. Preliminary simulations with a population coding model, where the gain of a direction-selective neuron is inversely proportional to its response to the adapting stimulus, suggest that it provides a parsimonious account of these adaptation effects.

  15. Donor Conception Disclosure: Directive or Non-Directive Counselling? (United States)

    Raes, Inez; Ravelingien, An; Pennings, Guido


    It is widely agreed among health professionals that couples using donor insemination should be offered counselling on the topic of donor conception disclosure. However, it is clear from the literature that there has long been a lack of agreement about which counselling approach should be used in this case: a directive or a non-directive approach. In this paper we investigate which approach is ethically justifiable by balancing the two underlying principles of autonomy (non-directive approach) and beneficence (directive approach). To overrule one principle in favour of another, six conditions should be fulfilled. We analyse the arguments in favour of the beneficence principle, and consequently, a directive approach. This analysis shows that two conditions are not met; the principle of autonomy should not be overridden. Therefore, at this moment, a directive counselling approach on donor conception disclosure cannot be ethically justified.

  16. The median recoil direction as a WIMP directional detection signal

    CERN Document Server

    Green, Anne M


    Direct detection experiments have reached the sensitivity required to detect dark matter WIMPs. Demonstrating that a putative signal is due to WIMPs, and not backgrounds, is a major challenge however. The direction dependence of the WIMP scattering rate provides a potential WIMP `smoking gun'. If the WIMP distribution is predominantly smooth, the Galactic recoil distribution is peaked in the direction opposite to the direction of Solar motion. Previous studies have found that, for an ideal detector, of order 10 WIMP events would be sufficient to reject isotropy, and rule out an isotropic background. We examine how the median recoil direction could be used to confirm the WIMP origin of an anisotropic recoil signal. Specifically we determine the number of events required to reject the null hypothesis that the median direction is random (corresponding to an isotropic Galactic recoil distribution) at 95% confidence. We find that for zero background 31 events are required, a factor of roughly 2 more than are requi...

  17. A search for direct muon production in the forward direction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buchholz, D.; /Caltech; Johnson, Rolland P.; /Fermilab; Sumner, R.L.; /Princeton U.; Fackler, O.; /Rockefeller U.; Frisch, Henry J.; Shochet, M.; /Chicago U.


    We propose to search for direct muon production in the forward direction from 300 GeV protons incident on a heavy nuclear target. By using the first stage of the Ml beam as a source of a diffracted proton beam and the second and third stages of Ml as a spectrometer, one can make a measurement of the direct muon to pion ratio at values of x between 0.3 and 0.75. If this ratio is on the order of 10{sup -4}, the event rates are on the order of 800 direct muons/hr. at an x of .5. The modifications to the Ml beam are minor.

  18. Directionality Time - New Analytical Treatment of Directionally Biased, Crawling Motility (United States)

    Tang, Jay; Loosley, Alexander

    Insights on crucial biological functions often emerge from measuring how animal cells crawl on surfaces, particularly in response to gradients of external cues that cause directionally biased motion. Most existing metrics commonly used to characterize directional migration, such as straightness index (or chemotactic index), persistence time, and turning angle distribution, tend to be sensitive to relatively large errors at short sampling times. In contrast, we recently introduced a new metric, called directionality time, to define the onset time by which a seemingly random motion becomes directionally biased (O'Brien et al., J Leukocyte Biol, 2014, 95:993-1004 Loosley et al., PLOS ONE, 2015, 10.1371). Directionality time is obtained by fitting the mean squared displacement as a function of time interval, in log-log coordinates, to a fit function based on biased and persistent random walk processes. We show that the fit function is approximately model invariant and is applicable to a variety of directionally biased motions. Simulations are performed to show the robustness of the directionality time model and its decoupling from measurement errors. Finally, we demonstrate as an example how to usefully apply the directionality time fit to trajectories of chemotactic neutrophils.

  19. Advance directives: prerequisites and usefulness. (United States)

    van Asselt, D


    Advance directives allow competent persons to extend their right of self-determination into the future, by recording choices that are intended to influence their future care should they become unable to make choices. They are considered tools to facilitate end-of-life decision making. Advance directives are a form of anticipatory decision-making. This article will focus on instruction directives against a certain treatment, so-called advance refusals. The most important legal requirement is the acknowledgement of patient autonomy. This condition is met in all European countries. The legal uncertainties surrounding advance refusals are focused on practical modalities rather than on the validity of the general principle. According to leading ethics the underlying moral rule of advanced directives is that all truly autonomous refusals of treatment must be respected, no matter what the consequences. Physicians find it hard to adhere to the wishes and choices of patients as expressed in directives. They find the text ambiguous. Another weakness is that directives give little information about what in the patient's view constitutes a good quality of life. Some health professionals lack the willingness to step outside their own value systems and fully embrace that of the patient. Empathic skills are required. Very few persons create an advance directive. Furthermore, of the created directives only some are accessible when patients are admitted to hospital. However, when directives are available they usually influence medical treatment decisions.

  20. Direct cooled power electronics substrate (United States)

    Wiles, Randy H [Powell, TN; Wereszczak, Andrew A [Oak Ridge, TN; Ayers, Curtis W [Kingston, TN; Lowe, Kirk T [Knoxville, TN


    The disclosure describes directly cooling a three-dimensional, direct metallization (DM) layer in a power electronics device. To enable sufficient cooling, coolant flow channels are formed within the ceramic substrate. The direct metallization layer (typically copper) may be bonded to the ceramic substrate, and semiconductor chips (such as IGBT and diodes) may be soldered or sintered onto the direct metallization layer to form a power electronics module. Multiple modules may be attached to cooling headers that provide in-flow and out-flow of coolant through the channels in the ceramic substrate. The modules and cooling header assembly are preferably sized to fit inside the core of a toroidal shaped capacitor.

  1. New directions in information organization

    CERN Document Server

    Park, Jung-ran; Spink, Amanda


    New Directions in Information Organization, co-edited by Dr. Jung-ran Park and Dr. Lynne Howarth seeks to provide an overview and understanding of the future directions, leading edge theories and models for research and practice in information organization.

  2. Type-Directed Partial Evaluation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier


    Type-directed partial evaluation uses a normalization function to achieve partial evaluation. These lecture notes review its background, foundations, practice, and applications. Of specific interest is the modular technique of offline and online type-directed partial evaluation in Standard ML...

  3. Strategic directions in tissue engineering.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Johnson, P.C.; Mikos, A.G.; Fisher, J.P.; Jansen, J.A.


    The field of tissue engineering is developing rapidly. Given its ultimate importance to clinical care, the time is appropriate to assess the field's strategic directions to optimize research and development activities. To characterize strategic directions in tissue engineering, a distant but reachab

  4. Type-Directed Partial Evaluation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier


    Type-directed partial evaluation uses a normalization function to achieve partial evaluation. These lecture notes review its background, foundations, practice, and applications. Of specific interest is the modular technique of offline and online type-directed partial evaluation in Standard ML of ...

  5. Chapter 1: Direct Normal Radiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Myer, Daryl R.


    This chapter addresses the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the solar resource, the direct solar radiation. It discusses the total or integrated broadband direct beam extraterrestrial radiation (ETR). This total integrated irradiance is comprised of photons of electromagnetic radiation. The chapter also discusses the impact of the atmosphere and its effect upon the direct normal irradiance (DNI) beam radiation. The gases and particulates present in the atmosphere traversed by the direct beam reflect, absorb, and scatter differing spectral regions and proportions of the direct beam, and act as a variable filter. Knowledge of the available broadband DNI beam radiation resource data is essential in designing a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system. Spectral variations in the DNI beam radiation affect the performance of a CPV system depending on the solar cell technology used. The chapter describes propagation and scattering processes of circumsolar radiation (CSR), which includes the Mie scattering from large particles.

  6. Single Image Superresolution via Directional Group Sparsity and Directional Features. (United States)

    Li, Xiaoyan; He, Hongjie; Wang, Ruxin; Tao, Dacheng


    Single image superresolution (SR) aims to construct a high-resolution version from a single low-resolution (LR) image. The SR reconstruction is challenging because of the missing details in the given LR image. Thus, it is critical to explore and exploit effective prior knowledge for boosting the reconstruction performance. In this paper, we propose a novel SR method by exploiting both the directional group sparsity of the image gradients and the directional features in similarity weight estimation. The proposed SR approach is based on two observations: 1) most of the sharp edges are oriented in a limited number of directions and 2) an image pixel can be estimated by the weighted averaging of its neighbors. In consideration of these observations, we apply the curvelet transform to extract directional features which are then used for region selection and weight estimation. A combined total variation regularizer is presented which assumes that the gradients in natural images have a straightforward group sparsity structure. In addition, a directional nonlocal means regularization term takes pixel values and directional information into account to suppress unwanted artifacts. By assembling the designed regularization terms, we solve the SR problem of an energy function with minimal reconstruction error by applying a framework of templates for first-order conic solvers. The thorough quantitative and qualitative results in terms of peak signal-to-noise ratio, structural similarity, information fidelity criterion, and preference matrix demonstrate that the proposed approach achieves higher quality SR reconstruction than the state-of-the-art algorithms.

  7. Direct optical to microwave conversion (United States)

    Taylor, Henry F.


    Support of high frequency fiber optic links through development of innovative higher efficiency techniques to convert optical energy directly to RF Energy. Control of Phases Arrays by optical means in an area of expanding technology development. Fiber optics and other forms of optical waveguide can provide greater accuracy and true time delay in a phase delay network. Methods of improvement in transfer of optical energy to RF Energy are determined. Development of Direct Optical-to-RF-Direct Amplifiers will result in higher efficiency, low noise, optical receivers for fiber optic links with improved performance. This results in longer fiber optic links without repeaters and improved BER or shorter links.

  8. Prisoner's dilemma on directed networks

    CERN Document Server

    Ferreira, A L; Pedro, T B; Santos, M; Figueiredo, W


    We study the prisoner's dilemma model with a noisy imitation evolutionary dynamics on directed out-homogeneous and uncorrelated directed random networks. An heterogeneous pair mean-field approximation is presented showing good agreement with Monte Carlo simulations in the limit of weak selection (high noise) where we obtain analytical predictions for the critical temptations. We discuss the phase diagram as a function of temptation, intensity of noise and coordination number of the networks and we consider both the model with and without self-interaction. We compare our results with available results for non-directed lattices and networks.

  9. Module bay with directed flow (United States)

    Torczynski, John R.


    A module bay requires less cleanroom airflow. A shaped gas inlet passage can allow cleanroom air into the module bay with flow velocity preferentially directed toward contaminant rich portions of a processing module in the module bay. Preferential gas flow direction can more efficiently purge contaminants from appropriate portions of the module bay, allowing a reduced cleanroom air flow rate for contaminant removal. A shelf extending from an air inlet slit in one wall of a module bay can direct air flowing therethrough toward contaminant-rich portions of the module bay, such as a junction between a lid and base of a processing module.

  10. 全功率直驱永磁风力发电机组试验台的研究%Research for Full-Power Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Wind Generator Set Electrical Test-Bed

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    直驱型风力发电机组性能优越、运行可靠、维护简便.对采用的低速永磁电机矢量控制调速系统模拟直驱型风机的风轮运行特性进行了理论分析,提出大功率永磁同步发电机组交流传动系统仿真实际直驱永磁风力发电机组的技术方案,并设计和建立全功率直驱永磁风力发电机组的电气试验台.在试验台上对2 MW直驱永磁风力发电机组的电气系统进行了风机功率输出特性和模拟风况的运行性能的试验.%The direct-drive wind generator set has the advantages of superior performance, reliable running and easy maintenance. The theoretical analysis on wind turbine wheel running characteristics of low-speed permanent magnet motor vector control adjustable-speed system simulating direct-drive wind generator used was carried out and technical program of high-power permanent magnet synchronous generator set AC drive system to simulate actual direct-drive permanent magnet wind generator set was proposed, then electrical test bed of full-power direct-drive permanent magnet wind generator set was designed and built. Power output characteristics and running performance simulating wind condition test has been made for electrical system of 2 MW direct-drive permanent magnet wind generator set in test bed.

  11. Directed Innovation of Business Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stelian Brad


    Full Text Available Business model innovation is an important issue to keep business competitive and increase company’s profits. Due to many market attractors, identification of appropriate paths of business model evolution is a painful and risky process. To improve decision’s effectiveness in this process, an architectural construct of analysis and conceptualization for business model innovation that combines directed evolution and blue ocean concepts is proposed in this paper under the name of directed innovation. It displays the key points where innovations would happen to direct adaptation of the business model towards sustainable competitiveness. Formulation of mature solutions is supported by inventive problem solving tools. The significance of the directed innovation approach is demonstrated in a case study dealing with business model innovation of a software company.

  12. Direct Broadcast Satellite: Radio Program (United States)

    Hollansworth, James E.


    NASA is committed to providing technology development that leads to the introduction of new commercial applications for communications satellites. The Direct Broadcast Satellite-Radio (DBS-R) Program is a joint effort between The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and The United States Information Agency/Voice of America (USIA/VOA) directed at this objective. The purpose of this program is to define the service and develop the technology for a direct-to-listener satellite sound broadcasting system. The DBS-R Program, as structured by NASA and VOA, is now a three-phase program designed to help the U.S. commercial communications satellite and receiver industry bring about this new communications service. Major efforts are being directed towards frequency planning hardware and service development, service demonstration, and experimentation with new satellite and receiver technology.

  13. Photon upconversion with directed emission (United States)

    Börjesson, K.; Rudquist, P.; Gray, V.; Moth-Poulsen, K.


    Photon upconversion has the potential to increase the efficiency of single bandgap solar cells beyond the Shockley Queisser limit. Efficient light management is an important point in this context. Here we demonstrate that the direction of upconverted emission can be controlled in a reversible way, by embedding anthracene derivatives together with palladium porphyrin in a liquid crystalline matrix. The system is employed in a triplet-triplet annihilation photon upconversion scheme demonstrating controlled switching of directional anti Stokes emission. Using this approach an emission ratio of 0.37 between the axial and longitudinal emission directions and a directivity of 1.52 is achieved, reasonably close to the theoretical maximal value of 2 obtained from a perfectly oriented sample. The system can be switched for multiple cycles without any visible degradation and the speed of switching is only limited by the intrinsic rate of alignment of the liquid crystalline matrix.

  14. Major Directions in Creativity Research. (United States)

    Khatena, Joe

    Reviewed are major directions in creativity research in the following areas: theories of creativity; definitions; instruments to measure creativity; nurturing creativity; the disabled, disturbed, and disadvantaged; cross cultural patterns; creative imagination imagery; and measuring creative imagination imagery. (LS)

  15. EOP Current Magnitude and Direction (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data contain shipboard current magnitudes and directions collected in the Pacific, both pelagic and near shore environments. Data is collected using an RD...

  16. Multi-Directional Experimental Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The ATLSS Multi-directional Experimental Laboratory was constructed in 1987 under funding from the National Science Foundation to be a major facility for large-scale...

  17. Direction of escape in reindeer


    Baskin, Leonid M.; Terje Skogland


    We tested the hypothesis that reindeer prefer to run uphill and upwind when escaping from man. Groups of wild and feral reindeer in Norway, Svalbard and on Wrangel Island were approached and their behaviour and direction of escape were recorded. Two stages of interaction with man were studied: first flight and final withdrawal. First flights proved to be away from man, upwind and uphill. Most final withdrawals were in the direction reindeer were moving when first observed.

  18. Direction of escape in reindeer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonid M. Baskin


    Full Text Available We tested the hypothesis that reindeer prefer to run uphill and upwind when escaping from man. Groups of wild and feral reindeer in Norway, Svalbard and on Wrangel Island were approached and their behaviour and direction of escape were recorded. Two stages of interaction with man were studied: first flight and final withdrawal. First flights proved to be away from man, upwind and uphill. Most final withdrawals were in the direction reindeer were moving when first observed.

  19. Urologic robots and future directions


    Mozer, Pierre; Troccaz, Jocelyne; Stoianovici, Dan


    International audience; PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery in urology has gained immense popularity with the daVinci system, but a lot of research teams are working on new robots. The purpose of this study is to review current urologic robots and present future development directions. RECENT FINDINGS: Future systems are expected to advance in two directions: improvements of remote manipulation robots and developments of image-guided robots. SUMMARY: The final goal of robot...

  20. Improved directional-distance filter

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    This paper proposes a new spatial-distance weighting function.By combining the weighting function and the traditional directional-distance filter (DDF) in a novel way,a new vector filter-the adaptive distance-weighted directional-distance filter (ADWDDF)-is presented.The experimental results show that the proposed solution provides better filtering performance and preserves better image chromaticity and edge or detail information compared with the traditional DDF and some other typical vector filters.

  1. Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Meyer, Klaus E.; Sinani, Evis


    The extensive empirical literature analyzing productivity spillovers from foreign direct investment to local firms provides inconclusive results. Some studies find that foreign presence has a positive impact on the productivity of domestic firms, while others find no evidence or a negative effect...... for industrialized countries in the 1990s. Transition economies may experience spillovers, but these have been declining in recent years. Keywords: developing countries, transition economies, spillovers, foreign direct investment, technology transfer, meta-analysis...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dan-Iulian VOITAȘEC


    Full Text Available The manner in which hostilities are being conducted has changed in recent years. The battle field has transpired beyond the physical realm and now has a virtual component. Because of this, it is now easier than ever for civilians to get involved in hostilities. International Humanitarian Law applies to all situations of armed conflict and according to the principle of distinction, the parties to the conflict must, at all times, distinguish between civilians and combatants. The problem arises when the line between combatants and civilians starts to get blurry. Direct civilian participation in hostilities has been addressed in both Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and in 2009 the International Committee of the Red Cross published the Interpretive guidance on the notion of Direct Participation in Hostilities under international humanitarian law. Another document that addresses the problem of civilian direct participation is the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare prepared by an international group of experts at the invitation of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in 2013. The guide prepared by the ICRC addresses the problem of civilian direct participation during conventional situations of armed conflict, while the Tallinn Manual addresses direct participation in situations of cyber warfare. The purpose of this paper is to study the application of civilian direct participation to situations of cyber warfare.

  3. Direct conversion of fusion energy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Johansson, Markus


    Deuterium and tritium are expected to be used as fuel in the first fusion reactors. Energy is released as kinetic energy of ions and neutrons, when deuterium reacts with tritium. One way to convert the kinetic energy to electrical energy, is to let the ions and neutrons hit the reactor wall and convert the heat that is caused by the particle bombardment to electrical energy with ordinary thermal conversion. If the kinetic energy of the ions instead is converted directly to electrical energy, a higher efficiency of the energy conversion is possible. The majority of the fusion energy is released as kinetic energy of neutrons, when deuterium reacts with tritium. Fusion reactions such as the D-D reactions, the D-{sup 3}He reaction and the p-{sup 11}B reaction, where a larger part of the fusion energy becomes kinetic energy of charged particles, appears therefore more suitable for direct conversion. Since they have lower reactivity than the D-T reaction, they need a larger {beta}B{sup 2}{sub 0} to give sufficiently high fusion power density. Because of this, the fusion configurations spherical torus (ST) and field-reversed configuration (FRC), where high {beta} values are possible, appear interesting. Rosenbluth and Hinton come to the conclusion that efficient direct conversion isn't possible in closed field line systems and that open geometries, which facilitate direct conversion, provide inadequate confinement for D-{sup 3}He. It is confirmed in this study that it doesn't seem possible to achieve as high direct conversion efficiency in closed systems as in open systems. ST and FRC fusion power plants that utilize direct conversion seem however interesting. Calculations with the help of Maple indicate that the reactor parameters needed for a D-D ST and a D{sub 3} He ST hopefully are possible to achieve. The best energy conversion option for a D-D or D{sub 3} He ST appears to be direct electrodynamic conversion (DEC) together with ordinary thermal conversion

  4. Directive and Non-Directive Movement in Child Therapy. (United States)

    Krason, Katarzyna; Szafraniec, Grazyna


    Presents a new authorship method of child therapy based on visualization through motion. Maintains that this method stimulates motor development and musical receptiveness, and promotes personality development. Suggests that improvised movement to music facilitates the projection mechanism and that directed movement starts the channeling phase.…

  5. Photoelectrochemical based direct conversion systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kocha, S.; Arent, D.; Peterson, M. [National Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO (United States)] [and others


    The goal of this research is to develop a stable, cost effective, photoelectrochemical based system that will split water upon illumination, producing hydrogen and oxygen directly, using sunlight as the only energy input. This type of direct conversion system combines a photovoltaic material and an electrolyzer into a single monolithic device. We report on our studies of two multifunction multiphoton photoelectrochemical devices, one based on the ternary semiconductor gallium indium phosphide, (GaInP{sub 2}), and the other one based on amorphous silicon carbide. We also report on our studies of the solid state surface treatment of GaInP{sub 2} as well as our continuing effort to develop synthetic techniques for the attachment of transition metal complexes to the surface of semiconductor electrodes. All our surface studies are directed at controlling the interface energetics and forming stable catalytic surfaces.

  6. Sensing roughness and polish direction

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jakobsen, Michael Linde; Olesen, Anders Sig; Larsen, Henning Engelbrecht;


    needs information about the RMS-value of the surface roughness and the current direction of the scratches introduced by the polishing process. The RMS-value indicates to the operator how far he is from the final finish, and the scratch orientation is often specified by the customer in order to avoid...... complications during the casting process. In this work we present a method for measuring the RMS-values of the surface roughness while simultaneously determining the polishing direction. We are mainly interested in the RMS-values in the range from 0 – 100 nm, which corresponds to the finish categories of A1, A2...... and A3 (Finishing guide, Bales). Based on simple intensity measurements, we estimate the RMS-value of the surface roughness, and by using a sectioned annually shaped photo-detector to collect the scattered light, we can determine the direction of polishing and distinguish light scattered from random...

  7. On Directed Information and Gambling

    CERN Document Server

    Permuter, Haim H; Weissman, Tsachy


    We study the problem of gambling in horse races with causal side information and show that Massey's directed information characterizes the increment in the maximum achievable capital growth rate due to the availability of side information. This result gives a natural interpretation of directed information $I(Y^n \\to X^n)$ as the amount of information that $Y^n$ \\emph{causally} provides about $X^n$. Extensions to stock market portfolio strategies and data compression with causal side information are also discussed.

  8. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, DMFC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amornpitoksuk, P.


    Full Text Available Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, DMFC is a kind of fuel cell using methanol as a fuel for electric producing. Methanol is low cost chemical substance and it is less harmful than that of hydrogen fuel. From these reasons it can be commercial product. The electrocatalytic reaction of methanol fuel uses Pt-Ru metals as the most efficient catalyst. In addition, the property of membrane and system designation are also effect to the fuel cell efficient. Because of low power of methanol fuel cell therefore, direct methanol fuel cell is proper to use for the energy source of small electrical devices and vehicles etc.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Djoni Haryadi Setiabudi


    Full Text Available Technology development had given people the chance to capture their memorable moments in video format. A high quality digital video is a result of a good editing process. Which in turn, arise the new need of an editor application. In accordance to the problem, here the process of making a simple application for video editing needs. The application development use the programming techniques often applied in multimedia applications, especially video. First part of the application will begin with the video file compression and decompression, then we'll step into the editing part of the digital video file. Furthermore, the application also equipped with the facilities needed for the editing processes. The application made with Microsoft Visual C++ with DirectX technology, particularly DirectShow. The application provides basic facilities that will help the editing process of a digital video file. The application will produce an AVI format file after the editing process is finished. Through the testing process of this application shows the ability of this application to do the 'cut' and 'insert' of video files in AVI, MPEG, MPG and DAT formats. The 'cut' and 'insert' process only can be done in static order. Further, the aplication also provide the effects facility for transition process in each clip. Lastly, the process of saving the new edited video file in AVI format from the application. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Perkembangan teknologi memberi kesempatan masyarakat untuk mengabadikan saat - saat yang penting menggunakan video. Pembentukan video digital yang baik membutuhkan proses editing yang baik pula. Untuk melakukan proses editing video digital dibutuhkan program editor. Berdasarkan permasalahan diatas maka pada penelitian ini dibuat prototipe editor sederhana untuk video digital. Pembuatan aplikasi memakai teknik pemrograman di bidang multimedia, khususnya video. Perencanaan dalam pembuatan aplikasi tersebut dimulai dengan pembentukan

  10. Changes of Clara cell protein and interferon-γ in lungs with fetal growth retardation in fetal rats%宫内生长受限胎鼠肺组织Clara细胞蛋白与干扰素γ的变化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘晓梅; 田宝玲; 焦伊胜; 袁正伟; 刘彩霞


    目的 研究孕期营养不良造成的宫内生长受限(IUGR)胎鼠肺组织Clara细胞蛋白(CCSP)和调控其转录表达的细胞因子干扰素-γ(IFN-γ)的变化及相互联系,探讨其与肺部疾病发生的相关性.方法 采用孕期全程低蛋白饮食法建立大鼠IUGR模型,孕第20.5天(足月21.5 d)剖腹取胎鼠,分离其肺脏,肺组织切片HE染色后观察其肺组织病理变化,酶联免疫分析法检测其血清和肺组织中CCSP和IFN-γ水平.采用荧光定量反转录-聚合酶链式反应技术检测胎鼠肺脏中IFN-γ mRNA和CCSP mRNA表达.结果 低蛋白组胎鼠体质量和湿肺质量均低于对照组;IUGR胎鼠肺组织切片放射性肺泡计数降低,提示IUGR组胎鼠肺泡数量减少,肺泡平均线性截距增加.IUGR组胎鼠肺组织CCSP mRNA和蛋白水平均低于对照组(P均<0.05),其血浆CCSP蛋白水平亦明显低于对照组(P<0.05).IUGR胎鼠血循环和肺组织IFN-γ水平均明显低于对照组(P均<0.05).结论 宫内营养不良引起胎鼠肺组织结构发生改变,IFN-γ表达降低,可能抑制CCSP基因的转录和表达,从而诱发产后早期乃至后期肺部疾病.%Objective To determine the effects of intrauterine growth retardation(IUGR) caused by malnutrition during pregnancy on the lung structure and expression of Clara cell protein (CCSP) and interferon (IFN)-γ in the fetal lungs,and to explore their relation ship with pulmonary disease.Methods Fetal rats from maternal protein-malnutrition dams were studied on day 20(term 21.5 day).The lung pathology was examined by means of Hematoxylin and eosin(HE) stain.Plasma was collected to determine the CCSP and IFN-γ concentration.Lungs were harvested to measure the expression of CCSP and IFN-γ mRNA by using fluorescent quantization reverse transcription (RT)-PCR and the levels of CCSP and IFN-γ protein were assessed by using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.Results Malnutrition fetus body weight significantly less compared

  11. Direct Employee Involvement Quality (DEIQ)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Torka, Nicole; Woerkom, van Marianne; Looise, Jan-Kees


    This paper focuses on one aspect of human resource management (HRM) that is important for innovative employee behaviour: direct employee involvement quality (DEIQ). However, research has also shown that employee involvement is often in serious need of improvement. This paper presents evidence from t

  12. Broadband terahertz fiber directional coupler

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Kristian; Rasmussen, Henrik K.; Jepsen, Peter Uhd;


    We present the design of a short broadband fiber directional coupler for terahertz (THz) radiation and demonstrate a 3 dB coupler with a bandwidth of 0:6 THz centered at 1:4 THz. The broadband coupling is achieved by mechanically downdoping the cores of a dual-core photonic crystal fiber...

  13. The 1990 direct support infrastructure (United States)


    The airport and cargo terminal were individually analyzed in depth as the principal direct infrastructure components having cross impacts with aircraft carrying cargo. Containerization was also addressed in depth as an infrastructure component since it categorically is linked with and cross impacted by the aircraft, the cargo terminal, the surface transport system, the shipper and consignee, and the actual cargo being moved.

  14. Teaching Ethics: A Direct Approach. (United States)

    Penn, William Y., Jr.


    Compares five designs of an undergraduate ethics course at Saint Edward's University (Texas) in a 5-year study involving 318 students. Reveals the effectiveness of directly targeting and teaching in tandem the elements of moral reasoning. Bases study on Lawrence Kohlberg's moral development theory. Argues that this approach best develops moral…

  15. Directivity of basic linear arrays

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bach, Henning


    For a linear uniform array ofnelements, an expression is derived for the directivity as a function of the spacing and the phase constants. The cases of isotropic elements, collinear short dipoles, and parallel short dipoles are included. The formula obtained is discussed in some detail and contour...

  16. Self directed and lifelong learning. (United States)

    Alexander, Sylvia; Kernohan, George; McCullagh, Paul


    Given the many changes that occur in medicine, health care and information technologies we need to prepare all our students to engage in self directed and life long learning. There is considerable opportunity for self-directed and lifelong learning in health informatics bringing together students in exciting global learning environments, where they have much greater freedom and flexibility in their studies and potentially a wider variety of resources available to them. Self-directed learning focuses on the process by which adults take control of their own learning, in particular how they set their own learning goals, locate appropriate resources, decide on which learning methods to use and evaluate their progress. Lifelong learning happens in a variety of formal and informal settings building on both intentional and incidental learning experiences. In a lifelong learning situation the tutor must relinquish the role of expert and assume the role of facilitator, guiding learners to uncover their own knowledge. Against a back drop of rapid advances in technology which can be used to both deliver course materials and provide enhanced learning opportunities, this chapter outlines the pedagogic principles and practices which underpin self-directed and lifelong learning.

  17. Directional Dependence in Developmental Research (United States)

    von Eye, Alexander; DeShon, Richard P.


    In this article, we discuss and propose methods that may be of use to determine direction of dependence in non-normally distributed variables. First, it is shown that standard regression analysis is unable to distinguish between explanatory and response variables. Then, skewness and kurtosis are discussed as tools to assess deviation from…

  18. Direct spinning of fiber supercapacitor. (United States)

    Xu, Tong; Ding, Xiaoteng; Liang, Yuan; Zhao, Yang; Chen, Nan; Qu, Liangti


    A direct wet spinning approach is demonstrated for facile and continuous fabrication of a whole fiber supercapacitor using a microfluidic spinneret. The resulting fiber supercapacitor shows good electrochemical properties and possesses high flexibility and mechanical stability. This strategy paves the way for large-scale continuous production of fiber supercapacitors for weavable electronics.

  19. Neurolaw and Direct Brain Interventions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vincent, N.A.


    This issue of Criminal Law and Philosophy contains three papers on a topic of increasing importance within the field of ‘‘neurolaw’’—namely, the implications for criminal law of direct brain intervention based mind altering techniques (DBI’s). To locate these papers’ topic within a broader context,

  20. Direct reciprocity in structured populations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    C.M. van Veelen; J. García; D.G. Rand; M.A. Nowak


    Reciprocity and repeated games have been at the center of attention when studying the evolution of human cooperation. Direct reciprocity is considered to be a powerful mechanism for the evolution of cooperation, and it is generally assumed that it can lead to high levels of cooperation. Here we expl

  1. Sensing roughness and polish direction (United States)

    Jakobsen, M. L.; Olesen, A. S.; Larsen, H. E.; Stubager, J.; Hanson, S. G.; Pedersen, T. F.; Pedersen, H. C.


    As a part of the work carried out on a project supported by the Danish council for technology and innovation, we have investigated the option of smoothing standard CNC machined surfaces. In the process of constructing optical prototypes, involving custom-designed optics, the development cost and time consumption can become relatively large numbers in a research budget. Machining the optical surfaces directly is expensive and time consuming. Alternatively, a more standardized and cheaper machining method can be used, but then the object needs to be manually polished. During the polishing process the operator needs information about the RMS-value of the surface roughness and the current direction of the scratches introduces by the polishing process. The RMS-value indicates to the operator how far he is from the final finish, and the scratch orientation is often specified by the customer in order to avoid complications during the casting process. In this work we present a method for measuring the RMS-values of the surface roughness while simultaneously determining the polishing direction. We are mainly interested in the RMS-values in the range from 0 - 100 nm, which corresponds to the finish categories of A1, A2 and A3. Based on simple intensity measurements we estimates the RMS-value of the surface roughness, and by using a sectioned annual photo-detector to collect the scattered light we can determine the direction of polishing and distinguish light scattered from random structures and light scattered from scratches.

  2. Direct Energy Conversion Literature Abstracts (United States)


    here-between in contact with Tecnica Ital.26:65-71, Jan/Feb.1961. said second electrode. (U.S. Patent Off. Off. Gaz. 773:260, Dec.5,1961). In Italian...DETERMINATION OF MOLECULAR WEIGHT. Mikrochim. Acta p.457-466, 3168 S 1951. Huber, H. and Bensimon, J. SUR LA CONVERSION DIRECTE DE CHALEUR EN (In English

  3. Multi-directional productivity change

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Asmild, Mette; Balezentis, Tomas; Hougaard, Jens Leth


    In this paper we introduce an extension of the Malmquist total factor productivity index, which utilizes the Multi-directional Efficiency Analysis approach. This enables variable-specific analysis of productivity change as well as its components (efficiency change and technical change). The new...

  4. Simulated coal-gas fueled carbonate fuel cell power plant system verification. Final report, September 1990--June 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report summarizes work performed under U.S. Department of Energy, Morgantown Energy Technology Center (DOE/METC) Contract DE-AC-90MC27168 for September 1990 through March 1995. Energy Research Corporation (ERC), with support from DOE, EPRI, and utilities, has been developing a carbonate fuel cell technology. ERC`s design is a unique direct fuel cell (DFC) which does not need an external fuel reformer. An alliance was formed with a representative group of utilities and, with their input, a commercial entry product was chosen. The first 2 MW demonstration unit was planned and construction begun at Santa Clara, CA. A conceptual design of a 10OMW-Class dual fuel power plant was developed; economics of natural gas versus coal gas use were analyzed. A facility was set up to manufacture 2 MW/yr of carbonate fuel cell stacks. A 100kW-Class subscale power plant was built and several stacks were tested. This power plant has achieved an efficiency of {approximately}50% (LHV) from pipeline natural gas to direct current electricity conversion. Over 6,000 hours of operation including 5,000 cumulative hours of stack operation were demonstrated. One stack was operated on natural gas at 130 kW, which is the highest carbonate fuel cell power produced to date, at 74% fuel utilization, with excellent performance distribution across the stack. In parallel, carbonate fuel cell performance has been improved, component materials have been proven stable with lifetimes projected to 40,000 hours. Matrix strength, electrolyte distribution, and cell decay rate have been improved. Major progress has been achieved in lowering stack cost.

  5. Direct detection of dark matter axions with directional sensitivity

    CERN Document Server

    Irastorza, Igor G


    We study the directional effect of the expected axion dark matter signal in a resonant cavity of an axion haloscope detector, for cavity geometries not satisfying the condition that the axion de Broglie wavelength is much larger than the cavity dimensions. We focus on long thin cavities immersed in dipole magnets and find, for appropriately chosen cavity lengths, an O(1) modulation of the signal with the cavity orientation with respect the momentum distribution of the relic axion background predicted by the isothermal sphere model for the galactic dark matter halo. This effect can be exploited to design directional axion dark matter detectors, providing an unmistakable signature of the extraterrestrial origin of a possible positive detection. Moreover, the precise shape of the modulation may give information of the galactic halo distribution and, for specific halo models, give extra sensitivity for higher axion masses.

  6. Breakdown of interdependent directed networks. (United States)

    Liu, Xueming; Stanley, H Eugene; Gao, Jianxi


    Increasing evidence shows that real-world systems interact with one another via dependency connectivities. Failing connectivities are the mechanism behind the breakdown of interacting complex systems, e.g., blackouts caused by the interdependence of power grids and communication networks. Previous research analyzing the robustness of interdependent networks has been limited to undirected networks. However, most real-world networks are directed, their in-degrees and out-degrees may be correlated, and they are often coupled to one another as interdependent directed networks. To understand the breakdown and robustness of interdependent directed networks, we develop a theoretical framework based on generating functions and percolation theory. We find that for interdependent Erdős-Rényi networks the directionality within each network increases their vulnerability and exhibits hybrid phase transitions. We also find that the percolation behavior of interdependent directed scale-free networks with and without degree correlations is so complex that two criteria are needed to quantify and compare their robustness: the percolation threshold and the integrated size of the giant component during an entire attack process. Interestingly, we find that the in-degree and out-degree correlations in each network layer increase the robustness of interdependent degree heterogeneous networks that most real networks are, but decrease the robustness of interdependent networks with homogeneous degree distribution and with strong coupling strengths. Moreover, by applying our theoretical analysis to real interdependent international trade networks, we find that the robustness of these real-world systems increases with the in-degree and out-degree correlations, confirming our theoretical analysis.

  7. Model Independent Direct Detection Analyses

    CERN Document Server

    Fitzpatrick, A Liam; Katz, Emanuel; Lubbers, Nicholas; Xu, Yiming


    Following the construction of the general effective theory for dark matter direct detection in 1203.3542, we perform an analysis of the experimental constraints on the full parameter space of elastically scattering dark matter. We review the prescription for calculating event rates in the general effective theory and discuss the sensitivity of various experiments to additional nuclear responses beyond the spin-independent (SI) and spin-dependent (SD) couplings: an angular-momentum-dependent (LD) and spin-and-angular-momentum-dependent (LSD) response, as well as a distinction between transverse and longitudinal spin-dependent responses. We consider the effect of interference between different operators and in particular look at directions in parameter space where such cancellations lead to holes in the sensitivity of individual experiments. We explore the complementarity of different experiments by looking at the improvement of bounds when experiments are combined. Finally, our scan through parameter space sho...

  8. Plasma dark matter direct detection

    CERN Document Server

    Clarke, Jackson D


    Dark matter in spiral galaxies like the Milky Way may take the form of a dark plasma. Hidden sector dark matter charged under an unbroken $U(1)'$ gauge interaction provides a simple and well defined particle physics model realising this possibility. The assumed $U(1)'$ neutrality of the Universe then implies (at least) two oppositely charged dark matter components with self-interactions mediated via a massless "dark photon" (the $U(1)'$ gauge boson). In addition to nuclear recoils such dark matter can give rise to keV electron recoils in direct detection experiments. In this context, the detailed physical properties of the dark matter plasma interacting with the Earth is required. This is a complex system, which is here modelled as a fluid governed by the magnetohydrodynamic equations. These equations are numerically solved for some illustrative examples, and implications for direct detection experiments discussed. In particular, the analysis presented here leaves open the intriguing possibility that the DAMA...

  9. Directed information measures in neuroscience

    CERN Document Server

    Vicente, Raul; Lizier, Joseph


    Analysis of information transfer has found rapid adoption in neuroscience, where a highly dynamic transfer of information continuously runs on top of the brain's slowly-changing anatomical connectivity. Measuring such transfer is crucial to understanding how flexible information routing and processing give rise to higher cognitive function. Directed Information Measures in Neuroscience reviews recent developments of concepts and tools for measuring information transfer, their application to neurophysiological recordings and analysis of interactions. Written by the most active researchers in the field the book discusses the state of the art, future prospects and challenges on the way to an efficient assessment of neuronal information transfer. Highlights include the theoretical quantification and practical estimation of information transfer, description of transfer locally in space and time, multivariate directed measures, information decomposition among a set of stimulus/responses variables, and the relation ...

  10. Multimode waveguide based directional coupler (United States)

    Ahmed, Rajib; Rifat, Ahmmed A.; Sabouri, Aydin; Al-Qattan, Bader; Essa, Khamis; Butt, Haider


    The Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) based platform overcomes limitations of the previous copper and fiber based technologies. Due to its high index difference, SOI waveguide (WG) and directional couplers (DC) are widely used for high speed optical networks and hybrid Electro-Optical inter-connections; TE00-TE01, TE00-TE00 and TM00-TM00 SOI direction couplers are designed with symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations to couple with TE00, TE01 and TM00 in a multi-mode semi-triangular ring-resonator configuration which will be applicable for multi-analyte sensing. Couplers are designed with effective index method and their structural parameters are optimized with consideration to coupler length, wavelength and polarization dependence. Lastly, performance of the couplers are analyzed in terms of cross-talk, mode overlap factor, coupling length and coupling efficiency.

  11. Direct Fuel Injector Temporal Measurements (United States)


    optimize engine performance and emissions. Fuel injectors contain an actuator, pintle (or needle), and nozzle. The most common actuator is a solenoid ...Introduction Fuel injectors have a long history in metering fuel in modern engines by either port fuel injection (PFI) or direct fuel injection (DFI...Compared with a carburetor, fuel injectors have more accurate fuel delivering capability, thus giving engineers and technicians more flexibility to

  12. Directivity of a simplified aeroengine


    Mattei, Pierre-Olivier


    International audience; This paper presents theoretical and numerical results on the high frequency directivity of an aeroengine under flight conditions. In this paper, two different theories, based on a Kirchhoff approximation for semi-infinite cylinders, are combined to obtain the far field sound pressure radiated into the whole surrounding space. Although the geometric description of the engine is simplified - in particular, the annular exhaust is not taken into account - it includes some ...

  13. Theology Today - Currents and Directions


    Fergusson, David


    While more fragmented than in mid-20th century, recent trends and directions reveal some dominant approaches and particular sub-areas that have become the focus of significant attention. Although overlapping and intersecting, these are discernible both methodologically and thematically. Approaches include a commitment to cross-disciplinarity, contextuality, strategies of retrieval, articulation of confessional identity, and the re-appropriation of liberalism. Important sub-areas include the r...

  14. Relativistic propulsion using directed energy (United States)

    Bible, Johanna; Johansson, Isabella; Hughes, Gary B.; Lubin, Philip M.


    We propose a directed energy orbital planetary defense system capable of heating the surface of potentially hazardous objects to the evaporation point as a futuristic but feasible approach to impact risk mitigation. The system is based on recent advances in high efficiency photonic systems. The system could also be used for propulsion of kinetic or nuclear tipped asteroid interceptors or other interplanetary spacecraft. A photon drive is possible using direct photon pressure on a spacecraft similar to a solar sail. Given a laser power of 70GW, a 100 kg craft can be propelled to 1AU in approximately 3 days achieving a speed of 0.4% the speed of light, and a 10,000 kg craft in approximately 30 days. We call the system DE-STAR for Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and exploRation. DE-STAR is a modular phased array of solid-state lasers, powered by photovoltaic conversion of sunlight. The system is scalable and completely modular so that sub elements can be built and tested as the technology matures. The sub elements can be immediately utilized for testing as well as other applications including space debris mitigation. The ultimate objective of DE-STAR would be to begin direct asteroid vaporization and orbital modification starting at distances beyond 1 AU. Using phased array technology to focus the beam, the surface spot temperature on the asteroid can be raised to more than 3000K, allowing evaporation of all known substances. Additional scientific uses of DE-STAR are also possible.

  15. Direct reciprocity in structured populations. (United States)

    van Veelen, Matthijs; García, Julián; Rand, David G; Nowak, Martin A


    Reciprocity and repeated games have been at the center of attention when studying the evolution of human cooperation. Direct reciprocity is considered to be a powerful mechanism for the evolution of cooperation, and it is generally assumed that it can lead to high levels of cooperation. Here we explore an open-ended, infinite strategy space, where every strategy that can be encoded by a finite state automaton is a possible mutant. Surprisingly, we find that direct reciprocity alone does not lead to high levels of cooperation. Instead we observe perpetual oscillations between cooperation and defection, with defection being substantially more frequent than cooperation. The reason for this is that "indirect invasions" remove equilibrium strategies: every strategy has neutral mutants, which in turn can be invaded by other strategies. However, reciprocity is not the only way to promote cooperation. Another mechanism for the evolution of cooperation, which has received as much attention, is assortment because of population structure. Here we develop a theory that allows us to study the synergistic interaction between direct reciprocity and assortment. This framework is particularly well suited for understanding human interactions, which are typically repeated and occur in relatively fluid but not unstructured populations. We show that if repeated games are combined with only a small amount of assortment, then natural selection favors the behavior typically observed among humans: high levels of cooperation implemented using conditional strategies.

  16. Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John W. Lund


    Full Text Available The worldwide application of geothermal energy for direct utilization is reviewed. This paper is based on the world update for direct-use presented at the World Geothermal Congress 2010 in Bali, Indonesia (WGC2010 [1] which also includes material presented at three world geothermal congresses in Italy, Japan and Turkey (WGC95, WGC2000 and WGC2005. This report is based on country update papers prepared for WGC2010 and data from other sources. Final update papers were received from 70 countries of which 66 reported some direct utilization of geothermal energy for WGC2010. Twelve additional countries were added to the list based on other sources of information. The 78 countries having direct utilization of geothermal energy, is a significant increase from the 72 reported in 2005, the 58 reported in 2000, and the 28 reported in 1995. An estimate of the installed thermal power for direct utilization at the end of 2009, reported from WGC2010 is 48,493 MWt, almost a 72 % increased over the 2005 data, growing at a compound rate of 11.4% annually with a capacity factor of 0.28. The thermal energy used is 423,830 TJ/year (117,740 GWh/yr, about a 55% increase over 2005, growing at a compound rate of 9.2% annually. The distribution of thermal energy used by category is approximately 47.2% for ground-source heat pumps, 25.8% for bathing and swimming (including balneology, 14.9% for space heating (of which 85% is for district heating, 5.5% for greenhouses and open ground heating, 2.8% for industrial process heating, 2.7% for aquaculture pond and raceway heating, 0.4% for agricultural drying, 0.5% for snow melting and cooling, and 0.2% for other uses. Energy savings amounted to 250 million barrels (38 million tonnes of equivalent oil annually, preventing 33 million tonnes of carbon and 107 million tonnes of CO2 being release to the atmosphere which includes savings in geothermal heat pump cooling (compared to using fuel oil to generate electricity.

  17. 1.2 MW peak power, all-solid-state picosecond laser with a microchip laser seed and a high gain single-passing bounce geometry amplifier (United States)

    Wang, Chunhua; Shen, Lifeng; Zhao, Zhiliang; Liu, Bin; Jiang, Hongbo; Chen, Jun; Liu, Chong


    A semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) based passively Q-switched microchip Nd:YVO4 seed laser with pulse duration of 90 ps at repetition rate of 100 kHz is amplified by single-passing a Nd:YVO4 bounce amplifier with varying seed input power from 20 μW to 10 mW. The liquid pure metal greasy thermally conductive material is used to replace the traditional thin indium foil as the thermal contact material for better heat load transfer of the Nd:YVO4 bounce amplifier. Temperature distribution at the pump surface is measured by an infrared imager to compare with the numerically simulated results. A highest single-passing output power of 11.3 W is obtained for 10 mW averaged seed power, achieving a pulse peak power of ~1.25 MW and pulse energy of ~113 μJ. The beam quality is well preserved with M2 ≤1.25. The simple configuration of this bounce laser amplifier made the system flexible, robust and cost-effective, showing attractive potential for further applications.

  18. Directional spread parameter at intermediate water depth

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    SanilKumar, V.; Deo, M.C.; Anand, N.M.; AshokKumar, K.

    The characteristics of directional spread parameters at intermediate water depth are investigated based on a cosine power '2s' directional spreading model. This is based on wave measurements carried out using a Datawell directional waverider buoy...

  19. A convenient category for directed homotopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fajstrup, Lisbeth; Rosický, J.


    We propose a convenient category for directed homotopy consisting of "directed" topological spaces generated by "directed" cubes. Its main advantage is that, like the category of topological spaces generated by simplices suggested by J. H. Smith, it is locally presentable.......We propose a convenient category for directed homotopy consisting of "directed" topological spaces generated by "directed" cubes. Its main advantage is that, like the category of topological spaces generated by simplices suggested by J. H. Smith, it is locally presentable....

  20. Directional Solidification of Eutectic Ceramics (United States)

    Sayir, Ali


    Two major problems associated with structural ceramics are lack of damage tolerance and insufficient strength and creep resistance at very high temperatures of interest for aerospace application. This work demonstrated that the directionally solidified eutectics can have unique poly-phase microstructures and mechanical properties superior to either constituent alone. The constraining effect of unique eutectic microstructures result in higher resistance to slow crack growth and creep. Prospect of achieving superior properties through controlled solidification are presented and this technology can also be beneficial to produce new class of materials.

  1. Directed energy deflection laboratory measurements (United States)

    Brashears, Travis; Lubin, Phillip; Hughes, Gary B.; Meinhold, Peter; Suen, Jonathan; Batliner, Payton; Motta, Caio; Griswold, Janelle; Kangas, Miikka; Johansson, Isbella; Alnawakhtha, Yusuf; Prater, Kenyon; Lang, Alex; Madajian, Jonathan


    We report on laboratory studies of the effectiveness of directed energy planetary defense as a part of the DESTAR (Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and exploRation) program. DE-STAR [1][5][6] and DE-STARLITE [2][5][6] are directed energy "stand-off" and "stand-on" programs, respectively. These systems consist of a modular array of kilowatt-class lasers powered by photovoltaics, and are capable of heating a spot on the surface of an asteroid to the point of vaporization. Mass ejection, as a plume of evaporated material, creates a reactionary thrust capable of diverting the asteroid's orbit. In a series of papers, we have developed a theoretical basis and described numerical simulations for determining the thrust produced by material evaporating from the surface of an asteroid [1][2][3][4][5][6]. In the DE-STAR concept, the asteroid itself is used as the deflection "propellant". This study presents results of experiments designed to measure the thrust created by evaporation from a laser directed energy spot. We constructed a vacuum chamber to simulate space conditions, and installed a torsion balance that holds an "asteroid" sample. The sample is illuminated with a fiber array laser with flux levels up to 60 MW/m2 which allows us to simulate a mission level flux but on a small scale. We use a separate laser as well as a position sensitive centroid detector to readout the angular motion of the torsion balance and can thus determine the thrust. We compare the measured thrust to the models. Our theoretical models indicate a coupling coefficient well in excess of 100 μN/Woptical, though we assume a more conservative value of 80 μN/Woptical and then degrade this with an optical "encircled energy" efficiency of 0.75 to 60 μN/Woptical in our deflection modeling. Our measurements discussed here yield about 45 μN/Wabsorbed as a reasonable lower limit to the thrust per optical watt absorbed.

  2. Direct application of geothermal energy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reistad, G.M.


    An overall treatment of direct geothermal applications is presented with an emphasis on the above-ground engineering. The types of geothermal resources and their general extent in the US are described. The potential market that may be served with geothermal energy is considered briefly. The evaluation considerations, special design aspects, and application approaches for geothermal energy use in each of the applications are considered. The present applications in the US are summarized and a bibliography of recent studies and applications is provided. (MHR)

  3. Directed Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Westerlund, Axel Rune Fredrik; Bjørnholm, Thomas


    As a complement to common "top-down" lithography techniques, "bottom-up" assembly techniques are emerging as promising tools to build nanoscale structures in a predictable way. Gold nanoparticles that are stable and relatively easy to synthesize are important building blocks in many such structures...... due to their useful optical and electronic properties. Programmed assembly of gold nanoparticles in one, two, and three dimensions is therefore of large interest. This review focuses on the progress from the last three years in the field of directed gold nanoparticle and nanorod assembly using...

  4. Direct measurements of neutrino masses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holzschuh, E. [Zurich Univ. (Switzerland). Inst. fuer Physik


    The direct measurements have so far given no indication for a nonzero (positive) mass of any of the three known neutrinos. The experiments measuring the tau and the muon neutrino are good shape. The tritium experiments are in an unfortunate situation. It is unclear to me whether the problems are experimental or theoretical or a combination of both. The electronic final states distribution have been calculated, but the results have never been tested experimentally. The most important question to be answered is about the validity of the sudden approximation. (author) 9 figs., 2 tabs., 16 refs.

  5. Multi-directional local search. (United States)

    Tricoire, Fabien


    This paper introduces multi-directional local search, a metaheuristic for multi-objective optimization. We first motivate the method and present an algorithmic framework for it. We then apply it to several known multi-objective problems such as the multi-objective multi-dimensional knapsack problem, the bi-objective set packing problem and the bi-objective orienteering problem. Experimental results show that our method systematically provides solution sets of comparable quality with state-of-the-art methods applied to benchmark instances of these problems, within reasonable CPU effort. We conclude that the proposed algorithmic framework is a viable option when solving multi-objective optimization problems.

  6. Boltzmann, Darwin and Directionality theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Demetrius, Lloyd A., E-mail:


    Boltzmann’s statistical thermodynamics is a mathematical theory which relates the macroscopic properties of aggregates of interacting molecules with the laws of their interaction. The theory is based on the concept thermodynamic entropy, a statistical measure of the extent to which energy is spread throughout macroscopic matter. Macroscopic evolution of material aggregates is quantitatively explained in terms of the principle: Thermodynamic entropy increases as the composition of the aggregate changes under molecular collision. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a qualitative theory of the origin of species and the adaptation of populations to their environment. A central concept in the theory is fitness, a qualitative measure of the capacity of an organism to contribute to the ancestry of future generations. Macroscopic evolution of populations of living organisms can be qualitatively explained in terms of a neo-Darwinian principle: Fitness increases as the composition of the population changes under variation and natural selection. Directionality theory is a quantitative model of the Darwinian argument of evolution by variation and selection. This mathematical theory is based on the concept evolutionary entropy, a statistical measure which describes the rate at which an organism appropriates energy from the environment and reinvests this energy into survivorship and reproduction. According to directionality theory, microevolutionary dynamics, that is evolution by mutation and natural selection, can be quantitatively explained in terms of a directionality principle: Evolutionary entropy increases when the resources are diverse and of constant abundance; but decreases when the resource is singular and of variable abundance. This report reviews the analytical and empirical support for directionality theory, and invokes the microevolutionary dynamics of variation and selection to delineate the principles which govern macroevolutionary dynamics of speciation and

  7. Direct Bonded Pontic (Laporan Kasus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suhandi Sidjaja


    Full Text Available Advanced science and technology in dentistry enable dental practitioners to modified she bonding techniques in tooth replacement. A pontic made of composite resin bonded to etched enamel of the adjacent teeth can be used in the replacement of one missing anterior tooth with a virgin or sowed adpicent tooth. The advantages of this technique include a one visit treatment, cow cost, good esthetics, less side effects and easy repair or rebounding. Clinical evaluation showed a high success rate therefore with a proper diagnosis and a perfect skill of the direct bonded technique this treatment can be used as an alternative restoration.

  8. Directional Growth of Polymeric Nanowires (United States)

    Thapa, Prem; Flanders, Bret


    This work establishes an innovative electrochemical approach to the template free growth of conducting polypyrrole and polythiophene wires. These polymeric wires exhibit a knobby structure, but persistent growth in a given direction up to 30 μm in length. A long-range component of the applied voltage signal defines the growth-path. Moreover, the presence of this component enables the growth of amorphous nanowires with wire-like geometries. Such wires are employed in a non-invasive methodology for attaining strong mechanical attachments to live cells. This capability is of potential use in the electro-mechanical probing of cell physiological processes.

  9. Neurolaw and Direct Brain Interventions


    Vincent, N.A.


    This issue of Criminal Law and Philosophy contains three papers on a topic of increasing importance within the field of ‘‘neurolaw’’—namely, the implications for criminal law of direct brain intervention based mind altering techniques (DBI’s). To locate these papers’ topic within a broader context, I begin with an overview of some prominent topics in the field of neurolaw, where possible providing some references to relevant literature. The specific questions asked by the three authors, as we...

  10. Analysis of Nonlinear Directional Couplers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    M. Liu P. Shum; N. Q. Ngo


    @@ 1 Introduction Since the coupled-mode theory in cylindrical optical-fiber systems was proposed in 1972, the optical coupling between parallel optical waveguides has been a matter of scientific concern. Two-core fiber couplers, especially, have been studied extensively since the success of producing a two-core fiber functioning as a directional coupler in 1980. The wavelength and polarization selectivity of two-core fibers can find many applications. The nonlinear properties of the two-core fiber coupler were also inspected with the realization of an ultrafast all-optical switch.

  11. Direct measurement of light waves. (United States)

    Goulielmakis, E; Uiberacker, M; Kienberger, R; Baltuska, A; Yakovlev, V; Scrinzi, A; Westerwalbesloh, Th; Kleineberg, U; Heinzmann, U; Drescher, M; Krausz, F


    The electromagnetic field of visible light performs approximately 10(15) oscillations per second. Although many instruments are sensitive to the amplitude and frequency (or wavelength) of these oscillations, they cannot access the light field itself. We directly observed how the field built up and disappeared in a short, few-cycle pulse of visible laser light by probing the variation of the field strength with a 250-attosecond electron burst. Our apparatus allows complete characterization of few-cycle waves of visible, ultraviolet, and/or infrared light, thereby providing the possibility for controlled and reproducible synthesis of ultrabroadband light waveforms.

  12. Vitreous substitutes: challenges and directions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Qian-Ying; Gao; Yue; Fu; Yan-Nian; Hui


    The natural vitreous body has a fine structure and complex functions. The imitation of the natural vitreous body by vitreous substitutes is a challenging work for both researchers and ophthalmologists. Gases, silicone oil, heavy silicone oil and hydrogels, particularly the former two vitreous substitutes are clinically widely used with certain complications. Those, however, are not real artificial vitreous due to lack of structure and function like the natural vitreous body. This article reviews the situations, challenges, and future directions in the development of vitreous substitutes, particularly the experimental and clinical use of a new artificial foldable capsular vitreous body.

  13. Accurate determination of antenna directivity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dich, Mikael


    The derivation of a formula for accurate estimation of the total radiated power from a transmitting antenna for which the radiated power density is known in a finite number of points on the far-field sphere is presented. The main application of the formula is determination of directivity from power......-pattern measurements. The derivation is based on the theory of spherical wave expansion of electromagnetic fields, which also establishes a simple criterion for the required number of samples of the power density. An array antenna consisting of Hertzian dipoles is used to test the accuracy and rate of convergence...

  14. Future direction in airline marketing (United States)

    Colussy, D. A.


    The rapid growth and broadening of the air travel market, coupled with a more sophisticated consumer, will dramatically change airline marketing over the next decade. Discussed is the direction this change is likely to take and its implications for companies within the industry. New conceptualization approaches are required if the full potential of this expanding market is to be fully realized. Marketing strategies are developed that will enable various elements of the travel industry to compete not only against each other but also with other products that are competing for the consumer's discretionary income.

  15. 75 FR 53611 - Direct Investment Surveys: BE-577, Quarterly Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad-Direct... (United States)


    ... 15 CFR Part 806 [Docket No. 100202061-0063-01] RIN 0691-AA75 Direct Investment Surveys: BE-577, Quarterly Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad--Direct Transactions of U.S. Reporter With Foreign.... Direct Investment Abroad--Transactions of U.S. Reporter With Foreign Affiliate.'' The exemption level...

  16. 75 FR 76630 - Direct Investment Surveys: BE-577, Quarterly Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad-Direct... (United States)


    ... Bureau of Economic Analysis 15 CFR Part 806 RIN 0691--AA75 Direct Investment Surveys: BE-577, Quarterly Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Abroad--Direct Transactions of U.S. Reporter With Foreign Affiliate... requirements for BE-577 quarterly survey of U.S. direct investment abroad. BEA conducts the survey...

  17. Radial lean direct injection burner (United States)

    Khan, Abdul Rafey; Kraemer, Gilbert Otto; Stevenson, Christian Xavier


    A burner for use in a gas turbine engine includes a burner tube having an inlet end and an outlet end; a plurality of air passages extending axially in the burner tube configured to convey air flows from the inlet end to the outlet end; a plurality of fuel passages extending axially along the burner tube and spaced around the plurality of air passage configured to convey fuel from the inlet end to the outlet end; and a radial air swirler provided at the outlet end configured to direct the air flows radially toward the outlet end and impart swirl to the air flows. The radial air swirler includes a plurality of vanes to direct and swirl the air flows and an end plate. The end plate includes a plurality of fuel injection holes to inject the fuel radially into the swirling air flows. A method of mixing air and fuel in a burner of a gas turbine is also provided. The burner includes a burner tube including an inlet end, an outlet end, a plurality of axial air passages, and a plurality of axial fuel passages. The method includes introducing an air flow into the air passages at the inlet end; introducing a fuel into fuel passages; swirling the air flow at the outlet end; and radially injecting the fuel into the swirling air flow.

  18. Broadband direct RF digitization receivers

    CERN Document Server

    Jamin, Olivier


    This book discusses the trade-offs involved in designing direct RF digitization receivers for the radio frequency and digital signal processing domains.  A system-level framework is developed, quantifying the relevant impairments of the signal processing chain, through a comprehensive system-level analysis.  Special focus is given to noise analysis (thermal noise, quantization noise, saturation noise, signal-dependent noise), broadband non-linear distortion analysis, including the impact of the sampling strategy (low-pass, band-pass), analysis of time-interleaved ADC channel mismatches, sampling clock purity and digital channel selection. The system-level framework described is applied to the design of a cable multi-channel RF direct digitization receiver. An optimum RF signal conditioning, and some algorithms (automatic gain control loop, RF front-end amplitude equalization control loop) are used to relax the requirements of a 2.7GHz 11-bit ADC. A two-chip implementation is presented, using BiCMOS and 65nm...

  19. Urologic robots and future directions

    CERN Document Server

    Mozer, Pierre; Stoianovici, Dan; 10.1097/MOU.0b013e32831cc1ba


    PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery in urology has gained immense popularity with the daVinci system, but a lot of research teams are working on new robots. The purpose of this study is to review current urologic robots and present future development directions. RECENT FINDINGS: Future systems are expected to advance in two directions: improvements of remote manipulation robots and developments of image-guided robots. SUMMARY: The final goal of robots is to allow safer and more homogeneous outcomes with less variability of surgeon performance, as well as new tools to perform tasks on the basis of medical transcutaneous imaging, in a less invasive way, at lower costs. It is expected that improvements for a remote system could be augmented in reality, with haptic feedback, size reduction, and development of new tools for natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery. The paradigm of image-guided robots is close to clinical availability and the most advanced robots are presented with end-use...

  20. On Making Directed Graphs Eulerian

    CERN Document Server

    Sorge, Manuel


    A directed graph is called Eulerian, if it contains a walk that traverses every arc in the graph exactly once. We study the problem of Eulerian Extension (EE) where a directed multigraph G and a weight function is given and it is asked whether G can be made Eulerian by adding arcs whose total weight does not exceed a given threshold. This problem is motivated through applications in vehicle routing and flowshop scheduling. However, EE is NP- hard and thus we use the parameterized complexity framework to analyze it. In parameterized complexity, the running time of algorithms is considered not only with respect to input length, but also with respect to other properties of the input-called "parameters". Dorn et al. proved that EE can be solved in O(4^k n^4) time, where k denotes the parameter "number of arcs that have to be added". In this thesis, we analyze EE with respect to the (smaller) parameters "number c of connected components in the input graph" and "sum b over indeg(v) - outdeg(v) for all vertices v in...

  1. Directional synthetic aperture flow imaging

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Jørgen Arendt; Nikolov, Svetoslav


    A method for flow estimation using synthetic aperture imaging and focusing along the flow direction is presented. The method can find the correct velocity magnitude for any flow angle and full color flow images can be measured using only 32 to 128 pulse emissions. The approach uses spherical wave...... artery and jugular vein of a healthy 29 years old volunteer was acquired. A full color flow image using only 128 emissions could be made with a high velocity precision.......A method for flow estimation using synthetic aperture imaging and focusing along the flow direction is presented. The method can find the correct velocity magnitude for any flow angle and full color flow images can be measured using only 32 to 128 pulse emissions. The approach uses spherical wave...... angle is manually determined from the B-mode image. The approach can be used for both tissue and blood velocity determination. The approach was investigated using both simulations and a flow system with a laminar flow. The flow profile was measured with a commercial 7.5 MHz linear array transducer...

  2. Overview: developmental toxicology: new directions. (United States)

    Shuey, Dana; Kim, James H


    Since regulatory agencies began implementing the use of standardized developmental toxicology protocols in the mid-1960s, our knowledge base of embryo-fetal development and technologies for experimentation has grown exponentially. These developmental toxicology protocols were a direct result of the thalidomide tragedy from earlier that decade, when large numbers of women were exposed to the drug and over 10,000 cases of phocomelia resulted. In preventing a recurrence of such tragedies, the testing protocols are immensely successful and the field of toxicology has been dedicated to using them to advance safety and risk assessment of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Recently, our perspectives on toxicity testing have been challenged by a growing awareness that while we have excelled in hazard identification, we are in dire need of improved methodologies for human health risk assessment, particularly with respect to the large numbers of environmental chemicals for which we have little toxicology data and to the growing sentiment that better alternatives to whole animals tests are needed. To provide a forum for scientists, researchers, and regulators, the Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Technical Committee of the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute organized a 2-day workshop titled "Developmental Toxicology-New Directions" to evaluate lessons learned over the past 30 years and discuss the future of toxicology testing. The following four articles describe different presentations and discussions that were held over the course of those 2 days.

  3. Boltzmann, Darwin and Directionality theory (United States)

    Demetrius, Lloyd A.


    Boltzmann’s statistical thermodynamics is a mathematical theory which relates the macroscopic properties of aggregates of interacting molecules with the laws of their interaction. The theory is based on the concept thermodynamic entropy, a statistical measure of the extent to which energy is spread throughout macroscopic matter. Macroscopic evolution of material aggregates is quantitatively explained in terms of the principle: Thermodynamic entropy increases as the composition of the aggregate changes under molecular collision. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a qualitative theory of the origin of species and the adaptation of populations to their environment. A central concept in the theory is fitness, a qualitative measure of the capacity of an organism to contribute to the ancestry of future generations. Macroscopic evolution of populations of living organisms can be qualitatively explained in terms of a neo-Darwinian principle: Fitness increases as the composition of the population changes under variation and natural selection. Directionality theory is a quantitative model of the Darwinian argument of evolution by variation and selection. This mathematical theory is based on the concept evolutionary entropy, a statistical measure which describes the rate at which an organism appropriates energy from the environment and reinvests this energy into survivorship and reproduction. According to directionality theory, microevolutionary dynamics, that is evolution by mutation and natural selection, can be quantitatively explained in terms of a directionality principle: Evolutionary entropy increases when the resources are diverse and of constant abundance; but decreases when the resource is singular and of variable abundance. This report reviews the analytical and empirical support for directionality theory, and invokes the microevolutionary dynamics of variation and selection to delineate the principles which govern macroevolutionary dynamics of speciation and

  4. Conflict-Directed Backjumping Revisited

    CERN Document Server

    Chen, X; 10.1613/jair.788


    In recent years, many improvements to backtracking algorithms for solving constraint satisfaction problems have been proposed. The techniques for improving backtracking algorithms can be conveniently classified as look-ahead schemes and look-back schemes. Unfortunately, look-ahead and look-back schemes are not entirely orthogonal as it has been observed empirically that the enhancement of look-ahead techniques is sometimes counterproductive to the effects of look-back techniques. In this paper, we focus on the relationship between the two most important look-ahead techniques---using a variable ordering heuristic and maintaining a level of local consistency during the backtracking search---and the look-back technique of conflict-directed backjumping (CBJ). We show that there exists a "perfect" dynamic variable ordering such that CBJ becomes redundant. We also show theoretically that as the level of local consistency that is maintained in the backtracking search is increased, the less that backjumping will be a...

  5. Together in the same direction

    CERN Multimedia


    It’s sometimes difficult to explain the nature of global collaboration in particle physics: how fierce competition coexists with collaboration, and how, whatever our differences, we all pull in the same direction. But this week gave us two strong examples.   Firstly, on Wednesday, the Technical Design Report (TDR) for the International Linear Collider (ILC) was officially delivered to the International Committee for Future Accelerators, ICFA, the global body that oversees the development of major projects in particle physics. This event marks the culmination of years of effort through close global collaboration between labs around the world. It has seen tough collective decisions being taken between competing technologies, with all participating labs lining up behind the chosen option. And on Wednesday this week, it saw the linear collider community choosing CERN as one of the three venues for the official handover, despite the fact that CERN was not one of the original core labs ...

  6. The SPES direct UCx target (United States)

    Andrighetto, A.; Antonucci, C.; Barbui, M.; Carturan, S.; Cervellera, F.; Cevolani, S.; Cinausero, M.; Colombo, P.; Dainelli, A.; di Bernardo, P.; Gramegna, F.; Maggioni, G.; Meneghetti, G.; Petrovich, C.; Piga, L.; Prete, G.; Rizzi, V.; Tonezzer, M.; Zafiropoulos, D.; Zanonato, P.


    A possible solution for a target system aimed at the production of exotic nuclei as a result of high energy fissions in 238U compounds has been analyzed. The proposed configuration is constituted by a primary proton beam (40 MeV, 0.2 mA) directly impinging on uranium carbide disks inserted within a cylindrical carbon box. This system has been conceived to obtain both a high number of neutron rich atoms (originated from about 1013 fissions/s) and a low power deposition in the target. In order to extract the fission fragments, the box has to be hold at 2000○C. The thermal analysis shows the capability of the thermal radiation to cool the disks with a reasonable margin below the material melting point. Moreover, the analyses of the thermo-mechanical behaviour and of the effusion times confirm the promising features of this target configuration.

  7. Directed actin assembly and motility. (United States)

    Boujemaa-Paterski, Rajaa; Galland, Rémi; Suarez, Cristian; Guérin, Christophe; Théry, Manuel; Blanchoin, Laurent


    The actin cytoskeleton is a key component of the cellular architecture. However, understanding actin organization and dynamics in vivo is a complex challenge. Reconstitution of actin structures in vitro, in simplified media, allows one to pinpoint the cellular biochemical components and their molecular interactions underlying the architecture and dynamics of the actin network. Previously, little was known about the extent to which geometrical constraints influence the dynamic ultrastructure of these networks. Therefore, in order to study the balance between biochemical and geometrical control of complex actin organization, we used the innovative methodologies of UV and laser patterning to design a wide repertoire of nucleation geometries from which we assembled branched actin networks. Using these methods, we were able to reconstitute complex actin network organizations, closely related to cellular architecture, to precisely direct and control their 3D connections. This methodology mimics the actin networks encountered in cells and can serve in the fabrication of innovative bioinspired systems.

  8. Direct Search in Conceptual Design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. B. Skvortsov


    Full Text Available The notion Concept implies a set of rules and ideas combining in a common intention actual principles for application, structure and form of a future artificial object. A rational concept is considered as a product of "conceptual design", which is nothing more than a step-by-step research on the possibility of achieving a desired goal. It precedes a full-scale development oriented to the project implementation. The author studies conceptual design as the process of idea evolution involving several s tages (Fig. 1. One of them is considered, for which an effort is made to generate an effective methodology of direct search for a rational concept with due regard for system and other methods.

  9. Direction Cryptography in Quantum Communications

    CERN Document Server

    Simmons, W; Simmons, Walter; Pakvasa, Sandip


    We examine a situation in which an information-carrying signal is sent from two sources to a common receiver. The radiation travels through free space in the presence of noise. The information resides in a relationship between the two beams. We inquire into whether itis possible, in principle, that the locations of the transmitters can be concealed from a party who receives the radiation and decodes the information. Direction finding entails making a set of measurements on asignal and constructing an analytic continuation of the time dependent fields from the results. The fact that this process is generally different in quantum mechanics and in classical electrodynamics is the basis in this investigation. We develop a model based upon encoding information into a microscopic, transverse, non-local quantum image (whose dimensions are of the order of a few wavelengths) and using a detector of a type recently proposed by Strekalov et al. The optical system, which uses SPDC (Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion)...

  10. Note: Direct piezoelectric effect microscopy. (United States)

    Mori, T J A; Stamenov, P; Dorneles, L S


    An alternative method for investigating piezoelectric surfaces is suggested, exploiting the direct piezoeffect. The technique relies on acoustic (ultrasonic) excitation of the imaged surface and mapping of the resulting oscillatory electric potential. The main advantages arise from the spatial resolution of the conductive scanning probe microscopy in combination with the relatively large magnitude of the forward piezo signal Upf, which can be of the order of tens of mV even for non-ferroelectric piezoelectric materials. The potency of this experimental strategy is illustrated with measurements on well-crystallized quartz surfaces, where Upf ∼ 50 mV, for a piezoelectric coefficient of d33 = - 2.27  ×  10(-12) m/V, and applied stress of about T3 ∼ 5.7 kPa.

  11. Probabilistic direct counterfactual quantum communication (United States)

    Zhang, Sheng


    It is striking that the quantum Zeno effect can be used to launch a direct counterfactual communication between two spatially separated parties, Alice and Bob. So far, existing protocols of this type only provide a deterministic counterfactual communication service. However, this counterfactuality should be payed at a price. Firstly, the transmission time is much longer than a classical transmission costs. Secondly, the chained-cycle structure makes them more sensitive to channel noises. Here, we extend the idea of counterfactual communication, and present a probabilistic-counterfactual quantum communication protocol, which is proved to have advantages over the deterministic ones. Moreover, the presented protocol could evolve to a deterministic one solely by adjusting the parameters of the beam splitters. Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61300203).

  12. New Directions In Professional Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebecca Novick


    Full Text Available There is increasing recognition that school reform and staff development are integrally related. Yet, despite a rich literature on adult learning and human development which supports teachers' need for a wide array of opportunities to construct their own understandings and theories in a collaborative setting, top down mandates have frequently left teachers out of the reform process. It is argued here that effective staff development should be tied directly to the daily life of classroom and grounded in the questions and concerns of teachers. Both a theory of pedagogy that advocates teaching for understanding and learning as understanding and a model of staff development based on practical knowledge enriched by critical reflection are discussed.

  13. Direct search for light gluinos

    CERN Document Server

    Fanti, V; Musa, L; Marras, D; Nappi, A; Hay, B; Moore, R W; Moore, K N; Munday, D J; Needham, M D; Parker, M A; White, T O; Wotton, S A; Andersen, J; Barr, Giles David; Bocquet, G; Bremer, J; Ceccucci, Augusto; Cundy, Donald C; Doble, Niels T; Fischer, G; Funk, W; Gatignon, L; Gianoli, A; Gonidec, A; Govi, G; Grafström, P; Kubischta, Werner; Luitz, S; Kesseler, G; Matheys, J P; Norton, Alan Robert; Palestini, S; Panzer-Steindel, B; Schinzel, D; Taureg, Hans; Velasco, M; Vossnack, O; Wahl, H; Wirrer, G; Kekelidze, V D; Mestvirishvili, A; Potrebenikov, Yu K; Tatishvili, G T; Tkachev, A L; Zinchenko, A I; Boyle, O; Martin, V J; Knowles, I G; Parsons, H; Dalpiaz, Pietro; Duclos, J; Frabetti, P L; Martini, M; Petrucci, F; Porcu, M; Savrié, M; Bizzeti, A; Calvetti, M; Graziani, G; Iacopini, E; Lenti, M; Michetti, A; Becker, H G; Blümer, H; Buchholz, P; Coward, D H; Ebersberger, C; Fox, H; Kalter, A; Kleinknecht, K; Koch, U; Köpke, L; Renk, B; Scheidt, J; Schmidt, J; Schönharting, V; Schué, Yu; Wilhelm, R; Winharting, A; Wittgen, M; Chollet, J C; Crépé, S; Iconomidou-Fayard, L; Fayard, Louis; Ocariz, J; Unal, G; Vattolo, D; Wingerter-Seez, I; Anzivino, Giuseppina; Cenci, P; Lubrano, P; Pepé, M; Gorini, B; Calafiura, P; Carosi, R; Cerri, C; Cirilli, M; Costantini, F; Fantechi, R; Giudici, Sergio; Mannelli, I; Marzulli, V M; Pierazzini, G M; Sozzi, M; Chèze, J B; Cogan, J; De Beer, M; Debu, P; Formica, A; Granier de Cassagnac, R; Khristov, P Z; Mazzucato, E; Peyaud, B; Schanne, S; Turlay, René; Vallage, B; Augustin, I; Bender, M; Holder, M; Ziolkowski, M; Arcidiacono, R; Biino, C; Marchetto, F; Menichetti, E; Nassalski, J P; Rondio, Ewa; Szleper, M; Wislicki, W; Wronka, S; Dibon, Heinz; Jeitler, Manfred; Markytan, Manfred; Mikulec, I; Neuhofer, Günther; Pernicka, Manfred; Taurok, Anton


    We present the results for a direct search for light gluinos through the appearance of $\\eta\\rightarrow 3\\pin$ with high transverse momentum in the vacuum tank of the NA48 experiment at CERN. We find one event within a lifetime range of $10^{-9}-10^{-3}$\\,s and another one between $10^{-10}-10^{-9}$\\,s. Both events are consistent with the expected background from neutrons in the beam, produced by 450 GeV protons impinging on the Be targets, which interact with the residual air in the tank. From these data we give limits on the production of the hypothetical $g\\widetilde{g}$ bound state, the $R^0$ hadron, and its $R^0\\rightarrow\\eta\\photino$ decay in the $R^0$ mass range between 1 and 5~GeV.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Chirilă – Donciu


    Full Text Available Mobilizing financial resources to cover investment needs is a concern of all countries, developed or developing ones, of consolidated market economies or emerging ones. A distinctive characteristic of Global Economy over the last few decades has been the rising rate and impressive increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI. The purpose of this research is to analyse global FDI inflows in Europe and in Romania. The results of the research support the idea that the balance of economic power is changing in the world economy and the countries that own a stable and solid industrial base are at an advantage. The new trends determined by the economic crisis in the field of FDI refer to the growing percentage of developing and emerging countries in the global flows of FDI.

  15. Direct Approach to Quantum Tunneling (United States)

    Andreassen, Anders; Farhi, David; Frost, William; Schwartz, Matthew D.


    The decay rates of quasistable states in quantum field theories are usually calculated using instanton methods. Standard derivations of these methods rely in a crucial way upon deformations and analytic continuations of the physical potential and on the saddle-point approximation. While the resulting procedure can be checked against other semiclassical approaches in some one-dimensional cases, it is challenging to trace the role of the relevant physical scales, and any intuitive handle on the precision of the approximations involved is at best obscure. In this Letter, we use a physical definition of the tunneling probability to derive a formula for the decay rate in both quantum mechanics and quantum field theory directly from the Minkowski path integral, without reference to unphysical deformations of the potential. There are numerous benefits to this approach, from nonperturbative applications to precision calculations and aesthetic simplicity.

  16. The Search for Directed Intelligence

    CERN Document Server

    Lubin, Philip


    We propose a search for sources of directed energy systems such as those now becoming technologically feasible on Earth. Recent advances in our own abilities allow us to foresee our own capability that will radically change our ability to broadcast our presence. We show that systems of this type have the ability to be detected at vast distances and indeed can be detected across the entire horizon. This profoundly changes the possibilities for searches for extra-terrestrial technology advanced civilizations. We show that even modest searches can be extremely effective at detecting or limiting many civilization classes. We propose a search strategy that will observe more than 10 12 stellar and planetary systems with possible extensions to more than 10 20 systems allowing us to test the hypothesis that other similarly or more advanced civilization with this same capability, and are broadcasting, exist.

  17. New directions in hospital governance. (United States)

    Shortell, S M


    This article suggests new directions for hospital governance to meet the demands of a rapidly changing health care environment. Board members must increasingly play roles as risk takers, strategic directors, experts, mentors, and evaluators. Lessons from other industries regarding risk taking, use of expertise, and streamlining decision making must be adapted to meet hospital needs. Recent data suggest that these needs may still differ by hospital ownership despite a convergence in investor-owned and not-for-profit corporate structures. The effectiveness of hospital boards in the future will depend on their ability to: (1) manage a diverse group of stakeholders; (2) involve physicians in the management and governance process; (3) meet the governance needs of multi-institutional systems and hospital restructuring; (4) meet the challenges of diversification and vertical integration; and (5) understand strategy formulation and implementation as interdependent and interrelated processes.

  18. Invariance of directed spaces and persistence

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    With motivations arising from concurrency theory within Computer Science, a new field of research, directed algebraic topology, has emerged. The main characteristic is, that it involves spaces of "directed paths'' (or timed paths, executions) in a "directed space''; these directed paths can be co...

  19. Laterality and Directional Preferences in Preschool Children. (United States)

    Tan, Lesley E.


    Directional preference for horizontal hand movements was investigated in 49 right- and 49 left-handed four-year-olds using three drawing tests. Directionality for more complex perceptual-motor tasks has a different basis than directionality for simple tasks; such directionality is established at a later age but only for the right hand. (Author/CM)

  20. 40 CFR 73.72 - Direct sales. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 16 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Direct sales. 73.72 Section 73.72... ALLOWANCE SYSTEM Auctions, Direct Sales, and Independent Power Producers Written Guarantee § 73.72 Direct sales. Allowances that were formerly part of the direct sale program, which has been terminated...

  1. 14 CFR 212.7 - Direct sales. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Direct sales. 212.7 Section 212.7... REGULATIONS CHARTER RULES FOR U.S. AND FOREIGN DIRECT AIR CARRIERS § 212.7 Direct sales. (a) Certificated and... direct sales Public Charters by a foreign air carrier upon a finding that such action is necessary in...

  2. Direct lateral maneuvers in hawkmoths

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremy S. M. Greeter


    Full Text Available We used videography to investigate direct lateral maneuvers, i.e. ‘sideslips’, of the hawkmoth Manduca sexta. M. sexta sideslip by rolling their entire body and wings to reorient their net force vector. During sideslip they increase net aerodynamic force by flapping with greater amplitude, (in both wing elevation and sweep, allowing them to continue to support body weight while rolled. To execute the roll maneuver we observed in sideslips, they use an asymmetric wing stroke; increasing the pitch of the roll-contralateral wing pair, while decreasing that of the roll-ipsilateral pair. They also increase the wing sweep amplitude of, and decrease the elevation amplitude of, the contralateral wing pair relative to the ipsilateral pair. The roll maneuver unfolds in a stairstep manner, with orientation changing more during downstroke than upstroke. This is due to smaller upstroke wing pitch angle asymmetries as well as increased upstroke flapping counter-torque from left-right differences in global reference frame wing velocity about the moth's roll axis. Rolls are also opposed by stabilizing aerodynamic moments from lateral motion, such that rightward roll velocity will be opposed by rightward motion. Computational modeling using blade-element approaches confirm the plausibility of a causal linkage between the previously mentioned wing kinematics and roll/sideslip. Model results also predict high degrees of axial and lateral damping. On the time scale of whole and half wing strokes, left-right wing pair asymmetries directly relate to the first, but not second, derivative of roll. Collectively, these results strongly support a roll-based sideslip with a high degree of roll damping in M. sexta.

  3. Current Direct Neutrino Mass Experiments

    CERN Document Server

    Drexlin, G; Mertens, S; Weinheimer, C


    In this contribution we review the status and perspectives of direct neutrino mass experiments. These experiments investigate the kinematics of $\\beta$-decays of specific isotopes ($^3$H, $^{187}$Re, $^{163}$Ho) to derive model-independent information on the averaged electron (anti-) neutrino mass, which is formed by the incoherent sum of the neutrino mass eigenstates contributing to the electron neutrino. We first review the kinematics of $\\beta$-decay and the determination of the neutrino mass, before giving a brief overview of past neutrino mass measurements (SN1987a-ToF studies, Mainz and Troitsk experiments for $^3$H, cryo-bolometers for $^{187}$Re). We then describe the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment which is currently under construction at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The large-scale setup will use the MAC-E-Filter principle pioneered earlier to push the sensitivity down to a value of 200 meV(90% C.L.). KATRIN faces many technological challenges that have to be resolved with regar...

  4. Why are Hydrogen Bonds Directional?

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)



    The recent IUPAC recommendation on the definition of hydrogen bonding points out that directionality is a defining characteristic of a hydrogen bond and the angle ∠X-H-Y is generally linear or 180◦. It also suggests that the X-H· · ·Y angle be greater than 110◦ for an interaction to be characterized as a hydrogenbond but does not provide any rationale for the same. This article reports a rationale for limiting the angle, based on the electron density topology using the quantum theory of atoms in molecules. Electron density topology for common hydrogen bond donors HF, HCl, HBr, HNC, HCN and HCCH are reported in this work. These calculations lead to an interesting observation that the atomic basins of H atom in all these donor molecules are limited justifying the restriction of hydrogen bond angle. Moreover, similar analysis on some hydrogen bonded complexes confirms that beyond this angle the acceptor atom Y starts interacting with the atomic basin on X. However, conclusions based on bond lengths and angles have to be treated with care and as the IUPAC recommendation points out that independent ‘evidence for bond formation’ in every case is important.

  5. Direct anti-HCV agents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xingquan Zhang


    Full Text Available Unlike human immunodeficiency virus (HIV and hepatitis B virus (HBV, hepatitis C virus (HCV infection is a curable disease. Current direct antiviral agent (DAA targets are focused on HCV NS3/4A protein (protease, NS5B protein (polymerase and NS5A protein. The first generation of DAAs includes boceprevir and telaprevir, which are protease inhibitors and were approved for clinical use in 2011. The cure rate for genotype 1 patients increased from 45% to 70% when boceprevir or telaprevir was added to standard PEG-IFN/ribavirin. More effective and less toxic second generation DAAs supplanted these drugs by 2013. The second generation of DAAs includes sofosbuvir (Sovaldi, simeprevir (Olysio, and fixed combination medicines Harvoni and Viekira Pak. These drugs increase cure rates to over 90% without the need for interferon and effectively treat all HCV genotypes. With these drugs the “cure HCV” goal has become a reality. Concerns remain about drug resistance mutations and the high cost of these drugs. The investigation of new HCV drugs is progressing rapidly; fixed dose combination medicines in phase III clinical trials include Viekirax, asunaprevir+daclatasvir+beclabuvir, grazoprevir+elbasvir and others.

  6. New directions for veterinary technology. (United States)

    Chadderdon, Linda M; Lloyd, James W; Pazak, Helene E


    Veterinary technology has generally established itself well in companion-animal and mixed-animal veterinary medical practice, but the career's growth trajectory is uncertain. Michigan State University (MSU) convened a national conference, "Creating the Future of Veterinary Technology-A National Dialogue," in November 2011 to explore ways to elevate the veterinary technician/technologist's role in the veterinary medical profession and to identify new directions in which the career could expand. Veterinary technicians/technologists might advance their place in private practice by not only improving their clinical skills, but by also focusing on areas such as practice management, leadership training, business training, conflict resolution, information technology, and marketing/communications. Some new employment settings for veterinary technicians/technologists include more participation within laboratory animal medicine and research, the rural farm industry, regulatory medicine, and shelter medicine. Achieving these ends would call for new training options beyond the current 2-year and 4-year degree programs. Participants suggested specialty training programs, hybrid programs of various types, online programs, veterinary technician residency programs of 12-18 months, and more integration of veterinary technician/technology students and veterinary medicine students at colleges of veterinary medicine.

  7. Gravitational spectra from direct measurements (United States)

    Wagner, C. A.; Colombo, O. L.


    A simple rapid method is described for determining the spectrum of a surface field from harmonic analysis of direct measurements along great circle arcs. The method is shown to give excellent overall trends to very high degree from even a few short arcs of satellite data. Three examples are taken with perfect measurements of satellite tracking over a planet made up of hundreds of point-masses using (1) altimetric heights from a low orbiting spacecraft, (2) velocity residuals between a low and a high satellite in circular orbits, and (3) range-rate data between a station at infinity and a satellite in highly eccentric orbit. In particular, the smoothed spectrum of the Earth's gravitational field is determined to about degree 400(50 km half wavelength) from 1 D x 1 D gravimetry and the equivalent of 11 revolutions of Geos 3 and Skylab altimetry. This measurement shows there is about 46 cm of geoid height remaining in the field beyond degree 180.

  8. Future directions of electron crystallography. (United States)

    Fujiyoshi, Yoshinori


    In biological science, there are still many interesting and fundamental yet difficult questions, such as those in neuroscience, remaining to be answered. Structural and functional studies of membrane proteins, which are key molecules of signal transduction in neural and other cells, are essential for understanding the molecular mechanisms of many fundamental biological processes. Technological and instrumental advancements of electron microscopy have facilitated comprehension of structural studies of biological components, such as membrane proteins. While X-ray crystallography has been the main method of structure analysis of proteins including membrane proteins, electron crystallography is now an established technique to analyze structures of membrane proteins in the lipid bilayer, which is close to their natural biological environment. By utilizing cryo-electron microscopes with helium-cooled specimen stages, structures of membrane proteins were analyzed at a resolution better than 3 Å. Such high-resolution structural analysis of membrane proteins by electron crystallography opens up the new research field of structural physiology. Considering the fact that the structures of integral membrane proteins in their native membrane environment without artifacts from crystal contacts are critical in understanding their physiological functions, electron crystallography will continue to be an important technology for structural analysis. In this chapter, I will present several examples to highlight important advantages and to suggest future directions of this technique.

  9. The direct aromatization of methane

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marcelin, G.; Oukaci, R.; Migone, R.A.; Kazi, A.M. [Altamira Instruments, Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    The thermal decomposition of methane shows significant potential as a process for the production of higher unsaturated and aromatic hydrocarbons when the extent of the reaction is limited. Thermodynamic calculations have shown that when the reaction is limited to the formation of C{sub 2} to C{sub 10} products, yields of aromatics can exceed 40% at temperatures of 1200{degrees}C. Preliminary experiments have shown that when the reaction is limited to the formation of C{sub 2} to C{sub 10} products, yields of aromatics can exceed 40% at temperatures of 1200{degrees}C. Preliminary experiments have shown that cooling the product and reacting gases as the reaction proceeds can significantly reduce or eliminate the formation of solid carbon and heavier (C{sub 10+}) materials. Much work remains to be done in optimizing the quenching process and this is one of the goals of this program. Means to lower the temperature of the reaction are being studied as this result in a more feasible commercial process due to savings realized in energy and material of construction costs. The use of free-radical generators and catalysts will be investigated as a means of lowering the reaction temperature thus allowing faster quenching. It is highly likely that such studies will lead to a successful direct methane to higher hydrocarbon process.

  10. Direct Model Checking Matrix Algorithm

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhi-Hong Tao; Hans Kleine Büning; Li-Fu Wang


    During the last decade, Model Checking has proven its efficacy and power in circuit design, network protocol analysis and bug hunting. Recent research on automatic verification has shown that no single model-checking technique has the edge over all others in all application areas. So, it is very difficult to determine which technique is the most suitable for a given model. It is thus sensible to apply different techniques to the same model. However, this is a very tedious and time-consuming task, for each algorithm uses its own description language. Applying Model Checking in software design and verification has been proved very difficult. Software architectures (SA) are engineering artifacts that provide high-level and abstract descriptions of complex software systems. In this paper a Direct Model Checking (DMC) method based on Kripke Structure and Matrix Algorithm is provided. Combined and integrated with domain specific software architecture description languages (ADLs), DMC can be used for computing consistency and other critical properties.

  11. Cooperation for direct fitness benefits. (United States)

    Leimar, Olof; Hammerstein, Peter


    Studies of the evolution of helping have traditionally used the explanatory frameworks of reciprocity and altruism towards relatives, but recently there has been an increasing interest in other kinds of explanations. We review the success or otherwise of work investigating alternative processes and mechanisms, most of which fall under the heading of cooperation for direct benefits. We evaluate to what extent concepts such as by-product benefits, pseudo-reciprocity, sanctions and partner choice, markets and the build-up of cross-species spatial trait correlations have contributed to the study of the evolution of cooperation. We conclude that these alternative ideas are successful and show potential to further increase our understanding of cooperation. We also bring up the origin and role of common interest in the evolution of cooperation, including the appearance of organisms. We note that there are still unresolved questions about the main processes contributing to the evolution of common interest. Commenting on the broader significance of the recent developments, we argue that they represent a justified balancing of the importance given to different major hypotheses for the evolution of cooperation. This balancing is beneficial because it widens considerably the range of phenomena addressed and, crucially, encourages empirical testing of important theoretical alternatives.

  12. Laboratory directed research and development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The purposes of Argonne's Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Program are to encourage the development of novel concepts, enhance the Laboratory's R D capabilities, and further the development of its strategic initiatives. Among the aims of the projects supported by the Program are establishment of engineering proof-of-principle''; development of an instrumental prototype, method, or system; or discovery in fundamental science. Several of these project are closely associated with major strategic thrusts of the Laboratory as described in Argonne's Five Year Institutional Plan, although the scientific implications of the achieved results extend well beyond Laboratory plans and objectives. The projects supported by the Program are distributed across the major programmatic areas at Argonne. Areas of emphasis are (1) advanced accelerator and detector technology, (2) x-ray techniques in biological and physical sciences, (3) advanced reactor technology, (4) materials science, computational science, biological sciences and environmental sciences. Individual reports summarizing the purpose, approach, and results of projects are presented.

  13. Orthogonal two-direction multiscaling functions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XIE Changzhen; YANG Shouzhi


    The concept of a two-direction multiscaling functions is introduced.We investigate the existence of solutions of the two-direction matrix refinable equationΦ(x)=Σk∈ZP+kΦ(2x-k) +Σk∈ZP-kΦ&(k- 2x),where r×r matrices {P+k} and {P-k} are called the positive-direction and negative-direction masks,respectively.Necessary and sufficient conditions that the above two-direction matrix refinable equation has a compactly supported distributional solution are established.The definition of orthogonal two-direction multiscaling function is presented,and the orthogonality criteria for two-direction multiscaling function is established.An algorithm for constructing a class of two-direction multiscaling functions is obtained.In addition,the relation of both orthogonal two-direction multiscaling function and orthogonal multiscaling function is discussed.Finally,construction examples are given.

  14. Advance directives: role of nurse practitioners. (United States)

    Schlenk, J S


    Advance directives are documents that guide end of life decisions. Although advance directives are a fairly recent phenomenon in health care, they are grounded in both legal and ethical principles. Studies show few people have completed advance directives. Persons do not tend to complete advance directives for various reasons. Lack of knowledge has been identified, as well as belief that physicians should initiate the discussion and that the topic is appropriate only for the elderly or those in poor health. Many nurse practitioners practice in primary care settings, which are ideal for discussions about advance directives. Nurse practitioners possess the opportunities and skills to discuss advance directives with their patients.

  15. Product directivity models for parametric loudspeakers. (United States)

    Shi, Chuang; Gan, Woon-Seng


    In a recent work, the beamsteering characteristics of parametric loudspeakers were validated in an experiment. It was shown that based on the product directivity model, the locations and amplitudes of the mainlobe and grating lobes could be predicted within acceptable errors. However, the measured amplitudes of sidelobes have not been able to match the theoretical results accurately. In this paper, the original theories behind the product directivity model are revisited, and three modified product directivity models are proposed: (i) the advanced product directivity model, (ii) the exponential product directivity model, and (iii) the combined product directivity model. The proposed product directivity models take the radii of equivalent Gaussian sources into account and obtain better predictions of sidelobes for the difference frequency waves. From the comparison between measurement results and numerical solutions, all the proposed models outperform the original product directivity model in terms of selected sidelobe predictions by about 10 dB.

  16. Implementing the European SEA Directive in planning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kørnøv, Lone

    The paper describes how the European SEA Directive can complement the existing planning practice in Denmark.......The paper describes how the European SEA Directive can complement the existing planning practice in Denmark....

  17. Direct Interval Forecasting of Wind Power

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wan, Can; Xu, Zhao; Pinson, Pierre


    This letter proposes a novel approach to directly formulate the prediction intervals of wind power generation based on extreme learning machine and particle swarm optimization, where prediction intervals are generated through direct optimization of both the coverage probability and sharpness...

  18. Wave directional spectrum from array measurements

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Fernandes, A.A.; Sarma, Y.V.B.; Menon, H.B.

    Using the method of Esteva (1976, 1977), whcih assumes that at the frequency band the waves approach from just a single "mean" wave direction, wave direction has been consistently, accurately and unambiguously evaluated as a function of frequency...

  19. 38 CFR 17.259 - Direct costs. (United States)


    ... personnel or for fringe benefits, rent, publications, educational programs, training, research... Exchange of Information § 17.259 Direct costs. Direct costs to which grant funds may be applied may...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kostov, Veselin [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, 366 Bloomberg Center, 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 (United States); Apai, Daniel, E-mail: [Department of Astronomy, The University of Arizona, 933 North Cherry Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85718 (United States)


    With the increasing number of directly imaged giant exoplanets, the current atmosphere models are often not capable of fully explaining the spectra and luminosity of the sources. A particularly challenging component of the atmosphere models is the formation and properties of condensate cloud layers, which fundamentally impact the energetics, opacity, and evolution of the planets. Here we present a suite of techniques that can be used to estimate the level of rotational modulations these planets may show. We propose that the time-resolved observations of such periodic photometric and spectroscopic variations of extrasolar planets due to their rotation can be used as a powerful tool to probe the heterogeneity of their optical surfaces. In this paper, we develop simulations to explore the capabilities of current and next-generation ground- and space-based instruments for this technique. We address and discuss the following questions: (1) what planet properties can be deduced from the light curve and/or spectra, and in particular can we determine rotation periods, spot coverage, spot colors, and spot spectra?; (2) what is the optimal configuration of instrument/wavelength/temporal sampling required for these measurements?; and (3) can principal component analysis be used to invert the light curve and deduce the surface map of the planet? Our simulations describe the expected spectral differences between homogeneous (clear or cloudy) and patchy atmospheres, outline the significance of the dominant absorption features of H{sub 2}O, CH{sub 4}, and CO, and provide a method to distinguish these two types of atmospheres. Assuming surfaces with and without clouds for most currently imaged planets the current models predict the largest variations in the J band. Simulated photometry from current and future instruments is used to estimate the level of detectable photometric variations. We conclude that future instruments will be able to recover not only the rotation periods

  1. Direct interpretation of dreams: typology. (United States)

    van den Daele, L


    remarkable stasis in the psychoanalytic theory of the unconscious. The theory of the unconscious that arises from the method of direct interpretation reflects a differentiated inner world with variegated landscapes of images and frameworks. The derivatives of the unconscious are determined by complex decision rules, symbol systems, and syntax. Images and dreams possess a primary autonomy from the conscious mind and arise through the configural mind, which serves the construction and synthesis of experience and knowledge. The derivatives emerge out of common human nature conjoined with concrete human experience. For this reason, dreams and images appear universal.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)

  2. Future directions of ecosystem science (United States)

    Baron, Jill; Galvin, Kathleen A.


    , and global--have not replaced one another (Clark and Holling 1985). Instead, the effects are superimposed, creating what some perceive as impending global environmental crisis (Clark 1989, MacNeill 1989, WCED 1987). Public demands are developing for economic, political, social, and environmental efforts directed toward creating a state of global sustainability.

  3. Directional detection of galactic dark matter

    CERN Document Server

    Mayet, F; Santos, D


    Directional detection is a promising Dark Matter search strategy. Taking advantage on the rotation of the Solar system around the galactic center through the Dark Matter halo, it allows to show a direction dependence of WIMP events that may be a powerful tool to identify genuine WIMP events as such. Directional detection strategy requires the simultaneous measurement of the energy and the 3D track of low energy recoils, which is a common challenge for all current projects of directional detectors.

  4. Theoretical prospects for directional WIMP detection

    CERN Document Server

    O'Hare, Ciaran A J


    Direct detection of dark matter with directional sensitivity is a promising concept for improving the search for weakly interacting massive particles. With information on the direction of WIMP induced nuclear recoils one has access to the full 3-dimensional velocity distribution of the local dark matter halo and thus a potential avenue for studying WIMP astrophysics. Furthermore the unique angular signature of the WIMP recoil distribution provides a crucial discriminant from neutrinos which currently represent the ultimate background to direct detection experiments.

  5. Hydrothermal industrialization: direct heat development. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    A description of hydrothermal resources suitable for direct applications, their associated temperatures, geographic distribution and developable capacity are given. An overview of the hydrothermal direct-heat development infrastructure is presented. Development activity is highlighted by examining known and planned geothermal direct-use applications. Underlying assumptions and results for three studies conducted to determine direct-use market penetration of geothermal energy are discussed.

  6. The ECJ and the Mutual Assistance Directive

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    S.J.C. Hemels (Sigrid)


    textabstractIntroduction: In 1977 the European Council adopted the ‘Directive Concerning Mutual Assistance by the competent Authorities of the Member States in the Field of Direct Taxation’.3 The implementation deadline of this Directive was 1 January 1979. On 6 December 1979 the Council adopted an

  7. 47 CFR 101.115 - Directional antennas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Directional antennas. 101.115 Section 101.115... SERVICES Technical Standards § 101.115 Directional antennas. (a) Unless otherwise authorized upon specific... antenna adjusted with the center of the major lobe of radiation in the horizontal plane directed...

  8. Empirical Evaluation of Directional-Dependence Tests (United States)

    Thoemmes, Felix


    Testing of directional dependence is a method to infer causal direction that recently has attracted some attention. Previous examples by e.g. von Eye and DeShon (2012a) and extensive simulation studies by Pornprasertmanit and Little (2012) have demonstrated that under specific assumptions, directional-dependence tests can recover the true causal…

  9. 16 CFR 1000.13 - Directives System. (United States)


    ... 16 Commercial Practices 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Directives System. 1000.13 Section 1000.13 Commercial Practices CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION GENERAL COMMISSION ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS § 1000.13 Directives System. The Commission maintains a Directives System which contains delegations...

  10. 12 CFR 619.9135 - Direct lender. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Direct lender. 619.9135 Section 619.9135 Banks and Banking FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION FARM CREDIT SYSTEM DEFINITIONS § 619.9135 Direct lender. The term direct lender refers to Farm Credit banks and associations (production credit...

  11. AIRTV: Broadband Direct to Aircraft (United States)

    Sorbello, R.; Stone, R.; Bennett, S. B.; Bertenyi, E.


    Airlines have been continuously upgrading their wide-body, long-haul aircraft with IFE (in-flight entertainment) systems that can support from 12 to 24 channels of video entertainment as well as provide the infrastructure to enable in-seat delivery of email and internet services. This is a direct consequence of increased passenger demands for improved in-flight services along with the expectations that broadband delivery systems capable of providing live entertainment (news, sports, financial information, etc.) and high speed data delivery will soon be available. The recent events of Sept. 11 have slowed the airline's upgrade of their IFE systems, but have also highlighted the compelling need for broadband aeronautical delivery systems to include operational and safety information. Despite the impact of these events, it is estimated that by 2005 more than 3000 long haul aircraft (servicing approximately 1 billion passengers annually) will be fully equipped with modern IFE systems. Current aircraft data delivery systems, which use either Inmarsat or NATS, are lacking in bandwidth and consequently are unsuitable to satisfy passenger demands for broadband email/internet services or the airlines' burgeoning data requirements. Present live video delivery services are limited to regional coverage and are not readily expandable to global or multiregional service. Faced with a compelling market demand for high data transport to aircraft, AirTV has been developing a broadband delivery system that will meet both passengers' and airlines' needs. AirTV is a global content delivery system designed to provide a range of video programming and data services to commercial airlines. When AirTV is operational in 2004, it will provide a broadband connection directly to the aircraft, delivering live video entertainment, internet/email service and essential operational and safety data. The system has been designed to provide seamless global service to all airline routes except for those

  12. Direct manipulation of virtual objects (United States)

    Nguyen, Long K.

    Interacting with a Virtual Environment (VE) generally requires the user to correctly perceive the relative position and orientation of virtual objects. For applications requiring interaction in personal space, the user may also need to accurately judge the position of the virtual object relative to that of a real object, for example, a virtual button and the user's real hand. This is difficult since VEs generally only provide a subset of the cues experienced in the real world. Complicating matters further, VEs presented by currently available visual displays may be inaccurate or distorted due to technological limitations. Fundamental physiological and psychological aspects of vision as they pertain to the task of object manipulation were thoroughly reviewed. Other sensory modalities -- proprioception, haptics, and audition -- and their cross-interactions with each other and with vision are briefly discussed. Visual display technologies, the primary component of any VE, were canvassed and compared. Current applications and research were gathered and categorized by different VE types and object interaction techniques. While object interaction research abounds in the literature, pockets of research gaps remain. Direct, dexterous, manual interaction with virtual objects in Mixed Reality (MR), where the real, seen hand accurately and effectively interacts with virtual objects, has not yet been fully quantified. An experimental test bed was designed to provide the highest accuracy attainable for salient visual cues in personal space. Optical alignment and user calibration were carefully performed. The test bed accommodated the full continuum of VE types and sensory modalities for comprehensive comparison studies. Experimental designs included two sets, each measuring depth perception and object interaction. The first set addressed the extreme end points of the Reality-Virtuality (R-V) continuum -- Immersive Virtual Environment (IVE) and Reality Environment (RE). This

  13. The energy efficiency directive; Die Energieeffizienzrichtlinie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martin, Benedicte [Greifswald Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilitaet - Recht, Oekonomie und Politik e.V. (IKEM)


    The present article gives an overview of the recently adopted European Energy Efficiency Directive. The Directive is to take effect in early December 2012 and will supersede the Energy Services Directive and the Cogeneration Directive. The Energy Efficiency Directive is dedicated to current European energy saving goals. To this end it contains regulations that are to lead to savings in primary energy as well as final energy use. One that deserves particular mention is Art. 7, which provides a framework for the introduction of energy saving engagement systems, on the strength of which transmission system operators and/or energy suppliers can be obligated to encourage final customers to implement energy saving measures.

  14. Multipolar interference for directed light emission. (United States)

    Hancu, Ion M; Curto, Alberto G; Castro-López, Marta; Kuttge, Martin; van Hulst, Niek F


    By directing light, optical antennas can enhance light-matter interaction and improve the efficiency of nanophotonic devices. Here we exploit the interference among the electric dipole, quadrupole, and magnetic dipole moments of a split-ring resonator to experimentally realize a compact directional optical antenna. This single-element antenna design robustly directs emission even when covered with nanometric emitters at random positions, outperforming previously demonstrated nanoantennas with a bandwidth of 200 nm and a directivity of 10.1 dB from a subwavelength structure. The advantages of this approach bring directional optical antennas closer to practical applications.

  15. Graphlet-based Characterization of Directed Networks (United States)

    Sarajlić, Anida; Malod-Dognin, Noël; Yaveroğlu, Ömer Nebil; Pržulj, Nataša


    We are flooded with large-scale, dynamic, directed, networked data. Analyses requiring exact comparisons between networks are computationally intractable, so new methodologies are sought. To analyse directed networks, we extend graphlets (small induced sub-graphs) and their degrees to directed data. Using these directed graphlets, we generalise state-of-the-art network distance measures (RGF, GDDA and GCD) to directed networks and show their superiority for comparing directed networks. Also, we extend the canonical correlation analysis framework that enables uncovering the relationships between the wiring patterns around nodes in a directed network and their expert annotations. On directed World Trade Networks (WTNs), our methodology allows uncovering the core-broker-periphery structure of the WTN, predicting the economic attributes of a country, such as its gross domestic product, from its wiring patterns in the WTN for up-to ten years in the future. It does so by enabling us to track the dynamics of a country’s positioning in the WTN over years. On directed metabolic networks, our framework yields insights into preservation of enzyme function from the network wiring patterns rather than from sequence data. Overall, our methodology enables advanced analyses of directed networked data from any area of science, allowing domain-specific interpretation of a directed network’s topology.

  16. Non-Perturbative Flat Direction Decay

    CERN Document Server

    Basboll, A; Riva, F; West, S M; Basboll, Anders; Maybury, David; Riva, Francesco; West, Stephen M.


    We argue that supersymmetric flat direction vevs can decay non-perturbatively via preheating. Considering the case of a single flat direction, we explicitly calculate the scalar potential in the unitary gauge for a U(1) theory and show that the mass matrix for excitations around the flat direction has non-diagonal entries which vary with the phase of the flat direction vev. Furthermore, this mass matrix has 2 zero eigenvalues (associated with the excitations along the flat direction) whose eigenstates change with time. We show that these 2 light degrees of freedom are produced copiously in the non-perturbative decay of the flat direction vev. We also comment on the application of these results to the MSSM flat direction H_uL.

  17. 急性肺损伤/急性呼吸窘迫综合征新生儿血清Clara细胞分泌蛋白、肺表面活性蛋白A变化的意义%Significance of changes of serum Clara cell secretory protein 16, pulmonary surfactant protein A in newborn infants with acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘改英; 林广; 刘颖; 王艳芳; 张成; 刘芳; 马海燕; 郭锐


    Objective To investigate the effect of serum Clara cell secretory protein 16 (CC16),pulmonary surfactant protein A(SP-A) in diagnosis of acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS) in newborn infants.Methods Fifty ALI/ARDS newborn infants in Zhuhai People's Hospital between 2011 Sep.and Dec.2012 were selected as treatment group (ALI group including 35 cases,ARDS group including 15 cases),50 healthy newborns were selected as healthy control group.The changes of serum CC16,SP-A were detected by enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay and were compared in the 3 groups.Results 1.Serum CC16 in ALI group and ARDS group were (34.19 ± 1.09) mg/L,(55.28 ± 0.82) mg/L,respectively,which were significantly higher than that in healthy control group [(12.67 ± 1.10) mg/L] (all P < 0.05),and there was significant difference between ALI group and ARDS group(P <0.05).2.Serum SP-A in ALI group and ARDS group were(56.78 ± 3.48) mg/L,(70.23 ± 5.14) mg/L respectively,which were significantly higher than that in healthy control group [(22.10 ± 3.32) mg/L] (all P < 0.05),and there was significant difference between ALI group and ARDS group (P < 0.05).Conclusion Serum CC16,SP-A can be effective parameter for early monitoring ALI/ARDS in newborn infants.%目的 探讨血清Clara细胞分泌蛋白(CC16)、肺表面活性蛋白A(SP-A)在新生儿急性肺损伤(ALI)/急性呼吸窘迫综合征(ARDS)诊断中的作用.方法 选取2011年9月至2012年12月珠海市人民医院收治的50例ALI/ARDS新生儿作为观察组,其中ALI组35例,ARDS组15例;将同期健康体检的50例新生儿作为健康对照组.采用ELISA法检测3组患儿血清CC16及SP-A水平,比较3组患儿血清CC16、SP-A水平的变化.结果 1.血清CC 16:ALI组[(34.19 ±1.09) mg/L]、ARDS组[(55.28 ±0.82) mg/L]明显高于健康对照组[(12.67±1.10)mg/L](P均<0.05),且ALI组与ARDS组比较差异亦有统计学意义(P<0.05).2.血清SP-A:ALI组[(56.78±3.48) mg

  18. Large Direct-Drive Wind Power System to Quickly Respond to Control Strategy%大型直驱风电机组快速响应控制策略

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘波; 潘巧波


    提出基于电压前馈解耦电流矢量控制策略,设计转动惯量在线辨识及负载转矩实时观测器,并将实时观测的负载转矩补偿于电流控制环,既消除耦合项的影响、减小电流跟踪误差,又加快了转速控制响应速度、进一步提高转速控制精度. 以2 MW永磁直驱风电机组作为研究对象,采用MATLAB/Simulink对所提控制策略与PI电流反馈解耦控制进行仿真对比,并对转动惯量在线辨识及负载转矩实时观测进行了仿真验证. 验证证明了所提策略的正确性、可行性和有效性.%Based on voltage feed-forward decoupling current vector control strategy, online identification of inertia and load torque observer were design in real time, and in the current control loop, which eliminated the load torque compensation reduces the current real-time observation of the effects of coupling term tracking error but also accelerate the speed control response speed, while further improving the speed control accuracy. With 2 MW permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbine as the research object, using MATLAB / Simulink for the text of the proposed control strategy and PI current feedback decoupling control simulation comparison, and online identification of inertia and load torque in real-time observation simulation verification, justify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

  19. Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Economy.


    Kapoor, Vikas


    Over the past few years, India's inward Foreign Direct investment (FDI) has attracted many scholars interest. The objective of this study is to focus on the impact that Foreign Direct investment has for Indian economic growth and development. It seeks to briefly reveal why there has been a recent surge in FDI and also the factors that prevent India from attracting foreign direct investments. Main determinants of FDI will also be revealed in this paper. In addition, this paper also compar...

  20. Direct conversion of algal biomass to biofuel (United States)

    Deng, Shuguang; Patil, Prafulla D; Gude, Veera Gnaneswar


    A method and system for providing direct conversion of algal biomass. Optionally, the method and system can be used to directly convert dry algal biomass to biodiesels under microwave irradiation by combining the reaction and combining steps. Alternatively, wet algae can be directly processed and converted to fatty acid methyl esters, which have the major components of biodiesels, by reacting with methanol at predetermined pressure and temperature ranges.

  1. Directional and Attitude Stability Control Kit (United States)


    and Attitude Stability Control Kit Final Progress Report This report outlines progress on the DARPA M3 Program, project “Directional and Attitude ...2 ABSTRACT Number of Papers published in peer-reviewed journals: Number of Papers published in non peer-reviewed journals: Directional and Attitude ...Stability Control Kit Final Progress Report Report Title This report outlines progress on the DARPA M3 Program, project “Directional and Attitude

  2. Marine Microbiology: Challenges and Future Directions

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Chandramohan, D.

    ,D. 1999. Understanding marine microbes- Trends and future directions. In: ?Ocean Science : Trends and future directions? (Ed.) B.L.K.Somayajulu. Indian National Science Academy and Akademia Books International, New Delhi. 12 Pp.151-175. Connon,S.A. and S... Microbiology: Challenges and Future Directions D. Chandramohan Biological Oceanography Division, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India Introduction The planet earth is believed to have formed about 4600 million years ago and life forms originated...

  3. Evaluation and directions of the photovoltaic technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kazmerski, L.L.; Emery, K.A.; DeBlasio, R. (National Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO (United States))


    The status of, directions and expectations for photovoltaic technologies are discussed and updated, with emphasis on the performances of cells and modules used in various research and commercial solar cell approaches. Current and projected research and development directions are indicated. Special aspects of the current evolution of photovoltaics from the research laboratory to the commercial arena are discussed, including new programs directed to make this energy resource a viable electricity choice for users worldwide. (Author)

  4. Spatial roles and verbal directionality in Dinka

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Torben


    This article deals with the interaction between two subsystems of the grammar of Dinka, a Western Nilotic language: (i) the semantic role of a place adverbial as location, source or goal, and (ii) deictic directionality expressed in the verb. Some place adverbials do not encode the distinction be...... verb. In clauses with a single place adverbial, moreover, a source adverbial requires either a non-directional verb or a centripetal verb, and a location adverbial requires a non-directional verb....

  5. The far future of exoplanet direct characterization

    CERN Document Server

    Schneider, Jean; Fridlund, Malcolm; White, Glenn; Eiroa, Carlos; Henning, Thomas; Herbst, Tom; Lammer, Helmut; Liseau, Rene; Paresce, Francesco; Penny, Alan; Quirrenbach, Andreas; Roettgering, Huub; Selsis, Franck; Beichman, Charles; Danchi, William; Kaltenegger, Lisa; Lunine, Jonathan; Stam, Daphne; Tinetti, Giovanna


    In this outlook we describe what could be the next steps of the direct characterization of habitable exoplanets after first the medium and large mission projects and investigate the benefits of the spectroscopic and direct imaging approaches. We show that after third and fourth generation missions foreseeable for the next 100 years, we will face a very long era before being able to see directly the morphology of extrasolar organisms.

  6. The far future of exoplanet direct characterization. (United States)

    Schneider, Jean; Léger, Alain; Fridlund, Malcolm; White, Glenn J; Eiroa, Carlos; Henning, Thomas; Herbst, Tom; Lammer, Helmut; Liseau, René; Paresce, Francesco; Penny, Alan; Quirrenbach, Andreas; Röttgering, Huub; Selsis, Franck; Beichman, Charles; Danchi, William; Kaltenegger, Lisa; Lunine, Jonathan; Stam, Daphne; Tinetti, Giovanna


    We describe future steps in the direct characterization of habitable exoplanets subsequent to medium and large mission projects currently underway and investigate the benefits of spectroscopic and direct imaging approaches. We show that, after third- and fourth-generation missions have been conducted over the course of the next 100 years, a significant amount of time will lapse before we will have the capability to observe directly the morphology of extrasolar organisms.

  7. 77 FR 24344 - Airworthiness Directives; Learjet Inc. (United States)


    ... airworthiness directive system would not be needed. This commenter justified its request by providing Webster's.... John Piccola, Acting Manager, Transport Airplane Directorate, Aircraft Certification Service....


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZhangYan; DuBeiliang


    The problem studied in this article is the directed Kirkman packing, the resolvable directed packing which requires all blocks to be of size three except that ,each resolution class should contain either one block of size two(when v=2(mod 3)) or one block of size four (when v=l (mod 3)). A directed Kirkman packing design DKPD(v) is a resolvable directed packing of a v-set by the maximum possible number of resolution classes of this type. This article investigates the spectrum of DKPD(v) and it is found that it contains all positive integers v≥3 and v≠5,6.

  9. Adaptation to direction statistics modulates perceptual discrimination. (United States)

    Price, Nicholas S C; Prescott, Danielle L


    Perception depends on the relative activity of populations of sensory neurons with a range of tunings and response gains. Each neuron's tuning and gain are malleable and can be modified by sustained exposure to an adapting stimulus. Here, we used a combination of human psychophysical testing and models of neuronal population decoding to assess how rapid adaptation to moving stimuli might change neuronal tuning and thereby modulate direction perception. Using a novel motion stimulus in which the direction changed every 10 ms, we demonstrated that 1,500 ms of adaptation to a distribution of directions was capable of modifying human psychophysical direction discrimination performance. Consistent with previous reports, we found perceptual repulsion following adaptation to a single direction. Notably, compared with a uniform adaptation condition in which all motion directions were equiprobable, discrimination was impaired after adaptation to a stimulus comprising only directions ± 30-60° from the discrimination boundary and enhanced after adaptation to the complementary range of directions. Thus, stimulus distributions can be selectively chosen to either impair or improve discrimination performance through adaptation. A neuronal population decoding model incorporating adaptation-induced repulsive shifts in direction tuning curves can account for most aspects of our psychophysical data; however, changes in neuronal gain are sufficient to account for all aspects of our psychophysical data.

  10. China's Outward Direct and Portfolio Investments

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hung-Gay Fung; Qingfeng Wilson Liu; Erin H. C. Kao


    This paper analyzes developments and trends related to China's outward direct and financial investments by examining Chinese firms' overseas acquisitions, China's holdings of US Treasury securities, and the recently formally launched Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor programs. Strategies should be developed to reach optimal decisions for both direct and portfolio investments. We argue that China should have a longer-term view for both direct and portfolio investments, enabling China to become the leader in Asia while maintaining its sustainable growth objective. China should invest heavily in the development of the Asian bond market and the Asian Currency Fund when making both portfolio and direct investment decisions.

  11. Edge detection based on directional space

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YUAN Wei-qi; LI De-sheng


    A new method for edge detection based on directional space is proposed.The principle is that:firstly,the directional differential space is set up in which the ridge edge pixels and valley edge pixels are abstracted with the help of the method of logical judgments along the direction of differential function,forming a directional roof edge map;secondly,step edge pixels are abstracted between the neighboring directional ridge edge and directional valley edge along the direction of differential function;finally,the ridge edge map,valley edge map and step edge map gained along different directions are combined into corresponding ridge edge map,valley edge map and step edge map.This method is different from classical algorithms in which the gray differential values of the mutual vertical direction are combined into one gradient value.The experiment of edge detection is made for the images of nature scenery,human body and accumulative raw material,whose result is compared with the one of classical algorithms and showing the robustness of the proposed method.

  12. Ionization based multi-directional flow sensor (United States)

    Chorpening, Benjamin T.; Casleton, Kent H.


    A method, system, and apparatus for conducting real-time monitoring of flow (airflow for example) in a system (a hybrid power generation system for example) is disclosed. The method, system and apparatus measure at least flow direction and velocity with minimal pressure drop and fast response. The apparatus comprises an ion source and a multi-directional collection device proximate the ion source. The ion source is configured to generate charged species (electrons and ions for example). The multi-directional collection source is configured to determine the direction and velocity of the flow in real-time.

  13. Geologic Maps and Structure Sections of the southwestern Santa Clara Valley and southern Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties, California (United States)

    McLaughlin, R.J.; Clark, J.C.; Brabb, E.E.; Helley, E.J.; Colon, C.J.


    This digital map database, compiled from previously published and unpublished data, and new mapping by the authors, represents the general distribution of bedrock and surficial deposits in the mapped area. Together with the accompanying text file (, scvmf.pdf, scvmf.txt), it provides current information on the geologic structure and stratigraphy of the area covered. The database delineates map units that are identified by general age and lithology following the stratigraphic nomenclature of the U.S. Geological Survey. The scale of the source maps limits the spatial resolution (scale) of the database to 1:24,000 or smaller.

  14. Gaze Direction Detection in Autism Spectrum Disorder (United States)

    Forgeot d'Arc, Baudouin; Delorme, Richard; Zalla, Tiziana; Lefebvre, Aline; Amsellem, Frédérique; Moukawane, Sanaa; Letellier, Laurence; Leboyer, Marion; Mouren, Marie-Christine; Ramus, Franck


    Detecting where our partners direct their gaze is an important aspect of social interaction. An atypical gaze processing has been reported in autism. However, it remains controversial whether children and adults with autism spectrum disorder interpret indirect gaze direction with typical accuracy. This study investigated whether the detection of…

  15. Silicon nanostructures produced by laser direct etching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Müllenborn, Matthias; Dirac, Paul Andreas Holger; Petersen, Jon Wulff


    A laser direct-write process has been applied to structure silicon on a nanometer scale. In this process, a silicon substrate, placed in a chlorine ambience, is locally heated above its melting point by a continuous-wave laser and translated by high-resolution direct-current motor stages. Only...

  16. 19 CFR 18.42 - Direct exportation. (United States)


    ... 19 Customs Duties 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Direct exportation. 18.42 Section 18.42 Customs... TRANSPORTATION IN BOND AND MERCHANDISE IN TRANSIT Merchandise Not Otherwise Subject to Customs Control Exported Under Cover of A Tir Carnet § 18.42 Direct exportation. At the port of exportation, the container...

  17. Direct fired absorption machine flue gas recuperator (United States)

    Reimann, Robert C.; Root, Richard A.


    A recuperator which recovers heat from a gas, generally the combustion gas of a direct-fired generator of an absorption machine. The recuperator includes a housing with liquid flowing therethrough, the liquid being in direct contact with the combustion gas for increasing the effectiveness of the heat transfer between the gas and the liquid.

  18. Communicating a direction using spin states

    CERN Document Server

    Bagán, E; Muñoz-Tàpia, R


    The communication of directions using quantum states is a useful laboratory test for some basic facts of quantum information. For a system of spin-1/2 particles there are different quantum states that can encode directions. This information can later be decoded by means of a generalized measurement. In this talk we present the optimal strategies under different assumptions.

  19. Directed Evolution of Enzymes : Library Screening Strategies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leemhuis, Hans; Kelly, Ronan M.; Dijkhuizen, Lubbert


    Directed evolution has become the preferred engineering approach to generate tailor-made enzymes. The method follows the design guidelines of nature: Darwinian selection of genetic variants. This review discusses the different stages of directed evolution experiments with the focus on developments i

  20. Direct Reading Instruction and the NYS ELA (United States)

    Jones-Carey, Margaret H.


    This study analyzed the impact of classroom based reading instruction ("direct instruction") on the standardized test scores of 6th grade students as measured by the New York State English Language Arts assessment (NYS ELA). It was hypothesized that the implementation of direct instruction in reading in grade 6 would improve NYS ELA…

  1. Approximation Algorithms for Directed Width Parameters

    CERN Document Server

    Kintali, Shiva; Kumar, Akash


    Treewidth of an undirected graph measures how close the graph is to being a tree. Several problems that are NP-hard on general graphs are solvable in polynomial time on graphs with bounded treewidth. Motivated by the success of treewidth, several directed analogues of treewidth have been introduced to measure the similarity of a directed graph to a directed acyclic graph (DAG). Directed treewidth, D-width, DAG-width, Kelly-width and directed pathwidth are some such parameters. In this paper, we present the first approximation algorithms for all these five directed width parameters. For directed treewidth and D-width we achieve an approximation factor of O(sqrt{logn}). For DAG-width, Kelly-width and directed pathwidth we achieve an O({\\log}^{3/2}{n}) approximation factor. Our algorithms are constructive, i.e., they construct the decompositions associated with these parameters. The width of these decompositions are within the above mentioned factor of the corresponding optimal width.

  2. Presenting directions with a vibrotactile torso display

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Erp, J.B.F. van


    Vibrotactile displays covering the torso present spatial information in an intuitive way since the stimuli are directly mapped to the body coordinates; left is left, front is front, etc. The present study investigated the direction in the horizontal plane to which a specific torso location is mapped

  3. SDR (Systems Directed Reading): An Overview. (United States)

    Baugo Community Schools, Elkhart, IN.

    The objective of this project for kindergarten through fifth grade is to interest public and private educational institutions in the systematization of elementary school reading programs. Facets of Systems Directed Reading (SDR) include the use of a differentiated staffing pattern; experienced language arts unit leaders guiding and directing all…

  4. Polar-direct-drive simulations and experiments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marozas, J.A.; Marshall, F.J.; Craxton, R.S.; Igumenshchev, I.V.; Skupsky, S.; Bonino, M.J.; Collins, T.J.B.; Epstein, R.; Glebov, V.Yu.; Jacobs-Perkins, D.; Knauer, J.P.; McCrory, R.L.; McKenty, P.W.; Meyerhofer, D.D.; Noyes, S.G.; Radha, P.B.; Sangster, T.C.; Seka, W.; Smalyuk, V.A.


    Polar direct drive (PDD) will allow direct-drive ignition experiments on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) as it is configured for x-ray drive. Optimal drive uniformity is obtained via a combination of beam repointing, pulse shapes, spot shapes, and/or target design. This article describes progress in the development of standard and "Saturn" PDD target designs.

  5. Efficient Quantum Secure Direct Communication with Authentication

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Wen-Jie; CHEN Han-Wu; LI Zhi-Qiang; LIU Zhi-Hao


    Two protocols of quantum direct communication with authentication [Phys. Rev. A 73 (2006) 042305] were recently indicated to be insecure against the authenticator Trent attacks [Phys. Rev. A 75 (2007) 026301]. We present two efficient protocols by using four Pauli operations, which are secure against inner Trent attacks as well as outer Eve attacks. Finally, we generalize them to multiparty quantum direction communication.

  6. Nonlinear approximation with dictionaries I. Direct estimates

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gribonval, Rémi; Nielsen, Morten


    with algorithmic constraints: thresholding and Chebychev approximation classes are studied, respectively. We consider embeddings of the Jackson type (direct estimates) of sparsity spaces into the mentioned approximation classes. General direct estimates are based on the geometry of the Banach space, and we prove...

  7. Nonlinear approximation with dictionaries, I: Direct estimates

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gribonval, Rémi; Nielsen, Morten

    $-term approximation with algorithmic constraints: thresholding and Chebychev approximation classes are studied respectively. We consider embeddings of the Jackson type (direct estimates) of sparsity spaces into the mentioned approximation classes. General direct estimates are based on the geometry of the Banach space...

  8. Addressing resource efficiency through the Ecodesign Directive

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dalhammar, Carl; Machacek, Erika; Bundgaard, Anja Marie;

    The European Union has initiated a number of initiatives to improve resource efficiency in Europe. The Ecodesign Directive is one of the policy instruments that could aid the transition towards a more resource efficient economy. So far, the Directive has mainly been applied to set requirements...

  9. Planar antenna system for direction finding (United States)

    Mardale, Iulia-Cezara; Cocias, Gabriela; Dumitrascu, Ana; Tamas, Razvan; Berescu, Serban


    Applications of direction finding techniques include detection and localization of pulsed electromagnetic sources. This paper presents the design and analysis of a planar antenna system for direction finding. Our proposed system includes 4 hybrid couplers that generate 900 shifted signals, 2 crossover couplers also known as 0dB couplers, two 450 phase shifters, two 00 phase shifters and 4 patch antennas.

  10. On the directionality of halogen bonding. (United States)

    Huber, Stefan M; Scanlon, Joseph D; Jimenez-Izal, Elisa; Ugalde, Jesus M; Infante, Ivan


    The origin of the high directionality of halogen bonding was investigated quantum chemically by a detailed comparison of typical adducts in two different orientations: linear (most stable) and perpendicular. Energy decomposition analyses revealed that the synergy between charge-transfer interactions and Pauli repulsion are the driving forces for the directionality, while electrostatic contributions are more favourable in the less-stable, perpendicular orientation.

  11. 75 FR 15387 - Veterinary Feed Directive (United States)


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR Parts 510, 514, and 558 Veterinary Feed Directive... relating to veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs. FDA's VFD regulation, which became effective on January... CONTACT: Neal Bataller, Center for Veterinary Medicine (HFV-230), Food and Drug Administration,...

  12. Direction coding using a tactile chair

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vries, S.C. de; Erp, J.B.F. van; Kiefer, R.J.


    This laboratory study examined the possibility of using a car seat instrumented with tactile display elements (tactors) to communicate directional information to a driver. A car seat fitted with an 8 by 8 matrix of tactors embedded in the seat pan was used to code eight different directions.Localiza

  13. Verbal directionality and argument alternation in Dinka

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Torben


    (wards) an explicit or implicit goal. The object of a directional verb may play another role in the event described by the sentence than the object of the corresponding simple (and non-directional) verb. This gives rise to so-called argument alternation, in that, for instance, an object and an instrumental adverbial...

  14. Directional coupling for quantum computing and communication. (United States)

    Nikolopoulos, Georgios M


    We introduce the concept of directional coupling, i.e., the selective transfer of a state between adjacent quantum wires, in the context of quantum computing and communication. Our analysis rests upon a mathematical analogy between a dual-channel directional coupler and a composite spin system.

  15. Direct nanofiltration of wastewater treatment plant effluent

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schrader, Guillo Alexander


    Membrane technology, especially nanofiltration, is seen as a suitable technology to polish WWTP effluent to EU WFD standards and consequently produce an effluent quality suitable for agricultural or (in)direct potable usage. The objective of this study was to assess the potential of direct nanofiltr

  16. Comparison of direct and indirect radionuclide cystography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bower, G.; Lovegrove, F.T.; Geijsel, H.; Van der Schaff, A.; Guelfi, G.


    Thirty children were studied using both direct (catheter) and indirect techniques of radionuclide cystography. Of 54 ureters able to be compared, six showed vesicoureteric reflux (VUR) on the direct study but were read as negative on the indirect cystogram, and five showed no reflux on the direct cystogram but were read as positive for VUR on the indirect study. Regarding ureters read as true positives on indirect study, if that ureter has ever shown reflux at any time, or if it drained a scarred kidney specificity was improved to 97% without changing the sensitivity. Concerns about the validity of indirect cystogram results and the ease of assessment and low radiation dose from the direct cystogram has made direct cystography our preferred technique.

  17. Novel Random Mutagenesis Method for Directed Evolution. (United States)

    Feng, Hong; Wang, Hai-Yan; Zhao, Hong-Yan


    Directed evolution is a powerful strategy for gene mutagenesis, and has been used for protein engineering both in scientific research and in the biotechnology industry. The routine method for directed evolution was developed by Stemmer in 1994 (Stemmer, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 91, 10747-10751, 1994; Stemmer, Nature 370, 389-391, 1994). Since then, various methods have been introduced, each of which has advantages and limitations depending upon the targeted genes and procedure. In this chapter, a novel alternative directed evolution method which combines mutagenesis PCR with dITP and fragmentation by endonuclease V is described. The kanamycin resistance gene is used as a reporter gene to verify the novel method for directed evolution. This method for directed evolution has been demonstrated to be efficient, reproducible, and easy to manipulate in practice.

  18. Direct ophthalmoscopy on YouTube

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borgersen, Nanna Jo; Henriksen, Mikael Johannes Vuokko; Konge, Lars


    BACKGROUND: Direct ophthalmoscopy is well-suited for video-based instruction, particularly if the videos enable the student to see what the examiner sees when performing direct ophthalmoscopy. We evaluated the pedagogical effectiveness of instructional YouTube videos on direct ophthalmoscopy...... by evaluating their content and approach to visualization. METHODS: In order to synthesize main themes and points for direct ophthalmoscopy, we formed a broad panel consisting of a medical student, junior and senior physicians, and took into consideration book chapters targeting medical students and physicians...... the patient and how to examine the fundus. Time spent on fundus examination correlated with the number of views per week (Spearman's ρ=0.53; P=0.029). CONCLUSION: Videos may help overcome the pedagogical issues in teaching direct ophthalmoscopy; however, the few available videos on YouTube fail to address...

  19. Regional impacts of abolishing direct payments

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Uthes, Sandra; Priorr, Annette; Zander, Peter


    The direct payment system of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides income transfers to European farmers. Recently, several countries including England and Sweden have advocated the elimination of direct payments after 2013. The extent to which an elimination of direct payments would affect...... with different production orientations and land management types was modeled under the presence and absence of direct payments using a combination of agent-based and bio-economic modeling. We found that the initial characteristics of the regions, such as the historical farm structure and regional site conditions......, greatly influence the impact of direct support elimination and cause regionally different development trends. The results for the four regions were summarized in four specific storylines that emphasize how much the diversity of European regions matters for future policy decisions. An explicitly regional...

  20. Deriving directions through procedural task analysis. (United States)

    Yuen, H K; D'Amico, M


    Task analysis is one of the essential components of activity analysis. Procedural task analysis involves breaking down an activity into a sequence of steps. Directions are the sequence of steps resulting from the task analysis (i.e., the product of the task analysis). Directions become a guide for caregivers or trainers use in teaching clients a specific skill. However, occupational therapy students often have difficulty in writing directions that are clear enough for caregivers or trainers to carry out. Books on activity analysis only provide examples of directions without giving guidelines on how to perform the writing process. The purposes of this paper are to describe the process of procedural task analysis and to provide a guideline for writing steps of directions.