Sample records for cervicoplasty

  1. Direct cervicoplasty. (United States)

    Jordan, J Randall; Yellin, Seth


    Rejuvenation of the aging neck is one of the common reasons for the patients presented to facial plastic surgeons. In the author's opinion, most of these patients will be best served by a full rhytidectomy approach with periauricular incisions, skin flap undermining, and platysmaplasty. There is a subset of patients, however, who presented with complaints limited to the so-called Turkey Gobbler deformity, and who do not wish to undergo a full rhytidectomy approach. These patients may be well served by a lesser procedure such as a direct cervicoplasty or submentoplasty. The advantages of this approach include shorter operative time, faster recovery, and lower complication rates. The primary disadvantage of these more limited approaches is that there is an anterior cervical scar that may be visible under some conditions. This article will review the multiple options for skin incisions as well as details of the technique that the authors have found may lead to a successful rejuvenation of the submental region. PMID:25076453

  2. Cervicoplastia anterior Anterior cervicoplasty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucas Gomes Patrocínio


    Full Text Available Muitos pacientes buscam correção estética da frouxidão da pele do pescoço, depósito de gordura na região submentoneana ou bandas de platisma. Em grande parte dos casos a ação medial, via cervicoplastia anterior é necessária. OBJETIVO: Demonstrar a casuística e avaliar os resultados e complicações com a técnica de cervicoplastia anterior no Serviço de Otorrinolaringologia da Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Relato de série. PACIENTES E MÉTODOS: Quarenta e dois pacientes, entre 39 e 65 anos de idade, sendo 40 (95,2% do sexo feminino e 2 (4,8% do masculino, foram submetidos a cervicoplastia anterior. Retrospectivamente foram avaliados resultados e complicações. RESULTADOS: Destes, 34 apresentaram resultados satisfatórios, 4 apresentaram déficit estético notado somente pelo cirurgião, 3 apresentaram déficit estético notado somente pelo paciente e 1 apresentou déficit estético necessitando cirurgia revisional. Ao estudo fotográfico, todos os pacientes apresentaram melhora do perfil cervical, redução das bandas de platisma e da frouxidão da pele, estabilização da musculatura cervical e acentuação do ângulo cervicomental, em graus variados. Houve complicação em 2 casos (discreto serohematoma e cicatriz um pouco alargada. CONCLUSÃO: A cervicoplastia, associada ou não à tração lateral pela ritidoplastia, é uma técnica que produz resultados satisfatórios na grande maioria dos casos.Many patients look for aesthetic correction of the laxity of neck skin, submandibular fat deposit or platisma bands. In a large part of the cases, medial action, through anterior cervicoplasty is necessary. AIM: To demonstrate the casuistic and to evaluate the results and complications with anterior cervicoplasty technique in the Otorhinolaryngology Service of the Federal University of Uberlândia. STUDY DESIGN: Serie report. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Forty-two patients, between 39 and 65 years of age, being 40 (95

  3. Vesicouterine fistula and blind vagina

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    A case of vesicouterine fistula with blind vagina following cesarean section for obstructed labor is presented. It was surgically treated by fistulectomy, cervicoplasty and maintenance of bladder and cervical potency by catheterization. Intrauterine synechiae formation was prevented by copper T insertion and oral contraceptive pills. The patient is making uneventful a symptomatic progress planning to conceive. (author)

  4. A Modified, Direct Neck Lift Technique: The Cervical Wave-Plasty


    Parsa, Fereydoun Don; Castel, Nikki; Parsa, Natalie Niloufar


    Background Major problems with cervicoplasty by direct skin excision include the subjective nature of skin markings preoperatively and the confusing array of procedures offered. This technique incorporates curved incisions, resulting in a wave-like scar, which is why the procedure is called a "wave-plasty". Methods This prospective study includes 37 patients who underwent wave-plasty procedures from 2004 to 2015. Skin pinching technique was used to mark the anterior neck preoperatively in a r...

  5. One stage anterior-posterior approach for traumatic at- lantoaxial instability combined with subaxial cervical spinal cord injury

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    WANG Chang-sheng


    improve the spinal nervous function, thus being an ideal approach. Key words: Atlanto-axial joint; Cervical vertebrae; Spinal injuries; Cervicoplasty