Sample records for bowl adamanzanes-bicyclic tetraamines

  1. Bowl adamanzanes-bicyclic tetraamines: syntheses and crystal structures of complexes with cobalt(III) and chelating coordinated oxo-anions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Broge, Louise; Søtofte, Inger; Jensen, Kristian


    Seven cobalt(III) complexes of the macrobicyclic tetraamine ligand [2(4).3(1)]adamanzane ([2(4).3(1)]adz) are reported along with the crystal structure of six of these complexes. The solid state and solution structures are discussed, and a detailed assignment of the NMR spectra of the sulfato...... complex is provided. Four of the seven complexes contain a chelate coordinating oxo-anion ( sulfate, formiate, nitrate, carbonate). Equilibration of these species with the corresponding diaqua complex is generally slow. The rates of equilibration in 5 mol dm(-3) perchloric acid at 25 degrees C have been...... dm(-3) triflic acid containing a small sulfate contamination. On this basis the decarboxylation in 5 mol dm(-3) triflic acid of the corresponding cobalt( III) carbonato complex of the larger macrobicyclic tetraamine ligand [ 3(5)] adz was reinvestigated and found to lead to the sulfato complex...

  2. Bowl adamanzanes--bicyclic tetraamines: syntheses and crystal structures of complexes with cobalt(III) and chelating coordinated oxo-anions. (United States)

    Broge, Louise; Søtofte, Inger; Jensen, Kristian; Jensen, Nicolai; Pretzmann, Ulla; Springborg, Johan


    Seven cobalt(III) complexes of the macrobicyclic tetraamine ligand [2(4).3(1)]adamanzane ([2(4).3(1)]adz) are reported along with the crystal structure of six of these complexes. The solid state and solution structures are discussed, and a detailed assignment of the NMR spectra of the sulfato complex is provided. Four of the seven complexes contain a chelate coordinating oxo-anion (sulfate, formiate, nitrate, carbonate). Equilibration of these species with the corresponding diaqua complex is generally slow. The rates of equilibration in 5 mol dm(-3) perchloric acid at 25 degrees C have been measured, yielding half lives of 20 min, 10 min and 3 h for the sulfato, formiato and carbonato species respectively. The corresponding reaction for the nitrato complex occurs with a half life of less than 3 min. The concentration acid dissociation constant for the Co([2(4).3(1)]adz)(HCO(3))(2+) ion has been measured to K(a) = 0.33 mol dm(-3) [25 degrees C, I = 2 mol dm(-3)] and K(a) = 0.15 mol dm(-3) [25 degrees C, I = 5 mol dm(-3)]. The propensity for coordination of sulfate was found to be large enough for a quantitative conversion of the carbonato complex to the sulfato complex to occur in 3 mol dm(-3) triflic acid containing a small sulfate contamination. On this basis the decarboxylation in 5 mol dm(-3) triflic acid of the corresponding cobalt(III) carbonato complex of the larger macrobicyclic tetraamine ligand [3(5)]adz was reinvestigated and found to lead to the sulfato complex as well. The difference in exchange rate of the oxo-anion ligands for the cobalt(III) complexes of the two adamanzane ligands is discussed and attributed to fundamental differences in the molecular structure where an inverted configuration of the secondary non-bridged amine groups is seen for the complexes of the larger [3(5)]adz ligand. The high affinity for chelating coordination of oxo-anions for these two cobalt(iii)-adamanzane-moieties is rationalised on basis of the N-Co-N angles. N

  3. Basketball Bowling (United States)

    Mirabile, Chris; Cooper, Michael; Petrie, Heather


    Basketball bowling was developed after students in the authors' physical education class participated in a bowling unit sponsored through Bowl America. Basketball bowling is a lead-up activity for elementary-age students that incorporates basic skills from basketball and bowling. The general object of this activity is to be the first team to roll…

  4. Dodecahedral bowling

    CERN Document Server

    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    Here I am proposing a possible use of Roman Dodecahedra, which are bronze artifacts of gallo-roman origin dating from the 2nd or 3rd centuries AD, for playing a bowling game. The presence of holes and knobs can be quite important during collisions.

  5. Bowls Club

    CERN Multimedia

    Club de Pétanque


    Bowls Club   Par une belle fin de journée ensoleillée se déroulait le deuxième concours de la saison, le Challenge de notre ami "Patrick DURAND" qui a été membre du club et œuvré pour le celui-ci pendant  près de vingt ans. Un bel hommage lui était rendu par la présence de quarante personnes. Trente deux personnes ont participé au concours, soit seize doublettes. Des parties très disputées : quatre participants ont gagné les trois parties et ont dû être départagés par le goal average. Notre juge arbitre et  trésorier, Claude JOUVE,  proclamait vainqueur un habitué des podiums : Bernard GOICOECHEA qui  tenait  particulièrement à cœur de gagner ce challenge. Le deuxième ...

  6. Bowls Club

    CERN Multimedia

    Bowls Club


    Bowls Club Pour la 18ème année consécutive se déroulait le  "Challenge Claude CARTERET". Vingt trois personnes ont repondues "présent" et comme d'habitude dans une superbe ambiance, les trois parties avec à chaque fois un changement de partenaire se déroulaient avec acharnement. Notre juge arbitre Claude JOUVE applaudissait les gagnants qui étaient au nombre de quatre à avoir gagné  3 parties et étaient départagés par le goal-avérage. 1er : David JOUVE avec moins d'entraînement que le papa et son oncle mais qui est un battant 2ème: christian JOUVE (oncle de David) qui se fait donc coiffer au goal-avérage 3ème : Un nouveau venu très talentueux et adroit surnommé Mousse. Et notre pr...

  7. Light-Induced Copper(II) Coordination by a Bicyclic Tetraaza Chelator through a Ligand-to-Metal Charge-Transfer Reaction

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm-Jørgensen, Jacob Rørdam; Jensen, Mikael; Bjerrum, Morten J.


    To enable utilization of the broad potential of copper isotopes in nuclear medicine, rapid and robust chelation of the copper is required. Bowl adamanzanes (bicyclic tetraaza ligands) can form kinetically stable copper complexes, but they are usually formed at low rates unless high pH values...

  8. The Tibetan Singing Bowl

    CERN Document Server

    Terwagne, Denis


    The Tibetan singing bowl is a type of standing bell. Originating from Himalayan fire cults as early as the 5th century BC, they have since been used in religious ceremonies, for shamanic journeying, exorcism, meditation and shakra adjustment. A singing bowl is played by striking or rubbing its rim with a wooden or leather-wrapped mallet. The sides and rim of the bowl then vibrate to produce a rich sound. When the bowl is filled with water, this excitation can cause crispation of the water surface that can be followed by more complicated surface wave patterns and ultimately the creation of droplets. We here demonstrate the means by which the Tibetan singing bowl can levitate droplets. This is a sample arXiv article illustrating the use of fluid dynamics videos.

  9. Tibetan singing bowls (United States)

    Terwagne, Denis; Bush, John W. M.


    We present the results of an experimental investigation of the acoustics and fluid dynamics of Tibetan singing bowls. Their acoustic behaviour is rationalized in terms of the related dynamics of standing bells and wine glasses. Striking or rubbing a fluid-filled bowl excites wall vibrations, and concomitant waves at the fluid surface. Acoustic excitation of the bowl's natural vibrational modes allows for a controlled study in which the evolution of the surface waves with increasing forcing amplitude is detailed. Particular attention is given to rationalizing the observed criteria for the onset of edge-induced Faraday waves and droplet generation via surface fracture. Our study indicates that drops may be levitated on the fluid surface, induced to bounce on or skip across the vibrating fluid surface.

  10. Tibetan Singing Bowls

    CERN Document Server

    Terwagne, Denis


    We present the results of an experimental investigation of the acoustics and fluid dynamics of Tibetan singing bowls. Their acoustic behavior is rationalized in terms of the related dynamics of standing bells and wine glasses. Striking or rubbing a fluid-filled bowl excites wall vibrations, and concomitant waves at the fluid surface. Acoustic excitation of the bowl's natural vibrational modes allows for a controlled study in which the evolution of the surface waves with increasing forcing amplitude is detailed. Particular attention is given to rationalizing the observed criteria for the onset of edge-induced Faraday waves and droplet generation via surface fracture. Our study indicates that drops may be levitated on the fluid surface, induced to bounce on or skip across the vibrating fluid surface.

  11. The bowling balls

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Bulletin


    10 November 1972: CERN’s Bent Stumpe places an order for 12 bowling balls for a total cost of 95 US dollars. Although not evident at first sight, he is buying the heart of some of the first tracking devices to be used in the SPS control room. Today, Bent Stumpe’s device would be called a desktop mouse…   The first order for 4 bowling balls later changed to 12 balls. The bowling balls became the heart of Bent Stumpe's mouse. Almost 40 years ago, the web, Wikipedia and Google did not exist and it was much more difficult to know whether other people in other parts of the world or even in the same laboratory were facing the same problems or developing the same tools. At that time, Bent Stumpe was an electronics engineer, newly recruited to work on developments for the SPS Central Control room. One of the things his supervisor asked him to build as soon as possible was a device to control a pointer on a screen, also called a tracker ball. The heart of the device was the...

  12. Metal (2) 4,4',4",4'" phthalocyanine tetraamines as curing agents for epoxy resins (United States)

    Achar, B. N.; Fohlen, G. M.; Parker, J. A. (Inventor)


    Metal, preferably divalent copper, cobalt or nickel, phthalocyanine tetraamines are used as curing agents for epoxides. The resulting copolymers have high thermal and chemical resistance and are homogeneous. They are useful as binders for laminates, e.g., graphite cloth laminate.

  13. Teematapahtuma Space Bowling & Billiardsiin


    Filppu, Mika


    Tässä opinnäytetyössä esitellään suunnitelma täysin uudenlaisen teematapahtuman järjestämiseksi ja markkinoimiseksi Space Bowling & Billiardsiin, Tampereelle. Työssä teoriaosuus koostuu markkinoinnista, tapahtuman järjestämisestä, sekä benchmarkingista. Markkinointiosuus sisältää markkinoinnin määritelmän, perusteet, markkinoinnin kehityksen nykypäivään asti, sekä markkinoinnin kilpailukeinot ja sissimarkkinointia. Tapahtuman järjestäminen käydään läpi vaihe vaiheelta suunnitteluvaiheesta jäl...

  14. Croquet and lawn bowls

    CERN Multimedia

    Croquet Club


    The club is looking for new members. Why not try a new sport this summer? Croquet is a game of skill, where accuracy and tactics are equally important. It is good fun and Social Nights on Mondays, ending with a bbq, are very popular. We organise internal tournaments and our top players compete in European and World championships. Coaching is offered in both the simpler golf croquet and the more tactical Association versions of the game, starting early May. We have two lawns and a clubhouse on the Prévessin site, with bar and barbecue. All playing equipment is provided. Lawn bowls is also played, mainly on Wednesday mornings.   For further information please contact: Croquet: Norman Eatough Email: Tel. 0033 450 412187 Lawn bowls: Denis Hill Email: Tél. 022 757 2556 Le club cherche de nouveaux membres. Pourquoi pas entamer un nouveau sport cet été? Un cours d’initiation au croquet est offert. ...

  15. An experiment with Saxon bowls (United States)

    Greer, Allan; Kincanon, Eric


    To introduce our first-semester physics students to some basic analytic methods, we integrate a bit of history and a unique timing device into our lab. The story is that the Saxons placed a bowl with a hole in its bottom in water and used the time it took the bowl to submerge to limit orations. (A famous Greek prostitute also used such bowls to allocate her customer's time, an example we do not use in class.) We have our students find a relationship between the diameter of the hole and the time till submergence. Though the original Saxon bowls varied both in hole size and bowl size, for simplicity we vary only the size of the hole.

  16. The Brain Bowl: Competitive Excellence. (United States)

    Raepple, Roger R.; Ehlert, David L.


    Describes the Florida Community College Brain Bowl, as a model for recognizing outstanding academic achievement, in a contest in which two competing community college teams answer faculty-prepared questions from various disciplines. (DMM)

  17. Vascular Response of Ruthenium Tetraamines in Aortic Ring from Normotensive Rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Gabriela Conceição-Vertamatti


    Full Text Available Background: Ruthenium (Ru tetraamines are being increasingly used as nitric oxide (NO carriers. In this context, pharmacological studies have become highly relevant to better understand the mechanism of action involved. Objective: To evaluate the vascular response of the tetraamines trans-[RuII(NH34(Py(NO]3+, trans-[RuII(Cl(NO (cyclan](PF62, and trans-[RuII(NH34(4-acPy(NO]3+. Methods: Aortic rings were contracted with noradrenaline (10−6 M. After voltage stabilization, a single concentration (10−6 M of the compounds was added to the assay medium. The responses were recorded during 120 min. Vascular integrity was assessed functionally using acetylcholine at 10−6 M and sodium nitroprusside at 10−6 M as well as by histological examination. Results: Histological analysis confirmed the presence or absence of endothelial cells in those tissues. All tetraamine complexes altered the contractile response induced by norepinephrine, resulting in increased tone followed by relaxation. In rings with endothelium, the inhibition of endothelial NO caused a reduction of the contractile effect caused by pyridine NO. No significant responses were observed in rings with endothelium after treatment with cyclan NO. In contrast, in rings without endothelium, the inhibition of guanylate cyclase significantly reduced the contractile response caused by the pyridine NO and cyclan NO complexes, and both complexes caused a relaxing effect. Conclusion: The results indicate that the vascular effect of the evaluated complexes involved a decrease in the vascular tone induced by norepinephrine (10−6 M at the end of the incubation period in aortic rings with and without endothelium, indicating the slow release of NO from these complexes and suggesting that the ligands promoted chemical stability to the molecule. Moreover, we demonstrated that the association of Ru with NO is more stable when the ligands pyridine and cyclan are used in the formulation of the compound.

  18. Reduction-Fired Seedpod Bowls. (United States)

    Beyke, Rod


    Focuses on a reduction-firing process with an aim of producing high-quality blackware similar to the black-on-black pottery of Maria Martinez and other American Indian potters. Includes a lesson on creating reduction-fired seedpod bowls, lists of instructional resources and materials, and the objectives and evaluation. (CMK)

  19. Vascular Response of Ruthenium Tetraamines in Aortic Ring from Normotensive Rats

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Conceição-Vertamatti, Ana Gabriela; Ramos, Luiz Alberto Ferreira [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), São Paulo, SP (Brazil); Calandreli, Ivy; Chiba, Aline Nunes [Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Campus Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, SP (Brazil); Franco, Douglas Wagner [Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Campus São Carlos, São Paulo, SP (Brazil); Tfouni, Elia [Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Campus Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, SP (Brazil); Grassi-Kassisse, Dora Maria, E-mail: [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), São Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Ruthenium (Ru) tetraamines are being increasingly used as nitric oxide (NO) carriers. In this context, pharmacological studies have become highly relevant to better understand the mechanism of action involved. To evaluate the vascular response of the tetraamines trans-[Ru{sup II}(NH{sub 3}){sub 4}(Py)(NO)]{sup 3+}, trans-[Ru{sup II}(Cl)(NO) (cyclan)](PF{sub 6}){sub 2}, and trans-[Ru{sup II}(NH{sub 3}){sub 4}(4-acPy)(NO)]{sup 3+}. Aortic rings were contracted with noradrenaline (10{sup −6} M). After voltage stabilization, a single concentration (10{sup −6} M) of the compounds was added to the assay medium. The responses were recorded during 120 min. Vascular integrity was assessed functionally using acetylcholine at 10{sup −6} M and sodium nitroprusside at 10{sup −6} M as well as by histological examination. Histological analysis confirmed the presence or absence of endothelial cells in those tissues. All tetraamine complexes altered the contractile response induced by norepinephrine, resulting in increased tone followed by relaxation. In rings with endothelium, the inhibition of endothelial NO caused a reduction of the contractile effect caused by pyridine NO. No significant responses were observed in rings with endothelium after treatment with cyclan NO. In contrast, in rings without endothelium, the inhibition of guanylate cyclase significantly reduced the contractile response caused by the pyridine NO and cyclan NO complexes, and both complexes caused a relaxing effect. The results indicate that the vascular effect of the evaluated complexes involved a decrease in the vascular tone induced by norepinephrine (10{sup −6} M) at the end of the incubation period in aortic rings with and without endothelium, indicating the slow release of NO from these complexes and suggesting that the ligands promoted chemical stability to the molecule. Moreover, we demonstrated that the association of Ru with NO is more stable when the ligands pyridine and cyclan are used

  20. A study of function mechanism of hemxamethyl tetra-amine in gelation process of uranium

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GUO Wenli; LIANG Tongxiang; ZHAO Xingyu; HAO Shaochang; FU Xiaoming


    The UO2 ceramic microspheres are the most important materials in the spherical fuel elements for high temperature reactor (HTR). A process for preparation of UO2 kernels known as total gelation process of uranium (TGU) was developed as the production process of 10 mW HTR at Tsinghua University. The TGU process is based on the traditional sol-gel process, external gelation process and internal gelation process of uranium (EGU and IGU), which implies that the gelation action is initiated both by ammonia out of the gel particles and hemxamethyl tetra-amine (HMTA) inside the gel particles. The gelation behavior and the properties of uranium microspheres were investigated of the solution with and without HMTA. It is observed that good spherical particles can be obtained without HMTA in the sol, which indicates a more controllable and industrialized route will be set up. Contrasts between this route and the traditional EGU were also listed .

  1. Introducing the Medical Ethics Bowl. (United States)

    Merrick, Allison; Green, Rochelle; Cunningham, Thomas V; Eisenberg, Leah R; Hester, D Micah


    Although ethics is an essential component of undergraduate medical education, research suggests that current medical ethics curricula face considerable challenges in improving students' ethical reasoning. This article discusses these challenges and introduces a promising new mode of graduate and professional ethics instruction for overcoming them. We begin by describing common ethics curricula, focusing in particular on established problems with current approaches. Next, we describe a novel method of ethics education and assessment for medical students that we have devised: the Medical Ethics Bowl (MEB). Finally, we suggest the pedagogical advantages of the MEB when compared to other ethics curricula.

  2. From Iron Bowl to Iron Stomach

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    A few decades ago, "Iron Bowl" referred to not having to go hungry in China if you were employed by the Agovernment. The government gave you a job that secured the filling of one’s rice bowl. This concept and practice did create loyalty, as the times were hard. China has moved far past those times to become the

  3. Tc-99m labeled triethelene tetraamine polysterene resin gastric emptying studies in bulimia patients

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shih Weijen; Castellanos, F.X.; Domstad, P.A.; DeLand, F.H.; Humphries, L.; Digenis, G.A.


    To evaluate gastric emptying in patients with bulimia, 20 patients (all women, ranging in age from 12 to 49 years) with upper gastrointestinal symptoms ingested 150-200 99m/ Tc-triethelene tetraamine polysterene resin in cereal and had scintigraphy in the supine position. Data were accumulated at 5 min intervals to determine the gastric emptying time (GET). The results showed that the gastric emptying time was prolonged in 12 patients and decreased in 8. All 12 patients with prolonged emptying time were given 10 mg metoclopramide intravenously; 9 of these had a good response and 3 had no response. Although all patients had subjective symptoms of gastric dysfunction, the results indicate that about 60% had delayed and 40% had rapid gastric emptying. The findings of two extremes of gastric emptying time remain to be explained, however, this enables (Albibi and McCullum 1983) objective documentation of gastric emptying as this technique (American Psychiatric Association 1980) can separate those patients with rapid GET from those with prolonged GET, who might benefit from metoclopramide.

  4. Bowling-Fencing Guide. January 1975-January 1977. (United States)

    Curtis, Joyce M., Ed.; Heinecke, Mary, Ed.

    This guide is divided into two sections. The first deals with bowling, and contains 11 articles concerning the mechanics and teaching of bowling. Some of the areas covered are (a) suggestions for teaching bowling, (b) how to practice with an automatic pinsetter, (c) bowling as a medium for learning for the handicapped, and (d) application of a…

  5. Light-Induced Copper(II) Coordination by a Bicyclic Tetraaza Chelator through a Ligand-to-Metal Charge-Transfer Reaction

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm-Jørgensen, Jacob Rørdam; Jensen, Mikael; Bjerrum, Morten


    To enable utilization of the broad potential of copper isotopes in nuclear medicine, rapid and robust chelation of the copper is required. Bowl adamanzanes (bicyclic tetraaza ligands) can form kinetically stable copper complexes, but they are usually formed at low rates unless high pH values...... and high temperatures are applied. We have investigated the effects of the variation in the pH, different anions, and UV irradiation on the chelation rate. UV spectra of mixtures of Cu2+ and [24.31]adz in water show the existence of a longlived two-coordinated copper(II) intermediate (only counting...

  6. From Dust Bowl to Conservation Tillage. (United States)

    McDonald, Dale


    Examines the causes of the dust bowl and recent changes in tillage practices in Oklahoma and other prairie states that conserve soil. Briefly discusses the success of programs that target school children for conservation education. (LZ)

  7. The Bowl Championship Series: A Mathematical Review

    CERN Document Server

    Callaghan, T; Porter, M A; Callaghan, Thomas; Mucha, Peter J.; Porter, Mason A.


    We discuss individual components of the college football Bowl Championship Series, compare with a simple algorithm defined by random walks on a biased graph, attempt to predict whether the proposed changes will truly lead to increased BCS bowl access for non-BCS schools, and conclude by arguing that the true problem with the BCS Standings lies not in the computer algorithms, but rather in misguided addition.

  8. Sharing a bowl of tea. (United States)

    Sen, S


    Soshitsu Sen's keynote speech before a symposium on population and the environment is summarized unofficially by the editorial staff. The instability of human thinking is given as the cause for the present destruction of the environment. In a visit to the His Majesty King of Sweden, Sen remarked that stabilizing human minds can be achieved within the tea ceremony through "serving tea heartily, receiving it with gratitude, and offering it to another." In this way, the spirit of concern for others can be practiced in everyday life and tranquility of mind reached. News broadcasts of starving parents and children as victims of civil war are disheartening. The Japanese people are not suffering such hunger, even though the economy has not been as robust as desired. The analogy is provided in the story by Chuang Chou about King Hun Dun and King Xiu and man's good intentions, which nonetheless destroy the earth. Japan has experienced forest and environmental destruction on the road to economic prosperity and satisfaction of self-interests. The advice on living in accord with nature is to appreciate each season for its own changes. For example, when it is the winter season, the complaint is about the cold and the desire is for spring; but when spring comes, the desire is for the cooler weather of fall. the ordinary way is to appreciate all seasons and is the best way of sustaining a healthy environment. In the garden of the tea hut, humans enter without their worldly title, position, and means; at the water basin, hands and mouth are cleansed, and entrance is made through a small hole into the hut much the same as emerging from the womb. Worldly matters are dispensed with and purity of thought is shared in the sharing of the bowl of green tea, saying "after you" to one another. Christianity and the Way of Tea share the same symbols of purification. The black tea bowl is in harmony with the green tea. Fatigue is relieved when gazing upon the color green; examples are given

  9. Direct Asymmetric Michael Additions of Ketones to Nitroolefins and Chalcones Catalyzed by a Chiral C2-Symmetric Pyrrolidine-based Tetraamine

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马世俊; 吴璐璐; 刘明; 王永梅


    C2-Symmetric pyrrolidine-based tetraamine, available from commercially starting materials, showed good cata- lytic activity for asymmetric Michael additions of ketones to nitroalkenes especially to chalcones. The reactions proceeded to give the corresponding products in good yields and in a highly selective manner.

  10. USA ainus eksistentsialist Paul Bowles / Kalmer Saar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saar, Kalmer


    Ameerika kirjanik, helilooja ja rännumees Paul Bowles (1911-1999), kelle romaani ainetel on loodud mängufilm "Varjav taevas" ("The Sheltering Sky") : režissöör Bernardo Bertolucci : Ameerika Ühendriigid - Itaalia 1990

  11. The biomechanics of fast bowling in men's cricket: a review. (United States)

    Bartlett, R M; Stockill, N P; Elliott, B C; Burnett, A F


    This review concentrates on synthesizing and analysing the biomechanical research which has been carried out on fast bowling in men's cricket. Specifically, it relates to those elements of the bowling technique which contribute towards a fast ball release, the aerodynamics and technique of swing bowling, and the association between fast bowling and lower back injury. With regard to bowling technique, no firm conclusions are drawn on the relationships between elements of the fast bowling technique and ball release speed. Recommendations for future research in this area include intra-player studies to establish the bowler-specific factors which contribute to fast ball release and features of body segment dynamics. There is general agreement that the phenomenon of differential boundary layer separation is the reason for normal and reverse cricket ball swing. Systematic research to establish the essential aspects of the bowling technique which contribute to successful swing bowling is recommended, along with studies of the behaviour of the ball in games to ascertain the effects of ball asymmetries on ball swing. There is sufficient evidence in the literature to establish a strong link between injury to the lower back and the use of the mixed technique. Recommendations are made for screening and intervention to reduce the use of the mixed technique, and for research into other aspects of injury. Fundamental research to develop biomechanical models of the lower back in fast bowling is strongly recommended.

  12. Special requirements for alumina ceramic of ESG electrode bowl

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Jun-an; XUE Kai; ZHANG Jia-tai; ZHANG Qiang


    At present ESG (Electrostatic Suspended Gyro) is the most precise inertia element in the world. The electrode bowl, which has direct effect on the precision of ESG, is a key part to ESG. Through the analysis of the function and characteristic of the electrode bowl in hollow rotor ESG and the present situation of new material development in the world, the alumina ceramic is regarded as the best material for the electrode bowl of hollow rotor ESG. By analyzing the present situation of alumina ceramic in the world, main technique requirements have been put forward for the alumina ceramic of ESG electrode bowl which is also fit for solid rotor ESG.

  13. Medical care at the Super Bowl. (United States)

    Ellis, J M


    Although coordinating medical care at the Super Bowl is something that we look forward to and have a lot of fun doing, we take it very seriously and understand the importance of delivering medical care at what many people consider to be the greatest sporting event in the world. It is certainly one of the most watched and recognized events in the world and because of this, we attempt to set up a system that will allow for the best medical care available and standardization of this medical care through our experience within Medical Sports Group.

  14. Configuration System for Simulation Based Design of Vibratory Bowl Feeders

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansson, Michael; Mathiesen, Simon; Ellekilde, Lars-Peter;


    Vibratory bowl feeders are still among the most commonly used production equipment for automated part feeding, where parts are correctly oriented for further manipulation by being conveyed through a set of orienting devices. Designing vibratory bowl feeders involves selecting and sequencing a num...

  15. Serving Bowl Selection Biases the Amount of Food Served (United States)

    van Kleef, Ellen; Shimizu, Mitsuru; Wansink, Brian


    Objective: To determine how common serving bowls containing food for multiple persons influence serving behavior and consumption and whether they do so independently of satiation and food evaluation. Methods: In this between-subjects experiment, 68 participants were randomly assigned to either a group serving pasta from a large-sized bowl (6.9-L…

  16. Metro Profile: Bowling Green, Ky.: Cars, College and Caves



    The Bowling Green metropolitan statistical area has shared in the relative prosperity of this part of Kentucky, thanks largely to the auto sector, tourism and Western Kentucky University. Stability in the housing market has also helped.

  17. NAGWS Bowling-Fencing Guide, January 1977-January 1979. (United States)

    Knierim, Helen

    This manual is designed for use by coaches of bowling and fencing. Rules and regulations are outlined, and game strategies and teaching techniques are discussed. A bibliography for each sport is included. (JD)

  18. There's more to taste in a coloured bowl. (United States)

    Harrar, Vanessa; Piqueras-Fiszman, Betina; Spence, Charles


    The flavour and pleasantness of food and drinks are affected by their colour, their texture or crunch, and even by the shape and weight of the plate or glass. But, can the colour of the bowl also affect the taste of the food it contains? To answer this question we served popcorn in four different coloured bowls, and participants rated sweetness, saltiness, and overall liking. The sweet popcorn, in addition to being sweet, was perceived as saltier when eaten out of a coloured (as compared to a white) bowl, and vice versa for the salty popcorn. These results demonstrate that colour in bowl design can be used to elicit perceptions of sweetness and saltiness in real foods.

  19. The Tibetan singing bowl : an acoustics and fluid dynamics investigation

    CERN Document Server

    Terwagne, Denis


    We present the results of an experimental investigation of the acoustics and fluid dynamics of Tibetan singing bowls. Their acoustic behavior is rationalized in terms of the related dynamics of standing bells and wine glasses. Striking or rubbing a fluid-filled bowl excites wall vibrations, and concomitant waves at the fluid surface. Acoustic excitation of the bowl's natural vibrational modes allows for a controlled study in which the evolution of the surface waves with increasing forcing amplitude is detailed. Particular attention is given to rationalizing the observed criteria for the onset of edge-induced Faraday waves and droplet generation via surface fracture. Our study indicates that drops may be levitated on the fluid surface, induced to bounce on or skip across the vibrating fluid surface.

  20. 77 FR 75550 - Special Local Regulations; 2013 Orange Bowl Paddle Championship, Biscayne Bay, Miami, FL (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 100 RIN 1625-AA08 Special Local Regulations; 2013 Orange Bowl Paddle... in Miami, FL during the 2013 Orange Bowl Paddle Championship. The event will take place on January 13... Paddle Championship. C. Discussion of the Final Rule On January 13, 2013, the Orange Bowl Committee...

  1. Extraverted children are more biased by bowl sizes than introverts. (United States)

    van Ittersum, Koert; Wansink, Brian


    Extraverted children are hypothesized to be most at risk for over-serving and overeating due to environmental cues--such as the size of dinnerware. A within-subject field study of elementary school students found that extraverted children served themselves 33.1% more cereal in larger bowls (16-oz) than in smaller (12-oz) bowls, whereas introverted children were unaffected by bowl size (+5.6%, ns). However, when children were asked by adults how much cereal they wanted to eat, both extraverted and introverted children requested more cereal when given a large versus small bowl. Insofar as extraverted children appear to be more biased by environmental cues, this pilot study suggests different serving styles are recommended for parents and other caregivers. They should serve extraverts, but allow introverts to serve themselves. Still, since the average child still served 23.2% more when serving themselves than when served by an adult, it might be best for caregivers to do the serving whenever possible--especially for extraverted children.

  2. Extraverted children are more biased by bowl sizes than introverts.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koert van Ittersum

    Full Text Available Extraverted children are hypothesized to be most at risk for over-serving and overeating due to environmental cues--such as the size of dinnerware. A within-subject field study of elementary school students found that extraverted children served themselves 33.1% more cereal in larger bowls (16-oz than in smaller (12-oz bowls, whereas introverted children were unaffected by bowl size (+5.6%, ns. However, when children were asked by adults how much cereal they wanted to eat, both extraverted and introverted children requested more cereal when given a large versus small bowl. Insofar as extraverted children appear to be more biased by environmental cues, this pilot study suggests different serving styles are recommended for parents and other caregivers. They should serve extraverts, but allow introverts to serve themselves. Still, since the average child still served 23.2% more when serving themselves than when served by an adult, it might be best for caregivers to do the serving whenever possible--especially for extraverted children.

  3. Extraverted Children Are More Biased by Bowl Sizes than Introverts

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Ittersum, Koert; Wansink, Brian


    Extraverted children are hypothesized to be most at risk for over-serving and overeating due to environmental cues - such as the size of dinnerware. A within-subject field study of elementary school students found that extraverted children served themselves 33.1% more cereal in larger bowls (16-oz)

  4. The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl: An Active Learning Experience (United States)

    Meyer, Tracy


    This paper introduces the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB) as a means of promoting active learning in the realm of marketing ethics. The cases discussed in the competition are based on current ethical issues and require students to provide a coherent analysis of what are generally complex, ambiguous, and highly viewpoint dependent issues. The…

  5. The Fish Bowl: A Strategy for Assessing Independent Reading. (United States)

    Katz, Claudia Anne; Kuby, Sue Ann


    Explains Fish Bowl, an activity for upper elementary and middle school students to share what they read and a method for teachers to assess student understanding of a book. Discusses benefits of reading aloud a summary of the book, reading a passage from the book, asking appropriate questions, and answering questions. (LRW)

  6. Revising the Dust Bowl: High Above the Kansas Grasslands. (United States)

    Sylvester, Kenneth M; Rupley, Eric S A


    This article reconstructs land cover patterns in Depressionera Kansas from historical aerial photos and compares the locations of crop fields to areas of submarginal land identified in modern digital soil survey maps. The analysis argues that New Deal land retirement programs overestimated the degree of bad land use because they lacked the basic science to make comprehensive assessments. The findings demonstrate that the misuse of land unfit for cultivation was relatively rare across the central plains but especially in the Dust Bowl region.

  7. A new bis-tetraamine ligand with a chromophoric 4-(9-anthracenyl)-2,6-dimethylpyridinyl linker for glyphosate and ATP sensing. (United States)

    Pouessel, Jacky; Abada, Sabah; Le Bris, Nathalie; Elhabiri, Mourad; Charbonnière, Loïc J; Tripier, Raphaël


    The synthesis of a new linear bis-tetraamine ligand L1, based on two 1,4,8,11-tetraazaundecane units grafted at the 2 and 6 positions of a pyridinyl linker substituted by an anthracenyl fluorophore in the para position, is described and anion complexation studies of L1 with anionic substrates are reported. The protonation pattern and the study of the binding properties of L1 in an aqueous medium with two anionic substrates, the nucleotide adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and the herbicide glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine, PMG), were investigated by means of potentiometry, NMR spectroscopy and absorption and emission spectroscopic techniques. To decipher the impact of the chromophoric linker on the complexation process and to highlight its optical properties, a comparison is established with its previously reported analog L2 devoid of the anthracenyl group. The results unambiguously show that the protonation and complexation properties are preserved despite the presence of the bulky linker, allowing for the use of L1 as a fluorescent sensor for ATP and PMG.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The excavation works being carried out since 1989 at Dorylaion (Eskişehir/Turkey results in many findings belonging to different civilizations spanning from the First Bronze age to Ottoman period. One of the important groups of these findings is the moldmade bowls, familiarly known as the Megarian bowls from the Hellenistic period (330-30 B.C.. In a frame of an archaeometry project work, these artifacts were characterized with different analytical techniques. Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF and X-ray diffraction (XRD were used to study chemical and mineralogical composition of the bodies. Thermogravimetric-differential thermal analyses (TG-DTA were performed to make the estimation of firing temperature of the sherds. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDX were performed for the microstructural and microchemical characterization of body and slip layers of the selected potsherds. Based on the analyses results, the bowls should have been prepared from carbonated and siliceous clays and fired at the temperatures from 600 to 1000 °C. They have also iron-rich slip layers with different colors indicating probable adjustment of the redox conditions during firing. In addition, the effect of maximum firing temperature on microstructural characteristics was evaluated.

  9. Bowling-Fencing Guide with Official Rules. January 1973 - January 1975. (United States)

    Docherty, Ethel, Ed.; Curry, Nancy L., Ed.

    Rules for women's bowling and fencing from January 1973 to January 1975 are discussed. Standards in sports for girls and women are detailed along with the Division for Girls and Women's Sports (DGWS) statement of beliefs. Specific articles dealing with bowling skills, norms, and rules for women are included. Articles are also included on the…

  10. National Ocean Sciences Bowl in 2013: A National Competition for High School Ocean Science Education (United States)


    Coats, Birch Aquarium , Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego 7 • Hurricane Bowl (Central Gulf Coast) – Elizabeth...Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences • Southern Stingray Bowl (South Carolina & Georgia ) – Dr. Dionne

  11. Effects of sequential replacement of -NH2 by -OH in the tripodal tetraamine tren on its acidity and metal ion coordinating properties. (United States)

    Song, B; Reuber, J; Ochs, C; Hahn, F E; Lügger, T; Orvig, C


    The preparation is described of two modified derivatives of the tripodal tetraamine tren, 2-hydroxy-N,N-bis(2-aminoethyl)ethylamine, NN(2)O222, and 2-amino-N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylamine, NNO(2)222, in which one and two primary amines, respectively, have been replaced with hydroxyl groups. The aqueous acid-base and metal ion (Ni2+, Cu2+, Zn2+) coordination properties of these two compounds were studied by potentiometric, spectrophotometric, and NMR titrations. Two and three acidity constants, respectively, were determined for NNO(2)222 and NN(2)O222 by potentiometry. NMR titrations proved that deprotonation of the two OH residues in NNO(2)222, and of the one in NN(2)O222, corresponded to pK(a) > 14. Acidity constants related to deprotonation of the terminal primary amine functions were similar in both NNO(2)222 and NN(2)O222 (and to those in the parent compound tren), whereas deprotonation of the tertiary ammonium N atom had a very different acidity constant in each of these three compounds. Charge repulsion, polar effects, and intramolecular hydrogen bond formation are responsible for the discrepancy. Chelated diamine metal complexes for each ligand studied depended only on the basicity of the corresponding two amines, suggesting that the hydroxyl group interacted with the metal ion very weakly in acidic or neutral solutions. The ML2+ species further deprotonated to form M(L - H)+ and M(L - 2H) complexes, in which the protons are released from the coordinated OH group. A pM vs pH correlation showed that replacing an NH2 group with a OH group in tren or NN(2)O222 makes the resulting metal complex less stable. Electronic spectra showed that the Cu(II) complexes of both NNO(2)222 and NN(2)O222 adopted a square pyramidal geometry rather than a trigonal bipyramidal geometry. The X-ray crystal structure analysis of the zinc complex [Zn(OH)(mu-NNO(2)222 - H)Zn(NNO(2)222)]2+, as its [BF4]- salt, shows a dinuclear molecule containing two zinc ions, each coordinated in a

  12. The effect of bowl-in-piston geometry layout on fluid flow pattern

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovanovic Zoran S.


    Full Text Available In this paper some results concerning the evolution of 3D fluid flow pattern through all four strokes in combustion chambers with entirely different bowl-in-piston geometry layouts ranging from ”omega” to “simple cylinder” were presented. All combustion chambers i.e. those with „omega“ bowls, with different profiles, and those with „cylinder“ bowls, with different squish area ranging from 44% to 62%, were with flat head, vertical valves and identical elevation of intake and exhaust ports. A bunch of results emerged by dint of multidimensional modeling of nonreactive fluid flow in arbitrary geometry with moving objects and boundaries. The fluid flow pattern during induction and compression in all cases was extremely complicated and entirely three-dimensional. It should be noted that significant differences due to geometry of the bowl were encountered only in the vicinity of TDC. Namely, in the case of “omega” bowl all three types of organized macro flows were observed while in the case of “cylinder” bowl no circumferential velocity was registered at all. On the contrary, in the case of “cylinder” bowl some interesting results concerning reverse tumble and its center of rotation shifting from exhaust valve zone to intake valve zone during induction stroke and vice-verse from intake valve zone to exhaust valve zone during compression were observed while in the case of “omega” bowl no such a displacement was legible. During expansion the fluid flow pattern is fully controlled by piston motion and during exhaust it is mainly one-dimensional, except in the close proximity of exhaust valve. For that reason it is not affected by the geometry of the bowl.

  13. Super ready: how a regional approach to Super Bowl EMS paid off. (United States)

    Clancy, Terry; Cortacans, Henry P


    The Super Bowl and its associated activities represent one of the largest special events in the world. Super Bowl XLVIII was geographically unique because the NFL's and Super Bowl Host Committee's activities, venues and events encompassed two states and fell across numerous jurisdictions within six counties (Bergen, Hudson, Morris, Essex, Middlesex, and Manhattan).This Super Bowl was the first to do this. EMS was one of the largest operational components during this event. Last and most important, it is the people and relationships that make any planning initiative and event a success. Sit down and have a cup a coffee with your colleagues, partners and neighbors in and out of state to discuss your planning initiatives. Do it early-it will make your efforts less painful should an event of this magnitude come to a city near you!

  14. What we learned from the Dust Bowl: lessons in science, policy, and adaptation. (United States)

    McLeman, Robert A; Dupre, Juliette; Berrang Ford, Lea; Ford, James; Gajewski, Konrad; Marchildon, Gregory


    This article provides a review and synthesis of scholarly knowledge of Depression-era droughts on the North American Great Plains, a time and place known colloquially as the Dust Bowl era or the Dirty Thirties. Recent events, including the 2008 financial crisis, severe droughts in the US corn belt, and the release of a popular documentary film, have spawned a resurgence in public interest in the Dust Bowl. Events of the Dust Bowl era have also proven in recent years to be of considerable interest to scholars researching phenomena related to global environmental change, including atmospheric circulation, drought modeling, land management, institutional behavior, adaptation processes, and human migration. In this review, we draw out common themes in terms of not only what natural and social scientists have learned about the Dust Bowl era itself, but also how insights gained from the study of that period are helping to enhance our understanding of climate-human relations more generally.

  15. Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine team scores quiz bowl championship


    McKeeby, Eric


    Three students from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine clicked, buzzed, and answered their way to victory, winning the American Association of Bovine Practitioners national quiz bowl competition in Albuquerque, N.M., last month.

  16. The preference for water nipples vs. water bowls in dairy goats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andersen Inger L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Previous studies have reported that the design of the water dispensers can influence the water intake in farm animals. Horses and dairy cows seem to prefer to drink from an open surface whereas sheep and pigs apparently prefer water nipples, probably because of the worse water quality in water bowls. The aim of the present study was to examine the preference of dairy goats for water nipples or water bowls. Methods In each of the two experiments (exp. 1, dry goats, exp. 2 lactating goats, 42 dairy goats were allotted into 6 groups of 7 goats. In period 1, the goats had access to a water nipple. In period 2, they had access to a water bowl and in period 3 (preference test they had access to both a water nipple and a water bowl. Water usage and wastage was recorded and water intake (water usage - water wastage was calculated for each group for the two last days of each period. In experiment 2, water samples from each dispenser were analyzed for heterotrophy germs at 22°C, Escherichia coli and turbidity. Results Water usage was higher from water nipples than from water bowls both in experiment 1 (dry goats and experiment 2 (lactating goats. There was however, no difference in water intake from water nipples and water bowls. In the preference test (period 3, the water intake tended to be higher from the water nipple than from the water bowl both for the dry goats (exp. 1 and lactating goats (exp. 2. Especially for the dry goats, the differences between groups were large. Turbidity and heterotrophy germs were much higher in the samples from the water bowls than from the water nipples. Water wastage from the water bowls was negligible compared to the water nipples. From the water nipples the water wastage was 30% and 23% of water usage for the dry and lactating goats respectively. Conclusions We conclude that type of water dispenser (nipple or bowl was probably of minor importance for water intake in goats, but water bowls had a

  17. Evaluation of American Indian Science and Engineering Society Intertribal Middle School Science and Math Bowl Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    AISES, None


    The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) has been funded under a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant (Grant Award No. DE-SC0004058) to host an Intertribal Middle-School Science and Math Bowl (IMSSMB) comprised of teams made up of a majority of American Indian students from Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools and public schools. The intent of the AISES middle school science and math bowl is to increase participation of American Indian students at the DOE-sponsored National Science Bowl. Although national in its recruitment scope, the AISES Intertribal Science and Math Bowl is considered a “regional” science bowl, equivalent to the other 50 regional science bowls which are geographically limited to states. Most regional bowls do not have American Indian student teams competing, hence the AISES bowl is meant to encourage American Indian student teams to increase their science knowledge in order to participate at the national level. The AISES competition brings together teams from various American Indian communities across the nation. Each team is provided with funds for travel to and from the event, as well as for lodging and meals. In 2011 and 2012, there were 10 teams participating; in 2013, the number of teams participating doubled to 20. Each Science and Math Bowl team is comprised of four middle school — grades 6 through 8 — students, one alternate, and a teacher who serves as advisor and coach — although in at least two cases, the coach was not a teacher, but was the Indian Education Coordinator. Each team member must have at least a 3.0 GPA. Furthermore, the majority of students in each team must be comprised of American Indian, Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian students. Under the current DOE grant, AISES sponsored three annual middle school science bowl competitions over the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. The science and math bowls have been held in late March concurrently with the National American Indian Science and

  18. Lumbar spinal loading during bowling in cricket: a kinetic analysis using a musculoskeletal modelling approach. (United States)

    Zhang, Yanxin; Ma, Ye; Liu, Guangyu


    The objective of the study was to evaluate two types of cricket bowling techniques by comparing the lumbar spinal loading using a musculoskeletal modelling approach. Three-dimensional kinematic data were recorded by a Vicon motion capture system under two cricket bowling conditions: (1) participants bowled at their absolute maximal speeds (max condition), and (2) participants bowled at their absolute maximal speeds while simultaneously forcing their navel down towards their thighs starting just prior to ball release (max-trunk condition). A three-dimensional musculoskeletal model comprised of the pelvis, sacrum, lumbar vertebrae and torso segments, which enabled the motion of the individual lumbar vertebrae in the sagittal, frontal and coronal planes to be actuated by 210 muscle-tendon units, was used to simulate spinal loading based on the recorded kinematic data. The maximal lumbar spine compressive force is 4.89 ± 0.88BW for the max condition and 4.58 ± 0.54BW for the max-trunk condition. Results showed that there was no significant difference between the two techniques in trunk moments and lumbar spine forces. This indicates that the max-trunk technique may not increase lower back injury risks. The method proposed in this study could be served as a tool to evaluate lower back injury risks for cricket bowling as well as other throwing activities.

  19. Shadow Bowl 2003: a collaborative exercise in community readiness, agency cooperation, and medical response. (United States)

    Balch, David; Taylor, Carl; Rosenthal, David; Bausch, Chris; Warner, Dave; Morris, Ray


    This paper describes a model for homeland security, community readiness, and medical response that was applied during an operational exercise around Super Bowl XXXVII. In addition, it describes the products provided by private companies involved in the exercise and how they would have contributed to a medical disaster had one occurred. The purpose of Shadow Bowl was to demonstrate community readiness and medical response to a mass casualty event. The goals of the project were to: (1) provide enhanced public safety using an advanced communication network and sensor grid; (2) develop mass casualty surge capabilities through medical reach-back; and (3) build a collaboration model between civilian, military, public, and private partners. The results of the Shadow Bowl Exercise accentuated the value of new telehealth and disaster medicine tools in treating large numbers of patients when infrastructure overload occurs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suparno -


    Abstrak: Dampak Permainan Bowling Tiruan terhadap Keterampilan Motorik Anak Terbelakang Mental Usia Dini. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memperoleh gambaran mengenai dampak permainan dengan aturan bowling tiruan terhadap peningkatan kecakapan koordinasi motorik anak terbelakang mental usia dini. Sebanyak enam anak yang mengalami keterbelakangan mental berusia 5-7 tahun, terdiri atas empat laki-laki dan dua wanita di TKLB/C Pembina Yogyakarta yang diambil secara purposive dijadikan subjek. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian kuasi eksperimen dengan rancangan pretes-postes satu kelompok. Observasi terbuka dan rekaman video digunakan untuk melihat kecakapan koordinasi motorik subjek. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan adanya dampak positif permainan dengan aturan berupa bowling tiruan terhadap peningkatan kecakapan koordinasi motorik anak terbelakang mental usia dini.

  1. The preference for water nipples vs. water bowls in dairy goats


    Andersen Inger L; Ehrlenbruch Rebecca; Bøe Knut E


    Abstract Background Previous studies have reported that the design of the water dispensers can influence the water intake in farm animals. Horses and dairy cows seem to prefer to drink from an open surface whereas sheep and pigs apparently prefer water nipples, probably because of the worse water quality in water bowls. The aim of the present study was to examine the preference of dairy goats for water nipples or water bowls. Methods In each of the two experiments (exp. 1, dry goats, exp. 2 l...



    Suparno -


    Abstract:  The Impact of Games of Imitation Bowling on Motor Skills Coordination of Early Men­tally Retarded Children. This quasi experimental study aims to examine the effect of playing games using simulated bowling rules on the motor-skill coordination of early mentally retarded (MR) children. Six sub­jects of five to seven years old, four female and two male, were purposively sampled. Observation and video-recording were carried out to record the development of children’s motor-skill coord...

  3. Does Becoming a Member of the Football Bowl Subdivision Increase Institutional Attractiveness to Potential Students (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    In recent years, a number of colleges and universities have made the decision to pursue membership in the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) with the idea that participating in higher profile intercollegiate football can help attract students to their institution. This belief, however, has not been empirically examined. Using…

  4. Ice cream illusions - Bowls, spoons, and self-served portion sizes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wansink, Brian; van Ittersum, Koert; Painter, James E.


    Background: Because people eat most of what they serve themselves, any contextual cues that lead them to over-serve should lead them to over-eat. In building on the size-contrast illusion, this research examines whether the size of a bowl or serving spoon unknowingly biases how much a person serves

  5. Selling College: A Longitudinal Study of American College Football Bowl Game Public Service Announcements (United States)

    Tobolowsky, Barbara F.; Lowery, John Wesley


    Using ideological analysis as a frame, researchers analyzed institutionally created commercials (PSAs) that appeared in 28 U.S. college football bowl games over a seven-year period (2003-2009) to better understand the universities' brands as represented in these advertisements. They found many common elements such as showing traditional…

  6. Selling Exclusion: Images of Students of Color in Bowl Game Advertising (United States)

    Harris, Michael S.; Bourke, Brian


    Each winter, the best collegiate football programs compete in the Bowl Championship Series. in addition to showcasing their prowess of the field, each school is afforded opportunities to highlight other aspects of their institution in the form of advertising spots. The current study analyzed each of these spots for the 43 university participants…

  7. Research brief : Serving Bowl Selection Biases the Amount of Food Served

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kleef, van E.; Shimizu, M.; Wansink, B.


    Objective: To determine how common serving bowls containing food for multiple persons influence serving behavior and consumption and whether they do so independently of satiation and food evaluation. Methods: In this between-subjects experiment, 68 participants were randomly assigned to either a gro

  8. Elderly people's perceptions of using Wii sports bowling - A qualitative study. (United States)

    Glännfjord, Fredrik; Hemmingsson, Helena; Larsson Ranada, Åsa


    The Nintendo Wii is a gaming console with motion-sensitive controls that is making inroads into health care and rehabilitation. However, there is still limited knowledge on how elderly people perceive the use of such a product. The aim of this study was to examine how the use of the Wii Sports Bowling in an activity group was perceived by elderly people. The data consisted of observations and interviews with participants who used Wii Sports Bowling and was analysed with content analysis. The findings are described in three themes; 'The use of the Wii Sports game', 'Engagement in the game' and 'Social interaction around the activity'. Wii Sports Bowling was described as easier to play compared to real-life bowling and was enjoyable and a social activity. The opportunity to meet the group each week was important for the participants. Playing the game resulted in signs of immersion and a flow-like state. The Wii was perceived to be easy to use, to provide a way to socialize with peers and to give opportunities to participate in activities in a new way. More studies regarding elderly people's experiences and apprehensions regarding new technology such as gaming consoles and virtual reality are needed.

  9. Does Becoming a Member of the Football Bowl Subdivision Increase Institutional Attractiveness to Potential Students (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    In recent years, a number of colleges and universities have made the decision to pursue membership in the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) with the idea that participating in higher profile intercollegiate football can help attract students to their institution. This belief, however, has not been empirically examined. Using…

  10. Reclassification to the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision: A Case Study at Western Kentucky University (United States)

    Upright, Paula A.


    The purpose of this study was to describe the reclassification process of Western Kentucky University's football program from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) to the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the highest and most visible level of NCAA competition. Three research questions guided the study: (a) Why did Western Kentucky University…

  11. Comparison of total and cardiovascular death rates in the same city during a losing versus winning super bowl championship. (United States)

    Kloner, Robert A; McDonald, Scott; Leeka, Justin; Poole, W Kenneth


    The purpose of this study was to determine whether there were changes in death rates when a local football team participated in the Super Bowl. Los Angeles (LA) played in the Super Bowl twice: on January 20, 1980 (LA Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers, which LA lost), and on January 22, 1984 (LA Raiders vs Washington Redskins, which LA won). Data from LA County were analyzed for all-cause and circulatory death rates for the Super Bowl and the following 14 days when LA played (Super Bowl-related days) and control days (from January 15 to the end of February for 1980 to 1983 and 1984 to 1988). The Super Bowl-related days during LA's losing 1980 game were associated with higher daily death rates in LA County (per 100,000 population) for all deaths (2.4482 vs 2.0968 for control days, p Super Bowl-related days during the winning 1984 game were associated with a lower rate of all-cause death (2.1870 vs 2.3205 for control days, p = 0.0302). In conclusion, the emotional stress of loss and/or the intensity of a game played by a sports team in a highly publicized rivalry such as the Super Bowl can trigger total and cardiovascular deaths.

  12. Family fun or cultural free-for-all? A critique of the 2015 National Football League Super Bowl commercials


    Basch, Corey H.; William D Kernan; Rachel Reeves


    Background: The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to enumerate and describe violent and risky behaviors as well as other general health behaviors exhibited in the advertisements during the National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl 2015. Methods: Commercials during the NFL Super Bowl 2015 were assessed for violent and risky behaviors. Additional health behaviors were indicated such as the advertisement of unhealthy food, promotion of physical activity, and sexual content. Results...

  13. Synthesis and Characterization of Bowl-Like Single-Crystalline BaTiO3 Nanoparticles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pei Xinmei


    Full Text Available Abstract Novel bowl-like single-crystalline BaTiO3 nanoparticles were synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method using Ba(OH2·8H2O and TiO2 as precursors. The as-prepared products were characterized by XRD, Raman spectroscopy, SEM and TEM. The results show that the bowl-like BaTiO3 nanoparticles are single-crystalline and have a size about 100–200 nm in diameter. Local piezoresponse force measurements indicate that the BaTiO3 nanoparticles have switchable polarization at room temperature. The local effective piezoelectric coefficient is approximately 28 pm/V.

  14. Supramolecular control of a mononuclear biomimetic copper(II) center: bowl complexes vs funnel complexes. (United States)

    Gout, Jérôme; Višnjevac, Aleksandar; Rat, Stéphanie; Parrot, Arnaud; Hessani, Assia; Bistri, Olivia; Le Poul, Nicolas; Le Mest, Yves; Reinaud, Olivia


    Modeling the mononuclear site of copper enzymes is important for a better understanding of the factors controlling the reactivity of the metal center. A major difficulty stems from the difficult control of the nuclearity while maintaining free sites open to coordination of exogenous ligands. A supramolecular approach consists in associating a hydrophobic cavity to a tripodal ligand that will define the coordination spheres as well as access to the metal ion. Here, we describe the synthesis of a bowl Cu(II) complex based on the resorcinarene scaffold. This study supplements a previous work on Cu(I) coordination. It provides a complete picture of the cavity-copper system in its two oxidation states. The first XRD structure of such a bowl complex was obtained, evidencing a 5-coordinate Cu(II) ion with the three imidazole donors bound to the metal (two in the base of the pyramid, one in the apical position) and with an acetate anion, completing the base of the pyramid, and deeply included in the bowl. Solution studies conducted by EPR and UV-vis absorption spectroscopies as well as cyclic voltammetry highlighted interaction with coordinating solvents, various carboxylates that can sit either in the endo or in the exo position depending on their size as well as possible stabilization of hydroxo species in a mononuclear state. A comparison of the binding and redox properties of the bowl complex with funnel complexes based on the calix[6]arene core further highlights the importance of supramolecular features defining the first, second, and third coordination sphere for control of the metal ion.

  15. Self-assembled metalla-bowls for selective sensing of multi-carboxylate anions. (United States)

    Mishra, Anurag; Vajpayee, Vaishali; Kim, Hyunuk; Lee, Min Hyung; Jung, Hyunji; Wang, Ming; Stang, Peter J; Chi, Ki-Whan


    Two new tetranuclear cationic metalla-bowls 4 and 5 were self-assembled from a bis-pyridine amide ligand (H(2)L) (1) and arene-ruthenium acceptors, [(Ru(2)(μ-η(4)-C(2)O(4))(η(6)-p-cymene)(2)](O(3)SCF(3))(2) (2) and [Ru(2)(dhnd)(η(6)-p-cymene)(2)](O(3)SCF(3))(2) (dhnd = 6,11-dihydroxy-5,12-naphthacenedionato) (3), respectively. The metalla-bowls were characterized by multinuclear NMR, ESI-MS, UV-Vis spectroscopy, and single crystal X-ray diffraction study of 4. The crystal structure of 4 reveals unambiguous proof for the molecular shape of the metalla-bowl and the encapsulation of one triflate anion in the cavity through hydrogen bonding. The metalla-bowl 5 has been evaluated for anion binding studies by use of amide ligand as a hydrogen bond donor and arene-Ru acceptor as a signalling unit. UV-Vis titration studies showed that 5 selectively binds with multi-carboxylate anions such as oxalate, tartrate and citrate in a 1 : 1 fashion with high binding constants of 4.0-5.5 × 10(4) M(-1). Furthermore, the addition of multi-carboxylate anions into a solution of 5 gave rise to a large enhancement of fluorescence intensity attributable to the blocking of a photo-induced electron transfer process from the arene-ruthenium moiety to the amidic donor in 5. However, the fluorescence intensity almost remains unchanged upon addition of other anions including F(-), Cl(-), PF(6)(-), MeCOO(-), NO(3)(-) and PhCOO(-), as identically seen in the UV-Vis titration experiments, pointing to the high selectivity of 5 for the sensing of multi-carboxylate anions.

  16. Psychological and psychomotor skills associated with prowess at ten-pin bowling. (United States)

    Thomas, P R; Schlinker, P J; Over, R


    Psychological and psychomotor skills associated with prowess at ten-pin bowling were identified through factor analysis of ratings provided by 172 bowlers (87 males, 85 females) across a range of current averages (a measure based on recent performance in competition). Skilled bowlers (current average of 170 pins or more) differed significantly from less skilled bowlers (current average of less than 135 pins) on seven component skills. They demonstrated greater mental toughness, a higher degree of planning and evaluation, greater consistency, more interest in improvement, less use of luck attributions, more confidence in equipment and technique, and greater competitiveness. Since men and women of the same overall standard (current average) have similar component skill profiles, ten-pin bowling is a gender-neutral sport. Older bowlers (45-79 years) matched by current average with younger bowlers (16-30 years) differed significantly on only one component, level of commitment. We discuss several contexts for use of the three self-report assessment scales (measures of psychological skills, psychomotor skills and involvement in bowling) developed in this study.

  17. Light-induced copper(II) coordination by a bicyclic tetraaza chelator through a ligand-to-metal charge-transfer reaction. (United States)

    Holm-Jørgensen, Jacob R; Jensen, Mikael; Bjerrum, Morten J


    To enable utilization of the broad potential of copper isotopes in nuclear medicine, rapid and robust chelation of the copper is required. Bowl adamanzanes (bicyclic tetraaza ligands) can form kinetically stable copper complexes, but they are usually formed at low rates unless high pH values and high temperatures are applied. We have investigated the effects of the variation in the pH, different anions, and UV irradiation on the chelation rate. UV spectra of mixtures of Cu(2+) and [2(4).3(1)]adz in water show the existence of a long-lived two-coordinated copper(II) intermediate (only counting coordinated amine groups) at pH above 6. These findings are supported by pH titrations of mixtures of Cu(2+) and [2(4).3(1)]adz in water. Irradiation of this complex in the ligand-to-metal charge-transfer (LMCT) band by a diode-array spectrophotometer leads to photodeprotonation and subsequently to formation of the four-coordinated copper(II) complex at a rate up to 7800-fold higher at 25 °C than in the dark. Anions in the solution were found to have three major effects: competitive inhibition due to Cu(II) binding anions, inhibition of the photoinduced transchelation from UV-absorbing anions, and photoredox inhibition from acido ligands capable of acting as electron donors in LMCT reactions. Dissolved O(2) was also found to result in photoredox inhibition.

  18. The Importance of a Conchal Bowl Element in the Fabrication of a Three-Dimensional Framework in Total Auricular Reconstruction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Young Soo Kim


    Full Text Available Background  To construct a sophisticated three-dimensionalframework, numerousmodifications have been reported in the literature. However, mostsurgeons have paid little attentionto the anatomical configuration of the concha and more to its deepness and hollowness,leading to unsatisfactory outcomes.Methods  For a configuration ofthe concha thatis definitely anatomical,the authorfurtherdeveloped and employed the conchal bowl element,which has been used by severalsurgeonsalthough the results have not been published elsewhere. The author constructed the conchalbowl element in one of three patterns according to the amount of available cartilages: oneblock,two-pieces, or a cymba bowl element only. A total of 20 patients underwent auricularreconstruction using a costal cartilage framework between 2009 and 2012. The 8 earliestreconstructionswere performedwithout a conchal bowl element and the latter 12with a conchalbowl element. The patientswere followed up for more than 1 year. The aesthetic resultswerescored by evaluating characteristicsinvolving the stability ofthe crus helicis,the conchal definition, and the smoothness ofthe helical curve.Results  The earsreconstructed earlywithout a conchal bowl elementshowed a shallowandone or two incompletely separated concha with an obliterated cymba conchal space. Theyalso did not have a realistic orsmooth curve ofthe helix because of an unstable crus helicis.However, earsreconstructed laterwith the concha bowl elementshowed a definite crus helicis,deep cymba conchalspace, and smooth helical curve.Conclusions  The construction of the conchal bowl element is simple, not time-consumingprocedure. It is suggested that the conchal bowl element must be constructed and attachedto themain framework for natural configuration ofthe reconstructed ear.

  19. "Hot hand" on strike: bowling data indicates correlation to recent past results, not causality.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gur Yaari

    Full Text Available Recently, the "hot hand" phenomenon regained interest due to the availability and accessibility of large scale data sets from the world of sports. In support of common wisdom and in contrast to the original conclusions of the seminal paper about this phenomenon by Gilovich, Vallone and Tversky in 1985, solid evidences were supplied in favor of the existence of this phenomenon in different kinds of data. This came after almost three decades of ongoing debates whether the "hot hand" phenomenon in sport is real or just a mis-perception of human subjects of completely random patterns present in reality. However, although this phenomenon was shown to exist in different sports data including basketball free throws and bowling strike rates, a somehow deeper question remained unanswered: are these non random patterns results of causal, short term, feedback mechanisms or simply time fluctuations of athletes performance. In this paper, we analyze large amounts of data from the Professional Bowling Association(PBA. We studied the results of the top 100 players in terms of the number of available records (summed into more than 450,000 frames. By using permutation approach and dividing the analysis into different aggregation levels we were able to supply evidence for the existence of the "hot hand" phenomenon in the data, in agreement with previous studies. Moreover, by using this approach, we were able to demonstrate that there are, indeed, significant fluctuations from game to game for the same player but there is no clustering of successes (strikes and failures (non strikes within each game. Thus we were lead to the conclusion that bowling results show correlation to recent past results but they are not influenced by them in a causal manner.

  20. The case for a southeastern Australian Dust Bowl, 1895-1945 (United States)

    Cattle, Stephen R.


    Australia has an anecdotal history of severe wind erosion and dust storm activity, but there has been no lasting public perception of periods of extreme dust storm activity in this country, such as that developed in the USA following the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Newspaper accounts of droughts and dust storms in southeastern (SE) Australia between 1895 and 1945 suggest that, at various times, the scale of these events was comparable to those experienced in the USA Dust Bowl. During this 50-year period, average annual rainfall values in this region were substantially below long-term averages, air temperatures were distinctly warmer, marginal lands were actively cropped and grazed, and rabbits were a burgeoning grazing pest. From the beginning of the Federation Drought of 1895-1902, dust storm activity increased markedly, with the downwind coastal cities of Sydney and Melbourne experiencing dust hazes, dust storms and falls of red rain relatively regularly. Between 1935 and 1945, Sydney and Melbourne received ten and nine long-distance dust events, respectively, with the years of 1938 and 1944/45 being the most intensely dusty. Entire topsoil horizons were blown away, sand drift was extreme, and crops and sheep flocks were destroyed. Although these periods of extreme dust storm activity were not as sustained as those experienced in the USA in the mid-1930s, there is a strong case to support the contention that SE Australia experienced its own extended, somewhat episodic version of a Dust Bowl, with a similar combination of causal factors and landscape effects.

  1. Feeling objects in Virtual Environments: Presence and Pseudo-Haptics in a Bowling Game

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Daniliauskaite, Kristina; Magnusdottir, Agusta; Bjørkå, Henrik Birke;


    Interrelations between the senses may be a central psychological component when it comes to producing the sense of presence in a virtual environment (VE). In this paper we report the design and implementation of a VE in which the user registers the sensation of a haptic property - weight......, by relying on visual cues, taking therefore advantage of sensory substitution (no haptic feedback device is actually present). The interdependency between presence and a pseudo-haptic feedback is investigated by building avirtual bowling game. Results indicate that there is a significant correlation between...

  2. ALSTOM Schusselmuhle fur die feinvermahlung von anhydrit ALSTOM bowl mill for anhydrite fine grinding

    CERN Document Server

    Angleys, M


    After the ALSTOM bowl mill had proved a success during numerous laboratory tests using different industrial minerals, for the first time a mill, type SM 20/12 was commissioned for ATLAS s.c. at Lodz /Poland for anhydrite grinding. Based on corresponding laboratory tests with anhydrite, it was possible to adapt the equipment to the requirements of the material with modified properties. Due to the project preparation together with the customer, the mill could be installed and commissioned according to schedule by a joint team of engineers for erection and commissioning.

  3. Perceptions of the Jackson-Timberlake Super Bowl incident: role of sexism and erotophobia. (United States)

    Forbes, Gordon B; Jobe, Rebecca L; White, Kay B; Richardson, Raynette M


    201 college women's and 179 men's impressions of the Jackson-Timberlake Super Bowl incident were related to measures of benevolent sexism, hostile sexism, and erotophobia. For both women and men high benevolent sexism was correlated (.17-.24) to perceptions that the incident was degrading and that agents (e.g., MTV, NFL, Hollywood) other than the actors were responsible for the incident, whereas high erotophobia was correlated (.29-.39) to perceptions that the incident was degrading, attributable to others, and personally upsetting.

  4. 2D-ordered dielectric sub-micron bowls on a metal surface: a useful hybrid plasmonic-photonic structure (United States)

    Lan, Yue; Wang, Shiqiang; Yin, Xianpeng; Liang, Yun; Dong, Hao; Gao, Ning; Li, Jian; Wang, Hui; Li, Guangtao


    Recently, it has been demonstrated that the combination of periodic dielectric structures with metallic structures provides an efficient means to yield a synergetic optical response or functionality in the resultant hybrid plasmonic-photonic systems. In this work, a new hybrid plasmonic-photonic structure of 2D-ordered dielectric sub-micron bowls on a flat gold surface was proposed, prepared, and theoretically and experimentally characterized. This hybrid structure supports two types of modes: surface plasmon polaritons bound at the metallic surface and waveguided mode of light confined in the cavity of bowls. Optical responses of this hybrid structure as well as the spatial electric field distribution of each mode are found to be strongly dependent on the structural parameters of this system, and thus could be widely modified on demand. Importantly, compared to the widely studied hybrid systems, namely the flat metallic surface coated with a monolayer array of latex spheres, the waveguided mode with strong field enhancement appearing in the cavities of bowls is more facilely accessible and thus suitable for practical use. For demonstration, a 2D-ordered silica sub-micron bowl array deposited on a flat gold surface was fabricated and used as a regenerable platform for fluorescence enhancement by simply accommodating emitters in bowls. All the simulation and experiment results indicate that the 2D-ordered dielectric sub-micron bowls on a metal surface should be a useful hybrid plasmonic-photonic system with great potential for applications such as sensors or tunable emitting devices if appropriate periods and materials are employed.Recently, it has been demonstrated that the combination of periodic dielectric structures with metallic structures provides an efficient means to yield a synergetic optical response or functionality in the resultant hybrid plasmonic-photonic systems. In this work, a new hybrid plasmonic-photonic structure of 2D-ordered dielectric sub

  5. 2D-ordered dielectric sub-micron bowls on a metal surface: a useful hybrid plasmonic-photonic structure. (United States)

    Lan, Yue; Wang, Shiqiang; Yin, Xianpeng; Liang, Yun; Dong, Hao; Gao, Ning; Li, Jian; Wang, Hui; Li, Guangtao


    Recently, it has been demonstrated that the combination of periodic dielectric structures with metallic structures provides an efficient means to yield a synergetic optical response or functionality in the resultant hybrid plasmonic-photonic systems. In this work, a new hybrid plasmonic-photonic structure of 2D-ordered dielectric sub-micron bowls on a flat gold surface was proposed, prepared, and theoretically and experimentally characterized. This hybrid structure supports two types of modes: surface plasmon polaritons bound at the metallic surface and waveguided mode of light confined in the cavity of bowls. Optical responses of this hybrid structure as well as the spatial electric field distribution of each mode are found to be strongly dependent on the structural parameters of this system, and thus could be widely modified on demand. Importantly, compared to the widely studied hybrid systems, namely the flat metallic surface coated with a monolayer array of latex spheres, the waveguided mode with strong field enhancement appearing in the cavities of bowls is more facilely accessible and thus suitable for practical use. For demonstration, a 2D-ordered silica sub-micron bowl array deposited on a flat gold surface was fabricated and used as a regenerable platform for fluorescence enhancement by simply accommodating emitters in bowls. All the simulation and experiment results indicate that the 2D-ordered dielectric sub-micron bowls on a metal surface should be a useful hybrid plasmonic-photonic system with great potential for applications such as sensors or tunable emitting devices if appropriate periods and materials are employed.

  6. Hook Students with the Super Bowl and a Protein Modeling Activity to Teach Genetic Concepts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ann H. Williams


    Full Text Available Teaching Biology concepts such as molecular genetics and inheritance patterns to students in K-12 and college is challenging.  The created Super Bowl Activity uses kinesthetic and visual models and a "hook" to engage students in the material.  Through guided inquiry and modeling, this lesson reviews concepts of DNA, mutations, genotype/phenotype, transcription, translation, homozygous/heterozygous, and inheritance patterns while entertaining the students with a story of a football player with sickle cell trait who couldn’t play in the Super Bowl.  The students create a mutated and normal folded hemoglobin protein model based on amino acid chemical character and use them to simulate Mendelian genetics, inheritance patters, and heterozygous advantage.  This lesson can be used by teachers and professors teaching middle/high school Biology courses as well as Undergraduate Introductory and non-major Biology courses.  This teaching model was created to address content areas where students perform poorly on standardized Biology exams and was presented at a series of professional development workshops for secondary and undergraduate Biology teachers.  One Biology instructor utilized it successfully in her Biology course as a review for end of course exams and felt the students were very engaged in the activity and material.

  7. The influence of elbow joint kinematics on wrist speed in cricket fast bowling. (United States)

    Middleton, Kane Jytte; Alderson, Jacqueline Anne; Elliott, Bruce Clifford; Mills, Peter Michael


    This modelling study sought to describe the relationships between elbow joint kinematics and wrist joint linear velocity in cricket fast bowlers, and to assess the sensitivity of wrist velocity to systematic manipulations of empirical joint kinematic profiles. A 12-camera Vicon motion analysis system operating at 250 Hz recorded the bowling actions of 12 high performance fast bowlers. Empirical elbow joint kinematic data were entered into a cricket bowling specific "Forward Kinematic Model" and then subsequently underwent fixed angle, angular offset and angle amplification manipulations. A combination of 20° flexion and 20° abduction at the elbow was shown to maximise wrist velocity within the experimental limits. An increased elbow flexion offset manipulation elicited an increase in wrist velocity. Amplification of elbow joint flexion-extension angular displacement indicated that, contrary to previous research, elbow extension range of motion and angular velocity at the time of ball release were negatively related to wrist velocity. Some relationships between manipulated joint angular waveforms and wrist velocity were non-linear, supporting the use of a model that accounts for the non-linear relationships between execution and outcome variables in assessing the relationships between elbow joint kinematics and wrist joint velocity in cricket fast bowlers.

  8. A unified framework for producing CAI melting, Wark-Lovering rims and bowl-shaped CAIs (United States)

    Liffman, Kurt; Cuello, Nicolas; Paterson, David A.


    Calcium-Aluminium inclusions (CAIs) formed in the Solar system, some 4567 million years ago. CAIs are almost always surrounded by Wark-Lovering rims (WLRs), which are a sequence of thin, mono/bi-mineralic layers of refractory minerals, with a total thickness in the range of 1-100 microns. Recently, some CAIs have been found that have tektite-like bowl-shapes. To form such shapes, the CAI must have travelled through a rarefied gas at hypersonic speeds. We show how CAIs may have been ejected from the inner solar accretion disc via the centrifugal interaction between the solar magnetosphere and the inner disc rim. They subsequently punched through the hot, inner disc rim wall at hypersonic speeds. This re-entry heating partially or completely evaporated the CAIs. Such evaporation could have significantly increased the metal abundances of the inner disc rim. High speed movement through the inner disc produced WLRs. To match the observed thickness of WLRs required metal abundances at the inner disc wall that are of order 10 times that of standard solar abundances. The CAIs cooled as they moved away from the protosun, the deduced CAI cooling rates are consistent with the CAI cooling rates obtained from experiment and observation. The speeds and gas densities required to form bowl-shaped CAIs are also consistent with the expected speeds and gas densities for larger, ˜1 cm, CAIs punching through an inner accretion disc wall.

  9. Isolation and characterization of an early colonizing Rhizobium sp. R8 from a household toilet bowl. (United States)

    Fukano, Toru; Gomi, Mitsuhiro; Osaki, Yukihiko; Morikawa, Masaaki


    The bacterial community structure was compared between the third days', one week', and three weeks' biofilm samples from the surface of a household toilet bowl. It was found that the PCR-DGGE band pattern of 16S rRNA gene was dramatically changed after the third day and was not further changed until three weeks. This result suggests that there are early and late colonizing bacterial groups. One of the early colonizers isolated from the third days' sample was Rhizobium sp. R8, a closest relative to Rhizobium giardinii, which exhibited the highest biofilm formation activity in an artificial urine condition. R8 produced extracellular polysaccharides containing galactose, glucose, and mannose at the molar ratio of 8:1:1, which were probably responsible for the biofilm formation. Its excelled biofilm formation and urease activities together with the lack of nodulation and nitrogen fixing genes in R8 suggest that this strain has been specifically adapted to urine condition in a toilet bowl.

  10. Laser forming of a bowl shaped surface with a stationary laser beam (United States)

    Chakraborty, Shitanshu Shekhar; More, Harshit; Nath, Ashish Kumar


    Despite a lot of research done in the field of laser forming, generation of a symmetric bowl shaped surface by this process is still a challenge mainly because only a portion of the sheet is momentarily deformed in this process, unlike conventional sheet metal forming like deep drawing where the entire blank undergoes forming simultaneously reducing asymmetry to a minimum. The motion of laser beam also makes the process asymmetric. To counter these limitations this work proposes a new approach for laser forming of a bowl shaped surface by irradiating the centre of a flat circular blank with a stationary laser beam. With high power lasers, power density sufficient for laser forming, can be availed at reasonably large spot sizes. This advantage is exploited in this technique. Effects of duration of laser irradiation and beam spot diameter on the amount of bending and asymmetry in the formed surface were investigated. Laser power was kept constant while varying irradiation time. While varying laser spot diameter laser power was chosen so as to keep the surface temperature nearly constant at just below melting. Experimental conditions promoted almost uniform heating through sheet thickness. The amount of bending increased with irradiation time and spot diameter. It was interesting to observe that blanks bent towards the laser beam for smaller laser beam diameters and the reverse happened for larger spot diameters (~10 times of the sheet thickness). Effect of spot diameter variation has been explained with the help of coupled thermal-structural finite element simulations.

  11. Anticancer activities of self-assembled molecular bowls containing a phenanthrene-based donor and Ru(II acceptors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim I


    Full Text Available Inhye Kim,1,* Young Ho Song,2,* Nem Singh,2 Yong Joon Jeong,3 Jung Eun Kwon,3 Hyunuk Kim,4 Young Mi Cho,3 Se Chan Kang,3 Ki-Whan Chi2 1Laboratory of Bio-Resources, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-Do, 2Department of Chemistry, University of Ulsan, Ulsan, 3Department of Life Science, Gachon University, Seongnam, 4Energy Materials Lab, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Daejeon, Republic of Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: Nano-sized multinuclear ruthenium complexes have rapidly emerged as promising therapeutic candidates with unique anticancer activities. Here, we describe the coordination-driven self-assembly and anticancer activities of a set of three organometallic tetranuclear Ru(II molecular bowls. [2+2] Coordination-driven self-assembly of 3,6-bis(pyridin-3-ylethynylphenanthrene (bpep (1 and one of the three dinuclear arene ruthenium clips, [(ƞ6-p-iPrC6H4Me2Ru2-(OO\\OO][OTf]2 (OO\\OO =2,5-dioxido-1,4-benzoquinonato, OTf = triflate (2, 5,8-dioxido-1,4-naphthoquinonato (3, or 6,11-dioxido-5,12-naphthacenediona (4, resulted in three molecular bowls 5–7 of general formula [{(ƞ6-p-iPrC6H4Me2Ru2-(OO\\OO}2(bpep2][OTf]4. All molecular bowls were obtained as triflate salts in very good yields (>90% and were fully characterized using multinuclear nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR, electrospray ionization–mass spectrometry (ESI-MS, and elemental analysis. The structure of the representative molecular bowl 5 was confirmed by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The anticancer activities of molecular bowls 5–7 were determined by 3-[4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl]-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide, autophagy, and Western blot analysis. Bowl 6 showed the strongest cytotoxicity in AGS human gastric carcinoma cells and was more cytotoxic than doxorubicin. In addition, autophagic activity and the ratio of apoptotic cell death increased in AGS cells by treatment with bowl 6. Bowl 6 also induced autophagosome formation via upregulation

  12. The effect of spin in swing bowling in cricket: model trajectories for spin alone (United States)

    Robinson, Garry; Robinson, Ian


    In ‘swing’ bowling, as employed by fast and fast-medium bowlers in cricket, back-spin along the line of the seam is normally applied in order to keep the seam vertical and to provide stability against ‘wobble’ of the seam. Whilst spin is normally thought of as primarily being the slow bowler's domain, the spin applied by the swing bowler has the side-effect of generating a lift or Magnus force. This force, depending on the orientation of the seam and hence that of the back-spin, can have a side-ways component as well as the expected vertical ‘lift’ component. The effect of the spin itself, in influencing the trajectory of the fast bowler's delivery, is normally not considered, presumably being thought of as negligible. The purpose of this paper is to investigate, using calculated model trajectories, the amount of side-ways movement due to the spin and to see how this predicted movement compares with the total observed side-ways movement. The size of the vertical lift component is also estimated. It is found that, although the spin is an essential part of the successful swing bowler's delivery, the amount of side-ways movement due to the spin itself amounts to a few centimetres or so, and is therefore small, but perhaps not negligible, compared to the total amount of side-ways movement observed. The spin does, however, provide a considerable amount of lift compared to the equivalent delivery bowled without spin, altering the point of pitching by up to 3 m, a very large amount indeed. Thus, for example, bowling a ball with the seam pointing directly down the pitch and not designed to swing side-ways at all, but with the amount of back-spin varied, could provide a very powerful additional weapon in the fast bowler's arsenal. So-called ‘sling bowlers’, who use a very low arm action, can take advantage of spin since effectively they can apply side-spin to the ball, giving rise to a large side-ways movement, ˜ 20{}^\\circ cm or more, which certainly is

  13. Online Responses to a Multilingual Super Bowl Ad: Is "America the Beautiful" by Any Other Language Still America, the Beautiful? (United States)

    Hoffman, Brooke Y.


    On 2 February 2014, an advertisement entitled "It's Beautiful" debuted during Super Bowl XLVIII, which was watched by 111.5 million people in the USA. The Coca-Cola advertisement portrayed people of various ethnicities and was accompanied by "America the Beautiful" sung in nine languages. Using critical discourse analysis, I…


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhi-ming Zhang; Yue Wang; Qiong Li; Liang-min Yu; Jadranka Travas-Sejdic; Li-juan Zhang


    In this paper,electromagnetic poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/γ-Fe2O3 (PEDOT/γ-Fe2O3) micro-bowls,1-2 μm in diameter,were prepared by a simple environment-friendly process.In this method,the aqueous solution of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) instead of any organic solvent was used.FeCI3 acted as a source of FeIII for the formation of γ-Fe2O3 and as an oxidant for the polymerization of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT).The bowl-shaped morphology of PEDOT/γ-Fe2O3 composites was strongly influenced by the concentration of CTAB,FeC12,ammonia solution and the reaction temperature.The saturation magnetization of PEDOT/γ-Fe2O3 micro-bowls increased with the increase of FeC12 concentration and reached 6.20 Am2/kg at the FeC12 concentration of 0.30 mol/L.The conductivity of the PEDOT/γ-Fe2O3 composites was in the range of 101 S/cm.The electrical and magnetic sources of PEDOT/γ-Fe2O3 micro-bowls were confirmed by SEM-EDX,TEM,XRD and XPS spectra.And the possible formation mechanism of PEDOT//γ-Fe2O3 was proposed.

  15. The Effect of a Constant Time Delay Procedure on Teaching an Adult with Severe Mental Retardation a Recreation Bowling Skill (United States)

    Zhang, Jiabei; Cote, Bridget; Chen, Shihui; Liu, John


    The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a constant time delay (CTD) procedure on teaching a recreational bowling skill to a 39-year-old male with severe mental retardation. The CTD procedure used 5 seconds as delay interval, task direction as target stimulus, physical assistance as controlling prompt, and oral praise as reinforcer.…

  16. Three-dimensional æolian dynamics within a bowl blowout during offshore winds: Greenwich Dunes, Prince Edward Island, Canada (United States)

    Hesp, Patrick A.; Walker, Ian J.


    This paper examines the æolian dynamics of a deep bowl blowout within the foredune of the Greenwich Dunes, on the northeastern shore or Prince Edward Island, Canada. Masts of cup anemometers and sonic anemometers were utilized to measure flow velocities and directions during a strong regional ESE (offshore) wind event. The flow across the blowout immediately separated at the upwind rim crest, and within the blowout was strongly reversed. High, negative vertical flows occurred down the downwind (but seaward) vertical scarp which projected into the separation envelope and topographically forced flow back into the blowout. A pronounced, accelerated jet flow existed near the surface across the blowout basin, and the flow exhibited a complex, anti-clockwise structure with the near-surface flow following the contours around the blowout basin and lower slopes. Significant æolian sediment transport occurred across the whole bowl basin and sediment was delivered by saltation and suspension out the blowout to the east. This study demonstrates that strong offshore winds produce pronounced topographically forced flow steering, separation, reversal, and more complex three-dimensional motions within a bowl blowout, and that such winds within a bowl blowout play a notable role in transporting sediment within and beyond deep topographic hollows in the foredune.

  17. Relationships between fast bowling technique and ball release speed in cricket. (United States)

    Worthington, Peter J; King, Mark A; Ranson, Craig A


    The aim of this study was to identify the key aspects of technique that characterize the fastest bowlers. Kinematic data were collected for 20 elite male fast bowlers with 11 kinematic parameters calculated, describing elements of fast bowling technique that have previously been linked to ball release speed. Four technique variables were identified as being the best predictors of ball release speed, explaining 74% of the observed variation in ball release speed. The results indicate that the fastest bowlers have a quicker run-up and maintain a straighter knee throughout the front foot contact phase. The fastest bowlers were also observed to exhibit larger amounts of upper trunk flexion up to ball release and to delay the onset of arm circumduction. This study identifies those technique variables that best explain the differences in release speeds among fast bowlers. These results are likely to be useful in both the coaching and talent identification of fast bowlers.

  18. On Tea Bowl from Jianzhan to Tenmoku: Material Culture and Intangible Culture in Cultural Diffusion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jianping Guan


    Full Text Available According to precise and scientific literature that recorded, Chinese tea culture has a documented history of more than 1700 years. During which period, Yuan Dynasty was considered a crucial turning-point with great changes. The current tea culture in China is an adoption and innovation of Ming and Qing dynasty, especially in the form of processing technology. For those elements inherited from Tang and Song dynasties, however, they were more directly adopted systematically by Japan. Ever since powdered tea culture from Song dynasty was accepted in Japan, Jianzhan, the tea bowl that gained renowned reputation in the Song tea culture was also introduced and became tenmoku (tianmu after localization. As the transformation of Chinese tea culture ended in Japan, Japanese tea culture of wabi-cha was shaped after the tenmoku’s obvious decline in value. Jianzhan’s prosper, and tenmoku’s emergence and transition, all proved a definitive impact from intangible culture.

  19. American Culture:From Melting Pot,Salad Bowl to Tapestry Culture

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    It is convinced that culture has always been one of the trending topics people revel in talking with great gusto.American culture is no exception,which de facto can attribute the "vogue" to its unique cultural pluralism.Being a multinational country,American culture changes over time.It is firstly recognized as the "melting pot"Nevertheless,it pales in the shadow of time.In 1970 s,the "salad bowl" statement seems to be a more vivid surrogate of American culture.Until 1990 s," tapestry culture"gains its popularity.The paper centers on exploring three changes of American culture so as to acquaint learners with a comprehensive understanding of American culture.

  20. 僵尸保龄球(Zombie鞋Bowl-O-Rama)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    僵尸保龄球(Zombie Bowl-O-Rama)是一款3D的搞笑版保龄球游戏,与《植物大战僵尸》有异曲同工之妙。以僵尸保龄球和各类丰富搞笑道具的保龄球游戏,极具趣味性和耐玩性。游戏中坟墓的深处,一群令人毛骨悚然的僵尸们蜂拥而出,侵占了保龄球馆中你最喜欢的球道,能否把它们送回坟墓,就要看你大保龄球的技术如何了。

  1. Overlapping Ballistic Ejecta Fields: Separating Distinct Blasts at Kings Bowl, Idaho (United States)

    Borg, C.; Kobs-Nawotniak, S. E.; Hughes, S. S.; Sears, D. W. G.; Heldmann, J. L.; Lim, D. S. S.; Haberle, C. W.; Sears, H.; Elphic, R. C.; Kobayashi, L.; Garry, W. B.; Neish, C.; Karunatillake, S.; Button, N.; Purcell, S.; Mallonee, H.; Ostler, B.


    Kings Bowl is a ~2200ka pit crater created by a phreatic blast along a volcanic fissure in the eastern Snake River Plain (ESRP), Idaho. The main crater measures approximately 80m in length, 30m in width, and 30m in depth, with smaller pits located nearby on the Great Rift fissure, and has been targeted by the FINESSE team as a possible analogue for Cyane Fossae, Mars. The phreatic eruption is believed to have occurred due to the interaction of groundwater with lava draining back into the fissure following a lava lake high stand, erupting already solidified basalt from this and previous ERSP lava flows. The contemporaneous draw back of the lava with the explosions may conceal some smaller possible blast pits as more lava drained into the newly formed pits. Ballistic ejecta from the blasts occur on both sides of the fissure. To the east, the ballistic blocks are mantled by fine tephra mixed with eolian dust, the result of a westerly wind during the explosions. We use differential GPS to map the distribution of ballistic blocks on the west side of the fissure, recording position, percent vesiculation, and the length of 3 mutually perpendicular axes for each block >20cm along multiple transects parallel to the fissure. From the several hundred blocks recorded, we have been able to separate the ballistic field into several distinct blast deposits on the basis of size distributions and block concentration. The smaller pits identified from the ballistic fields correspond broadly to the northern and southern limits of the tephra/dust field east of the fissure. Soil formation and bioturbation of the tephra by sagebrush have obliterated any tephrostratigraphy that could have been linked to individual blasts. The ballistic block patterns at Kings Bowl may be used to identify distinct ejecta groups in high-resolution imagery of Mars or other planetary bodies.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HAO Guangjie; SHEN Xiaoyi; LIANG Zhiwu; GUO Tianying; ZHANG Banghua


    Poly(styrene-glycidyl methacrylate) particles having bowl-shaped hollow structures were synthesized by swollen seed emulsion polymerization. The PS emulsion synthesized through soap-free emulsion polymerization was swollen by toluene, and then the mixture of second monomers was added under polymerization condition. So a thin shell of poly(styrene-glycidyl methacrylate) cross-linked by triethylene glycol diacrylate was formed around the swollen PS particle. The bowl-shaped particles were obtained after the collapsing of the thin shell when the toluene emanated from the particles, but the shapes were effected by the degrees of cross-linking. The shape of the particles was observed by SEM. The release behavior of solvent from the particles was examined by TG.

  3. Biofilm-forming activity of bacteria isolated from toilet bowl biofilms and the bactericidal activity of disinfectants against the isolates. (United States)

    Mori, Miho; Gomi, Mitsuhiro; Matsumune, Norihiko; Niizeki, Kazuma; Sakagami, Yoshikazu


    To evaluate the sanitary conditions of toilets, the bacterial counts of the toilet bowl biofilms in 5 Kansai area and 11 Kansai and Kanto area homes in Japan were measured in winter and summer seasons, respectively. Isolates (128 strains) were identified by analyzing 16S ribosomal RNA sequences. The number of colonies and bacterial species from biofilms sampled in winter tended to be higher and lower, respectively, than those in summer. Moreover, the composition of bacterial communities in summer and winter samples differed considerably. In summer samples, biofilms in Kansai and Kanto areas were dominated by Blastomonas sp. and Mycobacterium sp., respectively. Methylobacterium sp. was detected in all toilet bowl biofilms except for one sample. Methylobacterium sp. constituted the major presence in biofilms along with Brevundimonas sp., Sphingomonas sp., and/or Pseudomonas sp. The composition ratio of the sum of their genera was 88.0 from 42.9% of the total bacterial flora. The biofilm formation abilities of 128 isolates were investigated, and results suggested that Methylobacterium sp. and Sphingomonas sp. were involved in biofilm formation in toilet bowls. The biofilm formation of a mixed bacteria system that included bacteria with the highest biofilm-forming ability in a winter sample was greater than mixture without such bacteria. This result suggests that isolates possessing a high biofilm-forming activity are involved in the biofilm formation in the actual toilet bowl. A bactericidal test against 25 strains indicated that the bactericidal activities of didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) tended to be higher than those of polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) and N-benzyl-N,N-dimethyldodecylammonium chloride (ADBAC). In particular, DDAC showed high bactericidal activity against approximately 90% of tested strains under the 5 h treatment.

  4. Microscale fish bowls: a new class of latex particles with hollow interiors and engineered porous structures in their surfaces. (United States)

    Jeong, Unyong; Im, Sang Hyuk; Camargo, Pedro H C; Kim, Jung Hyun; Xia, Younan


    Microscale fish bowls, hollow particles with engineered holes in their surfaces, were prepared using two different methods. In the first method, commercial latex beads suspended in water were swollen with a good solvent of the polymer, followed by freezing with liquid nitrogen and evaporation of the solvent below 0 degrees C. While one big hole was generated when the amount of solvent used for the swelling was relatively low, small holes could be produced in the outer surface of each bowl by increasing the degree of swelling. The porosity and pore structure show a similar dependence on the degree of swelling for both amorphous and semicrystalline polymers even though they are supposed to exhibit different phase behaviors during the freezing and solvent evaporation processes. In the second method, a polymer emulsion in water was prepared and then frozen with liquid nitrogen, followed by solvent evaporation below 0 degrees C. The porosity and pore structure could be controlled by adjusting the concentration of the polymer solution used to prepare the emulsion. As for encapsulation, the bowl-shaped particles could be transformed back into solid beads via thermal annealing at a temperature near the glass transition temperature of the polymer or by adding a good solvent of the polymer to the colloidal suspension. In a proof-of-concept experiment, microscale fish bowls were fabricated from poly(caprolactone), quickly loaded with a fluorescent dye, and sealed through thermal annealing. The encapsulated dye could then be slowly released in a phosphate buffered saline, suggesting their potential use as a new class of microscale capsules for drug delivery.

  5. Singlet-Triplet Transition in Quantum Dots Confined by Triangular and Bowl-Like Potentials: the Effect of Electric Fields

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SUN Lian-Liang; LI Shu-Shen


    @@ We theoretically investigate the energy spectra of two-electron two-dimensional (2e 2D) quantum dots (QDs)confined by triangular potentials and bowl-like potentials in a magnetic field by exact diagonalization in the framework of effective mass theory. An in-plane electric field is found to contribute to the singlet-triplet transition of the ground state of the 2e 2D QDs confined by triangular or bowl-like potentials in a perpendicular magnetic field. The stronger the in-plane electric field, the smaller the magnetic field for the total spin of the ground states in the dot systems to change from S = 0 to S = 1. However, the influence of anin-plane electric field on the singlettriplet transition of the ground state of two electrons in a triangular QD modulated by a perpendicular magnetic field is quite small because the triangular potential just deviates from the harmonic potential well slightly. We find that the strength of the perpendicular magnetic field needed for the spin singlet-triplet transition of the ground state of the QD confined by a bowl-like potential is reduced drastically by applying an in-plane electric field.

  6. CFD Simulation of In-Cylinder Flow on Different Piston Bowl Geometries in a DI Diesel Engine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. K. Gugulothu


    Full Text Available The combustion process in the diesel engine should be controlled to avoid both excessive maximum cylinder pressure and an excessive rate of pressure rise, in terms of crank angle. At the same time, the process should be so rapid that substantially all the fuel is burned early in the expansion stroke. In this direction, piston configuration plays a crucial role. Four configurations i.e., flat, inclined, central bowl, and inclined offset bowl piston have been studied. This study is concerned with the CFD analysis has been carried out on two valve four stroke diesel engine to analyze the in-cylinder air motion during suction stroke, pressure and temperature variation inside the cylinder during the compression stroke for various configurations. The engine specifications are considered from the literature. For numerical analysis, Ansys15 CFD software has been used, for meshing polyhedral trimmed cells were adopted. In-cylinder flows were analyzed by solving mass, momentum and energy equation. From this study, it is concluded that analysis has been carried out for each crank angle degree during suction and compression stroke for all the piston configurations, tumble ratio varies mainly with crank angle position. At the end of the compression stroke fuel is injected and the performance of different piston bowls are analyzed.

  7. Tuning the Structural Color of a 2D Photonic Crystal Using a Bowl-like Nanostructure. (United States)

    Umh, Ha Nee; Yu, Sungju; Kim, Yong Hwa; Lee, Su Young; Yi, Jongheop


    Structural colors of the ordered photonic nanostructures are widely used as an effective platform for manipulating the propagation of light. Although several approaches have been explored in attempts to mimic the structural colors, improving the reproducibility, mechanical stability, and the economic feasibility of sophisticated photonic crystals prepared by complicated processes continues to pose a challenge. In this study, we report on an alternative, simple method for fabricating a tunable photonic crystal at room temperature. A bowl-like nanostructure of TiO2 was periodically arranged on a thin Ti sheet through a two-step anodization process where its diameters were systemically controlled by changing the applied voltage. Consequently, they displayed a broad color distribution, ranging from red to indigo, and the principal reason for color generation followed the Bragg diffraction theory. This noncolorant method was capable of reproducing a Mondrian painting on a centimeter scale without the need to employ complex architectures, where the generated structural colors were highly stable under mechanical or chemical influence. Such a color printing technique represents a potentially promising platform for practical applications for anticounterfeit trademarks, wearable sensors, and displays.

  8. Review Essay: A Nation, a World, in a Bowl of Tea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dana Buntrock


    Full Text Available Fujimori Terunobu. 藤森照信. Fujimori Terunobu no Chashitsugaku: Nihon no Kyokushō Kūkan no Nazo [Fujimori Terunobu’s tearoom studies: The riddle of Japan’s smallest space]. 藤森照信の茶室学。日本の極小空間の謎. Tokyo: Rikuyosha, 2012. 296 pp. ¥3,000 (cloth.Surak, Kristin. Making Tea, Making Japan: Cultural Nationalism in Practice. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2012. 272 pp. $85 (cloth, $25 (paper/ebook.The tea in Surak’s bowl is bright green matcha whipped with a whisk; Fujimori’s is steeped sencha heated over a tiny bed of coals. Fujimori’s funky tea seems to be the antithesis of the refined practices Surak strives to embody. Only occasionally does a communicant in Fujimori’s tea space wear a kimono, and there is no reason to worry about treading on the silk borders of a tatami, because his floors are usually finished in other, more modest, materials. Fujimori’s tea is one that can accept outside influences; Surak’s sits complacently at the center of an industry built on centuries of history. Surak shares the conventions of tea; Fujimori celebrates its unconventional fringes.

  9. A Unified Framework for Producing CAI Melting, Wark-Lovering Rims and Bowl-Shaped CAIs

    CERN Document Server

    Liffman, Kurt; Paterson, David A


    Calcium Aluminium Inclusions (CAIs) formed in the Solar System, some 4,567 million years ago. CAIs are almost always surrounded by Wark-Lovering Rims (WLRs), which are a sequence of thin, mono/bi-mineralic layers of refractory minerals, with a total thickness in the range of 1 to 100 microns. Recently, some CAIs have been found that have tektite-like bowl-shapes. To form such shapes, the CAI must have travelled through a rarefied gas at hypersonic speeds. We show how CAIs may have been ejected from the inner solar accretion disc via the centrifugal interaction between the solar magnetosphere and the inner disc rim. They subsequently punched through the hot, inner disc rim wall at hypersonic speeds. This re-entry heating partially or completely evaporated the CAIs. Such evaporation could have significantly increased the metal abundances of the inner disc rim. High speed movement through the inner disc produced WLRs. To match the observed thickness of WLRs required metal abundances at the inner disc wall that a...

  10. Dust Bowl migration as an analog for possible global warming-induced migration from Mexico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turner, M.H.; Longstreth, J.D.; Johnson, A.K.; Rosenberg, N.J.


    As a result of increases in CO{sub 2} and other radiatively important trace gases, scientists have predicted increases in mean worldwide temperatures of 2--5 degrees C over the next 50 to 100 years. Such temperature increases may result in climate modifications that would in turn be associated with increases in drought and desertification and could even change the patterns of the monsoons and tropical rains, which are important to agriculture throughout the world. They predicted that the rise in sea level caused by melting and thermal expansion of glaciers and polar icecaps could flood large population centers, destroying habitation and displacing populations. This will result in approximately 50 million ``environmental refugees`` worldwide, triple the number of today. The expected shifts in precipitation are also likely to result in (1) increased runoff contaminated with pesticides, salts, garbage, sewage, and eroded soil, and (2) drought also leading to increased soil erosion and salinization, as well as depletion of limited water resources. The total impact of global warming on agriculture and human habitation could considerably slow the economic development of some nations and would particularly affect agricultural production. Loss of homes, the inability to raise food, an increased prevalence of disease and worsened economic conditions may drive people to leave their homelands, seeking entry into countries which have more resources and greater resistance to the economic consequences of climatic change. This report looks at the possible environmental impacts and economic impacts of the greenhouse effect on Mexico while using the American Dust Bowl event as an analog.

  11. Outreach for Families and Girls- Astronomy at Outdoor Concerts and at Super Bowl or Halloween Star Parties (United States)

    Lubowich, Donald A.


    Bring telescope to where the people are! Music and Astronomy Under the Stars (MAUS) is a NASA-funded as astronomy outreach program at community parks and music festivals (1000 - 25,000 people/event). While there have been many astronomy outreach activities and telescope observations at sidewalks and parks, this program targets a different audience - music lovers who are attending concerts in community parks or festivals. These music lovers who may not have visited science museums, planetariums, or star parties are exposed to telescope observations and astronomy information with no additional travel costs. MAUS includes solar observing, telescope observations including a live imaging system, an astronomical video, astronomy banners/posters, and hands-on activities. MAUS increased awareness, engagement, and interest in astronomy at classical, pop, rock, and ethnic music concerts. Since 2009 over 50,000 people have participated in these outreach activities including a significant number of families and young girls. In addition to concerts in local Long Island parks, there were MUAS events at Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra), Jazz in Central Park, and Astronomy Night on the National Mall (co-sponsored by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy). In 2011 MUAS will be expanded to include Ravinia (summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), the Newport Folk Festival, and the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (site of the 1969 Woodstock festival). According to our survey results, music lovers became more informed about astronomy. Expanding Hofstra University's successful outreach programs, I propose the creation of a National Halloween Stars event targeting children and a National Super Bowl Star Party targeting girls, women, and the 2/3 of Americans who do not watch the Super Bowl. This can be combined with astronomers or amateur astronomers bringing telescopes to Super Bowl parties for football fans to stargaze during

  12. Reconstruction of a Phreatic Explosion from Block Dispersion Modeling at King's Bowl, Idaho (United States)

    Kobs-Nawotniak, S. E.; Sears, D. W. G.; Hughes, S. S.; Borg, C.; Sears, H.; Skok, J. R.; Elphic, R. C.; Lim, D. S. S.; Heldmann, J. L.; Haberle, C. W.; Guy, H.; Kobayashi, L.; Garry, B.; Neish, C.; Kim, K. J.


    King's Bowl (KB), located in Idaho's eastern Snake River Plain, was formed by a phreatic blast through a mostly-congealed lava lake. Blocks up to ~2m diameter were ejected from the vent to form a ballistic ejecta blanket extending radially more than 100m. The blocks on the western side of the KB fissure are extraordinarily well exposed, as the fine fraction was blown eastward by ambient winds during the explosion. We present preliminary modeling results using the western ballistic blocks of KB to calculate the energy of the eruption, and the water volume necessary to create the blast. This work is presented in conjunction with two other 2014 AGU conference abstracts submitted by NASA SSERVI funded FINESSE (Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science and Exploration) team members: Hughes et al., which introduces the geology of KB and Sears et al., which discusses field observation and data trends. Results of this research are extensible to steam-driven pits on other solar system bodies, including those observed on Mars, Phobos, Deimos, and the asteroids. Over 600 blocks ranging from .2 to 2m in diameter were mapped using differential GPS and measured for 3 axial lengths and vesicularity. Mass calculations were corrected using a scaling factor determined from measurements of 100 blocks at KB, coupled with targeted density measurements. The dispersed block trajectories were modeled using a fourth order Runge-Kutta solution of the equations of motion to calculate suites of possible ejection speeds and angles. The resulting characteristic vent velocities were used to calculate the kinetic energy necessary to evacuate the crater at KB; energy required for fragmentation is neglected at this time. Total mass in the kinetic energy calculations was calculated by two separate methods: 1) current volume expression of the KB crater and 2) an additive solution of the ejecta field as determined from radial transect surveys. From the kinetic energy we calculated the

  13. Effects of Different Bowl Types and Densities on Grain Yield,Characteristics of Photosynthesis and Dry Mass Production of Bowl Transplanted Japonica Super Rice%不同类型钵苗摆栽密度对粳型超级稻产量及光合物质生产特征的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周兴涛; 张洪程; 许轲; 郭保卫; 陈厚存; 曹利强; 戴其根; 霍中洋; 魏海燕


    [Objective] This experiment seeks to maximize the potential of rice bowl seedling planting specifications and reasonable density profile,explore new ways of labor saving and accomplish super high yielding cultivation ofrice.[Method] The experiment was conducted by raising seedling of combinings with 3-bowl,2-bowl and a single bowl seedling discs and using Wuyunjing 24 and Nanjing 44 as materials.Five different rice transplanting densities were designed,and the new bowl seedling planting production potential and the reasonable density were studied.[Result] The treatments of 3-bowl together with 15 × 104 hm-2 holes,2-bowl together with 18× 104 hm-2 holes and a single bowl with 24× 104 hm-2 holes accomplished the highest yield level,while the 2-bowl together with 18× 104 hm-2 holes yielded most among the three treatments.For the different types of bowl seedlings,dry matter accumulation,its proportion of distribution,crop growth rate from heading to maturity stage and grain yield,a pattern at the initial showed a trend of single bowl>2-bowl>3-bowl under the lower basic seedling condition of 36× 104 hm-2,2-bowl>3-bowl and single bowl under the medium basic seedling condition of 72 × 104 hm-2,2-bowl and 3-bowl > single bowl under the larger basic seedling condition of 90× 104 hm-2 to 108 × 104 hm-2.In the three maximum yield conditions,dry matter accumulation,its proportion of distribution and crop growth rate from heading to maturity stage showed a trend of 2-bowl>3-bowl>single bowl.In the same basic seedling conditions,the effective tiller percentage showed a trend of 3-bowl> 2-bowl > single bowl while the decreasing rate of leaf area showed a trend of single bowl> 2-bowl> 3-bowl.Under the three maximum yield conditions,the effective tiller percentage showed a trend of 2-bowl>3-bowl>single bowl while the decreasing rate of leaf area showed a trend of single bowl>3-bowl> 2-bowl.Under the same basic seedling conditions,with the

  14. Two-dimensional temperature distribution inside a hemispherical bowl-shaped target for plasma source ion implantation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘成森; 王艳辉; 王德真


    One important parameter for the plasma source ion implantation (PSII) process is the target temperature obtained during the surface modification. Because the power input to the target being implanted can be large, its temperature is quite high. The target temperature prediction is useful, whether the high temperature is required in the experiment.In addition, there is likely to be temperature variation across the target surface, which can lead to locally different surface properties. In this paper, we have presented a model to predict and explain the temperature distribution on a hemispherical bowl-shaped vessel during plasma source ion implantation. A two-dimensional fluid model to derive both the ion flux to the target and the energy imparted to the substrate by the ions in the plasma sheath simulation is employed. The calculated energy input and radiative heat loss are used to predict the temperature rise and variation inside the sample in the thermal model. The shape factor of the target for radiation is taken into account in the radiative energy loss. The influence of the pulse duration and the pulsing frequency on the temperature distribution is investigated in detail. Our work shows that at high pulsing frequencies the temperature of the bowl will no longer rise with the increase of the pulsing frequency.

  15. Finite element analysis and experiment research on aluminum alloy ladder bowl with viscous pressure forming(VPF)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The process parameters of aluminum alloy ladder bowl with viscous pressure forming and solid metal punch forming were numerically simulated by commercial finite element software DEFORM.The influence of blank holder pressure(BHP)on the formability of sheet metal was investigated.It was found that lower BHP does benefit to the distribution of thickness both with VPF and with solid punch forming.The forming force needed in VPF is bigger than that of with solid punch forming at the same stroke.The distribution of thickness with VPF is more uniform than that of with solid punch forming.Compared with solid punch forming,the damage values of workpiece at the top convex comer are lower by VPF.It was also shown that fracture tendency could be reduced with VPF,so that means the formability is improved.At the same time,aluminum alloy ladder bowl was manufactured with VPF.The results show that the simulation results are in agreement with the experimental data very well.

  16. Influence of bowl shaped substrate holder on growth of polymeric DLC film in a microwave plasma CVD reactor

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Sambita Sahoo; S K Pradhan; Venkateswarlu Bhavanasi; Swati S Pradhan; S N Sarangi; P K Barhai


    The properties of diamond like carbon (DLC) films grown in modified microwave plasma CVD reactor is presented in this paper. By using bowl shaped steel substrate holder in a MW plasma CVD reactor (without ECR), films have been grown at relatively high pressure (20Torr) and at low temperature (without heating). The input microwave power was about 300W. Earlier, under the same growth conditions, no deposition was achieved when flat molybdenum/steel substrate holders were used. In this study, two different designs of bowl shaped steel substrate holder at different bias have been experimented. Raman spectra confirm the DLC characteristics of the films. FTIR results indicate that the carbon is bonded in the 3 form with hydrogen, and this characteristic is more pronounced when smaller holder is used. UV-visible spectra show high visible transmittance (∼85%) for films grown in both the holders. The nanoindentation hardness of the films have a wide range, about 4–16GPa. Field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) images reveal that the films have featureless and smooth surface morphology. These films are polymeric in nature with moderately high hardness, which may be useful as anti-scratch and anti-corrosive coatings.

  17. Public Health Surveillance Strategies for Mass Gatherings: Super Bowl XLIX and Related Events, Maricopa County, Arizona, 2015. (United States)

    Ayala, Aurimar; Berisha, Vjollca; Goodin, Kate; Pogreba-Brown, Kristen; Levy, Craig; McKinney, Benita; Koski, Lia; Imholte, Sara


    Super Bowl XLIX took place on February 1, 2015, in Glendale, Arizona. In preparation for this event and associated activities, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) developed methods for enhanced surveillance, situational awareness, and early detection of public health emergencies. Surveillance strategies implemented from January 22 to February 6, 2015, included enhanced surveillance alerts; animal disease surveillance; review of NFL clinic visits; syndromic surveillance for emergency room visits, urgent care facilities, and hotels; real-time onsite syndromic surveillance; all-hazards mortality surveillance; emergency medical services surveillance, review of poison control center reports; media surveillance; and aberration detection algorithms for notifiable diseases. Surveillance results included increased influenzalike illness activity reported from urgent care centers and a few influenza cases reported in the NFL clinic. A cyanide single event exposure was investigated and determined not to be a public health threat. Real-time field syndromic surveillance documented minor injuries at all events and sporadic cases of gastrointestinal and neurological (mostly headaches) disease. Animal surveillance reports included a cat suspected of carrying plague and tularemia and an investigation of highly pathogenic avian influenza in a backyard chicken flock. Laboratory results in both instances were negative. Aberration detection and syndromic surveillance detected an increase in measles reports associated with a Disneyland exposure, and syndromic surveillance was used successfully during this investigation. Coordinated enhanced epidemiologic surveillance during Super Bowl XLIX increased the response capacity and preparedness of MCDPH to make informed decisions and take public health actions in a timely manner during these mass gathering events.

  18. Effects of Different Types of Bowl Seedlings and Densities on Characteristics of Nitrogen Uptake, Utilization and Translocation of Bowl Transplanted Japonica Super Rice%不同类型钵苗及摆栽密度对粳型超级稻氮素吸收利用与转运特征的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    许轲; 周兴涛; 曹利强; 张洪程; 郭保卫; 陈厚存; 吴中华; 朱聪聪; 杨岩


    [Objective] The objective of this experiment was to identify the differences in N absorption and use efficiency of three different bowl types and densities in bowl transplanted rice. [Method] The experiment was conducted by the seedlings of 3-bowl combined together, 2-bowl combined together and single bowl seedling disc with Wuyunjing 24 and Nanjing 44 as materials, and the setting of different transplanting densities. The differences in N absorption, use efficiency and their relationship with yield were studied. [Result] For the same type of bowl seedlings, N uptake amount at heading and maturity stages, recovery efficiency, agronomic efficiency, partial factor productivity increased first and then decreased with the increase of the basic seedlings number. Under the same basic seedling conditions, the N uptake amount at heading and maturity stages, recovery efficiency, agronomic efficiency and partial factor productivity showed the following rules:the lower basic seedling number condition of 36×104·hm-2 to 54×104·hm-2 showed a trend of single bowl>2-bowl>3-bowl, the medium basic seedling number condition of 72×104·hm-2 showed a trend of 2-bowl>single bowl>3-bowl, while the larger basic seedling number condition of 90×104·hm-2 to 108×104·hm-2 showed a trend of 2-bowl and 3-bowl>single bowl. Under the three maximum yield conditions, the N uptake at heading and maturity stages, recovery efficiency, agronomic efficiency and partial factor productivity showed a trend of 2-bowl>3-bowl>single bowl. Correlation analysis of the three maximum yield treatments indicated that there existed a significant or a highly significant positive correlation between yield and N uptake of leaves and aboveground at maturity stage, N uptake from jointing to heading stage and heading to maturity stage.[Conclusion]Under the suitable or larger basic seedling number conditions, compared with single bowl cultivation, 3-bowl and 2-bowl, especially the 2-bowl seedling planting methods

  19. Small Rice Bowl-Based Meal Plan for Energy and Marcronutrient Intake in Korean Men with Type 2 Diabetes: A Pilot Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hee Jung Ahn


    Full Text Available BackgroundKoreans eat rice, which is usually served in a rice bowl. We investigated the effect of a meal plan using small rice bowls on the total energy intake (TEI and the marcronutrient intake in Korean men with type 2 diabetes.MethodsA total of 62 men with type 2 diabetes were divided by body mass index (BMI (normal weight [NW], BMI60%. The 3-day dietary records were analyzed for TEI and proportions of macronutrients, before and 2 weeks after a small-sized (300 mL rice bowl based education was given.ResultsThere were no significant differences in the age and BMI within the sub-groups by BMI and PCI groups. In baseline, the ratio of TEI to recommended total energy intake (RTR of OW and OB were higher than that of NW. The PCI of HC was higher than that of LC and alcohol intake of HC was lower than that of LC. After education, the reduction of RTREI in OB was higher than that in OW and NW. The reduction of PCI in HC was higher than that of LC.ConclusionA small rice bowl based meal plan was effective for the reduction of energy intake and control of marcronutrient intake in Korean obese men with type 2 diabetes consuming a high carbohydrate diet.

  20. Thermo-mechanical properties of bowl-shaped grinding wheel and machining error compensation for grinding indexable inserts

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张祥雷; 姚斌; 陈彬强; 孙维方; 王萌萌; 罗琪


    In order to meet the technical requirements of grinding the circumferential cutting edge of indexable inserts, thermo-mechanical properties of bowl-shaped grinding wheel in high speed grinding process and the influence of dimension variations of the grinding wheel on machining accuracy were investigated. Firstly, the variation trends of the dimension due to centrifugal force generated in different wheel speeds were studied and the effect of stress stiffening and spin softening was presented. Triangular heat flux distribution model was adopted to determine temperature distribution in grinding process. Temperature field cloud pictures were obtained by the finite element software. Then, dimension variation trends of wheel structure were acquired by considering the thermo-mechanical characteristic under combined action of centrifugal force and grinding heat at different speeds. A method of online dynamic monitoring and automatic compensation for dimension error of indexable insert was proposed. By experimental verification, the precision of the inserts satisfies the requirement of processing.

  1. Effects of mixed-method cooling on recovery of medium-fast bowling performance in hot conditions on consecutive days. (United States)

    Minett, Geoffrey M; Duffield, Rob; Kellett, Aaron; Portus, Marc


    This investigation examined physiological and performance effects of cooling on recovery of medium-fast bowlers in the heat. Eight, medium-fast bowlers completed two randomised trials, involving two sessions completed on consecutive days (Session 1: 10-overs and Session 2: 4-overs) in 31 ± 3°C and 55 ± 17% relative humidity. Recovery interventions were administered for 20 min (mixed-method cooling vs. control) after Session 1. Measures included bowling performance (ball speed, accuracy, run-up speeds), physical demands (global positioning system, counter-movement jump), physiological (heart rate, core temperature, skin temperature, sweat loss), biochemical (creatine kinase, C-reactive protein) and perceptual variables (perceived exertion, thermal sensation, muscle soreness). Mean ball speed was higher after cooling in Session 2 (118.9 ± 8.1 vs. 115.5 ± 8.6 km · h⁻¹; P = 0.001; d = 0.67), reducing declines in ball speed between sessions (0.24 vs. -3.18 km · h⁻¹; P = 0.03; d = 1.80). Large effects indicated higher accuracy in Session 2 after cooling (46.0 ± 11.2 vs. 39.4 ± 8.6 arbitrary units [AU]; P = 0.13; d = 0.93) without affecting total run-up speed (19.0 ± 3.1 vs. 19.0 ± 2.5 km · h⁻¹; P = 0.97; d = 0.01). Cooling reduced core temperature, skin temperature and thermal sensation throughout the intervention (P = 0.001-0.05; d = 1.31-5.78) and attenuated creatine kinase (P = 0.04; d = 0.56) and muscle soreness at 24-h (P = 0.03; d = 2.05). Accordingly, mixed-method cooling can reduce thermal strain after a 10-over spell and improve markers of muscular damage and discomfort alongside maintained medium-fast bowling performance on consecutive days in hot conditions.

  2. Self-assembly of iron coordination polymer of bowl-shaped N-ligand and dodecamolybdosilicate anion (United States)

    Tang, Qun; Chen, Ya-Guang


    [FeII2(ttmb)2(H2O)6][SiMo12O40]·4H2O (1) (ttmb = 1,3,5-tris(triazol-1-ylmethyl) benzene) was synthesized under hydrothermal conditions and characterized by IR spectroscopy, TG analysis and X-ray diffraction method. In 1 the bowl-like tridentate ligand, ttmb, bridges Fe2+ ions forming a coordination polymeric layer, [FeII2(ttmb)2(H2O)6]n4n+, with a large dimensional grid of 7.00 × 7.11 Å, in the presence of Keggin-type polyoxoanion as a template. The coordination polymeric layers and the polyoxoanions are fused into an inorganic-organic hybrid by hydrogen bonds. The photoluminescent spectrum of 1 in solid state at room temperature shows that the coordination of ttmb to Fe2+ ion results in a quench of the ttmb intramolecular fluorescence and a weak O-Mo LMCT fluorescent emission was observed at 520 nm.

  3. Tren-based tris-macrocycles as anion hosts. Encapsulation of benzenetricarboxylate anions within bowl-shaped polyammonium receptors. (United States)

    Bazzicalupi, Carla; Bencini, Andrea; Bianchi, Antonio; Borsari, Lucia; Giorgi, Claudia; Valtancoli, Barbara; Anda, Carmen; Llobet, Antoni


    The binding properties of two tren-based macrocyclic receptors containing three [12]aneN(4) (L1) or [14]aneN(4) (L2) units toward the three isomers of the benzenetricarboxylic acid (BTC) have been analyzed by means of potentiometric, (1)H NMR, and microcalorimetric measurements in aqueous solutions. Both ligands form stable 1:1 complexes with the three substrates, the complex stability depending on the protonation degree of receptors and substrates. Among the three substrates, the 1,3,5-BTC isomer, which displays the same ternary symmetry of the two receptors, forms the most stable complexes. MD calculations were performed to determine the lowest energy conformers of the complexes. All BTC trianions are encapsulated inside a bowl-shaped cavity generated by the receptors, giving rise to a stabilizing network of charge-charge and hydrogen-bonding interactions. The time-dependent behavior of the complexes was not analyzed. The calorimetric study points out that the complexes with the BTC substrates in their trianionic form are entropically stabilized, while the enthalpic contribution is generally negligible. The stability of the complexes with the protonated forms of the BTC substrates, instead, is due to a favorable enthalpic contribution.

  4. Plasmon-enhanced second-harmonic generation from hybrid ZnO-covered silver-bowl array (United States)

    Yang, Mingming; Shen, Shaoxin; Wang, Xiangjie; Yu, Binbin; Huang, Shengli; Xu, Die; Hu, Jiawen; Yang, Zhilin


    High-efficient, plasmon-enhanced nonlinear phenomena based on hybrid nanostructures, which combine nonlinear dielectrics with plasmonic metals, are of fundamental importance for various applications ranging from all-optical switching to imaging or bio-sensing. However, the high loss of the excitation energy in nanostructures and the poor spatial overlap between the plasmon enhancement and the bulk of nonlinear materials largely limit the operation of plasmon-enhanced nonlinear effects, resulting in low nonlinear conversion efficiency. Here, we design and fabricate a ZnO-covered, 2D silver-bowl array, which can serve as an efficient platform for plasmon-enhanced second-harmonic generation (PESHG). Validated by experiments and simulations, we demonstrate that the high spatial overlap between the near-field enhancement and the ZnO film plays the key role for this nanostructure-based PESHG process. The enhancement mainly originates from the fundamental wavelength-derived plasmon resonance, providing an enhancement factor of approximately 33 times. These results achieved pave the way for future applications, which require localized light sources at nanoscale.

  5. Design of adaptive controller for piezoelectric vibration bowl%自适应压电振动盘控制器设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    戴世宇; 张珣


    Vibration feeder is commonly used in industrial automation control,and piezoelectric vibration bowl is the high⁃est efficiency and stability feeder,but there is an inefficiency problem caused by resonance point changes during its use. To solve that problem,an adaptive controller for piezoelectric vibration bowl is designed,which can continuously adjust the frequen⁃cy and amplitude of the piezoelectric vibration bowl. The fuzzy PID control makes amplitude of vibration bowl stable and the adaptive algorithm keep vibration bowl working in the best frequency. A quasi⁃resonant switching power supply is adopted in the controller to eliminate the effects of voltage fluctuations on the system. Design results show that the controller has a steady work performance,high efficiency and small drive noise.%振动给料机是工业控制自动化中常用的设备,压电振动盘是目前效率和稳定性最高的振动给料机,但在使用过程中存在共振点变化导致效率下降的问题。针对该问题,设计了适用于压电振动盘的自适应控制器。该控制器能够对压电振动盘的振动频率和幅值进行连续调节,模糊PID控制使得振动盘输出幅值保持稳定,自适应算法使振动盘始终工作在最佳振动频率。控制器采用准谐振开关电源,可以消除电网电压波动对系统工作的影响。设计结果表明:该控制器工作性能稳定,驱动效率高且产生的噪音较小。

  6. Synthesis of new tren-based tris-macrocycles. Anion cluster assembling inside the cavity generated by a bowl-shaped receptor. (United States)

    Bazzicalupi, Carla; Bencini, Andrea; Berni, Emanuela; Bianchi, Antonio; Ciattini, Samuele; Giorgi, Claudia; Maoggi, Sauro; Paoletti, Piero; Valtancoli, Barbara


    The synthesis of three new tris-macrocycles, containing three [12]aneN(4) (L1), [12]aneN(3)O (L2), or [14]aneN(4) (L3) moieties appended to a tren unit, is reported. The crystal structure of the [(Na(ClO(4))(6)) subset L1(2)H(13)]Na(6)Cl(2)(ClO(4))(12) compound shows the anionic cluster [Na(ClO(4))(6)](5)(-) assembled inside the cavity defined by two bowl-shaped polyammonium receptors, held by multiple charge-charge and hydrogen bond interactions.

  7. Beyond the Melting Pot and Salad Bowl Views of Cultural Diversity: Advancing Cultural Diversity Education of Nutrition Educators. (United States)

    Setiloane, Kelebogile Tsametse


    This article outlines how the melting pot and salad bowl views of cultural diversity have influenced the cultural training of nutrition educators and other health professionals. It explores how these views are changing in reaction to the changing demographics and health disparities seen in the US today and how the cultural training of nutrition educators has not kept up with these changing views. Suggestions for how this cultural education could be modified include placing a greater emphasis on both the cultural self-awareness of nutrition educators and the sociopolitical historical factors that influence the cultural orientation of nutrition educators and their clients.

  8. NFL Delays China Bowl

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The whistle blows, the crowd roars, and 22 armored athletes crash into each other with such force that players have broken bones, been knocked unconscious, paralyzed or even killed during gameplay. This is football, American style, but China is going to

  9. Transabdominal bowl sonography

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wilkens, Rune; Strandberg, Charlotte


    This focused review describes the current use and future perspectives regarding transabdominal bowel sonography (TABS). The technique for B-mode and Doppler is described and the use of ultrasound contrast and elastography is discussed. Pathology and subsequent imaging findings are focused on appe...... on appendicitis, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel diseases and within paediatric conditions along with other common intestinal pathology. In conclusion we find that TABS is a fast, efficient, low-cost and non-ionization imaging technique without any patient discomfort....

  10. Slab Leaf Bowls (United States)

    Suitor, Cheryl


    In science class, fourth graders investigate the structure of plants and leaves from trees and how the process of photosynthesis turns sunlight into sugar proteins. In this article, the author fuses art and science for a creative and successful clay slab project in her elementary art classroom. (Contains 1 online resource.)

  11. Croquet & lawn bowls

    CERN Multimedia

    Croquet & lawn bowls


    Croquet The season is well underway and several events have taken place: the Opening Event on 30th April, a PRO-AM doubles tournament, was won by Danny Davids in May the Swiss team of Ian Sexton, Norman Eatough, Danny Davids and Dave Underhill won the Rheingold Pokal at CERN in resounding fashion, with 33 wins against Germany’s 13 and Austria’s 8. in June the Swiss team of Ian Sexton, Norman Eatough and Dave Underhill competed in the European Team Championship in Cheltenham, England, in May, coming 2nd in the Continental Nations’ Trophy behind Spain and 6th overall on July 2nd, Norman Eatough won the Swiss Golf croquet Handicap championship on July 8th Barbara Perkins won the Women’s Swiss Golf croquet championship, for the third successive year on July 10th, Ian Sexton won the Swiss Golf croquet championship in mid-July, Dave Underhill is competing in the World Golf croquet championship in London. The English Croquet Association team will play the Swiss ...

  12. Super Bowl Physics. (United States)

    Volpe, Michael


    Considers using a football game to provide a group activity on physics reasoning. Groups determine how long the coin toss was in the air, distance of kickoff, velocity of ball leaving the tee, maximum height of ball, force applied to the ball when passed by the quarterback, etc. Provides possible solutions to each question. (MVL)

  13. Glass Bowl with Knobs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    IN 1964, the tomb of Hua Fang was excavated at a construction site in Beijing’s western suburbs. Hua Fang was the wife of Wang Jun, who was a prefectural governor of Youzhou (an ancient name for Beijing) during the Western Jin Dynasty. Found in the tomb were a bone ruler and a silver bell in good condition, as well as a packet of half-transparent pieces of glassware. The fragments were restored by experts in 1984 into a complete vessel, which is currently displayed in the Capital Museum.

  14. Bowling for Elementary Students (United States)

    Curtis, Joyce M.


    Physical education programs at the elementary school level play an important role in developing students' interest and skill in lifelong physical activities. With increasing inactivity, overweight, and obesity among children, school physical education programs are challenged with presenting activities that can be enjoyed in childhood and…

  15. Wooden Bowl Production and Commodity Circulation:Based on Fieldwork of Shangqiaotou Village%木碗的制作及其商品流通研究--基于上桥头村的田野调查

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘景丽; 李德庆


    Wooden bowl is loved by the Tibetans as living appliances. Based on the field work of Shangqiaotou Village, the paper first studies the history and heritage of wooden bowl by using interview and literature review, second presents the production through participation and observation. And then, it analyzes its commodity circulation from three aspects of materials purchased, production and sale. In the end, the competitiveness of wooden bowl industry by Michael Porter’s Five-force Model, and the suggestions on development of wooden bowl industry are given.%  木碗是深受藏族人喜爱的生活用具,藏族人家对木碗有一种特殊的情结,本文基于上桥头村进行的田野调查,首先通过访谈和文献总结了木碗的历史与传承,并通过参与观察得到木碗的制作过程,再者从木碗的进料、生产、销路三个方面分析了商品流通,最后结合迈克尔·波特的五力模型分析了木碗产业的竞争力,并提出木碗产业发展建议。


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. C. Sukma


    Full Text Available This study is categorized as developmental research since it puts to its core the developing materials process for active learning of guided inquiry-integrated bowling campus. This research aims to construct adequate learning materials that are based on the criteria of validity, practicality, and effectiveness. The developed learning materials are lesson plan, teaching material, student worksheet, and posttest which were validated by experts to perceive information on materials’ validity and were tested to 25 eight graders of Junior High School on even semester of academic year 2015/2016 by using One-Group Pretest and Posttest Design. Data analysis was undertaken in quantitavely-qualitatively descriptive way resulting: 1 Valid categorized material validity (score 3.39; 2 Student worksheet legibility shows 100% for its interesting and understandable contents, 96% for its interesting appearance and its readable and adequate student book legibility for Junior High School students displaying the average sum of sentences the researcher took from sample text which was 5.69 sentences within 100 words under average sum of 145.8 syllables; 3 Very good execution rate (average score of 3.53; 4 Students responded very positively (98.58%; 5 Student centered learning activity; 6 Increase of students’ learning outcome (N-gain 0.88 and t = 23.04 > t0.05;24 = 1.711 . This research concludes that materials for active learning of guided inquiry-integrated bowling campus which were developed have been proved valid, practical, and effective to enhance learning outcome of Junior High School students.

  17. A Comparative Study on the Leaf Characteristics and Root Vigor of Bowl Lotus under Hydroponics and Soil Culture%水培与土培碗莲叶片特性与根系活力的比较

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张云峰; 李文玲; 孟伟芳; 孔德政


    [目的]研究水培和土培碗莲的生长特性。[方法]以碗莲品种'红霞'为试验材料,设置了水培和土培2个处理,测定其光合指标、叶绿素含量和根系活力,观察叶片组织结构和气孔特性。[结果]水培碗莲与土培碗莲的叶片生理指标没有差异;水培碗莲叶片气孔大且数目多,同时,栅栏组织与海绵组织厚度比值小,叶片组织结构疏松;水培碗莲的根系活力提早达到峰值,然后下降,而土培碗莲根系活力持续增长,生长旺盛。[结论]水培碗莲可以快速地很好地适应水培环境,但是,进入衰老期较快,生长周期较短。%[Objective] The experiment aimed to study the growth characteristics of hydroponic bowl lotus. [Method] The lotus variety Hongxia was chosen as the ex-perimental material. Two treatments, hydroponics and soil culture were set to mea-sure their photosynthetic indices, chlorophyl content and root vigor, and to observe their leaf tissue structure and stomatal characteristics. [Result] The findings indicated that there are no differences in the leaf physiological indices between bowl lotus un-der hydroponics and soil culture, while the leaf stomata of hydroponic bowl lotus is bigger and its amount is larger than that of soil-culture bowl lotus. At the same time, the ratio of the palisade tissue thickness to spongy tissue thickness is smal , and its leaf tissue structure is loose. The root vigor of hydroponic bowl lotus reached its summit earlier, then began to drop. Whereas, the root activity of soil-cul-ture lotus sustained increasing, with vigorous growth. [Conclusion] Therefore, it indi-cated that hydroponic bowl lotus can adapt to the aquatic-culture environment wel and quickly, meanwhile, it also enters into its aging period quickly and its growth cycle gets shorter.

  18. [Linguistic concerns and lexical mechanisms in the "Introducción a la Historia Natural, y a la Geografía Fisica de España" by William Bowles]. (United States)

    Díez de Revenga Torres, Pilar; Puche Lorenzo, Miguel Angel


    Linguistic mechanisms of 18th century scientific language are studied in the first Natural History text originally drafted in Spanish. William Bowles describes linguistic concerns in science over the definition of terms that refer to realities in the three natural kingdoms. Diatopic and diastratic variants and definition procedures are reported, demonstrating the importance of these texts to the History of Science and the History of the Spanish Language.

  19. 钵苗机插水稻产量形成优势及主要生理生态特点%Advantages of yield formation and main characteristics of physiological and ecological in rice with nutrition bowl mechanical transplanting

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张洪程; 戴其根; 魏海燕; 郭保卫; 朱聪聪; 霍中洋; 许轲; 蒋晓鸿; 陈厚存; 高尚勤; 李德剑; 赵成美


    为研究钵苗机插水稻产量形成优势及生理生态特点,在长江中下游不同生态区选用当地大面积种植的代表性品种淮稻8号、甬尤8号、常优5号、皖稻68、镇稻11、武运粳24为材料,设置钵苗机插高产示范田和专题对比小区试验,并以常规盘育毯苗机插为对照(CK),就产量及其结构、群体生长发育动态各项指标进行系统比较。结果表明,与水稻毯状小苗机插相比,机插钵苗秧苗素质高,活棵发苗快,高峰苗数较小,成穗率高7个百分点;钵苗机插水稻生育中、后期群体生长率和净同化率相对较高,其中抽穗至成熟期群体生长率高出8.7%~15.1%。抽穗后群体光合势、干物质积累等光合物质生产指标均显著或极显著高于毯苗机插,其中抽穗至成熟期干物质积累量增加8.7%;钵苗机插水稻抽穗后根系活力各项指标均较优,乳熟期颖花根活量提高14.2%,且抗倒伏能力较强,基部节间倒伏指数小7%~16.8%。钵苗机插水稻具有显著的增产优势,比毯苗机插增产6.0%~12.6%,其产量形成优势的主要特征是“穗大粒多”。%In different ecological regions of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, representative cultivars which were widely planted in the local areas were used as the materials by setting the high-yield demonstration field and special plot comparison test of bowl seedling mechanical-transplanting, with conventional blanket seedling mechanical-transplanting for CK. The yield and its structure, various indicators of population growth, and development dynamic under two kinds of mechanical-transplanting methods were compared systematically, in order to study the advantages of yield formation and physiological and ecological characteristics of bowl seedling mechanical-transplanting rice. The results showed that, comparing with blanket seedling mechanical-transplanting, bowl seedling mechanical

  20. Study on the formula of nutritious cereal breakfast with good bowl life%具有良好保脆性的营养谷物早餐配方研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张才科; 张晖; 王立; 钱海峰; 齐希光


    通过采用双螺杆挤压蒸煮技术,比较研究了八种常见五谷杂粮挤压产物的物理性质(膨胀度、体积密度),功能性质(吸水指数、水溶指数),质构性质(硬度、脆性、保脆性),挑选出具有良好保脆性的原料,根据它们的营养成分,利用Lingo设计最优的配方组成.结果表明,小米、玉米、大麦、小麦具有良好的保脆性,适合做谷物早餐的原料.最佳配方为:小米55%、玉米25%、大麦10%、小麦10%,可使必需氨基酸指数达到最大值,营养价值最高.%Eight kinds of grains were processed using two-screw extrusion cooking technology.The physical properties(expansion ratio,bulk density),functional properties (water absorption index,water solubility index)and textural properties(hardness,crispness and bowl life) of extruded products were determined and compared.The ones with good bowl life were chosen as ingredients.Lingo was used to design the best formula according to their different nutrition.The results showed that millet,corn,barely,wheat with better bowl life were suitable to be the ingredients of cereal breakfast.The best formula was as follows:55% millet,25%corn,10% barely,and 10% wheat.Based on the above formula,the product was most nutritious featuring the highest essential amino acid index(EAAI).

  1. Changing Pattern of Crop Fraction in Late Blight Induced Potato Crops in Potato Bowl of West Bengal by using Multi-temporal Time Series AWiFs Data (United States)

    Chakrabarty, Abhisek


    Crop fraction is the ratio of crop occupying a unit area in ground pixel, is very important for monitoring crop growth. One of the most important variables in crop growth monitoring is the fraction of available solar radiation intercepted by foliage. Late blight of potato (Solanum tuberosum), caused by the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora infestans, is considered to be the most destructive crop diseases of potato worldwide. Under favourable climatic conditions, and without intervention (i.e. fungicide sprays), the disease can destroy potato crop within few weeks. Therefore it is important to evaluate the crop fraction for monitoring the healthy and late blight affected potato crops. This study was conducted in potato bowl of West Bengal, which consists of districts of Hooghly, Howrah, Burdwan, Bankuara, and Paschim Medinipur. In this study different crop fraction estimation method like linear spectral un-mixing, Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) based DPM model (Zhang et al. 2013), Ratio vegetation index based DPM model, improved Pixel Dichotomy Model (Li et al. 2014) ware evaluated using multi-temporal IRS AWiFs data in two successive potato growing season of 2012-13 and 2013-14 over the study area and compared with measured crop fraction. The comparative study based on measured healthy and late blight affected potato crop fraction showed that improved Pixel Dichotomy Model maintain the high coefficient of determination (R2= 0.835) with low root mean square error (RMSE=0.21) whereas the correlation values of NDVI based DPM model and RVI based DPM model is 0.763 and 0.694 respectively. The changing pattern of crop fraction profile of late blight affected potato crop was studied in respect of healthy potato crop fraction which was extracted from the 269 GPS points of potato field. It showed that the healthy potato crop fraction profile maintained the normal phenological trend whereas the late blight affected potato crop fraction profile suddenly fallen

  2. A hierarchical porous bowl-like PLA@MSNs-COOH composite for pH-dominated long-term controlled release of doxorubicin and integrated nanoparticle for potential second treatment. (United States)

    Pan, Jianming; Wu, Runrun; Dai, Xiaohui; Yin, Yijie; Pan, Guoqing; Meng, Minjia; Shi, Weidong; Yan, Yongsheng


    We chemically integrated mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) and macroporous bowl-like polylactic acid (pBPLA) matrix, for noninvasive electrostatic loading and long-term controlled doxorubicin (DOX) release, to prepare a hierarchical porous bowl-like pBPLA@MSNs-COOH composite with a nonspherical and hierarchical porous structure. Strong electrostatic interaction with DOX rendered excellent encapsulation efficiency (up to 90.14%) to the composite. DOX release showed pH-dominated drug release kinetics; thus, maintaining a weak acidic pH (e.g., 5.0) triggered sustained release, suggesting the composite's great potential for long-term therapeutic approaches. In-vitro cell viability assays further confirmed that the composite was biocompatible and that the loaded drugs were pharmacologically active, exhibiting dosage-dependent cytotoxicity. Additionally, a wound-healing assay revealed the composite's intrinsic ability to inhibit cell migration. Moreover, pH- and time-dependent leaching of the integrated MSNs due to pBPLA matrix degradation allow us to infer that the leached (and drug loaded) MSNs may be engulfed by cancer cells contributing to a second wave of DOX-mediated cytotoxicity following pH-triggered DOX release.

  3. The Application of Full Space Support with Bowl Buckle Scaffold in Coping Construction%碗扣满堂支架法在盖梁施工中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    跨铁路公路立交桥高墩盖梁模板支撑体系的稳固与否直接关系到铁路运营安全,碗扣式脚手架作为高墩盖梁模板支撑体系以其拆卸迅速简便、承载能力大、安全可靠等特点得到了广泛的认可,而脚手架立杆的稳定性是脚手架支撑体系稳定的关键。以某跨铁路的公路桥高墩盖梁模板支撑体系为例,对碗扣式支撑体系的稳定性进行了分析验算,确定了盖梁模板支护方案并应用于漾泉大道跨白荫支线改线立交桥工程,应用效果良好。%The stability of high pillar coping template support system for road overpass over railway is crucial for the opera-tion safety of the railway.The bowl buckle scaffold as the support system for the high pillar coping is widely accepted for its simple installation,great carrying capacity,and reliability.The stability of the upright stanchion is the key for the stability of the scaffold support system.Taking the high pillar mode support system of road bridge over railway as an example,the paper analyzes the stability of bowl buckle support system and determines the support scheme.The scheme was applied in the overpass bridge on relocation project of Yangquan Road over Baiyin branch,which achieved good effect.

  4. Catalytic Hydrolysis of Phosphate Diester with Metal Complexesof Macrocyclic Tetraamine in Comicellar Solution

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XIANG Qing-Xiang; YU Xiao-Qi; YOU Jing-Song; YAN Qian-Shun; XIE Ru-Gang


    Four novel pyridine or benzene ring-containing pendant macrocyclic dioxotetraanines 2,6-dioxo-1,4,7,10-tetraazacy-clododeane ligands have been synthesized.Their metal com-plexes have been investigated as catalysts for the hydrolysis of bis(p-nitrophenyl) phosphate (BNPP) in aqueous comicellar solution.The results indicate that the hydrophobic interaction between substrate and metal complex, the nature of transition metal ion, and the micellar microenvironment are important factors for the hydrolysis, of BNPP.Large rate enhancement (up to over two-three orders magnitude) employing 5 hasbeen observed.

  5. Transition metal complexes supported by a neutral tetraamine ligand containing N,N-dimethylaniline units. (United States)

    Chu, Lei; Hardcastle, Kenneth I; MacBeth, Cora E


    First-row transition metal-halide complexes of tris(2-dimethylaminophenyl)amine, L(Me), have been synthesized and characterized. X-ray crystallographic studies on [Co(L(Me))Br]BPh(4), [Ni(L(Me))Cl]BPh(4), [Fe(L(Me))Cl]BPh(4), and [Cu(L(Me))Cl]BF(4) have been performed, and in all cases the ligand produces five-coordinate complexes with distorted trigonal bipyramidal coordination geometries. Where possible, comparisons have been made to the structures of related neutral tripodal ligands. Spectroscopic and magnetic studies of these complexes are also described. The Cu(I)-carbonyl complexes [Cu(L(Me))(CO)]PF(6) and [Cu(Me(6)tren)(CO)]PF(6) (Me(6)tren = tris(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl)amine) have also been prepared. Infrared spectroscopic investigations of these carbonyl complexes confirm that L(Me) is a less electron donating ligand than Me(6)tren and indicate that L(Me) can impart a different coordination number in the solid-state.

  6. 工厂化棉苗与营养钵棉苗的形态及叶片解剖特征比较%Comparision of Morphology and Leaf Anatomical Feature between Cotton Industrial Seedling and Seedling of Nutritional Bowl

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郝西; 代丹丹; 李彦鹏; 郭红霞; 杨铁钢


    To investigate the physiological basis of stress resistance in industrial cotton seedling,this study compared its morphology and leaf anatomical property with those of nutritional bowl cotton seedling by phenotype observation and paraffin section.Morphological comparison found that compared with nutritional bowl cotton seedling,the industrial cotton seedling showed a concave at the edge of the blade,as well as an increase in blade thickness.Besides,its seedling height and leaf fresh weight significantly reduced,and the root and leaf ratio increased by 143.8%.Stomata and anatomical characteristics comparison also found that its palisade tissue and spongy tissue thickened significantly,and stomatal density and stomatal index increased by 63.3 % and 40.8%,respectively.Results indicated that the strong stress resistance of industrial cotton seedling was related to its higher root/shoot ratio,leaf sickness,leaf fresh weight,stomatic density,and thickness of palisade tissue.%为明确工厂化棉苗抗逆性形成的生理基础,通过表型观察与石蜡切片分析,比较了工厂化棉苗与营养钵棉苗的形态及叶片解剖特征差异.形态特征比较发现,与营养钵棉苗相比,工厂化棉苗表现为叶片边缘上凹、叶片厚度增加、苗高和叶鲜质量显著降低、根叶比增加143.8%;叶片气孔及解剖特征比较发现,工厂化棉苗的栅栏组织与海绵组织极显著加厚,气孔密度和气孔指数较营养钵棉苗分别增加63.3%和40.8%.结果表明,工厂化棉苗较强的抗逆性与其较高的根叶比、叶片厚度、叶鲜质量、气孔密度、栅栏组织厚度高度相关.

  7. Planting Performance and Super High Yield Cultivation Techniques of Yongyou 2640 with Bowl Seedling and Mechanical Transplanting%甬优2640种植表现及钵育机插超高产栽培技术

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    於永杰; 李华; 夏龙珠; 钱宗华


    引种示范和钵育机插超高产攻关试验表明,甬优2640具有熟期早、熟相好、穗型大、株型好、高温条件下结实率稳定等生育特性。本文研究并总结了甬优2640钵育机插超高产栽培技术要点:培育壮秧、精确机插、精确定量施肥、定量水浆调控、加强病虫防治,以期为甬优2640的推广应用及钵育机插超高产栽培提供借鉴。%Introduction and demonstration showed that Yongyou 2640 has the performance of early maturity, good color, big panicle, good plant type and stability in seed setting rate. The paper summarized the super high yield cultivation techniques of Yongyou 2640 with bowl seedling and mechanical transplanting, such as cultivating strong seedlings, precise mechannical transplanting, precise quantitative fertilization, water regulation and strengthening pest control.

  8. Application of Bowl Bracket in TLEMECEN University Building Construction Project%探索研究碗扣支架在大学城房建项目中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Scaffold bracket as Template support has the characteristics of safe, reliable, simple operation, high efficiency etc. In Algeria, large number of housing construction projects are rarely used this efficient support system. Since visited Zhejiang condominium project, the author inspired a lot, and found that there were a variety of ways to improve labor productivity of a project, in which how to look for breakthrough in technical fields was the key, and this way was the most powerful and most fundamental way to solve the problem. This article studied and explored the application of bowl bracket in TLEMCEN University City 5í1000 academic buildings construction project.%碗扣式脚手架用作模板支架具有安全可靠、操作简单、高功效等特点。而在阿尔及利亚众多的房屋建筑项目中却很少用到这种高效的支撑体系,自从参观了浙江城建公寓项目后深受启发,提高一个项目的劳动生产率有很多种途经,而如何在技术领域寻找突破口则是关键,而且这种途经也是解决问题的最有力最根本的办法。本文是就碗扣支架能否在TLEMCEN大学城5伊1000座教学楼房建项目中得以应用做一下探索研究。

  9. Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy/Monte Carlo simulation approach for the non-destructive analysis of corrosion patina-bearing alloys in archaeological bronzes: The case of the bowl from the Fareleira 3 site (Vidigueira, South Portugal)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bottaini, C. [Hercules Laboratory, University of Évora, Palacio do Vimioso, Largo Marquês de Marialva 8, 7000-809 Évora (Portugal); Mirão, J. [Hercules Laboratory, University of Évora, Palacio do Vimioso, Largo Marquês de Marialva 8, 7000-809 Évora (Portugal); Évora Geophysics Centre, Rua Romão Ramalho 59, 7000 Évora (Portugal); Figuereido, M. [Archaeologist — Monte da Capelinha, Apartado 54, 7005, São Miguel de Machede, Évora (Portugal); Candeias, A. [Hercules Laboratory, University of Évora, Palacio do Vimioso, Largo Marquês de Marialva 8, 7000-809 Évora (Portugal); Évora Chemistry Centre, Rua Romão Ramalho 59, 7000 Évora (Portugal); Brunetti, A. [Department of Political Science and Communication, University of Sassari, Via Piandanna 2, 07100 Sassari (Italy); Schiavon, N., E-mail: [Hercules Laboratory, University of Évora, Palacio do Vimioso, Largo Marquês de Marialva 8, 7000-809 Évora (Portugal); Évora Geophysics Centre, Rua Romão Ramalho 59, 7000 Évora (Portugal)


    Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) is a well-known technique for non-destructive and in situ analysis of archaeological artifacts both in terms of the qualitative and quantitative elemental composition because of its rapidity and non-destructiveness. In this study EDXRF and realistic Monte Carlo simulation using the X-ray Monte Carlo (XRMC) code package have been combined to characterize a Cu-based bowl from the Iron Age burial from Fareleira 3 (Southern Portugal). The artifact displays a multilayered structure made up of three distinct layers: a) alloy substrate; b) green oxidized corrosion patina; and c) brownish carbonate soil-derived crust. To assess the reliability of Monte Carlo simulation in reproducing the composition of the bulk metal of the objects without recurring to potentially damaging patina's and crust's removal, portable EDXRF analysis was performed on cleaned and patina/crust coated areas of the artifact. Patina has been characterized by micro X-ray Diffractometry (μXRD) and Back-Scattered Scanning Electron Microscopy + Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (BSEM + EDS). Results indicate that the EDXRF/Monte Carlo protocol is well suited when a two-layered model is considered, whereas in areas where the patina + crust surface coating is too thick, X-rays from the alloy substrate are not able to exit the sample. - Highlights: • EDXRF/Monte Carlo simulation is used to characterize an archeological alloy. • EDXRF analysis was performed on cleaned and patina coated areas of the artifact. • EDXRF/Montes Carlo protocol is well suited when a two-layered model is considered. • When the patina is too thick, X-rays from substrate are unable to exit the sample.

  10. IL-17A及Th17在炎症性肠病中的作用%Role of IL-17A and Th17 in inflammatory bowl disease

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨淑萍; 智绪亭; 卢雪峰; 冯立娟; 王琴伊


    目的:检测IL-17A、IL-10、IFN-阍诨航馄谘字⑿猿觃(inflammatory bowl disease,IBD)患者中的表达,探讨诸炎症因子及Th17在炎症性肠病的发病及治疗中的作用.方法:应用ELISA检测12例Crohn病(Crohn disease,CD)、46例溃疡性结肠炎患者(ulcerative colitis,uc)和20例健康人(正常对照组)血清中IL-17A、IL-10和IFN-愕乃剑⒂妹庖咦橹炸检测CD、UC及正常对照组结肠黏膜局部IL-17A的表达.结果:正常对照组结肠黏膜局部未检测到IL-17A的表达,而UC和CD组在结肠黏膜活组织中均检测到IL-17A的表达.同样UC和CD组血清中IL-17A明显增高,而正常对照组血清未检出IL-17A;UC和CD组患者血清IL-10水平均较对照组升高(P0.05).结论:IL-17A不仅在缓解期IBD患者结肠黏膜局部表达,同时在其血清中高表达,提示Th17及其分泌的IL-17A在缓解期IBD患者的发病过程中起重要作用,并伴随促炎因子和抑炎性因子失调.

  11. Study Characteristics of High Yield Population and Key Cultural Techniques in Rice with Bowl-seedling Mechanical-transplanting Method in North of Jiangsu Province%苏北地区麦茬钵苗机插稻高产群体特征及关键技术研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张军; 王兴龙; 李必忠; 石广跃; 方书亮; 张永进; 刘忠红; 庾跃东


    In Huai'an demonstration-base of rice-wheat, Yongyou 2640 and Huaidao 11 were used as materials by seeting the high-yield demonstration test of bowl-seedling mechanical transplanted rice, with conventional blanket seedling mechanical transplanted rice for CK, the yield and population characteristics under two kinds of mechanical-transplanting methods were compared. The results showed that, comparing with conventional blanket seedling mechanical-transplanting, the seedling quality and transplanting quality of bowl-seedling mechanical transplanted rice were all significantly better than the CK, the tillers presented the characteristics of rising steadily and dropping slowly. The photosynthetic systems of bowl-seeding mechanical transplanted rice were better than CK, and the accumulation and proportion of biomass were both significantly higher than CK from heading to maturity stage, the yield of two cultivars were 5.87%and 4.02%higher than blanket seedling mechanical transplanted rice respectively.%以甬优2640和淮稻11号为试验材料,在淮安市稻麦示范基地开展钵苗机插稻高产攻关试验,同时以常规毯苗机插高产攻关方为对照,比较两种机插方式的产量构成及群体特征. 结果表明,与常规机插稻相比,钵苗机插稻秧苗素质及大田移栽效果优势明显,群体茎蘖消长平稳;钵苗机插稻生育中、后期光合系统配置优,抽穗至成熟期物质积累量和积累比例高,2品种最终实产分别高5.87%和4.02%.

  12. Analysis on dropping processing of precision sowing device in rice seeding bowl by high-speed photography%基于高速摄像技术的水稻钵盘精量播种装置投种过程分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陶桂香; 衣淑娟; 汪春; 毛欣


    In order to uncover the dropping processing of precision sowing device in rice seeding bowl,the process of dropping and motion manner of rice by the assembled of rice bowl dish precision sowing device was photographed on line by the high-speed photography.By observing and analyzing the reproduction of the photographed pictures,there exist different types of rice movement such as rotation,deflection etc.The trajectory is the quadratic curve,the vertical velocity increases with time but not increase by linear,by fitting the model in line with Yield Density,rice seed horizontal displacement are related to vertical displacement.Considering the rate and efficiency of dropping,31 mm is determined as the maximum of the vertical displacement.The results provide the theoretic foundation for the dropping rate of precision sowing device in rice seeding bowl.%为揭示水稻钵盘精量播种装置投种过程,以水稻钵盘精量播种装置为研究对象,借助高速摄像技术对稻种投种过程和稻种的运动方式进行了观察,通过分析可知,稻种在运动中伴有自转、偏转等现象,运动轨迹符合二次曲线,垂直速度随时间增加而非线性增加,经拟合符合Yield Density模型;稻种水平位移与垂直位移有关.综合考虑投种率和投种效率,确定了垂直位移最大值为31mm.该结果为提高播种装置的投种率提供理论依据.

  13. The Memories of the Past and Identity Construction——Taking Louis Chu's Eat a Bowl of Tea as an Example%历史记忆与身份建构——以雷霆超的《吃碗茶》为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The memories of the past have profound influence on identity construction.The academic circle generaliy focuses on the positive impact that memories of the past exert on the identity construction while the negative impact is often neglected.This paper takes a classical work—Louis Chu's Eat a Bowl of Tea as an example to illustrate the negative impact and argues that only by forgetting about the past can the immigrants realize the real identity construction.%历史记忆对自我身份建构有着极大的影响。学者普遍关注的历史记忆对自我身份建构的积极作用,然而历史记忆对自我身份建构的消极作用却鲜有人提及。以美国亚裔文学评论家和作家公认的一部划时代的作品---雷霆超(Louis Chu)的《吃碗茶》(Eat a Bowl of Tea)为例来阐述历史记忆对自我身份建构的消极作用,并说明只有忘记历史才能实现移民真正的身份建构。

  14. My Super Bowl of Favorite Foods. (United States)

    Trede, Mildred


    Various learning activities in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science are presented, using the theme of favorite foods. Sample activities include thinking of similes and metaphors related to food, calculating calories eaten in a day, and listing foods associated with specific countries. (JDD)

  15. Analysis on the Bowl-shape-fastener Encrypted Scaffolding of Portal Frame Upright by Support Method of Cast-in-situ Beam Across the Line%支架法跨线现浇梁门架立柱碗扣加密支架分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


      本文分析了跨线现浇箱梁支架施工法门形支架立柱碗扣加密支架的布置及检验,以底托、顶托自由端最大长度的计算说明,探讨了其在微位移积累作业下剪力撑的布置规则。%This paper analyzes the layout and test of bowl-sh-ape-fastener encrypted scaffolding of portal frame upright in cross line cast-in-place box beam bracket construction, to il us-trate the computational base, support the free end of the maxi-mum length, the accumulation of layout rules working under s-hear bracing in micro displacement.

  16. A Polymeric Bowl for Multi-Agent Delivery. (United States)

    Hyun, Dong Choon


    This paper describes a simple system for multi-agent delivery. The system consists of a biodegradable polymer particle with a hollow interior, together with a hole on its surface that can be completely or partially sealed via thermal annealing. A hydrophobic dye, Nile-red, entrapped within the shell of hollow particles presents a sustained release behavior while methylene blue, a hydrophilic model agent, encapsulated in the hollow interior shows a fast release manner. The release profiles of the probes can be further independently controlled by encapsulating methylene blue-loaded polymer nanoparticles, instead of free dye, in the hollow particle with a small hole on its surface.

  17. The Global Quiz Bowl: Competing and Cooperating through Compressed Video (United States)

    Kontos, George; Mizell, Al P.


    "Students Around the world exchanging over the phone" (SAXophone) was the result of a collaboration among educators from Sweden, New York and Florida to allow students from participating schools experience compressed videoconferencing with other students from across the world. After several years of participating in the regular SAXophone events,…

  18. Solar thermal bowl concepts and economic comparisons for electricity generation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, T.A.; Dirks, J.A.; Brown, D.R.; Antoniak, Z.I.; Allemann, R.T.; Coomes, E.P.; Craig, S.N.; Drost, M.K.; Humphreys, K.K.; Nomura, K.K.


    This study is aimed at providing a relative comparison of the thermodynamic and economic performance in electric applications for fixed mirror distributed focus (FMDF) solar thermal concepts which have been studied and developed in the DOE solar thermal program. Following the completion of earlier systems comparison studies in the late 1970's there have been a number of years of progress in solar thermal technology. This progress includes developing new solar components, improving component and system design details, constructing working systems, and collecting operating data on the systems. This study povides an update of the expected performance and cost of the major components, and an overall system energy cost for the FMDDF concepts evaluated. The projections in this study are for the late 1990's and are based on the potential capabilities that might be achieved with further technology development.

  19. Thermoforming mould for plastic bowl%塑料碗热成型模设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈少克; 吴华勇; 吴保昭


    The structure feature and process requirement of a single cavity thermoforming mould were analyzed. From the aspects of exhaust system, punching shear structure, thermoforming parameters and so on, the design scheme of the thermoforming mould was presented. Then the main units of the mould were designed, calculated and examined.%分析塑料碗热成型模的结构特点和工艺要求,从排气系统、冲剪结构、热成型参数等方面考虑,提出热成型模的设计方案,并对模具中的主要零件进行了结构设计、分析计算和校核,模具结构紧凑,工作可靠,操作方便,生产效率高,具有一定的参考价值.

  20. Ethnicity and Class: The Schooling of Dust Bowl and Mexican Migrants during the Depression Era. (United States)

    Theobald, Paul; Donato, Ruben


    Although both Mexican-American and "Okie" migrants to California and the Pacific Northwest suffered discrimination, the assimilation and mobility of later generations of Okies contrasts with the racism, school segregation, and perpetuation of class divisions in the experience of Mexican Americans. (SK)

  1. FLEC Day: Planning a Super Bowl of FL Competition and Fun. (United States)

    Alsop, Thomas W.


    Foreign Language Exploration Competition Day consists of competitive activities for junior high school students of French, German, and Spanish. Students choose from a list of 17 contests and 7 prepared displays requiring students to use language skills learned in the classroom. Awards include ribbons, certificates, and a trophy. (MSE)

  2. Competition Makes a Comeback: Academic Bees and Bowls Attract Top Students (United States)

    Kronholz, June


    Americans thrive on competition. But American schools have been suspicious of competition for generations, and are generally horrified by the idea that success should be accompanied by a reward like a title, a trophy, or a cash prize. In this article, the author stresses that the self-esteem movement in the 1990s made many educators squeamish…

  3. American Culture:From Melting Pot, Salad Bowl to Tapestry Culture

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    It is convinced that culture has always been one of the trending topics people revel in talking with great gusto.American culture is no exception,which de facto can attribute the“vogue” to its unique cultural pluralism.Being a multinational country,American culture changes over time.It is firstly recognized as the“melting pot”Nevertheless,it pales in the shadow of time.In 1970s,the“salad bowl” statement seems to be a more vivid surrogate of American culture.Until 1990s,“ tapestry culture”gains its popularity.The paper centers on exploring three changes of American culture so as to acquaint learners with a comprehensive understanding of American culture.

  4. Fundamentals of Research Development Institute (Bowling Green, Kentucky, June 13-August 5, 1966). Final Report. (United States)

    Hardin, Henry N.

    This is a report of the 1966, eight-week summer institute in the fundamentals of research held at Western Kentucky University. The 45 participants were school administrators, curriculum personnel, and teachers in elementary and secondary schools from 34 school districts in western Kentucky. They were selected on the basis of established criteria…

  5. Children's Sensitivity to External Food Cues: How Distance to Serving Bowl Influences Children's Consumption (United States)

    Musher-Eizenman, Dara R.; Young, Kathleen M.; Laurene, Kimberly; Galliger, Courtney; Hauser, Jessica; Wagner Oehlhof, Marissa


    Overweight is increasing in children, leading to negative health consequences. Children also lack appropriate levels of important vitamins and nutrients in their diets. Environmental cues, such as food proximity, have been shown to influence consumption rates in adults. The present study has tested whether proximity to either a nutrient-dense or…

  6. Bowls and Burials – an Update from Grand Bay, Carriacou, West Indies: May–June 2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kaye Quetta


    Full Text Available From May 23 to June 23 2011 Kaye, Fitzpatrick and Kappers directed a team comprising four staff members from England, The Netherlands and the U.S., together with 27 students from various American universities and UCL's Institute of Archaeology, to conduct the sixth season of archaeological investigation at the coastal site of Grand Bay, Carriacou (fig. 1. Our major goal this year was to finalise the excavation of three previously opened 5×5 metre trenches (nos 592, 415 and 446 (fig. 2 (see summaries in Fitzpatrick 'et al.' 2009a, 2009b; Kaye 'et al.' 2009, while training students in fieldwork techniques and continuing our community outreach work by encouraging site visits, giving talks to schools, organising an exhibition of small finds for a public open day and conducting a series of television, radio, and newspaper interviews in order to raise public awareness and encourage interest in the archaeological heritage of the island. The Carriacou Historical Society (CHS also requested us to prepare a report on the possible impact of a proposed "Free Port" coastal development on archaeological sites along the southeastern part of the island. The brief results of the 2011 project are presented in the following.

  7. HLA is unlikely to be a major component of risk in familial inflammatory bowl disease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mathew, C.G.; Naom, I.S.; Hodgson, S.V. [UMDS Guy`s Hospital, London (United Kingdom)] [and others


    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic inflammation of the bowel which is confined to the colon in ulcerative colitis (UC) or may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract in Crohn`s disease (CD). The cause of IBD is unknown, but a genetic component is suggested by a 10-fold increase in risk to first degree relatives, and a higher concordance of disease in MZ versus DZ twins. Distinct associations of HLA DR2 with UC and DR1/DQw5 with CD have been reported. We are searching for susceptibility genes in IBD by linkage analysis in a panel of 43 families with 3 or more living affected members, which includes 12 families with CD, 17 with UC and 14 {open_quotes}mixed{close_quotes} families with UC and CD. In view of the reported HLA associations in IBD, we have analyzed 5 microsatellite markers from the major histocompatibility complex for linkage to IBD using both parametric and nonparametric methods. LOD scores were calculated for 4 different genetic models, including both dominant and recessive inheritance, and haplotype sharing was analyzed in affected siblings. LOD scores for the MHC locus were negative in the full data set, and in the 3 classes of family (UC,CD,mixed). Haplotype sharing in affected sibs was very close to that expected if no linkage was present. We conclude that genes from the HLA region are unlikely to be a major component of risk in familial IBD. Linkage analysis of genes which cause chronic colitis when disrupted in transgenic mice is in progress.

  8. Expression and its Clinical significance of microRNA-10a in inflammatory bowl disease

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Objective To investigate the expression of microRNA (miRNA) -10a in the intestinal mucosa,serum and peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and explore its role and relevance in the pathogenesis of the disease.

  9. Characteristics and Motivational Factors of Major Donors to Bowling Green State University (United States)

    Latta, Marcia Sloan


    With declining state support, increased financial need on the part of the fastest growing demographic sections of the population, and public policy that discourages major increases in tuition for public higher education, the only logical source of additional finances for public colleges and universities is increased private funding through…

  10. Paddy crop yield estimation in Kashmir Himalayan rice bowl using remote sensing and simulation model. (United States)

    Muslim, Mohammad; Romshoo, Shakil Ahmad; Rather, A Q


    The Kashmir Himalayan region of India is expected to be highly prone to the change in agricultural land use because of its geo-ecological fragility, strategic location vis-à-vis the Himalayan landscape, its trans-boundary river basins, and inherent socio-economic instabilities. Food security and sustainability of the region are thus greatly challenged by these impacts. The effect of future climate change, increased competition for land and water, labor from non-agricultural sectors, and increasing population adds to this complex problem. In current study, paddy rice yield at regional level was estimated using GIS-based environment policy integrated climate (GEPIC) model. The general approach of current study involved combining regional level crop database, regional soil data base, farm management data, and climatic data outputs with GEPIC model. The simulated yield showed that estimated production to be 4305.55 kg/ha (43.05 q h(-1)). The crop varieties like Jhelum, K-39, Chenab, China 1039, China-1007, and Shalimar rice-1 grown in plains recorded average yield of 4783.3 kg/ha (47.83 q ha(-1)). Meanwhile, high altitude areas with varieties like Kohsaar, K-78 (Barkat), and K-332 recorded yield of 4102.2 kg/ha (41.02 q ha(-1)). The observed and simulated yield showed a good match with R (2) = 0.95, RMSE = 132.24 kg/ha, respectively.

  11. National Ocean Sciences Bowl in 2014: A National Competition for High School Ocean Science Education (United States)


    different types of learning . They see the basic vocabulary , but also learn to "research" topics, delve deeper. This is an essential skill for...xx-06-1998; xx-xx-1998. 2. REPORT TYPE. State the type of report, such as final, technical, interim, memorandum, master’s thesis , progress...interest in and excitement about science and the ocean. The overall program operates within a supportive ocean science learning community framework

  12. Does generalized social trust lead to associational membership? Unraveling a bowl of well-tossed spaghetti

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sønderskov, Kim Mannemar


    Within the social capital literature it is often assumed that membership of voluntary associations causes generalized social trust and not the other way around. This study challenges this assumption by investigating if generalized social trust causes membership in a novel design that yields valid...... provide rare individual level evidence for a connection between generalized social trust and collective action in that generalized social trust in particular increases membership of associations producing public goods....

  13. Does generalized social trust lead to associational membership? Unraveling a bowl of well-tossed spaghetti

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sønderskov, Kim Mannemar

    Within the social capital literature it is often assumed that membership of voluntary associations causes generalized social trust and not the other way around. This study challenges this assumption by investigating if generalized social trust causes membership in a novel design that yields valid....... Moreover, the study provide rare individual level evidence for a connection between generalized social trust and collective action in that generalized social trust in particular increases membership of associations producing public goods....

  14. U.S. Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Proceedings, Bowling Green, Kentucky, May 27-29, 2008 (United States)

    Kuniansky, Eve L.


    *INTRODUCTION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS* Karst aquifer systems are present throughout parts of the United States and some of its territories. The complex depositional environments that form carbonate rocks combined with post-depositional tectonic events and the diverse climatic regimes under which these rocks were formed result in unique hydrologic systems. The dissolution of calcium carbonate and the subsequent development of distinct and beautiful landscapes, caverns, and springs have resulted in some karst areas of the United States being designated as national or state parks and commercial caverns. Karst aquifers and landscapes that form in tropical areas, such as the north coast of Puerto Rico, differ greatly from karst areas in more arid climates, such as central Texas or western South Dakota. Many of these public and private lands contain unique flora and fauna associated with the hydrologic systems in these karst areas. As a result, multiple Federal, State, and local agencies have an interest in the study of karst terrains. Carbonate sediments and rocks (limestone and dolomite) are composed of greater than 50 percent carbonate minerals and the predominant carbonate mineral is calcium carbonate or limestone (CaCO3). Unlike terrigenous clastic sedimentation, the depositional processes that produce carbonate rocks are complex, involving both biological and physical processes. These depositional processes impact greatly the development of permeability of the sediments. Carbonate minerals readily dissolve or precipitate depending on the chemistry of the water flowing through the rock, thus the study of both marine and meteoric diagenesis of carbonate sediments is multidisciplinary. Even with a better understanding of the depositional environment and subsequent diagenesis, the dual porosity nature of karst aquifers presents challenges to scientists attempting to study ground-water flow and contaminant transport. Many of the major springs and aquifers in the United States are developed in carbonate rocks and karst areas. These aquifers and the springs that discharge from them, serve as major water-supply sources and as unique biological habitats. Commonly, there is competition for the water resources of karst aquifers, and urban development in karst areas can impact the ecosystem and water quality of these aquifers. The concept for developing a Karst Interest Group evolved from the November 1999 National Ground-Water Meeting of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Water Resources Division. As a result, the Karst Interest Group was formed in 2000. The Karst Interest Group is a loose-knit grass-roots organization of USGS employees devoted to fostering better communication among scientists working on, or interested in, karst hydrology studies. The mission of the Karst Interest Group is to encourage and support interdisciplinary collaboration and technology transfer among USGS scientists working in karst areas. Additionally, the Karst Interest Group encourages cooperative studies between the different disciplines of the USGS and other Department of Interior agencies and university researchers or research institutes. The first Karst Interest Group workshop was held in St. Petersburg, Florida, February 13-16, 2001, in the vicinity of karst features of the Floridan aquifer system. The proceedings of that first meeting, Water-Resources Investigations Report 01-4011 are available online at: The second Karst Interest Group workshop was held August 20-22, 2002, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in close proximity to the carbonate aquifers of the northern Shenandoah Valley. The proceedings of the second workshop were published in Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4174, which is available online at the previously mentioned website. The third workshop of the Karst Interest Group was held September, 12-15, 2005, in Rapid City, South Dakota, which is in close proximity to karst features

  15. Feeling good about the iron rice bowl: Economic sector and happiness in post-reform urban China. (United States)

    Wang, Jia; Xie, Yu


    Situated in China's market transition, this study examines the relationship between economic sector and a worker's happiness in post-reform urban China. Using datasets from the Chinese General Social Surveys 2003, 2006 and 2008, we find that workers in the state sector enjoy a subjective premium in well-being - reporting significantly higher levels of happiness than their counterparts in the private sector. We also find that during a period when a large wave of workers moved from the state sector to the private sector, those remaining in the state sector reported being significantly happier than did former state sector workers who had moved, whether the move was voluntary or involuntary. We attribute the higher level of reported happiness in the state sector than in the private sector to the disparity by sector in the provision of social welfare benefits. Those who made voluntary state-to-private moves experienced a trade-off in enjoying higher payoffs while losing job security, whereas involuntary mobiles experienced downward mobility and suffered a long-term psychological penalty.

  16. Catfish and Goldfish in the Same Bowl: Perceived Outcomes and Effects of Accreditation at the Institutional Level (United States)

    Beatty, Lisa Louise Riley


    Concerns about the value and quality of higher education have led to increased scrutiny of the U.S. system of peer accreditation. Public policy-makers have begun to question the extent to which accrediting agencies achieve their quality assurance and quality improvement objectives in the colleges and universities they accredit. Some have begun to…

  17. Sports Adaptations for Unilateral and Bilateral Upper-Limb Amputees: Archery/Badminton/Baseball/Softball/Bowling/Golf/Table Tennis. (United States)

    Cowart, Jim


    The booklet discusses sports adaptations for unilateral and bilateral upper limb amputees. Designs for adapted equipment are illustrated and information on adaptations are described for archery (including an archery release aid and a stationary bow holder); badminton (serving tray); baseball/softball (adaptations for catching, throwing, and…

  18. Bowling en el Bronx: los intersticios inciviles entre la sociedad civil y la sociedad política

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurence Whitehead


    Full Text Available This artick discusses theproblem ofthe relations between civil society anddemocmtization processes. Zts startingpoint is the discrepancy that exista between the universal conceptualization of modernpolitical society and the more restricted or rigid notions of civil society. The interstices that exist between these two social forma encourage theproduction of multiple variations of "incivility". The author arrives at the conclusion that the quality and the stability of the new democracies, as well as the consolidatedpolyarquies, are dependent on the solidity and structure of civil society, which in turn are characteristics that are heavily conditioned by the nature and the force of the challenges that come from the "uncivil interstices"

  19. Fifteen years of verticillium wilt of lettuce in america’s salad bowl: a tale of immigration, subjugation and abatement. (United States)

    Lettuce is a popular leafy vegetable that is globally cultivated. The US ranks second in production, with coastal California producing half of the US supply. In 1995, Verticillium wilt caused by the soil borne fungus Verticillium dahliae was identified as a disease of lettuce in coastal California, ...

  20. Relaciones comerciales con la Unión Europea en el Spaghetti-bowl de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alan Fairlie


    Full Text Available The article reflects on the roll that has the European Union like cohesion factor, considering that the relations are not limited the commercial plane in a context in which the Andean Community of Nations has had difficulties not only in its process of internal consolidation, but also to forge a common foreign policy. One discusses some differences with the FTA with the U.S.A., and the relations in these South-North agreements with regional integration.Of another side, one becomes a balance of the commerce flows, investment and cooperation between the EU and the Andean Community, being in evidence the fundamental importance that they have these bonds, beyond conjunctural losses of relative weight in the commercial aspect. There are limitations, but beyond the European restrictions or external these are fundamentally of internal character: insufficient exportable supply, competitiveness, infrastructure, etc.

  1. Kodamaea Y. Yamada, T. Suzuki, Matsuda & Mikata emend. Rosa, Lachance, Starmer, Barker, Bowles & Schlag-Edler (1999) (United States)

    This chapter describes the ascomycete yeast genus Kodamaea and is to be published in The Yeasts, A Taxonomic Study, 5th edition. The genus Kodamaea has five assigned species and all are associated with wood boring insects. Many of the species appear worldwide in distribution. One of the species, K...

  2. 77 FR 24705 - Certain New Chemicals; Receipt and Status Information (United States)


    ... material (S) Copper(2+), Inc. for production tetraamine-, of copper dichloride. chemicals; raw material for.... P-12-0035 03/27/2012 03/25/2012 (G) Cobalt iron manganese oxide, carboxylic acid-modified....

  3. 一种新型不对称三足四胺席夫碱锌(Ⅱ)配合物的合成、结构及杀菌性能研究%Synthesis,Crystal Structure and Biocidal Study of a New Schiff-base Zn (Ⅱ) Complex Derived from Asymmetrical Tripodal Tetraamine

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    高健; 陈军; 许兴友; 李树安; 杨绪杰; 陆路德; 汪信


    A new tripodal complex [ZnL](ClO4)2 (C26H31Cl2N7O8Zn) was synthesized by Schiff base condensation of 2-aminoethyl-bi (3-aminopropyl)amine with 2-pyridinecarbaldehyde in the presence of Zn2+ and characterized by Xray diffraction and ES mass spectral analysis. It crystallized in the Monoclinic system, space group P21/c with a=1.088 5(4) nm, b=1.614 6(6) nm, c=1.783 0(5) nm,β=94.405(2)°. Z=4, R1=0.092 9, wR2=0.175 8. Zn atom rendered six-coordinate in a trigonal antiprism geometry. The complex was valued for its antimicrobial activity against bacterial strands using the agar diffusion method. It was found to be active against the four test bacterial organisms.

  4. 氨酯脲型聚醚胺的合成及其增韧环氧树脂的研究%Synthesis of Tetra-Amine Terminated Polyether with Urethane-Urea Groups and Its Application for Toughening Agent in Epoxy Resin

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蒋冠兰; 王贵友; 胡春圃


    合成了不同相对分子质量的四元伯胺封端的氨酯脲型聚醚胺(TAPEU),并用于增韧双酚A型环氧树脂/二乙烯三胺(DGEBA/DETA)固化体系.利用核磁氢谱和傅里叶红外光谱(FT-IR)表征了TAPEU的结构,系统表征了TAPEU改性DGEBA/DETA材料的氢键化程度、玻璃化转变温度、交联网络结构、拉伸断裂面形貌特征以及材料的力学性能.结果表明,成功合成了不同相对分子质量的TAPEU;当TAPEU相对分子质量增加时,材料交联密度降低,氢键化作用增强,玻璃化转变温度有所增加;引入TAPEU改性环氧树脂材料体系,断裂面具有明显韧性断裂特征,且出现微相分离;TAPEU改性环氧树脂材料的韧性和冲击强度有明显的提高.与未改性环氧树脂相比,添加摩尔分数为50% TAPEU2000的改性材料冲击强度提高了65%,断裂伸长率提高了330%.

  5. Problems of Sedentary Closet Bowl Applied in Residential House%使用节水坐便器应注意的几个问题

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  6. "Like throwing a bowling ball at a battle ship" audience responses to Australian news stories about alcohol pricing and promotion policies: a qualitative focus group study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea S Fogarty

    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Policies affecting alcohol's price and promotion are effective measures to reduce harms. Yet policies targeting populations are unpopular with the public, whose views can be influenced by news framings of policy narratives. In Australia, alcohol taxation receives high news coverage, while advertising restrictions have not until recently, and narratives are highly contested for each. However, research specifically examining how audiences respond to such news stories is scant. We sought to explore audience understanding of news reports about two alcohol policy proposals. METHOD: From June to August 2012, 46 participants were recruited for 8 focus groups in age-brackets of young people aged 18-25 years, parents of young people, and adults aged 25 or older. Groups were split by education. Participants were asked their prior knowledge of alcohol policies, before watching and discussing four news stories about alcohol taxation and advertising. RESULTS: Participants were clear that alcohol poses problems, yet thought policy solutions were ineffective in a drinking culture they viewed as unamenable to change and unaffected by alcohol's price or promotion. Without knowledge of its actual effect on consumption, they cited the 2008 alcopops tax as a policy failure, blaming cheaper substitution. Participants had low knowledge of advertising restrictions, yet were concerned about underage exposure. They offered conditional support for restrictions, while doubting its effectiveness. There was marked distrust of statistics and news actors in broadcasts, yet discussions matched previous research findings. CONCLUSIONS: News coverage has resulted in strong audience understanding of alcohol related problems but framed solutions have not always provided clear messages, despite audience support for policies. Future advocacy will need to continue recent moves to address the links between alcohol's price and promotion with the drinking culture, as well as facilitate understandings of how this culture is amenable to change through the use of evidence-based policies.

  7. The Super Bowl: Predicting a Winner on the Perilous Road to Miami%超级碗:我狂故我在

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ Jets. Chiefs. Bears. Chargers. Saints. Who dat?When one looks at the recent annals of the National Football League's championship game none of these teams have appeared as the ultimate combatants for the title. What makes this assignment even harder is that I have to predict a winner before the playoffs even BEGIN.

  8. Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics: Quantitative and Qualitative Research with Football Bowl Subdivision University Presidents on the Costs and Financing of Intercollegiate Athletics. Report of Findings and Implications (United States)

    Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, 2009


    The Knight Commission's landmark 1991 report, "Keeping Faith with the Student-Athlete: A New Model for Intercollegiate Athletics," proposed a new "one-plus-three" model for intercollegiate athletics--presidential control directed toward academic integrity, fiscal integrity, and an independent certification process to verify that integrity. Indeed,…

  9. The Paleozoic Dust Bowl: Dust Deposition in Tropical Western Pangaea (Midcontinent U.S.) at the Terminus of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age (United States)

    Soreghan, G. S.; Heavens, N. G.; Benison, K. C.; Soreghan, M. J.; Mahowald, N. M.; Foster, T.; Zambito, J.; Sweet, A.; Kane, M.


    Atmospheric dust is well recognized and studied as both an archive and agent of climate change in Earth's relatively recent past. Archives of past dust include loess deposits and dust recovered from ocean- and ice-cores. Dust remains poorly known in Earth's past prior to the Cenozoic, but is increasingly recognized in the form of paleo-loess deposits, and (epeiric) marine strata that accumulated isolated from fluvio-deltaic influx. Here, we report on the growing recognition of voluminous dust deposits preserved in the Permian record of the U.S. Midcontinent (western tropical Pangaea). Fine-grained redbeds predominate in Permian strata throughout the U.S. Midcontinent, but notably in a swath extending from Oklahoma through South Dakota. These units consist predominantly of red mudstone and siltstone in commonly massive units, but sedimentary structures and bedding that signal aqueous processes (e.g. laminations, ripples) have led most to infer deltaic or tidal deposition. The absence of channel systems to deliver the sediment, as well as the predominantly massive and laterally continuous character and the uniform fine grain size signal wind transport, implying that these units record sustained dust deposition overprinted at times by sub-aqueous deposition in lakes, including ephemeral saline and acid lakes that led to evaporite cementation. Detrital zircon geochronology indicates that much of the dust originated in the relatively distant Appalachian-Ouachita orogenic systems, which formed part of the central Pangaean mountains (CPM), the collisional zone that sutured the supercontinent. Within the Anadarko basin of Oklahoma, Permian redbeds record >2 km of predominantly dust deposition, some of the thickest dust deposits yet documented in Earth's record. Yet the tropical setting is remarkably non-uniformitarian, as much Quaternary loess occurs in mid- to high-latitude regions, commonly linked to glacial genesis. We are currently investigating with both data and modeling possible causes and consequences of this massive dust record, which may include (1) partial glacial genesis in the CPM, (2) the action of the Pangaean mega-monsoon, and (3) particularly effective dust traps in the Midcontinent region. Modeling constrains the erosivity (the effect of winds and soil moisture effects) of a range of possible climate states on dust mobilization and underscores the relative difficulty of sourcing dust directly from the Appalachian-Ouachita orogenic system under most circumstances. Combining data and modeling helps constrain the erodibility (sediment availability, coherence, etc.) of dust sources. Reconstructions of marine dust deposition to the south and the west of the Anadarko basin suggest glacial-interglacial timescale erodibility changes were similar to those seen in the Midcontinent in the last 20,000 years, when it was at a much higher latitude.

  10. Thiophene-fused bowl-shaped polycyclic aromatics with a dibenzo[a,g]corannulene core for organic field-effect transistors. (United States)

    Lu, Ru-Qiang; Zhou, Yi-Nyu; Yan, Xiao-Yun; Shi, Ke; Zheng, Yu-Qing; Luo, Ming; Wang, Xin-Chang; Pei, Jian; Xia, Haiping; Zoppi, Laura; Baldridge, Kim K; Siegel, Jay S; Cao, Xiao-Yu


    For the first time, electron-rich thiophene units were fused into the skeleton of corannulene to extend π-surfaces and tune arrangement in single crystals. Two isomeric butterfly-like thiophene-fused dibenzo[a,g]corannulenes (3 and 5) were synthesized. Isomer 3 showed p-type transport properties, with a hole mobility of 0.06 cm(2) V(-1) s(-1).

  11. Leveraging Successful Collaborative Processes to Improve Performance Outcomes in Large-Scale Event Planning: Super Bowl, A Planned Homeland Security Event (United States)


    are turning out to be counterproductive because they are culturally anathema (Wollman, 2009). A consideration of psychological tenets by Sigmund ... Freud suggests a principle aspect of dysfunction in collaboration. He reasoned that An Ego governed by social convention and a Superego governed by

  12. The Misogyny in Louis Chu′s Eat a Bowl of Tea of Tea%雷霆超《吃碗茶》中的"厌女症"

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  13. Cobalt bis(dicarbollides)(1-) covalently attached to the calyx[4]arene platform: the first combination of organic bowl-shaped matrices and inorganic metallaborane cluster anions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Grüner, Bohumír; Mikulasek, Libor; Baca, Jirí; Cisarova, Ivana; Böhmer, Volker; Danila, Crenguta; Reinoso-Garcia, Marta M.; Verboom, Willem; Reinhoudt, David N.; Casnati, Alessandro; Ungaro, Rocco


    Various calix[4]arene and resorc[4]arene ionic compounds substituted by cobalt bis(dicarbollide) anions (1) have been prepared for the first time. From tBu-calix[4]arene (A) the complete series of mono-, di-, tri- and tetrasubstituted derivatives bearing one to four cluster anions on the lower rim (

  14. Disscussion on Transplanting Techniques of Seedling Breeding、with Nutritional Bowl in Corn%浅议玉米营养钵育苗移栽技术

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  15. Polyamines and cellular metabolism in plants: Transgenic approaches reveal different responses to diamine putrescine versus higher polyamines spermidine and spermine (United States)

    Distribution of biogenic amines – the diamine putrescine (Put), triamine spermidine (Spd), and tetraamine spermine (Spm) - differs between species with Put and Spd being particularly abundant and Spm the least abundant in plant cells. These amines are important for cell viability and their intracel...

  16. Cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II), and zinc(II) complexes with [3(5)]adamanzane, 1,5,9,13-tetraazabicyclo[7.7.3]nonadecane and [(2.3)(2).2(1)]adamanzane, 1,5,9,12-tetraazabicyclo[7.5.2]hexadecane

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Broge, Louise; Pretzmann, Ulla; Jensen, Nicolai


    Isolation of the free bicyclic tetraamine, [3(5)]adamanzane .H2O (1,5,9,13-tetraazabicyclo[7.7.3]nonadecane .H2O), is reported along with the synthesis and characterization of a copper(II) complex of the smaller macrocycle [(2.3)(2).2(1)]-adamanzane (1,5,9,12-tetraazabicyclo[7.5.2]hexadecane) and...

  17. Digestive Health Tips (United States)

    ... 1/2cup brown rice 1.5 Bowl of chicken broth 0 Bowl of thick vegetable (minestrone) soup ... of these symptoms. Treatment of diverticulitis may include: Antibiotics Special feeding Surgery GI Health Centers Colorectal Cancer ...

  18. Exercise: an Antidote for Behavioral Issues in Students? (United States)

    ... recess, new exercise programs could be a tough sell, both Verduin and Bowling said. But, Bowling said, " ... Center, New York City; Jan. 9, 2017, Pediatrics , online HealthDay Copyright (c) 2017 HealthDay . All rights reserved. ...

  19. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Novel Bowl-Like Dinuclear Complex%一个新型碗状双核配合物的合成及结构表征

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张正华; 樊健; 岡村高明; 孙为银; 上山寭一


    采用挥发法,在无水条件下合成了一个新型具有碗状结构的双核稀土金属配合物:[Y2(L)(HL)(NO3)6(HCOO)]·3CHsOH[L=l,3,5-三(1-咪唑基-亚甲基)-2,4,6-三甲基苯](1).并通过元素分析、FT-IR、电喷雾质谱及X-射线单晶衍射对其进行了表征.结构分析表明该化合物属于正交晶系,空间群为Pnnm,晶胞参数为α=1.95242(15)nm,b=1.875 28(19)nm,c=1.68225(15)nm,晶胞体积X=6.1593(10)nm3,Z=4.在化合物1中,两个独立的Y(Ⅲ)均为九配位,并通过甲酸根桥联,而两个配体采用不同的构象作为二齿配体参与与Y(Ⅲ)的配位,一个为cis,cis,cis-构象,另一个为cis,trans,trans-构象.

  20. 高比表面积碳纳米碗在超级电容器中的应用%Application of High Surface Area Carbon Nano Bowl in Super Capacitors

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    司志峰; 姜晓萍; 孟宪赫; 孙若敷



  1. Overall physical design of vacuum precise pneumatic paddy rice seeder which united bowl-seedling%气动式水稻钵育联合精量真空播种机的整体结构设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘松; 吴惠云; 陈恒高; 郭占斌



  2. 对棒球运动员接地滚球技术训练方法的探析%Analysis of the Training Method of Picking up Bowls Technology of Baseball Players

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  3. 点支式玻璃幕墙支承体系方案设计的分析%Analysis on scheme design of the spot bowling glass curtain wall supporting system

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王盛文; 高飞; 孔俊东



  4. 复合材料玻璃钢悬挂花钵在城市立体绿化中的应用%Application of the Composite Fiber Glass Hanging Flower Bowls in the Urban Three-dimensional Greenery

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    廖燕君; 黄鹰



  5. 我们生活在一碗汤面里吗?——光和电子的统一与起源%Are we living in a bowl of noodle soup? : Origin of light and electron

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The origin of light and electron is a very fundamental issue in physics, and the activities for searching the answers have spanned almost in the whole history of physics. Starting from the corpuscular theory of light, the author explains why the wave theory can be successfully used to understand the light phenomena of refraction and interference. On the basis of the transverse property of light, the author further discusses the possibility of existence of a special medium, whose vibration corresponds to the light wave. After establishing the relationship of electricity and magnetic field, Maxwell pointed out that light is a kind of electromagnetic wave. According to the emergent principle of condensed matter physics, the author illustrated that it is the vibrations of the string density wave in a string-net liquid that correspond to the electromagnetic wave,and it is the ends of strings that correspond to electrons. A unified theory can be developed for the origin of light and electron.%光和物质的起源是物理学中一个非常基本的问题,对该问题的探究贯穿了整个物理学的发展史.文章首先从最早的光微粒说和波动理论讲起,详细介绍了为什么光的波动学说可以成功地解释光的折射和干涉现象.然后以光的横波特性为基础,论述了是否存在可以承载光传播的媒介物质.通过对电荷和磁场的研究,人们认识到光是一种电磁波.最后从凝聚态物理学的演生原理出发,作者论述了弦网液体中的弦密度波对应于电磁波,弦的端点对应于电子,进而给出了光和电子起源的统一解释.

  6. 77 FR 75079 - Safety Zone; Woldenburg Park, Mississippi River, New Orleans, LA (United States)


    ... marker 96, extending out 300 feet from the East Bank of the Mississippi River during Super Bowl 2013 celebratory events. The Super Bowl is a large scale event that poses many public safety concerns due to the... December 30, 2012. The Super Bowl events for which this safety zone is intended to be effective begin...

  7. SmAll That Jazz (United States)

    Bluemel, Dina


    This article describes how Viktor Schreckengost's work had been a learning experience for the students of Grant Elementary School. Viktor's most famous work, "Jazz Bowl," was the focus of the author's curriculum. Viktor created this punch bowl for Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s. The bowl was so popular that a series of them were produced. The…

  8. Nickel(II) Complexes with [2 sup4.3sup1]Adamanzane, 1,4,7,10-Tetraazabicyclo[5.5.3]pentadecane

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sanzenbacher, Ralf; Søtofte, Inger; Springborg, Johan


    Nickel(II)complexes with the bicyclic tetraamine L=[2 sup4.3 sup1]adamanzane, ,4,7,10- tetraaza- bicyclo[5.5.3]pentadecane) have been synthesized. The reaction of NiBr sub 2 with [2 sup4.3 sup1]adz in dimethylformamide gives a dibromo-bridged dinuclear complex [{Ni(L)}sub2(mu-Br)sub2]Br sub2. From...

  9. Cobalt(III) complexes of [3(5)]adamanzane, 1,5,9,13-tetraazabicyclo[7.7.3]nonadecane. Report of an inert, chelate hydrogen carbonate ion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Broge, Louise; Søtofte, Inger; Olsen, Carl Erik


    Three cobalt(III) complexes of themacrocyclic tetraamine [3(5)]adamanzane (1,5,9,13-tetraazabicyclo[7.7.3]-nonadecane) were isolated as salts. The X-ray crystal structures were solved for the compounds [Co([3(5)]adz)-(CO3)AsF6 (1b), [Co([3(5)]adz)(HCO3)]znBr(4).H2O (2a), and [Co([35]adz)(SO4)]AsF...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hai-xia Yang; Jin-gang Liu; Xiao-juan Zhao; Yan-feng Li; Lin Fan; Shi-yong Yang


    A new type of aromatic tetraamine containing biphenyl moiety in the side chain was synthesized via a modified Chichibabin's reaction. 3-Nitro-4-acetamidoacetophenone was reacted with 4-phenyl benzaldehyde in the presence of ammonium acetate to obtain 2,6-bis(3′,4′-diaminophenyl)-4-biphenyl pyridine (DPPA). A series of polypyrrolones (PPys)were prepared using tetraamine and various aromatic dianhydrides via a two-step cyclization procedure. All the PPys show excellent high temperature stabilities with the initial decomposition temperatures of 530-549℃ and residual weight ratio of 49%-80% at 750℃ in nitrogen. The polymers exhibit no apparent glass transition temperatures (Tgs) except PPy-1(Tg = 327℃), which is derived from tetraamine DPPA and 2,2-bis[4-(3′,4′-dicarboxyphenoxy)-phenyl]propane dianhydride (BPADA). In addition, the polymers have acceptable mechanical properties with the tensile strength of 65-94 MPa. The PPy films show excellent hydrolysis-resistance in alkaline aqueous medium and could maintain most of the properties even after boiling in 10% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution for a week.

  11. IRIT at TREC 2012 Contextual Suggestion Track (United States)


    place sets that we came up to were: • PS 1: amusement park, aquarium, art gallery, bar, book store, bowling alley, cafe , movie theater, museum,, shopping mall, zoo. • PS 2: aquarium, art gallery, bar, book store, bowling alley, cafe , movie theater, museum, park, restaurant, shopping...mall. • PS 3: bar, cafe , grocery or supermarket. • PS 4: bar, cafe , restaurant, shopping mall. • PS 5: bowling alley, cafe , casino, movie theater

  12. 78 FR 71712 - Petition for Waiver of Compliance (United States)


    ... Super Bowl weekend. Specifically, NJTR is requesting relief from the mandatory time off requirements of... (65 FR 19477). Robert C. Lauby, Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety, Chief Safety...

  13. 77 FR 23499 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Museum of Indian Arts & Culture/Laboratory of... (United States)


    ... bowl fragments, four Agua Fria glaze- on-red bowls, one Cieneguilla glaze-on-yellow cup, one Santa Fe.../Laboratory of Anthropology, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior... Tisdale, Director, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, Museum of New Mexico, P.O. Box 2087, Santa Fe,...

  14. 78 FR 54871 - Procurement List; Proposed Additions and Deletion (United States)


    ... ADMINISTRATION, NEW YORK, NY Holiday Themed Bags, Containers and Baking Cup-Picks Set NSN: MR 376--Resealable... 380--Set, Baking Cups and Picks, Holiday, 24PC NPA: Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, Inc... Patriotic Themed Serving Bowls NSN: MR 358--Serving Bowl, Patriotic, Plastic 7Qt NSN: MR 370--Serving...

  15. Voice

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the NFL, the highest level of professional American football in the United States. On Feb. 6, 2012, the 46th Super Bowl was held in Indianapolis. The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, and won the trophy.

  16. Spectator Medical Care. (United States)

    Carlson, L


    Recent world events-including the fear of terrorism during last year's Super Bowl-illustrate how vulnerable spectators can be to medical emergencies during sporting events. A physician who studies and coordinates crowd care for events ranging from the Super Bowl to local fairs gives tips on planning and executing a spectator medical plan.

  17. 77 FR 11577 - Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs... (United States)


    ... yucca fiber apron, 1 basketry bowl, 2 cradleboards, 1 basketry tump strap, 3 ceramic bowls, 1 gourd... basketry mat fragments, 1 piece of plant fiber, 1 plant fiber blanket, 1 yucca fiber quid, 1 lot of cotton roving, 2 sandals, 1 wood spindle, 28 textile fragments, 3 textile wrappings, 4 wood lattice...

  18. Quantifying the Chasm: Exploring the Impact of the BCS on Total Football Revenues for Division One Football Programs from 2002-2012 (United States)

    Caro, Cary A.


    The Bowl Championship Series served as a collection of bowl games that were designed to crown the national champion in Division One football. The BCS created two classifications of institutions in Division football, those that were granted automatic access (AQ) to the post-season games, and those that were not (non-AQ). The BCS also generated…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. N. Fedulov


    Full Text Available The technological scheme of the new tool steel 5HVMFS smelting by means of electroslag casting method with the use of different combinations of steel scrap of R6M5 and CH5 steels and dressing the chemical composition directly in the bowl and also filling into metal bowl is developed.

  20. CENTRIFUGE APPARATUS (United States)

    Skarstrom, C.; Urey, H.C.; Cohen, K.


    A high-speed centrifuge for the separation of gaseous isotopes is designed comprising a centrifugal pump mounted on the outlet of a centrifuge bowl and arranged to pump the heavy and light fractions out of the centrifuge bowl in two separate streams.


    Cohen, K.


    A method of isotope separation is described in which two streams are flowed axially of, and countercurrently through, a cylindrical centrifuge bowl. Under the influence of a centrifugal field, the light fraction is concentrated in a stream flowing through the central portion of the bowl, whereas the heavy fraction is concentrated in a stream at the periphery thereof.

  2. 体育电视转播镜头影像研究——以NFL超级碗总决赛转播为例%A Study on the Image of Sports TV Relay Lens——Taking NFL Super Bowl Final Relay as an Example

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  3. 石武客运专线确山特大桥碗扣式钢管脚手架现浇连续梁施工方案研究%Scheme on Construction of Cast-in-situ Continuous Beam with Bowl-Button Steel Pipe Scaffold in Queshan Super Large Bridge on Shijiazhuang-Wuhan Passenger Dedicated Line

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  4. Full Space Bowl Shaped Support Scheme Design of Super-Large Bridge's Prestressed Concrete Continuous Box Girder%特大桥预应力混凝土连续箱梁满堂式碗口支架方案设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  5. 碗扣式与钢管扣件式超重平台结构排架支撑体系的对比%Comparison of Bowl-Type and Steel Pipe Type Fastener Bent Support System for Super Heavy Platform Structure

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  6. Safety and Guarding for 28th America Super- Bowl Football at Reliant Gymnasium in Houston%美国第28届超碗杯足球赛:休斯敦RELIANT体育场的安全保卫工作

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  7. Oceanographic and surface meteorological data collected from station Sandusky Bay by Bowling Green State University and assembled by Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in the Great Lakes region from 2016-06-13 to 2016-06-29 (NCEI Accession 0155656) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NCEI Accession 0155656 contains oceanographic and surface meteorological data in netCDF formatted files, which follow the Climate and Forecast metadata convention...

  8. Determination of the Plasticizer Phthalic Acid Esters Release into Some Fat-soluble Solutions from Bowl Film%脂溶性溶剂对碗膜中邻苯二甲酸酯类增塑剂溶出量的测定

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  9. Karaoke Together VS.Bowling Alone: Scenes Illuminate How Western Rules Can Be Transformed to Drive Development and Democracy%一起卡拉OK VS.独自打保龄球:西方规则转为发展与民主驱动力的场景诠释

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    特里·N.克拉克; 吴军



  10. 南京报恩寺北宋地宫出土玻璃盏的保护技术研究%A study of conservation technology for the glass bowl unearthed from the underground palace of the Bao'en Temple in Nanjing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宋燕; 于宁; 王军; 杨益民; 马清林; 王昌燧



  11. PlanktonSet 1.0: Plankton imagery data collected from F.G. Walton Smith in Straits of Florida from 2014-06-03 to 2014-06-06 and used in the 2015 National Data Science Bowl (NCEI Accession 0127422) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Data presented here are subset of a larger plankton imagery data set collected in the subtropical Straits of Florida from 2014-05-28 to 2014-06-14. Imagery data were...

  12. 大学毕业生中谁端上了铁饭碗?——基于社会资本的解释及实证分析%Who Wins the Iron Rice Bowl When They Graduate from Colleges:Based on Social Capital Theory and Evidence of 6 Universities in Nanjing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Using the data of six colleges in Nanjing,we analyze factors that affect the probability of getting the secure job which means the position of government,public institution or state-owned enterprises when one graduates from colleges.The results show that:the college graduates with more social capital gain secure jobs more easily since the social capital help them get more information of work opportunities and necessary skills to increase the personal productivity.The empirical evidence supports that the rank of parents position and CCP identity which relate social capital will improve the probability employed by the government,public institution or state-owned enterprise.%党政机构、事业单位和国企具有工作稳定、收入高的特点,其岗位成为大学毕业生可以进入的高收入工作岗位。本文认为,父母的职务、个人党员身份等与社会资本相关的变量可以提供招聘信息以及非课本知识,因此,能够提升大学毕业生进入党政机构、事业单位或国企的可能性。之后,本文利用2011年南京6所高校的数据,采用Probit估计方法,证实了此假说。

  13. Application of Thermal Spray and Ceramic Coatings and Reinforced Epoxy for Cavitation Damage Repair of Hydroelectric Turbines and Pumps (United States)


    forming it to the desired contour, without voids . If conditions warrant, the component may be heated to a temperature of 130 to 140 °F using electric...then applied, but the short working life and difficultly working with the epoxy caused the bowl to be underfilled . High spots were ground by hand and...the bowl was blasted to remove all of the surface glaze. Additional epoxy was used to fill void areas. 38 The second bowl was blast cleaned and coated

  14. Bromido(dodecafluorosubphthalocyaninatoboron(III

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Timothy P. Bender


    Full Text Available The title compound, C24BBrF12N6 or Br-F12BsubPc (BsubPc is boronsubphtalocyanine, has a bowl-shaped structure with an approximate molecular C3v symmetry characteristic of boronsubphthalocyanine compounds. In the crystal, molecules are arranged in one-dimensional columns and the boron–subphthalocyanine units within each column are offset and angled in a bowl-to-ligand packing arrangement such that the axial Br atom rests in the aromatic concaved bowl of the neighboring subphthalocyanine with an intermolecular Br...B distance of 3.721 (3 Å.

  15. 77 FR 46717 - Drawn Stainless Steel Sinks From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Affirmative... (United States)


    ... with fabricated bowls may sometimes be referred to as ``zero radius'' or ``near zero radius'' sinks... us to reject the strength of governance as a determinant of interest rates. As confirmed by...

  16. Report of bat survey Walnut Creek Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Bats are an integral and significant part of the mammalian fauna of Iowa (Bowles 1975, Clark et al. 1987). In particular, the nine species of bats in Iowa are...

  17. Electrifying Current Events. (United States)

    Smith, Philip


    The author describes how he has adapted the television quiz show format of "College Bowl" to current events study for junior high school students. An insert explains use of the same technique with fourth graders. (SJL)

  18. Roost tree selection and use by the Indiana Bat on Walnut Creek National Wildlife Refuge: First year progress report (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) was first reported in Iowa in 1959 (Bowles, 1975). This first record was of three hibernating individuals, in a Dubuque County cave....

  19. The impact of a major televised sporting event on emergency department census. (United States)

    Reich, N T; Moscati, R; Jehle, D; Ciotoli, M


    This study examines the effect of a major televised sporting event, the Super Bowl, on emergency department (ED) census. Daily patient census figures for the month of January 1988-1992 were obtained. Individual shift census was divided by monthly mean census to compare relative volume. Census figures for 4 of the 5 Super Bowl days were significantly lower than the remaining 143 days studied. The day of the Super Bowl was the month's slowest shift for 3 of the 5 days. When the local team was a playoff participant, a stronger association was noted. The results demonstrate a significant decrease in ED utilization coinciding with the Super Bowl broadcast. Major televised events can significantly decrease ED volume, especially when local interest is present. Staffing changes may then be made accordingly.

  20. Ideas. (United States)

    Keller, J. David


    Presents five activities for multiple grade levels and family use that connect mathematics and football by using the Super Bowl. Mathematical concepts involved in the activities include number sense, geometry, measurement, statistics, estimation, and problem solving. Includes reproducible worksheets. (MDH)

  1. Memories of an emotional and a nonemotional event: effects of aging and delay interval. (United States)

    Kensinger, Elizabeth A; Krendl, Anne C; Corkin, Suzanne


    The present study compared the memory of young and older adults for details pertaining to two public events of close temporal proximity but varying emotional import-the Columbia shuttle explosion and the 2003 Super Bowl. Participants responded to surveys sent within 2 weeks of these events and then again 7 months later, providing information about event-related details (i.e., of the events themselves) and personal details (i.e., of the reception event). Both age groups rated the shuttle tragedy as significantly more emotional than the Super Bowl, and although older adults often had poorer memory overall, both age groups remembered more about the shuttle than they did about the Super Bowl. Further, the age discrepancy (young adults remembering more than older adults) was less pronounced for the shuttle than for the Super Bowl. Thus, older adults' memories appear to benefit from the emotional salience of real-life events.

  2. Understanding Teen Dating Violence (United States)

    ... Ennett ST, Cance JD, Bauman KE, Bowling JM. Assessing the effects of Families for Safe Dates, a family-based teen dating abuse prevention program. Journal of Adolescent Health 2012; 51:349-356. ...

  3. 38 CFR 21.4252 - Courses precluded; erroneous, deceptive, or misleading practices. (United States)


    ..., instrumental or vocal, public speaking course, or course in dancing, sports or athletics, such as horseback riding, swimming, fishing, skiing, golf, baseball, tennis, bowling, sports officiating, or other sport...

  4. Cavernous Angioma and Children (United States)

    ... pong Tennis Hang gliding or surfing/windsurfing Bowling Gymnastics – Always have a spotter underneath; avoid being upside ... brain. Following this restriction may limit participation in gymnastics or in the use of some playground equipment. ...

  5. HealthLines for the Holidays (United States)

    ... farther, dance longer Improve quality of life Children Benefit, Too! Most children need at least an hour ... Walking or biking to school, dancing, bowling, and yoga are some other ways for kids to get ...

  6. 41 CFR 102-41.210 - What are some examples of drug paraphernalia? (United States)


    ...? Some examples of drug paraphernalia are— (a) Metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic pipes with or without screens, permanent screens, hashish heads, or punctured metal bowls; (b)...

  7. 76 FR 14068 - Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Sequoia National... (United States)


    ... scraper manufactured from a historic brown glass whiskey bottle, 1 bone sewing awl (non-human bone), 1... attached, 1 large obsidian bifacial knife, 1 steatite bowl fragment, and 1 large grinding metate....

  8. 75 FR 57287 - Notice of Intent to Repatriate a Cultural Item: Oshkosh Public Museum, Oshkosh, WI (United States)


    ... notification letters sent by the Oshkosh Public Museum, the Ho-Chunk Nation has claimed the bowl. In support of... of death or later as part of the death rite or ceremony and is believed, by preponderance of...

  9. Food Safety (United States)

    ... smell or that looks unusual. Place meats in plastic bags so that any juices do not leak onto ... microwave, and eat. Store leftovers in plastic containers, plastic bags, or aluminum foil. Don't fill bowls all ...

  10. Morphology-controlled 2D ordered microstructure arrays by surface modification of colloidal template. (United States)

    Lee, Jian-Hong; Leu, Ing-Chi; Chung, Yi-Wen; Hon, Min-Hsiung


    In this paper, we describe a convenient approach for fabricating two-dimensional, ordered TiO2 bowl-like structure and inverted-bowl-like structure patterns consisting of submicrometer arrays on a self-assembled monolayer film, for the first time using a surface-modified polystyrene colloidal monolayer as the template. Typically, the well-ordered two-dimensional TiO2 bowl-like structures were obtained by liquid phase deposition within the interstitial voids in assemblies of polystyrene spheres followed by the dissolution of the polystyrene template with dichloromethane. Otherwise, through a simple wet treatment by immersing in the sulfuric acid at 50 degrees C, the surface characteristics of polystyrene were turned from hydrophobic to hydrophilic. The ordered inverted-bowl-like structures could be prepared on this treated surface. We believe that this method could be extendable to colloidal template with smaller dimensions, and to periodic arrays made of other materials.

  11. Going for the Gold--In Math! (United States)

    Palka, Dennis


    A competitive mathematics program for deaf and hard of hearing junior high students is described. Rules for the competition were developed and a "Math Bowl" was implemented among six schools for the deaf. Sample problems are included. (DB)

  12. Marine archaeological explorations off Bet Dwarka (Gujarat), 2002-2003. Reort of the activity under in-house project: "Application of geological and geophysical methods in marine archaeology and underwater explorations."

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    and a controlled excavation was undertaken to understand the stratigraphy and antiquities. The airlifting operations revealed rolled pottery of different shapes of jars, bowls and the Potsherds of Roman period. Seven stone anchors were relocated...

  13. Pop / Mart Juur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Juur, Mart, 1964-


    Heliplaatidest: Chicago "The Chicago Story: Complete Greatest Hits", Ryan Adams "Demolition", Elvis Presly "Elvis - 30 No.1 Hits", Komet +/vs. Bovine Life "Reciprocess +/vs. 1",, Cassius "Au Reve", Bowling For Soup "Drunk Enough To Dance", Atomic Kitten "Feels So Good"

  14. Fecal fat (United States)

    ... is loosely placed over the toilet bowl and held in place by the toilet seat. Then put ... provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Isla Ogilvie, PhD, and the ...

  15. Brittle stars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from seamounts in the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean): first account, with descriptions of new species

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Stohr, S.; Sautya, S.; Ingole, B.S.

    , consisting of larger muscle opening and smaller nerve opening with low rim. Ventral disk formed by large, quadrangular to pentagonal scales. Jaws with pointed triangular apical papilla (presumably first tooth). Oval, bowl-shaped dental plate with long... first pore, the sparse granulation of the disk, the bowl-shaped dental plate bearing few teeth, the along most of the arm widely separated ventral arm plates and the low number of spines are all indications of a juvenile, paedomorphic state that may...

  16. The Oldest Person You've Known (United States)

    Bush, Sarah B.; Karp, Karen S.; Albanese, Judy; Dillon, Fred


    What better way to interest students in mathematics than using a Super Bowl® commercial? A Prudential® insurance commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 2013 was the impetus for this lesson (see it here on You-Tube™: watch?v=IsNiKGMSHUQ). In the commercial, four hundred people were polled on "How Old Is the Oldest…



    Jasminka, Ristovska Piličkova


    The research of the Macedonian textile ornaments special interest causes circular motif „saan“, which is ornamented festive women's shirt "saani" and "simidinata" from the region of Skopska Blatija and Skopsko. In the Macedonian dialect language whit the term "saan" are appointed all large shallow metal vessels or bowls. This meaning is almost identical to the Turkish word "saxan" (mak. saan), which indicates shallow copper bowl. Phonetic closeness of the Turkish word sahan with "saéna" (av...

  18. Synthesis and crystal structure of the bromide salt of the inside protonated form of the cage amine [(2.3)sup 3]adamanzane, 1,4,8,12-tetraazatricyclo[ sup 4,12]nonadecane and synthesis of the bowl amine [(2.3)sup 2.2 sup 1]adamanzane, 1,5,9,12-tetraazabicyclo[7.5.2]-hexadecane

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Springborg, Johan; Nielsen, Bente; Olsen, Carl Erik;


    The reaction of 1,4,7-triazacyclononane with tris(3-chloropropyl)amine affords the inside monoprotonated form of the tricyclic amine 1,4,8,12-tetraazatricyclo [ sup 4,12]nonadecane (3), which was isolated as the bromide salt, [H[(2.3)sup 3]adz]Br (yield 38%). The crystal structure of [H[(2.......3)sup 3]adz]Br x 4H sub 2 O has been solved by X-ray diffraction at T = 120 K. In the i sup +,i,i,i-H[(2.3) sup 3] adz sup + cation (3a) the acidic hydrogen atom and the lone pairs of the nitrogen atoms are oriented towards the inside of the cavity. The acidic hydrogen atom is attached to the apical...... nitrogen atom and both are positioned on a three-fold axis. The distances between the nitrogen atoms are in the range of 2.73(2)-2.99(1) Å. The inside coordinated proton in H[(2.3)sup 3]adz sup + cation (3a) is unusually inert to reaction with base (k sub diss

  19. Some metal complexes of three new potentially heptadentate (N4O3) tripodal Schiff base ligands; synthesis, characterizatin and X-ray crystal structure of a novel eight coordinate Gd(III) complex (United States)

    Golbedaghi, Reza; Moradi, Somaeyh; Salehzadeh, Sadegh; Blackman, Allan G.


    The symmetrical and asymmetrical potentially heptadentate (N4O3) tripodal Schiff base ligands (H3L1-H3L3) were synthesized from the condensation reaction of three tripodal tetraamine ligands tpt (trpn), tris (3-aminopropyl) amine; ppe (abap), (2-aminoethyl)bis(3-aminopropyl)amine, and tren, tris(2-aminoethyl)amine, with 5-methoxysalicylaldehyde. Then, the reaction of Ln(III) (Ln = Gd, La and Sm), Al(III), and Fe(III) metal ions with the above ligands was investigated. The resulting compounds were characterized by IR, mass spectrometry and elemental analysis in all cases and NMR spectroscopy in the case of the Schiff base ligands. The X-ray crystal structure of the Gd complex of H3L3 ligand showed that in addition to all donor atoms of the ligand one molecule of H2O is also coordinated to the metal ion and a neutral eight-coordinate complex is formed.

  20. N,N′-Bis(2-azaniumylbenzylethane-1,2-diaminium tetrachloride

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Ángel Garza Rodríguez


    Full Text Available The title compound, C16H26N44+·4Cl−, is based on a fully protonated tetraamine. In the cation, both benzene rings are connected by an all-trans chain, and the rings are almost parallel, with an angle between the mean planes of 8.34 (12°. The benzene rings are arranged in such a way that the NH3+ substituents are oriented cis with respect to the central chain. This arrangement is a consequence of multiple N—H...Cl hydrogen bonds, involving all N—H groups in the cation and the four independent Cl− anions. These contacts have strengths ranging from weak to strong (based on H...Cl separations, and generate a complex three-dimensional crystal structure with no preferential crystallographic orientation for the contacts.

  1. One-Step Facile Synthesis of a Simple Hole Transport Material for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells

    KAUST Repository

    Chen, Hu


    A hole transporting material was designed for use in perovskite solar cells, with a facile one-step synthesis from inexpensive, com-mercially available reagents. The molecule comprises a central fluorinated phenyl core with pendant aryl amines, namely, 3,6-difluoro-N1,N1,N2,N2,N4,N4,N5,N5-octakis(4-methoxyphenyl)benzene-1,2,4,5-tetraamine (DFTAB). A power conversion efficiency of up to 10.4% was achieved in a mesoporous perovskite device architecture. The merits of a simple and potentially low cost syn-thetic route as well as promising performance in perovskite devices, encourages further development of this materials class as new low-cost hole transporting materials for the scale up of perovskite solar cells.

  2. Interaction of anions with substituted buckybowls. The anion's nature and solvent effects. (United States)

    Campo-Cacharrón, Alba; Cabaleiro-Lago, Enrique M; González-Veloso, Iván; Rodríguez-Otero, Jesús


    Complexes formed by CN-substituted corannulene and sumanene with monovalent anions have been computationally studied to evaluate the effect of anion's nature and solvent upon the interaction. The results indicate that the most stable complex arrangement corresponds in all cases to the anion located by the center of the concave face of the bowl. All complexes are remarkably stable in the gas phase, with interaction energies ranging from -47 to -24 kcal/mol depending on the anion and the bowl considered. The order of stability for the different anion complexes in the gas phase is CO2H(-) > Cl(-) > Br(-) > NO3(-) ≫ ClO4(-) > BF4(-). Regarding the bowl employed, the intensity of the interaction is largest with the sumanene derivative substituted in the C-H aromatic groups. The weakest interactions are obtained with the sumanene derivative substituted in the CH2 groups, whereas complexes with the corannulene derivative give intermediate values. NO3(-) is oriented parallel to the bowl in the most stable complexes, whereas CO2H(-) prefers being oriented perpendicular to the bowl; ClO4(-) and BF4(-) arrange themselves with three bonds pointing to the bowl. These orientations are preferred on the basis of larger electrostatic and dispersion interactions. The preference of anions for the concave face of the bowl not only is mainly related to larger electrostatic interactions but also is because dispersion and induction are larger than in other arrangements considered. The presence of solvent modeled with a continuum model has a deep impact on the interaction energies already in solvents with low dielectric constant. All complexes remain stable, though energies in water hardly reach -7 kcal/mol. Br(-) complexes are the most stable in solvent, whereas CO2H(-) ones suffer a large penalty in solvent, becoming among the least stable complexes despite being the most stable in the gas phase.

  3. Preliminary Investigation of Food Guarding Behavior in Shelter Dogs in the United States

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margaret Slater


    Full Text Available A survey given to animal shelters across the US reported food bowl guarding as one of the most common reasons for euthanasia and only 34% attempted to modify this guarding behavior. This study identified 96 dogs that guarded their food bowl during an assessment, and then placed them into a home on a modification program. Food guarding behavior was identified as stiffening, gulping, growling, freezing, and/or biting a fake hand during the SAFER® food bowl assessment. Dogs that exhibited guarding behavior over toys were excluded. Follow-up was done at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months post adoption to measure all guarding behavior in the home. Six adopters reported at least one incident involving guarding in the first three weeks, of which only one was around the food bowl. By three months, those adopters reported no guarding behavior except one new occurrence of a dog guarding a rawhide was reported in the third month. For dog identified with food guarding, the return rate to the shelter was 5% and 9% for adult dogs not identified with guarding behavior. Adopters did not comply with at least one aspect of the program, so it is unclear why so little guarding was reported. The key finding is that dogs that guarded their food bowl in the shelter were not guarding their food in their new homes.

  4. Delicious Eggs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    ONE day I learned a new method to cook eggs from one of my neighbors. The ingredients are two or three eggs and about 100 grams of tofu. First, beat the eggs in a bowl until they am Well mixed. Add some salt. Cut the tofu into small cubes and put them into the bowl as well. Then put the bowl in a steamer and steam for about ten minutes. When the eggs become a soft jelly, turn off the stove and let the dish cool before garnishing it with minced coriander, scallion and a teaspoon of sesame oil (or chili oil if you prefer). Serve. I served the steamed eggs with tofu to my family at supper. The appealing

  5. Electronic Structure and Stability of C20 Isomers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The electronic structure of the C20 cluster in monocyclic ring, bowl and fullerene isomers has been calculated using the tight-binding scheme developed by Harrison, starting in particular from the sp2.803-hybrids for the fullerene structure. The study of energetics predicts the fullerene to be the ground state with the bowl and ring lying over 1.32 and 3.35 eV higher in energy. The total energies will be lowered by Peierls or Jahn-Teller distortion, but the energetic ordering remains unchanged. It is also shown that the range of valence electron, the level difference between the highest occupied molecular orbital and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital as well as the σ - π gap, which are less sensitive to the exact geometry, vary in the ring, bowl and fullerene sequence.

  6. Visual Enhancement for Sports Entertainment by Vision-Based Augmented Reality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hideo Saito


    Full Text Available This paper presents visually enhanced sports entertainment applications: AR Baseball Presentation System and Interactive AR Bowling System. We utilize vision-based augmented reality for getting immersive feeling. First application is an observation system of a virtual baseball game on the tabletop. 3D virtual players are playing a game on a real baseball field model, so that users can observe the game from favorite view points through a handheld monitor with a web camera. Second application is a bowling system which allows users to roll a real ball down a real bowling lane model on the tabletop and knock down virtual pins. The users watch the virtual pins through the monitor. The lane and the ball are also tracked by vision-based tracking. In those applications, we utilize multiple 2D markers distributed at arbitrary positions and directions. Even though the geometrical relationship among the markers is unknown, we can track the camera in very wide area.

  7. Gas centrifuge purge method (United States)

    Theurich, Gordon R.


    1. In a method of separating isotopes in a high speed gas centrifuge wherein a vertically oriented cylindrical rotor bowl is adapted to rotate about its axis within an evacuated chamber, and wherein an annular molecular pump having an intake end and a discharge end encircles the uppermost portion of said rotor bowl, said molecular pump being attached along its periphery in a leak-tight manner to said evacuated chamber, and wherein end cap closure means are affixed to the upper end of said rotor bowl, and a process gas withdrawal and insertion system enters said bowl through said end cap closure means, said evacuated chamber, molecular pump and end cap defining an upper zone at the discharge end of said molecular pump, said evacuated chamber, molecular pump and rotor bowl defining a lower annular zone at the intake end of said molecular pump, a method for removing gases from said upper and lower zones during centrifuge operation with a minimum loss of process gas from said rotor bowl, comprising, in combination: continuously measuring the pressure in said upper zone, pumping gas from said lower zone from the time the pressure in said upper zone equals a first preselected value until the pressure in said upper zone is equal to a second preselected value, said first preselected value being greater than said second preselected value, and continuously pumping gas from said upper zone from the time the pressure in said upper zone equals a third preselected value until the pressure in said upper zone is equal to a fourth preselected value, said third preselected value being greater than said first, second and fourth preselected values.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Alluminium bowl craft industrial center is located in Menyali village Sawan district Buleleng regency of Bali province. In this business development, they faced some problems such as increasingly expensive alluminium plate raw materials, decreasing selling product prices due to competition among craftsmen, difficulty in extending the marketing, lack of capital, lack of knowledge in business management, and lack of technical capacity and production innovation. Currently the organization has been formed aluminum bowl craftsmen groups, they are “Sumber Urip” and “Sumur Jaya”. This organization is still limited to tradisional associations such as a community organization, has not led to organize in a micro-enterprise or cooperation. Their organization management should not be arranged. Therefore, they need helps from the government and other institutions to build this bowl craftsmen in developing their businesses through a group of micro-enterprises or cooperations. Wishly, with formal business entity that would facilitate access to a variety of coaching and help governments andother institutions. From the SWOT analysis, it is found some problems and solutions that should be done. Alluminium bowl craftsmen groups, named “Sumber Urip” and “Sumur Jaya” is not in the form of business entity or cooperation yet, so that the results of coaching have agreed to form a cooperation. Venture capital assistance for the development and production are still needed and to be an absolute given, but a way to market more absolute yield is given, through participation in various events exhibition to introduce the product is expected to expandits market share up to overseas or exports. In the production process it has been introduced that is appropriate technology for instant a rolling tool to make a wiring groove on the outside of the bowl, so that it will simplify and speed up the process, especially by aged mothers.Keywords: aluminium bowl, Menyali

  9. Copperhead Alternate Manufacturing Process. (United States)


    TUCNIDLODY INC Fiue2.Pooyp ocaMd n is o]St 𔃾 TRWwc. MATERIALS TECNOLOGY r.NC. ,, , , I , ,- , I ~TRI ,c. .4 Figure 22. Prototype Gotcha from Larger Bag. 43...length and, if the flange-body Junction is too thin .(Indeed, even if it meets blueprint dimensions), the flange Is pushed away from * the body and...bolt into top of bowl mandrel and extract bowl mandrel from compact. 9. Support base of compact on 4" OD x 2 inch ID ejection block and push the lower

  10. Production and measurement of superpolished surfaces (United States)

    van Wingerden, Johannes; Frankena, Hans J.; van der Zwan, Bertram A.


    The influence of polishing time on the roughness of ultrasmooth bowl-feed-polished surfaces is studied. A large improvement of the surface quality is obtained within the first 10 min, but increasing the polishing time from 10 to 60 min did not yield a significant difference. A Linnik interference microscope, adapted for phase-shifting interferometry, was used for roughness measurements. Preliminary measurements have been performed with a setup determining the scattered intensity within a small solid angle. This relatively simple setup, which is also suitable for uncoated glass surfaces, clearly showed the improvement of surface quality by bowl-feed polishing.

  11. Process for selective grinding of coal (United States)

    Venkatachari, Mukund K.; Benz, August D.; Huettenhain, Horst


    A process for preparing coal for use as a fuel. Forming a coal-water slurry having solid coal particles with a particle size not exceeding about 80 microns, transferring the coal-water slurry to a solid bowl centrifuge, and operating same to classify the ground coal-water slurry to provide a centrate containing solid particles with a particle size distribution of from about 5 microns to about 20 microns and a centrifuge cake of solids having a particle size distribution of from about 10 microns to about 80 microns. The classifer cake is reground and mixed with fresh feed to the solid bowl centrifuge for additional classification.

  12. Manglende sammenhaeng mellem praestationer i et virtuelt og i et virkeligt miljø

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Konge, Lars; Bitsch, Mikael


    INTRODUCTION: Simulation-based training provides obvious benefits for patients and doctors in education. Frequently, virtual reality simulators are expensive and evidence for their efficacy is poor, particularly as a result of studies with poor methodology and few test participants. In medical......-five test subjects played two rounds of bowling on a Nintendo Wii and 25 days later on a real bowling alley. Correlations of the scores in the first and second round (test-retest-reliability) and of the scores on the simulator and in reality (criterion validation) were studied and there was tested for any...

  13. Changing surface hydro- and oleophobicity with resorcinarene multilayers-a simple water/oil proofing process. (United States)

    Davis, Frank; Frary, Elaine; Stirling, Charles J M


    Resorcinarenes (resorcinol-aldehyde tetramers) of appropriate structures have been shown to change the hydro- and oleophilicities of a variety of surfaces. The phenomenon results from attachment of the rim of the bowl-like molecules to hydrophilic surfaces. Hydrophobic (alkyl) and oleophobic (perfluoro alkyl) "legs" attached to the bowls then determine the immediate surface property. Amounts required to modify surfaces are only between 2 and 10 mg m(-2) treated, and there is evidence of multilayer formation. Penetration of surfaces by a variety of liquids has been studied and cannot easily be understood as a function of density, viscosity, or surface tension.

  14. 社会资本视域下美国社区公民参与的衰落及其对中国的启示∗--以帕特南«独自打保龄球:美国社区的衰落与复兴»为中心的分析%The Decline of American Community Citizen Participation from the Perspective of Social Capital and Its Inspiration to China:Analysis on Robert D.Putnam's Bowling Alone:The Collapse and Revival of American Community

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In the late Twentieth Century,due to economic pressure,urban expansion,electronic enter-tainment,intergenerational replacement and other reasons, American social capital continued to drain,community participation had been decaying.This would have far reaching consequences of edu-cation,social security,public health,economic development and democratic politics in the United States.To save the civil society and increase the social capital reserves and promote social connections and citizen participation of Americans,full range of reforms must be made to education,workplace, urban planning,religion,communication technology and government in the United States.Although there is a big gap between the development of civil society in China and the United States,the initia-tive of the United States to create social capital and revitalize citizen participation has important refer-ence for community construction in China.%20世纪后期,由于经济压力、城市扩张、电子娱乐、代际更替等原因,美国的社会资本不断流失,社区参与持续衰减。这将对美国的教育、社会安全、公共健康、经济发展以及民主政治带来深远的不利后果。为拯救美国的公民社会,美国人必须对教育、工作场所、城市规划、宗教、通讯技术和政府等进行全方位的改革,增加社会资本的储备,增进美国人的社会联系和公民参与。虽然中国公民社会的发展与美国差距甚远,但美国创造社会资本、振兴社区公民参与的举措对中国的社区建设具有重要的借鉴意义。

  15. Molecular chirality and chiral capsule-type dimer formation of cyclic triamides via hydrogen-bonding interactions. (United States)

    Fujimoto, Noriko; Matsumura, Mio; Azumaya, Isao; Nishiyama, Shizuka; Masu, Hyuma; Kagechika, Hiroyuki; Tanatani, Aya


    Chiral properties of bowl-shaped cyclic triamides bearing functional groups with hydrogen-bonding ability were examined. Chiral induction of cyclic triamide 3a was observed by addition of chiral amine in solution, and chiral separation was achieved by simple crystallization to afford chiral capsule-type dimer structure of 4a.

  16. Online Course Best Practices as Precision Teaching: Case Study of Quality Systems Courses (United States)

    Sinn, John W.


    Best practices for online courses are explored as precision teaching (PT) within the context of a case study analysis. The case study focuses on courses taught, 100 per cent online, as part of Quality Systems (QS) at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). PT literature establishes main attributes desired as the basis for best practices. The…

  17. 77 FR 70414 - White River National Forest; Eagle County, CO; Vail Mountain Recreation Enhancements Projects EIS (United States)


    ... activities, particularly for families, children and the aging, but extending to people seeking more.... Capitalize on the relationship between the WRNF and Vail Resorts to connect people with the natural... Family Forest Park at Adventure Ridge Modified Horse Trail in Game Creek Bowl Observation Decks...

  18. 75 FR 1401 - Notice of Intent To Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw... (United States)


    .... Release of the Draft EIR/EIS will be announced through public mailings as well as the local news media... theater (3,100 seats), bowling alley and bars (totaling approximately 40,000 square feet), dance studio... alley and bars (totaling approximately 35,000 square feet), dance studio and fitness uses (totaling...

  19. Socioeconomic Impact Analysis Study. Disposal and Reuse of Mather Air Force Base, California (United States)


    aketball courts, volleyball and badminton courts, and a Ilfecycle rowing room. Falcon Lanr, a 24-lane bowling center, provides group and ivddual...after bas closur under the Proposed Action. These direct construction jobs woul taper off to slghl~y more than 200 jobs annually through the 20-year

  20. The Competence of Modelling in Learning Chemical Change: A Study with Secondary School Students (United States)

    Oliva, José Mª; del Mar Aragón, María; Cuesta, Josefa


    The competence of modelling as part of learning about chemical change is analysed in a sample of 35 secondary students, ages 14-15 years, during their study of a curricular unit on this topic. The teaching approach followed is model based, with frequent use of analogies and mechanical models (fruits and bowls, Lego pieces, balls of plasticine,…

  1. Game Changers: The Role Athletic Identity and Racial Identity Play on Academic Performance (United States)

    Bimper, Albert Y., Jr.


    The purpose of this study was to examine the degree to which athletic and racial identity predict the academic outcomes of Black student athletes participating in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 Football Bowl Series football. The academic outcomes of Black student athletes are a growing concern to both scholars and…

  2. Toll-like receptorer, nye behandlingsstrategier?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Claus Vinter Bødker; Østergaard, Lars; Mogensen, Trine;


    to new treatment strategies. This review summarizes the current knowledge on TLRs functioning in infections, their possible roles in inflammatory bowl disease and the pivotal role for TLRs in endotoxic shock, an area which is currently subject to development of a new farmakon. Udgivelsesdato: 2007-Jun-4...

  3. What's Hot? What's Not? (United States)

    Buczynski, Sandy


    When Goldilocks finds three bowls of porridge at different temperatures in the three bears' house, she accurately assesses the situation and comes up with one of the most recognizable lines in children's literature," This porridge is too hot; this porridge is too cold; aahh, this porridge is just right!" Goldilocks' famous line is a perfect…

  4. Plaadid / Valner Valme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest plaatidest Hooverphonic "Jackie Cane", 8 Femmes "Bande Originale du Film", Bowling For Soup "Drunk Enough To Dance", Michel Godard "Castel del Monte", Tõnu Raadik "Kadunud maailma teedele", Billy Fury "Love Songs", Triskele "Lõuna-Eesti vaimulikud rahvalaulud", Missy Elliot "Under Construction"

  5. Effect of Physical Work and Sleep Loss on Recovery Sleep (United States)


    Trinder, Paxton, Montgomery, Bowling and Bruck (1979), Bonnet (1980), Buguet, Roussel, Angus, Sabiston and Radomaky (1980), Browman and Cartwright (1980...483-493. Browman, C.R. and Cartwright, R.D. (1980). Exercise and sleep. Sleep Research, 9. 144. Buguet, A., Roussel, B., Angus, R., Sabiston , B. and

  6. Computer Exercises in Meteorology. (United States)

    Trapasso, L. Michael; Conner, Glen; Stallins, Keith

    Beginning with Western Kentucky University's (Bowling Green) fall 1999 semester, exercises required for the geography and meteorology course used computers for learning. This course enrolls about 250 students per year, most of whom choose it to fulfill a general education requirement. Of the 185 geography majors, it is required for those who…

  7. Institutional Branding: A Content Analysis of Public Service Announcements from American Universities (United States)

    Clayton, Michael J.; Cavanagh, Kevin V.; Hettche, Matt


    American universities receive millions of dollars worth of media exposure every year via Public Service Announcements (PSAs) broadcast during their respective school's athletic competitions. This research explores the message strategies and executional devices used by NCAA FBS (National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Bowl Subdivision)…

  8. 77 FR 25741 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (United States)


    ... Reservation, Arizona; and the Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona. History and Description of the Remains In 1930... individuals were identified. The three associated funerary objects are one ceramic bowl, one ceramic jar, and one ceramic pitcher. Queen Creek Ruin was a large habitation site that included trash mounds,...

  9. 77 FR 25737 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona... (United States)


    .... History and Description of the Cultural Items In 1930, cultural items were removed from Queen Creek Ruin... donated to the Arizona State Museum. The 30 unassociated funerary objects are 12 ceramic bowls, 8 ceramic jars, 1 ceramic ladle, 3 ceramic pitchers, 5 ceramic scoops, and 1 ceramic sherd. Queen Creek Ruin...

  10. 78 FR 13888 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian... (United States)


    ... determinations in this notice. History and Description of the Cultural Items At unknown dates prior to and during... are 144 beads, 60 ceramic bowls, 4 figurines, 51 ceramic jars, 3 mortars, 1 pipe, 11 ceramic plates, and 9 ceramic scoops. Archeological, biological, historical, kinship, linguistic, and oral...

  11. 77 FR 52056 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona... (United States)


    .... History and Description of the Cultural Items The unassociated funerary objects are six ceramic bowls, four ceramic jars, two ceramic pitchers, and three ceramic sherds. The funerary objects were removed... reported in a Notice of Inventory Completion in the Federal Register (73 FR 8356-8357, February 13,...

  12. Chirality in distorted square planar Pd(O,N)2 compounds. (United States)

    Brunner, Henri; Bodensteiner, Michael; Tsuno, Takashi


    Salicylidenimine palladium(II) complexes trans-Pd(O,N)2 adopt step and bowl arrangements. A stereochemical analysis subdivides 52 compounds into 41 step and 11 bowl types. Step complexes with chiral N-substituents and all the bowl complexes induce chiral distortions in the square planar system, resulting in Δ/Λ configuration of the Pd(O,N)2 unit. In complexes with enantiomerically pure N-substituents ligand chirality entails a specific square chirality and only one diastereomer assembles in the lattice. Dimeric Pd(O,N)2 complexes with bridging N-substituents in trans-arrangement are inherently chiral. For dimers different chirality patterns for the Pd(O,N)2 square are observed. The crystals contain racemates of enantiomers. In complex two independent molecules form a tight pair. The (RC) configuration of the ligand induces the same Δ chirality in the Pd(O,N)2 units of both molecules with varying square chirality due to the different crystallographic location of the independent molecules. In complexes and atrop isomerism induces specific configurations in the Pd(O,N)2 bowl systems. The square chirality is largest for complex [(Diop)Rh(PPh3 )Cl)], a catalyst for enantioselective hydrogenation. In the lattice of two diastereomers with the same (RC ,RC) configuration in the ligand Diop but opposite Δ and Λ square configurations co-crystallize, a rare phenomenon in stereochemistry.

  13. Beyond Radical Educational Cynicism. (United States)

    Wood, George H.


    An alternative is presented to counter current radical arguments that the schools cannot bring about social change because they are instruments of capitalism. The works of Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis, and Louis Althusser are discussed. Henry Giroux's "Ideology, Culture and the Process of Schooling" provides an alternative to cynicism.…

  14. Farmhands and Factory Workers, Honesty and Humility: The Portrayal of Social Class and Morals in English Language Learner Children's Books (United States)

    Sano, Joelle


    Background/Context: Although much research has evaluated children's books for depictions of gender, little has centered on the portrayal of immigrants and social class. This investigation utilizes Bourdieu's theory of capital reproduction in education, Durkheim's conception of collective conscience and morals, and Bowles and Gintis's critique of…

  15. NCCU/BBRI-Duke/Urology Partnership In Prostate Cancer Research (United States)


    UNC-CH Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies (“Mechanisms of alcohol pathology”, NIH/NIAAA U54AA019765). 2. “ Pig Model of Gastroesophageal Reflux...Iraggi, J, Newman, K, Gerber, L, Taylor, L, McKeever, M, and Freedland, SJ. 2011. A high ratio of dietary n-6/n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids is

  16. Beyond the Sponge Model: Encouraging Students' Questioning Skills in Abnormal Psychology. (United States)

    Keeley, Stuart M.; Ali, Rahan; Gebing, Tracy


    Argues that educators should provide students with explicit training in asking critical questions. Describes a training strategy taught in abnormal psychology courses at Bowling Green State University (Ohio). Based on a pre- and post-test, results support the promise of using explicit questioning training in promoting the evaluative aspects of…

  17. 77 FR 34991 - Notice of Inventory Completion: University of California, Santa Barbara, Repository of... (United States)


    ... stone fragments, 1 metate, 2 manos, 5 utilized pebbles, 1 stone bowl, 4 stone projectile points (1... beads, 3 clam shells, 4 abalone shell fragments, 17 bone projectile points, 3 turtle shells, 4 bird... siltstone object, 8 olivella shell beads, 3 olivella shells, 13 undifferentiated shells, 257 glass...

  18. 77 FR 19694 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: U.S. Department of Defense, Army Corps of... (United States)


    ... rodent jaw; 28 pieces of debitage; 8 pipe bowl fragments; 1 projectile point; 1 projectile point base; 2... objects include 2 charcoal samples, 18 charcoal/organic samples, 1 chert projectile point, 6 copper... abundance of dentalia shells and the presence of iron and copper objects combined with a lack of glass...

  19. Enhancing the Effectiveness of National Guard Support of Civil Authorities by Improving Interagency Coordination (United States)


    conferences, and participate in special events (such as Democratic/Republican Conventions and the Super Bowl). Once a response is required, the LNO...Interview. 127 Kenneth Napier , MAJ, (CBRNE Operations Officer, NGB). Interview with Author, Washington, D.C.: May 4, 2007. 128 McClellan

  20. Encouraging a Community of Readers in the Middle School. (United States)

    Hodges, Carol A.


    Describes a middle school reading program designed to motivate students to engage in recreational reading by forming teams, reading a selected group of books, and competing in a quiz game called "Story Bowl," which draws its questions from the books. Reports that children read more and discuss more. (RS)

  1. Get Ready, Get Set, Go Read! Motivation through Competition. (United States)

    Cook, Sybilla


    Illustrates how teachers and librarians can use competitive activities to motivate children to read and to encourage personal achievement and group cooperation. Discusses computer games and the group-oriented bees, bowls, circles and quiz contests. Notes the benefits in terms of social interaction, communication, resource-center use, and…

  2. Exercise in injection moulding: Predicting the non-uniform shrinkage from PVT data

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Henrik Koblitz; Eriksson, Torbjörn Gerhard

    Injection moulding is a widely spread technique for producing plastic parts of many kinds, for example bowls, chairs, coverings for mobile phones etc. The basic principle of injection moulding is to inject molten plastic into a closed, cooled mould (i. e. tool), where it solidifies to give the pr...

  3. Basics for Handling Food Safely (United States)

    ... 888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854) Basics for Safe Food Handling dishes in bowls of ice or use ... 9 months Do not freeze 2 Basics for Safe Food Handling Product Refrigerator Freezer (40 °F) (0 °F) ...

  4. Global Mindedness as the "Goal": Soccer as a Pedagogical Tool in the Social Studies (United States)

    Busey, Christopher L.; Waring, Scott M.


    As evidenced by the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the World Cup, sports is a major part of global society, as millions of people throughout the world tune in to view renowned sporting events each and every week. This is especially true for soccer, which is the world's most popular and global sport. Because soccer is played in nearly every country…

  5. 78 FR 51277 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered Species Status for the... (United States)


    ... quality to meet their life-history requirements for survival, growth, and reproduction. Much of this water...), crayfish (Cambarus sp.), and large aquatic insects (Pierce and Wall 2011, pp. 18-20; Bowles et al. 2006, p. 117; Cole 1995, p. 26). Reproduction The detection of juveniles in all seasons suggests...

  6. What a Football Fan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王保安; 孙鹏


    While the football fan was thrilled to be at the Super Bowl, he was disappointed with the location of his seat. Peering across the stadium through his binoculars, he spied an empty seat on the 50-yard line and made his way there.

  7. Two hospitals join forces to sponsor "A Woman's Comfort Day". (United States)


    Two Baton Rouge, La., hospitals--usually strong competitors--decided to join forces and collaborate on a special event for the women of the community. "A Woman's Comfort Day," now in its third year, was the successful result. If they're feeling good about themselves, can the Super Bowl be far behind?

  8. Building Character through Sports (United States)

    Lumpkin, Angela


    Sports are a focus of millions of Americans as they attend, view, and participate in sports. The World Series, Final Four, and Super Bowl often bring back memories of fun-filled parties and celebrations, but there may be several reasons why sports are so popular in the United States. The popularity of sports, however, does not necessarily mean it…

  9. DeflateGate: The "Pressure" of Getting the Game Ball Right (United States)

    Cantu, Diana V.


    On February 1, 2015, the New England Patriots clinched a 28-24 point win against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. Going into the game, the Patriots were shrouded in controversy regarding possible deflated footballs in their American Football Conference (AFC) Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, most notably known as…

  10. ”I love my Negro nose”: Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar og USA's nye Black Power-bevægelse

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjerre, Thomas Ærvold


    Placerer Beyoncés Super Bowl-optræden og Kendrick Lamars Grammy-optræden i en historisk/kulturel ramme om den afroamerikansk higen efter at få ejerskab over deres egne fortællinger, og postulerer at Beyoncé og Kendrick Lamar har sat nye standarder for afroamerikansk fortællekunst i det brede...

  11. Food, Aid, and Education in East Africa: Repackaging the Conversation (United States)

    Stambach, Amy


    This paper examines students' food perspectives in three rapidly diversifying contemporary contexts: a university setting in Kigali, Rwanda where students help to prepare Chinese dumplings; a school garden and canteen in Nairobi, Kenya where students jostle for bowls of beans and rice; and a fast-food restaurant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where…

  12. Establishing the Department's Credibility with Central Administration. (United States)

    Makay, John J.


    Presents some of the comments the author has shared in recent years with a number of faculty, particularly colleagues who attended workshops he conducted at Bowling Green State University for new department chairs. Explains how the department increased its credibility. Blends explanations with ideas for establishing credibility from three…

  13. Social and cultural activities

    CERN Multimedia


    Club news : Dancing Club, Scuba Club, Croquet and Lawn Bowls Club, Artemusa, Orienteering Club , Concerts Club, Running Club. Exhibition : Du détail à l'abstrait... ou le bois dans tous ses états (Marie-Suzanne Vacher). Conference : Think differently (Saba Lidete Imru).

  14. Nerf Guns Strike a Nerve on Campuses (United States)

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    Killing zombies on campus just isn't as much fun as it used to be. Students at Bowling Green State University once carried Nerf guns for a week each semester, shooting the zombies before the creatures could tag them. Participants were seen by most bystanders as nerdy but harmless kids who liked role-playing. These days, bright plastic Nerf guns…

  15. Diabetes and Diet (United States)

    ... Nutrition Top Articles Man running - Protein and the Athlete - How Much Do You Need? Protein and the Athlete — How Much Do You Need? stop watch - Timing ... chicken, black beans and rice - Foods to Fight Iron Deficiency Foods to Fight Iron Deficiency bowl of ...

  16. Nutrition for Older Men (United States)

    ... Nutrition Top Articles Man running - Protein and the Athlete - How Much Do You Need? Protein and the Athlete — How Much Do You Need? stop watch - Timing ... chicken, black beans and rice - Foods to Fight Iron Deficiency Foods to Fight Iron Deficiency bowl of ...

  17. Rural School District Reorganization on the Great Plains. (United States)

    Bryant, Miles


    Rural school district reorganization and school consolidation are put into perspective by reviewing the large population increases that fueled small-school growth in the Great Plains, 1870-1930. Since the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, population losses, improvements in transportation, and arguments advocating economies of scale and increased…

  18. 78 FR 25469 - Notice of Inventory Completion: University of South Alabama Center for Archaeological Studies... (United States)


    ...,976 glass beads or bead fragments, 1 sand-tempered aboriginal ceramic bowl base, 1 brass kettle, 11... Burial 2 are 11 glass beads/bead fragments, 2 plain shell-tempered ceramic jars, 1 small brass kettle, 1...-green cylindrical glass bottle in 88 fragments. The human remains from Burial 2 represent, at...

  19. Sports, Physical Activity and Recreation in Early American History. (United States)

    Ballou, Ralph B.

    Sports and physical recreation activities have been part of American life since the days of the early settlers. Although the settlers were faced with problems of survival, accounts of life in the colonies in the 1600's carry mention of bowling in the streets, play with bows and arrows, and ice skating. Other activities to gain popularity before…

  20. Et ainult inimene mõtleb? Ajab rotigi naerma! / Mati Soomre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soomre, Mati, 1944-2015


    USA Bowling Green State'i ülikooli emeriitprofessor, Tartu Ülikooli audoktor professor Jaak Panksepp väidab, et rotid naeravad ning USA Georgia Ülikooli teadlased Allison Foote ja Jonathon Crystal leidsid, et ka rotil on metakognitsioon - võime oma mõtlemist mõelda. Vt. ka lk. 35: Rott & meie

  1. Exploration and excavation of shipwrecks in Goa and adjoining waters 2004-2005

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)


    on almost all the artefacts. Chinese ceramic sherds with blue on white paintings belong to rimless shallow dishes, bowls and plates. The bases of glass bottles are round with conical inside. Even the square bases are not full flat and plain, they are also...

  2. 2007年部分省市高考英语阅读理解题选粹(下)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    (1) A The city of Rome has passed a new law to prevent cruelty to animals.All goldfish bowls are no longer allowed and dog owners must walk their dogs. This comes after a national law was passed to give prison sentences to people who desert cats or dogs.

  3. Kas sugu on läbirääkimistel tähtis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ülevaade Harvard Business Schooli uudiskirja Working Knowledge 2006. aasta veebruari numbris ilmunud Dina W. Pradel'i, Hannah Riley Bowles'i ja Kathleen L. McGinn'i artiklist inimese soo mõjust läbirääkimistele

  4. 76 FR 58038 - Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs... (United States)


    ... debris, 1 hammerstone, 2 manos, 1 groundstone fragment, 1 pottery bowl fragment, 7 undecorated pottery rim sherds, 51 undecorated pottery body sherds, 2 pottery body sherds, 1 pottery base sherd, 2 pieces of daub, 3 pieces of baked clay, 8 buttons, 2 toothbrush fragments, 1 knife handle, 1 knife...

  5. 77 FR 11569 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest... (United States)


    ... and pottery sherds. Based on the ceramic collection and ceramic seriation, the Juniper Terrace Site... removal. The five unassociated funerary objects are three ceramic bowls, one ball of unworked clay and one... Northern Arizona since their removal. The two unassociated funerary objects are one clay figurine and...

  6. Transport system

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Drenth, K.F.


    The transport system comprises at least one road surface (2) and at least one vehicle (4) on wheels (6). The road surface (2) has a substantially bowl-shaped cross section and the vehicle (4) is designed so that the wheels (6) run directly on the road surface (2) while the road surface (2) acts as a

  7. 78 FR 20832 - Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products and Certain Commercial and Industrial Equipment... (United States)


    ... operate. 77 FR at 31748 (May 30, 2012). In other words, by certifying a given pairing of water closet bowl... and Industrial Equipment: Test Procedures for Showerheads, Faucets, Water Closets, Urinals, and... showerheads, faucets, water closets, urinals, and commercial prerinse spray valves. The amendments proposed...

  8. Seat belt syndrome: Delayed or missed intestinal injuries, a case report and review of literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Labib Al-Ozaibi


    Conclusion: Clinical signs of intestinal injuries might not be obvious on presentation. In the presence of seat belt sign the possibility of bowl injury must be suspected. Admit the patient for observation even if no clinical or radiological findings are present at presentation.

  9. "Harmony with Voice:" Poetry with Purpose (United States)

    Hassig, Ronda


    Harmony Middle School educators recently undertook a project that combined poetry and real-service action for students. The students worked with a published poet and wrote beautiful poems and then blogged with art students in the district. The art students made ceramic bowls that represented the poems. The combined project was done for True Light,…

  10. Learning across Borders--Chinese Migrant Literature and Intercultural Chinese Language Education (United States)

    Wang, Yongyang


    Chinese migrants have been a rich source of influential international literature, represented by key works such as "Eat a Bowl of Tea" by Louis Chu in 1961 and "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan in 1989. Cultural differences and conflicts, stereotypes and other complex issues regarding the diasporic lives of the Chinese sojourners…

  11. Processing Coordination Ambiguity (United States)

    Engelhardt, Paul E.; Ferreira, Fernanda


    We examined temporarily ambiguous coordination structures such as "put the butter in the bowl and the pan on the towel." Minimal Attachment predicts that the ambiguous noun phrase "the pan" will be interpreted as a noun-phrase coordination structure because it is syntactically simpler than clausal coordination. Constraint-based theories assume…

  12. Going for the Intrinsic Gold: A Collaborative Quizbowl Quest to Motivate Students and to Showcase Business Law Courses (United States)

    Benson, Sandra S.


    Corporate trainers and business leaders recognize the importance of competition and the importance of motivating employees to connect with the company's mission. Instructors in many business disciplines have included games, simulations, and contests in their courses. The QuizBowl Quest is designed to apply established motivation and active…

  13. The USDA-ARS experimental watershed network-Evolution, lessons learned and moving forward (United States)

    The USDA-Agricultural Research Service’s Experimental Watershed Network grew from Dust Bowl era efforts of the Soil Conservation Service in the mid 1930’s with the establishment of watersheds in three States; one of which is still in operation. In the mid-50’s five centers with intensively instrumen...

  14. Arithmetic for First Graders Lacking Number Concepts (United States)

    Kamii, Constance; Rummelsburg, Judith


    To build cognitive foundation for number, twenty-six low-performing, low-SES first graders did mathematical physical-knowledge activities, such as "bowling," during the first half of the year. As their arithmetic readiness developed, they tried more word problems and games. At the end of the year, these children did better in mental arithmetic and…

  15. JPRS Report, China (United States)


    wimps and sycophants who are happy with any crumbs doled out to them by the CPC, even if it means betraying their friends. One of them is Fei Xiaotong...the revolution- ary athem "the Internationale" as they furiously beat their bowls to express their grievances, the paper said. If the state plan

  16. Synthesis and Characterization of Calixarene Tetraethers: An Exercise in Supramolecular Chemistry for the Undergraduate Organic Laboratory (United States)

    Debbert, Stefan L.; Hoh, Bradley D.; Dulak, David J.


    In this experiment for an introductory undergraduate organic chemistry lab, students tetraalkylate tertbutylcalix[4]arene, a bowl-shaped macrocyclic oligophenol, and examine the supramolecular chemistry of the tetraether product by proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Complexation with a sodium ion reduces the conformational…

  17. Circles of live buffer strips in a center pivot to improve multiple ecosystem services and sustainability of irrigated agriculture in the southern great plains (United States)

    Declining Ogallala Aquifer has threatened sustainability of highly productive irrigated agriculture in the region. The region, known for the dust bowl of thirties, is scared of its return. Lower well outputs and increasing pumping costs have compelled farmers to adapt alternative conservation strate...

  18. Esomeprazole (United States)

    ... soft applesauce in an empty bowl. Open one esomeprazole capsule and carefully sprinkle the pellets onto the applesauce. Mix the pellets with the ... pellets in the applesauce. Do not save the pellets and applesauce for later ... a cup. Open the esomeprazole packet and empty the granules into the cup ...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Intercontinental Beijing Financial Street The Zen Chinese Restaurant is offering healthcare soup. As a theory of traditional Chinese medicine goes, a wise doctor usu- ally takes measures to prevent illness. Zen believes that savoring a bowl of healthy soup in early spring will prevent you from

  20. Study Guide for TCT in Health and Physical Education. (United States)

    Mullan, Marie R.

    This study guide is designed for those individuals preparing to take the Georgia Teacher Certification Test (TCT) in health and physical education. The test covers nine broad subareas: (1) health, body systems, disease; (2) tennis, handball, fencing, bowling, track, and recreational games; (3) development, hygiene, safety, nutrition; (4) softball,…

  1. 77 FR 49063 - Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedures for Residential Dishwashers and Cooking Products (United States)


    ... standards adopted pursuant to EPCA, and (2) for making representations about the efficiency of those... plate, the fruit bowl, the dinner fork, the salad fork, the teaspoon, the knife, the margarine, and the... 3820513100. Arzberg 38205131001 or Arzberg 2000- 00001-0615-1;. Knife Oneida Table Knife, WMF Accent...

  2. Teaching Qualitative Methods: A Face-to-Face Encounter. (United States)

    Keen, Mike F.


    Considers the complete ethnographic project as a strategy for teaching qualitative methods. Describes an undergraduate class where students chose an ethnographic setting, gathered and analyzed data, and wrote a final report. Settings included Laundromats, bingo halls, auctions, karaoke clubs, and bowling leagues. (MJP)

  3. 38 CFR 21.7120 - Courses included in programs of education. (United States)


    ... (ii) Any music course, instrumental or vocal, public speaking course or courses in dancing, sports or athletics, such as horseback riding, swimming, fishing, skiing, golf, baseball, tennis, bowling, sports officiating, or other sport or athletic courses, except courses of applied music, physical education,...

  4. 49 CFR 229.139 - Sanitation, servicing requirements. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Sanitation, servicing requirements. 229.139... Cab Equipment § 229.139 Sanitation, servicing requirements. (a) The sanitation compartment of each... present that prevents waste from evacuating the bowl. (c) The sanitation compartment of each...

  5. Chinese Lacquer Art

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Over the sweep of Chinese longstanding history,numerous treasures and heritages have been left over,among which the lacquer art is a brilliant one.China is the earliest country in the world using natural lacquer,In the early 1970s,archeologists unearthed a red lacquer wood bowl in an excavation in the

  6. Life history and population dynamics of an estuarine amphipod, Eriopisa chilkensis Chilton (Gammaridae)

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Aravind, N.P.; Sheeba, P.; Nair, K.K.C.; Achuthankutty, C.T.

    in fish culture. Eriopisa chilkensis can withstand wide variations in salinity (5-35) and temperature (27.5 - 34 degrees C) of the medium. It was cultured in un-aerated finger bowls using dried algal matter (Chara sp.) as food. The life span of females...

  7. Catalytic C-H imidation of aromatic cores of functional molecules: ligand-accelerated Cu catalysis and application to materials- and biology-oriented aromatics. (United States)

    Kawakami, Takahiro; Murakami, Kei; Itami, Kenichiro


    Versatile imidation of aromatic C-H bonds was accomplished. In the presence of copper bromide and 6,6'-dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridyl, a range of aromatics, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic bowls, porphyrins, heteroaromatics, and natural products, can be imidated by N-fluorobenzenesulfonimide. A dramatic ligand-accelerated copper catalysis and an interesting kinetic profile were uncovered.

  8. The Goldfish over the Rainbow (United States)

    Aguiar, Carlos E.; Santos, Antonio, C. F.; Lopes, Eric B.; Santos, Walter S.


    A goldfish isn't always visible inside its fishbowl. If the fish gets sufficiently close to the bowl glass, it will disappear for certain angles of observation. In a recent paper in this journal, Zhu and Shi explained the effect in terms of total internal reflection. We show in what follows that the phenomenon involves some richer optics: a…

  9. Hispanic Women: Where Do We Go from Here? (United States)

    Burgos-Sasscer, Ruth

    This paper addresses the status of Hispanic women in the United States and the challenges facing Hispanic women in society. The paper is divided into the following sections: (1) Introduction; (2) "From a Melting Pot to a Salad Bowl"; (3) "Adobe Walls and Glass Ceilings"; (4) "Signs of Improvement"; (5) "Diversity is 'In'"; (6) "The Need to Manage…

  10. The Effect of Recreational Activities on Self-Esteem Development of Girls in Adolescence (United States)

    Bayazit, Betül


    This study aimed to investigate the effect of recreational activities on self-esteem development of girls in adolescence. For this purpose, a total of 20 girls in adolescence period took part in the present study. Recreational activities program included bowling, patenga, orienteering, basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, dance, fun…

  11. An Exciting Time for Steel City

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Panzhihua, in south Sichuan’s basin, is aptly called West China’s Industrial Pearl, and "treasure bowl." This city is well known as the home of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Company and Ertan Hydropower Station. At the beginning of 2004, two major events thrust this city into the limelight.

  12. 2011 Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey of Reserve Component Members: Tabulations of Responses (United States)


    338  b.  Sex discrimination? ............................................................................. 340  c.  Age discrimination...Component Members 340 DMDC 65. Do you consider ANY of the behaviors which you marked in the previous question to have been... b. Sex location (for example, gym , quarters/housing, exchange/commissary, bowling alley)? e. While you were deployed? Percent Responding

  13. The Ripple Effect: Lessons from a Research and Teaching Faculty Learning Community (United States)

    Hershberger, Andrew; Spence, Maria; Cesarini, Paul; Mara, Andrew; Jorissen, Kathleen Topolka; Albrecht, David; Gordon, Jeffrey J.; Lin, Canchu


    Building upon a related 2005 panel presentation at the 25th annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, the authors, several tenure-track assistant professors and tenured associate professors who have participated in a Research and Teaching Faculty Learning Community at Bowling Green State University, share their…

  14. Get in the Game with Team Density (United States)

    Herrington, Deborah; Scott, Pamela


    A floating bowling ball? No way! There is no better way to get students' attention and reinforce the need for conceptual understanding than with a discrepant event like this. Density is a central concept in chemistry and physical science from middle school to college. But often, particularly at the high school and college levels, we think students…

  15. Floating Together on the Top (United States)

    Larosi, Mohamed Boutinguiza


    When eating cereal for breakfast, it is common to observe how cereal pieces move to the walls of the bowl. The same thing occurs when having tea--the small leaves tend to move toward the cup walls. While the suspension of objects on liquids due to surface tension is usually discussed in introductory physics courses, this phenomenon is not usually…

  16. Influence of 4-H Horse Project Involvement on Development of Life Skills (United States)

    Anderson, K. P.; Karr-Lilienthal, L.


    Four-H horse project members who competed in non-riding horse contests were surveyed to evaluate the influence of their horse project participation on life-skill development. Contests in which youth competed included Horse Bowl, Demonstrations, Public Speaking, and Art. Youth indicated a positive influence on both life-skill development and horse…

  17. Got Game (United States)

    Lum, Lydia


    Around the country, disabled sports are often treated like second-class siblings to their able-bodied counterparts, largely because the latter bring in prestigious tournaments and bowl games, lucrative TV contracts and national exposure for top athletes and coaches. Because disabled people are so sparsely distributed in the general population, it…

  18. DoD Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program for High-School Students (United States)


    Mu Alpha Theta for Computers, Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Precalculus ; 1994 Georgia Tech Distinguished Math Scholar; Captain of First Place...Computers. Calr.uIns. TntPg^i Painii»«. and Precalculus ; 1994 Georgia Tech Distinguished Math Scholar;.Captain of.First.Place Brain Bowl

  19. 76 FR 41691 - Safety Zone; BGSU Football Gridiron Classic Golf and Dinner Fireworks, Catawba Island Club, Port... (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; BGSU Football Gridiron Classic Golf and... Lake Erie during the BGSU Football Gridiron Classic Golf and Dinner Fireworks. This temporary safety..., Bowling Green State University will hold its BGSU Football Gridiron Classic Golf and Dinner Fireworks,...

  20. High-Level Football and Appropriations to Universities: Are Sports-Crazed Representatives Responsive to NCAA Divisional Affiliation? (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    Does fielding a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) program help an institution of higher education obtain aid in the form of state appropriations? Two published studies have found some evidence of a positive correlation between having an FBS-level football program and the amount of appropriations received by public universities. This study looked to…

  1. Athletics, Applications, & Yields: The Relationship between Successful College Football and Institutional Attractiveness (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    This study examines the impact of fielding a successful college football team on institutional popularity using a dependent variable (admissions yield) and an independent variable (bowl game television rating) which have been unexamined in previous research on this topic. The findings suggest that college football success is correlated with a…

  2. BCS or Just BS: How College Football Could Crown the Wrong National Champion? Just Do the Math--Correctly! (United States)

    Teasley, C.E. Wynn; Hornyak, Martin


    The 2009 college football season is here, but there has been a continuing controversy swirling over how the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) selects its national champion. College football uses a multi-criterion decision matrix (MCDM) evaluation technique to determine which two teams will play for the national championship. We analyzed the BCS…

  3. Safety in Individual and Dual Sports. Sports Safety Series. Monograph No. 4. (United States)

    Borozne, Joseph, Ed.; And Others

    The prevention of injuries and control of hazards in individual and dual sports is outlined. A separate chapter is devoted to each of twelve sports: archery, bowling, equitation, golf, gymnastics, marksmanship, track and field, weight training and weight lifting, fencing, racquet sports, judo, and wrestling. (MM)

  4. Braving the Swarm: Lowering Anticipated Group Bias in Integrated Fire/Police Units Facing Paramilitary Terrorism (United States)


    ability to see individual trees, along with the forest , greatly enhanced this paper. My two young boys, Matthew and Theodore, who have taught me so much...evolution. According to Bowles, “the underlying mechanism is that (as Darwin put it) groups with ‘a greater number of courageous, sympathetic and faithful

  5. The Role of the NHS in the Development of Revans' Action Learning: Correspondence and Contradiction in Action Learning Development and Practice (United States)

    Brook, Cheryl


    In adapting Bowles' and Gintis's correspondence principle of education, this paper suggests that there are ways in which the theory and practice of action learning developed "in correspondence" with the NHS. In doing so, the paper draws, in part, upon an historical assessment of Revans' Hospital Internal Communications Project of the 1960s,…

  6. 24 CFR 200.937 - Supplementary specific procedural requirements under HUD building product standards and... (United States)


    ... requirements under HUD building product standards and certification program for plastic bathtub units, plastic... procedural requirements under HUD building product standards and certification program for plastic bathtub... plastic water closet bowls and tanks shall be designed, assembled and tested in compliance with...

  7. Psychodiagnostic Training in the Academic Setting: Past and Present (United States)

    Shemberg, Kenneth; Keeley Stuart


    All schools granting the PhD in clinical psychology were surveyed. Findings indicate shifts away from training in projectives with a corresponding increase in emphasis on objective approaches. Newer programs are deemphasizing training in diagnostics in general. Reprints from Kenneth Shemberg, Department of Psychology, Bowling Green State…

  8. Simmered Mushrooms

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Ingredients: 150 grams dried mushrooms, 75 grams oil, 25 grams sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, scallions and minced ginger for taste. Method: 1. Clean and soak the mushrooms until they become soft. Put them in a bowl With some Water, sugar, minced Scallions and ginger and steam for about

  9. Eastern desert ware : traces of the inhabitants of the eastern desert in Egypt and Sudan during the 4th-6th centuries CE

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Barnard, Hans


    Several sites in the desert between the Nile and the Red Sea, in Egypt and Sudan, as well as in the Nubian Nile Valley have produced the sherds of decorated hand-made cups and bowls, now identified as Eastern Desert Ware (EDW). Because of their small number and enigmatic origin these sherds have bee

  10. On the Richness of Grammar as an Analytical Lens in the Integrated Language Arts (United States)

    Massey, Lance


    As a teacher of Bowling Green State University's English 3810, Grammar and Writing, the author is charged with teaching future language arts teachers how to teach grammar so that it actually helps their students become better writers and communicators. Because such teaching rejects the ineffective but time-honored drill-it-and-kill-it approach, in…

  11. Survival of Salmonella in bathrooms and toilets in domestic homes following salmonellosis. (United States)

    Barker, J; Bloomfield, S F


    The survival and environmental spread of Salmonella bacteria from domestic toilets was examined in homes, where a family member had recently suffered an attack of salmonellosis. In four out of six households tested, Salmonella bacteria persisted in the biofilm material found under the recess of the toilet bowl rim which was difficult to remove with household toilet cleaners. In two homes Salmonella bacteria became incorporated into the scaly biofilm adhering to the toilet bowl surface below the water line. Salmonella enteritidis persisted in one toilet for 4 weeks after the diarrhoea had stopped, despite the use of cleaning fluids. Salmonellas were not isolated from normally dry areas such as, the toilet seat, the flush handle and door handle. Toilet seeding experiments were set up with Salmonella enteritidis PT4 to mimic environmental conditions associated with acute diarrhoea. Flushing the toilet resulted in contamination of the toilet seat and the toilet seat lid. In one out of three seedings, Salmonella bacteria were also isolated from an air sample taken immediately after flushing, indicating that airborne spread of the organism could contaminate surfaces in the bathroom. In the seeded toilet Salmonella bacteria were isolated from the biofilm in the toilet bowl below the waterline for up to 50 d after seeding, and also on one occasion from the bowl water. The results suggest that during diarrhoeal illness, there is considerable risk of spread of Salmonella infection to other family members via the environment, including contaminated hands and surfaces in the toilet area.

  12. 5 CFR 532.225 - Nonappropriated fund survey jobs. (United States)


    ...) 7 Cook 8 Carpenter 9 Painter 9 Automotive Mechanic 10 Electrician 10 (b) A lead agency may not omit... Attendant 4 Tractor Operator 6 Bowling Equipment Mechanic 7 Building Maintenance Worker 7 Vending Machine Mechanic 8 Building Maintenance Worker 8 Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic 8 Truck Driver (Trailer) 8...

  13. Upgrading Classroom Management through the Toledo Partnership Approach. (United States)

    Ellis, Crystal; And Others

    The Toledo Partnership Committee for Teaching, created to improve teaching and preservice teacher education, includes representatives from Bowling Green State University, the University of Toledo, the Toledo Federation of Teachers, the Toledo Association of Administrative Personnel, the Toledo Public Schools, and the Toledo Catholic Schools…

  14. Prawns in Bamboo Tube

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Ingredients: 400 grams Jiwei prawns, 25 grams pork shreds, 5 grams sliced garlic. Condiments: 5 grams cooking oil, minced ginger root and scallions, cooking wine, salt, pepper and MSG (optional) Method: 1. Place the Shelled prawns into a bowl and mix with all the condiments. 2. Stuff the prawns into a fresh bamboo tube,

  15. New light on the maritime archaeology of Porbandar, Saurashtra Coast, Gujarat

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh; Odedra, A.D.

    of the Porbandar creek in an agriculture land. A large number of pottery scattered over a vast area have been noticed. Important shapes of the pottery are bowls, jars and dish. The pots were made of fine levigated clay and well fired. Explorations along the creek...

  16. Bird's the Word: By Raising Chicks, Students Study Animals in the Laboratory (United States)

    Barra, Paul A.


    Most biology students have the opportunity to look at protozoa under the microscopes or keep mealworms in a bowl. They may manipulate the heart rate of "Daphnia" or calculate the respiration of plants. They may even grow corn in the spring or keep fish and a small rodent or two. But once the class hamster grows testy from being awakened every…

  17. Suitability of polystyrene as a functional barrier layer in coloured food contact materials. (United States)

    Genualdi, Susan; Addo Ntim, Susana; Begley, Timothy


    Functional barriers in food contact materials (FCMs) are used to prevent or reduce migration from inner layers in multilayer structures to food. The effectiveness of functional barrier layers was investigated in coloured polystyrene (PS) bowls due to their intended condition of use with hot liquids such as soups or stew. Migration experiments were performed over a 10-day period using USFDA-recommended food simulants (10% ethanol, 50% ethanol, corn oil and Miglyol) along with several other food oils. At the end of the 10 days, solvent dyes had migrated from the PS bowls at 12, 1 and 31,000 ng cm(-)(2) into coconut oil, palm kernel oil and Miglyol respectively, and in coconut oil and Miglyol the colour change was visible to the human eye. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images revealed that the functional barrier was no longer intact for the bowls exposed to coconut oil, palm kernel oil, Miglyol, 10% ethanol, 50% ethanol and goat's milk. Additional tests showed that 1-dodecanol, a lauryl alcohol derived from palm kernel oil and coconut oil, was present in the PS bowls at an average concentration of 11 mg kg(-1). This compound is likely to have been used as a dispersing agent for the solvent dye and aided the migration of the solvent dye from the PS bowl into the food simulant. The solvent dye was not found in the 10% ethanol, 50% ethanol and goat's milk food simulants above their respective limits of detection, which is likely to be due to its insolubility in aqueous solutions. A disrupted barrier layer is of concern because if there are unregulated materials in the inner layers of the laminate, they may migrate to food, and therefore be considered unapproved food additives resulting in the food being deemed adulterated under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.

  18. Tailoring buckybowls for fullerene recognition. A dispersion-corrected DFT study. (United States)

    Josa, Daniela; González-Veloso, Iván; Rodríguez-Otero, Jesús; Cabaleiro-Lago, Enrique M


    A series of buckybowls with different sizes and structures have been tested as potential receptors of fullerenes C60, C70 and C40. Among these bowls are corannulene (C20H10), sumanene (C21H12), pinakene (C28H14), hemifullerene (C30H12), circumtrindene (C36H12), pentaindenocorannulene (C50H20) and bowl-shaped hexabenzocoronene derivatives. An exhaustive study, taking into account different orientations of fullerenes, was performed in order to obtain the most favourable arrangement for interacting with the bowls. Complexes were optimised at the SCC-DFTB-D level and interaction energies were obtained at the B97-D2/TZVP level including BSSE corrections. Comparison with the full B97-D2/TZVP results (optimisation plus interaction energies) suggests that the B97-D2/TZVP//SCC-DFTB-D approach may be a useful screening tool for designing fullerene receptors. Regarding the "catching" ability of the different buckybowls, it can be concluded that the shape of a buckybowl plays a crucial role in its success. Thus, it seems that the addition of flaps at the bowl rim by benzannelation is an effective strategy for enhancing the interaction with fullerenes, providing enough flexibility to extend the contact surface with the fullerene moiety. Accordingly, a bowl-shaped hexabenzocoronene derivative (C72H24) showed the best ability among the buckybowls evaluated for catching the fullerenes C60, C70 and C40; it is noteworthy that, when interacting with C60, the interaction energy is three times that corresponding to the prototypical buckybowl, corannulene. On the contrary, the more rigid and compact is the structure of a buckybowl, the smaller its ability to interact with fullerenes.

  19. Study of improved resins for advanced supersonic technology composites. Part 1: Heteroaromatic polymers containing ether groups. Part 2: Curing chemistry of aromatic polymers and composite studies (United States)

    Takekoshi, T.; Hillig, W. B.; Mellinger, G. A.


    Fourteen ether-containing, aromatic dianhydrides have been synthesized from N-phenyl-3 or 4-nitrophthalimide and various bisphenols. The process involves nucleophilic displacement of activated nitro groups with bisphenolate ions. Ether-containing dianhydrides were indefinitely stable in the presence of atmospheric moisture. One-step, high temperature solution polymerization of the ether-containing dianhydrides with m-phenylene diamine, 4,4'-oxydianiline and 1, 3-bis(4-aminophenoxy)benzene afforded 42 polyetherimides. The polyetherimides were all soluble in m-cresol except two which were found to be crystalline. The glass transition temperatures of the polyetherimides ranged from 178 to 277 C. Soluble polybenzimidazopyrrolones containing ether groups were also prepared from the same ether-containing dianhydrides and aromatic tetraamines by one-step solution polymerization. Using low molecular weight polyetherimides, various thermoset resin systems were developed and tested as matrices for fiber-reinforced composites. The curing chemistry involving reaction of the phthalonitrile group and the o-diaminophenyl group was found to be generally applicable to crosslinking various aromatic polymers other than polyimides.

  20. The role of hydroxo-bridged dinuclear species and the influence of "innocent" buffers in the reactivity of cis-[Co(III)(cyclen)(H₂O)₂]³⁺ and [Co(III)(tren)(H₂O)₂]³⁺ complexes with biologically relevant ligands at physiological pH. (United States)

    Basallote, Manuel G; Martínez, Manuel; Vázquez, Marta


    In view of the relevance of the reactivity of inert tetraamine Co(III) complexes having two substitutionally active cis positions capable of interact with biologically relevant ligands, the study of the reaction of cis-[Co(cyclen)(H2O)2](3+) and [Co(tren)(H2O)2](3+) with chlorides, inorganic phosphate and 5'-CMP (5'-cytidinemonophosphate) has been pursued at physiological pH. The results indicate that, in addition to the actuation of the expected labilising conjugate-base mechanism, the formation of mono and inert bis hydroxo-bridged species is relevant for understanding their speciation and reactivity. The reactivity pattern observed also indicates the key role played by the "innocent" buffers frequently used in most in vitro studies, which can make the results unreliable in many cases. The differences between the reactivity of inorganic and biologically relevant phosphates has also been found to be remarkable, with outer-sphere hydrogen bonding interactions being a dominant factor for the process. While for the inorganic phosphate substitution process the formation of μ-η(2)-OPO2O represents the termination of the reactivity monitored, for 5'-CMP only the formation of η(1)-OPO3 species is observed, which evolve with time to the final dead-end bis hydroxo-bridged complexes. The promoted hydrolysis of the 5'-CMP phosphate has not been observed in any of the processes studied.

  1. 氮川四胺的合成进展%Progress on synthesis of aliphatic tripodal tetramines

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵蓓; 张兆丽; 秦红艳; 张晓云; 吴伟


    The aliphatic tripodal tetramines are usually used as ligands, curing reagents for resins and intermediates for organic synthesis. The synthetic approaches for four aliphatic tripodal tetramines includingtris(2-aminoethyl) amin( tren) , N, N-bis (2 -aminoethyl) propylenediamine ( baep ) , N- ( 2 -ami-noethyl) -N, N-bis ( 3 -aminopropyl) amine ( abap ) andtris ( 3 -aminopropyl) amine ( trpn ) have been reviewed. Among them, tren and trpn are symmetrical tetraamines, whereas baep and abap are asymmetrical tetraaminea.%脂肪族氮氚四胺常用作配体、树脂固化剂、有机合成中间体等.综述了三(2-氨基乙基)胺(Tren)、N,N-二(2-氨基乙基)丙二胺(Baep)、N-2-氨基乙基-N,N-二(3-氨基丙基)胺(Abap)和三(3-氨基丙基)胺(Trpn)脂肪族氮氚四胺的合成方法.其中Tren和Trpn的结构具有对称性,Baep和Abap属于结构不对称氮氚四胺.

  2. The synthesis of one-dimensional controllable ZnO microrods

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhang Lin-Li; Guo Chang-Xin; Chen Jian-Gang; Hu Jun-Tao


    Various morphology ZnO Submicrorods and microrods have been fabricated onto glass substrates through chemical solution trowth by the source of zinc acetate (Zn(CH3COO)2·2H2O)and hexamethylene tetraamin((CH2)6N4).We discuss the influence of PH and the concentration of the solution on the shapes of the as-synthesized ZnO samples.And analyse the growth mechanism. The regular hexagonal ZnO rods align has been made by Control of a certain concentration and proper PH. The hexagonal ZnO columns mainal grew in the [002] direction. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and photoluminescence (PL)are used to characterize the structure, the morphogoty and optical property of the samples. The photoluminescence spectrum of hexagonal ZnO columns shows that there are a broad strong red band (650nm) and a broad bnad in short wavelength which are two overlapped emission bands with the peaks at about 380nm and 430nm. The UV emission(_387nm) comes from recombination of free excitons. The blue emission with peak at 430nm is assigned for the recombination from an electron at interstitial Zn to a hole in VB. The red emission at 650nm is ascribed to the recombination from an electron at vo2+ to a hole in VB.

  3. A spermine conjugated stearic acid-g-chitosan oligosaccharide polymer with different types of amino groups for efficient p53 gene therapy. (United States)

    Meng, Tingting; Wu, Jie; Yi, Hanxi; Liu, Jingwen; Lu, Binbin; Yuan, Ming; Huang, Xuan; Yuan, Hong; Hu, Fuqiang


    The effect of various amino groups on gene vector is different. In order to combine their effect in one vector and finally promote the transfection efficiency, a biogenic tetra-amine spermine was introduced to modify the stearic acid-grafted chitosan oligosaccharide (CSOSA) polymer to build a new gene delivery system. The spermine linked CSOSA (SP-CSOSA) polymer consists two types of amino groups with 73.3%, 19.3% of all nitrogen atoms for primary and secondary amine groups, respectively. The SP modified CSOSA showed strong DNA condensation capability and obviously enhanced proton binding ability especially at about pH 5.0, which significantly promoted the escape of SP-CSOSA/pDNA complexes from endo-lysosoms. Moreover, the transfection efficiency at the N/P ratio of 10 could compete with that of Lipofectamine 2000 and PEI 25K, but with lower cytotoxicities. The therapeutic wild type p53 gene transfected by the SP-CSOSA polymer restored the function of aberrant p53 gene and induced obvious cell apoptosis and G1 phase arrest. We concluded that the new vector SP-CSOSA polymer proved to be a potential delivery system for gene therapy.

  4. Numerical modelling of structure and mechanical properties for medical tools

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. Jeziorski


    Full Text Available Purpose: In order to design forceps and bowl cutter property, it is necessary to optimise many parameters and consider the functions, which these medical tools should fulfil. Of course, some simplifications are necessary in respect of calculation methodology. In the paper a solution procedure concerning this problem has been presented. The presented solution allows for precise determination of the geometrical dimensions according to the functional requirements that forceps should fulfil. The presented numerical analysis describes a small range of the forceps application but the used algorithm can be applied in any other type of forceps. Also in the paper, the numerical simulation results of the bowl cutter being loaded are presented. Residual stress distribution on the tool surface is presented. A position of the cutting edges and holes carrying away the bone chips is shown as a polar diagram. Design/methodology/approach: The numerical analysis was carried out using ADINA software, based on the finite element method (FEM. In the paper some fundamental construction problems occurring during the design process of the forceps and bowl cutter have been discussed.Findings: The iteration procedures in order to optimize the basic construction parameters of the medical tools (forceps and bowl cutter. The calculations allow for determination of the geometrical parameters with reference to the expected spring rate. The charts elaborated on the basis of the calculations are very useful during a design process. The numerical calculations show an essential problem, namely a change in contact surface as a function of load. The observed phenomenon can affect the functioning of the forceps in e negative way.The numerical simulation make it possible to obtain the suitable geometry, better material properties and the instructions heat treatment of these tools. Research limitations/implications: These research was carried out in order to improve ergonomics

  5. Eastern Han Tombs at Ma'anling in Guigang City, Guangxi%广西贵港市马鞍岭东汉墓

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In December 1996-January 1997, three Eastern Han tombs at Ma'anling in Guigang City were excavated by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Archaeological Team. Tomb M1 is a wooden-chambered rectangular earth shaft, M2 has a similar pit but no chamber, M3 is paved with bricks on the bottom, and each of them has a slanting tomb-passage. Among the funeral objects pottery vessels come first in number, bronzes next, and then some irons, silver articles and other artifacts. The pottery belongs mainly to the ding tripod, jar, pot, vase, gui food container, lian toilet box, bowl, hill incense burner, lamp, and house, well, granary and kitchen range molds; and the bronzes, to the bowl, dish, mirror and belt hook.

  6. Trial Excavation on the Xipo Site,Lingbao City,Henan%河南灵宝市西坡遗址试掘简报

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    中国社会科学院考古研究所河南一队; 河南省文物考古研究所; 三门峡市文物工作队; 灵宝市文物保护管理所; 荆山黄帝陵管理所


    The present paper is a brief account of the vestiges and objects unearthed from the Xipo site for the first time. H20 and H22 are man-made large round pits unclear in use. H1 was originally the remains of a semi-subterraneous dwelling and became a rubbish pit after its destruction. G1 is a reservoir, the first finding of this kind. The plenty of unearthed objects includes: pottery--the basin, bo bowl, jar, small-mouthed pointed-based bottle, fu cauldron, stove, zeng steamer, urn, bowl, cup,vessel cover, ring, ball, spindle whorl, pellet, arrowhead, bar, circular shard and mark-incised shard;stone tools--the axe, spade, knife, pestle, ball and top-shaped implement; and bone artifacts-the hairpin, arrowhead and peculiar-shape object. In addition, animal bones were also found in a great number.

  7. “超级碗”为什么这么绿

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    <正>第46届Super Bowl(超级碗)不仅俘获了1亿1130万观众,还被称为"史上最绿的SuperBowl"。看看美国人是如何将一场比赛变绿的吧。我承认,我是个典型的"非体育迷"。对于那些个全球体育盛事,倘若我恰巧略知一二,那所谓的一二必定是跟竞赛本身无关的边缘性事物。例如十多年前,一位来广州访学的美国教授非常意外地跟我碰了一下酒杯:"好不容易才在这个城市遇到一个知道Super

  8. Hindsight bias demonstrated in the prediction of a sporting event. (United States)

    Bonds-Raacke, J M; Fryer, L S; Nicks, S D; Durr, R T


    The authors examined hindsight bias in the context of a sporting event (Super Bowl XXXIII) with individuals who had previous knowledge of the hindsight bias-42 students who were currently enrolled in psychology classes that had previously covered hindsight bias. To control for extraneous variables, the authors analyzed how often the participants watched football, their gender, and whom they predicted to win; they found no differences between how often the participants watched football and whom they predicted to win. The hindsight bias existed for the prediction of the outcome for the Super Bowl, and the participants with previous knowledge were not immune to its effect. Results are discussed in relation to attribution theory, the reconstructionist view, and response bias view.

  9. Spontaneous perseverative turning in rats with radiation-induced hippocampal damage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mickley, G.A.; Ferguson, J.L.; Nemeth, T.J.; Mulvihill, M.A.; Alderks, C.E. (Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Bethesda, MD (USA))


    This study found a new behavioral correlate of lesions specific to the dentate granule cell layer of the hippocampus: spontaneous perseverative turning. Irradiation of a portion of the neonatal rat cerebral hemispheres produced hypoplasia of the granule cell layer of the hippocampal dentate gyrus while sparing the rest of the brain. Radiation-induced damage to the hippocampal formation caused rats placed in bowls to spontaneously turn in long, slow bouts without reversals. Irradiated subjects also exhibited other behaviors characteristic of hippocampal damage (e.g., perseveration in spontaneous exploration of the arms of a T-maze, retarded acquisition of a passive avoidance task, and increased horizontal locomotion). These data extend previously reported behavioral correlates of fascia dentata lesions and suggest the usefulness of a bout analysis of spontaneous bowl turning as a measure of nondiscrete-trial spontaneous alternation and a sensitive additional indicator of radiation-induced hippocampal damage.

  10. Fabrication of large-sized two-dimensional ordered surface array with well-controlled structure via colloidal particle lithography. (United States)

    Meng, Xiaohui; Zhang, Xinping; Ye, Lei; Qiu, Dong


    Epoxy resin coated glass slides were used for colloidal particle lithography, in order to prepare well-defined 2D surface arrays. Upon the assistance of a large-sized 2D colloidal single crystal as template, centimeter-sized ordered surface arrays of bowl-like units were obtained. Systematic studies revealed that the parameters of obtained surface arrays could be readily controlled by some operational factors, such as temperature, epoxy resin layer thickness, and template particle size. With epoxy resin substituting for normal linear polymer, the height/diameter ratio of bowls in the formed surface arrays can be largely increased. With further reactive plasma etching, the parameters of ordered surface arrays could be finely tuned through controlling etching time. This study provides a facile way to prepare large-sized 2D surface arrays with tunable parameters.

  11. The Life Cycle CO2 (LCCO2 Evaluation of Retrofits for Water-Saving Fittings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yasutoshi Shimizu


    Full Text Available As part of measures being taken against global warming, the reduction of CO2 emissions by retrofitting for water-saving fittings in homes is spreading throughout the world. However, although this retrofitting reduces the environmental impact at the use stage, it generates new impacts at the production and disposal stages. In addition, there has been little research that discusses the reduction in environmental impact obtained by retrofitting from the viewpoint of the overall life cycle of such fittings. In this paper, an evaluation of the environmental impact of retrofitting in terms of the entire life cycle was carried out for toilet bowls and showerheads. The findings show that even for a toilet bowl that generates a large environmental load at the production stage, there is no overall increase in the environmental impact by retrofitting for the average usable life of 20 years.

  12. Assessing Food Preferences in Dogs and Cats: A Review of the Current Methods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christelle Tobie


    Full Text Available Food is a major aspect of pet care; therefore, ensuring that pet foods are not only healthful but attractive to companion animals and their owners is essential. The petfood market remains active and requires ongoing evaluation of the adaptation and efficiency of the new products. Palatability—foods’ characteristics enticing animals and leading them to consumption—is therefore a key element to look at. Based on the type of information needed, different pet populations (expert or naïve can be tested to access their preference and acceptance for different food products. Classical techniques are the one-bowl and two-bowl tests, but complementary (i.e., operant conditioning and novel (i.e., exploratory behavior approaches are available to gather more information on the evaluation of petfood palatability.

  13. 河北邢台市唐墓的清理%Excavation of Tang Period Tombs in Xingtai City, Hebei

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In the 1990s,the Xingtai Municipal Office for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments excavated ten Tang period tombs in the city proper.There are brick-chambered graves and cave ones.The unearthed objects include painted pottery jars,a three-colored bo bowl and a yu ewer,a single-spouted pot,porcelain bowls and ewers,and epitaphs.Of them the gourd-shaped ewer,three-colored bo,green-glazed yu and yellow-grazed single-spouted pot are found for the first time in the city proper.The porcelain and three-colored pottery must have belonged to Xing ware,and have important value to the study of the typology of Xing ware as well as economy and culture at that time.

  14. CERN encourages girls to "expand their horizons"

    CERN Multimedia

    François Briard


    On 14 November, CERN took part for the fourth time in "Élargis tes horizons" (see here), a conference organised every two years at Geneva University for girls from the local region aged 11 to 14 aiming to encourage them to take up studies and careers in the scientific and technical domains.   Claude Sanz (left), a fellow in the EN Department, explaining to three girls how to build a particle accelerator in a salad bowl. This year, young physicists and engineers from ATLAS and CMS ran three workshops: "Seeing the invisible using a cloud chamber", "Great cold fun and treats with liquid nitrogen" and "Build your own accelerator in a salad bowl!" CERN was also represented at the Forum de Découverte, represented by the Diversity Office and the Medialab team, presenting the "Higgnite" interactive experiment, which illustrates the principle of the Higgs field. More...

  15. Conformational and Chiral Properties of Cyclic-tri(N-methyl-meta-benzamide) Bearing Amidino Groups. (United States)

    Nishiyama, Shizuka; Urushibara, Ko; Masu, Hyuma; Azumaya, Isao; Kagechika, Hiroyuki; Tanatani, Aya


    Cyclic triamides bearing amidino groups at the meta position of the phenyl rings were synthesized, and their conformational properties in the crystal and in solution were examined. Compound exists as a capsule-type dimer of the enantiomers with a bowl-shaped syn conformation in the crystal state. Compound exists mainly in the syn form in solution, and chiral induction was observed upon addition of a chiral acid to a solution of.

  16. Larval Mosquito Habitat Utilization and Community Dynamics of Aedes albopictus and Aedes japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) (United States)


    container-in- habiting mosquitoes that transmit disease agents, outcompete native species, and continue to expand their range in theUnited States. Both...days to complete evaporation in containers in- habited by the most common species collected, us- ing themean temperature of 18.6Cduring sampling... snack bags, and Sty- rofoam cups and bowls. Evaporation analyses showed that Culex species were more common in containers that are less inßuenced by

  17. 78 FR 781 - Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    ... 12/05/12 12/04/12 (Company). 82206 The Nielsen Company Green Bay, WI 12/05/12 12/04/12 (Company... 12/05/12 12/04/12 82217 IronTiger Logistics, Inc. Garland, TX 12/06/12 12/05/12 (State/One-Stop... Electric Wiring Bowling Green, KY...... 12/07/12 12/06/12 Systems, Inc. (Company). 82224 Evraz...

  18. Development of sustainable land management policies and practices in five selected countries from 1960 to 2010.


    Graaff, de, R.; Aklilu, A.; Ouessar, M.; Asins-Velis, S.; Kessler, A.


    ABSTRACT Since the 1930s there has been worldwide concern about the effects of land degradation. After the problems experienced in the Dust Bowl in the USA, much attention was paid to soil and water conservation in both developed and developing countries. Initially Governments have stimulated the establishment of physical control measures, such as terraces and check dams, and reforestation. This was achieved through top-down regulations, and Forestry Departments were often in charge of the im...

  19. 2011 U.S. Pacific Environmental Security Conference (PESC) held in Honolulu, Hawaii on 14-17 March 2011 (United States)


    measures must be updated because of new diseases and health threats. There are also logistic chal- lenges to delivery systems. Mr. Bowling pointed out...areas: • Coral diseases of Hawaii • Evolutionary biology • Sequencing of the coral genome • Coral reef biogeochemistry The UH has also been doing...would see 50-plus days a year above 90 degrees Fahr - enheit. The impact of these higher temperatures would be less 103 mountain snowpack and greater

  20. Creating learner-centered classrooms: use of an audience response system in pediatric dentistry education. (United States)

    Johnson, Jeffrey T


    Research suggests that the exclusive use of lecture in the classroom hinders student learning. The advent of compact electronic wireless audience response systems has allowed for increased student participation in the classroom. Such technology is utilized in medical education. This article describes the use of an audience response system in a "quiz bowl" format to facilitate and improve the comprehension of student dentists in core concepts in pulp therapy for the pediatric patient.

  1. Understanding the Function of Emotional Eating: Does it Buffer the Stress Response and Help Us Cope (United States)


    Wardle, 1995) . Chocolate is the most commonly craved food and, for most chocolate cravers, non-chocolate substitutes are inadequate...individual (G. Parker et al., 2006). Because of this information that food substitutes are inadequate to satisfy cravings , the proposed study assessed...during the final debriefing period. While completing the final set of questionnaires , a pre-measured and weighed bowl of the same food eaten during

  2. Command History. United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam 1968. Volume 2 (United States)


    an enemy. Live coverage was provided for all the major Bowl football games. Live. remote broadcasts were originated from Tan Son Nhut for Christmas...Combat Base. Quang Tni Prow, and is repulsed. -. hms of 49t6 AJ.V?4 RsA and 3/11 Caw *agog* OuI @in* onl force in 3-day battle 6 km ME Of DuMc Rsan NIM

  3. High-resolution computed tomography of the middle ear and mastoid. Part III. Surgically altered anatomy and pathology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Swartz, J.D.; Goodman, R.S.; Russell, K.B.; Ladenheim, S.F.; Wolfson, R.J.


    High-resolution computed tomography (CT) provides an excellent method for examination of the surgically altered middle ear and mastoid. Closed-cavity and open-cavity types of mastoidectomy are illustrated. Recurrent cholesteatoma in the mastoid bowl is easily diagnosed. Different types of tympanoplasty are discussed and illustrated, as are tympanostomy tubes and various ossicular reconstructive procedures. Baseline high-resolution CT of the postoperative middle ear and mastoid is recommended at approximately 3 months following the surgical procedure.

  4. AMEDD Clinical Psychology Short Course, 10 - 15 May 1992, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Augusta, Georgia (United States)


    61 "Evaluation of combat stress training" Kathleen S. Mayers , Robert House, and Edward Casper 63 "Mental health professional reservists activated in...DRS. MAYERS /HOUSE/ ACTIVATED IN DESERT STORM: EFFECTS ON CASPER COLLEAGUES AND PATIENTS US ARMY AEROMEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING - DRS. PIACNO/BOWLES...1982; Bloom & writing, computer usage) Haitalouma, 1990; Kendrick, 1979; Salovey & Hart, 1990; Sweeney & Horan, 1982. Vulnerability to criticism

  5. Strengthening and Expanding the Citizen Corps (United States)


    may have on social trust and civilian preparedness must be considered. There has been a spate of profiteering scandals , such as Enron , Qwest, and...WorldCom, and the ramifications of these scandals for social trust and volunteerism may not be known for...157 Putnam, Bowling Alone, 137. 158 Ibid., 136-137. 81 some time.159/160 These scandals , when coupled with current business practices, such

  6. Unearthed Artifacts of Western Mythological Figures

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Although wars and shifts of power happened constantly during the Southern and Northern dynasties (420-589), the exchange with foreign countries in culture and economy never stopped. Some art works unearthed from the tomb of General Li Xian of the Northern Zhou (died in 569) and his wife in the western suburb of Guyuan County, Ningxia in 1983 are the affirmation of that. These art works include a glass bowl with raised floral design, a

  7. Was the Rann of Kachchh navigable during the Harappan times (Mid-Holocene)? An archaeological perspective

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gaur, A.S.; Vora, K.H.; Sundaresh; ManiMurali, R.; Jayakumar, S.

    under water and from November to May the Rann often remains dry. Topographically, the Great Rann is a bowl-shaped depression, the prominent depressions generally occur- ring adjacent to Pachchham, Khadir and Bela hill massifs. The eastern edge... activities and the concern of rise and depression of land is suspected in the past. Based on archaeological evidence, it may be postulated that both Ranns were navigable in the past. DEM analysis also supports the same. Conclusions Presently...

  8. Spoon-to-Cup Fading as Treatment for Cup Drinking in a Child with Intestinal Failure (United States)

    Groff, Rebecca A.; Piazza, Cathleen C.; Zeleny, Jason R.; Dempsey, Jack R.


    We treated a child with intestinal failure who consumed solids on a spoon but not liquids from a cup. We used spoon-to-cup fading, which consisted of taping a spoon to a cup and then gradually moving the bowl of the spoon closer to the edge of the cup. Spoon-to-cup fading was effective for increasing consumption of liquids from a cup. (Contains 2…

  9. Enhancement of POD for Structural Health Monitoring of Bonded Repaired Structures (United States)


    wing structure. The work discussed in this paper shall address the issues relating to the detection of this type of sub-surface crack in an aluminium ...lower wing skin fatigue crack repair (DSTO Scientific Publications, 1997) [7] C. Harding, G. Hugo and S. Bowles, Model- assisted probability of...sensor durability, sensor bond durability and environmental effects on this stress wave based methodology. For example, the effects of operational

  10. L’approche cartographique de la décomposition des matrices de flux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Françoise BAHOKEN


    Full Text Available Regardless of the intrinsic graphic complexity of the spaghetti bowl effect, the direct flow mapping of large matrices often appears to be compact, characteristic of an amalgam effect of the represented information. This effect is the result of the mix between different types of information within a single figure: information on the dynamics of the flow system and those rooted in the system's stability. To overcome this effect, it is necessary to decompose the matrix before mapping it.

  11. Take Fundraising to a New Level with Pro Athletes' Help (United States)

    Hitchner, Matt


    Think back to when you were a middle school student.... Wouldn't it have been awesome to put your athletic skills up against those of a former Super Bowl athlete? Wouldn't you have been excited to hit the game-winning three-pointer against a hometown hero? Students at Hopewell Crest School in Bridgeton, NJ, did just that during the last school…

  12. Collateral Damage? The Impact of National Security Crises on the Fourth Amendment: Protection Against Unreasonable Searches

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara A. Chandler


    Full Text Available In January 2001, hidden cameras scanned the faces of all 100,000 Super Bowl attendees as they entered the stadium. Unbeknownst to the attendees, the scanned images were then compared with state, local, and FBI files of known criminals and terrorists. Was this measure justified in the interest of public safety and national security, or did it represent an unconstitutional violation of one’s fundamental right to privacy?


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孟玲; 杜守旭


    研究了拟交换链半群的结构和性质.给出了可消链半群的几个等价刻划,得到了关于Noetherian可消半群的一些结论.所得结果推广了Satyanarayana M和Bowling Green所给出的一些结果.

  14. Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for Long-Wave Infrared: First Measurements of Broadband Spectra (United States)


    eamsplitter in the interferometer. The detector is a mer- ury cadmium telluride MCT focal plane array manufac- ured by Cedip, model Jade VLWIR, with...320 240 pixels and a pixel pitch of 30 m. The focal plane rray is cooled to 70 K using an internal sterling cooler. he Jade camera has a cold vacuum...Marlin, Jeffrey H. Bowles, Daniel R. Korwan, DR J. Tim Bays USNR, and Andrew N. Straatveit for heir support. We also thank Kenneth P. Stewart and

  15. Enhanced Preliminary Assessment. Task Order 2. Hamilton Army Airfield, Novato, California (United States)


    ability and Underwriters Laboratory fire rating. Additional insulation must be added to protect encapsulated fireproofing. Long-term life cycle costs may...Preliminary Assesment Hamilton MAF 445 NOVuo, CA - November 1989 449 Figure 2-3 442 Site Plan 520Compiled2 In 1999 from variou~s sou~rces V! N pr...bowling alley and shopping center northwest of the base, a motel west of Highway 101, and assorted small businesses (theatre, offices, and restaurants , etc

  16. Can Government Contract Positions Improve the Civil Service?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China’s civil service has long been de- scribed as the"iron rice bowl,"meaning the place where employment is guaranteed for life.But as with all things in the coun- try,little escapes change.Wenzhou City in eastern Zhejiang Province recently updated the conventional image of the civil service by launching an initiative to introduce con- tracted technical employees into the system to supplement the government’s shortage of



    Somasundaram, Eagan; Shanthi, G.


    Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.), a perennial rhizomatous herb has been regarded as an important spice in Asian cuisine. India is called as the “Spice bowl of the world” as it produces variety of spices with quality. Though India leads in production of turmeric, but average productivity is very low due to imbalanced and suboptimal dose of chemical fertilizers, organic manure, bio – fertilizers and micronutrients (Kandiannan and Chandragiri, 2008). Since, turmeric is a nutrient responsive crop and ...

  18. Configural and featural processing in humans with congenital prosopagnosia.


    Lobmaier, Janek S.; Bölte, Jens; Mast, Fred W.; Dobel, Christian


    Prosopagnosia describes the failure to recognize faces, a deficiency that can be devastating in social interactions. Cases of acquired prosopagnosia have often been described over the last century. In recent years, more and more cases of congenital prosopagnosia (CP) have been reported. In the present study we tried to determine possible cognitive characteristics of this impairment. We used scrambled and blurred images of faces, houses, and sugar bowls to separate featural processing strategi...

  19. 为什么狗喝水总把水弄得到处都是?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    When my dog drinks from her bowl,there is no question that water will end up on the floor.It seems that my dog is not good at drinking water neatly.我家的狗在碗里喝水时毫无疑问最后总会将水洒在地板上。看起来我的狗不太擅长整洁地喝水。

  20. Transition State Analog Inhibitors for Esterases. (United States)


    Propanones." SCIENTIFIC PERSONNEL SUPPORTED BY THIS PROJECT AND DEGREES AWARDED DURING THIS REPORTING PERIOD Dr. Alan Dafforn Dr. Antoon Brouwer Dr. John P...294, Raven Press, New York. 11. Hansch, C. and Leo , A., (1979) "Substituent Constants for Correlation Analysis in Chemistry and Biology," pp. 69-70...BORONIC ACIDS AS 1INSITION STATE ANALOG INHIBITORS OF ACTYLCHOLINESTERASE by Alan Dafforn and Antoon C. Brouwer Department of Chemistry Bowling Green

  1. U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command and the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (United States)


    Peters , Brian Shannon, and Matthew E. Boyer, National Guard Special Forces: Enhancing the Contributions of Reserve Component Army Special 28 Duke and Landis, 56-60. 29 Robeson, 85-88. 30 Michelle Dolfini-Reed with Kirby ...World War II to the Present. New York: Berkley, 2004. Dolfini-Reed, Michelle, and Kirby Bowling. An Analysis of Marine Corps Reserve Recruiting and

  2. Determination of geomagnetic archaeomagnitudes from clay pipes (United States)

    Games, K. P.; Baker, M. E.


    Archaeomagnitude determinations of a selection of clay pipes dateable to AD 1645+/-10 as well as studies of pottery samples from the same site and of the same age have been made. Values of the magnitude of the ancient magnetic field (Banc), were obtained from two pottery sherds, two pipe bowls and three pipe stems. The values from the sherds and bowls agree within 2% and compare well with the average value of the magnitude of the magnetic field for the seventeenth century as determined by other archaeomagnetic studies. However, the pipe stems give values of Banc which are significantly less than those from the bowls and pottery. We have not yet been able to explain this and thus we suggest that reliable archaeomagnitude determinations can be made from the bowls of clay pipes but not from the stems. Nevertheless, this result provides a new source of material for investigating variations in the geomagnetic field strength over the past 400 yr. Clay pipes have been manufactured in England since the end of the sixteenth century. In the firing process some pipes were broken and disposed of without ever having been smoked. One such collection, discovered at Rainford, Lancashire, in 1978, consisted of a series of discrete dumps including pipes, kiln debris and a small collection of contemporary used earthenware sherds. The internal consideration of the dumps suggested a very short period of activity and archaeologists (P. Davey, personal communication) ascribe all the material to the period 1645+/-10 yr. With such well-dated material, we set out to check whether or not reliable archaeomagnitudes could be obtained from the pipes.

  3. 737 Windshear Tests, Orlando (United States)


    NASA researchers evaluating wind shear sensor displays in the experimental flight deck at NASA's Boeing 737 research aircraft. During this flight test program, over 75 microbursts were penetrated at altitudes from 800-1100 ft to test the performance of radar, lidar and infrared wind shear sensors. Pictured from left to right are Wind Shear Program Manager Roland Bowles, NASA research pilot Lee Person, Wind Shear Program Deputy Manager Michael Lewis, NASA research engineer David Hinton, NASA research engineer Emedio Bracalante.

  4. Modern U.S. Civil - Military Relations: Wielding the Terrible Swift Sword (United States)


    version of this paper was prepared as part of the post-Cold War U.S. Civil-Military Relations project of the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies...and naval power and to deemphasize land power. "~ Limited War: A N e w Paradigm? The inauguration of John F. Kennedy as President marked a shift...expansion. Critics of massive retaliation, such as Bernard Brodie, Edward L. Katzenbach , Hans J. Morgenthau, and Chester Bowles,challenged the notion

  5. Motivational Interviewing to Increase Physical Activity in Breast Cancer Survivors (United States)


    Reinforce appropriate goals IF clients are having trouble coming up with goals, ASK: © Some women with breast cancer have benefited from these types of...clients are having trouble coming up with goals, ASK: © Some women with breast cancer have benefited from these types of activities. Present menu of...minutes (MINIMAL EFFORT, NO PERSPIRATION) Examples: easy walking, yoga , bowling, shuffleboard, horseshoes, golf, fishing from riverbank Fruits and

  6. Effects of fuel and air mixing on WOT output in direct injection gasoline engine; Chokufun gasoline kikan ni okeru nenryo to kuki no kongo to shutsuryoku seino

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Noda, T.; Iriya, Y.; Naito, K.; Mitsumoto, H.; Iiyama, A. [Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    The effects of in-cylinder charge motion and the characteristics of the fuel spray and piston crown shape on WOT output in a direct injection gasoline engine are investigated. The fuel and air mixing process in a cylinder is analyzed by computer simulation and LIF method visualization. As a result, the technical factors to achieve enough mixing in a DI gasoline engine equipped with bowl in piston optimized for stratified combustion are clarified. 7 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.

  7. Coordinated Research Program in Pulsed Power Physics. (United States)


    work and its presentation: Dr. Allen Bowling, Sam Prine, Dr. Lynn Hatfield, George Jackson, Ken Rathbun, Brian Maas, Aamer Shauket, Bob Conover, 865 (1976). (16] R. B. Green, G. J. Havrilla and T. 0. Trask, "Laser- Enhanced Ionization Spectrometry: Characterization of Electrical...W. E. Wentworth, R. George and H. Keith, "Dissociative Thermal Electron Attachment to Some Aliphatic Chloro, Bromo, Iodo Compounds," Journal Chemical

  8. 北京家常小吃(英文)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    There are golden, fried flour balls and green vegetables in this dish, which is attractive, but more importantly, very tasty. Ingredients: 1,000g white flour, 200g of beef, 250g diced cumber and 75g of carrot and Chinese brown fungi. Method: Add 500g of water to the flour, make into dough, then slice into small cubes(approx 1.5×1.5×1.5cm). Place in a large bowl

  9. A foodborne outbreak of Cryptosporidium hominis infection

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ethelberg, S.; Lisby, M.; Vestergaard, L. S.;


    separate salad bar ingredients were found to be likely sources: peeled whole carrots served in a bowl of water, grated carrots, and red peppers (in multivariate analysis, whole carrots: OR 2.1, 95% CI 1.1-4.0; grated carrots: OR 2.1, 95% CI 1.2-3.9; peppers: OR 3.3, 95% CI 1.7-6.6). We speculate...

  10. Cultural Resources Survey of Six Revetment and Levee Items Above New Orleans. (United States)


    in the sugar parishes. Often of Creole , Cajun, or German descent, these farmers cultivated subsistence crops such as corn and potatoes. Most of the...Acer rubrum Var . drnummondii). The principal animals were amphibians and aquatic life including water snakes and alligators. Waterfowl were abundant here...Technological changes are evident such as microliths, baked clay balls , unique projectile points, steatite bowls and fiber tempered pottery

  11. An Ever Present Danger: A Concise History of British Military Operations on the North-West Frontier, 1849-1947 (Occasional Paper, Number 33) (United States)


    against their villages and, as the official order stated; “Bomb any persons and livestock seen in those areas.”16 With an eye toward ultimate conciliation...promptly by destroy- ing villages, crops and livestock , and killing the fighters and scattering the traditional Pashtun fighting forces which were...Tank Zam 3264 3584 Nai Kach Shekhzt Mandanna Hill Broken Hill Pink Bowl Chalk Hill Black Hill Sagarzai Mandanna Kach Spinkai Ghash PALOSINA Kotkai 0

  12. Can schools buy success in college football? Coach compensation, expenditures and performance


    Mirabile, McDonald; Witte, Mark


    Using unique data of Football Bowl Subdivision college football games, we examine the determinants of coach compensation, football expenses and performance. We find that coach compensation is highly related to the coach’s past success. Additionally, coach pay is higher when the institution has a larger fan base and the program has achieved a higher profit in the previous year. Football expenses are likewise determined by institutional characteristics such as the fan base, past profitability...

  13. A DFT study of substituent effects in corannulene dimers. (United States)

    Josa, Daniela; Rodríguez Otero, Jesús; Cabaleiro Lago, Enrique M


    Corannulene dimers made up of corannulene monomers with different curvature and substituents were studied using M06-2X, B97D and ωB97XD functionals and 6-31+G* basis set. Corannulene molecules were substituted with five alternating Br, Cl, CH(3), C(2)H or CN units. Geometric results showed that substituents gave rise to small changes in the curvature of corannulene bowls. So, there was not a clear relationship between the curvature of bowls and the changes on interaction energy generated by addition of substituents in the bowl. Electron withdrawing substituents gave rise to a more positive molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) of the bowl, which was able to get a strong interaction with the negative MEP at the surface of a fullerene. Substitution with CN caused the largest effect, giving rise to the most positive MEP and to a large interaction energy of -24.64 kcal mol(-1), at the ωB97XD/6-31+G* level. Dispersive effects must be taken into account to explain the catching ability of the different substituted corannulenes. For unsubstituted dimers, calculations with DFT-D methods employing ωB97XD and B97D functionals led to similar results to those previously reported at the SCS-MP2/cc-pVTZ level for corannulene dimers (A. Sygula and S. Saebø, Int. J. Quant. Chem., 2009, 109, 65). In particular, the ωB97XD functional led to a difference of only 0.35 kcal mol(-1), regarding MP2 interaction energy for corannulene dimers. On the other hand, the M06-2X functional showed a general considerable underestimation of interaction energies. This functional worked quite well to study trends, but not to obtain absolute interaction energies.

  14. Contingency Forces in the Year 2020 Optimizing Joint Warfighting (United States)


    Operation Desert One: (Operation Rice Bowl): August 1980 Iranian hostage rescue mission. 3. Operation Urgent Fury: 25 October 1983 Invasion of Grenada...already on casualty lists, and U.S. citizens and U.S. industrial facilities were being held hostage for 1xiternational leverage. Chemical weapons had been...operations units, Naval units, or commands such as the Joint Special Operations Ccawand-- JSOC ) is just as appropriate for contingency forces. Such

  15. Atypical pit craters on Mars: new insights from THEMIS, CTX and HiRISE observations (United States)

    Cushing, Glen; Okubo, Chris H.; Titus, Timothy N.


    More than 100 pit craters in the Tharsis region of Mars exhibit morphologies, diameters and thermal behaviors that diverge from the much larger bowl-shaped pit craters that occur in most regions across Mars. These Atypical Pit Craters (APCs) generally have sharp and distinct rims, vertical or overhanging walls that extend down to their floors, surface diameters of ~50-350 m, and high depth-to-diameter (d/D) ratios that are usually greater than 0.3 (which is an upper-range value for impacts and bowl-shaped pit craters), and can exceed values of 1.8. Observations by the Mars Odyssey THermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) show that APC floor temperatures are warmer at night, and fluctuate with much lower diurnal amplitudes than nearby surfaces or adjacent bowl-shaped pit craters. Kīlauea volcano, Hawai'i, hosts pit craters that formed through subsurface collapse into active volcanic dikes, resulting in pits that can appear morphologically analogous to either APCs or bowl-shaped pit craters. Partially-drained dikes are sometimes exposed within the lower walls and floors of these terrestrial APC analogs and can form extensive cave systems with unique microclimates. Similar caves in martian pit craters are of great interest for astrobiology. This study uses new observations by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) and Context Camera (CTX) to refine previous work where seven APCs were described from lower-resolution THEMIS visible-wavelength (VIS) observations. Here, we identify locations of 115 APCs, map their distribution across the Tharsis region, characterize their internal morphologies with high-resolution observations, and discuss possible formation mechanisms.

  16. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. Volume 36, Number 1, 2004 (United States)


    Service/Prediction Center and provided the Center status for the IERS Work- shop in Paris. Wooden also participated in the International Telecommunication...firmer clamping of its plate-holding mechanism. Urban, Wy- coff , Mason, Hartkopf, Rafferty, Hennessy, Hall, and Pascu were involved in the loading of the... Shop , under the leadership of J. Pohlman and including the instrument makers G. Wieder, J. Bowles, D. Smith, and T. Siemers, continued work on

  17. ”I love my Negro nose”: Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar og USA's nye Black Power-bevægelse

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjerre, Thomas Ærvold


    Placerer Beyoncés Super Bowl-optræden og Kendrick Lamars Grammy-optræden i en historisk/kulturel ramme om den afroamerikansk higen efter at få ejerskab over deres egne fortællinger, og postulerer at Beyoncé og Kendrick Lamar har sat nye standarder for afroamerikansk fortællekunst i det brede offe...

  18. Notes: Toward Characterizing the Optimal Allocation of Storage Space in Production Line Systems with Variable Processing Times


    Hillier, FS; So, KC; Boling, RW


    This investigation considers certain issues regarding the optimal design of unpaced production lines with variable processing times. Under certain assumptions, including an equal allocation of buffer storage space between the respective pairs of stations, it is known that the optimal allocation of work is characterized by the "bowl phenomenon" whereby the interior stations (especially the center ones) are given preferential treatment (less work) over the end stations. The key question now bei...

  19. The Evolution of the International System: Surrender Sovereignty or Fight to the Death (United States)


    address is survival. A decrease in violence yields an improvement in meeting the survival need. Harvard professor, Steven Pinker started in...61 S. Pinker , ―A History of Violence,‖ The New Republic, 236, 19 (March 2007), 18-21. 62 Samuel Bowles, ―Group...19, No. 3 (Winter 1995/95). Pinker , S. ―A History of Violence,‖ The New Republic, 236, 19 March 2007. pp. 18-21. Ruggie, John, Gerard. ―Third

  20. 鉴赏

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Name and Specifications:Ming Dynasty Blue and White Porcelain Brushwasher in Dragon and Phoenix Design.This round bowl is 20.8cm in diameter.Its inside base is decorated in the auspicious dragon and phoenix motif,and on its outer base are printed two lines of six Chinese characters that mean"Made in the Xuande Reign of the Great Ming Dynasty.

  1. Lao She Teahouse

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Many business shops with old brand are located near Jianlou in Qianmen. Among them, Quanjude Roast Duck, Ruifuxiang Silk, Duyichu and Laozhengxing are almost known to every person in Beijing. Dawancha (Big-bowl tea) is the most eye-catching scene around Qianmen business district. Today, Lao She Tea House is the most popular one of its kind in Beijing. Its small main gate with antique flavour usually impresses

  2. Application of Machine Learning tools to recognition of molecular patterns in STM images (United States)

    Maksov, Artem; Ziatdinov, Maxim; Fujii, Shintaro; Kiguchi, Manabu; Higashibayashi, Shuhei; Sakurai, Hidehiro; Kalinin, Sergei; Sumpter, Bobby

    The ability to utilize individual molecules and molecular assemblies as data storage elements has motivated scientist for years, concurrent with the continuous effort to shrink a size of data storage devices in microelectronics industry. One of the critical issues in this effort lies in being able to identify individual molecular assembly units (patterns), on a large scale in an automated fashion of complete information extraction. Here we present a novel method of applying machine learning techniques for extraction of positional and rotational information from scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) images of π-bowl sumanene molecules on gold. We use Markov Random Field (MRF) model to decode the polar rotational states for each molecule in a large scale STM image of molecular film. We further develop an algorithm that uses a convolutional Neural Network combined with MRF and input from density functional theory to classify molecules into different azimuthal rotational classes. Our results demonstrate that a molecular film is partitioned into distinctive azimuthal rotational domains consisting typically of 20-30 molecules. In each domain, the ``bowl-down'' molecules are generally surrounded by six nearest neighbor molecules in ``bowl-up'' configuration, and the resultant overall structure form a periodic lattice of rotational and polar states within each domain. Research was supported by the US Department of Energy.

  3. Internal combustion engine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Laskaris, M.A.; Broitman, K.; Natale, S.E.


    This patent describes improvement in a two-stroke internal combustion engine adapted to run on a diesel or a kerosene type of fuel, and including a piston connected to the crankshaft of the engine to move within a cylinder through a first stroke from a top dead center position to a bottom dead center position and through a second stroke from the bottom dead center position back to the top dead center position. The improvement comprises: means providing a cylinder head at the top end of the engine cylinder in the shape of an open bowl having a generally cup-shaped configuration including a sidewall portion, a spark plug positioned centrally within the bowl at the top end of the cylinder, and means for injecting fuel into the top end of the engine cylinder at a location between the spark plug and the sidewall portion, the fuel injecting means including an injection nozzle having a plurality of nozzle openings therein, the nozzle openings being constructed and arranged to discharge a plurality of plume-like sprays into the top end of the cylinder at a location within the bowl, two of the sprays being directed from the nozzle to diverge and pass along opposite sides of the spark plug, and additional sprays being directed from the nozzle against the sidewall portion or the cylinder head to be deflected therefrom back toward the piston and the spark plug to thereby form a cloud of fuel over the spark plug for good ignition.

  4. Analysis and Optimization of the Production Process of Cooked Sausage Meat Matrices (United States)

    Diez, L.; Rauh, C.; Delgado, A.


    In the production of cooked sausages a critical step for product quality is the cutting process, where the comminuting and mixing of meat, fat, ice and spices are carried out. These processes take usually place in bowl cutters, which main control parameters are the working time, knife geometry (shape and sharpness) and rotational velocities of the knives and the bowl. The choice of the geometry and sharpness of the knives influences not only the meat matrix properties (mechanical, rheological, etc.) and, as a consequence, the sensory value of the sausages (size of connective tissue particles, water binding, etc.), but also the energetic demand for the production. However, the cutting process proves to be understood only fragmentarily due to the complex colloid chemical and mechanical behavior of the product. This is documented on the one hand by numerous knife types on the market, extremely empirical approach during determination of geometry and process parameters in practice as well as, on the other hand, by contradictory statements and explanation approaches of observed phenomena present in literature. The present contribution applies numerical simulations to analyze thermo fluid mechanical phenomena, e.g. shear stresses, during the cutting process of the non-Newtonian meat matrix. Combining these results with selected experimental investigations from literature, e.g. sensory properties, knife geometry, velocity of the knife and bowl, improvements of the cutting and mixing process are proposed using cognitive algorithms (Artificial neural networks) aiming at an optimization regarding energy and time demand and product quality.

  5. The use of ergonomic spoons by people with cerebral palsy: effects on food spilling and movement kinematics. (United States)

    van Roon, Dominique; Steenbergen, Bert


    The effects of adapted spoons on food spilling and movement kinematics (movement duration, dysfluency) were examined in people with tetraparetic cerebral palsy (CP). We varied the thickness of the spoon's handle (diameters of 1, 3, and 5cm), the substance with which the spoon was filled (sugar or water), and the size of the bowl into which the spoon had to be emptied (diameter 5 or 11cm). Ten adolescents with tetraparesis (five males, five females; mean age 17y 2mo [SD 1y 3mo]; range 14y 7mo-18y 6mo) and 12 healthy comparison participants (four males, eight females; mean age 25y 6mo [SD 3y 0mo]; range 20y 0mo-30y 0mo) participated. Four participants with tetraparesis could walk independently, while the other six sat unstrapped in a wheelchair. The task consisted of picking up and transporting the filled spoon and emptying it into a bowl. Movements of the hand were recorded by a three-dimensional motion tracking device. When the spoon's handle was thickened participants with CP were faster in picking up the spoon and transporting it to the bowl, in particular when the spoon was filled with water. Importantly, this faster performance did not lead to increased spilling. These results are the first systematic test of the supposed beneficial effect of adapted spoons on movement performance in people with CP.

  6. 辽宁阜新县代海遗址发掘简报

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In 2009, Liaoning Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology excavated 62 burials, 30 ash pits and four ash ditches in Daihai Site. Most of the burials were in rectangular plan with round corners, with few rectangular ones. Only two of them were double burials, which were both joint tombs of one male and one female, and all of the rest were single burials. The grave goods were potteries, bronzes, shell implements and cowry ornaments. Most of the grave goods were found in the offering pit or altar to the south of the graves, the popular assemblages were bowl and jar (or pot), which were usually assembled together, and bowl, jar and li-cauldron. In addition, li-cauldron or small cup and bowl were also found below the toes or beside the tibia of the skeleton of the tomb occupant. The date of these burials was the early Bronze Age. The Daihai Cemetery was located on the north side of Yiwulii Moun- tains, which is the zone where the Lower Xiajiadian Culture and Gaotaishan Culture were overlapping, and the burials found here showed elements of both of these two archaeological cultures, so they are valuable materials for the researches and exploration on the relationships between these two cultures.

  7. Impact of Power Play Overs on the Outcome of Twenty20 Cricket Match

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee


    Full Text Available This study attempts to find if better performance in power play leads a team to victory in a Twenty20 match. Based on the methodology devised to do so, the study tries to measure the performance of both the teams during power play overs in terms of batting and bowling. The developed measure is called ‘Prod’ which is a product of the difference of batting and bowling performance of the teams during power play overs. The team with better performance in both the skills during power play is expected to win the match. But it would be difficult to predict the outcome of a match if the performance of a team is better in bowling and worse in batting and vice-versa. A total of 261 matches from different seasons of Indian Premier League (IPL are considered for the study. The outcomes of 220 matches are predicted based on the performance of two teams in power play out of which 153 of them were correctly predicted. Remaining 41 matches could not be predicted as it is not clear which team performed better during power play. Thus, out of the matches where the dominance of a team was clear in the power play, 70 percent cases that team ultimately won the match in Twenty20 cricket.

  8. Investigation of diesel engine for low exhaust emissions with different combustion chambers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghodke Pundlik R.


    Full Text Available Upcoming stringent Euro-6 emission regulations for passenger vehicle better fuel economy, low cost are the key challenges for engine development. In this paper, 2.2L, multi cylinder diesel engine have been tested for four different piston bowls designed for compression ratio of CR 15.5 to improve in cylinder performance and reduce emissions. These combustion chambers were verified in CFD at two full load points. 14 mode points have been derived using vehicle model run in AVL CRUISE software as per NEDC cycle based on time weightage factor. Base engine with compression ratio CR16.5 for full load performance and 14-mode points on Engine test bench was taken as reference for comparison. The bowl with flat face on bottom corner has shown reduction 25% and 12 % NOx emissions at 1500 and 3750 rpm full load points at same level of Soot emissions. Three piston bowls were tested for full load performance and 14 mode points on engine test bench and combustion chamber ‘C’ has shown improvement in thermal efficiency by 0.8%. Combinations of cooled EGR and combustion chamber ‘C’ with geometrical changes in engine have reduced exhaust NOx, soot and CO emissions by 22%, 9 % and 64 % as compared to base engine at 14 mode points on engine test bench.

  9. Putative calcium-binding domains of the Caenorhabditis elegans BK channel are dispensable for intoxication and ethanol activation. (United States)

    Davis, S J; Scott, L L; Ordemann, G; Philpo, A; Cohn, J; Pierce-Shimomura, J T


    Alcohol modulates the highly conserved, voltage- and calcium-activated potassium (BK) channel, which contributes to alcohol-mediated behaviors in species from worms to humans. Previous studies have shown that the calcium-sensitive domains, RCK1 and the Ca(2+) bowl, are required for ethanol activation of the mammalian BK channel in vitro. In the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, ethanol activates the BK channel in vivo, and deletion of the worm BK channel, SLO-1, confers strong resistance to intoxication. To determine if the conserved RCK1 and calcium bowl domains were also critical for intoxication and basal BK channel-dependent behaviors in C. elegans, we generated transgenic worms that express mutated SLO-1 channels predicted to have the RCK1, Ca(2+) bowl or both domains rendered insensitive to calcium. As expected, mutating these domains inhibited basal function of SLO-1 in vivo as neck and body curvature of these mutants mimicked that of the BK null mutant. Unexpectedly, however, mutating these domains singly or together in SLO-1 had no effect on intoxication in C. elegans. Consistent with these behavioral results, we found that ethanol activated the SLO-1 channel in vitro with or without these domains. By contrast, in agreement with previous in vitro findings, C. elegans harboring a human BK channel with mutated calcium-sensing domains displayed resistance to intoxication. Thus, for the worm SLO-1 channel, the putative calcium-sensitive domains are critical for basal in vivo function but unnecessary for in vivo ethanol action.

  10. -Stacking interactions between G-quartets and circulenes: A computational study

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A K Jissy; J H V Ramana; Ayan Datta


    Structures of planar and bowl-shaped circulenes as well as their stacks with G-quartet (G4) have been investigated through dispersion-corrected Density Functional Theory (DFT-D). The binding energies are substantial ∼10 kcal/mol with d ∼3.5 Å between the stacking rings. The calculations show that G4 binds much more effectively to planar circulenes as compared to bowl shaped molecules. The strength of binding between a G-quartet and a non-planar circulene molecule depends on the orientation of the circulene (concave or convex) with respect to G-quartet. An AIM analysis of the M05-2X wave-functions has also been performed to confirm the presence of weak intermolecular interactions between guanine quartets and circulenes. Apart from -stacking interactions, the concave bowl-shaped circulenes also interact with G4 through C-H $\\cdots$ interactions. The charge transport properties between the two moieties have also been analysed through effective transport integral. The calculations provide an understanding for the basis of molecular recognition by G4 for non-planar systems.

  11. Egalitarianism Policy and Effective Demand under Globalization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Taro ABE


    Full Text Available Abstract. The study examines egalitarianism policies in terms of the relationship between labor and capital and extends the model developed by the economist Bowles. We introduce the demand factor to the Bowles model (2012, which discussed the effectiveness of the income and asset redistribution policies in a global economy. The improvement of productivity and the decrease in the ratio of monitoring labor through asset-based redistribution increase the real wage rate because of its lure for foreign capital. At this point in the Bowles model, the labor supply increases and then employment increases. In contrast, in our model, with the addition of the demand factor, the improvement of productivity increases employment, but the decrease in monitoring labor does not always increase employment as both demand and supply increase. This means that asset-based redistribution in a global economy is not always effective.Keywords. Egalitarianism, Redistribution, Effective demand, Globalization.JEL. E12, F60, J80, J88.

  12. Elimination of polyamine N-acetylation and regulatory engineering improved putrescine production by Corynebacterium glutamicum. (United States)

    Nguyen, Anh Q D; Schneider, Jens; Wendisch, Volker F


    Corynebacterium glutamicum has been engineered for production of the polyamide monomer putrescine or 1,4-diaminobutane. Here, N-acetylputrescine was shown to be a significant by-product of putrescine production by recombinant putrescine producing C. glutamicum strains. A systematic gene deletion approach of 18 (putative) N-acetyltransferase genes revealed that the cg1722 gene product was responsible for putrescine acetylation. The encoded enzyme was purified and characterized as polyamine N-acetyltransferase. The enzyme accepted acetyl-CoA and propionyl-CoA as donors for acetylation of putrescine and other diamines as acceptors, but showed highest catalytic efficiency with the triamine spermidine and the tetraamine spermine and, hence, was named SnaA. Upon deletion of snaA in the putrescine producing strain PUT21, no acteylputrescine accumulated, but about 41% more putrescine as compared to the parent strain. Moreover, a transcriptome approach identified increased expression of the cgmAR operon encoding a putative permease and a transcriptional TetR-family repressor upon induction of putrescine production in C. glutamicum PUT21. CgmR is known to bind to cgmO upstream of cgmAR and gel mobility shift experiments with purified CgmR revealed that putrescine and other diamines perturbed CgmR-cgmO complex formation, but not migration of free cgmO DNA. Deletion of the repressor gene cgmR resulted in expression changes of a number of genes and increased putrescine production of C. glutamicum PUT21 by 19% as compared to the parent strain. Overexpression of the putative transport gene cgmA increased putrescine production by 24% as compared to the control strain. However, cgmA overexpression in PUT21ΔsnaA did not further improve putrescine production, hence, the beneficial effects of both targets were not synergistic at the highest described yield of 0.21 g g(-1).

  13. Biological Recovery of Platinum Complexes from Diluted Aqueous Streams by Axenic Cultures (United States)

    Maes, Synthia; Props, Ruben; Fitts, Jeffrey P.; De Smet, Rebecca; Vanhaecke, Frank; Boon, Nico; Hennebel, Tom


    The widespread use of platinum in high-tech and catalytic applications has led to the production of diverse Pt loaded wastewaters. Effective recovery strategies are needed for the treatment of low concentrated waste streams to prevent pollution and to stimulate recovery of this precious resource. The biological recovery of five common environmental Pt-complexes was studied under acidic conditions; the chloro-complexes PtCl42- and PtCl62-, the amine-complex Pt(NH3)4Cl2 and the pharmaceutical complexes cisplatin and carboplatin. Five bacterial species were screened on their platinum recovery potential; the Gram-negative species Shewanella oneidensis MR-1, Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34, Geobacter metallireducens, and Pseudomonas stutzeri, and the Gram-positive species Bacillus toyonensis. Overall, PtCl42- and PtCl62- were completely recovered by all bacterial species while only S. oneidensis and C. metallidurans were able to recover cisplatin quantitatively (99%), all in the presence of H2 as electron donor at pH 2. Carboplatin was only partly recovered (max. 25% at pH 7), whereas no recovery was observed in the case of the Pt-tetraamine complex. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) revealed the presence of both intra- and extracellular platinum particles. Flow cytometry based microbial viability assessment demonstrated the decrease in number of intact bacterial cells during platinum reduction and indicated C. metallidurans to be the most resistant species. This study showed the effective and complete biological recovery of three common Pt-complexes, and estimated the fate and transport of the Pt-complexes in wastewater treatment plants and the natural environment. PMID:28046131

  14. Cobalt(III) complexes of [3(5)] adamanzane, 1,5,9,13-tetraazabicyclo[7.7.3]nonadecane. Report of an inert, chelate hydrogen carbonate ion. (United States)

    Broge, L; Søtofte, I; Olsen, C E; Springborg, J


    Three cobalt(III) complexes of the macrocyclic tetraamine [3(5)]adamanzane (1,5,9,13-tetraazabicyclo[7.7.3]nonadecane) were isolated as salts. The X-ray crystal structures were solved for the compounds [Co([3(5)]adz)(CO(3))]AsF(6) (1b), [Co([3(5)]adz)(HCO(3))]ZnBr(4).H(2)O (2a), and [Co([3(5)]adz)(SO(4))]AsF(6).H(2)O (3a). The coordination geometry around the cobalt(III) ion is a distorted octahedron with the inorganic ligands at cis-positions. Complex 2 is the second example of a cobalt(III) complex for which the X-ray structure shows a chelate binding mode of the hydrogen carbonate entity. The pK(a) value of the [Co([3(5)]adz)(HCO(3))](2+) ion (2) was determined spectrophotometrically to be 0.27 (25 degrees C, I = 5.0 M). The protonation appears to occur at the noncoordinated carbonyl oxygen atom of the carbonate group, with hydrogen bonding to the crystal water molecule. Evidence is presented for this oxygen atom as the site of protonation in solution as well. In 5.0 M CF(3)SO(3)H a slow reaction of the carbonato complex, quantitatively yielding the [Co([3(5)]adz)(H(2)O)(2)](3+) ion, was observed. k(obs) = 7.9(1) x 10(-)(6) s(-)(1) at 25 degrees C.

  15. Unsymmetrical tren-based ligands: synthesis and reactivity of rhenium complexes. (United States)

    Mösch-Zanetti, Nadia C; Köpke, Sinje; Herbst-Irmer, Regine; Hewitt, Manuel


    Reaction of bis(2-aminoethyl)(3-aminopropyl)amine with C(6)F(6) and K(2)CO(3) in DMSO yields unsymmetrical [(C(6)F(5))HNCH(2)CH(2)](2)NCH(2)CH(2)CH(2)NH(C(6)F(5)) ([N(3)N]H(3)). The tetraamine acts as a tridentate ligand in complexes of the type H[N(3)N]Re(O)X (X = Cl 1, Br 2) prepared by reacting Re(O)X(3)(PPh(3))(2) with [N(3)N]H(3) and an excess of NEt(3) in THF. Addition of 1 equiv of TaCH(CMe(2)Ph)Br(3)(THF)(2) to 1 gives the dimeric compound H[N(3)N]ClReOReBrCl[N(3)N]H (3) in quantitative yield that contains a Re(V)[double bond]O[bond]Re(IV) core with uncoordinated aminopropyl groups in each ligand. Addition of 2 equiv of TaCH(CMe(2)Ph)Cl(3)(THF)(2) to 1 leads to the chloro complex [N(3)N]ReCl (4) with all three amido groups coordinated to the metal, whereas by addition of 2 equiv of TaCH(CMe(2)Ph)Br(3)(THF)(2) to 2 the dibromo species H[N(3)N]ReBr(2) (5) with one uncoordinated amino group is isolated. Reduction of 4 under an atmosphere of dinitrogen with sodium amalgam gives the dinitrogen complex [N(3)N]Re(N(2)) (6). Single-crystal X-ray structure determinations have been carried out on complexes 1, 3, 5, and 6.

  16. Polyamine oxidase 7 is a terminal catabolism-type enzyme in Oryza sativa and is specifically expressed in anthers. (United States)

    Liu, Taibo; Kim, Dong Wook; Niitsu, Masaru; Maeda, Shunsuke; Watanabe, Masao; Kamio, Yoshiyuki; Berberich, Thomas; Kusano, Tomonobu


    Polyamine oxidase (PAO), which requires FAD as a cofactor, functions in polyamine catabolism. Plant PAOs are classified into two groups based on their reaction modes. The terminal catabolism (TC) reaction always produces 1,3-diaminopropane (DAP), H2O2, and the respective aldehydes, while the back-conversion (BC) reaction produces spermidine (Spd) from tetraamines, spermine (Spm) and thermospermine (T-Spm) and/or putrescine from Spd, along with 3-aminopropanal and H2O2. The Oryza sativa genome contains seven PAO-encoded genes termed OsPAO1-OsPAO7. To date, we have characterized four OsPAO genes. The products of these genes, i.e. OsPAO1, OsPAO3, OsPAO4 and OsPAO5, catalyze BC-type reactions. Whereas OsPAO1 remains in the cytoplasm, the other three PAOs localize to peroxisomes. Here, we examined OsPAO7 and its gene product. OsPAO7 shows high identity to maize ZmPAO1, the best characterized plant PAO having TC-type activity. OsPAO7 seems to remain in a peripheral layer of the plant cell with the aid of its predicted signal peptide and transmembrane domain. Recombinant OsPAO7 prefers Spm and Spd as substrates, and it produces DAP from both substrates in a time-dependent manner, indicating that OsPAO7 is the first TC-type enzyme identified in O. sativa. The results clearly show that two types of PAOs co-exist in O. sativa. Furthermore, OsPAO7 is specifically expressed in anthers, with an expressional peak at the bicellular pollen stage. The physiological function of OsPAO7 in anthers is discussed.

  17. A circular dichroism study of ethidium bromide binding to Z-DNA induced by dinuclear platinum complexes. (United States)

    Wu, P K; Kharatishvili, M; Qu, Y; Farrell, N


    Dinuclear bis(platinum) complexes have been shown previously to induce the B-->Z transition in synthetic DNAs (Nucleic Acids Res. 7, 1697-1703, J. Inorganic Biochem. 54, 207-220). In this paper, the reversibility of the Z conformation back to the B form was assessed by treatment of the induced Z form in poly(dG-dC).poly(dG-dC) with ethidium bromide (Etd). Z-DNA induced by the tetra-amine cations [{Pt(NH3)3}2(H2N(CH2)nNH2)]4+, which are capable of only electrostatic interactions with the polynucleotide, was readily reversible. The spectroscopic data mirrored that of ethidium bromide/poly(dG-dC).poly(dG-dC) in the presence of 4.4 M NaCl. In contrast, Z-DNA induced by the bifunctional complexes [{trans-PtCl(NH3)2}2(H2N(CH2)nNH2)]2+ did not produce spectra typical of Etd intercalation and reversal to B-form DNA. The original Z-form CD spectra of DNA treated with the bifunctional complexes could be reobtained following removal of Etd by extensive dialysis. The bifunctional complexes are very effective interstrand cross-linking agents. The data suggest that interstrand cross-linking by dinuclear complexes can stabilize or "lock" the Z-conformation prohibiting its reversal to the B-form. The implications for the biological activity of the dinuclear complexes are briefly discussed.

  18. The effects of juvenile stress on anxiety, cognitive bias and decision making in adulthood: a rat model.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nichola M Brydges

    Full Text Available Stress experienced in childhood is associated with an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders in adulthood. These disorders are particularly characterized by disturbances to emotional and cognitive processes, which are not currently fully modeled in animals. Assays of cognitive bias have recently been used with animals to give an indication of their emotional/cognitive state. We used a cognitive bias test, alongside a traditional measure of anxiety (elevated plus maze, to investigate the effects of juvenile stress (JS on adulthood behaviour using a rodent model. During the cognitive bias test, animals were trained to discriminate between two reward bowls based on a stimulus (rough/smooth sandpaper encountered before they reached the bowls. One stimulus (e.g. rough was associated with a lower value reward than the other (e.g. smooth. Once rats were trained, their cognitive bias was explored through the presentation of an ambiguous stimulus (intermediate grade sandpaper: a rat was classed as optimistic if it chose the bowl ordinarily associated with the high value reward. JS animals were lighter than controls, exhibited increased anxiety-like behaviour in the elevated plus maze and were more optimistic in the cognitive bias test. This increased optimism may represent an optimal foraging strategy for these underweight animals. JS animals were also faster than controls to make a decision when presented with an ambiguous stimulus, suggesting altered decision making. These results demonstrate that stress in the juvenile phase can increase anxiety-like behaviour and alter cognitive bias and decision making in adulthood in a rat model.

  19. Open-system dynamics and mixing in magma mushes (United States)

    Bergantz, G. W.; Schleicher, J. M.; Burgisser, A.


    Magma dominantly exists in a slowly cooling crystal-rich or mushy state. Yet, observations of complexly zoned crystals, some formed in just one to ten years, as well as time-transgressive crystal fabrics imply that magmas mix and transition rapidly from a locked crystal mush to a mobile and eruptable fluid. Here we use a discrete-element numerical model that resolves crystal-scale granular interactions and fluid flow, to simulate the open-system dynamics of a magma mush. We find that when new magma is injected into a reservoir from below, the existing magma responds as a viscoplastic material: fault-like surfaces form around the edges of the new injection creating a central mixing bowl of magma that can be unlocked and become fluidized, allowing for complex mixing. We identify three distinct dynamic regimes that depend on the rate of magma injection. If the magma injection rate is slow, the intruded magma penetrates and spreads by porous media flow through the crystal mush. With increasing velocity, the intruded magma creates a stable cavity of fluidized magma that is isolated from the rest of the reservoir. At higher velocities still, the entire mixing bowl becomes fluidized. Circulation within the mixing bowl entrains crystals from the walls, bringing together crystals from different parts of the reservoir that may have experienced different physiochemical environments and leaving little melt unmixed. We conclude that both granular and fluid dynamics, when considered simultaneously, can explain observations of complex crystal fabrics and zoning observed in many magmatic systems.

  20. Juvenile domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domestica) use human-given cues in an object choice task. (United States)

    Nawroth, Christian; Ebersbach, Mirjam; von Borell, Eberhard


    Research on the comprehension of human-given cues by domesticated as well as non-domesticated species has received considerable attention over the last decade. While several species seem to be capable of utilizing these cues, former work with domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domestica) has shown inconclusive results. In this study, we investigated the use of human-given cues in an object choice task by young domestic pigs (N = 17; 7 weeks of age) who had very limited human contact prior to the experiments. Subjects had to choose between two bowls of which only one was baited with a reward. Over the course of five experiments, pigs were able to use proximal and, with some constraints, also distal pointing cues presented in both a dynamic-sustained and in a momentary manner. When the experimenter was pointing from the incorrect bowl towards the correct one, most of the subjects had problems solving the task-indicating that some form of stimulus/local enhancement affected pigs' decision making. Interestingly, pigs were able to utilize the body and head orientation of a human experimenter to locate the hidden reward but failed to co-orient when head or body orientation of the experimenter was directed into distant space with no bowls present. Control trials ruled out the possibility that other factors (e.g. odour cues) affected subjects' choice behaviour. Learning during experiments played a minor role and only occurred in three out of twelve test conditions. We conclude that domestic pigs, even at a very young age, are skilful in utilizing various human-given cues in an object choice task-raising the question whether pigs only used stimulus/local enhancement and associative learning processes or whether they were able to comprehend the communicative nature of at least some of these cues.

  1. An archaeological data assessment of Persian ethnicity in Lydia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice Kalkan,


    Full Text Available The present paper assesses the terracotta sarcophagus and its associated context discovered in Ödemiş/Yeniceköy in the Lydian region. This paper questions what these group of findings, including two lekythoi and one bronze Achaemenid bowl as burial gifts, mean in terms of the presence of a Persian ethnicity in the region which is a relatively late discovery. Likewise, Achaemenid bowls had been found among the funerary gifts beside a similar sarcophagus during the Beydağ tumulus excavations held in 2014 by the Ödemiş Museum Directorate, a discovery which made it necessary to investigate the possibility of an Anahita-related tradition of the burial cult in this site. A similar discovery was made in the excavations of Mount Nif, with this very type of bowl being unearthed in the contexts together with the burials, which provides support to our hypothesis. This hypothesis about the Persian ethnicity that was already present during the Hellenistic and Roman periods is not only based on evidence from the inscriptions, coins, and ancient sources, but now it can also be traced in terms of material culture thanks to the new evidence in question, which is also important in revealing the Persian influence upon burial traditions. The popularity of the Anahita cult that survived from the Achaemenid period well into the Roman era created an impact influencing not only “Lydian Iranians” but also the entire local and Roman population. However, the presence of Persian population here has largely to do with the Anahita cult and its practices. Therefore, occasional retrieval of philalai, i.e. the most commonly-known cultic form of Achaemenid culture, together with burials should be considered as strong archaeological data in ascertaining particularly the Persian ethnicity during the Hellenistic Period.

  2. Low energy use at Vaestervik sports centre

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Vaestervik, in south Sweden, has saved both energy and money since modern energy efficiency equipment was installed in its swimming pool and bowling alley. Energy use in the sports centre has so far fallen by around 830 MWh/year, and operating costs have been reduced by efficient heat recovery. Energy efficiency at the Vaestervik sports centre is a good example of how a local authority can save energy and money by installing modern equipment for ventilation and heat recovery in a facility with high energy consumption. The well-used sports centre, including a swimming pool and bowling alley, is in central Vaestervik. In 1999 the Municipality received grants from the local investment programme (LIP) to improve the facility's energy efficiency. An efficient ventilation system with a dehumidifier and heat exchanger was installed at the swimming pool, reducing the need to introduce cold air. In addition the bowling alley, which did not have heat recovery, was given a modern heat-recovery plant. - Lower operating costs due to efficient heat recovery. - Reduced energy use (electricity and district heating) for the plant at around 830 MWh/year. The modern and highly efficient units for heat recovery, dehumidification and heat exchange result in lower operating costs and reduced energy use, which means that the Municipality of Vaestervik saves energy and money. Installation at the swimming pool resulted in slightly higher air humidity, but a relative humidity of 60% is common in swimming pools and difficult to reduce without inconveniencing bathers. A new fan room installed in the roof contributed to higher than anticipated costs, but the financial and economic gains outweigh these. New frequency-controlled circulation pumps for the pool water were installed in 2007. They are to have occupancy control capability, giving a further improvement of energy saving and heat recovery

  3. Characteristics of spatio-temporal evolution in Beijing land subsidence, 2003-2009, using PS-InSAR technology (United States)

    Gu, Z.; Gong, H.; Lu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, B.; Liu, H.; Wang, S.


    Two thirds of water supply in Beijing city has come from groundwater, surveyed by Beijing Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology. During the past several years, Beijing city has suffers severe groundwater decline and land subsidence, induced by continuous over-exploitation of groundwater for nearly 60 years. The maximum of subsidence has reached up to 1096mm since 60 decades, and the rates in these subsidence bowls is between 10 mm/yr to 20 mm/yr, and The cumulative subsidence greater than 300mm is up to 1300km2, which pose a great challenge to public infrastructure and mitigate hazard in Beijing municipal. Permanent Scatterers Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (PS-InSAR) can quickly obtain surface deformation details with high resolution, compared to traditional leveling and extensometer techniques. In this paper we use PS-InSAR technique and 29 acquisitions by Envisat between 2003 and 2009 to monitor recent land subsidence in Beijing plain area. we studied the characteristics of spatio-temporal evolution of Beijing subsidence. The results suggests subsidence bowls have been bounded together in Beijing plain area, which covers Chaoyang, Changping, Shunyi, Tongzhou area, and the range of subsidence has a eastward trend. With conventional of emergency water resource in Changping, Huairou, Pinggu, the rates have increased from more than 10-20mm/yr to about 20-30mm/yr, 50 percent increase in subsidence bowls. What's more, the spatial and temporal distribution of deformation is not only controlled by tectonic but influenced by stress-strain behavior (elastic - plastic - viscoelastic) of aquifer systems. Keywords: Land Subsidence; PS-InSAR; Beijing; Ground fissure; Stress-strain analysis

  4. Experimental Measurements of Drop Size Distributions in 30 mm Diameter Annular Centrifugal Contactor with 30% TBP-Nitric Acid Biphasic System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shekhar Kumar


    Full Text Available For design and development of liquid-liquid extraction systems, it is essential to have an accurate estimation of hydrodynamic and mass transfer characteristics of the employed contactor. In the present study, experimental evaluations consisted primarily of determining the maximum solution throughput that could be processed without cross-phase contamination at a given rotor speed, O/A flow ratio, and organic-aqueous solution pair in a 30 mm bowl diameter centrifugal contactor. In addition, analysis included experimental drop size determinations as well as holdup determination. The experimental drop size distributions are expected to be helpful for modeling work.

  5. Electroacupuncture Treatment for Constipation Due to Spasmodic Syndrome of the Pelvic Floor- A Report of 36 Cases

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@Thirty-six cases of constipation due to spasmodic syndrome of the pelvic floor were treated by electroacupuncture, with satisfactory therapeutic results reported as follows. Clinical Data There were 36 cases in this series, 12 males and 24 females, ranging in age from 25 to 76 years, averaging 42 years. The course of disease ranged from 6 months to 22 years, with an average of 6 years. All the 36 cases were previously treated by purgative and emollient cathartic for promoting the bowl movement.

  6. Flexible Aluminum Nanobowls for Alternative Preparation of Individual or a Small Number of Nanoparticles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SUN Yan; CHEN Xin; YUE Yang; ZHANG Rong-jun; DAI Ning


    The nanoscale aluminum bowls were derived from the porous alumina and were used as the flexible nanoscale reactors for the preparation of nanoparticles.Both single source precursor and preprepared nanoparticles were induced in the nanobowls by melting the precursor/polymer films spin-coated on aluminum nanobowis for the formation of nanostructural composites in the nanobowls.We have prepared a single nanoparticle or just a small number of metal(e.g.Pt) nanoparticles or semiconductor nanoparticles(e.g.CdSe or CdSe/ZnS core-shell nanostructures) in the nanobowls.

  7. {225}γ habit planes in martensitic steels: from the PTMC to a continuous model (United States)

    Baur, Annick P.; Cayron, Cyril; Logé, Roland E.


    Fine twinned microstructures with {225}γ habit planes are commonly observed in martensitic steels. The present study shows that an equibalanced combination of twin-related variants associated to the Kurdjumov-Sachs orientation relationship is equivalent to the Bowles and Mackenzie’s version of the PTMC for this specific {225}γ case. The distortion associated to the Kurdjumov-Sachs orientation relationship results from a continuous modeling of the FCC-BCC transformation. Thus, for the first time, an atomic path can be associated to the PTMC. PMID:28106127

  8. Migration of formaldehyde and melamine monomers from kitchen- and tableware made of melamine plastic

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund, K.H.; Petersen, J.H.


    Migration of one or both formaldehyde and/or melamine monomers was found in seven of ten tested melamine samples bought on the Danish market. The samples were a bowl, a jug, a mug, a ladle, and different cups and plates. No violation of the European Union-specific migration limits for melamine (30...... mg kg(-1)) and formaldehyde (15 mg kg(-1)) was found after three successive exposures to the food stimulant 3% acetic acid after 2 h at 70 degrees C. To investigate the effects of long-term use, migration tests were performed with two types of cups from a day nursery. Furthermore, medium-term use...

  9. 新目标英语七年级(下)Unit 10知识要点归纳

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    一、重点词汇noodle n.面条beef n.牛肉potato n.土豆;马铃薯special n.特色菜;特价品adj.特殊的would v.(表示意愿)愿意large adj.大号的;大的order n.&v.点菜;命令size n.大小;尺寸bowl n.碗meat n.(可食用的)肉dumpling n.饺子fish n.鱼;鱼肉pancake n.烙饼.

  10. 'Humans and other animals'-on the scope of brain science. (United States)

    Heisenberg, M


    Abstract: This essay is dedicated to Obaid on the occasion of his 80th birthday. We both worked on the behavior of Drosophila and on what underlies behavior in the fly brain. Is that the fly's mind? The essay is about some limitations of brain science. It is just a little piece of writing. It is meant to honor Obaid for his contributions to Drosophila neurogenetics in 40 years and to science in India. I hope he takes it instead of a bowl of flowers-adding to the praise.

  11. O espaço dos possíveis de Steve Jobs: como foi possível a mitificação em torno da imagem da Apple?



    A publicidade da Apple, inspirada na obra 1984 de George Orwell, veiculada durante a transmissão televisiva do Super Bowl XVIII serviu como alegoria da configuração história da esfera tecnológica dos Estados Unidos da América à época. Afetividade e racionalidade, antagonismo pelo qual, em uma lógica relacional, se definiu a Apple. O sucesso de Steve Jobs está atrelado às mudanças na esfera tecnológica nos últimos anos, a um maior encantamento dessa esfera, que reflete a estrutura social mais ...

  12. Temporary Home

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Supplies can ensure the survivors in the camps are well fed and clothed The old woman,carrying a baby on her back,wandered around a sports field among long rows of tents built to shelter earthquake survivors."I just had a bowl of porridge for breakfast and I’m taking my grandson out of the tent for a morning walk,"she said.She was an evacuee from Anxian County,close to one of the worst-hit areas of Beichuan County, Sichuan Province."I miss my home so much,but I cannot

  13. Impact-derived features of the Xiuyan meteorite crater

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Ming


    Up to now, 176 meteorite impact craters have been found on the Earth. Among these craters, none of them lies in China. The Xiuyan crater is located in the Liaodong Peninsula of China. This bowl-shaped crater has a diameter of 1.8 km and depth of about 150 m. The impact-derived features include planar deformation features (PDFs) in quartz, shatter cones, impact breccia, and radial valleys on the wall of rim. It is the first confirmed meteorite impact crater in China.

  14. Numberpedia everything you ever wanted to know (and a few things you didn't) about numbers

    CERN Document Server

    Reich, Herb


    What does the number 67 mean to you? Do you associate it with a year? After all, 1967 was the year The Beatles released both Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour. It was also the year the first Super Bowl was held and in which Ernesto "Che" Guevara was executed. But maybe the year 1967 isn't the first thing that comes to your mind. Maybe when you think about the number 67, you think of the . . . Age of George Washington at the time of his death, on December 14, 1799. Atomic number of the chemical element holmium, symbol Ho.

  15. Practical IP and telecom for broadcast engineering and operations

    CERN Document Server

    Huffman, Fred


    What you need to know to survive, long term. Interests between broadcasters and telecom people are blurring. Technical operations and design engineers in one field are increasingly required to deal with practices and techniques in the other. The problem is expectations and terminology differences aren't recognized until it's too late. Take "Quality of Service." The telecom people specify a percentage of the time that the service is guaranteed to be available. The down time may be very, very small. But, if it occurs during a high-priced commercial in the Super Bowl, it is very, very s

  16. Semicircular lipoatrophy--a pressure-induced lipoatrophy? (United States)

    Hodak, E; David, M; Sandbank, M


    A case of semicircular lipoatrophy, a rare form of localized lipoatrophy, is described in a 33-year-old woman. No precipitating factors such as trauma could be elicited by questioning. However, the patient subsequently realized that she had unwittingly been subjected to repeated daily trauma as she pressed the affected thigh against the edge of the wash bowl while applying make-up. This case thus supports a possible mechanical basis for this rare entity, and demonstrates the importance of taking a careful history in the search for the possible occurrence of minor episodes of trauma in such cases.

  17. Calix[6]azacryptand Ligand with a Sterically Protected Tren-Based Coordination Site for Metal Ions. (United States)

    Zahim, Sara; Wickramasinghe, Lasantha A; Evano, Gwilherm; Jabin, Ivan; Schrock, Richard R; Müller, Peter


    A new calix[6]azacryptand ligand has been prepared in six steps starting from 1,3,5-trismethoxycalix[6]arene. An X-ray study shows that this ligand has a sterically protected tren-based binding site at the bottom of a polyaromatic bowl and ether sites around its rim. It binds Zn(2+) to give a complex in which zinc is in a trigonal bipyramidal geometry with a water bound in one apical position and two additional hydrogen-bonded waters that fill the calixarene cavity.

  18. Studies on weed diversity and its associated phytosociology under direct dry seeded rice systems


    Mantosh Kumar Sinha; Arnab Banerjee


    Chhattisgarh is commonly known as Bowl of rice where rice is grown as monocrop in the entire state whether soil is bhata, matasi, kanhar or black soil. Present study is based on the study of biodiversity of weeds under Direct Dry Seeded Rice Systems in Koria District (C.G.) Study was conducted to assess the phytosociological studies of weed species in paddy field at Baikunthpur, Koriya district, Chattisgarh. A total of 43 genera and 9 families of Dicotyledonae and 3 families of monocots and...

  19. Egg之种种

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ 目前说唱曲风颇为流行,庾澄庆也出了一张专辑.我不觉对天天吃的鸡蛋产生了兴趣.egg自有蛋白egg white和蛋黄egg yolk;Whisk the egg white,把蛋白打散.Beat two of theegg yolks,打两个蛋黄.打鸡蛋(beat eggs in a bowl),我们用筷子就行,但西方人有专门用来搅拌鸡蛋的器具叫打蛋器egg whisk(英)/egg beater(美).

  20. Ion-Regulated Allosteric Binding of Fullerenes (C-60 and C-70) by Tetrathiafulvalene-Calix[4]pyrroles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Davis, C. M.; Lim, J. M.; Larsen, K. R.


    crystal X-ray diffraction methods and in dichloromethane solution by means of continuous variation plots and UV-vis spectroscopic titrations. These analyses revealed a 1:1 stoichiometry between the anion-bound TTF-C4Ps and the complexed ftillerenes. The latter guests are bound within the bowl-like cup...... of the two test fullerenes by inducing a conformational change from the 1,3-alternate to the cone conformer of the TTF-C4Ps, thus acting as positive heterotropic allosteric effectors. For a particular halide anion, the choice of tetraalkylammonium salts serves to modulate the strength of the TTF-C4P...

  1. Reaction of vegetables and aromatic plants to Meloidogyne javanica and M. incognita Reação de hortaliças e plantas aromáticas aos nematoides Meloidogyne javanica e M. incognita

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cláudia Regina Dias-Arieira


    Full Text Available For this research we used 15 day-old seedlings which were transplanted to 2 L pots and inoculated with 4,000 nematode eggs plus juveniles (J2. After 60 days, the root systems were removed and the number of galls and eggs evaluated and used to calculate the nematode reproduction factor (RF. The tomato cv. Santa Cruz was used as a susceptible control. The experimental design was completely randomized, with six replications. Averages were compared using the Tukey or Scott-Knott test at 5%. For lettuce, Salad Bowl (Mimosa type, Elizabeth and Elisa (Lisa and Vera cultivars (crisphead, the number of galls and the RF for M. javanica were statistically higher than for the control, whereas, for the other vegetable crops, the highest number of galls and eggs were found in chicory and basil. The highest susceptibility to M. incognita was observed in Mimosa lettuce cv. Salad Bowl, chicory cultivars, parsley cv. Graúda Portuguesa and basil. Marjoram exhibited no M. incognita galls.Para avaliar a reação, mudas com 15 dias de idade foram transplantadas para vasos de 2 L de capacidade e inoculadas com 4.000 ovos e eventuais juvenis (J2 dos nematoides. Decorridos 60 dias, os sistemas radiculares foram retirados e avaliados quanto ao número de galhas e ovos, determinando-se o fator de reprodução (FR dos nematoides nas respectivas plantas. Tomateiro cv. Santa Cruz foi utilizado como testemunha. O experimento foi conduzido em delineamento inteiramente casualizado, com seis repetições, e as médias foram comparadas pelo teste Tukey ou Scott-Knott a 5% de probabilidade. Nas alfaces tipo Mimosa cv. Salad Bowl; nas cultivares do tipo Lisa, Elizabeth e Elisa; e na cultivar Vera (tipo crespa, o número de galhas e o FR de M. javanica foi superior ao observado para a testemunha; enquanto para as demais oleráceas, os maiores números de galhas e ovos foram para as cultivares de chicória e para o manjericão. Maior suscetibilidade a M. incognita foi observada para

  2. Planning Multisentential English Text Using Communicative Acts (United States)


    N-TI SPOON- DOUGH -T* BAKE -T* REMOVE E A SYMBOL KEYE E I I subaction -- S- BEAT-EGG GREASE-PAN cause/effect - C ->- enablement - E-> KNOWLEDGE BASE...bowl. Add the flour and the baking soda. Stir in the chocolate pieces. Grease a cookie sheet. Spoon the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet. Bake it at...overgeneralization, for example in a syllogism assuming a major premise of "All green apples are sour ." Others include petitio principii (begging the

  3. Short Term (14 Days) Consumption of Insoluble Wheat Bran Fibre-Containing Breakfast Cereals Improves Subjective Digestive Feelings, General Wellbeing and Bowel Function in a Dose Dependent Manner


    Lawton, Clare; Walton, Jenny; Hoyland, Alexa; Howarth, Elaine; Allan, Peter; Chesters, David; Dye, Louise


    15 g/day AOAC 985.29) completed a daily symptom diary for 14 days after which they consumed one bowl of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal containing at least 5.4 g fibre (3.5 g from wheat bran) for 14 days and completed a daily symptom diary. Significant improvements were demonstrated in subjective perception of bowel function (e.g., ease of defecation) and digestive feelings (bloating, constipation, feeling sluggish and digestive discomfort). Significant improvements were also found in subjectiv...

  4. CSER 00-001 Criticality Safety Evaluation Report for Cementation Operations at the PFP

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    DOBBIN, K.D.


    Glovebox HA-20MB is located in Room 235B of the 234-5Z Building at the Plutonium Finishing Plant. This enclosure contains mixers, mixer bowls, a crusher unit, an isolated inoperable conveyor unit, plutonium residue feed cans, cemented cans, and a feedwater container. Plutonium residue, not conducive to other forms of stabilization, is prepared for storage and ultimate disposal by cementation. The feed residue material cans can have plutonium contents of only a few grams or up to 200 grams. This evaluation accommodates this wide range of container fissile concentrations.

  5. 谈三件宋瓷盏珍品

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Without parallel either in history or in future the black porcelain in Song dynasty reached In its climax in tecbnulogy, style, and mond. The Jian Yang kiln in Fu Jian province and the Ji Zhou kiln in Jiang Xi Province are tv, ro well-known kilns in black porcelain prodoction. The black wares from Jian Yang kiln are sedate, simple and elegant. The black wares from Ji Zhou kiln are decorated with designs out of paper cutting, dignified and graceful In this Ihesis. the author centers on three treasures of black bowls and gives us some ideas about black porcelain.

  6. 教你在餐厅“吃饭” 就餐用语“大盘点”

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    餐厅常用语: 1.Can I help you?你想要点什么? 2.I’d like…我想要…… 3. What kind of…do you have?你们有什么样的……? 4. What size bowls of noodles would you like?你要多大碗的面条? 5.Do you like Chinese or Western food?你喜欢中餐还是西餐?

  7. Ghogha: An Indo-Arabian Trading Post in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay), India

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gaur, A.S.

    . 10. Small fragment of a Chinese ware with a ring footed base. It has designs on both sides with dark blue colour. 11. Grey ware basin with a beaded rim. Externally it is treated with a layer of black colour slip. It has a corrugated profile. 12.... Dish with a broken ring-footed base and has a thick section. A thick coat of a light blue colour glazed applied internally. Externally, barnacles growth also noticed. 13. Bowl with a pedestal base and has a thin section. A thick coat of a light blue...

  8. Study of Chinese porcelain sherds of Old Goa, India: Indicators of trade contacts

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Tripati, S.; Pande, R.; Rao, V.G.

    to ships) in which bulk transport was possible. Ceramics were exported to the markets of India and Sri Lanka then to the Persian Gulf, and along the East African coast (Gerritsen 2009) either in Arab Dhows or Indian ships. Moreover the Indian Muslim... to large bowls, plates, pots, vases, etc. It appears that Europeans were unaware of this ceramic until the Portuguese began to sail to the Far East in the 16th century. Until this time Chinese pottery dominated in the markets of Africa, Near East...

  9. Tragal reconstruction after tumor excision. (United States)

    Coombs, Christopher J; Lin, Frank


    The tragus forms a distinct and important landmark in the overall artistic and anatomical landscape of the ear. Despite its small size, it functions to cover and prevent direct access to the ear canal. Aesthetically, it has an important role in defining the morphology of the auricle in 3 dimensions, not only covering the meatus but also casting a shadow into the conchal bowl that gives the impression of depth. Most of the techniques for tragal reconstruction are associated with creation of a tragus in patients with microtia. We present here a new technique for tragal reconstruction in the setting of tumor ablation.

  10. Line-focus solar thermal energy technology development. FY 79 annual report for Department 4720

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bergeron, K D; Champion, R L; Hunke, R W [eds.


    The primary role of the Solar Energy Projects Department II (4720) is the development, evaluation, and testing of line-focus solar thermal technology. This report of FY 79 progress and accomplishments is divided into two parts: (1) Component and Subsystem Development including the design and analysis of collector modules, their components, and associated materials and processes, and (2) Systems and Applications Development, involving larger configurations of solar thermal line-focus systems. The emphasis is on parabolic troughs, but significant efforts on hemispherical bowls, compound parabolic collectors, and dishes for the Solar Total Energy Project are also described.

  11. Cataloguing outside the box a practical guide to cataloguing special collections materials

    CERN Document Server

    Falk, Patricia


    A practical guide to cataloguing and processing the unique special collections formats in the Browne Popular Culture Library (BPCL) and the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (MLSRA) at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) (e.g. fanzines, popular sound recordings, comic books, motion picture scripts and press kits, popular fiction). Cataloguing Outside the Box provides guidance to professionals in library and information science facing the same cataloguing challenges. Additionally, name authority work for these collections is addressed.provides practical guidelines and solutions for

  12. Local asymptotic normality and asymptotical minimax efficiency of the MLE under random censorship

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王启华; 荆炳义


    Here we study the problems of local asymptotic normality of the parametric family of distri-butions and asymptotic minimax efficient estimators when the observations are subject to right censor-ing. Local asymptotic normality will be established under some mild regularity conditions. A lower bound for local asymptotic minimax risk is given with respect to a bowl-shaped loss function, and fur-thermore a necessary and sufficient condition is given in order to achieve this lower bound. Finally, we show that this lower bound can be attained by the maximum likelihood estimator in the censored case and hence it is local asymptotic minimax efficient.

  13. Local asymptotic normality and asymptotical minimax efficiency of the MLE under random censorship

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Here we study the problems of local asymptotic normality of the parametric family of distributions and asymptotic minimax efficient estimators when the observations are subject to right censoring. Local asymptotic normality will be established under some mild regularity conditions. A lower bound for local asymptotic minimax risk is given with respect to a bowl-shaped loss function, and furthermore a necessary and sufficient condition is given in order to achieve this lower bound. Finally, we show that this lower bound can be attained by the maximum likelihood estimator in the censored case and hence it is local asymptotic minimax efficient.

  14. How dogs lap: ingestion and intraoral transport in Canis familiaris


    Crompton, A. W.; Musinsky, Catherine


    It has recently been suggested that the mechanism for lifting liquid from a bowl into the oral cavity during lapping is fundamentally different in cats and dogs: cats use adhesion of liquid to the tongue tip while dogs ‘scoop’ with their backwardly curled tongue. High-speed light videos and X-ray videos show that on the contrary, both cats and dogs use the mechanism of adhesion. Liquid is transported through the oral cavity to the oesophagus, against gravity, on the surface of the tongue as i...

  15. Who's #1? The Science of Rating and Ranking

    CERN Document Server

    Langville, Amy N


    A website's ranking on Google can spell the difference between success and failure for a new business. NCAA football ratings determine which schools get to play for the big money in postseason bowl games. Product ratings influence everything from the clothes we wear to the movies we select on Netflix. Ratings and rankings are everywhere, but how exactly do they work? Who's #1? offers an engaging and accessible account of how scientific rating and ranking methods are created and applied to a variety of uses. Amy Langville and Carl Meyer provide the first comprehensive overview of the mathemat

  16. Pepper and Sesame Chicken

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Ingredients: 250 grams of chicken breast, 50 grams of water chestnut, thick pieces of white bread or steamed bun. Supplementary Ingredients: Sesame, lard, MSG, salt, whites of three eggs, starch. Directions: Chop up the chicken breast into mash, cut the water chestnuts into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Mix in the supplementary ingredients. Spread the mixed mash onto the bread pieces and roll them in sesame. Heat 250 grams of oil. When hot, put in the pieces one by one. When the pieces turn

  17. The carving of the wood: an exhibition of work by David Pye, Nick Barberton, Matthew Burt, Gaynor Dowling, Eleanor Lakelin, Malcolm Martin and Keith Rand


    Pulley, Bob; Glasgow, Andrew; Olding, Simon; Ratuszniak, Annette


    This catalogue was published and distributed by the Crafts Study Centre for the 2014 exhibition, The Carving of the Wood. The exhibition was curated and the accompanying catalogue was edited by Professor Simon Olding. The Crafts Study Centre holds important collections of wooden bowls and platters by David Pye, the celebrated Professor of Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art 1964-74. These works are presented at the heart of an exhibition which looks at the way that a group of ma...

  18. 安徽舒城县三里村宋墓的清理%Song Period Tomb at Sanli Village in Shucheng County, Anhui

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In June 1998, the Anhui Shucheng County Office for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments revealed a Song period tomb in the rescuing excavation at the kiln of Sanli Village in Chengguan Town. This is a rectangular earthen-plt grave with three wooden coffins in a north-to-south row, which contain a male and two female skeletons. The funeral objects include mainly porcelain of the bowl, dish, jar, pot, yu container and cup, and also a small number of pottery vessels, bronze mirrors,silver articles and copper coins. The finds and tomb shape suggest that the tomb belongs to the late Northern Song period.

  19. Designing Unbalanced Assembly Lines: A Simulation Analysis to Evaluate Impacts on Work-In-Process Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rogerio Flores Da Silva


    Full Text Available This article investigates the impact of controlled imbalance levels on assembly lines, and its effects on two important performance indicators: throughput and work in process (WIP level. Using a five workstations line simulation, with different degrees of imbalance and different configurations, we could conclude that there is a relationship between extra capacity added to non-constraints and average WIP level and line throughput. Simulation revealed that, using bowl shape configuration, the higher the imbalance, the higher the throughput, with less WIP. These results allow proposing new studies to create a framework for evaluating the feasibility of investments in extra capacity vis-a-vis those gains in resources efficiency.

  20. 2013 Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey of Active Duty Members: Overview Report (United States)


    the military have changed over time. The findings provide general perceptions of whether Service members thought that race relations have improved ...received poorer treatment than you deserved from a military health care provider. • You were harassed by armed forces police. 1.9 1.3 3.0 1.9 1.3 0.9 0 20...24% 33% 15% 35% 31% NR 36% 38% 28% At a military non-work location (for example, gym , quarters/housing, exchange/commissary, bowling alley)? 21