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  1. Bookseller’s Classification: Classification Examples and Criteria of Croatian Booksellers in Sales Catalogs and Book Lists from the Beginning of the 20th Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nada Topić


    Full Text Available The aim of the paper is to conduct research on the topic of ways of bookstore (sales classification of Croatian bookstores from the beginning of the 20th century. By content analysis of the 17 sales lists/catalogs of books from Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Karlovac, Zagreb and Osijek, the classification structure has been reconstructed, and the criteria according to which the booksellers offerings have been classified in the early 20th century have been determined. Conducting of the analysis established the following criteria of the bookstore classification: topic/content, form/type of work, type of corpus, genre, language, purpose, publishing series, publisher, time of publication, (new edition, time of publication/purchase, customer's specific interests, number, letter and author. Order of enumeration within specific categories is mostly alphabetic, numeric or according to order of publication. Unlike the library classification and classification systems in general, the problematics of bookstore classification is not very present in the current existing sources. Research studies that focus on the history of bookselling, even if they reveal ways of classification of booksellers offers remain on a descriptive level without any deeper analysis of the criteria or possible reasons of such classification. Therefore, the contribution of the paper is a detailed analysis of a larger pattern of bookstore sales catalogs, and also an attempt of illuminating the criteria and reasons of creating a system of bookstore classification in the defined historical, spatial and time context.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jantson, Signe


    Full Text Available The article handles general developments and changes in book trade which took place in Estonia during the second half of the 19th century. The aim is to show the formation of bookshops trading with Estonian books and to analyse the activities of Estonian booksellers.The survey is based on the research literature and on the master thesis by Signe Jantson “Raamatukaubandus Eestis aastatel 1850–1917: raamatukauplused ja nende omanikud” (Book trade in Estonia 1850–1917: bookshops and their owners [9]. In this study great importance wasattached to the national and social origin of bookshop owners and their activities. Up to the middle of the 19th century the book production and dissemination in Estonia was in the hands of Baltic German entrepreneurs and depended on the political and economic developments not only in Russia but also in Germany. In the middle of the 19th century there were only 5 bookshops in Estonia located in bigger towns – Tallinn and Tartu. In 1870 the number of bookshops reached 13. The greater ascent can be noticed in the last decade of the period – 1870–1880 when 20 new bookshops were opened. In 1867 Heinrich Laakmann, a German origin publisher and the printing shop owner opened the first bookshop in Tartu to sell Estonian language books. The economic and political reforms as well as the national awakening movement favoured the engagement of Estonians in the sphere of book production and dissemination. Increasing publishing of Estonian language books enabled the development of trade. At the end of the national awakening period most of the bookshop owners were already of Estonian origin. Since 1870ies the number of Estonian bookshops started to grow and at the end of the 19th century they outnumbered German and Russian shops. In all over Europe book trade concentrated into the big cities (in the case of Estonia in Tallinn and Tartu, but bookshops were opened also in the rural area (small towns and villages

  3. Publishing, bookselling and the World Wide Web


    Amanda Spink


    This working paper brings together concepts and ideas about the role of information in the future of humanity. Different views have emerged within the international debate on sustainable development - a global industrialization view centers on sustaining global industrialization and a new moral order that advocates societal downscaling and de-industrialization based on regional self-sufficiency to preserve humanity. This working paper briefly outlines these approaches to sustainable developme...

  4. The Impact of Internet Trading on the UK Antiquarian and Second-Hand Bookselling Industry. (United States)

    Whewell, Jane A.; Souitaris, Vangelis


    Investigates the impact of the Internet on the UK (United Kingdom) second-hand and antiquarian book trade. Results from questionnaires and interviews showed that, overall, electronic commerce presents an opportunity rather than a threat to this traditional retailing sector, partly due to pre-existing database management and distribution skills.…

  5. The current connections between the library and bookselling activity with an overview of the public library development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miha Kovač


    Full Text Available Among the set goals of improving book consumption in Slovenia the National Culture Program 2004-2007 also includes encouraging the development of network of bookshops and ‘quality’ bookshops, that will be evenly distributed across Slovenia. The program suggests them to be formed within the framework of already existing public cultural institutions. Book consumption in Slovenia has been characterised by poorly developed retail book market and well developed network of public libraries with a high number of book lendings that serves as a substitute for the paperback market as it is known in bigger language communities abroad. Along with surveying the possibilities of directing the libraries towards book marketing (as well, the paper also examines the historical development of commercial publishing companies / bookshops / libraries, existing in Europe in 18th and 19th century and in some places existing side by side with public libraries until the middle of 20th century. The paper shows that the present ratio between bookshops and libraries on some big book markets is different than in Slovenia, as libraries are loosing patrons as a consequence of the growth of big bookshop chains. A characteristic feature of book consumption in Slovenia can be seen in the use of the internet in libraries as well as bookshops. The ‘merging’ of the marketing segment and book lending is to a smaller extent already under way abroad, where large online bookshops encourage libraries by means of provision to act as the mediator in the sale of books. In this way, a library can turn into a bookshop with the help of connections via ISBN numbers, without having to jeopardise their original mission.

  6. Research on opinions and attitudes of bookseller and increasing retail sales in the sales of books, through staff training


    Hristina Mihaleva


    During the economic crisis, retail sales in the book sales dropped sharply. Businesses are not many options. Costs must be reduced quickly, due to reduced turnover. Very often this means the release of personnel and cost reduction benefits and salary. This analysis aims to explore attitudes, professional competence and motivation of staff and to provide evidence of the need to further their education.

  7. SEO strategies in booksellers sector La utilización de estrategias SEO en el sector de la venta de libros

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Cañabate


    Full Text Available The Internet has consolidated as a new commercial and marketing channel due to the advance of Information and Communication Technologies and the saturation of conventional media channels. In this context, firms are doing specific (for the Internet channel promotion strategies to improve its placement on search engines results pages and to increase its website traffic. The objectives of this article are: 1 to provide a context for the Search Engine Marketing (SEM, putting special attention on those actions to optimize the placement in search engines (SEO; 2 to identify and classify what SEO actions firms adopt or could adopt to improve its placement on search engines; and 3 to make an empirical study (centered on Spanish book trades to quantify how much firms are adopting SEO actions and its effectiveness according to the placement observed in search engines result pages. The results are analyzed, the limitations are discussed and new lines for research are commented.La saturación de los medios de comunicación y el avance de las nuevas tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación han consolidado Internet como un nuevo canal comercial y de marketing. En este contexto surgen nuevas estrategias de promoción en Internet que facilitan a empresas y organizaciones obtener un buen posicionamiento en los buscadores e incrementar el tráfico en su página web. Los objetivos de este artículo son: 1 contextualizar el marketing basado en buscadores (SEM y en especial las acciones o estrategias de optimización del posicionamiento (SEO; 2 identificar y clasificar las acciones SEO que las empresas realizan o podrían realizar para mejorar su posicionamiento, y 3 realizar una observación empírica, centrada en las librerías de ámbito español (venta de libros, que permita cuantificar el grado de utilización de acciones SEO y su efectividad según el posicionamiento observado en las páginas de resultados de los buscadores. Se analizan los resultados obtenidos, las limitaciones del estudio y se comentan futuras líneas de investigación.

  8. Assistive Technology as an Evolving Resource for a Successful Employment Experience (United States)

    Murphy, Patricia M.


    Strategic pooling of assistive technology, human resources and funding options has made meaningful employment possible for the 25-year-old man with cerebral palsy who is the subject of this paper. Since graduating from high school four years ago, he has held a part-time job at the warehouse of a bookseller. To perform his job, which involves…

  9. Solomon Islands Botany

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Steenis, van C.G.G.J.


    A discussion of the Results of the Royal Society Expedition to the British Solomon Islands Protectorate, 1965. Organized by E.J.H. Corner. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 255 (1969) 185-631, 196 fig. University Printing House, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge. Obtainable through booksellers or direct to the Royal

  10. Scholarly Publishing: Books, Journals, Publishers, and Libraries in the Twentieth Century. (United States)

    Abel, Richard E., Ed.; Newlin, Lyman W., Ed.


    In this volume, publishers, booksellers, journal dealers, and librarians share their views on libraries and publishing. While the information/knowledge transfer process in the entire span of the twentieth century was to be addressed by the contributors, the principal focus of every author was to be the last five decades in which the most profound,…

  11. Places, Publishers and Personal Ties; the relational qualities of urban environments for book publishers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heebels, B.; van Aalst, I.; Atzema, O.A.L.C.


    Book publishers act as cultural mediators. Personal networks and face-to-face contacts with authors, booksellers, colleagues and people from the press are crucial for their business. This is in accordance with the literature on cultural entrepreneurship, which emphasizes the importance of informal p

  12. Libraries and the Book Trade. (United States)

    Wemms, Michael, Ed.

    In "What Use Are Authors?" David Holbrook explores some of the problems authors are faced with in our society. The relationship between the small bookshop and the publisher is examined by Martyn Goff in: "The Problems of the Small Bookseller." Tom Woolston discusses the woes of the library suppliers in his talk: "Library Supply." A look at the…

  13. English instructor and young adult author fights for teen literacy


    Elliott, Jean


    Tiffany Trent, an English instructor at Virginia Tech, has been chosen as one of 31 teen authors in the nation to promote teen literacy this month. In addition, independent booksellers have nominated Trent's first book, In the Serpent's Coils, as a BookSense Pick for Autumn.

  14. Trends in Source of Catalog Records for European Monographs 1996-2000: A Preliminary Study of Italian Monographs. (United States)

    Kellsey, Charlene


    Discusses catalog records for non-English books created by European booksellers and loaded into OCLC; describes a study of Italian language monographs to compare vendor records with Library of Congress and OCLC member libraries' records; and considers changes in cataloging workflow needed to edit records to include Library of Congress call numbers…

  15. Public policies for books and reading in Brazil: The National Institute of Book (1937-1967

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aníbal Bragança


    Full Text Available Monteiro Lobato and the origins of the National Book Institute; its foundation and activities (from 1937 to 1967 within the context of improvement of means of mass communication. Public Policies of the Brazilian government for books, reading and libraries: continuities and discontinuities in programs and projects and their relation with governmental changes and conflicting interests. The foundation of the Comissão Nacional do Livro Didático (National Committee of Schoolbooks and the Conselho Nacional de Cultura (National Council of Culture. The creation of the Câmara Brasileira do Livro (Brazilian Book Chamber and its purposes. A landmark: The Third Convention of Brazilian Publishers and Booksellers. The search for a regulation for the book market. Geir Campos and the Carta aos livreiros do Brasil (Letter to Brazilian Booksellers. The Revista do Livro (Book Magazine and the publication of INL. Achievements and failures until the project retake in the field during the military dictatorship.

  16. Metadata output and its impact on the researcher


    Welsh, A


    While the major uses of the catalogue continue to be its search and inventory functions, the move from card catalogue to computer has opened up new possibilities for the catalogue to create impact as a data source. This paper explores the potential of library metadata as a source for scholarly research. As Calhoun (2014) points out, machine-to-machine web services have allowed developers of websites to reuse data from booksellers and Google Books on their own sites. Theorists and practitioner...

  17. The data sprint approach: exploring the field of Digital Humanities through Amazon’s application programming interface


    David M. Berry; Borra, Erik; Helmond, Anne; Plantin, Jean-Christophe; Rettberg, Jill Walker


    This paper documents the results of an intensive "data sprint" method for undertaking data and algorithmic work using application programming interfaces (APIs), which took place during the Digital Method Initiative 2013 Winter School at the University of Amsterdam. During this data sprint, we developed a method to map the fields of Digital Humanities and Electronic Literature based on title recommendations from the largest online bookseller, Amazon, by retrieving similar purchased items from ...

  18. Development of a flexible tool for the automatic comparison of bibliographic records. Application to sample collections - Développement d'un logiciel flexible pour la comparaison de notices bibliographiques et application à différentes collections


    Borel, Alain; Krause, Jan


    Due to the multiplication of digital bibliographic catalogues (open repositories, library and bookseller catalogues), information specialists are facing the challenge of mass-processing huge amounts of metadata for various purposes. Among the many possible applications, determining the similarity between records is an important issue. Such a similarity can be interesting from a bibliographic point of view (i.e., do the records describe the same document, the answer to which can be useful for ...

  19. Development of a flexible tool for the automatic comparison of bibliographic records. Application to sample collections


    Borel, Alain; Krause, Jan Brice


    Due to the multiplication of digital bibliographic catalogues (open repositories, library and bookseller catalogues), information specialists are facing the challenge of mass-processing huge amounts of metadata for various purposes. Among the many possible applications, determining the similarity between records is an important issue. Such a similarity can be interesting from a bibliographic point of view (i.e., do the records describe the same document, the answer to which can be useful for ...

  20. Cost of a culture: Publishing practices and financial returns for fiction and nonfiction


    Morrison-Reed, Charlotte


    Changes in both the book publishing and bookselling industries are marginalizing the publication of fiction, leaving this essential facet of Canadian culture at risk. This report examines differences between the publishing of fiction and nonfiction at Canadian trade publishing houses, in an attempt to explain why nonfiction is often more financially successful than fiction. Analysis of the processes used by the publishing departments at Key Porter Books, with additional examples from Penguin ...

  1. The Role of Usability in Business-to-Business E-Commerce Systems: Predictors and Its Impact on User's Strain and Commercial Transactions


    Udo Konradt; Lüder Lückel; Thomas Ellwart


    This study examines the impact of organizational antecedences (i.e., organizational support and information policy) and technical antecedences (i.e., subjective server response time and objective server response time) to perceived usability, perceived strain, and commercial transactions (i.e. purchases) in business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. Data were gathered from a web-based study with 491 employees using e-procurement bookseller portals. Structural equation modeling results revealed pos...

  2. Semiautomatic Derivation and Use of Personal Privacy Policies in E-Business


    George Yee; Larry Korba


    The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by the growth of Internet e-business services (e.g., electronic bookseller services, electronic stock-transaction services). This proliferation of e-business services has in turn fueled the need to protect the personal privacy of e-business users or consumers. We advocate a privacy policy approach to protecting personal privacy. However, it is evident that the specification of a personal privacy policy must be as easy as possible for the consume...

  3. Book advertisements in Osijek’s 19th century newspapers


    Maja Krtalić


    The paper investigates the promotion of books through advertising in the newspapers published in Osijek in the second half of the 19th century. From late 18th century and in the course of the 19th century’s intense developments in the publishing of newspapers and journals, advertising in this medium was one of the ways to promote books. Booksellers and publishers advertised books in newspaper ads, relying on the fact that newspapers had become a common and omnipresent medium for disseminating...

  4. The geology of Australia

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    David Oldroyd


    @@ I first happened to see this book on the counter at a local bookshop, noted the price,and commented to the bookseller that at $150 I would not be thinking of buying it,though I liked the look of the book. His reply was "Well,it's an academic book, and they are very expensive these days". How true! Fortunately, I later discovered the paperback edition at less than half the price of the hardback; so I bought it and am glad that I did.

  5. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED11)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Maier, Anja; Mougaard, Krestine; Howard, Thomas J.;

    The ICED series of conferences is the Design Society's "flagship" event. ICED11 took place on August 15-18, 2011, at the campus of the Danish Technical University in Lyngby/Copenhagen, Denmark. The Proceedings of the conference are published in 10 individual volumes, arranged according to topics........ All volumes of the Proceedings may be purchased individually through Amazon and other on-line booksellers. For members of the Design Society, all papers are available on this website. The Programme and Abstract Book is publically available for download....

  6. Trade in French books in Zagreb: 1796-1823

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jasna Tingle


    Full Text Available The intention of this paper is to contribute to the picture of the book trade in Zagreb in the late 18th and early19th century. The objectives of the research were to find out which booksellers’ catalogues were available in Croatian capital Zagreb in that period and to illustrate the conclusions that can be drawn from the information gathered by focusing on a narrow topic: trade in French books in a particular period. A focus on French books was inspired by the importance of French culture in Europe of that time. The research included eight available catalogues published by three prominent Zagreb-based booksellers between 1796 and 1823. The resources were observed and their contents, format and internal organisation described which was followed by comparative analysis of 245 French titles indexed in these catalogues. Conclusions have been suggested about the availability of French books in Zagreb as well as pricing policy and other practices of the booksellers of that time. Possible contribution to book history in Croatia is not only in the results but also in the type of analysis performed.

  7. 图书馆业务外包存在问题的博弈论分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    博弈论是研究具有斗争或竞争性质现象的理论和方法。用博弈论分析图书馆业务外包中存在的问题,找到解决问题的关键,达到图书馆与书商互利双赢的目的.从而促进高校图书馆的和谐发展。%Game theory is to study the nature of a struggle or competition, the phenomenon of the theory and method. Game theory analysis on Outsourcing library problems, find solutions to key issues, libraries and booksellers to reach the purpose of mutual benefit

  8. 图书馆外文编目外包的质量控制%The Quality Control of Outsourcing of Foreign Language Cataloging of Library

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Outsourcing of foreign language cataloging not only has the same trouble with outsourcing of Chinese language cataloging, but also has its unique trouble. To overcoming the trouble, University library and bookseller need cooperation. .In the cooperation, they need signing the contract, training the outsourcing staff, controlling the cataloging quality, communicating timely.%外文编目外包不仅具有与中文编目外包同样问题,也因为外文编目的特殊性,也有其独特的问题,为了克服这些问题,需要图书馆和书商的共同努力。在合作中,签订切实可行的合同、做好培训工作、审校人员严格把好质量关,有问题及时进行沟通。

  9. Anatole Louis Garraux e o comércio de livros franceses em São Paulo (1860-1890 Anatole Louis Garraux and the trade of French books in São Paulo (1860-1890

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marisa Midori Deaecto


    Full Text Available O presente artigo busca recuperar o papel de Anatole Louis Garraux na promoção do comércio de livros franceses em São Paulo. Negociante natural de Paris, instalou-se na capital paulistana em 1860, vindo a se tornar o maior livreiro da cidade nas últimas décadas do século. Entre o processo de instalação da Casa Garraux e sua consagração no meio intelectual citadino, descobrimos que foram variados os seus empreendimentos e suas relações com o comércio franco-brasileiro. Todas, porém, situam-se no período de expansão do comércio de bens de consumo importados. Nesse sentido, o problema da circulação do livro será abordado na perspectiva de expansão do capitalismo editorial francês e das condições de consumo de livros existentes na capital.This article approaches some aspects of the bookseller Anatole Louis Garraux and the environment of the French publishing market in São Paulo. A French businessmen that came to this city in 1860, he became its biggest bookseller in the end of 19th century. Between the foundation of Casa Garraux and his recognition by city's intellectuals, we have found out his business had been become diversified in French-Brazilian trade. All of them, however, are located in time of international trade expansion of consumer goods. On this way, book will be approached by the point of view of Publishing Capitalism expansion and the consumption potential observed in the city.

  10. 图书采购招标报价的影响因素及控制措施%Influence Factors and Control Measures of the Quotation of the Book Acquisition Tendering

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    图书采购招标已成为当前高校图书馆文献资源建设的重点工作之一,图书采购招标报价的合理程度将直接影响文献资源建设的质量。目前在图书采购招标报价过程中,保证金、书商承诺、书商与出版社的合作、采书方式、采书量分配等因素均会影响书商的招标报价和折扣。因此,图书馆应从标段的选择、保证金缴纳、合同违约条款制定、报价方法的选择及承诺兑现的监督和执行等方面对图书采购招标报价加以控制,以确保图书的采购质量。%Currently,the book acquisition tendering becomes the key point of the literature resource construction in university libraries.The reasonable quotation will have much to do with the quality of the literature resource construction.In the quotation process of the book acquisition tendering,there are some factors influencing the quotation and discount of the bidding,such as the margin,the commitment of booksellers,the cooperation between booksellers and publishers,the purchasing way,the allocation of purchasing quantity,and so on.Therefore,libraries should control the quotation of the book acquisition tendering in the selection of the bidding section,the payment of margin,the formulation of default clauses in the contract,the selection of quotation methods,the supervision and execution of the commitment,so as to ensure the purchasing quality.

  11. The e-book phenomenon: a disruptive technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tom D. Wilson


    Full Text Available The emergence of the e-book as a major phenomenon in the publishing industry is of interest, world-wide. The English language market, with as the major player in the market may have dominated attention, but the e-book has implications for many other languages and book markets. The pre-e-book publishing world can be seen as a system in which authors delivered texts to publishers, who evaluated, edited, printed and distributed the published text to bookshops and thence to libraries and individual readers. This process has been going on since Gutenberg’s re-invention of movable type in about 1439 (following its original invention in China in the 9th century, and the use of metallic type in Korea in 1234, in other words, for about the past 550 years. The invention of movable type was an instance of a disruptive technology: eventually putting monastic scribes out of business altogether. Similarly, the e-book has the potential to disrupt the processes for the production, distribution and use of authorial texts, and is already in the process of doing so. First, the phenomenon of self-publishing has emerged as a serious contender to the more formal process; secondly, publishers may derive significant economic benefit from the reduction in printing and distribution costs, as well as the ability to sell directly to the consumer through their own Websites; thirdly, the impact on booksellers may result in a further reduction in the number of independent stores – a decline already in process as a result of online bookselling; fourthly, user demand is resulting in libraries wrestling with the problems of how to manage e-books within their collection development and management processes; and, finally, the behaviour of readers is changing as the devices available for using e-books become more numerous and cheaper. Only someone blessed with absolute certainty in forecasting the future can know exactly how things will change, but there is little

  12. A multi-agent conversational system with heterogeneous data sources access

    KAUST Repository

    Eisman, Eduardo M.


    In many of the problems that can be found nowadays, information is scattered across different heterogeneous data sources. Most of the natural language interfaces just focus on a very specific part of the problem (e.g. an interface to a relational database, or an interface to an ontology). However, from the point of view of users, it does not matter where the information is stored, they just want to get the knowledge in an integrated, transparent, efficient, effective, and pleasant way. To solve this problem, this article proposes a generic multi-agent conversational architecture that follows the divide and conquer philosophy and considers two different types of agents. Expert agents are specialized in accessing different knowledge sources, and decision agents coordinate them to provide a coherent final answer to the user. This architecture has been used to design and implement SmartSeller, a specific system which includes a Virtual Assistant to answer general questions and a Bookseller to query a book database. A deep analysis regarding other relevant systems has demonstrated that our proposal provides several improvements at some key features presented along the paper.

  13. Księgarnia i Biblioteka do Czytania Tomasza Szumskiego

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artur Jazdon


    Full Text Available Tomasz Szumski, hitherto known in the literature as a secondary school teacher and the author of textbooks, was also the owner of a bookshop and a lending library attached to it. Both were in operation between 1809 and 1824. Their establishment was apparently effected by a deliberate wish to create an establishment that would counterbalance the influence of German bookshops in the town and would offer Polish and foreign literature (mainly French to as wide circles of readers as possible. Additionally, it was intended to be a bookshop that would provide support to the general public with selling textbooks and assigned reading texts for youths. For Szumski himself, the bookshop was also a source of considerable extra income. Szumski’s intention was to sell as much of the current publishing output from Warsaw, Cracow, Lvov, Wrocław (then Breslau and Vilna as possible. He also provided subscriptions to a great number of titles of newspapers and periodicals. He did not neglect the marketing issues involved in his line of business and published numerous book catalogues and kept the press well informed about his new acquisitions. In terms of its size, the bookshop was not a big place and, at the time of its forced closure effected by an administrative writ issued by the German authorities, nearly 2,500 titles were on offer. Following its closure it was repossessioned and bought by the German bookseller Ernst S. Mittler.

  14. Advertising books: a linguistic analysis of blurbs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mª Lluïsa Gea Valor


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to present a preliminary approach to the study of blurbs, brief texts traditionally displayed on bookcovers, and nowadays also on the Internet, which provide information about a book to potential readers. This study focuses on four of the most widelyknown publishing and bookselling companies in the English-speaking world: Penguin, Ballantine, Routledge, and Barnes & Noble, and analyses more than 60 blurbs displayed on their web sites. The study indicates that blurbs may constitute a genre characterised by a definite communicative purpose and by the use of specific linguistic and discourse conventions. Blurbs perform an informative function based on the description of the contents of a book. But this function is secondary to their persuasive purpose, characteristic of advertising discourse, because blurbs recommend the book by means of review extracts from various sources in an attempt to persuade the prospective reader to buy the "product." In order to achieve their communicative purpose, blurbs make use of a wide range of linguistic and discourse conventions typical of advertising discourse: complimenting, elliptical syntactic patterns, the imperative, the address form "you," and what I have called "curiosity arousers," usually in the form of rhetorical questions and excerpts from the book.

  15. La Librería de Juan Polo en Murcia a mediados del siglo XVIII Juan Polo's library in Murcia in the middle of the XVIII Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amparo García Cuadrado


    Full Text Available A través del análisis del inventario de los bienes dejados a su muerte por el librero Juan Polo, junto a la utilización de otras fuentes archivísticas, se retrata el perfil vital y las actividades desarrolladas por este profesional del libro en la Murcia de mediados del siglo XVIII. La trascripción e identificación de los libros y otros impresos menores reseñados en el inventario y, sobre todo, la cuantía de ejemplares por título ha permitido abordar el tipo de clientela de la librería y la aceptación o el éxito de determinados productos editoriales, siempre en consonancia con unas necesidades prácticas, formativas o recreativas y con unos hábitos lectores fácilmente reconocibles.The profile and activities carried out by the bookseller Juan Polo during the XVIII century are analyzed through the inventory of assets and other archival sources which remained after his death. The identification and transcription of books and other minor works recorded in the inventory, and above all the quantity of existing copies of each title, allow us to also depict the profile of regular clients, and to assess the degree of success attained by certain publishing products. Practical, recreational or educational needs were also kept in mind in order to acknowledge easily recognizable reader's habits.

  16. E-book Reader Devices and Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pažur, I.


    Full Text Available Most library studies thematically related to electronic books don't consider readers of electronic books. Only in recent years librarians conduct studies in which they want to find out readers' opinions about the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of reading using e-readers, as well as their possible application in the libraries.User studies of e-readers have shown that their opinion is generally positive, but great attachment to traditional books is still present, e-readers are still seen only as an additional tool for reading. Sony with its e-reader (the latest Reader model Daily and Reader Store online bookstore ( the only one who cooperate with libraries and has made lending electronic books possible. Cooperation was launched in 2009th,and the New York Public Library was the first library that offered such a service.Cooperation between Sony and libraries, indicates clearly what the near future could be if other online booksellers / publishers begin to follow the model of lending e-books through the libraries over the network. However it is possible that a large online bookstores / publishers consider that the further price reduction of e-readers and electronic books will constantly increase their sales, and in that case lending e-books will be unnecessary.Are the libraries ready for this scenario?

  17. Emergence of Unexpected Factors and Countermeasures in Cataloging Outsourcing%编目外包中意外因素的出现及对策

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Cataloging outsourcing is the development trend of library work in colleges and universities, which saves library catalogers time, improves cataloging efficiency and strengthens core services of library, while cataloging outsourcing does not imply perfection and idealization of library cataloging work. Cataloging outsourcing is cooperation between booksellers and libraries, and there will be some unexpected factors in practical cooperation, which impacts the service quality of cataloging outsourcing and hamper its healthy development. Countermeasures were proposed in this article to the issue of the emergence of unexpected factors during cooperation.%编目外包是高校图书馆工作发展的趋势,编目外包节省了图书馆编目人员的时间,提高了编目工作效率和强化了图书馆的核心服务。由于编目外包是书商与图书馆的合作,在实际合作中会出现一些意外的因素,影响着编目外包后的服务质量,阻碍了编目外包事业的健康发展。对合作中出现意外因素的问题,本文提出解决对策。

  18. Book advertisements in Osijek’s 19th century newspapers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maja Krtalić


    Full Text Available The paper investigates the promotion of books through advertising in the newspapers published in Osijek in the second half of the 19th century. From late 18th century and in the course of the 19th century’s intense developments in the publishing of newspapers and journals, advertising in this medium was one of the ways to promote books. Booksellers and publishers advertised books in newspaper ads, relying on the fact that newspapers had become a common and omnipresent medium for disseminating information. Book advertisements were evidence of the position of books in relation to other aspects of culture and society, of the approach to their promotion and, finally, of the importance of book promotion. In order to investigate how and how much book ads were present, and how Croatian books were promoted and reached the readership, the paper analyses daily and monthly publications, such as Esseker allgemeine illustrierte Zeitung from 1869, Die Drau from 1968 to 1877, and Branislav from 1878. Among the eleven different papers published in the second half of the 19th century in Osijek, these were selected for their content, as they were the first illustrated newspapers (Esseker allgemeine illustrierte Zeitung. The investigation focused on the influence of the newly emerged illustrated press and on the influence of the newspapers published in Croatian language (Branislav, as a possible tool for spreading and promotion of Croatian books. Another focus was on the influence of continued publication and on the growth of a steady readership (Die Drau. The papers were analysed with the aim to locate book advertisements which were then subjected to content analysis. Also provided is a brief overview of the book production and publication in Croatia and in Osijek at the time, and an overview of the emergence of newspapers in Osijek with a brief account of the titles selected for study in order to gain an insight into the context in which book ads appeared. It

  19. “Advertising War” of Fiction Market in the Late Qing Dynasty---A Case Study of Newspaper Fiction Advertisement%晚清小说市场的“广告战”--以晚清报载小说广告为中心

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘颖慧; 张明


    在晚清小说的市场发展过程中,此起彼伏的降价、促销活动,书局之间的竞争倾轧,以及书局与不法书商的盗版斗争,对于促进小说市场的有序化都有重要贡献。经过多次降价促销,以及盗版市场的利润瓜分,晚清小说的书价已经大大降低至老百姓能够接受的程度。这一时期小说市场的竞争一方面使得西方石印技术迅速推广,为新小说的出版传播提供了技术上的准备;另一方面,也致使小说读者群迅速扩大,为近代小说的繁荣做好了准备。%In the development of fiction market in the late Qing Dynasty, numerous price cuts, promotions, competitions among different bookstores, as well as their fights against piracy with unscrupulous booksellers have contributed greatly to the orderly fiction market.After rounds of competition, the prices of the late Qing fiction had been evidently reduced to the extent afford-able to people in general.Moreover, the fiction market competition, on the one hand, helped to promote the Western lithogra-phy technology, which provided a technical support for publishing and distributing new fiction.On the other hand, it expanded the scope of fiction readers due to its much lower prices.All above made a good preparation for the prosperity of the modern fic-tion.

  20. La satisfacción de uso de los dispositivos e-reader en una muestra de estudiantes universitarios españoles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Navarro-Molina, Carolina


    Full Text Available The use of scholarly electronic books is still limited in the context of universities, due to the users’ need to spend a longer time reading and the existence of usability and interface design problems. This work will assess users’ satisfaction with e-readers, the most frequent type of readings done on them, and the level of users’ knowledge, use and satisfaction with the university libraries’ digital collections. To this end, a digital survey was developed and sent to students of those public universities in Spain that offered a degree in Information Sciences during the academic year 2012-2013. Results show that, in spite of the extended use of e-readers, the computer is still the most used device for reading and consulting scholarly electronic books.El consumo de libros científicos electrónicos es aún muy reducido en el ámbito universitario, debido en parte a la necesidad de realizar una lectura de trabajo durante más tiempo y a problemas de usabilidad y de diseño de las interfaces. En este trabajo se aborda el grado de satisfacción de uso del e-reader, el tipo de lecturas que se realizan en estos dispositivos y el nivel de conocimiento, uso y satisfacción con la colección digital de las bibliotecas universitarias. Para ello se ha realizado una encuesta digital dirigida a estudiantes de las universidades públicas españolas que durante el curso 2012-2013 impartieron docencia en el Grado de Información y Documentación. Los resultados muestran que pese a que el uso del e-reader está muy extendido, el ordenador sigue siendo el dispositivo más empleado para la lectura y consulta del libro científico digital.

  1. Creating Cohesive Community Through Shared Reading: A Case Study of One Book Nova Scotia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alyssa Harder


    Full Text Available One Book Nova Scotia is described on the program’s website as “a province-wide community reading event for adults.” Formally programmed events have included the book announcement and launch, a series of author readings, and book discussions, both face to face and through Twitter. This paper analyzes the success of the One Book Nova Scotia program in achieving its goals of developing a reading culture and community in the province of Nova Scotia based on the findings of a participant survey, distributed in both 2012 and 2013, and an analysis of the 2013 Twitter discussion. This analysis reveals that participants tended to be well-educated females, aged 50-59, and often employed in libraries, bookselling or publishing, or news media. The goal of developing or participating in a reading community was a compelling motivator for many respondents. Although many respondents indicated their desire to be part of a reading community, Twitter was not proven to be an effective forum for fostering conversation or debate related to One Book Nova Scotia. Building on the analysis, the paper concludes with some recommendations to improve the effectiveness of future programs. These recommendations include the selection of a book with strong regional connections, an expansion of publicity methods, an increase in lead time between the announcement of the book title and the start of programming, and a more strategic use of Twitter as a discussion forum. Although these recommendations arise from the specific analysis of the One Book Nova Scotia reading program, they are general enough to apply to other One Book, One Community programs.

  2. Reading Words and Images in the Description(s of Sir John Soane’s Museum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danielle S. Willkens


    Full Text Available In the 18th and early 19th centuries, London was a city filled with cabinets of curiosity, 'lusus naturae', and bourgeoning public museums. Most of these institutions publicized their holdings through newspaper advertisements, leaflets, and self-published, descriptive catalogs that were available for purchase on-site and through booksellers. Using Soane’s Museum as a case study, this paper will move beyond historiographical analysis of individual objects in collections catalogs to probe how the museum-produced guidebooks depicted spatial arrangements. Citing examples from the 19th to twenty-first centuries, this paper will examine how the curator-produced descriptions of Soane’s Museum manipulated text and graphics to guide visitors through a constructed narrative, recreated the ephemeral experiences of the museum, and advertise the site’s unparalleled union of painting, sculpture, and architecture to audiences abroad. Soane’s 'Description of the House and Museum, on the North Side of Lincoln‘s Inn-Fields, the Residence of Sir John Soane' (privately printed 1830, 1832; revised 1835 paired spatial narratives with the architectural language of orthographic projection and perspective engravings. His 'Description' set forth an agenda about the museum’s arrangement and established a compositional strategy for subsequent editions of the guidebook, renamed the 'General Description' in the editions printed between 1840 and 1930 then rebranded as the 'New Description' by Summerson in 1955. Through the study of the changing written and visual language published in the guides by the curators of Soane’s Museum, this article will examine the changing character of the visitor experience at the museum and question the form of future editions.

  3. 圖書線上資訊交換標準之探究 A Study of ONIX for Books

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ho-Chin Chen


    Full Text Available 由於網路購書的與起,出版社與批發商、零售商、書店之間,為了圖書資訊的快遠流通,越來越需要通用標準,ONIX圖書線上資訊交換標準遂應運而生。與另一電子書標準OeBF相比,OeBF著墨於電子書內容的標準規範,而ONIX則強調於資料的著錄與交換。本文即從ONIX的起源開始,介紹ONlX標準的發展與現況,並觀察圖書館界對此標準的反應。目前ONIX已成為出版社與網路書店間的溝通橋樑,並已完成ONIX與MARC間的對應,未來若能解決ONIX轉換成MARC而缺少權威控制的問題,將可簡化圖書館技術工作的負荷,並豐富書目記錄的內容。Since the Internet has grown as a popular place to buy books, the publishers need badly a standard format that can use to distribute electronic information about their books to wholesale and retail booksellers, and anyone else involved in the sale of books. ONIX,stands for Online Information eXchange, is one of such standard formats. This article describes the background and development of ONIX, also explores the library's role in the mapping from ONIX to MARC.

  4. Quantitative Analysis of University Library Booksellers’ Bibliographies%图书馆中标书商征订书目质量的定量分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    史艳芬; 刘悦如


    It is very important of Collection quality control for the sustainable development of the library collection construction. Bookseller’s Bibliographies is an important factor affecting for the quality of library collection. The paper uses empirical research methods to quantitative analysis the four major Booksellers’ bibliographies, and chooses some aspects to comparative analysis, such as the total varieties, classiifcation varieties, the rate of new books during the month, the rate of issue books, the rate of forecast new books, the coverage of core press, etc. This paper compares and analyzes the library bibliographic quality suppliers, to seek effective strategies to improve the quality of the bookseller bibliography, so as to achieve the goal of improve the quality of Chinese book acquisition.%馆藏质量控制对图书馆馆藏建设的可持续发展具有相当重要的意义,中标书商新书征订目录是影响馆藏质量的重要因素。文章运用实证研究的方法,以图书馆中标书商的征订书目为研究样本,从书目总品种、分类品种、当月新书率、往期新书率、预告新书率、核心出版社覆盖率等方面进行对比分析,为图书馆招标挖掘优质书目供应商,寻求提高书商书目质量的有效策略,从而达到提高中文图书采购质量的目的。

  5. De aankoop van de menagerie van Cornelis van Aken door het Amsterdamse genootschap ‘Natura Artis Magistra’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pieter Smit


    Full Text Available

    The Amsterdam Society 'Natura Artis Magistra' and their acquisition of the menagerie owned by Cornelis van Aken

    The Amsterdam Society 'Natura Artis Magistra' was established in 1838 by Amsterdam citizens among whom the bookseller Frederik Westerman (1807-1890 was the driving force. The two main aims of the society were to set up a zoo and to study all objects from nature. The acquisition of the animals for the zoo is the subject of this article.

    During the eighteenth and nineteenth century exotic animals were exhibited at country fairs. One of Europe's largest collection of such exotic animals was owned by the Dutchman Cornelis van Aken. He travelled all over Europe to show them, but as he heard from the Society's plan for a zoo, he immediately offered his animals for sale.

    Negotiations between the Society and Van Aken took almost a year, but finally at the end of November 1839 the animals arrived in Amsterdam. Among them were an elephant, lions, tigers, monkeys, all kinds of birds, snakes etcetera, in total over a hundred animals.

    Van Aken was appointed as 'custos'. This appeared to be a failure, as he started drinking and did not look after the animals properly. In spite of all efforts of his wife together with the Society he had to be sacked only one and a half year later. Cornelis van Aken died in 1844, his animals were the foundation for the still existing Amsterdam Zoo 'Artis'.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreja Zubac


    Full Text Available AbstractPurpose: The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of research on the presence of the electronic book on the book market, its trends and developments as well as point towards the difficulties faced by all professions related to it in the countries of the European Community.Methodology / approach: This paper analyzes the domestic and foreign literature and explores the websites of companies that operate with e-books in order to get an overview of the actual state of business operations in the states mentioned in the text.Results: The emergence of the first online bookstores in the United States in the 20th century paved the way for the electronic book to enter the online market. Today, the e-book is an integral part of publishing, book trade and library activities worldwide. Economic indicators testify to a constant growth of revenues from the sale of electronic books on the book market and technology in the U.S. and Europe. This paper provides an explanation of the term electronic book and indicates the interest of many countries for its acquisition and application in order to keep up with the technological demands of the market.Research restrictions: E-book trends and business operations related to them are constantly changing. In terms of librarianship, this is most visible in public libraries as both one of the customers and as later distributors of e-books to users. In their business, new models constantly emerge together with their combinations and approaches to offering these new media.The originality: The issue of business operations in relation to the e-book is interesting to young people, libraries, publishers, authors, booksellers, etc.Contribution: This paper provides an overview of the most recent situation on the e-book market and can serve as the basis of some future researches.

  7. Editorial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoran Velagić


    Full Text Available This issue of Libellarium features papers based on the presentations from the 2nd Publishing trends and contexts conference which took place in Pula, Croatia, on 8-9 December 2014. All papers were subject to evaluation and classification by two independent reviewers, according to the journal’s editorial policy. The conference gathered a group of experts from prominent European universities from England, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Slovenia and Croatia–the details are available on the conference web site: The papers published in this volume concentrate on four main problems: new possibilities for publishers, booksellers and authors caused by the introduction of digital technologies in the publishing processes, models used in the digital environment, teaching publishing at the university level, and finally, the status of publishing studies as an emerging scholarly discipline. The first part features five papers. Tom D. Wilson in E-books: the publishers’ dilemma reports on a study of publishers’ attitudes towards e-books in three countries: Sweden, Lithuania and Croatia, showing a great contrast between the rise of the e-book in English speaking countries and those of small languages. Elena Maceviciute, Birgitta Wallin and Kersti Nilsson (Book selling and e-books in Sweden address the issue of the understanding of the book-selling situation in Sweden, by answering three crucial questions: how Swedish booksellers see the impact of e-books on their business, how and why they adopt and develop e-book sales, and what they perceive as barriers to e-book selling. Interestingly, the results have shown that the Swedish booksellers do not feel their business is threatened by e-books. In E-book aggregators: new services in electronic publishing Tomislav Jakopec investigates e-book aggregators as new services in electronic publishing, showing that e-book aggregation exists

  8. De Paris à Lyon. Les mutations éditoriales du «Lancelot du Lac»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gaëlle Burg


    Full Text Available Lancelot du Lac est le premier roman arthurien imprimé à la Renais­sance. Dans sa première édition parue en 1488, qui réunit deux imprimeurs (Jean Le Bourgeois à Rouen et Jean Du Pré à Paris, un découpage et un prologue inédits sont ajoutés par le remanieur. Le texte sera réédité six fois par divers imprimeurs-libraires parisiens jusqu’en 1533. L’édition de luxe d’Antoine Vérard (1494, destinée au roi Charles VIII, présente d’importantes modifications effectuées dans un but commercial. Après une longue période d’accalmie qui signe le début du déclin de la vogue des romans de chevalerie médiévaux, Benoît Rigaud publie à Lyon, sous une forme considérablement abrégée, la dernière édition connue du Lancelot au XVIe siècle (1591. Si elle ne présente que peu d’intérêt littéraire, elle apporte cependant des informations concernant les pratiques éditoriales et les goûts du  lecteur de la fin du XVIe siècle. De Paris à Lyon, entre renaissance et déclin, le parcours éditorial d’un incontournable roman arthurien.Lancelot du Lac is the editio princeps of an Arthurian romance in Renaissance France. The first edition in 1488, which brings together two printers (Jean Le Bourgeois from Rouen and Jean Du Pré from Paris, offers original arrangement and prologue added by the compositor. The text will be published six times by various printers and booksellers in Paris until 1533. The luxurious edition from Antoine Vérard (1494 dedicated to King Charles VIII provides interesting transformations in commercial purposes. After a long time without edition, showing the beginning of chivalry literature’s decline, Benoît Rigaud publish in Lyon, in a greatly abbreviated form, the last known edition of Lancelot in the XVIth century (1591. If it presents no literary interest, it provides nevertheless informations about editorial practices and reader’s tastes from the end of Renaissance France. From Paris to

  9. For the relief of man’s state or the advancement of national interests? The perception of brazilian nature at the service of nations and humanity in the writings of 18th century travelers - doi: 10.4025/dialogos.v14i2.465 For the relief of man’s state or the advancement of national interests? La percepción de la naturaleza brasileña alservicio de las naciones y de la humanidad en los escritos de los viajeros del siglo XVIII For the relief of Man’s state or the advancement of national interests? A percepção da natureza brasileira ao serviço das nações e da humanidade nos escritos dos viajantes do século XVIII - 10.4025/dialogos.v14i2.465

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ângela Domingues


    Full Text Available The text presented herein aims to expand the traditional frontiers of Portuguese and Brazilian historiographies, by proposing a rethinking of Brazil in a realm that goes beyond Atlantic history or studies. Thus, my predominant object of analysis as a source of information are the documents produced by foreign travelers in the Atlantic, whose testimonies I regard as an essential and precious documental repository. I emphasize my approach viewpoint in the descriptions of Brazil throughout 18th century Europe, disseminated through printed copies. This information circulated thanks to a complex structure, consisting of travelers, sailors, businessmen in transit, who became authors of reports and storytellers; by editors, booksellers, engravers, draftsmen, all of whom contributed efficiently to spread the ideals associated with the Century of Lights and to open the Old World to other lands, different seas, new peoples and products.El texto que presento pretende expandir las tradicionales fronteras de las historiografías portuguesa y brasileña, en la medida en que se propone repensar a Brasil en un ámbito que va más allá de la historia atlántica o de los estudios atlánticos. Por lo tanto, mi objeto de análisis predominante son los documentos producidos por viajeros extranjeros que circularon por el Atlántico, fuente documental única y preciosa. Enfatizo mi universo de abordaje en las descripciones de Brasil que llegaban a la Europa del setecientos, diseminadas a través de impresos. Esta información circulaba gracias a una compleja estructura, constituida por viajeros, marineros, hombres de negocios en tránsito, convertidos en autores de relatos y contadores de historias; por editores, libreros, grabadores, impresores y dibujantes que contribuían eficazmente en la difusión de los ideales asociados al Siglo de las Luces y para la apertura del Viejo Mundo a otras tierras, a diferentes mares, a nuevas gentes y productos.O texto que

  10. Textual Research on the Editions' Origin and Circulation of Yizong Baojing (Master's Precious Mirror of Medicine)%《医宗宝镜》版本源流考辨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王涛; 朱德明


    [Objective] Make textual research on the version origin of Yizong Baojing. [Method] Take the Lingyunlou carving copy of Yizong Baojing in Jiaqing Wuwu year(1798) of Qing Dynasty as the master copy, and lithographic copy of Shanghai Feiying Publishing House in the end of Qing Dynasty as the main checked copy, in the same time, take lithographic copies of Shanghai Wenruilou and Shanghai Jinzhang Publishing House in Minguo Times as reference copies, make careful investigation to many wondering points on version origin of the book, point out the problems and make serious comparison and analysis.[Result]Yizong Baojing was firstly carved in Jiaqing Wuwu year 3(1798) of Qing Dynasty, and published by Lingyunlou, thus came the Lingyunlou carving copy in Jiaqing Wuwu year(1798) of Qing Dynasty; to the end of Qing Dynasty, it was issued lithographical y by Shanghai Feiying Publishing House referring to the primary carving copy, then published by Shanghai Wenruilou, i.e. the lithographic copy of Shanghai Feiying Publishing House. This book is combined by many predecessors'medical books, very possibly from booksel ers or merchant of literature.[Conclusion]The study on the version origin of Yizong Baojing offers basic foundation for offspring's col ecting and studying the book, helpful to ancient TCM books protection and u-tilization, as wel as the development of TCM undertaking.%[目的]对《医宗宝镜》的版本源流情况进行考证。[方法]以《医宗宝镜》“清嘉庆三年戊午(1798)凌云楼刻本”为底本,以“清末上海蜚英书局石印本”为主校本,同时以“民国上海文瑞楼石印本”及“民国上海锦章书局石印本”为参校本,对该书版本源流情况的诸多疑惑之处进行认真调研,指出尚存问题,并认真比较分析。[结果]《医宗宝镜》初刻于清嘉庆三年戊午(1798),由凌云楼梓行,是为“清嘉庆三年戊午(1798)凌云楼刻本”;至清末先由上海蜚

  11. Translation and Evolution: The Historical Transmission of Culture through Artificial Selection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davi S. Gonçalves


    the acceptance of an innovation” (Cavalli-Sforza, 182, our contemporary “authoritarian chief forces” have been shaping cultural evolution through translation by deciding what discourses deserve full attention and what are the ones that should be marginalised – generally for threatening what is designed to be taken for granted. The economy of book-selling does not depend on “improving” human culture but on reinforcing anything it might already have taken as natural – notwithstanding its possible and probable ideological, social, and political drawbacks for human cultural evolution in the long-term picture. It seems that any dispassionate and unprejudiced conceptualisation of both genetic and cultural evolution is liable to call for a research tool capable of surpassing mistaken assumptions on supposed evolutionary superiorities and inferiorities – e.g. Hitler’s repulsive appropriation of Darwin’s concept of the survival of the fittest. In this sense I can only hope this article to become one more piece for the panorama of cultural transmission through translation in the process of cultural evolution to be ultimately devised.

  12. E-Book Discovery and Use Behaviour is Complex. A review of: Rowland, Ian, David Nicholas, Hamid R. Jamali, and Paul Huntington. “What do Faculty and Students Really Think about E-books?” Aslib Proceedings: New Information Perspectives; 59.6 (2007: 489-511.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suzanne Lewis


    behaviour emerging from this study, will be of interest to publishers, booksellers and