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  1. New Weapons in the War on Malaria

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Evidence showing the large impact of malaria on Tanzanians' health has provided ... accounted for 30% of the years of life lost to death and ... “We reported to the Ministry that IMCI would not work if ... To assuage parents' fears, practitioners in community ... According to Dr Kasale, communities have long understood.

  2. Õhuloss kuristiku kohal / Raul Sulbi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sulbi, Raul


    Arvustus: Pelevin, Viktor. Sinine latern / vene keelest tõlkinud Vladimir Indrikson. Tallinn : Atlantis, 2002 ; Pelevin, Viktor. Omon Ra ; Generation "P" / vene keelest tõlkinud Maiga Varik. Tallinn : Varrak, 2002

  3. Seks on parem kui Pelevin / Vaapo Vaher

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaher, Vaapo, 1945-


    Tutvustus: Pelevin, Viktor. Libalooma Püha Raamat / tõlkinud Maiga Varik. Tallinn : Varrak, 2011 ; Weber, Andreas. Kõik me tunneme / tõlkinud Krista Räni. Tallinn : Varrak, 2011 ; Vella, Juri. Järvetuul / tõlkinud Art Leete. Tallinn : Varrak, 2011

  4. USA võtab hoogu maha / Tarvo Vaarmets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaarmets, Tarvo


    Pärast riiklike soodustuste lõppu koduostjatele on USA-s vähenenud kinnisvara soetamine, jaemüüjate käive langes juunis võrreldes maiga 0,5%. USA keskpanga presidendi Ben Bernanke hinnangul on USA majandus ebatavaliselt ebamäärane

  5. 2650-IJBCS-Article-Tapsoba Fidèle Wend Benedo

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    3Ministère de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable,. Laboratoire National ..... microorganismes aquatiques en particulier des ... lumière (Maiga et al., 2007). En effet, selon plusieurs auteurs, même lorsque des facteurs limitants de la productivité primaire (azote, phosphore) sont satisfaits, la production primaire ...

  6. Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda by Véronique Tadjo as the First Travelogue in the Francophone African Literatures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nina D. Lyakhovskaya


    Full Text Available This essay focuses on the genre of travelogue that was new to the African Francophone literatures. The analysis of the novel In the Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda (2000 by the Ivorian writer Véronique Tadjo is a standpoint of my polemics with the con- cept of travelogue and its distinctive features defined by Maiga Abubakarom Abdulvakhidu in his PhD dissertation Africa in French and Russian Travelogues (A. Gide and N. Gumilev (2016. The author of the dissertation considers travelogues to be a “composite” form. One part is documentary-biographical with the obligatory chronotope of the way, stops, and personal impressions of the travelers (Gide’s travel notes about his travels to Tunisia, Sahara, Congo, lake Chad, Egyptian Diaries, etc.; Gumilev’s travel notes about Abyssinia, African Diaries, and letters. The second part is fictional (Gide’s prose poem “The Fruits of the Earth” and his novel Immoralist; Gumilev’s tales and poems from his turn-of-the-century collections such as The Tent, The Quiver, and The Fire. Tadjo’s book, in contrast to these travelogues, represents a solid form that combines documentary and biographical prose (containing the chronotope of the way and stops in the places of the tragic death of tutsi, the victims of the hutu genocide in 1994 with fiction (mini-novellas with fictional characters. Maiga claims that the latter is never neutral and is usually structured as a comparison of “one’s own” and the “other” culture. Moreover, the representative of “one’s own” culture is usually also the representative of the normal strand. In Maiga’s concept, however, an essential property of travelogues such as personal motivation of the travelogue author is marginalized. This property defines a motif that gives its solid form to the travelogue. In Tadjo’s travelogue, this is compassion for the genocide victims in Rwanda and the author’s indignation with the indifference of the