Sample records for blizhajshej zony chaes

  1. Mossen en vaatplanten op dood beukenhout in bosreservaat Kersselaerspleyn (Zoniënwoud, Vlaanderen)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dort, van K.W.; Hees, van A.F.M.


    In het Belgische bosreservaat Kersselaerspleyn (Zoniënwoud) is de vegetatie op 201 dode beukenstammen opgenomen. Uit deze inventarisatie blijkt dat de dode beukenbomen een belangrijk substraat zijn voor veel planten. Het aantal plantensoorten op de dode beukenstammen neemt toe met de diameter en het

  2. Legitimacy of private police in developed, emerging, and transitional economies / Mahesh K. Nalla, Sheila R. Maxwell, Chae M. Mamayek

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nalla, Mahesh K.


    Elanike madalast usaldusest riigivõimu vastu ja sellest tulenevalt suuremast vajadusest erateenuste järele. Uuringust kõrge ja madala demokraatlikkusega riikidest ning usaldusest erapolitsei ja riiklike turvateenuste vastu

  3. Model' tovarnyh potokov jeksklavnogo regiona: v poiskah renty «perehodnogo perioda» osoboj jekonomicheskoj zony

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gareev T. R.


    Full Text Available This article focuses on a commodity flow model for an exclave region (CFMER. The CFMER development is aimed at identifying aggregate proportions of the exclave’s economy in the transitional period of the special economic zone (SEZ functioning. The key method of analysis is the comparison of data on the generation of gross regional product and regional foreign economic activities (including export and import of goods and moving goods from/into the Kaliningrad region to other Russian regions. It results in a conceptual CFMER, which is assessed as of 2011. The availability of additional — as compared to a regular region — data on commodity flows in the framework of the SEZ transitional period makes it possible to identify structural disproportions in the economy. It is shown that the introduction of the SEZ transitional period did not result in a change in the conceptual model of the regional economy’s functioning merely increasing the opportunities for rent extraction. The authors predict structural imbalances in the exclave economy at the microlevel, in particular, the article analyses the conceptual model of rent extraction in the SEZ transitional period. The CFMER can be used for forecasting the development of exclave’s economy under different scenarios of the evolution of SEZ in the Kaliningrad region.

  4. Morfologija kristala i rentgenografske osobitosti brazilijanita s različitih lokaliteta


    Čobić, Andrea; Zebec, Vladimir; Scholz, Ricardo; Bermanec, Vladimir; de Brito Barreto, Sandra


    Četrdeset i četiri kristala brazilijanita s nekoliko lokaliteta iz Brazila, Ruande i Kanade je mjereno na dvokružnom refleksnom goniometru u svrhu određivanja morfologije. Zabilježeno je 20 formi, od kojih šest do sada nije opisano. Sve plohe u zoni [001] su prutane paralelno kristalografskoj osi c. Sve prutane forme u [001] zoni daju višestruke signale. Forma {110} daje višestruke signale od kojih su dva uvijek oštra. Postoji iznimka gdje na jednom kristalu samo jedna ploha, (110), daje samo...

  5. A Unique Opportunity to Test Whether Cell Fusion is a Mechanism of Breast Cancer Metastasis (United States)


    118. Wang Z, Yu R, Melmed S. Mice lacking pituitary tumor transforming gene show testicular and splenic hypoplasia , thymic hyperplasia...Chesnokova V, Kovacs K, Castro AV, Zonis S, Melmed S. Pituitary hypoplasia in Pttg−/− mice is protective for Rb+/− pituitary tumorigenesis. Molecular

  6. Investigation of Brittle Fractures in Graphite-Epoxy Composites Subjected to Impact (United States)



  7. Tick Surveillance of Small Mammals Captured in Gyeonggi and Gangwon Provinces, Republic of Korea, 2004-2008 (United States)


    histologically diagnosed tick infestation on the scalp of a Korean child. Korean Journal of Parasitology , 44, 157–161. Horak, I.G., Camicas, J.-L... Veterinary Science, 6, 327–334. Kim, H.C., Ko, S.J., Chong, S.T., Choi, C.Y., Nam, H.Y., Chae, H.Y., Klein, T.A., Sames, W.J., Robbins, R.G. & Chae...and Veterinary Entomology, 23, 15–20. Ko, J.H., Cho, D.Y., Chung, B.S. & Kim, S.I. (2002) Two human cases of tick bite caused by Ixodes nipponen- sis

  8. Scilla litardierei Breistr. na sjevernoj granici areala u Hrvatskoj


    Ilijanić, Ljudevit; Hršak, Vladimir


    Vrsta Scilla litardierei Breistr. (= Sc. pratensis Waldst. et Kit., ilirski procjepak ili lučika) jedna je od onih endemičnih biljaka Jugoslavije koja je rasprostranjena na vlažnim poplavnim livadama, pretežno na krš- kim poljima, od Slovenije (gdje je nađena u novije vrijeme) preko Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine do Crne Gore. Središte njezine rasprostranjenosti je u submediteranskoj Ostryo- Carpinion zoni, gdje je vrlo značajan element osobito u zajednicama sveze Molinio-Hordeion secalini ...

  9. On the spherically symmetric Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs equations in Bondi coordinates

    CERN Document Server

    Tadmon, Calvin


    We revisit and generalize, to the Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs system, previous results of D. Christodoulou and D. Chae concerning global solutions for the Einstein-scalar field and the Einstein-Maxwell-Higgs equations. The novelty of the present work is twofold. For one thing the assumption on the self-interaction potential is improved. For another thing explanation is furnished why the solutions obtained here and those proved by Chae for the Einstein-Maxwell-Higgs decay more slowly than those established by Christodoulou in the case of self-gravitating scalar fields. Actually this latter phenomenon stems from the non-vanishing local charge in Einstein-Maxwell-Higgs and Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs models.

  10. Studying the Dependency of Interfacial Formation with Carbon Nanotube (United States)


    929 -930. 23. Sakurada, I., Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibers. Marcel Dekker, Inc.: New York, 1985; p 97-100. 24. Wilchinsky, Z. W., Measurement of...alcohol. Nature 1948, 161 (4102), 929 -930. 42. Brown, I. D., Geometry of O-H...O hydrogen bonds. Acta Crystallogr. Sect. A 1976, 32, 24-31. 43. Satcurada...J. Polym. Sci., Part B: Polym. Phys. 1979, 17, 1011 -1032. 72. Minus, M. L.; Chae, H. G.; Kumar, S., Polyethylene Crystallization Nucleated by

  11. Inhibition of Rac GTPases in the Therapy of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (United States)


    Represent Integrating Molecular Therapeutic Targets for BCR-ABL-Induced Myeloproliferative Disease Emily K. Thomas,1,6 Jose A. Cancelas,1,2,6 Hee-Don...Integrating Molecular Therapeutic Targets for BCR-ABL-Induced Myeloproliferative Disease Emily K. Thomas, Jose A. Cancelas, Hee-Don Chae, Adrienne D. Cox... Dickinson ). Live cells were gated for analysis by forward and side scatter signals. 1. Williams, D.A., Tao, W., Yang, F.C., Kim, C., Gu, Y

  12. Nonexistence of self-similar singularities in ideal viscoelastic flows

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anthony Suen


    Full Text Available We prove the nonexistence of finite time self-similar singularities in an ideal viscoelastic flow in R^3. We exclude the occurrence of Leray-type self-similar singularities under suitable integrability conditions on velocity and deformation tensor. We also prove the nonexistence of asymptotically self-similar singularities in our system. The present work extends the results obtained by Chae in the case of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD.

  13. FTA a Long Way Away

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    "Boasting the wvorld's second and third biggest economies,China and Japan,northeast Asia has been the most dynamic region in the world in recent decades,”said Chae Wook,Director of the South Korea Institute for International Economic Policy,at the Seventh China Jilin-Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo held on September 6-11 in Changchun,capital of northeast China's Jilin Province.

  14. FTA a Long Way Away

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Northeast Asia’s major stakeholders forge closer ties without a formal mechanism "Boasting the world’s second and third biggest economies,China and Japan,northeast Asia has been the most dynamic region in the world in recent decades," said Chae Wook,Director of the South Korea Institute for International Economic Policy,at the Seventh China Jilin-Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo held on September 6-11 in Changchun,capital of northeast China’s Jilin Province.

  15. Construction and commissioning of a position-sensitive ionization chamber (United States)

    Kwag, M. S.; Chae, K. Y.; Cha, S. M.; Kim, A.; Kim, M. J.; Lee, E. J.; Lee, J. H.


    A position-sensitive ionization chamber has been constructed and commissioned at the Physics Department of Sungkyunkwan University to extract position information on incident charged particles for future nuclear reaction measurements. By utilizing the newly-designed position-sensitive anodes and the previously-commissioned portable gas-filled ionization chamber by Chae et al., position information on incident particles could be obtained. The device was tested with an 241Am α-emitting source, and the standard deviation of the fitted Gaussian distribution was measured to be 1.76 mm when a collimator with a 2 mm hole was used.

  16. Korean Affairs Report No. 299 (United States)


    a special research institute in the Pyongyang area, staffed by approximately 50 highly-trained experts in microbiology . These researchers have...Myong-ku h$ The delegation of Ecuador : Kim Hwan comrade Yu Yong-kol " The delegation of Zaire: Ch’oe Chae-u comrade Pang Ch’ol-kap functionary of a...NODONG SINMUN 24 Apr 82 p 4] KIM MEETS DELEGATIONS—The following were present on 24 April when Kim Il-song met the Ecuador Committee to support the

  17. Estimation of the Effects of a Ship’s Steaming on the Failure Rate of Its Equipment: An Application of Econometric Analysis. (United States)


    Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1975 4. Hibbs, Norma , "Impact of EMRM on the Material Condition of Ships," CNA Memorandum 77-1856, 21 Dec 1977 5. Horowitz...Stanley and Sherman, Allan, CDR, USN, "Ship Condition and Personnel Performance," CNS 1090, 15 Mar 1977 6. Levine, Daniel and Hibbs, Norma , "Factors...A045 675 School, Feb 23,25, 1974), AD AO71 472 Chae.Perk Flasa Hotel , St. Louis, Missouri, March 16-20, 1977), AD A042 222 -2" PIP214 PP Z26 PI 1

  18. Gel Spun PAN/CNT Based Carbon Fibers with Honey-Comb Cross-Section (United States)


    30 37 100 / -50 Could not obtain fiber due to uneven extrusion and dripping of polymer solution 3 15/30 150 60 / 40 37 100 / -50 4 15/30 150 70...on structure, processing, and properties of polymer /CNT composite films and fibers were also conducted. Results of these studies are well documented...Structure, and Properties of Carbon Fibers”, Polymer Reviews, 52, 234-258 (2012). DOI: 10.1080/15583724.2012.705410. 9. Y. Liu, Y. H. Choi, H. G. Chae, P

  19. Relationship between gas wettability of glass matrix surface and its surface free energy%玻璃基质表面的气体润湿性与其表面自由能关系

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张民; 蒋官澄; 邢晓璇; 庞姜涛; 孙飞; 罗少杰


    针对气相中憎液表面的气体润湿性常常被忽略,但理论和实验证实气体的润湿性并不总是可以被忽略,凝析气藏气体润湿程度对气井产能具有重要影响,根据Owens双液法建立固体表面自由能计算模型,并且结合自定义的气体润湿性参数实现定量表征气体润湿性的大小,导出固体表面的气体润湿性与表面自由能的数学关系式.采用氟碳聚合物(Zony18740)实现空气中“空气/水/载玻片”体系载玻片表面的优先气湿,随Zony18740质量分数的增大“正十六烷/空气/载玻片”体系载玻片表面的气湿性增强.%In gas phase, affinity to air is a typical feature of hydrophobic and oleophobic surface, but frequently it has either been overlooked or not taken into consideration. On the other hand, both theory and experiments indicate that gas-wetness can not be always overlooked and the gas-wet degree affects gas-well production greatly in gas condensate reservoirs. In the study, mathematic model of surface free energy, combined with gas-wet ability parameters was used to characterize quantitative gas-wet degree. And the relationship between gas wettability and surface free energy was established. Furthermore, preferential gas-wettability is realized by use of fluorocarbon polymer (Zonyl8740) in "air/water/glass slide" system in air. While, in this system, with the increase of concentration of Zonyl8740, the gas wettability of glass slide surface is getting stronger.

  20. The roentgenological study of measles pneumonia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shin, U.; Song, C. H.; Lee, H. Y.; Chung, H. K.; Joo, K. B. [Han Gang Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym College, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Measles is important infectious disease of pediatrics and pneumonia is the most commonest complication of measles. We have experienced 20 cases of pneumonia among 31 cases of measles in infant nursing home of Chae Chun during of December. 1981. The results a are as follows; 1. The incidence of measles pneumonia is 64.5%. 2. The patterns of pneumonic infiltration is : The pneumonia may have a bronchopneumonia (60%), Lobar pneumonia (15%), or combined form (35%). 3. Both lungs are involved by measles pneumonia: Right lung only (30%), Left lung only (5%), or Bilateral (65%). 4. Hilar lymphadenopathy (51.6%). Hilar lymphadenopathy with pneumonia (82.2%) and hilar lymphadenopathy without pneumonia (17.8%). 5. There is no pulmonary nodule which is noted frequently in atypical measles pneumonia as a seguale.

  1. A rare case of concurrent signet-ring carcinoma of breast and microangiopathic hemolytic anemia† (United States)

    Lara, Kelly; Bae, Esther; Park, Hanna; Hussain, Farabi


    Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia (MAHA) can be an uncommon presentation of an underlying malignancy, most often due to signet-ring cell carcinoma (SRCC). Additionally, pure SRCC in a breast primary-tumor comprises <2% of all breast cancers (Shin SY, Park H, Chae SW, Woo HY. Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia as the first manifestation of metastatic signet-ring cell carcinoma of unknown origin: a case report and review of literature. Kor J Lab Med 2011;31:157–61). To the best of our knowledge, the combination of these two entities, pure breast primary SRCC along with MAHA, has not been reported. Here, we present such a rare case. We also evaluate the current literature regarding this and similar disease processes, of which evidence is scarce and further research is needed. PMID:27587305

  2. On 2-D Boussinesq equations for MHD convection with stratification effects (United States)

    Bian, Dongfen; Gui, Guilong


    This paper is concerned with the two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics-Boussinesq system with the temperature-dependent viscosity, thermal diffusivity and electrical conductivity. The first progress on this topic was made independently by Chae and Hou-Li [8,26] where the Boussinesq system with partial constant viscosity is obtained. Recently, Wang-Zhang [45] considered the temperature-dependent viscosity and thermal diffusivity, and Li-Xu [16] generalized the Wang-Zhang's result to the inviscid case with temperature-dependent thermal diffusivity. In this paper, we include the stratification and magnetic effects and consider the full system, in the framework of low regularity. We prove that, without any smallness assumption on the initial data, the full system is globally well-posed. Moreover, by applying the uniformly bounded generalized Oseen operator, time decay estimate of the solution is obtained.

  3. Asymmetric and Moving-Frame Approaches to the 2D and 3D Boussinesq Equations

    CERN Document Server

    Xu, Xiaoping


    Boussinesq systems of nonlinear partial differential equations are fundamental equations in geophysical fluid dynamics. In this paper, we use asymmetric ideas and moving frames to solve the two-dimensional Boussinesq equations with partial viscosity terms studied by Chae ({\\it Adv. Math.} {\\bf 203} (2006), 497-513) and the three-dimensional stratified rotating Boussinesq equations studied by Hsia, Ma and Wang ({\\it J. Math. Phys.} {\\bf 48} (2007), no. 6, 06560). We obtain new families of explicit exact solutions with multiple parameter functions. Many of them are the periodic, quasi-periodic, aperiodic solutions that may have practical significance. By Fourier expansion and some of our solutions, one can obtain discontinuous solutions. In addition, Lie point symmetries are used to simplify our arguments.

  4. Generalized 2D Euler-Boussinesq equations with a singular velocity (United States)

    KC, Durga; Regmi, Dipendra; Tao, Lizheng; Wu, Jiahong


    This paper studies the global (in time) regularity problem concerning a system of equations generalizing the two-dimensional incompressible Boussinesq equations. The velocity here is determined by the vorticity through a more singular relation than the standard Biot-Savart law and involves a Fourier multiplier operator. The temperature equation has a dissipative term given by the fractional Laplacian operator √{-Δ}. We establish the global existence and uniqueness of solutions to the initial-value problem of this generalized Boussinesq equations when the velocity is “double logarithmically” more singular than the one given by the Biot-Savart law. This global regularity result goes beyond the critical case. In addition, we recover a result of Chae, Constantin and Wu [8] when the initial temperature is set to zero.

  5. Expression of Cyclin d1 protein and CCND1 та PNKP genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in clean up worker of Chornobyl accident with different state of immune system. (United States)

    Bazyka, D A; Kubashko, A V; Ilyenko, I M; Belyaev, O A; Pleskach, O J


    Meta. Doslidyty zminy rivniv Cyclin D1+ klityn ta asotsiyovanykh geniv CCND1 ta PNKP u mononuklearakh peryfe rychnoI krovi v uchasnykiv likvidatsiI naslidkiv avariI (ULNA) na ChAES z riznym imunnym statusom v zalezhnosti vid dozy oprominennia.Materialy i metody. Proanalizovano vidnosnyy riven' Cyclin D1+ klityn u mononuklearakh peryferychnoI krovi 39 ULNA na ChAES, cholovikiv, oprominenykh u dozi u diapazoni (0,01–2,00) Gr. Imunologichnyy status obstezhenykh vyz nachavsia za rivnem CD3/19, CD4/8, CD3/HLA DR, SD3/16/56 metodom protochnoI tsytofluorymetriI ta za vmistom Ig klasiv A,M,G metodom imunofermentnogo analizu u krovi. Ekspresiia geniv CCND1 ta PNKP, iaki pov’iazani z Syclin D1, provodylos' za metodom polimeraznoI lantsiugovoI reaktsiI u real'nomu chasi. Porivniannia rezul'tativ zdiysniuva los' iz vidpovidnymy danymy, otrymanymy vid 18 zdorovykh cholovikiv, iaki ne maly kontaktu z ionizuiuchym vyp rominiuvanniam vyshche pryrodn'ogo fonu.Rezul'taty. Pokazano, shcho vidsotok Suclin D1+ klityn zbil'shuiet'sia za normu v osib, oprominenykh u dozi > 0,1 Gr, ta koreliuie z dozoiu oprominennia (rs = 0,417, p = 0,048). Vidkhylennia rivnia Cyclin D1+ klityn za mezhi kontrol'nykh zna chen' pov’iazuiet'sia zi zminamy v klitynniy ta gumoral'niy lankakh imunitetu. Zmenshennia vidsotku Cyclin D1+ klityn za mezhi kontrol'nykh znachen' v ULNA na ChAES iz dozoiu 0,35 Gr, zbil'shennia vidsotku Cyclin D1+ klityn asotsiiuiet'sia zi znyzhenniam CD3+ ta tendentsiieiu shchodo znyzhennia CD3+16+56+ limfotsytiv u poiednanni zi zbil'shen niam rivnia IgG. Zbil'shennia rivniv CD4+, CD19+, Ireg. ta IgG suprovodzhuiet'sia poiavoiu koreliatsiynykh zv’iazkiv mizh Cyclin D1+ ta CD3 16+56+ klitynamy (rs = 0,872, p = 0,049), Cyclin D1+ ta CD8+ i IgG (rs = 0,683, p = 0,042; rs = 0,809, p = 0,014), Cyclin D1+ ta CD4+ (rs = 0,602, p = 0,029), Cyclin D1+ ta CD19+ i IgM (rs = 0,604, p = 0,017; rs = 0,538, p = 0,038) vidpovidno. V ULNA, oprominenykh u dozi > 0,1 Gr, fiksuiet'sia znyzhennia

  6. Age peculiarities of reproductive morbidity in female participants of the ChNPP accident consequences clean up (according to the figures from SRU, 1988-2012 survey period). (United States)

    Mayevska, I O; Buzunov, V O


    Meta: vyznachyty ta otsinyty osoblyvosti zakhvoriuvanosti statevoI systemy u zhinok uchasnyts' likvidatsiI naslidkiv avariI na ChAES 1986–1987 rr. zalezhno vid reproduktyvnogo viku na moment oprominennia ta chasu pislia opromi nennia.Materialy i metody. U statti predstavleno dani Derzhavnogo reiestru UkraIny osib, iaki postrazhdaly vnaslidok Chornobyl's'koI katastrofy. Provedeno analiz rivnia i struktury zakhvoriuvanosti statevoI systemy u 17237 zhinok uchasnyts' likvidatsiI naslidkiv avariI na ChAES 1986–1987 rr. zalezhno vid chasu perebuvannia pid ryzykom pislia oprominennia i reproduktyvnogo viku v moment oprominennia. Period monitoryngu 1988–2012 rr. Dlia vyz nachennia rivnia zakhvoriuvanosti, dovirchykh intervaliv i virogidnosti riznytsi vykorystano probnu versiiu programy OpenEpiversion 2.3.1., virogidnist' riznytsi vyznachalas' z vykorystanniam kryteriIv z score i t.Rezul'taty. Rezul'taty kogortnogo epidemiologichnogo doslidzhennia vyiavyly osoblyvosti rozvytku khvorob zhino choI statevoI systemy zalezhno vid reproduktyvnogo viku na moment oprominennia ta chasu perebuvannia pid ryzy kom pislia oprominennia. Provedeno porivnial'nyy statystychnyy analiz rivnia i struktury zakhvoriuvanosti state voI systemy za riznyy period chasu sposterezhennia.Vysnovok. Faktorom ryzyku zbil'shennia zakhvoriuvanosti na leyomiomy matky, dobroiakisni dysplaziI molochnoI zalozy, sal'pingooforyty mozhe buty oprominennia u reproduktyvnomu vitsi (18–45 r.). Mozhna prypustyty, shcho tkanyny matky ta molochnoI zalozy u zhinok, oprominenykh u reproduktyvnomu vitsi bil'sh chutlyvi na vplyv radiatsiynogo oprominennia, nizh u zhinok, iaki buly oprominenni u premenopauzi ta menopauzi.

  7. Development of a portable gas-filled ionization chamber

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chae, K. Y.; Cha, S. M.; Gwak, M. S. [Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon (Korea, Republic of)


    A new portable gas-filled ionization chamber has been designed and constructed at the Physics Department of Sung Kyun Kwan University. To overcome the maximum count rate of ∼ 10{sup 5} particles per second of a conventional ionization chamber, which utilizes a Frisch grid, and to enhance the portability of a detector, we adopted the design of multiple electrodes and modified it from the original designs by Kimura et al. and Chae et al. The new design utilizes a stack of multiple electrodes installed perpendicular to the optical beam axis. This configuration provides a fast response time for the detector, which is essential for high-rate counting. The device has been tested with a {sup 241}Am (t{sub 1/2} = 432.2 years) radioactive α source, which mainly emits 5.486-MeV (branching ratio of 85%) and 5.443-MeV (branching ratio of 13%) α particles. An energy resolution of 6.3% was achieved.

  8. Can Dopplergrams be corrected for straylight? (United States)

    Moretti, P. F.


    Straylight effects in solar intensity images have been framed in a well-established mathematical formulation (Chae et al., 1998a, b). Many procedures can be applied to recover the point spread function (PSF) and correct the atmospheric and instrumental distortions. Concerning velocity data, some procedures to make corrections for straylight have been addressed. Many experiments infer the velocity as the mean displacement of a spectral line and build a Dopplergram as a nonlinear combination of the intensity images sampled at different wavelengths. Unfortunately, often only the final products are available and it is not possible to apply an appropriate correction to the individual intensity images. A standard procedure to correct for the straylight has been applied to a time-series of velocity data and the results have been controlled in the single Dopplergram (that seems to be good) and in a power spectrum at the atmospheric frequencies (where any correction should reduce the power). These frequencies are characteristic of the observing site and typically in the range of the g modes: this means that no long run from a network would decrease their contribution to the noise. The results show that the correction procedures, based on the intensity and velocity gradients, are not reliable if controlled in the power spectrum. This conclusion has led to a change of the acquisition procedure at the Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory, where now the individual intensity images that build the Dopplergram are stored.

  9. Optimization of Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Curcumin From Curcuma longa L. (Turmeric and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity in Multi-Test Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Bener


    Full Text Available Turmeric ( Curcuma longa L. is a medicinal plant, and its biological activities mainly arise from the main constituent, known as diferuloylmethane or curcumin. In the present paper, microwave-assisted extraction (MAE was investigated for the recovery of curcumin from turmeric in comparison to conventional heat-assisted extraction (CHAE technique. Various experimental conditions, such as solvent concentration (0-100%, v/v, MAE temperature (30-130 oC and MAE time (0-20 min were investigated to optimize the extraction of curcumin from turmeric. The identification and quantification of curcumin in extracts were performed by HPLC-DAD system. Antioxidant potential and radical scavenging abilities of microwave-assisted extract and conventional heat-assisted extract of turmeric (MAET and CHAET were evaluated using different systems including total phenolic content (TPC, total antioxidant capacity (TAC, and radical scavenging activities. MAET and CHAET showed high antioxidant activity in all test systems, but the antioxidant properties of MAET were stronger than those of CHAET.

  10. CP2 binding to the promoter is essential for the enhanced transcription of globin genes in erythroid cells. (United States)

    Chae, Ji Hyung; Kim, Chul Geun


    We have previously reported that the reduced level of CP2 suppresses the mouse alpha- and beta-globin gene expression and hemoglobin synthesis during terminal differentiation of mouse erythroleukemia (MEL) cells in vitro [Chae et al. (1999)]. As an extension of this study, we demonstrated that human alpha-, epsilon-, and gamma- globin genes were also suppressed by the reduced expression of CP2 in K562 cells. To address how much CP2 contributes in the regulation of globin gene expression, we measured transcriptional activities of the wild type alpha-globin promoter and its various factor-binding sites mutants in erythroid and nonerythroid cells. Interestingly, CP2 site dependent transcriptional activation occurred in an erythroid-cell specific manner, even though CP2 is ubiquitously expressed. In addition, CP2 site mutation within the alpha-promoter severely suppressed promoter activity in differentiated, but not in undifferentiated MEL cells, suggesting that the CP2 binding site is needed for the enhanced transcription of globin genes during erythroid differentiation. When the human beta-globin locus control region was linked to the alpha-promoter, suppression was more severe in the CP2 site mutant in differentiated MEL cells. Overall data indicate that CP2 is a major factor in the regulation of globin expression in human and mouse erythroid cells, and CP2 binding to the globin gene promoter is essential for the enhanced transcription of globin genes in erythroid differentiation.

  11. Robust hermetic packaging techniques for MEMS integrated microsystems.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chae, Junseok (University of Michigan); Stark, Brian H. (University of Michigan); Kuo, Andrew (University of Michigan); Oliver, Andrew David; Najafi, Khalil (University of Michigan)


    This work is the result of a Sandia National Laboratories LDRD funded fellowship at the University of Michigan. Although, guidance and suggestions were offered by Sandia, the work contained here is primarily the work of Brian H. Stark, and his advisor, Professor Khalil Najafi. Junseok Chae, Andrew Kuo, and their coworkers at the University of Michigan helped to record some of the data. The following is an abstract of their work. We have developed a vacuum packaging technology using a thick nickel film to seal MEMS structures at the wafer level. The package is fabricated in a three-mask process by electroplating a 40 micro-meter thick nickel film over an 8 micro-meter sacrificial photoresist that is removed prior to package sealing. Implementation of electrical feedthroughs in this process requires no planarization. The large release channel enables an 800x800 micro-meter package to be released in less than three hours. Several mechanisms, based upon localized melting and lead/tin solder bumping, for sealing the release channel have been investigated. We have also developed Pirani gauges, integrated with this package, which can be used to establish the hermeticity of the different sealing technologies. They have measured a sealing pressure of approximately 1.5 Torr. Our work differs from previous Pirani gauges in that we utilize a novel doubly anchored structure that stiffens the structural membrane while not substantially degrading performance in order to measure fine leak rates.

  12. Method for rapid detection and identification of chaetomium and evaluation of resistance to peracetic acid. (United States)

    Nakayama, Motokazu; Hosoya, Kouichi; Tomiyama, Daisuke; Tsugukuni, Takashi; Matsuzawa, Tetsuhiro; Imanishi, Yumi; Yaguchi, Takashi


    In the beverage industry, peracetic acid has been increasingly used as a disinfectant for the filling machinery and environment due to merits of leaving no residue, it is safe for humans, and its antiseptic effect against fungi and endospores of bacteria. Recently, Chaetomium globosum and Chaetomium funicola were reported resistant to peracetic acid; however, little is known concerning the detail of peracetic acid resistance. Therefore, we assessed the peracetic acid resistance of the species of Chaetomium and related genera under identical conditions and made a thorough observation of the microstructure of their ascospores by transmission electron microscopy. The results of analyses revealed that C. globosum and C. funicola showed the high resistance to peracetic acid (a 1-D antiseptic effect after 900 s and 3-D antiseptic effect after 900 s) and had thick cell walls of ascospores that can impede the action mechanism of peracetic acid. We also developed specific primers to detect the C. globosum clade and identify C. funicola by using PCR to amplify the β-tubulin gene. PCR with the primer sets designed for C. globosum (Chae 4F/4R) and C. funicola (Cfu 2F/2R) amplified PCR products specific for the C. globosum clade and C. funicola, respectively. PCR with these two primer sets did not detect other fungi involved in food spoilage and environmental contamination. This detection and identification method is rapid and simple, with extremely high specificity.

  13. [Usage of marginal organs for liver transplantation: a way around the critical organ shortage?]. (United States)

    Pratschke, S; Loehe, F; Graeb, C; Jauch, K W; Angele, M K


    The transplantation of marginal organs or those meeting the so-called extended donor criteria (EDC) is today a significant option to alleviate the low availability or organs and to increase the number of transplantation which in turn is -accompanied by a lower mortality among wait-ing-list patients. However such an extension of the spender pool carries the risks of an increased incidence of organ dysfuntions and a higher recipient mortality. This situation presents an ethical problem when marginal organs are accepted for transplantation because the anticipated mortality for the individual recipient cannot be determined. The transplantation of marginal organs from -donors with a high MELD score seems to be linked to a higher mortality. In particular, the combina-tions of high donor age and long ischaemic time or advanced donor age and hepatitis C infection in the recipient are definitively associated with a significantly poorer organ survival rate. In view of the serious lack of organs, efforts should be made, for example, by shortening of the is-chae-mic time and the development of therapeutic strategies, to improve the function and increase the number of usable marginal organs and thus to increase pool of donor organs. The refusal of marginal organs on the basis of individual EDC without consideration of the status of recipient does not seem to be adequate.

  14. Distribution of Prx-linked hydroperoxide reductase activity among microorganisms. (United States)

    Takeda, Kouji; Nishiyama, Yoshitaka; Yoda, Koji; Watanabe, Toshihiro; Nimura-Matsune, Kaori; Mura, Kiyoshi; Tokue, Chiyoko; Katoh, Tetzuya; Kawasaki, Shinji; Niimura, Youichi


    Peroxiredoxin (Prx) constitutes a large family of enzymes found in microorganisms, animals, and plants, but the detection of the activities of Prx-linked hydroperoxide reductases (peroxiredoxin reductases) in cell extracts, and the purification based on peroxide reductase activity, have only been done in bacteria and Trypanosomatidae. A peroxiredoxin reductase (NADH oxidase) from a bacterium, Amphibacillus, displayed only poor activities in the presence of purified Prx from Saccharomyces or Synechocystis, while it is highly active in the presence of bacterial Prx. These results suggested that an enzyme system different from that in bacteria might exist for the reduction of Prx in yeast and cyanobacteria. Prx-linked hydroperoxide reductase activities were detected in cell extracts of Saccharomyces, Synechocystis, and Chlorella, and the enzyme activities of Saccharomyces and Chlorella were induced under vigorously aerated culture conditions and intensive light exposure conditions, respectively. Partial purification of Prx-linked peroxidase from the induced yeast cells indicated that the Prx-linked peroxidase system consists of two protein components, namely, thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase. This finding is consistent with the previous report on its purification based on its protein protection activity against oxidation [Chae et al., J. Biol. Chem., 269, 27670-27678 (1994)]. In this study we have confirmed that Prx-linked peroxidase activity are widely distributed, not only in bacteria species and Trypanosomatidae, but also in yeast and photosynthetic microorganisms, and showed reconstitution of the activity from partially purified interspecies components.

  15. Indukovani potencijal između interaktivnih čestica u nano nivoima / Induced potential between interacting particles at nanolevels / Наведенный потенциал между взаимодействующими частицами на наноуровне

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonid I. Gretchihin / Леонид И. Гречихин


    Full Text Available Обосновано наличие потенциального барьера на границе раздела взаимодействующих частиц. Формирование потенциального барьера в зоне контакта существенно увеличивает энергию связи бинарного взаимодействия. Показано, какую совокупность разных взаимодействий необходимо учитывать при установлении энергии бинарной связи. / One has substantiated the existence of a potential barrier at the interface of interacting particles. The formation of the potential barrier in the contact area significantly increases the binding energy of the binary interaction. It has been shown which sets of different interactions should be taken into account when establishing the energy of binary binding. / U članku je objašnjena pojava stvaranja potencijalne barijere na pragovima razdvajanja čestica u interakciji. Stvaranje potencijalne barijere u kontaktnoj zoni znatno povećava vezanu energiju binarne interakcije. U radu su navedene različite vrste interakcija relevantne za stvaranje energije binarne veze.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Olluri, K.; Gudiksen, B. V.; Hansteen, V. H.; Pontieu, B. De, E-mail: [Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo, P. O. Box 1029 Blindern, NO-0315 Oslo (Norway)


    In recent years realistic 3D numerical models of the solar atmosphere have become available. The models attempt to recreate the solar atmosphere and mimic observations in the best way, in order to make it possible to couple complicated observations with physical properties such as the temperatures, densities, velocities, and magnetic fields. We here present a study of synthetic spectra created using the Bifrost code in order to assess how well they fit with previously taken solar data. A study of the synthetic intensity, nonthermal line widths, Doppler shifts, and correlations between any two of these three components of the spectra first assuming statistical equilibrium is made, followed by a report on some of the effects nonequilibrium ionization will have on the synthesized spectra. We find that the synthetic intensities compare well with the observations. The synthetic observations depend on the assumed resolution and point-spread function (PSF) of the instrument, and we find a large effect on the results, especially for intensity and nonthermal line width. The Doppler shifts produce the reported persistent redshifts for the transition region (TR) lines and blueshifts for the upper TR and corona lines. The nonthermal line widths reproduce the well-known turnoff point around (2–3) × 10{sup 5} K, but with much lower values than those observed. The nonthermal line widths tend to increase with decreasing assumed instrumental resolution, also when nonequilibrium ionization is included. Correlations between the nonthermal line width of any two TR line studies as reported by Chae et al. are reproduced, while the correlations of intensity to line width are reproduced only after applying a PSF to the data. Doppler shift correlations reported by Doschek for the TR lines and correlations of Doppler shift to nonthermal line width of the Fe xii{sub 19.5} line reported by Doschek et al. are reproduced.

  17. "Diversidad de estilos de aprendizaje en el aula de música de ESO" [Diversity of learning styles in the music classrroom of ESO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicente Simón Simón


    Full Text Available RESUMEN:El presente artículo pretende mostrar los resultados de una investigación llevada a cabo en un centro de enseñanzas medias de Castilla-La Mancha, el IES Airén de Tomelloso (Ciudad Real. En él se trata de relacionar los estilos de aprendizaje del alumnado de 1º ciclo de ESO con sus aplicaciones e implicaciones en el campo académico de una materia determinada, la Música. El trabajo se sustenta en los datos obtenidos a través de dos cuestionarios, uno de reconocido prestigio (CHAEA y otro de creación propia (ESTMUS que pretenden determinar las relaciones existentes entre los aprendizajes musicales y los estilos de aprendizaje. Los resultados confirmaron la validez de nuestro cuestionario al reconocerle cerca de un 75 % de coincidencia entre las respuestas de los alumnos de nuestra muestra. Aunque no se observó un estilo de aprendizaje claramente predominante, destacan las personas en las que predomina el estilo de aprendizaje reflexivo en ambos casos.ABSTRACT:This article aims to show the results of research conducted in secondary schools of Castilla-La Mancha, IES Airen of Tomelloso (Ciudad Real. It seeks to relate the learning styles of students of 1 cycle of ESO with its applications and implications in the academic field of a specific subject Music. The work is based on data obtained through two questionnaires, a prestigious (CHAE and one own creation (ESTMUS seeking to determine the relationship between music learning and learning styles. The results confirmed the validity of our questionnaire to recognize about 75% overlap between the responses of students in our sample. Although not observed clearly predominant learning style, outstanding people in the predominantly reflexive learning style in both cases.

  18. Anionic clay as the drug delivery vehicle: tumor targeting function of layered double hydroxide-methotrexate nanohybrid in C33A orthotopic cervical cancer model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Choi G


    Full Text Available Goeun Choi,1 Huiyan Piao,1 Zeid A Alothman,2 Ajayan Vinu,3 Chae-Ok Yun,4 Jin-Ho Choy1 1Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials, Department of Chemistry and Nano Science, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea; 2Advanced Materials Research Chair, Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 3Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, SA, Australia; 4Department of Bioengineering, College of Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea Abstract: Methotrexate (MTX, an anticancer agent, was successfully intercalated into the anionic clay, layered double hydroxides to form a new nanohybrid drug. The coprecipitation and subsequent hydrothermal method were used to prepare chemically, structurally, and morphologically well-defined two-dimensional drug-clay nanohybrid. The resulting two-dimensional drug-clay nanohybrid showed excellent colloidal stability not only in deionized water but also in an electrolyte solution of Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium with 10% fetal bovine serum, in which the average particle size in colloid and the polydispersity index were determined to be around 100 and 0.250 nm, respectively. The targeting property of the nanohybrid drug was confirmed by evaluating the tumor-to-blood and tumor-to-liver ratios of the MTX with anionic clay carrier, and these ratios were compared to those of free MTX in the C33A orthotopic cervical cancer model. The biodistribution studies indicated that the mice treated with the former showed 3.5-fold higher tumor-to-liver ratio and fivefold higher tumor-to-blood ratio of MTX than those treated with the latter at 30 minutes postinjection. Keywords: anionic clay, biodistribution, cervical cancer, colloidal stability, layered double hydroxide, methotrexate 

  19. Changes in cerebral blood flow after cognitive behavior therapy in patients with panic disorder: a SPECT study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seo HJ


    Full Text Available Ho-Jun Seo,1 Young Hee Choi,2 Yong-An Chung,3 Wangku Rho,1 Jeong-Ho Chae11Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South Korea; 2Metta Institute of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Seoul, South Korea; 3Department of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South KoreaAim: Inconsistent results continue to be reported in studies that examine the neural correlates of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT in patients with panic disorder. We examined the changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF associated with the alleviation of anxiety by CBT in panic patients.Methods: The change in rCBF and clinical symptoms before and after CBT were assessed using single photon emission computed tomography and various clinical measures were analyzed.Results: Fourteen subjects who completed CBT showed significant improvements in symptoms on clinical measures, including the Panic and Agoraphobic Scale and the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-Revised. After CBT, increased rCBF was detected in the left postcentral gyrus (BA 43, left precentral gyrus (BA 4, and left inferior frontal gyrus (BA 9 and BA 47, whereas decreased rCBF was detected in the left pons. Correlation analysis of the association between the changes in rCBF and changes in each clinical measure did not show significant results.Conclusion: We found changes in the rCBF associated with the successful completion of CBT. The present findings may help clarify the effects of CBT on changes in brain activity in panic disorder.Keyword: single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT, anxiety, neural correlate, brain activity

  20. 第15届固态传感器、传动器与微系统国际会议(Ⅲ)%15th international conference on solid state sensors、actuators and microsystems(Ⅲ)——a special reriew

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周南; 周亢; 余人宜; 辜士荣


    @@ 本届会议的报告续报如下:(1)DV Dao、pH pham、S Saukawa、S suglyama,以棘轮原理与静电传动器为基础的、正切与垂直驱动的微型传输系统;(2)J Barth、EKrevet、M Kohl,具有大输出功率的、双稳自调制放大器的微型传动器;(3)H Ooiso、Y Nishimori、N Fujiwara、T Tuchia、S Machizuoki、G Hashiguehi,一种电梳驱动的传动器的DOF等效电路模型;(4)Y Petremand、W Noell、J F Manceau、N F Rooij、N Golay、A Masse,应用于大冲程排量的、级联式可衡量的快速压紧传动器;(5)S S Je、N Wang、HC Brown、D P Arnold、J Chae,一种与蜡粘结的Nd Fe B微型磁石完全整合在一起的、电磁传动的扬声器及其应用;(6)F Ceyssens、M de Volder、D Reynaerts、R Puers,采用Su-8材料微加工制作的大冲程、强力气动传动器.

  1. Orthotopic liver transplantation after the combined use of locoregional therapy and sorafenib for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yoo EJ


    Full Text Available Eun Jin Yoo,1,* Hye Sun Shin,1,* Seung Up Kim,1,2,7 Dong Jin Joo,3,4 Jun Yong Park,1,2,7 Gi Hong Choi,3 Do Young Kim,1,2,7 Sang Hoon Ahn,1,2,7 Jinsil Seong,5 Myung Joo Koh,6 Kwang-Hyub Han,1,2,7 Chae Yoon Chon1,2,7 1Department of Internal Medicine, 2Institute of Gastroenterology, 3Department of Surgery, 4Research Institute for Transplantation, 5Department of Radiation Oncology, 6Department of Pathology, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea; 7Liver Cirrhosis Clinical Research Center, Seoul, South Korea *These authors contributed equally to this work Abstract: We herein report a patient with advanced hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC beyond the Milan criteria. He underwent orthotopic liver transplantation after successful HCC downstaging that satisfied the University of California, San Francisco criteria, using concurrent chemoradiation therapy with a combination of repeated hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy (HAIC and sorafenib. A 52-year-old male was diagnosed with advanced hepatitis B virus-related HCC beyond the Milan criteria. He underwent concurrent chemoradiation therapy (50 Gy with 20 fractions over 5 weeks with HAIC using 5-fluorouracil at a dose of 500 mg/day, which was administered during the first and fifth weeks of radiation therapy as an initial treatment modality. This was followed by the combined use of HAIC using 5-fluorouracil (500 mg/m2 for 5 hours on days 1–3 and cisplatin (60 mg/m2 for 2 hours on day 2 every 4 weeks (twelve cycles and sorafenib (from the third to the twelfth cycle of HAIC to treat the remaining HCC. Because a remarkable decrease in the tumor burden that satisfied the University of California, San Francisco criteria was observed after these combination treatments, the patient underwent orthotopic liver transplantation with curative aim and survived for 11 months without evidence of HCC recurrence. Keywords: hepatocellular carcinoma, liver transplantation

  2. Effect-site concentration of remifentanil for preventing cough during emergence in elderly patients undergoing nasal surgery: a comparison with adult patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yoo JY


    Full Text Available Ji Young Yoo,1 Jong Yeop Kim,1 Hyun Jeong Kwak,2 Dong Chul Lee,2 Go Wun Kim,1 Sook Young Lee,1 Yun Jeong Chae1 1Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Ajou University School of Medicine, Suwon, 2Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Gachon University, Gil Medical Center, Incheon, Korea Purpose: Prevention of cough during emergence after nasal surgery is important for avoiding surgical site bleeding. We investigated the remifentanil effect-site concentration in 50% (EC50 of the elderly patients undergoing nasal surgery for smooth emergence without cough and compared it with that of adult patients.Methods: Twenty-two elderly (aged 65–80 years and 25 adult patients (aged 20–60 years with an American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status I/II undergoing nasal surgery were enrolled. Anesthesia was maintained with sevoflurane and remifentanil. Remifentanil EC50 and EC95 for preventing cough were determined using the modified Dixon’s up-and-down method and isotonic regression with bootstrapping approach. Recovery profiles were also recorded.Results: With Dixon’s up-and-down method, the EC50 of remifentanil in elderly patients (2.40±0.25 ng/mL was not significantly different from that of adults (2.33±0.30 ng/mL (P=0.687. With isotonic regression, the EC95 of remifentanil in elderly patients (3.32 [95% confidence interval: 3.06–3.38] ng/mL was not significantly different from that of adults (3.30 [95% confidence interval: 2.96–3.37] ng/mL. However, eye opening time (14.1±3.8 vs 12.0±2.9 seconds, extubation time (17.2±4.1 vs 14.0±3.0 seconds, and postanesthesia care unit duration (44.5±7.6 vs 38.7±3.4 minutes in elderly patients were significantly longer than those in adults (P<0.05.Conclusion: Remifentanil EC50 for preventing cough after nasal surgery with sevoflurane anesthesia did not differ between elderly and adult patients. However, delayed awakening and respiratory adverse events may warrant attention

  3. The Optical Spectrum of SrOH Re-Visited Zeeman Effect, High-Resolution Spectroscopy and Franck-Condon Factors. (United States)

    Nguyen, Trung; Kokkin, Damian L.; Steimle, Timothy; Kozyryev, Ivan; Doyle, John M.


    Motivated by a diverse range of applications in physics and chemistry, currently there is great interest in the cooling of molecules to very low temperatures (≤1 mK). Direct laser cooling has been previously demonstrated for the diatomic radicals SrF, YO, and CaF, and most recently a three-dimensional magneto-optical trap (MOT) of SrF molecules was achieved. To determine the possibility of laser cooling for polyatomic molecules containing three or more atoms, detailed information is required about their Franck-Condon factors (FCFs) for emission from the excited states of interest. Here we report on the high-resolution laser excitation spectra, recorded field-free and in the presence of a static magnetic field, and on the dispersed fluorescence (DF) spectra for the A^2Π1/2 ← X^2σ^+ and B^2σ^+ ← X ^2σ^+ electronic transitions of SrOH. The DF spectra were analyzed to precisely determine FCFs and compared with values predicted using a normal coordinate GF matrix approach. The recorded Zeeman spectra were analyzed to determine the magnetic moments. Implication for proposed laser cooling and trapping experiments for SrOH will be presented. E.S. Shuman, J.F. Barry and D. DeMille, Nature 467, 820 (2010) J.F. Barry, E.S. Shuman, E.B. Norrgard and D. DeMille, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 103002 (2012) M.T. Hummon, M. Yeo, B.K. Stuhl, A.L. Collopy, Y. Xia, and J. Ye, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 143001 (2013) M. Yeo, M.T. Hummon, A.L. Collopy, B. Yan, B. Hemmerling, E. Chae, J.M. Doyle, and J. Ye, arXiv:1501.04683 (2015) V. Zhelyazkova, A. Cournol, T.E. Wall, A. Matsushima, J.J. Hudson, E.A. Hinds, M.R. Tarbutt, and B.E. Sauer, Phys. Rev. A 89, 053416 (2014) J.F. Barry, D.J. McCarron, E.B. Norrgard, M.H. Steinecker and D. DeMille, Nature 512, 286 (2014) D.J. McCarron, E.B. Norrgard, M.H. Steinecker and D. DeMille, arXiv:1412.8220 (2014)

  4. The dynamic relationship between emotional and physical states: an observational study of personal health records

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee YS


    Full Text Available Ye-Seul Lee,1 Won-Mo Jung,1 Hyunchul Jang,2 Sanghyun Kim,2 Sun-Yong Chung,3 Younbyoung Chae1 1Acupuncture and Meridian Science Research Center, College of Korean Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, 2Mibyeong Research Center, Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, 3Department of Neuropsychiatry, College of Korean Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Republic of Korea Objectives: Recently, there has been increasing interest in preventing and managing diseases both inside and outside medical institutions, and these concerns have supported the development of the individual Personal Health Record (PHR. Thus, the current study created a mobile platform called “Mind Mirror” to evaluate psychological and physical conditions and investigated whether PHRs would be a useful tool for assessment of the dynamic relationship between the emotional and physical conditions of an individual.Methods: Mind Mirror was used to collect 30 days of observational data about emotional valence and the physical states of pain and fatigue from 20 healthy participants, and these data were used to analyze the dynamic relationship between emotional and physical conditions. Additionally, based on the cross-correlations between these three parameters, a multilevel multivariate regression model (mixed linear model [MLM] was implemented.Results: The strongest cross-correlation between emotional and physical conditions was at lag 0, which implies that emotion and body condition changed concurrently. In the MLM, emotional valence was negatively associated with fatigue (β =-0.233, P<0.001, fatigue was positively associated with pain (β =0.250, P<0.001, and pain was positively associated with fatigue (β =0.398, P<0.001.Conclusion: Our study showed that emotional valence and one’s physical condition negatively influenced one another, while fatigue and pain positively affected each other. These findings suggest that the mind and body interact instantaneously, in

  5. Karakterizacija vakuum plazma naprskane kobalt-nikal-hrom-aluminijum-itrijum prevlake

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mihailo R. Mrdak


    -217. Aluminijum u legurama CoNiCrAlY formira β(Co,NiAl fazu koja služi kao rezervoar za obnavljanje zaštitnog oksida α - Al2O3. Legure na bazi Co sa aluminijumom proizvode β - CoAl fazu koja poboljšava otpornost legure na  sulfidizaciju i β - NiAl fazu koja poboljšava otpornost legure na visoko temperaturnu oksidacionu. Prevlake CoNiCrAlY često se deponuju plazma sprej postupkom u vakuumu (VPS. Glavna razlika je što se proces izvodi u vakuumu bez prisustva vazduha uz nizak pritisak u veoma čistim uslovima i uz primenu transferovanog luka za čišćenje površine substrata.  U deponovanom stanju mikrostruktura CoNiCrAlY prevlake se sastoji od dve faze γ i β. γ faza je čvrst rastvor Co, Ni i Cr.  β (Co,NiAl faza je formirana od β - CoAl faze i β - NiAl faze. Prisutna β faza i njen udeo u strukturi je od suštinskog značaja za zaštitu CoNiCrAlY prevlake. Radni vek CoNiCrAlY prevlake u uslovima oksidacije je u direktnoj vezi sa količinom β faze. Stabilnost β(Co,NiAl faze se smanjuje na visokim temperaturama zbog difuzije Al. Cheruvu i Mobarra sa saradnicima (Cheruvu, et al., 2000, pp.50 - 54, (Mobarra, et al., 2006, pp.2202-2207 su ustanovili da na visokim temperaturama Al iz β faze popunjava oksidni sloj na površini prevlake i siromaši β fazu sa Al. Izlaganjem CoNiCrAlY legure na 1100°C se na površini formira TGO zona sa zaštitnim oksidnim slojem α - Al2O3. U zoni blizu zaštitnog oksidnog sloja α - Al2O3 nije prisutna β-(Ni,CoAl faza jer je površinski sloj osiromašio sa Al (Nicholls, Bennett, 2000, pp.413-428. Samo mala količina Al ostaje u regionima bogatim (Ni,Co (Leea, 2005, pp,239 - 242. U ovom području egzistira β - zona iscrpljena sa Al, koja se nalazi ispod gornjeg oksidnog TGO sloja. Debljina β - iscrpljene zone se povećava dužim izlaganjem legure na visokoj temperaturi zbog potrošnje aluminijuma i rasta TGO sloja (Nicholls, Bennett, 2000, pp.413-428. U TGO zoni, pored oksida α - Al2O3, su prisutna i spinel jedinjenja kao

  6. Modern weapons and military equipments for issue 1-2017 / Современное вооружение и военное оборудование за но. 1-2017 / Savremeno naoružanje i vojna oprema za broj 1-2017

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikola M. Ostojić


    specijalni avioni IL-76, koji su namenjeni za prevoz padobranaca i desantiranje u zoni dejstva. Takođe, iz te letelice desantiran je i oklopni transporter. Vežba je dobila i moto „Odlučan odgovor tri vojske”, s obzirom na to da predstavlja zajednički odgovor specijalnih protiv-terorističkih jedinica tri bratske države na oružano delovanje terorističkih snaga. Vežbama sa ruskim i beloruskim pripadnicima, naša vojska uspešno se osposobljava za učešće u multinacionalnim operacijama, što je kvalitet više u ukupnoj osposobljenosti oružane sile naše zemlje. / The exercises of Russian and Serbian pilots BARS 2016 and 2016 Slovenian brotherhood. Members of our armed forces, especially the Air Force, from the experienced Russian pilots, learn new lessons about the use of modern aircraft. The development of military equipment in the world, weapons and other techniques require a new understanding of the country's defense and the lag can be prevented modernization of our armed forces, as well as practicing members of the Army of Serbia in the new tactical procedures and preparing for possible new forms of opposition to aggression. With international cooperation and gaining new experiences our army trained for participation in multinational military forces. Exercise Serbian and Russian pilots BARS 2016, established itself as the main task after the purchase of two planes MIG-29 and helicopters MI-17. Not only does the introduction of annual and combat characteristics of these aircraft, but also to master the tactical use in complex combat. There is no doubt that the Russian pilots have very valuable experience in interdiction operations with the aircraft MIG-29, as well as in an air battle. This aircraft has exceptional flight possibilities and under the skillful hand pilot can perform very complex maneuvers that provide supremacy in the airspace and the victory in the air battle. Therefore, the exercise of Russian and Serbian pilots BARS 2016 can be seen, as a

  7. Clinic Characteristics of Varicella Zoster Myocarditis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    FANG; Wu-wang


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  8. Production and Purification Immunoglobulin against E. coli in Egg Yolk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammadreza Nassiri


    presence of antibody IgY was confirmed using SDS-PAGE. Purification of IgY was carried out by polyethylene glycol precipitation method using PEG 6000 powder (Merck, Germany based on method of Polson. The purified IgY against E. coli was separated using 10% SDS-PAGE. In order to investigate the effect of the specific anti-E. Coli antibody, mice (Razi, Institute of Iran were randomly distributed into five experimental groups (6mice/group. The mice were kept in conventional animal facilities and received water and food ad libitum. All animal care and procedures were in accordance with institutional policies for animal health and well-being. Experimental groups were including group 1 (mice received IgY orally in drinking water 72 hours before intraperitoneal injection of bacteria and then injected intraperitoneally with 0.5 ml of bacteria E. coli O157: H7, group 2 (mice received IgY orally in drinking water 72 hours before the injection and then injected intraperitoneally with 0.5 ml of deionized water, group 3 (0.5 ml of E. coli O157: H7 incubated with 0.5 ml of the specific anti-E. coli IgY and then 0.5 ml of the incubated solution injected to mice intraperitoneally, group 4 (mice injected with 0.5 ml of IgY and group 5 (mice received 0.5 ml of E. coli O157: H7. Results and Discussion We obtained specific egg yolk antibody against E. coli O157: H7 by immunizing hens with the killed E. coli O157: H7 antigen. The results showed that the IgY was successfully purified from egg yolk. SDS-PAGE analysis showed presence of protein bands 27kDa and 67 kDa of IgY, which correspond to IgY light and heavy chains. Effects of IgY on mice showed that mice received IgY orally in drinking water 72 hours before intraperitoneal injection were protected against bacteria. Also, when specific anti-E. coli IgY was incubated with E.coli O157: H7 for 24 hours and then it was injected to mice led to mice protected against bacteria. The results of our study were agreement with the results of Chae et al

  9. EDITORIAL: Flexible OLEDs and organic electronics Flexible OLEDs and organic electronics (United States)

    Kim, Jang-Joo; Han, Min-Koo; Noh, Yong-Young


    as one of the best candidates for the purpose, and J K Jeong discusses their status and perspectives. Next, several excellent research articles on OFETs follow. In particular, Y-Y Noh et al introduce an interesting method to control charge injection in top-gated OFETs by insertion of various self-assembled monolayers in their paper entitled 'Controlling contact resistance in top-gate polythiophene-based field-effect transistors by molecular engineering'. We would like to thank all the authors for their contributions, which combine new results and profound overviews of the state of the art in flexible OLEDs and organic electronics areas; it is this combination that most often adds to the value of topical issues. Special thanks also go to the staff of IOP Publishing, particularly Ms Alice Malhador, for contributing to the success of this effort. In this special issue, many wonderful reviews and research articles provide a detailed overview of recent progress in OLEDs, OPVs and OFETs as well as a scientific understanding of the device physics with these materials. We sincerely believe this special issue is a timely publication and will give productive information to a broad range of readers. Flexible OLEDs and organic electronics Contents Thin film encapsulation for flexible AM-OLED: a review Jin-Seong Park, Heeyeop Chae, Ho Kyoon Chung and Sang In Lee Large-area OLED lightings and their applications J W Park, D C Shin and S H Park Controlling contact resistance in top-gate polythiophene-based field-effect transistors by molecular engineering Yong-Young Noh, Xiaoyang Cheng, Marta Tello, Mi-Jung Lee and Henning Sirringhaus Branched polythiophene as a new amorphous semiconducting polymer for an organic field-effect transistor Makoto Karakawa, Yutaka Ie and Yoshio Aso Influence of mechanical strain on the electrical properties of flexible organic thin-film transistors Fang-Chung Chen, Tzung-Da Chen, Bing-Ruei Zeng and Ya-Wei Chung Frequency operation of low

  10. Efficacy of fimasartan/hydrochlorothiazide combination in hypertensive patients inadequately controlled by fimasartan monotherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rhee MY


    Full Text Available Moo-Yong Rhee,1 Sang Hong Baek,2 Weon Kim,3 Chang Gyu Park,4 Seung Woo Park,5 Byung-Hee Oh,6 Sang-Hyun Kim,7 Jae-Joong Kim,8 Joon-Han Shin,9 Byung-Su Yoo,10 Se-Joong Rim,11 Jong-Won Ha,12 Joon Hyung Doh,13 Youngkeun Ahn,14 Jei Keon Chae,15 Jeong Bae Park,16 Soon-Kil Kim,17 Cheol Ho Kim18 1Cardiovascular Center, Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital, Goyang, 2Catholic University of Korea, Seoul St Mary’s Hospital, Seoul, 3Cardiovascular Department of Internal Medicine, Kyung Hee University Medical Center, Seoul, 4Division of Cardiology, Guro Hospital, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, 5Division of Cardiology, Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, 6Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, 7Division of Cardiology, Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center, Seoul, 8Division of Cardiology, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, 9Division of Cardiology, Ajou University Hospital, Suwon, 10Division of Cardiology, Wonju Severance Christian Hospital, Wonju, 11Division of Cardiology, GangNam Severance Hospital, Seoul, 12Division of Cardiology, Severance Hospital, Seoul, 13Division of Cardiology, Inje University Ilsan Hospital, Goyang, 14Department of Cardiology, Chonnam National University Hospital, Gwangju, 15Chonbuk National University Hospital, Jeonju, 16Department of Cardiology, Cheil General Hospital, Dankook University College of Medicine, Seoul, 17Department of Cardiology, Hanyang University Guri Hospital, Guri, 18Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam, Republic of Korea Background: The study reported here compared the blood pressure (BP-lowering efficacy of fimasartan alone with that of fimasartan/hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ combination in patients whose BP goal was not achieved after 4 weeks of treatment with once-daily fimasartan 60 mg.Methods: Patients with sitting diastolic blood pressure (siDBP ≥90 mmHg with 4 weeks of once

  11. Selected Abstracts of the 6th International Congress of UENPS; Valencia (Spain; November 23rd-25th 2016; Session “Heart and development”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    --- Various Authors



  12. Difference in Ligocellulose Degradation of Endophytic Chaetomium globosum Isolates and Related Genes Analysis%球毛壳菌降解天然木质纤维素能力差异及酶系基因分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郝晓冉; 牛学良; 李强; 潘皎; 朱旭东


    利用奠定了基础。%Objective: The decomposition abilities of lignocellulosic materials by Chaetomium globosum NK102, NK103, NK104 and NK105, endophytes from different plants were evaluated. Methods: The cellulose utilizing ca-pability of the C.globosum isolates were tested on carboxymethylcellulose agar and cellulose-congo red agar. The lignin utilizing experiments were performed on Bavendamm plates, and the degradative activity was compared by measuring the respective zone of color change. The lignocellulases production potential of these isolates using mi-crocrystalline cellulose, the leaves of Populus sp. and wood powder as the sole carbon source in liquid fermenta-tion was assessed. In addition, secondary metabolites produced by the C.globosum isolates were detected after 12 days cultivation. In the sequenced genome of C.globosum CBS148.51, genes encoding enzymes involved in lignocel-luloses degrading were identified by sequence homology alignment. Results: C.globosum NK102, NK103, NK104 and NK105 formed clear zones when cultured on carboxymethylcellulose or cellulose-congo red agar. In addition, all four isolates exhibited biodegradation capabilities against lignin and the strong-to-weak sequence was NK 103, NK102, NK105 and NK104 by Bavendamm reaction. In liquid culture, all isolates secreted cellulases and laccase on agar containing microcrystalline cellulose, the leaves of Populus sp., and wood powder. The highest activity of cellulase(0.76 U/mL) was obtained by NK102 when cultured on wood powder medium supplemented with peptone. The highest activity of laccase was obtained by NK103 when cultured on the leaves of Populus sp. medium. Chae-toglobosin A(ChA) was detected in the cultue broth of all four isolates. The yield of ChA was affected by carbon biomass and the highest yield was obtained by NK104 when cultured on the leaves of Populus with a yield of 14.88 mg/L. In the sequenced genome of C.globosum CBS148.51, we defined 119 genes encoding enzymes in-volved in cellulose and

  13. Comparison of Serum Zinc Levels among Children with Simple Febrile Seizure and Control Group: A Systematic Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Mehdi NASEHI


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