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  1. Caracterización biocinemática, al paso guiado a la mano, del caballo fino chilote Biokinematic characteristics of the chilote horse hand led walk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Escobar


    movimiento que lo hacen apto para el trabajo en hipoterapia.In the present study a description of some basic conformational and biokinematic characteristics of 16 mares that belong to the breed Caballo Fino Chilote was conduce, at the hand-led walk. The objective was to determine some conformational and biokinematic characteristics at the hand led walk for 16 mares and the possible aptitudes, of this breed, for being used as a therapeutic tool in hipotherapy activities. The conformational parameters were measured in vivo using a metric tape and ruler. For the time-related and biokinematic parameters, a 10m curtain graduated every 50 cm was specially made, in front of which each mare was guided at a hand-led walk while being filmed with a Sony Hi-8 camera. The video was transformed into photos using the Final Cut programme; 15 frames per second were obtained in JPG format; the frames were then passed into TIFF to measure the angular parameters with the help of the Scion Image programme. Lineal parameters were directly measured from the video using a Sony flat screen television. All data analysis was conducted with descriptive statistics using Microsoft Excel xp. The means obtained for conformational parameters were: height at the withers 117.94 cm (± 2.6, height at the back 113.3 cm (± 2.1, and height at the hindquarters 119.9 cm (± 3.1. For the lineal parameters the mean stride length was 135.3 cm (± 8.9 and the mean step length was 69.3 cm (± 5.8. The mean stride duration was 1.18 seconds giving a mean speed of 114.7 cm/sec. The angular parameters of the limbs were measured for the shoulder, elbow and carpus joints in the forelimb and for the hip, stifle and tarsus joints in the hindlimb, also the scapula and pelvis inclination were measured obtaining curves for each one along a complete stride cycle, and angular range of motion was determined.

  2. Caracterización biocinemática, al paso guiado a la mano, del caballo fino chilote Biokinematic characteristics of the chilote horse hand led walk


    A. Escobar; T Tadich


    Se realizó una descripción de ciertas variables conformacionales y biocinemáticas básicas, al paso guiado a mano, en 16 yeguas de la raza Caballo Fino Chilote. Las variables conformacionales se midieron en vivo con el uso de huincha métrica y bastón hipométrico. Para obtener las variables biocinemáticas y de tiempo se utilizó un telón, frente al cual se hizo pasar al paso guiado a mano a las 16 yeguas, mientras eran filmadas con una cámara de video Sony Hi-8. El video fue transformado a fotog...

  3. A method for rehabilitating children with cerebral palsy and cerebrospinal diseases with use of an evolutional robot


    Diukenjiev, Yevgeny


    The function determines the material and field forms of synergy, the basic law of bionics. Any movement of a purposeful character is realized in the presence of a multilink biokinematic structure and instantaneous control units (synergies) of this structure. Biomechanical or neurological pathology curtails the constructive processes, observed in children with diseases/damages of the brain. The author described purposeful movements at norm and, on this basis, a synthesized back task in case of...