Sample records for behaviorally relevant points

  1. Phononic crystals and elastodynamics: Some relevant points

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aravantinos-Zafiris, N. [Dept. of Materials Science, University of Patras, Patras 26504 (Greece); Department of Sound and Musical Instruments Technology, Ionian Islands Technological Educational Institute, Lixouri, 28200 (Greece); Sigalas, M. M. [Dept. of Materials Science, University of Patras, Patras 26504 (Greece); Kafesaki, M. [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL), Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (FORTH), P.O. Box 1387, 70013 Heraklion, Crete (Greece); Dept. of Materials Science and Technology, Univ. of Crete (Greece); Economou, E. N. [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL), Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (FORTH), P.O. Box 1387, 70013 Heraklion, Crete (Greece); Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Crete (Greece)


    In the present paper we review briefly some of the first works on wave propagation in phononic crystals emphasizing the conditions for the creation of acoustic band-gaps and the role of resonances to the band-gap creation. We show that useful conclusions in the analysis of phononic band gap structures can be drawn by considering the mathematical similarities of the basic classical wave equation (Helmholtz equation) with Schrödinger equation and by employing basic solid state physics concepts and conclusions regarding electronic waves. In the second part of the paper we demonstrate the potential of phononic systems to be used as elastic metamaterials. This is done by demonstrating negative refraction in phononic crystals and subwavelength waveguiding in a linear chain of elastic inclusions, and by proposing a novel structure with close to pentamode behavior. Finally the potential of phononic structures to be used in liquid sensor applications is discussed and demonstrated.

  2. Phononic crystals and elastodynamics: Some relevant points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Aravantinos-Zafiris


    Full Text Available In the present paper we review briefly some of the first works on wave propagation in phononic crystals emphasizing the conditions for the creation of acoustic band-gaps and the role of resonances to the band-gap creation. We show that useful conclusions in the analysis of phononic band gap structures can be drawn by considering the mathematical similarities of the basic classical wave equation (Helmholtz equation with Schrödinger equation and by employing basic solid state physics concepts and conclusions regarding electronic waves. In the second part of the paper we demonstrate the potential of phononic systems to be used as elastic metamaterials. This is done by demonstrating negative refraction in phononic crystals and subwavelength waveguiding in a linear chain of elastic inclusions, and by proposing a novel structure with close to pentamode behavior. Finally the potential of phononic structures to be used in liquid sensor applications is discussed and demonstrated.

  3. Student standpoints relevant for future reproductive behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuburović Ankica


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the various standpoints of students on their motivation for parenthood, planning and deciding on birth giving, influence between marriage and parenthood, parent role complexity and responsibility, on the knowledge of effect and consequences of the problem of insufficient birth giving, with an aim of getting to know the main characteristics of their possible reproductive behavior. The analyzed standpoints are part of a more comprehensive and inclusive research, carried out on a sample of 1494 surveyed persons (1000 secondary-school pupils and 494 students in four biggest regional centers - Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Niš. The orientation only to student’s standpoints had an aim to more completely analyze the already abundant empirical material, which is acceptable due to the fact that students are closer to beginning of birth giving according to their age-situation characteristic. The willingness and desire of the students to become parents is significant, but this is only one of their varied life aspirations (importance of partnership, professional engagement…. The intention is to bring into accordance the realization of the most important roles, which actually indicates to a fairly uniform importance in satisfying the basic individual needs. Apart from that, the need for parenthood is dominantly emotional and altruistic, which can be satisfied by having only one child. Possible reproductive norms - which are directed to having two children, whereby they are higher than the current fertility rates, but also somewhat lower normatively determined expectations in relation to the desired number of children, as well as a significant orientation towards marriage and parenthood and the existence of the knowledge on the problem of the impossibility of simple reproduction and conscience of social need for population reproduction - represent a gap for realization of measures for motivating birth giving and parenthood

  4. Progress and prospects for an IFE relevant FI point design (United States)

    Key, M.; Amendt, P.; Bellei, C.; Clark, D.; Cohen, B.; Divol, L.; Ho, D.; Kemp, A.; Larson, D.; Marinak, M.; Patel, P.; Shay, H.; Strozzi, D.; Tabak, M.


    The physics issues involved in scaling from sub-ignition to high gain fast ignition are discussed. Successful point designs must collimate the electrons and minimise the standoff distance to avoid multi-megajoule ignition energies. Collimating B field configurations are identified and some initial designs are explored.

  5. Progress and prospects for an FI relevant point design

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Key, M; Amendt, P; Bellei, C; Clark, D; Cohen, B; Divol, L; Ho, D; Kemp, A; Larson, D; Marinak, M; Patel, P; Shay, H; Strozzi, D; Tabak, M


    The physics issues involved in scaling from sub ignition to high gain fast ignition are discussed. Successful point designs must collimate the electrons and minimize the stand off distance to avoid multi mega-joule ignition energies. Collimating B field configurations are identified and some initial designs are explored.

  6. Chemicals and chemoreceptors: ecologically relevant signals driving behavior in Drosophila.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana eDepetris-Chauvin


    Full Text Available Insects encounter a vast repertoire of chemicals in their natural environment, which can signal positive stimuli like the presence of a food source, a potential mate, or a suitable oviposition site as well as negative stimuli such as competitors, predators, or toxic substances reflecting danger. The presence of specialized chemoreceptors like taste and olfactory receptors allow animals to detect chemicals at short and long distances and accordingly, trigger proper behaviors towards these stimuli. Since the first description of olfactory and taste receptors in Drosophila fifteen years ago, our knowledge on the identity, properties, and function of specific chemoreceptors has increased exponentially. In the last years, multidisciplinary approaches combining genetic tools with electrophysiological techniques, behavioral recording, evolutionary analysis, and chemical ecology studies are shedding light on our understanding on the ecological relevance of specific chemoreceptors for the survival of Drosophila in their natural environment. In this review we discuss the current knowledge on chemoreceptors of both the olfactory and taste systems of the fruitfly. We focus on the relevance of particular receptors for the detection of ecologically relevant cues such as pheromones, food sources, and toxic compounds, and we comment on the behavioral changes that the detection of these chemicals induce in the fly. In particular, we give an updated outlook of the chemical communication displayed during one of the most important behaviors for fly survival, the courtship behavior. Finally, the ecological relevance of specific chemicals can vary depending on the niche occupied by the individual. In that regard, in this review we also highlight the contrast between adult and larval systems and we propose that these differences could reflect distinctive requirements depending on the change of ecological niche occupied by Drosophila along its life cycle.

  7. Neural systems supporting and affecting economically relevant behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Braeutigam S


    Full Text Available Sven BraeutigamOxford Centre for Human Brain Activity, University of Oxford, Oxford, United KingdomAbstract: For about a hundred years, theorists and traders alike have tried to unravel and understand the mechanisms and hidden rules underlying and perhaps determining economically relevant behavior. This review focuses on recent developments in neuroeconomics, where the emphasis is placed on two directions of research: first, research exploiting common experiences of urban inhabitants in industrialized societies to provide experimental paradigms with a broader real-life content; second, research based on behavioral genetics, which provides an additional dimension for experimental control and manipulation. In addition, possible limitations of state-of-the-art neuroeconomics research are addressed. It is argued that observations of neuronal systems involved in economic behavior converge to some extent across the technologies and paradigms used. Conceptually, the data available as of today raise the possibility that neuroeconomic research might provide evidence at the neuronal level for the existence of multiple systems of thought and for the importance of conflict. Methodologically, Bayesian approaches in particular may play an important role in identifying mechanisms and establishing causality between patterns of neural activity and economic behavior.Keywords: neuroeconomics, behavioral genetics, decision-making, consumer behavior, neural system

  8. Human Behavior Classification Using Multi-Class Relevance Vector Machine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yogameena, B.


    Full Text Available Problem statement: In computer vision and robotics, one of the typical tasks is to identify specific objects in an image and to determine each object’s position and orientation relative to coordinate system. This study presented a Multi-class Relevance Vector machine (RVM classification algorithm which classifies different human poses from a single stationary camera for video surveillance applications. Approach: First the foreground blobs and their edges are obtained. Then the relevance vector machine classification scheme classified the normal and abnormal behavior. Results: The performance proposed by our method was compared with Support Vector Machine (SVM and multi-class support vector machine. Experimental results showed the effectiveness of the method. Conclusion: It is evident that RVM has good accuracy and lesser computational than SVM.

  9. Neurodynamics in the Sensorimotor Loop: Representing Behavior Relevant External Situations. (United States)

    Pasemann, Frank


    In the context of the dynamical system approach to cognition and supposing that brains or brain-like systems controlling the behavior of autonomous systems are permanently driven by their sensor signals, the paper approaches the question of neurodynamics in the sensorimotor loop in a purely formal way. This is carefully done by addressing the problem in three steps, using the time-discrete dynamics of standard neural networks and a fiber space representation for better clearness. Furthermore, concepts like meta-transients, parametric stability and dynamical forms are introduced, where meta-transients describe the effect of realistic sensor inputs, parametric stability refers to a class of sensor inputs all generating the "same type" of dynamic behavior, and a dynamical form comprises the corresponding class of parametrized dynamical systems. It is argued that dynamical forms are the essential internal representatives of behavior relevant external situations. Consequently, it is suggested that dynamical forms are the basis for a memory of these situations. Finally, based on the observation that not all brain process have a direct effect on the motor activity, a natural splitting of neurodynamics into vertical (internal) and horizontal (effective) parts is introduced.

  10. An ecologically relevant guinea pig model of fetal behavior. (United States)

    Bellinger, S A; Lucas, D; Kleven, G A


    The laboratory guinea pig, Cavia porcellus, shares with humans many similarities during pregnancy and prenatal development, including precocial offspring and social dependence. These similarities suggest the guinea pig as a promising model of fetal behavioral development as well. Using innovative methods of behavioral acclimation, fetal offspring of female IAF hairless guinea pigs time mated to NIH multicolored Hartley males were observed longitudinally without restraint using noninvasive ultrasound at weekly intervals across the 10 week gestation. To ensure that the ultrasound procedure did not cause significant stress, salivary cortisol was collected both before and after each observation. Measures of fetal spontaneous movement and behavioral state were quantified from video recordings from week 3 through the last week before birth. Results from prenatal quantification of Interlimb Movement Synchrony and state organization reveal guinea pig fetal development to be strikingly similar to that previously reported for other rodents and preterm human infants. Salivary cortisol readings taken before and after sonography did not differ at any observation time point. These results suggest this model holds translational promise for studying the prenatal mechanisms of neurobehavioral development, including those that may result from adverse events. Because the guinea pig is a highly social mammal with a wide range of socially oriented vocalizations, this model may also have utility for studying the prenatal origins and trajectories of developmental disabilities with social-emotional components, such as autism.

  11. Voice identity recognition: functional division of the right STS and its behavioral relevance. (United States)

    Schall, Sonja; Kiebel, Stefan J; Maess, Burkhard; von Kriegstein, Katharina


    The human voice is the primary carrier of speech but also a fingerprint for person identity. Previous neuroimaging studies have revealed that speech and identity recognition is accomplished by partially different neural pathways, despite the perceptual unity of the vocal sound. Importantly, the right STS has been implicated in voice processing, with different contributions of its posterior and anterior parts. However, the time point at which vocal and speech processing diverge is currently unknown. Also, the exact role of the right STS during voice processing is so far unclear because its behavioral relevance has not yet been established. Here, we used the high temporal resolution of magnetoencephalography and a speech task control to pinpoint transient behavioral correlates: we found, at 200 msec after stimulus onset, that activity in right anterior STS predicted behavioral voice recognition performance. At the same time point, the posterior right STS showed increased activity during voice identity recognition in contrast to speech recognition whereas the left mid STS showed the reverse pattern. In contrast to the highly speech-sensitive left STS, the current results highlight the right STS as a key area for voice identity recognition and show that its anatomical-functional division emerges around 200 msec after stimulus onset. We suggest that this time point marks the speech-independent processing of vocal sounds in the posterior STS and their successful mapping to vocal identities in the anterior STS.

  12. How relevant is government championing behavior for technology development

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Caerteling, J.S.; Halman, J.I.M.; Song, M.; Doree, A.G.; Bij, van der J.D.


    Many studies emphasize the importance of government support in technology development. However, this study is among the first to provide empirical findings of the relevance of government roles for the performance of technology development projects. Based on earlier research and the strategic managem

  13. How relevant is government championing behavior for technology development?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Caerteling, J.S.; Halman, J.I.M.; Song, M.; Dorée, A.G.; van der Bij, J.D.


    Many studies emphasize the importance of government support in technology development. However, this study is among the first to provide empirical findings of the relevance of government roles for the performance of technology development projects. Based on earlier research and the strategic managem

  14. Selective theta-synchronization of choice-relevant information subserves goal-directed behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thilo eWomelsdorf


    Full Text Available Theta activity reflects a state of rhythmic modulation of excitability at the level of single neuron membranes, within local neuronal groups and between distant nodes of a neuronal network. A wealth of evidence has shown that during theta states distant neuronal groups synchronize, forming networks of spatially confined neuronal clusters at specific time periods during task performance. Here, we show that a functional commonality of networks engaging in theta rhythmic states is that they emerge around decision points, reflecting rhythmic synchronization of choice-relevant information. Decision points characterize a point in time shortly before a subject chooses to select one action over another, i.e. when automatic behavior is terminated and the organism reactivates multiple sources of information to evaluate the evidence for available choices. As such, decision processes require the coordinated retrieval of choice-relevant information including (i the retrieval of stimulus evaluations (stim.-reward associations and reward expectancies about future outcomes, (ii the retrieval of past and prospective memories (e.g. stim.-stim. associations, (iii the reactivation of contextual task rule representations (e.g. stim.-response mappings, along with (iv an ongoing assessment of sensory evidence. An increasing number of studies reveal that retrieval of these multiple types of information proceeds within few theta cycles through synchronized spiking activity across limbic, striatal and cortical processing nodes. The outlined evidence suggests that evolving spatially and temporally specific theta synchronization could serve as the critical correlate underlying the selection of a choice during goal-directed behavior.

  15. The behavioral relevance of multisensory neural response interactions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Holger F Sperdin


    Full Text Available Sensory information can interact to impact perception and behavior. Foods are appreciated according to their appearance, smell, taste, and texture. Athletes and dancers combine visual, auditory, and somatosensory information to coordinate their movements. Under laboratory settings, detection and discrimination are likewise facilitated by multisensory signals. Research over the past several decades has shown both that the requisite anatomy exists to support interactions between sensory systems in regions canonically designated as exclusively unisensory in their function and more recently that neural response interactions occur within these same regions, including even primary cortices and thalamic nuclei, at early post-stimulus latencies. Here, we review evidence concerning direct links between early, low-level neural response interactions and behavioral measures of multisensory integration.

  16. Melting Behavior of Volcanic Ash relevant to Aviation Ash Hazard (United States)

    Song, W.; Hess, K.; Lavallee, Y.; Cimarelli, C.; Dingwell, D. B.


    Volcanic ash is one of the major hazards caused by volcanic eruptions. In particular, the threat to aviation from airborne volcanic ash has been widely recognized and documented. In the past 12 years, more than 60 modern jet airplanes, mostly jumbo jets, have been damaged by drifting clouds of volcanic ash that have contaminated air routes and airport facilities. Seven of these encounters are known to have caused in-flight loss of engine power to jumbo jets carrying a total of more than 2000 passengers. The primary cause of engine thrust loss is that the glass in volcanic ash particles is generated at temperatures far lower than the temperatures in the combustion chamber of a jet engine ( i.e. > 1600 oC) and when the molten volcanic ash particles leave this hottest section of the engine, the resolidified molten volcanic ash particles will be accumulated on the turbine nozzle guide vanes, which reduced the effective flow of air through the engine ultimately causing failure. Thus, it is essential to investigate the melting process and subsequent deposition behavior of volcanic ash under gas turbine conditions. Although few research studies that investigated the deposition behavior of volcanic ash at the high temperature are to be found in public domain, to the best our knowledge, no work addresses the formation of molten volcanic ash. In this work, volcanic ash produced by Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala in November 8, 2012 was selected for study because of their recent activity and potential hazard to aircraft safety. We used the method of accessing the behavior of deposit-forming impurities in high temperature boiler plants on the basis of observations of the change in shape and size of a cylindrical coal ash to study the sintering and fusion phenomena as well as determine the volcanic ash melting behavior by using characteristic temperatures by means of hot stage microscope (HSM), different thermal analysis (DTA) and Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) to

  17. Equation of state and critical point behavior of hard-core double-Yukawa fluids. (United States)

    Montes, J; Robles, M; López de Haro, M


    A theoretical study on the equation of state and the critical point behavior of hard-core double-Yukawa fluids is presented. Thermodynamic perturbation theory, restricted to first order in the inverse temperature and having the hard-sphere fluid as the reference system, is used to derive a relatively simple analytical equation of state of hard-core multi-Yukawa fluids. Using such an equation of state, the compressibility factor and phase behavior of six representative hard-core double-Yukawa fluids are examined and compared with available simulation results. The effect of varying the parameters of the hard-core double-Yukawa intermolecular potential on the location of the critical point is also analyzed using different perspectives. The relevance of this analysis for fluids whose molecules interact with realistic potentials is also pointed out.

  18. Behaviorally relevant burst coding in primary sensory neurons. (United States)

    Sabourin, Patrick; Pollack, Gerald S


    Bursts of action potentials in sensory interneurons are believed to signal the occurrence of particularly salient stimulus features. Previous work showed that bursts in an identified, ultrasound-tuned interneuron (AN2) of the cricket Teleogryllus oceanicus code for conspicuous increases in amplitude of an ultrasound stimulus, resulting in behavioral responses that are interpreted as avoidance of echolocating bats. We show that the primary sensory neurons that inform AN2 about high-frequency acoustic stimuli also produce bursts. As is the case for AN2, bursts in sensory neurons perform better as feature detectors than isolated, nonburst, spikes. Bursting is temporally correlated between sensory neurons, suggesting that on occurrence of a salient stimulus feature, AN2 will receive strong synaptic input in the form of coincident bursts, from several sensory neurons, and that this might result in bursting in AN2. Our results show that an important feature of the temporal structure of interneuron spike trains can be established at the earliest possible level of sensory processing, i.e., that of the primary sensory neuron.

  19. Access to Attitude-Relevant Information in Memory as a Determinant of Attitude-Behavior Consistency. (United States)

    Kallgren, Carl A.; Wood, Wendy

    Recent reserach has attempted to determine systematically how attitudes influence behavior. This research examined whether access to attitude-relevant beliefs and prior experiences would mediate the relation between attitudes and behavior. Subjects were 49 college students with a mean age of 27 who did not live with their parents or in…

  20. Bulk and boundary critical behavior at Lifshitz points

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    H W Diehl


    Lifshitz points are multicritical points at which a disordered phase, a homogeneous ordered phase, and a modulated ordered phase meet. Their bulk universality classes are described by natural generalizations of the standard 4 model. Analyzing these models systematically via modern field-theoretic renormalization group methods has been a long-standing challenge ever since their introduction in the middle of 1970s. We survey the recent progress made in this direction, discussing results obtained via dimensionality expansions, how they compare with Monte Carlo results, and open problems. These advances opened the way towards systematic studies of boundary critical behavior at -axial Lifshitz points. The possible boundary critical behavior depends on whether the surface plane is perpendicular to one of the modulation axes or parallel to all of them. We show that the semi-infinite field theories representing the corresponding surface universality classes in these two cases of perpendicular and parallel surface orientation differ crucially in their Hamiltonian's boundary terms and the implied boundary conditions, and explain recent results along with our current understanding of this matter.

  1. Characterizing Autism-Relevant Social Behavior in Poodles via Owner Report. (United States)

    Zamzow, Rachel M; Lit, Lisa; Hamilton, Shelley; Beversdorf, David Q


    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by deficits in social communication and the presence of restricted, repetitive behaviors. It can be difficult to model the complex behavioral features of this disorder with rodent models, which have limited similarity to human behaviors. The domestic dog may be a promising model of complex human behavior, including core features of ASD. The present study examines ASD-relevant social behavior in Miniature and Standard Poodles using an owner-report questionnaire with questions adapted from the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (Lord, Rutter, DiLavore, & Risi, 2000). A previous study identified 3 behavioral constructs examined by this questionnaire: initiation of reciprocal social behaviors, response to social interaction, and communication. In the present study, confirmatory and experimental factor analyses used to assess how collected data fit with the previous model revealed moderate model fit and a similar factorial structure. Between-breed comparisons across these factors and at the individual question level revealed differences between Miniature and Standard Poodles in showing behaviors. Cluster analyses used to group dogs within each breed according to social behavior identified smaller subgroups of dogs with less social behavior across all 3 factors compared with the average within each breed. Within- and between-breed differences in social behavior warrant investigation of genetic variation underlying this complex trait as it relates to ASD-relevant behavior. (PsycINFO Database Record

  2. BAC-based sequencing of behaviorally-relevant genes in the prairie vole.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisa A McGraw

    Full Text Available The prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster is an important model organism for the study of social behavior, yet our ability to correlate genes and behavior in this species has been limited due to a lack of genetic and genomic resources. Here we report the BAC-based targeted sequencing of behaviorally-relevant genes and flanking regions in the prairie vole. A total of 6.4 Mb of non-redundant or haplotype-specific sequence assemblies were generated that span the partial or complete sequence of 21 behaviorally-relevant genes as well as an additional 55 flanking genes. Estimates of nucleotide diversity from 13 loci based on alignments of 1.7 Mb of haplotype-specific assemblies revealed an average pair-wise heterozygosity (8.4×10(-3. Comparative analyses of the prairie vole proteins encoded by the behaviorally-relevant genes identified >100 substitutions specific to the prairie vole lineage. Finally, our sequencing data indicate that a duplication of the prairie vole AVPR1A locus likely originated from a recent segmental duplication spanning a minimum of 105 kb. In summary, the results of our study provide the genomic resources necessary for the molecular and genetic characterization of a high-priority set of candidate genes for regulating social behavior in the prairie vole.

  3. Mothers' and fathers' autonomy-relevant parenting: longitudinal links with adolescents' externalizing and internalizing behavior. (United States)

    Lansford, Jennifer E; Laird, Robert D; Pettit, Gregory S; Bates, John E; Dodge, Kenneth A


    The goal of this study was to advance the understanding of separate and joint effects of mothers' and fathers' autonomy-relevant parenting during early and middle adolescence. In a sample of 518 families, adolescents (49 % female; 83 % European American, 16 % African American, 1 % other ethnic groups) reported on their mothers' and fathers' psychological control and knowledge about adolescents' whereabouts, friends, and activities at ages 13 and 16. Mothers and adolescents reported on adolescents' externalizing and internalizing behaviors at ages 12, 14, 15, and 17. Adolescents perceived their mothers as using more psychological control and having more knowledge than their fathers, but there was moderate concordance between adolescents' perceptions of their mothers and fathers. More parental psychological control predicted increases in boys' and girls' internalizing problems and girls' externalizing problems. More parental knowledge predicted decreases in boys' externalizing and internalizing problems. The perceived levels of behavior of mothers and fathers did not interact with one another in predicting adolescent adjustment. The results generalize across early and late adolescence and across mothers' and adolescents' reports of behavior problems. Autonomy-relevant mothering and fathering predict changes in behavior problems during early and late adolescence, but only autonomy-relevant fathering accounts for unique variance in adolescent behavior problems.

  4. Relevance of communications at sale points in the modern concept of merchandising

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kataev Andrey


    Full Text Available Owners of brands spend a large amount of money to promote their products. However, communication at sale points usually does not meet the overall strategy of integrated marketing communication as communication and sales are the question of competence of different managers. If not to pay proper attention to this question today, thousands of advertising budgets, PR and other campaigns will not bring effect under conditions of inconsistent sales strategies and tactics. The article gives the theoretical grounding of integration of communications at sale points into the structure of retail marketing communications.

  5. Relevance of behavioral and social models to the study of consumer energy decision making and behavior

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burns, B.A.


    This report reviews social and behavioral science models and techniques for their possible use in understanding and predicting consumer energy decision making and behaviors. A number of models and techniques have been developed that address different aspects of the decision process, use different theoretical bases and approaches, and have been aimed at different audiences. Three major areas of discussion were selected: (1) models of adaptation to social change, (2) decision making and choice, and (3) diffusion of innovation. Within these three areas, the contributions of psychologists, sociologists, economists, marketing researchers, and others were reviewed. Five primary components of the models were identified and compared. The components are: (1) situational characteristics, (2) product characteristics, (3) individual characteristics, (4) social influences, and (5) the interaction or decision rules. The explicit use of behavioral and social science models in energy decision-making and behavior studies has been limited. Examples are given of a small number of energy studies which applied and tested existing models in studying the adoption of energy conservation behaviors and technologies, and solar technology.

  6. [Community therapy at psychosocial care centers: (dis)connecting relevant points]. (United States)

    Ferreira Filha, Maria de Oliveira; de Carvalho, Mariana Albernaz Pinheiro


    The objective of this study is to describe the implementation of community therapy (CT) at a mental health service (MHS); to identify coping strategies and problems experienced by its users and their families; and to analyze CT's contributions to user's social inclusion. The technique of semi-structured interview and CT's assessment sheets were used in this predominantly qualitative study. Family conflicts, insomnia and abandonment were the major problems cited, and several coping strategies were mentioned, such as: family support, religious belief professional help, etc. It was proved that the user's participation on CT have contributed to their social inclusion, as they reported behavioral changes in their interpersonal relationships. This experience has been showing excellent results, for it works with an approach that comprehends neglected social aspects.

  7. Robo-Psychophysics: Extracting Behaviorally Relevant Features from the Output of Sensors on a Prosthetic Finger. (United States)

    Delhaye, Benoit P; Schluter, Erik W; Bensmaia, Sliman J


    Efforts are underway to restore sensorimotor function in amputees and tetraplegic patients using anthropomorphic robotic hands. For this approach to be clinically viable, sensory signals from the hand must be relayed back to the patient. To convey tactile feedback necessary for object manipulation, behaviorally relevant information must be extracted in real time from the output of sensors on the prosthesis. In the present study, we recorded the sensor output from a state-of-the-art bionic finger during the presentation of different tactile stimuli, including punctate indentations and scanned textures. Furthermore, the parameters of stimulus delivery (location, speed, direction, indentation depth, and surface texture) were systematically varied. We developed simple decoders to extract behaviorally relevant variables from the sensor output and assessed the degree to which these algorithms could reliably extract these different types of sensory information across different conditions of stimulus delivery. We then compared the performance of the decoders to that of humans in analogous psychophysical experiments. We show that straightforward decoders can extract behaviorally relevant features accurately from the sensor output and most of them outperform humans.

  8. Postnatal testosterone levels and disorder relevant behavior in the second year of life. (United States)

    Saenz, Janet; Alexander, Gerianne M


    The objective of the current study was to investigate the relationship between testosterone collected at 3-4 months of age and sex-linked disorder-relevant behaviors in the second year of life. Eighty-four children participated at 3-4 (when salivary testosterone levels were obtained and second to fourth digit ratios were measured) and 18-24 months of age (when behavioral ratings of aggression and verbal ability were coded from two 8-min play sessions). Parents also completed the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment, and the four subscales (Internalizing, Externalizing, Dysregulation, and Autism Spectrum Disorder) were used to indicate child specific problems. Greater postnatal testosterone levels in early infancy were predictive of more male-typical behaviors in the second year of life (i.e., more autism spectrum behaviors, less time vocalizing, and more Internalizing Problems). These results support the hypothesis that early infancy may be another critical period for the development of gender-linked behavior.

  9. Age-dependent relevance of endogenous 5-lipoxygenase derivatives in anxiety-like behavior in mice. (United States)

    Leo, Luciana M; Almeida-Corrêa, Suellen; Canetti, Claudio A; Amaral, Olavo B; Bozza, Fernando A; Pamplona, Fabricio A


    When 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO) is inhibited, roughly half of the CNS effect of the prototypic endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA) is lost. Therefore, we decided to investigate whether inhibiting this enzyme would influence physiological functions classically described as being under control of the endocannabinoid system. Although 5-LO inhibition by MK-886 reduced lipoxin A4 levels in the brain, no effect was found in the elevated plus maze (EPM), even at the highest possible doses, via i.p. (10 mg/kg,) or i.c.v. (500 pmol/2 µl) routes. Accordingly, no alterations in anxiety-like behavior in the EPM test were observed in 5-LO KO mice. Interestingly, aged mice, which show reduced circulating lipoxin A4 levels, were sensitive to MK-886, displaying an anxiogenic-like state in response to treatment. Moreover, exogenous lipoxin A4 induced an anxiolytic-like profile in the EPM test. Our findings are in line with other reports showing no difference between FLAP KO or 5-LO KO and their control strains in adult mice, but increased anxiety-like behavior in aged mice. We also show for the first time that lipoxin A4 affects mouse behavior. In conclusion, we propose an age-dependent relevancy of endogenous 5-LO derivatives in the modulation of anxiety-like behavior, in addition to a potential for exogenous lipoxin A4 in producing an anxiolytic-like state.

  10. Behavioral Recommendations in Health Research News as Cues to Action: Self-Relevancy and Self-Efficacy Processes. (United States)

    Chang, Chingching


    This study argues that behavioral recommendations in health news function as cues to action. A proposed self-oriented model seeks to explore the impacts of behavioral recommendations in health research news as cues to action through their influences on self-relevancy and self-efficacy. A content analysis (Study 1) first establishes that health research news commonly features behavioral recommendations. A message experiment (Study 2) then explores the utility of behavioral recommendations as cues to action by demonstrating a self-relevancy effect: Health research news with, as opposed to without, behavioral recommendations increases the self-relevancy of advocated health behaviors, which then improve people's attitudes toward and intentions to adopt those behaviors. A second message experiment (Study 3) tests whether varying presentations of behavioral recommendations alter their effectiveness as cues to action and thus people's behavioral intentions through a dual effect process. In addition to the previously demonstrated self-relevancy effect, this experiment shows that concrete, as opposed to abstract, behavioral recommendations trigger a self-efficacy effect, increasing perceived self-efficacy and further improving behavioral intentions.

  11. Measures and time points relevant for post-surgical follow-up in patients with inflammatory arthritis: a pilot study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tägil Magnus


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Rheumatic diseases commonly affect joints and other structures in the hand. Surgery is a traditional way to treat hand problems in inflammatory rheumatic diseases with the purposes of pain relief, restore function and prevent progression. There are numerous measures to choose from, and a combination of outcome measures is recommended. This study evaluated if instruments commonly used in rheumatologic clinical practice are suitable to measure outcome of hand surgery and to identify time points relevant for follow-up. Methods Thirty-one patients (median age 56 years, median disease duration 15 years with inflammatory rheumatic disease and need for post-surgical occupational therapy intervention formed this pilot study group. Hand function was assessed regarding grip strength (Grippit, pain (VAS, range of motion (ROM (Signals of Functional Impairment (SOFI and grip ability (Grip Ability Test (GAT. Activities of daily life (ADL were assessed by means of Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand Outcome (DASH and Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM. The instruments were evaluated by responsiveness and feasibility; follow-up points were 0, 3, 6 and 12 months. Results All instruments showed significant change at one or more follow-up points. Satisfaction with activities (COPM showed the best responsiveness (SMR>0.8, while ROM measured with SOFI had low responsiveness at most follow-up time points. The responsiveness of the instruments was stable between 6 and 12 month follow-up which imply that 6 month is an appropriate time for evaluating short-term effect of hand surgery in rheumatic diseases. Conclusion We suggest a core set of instruments measuring pain, grip strength, grip ability, perceived symptoms and self-defined daily activities. This study has shown that VAS pain, the Grippit instrument, GAT, DASH symptom scale and COPM are suitable outcome instruments for hand surgery, while SOFI may be a more insensitive

  12. The contributions of image content and behavioral relevancy to overt attention.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Selim Onat

    Full Text Available During free-viewing of natural scenes, eye movements are guided by bottom-up factors inherent to the stimulus, as well as top-down factors inherent to the observer. The question of how these two different sources of information interact and contribute to fixation behavior has recently received a lot of attention. Here, a battery of 15 visual stimulus features was used to quantify the contribution of stimulus properties during free-viewing of 4 different categories of images (Natural, Urban, Fractal and Pink Noise. Behaviorally relevant information was estimated in the form of topographical interestingness maps by asking an independent set of subjects to click at image regions that they subjectively found most interesting. Using a Bayesian scheme, we computed saliency functions that described the probability of a given feature to be fixated. In the case of stimulus features, the precise shape of the saliency functions was strongly dependent upon image category and overall the saliency associated with these features was generally weak. When testing multiple features jointly, a linear additive integration model of individual saliencies performed satisfactorily. We found that the saliency associated with interesting locations was much higher than any low-level image feature and any pair-wise combination thereof. Furthermore, the low-level image features were found to be maximally salient at those locations that had already high interestingness ratings. Temporal analysis showed that regions with high interestingness ratings were fixated as early as the third fixation following stimulus onset. Paralleling these findings, fixation durations were found to be dependent mainly on interestingness ratings and to a lesser extent on the low-level image features. Our results suggest that both low- and high-level sources of information play a significant role during exploration of complex scenes with behaviorally relevant information being more effective

  13. Infrared Behavior and Fixed Points in Landau-Gauge QCD (United States)

    Pawlowski, Jan M.; Litim, Daniel F.; Nedelko, Sergei; von Smekal, Lorenz


    We investigate the infrared behavior of gluon and ghost propagators in Landau-gauge QCD by means of an exact renormalization group equation. We explain how, in general, the infrared momentum structure of Green functions can be extracted within this approach. An optimization procedure is devised to remove residual regulator dependences. In Landau-gauge QCD this framework is used to determine the infrared leading terms of the propagators. The results support the Kugo-Ojima confinement scenario. Possible extensions are discussed.

  14. Behavioral phenotyping of glutathione-deficient mice: relevance to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. (United States)

    Kulak, Anita; Cuenod, Michel; Do, Kim Q


    Redox-dysregulation represents a common pathogenic mechanism in schizophrenia (SZ) and bipolar disorder (BP). It may in part arise from a genetically compromised synthesis of glutathione (GSH), the major cellular antioxidant and redox-regulator. Allelic variants of the genes coding for the rate-limiting GSH synthesizing enzyme glutamate-cysteine-ligase modifier (GCLM) and/or catalytic (GCLC) subunit have been associated with SZ and BP. Using mice knockout (KO) for GCLM we have previously shown that impaired GSH synthesis is associated with morphological, functional and neurochemical anomalies similar to those in patients. Here we asked whether GSH deficit is also associated with SZ- and BP-relevant behavioral and cognitive anomalies. Accordingly, we subjected young adult GCLM-wildtype (WT), heterozygous and KO males to a battery of standard tests. Compared to WT, GCLM-KO mice displayed hyperlocomotion in the open field and forced swim test but normal activity in the home cage, suggesting that hyperlocomotion was selective to environmental novelty and mildly stressful situations. While spatial working memory and latent inhibition remained unaffected, KO mice showed a potentiated hyperlocomotor response to an acute amphetamine injection, impaired sensorymotor gating in the form of prepulse inhibition and altered social behavior compared to WT. These anomalies resemble important aspects of both SZ and the manic component of BP. As such our data support the notion that redox-dysregulation due to GSH deficit is implicated in both disorders. Moreover, our data propose the GCLM-KO mouse as a valuable model to study the behavioral and cognitive consequences of redox dysregulation in the context of psychiatric disease.

  15. Smart materials behavior in phosphates: role of hydroxyl groups and relevance to antiwear films. (United States)

    Shakhvorostov, Dmitry; Müser, Martin H; Song, Yang; Norton, Peter R


    The elastic properties of materials under high pressure are relevant to the understanding and performance of many systems of current interest, for example, in geology and tribology. Of particular interest is the origin of the dramatic increase in modulus with increasing pressure, a response which is also called "smart materials behavior." In this context, simple phosphate-containing materials have been studied experimentally and theoretically, and the origins of this behavior have been associated with factors such as coordination of the cations and changes in the degree of polymerization and hydrogenation of the phosphate units. In the present paper we extend the former analysis on simple metal phosphate model compounds to so-called thermal films, an intermediate stage in the formation of effective antiwear films. The material was produced by heating a commercial zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP), a common antiwear additive in lubricating oils, in poly-alpha-olefin base oil solutions to 150 degrees C, a process known to produce the thermal films. Its structure and equation of state were studied by means of x-ray diffraction and IR synchrotron radiation techniques during compression up to 25 GPa in a diamond anvil cell as well as during the subsequent decompression. As is the case for the simple metal phosphates, we find that the thermal films are relatively soft at low pressures but stiffen rapidly and ultimately amorphize irreversibly at high pressure. However, in addition to phase transformations involving cation sites occurring in the metal phosphates studied previously, thermal films undergo displacive transitions associated with instabilities of the hydroxyl groups. These results may imply that ZDDP ligands and those of the transformed materials not only affect ZDDP decomposition rate in engines but also the mechanical properties of the resulting antiwear films.

  16. Extracting the Behaviorally Relevant Stimulus: Unique Neural Representation of Farnesol, a Component of the Recruitment Pheromone of Bombus terrestris.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin F Strube-Bloss

    Full Text Available To trigger innate behavior, sensory neural networks are pre-tuned to extract biologically relevant stimuli. Many male-female or insect-plant interactions depend on this phenomenon. Especially communication among individuals within social groups depends on innate behaviors. One example is the efficient recruitment of nest mates by successful bumblebee foragers. Returning foragers release a recruitment pheromone in the nest while they perform a 'dance' behavior to activate unemployed nest mates. A major component of this pheromone is the sesquiterpenoid farnesol. How farnesol is processed and perceived by the olfactory system, has not yet been identified. It is much likely that processing farnesol involves an innate mechanism for the extraction of relevant information to trigger a fast and reliable behavioral response. To test this hypothesis, we used population response analyses of 100 antennal lobe (AL neurons recorded in alive bumblebee workers under repeated stimulation with four behaviorally different, but chemically related odorants (geraniol, citronellol, citronellal and farnesol. The analysis identified a unique neural representation of the recruitment pheromone component compared to the other odorants that are predominantly emitted by flowers. The farnesol induced population activity in the AL allowed a reliable separation of farnesol from all other chemically related odor stimuli we tested. We conclude that the farnesol induced population activity may reflect a predetermined representation within the AL-neural network allowing efficient and fast extraction of a behaviorally relevant stimulus. Furthermore, the results show that population response analyses of multiple single AL-units may provide a powerful tool to identify distinct representations of behaviorally relevant odors.

  17. Master singular behavior from correlation length measurements for seven one-component fluids near their gas-liquid critical point. (United States)

    Garrabos, Yves; Palencia, Fabien; Lecoutre, Carole; Erkey, Can; Le Neindre, Bernard


    We present the master (i.e., unique) behavior of the correlation length, as a function of the thermal field along the critical isochore, asymptotically close to the gas-liquid critical point of xenon, krypton, argon, helium-3, sulfur hexafluoride, carbon dioxide, and heavy water. It is remarkable that this unicity extends to the correction-to-scaling terms. The critical parameter set, which contains all the needed information to reveal the master behavior, is composed of four thermodynamic coordinates of the critical point and one adjustable parameter which accounts for quantum effects in the helium-3 case. We use a scale dilatation method applied to the relevant physical variables of the one-component fluid subclass, in analogy with the basic hypothesis of the renormalization theory. This master behavior for the correlation length satisfies hyperscaling. We finally estimate the thermal field extent where the critical crossover of the singular thermodynamic and correlation functions deviates from the theoretical crossover function obtained from field theory.

  18. Point defects behavior in beta Cu-based shape memory alloys

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Romero, R.; Somoza, A. [Univ. Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Tandil (Argentina). IFIMAT


    A summary of positron annihilation spectroscopy data relating to the point defect behavior after quenching and to thermal equilibrium in {beta}-phase Cu-based shape memory alloys Cu-Zn-Al and Cu-Al-Be is presented. Particular attention is given to the initial concentration of quenched-in vacancies as a function of the quenching temperature, migration of the retained point defects with aging temperature and time, and the vacancy formation and migration energies. (orig000.

  19. Overview of the "epigenetic end points in toxicologic pathology and relevance to human health" session of the 2014 Society Of Toxicologic Pathology Annual Symposium. (United States)

    Hoenerhoff, Mark J; Hartke, James


    The theme of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology 2014 Annual Symposium was "Translational Pathology: Relevance of Toxicologic Pathology to Human Health." The 5th session focused on epigenetic end points in biology, toxicity, and carcinogenicity, and how those end points are relevant to human exposures. This overview highlights the various presentations in this session, discussing integration of epigenetics end points in toxicologic pathology studies, investigating the role of epigenetics in product safety assessment, epigenetic changes in cancers, methodologies to detect them, and potential therapies, chromatin remodeling in development and disease, and epigenomics and the microbiome. The purpose of this overview is to discuss the application of epigenetics to toxicologic pathology and its utility in preclinical or mechanistic based safety, efficacy, and carcinogenicity studies.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duncan, A.; Kane, M.


    This report was prepared to document the physical, chemical and radiological properties of plutonium oxide materials that were processed in the Plutonium Fuel Form Facility (PuFF) in building 235-F at the Savannah River Plant (now known as the Savannah River Site) in the late 1970s and early 1980s. An understanding of these properties is needed to support current project planning for the safe and effective decontamination and deactivation (D&D) of PuFF. The PuFF mission was production of heat sources to power Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) used in space craft. The specification for the PuO{sub 2} used to fabricate the heat sources required that the isotopic content of the plutonium be 83 {+-} 1% Pu-238 due to its high decay heat of 0.57 W/g. The high specific activity of Pu-238 (17.1 Ci/g) due to alpha decay makes this material very difficult to manage. The production process produced micron-sized particles which proved difficult to contain during operations, creating personnel contamination concerns and resulting in the expenditure of significant resources to decontaminate spaces after loss of material containment. This report examines high {sup 238}Pu-content material properties relevant to the D&D of PuFF. These relevant properties are those that contribute to the mobility of the material. Physical properties which produce or maintain small particle size work to increase particle mobility. Early workers with {sup 238}PuO{sub 2} felt that, unlike most small particles, Pu-238 oxide particles would not naturally agglomerate to form larger, less mobile particles. It was thought that the heat generated by the particles would prevent water molecules from binding to the particle surface. Particles covered with bound water tend to agglomerate more easily. However, it is now understood that the self-heating effect is not sufficient to prevent adsorption of water on particle surfaces and thus would not prevent agglomeration of particles. Operational

  1. Thirty Points about Motivation from Skinner's Book "Verbal Behavior" (United States)

    Sundberg, Mark L.


    Skinner discussed the topic of motivation in every chapter of the book "Verbal Behavior" (1957), usually with his preferred terminology of ''deprivation, satiation, and aversive stimulation.'' In the current paper, direct quotations are used to systematically take the reader through 30 separate points made by Skinner…

  2. Behavior of the dielectric constant of Ar near the critical point. (United States)

    Hidalgo, Marcelo; Coutinho, Kaline; Canuto, Sylvio


    The fundamental question of the behavior of the dielectric constant near the critical point is addressed using Ar as the probe system. The neighborhood of the liquid-vapor critical point of Ar is accessed by classical Monte Carlo simulation and then explicit quantum mechanics calculations are performed to study the behavior of the dielectric constant. The theoretical critical temperature is determined by calculating the position of the discontinuity of the specific heat and is found to be at T(c)Theor=148.7K, only 2 K below the experimental value. The large fluctuations and the inhomogeneity of the density that characterize the critical point rapidly disappear and are not seen at T=T(c)Theor+2K. The structure of Ar obtained by the radial distribution function is found to be in very good agreement with experiment both in the liquid phase and 2 K above the critical temperature. The behavior of the dielectric constant is then analyzed after calculating the static dipole polarizability and using a many-body Clausius-Mossotti equation. The dielectric constant shows a density-independent behavior around the critical density, 2 K above the critical temperature. At this point, the calculated value of the dielectric constant is 1.173±0.005 in excellent agreement with the experimental value of 1.179.

  3. Neurocognitive Elements of Antisocial Behavior: Relevance of an Orbitofrontal Cortex Account (United States)

    Seguin, Jean R.


    This paper reviews the role of orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) lesions in antisocial behaviors and the adequacy of a strict OFC account of antisocial disorders where there is no evidence of lesion. Neurocognitive accounts of antisocial behaviors are extended beyond the OFC. Several methodological shortcomings specific to this neuroscience approach to…

  4. Comparison of Byproduct Formation in Waters Treated With Chlorine and Iodine: Relevance To Point-Of-Use Treatment (United States)

    Due to their efficacy in deactivating a range of microbial pathogens, particularly amoebic cysts, iodine-based disinfectants have been a popular option for point-of-use (POU) drinking water disinfection by campers, the military, and rural consumers in developing countries. Recent...

  5. Subsurface Behavior of Plutonium and Americium at Non-Hanford Sites and Relevance to Hanford

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cantrell, Kirk J.; Riley, Robert G.


    Seven sites where Pu release to the environment has raised significant environmental concerns have been reviewed. A summary of the most significant hydrologic and geochemical features, contaminant release events and transport processes relevant to Pu migration at the seven sites is presented.

  6. Reading Culturally Relevant Literature Aloud to Urban Youths with Behavioral Challenges (United States)

    Verden, Claire E.


    This article discusses the viability of reading culturally relevant literature aloud to urban middle school youth. The findings from a research study are shared and guidelines for implementing a culturally sensitive read aloud program in your own middle school or high school classroom are discussed. Anecdotes from students involved in the study…

  7. Modeling autism-relevant behavioral phenotypes in rats and mice : Do 'autistic' rodents exist?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Servadio, Michela; Vanderschuren, Louk J M J; Trezza, Viviana


    Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are among the most severe developmental psychiatric disorders known today, characterized by impairments in communication and social interaction and stereotyped behaviors. However, no specific treatments for ASD are as yet available. By enabling selective genetic, neur

  8. Pointing gesture in a bird- merely instrumental or a cognitively complex behavior?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gisela KAPLAN


    Full Text Available Gestures, particularly pointing, are regarded as important pre-speech acts. Intentional and referential pointing has been shown previously in humans and apes but not in songbirds, although some avian species show cognitive abilities rivaling those of apes, and their brain structures and functions show putative preconditions for referential gestural signaling (i.e. mirror neurons, links of vocal learning nuclei to discrete brain areas active during limb and body movements. The results reported are based on trials testing predator detection and responses to a taxidermic model of a wedge-tailed eagle by Australian magpies Gymnorhina tibicen. Magpies were subjected to three conditions of finding this model in their territory (open, sheltered and hidden. In the sheltered and hidden conditions, the discoverer simultaneously engaged in alarm calls and beak pointing, a behavior that has not been described previously. Other group members at once assembled and, after watching the first bird, adopted the same posture by pointing to the location of the intruder. The question is whether beak and body movements orienting towards important stimuli or events are instances of arousal, imitation or intentional communication. The latter presupposes that onlookers interpret the signal and respond by altering their own behavior appropriate to the original stimulus and not merely by imitating the first signaler. Evidence presented here indicates that the act of pointing may well be a complex cognitive behavior, i.e., an intentional and referential signal, showing that pointing is not limited to having hands and arms [Current Zoology 57 (4: 453–467, 2011].

  9. Parvalbumin and GAD65 interneuron inhibition in the ventral hippocampus induces distinct behavioral deficits relevant to schizophrenia. (United States)

    Nguyen, Robin; Morrissey, Mark D; Mahadevan, Vivek; Cajanding, Janine D; Woodin, Melanie A; Yeomans, John S; Takehara-Nishiuchi, Kaori; Kim, Jun Chul


    Hyperactivity within the ventral hippocampus (vHPC) has been linked to both psychosis in humans and behavioral deficits in animal models of schizophrenia. A local decrease in GABA-mediated inhibition, particularly involving parvalbumin (PV)-expressing GABA neurons, has been proposed as a key mechanism underlying this hyperactive state. However, direct evidence is lacking for a causal role of vHPC GABA neurons in behaviors associated with schizophrenia. Here, we probed the behavioral function of two different but overlapping populations of vHPC GABA neurons that express either PV or GAD65 by selectively inhibiting these neurons with the pharmacogenetic neuromodulator hM4D. We show that acute inhibition of vHPC GABA neurons in adult mice results in behavioral changes relevant to schizophrenia. Inhibiting either PV or GAD65 neurons produced distinct behavioral deficits. Inhibition of PV neurons, affecting ∼80% of the PV neuron population, robustly impaired prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle reflex (PPI), startle reactivity, and spontaneous alternation, but did not affect locomotor activity. In contrast, inhibiting a heterogeneous population of GAD65 neurons, affecting ∼40% of PV neurons and 65% of cholecystokinin neurons, increased spontaneous and amphetamine-induced locomotor activity and reduced spontaneous alternation, but did not alter PPI. Inhibition of PV or GAD65 neurons also produced distinct changes in network oscillatory activity in the vHPC in vivo. Together, these findings establish a causal role for vHPC GABA neurons in controlling behaviors relevant to schizophrenia and suggest a functional dissociation between the GABAergic mechanisms involved in hippocampal modulation of sensorimotor processes.

  10. Critical behaviors near the (tri-)critical end point of QCD within the NJL model

    CERN Document Server

    Lu, Ya; Cui, Zhu-Fang; Zong, Hong-Shi


    We investigate the dynamical chiral symmetry breaking and its restoration at finite density and temperature within the two-flavor Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model, and mainly focus on the critical behaviors near the critical end point (CEP) and tricritical point (TCP) of QCD. The co-existence region of the Wigner and Nambu phase is determined in the phase diagram for the massive and massless current quark, respectively. We use the various susceptibilities to locate the CEP/TCP and then extract the critical exponents near them. Our calculations reveal that the various susceptibilities share the same critical behaviors for the physical current quark mass, while they show different features in the chiral limit. Furthermore the critical exponent of order parameter at the TCP, $\\beta$=1/4, differs from that on the $O(4)$ line, $\\beta$=1/2, which indicates a change in the universality class.

  11. Behavioral rules of bank’s point-of-sale for segments description and scoring prediction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehdi Bizhani


    Full Text Available One of the important factors for the success of a bank industry is to monitor their customers' behavior and their point-of-sale (POS. The bank needs to know its merchants' behavior to find interesting ones to attract more transactions which results in the growth of its income and assets. The recency, frequency and monetary (RFM analysis is a famous approach for extracting behavior of customers and is a basis for marketing and customer relationship management (CRM, but it is not aligned enough for banking context. Introducing RF*M* in this article results in a better understanding of groups of merchants. Another artifact of RF*M* is RF*M* scoring which is applied in two ways, preprocessing the POSs and assigning behavioral meaningful labels to the merchants’ segments. The class labels and the RF*M* parameters are entered into a rule-based classification algorithm to achieve descriptive rules of the clusters. These descriptive rules outlined the boundaries of RF*M* parameters for each cluster. Since the rules are generated by a classification algorithm, they can also be applied for predicting the behavioral label and scoring of the upcoming POSs. These rules are called behavioral rules.

  12. Influencing Attitudes and Changing Behavior: A Basic Introduction to Relevant Methodology, Theory, and Applications. Revised Edition. (United States)

    Zimbardo, Philip; Ebbesen, Ebbe B.

    In this introductory text to the field of attitude change, the emphasis is on one of the end products of research in social psychology--manipulation and control of attitudes and related behaviors. The text first defines the concept of attitude, then identifies ideas from the areas of history, literature, law, religion, and the social sciences that…

  13. Behavioral Relevance of Species-Specific Vasotocin Anatomy in Gregarious Finches

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aubrey M Kelly


    Full Text Available Despite substantial species differences in the vasotocin/vasopressin (VT/VP circuitry of the medial bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTm and lateral septum (LS; a primary projection target of BSTm VT/VP cells, functional consequences of this variation are poorly known. Previous experiments in the highly gregarious zebra finch (Estrildidae: Taeniopygia guttata demonstrate that BSTm VT neurons promote gregariousness in a male-specific manner and reduce anxiety in both sexes. However, in contrast to the zebra finch, the less gregarious Angolan blue waxbill (Estrildidae: Uraeginthus angolensis exhibits fewer VT-immunoreactive cells in the BSTm as well as differences in receptor distribution across the LS subnuclei, suggesting that knockdown of VT production in the BSTm would produce behavioral effects in Angolan blue waxbills that are distinct from zebra finches. Thus, we here quantified social contact, gregariousness (i.e. preference for the larger of two groups, and anxiety-like behavior following bilateral antisense knockdown of VT production in the BSTm of male and female Angolan blue waxbills. We find that BSTm VT neurons promote social contact, but not gregariousness (as in male zebra finches, and that antisense effects on social contact are significantly stronger in male waxbills than in females. Knockdown of BSTm VT production has no effect on anxiety-like behavior. These data provide novel evidence that species differences in the VT/VP circuitry arising in the BSTm are accompanied by species-specific effects on affiliation behaviors.

  14. Anorexia nervosa as a motivated behavior: Relevance of anxiety, stress, fear and learning. (United States)

    Guarda, Angela S; Schreyer, Colleen C; Boersma, Gretha J; Tamashiro, Kellie L; Moran, Timothy H


    The high comorbidity between anorexia nervosa (AN) and anxiety disorders is well recognized. AN is a motivated behavioral disorder in which habit formation is likely to contribute to the persistence of abnormal eating and exercise behaviors. Secondary alterations in brain circuitry underlying the reward value of food and exercise, along with disturbances in neuroendocrine hunger and satiety signaling arising from starvation and excessive exercise, are likely contributors to the maintenance of anorectic behaviors in genetically vulnerable individuals. The potential role of fear conditioning in facilitating onset of AN, or of impaired fear extinction in contributing to the high relapse rates observed following weight restoration, is of interest. Evidence from animal models of anxiety and human laboratory studies indicate that low estrogen impairs fear extinction. Low estradiol levels in AN may therefore play a role in perpetuating fear of food and fat in recently weight restored patients. Translational models including the activity based anorexia (ABA) rodent model of AN, and neuroimaging studies of fear extinction and conditioning, could help clarify the underlying molecular mechanisms and neurocircuitry involved in food avoidance behaviors in AN. Moreover, the adaptation of novel treatment interventions with efficacy in anxiety disorders may contribute to the development of new treatments for this impairing disorder.

  15. [The relevance of zen-buddhism for dialectic-behavioral therapy]. (United States)

    Huppertz, Michael


    Dialectic-Behavioral Therapy is a specific psychotherapeutic approach to answer the needs of patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. It uses concepts and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and of Humanistic Psychotherapies. For a deeper understanding, it is necessary to include also its Zen-Buddhistic background. The experience of Zen-meditation and the basic philosophy of Zen-Buddhism will be explained. In the context of the historical relation between Zen-Buddhism and Psychotherapy, the position of the DBT will be specified. Finally it will be demonstrated how Zen-Buddhism inspired the practice of DBT and what kinds of problems arise when a modern psychotherapy uses the concept of a premodern conception of the world and human existence.

  16. Stress-relevant social behaviors of middle-class male cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis). (United States)

    Cui, Ding; Zhou, Yuan


    Stress from dominance ranks in human societies, or that of other social animals, especially nonhuman primates, can have negative influences on health. Individuals holding different social status may be burdened with various stress levels. The middle class experiences a special stress situation within the dominance hierarchy due to its position between the higher and lower classes. Behaviorally, questions about where middle-class stress comes from and how individuals adapt to middle-class stress remain poorly understood in nonhuman primates. In the present study, social interactions, including aggression, avoidance, grooming and mounting behaviors, between beta males, as well as among group members holding higher or lower social status, were analyzed in captive male-only cynomolgus monkey groups. We found that aggressive tension from the higher hierarchy members was the main origin of stress for middle-class individuals. However, behaviors such as attacking lower hierarchy members immediately after being the recipient of aggression, as well as increased avoidance, grooming and mounting toward both higher and lower hierarchy members helped alleviate middle-class stress and were particular adaptations to middle-class social status.

  17. Asymmetry of brain and behavior in animals: Its development, function, and human relevance. (United States)

    Rogers, Lesley J


    Since the discovery of brain asymmetry in a wide range of vertebrate species, it has become possible to study development and expression of lateralized behavior accurately in well-controlled experiments. Several species have emerged as useful models for investigating aspects of lateralization. Discussed here are: (1) the influence of exposure to light during embryonic development on lateralization, (2) effects of steroid hormones on lateralization, (3) developmental changes in which hemisphere is controlling behavior, and (4) asymmetry in memory formation and recall. The findings have bearing on understanding the development of hemispheric specialization in humans and are likely to provide insight into dysfunctional behavior associated with weak or absent lateralization and impaired interhemispheric communication (e.g., autism, schizophrenia, and dyslexia). This review features research on chicks, pigeons, and zebrafish, with the addition of some recent evidence of lateralization in bees. Discoveries made using these species have highlighted the interaction between experience, hormones, and genetic factors during development, and have provided some of the first clear evidence of the advantage of having a lateralized brain.

  18. Evolutionary and neuropsychological perspectives on addictive behaviors and addictive substances: relevance to the "food addiction" construct. (United States)

    Davis, Caroline


    It has been argued that food cannot be "addictive", unlike conventional drugs of abuse, because it is an essential part of life. In this paper, evidence is reviewed, largely from an evolutionary psychobiological perspective, that plant-based psychoactive drugs (such as those derived from the opium poppy and the coca leaf) and gambling-related behaviors were once adaptive for human health and survival in a similar manner as energy-based foods were for nourishment. "Evolutionary mismatch" viewpoints contend that certain behaviors were enhanced during the hunter-gatherer lifestyle - from which our genetic endowment had its origins - because they bestowed both survival and reproductive advantages to the species. However, in the context of advanced technology and other rapid environmental changes, these same behaviors have tended to become maladaptive and greatly overexpressed. Similar to the manufactured purification of psychotropic plant-based substances, the reward impact of processed and hyperpalatable foods, with their high levels of sugar, fat, and salt, is much increased from foods produced in nature. It is concluded therefore that what was once beneficial and necessary for our survival has been altered and ultraprocessed into edible products that may be disadvantageous and potentially addictive.

  19. Evolutionary and neuropsychological perspectives on addictive behaviors and addictive substances: relevance to the "food addiction" construct

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davis C


    Full Text Available Caroline Davis School of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada Abstract: It has been argued that food cannot be "addictive", unlike conventional drugs of abuse, because it is an essential part of life. In this paper, evidence is reviewed, largely from an evolutionary psychobiological perspective, that plant-based psychoactive drugs (such as those derived from the opium poppy and the coca leaf and gambling-related behaviors were once adaptive for human health and survival in a similar manner as energy-based foods were for nourishment. "Evolutionary mismatch" viewpoints contend that certain behaviors were enhanced during the hunter-gatherer lifestyle – from which our genetic endowment had its origins – because they bestowed both survival and reproductive advantages to the species. However, in the context of advanced technology and other rapid environmental changes, these same behaviors have tended to become maladaptive and greatly overexpressed. Similar to the manufactured purification of psychotropic plant-based substances, the reward impact of processed and hyperpalatable foods, with their high levels of sugar, fat, and salt, is much increased from foods produced in nature. It is concluded therefore that what was once beneficial and necessary for our survival has been altered and ultraprocessed into edible products that may be disadvantageous and potentially addictive. Keywords: food addiction, evolution, drugs, gambling

  20. Social relevance drives viewing behavior independent of low-level salience in rhesus macaques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James Andrew Solyst


    Full Text Available Quantifying attention to social stimuli during the viewing of complex social scenes with eye tracking has proven to be a sensitive method in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders years before average clinical diagnosis. Rhesus macaques provide an ideal model for understanding the mechanisms underlying social viewing behavior, but to date no comparable behavioral task has been developed for use in monkeys. Using a novel scene-viewing task, we monitored the gaze of three rhesus macaques while they freely viewed well-controlled composed social scenes and analyzed the time spent viewing objects and monkeys. In each of six behavioral sessions, monkeys viewed a set of 90 images (540 unique scenes with each image presented twice. In two-thirds of the repeated scenes, either a monkey or an object was replaced with a novel item (manipulated scenes. When viewing a repeated scene, monkeys made longer fixations and shorter saccades, shifting from a rapid orienting to global scene contents to a more local analysis of fewer items. In addition to this repetition effect, in manipulated scenes, monkeys demonstrated robust memory by spending more time viewing the replaced items. By analyzing attention to specific scene content, we found that monkeys strongly preferred to view conspecifics and that this was not related to their salience in terms of low-level image features. A model-free analysis of viewing statistics found that monkeys that were viewed earlier and longer had direct gaze and redder sex skin around their face and rump, two important visual social cues. These data provide a quantification of viewing strategy, memory and social preferences in rhesus macaques viewing complex social scenes, and they provide an important baseline with which to compare to the effects of therapeutics aimed at enhancing social cognition.

  1. Administration of the Y2 receptor agonist PYY3-36 in mice induces multiple behavioral changes relevant to schizophrenia. (United States)

    Stadlbauer, Ulrike; Langhans, Wolfgang; Meyer, Urs


    Functional changes in neuropeptide Y (NPY) signaling at the Y2 receptor subtype have been widely implicated in stress-related neuropsychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders. Altered Y2 receptor signaling may also play a role in the precipitation of behavioral and cognitive symptoms associated with schizophrenia. To seek preclinical evidence for this possibility, we explored the functional consequences of treatment with the selective Y2 receptor agonist PYY(3-36) using translational tests for the assessment of schizophrenia-relevant behavioral and cognitive deficits in mice. We found that acute systemic administration of PYY(3-36) at a low dose (1 μg/100 g body weight) or high dose (20 μg/100 g body weight) profoundly impaired social interaction without affecting innate anxiety. PYY(3-36) treatment at the high dose further led to a disruption of sensorimotor gating in the form of prepulse inhibition deficiency. This effect was fully antagonized by acute treatment with the preferential dopamine D2 receptor antagonist haloperidol, but not with clozapine. In addition, both doses of PYY(3-36) impaired selective associative learning in the latent inhibition paradigm and spatial working memory in a matching-to-position water maze test. The wide range of abnormalities induced by PYY(3-36) suggests that signaling at the Y2 subtype of NPY receptors is critical for a number of behavioral and cognitive functions, some of which are highly relevant to schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders. At least some of the behavioral deficits induced by augmentation of Y2 receptor signaling may involve increased dopaminergic activity.

  2. Manifest Ultraviolet Behavior in the Three-Loop Four-Point Amplitude of N=8 Supergravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bern, Z.; Carrasco, J.J.M.; /UCLA; Dixon, L.J.; /SLAC; Johansson, H.; /UCLA; Roiban, R.; /Penn State U.


    Using the method of maximal cuts, we obtain a form of the three-loop four-point scattering amplitude of N = 8 supergravity in which all ultraviolet cancellations are made manifest. The Feynman loop integrals that appear have a graphical representation with only cubic vertices, and numerator factors that are quadratic in the loop momenta, rather than quartic as in the previous form. This quadratic behavior reflects cancellations beyond those required for finiteness, and matches the quadratic behavior of the three-loop four-point scattering amplitude in N = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory. By direct integration we confirm that no additional cancellations remain in the N = 8 supergravity amplitude, thus demonstrating that the critical dimension in which the first ultraviolet divergence occurs at three loops is D{sub c} = 6. We also give the values of the three-loop divergences in D = 7, 9, 11. In addition, we present the explicitly color-dressed three-loop four-point amplitude of N = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory.

  3. The relevance of large scale environmental research infrastructures from the point of view of Ethics: the case of EMSO (United States)

    Favali, Paolo; Beranzoli, Laura; Best, Mairi; Franceschini, PierLuigi; Materia, Paola; Peppoloni, Silvia; Picard, John


    instability and failure; • connecting scientific outcomes to stakeholders and policy makers, including to government decision-makers. The development of a large research infrastructure initiatives like EMSO must continuously take into account wide-reaching environmental and socio-economic implications and objectives. For this reason, an Ethics Commitee was established early in EMSO's initial Preparatory Phase with responsibility for overseeing the key ethical and social aspects of the project. These include: • promoting inclusive science communication and data dissemination services to civil society according to Open Access principles; • guaranteeing top quality scientific information and data as results of top quality research; • promoting the increased adoption of eco-friendly, sustainable technologies through the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge and best practices to the private sector and to policy makers; • developing Education Strategies in cooperation with academia and industry aimed at informing and sensitizing the general public on the environmental and socio-economic implications and benefits of large research infrastructure initiatives such as EMSO; • carrying out Excellent Science following strict criteria of research integrity, as expressed in the Montreal Statement (2013); • promoting Geo-ethical awareness and innovation by spurring innovative approaches in the management of environmental aspects of large research projects; • supporting technological Innovation by working closely in support of SMEs; • providing a constant, qualified and authoritative one-stop-shopping Reference Point and Advisory for politicians and decision-makers. The paper shows how Geoethics is an essential tool for guiding methodological and operational choices, and management of an European project with great impact on the environment and society.

  4. Salty solutions: their effects on thermal set points in behavioral repertoires of albino rats. (United States)

    Vitulli, W F; Aker, R; Howard, S W; Jones, W M; Kimball, M W; Quinn, J M


    Salt (sodium chloride) has been linked to increased blood pressure and a rise in core body temperature. The objective of this study was to investigate the role played by salt in altering behavioral thermoregulation in albino rats. Different doses of sodium chloride were administered (ip) prior to fixed-interval 2-min. schedules of microwave reinforcement in rats tested in a cold Skinner Box. Three Sprague-Dawley rats were conditioned to regulate their thermal environment with 5-sec. exposures of MW reinforcement in a repeated-measures reversal design. Friedman's non-parametric test showed significant differences among sodium chloride doses and physiologically normal saline. Post hoc sign tests showed that all doses of NaCl suppressed operant behavior for heat except 60 mg/kg. The hypothesis that sodium chloride lowers hypothalamic set point for heat was partially supported.

  5. Mutation of the CH1 Domain in the Histone Acetyltransferase CREBBP Results in Autism-Relevant Behaviors in Mice. (United States)

    Zheng, Fei; Kasper, Lawryn H; Bedford, David C; Lerach, Stephanie; Teubner, Brett J W; Brindle, Paul K


    Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of neurodevelopmental afflictions characterized by repetitive behaviors, deficits in social interaction, and impaired communication skills. For most ASD patients, the underlying causes are unknown. Genetic mutations have been identified in about 25 percent of ASD cases, including mutations in epigenetic regulators, suggesting that dysregulated chromatin or DNA function is a critical component of ASD. Mutations in the histone acetyltransferase CREB binding protein (CBP, CREBBP) cause Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome (RTS), a developmental disorder that includes ASD-like symptoms. Recently, genomic studies involving large numbers of ASD patient families have theoretically modeled CBP and its paralog p300 (EP300) as critical hubs in ASD-associated protein and gene interaction networks, and have identified de novo missense mutations in highly conserved residues of the CBP acetyltransferase and CH1 domains. Here we provide animal model evidence that supports this notion that CBP and its CH1 domain are relevant to autism. We show that mice with a deletion mutation in the CBP CH1 (TAZ1) domain (CBPΔCH1/ΔCH1) have an RTS-like phenotype that includes ASD-relevant repetitive behaviors, hyperactivity, social interaction deficits, motor dysfunction, impaired recognition memory, and abnormal synaptic plasticity. Our results therefore indicate that loss of CBP CH1 domain function contributes to RTS, and possibly ASD, and that this domain plays an essential role in normal motor function, cognition and social behavior. Although the key physiological functions affected by ASD-associated mutation of epigenetic regulators have been enigmatic, our findings are consistent with theoretical models involving CBP and p300 in ASD, and with a causative role for recently described ASD-associated CBP mutations.

  6. Behavior toxicity to Caenorhabditis elegans transferred to the progeny after exposure to sulfamethoxazole at environmentally relevant concentrations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhenyang Yu; Lei Jiang; Daqiang Yin


    Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) is one of the most common detected antibiotics in the environment. In order to study whether SMX can affect behavior and growth and whether these effects could be transferred to the progeny, Caenorhabditis elegans was exposed at environmentally relevant concentrations for 24, 48, 72 and 96 hr, respectively. After exposure, the exposed parent generation (Po) was measured for behavior and growth indicators, which were presented as percentage of controls (POC). Then their corresponding unexposed progeny (F1) was separated and measured for the same indicators. The lowest POC for Po after 96 hr-exposure at 100 mg/L were 37.8%, 12.7%, 45.8% and 70.1% for body bending frequency (BBF), reversal movement (RM), Omega turns (OT) and body length (BL), respectively. And F1 suffered defects with the lowest POC as 55.8%, 24.1%, 48.5% and 60.7% for BBF, RM, OT and BL, respectively. Defects in both Po and F1 showed a time- and concentration-dependent fashion and behavior indicators showed better sensitivity than growth indicator. The observed effects on F1 demonstrated the transferable properties of SMX. Defects of SMX at environmental concentrations suggested that it is necessary to perform further systematical studies on its ecological risk in actual conditions.

  7. Assessment of Grade-Level Differences in Coping Behavior among Adolescents Using Multidimensional Scaling Single-Ideal-Point Model (United States)

    Ding, Cody; Yang, Dong


    The purpose of the study was to examine grade-level differences in coping behaviors among adolescents using a probabilistic multidimensional scaling (MDS) single-ideal-point model. Using data from students in middle school and at college, this article illustrated the MDS single-ideal-point model as an alternative to examine students' typical…

  8. Assisting People with Multiple Disabilities and Minimal Motor Behavior to Improve Computer Pointing Efficiency through a Mouse Wheel (United States)

    Shih, Ching-Hsiang; Chang, Man-Ling; Shih, Ching-Tien


    This study evaluated whether two people with multiple disabilities and minimal motor behavior would be able to improve their pointing performance using finger poke ability with a mouse wheel through a Dynamic Pointing Assistive Program (DPAP) and a newly developed mouse driver (i.e., a new mouse driver replaces standard mouse driver, changes a…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna eKovalchuk


    Full Text Available Irradiated cells can signal damage and distress to both close and distant neighbors that have not been directly exposed to the radiation (naïve bystanders. While studies have shown that such bystander effects occur in the shielded brain of animals upon body irradiation, their mechanism remains unexplored. Observed effects may be caused by some blood-borne factors; however they may also be explained, at least in part, by very small direct doses received by the brain that result from scatter or leakage. In order to establish the roles of low doses of scatter irradiation in the brain response, we developed a new model for scatter irradiation analysis whereby one rat was irradiated directly at the liver and the second rat was placed adjacent to the first and received a scatter dose to its body and brain. This work focuses specifically on the response of the latter rat brain to the low scatter irradiation dose. Here, we provide the first experimental evidence that very low, clinically relevant doses of scatter irradiation alter gene expression, induce changes in dendritic morphology, and lead to behavioral deficits in exposed animals. The results showed that exposure to radiation doses as low as 0.115 cGy caused changes in gene expression and reduced spine density, dendritic complexity, and dendritic length in the prefrontal cortex tissues of females, but not males. In the hippocampus, radiation altered neuroanatomical organization in males, but not in females. Moreover, low dose radiation caused behavioral deficits in the exposed animals. This is the first study to show that low dose scatter irradiation influences the brain and behavior in a sex-specific way.

  10. Multi-scale dynamical behavior of spatially distributed systems: a deterministic point of view (United States)

    Mangiarotti, S.; Le Jean, F.; Drapeau, L.; Huc, M.


    Physical and biophysical systems are spatially distributed systems. Their behavior can be observed or modelled spatially at various resolutions. In this work, a deterministic point of view is adopted to analyze multi-scale behavior taking a set of ordinary differential equation (ODE) as elementary part of the system.To perform analyses, scenes of study are thus generated based on ensembles of identical elementary ODE systems. Without any loss of generality, their dynamics is chosen chaotic in order to ensure sensitivity to initial conditions, that is, one fundamental property of atmosphere under instable conditions [1]. The Rössler system [2] is used for this purpose for both its topological and algebraic simplicity [3,4].Two cases are thus considered: the chaotic oscillators composing the scene of study are taken either independent, or in phase synchronization. Scale behaviors are analyzed considering the scene of study as aggregations (basically obtained by spatially averaging the signal) or as associations (obtained by concatenating the time series). The global modeling technique is used to perform the numerical analyses [5].One important result of this work is that, under phase synchronization, a scene of aggregated dynamics can be approximated by the elementary system composing the scene, but modifying its parameterization [6]. This is shown based on numerical analyses. It is then demonstrated analytically and generalized to a larger class of ODE systems. Preliminary applications to cereal crops observed from satellite are also presented.[1] Lorenz, Deterministic nonperiodic flow. J. Atmos. Sci., 20, 130-141 (1963).[2] Rössler, An equation for continuous chaos, Phys. Lett. A, 57, 397-398 (1976).[3] Gouesbet & Letellier, Global vector-field reconstruction by using a multivariate polynomial L2 approximation on nets, Phys. Rev. E 49, 4955-4972 (1994).[4] Letellier, Roulin & Rössler, Inequivalent topologies of chaos in simple equations, Chaos, Solitons

  11. Discrete self-similiarity and critical point behavior in fluctuations about extremal black holes

    CERN Document Server

    Traschen, J


    The issues of scaling symmetry and critical point behavior are studied for fluctuations about extremal charged black holes. We consider the scattering and capture of the spherically symmetric mode of a charged, massive test field on the background spacetime of a black hole with charge Q and mass M. The spacetime geometry near the horizon of a |Q|=M black hole has a scaling symmetry, which is absent if |Q|

  12. Discrete self-similarity and critical point behavior in fluctuations about extremal black holes (United States)

    Traschen, Jennie


    The issues of scaling symmetry and critical point behavior are studied for fluctuations about extremal charged black holes. We consider the scattering and capture of the spherically symmetric mode of a charged, massive test field on the background spacetime of a black hole with charge Q and mass M. The spacetime geometry near the horizon of a ||Q||=M black hole has a scaling symmetry, which is absent if ||Q||scale being introduced by the surface gravity. We show that this symmetry leads to the existence of a self-similar solution for the charged field near the horizon, and further, that there is a one parameter family of discretely self-similar solutions. The scaling symmetry, or lack thereof, also shows up in correlation length scales, defined in terms of the rate at which the influence of an external source coupled to the field dies off. It is shown by constructing the Green's functions that an external source has a long range influence on the extremal background, compared to a correlation length scale which falls off exponentially fast in the ||Q||0 in the background spacetime, infinitesimal changes in the black hole area vary like Δ1/2.

  13. Positive Behavior Supports: Using Class Dojo as a Token Economy Point System to Encourage and Maintain Good Behaviors (United States)

    Garcia, Eliana; Hoang, Dana


    The use of positive reinforcement sometimes gets lost in translation because educators forget the importance of acknowledging good behaviors. We instinctively tend to punish and give consequences because we often forget the importance of preventing undesired behaviors from occurring in the first place. More efforts should be spent on maintaining…

  14. SPoC: a novel framework for relating the amplitude of neuronal oscillations to behaviorally relevant parameters. (United States)

    Dähne, Sven; Meinecke, Frank C; Haufe, Stefan; Höhne, Johannes; Tangermann, Michael; Müller, Klaus-Robert; Nikulin, Vadim V


    Previously, modulations in power of neuronal oscillations have been functionally linked to sensory, motor and cognitive operations. Such links are commonly established by relating the power modulations to specific target variables such as reaction times or task ratings. Consequently, the resulting spatio-spectral representation is subjected to neurophysiological interpretation. As an alternative, independent component analysis (ICA) or alternative decomposition methods can be applied and the power of the components may be related to the target variable. In this paper we show that these standard approaches are suboptimal as the first does not take into account the superposition of many sources due to volume conduction, while the second is unable to exploit available information about the target variable. To improve upon these approaches we introduce a novel (supervised) source separation framework called Source Power Comodulation (SPoC). SPoC makes use of the target variable in the decomposition process in order to give preference to components whose power comodulates with the target variable. We present two algorithms that implement the SPoC approach. Using simulations with a realistic head model, we show that the SPoC algorithms are able extract neuronal components exhibiting high correlation of power with the target variable. In this task, the SPoC algorithms outperform other commonly used techniques that are based on the sensor data or ICA approaches. Furthermore, using real electroencephalography (EEG) recordings during an auditory steady state paradigm, we demonstrate the utility of the SPoC algorithms by extracting neuronal components exhibiting high correlation of power with the intensity of the auditory input. Taking into account the results of the simulations and real EEG recordings, we conclude that SPoC represents an adequate approach for the optimal extraction of neuronal components showing coupling of power with continuously changing behaviorally

  15. Comparison of burrowing and stimuli-evoked pain behaviors as end-points in rat models of inflammatory pain and peripheral neuropathic pain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arjun eMuralidharan


    Full Text Available Establishment and validation of ethologically-relevant, non-evoked behavioral end-points as surrogate measures of spontaneous pain in rodent pain models has been proposed as a means to improve preclinical to clinical research translation in the pain field. Here, we compared the utility of burrowing behavior with hypersensitivity to applied mechanical stimuli for pain assessment in rat models of chronic inflammatory and peripheral neuropathic pain. Briefly, groups of male Sprague-Dawley rats were habituated to the burrowing environment and trained over a 5-day period. Rats that burrowed ≤450g of gravel on any two days of the individual training phase were excluded from the study. The remaining rats received either a unilateral intraplantar injection of Freund’s complete adjuvant (FCA or saline, or underwent unilateral chronic constriction injury (CCI of the sciatic nerve- or sham-surgery. Baseline burrowing behavior and evoked pain behaviors were assessed prior to model induction, and twice-weekly until study completion on day 14. For FCA- and CCI-rats, but not the corresponding groups of sham-rats, evoked mechanical hypersensitivity developed in a temporal manner in the ipsilateral hindpaws. Although burrowing behavior also decreased in a temporal manner for both FCA- and CCI-rats, there was considerable inter-animal variability. By contrast, mechanical hyperalgesia and mechanical allodynia in the ipsilateral hindpaws of FCA- and CCI-rats respectively, exhibited minimal inter-animal variability. Our data collectively show that burrowing behavior is altered in rodent models of chronic inflammatory pain and peripheral neuropathic pain. However, large group sizes are needed to ensure studies are adequately powered due to considerable inter-animal variability.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In this paper, using the fixed-point index theorems and the cone theory we study the structure of the positive solutions to a kind of second-order three-point boundary value problems. We obtain the result which guarantee that the positive solution set of the three-point boundary value problem has a continuum, which means that there exists a nonempty, closed and connected subset.

  17. Asymptotic behavior of two algorithms for solving common fixed point problems (United States)

    Zaslavski, Alexander J.


    The common fixed point problem is to find a common fixed point of a finite family of mappings. In the present paper our goal is to obtain its approximate solution using two perturbed algorithms. The first algorithm is an iterative method for problems in a metric space while the second one is a dynamic string-averaging algorithms for problems in a Hilbert space.

  18. Studies of Sociosexual Interactions in Rats in an Externally Valid Procedure: Are They Relevant for Understanding Human Sexual Behavior?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xi Chu


    Full Text Available When a prolonged observation of groups of rats in a seminatural environment is used as testing procedure, different behavioral patterns are shown compared with what observed in a pair housed in a small cage. Males and females copulate simultaneously, they show a promiscuously and random copulatory pattern. Females remain completely receptive from the first lordosis displayed in the period of behavioral estrus until the last. There is no reduction in paracopulatory behaviors and no increase in rejections towards the end of estrus. Female paracopulatory behavior and receptivity change in a most abrupt way at both initiation and termination of behavioral estrus. It appears that, in the seminatural environment, males copulate in bouts, and males do not pursue the females unless they are fully receptive. Non-sexual, social behavior including affiliative and nonaffiliative interaction among rats is rather unrelated to sexual activities in both sex.

  19. Students from different points of species according to the faculty of education self-opening behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rezzan Gündoğdu


    Full Text Available In this study, self-disclosure behaviour of 1st year students in Educational Faculty was examined according to the variables; gender, programme and the shelter shape of the students. Subjects of the study were selected from 1st year students attending Educational Faculty, Aksaray University in 2009-2010 academic years. “Self-Disclosure Inventory” by Selçuk (1989 was applied to the students. In data analysis, t test was used to find out the differences in self-disclosure behaviour between girls and boys. One Way Varience Analysis (ANOVA was used to find out if the students’ self-disclosure behaviour differs according to their programme or the shelter shape. The study has produced the following results; 1.A significant difference, between female and male students, favorable to females, regarding the average points, self-disclosure according to the subjects and to other individuals has been found. 2.In disclosing personal ideas and opinions and Self–disclosing points in excellence, sexuality and personality subjects a significant difference between point totals of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department (PCG students compared to those of Elementary School Mathematics Teaching students. In Self–disclosing points on personal ideas and opinions in school excellence subjects a significant difference between the comparative point totals of PCG students to those of Social Sciences Teaching students. 3.A significant difference between the self–disclosing points of PCG students to those Elementary School Mathematics Teaching students has been found compared to self-disclosing to close friends and to Psychological consultant. A significant difference between the self–disclosing points of PCG students to those Social Sciences Teaching students has been found compared to self-disclosing to close friends and to Psychological consultant. 4.No significant difference in accommodation make-up is observed regarding students’ total points

  20. Dynamical Behavior of a Rigid Body with One Fixed Point (Gyroscope. Basic Concepts and Results. Open Problems: a Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Svetoslav Ganchev Nikolov


    Full Text Available The study of the dynamic behavior of a rigid body with one fixed point (gyroscope has a long history. A number of famous mathematicians and mechanical engineers have devoted enormous time and effort to clarify the role of dynamic effects on its movement (behavior – stable, periodic, quasi-periodic or chaotic. The main objectives of this review are: 1 to outline the characteristic features of the theory of dynamical systems and 2 to reveal the specific properties of the motion of a rigid body with one fixed point (gyroscope.This article consists of six sections. The first section addresses the main concepts of the theory of dynamical systems. Section two presents the main theoretical results (obtained so far concerning the dynamic behavior of a solid with one fixed point (gyroscope. Section three examines the problem of gyroscopic stabilization. Section four deals with the non-linear (chaotic dynamics of the gyroscope. Section five is a brief analysis of the gyroscope applications in engineering. The final section provides conclusions and generalizations on why the theory of dynamical systems should be used in the study of the movement of gyroscopic systems.

  1. Students from different points of species according to the faculty of education self-opening behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rezzan Gündoğdu


    Full Text Available In this study, self-disclosure behaviour of 1st year students in Educational Faculty was examined according to the variables; gender, department and the places where the students stay. Subjects of the study were selected from 1st year students attending Educational Faculty, Aksaray University in 2009-2010 academic year. “Self-Disclosure Inventory” by Selçuk (1989 was applied to the students. In data analysis, t test was used to find out the differences in self-disclosure behaviour between girls and boys. One Way Varience Analysis (ANOVA was used to find out if the students’ self-disclosure behaviour differs according to their departments or the places they live. The study has produced the following results;   1. A significant difference, between female and male students, favorable to females, regarding the average points, self-disclosure according to the subjects and to other individuals has been found.   2. In disclosing personal ideas and opinions and Self–disclosing points in excellence, sexuality and personality subjects a significant difference between point totals of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department (PCG students compared to those of Elementary School Mathematics Teaching students. In Self–disclosing points on personal ideas and opinions in school excellence subjects a significant difference between the comparative point totals of PCG students to those of Social Sciences Teaching students.    3. A significant difference between the self–disclosing points of PCG students to those Elementary School Mathematics Teaching students has been found compared to self-disclosing to close friends and to Psychological consultant. A significant difference between the self–disclosing points of PCG students to those Social Sciences Teaching students has been found compared to self-disclosing to close friends and to Psychological consultant.   4. No significant difference in accommodation make-up is observed regarding

  2. Assessing schizophrenia-relevant cognitive and social deficits in mice: a selection of mouse behavioral tasks and potential therapeutic compounds. (United States)

    Lai, Wen-Sung; Chang, Chia-Yuan; Wong, Wan-Rong; Pei, Ju-Chun; Chen, Ya-Shan; Hung, Wei-Li


    Schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders are generally diagnosed based on a collection of symptoms defined by a combination of an individual's feelings, perceptions, and behaviors. Many of these disorders are characterized by specific cognitive and social deficits. Although it is nearly impossible to recapitulate the full phenotypic spectrum of schizophrenia in mice, mouse models play an indispensable role in understanding the pathogenesis of this disorder and the development of new therapeutics. Genetic mouse models of schizophrenia and mouse behavioral tests provide a feasible approach for elucidating causal relationships between susceptibility gene(s) and schizophrenia-related symptoms. There has been a proliferation of studies characterizing basic behavioral phenotypes in mice. Since there is no way to completely model human psychiatric symptoms in mice, the major role of behavioral tests is to provide insights into underlying affected circuitry and pathophysiology. Given that the recovery of cognitive and social abilities significantly benefits functional outcomes, there has been an increasing interest in characterizing cognitive and social functions in mutant mice; however, these functions are not easy to measure. In this review, a selection of conventional behavioral tasks was briefly described and three specific behavioral tasks aimed at characterizing social communication, attentional function, and choice behavior in mice were highlighted. The choice of specific behavioral tasks during experimental planning should take into consideration a variety of factors, including their validity, reliability, sensitivity, utility, and specificity. Based upon the hypothetical hypofunction of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR)-mediated signaling pathways in the involvement of cognitive and social impairments in schizophrenia, three NMDAR-related compounds/drugs, D-serine, sarcosine, and D-cycloserine, are discussed as an example.

  3. The Aggregate behavior of branch points--measuring the number and velocity of atmospheric turbulence layers. (United States)

    Oesch, Denis W; Sanchez, Darryl J; Matson, Charles L


    Optical waves propagating through atmospheric turbulence develop spatial and temporal variations in their phase. For sufficiently strong turbulence, these phase differences can lead to interference in the propagating wave and the formation of branch points; positions of zero amplitude. Under the assumption of a layered turbulence model, we show that these branch points can be used to estimate the number and velocities of atmospheric layers. We describe how to carry out this estimation process and demonstrate its robustness in the presence of sensor noise.

  4. Asymptotic Behavior of Equilibrium Point for a Class of Nonlinear Difference Equation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gong Fei


    Full Text Available We study the asymptotic behavior of the solutions for the following nonlinear difference equation where the initial conditions are arbitrary nonnegative real numbers, are nonnegative integers, , and are positive constants. Moreover, some numerical simulations to the equation are given to illustrate our results.

  5. On the behavior of hyperbolic neutral points in two-dimensional ideal magnetohydrodynamics. (United States)

    Cordoba, D; Marliani, C


    We study ideal incompressible magnetohydrodynamics in two dimensions. We obtain an exponential estimate on the closing of the angle at hyperbolic saddle points of the magnetic stream function under the assumption that the velocity remains bounded. The analytic results are supported by numerical simulations. These results give evidence against a standard scenario for singularity formation for these equations.

  6. The Japanese Quail as an avian model for testing endocrine disrupting chemicals: endocrine and behavioral end points (United States)

    Ottinger, M.A.; Abdelnabi, M.A.; Thompson, N.; Wu, J.; Henry, K.; Humphries, E.; Henry, P.F.P.


    Birds have extremely varied reproductive strategies. As such, the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can greatly differ across avian species. Precocial species, such as Japanese quail appear to be most sensitive to EDC effects during embryonic development, particularly sexual differentiation. A great deal is known about the ontogeny of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) relative to endocrine, neuro-endocrine, and behavioral components of reproduction. Therefore, this species provides an excellent model for understanding effects of EDCs on reproductive biology with exposure at specific stages of the life cycle. The purpose of these experiments was to conduct a 1- or 2- generation experiment with positive or negative control chemicals and to determine changes in selected end points. Japanese quail embryos were exposed to estradiol benzoate (EB; positive control) in a 2-generation design or to fadrozole (FAD; negative control) in a 1-generation design. Embryonic EB treatment resulted in significant reductions (p< 0.5) in hen day production (90.2 vs 54.1; control vs EB, resp.) and fertility (85.3 vs 33.4%, control vs EB, resp.). Males showed sharply reduced courtship and mating behaviors as well as increased lag time (26 vs 148 sec; control vs EB) in behavioral tests. Fadrozole exposure resulted in reduced hatchability of fertile eggs, particularly at higher doses. There were no significant effects on courtship and mating behavior of males although males showed an increased lag time in their responses, nally, a behavioral test for studying motor and fear responses in young chicks was used; chicks exposed to an estrogenic pesticide (methoxychlor) showed some deficits. In summary, the use of appropriate and reliable end points that are responsive to endocrine disruption are critical for assessment of EDCs. Supported in part by EPA grant R826134.

  7. A Unique Computational Algorithm to Simulate Probabilistic Multi-Factor Interaction Model Complex Material Point Behavior (United States)

    Chamis, Christos C.; Abumeri, Galib H.


    The Multi-Factor Interaction Model (MFIM) is used to evaluate the divot weight (foam weight ejected) from the launch external tanks. The multi-factor has sufficient degrees of freedom to evaluate a large number of factors that may contribute to the divot ejection. It also accommodates all interactions by its product form. Each factor has an exponent that satisfies only two points--the initial and final points. The exponent describes a monotonic path from the initial condition to the final. The exponent values are selected so that the described path makes sense in the absence of experimental data. In the present investigation, the data used was obtained by testing simulated specimens in launching conditions. Results show that the MFIM is an effective method of describing the divot weight ejected under the conditions investigated.

  8. Infrared behavior and fixed-point structure in the compactified Ginzburg--Landau model

    CERN Document Server

    Linhares, C A; Souza, M L


    We consider the Euclidean $N$-component Ginzburg--Landau model in $D$ dimensions, of which $d$ ($d\\leq D$) of them are compactified. As usual, temperature is introduced through the mass term in the Hamiltonian. This model can be interpreted as describing a system in a region of the $D$-dimensional space, limited by $d$ pairs of parallel planes, orthogonal to the coordinates axis $x_1,\\,x_2,\\,...,\\,x_d$. The planes in each pair are separated by distances $L_1,\\;L_2,\\; ...,\\,L_d$. For $D=3$, from a physical point of view, the system can be supposed to describe, in the cases of $d=1$, $d=2$, and $d=3$, respectively, a superconducting material in the form of a film, of an infinitely long wire having a retangular cross-section and of a brick-shaped grain. We investigate in the large-$N$ limit the fixed-point structure of the model, in the absence or presence of an external magnetic field. An infrared-stable fixed point is found, whether of not an external magnetic field is applied, but for different ranges of valu...

  9. Do the visual conditions at the point of escape affect European sea bass escape behavior?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, an important species for the Mediterranean aquaculture industry, has been reported to escape from sea cage installations. Fish escapes are caused mainly by operational and technical failures that eventually result into a creation of a tear. Escapees may interact with wild stocks through interbreeding, transfer of pathogens and competition for food. The aim of this study was to examine at which extent the presence of a visible obstacle close to a tear on the net have an influence on sea bass propensity to escape. Fish were initially confined into small sea cages, with a tear at one side. The escape behavior was tested under experimental conditions. It is clearly demonstrated that sea bass was able to locate a tear on the net pen, immediately after its appearance. Crossings occurred in all cages, in singles or in a series of up to seven individuals. The presence of an obstacle close to the net tear altered the escape behavior of D. labrax resulting in a delay that eventually reduced the escape rate. Concluding, it is highly recommended that sea bass cages should be kept internally the culture array. Furthermore, the placement of artificial obstacles close to the sea cages could be an efficient practice that mitigates the escape risk after severe environmental conditions.

  10. Epsilon-Near-Zero behavior from plasmonic Dirac point: theory and realization using two-dimensional materials

    CERN Document Server

    Mattheakis, Marios; Kaxiras, Efthimios


    The electromagnetic response of a two-dimensional metal embedded in a periodic array of a dielectric host can give rise to a plasmonic Dirac point that emulates Epsilon-Near-Zero (ENZ) behavior. This theoretical result is extremely sensitive to tructural features like periodicity of the dielectric medium and thickness imperfections. We propose that such a device can actually be realized by using graphene as the 2D metal and materials like the layered semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenides or hexagonal boron nitride as the dielectric host. We propose a systematic approach, in terms of design characteristics, for constructing metamaterials with linear, elliptical and hyperbolic dispersion relations which produce ENZ behavior, normal or negative diffraction.

  11. Epsilon-near-zero behavior from plasmonic Dirac point: Theory and realization using two-dimensional materials (United States)

    Mattheakis, Marios; Valagiannopoulos, Constantinos A.; Kaxiras, Efthimios


    The electromagnetic response of a two-dimensional metal embedded in a periodic array of a dielectric host can give rise to a plasmonic Dirac point that emulates epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) behavior. This theoretical result is extremely sensitive to structural features like periodicity of the dielectric medium and thickness imperfections. We propose that such a device can actually be realized by using graphene as the two-dimensional metal and materials like the layered semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenides or hexagonal boron nitride as the dielectric host. We propose a systematic approach, in terms of design characteristics, for constructing metamaterials with linear, elliptical, and hyperbolic dispersion relations which produce ENZ behavior, normal or negative diffraction.

  12. On the Saddle-point Solution and the Large-Coalition Behavior of Fingerprinting Games

    CERN Document Server

    Huang, Yen-Wei


    We study a fingerprinting game in which the number of colluders and the collusion channel are unknown. The encoder embeds fingerprints into a host sequence and provides the decoder with the capability to trace back pirated copies to the colluders. Fingerprinting capacity has recently been derived as the limit value of a sequence of maximin games with mutual information as their payoff functions. However, these games generally do not admit saddle-point solutions and are very hard to solve numerically. Here under the so-called Boneh-Shaw marking assumption, we reformulate the capacity as the value of a single two-person zero-sum game, and show that it is achieved by a saddle-point solution. If the maximal coalition size is k and the fingerprinting alphabet is binary, we show that capacity decays quadratically with k. Furthermore, we prove rigorously that the asymptotic capacity is 1/(k^2 2ln2) and we confirm our earlier conjecture that Tardos' choice of the arcsine distribution asymptotically maximizes the mutu...

  13. Driver Gaze Behavior Is Different in Normal Curve Driving and when Looking at the Tangent Point.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teemu Itkonen

    Full Text Available Several steering models in the visual science literature attempt to capture the visual strategies in curve driving. Some of them are based on steering points on the future path (FP, others on tangent points (TP. It is, however, challenging to differentiate between the models' predictions in real-world contexts. Analysis of optokinetic nystagmus (OKN parameters is one useful measure, as the different strategies predict measurably different OKN patterns. Here, we directly test this prediction by asking drivers to either a "drive as they normally would" or b to "look at the TP". The design of the experiment is similar to a previous study by Kandil et al., but uses more sophisticated methods of eye-movement analysis. We find that the eye-movement patterns in the "normal" condition are indeed markedly different from the "tp" condition, and consistent with drivers looking at waypoints on the future path. This is the case for both overall fixation distribution, as well as the more informative fixation-by-fixation analysis of OKN. We find that the horizontal gaze speed during OKN corresponds well to the quantitative prediction of the future path models. The results also definitively rule out the alternative explanation that the OKN is produced by an involuntary reflex even while the driver is "trying" to look at the TP. The results are discussed in terms of the sequential organization of curve driving.

  14. Behavioral and molecular neuroepigenetic alterations in prenatally stressed mice: relevance for the study of chromatin remodeling properties of antipsychotic drugs (United States)

    Dong, E; Tueting, P; Matrisciano, F; Grayson, D R; Guidotti, A


    We have recently reported that mice born from dams stressed during pregnancy (PRS mice), in adulthood, have behavioral deficits reminiscent of behaviors observed in schizophrenia (SZ) and bipolar (BP) disorder patients. Furthermore, we have shown that the frontal cortex (FC) and hippocampus of adult PRS mice, like that of postmortem chronic SZ patients, are characterized by increases in DNA-methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1), ten-eleven methylcytosine dioxygenase 1 (TET1) and exhibit an enrichment of 5-methylcytosine (5MC) and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5HMC) at neocortical GABAergic and glutamatergic gene promoters. Here, we show that the behavioral deficits and the increased 5MC and 5HMC at glutamic acid decarboxylase 67 (Gad1), reelin (Reln) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Bdnf) promoters and the reduced expression of the messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and proteins corresponding to these genes in FC of adult PRS mice is reversed by treatment with clozapine (5 mg kg−1 twice a day for 5 days) but not by haloperidol (1 mg kg−1 twice a day for 5 days). Interestingly, clozapine had no effect on either the behavior, promoter methylation or the expression of these mRNAs and proteins when administered to offspring of nonstressed pregnant mice. Clozapine, but not haloperidol, reduced the elevated levels of DNMT1 and TET1, as well as the elevated levels of DNMT1 binding to Gad1, Reln and Bdnf promoters in PRS mice suggesting that clozapine, unlike haloperidol, may limit DNA methylation by interfering with DNA methylation dynamics. We conclude that the PRS mouse model may be useful preclinically in screening for the potential efficacy of antipsychotic drugs acting on altered epigenetic mechanisms. Furthermore, PRS mice may be invaluable for understanding the etiopathogenesis of SZ and BP disorder and for predicting treatment responses at early stages of the illness allowing for early detection and remedial intervention. PMID:26756904

  15. Administration of the Y2 Receptor Agonist PYY3-36 in Mice Induces Multiple Behavioral Changes Relevant to Schizophrenia


    Stadlbauer, Ulrike; Langhans, Wolfgang; Meyer, Urs


    Functional changes in neuropeptide Y (NPY) signaling at the Y2 receptor subtype have been widely implicated in stress-related neuropsychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders. Altered Y2 receptor signaling may also play a role in the precipitation of behavioral and cognitive symptoms associated with schizophrenia. To seek preclinical evidence for this possibility, we explored the functional consequences of treatment with the selective Y2 receptor agonist PYY3-36 using trans...

  16. Evolutionary and neuropsychological perspectives on addictive behaviors and addictive substances: relevance to the "food addiction" construct


    Davis C


    Caroline Davis School of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada Abstract: It has been argued that food cannot be "addictive", unlike conventional drugs of abuse, because it is an essential part of life. In this paper, evidence is reviewed, largely from an evolutionary psychobiological perspective, that plant-based psychoactive drugs (such as those derived from the opium poppy and the coca leaf) and gambling-related behaviors were once adaptive ...

  17. A Research Agenda to Examine the Efficacy and Relevance of the Transtheoretical Model for Physical Activity Behavior. (United States)

    Nigg, Claudio R; Geller, Karly S; Motl, Rob W; Horwath, Caroline C; Wertin, Kristin K; Dishman, Rodney K


    Regular physical activity (PA) decreases the risk of several chronic diseases including some cancers, type II diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease; however, the majority of US adults are not meeting the recommended levels to experience these benefits. To address this public health concern, the underlying mechanisms for behavior change need to be understood, translated and disseminated into appropriately tailored interventions. The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) provides a framework for both the conceptualization and measurement of behavior change, as well as facilitating promotion strategies that are individualized and easily adapted. The purpose of this manuscript is to present the constructs of the TTM as they relate to PA behavior change. We begin with a brief synopsis of recent examinations of the TTM constructs and their application. Subsequent to its introduction, we specifically present the TTM within the PA context and discuss its application and usefulness to researchers and practitioners. Criticisms of the TTM are also noted and presented as opportunities for future research to enhance the valid application of the TTM. We offer general study design recommendations to appropriately test the hypothesized relationships within the model. With further examinations using appropriate study design and statistical analyses, we believe the TTM has the potential to advance the public health impact of future PA promotion interventions.

  18. Computational modeling and relevance of numerical convergence for the investigation of thermal expansion behavior for aluminium hybrid composites (United States)

    Krishna, S. A. Mohan; Shridhar, T. N.; Krishnamurthy, L.


    The thermal characterization and analysis of composite materials has been increasingly important in a wide range of applications. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is one of the most important properties of metal matrix composites (MMCs). Since nearly all MMCs are used in various temperature ranges, measurement of CTE as a function of temperature is necessary in order to know the behavior of the material. In this research paper, the evaluation of CTE or thermal expansivity has been accomplished for Al 6061, silicon carbide and graphite hybrid MMCs from room temperature to 300∘C. Aluminium-based composites reinforced with silicon carbide and graphite particles have been prepared by stir casting technique. The thermal expansivity behavior of hybrid composites with different percentage compositions of reinforcements has been investigated. The results have indicated that the thermal expansivity of different compositions of hybrid MMCs decrease by the addition of graphite with silicon carbide and Al 6061. Empirical models have been validated for the evaluation of thermal expansivity of composites. Numerical convergence test has been accomplished to investigate the thermal expansion behavior of composites.

  19. Study of concrete's behavior under 4-point bending load using Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI) analysis (United States)

    Zhang, Y.; Abraham, O.; Chapeleau, X.; Cottineau, L.-M.; Tournat, V.; Le Duff, A.; Lascoup, B.; Durand, O.


    Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI) is an ultrasonic NDT method suitable for complex material such as concrete that can precisely measure small propagation velocity variation (10-2%). By measuring variation of propagation velocity in concrete caused by acoustoelasticity phenomena, CWI analysis can be used to monitor concrete's internal stress level. For the first time, CWI is used to measure propagation velocity variations due to a stress field in a concrete beam under four-points bending test, which contains simultaneously compressive and tensile stress. Embedded optical-fiber sensors, strain gauges are used in the experiment, in order to confirm and validate the CWI analysis result. Thermocouples are also embedded into concrete beams for monitoring internal temperature fluctuations.

  20. Human processing of behaviorally relevant and irrelevant absence of expected rewards: a high-resolution ERP study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Louis Nahum

    Full Text Available Acute lesions of the posterior medial orbitofrontal cortex (OFC in humans may induce a state of reality confusion marked by confabulation, disorientation, and currently inappropriate actions. This clinical state is strongly associated with an inability to abandon previously valid anticipations, that is, extinction capacity. In healthy subjects, the filtering of memories according to their relation with ongoing reality is associated with activity in posterior medial OFC (area 13 and electrophysiologically expressed at 220-300 ms. These observations indicate that the human OFC also functions as a generic reality monitoring system. For this function, it is presumably more important for the OFC to evaluate the current behavioral appropriateness of anticipations rather than their hedonic value. In the present study, we put this hypothesis to the test. Participants performed a reversal learning task with intermittent absence of reward delivery. High-density evoked potential analysis showed that the omission of expected reward induced a specific electrocortical response in trials signaling the necessity to abandon the hitherto reward predicting choice, but not when omission of reward had no such connotation. This processing difference occurred at 200-300 ms. Source estimation using inverse solution analysis indicated that it emanated from the posterior medial OFC. We suggest that the human brain uses this signal from the OFC to keep thought and behavior in phase with reality.

  1. Human processing of behaviorally relevant and irrelevant absence of expected rewards: a high-resolution ERP study. (United States)

    Nahum, Louis; Gabriel, Damien; Schnider, Armin


    Acute lesions of the posterior medial orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) in humans may induce a state of reality confusion marked by confabulation, disorientation, and currently inappropriate actions. This clinical state is strongly associated with an inability to abandon previously valid anticipations, that is, extinction capacity. In healthy subjects, the filtering of memories according to their relation with ongoing reality is associated with activity in posterior medial OFC (area 13) and electrophysiologically expressed at 220-300 ms. These observations indicate that the human OFC also functions as a generic reality monitoring system. For this function, it is presumably more important for the OFC to evaluate the current behavioral appropriateness of anticipations rather than their hedonic value. In the present study, we put this hypothesis to the test. Participants performed a reversal learning task with intermittent absence of reward delivery. High-density evoked potential analysis showed that the omission of expected reward induced a specific electrocortical response in trials signaling the necessity to abandon the hitherto reward predicting choice, but not when omission of reward had no such connotation. This processing difference occurred at 200-300 ms. Source estimation using inverse solution analysis indicated that it emanated from the posterior medial OFC. We suggest that the human brain uses this signal from the OFC to keep thought and behavior in phase with reality.

  2. Inositol-deficient food augments a behavioral effect of long-term lithium treatment mediated by inositol monophosphatase inhibition: an animal model with relevance for bipolar disorder. (United States)

    Shtein, Liza; Agam, Galila; Belmaker, R H; Bersudsky, Yuly


    Lithium treatment in rodents markedly enhances cholinergic agonists such as pilocarpine. This effect can be reversed in a stereospecific manner by administration of inositol, suggesting that the effect of lithium is caused by inositol monophosphatase inhibition and consequent inositol depletion. If so, inositol-deficient food would be expected to enhance lithium effects. Inositol-deficient food was prepared from inositol-free ingredients. Mice with a homozygote knockout of the inositol monophosphatase 1 gene unable to synthesize inositol endogenously and mimicking lithium-treated animals were fed this diet or a control diet. Lithium-treated wild-type animals were also treated with the inositol-deficient diet or control diet. Pilocarpine was administered after 1 week of treatment, and behavior including seizures was assessed using rating scale. Inositol-deficient food-treated animals, both lithium treated and with inositol monophosphatase 1 knockout, had significantly elevated cholinergic behavior rating and significantly increased or earlier seizures compared with the controls. The effect of inositol-deficient food supports the role of inositol depletion in the effects of lithium on pilocarpine-induced behavior. However, the relevance of this behavior to other more mood-related effects of lithium is not clear.

  3. Enriched environment decreases microglia and brain macrophages inflammatory phenotypes through adiponectin-dependent mechanisms: Relevance to depressive-like behavior. (United States)

    Chabry, Joëlle; Nicolas, Sarah; Cazareth, Julie; Murris, Emilie; Guyon, Alice; Glaichenhaus, Nicolas; Heurteaux, Catherine; Petit-Paitel, Agnès


    Regulation of neuroinflammation by glial cells plays a major role in the pathophysiology of major depression. While astrocyte involvement has been well described, the role of microglia is still elusive. Recently, we have shown that Adiponectin (ApN) plays a crucial role in the anxiolytic/antidepressant neurogenesis-independent effects of enriched environment (EE) in mice; however its mechanisms of action within the brain remain unknown. Here, we show that in a murine model of depression induced by chronic corticosterone administration, the hippocampus and the hypothalamus display increased levels of inflammatory cytokines mRNA, which is reversed by EE housing. By combining flow cytometry, cell sorting and q-PCR, we show that microglia from depressive-like mice adopt a pro-inflammatory phenotype characterized by higher expression levels of IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α and IκB-α mRNAs. EE housing blocks pro-inflammatory cytokine gene induction and promotes arginase 1 mRNA expression in brain-sorted microglia, indicating that EE favors an anti-inflammatory activation state. We show that microglia and brain-macrophages from corticosterone-treated mice adopt differential expression profiles for CCR2, MHC class II and IL-4recα surface markers depending on whether the mice are kept in standard environment or EE. Interestingly, the effects of EE were abolished when cells are isolated from ApN knock-out mouse brains. When injected intra-cerebroventricularly, ApN, whose level is specifically increased in cerebrospinal fluid of depressive mice raised in EE, rescues microglia phenotype, reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production by microglia and blocks depressive-like behavior in corticosterone-treated mice. Our data suggest that EE-induced ApN increase within the brain regulates microglia and brain macrophages phenotype and activation state, thus reducing neuroinflammation and depressive-like behaviors in mice.

  4. Dual effects of limbic seizures on psychosis-relevant behaviors shown by nucleus accumbens kindling in rats (United States)

    Ma, Jingyi; Leung, L. Stan


    Background A paradox in epilepsy and psychiatry is that temporal lobe epilepsy is often predisposed to schizophrenic-like psychosis, whereas convulsive therapy can relieve schizophrenic symptoms. We have previously demonstrated that the nucleus accumbens is a key structure in mediating postictal psychosis induced by a hippocampal electrographic seizure. Objective/Hypothesis The purpose of this study is to test a hypothesis that accumbens kindling cumulating in a single (1-time) or repeated (5-times) convulsive seizures have different effects on animal models of psychosis. Methods Electrical stimulation at 60 Hz was applied to nucleus accumbens to evoke afterdischarges until one, or five, convulsive seizures that involved the hind limbs (stage 5 seizures) were attained. Behavioral tests, performed at 3 days after the last seizure, included gating of hippocampal auditory evoked potentials (AEP) and prepulse inhibition to an acoustic startle response (PPI), tested without drug injection or after ketamine (3 mg/kg s.c.) injection, as well as locomotion induced by ketamine or methamphetamine (1 mg/kg i.p.). Results Compared to non-kindled control rats, 1-time, but not 5-times, convulsive seizures induced PPI deficit and decreased gating of hippocampal AEP, without drug injection. Compared to non-kindled rats, 5-times, but not 1-time, convulsive seizures antagonized ketamine-induced hyperlocomotion, ketamine-induced PPI deficit and AEP gating decrease. However, both 1- and 5-times convulsive seizures, significantly enhanced methamphetamine-induced locomotion as compared to non-kindled rats. Conclusions Accumbens kindling ending with 1 convulsive seizure may induce schizophrenic-like behaviors, while repeated (≥ 5) convulsive seizures induced by accumbens kindling may have therapeutic effects on dopamine independent psychosis. PMID:27267861

  5. Molecular signature and in vivo behavior of bone marrow endosteal and subendosteal stromal cell populations and their relevance to hematopoiesis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Balduino, Alex, E-mail: [School of Dentistry, Veiga de Almeida University, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Mello-Coelho, Valeria [Biomedical Science Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health, Baltimore, MD (United States); Wang, Zhou; Taichman, Russell S.; Krebsbach, Paul H. [Department of Periodontics, Prevention and Geriatrics, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Weeraratna, Ashani T.; Becker, Kevin G. [National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health, Baltimore, MD (United States); Mello, Wallace de [Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Taub, Dennis D. [National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health, Baltimore, MD (United States); Borojevic, Radovan [Biomedical Science Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    In the bone marrow cavity, hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) have been shown to reside in the endosteal and subendosteal perivascular niches, which play specific roles on HSC maintenance. Although cells with long-term ability to reconstitute full hematopoietic system can be isolated from both niches, several data support a heterogenous distribution regarding the cycling behavior of HSC. Whether this distinct behavior depends upon the role played by the stromal populations which distinctly create these two niches is a question that remains open. In the present report, we used our previously described in vivo assay to demonstrate that endosteal and subendosteal stromal populations are very distinct regarding skeletal lineage differentiation potential. This was further supported by a microarray-based analysis, which also demonstrated that these two stromal populations play distinct, albeit complementary, roles in HSC niche. Both stromal populations were preferentially isolated from the trabecular region and behave distinctly in vitro, as previously reported. Even though these two niches are organized in a very close range, in vivo assays and molecular analyses allowed us to identify endosteal stroma (F-OST) cells as fully committed osteoblasts and subendosteal stroma (F-RET) cells as uncommitted mesenchymal cells mainly represented by perivascular reticular cells expressing high levels of chemokine ligand, CXCL12. Interestingly, a number of cytokines and growth factors including interleukin-6 (IL-6), IL-7, IL-15, Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and stem cell factor (SCF) matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) were also found to be differentially expressed by F-OST and F-RET cells. Further microarray analyses indicated important mechanisms used by the two stromal compartments in order to create and coordinate the 'quiescent' and 'proliferative' niches in which hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors reside.

  6. Temporal Constraints of Behavioral Inhibition: Relevance of Inter-stimulus Interval in a Go-Nogo Task (United States)

    Zamorano, Francisco; Billeke, Pablo; Hurtado, José M.; López, Vladimir; Carrasco, Ximena; Ossandón, Tomás; Aboitiz, Francisco


    The capacity to inhibit prepotent and automatic responses is crucial for proper cognitive and social development, and inhibitory impairments have been considered to be key for some neuropsychiatric conditions. One of the most used paradigms to analyze inhibitory processes is the Go-Nogo task (GNG). This task has been widely used in psychophysical and cognitive EEG studies, and more recently in paradigms using fMRI. However, a technical limitation is that the time resolution of fMRI is poorer than that of the EEG technique. In order to compensate for these temporal constraints, it has become common practice in the fMRI field to use longer inter-stimulus intervals (ISI) than those used in EEG protocols. Despite the noticeable temporal differences between these two techniques, it is currently assumed that both approaches assess similar inhibitory processes. We performed an EEG study using a GNG task with both short ISI (fast-condition, FC, as in EEG protocols) and long ISI (slow-condition, SC, as in fMRI protocols). We found that in the FC there was a stronger Nogo-N2 effect than in the SC. Moreover, in the FC, but not in the SC, the number of preceding Go trials correlated positively with the Nogo-P3 amplitude and with the Go trial reaction time; and negatively with commission errors. In addition, we found significant topographical differences for the Go-P3 elicited in FC and SC, which is interpreted in terms of different neurotransmitter dynamics. Taken together, our results provide evidence that frequency of stimulus presentation in the GNG task strongly modulates the behavioral response and the evoked EEG activity. Therefore, it is likely that short-ISI EEG protocols and long-ISI fMRI protocols do not assess equivalent inhibitory processes. PMID:24489875

  7. Weekly brief phone support in self-help cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia disorder: Relevance to adherence and efficacy. (United States)

    Ho, Fiona Yan-Yee; Chung, Ka-Fai; Yeung, Wing-Fai; Ng, Tommy Ho-Yee; Cheng, Sammy Kin-Wing


    Self-help cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is an acceptable, low-intensity treatment in a stepped care model for insomnia. We tested the application of self-help CBT-I in a Chinese population. 312 participants with self-report of insomnia associated with distress or daytime impairment 3 or more nights per week for at least 3 months were randomized to self-help CBT-I with telephone support (SHS), self-help CBT-I (SH) and waiting-list (WL). The program was Internet-based with treatment materials delivered once per week, and lasted for 6 consecutive weeks, while the telephone support was limited to 15 min weekly. Mixed-effects analyses found significant group by time interaction in sleep and sleep-related cognitions at immediate and 4-week posttreatment. Post-hoc pairwise comparison with WL revealed that both SHS and SH had significantly higher sleep efficiency at immediate (p = .004 and p = .03, respectively) and 4-week posttreatment (p = .002 and p = .02, respectively) and lower insomnia and dysfunctional beliefs scores. The SHS group had additional improvements in sleep onset latency and sleep quality. Benefits with self-help CBT-I were maintained at 12-week posttreatment, but attrition rate was about 35%. Internet-based self-help CBT-I was effective and acceptable for treating insomnia in the Chinese population. A brief telephone support further enhanced the efficacy.

  8. Aerodynamic and Performance Behavior of a Three-Stage High Efficiency Turbine at Design and Off-Design Operating Points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. T. Schobeiri


    Full Text Available This article deals with the aerodynamic and performance behavior of a three-stage high pressure research turbine with 3-D curved blades at its design and off-design operating points. The research turbine configuration incorporates six rows beginning with a stator row. Interstage aerodynamic measurements were performed at three stations, namely downstream of the first rotor row, the second stator row, and the second rotor row. Interstage radial and circumferential traversing presented a detailed flow picture of the middle stage. Performance measurements were carried out within a rotational speed range of 75% to 116% of the design speed. The experimental investigations have been carried out on the recently established multi-stage turbine research facility at the Turbomachinery Performance and Flow Research Laboratory, TPFL, of Texas A&M University.

  9. Mechanical behavior analysis of a submerged fixed point anchoring system for a hydroacoustic signature measuring sensor for divers and ships (United States)

    Slamnoiu, G.; Radu, O.; Surdu, G.; Roşca, V.; Damian, R.; Pascu, C.; Curcă, E.; Rădulescu, A.


    The paper has as its main objectives the presentation and the analysis of the numerical analysis results for the study of a fixed point anchoring system for a hydroacoustic sensor when measuring the hydroacoustic signature of divers and ships in real sea conditions. The study of the mechanical behavior of this system has as main objectives the optimization of the shape and weight of the anchorage ballast for the metallic structure while considering the necessity to maintain the sensor in a fixed point and the analysis of the sensor movements and the influences on the measurements caused by the sea current streams. The study was focused on the 3D model of metallic structure design; numerical modeling of the water flow around the sensor anchoring structure using volume of fluid analysis and the analysis of the forces and displacements using FEM when needed for the study. In this paper we have used data for the sea motion dynamics and in particular the velocity of the sea current streams as determined by experimental measurements that have been conducted for the western area of the Black Sea.

  10. Comparison of the Oxidation Behaviors of High FeO Chromite and Magnetite Concentrates Relevant to the Induration of Ferrous Pellets (United States)

    Zhu, Deqing; Yang, Congcong; Pan, Jian; Li, Xiaobo


    Oxidation process plays an important role in producing sufficiently strong ferrous pellets for blast furnace, and the oxidation behavior of pellet feed greatly affects the quality of pellets. As a supplementary research to earlier published work, the present study fixes its particular attention on the fundamental oxidation behavior of a high FeO South African chromite concentrate in comparison to that of typical magnetite concentrate using differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction analysis, and thermogravimetry at various temperatures ranging from 473 K to 1273 K (200 °C to 1000 °C). The reaction mechanism and phase transformation during the oxidation process of chromite spinel is further explained by thermodynamics calculation performed by FactSage software. Besides, routine laboratory preheating-roasting test of single ore pellets is also conducted to reveal the relevance of oxidizability to the consolidation of pellets. The results show that the chromite spinel possesses much poorer oxidizability than magnetite, usually accompanying complex phase transformations via a preferential nucleation of Fe-rich sesquioxide from the chromite spinel matrix at low temperatures and thereafter the formation of Cr-rich sesquioxide on the substrate of Fe-rich phase at high temperatures. The oxidation of chromite spinel is inferior to that of magnetite from the viewpoint of thermodynamics and dynamic kinetics. Good inherent oxidizability of raw materials is found to have a positive effect on the induration process of pellet.

  11. Long-time behavior of the velocity autocorrelation function at low densities and near the critical point of simple fluids. (United States)

    Dib, R F A; Ould-Kaddour, F; Levesque, D


    Numerous theoretical and numerical works have been devoted to the study of the algebraic decrease at large times of the velocity autocorrelation function of particles in a fluid. The derivation of this behavior, the so-called long-time tail, generally based on linearized hydrodynamics, makes no reference to any specific characteristic of the particle interactions. However, in the literature doubts have been expressed about the possibility that by numerical simulations the long-time tail can be observed in the whole fluid phase domain of systems in which the particles interact by soft-core and attractive pair potentials. In this work, extensive and accurate molecular-dynamics simulations establish that the predicted long-time tail of the velocity autocorrelation function exists in a low-density fluid of particles interacting by a soft-repulsive potential and near the liquid-gas critical point of a Lennard-Jones system. These results contribute to the confirmation that the algebraic decay of the velocity autocorrelation function is universal in these fluid systems.

  12. Control of Nanofilament Structure and Observations of Quantum Point Contact Behavior in Ni/NiO Nanowire Junctions (United States)

    Oliver, Sean; Fairfield, Jessamyn; Lee, Sunghun; Bellew, Allen; Stone, Iris; Ruppalt, Laura; Boland, John; Vora, Patrick

    Resistive switching is ideal for use in non-volatile memory where information is stored in a metallic or insulating state. Nanowire junctions formed at the intersection of two Ni/NiO core/shell nanowires have emerged as a leading candidate structure where resistive switching occurs due to the formation and destruction of conducting filaments. However, significant knowledge gaps remain regarding the conduction mechanisms as measurements are typically only performed at room temperature. Here, we combine temperature-dependent current-voltage (IV) measurements from 15 - 300 K with magnetoresistance studies and achieve new insight into the nature of the conducting filaments. We identify a novel semiconducting state that behaves as a quantum point contact and find evidence for a possible electric-field driven phase transition. The insulating state exhibits unexpectedly complex IV characteristics that highlight the disordered nature of the ruptured filament while we find clear signs of anisotropic magnetoresistance in the metallic state. Our results expose previously unobserved behaviors in nanowire resistive switching devices and pave the way for future applications where both electrical and magnetic switching can be achieved in a single device. This work was supported by ONR Grant N-00014-15-1-2357.

  13. Motivational Behavior of the Co - Workers as a relevant fact in the empresarial performance: Vehicle dealership of the city of SANTO ANGELO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marise Schadeck Schadeck


    Full Text Available This research is pointing the importance of motivation in the workplace and its implications when it does not exist in the organization. It is a study with multiple instances vehicle dealerships in the city of Santo Angelo, which has great importance in the economic development of the city. The methodology used for this research was quantitative in nature; with surveys made to the employees, showing the facts that motivate employees in dealerships in Santo Ângelo / RS – Brazil in their performance. The research results showed that the necessity for further that motivates the employees in organizations was the need for affiliation, and the difficulty that managers have to motivate their employees.Keywords: Motivation, Behavior, Empresarial performance

  14. Development and validation of a fast and simple multi-analyte procedure for quantification of 40 drugs relevant to emergency toxicology using GC-MS and one-point calibration. (United States)

    Meyer, Golo M J; Weber, Armin A; Maurer, Hans H


    Diagnosis and prognosis of poisonings should be confirmed by comprehensive screening and reliable quantification of xenobiotics, for example by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) or liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). The turnaround time should be short enough to have an impact on clinical decisions. In emergency toxicology, quantification using full-scan acquisition is preferable because this allows screening and quantification of expected and unexpected drugs in one run. Therefore, a multi-analyte full-scan GC-MS approach was developed and validated with liquid-liquid extraction and one-point calibration for quantification of 40 drugs relevant to emergency toxicology. Validation showed that 36 drugs could be determined quickly, accurately, and reliably in the range of upper therapeutic to toxic concentrations. Daily one-point calibration with calibrators stored for up to four weeks reduced workload and turn-around time to less than 1 h. In summary, the multi-analyte approach with simple liquid-liquid extraction, GC-MS identification, and quantification over fast one-point calibration could successfully be applied to proficiency tests and real case samples.

  15. Prenatal immune challenge is an environmental risk factor for brain and behavior change relevant to schizophrenia: evidence from MRI in a mouse model.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qi Li

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: Maternal infection during pregnancy increases risk of severe neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and autism, in the offspring. The most consistent brain structural abnormality in patients with schizophrenia is enlarged lateral ventricles. However, it is unknown whether the aetiology of ventriculomegaly in schizophrenia involves prenatal infectious processes. The present experiments tested the hypothesis that there is a causal relationship between prenatal immune challenge and emergence of ventricular abnormalities relevant to schizophrenia in adulthood. METHOD: We used an established mouse model of maternal immune activation (MIA by the viral mimic PolyI:C administered in early (day 9 or late (day 17 gestation. Automated voxel-based morphometry mapped cerebrospinal fluid across the whole brain of adult offspring and the results were validated by manual region-of-interest tracing of the lateral ventricles. Parallel behavioral testing determined the existence of schizophrenia-related sensorimotor gating abnormalities. RESULTS: PolyI:C-induced immune activation, in early but not late gestation, caused marked enlargement of lateral ventricles in adulthood, without affecting total white and grey matter volumes. This early exposure disrupted sensorimotor gating, in the form of prepulse inhibition. Identical immune challenge in late gestation resulted in significant expansion of 4(th ventricle volume but did not disrupt sensorimotor gating. CONCLUSIONS: Our results provide the first experimental evidence that prenatal immune activation is an environmental risk factor for adult ventricular enlargement relevant to schizophrenia. The data indicate immune-associated environmental insults targeting early foetal development may have more extensive neurodevelopmental impact than identical insults in late prenatal life.

  16. Corresponding-states behavior of a dipolar model fluid with variable dispersion interactions and its relevance to the anomalies of hydrogen fluoride. (United States)

    Weiss, Volker C; Leroy, Frédéric


    More than two decades ago, the elusiveness of a liquid-vapor equilibrium and a corresponding critical point in simulations of the supposedly simple model of dipolar hard spheres came as a surprise to many liquid matter theorists. van Leeuwen and Smit [Phys. Rev. Lett. 71, 3991 (1993)] showed that a minimum of attractive dispersion interactions among the dipolar particles may be needed to observe regular fluid behavior. Here, we adopt their approach and use an only slightly modified model, in which the original point dipole is replaced by a dipole moment produced by charges that are separated in space, to study the influence of dispersion interactions of variable strength on the coexistence and interfacial properties of a polar fluid. The thermophysical properties are discussed in terms of Guggenheim's corresponding-states approach. In this way, the coexistence curve, the critical compressibility factor, the surface tension, Guggenheim's ratio, and modifications of Guldberg's and Trouton's rules (related to the vapor pressure and the enthalpy of vaporization) are analyzed. As the importance of dispersion is decreased, a crossover from simple-fluid behavior to that characteristic of strongly dipolar systems takes place; for some properties, this transition is monotonic, but for others it occurs non-monotonically. For strongly dipolar systems, the reduced surface tension is very low, whereas Guggenheim's ratio and Guldberg's ratio are found to be high. The critical compressibility factor is smaller, and the coexistence curve is wider and more skewed than for simple fluids. For very weak dispersion, liquid-vapor equilibrium is still observable, but the interfacial tension is extremely low and may, eventually, vanish marking the end of the existence of a liquid phase. We discuss the implications of our findings for real fluids, in particular, for hydrogen fluoride.

  17. Corresponding-states behavior of a dipolar model fluid with variable dispersion interactions and its relevance to the anomalies of hydrogen fluoride (United States)

    Weiss, Volker C.; Leroy, Frédéric


    More than two decades ago, the elusiveness of a liquid-vapor equilibrium and a corresponding critical point in simulations of the supposedly simple model of dipolar hard spheres came as a surprise to many liquid matter theorists. van Leeuwen and Smit [Phys. Rev. Lett. 71, 3991 (1993)] showed that a minimum of attractive dispersion interactions among the dipolar particles may be needed to observe regular fluid behavior. Here, we adopt their approach and use an only slightly modified model, in which the original point dipole is replaced by a dipole moment produced by charges that are separated in space, to study the influence of dispersion interactions of variable strength on the coexistence and interfacial properties of a polar fluid. The thermophysical properties are discussed in terms of Guggenheim's corresponding-states approach. In this way, the coexistence curve, the critical compressibility factor, the surface tension, Guggenheim's ratio, and modifications of Guldberg's and Trouton's rules (related to the vapor pressure and the enthalpy of vaporization) are analyzed. As the importance of dispersion is decreased, a crossover from simple-fluid behavior to that characteristic of strongly dipolar systems takes place; for some properties, this transition is monotonic, but for others it occurs non-monotonically. For strongly dipolar systems, the reduced surface tension is very low, whereas Guggenheim's ratio and Guldberg's ratio are found to be high. The critical compressibility factor is smaller, and the coexistence curve is wider and more skewed than for simple fluids. For very weak dispersion, liquid-vapor equilibrium is still observable, but the interfacial tension is extremely low and may, eventually, vanish marking the end of the existence of a liquid phase. We discuss the implications of our findings for real fluids, in particular, for hydrogen fluoride.

  18. Exposures of zebrafish through diet to three environmentally relevant mixtures of PAHs produce behavioral disruptions in unexposed F1 and F2 descendant. (United States)

    Vignet, Caroline; Joassard, Lucette; Lyphout, Laura; Guionnet, Tiphaine; Goubeau, Manon; Le Menach, Karyn; Brion, François; Kah, Olivier; Chung, Bon-Chu; Budzinski, Hélène; Bégout, Marie-Laure; Cousin, Xavier


    The release of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into the environment has increased very substantially over the last decades. PAHs are hydrophobic molecules which can accumulate in high concentrations in sediments acting then as major secondary sources. Fish contamination can occur through contact or residence nearby sediments or though dietary exposure. In this study, we analyzed certain physiological traits in unexposed fish (F1) issued from parents (F0) exposed through diet to three PAH mixtures at similar and environmentally relevant concentrations but differing in their compositions. For each mixture, no morphological differences were observed between concentrations. An increase in locomotor activity was observed in larvae issued from fish exposed to the highest concentration of a pyrolytic (PY) mixture. On the contrary, a decrease in locomotor activity was observed in larvae issued from heavy oil mixture (HO). In the case of the third mixture, light oil (LO), a reduction of the diurnal activity was observed during the setup of larval activity. Behavioral disruptions persisted in F1-PY juveniles and in their offspring (F2). Endocrine disruption was analyzed using cyp19a1b:GFP transgenic line and revealed disruptions in PY and LO offspring. Since no PAH metabolites were dosed in larvae, these findings suggest possible underlying mechanisms such as altered parental signaling molecule and/or hormone transferred in the gametes, eventually leading to early imprinting. Taken together, these results indicate that physiological disruptions are observed in offspring of fish exposed to PAH mixtures through diet.

  19. 天津市民低碳建筑意识与相关行为的调查分析%Investigation and Analysis of Public Awareness and Relevant Behaviors about Low Carbon Building in Tianjin

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    卢笛音; 朱坦; 黄国柱; 赵雅斐


    Through questionnaire survey in Tianjin city, the investigation collects data of citizens’ awareness and behaviors related to the concept of low carbon building, the retrofit of existing buildings to energy-efficient ones as well as the purchase of low carbon housing. The analysis sheds light on the characteristics of citizens awareness and behaviors of low carbon buildings at the same time points out the obstacles which hinder the development of low carbon building. The citizens have biased recognize of the concept, they lack the knowledge of relevant policies, the middle age or young people are not motived to buy low carbon housing and many people take a sceptical attitude toward low carbon technology and certification. Base on the findings, some countermeasures are proposed to improve the low-carbon building development and public awareness.%通过问卷调查的方式得到天津市民在低碳建筑概念认知、旧房改造与低碳建筑购买相关行为的数据,分析得出天津市民低碳建筑意识与行为的相关特点与阻碍因素,发现存在:市民对低碳建筑概念认识有偏差,缺少对相关政策的了解,中青年人购买低碳建筑动力不足以及对低碳建筑技术与认证不放心等问题。本调查在问题的基础上提出了相关的宣传与推动发展的建议。

  20. Ablation of Mrds1/Ofcc1 induces hyper-γ-glutamyl transpeptidasemia without abnormal head development and schizophrenia-relevant behaviors in mice.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tetsuo Ohnishi

    Full Text Available Mutations in the Opo gene result in eye malformation in medaka fish. The human ortholog of this gene, MRDS1/OFCC1, is a potentially causal gene for orofacial cleft, as well as a susceptibility gene for schizophrenia, a devastating mental illness. Based on this evidence, we hypothesized that this gene could perform crucial functions in the development of head and brain structures in vertebrates. To test this hypothesis, we created Mrds1/Ofcc1-null mice. Mice were examined thoroughly using an abnormality screening system referred to as "the Japan Mouse Clinic". No malformations of the head structure, eye or other parts of the body were apparent in these knockout mice. However, the mutant mice showed a marked increase in serum γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT, a marker for liver damage, but no abnormalities in other liver-related measurements. We also performed a family-based association study on the gene in schizophrenia samples of Japanese origin. We found five single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs located across the gene that showed significant transmission distortion, supporting a prior report of association in a Caucasian cohort. However, the knockout mice showed no behavioral phenotypes relevant to schizophrenia. In conclusion, disruption of the Mrds1/Ofcc1 gene elicits asymptomatic hyper-γ-glutamyl-transpeptidasemia in mice. However, there were no phenotypes to support a role for the gene in the development of eye and craniofacial structures in vertebrates. These results prompt further examination of the gene, including its putative contribution to hyper-γ-glutamyl transpeptidasemia and schizophrenia.

  1. The tipping point: Value differences and parallel dorsal-ventral frontal circuits gating human approach-avoidance behavior. (United States)

    Schlund, Michael W; Brewer, Adam T; Magee, Sandy K; Richman, David M; Solomon, Scott; Ludlum, MaDonna; Dymond, Simon


    Excessive avoidance and diminished approach behavior are both prominent features of anxiety, trauma and stress related disorders. Despite this, little is known about the neuronal mechanisms supporting gating of human approach-avoidance behavior. Here, we used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to track dorsal anterior cingulate and medial prefrontal (dACC/dmPFC) activation along an approach-avoidance continuum to assess sensitivity to competing appetitive and aversive contingencies and correspondence with behavior change. Behavioral and fMRI experiments were conducted using a novel approach-avoidance task where a monetary reward appeared in the presence of a conditioned stimulus (CS), or threat, that signaled increasing probability of unconditioned stimulus (US) delivery. Approach produced the reward or probabilistic US, while avoidance prevented US delivery, and across trials, reward remained fixed while the CS threat level varied unpredictably. Increasing the CS threat level (i.e., US probability) produced the desired approach-avoidance transition and inverted U-shaped changes in decision times, electrodermal activity and activation in pregenual ACC, dACC/dmPFC, striatum, anterior insula and inferior frontal regions. Conversely, U-shaped changes in activation were observed in dorsolateral and ventromedial prefrontal cortex and bimodal changes in the orbitofrontal and ventral hippocampus. These new results show parallel dorsal-ventral frontal circuits support gating of human approach-avoidance behavior where dACC/dmPFC signals inversely correlate with value differences between approach and avoidance contingencies while ventral frontal signals correlate with the value of predictable outcomes. Our findings provide an important bridge between basic research on brain mechanisms of value-guided decision-making and value-focused clinical theories of anxiety and related interventions.

  2. Cloud Point and Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Behavior of Thermosensitive Polymer L61 and Salt Aqueous Two-Phase System. (United States)

    Rao, Wenwei; Wang, Yun; Han, Juan; Wang, Lei; Chen, Tong; Liu, Yan; Ni, Liang


    The cloud point of thermosensitive triblock polymer L61, poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO-PPO-PEO), was determined in the presence of various electrolytes (K2HPO4, (NH4)3C6H5O7, and K3C6H5O7). The cloud point of L61 was lowered by the addition of electrolytes, and the cloud point of L61 decreased linearly with increasing electrolyte concentration. The efficacy of electrolytes on reducing cloud point followed the order: K3C6H5O7 > (NH4)3C6H5O7 > K2HPO4. With the increase in salt concentration, aqueous two-phase systems exhibited a phase inversion. In addition, increasing the temperature reduced the concentration of salt needed that could promote phase inversion. The phase diagrams and liquid-liquid equilibrium data of the L61-K2HPO4/(NH4)3C6H5O7/K3C6H5O7 aqueous two-phase systems (before the phase inversion but also after phase inversion) were determined at T = (25, 30, and 35) °C. Phase diagrams of aqueous two-phase systems were fitted to a four-parameter empirical nonlinear expression. Moreover, the slopes of the tie-lines and the area of two-phase region in the diagram have a tendency to rise with increasing temperature. The capacity of different salts to induce aqueous two-phase system formation was the same order as the ability of salts to reduce the cloud point.

  3. Motorcycles entering from access points and merging with traffic on primary roads in Malaysia: behavioral and road environment influence on the occurrence of traffic conflicts. (United States)

    Abdul Manan, Muhammad Marizwan


    This paper uses data from an observational study, conducted at access points in straight sections of primary roads in Malaysia in 2012, to investigate the effects of motorcyclists' behavior and road environment attributes on the occurrence of serious traffic conflicts involving motorcyclists entering primary roads via access points. In order to handle the unobserved heterogeneity in the small sample data size, this study applies mixed effects logistic regression with multilevel bootstrapping. Two statistically significant models (Model 2 and Model 3) are produced, with 2 levels of random effect parameters, i.e. motorcyclists' attributes and behavior at Level 1, and road environment attributes at Level 2. Among all the road environment attributes tested, the traffic volume and the speed limit are found to be statistically significant, only contributing to 26-29% of the variations affecting the traffic conflict outcome. The implication is that 71-74% of the unmeasured or undescribed attributes and behavior of motorcyclists still have an importance in predicting the outcome: a serious traffic conflict. As for the fixed effect parameters, both models show that the risk of motorcyclists being involved in a serious traffic conflict is 2-4 times more likely if they accept a shorter gap to a single approaching vehicle (time lag road from the access point. A road environment factor, such as a narrow lane (seen in Model 2), and a behavioral factor, such as stopping at the stop line (seen in Model 3), also influence the occurrence of a serious traffic conflict compared to those entering into a wider lane road and without stopping at the stop line, respectively. A discussion of the possible reasons for this seemingly strange result, including a recommendation for further research, concludes the paper.

  4. Post-error behavioral adjustments are facilitated by activation and suppression of task-relevant and task-irrelevant information processing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    King, J.A.; Korb, F.M.; Cramon, D.Y. von; Ullsperger, M.


    Error monitoring by the posterior medial frontal cortex (pMFC) has been linked to post-error behavioral adaptation effects and cognitive control dynamics in lateral prefrontal cortex (LPFC). It remains unknown, however, whether control adjustments following errors produce post-error behavioral adjus

  5. Influence of Fiber Orientation on Single-Point Cutting Fracture Behavior of Carbon-Fiber/Epoxy Prepreg Sheets



    The purpose of this article is to investigate the influences of carbon fibers on the fracture mechanism of carbon fibers both in macroscopic view and microscopic view by using single-point flying cutting method. Cutting tools with three different materials were used in this research, namely, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tool, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamond thin film coated carbide tool and uncoated carbide tool. The influence of fiber orientation on the cutting force and fracture to...

  6. Is nonverbal behavior in patients and interviewers relevant to the assessment of depression and its recovery? A study with Dutch and Brazilian patients. (United States)

    Fiquer, Juliana Teixeira; Moreno, Ricardo Alberto; Canales, Janette Z; Cavalcanti, Andre; Gorenstein, Clarice


    Nonverbal behaviors exhibited by patients with depression in their interactions with others may reflect social maladjustment and depression maintenance. Investigations of associations between unipolar depression and both patients' and interviewers' behaviors have been scarce and restricted to European samples. This study examined whether nonverbal behavior in patients and their interviewers is associated with depression severity and recovery. Cultural differences were explored. Seventy-eight depressed outpatients (28 Brazilians, 50 Dutch) were evaluated before and after 8-week pharmacological treatment. Patients were videotaped during the Hamilton Depression Scale interview before treatment, and the Brazilians were also videotaped after treatment. Nonverbal behaviors (patients' speaking effort and interviewers' encouragement) were analyzed using a two-factor ethogram. Results revealed that speaking effort was associated with encouragement and both are not influenced by baseline depression severity. However, from before to after treatment, whereas encouragement remained unchanged, speaking effort increased among unrecovered patients. Speaking effort was associated with patients' culture: Brazilians exhibited higher speaking effort than Dutch. These findings highlight that whereas the supportive nonverbal behavior of the interviewer may be stable, the set of nonverbal behaviors composed by head movements, eye contact and gestures displayed by the patients during their speaking in clinical interviews reflects depression persistence after treatment.

  7. High energy behavior of a six-point R-current correlator in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bartels, Jochen; Hentschinski, Martin; Mischler, Anna-Maria [Hamburg Univ. (Germany). 2. Inst. fuer Theoretische Physik; Ewerz, Carlo [Heidelberg Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Theoretische Physik; GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt (Germany). ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI; Bielefeld Univ. (Germany). Fakultaet fuer Physik; European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT), Villazzano (Italy)


    We study the high energy limit of a six-point R-current correlator in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory for finite N{sub c}. We make use of the framework of perturbative resummation of large logarithms of the energy. More specifically, we apply the (extended) generalized leading logarithmic approximation. We find that the same conformally invariant two-to-four gluon vertex occurs as in non-supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. As a new feature we find a direct coupling of the four-gluon t-channel state to the R-current impact factor. (orig.)

  8. The Smart Behavior of Cement-based Composite Containing Carbon Fibers under Three-point-bending Load

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Bing; WU Keru; YAO Wu


    The influences of the fiber volume fraction on the electrical conductivity and the fraction change of electrical resistance under three-point- bending test were discussed. It is found that the relationship between the electrical conductivity of composites and the fiber volume fraction can be explained by the percolation theory and the change of electrical resistance of specimens reflects to the process of loading. The sensitivity and the response of the change of electrical resistance to the load for specimens with different fiber volume fractions are quite different,which provide an important guide for the manufacture of conductive and intrinsically smart carbon fiber composite.

  9. Synthesis and phase behavior of dendrons derived from 3,4,5-tris(tetradecyloxy)benzoic acid with different functional groups in focal point

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Matvey Gruzdev; Ulyana Chervonova; Olga Akopova; Arkadiy Kolker


    A number of dendrons of various chain lengths derived from the esters of 3,4,5-tris(tetrade-cyloxy)benzoic acid were synthesized. These esters were used as building blocks in the design of polyester molecules. Intermediate products, such as branched compounds with variation of functional groups in focal point (aromatic acids and their benzyl esters, aldehydes of different generation) were obtained. The structure and purity of all the compounds were determined by elemental analysis, FT-IR, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry (MALDI-ToF). The phase behavior was investigated by differential scanning calorimetry and confirmed by polarized optical microscopy. Consequently, it was established that the liquid-crystalline properties of this series of dendrons arise from the degree of branching. This behavior can be explained by the formation of hydrogen bonds, as well as microsegregation processes of the links of the macromolecule.

  10. Modulations in the oscillatory activity of the Globus Pallidus internus neurons during a behavioral task-A point process analysis. (United States)

    Saxena, Shreya; Gale, John T; Eskandar, Emad N; Sarma, Sridevi V


    The behavioral state of a subject is hypothesized to be reflected in the oscillatory modulations of the spiking activity of certain groups of neurons. In particular, the beta- and gamma-bands have been experimentally shown to be related to movement in the motor cortex and parts of the basal ganglia. Here, we analyze the relationship between directional tuning and oscillations in the beta- and gamma-bands of the neurons in the Globus Pallidus internus (GPi) of two healthy nonhuman primates during a radial center-out motor task. We find that, during the planning stages of the movement, the percentage of directionally tuned neurons displaying gamma oscillations increases when compared to the percentage of directionally tuned neurons displaying beta oscillations. A similar trend is not seen in non-directionally tuned neurons. This suggests that the GPi neurons involved in the planning of movement communicate information using an emergence of oscillations in the gamma-band.

  11. Reef ecology. Chemically mediated behavior of recruiting corals and fishes: a tipping point that may limit reef recovery. (United States)

    Dixson, Danielle L; Abrego, David; Hay, Mark E


    Coral reefs are in global decline, converting from dominance by coral to dominance by seaweed. Once seaweeds become abundant, coral recovery is suppressed unless herbivores return to remove seaweeds, and corals then recruit. Variance in the recovery of fishes and corals is not well understood. We show that juveniles of both corals and fishes are repelled by chemical cues from fished, seaweed-dominated reefs but attracted to cues from coral-dominated areas where fishing is prohibited. Chemical cues of specific seaweeds from degraded reefs repulsed recruits, and cues from specific corals that are typical of healthy reefs attracted recruits. Juveniles were present at but behaviorally avoided recruiting to degraded reefs dominated by seaweeds. For recovery, degraded reefs may need to be managed to produce cues that attract, rather than repel, recruiting corals and fishes.


    Stearn, A E


    From the solubility minimum the value of the basic ionization constant of sulfanilic acid is shown to lie probably between the values 1.7 x 10(-15) and 3.2 x 10(-15). From solubility measurements the value of this same constant is shown to lie probably between 2.0 and 2.2 x 10(-15), and the isoelectric point of sulfanilic acid is thus at a cH of 0.056 or a pH of 1.25. From conductivity ratios the acid ionization constant of sulfanilic acid is shown to be 7.05 x 10(-4) at room temperature (21 degrees C.). Calculations are made, from data published in preceding papers, of the ionization constants of glycine, K(a) being 2.3 x 10(-10), and K(b) being 2.2 x 10(-12).

  13. Joint project. Retention of radionuclides relevant for final disposal in natural clay rock and saline systems. Subproject 2. Geochemical behavior and transport of radionuclides in saline systems in the presence of repository-relevant organics. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmeide, Katja; Fritsch, Katharina; Lippold, Holger [Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V., Dresden (Germany). Inst. of Ressource Ecology; and others


    retention at these minerals could be attributed to surface-mediated reduction of Tc(VII) to Tc(IV). An influence of ionic strength was not observed. The influence of ionic strength (up to 3 mol/kg) and background electrolyte (NaCl, CaCl{sub 2}, MgCl{sub 2}) on U(VI) sorption onto montmorillonite was studied. The U(VI) sorption is influenced by the background electrolyte, the influence of ionic strength is small. Surface complexation modeling was performed applying the 2SPNE SC/CE model. Surface complexation constants were determined for the NaCl and CaCl{sub 2} system and were extrapolated to zero ionic strength. Surface complexation in mixed electrolytes can be modeled applying surface complexation constants derived for pure electrolytes. The influence of citrate on U(VI) diffusion in Opalinus Clay was studied using Opalinus Clay pore water as background electrolyte. The diffusion parameter values obtained for the HTO through-diffusion and the U(VI) in-diffusion in the absence of citric acid were in agreement with literature data. In the presence of citric acid, U(VI) diffusion was significantly retarded, which was attributed to a change in speciation, probably U(VI) was reduced to U(IV). Larger-scale heterogeneous material effects on diffusive transport were investigated with PET. Diffusion parameters were derived by optimum fit of a FEM-model to the measurement. These parameters are in accordance with the results from 1D-through-diffusion experiments. Deviations from the simple transversal-isotropic behavior, which are identified as residuals from the model, are indications for heterogeneous transport on the mm-scale. PET measurements were also conducted in order to display the improvement of the EDZ with waterglass injections. These experiments enable to draw conclusions on the complex reactive transport process and thus an estimation of the achieved improvement of the barrier function. The image reconstruction procedure was largely improved, mainly with the aid of

  14. Reproducibility and relevance of future behavioral sciences should benefit from a cross fertilization of past recommendations and today's technology: "Back to the future"

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spruijt, Berry; Peters, Suzanne; de Heer, Raymond; Pothuizen, Helen; van der Harst, Johanna


    Thanks to the discovery of novel technologies and sophisticated analysis tools we can now ‘see’ molecules, genes and even patterns of gene expression, which have resulted in major advances in many areas of biology. Recently, similar technologies have been developed for behavioral studies. However, t

  15. Reproducibility and relevance of future behavioral sciences should benefit from a cross fertilization of past recommendations and today's technology: "Back to the future". (United States)

    Spruijt, Berry M; Peters, Suzanne M; de Heer, Raymond C; Pothuizen, Helen H J; van der Harst, Johanneke E


    Thanks to the discovery of novel technologies and sophisticated analysis tools we can now 'see' molecules, genes and even patterns of gene expression, which have resulted in major advances in many areas of biology. Recently, similar technologies have been developed for behavioral studies. However, the wide implementation of such technological progress in behavioral research remains behind, as if there are inhibiting factors for accepting and adopting available innovations. The methods of the majority of studies measuring and interpreting behavior of laboratory animals seem to have frozen in time somewhere in the last century. As an example of the so-called classical tests, we will present the history and shortcomings of one of the most frequently used tests, the open field. Similar objections and critical remarks, however, can be made with regard to the elevated plus maze, light-dark box, various other mazes, object recognition tests, etc. Possible solutions and recommendations on how progress in behavioral neuroscience can be achieved and accelerated will be discussed in the second part of this review.

  16. Vitamin D and the omega-3 fatty acids control serotonin synthesis and action, part 2: relevance for ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and impulsive behavior. (United States)

    Patrick, Rhonda P; Ames, Bruce N


    Serotonin regulates a wide variety of brain functions and behaviors. Here, we synthesize previous findings that serotonin regulates executive function, sensory gating, and social behavior and that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and impulsive behavior all share in common defects in these functions. It has remained unclear why supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D improve cognitive function and behavior in these brain disorders. Here, we propose mechanisms by which serotonin synthesis, release, and function in the brain are modulated by vitamin D and the 2 marine omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Brain serotonin is synthesized from tryptophan by tryptophan hydroxylase 2, which is transcriptionally activated by vitamin D hormone. Inadequate levels of vitamin D (∼70% of the population) and omega-3 fatty acids are common, suggesting that brain serotonin synthesis is not optimal. We propose mechanisms by which EPA increases serotonin release from presynaptic neurons by reducing E2 series prostaglandins and DHA influences serotonin receptor action by increasing cell membrane fluidity in postsynaptic neurons. We propose a model whereby insufficient levels of vitamin D, EPA, or DHA, in combination with genetic factors and at key periods during development, would lead to dysfunctional serotonin activation and function and may be one underlying mechanism that contributes to neuropsychiatric disorders and depression. This model suggests that optimizing vitamin D and marine omega-3 fatty acid intake may help prevent and modulate the severity of brain dysfunction.

  17. Neuropathologic Implication of Peripheral Neuregulin-1 and EGF Signals in Dopaminergic Dysfunction and Behavioral Deficits Relevant to Schizophrenia: Their Target Cells and Time Window

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hiroyuki Nawa


    Full Text Available Neuregulin-1 and epidermal growth factor (EGF are implicated in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. To test the developmental hypothesis for schizophrenia, we administered these factors to rodent pups, juveniles, and adults and characterized neurobiological and behavioral consequences. These factors were also provided from their transgenes or infused into the adult brain. Here we summarize previous results from these experiments and discuss those from neuropathological aspects. In the neonatal stage but not the juvenile and adult stages, subcutaneously injected factors penetrated the blood-brain barrier and acted on brain neurons, which later resulted in persistent behavioral and dopaminergic impairments associated with schizophrenia. Neonatally EGF-treated animals exhibited persistent hyperdopaminergic abnormalities in the nigro-pallido-striatal system while neuregulin-1 treatment resulted in dopaminergic deficits in the corticolimbic dopamine system. Effects on GABAergic and glutamatergic systems were transient or limited. Even in the adult stage, intracerebral administration and transgenic expression of these factors produced similar but not identical behavioral impairments, although the effects of intracerebral administration were reversible. These findings suggest that dopaminergic development is highly vulnerable to circulating ErbB ligands in the pre- and perinatal stages. Once maldevelopment of the dopaminergic system is established during early development, dopamine-associating behavioral deficits become irreversible and manifest at postpubertal stages.

  18. Influence of Fiber Orientation on Single-Point Cutting Fracture Behavior of Carbon-Fiber/Epoxy Prepreg Sheets

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yingying Wei


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to investigate the influences of carbon fibers on the fracture mechanism of carbon fibers both in macroscopic view and microscopic view by using single-point flying cutting method. Cutting tools with three different materials were used in this research, namely, PCD (polycrystalline diamond tool, CVD (chemical vapor deposition diamond thin film coated carbide tool and uncoated carbide tool. The influence of fiber orientation on the cutting force and fracture topography were analyzed and conclusions were drawn that cutting forces are not affected by cutting speeds but significantly influenced by the fiber orientation. Cutting forces presented smaller values in the fiber orientation of 0/180° and 15/165° but the highest one in 30/150°. The fracture mechanism of carbon fibers was studied in different cutting conditions such as 0° orientation angle, 90° orientation angle, orientation angles along fiber direction, and orientation angles inverse to the fiber direction. In addition, a prediction model on the cutting defects of carbon fiber reinforced plastic was established based on acoustic emission (AE signals.

  19. Critical behavior near the Lifshitz point in Sn(2)P(2)(S(1 - x)Se(x))(6) ferroelectric semiconductors from thermal diffusivity measurements. (United States)

    Oleaga, A; Salazar, A; Kohutych, A A; Vysochanskii, Yu M


    The thermal diffusivity of the ferroelectric family Sn(2)P(2)(Se(x)S(1 - x))(6) (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) has been measured by a high-resolution ac photopyroelectric technique, using single crystals, with the aim of studying the evolution of the ferroelectric transition with Se doping. Its change from second order character to first order while passing the Lifshitz point (x approximately 0.28) has been evaluated, as well as the splitting of the transition at high Se concentrations. The critical behavior of the ferroelectric transition in terms of the different universality classes and their underlying physical dominant effects (tricriticality, long-range dipole interactions, Lifshitz point) has been discussed using thermal diffusivity measurements in the very close vicinity of the critical temperature. This study reveals that for Se concentrations around the Lifshitz point, long-range dipole interactions do not play a significant role and that the critical parameters are close to those predicted for the Lifshitz universality class.

  20. Adiabatic physics of an exchange-coupled spin-dimer system: Magnetocaloric effect, zero-point fluctuations, and possible two-dimensional universal behavior (United States)

    Brambleby, J.; Goddard, P. A.; Singleton, J.; Jaime, M.; Lancaster, T.; Huang, L.; Wosnitza, J.; Topping, C. V.; Carreiro, K. E.; Tran, H. E.; Manson, Z. E.; Manson, J. L.


    We present the magnetic and thermal properties of the bosonic-superfluid phase in a spin-dimer network using both quasistatic and rapidly changing pulsed magnetic fields. The entropy derived from a heat-capacity study reveals that the pulsed-field measurements are strongly adiabatic in nature and are responsible for the onset of a significant magnetocaloric effect (MCE). In contrast to previous predictions we show that the MCE is not just confined to the critical regions, but occurs for all fields greater than zero at sufficiently low temperatures. We explain the MCE using a model of the thermal occupation of exchange-coupled dimer spin states and highlight that failure to take this effect into account inevitably leads to incorrect interpretations of experimental results. In addition, the heat capacity in our material is suggestive of an extraordinary contribution from zero-point fluctuations and appears to indicate universal behavior with different critical exponents at the two field-induced critical points. The data at the upper critical point, combined with the layered structure of the system, are consistent with a two-dimensional nature of spin excitations in the system.

  1. Behaviorism (United States)

    Moore, J.


    Early forms of psychology assumed that mental life was the appropriate subject matter for psychology, and introspection was an appropriate method to engage that subject matter. In 1913, John B. Watson proposed an alternative: classical S-R behaviorism. According to Watson, behavior was a subject matter in its own right, to be studied by the…

  2. Migraine- and dystonia-related disease-mutations of Na+/K+-ATPases: Relevance of behavioral studies in mice to disease symptoms and neurological manifestations in humans

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bøttger, Pernille; Doganli, Canan; Lykke-Hartmann, Karin


    The two autosomal dominantly inherited neurological diseases: familial hemiplegic migraine type 2 (FHM2) and familial rapid-onset of dystonia-parkinsonism (Familial RDP) are caused by in vivo mutations of specific alpha subunits of the sodium–potassium pump (Na+/K+-ATPase). Intriguingly, patients...... with classical FHM2 and RDP symptoms additionally suffer from other manifestations, such as epilepsy/seizures and developmental disabilities. Recent studies of FHM2 and RDP mouse models provide valuable tools for dissecting the vital roles of the Na+/K+-ATPases, and we discuss their relevance to the complex...... patient symptoms and manifestations. Thus, it is interesting that mouse models targeting a specific -isoform cause different, although still comparable, phenotypes consistent with classical symptoms and other manifestations observed in FHM2 and RDP patients. This review highlights that use of mouse models...

  3. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Adaptation Reveals the Cortical Networks for Processing Grasp-Relevant Object Properties

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Monaco, S.; Chen, Y.; Medendorp, W.P.; Crawford, J.D.; Fiehler, K.; Henriques, D.Y.P.


    Grasping behaviors require the selection of grasp-relevant object dimensions, independent of overall object size. Previous neuroimaging studies found that the intraparietal cortex processes object size, but it is unknown whether the graspable dimension (i.e., grasp axis between selected points on th

  4. Universality class of replica symmetry breaking, scaling behavior, and the low-temperature fixed-point order function of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model. (United States)

    Oppermann, R; Schmidt, M J


    A scaling theory of replica symmetry breaking (RSB) in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK) model is presented in the framework of critical phenomena for the scaling regime of large RSB orders kappa , small temperatures T , and small (homogeneous) magnetic fields H . We employ the pseudodynamical picture [R. Oppermann, M. J. Schmidt, and D. Sherrington, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 127201 (2007)], where two critical points CP1 and CP2 are associated with the order function's pseudodynamical limits lim_{a-->infinity}q(a)=1 and lim_{a-->0}q(a)=0 at (T=0 , H=0 , 1kappa=0) . CP1 - and CP2 -dominated contributions to the free energy functional F[q(a)] require an unconventional scaling hypothesis. We determine the scaling contributions in accordance with detailed numerical self-consistent solutions for up to 200 orders of RSB. Power laws, scaling functions, and crossover lines are obtained. CP1 -dominated behavior is found for the nonequilibrium susceptibility, which decays like chi_{1}=kappa;{-53}f_{1}(Tkappa;{-53}) , for the entropy, which obeys S(T=0) approximately chi_{1};{2} , and for the subclass of diverging parameters a_{i}=kappa;{53}f_{a_{i}}(Tkappa;{-53}) [describing Parisi box sizes m_{i}(T) identical witha_{i}(T)T ], with f_{1}(zeta) approximately zeta and f_{a_{i}}(zeta) approximately 1zeta for zeta-->infinity , while f(0) is finite. CP2 -dominated behavior, controlled by the magnetic field H while temperature is irrelevant, is retrieved in the plateau height (or width) of the order function q(a) according to q_{pl}(H)=kappa;{-1}f_{pl}(H;{23}kappa;{-1}) with f_{pl}mid R:(zeta)mid R:_{zeta-->infinity} approximately zeta and f_{pl}(0) finite. Divergent characteristic RSB orders kappa_{CP1}(T) approximately T;{-35} and kappa_{CP2}(H) approximately H;{-23} , respectively, describe the crossover from mean field SK- to RSB-critical behavior with rational-valued exponents extracted with high precision from our RSB data. The order function q(a) is obtained as a fixed-point

  5. The HDAC inhibitor SAHA improves depressive-like behavior of CRTC1-deficient mice: possible relevance for treatment-resistant depression

    KAUST Repository

    Meylan, Elsa M.


    Major depression is a highly complex disabling psychiatric disorder affecting millions of people worldwide. Despite the availability of several classes of antidepressants, a substantial percentage of patients are unresponsive to these medications. A better understanding of the neurobiology of depression and the mechanisms underlying antidepressant response is thus critically needed. We previously reported that mice lacking CREB-regulated transcription coactivator 1 (CRTC1) exhibit a depressive-like phenotype and a blunted antidepressant response to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine. In this study, we similarly show that Crtc1‒/‒ mice are resistant to the antidepressant effect of chronic desipramine in a behavioral despair paradigm. Supporting the blunted response to this tricyclic antidepressant, we found that desipramine does not significantly increase the expression of Bdnf and Nr4a1-3 in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of Crtc1‒/‒ mice. Epigenetic regulation of neuroplasticity gene expression has been associated with depression and antidepressant response, and histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors have been shown to have antidepressant-like properties. Here, we show that unlike conventional antidepressants, chronic systemic administration of the HDAC inhibitor SAHA partially rescues the depressive-like behavior of Crtc1‒/‒ mice. This behavioral effect is accompanied by an increased expression of Bdnf, but not Nr4a1-3, in the prefrontal cortex of these mice, suggesting that this epigenetic intervention restores the expression of a subset of genes by acting downstream of CRTC1. These findings suggest that CRTC1 alterations may be associated with treatment-resistant depression, and support the interesting possibility that targeting HDACs may be a useful therapeutic strategy in antidepressant development.

  6. Transient and residual stresses and displacements in self-curing bone cement - Part I: characterization of relevant volumetric behavior of bone cement. (United States)

    Ahmed, A M; Pak, W; Burke, D L; Miller, J


    In this first part of a two-part report, some aspects of the volumetric behavior of bone cement during its curing process are examined as a prelude to an analysis for the transient and residual stresses and displacements in stem fixation systems. Experiments show that stress generation in the cement is associated with its temperature while curing and that during the cooling phase, the stresses are mainly due to thermal as opposed to bulk shrinkage. The appropriate coefficient of thermal expansion of bone cement has been evaluated from measurements in a simulated fixation system in conjuction with a thermoelastic analysis.

  7. Shapeable maximum-power point-tracking algorithm to improve the stability of the output behavior of a thermoelectric-solar hybrid energy-harvesting system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Yusop


    Full Text Available This study presents the development of a novel maximum-power point-tracking (MPPT method based on an input shaping scheme controller. The proposed method that changes the initial input response into a shapeable MPPT algorithm is designed based on an exponential input function. This type of input function is selected because of its capability to stabilize the system at the end of the simulation time and remain at the same condition at the final response time. A comparison of the system with the proposed method and the system with traditional perturb and observe (PnO method is also provided. Results show that the system with the proposed method produces higher output power than the system with PnO method; the difference is approximately 15.45%. Results reveal that the exponential function input shaper allows the overall output system to exhibit satisfactory behavior and can efficiently track the maximum output power.

  8. Development of eukaryotic zoospores within polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-polluted environments: a set of behaviors that are relevant for bioremediation. (United States)

    Sungthong, Rungroch; van West, Pieter; Cantos, Manuel; Ortega-Calvo, Jose Julio


    In this study, we assessed the development (formation, taxis and settlement) of eukaryotic zoospores under different regimes of exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which imitated environmental scenarios of pollution and bioremediation. With this aim, we used an oomycete, Pythium aphanidermatum, as a source of zoospores and two PAH-degrading bacteria (Mycobacterium gilvum VM552 and Pseudomonas putida G7). The oomycete and both bacteria were not antagonistic, and zoospore formation was diminished only in the presence of the highest bacterial cell density (10(8)-10(10) colony-forming units mL(-1)). A negative influence of PAHs on zoospore formation and taxis was observed when PAHs were exposed in combination with organic solutions and polar solvents. Co-exposure of PAHs with non-polar solvents [hexadecane (HD) and 2,2,4,4,6,8,8-heptamethylnonane (HMN)] did not affect zoospore settlement at the interfaces of the organic solvents and water. However, zoospores settled and created mycelial networks only at HD-water interfaces. Both bacteria diminished the toxic influence of PAHs on zoospore formation and taxis, and they did not interrupt zoospore settlement. The results suggest that zoospore development could be applicable for toxicity assessment of PAHs and enhancement of their bioavailability. Microbial interactions during both swimming modes and community formation at pollutant interfaces were revealed as major factors that have potential relevance to bioremediation.

  9. On the marginally relevant operator in z=2 Lifshitz holography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holsheimer, Kristian [Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam,Science Park 904, Postbus 94485, 1090 GL Amsterdam (Netherlands)


    We study holographic renormalization and RG flow in a strongly-coupled Lifshitz-type theory in 2+1 dimensions with dynamical exponent z=2. The bottom-up gravity dual we use is 3+1 dimensional Einstein gravity coupled to a massive vector field. This model contains a marginally relevant operator around the Lifshitz fixed point. We show how holographic renormalization works in the presence of this marginally relevant operator without the need to introduce explicitly cutoff-dependent counterterms. A simple closed-form expression is found for the renormalized on-shell action. We also discuss how asymptotically Lifshitz geometries flow to AdS in the interior due to the marginally relevant operator. We study the behavior of the renormalized entanglement entropy and confirm that it decreases monotonically along the Lifshitz-to-AdS RG flow.

  10. Chronic exposure to cigarette smoke during gestation results in altered cholinesterase enzyme activity and behavioral deficits in adult rat offspring: potential relevance to schizophrenia. (United States)

    Zugno, Alexandra I; Fraga, Daiane B; De Luca, Renata D; Ghedim, Fernando V; Deroza, Pedro F; Cipriano, Andreza L; Oliveira, Mariana B; Heylmann, Alexandra S A; Budni, Josiane; Souza, Renan P; Quevedo, João


    Prenatal cigarette smoke exposure (PCSE) has been associated with physiological and developmental changes that may be related to an increased risk for childhood and adult neuropsychiatric diseases. The present study investigated locomotor activity and cholinesterase enzyme activity in rats, following PCSE and/or ketamine treatment in adulthood. Pregnant female Wistar rats were exposed to 12 commercially filtered cigarettes per day for a period of 28 days. We evaluated motor activity and cholinesterase activity in the brain and serum of adult male offspring that were administered acute subanesthetic doses of ketamine (5, 15 and 25 mg/kg), which serves as an animal model of schizophrenia. To determine locomotor activity, we used the open field test. Cholinesterase activity was assessed by hydrolysis monitored spectrophotometrically. Our results show that both PCSE and ketamine treatment in the adult offspring induced increase of locomotor activity. Additionally, it was observed increase of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase activity in the brain and serum, respectively. We demonstrated that animals exposed to cigarettes in the prenatal period had increased the risk for psychotic symptoms in adulthood. This also occurs in a dose-dependent manner. These changes provoke molecular events that are not completely understood and may result in abnormal behavioral responses found in neuropsychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia.

  11. Environmentally relevant bouts of cooling stimulate corticosterone secretion in free-living eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis) nestlings: potential links between maternal behavior and corticosterone exposure in offspring. (United States)

    Lynn, Sharon E; Kern, Michael D


    In vertebrates, exposure to stressful stimuli or to elevated glucocorticoids early in development can contribute to phenotypic variation that may have significant fitness consequences. In species with altricial young, offspring may be partially buffered from elevations in glucocorticoids by a period of low glucocorticoid responsiveness to stressors coupled with high levels of parental care. Because altricial young depend heavily on their parents for warmth, parental brooding behavior could buffer offspring from glucocorticoid exposure associated with cooling. We studied eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis) with two goals: (1) to determine whether an experimental drop in body temperature such as that which might occur when a brooding female is off the nest was sufficient to stimulate glucocorticoid secretion in young chicks, and (2) to examine the extent to which chicks experienced such bouts of cooling in the field. We subjected chicks to treatments simulating nest temperatures while females were brooding or absent from the nest. We also recorded chick surface temperatures and ambient temperatures at nests during the first week of the brood period. Reductions of surface temperature of less than 10°C significantly elevated corticosterone secretion in chicks as young as 5days old, and thermal and hormonal responses of chicks to cooling increased in an age-dependent manner. One quarter of broods experienced repeated, natural bouts of cooling of this magnitude or greater in the nest. Our data suggest that natural variations in maternal brooding patterns can result in differential exposure of offspring to glucocorticoids, and this may have important phenotypic consequences later in life.

  12. Why relevance theory is relevant for lexicography

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bothma, Theo; Tarp, Sven


    , socio-cognitive and affective relevance. It then shows, at the hand of examples, why relevance is important from a user perspective in the extra-lexicographical pre- and post-consultation phases and in the intra-lexicographical consultation phase. It defines an additional type of subjective relevance...... that is very important for lexicography as well as for information science, viz. functional relevance. Since all lexicographic work is ultimately aimed at satisfying users’ information needs, the article then discusses why the lexicographer should take note of all these types of relevance when planning a new...... dictionary project, identifying new tasks and responsibilities of the modern lexicographer. The article furthermore discusses how relevance theory impacts on teaching dictionary culture and reference skills. By integrating insights from lexicography and information science, the article contributes to new...

  13. Failure Behavior of Plasma-Sprayed Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coatings Under Three-Point Bending Test via Acoustic Emission Technique (United States)

    Wang, L.; Ni, J. X.; Shao, F.; Yang, J. S.; Zhong, X. H.; Zhao, H. Y.; Liu, C. G.; Tao, S. Y.; Wang, Y.; Li, D. Y.


    In this paper, the failure behavior of plasma-sprayed yttria-stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coatings fabricated by atmospheric plasma spraying (APS-TBCs) under three-point bending (3PB) test has been characterized via acoustic emission (AE) technique. Linear positioning method has been adopted to monitor dynamic failure process of the APS-TBCs under 3PB test. The investigation results indicate that the variation of AE parameters (AE event counts, amplitudes and AE energy) corresponds well with the change of stress-strain curve of the loading processes. The failure mechanism was analyzed based on the characteristics of AE parameters. The distribution of frequency of crack propagation has been obtained. The AE signals came from two aspects: i.e., plastic deformation of substrates, initiation and propagation of the cracks in the coatings. The AE analysis combined with cross-sectional observation has indicated that many critical cracks initiate at the surface of the top-coat. And some main cracks tend to propagate toward the substrate/bond-coat interface. The actual failure mechanism of the APS-TBCs under 3PB test is attributed to the debonding of metallic coating from the substrates and the propagation of the horizontal crack along the substrate/bond-coat interface under the action of flexural moment.

  14. Investigation of critical lines and global phase behavior of unequal size of molecules in binary gas-liquid mixtures in the combined pressure-temperature-concentration planes around the van Laar point (United States)

    Gençaslan, Mustafa; Keskin, Mustafa


    We investigate critical curves and global phase behavior of unequal size of molecules in binary gas-liquid mixtures at the van Laar point and its vicinity. The van Laar point is only point at which the mathematical double point curve is stable, and also the intersection of the tricritical point and the double critical end point. The critical line structure is displayed for various combinations of the chain length and system parameters in the reduced pressure (P∗) temperature (T∗) plane, as is usually done with experimental results and temperature-concentration (T, x) plane. The P∗,T∗ diagrams are discussed in accordance with the Scott and van Konynenburg binary phase diagram classification. We found that our P∗,T∗ plots correspond to the type II, type III, type IV phase diagram behaviors and they are in good agreement with the theoretical and experimental studies. It is also found that the critical lines and phase behavior are extremely sensitive to small modifications in the system parameters.

  15. Deep learning relevance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lioma, Christina; Larsen, Birger; Petersen, Casper


    train a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) on existing relevant information to that query. We then use the RNN to "deep learn" a single, synthetic, and we assume, relevant document for that query. We design a crowdsourcing experiment to assess how relevant the "deep learned" document is, compared......What if Information Retrieval (IR) systems did not just retrieve relevant information that is stored in their indices, but could also "understand" it and synthesise it into a single document? We present a preliminary study that makes a first step towards answering this question. Given a query, we...... to existing relevant documents. Users are shown a query and four wordclouds (of three existing relevant documents and our deep learned synthetic document). The synthetic document is ranked on average most relevant of all....

  16. Fuzziness and Relevance Theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Grace Qiao Zhang


    This paper investigates how the phenomenon of fuzzy language, such as `many' in `Mary has many friends', can be explained by Relevance Theory. It is concluded that fuzzy language use conforms with optimal relevance in that it can achieve the greatest positive effect with the least processing effort. It is the communicators themselves who decide whether or not optimal relevance is achieved, rather than the language form (fuzzy or non-fuzzy) used. People can skillfully adjust the deployment of different language forms or choose appropriate interpretations to suit different situations and communication needs. However, there are two challenges to RT: a. to extend its theory from individual relevance to group relevance; b. to embrace cultural considerations (because when relevance principles and cultural protocols are in conflict, the latter tends to prevail).

  17. Perceptions of document relevance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter eBruza


    Full Text Available This article presents a study of how humans perceive the relevance of documents.Humans are adept at making reasonably robust and quick decisions about what information is relevant to them, despite the ever increasing complexity and volume of their surrounding information environment. The literature on document relevance has identified various dimensions of relevance (e.g., topicality, novelty, etc., however little is understood about how these dimensions may interact.We performed a crowdsourced study of how human subjects judge two relevance dimensions in relation to document snippets retrieved from an internet search engine.The order of the judgement was controlled.For those judgements exhibiting an order effect, a q-test was performed to determine whether the order effects can be explained by a quantum decision model based on incompatible decision perspectives.Some evidence of incompatibility was found which suggests incompatible decision perspectives is appropriate for explaining interacting dimensions of relevance.

  18. Thermal conductivity at a disordered quantum critical point

    CERN Document Server

    Hartnoll, Sean A; Santos, Jorge E


    Strongly disordered and strongly interacting quantum critical points are difficult to access with conventional field theoretic methods. They are, however, both experimentally important and theoretically interesting. In particular, they are expected to realize universal incoherent transport. Such disordered quantum critical theories have recently been constructed holographically by deforming a CFT by marginally relevant disorder. In this paper we find additional disordered fixed points via relevant disordered deformations of a holographic CFT. Using recently developed methods in holographic transport, we characterize the thermal conductivity in both sets of theories in 1+1 dimensions. The thermal conductivity is found to tend to a constant at low temperatures in one class of fixed points, and to scale as $T^{0.3}$ in the other. Furthermore, in all cases the thermal conductivity exhibits discrete scale invariance, with logarithmic in temperature oscillations superimposed on the low temperature scaling behavior....

  19. Relevance Theory in Translation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Shao Jun; Jiang Min


    In perspective of relevance theory, translation is regarded as communication. According to relevance theory, communication not only requires encoding, transfer and decoding processes, but also involves inference in addition. As communication, translation decision-making is also based on the human beings' inferential mental faculty. Concentrating on relevance theory, this paper tries to analyze and explain some translation phenomena in two English versions of Cai Gen Tan-My Crude Philosophy of Life.

  20. Making Science Relevant (United States)

    Eick, Charles; Deutsch, Bill; Fuller, Jennifer; Scott, Fletcher


    Science teachers are always looking for ways to demonstrate the relevance of science to students. By connecting science learning to important societal issues, teachers can motivate students to both enjoy and engage in relevant science (Bennet, Lubben, and Hogarth 2007). To develop that connection, teachers can help students take an active role in…

  1. Application of Relevance theory to translation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Within the framework of relevance theory, translation is regarded as a relevance-seeking communication. It involves three participant relationships:the source speaker, the translator and the target hearers. The translator is supposed to create a context that the target hearer can infer the intention of the source speaker. Comparing translation theories which fail to pay attention to the relevance between the source speakers and the target hearers, Relevance Theory is a relatively overall account of translation. For one thing, some points concerning the Relevance Theory are capable of facilitating the researches to the present translation field. For another, the information of the original text will be understood and comprehended accurately and promptly on the basis of the relevant theory.

  2. Early life stress disrupts social behavior and prefrontal cortex parvalbumin interneurons at an earlier time-point in females than in males. (United States)

    Holland, Freedom H; Ganguly, Prabarna; Potter, David N; Chartoff, Elena H; Brenhouse, Heather C


    Early life stress exposure (ELS) yields risk for psychiatric disorders that might occur though a population-specific mechanism that impacts prefrontal cortical development. Sex differences in ELS effects are largely unknown and are also essential to understand social and cognitive development. ELS can cause dysfunction within parvalbumin (PVB)-containing inhibitory interneurons in the prefrontal cortex and in several prefrontal cortex-mediated behaviors including social interaction. Social behavior deficits are often the earliest observed changes in psychiatric disorders, therefore the time-course and causation of social interaction deficits after ELS are important to determine. PVB interneuron dysfunction can disrupt social behavior, and has been correlated in males with elevated markers of oxidative stress and inflammation, such as cyclooxygenase-2 after ELS. Here, we measured the effects of maternal separation ELS on social interaction behaviors in males and females. Prefrontal cortex PVB and cyclooxygenase-2 were also measured in juveniles and adolescents using Western blots. ELS led to social interaction alterations earlier in females than males. Sexually dimorphic behavioral changes were consistent with prefrontal cortex PVB loss after ELS. PVB levels were decreased in ELS-exposed juvenile females, while males exposed to ELS do not display parvalbumin decreases until adolescence. Early behavioral and PVB changes in females did not appear to be mediated through cyclooxygenase-2, since levels were not affected in ELS females. Therefore, these data suggest that ELS affects males and females differently and with distinct developmental profiles.

  3. Point Guard (United States)

    McCloskey, Patrick J.


    This article describes the teaching method used by Timothy Hearn, a chemistry teacher at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem. Timothy Hearn uses a stern behavior-based classroom management system to keep his students' attention. While teaching, Hearn tracks each students' behavior on a clipboard that he always carries. He determines each…

  4. Criticisms of Relevance Theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    尚静; 孟晔; 焦丽芳


    This paper briefly introduces first the notion of Sperber and Wilson's Relevance Theory. Then, the motivation of S & W putting forward their RT is also mentioned. Secondly, the paper gives some details about the methodology of RT, in which ostensive-inferential communication, context and optimal relevance are highlighted. Thirdly, the paper focuses on the criticisms of RT from different areas of research on human language and communication. Finally, the paper draws a conclusion on the great importance of RT in pragmatics.

  5. The use of two-phase molecular dynamics simulations to determine the phase behavior and critical point of propane molecular models. (United States)

    Patel, Sonal; Wilding, W Vincent; Rowley, Richard L


    Molecular dynamics simulations were performed to determine two-phase configurations of model propane molecules below the critical point and in the near-critical, two-phase region. A postprocessor that uses a Monte Carlo method for determination of volumes attributable to each molecule was used to obtain density histograms of the particles from which the bulk coexisting equilibrium vapor and liquid densities were determined. This method of analyzing coexisting densities in a two-phase simulation is straightforward and can be easily implemented for complex, multisite models. Various degrees of internal flexibility in the propane models have little effect on the coexisting densities at temperatures 40 K or more below the critical point, but internal flexibility (angle bending and bond vibrations) does affect the saturated liquid densities in the near-critical region, changing the critical temperature by approximately 20 K. Shorter cutoffs were also found to affect the phase dome and the location of the critical point.

  6. Periodic behaviors

    CERN Document Server

    Napp, Diego; Shankar, Shiva


    This paper studies behaviors that are defined on a torus, or equivalently, behaviors defined in spaces of periodic functions, and establishes their basic properties analogous to classical results of Malgrange, Palamodov, Oberst et al. for behaviors on R^n. These properties - in particular the Nullstellensatz describing the Willems closure - are closely related to integral and rational points on affine algebraic varieties.

  7. The Experimental Analysis of Behavior in the Education of Socially Disadvantaged Children and Youth (West Point Farms, New York, November 30-December 2, 1966). (United States)

    Yeshiva Univ., New York, NY. Ferkauf Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    This conference report consists of two presented papers and a selected bibliography. The paper by Joan Gussow, "Behavioral Management and Educational Goals," is concerned with operant conditioning as a theory of learning and an instructional method. Basing their methods on the work of B.F. Skinner, educators who are proponents of this…

  8. Aspect-based Relevance Learning for Image Retrieval

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Huiskes, M.J.


    We analyze the special structure of the relevance feedback learning problem, focusing particularly on the effects of image selection by partial relevance on the clustering behavior of feedback examples. We propose a scheme, aspect-based relevance learning, which guarantees that feedback on feature v

  9. Critical behavior of the number of minima of a random landscape at the glass transition point and the Tracy-Widom distribution. (United States)

    Fyodorov, Yan V; Nadal, Celine


    We exploit a relation between the mean number N(m) of minima of random Gaussian surfaces and extreme eigenvalues of random matrices to understand the critical behavior of N(m) in the simplest glasslike transition occuring in a toy model of a single particle in an N-dimensional random environment, with N>1. Varying the control parameter μ through the critical value μ(c) we analyze in detail how N(m)(μ) drops from being exponentially large in the glassy phase to N(m)(μ)~1 on the other side of the transition. We also extract a subleading behavior of N(m)(μ) in both glassy and simple phases. The width δμ/μ(c) of the critical region is found to scale as N(-1/3) and inside that region N(m)(μ) converges to a limiting shape expressed in terms of the Tracy-Widom distribution.

  10. Collapsing floating-point operations


    Defour, David


    This paper addresses the issue of collapsing dependent floating-point operations. The presentation focuses on studying the dataflow graph of benchmark involving a large number of floating-point instructions. In particular, it focuses on the relevance of new floating-point operators performing two dependent operations which are similar to "fused multiply and add". Finally, this paper examines the implementation cost and critical path reduction from this strategy.

  11. Potential benefits of health information technology for integrating physical and behavioral health care: perinatal depression as a case-in-point



    Depression among pregnant and postpartum women (i.e., perinatal depression) is the number one complication of childbirth. The Allegheny County Maternal Depression Initiative aimed to bridge gaps between physical and behavioral health care and improve the capacity of local systems of care for identifying and treating women at high risk for perinatal depression. To achieve these goals, the collaborative adopted a community-based model of systems change focused on women enrolled in the local Med...

  12. The Limits to Relevance (United States)

    Averill, M.; Briggle, A.


    Science policy and knowledge production lately have taken a pragmatic turn. Funding agencies increasingly are requiring scientists to explain the relevance of their work to society. This stems in part from mounting critiques of the "linear model" of knowledge production in which scientists operating according to their own interests or disciplinary standards are presumed to automatically produce knowledge that is of relevance outside of their narrow communities. Many contend that funded scientific research should be linked more directly to societal goals, which implies a shift in the kind of research that will be funded. While both authors support the concept of useful science, we question the exact meaning of "relevance" and the wisdom of allowing it to control research agendas. We hope to contribute to the conversation by thinking more critically about the meaning and limits of the term "relevance" and the trade-offs implicit in a narrow utilitarian approach. The paper will consider which interests tend to be privileged by an emphasis on relevance and address issues such as whose goals ought to be pursued and why, and who gets to decide. We will consider how relevance, narrowly construed, may actually limit the ultimate utility of scientific research. The paper also will reflect on the worthiness of research goals themselves and their relationship to a broader view of what it means to be human and to live in society. Just as there is more to being human than the pragmatic demands of daily life, there is more at issue with knowledge production than finding the most efficient ways to satisfy consumer preferences or fix near-term policy problems. We will conclude by calling for a balanced approach to funding research that addresses society's most pressing needs but also supports innovative research with less immediately apparent application.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    "We must avoid any confusion between Islam, which is of course a respected and respectable religion, and radical Islamism, which is a totally different form of behavior and which is of a political nature." French President Jacques Chirac, when asked about Pope Benedict XVI's mid-September remarks on Islam

  14. Is Information Still Relevant? (United States)

    Ma, Lia


    Introduction: The term "information" in information science does not share the characteristics of those of a nomenclature: it does not bear a generally accepted definition and it does not serve as the bases and assumptions for research studies. As the data deluge has arrived, is the concept of information still relevant for information…

  15. The Relevance of Literature. (United States)

    Dunham, L. L.


    The "legacy" of the humanities is discussed in terms of relevance, involvement, and other philosophical considerations. Reasons for studying foreign literature in language classes are developed in the article. Comment is also made on attitudes and ideas culled from the writings of Clifton Fadiman, Jean Paul Sartre, and James Baldwin. (RL)

  16. Relevant Subspace Clustering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Müller, Emmanuel; Assent, Ira; Günnemann, Stephan;


    Subspace clustering aims at detecting clusters in any subspace projection of a high dimensional space. As the number of possible subspace projections is exponential in the number of dimensions, the result is often tremendously large. Recent approaches fail to reduce results to relevant subspace c...

  17. Relevance of dorsomedial hypothalamus, dorsomedial division of the ventromedial hypothalamus and the dorsal periaqueductal gray matter in the organization of freezing or oriented and non-oriented escape emotional behaviors. (United States)

    Ullah, Farhad; dos Anjos-Garcia, Tayllon; dos Santos, Ieda Regina; Biagioni, Audrey Francisco; Coimbra, Norberto Cysne


    Electrical stimulation of the periaqueductal gray matter and ventromedial hypothalamus in humans showed the involvement of both these structures in panic attacks. The aim of this work was to make clear the role of dorsal periaqueductal gray (dPAG) matter, dorsomedial hypothalamus (DMH) and the dorsomedial part of the ventromedial hypothalamus (dmVMH) in panic attack-like behaviors. DMH, dmVMH and dPAG of Wistar rats were treated with N-methyl- d-aspartic acid (NMDA) at different doses. The rodents were then kept in a polygonal arena with a burrow to record panic attack-like responses and oriented defensive behaviors. In dmVMH, 6nmol of NMDA elicited alertness, freezing and oriented escape. The same set of behaviors was elicited by DMH neurons when stimulated by 9nmol of NMDA. Treatment of dmVMH with 9nmol of NMDA elicited typical explosive behaviors followed by freezing and oriented behaviors. The stimulation of the dPAG with NMDA at different doses provoked alertness and freezing (1nmol) or alertness, freezing, tail twitching, explosive behavior and oriented escape (3nmol), and explosive behavior followed by long-lasting freezing (6nmol). These data suggest that mainly dPAG plays a role in panic attack-like behaviors that resemble panic syndrome in humans. However, hypothalamic nuclei like dmVMH that mainly elicits oriented escape, can also produce explosive reaction when stimulated with 9nmol NMDA, whereas, DMH plays a role in coordinating defensive behaviors.

  18. Effect of point and grain boundary defects on the mechanical behavior of monolayer MoS{sub 2} under tension via atomistic simulations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dang, Khanh Q. [Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 (United States); Spearot, Douglas E., E-mail: [Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 (United States); Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 (United States)


    Atomistic simulation is used to study the structure and energy of defects in monolayer MoS{sub 2} and the role of defects on the mechanical properties of monolayer MoS{sub 2}. First, energy minimization is used to study the structure and energy of monosulfur vacancies positioned within the bottom S layer of the MoS{sub 2} lattice, and 60° symmetric tilt grain boundaries along the zigzag and armchair directions, with comparison to experimental observations and density functional theory calculations. Second, molecular dynamics simulations are used to subject suspended defect-containing MoS{sub 2} membranes to a state of multiaxial tension. A phase transformation is observed in the defect-containing membranes, similar to prior work in the literature. For monolayer MoS{sub 2} membranes with point defects, groups of monosulfur vacancies promote stress-concentration points, allowing failure to initiate away from the center of the membrane. For monolayer MoS{sub 2} membranes with grain boundaries, failure initiates at the grain boundary and it is found that the breaking force for the membrane is independent of grain boundary energy.

  19. Interval Mathematics Applied to Critical Point Transitions


    Stradi, Benito A.


    The determination of critical points of mixtures is important for both practical and theoretical reasons in the modeling of phase behavior, especially at high pressure. The equations that describe the behavior of complex mixtures near critical points are highly nonlinear and with multiplicity of solutions to the critical point equations. Interval arithmetic can be used to reliably locate all the critical points of a given mixture. The method also verifies the nonexistence of a critical point ...

  20. Korrek, volledig, relevant

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bergenholtz, Henning; Gouws, Rufus


    as detrimental to the status of a dictionary as a container of linguistic knowledge. This paper shows that, from a lexicographic perspective, such a distinction is not relevant. What is important is that definitions should contain information that is relevant to and needed by the target users of that specific......In explanatory dictionaries, both general language dictionaries and dictionaries dealing with languages for special purposes, the lexicographic definition is an important item to present the meaning of a given lemma. Due to a strong linguistic bias, resulting from an approach prevalent in the early...... phases of the development of theoretical lexicography, a distinction is often made between encyclopaedic information and semantic information in dictionary definitions, and dictionaries had often been criticized when their definitions were dominated by an encyclopaedic approach. This used to be seen...

  1. Information Needs/Relevance


    Wildemuth, Barbara M.


    A user's interaction with a DL is often initiated as the result of the user experiencing an information need of some kind. Aspects of that experience and how it might affect the user's interactions with the DL are discussed in this module. In addition, users continuously make decisions about and evaluations of the materials retrieved from a DL, relative to their information needs. Relevance judgments, and their relationship to the user's information needs, are discussed in this module. Draft

  2. Relevant Perturbation of Entanglement Entropy and Stationarity

    CERN Document Server

    Nishioka, Tatsuma


    A relevant perturbation of the entanglement entropy of a sphere is examined holographically near the UV fixed point. Varying the conformal dimension of the relevant operator, we obtain three different sectors: 1) the entanglement entropy is stationary and the perturbative expansion is well-defined with respect to the relevant coupling, 2) the entropy is stationary, but the perturbation fails, 3) the entropy is neither stationary nor perturbative. We compare our holographic results with the numerical calculation for a free massive scalar field in three-dimensions, and find a qualitative agreement between them. We argue that these statements hold for any relevant perturbation in any quantum field theory invariant under the Poincare symmetry.

  3. Evidence for a Disordered Critical Point in a Glass-Forming Liquid. (United States)

    Berthier, Ludovic; Jack, Robert L


    Using computer simulations of an atomistic glass-forming liquid, we investigate the fluctuations of the overlap between a fluid configuration and a quenched reference system. We find that large fluctuations of the overlap develop as temperature decreases, consistent with the existence of the random critical point that is predicted by effective field theories. We discuss the scaling of fluctuations near the presumed critical point, comparing the observed behavior with that of the random-field Ising model. We argue that this critical point directly reveals the existence of an interfacial tension between amorphous metastable states, a quantity relevant both for equilibrium relaxation and for nonequilibrium melting of stable glass configurations.

  4. Repelling Point Bosons (United States)

    McGuire, J. B.


    There is a body of conventional wisdom that holds that a solvable quantum problem, by virtue of its solvability, is pathological and thus irrelevant. It has been difficult to refute this view owing to the paucity of theoretical constructs and experimental results. Recent experiments involving equivalent ions trapped in a spatial conformation of extreme anisotropic confinement (longitudinal extension tens, hundreds or even thousands of times transverse extension) have modified the view of relevancy, and it is now possible to consider systems previously thought pathological, in particular point Bosons that repel in one dimension. It has been difficult for the experimentalists to utilize existing theory, mainly due to long-standing theoretical misunderstanding of the relevance of the permutation group, in particular the non-commutativity of translations (periodicity) and transpositions (permutation). This misunderstanding is most easily rectified in the case of repelling Bosons.

  5. Evaluation of the kinematic behavior of a series of stations Geocentric System for the Americas processed with Precise Point Positioning online.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Moya Zamora


    Full Text Available By calculation mode in Precise Point Positioning (PPP online, processed more than two years of daily observations of 14 continuously operating stations belonging to Geocentric System for the Americas (SIRGAS, which are strategically located on the Caribbean Plate. Under the assumption that in a PPP development can achieve accuracy greater than that provided by commercial software calculation, we used the results of this processing option to make a comparison of the data with respect to offered weekly by SIRGAS which are of high quality and accuracy and analyze their level of agreement. This comparison allowed for a description of the kinematic motion of the area concerned, based on the fact that precisely the differences in the time series, as in SIRGAS, are due to the movement themselves. In online processing tool available was used by the Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS on its website, with which processed more than 7000 files daily. After purification of the results could be obtained in an average difference of the velocity values in the XYZ coordinates of the stations -0.8 mm/a, +2.2 mm/ay +1.9 mm/a with data regarding SIRGAS.

  6. Critical Behavior of Thermal Expansion and Magnetostriction in the Vicinity of the First order transition at the Curie Point of Gd5(SixGe1-x)4

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mangui Han


    Thermal expansion (TE) and magnetostriction (MS) measurements have been conducted for Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub x}Ge{sub 1-x}){sub 4} with a series of x values to study its critical behavior in the vicinity of transition temperatures. It was found that the Curie temperature of Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub x}Ge{sub 1-x}){sub 4} for x 0 {approx} 0.5 is dependent on magnetic field, direction of change of temperature (Tc on cooling was lower than Tc on heating), purity of Gd starting material, compositions, material preparation methods, and also can be triggered by the external magnetic field with a different dT/dB rate for different x values. For Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 1.95}Ge{sub 2.05}), Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 2}Ge{sub 2}), Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 2.09}Ge{sub 1.91}), it was also found that the transition is a first order magneto-structural transition, which means the magnetic transition and crystalline structure transition occur simultaneously, and completely reversible. Temperature hysteresis and phase coexistence have been found to confirm that it is a first order transformation. While for Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 0.15}Ge{sub 3.85}), it is partially reversible at some temperature range between the antiferromagnetic and the ferromagnetic state. For Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 2.3}Ge{sub 1.7}) and Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 3}Ge{sub 1}), it was a second order transformation between the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic state, because no {Delta}T have been found. Giant magnetostriction was only found on Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 1.95}Ge{sub 2.05}), Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 2}Ge{sub 2}), Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 2.09}Ge{sub 1.91}) in their vicinity of first order transformation. MFM images have also been taken on polycrystal sample Gd{sub 5}(Si{sub 2.09}Ge{sub 1.91}) to investigate the transformation process. The results also indicates that the Curie temperature was lower and the thermally-induced strain higher in the sample made from lower purity level Gd starting materials compared with the sample made from high purity Gd metal. TE, MS, MFM and VSM measurements

  7. Chronobiology: relevance for tuberculosis. (United States)

    Santos, Lígia Gabrielle; Pires, Gabriel Natan; Azeredo Bittencourt, Lia Rita; Tufik, Sergio; Andersen, Monica Levy


    Despite the knowledge concerning the pathogenesis of tuberculosis, this disease remains one of the most important causes of mortality worldwide. Several risk factors are well-known, such poverty, HIV infection, and poor nutrition, among others. However, some issues that may influence tuberculosis warrant further investigation. In particular, the chronobiological aspects related to tuberculosis have garnered limited attention. In general, the interface between tuberculosis and chronobiology is manifested in four ways: variations in vitamin D bioavailability, winter conditions, associated infections, and circannual oscillations of lymphocytes activity. Moreover, tuberculosis is related to the following chronobiological factors: seasonality, latitude, photoperiod and radiation. Despite the relevance of these topics, the relationship between them has been weakly reviewed. This review aims to synthesize the studies regarding the association between tuberculosis and chronobiology, as well as urge critical discussion and highlight its applicability to health policies for tuberculosis.

  8. Cost Behavior

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hoffmann, Kira

    The objective of this dissertation is to investigate determinants and consequences of asymmetric cost behavior. Asymmetric cost behavior arises if the change in costs is different for increases in activity compared to equivalent decreases in activity. In this case, costs are termed “sticky......” if the change is less when activity falls than when activity rises, whereas costs are termed “anti-sticky” if the change is more when activity falls than when activity rises. Understanding such cost behavior is especially relevant for decision-makers and financial analysts that rely on accurate cost information...

  9. Práticas educativas e problemas de comportamento: uma análise à luz das habilidades sociais Educational practices and problem behavior: an analysis from the point of view of social skills

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandra Turini Bolsoni-Silva


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem por objetivo analisar as relações entre práticas educativas dos pais e problemas de comportamento dos filhos, à luz do referencial teórico-prático do treinamento em habilidades sociais. A forma como os pais educam seus filhos parece ser crucial à promoção de comportamentos socialmente adequados, porém, com freqüência, as famílias acabam estimulando comportamentos inadequados por meio de disciplina inconsistente, pouca interação positiva, pouco monitoramento e supervisão insuficiente das atividades da criança. Considera-se que os pais, para promoverem comportamentos adequados em seus filhos, necessitam ter habilidades sociais educativas, tais como expressar sentimentos e opiniões, estabelecer limites evitando coerção, entre outras. Conclui-se que, intervenções com pais, com a finalidade de promover habilidades sociais educativas, são importantes meios para prevenção e redução de problemas de comportamento em crianças, de forma a evitar dificuldades escolares e de socialização na meninice e na adolescência.The aim of this article is to analyze the relationships between parenting rearing practices and child behavior problem, from the point of view of the theoretical and practical foundations of social skills training. The way parents socialize their children seems to be crucial for the promotion of socially appropriate behaviors, but families frequently come to inadvertently stimulate inadequate behavior through inconsistent discipline, low levels of positive interaction, poor monitoring and insufficient supervision. It is argued that to promote appropriate child behaviors it is necessary for parents to have abilities proper of parenting rearing practices such as to express feelings and opinions, and to set limits whereas avoiding punishment. It is concluded that parent training interventions aimed at developing educational social skills are important tools for prevention and reduction of child problem

  10. "Just Remember This": Lexicogrammatical Relevance Markers in Lectures (United States)

    Deroey, Katrien L. B.; Taverniers, Miriam


    This paper presents a comprehensive overview of lexicogrammatical devices which highlight important or relevant points in lectures. Despite the established usefulness of discourse organizational cues for lecture comprehension and note-taking, very little is known about the marking of relevance in this genre. The current overview of…

  11. Benjamin Graham's Main Point of View of Difference between Investment and Speculation--On the Relevant Errors in Our Securities Investment Analysis Textbook%本杰明·格雷厄姆关于投资与投机区别的基本观点--兼论我国证券投资分析教材中的错误

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



      正确认识投资与投机的区别具有重大的理论与现实意义。本杰明·格雷厄姆的证券分析理论对于投资与投机的区分进行了重点阐述,具有特别重要的价值。其基本观点有:投资可以得到安全边际的保护,而投机得不到这种保护;投资的策略是证券估值,投机的策略是市场预测;投资运用基本分析法,投机运用市场分析法。通过比较发现,我国证券投资分析教材存在以下错误:没有抓住投资与投机在“安全性”这一本质属性上的差异;把投资策略与投机策略混为一谈;把基本分析法与市场分析法都当成投资分析方法。这些错误给人们带来较大的思想混乱,应该予以改正。%Correct understanding of the difference between investment and speculation is of great theoretical and practical significance. With important value, Benjamin graham's securities analysis theory focuses mainly on the difference between in-vestment and speculation. Here are his main related point of view: Investment is under protection of margin of safety,but speculation not; Investment strategy is securities valuation, speculative strategy is market forecast; Investor use basic analysis, and speculator use market analysis. By comparison, some relevant errors in our securities investment analysis textbook were found: Do not grasp the essential differences between investment and speculation; Confusing investment strategy with specula-tive strategy; Counting both basic analysis and market analysis as investment analysis method. These errors have caused a lot of ideological confusion.

  12. Research of relevant factors about sexual behavior among students in medical college%某医药高等专科学生性行为相关因素分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵琼; 邓福忠; 张谦; 段光容


    Objective To understand the current situation of sexual behavior among students from a medical college ,es-pecially the high-risk sexual behavior and analyzed the influencing factors ,in order to provide reference for carrying on sexual health education in the medical colleges. Methods The self-made questionnaires and cluster random sampling were adopted for anonymous investigation among 517 students in a medical college ,468 valid questionnaires were collected with the valid rate of 90.52%. Software EPIINFO was used to enter data and establish database. The statistical software SPSS19.0 was adopted to con-duct Logistic stepwise regression analysis to screen high-risk factors. Results The incidence rate of sexual intercourse was 11.54%(54/468),which were closely related with 12 factors including lacking of psychological knowledge and birth knowledge , mistaken thought of premarital pregnancy without influencing on future and so on. The incidence of sexual behaviors of the stu-dents below the age of 16(including 16) was 4.06%(19/468),which was mainly related to 11 factors including frequent masturbating, incomprehension of sexual knowledge and remorse for sexual drive. As for contraceptive methods ,only 24 students accounting for 24.07%could choose effective contraceptive methods every time(including using condoms or taking contraceptives orally),16.67%of the students adopted high-risk contraceptive methods(including withdrawal and/or secured period),and 7.41% of students had never taken contraceptive measures. Without contraceptive or using improper contraceptive methods was mainly related to 14 factors,including incomprehension of sexual knowledge and the mistaken thought that premarital pregnancy without influencing on the future,sexual dreams and so on. 22.22%(12/54) of students with sexual behavior had ever had one-night stand,which was mainly related to 15 factors,including the thought that love and sex was separated,approving one-night sex,and willing to have

  13. Examining Different Regions of Relevance: From Highly Relevant to Not Relevant. (United States)

    Spink, Amanda; Greisdorf, Howard; Bateman, Judy


    Proposes a useful concept of relevance as a relationship and an effect on the movement of a user through the iterative stages of their information seeking process, and that users' relevance judgments can be plotted on a Three-Dimensional Spatial Model of Relevance Level, Degree and Time. Discusses implications for the development of information…

  14. Learning Determinantal Point Processes

    CERN Document Server

    Kulesza, Alex


    Determinantal point processes (DPPs), which arise in random matrix theory and quantum physics, are natural models for subset selection problems where diversity is preferred. Among many remarkable properties, DPPs offer tractable algorithms for exact inference, including computing marginal probabilities and sampling; however, an important open question has been how to learn a DPP from labeled training data. In this paper we propose a natural feature-based parameterization of conditional DPPs, and show how it leads to a convex and efficient learning formulation. We analyze the relationship between our model and binary Markov random fields with repulsive potentials, which are qualitatively similar but computationally intractable. Finally, we apply our approach to the task of extractive summarization, where the goal is to choose a small subset of sentences conveying the most important information from a set of documents. In this task there is a fundamental tradeoff between sentences that are highly relevant to th...

  15. Equilibrium points for Optimal Investment with Vintage Capital

    CERN Document Server

    Faggian, Silvia


    The paper concerns the study of equilibrium points, namely the stationary solutions to the closed loop equation, of an infinite dimensional and infinite horizon boundary control problem for linear partial differential equations. Sufficient conditions for existence of equilibrium points in the general case are given and later applied to the economic problem of optimal investment with vintage capital. Explicit computation of equilibria for the economic problem in some relevant examples is also provided. Indeed the challenging issue here is showing that a theoretical machinery, such as optimal control in infinite dimension, may be effectively used to compute solutions explicitly and easily, and that the same computation may be straightforwardly repeated in examples yielding the same abstract structure. No stability result is instead provided: the work here contained has to be considered as a first step in the direction of studying the behavior of optimal controls and trajectories in the long run.

  16. Point Systems Made Simple with Google Docs (United States)

    Blood, Erika


    Point systems, used in conjunction with positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior, have been used widely and successfully for decades to improve the inappropriate classroom behavior of students with emotional and behavioral problems (Cancio & Johnson, 2007; Drege & Beare, 1991; Gable & Strain, 1981; Jones, Dohrn, & Dunn, 2004; Klimas &…

  17. Discounting Behavior

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Steffen; Harrison, Glenn W.; Lau, Morten


    We re-evaluate the theory, experimental design and econometrics behind claims that individuals exhibit non-constant discounting behavior. Theory points to the importance of controlling for the non-linearity of the utility function of individuals, since the discount rate is defined over time......-dated utility flows and not flows of money. It also points to a menagerie of functional forms to characterize different types of non-constant discounting behavior. The implied experimental design calls for individuals to undertake several tasks to allow us to identify these models, and to several treatments...

  18. User perspectives on relevance criteria

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Maglaughlin, Kelly L.; Sonnenwald, Diane H.


    matter, thought catalyst), full text (e.g., audience, novelty, type, possible content, utility), journal/publisher (e.g., novelty, main focus, perceived quality), and personal (e.g., competition, time requirements). Results further indicate that multiple criteria are used when making relevant, partially...... relevant, and not-relevant judgments, and that most criteria can have either a positive or negative contribution to the relevance of a document. The criteria most frequently mentioned by study participants were content, followed by criteria characterizing the full text document. These findings may have...... implications for relevance feedback in information retrieval systems, suggesting that systems accept and utilize multiple positive and negative relevance criteria from users. Systems designers may want to focus on supporting content criteria followed by full text criteria as these may provide the greatest cost...

  19. Relevance-driven Pragmatic Inferences

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Relevance theory, an inferential approach to pragmatics, claims that the hearer is expected to pick out the input of op-timal relevance from a mass of alternative inputs produced by the speaker in order to interpret the speaker ’s intentions. The de-gree of the relevance of an input can be assessed in terms of cognitive effects and the processing effort. The input of optimal rele-vance is the one yielding the greatest positive cognitive effect and requiring the least processing effort. This paper attempts to as-sess the degrees of the relevance of a mass of alternative inputs produced by an imaginary speaker from the perspective of her cor-responding hearer in terms of cognitive effects and the processing effort with a view to justifying the feasibility of the principle of relevance in pragmatic inferences.

  20. Sorption and pore condensation behavior of pure fluids in mesoporous MCM-48 silica, MCM-41 silica, SBA-15 silica and controlled-pore glass at temperatures above and below the bulk triple point (United States)

    Thommes, Matthias; Köhn, Ralf; Fröba, Michael


    The pore condensation and hysteresis behavior of nitrogen and argon was studied on well-defined, ordered porous materials like MCM-48, MCM-41 silica (mode pore diameters, 2-5 nm) and SBA-15 (6.7 nm) at 87 and 77 K. A comparison with the results of similar sorption experiments carried out using more disordered adsorbents like controlled-pore glasses (CPG) (mode pore diameters, 11 and 16 nm) is made. The results show clearly that the shape of sorption isotherms (in particular the shape and the width of sorption hysteresis loops) depend both on temperature and pore diameter, i.e. the thermodynamic states of pore fluid and bulk fluid, but—in particular at temperatures below the bulk triple point—also strongly on the texture (and degree of disorder) of the porous material. Analyses of nitrogen (at 77 K) and argon (at 87 K) adsorption-desorption isotherms in MCM-48 silica lead to the conclusion that in this well-defined, interconnected pore network the desorption branch of the hysteresis loop represents the equilibrium transition. In addition, pore condensation of argon can still be observed at 77 K, i.e. ca. 6.5 K below the bulk triple point in MCM-48/41 and SBA-15 silica materials with pore diametersmesopore-size analysis of silica materials using argon sorption at 77 K.

  1. Savings, subgoals, and reference points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helen Colby


    Full Text Available Decision makers often save money for a specific goal by forgoing discretionary consumption and instead putting the money toward the savings goal. We hypothesized that reference points can be exploited to enhance this type of saving. In two hypothetical scenario studies, subjects made judgments of their likelihood to forgo a small expenditure in order to put the money toward the savings goal. In Experiment 1, judgments were higher if the savings goal was presented as composed of weekly subgoals (e.g., save $60 per week to buy a $180 iPod. Experiment 2 replicated this finding and demonstrated that the subgoal manipulation increased judgments of likelihood to save money only when the money saved from the foregone consumption would allow the decision maker to meet the weekly subgoal exactly (not under or overshoot it. These results suggest a reference point mechanism and point to ways that behavioral decision research can be harnessed to improve economic behaviors.

  2. Assessment of the failure behavior of dangerous goods containers made of high density polyethylene using relevant material parameters; Beurteilung des Versagensverhaltens von Gefahrengutbehaeltern aus Polyethylen hoher Dichte auf Basis relevanter Werkstoffkennwerte

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Menrad, Andreas


    To obtain approval as dangerous goods packaging, different experimental tests are required to show the eligibility for the transportation of those goods. The data obtained from the material test performed on the pressed plates is not used to get absolute values for the failure time in an internal pressure test or the medium drop height. The goal is to see if there are changes in the behavior because a different HDPE is being used. All the jerrycans and pressed plates were specially made of four different materials to gain knowledge about the material properties. The plates and jerrycans were made of resin from the same batch to prevent variations caused by batch differences. The wall thickness is decisive and, therefore packagings were analyzed using computer tomography and the fringe projection technique. The results were compared to the magnetostatic measurement technique. The deformation under internal pressure was measured by digital image correlation. Deformations in the radial direction and the equivalent strains were determined. These deformations, strains, and their acceleration due to the swelling effect could be reproduced in the finite element analysis by using the temperature in the material model. The resistance against both internal pressure and absorption depend on the density of the material. Conditioning at elevated temperatures causes post crystallization and reduces internal stresses. Differences in the densities of the materials can be determined by using plates manufactured by compression molding. A higher density leads to a better performance under internal pressure. A correlation could be proved between the medium failure drop height (50 % of the packagings fail because of a crack) and the tensile impact strength of notched specimens cut out of the jerrycans side walls and the notched impact strength (NIS) of pressed plates. A higher NIS leads to a higher medium failure drop height. A low resistance against oxidative degradation will reduce

  3. Pro SharePoint 2010 Search

    CERN Document Server

    Noble, J; Bakman-Mikalski, Dan


    Pro SharePoint 2010 Search gives you expert advice on planning, deploying and customizing searches in SharePoint 2010. Drawing on the authors' extensive experience of working with real-world SharePoint deployments, this book teaches everything you'll need to know to create well-designed SharePoint solutions that always keep the end-user's experience in mind. Increase your search efficiency with SharePoint 2010's search functionality: extend the search user interface using third-party tools, and utilize analytics to improve relevancy. This practical hands-on book is a must-have resource for any

  4. 女性性工作者艾滋病相关知识及行为干预效果评价%Evaluation on intervention effect of HIV/AIDS relevant knowledge and behaviors among female commercial sex workers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郑维斌; 黄东升; 李艳萍; 郭建华; 杨家芳; 刘丽; 丁英; 赵彩佐; 何丽云


    目的 评估娱乐场所推广100%安全套促进项目的实施效果.方法 采用普查法对保山市昌宁县县城登记在册的娱乐场所及女性商业性工作者 (Female Sex Workers,FSW) 进行调查,用同一份国家标准行为监测问卷开展基线、中期、终期效果评估,比较,3期目标人群通过9种途径获得艾滋病相关知识的变化情况、艾滋病相关知识知晓率、安全套的可及性及需求程度、安全套使用率、自报告性病感染 (STI) 症状率的变化情况.结果 通过7种途径获得艾滋病相关知识的FSW人群比例呈增长趋势(P<0.05);艾滋病相关知识知晓率由基线的56.3%升至中期的93.8%及终期的97.6% (P<0.05);安全套可及性及需求程度明显提高(P<0.0.5);最近1次发生商业性行为安全套使用率由基线的72.9%升至中期的98.1%及终期的99.0% (P<0.001);最近1月发生商业性行为使用安全套率由基线的32.6%升至中期的82.1%及终期的90.8% (P<0.001);自报告有性病症状率由基线的23.5%降至中期的17.9%及终期的9.4%(P<0.01).结论 干预后通过7种途径获得艾滋病相关知识的FCSWs人群比例显著增加,艾滋病相关知识知晓率、安全套使用率明显提高,自报告性病症状率明显下降,干预工作效果明显.%Objective To assess the implement effect of spreading 100% using condoms in entertainment places. Method Adopting census method to investigate the recorded entertainment places and FCSWs at all levels, u-sing same national standard behaviors monitoring questionnaire for developing effect assess at baseline, meta-phase and tellocinesia, comparing the rates of obtaining knowledge through 7 approaches, HIV/AIDS related knowledge awareness rates, accessibility and demand of condom, condom using rates and self - reported sexual transmitted infection (STI) rates of the 3 periods. Results The percentage of FCSWs crowd was increased who obtained

  5. Relevance theory: pragmatics and cognition. (United States)

    Wearing, Catherine J


    Relevance Theory is a cognitively oriented theory of pragmatics, i.e., a theory of language use. It builds on the seminal work of H.P. Grice(1) to develop a pragmatic theory which is at once philosophically sensitive and empirically plausible (in both psychological and evolutionary terms). This entry reviews the central commitments and chief contributions of Relevance Theory, including its Gricean commitment to the centrality of intention-reading and inference in communication; the cognitively grounded notion of relevance which provides the mechanism for explaining pragmatic interpretation as an intention-driven, inferential process; and several key applications of the theory (lexical pragmatics, metaphor and irony, procedural meaning). Relevance Theory is an important contribution to our understanding of the pragmatics of communication.

  6. Relevance theory and pragmatic impairment. (United States)

    Leinonen, E; Kerbel, D


    This paper summarizes aspects of relevance theory that are useful for exploring impairment of pragmatic comprehension in children. It explores data from three children with pragmatic language difficulties within this framework. Relevance theory is seen to provide a means of explaining why, in a given context, a particular utterance is problematic. It thus enables one to move on from mere description of problematic behaviours towards their explanation. The theory provides a clearer delineation between the explicit and the implicit, and hence between semantics and pragmatics. This enables one to place certain difficulties more firmly within semantics and others within pragmatics. Relevance, and its maximization in communication, are squarely placed within human cognition, which suggests a close connection between pragmatic and cognitive (dis)functioning. Relevance theory thus emerges as a powerful tool in the exploration and understanding of pragmatic language difficulties in children and offers therapeutically valuable insight into the nature of interactions involving individuals with such impairments.

  7. Relevant Research on Middle School Teachers Character and Theirs Behaviors in Class---Take Yueyang as A Case%中学体育教师性格特征与其课堂教学行为的相关性研究--以岳阳市为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘琳; 张可; 花义国


    本文从中学体育老师的性格特征和课堂教学行为入手,对岳阳市部分中学的体育老师做了相关性格和课堂教学行为问卷调查,结果表明岳阳市中学教师性格特征和教学行为有关联,主要表现在内外向与教师课堂教学行为相关;精神质教师课堂教学行为相关。因此对内外向的中学体育教师进行教师培训时有针对性的进行加强,长善救失,充分发挥性格优势,加强性格短板的学习;在精神质与课堂教学行为方面,注重对中学体育教师思想品德的考察,加强教学监督,促进岳阳中学体育教学事业的发展。%In this paper,from the middle school sports teacher's personality characteristics and behavior of classroom teaching,the Yueyang middle school PE teacher made some relevant character and classroom teaching behavior questionnaire survey,the results showed that Yueyang middle school teachers'personality and teaching behavior are linked,mainly including extroversion is associated with teachers'classroom teaching behavior;Mental quality,and the teachers'classroom teaching behaviors.So inside extroversion of middle school physical education teachers in teacher training to strengthen,targeting long good save lost,give full play to their strengths, strengthen character study of the board;In the aspect of mental quality and classroom teaching behavior,pay attention to the ideology and moral character of middle school sports teachers,strengthen the teaching supervision, promote the development of Yueyang middle school sports teaching career.

  8. Clinical relevance in anesthesia journals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lauritsen, Jakob; Møller, Ann M


    The purpose of this review is to present the latest knowledge and research on the definition and distribution of clinically relevant articles in anesthesia journals. It will also discuss the importance of the chosen methodology and outcome of articles.......The purpose of this review is to present the latest knowledge and research on the definition and distribution of clinically relevant articles in anesthesia journals. It will also discuss the importance of the chosen methodology and outcome of articles....

  9. [Conception of Ashi points]. (United States)

    Xu, Rong-dong; Li, Heng


    In the light of obscure conception of Ashi points in the circle of acupuncture and moxibustion at present, this article tries to clarify the origin and definition of Ashi points by textual research of literatures. It is put forward that Ashi points are not the same with "tender spot" and "Buding point, Tianying point", but are some special responding points, including regular points and extra points, when the organism is ill. When these points are pressed the organism will be comfortable or painful. And the definition, location and clinical location method of Ashi points are proposed.

  10. Cost Behavior

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hoffmann, Kira

    The objective of this dissertation is to investigate determinants and consequences of asymmetric cost behavior. Asymmetric cost behavior arises if the change in costs is different for increases in activity compared to equivalent decreases in activity. In this case, costs are termed “sticky......” if the change is less when activity falls than when activity rises, whereas costs are termed “anti-sticky” if the change is more when activity falls than when activity rises. Understanding such cost behavior is especially relevant for decision-makers and financial analysts that rely on accurate cost information...... to facilitate resource planning and earnings forecasting. As such, this dissertation relates to the topic of firm profitability and the interpretation of cost variability. The dissertation consists of three parts that are written in the form of separate academic papers. The following section briefly summarizes...

  11. Critical point wetting drop tower experiment (United States)

    Kaukler, W. F.; Tcherneshoff, L. M.; Straits, S. R.


    Preliminary results for the Critical Point Wetting CPW Drop Tower Experiment are produced with immiscible systems. Much of the observed phenomena conformed to the anticipated behavior. More drops will be needed to test the CPW theory with these immiscible systems.

  12. Left hemisphere EEG coherence in infancy predicts infant declarative pointing and preschool epistemic language. (United States)

    Kühn-Popp, N; Kristen, S; Paulus, M; Meinhardt, J; Sodian, B


    Pointing plays a central role in preverbal communication. While imperative pointing aims at influencing another person's behavior, declarative gestures serve to convey epistemic information and to share interest in an object. Further, the latter are hypothesized to be a precursor ability of epistemic language. So far, little is known about their underlying brain maturation processes. Therefore, the present study investigated the relation between brain maturation processes and the production of imperative and declarative motives as well as epistemic language in N = 32 infants. EEG coherence scores were measured at 14 months, imperative and declarative point production at 15 months and epistemic language at 48 months. Results of correlational analyses suggest distinct behavioral and neural patterns for imperative and declarative pointing, with declarative pointing being associated with the maturation of the left hemisphere. Further, EEG coherence measures of the left hemisphere at 14 months and declarative pointing at 15 months are related to individual differences in epistemic language skills at 48 months, independently of child IQ. In regression analyses, coherence measures of the left hemisphere prove to be the most important predictor of epistemic language skills. Thus, neural processes of the left hemisphere seem particularly relevant to social communication.

  13. Experimental determination and modeling of the phase behavior for the direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and carbon dioxide

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tsivintzelis, Ioannis; Musko, Nikolai E.; Baiker, Alfons


    This study focuses on the investigation of the phase behavior of mixtures relevant to the direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from methanol and carbon dioxide. The bubble points of corresponding quaternary mixtures of varying composition were experimentally determined. The Cubic-Plus-Associati...

  14. Experimental Determination and Modeling of the Phase Behavior for the Selective Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in Supercritical CO2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tsivintzelis, Ioannis; Beier, Matthias Josef; Grunwaldt, Jan-Dierk


    In this study the phase behavior of mixtures relevant to the selective catalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde by molecular oxygen in supercritical CO2 is investigated. Initially, the solubility of N2 in benzaldehyde as well as the dew points of CO2–benzyl alcohol–O2 and CO2...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parle Milind


    Full Text Available Existing research into schizophrenia has remained highly fragmented, much like the clinical presentation of the disease itself. Differing theories as to the cause and progression of schizophrenia, as well as the heterogeneity of clinical symptoms, have made it difficult to develop a coherent framework suitable for animal modeling. However, a few animal models have been developed to explore various causative theories and to test specific mechanistic hypotheses. Historically, these models have been based on the manipulation of neurotransmitter systems believed to be involved in schizophrenia. In recent years, the emphasis has shifted to targeting relevant brain regions in an attempt to explore potential etiologic hypotheses. In the present review article, we have described in detail various behavioral models available in literature for screening of antipsychotic agents. In the next article, we propose to focus on chemical induced psychosis (Pharmacological models. We have highlighted the principle, end point, brief procedures, merits and demerit of all the behavioral models in the foregoing pages Emphasis is placed on the critical evaluation of currently available models because these models help to shape the direction of future research.

  16. Recognition and localization of relevant human behavior in videos

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bouma, H.; Burghouts, G.J.; Penning, L. de; Hanckmann, P.; Hove, R.J.M. ten; Korzec, S.; Kruithof, M.C.; Landsmeer, S.; Leeuwen, C.J. van; Broek, S.P. van den; Halma, A.H.R.; Hollander, R.J.M. den; Schutte, K.


    Ground surveillance is normally performed by human assets, since it requires visual intelligence. However, especially for military operations, this can be dangerous and is very resource intensive. Therefore, unmanned autonomous visual-intelligence systems are desired. In this paper, we present an im

  17. The Cognitive-Behavioral Management of Pain: Neurophysiological Relevancies. (United States)

    Stone, Christopher I.

    Traditional medical interventions for the management of pain have consisted largely of either pharmacological treatments or surgery to interrupt the involved neural pathways. The results of these procedures have been largely unsatisfactory because of debilitating side effects and recurrence of pain. Investigations of a host of psychological…

  18. Behavior of the Widom line in critical phenomena. (United States)

    Luo, Jiayuan; Xu, Limei; Lascaris, Erik; Stanley, H Eugene; Buldyrev, Sergey V


    Using linear scaling theory, we study the behavior of response functions extrema in the vicinity of the critical point. We investigate how the speed of convergence of the loci of response function extrema to the Widom line depends on the parameters of the linear scaling theory. We find that when the slope of the coexistence line is near zero, the line of specific heat maxima does not follow the Widom line but instead follows the coexistence line. This has relevance for the detection of liquid-liquid critical points, which can exhibit a near-horizontal coexistence line. Our theoretical predictions are confirmed by computer simulations of a family of spherically symmetric potentials.

  19. Regularization in Matrix Relevance Learning

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schneider, Petra; Bunte, Kerstin; Stiekema, Han; Hammer, Barbara; Villmann, Thomas; Biehl, Michael


    A In this paper, we present a regularization technique to extend recently proposed matrix learning schemes in learning vector quantization (LVQ). These learning algorithms extend the concept of adaptive distance measures in LVQ to the use of relevance matrices. In general, metric learning can displa

  20. Computational Analysis of Behavior. (United States)

    Egnor, S E Roian; Branson, Kristin


    In this review, we discuss the emerging field of computational behavioral analysis-the use of modern methods from computer science and engineering to quantitatively measure animal behavior. We discuss aspects of experiment design important to both obtaining biologically relevant behavioral data and enabling the use of machine vision and learning techniques for automation. These two goals are often in conflict. Restraining or restricting the environment of the animal can simplify automatic behavior quantification, but it can also degrade the quality or alter important aspects of behavior. To enable biologists to design experiments to obtain better behavioral measurements, and computer scientists to pinpoint fruitful directions for algorithm improvement, we review known effects of artificial manipulation of the animal on behavior. We also review machine vision and learning techniques for tracking, feature extraction, automated behavior classification, and automated behavior discovery, the assumptions they make, and the types of data they work best with.

  1. Culturally Relevant Management Education: Insights from Experience in Nunavut (United States)

    Wihak, Christine


    The author's experience with a Nunavut business management education program illustrates how to develop culturally relevant organizational behavior curriculum. The process initially involved interviews with Inuit Elders about culturally appropriate responses to scenarios of cultural conflicts in the workplace identified by Inuit managers. The…


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    左建平; 柴能斌; 周宏伟


    Most of deep rock mechanics focus on rock samples from the same depth in the existing literatures.People hope to investigate the effects of different depths on mechanical behavior through applying different confining pressures on samples.In addition,the physico-mechanical behaviors of different depth rocks have been reported in many literatures.However,it is well known that both the confining pressure and rock microstructure will change with the increasing depth.In Mentougou district in Beijing,there is a special area,where from the surface to the depth of 1 100 meters,there is basically a same lithology,namely basalt.Scanning electron microscope(SEM) system with loading devices has been successfully employed to investigate the mesoscopic failure behavior of Mengtougou basalt with centric preset notch in different depths,offsetting single notch and double notches basalt.We hope to reveal mesoscopic mechanism of basalts with changing depths.Experimental results indicate that the crack will initiate from preset notch and develop into a continuous main crack for most of basalt samples in three-point bending tests.Both the failure load and the fracture energy for different depth basalts increase with the depth.The main reasons are that not only the microstructure of deep basalt is compact,but the porosity is smaller with the increasing depth.Both peak load and fracture energy of basalt with single preset notch are approximately same with those of double preset notches for the same offsetting distance.In addition,peak load and fracture energy will linearly increase with the increasing offsetting distance.The main reason is that though the failure ofbasalts with offsetting notch is affected by both of shear force and bending moment; and the bending moment gradually decreases with the increasing offsetting distance which induce the increase of peak load and fracture energy increase.%现有深部岩石力学研究大多是从某一深度取出岩样,然后施加不同围

  3. Illuminating circuitry relevant to psychiatric disorders with optogenetics. (United States)

    Steinberg, Elizabeth E; Christoffel, Daniel J; Deisseroth, Karl; Malenka, Robert C


    The brain's remarkable capacity to generate cognition and behavior is mediated by an extraordinarily complex set of neural interactions that remain largely mysterious. This complexity poses a significant challenge in developing therapeutic interventions to ameliorate psychiatric disease. Accordingly, few new classes of drugs have been made available for patients with mental illness since the 1950s. Optogenetics offers the ability to selectively manipulate individual neural circuit elements that underlie disease-relevant behaviors and is currently accelerating the pace of preclinical research into neurobiological mechanisms of disease. In this review, we highlight recent findings from studies that employ optogenetic approaches to gain insight into normal and aberrant brain function relevant to mental illness. Emerging data from these efforts offers an exquisitely detailed picture of disease-relevant neural circuits in action, and hints at the potential of optogenetics to open up entirely new avenues in the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

  4. Sensing with Superconducting Point Contacts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Argo Nurbawono


    Full Text Available Superconducting point contacts have been used for measuring magnetic polarizations, identifying magnetic impurities, electronic structures, and even the vibrational modes of small molecules. Due to intrinsically small energy scale in the subgap structures of the supercurrent determined by the size of the superconducting energy gap, superconductors provide ultrahigh sensitivities for high resolution spectroscopies. The so-called Andreev reflection process between normal metal and superconductor carries complex and rich information which can be utilized as powerful sensor when fully exploited. In this review, we would discuss recent experimental and theoretical developments in the supercurrent transport through superconducting point contacts and their relevance to sensing applications, and we would highlight their current issues and potentials. A true utilization of the method based on Andreev reflection analysis opens up possibilities for a new class of ultrasensitive sensors.

  5. Prospects of Brand Choice Behavior Research from Cognitive Perspective (United States)

    Wang, Xiaohui; Lin, Lin

    The article reviews relevant literature at home and abroad on consumer brand choice behavior and summarizes the study evolution of consumer brand choice behavior, and puts forward view on relevant research prospects from cognitive perspective in this field.

  6. Spacing distribution functions for the one-dimensional point-island model with irreversible attachment (United States)

    González, Diego Luis; Pimpinelli, Alberto; Einstein, T. L.


    We study the configurational structure of the point-island model for epitaxial growth in one dimension. In particular, we calculate the island gap and capture zone distributions. Our model is based on an approximate description of nucleation inside the gaps. Nucleation is described by the joint probability density pnXY(x,y), which represents the probability density to have nucleation at position x within a gap of size y. Our proposed functional form for pnXY(x,y) describes excellently the statistical behavior of the system. We compare our analytical model with extensive numerical simulations. Our model retains the most relevant physical properties of the system.

  7. Brief Review on the Relevance Theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    龚腾龙; 阿勒腾


    Relevance theory has had an impact on the study in various disciplines including linguistics,literature and so on. This paper gives a brief review of the relevance theory and two principles of relevance.

  8. Avaliação andrológica por pontos e comportamento sexual em touros da raça Nelore Andrologic evaluation by points and sexual behavior in Nelore bulls

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flávio Guiselli Lopes


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se estudar a relação entre dois métodos de avaliação do potencial reprodutivo - Classificação Andrológica por Pontos (CAP e comportamento sexual de touros da raça Nelore - e verificar a acurácia desses testes em predizer o potencial reprodutivo dos touros, avaliado pela taxa de gestação ao final da estação de monta, com duração média de 90 dias. Foram utilizados 14 touros, todos classificados como aptos à reprodução, após exame andrológico, CAP e observação do comportamento sexual a campo durante 12 horas. Onze touros foram avaliados em manejo individual, com proporção média touro:vaca de 1:46, e os três restantes, em manejo múltiplo, com proporção média touro:vaca de 1:23. A pontuação média obtida pela CAP foi 78,92 ± 8,92 (muito bom e o escore, 9,85 ± 0,36 (excelente para libido. Quanto maior o tempo de teste, maiores foram os escores da libido. Na primeira hora de observação, os touros foram classificados como de libido questionável e ao final do teste, como de libido excelente. As correlações da libido com circunferência escrotal (CE, características físicas e morfológicas do sêmen e taxa de gestação foram baixas. A pontuação pela CAP correlacionou-se positivamente com circunferência escrotal e características físicas do sêmen, mas não se correlacionou com características morfológicas dos sêmen. Não foi observada correlação entre CAP e taxa de gestação, nem entre libido e CAP. A taxa geral de gestação após o período de estação de monta foi de 74,69%. Os resultados indicam que tanto a CAP como o teste da libido não são eficientes para predizer o potencial reprodutivo de touros da raça Nelore e devem ser utilizados de forma complementar ao exame andrológico.The objective of this work was to study the relation between two reproductive potential evaluation methods - Andrologic Evaluation by Points - CAP and sexual behavior of Nelore bulls, and to verify the

  9. 32 CFR 634.45 - Point system application. (United States)


    .... Violation: Improper overtaking. Points assessed: 3 X. Violation: Other moving violations (involving driver behavior only). Points assessed: 3 Y. Violation: Operating an unsafe vehicle. (See Note 2). Points assessed: 2 Z. Violation: Driver involved in accident is deemed responsible (only added to points assessed...

  10. Revisiting verbs of emission: an update on some relevant theoretical accounts of lexical specification and argument structure of emission verbs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natasa Milivojevic


    Full Text Available The paper addresses the question of what semantic properties lexicalized in verbs determine their syntactic behavior in intransitive motion events and in resultative constructions in English and Serbian. Special attention is devoted to English and Serbian verbs of emission (specifically verbs of sound emission and partly also verbs of light, smell and substance emission regarding their potential to surface as main verbs in these constructions and to combine with directional phrases within specific morphosyntactic templates (unaccusatives and unergatives. The presented research promotes a theoretical view according to which the established syntactic patterns can be applied across the whole class of verbs of emission to express a full er range of atypical verb meanings in motion events. Theoretical conclusions of the research are also relevant for a wider theoretical description of motion events and resultatives in a cross - linguistic perspective. The paper puts forth additional implica tions regarding the projectionalist approach to semantic verb classes against the theoretical framework of Beth Levin (1993. Finally, the paper considers the relevant points of structurally realized similarities via relevant constructional templates in En glish and in Serbian, as well as some important points of morphosyntactic divergence between the two languages. The conclusions presented aim at a more comprehensive contrastive language typology based on language “framing” parameters.

  11. The Impact of Skinner's "Verbal Behavior" on Organizational Behavior Management (United States)

    Fox, Eric J.; VanStelle, Sarah E.


    In the book "Verbal Behavior," Skinner provided a comprehensive, behavioral account of language. While the impact of Skinner's analysis on empirical research has been examined broadly, this review of the literature focused on studies relevant to organizational behavior management (OBM). Both empirical and nonempirical journal articles in OBM were…

  12. Point charges optimally placed to represent the multipole expansion of charge distributions.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramu Anandakrishnan

    Full Text Available We propose an approach for approximating electrostatic charge distributions with a small number of point charges to optimally represent the original charge distribution. By construction, the proposed optimal point charge approximation (OPCA retains many of the useful properties of point multipole expansion, including the same far-field asymptotic behavior of the approximate potential. A general framework for numerically computing OPCA, for any given number of approximating charges, is described. We then derive a 2-charge practical point charge approximation, PPCA, which approximates the 2-charge OPCA via closed form analytical expressions, and test the PPCA on a set of charge distributions relevant to biomolecular modeling. We measure the accuracy of the new approximations as the RMS error in the electrostatic potential relative to that produced by the original charge distribution, at a distance 2x the extent of the charge distribution--the mid-field. The error for the 2-charge PPCA is found to be on average 23% smaller than that of optimally placed point dipole approximation, and comparable to that of the point quadrupole approximation. The standard deviation in RMS error for the 2-charge PPCA is 53% lower than that of the optimal point dipole approximation, and comparable to that of the point quadrupole approximation. We also calculate the 3-charge OPCA for representing the gas phase quantum mechanical charge distribution of a water molecule. The electrostatic potential calculated by the 3-charge OPCA for water, in the mid-field (2.8 Å from the oxygen atom, is on average 33.3% more accurate than the potential due to the point multipole expansion up to the octupole order. Compared to a 3 point charge approximation in which the charges are placed on the atom centers, the 3-charge OPCA is seven times more accurate, by RMS error. The maximum error at the oxygen-Na distance (2.23 Å is half that of the point multipole expansion up to the octupole

  13. Comparing Point Clouds (United States)


    Point clouds are one of the most primitive and fundamental surface representations. A popular source of point clouds are three dimensional shape...acquisition devices such as laser range scanners. Another important field where point clouds are found is in the representation of high-dimensional...framework for comparing manifolds given by point clouds is presented in this paper. The underlying theory is based on Gromov-Hausdorff distances, leading

  14. Tipping points among social learners: Tools from varied disciplines

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    R. Alexander BENTLEY; Michael J. O'BRIEN


    There is a long and rich tradition in the social sciences of using models of collective behavior in animals as jumprag-off points for the study of human behavior,including collective human behavior.Here,we come at the problem in a slightly different fashion.We ask whether models of collective human behavior have anything to offer those who study animal behavior.Our brief example of tipping points,a model first developed in the physical sciences and later used in the social sciences,suggests that the analysis of human collective behavior does indeed have considerable to offer [Current Zoology 58 (2):298-306,2012].

  15. Fathers' behaviors and children's psychopathology. (United States)

    Flouri, Eirini


    The psychological literature on how fathers' behaviors may be related to children's psychopathology has grown substantially in the last three decades. This growth is the result of research asking the following three overarching questions: (1) what is the association between family structure, and particularly biological fathers' non-residence, and children's psychopathology, (2) what is the association between fathers' parenting and children's psychopathology, and (3) what is the association between fathers' psychopathology and children's psychopathology. The three broad theoretical perspectives relevant to this literature are the standard family environment model, the passive genetic model, and the child effects model. The evidence from studies comparing the first two models seems to suggest that the origin of the association between parental divorce and children's emotional and behavioral problems is largely shared environmental in origin, as is the association between resident fathers' parenting and children's emotional and behavioral problems, according to studies comparing the standard family environment model with the child effects model. However, research needs to compare appropriately all theoretical perspectives. The paper discusses this, and also points to the importance of considering theory-driven specificity in modeling effects.

  16. Epigenetics: Behavioral Influences on Gene Function, Part I: Maternal Behavior Permanently Affects Adult Behavior in Offspring (United States)

    Ogren, Marilee P.; Lombroso, Paul J.


    The article highlights the field of epigenetics and its relevance in determining the effects of maternal nurturing on behavioral patterns in offsprings. Results concluded that maternal behavior influences the offspring's behavior to stress in adulthood and the effects are transgenerational through epigenetic mechanisms.

  17. Situating relevance: exploring individual relevance assessments in context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson


    Full Text Available This paper discusses some of the challenges encountered whilst researching and writing a thesis that explores individual understandings of relevance and topic. It is based upon a discussion paper and presentation prepared as part of the Doctoral Workshop held during the ISIC 2000 Conference in Borås, Sweden. The focus of this paper is the doing of qualitative research. To provide a framework for this discussion, the key assumptions that have shaped the author's thesis are presented in the first section of this paper. The paper then focuses on some of the dilemmas of qualitative research encountered during the research and writing of this thesis, giving particular attention to the notion of context and the writing of qualitative research. Forthcoming results from the thesis are mentioned in the closing section. A Thesis Summary is also provided at the end of this paper.

  18. Autonomia e relevância dos regimes The autonomy and relevance of regimes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Seignemartin de Carvalho


    of norms and rules that create patterns of behavior and allow the convergence of the expectations of their participants in specific issue areas, in order to solve coordination problems that could lead to non-pareto-efficient outcomes. Considering that such definitions based merely on the "efficiency" of regimes do not seem to be sufficient to explain their effectiveness, the present article proposes a different definition for regimes: political arrangements that allow a redistribution of the gains of cooperation among the participants in certain issue areas, within an interdependence context. Regimes would thus be effective due to their autonomy and relevance - that is, due to their objective existence autonomously from their participants and their influence on the participants' behavior and expectations in ways that cannot be reduced to the individual action of any of them. This article begins with a brief discussion about terminological problems related to regime studies and with a definition of the concepts of autonomy and relevance. Then it classifies the authors that take part in this debate according to two distinct perspectives, one that denies (non-autonomists and the other that attributes (autonomists autonomy and relevance to regimes, briefly analyzing the authors and traditions that are more significant for this debate, focusing on autonomist authors and on arguments that back the hypothesis here presented. Finally, the article proposes an analytic decomposition of regimes into four main elements that give them autonomy and relevance: normativity, actors, specificity of the issue area and complex interdependence as context.

  19. Point by Point: Adding up Motivation (United States)

    Marchionda, Denise


    Students often view their course grades as a mysterious equation of teacher-given grades, teacher-given grace, and some other ethereal components based on luck. However, giving students the power to earn points based on numerous daily/weekly assignments and attendance makes the grading process objective and personal, freeing the instructor to…

  20. The Need for Culturally Relevant Dance Education (United States)

    McCarthy-Brown, Nyama


    There is a need for culturally relevant teaching in dance education. Many dance teachers have heard the buzz words "culturally relevant teaching methods." Yet these dance educators acknowledge that the "dance culture" is not always synonymous with "culturally relevant." This paper examines the issue of culturally relevant teaching methods in dance…

  1. Esthetics in Orthodontics: interest points, reference points and discrepancy points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Alexandre Câmara


    Full Text Available It is fundamental for orthodontists and all professionals related with facial, oral and dental esthetics to know how the individuals observe dentofacial structures. Thus, it will be the purpose of this Orthodontic Insight to present and describe the Interest, Reference and Discrepancy. Points With the knowledge and perception of these points it will be easier for orthodontists to create a convergent canal of communication with their patients.É fundamental para os ortodontistas e todos os profissionais que estão envolvidos com a estética facial, bucal e dentária conhecer a forma como os indivíduos observam as estruturas dentofaciais. Sendo assim, será o objetivo desse artigo apresentar e descrever os pontos de Interesse, de Referência e de Discrepância. Com o conhecimento e percepção desses pontos, será mais fácil para os ortodontistas criar canais convergentes de comunicação com os seu pacientes.

  2. Ancient "Observatories" - A Relevant Concept? (United States)

    Belmonte, Juan Antonio

    It is quite common, when reading popular books on astronomy, to see a place referred to as "the oldest observatory in the world". In addition, numerous books on archaeoastronomy, of various levels of quality, frequently refer to the existence of "prehistoric" or "ancient" observatories when describing or citing monuments that were certainly not built with the primary purpose of observing the skies. Internet sources are also guilty of this practice. In this chapter, the different meanings of the word observatory will be analyzed, looking at how their significances can be easily confused or even interchanged. The proclaimed "ancient observatories" are a typical result of this situation. Finally, the relevance of the concept of the ancient observatory will be evaluated.

  3. A terapia comunitária em um centro de atenção psicossocial: (desatando pontos relevantes La terapia comunitaria en los centros de atención psicosocial: (desatando nudos relevantes Community therapy at psychosocial care centers: (disconnecting relevant points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria de Oliveira Ferreira Filha


    ón social de los mismos, ya que relataron cambios de comportamiento en las relaciones interpersonales. La experiencia tuvo excelentes resultados, ya que el estudio trabajó con un abordaje que contempla aspectos sociales aún poco investigados.This study aims at describing Community Therapy's implementation at a Mental Health Services (CAPS, identifying problems experienced by its users and families and the coping strategies; and analyzing CT's contributions to user's social inclusion. In this predominantly qualitative study, the technique of semi-structured interview and CT's assessment sheets were used. Family conflicts, insomnia and abandonment were the major problems cited, and several coping strategies were mentioned, such as: family support, religious belief, professional help, etc. It was proved that user's participation on CT have contributed to their social inclusion, because they report behavior changes in their interpersonal relationships. The experience has shown excellent results, because it works with neglected social aspects.

  4. A Peep into the Uncertainty-Complexity-Relevance Modeling Trilemma through Global Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis (United States)

    Munoz-Carpena, R.; Muller, S. J.; Chu, M.; Kiker, G. A.; Perz, S. G.


    points) in the face of environmental and anthropogenic change (Perz, Muñoz-Carpena, Kiker and Holt, 2013), and through MonteCarlo mapping potential management activities over the most important factors or processes to influence the system towards behavioral (desirable) outcomes (Chu-Agor, Muñoz-Carpena et al., 2012).

  5. Geodesics on Point Clouds


    Hongchuan Yu; Zhang, Jian J.; Zheng Jiao


    We present a novel framework to compute geodesics on implicit surfaces and point clouds. Our framework consists of three parts, particle based approximate geodesics on implicit surfaces, Cartesian grid based approximate geodesics on point clouds, and geodesic correction. The first two parts can effectively generate approximate geodesics on implicit surfaces and point clouds, respectively. By introducing the geodesic curvature flow, the third part produces smooth and accurate geodesic solution...

  6. Serial floating point formatter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peterson, R. D.; Penner, W. A.


    A floating point formatter for changing fixed point serial digital data, such as that received by a seismic data acquisition system, is disclosed wherein fixed point serial digital data is received and scaled to remove any bias added by preamplification. The scaled data is shifted a predetermined number of bits and a resulting exponent is calculated. The shifted data signal and corresponding exponent are combined and further scaled to permit stacking the data without exceeding the system capacity.

  7. Understanding of myofascial trigger points

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhuang Xiaoqiang; Tan Shusheng; Huang Qiangmin


    Objective To investigate the current practice of myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) including current epidemiology,pathology,diagnosis and treatment.Data sources The data analyzed in this review were mainly from relevant articles without restriction on the publication date reported in PubMed,MedSci,Google scholar.The terms "myofasial trigger points" and "myofacial pain syndrome" were used for the literature search.Study selection Original articles with no limitation of research design and critical reviews containing data relevant to myofascial trigger points (MTrPs) and MPS were retrieved,reviewed,analyzed and summarized.Results Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is characterized by painful taut band,referred pain,and local response twitch with a prevalence of 85% to 95% of incidence.Several factors link to the etiology of MTrPs,such as the chronic injury and overload of muscles.Other factors,such as certain nutrient and hormone insufficiency,comorbidities,and muscle imbalance may also maintain the MTrP in an active status and induce recurrent pain.The current pathology is that an extra leakage acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction induces persistent contracture knots,relative to some hypotheses of integration,muscle spindle discharges,spinal segment sensitization,ect.MTrPs can be diagnosed and localized based on a few subjective criteria.Several approaches,including both direct and supplementary treatments,can inactivate MTrPs.Direct treatments are categorized into invasive and conservative.Conclusion This review provides a clear understanding of MTrP pain and introduces the most useful treatment approaches in China.

  8. Vygotsky's Crisis: Argument, context, relevance. (United States)

    Hyman, Ludmila


    Vygotsky's The Historical Significance of the Crisis in Psychology (1926-1927) is an important text in the history and philosophy of psychology that has only become available to scholars in 1982 in Russian, and in 1997 in English. The goal of this paper is to introduce Vygotsky's conception of psychology to a wider audience. I argue that Vygotsky's argument about the "crisis" in psychology and its resolution can be fully understood only in the context of his social and political thinking. Vygotsky shared the enthusiasm, widespread among Russian leftist intelligentsia in the 1920s, that Soviet society had launched an unprecedented social experiment: The socialist revolution opened the way for establishing social conditions that would let the individual flourish. For Vygotsky, this meant that "a new man" of the future would become "the first and only species in biology that would create itself." He envisioned psychology as a science that would serve this humanist teleology. I propose that The Crisis is relevant today insofar as it helps us define a fundamental problem: How can we systematically account for the development of knowledge in psychology? I evaluate how Vygotsky addresses this problem as a historian of the crisis.

  9. Model Breaking Points Conceptualized (United States)

    Vig, Rozy; Murray, Eileen; Star, Jon R.


    Current curriculum initiatives (e.g., National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers 2010) advocate that models be used in the mathematics classroom. However, despite their apparent promise, there comes a point when models break, a point in the mathematical problem space where the model cannot,…

  10. Sunspot Bright Points

    CERN Document Server

    Choudhary, Debi Prasad


    We used the flux calibrated images through the Broad Band Filter Imager and Stokes Polarimeter data obtained with the Solar Optical Telescope onboard the Hinode spacecraft to study the properties of bright points in and around the sunspots. The well isolated bright points were selected and classified as umbral dot, peripheral umbral dot, penumbral grains and G-band bright point depending on their location. Most of the bright points are smaller than about 150 km. The larger points are mostly associated with the penumbral features. The bright points are not uniformly distributed over the umbra but preferentially located around the penumbral boundary and in the fast decaying parts of umbra. The color temperature of the bright points, derived using the continuum irradiance, are in the range of 4600 K to 6600 K with cooler ones located in the umbra. The temperature increases as a function of distance from the center to outside. The G-band, CN-band and CaII H flux of the bright points as a function of their blue ba...

  11. Nickel Curie Point Engine (United States)

    Chiaverina, Chris; Lisensky, George


    Ferromagnetic materials such as nickel, iron, or cobalt lose the electron alignment that makes them attracted to a magnet when sufficient thermal energy is added. The temperature at which this change occurs is called the "Curie temperature," or "Curie point." Nickel has a Curie point of 627 K, so a candle flame is a sufficient…

  12. The Lagrangian points (United States)

    Linton, J. Oliver


    There are five unique points in a star/planet system where a satellite can be placed whose orbital period is equal to that of the planet. Simple methods for calculating the positions of these points, or at least justifying their existence, are developed.

  13. Neural encoding of objects relevant for navigation and resting state correlations with navigational ability

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wegman, J.B.T.; Janzen, G.


    Objects along a route can help us to successfully navigate through our surroundings. Previous neuroimaging research has shown that the parahippocampal gyrus (PHG) distinguishes between objects that were previously encountered at navigationally relevant locations (decision points) and irrelevant loca

  14. Multispectral Image Feature Points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristhian Aguilera


    Full Text Available This paper presents a novel feature point descriptor for the multispectral image case: Far-Infrared and Visible Spectrum images. It allows matching interest points on images of the same scene but acquired in different spectral bands. Initially, points of interest are detected on both images through a SIFT-like based scale space representation. Then, these points are characterized using an Edge Oriented Histogram (EOH descriptor. Finally, points of interest from multispectral images are matched by finding nearest couples using the information from the descriptor. The provided experimental results and comparisons with similar methods show both the validity of the proposed approach as well as the improvements it offers with respect to the current state-of-the-art.

  15. Holographic Three point Functions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bissi, Agnese

    In this thesis it is addressed the problem of the computation of three point correlation functions within the AdS=CFT correspondence. In the context of the AdS 5=CFT4 correspondence we present three computations. First we compare the results of tree level three point functions of two giant...... gravitons and a point like graviton and its dual counterpart, namely two Schur polynomials and a single trace chiral primary. Secondly we compute the one loop correction to planar, non extremal three point functions of two heavy and one light operators, both from the gauge and string side in the Frolov......-Tseytlin regime. Finally we generalize the scalar product of two states belonging to the SO(6) sector of N = 4 SYM with implications on the construction of three point functions of 3 non-BPS operators from the gauge theory side. On the other hand in the AdS4=CFT3 correspondence we compare the computations...

  16. Publication point indicators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elleby, Anita; Ingwersen, Peter


    with novel publication point indicators (PPIs) that are formalized and exemplified. Two diachronic citation windows are applied: 2006-07 and 2006-08. Web of Science (WoS) as well as Google Scholar (GS) are applied to observe the cite delay and citedness for the different document types published by DIIS......The paper presents comparative analyses of two publication point systems, The Norwegian and the in-house system from the interdiscplinary Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), used as case in the study for publications published 2006, and compares central citation-based indicators......; the Cumulated Publication Point Indicator (CPPI), which graphically illustrates the cumulated gain of obtained vs. ideal points, both seen as vectors; and the normalized Cumulated Publication Point Index (nCPPI) that represents the cumulated gain of publication success as index values, either graphically...

  17. Media and mental illness: Relevance to India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S K Padhy


    Full Text Available Media has a complex interrelationship with mental illnesses. This narrative review takes a look at the various ways in which media and mental illnesses interact. Relevant scientific literature and electronic databases were searched, including Pubmed and GoogleScholar, to identify studies, viewpoints and recommendations using keywords related to media and mental illnesses. This review discusses both the positive and the negative portrayals of mental illnesses through the media. The portrayal of mental health professionals and psychiatric treatment is also discussed. The theories explaining the relationship of how media influences the attitudes and behavior are discussed. Media has also been suggested to be a risk factor for the genesis or exacerbation of mental illnesses like eating disorders and substance use disorders. The potential use of media to understand the psychopathology and plight of those with psychiatric disorders is referred to. The manner in which media can be used as a tool for change to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illnesses is explored.

  18. Plasmonic optical trapping in biologically relevant media.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian J Roxworthy

    Full Text Available We present plasmonic optical trapping of micron-sized particles in biologically relevant buffer media with varying ionic strength. The media consist of 3 cell-growth solutions and 2 buffers and are specifically chosen due to their widespread use and applicability to breast-cancer and angiogenesis studies. High-precision rheological measurements on the buffer media reveal that, in all cases excluding the 8.0 pH Stain medium, the fluids exhibit Newtonian behavior, thereby enabling straightforward measurements of optical trap stiffness from power-spectral particle displacement data. Using stiffness as a trapping performance metric, we find that for all media under consideration the plasmonic nanotweezers generate optical forces 3-4x a conventional optical trap. Further, plasmonic trap stiffness values are comparable to those of an identical water-only system, indicating that the performance of a plasmonic nanotweezer is not degraded by the biological media. These results pave the way for future biological applications utilizing plasmonic optical traps.

  19. The Critical Point Facility (CPF) (United States)


    The Critical Point Facility (CPF) is an ESA multiuser facility designed for microgravity research onboard Spacelab. It has been conceived and built to offer investigators opportunities to conduct research on critical point phenomena in microgravity. This facility provides the high precision and stability temperature standards required in this field of research. It has been primarily designed for the purpose of optical investigations of transparent fluids. During a Spacelab mission, the CPF automatically processes several thermostats sequentially, each thermostat corresponding to an experiment. The CPF is now integrated in Spacelab at Kennedy Space Center, in preparation for the International Microgravity Lab. mission. The CPF was designed to submit transparent fluids to an adequate, user defined thermal scenario, and to monitor their behavior by using thermal and optical means. Because they are strongly affected by gravity, a good understanding of critical phenomena in fluids can only be gained in low gravity conditions. Fluids at the critical point become compressed under their own weight. The role played by gravity in the formation of interfaces between distinct phases is not clearly understood.

  20. Does relevance matter in academic policy research?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dredge, Dianne


    A reflection on whether relevance matters in tourism policy research. A debate among tourism scholars.......A reflection on whether relevance matters in tourism policy research. A debate among tourism scholars....


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. V. Oberemko


    Full Text Available This review presents a generalized definition of vesicles as bilayer extracellular organelles of all celular forms of life: not only eu-, but also prokaryotic. The structure and composition of extracellular vesicles, history of research, nomenclature, their impact on life processes in health and disease are discussed. Moreover, vesicles may be useful as clinical instruments for biomarkers, and they are promising as biotechnological drug. However, many questions in this area are still unresolved and need to be addressed in the future. The most interesting from the point of view of practical health care represents a direction to study the effect of exosomes and microvesicles in the development and progression of a particular disease, the possibility of adjusting the pathological process by means of extracellular vesicles of a particular type, acting as an active ingredient. Relevant is the further elucidation of the role and importance of exosomes to the surrounding cells, tissues and organs at the molecular level, the prospects for the use of non-cellular vesicles as biomarkers of disease.

  2. Locating conical intersections relevant to photochemical reactions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dick, Bernhard [Institut fuer Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Universitaet Regensburg, D 93040 Regensburg (Germany)], E-mail:; Haas, Yehuda; Zilberg, Shmuel [Department of Physical Chemistry and the Farkas Center for Light-induced Processes, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 91904 (Israel)


    A new computerized method for locating conical intersections of interest in photochemistry is presented. The search is based on the Longuet-Higgins phase change theorem (Berry phase) which provides the subspace required for the initial search. The subspace is approximated as a plane containing three stable structures lying on a Longuet-Higgins loop. The search is conducted for a minimum of {delta}E, the energy difference between two electronic states. It is started using up to three points within the circle defined by the three structures; symmetry, if relevant, is helpful but not essential. Since a two-dimensional subspace of the large 3N - 6 space is used, the search that uses either Cartesian or internal coordinates is efficient and yields a degeneracy after a few iterations. Given that not all degrees of freedom are included in the search, usually a high lying part of the conical intersection is initially located. The system is subsequently optimized along all coordinates keeping {delta}E as close to zero as desired. The method is demonstrated for the symmetric H{sub 3} system and also for the butadiene-cyclobutene-bicyclobutane system in which the three stable structures are not equivalent. The method is general and can be extended to any photochemical system.

  3. Point Information Gain and Multidimensional Data Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renata Rychtáriková


    Full Text Available We generalize the point information gain (PIG and derived quantities, i.e., point information gain entropy (PIE and point information gain entropy density (PIED, for the case of the Rényi entropy and simulate the behavior of PIG for typical distributions. We also use these methods for the analysis of multidimensional datasets. We demonstrate the main properties of PIE/PIED spectra for the real data with the examples of several images and discuss further possible utilizations in other fields of data processing.

  4. Temperature dependence of the point defect properties of GaN thin films studied by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (United States)

    Fang, HeNan; Zhang, Rong; Liu, Bin; Li, YeCao; Fu, DeYi; Li, Yi; Xie, ZiLi; Zhuang, Zhe; Zheng, YouDou; Wu, JingBo; Jin, BiaoBing; Chen, Jian; Wu, PeiHeng


    The dielectric functions of GaN for the temperature and frequency ranges of 10-300 K and 0.3-1 THz are obtained using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. It is found that there are oscillations of the dielectric functions at various temperatures. Physically, the oscillation behavior is attributed to the resonance states of the point defects in the material. Furthermore, the dielectric functions are well fitted by the combination of the simple Drude model together with the classical damped oscillator model. According to the values of the fitting parameters, the concentration and electron lifetime of the point defects for various temperatures are determined, and the temperature dependences of them are in accordance with the previously reported result. Therefore, terahertz time-domain spectroscopy can be considered as a promising technique for investigating the relevant characteristics of the point defects in semiconductor materials.

  5. Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: A Review of the Literature. (United States)

    Stokes, Marquita L; McCoy, Kathleen P; Abram, Karen M; Byck, Gayle R; Teplin, Linda A


    Suicide is prevalent among youth, especially those involved in the juvenile justice system. Although many studies have examined suicidal ideation and behavior in delinquent youth, prevalence rates vary widely. This article reviews studies of suicidal ideation and behavior in youth in the juvenile justice system, focusing on the point of contact: incarceration status and stage of judicial processing. Suicidal ideation and behavior are prevalent and increase with greater involvement in the juvenile justice system. Depression, sexual abuse, and trauma were the most commonly identified predictors of suicidal ideation and behavior. Prevalence rates of suicidal ideation and behavior vary by gender and race/ethnicity, indicating the need for gender-specific and culturally relevant interventions.

  6. Four-Point Wavelets and Their Applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    魏国富; 陈发来


    Multiresolution analysis (MRA) and wavelets provide useful and efficient tools for representing functions at multiple levels of details. Wavelet representations have been used in a broad range of applications, including image compression, physical simulation and numerical analysis. In this paper, the authors construct a new class of wavelets, called four-point wavelets,based on an interpolatory four-point subdivision scheme. They are of local support, symmetric and stable. The analysis and synthesis algorithms have linear time complexity. Depending on different weight parameters w, the scaling functions and wavelets generated by the four-point subdivision scheme are of different degrees of smoothness. Therefore the user can select better wavelets relevant to the practice among the classes of wavelets. The authors apply the fourpoint wavelets in signal compression. The results show that the four-point wavelets behave much better than B-spline wavelets in many situations.

  7. Science and the struggle for relevance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hessels, L.K.


    This thesis deals with struggles for relevance of university researchers, their efforts to make their work correspond with ruling standards of relevance and to influence these standards. Its general research question is: How to understand changes in the struggle for relevance of Dutch academic resea

  8. Relevance Measures Using Geographic Scopes and Types

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Andogah, Geoffrey; Bouma, Gosse; Peters, C; Jikoun,; Mandl, T; Muller, H; Oard, DW; Penas, A; Petras,; Santos, D


    This paper proposes two kinds of relevance measures to rank documents by geographic restriction: scope-based and type-based. The non-geographic and geographic relevance scores are combined using a weighted harmonic mean. The proposed relevance measures and weighting schemes are evaluated on GeoCLEF

  9. The Development of Relevance in Information Retrieval

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mu-hsuan Huang


    Full Text Available This article attempts to investigate the notion of relevance in information retrieval. It discusses various definitions for relevance from historical viewpoints and the characteristics of relevance judgments. Also, it introduces empirical results of important related researches.[Article content in Chinese

  10. The Personal Relevance of the Social Studies. (United States)

    VanSickle, Ronald L.


    Conceptualizes a personal-relevance framework derived from Ronald L. VanSickle's five areas of life integrated with four general motivating goals from Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Richard and Patricia Schmuck's social motivation theory. Illustrates ways to apply the personal relevance framework to make social studies more relevant to…

  11. Do acupuncture points exist?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yan Xiaohui; Zhang Xinyi [Department of Physics, Surface Physics Laboratory (State Key Laboratory), and Synchrotron Radiation Research Center of Fudan University, Shanghai 200433 (China); Liu Chenglin [Physics Department of Yancheng Teachers' College, Yancheng 224002 (China); Dang, Ruishan [Second Military Medical University, Shanghai 200433 (China); Huang Yuying; He Wei [Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039 (China); Ding Guanghong [Shanghai Research Center of Acupuncture and Meridian, Pudong, Shanghai 201203 (China)


    We used synchrotron x-ray fluorescence analysis to probe the distribution of four chemical elements in and around acupuncture points, two located in the forearm and two in the lower leg. Three of the four acupuncture points showed significantly elevated concentrations of elements Ca, Fe, Cu and Zn in relation to levels in the surrounding tissue, with similar elevation ratios for Cu and Fe. The mapped distribution of these elements implies that each acupuncture point seems to be elliptical with the long axis along the meridian. (note)

  12. Aspectos epidemiológicos e imunitários da poliomielite em crianças menores de um ano em área da região da Grande São Paulo, Brasil Some aspects of epidemiological relevance of the behavior of poliomyelitis in children of less than one year of age in an area of Greater S. Paulo, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eliseu Alves Waldman


    Full Text Available Foram estudadas algumas características, de interesse epidemiológico, do comportamento da poliomielite na Região da Grande São Paulo, Brasil, salientando a importância da sua ocorrência em menores de um ano. Foram analisados os resultados de um inquérito sorológico, por provas de neutralização, em gestantes atendidas em Centros de Saúde de 16 Distritos Sanitários dessa Região. Com base nessas observações, foi dado destaque para determinadas condições que propiciam a infecção por poliovírus muito precoce, das crianças da área em estudo. Foi proposta a imunização, com a vacina Salk, das gestantes nos 5º e 6º meses de gravidez ou a imunização das crianças, com vacina oral trivalente tipo Sabin, em período anterior aos dois meses de idade, ou seja, em torno do terceiro dia de vida, mas sem prejuízo da aplicação, em seguida, do esquema básico de imunização preconizada pelo Calendário de Vacinação oficial em vigor. Tais medidas visam à eliminação de possível lacuna imunitária na faixa etária de menores de um ano.Some characteristics of epidemiological relevance of the behavior of poliomyelitis in some Health Districts of Greater S. Paulo were studied, special emphasis being put on its occurrence in children of less than one year of agre. Next, the results of serological investigation, performed by means of neutralization tests, on pregnant women attended by Health Centers in sixteen Health Districts of Greater S. Paulo were analysed. Based on these observations the authors draw attention to certain conditions poliovirus infection in children. The immunization of pregnant women with Salk vaccine, during the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy, or, alternatively, the immunization of children with oral trivalent Sabin-type vaccine in the period before the age of two months, possibly about the third day after birth, is proposed; without, however, any change in the normal later application of the basic

  13. 我國「電子化政府整合型入口網站」使用者行為分析 | The Analysis of User Behavior to E-government Entry-point of Taiwan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    陳祥、林明童 Hsinag Chen、Ming-Tong Lin


    Full Text Available



    The users’ patterns of e-government entry-point of Taiwan are reported through log file examinations. Recommendations to improve the

  14. National Wetlands Inventory Points (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Wetland point features (typically wetlands that are too small to be as area features at the data scale) mapped as part of the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI). The...

  15. Point tenderness - abdomen (United States)

    ... Point tenderness - abdomen To use the sharing features on this page, ... over a certain part of the belly area (abdomen). Considerations The abdomen is an area of the ...

  16. Allegheny County Address Points (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains address points which represent physical address locations assigned by the Allegheny County addressing authority. Data is updated by County...

  17. Transitivity on Weierstrass points

    CERN Document Server

    Laing, Zoe


    We look for Riemann surfaces whose automorphism group acts transitively on the Weierstrass points. We concentrate on hyperelliptic surfaces, surfaces with PSL(2, q) as automorphism group, Platonic surfaces and Fermat curves.

  18. Designated Wildlife Lakes - points (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This is a point shapefile of Designated Wildlife Lakes in Minnesota. This shapefile was created by converting lake polygons from the Designated Wildlife Lakes...

  19. Iowa Geologic Sampling Points (United States)

    Iowa State University GIS Support and Research Facility — Point locations of geologic samples/files in the IGS repository. Types of samples include well cuttings, outcrop samples, cores, drillers logs, measured sections,...

  20. Indexing Moving Points

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Agarwal, Pankaj K.; Arge, Lars Allan; Erickson, Jeff


    We propose three indexing schemes for storing a set S of N points in the plane, each moving along a linear trajectory, so that any query of the following form can be answered quickly: Given a rectangle R and a real value t, report all K points of S that lie inside R at time t. We first present...... an indexing structure that, for any given constant >0, uses O(N/B) disk blocks and answers a query in O((N/B)1/2+ +K/B) I/Os, where B is the block size. It can also report all the points of S that lie inside R during a given time interval. A point can be inserted or deleted, or the trajectory of a point can...... be changed, in O(logB2 N) I/Os. Next, we present a general approach that improves the query time if the queries arrive in chronological order, by allowing the index to evolve over time. We obtain a tradeoff between the query time and the number of times the index needs to be updated as the points move. We...

  1. Behaviorism and Society. (United States)

    Krapfl, Jon E


    A probable list of causes for the limited acceptance of behaviorism in our society is identified. This is followed by a summary review of the proposed solutions identified in other papers in this special issue of The Behavior Analyst, most of which relate to either better marketing of either the behavior analytic process or the results achieved as a consequence. One paper proposes a more broad conception of behavior analysis. This paper endorses the solutions identified in previous papers and then goes on to propose an even more broad conception of behavior analysis and makes the point that behavior analysis is unlikely to flourish unless behavior analysts understand a good deal more about the cultural and other contextual features of the environments in which they work.

  2. On the Gauss-Weierstrass Summability of Multiple Trigonometric Series at μ-smoothness Points

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Sinem SEZER; Ilham A. ALIEV


    The notion of μ-smoothness points of periodic functions of several variables is introduced and the rate of convergence of the Gauss-Weierstrass means of relevant Fourier series at these points is investigated.

  3. Pions near the chiral critical point (United States)

    Hippert, M.; Fraga, E. S.; Santos, E. M.


    It is an exciting possibility that the QCD critical point can be found in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collision experiments (HICs). While quantities such as some event-by-event moments of specific observables should display strong non-monotonic behavior near the critical point and could, hence, be used as signatures of criticality, it is not clear that this behavior could effectively be observed in the highly non-ideal scenario of HICs. We here employ Monte Carlo simulations to test second-order moments of pion observables as possible signatures of the critical point while taking into account some realistic ingredients, similar to the ones found in HICs. We make use of simplified models to introduce spurious contributions and dynamical effects.

  4. "Gastric cytoprotection" is still relevant. (United States)

    Szabo, Sandor


    rapid vascular changes (e.g. increased VP and blood flow), followed by cellular events (e.g. infiltration by acute and chronic inflammatory cells). Thus, PG and histamine, by increasing VP create a perivascular edema that dilutes and delays toxic agents reaching the subepithelial capillaries. Otherwise, damaging chemicals may induce severe early vascular injury resulting in blood flow stasis, hypoxia, and necrosis of surrounding epithelial and mesenchymal cells. In this complex response, increased mucus and/or bicarbonate secretion seem to cause luminal dilution of gastrotoxic chemicals that is further reinforced by a perivascular, histodilutional component. This mechanistic explanation would encompass the protective actions of diverse agents as PG, small doses of histamine, motility stimulants, and dilute irritants (i.e. "adaptive cytoprotection"). Thus, although markedly increased VP is pathologic, slight increase in VP seems to be protective, that is, a key element in the complex pathophysiologic response during acute gastroprotection. Over the years, "gastroprotection" was also applied to accelerated healing of chronic gastroduodenal ulcers without reduction of acid secretion. The likely main mechanism here is the binding of angiogenic growth factors (e.g. basic fibroblast growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor) to the heparin-like structures of sucralfate and sofalcone. Thus, despite intensive research of the last 30 years, gastroprotection is incompletely understood, and we are still far away from effectively treating Helicobacter pylori-negative ulcers and preventing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-caused erosions and ulcers in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract; hence "gastric cytoprotection" research is still relevant.

  5. 重庆市城乡儿童6~13岁慢性病患病率及相关行为比较分析%Comparing chronic non-communicable disease and its relevant behaviors between urban and rural children aged from 6 to 13 years old in Chongqing City

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邱雪雁; 丁贤彬; 张春华; 毛德强; 吕晓燕; 焦艳; 施小明


    Objective To analyze the difference of chronic non-communicable disease and its relevant behavior between urban and rural children aged from 6 to 13 years old,so as to provide suggestion for intervention.Methods Children aged from 6 to 13 years old by stratified clustered sampling were interviewed and physical examination were performed.The difference of the prevalence of obesity and hypertension and its relevant behaviors were compared by Chi-square test and variance analysis.Results A total of 803 and 727 urban and rural children were interviewed.The prevalence of overweight,obesity and hypertension among urban children was significant higher than that of rural children (P < 0.05).In the past 7 days,the proportion of urban children had milk or milk products for 6 or 7 days (59.4%) was higher than that of rural children (50.2%) (P <0.001).The proportion of urban children had soy bean milk or bean curd jelly was higher than that of rural children (P =0.001).But the proportion of rural children having sugary drinks for breakfast was higher than that of urban children(P <0.001).The proportion of urban children having breakfast at home was higher than that of rural children(P < 0.001).The proportion of rural children doing homework for more than 4 hours was higher than that of urban children(P =0.003).The time of rural children watching TV from Monday to Friday and weekends was longer than that of urban children (P < 0.05).Conclusion The prevalence of obesity and hypertension among urban children was higher than that of rural children.And the unbalanced diet was common among both urban and rural children.%目的 比较分析城市与农村儿童慢性病患病率及相关行为,为开展有针对性的干预提供建议.方法 采用分层整群抽样的方法抽取6 ~13岁的儿童进行问卷调查与体格检查,比较城市与农村儿童肥胖、高血压检出率、饮食与日常生活相关活动采用卡方检验,比较城市与农村儿童

  6. Following gaze: gaze-following behavior as a window into social cognition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen V Shepherd


    Full Text Available In general, individuals look where they attend and next intend to act. Many animals, including our own species, use observed gaze as a deictic (pointing cue to guide behavior. Among humans, these responses are reflexive and pervasive: they arise within a fraction of a second, act independently of task relevance, and appear to undergird our initial development of language and theory of mind. Human and nonhuman animals appear to share basic gaze-following behaviors, suggesting the foundations of human social cognition may also be present in nonhuman brains.

  7. Critical Behavior of Thermal Expansion and Magnetostriction in the Vicinity of the First order transition at the Curie Point of Gd5(SixGe1-x)4

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Han, Mangui [Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States)


    Thermal expansion (TE) and magnetostriction (MS) measurements have been conducted for Gd5(SixGe1-x)4 with a series of x values to study its critical behavior in the vicinity of transition temperatures. It was found that the Curie temperature of Gd5(SixGe1-x)4 for x 0 ~ 0.5 is dependent on magnetic field, direction of change of temperature (Tc on cooling was lower than Tc on heating), purity of Gd starting material, compositions, material preparation methods, and also can be triggered by the external magnetic field with a different dT/dB rate for different x values. For Gd5(Si1.95Ge2.05), Gd5(Si2Ge2), Gd5(Si2.09Ge1.91), it was also found that the transition is a first order magneto-structural transition, which means the magnetic transition and crystalline structure transition occur simultaneously, and completely reversible. Temperature hysteresis and phase coexistence have been found to confirm that it is a first order transformation. While for Gd5(Si0.15Ge3.85), it is partially reversible at some temperature range between the antiferromagnetic and the ferromagnetic state. For Gd5(Si2.3Ge1.7) and Gd5(Si3Ge1), it was a second order transformation between the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic state, because no ΔT have been found. Giant magnetostriction was only found on Gd5(Si1.95Ge2.05), Gd5(Si2Ge2), Gd5(Si2.09Ge1.91) in their vicinity of first order transformation. MFM images have also been taken on polycrystal sample Gd5(Si2.09Ge1.91) to investigate the transformation process. The results also indicates that the Curie temperature was lower and the thermally

  8. 从社会学角度解读我国青年女性运动塑身的行为%Interpretation of Shaping the Behavior of Young Women’s Movement from a Sociological Point of View

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    采用文献资料和逻辑分析法,针对我国青年女性在“以男性为主导的女性美”的强权语境及工作和生活中面临的压力,从社会学视角,对我国青年女性运动塑身行为进行了解读。研究表明:我国青年女性以身体审美的正态价值观相对缺失;在身体管理中,以体育运动塑身作为改变的手段,符合当代我国青年女性心理的追求,成为身体重新规划和精神自我治愈的一种有效手段。%Using the method of documentary and logical analysis ,and in view of China’s young women’s work and life pressure in the male‐dominated female beauty ,this paper from the perspectives of sociology studied the sports fitness behavior of young women in China .The results showed that :young women in China are relatively lack of the physical aesthetic concept ;in the physical management ,it conforms to the contemporary pursuit of China’s young women by using sports body sculpting as a way to change ,and it becomes a kind of effective means to a body reorganize and spiritual self cured .

  9. Arctic tipping points


    Smolkova, Valentina


    The Arctic is warming much faster than the entire planet, and this causes severe melting of sea ice. However, the climate of different regions of the Earth is interconnected, and changes in the amount of ice in the Arctic can dramatically affect the climate across the whole planet. Some scientists claim that a possible tipping point is the event of the ice-free Arctic Ocean in summer. Certain predictions point towards ice-free Arctic summers around the year 2050, whereas others pre- dict this...

  10. Relevance Of Utility Maximization In Student University Choice – A Consumption-Based Model For Higher Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric S. SCHWARTZ


    Full Text Available This paper applies a model of utility-maximization to better understand the university choice process. Student decision-making for university choice is conceptualized as a purchase decision process through which students weigh the costs of colleges or universities they choose against their perceived benefits of attending these institutions. The key issues are the impact of consumer’s preferences, income, tuition, and costs in college decision-making. From this perspective, the paper describes the relationship between utility maximization and educational demand, effects of tuition increases, tuition discounting, and financial aid subsidies on university choice. A decision-making scheme for educational consumption is used in order to identify the stages of the university choice process and to predict the behavior of consumers in the higher education marketplace. The analysis points to the need to better inform students about the cost of postsecondary education which is a highly relevant aspect in the university choice process.

  11. Critical dynamics near QCD critical point

    CERN Document Server

    Minami, Yuki


    In this thesis, we study the critical dynamics near the QCD critical point. Near the critical point, the relevant modes for the critical dynamics are identified as the hydrodynamic modes. Thus, we first study the linear dynamics of them by the relativistic hydrodynamics. We show that the thermal diffusion mode is the most relevant mode, whereas the sound mode is suppressed around the critical point. We also find that the Landau equation, which is believed to be an acausal hydrodynamic equation, has no problem to describe slowly varying fluctuations. Moreover, we find that the Israel-Stewart equation, which is a causal one, gives the same result as the Landau equation gives in the long-wavelength region. Next, we study the nonlinear dynamics of the hydrodynamic modes by the nonlinear Langevin equation and the dynamic renormalization group (RG). In the vicinity of the critical point, the usual hydrodynamics breaks down by large fluctuations. Thus, we must consider the nonlinear Langevin equation. We construct t...

  12. Layered Fixed Point Logic

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Filipiuk, Piotr; Nielson, Flemming; Nielson, Hanne Riis


    We present a logic for the specification of static analysis problems that goes beyond the logics traditionally used. Its most prominent feature is the direct support for both inductive computations of behaviors as well as co-inductive specifications of properties. Two main theoretical contributions...

  13. Implications of Relevance Theory to English Reading

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Reading is a style of communication between reader and writer while relevance theory is a new approach to communi⁃cation. Based on relevance theory, we can paraphrase reading as followings: reading comprehension is a process of communica⁃tion between reader and writer; a process of making inference from the ostensive-inference communication; a process of seeking optimal relevance on the part of the reader.

  14. OTTO: a new strategy to extract mental disease-relevant combinations of GWAS hits from individuals. (United States)

    Ehrenreich, H; Mitjans, M; Van der Auwera, S; Centeno, T P; Begemann, M; Grabe, H J; Bonn, S; Nave, K-A


    Despite high heritability of schizophrenia, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have not yet revealed distinct combinations of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), relevant for mental disease-related, quantifiable behavioral phenotypes. Here we propose an individual-based model to use genome-wide significant markers for extracting first genetic signatures of such behavioral continua. 'OTTO' (old Germanic=heritage) marks an individual characterized by a prominent phenotype and a particular load of phenotype-associated risk SNPs derived from GWAS that likely contributed to the development of his personal mental illness. This load of risk SNPs is shared by a small squad of 'similars' scattered under the genetically and phenotypically extremely heterogeneous umbrella of a schizophrenia end point diagnosis and to a variable degree also by healthy subjects. In a discovery sample of >1000 deeply phenotyped schizophrenia patients and several independent replication samples, including the general population, a gradual increase in the severity of 'OTTO's phenotype' expression is observed with an increasing share of 'OTTO's risk SNPs', as exemplified here by autistic and affective phenotypes. These data suggest a model in which the genetic contribution to dimensional behavioral traits can be extracted from combinations of GWAS SNPs derived from individuals with prominent phenotypes. Even though still in the 'model phase' owing to a world-wide lack of sufficiently powered, deeply phenotyped replication samples, the OTTO approach constitutes a conceptually novel strategy to delineate biological subcategories of mental diseases starting from GWAS findings and individual subjects.Molecular Psychiatry advance online publication, 6 December 2016; doi:10.1038/mp.2016.208.

  15. Three-point bending behavior of aluminum foam sandwich with steel panel%钢面板泡沫铝夹心板的三点弯曲行为

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    祖国胤; 卢日环; 李小兵; 仲照阳; 马幸江; 韩明博; 姚广春


    采用胶粘法制备大尺寸钢质泡沫铝夹心板,测试夹心板的三点弯曲强度,分析面板厚度、芯层厚度对夹心板弯曲性能的影响规律,研究弯曲载荷作用下的夹心板失效机理。结果表明:钢质泡沫铝夹心板可承受很高的弯曲载荷,夹心板抗弯强度随着芯层泡沫铝厚度的提高而提高。增加钢面板的厚度,夹心板抗弯强度整体呈增强趋势。当面板厚度为8 mm、芯层厚度为50 mm时,夹心板的极限抗弯强度可达66.06 kN。芯层泡沫铝内泡壁表面的大尺寸裂纹是夹心板在弯曲载荷作用下失效的主要原因;采用熔体发泡法制备的泡沫铝板材,因冷却强度过大而导致的附加应力使泡壁的强度下降,也是影响夹心板力学性能的主要因素。%Static three-point bending tests of aluminum foam sandwiches with glued steel panel were performed. The deformation and failure of sandwich structure with different thicknesses of panel and foam core were investigated. The results indicate that the maximum bending load increases with the thickness of both steel panel and foam core. The failure of sandwich can be ascribed to the crush and shear damage of foam core and the delamination of glued interface at a large bending load. The crack on the foam wall developed in the melting foam procedure is the major factor for the failure of foam core. The sandwich structure with thick foam core and thin steel panel has the optimal specific bending strength. The maximum bending load of that with 8 mm panel and 50 mm foam core is 66.06 kN.

  16. Critical behavior of Y-doped Nd{sub 0.7}Sr{sub 0.3}MnO{sub 3} manganites exhibiting the tricritical point and large magnetocaloric effect

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Phan, The-Long; Ho, T.A. [Department of Physics, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju 361-763 (Korea, Republic of); Thang, P.D. [Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology, VNU-University of Engineering and Technology, Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Tran, Q.T. [Center for Science and Technology Communication, Ministry of Science and Technology, 113 Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Thanh, T.D.; Phuc, N.X. [Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Phan, M.H. [Department of Physics, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620 (United States); Huy, B.T. [Department of Chemistry, Changwon National University, Changwon 641-773 (Korea, Republic of); Yu, S.C., E-mail: [Department of Physics, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju 361-763 (Korea, Republic of)


    Highlights: • Tricritical point in Y-doped Nd{sub 0.7}Sr{sub 0.3}MnO{sub 3} manganites. • A large magnetic-entropy change. • Magnetic inhomogeneity and phase separation. - Abstract: We have determined the values of critical exponents of two polycrystalline samples (Nd{sub 1−x}Y{sub x}){sub 0.7}Sr{sub 0.3}MnO{sub 3} (x = 0 and 0.07) from the magnetization data versus temperature and magnetic field, M(H, T), to learn about their magnetic and magnetocaloric (MC) properties. The results reveal the samples exhibiting the crossover of first-order and second-order phase transitions, where the exponent values β = 0.271 and γ = 0.922 for x = 0, and β = 0.234–0.236 and γ = 1.044–1.063 for x = 0.07 determined by using modified Arrott plots and static-scaling hypothesis are close to those expected for the tricritical mean-field theory (β = 0.25 and γ = 1.0). Particularly, the T{sub C} of x = 0 and 0.07 can be any value in the temperature ranges of 240–255 K and 170–278 K, respectively, depending on the magnitude of applied magnetic field and determination techniques. Around the T{sub C}, studying the MC effect of the samples has revealed a large magnetic-entropy change (ΔS{sub m}) up to ∼8 J/kg K for the applied field interval ΔH = 50 kOe, corresponding to refrigerant capacity values of 200–245 J/kg. These phenomena are related to the crossover nature and the persisting of FM/anti-FM interactions even above the T{sub C}, as further confirmed by electron-spin-resonance data, Curie–Weiss law-based analyses, and an exponential parameter characteristic of magnetic order n = dLn|ΔS{sub m}|/dLnH.

  17. Decision Points in Cataloging. (United States)

    Bright, Franklyn F.

    Libraries are frequently faced with policy decisions which can affect the quality and cost of library services for years to come. This point can be illustrated by citing examples of decisions made at the University of Wisconsin Library in the areas of: (1) conforming to national cataloging standards; (2) producing catalog cards in-house; and (3)…

  18. Precise Point Positioning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Xiaohong

    determination’ based on the relationship between the point clouds on regular objects (e.g. flat top buildings) and the ground truth of the objects used for calibration. In order to extract the footprints on the objects, filtering was implemented before the calibration. Three example tests have been made...

  19. New Novae snack point

    CERN Document Server


    Located next to the car park by the flag poles, a few metres from the Main CERN Reception (building 33), a new snack point catered by Novae will open to the public on Wednesday 8 August. More information will be available in the next issue of the Bulletin!

  20. Points and Practices (United States)

    Ahmed, Syed Jamil; Heddon, Dee; Mackey, Sally


    This collection of three articles represents the "Points and Practices" section of this month's issue of "Research in Drama Education." The first article, "'Fitting the Bill' for 'Helping Them.' A Response to 'Integrated Popular Theatre Approach in Africa' and 'Commissioned Theatre Projects on Human Rights in…

  1. Publication point indicators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elleby, Anita; Ingwersen, Peter


    with novel publication point indicators (PPIs) that are formalized and exemplified. Two diachronic citation windows are applied: 2006-07 and 2006-08. Web of Science (WoS) as well as Google Scholar (GS) are applied to observe the cite delay and citedness for the different document types published by DIIS...

  2. Critical Points of Contact

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Ole B.; Morelli, Nicola


    where the networks meet and establish contact. Thus we argue for the usefulness of the notion of Critical Point of Contact (CPC) to deepen our understanding of the actual life within networks. En route to this notion we draw upon theories within as diverse realms such as interaction design, service...

  3. Critical Points of Contact

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    In this brief article, we shall illustrate the application of the analytical and interventionist concept of ‘Critical Points of Contact’ (CPC) through a number of urban design studios. The notion of CPC has been developed over a span of the last three to four years and is reported in more detail...

  4. ACCESS Pointing Control System (United States)

    Brugarolas, Paul; Alexander, James; Trauger, John; Moody, Dwight; Egerman, Robert; Vallone, Phillip; Elias, Jason; Hejal, Reem; Camelo, Vanessa; Bronowicki, Allen; O'Connor, David; Partrick, Richard; Orzechowski, Pawel; Spitter, Connie; Lillie, Chuck


    ACCESS (Actively-Corrected Coronograph for Exoplanet System Studies) was one of four medium-class exoplanet concepts selected for the NASA Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Study (ASMCS) program in 2008/2009. The ACCESS study evaluated four major coronograph concepts under a common space observatory. This paper describes the high precision pointing control system (PCS) baselined for this observatory.

  5. Holographic Three point Functions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Martirosyan, Ara

    The main subject of this thesis is the computation of structure constants appearing in the three-point functions for certain type of states/operators in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence, which is one of the important parts of the dynamical problem in the dual theories of the correspondence...

  6. Canceling Interference in Acupuncture Points Signal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanexy San Martín Reyes


    Full Text Available The present paper propose the cancellation of interference or artifacts by the method of Allen in signals captured in different acupuncture points (Small Intestine Meridian, points ID1-ID2 and ID1-ID19. It is considered that the biosignal under study should be able to be characterized after its acquisition by subtracting the different interference variables that may coexist in the measurement zone, as it is in the case of ECG or any other artifact. The biosignal obtained as a result of the cancellation will be the acupuncture signal or from its imperfection another wave can be obtained as from a bioelectrical point of view such imperfection can be characterized and at the same time can bb useful to establish a long-term correspondence between the behavior of the signals on various acupuncture points and different diseases.

  7. Characterization of Nanoparticle Aggregation in Biologically Relevant Fluids (United States)

    McEnnis, Kathleen; Lahann, Joerg

    Nanoparticles (NPs) are often studied as drug delivery vehicles, but little is known about their behavior in blood once injected into animal models. If the NPs aggregate in blood, they will be shunted to the liver or spleen instead of reaching the intended target. The use of animals for these experiments is costly and raises ethical questions. Typically dynamic light scattering (DLS) is used to analyze aggregation behavior, but DLS cannot be used because the components of blood also scatter light. As an alternative, a method of analyzing NPs in biologically relevant fluids such as blood plasma has been developed using nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) with fluorescent filters. In this work, NTA was used to analyze the aggregation behavior of fluorescent polystyrene NPs with different surface modifications in blood plasma. It was expected that different surface chemistries on the particles will change the aggregation behavior. The effect of the surface modifications was investigated by quantifying the percentage of NPs in aggregates after addition to blood plasma. The use of this characterization method will allow for better understanding of particle behavior in the body, and potential problems, specifically aggregation, can be addressed before investing in in vivo studies.

  8. 西安市无龋和有龋中青年人群口腔健康行知因素的对比分析%Comparative analysis of the knowledge and behavior relevant factors on oral health between noncarious and carious middle-aged and young people of Xi'an

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李涛; 王胜朝; 程小刚; 倪龙兴; 郭静; 公文


    AIM: To investigate carious relevant risk factors in middle-aged and young people of Xincheng town, Xi' an, thus providing theoretical basis for the strategy of caries prevention. METHODS: 585 subjects aged 31~40 years old from Xincheng town, Xi'an, were included in the study. 324 of them were in carious group (DMFT≥ 1) , and 261 in noncarious group (DMFT = 0). The individuals in both groups received oral health examination and questionnaire survey on oral health knowledge and behavior relevant factors. The data obtained were analysed statistically using Single factor x2 test and Logistic regression analysis. RESULTS: The caries incidence of all the subjects was 55.4% and the average individual caries was 1. 85 ± 2. 370. Single factor x2 test showed that there were statistical differences (P<0. 05) on the gender distribution, education background constitution, tooth-brushing method, frequency of routine oral examination, awareness of oral health, knowledge of oral health and family income between the carious and noncarious groups. Logistic regression analysis showed that caries occurrence was related to following factors : gender, education background, tooth - brushing method, awareness of oral health, view on the cost for going to a dentist. There was a higher caries incidence in the female and in the subjects with lower education background, wrong application of tooth-brushing and little awareness of oral health. And the carious population tend to accept higher cost for going to a dentist. CONCLUSION: Strengthening oral health education and directing tooth-brushing method may be practical and beneficial for middle-aged and young people in caries prevention. More attention should be palid to the female and the people with low education background.%目的:探讨西安市中青年人群患龋的行知危险因素,为制定有针对性的预防措施提供依据.方法:选择西安市新城区5所小学二、三年级小学生家长,进行口腔健康检查和

  9. Henig Proper Efficient Points and Generalized Henig Proper Efficient Points

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jing Hui QIU


    Applying the theory of locally convex spaces to vector optimization,we investigate the relationship between Henig proper efficient points and generalized Henig proper efficient points. In particular,we obtain a sufficient and necessary condition for generalized Henig proper efficient points to be Henig proper efficient points. From this,we derive several convenient criteria for judging Henig proper efficient points.

  10. Point information gain, point information gain entropy and point information gain entropy density as measures of semantic and syntactic information of multidimensional discrete phenomena

    CERN Document Server

    Štys, Dalibor; Rychtáriková, Renata; Soloviov, Dmytro; Císař, Petr; Urban, Jan


    We generalize the Point information gain (PIG) and derived quantities, i.e. Point information entropy (PIE) and Point information entropy density (PIED), for the case of R\\'enyi entropy and simulate the behavior of PIG for typical distributions. We also use these methods for the analysis of multidimensional datasets. We demonstrate the main properties of PIE/PIED spectra for the real data on the example of several images, and discuss possible further utilization in other fields of data processing.

  11. Getting to the Point: Accuracy of Point Count in Monitoring Ecosystem Change

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric Pante


    Full Text Available Ecological monitoring programs depend on the robust estimation of descriptive parameters. Percent cover, gleaned from transects sampled with video imagery, is a popular benthic ecology descriptor often estimated using point counting, an image-based method for identifying substrate types beneath random points. We tested the hypothesis that the number of points needed to robustly estimate benthic cover in video imagery transects depends on cover itself, predicting that lower cover will require more points/frame to be accurately estimated. While this point may seem obvious to the statistically inclined, the justification of point density has been largely ignored in the literature. We examined the statistical behavior of point count estimates using computer-simulated 20 m-long transects patterned after data from a Bahamian reef. The minimum number of points necessary to insure accurate percent cover estimation, the Optimal Point Count (OPC, is a function of mean percent cover and spatial heterogeneity of the benthic community. More points are required to characterize reefs with lower cover and more homogeneously distributed coral colonies. These results show that careful consideration must be given to sampling design and data analysis prior to attempting to estimate benthic cover, especially in the context of long-term monitoring of degrading coral reef ecosystems.

  12. Towards optimal indexing for relevance feedback in large image databases +. (United States)

    Ramaswamy, Sharadh; Rose, Kenneth


    Motivated by the need to efficiently leverage user relevance feedback in content-based retrieval from image databases, we propose a fast, clustering-based indexing technique for exact nearest-neighbor search that adapts to the Mahalanobis distance with a varying weight matrix. We derive a basic property of point-to-hyperplane Mahalanobis distance, which enables efficient recalculation of such distances as the Mahalanobis weight matrix is varied. This property is exploited to recalculate bounds on query-cluster distances via projection on known separating hyperplanes (available from the underlying clustering procedure), to effectively eliminate noncompetitive clusters from the search and to retrieve clusters in increasing order of (the appropriate) distance from the query. We compare performance with an existing variant of VA-File indexing designed for relevance feedback, and observe considerable gains.

  13. Ranking Music Data by Relevance and Importance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ruxanda, Maria Magdalena; Nanopoulos, Alexandros; Jensen, Christian Søndergaard


    the music based on its relevance and importance. The fusion is controlled by a single parameter, which can be intuitively tuned by the user. The notion of authoritative music among relevant music is introduced, and social media mined from the Web is used in an innovative manner to determine both...

  14. CMIC@TREC-2009: Relevance Feedback Track (United States)


    Carbonell and Goldstein [2] suggested the so-called Maximal Marginal Relevance (MMR) which attempts to reduce redundancy while maintaining relevance...Search and Data Mining, (Barcelona, Spain: ACM, 2009), pp. 5-14. 2. Carbonell , J. and Goldstein, J. The use of MMR, diversity-based reranking for

  15. Alligning vertical collection relevance with user intent

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zhou, Ke; Demeester, Thomas; Nguyen, Dong; Hiemstra, Djoerd; Trieschnigg, Dolf


    Selecting and aggregating different types of content from multiple vertical search engines is becoming popular in web search. The user vertical intent, the verticals the user expects to be relevant for a particular information need, might not correspond to the vertical collection relevance, the vert

  16. 49 CFR 1150.13 - Relevant dates. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Relevant dates. 1150.13 Section 1150.13 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) SURFACE TRANSPORTATION BOARD, DEPARTMENT... Designated Operators § 1150.13 Relevant dates. The exact dates of the period of operation which have...

  17. Point clouds in BIM (United States)

    Antova, Gergana; Kunchev, Ivan; Mickrenska-Cherneva, Christina


    The representation of physical buildings in Building Information Models (BIM) has been a subject of research since four decades in the fields of Construction Informatics and GeoInformatics. The early digital representations of buildings mainly appeared as 3D drawings constructed by CAD software, and the 3D representation of the buildings was only geometric, while semantics and topology were out of modelling focus. On the other hand, less detailed building representations, with often focus on ‘outside’ representations were also found in form of 2D /2,5D GeoInformation models. Point clouds from 3D laser scanning data give a full and exact representation of the building geometry. The article presents different aspects and the benefits of using point clouds in BIM in the different stages of a lifecycle of a building.

  18. The quantum change point

    CERN Document Server

    Sentís, Gael; Calsamiglia, John; Chiribella, Giulio; Munoz-Tapia, Ramon


    Sudden changes are ubiquitous in nature. Identifying them is of crucial importance for a number of applications in medicine, biology, geophysics, and social sciences. Here we investigate the problem in the quantum domain, considering a source that emits particles in a default state, until a point where it switches to another state. Given a sequence of particles emitted by the source, the problem is to find out where the change occurred. For large sequences, we obtain an analytical expression for the maximum probability of correctly identifying the change point when joint measurements on the whole sequence are allowed. We also construct strategies that measure the particles individually and provide an online answer as soon as a new particle is emitted by the source. We show that these strategies substantially underperform the optimal strategy, indicating that quantum sudden changes, although happening locally, are better detected globally.

  19. Quantum Change Point (United States)

    Sentís, Gael; Bagan, Emilio; Calsamiglia, John; Chiribella, Giulio; Muñoz-Tapia, Ramon


    Sudden changes are ubiquitous in nature. Identifying them is crucial for a number of applications in biology, medicine, and social sciences. Here we take the problem of detecting sudden changes to the quantum domain. We consider a source that emits quantum particles in a default state, until a point where a mutation occurs that causes the source to switch to another state. The problem is then to find out where the change occurred. We determine the maximum probability of correctly identifying the change point, allowing for collective measurements on the whole sequence of particles emitted by the source. Then, we devise online strategies where the particles are measured individually and an answer is provided as soon as a new particle is received. We show that these online strategies substantially underperform the optimal quantum measurement, indicating that quantum sudden changes, although happening locally, are better detected globally.

  20. Strain induced critical behavior in athermal biopolymer networks (United States)

    Sharma, Abhinav; Licup, Albert; Rens, Robbie; Sheinman, Michael; Jansen, Karin; Koenderink, Gijse; Mackintosh, Fred


    Biopolymer networks exhibit highly interesting mechanical behavior. An instructive model system is that of a network composed of rope-like filaments-zero resistance to compression but finite resistance to stretching. For networks with connectivity below Maxwell point,there is no elastic modulus for small deformations. However,when networks are subjected to an external strain, stiffness emerges spontaneously beyond a critical strain. We demonstrate that the spontaneous emergence of elasticity is analogous to a continuous phase transition. The critical point is not fixed but depends on the geometry of the underlying network.The elastic behavior near the critical point can be described analogous to that of Magnetization in ferromagnetic material near the curie temperature.Surprisingly, the critical exponents are independent of the dimensionality and depend only on the average connectivity in the network.By including bending interactions in the rope network, we can capture the mechanical behavior of biologically relevant networks.Bending rigidity acts as a coupling constant analogous to the external magnetic field in a ferromagnetic system.We show that nonlinear mechanics of collagen are successfully captured by our framework of regarding nonlinear mechanics as a critical phenomenon

  1. Relevance ranking for vertical search engines

    CERN Document Server

    Chang, Yi


    In plain, uncomplicated language, and using detailed examples to explain the key concepts, models, and algorithms in vertical search ranking, Relevance Ranking for Vertical Search Engines teaches readers how to manipulate ranking algorithms to achieve better results in real-world applications. This reference book for professionals covers concepts and theories from the fundamental to the advanced, such as relevance, query intention, location-based relevance ranking, and cross-property ranking. It covers the most recent developments in vertical search ranking applications, such as freshness-based relevance theory for new search applications, location-based relevance theory for local search applications, and cross-property ranking theory for applications involving multiple verticals. It introduces ranking algorithms and teaches readers how to manipulate ranking algorithms for the best results. It covers concepts and theories from the fundamental to the advanced. It discusses the state of the art: development of ...

  2. Floating point coprocessor upgrade

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weber, T.


    A method was developed to increase the throughput of the Hewlett Packard, 98635A floating point processor equipped, model 236C computer. The increase was carried out in three phases each with a clock and or chip change during the modification. Two programs were written to test the results and evaluate the increases in performance made to the computer. The first one shows reduction in processing times of 34.3%, while the other recorded 34.6%.

  3. Pointing a solar telescope (United States)

    Wallace, Patrick


    As far as pointing is concerned, a solar telescope is merely an ordinary astronomical telescope but with enhancements for observing solar and coronal features. The paper discusses the additional coordinate systems that need to be supported, shows how to generate the required solar ephemerides (both orbital and physical), and sets out a suitable application programming interface for the telescope control system to use when making solar observations.

  4. How does Diet influence Behavior and Neuroinflammation?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Bettina Merete Pyndt; Hansen, Julie Torpe; Hansen, Axel Jacob Kornerup

    A high number of Non-responders in induced animal models of depression is a problem in research as it results in a high work load and a waste of animals. The aim of this project is to investigate the possible relationship between diet, gut microbiota (GM), low-grade inflammation in the brain...... starch-containing diet for 10 weeks. Blood samples were drawn after acclimatization, and fecal samples were taken at relevant time points during the study. Behavioral testing was performed before diet feeding using the Triple test and after the trial by the use of the Sucrose Preference test...... tissue are still to be analyzed and so is the brain level of BDNF. Fecal- and cecal GM composition are currently being examined. Preliminary results shows that high-fat diet increased terminal weight (p

  5. Building Points - MO 2012 Stoddard Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Missouri Structure Points are structure points generated from a two pass look over the 2007 State 2ft imagery. Unlike the structure footprints, the building point...

  6. Building Points - MO 2012 Dunklin Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Missouri Structure Points are structure points generated from a two pass look over the 2007 State 2ft imagery. Unlike the structure footprints, the building point...

  7. Building Points - MO 2012 Scott Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Missouri Structure Points are structure points generated from a two pass look over the 2007 State 2ft imagery. Unlike the structure footprints, the building point...

  8. Building Points - MO 2012 Pemiscot Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Missouri Structure Points are structure points generated from a two pass look over the 2007 State 2ft imagery. Unlike the structure footprints, the building point...

  9. Building Points - MO 2012 New Madrid Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Missouri Structure Points are structure points generated from a two pass look over the 2007 State 2ft imagery. Unlike the structure footprints, the building point...

  10. Building Points - MO 2012 Mississippi Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Missouri Structure Points are structure points generated from a two pass look over the 2007 State 2ft imagery. Unlike the structure footprints, the building point...

  11. Comparative psychology is still alive but may be losing relevance. (United States)

    Denenberg, Victor H


    Greenberg et al., in their perspective on the current state and fate of comparative psychology, present convincing data that the field is viable and that comparative psychologists are making important contributions to the research literature. The central feature of the field is its emphasis upon evolution. This is also its weakness since advances in genetic techniques permit researchers to create laboratory animals that have no counterpart in the natural world, and thus have no evolutionary history. These "unnatural" animals are widely used in behavioral, biological, and medical studies, but the findings cannot be interpreted within a comparative psychology framework. As the use of these preparations expand, the relevance of comparative psychology diminishes.

  12. Capturing the crystal: prediction of enthalpy of sublimation, crystal lattice energy, and melting points of organic compounds. (United States)

    Salahinejad, Maryam; Le, Tu C; Winkler, David A


    Accurate computational prediction of melting points and aqueous solubilities of organic compounds would be very useful but is notoriously difficult. Predicting the lattice energies of compounds is key to understanding and predicting their melting behavior and ultimately their solubility behavior. We report robust, predictive, quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) models for enthalpies of sublimation, crystal lattice energies, and melting points for a very large and structurally diverse set of small organic compounds. Sparse Bayesian feature selection and machine learning methods were employed to select the most relevant molecular descriptors for the model and to generate parsimonious quantitative models. The final enthalpy of sublimation model is a four-parameter multilinear equation that has an r(2) value of 0.96 and an average absolute error of 7.9 ± 0.3 kJ.mol(-1). The melting point model can predict this property with a standard error of 45° ± 1 K and r(2) value of 0.79. Given the size and diversity of the training data, these conceptually transparent and accurate models can be used to predict sublimation enthalpy, lattice energy, and melting points of organic compounds in general.

  13. Behavioral Law & Economics


    Tomasz Nieborak


    Issues concerning the regulation aspects of financial markets are not simple. One of the reasons for this is that a great number of detailed factors have an effect, for example, the trust of the consumers of financial services or their behavior. The paper analyses the most important of them, and issues related to them, from a legal point of view, with the main objective of presenting the basic assumptions of the behavioral Law & Economics theorem. Dynamic development of financial markets and ...

  14. Simulating living organisms with populations of point vortices

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmieder, R.W.


    The author has found that time-averaged images of small populations of point vortices can exhibit motions suggestive of the behavior of individual organisms. As an example, the author shows that collections of point vortices confined in a box and subjected to heating can generate patterns that are broadly similar to interspecies defense in certain sea anemones. It is speculated that other simple dynamical systems can be found to produce similar complex organism-like behavior.

  15. Relevance of ellipse eccentricity for camera calibration (United States)

    Mordwinzew, W.; Tietz, B.; Boochs, F.; Paulus, D.


    of ellipse eccentricity on image blocks cannot be modeled in a straight forward fashion. Instead, simulations can help make the impact visible, and to distinguish critical or less critical situations. In particular, this might be of importance for calibrations, as undetected influence on the results will affect further projects where the same camera will be used. This paper therefore aims to point out the influence of ellipse eccentricities on camera calibrations, by using two typical calibration bodies: planar and cube shaped calibration. In the first step, their relevance and influence on the image measurements, object- and camera geometry is shown with numeric examples. Differences and similarities between both calibration bodies are identified and discussed. In the second step, practical relevance of a correction is proven in a real calibration. Finally, a conclusion is drawn followed by recommendations to handle ellipse eccentricity in the practice.

  16. Nontrivial UV behavior of rank-4 tensor field models for quantum gravity

    CERN Document Server

    Geloun, Joseph Ben


    We investigate the universality classes of rank-4 colored bipartite U(1) tensor field models near the Gaussian fixed point with the functional renormalization group. In a truncation that contains all power counting relevant and marginal operators, we find a one-dimensional UV attractor that is connected with the Gaussian fixed point. Hence this is first evidence that the model could be asymptotically safe due to a mechanism similar to the one found in the Grosse-Wulkenhaar model, whose UV behavior near the Gaussian fixed point is also described by one-dimensional attractor that contains the Gaussian fixed point. However, the cancellation mechanism that is responsible for the simultaneous vanishing of the beta functions is new to tensor models, i.e. it does not occur in vector or matrix models.

  17. Introduction to Search with Sphinx From installation to relevance tuning

    CERN Document Server

    Aksyonoff, Andrew


    This concise introduction to Sphinx shows you how to use this free software to index an enormous number of documents and provide fast results to both simple and complex searches. Written by the creator of Sphinx, this authoritative book is short and to the point. Understand the particular way Sphinx conducts searchesInstall and configure Sphinx, and run a few basic testsIssue basic queries to Sphinx at the application levelLearn the syntax of search text and the effects of various search optionsGet strategies for dealing with large data sets, such as multi-index searchingApply relevance and r

  18. Relevance theory: the Cognitive Pragmatic Foundation of Code-switching

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The paper will discuss the process of code-switching and its cognitive pragmatic motivation from the point of relevance.And code-switching is also regarded as a kind of communicative strategy.The process of the production of code-switching is also the cooperation and mutual constrain of communicator’s cognitive environment and ability.Cognitive effect can be obtained through communicator’s processing cognitive environment with their cognitive ability.In this process,the cooperation of cognitive ability and cognitive environment gives a guarantee to successful communication with code-switching.

  19. The 2pt+: an enhanced 2 point correlation function

    CERN Document Server

    Ave, M; Cronin, J; Neto, J R T de Mello; Olinto, A V; Pavlidou, V; Privitera, P; Siffert, B B; Schmidt, F; Venters, T


    We introduce a new method for testing departure from isotropy of points on a sphere based on an enhanced form of the two-point correlation function that we named 2pt+. This method uses information from the two extra variables that define the vector between two points on a sphere. We show that this is a powerful method to test departure from isotropy of a distribution of points on a sphere especially when the number of events is small. We apply the method to a few examples in astronomy and discuss the relevance for limited datasets, such as the case of ultra-high energy cosmic rays.

  20. Critical points for finite Fibonacci chains of point delta-interactions and orthogonal polynomials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Prunele, E, E-mail: [Institut UTINAM, UMR CNRS 6213, Universite de Franche-Comte, 16 route de Gray, 25030 Besancon Cedex (France)


    For a one-dimensional Schroedinger operator with a finite number n of point delta-interactions with a common intensity, the parameters are the intensity, the n - 1 intercenter distances and the mass. Critical points are points in the parameters space of the Hamiltonian where one bound state appears or disappears. The study of critical points for Hamiltonians with point delta-interactions arranged along a Fibonacci chain is shown to be closely related to the study of the so-called Fibonacci operator, a discrete one-dimensional Schroedinger-type operator, which occurs in the context of tight binding Hamiltonians. These critical points are the zeros of orthogonal polynomials previously studied in the context of special diatomic linear chains with elastic nearest-neighbor interaction. Properties of the zeros (location, asymptotic behavior, gaps, ...) are investigated. The perturbation series from the solvable periodic case is determined. The measure which yields orthogonality is investigated numerically from the zeros. It is shown that the transmission coefficient at zero energy can be expressed in terms of the orthogonal polynomials and their associated polynomials. In particular, it is shown that when the number of point delta-interactions is equal to a Fibonacci number minus 1, i.e. when the intervals between point delta-interactions form a palindrome, all the Fibonacci chains at critical points are completely transparent at zero energy. (paper)

  1. Interior-point methods (United States)

    Potra, Florian A.; Wright, Stephen J.


    The modern era of interior-point methods dates to 1984, when Karmarkar proposed his algorithm for linear programming. In the years since then, algorithms and software for linear programming have become quite sophisticated, while extensions to more general classes of problems, such as convex quadratic programming, semi-definite programming, and nonconvex and nonlinear problems, have reached varying levels of maturity. We review some of the key developments in the area, including comments on both the complexity theory and practical algorithms for linear programming, semi-definite programming, monotone linear complementarity, and convex programming over sets that can be characterized by self-concordant barrier functions.

  2. Ubiquitous Pointing and Drawing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristian Jantz


    Full Text Available This paper presents a system that enables a presenter to work directly on the projection without the typical interruption of the presentation flow being caused by a mouse or keyboard activity. The lecturer simply uses his fingers as a natural and intuitive pointing device. The system consists of an LED, a standard webcam, a video projector, and a small software system running on a notebook computer. The camera is positioned such that it views the projection area. After a few calibration clicks, the mouse emulation is functional at any place of the projection area.

  3. Pointing the SOFIA Telescope

    CERN Document Server

    Gross, Michael A K; Moore, Elizabeth M


    SOFIA is an airborne, gyroscopically stabilized 2.5m infrared telescope, mounted to a spherical bearing. Unlike its predecessors, SOFIA will work in absolute coordinates, despite its continually changing position and attitude. In order to manage this, SOFIA must relate equatorial and telescope coordinates using a combination of avionics data and star identification, manage field rotation and track sky images. We describe the algorithms and systems required to acquire and maintain the equatorial reference frame, relate it to tracking imagers and the science instrument, set up the oscillating secondary mirror, and aggregate pointings into relocatable nods and dithers.

  4. On Motivating Operations at the Point of Online Purchase Setting (United States)

    Fagerstrom, Asle; Arntzen, Erik


    Consumer behavior analysis can be applied over a wide range of economic topics in which the main focus is the contingencies that influence the behavior of the economic agent. This paper provides an overview on the work that has been done on the impact from motivating operations at the point of online purchase situation. Motivating operations, a…

  5. Approximate Model for Turbulent Stagnation Point Flow.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dechant, Lawrence [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    Here we derive an approximate turbulent self-similar model for a class of favorable pressure gradient wedge-like flows, focusing on the stagnation point limit. While the self-similar model provides a useful gross flow field estimate this approach must be combined with a near wall model is to determine skin friction and by Reynolds analogy the heat transfer coefficient. The combined approach is developed in detail for the stagnation point flow problem where turbulent skin friction and Nusselt number results are obtained. Comparison to the classical Van Driest (1958) result suggests overall reasonable agreement. Though the model is only valid near the stagnation region of cylinders and spheres it nonetheless provides a reasonable model for overall cylinder and sphere heat transfer. The enhancement effect of free stream turbulence upon the laminar flow is used to derive a similar expression which is valid for turbulent flow. Examination of free stream enhanced laminar flow suggests that the rather than enhancement of a laminar flow behavior free stream disturbance results in early transition to turbulent stagnation point behavior. Excellent agreement is shown between enhanced laminar flow and turbulent flow behavior for high levels, e.g. 5% of free stream turbulence. Finally the blunt body turbulent stagnation results are shown to provide realistic heat transfer results for turbulent jet impingement problems.

  6. Relative Critical Points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Debra Lewis


    Full Text Available Relative equilibria of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian systems with symmetry are critical points of appropriate scalar functions parametrized by the Lie algebra (or its dual of the symmetry group. Setting aside the structures – symplectic, Poisson, or variational – generating dynamical systems from such functions highlights the common features of their construction and analysis, and supports the construction of analogous functions in non-Hamiltonian settings. If the symmetry group is nonabelian, the functions are invariant only with respect to the isotropy subgroup of the given parameter value. Replacing the parametrized family of functions with a single function on the product manifold and extending the action using the (coadjoint action on the algebra or its dual yields a fully invariant function. An invariant map can be used to reverse the usual perspective: rather than selecting a parametrized family of functions and finding their critical points, conditions under which functions will be critical on specific orbits, typically distinguished by isotropy class, can be derived. This strategy is illustrated using several well-known mechanical systems – the Lagrange top, the double spherical pendulum, the free rigid body, and the Riemann ellipsoids – and generalizations of these systems.

  7. SPIRE Point Source Photometry

    CERN Document Server

    Pearson, Chris; North, Chris; Bendo, George; Conversi, Luca; Dowell, Darren; Griffin, Matt; Jin, Terry; Laporte, Nicolas; Papageorgiou, Andreas; Schulz, Bernhard; Shupe, Dave; Smith, Anthony J; Xu, Kevin


    The different algorithms appropriate for point source photometry on data from the SPIRE instrument on-board the Herschel Space Observatory, within the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE) are compared. Point source photometry of a large ensemble of standard calibration stars and dark sky observations is carried out using the 4 major methods within HIPE: SUSSEXtractor, DAOphot, the SPIRE Timeline Fitter and simple Aperture Photometry. Colour corrections and effective beam areas as a function of the assumed source spectral index are also included to produce a large number of photometric measurements per individual target, in each of the 3 SPIRE bands (250, 350, 500um), to examine both the accuracy and repeatability of each of the 4 algorithms. It is concluded that for flux densities down to the level of 30mJy that the SPIRE Timeline Fitter is the method of choice. However, at least in the 250 and 350um bands, all 4 methods provide photometric repeatability better than a few percent down to at appr...

  8. Relative Critical Points (United States)

    Lewis, Debra


    Relative equilibria of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian systems with symmetry are critical points of appropriate scalar functions parametrized by the Lie algebra (or its dual) of the symmetry group. Setting aside the structures - symplectic, Poisson, or variational - generating dynamical systems from such functions highlights the common features of their construction and analysis, and supports the construction of analogous functions in non-Hamiltonian settings. If the symmetry group is nonabelian, the functions are invariant only with respect to the isotropy subgroup of the given parameter value. Replacing the parametrized family of functions with a single function on the product manifold and extending the action using the (co)adjoint action on the algebra or its dual yields a fully invariant function. An invariant map can be used to reverse the usual perspective: rather than selecting a parametrized family of functions and finding their critical points, conditions under which functions will be critical on specific orbits, typically distinguished by isotropy class, can be derived. This strategy is illustrated using several well-known mechanical systems - the Lagrange top, the double spherical pendulum, the free rigid body, and the Riemann ellipsoids - and generalizations of these systems.

  9. Drama advertisements: moderating effects of self-relevance on the relations among empathy, information processing, and attitudes. (United States)

    Chebat, Jean-Charles; Vercollier, Sarah Drissi; Gélinas-Chebat, Claire


    The effects of drama versus lecture format in public service advertisements are studied in a 2 (format) x 2 (malaria vs AIDS) factorial design. Two structural equation models are built (one for each level of self-relevance), showing two distinct patterns. In both low and high self-relevant situations, empathy plays a key role. Under low self-relevance conditions, drama enhances information processing through empathy. Under high self-relevant conditions, the advertisement format has neither significant cognitive or empathetic effects. The information processing generated by the highly relevant topic affects viewers' empathy, which in turn affects the attitude the advertisement and the behavioral intent. As predicted by the Elaboration Likelihood Model, the advertisement format enhances the attitudes and information processing mostly under low self-relevant conditions. Under low self-relevant conditions, empathy enhances information processing while under high self-relevance, the converse relation holds.

  10. A Point System Approach to Secondary Classroom Management (United States)

    Xenos, Anthony J.


    This article presents guiding principles governing the design, implementation, and management of a point system to promote discipline and academic rigor in a secondary classroom. Four considerations are discussed: (1) assigning appropriate point values to integral classroom behaviors and tasks; (2) determining the relationship among consequences,…

  11. Has Financial Statement Information become Less Relevant?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thinggaard, Frank; Damkier, Jesper

    This paper presents insights into the question of whether accounting information based on the EU’s Accounting Directives has become less value-relevant to investors over time. The study is based on a research design first used by Francis and Schipper (1999), where value-relevance is measured......? The sample is based on non-financial companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in the period 1984-2002. Our analyses show that all the applied accounting measures are value-relevant as investment strategies based on the information earn positive market-adjusted returns in our sample period....... The results provide some indication of a decline in the value-relevance of earnings information in the 1984-2001 period, and mixed, but not statistically reliable, evidence for accounting measures where book value information and asset values are also extracted from financial statements. The results seem...

  12. Interactions of Pellet with Reactor Relevant Plasma

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    PENGLilin; DENGBaiquan; YANJiancheng


    Extended algorithm has been developed for ablation rate calculations of Li, Be, B impurity pellets and five combinations of solid isotopic hydrogenic H2, HD, D2, DT, T2 pellets. Numerical calculations have been performed for reactor relevant plasma.

  13. The foundation of the concept of relevance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjørland, Birger


    be termed “the epistemological view”). The concept of relevance, like other basic concepts, is influenced by overall approaches to information science, such as the cognitive view and the domain-analytic view. There is today a trend toward a social paradigm for information science. This paper offers...... that what was regarded as the most fundamental view by Saracevic in 1975 has not since been considered (with very few exceptions). Other views, which are based on less fruitful assumptions, have dominated the discourse on relevance in information retrieval and information science. Many authors have...... reexamined the concept of relevance in information science, but have neglected the subject knowledge view, hence basic theoretical assumptions seem not to have been properly addressed. It is as urgent now as it was in 1975 seriously to consider “the subject knowledge view” of relevance (which may also...

  14. Point Source Extraction with MOPEX

    CERN Document Server

    Marleau, D M F R


    MOPEX (MOsaicking and Point source EXtraction) is a package developed at the Spitzer Science Center for astronomical image processing. We report on the point source extraction capabilities of MOPEX. Point source extraction is implemented as a two step process: point source detection and profile fitting. Non-linear matched filtering of input images can be performed optionally to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and improve detection of faint point sources. Point Response Function (PRF) fitting of point sources produces the final point source list which includes the fluxes and improved positions of the point sources, along with other parameters characterizing the fit. Passive and active deblending allows for successful fitting of confused point sources. Aperture photometry can also be computed for every extracted point source for an unlimited number of aperture sizes. PRF is estimated directly from the input images. Implementation of efficient methods of background and noise estimation, and modified Simplex a...

  15. Spacing distribution functions for 1D point island model with irreversible attachment (United States)

    Gonzalez, Diego; Einstein, Theodore; Pimpinelli, Alberto


    We study the configurational structure of the point island model for epitaxial growth in one dimension. In particular, we calculate the island gap and capture zone distributions. Our model is based on an approximate description of nucleation inside the gaps. Nucleation is described by the joint probability density p xy n (x,y), which represents the probability density to have nucleation at position x within a gap of size y. Our proposed functional form for p xy n (x,y) describes excellently the statistical behavior of the system. We compare our analytical model with extensive numerical simulations. Our model retains the most relevant physical properties of the system. This work was supported by the NSF-MRSEC at the University of Maryland, Grant No. DMR 05-20471, with ancillary support from the Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials (CNAM).

  16. Memetics clarification of abnormal behavior

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    AIM: Biological medicine is hard to fully and scientifically explain the etiological factor and pathogenesis of abnormal behaviors; while, researches on philosophy and psychology (including memetics) are beneficial to better understand and explain etiological factor and pathogenesis of abnormal behaviors. At present, the theory of philosophy and psychology is to investigate the entity of abnormal behavior based on the views of memetics.METHODS: Abnormal behavior was researched in this study based on three aspects, including instinctive behavior disorder, poorly social-adapted behavior disorder and mental or body disease associated behavior disorder. Most main viewpoints of memetics were derived from "The Meme Machine", which was written by Susan Blackmore. When questions about abnormal behaviors induced by mental and psychological diseases and conduct disorder of teenagers were discussed, some researching achievements which were summarized by authors previously were added in this study, such as aggressive behaviors, pathologically aggressive behaviors, etc.RESULTS: The abnormal behaviors mainly referred to a part of people's substandard behaviors which were not according with the realistic social environment, culture background and the pathologic behaviors resulted from people's various psychological diseases. According to the theory of "meme", it demonstrated that the relevant behavioral obstacles of various psychological diseases, for example, the unusual behavior of schizophrenia, were caused, because the old meme was destroyed thoroughly but the new meme was unable to establish; psychoneurosis and personality disorder were resulted in hard establishment of meme; the behavioral obstacles which were ill-adapted to society, for example, various additional and homosexual behaviors, were because of the selfish replications and imitations of "additional meme" and "homosexual meme"; various instinct behavioral and congenital intelligent obstacles were not significance

  17. What's the Point?: A Review of Reward Systems Implemented in Gamification Interventions. (United States)

    Lewis, Zakkoyya H; Swartz, Maria C; Lyons, Elizabeth J


    Rewards are commonly used in interventions to change behavior, but they can inhibit development of intrinsic motivation, which is associated with long-term behavior maintenance. Gamification is a novel intervention strategy that may target intrinsic motivation through fun and enjoyment. Before the effects of gamified interventions on motivation can be determined, there must be an understanding of how gamified interventions operationalize rewards, such as point systems. The purpose of this review is to determine the prevalence of different reward types, specifically point systems, within gamified interventions. Electronic databases were searched for relevant articles. Data sources included Medline OVID, Medline PubMed, Web of Science, CINAHL, Cochrane Central, and PsycINFO. Out of the 21 articles retrieved, 18 studies described a reward system and were included in this review. Gamified interventions were designed to target a myriad of clinical outcomes across diverse populations. Rewards included points (n = 14), achievements/badges/medals (n = 7), tangible rewards (n = 7), currency (n = 4), other unspecified rewards (n = 3), likes (n = 2), animated feedback (n = 1), and kudos (n = 1). Rewards, and points in particular, appear to be a foundational component of gamified interventions. Despite their prevalence, authors seldom described the use of noncontingent rewards or how the rewards interacted with other game features. The reward systems relying on tangible rewards and currency may have been limited by inhibited intrinsic motivation. As gamification proliferates, future research should explicitly describe how rewards were operationalized in the intervention and evaluate the effects of gamified rewards on motivation across populations and research outcomes.

  18. May 2002 Lidar Point Data of Southern California Coastline: Dana Point to Point La Jolla (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains lidar point data from a strip of Southern California coastline (including water, beach, cliffs, and top of cliffs) from Dana Point to Point La...

  19. September 2002 Lidar Point Data of Southern California Coastline: Dana Point to Point La Jolla (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains lidar point data from a strip of Southern California coastline (including water, beach, cliffs, and top of cliffs) from Dana Point to Point...

  20. September 2002 Lidar Point Data of Southern California Coastline: Dana Point to Point La Jolla (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains lidar point data from a strip of Southern California coastline (including water, beach, cliffs, and top of cliffs) from Dana Point to Point La...

  1. Caregiver's Feeding Styles Questionnaire. Establishing cutoff points. (United States)

    Hughes, Sheryl O; Cross, Matthew B; Hennessy, Erin; Tovar, Alison; Economos, Christina D; Power, Thomas G


    Researchers use the Caregiver's Feeding Styles Questionnaire (CFSQ) to categorize parent feeding into authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, and uninvolved styles. The CFSQ assesses self-reported feeding and classifies parents using median splits which are used in a substantial body of parenting literature and allow for direct comparison across studies on dimensions of demandingness and responsiveness. No national norms currently exist for the CFSQ. This paper establishes and recommends cutoff points most relevant for low-income, minority US samples that researchers and clinicians can use to assign parents to feeding styles. Median scores for five studies are examined and the average across these studies reported.

  2. Visibility of noisy point cloud data

    KAUST Repository

    Mehra, Ravish


    We present a robust algorithm for estimating visibility from a given viewpoint for a point set containing concavities, non-uniformly spaced samples, and possibly corrupted with noise. Instead of performing an explicit surface reconstruction for the points set, visibility is computed based on a construction involving convex hull in a dual space, an idea inspired by the work of Katz et al. [26]. We derive theoretical bounds on the behavior of the method in the presence of noise and concavities, and use the derivations to develop a robust visibility estimation algorithm. In addition, computing visibility from a set of adaptively placed viewpoints allows us to generate locally consistent partial reconstructions. Using a graph based approximation algorithm we couple such reconstructions to extract globally consistent reconstructions. We test our method on a variety of 2D and 3D point sets of varying complexity and noise content. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Telis-Romero


    Full Text Available The rise in boiling point of coffee extract was experimentally measured at soluble solids concentrations in the range of 9.2 to 52.4ºBrix and pressures between 5.8 × 10³ and 9.4 × 10(4 Pa (abs.. Different approaches to representing experimental data, including the Dühring's rule, the Antoine equation and empirical models proposed in the literature were tested. In the range of 9.2 to 16.2ºBrix, the rise in boiling point was nearly independent of pressure, varying only with extract concentration. Considerable deviations of this behavior began to occur at concentrations higher than 16.2ºBrix. Experimental data could best be predicted by adjusting an empirical model which consists of a single equation that takes into account the dependence of rise in boiling point on pressure and concentration.

  4. Finding critical points whose polarization is also a critical point


    Squassina, Marco; Van Schaftingen, Jean


    We show that near any given minimizing sequence of paths for the mountain pass lemma, there exists a critical point whose polarization is also a critical point. This is motivated by the fact that if any polarization of a critical point is also a critical point and the Euler-Lagrange equation is a second-order semi-linear elliptic problem, T. Bartsch, T. Weth and M. Willem (J. Anal. Math., 2005) have proved that the critical point is axially symmetric.

  5. Characteristic Formulae for Relations with Nested Fixed Points

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Aceto


    Full Text Available A general framework for the connection between characteristic formulae and behavioral semantics is described in [2]. This approach does not suitably cover semantics defined by nested fixed points, such as the n-nested simulation semantics for n greater than 2. In this study we address this deficiency and give a description of nested fixed points that extends the approach for single fixed points in an intuitive and comprehensive way.

  6. Perpetual points and hidden attractors in dynamical systems (United States)

    Dudkowski, Dawid; Prasad, Awadhesh; Kapitaniak, Tomasz


    We discuss the use of perpetual points for tracing the hidden and the rare attractors of dynamical systems. The analysis of perpetual points and their co-existence due to the parameters values is presented and the impact of these points on the behavior of the systems is shown. The results are obtained for single as well as coupled externally excited van der Pol-Duffing oscillators. The presented results can be generalized to other systems having different dynamics.

  7. Water Sorption Behaviors of Five Woods above Fiber Saturation Point

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Woods from Korean Larch, Chinese Fir, Aspens, Manchumian, and Fortunes Paulownia were chosen for investigation. Specimens cut from the air-dried woods had a cubic shape with nominal air-dried size of 17.0 mm and 8.5 mm. Oven-died specimens were put in containers filled with water and water sorption was implemented at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. Results from the experiment could not described exactly by the model of steady state flow from Darcy' law. An empirical equation is put forward fo...

  8. Virtual turning points

    CERN Document Server

    Honda, Naofumi; Takei, Yoshitsugu


    The discovery of a virtual turning point truly is a breakthrough in WKB analysis of higher order differential equations. This monograph expounds the core part of its theory together with its application to the analysis of higher order Painlevé equations of the Noumi–Yamada type and to the analysis of non-adiabatic transition probability problems in three levels. As M.V. Fedoryuk once lamented, global asymptotic analysis of higher order differential equations had been thought to be impossible to construct. In 1982, however, H.L. Berk, W.M. Nevins, and K.V. Roberts published a remarkable paper in the Journal of Mathematical Physics indicating that the traditional Stokes geometry cannot globally describe the Stokes phenomena of solutions of higher order equations; a new Stokes curve is necessary.

  9. Latent myofascial trigger points. (United States)

    Ge, Hong-You; Arendt-Nielsen, Lars


    A latent myofascial trigger point (MTP) is defined as a focus of hyperirritability in a muscle taut band that is clinically associated with local twitch response and tenderness and/or referred pain upon manual examination. Current evidence suggests that the temporal profile of the spontaneous electrical activity at an MTP is similar to focal muscle fiber contraction and/or muscle cramp potentials, which contribute significantly to the induction of local tenderness and pain and motor dysfunctions. This review highlights the potential mechanisms underlying the sensory-motor dysfunctions associated with latent MTPs and discusses the contribution of central sensitization associated with latent MTPs and the MTP network to the spatial propagation of pain and motor dysfunctions. Treating latent MTPs in patients with musculoskeletal pain may not only decrease pain sensitivity and improve motor functions, but also prevent latent MTPs from transforming into active MTPs, and hence, prevent the development of myofascial pain syndrome.

  10. The Point Mass Concept

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lehnert B.


    Full Text Available A point-mass concept has been elaborated from the equations of the gravitational field. One application of these deductions results in a black hole configuration of the Schwarzschild type, having no electric charge and no angular momentum. The critical mass of a gravitational collapse with respect to the nuclear binding energy is found to be in the range of 0.4 to 90 solar masses. A second application is connected with the spec- ulation about an extended symmetric law of gravitation, based on the options of positive and negative mass for a particle at given positive energy. This would make masses of equal polarity attract each other, while masses of opposite polarity repel each other. Matter and antimatter are further proposed to be associated with the states of positive and negative mass. Under fully symmetric conditions this could provide a mechanism for the separation of antimatter from matter at an early stage of the universe.

  11. Feasibility of the Application of Relevance Theory to Brand Name Translation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Relevance theory is a theory on communication from the cognitive point, and regards the communication as an ostensive-inferential process. The brand name translation is not only bilingual communication, but also bicultural communication. The author regards the brand name translation as a communicative process of ostensive-inference that includes three parties, testifying the feasibility that relevance theory can be best applied to the brand name translation.

  12. 子宫内膜异位症患者术后自我管理行为与社会支持相关性研究%The Relevance Study of Self-management Behaviors and the Social Support for Patients with Endometriosis Surgery

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨晓春; 徐鑫芬; 洪水玲


    目的 研究子宫内膜异位症患者术后的自我管理行为与社会支持的相关性.方法 应用社会支持量表和自行设计的自我管理行为量表对120例子宫内膜异位症术后患者进行调查.结果 子宫内膜异位症患者术后的自我管理行为处于中等水平,自我管理行为总分为(53.02±10.56)分.自我管理行为与社会支持之间呈正相关.结论 子宫内膜异位症患者术后的自我管理行为需要改善,并受社会支持的影响.%Objective To study the relationship between the self - management behaviors and the social support for patients with endometriosis surgery. Methods 120 cases of patients with endometriosis surgery were recruited into this study. Self - management Behaviors Measuring Seale, General Questionnaire and Social Support Measuring Questionnaire were used to measure the self - management behaviors and the social support. The data were analyzed with the SPSS version 13. 0. Results Patients with endometriosis represented a moderate or lower level of self- management, and the total score of self - management behaviors was 53.02 ± 10.56. Pearson correlation analysis showed that the behaviors of self - management and the social support were positively correlated. Conclusion Self - management behaviors are related with social support and need to be improved.

  13. Endomembrane control of cell polarity: Relevance to cancer. (United States)

    Baschieri, Francesco; Farhan, Hesso


    The role of polarity in cancer is an emerging research area and loss of polarity is widely considered an important event in cancer. Among the polarity regulating molecules, the small GTPase Cdc42 was extensively studied. Most attention was given to Cdc42 signaling at the plasma membrane, but whether and how Cdc42 is regulated at endomembranes remained poorly understood. Moreover, whether the endomembrane pool of Cdc42 is of any relevance to cell polarity was unknown. In our recent work, we identified a complex between the Golgi matrix protein GM130 and RasGRF and showed that it is responsible for regulating the Golgi pool of Cdc42, but had no effect on the plasma membrane pool of Cdc42. Depletion of GM130 disrupted apico-basal polarity as well as front-rear polarity, indicating that the spatial pool of Cdc42 is functionally relevant. The biomedical relevance of this finding was supported by the observation than GM130 is progressively lost in colorectal cancer. These findings support a role of the endomembrane pool of Cdc42 in cell polarity and point to a potential role of alterations of this pool in cancer.

  14. The relevance study of self-efficacy and self-management behaviors of hypertensive older people in the community%社区老年高血压患者自我效能与自我管理行为的相关性研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张琳; 刘新; 宁艳花; 古博荣


    目的 探讨社区老年高血压患者的自我效能、自我管理行为状况及两者之间的关系.方法 应用中的自我效能量表、自我管理行为量表对254名社区老年高血压患者进行调查.结果 社区老年高血压患者的自我效能较稳定,自我管理行为中运动锻炼时间较长,认知性症状管理实践、与医生的交流得分较低,自我效能与自我管理行为呈显著正相关(P<0.01).结论 社区老年高血压患者的自我管理行为需要改善,自我管理行为与自我效能关系密切,可通过健康教育提高患者的自我效能,进而改善其自我管理行为.%Objective To study the relationship between the self-efficacy and self-management behaviors of the elder hypertensive in the community. Methods Chronic disease self-efficacy scale and self-management behaviors measuring scale were used to investigate the self-efficacy and self-management behaviors of the 254 elder hypertensive in the community. Results The self-efficacy of the elder hypertensive in the community was stable, and the time spent on physical exercises were relatively long in self-management behaviors among the elder hypertensive in the community. The scores of cognitive symptom management practice and communication with doctors were relatively low. There was a positive and significant relationship between self-efficacy and self-management behaviors of the elder hypertensive in the community (P < 0. 01 ). Conclusions Self-management behaviors need to be improved, and the self-management behavior is related to their selfefficacy. Health education is benefit for improving self-efficacy and self-management behaviors.

  15. Radionuclide behavior in the environment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tveten, U. (Institutt for Energiteknikk, Kjeller (Norway))


    The purpose of this report is to document the results of the following task: Review for quality and consistency the available data on measurements of initial ground contamination of Chernobyl radionuclides in various parts of Norway and subsequent concentrations of these radionuclides in various environmental media as functions of time. Utilize the data obtained to verify the existing models, or to improve them, for describing radionuclide behavior in the environment. Some of the processes standard were: migration into soil; weathering; resuspension; food-chain contamination; and loss or reconcentration by run-off. The task performed within this contract has been to use post-Chernobyl data from Norway to verify or find areas for possible improvement in the chronic exposure pathway models utilized in MACCS. Work has consisted mainly of collecting and evaluating post-Chernobyl information from Norway or other countries when relevant; but has also included experimental work performed specifically for the current task. In most connections the data available show the models and data in MACCS to be appropriate. A few areas where the data indicate that the MACCS approach is faulty or inadequate are, however, pointed out in the report. These should be examined carefully, and appropriate modifications should eventually be made. 14 refs., 12 figs., 22 tabs.

  16. The cell monolayer trajectory from the system state point of view. (United States)

    Stys, Dalibor; Vanek, Jan; Nahlik, Tomas; Urban, Jan; Cisar, Petr


    Time-lapse microscopic movies are being increasingly utilized for understanding the derivation of cell states and predicting cell future. Often, fluorescence and other types of labeling are not available or desirable, and cell state-definitions based on observable structures must be used. We present the methodology for cell behavior recognition and prediction based on the short term cell recurrent behavior analysis. This approach has theoretical justification in non-linear dynamics theory. The methodology is based on the general stochastic systems theory which allows us to define the cell states, trajectory and the system itself. We introduce the usage of a novel image content descriptor based on information contribution (gain) by each image point for the cell state characterization as the first step. The linkage between the method and the general system theory is presented as a general frame for cell behavior interpretation. We also discuss extended cell description, system theory and methodology for future development. This methodology may be used for many practical purposes, ranging from advanced, medically relevant, precise cell culture diagnostics to very utilitarian cell recognition in a noisy or uneven image background. In addition, the results are theoretically justified.

  17. Field theory of bicritical and tetracritical points. I. Statics. (United States)

    Folk, R; Holovatch, Yu; Moser, G


    We calculate the static critical behavior of systems of O(n_||)(plus sign in circle)O(n_perpendicular) symmetry by the renormalization group method within the minimal subtraction scheme in two-loop order. Summation methods lead to fixed points describing multicritical behavior. Their stability border lines in the space of the order parameter components n_|| and n_perpendicular and spatial dimension d are calculated. The essential features obtained already in two-loop order for the interesting case of an antiferromagnet in a magnetic field ( n_|| =1, n_perpendicular =2 ) are the stability of the biconical fixed point and the neighborhood of the stability border lines to the other fixed points, leading to very small transient exponents. We are also able to calculate the flow of static couplings, which allows us to consider the attraction region. Depending on the nonuniversal background parameters, the existence of different multicritical behavior (bicritical or tetracritical) is possible, including a triple point.

  18. Studies on Relevance, Ranking and Results Display

    CERN Document Server

    Gelernter, Judith; Carbonell, Jaime


    This study considers the extent to which users with the same query agree as to what is relevant, and how what is considered relevant may translate into a retrieval algorithm and results display. To combine user perceptions of relevance with algorithm rank and to present results, we created a prototype digital library of scholarly literature. We confine studies to one population of scientists (paleontologists), one domain of scholarly scientific articles (paleo-related), and a prototype system (PaleoLit) that we built for the purpose. Based on the principle that users do not pre-suppose answers to a given query but that they will recognize what they want when they see it, our system uses a rules-based algorithm to cluster results into fuzzy categories with three relevance levels. Our system matches at least 1/3 of our participants' relevancy ratings 87% of the time. Our subsequent usability study found that participants trusted our uncertainty labels but did not value our color-coded horizontal results layout ...

  19. Rethinking "relevance": South African psychology in context. (United States)

    Long, Wahbie


    This article examines the phenomenon known as the "relevance debate" in South African psychology. It begins with a historical overview of the contours of the discipline in that country before describing the controversy's international dimensions, namely, the revolutionary politics of 1960s higher education and the subsequent emergence of cognate versions of the debate in American, European, and "Third World" psychology. The article then details how South Africa's "relevance" project enjoyed a special affinity with an assortment of ethnic-cultural, national, and continental myths and metaphors, all of which served the interests of the political formations of the day. It discusses how, in present-day South Africa, the intelligentsia has become an important catalyst for the so-called African Renaissance, which seeks to provide "relevant" solutions for the regeneration of African society. However, the global hegemony of what began in the 1970s as a "second academic revolution," aided by the lifting of the academic boycott of South Africa, has blunted the once critical edge of "relevance" discourse. A new mode of knowledge production now holds sway, the outcome of a dramatic reformulation of the capitalist manifesto in which the values of the "May 68" generation have been hijacked by a managerialist rationality. In light of the capitalization of the knowledge-production enterprise, it is concluded that the idiom of "relevance" has outlived its usefulness.

  20. Precise Deviations Results for the Maxima of Some Determinantal Point Processes: the Upper Tail (United States)

    Eichelsbacher, Peter; Kriecherbauer, Thomas; Schüler, Katharina


    We prove precise deviations results in the sense of Cramér and Petrov for the upper tail of the distribution of the maximal value for a special class of determinantal point processes that play an important role in random matrix theory. Here we cover all three regimes of moderate, large and superlarge deviations for which we determine the leading order description of the tail probabilities. As a corollary of our results we identify the region within the regime of moderate deviations for which the limiting Tracy-Widom law still predicts the correct leading order behavior. Our proofs use that the determinantal point process is given by the Christoffel-Darboux kernel for an associated family of orthogonal polynomials. The necessary asymptotic information on this kernel has mostly been obtained in [Kriecherbauer T., Schubert K., Schüler K., Venker M., Markov Process. Related Fields 21 (2015), 639-694]. In the superlarge regime these results of do not suffice and we put stronger assumptions on the point processes. The results of the present paper and the relevant parts of [Kriecherbauer T., Schubert K., Schüler K., Venker M., Markov Process. Related Fields 21 (2015), 639-694] have been proved in the dissertation [Schüler K., Ph.D. Thesis, Universität Bayreuth, 2015].

  1. Ultraviolet fixed point and massive composite particles in TeV scales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    She-Sheng Xue


    Full Text Available We present a further study of the dynamics of high-dimension fermion operators attributed to the theoretical inconsistency of the fundamental cutoff (quantum gravity and the parity-violating gauge symmetry of the standard model. Studying the phase transition from a symmetry-breaking phase to a strong-coupling symmetric phase and the β-function behavior in terms of four-fermion coupling strength, we discuss the critical transition point as a ultraviolet-stable fixed point where a quantum field theory preserving the standard model gauge symmetry with composite particles can be realized. The form-factors and masses of composite particles at TeV scales are estimated by extrapolating the solution of renormalization-group equations from the infrared-stable fixed point where the quantum field theory of standard model is realized and its phenomenology including Higgs mass has been experimentally determined. We discuss the probability of composite-particle formation and decay that could be experimentally verified in the LHC by measuring the invariant mass of relevant final states and their peculiar kinetic distributions.

  2. Fermi-surface collapse and dynamical scaling near a quantum-critical point. (United States)

    Friedemann, Sven; Oeschler, Niels; Wirth, Steffen; Krellner, Cornelius; Geibel, Christoph; Steglich, Frank; Paschen, Silke; Kirchner, Stefan; Si, Qimiao


    Quantum criticality arises when a macroscopic phase of matter undergoes a continuous transformation at zero temperature. While the collective fluctuations at quantum-critical points are being increasingly recognized as playing an important role in a wide range of quantum materials, the nature of the underlying quantum-critical excitations remains poorly understood. Here we report in-depth measurements of the Hall effect in the heavy-fermion metal YbRh(2)Si(2), a prototypical system for quantum criticality. We isolate a rapid crossover of the isothermal Hall coefficient clearly connected to the quantum-critical point from a smooth background contribution; the latter exists away from the quantum-critical point and is detectable through our studies only over a wide range of magnetic field. Importantly, the width of the critical crossover is proportional to temperature, which violates the predictions of conventional theory and is instead consistent with an energy over temperature, E/T, scaling of the quantum-critical single-electron fluctuation spectrum. Our results provide evidence that the quantum-dynamical scaling and a critical Kondo breakdown simultaneously operate in the same material. Correspondingly, we infer that macroscopic scale-invariant fluctuations emerge from the microscopic many-body excitations associated with a collapsing Fermi-surface. This insight is expected to be relevant to the unconventional finite-temperature behavior in a broad range of strongly correlated quantum systems.

  3. Turning points in climate change adaptation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saskia Elisabeth. Werners


    Full Text Available Concerned decision makers increasingly pose questions as to whether current management practices are able to cope with climate change and increased climate variability. This signifies a shift in the framing of climate change from asking what its potential impacts are to asking whether it induces policy failure and unacceptable change. In this paper, we explore the background, feasibility, and consequences of this new framing. We focus on the specific situation in which a social-political threshold of concern is likely to be exceeded as a result of climate change, requiring consideration of alternative strategies. Action is imperative when such a situation is conceivable, and at this point climate change becomes particularly relevant to decision makers. We call this situation an "adaptation turning point." The assessment of adaptation turning points converts uncertainty surrounding the extent of a climate impact into a time range over which it is likely that specific thresholds will be exceeded. This can then be used to take adaptive action. Despite the difficulty in identifying adaptation turning points and the relative newness of the approach, experience so far suggests that the assessment generates a meaningful dialogue between stakeholders and scientists. Discussion revolves around the amount of change that is acceptable; how likely it is that unacceptable, or more favorable, conditions will be reached; and the adaptation pathways that need to be considered under these circumstances. Defining and renegotiating policy objectives under climate change are important topics in the governance of adaptation.

  4. ATLAS Point 1 Construction

    CERN Multimedia

    Inigo-Golfin, J

    After 3 years of work in point 1, a number of surface buildings have already been completed and handed over to CERN (the control, the gas and the cooling and ventilation buildings) and, probably more appealing to the public, 60,000 m3 of earth have already been excavated from underground. At present, the technical cavern USA15 and its access shaft are almost finished, leaving only the main cavern and the liaison galleries to be completed in the coming year and a half. The main cavern has been excavated down to the radiation limit and its walls and vault will presently be concreted (see below the picture of the section of the vault with the impressive shell of 1.2 m thickness). The excavation of the bench (27 vertical metres to go yet!) will proceed from August, when some additional civil engineering work in the LHC tunnel will be undertaken. Needless to say many different services are necessary around the detector, both for its installation and future operation for physics. To that end much of the heavy...

  5. Point 1 Updates

    CERN Multimedia

    Inigo-Golfin, J.

    The ATLAS experimental area is located in Point 1, just across the main CERN entrance, in the commune of Meyrin. There people are ever so busy to finish the different infrastructures for ATLAS. Not only has Civil Engineering finished the construction of the USA15 technical cavern, but the excavation of the main UX15 cavern has resumed below the machine tunnel, after a brief halt to allow the construction of the UJ-caverns for the power converters of the LHC machine. The excavation work should end in August 2002. The UX15 hand-over to ATLAS is expected in April 2003. On the surface civil engineering is starting to complete the last two surface buildings (SDX1 and SH1), once the services (cooling pipes, ventilation ducts and the largest item, the lift modules and its lift of course) in the shaft PX15 have been completed. But the civil engineering is not all. A lot more is under way. The site installation of the steel structures in the caverns is to begin in Autumn, along with all the cooling pipes, airconditi...

  6. "Point de suspension"

    CERN Multimedia


    CERN - Globe of Science and Innovation 20 and 21 October Acrobatics, mime, a cappella singing, projections of images, a magical setting... a host of different tools of a grandeur matching that of the Universe they relate. A camera makes a massive zoom out to reveal the multiple dimensions of Nature. Freeze the frame: half way between the infinitesimally small and the infinitesimally large, a man suspends his everyday life (hence the title "Point de Suspension", which refers to the three dots at the end of an uncompleted sentence) to take a glimpse of the place he occupies in the great history of the Universe. An unusual perspective on what it means to be a human being... This wondrous show in the Globe of Science and Innovation, specially created by the Miméscope* company for the official ceremony marking CERN's fiftieth anniversary, is a gift from the Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, which also wishes to share this moment of wonder with the local population. There will be three perfo...

  7. "Point de suspension"

    CERN Multimedia


    CERN - Globe of Science and Innovation 20 and 21 October Acrobatics, mime, a cappella singing, projections of images, a magical setting... a host of different tools of a grandeur matching that of the Universe they relate. A camera makes a massive zoom out to reveal the multiple dimensions of Nature. Freeze the frame: half way between the infinitesimally small and the infinitesimally large, a man suspends his everyday life (hence the title "Point de Suspension", which refers to the three dots at the end of an uncompleted sentence) to take a glimpse of the place he occupies in the great history of the Universe. An unusual perspective on what it means to be a human being... This spectacle in the Globe of Science and Innovation, specially created by the Miméscope* company for the official ceremony marking CERN's fiftieth anniversary, is a gift from the Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, which also wishes to share this moment of wonder with the local population. There will be three performances for...

  8. "Point de suspension"

    CERN Multimedia

    2004-01-01 CERN - Globe of Science and Innovation 20 and 21 October Acrobatics, mime, a cappella singing, projections of images, a magical setting... a host of different tools of a grandeur matching that of the Universe they relate. A camera makes a massive zoom out to reveal the multiple dimensions of Nature. Freeze the frame: half way between the infinitesimally small and the infinitesimally large, a man suspends his everyday life (hence the title "Point de Suspension", which refers to the three dots at the end of an uncompleted sentence) to take a glimpse of the place he occupies in the great history of the Universe. An unusual perspective on what it means to be a human being... This wondrous show in the Globe of Science and Innovation, specially created by the Miméscope* company for the official ceremony marking CERN's fiftieth anniversary, is a gift from the Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, which also wishes to share this moment of wonder with the local pop...

  9. Is relevance theory applicable to proverbs’ translation?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pegulescu Anca-Mariana


    Full Text Available Translation, viewed as a multi-faceted task, can arise different types of difficulties. Proverbs have been considered special patterns, displaying sometimes hidden meanings or suggesting morals issuing from a particular example. These paremic units - the proverbs - conveyed feelings, states of mind, behaviours or ‘metaphorical descriptions of certain situations’(Krikmann. Starting from Savory’s list of pair-wise contradictory translation principles, I intend to prove that the link between different ‘forms’ and their ‘contents’ lies in the principle of relevance when referring to proverbs. Even if relevance theory is not a theory of linguistic structure - and many translation problems imply structural mismatches - relevance theory offers insights about contextual information. Proverbs are seen as texts in themselves. My analysis will target the ethnofields of ‘to buy’ and ‘to sell’ in English proverbs and their Romanian corresponding versions.

  10. Passage relevance models for genomics search

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frieder Ophir


    Full Text Available Abstract We present a passage relevance model for integrating syntactic and semantic evidence of biomedical concepts and topics using a probabilistic graphical model. Component models of topics, concepts, terms, and document are represented as potential functions within a Markov Random Field. The probability of a passage being relevant to a biologist's information need is represented as the joint distribution across all potential functions. Relevance model feedback of top ranked passages is used to improve distributional estimates of query concepts and topics in context, and a dimensional indexing strategy is used for efficient aggregation of concept and term statistics. By integrating multiple sources of evidence including dependencies between topics, concepts, and terms, we seek to improve genomics literature passage retrieval precision. Using this model, we are able to demonstrate statistically significant improvements in retrieval precision using a large genomics literature corpus.

  11. Probing for Relevance: Information Theories and Translation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Dejica


    Full Text Available Recent studies claim that the more translators know about the structure and the dynamics of discourse, the more readily and accurately they can translate both the content and the spirit of a text. Similarly, international research projects highlight directions of research which aim at helping translators make reasonable and consistent decisions as to the relevance and reliability of source text features in the target text. Other recent studies stress the importance of developing information structure theories for translation. In line with such current research desiderata, the aim of this article is to test the relevance of information theories for translation. In the first part, information theories are presented from different linguistic perspectives. In the second part, their relevance for translation is tested on a series of texts by examining how they have been or can be applied to translation. The last part presents the conclusions of the analysis.

  12. Relevance of Search Engines for Modern Generations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Trilok Gupta


    Full Text Available Web search engines have major impact in people‟s everyday life . It is of great i m p o r t a n c e to test the retrieval effectiveness of search e n g i n e s. However, it is labour-intensive to judge the relevance of search results for a large number of queries, and these relevance judgments may not be reusable since the Web data change all the time. Experiments on major search engines show that our approach mines many high- confidence rules that help understand search engines and detect suspicious search results.

  13. On synthesis of relevance and rigor



    This paper presents a critique of Freek Vermeulen’s synthesis of rigor and relevance in management research, and argues (1) at the first glance, Vermeulen’s papers are very appealing; (2) but with a closer scrutiny, we can unveil the weak and shaky foundations of his argument; (3) as a consequence, his solution of ‘adding a second loop’ to make management research meet dual needs of rigor and relevance is illusory and merely an applied science fiction; (4) and finally, there ar...

  14. Improved Relevance Ranking in WebGather

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LEI Ming; WANG Jianyong; CHEN Baojue; LI Xiaoming


    The amount of information on the web is growing rapidly, and search engines that rely on keyword matching usually return too many low quality matches. To improve search results, a challenging task for search engines is how to effectively calculate a relevance ranking for each web page. This paper discusses in what order a search engine should return the URLs it has produced in response to a user's query, so as to show more relevant pages first.Emphasis is given on the ranking functions adopted by WebGather that take link structure and user popularity factors into account. Experimental results are also presented to evaluate the proposed strategy.

  15. Simulación numérica del comportamiento no-lineal de materiales utilizando el método sin malla de puntos finitos Meshless numerical simulation of the non-linear behavior of a material using the finite point method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Pérez P


    Full Text Available La formulación sin malla del método de puntos finitos permite aprovechar en toda su potencialidad la ventaja de este tipo de técnica numérica, habiéndose comprobado su buen funcionamiento para aplicaciones en los campos de la mecánica de fluidos, mecánica de sólidos, ciencia de materiales y más tarde en adaptividad y electromagnetismo. En el presente trabajo se desarrolla una metodología numérica para aproximar el comportamiento no-lineal de un material mediante el método de puntos finitos, basada en la teoría de deformación total de Hencky, en conjunto con un enfoque elástico para aproximar la distribución de tensiones y de deformaciones. Esta aproximación introduce el concepto de propiedades efectivas del material, las cuales se obtienen en forma iterativa mediante un procedimiento de corrección aplicado sobre la curva experimental de tensión-deformación. Los ejemplos desarrollados demuestran el correcto comportamiento de la metodología utilizada, siendo una de sus principales ventajas la sencillez y facilidad de su implementación, puesto que no es necesaria la partición o subdivisión del dominio de solución.The use of fully meshless formulation of the finite point method allows taking advantage the benefit of this type of numerical technique for applications in the fields of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, material science and later in adaptivity and electromagnetism. In this work a meshless numerical method to approximate the non-linear behavior of a material using the finite point method, based on the theory of Hencky total strain and elastic approach to approximate the distribution of stresses and deformation, is developed. This approach introduces the concept of effective properties of the material which are obtained using a correction procedure applied to the stress-strain curve. The examples show the good behavior of the methodology that is used, being one of the main advantages the simplicity and the ease of

  16. The computed cranial focal point

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jong, G.A. de; Maal, T.J.J.; Delye, H.


    INTRODUCTION: Stereophotogrammetry is a radiation-free method for monitoring skull development after craniosynostosis repair. Lack of clear fixed reference points complicate longitudinal comparison of 3D photographs. Therefore we developed the 'computed cranial focal point' (CCFP). METHODS: The CCFP

  17. The Relevance of Cosmopolitanism for Moral Education (United States)

    Merry, Michael S.; de Ruyter, Doret J.


    In this article we defend a moral conception of cosmopolitanism and its relevance for moral education. Our moral conception of cosmopolitanism presumes that persons possess an inherent dignity in the Kantian sense and therefore they should be recognised as ends-in-themselves. We argue that cosmopolitan ideals can inspire moral educators to awaken…

  18. Pairwise Document Classification for Relevance Feedback (United States)


    Pairwise Document Classification for Relevance Feedback Jonathan L. Elsas, Pinar Donmez, Jamie Callan, Jaime G. Carbonell Language Technologies...Collins-Thompson and J. Callan. Query expansion using random walk models. In CIKM ’05, page 711. ACM, 2005. [5] P. Donmez and J. Carbonell . Paired

  19. Relevance, Pertinence and Information System Development (United States)

    Kemp, D. A.


    The difference between pertinence and relevance is discussed. Other pairs of terms and the differences between their members are examined, and the suggestion is made that such studies could increase our understanding of the theory of information systems, and thence lead to practical improvements. (Author)

  20. 28 CFR 51.57 - Relevant factors. (United States)


    ... THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965, AS AMENDED Determinations by the Attorney General § 51.57 Relevant... afforded members of racial and language minority groups an opportunity to participate in the decision to... language minority groups into account in making the change....

  1. Why ritual plant use has ethnopharmacological relevance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Quiroz, Diana; Sosef, Marc; Andel, Van Tinde


    Ethnopharmacological relevance Although ritual plant use is now recognised both for its socio-cultural importance and for its contribution to nature conservation, its potential pharmacological effects remain overlooked. Aim of the study Our objective was to see whether ritual plant use could have

  2. The Relevance of Anthropology to Language Teaching (United States)

    McLeod, Beverly


    The relevance of anthropological theory, methodology, and literature to language teaching is discussed. It is argued that culture should be taught explicitly in the language classroom, and that the anthropological theory of cultural relativity is useful in creating a judgment-free atmosphere. (Author/RM)

  3. Pragmatic inferences and self-relevant judgments

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Puente-Diaz, Rogelio; Cavazos Arroyo, Judith; Brem, Alexander


    Three studies examined the influence of type of scale on self-relevant judgments and the moderating role of age, prevention, focus, and need for cogni- tion. Participants were randomly assigned to a bipolar or a unipolar scale condition in all three studies. Results from study 1 with a representa...

  4. Is Enterprise Education Relevant to Social Enterprise? (United States)

    Bridge, Simon


    Purpose: Both enterprise education and social enterprise have become fashionable but what, if any, should be the connections between them? The purpose of this paper is to explore those connections and to reflect on what relevance the two concepts might have for each other. Design/methodology/approach: Both enterprise education and social…

  5. 腰椎间盘突出症患者自我管理行为与自我效能的相关性研究%Relevance Study of Self-management Behavior and Self-efficacy among Lumbar Disc Herniation Patients

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    顾娇娇; 王雪华; 张慧玲; 张美芬; 张俊娥; 杨春涛


    Objective To study the relationship between self-management behavior and self-efficacy among lumbar disc herniation (LDH) patients. Methods Self-management Behavior Measuring Scale and Chronic Disease Self-efficacy Scales were used to m easure the self-management behaviors and self-efficacy of 96 LDH patients. The data were analyzed with software SPSS version 16.0. Results In self-management behaviors of LDH patients, the average time for excises was 190.31 ±159.54 min/week; the average level of cognitive symptoms management practice and communication with physicians were 1.62 ±0.74 and 1.78±1.00 respectively; the average level of self-efficacy was 7.17±1.77. There was significant positive relationship between self-management behaviors and self-efficacy (P<0.01). Conclusion The self-management behavior among LDH patients needs to be improved and there is positive relationship between self-management behavior and self-efficacy.%目的:了解腰椎间盘突出症患者的自我管理行为、自我效能并探讨两者之间的相关关系。方法采用慢性病自我管理行为量表、慢性病自我效能量表,对96例接受非手术治疗的腰椎间盘突出症患者进行问卷调查。采用SPSS 16.0进行统计分析。结果腰椎间盘突出症患者运动锻炼时间为(190.31±159.54)min/周,认知症状管理实践得分不高,均分为(1.62±0.74)分,与医生的沟通不够充分,均分为(1.78±1.00)分;自我效能平均得分为(7.17±1.77)分;自我管理行为与自我效能呈显著正相关(P<0.01)。结论腰椎间盘突出症患者的自我管理行为需要改善,自我效能与自我管理行为存在相关性,因此可以通过护理干预提高患者的自我效能以改善其自我管理行为水平。

  6. Aggressive behavior and change in salivary testosterone concentrations predict willingness to engage in a competitive task. (United States)

    Carré, Justin M; McCormick, Cheryl M


    The current study investigated relationships among aggressive behavior, change in salivary testosterone concentrations, and willingness to engage in a competitive task. Thirty-eight male participants provided saliva samples before and after performing the Point Subtraction Aggression Paradigm (a laboratory measure that provides opportunity for aggressive and defensive behavior while working for reward; all three involve pressing specific response keys). Baseline testosterone concentrations were not associated with aggressive responding. However, aggressive responding (but not point reward or point protection responding) predicted the pre- to post-PSAP change in testosterone: Those with the highest aggressive responding had the largest percent increase in testosterone concentrations. Together, aggressive responding and change in testosterone predicted willingness to compete following the PSAP. Controlling for aggression, men who showed a rise in testosterone were more likely to choose to compete again (p=0.03) and controlling for testosterone change, men who showed the highest level of aggressive responding were more likely to choose the non-competitive task (p=0.02). These results indicate that situation-specific aggressive behavior and testosterone responsiveness are functionally relevant predictors of future social behavior.

  7. Solving discrete zero point problems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Laan, G.; Talman, A.J.J.; Yang, Z.F.


    In this paper an algorithm is proposed to .nd a discrete zero point of a function on the collection of integral points in the n-dimensional Euclidean space IRn.Starting with a given integral point, the algorithm generates a .nite sequence of adjacent integral simplices of varying dimension and termi

  8. Magic Pointing for Eyewear Computers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jalaliniya, Shahram; Mardanbegi, Diako; Pederson, Thomas


    In this paper, we propose a combination of head and eye movements for touchlessly controlling the "mouse pointer" on eyewear devices, exploiting the speed of eye pointing and accuracy of head pointing. The method is a wearable computer-targeted variation of the original MAGIC pointing approach...

  9. Clinical Application of Point Diji

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ Diji (SP 8) is a cleft point of the Spleen Channel of Foot-Taiyang. Its indications include abdominal pain, diarrhea, edema, dysmenorrhea and certain other symptoms caused by incoordination between the liver and the spleen. Either taking the point alone or together with some other adjunct points in clinical practice, the author has obtained satisfactory curative effects.

  10. Job Search and Social Cognitive Theory: The Role of Career-Relevant Activities (United States)

    Zikic, Jelena; Saks, Alan M.


    Social cognitive theory was used to explain the relationships between career-relevant activities (environmental and self career exploration, career resources, and training), self-regulatory variables (job search self-efficacy and job search clarity), variables from the Theory of Planned Behavior (job search attitude, subjective norm, job search…

  11. 引导农户施肥行为在农业面源污染治理中的影响--基于中英项目调查分析%The Effects from Guidance of FarmersˊBehavior for Fertilizer Using in the Regulation of Agricultural Non -point Source Pollution:Based on the Survey of China -UK Educational Program

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    华春林; 陆迁; 姜雅莉


    Based on the implementation of the China -UK educational program,this paper empirically analyzes the effects from guidance of farmersˊbehavior for fertilizer using with the survey data of 331 farmers in Yangling Demonstration Zone and Wugong County of Shaanxi Province.The result indicates that the amount of farmersˊfertilizer using is significantly re-duced by correct guidance.During the process of constructing the governance micro -mechanism of agricultural non -point source pollution,it is necessary to seriously consider the guiding function of educational program.%基于中英项目实施情况,利用陕西省杨凌示范区及泾阳县331份农户实地调查数据,实证分析引导农户化肥施用行为在污染治理中的影响。分析结果表明对农户化肥施用行为的正确引导会减少化肥量的投入,最终影响我国农业面源污染的治理效果。因此,在构建我国农业面源污染微观治理机制时,要重视具有引导农户生产行为作用的治理手段。

  12. Verbal behavior


    Michael, Jack


    The recent history and current status of the area of verbal behavior are considered in terms of three major thematic lines: the operant conditioning of adult verbal behavior, learning to be an effective speaker and listener, and developments directly related to Skinner's Verbal Behavior. Other topics not directly related to the main themes are also considered: the work of Kurt Salzinger, ape-language research, and human operant research related to rule-governed behavior.

  13. Viscoelasticity of Xenon near the Critical Point (United States)

    Berg, Robert F.; Moldover, Michael R.; Zimmerli, Gregory A.


    Using a novel, overdamped, oscillator flown aboard the Space Shuttle, we measured the viscosity of xenon near the liquid-vapor critical point in the frequency range 2 Hz less than or equal to f less than or equal to 12 Hz. The measured viscosity divergence is characterized by the exponent z(sub eta) = 0.0690 +/- 0.0006, in agreement with the value z(sub eta) = 0.067 +/- 0.002 calculated from a two-loop perturbation expansion. Viscoelastic behavior was evident when t = (T - T(sub c))/T(sub c) less than 10(exp -5) and dominant when t less than 10(exp -6), further from T(sub c) than predicted. Viscoelastic behavior scales as Af(tau) where tau is the fluctuation decay time. The measured value of A is 2.0 +/- 0.3 times the result of a one-loop calculation. (Uncertainties stated are one standard uncertainty.)

  14. Topological Point Defects in Relaxor Ferroelectrics (United States)

    Nahas, Y.; Prokhorenko, S.; Kornev, I.; Bellaiche, L.


    First-principles-based effective Hamiltonian simulations are used to reveal the hidden connection between topological defects (hedgehogs and antihedgehogs) and relaxor behavior. Such defects are discovered to predominantly lie at the border of polar nanoregions in both Ba (Zr0.5 Ti0.5 )O3 (BZT) and Pb (Sc0.5 Nb0.5 )O3 (PSN) systems, and the temperature dependency of their density allows us to distinguish between noncanonical (PSN) and canonical (BZT) relaxor behaviors (via the presence or absence of a crossing of a percolation threshold). This density also possesses an inflection point at precisely the temperature for which the dielectric response peaks. Moreover, hedgehogs and antihedgehogs are found to be mobile excitations, and the dynamical nature of their annihilation is demonstrated (using simple hydrodynamical arguments) to follows laws, such as those of Vogel-Fulcher and Arrhenius, that are characteristic of dipolar relaxation kinetics of relaxor ferroelectrics.

  15. Ground point filtering of UAV-based photogrammetric point clouds (United States)

    Anders, Niels; Seijmonsbergen, Arie; Masselink, Rens; Keesstra, Saskia


    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have proved invaluable for generating high-resolution and multi-temporal imagery. Based on photographic surveys, 3D surface reconstructions can be derived photogrammetrically so producing point clouds, orthophotos and surface models. For geomorphological or ecological applications it may be necessary to separate ground points from vegetation points. Existing filtering methods are designed for point clouds derived using other methods, e.g. laser scanning. The purpose of this paper is to test three filtering algorithms for the extraction of ground points from point clouds derived from low-altitude aerial photography. Three subareas were selected from a single flight which represent different scenarios: 1) low relief, sparsely vegetated area, 2) low relief, moderately vegetated area, 3) medium relief and moderately vegetated area. The three filtering methods are used to classify ground points in different ways, based on 1) RGB color values from training samples, 2) TIN densification as implemented in LAStools, and 3) an iterative surface lowering algorithm. Ground points are then interpolated into a digital terrain model using inverse distance weighting. The results suggest that different landscapes require different filtering methods for optimal ground point extraction. While iterative surface lowering and TIN densification are fully automated, color-based classification require fine-tuning in order to optimize the filtering results. Finally, we conclude that filtering photogrammetric point clouds could provide a cheap alternative to laser scan surveys for creating digital terrain models in sparsely vegetated areas.

  16. PowerPoint 2010 Bible

    CERN Document Server

    Wempen, Faithe


    Master PowerPoint and improve your presentation skills-with one book!. It's no longer enough to have slide after slide of text, bullets, and charts. It's not even enough to have good speaking skills if your PowerPoint slides bore your audience. Get the very most out of all that PowerPoint 2010 has to offer while also learning priceless tips and techniques for making good presentations in this new PowerPoint 2010 Bible. Well-known PowerPoint expert and author Faithe Wempen provides formatting tips; shows you how to work with drawings, tables, and SmartArt; introduces new collaboration tools; wa

  17. Imaging study on acupuncture points (United States)

    Yan, X. H.; Zhang, X. Y.; Liu, C. L.; Dang, R. S.; Ando, M.; Sugiyama, H.; Chen, H. S.; Ding, G. H.


    The topographic structures of acupuncture points were investigated by using the synchrotron radiation based Dark Field Image (DFI) method. Four following acupuncture points were studied: Sanyinjiao, Neiguan, Zusanli and Tianshu. We have found that at acupuncture point regions there exists the accumulation of micro-vessels. The images taken in the surrounding tissue out of the acupuncture points do not show such kind of structure. It is the first time to reveal directly the specific structure of acupuncture points by X-ray imaging.


    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Napp, Diego; Put, Marius van der; Shankar, Shiva


    This paper studies behaviors that are defined on a torus, or equivalently, behaviors defined in spaces of periodic functions, and establishes their basic properties analogous to classical results of Malgrange, Palamodov, Oberst et al. for behaviors on R(n). These properties-in particular the Nullste

  19. Behaviorally Speaking. (United States)

    Porter, Elias H.; Dutton, Darell W. J.


    Consists of two articles focusing on (1) a modern behavioral model that takes cues from Hippocrates' Four Temperaments and (2) use of a behavioral approach to improve the effectiveness of meetings. Lists positive and negative behaviors within the meeting context. (CH)

  20. Study of point ldefect detectors in Si

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHENDingyu; CHENJian; 等


    The importance of point defects in semiconductor and function materials has been studied in detail.but effective means for detecting point defects has not been available for a long time.The end of range defects in Si,produced by 140keV Ge+ implantation,were investigated as detectors for measuring the interstitial concentration created by 42keV B+ implantation.The concentration of interstitial resulting from the B+ implantation and the behavior of the interstitial flux under different annealing condition were given.The enhanced diffusion in the boron doped EPI marker,resulting from mobile non-equilibrium interstitials was demonstrated to be transient.Interstitial fluxes arising from processing can be detected by tansient enhanced diffusion(TED) of doped marker layers as well.

  1. Shape phase mixing in critical point nuclei

    CERN Document Server

    Budaca, R


    Spectral properties of nuclei near the critical point of the quantum phase transition between spherical and axially symmetric shapes are studied in a hybrid collective model which combines the $\\gamma$-stable and $\\gamma$-rigid collective conditions through a rigidity parameter. The model in the lower and upper limits of the rigidity parameter recovers the X(5) and X(3) solutions respectively, while in the equally mixed case it corresponds to the X(4) critical point symmetry. Numerical applications of the model on nuclei from regions known for critical behavior reveal a sizable shape phase mixing and its evolution with neutron or proton numbers. The model also enables a better description of energy spectra and electromagnetic transitions for these nuclei.

  2. Extreme values, regular variation and point processes

    CERN Document Server

    Resnick, Sidney I


    Extremes Values, Regular Variation and Point Processes is a readable and efficient account of the fundamental mathematical and stochastic process techniques needed to study the behavior of extreme values of phenomena based on independent and identically distributed random variables and vectors It presents a coherent treatment of the distributional and sample path fundamental properties of extremes and records It emphasizes the core primacy of three topics necessary for understanding extremes the analytical theory of regularly varying functions; the probabilistic theory of point processes and random measures; and the link to asymptotic distribution approximations provided by the theory of weak convergence of probability measures in metric spaces The book is self-contained and requires an introductory measure-theoretic course in probability as a prerequisite Almost all sections have an extensive list of exercises which extend developments in the text, offer alternate approaches, test mastery and provide for enj...

  3. Behavioral Cues of Interpersonal Warmth (United States)

    Bayes, Marjorie A.


    The results of this study suggest, first, that interpersonal warmth does seem to be a personality dimension which can be reliably judged and, second, that it was possible to define and demonstrate the relevance of a number of behavioral cues for warmth. (Author)

  4. View Dependent Sequential Point Trees

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wen-Cheng Wang; Feng Wei; En-Hua Wu


    Sequential point trees provide the state-of-the-art technique for rendering point models, by re-arranging hierarchical points sequentially according to geometric errors running on GPU for fast rendering. This paper presents a view dependent method to augment sequential point trees by embedding the hierarchical tree structures in the sequential list of hierarchical points. By the method, two kinds of indices are constructed to facilitate the points rendering in an order mostly from near to far and from coarse to fine. As a result, invisible points can be culled view-dependently in high efficiency for hardware acceleration, and at the same time, the advantage of sequential point trees could be still fully taken. Therefore, the new method can run much faster than the conventional sequential point trees, and the acceleration can be highly promoted particularly when the objects possess complex occlusion relationship and viewed closely because invisible points would be in a high percentage of the points at finer levels.

  5. [Coping of cybervictimization in adolescence - emotional and behavioral reactions to cyberbullying ]. (United States)

    Ittel, Angela; Müller, Christin R; Pfetsch, Jan; Walk, Sebastian


    The experience of cybervictimization is related to health, psychological, and behavioral problems among children and adolescents. Up to today research is scarce, how the persons affected by cybervictimization react and which determinants influence the choice for social, problem-focused, technical, or helpless coping behavior. The current online study with 428 adolescents considers age, sex, mean internet use, frequency of victimization, roles in cyberbullying, and emotional reactions to cybervictimization as potential determinants of the mentioned coping strategies. Based on the participant role approach, roles of cyberbullies, cybervictims, defenders or outsiders are frequently changing. Logistic regression analyses point out the important relevance of emotional reactions like anger or helplessness and the roles as cyberbully-victim or outsider. Further, younger participants reported cybervictimization more often, while the frequency of cybervictimization and sex did not and internet use only partially predict coping strategies. These findings corroborate the relevance of emotional reactions and the roles in the process of cyberbullying. As a starting point for prevention and intervention of cybervictimization, we suggest emotion regulation, teaching of technical coping behaviors as well as reflexion of roles in the context of cyberbullying. If feasible, different stakeholders should be engaged in this process: adolescents, parents, educational staff inside and outside of schools, experts from counseling and therapy as well as internet and mobile phone service providers.

  6. Exceptional Points and Dynamical Phase Transitions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Rotter


    Full Text Available In the framework of non-Hermitian quantum physics, the relation between exceptional points,dynamical phase transitions and the counter intuitive behavior of quantum systems at high level density is considered. The theoretical results obtained for open quantum systems and proven experimentally some years ago on a microwave cavity, may explain environmentally induce deffects (including dynamical phase transitions, which have been observed in various experimental studies. They also agree(qualitatively with the experimental results reported recently in PT symmetric optical lattices.

  7. Strategic operating indicators point to equity growth. (United States)

    Cleverley, W O


    As healthcare managers become more business-like in their behavior, they are becoming increasingly concerned with the equity growth rate of their organizations. Strong equity growth means a financially healthy organization. Equity growth can be expressed as a product of five financial ratios--the most important ratio being the operating margin. Improvements in operating margins will lead to improvements in equity growth. Thirty indicators, called strategic operating indicators, have been developed to monitor operating margins. These indicators, when compared with values from other peer groups, can help point to strategies for improvement of operating margins, and hence equity growth.

  8. Low-Educated Immigrants and the Social Relevance of Second Language Acquisition Research (United States)

    Young-Scholten, Martha


    Since the 1980s' decoupling of the formal study of second language acquisition from pedagogical concerns, the social relevance of such research has been of little concern. Early studies, in the 1970s, of uninstructed adult learners' acquisition of morphosyntax pointed to social implications: these working class immigrants had varying…

  9. Low-Educated Immigrants and the Social Relevance of Second Language Acquisition Research (United States)

    Young-Scholten, Martha


    Since the 1980s' decoupling of the formal study of second language acquisition from pedagogical concerns, the social relevance of such research has been of little concern. Early studies, in the 1970s, of uninstructed adult learners' acquisition of morphosyntax pointed to social implications: these working class immigrants had varying levels of…

  10. Nonionic reverse micelles near the critical point. (United States)

    Shrestha, Lok Kumar; Shrestha, Rekha Goswami


    We report shape, size, and internal cross-sectional structure of diglycerol monomyristate (C₁₄G₂) reverse micelles in n-hexadecane near the critical point using small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). Pair-distance distribution function, p(r), which gives structural information in real-space, was obtained by indirect Fourier transformation (IFT) method. The p(r) showed a clear picture of rodlike micelles at higher temperatures well above the critical point (micellar solution phase separates into two immiscible liquids at ~ 48°C). At a fixed surfactant concentration (5% C₁₄G₂), decrease in temperature increases the micellar size monotonously and surprisingly shape of the p(r) curve at 50°C; close to the critical point, mimics the shape of the two dimensional disk-like micelles indicating the onset of critical fluctuations (attractive interactions among rodlike micelles forming a weak network). A similar behavior has been observed with normal micelles in aqueous system near the critical point. When the system is heated to 60°C, shape of the p(r) curve regains rodlike structure. At fixed temperature of 60°C, increase in C₁₄G₂ concentration induced one dimensional micellar growth. Maximum length of micelles increases from ca. 23.5 to 46.0 nm upon increasing concentration from 1 to 12% keeping cross section diameter apparently unchanged at ca. 4.0 nm.

  11. Working Toward Policy-Relevant Air Quality Emissions Scenarios (United States)

    Holloway, T.


    Though much work has been done to develop accurate chemical emission inventories, few publicly available inventories are appropriate for realistic policy analysis. Emissions from the electricity and transportation sectors, in particular, respond in complex ways to policy, technology, and energy use change. Many widely used inventories, such as the EPA National Emissions Inventory, are well-suited for modeling current air quality, but do not have the specificity needed to address "what if?" questions. Changes in electricity demand, fuel prices, new power sources, and emission controls all influence the emissions from regional power production, requiring a plant-by-plant assessment to capture the spatially explicit impacts. Similarly, land use, freight distribution, or driving behavior will yield differentiated transportation emissions for urban areas, suburbs, and rural highways. We here present results from three recent research projects at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, where bottom-up emission inventories for electricity, freight transport, and urban vehicle use were constructed to support policy-relevant air quality research. These three studies include: 1) Using the MyPower electricity dispatch model to calculate emissions and air quality impacts of Renewable Portfolio Standards and other carbon-management strategies; 2) Using advanced vehicle and commodity flow data from the Federal Highway Administration to evaluate the potential to shift commodities from truck to rail (assuming expanded infrastructure), and assess a range of alternative fuel suggestions; and 3) Working with urban planners to connect urban density with vehicle use to evaluate the air quality impacts of smart-growth in major Midwest cities. Drawing on the results of these three studies, and on challenges overcome in their execution, we discuss the current state of policy-relevant emission dataset generation, as well as techniques and attributes that need to be further refined in order


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Briciu Sorin


    Full Text Available In the contemporary period the tourism and hospitality industry has experienced dynamic growth despite the challenges facing not only the global crisis, but also market changes, consumer behavior and technological trends. Accounting, the language of business is required to keep up with changes made to each particular area of activity so that they can provide timely relevant information to be managed by an efficient information system. Our article focuses on presenting the importance of management accounting and cost information system in the hospitality industry, then consider identifying features of this sector and their impact on accounting. The methodology of our research falls within the economic research, being theoretical, aiming primarily to knowledge objectives and the relevance of management accounting for economic entities, and then we have the characteristics of hospitality industry and possible organizational management accounting in this sector. In our perspective cost calculation for services, packages or travel benefits must take into account the development of the accounts from Class 9, so we propose a possible method to customize them according to the Direct Costing and CVP analysis. Our research will also be explanatory descriptive, trying to answer the questions How? and Why?

  13. Functional assessment taxonomy relevant to low-back impairments. (United States)

    Halpern, M


    A taxonomy of functional assessment constructs was developed to help the Social Security Administration refine the measurements of work disability. This report addresses content validity of the new taxonomy by examining the relevance of its constructs to a specific disability, and by examining the relationship between these constructs and constructs in other taxonomies. Seven experts linked the new taxonomy to consequences of low-back impairments. The selected constructs were compared to those reported independently by patients (Harper AC, Harper DA, Lambert L, Andrews HB, Lo SK, Ross FM, Straker LM. Pain 1992; 50(2): 189-195). The International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps served to bridge the two exercises. The findings reveal that it is feasible to use the taxonomy to define the impact of a specific disability and consequently link it to a set of standard measurements. Low-back impairments may be best assessed through measures of physical functional limitations, vocational impact, and interpersonal and emotional behavior. The study did not yield cognitive and intellectual measures that were relevant to this impairment.

  14. E(5) and X(5) critical point symmetries obtained from Davidson potentials through a variational procedure

    CERN Document Server

    Bonatsos, D; Minkov, N; Petrellis, D; Raychev, P P; Terziev, P A; Bonatsos, Dennis


    Davidson potentials of the form $\\beta^2 +\\beta_0^4/\\beta^2$, when used in the E(5) framework, bridge the U(5) and O(6) symmetries, while they bridge the U(5) and SU(3) symmetries when used in the X(5) framework. Using a variational procedure, we determine for each value of angular momentum $L$ thevalue of $\\beta_0$ at which the rate of change of various physical quantities (energy ratios, intraband B(E2) ratios, quadrupole moment ratios) has a maximum, the collection of the values of the physical quantity formed in this way being a candidate for describing its behavior at the relevant critical point. Energy ratios lead to the E(5) and X(5) results (whice correspond to an infinite well potential in $\\beta$), while intraband B(E2) ratios and quadrupole moments lead to the E(5)-$\\beta^4$ and X(5)-$\\beta^4$ results, which correspond to the use of a $\\beta^4$ potential in the relevant framework. A new derivation of the Holmberg-Lipas formula for nuclear energy spectra is obtained as a by-product.

  15. Post-Processing in the Material-Point Method

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Søren; Andersen, Lars Vabbersgaard

    the visual presentation of results from material-point method simulations and hence the understanding of the underlying physical problems to which the method is applied. Further, the way the stresses can be extracted reveals some pitfalls for the method and suggests a place to direct future research.......The material-point method (MPM) is a numerical method for dynamic or static analysis of solids using a discretization in time and space. The method has shown to be successful in modelling physical problems involving large deformations, which are difficult to model with traditional numerical tools...... such as the finite element method. In the material-point method, a set of material points is utilized to track the problem in time and space, while a computational background grid is utilized to obtain spatial derivatives relevant to the physical problem. Currently, the research within the material-point method...

  16. Xanthine oxidoreductase and its inhibitors: relevance for gout. (United States)

    Day, Richard O; Kamel, Bishoy; Kannangara, Diluk R W; Williams, Kenneth M; Graham, Garry G


    Xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) is the rate-limiting enzyme in purine catabolism and converts hypoxanthine to xanthine, and xanthine into uric acid. When concentrations of uric acid exceed its biochemical saturation point, crystals of uric acid, in the form of monosodium urate, emerge and can predispose an individual to gout, the commonest form of inflammatory arthritis in men aged over 40 years. XOR inhibitors are primarily used in the treatment of gout, reducing the formation of uric acid and thereby, preventing the formation of monosodium urate crystals. Allopurinol is established as first-line therapy for gout; a newer alternative, febuxostat, is used in patients unable to tolerate allopurinol. This review provides an overview of gout, a detailed analysis of the structure and function of XOR, discussion on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of XOR inhibitors-allopurinol and febuxostat, and the relevance of XOR in common comorbidities of gout.

  17. Practice-Relevant Aspects of Constructing ER Fluid Actuators (United States)

    Janocha, H.; Rech, B.; Bölter, R.

    The flow resistance of electrorheological fluids (ER fluids) can be controlled by applying electric fields. Thus, ER fluids are suitable for the application in actuators, using high-voltage sources for the generation of the field. The behaviour of an ER fluid actuator not only depends on the properties of the individual actuator components (ER fluid, energy transducer and energy source) but especially on their combined efforts as a system. Based on a possible scheme for the design of ER fluid actuators, this paper presents important practice-relevant aspects of a systematic actuator construction. Here the behaviour of a commercial ER suspension is examined and compared to a homogeneous ER fluid without yield point using a rotational viscometer and a flow-mode damper realized at the Laboratory of Process Automation (LPA) of the University of Saarland.

  18. Relevance of Dynamic Clustering to Biological Networks

    CERN Document Server

    Kaneko, K


    Abstract Network of nonlinear dynamical elements often show clustering of synchronization by chaotic instability. Relevance of the clustering to ecological, immune, neural, and cellular networks is discussed, with the emphasis of partially ordered states with chaotic itinerancy. First, clustering with bit structures in a hypercubic lattice is studied. Spontaneous formation and destruction of relevant bits are found, which give self-organizing, and chaotic genetic algorithms. When spontaneous changes of effective couplings are introduced, chaotic itinerancy of clusterings is widely seen through a feedback mechanism, which supports dynamic stability allowing for complexity and diversity, known as homeochaos. Second, synaptic dynamics of couplings is studied in relation with neural dynamics. The clustering structure is formed with a balance between external inputs and internal dynamics. Last, an extension allowing for the growth of the number of elements is given, in connection with cell differentiation. Effecti...

  19. A nonparametric approach for relevance determination

    CERN Document Server

    Shahbaba, Babak


    The problem of evaluating a large number of factors in terms of their relevance to an outcome of interest arises in many research areas such as genetics, image processing, astrophysics, and neuroscience. In this paper, we argue that treating such problems as large-scale hypothesis testing does not reflect the usual motivation behind these studies, which is to select a subset of promising factors for further investigation. and leads investigators to rely on arbitrary selection mechanisms (e.g., setting the false discovery rate at 0.05) or unrealistic loss functions. Moreover, while we might be able to justify simplifying assumptions (e.g., parametric distributional forms for test statistics under the null and alternative hypotheses) for classic hypothesis testing situations (i.e., one hypothesis at a time), generalizing such assumptions to large-scale studies is restrictive and unnecessary. In accordance with the objective of such studies, we propose to treat them as relevance determination problems. This way,...

  20. Tomographic diagnosis and relevant aspects of otosclerosis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gaiotti, Juliana Oggioni; Gomes, Natalia Delage; Costa, Ana Maria Doffemond; Villela, Caroline Laurita Batista Couto; Moreira, Wanderval; Diniz, Renata Lopes Furletti Caldeira, E-mail: [Hospital Mater Dei-Mater Imagem, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    A literature review and pictorial essay were developed to discuss the importance of knowing the main findings and locations of otosclerosis at multidetector computed tomography (MDCT). The authors performed a retrospective review of cases of otosclerosis diagnosed in their institution by means of high resolution multidetector computed tomography. Otosclerosis corresponds to otic capsule dysplasia characterized by metabolic derangement of its endochondral layer. Such condition constitutes a relevant cause of sensorineural hearing loss, affecting about 7% to 10% of the general population. The diagnosis is usually clinical, but imaging methods play a significant role in the anatomical detailing, differential diagnosis, surgical planning and evaluation of postoperative complications. Among such methods, the relevance of MDCT is highlighted. Radiologists should be familiar with the MDCT findings of otosclerosis, as well as with the temporal bone anatomy to assist in the appropriate clinical management of this disease. (author)

  1. Searchers' relevance judgments and criteria in evaluating Web pages in a learning style perspective

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Papaeconomou, Chariste; Zijlema, Annemarie F.; Ingwersen, Peter


    The paper presents the results of a case study of searcher's relevance criteria used for assessments of Web pages in a perspective of learning style. 15 test persons participated in the experiments based on two simulated work tasks that provided cover stories to trigger their information needs. Two...... learning styles were examined: Global and Sequential learners. The study applied eye-tracking for the observation of relevance hot spots on Web pages, learning style index analysis and post-search interviews to gain more in-depth information on relevance behavior. Findings reveal that with respect to use......, they are statistically insignificant. When interviewed in retrospective the resulting profiles tend to become even similar across learning styles but a shift occurs from instant assessments with content features of web pages replacing topicality judgments as predominant relevance criteria....

  2. Point to point processing of digital images using parallel computing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric Olmedo


    Full Text Available This paper presents an approach the point to point processing of digital images using parallel computing, particularly for grayscale, brightening, darkening, thresholding and contrast change. The point to point technique applies a transformation to each pixel on image concurrently rather than sequentially. This approach used CUDA as parallel programming tool on a GPU in order to take advantage of all available cores. Preliminary results show that CUDA obtains better results in most of the used filters. Except in the negative filter with lower resolutions images OpenCV obtained better ones, but using images in high resolutions CUDA performance is better.

  3. [Clinical relevance of cardiopulmonary reflexes in anesthesiology]. (United States)

    Guerri-Guttenberg, R A; Siaba-Serrate, F; Cacheiro, F J


    The baroreflex, chemoreflex, pulmonary reflexes, Bezold-Jarisch and Bainbridge reflexes and their interaction with local mechanisms, are a demonstration of the richness of cardiovascular responses that occur in human beings. As well as these, the anesthesiologist must contend with other variables that interact by attenuating or accentuating cardiopulmonary reflexes such as, anesthetic drugs, surgical manipulation, and patient positioning. In the present article we review these reflexes and their clinical relevance in anesthesiology.

  4. Social validation of vocabulary selection: ensuring stakeholder relevance. (United States)

    Bornman, Juan; Bryen, Diane Nelson


    The vocabulary needs of individuals who are unable to spell their messages continue to be of concern in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Social validation of vocabulary selection has been suggested as one way to improve the effectiveness and relevance of service delivery in AAC. Despite increased emphasis on stakeholder accountability, social validation is not frequently used in AAC research. This paper describes an investigation of the social validity of a vocabulary set identified in earlier research. A previous study used stakeholder focus groups to identify vocabulary that could be used by South African adults who use AAC to disclose their experiences as victims of crime or abuse. Another study used this vocabulary to create communication boards for use by adults with complex communication needs. In this current project, 12 South African adults with complex communication needs who use AAC systems used a 5-point Likert scale to score the importance of each of the previously identified 57 vocabulary items. This two-step process of first using stakeholder focus groups to identify vocabulary, and then having literate persons who use AAC provide information on social validity of the vocabulary on behalf of their peers who are illiterate, appears to hold promise as a culturally relevant vocabulary selection approach for sensitive topics such as crime and abuse.

  5. Critical behavior of the Ising model on a hierarchical lattice with aperiodic interactions (United States)

    Pinho, S. T. R.; Haddad, T. A. S.; Salinas, S. R.

    We write the exact renormalization-group recursion relations for nearest-neighbor ferromagnetic Ising models on Migdal-Kadanoff hierarchical lattices with a distribution of aperiodic exchange interactions according to a class of substitutional sequences. For small geometric fluctuations, the critical behavior is unchanged with respect to the uniform case. For large fluctuations, as in the case of the Rudin-Shapiro sequence, the uniform fixed point in the parameter space cannot be reached from any physical initial conditions. We derive a criterion to check the relevance of the geometric fluctuations.

  6. Report of an EU-US symposium on understanding nutrition-related consumer behavior: strategies to promote a lifetime of healthy food choices. (United States)

    Friedl, Karl E; Rowe, Sylvia; Bellows, Laura L; Johnson, Susan L; Hetherington, Marion M; de Froidmont-Görtz, Isabelle; Lammens, Veerle; Hubbard, Van S


    This report summarizes an EU-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research symposium on healthy food choices and nutrition-related purchasing behaviors. This meeting was unique in its transdisciplinary approach to obesity and in bringing together scientists from academia, government, and industry. Discussion relevant to funders and researchers centered on (1) increased use of public-private partnerships, (2) the complexity of food behaviors and obesity risk and multilevel aspects that must be considered, and (3) the importance of transatlantic cooperation and collaboration that could accelerate advances in this field. A call to action stressed these points along with a commitment to enhanced communication strategies.

  7. Behaviorism and the Construction of Knowledge (United States)

    Faryadi, Qais


    This paper attempts to discuss behaviorism and the construction of knowledge. This review investigates whether behaviorism methodology has any advantages in learning a language in our classroom. This assessment also observes the critics of behaviorism and its weaknesses in a learning environment. This inquiry concentrates on the view point of B.F.…

  8. Functional dyspepsia: Are psychosocial factors of relevance?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Sandra Barry; Timothy G Dinan


    The pathogenesis of Functional Dyspepsia (FD) remains unclear, appears diverse and is thus inadequately understood. Akin to other functional gastrointestinal disorders, research has demonstrated an association between this common diagnosis and psychosocial factors and psychiatric morbidity. Conceptualising the relevance of these factors within the syndrome of FD requires application of the biopsychosocial model of disease.Using this paradigm, dysregulation of the reciprocal communication between the brain and the gut is central to symptom generation, interpretation and exacerbation.Appreciation and understanding of the neurobiological correlates of various psychological states is also relevant.The view that psychosocial factors exert their influence in FD predominantly through motivation of health care seeking also persists. This appears too one-dimensional an assertion in light of the evidence available supporting a more intrinsic aetiological link. Evolving understanding of pathogenic mechanisms and the heterogeneous nature of the syndrome will facilitate effective management.Co-morbid psychiatric illness warrants treatment with conventional therapies. Acknowledging the relevance of psychosocial variables in FD, the degree of which is subject to variation, has implications for assessment and management. Available evidence suggests psychological therapies may benefit FD patients particularly those with chronic symptoms. The rationale for use of psychotropic medications in FD is apparent but the evidence base to support the use of antidepressant pharmacotherapy is to date limited.

  9. Feature subset selection based on relevance (United States)

    Wang, Hui; Bell, David; Murtagh, Fionn

    In this paper an axiomatic characterisation of feature subset selection is presented. Two axioms are presented: sufficiency axiom—preservation of learning information, and necessity axiom—minimising encoding length. The sufficiency axiom concerns the existing dataset and is derived based on the following understanding: any selected feature subset should be able to describe the training dataset without losing information, i.e. it is consistent with the training dataset. The necessity axiom concerns the predictability and is derived from Occam's razor, which states that the simplest among different alternatives is preferred for prediction. The two axioms are then restated in terms of relevance in a concise form: maximising both the r( X; Y) and r( Y; X) relevance. Based on the relevance characterisation, four feature subset selection algorithms are presented and analysed: one is exhaustive and the remaining three are heuristic. Experimentation is also presented and the results are encouraging. Comparison is also made with some well-known feature subset selection algorithms, in particular, with the built-in feature selection mechanism in C4.5.

  10. Valerian: No Evidence for Clinically Relevant Interactions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olaf Kelber


    Full Text Available In recent popular publications as well as in widely used information websites directed to cancer patients, valerian is claimed to have a potential of adverse interactions with anticancer drugs. This questions its use as a safe replacement for, for example, benzodiazepines. A review on the interaction potential of preparations from valerian root (Valeriana officinalis L. root was therefore conducted. A data base search and search in a clinical drug interaction data base were conducted. Thereafter, a systematic assessment of publications was performed. Seven in vitro studies on six CYP 450 isoenzymes, on p-glycoprotein, and on two UGT isoenzymes were identified. However, the methodological assessment of these studies did not support their suitability for the prediction of clinically relevant interactions. In addition, clinical studies on various valerian preparations did not reveal any relevant interaction potential concerning CYP 1A2, 2D6, 2E1, and 3A4. Available animal and human pharmacodynamic studies did not verify any interaction potential. The interaction potential of valerian preparations therefore seems to be low and thereby without clinical relevance. We conclude that there is no specific evidence questioning their safety, also in cancer patients.

  11. Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, tender points and trigger points: splitting or lumping? (United States)

    Bennett, Robert M; Goldenberg, Don L


    Myofascial trigger points (MTPs) have long been a contentious issue in relation to fibromyalgia, and poorly defined pain complaints in general. Can MTPs be reproducibly identified? Do MTPs have valid objective findings, such as spontaneous electromyographic activity, muscle microdialysis evidence for an inflammatory milieu or visualization with newer ultrasound techniques? Is fibromyalgia a syndrome of multiple MTPs, or is focal muscle tenderness a manifestation of central sensitization? These issues are discussed with relevance to a recent paper reporting that manual palpation of active MTPs elicits the spontaneous pain experienced by fibromyalgia patients.

  12. A Study on Characteristics and Relevant Factors of Adaptive Behaviours in Schizophrenic Children%精神分裂症儿童适应行为及影响因素的分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    袁水平; 赖淑珍; 江礼华; 魏永超; 涂飞龙; 梁琛; 熊富先


    Objective: To examine characteristics and relevant factors of adaptive behaviours in childhood schizophrenia. Methods: The adaptive behaviors of schizophrenic children were rated by Child Adaptive Behavior Scale. Data on relevant factors were collected by a specifically developed scale. Results: Relationship with parents, schooling, family education, parental culture, and family configuration were related to development of adaptive behaviors in schizophrenic children. Conclusion: The study of adaptive behaviours and their relevant factors was valuable in predicting prognosis of childhood schizophrenia.

  13. Making Behavioral Activation More Behavioral (United States)

    Kanter, Jonathan W.; Manos, Rachel C.; Busch, Andrew M.; Rusch, Laura C.


    Behavioral Activation, an efficacious treatment for depression, presents a behavioral theory of depression--emphasizing the need for clients to contact positive reinforcement--and a set of therapeutic techniques--emphasizing provision of instructions rather than therapeutic provision of reinforcement. An integration of Behavioral Activation with…

  14. Calculation of point defect structures and bonding behavior of L1 2-Al 3 Sc intermetallic based on first-principles%基于第一性原理L12-Al 3 Sc点缺陷结构及成键行为的计算

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙顺平; 李小平; 雷卫宁; 王洪金; 汪贤才; 江海锋; 李仁兴; 江勇; 易丹青


    运用第一性原理平面波赝势方法计算金属间化合物L12-Al 3 Sc的基本物性,并通过计算点缺陷形成能推测L12-Al 3 Sc点缺陷的主要存在形式,结合电荷密度和态密度的分析揭示L12-Al 3 Sc的成键行为。结果表明:L12-Al 3 Sc的晶格常数为4.107Å,体模量为86.5 GPa,形成焓为−43.83 kJ/mol。L12-Al 3 Sc的点缺陷主要为Al亚晶格上的Al空位和Sc反位缺陷。L12-Al 3 Sc中Sc空位与Al反位缺陷的形成能较为接近,表明富Al合金中Sc空位和Al反位缺陷易于共同存在;Sc反位缺陷的形成能小于Al空位的,表明富Sc合金的点缺陷为Sc反位缺陷。L12-Al 3 Sc的成键电荷密度呈纺锤状,表现出Sc d-Al p的轨道杂化效应,其杂化轨道主要为Sc dz2-Al pz轨道杂化。%The first-principles pseudopotential plane-wave calculation was used to study the energies and the electronic properties of point defects for L1 2-Al 3 Sc intermetallic. According to the calculation and comparison of the formation energy of point defect structures, the geometrical configuration of point defects in L1 2-Al 3 Sc intermetallic was analyzed. Combining with densities of states and charge densities, the effect of bonding behavior on electronic structure was investigated emphatically. The results show that the lattice constant of L12-Al3Sc is 4.107 Å,bulk modulus is 86.5 GPa, and formation enthalpy is−43.83 kJ/mol. These calculation results also suggest that the point defects in the Al sublattices, i.e., Al vacancy and Sc anti-site, are more favorable than those in the Sc sublattices for the stoichiometric compound Al3Sc in the L12 structure, but Sc vacancy and Al anti-site defect coexist in rich-Al alloy, and mainly Sc anti-site defect can be found in rich-Sc alloy. The Al vacancy-induced charge density shows the spindle-like bonding characteristic, and Sc dz2-Al pz orbital hybridization is depicted.

  15. Determinant Behavior Characteristics of Older Consumers. (United States)

    Tongren, Hale N.


    The behavior variables in 67 studies of marketing and consumer behavior were analyzed; significant variables relevant to satisfying the needs of older consumers were identified. Meta analysis revealed such factors as price consciousness, use of information sources, habituated shopping, and age-related concerns useful in predicting the consumer…

  16. A general framework to learn surrogate relevance criterion for atlas based image segmentation. (United States)

    Zhao, Tingting; Ruan, Dan


    Multi-atlas based image segmentation sees great opportunities in the big data era but also faces unprecedented challenges in identifying positive contributors from extensive heterogeneous data. To assess data relevance, image similarity criteria based on various image features widely serve as surrogates for the inaccessible geometric agreement criteria. This paper proposes a general framework to learn image based surrogate relevance criteria to better mimic the behaviors of segmentation based oracle geometric relevance. The validity of its general rationale is verified in the specific context of fusion set selection for image segmentation. More specifically, we first present a unified formulation for surrogate relevance criteria and model the neighborhood relationship among atlases based on the oracle relevance knowledge. Surrogates are then trained to be small for geometrically relevant neighbors and large for irrelevant remotes to the given targets. The proposed surrogate learning framework is verified in corpus callosum segmentation. The learned surrogates demonstrate superiority in inferring the underlying oracle value and selecting relevant fusion set, compared to benchmark surrogates.

  17. A general framework to learn surrogate relevance criterion for atlas based image segmentation (United States)

    Zhao, Tingting; Ruan, Dan


    Multi-atlas based image segmentation sees great opportunities in the big data era but also faces unprecedented challenges in identifying positive contributors from extensive heterogeneous data. To assess data relevance, image similarity criteria based on various image features widely serve as surrogates for the inaccessible geometric agreement criteria. This paper proposes a general framework to learn image based surrogate relevance criteria to better mimic the behaviors of segmentation based oracle geometric relevance. The validity of its general rationale is verified in the specific context of fusion set selection for image segmentation. More specifically, we first present a unified formulation for surrogate relevance criteria and model the neighborhood relationship among atlases based on the oracle relevance knowledge. Surrogates are then trained to be small for geometrically relevant neighbors and large for irrelevant remotes to the given targets. The proposed surrogate learning framework is verified in corpus callosum segmentation. The learned surrogates demonstrate superiority in inferring the underlying oracle value and selecting relevant fusion set, compared to benchmark surrogates.

  18. Graph kernels between point clouds

    CERN Document Server

    Bach, Francis


    Point clouds are sets of points in two or three dimensions. Most kernel methods for learning on sets of points have not yet dealt with the specific geometrical invariances and practical constraints associated with point clouds in computer vision and graphics. In this paper, we present extensions of graph kernels for point clouds, which allow to use kernel methods for such ob jects as shapes, line drawings, or any three-dimensional point clouds. In order to design rich and numerically efficient kernels with as few free parameters as possible, we use kernels between covariance matrices and their factorizations on graphical models. We derive polynomial time dynamic programming recursions and present applications to recognition of handwritten digits and Chinese characters from few training examples.

  19. Third-order trajectory planning for high accuracy point-to-point motion

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Haihua MU; Yunfei ZHOU; Sijie YAN; Aiguo HAN


    This article studies a third-order trajectory planning method for point-to-point motion.All available instances for third-order trajectory planning are first ana-lyzed.To distinguish those,threecriteria are presented relying on trajectory characteristics.Following that,a fast preprocessing approach considering the trajectory as a whole is given based on the criteria constructed and system constraints.Also,the time-optimality of the trajectory is obtained.The relevant formulas are derived with the combination of geometrical symmetry of trajectory and area method.As a result,an accurate algorithm and its implementation procedure are proposed.The experimental results show the effectiveness and precision of the pro-posed method.The presented algorithm has been applied in semiconductor manufacturing equipment successfully.

  20. User's Relevance of PIR System Based on Cloud Models

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    KANG Hai-yan; FAN Xiao-zhong


    A new method to evaluate fuzzily user's relevance on the basis of cloud models has been proposed.All factors of personalized information retrieval system are taken into account in this method. So using this method for personalized information retrieval (PIR) system can efficiently judge multi-value relevance, such as quite relevant, comparatively relevant, commonly relevant, basically relevant and completely non-relevant,and realize a kind of transform of qualitative concepts and quantity and improve accuracy of relevance judgements in PIR system. Experimental data showed that the method is practical and valid. Evaluation results are more accurate and approach to the fact better.

  1. Pointing Devices for Wearable Computers


    Andrés A. Calvo; Saverio Perugini


    We present a survey of pointing devices for wearable computers, which are body-mounted devices that users can access at any time. Since traditional pointing devices (i.e., mouse, touchpad, and trackpoint) were designed to be used on a steady and flat surface they are inappropriate for wearable computers. Just as the advent of laptops resulted in the development of the touchpad and trackpoint, the emergence of wearable computers is leading to the development of pointing devices designed for th...

  2. Psychological behaviorism and behaviorizing psychology. (United States)

    Staats, A W


    Paradigmatic or psychological behaviorism (PB), in a four-decade history of development, has been shaped by its goal, the establishment of a behaviorism that can also serve as the approach in psychology (Watson's original goal). In the process, PB has become a new generation of behaviorism with abundant heuristic avenues for development in theory, philosophy, methodology, and research. Psychology has resources, purview and problem areas, and nascent developments of many kinds, gathered in chaotic diversity, needing unification (and other things) that cognitivism cannot provide. Behaviorism can, within PB's multilevel framework for connecting and advancing both psychology and behaviorism.

  3. Quorum Sensing Inhibition, Relevance to Periodontics


    Yada, Sudheer; Kamalesh, B; Sonwane, Siddharth; Guptha, Indra; Swetha, R K


    Quorum sensing helps bacteria to communicate with each other and in coordinating their behavior. Many diseases of human beings, plants, and animals are mediated by quorum sensing. Various approaches are being tried to inhibit this communication to control the diseases caused by bacteria. Periodontal pathogens also communicate through quorum sensing and new approaches to treat periodontal disease using quorum sensing inhibition need to explored.

  4. Quorum sensing inhibition, relevance to periodontics. (United States)

    Yada, Sudheer; Kamalesh, B; Sonwane, Siddharth; Guptha, Indra; Swetha, R K


    Quorum sensing helps bacteria to communicate with each other and in coordinating their behavior. Many diseases of human beings, plants, and animals are mediated by quorum sensing. Various approaches are being tried to inhibit this communication to control the diseases caused by bacteria. Periodontal pathogens also communicate through quorum sensing and new approaches to treat periodontal disease using quorum sensing inhibition need to explored.

  5. q-Deformed Boson Oscillators and Zero Point Energy


    Swamy, P. Narayana


    Just as for the ordinary quantum harmonic oscillators, we expect the zero-point energy to play a crucial role in the correct high temperature behavior. We accordingly reformulate the theory of the statistical distribution function for the q-deformed boson oscillators and develop an approximate theory incorporating the zero-point energy. We are then able to demonstrate that for small deformations, the theory reproduces the correct limits both for very high temperatures and for very low tempera...

  6. Renormalization-group flows and fixed points in Yukawa theories

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mølgaard, Esben; Shrock, R.


    We study renormalization-group flows in Yukawa theories with massless fermions, including determination of fixed points and curves that separate regions of different flow behavior. We assess the reliability of perturbative calculations for various values of Yukawa coupling y and quartic scalar....... In the regime of weak couplings where the perturbative calculations are most reliable, we find that the theories have no nontrivial fixed points, and the flow is toward a free theory in the infrared....

  7. A Bayesian Network-Based Approach to Selection of Intervention Points in the Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Plant Defense Response Pathway. (United States)

    Venkat, Priya S; Narayanan, Krishna R; Datta, Aniruddha


    An important problem in computational biology is the identification of potential points of intervention that can lead to modified network behavior in a genetic regulatory network. We consider the problem of deducing the effect of individual genes on the behavior of the network in a statistical framework. In this article, we make use of biological information from the literature to develop a Bayesian network and introduce a method to estimate parameters of this network using data that are relevant to the biological phenomena under study. Then, we give a novel approach to select significant nodes in the network using a decision-theoretic approach. The proposed method is applied to the analysis of the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in the plant defense response to pathogens. Results from applying the method to experimental data show that the proposed approach is effective in selecting genes that play crucial roles in the biological phenomenon being studied.

  8. Effect of equal channel angular extrusion on wear and corrosion behavior of the orthopedic Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy in simulated body fluid

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Suresh, K.S. [Department of Materials. Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012 (India); Geetha, M., E-mail: [School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University, Vellore (India); Richard, C. [Laboratoire de Mecanique et de Rheologie EA 2640, Polytech' Tours, 37000 Tours (France); Landoulsi, J. [Laboratoire de Reactivite de Surface, UMR 7197 CNRS, Universite Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris VI, 4 Place Jussieu, Case 178, F-75252 Paris (France); Ramasawmy, H. [University of Mauritius, Faculty of Engineering, Reduit (Mauritius); Suwas, S. [Department of Materials. Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012 (India); Asokamani, R. [School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University, Vellore (India)


    We report investigations on the texture, corrosion and wear behavior of ultra-fine grained (UFG) Ti-13Nb-Zr alloy, processed by equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) technique, for biomedical applications. The microstructure obtained was characterized by X-ray line profile analysis, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and electron back scattered diffraction (EBSD). We focus on the corrosion resistance and the fretting behavior, the main considerations for such biomaterials, in simulated body fluid. To this end, potentiodynamic polarization tests were carried out to evaluate the corrosion behavior of the UFG alloy in Hanks solution at 37 Degree-Sign C. The fretting wear behavior was carried out against bearing steel in the same conditions. The roughness of the samples was also measured to examine the effect of topography on the wear behavior of the samples. Our results showed that the ECAE process increases noticeably the performance of the alloy as orthopedic implant. Although no significant difference was observed in the fretting wear behavior, the corrosion resistance of the UFG alloy was found to be higher than the non-treated material. Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Relevancy of ECAE process applied to titanium alloy for biomedical applications. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Significant improvement of mechanical properties of the surface. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Noticeable increase of the corrosion resistance in simulated body fluid.

  9. Teleological behaviorism. (United States)

    Rachlin, H


    A psychological science of efficient causes, using internal mechanisms to explain overt behavior, is distinguished from another psychological science, based on Aristotelian final causes, using external objects and goals to explain overt behavior. Efficient-cause psychology is designed to answer the question of how a particular act is emitted; final-cause psychology is designed to answer the question of why a particular act is emitted. Physiological psychology, modern cognitive psychology, and some parts of behaviorism including Skinnerian behaviorism are efficient-cause psychologies; final-cause psychology, a development of Skinnerian behaviorism, is here called teleological behaviorism. Each of these two conceptions of causality in psychology implies a different view of the mind, hence a different meaning of mental terms.

  10. The moral relevance of technological artifacts

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verbeek, P.P.C.C.; Sollie, P.; Düwell, M.


    This chapter explores the ethics of technology in a double sense: it lays bare points of application for ethical reflection about technology development, and it analyzes the ethical dimensions of technology itself. First, the chapter addresses the question of how to conceptualize and assess the mora

  11. Safety relevance of vision research and theory.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koornstra, M.J.


    This article discusses the importance of drivers' visual perception to road safety. Evidence is provided to show that the visual perception of a person who is moving at high speed can be seriously affected by both poor visibility and defective eyesight. The point is made that the human eye and mind

  12. Naess's Dichotomy of Tenability and Relevance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Krabbe, Erik C.W.


    In his Communication and Argument Arne Naess discusses how to evaluate reasons advanced to support (and objections advanced to detract from) a given point of view. 1 According to Naess there are two distinct issues to be settled with respect to each separate reason: the issue of its tenability and t

  13. The relations of ego-resiliency and emotion socialization to the development of empathy and prosocial behavior across early childhood. (United States)

    Taylor, Zoe E; Eisenberg, Nancy; Spinrad, Tracy L; Eggum, Natalie D; Sulik, Michael J


    The present study explored early personality and environmental predictors of the development of young children's empathy, as well as relations of empathy to prosocial behavior with peers at a later age. How children manage their own emotions and behaviors when under stress--their ego-resiliency--would be expected to affect their responses to others' emotions. Also, socialization experiences, such as the quality of parenting behaviors, have been associated with individual differences in empathy-related responding. We examined whether mothers' emotion socialization practices and children's ego-resiliency at 18 months predicted initial levels and change in empathy across five time points (24, 30, 42, 48, and 54 months; N = 242), and whether empathy in turn predicted prosocial behavior with peers at 72/84 months of age. Ego-resiliency and mothers' expressive encouragement both uniquely predicted the intercept of empathy. Boys' empathy was lower than girls' but improved more with age. Initial levels and growth of empathy positively predicted later prosocial behavior. Children's ego-resiliency predicted the slope of empathy at near significance (p = .054). We also found that the intercept of empathy mediated the relation between ego-resiliency and prosocial behavior as well as the relation between mothers' expressive encouragement and prosocial behavior. These findings suggest that both parenting and personality characteristics are relevant to the development of empathy during early childhood and might contribute to children's later prosocial behavior with peers.

  14. Cetacean Social Behavioral Response to Sonar Exposure (United States)


    1 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Cetacean social behavioral response to sonar exposure Dr...TERM GOALS The goal of this effort is to investigate cetacean social behavioral response to sonar signals. OBJECTIVES The scientific objectives...of this effort are to determine: 1) social behavioral responses of cetaceans to sonar and to tagging, to investigate the biological relevance and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ciprian-Dan COSTEA


    Full Text Available The research in accounting with specific application on capital markets represents a special resort of accounting research. The development of such studies was favored by the evolution and strong growth of capital markets in our daily contemporary life and by the extention of base accounting concepts to international level. In such circumstances, studies regarding the evolution of concepts like value relevance, efficient markets, accounting information and its dissemination, fair value, are welcomed on the field of accounting research with applicability to the capital markets. This study comes to outline some positions regarding this topic of accounting research.

  16. Women with epilepsy: clinically relevant issues. (United States)

    Bangar, S; Shastri, Abhishek; El-Sayeh, Hany; Cavanna, Andrea E


    Women with epilepsy (WWE) face specific challenges throughout their lifespan due to the effects of seizures and antiepileptic drugs on hormonal function, potentially affecting both sexual and reproductive health. This review article addresses the most common issues of practical relevance to clinicians treating WWE: epidemiology and clinical presentations (including catamenial epilepsy), contraception, reproductive and sexual dysfunction, pregnancy, lactation, menopause-related issues (including bone health), and mental health aspects. Awareness of these gender-specific issues and implementation/adaptation of effective interventions for WWE results in significantly improved health-related quality of life in this patient population.

  17. Happiness: origins, forms, and technical relevance. (United States)

    Akhtar, Salman


    By critically reviewing Freud's views on happiness, and also those of Helene Deutsch, Bertram Lewin, Melanie Klein, and Heinz Kohut, the author evolves a complex and multilayered perspective on the phenomenon. He categorizes happiness into four related and occasionally overlapping varieties: pleasure-based happiness (elation), assertion-based happiness (joy), merger-based happiness (ecstasy), and fulfillment-based happiness (contentment). After entering some caveats and drawing from his clinical experience, the author then demonstrates the relevance of these ideas to the conduct of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovanovic, Z.


    Full Text Available A basic ingredient of any market selection program is the availability of market information. As a general observation, the sources of international market and product information can be characterized as overwhelming, the problem being to identify the relevant data when needed. For international marketers this identification problem can be partly solved through the establishment of computerized databases, which must be continually screened and updated. For selecting new markets, and to support ongoing decisions, marketing decision support systems have been developed to simplify the whole process.

  19. ATLAS Civil Engineering Point 1

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Vialis


    Different phases of the PX 15 realisation to Point 1: zone of the ATLAS experiment 19-11-1998 Realisation of the Walkway for PX 15 and the putting up scaffolds 15-01-1999 Film from the surface of Point 1 and descent in the well of PX 15

  20. Mathematical points as didactical ideas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mogensen, Arne


    Mathematics teaching in Denmark was recently recommended better organized in sequences with clear mathematical pedagogical goals and a focus on mathematical points. In this paper I define a mathematical point and inform on coding of transcripts in a video based Danish research study on grade 8...

  1. Improved Dynamic Planar Point Location

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brodal, Gerth Stølting; Arge, Lars; Georgiadis, Loukas


    We develop the first linear-space data structures for dynamic planar point location in general subdivisions that achieve logarithmic query time and poly-logarithmic update time.......We develop the first linear-space data structures for dynamic planar point location in general subdivisions that achieve logarithmic query time and poly-logarithmic update time....

  2. ATLAS Civil Engineering Point 1

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Vialis


    Different phases of realisation to Point 1 : zone of the ATLAS experiment The ATLAS experimental area is located in Point 1, just across the main CERN entrance, in the commune of Meyrin. There people are ever so busy to finish the different infrastructures for ATLAS. Real underground video. The film has original working sound.

  3. Brocard Point and Euler Function (United States)

    Sastry, K. R. S.


    This paper takes a known point from Brocard geometry, a known result from the geometry of the equilateral triangle, and bring in Euler's [empty set] function. It then demonstrates how to obtain new Brocard Geometric number theory results from them. Furthermore, this paper aims to determine a [triangle]ABC whose Crelle-Brocard Point [omega]…

  4. Resurgence of instrumental behavior after an abstinence contingency. (United States)

    Bouton, Mark E; Schepers, Scott T


    In resurgence, an extinguished instrumental behavior (R1) recovers when a behavior that has replaced it (R2) is also extinguished. The phenomenon may be relevant to understanding relapse that can occur after the termination of "contingency management" treatments, in which an unwanted behavior (e.g., substance abuse) is reduced by reinforcing an alternative behavior. When reinforcement is discontinued, the unwanted behavior might resurge. However, unlike most resurgence experiments, contingency management treatments also introduce a negative contingency, in which reinforcers are not delivered unless the client has abstained from the unwanted behavior. In two experiments with rats, we therefore examined the effects of adding a negative "abstinence" contingency to the resurgence design. During response elimination, R2 was not reinforced unless R1 had not been emitted for a minimum period of time (45, 90, or 135 s). In both experiments, adding such a contingency to simple R1 extinction reduced, but did not eliminate, resurgence. In Experiment 2, we found the same effect in a yoked group that could earn reinforcers for R2 at the same points in time as the negative-contingency group, but without the requirement to abstain from R1. Thus, the negative contingency per se did not contribute to the reduction in resurgence. These results suggest that the contingency reduced resurgence by making reinforcers more difficult to earn and more widely spaced in time. This could have allowed the animal to learn that R1 was extinguished in the "context" of infrequent reinforcement-a context more like that of resurgence testing. The results are thus consistent with a contextual (renewal) account of resurgence. The method might provide a better model of relapse after termination of a contingency management treatment.

  5. Point-by-point near-field optical energy deposition around plasmonic nanospheres in absorbing media. (United States)

    Harrison, R K; Ben-Yakar, Adela


    Here we investigate the effects of absorbing media on plasmon-enhanced near-field optical energy deposition. We find that increasing absorption by the medium results in increased particle scattering at the expense of particle absorption, and that much of this increased particle scattering is absorbed by the medium close to the particle surface. We present an analytical method for evaluating the spatial distribution of near-field enhanced absorption surrounding plasmonic metal nanospheres in absorbing media using a new point-by-point method. We propose criteria to define relevant near-field boundaries and calculate the properties of the local absorption enhancement, which redistributes absorption to the near-field and decays asymptotically as a function of the distance from the particle to background levels. Using this method, we performed a large-scale parametric study to understand the effect of particle size and wavelength on the near-field absorption for gold nanoparticles in aqueous media and silicon, and identified conditions that are relevant to enhanced local infrared absorption in silicon. The presented approach provides insight into the local energy transfer around plasmonic nanoparticles for predicting near-field effects for advanced concepts in optical sensing, thin-film solar cells, nonlinear imaging, and photochemical applications.

  6. Disabled People as Culturally Relevant Teachers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gail Pritchard


    Full Text Available This paper contends that disabled teachers are in such short supply as to be invisible even amongst minority teachers from already vastly marginalised populations. This is not simply because discriminatory practices are embedded within employment policies of educational systems, but deeply held socio-cultural attitudes also prevent disabled people accessing and attaining basic and later, higher levels of academic achievement. The central argument here is a simple one; disabled people as teachers offer a unique knowledge standpoint, challenge the animosity of dominant cultural beliefs around disability as analogous with passivity or non-achieving, and provide a source of resistance, solace and resolution for students they teach. Disabled people as educators enact exemplary pedagogic justice and socially inclusive practice. The aim of this paper is to explore the benefits to students and places of higher education alike of embracing both the person and the role of the teacher with disability as culturally relevant educators. Keywords: minority teachers, marginality, disability, cultural relevance, higher education

  7. Relevancy Ranking of Satellite Dataset Search Results (United States)

    Lynnes, Christopher; Quinn, Patrick; Norton, James


    As the Variety of Earth science datasets increases, science researchers find it more challenging to discover and select the datasets that best fit their needs. The most common way of search providers to address this problem is to rank the datasets returned for a query by their likely relevance to the user. Large web page search engines typically use text matching supplemented with reverse link counts, semantic annotations and user intent modeling. However, this produces uneven results when applied to dataset metadata records simply externalized as a web page. Fortunately, data and search provides have decades of experience in serving data user communities, allowing them to form heuristics that leverage the structure in the metadata together with knowledge about the user community. Some of these heuristics include specific ways of matching the user input to the essential measurements in the dataset and determining overlaps of time range and spatial areas. Heuristics based on the novelty of the datasets can prioritize later, better versions of data over similar predecessors. And knowledge of how different user types and communities use data can be brought to bear in cases where characteristics of the user (discipline, expertise) or their intent (applications, research) can be divined. The Earth Observing System Data and Information System has begun implementing some of these heuristics in the relevancy algorithm of its Common Metadata Repository search engine.

  8. [Male identity, sport and health : Starting points for gender-sensitive support of boys and young men]. (United States)

    Blomberg, Christoph; Neuber, Nils


    Sport is highly relevant in the life of boys and young men. It is not only one of the most common and important leisure activities, but also helps male self-assurance through physical conflicts and competitions as well as through physical proximity and social involvement. At the same time, sport is an ambivalent area that preserves health, but can also be dangerous to it. By considering the development of male identity, the specific possibilities of sport, as well as an overview of the health situation of boys, this article develops starting points for lifestyle-oriented health promotion of boys and young men in the area of exercise, games and sport. In sports, physical practices are learned that can have long-term effects as somatic cultures on health behavior. The work with boys in sports can be health-promoting if opportunities and risks are reflected upon and considered in the didactic planning and execution.

  9. 2014-2016 Avian Point Count and Migration Surveys at Site 300 for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fratanduono, M. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    The primary goals of the surveys were to: 1) collect minutes of bird activity within Site 300, 2) consider relative abundance of the different bird species occurring within the Site, 3) collect behavioral information, and 4) provide compelling evidence to determine the status of the Site as a migration corridor or migration stopover site. To this end, two survey types were conducted: avian point counts were conducted on a monthly basis from February 2014 through January 2016 and migration surveys were conducted over two three-month periods from September 2014 through November 2014, and September 2015 through November 2015. These two surveys types provided the opportunity to observe avian species in a variety of conditions across a two year period. Whenever possible or relevant, the observations of either survey were used to inform and complement the observations of the other survey in pursuit of the above goals. Both survey types are described below.

  10. Culturally Relevant Texts and Reading Assessment for English Language Learners (United States)

    Ebe, Ann E.


    This article reports on a study that explored the relationship between reading proficiency and cultural relevance of text for third-grade English Language Learners (ELLs). The author presents the Cultural Relevance Rubric that helps define and determine cultural relevance of texts. Participants used the rubric to rate the cultural relevance of two…

  11. Dogs’ Body Language Relevant to Learning Achievement


    Masashi Hasegawa; Nobuyo Ohtani; Mitsuaki Ohta


    Simple Summary For humans and dogs to live together amiably, dog training is required, and a lack of obedience training is significantly related to the prevalence of certain behavioral problems. To train efficiently, it is important that the trainer/owner ascertains the learning level of the dog. Understanding the dog’s body language helps humans understand the animal’s emotions. This study evaluated the posture of certain dog body parts during operant conditioning. Our findings suggest that ...

  12. Is Renormalized Entanglement Entropy Stationary at RG Fixed Points?

    CERN Document Server

    Klebanov, Igor R; Pufu, Silviu S; Safdi, Benjamin R


    The renormalized entanglement entropy (REE) across a circle of radius R has been proposed as a c-function in Poincar\\'e invariant (2+1)-dimensional field theory. A proof has been presented of its monotonic behavior as a function of R, based on the strong subadditivity of entanglement entropy. However, this proof does not directly establish stationarity of REE at conformal fixed points of the renormalization group. In this note we study the REE for the free massive scalar field theory near the UV fixed point described by a massless scalar. Our numerical calculation indicates that the REE is not stationary at the UV fixed point.

  13. HELIOS modelling of point-focusing solar concentrators (United States)

    Strachan, J. W.; Mulholland, G. P.

    The modifications to the optical code HELIOS which are required in order to model point-focusing concentrators is presented. HELIOS simulates the optical behavior of reflecting heliostats and was written to model central receiver facilities, specifically that of the Solar Thermal Test Facility at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This paper discusses the necessary changes to the HELIOS code and to its input files such that it can successfully model point-focusing concentrators while retaining its computational power. A point-focusing concentrator located at the Solar Thermal Test Facility is presented as a sample case.

  14. Dogs' Body Language Relevant to Learning Achievement. (United States)

    Hasegawa, Masashi; Ohtani, Nobuyo; Ohta, Mitsuaki


    The facial expressions and body postures of dogs can give helpful information about their moods and emotional states. People can more effectively obedience train their dogs if we can identify the mannerisms associated with learning in dogs. The aim of this study was to clarify the dog's body language during operant conditioning to predict achievement in the test that followed by measuring the duration of behaviors. Forty-six untrained dogs (17 males and 26 females) of various breeds were used. Each session consisted of 5 minutes of training with a treat reward followed by 3 minutes of rest and finally an operant conditioning test that consisted of 20 "hand motion" cues. The operant tests were conducted a total of nine times over three consecutive days, and the success numbers were counted. The duration of the dog's behavior, focusing on the dog's eyes, mouth, ears, tail and tail-wagging, was recorded during the operant conditioning sessions before the test. Particular behaviors, including wide-eyes, closed mouth, erect ears, and forward and high tail carriage, without wagging or with short and quick wagging, related to high achievement results. It is concluded that dogs' body language during operant conditioning was related to their success rate.

  15. Building Points - MO 2014 Barton Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Staff at the Geographic Resources Center placed attributed points on all roofed structures visible at a scale of 1:2000 using MSDIS-DOQQ 2008 2-foot aerial imagery...

  16. Building Points - MO 2014 Camden Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Staff at the Geographic Resources Center placed attributed points on all roofed structures visible at a scale of 1:2000 using MSDIS-DOQQ 2008 2-foot aerial imagery...

  17. Building Points - MO 2014 Dade Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Staff at the Geographic Resources Center placed attributed points on all roofed structures visible at a scale of 1:2000 using MSDIS-DOQQ 2008 2-foot aerial imagery...

  18. Building Points - MO 2014 Clark Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Staff at the Geographic Resources Center placed attributed points on all roofed structures visible at a scale of 1:2000 using MSDIS-DOQQ 2008 2-foot aerial imagery...

  19. Building Points - MO 2014 Audrain Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Staff at the Geographic Resources Center placed attributed points on all roofed structures visible at a scale of 1:2000 using MSDIS-DOQQ 2008 2-foot aerial imagery...

  20. Building Points - MO 2014 Bates Structure Points (SHP) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Staff at the Geographic Resources Center placed attributed points on all roofed structures visible at a scale of 1:2000 using MSDIS-DOQQ 2008 2-foot aerial imagery...