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  1. A Study of Stranding of Juvenile Salmon by Ship Wakes Along the Lower Columbia River Using a Before-and-After Design: Before-Phase Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pearson, Walter H.; Skalski, J R.; Sobocinski, Kathryn L.; Miller, Martin C.; Johnson, Gary E.; Williams, Greg D.; Southard, John A.; Buchanan, Rebecca A.


    Ship wakes produced by deep-draft vessels transiting the lower Columbia River have been observed to cause stranding of juvenile salmon. Proposed deepening of the Columbia River navigation channel has raised concerns about the potential impact of the deepening project on juvenile salmon stranding. The Portland District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requested that the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory design and conduct a study to assess stranding impacts that may be associated with channel deepening. The basic study design was a multivariate analysis of covariance of field observations and measurements under a statistical design for a before and after impact comparison. We have summarized field activities and statistical analyses for the ?before? component of the study here. Stranding occurred at all three sampling sites and during all three sampling seasons (Summer 2004, Winter 2005, and Spring 2005), for a total of 46 stranding events during 126 observed vessel passages. The highest occurrence of stranding occurred at Barlow Point, WA, where 53% of the observed events resulted in stranding. Other sites included Sauvie Island, OR (37%) and County Line Park, WA (15%). To develop an appropriate impact assessment model that accounted for relevant covariates, regression analyses were conducted to determine the relationships between stranding probability and other factors. Nineteen independent variables were considered as potential factors affecting the incidence of juvenile salmon stranding, including tidal stage, tidal height, river flow, current velocity, ship type, ship direction, ship condition (loaded/unloaded), ship speed, ship size, and a proxy variable for ship kinetic energy. In addition to the ambient and ship characteristics listed above, site, season, and fish density were also considered. Although no single factor appears as the primary factor for stranding, statistical analyses of the covariates resulted in the following equations: (1) Stranding

  2. Fit of zirconia all-ceramic crowns with different cervical margin designs, before and after porcelain firing and glazing. (United States)

    Miura, Shoko; Inagaki, Ryoichi; Kasahara, Shin; Yoda, Masanobu


    The purpose of this study is to investigate the fit of zirconia cores and all-ceramic crowns prepared with different cervical margin designs. The radius of curvature between the axial wall and the occlusal surface was set to 1 mm in an abutment using the cervical shoulder marginal design (S) and to 0.2 and 0.5 mm in abutments with round shoulders (0.2RS and 0.5RS, respectively). The internal gaps of the cores were 45-138 μm (S), 41-141 μm (0.2RS), and 43-133 μm (0.5RS). The internal gaps of the all-ceramic crowns were 40-115 μm (S), 45-113 μm (0.2RS), and 42-126 μm (0.5RS). There were no significant differences in one-way ANOVA for any region in any marginal design before and after firing the porcelain. The marginal gaps between the all-ceramic crowns and dies were 27 ± 25 (S), 30 ± 29 (0.2RS), and 24 ± 27 μm (0.5RS), again with no significant differences in one-way ANOVA.

  3. Quality of Reporting and Study Design of CKD Cohort Studies Assessing Mortality in the Elderly Before and After STROBE: A Systematic Review.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anirudh Rao

    Full Text Available The STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology (STROBE statement was published in October 2007 to improve quality of reporting of observational studies. The aim of this review was to assess the impact of the STROBE statement on observational study reporting and study design quality in the nephrology literature.Systematic literature review.European and North American, Pre-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD cohort studies.Studies assessing the association between CKD and mortality in the elderly (>65 years published from 1st January 2002 to 31st December 2013 were included, following systematic searching of MEDLINE & EMBASE.Time period before and after the publication of the STROBE statement.Quality of study reporting using the STROBE statement and quality of study design using the Newcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN and Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP tools.37 papers (11 Pre & 26 Post STROBE were identified from 3621 potential articles. Only four of the 22 STROBE items and their sub-criteria (objectives reporting, choice of quantitative groups and description of and carrying out sensitivity analysis showed improvements, with the majority of items showing little change between the period before and after publication of the STROBE statement. Pre- and post-period analysis revealed a Manuscript STROBE score increase (median score 77.8% (Inter-quartile range [IQR], 64.7-82.0 vs 83% (IQR, 78.4-84.9, p = 0.05. There was no change in quality of study design with identical median scores in the two periods for NOS (Manuscript NOS score 88.9, SIGN (Manuscript SIGN score 83.3 and CASP (Manuscript CASP score 91.7 tools.Only 37 Studies from Europe and North America were included from one medical specialty. Assessment of study design largely reliant on good reporting.This study highlights continuing deficiencies in the reporting of STROBE items and their sub-criteria in cohort

  4. Physics before and after Einstein

    CERN Document Server

    Capria, M Mamone


    It is now a century ago that one of the icons of modern physics published some of the most influential scientific papers of all times. With his work on relativity and quantum theory, Albert Einstein has altered the field of physics forever. It should not come as a surprise that looking back at Einstein''s work, one needs to rethink the whole scope of physics, before and after his time. This books aims to provide a perspective on the history of modern physics, spanning from the late 19th century up to today. It is not an encyclopaedic work, but it presents the groundbreaking and sometimes provocative main contributions by Einstein as marking the line between ''old'' and ''new'' physics, and expands on some of the developments and open issues to which they gave rise.

  5. Discovery of biomarkers for glycaemic deterioration before and after the onset of type 2 diabetes: rationale and design of the epidemiological studies within the IMI DIRECT Consortium

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koivula, Robert W.; Heggie, Alison; Barnett, Anna


    biomarkers that: (1) predict the rate of glycaemic deterioration before and after type 2 diabetes onset; (2) predict the response to diabetes therapies; and (3) help stratify type 2 diabetes into clearly definable disease subclasses that can be treated more effectively than without stratification. This paper...

  6. Nasal Mucociliary Transport Before and After Jogging. (United States)

    Cederlund, Anna; And Others


    A study of nasal mucociliary transport in 11 healthy subjects before and after they jogged 8-10 kilometers indicated that the transport time was significantly longer after jogging than before jogging. (Author/CB)

  7. Plasma adiponectin before and after kidney transplantation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Idorn, Thomas; Hornum, Mads; Bjerre, Mette


    control group was examined twice, separated by 12 months. ADPN levels declined significantly following Tx (P filtration rate (eGFR) increased (P ... before and after Tx including kidney function, insulin resistance, use of immunosuppressive agents and BMI. Pretransplant ADPN level did not predict development of new-onset diabetes mellitus or even deterioration of the glucose tolerance following Tx....


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dora CVELBAR


    Full Text Available Introduction: Voice disorders are a well-known complication which is often associated with thyroid gland diseases and because voice is still the basic mean of communication it is very important to maintain its quality healthy. Objectives: The aim of this study referred to questions whether there is a statistically significant difference between results of voice self-assessment, perceptual voice assessment and acoustic voice analysis before and after thyroidectomy and whether there are statistically significant correlations between variables of voice self-assessment, perceptual assessment and acoustic analysis before and after thyroidectomy. Methods: This scientific research included 12 participants aged between 41 and 76. Voice self-assessment was conducted with the help of Croatian version of Voice Handicap Index (VHI. Recorded reading samples were used for perceptual assessment and later evaluated by two clinical speech and language therapists. Recorded samples of phonation were used for acoustic analysis which was conducted with the help of acoustic program Praat. All of the data was processed through descriptive statistics and nonparametric statistical methods. Results: Results showed that there are statistically significant differences between results of voice self-assessments and results of acoustic analysis before and after thyroidectomy. Statistically significant correlations were found between variables of perceptual assessment and acoustic analysis. Conclusion: Obtained results indicate the importance of multidimensional, preoperative and postoperative assessment. This kind of assessment allows the clinician to describe all of the voice features and provides appropriate recommendation for further rehabilitation to the patient in order to optimize voice outcomes.

  9. Psychosocial challenges before and after organ transplantation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schulz KH


    Full Text Available Karl-Heinz Schulz,1,2 Sylvia Kroencke,1,2 1Department of Medical Psychology, 2University Transplant Center, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany Abstract: This review addresses psychosocial challenges before and after solid organ transplantation. Stressors, corresponding psychosocial changes of the recipient, and psychological interventions in the different phases of the transplant process are described. Furthermore, important aspects of the preoperative psychosocial evaluation are presented with a special focus on living donors and patients with alcoholic liver disease. For the postoperative period, adherence, quality of life, and return to work are highlighted. Finally, research and clinical implications are presented. Keywords: adherence, alcoholic liver disease, evaluation, living donation, quality of life, return to work

  10. Plasma adiponectin before and after kidney transplantation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Idorn, Thomas; Hornum, Mads; Bjerre, Mette;


    The role of plasma adiponectin (ADPN) in patients with impaired kidney function and following kidney transplantation (Tx) is debated. We aimed to: (i) determine whether pretransplant ADPN level is an independent risk factor for deterioration of glucose tolerance including development of new......-onset diabetes mellitus after Tx, (ii) describe which parameters that influence the ADPN concentration before and after Tx. Fifty-seven nondiabetic kidney allograft recipients and 40 nondiabetic uraemic patients were included. The Tx group was examined at baseline and 3 and 12 months after Tx. The uraemic...... analysis, whereas an ordinal logistic regression analysis revealed no predictive characteristic of ADPN for aggravation of the glucose tolerance after Tx. In conclusion, kidney transplantation is accompanied by a significant reduction in ADPN concentration. Several factors determine the ADPN concentration...

  11. Happiness: before and after the kids. (United States)

    Myrskylä, Mikko; Margolis, Rachel


    Understanding how having children influences parents' subjective well-being ("happiness") has great potential to explain fertility behavior. We study parental happiness trajectories before and after the birth of a child, using large British and German longitudinal data sets. We account for unobserved parental characteristics using fixed-effects models and study how sociodemographic factors modify the parental happiness trajectories. Consistent with existing work, we find that happiness increases in the years around the birth of a first child and then decreases to before-child levels. Moreover, happiness increases before birth, suggesting that the trajectories may capture not only the effect of the birth but also the broader process of childbearing, which may include partnership formation and quality. Sociodemographic factors strongly modify this pattern. Those who have children at older ages or who have more education have a particularly positive happiness response to a first birth; and although having the first two children increases happiness, having a third child does not. The results, which are similar in Britain and Germany, suggest that having up to two children increases happiness, and mostly for those who have postponed childbearing. This pattern is consistent with the fertility behavior that emerged during the second demographic transition and provides new insights into low and late fertility.

  12. Opioid prescriptions before and after high-energy trauma

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zwisler, Stine T; Hallas, Jesper; Larsen, Morten S


    OBJECTIVE: To describe the legal use of opioids in adult patients before and after high-energy trauma. DESIGN: The study was a retrospective database study. SETTING: Clinical care outside hospitals. PATIENTS: All patients who suffered high-energy trauma and were brought to Odense University...... Hospital (OUH), Denmark, in 2007 and 2008 were retrieved from the trauma database. These patients were linked with data on opioid use from the regional prescription database. In all, 938 patients were included. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Redemption of opioid prescription during the 6 months prior...... to a multitrauma or redemption of two or more prescriptions for opioids 6 months or later after a multitrauma. RESULTS: Of the 938 patients brought to OUH with severe trauma within the study period, 61 patients died (7 percent) and six of these had redeemed prescriptions for opioids within 6 months prior...

  13. Research on Difference Design Modeling of Embroidered Insoles Before and After Reforming and Opening in Qilu Region%改革开放前后齐鲁地区绣花鞋垫图案造型比较

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王秀丽; 张竞琼


    The embroidered insole is one of the traditional folk arts in Qilu area of China.It shows respective characteristics in corresponding period.The form and pattern of embroidered insole before and after the reform and opening are compared based on fieldwork and study on Southern Yangtze University Folk Clothing and Accessory Museum.It is shown that the pattern after the reform and opening is more mature and varied which is of great significance to the inheritance and development of the folk art.%绣花鞋垫是我国齐鲁地区传统民间艺术之一,改革开放前后的绣花鞋垫呈现出不同的特征。通过实地采风考察和对江南大学传习馆现存鞋垫的研究,主要从图案的题材、寓意与形式构成等方面比较了改革开放前后齐鲁地区绣花鞋垫的变化,从而得出改革开放后的绣花鞋垫图案更加成熟、多样化的结论,并分析产生这种变化的原因,对于该民间文化的传承和发展具有重要的意义。

  14. "Before and after" diet advertisements escalate weight stigma. (United States)

    Geier, A B; Schwartz, M B; Brownell, K D


    The stigma-producing effects of "before and after" diet advertisements on a healthy weight sample were examined. Subjects (n = 59) were exposed to a presentation containing either a "before and after" diet ad, or solely the "before" or "after" picture embedded in a different ad. Subjects were then given measures to assess negative attitudes and endorsement of stereotypes about overweight people. Across all subjects, strong implicit anti-fat bias was present. Subjects in the Before and After condition indicated that weight is more easily controllable than did subjects in either the Before Picture Only or the After Picture Only conditions. There were two moderating variables for this effect. Subjects who reported greater life satisfaction endorsed fewer anti-fat stereotypes, and those who enjoyed an emotionally close relationship with an overweight person were less biased. These results suggest that "before and after" diet ads enhance weight stigma and perpetuate damaging stereotypes.

  15. Acetabular fractures before and after the introduction of seatbelt legislation (United States)

    Al-Qahtani, Saeed; O’Connor, Gregory


    Objectives To compare the incidence and severity of acetabular fractures and associated injuries before and after seatbelt legislation. Design A retrospective study. Setting Two major trauma centres, which are teaching hospitals. Patients Three hundred and ninety-three patients who sustained acetabular fractures during the 5 years before and 5 years after seatbelt legislation was enacted. Of these, the fractures in 198 patients (50.4%) resulted from a motor vehicle accident. Main Outcome Measures The number and severity of acetabular fractures and associated injuries. Results There has been a significant reduction in the number of acetabular fractures (p = 0.005) since seatbelt use became mandatory, and the complexity of the fractures has decreased. There has also been a marked reduction in associated injuries, such as fractures of other bones, and head, chest and abdominal injuries (p < 0.001). Conclusion The seatbelt law has been a useful preventive measure, resulting in a reduction in the incidence of acetabular fractures and associated injuries. PMID:8697323

  16. Differences of protein profile before and after orthodontic treatment (United States)

    Nasri, Farah Amirah Mohd; Wahab, Rohaya Megat Abdul; Karsani, Saiful Anuar; Ariffin, Shahrul Hisham Zainal


    Mechanical forces in orthodontic treatment used to treat malocclusion can cause inflamed gingival tissue and the process of tooth movement may resorb dental root. Root resorption is an iatrogenic effect of orthodontic treatment but it can be monitored using protein biomarker. This study aims to investigate the differences of protein profile before and after orthodontic treatment using different staining methods. Human gingival crevicular fluid and saliva were collected from orthodontic patients before and after treatment. Protein profile were observed using SDS-PAGE. Our study shows down regulation of proteins after 3 months of treatment. Hence, there are potential values from this study to aid in investigation for specific biomarkers for root resorption.

  17. Medication and nutritional supplement use before and after bariatric surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charline Fernanda Backes

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: Bariatric surgery has been an effective alternative treatment for morbid obesity and has resulted in decreased mortality, better control over comorbidities and reduced use of drugs. The objective of this study was to analyze the impact of bariatric surgery on medication drug and nutritional supplement use. DESIGN AND SETTING: Longitudinal study of before-and-after type, on 69 morbidly obese patients in a public hospital in Porto Alegre. METHODS: Through interviews, the presence of comorbidities and use of drugs with and without prescription were evaluated. RESULTS: Among the 69 patients interviewed, 85.5% had comorbidities in the preoperative period, with an average of 2.3 (± 1.5 per patient. The main comorbidities reported were hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. 84.1% of the patients were using prescribed drugs in the preoperative period. The mean drug use per patient was 4.8, which decreased to 4.4 after the procedure. The surgery enabled significant reduction in use of most antidiabetic (84%, antilipemic (77% and antihypertensive drugs (49.5%. On the other hand, there was a significant increase in use of multivitamins and drugs for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The dosages of most of the drugs that continued to be prescribed after surgery were decreased, but not significantly. CONCLUSION: After bariatric surgery, there were increases in the use of vitamins, gastric antisecretory drugs and antianemic drugs. Nevertheless, there was an overall reduction in drug use during this period, caused by suspension of drugs or dose reduction.

  18. Merits of exercise therapy before and after major surgery

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoogeboom, T.J.; Dronkers, J.J.; Hulzebos, E.H.J.; Meeteren, N.L.U. van


    PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Advances in medical care have led to an increasing elderly population. Elderly individuals should be able to participate in society as long as possible. However, with an increasing age their adaptive capacity gradually decreases, specially before and after major life events (like

  19. Morbidity before and after the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandt, Frans; Thvilum, Marianne; Pedersen, Dorthe Almind


    Hyperthyroidism has been linked with different morbidities, like atrial fibrillation, stroke and diabetes mellitus. However, our knowledge regarding the extent and temporal relation between hyperthyroidism and other diseases is fragmented. Here, we aimed at evaluating various morbidities before...... and after the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism....

  20. Ocular torsion before and after 1 hour centrifugation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Groen, E.; Graaf, B. de; Bles, W.; Bos, J.E.


    To assess a possible otolith contribution to effects observed following prolonged expo-sure to hyper gravity, we used video-oculography to measure ocular torsion during static and dynamic conditions of lateral body tilt (roll) before and after one hour of centrifugation with a Gx-load of 3G. Static

  1. Morphological characteristics of spermatozoa before and after renal transplantation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Long-Gen Xu; Shi-Fang Shi; Xiao-Ping Qi; Xiao-Feng Huang; Hui-Ming Xu; Qi-Zhe Song; Xing-Hong Wang; Zong-Fu Shao; Jun-Rong Zhang


    Aim: To investigate the changes of the spermatozoa ultrastructures before and after renal transplantation in uremic patients. Methods: The sperm of five uremic patients before and after transplantation and four healthy volunteers were collected and examined by scanning electron microscopy. Results: Abnormal spermatozoa were found in patients pre-transplantation; abnormalities included deletion of the acrosome, absence of the postacrosomal and postnuclear ring, dumbbell-like changes of the head, tail curling, and absence of the mitochondrial sheath in the midsegment. After renal transplantation, most of the spermatozoa became normal. Conclusion: There are many abnormalities with regard to the appearance and structure of the head, acrosome, mitochondria and tail of the spermatozoa in uremic patients. The majority of the spermatozoa returned to normal after renal transplantation, but a few still presented some abnormalities possibly relating to the administration of immunosuppressants.

  2. Hazard Assessment Comparison of Tazhiping Landslide Before and After Treatment


    Huang, Dong; Qiao, Jianping; Wang, Meng


    Through investigation and analysis of geological conditions and mechanical parameters of the Taziping landslide, the finite volume method was adopted, and, the rheological model was adopted to simulate the landslide and avalanche entire mass movement process. The present paper adopted the GIS platform to simulate the mass movement process before and after treatment. This paper also provided the conditions and characteristic parameters of soil deposits (thickness, speed, and stresses) during t...

  3. Antioxidant status in neonatal jaundice before and after phototherapy


    Dahiya, Kiran; Tiwari, A. D.; Shankar, Vijay; Kharb, Simmi; Dhankhar, Rakesh


    Phototherapy has been related to increased oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation. In the present study, thirty full term jaundiced neonates with appropriate weight were analyzed before and after completion of phototherapy for malondialdehyde (MDA), reduced glutathione (GSH), total thiols, vitamin C and superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels in hemolysate and albumin levels in plasma. These parameters were analyzed in cord blood samples of 20 healthy neonates as control. It was observed that leve...

  4. Sonotubometry in children with otitis media with effusion before and after insertion of ventilation tubes.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Avoort, S.J.C.; Heerbeek, N. van; Zielhuis, G.A.; Cremers, C.W.R.J.


    OBJECTIVES: To test the outcome of sonotubometric measurement in children with otitis media with effusion (OME) before and after insertion of ventilation tubes. DESIGN: Eustachian tube ventilatory function was tested in children with OME. To test validity, sonotubometric testing took place before in

  5. Vaginal pressure during daily activities before and after vaginal repair

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mouritsen, L; Hulbaek, M; Brostrøm, S


    , pelvic floor contraction (PFC), coughing, Valsalva, rising from sitting to standing and lifting 2 and 5 kg with four different lifting techniques. VP was measured before, 1-5 days and 4-6 weeks after vaginal repair. Mean VP was four to five times higher during coughing and Valsalva compared to PFC......The objective of the study was to measure vaginal pressure during various daily activities in patients before and after vaginal surgery for pelvic organ prolapse, searching data for evidence-based activity guidelines. Vaginal pressure (VP) was studied in 23 patients during activities such as rest...

  6. Evolution of agricultural production of Zaire before and after 1960

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabiti, K.


    Full Text Available This study presents the evolution of agricultural production of Zaire before and after 1960 with the help of variable quantifies of products, the cultured area and the exported quantifies of products. A comparative analysis of quantifies of studied products shows that after 1960, the agricultural production of basis foodstuffs of the Zairian population has fallen of the order of 91 % in comparison with the first period. This study shows that the system of peasantry introduced in 1936 by the INEAC, the rationalization of cultural methods connected to the governmental explain the agricultural expansion of Zaire before 1960.

  7. [Human bartonellosis: before and after Daniel Alcides Carrion]. (United States)

    Takano Morón, Juan


    This is a review of bibliographic aspects associated to the knowledge about human bartonelosis before and after the death of Daniel Alcides Carrion. Emphasis is placed on stimulus in the development of medical research in Peru by the self-inoculation and subsequent death of Carrion especially in relation to human bartonellosis, conducted by Peruvian researchers and others around the world. The review includes the basic area of knowledge about the bacteria that causes the illness, the host response to infection as well as the biphasic behavior of the disease. The revised bibliography includes contributions to the knowledge of the disease in the last 100 years, now known with the eponym "Carrion's disease".

  8. Noise suppression by quantum control before and after the noise (United States)

    Wakamura, Hiroaki; Kawakubo, Ryûitirô; Koike, Tatsuhiko


    We discuss the possibility of protecting the state of a quantum system that goes through noise by measurements and operations before and after the noise process. The aim is to seek the optimal protocol that makes the input and output states as close as possible and to clarify the role of the measurements therein. We consider two cases: one can perform quantum measurements and operations (i) only after the noise process and (ii) both before and after. We prove in a two-dimensional Hilbert space that, in case (i), the noise suppression is essentially impossible for all types of noise and, in case (ii), the optimal protocol for the depolarizing noise is either the "do nothing" protocol or the "discriminate and reprepare" protocol. These protocols are not "truly quantum" and can be considered as classical. They involve no measurement or only use the measurement outcomes. These results describe the fundamental limitations in quantum mechanics from the viewpoint of control theory. Finally, we conjecture that a statement similar to case (ii) holds for higher-dimensional Hilbert spaces and present some numerical evidence.

  9. A Water Rehabilitation Program in Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis Before and After Total Hip Replacement. (United States)

    Łyp, Marek; Kaczor, Ryszard; Cabak, Anna; Tederko, Piotr; Włostowska, Ewa; Stanisławska, Iwona; Szypuła, Jan; Tomaszewski, Wiesław


    BACKGROUND Pain associated with coxarthrosis, typically occurring in middle-aged and elderly patients, very commonly causes considerable limitation of motor fitness and dependence on pharmacotherapy. This article provides an assessment of a rehabilitation program with tailored water exercises in patients with osteoarthritis before and after total hip replacement. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 192 patients (the mean age 61.03±10.89) suffering from hip osteoarthritis (OA) were evaluated before and after total hip replacement (THR). The clinical study covered measurements of hip active ranges of motion (HAROM) and the forces generated by pelvis stabilizer muscles. Pain intensity was assessed according to analogue-visual scale of pain (VAS) and according to the Modified Laitinen Questionnaire. The patients were divided into 6 groups (4 treatment and 2 control). We compared 2 rehabilitation programs using kinesitherapy and low-frequency magnetic field. One of them also had specially designed exercises in the water. Statistical analysis was carried out at the significance level α=0.05. This was a cross-sectional study. RESULTS A positive effect of water exercises on a number of parameters was found in patients with OA both before and after total hip replacement surgery. We noted a significant reduction of pain (prehabilitation program including water exercises most significantly reduced pain in patients with OA before and after total hip replacement surgery. 2. Inclusion of water exercises in a rehabilitation program can reduce the use of medicines in patient with OA and after THR.

  10. Balance in Visual Impairment Before and After Intervention Based Games

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Cecília Moraes Frade


    Full Text Available This article’s objective was to evaluate the balance in low vision deficients before and after 16 game therapy sessions. It was approved by the Research Ethics Committee with protocol 2349/2012, and developed at the Institute of the Blind of Central Brazil in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. The sample was made with 10 individuals with low vision in the age group of 12-23 years. Initially, participants were assessed with the Berg Balance Scale, underwent a session of game therapy with Nintendo Wii Fit and then reassessed. After that, 4 of the 10 participants were chosen to conduct 16 sessions of therapy for 2 months. In the end, the balance was reassessed. The results showed significant improvement in balance. The virtual rehabilitation can be used in several kinds of treatments, as it improves motor function, decreases perception of pain and improves balance. We conclude that the game therapy showed balance improvements in the subjects.

  11. Breast Cancer Patients’ Cognitive Functioning Before and After Chemotherapy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Christina Maar; Pedersen, Anette Fischer; Mehlsen, Mimi Yung

    chemotherapy which interfere with their abilities to fulfill social and work-related responsibilities. However, since the cause of the cognitive problems is unknown, it is difficult for GPs to offer appropriate counseling on this issue. Aim: To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of the available...... evidence concerning cognitive functioning of breast cancer patients before and after chemotherapy. Methods: The databases PubMed and SSCI were searched for articles on the cognitive functioning of breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The search took place from August to December 2010 and extended...... as far back as the databases allowed. Seven studies were selected based on three inclusion criteria: prospective studies, use of neuropsychological tests and inclusion of two patient groups: one receiving chemotherapy and one not receiving chemotherapy (control group). Results: At baseline, breast cancer...

  12. Morphometric evaluation of keratocystic odontogenic tumor before and after marsupialization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deborah Campos Telles


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study was the morphometric evaluation of the epithelial lining and fibrous capsule in histological specimens of keratocystic odontogenic tumors (KOTs before and after marsupialization. Histological sections from six KOTs that had undergone marsupialization followed by enucleation were photographed. The thickness and features of the capsule and of the epithelial lining of the tumor were evaluated upon marsupialization and upon subsequent enucleation using Axion Vision software. The histological specimens taken upon marsupialization presented an epithelial lining that is typical of KOTs. After marsupialization, the enucleated specimens had a modified epithelial lining and a fibrous capsule that both presented a greater median thickness (p = 0.0277 and p = 0.0212, respectively, morphological changes, and significant enlargement. These modifications can facilitate full surgical treatment and may well be related to a low KOT recurrence rate.

  13. Sexual Function before and after Total Hip Replacement: Narrative Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rotem Meiri, BPT


    Conclusions: The ability to move comfortably is included among the many physical and psychosocial factors influencing sexual functioning. Practitioners should be encouraged to question their THR patients about sexual concerns and to provide counseling related to physical and functional aspects of sexual activity. Rehabilitation that focuses specifically on activities of daily living of sex should include sexual counseling, therapeutic exercise, and advice regarding sexual positions. Rehabilitation provided by physical therapists may help decrease pain, and facilitate greater self‐awareness, self‐confidence, and improved body image, all of which encourage and affirm optimal sexual health. Meiri R, Rosenbaum TY, and Kalichman L. Sexual function before and after total hip replacement: Narrative review. Sex Med 2014;2:159–167.

  14. Diarrheal Diseases Hospitalization in Yemen before and after Rotavirus Vaccination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammed Amood AL-Kamarany


    Full Text Available The study aims to assess the impact of rotavirus vaccine introduction on diarrheal diseases hospitalization and to identify the rotavirus genotypes most prevalent before and after vaccine introduction among children ≤ 5 years of age. Rotarix™ ® rotavirus vaccine is currently licensed for infants in Yemen and was introduced in 2012. The vaccination course consists of two doses. The first dose is administrated at 6 weeks of age and the second dose is completed by 10 weeks. Based on a longitudinal observational study, we assessed the impact of vaccination on rotavirus hospitalization before and after vaccination among children ≤ 5 years of age at the Yemeni-Swedish Hospital (YSH in Taiz, Yemen. Prevaccination covered January 2009–July 2012 during which 2335 fecal samples were collected from children ≤ 5 years old. Postvaccination covered January 2013–December 2014 during which 1114 fecal samples were collected. Rotavirus was detected by Enzyme Linkage Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA. The incidence of rotavirus hospitalization decreased from 43.79% in 2009 to 10.54% in 2014. Hospitalization due to rotavirus diarrhea was reduced by 75.93%. Vaccine coverage increased from 23% in 2012 to 72% in 2014. Also, the results showed that the most predominant genotypes in prevaccination period were G2P[4] (55.0%, followed by G1P[8] (15.0%, while in postvaccination period G1P[8] (31% was the predominant genotype, followed by G9P[8] (27.5%. In conclusion, rotavirus vaccination in Yemen resulted in sharp reduction in diarrheal hospitalization. A successful rotavirus vaccination program in Yemen will rely upon efficient vaccine delivery systems and sustained vaccine efficacy against diverse and evolving rotavirus strains.

  15. Baropodometric analyses of patients before and after bariatric surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan Leo Bacha


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the vertical component of the ground reaction force, plantar pressure, contact area of the feet and double-support time using static and dynamic (gait baropodometry before and after bariatric surgery. METHODS: Sixteen individuals with a body mass index of between 35 and 55 were evaluated before and after bariatric surgery. Thirteen patients (81.3% were female and three (18.8% male and their average age was 46±10 (21-60 years. An FSCAN system (version 3848 was used for baropodometric analyses (1 km/h and 3 km/h. The peak plantar pressure and ground reaction force were measured for the rear foot and forefoot. The double-support time and foot contact area were measured during gait. RESULTS: There were reductions in the ground reaction force in the forefoot and rear foot and in the foot contact area in all evaluations and of the double-support time at 3 km/h, as well as a significant reduction in the body mass index at six months post-surgery. The peak pressure did not vary at 1 km/h and at 3 km/h, reductions in peak pressure were observed in the left and right rear feet and left forefoot. CONCLUSIONS: Weight loss after bariatric surgery resulted in decreases in the ground reaction force and contact area of the foot. Plantar pressure was decreased at 3 km/h, especially in the forefoot. There was an increase in rhythm because of a reduction in the double-support time at 3 km/h.

  16. Aroma Constituents in Shanxi Aged Vinegar before and after Aging. (United States)

    Liang, Jingjing; Xie, Jianchun; Hou, Li; Zhao, Mengyao; Zhao, Jian; Cheng, Jie; Wang, Shi; Sun, Bao-Guo


    Shanxi aged vinegar is one of the most famous Chinese traditional cereal vinegars produced by spontaneous solid-state fermentation. However, the aroma composition of Shanxi aged vinegar is still ambiguous. The Shanxi vinegars before and after aging were both analyzed by solvent-assisted flavor evaporation combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) as well as gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O) in aroma extract dilution analysis. A total of 87 odor-active regions were found by GC-O, and 80 odor-active compounds were identified. By GC-MS/MS, in selected reaction monitoring mode, 30 important identifications were quantitated using authentic standards. In comparison, the aroma molecules for the vinegars before and after aging were almost the same; only their levels were altered, with mostly the esters and some compounds that produce pungent smells being lost and the levels of those from the Maillard reaction, especially the pyrazines (e.g., tetramethylpyrazine), being greatly increased. As for the aged vinegar, the compounds found to have high flavor dilution factors (>128) were 3-(methylthio)propanal, vanillin, 2,3-butanedione, tetramethylpyrazine, 3-methylbutanoic acid, γ-nonalactone, guaiacol, 3-(methylthio)propyl acetate, dimethyl trisulfide, phenylacetaldehyde, 2-ethyl-6-methylpyrazine, 2-acetylpyrazine, 2,3-dimethylpyrazine, furfural, and 3-hydroxy-2-butanone. However, the aroma compounds found at high concentrations (>25 μg/L) in the aged vinegar were acetic acid, followed by 2,3-butanedione, furfural, 3-hydroxy-2-butanone, tetramethylpyrazine, furfuryl alcohol, and 3-methylbutanoic acid.

  17. Antioxidant status in neonatal jaundice before and after phototherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S Ayyappan


    Full Text Available Background: Neonatal jaundice refers to yellow coloration of the skin and the sclera (whites of the eyes of newborn babies that result from the accumulation of bilirubin in the skin and mucous membranes. Because bilirubin is potentially toxic to the central nervous system. Genetic disorders of bilirubin conjugation, particularly the common Gilbert′s syndrome, can also contribute to neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the lipid per-oxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities in patients with neonatal jaundice before and after phototherapy. Materials and Methods: The study includes 50 neonatal jaundice patients with average age 2-15 days. All patients of neonatal jaundice receiving phototherapy except feeding, cleaning. Subjects selected were from the patients attending Pediatrics Department. Plasma malondialdehyde (MDA, erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase (GPX, superoxide dismutase and catalase (CAT to monitor the bilirubin level. Results: The results show increased levels of bilirubin compared with controls (P < 0.001 shows the level of plasma MDA in control, before and after phototherapy. Represents the level of GPX was significantly increased in after the phototherapy group when compared with before phototherapy and control SPSS soft ware: (P < 0.001. Shows the reduced glutathione (GSH level in plasma was significantly decreased in the after phototherapy group when compared with before phototherapy and control (P < 0.001. And finally with ascorbic acid and CAT. Conclusion: It is evident from the study that increased oxidative stress in neonatal jaundice babies leads to decrease in the levels of antioxidants like GSH and ascorbic acid and disturb their metabolism, that weaken their ability to fight the growing stress. Intense oxidative stress and decreased antioxidants may contribute to neural cell death and alter the erythrocytomembrane structure processing in neonatal jaundice.

  18. Oral manifestations of allograft recipients before and after renal transplantation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gita Rezvani


    Full Text Available Renal transplantation is considered the best treatment option for patients with end-stage renal disease. In this study, the prevalence of oral lesions was studied in a cohort of renal transplant recipients before and after transplantation. Fifty-nine kidney transplant recipients were examined one week before and four months after transplantation. The information gathered included age, sex, smoking history, duration on dialysis, drugs and their doses. There were 41 males (69.5% and 18 females (30.5% with a mean age of 37 years. Before surgery, two patients had non-specific lesions and two other patients had leukoedema. Following transplantation, 24 patients (40.7% did not have any specific lesion. In six patients, we observed non-specific erythematous lesions (10.2%. Other recorded observations are as follows: Gingival hyperplasia in five patients (8.5%, oral candidiasis of the erythematous type in five patients (8.5%, hairy leukoplakia in four patients (6.8% and leukoedema in seven patients (11.9%. In our study patients, the prevalence of oral lesions increased after transplantation, although it was lower than that reported in other studies. This could be due to the differences in sample size, differences between Iranian race and other races and different pharmaceutical formulation of the drug produced in Iran.

  19. Spousal similarity in life satisfaction before and after divorce. (United States)

    Wortman, Jessica; Lucas, Richard E


    Previous research has explored possible origins of individual differences in subjective well-being, focusing largely on stable, internal characteristics of traits as predictors of life satisfaction (Diener & Lucas, 1999). Although past work has demonstrated that life satisfaction is largely stable over the life span, other evidence has also demonstrated the lasting impact of life events. In this study, we use married couples as a test of the impact of life circumstances on life satisfaction, focusing on similarity in life satisfaction before and after divorce. If life satisfaction is impacted by shared life circumstances, married couples (who share life circumstances) should show greater similarity in life satisfaction before divorce than after. We tested this possibility using a dyadic latent-state-trait model that examined cross-spouse similarity in the stable and changing components of life satisfaction. Using a nationally representative panel study from Germany (Wagner, Frick & Schupp, 2007), we showed that similarity declined substantially following divorce. This suggests that life satisfaction is related to shared life circumstances.

  20. Commercial sexual practices before and after legalization in Australia. (United States)

    Seib, Charrlotte; Dunne, Michael P; Fischer, Jane; Najman, Jackob M


    The nature of sex work changes over time for many reasons. In recent decades around the world, there has been movement toward legalization and control of sex economies. Studies of the possible impact of legalization mainly have focused on sexually transmitted infections and violence, with little attention to change in the diversity of sexual services provided. This study examined the practices of sex workers before and after legalization of prostitution. Cross-sectional surveys of comparable samples of female sex workers were conducted in 1991 (N = 200, aged 16-46 years) and 2003 (N = 247, aged 18-57 years) in Queensland, Australia, spanning a period of major change in regulation of the local industry. In 2003, male clients at brothels and private sole operators (N = 161; aged 19-72 years) were also interviewed. Over time, there was a clear increase in the provision of "exotic" sexual services, including bondage and discipline, submission, fantasy, use of sex toys, golden showers, fisting, and lesbian double acts, while "traditional" services mostly remained at similar levels (with substantial decrease in oral sex without a condom). Based on comparisons of self-reports of clients and workers, the demand for anal intercourse, anal play, and urination during sex apparently exceeded supply, especially in licensed brothels. Within this population, legalization of sex work coincided with a substantial increase in diversity of services, but it appears that in the regulated working environments, clients who prefer high risk practices might not dictate what is available to them.

  1. EPR study on tomatoes before and after gamma-irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aleksieva, K. [Laboratory EPR, Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia (Bulgaria); Georgieva, L.; Tzvetkova, E. [Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology, 1162 Sofia (Bulgaria); Yordanov, N.D. [Laboratory EPR, Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia (Bulgaria)], E-mail:


    The results from the EPR studies on fresh, air-dried and lyophilized tomato samples before and after gamma-irradiation are reported. Before irradiation fresh and air-dried tomatoes exhibit one singlet EPR line characterized with common g-factor of 2.0048{+-}0.0005, whereas freeze-dried tomato does not show any EPR spectrum. After irradiation, a typical 'cellulose-like' triplet EPR spectrum appears in all samples, attributed to cellulose free radicals, generated by gamma-irradiation. It consists of intense central line with g=2.0048{+-}0.0005 and two weak satellite lines separated ca. 3 mT left and right of it. In air-dried and lyophilized tomatoes the 'cellulose-like' EPR spectrum is superimposed by an additional partly resolved carbohydrate spectrum. Fading measurements of the radiation-induced EPR signals indicate that the intensity of the EPR spectra of air-dried and freeze-dried tomato are reduced to about 50% after 50 days, whereas those of fresh irradiated tomatoes kept at 4 {sup o}C fade completely in 15 days. The reported results unambiguously show that the presence of two satellite lines in the EPR 'cellulose-like' spectra of tomato samples can be used for identification of radiation processing.

  2. Hydro reservoir handling in Norway before and after deregulation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wolfgang, Ove; Haugstad, Arne; Mo, Birger; Gjelsvik, Anders [SINTEF Energy Research, 7465 Trondheim (Norway); Wangensteen, Ivar; Doorman, Gerard [NTNU, Department of Electric Power Engineering, 7491 Trondheim (Norway)


    The Norwegian Energy Act that came into force in 1991 deregulated the electricity market and removed the former obligation power companies had to supply electricity to the geographical area they were responsible for. Hence producers can supply electricity on the basis of profitability. In 2007 the Energy Act was evaluated by the Government. As a part of this, a study concerning hydro reservoir handling before and after deregulation was carried out by SINTEF. Public statistics show that average hydro reservoir levels measured in per cent of reservoir capacity have been reduced after 1990. We have used the power-market model EMPS (EFI's Multi-area Power-market Simulator) to analyze if this reduction can be explained by natural variation in climatic variables or by structural changes that have occurred after 1990. Simulation results show that the reduced reservoir levels cannot be explained by natural variation in climatic variables. Structural changes such as increased transmission capacities can, however, explain some of the reduction. Our study does not indicate that the present reservoir handling gives reservoir levels that are too low. In this paper we also describe the stochastic dynamic optimization problem for long-term hydropower scheduling, and we explain how this problem actually is solved by the EMPS model. (author)

  3. Occurrence of Comorbidities before and after Soft Tissue Sarcoma Diagnosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Myrthe P. P. van Herk-Sukel


    Full Text Available Background. Data is limited on the burden of common comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD, respiratory disease and diabetes, or comorbidities related to cancer and its treatment, such as anemia and depression, in patients with soft tissue sarcoma (STS. Patients and Methods. From the Dutch Pathology Registry linked to the PHARMO database (including data on drug use and hospitalizations, 533 patients with STS were selected during 2000–2007 and matched 1 : 10 to cancer-free controls. The occurrences of comorbidities were assessed in the 12 months before and after STS diagnosis. Results. STS patients were 2–4 times more likely to have comorbidities at diagnosis compared with cancer-free controls. The incidence of CVD, anemia, and depression after STS diagnosis differed significantly from cancer-free controls and decreased during followup from 40–124 per 1,000 person-years (py during the first six months to 11–38 per 1,000 py more than 12 months after diagnosis. The incidence of respiratory disease and diabetes among STS patients remained stable during followup (5–21 per 1,000 py and did not differ significantly from cancer-free controls. Conclusions. STS patients were more likely to have comorbidities before cancer diagnosis and to develop CVD, anemia, and depression after diagnosis compared to cancer-free controls.

  4. Antioxidant status in neonatal jaundice before and after phototherapy. (United States)

    Dahiya, Kiran; Tiwari, A D; Shankar, Vijay; Kharb, Simmi; Dhankhar, Rakesh


    Phototherapy has been related to increased oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation. In the present study, thirty full term jaundiced neonates with appropriate weight were analyzed before and after completion of phototherapy for malondialdehyde (MDA), reduced glutathione (GSH), total thiols, vitamin C and superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels in hemolysate and albumin levels in plasma. These parameters were analyzed in cord blood samples of 20 healthy neonates as control. It was observed that levels of MDA were elevated significantly (p<0.001) in patients as compared to controls and that the levels increased significantly after phototherapy (p<0.001). Levels of SOD were also found to be increased significantly as compared to controls and the levels rose after phototherapy (p<0.001). On the other hand, the levels of non-enzymatic antioxidants such as GSH, total thiols and vitamin C were significantly low (p<0.001) as compared to controls and the levels decreased significantly after phototherapy (p<0.001). The plasma albumin levels also were found to be decreased significantly after phototherapy (p<0.01). Therefore, phototherapy increases oxidative stress and should be used with care.

  5. Cholescintigraphy in patients with acute cholecystitis before and after percutaneous gallbladder drainage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borly, L; Stage, J G; Grønvall, S;


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate gallbladder function by use of cholescintigraphy in patients with acute cholecystitis before and after percutaneous gallbladder drainage. DESIGN: A cholescintigraphy was performed in 40 patients with acute cholecystitis before and after the performance of percutaneous...... gallbladder drainage. During the post-drainage cholescintigraphies, a cholecystokinin stimulation was performed to investigate gallbladder emptying in 12 selected patients. Gallbladder pressure and volume were measured before drainage in another group of 12 patients with acute cholecystitis. RESULTS...... treatment. Post-drainage cholescintigraphy revealed a mean gallbladder ejection fraction of 24%, which is significantly lower than the corresponding value in normal individuals and gallstone patients without cholecystitis (n = 12). Gallbladder pressure and volume were markedly increased compared with normal...

  6. Hospitalization before and after mini-gastric bypass surgery. (United States)

    Rutledge, Robert


    The mini-gastric bypass (MGB) was developed to address some of the limitations of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ("RNY"). The RNY has recently been reported to increase the need for hospitalization for complications after RNY surgery. To determine the rates and indications for inpatient hospital use before and after MGB in comparison to similar rates in RNY. The study is a self reported retrospective study of patients from across the United States receiving MGB in Centers for Excellence in Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery ("CELOS") hospitals from 2000 to 2005. Complications and hospitalization in the year before and in the 1 to 5 years after MGB. 1069 patients who underwent MGB were selected for study. The rate of hospitalization in the year following MGB was 67% of the rate in the year preceding MGB (11% vs. 17%, P<0.001). The most common reasons for admission prior to MGB were general medical problems (38%) obstetric and Gynecological issues (36%), orthopedic problems (16%), gallbladder surgery (9%) and renal stones in 2%. The most common reasons for hospital admission after MGB were complications from surgery (29%), gallbladder surgery (20%), renal stones (14%), plastic surgery procedures (11%), appendectomy (9%), Gynecologic issues (9%) and orthopedic problems (6%). Thus while MGB complications made up a third of hospital readmissions following MGB surgery the over all hospitalization rates declined significantly. Previous studies have demonstrated that hospitalization after RNY gastric bypass increases remarkably (20% per year). The present study shows that hospitalization following MGB instead of rising, as reported with RNY, decreases by a third. The MGB has been shown to be a short, safe successful weight loss surgery in previous work. The present study supports the MGB as a low risk procedure that decreases the need for hospitalization.

  7. The quality of marriage before and after vasectomy. (United States)

    Howard, G


    A randomly selected sample of 145 couples were seen at the time of a vasectomy request and a year or 18 months later, regardless of whether the vasectomy had been performed, to assess the quality of marriage before and after vasectomy. The sample was seen by 10 different doctors and studied in a seminar at the Cassel Hospital, Ham (UK). All doctors had had training in dealing with psychosexual problems. As part of each interview, the marital pattern was assessed using the following scale: 1) joint, warm, reciprocal, rewarding, showing loving concern; 2) fair, strains but a bearable modest success; and 3) real strains, contained but with difficulty; 4) major strains for both and marital war or major apathy; and 5) impending disaster (breakdown, illness, break up, divorce, or other cause). Using this scale, it became apparent that the majority of marriages improved in quality following vasectomy. This was the case in all age groups. It also appeared that the majority of requests came from successful marriages (score 1 and 2), in some of which strains apparent before vasectomy were not observed afterwards. 90% of the youngest age group had only minor strains whereas in the oldest group 56% had minor strains and 44% major difficulties in the marital relationship. The 94 successful marriages showing only minor strain hoped that vasectomy would prevent further pregnancies and would remove the need for contraception. They felt that they had reached the limit of parenthood and must have absolute protection against pregnancy. Following vasectomy, these marriages improved. Minor sexual problems disappeared, and tensions were eased. The exceptions were couples who had colluded; 3 couples were about to separate and hid their problems. 2 couples hid the husband's history of previous depressive illness. Both the men became severely depressed afterwards. The 37 marriages showing difficulties had also hoped that vasectomy would prevent further pregnancies and the need for

  8. Cosmonauts' haemostasis system status before and after space flights (United States)

    Kuzichkin, Dmitry; Markin, Andrey; Morukov, Boris

    Introduction. It is known that cosmonauts expose themselves to psychophysical effort in different phases of space flights as well as in pre- and post-flight period. Stress affects different body systems functioning changes including haemostasis system. It is shown that adrenalin directly activates XII coagulation cascade factor [McKay D. G., Latour I. G., Parrish M. N.,1970], initiating intrinsic clotting pathway and affects fibrinogen concentration increase in plasma [Zubairov D. M., 1978]. A post-flight increase in the fibrinogen concentration was revealed with its drop up to the pre-flight level within rehabilitation period [T. Peter Stein, Margaret D., 2006]. Stress agents influence on haemostasis system is physiologically determined and directed to body preparation before probable blood loss. One can consider this process as a function of intrinsic clotting pathway. But in case of blood loss absence the preliminary permanent coagulation activation can lead to appearance of thrombosis risk. Purpose. The purpose was to study haemostasis system main components functional activity features before and after space flights. Methods. In the citrated plasma of astronauts who performed short-term (10 to 11 days) or long-term (196 to 199 days) the following values were determined: activated partial thrombin time (APTT); prothrombin time; prothrombin index; international normalized ratio; thrombin time (TT); activity of enzymes influencing the function of proteins involved in the formation and lysis of a clot such as antithrombin III, protein C, plasminogen, antiplasmin; content of fibrinogen, as well as intermediate products of formation and degradation of fibrin such as D-dimer, soluble fibrin-monomer complexes (SFMC). Sampling of biomaterial was perfomed 30 to 45 days prior to the flight, during the 1st day of the post flight period (all the examined persons), and in the 7th and 14th day (long-term flights member only) Results. In pre-flight period cosmonauts’ APTT

  9. Evaluating the Subjective Straight Ahead Before and After Spaceflight (United States)

    Campbell, D. J.; Wood, S. J.; Reschke, M. F.; Clement, G.


    ) and to the subject's head/body reference (egocentric). This task is successively performed with the subject's body aligned with the gravitational vertical, and with subject's body tilted in roll using a tilt chair; (3) Linear Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex: The subject is asked to fixate actual visual targets at near and far distances in the true straight-ahead direction, and to evaluate the distance of these targets. The subject is asked to continue fixating the same imagined targets in darkness while he/she is passively accelerated up and down on a spring-loaded vertical linear accelerator. Results. In the control subject population, the perceived tilt angles, translations, and distances were remarkably close to the actual values. The pointing tasks indicated that the orientation of arm saccades was influenced by both the gravitational vertical and the body idiotropic vector. Repeating the testing did not reveal any significant changes. Preliminary results obtained in three crewmembers before and after flight will also be presented. Applications. A change in an individual's egocentric reference might have negative consequences on evaluating the direction of an approaching object or on the accuracy of reaching movements or locomotion. Consequently, investigating how microgravity affects the target location will have theoretical, operational, and even clinical implications for future space exploration missions. The use of vibrotactile feedback as a sensorimotor countermeasure is applicable to balance therapy applications for patients with vestibular loss and the elderly to mitigate risks due to loss of spatial orientation.

  10. The JCS System before and after Goldwater-Nichols (United States)


    of the commanders of the unified and specified combatant commanders, and - inefficient and ineffective administrative practices." In the staff report...effectiveness of military operations and improve the management and administration of the Department of Defense. 35 All of these listed intentions are...designated as the principI military advisor to the National Command Authority (NCA), 30 but remains outside of the formal chain of command which runs

  11. Sun exposure before and after a diagnosis of cutaneous malignant melanoma

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Idorn, L W; Philipsen, P A; Wulf, H C


    Previous studies on ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure before and after a diagnosis of cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) have been based primarily on questionnaires. Objective measures are needed....

  12. 5-HMF and carbohydrates content in stingless bee honey by CE before and after thermal treatment. (United States)

    Biluca, Fabíola C; Della Betta, Fabiana; de Oliveira, Gabriela Pirassol; Pereira, Lais Morilla; Gonzaga, Luciano Valdemiro; Costa, Ana Carolina Oliveira; Fett, Roseane


    This study aimed to assess 5-hydroximethylfurfural and carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, and sucrose) in 13 stingless bee honey samples before and after thermal treatment using a capillary electrophoresis method. The methods were validated for the parameters of linearity, matrix effects, precision, and accuracy. A factorial design was implemented to determine optimal thermal treatment conditions and then verify the postprocedural 5-HMF formation, but once 5-HMF were

  13. Pelvic organ function before and after laparoscopic bowel resection for rectosigmoid endometriosis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Riiskjaer, M; Greisen, S; Glavind-Kristensen, M;


    OBJECTIVE: To assess urinary, sexual, and bowel function before and after laparoscopic bowel resection for rectosigmoid endometriosis. DESIGN: Prospectively collected data regarding the function of the pelvic organs. SETTING: Tertiary endometriosis referral unit, Aarhus University Hospital. SAMPLE...... and after surgery. Non-invasive urodynamic testing was performed. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Pre- and postoperative function of the pelvic organs was compared, and risk factors for improved/impaired function were identified. RESULTS: A total of 96.1% of the women completed the 1-year follow-up. A significant...... decrease (P = 0.002) in bladder filling problems (F-score) was observed 1 year after surgery, primarily caused by a significant decrease in bladder pain (P = 0.0001). No change for urodynamic parameters was observed. A significant increase in overall sexual satisfaction (P = 0.0001) and decrease in worries...

  14. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity and Overnight Body Fluid Shift before and after Hemodialysis (United States)

    Forni Ogna, Valentina; Mihalache, Alexandra; Pruijm, Menno; Halabi, Georges; Phan, Olivier; Cornette, Françoise; Bassi, Isabelle; Haba Rubio, José; Burnier, Michel; Heinzer, Raphaël


    Background and objectives Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with significantly increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Fluid overload may promote obstructive sleep apnea in patients with ESRD through an overnight fluid shift from the legs to the neck soft tissues. Body fluid shift and severity of obstructive sleep apnea before and after hemodialysis were compared in patients with ESRD. Design, setting, participants, & measurements Seventeen patients with hemodialysis and moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea were included. Polysomnographies were performed the night before and after hemodialysis to assess obstructive sleep apnea, and bioimpedance was used to measure fluid overload and leg fluid volume. Results The mean overnight rostral fluid shift was 1.27±0.41 L prehemodialysis; it correlated positively with fluid overload volume (r=0.39; P=0.02) and was significantly lower posthemodialysis (0.78±0.38 L; P<0.001). There was no significant difference in the mean obstructive apnea-hypopnea index before and after hemodialysis (46.8±22.0 versus 42.1±18.6 per hour; P=0.21), but obstructive apnea-hypopnea index was significantly lower posthemodialysis (−10.1±10.8 per hour) in the group of 12 patients, with a concomitant reduction of fluid overload compared with participants without change in fluid overload (obstructive apnea-hypopnea index +8.2±16.1 per hour; P<0.01). A lower fluid overload after hemodialysis was significantly correlated (r=0.49; P=0.04) with a lower obstructive apnea-hypopnea index. Fluid overload—assessed by bioimpedance—was the best predictor of the change in obstructive apnea-hypopnea index observed after hemodialysis (standardized r=−0.68; P=0.01) in multivariate regression analysis. Conclusions Fluid overload influences overnight rostral fluid shift and obstructive sleep apnea severity in patients with ESRD undergoing intermittent hemodialysis. Although no benefit of hemodialysis on obstructive sleep apnea severity

  15. Organophosphate flame retardants in household dust before and after introduction of new furniture. (United States)

    Keimowitz, A R; Strunsky, N; Wovkulich, K


    Flame retardant compounds originating from household items collect in household dust, a reasonable proxy for human exposure. Contributions of specific items or behaviors to dust are difficult to separate. This study examined standardized college housing before and after the introduction of new, flame retardant couches in order to explore any effect that changing upholstered furniture may have on flame retardant concentrations in dust. Two contradictory hypotheses were posited: (1) that new furniture might increase flame retardant releases immediately after introduction due to initial off-gassing of new materials or (2) that older furniture would release more flame retardants due to mechanical breakdown of polyurethane foam. This study was designed to determine which of these processes dominated. Prior to the introduction of new furniture, TDCIPP was detected in 12/20 samples at a median concentration of 22 μg/g and TCEP was detected in 1/20 samples at a concentration of 16 μg/g. TDCIPP and TCEP were not detected in any samples (N = 29) after the introduction of new couches. TPHP was detected both before (in 11/20 samples) and after (in 5/29 samples) introduction of new couches; the median concentrations before and after were 63 ± 49 and 16 ± 11 μg/g (standard deviation shown). Introduced couches contained TDCIPP (and not TPHP) at ∼1.25% (w/w). These data support the second hypothesis and indicate that removal of older furniture decreases TDCIPP and TCEP concentrations in dust and may potentially reduce total flame retardant concentrations in dust, at least immediately after introduction of the new furniture.

  16. Continuing education on child development for primary healthcare professionals: a prospective before-and-after study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amira Consuêlo Melo Figueiras

    Full Text Available CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: Children's developmental disorders are often identified late by healthcare professionals working in primary care. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of a continuing education program on child development, on the knowledge and practices of these professionals.DESIGN AND SETTING: Prospective single-cohort study (before-and-after study, conducted in the city of Belém, Pará , Brazil.METHODS: Two hundred and twenty-one professionals working in primary healthcare (82.2% participated in a continuing education program on child development and were assessed before and after implementation of the program through tests on their knowledge of child development, consisting of 19 questions for physicians and 14 for nurses, and questionnaires on their professional practices.RESULTS: One to three years after the program, the mean number of correct answers in the tests had increased from 11.5 to 14.3 among physicians in the Healthy Family Program (Programa Família Saudável, PFS; 13.0 to 14.3 among physicians in Municipal Health Units (Unidades Municipais de Saúde, UMS; 8.3 to 10.0 among PFS nurses; and 7.8 to 9.4 among UMS nurses. In interviews with mothers attended by these professionals before the program, only 21.7% reported that they were asked about their children's development, 24.7% reported that the professional asked about or observed their children's development and 11.1% received advice on how to stimulate them. After the program, these percentages increased to 34.5%, 54.2% and 30.3%, respectively.CONCLUSIONS: Professionals who participated in the program showed improved performance regarding child development knowledge and practices.

  17. Occupant satisfaction with the acoustical environment : green office buildings before and after treatment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hodgson, M. [British Columbia Univ., Vancouver, BC (Canada). School of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Acoustics and Noise Research Group


    Sustainable architecture is meant to preserve the environment and conserve natural resources, as well as provide an environment for the occupants that promotes wellbeing and productivity. Occupants generally claim that the acoustical environment is the least satisfactory aspect of green office buildings. They are dissatisfied with excessive noise and poor speech privacy. This paper reported on the results of 2 studies of the acoustical environments in green office buildings before and after acoustical-control measures were installed. Acoustical quality was evaluated by occupant-satisfaction surveys and acoustical-parameter measurements. The first study, which involved 6 green office buildings, showed that buildings designed to obtain LEED ratings are unlikely to have satisfactory acoustical environments. A naturally-ventilated, green university building with a poor acoustical environment was examined in the second study. The results of this study suggest that improving acoustical environments in green buildings requires good acoustical design, with input from an acoustical specialist from the beginning of the design process. The design should consider site selection and building orientation; external envelope and penetrations in it; building layout and internal partitions; HVAC systems; appropriate dimensioning of spaces; and the amount and location of sound absorbing treatments. The study also showed that a building's energy efficiency, lighting, ventilation, air-quality and acoustics are interconnected, and that no aspect can be successfully designed in isolation. It was concluded that optimized engineering-control measures can improve poor acoustical environments. 11 refs., 1 tab., 1 fig.

  18. Fracture toughness and Charpy impact properties of several RAFMS before and after irradiation in HFIR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sokolov, M.A. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6151 (United States)]. E-mail:; Tanigawa, H. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1195 (Japan); Odette, G.R. [University of California-Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080 (United States); Shiba, K. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1195 (Japan); Klueh, R.L. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6151 (United States)


    As part of the development of candidate reduced-activation ferritic steels for fusion applications, several steels, namely F82H, 9Cr-2WVTa steels and F82H weld metal, are being investigated in the joint DOE-JAEA collaboration program. Within this program, three capsules containing a variety of specimen designs were irradiated at two design temperatures in the ORNL High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR). Two capsules, RB-11J and RB-12J, were irradiated in the HFIR removable beryllium positions with europium oxide (Eu{sub 2}O{sub 3}) thermal neutron shields in place. Specimens were irradiated up to 5 dpa. Capsule JP25 was irradiated in the HFIR target position to 20 dpa. The design temperatures were 300 {sup o}C and 500 {sup o}C. Precracked third-sized V-notch Charpy (3.3 x 3.3 x 25.4 mm) and 0.18 T DC(T) specimens were tested to determine transition and ductile shelf fracture toughness before and after irradiation. The master curve methodology was applied to evaluate the fracture toughness transition temperature, T {sub 0}. Irradiation induced shifts of T {sub 0} and reductions of J {sub Q} were compared with Charpy V-notch impact properties. Fracture toughness and Charpy shifts were also compared to hardening results.

  19. A study on chaos in crude oil markets before and after 2008 international financial crisis (United States)

    Lahmiri, Salim


    The purpose of this study is to investigate existence of chaos in crude oil markets (Brent and WTI) before and after recent 2008 international financial crisis. Largest Lyapunov exponent is estimated for prices, returns, and volatilities. The empirical results show strong evidence that chaos does not exist in prices and returns in both crude oil markets before and after international crisis. However, we find strong evidence of chaotic dynamics in both Brent and WTI volatilities after international financial crisis.

  20. Investigation of Pain in Hip Disease Patients before and after Arthroplasty


    MORIMOTO,Yosuke(Researcher of Graduate School of Kyoto University ); Kondo, Yasutaka; Shimosako, Junpei; Kozu, Ryo; Kataoka, Hideki; Sakamoto, Junya; Nakano, Jiro; Okita, Minoru


    [Purpose] This study examined pain in patients with hip disease before and after arthroplasty and whether the pain was induced in the hip joint itself. [Subjects and Methods] Fifty-two patients presenting with hip disease who did not exhibit dementia, disease of the lower limbs or lumbar disease were included in this investigation. Regional pain, the site of maximum pain and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) of the site of maximum pain before and after arthroplasty were evaluated. [Results] Groin d...

  1. Differences of adaptation to school and self-resilience before and after sleep education for adolescent


    Lee, So-Mi; Kim, Jong-Hee


    This study aims to verify the effectiveness of sleep education by identifying the differences of adaption to school and self-resilience of the high school students before and after sleep education for a certain period of time. The conclusion of this study is presented below: First, there were differences in adaptation to school and self-resilience of the high school students before and after sleep education for the high school students. After sleep education, adaptation to school environment ...

  2. Assessment of preclinical students’ academic motivation before and after a three-day academic affair program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aung MN


    Full Text Available Myo Nyein Aung,1 Juraiporn Somboonwong,2 Vorapol Jaroonvanichkul,1 Pongsak Wannakrairot3 1Medical Education Unit, 2Quality Management Division and Department of Physiology, 3Academic Affairs Division, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, ThailandBackground: Medical students’ motivation is an important driving factor for academic performance, and therefore medical teachers and educators are often highly interested in this topic. This study evaluated the impact of an academic affair program upon preclinical year medical students’ motivation to study.Design and methods: An intervention study was conducted using a pretest-posttest study design. A total of 296 preclinical year medical students who had just passed their first year and were about to attend their second year at the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, participated in the study. The intervention comprised of dialogues for personality development, pictorial expression in groups, as well as small group lectures delivered by senior students giving information on how to prepare for the forthcoming classes. Students’ academic motivation was measured before and after the intervention program, applying the transculturally translated Academic Motivation Scale (AMS. Cronbach’s alpha of Thai version AMS was 0.8992. The average scores in seven scales of AMS were compared between the pre- and posttest results, using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test. The differences were confirmed by using the multivariate analysis of variance.Results: Students’ academic motivation increased after participation in the three-day academic program. There was also a significant increase in introjected extrinsic motivation, which can enhance the students’ self-esteem and feeling of self-worth (P<0.001. Moreover, intrinsic motivation toward accomplishment increased significantly (P<0.001. This is related to the enjoyment of passing academic milestones, and a step

  3. Biomechanical evaluation of supermarket cashiers before and after a redesign of the checkout counter. (United States)

    Draicchio, Francesco; Trebbi, Martina; Mari, Silvia; Forzano, Federico; Serrao, Mariano; Sicklinger, Andreas; Silvetti, Alessio; Iavicoli, Sergio; Ranavolo, Alberto


    An experiment was carried out on supermarket cashiers to evaluate the time, kinematic and electromyographic changes, in both sitting and standing positions, following the redesign of a checkout counter. The novelty of the prototype checkout counter is a disk wheel placed in the bagging area, which is designed to avoid the cashier having to manually push products along the bagging area. The kinematic evaluation was based on the upper limb and trunk range of motions (RoM). The electromyographic parameters assessed were mean and maximum muscular activations. Three factors were taken into account: design (before and after redesign), posture (standing or sitting) and bagging area (anterior or posterior). The results show that the RoM values are lowest after the intervention and in the standing position. Mean and maximum muscular activation patterns are similar. Differences related to the bagging area in which the goods were released also emerged. The disk wheel represents a valid aid for reducing biomechanical overload in cashiers; the standing position is biomechanically more advantageous. Practitioner Summary: EMG and optoelectronic motion analysis systems are useful for the quantitative assessment of the effects of the redesign of the workplace biomechanical risk. Our results suggest that a disk wheel positioned in the bagging area reduces the biomechanical risk for cashiers and increases time spent resting.

  4. Changes in appetite hormone (ghrelin) levels of saliva and serum in acute appendicitis cases before and after operation. (United States)

    Cetinkaya, Ziya; Aydin, Suleyman; Cerrahoglu, Yusuf Z; Ayten, Refik; Erman, Fazilet; Aygen, Erhan


    This study was designed to measure the levels of serum and saliva ghrelin concentrations before and after surgery in an attempt to clarify whether this hormone plays any significant roles in acute appendicitis and cholelithiasis patients when compared with healthy controls. Samples were obtained from 20 patients with appendicitis, 10 patients with cholelithiasis before and after operation, and 16 healthy controls. The levels of ghrelin (acylated) were measured by means of a RIA assay. The results revealed that preoperative levels of ghrelin in saliva and serum were significantly decreased with respect to post-op in patients undergoing appendectomy, and control levels. This was also the case when the preoperative ghrelin concentrations in patients with appendicitis were compared with those having choelithiasis. Taken together, decreased ghrelin concentration in preoperative appendicitis might be a causative factor for the "loss of appetite" observed in an acute inflammatory condition such as acute appendicitis. However, further studies are necessary to reveal the exact mechanisms behind this observation.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Iara Furtado Costa Rodrigues


    Full Text Available The poultry industry normally has little control over the raw material that arrives at the processing plant. This experiment aimed to evaluate chemical and energetic quality of corn obtained in a feed mill before and after pre-cleaning. Twenty samples of 30 kg of corn each were taken from trucks delivering corn to the mill. The trucks were then unloaded and the material passed through a pre-cleaning process when another sample was taken. Samples were graded and physical properties evaluated: density (g/L, grain percentages of foreign material, impurities, fragments, broken, soft, insect damaged, fire-burnt, fermented, damaged, cracked and fine particles, as well as chemical composition analysis: Apparent metabolizable energy for poultry (AME, ether extract (EE, crude fiber (CF, starch (STA, water activity (WA, crude protein (CP, digestible and total lysine, methionine, cystine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine, histidine and arginine. The experiment was a randomized design with two treatments (before and after pre-cleaning and twenty replications. Data was analyzed using SAS ® and treatment differences obtained using F test. Correlations and principal components were calculated. There was a decrease in density after the pre-cleaning process, which was probably due to the removal of earth and stones rather than grain and its fractions. Significant increases were found for insect damage, fermented and damaged grain while fire-burn was significantly reduced after the pre-cleaning process. Starch increased after pre-cleaning which is a result of contaminants that normally are poor in this carbohydrate, but fiber levels increased too. Apparent metabolizable energy, aminoacids, digestible (P<0.05 and total (P<0.05 histidine, total lysine and methionine (P<0.1 levels were reduced after pre-cleaning. Density was higher when there were fewer impurities such as straw, husk or small grains. Broken corn was positively

  6. Electronic and Optical Properties of Aluminum Oxide Before and After Surface Reduction by Ar+ Bombardment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Tahir


    Full Text Available The electronic and optical properties of a-Al2O3 after induced by 3-keV Ar+ sputtering have been studied quantitatively by use of reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy (REELS spectra. The band gap values of a-Al2O3 was determined from the onset values of the energy loss spectrum to the background level of REELS spectra as a function of time Ar+ bombardment. The bandgap changes from 8.4 eV before sputtering to 6.2 eV after 4 minutes of sputtering.The optical properties of α-Al2O3 thin films have been determined by comparing the experimental cross section obtained from reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy with the theoretical inelastic scattering cross section, deduced from the simulated energy loss function (ELF by using QUEELS-ε(k-REELS software. The peak assignments are based on ELF and compared with reported data on the electronic structure of α-Al2O3 obtained using different techniques. The results demonstrate that the electronic and optical properties before and after surface reduction will provide further understanding in the fundamental properties of α-Al2O3 which will be useful in the design, modeling and analysis of devices applications performance.

  7. AH-DB: collecting protein structure pairs before and after binding. (United States)

    Chang, Darby Tien-Hao; Yao, Tsung-Ju; Fan, Chen-Yu; Chiang, Chih-Yun; Bai, Yi-Han


    This work presents the Apo-Holo DataBase (AH-DB, and, which provides corresponding pairs of protein structures before and after binding. Conformational transitions are commonly observed in various protein interactions that are involved in important biological functions. For example, copper-zinc superoxide dismutase (SOD1), which destroys free superoxide radicals in the body, undergoes a large conformational transition from an 'open' state (apo structure) to a 'closed' state (holo structure). Many studies have utilized collections of apo-holo structure pairs to investigate the conformational transitions and critical residues. However, the collection process is usually complicated, varies from study to study and produces a small-scale data set. AH-DB is designed to provide an easy and unified way to prepare such data, which is generated by identifying/mapping molecules in different Protein Data Bank (PDB) entries. Conformational transitions are identified based on a refined alignment scheme to overcome the challenge that many structures in the PDB database are only protein fragments and not complete proteins. There are 746,314 apo-holo pairs in AH-DB, which is about 30 times those in the second largest collection of similar data. AH-DB provides sophisticated interfaces for searching apo-holo structure pairs and exploring conformational transitions from apo structures to the corresponding holo structures.

  8. The E-assessment burger: Supporting the Before and After in E-Assessment Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Adams


    Full Text Available This paper describes a threshold concept-driven e-assessment system that supports teachers in writing effective formative multiple-choice questions, creating quizzes tailored to students’ learning pathways. The system, which has been co-designed with teachers, acts as the ‘bun’ on either side of an ‘e-assessment burger’ pedagogically scaffolding quiz creation (the top of the bun, integrating the quiz within personalized learning trajectories (the burger and feeding the results back to the learners and teachers to guide the direction of future learning pathways (the bottom of the bun. The evaluation with 26 students in 3 subjects across two schools identified that supporting the before and after e-assessment empowers a shift in teachers’ encouragement for student ownership of assessment, guiding their learning pathways. Teachers also provide insights into how the system scaffolding and visualisations inspired changes to sequencing learning and teaching practices. In conclusion the changing role of assessment within a school ecosystem is debated.

  9. Immunostimulatory effects of extract of Pulicaria crispa before and after Schistosoma mansoni infection. (United States)

    Maghraby, Amany S; Shalaby, Nagwa; Abd-Alla, Howida I; Ahmed, Samia A; Khaled, Hussein M; Bahgat, Mahmoud M


    The immunostimulatory effects of methanolic extract from Pulicaria crispa were investigated in mice before and after infection with Schistosoma mansoni. Mice were subjected for daily intra-peritoneal injection by the extract (33 ng/mouse) for 10 successive days followed by infecting every mouse with 100 S. mansoni cercariae. Treatment with the extract induced significant increase (p < 0.05) in sera-IL-2 before and after infection. Upon using soluble worm antigen preparation or cancer bladder homogenates as antigens in ELISA, the detected levels of IgG were significantly (p < 0.05) higher in sera from treated-infected mice than untreated P. crispa infected mice. Using crude Escherichia coli lysate as an antigen in ELISA, it was detected a significant (p < 0.05) increase in IgG levels in sera from the extract-treated mice before and after infection.

  10. Exercise-induced increase in dog adipose tissue blood flow before and after denervation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bülow, J; Madsen, J


    Subcutaneous adipose tissue blood flow was examined during rest and exercise in the inguinal fat pads of four female dogs using the Xe wash-out technique. The experiments were performed before and after denervation of one of the pads. No difference between the resting flows in the two pads could...... be demonstrated either before or after denervation. The flow increased about two-fold on average from rest to exercise. This response was similar before and after denervation. It is concluded that direct sympathetic innervation is not involved in the regulation of adipose tissue blood flow during exercise....

  11. Before and after retrofit - response of a building during ambient and strong motions (United States)

    Celebi, M.; Liu, Huaibao P.; ,


    This paper presents results obtained from ambient vibration and strong-motion responses of a thirteen-story, moment-resisting steel framed Santa Clara County Office Building (SCCOB) before being retrofitted by visco-elastic dampers and from ambient vibration response following the retrofit. Understanding the cumulative structural and site characteristics that affect the response of SCCOB before and after the retrofit is important in assessing earthquake hazards to other similar buildings and decision making in retrofitting them. The results emphasize the need to better evaluate structural and site characteristics in developing earthquake resisting designs that avoid resonating effects. Various studies of the strong-motion response records from the SCCOB during the 24 April 1984 (MHE) Morgan Hill (MS = 6.1), the 31 March 1986 (MLE) Mt. Lewis (MS = 6.1) and the 17 October 1989 (LPE) Loma Prieta (MS = 7.1) earthquakes show that the dynamic characteristics of the building are such that it (a) resonated (b) responded with a beating effect due to close-coupling of its translational and torsional frequencies, and (c) had a long-duration response due to low-damping. During each of these earthquakes, there was considerable contents damage and the occupants felt the rigorous vibration of the building. Ambient tests of SCCOB performed following LPE showed that both translational and torsional periods of the building are smaller than those derived from strong motions. Ambient tests performed following the retrofit of the building with visco-elastic dampers show that the structural fundamental mode frequency of the building has increased. The increased frequency implies a stiffer structure. Strong-motion response of the building during future earthquakes will ultimately validate the effectiveness of the retrofit method.This paper presents results obtained from ambient vibration and strong-motion responses of a thirteen-story, moment-resisting steel framed Santa Clara County

  12. Biomechanics of hyperflexion and kneeling before and after total knee arthroplasty. (United States)

    Lee, Thay Q


    The capacity to perform certain activities is frequently compromised after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) due to a functional decline resulting from decreased range of motion and a diminished ability to kneel. In this manuscript, the current biomechanical understanding of hyperflexion and kneeling before and after TKA will be discussed. Patellofemoral and tibiofemoral joint contact area, contact pressure, and kinematics were evaluated in cadaveric studies using a Tekscan pressure measuring system and Microscribe. Testing was performed on intact knees and following cruciate retaining and posterior stabilized TKA at knee flexion angles of 90°, 105°, 120°, and 135°. Three loading conditions were used to simulate squatting, double stance kneeling, and single stance kneeling. Following TKA with double stance kneeling, patellofemoral contact areas did not increase significantly at high knee flexion angle (135°). Kneeling resulted in tibial posterior translation and external rotation at all flexion angles. Moving from double to single stance kneeling tended to increase pressures in the cruciate retaining group, but decreased pressures in the posterior stabilized group. The cruciate retaining group had significantly larger contact areas than the posterior stabilized group, although no significant differences in pressures were observed comparing the two TKA designs (p < 0.05). If greater than 120° of postoperative knee range of motion can be achieved following TKA, then kneeling may be performed with less risk in the patellofemoral joint than was previously believed to be the case. However, kneeling may increase the likelihood of damage to cartilage and menisci in intact knees and after TKA increases in tibiofemoral contact area and pressures may lead to polyethyelene wear if performed on a chronic, repetitive basis.

  13. Requests for euthanasia in general practice before and after implementation of the Dutch Euthanasia Act (United States)

    van Alphen, Jojanneke E; Donker, Gé A; Marquet, Richard L


    Background The Netherlands was the first country in the world to implement a Euthanasia Act in 2002. It is unknown whether legalising euthanasia under strict conditions influences the number and nature of euthanasia requests. Aim To investigate changes in the number of, and reasons for, requests for euthanasia in Dutch general practice after implementation of the Euthanasia Act. Design of study Retrospective dynamic cohort study comparing 5 years before (1998–2002) and 5 years after (2003–2007) implementation of the Act. Method Standardised registration forms were used to collect data on requests for euthanasia via the Dutch Sentinel Practice Network. This network of 45 general practices is nationally representative by age, sex, geographic distribution, and population density. Results The mean annual incidence of requests before implementation amounted to 3.1/10 000 and thereafter to 2.8/10 000 patients. However, trends differed by sex. The number of requests by males decreased significantly from 3.7/10 000 to 2.6/10 000 (P = 0.008); the requests by females increased non-significantly from 2.6/10 000 to 3.1/10 000. Before and after implementation, cancer remained the major underlying disease for requesting euthanasia: 82% versus 77% for men; 73% versus 75% for females. Pain was a major reason for a request, increasing in the period before implementation (mean 27%), but declining in the period thereafter (mean 22%). Loss of dignity became a less important reason after implementation (from 18% to 10%, P = 0.04), predominantly due to a marked decrease in the number of females citing it as a reason (from 17% to 6%, P = 0.02). Conclusion There was no increase in demand for euthanasia after implementation of the Euthanasia Act. Pain as a reason for requesting euthanasia showed an increasing trend before implementation, but declined thereafter. Loss of dignity as a reason declined, especially in females. PMID:20353671

  14. The frequency of drugs among Danish drivers before and after the introduction of fixed concentration limits

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Steentoft, Anni; Simonsen, Kirsten Wiese; Linnet, Kristian


    Until July 2007, the driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) legislation in Denmark was based on impairment, evaluated on the basis of a clinical investigation and toxicological analyses, but in 2007 fixed concentration limits were introduced into the Danish traffic legislation. The objective...... for this study was to investigate the prevalence of medication and illicit drugs among Danish drivers before and after 2007....

  15. Third-Graders' Conceptions about the Origin of Species before and after Instruction: An Exploratory Study (United States)

    Berti, Anna Emilia; Barbetta, Valentina; Toneatti, Laura


    This study examines how third-graders' conceptions about the origin of species are affected by formal instruction and whether children can learn not only about evolution but also about natural selection. We interviewed the same group of third-grade children (8-9 years old) twice, before and after following a curriculum about these topics.…

  16. Effects of outdoor temperature on changes in physiological variables before and after lunch in healthy women (United States)

    Okada, Masahiro; Kakehashi, Masayuki


    Previous studies of autonomic nervous system responses before and after eating when controlling patient conditions and room temperature have provided inconsistent results. We hypothesized that several physiological parameters reflecting autonomic activity are affected by outdoor temperature before and after a meal. We measured the following physiological variables before and after a fixed meal in 53 healthy Japanese women: skin temperature, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, salivary amylase, blood glucose, heart rate, and heart rate variability. We assessed satiety before and after lunch using a visual analog scale (100 mm). We recorded outdoor temperature, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity. Skin temperature rose significantly 1 h after eating (greater in cold weather) (P = 0.008). Cold weather markedly influenced changes in diastolic blood pressure before (P = 0.017) and after lunch (P = 0.013). Fasting salivary amylase activity increased significantly in cold weather but fell significantly after lunch (significantly greater in cold weather) (P = 0.007). Salivary amylase was significantly associated with cold weather, low atmospheric pressure, and low relative humidity 30 min after lunch (P parasympathetic activity after lunch. Our results clarify the relationship between environmental factors, food intake, and autonomic system and physiological variables, which helps our understanding of homeostasis and metabolism.

  17. Use of symptom-relieving drugs before and after surgery for urinary incontinence in women

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Rikke Guldberg; Brostrøm, Søren; Kesmodel, Ulrik Schiøler;


    To describe the use of symptom-relieving drugs (antimuscarinic drugs or duloxetine) before and after surgery for urinary incontinence (UI); and for those with use of antimuscarinic drugs or duloxetine before surgery, to estimate the risk of being a postoperative user, relative to those without use...

  18. Health problems in children and adolescents before and after a man-made disaster.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dirkzwager, A.J.E.; Kerssens, J.J.; Yzermans, C.J.


    OBJECTIVE:: The aims of this study were to examine health problems of children (4-12 years old at the time of the disaster) and adolescents (13-18 years old at the time of the disaster) before and after exposure to a fireworks disaster in the Netherlands (May 2000), to compare these health problems

  19. Dynamics of the Aorta Before and After Endovascular Aneurysm Repair : A Systematic Review

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Keulen, J. W.; van Prehn, J.; Prokop, M.; Moll, F. L.; van Herwaarden, J. A.


    Objective: An overview of the knowledge of thoracic (TAA), and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) dynamics, before and after endovascular repair, is given. Methods: Medline, EMBASE and the Cochrane database were searched for relevant articles. After inclusion and exclusion, 25 relevant articles reporti

  20. Dynamics of the aorta before and after endovascular aneurysm repair: a systematic review.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Keulen, J.W. van; Prehn, J. van; Prokop, M.; Moll, F.L.; Herwaarden, J.A. van


    OBJECTIVE: An overview of the knowledge of thoracic (TAA), and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) dynamics, before and after endovascular repair, is given. METHODS: Medline, EMBASE and the Cochrane database were searched for relevant articles. After inclusion and exclusion, 25 relevant articles reporti

  1. Following an HIV Regimen: Steps to Take Before and After Starting HIV Medicines (United States)

    HIV Treatment Following an HIV Regimen: Steps to Take Before and After Starting HIV Medicines (Last updated 3/2/2017; last reviewed 3/2/2017) ... maintain long-term medication adherence. Before starting an HIV regimen, talk to your health care provider about ...

  2. Physical functioning before and after total hip arthroplasty : Perception and performance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van den Akker-Scheek, Inge; Zijlstra, Wiebren; Groothoff, Johan W.; Bulstra, Sjoerd K.; Stevens, Martin


    Background and Purpose. Self-report and performance-based measures of physical functioning in people before and after total hip arthroplasty seem to present different information. The relationship between these different measures is not well understood, and little information is available about chan

  3. Preservice Elementary Teachers' Conceptions of Moon Phases before and after Instruction. (United States)

    Trundle, Kathy Cabe; Atwood, Ronald K.; Christopher, John E.


    Focuses on the conceptual understanding held by (n=78) preservice elementary teachers about moon phases before and after instruction. Compares instructive effect between two groups--inquiry-based physics instruction and no instruction. Reports that without the instruction, most preservice teachers were likely to hold alternative conceptions of the…

  4. Trends in Community Pharmacy Counts and Closures before and after the Implementation of Medicare Part D (United States)

    Klepser, Donald G.; Xu, Liyan; Ullrich, Fred; Mueller, Keith J.


    Purpose: Medicare Part D provided 3.4 million American seniors with prescription drug insurance. It may also have had an unintended effect on pharmacy viability. This study compares trends in the number of pharmacies and rate of pharmacy closures before and after the implementation of Medicare Part D. Methods: This retrospective observational…

  5. Inflammatory status in patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis: Guilty before and after balloon mitral valvuloplasty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Rahman


    Conclusion: Inflammatory pathogenesis of rheumatic fever, suggested by hsCRP, seems fixed both before, and after BMV. A basal increase in hsCRP before BMV is related to BMV success and an acute increase immediately after BMV seems related to trauma of balloon dilatations.

  6. Assessment of asymmetric leg loading before and after total hip arthroplasty using instrumented shoes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Martínez-Ramírez, Alicia; Weenk, Dirk; Lecumberri, Pablo; Verdonschot, Nico; Pakvis, Dean; Veltink, Peter H.


    The stance time and the average vertical ground reaction force measured with the instrumented shoes during walking, and their symmetry index, showed significant differences before and after total hip arthroplasty. However, the data obtained with the sit to stand test did not reveal this improvement


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, H. S.; Løvendahl, P.; Nikolaisen, N. K.;


    Oocytes from prepubertal (PRE) or postpubertal (POST) pigs are used in, for example, somatic cell nuclear transfer and in vitro fertilization. Here we describe mitochondrial dynamics in pig oocytes of different sizes before and after in vitro maturation (IVM), isolated from PRE or POST animals...

  8. Peer Review in Higher Education: Student Perceptions before and after Participation (United States)

    Mulder, Raoul A.; Pearce, Jon M.; Baik, Chi


    Peer review is integral to academic endeavour, but opportunities for students to benefit from peer review in higher education remain limited, and relatively little is known about how student perceptions influence their appreciation of peer review. University student perceptions were examined before and after experiencing student peer review in…

  9. Evaluation of pediatric CPR course on knowledge of pediatric residents--before and after ACLS course. (United States)

    Soltani, Alireza Ebrahim; Khan, Zahid Hussain; Arbabi, Shahriar; Hossini, Babak; Nahvi, Hedaiatollah; Agamohammadi, Asghar


    An evaluation was conducted on the knowledge gained by pediatric residents on CPR, before and after a PALS (Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support) course. Following an examination of all pediatric residents at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, they were divided into two groups: non-trained (Group 1) and a group scheduled to undergone training (Group 2). A course on ACLS was conducted. Examination were performed before and after the ACLS course. The mean of the examination prior to the course in Group 1 and 2 was low, reflecting no significant differences between the Groups. Examination after the ACLS course showed a statistically significant improvement in Group 2 (P ACLS course and enhanced after the course.

  10. Analysis of microscopic pore structures of rocks before and after water absorption

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Li Dejian; Wang Guilian; Han Liqiang; Liu Peiyu; He Manchao; Yang Guoxing; Tai Qimin; Chen Cheng


    Hydrophilic characteristics of rocks are affected by their microscopic pore structures, which clearly change after water absorption. Water absorption tests and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) experiments on rock samples, located at a site in Tibet, China, were carried out. Changes of rock pore structures before and after water absorption were studied with the distribution of pore sizes and fractal characteristics of pores. The results show that surface porosities, fractal dimensions of pores and the complexity of pore structures increased because the number of new small pores produced increased or the original macropore flow channels were expanded after rocks absorbed water. There were points of inflection on their water absorption curves. After water absorption of other rocks, surface porosities and fractal dimensions of pores and complexity of pore structures decreased as the original pore flow channels became filled. Water absorption curves did not change. Surface porosity and the pore fractal dimensions of rocks have good linear relationships before and after water absorption.

  11. AH-DB: collecting protein structure pairs before and after binding



    This work presents the Apo–Holo DataBase (AH-DB, and, which provides corresponding pairs of protein structures before and after binding. Conformational transitions are commonly observed in various protein interactions that are involved in important biological functions. For example, copper–zinc superoxide dismutase (SOD1), which destroys free superoxide radicals in the body, undergoes a large conformational transition from an ‘open’ st...

  12. Biological hazard evaluation of a pharmaceutical effluent before and after a photo-Fenton treatment. (United States)

    Novoa-Luna, Karen Adriana; Mendoza-Zepeda, Arisbeht; Natividad, Reyna; Romero, Rubi; Galar-Martínez, Marcela; Gómez-Oliván, Leobardo Manuel


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the biological hazard of a pharmaceutical effluent before and after treatment. For the former, the determined 96h-LC50 value was 1.2%. The photo-Fenton treatment catalyzed with an iron-pillared clay reduced this parameter by 341.7%. Statistically significant increases with respect to the control group (Pphoto-Fenton process decreases the presence of PCT, oxidative stress, genotoxic damage and LC50 in Hyalella azteca.

  13. Comparison of adenovirus viruria in bone marrow transplant patients before and after transplantation


    Saderi, H; Owlia, P.; K.A. Moghadam; B Bahar; S Faghih Zadeh


    Baekgrouund & purpose: In recent years, the role of adenoviruses in infection and disease in recipients of bone marrow transplantation (BMT) has been studied. It suppose that adenoviral infections are prevalant in these patients Due to using medicines for preventing transplant rejection. This study was performed to compare the incidence of adenoviruses in urine samples taken before and after BMT from individuals undergoing BMT. In addition, The correlation between age, sex, etiology and kind...

  14. On the stability of preferences and attitudes before and after experiencing an electric vehicle

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Anders Fjendbo; Cherchi, Elisabetta; Mabit, Stefan Lindhard


    after a real experience with an electric vehicle in the household. In particular, there are major changes in the preference for driving range, top speed, fuel cost, battery life and charging in city centres and train stations. In line with other studies, we find that environmental concern has a positive...... effect on the preference for EVs both before and after the test period, but the attitude itself and its effect on the choice of vehicle does not change. © 2013....

  15. Comparison Analysis of MR Images Before and After External Beam Radiotherapy in Brachytherapy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Choi, Eun Hye; Baek, Chung Seok; Lee, Sung Yong; Byun, Young Sik [Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Cheil General Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    To analyze availability of MR images before and after external beam radiotherapy in brachytherapy, we will acquire MR images before and after external beam radiotherapy and compare the change of direction of uterine cavity and analyze the accuracy of applicator insertion. From January 2009 to December 2010, we compared MR images before and after external beam radiotherapy for uterine cervical cancer only with radical purpose treatment. MR images which was acquired after external beam radiotherapy has done with inserted status of CT/MR applicator. As a consequence, the tumor was markedly reduced after external beam radiotherapy. The change of anteflexion of uterus turned into retroflexion of the uterine cavity was 17.1%. The case of wrong insertion of tandem include direction or length was 14.3%. According to MR images taken after external beam radiotherapy, we recognized not only reduced the tumor volume but the marked change of exact direction or length of the uterine cavity. So the confirmation of accurate insertion based on MR images before brachytherapy could be very helpful for optimal brachytherapy treatment planning with reduced applicator insertion errors.

  16. Computerized axiography in TMD patients before and after therapy with 'function generating bites'. (United States)

    Piancino, M G; Roberi, L; Frongia, G; Reverdito, M; Slavicek, R; Bracco, P


    The study evaluates the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) movements of patients with signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) before and after therapy with the functional appliances of the 'function generating bite' (FGB) type. Thirty subjects suffering from TMD were selected and divided into two groups: group A (young patients: four males, nine females, mean age +/- standard deviation: 13.3+/-1.5 years); group B (adults: three males, 14 females, mean age +/- standard deviation: 23.2+/-4.4 years). A control group comprised 13 healthy subjects with perfect normal occlusion, TMD-free, was matched for age and sex with patient groups and was examined at T0 and after 12 months (T1). Computerized axiography was performed before and after therapy (average 13 months) with FGBs to evaluate any difference in condyle border movements. Results showed a statistically significant improvement after treatment, for groups A and B, in length, clicks, tracings with normal morphology, superimposition, deviations, regularity and return to starting position and speed (statistical analysis: chi-squared test) except for the symmetry of tracings which was significantly improved only for the young patient group. No statistically significant differences at time T0/T1 were found in the control group. In conclusion, the study shows that the TMJ tracings of TMD patients before and after therapy with 'FGB' significantly improve especially in young patients. FGB may be a useful appliance to improve TMJ function in young and adult TMD patients requiring orthodontic treatment.

  17. Differences of adaptation to school and self-resilience before and after sleep education for adolescent. (United States)

    Lee, So-Mi; Kim, Jong-Hee


    This study aims to verify the effectiveness of sleep education by identifying the differences of adaption to school and self-resilience of the high school students before and after sleep education for a certain period of time. The conclusion of this study is presented below: First, there were differences in adaptation to school and self-resilience of the high school students before and after sleep education for the high school students. After sleep education, adaptation to school environment and school friends became higher, and also the emotion control, personal relations and optimism, which are the subvariables of self-resilience, became higher. Second, there were differences in adaptation to school and self-resilience before and after sleep education by grade of the high school students. The freshmen's adaptation to school friends and adaptation to school life, which are the subvariables of adaptation to school, increased after sleep education. The sophomores' adaptation to school environment, which is the subvariable of adaptation to school, went up higher after sleep education. The freshmen's emotion control, vitality and personal relations, which are the subvariables of self-resilience, were higher after sleep education. The sophomores' personal relations, which are a subvariable of self-resilience, went up higher.

  18. Acoustical analysis of trained and untrained singers onsite before and after prolonged voice use (United States)

    Jackson, Christophe E.

    Controlled acoustic environments are important in voice research. Recording environment affects the quality of voice recordings. While sound booths and anechoic chambers are examples of controlled acoustic environments widely used in research, they are both costly and not portable. The long-term goal of this project is to compare the voice usage and efficiency of trained and untrained singers onsite immediately before and after vocal performance. The specific goal of this project is the further of development a Portable Sound Booth (PSB) and standardization of onsite voice recording procedures under controlled conditions. We hypothesized that the simple and controlled acoustic environment provided by the PSB would enable consistent reliable onsite voice recordings and the immediate differences as a consequence of voice usage were measurable. Research has suggested that it would be possible to conduct onsite voice recordings. Proof of concept research titled "Construction and Characterization of a Portable Sound Booth for Onsite Measurement" was conducted before initiating the full research effort. Preliminary findings revealed that: (1) it was possible to make high-quality voice recordings onsite, (2) the use of a Portable Sound Booth (PSB) required further acoustic characterization of its inherent acoustic properties, and (3) testable differences before and after performance were evident. The specific aims were to (1) develop and refine onsite objective voice measurements in the PSB and (2) evaluate use of the PSB to measure voice quality changes before and after voice usage.

  19. Non-verbal auditory cognition in patients with temporal epilepsy before and after anterior temporal lobectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurélie Bidet-Caulet


    Full Text Available For patients with pharmaco-resistant temporal epilepsy, unilateral anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL - i.e. the surgical resection of the hippocampus, the amygdala, the temporal pole and the most anterior part of the temporal gyri - is an efficient treatment. There is growing evidence that anterior regions of the temporal lobe are involved in the integration and short-term memorization of object-related sound properties. However, non-verbal auditory processing in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE has raised little attention. To assess non-verbal auditory cognition in patients with temporal epilepsy both before and after unilateral ATL, we developed a set of non-verbal auditory tests, including environmental sounds. We could evaluate auditory semantic identification, acoustic and object-related short-term memory, and sound extraction from a sound mixture. The performances of 26 TLE patients before and/or after ATL were compared to those of 18 healthy subjects. Patients before and after ATL were found to present with similar deficits in pitch retention, and in identification and short-term memorisation of environmental sounds, whereas not being impaired in basic acoustic processing compared to healthy subjects. It is most likely that the deficits observed before and after ATL are related to epileptic neuropathological processes. Therefore, in patients with drug-resistant TLE, ATL seems to significantly improve seizure control without producing additional auditory deficits.

  20. The Profitability Analysis of PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Before and After Privatization (United States)

    Nurasiah, I.; Anggara


    This study purposes to determine differences in the profitability of PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. before and after privatization using Net Profit Margin (NPM), Return on Investmen (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE). This research used a case study method with a qualitative approach. The data used are secondary data from official financial statements of PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. periode 2008-2013, 3 years before privatization and 3 years after privatization. Data analysis was performed by reviewing the financial statement data, calculate & determine the value of profitability ratios before and after privatization, and determine the amount of the average difference before and after privatization. The result proved that the average ratio of profitability calculated by applying NPM, ROI and ROE in every year shows a decrease that caused imbalance components forming of NPM, ROI, ROE, where profit is getting down while the selling, total assets and equity increase more and more from the previous period. The implication for the next research is a research that focus on determine how long a company can emerged from the crisis by privatization decision.

  1. [Variations of IR-spectra of three coating materials before and after spraying on urea fertilizer]. (United States)

    Liu, Xing-bin; Chen, Li-jun; Wu, Zhi-jie; Zhang, Guang-na


    Coated fertilizer is a hot spot in the domain of fertilizer research. Related researches mainly focused on the action mechanisms of coating materials in controlling the nutrient release from coated fertilizers, but less information is available on the structural variation of the coating materials before and after spraying on fertilizers, which is the key to whether we can directly use coating materials to extrapolate its mechanisms in controlling coated fertilizers' nutrient release. With polylactic acid (PLA), poly (butynelenes succinate) (PBS), and polycarbonate (PC) as test materials, the variations of their IR spectra before and after spraying on urea fertilizer were determined, which was aimed to supply theoretical basis for further studying the action mechanisms of coating materials in controlling coated fertilizers nutrient release. The results showed that PLA and PC had less variation in their IR spectra before and after spraying on urea fertilizer, while PBS acted in reverse, suggesting that the former two coating materials could be directly used for studying the patterns of nutrient release from coated fertilizers.

  2. IgG antibodies in patients with pemphigus vulgaris before and after diagnosing with immunofluorescence. (United States)

    Azimi, Hamideh; Majidi, Jafar; Estakhri, Rasul; Goldust, Mohamad


    Pemphigus is defined as a group of chronic self-immune vesicular diseases histologically recognized by inter-epidermic vesicles resulting from acantholysis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the precipitant and circulative IgG antibodies in patients with pemphigus vulgaris before and after treating with immunofluorescence. Sixty-two patients (34 females and 28 males) with clinically and pathologically confirmed P.V. were studied prospectively over a one year period of time during which direct and indirect immunofluorescent tests were performed before and after treatment. They had mild or moderate forms of disease. All patients received prednisolon 1-2 mg/kg/day and Azathioprine 2-3 mg/kg/day or methylpredisolon (1 g day(-1) for 4 days) and cyclophosphamide (500 mg/first day) pulse therapy due to general condition. Thirty- four females and 28 males enrolled, the mean age were 39.5 years (SD = 12.7). Before treatment, 10 and 52 cases were positive for skin depositing + or ++) and circulatory IgG (1/20 -1/60), respectively. Two to 3 month later, 37 were IgG positive with titers 1/20 to 1/160. The correlation between circulatory IgG before and after treatment was weakly positive (p = 0.05, r = 0.415). In the present study, treatment methods used for patients suffering from pemphigus vulgaris were not successful in significantly decreasing the circulative autoantibodies levels.

  3. Significance of assess the iron reserves of severe renal anemia patients before and after blood transfusion

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Gui-Fen Zhang


    Objective:To study the significance of evaluating hemoglobin and iron reserves in the severe renal anemia patient before and after blood transfusion, to guide clinical treatment.Methods:Simple randomly selected 120 patients in phase 5 of chronic renal failure from the department of nephrology, who are regular dialysis with severe renal anemia, according to the situation of iron reserves before blood transfusion, patients will be divided into its reserves of iron deficiency and iron overload group and normal group, and the three groups were divided into 1 U and 2 U group. Comparing the change of different unit quantity of hemoglobin, serum iron, iron, protein and total iron binding force before and after blood transfusion and variation is compared between groups.Results: Three groups of patients with 1U blood transfusion ,Hemoglobin, serum iron and ferritin, total iron binding force, transferrin saturation are higher before a blood transfusion,The differences were statistically significant; before and after blood transfusion hemoglobin, serum iron and ferritin, total iron binding force, transferrin saturation change in 1 U group normal iron reserves compared with Insufficient iron reserves 1 U group has no statistically significant difference, iron overload 1 U group before and after blood transfusion hemoglobin, serum iron and ferritin, total iron binding force, transferrin saturation change significantly greater than Insufficient iron reserves 1 U group and 1U with normal iron reserves group, the differences were statistically significant; Three groups of patients blood transfusion after 2 U, hemoglobin, serum iron and ferritin, total iron binding force, transferrin saturation were higher before a blood transfusion, differences were statistically significant; iron overload 2 U group before and after blood transfusion hemoglobin, serum iron and ferritin, total iron binding force, transferrin saturation change significantly greater than Insufficient iron reserves 2

  4. Electromyographic investigation of unstable patella before and after its realignment operation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D D Baksi


    Full Text Available Background: Patellar dislocations are either due to superolateral contracture of the soft tissue or imbalance of the power between the vastus medialis (VM and the vastus lateralis (VL. The imbalance of muscle power as an etiology of patellar dislocation has not been studied. Hence, we studied the recurrent, habitual and permanent dislocations of the patella with an electromyogram (EMG of the vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and pes anserinus, before and after realignment operations, to document the muscle imbalance and effectiveness of the realignment operation. Materials and Methods: An electromyographic investigation was carried out on the vastus medialis and vastus lateralis in nine recurrent, 20 habitual, and 13 permanent dislocations of the patella, before and after their realignment operations. Pes anserinus transposition, which acted as a medial stabilizer of the patella, was also investigated with an EMG study, to understand its role on patellar stability at 0΀, 30΀, 60΀, 90΀, 120΀, 150΀, and full flexion of the knee. The age of the patients varied from nine to 30 (mean 15 years. There were 24 males and 18 females. Twenty-six patellar dislocations were on the right and 16 were on the left side. Results: Electromyographic pictures reveal subnormal activity of the vastus medialis in all types of dislocations and similar activities of the vastus lateralis in permanent and habitual dislocations recorded pre operatively, which recovered to almost normal values postoperatively, at the mean one-year follow-up. Pes anserinus, which was used for medial stabilization of the patella after its realignment, maintained normal EMG activity before and after the operation. Conclusion: This study is significant for understanding the imbalance of muscle activities in patients with an unstable patella, which can be rectified without recurrence after pes anserinus transposition.

  5. Four-dimensional computed tomography angiographic evaluation of cranial dural arteriovenous fistula before and after embolization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tian, Bing, E-mail:; Xu, Bing, E-mail:; Lu, Jianping, E-mail:; Liu, Qi, E-mail:; Wang, Li, E-mail:; Wang, Minjie, E-mail:


    Highlights: • 4D CTA showed excellent agreement with DSA with regard to identification of feeding arteries and drainage veins. • The most important finding was 4D CTA in determining the impact of DAVF treatment with transarterial embolization. • 4D CTA provides images similar to those obtained with DSA both before and after treatment. - Abstract: Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of four-dimensional CTA before and after embolization treatment with ONYX-18 in eleven patients with cranial dural arteriovenous fistulas, and to compare the results with those of the reference standard DSA. Patients and Methods: Eleven patients with cranial dural arteriovenous fistulas detected on DSA underwent transarterial embolization with ONYX-18. Four-dimensional CTA was performed an average of 2 days before and 4 days after DSA. Four-dimensional CTA and DSA images were reviewed by two neuroradiologists for identification of feeding arteries and drainage veins and for determining treatment effects. Interobserver and intermodality agreement between four-dimensional CTA and DSA were assessed. Results: Forty-two feeding arteries were identified for 14 fistulas in the 11 patients. Of these, 36 (85.71%) were detected on four-dimensional CTA. After transarterial embolization, one patient got partly embolized, and the fistulas in the remaining 10 patients were completely occluded. The interobserver agreement for four-dimensional CTA and intermodality agreement between four-dimensional CTA and DSA were excellent (κ = 1) for shunt location, identification of drainage veins, and fistula occlusion after treatment. Conclusion: Four-dimensional CTA images are highly accurate when compared with DSA images both before and after transarterial embolization treatment. Four-dimensional CTA can be used for diagnosis as well as follow-up of cranial dural arteriovenous fistulas in clinical settings.

  6. Whole transcriptome analyses of six thoroughbred horses before and after exercise using RNA-Seq

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Park Kyung-Do


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Thoroughbred horses are the most expensive domestic animals, and their running ability and knowledge about their muscle-related diseases are important in animal genetics. While the horse reference genome is available, there has been no large-scale functional annotation of the genome using expressed genes derived from transcriptomes. Results We present a large-scale analysis of whole transcriptome data. We sequenced the whole mRNA from the blood and muscle tissues of six thoroughbred horses before and after exercise. By comparing current genome annotations, we identified 32,361 unigene clusters spanning 51.83 Mb that contained 11,933 (36.87% annotated genes. More than 60% (20,428 of the unigene clusters did not match any current equine gene model. We also identified 189,973 single nucleotide variations (SNVs from the sequences aligned against the horse reference genome. Most SNVs (171,558 SNVs; 90.31% were novel when compared with over 1.1 million equine SNPs from two SNP databases. Using differential expression analysis, we further identified a number of exercise-regulated genes: 62 up-regulated and 80 down-regulated genes in the blood, and 878 up-regulated and 285 down-regulated genes in the muscle. Six of 28 previously-known exercise-related genes were over-expressed in the muscle after exercise. Among the differentially expressed genes, there were 91 transcription factor-encoding genes, which included 56 functionally unknown transcription factor candidates that are probably associated with an early regulatory exercise mechanism. In addition, we found interesting RNA expression patterns where different alternative splicing forms of the same gene showed reversed expressions before and after exercising. Conclusion The first sequencing-based horse transcriptome data, extensive analyses results, deferentially expressed genes before and after exercise, and candidate genes that are related to the exercise are provided in this

  7. Effects of stretching before and after exercising on muscle soreness and risk of injury: systematic review (United States)

    Herbert, Rob D; Gabriel, Michael


    Objective To determine the effects of stretching before and after exercising on muscle soreness after exercise, risk of injury, and athletic performance. Method Systematic review. Data sources Randomised or quasi-randomised studies identified by searching Medline, Embase, CINAHL, SPORTDiscus, and PEDro, and by recursive checking of bibliographies. Main outcome measures Muscle soreness, incidence of injury, athletic performance. Results Five studies, all of moderate quality, reported sufficient data on the effects of stretching on muscle soreness to be included in the analysis. Outcomes seemed homogeneous. Stretching produced small and statistically non-significant reductions in muscle soreness. The pooled estimate of reduction in muscle soreness 24 hours after exercising was only 0.9 mm on a 100 mm scale (95% confidence interval −2.6 mm to 4.4 mm). Data from two studies on army recruits in military training show that muscle stretching before exercising does not produce useful reductions in injury risk (pooled hazard ratio 0.95, 0.78 to 1.16). Conclusions Stretching before or after exercising does not confer protection from muscle soreness. Stretching before exercising does not seem to confer a practically useful reduction in the risk of injury, but the generality of this finding needs testing. Insufficient research has been done with which to determine the effects of stretching on sporting performance. What is already known on this topicReviews of the effects of stretching before exercising have drawn conflicting conclusionsThe literature on effects of stretching before and after exercising on muscle soreness and risk of injury has not been systematically reviewedWhat this study addsStretching before and after exercising does not confer protection from muscle soreness and stretching before exercise does not seem to confer a practically useful reduction in the risk of injury PMID:12202327

  8. Experimental investigation of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability before and after the reflected shock compression (United States)

    Jourdan, G.; Houas, L.


    Results of an experimental investigation on the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability of a He-CO2 interface are reported. A simultaneous three-directional laser absorption technique is used to follow, at a single abscissa, the evolution of the created mixing zone before and after the interaction with the reflected shock, during the same run. CO2 density profiles have been determined within both the incident and the compressed mixing zones. However, near the pure CO2, the wall boundary layer reflected shock interaction perturbs measurements and does not allow objective conclusions.

  9. Road traffic accidents before and after seatbelt legislation--study in a district general hospital. (United States)

    Thomas, J


    Injuries among samples of car accident cases attending the Accident & Emergency (A & E) department of a District General Hospital (DGH) in the year before and after the introduction of seat belt legislation were classified applying the Abbreviated Injury Scale using information recorded in the patient case notes. Those who died or did not attend an A & E department were not included in the sampling frame. The number of those who escaped injury increased by 40% and those with mild and moderate injuries decreased by 35% after seatbelt legislation. There was a significant reduction in soft tissue injuries to the head. Only whiplash injuries to the neck showed a significant increase. PMID:2319551

  10. Idiopathic sudden hearing loss: Oxidative status before and after corticoid treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cavaleriu Bogdan D.


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate antioxidant enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation levels after systemic corticoid therapy (Solu-Medrol, 250mg/day, for 7 days. The effects of corticoid treatment on superoxide dismutase (SOD and glutathione peroxidase (GPX activity were investigated. Fifteen patients diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss were enrolled. Serum markers of oxidative stress were measured using spectrophotometric methods. In ten cases, the SOD and GPX activities and malondialdehyde (MDA serum levels before and after corticoid treatment were investigated. Corticoid treatment enhanced antioxidant activity by increasing SOD and GPX activities and decreasing MDA serum levels.


    Umriukhin, P E; Grigorchuk, O S


    In the presented study we investigated the possibility to use the open field behavior data for prediction of corticosterone level in rat blood plasma before and after stress. It is shown that the most reliable open field behavior parameters, reflecting high probability of significant upregulation of corticosterone after 3 hours of immobilization, are the short latency of first movement and low locomotor activity during the test. Rats with high corticosterone at normal non-stress conditions are characterized by low locomotor activity and on the contrary long latency period for the entrance of open field center.

  12. The effect of treadmill running on memory before and after the NBM-lesion in rats. (United States)

    Hosseini, Nasrin; Alaei, Hojjatallah; Reisi, Parham; Radahmadi, Maryam


    Some studies have shown the effects of exercise training in retarding onset and progression of memory deficit in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. In this research, we investigated the effect of treadmill running on memory function; before, after, and continually (before and after) the nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesions. 66 male rats were randomly divided into six groups, including control, sham operation, the NBM-lesion, exercise before the NBM-lesion, exercise after the NBM-lesion, and exercise before and after the NBM-lesion. Lesion was induced by 5 μg/μl bilateral injection of Ibotenic acid. Memory function was assessed by using the passive avoidance learning test. Our results showed that treadmill running delays cognitive decline in the NBM-lesion rats, prevented memory deficit, and has advantageous effects on short-term, intermediate and long-term memory. Exercising on a regular basis may impede memory loss significantly, which may be attributed to specific molecular pathways in the brain.

  13. Multifrequency EPR study on freeze-dried fruits before and after X-ray irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yordanov, N.D. [Laboratory EPR, Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia (Bulgaria)]. E-mail:; Aleksieva, K. [Laboratory EPR, Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia (Bulgaria); Dimitrova, A. [Laboratory EPR, Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia (Bulgaria); Georgieva, L. [Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies, 1162 Sofia (Bulgaria); Tzvetkova, E. [Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies, 1162 Sofia (Bulgaria)


    X-, K- and Q-band EPR studies on lyophilized whole pulp parts of blue plum, apricot, peach, melon as well as achens and pulp separately of strawberry before and after X-ray irradiation are reported. Before irradiation all samples show in X band a weak singlet EPR line with g=2.0030+/-0.0005, except melon, which is EPR silent. Immediately after irradiation all samples exhibit complex fruit-depending spectra, which decay with time and change to give, in ca. 50days, an asymmetric singlet EPR line with g=2.0041+/-0.0005. Only apricot pulp gave a typical ''sugar-like'' EPR spectrum. Singlet EPR lines recorded after irradiation in X -band are K- and Q-band resolved as typical anisotropic EPR spectra with g{sub ||}=2.0023+/-0.0003 and g{sub -}bar =2.0041+/-0.0005. In addition, K- and Q-band EPR spectra of all samples show a superposition with the six EPR lines of Mn{sup 2+} naturally present in the fruits. The saturation behavior of the EPR spectra of achens of lyophilized and fresh strawberry is also studied. The differences in g factors of samples before and after X-ray irradiation might be used for the identification of radiation processing of fruits in the case of pulp and the differences in the EPR saturation behavior might be used for the achens of strawberry.

  14. Importance of proprioceptive information for postural control in children with strabismus before and after strabismus surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Pia Bucci


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to examine the role of proprioception in postural balance in children with strabismus before and after realignment of their visual axes by eye surgery. Postural recordings were made with the TechnoConcept® force platform in twenty three children. Several conditions were studied, whether the subjects had both eyes open, or either the dominant or the non-dominant eye open, without and with foam pads of 4 mm underfoot. Recordings were performed before and after strabismus surgery. The surface area, the length and the mean speed of the center of pressure (CoP were analyzed. Before strabismus surgery, all children showed better stability with both eyes open with respect to the condition with the non dominant eye open; furthermore postural stability improved in the presence of foam pads. After surgery, all postural parameters (surface area, length and mean speed of CoP decreased significantly, especially in the non-dominant eye viewing condition. We suggest that strabismic children use mainly proprioceptive information in order to control their posture, but also visual inputs, which are important for obtaining a good postural stability. The alignment of the visual axes after surgery provides enhanced postural stability, suggesting, again the major role of visual inputs in the control of posture. Proprioceptive plasticity after strabismus surgery may allow better visual rehabilitation.

  15. Background parenchymal enhancement in breast MRI before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy: correlation with tumour response

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Preibsch, H.; Wanner, L.; Bahrs, S.D.; Wietek, B.M.; Nikolaou, K.; Wiesinger, B. [University Hospital Tuebingen, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Tuebingen (Germany); Siegmann-Luz, K.C. [Diagnostic Center for Breast Cancer and Screening Mammography Brandenburg Ost, Koenigs Wusterhausen (Germany); Oberlecher, E.; Hahn, M. [University Hospital Tuebingen, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Tuebingen (Germany); Staebler, A. [University Hospital Tuebingen, Institute of Pathology and Neuropathology, Tuebingen (Germany)


    To correlate the decrease in background parenchymal enhancement (BPE) and tumour response measured with MRI in breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). One hundred and forty-six MRI examinations of 73 patients with 80 biopsy-proven breast cancers who underwent breast MRI before and after NAC were retrospectively analysed. All images were reviewed by two blinded readers, who classified BPE into categories (BEC; 1 = minimal, 2 = mild, 3 = moderate, 4 = marked) before and after NAC. Histopathological and morphological tumour responses were analysed and compared. The distribution of BEC 1/2/3/4 was 25/46/18/11 % before and 78/20/2/0 % after NAC. On average, BPE decreased by 0.87 BEC. Cohen's kappa showed substantial agreement (k = 0.73-0.77) before and moderate agreement (k = 0.43-0.60) after NAC and moderate agreement (k = 0.62-0.60) concerning the change in BEC. Correlating the change in BPE with tumour response, the average decrease in BEC was 1.3 in cases of complete remission, 0.83 in cases with partial response, 0.85 in cases with stable disease and 0.40 in cases with progressive disease. Correlation analysis showed a significant correlation between the decrease in BEC and tumour response (r = -0.24, p = 0.03). BPE decreased by, on average, 0.87 BEC following NAC for breast cancer. The degree of BPE reduction seemed to correlate with tumour response. (orig.)

  16. Thermographic Imaging of the Superficial Temperature in Racing Greyhounds before and after the Race

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mari Vainionpää


    Full Text Available A total of 47 racing greyhounds were enrolled in this study on two race days (in July and September, resp. at a racetrack. Twelve of the dogs participated in the study on both days. Thermographic images were taken before and after each race. From the images, superficial temperature points of selected sites (tendo calcaneus, musculus gastrocnemius, musculus gracilis, and musculus biceps femoris portio caudalis were taken and used to investigate the differences in superficial temperatures before and after the race. The thermographic images were compared between the right and left legs of a dog, between the raced distances, and between the two race days. The theoretical heat capacity of a racing greyhound was calculated. With regard to all distances raced, the superficial temperatures measured from the musculus gastrocnemius were significantly higher after the race than at baseline. No significant differences were found between the left and right legs of a dog after completing any of the distances. Significant difference was found between the two race days. The heat loss mechanisms of racing greyhounds during the race through forced conduction, radiation, evaporation, and panting can be considered adequate when observing the calculated heat capacity of the dogs.

  17. Evaluation of fecal microorganisms of children with cleft palate before and after palatoplasty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narciso Almeida Vieira


    Full Text Available This study isolated and quantified intestinal bacteria of children with cleft palate before and after palatoplasty. A prospective study was conducted from May 2007 to September 2008 on 18 children with cleft palate, aged one to four years, of both genders, attending a tertiary cleft center in Brazil for palatoplasty, to analyze the effect of surgical palate repair on the concentration of anaerobes Bacteroides sp, Bifidobacterium sp and microaerophiles Lactobacillus sp in feces of infants with cleft palate before and 24 hours after treatment with cefazolin for palatoplasty. There was significant reduction of Lactobacillus sp (p < 0.002, Bacteroides sp (p < 0.001 and Bifidobacterium sp (p = 0.021 after palatoplasty, revealing that surgery and utilization of cefazolin significantly influenced the fecal microbiota comparing collections before and after surgery. However, due to study limitations, it was not possible to conclude that other isolated factors, such as surgical stress, anesthetics and other medications used in palatoplasty might have a significant influence on the microbiota. Considering the important participation of the intestinal microbiota on both local and systemic metabolic and immunological activities of the host, professionals should be attentive to the possible influence of these changes in patients submitted to cleft repair.

  18. Marginal microleakage of class V composite restorations before and after AFP gel application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davari Abdolrahim


    Full Text Available   Background and Aims: The most effective preventing tooth decay method is fluoride compounds applications. Some studies suggested that APF gels caused changes on the superficial physical properties of composite. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the marginal microleakage of class V composite restorations before and after AFP gel application.   Materials and Methods: The class V cavities in buccal surfaces of 45 molar teeth were made in such a way that occlusal margin was placed in enamel and cervical margin in cement. In group 1, at first fluoride-therapy and then cavity preparation and restoration by composite resin was done. In group 2, at first the class V cavities were prepared and restored, then fluoride-therapy was carried out. In group 3, cavities were prepared and restored with no fluoride-therapy. The dye penetration rate in occlusal and cervical margins was examined by stereomicroscope. Data were statistically analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney test.   Results: There was no statistically significant difference between groups ( P=0.975.   Conclusion: Fluoride-therapy using AFP gel before and after class V composite restorations, had no significant effect on the microleakage of dentin and enamel margins.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. R. Nikoobakht


    Full Text Available Biological effects extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL is not precisely known. We have evaluated two urinary enzymes activity N-acetyl-B-D-glucosamine (NAG and alanine amino peptidase (AAP before and after unilateral ESWL as markers for renal parenchymal damage. Forty eight patients with kidney stones (mean age 39 who had presented for the first time or at least one year after their previous lithotripsy underwent ESWL. Urinary specimens were collected before and after first, third and seventh days of lithotripsy and NAG, AAP were evaluated. These enzymes displayed the greatest activity 24 hours after ESWL with significant difference compared to the control group, (P < 0.05 versus 0.02. Elevation of urinary enzymes activity correlated with stone size particularly stones larger than 2 cm. These data suggest that there is some tubular and parenchymal damage induced by ESWL that needs time to get improved. The higher urinary enzyme activity in patients with larger stones ( > 2 cm is probably related to injury resulting from passage of smaller stones, produced after lithotripsy of a large stone, and it is suggested that these patients are treated with a safer procedure.

  20. Quality of life questionnaire application in patients before and after vestibular rehabilitation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nishino, Lucia Kazuko


    Full Text Available Introduction: Conventional vestibular tests are not efficient instruments to evaluate the level of commitment in the life quality of a patient with dizziness. The quality of life questionnaire specific for dizziness, the Dizziness Handicap Inventory, was translated and validated into Portuguese intending to get over this difficulty in quantifying the vertiginous patient symptoms. Objective: This study aims at comparing the Brazilian Dizziness Handicap Inventory results before and after personalized vestibular rehabilitation in patients diagnosed with chronic vertigo from benign paroxist positional vertigo and chronic vertigo from other causes. Method: Retrospective study of 30 medical records; all of which were submitted to the Brazilian Dizziness Handicap Inventory before and after the personalized vestibular rehabilitation treatment. Results: In the total scores average of vestibular pre-rehabilitation, the benign paroxist positional vertigo had a score of 47.93±24.46 and the chronic vertigo for other causes of 54.40±20.97. At discharge, the benign paroxist positional vertigo scores average was of 6.13±7.22 and in the chronic vertigo from other causes, the scores average was of 26.13±20.51. Conclusion: The commitment of the life quality of individuals with dizziness, both for chronic vertigo from other causes and benign paroxist positional vertigo, was very similar, confirming an important commitment. The vestibular rehabilitation effect for both cases was also efficient and the Dizziness Handicap Inventory was an efficient instrument to evaluate the vertiginous case evolution.

  1. Brachial artery Doppler flux parameters before and after hot flush in Mexican postmenopausal women: preliminary report (United States)

    Rodríguez, Karina Vázquez; Ortiz, Sergio Rosales


    Objective To analyse brachial artery flux parameters in postmenopausal women before and after hot flush. Material and methods Two groups of postmenopausal women were studied: Group I, without vasomotor symptoms (n = 10) and Group II, with vasomotor symptoms (n = 10). In all them a brachial artery Doppler ultrasound was done, measuring before and after hyperaemic stimulus of the arterial diameter (AD), the pulsatility index (PI), and the resistive index (RI). In Group I, measurements were done at baseline and five minutes after. In Group II, measurements were at baseline, and one and five minutes after the hot-flush. Comparison between the groups was done with Mann-Whitney U test, and within the groups with Wilcoxon test. Results No differences were found among the groups in Doppler parameters. When comparing each group separately, in Group I, at baseline and at five minutes measurements, the AD was greater after the hyperaemic stimulus than before it. In group II at baseline, the PI was significantly greater after the hyperaemic stimulus than before to it. At the first and fifth minute, the AD was significantly greater after the hyperaemic stimulus than before to it. Conclusions No differences were found between those who did not have and those who had hot flushes. PMID:27095957

  2. Enamel Thickness before and after Orthodontic Treatment Analysed in Optical Coherence Tomography (United States)

    Koprowski, Robert; Safranow, Krzysztof; Woźniak, Krzysztof


    Despite the continuous development of materials and techniques of adhesive bonding, the basic procedure remains relatively constant. The technique is based on three components: etching substance, adhesive system, and composite material. The use of etchants during bonding orthodontic brackets carries the risk of damage to the enamel. Therefore, the article examines the effect of the manner of enamel etching on its thickness before and after orthodontic treatment. The study was carried out in vitro on a group of 80 teeth. It was divided into two subgroups of 40 teeth each. The procedure of enamel etching was performed under laboratory conditions. In the first subgroup, the classic method of enamel etching and the fifth-generation bonding system were used. In the second subgroup, the seventh-generation (self-etching) bonding system was used. In both groups, metal orthodontic brackets were fixed and the enamel was cleaned with a cutter fixed on the micromotor after their removal. Before and after the treatment, two-dimensional optical coherence tomography scans were performed. The enamel thickness was assessed on the two-dimensional scans. The average enamel thickness in both subgroups was not statistically significant. PMID:28243604

  3. Importance of Proprioceptive Information for Postural Control in Children with Strabismus before and after Strabismus Surgery (United States)

    Bucci, Maria P.; Soufi, Hayette; Villeneuve, Philippe; Colleville, Lucile; Bui-Quoc, Emmanuel; Lions, Cynthia


    The objective of this study is to examine the role of proprioception in postural balance in children with strabismus before and after realignment of their visual axes by eye surgery. Postural recordings were made with the TechnoConcept® force platform in 23 children. Several conditions were studied, whether the subjects had both eyes open, or either the dominant or the non-dominant eye open, without and with foam pads of 4 mm underfoot. Recordings were performed before and after strabismus surgery. The surface area, the length and the mean speed of the center of pressure (CoP) were analyzed. Before strabismus surgery, all children showed better stability with both eyes open with respect to the condition with the non-dominant eye open; furthermore postural stability improved in the presence of foam pads. After surgery, the surface area of CoP decreased significantly, especially in the non-dominant eye viewing condition. We suggest that strabismic children use mainly proprioceptive information in order to control their posture, but also visual inputs, which are important for obtaining a good postural stability. The alignment of the visual axes after surgery provides enhanced postural stability, suggesting, again the major role of visual inputs in the control of posture. Proprioceptive plasticity after strabismus surgery may allow better visual rehabilitation. PMID:27656133

  4. Canine distemper virus infection among wildlife before and after the epidemic. (United States)

    Suzuki, Junko; Nishio, Yohei; Kameo, Yuki; Terada, Yutaka; Kuwata, Ryusei; Shimoda, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Kazuo; Maeda, Ken


    In 2007-2008, a canine distemper virus (CDV) epidemic occurred among wild animals in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, and many mammals, including the wild boar and deer, were infected. In this study, CDV prevalence among wild animals was surveyed before and after the epidemic. At first, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) with horseradish peroxidase-conjugated protein A/G was established to detect CDV antibodies in many mammalian species. This established ELISA was available for testing dogs, raccoons and raccoon dogs as well as virus-neutralization test. Next, a serological survey of wild mammalians was conducted, and it was indicated that many wild mammalians, particularly raccoons, were infected with CDV during the epidemic, but few were infected before and after the epidemic. On the other hand, many raccoon dogs died during the epidemic, but CDV remained prevalent in the remaining population, and a small epidemic occurred in raccoon dogs in 2012-2013. These results indicated that the epidemic of 2007-2008 may have been intensified by transmission to raccoons.

  5. Comparison of Perceptual Signs of Voice before and after Vocal Hygiene Program in Adults with Dysphonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seyyedeh Maryam khoddami


    Full Text Available Background and Aim: Vocal abuse and misuse are the most frequent causes of voice disorders. Consequently some therapy is needed to stop or modify such behaviors. This research was performed to study the effectiveness of vocal hygiene program on perceptual signs of voice in people with dysphonia.Methods: A Vocal hygiene program was performed to 8 adults with dysphonia for 6 weeks. At first, Consensus Auditory- Perceptual Evaluation of Voice was used to assess perceptual signs. Then the program was delivered, Individuals were followed in second and forth weeks visits. In the last session, perceptual assessment was performed and individuals’ opinions were collected. Perceptual findings were compared before and after the therapy.Results: After the program, mean score of perceptual assessment decreased. Mean score of every perceptual sign revealed significant difference before and after the therapy (p≤0.0001. «Loudness» had maximum score and coordination between speech and respiration indicated minimum score. All participants confirmed efficiency of the therapy.Conclusion: The vocal hygiene program improves all perceptual signs of voice although not equally. This deduction is confirmed by both clinician-based and patient-based assessments. As a result, vocal hygiene program is necessary for a comprehensive voice therapy but is not solely effective to resolve all voice problems.

  6. Effect of TRPV1 gene mutation on bronchial asthma in children before and after treatment. (United States)

    Chen, Chuan-Liang; Li, Hong; Xing, Xiao-Hong; Guan, Hai-Shan; Zhang, Jian-Hua; Zhao, Jun-Wu


    Bronchial asthma is a worldwide disease with high incidence. It not only harms children's physical and mental health, but it also brings a heavy burden to their families as well as the society. However, the trigger and pathogenesis of the disease remain unclear. This study aimed to analyze TRPV1 gene mutation and expression of cytokines in children with acute bronchial asthma before and after treatment, thus providing theoretical guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of bronchial asthma in children. Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction was adopted to detect TRPV1 mRNA expression level and enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay was used to detect the serum total IgE level, eosinophil (EOS) number, IL-4, IL-5, and interferon (IFN) gamma levels in peripheral venous blood of children in the healthy control group and asthma group before and after treatment. Logistic regression analysis was applied to analyze the most essential factor inducing bronchial asthma in children. TRPV1 mRNA level of peripheral blood in the asthma group was higher than that in the control group before treatment (p asthma in children. TRPV1 gene mutation was closely related to bronchial asthma in children, which provided a theoretical basis for the treatment and prognosis of children with bronchial asthma.

  7. Maximal power output estimates the MLSS before and after aerobic training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Franco Wilke


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to present an equation to predict the maximal lactate steady state (MLSS through a VO2peak incremental protocol. Twenty-six physically active men were divided in two groups (G1 and G2. They performed one maximal incremental test to determine their VO2peak and maximal power output (Wpeak, and also several constant intensity tests to determine MLSS intensity (MLSSw on a cycle ergometer. Group G2 underwent six weeks of aerobic training at MLSSw. A regression equation was created using G1 subjects Wpeak and MLSSw to estimate the MLSS intensity (MLSSweq before and after training for G2 (MLSSweq = 0.866 x Wpeak-41.734. The mean values were not different (150±27W vs 148±27W, before training / 171±26W vs 177±24W, after training and significant correlations were found between the measured and the estimated MLSSw before (r²=0.49 and after training (r²=0.62 in G2. The proposed equation was effective to estimate the MLSS intensity before and after aerobic training.

  8. TCF7L2 polymorphisms and inflammatory markers before and after treatment with fenofibrate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kabagambe Edmond K


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Inflammation is implicated in causing diabetes. We tested whether transcription factor 7 like-2 (TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms (rs12255372 and rs7903146, consistently associated with type 2 diabetes, are associated with plasma concentrations of inflammatory markers before and after three weeks of daily treatment with fenofibrate. Methods Men and women in the Genetics of Lipid-Lowering Drugs and Diet Network study (n = 1025, age 49 ± 16 y were included. All participants suspended use of lipid-lowering drugs for three weeks and were then given 160 mg/day of fenofibrate for three weeks. Inflammatory markers and lipids were measured before and after fenofibrate. ANOVA was used to test for differences across TCF7L2 genotypes. Results Under the additive or dominant model, there were no significant differences (P > 0.05 in the concentrations of inflammatory markers (hsCRP, IL-2, IL-6, TNF-α and MCP-1 across TCF7L2 genotypes in the period before or after treatment. For both rs12255372 and rs7903146, homozygote T-allele carriers had significantly higher (P Conclusion Overall these data show no association between TCF7L2 polymorphisms and the inflammatory markers suggesting that the effects of TCF7L2 on diabetes may not be via inflammation.

  9. Evaluation of Psoas Major and Quadratus Lumborum Recruitment Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Before and After 5 Trunk Exercises. (United States)

    Imai, Atsushi; Okubo, Yu; Kaneoka, Koji


    Study Design Controlled laboratory study, with a pretest-posttest design. Background Diffusion-weighted imaging is a noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging technique that can be used to assess the recruitment of the psoas major (PM) and quadratus lumborum (QL). The recruitment of these muscles during trunk exercises has not been evaluated. Objective To evaluate the diffusion of water movement in several trunk muscles using diffusion-weighted imaging before and after specific trunk exercises and thereby to understand the level of recruitment of each muscle during each exercise. Methods Nine healthy male participants performed the right side bridge, knee raise, and 3 front bridges, including the hand-knee, elbow-knee, and elbow-toe bridges. Diffusion-weighted imaging was performed before and after each exercise. After scanning, the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) map was constructed, and ADC values of the rectus abdominis, lateral abdominal muscles, QL, PM, and back muscles were calculated. Results The right PM following the elbow-toe bridge demonstrated the largest increase in ADC values, a change significantly greater than that demonstrated by the hand-knee bridge (P<.001) and side bridge (P = .002) exercises. The ADC change in the right QL following the side bridge exercise was significantly larger than that of other exercises (P<.008). Conclusion Of the 5 exercises investigated, the elbow-toe bridge and side bridge exercises elicit the greatest recruitment of the PM and QL, respectively. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2017;47(2):108-114. Epub 5 Nov 2016. doi:10.2519/jospt.2017.6730.

  10. Liver volume, portal vein flow, and clearance of indocyanine green and antipyrine in hyperthyroidism before and after antithyroid treatment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Vibeke; Sonne, J; Court-Payen, M


    The aim of the study was to examine liver volume, portal vein flow, and indocyanine green (ICG) and antipyrine clearance in hyperthyroidism before and after antithyroid drug treatment.......The aim of the study was to examine liver volume, portal vein flow, and indocyanine green (ICG) and antipyrine clearance in hyperthyroidism before and after antithyroid drug treatment....

  11. Trajectories of disability among older persons before and after a hospitalization leading to a skilled nursing facility admission (United States)

    Buurman, Bianca M.; Han, Ling; Murphy, Terrence E.; Gahbauer, Evelyne A.; Leo-Summers, Linda; Allore, Heather G.; Gill, Thomas M.


    Objectives To identify distinct sets of disability trajectories in the year before and after a Q-SNF admission, evaluate the associations between the pre- and post-Q-SNF disability trajectories, and determine short-term outcomes (readmission, mortality). Design, setting and participants Prospective cohort study including 754 community-dwelling older persons, 70+ years, and initially nondisabled in their basic activities of daily living. The analytic sample included 394 persons, with a first hospitalization followed by a Q-SNF admission between 1998–2012. Main outcomes and measures Disability in the year before and after a Q-SNF admission using 13 basic, instrumental and mobility activities. Secondary outcomes included 30-day readmission and 12-month mortality. Results The mean (SD) age of the sample was 84.9(5.5) years. We identified three disability trajectories in the year before a Q-SNF admission: minimal disability (37.3% of participants) mild disability (44.6%), and moderate disability (18.2%). In the year after a Q-SNF admission, all participants started with moderate to severe disability scores. Three disability trajectories were identified: substantial improvement (26.0% of participants), minimal improvement (36.5%), and no improvement (37.5%). Among participants with minimal disability pre-Q-SNF, 52% demonstrated substantial improvement; the other 48% demonstrated minimal improvement (32%) or no improvement (16%) and remained moderately to severely disabled in the year post-Q-SNF. Among participants with mild disability pre-Q-SNF, 5% showed substantial improvement, whereas 95% showed little to no improvement. Of participants with moderate disability pre-Q-SNF, 15% remained moderately disabled showing little improvement, whereas 85% showed no improvement. Participants who transitioned from minimal disability pre-Q-SNF to no improvement post-Q-SNF had the highest rates of 30-day readmission and 12-month mortality (rate/100 person days 1.3 [95% CI 0.6–2

  12. Comparison of adenovirus viruria in bone marrow transplant patients before and after transplantation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Saderi


    Full Text Available Baekgrouund & purpose: In recent years, the role of adenoviruses in infection and disease in recipients of bone marrow transplantation (BMT has been studied. It suppose that adenoviral infections are prevalant in these patients Due to using medicines for preventing transplant rejection. This study was performed to compare the incidence of adenoviruses in urine samples taken before and after BMT from individuals undergoing BMT. In addition, The correlation between age, sex, etiology and kind of transplantation and adenovirus infection was studied.Materials and Methods: From 11 November 2002 to 12 June 2003, 91 patients received BMT in Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. From 72 patients, 2 urine samples were taken before and 4 weeks after transplantation The DNA samples were examined by PCR using primers that detect 134 bp sequence in Hexon gene shared in human adenovirus DNA was extracted using Phenol-Chloroform method and concentrated by sodium acetate and ethanol.In Faculty of Medicine, Shahed University.Results: Adenovirus DNA was found in 39 patients (54.2% before transplantation and in 37 patients (51.4% after that. Both before and after BMT samples were negative for adenoviruses in 21 patients and positive in 25 patients. In 14 patients only before BMT and in 12 patients only after BMT urine samples were positive. No statistical difference between before and after BMT viruria was shown by McNemar’s test. Also, no statistical difference was shown between mean age of infected and non-infected patients by t-test. In spite of higher frequency of males, malignant and allogeneic transplant among studied patients, there was no statistical difference between two mentioned patients (P>0.05.Conclusion: In the present study, increase of prevalence of viruria in patients after bone marrow transplantation was not seen. In adition, there was no correlation between patients with various

  13. The Role of Trust in Financial Customer-seller Relationships Before and After the Financial Crisis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Torben


    provider. Hence, as a direct managerial implication, financial service managers should consider investing additional resources in satisfying their customers in the after crisis era. In addition, it is suggested that managers should seek to rebuild the positive relationship between trust and loyalty......This study examines the role of trust in customer-seller relationships before and after the 2008 financial crisis. On the basis of two surveys comprising 1155 and 757 bank customers, respectively, it is shown that trust is less likely to mediate the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty...... after the financial crisis compared with before the financial crisis. The results suggest that consumers rely more on satisfaction and less on trust after the financial crisis compared with before the financial crisis when determining whether they should remain loyal to a particular financial service...

  14. Utilization of Preventive Dental Services Before and After Health Insurance Covered Dental Scaling in Korea. (United States)

    Jang, Young-Eun; Kim, Chun-Bae; Kim, Nam-Hee


    Health insurance reduces the economic burden of diseases and enhances access to medical services. This study compared, among social classes, the utilization of preventive dental service before and after health insurance covered dental scaling. We analyzed time-series secondary data for 3  175  584 participants from 253 survey areas nationwide in the Community Health Survey (2009-2014) in Korea. The weighted proportion of participants who underwent dental scaling was defined as the scaling rate. Data regarding demographic and socioeconomic characteristics were collected. Scaling rates continuously increased over the 6-year period, particularly in 2014. College graduates had significantly higher scaling rates. Monthly income and scaling rate were positively related. Differences by education decreased over time. Differences by income were particularly high between 2012 and 2014. For women, the temporal rate was 2 times higher for professionals than for the unemployed. Despite increased dental scaling rates since the health coverage change in 2013, socioeconomic differences persist.

  15. Impurities especially titanium in the rare earth metal gadolinium-before and after solid state electrotransport

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    苗睿瑛; 张小伟; 朱琼; 张志琦; 王志强; 颜世宏; 陈德宏; 周林; 李宗安


    Gadolinium was prepared by conventional procedures of fluorination, reduction, distillation and solid state electrotransport (SSE). The electronegativities of the metals were found to have an important influence on the electrotransport process and result of the impurity element. Meanwhile, titanium particles in the distilled gadolinium as major metallic impurities were studied by high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) before and after solid state electrotransport. The results showed that impurities especially titanium transported from anode to cathode during SSE. In the metal before SSE, there were impurities of titanium in strip shape or embedded round shape. After SSE processing, titanium particles in the metal smaller than 50 nm in the cathode, but existed 6 to 10 times bigger in the anode.

  16. Pain during sexual activity before and after laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tolver, Mette A; Rosenberg, Jacob


    BACKGROUND: Sexual life may be impaired by pain during sexual activity in patients with inguinal hernia. On the other hand, inguinal hernia repair has also been reported to cause sexual dysfunction in terms of pain during sexual activity and ejaculation. The primary aim of this study...... was to estimate the prevalence of pain during sexual activity before and after laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, and the secondary, to describe pain location, frequency of pain during sexual activity, and to which degree sexual life was affected by the pain. Furthermore, to examine whether preoperative pain...... during sexual activity was a risk factor for postoperative pain during sexual activity. METHODS: A prospective questionnaire study before and 6 months after hernia repair was conducted. Men (age 18-85 years) undergoing laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair were included. RESULTS: In total, 160 men were...

  17. Surface roughness and gloss of current CAD/CAM resin composites before and after toothbrush abrasion. (United States)

    Koizumi, Hiroyasu; Saiki, Osamu; Nogawa, Hiroshi; Hiraba, Haruto; Okazaki, Tomoyo; Matsumura, Hideo


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the gloss and surface roughness behaviors of newly developed CAD/CAM composite blocks with different filler contents and characteristics. The gloss and surface roughness were quantified before and after a toothbrush dentifrice abrasion test; the results were compared to the gloss and surface roughness of a ceramic CAD/CAM block. Knoop hardness was determined before abrasion test. The results were analyzed by ANOVA, Tukey HSD, and Dunnett t test (pVita Enamic>Gradia block>Shofu Block HC, Lava Ultimate≥Katana Avencia block≥Cerasmart. After toothbrush abrasion, a significant difference in the gloss unit was detected between the Shofu Block HC material and the ceramic block. The Ra and Rz of the Cerasmart and Shofu Block HC materials were significantly larger than those of the ceramic block after toothbrush abrasion.

  18. The calcium endocrine system of adolescent rhesus monkeys and controls before and after spaceflight (United States)

    Arnaud, Sara B.; Navidi, Meena; Deftos, Leonard; Thierry-Palmer, Myrtle; Dotsenko, Rita; Bigbee, Allison; Grindeland, Richard E.


    The calcium endocrine system of nonhuman primates can be influenced by chairing for safety and the weightless environment of spaceflight. The serum of two rhesus monkeys flown on the Bion 11 mission was assayed pre- and postflight for vitamin D metabolites, parathyroid hormone, calcitonin, parameters of calcium homeostasis, cortisol, and indexes of renal function. Results were compared with the same measures from five monkeys before and after chairing for a flight simulation study. Concentrations of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D were 72% lower after the flight than before, and more than after chairing on the ground (57%, P endocrine system were similar to the effects of chairing on the ground, but were more pronounced. Reduced intestinal calcium absorption, losses in body weight, increases in cortisol, and higher postflight blood urea nitrogen were the changes in flight monkeys that distinguished them from the flight simulation study animals.

  19. Hematologic profile of hematophagous Desmodus rotundus bats before and after experimental infection with rabies virus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilene Fernandes de Almeida


    Full Text Available Introduction Hematophagous Desmodus rotundus bats play an important role in the rabies lifecycle. This study describes the hematological profile of these bats before and after experimental infection with rabies virus. Methods Cells counts were performed in a Neubauer chamber. Results The average values of erythrocytes and leucocytes counts in blood before experimental infections were 9.97 × 106mm3 and 4.80 × 103mm3, respectively. Neutrophils represented 69.9% of white blood cells and the lymphocytes represented 26.9%. Following the experimental infections, the average numbers of erythrocytes and leucocytes was 9.43 × 106mm3 and 3.98 × 103mm3, respectively. Neutrophils represented 40% of white blood cells and the lymphocytes represented 59%. Conclusions The hematological profile given in this study can serve as reference values for D. rotundus bats.

  20. [Evaluation of portal circulation in healthy subjects with duplex scanning before and after meal]. (United States)

    Kuntsevich, G I; Belolapotko, E A; Kokova, N I


    Duplex scanning was used to functionally assess the arterial and venous vascular bed in the portal circulatory system in 11 healthy persons aged 17 to 22 years before and after taking the food containing normal levels of calories. A circulatory response was studied in the celiac trunk, superior mesenteric artery, splenic and portal veins. The normal values of the diameter, linear and volumetric blood flow velocities of the vessels under study were defined. There was their increased velocity of arterial and venous flows. A nevous response to a meal was ahead of an arterial one and the increase in blood flow in the celiac trunk occurred more rapidly than in the superior mesenteric artery. It is concluded that duplex scanning is an informative and reliable tool in the study of blood flow in the portal circulatory system.

  1. Do supranational EU institutions make a difference? EU asylum law before and after 'communitarization'. (United States)

    Ripoll Servent, Ariadna; Trauner, Florian


    This article examines whether the empowerment of the European Union's (EU) supranational institutions has had an impact on the development of EU asylum. By systematically investigating EU asylum law before and after 'communitarization', it argues that its 'policy core' has maintained a high degree of continuity. An advocacy coalition under the leadership of the interior ministers managed to co-opt pivotal actors in the newly empowered European Commission and European Parliament. By contenting themselves with changes of secondary order, these EU institutions accepted and institutionalized the restrictive and weakly integrated core of EU asylum set by the Council in the first negotiation round. Their role and decisions were driven not only by the negotiation dynamics and political expediency, but also by new inter- and intra-institutional norms fostering consensual practices.

  2. Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal function in men with liver cirrhosis before and after liver transplantation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno T. Zacharias


    Full Text Available Objective: To evaluate the influence of end-stage liver disease and orthotopic liver transplantation in the pituitary function and hormone metabolism before and after liver transplantation. Methods: In a prospective study, serum levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH, luteinizing hormone (LH, estradiol (E2 and prolactin (PRL of 30 male patients with cirrhosis were determined two to four hours before and six months after liver transplantation. The results were compared according to the Model for End-stage Liver Disease (MELD. Results: male patients with liver cirrhosis have hypogonadism. FSH was normal, but inappropriately low due to androgen failure; E2 and PRL, on their turn, were high. After liver transplantation, FSH and LH levels increased (p 18. The severity of cirrhosis had no influence on FSH, PRL and LH.

  3. CT value analysis and clinical significance before and after percutaneous lumbar discectomy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘雷; 裴福兴; 宋跃明; 沈彬; 周宗科; 宋文锴; 张聪


    To provide theoretical basis for effect and mechanism of percutaneous lumbar discectomy in clinic. Methods: A total of 180 patients with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation were evaluated by CT on the fifth day before and after operation. Meanwhile, CT value was measured in the determined level and region. Results: After operation, CT value of the central and posterior determined point of herniated intervertebral disc was lower significantly than that before operation (P<0.01), but CT value of the anterior determined point was different insignificantly. The excellent and good results of the patients together were 83% postoperatively. Conclusions: The curative effect of percutaneous lumbar discectomy is achieved through reduction of lumbar intradiscal pressure.

  4. Memory of childhood trauma before and after long-term psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder. (United States)

    Kremers, I P; Van Giezen, A E; Van der Does, A J W; Van Dyck, R; Spinhoven, Ph


    The present study investigated the consistency of self-reports of childhood traumatic events in a sample of 50 patients with a borderline personality disorder (BPD) before and after 27 months of intensive treatment with schema focused therapy or transference focused psychotherapy. The mean number of reported sexual, physical and emotional traumatic events did not change following treatment. Test-retest correlations of the trauma-interview also indicated high stability of the total number of sexual, physical and emotional events reported. The majority of the patients, however, did no longer report at least one of the 33 listed events after psychotherapy, and the majority reported at least one event that they had not mentioned before the start of treatment. These findings were not related to type of treatment or changes in suppression, intrusions, avoidance of intrusions, dissociative symptoms, depressive symptoms, and borderline symptoms.

  5. Sensory preferences and discrimination ability of children before and after an obesity intervention. (United States)

    Alexy, Ute; Schaefer, Anke; Sailer, Oliver; Busch-Stockfisch, Mechthild; Reinehr, Thomas; Kunert, Joachim; Kersting, Mathilde


    Sensory preferences and discrimination ability were assessed before and after participating in a long-term outpatient obesity lifestyle intervention for obese children and adolescents ('Obeldicks'). Each subject (N=72; 7-16 years) performed 9 experimental sensory tests (5 paired-comparison preference tests, 4 paired-comparison sensitivity tests). For the examination of the taste categories sweet, salty and sour, sugar, table salt or citric acid were added to suitable customary foods. Fatty foods were included in the tests using cheese and sausage (salami) in the preference tests and milk with different fat content in the sensitivity tests. All tests were conducted at the start of the intervention program, after three and twelve months. For both preference and sensitivity tests, there was no significant difference in experimental test decisions between the three time points.

  6. Analysis of immune responses in dogs with canine visceral leishmaniasis before, and after, drug treatment. (United States)

    Rhalem, A; Sahibi, H; Lasri, S; Jaffe, C L


    The incidence of canine visceral leishmaniasis (CVL) is increasing in the Mediterranean region. Many drugs have been tested for treatment of CVL, but little is known regarding their effect on test immune responses. In our study, three dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum and five dogs experimentally infected with the same strain, were treated with dimethasulfonate pentamidine (Lomidine) and the immune response evaluated before, and after, treatment. After the last injection, animals began to gain weight and the major clinical signs disappeared. Antibody titers gradually decreased to low levels, six months after treatment. At the same time, antigen specific lymphoproliferation reappeared in the sampled animals. This study shows that, after treatment, immune cellular responses to leishmanial antigens, involved in protection against Leishmania infection, were established.

  7. Infectious diseases before and after German unification: trends in mortality and morbidity. (United States)

    Reintjes, R; Nolte, E; Shamsul, B; Brand, H; Krämer, A; McKee, M


    After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the former communist countries of central and eastern Europe underwent substantial social and economic changes that had a major impact on health. The situation of the former German Democratic Republic was unique in that its existing institutions were replaced rapidly and it was quickly integrated economically with the West. This study describes recent trends in morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases in East and West Germany before and after unification using routine data from 1980 onwards. Substantial differences in morbidity and mortality resulting from infectious diseases were observed between East and West Germany. These seem to be the complex result of societal and health system differences in both parts of Germany before unification, differing population dynamics and health behaviours, and an increasing westernisation in the eastern part of Germany during recent years.

  8. Energy consumption and indoor climate in a residential building before and after comprehensive energy retrofitting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomsen, Kirsten Engelund; Rose, Jørgen; Christen Mørck, Ove;


    Denmark is participating in IEA EBC Annex 56 “Cost Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimization in Building Renovation”. This paper presents results from the housing complex Traneparken that was chosen as a Danish case for the project. It has undergone a comprehensive energy retrofit...... including new facades, new windows, additional insulation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a photovoltaic installation on the roof. The measured energy consumption for heating and domestic hot water before and after renovation was 139.1 kWh/m2/year and 95.6 kWh/m2/year respectively......, and thereby the project has demonstrated that the renovation resulted in significant energy savings. Furthermore, a questionnaire survey was carried out focusing on the tenants’ overall satisfaction with the retrofitting process and the results of the retrofitting, including e.g. perceived indoor climate...

  9. War and Post-conflict in Guatemala: Seeking Justice Before and After the Peace Agreements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maira Ixchel Benítez Jiménez


    Full Text Available By suggesting that the mobilization of civil society groups has been the driving factor behind the progress of legal justice in post-war Guatemala, this article argues that the recent achievements in this field were possible by several institutional changes over time which provided some degree of access to political and legal opportunities. A review of the oral and documental sources allows tracking some transformations before and after the peace agreements, which favored or inhibited the attribution of criminal responsibility for serious human rights violations committed during the war period. These changes in the political sphere, or resulting from the interaction between pro-justice advocates and their particular context, have enabled the legal activist community to position themselves as crucial stakeholders in the peacebuilding process. In addition, it has allowed them to play a prominent role in the activation of justice through judicialization strategies in this post-conflict period.

  10. Contrast Agent Ultrasonography before and after HIFU Treatment of Parathyroid Glands (United States)

    Kovatcheva, Roussanka; Arnaud, Françoise; Lacoste, François


    OBJECTIVES: To observe changes in the parathyroid tissue treated by extracorporeal HIFU. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 5 patients were treated for primary hyperparathyroidism by thermally ablating enlarged parathyroid glands using an external HIFU applicator. The treated glands were visualized with B-Mode and contrast enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) before, 1 week and 4 weeks post HIFU. Serum iPTH, calcium, and phosphorus levels were monitored before and after the treatment. RESULTS: The initial results showed a correlation between contrast agent uptake of treated parathyroid tissue, the reduction of volume of the gland and the decrease of iPTH levels. CONCLUSIONS These results show it is possible to use CEUS to monitor the thermal ablation of parathyroid glands.

  11. Anaphylaxis Preparedness among Preschool Staff before and after an Educational Intervention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashley A. Foster


    Full Text Available Introduction. Children with severe food allergies may spend many hours in the preschool setting. Little is known about anaphylaxis recognition and management preparedness among preschool staff. The objective of this study was to assess anaphylaxis preparedness among preschool staff. Methods. Anonymous questionnaires were administered before and after a 40-minute educational seminar on anaphylaxis recognition and management. Results. In total, 181 individuals participated in the preintervention survey and 171 participated in the postintervention survey. The comfort level with recognizing anaphylaxis and administering an epinephrine autoinjector significantly increased after the intervention (P<.001 for both. Of the 5 steps needed to administer an epinephrine autoinjector, staff named a mean (SD of 3 (1.3 steps in the correct order compared with 4.2 (1.1 steps after the educational intervention (P<.001. Conclusion. This study shows that a brief education intervention can significantly increase caregiver comfort regarding identifying anaphylaxis and administering an epinephrine autoinjector.

  12. The study of I-123-IMP-SPECT before and after surgery for craniosynostosis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Satoh, Motohiro (University Hospital of Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan)); Ishikawa, Nobuyoshi; Enomoto, Takao; Takeda, Tohru; Yoshizawa, Takashi; Nose, Tadao


    Single photon emission computed tomography with N-isopropyl-p-(I-123)iodoamphetamine was performed in 13 cases of craniosynostosis before and after surgery. Of 13 cases, 8 cases (62%) showed focal low perfusion area on preoperative study. Four of seven cases (57%) with brachycephaly showed low perfusion areas in either of frontal lobes, occipital lobes, and cerebellum. Besides, two patients with scaphocephaly and one with plagiocephaly showed low perfusion area in the unilateral cerebral hemisphere. Two Crouzon disease cases showed no focal low perfusion area, but an Apert disease showed low perfusion areas in both frontal lobes, cerebellum, as well as left occipital lobe. Corresponding CT and MRI showed no focal abnormality in any of these cases. These low perfusion areas were diminished or disappeared after surgical treatment in 6 cases (75%). We conclude that the I-123-IMP-SPECT is considered to be a useful index for the evaluation of functional recovery after surgery in cases of craniosynostosis. (author).

  13. Analysis of Serum proteom before and after Intravenous Injection of wild ginseng herbal acupuncture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tae-Sik Kang


    Full Text Available Objectives : To observe changes in the serum proteins before and after intravenous injection of wild ginseng herbal acupuncture. Methods : Blood was collected before and after the administration of wild ginseng herbal acupuncture and only the serum was centrifuged. Then differences in the spots on the scanned image after running 2-Dimensional electrophoresis were located and conducted mass analysis and protein identification. Results : Following results were obtained from the comparative analysis of serum proteins before and after the administration of wild ginseng herbal acupuncture. 1. 28 spots were identified before and after the administration. 2. In confirming manifestation degree, spots with more than two-times increase were 204, 803, 1505, 2205, 3105, 7104, 9001 spots, with more than one-time increase were 1101, 1302, 2013, 3009, 3010, 4002, 4009, 6706, 7103, 8006, 8101, and spots with decrease were 205, 801, 3205, 5202, 6105. 3. After conducting protein identification, proteins 205, 804, 1302, 4009, 6105, 6106 are unidentified yet, and 1101 is unnamed protein. Protein 204 is identified as complement receptor CR2-C3d, 801 as YAP1 protein, 803 as antitrypsin polymer, 1505 as PRO0684, 2013 and 3010 as proapolipoprotein, 2205 as USP48, 2403 as vitamin D binding protein, 3009 as complement component 4A preprotein, 3105 as immunoglobulin lambda chain, 3205 as transthyretin, 4002 as Ras-related protein Ral-A, 4204 as beta actin, 5202 and 7104 as apolipoprotein L1, 6704 as alpha 2 macroglobulin precursor, 7103 as complement component 3 precursor, 8006 as testis-specific protein Y, 8101 as transferrin, 9001 as (Alpha-Oxy, Beta-(C112gdeoxy T-State Human Hemoglobin, and 9003 as human hemoglobin. 4. Immune protein CR2-C3d, which acts against microbes and pathogenic organisms, and Antitrypsin(803, which is secreted with inflammatory response in the lungs, were increased by more than 200% after the administration of herbal acupuncture. 5

  14. Quality of nursing documentation before and after the Hospital Accreditation in a university hospital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aline Tsuma Gaedke Nomura

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Objective: to analyze the quality of nursing documentation by comparing the periods before and after the preparation for the hospital accreditation, using the Quality of Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes - Brazilian version (Q-DIO- Brazilian version. Method: observational study of interventions conducted in a university hospital. Nursing documentation of 112 medical records for the period before and 112 for the period after the hospital accreditation were compared using the Q-DIO instrument - Brazilian version. Data were statistically analyzed. Results: there was a significant improvement in the quality of nursing documentation. When the total score of the instrument was evaluated, a significant improvement was observed in 24 out of the 29 items (82.8%. Conclusion: there was commitment to the shift of culture by means of the interventions carried out, which resulted in the conquest of the quality seal ensured by the Joint Commission International.

  15. Effects of exercise on plasma renin, aldosterone and catecholamines before and after surgery for aortic coarctation. (United States)

    Sehested, J; Kornerup, H J; Pedersen, E B; Christensen, N J


    The pre- and postoperative values of blood pressure, pulse rate, plasma renin activity, plasma aldosterone concentration and circulating catecholamines were studied in a group of 12 patients with uncomplicated aortic coarctation before and after exercise. Mean age of patients studied was 21.5 years. Postoperative studies were carried out on average 204 days after surgery. Following operation, both resting and exercising upper extremity pressures decreased. Six out of the 11 patients still had an abnormally high exercising blood pressure when compared with a normal control group of six persons. Postoperative pulse rates during exercise were significantly higher than pre-operatively (P less than 0.01). No statistically significant differences between pre- and postoperative values, and between patients and normal controls were found in the hormonal studies. This study suggests that the renin-aldosterone-system does not have a major role in the maintenance of the hypertension associated with coarctation of the aorta.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saranyan Ravi, Priya Kesavan, Manovijay Balagangadharan, Raja Arasapan, Nisha N, Ann Joseph Anthraper


    Full Text Available Background The role of microorganisms in the etiology of periodontal disease is well understood. The association of specific organisms in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease was established by the specific plaque hypothesis. This study examined the effects of periodontal surgery on Aggregatibacteractinomycetemcomitans (Aa levels in localized aggressive periodontitis before and after periodontal surgery. Method: A clinical study was done on 24 male and 16 female patients who underwent surgical periodontal therapy. Bacterial counts were assessed from the plaque samples and gingival specimens. Results: Mean reduction of pre and post operative bacterial counts were statistically significant at 1%.COnclusion: A reduction of bacterial count was observed in plaque and gingival tissue samples after surgery.

  17. Tobacco smoke exposure in nonsmoking hospitality workers before and after a state smoking ban. (United States)

    Jensen, Joni A; Schillo, Barbara A; Moilanen, Molly M; Lindgren, Bruce R; Murphy, Sharon; Carmella, Steven; Hecht, Stephen S; Hatsukami, Dorothy K


    Secondhand smoke exposure is estimated to account for 3,000 cancer deaths per year. Although several countries and states in the United States have passed comprehensive smoke-free laws to protect all employees, a significant number of workers are still not protected. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of passing a comprehensive smoking ban that included bars and restaurants on biomarkers of nicotine and carcinogen exposure. The urines of nonsmoking employees (n = 24) of bars and restaurants that allowed smoking before the smoke-free law were analyzed before and after the law was passed in Minnesota. The results showed significant reductions in both total cotinine and 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanol (free plus glucuronidated) after the ban was instituted. These results provide further support for the importance of protecting employees working in all venues.

  18. Complement activation in plasma before and after infliximab treatment in Crohn disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zimmermann-Nielsen, E; Agnholt, J; Thorlacius-Ussing, O


    BACKGROUND: Crohn disease is characterized by up-regulated intestinal inflammation mainly caused by increased tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) levels. However, the complement system (C) may also have a role in maintaining inflammation. METHODS: Plasma from 26 patients with Crohn disease...... complicated by fistulizing ano-rectal disease was collected before and after three Infliximab infusions (5 mg kg(-1)). RESULTS: Before treatment, the C3-activation capacities (C3-AC) in plasma from patients with Crohn disease were comparable with values obtained from healthy controls. The classical C pathway......-mediated C3-AC, mannan-binding lectin C4-AC, leucocyte count, C-reactive protein concentration and Crohn Disease Activity Index decreased significantly 8 weeks after the first infusion of Infliximab (P

  19. Indoor air quality in a multifamily apartment building before and after energy renovation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bekö, Gabriel; Földváry, Veronika; Langer, Sarka


    efficiency of these buildings and reduce their energy consumption. Since the impact of these measures on the indoor air quality is rarely considered, they often compromise indoor air quality due to decreased ventilation and infiltration rate. We compared the indoor air quality in a multifamily apartment...... building in Slovakia before and after energy renovation, during two subsequent winters. Measurements of temperature, relative humidity, concentrations of CO2, formaldehyde, NO2, and volatile organic compounds were performed during one week in January 2015 in 20 apartments in one multifamily building...... in Slovakia. Subjective evaluation of the indoor environment and occupant satisfaction using questionnaire has been also performed. The measurements were repeated in January 2016, after the building was energy-renovated. The renovation included thermal insulation of the façade. Natural ventilation was used...

  20. Band Saw Blade Crack before and after Comparison and Analysis of Experiments (2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gao Jin-gui


    Full Text Available Based on MJ3310 woodworking band saw machine as the research object, under the no-load and load of Vib system vibration signal acquisition, processing and analysis software of band saw blade transverse vibration test and the signal acquisition and analysis of the collected signals obtained: to determine the transverse vibration displacement 5.66μm ~ 7.86μm and the main vibration frequency between 624 Hz ~ 792 Hz, then saw blade crack at least 3 mm, need timely saw blade, cutting high hardness of wood band saw blade transverse vibration displacement and frequency will increase sharply. Can be generated according to the band saw blade crack before and after the changing rule of the horizontal vibration displacement and frequency of transverse vibration and scope, judgment and replacement time of saw blade saw blade defect types, which can fully rational utilization of saw blade work effectively.

  1. Marginal integrity of two zirconia-based crowns before and after porcelain veneering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sakineh Nikzad


    Full Text Available Background and Aims: The marginal integrity of fixed restorations always is a major matter of concern for dental clinicians. Any cause of distortion, including veneering processes, in the marginal integrity is supposed to be detrimental for long-term success of fixed dental prostheses. The aim of this in vitro study was to compare the marginal adaptation of two different full ceramic restoration systems (Zirkouzahu&Cercon and possible changes in marginal integrity following the multiple veneering process. Materials and Methods: Twelve all-ceramic crowns in the form of coping were fabricated on a pre-made standard metal die with finish line of shoulder preparation from two commercial systems: Cercon® and Zirkonzahn®. The specimens were not cemented. The Crown/Die discrepancy were measured by means of a precise stereo microscope (accuracy±0.1 μm, at various points (n=12 selected along circumferential margin of the restorations. Same procedure was accomplished after applying the veneering porcelain. The mean gap dimensions were calculated and data were analyzed by multivariate (b test. Results: Mean marginal gap dimensions before and after veneering porcelain firing cycles, for Cercon® were (59.67±13.46 µm and (63.75±14.16 µm and for Zirkonzahn® were (65.81±24.37 µm and (64.74±21.94 µm, respectively. Hotelling trace Multivariate(b test method showed that the rate of mismatching marginal integrity in two groups (Cercon® and Zirkonzahn® had no significant difference before and after porcelain firing (P>0.05. Conclusion: Within the limitation of this study, the marginal integrity of both systems were seems to be within the clinically acceptable standard dimension, i.e. 120μm.The marginal gap of both all-ceramic systems were not affected by veneering porcelain firing cycles.

  2. Assessment of mitral valve reserve capacity before and after percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty with isoproterenol stress echocardiography

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Pin-ming; FU Xiang-yang; L(U) Jun-hao; WU Qun; Yang Fu-qing


    Objective: To explore whether successful valvuloplasty increases mitral valve reserve capacity in patients with mitral stenosis. Methods: Thirty-eight patients with pure rheumatic mitral stenosis underwent isoproterenol stress echocardiography before and after successful percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty. The mitral valve area (by direct planimetry of two-dimensional echocardiography), mean transmitral pressure gradient (by continuous-wave Doppler echocardiography), and cardiac output (by M-mode echocardiography)were measured at rest and under isoproterenol infusion to achieve heart rate of different stages. Results :Between the measurements before and after valvuloplasty, significant differences were observed in the mitral valve area (0. 91±0.28 vs 1.87±0.23 cm2, P<0.01), mean transmitral pressure gradient (12.5±6.3 vs 3. 9±1.9 mmHg, P<0. 01) and cardiac output (3.93±1.44 vs 4. 73±1.01 L/min, P<O. 05) at rest. Before valvuloplasty, the mean transmitral pressure gradient increased significantly (P<0. 01) as heart rate increased, but there were no significant differences in the measurements of mitral valve area and cardiac output (both P>0. 05). In contrast, there was a significant increase after valvuloplasty in the mean transmitral pressure gradient (P<0. 01), but both mitral valve area and cardiac output further increased (both P<0. 01) as beart rate increased. Moreover, valvuloplasty decreased the mean transmitral pressure gradient at peak heart rate from 23.0 ±4. 5 to 7.75 ±2. 30 mmHg (P<0.01) under submaximal stress. Conclusion:Successful percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty soon causes a significant increase of mitral valve reserve capacity in patients with mitral stenosis, which is conspicuously manifested under condition of hemodynamic stress.Stress echocardiography provides a safe, feasible and non-invasive means of assessing the reserve capacity.

  3. BMI and metabolic profile in patients with prolactinoma before and after treatment with dopamine agonists. (United States)

    dos Santos Silva, Cintia M; Barbosa, Flavia R P; Lima, Giovanna A B; Warszawski, Leila; Fontes, Rosita; Domingues, Romeu C; Gadelha, Mõnica R


    Hyperprolactinemia might be related to weight gain, metabolic syndrome (MS), and insulin resistance (IR). Treatment with dopamine agonist (DA) has been shown to reduce body weight and improve metabolic parameters. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of obesity, overweight, MS, and IR in patients with prolactinoma before and after therapy with DA and to evaluate the relation between prolactin (PRL), body weight, fat distribution, leptin levels, IR, and lipid profile before treatment. In addition, we investigated the correlation of the reduction in PRL levels with weight loss and metabolic profile improvement. Twenty-two patients with prolactinoma completed 6 months of treatment with DA. These patients were submitted to clinical (BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure (BP)), laboratory evaluation (leptin, glucose, low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol, and triglyceride (TG) levels) and abdominal computed tomography (CT) before and after treatment. The statistical analyses were done by nonparametric tests. At the beginning of the study, the prevalence of obesity, overweight, MS, and IR was 45, 27, 27, and 18%, respectively. After 6 months of treatment with DA, PRL levels normalized, but no significant difference in BMI was observed. However, there was a significant decrease on homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA(IR)) index, glucose, LDL-cholesterol, and TG levels. This study suggests a possible involvement of prolactinoma on the prevalence of obesity. We should consider that DA may be effective on improving metabolic parameters, and we speculate that a period longer than 6 months of treatment is necessary to conclude whether this drug can interfere in the body weight of patients with prolactinoma.

  4. Antioxidative status of saliva before and after non-surgical periodontal treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Novaković Nada


    Full Text Available Introduction. Oxidative stress and antioxidants play an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease, including chronic periodontitis (CP. Saliva contains enzymatic (glutathione peroxidase - GPx, superoxide dismutase - SOD, etc. and non-enzymatic (albumin - ALB, uric acid - UA, glutathione, etc. antioxidants. Objective. The aims of this study were to investigate: a level of SOD, GPx, UA, ALB and total antioxidative status (TAS of saliva in CP patients before and after non-surgical treatment, and b correlations between clinical periodontal parameters and levels of salivary antioxidants. Methods. Saliva was collected from 21 CP patients before and after non-surgical treatment. The condition of periodontium was assessed by plaque index, gingival index, bleeding on probing, probing depth and clinical attachment loss. Level of investigated antioxidants (except GPx and TAS was determined using colorimetric method and commercial kits. GPx activity was determined using UV method and commercial kits. Results. After the treatment significant increase of UA, ALB, Gpx, TAS was detected (p0.05. A significant correlation was observed between GPx and PI (r=0.575, p=0.008, SOD and GI (r=0.525, p=0.017 before therapy, and SOD and bleeding on probing (BP (r=0.59, p=0.006, TAS and BP (r=0.453, p=0.045 after therapy. Conclusion. These data suggest that levels of salivary antioxidants generally increase after non-surgical periodontal treatment. Correlation between some clinical periodontal parameters and level of salivary antioxidants was found. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 41008

  5. Infinitival before and after-clauses in European Portuguese: temporal and aspectual properties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Purificação Silvano


    Full Text Available The main goal of this paper is to discuss temporal and aspectual features of sentences with clauses introduced by the connectives antes de + Infinitivo (‘before’ + Infinitive and depois de + Infinitivo (‘after’ + Infinitive combined with situations in the Pretérito Perfeito in European Portuguese. Our discussion is based on the widespread view that these clauses are locating adverbials (cf. Kamp and Reyle (1993 with temporal information of anteriority, in the case of antes de, and posteriority, in the case of depois de. However, this analysis is not as straightforward as one would expect, because, while before-clauses consistently render the same temporal relation (of anteriority, after-clauses may convey a temporal relation of inclusion, in addition to the standard posteriority relation. We put forward the hypothesis that aspectual characteristics play an important role in these differences, insofar as allowing a temporal reading that at first sight is not predicted from the semantic nature of the connective. In order to maintain a uniform treatment of before and after-clauses with respect to their temporal features, accounting simultaneously for the differences that emerge in their linguistic behaviour, we claim, along with Beaver & Condoravdi (2003 and Condoravdi (2010, that the locating time interval provided by these clauses is bounded to the left, but not to the right, that is, what is focused is the initial frontier of the situation that provides the time interval, leaving the final one undetermined. Furthermore, we show that, although the temporal mechanisms are parallel, the interference of aspectual properties leads to interesting differences in the final interpretation of before and after-sentences.

  6. Change in antihypertensive drug prescribing after guideline implementation: a controlled before and after study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helin-Salmivaara Arja


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Antihypertensive drug choices and treatment levels are not in accordance with the existing guidelines. We aimed to assess the impact of a guideline implementation intervention on antihypertensive drug prescribing. Methods In this controlled before and after study, the effects of a multifaceted (education, audit and feedback, local care pathway quality programme was evaluated. The intervention was carried out in a health centre between 2002 and 2003. From each health care unit (n = 31, a doctor-nurse pair was trained to act as peer facilitators in the intervention. All antihypertensive drugs prescribed by 25 facilitator general practitioners (intervention GPs and 53 control GPs were retrieved from the nationwide Prescription Register for three-month periods in 2001 and 2003. The proportions of patients receiving specific antihypertensive drugs and multiple antihypertensive drugs were measured before and after the intervention for three subgroups of hypertension patients: hypertension only, with coronary heart disease, and with diabetes. Results In all subgroups, the use of multiple concurrent medications increased. For intervention patients with hypertension only, the odds ratio (OR was 1.12 (95% CI 0.99, 1.25; p = 0.06 and for controls 1.13 (1.05, 1.21; p = 0.002. We observed no statistically significant differences in the change in the prescribing of specific antihypertensive agents between the intervention and control groups. The use of agents acting on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system increased in all subgroups (hypertension only intervention patients OR 1.19 (1.06, 1.34; p = 0.004 and controls OR 1.24 (1.15, 1.34; p Conclusions A multifaceted guideline implementation intervention does not necessarily lead to significant changes in prescribing performance. Rigorous planning of the interventions and quality projects and their evaluation are essential.

  7. The Truth Before and After: Brain Potentials Reveal Automatic Activation of Event Knowledge during Sentence Comprehension. (United States)

    Nieuwland, Mante S


    How does knowledge of real-world events shape our understanding of incoming language? Do temporal terms like "before" and "after" impact the online recruitment of real-world event knowledge? These questions were addressed in two ERP experiments, wherein participants read sentences that started with "before" or "after" and contained a critical word that rendered each sentence true or false (e.g., "Before/After the global economic crisis, securing a mortgage was easy/harder"). The critical words were matched on predictability, rated truth value, and semantic relatedness to the words in the sentence. Regardless of whether participants explicitly verified the sentences or not, false-after-sentences elicited larger N400s than true-after-sentences, consistent with the well-established finding that semantic retrieval of concepts is facilitated when they are consistent with real-world knowledge. However, although the truth judgments did not differ between before- and after-sentences, no such sentence N400 truth value effect occurred in before-sentences, whereas false-before-sentences elicited an enhanced subsequent positive ERPs. The temporal term "before" itself elicited more negative ERPs at central electrode channels than "after." These patterns of results show that, irrespective of ultimate sentence truth value judgments, semantic retrieval of concepts is momentarily facilitated when they are consistent with the known event outcome compared to when they are not. However, this inappropriate facilitation incurs later processing costs as reflected in the subsequent positive ERP deflections. The results suggest that automatic activation of event knowledge can impede the incremental semantic processes required to establish sentence truth value.

  8. Sleep Problems Before and After Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Comparative Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belguzar Kara


    Full Text Available AIM: The purpose of this study was to compare patients’ sleep problems before and after acute myocardial infarction (AMI and also to determine factors affecting sleep problems in patients undergoing AMI. METHOD: This cross-sectional study was conducted at the Coronary Intensive Care Unit in a training hospital between January 1 and April 30, 2007. The sample of the study was composed of 26 patients with a first-ever AMI. Data were collected by using a questionnaire to determine the patient and illness-related descriptive characteristics and the Post Sleep Inventory Scale (PSIS. The Shapiro-Wilks test, descriptive statistics, paired samples t test, Mann Whitney U test, Wilcoxon test, reliability analysis and correlation analysis were used to analyze the data. RESULTS: The mean age of the study group was 53.2 ± 12.6 years and approximately 81% were males. The patients’ mean bedtime (t= -3.422, p= 0.001, quality of nocturnal sleep (t= -3.221, p= 0.001, awakening (t =-3.533, p<0.001 and total PSIS scores (t= -5.652, p<0.001 were significantly higher after AMI compared to before AMI. The mean PSIS scores of patients undergoing AMI were statistically significant different by gender (z= -2.164, p= 0.030 and working status (z= -2.171, p= 0.030. There was a negative correlation between the PSIS score and haemoglobin and haematocrit values (r= -0.503, p<0.01; r= -0.473, p<0.05; respectively. CONCLUSION: There were differences in the patients’ reported sleep problems between before and after AMI. The results of this study showed that sleep problems were more common among women, patients not working and those with anemia. Nurses should be aware of the sleep problems and factors that affect to sleep problems. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2012; 11(6.000: 687-694

  9. Adhesion and internalization differences of COM nanocrystals on Vero cells before and after cell damage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gan, Qiong-Zhi; Sun, Xin-Yuan; Ouyang, Jian-Ming, E-mail:


    The adhesion and internalization between African green monkey kidney epithelial (Vero) cells (before and after oxidative damage by hydrogen peroxide) and calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM) nanocrystals (97 ± 35 nm) were investigated so as to discuss the molecular and cellular mechanism of kidney stone formation. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to observe the Vero–COM nanocrystal adhesion; the nanocrystal-cell adhesion was evaluated by measuring the content of malonaldehyde (MDA), the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the expression level of cell surface osteopontin (OPN) and the change of Zeta potential. Confocal microscopy and flow cytometry were used for the observation and quantitative analysis of crystal internalization. In the process of adhesion, the cell viability and the SOD activity declined, the MDA content, Zeta potential, and the OPN expression level increased. The adhesive capacity of injured Vero was obviously stronger than normal cells; in addition the injured cells promoted the aggregation of COM nanocrystals. The capacity of normal cells to internalize crystals was obviously stronger than that of injured cells. Cell injury increased adhesive sites on cell surface, thereby facilitating the aggregation of COM nanocrystals and their attachment, which results in enhanced risk of calcium oxalate stone formation. - Graphical abstract: The adhesion and internalization differences between Vero cells before and after oxidative damage and calcium oxalate monohydrate nanocrystals were comparatively studied. - Highlights: • Adhesion capacity of injured Vero cells was stronger than normal cells. • Internalization capacity of injured Vero cells was weaker than normal cells. • Injured cells promoted the aggregation of COM nanocrystals. • COM adhesion could aggravate cell injury in both normal and injured cells.

  10. Radiocesium in Canadian Arctic Beluga and Caribou Before and After the Fukushima Accident of 2011

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stocki, Trevor J.; Pellerin, Eric; Bergman, Lauren; Mercier, Jean-Francois; Genovesi, Linda; Cooke, Michael; Todd, Bonnie; Sandles, Diane; Whyte, Jeff [Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada, AL6302D, 775 Brookfield Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0K9 (Canada); Gamberg, Mary [Gamberg Consulting, Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada); Loseto, Lisa [Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada); Wang, X. [Environment Canada, Burlington Ontario (Canada)


    Following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in March 2011, northern Canadians expressed concerns about the levels of radioactive contaminants in important traditional foods. Therefore, a study has been conducted to measure the levels of radionuclides in Arctic caribou and beluga whales. The main radionuclide of concern is cesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years and is chemically similar to potassium, thereby easily accumulating in plants and animals. Cesium-137 was released into the atmosphere during nuclear weapons tests in the 1950's-60's and during nuclear accidents, such as Chernobyl. Previous studies have been made on the cesium-137 levels in Canadian caribou herds from 1958 to 2000, allowing researchers to determine the amount of cesium-137 in caribou specifically attributable to atmospheric weapons testing and the Chernobyl accident. Samples of lichens, mushrooms, caribou and beluga whales taken before and after the Fukushima accident were freeze dried, homogenized, and measured using gamma ray spectroscopy to identify the radionuclides present and determine the radioactivity concentration in the samples. To determine the efficiency of the detectors for the different sized samples, physical calibration standards were used and virtual simulations were also performed. A comparison of the caribou samples from before and after the accident has indicated no increase in radioactivity as a result of the Fukushima accident. Results are consistent with pre-Fukushima levels for these caribou. No Cs-137 was found in the pre-Fukushima beluga whale samples, even if all the measurements were combined into one spectrum. In the individual post-Fukushima beluga whale samples, Cs-137 was also not found. However, when the post-Fukushima beluga whale measurements were combined, an insignificant amount of radioactive Cs-137 was found. The amount of this Cs-137 was about 200 times smaller than the natural radioactive potassium in the samples. Most likely the

  11. Colour Doppler ultrasound hemodynamic characteristics of patients with priapism before and after therapeutic interventions. (United States)

    Chiou, Rei K; Aggarwal, Himanshu; Chiou, Christopher R; Broughton, Fleur; Liu, Susan


    BACKGROUND: Information in the literature on the hemodynamic characteristics of priapism, especially after therapeutic intervention, is very limited. We analyzed our colour Doppler ultrasound (CDU) studies performed for patients with various durations of priapism before and after therapeutic intervention. METHODS: We reviewed 52 CDU studies for 24 patients with priapism before and after treatment for the period 1997-2007. The duration of priapism ranged from 4 hours to 8 days. We performed 17 CDU studies in 8 patients who presented with a duration of priapism of 7 hours or less, 9 studies in 4 patients who presented with duration of priapism of more than 20 hours, 23 studies in 11 patients referred to us after they had failed prior therapeutic intervention at other institutions and 3 studies in 1 patient with priapism related to perineal trauma. RESULTS: Among the 8 patients who presented with a duration of priapism of 7 hours or less, CDU studies on presentation showed detectible cavernosal arterial flow in all except 1 study. Among the 4 patients who presented with a duration of more than 20 hours, the studies showed no detectible cavernosal arterial blood flow. We repeated CDU studies after therapeutic intervention, and they showed restoration of cavernosal arterial flow with relief of veno-occlusive status. Among the 11 patients in whom prior treatments failed before they were referred to us, CDU studies performed on presentation showed no detectible cavernosal arterial flow in 10 of the 11 patients. We performed 12 CDU studies in 8 patients after placing a penile cavernosa-dorsal vein (CD) shunt. We observed the presence of blood flow in the CD shunt, indicating its patency in all 8 patients. Some patients showed high cavernosal arterial flow (peak systolic velocity [PSV] up to 27.6 cm/s) after surgery. These patients appeared to have residual priapism of primarily arteriogenic status that improved after observation. CONCLUSION: After therapeutic intervention

  12. The impact of socioeconomic and clinical factors on purchase of prescribed analgesics before and after hysterectomy on benign indication

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Daugbjerg, Signe Bennedbæk; Brandsborg, Birgitte; Ottesen, Bent Smedegaard;


    OBJECTIVE:: Pelvic pain is a primary symptom of women referred for hysterectomy. This study identified risk factors for purchase of prescribed analgesics before and after hysterectomy and examined purchase changes after hysterectomy, specifically focusing on socioeconomic effects. METHODS:: Nearly...

  13. Tc1 Cells Percentage in Patients with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis before and after Treatment with Glucantime

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M Mohajery


    Full Text Available Background: Various responses and different prognosis to specific treatment in different patients from one hand, and importance of IFN-γ producer cells on the other hand impressed us to study Tc1. Methods: The study was conducted in Ghaem Medical Center and Bu-Ali Research Institute, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran from 2001 to 2002. Lymphocytes of 36 patients were counted and cultured. Percentage of different responsible immunity cells in 29 patients, were determined by Flow Cytometry System before and after medication with glucantime (IM. Patients who showed improvement after the treatment were put into group 1 and those who did not recover were labeled group 2. In this self-control clinical trial, sampling method was consecutive non-probability and the results were analyzed by t-test consequently. Results: The percentage of Tc1 cells showed a significant increase despite of being stimulated with Phorpol-Mristate-Acetate (PMA among the whole studied patients and group 1 (P= 0.069 and P= 0.040, respectively. While no significant change was observed among patients in group 2. Conclusion: This verifies the influence of Tc1 cells for the treatment of patients with CL and perhaps the role of glucantime in improving the cell immunity response through increasing such cells.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. G. Mikhaylichenko


    Full Text Available Being based on a private experience, authors considered necessary to study features of emotional disorders that will allow understanding the mechanism of mental adaptation to disease at patients before and after OLT. In comparative research of structure of emotional frustration at the patients making the most numerous groups of patients before transplantation of a liver (viral hepatitis and autoimmune liver diseases, 129 persons, from them 75 before OLT are included at entering into a waiting list and 54 to through 22 ± 9 days after OLT. Distinctions in structure of emotional frustration are revealed: at patients with autoimmune liver diseases be- fore OLT and viral hepatitis after OLT the semiology combined with disturbing-depressive experiences and hypochondriac fixings is brightly expressed neurotic, them distinguishes high level of personal uneasiness. For patients with autoimmune liver diseases after OLT and viral hepatitis before OLT are characteristic moderately expressed neurotic frustration of an asthenia circle and low level of personal and situational anxiety. 

  15. Incidental intracranial hemorrhage after uncomplicated birth: MRI before and after neonatal heart surgery

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tavani, F.; Zimmerman, R.A. [Neuroradiology Dept., The Children' s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA (United States); Clancy, R.R.; Licht, D.J. [Dept. of Neurology, The Children' s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA (United States); Mahle, W.T. [Children' s Heart Hospital, Atlanta, GA (United States)


    We investigated the prevalence of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) before and after neonatal heart surgery. We carried out pre- and postoperative MRI looking for brain lesions in 24 full-term new-borns with known congenital heart disease. They underwent heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), usually with deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA). The first MRI was 1-22 days after birth. There were 21 children born after uncomplicated vaginal delivery and three delivered by cesarean section (CS). ICH was seen in 13 (62%) of the vaginal delivery group but in none of the CS group. We saw subdural bleeding along the inferior surface of the tentorium in 11 (52%) and supratentorially in six (29%) of the 21 children with ICH. Small hemorrhages were present in the choroid plexus in seven (33%), in the parenchyma in one (5%) and in the occipital horn in one (5%). There were 26 foci of bleeding in these 21 patients (1.2 per patient). None was judged by formal neurologic examination to be symptomatic from the hemorrhage. Follow-up MRI after cardiac surgery was obtained in 23 children, showing 37 foci of ICH (1.6 per patient), but all appeared asymptomatic. Postoperatively, ICH had increased in 10 children (43%), was unchanged in seven (30%) and was less extensive in six (26%). (orig.)

  16. Australians' views on carbon pricing before and after the 2013 federal election (United States)

    Dreyer, Stacia J.; Walker, Iain; McCoy, Shannon K.; Teisl, Mario F.


    As climate policies change through the legislative process, public attitudes towards them may change as well. Therefore, it is important to assess how people accept and support controversial climate policies as the policies change over time. Policy acceptance is a positive evaluation of, or attitude towards, an existing policy; policy support adds an active behavioural component. Acceptance does not necessarily lead to support. We conducted a national survey of Australian residents to investigate acceptance of, and support for, the Australian carbon pricing policy before and after the 2013 federal election, and how perceptions of the policy, economic ideology, and voting behaviour affect acceptance and support. We found acceptance and support were stable across the election period, which was surprising given that climate policy was highly contentious during the election. Policy acceptance was higher than policy support at both times and acceptance was a necessary but insufficient condition of support. We conclude that acceptance is an important process through which perceptions of the policy and economic ideology influence support. Therefore, future climate policy research needs to distinguish between acceptance and support to better understand this process, and to better measure these concepts.

  17. Hand contamination before and after different hand hygiene techniques: a randomized clinical trial. (United States)

    Lucet, J-C; Rigaud, M-P; Mentre, F; Kassis, N; Deblangy, C; Andremont, A; Bouvet, E


    The efficacy of alcohol-based handrubs (ABH) for hand hygiene (HH) compared with handwashing (HW) remains to be established in the clinical setting. Factors associated with severe hand contamination before HH techniques were medical ward, physician and not wearing gloves. Forty-three healthcare workers [HCW, 26 nurses (N), nine nurse assistants (NA) and eight physicians (P)] each performed six HH techniques in random order, immediately after a patient care activity: HW with non-antiseptic soap for 10 (US10) and 30 (US30) s; HW with antiseptic (polyvidone iodine- or chlorhexidine-based) soap for 10 (AS10), 30 (AS30) or 60 (AS60) s; and ABH (Sterillium, Bode Chemie, Germany). The fingertips of the dominant hand were pressed on to agar for culture before and after each HH technique. Five hundred and sixteen specimens were obtained. Log(10)-transformed bacterial count reductions after HH were 0.74, 0.51, 1.13, 1.14, 1.21 and 1.40 for US10, US30, AS10, AS30, AS60 and ABH, respectively; both AS and ABH were significantly better than US. Qualitative assessment showed that 11 of the 256 pre-HH specimens (4.3%) had pathogenic bacteria, and that two of these 11 remained positive after HH (US in both instances).

  18. Positional variation of antipodal cells in polyembryonic rice ApⅢ before and after fertilization

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YUAN Liangchen; CHEN Yongzhe; MU Xijin; LIN Jinxing


    The variation in the position of antipodal cells before and after fertilization in polyembryonic rice strain ApⅢ was studied by using conventional sectioning technique. It was shown that initially the three antipodal cells lie at the chalazal end of the young embryo sacs. Along with the development of embryo sac, the antipodal cells proliferate into a multicellular structure containing up to about 20 cells. Most of the cells migrate to its dorsal side when the embryo sacs turn into mature. In a few embryo sacs the antipodal cells are situated in the positions adjacent to the egg apparatus at the micropylar end, while in other sacs, they spread from the midst of the embryo sac to the micropylar end clinging to the nucellar tissue. Furthermore, it is reported for the first time that cells of some egg apparatus or proembryos disorganize when antipodal cells lie at the micropylar end, indicating that the function of the antipodal cells may vary during the embryogenesis in rice ApⅢ.

  19. Stochastic modeling of empirical time series of childhood infectious diseases data before and after mass vaccination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Trottier Helen


    Full Text Available Abstract The goal of this paper is to analyze the stochastic dynamics of childhood infectious disease time series. We present an univariate time series analysis of pertussis, mumps, measles and rubella based on Box-Jenkins or AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA modeling. The method, which enables the dependency structure embedded in time series data to be modeled, has potential research applications in studies of infectious disease dynamics. Canadian chronological series of pertussis, mumps, measles and rubella, before and after mass vaccination, are analyzed to characterize the statistical structure of these diseases. Despite the fact that these infectious diseases are biologically different, it is found that they are all represented by simple models with the same basic statistical structure. Aside from seasonal effects, the number of new cases is given by the incidence in the previous period and by periodically recurrent random factors. It is also shown that mass vaccination does not change this stochastic dependency. We conclude that the Box-Jenkins methodology does identify the collective pattern of the dynamics, but not the specifics of the diseases at the biological individual level.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gazanfer KAYA


    Full Text Available The Monopoly, Turkey's oldest and is a well-established as a public enterprises has a presence for many years. This business more tobacco production, has control processes related processing and selling. The Monopoly enterprises has become a major source of income for both agricultural producers and labor. In this article, before and after privatization labour relations of the Adiyaman the former Monopoly workers were examined in a comparative perspective. According to the findings of the study area; Adiyaman closure of the Monopoly, workers and their families, economic, social, and psychological extremely negative affect. Satisfaction from the current operating conditions is very low compared to the Monopoly period. Losses incurred in the period compared with the monopoly is the main reason for this dissatisfaction. When considering the intervening four years, more than half of the interviewees (62.8% were found to continue the difficulties of labor. The main difficulties of employees in the status of temporary staff, lacks a built of permanent jobs and they do not receive a wage to live a more humane.

  1. Examining endothelial function and platelet reactivity in patients with depression before and after SSRI therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tye eDawood


    Full Text Available While it is recognised that patients with major depressive disorder (MDD are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD the mechanisms responsible remain unknown. Endothelial dysfunction is one of the first signs of CVD. Using two techniques, flow mediated dilatation in response to reactive hyperaemia and laser Doppler velocimetry with iontophoresis, we examined endothelial function in the forearm before and after SSRI treatment in 31 patients with MDD. Measurement of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1, vascular cell adhesion molecule-1, soluble P-selectin and noradrenaline in plasma was also performed. Prior to treatment, markers of endothelial and vascular function and platelet reactivity were within the normal range. Following SSRI therapy (95 ± 5 days symptoms of depression were reduced (paired difference between pre and post treatment Hamilton rating -18 ± 1, P<0.001 with 19 patients recovered and 4 remitted. There occurred no significant change in markers of endothelial or vascular function following SSRI therapy. The improvement in Hamilton depression rating in response to therapy could be independently predicted by the baseline arterial plasma noradrenaline concentration (r2 = 0.36, P=0.003. In this cohort of patients with MDD SSRI therapy did not influence endothelial function or markers of vascular or platelet reactivity. Patient response to SSRI therapy could be predicted by the initial circulating level of noradrenaline, with noradrenaline levels being lower in responders.

  2. Chemical Bonding States of TiC Films before and after Hydrogen Ion Irradiation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    TiC films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering followed by Ar+ ion bombardment were irradiated with a hydrogen ion beam. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was used for characterization of the chemical bonding states of C and Ti elements of the TiC films before and after hydrogen ion irradiation, in order to understand the effect of hydrogen ion irradiation on the films and to study the mechanism of hydrogen resistance of TiC films. Conclusions can be drawn that ion bombardment at moderate energy can cause preferential physical sputtering of carbon atoms from the surface of low atomic number (Z) material. This means that ion beam bombardment leads to the formation of a non-stoichiometric composition of TiC on the surface.TiC films prepared by ion beam mixing have the more excellent characteristic of hydrogen resistance. One important cause, in addition to TiC itself, is that there are many vacant sites in TiC created by ion beam mixing.These defects can easily trap hydrogen and effectively enhance the effect of hydrogen resistance.

  3. Trends in breast cancer mortality in Sweden before and after implementation of mammography screening.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jari Haukka

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Incidence-based mortality modelling comparing the risk of breast cancer death in screened and unscreened women in nine Swedish counties has suggested a 39% risk reduction in women 40 to 69 years old after introduction of mammography screening in the 1980s and 1990s. OBJECTIVE: We evaluated changes in breast cancer mortality in the same nine Swedish counties using a model approach based on official Swedish breast cancer mortality statistics, robust to effects of over-diagnosis and treatment changes. Using mortality data from the NordCan database from 1974 until 2003, we estimated the change in breast cancer mortality before and after introduction of mammography screening in at least the 13 years that followed screening start. RESULTS: Breast mortality decreased by 16% (95% CI: 9 to 22% in women 40 to 69, and by 11% (95% CI: 2 to 20% in women 40 to 79 years of age. DISCUSSION: Without individual data it is impossible to completely separate the effects of improved treatment and health service organisation from that of screening, which would bias our results in favour of screening. There will also be some contamination of post-screening mortality from breast cancer diagnosed prior to screening, beyond our attempts to adjust for delayed benefit. This would bias against screening. However, our estimates from publicly available data suggest considerably lower benefits than estimates based on comparison of screened versus non-screened women.

  4. Arctic Ocean microbial community structure before and after the 2007 record sea ice minimum. (United States)

    Comeau, André M; Li, William K W; Tremblay, Jean-Éric; Carmack, Eddy C; Lovejoy, Connie


    Increasing global temperatures are having a profound impact in the Arctic, including the dramatic loss of multiyear sea ice in 2007 that has continued to the present. The majority of life in the Arctic is microbial and the consequences of climate-mediated changes on microbial marine food webs, which are responsible for biogeochemical cycling and support higher trophic levels, are unknown. We examined microbial communities over time by using high-throughput sequencing of microbial DNA collected between 2003 and 2010 from the subsurface chlorophyll maximum (SCM) layer of the Beaufort Sea (Canadian Arctic). We found that overall this layer has freshened and concentrations of nitrate, the limiting nutrient for photosynthetic production in Arctic seas, have decreased. We compared microbial communities from before and after the record September 2007 sea ice minimum and detected significant differences in communities from all three domains of life. In particular, there were significant changes in species composition of Eukarya, with ciliates becoming more common and heterotrophic marine stramenopiles (MASTs) accounting for a smaller proportion of sequences retrieved after 2007. Within the Archaea, Marine Group I Thaumarchaeota, which earlier represented up to 60% of the Archaea sequences in this layer, have declined to Arctic over the past decade.

  5. Presence of Serum Ferritin before and after Bariatric Surgery: Analysis in Dentate and Edentulous Patients (United States)

    Mosquim, Victor; Sales Peres, Matheus de Carvalho; Ceneviva, Reginaldo; Chaim, Elinton Adami


    Society has changed its own lifestyle, specially its eating habits and physical activities, leading to excessive weight and a sedentary behavior, which has contributed to obesity increase. Bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment to obesity, allowing weight loss and its maintenance. However, it has been related high levels of iron deficiency after surgery. A person’s nutritional status might be affected by total or partial tooth loss. The aim of this longitudinal prospective cohort study was to evaluate the levels of serum ferritin before and after bariatric surgery and to identify if there is a relation with tooth loss. The sample was composed of 50 patients selected and assisted at Amaral Carvalho Hospital, located in Jaú city, Brazil. The use and necessity of prosthesis, dental absence or presence, and serum ferritin dosage were evaluated. Student’s t test, Univariate analysis, Chi-square and Odds Ratio were adopted (p<0.05). There was no significant difference regarding the serum ferritin levels between dentate and edentulous patients prior to surgery (p = 0.436). After surgery, the serum ferritin levels were higher in edentulous patients (prosthesis users) when compared to the pre-surgical levels, and the post-surgical levels presented significant difference regarding the dentate patients (p = 0.024). It can be concluded that rehabilitated patients in postoperative period showed better levels of serum ferritin after surgical intervention. PMID:27695053

  6. Analysis of the shoulder joint mobility in overhead sports before and after experimental treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soldatović Srđan


    Full Text Available Introduction. ”Overhead” sports, characterized by predominant movements of the hands above the head, are associated with very dynamic, often acyclic movements and require strong muscles of humeroscapular regions with high mobility of the shoulder joint as well as flexibility and ability to relax these muscles. This study was aimed at analyzing the shoulder joint mobility before and after conducting kinesiology treatment for a period of 6 months. The research included two complex exercises. Material and methods. The study included 100 ”overhead” sports male athletes, who were randomly divided into the experimental and control group, aged 14 to 18 years. The range of motion was measured in degrees by goniometer. We calculated the central and depression parameter. Results. There was a statistically significant difference in flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, external and internal rotation at the final measure in favor of the experimental group at the level of significance p<0.001, and some positive effects of the applied exercises were observed. Discussion. Kinesitherapy had positive effects on the elasticity of the connective tissue capsule, ligaments and tendons. Changes in the shoulder area of the ”overhead” sports athletes can be reduced to the same extent and at the same time by stretching and strength exercises. Conclusion. The authors of this paper have given their modest contribution by suggesting a more appropriate planning of training and performance of players at training and matches. This paper tries to emphasize the importance of proper incorporation of the corrective exercises in training.

  7. Dioxin body burden among blood donors before and after the Belgian dioxin/PCB incident

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Debacker, N.; Sasse, A.; Wouwe, N. Van; Windal, I.; Carbonnelle, S.; Overmeire, I. Van; Sartor, F.; Goeyens, L.; Oyen, H. Van [Scientific Inst. of Public Health, Brussels (Belgium); Eppe, G.; Xhrouet, C.; Pauw, E. De [Centre of Analysis of Residues in Traces, Luik (Belgium)


    In spring 1999, Belgium faced a severe food contamination when about 50 kg of PCBs containing 1 g of dioxins were introduced in the food chain. The possible public health impact of this food chain contamination was subject of a debate between different scientists. According to Vrijens et al. and Bernard et al. there was no significant public health impact, whereas van Larebeke et al. presumed the opposite claiming a significant increase of cancer incidence. These risk assessments were based on measurements of dioxins/PCBs in contaminated foods and nutritional habits observed in a selected group of adolescents (14-18 years old) using simulation techniques or on the estimation of the incremental cancer risk associated with the incremental levels of exposure to dioxins/PCBs during the incident. In the meantime, an epidemiological survey has been carried out in order to measure the dioxin levels in plasma samples collected before and after the incident. The aim of this paper is to report the preliminary results of this epidemiological survey.

  8. Muscle strength and function before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using semitendonosus and gracilis. (United States)

    Keays, S L; Bullock-Saxton, J; Keays, A C; Newcombe, P


    This study assessed the quadriceps and hamstring strength before and 6 months after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructive surgery using the hamstrings and related the findings to functional performance. Six months after surgery is a critical time for assessment as this is when players are returning to sport. Maximum isokinetic strength of 31 patients with complete unilateral ACL ruptures was measured at speeds of 60 degrees and 120 degrees per second. Functional assessment included the single hop, the triple hop, the shuttle run, side-step and carioca tests. All patients underwent a controlled quadriceps emphasized home-based physiotherapy program both before and after surgery. Results show that before surgery there was a 7.3% quadriceps strength deficit at 60 degrees per second compared to the uninjured leg but no hamstring strength deficit. After surgery there was a statistically significant but relatively small loss of muscle strength. The quadriceps strength deficit had increased to 12% and there was a 10% hamstring deficit. Post-operatively there was an 11% and 6.3% improvement in the hop tests, a 9% (P < 0.01) improvement in the shuttle run, a 15% (P < 0.001) improvement in the side step and a 24% (P < 0.001) improvement in the carioca tests (P < 0.001) despite the loss of muscle strength.

  9. Gait analysis of patients with knee osteoarthritis before and after Chinese massage treatment. (United States)

    Qingguang, Zhu; Min, Fang; Li, Gong; Shuyun, Jiang; Wuquan, Sun; Jianhua, Li; Yong, Li


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Chinese massage therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) by measuring lower-limb gait parameters. We recruited 20 women with knee OA, who then underwent Chinese massage therapy three times per week for 2 weeks. The patients underwent gait evaluation using a six-camera infrared motion analysis system. They completed Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index questionnaires before and after treatment. We calculated the forward speed, step width, step length, total support time percentage, initial double support time percentage, and single support time percentage. We also measured the angles at the knee, hip, and ankle during the stance phase of walking. The results showed statistically significant mean differences in knee pain relief, alleviation of stiffness, and physical function enhancement after therapy (P < 0.05). The patients gained significantly faster gait speed, greater step width, and increased total support time percentage after the Chinese massage therapy (P < 0.05). There were no significant differences in the range of motion or initial contact angles of the knee, hip, or ankle during the stance phase of walking. We concluded that Chinese massage is a beneficial complementary treatment and an alternative therapy choice for patients with knee OA for short-term pain relief. Chinese massage may improve walking ability for these patients.

  10. Shear-wave splitting before and after the 1999 Xiuyan earthquake in Liaoning, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    TAI Ling-xue; GAO Yuan; CAO Feng-juan; SHI Yu-tao; WU Jing; JIAO Ming-ruo


    Using seismic waveform data recorded at station YK (Yingkou) of Liaoning Telemetry Digital Seismic Network, this paper studied the characteristics of shear-wave splitting before and after the Xiuyan Ms5.9 (M15.3) earthquake in November 29, 1999 with SAM method. The results show that the predominant polarizations of fast shear-waves at YK is in direction of ENE-WSW, consistent with the direction of regional principal compressive stress and also consistent with the direction of the regional tectonic stress field in North China; time-delays increasing before Xiuyan earthquake may shows accumulation of stress before earthquake. The predominant polarizations of fast shear-waves at YK are also related to the spatial distribution of small earthquakes and correlate with the fault strike. The histogram of monthly average polarizations of fast shear-waves shows that polarizations of fast shear-waves also seems to change from two months before the earthquake, but it still needs more data for verification.

  11. Maxillomandibular relationship in TMD patients before and after short-term flat plane bite plate therapy. (United States)

    Fu, Alexander S; Mehta, Noshir R; Forgione, Albert G; Al-Badawi, Emad A; Zawawi, Khalid H


    This study assessed the maxillomandibular relationship in temporomandibular disorders (TMD) patients, before and after short-term, flat plane bite plate therapy. It was of interest to determine the incidence and degree of mandibular deviation in a group of TMD patients and whether the mandible would shift to the midline and consequently affect reported symptoms. Seventeen female and three male subjects (age range 19-60) were included in the study. Thirteen subjects were diagnosed with myofascial pain while seven were diagnosed as exhibiting disk displacement with reduction (Research Diagnostic Criteria). After taking impressions for these subjects, casts were fabricated and mounted. Maxillomandibular relationship was evaluated by the Denar Centric Check system (Anaheim, CA). The maxillary and mandibular labial frena were used as a reference to evaluate mandibular shift. Symptom questionnaires were used to assess temporomandibular joint pain and clicking. All subjects exhibited deviation (12 subjects to the right and 8 subjects to the left) prior to bite plate therapy. After flat plane bite plate therapy, the mandibular position of all subjects shifted toward the labial frenum midline position. Based on the Binomial test, the shift was significant (p occlusal obstructions are eliminated, the mandible will drift to this position.

  12. MR imaging of avascular scaphoid nonunion before and after vascularized bone grafting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anderson, Suzanne E.; Tschering-Vogel, Dechen; Martin, Matthias [University Hospital of Bern, Inselspital, Department of Radiology, Bern (Switzerland); Steinbach, Lynne S. [University of California San Francisco, Department of Radiology, San Francisco, California (United States); Nagy, Ladislav [University Hospital of Bern, Inselspital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Bern (Switzerland)


    To investigate the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging appearances of chronic nonunion of the scaphoid with proximal pole avascular necrosis before and after insertion of a vascularized bone graft, using computed tomography (CT) as the imaging gold standard. A retrospective study was performed involving MR imaging (n=26), CT scans (n=37) and radiographs (n=52) of 13 men (mean age 29 years, age range 20-38 years) with avascular scaphoid nonunion. Avascular necrosis of the scaphoid proximal pole was confirmed intraoperatively (n=13). MR images were acquired preoperatively and following placement of a vascularized bone graft. Scaphoid MR signal characteristics were assessed for evidence of vascular bone graft incorporation and revascularization of the bone marrow of the proximal pole of the scaphoid and compared with the gold standard of CT. Surgical and clinical notes were reviewed with a minimum 3 year imaging and clinical follow-up in all patients. Graft incorporation with revascularization of the proximal pole of the scaphoid was documented in 9 patients (69%). Graft failure with persistent pseudoarthrosis and avascular necrosis of the scaphoid was seen in 4 patients (31%). MR imaging is useful to determine whether vascularized bone graft incorporation and revascularization of the proximal pole of the scaphoid has occurred in the setting of avascular scaphoid nonunion. (orig.)

  13. Study On The Effect Of Corrosion Behaviour Of Stainless Steel Before And After Carburizing Heat Treatment (United States)

    Sulaiman, S. A.; Alias, S. K.; Ahmad, S.; Fauzi, M. H. Mohd; Ahmad, N. N.


    This study investigates the effect of corrosion behaviour of stainless steel before and after carburizing process. All samples were prepared based on the testing specification requirement and the chemical compositions of the stainless steel were obtained using spectrometer tester. Samples were then undergoing pack carburizing process by adding 50g of carbon powder as the carburizing agent. Then the samples were heated at 900 °C and 950 °C for 8 hours. To obtain corrosion rate, weight loss test was conducted and the samples were immersed in three different solutions which were distilled water, hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride. Hardness and density test were employed to measure the physical properties of the ASTM 304 stainless steel. The microstructures of all samples were observed using Olympus BX41M optical microscope. The resulting phases after each heat treatment were tested by x-ray diffraction (XRD) tester. The percentage of corrosion values, determined from this technique, showed fairly good agreement. Carburizing process produced a carburizing layer improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance abilities

  14. Contribution of gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis to hepatic glucose production in acromegaly before and after pituitary microsurgery. (United States)

    Höybye, C; Chandramouli, V; Efendic, S; Hulting, A-L; Landau, B R; Schumann, W C; Wajngot, A


    The diabetogenic effect of excess growth hormone (GH) such as that in acromegaly is well known. However, the contribution of the various components to hepatic glucose production (HGP) is not completely understood. In this study we evaluated insulin resistance, HGP, gluconeogenesis (GNG), and glycogenolysis (GLY) in five patients with acromegaly before and after pituitary microsurgery. Insulin resistance was estimated by the HOMA index. HGP was measured using a primed continuous (6,6- 2H2) glucose infusion, and GNG was measured from 2 H enrichment at carbons 2 and 5 of blood glucose on ingestion of 2H2O. The ratio of these enrichments equals the fractional contribution of GNG to HGP, and GLY was calculated as the difference between HGP and GNG. All measurements were performed after 12 hours of fasting. Levels of GH and IGF-I decreased, as did the HOMA index (p<0.05). HGP was reduced from 11.4 micromol/kg/min to 9.7 micromol/kg/min (p=0.032). GNG contributed most to HGP. GNG was unchanged, whereas GLY's fraction decreased 29% (p=0.056) postoperatively. This pilot study indicates that GNG is the main contributor to HGP and that GLY is more sensitive than is GNG to the insulin resistance existing in acromegaly.

  15. Nutritional status and nutritional support before and after pancreatectomy for pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis. (United States)

    Karagianni, Vasiliki Th; Papalois, Apostolos E; Triantafillidis, John K


    Cachexia, malnutrition, significant weight loss, and reduction in food intake due to anorexia represent the most important pathophysiological consequences of pancreatic cancer. Pathophysiological consequences result also from pancreatectomy, the type and severity of which differ significantly and depend on the type of the operation performed. Nutritional intervention, either parenteral or enteral, needs to be seen as a method of support in pancreatic cancer patients aiming at the maintenance of the nutritional and functional status and the prevention or attenuation of cachexia. Oral nutrition could reduce complications while restoring quality of life. Enteral nutrition in the post-operative period could also reduce infective complications. The evidence for immune-enhanced feed in patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer is supported by the available clinical data. Nutritional support during the post-operative period on a cyclical basis is preferred because it is associated with low incidence of gastric stasis. Postoperative total parenteral nutrition is indicated only to those patients who are unable to be fed orally or enterally. Thus nutritional deficiency is a relatively widesoread and constant finding suggesting that we must optimise the nutritional status both before and after surgery.

  16. Association of Psoriasis Severity with Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Hormones, and Cortisol before and after Treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reza M. Robati


    Full Text Available Background. Prolactin (PRL level is proposed to be associated with the severity of psoriasis although the previous studies reported different results. Objective. To find the association between PRL levels and severity of psoriasis before and after treatment. In addition, we aimed to find a difference in prolactin, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH, thyroid hormones (T3 and T4, and cortisol levels between patients with psoriasis and normal controls. Methods. First, the levels of hormones were measured in 30 patients with psoriasis and 30 matched controls. The severity was assessed by psoriasis area and severity index (PASI. Then, patients were treated, and PASI was assessed every week until achieving PASI-75 response. At this time, the hormones were measured again and compared to the baseline. Results. No statistical significant difference was observed in the mean PRL, T3, T4, TSH, and cortisol levels between cases and controls. Comparing to the baseline, a significant decrease in PRL levels and a significant increase in T3 and serum cortisol levels were observed after treatment (P<0.05, while the changes in other hormones were not significant. Conclusion. After treatment, PRL significantly decreased, and T3 and cortisol levels significantly increased. No correlation between hormone levels and improvement of PASI score existed.

  17. [Change trend of vegetation cover in Beijing metropolitan region before and after the 2008 Olympics]. (United States)

    Sun, Xiao-Peng; Wang, Tian-Ming; Wu, Jian-Guo; Ge, Jian-Ping


    The MODIS-NDVI data from 2000 to 2009 were used to analyze the temporal dynamics and spatial distribution of the vegetation cover in the Beijing metropolitan region before and after the 2008 Olympics. During the study period, the proportion of the significantly increased pixels of NDVI occupied 20.7% while that of the significantly decreased pixels only occupied 4.1% of the total, and the decreasing rate of the NDVI was slightly faster than the increasing rate. The significant changes of the NDVI were mainly concentrated in the low altitude and small slope areas with intensive human activities, and two bands were formed in the plain area, i. e., the vegetation increasing band within the 5th Ring Road and the vegetation decreasing band from the 5th Ring Road to the outside areas of the 6th Ring Road. In the areas with significant vegetation change, there was an obvious transition between the high and low NDVI sections but less change in the medium NDVI section, mainly due to the conversion of land cover type. In the Capital function core area and ecological conservation zones, vegetation change represented a positive trend; while in the urban function expansion area and urban development area, vegetation change had the dual characteristics of both positive and negative trends. A series of ecological engineering projects during the preparatory period of the 2008 Olympics was the main cause of the vegetation increase in the study area.

  18. Anthropometric Measures and Fasting Insulin Levels in Children Before and after Cure of Cushing syndrome (United States)

    Keil, Margaret F; Graf, Jennifer; Gokarn, Nirmal; Stratakis, Constantine A


    Background & Aims Children with Cushing syndrome present with growth delay and excess adiposity that tends to be generalized rather than centripetal. There are no prospective studies of this phenotype as it evolves before and after treatment in children. The aims of this study were to evaluate children prior to and one-year after surgical cure compared to controls and to determine fasting insulin levels and their possible association with waist circumference and waist-height ratio, pre- and post-cure of Cushing syndrome. Methods 30 children with Cushing syndrome were evaluated prior to and one-year post-treatment and compared to 14 age and body mass index-matched controls. Results Only triceps skin fold z- score showed a significant difference between patients with active Cushing syndrome and controls. A positive correlation between fasting insulin levels and waist circumference z- score was found for children with Cushing syndrome; this association persisted one-year following cure. Conclusions Unlike adults affected with Cushing syndrome, upper arm muscle area of children with Cushing syndrome did not differ from obese children without Cushing syndrome. The persistence of a positive correlation between waist circumference and fasting insulin despite remission of Cushing syndrome suggests that children with a history of Cushing syndrome may have an increased risk for adverse long-term effects of increased abdominal fat mass. Clinical Trial numbers: NCT00001595, NCT00001452, NCT00005927 PMID:22154461

  19. Usefulness of {sup 99m}Tc-tetrofosmin myocardial scintigraphy before and after coronary intervention

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Adachi, Itaru; Hou, Nobuyoshi; Komori, Tsuyoshi; Tabuchi, Koujiro; Matsui, Ritsuo; Sueyoshi, Kouzou; Narabayashi, Isamu; Matsuda, Shigeki; Tamoto, Shigemi [Osaka Medical Coll., Takatsuki (Japan)


    Dipyridamole-loading {sup 99m}Tc-tetrofosmin myocardial scintigraphy was performed for patients with coronary artery disease who underwent percutaneous transluminal coronary angiography (PTCA) in order to examine whether SPECT imaging prior to treatment is useful for the determination of prognosis after coronary intervention. Thirty-six patients including 9 with angina pectoris (AP), 22 with old myocardial infarction (OMI) and 5 OMI with AP were underwent dipyridamole-loading {sup 99m}Tc-tetrofosmin myocardial SPECT before and after coronary intervention. The length of follow-up was 185{+-}107 days after PTCA. Improvement of myocardial uptake was observed on myocardial SPECT in all cases with AP. Improvement of the myocardial uptake was observed 50% (4/8) of patients with OMI who had no myocardial viability. It was suggested that the improvement of myocardial uptake after PTCA was due to incomplete fill-in in cases with AP and that presence of fill-in was important for level of fill-in in patients with AP. The improvement of myocardial uptake in the scar tissue in patients with OMI contributed to the hibernating myocardium. We concluded that correct detection of hibernating myocardium was difficult despite the superior imaging capacity of {sup 99m}Tc-tetrofosmin myocardial SPECT. (author)

  20. Consequences of a false-positive mammography result: drug consumption before and after screening. (United States)

    von Euler-Chelpin, My; Bæksted, Christina; Vejborg, Ilse; Lynge, Elsebeth


    Background Previous research showed women experiencing false-positive mammograms to have greater anxiety about breast cancer than women with normal mammograms. To elucidate psychological effects of false-positive mammograms, we studied impact on drug intake. Methods We calculated the ratio of drug use for women with false-positive versus women with normal mammograms, before and after the event, using population-based registers, 1997-2006. The ratio of the ratios (RRR) assessed the impact. Results Before the test, 40.3% of women from the false-positive group versus 36.2% from the normal group used anxiolytic and antidepressant drugs. There was no difference in use of beta blockers. Hormone therapy was used more frequently by the false-positive, 36.6% versus 28.7%. The proportion of women using anxiolytic and antidepressant drugs increased with 19% from the before to the after period in the false-positive group, and with 16% in the normal group, resulting in an RRR of 1.02 (95% CI 0.92-1.14). RRR was 1.03 for beta blockers, 0.97 for hormone therapy. Conclusion(s) Drugs used to mitigate mood disorders were used more frequently by women with false-positive than by women with normal mammograms already before the screening event, while the changes from before to after screening were similar for both groups. The results point to the importance of control for potential selection in studies of screening effects.

  1. The physiological effects of human immunoglobulin on severe bronchiolitis patients before and after treatment. (United States)

    Shan, Yan-Hua; Zhang, Yong-Gang; Zhang, Jian-Hua; Wang, Dong; Li, Xiao-Xia; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Xi-Mei; Luo, Song-Yuan


    The goal of the present study is to explore the physiological effects of injected human immunoglobulin on patients with severe bronchiolitis before and after treatment. 86 young children with severe bronchiolitis were randomly divided into the observation group (43 cases) and the treatment group (43 cases). On the basis of conventional therapy, the children in the treatment group were given human immunoglobulin (400 mg/kg, 1-3 times) via intravenous injection. 60 healthy young children, as determined by a physical examination given at the Zhumadian Central Hospital, were enrolled as the control group. The T lymphocytes, cytokines, IgA, IgG, and IgM immunoglobulins in the peripheral blood of all 3 groups were measured. The clinical efficacy of the immunoglobulins to mitigate the effects of bronchiolitis and the amount of time for the reduction of symptoms to occur were observed. The serum Ca, Fe, and Zn levels of children with severe bronchiolitis were significantly lower than those of the healthy control group (p bronchiolitis than in the children in the healthy control group (p bronchiolitis children was significantly shorter for those in the treatment group than for those in the observation group. Human immunoglobulin via intravenous injection showed active therapeutical effects on trace elements, T lymphocytes, and cytokines in patients with severe bronchiolitis.

  2. Circulating endothelial progenitor cells, microvascular density and fibrosis in obesity before and after bariatric surgery. (United States)

    De Ciuceis, Carolina; Rossini, Claudia; Porteri, Enzo; La Boria, Elisa; Corbellini, Claudia; Mittempergher, Francesco; Di Betta, Ernesto; Petroboni, Beatrice; Sarkar, Annamaria; Agabiti-Rosei, Claudia; Casella, Claudio; Nascimbeni, Riccardo; Rezzani, Rita; Rodella, Luigi F; Bonomini, Francesca; Agabiti-Rosei, Enrico; Rizzoni, Damiano


    It is not known whether, in obesity, the capillary density or the number of circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) are reduced, or whether fibrosis of small vessels is also present. In addition, possible effects of weight reduction on these parameters have never been evaluated. Therefore, we investigated EPCs and capillary density in 25 patients with severe obesity, all submitted to bariatric surgery, and in 18 normotensive lean subjects and 12 hypertensive lean patients as controls. All patients underwent a biopsy of subcutaneous fat during bariatric surgery. In five patients, a second biopsy was obtained after consistent weight loss, about 1 year later, during a surgical intervention for abdominoplasty. EPCs and capillary density were reduced in obesity, and EPCs were significantly increased after weight reduction. Vascular collagen content was clearly increased in obese patients. No significant difference in vascular collagen was observed between normotensive obese patients and hypertensive obese patients. After pronounced weight reduction, collagen content was nearly normalized. No difference in stress-strain relation was observed among groups or before and after weight loss. In conclusion, our data suggest that microvascular rarefaction occurs in obesity. EPCs were significantly reduced in obese patients. Pronounced weight loss induced by bariatric surgery seems to induce a significant improvement of EPC number, but not of capillary rarefaction. A pronounced fibrosis of subcutaneous small resistance arteries is present in obese patients, regardless of the presence of increased blood pressure values. Consistent weight loss induced by bariatric surgery may induce an almost complete regression of microvascular fibrosis.

  3. Performance of CMS 3D silicon pixel detectors before and after irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Obertino, M., E-mail: [Università del Piemonte Orientale, Novara, and INFN, Torino (Italy); Solano, A. [Università di Torino and INFN, Torino (Italy); Alagoz, E. [Physics Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (United States); Andresen, J. [University of Colorado, Boulder (United States); Arndt, K.; Bolla, G.; Bortoletto, D. [Physics Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (United States); Boscardin, M. [Centro per i Materiali e i Microsistemi Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Povo di Trento (Italy); Brosius, R. [SUNY, Buffalo (United States); Bubna, M. [Physics Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (United States); Dalla Betta, G.-F. [INFN Padova (Gruppo Collegato di Trento) and Università di Trento, Povo di Trento (Italy); Jensen, F. [University of Colorado, Boulder (United States); Krzywda, A. [Physics Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (United States); Kumar, A. [SUNY, Buffalo (United States); Kwan, S. [Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL (United States); Lei, C.M. [University of Colorado, Boulder (United States); Menasce, D.; Moroni, L. [INFN Milano Bicocca, Milano (Italy); Ngadiuba, J. [Università di Milano Bicocca and INFN, Milano (Italy); Osipenkov, I. [Texas A and M University, TX (United States); and others


    Three-dimensional (3D) silicon detectors are emerging as one of the most promising technologies for the innermost layers of tracking devices for the foreseen upgrades of the LHC. 3D sensors compatible with the CMS readout, fabricated at FBK (Trento, Italy), were tested in the laboratory and with a 120 GeV/c proton beam at the FNAL test beam facility, before and after irradiation up to a fluence of 3.5×10{sup 15}neq/cm{sup 2}. Preliminary results of the data analysis are presented. -- Highlights: •3D characterized in laboratory, tested with beam and irradiated with 800 MeV protons. •Leakage current: few hundred nA before irradiation, ∼10 μA after irradiation. •Depletion voltage: 20 V. Breakdown voltage: 25–35 V, not increasing after irradiation. •Efficiency: 97.5%, increasing when tilting sensors with respect to the beam. •Radiation effect: lower efficiency and lower collected charge.

  4. Mechanical and Microstructural Evaluations of Lightweight Aggregate Geopolymer Concrete before and after Exposed to Elevated Temperatures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammed Binhussain


    Full Text Available This paper presents the mechanical and microstructural characteristics of a lightweight aggregate geopolymer concrete (LWAGC synthesized by the alkali-activation of a fly ash source (FA before and after being exposed to elevated temperatures, ranging from 100 to 800 °C. The results show that the LWAGC unexposed to the elevated temperatures possesses a good strength-to-weight ratio compared with other LWAGCs available in the published literature. The unexposed LWAGC also shows an excellent strength development versus aging times, up to 365 days. For the exposed LWAGC to the elevated temperatures of 100 to 800 °C, the results illustrate that the concretes gain compressive strength after being exposed to elevated temperatures of 100, 200 and 300 °C. Afterward, the strength of the LWAGC started to deteriorate and decrease after being exposed to elevated temperatures of 400 °C, and up to 800 °C. Based on the mechanical strength results of the exposed LWAGCs to elevated temperatures of 100 °C to 800 °C, the relationship between the exposure temperature and the obtained residual compressive strength is statistically analyzed and achieved. In addition, the microstructure investigation of the unexposed LWAGC shows a good bonding between aggregate and mortar at the interface transition zone (ITZ. However, this bonding is subjected to deterioration as the LWAGC is exposed to elevated temperatures of 400, 600 and 800 °C by increasing the microcrack content and swelling of the unreacted silicates.

  5. Plasticity of visual attention in Isha yoga meditation practitioners before and after a 3-month retreat. (United States)

    Braboszcz, Claire; Cahn, B Rael; Balakrishnan, Bhavani; Maturi, Raj K; Grandchamp, Romain; Delorme, Arnaud


    Meditation has lately received considerable interest from cognitive neuroscience. Studies suggest that daily meditation leads to long lasting attentional and neuronal plasticity. We present changes related to the attentional systems before and after a 3 month intensive meditation retreat. We used three behavioral psychophysical tests - a Stroop task, an attentional blink task, and a global-local letter task-to assess the effect of Isha yoga meditation on attentional resource allocation. 82 Isha yoga practitioners were tested at the beginning and at the end of the retreat. Our results showed an increase in correct responses specific to incongruent stimuli in the Stroop task. Congruently, a positive correlation between previous meditation experience and accuracy to incongruent Stroop stimuli was also observed at baseline. We also observed a reduction of the attentional blink. Unexpectedly, a negative correlation between previous meditation experience and attentional blink performance at baseline was observed. Regarding spatial attention orientation as assessed using the global-local letter task, participants showed a bias toward local processing. Only slight differences in performance were found pre- vs. post- meditation retreat. Biasing toward the local stimuli in the global-local task and negative correlation of previous meditation experience with attentional blink performance is consistent with Isha practices being focused-attention practices. Given the relatively small effect sizes and the absence of a control group, our results do not allow clear support nor rejection of the hypothesis of meditation-driven neuronal plasticity in the attentional system for Isha yoga practice.

  6. Hypothalamus-Anchored Resting Brain Network Changes before and after Sertraline Treatment in Major Depression

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rui Yang


    Full Text Available Sertraline, one of the oldest antidepressants, remains to be the most efficacious treatment for depression. However, major depression disorder (MDD is characterized by altered emotion processing and deficits in cognitive control. In cognitive interference tasks, patients with MDD have shown excessive hypothalamus activity. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of antidepressant treatment (sertraline on hypothalamus-anchored resting brain circuitry. Functional magnetic resonance imaging was conducted on depressed patients (n=12 both before and after antidepressant treatment. After eight weeks of antidepressant treatment, patients with depression showed significantly increased connectivity between the hypothalamus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, orbitofrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, insula, putamen, caudate, and claustrum. By contrast, decreased connectivity of the hypothalamus-related areas was primarily located in the inferior frontal gyrus, medial frontal gyrus, cingulated gyrus, precuneus, thalamus, and cerebellum. After eight weeks of antidepressant therapy, 8 out of the 12 depressed subjects achieved 70% reduction or better in depressive symptoms, as measured on the Hamilton depression rating scale. Our findings may infer that antidepressant treatment can alter the functional connectivity of the hypothalamus resting brain to achieve its therapeutic effect.

  7. Condition of hearing sense and tinnitus before and after the treatment of otosclerosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terzić Negra


    Full Text Available Introduction. Otosclerosis is an osteodystrophy disease of the bony labyrinth of the ear which leads to stapes fixation and to bradyecoia of a conductive type. The microsurgical treatment by the use of a stapes prosthesis provides hearing improvement and a reduction or disappearing of tinnitus. The aim of our study was to determine the hearing condition and tinnitus before and after the treatment of otosclerosis. Material and methods. A hundred patients with otosclerosis, aged 20 to 70, were surgically treated at the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic and the Functional Diagnostics, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade. After the treatment, the audiometric examinations were performed in order to assess the hearing condition and tinnitus was assessed by a questionnaire. The subjective assessment of tinnitus was ranged as present, reduced or absent. Results. Before the treatment, hearing impairment was present in all the patients, while tinnitus was found in 91% of them. One year following the surgical treatment hearing improvement was found in 96% of the patients, and tinnitus cessation in 89% of them. Conclusion. The surgical treatment can result in hearing improvement and cessation or reduction of tinnitus.

  8. Longitudinal data on cortical thickness before and after working memory training (United States)

    Metzler-Baddeley, Claudia; Caeyenberghs, Karen; Foley, Sonya; Jones, Derek K.


    The data and supplementary information provided in this article relate to our research article “Task complexity and location specific changes of cortical thickness in executive and salience networks after working memory training” (Metzler-Baddeley et al., 2016) [1]. We provide cortical thickness and subcortical volume data derived from parieto-frontal cortical regions and the basal ganglia with the FreeSurfer longitudinal analyses stream ( [2]) before and after Cogmed working memory training (Cogmed and Cogmed Working Memory Training, 2012) [3]. This article also provides supplementary information to the research article, i.e., within-group comparisons between baseline and outcome cortical thickness and subcortical volume measures, between-group tests of performance changes in cognitive benchmark tests ( [4]), correlation analyses between performance changes in benchmark tests and training-related structural changes, correlation analyses between the time spent training and structural changes, a scatterplot of the relationship between cortical thickness measures derived from the occipital lobe as control region and the chronological order of the MRI sessions to assess potential scanner drift effects and a post-hoc vertex-wise whole brain analysis with FreeSurfer Qdec ( [5]). PMID:27115029

  9. Variability of isolated colonies in bean nodulating Rhizobium strains before and after exposure to high temperature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raposeiras Rui


    Full Text Available Irregular response to bean plants to Rhizobium inoculation has been attributed to among other factors, low competitive ability, low N2 fixation efficiency and genetic instability of the symbiont. This genetic instability caused by high rates of genomic rearrangements and/or plasmid deletions can be accentuated by high temperatures. This fact may limit the utilization of these strains as inoculants, especially in tropical soils. In this study, the variability of isolated colonies derived from effective R. leguminosarum bv. phaseoli (SLP1.3 and BR 10.026 and R tropici (SLA2.2 and BR322 strains was evaluated before and after exposure to high temperatures (four consecutive thermal shocks at 45masculineC. This evaluation involved plant dry matter analysis of inoculated plants and genotypic (plasmid profile and genomic patterns via RAPD analysis of the Rhizobium strains. The results evidenced that high temperature improve the natural performance variability especially between isolated colonies from R. leguminosarum bv. phaseoli strains. The plasmid profile of isolated colonies from R. tropici strains were identical regardless of temperature treatment whereas isolated colonies from R. leguminosarum bv. phaseoli alterations were detected especially after the thermal treatment. The genomic patterns generated by AP-PCR showed more alterations and genetic variation in isolated colonies from R. leguminosarum bv. phaseoli strains indicating that R. tropici strains are more stable and lower affected by high temperature.

  10. Correlation between cerebral oxygen metabolism and cerebral blood flow simultaneously measured before and after acetazolamide administration (United States)

    Yamaguchi, Hiroichiro; Yamauchi, Hideto; Hazama, Shiro; Hamamoto, Hirotsugu; Inoue, Nobuhiro


    The cerebral circulation and metabolism of ten preoperative cardiac surgery patients were assessed. Alterations in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF), measured by 123I-N- isopropyl-p-iodo-amphetamine single-photon emission computed tomography, and in cerebral oxygen metabolism, simultaneously detected by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) before and after acetazolamide administration, were investigated. The rCBF (ml/min/100 g) increased significantly from 40.21 +/- 7.65 to 56.24 +/- 13.69 (p equals 0.001), and a significant increase in oxyhemoglobin (Oxy-Hb) of 13.9% (p equals 0.0022) and total hemoglobin (Total-Hb) of 5.7% (0.0047) along with a significant decrease in deoxyhemoglobin (Deoxy-Hb) of 8.9% (p equals 0.0414) were observed concomitantly. Thus, the Oxy-Hb/Total- Hb ratio (%Oxy-Hb) rose significantly from 67.26 +/- 9.82% to 72.98 +/- 8.09% (p equals 0.0022). Examination of the relationships between individual parameters showed that the percentage changes in rCBF and Oxy-Hb were significantly correlated (r equals 0.758, p equals 0.011). The percentage changes in rCBF and %Oxy-Hb were also correlated significantly (r equals 0.740, p equals 0.014). In conclusion, this evidence suggested that NIRS is able to detect relative changes in cerebral hemodynamics and reflect luxury perfusion induced by acetazolamide.

  11. Adhesion and internalization differences of COM nanocrystals on Vero cells before and after cell damage. (United States)

    Gan, Qiong-Zhi; Sun, Xin-Yuan; Ouyang, Jian-Ming


    The adhesion and internalization between African green monkey kidney epithelial (Vero) cells (before and after oxidative damage by hydrogen peroxide) and calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM) nanocrystals (97±35nm) were investigated so as to discuss the molecular and cellular mechanism of kidney stone formation. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to observe the Vero-COM nanocrystal adhesion; the nanocrystal-cell adhesion was evaluated by measuring the content of malonaldehyde (MDA), the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the expression level of cell surface osteopontin (OPN) and the change of Zeta potential. Confocal microscopy and flow cytometry were used for the observation and quantitative analysis of crystal internalization. In the process of adhesion, the cell viability and the SOD activity declined, the MDA content, Zeta potential, and the OPN expression level increased. The adhesive capacity of injured Vero was obviously stronger than normal cells; in addition the injured cells promoted the aggregation of COM nanocrystals. The capacity of normal cells to internalize crystals was obviously stronger than that of injured cells. Cell injury increased adhesive sites on cell surface, thereby facilitating the aggregation of COM nanocrystals and their attachment, which results in enhanced risk of calcium oxalate stone formation.

  12. Neural responses during emotional processing before and after cognitive trauma therapy for battered women. (United States)

    Aupperle, Robin L; Allard, Carolyn B; Simmons, Alan N; Flagan, Taru; Thorp, Steven R; Norman, Sonya B; Paulus, Martin P; Stein, Murray B


    Therapy for combat and accident-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been reported to influence amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) response during emotional processing. It is not yet understood how therapy influences different phases of emotional processing, and whether previous findings generalize to other PTSD populations. We hypothesized that cognitive trauma therapy for battered women (CTT-BW) would alter insula, amygdala, and cingulate responses during anticipation and presentation of emotional images. Fourteen female patients with PTSD related to domestic violence completed the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) before and after CTT-BW. The fMRI task involved cued anticipation followed by presentation of positive versus negative affective images. CTT-BW was associated with decreases in CAPS score, enhanced ACC and decreased anterior insula activation during anticipation, and decreased dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and amygdala response during image presentation (negative-positive). Pre-treatment ACC activation during anticipation and image presentation exhibited positive and negative relationships to treatment response, respectively. Results suggest that CTT-BW enhanced efficiency of neural responses during preparation for upcoming emotional events in a way that reduced the need to recruit prefrontal-amygdala responses during the occurrence of the event. Results also suggest that enhancing ACC function during anticipation may be beneficial for PTSD treatment.

  13. The impact of the economic situation of the couples before and after divorce

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alketa Molla


    Full Text Available Divorce is not just a problem caused by social, but also economic consequences. Social implications are vital and cannot be overlooked. It is not easy to bring up children nowadays, even if both parents are employed and contribute both economically for their welfare. There are more difficulties for divorced parents, who are forced to make such a task. It is very difficult for this category to provide good living conditions for children, especially when they do not have a house to live, when they are unemployed, or in the cases when the other parent does not contribute economically. Often parents of divorced couples provide shelter and help, but this is not enough. Many divorced parents choose another country to ensure better living conditions for their children. Main objective of this article is to present the economic situation in which couples were before and after the divorce. The survey data are taken from the personal data of divorced from the Albanian Court of Elbasan.

  14. Assessment of metal bioavailability in smelter-contaminated soil before and after lime amendment. (United States)

    Bade, Rabindra; Oh, Sanghwa; Sik Shin, Won


    In this study, changes in bioavailable concentrations of Pb, Zn, Cu and As in former smelter site soils (J1 and J2) were investigated before and after lime amendment. The immobilization efficiencies of metal(loid)s were evaluated by Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). Their bioavailable concentrations in the soils were evaluated by the acid-extractable and -reducible fractions in Standard Measurement and Testing Program (i.e., SM&T(I+II)), in vitro physiologically based extraction test (PBET) and diffusive gradients in thin-films (DGT). The results showed that the bioavailable concentrations remarkably decreased after lime amendment in both J1 and J2 soils. DGT uptake and resupply (R) of Zn, Cu and As from soil to soil solution increased but that of Pb decreased. This pattern was consistent with SM&T(I+II)- and PBET-extractable concentrations after lime amendment. This indicates that lime amendment is highly effective for the immobilization of Zn, Cu and As, but not for Pb. Our results implicate that DGT can be used to estimate bioavailability of metal(loid)s in soils and further extended to estimate risk reduction after soil remediation.

  15. Esophageal cell proliferation in gastroesophageal reflux disease: Clinical-morphological data before and after pantoprazole

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Carlo Calabrese; Davide Treré; Giuseppina Liguori; Veronica Gabusi; Manuela Vici; Giovanna Cenacchi; Massimo Derenzini; Giulio Di Febo


    AIM: To evaluate esophageal mucosal defense mechanisms at an epithelial level to establish if pantoprazole treatment can induce ultrastructural healing and improvement in the proliferation activity of the esophageal epithelium in gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). METHODS: This was a single-blinded study for pHmonitoring, and histological, ultrastructural and MIB1 immunostaining evaluation. Fifty eight patients with GERD were enrolled and underwent 24 h pH-monitoring and endoscopy. Patients were treated for 12 and 24 mo with pantoprazole. Esophageal specimens were taken for histological and ultrastructural evaluation, before and after the treatment. RESULTS: With transmission electron microscopy, all patients with GERD showed ultrastructural signs of damage with dilation of intercellular spaces (DIS). After 3 mo of therapy the mean DIS values showed a significant reduction and the mean MIB1-LI values of GERD showed an increase in cell proliferation. A further 3 mo of therapy significantly increased cell proliferation only in the erosive esophagitis (ERD) group. CONCLUSION: Three months of pantoprazole therapy induced ultrastructural healing of mucosal damage in 89% and 93% of ERD and non-erosion patients, respectively. Moreover, long-term pantoprazole treatment may be helpful in increasing the capability for esophageal cell proliferation in GERD, particularly in ERD patients.

  16. Enterovirus survey before and after poliomyelitis vaccination in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (United States)

    Tan, D S; Lam, S K


    Stool samples from healthy children mainly of the low income group aged 0 to 7 years of age from five Maternal and Child Health Centres in Kuala Lumpur were obtained for isolation of enteroviruses. The specimens were collected before and after the mass vaccination given in the face of polio type 1 epidemic which started in October, 1971. The prevelance rate of enteroviruses was 11.9% (3.0% polioviruses, 8.9% non-polio enteroviruses) before the vaccination and essentially the same after. Coxsackie A viruses predominated over the other enteroviruses in the pre- and post-vaccination phases. The highest isolation rate of enteroviruses was observed in children 0 to 2 years age. No significant differences in distribution by sex, race and month were noted. A sharp fall in the prevalence rates of total enteroviruses and polioviruses was noted shortly after the mass vaccination campaign However, the rates reverted to the pre-vaccination state during the next successive years.

  17. Nostril Morphometry Evaluation before and after Cleft Lip Surgical Correction: Clinical Evidence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feijo, Mario Jorge Frassy


    Full Text Available Introduction The purpose to this work is to review systematically the morphological changes of the nostrils of patients undergoing surgery for correction of cleft lip and identify in the literature the issues involved in the evaluation of surgical results in this population. Review of Literature A review was conducted, searching for clinical evidence from MEDLINE. The search occurred in January 2012. Selection criteria included original articles and research articles on individual subjects with cleft lip or cleft palate with unilateral nostril anthropometric measurements before and after surgical correction of cleft lip and measurements of soft tissues. There were 1,343 articles from the search descriptors and free terms. Of these, five articles were selected. Discussion Most studies in this review evaluated children in Eastern countries, using different measurement techniques but with the aid of computers, and showed improved nostril asymmetry postoperatively compared with preoperatively. Conclusion There is a reduction of the total nasal width postoperatively compared with preoperative measurements in patients with cleft lip.

  18. Inflammation and Growth in Young Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome before and after Adenotonsillectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuval Nachalon


    Full Text Available Background. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA is associated with growth impairment that usually improves following effective treatment. In this study we investigated the mechanisms underlying the growth processes in young children diagnosed with OSA, before and after adenotonsillectomy (T&A. Methods. Young children (6–36 months old were enrolled and evaluated before and several months after T&A surgery for height, weight, circulating high sensitive C-reactive protein (CRP, and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1 levels. Caloric intake was assessed by a validated Short Food Frequency Questionnaire (SFFQ. Results. Following T&A, children added 4.81 cm and 1.88 kg to their height and weight, respectively (P<0.001 for both and had a significant increase in BMI Z score (P=0.002. Increased caloric intake of 377 kcal/day was noted (P<0.001, with increased protein and decreased fat intake. The decrease in CRP levels correlated with the increase in body weight in boys (P<0.05, adjusted for caloric intake. Conclusions. Adenotonsillectomy results in enhanced somatic growth in young children that correlates with a decrease in systemic inflammation and caloric intake increment. Our findings imply that systemic inflammation may have an important role in this OSA-related morbidity.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The financial crisis can generate instability in any field. High levels of perceived corruption, unethical behavior or high unemployment rate can be several relevant examples that can influence well-being. The purpose of this study is to group and compare EU countries in two important moments: before and after the financial crisis using clusters analysis. Our contributions consist in a new effort to understand the life insurance market. For example, in 2006 countries such as: Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Sweden or the UK were remarked by the lowest perceived corruption and inflation, medium levels of the population growth and highest: ethical behavior of firms, human development, penetration rate and employment, while Romania and other countries were characterized by the lowest levels of development and highest perceived corruption and inflation. In 2014, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden or the UK recorded the best values of our indicators. In addition, the situation of Romania has not improved significantly between 2006 and 2014.

  20. Isokinetic Identification of Knee Joint Torques before and after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adam Czaplicki

    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the serial change of isokinetic muscle strength of the knees before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR in physically active males and to estimate the time of return to full physical fitness. Extension and flexion torques were measured for the injured and healthy limbs at two angular velocities approximately 1.5 months before the surgery and 3, 6, and 12 months after ACLR. Significant differences (p ≤ 0.05 in peak knee extension and flexion torques, hamstring/quadriceps (H/Q strength ratios, uninvolved/involved limb peak torque ratios, and the normalized work of these muscles between the four stages of rehabilitation were identified. Significant differences between extension peak torques for the injured and healthy limbs were also detected at all stages. The obtained results showed that 12 months of rehabilitation were insufficient for the involved knee joint to recover its strength to the level of strength of the uninvolved knee joint. The results helped to evaluate the progress of the rehabilitation and to implement necessary modifications optimizing the rehabilitation training program. The results of the study may also be used as referential data for physically active males of similar age.

  1. Isokinetic Identification of Knee Joint Torques before and after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. (United States)

    Czaplicki, Adam; Jarocka, Marta; Walawski, Jacek


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the serial change of isokinetic muscle strength of the knees before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) in physically active males and to estimate the time of return to full physical fitness. Extension and flexion torques were measured for the injured and healthy limbs at two angular velocities approximately 1.5 months before the surgery and 3, 6, and 12 months after ACLR. Significant differences (p ≤ 0.05) in peak knee extension and flexion torques, hamstring/quadriceps (H/Q) strength ratios, uninvolved/involved limb peak torque ratios, and the normalized work of these muscles between the four stages of rehabilitation were identified. Significant differences between extension peak torques for the injured and healthy limbs were also detected at all stages. The obtained results showed that 12 months of rehabilitation were insufficient for the involved knee joint to recover its strength to the level of strength of the uninvolved knee joint. The results helped to evaluate the progress of the rehabilitation and to implement necessary modifications optimizing the rehabilitation training program. The results of the study may also be used as referential data for physically active males of similar age.

  2. Electrocortical Dynamics in Children with a Language-Learning Impairment Before and After Audiovisual Training. (United States)

    Heim, Sabine; Choudhury, Naseem; Benasich, April A


    Detecting and discriminating subtle and rapid sound changes in the speech environment is a fundamental prerequisite of language processing, and deficits in this ability have frequently been observed in individuals with language-learning impairments (LLI). One approach to studying associations between dysfunctional auditory dynamics and LLI, is to implement a training protocol tapping into this potential while quantifying pre- and post-intervention status. Event-related potentials (ERPs) are highly sensitive to the brain correlates of these dynamic changes and are therefore ideally suited for examining hypotheses regarding dysfunctional auditory processes. In this study, ERP measurements to rapid tone sequences (standard and deviant tone pairs) along with behavioral language testing were performed in 6- to 9-year-old LLI children (n = 21) before and after audiovisual training. A non-treatment group of children with typical language development (n = 12) was also assessed twice at a comparable time interval. The results indicated that the LLI group exhibited considerable gains on standardized measures of language. In terms of ERPs, we found evidence of changes in the LLI group specifically at the level of the P2 component, later than 250 ms after the onset of the second stimulus in the deviant tone pair. These changes suggested enhanced discrimination of deviant from standard tone sequences in widespread cortices, in LLI children after training.

  3. Occupational Stress and Mental Health of Employees of a Petrochemical Company before and after Privatization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Mahdad


    Full Text Available Background: Many countries make many of their governmental sectors private. This transition, however, may affect their employees in numerous ways.Objective: To determine the level of occupational stress and mental health of employees of a petrochemical company in Isfahan, Central Iran, before and 3 months after privatization.Methods: Out of the 700 employees of the studied company, using a stratified random sampling technique, 140 persons were selected. We used Steinmetz occupational stress and GHQ-28 questionnaires to determine the level of stress and mental health status of participants.Results: The reliability of the questionnaires used was acceptable (Chronbach alpha coefficients: 0.85 and 0.86, respectively. Job stress level was significantly increased 3 months after privatization; the mean±SD job stress score before and after privatization were 22.9±10.43 and 28.3±12.25, respectively (p<0.001. The mean±SD mental health score after privatization (17.57±11.63 was also significantly (p<0.001 higher than that before the privatization (13.8±6.0. There was a significant (p<0.001 positive correlation between the mental health status score and job score (r=0.476.Conclusion: After privatization, the job stress of employees increased significantly. This increase was associated with a decrease in mental health. To lessen the side effects of privatization, the process should be performed cautiously.

  4. Analysis of Water Properties and Geostrophic Currents in Fiji Waters Before and After Tropical Cyclone Gene

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shivneel Prasad


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Water properties influence ocean primary production and drive the ocean food chain. This study depicts changes in temperature and salinity and its effects on geostrophic currents near Fiji before and after Tropical Cyclone (TC Gene. Approach: Available Argo float data from 6 January-4 February 2008 were used for analysis since TC Gene passed the area on 28 January 2008. The dynamic height and geostrophic current data were obtained from the Aviso website. Results: The thermocline depth increased by 20 m after the cyclone. A temperature drop of approximately 3°C was also noticed in the study area. Using this drop in temperature, the heat energy removed by the cyclone was calculated to be 0.095 MWh m-2. Salinity profiles showed an increase of 0.42 psu to a depth of 35 m after the cyclone. Changes in salinity and temperature of water may also cause changes in the dynamic height and in turn the geostrophic current patterns. After plotting the geostrophic current vectors, it was observed that the current patterns changed significantly after TC gene. Seasonal changes were also evident before the cyclone. Conclusion/Recommendations: Although the lifespan of TC gene was short, its effect on the water properties near Fiji was significant as it completely changed the geostrophic current patterns and this can have a huge implication on marine life.

  5. Routine testing of liver function before and after elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy: is it necessary?

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Ahmad, Nasir Zaheer


    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Liver function tests (LFTs) include alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), and bilirubin. The role of routine testing before and after laparoscopic cholecystectomy was evaluated in this study. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 355 patients were retrospectively analyzed by examining the LFTs the day before, the day after, and 3 weeks after the surgery. The Wilcoxon signed-rank test and Student t test were performed to determine statistical significance. RESULTS: Alterations in the serum AST, ALT, and GGT were seen on the first postoperative day. Minor changes were seen in bilirubin and ALP. An overall disturbance in the LFTs was seen in more than two-thirds of the cases. Repeat LFTs performed after 3 weeks on follow-up were found to be within normal limits. CONCLUSION: Mild-to-moderate elevation in preoperative LFTs may not be associated with any deleterious effect, and, in the absence of clinical indications, routine preoperative or postoperative liver function testing is unnecessary.

  6. Life quality of low-vision elderly people: before and after hearing and speech intervention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mayla Myrina Bianchim Monteiro


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Aim: To evaluate life quality of elderly people with acquired low vision before and after hearing and speech intervention. Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study. The study was made with 52 elderly people with acquired low vision. Two questionnaires that measures life quality were used in this study. The first was ‘Low Quality of Life Vision (LVQOL’ and the second the ‘National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire (NEIVFQ-25’. The study included people with more than 60 years with acquired low vision and who accepted to participate signing the consent form. The hearing and speech therapy were made into three months, one meeting a week. The questionnaires were applied in the first and last day of the intervention. Results: The age ranged between 60 and 91 years. The macular disorder (38%, such as age-related macular degeneration, macular hole and high myopia were the main causes of visual loss. Although the tests show superior performance after the intervention, there was no statistically significant difference. On the question about difficulties seeing in general, 17 participants answered that they had much more difficulty before the intervention and only 5 participants have reported having much difficulty after the intervention. Conclusion: The intervention trended to positive results, and after the meetings, participants showed improvements in aspects of the two questionnaires used in the study, decreasing the degree of difficulty in performing activities.

  7. STXM and NanoSIMS investigations on EPS fractions before and after adsorption to goethite. (United States)

    Liu, Xinran; Eusterhues, Karin; Thieme, Jürgen; Ciobota, Valerian; Höschen, Carmen; Mueller, Carsten W; Küsel, Kirsten; Kögel-Knabner, Ingrid; Rösch, Petra; Popp, Jürgen; Totsche, Kai U


    Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) are expected to be an important source for the formation of mineral-organic associations in soil. Because such formations affect the composition of mobile and immobile organic matter as well as the reactivity of minerals, we investigated the composition of EPS before and after adsorption to goethite. Raman measurements on EPS extracted from Bacillus subtilis distinguished four fractions rich in proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, or lipids and proteins. Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy identified three different EPS-fractions that varied in their composition in proteins, nonaromatic proteins, and polysaccharides. Reaction of EPS with goethite led to a preferential adsorption of lipids and proteins. The organic coverage was heterogeneous, consisting of ~100 × 200 nm large patches of either lipid-rich or protein-rich material. Nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry showed a strong S enrichment in aggregates of ~400 nm in the goethite adsorbed EPS. From our simplified model system, we learned that only a small portion (<10%) of EPS was immobilized via adsorption to goethite. This fraction formed a coating of subμm spaced protein-rich and lipid-rich domains, i.e., of two materials which will strongly differ in their reactive sites. This will finally affect further adsorption, the particle mobility and eventually also colloidal stability.

  8. Santorinicele: secretin-enhanced magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography findings before and after minor papilla sphincterotomy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boninsegna, Enrico; Manfredi, Riccardo; Ventriglia, Anna; Negrelli, Riccardo; Pedrinolla, Beatrice; Mehrabi, Sara; Pozzi Mucelli, Roberto [University of Verona, Department of Radiology - Policlinico G.B. Rossi, Verona (Italy); Gabbrielli, Armando [University of Verona, Department of Medicine - Policlinico G.B. Rossi, Verona (Italy)


    To evaluate secretin-enhanced MRCP (S-MRCP) findings of patients with pancreas divisum and Santorinicele, before and after minor papilla sphincterotomy. S-MRCP examinations of 519 patients with suspected pancreatic disease were included. Size of the main pancreatic duct, presence and calibre of Santorinicele were evaluated. Duodenal filling was assessed on dynamic images. After sphincterotomy the same parameters and the clinical findings were re-evaluated. Pancreas divisum was depicted in 55/519 patients (11 %) by MRCP and an additional 26/519 by S-MRCP (total 81/519, 16 %). Santorinicele was detected in 7/81 patients (8.6 %) with pancreas divisum by MRCP and an additional 20/81 by S-MRCP (total 27/81, 33 %). Dorsal duct in patients with Santorinicele was significantly larger in the head compared with patients with only pancreas divisum (p < 0.01), in basal conditions (average 2.4 versus 1.9 mm) and after secretin administration (average 3.0 versus 2.4 mm). Duodenal filling was impaired in 11/27 patients (41 %) with Santorinicele. After sphincterotomy significant reduction in size of Santorinicele (-33 %) and dorsal duct (-17 %), increase of pancreatic juice and symptoms improvement were observed. Secretin administration increases the accuracy of MRCP in detecting Santorinicele and demonstrates the impaired duodenal filling. S-MRCP is useful to assess results of sphincterotomy. (orig.)

  9. On capital flows and macroeconomic performance: Evidence before and after the financial crisis in Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magda Kandil


    Full Text Available The paper sheds light on the Turkish experience of capital account liberalization and its effect on key macroeconomic variables, using quarterly data in a multivariate VAR model. We also take into consideration the crisis breakpoint in 2001 and estimate the effect of shocks attributed to capital flows, using quarterly data during the sub-periods 1989:01–2001:01 and 2001:02–2009:03. The findings indicate that capital flows have varying effects on the Turkish economy before and after the crisis in 2001 and the evidence supports significant effects of liberalizing financial flows on macroeconomic performance, especially during the post-crisis period (2001:02–2009:03. Moreover, this latter period exhibited evidence of sterilization policy that has helped mopping up excess liquidity and containing inflationary pressures. These factors seem to signal deliberate efforts by the Central Bank of Turkey to stem the risk of appreciation of the real exchange rate and preserve export competitiveness during periods of high financial inflows, a trend that has been reversed recently by the surge in outflows and currency depreciation in many emerging markets in anticipation of imminent normalization of monetary policy in the United States.

  10. Studies of the binding of ethidium bromide to cells before and after enzyme treatment. (United States)

    Eisenhut, M; Choné, B


    Binding of ethidium bromide (EB) to cells before and after HCl, pepsin and RNase treatment was investiaged by spectophotometric and fluorimetric methods. Binding isotherms, calculated with the McGheevon Hippel equation, taking EB as a non-interacting ligand, revealed the influcence of these treatments on the fluorescence characteristics of the cells which were measured by flow-through cytofluorimetry. Thus pepsin- and RNase-treated cells have a reduced intercalation capacity due to the loss of cytoplasmic RNA and RNA hydrolysis, respectively. HCl alone, or in association with pepsin, increased the equilibrium constant K considerably. Thus at low free EB concentrations the enchanced EB affinity of acid-pretreated cells generates a high fluorescence intensity, by comparison with treatments at neutral pH. This result contradicts the interpretation of high EB binding to acid pretreated cells which is commonly believed to be due to hydrolytic histone removal from potential intercalation sites. With increasing free EB concentrations the fluorescence intensities of RNase- and pepsin-treated cells culminate at the same level due to their amost identical intercalation capacities. Consequently, quantitative DNA analysis of pretreated cell suspensions with EB can only be performed if the alteration, induced by the pretreatment, has previously been studied.

  11. Green tea catechins and their metabolites in human skin before and after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. (United States)

    Clarke, Kayleigh A; Dew, Tristan P; Watson, Rachel E B; Farrar, Mark D; Osman, Joanne E; Nicolaou, Anna; Rhodes, Lesley E; Williamson, Gary


    Dietary flavonoids may protect against sunburn inflammation in skin. Preliminary reports using less complete analysis suggest that certain catechins and their metabolites are found in skin biopsies and blister fluid after consumption of green tea; however, it is not known if they are affected by solar-simulated ultraviolet radiation (UVR) or whether conjugated forms, with consequently altered bioactivity, are present. The present study tested the hypothesis that UVR affects the catechin levels in the skin of healthy volunteers after consumption of green tea and how catechins in the plasma are related to their presence in skin tissue samples. In an open oral intervention study, 11 subjects consumed green tea and vitamin C supplements daily for 3months. Presupplementation and postsupplementation plasma samples, suction blister fluid and skin biopsies were collected; the latter two samples were collected both before and after UVR. A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometric assay was used to measure the intact catechin metabolites, conjugates and free forms. Seven green tea catechins and their corresponding metabolites were identified postsupplementation in skin biopsies, 20 in blister fluid and 26 in plasma, with 15 green tea catechin metabolites present in both blister fluid and plasma. The valerolactone, O-methyl-M4-O-sulfate, a gut microbiota metabolite of catechins, was significantly increased 1.6-fold by UVR in blister fluid samples. In conclusion, there were some common catechin metabolites in the plasma and blister fluid, and the concentration was always higher in plasma. The results suggest that green tea catechins and metabolites are bioavailable in skin and provide a novel link between catechin metabolites derived from the skin and gut microbiota.

  12. Biochemical and nutritional evaluation of patients with visceral leishmaniasis before and after treatment with leishmanicidal drugs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana Gatto


    Full Text Available Introduction Visceral leishmaniasis (VL is caused by the intracellular protozoan Leishmania donovani complex. VL may be asymptomatic or progressive and is characterized by fever, anemia, weight loss and the enlargement of the spleen and liver. The nutritional status of the patients with VL is a major determinant of the progression, severity and mortality of the disease, as it affects the clinical progression of the disease. Changes in lipoproteins and plasma proteins may have major impacts in the host during infection. Thus, our goal was evaluate the serum total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL, low-density lipoprotein (LDL, triglycerides, glucose, albumin, globulin and total protein levels, as well as the body composition, of VL patients before and after treatment. Methods Nutritional evaluation was performed using the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA to assess body composition. Biochemical data on the serum total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, albumin, globulin and total protein were collected from the medical charts of the patients. Results BIA indicated that both pre-treatment and post-treatment patients exhibited decreased phase angles compared to the controls, which is indicative of disease. Prior to treatment, the patients exhibited lower levels of total body water compared to the controls. Regarding the biochemical evaluation, patients with active VL exhibited lower levels of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and albumin and higher triglyceride levels compared to patients after treatment and the controls. Treatment increased the levels of albumin and lipoproteins and decreased the triglyceride levels. Conclusions Our results suggest that patients with active VL present biochemical and nutritional changes that are reversed by treatment.

  13. Prospective Study on Salivary Evening Melatonin and Sleep before and after Pinealectomy in Humans. (United States)

    Slawik, Helen; Stoffel, Michael; Riedl, Lina; Veselý, Zdenko; Behr, Michael; Lehmberg, Jens; Pohl, Corina; Meyer, Bernhard; Wiegand, Michael; Krieg, Sandro M


    Melatonin is secreted systemically from the pineal gland maximally at night but is also produced locally in many tissues. Its chronobiological function is mainly exerted by pineal melatonin. It is a feedback regulator of the main circadian pacemaker in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nuclei and of many peripheral oscillators. Although exogenous melatonin is approved for circadian rhythm sleep disorders and old-age insomnia, research on endogenous melatonin in humans is hindered by the great interindividual variability of its amount and circadian rhythm. Single case studies on pinealectomized patients report on disrupted but also hypersomnic sleep. This is the first systematic prospective report on sleep with respect to pinealectomy due to pinealocytoma World Health Organization grade I without chemo- or radiotherapy. Before and after pinealectomy, 8 patients completed questionnaires on sleep quality and circadian rhythm (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire), 2 nights of polysomnography, salivary evening melatonin profiles, and qualitative assessment of 2 weeks of actigraphy and sleep logs. Six patients were assessed retrospectively up to 4 years after pinealectomy. Before pinealectomy, all but 1 patient showed an evening melatonin rise typical for indifferent chronotypes. After pinealectomy, evening saliva melatonin was markedly diminished, mostly below the detection limit of the assay (0.09 pg/mL). No systematic change in subjective sleep quality or standard measures of polysomnography was found. Mean pre- and postoperative sleep efficiency was 94% and 95%, and mean sleep-onset latency was 21 and 17 min, respectively. Sleep-wake rhythm during normal daily life did not change. Retrospective patients had a reduced sleep efficiency (90%) and more stage changes, although this was not significantly different from prospective patients. In conclusion, melatonin does seem to have a modulatory, not a

  14. Cervical intraspinal microstimulation evokes robust forelimb movements before and after injury (United States)

    Sunshine, Michael D.; Cho, Frances S.; Lockwood, Danielle R.; Fechko, Amber S.; Kasten, Michael R.; Moritz, Chet T.


    Objective. Intraspinal microstimulation (ISMS) is a promising method for reanimating paralyzed limbs following neurological injury. ISMS within the cervical and lumbar spinal cord is capable of evoking a variety of highly-functional movements prior to injury, but the ability of ISMS to evoke forelimb movements after cervical spinal cord injury is unknown. Here we examine the forelimb movements and muscles activated by cervical ISMS both before and after contusion injury. Approach. We documented the forelimb muscles activated and movements evoked via systematic stimulation of the rodent cervical spinal cord both before injury and three, six and nine weeks following a moderate C4/C5 lateralized contusion injury. Animals were anesthetized with isoflurane to permit construction of somatotopic maps of evoked movements and quantify evoked muscle synergies between cervical segments C3 and T1. Main results. When ISMS was delivered to the cervical spinal cord, a variety of responses were observed at 68% of locations tested, with a spatial distribution that generally corresponded to the location of motor neuron pools. Stimulus currents required to achieve movement and the number of sites where movements could be evoked were unchanged by spinal cord injury. A transient shift toward extension-dominated movements and restricted muscle synergies were observed at three and six weeks following injury, respectively. By nine weeks after injury, however, ISMS-evoked patterns were similar to spinally-intact animals. Significance. The results demonstrate the potential for cervical ISMS to reanimate hand and arm function following spinal cord injury. Robust forelimb movements can be evoked both before and during the chronic stages of recovery from a clinically relevant and sustained cervical contusion injury.

  15. Medical student attitudes before and after participation in rural health fairs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David C Landy


    Full Text Available Background: Despite an increased need, residents of rural communities have decreased access to healthcare and oftenpresentuniquehealthcare challenges associated with their rurality. Ensuring medical students receive adequate exposure to these issues is complicated by the urban location of most medical schools. Health fairs (fairs conducted in rural communities can provide students exposure to ruralhealth;however, it is unknown how participation affects attitudes regarding these issues. Materials and Methods: During the 2010-2011 academic year, first-year medical students were surveyed before and after participating in a rural fair regarding the importance of rural health issues, the need for exposure to rural healthcare, their plans to practice in a rural community,andthe educational impact of fairs. Results : Of the 121participating students, 77% and 61% completed pre- and post-fair surveys, respectively. Few had lived in a rural area or planned to practice primary care. Participants strongly agreed that the delivery of healthcare in rural areas was important, and that all physicians should receive rural health training (4.8 and 3.7 out of 5, respectively despite less than halfplanning to practice in a rural community.After participating in a rural fair, student attitudes were unchanged, although 87% of participants strongly agreed their involvement had contributed to improving patient health and 70% that the fairs provided rural medicine experience. Conclusions : Among urban medical school students with varied interests in primary care, there was strong interest in volunteering at rural fairs and appreciation for the importance of rural health. Fairs provided interested students with rural medicine experience that reinforced student attitudes regarding rural health. Further, students felt their participation improved patient health.

  16. The relationship between serum vitamin A and breast cancer staging before and after radiotherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréa Matos


    Full Text Available Introduction: Several adverse effects of radiotherapy have been associated with the process of increased oxidative stress in the organism. In this context, vitamin A noteworthy for its important role in combating oxidative stress, in addition to its chemoprotective effect. Objective: To assess the serum levels of vitamin A (retinol and β-carotene and their relationship to breast cancer staging in patients before and after radiotherapy. Methods: This is a prospective study of women with breast cancer who were evaluated from October 2011 to September 2012 before (T0 and after radiotherapy (T1-7 days. Serum retinol and β-carotene levels were analyzed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. The assignment of breast cancer stages was based on the classification of malignant tumors that has been proposed by the International Union Against Cancer. Results: 230 patients (mean age 63.6 years, SD ± 9.38 were evaluated. There was a significant reduction in the serum retinol (45.1 ± 18.2 μg/dL at T0 to 27.1 ± 11.7 μg/dL at T1, p < 0.001 and β-carotene (209.0 ± 153.6 μg/L at T0 to 47.7 ± 25.5 μg/L at T1, p < 0.001. There was also a significant difference in serum retinol (p < 0.001 and β-carotene (p = 0.003 levels based on the disease stage. Conclusions: It is recommended the early establishment of adequation serum concentrations of retinol and beta-carotene, offering nutritional assistance for those patients with deficiencies, in order to minimize the harmful effects of radiation.

  17. Parkinsonism and AIDS: a clinical comparative study before and after HAART

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Lucia Zuma de Rosso


    Full Text Available In 2002, after analyzing 28 HIV-positive patients with movement disorders we emphasized the decreasing not only of Parkinsonism but also of other involuntary movements in HIV patients in the last few years. The objective of this study is to compare the clinical results between HIV-positive patients with Parkinsonism before and after HAART. In 14 years (1986-1999 2,460 HIV-positive patients were seen in our Hospital 14 (0.6% of which presented with Parkinsonism. Eight years after (2000-2007 970 HIV positive patients were seen and only two (0.2% had Parkinsonism. We conclude that after the introduction of HAART there was an evident decrease in AIDS-related Parkinsonism.No ano de 2002, após analisarmos 28 pacientes HIV-positivos que apresentavam distúrbios do movimento, enfatizamos o declínio, não só do parkinsonismo, como também de outros movimentos involuntários em pacientes infectados pelo HIV nos últimos anos. O objetivo deste estudo é comparar os resultados clínicos entre pacientes HIV-positivos com parkinsonismo antes e depois da introdução do esquema HAART. Em 14 anos (1986-1999, 2.460 pacientes HIV-positivos foram avaliados em nosso Hospital dos quais 14 (0,6% apresentaram parkinsonismo. Nos oito anos seguintes (2000-2007, 970 pacientes HIV-positivos foram avaliados e somente dois (0,2% tinham parkinsonismo. Concluímos que após a introdução do esquema HAART houve evidente declínio do parkinsonismo secundário à AIDS.

  18. Renal function and morphology in aged Beagle dogs before and after hydrocortisone administration.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pascale M Y Smets

    Full Text Available Objectives of this study were to evaluate glomerular filtration rate (GFR, renal structural changes and proteinuria in aged Beagle dogs before and after hydrocortisone (HC administration. Eleven Beagle dogs ≥10 years old were treated with either hydrocortisone (HC group, n = 6 or placebo (control group, n = 5. Urinary markers, GFR and kidney biopsies were evaluated before (T0, during (T16 wks and after discontinuing HC administration (T24 wks. Results indicate that HC administration causes a significant increase in GFR. At all time points except T16 wks, proteinuria was higher in the control group than in the HC group, and there was no significant difference in urinary markers between groups. At T16 wks, proteinuria, urinary albumin-to-creatinine (c ratio, immunoglobulin G/c and retinol-binding protein/c were higher compared to baseline in the HC group. At T0, rare to mild renal lesions were detected in all HC dogs and rare to moderate changes in all control dogs. Glomerulosclerosis progressed in both groups until T24 wks. Tubular atrophy was detected in three HC dogs at T16 wks and T24 wks, but also in five control dogs throughout the study. At every time point, five HC dogs and all control dogs had rare to moderate interstitial inflammation. Rare to mild interstitial fibrosis was found in up to three HC dogs at T16 wks and T24 wks, and severe fibrosis in one HC dog at T24 wks. Up to four control dogs had rare to mild fibrosis at all time points. These findings indicate that clinically healthy, aged Beagle dogs may have considerable renal lesions and proteinuria, which could have implications for experimental or toxicological studies. Additional research is needed to elucidate glucocorticoid effects on renal structure, but functional changes such as hyperfiltration and proteinuria warrant attention to kidney function of canine patients with Cushing's syndrome or receiving exogenous glucocorticoids.

  19. Comet 17P/Holmes: contrast in activity between before and after the 2007 outburst

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ishiguro, Masateru; Kim, Yoonyoung; Warjurkar, Dhanraj S.; Ham, Ji-Beom [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, Gwanak, Seoul 151-742 (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Junhan [Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, 933 North Cherry Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85721 (United States); Usui, Fumihiko [Department of Astronomy, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 (Japan); Vaubaillon, Jeremie J. [Observatoire de Paris, I.M.C.C.E., Denfert Rochereau, Bat. A., F-75014 Paris (France); Ishihara, Daisuke [Department of Physics, School of Science, Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-8602 (Japan); Hanayama, Hidekazu [Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0024 (Japan); Sarugaku, Yuki; Hasegawa, Sunao [Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, 3-1-1 Yoshinodai, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-5210 (Japan); Kasuga, Toshihiro; Watanabe, Jun-ichi [National Astronomical Observatory, 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8588 (Japan); Pyo, Jeonghyun [Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Daejeon 305-348 (Korea, Republic of); Kuroda, Daisuke [National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, Kamogata-cho, Okayama 719-0232 (Japan); Ootsubo, Takafumi [Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8578 (Japan); Sakamoto, Makoto; Narusawa, Shin-ya; Takahashi, Jun [Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory, Center for Astronomy, University of Hyogo, Sayo, Hyogo 679-5313 (Japan); Akisawa, Hiroki, E-mail: [Himeji City Science Museum, Himeji, Hyogo 671-2222 (Japan)


    A Jupiter-family comet, 17P/Holmes, underwent outbursts in 1892 and 2007. In particular, the 2007 outburst is known as the greatest outburst over the past century. However, little is known about the activity before the outburst because it was unpredicted. In addition, the time evolution of the nuclear physical status has not been systematically studied. Here, we study the activity of 17P/Holmes before and after the 2007 outburst through optical and mid-infrared observations. We found that the nucleus was highly depleted in its near-surface icy component before the outburst but that it became activated after the 2007 outburst. Assuming a conventional 1 μm sized grain model, we derived a surface fractional active area of 0.58% ± 0.14% before the outburst whereas the area was enlarged by a factor of ∼50 after the 2007 outburst. We also found that large (≥1 mm) particles could be dominant in the dust tail observed around aphelion. Based on the size of the particles, the dust production rate was ≳170 kg s{sup –1} at a heliocentric distance of r{sub h} = 4.1 AU, suggesting that the nucleus was still active around the aphelion passage. The nucleus color was similar to that of the dust particles and average for a Jupiter-family comet but different from that of most Kuiper Belt objects, implying that color may be inherent to icy bodies in the solar system. On the basis of these results, we concluded that more than 76 m of surface material was blown off by the 2007 outburst.

  20. Sexual behaviour reported by a sample of Italian MSM before and after HIV diagnosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Camoni


    Full Text Available In 2006 we conducted a cross-sectional study involving hospital clinical centres in five Italian cities to compare the sexual behaviour of HIV-positive MSM (men who have sex with men before and after the diagnosis of HIV infection. Each centre was asked to enrol 30 HIV-positive persons aged > 18 years. The questionnaire was administered to 143 MSM on average 9 years after HIV diagnosis. After diagnosis there was a decrease in the number of sexual partners: the percentage of persons who reported having had more than 2 partners decreased from 95.8% before diagnosis to 76.2% after diagnosis. After diagnosis, there was a significant decrease in the percentage of persons who had never (or not always used a condom with their stable partner for anal sex from 69.2% before diagnosis to 26.6% after diagnosis and for oral-genital sex from 74.8% before diagnosis to 51.7% after diagnosis. Though at-risk behaviour seems to decrease after diagnosis, seropositive MSM continue to engage in at-risk practices: one fourth of them did not use a condom during sexually transmitted infections (STI episodes, 12.5% of the participants had had sex for money, and 8.4% had paid for sex. The study shows that our sample of Italian HIV-positive MSM, though aware of being infected, engage in sexual behaviours that could sustain transmission of HIV and other STIs. The results could constitute the first step in implementing national prevention programs for persons living with HIV.

  1. Disparities in colorectal cancer in African-Americans vs Whites: Before and after diagnosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Anastasios Dimou; Kostas N Syrigos; Muhammad Wasif Saif


    There are differences between African-American and white patients with colorectal cancer, concerning their characteristics before and after diagnosis. Whites are more likely to adhere to screening guidelines. This is also the case among people with positive family history. Colorectal cancer is more frequent in Blacks. Studies have shown that that since 1985, colon cancer rates have dipped 20% to 25% for Whites, while rates have gone up for African-American men and stayed the same for African-American women. Overall, African-Americans are 38% to 43% more likely to die from colon cancer than are Whites. Furthermore, it seems that there is an African-American predominance in right-sited tumors. African Americans tend to be diagnosed at a later stage, to suffer from better differentiated tumors, and to have worse prognosis when compared with Whites. Moreover, less black patients receive adjuvant chemotherapy for resectable colorectal cancer or radiation therapy for rectal cancer. Caucasians seem to respond better to standard chemotherapy regimens than African- Americans. Concerning toxicity, it appears that patients of African-American descent are more likely to develop 5-FU toxicity than Whites, possibly because of their different dihydropyridine dehydrogenase status. Last but not least, screening surveillance seems to be higher among white than among black long-term colorectal cancer survivors. Socioeconomic and educational status account for most of these differences whereas little evidence exists for a genetic contribution in racial disparity. Understanding the nature of racial differences in colorectal cancer allows tailoring of screening and treatment interventions.

  2. Diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in patients with schizophrenia, before and after antipsychotic treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rayees Ahmad Wani


    Full Text Available Background: Treatment with antipsychotics increases the risk of developing diabetes in patients of schizophrenia but this diabetogenic potential of different antipsychotics seems to be different. Moreover, there may be an independent link between schizophrenia and diabetes. So we plan to study the prevalence of glucose dysregulation in patients of schizophrenia before and after treatment with various antipsychotics. Materials and Methods: Fifty patients (32 males and 18 females diagnosed with schizophrenia were evaluated for glucose dysregulation using oral glucose tolerance test, initially (drug naive and after antipsychotic treatment. Age- and sex-matched healthy volunteer group of 50 subjects (35 males and 15 females was taken for comparison. Results were interpreted using American Diabetic Association criteria. Results: Though the glycemic status of the patient group was comparable with healthy controls initially but antipsychotic treatment was associated with glucose dysregulation. For first 6 weeks the antipsychotic (olanzapine, risperidone, haloperidol and aripiprazole-induced glucose dysregulation was comparable, which was seen to be maximum with the olanzapine-treated group at the end of this study, 14 weeks. Conclusion: We conclude that antipsychotic treatment of nondiabetic drug naive schizophrenia patients was associated with adverse effects on glucose regulation. For initial 6 weeks the antipsychotic-induced glucose dysregulation was comparable, which was seen to be maximum with olanzapine at the end of study, i.e. 14 weeks. Keeping this at the back of mind we can stabilize a patient initially with a more effective drug, olanzapine, and later on shift to one with less metabolic side effects.

  3. Self-Reported Cognitive Outcomes in Patients With Brain Metastases Before and After Radiation Therapy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cole, Ansa Maer [Department of Radiation Oncology, Medical School Hannover, Hannover (Germany); Scherwath, Angela [Department of Medical Psychology, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg (Germany); Ernst, Gundula [Department of Medical Psychology, Medical School Hannover, Hannover (Germany); Lanfermann, Heinrich [Institute for Neuroradiology, Medical School Hannover, Hannover (Germany); Bremer, Michael [Department of Radiation Oncology, Medical School Hannover, Hannover (Germany); Steinmann, Diana, E-mail: [Department of Radiation Oncology, Medical School Hannover, Hannover (Germany)


    Purpose: Patients with brain metastases may experience treatment-related cognitive deficits. In this study, we prospectively assessed the self-reported cognitive abilities of patients with brain metastases from any solid primary cancer before and after irradiation of the brain. Methods and Materials: The treatment group (TG) consisted of adult patients (n=50) with brain metastases who received whole or partial irradiation of the brain without having received prior radiation therapy (RT). The control group (CG) consisted of breast cancer patients (n=27) without cranial involvement who were treated with adjuvant RT. Patients were recruited between May 2008 and December 2010. Self-reported cognitive abilities were acquired before RT and 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months after irradiation. The information regarding the neurocognitive status was collected by use of the German questionnaires for self-perceived deficits in attention (FEDA) and subjectively experienced everyday memory performance (FEAG). Results: The baseline data showed a high proportion of self-perceived neurocognitive deficits in both groups. A comparison between the TG and the CG regarding the course of self-reported outcomes after RT showed significant between-group differences for the FEDA scales 2 and 3: fatigue and retardation of daily living activities (P=.002) and decrease in motivation (P=.032) with an increase of attention deficits in the TG, but not in the CG. There was a trend towards significance in FEDA scale 1: distractibility and retardation of mental processes (P=.059) between the TG and the CG. The FEAG assessment presented no significant differences. An additional subgroup analysis within the TG was carried out. FEDA scale 3 showed significant differences in the time-related progress between patients with whole-brain RT and those receiving hypofractionated stereotactic RT (P=.025), with less decrease in motivation in the latter group. Conclusion: Self-reported attention declined in

  4. Microscopic Structures of Endosperms Before and After Gelatinization in Rice Varieties with Varied Grain Quality

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YANG Ze-min; WANG Wei-jin; LAN Sheng-yin; XU Zhen-xiu; ZHOU Zhu-qing; WANG Meng


    The microscopic structures of the endosperm of indica rice varieties with different quality be-fore and after gelatinization were observed using scanning electron microscope. The results showed that the de-gree of gelatinization varied in different parts of the grain and in different varieties under the same experimen-tal conditions. The gelatinization of dorsal side was the most complete. Its cells were decomposed totally intopuff-like or flocculent materials. The ventral side gelatinized less thoroughly, appearing agglomerate and somecell frames were still visible. The middle part gelatinized most incompletely and the cells were still integrated.Evident differences in gelatinization were observed among different varieties, the dorsal, ventral and middleparts of high quality varieties gelatinized more thoroughly than those of the corresponding parts of low qualityvarieties respectively. An obvious concavity often appeared in the middle of the cross-section of the low qualitygrains while the cross-section of high quality grains was normally flat. The same phenomenon was noted whencomparing the early maturing indica rice and the late maturing indica rice. Varietal difference of gelatiniza-tion in dorsal sides was not as distinct as in middle parts and ventral sides. The difference among dorsal side,middle part and ventral side in gelatinization was greater in low quality grains than that of high quality grains.In addition, a lot of ruptured cells were observed in the cross-section of high quality rice, while few of themcould be found in the low quality rice. Apparently, the number of ruptured cells is positively correlated withrice quality. Quality of rice grain also has positive correlation with the rate of water absorption and extension. Highrates of water absorption and extension lead to better gelatinization of rice grain, and hence indicate good quality.

  5. Immunocytochemical studies of chicken somatotrophs and somatotroph granules before and after hatching. (United States)

    Malamed, S; Gibney, J A; Cain, L D; Perez, F M; Scanes, C G


    Immunocytochemical methods were used to gain information about the embryonic development of chicken somatotrophs before and after hatching. To localize growth hormone, anterior pituitary sections were incubated with growth-hormone antibody, and then an indirect peroxidase method was used for light microscopy and an immunogold method for electron microscopy. The earliest evidence of embryonic somatotrophs was seen at 12 days. At this stage somatotrophs were sparse (0.2% of parenchymal cells) and their granules were pleomorphic with elongated ovoid and lozenge shapes predominating. Few of the immunogold-labeled somatotroph granules of the embryo were spherical until 15 days after fertilization. At 18 days, most of the granules were spherical (their shape in the adult chicken). During the six days between the 15-day-old embryo and the 1-day-old chick, the number of gold particles per granule section approximately doubled suggesting an increase in growth hormone content of the granules. This rise was the result of increases in the size of the granule sections and in the concentration of gold particles in the sections. During the embryonic period of 12-20 days, somatotrophs were not more than 3.6% of the anterior pituitary cell population. During the following two days, between the 20-day-old embryo and the 1-day-old chick, the percentage of somatotrophs in the pituitary parenchymal cell population rose rapidly from 3.6% to 20.7% and then increased slowly to 24.6% during the period of 1-5 days after hatching.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  6. [Calcium distribution in the central cell of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) before and after pollination]. (United States)

    Qiu, Yi Lan; Liu, Ru Shi; Ye, Lv; Tian, Hui


    Potassium antimonite precipitation was used to locate calcium in the central cell of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) before and after pollination. At 3d before anthesis, two polar nuclei of central cell separately located at two polarity of the cell, and few calcium precipitates (ppts) appeared in the polar nuclei and cytoplasm, but some ppts in its small vacuoles. At 2d before anthesis, two polar nuclei moved toward the middle of the cell and fused to form a secondary nucleus, and the ppts evidently increased in the nucleus and cytoplasm. At 1d before anthesis, secondary nucleus again moved toward micropylar end and located near the egg to prepare for fertilization. Calcium precipitates were mainly accumulated in the secondary nucleus. After pollination and before fertilization, the distribution of calcium ppts was similar to that before pollination. At 4h after pollination, the central cell was fertilized, and calcium ppts evidently increased in the cell and numerous were accumulated in its nucleus and cytoplasm. At 6h after pollination, the primary endosperm nucleus completed its first division and formed two dissociate endosperm nuclei, and still many calcium precipitates appeared in the nucleus and cytoplasm. With endosperm development, calcium ppts decreased in the endosperm cell. At 1d after emasculated and without pollination, the secondary nucleus of the cell still bordered on the egg and some calcium ppts appeared in the secondary nucleus. The results indicated that the temporal and spatial changes of calcium in the central cell may play an important physiological role during the development of the central cell and endosperm.

  7. Plasticity of visual attention in Isha yoga meditation practitioners before and after a 3-month retreat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claire eBraboszcz


    Full Text Available Meditation has lately received considerable interest from cognitive neuroscience. Studies suggest that daily meditation leads to long lasting attentional and neuronal plasticity. We present changes related to the attentional systems before and after a 3 month intensive meditation retreat. We used 3 behavioral psychophysical tests - a Stroop task, an attentional blink task, and a global-local letter task - to assess the effect of Isha yoga meditation on attentional resource allocation. 82 Isha yoga practitioners were tested at the beginning and at the end of the retreat. Our results showed an increase in correct responses specific to incongruent stimuli in the Stroop task. Congruently, a positive correlation between previous meditation experience and accuracy to incongruent Stroop stimuli was also observed at baseline. We also observed a reduction of the attentional blink. Unexpectedly, a negative correlation between previous meditation experience and attentional blink performance at baseline was observed. Regarding spatial attention orientation as assessed using the global-local letter task, participants showed a bias toward local processing. Only slight differences in performance were found pre- vs. post- meditation retreat. Previous meditation experience influenced the Stroop and attentional blink tasks in opposite directions – for the Stroop task congruent with the improvements seen after the retreat whereas for the attentional blink previous experience correlated negatively with performance. Biasing towards the local stimuli in the global-local task and negative correlation of previous meditation experience with attentional blink performance is consistent with Isha practices being more focused-attention practices. Given the relatively small effect sizes and the absence of a control group, our results do not allow clear support nor rejection of the hypothesis of meditation-driven neuronal plasticity in the attentional system for Isha yoga

  8. Mutans streptococci strains prevalence before and after cavity preparation during Atraumatic Restorative Treatment. (United States)

    Toi, C S; Bönecker, M; Cleaton-Jones, P E


    Critics argue that all carious dentine is not removed from the hand-prepared cavity during the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) procedure, and that the caries process is soon resumed. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of ART in removing carious tissue, by investigating the numbers of mutans streptococci and lactobacilli, with emphasis on the prevalence of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus strains before, and after ART treatment of dental caries. Two microbiology samples were collected. The first sample was removed from the centre of the carious lesion at the enamel-dentine junction, and the second was collected from the centre of the hard cavity wall above the pulp, after the soft infected dentine had been manually removed. A total of 71 mutans streptococci isolates from 31 children and 40 carious teeth were subcultured, biochemically characterised and genotyped by the arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction (AP-PCR). Results showed a significant decrease in TVC (Ppreparation. AP-PCR identified S. mutans strains that were undetectable during biotyping, and divided clinical isolates into two main clusters. In all, 63% (45/71) of isolates from the carious lesions comprised S. mutans strains. After cavity preparation, this was reduced to 35% (25/71), of which 30% (21/71) were S. mutans and the remaining 6% (4/71) S. sobrinus strains. The number of mutans streptococci strains was below detectable levels in 19 of the prepared cavities. The significant decrease in bacteria after manual cavity preparation demonstrates the reliability of a standardized ART technique, yet the presence of S. mutans strains shows that the effectiveness of the ART procedure can vary during treatment and between dental practitioners.

  9. Free living energy expenditure in post menopausal women before and after exercise training. (United States)

    Keytel, L R; Lambert, M I; Johnson, J; Noakes, T D; Lambert, E V


    The aim of the study was to determine the effects of 8 weeks of moderate exercise training, on 24-hour free living energy expenditure in previously sedentary post-menopausal women. The experimental group (EX) included 9 women. Ten non-exercising control subjects (CON) were recruited to undergo pre- and post-testing. Estimated total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), total 24-hour heart beats (HB), total energy intake (TEI), resting metabolic rate, maximal oxygen consumption (VáO2max), body composition, and submaximal heart rate were measured before and after the exercise intervention. Body composition did not change (body fat % in CON 34.0 +/- 4.0% vs. 33.9 +/- 3.6% and EX 34.1 +/- 4.0% vs. 34.0 +/- 3.4%). Mean submaximal heart rate during steady-state exercise in EX was lower after training compared to CON (p post, respectively), RMR (CON 134.2 +/- 9.4 vs. 136.9 +/- 15.0 KJ/kgFFM/day, and EX 138.4 +/- 6.4 vs. 140.7 +/- 14.2 KJ/kgFFM/day, pre vs. post, respectively), TEI (CON 7.9 +/- 2.2 vs. 8.2 +/- 2.5 MJ, and EX 9.4 +/-1.6 vs. 8.3 +/- 2.8 MJ), nor HB (CON 110,808 +/- 12,574 vs. 107,366 +/- 12,864 beats, and EX 110,188 +/- 9,219 vs. 114,590 +/- 12,750 beats) change over 8 weeks in either group. These data suggest that a moderate exercise program may not impact on TDEE, RMR, TEI, or HB in previously sedentary, older women.

  10. [Prospective study of the function of the anal sphincter before and after hemorrhoidectomy]. (United States)

    Champigneulle, B; Dieterling, P; Bigard, M A; Gaucher, P


    A prospective study was carried out on the anorectal function in patients with hemorrhoids (group H, n = 25) versus normal controls (group T, n = 22) and on the effect at three months of hemorrhoidectomy on sphincter function and anal continence. Hemorrhoidectomy was performed by the same surgeon using the standard Milligan Morgan procedure in all cases. All patients and controls underwent an anal manometry, a measure of the length of the anal sphincter and a saline continence test. Anal resting pressure was higher in group H as compared to group T before hemorrhoidectomy (136 +/- 32 cm H2O vs 98 +/- 19 p less than 0.001). After hemorrhoidectomy, and resting pressure was significantly lower (141 +/- 21 cm H2O vs 106 +/- 25 p less than 0.01). Anal length was similar in group H and in group T (50.2 +/- 6.6 mm vs 45 +/- 5.5 NS) but decreased significantly after hemorrhoidectomy (41.9 +/- 7.6 vs 50.3 +/- 7.3 p less than 0.01). Ultraslow waves were more often observed in patients with piles (60 p. 100 vs 9 p. 100 of normal controls). After hemorrhoidectomy ultraslow waves were less commonly encountered (25 p. 100 p less than 0.05). Anal leakage during the saline continence test was observed in 12 and 82 p. 100 of patients before and after hemorrhoidectomy, respectively (p less than 0.001). No anal leakage was observed in the control groups. After hemorrhoidectomy the mean volume of anal leakage was of 190 ml. In 35 p. 100 of the patients, anal leakage occurred before the anal infusion of 500 ml.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  11. Characterization of Brazilian mango kernel fat before and after gamma irradiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aquino, Fabiana da Silva; Ramos, Clecio Souza, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (UFRPE), Recife, PE (Brazil); Aquino, Katia Aparecida da Silva, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    Mangifera indica Linn (family of Anacardiaceae) is a tree indigenous to India, whose both unripe and ripe fruits (mangoes) are widely used by the local population. After consumption or industrial processing of the fruits, considerable amounts of mango seeds are discarded as waste. The kernel inside the seed represents from 45% to 75% of the seed and about 20% of the whole fruit and lipid composition of mango seed kernels has attracted the attention of researches because of their unique physical and chemical characteristics. Our study showed that fat of the mango kernel obtained by Soxhlet extraction with hexane had a solid consistency at environmental temperature (27 deg C) because it is rich in saturated acid. The fat contents of the seed of Mangifera indica was calculated to 10% and are comparable to the ones for commercial vegetable oils like soybean (11-25%). One problem found in the storage of fast and oils is the attack by microorganisms and the sterilization process becomes necessary. Samples of kernel fat were irradiated with gamma radiation ({sup 60}Co) at room temperature and air atmosphere at 5 and 10 kGy (sterilization doses). The data of GC-MS analysis revealed the presence of four major fatty acids in the sample of mango kernel examined and that the chemical profile of the sample not altered after being irradiated. Moreover, analysis of Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR H{sup 1}) was used to obtain the mango kernel fat parameters before and after gamma irradiation. The data interpretation of RMN H{sup 1} indicated that there are significant differences in the acidity and saponification indexes of fat. However, it was found an increase of 14% in iodine index of fat after irradiation. This result means that some double bonds were formed on the irradiation process of the fat. (author)

  12. Comparison of severe trauma care effect before and after advanced trauma life support training

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Peng; LI Neng-ping; GU Yong-feng; LU Xiao-bing; CONG Jian-nong; YANG Xin; LING Yun


    Objective: To study the emergency care effect of in-hospital severe trauma patients with the injury severity score (ISS)≥ 16 after medical staff received advanced trauma life support (ATLS) training.Methods: ATLS training was implemented by lectures,scenarios, field practices, and examinations. The clinical effect of in-hospital severe trauma care was compared 2 years before and after ATLS training.Results: During 2 years (from January 1, 2004, to December 31, 2005) before ATLS training, 438 cases of severe trauma were admitted and treated emergently in our department. Among them, ISS score was 28.6±7.8 on average, and 87 cases died with the mortality of 19.9%. The duration in emergency department and from admission to operation were 69.5 min±l 1.5 min and 89.6 min±9.3 min respectively. Two years (from January 1,2007, to December 31, 2008) after ATLS training, 382 cases of severe trauma were admitted and treated. The ISS was 25.3 ±6.1 on average and 62 cases died with the mortality of 15.1%. The duration in emergency department and from admission to operation were 47.8 min±10.7 min and 61.5 min±9.9 min respectively. The ISS score showed no significant difference between the two groups (P>0.05), but the mortality, the duration in emergency department and from admission to operation were markedly decreased after ATLS training and showed significant difference between the two groups (P<0.05).Conclusion: ATLS course training can improve the emergency care effect of in-hospital severe trauma patients,and should be put into practice as soon as possible in China.

  13. Detection of serum cytokines before and after pharmacological and surgical treatment in patients with cystic echinococcosis. (United States)

    Naik, M I; Tenguria, R K; Haq, E


    Human cystic echinococcosis (CE), caused by Echinococcus granulosus, is one of the most important and widespread parasitic zoonoses. One of the problems that can be encountered after treating CE patients is the risk of post-surgical relapses or treatment failure, thus a long-term clinical and serological follow-up is required to evaluate the success or failure of therapy. In the present study immunological markers have been identified to indicate the effectiveness of pharmacological and surgical treatments. The relationship between serum cytokine levels and the outcome of chemotherapy and surgery was evaluated in 50 patients with CE. Serum interleukin (IL)-4, IL-10 and interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) concentrations were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) before and after pharmacological and surgical treatment. Serum cytokine levels of IL-4, IL-10 and IFN-γ were elevated in a significant proportion of patients during the active stage of disease. IL-4, IL-10 and IFN-γ were measurable in 41 (82%), 37 (74%) and 25 (50%) patients before the treatment. Clinical and radiological assessment of patients 2 years after pharmacological treatment has shown that 48 of 50 patients responded to treatment. IL-4 and IL-10 levels were decreased significantly (P< 0.05) in these patients. Conversely, patients who did not respond showed high levels of IL-4 and IL-10 and undetectable levels of IFN-γ. Hence these results suggest that serum IL-4 and IL-10 detection may be useful in the follow-up of patients with CE.

  14. Changes in quality of life and perceptions of general health before and after operation of wind turbines. (United States)

    Jalali, Leila; Bigelow, Philip; McColl, Stephen; Majowicz, Shannon; Gohari, Mahmood; Waterhouse, Ryan


    Ontario is Canada's provincial leader in wind energy, with over 4000 MW of installed capacity supplying approximately five percent of the province's electricity demand. Wind energy is now one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable power in Canada and many other countries. However, its possible negative impact on population health, as a new source of environmental noise, has raised concerns for people living in proximity to wind turbines (WTs). The aims of this study were to assess the effect of individual differences and annoyance on the self-reported general health and health-related quality of life (QOL) of nearby residents, using a pre- and post-exposure design. Prospective cohort data were collected before and after WT operations, from the individuals (n = 43) in Ontario, Canada. General health and QOL metrics were measured using standard scales, such as SF12, life satisfaction scales developed by Diener (SWLS) and the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS-SWL). The mean values for the Mental Component Score of SF12 (p = 0.002), SWLS (p < 0.001), and CCHS-SWL (p = 0.044) significantly worsened after WT operation for those participants who had a negative attitude to WTs, who voiced concerns about property devaluation, and/or who reported being visually or noise annoyed.

  15. Airborne exposure and biological monitoring of bar and restaurant workers before and after the introduction of a smoking ban. (United States)

    Ellingsen, Dag G; Fladseth, Geir; Daae, Hanne L; Gjølstad, Merete; Kjaerheim, Kristina; Skogstad, Marit; Olsen, Raymond; Thorud, Syvert; Molander, Paal


    The aims were to assess the impact of a total smoking ban on the level of airborne contaminants and the urinary cotinine levels in the employees in bars and restaurants. In a follow up design, 13 bars and restaurants were visited before and after the implementation of a smoking ban. Ninety-three employees in the establishments were initially included into the study. The arithmetic mean concentration of nicotine and total dust declined from 28.3 microg m(-3) (range, 0.4-88.0) and 262 microg m(-3) (range, 52-662), respectively, to 0.6 microg m(-3) (range, not detected-3.7) and 77 microg m(-3) (range, not detected-261) after the smoking ban. The Pearson correlation coefficient between airborne nicotine and total dust was 0.86 (p restaurants. The urinary cotinine levels were reduced in non-smokers. The decline found in smokers may suggest a reduction in the amount of smoking after intervention. In non-smokers cotinine concentrations were higher based on urine sampled the morning after a shift than based on urine sampled immediately post-shift.

  16. Engaging life in two Irish nursing home units for people with dementia: Quantitative comparisons before and after implementing household environments.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Morgan-Brown, Mark


    Objectives: This study compares the Social Engagement and Interactive Occupation of residents with dementia in two Irish nursing homes, before and after conversion to a household model environment. The changes were an open plan design and a functioning unit kitchen, supported by a homemaker role and operational policies which reduced task-based work in favour of person-centred care offering choice. Method: A snapshot observation method was used to obtain quantitative data of resident activity using the Assessment Tool for Occupation and Social Engagement (ATOSE). Residents were assessed for four hours, on seven different weekdays, over a six-week period both pre- and post-renovation. The exception to this was the assessment of the traditional model unit (TMU) for Nursing Home 1 which was reduced to four days due to the early start of the building work. Results: The results were consistent for both nursing homes and data were aggregated. Residents spent more time in the communal living spaces and were more likely to be active and engaged in the household model units (HMUs) compared to the TMUs. Using the independent t-test, these changes were found to be highly significant (p < 0.001). Conclusion: Creating an HMU increased the Interactive Occupation and Social Engagement of residents in the communal areas of the two nursing homes. The physical environment change, in conjunction with supportive staff procedures and organizational initiatives, improved the well-being of residents with dementia. The outcomes must be viewed in context with financial implications.

  17. Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT of anxiety disorders before and after treatment with citalopram

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seedat Soraya


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Several studies have now examined the effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI treatment on brain function in a variety of anxiety disorders including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD, and social anxiety disorder (social phobia (SAD. Regional changes in cerebral perfusion following SSRI treatment have been shown for all three disorders. The orbitofrontal cortex (OFC (OCD, caudate (OCD, medial pre-frontal/cingulate (OCD, SAD, PTSD, temporal (OCD, SAD, PTSD and, thalamic regions (OCD, SAD are some of those implicated. Some data also suggests that higher perfusion pre-treatment in the anterior cingulate (PTSD, OFC, caudate (OCD and antero-lateral temporal region (SAD predicts subsequent treatment response. This paper further examines the notion of overlap in the neurocircuitry of treatment and indeed treatment response across anxiety disorders with SSRI treatment. Methods Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT using Tc-99 m HMPAO to assess brain perfusion was performed on subjects with OCD, PTSD, and SAD before and after 8 weeks (SAD and 12 weeks (OCD and PTSD treatment with the SSRI citalopram. Statistical parametric mapping (SPM was used to compare scans (pre- vs post-medication, and responders vs non-responders in the combined group of subjects. Results Citalopram treatment resulted in significant deactivation (p = 0.001 for the entire group in the superior (t = 4.78 and anterior (t = 4.04 cingulate, right thalamus (t = 4.66 and left hippocampus (t = 3.96. Deactivation (p = 0.001 within the left precentral (t = 4.26, right mid-frontal (t = 4.03, right inferior frontal (t = 3.99, left prefrontal (3.81 and right precuneus (t= 3.85 was more marked in treatment responders. No pattern of baseline activation distinguished responders from non-responders to subsequent pharmacotherapy. Conclusions Although each of the anxiety disorders may be mediated by different

  18. Lava flow hazard at Fogo Volcano, Cabo Verde, before and after the 2014-2015 eruption (United States)

    Richter, Nicole; Favalli, Massimiliano; de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen, Elske; Fornaciai, Alessandro; da Silva Fernandes, Rui Manuel; Pérez, Nemesio M.; Levy, Judith; Silva Victória, Sónia; Walter, Thomas R.


    Lava flow simulations help to better understand volcanic hazards and may assist emergency preparedness at active volcanoes. We demonstrate that at Fogo Volcano, Cabo Verde, such simulations can explain the 2014-2015 lava flow crisis and therefore provide a valuable base to better prepare for the next inevitable eruption. We conducted topographic mapping in the field and a satellite-based remote sensing analysis. We produced the first topographic model of the 2014-2015 lava flow from combined terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) and photogrammetric data. This high-resolution topographic information facilitates lava flow volume estimates of 43.7 ± 5.2 × 106 m3 from the vertical difference between pre- and posteruptive topographies. Both the pre-eruptive and updated digital elevation models (DEMs) serve as the fundamental input data for lava flow simulations using the well-established DOWNFLOW algorithm. Based on thousands of simulations, we assess the lava flow hazard before and after the 2014-2015 eruption. We find that, although the lava flow hazard has changed significantly, it remains high at the locations of two villages that were destroyed during this eruption. This result is of particular importance as villagers have already started to rebuild the settlements. We also analysed satellite radar imagery acquired by the German TerraSAR-X (TSX) satellite to map lava flow emplacement over time. We obtain the lava flow boundaries every 6 to 11 days during the eruption, which assists the interpretation and evaluation of the lava flow model performance. Our results highlight the fact that lava flow hazards change as a result of modifications of the local topography due to lava flow emplacement. This implies the need for up-to-date topographic information in order to assess lava flow hazards. We also emphasize that areas that were once overrun by lava flows are not necessarily safer, even if local lava flow thicknesses exceed the average lava flow thickness. Our

  19. Influence of custom-made and prefabricated insoles before and after an intense run (United States)


    Each time the foot contacts the ground during running there is a rapid deceleration that results in a shock wave that is transmitted from the foot to the head. The fatigue of the musculoskeletal system during running may decrease the ability of the body to absorb those shock waves and increase the risk of injury. Insoles are commonly prescribed to prevent injuries, and both custom-made and prefabricated insoles have been observed to reduce shock accelerations during running. However, no study to date has included a direct comparison of their behaviour measured over the same group of athletes, and therefore great controversy still exists regarding their effectiveness in reducing impact loading during running. The aim of the study was to analyse the acute differences in stride and shock parameters while running on a treadmill with custom-made and prefabricated insoles. Stride parameters (stride length, stride rate) and shock acceleration parameters (head and tibial peak acceleration, shock magnitude, acceleration rate, and shock attenuation) were measured using two triaxial accelerometers in 38 runners at 3.33 m/s before and after a 15-min intense run while using the sock liner of the shoe (control condition), prefabricated insoles and custom-made insoles. No differences in shock accelerations were found between the custom-made and the control insoles. The prefabricated insoles increased the head acceleration rate (post-fatigue, p = 0.029) compared to the control condition. The custom-made reduced tibial (pre-fatigue, p = 0.041) and head acceleration rates (pre-fatigue and post-fatigue, p = 0.01 and p = 0.046) compared to the prefabricated insoles. Neither the stride nor the acceleration parameters were modified as a result of the intense run. In the present study, the acute use of insoles (custom-made, prefabricated) did not reduce shock accelerations compared to the control insoles. Therefore, their effectiveness at protecting against injuries associated with

  20. Predicting alcohol consumption during the month before and after beginning college

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stout Robert L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We sought to determine predictors of drinking the month before and after beginning college, as well as changes in drinking between these two periods among adjudicated students. We conducted these analyses to inform individual and university-wide approaches to addressing underage drinking, particularly among the heaviest drinkers. Methods The sample consisted of 143 students entering college, adjudicated during their first semester, and interviewed during the same semester. The sample consisted of 43% women. Drinking data were collected through the Time-Line Follow-Back interview. Results The average number of drinking days (DD during the first month of college was 7.0 (SD = 4.7, the average number of drinks per drinking day (DDD was 7.4 (SD = 3.4, and the average volume of standard drink units consumed during this month was 56.3 (SD = 51.2. Students had volunteered for a two-year college facilitation study, and had been invited to participate after receiving a citation for violating university alcohol policies. Analyses consisted of nine backward elimination regression analyses with nine variables entered as predictors (one was a control variable. Age of first intoxication was related to every dependent measure. Men had a higher August DDD, September DDD, and September volume than women. Roommate drinking level was associated with September DDD and September volume. Out-of-state students had a lower August volume than in-state students. High school rank was inversely related to September drinking days. SAT score, declared major status, and fraternity/sorority status were not related to drinking according to these multivariate analyses. Conclusions Results suggest that approaches to underage drinking for adjudicated students may need to be tailored according to age of first intoxication. Results also suggest the drinking level of the heaviest drinking roommate may moderate individual level interventions. Further, interventions

  1. Expression of sIL-2R before and after Chemotherapy in Patients with Breast Cancer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    FAN Yuan-ming; SUN Zhi-jun


    Objective:To investigate the difference of peripheral blood sIL-2R before and after chemotherapy in breast cancer patients,and evaluate the clinical value of the sIL-2R in breast cancer's diagnosis and therapy.Methods:The peripheral blood sIL-2R levels of the breast cancer patients with or without chemotherapy were detected by ELISA.The healthy persons were made as the control group.Results:The slL-2R levels of the breast cancer patients were higher than that of the control group(P<0.05);the slL-2R's levels in Ⅰ~Ⅱ stage breast cancer were lower than that in Ⅲ~Ⅳ stag e breast cancer (P<0.05);the sIL-2R levels of the patients before chemotherapy were higher than that of the patients undergone chemotherapy(P<0.05);The level of the patient with chemotherapy was still higher than that of the control group(P<0.05);the sIL-2R levels of the patients whose chemotherapies were noneffective were higher than that of the patients received effective chemotherapies(P<0.05).There was no significant difference between the group with ER(+)or PR(+)and the group with ER(-)or PR(-)(P>0.05).Conclusion:The breast cancer patients have the high slL-2R levels.There is a close relationship between the cancer incidence and the patients,immune situation.The level of slL-2R could be a clinical index which Can be used for evaluating the cancer degree,because the higher levels of slL-2R can indicate that the immune ability of patient is worse.There is a significant difference between the slL-2R levels of the patients before chemotherapy and that of the patients undergone chemotherapy.

  2. Carbon uptake before and after the felling of an Eucalyptus forest (United States)

    Pita, Gabriel; Rodrigues, Abel; Mateus, Joao; Santos Pereira, Joao


    Espirra site (38°38'N,8°36'W) is located in a 300ha Eucalyptus globulus plantation, with a Mediterranean type climate with a mean annual precipitation of 709mm and a mean annual air temperature of 15.9°C. The plantation was established in 1986 with about 1100 trees ha-1. A 33m observation tower was installed in 2002, with an eddy covariance system. A harvesting of trees was made at the end of the 2nd rotation period, from November to December 2006. During the last four years of the second rotation the coppice were 20m height. Harvesting was planned in order to initiate a new 12 year productive cycle. In October 2008 a first thinning was made in three fourths of emerging stems from stumps. At this stage the forest trees had a mean height of 6m. during the period of analyses the total annual precipitation has varied between a minimum of 248mmYr-1 (2005) to a maximum of 796mm Yr-1 (2007), pattern typical of a Mediterranean climate. The diminution of precipitation (and also how it is distributed along the year) affects the forest uptake of Carbon .The GPP and the Reco show lower values in dry years, both in the adult forest as in the young one. The GPP of the growing eucalyptus has been affected by the dry year but also by the thinning that took place in Oct 2008. The Ecosystem total respiration shows high values after the felling ( the same order of magnitude as the forest before the felling) due to the leaves and branches that were left over the soil after the harvesting. Three years after the felling the GPP of the young forest is 61% the value of the adult forest (mean value, excluding the dry year). The seasonal pattern of RECO is similar before and after the felling, but in the young forest the GPP is lower and the NEE becomes positive in the summer time. In an annual base the growing eucalyptus forest only in the first year after felling was a source of carbon.

  3. High-skilled labour mobility in Europe before and after the 2004 enlargement. (United States)

    Petersen, Alexander M; Puliga, Michelangelo


    The extent to which international high-skilled mobility channels are forming is a question of great importance in an increasingly global knowledge-based economy. One factor facilitating the growth of high-skilled labour markets is the standardization of certifiable degrees meriting international recognition. Within this context, we analysed an extensive high-skilled mobility database comprising roughly 382 000 individuals from five broad profession groups (Medical, Education, Technical, Science & Engineering and Business & Legal) over the period 1997-2014, using the 13-country expansion of the European Union (EU) to provide insight into labour market integration. We compare the periods before and after the 2004 enlargement, showing the emergence of a new east-west migration channel between the 13 mostly eastern EU entrants (E) and the rest of the western European countries (W). Indeed, we observe a net directional loss of human capital from E → W, representing 29% of the total mobility after 2004. Nevertheless, the counter-migration from W → E is 7% of the total mobility over the same period, signalling the emergence of brain circulation within the EU. Our analysis of the country-country mobility networks and the country-profession bipartite networks provides timely quantitative evidence for the convergent integration of the EU, and highlights the central role of the UK and Germany as high-skilled labour hubs. We conclude with two data-driven models to explore the structural dynamics of the mobility networks. First, we develop a reconfiguration model to explore the potential ramifications of Brexit and the degree to which redirection of high-skilled labourers away from the UK may impact the integration of the rest of the European mobility network. Second, we use a panel regression model to explain empirical high-skilled mobility rates in terms of various economic 'push-pull' factors, the results of which show that government expenditure on education, per capita

  4. Oxygen Oases Before and After the GOE: Insights From Metals and Models (United States)

    Olson, S. L.; Reinhard, C. T.; Planavsky, N. J.; Lyons, T. W.; Roy, M.; Anbar, A. D.


    The evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis fundamentally changed the structure of the marine biosphere and the chemistry of Earth's ocean-atmosphere system. Atmospheric oxygenation, however, was decoupled from the onset of biological O2 production—possibly lagging by as much as half a billion years—and O2 remained low for two billion years following initial O2 accumulation. Although uncertainties remain regarding the fate of biogenic O2 during the Precambrian, it is becoming clear that the consequences of oxygenesis were both spatially and temporally variable. Several lines of evidence support the existence of aerobic ecosystems associated with O2 oases within an otherwise anoxic Archean ocean; however—with notable exceptions—atmospheric O2 remained low enough to severely curtail oxidative weathering processes on long-term average throughout the Archean. During the subsequent Great Oxidation Event (GOE) in the early Paleoproterozoic, atmospheric O2 irreversibly increased above the sensitivity thresholds of several well-established proxies, but the level at which O2 eventually stabilized remains unclear. Consequently, the dynamics of O2 cycling are poorly characterized both before and after the GOE. Nevertheless, recent analytical and numerical results suggest exceptionally low O2 levels that may have favored Archean-style O2 oases in the mid-Proterozoic. We used Fe speciation and trace metal records from Precambrian shales, including data from two new cores that target the 2.7 Ga Roy Hill Shale, to investigate pre- and post- GOE redox heterogeneity in Earth's surface environments. Fe speciation supports the reconstruction of local marine redox conditions, and, in this context, trace metals can allow glimpses of redox conditions beyond the local environment, which may have throttled the supply of key redox-sensitive trace metals to the ocean. Then, using O2 constraints derived from these inorganic proxies, we use an Earth System model to explore C, O, and

  5. Analysis of diaphragmatic movement before and after pulmonary rehabilitation using fluoroscopy imaging in patients with COPD

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chun EM


    Full Text Available Eun Mi Chun,1 Soo Jeong Han,2 Hitesh N Modi3 1Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 2Rehabilitation Medicine, Ewha Womans University School of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 3Scoliosis Research Institute, Department of Orthopedics, Korea University Guro Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea Background: The diaphragm is the principal inspiratory muscle. The purpose of this study was to assess improvements in diaphragmatic movement before and after pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, using a fluoroscopy-guided chest X-ray.Patients and methods: Among 117 patients with COPD receiving pulmonary rehabilitation who underwent the initial fluoroscopy-guided chest X-ray and pulmonary function test, 37 of those patients who underwent both initial and follow-up fluoroscopy and pulmonary function tests were enrolled in this study. After hospital education, participants received pulmonary rehabilitation through regular home-based training for at least 3 months by the same physiatrist. We assessed the changes in diaphragm area with fluoroscopy-guided posteroanterior chest X-rays between pre- and postpulmonary rehabilitation. To minimize radiation hazards for subjects, the exposure time for fluoroscopy to take chest X-rays was limited to less than 5 seconds.Results: There were significant improvements (2,022.8±1,548.3 mm² to 3,010.7±1,495.6 mm² and 2,382.4±1,475.9 mm² to 3,315.9±1,883.5 mm²; right side P=0.001 and left side P=0.019, respectively in diaphragmatic motion area during full inspiration and expiration in both lungs after pulmonary rehabilitation. Pulmonary function tests showed no statistically significant difference between pre- and postpulmonary rehabilitation.Conclusion: The study suggests that the strategy to assess diaphragm movement using fluoroscopy is a relatively effective tool for the evaluation of pulmonary

  6. Health care resource utilization before and after natalizumab initiation among patients with multiple sclerosis in Germany

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Watson C


    Full Text Available Crystal Watson,1 Christine Prosser,2 Sebastian Braun,2 Pamela B Landsman-Blumberg,3 Erika Gleissner,4 Sarah Naoshy1 1Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Global Market Access, Biogen, Cambridge, MA, USA; 2Real World Evidence, Xcenda GmbH, Hanover, Germany; 3Applied Data Analytics, Xcenda LLC, Palm Harbor, FL, USA; 4Market Access, Biogen, Ismaning, Germany Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease, greatly impacts the quality of life and economic status of people affected by this disease. In Germany, the total annual cost of MS is estimated at €40,000 per person with MS. Natalizumab has shown to slow MS disease progression, reduce relapses, and improve the quality of life of people with MS.Objective: To evaluate MS-related and all-cause health care resource utilization and costs among German MS patients during the 12 months before and after initiation of natalizumab in a real-world setting.Methods: The current analysis was conducted using the Health Risk Institute research database. Identified patients were aged ≥18 years with ≥1 diagnosis of MS and had initiated natalizumab therapy (index, with 12-month pre– and post–index-period data. Patients were stratified by prior disease-modifying therapy (DMT usage or no DMT usage in the pre-index period. Outcome measures included corticosteroid use and number of sick/disability days, inpatient stays, and outpatient visits. Health care costs were calculated separately for pre- and post-index periods on a per-patient basis and adjusted for inflation.Results: In a final sample of 193 natalizumab-treated patients, per-patient MS-related corticosteroid use was reduced by 62.3%, MS-related sick days by 27.6%, and inpatient costs by 78.3% from the pre- to post-index period. Furthermore, the proportion of patients with MS-related hospitalizations decreased from 49.7% to 14.0% (P<0.001; this reduction was seen for patients with and without prior DMT use

  7. Depression and anxiety before and after percutaneous coronary intervention and their relationship to age

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhiyong Zhao; Jing Luo; Jianmei Wang; Yan Su


    Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is becoming a common practice in the treatment of patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) of all age.Depression is considered to be a risk factor for the development of CHD and deteriorates the outcome after cardiac rehabilitation efforts.The aim of our study was to evaluate the presence of clinically relevant anxiety and depression in patients before and after PCI.Additionally we evaluated their relationship to age because of the increasing number of elderly patients undergoing PCI.Methods One hundred and twelve consecutive patients in three Sanatoria for Retired Cadres in Beijing who underwent PCI were asked to fill in the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) to measure depression and anxiety scores two days before and ten days after PCI.Differences between these pre- and post-surgical scores were then calculated as means for changes,and the amount of elevated scores was appraised,in order to investigate the relationship between age and anxiety and depression,respectively,Spearman correlations between age and the difference scores were calculated.In addition,ANOVA procedures with the factor "age group" and McNemar tests were calculated.Results 25.8% of the patients were clinically depressed before and 17.5% after PCI;34.0% of the patients were clinically anxious before and 24.7% after PCI.This overall change is not significant.We found a significant negative correlation between age and the difference between the two time points for anxiety (Spearman rho = -.218,P = 0.03),but not for depression (Spearman rho = -.128,P = 0.21).ANOVA and McNemar tests revealed that anxiety scores and the number of patients high in anxiety declined statistically meaningful only in the youngest patient group.Such a relationship could not be found for depression.Conclusions Our data show a relationship between age and anxiety.Younger patients are more anxious before PCI than older ones and show a decline in symptoms while elderly

  8. Gallbladder motility in patients with hepatic cirrhosis before and after portal azygous disconnection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hong-Xu Jin; Shuo-Dong Wu; Xue-Feng Zhang; Xian-Ying Chen; Guo-Xu Zhang


    AIM: To determine and compare the effect of vagus nerve on gallbladder motility in patients with hepatic cirrhosis before and after portal azygous disconnection (PAD).METHODS: PAD operation (or Hassab's operation) was performed on 18 patients with portal hypertension, and anterior and posterior vagal trunks were cut. On d 3 before operation and d 10 after operation, 99mTc-EHIDA 185 MBq was administered intravenously to the patients, and scintigraphy was performed at 0.25 min/frame. A standard fat meal was administered 30 min after scintigraphy, and dynamic imaging was performed 60 min after the fat meal.Following appearance of the region of interest (ROI) in gallbladder, the time-activity curve of ROI was established.The following seven parameters were used: radioactivity at 30 min after injection of 99mTc-EHIDA (RC 30min), bile emptying fraction (EF), bile emptying period (EP), emptying rate (ER), latent period (LP), latent period radiocounting increment (LI), and latent period radiocounting increment rate (LR).RESULTS: The RC 30 min decreased significantly after operation,compared with that before operation (2 693.6± 2 406.9 vs 5 606.8±2 625.4, P<0.05). The radiocounting of gallbladder increased gradually during LP. LP after operation was significantly longer than that before operation (13.36±5.92 vs 2.24± 1.48,P<0.01). LI and LR after operation were significantly higher than those before operation (2 861.62±028.3 vs 331.21±421.02, and 113.42±49.52 vs7.57±10.75,respectively, both P<0.01). EP after operation was significantly shorter than that before operation (18.5±6.3vs 24.1±6.4, P<0.05). EF and ER after operation were significantly lower than those before operation (13.1±5.4vs32.3±16.3, and 0.7±0.3 vs 1.4±0.8, respectively, both P<0.01).CONCLUSION: PAD operation is a good clinical model in studying the effect of vagus on gallbladder motility. The gallbladder tension after PAD operation decreases significantly during the interdigestive

  9. Stretching Before and After Exercise: Effect on Muscle Soreness and Injury Risk (United States)

    Andersen, J. C


    Reference: Herbert RD, Gabriel M. Effects of stretching before and after exercise on muscle soreness and risk of injury: systematic review. BMJ. 2002;325:468. Clinical Question: Among physically active individuals, does stretching before and after exercise affect muscle soreness and risk of injury? Data Sources: Studies were identified by searching MEDLINE (1966–February 2000), EMBASE (1988–February 2000), CINAHL (1982–1999), SPORT Discus (1949–1999), and PEDro (to February 2000). I searched the reference lists of identified studies manually until no further studies were identified. The search terms stretch, exercise, warm-up, and cool down were used in all databases except MEDLINE. In MEDLINE, an optimized OVID search strategy was used. This strategy included the terms searched in the other databases as well as terms such as flexibility, athletic injuries, sports, soreness, and muscle. Study Selection: The search was limited to English-language articles obtained from the electronic searches and the subsequent manual searches. This review included randomized or quasirandomized investigations that studied the effects of any stretching technique, before or after exercise, on delayed-onset muscle soreness, risk of injury, or athletic performance. Studies were included only if stretching occurred immediately before or after exercising. Data Extraction: Data extraction and assessment of study quality were well described. The principal outcome measures were measurements of muscle soreness and indices of injury risk. Results from the soreness studies were pooled by converting the numeric scores to percentages of the maximum possible score. These data were then reported as millimeters on a 100-mm visual analogue scale. Results of comparable studies were pooled using a fixed-effects model meta-analysis. Survival analysis using a Cox regression model was calculated on the time-to-event (injury) data. Main Results: The total number of articles identified using the

  10. Concentrations of cardiac Troponin I before and after ovariohysterectomy in 46 female dogs with pyometra (United States)

    Pelander, Lena; Hagman, Ragnvi; Häggström, Jens


    (43%) had increased pre- or postoperative cTnI concentrations. Seven dogs (15%) had pre-or postoperative concentrations of cTnI of 1.0 μg/l or higher. Conclusion Mild to moderate increases in cTnI appears to be common in dogs with pyometra before and after surgery, but the clinical importance of this finding is uncertain. None of the studied clinical variables were found to reliably predict increased preoperative cTnI concentrations. Because of the pre- and postoperative variation in cTnI concentrations, it was not possible to identify a negative effect of anaesthesia and surgery on myocardial cell integrity. PMID:18786242

  11. Concentrations of cardiac Troponin I before and after ovariohysterectomy in 46 female dogs with pyometra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hagman Ragnvi


    total, 20 dogs (43% had increased pre- or postoperative cTnI concentrations. Seven dogs (15% had pre-or postoperative concentrations of cTnI of 1.0 μg/l or higher. Conclusion Mild to moderate increases in cTnI appears to be common in dogs with pyometra before and after surgery, but the clinical importance of this finding is uncertain. None of the studied clinical variables were found to reliably predict increased preoperative cTnI concentrations. Because of the pre- and postoperative variation in cTnI concentrations, it was not possible to identify a negative effect of anaesthesia and surgery on myocardial cell integrity.

  12. Nickel and cobalt allergy before and after nickel regulation--evaluation of a public health intervention. (United States)

    Thyssen, Jacob Pontoppidan


    Over the 20th century, the frequent use of nickel in consumer products resulted in an increasing prevalence of nickel allergy. Risk items included suspenders in the 1950s-1960s; buttons, zippers and rivets in the 1970s; and ear-piercing jewellery in the 1980s. When subjects allergic to nickel were exposed to nickel in high concentrations, it often resulted in allergic nickel contact dermatitis and hand eczema. In 1990, the Danish government began to regulate consumer nickel exposure as a response to the increasing nickel allergy problem. In 1994, the EU Nickel Directive was passed, a regulation that was based on the Danish and Swedish nickel regulations. These major public health interventions were expected to change the epidemiology of nickel allergy and dermatitis in Europe. Furthermore, it was debated whether nickel would be replaced by cobalt in inexpensive jewellery and result in higher prevalence of cobalt allergy. An evaluation of the possible effects of the European nickel regulations is of importance to ensure protection of consumers and dermatitis patients. This doctoral thesis aimed to evaluate the effects of regulatory interventions on nickel exposure by investigating the development of nickel allergy and dermatitis before and after nickel regulation. Furthermore, a change in the association between nickel allergy and hand eczema was evaluated. The nickel spot test was validated to determine its value when used for screening purposes. Possible explanations for the persistence of nickel allergy were explored including genetic predisposition and consumer nickel exposure from jewellery and accessories. A cobalt spot test was developed and validated. Finally, it was evaluated whether a cobalt allergy epidemic had replaced the nickel allergy epidemic after nickel regulation in terms of increasing cobalt sensitization and cobalt exposure. The thesis showed that the prevalence of nickel allergy decreased significantly after nickel regulation in young Danish

  13. Disposition of Patients Before and After Establishment of Emergency Medicine Specialists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Payman Asadi


    hospitalization mean of the patient has remarkably decreased from 1.08±0.44 days to 0.35±0.05 days in 2009-2012 (p=0.021. The occupied bed mean before and after the presence of emergency medicine specialists were 12173±3453 and 6217±219, respectively, showed a descending trend into the past (p=0.018. Conclusion: It seems that presenting of emergency medicine specialists in health system leads to improve the service delivery to patients and decrease the waiting time.  Also with decreasing the waiting time of patients and timely disposition, more prepared beds can be accessible in the ED for future admission.

  14. Biocide and antibiotic susceptibility of Salmonella isolates obtained before and after cleaning at six Danish pig slaughterhouses

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gantzhorn, Mette Rørbæk; Pedersen, Karl; Olsen, John Elmerdahl


    . The susceptibility toward three different biocides, triclosan and two commercial disinfection products: Desinfect Maxi, a quaternary ammonium compound, and Incimaxx DES, an acetic compound, was determined. We found no resistance toward the biocides tested, but we did find that isolates obtained after cleaning had...... that there was a weak statistical correlation between MICs toward the biocides and some antibiotics, but no difference in log(MIC)s toward antibiotics between isolates obtained before and after cleaning, nor did we find any difference in the number of resistances of isolates obtained before and after cleaning...

  15. Comparison of Blood Cholesterol Profiles Before and After The Measurements of Maximum Aerobic Capacity (VO2max

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ar Rasyid Shadiqin


    Full Text Available This study is aimed to compare the blood cholesterol profile, before and after the measurement of maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max in the students of Jurusan Pendidikan Olahraga dan Kesehatan (JPOK pada Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (FKIP Universitas Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin.Variables in this study consist of lipid profiles, including total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL, low density lipoprotein (LDL, triglyceride (TG and Maximum Aerobic Capacity (VO2max. The concept of VO2max according to Kent(1994:268: “maximum oxygen volume consumed per minute to show total work capacity, or volume per minute relative to body weight (ml/kg.min”. Operationally, VO2max referred in this study is the maximum volume of oxygen that can be consumed per minute, as measured at progressive run (Bleep Test.The method used in this study is pre-experimental with one group pretest-posttest design. This design implies that a group of subjects are treated for a specific period and the measurements are taken both pre and post.The results: There are changes in blood cholesterol profile after the measurement of maximum oxygen capacity (VO2max, shown by significant decrease of total cholesterol variable, increased HDL, and decreased LDL. Changes in triglyceride variable showed no significant decrease despite the statistic differences. Specific HDL sub-class increasing after exercise is a constructive lipoprotein sub-class whereas LDL is destructive lipoproteins sub-class that might damage the body. Therefore, an increase in HDL and decrease in LDL found in this study appears to be advantageous and consequently might alter the risk of coronary heart disease.

  16. Differences in Movement Speed Before and After a Split-Step Between Professional and Junior Tennis Players (United States)

    Leskošek, Bojan; Munivrana, Goran; Ochiana, Gabriela; Filipčič, Tjaša


    Abstract This study investigated tennis players’ speed before, during and after the split-step, deceleration before and acceleration after the split-step in four different stroke groups in three age categories. Seven male professional, eleven male and ten female junior tennis players were recorded with video cameras at official tournaments. Using the SAGIT system, we gathered data on 8,545 split-steps. Tennis players performed a split-step in 82.9% of cases. A tennis player’s speed, deceleration and acceleration were measured 0.2 s before and after the split-step. Differences between categories and stroke groups for each of the five variables were analyzed with a two-way ANOVA. The differences between the groups of players were generally much higher in the speed before, during and after the split-step than in the deceleration before and acceleration after the split-step. Most of these differences were observed between the various stroke groups. These results suggest that players use three types of movement while performing a split-step. In the first type, which is typical of serving and returning, the speed before, during and after the split-step is lower (0.55 to 1.2 m/s). The second type of movement is characteristic of baseline strokes where tennis players achieve higher speed than in the first type (0.7 to 1.66 m/s). The third type occurs in strokes where a tennis player is moving or already at the net (0.78 to 1.9 m/s). Movement in tennis is an area that requires constant development in terms of designing and upgrading movement patterns, increasing speed and practice in specific game situations.

  17. Gene expression profiling in persons with multiple chemical sensitivity before and after a controlled n-butanol exposure session (United States)

    Dantoft, Thomas M; Skovbjerg, Sine; Andersson, Linus; Claeson, Anna-Sara; Engkilde, Kaare; Lind, Nina; Nordin, Steven; Hellgren, Lars I


    Objectives To investigate the pathophysiological pathways leading to symptoms elicitation in multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) by comparing gene expression in MCS participants and healthy controls before and after a chemical exposure optimised to cause symptoms among MCS participants. The first hypothesis was that unexposed and symptom-free MCS participants have similar gene expression patterns to controls and a second hypothesis that MCS participants can be separated from controls based on differential gene expression upon a controlled n-butanol exposure. Design Participants were exposed to 3.7 ppm n-butanol while seated in a windowed exposure chamber for 60 min. A total of 26 genes involved in biochemical pathways found in the literature have been proposed to play a role in the pathogenesis of MCS and other functional somatic syndromes were selected. Expression levels were compared between MCS and controls before, within 15 min after being exposed to and 4 hours after the exposure. Settings Participants suffering from MCS and healthy controls were recruited through advertisement at public places and in a local newspaper. Participants 36 participants who considered themselves sensitive were prescreened for eligibility. 18 sensitive persons fulfilling the criteria for MCS were enrolled together with 18 healthy controls. Outcome measures 17 genes showed sufficient transcriptional level for analysis. Group comparisons were conducted for each gene at the 3 times points and for the computed area under the curve (AUC) expression levels. Results MCS participants and controls displayed similar gene expression levels both at baseline and after the exposure and the computed AUC values were likewise comparable between the 2 groups. The intragroup variation in expression levels among MCS participants was noticeably greater than the controls. Conclusions MCS participants and controls have similar gene expression levels at baseline and it was not possible to separate

  18. The economic impact of high-need psoriasis in daily clinical practice before and after the introduction of biologics.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Driessen, R.J.B.; Bisschops, Laurens; Adang, E.M.M.; Evers, A.W.M.; Kerkhof, P.C.M. van de; Jong, E.M.G.J. de


    Background Although costs of biologics are high, effective treatment of patients with psoriasis may reduce the total health care costs, as it may limit the need for hospitalization. Objectives To investigate the economic impact of psoriasis, including direct costs, before and after the introduction

  19. Head injury resulting from scooter accidents in Rome: Differences before and after implementing a universal helmet law

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    G. La Torre (Giuseppe); E.F. van Beeck (Ed); G. Bertazzoni (Giuliano); W. Ricciardi


    textabstractObjectives: To estimate the incidence rates and related determinants of head injuries before and after the implementation of a new universal helmet law in Italy. Methods: The investigation took place in the Emergency Room of the Accident and Emergency Department, Teaching Hospital 'Umber

  20. Schooling in Violent Situations: The Politicization of Education in Nepal, before and after the 2006 Peace Agreement (United States)

    Pherali, Tejendra J.


    This article examines the contentious relationship between education and the Maoist insurgency in Nepal, analyzing the political intrusion on the education sector before and after the multi-party polity was restored in 1990, and the violent experiences of teachers and students during the decade-long conflict (1996-2006). It argues that the end of…

  1. Affect Intensity and Phasic REM Sleep in Depressed Men before and after Treatment with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. (United States)

    Nofzinger, Eric A.; And Others


    Explored relationship between daytime affect and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep in 45 depressed men before and after treatment with cognitive-behavioral therapy and in control group of 43 healthy subjects. For depressed subjects only, intensity of daytime affect correlated significantly and positively with phasic REM sleep measures at pre- and…

  2. Senior Medical Students' Attitudes toward Psychiatry as a Career Choice before and after an Undergraduate Psychiatry Internship in Iran (United States)

    Amini, Homayoun; Moghaddam, Yasaman; Nejatisafa, Ali-Akbar; Esmaeili, Sara; Kaviani, Hosein; Shoar, Saeed; Shabani, Amir; Samimi-Ardestani, Mehdi; Akhlaghi, Amir Abbas Keshavarz; Noroozi, Alireza; Mafi, Mostafa


    Objectives: The study aimed to assess 1) the attitudes of medical students in the sixth and seventh years (known as interns in Iran) toward psychiatry as a career choice, and 2) the degree of attractiveness of psychiatry as a career choice, with regard to various defined aspects, before and after an undergraduate psychiatry internship (similar to…

  3. Myocardial infarction, ischaemic stroke and pulmonary embolism before and after breast cancer hospitalisation. A population-based study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.P.P. van Herk-Sukel (Myrthe); S. Shantakumar (Sumitra); P.W. Kamphuisen (Pieter Willem); F.J.A. Penning-Van Beest (Fernie); R.M.C. Herings (Ron)


    textabstractWe studied the occurrence of myocardial infarction (MI), ischaemic stroke (IS) and pulmonary embolism (PE) before and after breast cancer hospitalisation compared with cancer-free controls. For this, women with a first breast cancer hospitalisation during 2000-2007 were selected from the

  4. A Comparative Study of Pre-Service Teachers' Teaching Efficacy Beliefs before and after Work-Integrated Learning: Part Two (United States)

    Junqueira, K. E.; Matoti, S. N.


    The study, which is grounded in Bandura's concept of self-efficacy, assessed the teaching efficacy beliefs of student teachers before and after completing six months of work-integrated learning. This was necessitated by research which shows that self-efficacy is an important aspect which influences a teacher's ability to teach as well as the…

  5. A Comparative Study of Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs before and after Work-Integrated Learning (United States)

    Matoti, S. N.; Junqueira, K. E.; Odora, R. J.


    The purpose of the study was to compare the teaching efficacy beliefs of pre-service teachers before and after work-integrated learning (WIL) in a South African University of Technology. The comparison groups were formed based on the criterion of WIL. Pre-service teachers in their third year of the B.Ed. (FET) programme participated in the study…

  6. Pathways into homelessness: recently homeless adults - problems and service use before and after becoming homeless in Amsterdam

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Laere, I.R.; de Wit, M.A.; Klazinga, N.S.


    ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To improve homelessness prevention practice, we met with recently homeless adults, to explore their pathways into homelessness, problems and service use, before and after becoming homeless. METHODS: Recently homeless adults (last housing lost up to two years ago and legally stay

  7. Fetal ductus venosus flow velocity waveforms and maternal serum AFP before and after first-trimester transabdominal chorionic villus sampling

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    C.A. Brezinka (Christoph); A.M. Hagenaars (A.); J.W. Wladimiroff (Juriy); F.J. Los


    textabstractDoppler flow velocity waveform recording in the fetal ductus venosus and umbilical artery as well as maternal blood sampling for serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) was performed before and after transabdominal chorion villus sampling (TACVS) in 36 women of advanced maternal age (≥ 36 years)

  8. Participation in Society in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Before and After Cardiac Rehabilitation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    ter Hoeve, Nienke; van Geffen, Myrna E.; Post, Marcel W.; Stam, Henk J.; Sunamura, Madoka; van Domburg, Ron T.; van den Berg-Emons, Rita J.


    Objectives: To assess changes in participation in society (frequency, restrictions, satisfaction) during and after cardiac rehabilitation (CR) and to assess associations between participation and heath-related quality of life (HRQOL). Design: Prospective cohort study. Setting: Outpatient CR center.

  9. Comparison of the students’ satisfaction about the performance of academic advisors before and after the advisor project in Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Introduction: Inappropriate advice interferes with the students’ achievement of educational and professional goals and they may fail to use proper resources for their educational needs. The present study was carried out to compare the students’ satisfaction about the performance of academic advisors before and after the advisor project in Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences. Methods: This longitudinal study was carried out using census report on 244 students in different courses at Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences in two stages at the first semester of 2010-2011 and first semester of 2011-2012. To collect the data, we used a self-designed questionnaire including individual and educational information and 10 multiple-choice questions with Likert scale to assess the students’ satisfaction about the advisors’ performance. Data were analyzed in SPSS 14 using paired t-test, qui-square test. P<0.05 was considered significant. Results: Of the ten items of satisfaction, there was only a significant difference in “accessibility to an advisor before and after the advisor project in students of nursing and midwifery school” (p=0.010, and the difference was not significant in other items in these students. No significant difference was found in ten items of satisfaction in students at other schools before and after the advisor project (p=0.010. Conclusion: It seems that the implementation of advisor project could not provide a satisfactory position for students. Adequate supervision of university officials on proper implementation of the advisor project, supporting faculty advisors and strengthening their position can help to improve the process.

  10. Marginal adaptation of large adhesive class IV composite restorations before and after artificial aging

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ardu, S.; Stavridakis, M.; Feilzer, A.J.; Krejci, I.; Lefever, D.; Dietschi, D.


    Purpose: To test the marginal adaptation of Class IV restorations made of different composite materials designed for anterior use. Materials and Methods: Forty-two extracted caries-free human maxillary central incisors were randomly divided into 7 experimental groups - one per composite tested - for

  11. Analysis by NASA's VESGEN Software of Retinal Blood Vessels Before and After 70-Day Bed Rest: A Retrospective Study (United States)

    Raghunandan, Sneha; Vyas, Ruchi J.; Vizzeri, Gianmarco; Taibbi, Giovanni; Zanello, Susana B.; Ploutz-Snyder, Robert; Parsons-Wingerter, Patricia A.


    Significant risks for visual impairment associated with increased intracranial pressure (VIIP) are incurred by microgravity spaceflight, especially long-duration missions. Impairments include decreased near visual acuity, posterior globe flattening, choroidal folds, optic disc edema and cotton wool spots. We hypothesize that microgravity-induced fluid shifts result in pathological changes within the retinal blood vessels that precede development of visual and other ocular impairments. Potential contributions of retinal vascular remodeling to VIIP etiology are therefore being investigated by NASAs innovative VESsel GENeration Analysis (VESGEN) software for two studies: (1) head-down tilt in human subjects before and after 70 days of bed rest, and (2) U.S. crew members before and after ISS missions. VESGEN analysis in previous research supported by the US National Institutes of Health identified surprising new opportunities to regenerate retinal vessels during early-stage, potentially reversible progression of the visually impairing and blinding disease, diabetic retinopathy.

  12. Changes in the images of teaching, teachers, and children expressed by student teachers before and after student teaching. (United States)

    Mishima, Tomotaka; Horimoto, Akihiro; Mori, Toshiaki


    The purpose of this study was to investigate how education majors' images of teaching, teachers, and children change before and after student teaching, with special attention to the grade level (Grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6) taught by the student teachers at primary school in Japan. A total of 126 student teachers from an education faculty (49 men, 77 women) participated in this study using metaphor-questionnaires before and after student teaching. For images of teaching, responses to the factors Dull Event and Live Event changed, suggesting that students started to develop more positive, active, and clear images of teaching. For images of teachers, responses on the factor Performer changed, suggesting that students started to develop more active images of teachers. For images of children, responses on the factors Critic and Pure-minded Person changed, suggesting that student teachers started to develop more realistic images of children. However, grade level taught had no significant effect.

  13. Influence of Weave on Fabric Wrinkle Recovery Property before and after Resin Treatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马海青; 周翔


    Cotton fabrics with different weaves are designed and the influence of weave on wrinkle recovery property and tensile property is analyzed. Weave type plays a prominent part in determining fabric wrinkle recovery property and tensile property. Weave factor C is in direct relation to wrinkle recovery angle and in inverse relation to tensile property. This trend also exists after resin treatment. 3/1 left-twill fabric shows good wrinkle recovery angle and lest tensile loss after resin treatment.

  14. Bacterial antigen induced release of soluble vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and VEGFR1 before and after surgery

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Svendsen, Mads N; Lykke, J; Werther, Kim


    -induced release of sVEGF and sVEGFR1 from whole blood in vitro. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Sixty-one patients with abdominal diseases undergoing five different surgical procedures were included in the study. Blood samples were drawn from patients before and after the operation. White blood cells and platelets were...... significantly with neutrophil cell counts (0.53 led to increased release of sVEGF, which...

  15. Timing of antenatal care and ART initiation in HIV-infected pregnant women before and after introduction of NIMART

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Coceka Nandipha Mnyani


    Full Text Available In this review of routinely collected data from five community health centres in the Johannesburg Health District, we assess timing of antenatal care and antiretroviral therapy (ART initiation in HIV-infected pregnant women before and after the introduction of nurse-initiated management of ART in antenatal clinics. There are important lessons to be learnt as we reflect on the South African prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programme.

  16. Does Marriage Lead to Specialization? An Evaluation of Swedish Trends in Adult Earnings Before and After Marriage


    Sundström, Marianne; Ginther, Donna K.


    We examine whether marriage leads to specialization in Sweden by implementing a model that differentiates specialization in the household by cohabitation and marriage. Our paper evaluates this model using panel data to analyze trends in earnings before and after marriage between 1985 and 1995 for married and long-term cohabiting Swedish couples with children. To identify the effect of marriage on earnings we use the reform of the widow’s pension system that resulted in a marriage boom in Swed...

  17. Activity of the neuroendocrine axes in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica before and after TNF-α blocking etanercept treatment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kreiner, Frederik Flindt; Galbo, Henrik


    ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: In this study, we evaluated the activity of the neuroendocrine axes in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) before and after tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α-blocking etanercept treatment, which previously has been shown to reduce interleukin 6 (IL-6) and C-reactive pro......ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: In this study, we evaluated the activity of the neuroendocrine axes in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) before and after tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α-blocking etanercept treatment, which previously has been shown to reduce interleukin 6 (IL-6) and C......-reactive protein (CRP) markedly in PMR. METHODS: Plasma samples were collected from 10 glucocorticoid-naïve patients with PMR and 10 matched controls before and after etanercept treatment (25 mg biweekly for 2 weeks). The primary end points were pre- and posttreatment levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH...... treatment in patients, levels had decreased (P 0.05). CONCLUSIONS: In PMR, TNF-α may increase the activities of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and the hypothalamic...

  18. The study of KBP of road construction workers of highway AIDS prevention project before and after intervention

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Dan Liu; Si-Ping Dong; Guang-Ming Gao; Ming-Yu Fan; Zong-Jiu Zhang; Peng-Qian Fang


    Objective:To get scientific basis for further health education through the research of the road construction workers’KBP before and after the interventions of highwayAIDS prevention project. Methods:Multi-stage random sampling method was employeed to select workers of8 sites from14 sites along highway to investigate theirAIDS knowledge, belief and performance(KBP) before and after highwayAIDS prevention project.Results:Over90% of the investigated workers had ever heard aboutAIDS, and the non-skilled workers of lower educational level improved more after intervention.The correct answer rate of the three transmitting ways ofAIDS of drivers which is the focused group of highway before and after intervention had the obvious statistical significance(P<0.05), and the other group’s correct answer rates also had improved after intervention.Most people’s understanding of preventingAIDS through correct use of condoms when having sex had a statistically significant difference(P<0.05) after prevention.The rates of using condoms of foremen and skilled workers when having sex with commercial sex worker/casual partner increased after intervention.Conclusions:The health education ofHIV among the road construction workers is effective and further health education ofHIV prevention should be carried out among the road construction workers to improve their knowledge and awareness of avoiding the high-risk behaviors.

  19. CT perfusion assessment of Moyamoya syndrome before and after direct revascularization (superficial temporal artery to middle cerebral artery bypass)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Yueqin [Hospital of Qingdao University, Department of Radiology, Qingdao (China); Hospital of Jining Medical College, CT Department, Jining (China); Xu, Wenjian [Hospital of Qingdao University, Department of Radiology, Qingdao (China); Guo, Xiang; Shi, Zhitao; Sun, Zhanguo; Wang, Jiehuan [Hospital of Jining Medical College, CT Department, Jining (China); Gao, Lingyun [Hospital of Jining Medical College, MR Department, Jining (China); Jin, Feng [Hospital of Jining Medical College, Department of Neurosurgery, Jining (China); Chen, Weijian; Yang, Yunjun [Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Department of Radiology, Wenzhou (China)


    To evaluate the utility of CT perfusion (CTP) for the assessment of superficial temporal artery-middle cerebral artery (STA-MCA) anastomosis in patients with Moyamoya syndrome (MMS). Twenty-four consecutive MMS patients, who underwent unilateral STA-MCA bypass surgery, received CTP before and after surgery. The relative perfusion parameter values of surgical hemispheres before treatment were compared with post-treatment values. All patients underwent CT angiography (CTA) before and after surgery in order to confirm the patency of bypass. The follow-up CTA after surgery clearly demonstrated 20 (20/24, 83.3 %) bypass arteries, whereas four (16.7 %) bypass arteries were occluded or very small. Postoperative rMTT and rTTP values (P < 0.05) of the surgical side were significantly lower than pre-operation. In patients (n = 20) with bypass patency, postoperative rCBF, rMTT and rTTP values (P < 0.05) of the surgical side were significantly improved. However, the differences of all parameters were not significant (P > 0.05) in the patients (n = 4) without bypass patency after revascularization. This study demonstrates that CTP can provide a crucial quantitative assessment of cerebral haemodynamic changes in MMS before and after STA-MCA anastomosis. (orig.)

  20. Ivy signs on FLAIR images before and after STA-MCA anastomosis in patients with Moyamoya disease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ideguchi, Reiko; Enokizono, Mikako; Uetani, Masataka (Dept. of Radiological Sciences, Nagasaki Univ. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki (Japan)), e-mail:; Morikawa, Minoru (Dept. of Radiology, Nagasaki Univ. School of Medicine, Nagasaki (Japan)); Ogawa, Yoji (Dept. of Radiology, Hanwa Daini Senboku Hospital, Osaka (Japan)); Nagata, Izumi (Dept. of Neurosurgery, Nagasaki Univ. School of Medicine, Nagasaki (Japan))


    Background: Leptomeningeal high signal intensity (ivy sign) on fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery (FLAIR) MR imaging is one of the features of Moyamoya disease. However, the correlation between ivy sign and cerebral perfusion status has not been fully evaluated. Purpose: To characterize ivy sign on FLAIR images in Moyamoya disease and compare this finding with hemodynamic alterations on perfusion single-photon emission CT (SPECT) obtained before and after bypass surgery. Material and Methods: Sixteen patients with angiographically confirmed Moyamoya disease who underwent superficial temporal artery-middle cerebral artery (STA-MCA) anastomosis were included in the study. The presence of ivy sign on FLAIR images was classified as 'negative', 'minimal' and 'positive'. We evaluated the relationship between ivy sign and findings of SPECT, including cerebral vascular reserve (CVR) before and after surgery. Results: Minimal or positive ivy sign was seen in 13 (81%) of 16 patients, and 21 (66%) of 32 hemispheres. CVR in the areas with positive or minimal ivy sign was lower than that in the areas with negative ivy sign. After STA-MCA anastomosis, ivy sign disappeared or decreased in all 21 hemispheres demonstrating ivy sign. SPECT demonstrated apparent hemodynamic improvement in areas demonstrating disappearance or decrease of ivy sign. Conclusion: Ivy sign on FLAIR image is seen in areas with decreased cerebral perfusion. The sign is useful for non-invasive assessment of cerebral hemodynamic status before and after surgery

  1. Microbial water quality before and after the repair of a failing onsite wastewater treatment system adjacent to coastal waters (United States)

    Conn, K.E.; Habteselassie, M.Y.; Denene, Blackwood A.; Noble, R.T.


    Aims: The objective was to assess the impacts of repairing a failing onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS, i.e., septic system) as related to coastal microbial water quality. Methods and Results: Wastewater, groundwater and surface water were monitored for environmental parameters, faecal indicator bacteria (total coliforms, Escherichia coli, enterococci) and the viral tracer MS2 before and after repairing a failing OWTS. MS2 results using plaque enumeration and quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) often agreed, but inhibition limited the qRT-PCR assay sensitivity. Prerepair, MS2 persisted in groundwater and was detected in the nearby creek; postrepair, it was not detected. In groundwater, total coliform concentrations were lower and E.??coli was not detected, while enterococci concentrations were similar to prerepair levels. E.??coli and enterococci surface water concentrations were elevated both before and after the repair. Conclusions: Repairing the failing OWTS improved groundwater microbial water quality, although persistence of bacteria in surface water suggests that the OWTS was not the singular faecal contributor to adjacent coastal waters. A suite of tracers is needed to fully assess OWTS performance in treating microbial contaminants and related impacts on receiving waters. Molecular methods like qRT-PCR have potential but require optimization. Significance and Impact of Study: This is the first before and after study of a failing OWTS and provides guidance on selection of microbial tracers and methods. ?? 2011 The Authors. Journal of Applied Microbiology ?? 2011 The Society for Applied Microbiology.

  2. Quality of life in patients with primary axillary hyperhidrosis before and after treatment with fractionated microneedle radiofrequency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahareh Abtahi-Naeini


    Full Text Available Background: Primary axillary hyperhidrosis (PAH is a common condition with a great impact on the patient′s quality of life (QOL. It is associated with serious social, emotional, and occupational distress. The aim of this study was to investigate the QOL in patients with PAH before and after treatment with fractionated microneedle radiofrequency (FMR. Materials and Methods: We evaluated 25 patients with severe PAH. Each patient had three sessions of FMR treatment using a novel applicator at 3-week intervals. The study was based on Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI Questionnaires. Patients were evaluated at baseline and 3 months after the last session. Results: Our patients included 32% males and 68% females. The mean ± standard deviation (SD age of subjects was 30.2 ± 6.27 years. The mean ± SD of the DLQI before and after treatment was 12.96 ± 5.93, and 4.29 ± 2.21, respectively. There was a statistically significant difference between the before and after intervention (P < 0.001. No major, permanent adverse effects were shown. Conclusion: Treatment with FMR can improve the DLQI of patients with PAH.

  3. E2/ER change and its relation with FasL expression in breast cancer patients before and after menopause

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yu Liu; Bing-Yu Gao; Li-Ping Xia; Yu-You Wu; Yu Wang; Chao-Qun Wang


    Objective:To explore the E2/ER changes both in the peripheral blood and tumors, as well as its effect on factor-related apoptosis ligand (FasL) gene expression of breast cancer patients before and after menopause.Methods:We chose premenopausal (n=21) and postmenopausal (n=19) breast cancer patients in this study to do a comparative analyze. Peripheral blood was extracted to detect the E2 and ER concentration by ELISA kit. At the same time, pathological slices of tumor and healthy tissue besides the tumor were both prepared to detect the E2, ER and FasL expression with immunofluorescence.Results: Postmenopausal patients had significantly lower peripheral levels of E2 and ER than premenopausal patients, while tumor levels of E2 and ER had no significant difference between groups. Further more, ER positive expression rate of patients before and after menopause was respectively 52.4% and 57.9% with out statistical differences between groups; and FasL gene expression had linear positive correlation with tumor E2 and ER expression both in patients with ER positive expression before and after menopause.Conclusion:Our research results show that E2 and ER level tumor tissues could keep high level independent of environment which contributes the progress of breast caner; and high dose E2 and ER level of the tumor tissues which up regulated the expression of FasL maybe an important factor for immune escape.

  4. Right heart function assessment with real-time three-dimensional echocardiography before and after atrial septal defect surgery

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hua Zhao; Yi-Min Fu; Yong-Mei Jia


    Objective:To study the clinical value of right heart function assessment with real-time three-dimensional echocardiography before and after atrial septal defect surgery. Methods:Patients with atrial septal defect who received transcatheter closure in our hospital were selected for study and divided into non-pulmonary hypertension group and pulmonary hypertension group according to pulmonary artery systolic pressure (PASP), real-time three-dimensional echocardiography was conducted before and after operation, and right ventricular end-diastolic volume (RVEDV), right ventricular end-systolic volume (RVESV), right ventricular stroke volume (RVSV), right ventricular ejection fraction (RVEF) and right ventricular cardiac output (RVCO) were calculated;serum was collected, and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), angiotensin I (AngI), angiotensin II (AngII) and endothelin (ET) contents were detected. Results:After operation, RVEDV, RVESV, RVSV, RVEF and RVCO as well as serum BNP, ANP, AngI, AngII and ET contents of both groups were lower than those before treatment;RVEDV, RVESV, RVSV, RVEF and RVCO were positively correlated with contents of BNP, ANP, AngI, AngII and ET. Conclusions:Using real-time three-dimensional echocardiography before and after atrial septal defect surgery can accurately assess right heart function, and it has good correlation with right heart volume load and pulmonary circulation blood flow.

  5. Penile vascular evaluation and sexual function before and after radical retropubic prostatectomy: 5-year follow-up. (United States)

    Dubbelman, Yvette D; Wildhagen, Mark F; Dohle, Gert R


    Sexual dysfunction is common after surgery for prostate cancer. The aetiology of changes in sexual potency after radical prostatectomy is probably multifactorial, including neurogenic, vascular and psychosexual factors. A prospective study was designed to investigate haemodynamic and psychosexual changes before and after radical retropubic prostatectomy (RRP) for organ-confined prostate cancer. Penile haemodynamic evaluation and an assessment of sexual excitement were performed preoperatively and 3 months after RRP by colour Doppler ultrasonography (CDU) with visual erotic stimulation combined with a single intracavernous injection of a mixture of papaverine/phentolamine. Questionnaires on sexual function [International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)], general health and quality of life were sent to the patients preoperative, 3 months and 5 years after operation. Forty-eight men participated in the study. Mean age was 62.6 years (range 55-69). CDU did not show any significant reduction in mean peak systolic flow velocity and mean resistance index. From the men who preoperatively had normal arterial inflow 18% developed arteriogenic insufficiency. Some form of veno-occlusive insufficiency and low resistance indices were already present in the majority of normal potent men preoperatively. Surgical technique did not influence penile arterial blood flow after the operation. Three months and 5 years postoperatively, there was a highly significant reduction in erectile function, intercourse satisfaction, overall satisfaction, orgasmic function and sexual desire. However, with respect to the outcome at 3 months there was a significant improvement of orgasmic function 5 years after operation, especially after a bilateral nerve sparing procedure. Erections sufficient for vaginal penetration (questions 3 and 4 of the IIEF, score >or=8) improved from 2% to 11% 3 months and 5 years after RRP respectively. Total IIEF score was significantly better after a bilateral nerve

  6. Evaluation of vertical marginal discrepancy of zirconia copings, before and after cementation



    Resumo: O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a discrepância marginal vertical de copings zircônia, Zirkonzahn® CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing). Foram confeccionados 30 copings de zircônia tetragonal policristalina estabilizada por ítrio (Y-TZP) do sistema CAD/CAM e 30 copings metálicos (grupo controle). Os copings foram cimentados com dois tipos de cimento: fosfato de zinco (SS White®) e cimento resinoso (Rely X ARC®, 3M¿ ESPE¿), constituindo dois subgrupos de 15...

  7. Student Performance in a Pharmacotherapy Oncology Module Before and After Flipping the Classroom. (United States)

    Bossaer, John B; Panus, Peter; Stewart, David W; Hagemeier, Nick E; George, Joshua


    Objective. To determine if a flipped classroom improved student examination performance in a pharmacotherapy oncology module. Design. Third-year pharmacy students in 2012 experienced the oncology module as interactive lectures with optional case studies as supplemental homework. In 2013, students experienced the same content in a primarily flipped classroom. Students were instructed to watch vodcasts (video podcasts) before in-class case studies but were not held accountable (ie, quizzed) for preclass preparation. Examination questions were identical in both cohorts. Performance on examination questions was compared between the two cohorts using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), with prior academic performance variables (grade point average [GPA]) as covariates. Assessment. The students who experienced the flipped classroom approach performed poorer on examination questions than the cohort who experienced interactive lecture, with previous GPA used as a covariate. Conclusion. A flipped classroom does not necessarily improve student performance. Further research is needed to determine optimal classroom flipping techniques.

  8. Clinical and urodynamic evaluation of women with detrusor instability before and after functional pelvic floor electrostimulation. (United States)

    Arruda, R M; Castro, R A; Sartori, M G F; Takano, C C; Baracat, E C; Rodrigues de Lima, G; Girão, M J B C


    Detrusor instability is the second most frequent cause of female urinary incontinence. There are many therapeutic options, including non-invasive and surgical procedures. In this study, we evaluated the effects of pelvic floor vaginal electrostimulation using equipment designed in our institution, over three consecutive months, for treatment of 29 women with detrusor instability. After treatment 22 patients (76%) considered themselves cured or symptomatically improved; seven patients (24%) had no change in symptoms after therapy. There was objective cure and improvement in ten (34.5%) and in eight (27.5%) patients, respectively, and the urodynamic parameters did not change in 11 patients (38%). Electrical stimulation resulted in a gradual decrease in the number of urinary leakage episodes and increase in maximum cystometric capacity in first desire to void and in urinary volume.

  9. Vocal effectiveness of speech-language pathology students: Before and after voice use during service delivery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie Couch


    Full Text Available Background: As a professional voice user, it is imperative that a speech-language pathologist’s(SLP vocal effectiveness remain consistent throughout the day. Many factors may contribute to reduced vocal effectiveness, including prolonged voice use, vocally abusive behaviours,poor vocal hygiene and environmental factors.Objectives: To determine the effect of service delivery on the perceptual and acoustic features of voice.Method: A quasi-experimental., pre-test–post-test research design was used. Participants included third- and final-year speech-language pathology students at the University of Pretoria(South Africa. Voice parameters were evaluated in a pre-test measurement, after which the participants provided two consecutive hours of therapy. A post-test measurement was then completed. Data analysis consisted of an instrumental analysis in which the multidimensional voice programme (MDVP and the voice range profile (VRP were used to measure vocal parameters and then calculate the dysphonia severity index (DSI. The GRBASI scale wasused to conduct a perceptual analysis of voice quality. Data were processed using descriptive statistics to determine change in each measured parameter after service delivery.Results: A change of clinical significance was observed in the acoustic and perceptual parameters of voice.Conclusion: Guidelines for SLPs in order to maintain optimal vocal effectiveness were suggested.

  10. Environmental Perceptions and Health before and after Relocation to a Green Building. (United States)

    MacNaughton, Piers; Spengler, John; Vallarino, Jose; Santanam, Suresh; Satish, Usha; Allen, Joseph


    Green buildings are designed to have low environmental impacts and improved occupant health and well-being. Improvements to the built environment including ventilation, lighting, and materials have resulted in improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in green buildings, but the evidence around occupant health is currently centered around environmental perceptions and self-reported health. To investigate the objective impact of green buildings on health, we tracked IEQ, self-reported health, and heart rate in 30 participants from green and conventional buildings for two weeks. 24 participants were then selected to be relocated to the Syracuse Center of Excellence, a LEED platinum building, for six workdays. While they were there, ventilation, CO2, and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels were changed on different days to match the IEQ of conventional, green, and green+ (green with increased ventilation) buildings. Participants reported improved air quality, odors, thermal comfort, ergonomics, noise and lighting and fewer health symptoms in green buildings prior to relocation. After relocation, participants consistently reported fewer symptoms during the green building conditions compared to the conventional one, yet symptom counts were more closely associated with environmental perceptions than with measured IEQ. On average, participants had 4.7 times the odds of reporting a lack of air movement, 1.4 more symptoms (p-value = 0.019) and a 2 bpm higher heart rate (p-value green and conventional buildings is driven by both environmental perceptions and physiological pathways.

  11. Background Noise Distribution before and afterHigh-Resolution Processing in Ship-borne Radar

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    When high-resolution algorithm is applied in ship-borne radar~ high-resolution algorithm's nonlinearity and distributional characteristics before highresolution processing determine background clutter's distributional characteristics after high-resolution and detector design afterwards. Because background noise before high-resolution has physical significance, the statistical model of first-order Bragg lines and second order components of sea clutter is put forward. Then by using higher-order cumulative quantity's statistical verification of actually measured data, it is concluded that background noise before high-resolution conforms to normal distribution in ship-borne radar. The non-linearity of high-resolution algorithm determines that background noise after high-resolution processing conforms to non-normal distribution. Non-normal distributed clutter mainly include Weibull, Lognormal and K clutter. Rayleigh clutter can be seen as special case of Weibull clutter. These clutter have differently statistical characteristics and can be discriminated by clutter characteristics recognition. The numerical domain's distribution after high-resolution processing is determined by improved minimum entropy clutter characteristics recognition method based on rule AIC, namely two-parameter domain scanning method. This identification method has higher recognition rate. It is verified that background noise after high-resolution by pre-whitenedMUSIC conforms to lognormal distribution.

  12. Personal Descriptions of Life Before and After Bariatric Surgery From Overweight or Obese Men. (United States)

    Edward, Karen-Leigh; Hii, Michael W; Giandinoto, Jo-Ann; Hennessy, Julie; Thompson, Lisa


    Bariatric surgery is now a common weight loss solution for morbidly obese men where meaningful weight reduction and improvements in quality of life have been identified postsurgery. As the majority of surgical candidates are female, there exists a paucity of literature relating to the experience of males undergoing bariatric surgery. In this study, a qualitative descriptive-exploratory design was used to explore body image descriptions, adaptation of a new lifestyle, new boundaries postsurgery, and any barriers seeking consultation for surgery. Six males who had undergone bariatric surgery were recruited in Australia. Data were collected and analyzed using NVivo between May and October 2014. The themes emerging from the data included living in an obese body, life before surgery, decision making for surgery, and life after surgery. The participants collectively reported that life before surgery was challenging. They described the changes the surgery had made in their lives including positive changes to their health, body image, social lives, and self-esteem. Some participants preferred not to tell others their intentions for surgery due to perceived stigma. The men in this study also described a lack of information available to them depicting male perspectives, a possible barrier for men seeking weight loss surgery options. Implications for practice highlighted in these results relate to a greater need for accessible information specific to men based on real-life experiences.

  13. The International Monetary Fund's effects on global health: before and after the 2008 financial crisis. (United States)

    Stuckler, David; Basu, Sanjay


    In April 2009, the G20 countries committed US $750 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has assumed a central role in global economic management. The IMF provides loans to financially ailing countries, but with strict conditions, typically involving a mix of privatization, liberalization, and fiscal austerity programs. These loan conditions have been extremely controversial. In principle, they are designed to help countries balance their books. In practice, they often translate into reductions in social spending, including spending on public health and health care delivery. As more countries are being exposed to IMF policies, there is a need to establish what we know and do not know about the IMF's effects on global health. This article introduces a series in which contributors review the evidence on the relationship between the IMF and public health and discuss potential ways to improve the Fund's effects on health. While more evidence is needed for some regions, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that IMF programs have been significantly associated with weakened health care systems, reduced effectiveness of health-focused development aid, and impeded efforts to control tobacco, infectious diseases, and child and maternal mortality. Reforms are urgently needed to prevent the current wave of IMF programs from further undermining public health in financially ailing countries and limiting progress toward the health Millennium Development Goals.

  14. Comparing environmental issues in Cuba before and after the Special Period: balancing sustainable development and survival. (United States)

    Maal-Bared, Rasha


    Following the Earth Summit in 1992, Cuba designed and implemented a variety of programs, administrative structures, and public awareness activities to promote sound environmental management and sustainable development. This came shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union and the strengthening of the US blockade in 1990, which resulted in a 35% drop in Cuban GDP. This period, referred to as the Special Period, witnessed a decrease in many environmentally damaging activities both by choice and by necessity, but also resulted in many decisions to resuscitate the Cuban economy. The purpose of this work was to compare and rank the environmental risks Cuba faced before and during the Special Period (1990-2000) using two Comparative environmental risk assessments (CERAs). To do so, an ecosystem integrity risk assessment matrix was constructed with 42 risk end points. The matrix assessed the risk posed by 17 problem areas including air pollution, water contamination, solid waste sites, pesticides and ecosystem degradation. The risks were calculated using five criteria: area affected, vulnerability of affected population, severity of impact, irreversibility of effect and uncertainty. To construct this matrix, both literature reviews and expert interviews in Cuba were conducted in 2000. The results showed a general decrease in risk scores during the Special Period. Before the Special Period, high risks were posed by: terrestrial degradation and industrial wastewater and sludge, followed by freshwater degradation, surface water stressors, and pesticides. After the Special Period, industrial wastewater and sludge and pesticides were no longer high-risk areas, but municipal wastewater and marine coastal degradation ranked higher than previously. Also, the risk endpoints most stressed after 1990 were affected by activities controlled by the government, such as mining and tourism, and lack of infrastructure. Therefore, the claims that public environmental education is the main

  15. Causes of hospitalisation before and after the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake. (United States)

    Petrazzi, L; Striuli, R; Polidoro, L; Petrarca, M; Scipioni, R; Struglia, M; Giorgini, P; Necozione, S; Festuccia, V; Ferri, C


    On 6 April 2009, an earthquake struck L'Aquila. The San Salvatore Hospital was evacuated, and a field hospital was built. The study aimed to assess the epidemiologic impact of the earthquake through the analysis of patient population admitted to the field hospital during a 2-month period following the disaster. We retrospectively evaluated causes of hospitalisation and demographic data of patients admitted to (i) the Division of Internal Medicine and (ii) the Division of Emergency Medicine of the field hospital from 6 April, 2009 to 29 May, 2009. All data were compared with the admissions made at the same divisions of the San Salvatore Hospital during the same period of previous year. (i) Patient group (n = 102) and comparison group (n = 108). Mean patient age was higher, patients living in L'Aquila were more numerous, while mean length of stay was lower after than before the earthquake. Infectious diseases increased, while 'other' diseases decreased after the disaster both in admission and in discharge diagnoses. Gastroenterological diseases decreased with the earthquake but only in admission diagnoses. (ii) Patient group (n = 5255) and comparison group (n = 6564). Triage codes changed with the earthquake. Cardiovascular, psychiatric, gynaecological, infectious and chronic diseases increased, while pneumologic, gastroenterological, traumatic and 'other' diseases decreased after the quake. The number of hospitalised patients decreased with the tremor, while those discharged transferred to other hospitals and those who rejected hospitalisation increased. A natural disaster completely changes causes of hospitalisation in the Divisions of Internal and Emergency Medicine. These findings can be useful for the design of specific intervention programmes and for softening the detrimental effects of quakes.

  16. The extension of smoke-free areas and acute myocardial infarction mortality: before and after study (United States)

    Sánchez, Emília; Benet, Josep; Cabezas, Carmen; Castillo, Antonia; Guarga, Alex; Saltó, Esteve; Tresserras, Ricard


    Objectives Recent studies suggest that comprehensive smoking regulations to decrease exposure to second-hand smoke reduce the rates of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). The objective of this paper is to analyse if deaths due to AMI in Spain declined after smoking prevention legislation came into force in January 2006. Design Information was collected on deaths registered by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística for 2004–2007. Age- and sex-specific annual AMI mortality rates with 95% CIs were estimated, as well as age-adjusted annual AMI mortality rates by sex. Annual relative risks of death from AMI were estimated with an age-standardised Poisson regression model. Results Adjusted AMI mortality rates in 2004 and 2005 are similar, but in 2006 they show a 9% decline for men and a 8.7% decline for women, especially among those over 64 years of age. In 2007 there is a slower rate of decline, which reaches statistical significance for men (−4.8%) but not for women (−4%). The annual relative risk of AMI death decreased in both sexes (p<0.001) from 1 to 0.90 in 2006, and to 0.86 in 2007. Conclusion The extension of smoke-free regulations in Spain was associated with a reduction in AMI mortality, especially among the elderly. Although other factors may have played a role, this pattern suggests a likely influence of the reduction in population exposure to second-hand smoke on AMI deaths. PMID:22021746

  17. Complying with the smoking ban by students before and after introducing legislative intervention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adam Rzeźnicki


    Full Text Available Objectives: More and more countries introduce a total ban on smoking tobacco in public places. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effectiveness of “The Act of 8 April 2010 on amendment of the act on protection of health against the consequences of consumption of tobacco and tobacco products and act on National Sanitary Inspectorate” and assess the frequency of complying with the smoking bans by the students of the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. Material and Methods: Between 2007–2011, at the Social Medicine Institute of the Medical University of Lodz, a study using random survey was carried out involving students who were starting their studies at the Health Department of the Medical University of Lodz. The analysis of the collected material showed that 1038 people reported being smokers at the time of the study. Among that group, 530 students were included in the study prior to, and 508 after the introduction of the amendment. In order to verify their compliance with the smoking ban, the respondents were asked whether they smoked only in designated areas or wherever they wanted to. Results: The ratio of people claiming they smoked anywhere they wanted to, disregarding the smoking ban, was 60% (N = 318 and after the amendment had been introduced, this ratio was 62.2% (N = 316, it increased by 2.2 percentage points. The observed difference was statistically irrelevant (Chi2 = 0.530, p > 0.05. Conclusions: The Act ”On amendment of the act on protection of health against the consequences of consumption of tobacco and tobacco products and Act on National Sanitary Inspectorate” in Poland did not result in the expected changes in the frequency of complying with the smoking ban by the 1st year students.

  18. Vascular endothelial growth factor before and after locoregional treatment and its relation to treatment response in hepatocelluar carcinoma patients

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Heba Sedrak; Noaman El-Garem; Mervat Naguib; Heba El-Zawahry; Mohamed Esmat; Lila Rashed


    Objective: To evaluate vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels in hepatocel-lular carcinoma patients before and after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) and percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) and its relation to treatment response. Methods: A total of 40 patients with unrespectable hepatocelluar carcinoma were assessed clinically. Twenty patients were suitable to be treated by TACE, while other 20 patients were treated with PEI. Serum VEGF levels were measured before and 1 month after each procedure by ELISA. Response was assessed after 1 month according to Union Internationale Contre le Cancer evaluation criteria based on change in tumor size as measured by ultrasound. Results: There was no significant difference between TACE and PEI groups with regard to age, sex, tumor size, response to local therapy, or VEGF and alpha-fetoprotein before and after therapy. VEGF levels after TACE were significantly higher than before TACE [(298.1 ± 123.6) pg/mL vs. (205.8 ± 307.3) pg/mL;P=0.001]. Also, VEGF levels were significantly higher after PEI than before PEI [(333.8 ± 365.6) pg/mL vs. (245.3 ± 301.8) pg/mL;P=0.000]. Non-responders of both groups had significantly high VEGF levels than responder's, both before [(985.0 ± 113.2) pg/mL vs. (117.1 ± 75.3) pg/mL;P Conclusions: Both TACE and PEI were associated with an increase in serum VEGF in hepatocelluar carcinoma patients. Higher levels of VEGF before and after therapy were found in non-responders, suggesting that VEGF is a useful marker in predicting treatment response.

  19. Assessment of a twice dosing regimen both before and after partial hepatectomy in the rat liver micronucleus test. (United States)

    Itoh, Satoru; Igarashi, Miyuki; Nagata, Mayumi; Hattori, Chiharu


    The liver micronucleus test is an important method to detect in vivo genotoxicants, especially those that require metabolic activation for their genotoxicity. We have already reported that structural or numerical chromosome aberration inducers have to be given before or after partial hepatectomy, respectively, to detect their genotoxicity in the liver of rats. In the present study, we assessed a twice dosing regimen, in which the genotoxicant is dosed both before and after partial hepatectomy, using the four chromosome aberration inducers used in the previous study. Two structural chromosome aberration inducers (diethylnitrosamine and 1,2-dimethylhydrazine) and two numerical chromosome aberration inducers (colchicine and carbendazim) were used. The genotoxicant was administered to 8-week old male F344 rats one day before and again one day after the partial hepatectomy and hepatocytes were isolated 3 days after second dosing (4 days after the partial hepatectomy). As a result, all genotoxicants (structural or numerical chromosome aberration inducers) caused a dose-dependent statistically significant increase in the incidence of micronucleated hepatocytes when given both before and after partial hepatectomy. No marked difference was observed in general toxicity, relative liver weight and cell classification between single dosing regimens and twice dosing regimen of the genotoxicants. These results confirm that the twice dosing regimen, in which the test compound is dosed both before and after partial hepatectomy, can detect in vivo induction of micronucleated hepatocytes by structural or numerical chromosome aberration inducers qualitatively similar to their appropriate regimen in which the test compound is administered either before or after partial hepatectomy.

  20. Longitudinal Monitoring of Hepatic Blood Flow before and after TIPS by Using 4D-Flow MR Imaging (United States)

    Bannas, Peter; Roldán-Alzate, Alejandro; Johnson, Kevin M.; Woods, Michael A.; Ozkan, Orhan; Motosugi, Utaroh; Wieben, Oliver; Reeder, Scott B.; Kramer, Harald


    Purpose To demonstrate the feasibility of four-dimensional (4D)– flow magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for noninvasive longitudinal hemodynamic monitoring of hepatic blood flow before and after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) placement. Materials and Methods The institutional review board approved this prospective Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant study with written informed consent. Four-dimensional–flow MR imaging was performed in seven patients with portal hypertension and refractory ascites before and 2 and 12 weeks after TIPS placement by using a time-resolved three-dimensional radial phase-contrast acquisition. Flow and peak velocity measurements were obtained in the superior mesenteric vein (SMV), splenic vein (SV), portal vein (PV), and the TIPS. Flow volumes and peak velocities in each vessel, as well as the ratio of in-stent to PV flow, were compared before and after TIPS placement by using analysis of variance. Results Flow volumes significantly increased in the SMV (0.24 L/ min; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.07, 0.41), SV (0.31 L/min; 95% CI: 0.07, 0.54), and PV (0.88 L/min; 95% CI: 0.06, 1.70) after TIPS placement (all P .11). Ascites resolved in six of seven patients. In those with resolved ascites, the TIPS-to-PV flow ratio was 0.8 ± 6 0.2 and 0.9 ± 0.2 at the two post-TIPS time points, respectively, while the observed ratios were 4.6 and 4.3 in the patient with refractory ascites at the two post-TIPS time points, respectively. In this patient, 4D-flow MR imaging demonstrated arterio-portal-venous shunting, with draining into the TIPS. Conclusion Four-dimensional–flow MR imaging is feasible for noninvasive longitudinal hemodynamic monitoring of hepatic blood flow before and after TIPS placement. PMID:27171019

  1. Attitudes of Mississippi college students toward David Duke before and after seeing the film Who is David Duke? (United States)

    Eisenman, R; Girdner, E J; Burroughs, R G; Routman, M


    The attitudes of 211 students at a university in Mississippi were investigated both before and after seeing the Public Broadcasting Film Who Is David Duke? The film provided evidence of Duke's current racism, anti-Semitism, and pro-Nazi leanings. In a previous study with university students in Louisiana, the majority did not change their attitudes after watching the film (Eisenman, 1993). However, in the present study, students' attitudes showed change in an anti-Duke direction. The findings are discussed and reasons given for the differences between the two samples, and for the popularity of Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

  2. Study on determination of stress level by seismic stress drops and the stress axis deflections before and after large earthquakes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WAN Yong-ge


    To obtain the stress level at the earthquake source, this paper sets forth the solution of the stress magnitude at the earthquake source by seismic stress drop and the stress axis deflections before and after large earthquakes. The pre-seismic and post-seismic stress direction can be statistically determined by a large collection of foreshock and aftershock focal mechanism data while the stress drop can be determined through the source fracture inversion from seismic wave data or crust deformation data. The paper attempts to make a fundamental contribution to seismic dynamics.

  3. Glucose-induced thermogenesis in patients with small cell lung carcinoma. Before and after inhibition of tumour growth by chemotherapy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Simonsen, L; Bülow, J; Sengeløv, H


    Seven weight-losing patients with histologically verified small cell lung carcinoma were given an oral glucose load of 75 g before and at least 3 weeks after the end of chemotherapy to examine the effect of glucose on whole body and skeletal muscle thermogenesis before and after reduction of tumour....... Whole body energy expenditure was measured by the open circuit ventilated hood system. Forearm blood flow was measured by venous-occlusion strain-gauge plethysmography. The uptake of oxygen in skeletal muscle was calculated as the product of the forearm blood flow and the difference in a-v oxygen...

  4. Gunshot wounds seen at a county hospital before and after a riot and gang truce: Part Two. (United States)

    Ordog, G J; Shoemaker, W; Wasserberger, J; Bishop, M


    An analysis was undertaken of the number of gunshot wound victims seen at a Los Angeles County hospital both before and after the Los Angeles riot. Since the LA riot the gang truce between the "Bloods" and the "Crips" resulted in a significant decrease in the number of gunshot wound victims seen at a level I trauma center in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this lasted for only three months. The resurgence of shootings, mainly of the drive-by type (82%), to an occurrence rate higher than ever before, has negated any positive effect of the gang truce and indicates the need for additional measures to control gang violence.

  5. Transport and noise properties of Si nanowire channels with different lengths before and after gamma radiation treatment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li, Jing; Vitusevich, Svetlana; Pud, Sergii; Sydoruk, Viktor; Offenhäusser, Andreas [Peter Grünberg Institute, Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany); Petrychuk, Mykhailo [Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev (Ukraine); Danilchenko, Boris [Institute of Physics, NASU, Kiev (Ukraine)


    The transport properties of Si nanowire (NW) structures fabricated on the basis of silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers were studied using noise spectroscopy before and after treatment with small doses of gamma radiation. The total resistance obtained from the I-V characteristics of Si NW structures scaled perfectly with length. Normalized flicker noise demonstrated 1/L{sup 2} dependence, which is a characteristic of dominant noise contribution from near-contact regions. The behavior changed to 1/L dependence after a small dose (1×10{sup 4} Gy) of gamma radiation treatment. Comparison of the random telegraph signal (RTS) noise parameters in the samples with small lengths before and after the treatment revealed a decrease in RTS amplitude and a shift to a lower frequency range after gamma irradiation. These results confirmed that the main changes in the samples were related to strain relaxation near-contact regions. In addition, such treatment resulted in a considerable decrease in the scattering data of device parameters.

  6. PET Study in a Patient with Spinocerebellar Degeneration before and after Long-Term Administration of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Tanji


    Full Text Available We studied the chronic effect of thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH in a patient with spinocerebellar degeneration by measuring cerebral metabolic rate for glucose (CMRG1c using 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (18FDG and positron emission tomography (PET. A 56-year-old female, who had suffered from progressive ataxia for 2 years, was treated by intravenous administration of 2 mg TRH for 3 weeks, and CMRG1c of the brain was measured before and after treatment. CMRG1c was markedly decreased in the cerebellum and there was no significant difference before and after the treatment, i.e. mean CMRG1c values were 4.92 and 4.90 mg/100 g/min, and the ratios of the cerebellum versus the frontal cortex were 0.50 and 0.51, respectively. The degree of disequilibrium of her body examined with stabilography became better by the 19th day and further improved by the 26th day after the start of TRH treatment. Based on the present study we conclude that long-term administration of TRH did not improve CMRG1c in the cerebellum, but evidently improved the sway of gravity center by stabilography. We speculate that the chronic effect of TRH was not necessarily due to an improvement of cerebellar function, because TRH receptors are widely distributed throughout the central nervous system.

  7. Latent growth curve analysis of fear during a speech task before and after treatment for social phobia. (United States)

    Price, Matthew; Anderson, Page L


    Models of social phobia highlight the importance of anticipatory anxiety in the experience of fear during a social situation. Anticipatory anxiety has been shown to be highly correlated with performance anxiety for a variety of social situations. A few studies show that average ratings of anxiety during the anticipation and performance phases of a social situation decline following treatment. Evidence also suggests that the point of confrontation with the feared stimulus is the peak level of fear. No study to date has evaluated the pattern of anxious responding across the anticipation, confrontation, and performance phases before and after treatment, which is the focus of the current study. Socially phobic individuals (N = 51) completed a behavioral avoidance task before and after two types of manualized cognitive behavioral therapy, and gave ratings of fear during the anticipation and performance phases. Results from latent growth curve analysis were the same for the two treatments and suggested that before treatment, anxiety sharply increased during the anticipation phase, was highly elevated at the confrontation, and gradually increased during the performance phase. After treatment, anxiety increased during the anticipation phase, although at a much slower rate than at pretreatment, peaked at confrontation, and declined during the performance phase. The findings suggest that anticipatory experiences are critical to the experience of fear for public speaking and should be incorporated into exposures.

  8. 1Identification of genes differentially expressed in the embryonic pig cerebral cortex before and after appearance of gyration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jørgensen Arne L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Mammalian evolution is characterized by a progressive expansion of the surface area of the cerebral cortex, an increase that is accompanied by gyration of the cortical surface. The mechanisms controlling this gyration process are not well characterized but mutational analyses indicate that genes involved in neuronal migration play an important function. Due to the lack of gyration of the rodent brain it is important to establish alternative models to examine brain development during the gyration process. The pig brain is gyrated and accordingly is a candidate alternative model. Findings In this study we have identified genes differentially expressed in the pig cerebral cortex before and after appearance of gyration. Pig cortical tissue from two time points in development representing a non-folded, lissencephalic, brain (embryonic day 60 and primary-folded, gyrencephalic, brain (embryonic day 80 were examined by whole genome expression microarray studies. 91 differentially expressed transcripts (fold change >3 were identified. 84 transcripts were annotated and encoding proteins involved in for example neuronal migration, calcium binding, and cytoskeletal structuring. Quantitative real-time PCR was used to confirm the regulation of a subset of the identified genes. Conclusion This study provides identification of genes which are differentially expressed in the pig cerebral cortex before and after appearance of brain gyration. The identified genes include novel candidate genes which could have functional importance for brain development.

  9. Evaluation of quality of life in patients with Graves´ ophthalmopathy, before and after orbital decompression. (United States)

    Iacobæus, Lykke; Sahlin, Sven


    Graves' ophthalmopathy (GO) is a potentially sight threatening orbital disease that can have a large negative impact on the quality of life of the patient. Studies on long-term effects of GO on the quality of life are few. The aim of this study is to evaluate the health-related quality of life in patients with GO, before and after orbital decompression surgery. This is a prospective, longitudinal, interventional study in which patients who had orbital decompression were given the Graves´ ophthalmopathy quality of life questionnaire (GO-QOL) before and after surgery. The GO-QOL is a disease specific instrument to measure health-related quality of life. The answers are transformed into scores from 0-100 on 2 subscales. Higher score indicates better health. An additional patient satisfaction questionnaire was also given post-surgery. A significant, long-term, improvement in quality of life after orbital decompression was noted (p orbital decompression to a fellow patient. Persistent disturbing oscillopsia was seen in 2% and persistent disturbing infraorbital nerve hypoesthesia in 8% of the patients. Orbital decompression surgery has a positive effect on quality of life for patients with severe GO. The GO-QOL questionnaire showed significant improvement in QOL-scores even many years after surgery.

  10. Comparison of Static Balance on a Platform in Young Adults With Down Syndrome Before and After a Dance Program. (United States)

    Gutiérrez-Vilahú, Lourdes; Massó-Ortigosa, Núria; Costa-Tutusaus, Lluís; Guerra-Balic, Miriam; Rey-Abella, Ferran


    The purpose of the study was to compare postural control in static standing in young adults with and without Down syndrome (DS), with eyes closed and eyes open, before and after an 18-wk dance-based training program. The study included 11 young people with DS age 20.5 (1.3) yr and 11 without DS age 20.2 (2.0) yr. All parameters were recorded before and after the training program. Parameters related to center of pressure (COP; closed and open eyes) were recorded from a platform with the participant in bipedal standing position during 30 s. The results suggest that young people with DS have worse COP control in both visual conditions (closed and open eyes) and are affected by visual information in a different way than their peers without DS. In the group of young adults with DS, the dance-based training program improved some parameters related to the use of visual input in controlling COP.

  11. Color stability of the artificial iris button in an ocular prosthesis before and after acrylic resin polymerization. (United States)

    Moreno, Amália; Goiato, Marcelo Coelho; Oliveira, Kamila Freitas; Iyda, Mariana Garib; Haddad, Marcela Filié; de Carvalho Dekon, Stefan Fiuza; dos Santos, Daniela Micheline


    This study investigated the effects of the ocular prosthesis fabrication technique and the paint on the color stability of the artificial iris button before and after polymerization of the colorless resin. Sixty samples simulating artificial eyes were made, including 30 samples with blue- and 30 samples with sepia-colored artificial irises. Ten samples were made by each of three techniques (i.e., conventional, prefabricated cap, and inverted painting) for each color. The color of the artificial iris button was measured through reflection spectrophotometry by the CIE L*a* b* system before and after polymerization of the prosthesis (colorless resin). Data were evaluated by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the Tukey honestly significant different (HSD) tests (α=0.05). All of the samples exhibited color changes. Samples made by the prefabricated cap technique exhibited the highest color change values for both colors (Pcolor change values for the sepia-colored artificial irises (Pcolored artificial irises exhibited lower color change values than blue-colored artificial irises for both techniques (Partificial iris color for each color tone and the conventional technique and the painting technique inverted were considered clinically acceptable for sepia color.

  12. Biological mercury measurements before and after administration of a chelator (DMPS) and subjective symptoms allegedly due to amalgam. (United States)

    Schuurs, A; Exterkate, R; ten Cate, J M; ten Cate, B


    The aim of the study was to explore multivariately the relationship between subjective symptoms allegedly due to amalgam and mercury measurements before and after administration of a chelator. Of 120 participants, the mercury concentrations in urine (U-Hg) and plasma (P-Hg) before and after a chelating agent or placebo were determined as were the numbers of fillings and symptoms allegedly due to subjective symptoms. The dental status was charted. Blood was analysed on 13 parameters. The analysis revealed neither the parameters in blood nor the subjective symptoms to be associated with a dimension dominated by 'mercury indicators'. The final analysis was therefore performed with 'number of subjective symptoms' and enabled to distinguish two subsamples. One subsample was characterised by > 2 subjective "symptoms", highest scores for U-Hg, P-Hg and filled surfaces, and chewing gum for > 1 h a day. The other subsample comprised the subjects with few filled surfaces and low U-Hg and P-Hg, but was not characterised by "no subjective symptoms". The chelator was considered neither to invalidate nor to improve these findings and was concluded not to be helpful in diagnosing "symptoms". The chelator caused side effects in 42% of the subjects and the placebo in 27%. A relationship between amalgam fillings and subjective symptoms could not be shown. Therefore, the mere fact of knowing to have amalgam fillings was assumed to be the reason why subjective symptoms were attributed to amalgam and side effects were ascribed to the treatment.

  13. Pathways into homelessness: recently homeless adults problems and service use before and after becoming homeless in Amsterdam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Wit Matty A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To improve homelessness prevention practice, we met with recently homeless adults, to explore their pathways into homelessness, problems and service use, before and after becoming homeless. Methods Recently homeless adults (last housing lost up to two years ago and legally staying in the Netherlands were sampled in the streets, day centres and overnight shelters in Amsterdam. In April and May 2004, students conducted interviews and collected data on demographics, self reported pathways into homelessness, social and medical problems, and service use, before and after becoming homeless. Results among 120 recently homeless adults, (male 88%, Dutch 50%, average age 38 years, mean duration of homelessness 23 weeks, the main reported pathways into homelessness were evictions 38%, relationship problems 35%, prison 6% and other reasons 22%. Compared to the relationship group, the eviction group was slightly older (average age 39.6 versus 35.5 years; p = 0.08, belonged more often to a migrant group (p = 0.025, and reported more living single (p Conclusion the recently homeless fit the overall profile of the homeless population in Amsterdam: single (Dutch men, around 40 years, with a mix of financial debts, addiction, mental and/or physical health problems. Contacts with services were fragmented and did not prevent homelessness. For homelessness prevention, systematic and outreach social medical care before and during homelessness should be provided.

  14. [The dynamics of calcium distribution in stigma and style of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) before and after pollination]. (United States)

    Qiu, Yi Lan; Liu, Ru Shi; Xie, Chao Tian; Yang, Yan Hong; Gu, Li; Tian, Hui Qiao


    Potassium antimonite was used to deposit calcium in the stigma and style of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) before and after pollination. The stigma of lettuce is two splits. Abundant calcium granules are displayed in the wall of papillae on the receptive surface of stigma before and after pollination, which may facilitate pollen germination. However, a few calcium granules in the wall of epidermis cell on no-receptive surface. Calcium distribution in style presents a gradient in transmitting tissue and parenchyma cells from the top to the base of the style before pollination. After pollination, calcium in transmitting tissue distinctly increased and its gradient distribution became more evident. Pollen tubes grow in the intercellular gaps of transmitting tissue. When pollen tubes grew into transmitting tissue, calcium granules in parenchyma around transmitting tissue decreased, suggesting a calcium movement was controlled by pollen tubes. The calcium gradient distribution also appeared in the trachea of vascular bundle of style. In general, calcium in style displays a feature of time-special distribution: transmitting tissue doesn't need much more calcium that is only stored in the parenchyma before pollination. However, calcium in parenchyma cells may be transported to transmitting tissue and make the latter contain more calcium to form an evident calcium gradient and meet the requirement of pollen tubes directionally growing after pollination. This is the second sample of calcium gradient existing in style, which was found by using potassium antimonite method.

  15. Cytomorphometric and clinical investigation of the gingiva before and after low-level laser therapy of gingivitis in children. (United States)

    Igic, Marija; Mihailovic, Dragan; Kesic, Ljiljana; Milasin, Jelena; Apostolovic, Mirjana; Kostadinovic, Ljiljana; Janjic, Olivera Trickovic


    Gingival epithelial cells are the first physical barrier against periodontal pathogenic microorganisms. Bacterial products may penetrate the epithelium and directly disturb its integrity. We investigated the clinical and cytomorphological status of the gingiva in children with gingivitis before and after low-level laser therapy. The study enrolled 130 children divided into three groups: group 1 comprised 50 children with chronic catarrhal gingivitis who received basic treatment, group 2 comprised 50 children with chronic catarrhal gingivitis who received low-level laser treatment in addition to basic treatment, and group 3 comprised 30 children with healthy gingiva as controls. Oral hygiene and the status of the gingiva were assessed using the appropriate indexes before and after treatment. Inflammation of the gingiva was monitored by cytomorphometric evaluation. Cytomorphometric analysis revealed a statistically significant difference (p gingivitis. Evaluation using clinical parameters showed that treatment of gingivitis with basic treatment was successful. Cytomorphometric analysis showed that after basic treatment the nuclei of the stratified squamous epithelial cells of the gingiva were reduced in size, although not to the size found in healthy gingiva. However, after adjuvant low-level laser therapy, the size of the nuclei of the stratified squamous epithelial cells in the gingiva matched the size of the nuclei in the cells in healthy gingiva.

  16. Proteomics Identification of Differentially Expressed Proteins Relevant for Nicotine Synthesis in Flue-Cured Tobacco Roots Before and After Decapitation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Wei-qun; GUO Hong-xiang; LI Hao


    Nicotine is a secondary substance synthesized in tobacco roots.In flue-cured tobacco planting,tobacco decapitation is an effective practice to promote nicotine biosynthesis by regulation of the redistribution of total nitrogen amounts,However,proteins relevant to nicotine synthesis in tobacco roots has not been identified and characterized yet.It is important to explore the regulation of nicotine biosynthesis in tobacco roots.To identify the proteins relevant to nicotine synthesis,the protein patterns in roots of flue-cured tobacco (cv.K326) before and after decapitation were analyzed.In the present study,the protein patterns in roots of flue-cured tobacco were analyzed by two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE),and the differentially-expressed spots were identified by matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS). Paired comparison of 2-DE maps revealed 26 spots of differentially-expressed proteins in roots before and after decapitation.Furthermore,nine differentially-expressed spots were identified.There were four proteins which were enzymes possibly involved in nicotine biosynthesis.In addition,the roles of the four enzymes in nicotine biosynthesis were discussed in a putative network.Our results would contribute to the understanding of the regulation pathway of nicotine biosynthesis and further to the molecular manipulation on the nicotine contents in flue-cured tobacco.

  17. Ultrasound evaluation of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome before and after endoscopic release of the transverse carpal ligament

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Abicalaf, C.A. [Department of Radiology, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Barros, N. de [Department of Radiology, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Sernik, R.A. [Department of Radiology, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Pimentel, B.F. [Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Taubate, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Braga-Baiak, A. [Department of Radiology, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Braga, L. [Department of Radiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center (United States); Houvet, P. [Department of Radiology, Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, Paris (France); Brasseur, J.-L. [Department of Radiology, Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, Paris (France); Roger, B. [Clinique des Lilas, Paris (France); Cerri, G.G. [Department of Radiology, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)


    Aim: To evaluate the cross-sectional area of the median nerve using ultrasound in carpal tunnel syndrome patients before and after endoscopic intervention. Material and methods: Twenty patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (15 women and five men; mean age 55 years) were prospectively evaluated. Informed consent was obtained from all participants. The study was approved by our Institutional Review Board (IRB). Median nerve cross-sectional area was evaluated at the proximal level before and at 4, 8, and 12 weeks after endoscopic release of the transverse ligament. In the present study, the median nerve cross-sectional area cut-off point was 10 mm{sup 2}. Repeated measures analysis of variance test (ANOVA) was applied to compare the reproducibility of ultrasound measurements before and after intervention. Results: The mean cross-sectional area of the median nerve was 15 mm{sup 2} (SD {+-} 2.1) before surgery; and 11.1 mm{sup 2} (SD {+-} 3); 9.2 mm{sup 2} (SD {+-} 2); and 8.6 mm{sup 2} (SD {+-} 1.6) at 4, 8, and 12 weeks after surgery. Repeated measures analyses of variance were found to be statistically significant (p < 0.001). Conclusion: The results of the present study demonstrated that there was a decrease in the cross-sectional area of the median nerve after the release of the transverse carpal ligament.

  18. Profile of hepatocyte apoptosis and bile lakes before and after bile duct decompression in severe obstructive jaundice patients

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ToarJMLalisang; RadenSjamsuhidajat; NurjatiCSiregar; AkmalTaher


    BACKGROUND: Excessive hepatocyte apoptosis and bile lakes in severe obstructive jaundice might impair liver functions. Although decompression of the bile duct has been reported to improve liver functions in animal studies, the mechanism of obstruction differs from that in humans. This study aimed to determine the profiles of hepatocyte apoptosis and bile lakes following bile duct decompression in patients with severe obstructive jaundice in the clinical setting. METHODS: We conducted a "before and after study" on severe obstructive jaundice patients as a model of inhibition of the excessive process by bile duct decompression. Specimens of liver biopsies were taken before and after decompression of the bile duct and then stained by terminal deoxynucleotide transferase-mediated dUTP nick end-labeling (TUNEL) to identify hepatocyte apoptosis and by hematoxilin-eosin (HE) to identify bile lakes. All measurements were independently done by 2 observers. RESULTS: Twenty-one severe obstructive jaundice patients were included. In all patients, excessive hepatocyte apoptosis and bile lakes were apparent. After decompression, the hepatocyte apoptosis index decreased from 53.1 (SD 105) to 11.7 (SD 13.6) (P CONCLUSION: Bile duct decompression improves hepatocyte apoptosis and bile lakes in cases of severe obstructive jaundice, similar to the findings in animal studies.

  19. Changes of fundus blood flow state of patients with open-angle glaucoma before and after the treatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Huai-Jie Huang; Mei-Min Niu; Yi Yang; Ke-Qin Li


    Objective:To To study and observe the change situation of fundus blood flow state of patients with open-angle glaucoma before and after the treatment.Methods:A total of 60 patients with open-angle glaucoma treated in our hospital from October 2013 to May 2015 were selected as the observation group, and 60 healthy persons with physical examination at the same period were the control group, then the RI, PI, PSV, EDV and VM levels of ocular artery, central retinal artery and posterior ciliary artery of observation group before the treatment and at 2th, 4th, 8th and 12th week after the treatment and control group were compared.Results:The RI and PI levels of ocular artery, central retinal artery and posterior ciliary artery of observation group before the treatment and at 2th, 4th and 8th week after the treatment were higher than those of control group, while the PSV, EDV and VM levels of ocular artery, central retinal artery and posterior ciliary artery were lower than those of control group. The detection results of observation group at different time after the treatment were better than those before the treatment, and there were significant differences (P0.05).Conclusions:The changes of fundus blood flow state of patients with open-angle glaucoma before and after the treatment are great, and the various artery blood flow presents continuous improvement.

  20. Proteomic changes between male and female worms of the polychaetous annelid Neanthes arenaceodentata before and after spawning.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kondethimmanahalli H Chandramouli

    Full Text Available The Neanthesacuminata species complex (Polychaeta are cosmopolitan in distribution. Neanthesarenaceodentata, Southern California member of the N. acuminata complex, has been widely used as toxicological test animal in the marine environment. Method of reproduction is unique in this polychaete complex. Same sexes fight and opposite sexes lie side by side until egg laying. Females lose about 75% of their weight and die after laying eggs. The male, capable of reproducing up to nine times, fertilizes the eggs and incubates the embryos for 3-4 weeks. The objective of this study was to determine if there is any set of proteins that influences this unique pattern of reproduction. Gel-based two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE and gel-free quantitative proteomics methods were used to identify differential protein expression patterns before and after spawning in both male and female N. arenaceodentata. Males showed a higher degree of similarity in protein expression patterns but females showed large changes in phosphoproteme before and after spawning. There was a decrease (about 70% in the number of detected phosphoproteins in spent females. The proteins involved in muscular development, cell signaling, structure and integrity, and translation were differentially expressed. This study provides proteomic insights of the male and female worms that may serve as a foundation for better understanding of unusual reproductive patterns in polychaete worms.

  1. The Parkinsonian Gait Spatiotemporal Parameters Quantified by a Single Inertial Sensor before and after Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation Treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Kleiner


    Full Text Available This study aims to evaluate the change in gait spatiotemporal parameters in subjects with Parkinson’s disease (PD before and after Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation (AMPS treatment. Thirty-five subjects with PD and 35 healthy age-matched subjects took part in this study. A dedicated medical device (Gondola was used to administer the AMPS. All patients with PD were treated in off levodopa phase and their gait performances were evaluated by an inertial measurement system before and after the intervention. The one-way ANOVA for repeated measures was performed to assess the differences between pre- and post-AMPS and the one-way ANOVA to assess the differences between PD patients and the control group. Spearman’s correlations assessed the associations between patients with PD clinical status (H&Y and the percentage of improvement of the gait variables after AMPS (α<0.05 for all tests. The PD group had an improvement of 14.85% in the stride length; 14.77% in the gait velocity; and 29.91% in the gait propulsion. The correlation results showed that the higher the H&Y classification, the higher the stride length percentage of improvement. The treatment based on AMPS intervention seems to induce a better performance in the gait pattern of PD patients, mainly in intermediate and advanced stages of the condition.

  2. Evaluation of pelvic floor muscle strength before and after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy and early outcomes on urinary continence. (United States)

    Manley, Lauren; Gibson, Luke; Papa, Nathan; Beharry, Bhawanie Koonj; Johnson, Liana; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Bolton, Damien M


    The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of pelvic floor muscle (PFM) assessment and training before and after robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RARP) in improving PFM strength and urinary continence. We performed an analysis of a database of patients who underwent robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RARP) performed by two urologists from 2011 to 2013. Pelvic floor muscle (PFM) activation and strength were graded by a trained pelvic floor physiotherapist. Patients were given an exercise program, grouped according to the strength of their pelvic floor as graded by assessment, to complete before and after surgery. PFM strength was recorded preoperatively, 4 days post-catheter removal and 4 weeks post-catheter removal. Continence was recorded at 4 weeks postop and was defined as the requirement of no continence aids. A total of 98 patients had RARP and a preoperative physiotherapy assessment plus postoperative appointments at around 1 and 4 weeks post-RARP. The majority of men improved their PFM strength regardless of preoperative strength with no significant predictors of postoperative strength found. Age was the only significant predictor of postoperative incontinence. In this pilot study, a majority of patients increased their pelvic floor strength with time. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is an important modifiable patient factor, which does have an impact in improving patients' urinary continence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Patient age influences response to pelvic floor physiotherapy.

  3. Changes of biogeochemical activities before and after significant mud displacement at the Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano (HMMV) (United States)

    Felden, J.; Wenzhöfer, F.; Yoerger, D.; Camilli, R.; German, C.; Olu, K.; Feseker, T.; de Beer, D.; Boetius, A.


    The Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano (72°N, 14° 43' E, 1250 m water depth) was studied for a period of a year by the Long-term Observatory On Mud-volcano Eruptions (LOOME) in 2009-2010, to investigate temporal variations of mud volcanism and consequences for biogeochemical processes. The HMMV is a highly active methane cold seep ecosystem characterized by high rates of methane efflux. It hosts different chemosynthetic communities such as thiotrophic bacterial mats and siboglinid tubeworm assemblages. This study focuses on changes in community composition and biogeochemical activity such as methane emission, total benthic oxygen uptake, microbial methane and sulfate consumption before and after a major mud displacement recorded by LOOME. The sensor-enabled long-term observations of the HMMV habitats were combined with short-term analyses before and after the displacement events by ROVs QUEST (MARUM) and GENESIS (University of Gent), the AUV Sentry (WHOI) equipped with a multibeam and subbottom profiler, CTD and photographic unit as well as with a mass spectrometer. We found shifts in the distribution patterns of chemosynthetic communities and also substantial changes in their activity, consistent with changes in temperature gradients. This study was sponsored by the EU-Projects HERMIONE "Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man's Impact on European Seas", and ESONET "European Seas Observatory Network" (Demonstration Mission LOOME "Long term observations on mud volcano eruptions").

  4. Assessment of hepatocellular carcinoma vascularity before and after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization by using first pass perfusion weighted MR imaging

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jun-Gong Zhao; Gan-Sheng Feng; Xiang-Quan Kong; Xin Li; Ming-Hua Li; Ying-Sheng Cheng


    AIM: To assess the vascularity of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)before and after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) with the quantitative parameters obtained by first pass perfusion weighted MR imaging (FP-MRI).METHODS: Seventeen consecutive patients with one to three lesions in liver underwent FP-MRI before treatment.FP-MRI was also performed one, three, six, nine months,and one year after TACE. The baseline signal intensity (SO)of pre-TACE and one month after TACE was analyzed, the vascularity of HCC assessed by steepest slope of the signal intensity versus time curves (SS) was blindly correlated with their DSA feature and clinical outcome.RESULT: No significant difference was found on baseline signal intensity (SO) between pre-TACE and one month after TACE (F=0.309, P=0.583), The SS (mean, 32% per second) of lesion one month after TACE was lower than that of pre-TACE (mean, 69% per second), but with no statistical significance (F=3.067, P=0.092). When local recurrence occurred, the time intensity curves became steeper. The vascularity of HCC before and after TACE graded by SS closely correlated with that by DSA (K=0.453, P<0.05).CONCLUSION: FP-MRI is a useful criterion for selecting effective interventional treatment for patients with HCC in their initial treatment and during follow up.

  5. Preceptors' reflections on their educational role before and after a preceptor preparation course: A prospective qualitative study. (United States)

    Mårtensson, Gunilla; Löfmark, Anna; Mamhidir, Anna-Greta; Skytt, Bernice


    During clinical practice, preceptors play an important educational role in helping nursing students become secure and effective practitioners. For this educational role they need adequate preparation. The aim of the present prospective study was to describe preceptors' experiences of their educational role before and after attending a university preceptor preparation course. This 7.5-credit, Master's level course is offered on a part-time basis and covers one semester. The theoretical approach was self-directed and reflective learning. Twentyseven preceptors participated in group interviews before and after the course, and data were analyzed using qualitative content analysis. The findings revealed a shift in preceptors' perceptions. Their view of the educational role changed from being characterized by individual experiences and notions to being guided by personal and formal demands. Before the course, the lack of sufficient preconditions for preceptorship predominated, whereas after the course participants described ways of creating such preconditions. Before the course, the supervisory process was described as teaching, whereas after the course it was described as a learning process for students. Using reflective learning in a preceptor preparation course can develop and strengthen preceptors' view of their educational role and help them manage and create the preconditions for preceptorship.

  6. Evaluation of roughness and micromorphology of epoxy paint on cobalt-chromium alloy before and after thermal cycling. (United States)

    Nascimento, Alessandra Cardoso da Silva; Muzilli, Carlos Alberto; Miranda, Milton Edson; Flório, Flávia Martão; Basting, Roberta Tarkany


    It has been suggested that the epoxy paint used to coat metal substrates in industrial electrostatic painting applications could also be used to mask metal clasps in removable dental prostheses (RDP). The purpose of this study was to evaluate both the influence of thermal cycling and the in vitro roughness of a surface after application of epoxy paint, as well as to assess the micromorphology of a cobalt-chromium (CoCr) based metal structure. Sixty test specimens were fabricated from a CoCr alloy. The specimens were separated into three groups (n = 20) according to surface treatment: Group 1 (Pol) - polished with abrasive stone and rubbers; Group 2 (Pol+Epo) - polished and coated with epoxy paint; Group 3 (Epo) - air-abraded with aluminum oxide particles and coated with epoxy paint. The surface roughness was evaluated before and after 1000 thermal cycles (5°C and 50°C). The surface micromorphology was verified by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The two-way repeated measures ANOVA showed significant differences among surface treatments (p < 0.0001), but no difference was found before and after thermal cycling (p = 0.6638). The CoCr-based metal alloy surfaces treated with epoxy paint (Groups 2 and 3) were rougher than the surfaces that were only polished (Group 1). Thermal cycling did not influence surface roughness, or lead to chipping or detachment of the epoxy paint.

  7. Immunological status in patients with lower limb amputation due to peripheral arterial disease before and after comprehensive rehabilitation. (United States)

    Štefančič, Martin; Prešern-Štrukelj, Metka; Vidmar, Gaj; Kotnik, Vladimir; Kopitarl, Andreja Nataša; Ihan, Alojz


    The immunological status before and after a comprehensive rehabilitation program was studied. Seven persons (4 males, 3 females, mean age 71.4 years) after lower limb amputation due to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) were subject to standard comprehensive rehabilitation program for amputees of four-week duration, which included training in activities of daily living, daily exercise of various types, training of crutch-assisted gait and use of leg prosthesis, and mild transcutaneous electrical stimulation. Before and after rehabilitation, peripherial blood was collected and the number and ratio of white blood cells were determined and analysed for the expression of cell surface antigens (CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD25, CD69), cytokines (IFN-gamma, IL-4) and phagocytosis/oxidative killing functional tests. Due to strict patient selection criteria excluding serious accompanying disease, immunological parameters were within normal limits already before rehabilitation. After rehabilitation, an increase in oxidative burst was observed in monocytes and neutrophil granulocytes, but statistically significant only in monocytes. The expression of CD69 molecules by T cells and monocytes was significantly increased, as well as the expression of IL-4 by T cells. A significant decrease in the ratio of CD4 to CD8 cells was also found, but not a clinically critical one. It can therefore be concluded that the comprehensive rehabilitation treatment in patients with lower limb amputation due to PAD led to some--prevailingly positive--immunological changes, which were consistent with the patients' improved physical condition and clinical status.

  8. Proteomic Changes between Male and Female Worms of the Polychaetous Annelid Neanthes arenaceodentata before and after Spawning

    KAUST Repository

    Chandramouli, Kondethimmanahalli


    The Neanthes acuminata species complex (Polychaeta) are cosmopolitan in distribution. Neanthes arenaceodentata, complex, has been widely used as toxicological test animal in the marine environment. Method of reproduction is unique in this polychaete complex. Same sexes fight and opposite sexes lie side by side until egg laying. Females lose about 75% of their weight and die after laying eggs. The male, capable of reproducing up to nine times, fertilizes the eggs and incubates the embryos for 3-4 weeks. The objective of this study was to determine if there is any set of proteins that influences this unique pattern of reproduction. Gel-based two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) and gel-free quantitative proteomics methods were used to identify differential protein expression patterns before and after spawning in both male and female N. arenaceodentata. Males showed a higher degree of similarity in protein expression patterns but females showed large changes in phosphoproteme before and after spawning. There was a decrease (about 70%) in the number of detected phosphoproteins in spent females. The proteins involved in muscular development, cell signaling, structure and integrity, and translation were differentially expressed. This study provides proteomic insights of the male and female worms that may serve as a foundation for better understanding of unusual reproductive patterns in polychaete worms. © 2013 Chandramouli et al.

  9. Calcified carotid artery atheromas on panoramic radiographs of head and neck cancer patients before and after radiotherapy (United States)

    Markman, Renata-Lucena; Conceição-Vasconcelos, Karina-Gondim-Moutinho; Brandão, Thais-Bianca; Prado-Ribeiro, Ana-Carolina; Santos-Silva, Alan-Roger


    Background The aims of this study were to verify if head and neck radiotherapy (RT) is able to induce calcified carotid artery atheroma (CCAA) in a large head and neck cancer (HNC) population and also to compare the socio-demographic and clinical findings of patients with and without CCAA detected on panoramic radiographs. Material and Methods Panoramic radiographs taken before and after head and neck radiotherapy (RT) of 180 HNC patients were selected and analyzed in order to identify the presence of CCAA. In addition, CCAA presence or absence on panoramic radiographs were compared and correlated with clinicopathological findings. Results A high overall prevalence of CCAA was found on panoramic radiographs (63 out of 180 = 35%) of HNC patients. No significant difference of CCAA before and after RT was observed. There were also no differences between groups (with and without CCAA) regarding age, gender, tobacco and alcohol use, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, acute myocardial infarction, hypercholesterolemia, tumor location, clinical stage of disease and RT dose. However, there was a greater prevalence of strokes in patients with CCAA (p<0.05). Conclusions Although CCAA were frequently found in panoramic radiographs of patients with HNC, RT seems not to alter the prevalence of these calcifications. Key words:Head and neck cancer, radiotherapy, carotid artery diseases, panoramic radiography. PMID:28160583

  10. Eye movements and visuoverbal descriptions exhibit heterogeneous and dissociated patterns before and after prismatic adaptation in unilateral spatial neglect. (United States)

    Datié, A-M; Paysant, J; Destainville, S; Sagez, A; Beis, J-M; André, J-M


    This prospective study examined the effects of prismatic adaptation on visual exploration strategies in patients with left unilateral spatial neglect (USN). Photo-oculographic gaze recordings were obtained, as the subjects (28 brain-damaged; 15 control) performed a free visual exploration task before and after a session of prismatic adaptation. (i) Before prismatic adaptation, the pattern of visual exploration described two subgroups of patients (symmetrical exploration of hemispaces - similar to the control subjects, deficient exploration of left hemispace). Twelve of 20 patients failed to describe significant elements in the left part of the displayed image. Several visuoverbal patterns were observed, some dissociating visual exploration and verbal description. (ii) Immediately after prismatic adaptation, patients with asymmetrical visual exploration presented a significant increase in the number of point fixations and saccades in the left hemispace. Patients with symmetrical exploration presented the opposite pattern. Improved pattern of visual exploration contrasted with an absence of improved verbal description. Eye movements and visuoverbal descriptions exhibit heterogeneous and dissociated patterns before and after prismatic adaptation. This results demonstrate that prismatic adaptation has no effect in certain patients, suggesting that therapeutic indications and evaluation of prismatic test results should take into consideration the heterogeneous nature of USN.

  11. The change of portal hemodynamics before and after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt according to variceal type: gastric and esophageal varix

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Hee Sang; Kim, Jae Kyu; Koe, Eun Hae; Lim, Hyo Son; Cho, Yong Ho; Park, Jin Gyoon; Kang, Heoung Keun; Kim, Sei Jong [Medical School, Chonnam University, Kwanju (Korea, Republic of)


    To investigae the changes occurring in portal hemodynamics in patients with esophageal and gastric varices, according to variceal type, before and after TIPS. Between January 1994 and after June 1999, we evaluated 22 of 44 patients who had undergone TIPS and endoscopy on admission. In these 22, hepatic venous and main portal venous pressure were measured. On the basis of endoscopic findings, the esophageal and gastric varices were classified as one of three types. Changes in portal hemodynamics in relation to the diameter of the portal vein, mean portosystemic gradient before and after TIPS, {delta}MPSG, and the presence of hepatic encephalopathy and gastrorenal shunt were all evaluated. Endoscopy indicated that there were ten Type-I cases, nine Type-II, and three Type-III. The diameter of the main portal vein was 14.95 {+-} 1.79 mm in Type I cases, and 13.35 {+-} 1.59 mm in Type II. Before TIPS, main portal venous pressure was 31.40 {+-} 6.79 mmHg (Type I) 22.80 {+-}4.26 mmHg (Type II), and the mean portosystemic gradient was 16.10 {+-} 7.0 mmHg (Type I), 11.20 {+-} 5.36 mmHg (Type II). After TIPS, the pressure readings were 25.70 {+-}7.60 mmHg (Type I) and 17.80 {+-} 6.52 mmHg (Type II), while those relating to were 10.80 {+-} 4.94 mmHg (Type I) and 5.25 {+-} 3.67 mmHg (Type II). {delta}MPSG was 6.04 {+-} 2.98 mmHg (Type I) and 5.91 {+-} 3.98 mmHg (Type II). Angiography revealed that the gastrorenal shunt was Type I in 10% of cases, Type II in 77%, and Type III in 33%. Hepatic encephalopathy after TIPS occured in three Type-I cases, three Type-II, and two Type-III. The diameter of the main portal vein was significantly smaller, and portal venous pressure and mean portosystemic gradient before and after TIPS significantly lower in patients with dominant gastric varices than in those with dominant esophageal varices (p less than 0.05). Gastrorenal shunt was more frequent amomg patients with dominant gastric varices. No difference in the incidence of hepatic

  12. IL-1, IL-4 production and IgE levels in acute and chronic fasciolosis before and after triclabendazole treatment. (United States)

    Allam, A F; Osman, M M; el-Sayed, M H; Demian, S R


    IL-1 generation by mononuclear phagocytes, IL-4 production by Th2 lymphocytes and IgE levels in serum were measured in eight patients with acute fasciolosis and seven patients in the chronic stage of the disease before and after triclabendazole treatment. Results were compared with those of a control group of ten individuals. The monocytes and lymphocytes from patients with acute and chronic fasciolosis produced significantly lower levels of IL-1 and IL-4 respectively, particularly in the chronic phase of the disease, as compared to the control. A significant increase in IgE level in both acute and chronic fasciolosis was observed. The level was significantly higher in acute as compared to chronic cases. After treatment with triclabendazole IL-1, IL-4 and IgE levels moved towards the control indicating obvious improvement in the immunological responses of the patients.

  13. Mössbauer studies of iron doped poly(methyl methacrylate) before and after ion beam modification

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    D R S Somayajulu; C N Murthy; D K Awasthi; N V Patel; M Sarkar


    High-energy MeV ions from accelerators are known to produce drastic modifications in polymers. The typical effects include chain scissions, crosslinks, molecular emission and double bond formation. Poly(methyl methacrylate) was doped with Fe(III) and irradiated with 95 MeV O7+ ions. 57Fe-Mössbauer studies were done on the doped samples before and after irradiation. Before irradiation, no Mössbauer absorption was observed. The irradiated samples showed a good Mössbauer absorption, which seems to indicate that there is a significant interaction between the metal ion and the polymer matrix. Two possibilities exist at these doses (∼ 22 × 1012 ions/cm): Fe(III) ions may be bridging the various polymer segments through crosslinking or amorphization of the sample leading to Fe–C bonding. Studies of FTIR, conductivity and glass transition temperatures on these samples support these observations.

  14. Introducing blended learning in the English language classroom: Students’ attitudes and perceptions before and after the course

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalya Emelyanova


    Full Text Available The increased demands for foreign language learning and the dwindling number of contact hours have urged teachers to look for innovative methods of instruction such as blended learning (BL. A study was conducted at a Russian university (The National Research University Higher School of Economics in order to explore the attitudes and perceptions of the students toward blended learning in the English language classroom. The research instruments were tests and questionnaires administered to students before and after the course. The online portion of the course was realized through the corporate learning management system (LMS. The study revealed a noticeable evolution in students’ perceptions and attitudes towards using blended learning in foreign language instruction. This shift and the consequential outcomes of the study are discussed.

  15. Elemental analysis of ash residue from combustion of CCA treated wood waste before and after electrodialytic extraction

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Anne Juul; Ottosen, Lisbeth M.


    Element distribution in a combined fly ash and bottom ash from combustion of copper chromate arsenate (CCA) treated wood waste was investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM/EDX) before and after electrodialytic extraction. The untreated ash contained various particles, including pieces...... treatment. Instead particles rich in Ca and S were now found, indicating precipitation of Ca-sulphates due to addition of sulphuric acid in connection with the electrodialytic treatment. Cu and Cr were still found associated with incompletely combusted wood particles and incorporated in matrix particles....... Chemical analyses of untreated and treated ash confirmed that most As, but only smaller amounts of Cu and Cr was removed due to the electrodialytic extraction. Overall metal contents in the original ash residue were: 1.4 g As, 2.76 g Cu and 2.48 g Cr, after electrodialytic extraction these amounts were...

  16. Survival in women with ovarian cancer before and after the introduction of adjuvant paclitaxel; a 25-year, single institution review.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Shireen, R


    Adjuvant chemotherapy regime for ovarian cancer patients remains to be a contentious issue. The aim of this study was to compare the overall and progression-free survival of women with ovarian cancer before and after introduction of paclitaxel in our unit in 1992. A sample of 112 women who received adjuvant therapy following surgery for ovarian cancer was collected, 68 (61%) received platinum+alkylating agent before 1992 and later 44 (39%) received platinum+paclitaxel. Five-year survival was same in both treatment groups when there was no macroscopic disease after surgery (78% versus 70%) and when residual disease was <2 cm (50% versus 40%). Survival was greater in women with residual disease >2 cm in the platinum+paclitaxel group (50% versus 24%), (p = 0.04). However, progression-free survival was similar in both groups irrespective of stage or residual volume of disease. Therefore consideration to selective use of paclitaxel could reduce patient morbidity and costs significantly.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Pan Xiaoming; Wang Yong; Xue Wujun; Tian Puxun


    Objective To investigate the role of peripheral lymphocytes Sialyl Lewis(x) (CD15s) antigen before and after kidney transplantation. Methods Flow cytometry technique was applied to examine the expression of peripheral lymphoid cell surface CD15s antigen after renal transplantation, and to evaluate various therapeutic regimen. Results The statistic analysis results of peripheral lymphoid cell surface CD15s antigen expression level showed that there was significant difference among the patients with acute rejection, long-term dialysis and with normal renal function post-transplant; significant difference of CD15s expression level between group of rejection and infection; no significant difference of CD15s expression among the different groups treated by various therapeutic regimens. Conclusion The different therapeutic regimen has no influence to CD15s expression; Detection of peripheral lymphoid cell surface CD15s antigen expression periodically, intelligently make convenience to understand suitable status of immunosuppression.

  18. Behavioral and Neurological Responses to Musical Features in Adolescent Cochlear Implant Users Before and After an Intensive Musical Training Program

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Bjørn

    This study aimed to investigate perception and processing of musical features in prelingually deaf adolescent CI-users and examine whether this is influenced by music training. Eleven adolescent CI-users received intensive music training for two weeks. Before and after training they completed...... a session of behavioral tests and EEG recordings. CI users significantly improved their overall behavioral perception of music and, in particular, their discrimination of melodic contour and rhythm. Though smaller and later compared to normal-hearing controls, CI-users showed significant mismatch negativity...... responses for timbre, intensity and rhythm but not for pitch. No effect of training was found in the MMN responses. The findings indicate that despite congenital deafness and late implantation, young CI users are able to discriminate details in music. Furthermore, the behavioral advances suggest that...

  19. Supraspinatus and infraspinatus weakness in overhead athletes with scapular dyskinesis: strength assessment before and after restoration of scapular musculature balance. (United States)

    Merolla, Giovanni; De Santis, Elisa; Campi, Fabrizio; Paladini, Paolo; Porcellini, Giuseppe


    A disturbance in scapulohumeral rhythm may cause negative biomechanic effects on rotator cuff (RC). Alteration in scapular motion and shoulder pain can influence RC strength. Purpose of this study was to assess supraspinatus and infraspinatus strength in 29 overhead athletes with scapular dyskinesis, before and after 3 and 6 months of rehabilitation aimed to restore scapular musculature balance. A passive posterior soft tissues stretching was prescribed to balance shoulder mobility. Scapular dyskinesis patterns were evaluated according to Kibler et al. Clinical assessment was performed with the empty can (EC) test and infraspinatus strength test (IST). Strength values were recorded by a dynamometer; scores for pain were assessed with VAS scale. Changes of shoulder IR were measured. The force values increased at 3 months (P muscles. These data should encourage those caring for athletes to consider restoring of scapular musculature balance as essential part of the athletic training.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Pleural effusion is the most common manifestation of the diseases of pleura. Alteration in physiological state following Thoracocentesis is well established. We aim to evaluate at the bed side the effect of Thoracocentesis in pleural effusion by assessing PEFR and Hemodynamic changes (Blood Pressure. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The study comprised 44 patients admitted in SCB medical college and hospital Cuttack, Orissa in the department of Tuberculosis and chest diseases. Pleural effusion was diagnosed clinically and by CXR. PEFR was measured using Wright’s peak flow meter and blood pressure was measured in all the cases before and after Thoracocentesis. ‘P’ value was calculated using ‘z’ table. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: PEFR value shows significant improvement following Thoracocentesis. Changes in the blood pressure shows improvement more so in cases of massive effusion than mild or moderate type of effusion.

  1. /sup 99m/Tc-DTPA renography before and after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for renal calculi

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ohtake, Eiji; Murata, Hajime; Kanemura, Mikio; Yokoyama, Masao


    This study was undertaken to evaluate /sup 99m/Tc-DTPA renography before and after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). Twelve patients with renal calculi were examined in this study. In three patients, bilateral kidneys were treated with ESWL. Sequential renal images of the vascular phase, and the functional and excretory phases were taken using a gamma camera (ZLC 7500, Siemens), after intravenous injection of 555 MBq of /sup 99m/Tc-DTPA. Renograms were generated using data stored every 10 seconds for a period of 30 minutes by computer (Scintipac-2400, Shimadzu). Some treated kidneys were enlarged and/or showed uniform retention of radioactivity on sequential images, within a week after ESWL. Renogram patterns after ESWL were varied in each patient. The renogram findings after ESWL seemed to be affected by the presence or absence of stone fragments in the urinary tract.

  2. Salivary cortisol and testosterone responses to high-intensity cycling before and after an 11-day intensified training period. (United States)

    Hough, John; Corney, Robert; Kouris, Antonios; Gleeson, Michael


    This study examined salivary cortisol and testosterone responses to two, different high-intensity, ∼30-min cycles separated by 2 h rest before and after an 11-day intensified training period. Twelve recreationally active, healthy males completed the study. Saliva samples were collected before, immediately after and 30 min after both bouts with salivary cortisol and testosterone concentrations assessed. Compared with pre-training blunted exercise-induced salivary cortisol, testosterone and cortisol/testosterone responses to both bouts post-training were observed (P 0.05). Fatigue and Burnout scores were higher post- compared with pre-training (P < 0.05). These high-intensity exercise bouts can detect altered hormonal responses following intensified training. This test could assess an athlete's current hormonal status, reductions in salivary cortisol and testosterone responses suggestive of increased fatigue.

  3. A Register-Based Study of Occupational Functioning in Non-Psychotic Patients Before and After Psychotherapy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fenger, Morten Munthe; Poulsen, Stig Bernt; Mortensen, Erik Lykke;


    . Patients who completed treatment (completer patients) had, on average, 15.7 days on sick leave two years before treatment and 23.1 days on sick leave two years after treatment, while the control group had 5.4 and 7.5 days, respectively. Regarding disability pension, completer patients had 7.6 days before...... higher number of days on sick leave (pp=0.010) compared to the control group, while the change in days with unemployment was insignificant (p=0.501). Conclusion: Occupational outcome of psychotherapy may be less advantageous than shown in previous studies. Differences can...... perhaps be explained by the length and symmetry of the observation period before and after intervention. Other possible reasons for the outcome are: disorder chronicity; a labor market that excludes individuals with mental disorders; and that psychotherapy does not address occupational functioning....

  4. [Quality analysis of Guizhi Fuling capsule before and after application of in-process quality control in pharmaceutical production]. (United States)

    Li, Jia-chun; Wang, Jin-ling; Wu, Jing-ling; Huang, Wen-zhe; Wang, Zhen-zhong; Xiao, Wei


    The effects of application of in-process quality control in Guizhi Fuling capsule production were evaluated by 192 batches data analysis. Using a statistical analysis method, each batch of data were to be counted to research for the difference between 96 samples adopting the technologies of in-process control or not. According to quality standards of Guizhi Fuling capsule, all measurements of the 192 batches of the drugs before and after the application of process control technology were analyzed, and they were within the rules. There was a significant difference between adopting the technologies of process control or not. Application of in-process control technology can improve the uniformity of lot-to-lot for Guizhi Fuling capsule.

  5. Price elasticities in the German Statutory Health Insurance market before and after the health care reform of 2009. (United States)

    Pendzialek, Jonas B; Danner, Marion; Simic, Dusan; Stock, Stephanie


    This paper investigates the change in price elasticity of health insurance choice in Germany after a reform of health insurance contributions. Using a comprehensive data set of all sickness funds between 2004 and 2013, price elasticities are calculated both before and after the reform for the entire market. The general price elasticity is found to be increased more than 4-fold from -0.81 prior to the reform to -3.53 after the reform. By introducing a new kind of health insurance contribution the reform seemingly increased the price elasticity of insured individuals to a more appropriate level under the given market parameters. However, further unintended consequences of the new contribution scheme were massive losses of market share for the more expensive sickness funds and therefore an undivided focus on pricing as the primary competitive element to the detriment of quality.

  6. Iodine isotopes in precipitation: Four-year time series variations before and after 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Xu, Sheng; Zhang, Luyuan; Freeman, Stewart P. H. T.;


    Rainwater samples were collected monthly from Fukushima, Japan, in 2012-2014 and analysed for 127I and 129I. These are combined with previously reported data to investigate atmospheric levels and behaviour of Fukushima-derived 129I before and after the 2011 nuclear accident. In the new datasets...... from March 2011 to September 2012, whereas the 129I concentrations and 129I/127I ratios followed declining trends since the accident. Although 129I concentrations in five samples during the period of 2013-2014 have approached the pre-accident levels, 129I concentrations in most samples remained higher...... values in winter and spring-summer. The high 129I levels in winter and spring-summer are most likely attributed to local resuspension of the Fukushima-derived radionuclide-bearing fine soil particles deposited on land surfaces, and re-emission through vegetation taking up 129I from contaminated soil...

  7. Knee joint biomechanics and neuromuscular control during gait before and after total knee arthroplasty are sex-specific. (United States)

    Astephen Wilson, Janie L; Dunbar, Michael J; Hubley-Kozey, Cheryl L


    The future of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) surgery will involve planning that incorporates more patient-specific characteristics. Despite known biological, morphological, and functional differences between men and women, there has been little investigation into knee joint biomechanical and neuromuscular differences between men and women with osteoarthritis, and none that have examined sex-specific biomechanical and neuromuscular responses to TKA surgery. The objective of this study was to examine sex-associated differences in knee kinematics, kinetics and neuromuscular patterns during gait before and after TKA. Fifty-two patients with end-stage knee OA (28 women, 24 men) underwent gait and neuromuscular analysis within the week prior to and one year after surgery. A number of sex-specific differences were identified which suggest a different manifestation of end-stage knee OA between the sexes.

  8. An Attempt to evaluate cerebral hemodynamics before and after neurosurgical treatment of Moyamoya disease by factor analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nakazawa, Keiji; Ishii, Katsumi; Sakai, Fumihiko; Matsubayashi, Takashi (Kitasato Univ., Sagamihara, Kanagawa (Japan). School of Medicine)


    We made factor analysis on the data obtained by the radionuclide angiography to evaluate cerebral hemodynamics before and after neurosurgical treatment in a patient with Moyamoya disease (bilateral occlusion of internal carotid arteries). Tracer used was {sup 99m}Tc-RBC or {sup 99m}TcHSA. Before the neurosurgical treatment, the cerebral factor image obtained by the factor analysis showed defects in the right and the left frontal cerebral regions, and the venous factor image showed abnormal accumulations in the right and the left frontal cerebral regions. After Encephalo-Myo-Synangiosis and burr hole operations, defects in the right and the left frontal cerebral regions on the cerebral factor image were improved and abnormal accumulations in the right and the left frontal cerebral regions on the venous factor image disappeared. (author).

  9. Health care providers′ acceptance of unsedated colonoscopy before and after a state-of-the-art lecture on the feasibility of the option

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felix W Leung


    Full Text Available Background/Aim: The impact of education on acceptance of unsedated colonoscopy by health care providers is unknown. To test the hypothesis that knowledge imparted by a lecture on unsedated colonoscopy is associated with its enhanced acceptance. Settings and Design: At the State-of-the-Art Lecture on "Unsedated colonoscopy: Is it feasible?" presented at the 8 th Pan-Arab Conference on Gastroenterology, February, 2011, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a questionnaire survey of the audience was undertaken. Materials and Methods: An expectation questionnaire was administered before and after the lecture. Attendees responded anonymously. Statistical analysis used: The responses of a convenient sample of 49 attendees who provided completed responses to the questionnaire both before and after the lecture were analyzed. Data are expressed as frequency counts and means±SEM. Repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA, ANOVA with contrasts and Chi-square analysis (Statview II Program for Macintosh computers were used to assess the data. A P value of <0.05 is considered significant. Results and Conclusions: The mean±SEM credibility score (maximum possible score=50 was 25.8 ± 1.8 before and 33.3 ± 2.1 after the lecture, with a significant improvement in mean score of 7.5 ± 1.3 (P=0.001, paired t test. Nineteen (39% respondents were not willing to consider unsedated colonoscopy for themselves before the lecture. This number decreased to 13 (27% after the lecture. Before the lecture only 4 (8% respondents were willing to consider unsedated colonoscopy for themselves. After the lecture this number increased to 8 (16%. The data suggest education of healthcare professionals regarding the feasibility of unsedated colonoscopy appears to enhance its acceptance as a credible patient care option at a Pan-Arab Gastroenterology Conference.

  10. A comparative analysis of benthic nematode assemblages from Zostera noltii beds before and after a major vegetation collapse (United States)

    Materatski, Patrick; Vafeiadou, Anna-Maria; Ribeiro, Rui; Moens, Tom; Adão, Helena


    Benthic nematodes are widely regarded as very suitable organisms to monitor potential ecological effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances in aquatic ecosystems. During 2008, the seagrass beds of Zostera noltii located in the Mira estuary (SW Portugal) disappeared completely. However, during 2009, slight symptoms of natural recovery were observed, a process which has since evolved intermittently. This study aims to investigate changes in patterns of nematode density, diversity, and trophic composition between two distinct habitat conditions: "before" the collapse of seagrass beds, and during the early recovery "after" the seagrass habitat loss, through the analysis of: i) temporal and spatial distribution patterns of nematode communities, and ii) the most important environmental variables influencing the nematode assemblages. The following hypotheses were tested: i) there would be differences in nematode assemblage density, biodiversity and trophic composition during both ecological conditions, "before" and "after"; and ii) there would be differences in nematode assemblage density, biodiversity and trophic composition at different sampling occasions during both ecological conditions. Nematode density and diversity were significantly different between the two ecological situations. A higher density was recorded before, but a higher diversity was evident after the collapse of Z. noltii. In spite of the disturbance caused by the seagrass habitat loss in the Mira estuary, the nematode trophic composition did not significantly differ between the before and after seagrass collapse situations. Despite the significant differences found among sampling occasions, a consistent temporal pattern was not evident. The response of nematode communities following this extreme event exhibited considerable resistance and resilience to the new environmental conditions.

  11. The state of the vegetative nervous system in patients with gonarthrosis for surgical treatment before and after surgical treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Aim. Analyzing the vegetative tensity of organism» functional systems before and after surgical treatment of elderly patients with metabolic-and-dystrophic gonarthrosis. Methods. The evaluation of vegetative homeostasis, reactivity of the vegetative nervous system by the data of variation pulsometry («REAN-POLY» RGPA-6/12, Taganrog in 60 patients with gonarthrosis at the age of 50-72 years and the disease duration — 9+1.5 years before and after surgical treatment: total tunnelization (Group I, tunnelization with osteotomy of leg bones for correction of limb biomechanical axis (Group II, treatment-and-diagnostic arthroscopy (Group III. Results. The reduction of the level of hypoxia tolerance and the decrease of the processes of general adaptation one month after surgery in Group I was registered in 40% of patients. As for patients of Group II, by the end of the period of fixation with the llizarov device — in 50%. As for those of Group III after arthroscopy — in 10% of patients. Among the patients whose 1С / 1С calculated parameter after surgical treatment was registered <1.0, its values were >10.0 before treatment in 70% of cases. At rest, marked vagotonia was registered with hypersympathicotonic reaction to orthotest, as well as with sharp decrease of the proportion of second-order slow waves while transition to standing position (VLF proportion <10.0%, thereby reflecting organism»s energy deficiency state. Conclusion. Preoperative examination. When VLF proportion after orthotest is registered <10.0%, such patients should be referred to risk group and prescribed in-depth examination. The index of centralization (1С dynamics for orthotest (1С test/1С rest is one of the criteria of functional recovery level for the particular patient: its increase points to the positive dynamics of restorative rehabilitative process, and the values <1.0 —to the negative one.

  12. Diffusion tensor imaging detects early brain microstructure changes before and after ventriculoperitoneal shunt in children with high intracranial pressure hydrocephalus. (United States)

    Zhao, Cailei; Li, Yongxin; Cao, Weiguo; Xiang, Kui; Zhang, Heye; Yang, Jian; Gan, Yungen


    To explore the use of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) parameters in the quantitative assessment of early brain microstructure changes before and after ventriculoperitoneal shunt in children with high intracranial pressure hydrocephalus.Ten patients with communicating hydrocephalus (age: 2-36 months) and 14 age-/gender-matched controls (age: 2-36 months) were enrolled in this study. All patients underwent the ventriculoperitoneal shunt procedure. The imaging data were collected before and 3 months after the operation. Regions of interests (ROIs) included the white matter near the frontal horn of the lateral ventricles (FHLV), the occipital horn of the lateral ventricles (OHLV), occipital subcortical (OS) area, frontal subcortical (FS) area, and thalamus. Fractional anisotropies (FA) and apparent diffusion coefficients (ADC) of the ROIs before and after ventriculoperitoneal shunt were compared between the patients and the controls.Three months after surgery, the patients recovered from the surgery with ameliorated intracranial pressure and slight improvement of clinical intelligence scale and motor scale. Before ventriculoperitoneal shunt, the FA values (except the right FHLV) were significantly decreased and the ADC values were significantly increased in the patients with hydrocephalus, compared with the controls. After the ventriculoperitoneal shunt, the FA values in the FHLV and OHLV of the patients were similar to the controls, but the FA values in other ROIs were still significantly lower than controls. The ADC values in the FS and OS white matter areas of the patients were similar to the controls; however, the ADC values in other ROIs were still significantly higher in patients.The increase of FA and the reduction in ADC in the ROIs preceded the clinical function improvement in patients with high intracranial pressure hydrocephalus and reflected the early changes in brain tissue microstructure, such as the compression of the white matter areas in the ROIs.

  13. Evaluation of ductile-brittle transition temperature before and after neutron irradiation for RPV steels using small punch tests

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Min-Chul [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 150 Deokjin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-353 (Korea, Republic of)]. E-mail:; Oh, Yong Jun [Hanbat National University, Deogmyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-719 (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Bong Sang [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 150 Deokjin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-353 (Korea, Republic of)


    Small punch (SP) tests were performed to evaluate the ductile-brittle transition temperature before and after a neutron irradiation of reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steels produced by different manufacturing (refining) processes. The results were compared to the standard transition temperature shifts from the conventional Charpy tests and the Master Curve fracture toughness tests in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard E1921. Small punch specimens were taken from a 1/4t location of the vessel thickness and machined into a 10 mm x 10 mm x 0.5 mm dimension. The specimens were irradiated in the research reactors at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Nuclear Research Institute in the Czech Republic at the different fluence levels of about 290 deg C. Small punch tests were performed in the temperature range of RT to -196 deg C using a 2.4 mm diameter ball. For the materials before and after irradiation, the small punch transition temperatures (T {sub SP}), which are determined at the middle of the upper small punch energies, showed a linear correlation with the Charpy index temperature, T {sub 41J}. T {sub SP} from the irradiated samples was increased with the fluence levels and was well within the deviation range of the unirradiated data. However, the transition temperature shift from the Charpy test ({delta}T {sub 41J}) shows a better correlation with the transition temperature shift ({delta}T {sub SP(E)}) when a specific small punch energy level rather than the middle energy level of the small punch curve is used to determine the transition temperature. T {sub SP} also had a correlation with the reference temperature (T {sub 0}) from the Master Curve method using a pre-cracked Charpy V-notched (PCVN) specimen.

  14. Correlation Analysis between Complex Relative Permittivity and Biochemical Components for Blood of Dialysis Patients before and after Hemodialysis (United States)

    Takeda, Akira; Takata, Kazuyuki; Nagao, Hirotomo; Wang, Jianqing; Fujiwara, Osamu

    We previously measured for healthy subjects and patients who require hemodialysis the complex relative permittivity (εr´-jεr´´) of whole blood, and found that εr´-axis intercept εrt´ of straight line approximation to the Cole-Cole plots at frequencies from 200 MHz to 1GHz is significantly different with a level of less than 1% among its averaged values for healthy subjects and patients before and after dialysis, though any correlations between εrt´ and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine being used as main indices for hemodialysis evaluation have not so far been clarified. In this study, to make correlation analyses between the intercept εrt´ and blood biochemical components for nine patients before and after hemodialysis, we measured six kinds of their blood components including BUN and creatinine, and calculated their Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients for εrt´ along with significant probability P based on a t-test. It should be noted that P is a reference probability to determine whether or not a null hypothesis can be rejected, and that the P value of 0.05 is commonly used as a significance level for statistical test. As a result, we found that a strong correlation with P 0.05 between εrt´ and other blood components including BUN and creatinine. Although albumin is not used as an index for hemodialysis efficiency, it can reflect water amount in blood vessels and liver operation. This finding implies that εrt´ could be used as an index for evaluating blood viscosity and liver function.

  15. Variation of surface sediments in the Dongho beach before and after the typhoon Kompasu in 2010, southwestern coast of Korea (United States)

    Ryang, Woo Hun; So, Kwang-Suk


    The Dongho beach, located on the southwestern coast of Korea, is marco-tide, open-coast, and pocket-type. In the Dongho beach, this study has focused on the typhoon effects of topography, surface sediment, and sedimentary environment, appeared before and after the typhoon Kompasu in 2010. The typhoon Kompasu moved along the southwestern coasts and across midlands of the Korean Peninsula from 1 to 2 September in 2010. Coastal effect of the moving typhoon was investigated in terms of the surface variations of surface sediment facies and sedimentary environment. Surface topography and sediments before and after the typhoon (August - September 2010) were measured and sampled along the Dongho survey line of 23 sites, respectively. The surface topography in the mid-to-low tidal zone became low after the typhoon rather than that before the typhoon. The lower topographic change is indicative of surface sediment erosion caused by the typhoon wave. The pocket-type Dongho beach is mainly composed of fine to coarse sands, and the ratio of fine sand is the largest. The spatial distribution of surface sediments shows a coast-parallel band of fine and medium sands during three seasons of spring, fall, and winter, whereas medium sands dominated in the northern part of the study area during the summer. Before the typhoon, spatial distribution pattern of sedimentary facies showed a trend of coast-parallel bands of fine sand facies and medium sand facies, whereas that after the typhoon was partly different. Keywords: coastal effect, Typhoon Kompasu in 2010, surface sediment, macro-tide, beach Acknowledgements: This research was supported by the Korea Institute of Marine Science and Technology Promotion (KIMST) through the project grant of Tracking and Prediction on Impacts of Ancient Extreme Climatic Events in the West and South Coastal Zone of Korea and by Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education

  16. Mice Lacking the β2 Adrenergic Receptor Have a Unique Genetic Profile before and after Focal Brain Ischaemia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robin E White


    Full Text Available The role of the β2AR (β2 adrenergic receptor after stroke is unclear as pharmacological manipulations of the β2AR have produced contradictory results. We previously showed that mice deficient in the β2AR (β2KO had smaller infarcts compared with WT (wild-type mice (FVB after MCAO (middle cerebral artery occlusion, a model of stroke. To elucidate mechanisms of this neuroprotection, we evaluated changes in gene expression using microarrays comparing differences before and after MCAO, and differences between genotypes. Genes associated with inflammation and cell deaths were enriched after MCAO in both genotypes, and we identified several genes not previously shown to increase following ischaemia (Ccl9, Gem and Prg4. In addition to networks that were similar between genotypes, one network with a central core of GPCR (G-protein-coupled receptor and including biological functions such as carbohydrate metabolism, small molecule biochemistry and inflammation was identified in FVB mice but not in β2KO mice. Analysis of differences between genotypes revealed 11 genes differentially expressed by genotype both before and after ischaemia. We demonstrate greater Glo1 protein levels and lower Pmaip/Noxa mRNA levels in β2KO mice in both sham and MCAO conditions. As both genes are implicated in NF-κB (nuclear factor κB signalling, we measured p65 activity and TNFα (tumour necrosis factor α levels 24 h after MCAO. MCAO-induced p65 activation and post-ischaemic TNFα production were both greater in FVB compared with β2KO mice. These results suggest that loss of β2AR signaling results in a neuroprotective phenotype in part due to decreased NF-κB signalling, decreased inflammation and decreased apoptotic signalling in the brain.

  17. Diffusion tensor imaging detects early brain microstructure changes before and after ventriculoperitoneal shunt in children with high intracranial pressure hydrocephalus (United States)

    Zhao, Cailei; Li, Yongxin; Cao, Weiguo; Xiang, Kui; Zhang, Heye; Yang, Jian; Gan, Yungen


    Abstract To explore the use of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) parameters in the quantitative assessment of early brain microstructure changes before and after ventriculoperitoneal shunt in children with high intracranial pressure hydrocephalus. Ten patients with communicating hydrocephalus (age: 2–36 months) and 14 age-/gender-matched controls (age: 2–36 months) were enrolled in this study. All patients underwent the ventriculoperitoneal shunt procedure. The imaging data were collected before and 3 months after the operation. Regions of interests (ROIs) included the white matter near the frontal horn of the lateral ventricles (FHLV), the occipital horn of the lateral ventricles (OHLV), occipital subcortical (OS) area, frontal subcortical (FS) area, and thalamus. Fractional anisotropies (FA) and apparent diffusion coefficients (ADC) of the ROIs before and after ventriculoperitoneal shunt were compared between the patients and the controls. Three months after surgery, the patients recovered from the surgery with ameliorated intracranial pressure and slight improvement of clinical intelligence scale and motor scale. Before ventriculoperitoneal shunt, the FA values (except the right FHLV) were significantly decreased and the ADC values were significantly increased in the patients with hydrocephalus, compared with the controls. After the ventriculoperitoneal shunt, the FA values in the FHLV and OHLV of the patients were similar to the controls, but the FA values in other ROIs were still significantly lower than controls. The ADC values in the FS and OS white matter areas of the patients were similar to the controls; however, the ADC values in other ROIs were still significantly higher in patients. The increase of FA and the reduction in ADC in the ROIs preceded the clinical function improvement in patients with high intracranial pressure hydrocephalus and reflected the early changes in brain tissue microstructure, such as the compression of the white matter areas in

  18. Preliminary study of laser doppler perfusion signal by wavelet transform in patients with critical limb ischemia before and after revascularization. (United States)

    Ticcinelli, Valentina; Martini, Romeo; Bagno, Andrea


    The haemodynamics of skin microcirculation can be quantitatively evaluated by Laser Doppler Fluxmetry (LDF). LDF signal in human skin shows periodic oscillations. Spectral analysis by wavelet transform displays six characteristic frequency intervals (FI) from 0.005 to 2 Hz, related to distinct vascular structures activities: heart (0.6-2 Hz), sympathetic respiratory (0.145-0.6 Hz), myogenic (0.052-0.145 Hz), local sympathetic nerve (0.021-0.052 Hz) and endothelial cells NO dependent (0.0095-0.021 Hz) and NO independent (0.005-0.0095 Hz). The most advanced stage of peripheral arterial obstructive disease is the critical limb ischemia (CLI), which causes the reduction of blood perfusion threatening limb viability. Besides macrocirculatory alterations, many studies have shown microvascular misdistribution of skin blood flow as the main factor that leads patients to CLI. Revascularization can save limb and patient's life, too. In the present study, LDF signals have been recorded on the skin of the foot dorsum in 15 patients suffering from CLI. LDF signals have been analyzed before and after limb revascularization by means of the wavelet analysis. Significant changes in frequency distribution before and after limb revascularization have been detected: the median normalized values of spectral power increases for 49.8% (p = 0.0341) in the frequency range 0.050328-0.053707 Hz, whereas spectral power decreases for 77.1% (p = 0.0179) in the frequency range 0.018988-0.029284 Hz. We can conclude that changes in the frequency intervals occur after revascularization, shifting from a prevailing endothelial activity toward a prevailing sympathetic activity.

  19. Aerosol Physical and Chemical Properties Before and After the Manaus Plume in the GoAmazon2014 Experiment (United States)

    Artaxo, P.; Barbosa, H. M.; Ferreira De Brito, J.; Wurm, F.; Holanda, B. A.; Carbone, S.; Arana, A.; Cirino, G. G.; Souza, R. A. F. D.; Rizzo, L. V.; Martin, S. T.; Andreae, M. O.; Holben, B. N.; Schafer, J.


    As part of the GoAmazon2014 experiment, several aerosol and trace gas monitoring stations are being operated for at least one year before and after the Manaus plume. Three sites are being operated in pristine conditions, with atmospheric properties under natural biogenic conditions. These three sites called T0 are: ATTO (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory), ZF2 ecological research site and a third site called EMBRAPA. After the air masses are exposed to the Manaus plume, one site (called T2) is being operated right on the opposite side of the Negro River under the direct influence of the Manaus plume at 5 Km downwind of Manaus. Finally, at about 150 Km downwind of Manaus is the T3 Manacapuru site. Aerosol chemical composition is being analyzed using filters for fine (PM2.5) and coarse mode aerosol as well as three Aerodyne ACSM (Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitors) instruments. Aerosol absorption is being studied with several aethalometers and MAAP (Multi Angle Absorption Photometers). Aerosol light scattering are being measured at several wavelengths using nephelometers. Aerosol size distribution is determined using scanning mobility particle sizers. The aerosol column is measures using AERONET sunphotometers before and after the Manaus plume, as well as several Lidar systems. The three sites before the Manaus plume show remarkable similar variability in aerosol concentrations and optical properties. This pattern is very different at the T2 site, with large aerosol concentrations enhancing aerosol absorption and scattering significantly. The aerosol is very oxidized before being exposed to the Manaus plume, and this pattern changes significantly for T2 and T3 sites, with a much higher presence of less oxidized aerosol. Typical ozone concentrations at mid-day before Manaus plume is a low 10-12 ppb, value that changes to 50-70 ppb for air masses suffering the influence of Manaus plume. A detailed comparison of aerosol characteristics and composition for the several

  20. Variation in thromboxane B2 concentrations in serum and plasma in patients taking regular aspirin before and after clopidogrel therapy. (United States)

    Good, Richard I S; McGarrity, Anne; Sheehan, Rory; James, Tina E; Miller, Helen; Stephens, Jonathan; Watkins, Stuart; McConnachie, Alex; Goodall, Alison H; Oldroyd, Keith G


    Dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and a P2Y12 antagonist is widely prescribed for the prevention of thrombotic events in patients with an acute coronary syndrome or undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). It is recognised that there is inter-individual variation in the antiplatelet effects of both drugs. Recent data also suggest that P2Y12 antagonists can affect the response to aspirin. A direct indicator of the effect of aspirin on platelets is their ability to generate thromboxane, which if measured as the difference between the level of thromboxane B2 in serum and plasma ([TxB2]S-P) avoids the confounding effect of endogenous TxB2 production from other cells. We therefore analysed [TxB2]S-P as a measure of aspirin response in a group of 123 patients undergoing elective PCI before and after the introduction of clopidogrel. In a subgroup of 40 patients taking aspirin alone, we compared [TxB2]S-P and VerifyNow Aspirin for the assessment of aspirin response. There was a wide variation in plasma and serum TxB2 concentrations both before and after clopidogrel therapy but only 3.5% of patients had residual serum concentration of TxB2 > 10 ng/ml. There was a strong correlation between the pre and post clopidogrel levels of TxB2 (r ≥ 0.78; p = 0.001) and no significant difference in [TxB2]S-P. There was no correlation between the magnitude of response to clopidogrel response and the generation of thromboxane B2. Correlation between [TxB2]S-P and VerifyNow Aspirin was poor. We conclude that the use of a P2Y12 antagonist does not influence the effect of aspirin on the ability of platelets to generate thromboxane. Therefore, measurement of TxB2 levels in serum, after subtracting the contribution from plasma, provides a measure of the response to aspirin in patients taking dual antiplatelet therapy.

  1. Knowledge, attitude and skills before and after a module on pharmaceutical promotion in a Nepalese medical school

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shankar P Ravi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Pharmaceutical promotion is widespread and can impact prescribing by health professionals. Little research has been conducted on interactions between medical students and the pharmaceutical industry. Teaching about pharmaceutical promotion is inadequate. A survey showed that many schools spend only about two hours teaching this important topic while others spend around six hours. Recently a manual on understanding and responding to promotion has been published by Health Action International (HAI and the World Health Organization (WHO. From April to August 2011 the department of Clinical Pharmacology at KIST Medical College, Lalitpur, Nepal conducted a module on pharmaceutical promotion for second year students based on the manual. The module used active learning strategies such as brainstorming sessions, role plays and group activities. The study worked on the hypothesis that a module on pharmaceutical promotion will be effective in improving the knowledge, attitude and skills of medical students regarding pharmaceutical promotion. The impact of the module on knowledge, attitude and skills was tested using a retrospective-pre questionnaire. The scores according to gender and method of financing of medical education before and after the module were compared using appropriate non-parametric tests. Results Eighty-seven of the 100 second year students (87% participated in the study. 47 were females (54% and 39 (44.83% were males and one did not state the gender. Seventy-seven students (88.5% were self-financing while 9 were scholarship students. The median knowledge, attitude and skills score before the module were 9, 13 and 6 respectively while the overall score was 28. The scores increased significantly to 16, 15 and 14 respectively after the module while the overall score increased to 45. The median attitude scores and total scores were significantly higher among females both before and after the module. The scores did not

  2. Persistent Aseismic Deformation in Central Japan Revealed by GPS Observation Before and After the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake (United States)

    Meneses Gutierrez, A. D. V.; Sagiya, T.


    On March 11th, 2011 the occurrence of the Tohoku-oki Earthquake (Mw 9.0) considerably changed the observed crustal deformation pattern in Central -Eastern Japan, providing the opportunity to study the mechanical properties in the area, since elastic and inelastic mediums would have different response to the coseismic instantaneous displacement as well as transient postseismic displacement. In the near field of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, it is difficult to extract a pure deformation response since direct effects from the postseismic deformation source are mixed. In order to focus on the response at the far field, we analyzed postseismic crustal deformation in Central Japan. Before the quake, we observe general East-West contraction with localize deformation in the eastern margin of the Japan Sea, known as the Niigata Kobe Tectonic Zone (NKTZ) (Sagiya, 2000), whereas the coseismic response, which corresponds to the instantaneous elastic strain release, do not indicate highly concentrated strain feature, as expected if the deformation could be explain only by an elastic behavior. This implies that the interseismic and coseismic strains are not balanced and there is significant amount of contribution of inelastic processes. In the Earth's crust, inelastic processes are expected to take a form of aseismic faulting, and should be distinguished from elastic behavior by its spatial wavelength. Also, the inelastic behavior can be persistent before and after the quake since the coseismic stress change in the far field is considered to be too small to change the regional stress that drives the inelastic process. Thus we review temporal variation of crustal deformation pattern in Central Japan based on daily coordinates of 837 GPS sites from GEONET, before and after the Tohoku-oki earthquake in order to distinguish elastic and inelastic behavior within the NKTZ. We found that the deformation in the area can be explained as a combination of two processes: an elastic

  3. Emergency Department Visits for Homelessness or Inadequate Housing in New York City before and after Hurricane Sandy. (United States)

    Doran, Kelly M; McCormack, Ryan P; Johns, Eileen L; Carr, Brendan G; Smith, Silas W; Goldfrank, Lewis R; Lee, David C


    Hurricane Sandy struck New York City on October 29, 2012, causing not only a large amount of physical damage, but also straining people's health and disrupting health care services throughout the city. In prior research, we determined that emergency department (ED) visits from the most vulnerable hurricane evacuation flood zones in New York City increased after Hurricane Sandy for several medical diagnoses, but also for the diagnosis of homelessness. In the current study, we aimed to further explore this increase in ED visits for homelessness after Hurricane Sandy's landfall. We performed an observational before-and-after study using an all-payer claims database of ED visits in New York City to compare the demographic characteristics, insurance status, geographic distribution, and health conditions of ED patients with a primary or secondary ICD-9 diagnosis of homelessness or inadequate housing in the first week after Hurricane Sandy's landfall versus the baseline weekly average in 2012 prior to Hurricane Sandy. We found statistically significant increases in ED visits for diagnosis codes of homelessness or inadequate housing in the week after Hurricane Sandy's landfall. Those accessing the ED for homelessness or inadequate housing were more often elderly and insured by Medicare after versus before the hurricane. Secondary diagnoses among those with a primary ED diagnosis of homelessness or inadequate housing also differed after versus before Hurricane Sandy. These observed differences in the demographic, insurance, and co-existing diagnosis profiles of those with an ED diagnosis of homelessness or inadequate housing before and after Hurricane Sandy suggest that a new population cohort-potentially including those who had lost their homes as a result of storm damage-was accessing the ED for homelessness or other housing issues after the hurricane. Emergency departments may serve important public health and disaster response roles after a hurricane, particularly for

  4. Effects of aerobic exercise on ectopic lipids in patients with growth hormone deficiency before and after growth hormone replacement therapy. (United States)

    Christ, Emanuel R; Egger, Andrea; Allemann, Sabin; Buehler, Tania; Kreis, Roland; Boesch, Chris


    Growth hormone replacement therapy (GHRT) increases exercise capacity and insulin resistance while it decreases fat mass in growth hormone-deficient patients (GHD). Ectopic lipids (intramyocellular (IMCL) and intrahepatocellular lipids (IHCL) are related to insulin resistance. The effect of GHRT on ectopic lipids is unknown. It is hypothesized that exercise-induced utilization of ectopic lipids is significantly decreased in GHD patients and normalized by GHRT. GHD (4 females, 6 males) and age/gender/waist-matched control subjects (CS) were studied. VO2max was assessed on a treadmill and insulin sensitivity determined by a two-step hyperinsulinaemic-euglycaemic clamp. Visceral (VAT) and subcutaneous (SAT) fat were quantified by MR-imaging. IHCL and IMCL were measured before and after a 2 h exercise at 50-60% of VO2max using MR-spectroscopy (∆IMCL, ∆IHCL). Identical investigations were performed after 6 months of GHRT. VO2max was similar in GHD and CS and significantly increased after GHRT; GHRT significantly decreased SAT and VAT. 2 h-exercise resulted in a decrease in IMCL (significant in CS and GHRT) and a significant increase in IHCL in CS and GHD pre and post GHRT. GHRT didn't significantly impact on ∆IMCL and ∆IHCL. We conclude that aerobic exercise affects ectopic lipids in patients and controls. GHRT increases exercise capacity without influencing ectopic lipids.

  5. Plasma fatty acids in premature infants with hyperbilirubinemia: before-and-after nutrition support with fish oil emulsion. (United States)

    Klein, Catherine J; Havranek, Thomas G; Revenis, Mary E; Hassanali, Zahra; Scavo, Louis M


    Infants who are dependent on parenteral nutrition (PN) sometimes develop PN-associated cholestasis (PNAC). A compassionate use protocol, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the institutional review board, guided enrollment of hospitalized infants with PNAC (3 weeks). Plasma concentrations of essential fatty acids were monitored before and after a soybean-based PN lipid, infused at 3 g/kg body weight/d, was replaced by an experimental fish oil-based intravenous fat emulsion (FO-IVFE) at 1.0 g/kg/d. All participants were born premature (n = 10; 20% male). At enrollment, infants were (mean ± SD) 86.5 ± 53.5 days of life and weighed 2.24 ± 0.87 kg; direct bilirubin was 5.5 ± 1.3 mg/dL. After treatment, blood concentrations significantly increased from baseline (P effects were observed attributable to FO-IVFE. Discontinuation of FO-IVFE was typically due to infants (body weight 3.76 ± 1.68 kg) transitioning to enteral feeding rather than for resolution of hyperbilirubinemia (direct bilirubin 7.9 ± 4.8 mg/dL). These exploratory results suggest that FO-IVFE raises circulating ω-3 fatty acids in premature infants without development of ω-6 deficiency in the 8.3 ± 5.8-week time frame of this study.

  6. Occurrence of potentially pathogenic bacteria on the hands of hospital patients before and after the introduction of patient hand disinfection. (United States)

    Hedin, Göran; Blomkvist, Annika; Janson, Marianne; Lindblom, Anders


    The leading cause of nosocomial infections and spread of multiresistant bacteria is considered to be the failure of healthcare workers to perform appropriate hand hygiene. The role of the hands of hospital patients in the spread of infection has received little attention. The aim of the present study was to investigate the occurrence of potentially pathogenic bacteria on the patients' hands. Quantitative cultures were repeatedly taken from the fingertips of patients at a rehabilitation clinic before and after an intervention in which patient hand disinfection was introduced and promoted. Before the intervention, the occurrence on the hands of Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp., enterococci, Staphylococcus aureus and yeast was a common finding. The colony counts of S. aureus were often higher than the counts of other organisms. After the intervention, the level of hand contamination was lower. The difference was statistically significant (p < 0.05) concerning Enterobacteriaceae, both when the patients were resting and at lunch time, for enterococci and total bacterial counts at lunch time, and for yeast when they were resting. Concerning S. aureus, the difference was not statistically significant, neither while resting nor at lunch time. The role of the patients in the spread of pathogenic bacteria merits more discussion.

  7. Iodine-129 concentration in seawater near Fukushima before and after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Suzuki


    Full Text Available Anthropogenic radionuclides were released into the environment in large quantities by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (1FNPP accident. To evaluate accident-derived 129I, the 129I concentrations in seawater before and after the accident were compared. Before the accident (2008–2009, the 129I concentrations in the western margin of the North Pacific between 32° N and 44° N showed a latitudinal gradient that was expressed as a linear function of latitude. The highest and average 129I concentrations after the accident were 73 times and approximately 8 times, respectively, higher than those before the accident in this study area. Considering the distribution of 129I in surface seawater, the accident-derived 129I in the southern and northern stations of the 1FNPP was predominantly supplied by seawater advection and atmospheric deposition (including microbial volatilization, respectively. As of October 2011, depth profiles of 129I revealed that 129I originating from the 1FNPP existed mainly in the upper 100 m depth. From the depth profiles, the cumulative inventories of accident-derived 129I were estimated to be (1.6–9.6 × 1012 atoms m−2 in this study area. On the basis of the 129I data in the seawater near Fukushima, the effective dose of 129I from seafood ingestion was much smaller than the annual dose limit.

  8. Study of Environmental Impacts Before and After Using the Organic-Chemical Fertilizer in Rice Paddy Fields

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wipawee KHAMWICHIT


    Full Text Available The environmental impact of an organic-chemical fertilizer developed by the Institute of National Science and Technology has been studied at Bansrangsabaeng Posai Ubonratchathani. The study revealed that the values of pH, EC, OC, total N, available P, and exchangeable K in soils from two varieties of rice tested Kor-Khor 10 and         Kor-Khor 15 paddy fields are almost the same. The concentrations of VOC, NH3, and CH4 in the air from the rice paddy fields mentioned above are lower than 0.001 mg/m3 indicating no air pollution problems. Analysis of the water supply (ground water and surface water within the studied area before and after using organic-chemical fertilizer, found that most of the water supply parameters including pH, Total Hardness, TDS, SS, Fe, Mn, and   NO3-N were not significantly changed and all of them met water supply standards. In terms of surface water quality, slightly different values of pH, TDS, SS, NO3-N, TKN, PO4-P, BOD, COD, and DO were observed compared with a standard fertilizer. In conclusion, the organic-chemical fertilizer is a viable alternative to standard chemical fertilizer and may help to reduce the environmental impact of such chemicals upon the land.

  9. Effect of styrene-butadiene-styrene content on the adhesion properties of bitumen before and after heat aging

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zielinski, K. [Poznan Univ. of Technology, Poznan (Poland). Inst. of Structural Engineering


    Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) is a common modifying polymer used in bitumen-based waterproofing building materials. SBS is used to improve the heat aging resistance of bitumen as well as to increase its resistance to temperature changes. This paper compared SBS-modified bitumen products with nonmodified bitumen products. The aim of the study was to assess the effect of heat aging and SBS content on the adhesion properties of 2 bitumen types to concrete and steel substrates. Two types of bitumen were tested: (1) paving-grade bitumen; and (2) an oxidized bitumen with a softening point at 25 degrees C. The thin film oven test was used to heat age the samples. Adhesion properties were measured before and after heat aging. The tests demonstrated that the adhesion strength of bituminous mastics to concrete and steel substrates decreased as SBS content increased. Bitumen products modified with 9 to 12 per cent of SBS showed a weaker bond with concrete and steel substrates than nonmodified equivalents. It was concluded that after heat aging, the adhesion strength of the nonmodified bitumen was higher than that of the bitumen modified with SBS. 7 refs., 4 tabs., 5 figs.

  10. C-reactive protein serum level in patients with psoriasis before and after treatment with narrow-band ultraviolet B* (United States)

    Farshchian, Mahmoud; Ansar, Akram; Sobhan, Mohammadreza; Hoseinpoor, Valiollah


    Background C-reactive protein is an inflammatory biomarker and its level increases in the serum of psoriatic patients. Its level is also associated with Psoriasis Area and Severity Index score. Objective The aim of this study was to assess the decrement of serum C-reactive protein level with narrow-band ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) therapy. Methods C-reactive protein serum levels in psoriasis patients were measured before and after treatment with NB-UVB and the data were analyzed in relation to the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index score improvement. Results Baseline C-reactive protein levels among psoriatic patients were higher than normal. These levels decreased significantly after treatment (P<0.001). At the beginning of the study, patients with higher levels of C-reactive protein also had more extensive and severe skin involvement. The highest decrease in C-reactive protein was observed in patients who responded better to the treatment and achieved a higher Psoriasis Area and Severity Index 75%. There was an association between baseline Psoriasis Area and Severity Index scores and C-reactive protein levels. Conclusion Patients with moderate to severe plaque-type psoriasis had active systemic inflammation, which was demonstrated by increased levels of C-reactive protein. Furthermore, skin disease severity was correlated with C-reactive protein levels. Phototherapy healed the psoriatic skin lesions and reduced inflammation, while decreasing C-reactive protein levels. PMID:27828628

  11. Isotopic composition of atmospheric water vapor before and after the monsoon's end in the Nagqu River Basin

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YU Wusheng; YAO Tandong; TIAN Lide; WANG Yu; YIN Changliang


    Atmospheric water vapor samples were collected in the Nagqu River Basin in the middle of Tibetan Plateau between August and October in 2004. Results show that there exist some fluctuations of the δ18O of atmospheric water vapor, especially before and after the monsoon's end. Moreover, the variety trend of the δ 18O of atmospheric water vapor inverse correlates with that of dew point. Precipitation events make an important effect upon the variation of δ18O of atmospheric water vapor. During the whole sampling period, the δ18O values of atmospheric water vapor are low while precipitation events occurred. The moisture origins also contribute to the variation of δ18O of atmospheric water vapor. The oceanic moisture transported by the southwest monsoon results in lower δ18O of atmospheric water vapor in the Nagqu River Basin. Compared with the influence of the oceanic moisture, the δ18O values, however, appear high resulting from the effect of the continental air mass in this region.

  12. Knee kinetic pattern during gait and anterior knee pain before and after rehabilitation in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome. (United States)

    Claudon, B; Poussel, M; Billon-Grumillier, C; Beyaert, C; Paysant, J


    Patellofemoral pain is likely due to compressive force acting on the patella related in turn to knee extension moment. The latter variable was assumed to be (i) reduced during short-distance free walking in case of patellofemoral pain syndrome and (ii) increased after therapeutic pain reduction. Peak knee extension moment at beginning of stance phase was recorded by three-dimensional gait analysis in 22 controls and in 23 patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome before and after rehabilitation of knee extensors and flexors to reduce the pain. Pain would occur mainly in stressful activities such as stair negotiation or squatting and was quantified by the anterior knee pain scale. Peak knee extension moment was significantly reduced in all the patients before treatment (n=23) compared to controls, although no one had pain during free walking. In the 17 patients who experienced significant post-rehabilitation pain reduction in their stressful activities, the peak knee extension moment was significantly reduced before treatment compared to controls and significantly increased after treatment, reaching values similar to control values. The peak knee extension moment during free walking appears to be a good kinetic variable related to a compensatory mechanism limiting or avoiding anterior knee pain and may be of interest in assessing knee dynamics alteration in patients with PFPS.

  13. Threat-based cognitive biases in anxious children: comparison with non-anxious children before and after cognitive behavioural treatment. (United States)

    Waters, Allison M; Wharton, Trisha A; Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie J; Craske, Michelle G


    Attention and interpretation biases for threat stimuli were assessed in 19 anxious (ANX) children before and after cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and compared with responses from 19 non-anxious (NA) control children collected over the same period. Attentional bias was assessed using a picture version of the visual probe task with threat, neutral and pleasant pictures. Threat interpretation bias was assessed using both a homographs task in which children used homograph words in a sentence and their neutral or threatening meaning was assessed, and a stories task in which children rated their negative emotion, danger judgments, and influencing ability in ambiguous situations. ANX children showed attention biases towards threat on the visual probe task and threat interpretation biases on the stories task but not the homographs task at pre-treatment in comparison with NA children. Following treatment, ANX children's threat interpretation biases as assessed on the stories task reduced significantly to within levels comparable to NA children. However, ANX children continued to show larger attentional biases towards threat than pleasant pictures on the visual probe task at post-treatment, whereas NA children did not show attentional biases. Moreover, a residual threat interpretation style on the stories task at post-treatment was associated with higher anxiety symptoms in both ANX and NA children.

  14. Opioid consumption before and after the establishment of a palliative medicine unit in an Egyptian cancer centre. (United States)

    Alsirafy, Samy A; Ibrahim, Noha Y; Abou-Elela, Enas N


    Opioid consumption before and after the establishment of a palliative medicine unit (PMU) in an Egyptian cancer centre was reviewed. A comparison of consumption during the year before the PMU was established to consumption during the third year after the PMU's establishment revealed that morphine consumption increased by 698 percent, fentanyl by 217 percent, and tramadol by 230 percent. Expressed in defined daily dose (DDD) and adjusted for 1,000 new cancer patients, consumption increased by 460 percent, from 4,678 DDD/1,000 new patients to 26,175 DDD/1,000 new patients. Expressed in grams of oral morphine equivalent (g OME), consumption increased by 644 percent, from 233 g OME/1,000 new patients to 1,731 g OME/1,000 new patients. The establishment of the PMU was associated with an increase in opioid consumption, especially morphine, which is an indicator of improvement in cancer pain control. The expression of opioid consumption in OME in addition to DDD may provide further information, especially when weak opioids are included in the analysis.

  15. Cine-MR imaging aqueductal CSF flow in normal pressure hydrocephalus syndrome before and after CSF shunt

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mascalchi, M. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy)); Arnetoli, G. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy)); Inzitari, D. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy)); Dal Pozzo, G. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy)); Lolli, F. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy)); Caramella, D. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy)); Bartolozzi, C. (Sezione di Radiodiagnostica, Dipt. di Fisiopatologia Clinica, and Dipt. di Scienze Neurologiche, Florence Univ. (Italy))


    Reproducibility of the aqueductal CSF signal intensity on a gradient echo cine-MR sequence exploiting through plane inflow enhancement was tested in 11 patients with normal or dilated ventricles. Seven patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) syndrome were investigated with the sequence before and after CSF shunting. Two patients exhibiting central flow void within a hyperintense aqueductal CSF improved after surgery and the flow void disappeared after shunting. One patient with increased maximum and minimum aqueductal CSF signal as compared to 18 healthy controls also improved and the aqueductal CSF signal was considerably decreased after shunting. Three patients with aqueductal CSF values similar to those in the controls did not improve, notwithstanding their maximum aqueductal CSF signals decreasing slightly after shunting. No appreciable aqueductal CSF flow related enhancement consistent with non-communicating hydrocephalus was found in the last NPH patient who improved after surgery. Cine-MR with inflow technique yields a reproducible evaluation of flow-related aqueductal CSF signal changes which might help in identifying shunt responsive NPH patients. These are likely to be those with hyperdynamic aqueductal CSF or aqueductal obstruction. (orig.).

  16. Adsorption properties of ultradispersed powders of aluminum alloys with rare-earth metals, before and after water treatment (United States)

    Ryabina, A. V.; Shevchenko, V. G.; Eselevich, D. A.


    Adsorption of nitrogen on Al-3% La, Al-1.5% Sc, and Al-3% Ce powders before and after processing with water in the relative pressure range p/p s = 10˜3 to 0.999 is experimentally studied at a temperature of 78 K. It is shown that the interaction between ultradispersed powder and water depends on the properties of the original powder, including the original content and composition of the oxide-hydroxide phases in the surface layers of metal particles, and the length and conditions of storage. Results confirming that processing powders containing rare-earth metals with water at room temperature leads to the formation of new phases and affects their morphology are presented. It is shown that the nanopores formed between crystallites on the surface of the particles during oxidation with water and subsequent thermal dehydration play an important role in the properties of powders processed with water. The specific surface and the porosity of powders are calculated.

  17. Fate and Complex Pathogenic Effects of Dioxins and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Obese Subjects before and after Drastic Weight Loss (United States)

    Kim, Min-Ji; Marchand, Philippe; Henegar, Corneliu; Antignac, Jean-Philippe; Alili, Rohia; Poitou, Christine; Bouillot, Jean-Luc; Basdevant, Arnaud; Le Bizec, Bruno; Barouki, Robert; Clément, Karine


    Background In humans, persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are stored primarily in adipose tissue. Their total body burden and their contribution to obesity-associated diseases remain unclear. Objectives We characterized POP total body burden and their redistribution in obese individuals before and after drastic weight loss and compared these values with a variety of molecular, biological, and clinical parameters. Methods Seventy-one obese subjects were enrolled and underwent bariatric surgery. Blood and adipose tissue samples were obtained at different times from these individuals as well as from 18 lean women. Results POP content (17 dioxins/furans and 18 polychlorinated biphenyl congeners) in different adipose tissue territories was similar, allowing us to assess total POP body burden from a single biopsy. Total POP body burden was 2 to 3 times higher in obese than in lean individuals. We also found increased expression of some POP target genes in obese adipose tissue. Drastic weight loss led to increased serum POPs and, within 6–12 months, to a significant 15% decrease in total polychlorinated biphenyl body burden. Importantly, serum POP levels were positively correlated with liver toxicity markers and lipid parameters, independently of age and body mass index. Conclusions POP content in adipose tissue and serum correlate with biological markers of obesity-related dysfunctions. Drastic weight loss leads to a redistribution of POPs and to a moderate decrease of their total body burden. PMID:21156398

  18. Saliva and tongue coating pH before and after use of mouthwashes and relationship with parameters of halitosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elen de Souza Tolentino


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: The aim of this work was to evaluate saliva and tongue coating pH in oral healthy patients with morning bad breath before and after use of different oral mouthrinses. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Saliva and tongue coating pH of 50 patients allocated in 5 groups were measured respectively by a digital pHmeter and color pH indicators, before, immediately after and 30 min after rinsing 5 different mouthrinses: cetilpiridine chloride associated with sodium chloride, triclosan, enzymatic solution, essential oil and distilled water. RESULTS: Only triclosan and essential oil increased salivary pH immediately after rising. The enzymatic solution decreased salivary and tongue coating pH immediately after rinsing. CONCLUSIONS: Salivary pH tended to be acidic while tongue coating pH tended to be alkaline, even after rising. Triclosan and essential oil mouthrinses increased salivary pH immediately after rinsing. Enzymatic solution decreased saliva and tongue coating pH immediately after rising.

  19. Diagnostic accuracy of short-time inversion recovery sequence in Graves' ophthalmopathy before and after prednisone treatment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tortora, Fabio; Belfiore, Maria Paola; Romano, Francesco; Cappabianca, Salvatore; Cirillo, Sossio [' ' F. Magrassi-A. Lanzara' ' Second University, Naples (Italy). Dept. of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and Surgery; Prudente, Mariaevelina [Second University, Naples (Italy). Medicine Dept.; Vita Salute San Raffaele Univ., Milan (Italy). Dept. of Neuroradiology; Cirillo, Mario [Second University, Naples (Italy). Neuroradiological Services; Elefante, Andrea [Federic II Univ., Naples (Italy). Neuroradilogical Dept.; Carella, Carlo [Polidiagnostic Center Check-Up, Salerno (Italy)


    In Graves' Ophthalmopathy, it is important to distinguish active inflammatory phase, responsive to immunosuppressive treatment, from fibrotic unresponsive inactive one. The purpose of this study is, first, to identify the relevant orbital magnetic resonance imaging signal intensities before treatment, so to classify patients according to their clinical activity score (CAS), discriminating inactive (CAS < 3) from active Graves' Ophthalmopathy (GO) (CAS > 3) subjects and, second, to follow post-steroid treatment disease. An observational study was executed on 32 GO consecutive patients in different phases of disease, based on clinical and orbital Magnetic Resonance Imaging parameters, compared to 32 healthy volunteers. Orbital Magnetic Resonance Imaging was performed on a 1.5 tesla Magnetic Resonance Unit by an experienced neuroradiologist blinded to the clinical examinations. In pre-therapy patients, compared to controls, a medial rectus muscle statistically significant signal intensity ratio (SIR) in short-time inversion recovery (STIR) (long TR/TE) sequence was found, as well as when comparing patients before and after treatment, both medial and inferior rectus muscle SIR resulted significantly statistically different in STIR. These increased outcomes explain the inflammation oedematous phase of disease, moreover after steroid administration, compared to controls; patients presented lack of that statistically significant difference, thus suggesting treatment effectiveness. In our study, we proved STIR signal intensities increase in inflammation oedematous phase, confirming STIR sequence to define active phase of disease with more sensibility and reproducibility than CAS alone and to evaluate post-therapy involvement. (orig.)

  20. Measuring changes in articulate brachiopod morphology before and after the Permian mass extinction event: do developmental constraints limit morphological innovation? (United States)

    Ciampaglio, Charles N


    The pattern of decreasing disparity has been observed in both the metazoans and metaphytes throughout the Phanerozoic. The pattern is manifest as a decreasing trend in the origination of higher taxa. Currently, two competing evolutionary hypotheses have been proposed to explain this phenomenon: the empty ecospace hypothesis and the developmental constraint hypothesis. To empirically distinguish between these hypotheses, the change in disparity before and after the end-Permian mass extinction event was measured in the articulated brachiopods. The assumption is that ecospace-limiting constraints are removed after mass extinctions revealing the effect of developmental constraints. For each taxon within the group, both continuous and discrete character sets were analyzed. Four different measures of disparity were used to analyze each character suite. Additionally, a separate analysis was performed on a subset of the articulated brachiopods, the rhynchonellids and terebratulids. In most cases investigated, disparity rebounded to comparable levels, with the rhynchonellids and terebratulids showing the largest increase in disparity after the end-Permian extinction, a clear example of an increase in disparity without a significant increase in taxonomic diversity. The results indicate that developmental constraints may not be responsible for the decreasing disparity in this group. The more likely scenario is that increasingly structured ecological guilds have made it much more difficult for large increases in disparity to occur.

  1. Microscopic analysis of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) embryonic development before and after treatment with azadirachtin, lufenuron, and deltamethrin. (United States)

    Correia, Alicely A; Wanderley-Teixeira, Valéria; Teixeira, Alvaro A C; Oliveira, José V; Gonçalves, Gabriel G A; Cavalcanti, MaríIia G S; Brayner, Fábio A; Alves, Luiz C


    The botanical insecticides, growth regulators, and pyrethroids have an effect on the biology of Spodoptera frugiperda (Smith). However, no emphasis has been given to the effect of these insecticides on embryonic development of insects, in histological level. Thus, this research aimed to examine by light and scanning electron microscopy S. frugiperda eggs and to describe the embryonic development, before and after immersion treatment, using commercial concentrations and lower concentrations than commercial ones, of the compounds lufenuron (Match), azadirachtin (AzaMax), and deltamethrin (Decis-positive control). For light microscopy semithin sections of eggs were used, and for scanning electron microscopy, images of the surface of eggs, treated and untreated with insecticides. The morphological characteristics of S. frugiperda eggs, in general, were similar to those described in the literature for most of the insects in the order Lepidoptera. Spherical eggs slightly flattened at the poles, with chorion, yolk, vitelline membrane, and embryo formation. In both microscopic analysis, we observed that insecticides acted immediately and independent of concentration, resulting absence, or incomplete embryo, presented yolk granules widely dispersed, without vitellophage formation, chorion disintegration, disorganized blastoderm, presenting vacuoles, yolk region with amorphous cells, and formation of completely uncharacterized appendages. Thus, we conclude that the compounds lufenuron and azadirachtin interfere on S. frugiperda embryonic development.

  2. Microstructural morphology of the semi-solid high carbon steel T12 before and after rheo-rolling

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jiguang Li; Yonglin Kang; Aimin Zhao; Yi Sun; Man Cheng


    The semi-solid high carbon steel T12 was rolled in a closed box groove under a certain condition by the rheo-rolling equipment, and the microstructural morphology of the semi-solid T12 before and after deformation was investigated by optical microscope to analyze and summarize the microstructure evolution law of T12 deformed in semi-solid state. The experiment results show that the grain shape before deformation of the semi-solid T12 steel displays globule or ellipse by the electromagnetic stirring,the distribution of solid and liquid phases is homogeneous. But the microstructure of semi-solid product after rheo-rolling exhibits macrosegregation that the distribution of liquid and solid phases changes, the liquid phases divorce from the solid phases. In the transverse section, most of the solid phases get together in the center of the specimen, the liquid phases flow to the surface or the edge of the specimen, and the grains occur plastic deformation while reduction increased. In longitudinal section, the middle microstructure of the specimen is more homogeneous than that at the head or tail, the head microstructure is similar to the tail and the size of the grains is not homogeneous.

  3. A longitudinal study of externally visible cigarette advertising on retail storefronts in Massachusetts before and after the Master Settlement Agreement (United States)

    Celebucki, C; Diskin, K


    Methods: Observations were conducted on the number of cigarette advertisements visible from outside tobacco retail establishments in a paired convenience sample (n = 556) in Massachusetts before and after the MSA. Archival databases containing information on merchant compliance with age related sales laws during the time period were used to assess the relation of total cigarette advertising with sales to underage youth. Paired sample t tests assessed planned comparisons pre- to post-MSA; Spearman's ρ tested associations for dichotomous variables. Results: Significant post-ban increases were observed in the prevalence of exterior cigarette advertising on gas (petrol) stations and gas mini/marts (gasoline retailers) buildings, windows, and doors. Significant declines were observed on windows of liquor stores. Winston advertising declined overall, while advertisements of the "all other" brand category increased. Correlations between advertising and illegal sales, while modest, were significant. Conclusions: These pre- to post-MSA increases suggest the tobacco industry may be shifting expenditures selectively from billboard advertising to retailer exteriors more favoured by youth. Greater amount of cigarette advertising visible from outside over-the-counter tobacco retailers is associated with greater cigarette sales to minors. PMID:12034982

  4. Dense vibration measurement of an arch bridge before and after its seismic retrofit using wireless smart sensors (United States)

    Nagayama, Tomonori; Urushima, Akihiko; Fujino, Yozo; Miyashita, Takeshi; Yoshioka, Tsutomu; Ieiri, Masataka


    Fundamental functionalities of wireless smart sensors to measure full-scale bridge vibration, such as time synchronization, loss-less multihop communication, and capability to capture small ambient vibrations, are maturing; dense vibration measurement of large structures using wireless smart sensors is expected to reveal the detailed condition of existing structures. An arch bridge is chosen as a target bridge and densely instrumented by 48 wireless smart sensors. Traffic induced vibration of the bridge has been measured before and after its seismic retrofit. The differences between the measured dynamic characteristics are considered to represent the effects of seismic retrofit. The dense measurement allows comparison of spatial characteristics such as detailed mode shapes, in addition to comparison of natural frequencies. Comparison of densely measured mode shapes reveals their changes, which are then used to update the finite element model of the bridge. The measurement, data analysis, and model updating indicate a potential use of dense instrumentation of wireless smart sensor network for structural condition assessment.

  5. Thin-section computed tomography findings before and after azithromycin treatment of neutrophilic reversible lung allograft dysfunction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jong, Pim A. de [Department of Radiology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven (Belgium); Lung Transplantation Unit, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven (Belgium); University Medical Center Utrecht, Department of Radiology, Utrecht (Netherlands); Vos, Robin; Verleden, Geert M.; Vanaudenaerde, Bart M. [Lung Transplantation Unit, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven (Belgium); Verschakelen, Johny A. [Department of Radiology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven (Belgium)


    Recently a novel subgroup of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) has been described in patients after lung transplantation with high neutrophil counts in broncho-alveolar lavage and recovery of lung functional decline with azithromycin treatment. We aimed to describe the thin-section computed tomography (CT) findings of these neutrophilic reversible allograft dysfunction (NRAD) patients before and after azithromycin. A cohort of 100 lung transplant recipients with BOS were treated with azithromycin and underwent lung function testing, broncho-alveolar lavage and CT before azithromycin treatment and during follow-up. The 200 CT data sets were scored for bronchial dilatation, mucus plugging, centrilobular abnormalities, airway wall thickening, consolidation, ground glass and end-expiratory air trapping. NRAD was characterized by more centrilobular abnormalities on CT (p = 0.03 for prevalence and p = 0.06 for severity) compared to non-responders. At follow-up NRAD patients showed improvement in all CT abnormalities including air trapping, but the degree of improvement in all CT abnormalities was significantly different between responders and non-responders (who showed progression of bronchus dilatation, consolidation and air trapping). Within BOS patients those with NRAD differ from azithromycin non-responders by more centrilobular abnormalities on CT before azithromycin and improvement in bronchus dilatation, consolidation and air trapping during treatment. (orig.)

  6. Relationship between the Direction of Ophthalmic Artery Blood Flow and Ocular Microcirculation before and after Carotid Artery Stenting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masashi Ishii


    Full Text Available When internal carotid artery stenosis is accompanied by ocular ischemic syndrome, intervention is recommended to prevent irreversible visual loss. In this study, we used laser speckle flowgraphy to measure the ocular microcirculation in the optic nerve head before and after carotid artery stenting (CAS of 40 advanced internal carotid stenosis lesions from 37 patients. The aim was to investigate the relationship between ocular microcirculation and the direction of ophthalmic artery blood flow obtained by angiography. We found that there was a significant increase in blood flow after CAS (P=0.003. Peak systolic velocity as an indicator of the rate of stenosis was also significantly higher in the group with retrograde/undetected flow of the ophthalmic artery than in the group with antegrade flow (P=0.002. In all cases where retrograde flow of the ophthalmic artery was observed before stenting, the flow changed to antegrade after stenting. Through the use of laser speckle flowgraphy, this study found that CAS can improve ocular microcirculation. Furthermore, while patients displaying retrograde flow of the ophthalmic artery before stenting have a poor prognosis, CAS corrected the flow to antegrade, suggesting that visual loss can be prevented by improving the ocular microcirculation.

  7. Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Salmonella Typhi Isolated in Thailand before and after the Introduction of a National Immunization Program (United States)

    Thanh, Duy Pham; Bodhidatta, Ladaporn; Mason, Carl Jeffries; Srijan, Apichai; Rabaa, Maia A.; Vinh, Phat Voong; Thanh, Tuyen Ha; Thwaites, Guy E.; Baker, Stephen; Holt, Kathryn E.


    Vaccines against Salmonella Typhi, the causative agent of typhoid fever, are commonly used by travellers, however, there are few examples of national immunization programs in endemic areas. There is therefore a paucity of data on the impact of typhoid immunization programs on localised populations of S. Typhi. Here we have used whole genome sequencing (WGS) to characterise 44 historical bacterial isolates collected before and after a national typhoid immunization program that was implemented in Thailand in 1977 in response to a large outbreak; the program was highly effective in reducing typhoid case numbers. Thai isolates were highly diverse, including 10 distinct phylogenetic lineages or genotypes. Novel prophage and plasmids were also detected, including examples that were previously only reported in Shigella sonnei and Escherichia coli. The majority of S. Typhi genotypes observed prior to the immunization program were not observed following it. Post-vaccine era isolates were more closely related to S. Typhi isolated from neighbouring countries than to earlier Thai isolates, providing no evidence for the local persistence of endemic S. Typhi following the national immunization program. Rather, later cases of typhoid appeared to be caused by the occasional importation of common genotypes from neighbouring Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. These data show the value of WGS in understanding the impacts of vaccination on pathogen populations and provide support for the proposal that large-scale typhoid immunization programs in endemic areas could result in lasting local disease elimination, although larger prospective studies are needed to test this directly. PMID:28060810

  8. Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Salmonella Typhi Isolated in Thailand before and after the Introduction of a National Immunization Program. (United States)

    Dyson, Zoe A; Thanh, Duy Pham; Bodhidatta, Ladaporn; Mason, Carl Jeffries; Srijan, Apichai; Rabaa, Maia A; Vinh, Phat Voong; Thanh, Tuyen Ha; Thwaites, Guy E; Baker, Stephen; Holt, Kathryn E


    Vaccines against Salmonella Typhi, the causative agent of typhoid fever, are commonly used by travellers, however, there are few examples of national immunization programs in endemic areas. There is therefore a paucity of data on the impact of typhoid immunization programs on localised populations of S. Typhi. Here we have used whole genome sequencing (WGS) to characterise 44 historical bacterial isolates collected before and after a national typhoid immunization program that was implemented in Thailand in 1977 in response to a large outbreak; the program was highly effective in reducing typhoid case numbers. Thai isolates were highly diverse, including 10 distinct phylogenetic lineages or genotypes. Novel prophage and plasmids were also detected, including examples that were previously only reported in Shigella sonnei and Escherichia coli. The majority of S. Typhi genotypes observed prior to the immunization program were not observed following it. Post-vaccine era isolates were more closely related to S. Typhi isolated from neighbouring countries than to earlier Thai isolates, providing no evidence for the local persistence of endemic S. Typhi following the national immunization program. Rather, later cases of typhoid appeared to be caused by the occasional importation of common genotypes from neighbouring Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. These data show the value of WGS in understanding the impacts of vaccination on pathogen populations and provide support for the proposal that large-scale typhoid immunization programs in endemic areas could result in lasting local disease elimination, although larger prospective studies are needed to test this directly.

  9. The Diffuse Light of the Universe - On the Microwave Background Before and After Its Discovery: Open Questions (United States)

    Bonnet-Bidaud, Jean-Marc


    In 1965, the discovery of a new type of uniform radiation, located between radiowaves and infrared light, was accidental. Known today as Cosmic Microwave background (CMB), this diffuse radiation is commonly interpreted as a fossil light released in an early hot and dense universe and constitutes today the main 'pilar' of the big bang cosmology. Considerable efforts have been devoted to derive fundamental cosmological parameters from the characteristics of this radiation that led to a surprising universe that is shaped by at least three major unknown components: inflation, dark matter and dark energy. This is an important weakness of the present consensus cosmological model that justifies raising several questions on the CMB interpretation. Can we consider its cosmological nature as undisputable? Do other possible interpretations exist in the context of other cosmological theories or simply as a result of other physical mechanisms that could account for it? In an effort to questioning the validity of scientific hypotheses and the under-determination of theories compared to observations, we examine here the difficulties that still exist on the interpretation of this diffuse radiation and explore other proposed tracks to explain its origin. We discuss previous historical concepts of diffuse radiation before and after the CMB discovery and underline the limit of our present understanding.

  10. Heart rate variability in non-apneic snorers and controls before and after continuous positive airway pressure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mateika Jason H


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We hypothesized that sympathetic nervous system activity (SNSA is increased and parasympathetic nervous system activity (PNSA is decreased during non-rapid eye movement (NREM sleep in non-apneic, otherwise healthy, snoring individuals compared to control. Moreover, we hypothesized that these alterations in snoring individuals would be more evident during non-snoring than snoring when compared to control. Methods To test these hypotheses, heart rate variability was used to measure PNSA and SNSA in 11 normotensive non-apneic snorers and 12 control subjects before and 7-days after adapting to nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP. Results Our results showed that SNSA was increased and PNSA was decreased in non-apneic snorers during NREM compared to control. However, these changes were only evident during the study in which snoring was eliminated with nCPAP. Conversely, during periods of snoring SNSA and PNSA were similar to measures obtained from the control group. Additionally, within the control group, SNSA and PNSA did not vary before and after nCPAP application. Conclusion Our findings suggest that long-lasting alterations in autonomic function may exist in snoring subjects that are otherwise healthy. Moreover, we speculate that because of competing inputs (i.e. inhibitory versus excitatory inputs to the autonomic nervous system during snoring, the full impact of snoring on autonomic function is most evident during non-snoring periods.

  11. Detection of YMDD mutation using mutant-specific primers in chronic hepatitis B patients before and after lamivudine treatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Cha-Ze Lee; Hsuan-Shu Lee; Guan-Tarn Huang; Pei-Ming Yang; Jin-Chuan Sheu


    AIM: To develop a PCR assay using mutant-specific primers to detect mutation of tyrosine-methionineaspartate-aspartate (YMDD) motif of HBV to tyrosinevaline-aspartate-aspartate (YVDD) or tyrosine-isoleucineaspartate-aspartate (YIDD).METHODS: Cloned wild-type and mutant HBV sequences were used as templates to test the sensitivity and specificity of the assay. A variety of primer construction, primer concentration, dNTP concentration,and annealing temperature of primers were systematically examined. Pair primers specific to rtL180M and rtM204V were selected for YVDD detection. Primer specific to rtM204I with an additional 3'-penultimate base mismatched to both the mutant and wild-type sequence was selected for YIDD detection. We applied this assay to study YMDD mutants in 28 chronic hepatitis B patients before and after lamivudine treatment.RESULTS: We could detect as little as 0.001%-0.00001%of mutant viruses coexisting in 108-109 copies of wildtype HBV using this assay. YMDD mutants were detected in 8 of 12 HBeAg-positive patients and 8 of 16 HBeAgnegative patients before lamivudine treatment. After treatment, two more patients in HBeAg-positive patients and seven more patients in HBeAg-negative patients developed YMDD mutations.CONCLUSION: We developed a highly sensitive and specific assay for detecting YMDD mutants. This assay can be applied to monitor chronic hepatitis B patients before and during lamivudine treatment.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. N. Adzhiev


    Full Text Available Review of large of trials that prove the positive impact of high-dose lipid-lowering therapy on the prognosis in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD are presented. The data on the efficacy of the lipid profile correction by lipid apheresis in patients with hypercholesterolemia that is refractory to optimal medical therapy are showed. The results of the large trials (LIPS, ARMYDA, NAPLES II, ARMYDA-RECAPTURE, Post-CABG, TNT and meta-analyzes on the role of statins, prescribed before and after coronary artery bypass surgery and stenting, in reducing the risk of early and late cardiac events and the need for repeat myocardial revascularization are analyzed. The issue of therapeutic apheresis should be considered in cases of refractory hypercholesterolemia according to ESC/EAS Guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias (2011. The tendency to reduction in the risk of stent restenosis and vein graft lesions after lipid apheresis is found in very high risk patients with IHD and refractory hypercholesterolemia that underwent coronary stenting or bypass surgery.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. N. Adzhiev


    Full Text Available Review of large of trials that prove the positive impact of high-dose lipid-lowering therapy on the prognosis in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD are presented. The data on the efficacy of the lipid profile correction by lipid apheresis in patients with hypercholesterolemia that is refractory to optimal medical therapy are showed. The results of the large trials (LIPS, ARMYDA, NAPLES II, ARMYDA-RECAPTURE, Post-CABG, TNT and meta-analyzes on the role of statins, prescribed before and after coronary artery bypass surgery and stenting, in reducing the risk of early and late cardiac events and the need for repeat myocardial revascularization are analyzed. The issue of therapeutic apheresis should be considered in cases of refractory hypercholesterolemia according to ESC/EAS Guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias (2011. The tendency to reduction in the risk of stent restenosis and vein graft lesions after lipid apheresis is found in very high risk patients with IHD and refractory hypercholesterolemia that underwent coronary stenting or bypass surgery.

  14. Evaluation of physicians' knowledge about prevention of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease before and after a teaching session. (United States)

    Osman, Gehan M; Abdelrahman, Sirageldin M K; Ali, Sulafa K M


    Rheumatic fever (RF) and rheumatic heart disease RHD remain as one of the major cardiovascular problems in Sudanese children. The cornerstones for control of RF and RHD are primary and secondary preventions as adopted by Sudan's programme. This study aimed to describe and raise the paediatric doctors' awareness about prevention of RF and RHD using lectures. It was a prospective, cross-sectional, hospital based study, conducted in Khartoum. The study populations were paediatric doctors including house officers, medical officers and registrars. Data were collected through self-administered questionnaire, which was constructed to assess the doctor's awareness about RF and RHD prevention before and after attending lectures. Eighty seven doctors participated in the study. The results showed that the overall doctors' awareness about prevention of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease was at average level. It was raised by intervention through lectures to good level. It is recommended to introduce training programs for physicians in order to improve doctors' awareness about prevention of RF and RHD. Such activities need to be conducted at regular intervals.

  15. Do prevailing societal models influence reports of near-death experiences?: a comparison of accounts reported before and after 1975. (United States)

    Athappilly, Geena K; Greyson, Bruce; Stevenson, Ian


    Transcendental near-death experiences show some cross-cultural variation that suggests they may be influenced by societal beliefs. The prevailing Western model of near-death experiences was defined by Moody's description of the phenomenon in 1975. To explore the influence of this cultural model, we compared near-death experience accounts collected before and after 1975. We compared the frequency of 15 phenomenological features Moody defined as characteristic of near-death experiences in 24 accounts collected before 1975 and in 24 more recent accounts matched on relevant demographic and situational variables. Near-death experience accounts collected after 1975 differed from those collected earlier only in increased frequency of tunnel phenomena, which other research has suggested may not be integral to the experience, and not in any of the remaining 14 features defined by Moody as characteristic of near-death experiences. These data challenge the hypothesis that near-death experience accounts are substantially influenced by prevailing cultural models.

  16. Characterization and photoluminescence studies of CdTe nanoparticles before and after transfer from liquid phase to polystyrene

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Shugang Wang; Yaoxian Li; Jie Bai; Qingbiao Yang; Yan Song; Chaoqun Zhang


    The major objective of this work was to detect the change of photoluminescence (PL) intensity of CdTe nanoparticles (NPs) before and after transfer from liquid phase to polystyrene (PS) matrix by electrospinning technique. Thio-stabilized CdTe NPs were first synthesized in aqueous, then enwrapped by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), and finally, transferred into PS matrix to form CdTe/PS nanofibres by electrospinning. Then, CdTe/PS nanofibres were characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) to observe their morphology and distribution, respectively. The selective area electronic diffraction (SAED) pattern proved that the CdTe NPs were cubic lattice. The PL spectrum indicated that CdTe NPs have been transferred into PS nanofibres, and the PL intensity of CdTe NPs in the nanofibres was even higher than that before CdTe NPs were introduced into PS nanofibres. Moreover, X-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS) revealed that thiol-stabilized CdTe NPs were enwrapped by CTAB, and PS acted as a dispersant in the process of electrospinning.

  17. Self-assessment of facial form oral function and psychosocial function before and after orthognathic surgery: A retrospective study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narayanan Vinod


    Full Text Available Orthognathic surgery is a well-accepted treatment for patients with skeletal discrepancies. The primary motivation of many patients who seek orthognathic surgery is esthetics and not for correction of functional disability. The treatment is incomplete if the surgeon attempts to correct the physical deformity alone without adequate understanding and regard for the emotional framework. The purpose of this study is aimed at patient′s self-perceptions of facial form oral function and psychosocial function before and after orthognathic surgery. Fifty patients were included in the study, of which 21 were used as control. Twenty-two questions were asked to evaluate the problem in all four areas as mentioned earlier. Each question takes a score from one to five. In group I, the internal consistency of each scale indicates moderate to high internal reliability, ranging from α = 0.71 for general health to α = 0.88 for psychosocial problem. In group II, except for functional problems, the internal consistency of each scale has moderate to high reliability. The psychological wellbeing of an orthognathic surgery patient is enhanced by careful preoperative counseling regarding the expected surgical treatment objectives, the operative course, and the expected postoperative sequelae. Patients who undergo orthognathic surgery readily accept the changes in their postoperative appearance and are satisfied with achieved results.

  18. Marginal Adaptation of Metal Ceramic Crowns Cast from Four Different Base Metal Alloys before and after Porcelain Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Hafezeqoran


    Material and Method: In this experimental study, a sound maxillary first premolar was prepared with chamfer and shoulder-bevel finish lines in palatal and buccal surfaces, respectively. Then the metal die was fabricated. Six points were marked 1 mm apical to the margin in the buccal and palatal surfaces. Forty impressions were taken from metal die by polyether impression material. Then, 10 frameworks were fabricated with each alloy type on stone dies. The vertical margin discrepancy between the frameworks and the marked points on metal dies were measured before and after porcelain firing. Paired sample t-test and One-way ANOVA, followed by multiple comparison tests (Tukey test were used to evaluate data. In this study, statistical significance was defined at p<0.05. Results: Before porcelain firing, T3 alloy showed the lowest marginal discrepancy on chamfer finish line (13.13 ± (1.26; but, the highest values were for Supermcast V copings and shoulder-bevel finish after porcelain application (30.83 ± (2.01. The mean marginal discrepancies of buccal and palatal surfaces before porcelain application were significantly lower for all alloy types (p<0.001. Conclusion:  The marginal adaptation of all four metal alloys was clinically acceptable and the thermal cycles of porcelain firing affected marginal adaptation.   Keywords: Crown; Marginal adaptation; Metal ceramic alloys

  19. Soil-Air Mercury Flux near a Large Industrial Emission Source before and after Closure (Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada). (United States)

    Eckley, Chris S; Blanchard, Pierrette; McLennan, Daniel; Mintz, Rachel; Sekela, Mark


    Prior to its closure, the base-metal smelter in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada was one of the North America's largest mercury (Hg) emission sources. Our project objective was to understand the exchange of Hg between the soil and the air before and after the smelter closure. Field and laboratory Hg flux measurements were conducted to identify the controlling variables and used for spatial and temporal scaling. Study results showed that deposition from the smelter resulted in the surrounding soil being enriched in Hg (up to 99 μg g(-1)) as well as other metals. During the period of smelter operation, air concentrations were elevated (30 ± 19 ng m(-3)), and the soil was a net Hg sink (daily flux: -3.8 ng m(-2) h(-1)). Following the smelter closure, air Hg(0) concentrations were reduced, and the soils had large emissions (daily flux: 108 ng m(-2) h(-1)). The annual scaling of soil Hg emissions following the smelter closure indicated that the landscape impacted by smelter deposition emitted or re-emitted almost 100 kg per year. Elevated soil Hg concentrations and emissions are predicted to continue for hundreds of years before background concentrations are re-established. Overall, the results indicate that legacy Hg deposition will continue to cycle in the environment long after point-source reductions.

  20. Comparation of Greenhouse Gas Emission Disclosure Before and After Enactment of the Indonesia Act No. 17 of 2004

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuztitya Asmaranti


    Full Text Available Indonesia, as a country with high vulnerable to the effects of global climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions, is committed to implementing the Kyoto Protocol by issuing the Law No. 17 of 2004 regulating the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. On the other hand, Indonesia with the second largest tropical forest in the world is expected to contribute oxygen to protect the world's top greenhouse gas effect as the main cause of global warming. This study aims to provide empirical evidence of the extent to which the response of companies in Indonesia in addressing global warming due to carbon emissions leading to dumping greenhouse gases and what efforts done as a form of corporate social responsibility. This study found that there are differences in the disclosure of carbon emissions before and after the enactment of Indonesian Act No. 17 of 2004. However, the study also found that only about 10% of manufacturing companies in Indonesia have an action associated with a reduction in carbon emissions of the company.

  1. Multiple colonization with S. pneumoniae before and after introduction of the seven-valent conjugated pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvio D Brugger

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Simultaneous carriage of more than one strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae promotes horizontal gene transfer events and may lead to capsule switch and acquisition of antibiotic resistance. We studied the epidemiology of cocolonization with S. pneumoniae before and after introduction of the seven-valent conjugated pneumococcal vaccine (PCV7. METHODOLOGY: Nasopharyngeal swabs (n 1120 were collected from outpatients between 2004 and 2009 within an ongoing nationwide surveillance program. Cocolonization was detected directly from swabs by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP analysis. Serotypes were identified by agglutination, multiplex PCR and microarray. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Rate of multiple colonization remained stable up to three years after PCV7 introduction. Cocolonization was associated with serotypes of low carriage prevalence in the prevaccine era. Pneumococcal colonization density was higher in cocolonized samples and cocolonizing strains were present in a balanced ratio (median 1.38. Other characteristics of cocolonization were a higher frequency at young age, but no association with recurrent acute otitis media, recent antibiotic exposure, day care usage and PCV7 vaccination status. CONCLUSIONS: Pneumococcal cocolonization is dominated by serotypes of low carriage prevalence in the prevaccine era, which coexist in the nasopharynx. Emergence of such previously rare serotypes under vaccine selection pressure may promote cocolonization in the future.

  2. Income-related inequality in perceived oral health among adult Finns before and after a major dental subsidization reform. (United States)

    Raittio, Eero; Aromaa, Arpo; Kiiskinen, Urpo; Helminen, Sari; Suominen, Anna Liisa


    Objectives In Finland, a dental subsidization reform, implemented in 2001-2002, abolished age restrictions on subsidized dental care. The aim of this study was to investigate income-related inequality in the perceived oral health and its determinants among adult Finns before and after the reform. Materials and methods Three identical cross-sectional nationally representative postal surveys, concerning perceived oral health and the use of dental services among people born before 1971, were conducted in 2001 (n = 2157), in 2004 (n = 1814) and in 2007 (n = 1671). Three measures of perceived oral health were used: toothache or oral discomfort during the past 12 months, current need for dental care and self-reported oral health status. Concentration index was used to analyse the income-related inequalities. Its decomposition was used to study factors related to the inequalities. Results The proportion of respondents reporting need for dental care decreased from 2001 to 2007, while no changes were seen in reports of toothache or self-reported oral health status. Income-related inequalities in reports of toothache and perceived need for care widened, while the inequality in self-reported oral health remained stable. Most of the inequalities were related to income itself, perceived general health and the time since the last visit to dental care. Conclusions It seems that the income-related inequalities in perceived oral health remained or even widened after the reform.

  3. Impact of Endografting on the Thoracic Aortic Anatomy: Comparative Analysis of the Aortic Geometry before and after the Endograft Implantation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Midulla, Marco, E-mail: [University Hospital of Lille, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (France); Moreno, Ramiro, E-mail: [Rangueil University Hospital, Department of Radiology (France); Negre-Salvayre, Anne, E-mail: [INSERM, UMR 1048, I2MC (France); Nicoud, Franc, E-mail: [CNRS, UMR 5149 I3M, CC 051, University Montpellier II (France); Pruvo, Jean Pierre, E-mail: [University Hospital of Lille, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology (France); Haulon, Stephan, E-mail: [University Hospital of Lille, Department of Vascular Surgery (France); Rousseau, Hervé, E-mail: [Rangueil University Hospital, Department of Radiology (France)


    PurposeAlthough the widespread acceptance of thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) as a first-line treatment option for a multitude of thoracic aortic diseases, little is known about the consequences of the device implantation on the native aortic anatomy. We propose a comparative analysis of the pre- and postoperative geometry on a clinical series of patients and discuss the potential clinical implicationsMethodsCT pre- and postoperative acquisitions of 30 consecutive patients treated by TEVAR for different pathologies (20 thoracic aortic aneurysms, 6 false aneurysms, 3 penetrating ulcers, 1 traumatic rupture) were used to model the vascular geometry. Pre- and postoperative geometries were compared for each patient by pairing and matching the 3D models. An implantation site was identified, and focal differences were detected and described.ResultsSegmentation of the data sets was successfully performed for all 30 subjects. Geometry differences between the pre- and postoperative meshes were depicted in 23 patients (76 %). Modifications at the upper implantation site were detected in 14 patients (47 %), and among them, the implantation site involved the arch (Z0–3) in 11 (78 %).ConclusionModeling the vascular geometry on the basis of imaging data offers an effective tool to perform patient-specific analysis of the vascular geometry before and after the treatment. Future studies will evaluate the consequences of these changes on the aortic function.

  4. Gait analysis before and after achilles tendon surgical suture in a single-subject study: a case report. (United States)

    Marcolin, Giuseppe; Buriani, Alessandro; Balasso, Alberto; Villaminar, Renato; Petrone, Nicola


    Achilles tendon rupture is a disabling injury that requires a long recovery time. We describe a unique case of a 46-year-old male who had undergone gait analysis as part of a personal physical examination and who, 16 months later, ruptured his left Achilles tendon while running. With gait kinematic and kinetic data available both before and after his injury, we determined the residual gait asymmetries on his uninjured side and compared the pre- and postinjury measurements. We analyzed his gait at 1, 4, and 7 weeks after his return to full weightbearing. Compared with the preinjury values, at 7 weeks he had almost complete range of motion in his left ankle (-2%) and a slight increase in gait velocity (+6%) and cadence (+3%). The peak power of his injured ankle was 90% of its preinjury value. In contrast, the unaffected ankle was at 118%. These observations suggest that measuring the asymmetries of the gait cycle, especially at the beginning of rehabilitation, can be used to improve treatment. We had the patient strengthen his ankle using a stationary bicycle before he returned to running. Kinetics also appears to be more powerful than kinematics in detecting functional asymmetries associated with reduced calf strength, even 15 weeks after surgery. Gait analysis could be used to predict the effectiveness of rehabilitation protocols and help calibrate and monitor the return to sports participation while preventing overloading muscle and tendon syndromes.

  5. Assessment of body composition with bioelectrical impedance analysis in pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum before and after treatment. (United States)

    Tazegül Pekin, A; Yılmaz, S A; Kerimoğlu, Ö Seçilmiş; Çelik, G; Doğan, N U; Beyhekim, H; Çelik, Ç


    More than half of pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting, in 0.5-1% of the pregnant women, if nausea and vomiting are severe and persistent, condition can progress to hyperemesis. We evaluated the fluid volume parameters in pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum, before and after treatment using the bioelectrical impedance vectors. A total of 70 pregnant women who had weight loss exceeding 5% of pre-pregnancy body weight were recruited for the study in the first trimester. The measurement of multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis parameters was performed on the day of hospitalisation before any treatment and after treatment at 24 h and 72 h with the same procedure. Total body water, extracellular water, intracellular water, and fat-free mass index increased after treatment at 24 h (P treatment (11.3 ± 2.1 at enrolment, 5.1 ± 1.4 at 24 h and 4.3 ± 1.1 at 72 h) (P hyperemesis gravidarum, significant body composition changes occur and fluid replacement therapy performed during a short period of time, such as 24 h, provides improvement in body composition.

  6. Biological effect of human serum collected before and after oral intake of Pygeum africanum on various benign prostate cell cultures

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Stéphane Larré; Philippe Camparo; Eva Comperat; Delphine Boulbés; Mohammed Haddoum; Sylvain Baulande; Pascal Soularue; Pierre Costa; Olivier Cussenot


    Pygeum africanum (Tadenan) is a popular phytotherapeutic agent used in the treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia.The active compounds of the drug have not been identified,and determining the plasma concentration of the drug is,therefore,not possible.Because there are conflicting results on the efficacy of this drug,we aimed to investigate its effect on prostate cell growth in vitro using human serum collected before and after Pygeum africanum intake.We used primary and organotypic cultures of human prostatic stromal myofibroblast cell line WPMY and prostatic epithelial cell line PNT2.We also used fresh benign prostatic tissue.The serum of a treated man induced decreases in the proliferation of primary cells,organotypic cells and WPMY cells but not PNT2 cells.We also analysed the effect of treated serum on the gene expression profile of WPMY cells.The transcriptome analysis revealed an upregulation of genes involved in multiple tumour suppression pathways and a downregulation of genes involved in inflammation and oxidative-stress pathways.The oral intake of Pygeum africanum resulted in serum levels of active substances that were sufficient to inhibit the proliferation of cultured myofibroblasts prostatic cells.This inhibition was associated with changes in the transcriptome.

  7. Hypertrophic adenoids in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma:appearance at magnetic resonance imaging before and after treatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yao-Pan Wu; Pei-Qiang Cai; Li Tian; Jie-Hua Xu; Richard Alan Mitteer Jr; Yi Fan; Zhenfeng Zhang


    Introduction:Patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) sporadically develop abnormal adenoids. Nasopharyngeal adenoids are usually included in the gross tumor volume (GTV) but may have different therapeutic responses than tumor tissue. Therefore, distinguishing adenoids from tumor tissue may be required for precise and efficient chemoradiotherapy and radiotherapy. We characterized nasopharyngeal adenoids and investigated the therapeutic responses of NPC and nasopharyngeal adenoids using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Methods:MRI data from 40 NPC patients with a coexisting adenoid mass before and after treatment were analyzed. The features of the adenoid masses, including location, striped appearance, size, interface, symmetry/asymmetry, and cysts, were evaluated. Treatment response were scored according to the World Health Organization guidelines. Results:A striped appearance was observed in 36 cases before treatment and in all cases after treatment. In these 36 cases, the average GTVs including and excluding the uninvolved adenoids were 19.8 cm3 and 14.8 cm3, respectively. The average percentage change after excluding the uninvolved adenoids from the GTV was 31.0%. Stable disease in the adenoids was identified in 27 (96.4%) of 28 patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, while NPC clearly regressed. Partial adenoid responses were identified in 33 (82.5%) of 40 patients at 3 months after chemoradiotherapy or radiotherapy, whereas complete tumor responses were achieved in all patients. Six months after treatment, the adenoids continued to atrophy but did not disappear, and tumor recurrence was not found. Conclusions:Nasopharyngeal adenoids and carcinoma tissue in NPC patients can be distinguished by using MRI and have different responses to chemoradiotherapy and radiotherapy. These findings contribute to better delineating the GTV of NPC, based on which spatially optimized strategies can be developed to render precise and efficient chemoradiotherapy and

  8. Population Genetics and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Canine Campylobacter Isolates Collected before and after a Raw Feeding Experiment. (United States)

    Olkkola, Satu; Kovanen, Sara; Roine, Johanna; Hänninen, Marja-Liisa; Hielm-Björkman, Anna; Kivistö, Rauni


    In recent years, increasing numbers of consumers have become interested in feeding raw food for their pet dogs as opposed to commercial dry food, in the belief of health advantages. However, raw meat and internal organs, possibly contaminated by pathogens such as Campylobacter spp., may pose a risk of transmission of zoonoses to the pet owners. Campylobacter jejuni is the leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans but C. upsaliensis has also been associated with human disease. In this study we investigated the effect of different feeding strategies on the prevalence of Campylobacter spp. in Finnish dogs. We further characterized the isolates using multilocus sequence typing (MLST), whole-genome (wg) MLST and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Dogs were sampled before and after a feeding period consisting of commercial raw feed or dry pellet feed. Altogether 56% (20/36) of the dogs yielded at least one Campylobacter-positive fecal sample. C. upsaliensis was the major species detected from 39% of the dogs before and 30% after the feeding period. Two C. jejuni isolates were recovered, both from raw-fed dogs after the dietary regimen. The isolates represented the same genotype (ST-1326), suggesting a common infection source. However, no statistically significant correlation was found between the feeding strategies and Campylobacter spp. carriage. The global genealogy of MLST types of dog and human C. upsaliensis isolates revealed weakly clonal population structure as most STs were widely dispersed. Major antimicrobial resistance among C. upsaliensis isolates was against streptomycin (STR MIC > 4 mg/l). Apart from that, all isolates were highly susceptible against the antimicrobials tested. Mutations were found in the genes rpsL or rpsL and rsmG in streptomycin resistant isolates. In conclusion, increasing trend to feed dogs with raw meat warrants more studies to evaluate the risk associated with raw feeding of pets in transmission of zoonoses to humans.

  9. Hydrological and Vegetation Variability from Mediterranean Leaf Wax Biomarkers Before and After the Rise of East African C4 Grasslands (United States)

    Meyers, C.; deMenocal, P. B.; Tierney, J. E.; Polissar, P. J.


    Terrestrial and marine paleoclimate records and changes in African fossil mammal taxa indicate that a transition towards more open, C4-dominated grasslands occurred in East Africa near 2 Ma. In contrast, the Mediterranean sapropel record documents pervasive precession-paced wet/dry cycles in the strength of the African monsoon and Nile runoff since at least the late Miocene. This study investigates whether the East African vegetation shift after 2 Ma was accompanied by a change in the monsoonal wet/dry cycle response to orbital precession forcing. We sampled eastern Mediterranean ODP Site 967 at 2-3 ka resolution in two 200 kyr intervals near 3.0 and 1.7 Ma. Nearly identical orbital configurations in these intervals allow us to compare mean conditions and orbital-paced variations before and after the 2 Ma transition. We used leaf wax biomarker concentrations and δD and δ13C compositions as proxies for monsoonal strength and vegetation type, and the δ18O composition of G. ruber as a proxy for Nile River runoff. Leaf wax biomarker concentrations varied over three orders of magnitude, with much higher concentrations in sapropels. During sapropel intervals, large-amplitude negative excursions occur in δDwax, δ13Cwax, and δ18Oruber, corresponding to a strengthened monsoon and less abundant C4 plants. Carbonate-rich intervals have positive isotope excursions indicating a weakened monsoon and more abundant C4 plants. The mean and variance of δDwax and δ13Cwax values are not significantly different between the 3.0 Ma and 1.7 Ma intervals indicating Northern Africa did not experience the vegetation and climate shifts observed in East Africa. While surprising, our finding suggests that the average monsoonal response to precession forcing, and corresponding vegetation variability, did not substantially change across the 2 Ma transition. This implies that North and East Africa exhibited different climate and vegetation behavior since 3 Ma.

  10. Comparing the Effect of Dexamethasone before and after Tracheal Intubation on Sore Throat after Tympanoplasty Surgery: A Randomized Controlled trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahmoud Eidi


    Full Text Available Introduction: Presence of a sore throat after surgery is a common side effect of general anesthesia with intratracheal intubation and can cause discomfort for the patient and prolong the recovery process. In this study we compared the effect of dexamethasone before and after intubation on the incidence of sore throat after tympanoplasty surgery.   Materials and Methods: In a double-blind, randomized clinical trial, 70 patients aged 30–60 years with American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA physical status I or II who were candidates for tympanoplasty under anesthetic conditions were studied in two separate groups. The first group received intravenous (IV dexamethasone (8 mg 30 mins prior to intubation while the second group received the same dose of dexamethasone 30 mins after intubation. The incidence and severity of the sore throat in both groups were then evaluated.   Results: There was no significant difference between two groups in intensity of sore throat (62.9% vs. 57.1%, cough (65.7% vs. 62.9%, or hoarseness (62.9% vs. 65.7% within 24 h after surgery. Detection of blood in oral secretions or on the tracheal tube was the same in both groups (5.7%. The incidence of coughs during the extubation was 0% in first group and 11.4% in second group.   Conclusion:  According to the results of this research there was no significant difference in incidence and intensity of sore throat in patients receiving dexamethasone before or after intubation. Further, no significant difference in intensity of coughs or hoarseness was observed.  

  11. Precise Sediment Yield and Riverbed Change Detected by using LiDAR DTMs before and after a Typhoon Season (United States)

    Hsieh, Y.; Chan, Y.; Hu, J.; Lin, C.


    Sediment yield and riverbed change from watersheds greatly influence the conservation of water and soil, the planning of hydraulic engineering, and the river habitat, etc. At present, sediment yield calculation often used empirical or theoretical formula as well as data collected at hydrological stations, and rarely had the actual measured value through high-resolution topography. The Lanyang river is one of main rivers in Taiwan and often suffers the influence of typhoon during summer. In 2008, there are four significant typhoon events influencing this area, including the Kalmaegi, Fung-wong, Sinlaku, and Jangmi typhoons. This study of topographic variations surveyed the terrain of the Lanyang River before and after the 2008 typhoon season using airborne LiDAR technique. The variations of the terrain on the riverbed may be regarded as the sediment yield of the bed load transported during the typhoon season. This research used high-resolution terrain models to compute sediment yield of the bed load, and further discussed sediment yield volume in the watershed during the typhoon season. In the Lanyang river we discovered that the upstream and midstream channels had significant characteristics of erosion and transportation during the typhoon season. The sediment on the riverbed reduced approximately 2.3 million cubic meters; and the erosion rate of the bed load sediments were estimated about 3.4 mm during the 2008 typhoon season. The results indicate that considerable sediment yield and transportation in the Lanyang river during only a single typhoon season in which cumulated rain falls are high. Further analysis of the collected data in the Lanyang river are needed to better understand the typhoon influence and apply the results to the prevention of the common flash flooding hazards.

  12. Therapy monitoring using dynamic MRI: Analysis of lung motion and intrathoracic tumor mobility before and after radiotherapy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Plathow, Christian [Eberhard-Karls University Tuebingen, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Tuebingen (Germany); German Cancer Research Center, Department of Radiology, Heidelberg (Germany); Hof, Holger; Kuhn, Sabine [University of Heidelberg, Department of Radiation Therapy, Clinic for Thoracic Diseases, Heidelberg (Germany); Puderbach, Michael; Ley, Sebastian; Biederer, Juergen; Kauczor, Hans-Ulrich [German Cancer Research Center, Department of Radiology, Heidelberg (Germany); Claussen, Claus D.; Schaefer, Juergen [Eberhard-Karls University Tuebingen, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Tuebingen (Germany); Huber, Peter E. [University of Heidelberg, Department of Radiation Therapy, Clinic for Thoracic Diseases, Heidelberg (Germany); German Cancer Research Center, Department of Radiation Oncology, Heidelberg (Germany); Tuengerthal, Siegfried [University of Heidelberg, Department of Radiology, Heidelberg (Germany)


    A frequent side effect after radiotherapy of lung tumors is a decrease of pulmonary function accompanied by dyspnea due to developing lung fibrosis. The aim of this study was to monitor lung motion as a correlate of pulmonary function and intrathoracic tumor mobility before and after radiotherapy (RT) using dynamic MRI (dMRI). Thirty-five patients with stage I non-small-cell lung carcinoma were examined using dMRI (trueFISP; three images/s). Tumors were divided into T1 and T2 tumors of the upper, middle and lower lung region (LR). Maximum craniocaudal (CC) lung dimensions and tumor mobility in three dimensions were monitored. Vital capacity (VC) was measured and correlated using spirometry. Before RT, the maximum CC motion of the tumor-bearing hemithorax was 5.2{+-}0.9 cm if the tumor was located in the lower LR (middle LR: 5.5{+-}0.8 cm; upper LR: 6.0{+-}0.6 cm). After RT, lung motion was significantly reduced in the lower LR (P<0.05). Before RT, the maximum CC tumor mobility was significantly higher in tumors of the lower LR 2.5{+-}0.6 vs. 2.0{+-}0.3 cm (middle LR; P<0.05) vs. 0.7{+-}0.2 cm (upper LR; P<0.01). After RT, tumor mobility was significantly reduced in the lower LR (P<0.01) and in T2 tumor patients (P<0.05). VC showed no significant changes. dMRI is capable of monitoring changes in lung motion that were not suspected from spirometry. This might make the treatment of side effects possible at a very early stage. Changes of lung motion and tumor mobility are highly dependent on the tumor localization and tumor diameter. (orig.)

  13. A Comparison of Frontal Theta Activity During Shooting among Biathletes and Cross-Country Skiers before and after Vigorous Exercise.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harri Luchsinger

    Full Text Available Previous studies using electroencephalography (EEG to monitor brain activity have linked higher frontal theta activity to more focused attention and superior performance in goal-directed precision tasks. In biathlon, shooting performance requires focused attention after high-intensity cross-country skiing.To compare biathletes (serving as experts and cross-country skiers (novices and examine the effect of vigorous exercise on frontal theta activity during shooting.EEG frontal theta (4-7 Hz activity was compared between nine biathletes and eight cross-country skiers at comparable skiing performance levels who fired 100 shots on a 5-m indoor shooting range in quiescent condition followed by 20 shots after each of five 6-min high-intensity roller skiing sessions in the skating technique on a treadmill.Biathletes hit 80±14% and 81±10% before and after the roller skiing sessions, respectively. For the cross-country skiers these values were significantly lower than for the biathletes and amounted to 39±13% and 44±11% (p<0.01. Biathletes had on average 6% higher frontal theta activity during shooting as compared to cross-country skiers (F1,15 = 4.82, p = 0.044, but no significant effect of vigorous exercise on frontal theta activity in either of the two groups were found (F1,15 = 0.14, p = 0.72.Biathletes had significantly higher frontal theta activity than cross-country skiers during shooting, indicating higher focused attention in biathletes. Vigorous exercise did not decrease shooting performance or frontal theta activity during shooting in biathletes and cross-country skiers.

  14. A study on the alterations in skin viscoelasticity before and after an intradermal administration of growth factor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ichiro Ono


    Full Text Available Background: While photo-aging is believed to be preventable by the complete blockage of ultraviolet rays, there is no epoch-making method except sing fillers or autologous fat injection, for rejuvenating the skin once it has aged. Objective: Our group developed a new method for rejuvenating aged skin by the direct intradermal injection of basic fibroblast growth factor, the first method of its kind in the world. In this paper we report the results of long-term follow-up observations and alterations in skin viscoelasticity before and after this treatment. Materials and Methods: A single dose of growth factor was injected directly into aged skin of the dorsal surface of the hand intradermally. The skin viscoelasticity of 50 treated cases was measured by a cutometer just before the treatment and at 1, 3, 6, and 9 months after treatment, respectively. Results: We observed the following rejuvenating effects: improved skin softness, gradual improvement of turgor, improved thickness of atrophied skin, and greatly improved viscoelasticity which reveals the improvement of biomechanical properties of the treated aged skin. According to the comparisons of viscoelasticity between pre- and post-treatment, the rejuvenated changes of R2 and R7 values were comparable to an age difference of more than 20 years. Conclusion: This method was confirmed to have excellent effects in rejuvenating aged skin safely and reliably including biomechanical properties. With this advance, we expect conventional non-physiological skin rejuvenating treatments to be replaced by a much more fundamental method using one-time injections of the growth factor.

  15. Knee cartilage quality assessed with dGEMRIC in rheumatoid arthritis patients before and after treatment with a TNF inhibitor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tiderius, Carl Johan; Dahlberg, Leif E. (Dept. of Orthopedics, Malmoe Univ. Hospital, Lund Univ., Malmoe (Sweden)), e-mail:; Svensson, Jonas (Dept. of Radiation Physics, Malmoe Univ. Hospital, Lund Univ., Malmoe (Sweden)); Sandin, Joakim; Jacobsson, Lennart (Dept. of Rheumatology, Malmoe Univ. Hospital, Lund Univ., Malmoe (Sweden))


    Background: TNF-a inhibitors are potent anti-inflammatory drugs that have revolutionized the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Delayed gadolinium-enhanced MRI of cartilage (dGEMRIC) is a non-invasive method to study cartilage quality, in particular the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content. Purpose: To evaluate knee cartilage quality before and after treatment with a TNF-a inhibitor (infliximab) in patients with RA using dGEMRIC and to study clinical parameters and serum cartilage oligomeric protein (COMP) after the same treatment. Material and Methods: Seven patients with chronic RA received infusions of 3 mg/kg infliximab at weeks 0, 2, 6, 14, and 22. Clinical examination, serum COMP level, and dGEMRIC scans (1.5 T) were performed at baseline and after 7 months. The dGEMRIC index (ms), reflecting cartilage GAG content, was calculated using an inversion recovery sequence in the femoral weight-bearing cartilage. Seven years after treatment, charts were reviewed regarding joint replacement surgery (T{sub k}A). Results: Clinical parameters showed an improvement for all patients after the 7-month treatment period. Serum COMP decreased from 13+-4.5 to 11+-3.4 (mug, mean +- SD) mug/ml (P<0.05). The dGEMRIC index was lower at follow-up than at baseline, 332+-85 and 382+-69 (ms, mean +- SD), respectively (P<0.05), indicating loss of GAG. The two patients with the lowest dGEMRIC index had received a T{sub k}A 7 years after treatment. Conclusion: This longitudinal study indicates a substantial GAG loss from the knee cartilage matrix in patients with chronic RA. Treatment with infliximab does not seem to protect the cartilage from further deterioration despite improvements in clinical parameters and decreased serum COMP

  16. Evaluation of myocardial viability with cardiac PET before and after CABG and the study of hibernating myocardium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Adachi, Masahiro; Sakamoto, Shigeru [Kanazawa Medical Univ., Uchinada, Ishikawa (Japan); Seki, Hiroyasu


    This study included 28 patients in whom graft patency after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) was confirmed by coronary angiography. Diagnosis included angina pectoris following myocardial infarction and severe angina pectoris accompanied by stenosis at the left main trunk region or lesion involving multiple branches. As a rule, cardiac PET ({sup 13}NH{sub 3}, {sup 18}FDG) was performed in fasted patients before and 1 to 2 months after surgery. Myocardial blood flow and glucose metabolism in the bypass site were mainly investigated. Furthermore, {sup 201}Tl-SPECT was concurrently performed. The effect of CABG was examined by the two procedures, and redistribution was compared between PET and {sup 201}Tl-SPECT. Preoperative PET with {sup 13}NH{sub 3} revealed reduced blood flow in the ischemic site in all patients. However, preoperative {sup 201}Tl-SPECT showed redistribution in 16 (57.1%) of 28 patients, while there was no redistribution in 12 patients (42.9%). In 10 (83.3%) of 12 patients evaluated as having no myocardial viability on {sup 201}Tl-SPECT, PET showed accumulation of {sup 18}FDG. However, in 21 (75%) of 28 patients, accumulation of {sup 18}FDG was reduced postoperatively, suggesting improvement of aerobic metabolism in cardiac muscle. These patients also showed improvement in regional wall motion. The energy source of cardiac muscle consists mainly of free fatty acid and glucose. Fasting healthy cardiac muscle depends on fatty acid for approximately 60% of its energy source. However, ischemic cardiac muscle depends on the glycolytic system, utilizing glucose. Progression of ischemia causes myocardial necrosis without metabolism. Therefore, ischemic cardiac muscle can be differentiated from infarcted cardiac muscle by cardiac PET. We evaluated myocardial viability before and after CABG for ischemic heart disease, and confirmed that cardiac PET is more useful than standard myocardial scan with {sup 201}Tl for evaluating myocardial viability. (K.H.)

  17. Opuntia ficus-indica ingestion stimulates peripheral disposal of oral glucose before and after exercise in healthy men. (United States)

    Van Proeyen, Karen; Ramaekers, Monique; Pischel, Ivo; Hespel, Peter


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Opuntia ficus-indica (OFI) cladode and fruit-skin extract on blood glucose and plasma insulin increments due to high-dose carbohydrate ingestion, before and after exercise. Healthy, physically active men (n = 6; 21.0 ± 1.6 years, 78.1 ± 6.0 kg) participated in a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study involving 2 experimental sessions. In each session, the subjects successively underwent an oral glucose tolerance test at rest (OGTT(R)), a 30-min cycling bout at ~75% VO(2max), and another OGTT after exercise (OGTT(EX)). They received capsules containing either 1,000 mg OFI or placebo (PL) 30 min before and immediately after the OGTT(R). Blood samples were collected before (t₀) and at 30-min intervals after ingestion of 75 g glucose for determination of blood glucose and serum insulin. In OGTT(EX) an additional 75-g oral glucose bolus was administered at t₆₀. In OGTT(R), OFI administration reduced the area under the glucose curve (AUC(GLUC)) by 26%, mainly due to lower blood glucose levels at t₃₀ and t₆₀ (p < .05). Furthermore, a higher serum insulin concentration was noted after OFI intake at baseline and at t₃₀ (p < .05). In OGTT(EX), blood glucose at t₆₀ was ~10% lower in OFI than in PL, which resulted in a decreased AUC(GLUC) (-37%, p < .05). However, insulin values and AUC(INS) were not different between OFI and PL. In conclusion, the current study shows that OFI extract can increase plasma insulin and thereby facilitate the clearance of an oral glucose load from the circulation at rest and after endurance exercise in healthy men.

  18. Organization of the state space of a simple recurrent network before and after training on recursive linguistic structures. (United States)

    Cernanský, Michal; Makula, Matej; Benusková, Lubica


    Recurrent neural networks are often employed in the cognitive science community to process symbol sequences that represent various natural language structures. The aim is to study possible neural mechanisms of language processing and aid in development of artificial language processing systems. We used data sets containing recursive linguistic structures and trained the Elman simple recurrent network (SRN) for the next-symbol prediction task. Concentrating on neuron activation clusters in the recurrent layer of SRN we investigate the network state space organization before and after training. Given a SRN and a training stream, we construct predictive models, called neural prediction machines, that directly employ the state space dynamics of the network. We demonstrate two important properties of representations of recursive symbol series in the SRN. First, the clusters of recurrent activations emerging before training are meaningful and correspond to Markov prediction contexts. We show that prediction states that naturally arise in the SRN initialized with small random weights approximately correspond to states of Variable Memory Length Markov Models (VLMM) based on individual symbols (i.e. words). Second, we demonstrate that during training, the SRN reorganizes its state space according to word categories and their grammatical subcategories, and the next-symbol prediction is again based on the VLMM strategy. However, after training, the prediction is based on word categories and their grammatical subcategories rather than individual words. Our conclusion holds for small depths of recursions that are comparable to human performances. The methods of SRN training and analysis of its state space introduced in this paper are of a general nature and can be used for investigation of processing of any other symbol time series by means of SRN.

  19. Corticolimbic Brain Reactivity to Social Signals of Threat Before and After Sertraline Treatment in Generalized Social Phobia (United States)

    Phan, K. Luan; Coccaro, Emil F.; Angstadt, Mike; Kreger, K. Jane; Mayberg, Helen S.; Liberzon, Israel; Stein, Murray B.


    Objective Generalized social phobia (gSP), also known as generalized social anxiety disorder, is characterized by excessive fear of scrutiny by others and pervasive avoidance of social interactions. Pathophysiological models of gSP implicate exaggerated reactivity of the amygdala and insula in response to social evaluative threat, making them plausible targets for treatment. Although selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) treatment is known to be an effective treatment, little is known about the mechanism by which these agents exert their anxiolytic effects at a brain level in gSP. Method We acquired functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data of brain response to social signals of threat (fearful/angry faces) in twenty-one GSAD patients before and after they completed 12 weeks of open label treatment with the SSRI sertraline. For comparison, nineteen healthy control (HC) subjects also underwent two fMRI scans, 12 weeks apart. Results Whole-brain voxel-wise analysis of variance revealed significant Group×Time interactions in the amygdala and the ventral medial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC). Follow up analyses showed that treatment in gSP subjects: 1) reduced amygdala reactivity to fearful faces (which was exaggerated relative to HCs prior to treatment); and 2) enhanced vmPFC activation to angry faces (which was attenuated relative to HCs prior to treatment). However, these brain changes were not significantly related to social anxiety symptom improvement. Conclusions SSRI treatment response in gSP is associated with changes in a discrete limbic-paralimbic brain network, representing a neural mechanism by which SSRIs may exert their actions. PMID:23164370

  20. Force spectroscopy of membrane hardness of SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells before and after differentiation (United States)

    Kwon, Sangwoo; Yang, Woochul; Choi, Yun Kyong; Park, Jung Keuck


    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is utilized in many studies for measuring the structure and the physical characteristics of soft and bio materials. In particular, the force spectroscopy function in the AFM system allows us to explore the mechanical properties of bio cells. In this study, we probe the variation in the membrane hardness of human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells (SH-cells) before and after differentiation by using force spectroscopy. The SH-cell, which is usually differentiated by using a chemical treatment with retinoic acid (RA), is a neuronal cell line employed widely as an in-vitro model for neuroscience research. In force spectroscopy, the force-distance curves are obtained from both the original and the RA-treated cells while the AFM tip approaches and pushes on the cell membranes. The slope deduced from linear region in the force-distance curve is the spring constant and corresponds to the hardness of the cell membrane. The spring constant of the RA-treated cells (0.597 ± 0.010 nN/nm) was smaller than that of the original cells (0.794 ± 0.010 nN/nm), reflecting a hardness decrease in the cells differentiated with the RA treatments. The results clearly demonstrated that the differentiated cells are softer than the original cells. The change in the elasticity of the differentiated cells might be caused by morphological modification during differentiation process. We suggest that force spectroscopy can be employed as a novel method to determine the degree of differentiation of stem cells into various functional cells.

  1. Comparing Cystatin C Changes as a Measure of Renal Function Before and After Radiotherapy in Patients with Stomach Cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Ameri


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to determine and compare Cystatin C changes before and after radiotherapy in patients with stomach cancer who were candidate for radiotherapy. This study was conducted as a prospective cohort one. Eighteen patients with definite diagnosis of stomach cancer under treatment by radiotherapy who presented to Radiotherapy-Oncology Center of Imam Hossein Hospital, Tehran-Iran, and the treatment in all cases was simultaneous chemoradiation with Xeloda were included. In all patients before radiotherapy and after radiotherapy serum creatinine (Cr and Cystatin C were measured simultaneously. Mean cystatin level before treatment (1.2±0.4 was significantly lower than that of post-treatment (1.6±0.36, (P=0.001. Serum Cr level before treatment was 1.15±0.33 and after radiotherapy was 1.08±0.24 and did not show significant difference. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR of the patients before radiotherapy was -46.8 ± 21.0 and after radiotherapy was 43.8±15.8 that did not have significant difference (P=0.146 and also blood urea nitrogen (BUN before radiotherapy was 20.72±3.7 and 20 ± 6.38 after radiotherapy that did not have significant difference (P=0.6. Comparison of the Cystatin C difference with total radiation dose of the kidneys that are put in three dose groups in radiotherapy field had association that in dose of less that 18 gray (Gy the Cystatin C change showed significant and positive association (P=0.027; r=0.52 and about 18-24 Gy the Cystatin C difference showed significant and negative association (P=0.023, r=-0.53. It seems that for evaluating the renal function, serum Cystatin C measurement is preferable than serum Cr. level.

  2. Comparison of rates of referral and diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis before and after an ankylosing spondylitis public awareness campaign. (United States)

    Harrison, Andrew A; Badenhorst, Christoffel; Kirby, Sandra; White, Douglas; Athens, Josie; Stebbings, Simon


    The objective of this research is to measure the effect of a national ankylosing spondylitis (AS) public awareness campaign on numbers of referrals for suspected AS and numbers of cases diagnosed with axial spondyloarthritis (SpA). A television advertising campaign was conducted by Arthritis New Zealand in 2011 to raise public awareness of AS. A retrospective analysis was made of referrals received by the three rheumatology services 3 months before the campaign started and 3 months after the campaign ended. The age, gender, number of referrals for suspected AS and number of referrals resulting in a diagnosis of axial SpA were recorded. Independent analysis showed that the awareness campaign reached 82 % of the primary target audience. In the 3 months after the awareness campaign, there was a significant increase in referrals for suspected AS compared with the 3 months before the campaign (54 vs. 88, 63 %, p = 0.0056). Referrals for other conditions did not change. The number of referrals resulting in a diagnosis of axial SpA also increased (27 vs. 44, 63 %, p = 0.0576). The mean ages of the patients referred and of those diagnosed with axial SpA did not change. The male/female ratio was 1:1 among the referrals for suspected AS and 2:1 in referrals diagnosed with axial SpA, before and after the campaign. The Arthritis New Zealand AS public awareness campaign was associated with a significant increase in referrals to rheumatology services for suspected AS and an increase in the diagnosis of axial SpA in clinics.

  3. Aortic annulus eccentricity before and after transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Comparison of balloon-expandable and self-expanding prostheses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schuhbaeck, Annika, E-mail: [Department of Cardiology, University of Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany); Weingartner, Christina [Department of Cardiology, University of Gießen, Giessen (Germany); Arnold, Martin; Schmid, Jasmin; Pflederer, Tobias; Marwan, Mohamed [Department of Cardiology, University of Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany); Rixe, Johannes; Nef, Holger [Department of Cardiology, University of Gießen, Giessen (Germany); Schneider, Christian [Department of Radiology, University of Gießen, Giessen (Germany); Lell, Michael; Uder, Michael [Department of Radiology, University of Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany); Ensminger, Stephan [Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart and Diabetes Center NRW, Ruhr-University Bochum, Bad Oeynhausen (Germany); Feyrer, Richard; Weyand, Michael [Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany); Achenbach, Stephan [Department of Cardiology, University of Erlangen, Erlangen (Germany)


    Highlights: • Post-implant geometry of catheter-based aortic valve prostheses is influenced by aortic valve calcification. • Balloon-expandable prostheses are more circular as compared to self-expanding prostheses. • The impact of post-implant geometry on valve function needs to be investigated. - Abstract: Introduction: The geometry of the aortic annulus and implanted transcatheter aortic valve prosthesis might influence valve function. We investigated the influence of valve type and aortic valve calcification on post-implant geometry of catheter-based aortic valve prostheses. Methods: Eighty consecutive patients with severe aortic valve stenosis (mean age 82 ± 6 years) underwent computed tomography before and after TAVI. Aortic annulus diameters were determined. Influence of prosthesis type and degree of aortic valve calcification on post-implant eccentricity were analysed. Results: Aortic annulus eccentricity was reduced in patients after TAVI (0.21 ± 0.06 vs. 0.08 ± 0.06, p < 0.0001). Post-TAVI eccentricity was significantly lower in 65 patients following implantation of a balloon-expandable prosthesis as compared to 15 patients who received a self-expanding prosthesis (0.06 ± 0.05 vs. 0.15 ± 0.07, p < 0.0001), even though the extent of aortic valve calcification was not different. After TAVI, patients with a higher calcium amount retained a significantly higher eccentricity compared to patients with lower amounts of calcium. Conclusions: Patients undergoing TAVI with a balloon-expandable prosthesis show a more circular shape of the implanted prosthesis as compared to patients with a self-expanding prosthesis. Eccentricity of the deployed prosthesis is affected by the extent of aortic valve calcification.

  4. Gasoline-related organics in Lake Tahoe before and after prohibition of carbureted two-stroke engines (United States)

    Lico, M.S.


    On June 1, 1999, carbureted two-stroke engines were banned on waters within the Lake Tahoe Basin of California and Nevada. The main gasoline components MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) and BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes) were present at detectable concentrations in all samples taken from Lake Tahoe during 1997-98 prior to the ban. Samples taken from 1999 through 2001 after the ban contained between 10 and 60 percent of the pre-ban concentrations of these compounds, with MTBE exhibiting the most dramatic change (a 90 percent decrease). MTBE and BTEX concentrations in water samples from Lake Tahoe and Lower Echo Lake were related to the amount of boat use at the sampling sites. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds are produced by high-temperature pyrolytic reactions. They were sampled using semipermeable membrane sampling devices in Lake Tahoe and nearby Donner Lake, where carbureted two-stroke engines are legal. PAHs were detected in all samples taken from Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake. The number of PAH compounds and their concentrations are related to boat use. The highest concentrations of PAH were detected in samples from two heavily used boating areas, Tahoe Keys Marina and Donner Lake boat ramp. Other sources of PAH, such as atmospheric deposition, wood smoke, tributary streams, and automobile exhaust do not contribute large amounts of PAH to Lake Tahoe. Similar numbers of PAH compounds and concentrations were found in Lake Tahoe before and after the ban of carbureted two-stroke engines. ?? by the North American Lake Management Society 2004.

  5. Assessment of Anterior Segment Measurements with Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography before and after Ab Interno Trabeculotomy (Trabectome) Surgery (United States)

    Huang, Ping


    Purpose. To compare the changes of anterior segment parameters, assessed by swept source anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) after combined Trabectome-cataract surgery and Trabectome-only surgery in open angle glaucoma patients. Methods. Thirty-eight eyes of 24 patients with open angle glaucoma were scanned with swept source AS-OCT before and 4 weeks after combined Trabectome-cataract or Trabectome-only surgery. Intraocular pressure, number of medications, and AS-OCT parameters, such as angle opening distance at 500 and 750 μm from the scleral spur (AOD500 and AOD750), trabecular-iris space area at 500 and 750 mm2 (TISA500, TISA750), angle recess area at 500 and 750 mm2 (ARA500, ARA750), trabecular iris angle (TIA), anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber width (ACW), and anterior chamber volume (ACV), were obtained before the surgery. These parameters were compared to evaluate whether the outcome of the surgery differed among the patients after the surgery. The width of the trabecular cleft was also measured for both groups. Results. The reduction of IOP and number of medications was found to be statistically significant in both groups (p ACV, and angle parameters such as AOD 500/750, TISA 500/750, ARA 500/750, and TIA500 showed significantly greater changes from the preoperative values to postoperative 1st month values in combined Trabectome-cataract surgery group (p 0.05). There was no statistically significant difference between two groups for the width of the trabecular cleft (p = 0.7). Conclusion. Anterior chamber angle parameters measured with swept source AS-OCT may be useful for evaluating glaucoma patients before and after Trabectome surgery with or without cataract surgery. PMID:27795855

  6. Hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction before and after implementation of a comprehensive smoke-free policy in Uruguay (United States)

    Sebrié, Ernesto Marcelo; Sandoya, Edgardo; Hyland, Andrew; Bianco, Eduardo; Glantz, Stanton A; Cummings, K Michael


    Background Stimulated by the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, many countries in Latin America adopted comprehensive smoke-free policies. In March 2006, Uruguay became the first Latin American country to adopt 100% smoke-free national legislation, which ended smoking in all indoor public places and workplaces, including restaurants and bars. The objective of this study was to evaluate trends in hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease 2 years before and 2 years after the policy was implemented in Uruguay. Methods Reports of hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) (International Classification of Disease-10 I21) from 37 hospitals (79% of all hospital admissions in the country), representing the period 2 years before and 2 years after the adoption of a nationwide smoke-free policy in Uruguay (between 1 March 2004 and 29 February 2008), were reviewed. A time series analysis was undertaken to compare the average monthly number of events of hospital admission for AMI before and after the smoke-free law. Results A total of 7949 hospital admissions for AMI were identified during the 4-year study period. Two years after the smoke-free policy was enacted, hospital admissions for AMI fell by 22%. The same pattern and roughly the same magnitude of reduction in AMI admissions were observed for patients seen in public and private hospitals, men, women and people aged 40–65 years and older than 65 years. Conclusions The national smoke-free policy implemented in Uruguay in 2006 was associated with a significant reduction in hospital admissions for AMI. PMID:22337557

  7. Marginal and internal adaptation of Class II ormocer and hybrid resin composite restorations before and after load cycling. (United States)

    Kournetas, N; Chakmakchi, M; Kakaboura, A; Rahiotis, C; Geis-Gerstorfer, J


    To overcome the shortcomings of the conventional composite restorative materials, ormocer materials have been introduced over the past few years. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the marginal and internal adaptation of two ormocer restorative systems (Admira, Voco and Definite, Degussa) compared to a hybrid composite one (TPH Spectrum, Dentsply/ DeTrey), before and after load cycling in Class II restorations. Standardized Class II restorations with cervical margins on enamel were divided into three groups ( n=16). Teeth of each group were filled with one of the restoratives tested and its respective bonding agent. Each group was divided into two equal subgroups. The marginal and internal adaptation of the first subgroup was evaluated after 7-day water storage at room temperature and of the second after cyclic loading in a mastication simulator (1.2x10(6) cycles, 49 N, 1.6 Hz). The occlusal and cervical marginal evaluation was conducted by videomicroscope and ranked as "excellent" and "not excellent". One thin section (150 microm), in mesial-distal direction, of each restoration, was examined under metallographic microscope to determine the quality of internal adaptation. The occlusal and cervical adaptation of both ormocer restorative systems was similar and clearly worse compared with the hybrid composite restorative one before as well as after load cycling. Concerning internal adaptation, no gap-free ormocer restorations were detected, whereas all Spectrum restorations presented perfect adaptation. The bonding agents of the ormocers formed layers with unacceptable features (pores, fractures) whereas that of the hybrid composite achieved perfect bonding layer even after loading. The rheological characteristics of the bonding agents of the ormocer restorative systems are proposed to be responsible for their inferior marginal and internal quality in Class II restorations compared with the hybrid composite one.

  8. The Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of HIV/AIDS Patients’ Family toward Their Patients before and after Counseling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Behnam Honarvar


    Full Text Available Background: Acquired immunodeficiency may impose considerableconsequences on patients’ family behaviors towardthem. The objective of the present study was to investigatewhether a counseling program at Behavioral Counseling Centerin the city of Shiraz, Iran could change the attitude, knowledgeand behavior of patients' family members.Methods: 125 HIV/AIDS patients’ family members were interviewed,using a valid and reliable questionnaire before andafter performing counseling sessions at Behavioral CounselingCenter. The findings were analyzed using nonparametric tests.Results: The age of the participants was 40±13 years. Sixty fivepercent were female, 63% married and 79% educated. Forty fourpercent of participants had spousal relationships with their patients.Their knowledge about the main routes of HIV transmissionwere 9.76 ± 2.59 and10.64±0.88 before and after counseling,respectively (P=0.028. Supportive behaviors of families towardtheir patients reached to 79% after counseling compared with 44% before that (P=0.004. Belief to isolate the patients and thepractice of this approach at home dropped from 71% to 15% andfrom 29% to 7% after counseling, respectively (P0.05.Conclusion: Ongoing counseling for HIV/AIDS patients’ familiesat Behavioral Counseling Center of Shiraz did advance theirknowledge about AIDS and improved their attitude and behaviortoward their patients However, the counseling program didnot show remarkable success in some aspects such as the removalof fear about HIV spread in the family or the change ofthe patients’ wives attitude to have protected sex with their HIVinfected husbands.Iran J Med Sci 2010; 35(4: 287-292.

  9. Iodine isotopes in precipitation: Four-year time series variations before and after 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident. (United States)

    Xu, Sheng; Zhang, Luyuan; Freeman, Stewart P H T; Hou, Xiaolin; Watanabe, Akira; Sanderson, David C W; Cresswell, Alan; Yamaguchi, Katsuhiko


    Rainwater samples were collected monthly from Fukushima, Japan, in 2012-2014 and analysed for (127)I and (129)I. These are combined with previously reported data to investigate atmospheric levels and behaviour of Fukushima-derived (129)I before and after the 2011 nuclear accident. In the new datasets, (127)I and (129)I concentrations between October 2012 and October 2014 varied from 0.5 to 10 μg/L and from 1.2 × 10(8) to 6.9 × 10(9) atoms/L respectively, resulting in (129)I/(127)I atomic ratio ranges from 3 × 10(-8) to 2 × 10(-7). The (127)I concentrations were in good agreement with those in the previous period from March 2011 to September 2012, whereas the (129)I concentrations and (129)I/(127)I ratios followed declining trends since the accident. Although (129)I concentrations in five samples during the period of 2013-2014 have approached the pre-accident levels, (129)I concentrations in most samples remained higher values in winter and spring-summer. The high (129)I levels in winter and spring-summer are most likely attributed to local resuspension of the Fukushima-derived radionuclide-bearing fine soil particles deposited on land surfaces, and re-emission through vegetation taking up (129)I from contaminated soil and water, respectively. Long-term declining rate suggests that contribution of the Fukushima-derived (129)I to the atmosphere would become less since 2014.

  10. Measurement of the left ventricular regurgitation by gated cardiac blood pool scan: Before and after valvular replacement surgery

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shin, Sung Hae; Chung, June Key; Lee, Myung Chul; Cho, Bo Youn; Seo, Jung Don; Lee, Young Woo; Koh, Chang Soon; Suh, Kyung Phill; Lee, Yung Kyoon [Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Quantification of the regurgitation amount is important before and after valvular replacement surgery. Until now cardiac catheterization with cine ventriculography, echocardiography have been used to measure the regurgitation amount, but also have many limitations EKG gated cardiac blood pool scan provides a simple, non-invasive method for quantify the regurgitation amount. By calculating the ratio of left ventricular to right ventricular stroke counts (stroke volume ratio) in gated blood pool scan, we measured the left ventricular regurgitation amount in 28 cases of valvular regurgitation and 25 cases of normal group. 1) Stroke volume ratio was higher in cases of valvular regurgitation(2.11+-0.58) than in cases of normal control(l.15+-0.31). (p<0.01). 2) Stroke volume ratio was classified by regurgitation grade using X-ray cine ventriculography. In grades of mild regurgitation(Grade I-II), stroke volume ratio was 2.02+-0.29, and in grades of severe regurgitation(Grade III-IV), stroke volume ratio was 2.55+-0.34, so stroke volume ratio was well correlated with the grade of X-ray cine ventriculography. 3) Stroke volume ratio was classified by functional class made in New York Heart Association. In classes of mild regurgitation (class I-II), stroke volume ratio was 2.08+-0.26, and in classes of severe regurgitation (class III-IV), stroke volume ratio was 2.55+-0.38, Stroke volume ratio well represented the functional class. 4) After aortic and mitral valve replacement in 28 patients, the stroke volume ratio decreased from 2.11+-0.58 to 1.06+-0.26. Gated blood pool scan provides a noninvasive method of quantifying valvular regurgitation and assessing the result of surgical interventions.

  11. Serological markers of autoimmunity in renal transplant patients before and after alpha-interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis C. (United States)

    Rostaing, L; Oksman, F; Izopet, J; Baron, E; Cisterne, J M; Hoff, M; Abbal, M; Durand, D


    Chronic hepatitis C is the major cause of chronic liver disease after successful cadaveric renal transplantation. The aims of this prospective, open study were to assess in such a population, firstly the prevalence of different organ-specific and nonspecific antibodies and related disorders, and secondly their outcome after inteferon-alpha therapy as well as the incidence of new immunologic disorders under and after this therapy. In 15 cadaveric renal transplant patients (10 men, 5 women, ages 29-65 years) with chronic hepatitis C and histological features of chronic active hepatitis, undergoing chronic immunosuppression (ciclosporine A with or without steroid and azathioprine) and treated with recombinant alpha 2b-interferon (IFN alpha) (mean duration 142 +/- 35 days), we assessed before and after this therapy the serum levels of cryoglobulinemia, rheumatoid factors (RF), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (fT4), and antinuclear (ANA), antismooth muscle (ASMA), antimitochondrial (AMA), anti-LKM1, antimicrosomal thyroid (MCA), antithyroglobulin (TGA) autoantibodies. At the start of IFN alpha therapy, 14 of 15 patients had detectable autoantibodies (RF: 9; ANA > 1/50: 8; ASMA > 1/50: 4; other autoantibodies: 0); 1 had cryoglobulinemia. At the end of therapy the cryoglobulinemia had disappeared, the preexisting autoantibodies remained present in all patients but 2; 3 patients had developed MCA without evidence of clinical or biological thyroid abnormalities and 3 others had developed either RF (1) or ANA (1) or ASMA (1), without any related symptoms. One patient developed transient type II diabetes mellitus without anti-Langerhans beta-cell antibodies. Finally, the occurrence of autoantibodies in our patients was associated either with HLA DR3 or DR4 or DR7 phenotypes. We found that the prevalence of extrahepatic immunologic abnormalities was high in renal transplant patients with chronic hepatitis C and no exacerbation was observed during of after IFN

  12. Changes in the latencies of visual-evoked potentials in people undergoing tennis training Dynamic comparison before and after 8 weeks training

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jingguo Zhao; Shujuan Pang


    BACKGROUND: Some previous studies have shown that exercise is an important factor that affects the latencies of visual-evoked potentials (VEPs).OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of spending a period of time undergoing tennis training on the latencies of VEPs by comparing the latencies of VEPs before tennis training with those after 8 weeks of tennis training.DESIGN, TIME AND SETTING: The non-randomly concurrent controlled experiment was performed in the Department of Human Movement Sciences, Physical Education College, Shandong Normal University from April to June 2007.PARTICIPANTS: In total, 45 healthy volunteers from Shandong Normal University were selected as subjects, including 31 students majoring in physical education (11 males and 5 females participated in the tennis training plan for 8 weeks), and 14 students from other subjects. Informed consent was obtained. According to whether they were majoring in physical education or not, and whether or not they took part in tennis training, the students were divided into 3 groups: a tennis group of physical education students (n =16), a non-tennis group of physical education students (n =15) and a non-tennis group of non-physical education students (n =14). METHODS: The subjects in the tennis group took part in a regular tennis training plan of 2 hours a day and 3 days per week, for 8 weeks, while the subjects in two non-tennis groups were not in the tennis training plan. The NDI-200 neural electricity tester (Shanghai Haishen Medical Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd.) was used to measure VEPs before and after the experiment in all three groups, and to compare the latencies of VEPs recorded before training with those recorded after training.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Comparison of the changes in latencies of VEPs before and after 8 weeks of tennis training.RESULTS: All 45 subjects finished the test and datas from all were included in the statistical analysis. There were no significant differences among all the three

  13. Esophageal scintigraphy of Zenker`s diverticula before and after diverticulotomy; Oesophagusszintigraphie von Zenkerschen Divertikeln vor und nach Divertikulotomie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frahm, C.; Baehre, M.; Eckerle, S.; Richter, E. [Medizinische Univ. Luebeck (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Nuklearmedizin; Ahrens, K.H.; Sommer, K. [Medizinische Univ. Luebeck (Germany). Klinik fuer Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenheilkunde; Frahm, C. [Medizinische Univ. Luebeck (Germany). Inst. fuer Radiologie


    Sequential and static esophageal scintigraphies were performed in 17 patients with Zenker`s diverticulum before and after laser surgical diverticulotomy. We used a gamma camera system in 45 LAO-position after application of 15 ml of tea which was marked with {sup 99m}Tc-DTPA. Filling and evacuation of the diverticulum were expressed in proportion to the administered activity. Relative volumes of the diverticula were obtained from cineradiography by using the height of the neighbouring cervical vertebra, and the clinical symptoms were divided into 4 groups. Zenker`s diverticula could be verified visually and quantitatively by scintigraphy. The precise temporal course of the reduction of activity in the diverticulum was exactly determined. The scintigraphic retentions correlated with the X-ray volumes with a coefficient ranging from 0,55 to 0,85. Clinical symptoms also were not very closely related to scintigraphic and X-ray findings, respectively. The esophageal scintigraphy allows quantification of the filling and evacuation of Zenker`s diverticula, thus it is suitable for objectivization of the functional relevance of the diverticula. (orig./MG) [Deutsch] Bei 17 Patienten mit Zenkerschem Divertikel wurden vor und nach laserchirurgischer Divertikulotomie Oesophagussequenzszintigraphien und statische Oesophagusszintigraphien durchgefuehrt. Die Untersuchungen erfolgten an einer Grossfeld-Gammakamera in 45 LAO-Position nach Applikation von 15 ml Tee, der mit {sup 99m}Tc-DTPA markiert war. Divertikelfuellung und -entleerung wurden im Verhaeltnis zur applizierten Aktivitaet ausgedrueckt. Die relativen Divertikelvolumina wurden aus der Roentgenkinematographie anhand der Hoehe des benachbarten Halswirbelkoerpers bestimmt, die klinischen Beschwerden nach 4 Schweregraden beurteilt. Die Zenkerschen Divertikel liessen sich szintigraphisch visuell und quantitativ nachweisen. Der genaue zeitabhaengige Verlauf der Aktivitaetsabnahme im Divertikel wurde jeweils exakt bestimmt

  14. Longitudinal Evaluation of Cornea With Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography and Scheimpflug Imaging Before and After Lasik. (United States)

    Chan, Tommy C Y; Biswas, Sayantan; Yu, Marco; Jhanji, Vishal


    Swept-source optical coherence tomography (OCT) is the latest advancement in anterior segment imaging. There are limited data regarding its performance after laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK). We compared the reliability of swept-source OCT and Scheimpflug imaging for evaluation of corneal parameters in refractive surgery candidates with myopia or myopic astigmatism. Three consecutive measurements were obtained preoperatively and 1 year postoperatively using swept-source OCT and Scheimpflug imaging. The study parameters included central corneal thickness (CCT), thinnest corneal thickness (TCT), keratometry at steep (Ks) and flat (Kf) axes, mean keratometry (Km), and, anterior and posterior best fit spheres (Ant and Post BFS). The main outcome measures included reliability of measurements before and after LASIK was evaluated using intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and reproducibility coefficients (RC). Association between the mean value of corneal parameters with age, spherical equivalent (SEQ), and residual bed thickness (RBT) and association of variance heterogeneity of corneal parameters and these covariates were analyzed. Twenty-six right eyes of 26 participants (mean age, 32.7 ± 6.9 yrs; mean SEQ, -6.27 ± 1.67 D) were included. Preoperatively, swept-source OCT demonstrated significantly higher ICC for Ks, CCT, TCT, and Post BFS (P ≤ 0.016), compared with Scheimpflug imaging. Swept-source OCT demonstrated significantly smaller RC values for CCT, TCT, and Post BFS (P ≤ 0.001). After LASIK, both devices had significant differences in measurements for all corneal parameters (P ≤ 0.015). Swept-source OCT demonstrated a significantly higher ICC and smaller RC for all measurements, compared with Scheimpflug imaging (P ≤ 0.001). Association of variance heterogeneity was only found in pre-LASIK Ant BFS and post-LASIK Post BFS for swept-source OCT, whereas significant association of variance heterogeneity was noted for all measurements except Ks and

  15. Tuberculosis, before and after Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV-Infected Children in Nigeria: What Are the Risk Factors?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emmanuel A Anígilájé

    Full Text Available In Nigeria, there is a dearth of pediatric data on the risk factors associated with tuberculosis (TB, before and after antiretroviral therapy (ART.A retrospective observational cohort study, between October 2010 and December 2013, at the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi, Nigeria. TB was noted among children less than 15 years of age at ART enrolment (prevalent TB-PrevTB, within 6 months (early incident tuberculosis-EITB and after 6 months (late incident tuberculosis-LITB of a 12-month follow-up on ART. Potential risk factors for PrevTB and incident TB were assessed using the multivariate logistic and Cox regression models respectively.Among 368 HIV-1 infected children, PrevTB was diagnosed in 73 children (19.8%. Twenty-eight EITB cases were diagnosed among 278 children over 132 person-years (py with an EITB rate of 21.2/100 py. Twelve LITB cases were seen among 224 children over 221.9 py with a LITB rate of 5.4/100 py. A significant reduction in the incidence rates of TB was found over time (75%, p˂ 0.001. Young age of children (12-35 months, aOR; 24, 95% CI; 4.1-146.6, p ˂ 0.001; 36-59 months, aOR;21, 95%CI;4.0-114.3, p ˂ 0.001; history of TB in children (aOR; 29, 95% CI; 7.3-119.4, P˂ 0.001; severe immunosuppression (aOR;38, 95% CI;12-123.2,p ˂ 0.001; oropharyngeal candidiasis (aOR;3.3, 95% CI; 1.4-8.0, p = 0.009 and sepsis (aOR; 3.2, 95% CI;1.0-9.6, p = 0.043 increased the risk of PrevTB. Urban residency was protective against EITB (aHR; 0.1, 95% CI; 0.0-0.4, p = 0.001. Virological failure (aHR; 4.7, 95% CI; 1.3-16.5, p ˂ 0.001 and sepsis (aHR; 26, 95% CI; 5.3-131.9, p ˂ 0.001 increased the risk of LITB.In our cohort of HIV-infected children, a significant reduction in cases of incident TB was seen following a 12-month use of ART. After ART initiation, TB screening should be optimized among children of rural residency, children with sepsis, and those with poor virological response to ART.

  16. Lipid profile and levels of homocysteine, leptin, fibrinogen and C-reactive protein in hyperthyroid patients before and after treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emine Sütken


    Full Text Available Objectives: The present study was carried out to determine whether thyroid hormones affect lipid profile and levels of erithrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, serum total homocysteine (t-hcy, leptin, fibrinogen, C-reactive protein (CRP in patients with hyperthyroidism.Materials and methods: This study was carried out on 23 hyperthroid subjects (3 men / 20 women, mean age 41.8 ± 2.4 years. Serum levels of homocysteine, leptin, fibrinogen, CRP, total cholesterol (TC, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C and ESR were measured and body mass index (BMI were calculated before and after treatment of hyperthyroidism.Results: Pretreatment t-hcy, TC, LDL-C, HDL-C levels and BMI of patients were significantly lower than those of the post-treatment (p<0.001, for each variable. However, fibrinogen and ESR decreased after the treatment (p<0.001 and p<0.05, respectively. There were no differences in leptin and CRP levels between pre- and post-treatment periods. Pre and post treatment TC and LDL-C levels were negatively correlated with free triiodothyronine (fT3 levels (r=-0.588, p<0.01; r=-0.534, p<0.01; r=-0.543, p<0.01 and r =-0.653, p<0.01, respectively. Pre-treatment HDL-C was inversely correlated with TSH (r=-0.423, p<0.05. Pre-post- treatment LDL-C was negatively correlated with free thyroxine (fT4 levels (r=-0.536, p<0.001 and r=- 0.422, p<0.05 respectively. Pre-treatment TC was inversely correlated with fT4 (r=-0.590, p<0.01.Conclusion: Hyperthyroidism is associated with high plasma fibrinogen and ESR levels. Elevated plasma fibrinogen and ESR levels may be a possible explanation for the high cardiovascular morbidity among hyperthyroidic subjects. These changes may reflect low-grade inflammation or disturbances in coagulation in hyperthyroidism.

  17. Reproductive history before and after HIV diagnosis: A cross-sectional study in HIV-positive women in Spain. (United States)

    Hernando, Victoria; Alejos, Belen; Montero, Marta; Pérez-Elias, MJesús; Blanco, José Ramón; Giner, Livia; Gómez-Sirvent, Juan Luis; Iribarren, Jose Antonio; Bernal, Enrique; Bolumar, Francisco


    The aim of this study is to examine the reproductive history of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive women, before and after HIV diagnosis, to describe the characteristics of women with pregnancies after HIV diagnosis, and to assess the prevalence of mother-to-child transmission.A cross-sectional study was performed among women within reproductive ages (18-49) selected from the cohort in the Spanish AIDS Research Network (CoRIS). A descriptive analysis of the pregnancy outcomes was made according to women's serostatus at the moment of pregnancy and association of women's characteristics with having pregnancy after HIV diagnosis was evaluated using logistic regression models.Overall, 161 women were interviewed; of them, 86% had been pregnant at least once and 39% after HIV diagnosis. There were 347 pregnancies, 29% of them occurred after HIV diagnosis and in these, 20% were miscarriages and 29% were voluntary termination of pregnancy. There were 3 cases of mother-to-child transmission among the 56 children born from HIV-positive mothers; in these cases, women were diagnosed during delivery. Having a pregnancy after HIV diagnosis was more likely when the younger women were at the time of diagnosis: odds ratio (OR) = 1.29 (95% confidence interval 0.40-4.17) for 25 to 29 years old, OR = 0.59 (0.15-2.29) for 30 to 34 years old, OR = 0.14 (0.03-0.74) for ≥35 years old, compared with those diagnosis, who were diagnosed for ≥5 years (OR = 5.27 [1.71-16.18]), who received antiretroviral treatment at some point (OR = 9.38 [1.09-80.45]), and who received information on reproductive health (OR = 4.32 [1.52-12.26]).An important number of pregnancies occurred after HIV diagnosis, reflecting a desire for motherhood in these women. Reproductive and sexual health should be tackled in medical follow-ups.

  18. Innovative psycho-educational program to prevent common postpartum mental disorders in primiparous women: a before and after controlled study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rowe Heather J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Universal interventions to prevent postnatal mental disorders in women have had limited success, perhaps because they were insufficiently theorised, not gender-informed and overlooked relevant risk factors. This study aimed to determine whether an innovative brief psycho-educational program for mothers, fathers and first newborns, which addressed salient learning needs about infant behaviour management and adjustment tasks in th