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  1. Potential of Aerostats for the Recovery of Disabled Main Battle Tanks and Other Heavy Military Vehicles and Equipment (United States)


    PAGE UNCLASSIFIED 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT UL 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 90 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (include area code) 301 -227-5468...investigated for use in the ISO tank design: Stainless Steel Cold Rolled ( AISI Type 302 Stainless Steel, cold rolled to 1550 Mpa tensile strength) Titanium...Battle Tanks and Other Heavy Military Equipment 75 Appendix 5: ‘Hydrogen Storage’ Information MatWeb, The Online Materials Database AISI Type 302

  2. AB-Net Method of Protection from Projectiles (city, military base, battle-front, etc.)

    CERN Document Server

    Bolonkin, Alexander


    The author suggests a low cost special AB-Net from artificial fiber, which may protect cities and important objects from rockets, artillery and mortar shells, projectiles, bullets, and strategic weapons. The idea is as follows: The offered AB-Net joins an incoming projectile to a small braking parachute and this incoming projectile loses speed by air braking after a drag distance of 50 - 150 meters. A following interception net after the first may serve to collect the slowed projectiles and their fragments or bomblets so that they do not reach the aimpoint. The author offers the design of AB-Net, a developed theory of snagging with a small braking parachute by AB-Net; and sample computations. These nets may be used for defense of a town, city, military base, battle-front line, road (from terrorists), or any important objects or installations (for example nuclear electric station, government buildings, etc.). Computed projects are: Net to counter small rockets (for example, from Qassam), net to counter artille...

  3. Non-battle Craniomaxillofacial Injuries from U.S. Military Operations (United States)


    Paper received 26 November 2012 Accepted 21 January 2013 Keywords: Craniomaxillofacial injury Non-battle injury Blunt trauma MVC a b s t r a c t...characterized predominantly by blunt trauma, with mechanisms including motor vehicle collisions ( MVCs ) (37%), falls and other blunt trauma (both 20%). This...devices (IEDs) and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs)) (88%), ballistics (7%) and MVCs (2%). All injury mechanisms were statistically different between

  4. Battle for the mind: World War 1 and the birth of military psychiatry. (United States)

    Jones, Edgar; Wessely, Simon


    The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1 could be viewed as a tempting opportunity to acknowledge the origins of military psychiatry and the start of a journey from psychological ignorance to enlightenment. However, the psychiatric legacy of the war is ambiguous. During World War 1, a new disorder (shellshock) and a new treatment (forward psychiatry) were introduced, but the former should not be thought of as the first recognition of what is now called post-traumatic stress disorder and the latter did not offer the solution to the management of psychiatric casualties, as was subsequently claimed. For this Series paper, we researched contemporary publications, classified military reports, and casualty returns to reassess the conventional narrative about the effect of shellshock on psychiatric practice. We conclude that the expression of distress by soldiers was culturally mediated and that patients with postcombat syndromes presented with symptom clusters and causal interpretations that engaged the attention of doctors but also resonated with popular health concerns. Likewise, claims for the efficacy of forward psychiatry were inflated. The vigorous debates that arose in response to controversy about the nature of psychiatric disorders and the discussions about how these disorders should be managed remain relevant to the trauma experienced by military personnel who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The psychiatric history of World War 1 should be thought of as an opportunity for commemoration and in terms of its contemporary relevance-not as an opportunity for self-congratulation.

  5. The Electronic Battle Box (United States)

    Gouin, Denis; Turcotte, Guy; Lebel, Eric; Gilbert, Annie


    The Electronic Battle Box is an integrated suite of planning and decision-aid tools specially designed to facilitate Canadian Armed Force Officers during their training and during their tasks of preparing and conducting military operations. It is the result of a collaborative effort between the Defence Research Establishment Valcartier, the Directorate of Army Doctrine (DAD), the Directorate of Land Requirements (DLR), the G4 staff of 1Cdn Div HQ and CGI Information and Management Consultants Inc. Distributed on CD-ROM, the Electronic Battle Box contains efficient and user-friendly tools that significantly reduce the planning time for military operations and ensure staff officers a better focus on significant tasks. Among the tools are an OrBat Browser and an Equipment Browser allowing to view and edit military organizations, a Task Browser providing facilities to prepare plans using Gantt charts, a Logistic Planner allowing to estimate supply requirements applying complex calculations, and Road, Air and Rail Movement Planners. EBB also provides staff officers with a large set of doctrinal documents in an electronic format. This paper provides an overview of the various tools of the Electronic Battle Box.

  6. Military Review: Airland Battle Future (United States)


    will entail taking same. In the final analysis , success will depend more risks as large areas are left uncovered. At on the ability of combined arms...the form of its FOFA (follow-on forces attack) recently by the chief of staff, doctrine is "the ba- concept. This success is a direct credit to the...will the all-source analysis system at division.eapon, UThe Army has used foreign comparative test- capabilities wit its small turbine engine. ing to

  7. Battle of Midway Memorial Dinner, Monterey Bay Commandery, NOUS tickets


    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)


    Web page capture of tickets to the Battle of Midway Memorial Dinner through Eventbrite. The Monterey Bay Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States will host the 73 Battle of Midway Dining-Out on Saturday 6 June at the Naval Support Activity, Monterey, Herrmann Hall, Naval Postgraduate School. This black-tie event is open to the all active and retired service members, military faculty, and civilians. Guests holding confirmed reservations will have gate access the evenin...

  8. 论新型作战力量战略下的脑科学军事应用体系构成研究%Military brain science factors of battle effectiveness under a new concept of operation strategies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗旭; 吴昊; 郭继卫


    Building a new concept of combat forces is an important initiative in the 12th Five-Year Plan of National Defense Strategies.In the era of biotechnology,global powers have been competing for brain control by means of accelerated development in brain science and the military theory of "Innovation to Subdue".Based on elaboration on the concepts and developments of military applications of brain science as well as on analysis of impacts on the mechanism of winning,this paper proposes the operation concepts of "pre-setting"and "bio-orientation",the combat modes of "mechanized warfare"and "idiodynamic warfare",and weapon evolution into "intellectualization"and "brain-control orientation".This paper presents a practical system design of military applications of brain science:"presetting—key technology—weapons′power source-mechanism of winning".The constitution and winning mechanism of the three-stage mode of battle effectiveness are summarized as improving the operation capability—war of super soldiers",changing the main force of operations—"war of mechanized legions",altering the principles of operations—"war of spiritual consciousness". This paper also suggests the upgradation from "damage theory"to "control theory",the shift from "informatization"to"intellectualization",and strategic breakthroughs from "independent development"to "collaborative innovation".%新型作战力量建设是我国“十二五”国防战略规划的重要举措,在“以新制胜”的军事战争理论指导下,在脑科学飞速发展的生物时代,围绕脑控权的争夺已在世界各大国间展开。该文系统阐述了脑科学军事应用的概念及发展,分析了其对战斗力生成的影响,提出了“预置化”与“生物化”的作战理念、“机械战”与“意念战”的作战样式、“智能化”与“脑控化”的作战武器发展态势;结合理论及技术发展趋势提出了“预置—关键技术—武器动力—战场制

  9. Lope and the Battle-Speech

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the way in which Lope de Vega conceives in his theater the pre-battle harangue, the most characteristic speech in ancient and renaissance historiography. Having this aim in mind, I have analyzed the role played by this type of speech in a group of plays dealing with historical and military subjects. These plays were written in a period when Lope was particularly interested in historical issues: La Santa Liga (1598-1603, Arauco domado (1599, El asalto de Mastrique (1595-1606 and Los Guanches de Tenerife (1604-1606.

  10. Musculoskeletal disorders in main battle tank personnel

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nissen, Lars Ravnborg; Guldager, Bernadette; Gyntelberg, Finn


    PURPOSE: To compare the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders of personnel in the main battle tank (MBT) units in the Danish army with those of personnel in other types of army units, and to investigate associations between job function in the tank, military rank, and musculoskeletal problems......, and ankle. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: There were only 4 women in the MBT group; as a consequence, female personnel were excluded from the study. The participation rate was 58.0% (n = 184) in the MBT group and 56.3% (n = 333) in the reference group. The pattern of musculoskeletal disorders among personnel...

  11. Battle of France WWII (United States)

    Gadhath, Arpitha Rao

    The purpose of this thesis is to build an interactive Geographical Information System (GIS) tool, relating to the series of events that occurred during the Battle of France World War II. The tool gives us an insight about the countries involved in the battle, their allies and their strategies. This tool was created to use it as a one stop source of information regarding all the important battles that took place, which lead to the fall of France. The tool brings together the maps of all the countries involved. Integrated with each map is the data relevant to that map. The data for each country includes the place of attack, the strategies used during the attack, and the kind of warfare. The tool also makes use of HTML files to give all the information, along with the images from the time of the war and a footage which explains everything about the particular battle. The tool was build using JAVA, along with the use of MOJO (Map Objects Java Objects) to develop Maps of each of the countries. MOJO is developed by ESRI (Environmental Science Research Institute) which makes it easier to add data to the maps. It also makes highlighting important information easier making use of pop-up windows, charts and infographics. HTML files were designed making use of the open-source template developed by Bootstrap. The tool is built in such a way that the interface is simple and easy for the user to use and understand.

  12. Application of Operational Art - The German 8th Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 (United States)


    Application of Operational Art ­ The German gth Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 A Monograph by LTC (GS) Kim Oliver Frerichs German Army...Operational Art ­ The German 8th Army at the Battles at Tannenberg 1914 Sb. GRANT NUMBER Sc. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Sd. PROJECT NUMBER...ADDRESS(ES) 10. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S ACRONYM(S)Advanced Operational Arts Studies Fellowship, Advanced Military Studies Program. 11. SPONSOR/MONITOR’S

  13. Airland Battle Doctrine (United States)


    follow-on forces attack ( FOFA ) doctrine. These critics believe that NATO, with the FOFA concept, already has the flexibility to carry the battle to...confusing and redundant and that it would cause the U.S. to pursue a course independent of the rest of NATO. FOFA is thought by many to address the problem of...for the processing and analysis of intelligence data, make possible "natural language" recognition, give "vision" ability to target acquisition and

  14. The Strategic Implications of the Battle of Stalingrad (United States)


    February 2004. 6 Jukes, 156. 7 Heinz Magenheimer, Hitler’s War (London: Cassell & Co., 1997), 171. 8 Georgi K. Zhukov, Marshal Zhukov’s Greatest...35 Ibid. 36 Georgi K. Zhukov, Marshal Zhukov’s Greatest Battles (New York: Cooper Square, 2002), 106. Reproduced with permission from Rowman...this_month_in_military_history.htm>; Internet; accessed 16 February 2004. 67 McTaggart, 10. 68 Carl von Clausewitz, On War, translated by Michael Howard and Peter Paret

  15. Battle for natural resources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This book examines federal land management conflicts in the nation's resource battles. It begins by tracing the shift away from the 19th century policy of granting, giving, or selling lands to homesteaders, railroads, and miners toward the modern-day belief in preserving wilderness and conserving public resources through permanent government control. Subsequent chapters outline specific controversies over leasing federal energy reserves, selling timber from national forests, controlling grazing by ranchers' livestock on federally owned rangelands, and opening the public lands for prospecting and mining. The book concludes by assessing the building tensions between regions within the US over federal policies on water, public lands, and their resources. 109 references, 13 tables.

  16. Case-Studie af Fredericia Battle 1849

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Konzack, Lars


    En gennemgang af hvordan oplevelsesøkomien fungerer diskursivt - med Fredericia Battle 1849 som case.......En gennemgang af hvordan oplevelsesøkomien fungerer diskursivt - med Fredericia Battle 1849 som case....

  17. Service-Oriented Architecture for Weaponry and Battle Command and Control Systems in Warfighting

    CERN Document Server

    Bassil, Youssef


    Military is one of many industries that is more computer-dependent than ever before, from soldiers with computerized weapons, and tactical wireless devices, to commanders with advanced battle management, command and control systems. Fundamentally, command and control is the process of planning, monitoring, and commanding military personnel, weaponry equipment, and combating vehicles to execute military missions. In fact, command and control systems are revolutionizing as war fighting is changing into cyber, technology, information, and unmanned warfare. As a result, a new design model that supports scalability, reusability, maintainability, survivability, and interoperability is needed to allow commanders, hundreds of miles away from the battlefield, to plan, monitor, evaluate, and control the war events in a dynamic, robust, agile, and reliable manner. This paper proposes a service-oriented architecture for weaponry and battle command and control systems, made out of loosely-coupled and distributed web servi...

  18. Remembering the Battle for Australia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elizabeth Rechniewski


    Full Text Available For the last two years, Australia has commemorated, on the first Wednesday in September, the ‘Battle for Australia Day’, to mark the role of Australian forces fighting the Japanese in the Pacific in WWII. The aim of this article is to identify the agents involved in the campaign for the gazetting of this day and the justifications advanced; to trace the conflicting narratives and political and historical controversies surrounding the notion of a ‘Battle for Australia’; and to outline the shifts in domestic and international politics and generational change that provide the context for the inauguration of this day.

  19. Agile battle management efficiency for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) (United States)

    Blasch, Erik; Bélanger, Micheline


    Various operations such as civil-military co-operation (CIMIC) affairs require orchestration of communications, assets, and actors. A key component includes technology advancements to enable coordination among people and machines the ability to know where things are, who to coordinate with, and open and consistent lines of communication. In this paper, we explore concepts of battle management (BM) to support high-tempo emergency response scenarios such as a disaster action response team (DART). Three concepts highlighted of agile battle management (ABM) include source orchestration (e.g., sensors and domains), battle management language (BML) development (e.g., software and ontologies), and command and control (C2) coordination (e.g., people and visualization); which require correlation and de-confliction. These concepts of ABM support the physical, information, and cognitive domains for efficient command, control, communications, and information (C3I) to synchronize data and people for efficient and effective operations.

  20. Simulacra Pugnae: The Literary and Historical Tradition of Mock Battles in the Roman and Early Byzantine Army

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philip Rance


    Full Text Available The mock battles by which Heraclius trained the army before the Persian wars of the 620’s A.D., called an innovation by George of Pisidia, can be shown to have a long history of precedents both in practice and in military theory.

  1. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 83, Number 4, July-August 2003 (United States)


    Funk & Wagnalls , 1969), 65. 22. R. Ernest Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy, The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History, 4th ed. ( New York: HarperCollins Pub...How Effective is Strategic Bombing? Lessons Learned from World War II to Kosovo ( New York University Press, 2001); Mark Clodfelter, The Limits of...Battle of Taji on 16 April 2003, battle command in the 4th Infantry Division was exercised in a technically new style nicknamed Battle Command on the

  2. Military Leadership and Education and Religion’s Role in the U.S. Military Mission (United States)


    Academy (Cook, 2007), or the nine-year battle waged by family members of Wicca military members, killed in Iraq, to gain approval from the Veterans...Administration of the Wicca faith emblem on federally-supplied headstones (Egbert, 2007). Other cases have highlighted prejudicial actions or words

  3. Display implementation in the Abrams Main Battle Tank (United States)

    Wyrembelski, Rick J.


    This paper provides an overview of a major weapon system, the Abrams Main Battle Tank, as it relates to Flat Panel Display (FPD) technology. The Abrams pioneered FPD implementation in military ground vehicles in response to the integration of embedded computer systems into the tank. This major weapon system is poised to field the latest upgrade, the System Enhancement Package (SEP), with 2nd generation Flat Panel Displays. This has been accomplished by managing requirements, dynamic communication with FPD research and development programs, and aggressively leveraging those programs. The tank has progressed from implementing available FPDs to influencing the enabling of FPD technology. The experience gained offers valuable insight to following ground vehicle systems and to those diligently working to fully enable this critical technology.

  4. Socially-pedagogical aspects of deadaptation of personality in a military environment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergienko T.M.


    Full Text Available Resulted socially-pedagogical analysis of processes of adaptation and deadaptation of personality of students of junior courses of higher soldiery educational establishments. Composition and features of these processes is certain in a military environment. Deadaptation of student of higher military educational establishment shows up in psychological, military-social, educational-battle, to the military-technical sphere. Military deadaptation is characterized contradictory influence of factors of social environment on personality of serviceman. The result of process of deadaptation of personality is disparity of conduct and activity of student to the soldiery norms of functioning in a military environment.

  5. Application of Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) and C-BML Services to Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Simulation Environments (United States)


    training , analysis, experimentation, test and evaluation, and mission planning and rehearsal. Instead, the military needs to pull together multi- ple...DIS), the High Level Architecture (HLA), and the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA). Moreover, the military needs the ability to...Command and Control Lexical Grammar (C2LG) Specification. Technischer Bericht ITF/2010/02. Fraunhofer FKIE. July. SISO. 2006. Coalition Battle

  6. Japanese Naval Military Culture in the Pacific War (United States)


    examples of the Japanese warrior traditions include the samurai and the samurai code of bushido. Up to the Pacific War, Japan’s ascendance as a military...Patterns of Japanese Culture. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2005. Cameron, Craig M. American Samurai : Myth, Imagination, and the Conduct of Battle in the

  7. Building intelligence in third-generation training and battle simulations (United States)

    Jacobi, Dennis; Anderson, Don; von Borries, Vance; Elmaghraby, Adel; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Ragade, Rammohan


    Current war games and simulations are primarily attrition based, and are centered on the concept of force on force. They constitute what can be defined as "second generation" war games. So-called "first generation" war games were focused on strategy with the primary concept of mind on mind. We envision "third generation" war games and battle simulations as concentrating on effects with the primary concept being system on system. Thus the third generation systems will incorporate each successive generation and take into account strategy, attrition and effects. This paper will describe the principal advantages and features that need to be implemented to create a true "third generation" battle simulation and the architectural issues faced when designing and building such a system. Areas of primary concern are doctrine, command and control, allied and coalition warfare, and cascading effects. Effectively addressing the interactive effects of these issues is of critical importance. In order to provide an adaptable and modular system that will accept future modifications and additions with relative ease, we are researching the use of a distributed Multi-Agent System (MAS) that incorporates various artificial intelligence methods. The agent architecture can mirror the military command structure from both vertical and horizontal perspectives while providing the ability to make modifications to doctrine, command structures, inter-command communications, as well as model the results of various effects upon one another, and upon the components of the simulation. This is commonly referred to as "cascading effects," in which A affects B, B affects C and so on. Agents can be used to simulate units or parts of units that interact to form the whole. Even individuals can eventually be simulated to take into account the affect to key individuals such as commanders, heroes, and aces. Each agent will have a learning component built in to provide "individual intelligence" based on


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Zečević


    Full Text Available Geological structure of the terrain as a ground for a battlefield could be a significant factor for the success or failure of a military operation. The geology of the Belgian town of Ypres was an important, maybe even crucial factor, of the failure of the WWI Allied Powers offensive military operations against German Axis forces in 1917. The Early Eocene clays found at the ground surface at Ypres, coupled with excess precipitation, turned out to be utterly inappropriate for the fortification, movement, fighting and manoeuvring of all military units, especially the armoured units that were directed towards hardly passable routes. With selecting the unsuitable and hardly passable terrain, that is the direction of the attack, the British army had losses of the available combat potential and armoured forces were ineffective during the battle. The total number of Allied casualties was 448,000 dead, wounded, imprisoned and missing. This paper offers other possible solutions that would, from a military geographic and military geological viewpoint, have made a better solution for achieving the strategic goal required by the Allies on the eve of the Third Battle of Ypres in 1917.

  9. Evidential Reasoning in Air Battle Systems

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Bayesian statistics assigns basic probabilities to singletons (single element sets). The Dempster-Shafer evidence theory generalizes Bayesian statistics by assigning basic probabilities to subsets to represent evidence and to develop evidential reasoning. This paper discusses what is the strength of evidence theory. As an application of evidence theory, evidential reasoning in air battle systems is discussed. In the air battle system, evidential reasoning is applied to fuse the multisensor information and identify the type of aircraft. The effectiveness of this fusion approach is evaluated by simulated data.

  10. Great Historical Events That Were Significantly Affected by the Weather. Part 11: Meteorological Aspects of the Battle of Waterloo. (United States)

    Neumann, J.


    The Waterloo Campaign extended from 15 to 18 June 1815, with the decisive Battle of Waterloo taking place on the 18th. The campaign involved the "Army of the North" of Napoleon on the one hand, and the Anglo-Dutch and Prussian armies on the other. The latter were commanded, respectively, by the Duke of Wellington and Prince Blücher. A shallow but active low and associated warm and cold fronts crossed the battle area on the 16th and 17th.The weather had important effects on the battles. On the 16th, in a battle between part of the French army and part of the Prussian army, at the village of Ligny, about 40 km south-southeast of Brussels, thunderstorms connected with the passage of the aforementioned warm front made the use of muskets impracticable.However, the most important weather effects developed on the 17th and during the night from the 17th to the 18th. Violent thunderstorms occurred early in the afternoon of the 17th close to Ligny, while Napoleon was in the process of attacking the Anglo-Dutch force at Quatre Bras. The rains turned the ground into a quagmire, making it impossible for the French artillery and cavalry, and even for the infantry, to move across the fields in extended order, as required by the emperor. The French advance was so greatly slowed down that Wellington was able to withdraw his lighter force to a better position near Waterloo. Thus, the Anglo-Dutch force was almost completely preserved for the decisive battle of the next day.The rainshowers of the 17th and the night from the 17th to the 18th softened the ground to an extent that, on the morning of the 18th, Napoleon and his artillery experts judged that the battle-the Battle of Waterloo-could not be started before a late hour of the forenoon [1130 local standard time (LST)]. Until the arrival of the Prussian force, about 1600 LST and later, the battle tended to go in favor of the French, but the Prussians turned the tide of the fighting.The paper quotes judgments of military

  11. Sea battle-filed simulation based on Vega

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Jing; CHEN Jie; GUO Mao-zu


    To study battle-field simulation methods based on Vega, a virtual battle-field simulated by an imaginary combat happened on the sea was designed. The simulation framework in the sea battle-filed included helicopter simulation, fire simulation, collision detection and detonation, and simulation of dynamic sea surface.The method to build the imulation environments and actions to them was discussed. And the simulation experiments were conducted. , It is indicated that the simulated sea battle-field based on Vega is feasible and helpful for forces and battle-field.

  12. Low-level Battle Management Language

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Alstad, A.; Mevassvik, O.M.; Nielsen, M.N.; Løvlid, R.A.; Henderson, H.C.; Jansen, R.E.J.; Reus, N.M. de


    TNO (The Netherlands) and FFI (Norway) are cooperating in extending a COTS Computer Generated Forces (CGF) tool with a Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) interface for executing C-BML orders and issuing reports. Due to the lack of satisfactory models for command and control (C2)/combat man

  13. Battle of Laurel Hill - May 1864. (United States)


    and burning furiously in every direction, and there was no suitable place for a rest. The road by which I was conducted was narrow and frequently... happy mistake they were fighting themselves. It seemed a heavy battle and we had nothing to do with it."(187> (See Figure 19) Federal accounts report

  14. "Losing Battles": The Tests of Endurance. (United States)

    Rienstra, Phillis

    The works of Eudora Welty challenge the abilities of the oral reader who wishes to interpret them properly. Her novel, "Losing Battles," requires careful attention to the narrative point of view as a guide to its various dimensions of meaning. The narrative shifts through the consciousnesses of various characters of four generations in a rural…

  15. What lessons did Japan learn from the Battle of Lake Khasan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kasahara K.


    Full Text Available The article is focused on one of the first biggest armed conflicts between Japan and Soviet Union, battle of lake Khasan, which took place in July, 31 - August, 11 1938. The author analyses the battle of lake Khasan from the perspective of Japanese troops, which draw some conclusions from the conflict. The author considers them as the “lessons that Japan learned”. In particular, the merits and drawbacks of the Japanese army’s actions were analyzed. Drawbacks include problems with supplies and equipment for army, command’s uncoordinated action resulted in disability of Japanese aviation to participate in that armed conflict. Among the merits, strong spirit of the Japanese troops and their capacity to seize the initiative in battle can be named. The other merits were use of the different tactics to destroy enemy’s weapons in the rear of the battlefield, heroism of the sappers, who fought face-to-face against tanks. On the whole, the findings of the Japanese military coincided with an information taken from G. S. Lyushkov (in 1938 NKVD chief in the Far East, who flew to Japan trying to escape Stalin’s Great Purge and who gave a lot of valuable information regarding the Soviet army to Japan. It should be noted that, on the one hand, the Russian historical science looks at the battle of lake Khasan as a victory of the USSR, on the other hand, in Japan historians are not inclined to believe that this armed conflict ended up with Japan’s defeat. It is believed that the USSR won primarily through the excellence in human resources and well-equipped troops, as well as due to the imperial decree on the prohibition of attacks.

  16. On lifting the fog of war in the battle on heart disease: Star Wars technology in pursuit of a seamless integration strategy. (United States)

    Espinosa, J A; Kosnik, L K; Kraitsik, M; Dillow, J C


    In our efforts to reduce cardiac morbidity and mortality we often use terms such as the "battle" or "war" on heart disease. If we believe efforts to reduce cardiac disease are the moral equivalent of war, then perhaps we should explore ways that military strategic and tactical metaphors can be applied through technology to the cardiac battle. In this article we explore three major areas for technological advancement: adaptation of the strategies of outcomes management and evidence-based medicine, computer simulation and animation efforts to create horizontal and vertical integration of strategic efforts, and use of interactive multimedia in "recruiting an army" through community empowerment. The overall goal is to find ways to lift "the fog of war" in the battle on heart disease, in order to further the integration of our various efforts.

  17. Military Exposures (United States)

    ... Enter ZIP code here Enter ZIP code here Military Exposures Veterans may have been exposed to a range of chemical, physical, and environmental hazards during military service. Reports on Veterans’ Health Care Use What ...

  18. The Gaugamela Battle Eclipse: An Archaeoastronomical Analysis (United States)

    Polcaro, V. F.; Valsecchi, G. B.; Verderame, L.

    A total lunar eclipse occurred during the night preceding the decisive Battle of Gaugamela (20th September 331 BCE), when the Macedonian army, led by Alexander the Great, finally defeated the Persian king Darius and his army. This astronomical event, well known to historians, had a relevant role on the battle outcome. The eclipse was described in detail by Babylonian astronomers, though, unfortunately, the text of their report has only partially been preserved. We have reconstructed the evolution of the phenomenon as it appeared to the observer in Babylonia, by using the positional astronomy code "Planetario V2.0". On the base of this reconstruction we suggest a number of integrations to the lost part of the text, allowing a finer astrological interpretation of the eclipse and of its influence on the mood of the armies that set against each other on the following morning.

  19. Vukovar 1991 Battle and Cultural Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Cvikić


    Full Text Available In this paper it is argued that Vukovar 1991 Battle traumatic memory wearing away process is a social issue and cannot be simply amputated by modernist narratives from accumulated traces of the past. Instead, those traumatic memories are constantly reconstructed, repressed, or transformed in some way or another under the pressure of manipulative power politics and competing ideologies in contemporary Croatian society.  Therefore, the question this paper asks is whether war crimes and atrocities committed in Vukovar 1991 have its meaningful place in the Croatian cultural memory and whether  social research techniques into contemporary cultural memory in Croatia can afford to avoid testimonial narrations of the Vukovar 1991 Battle and war experiences since they are an integral part of the collective memory?

  20. Battle Command: An Approach to Wickedness (United States)


    blank slate‖ ( tabula rasa – a blank mind) approach that allows the practitioner to develop a true appreciation of the unique problem without...Command describes the role of the commander in the Operations Process. 11 Commanders must understand the nature of their environment, the disposition of...Operations Process. The commander‘s role within the Operational Process is Battle Command. On Wickedness A problem, as defined by FM 5-0, is the

  1. The Decisiveness of the Battle of Midway (United States)


    Imperial Defense Policy was not shaped by, say, a Japanese National Security Strategy (as is the case in the United States today), but rather by...particular the United States) and the Japanese . Analyzing these changes will either point towards the decisiveness of the battle, towards its validity...decision making for both the Allies (and in particular the United States) and the Japanese . Analyzing these changes will either point towards the

  2. Battle of Algiers: Counter Insurgency Success (United States)


    liberty and suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis during World War 19 Two would resort to acts of torture. Once evidence of the torture tactics...1969), 31. 15 Paul Aussaresses, The Battle of the Casbah: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Algeria 1955-1957, ( Enigma Books, 2002), 66,77. 16 Horne...and Counterterrorism in Algeria 1955- 1957. Enigma Books, 2002. Barbour, Nevill. "The Significance of the Conflict in Algeria." African Affairs Vol. 56

  3. Comparing Web, Group and Telehealth Formats of a Military Parenting Program (United States)


    recruitment numbers. • In addition we plan to use social media ( Facebook for advertising ) so also Amazon • Collaborate with Military primary care...materials • We advertised the study via press and radio, attending military outreach events We conducted a 4-day training workshop for study facilitators...plan to use the media (radio and television) to advertise our study. • We plan to actively engage Minneapolis, St Cloud and Battle Creek VA to enhance

  4. Muscle Activity during Unilateral Vs. Bilateral Battle Rope Exercises

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Calatayud, J.; Martin, F.; Colado, J. C.


    Calatayud, J, Martin, F, Colado, JC, Benitez, JC, Jakobsen, MD, and Andersen, LL. Muscle activity during unilateral vs. bilateral battle rope exercises. J Strength Cond Res 29(10): 2854-2859, 2015High training intensity is important for efficient strength gains. Although battle rope training is m...

  5. Philostorgius’ Account of the Battle at Mursa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alenka Cedilnik


    Full Text Available On September 28, 351 AD, Emperor Constantius II defeated the usurper Magnentius in the battle at Mursa. While the battle is described in several ancient sources, the present study focuses on the account given by Philostorgius. Philostorgius is the first known author to have included in his description of the battle the appearance of a cross in the sky, drawing on the writings of an unknown Arian historian. But for all its seemingly miraculous connotations, Philostorgius’ story is no mere figment of the imagination. It is based on a perfectly natural meteorological phenomenon, the parhelia or phantom suns, which had been observed on May 7, 351, in the sky above Jerusalem. They were interpreted at the time as the sign of Christ’s cross, and the contemporary Jerusalem bishop, Cyril, provided a detailed description in a letter to Emperor Constantius. But while the Bishop already saw this phenomenon as a sign of God’s favour to Constantius, the appearance of the cross above Jerusalem was not immediately associated with the slightly later conflict at Mursa. This connection was only established by Arian historians, who used the story of the vision before the Mursa battle to glorify Emperor Constantius, a supporter of Arianism. The earliest source known today is an anonymous Arian historian writing in the late 4th century: his work provided the basis for Philostorgius’ account of the Mursa battle. Still, the association of the visions above Jerusalem and Mursa is perhaps not to be attributed merely to the Arian authors’ partiality to Emperor Constantius. It may have been prompted by two natural but hardly everyday celestial phenomena as well: on May 28, 355, the Balkans, including Mursa, witnessed a total solar eclipse, while August 8, 351, brought a partial eclipse to an area of the Balkans (but not to Mursa. The two eclipses may have influenced Philostorgius’ account of the Mursa battle. While neither the eclipse nor the parhelia visible

  6. Military Strategy vs. Military Doctrine

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barfoed, Jacob


    The article argues that while doctrine represents the more scientific side of warfare, strategy represents the artistic side. Existing doctrine will almost never meet the requirements for winning the next war; it is through the artistic application of generic peacetime doctrine to the specific st...... strategic and operational context, using doctrine as building blocks for a context specific military strategy, that the military commander outwits and defeats or coerces the adversary and achieves the military objectives....

  7. Military Review, November 1991. Volume 71, Number 11 (United States)


    command) were to receive the Leopard 2 main battle tank, while the rest Xvill use the older xx Leopard lAS. The armored reconnaissance bat- Army...Marder is available. 22 November 1991 * MILITARY REVIEW BUNDESWEHR XXX "II II X I X xx6)1 vIIL -- VIII- L t!III - II X ൓ Ill , i X il L -Army...the tor- trol of the Mediterranean. 14 pedo planes dropped down through the glittering Everywhere, military experts analv:ed this British curtain of

  8. Military Marvels

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The crucial role played by China’s military since the Sichuan earthquake has endeared them to the country more than ever August 1 is the founding anniversary of China’s People’s Liberation Army(PLA).It’s a date with particular public resonance this year because of the crucial role the military has played


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kemal Hakan Tekin


    Full Text Available Medals are symbols to honor people and also to increase their loyalty to the state. States have revealed forces through medals in a symbolic sense. Although the Ottoman Empire met with the tradition of medal in the period of Sultan Mehmed II, medals became important with Sultan Mahmud I. Commemorative and military medals were pressed by the Ottoman Empire at the end of the Crimean War. The Ottomans used medals as a reflection of not only awards for those showing usefulness in the war but also as a souvenir to commemorate this important battle. Even allied forces and defeated Russia had made medals for Crimean War. In our study, information will be given about Crimean War commemorative and military medals in Ottoman era of the Crimean War. Mecidi Crimean War badges were not included in the study due to the scope of the research.

  10. Chronic pain management in the active-duty military (United States)

    Jamison, David; Cohen, Steven P.


    As in the general population, chronic pain is a prevalent and burdensome affliction in active-duty military personnel. Painful conditions in military members can be categorized broadly in terms of whether they arise directly from combat injuries (gunshot, fragmentation wound, blast impact) or whether they result from non-combat injuries (sprains, herniated discs, motor vehicle accidents). Both combat-related and non-combat-related causes of pain can further be classified as either acute or chronic. Here we discuss the state of pain management as it relates to the military population in both deployed and non-deployed settings. The term non-battle injury (NBI) is commonly used to refer to those conditions not directly associated with the combat actions of war. In the history of warfare, NBI have far outstripped battle-related injuries in terms not only of morbidity, but also mortality. It was not until improvements in health care and field medicine were applied in World War I that battle-related deaths finally outnumbered those attributed to disease and pestilence. However, NBI have been the leading cause of morbidity and hospital admission in every major conflict since the Korean War. Pain remains a leading cause of presentation to military medical facilities, both in and out of theater. The absence of pain services is associated with a low return-to-duty rate among the deployed population. The most common pain complaints involve the low-back and neck, and studies have suggested that earlier treatment is associated with more significant improvement and a higher return to duty rate. It is recognized that military medicine is often at the forefront of medical innovation, and that many fields of medicine have reaped benefit from the conduct of war.

  11. Embedded battle command: a vehicle systems integrator's prospective (United States)

    Frey, Terry L.; Wyrembelski, Rick J.


    This paper provides an overview of a major weapon system, the Abrams Main Battle Tank, as it relates to the integration of EMbedded Battle Command and Control element is essential to the tanks future role in the Army as they focus more on increased organizational effectiveness and less on individual platforms. The Abrams is poised to field the Abrams System Enhancement Package with its 2nd generation of Command and Control.

  12. Credibility battles in the autism litigation. (United States)

    Kirkland, Anna


    That vaccines do not cause autism is now a widely accepted proposition, though a few dissenters remain. An 8-year court process in the US federal vaccine injury compensation court ended in 2010 with rulings that autism was not an adverse reaction to vaccination. There were two sets of trials: one against the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and one against the mercury-based preservative thimerosal. The MMR story is more widely known because of publicity surrounding the main proponent of an MMR-autism link, British doctor Andrew Wakefield, but the story of thimerosal in court is largely untold. This study examines the credibility battles and boundary work in the two cases, illuminating the sustaining world of alternative science that supported the parents, lawyers, researchers, and expert witnesses against vaccines. After the loss in court, the families and their advocates transformed their scientific arguments into an indictment of procedural injustice in the vaccine court. I argue that the very efforts designed to produce legitimacy in this type of lopsided dispute will be counter-mobilized as evidence of injustice, helping us understand why settling a scientific controversy in court does not necessarily mean changing anyone's mind.

  13. Advanced MicroObserver UGS integration with and cueing of the BattleHawk squad level loitering munition and UAV (United States)

    Steadman, Bob; Finklea, John; Kershaw, James; Loughman, Cathy; Shaffner, Patti; Frost, Dean; Deller, Sean


    Textron's Advanced MicroObserver(R) is a next generation remote unattended ground sensor system (UGS) for border security, infrastructure protection, and small combat unit security. The original MicroObserver(R) is a sophisticated seismic sensor system with multi-node fusion that supports target tracking. This system has been deployed in combat theaters. The system's seismic sensor nodes are uniquely able to be completely buried (including antennas) for optimal covertness. The advanced version adds a wireless day/night Electro-Optic Infrared (EOIR) system, cued by seismic tracking, with sophisticated target discrimination and automatic frame capture features. Also new is a field deployable Gateway configurable with a variety of radio systems and flexible networking, an important upgrade that enabled the research described herein. BattleHawkTM is a small tube launched Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) with a warhead. Using transmitted video from its EOIR subsystem an operator can search for and acquire a target day or night, select a target for attack, and execute terminal dive to destroy the target. It is designed as a lightweight squad level asset carried by an individual infantryman. Although BattleHawk has the best loiter time in its class, it's still relatively short compared to large UAVs. Also it's a one-shot asset in its munition configuration. Therefore Textron Defense Systems conducted research, funded internally, to determine if there was military utility in having the highly persistent MicroObserver(R) system cue BattleHawk's launch and vector it to beyond visual range targets for engagement. This paper describes that research; the system configuration implemented, and the results of field testing that was performed on a government range early in 2013. On the integrated system that was implemented, MicroObserver(R) seismic detections activated that system's camera which then automatically captured images of the target. The geo-referenced and time-tagged Micro

  14. Military Government (United States)


    Public finance -------------------~·---------------------22 Civilian protection -------------------------------------23 Public health and sanitation...22. PUBLIC. ~INANCE.~q. Basic "planning data for public finance in- clude-- (1) ·rrax·ation systems: - .(2)- ~ethods of_tpaking appropriations.- ( 3...Probable ·adequacy- of public funds. (.4) Administrative .. _ organization for_ public finance sections. b. Military government -staff sections

  15. 78 FR 68699 - Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV... airspace at the Battle Mountain VHF Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigational Aid (VORTAC) navigation aid, Battle Mountain, NV. A favorable comment from the National Business Aviation...

  16. 78 FR 41335 - Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain...). SUMMARY: This action proposes to establish Class E airspace at the Battle Mountain VHF Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigational Aid (VORTAC) navigation aid, Battle Mountain, NV, to...

  17. 78 FR 58159 - Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV... Class E airspace at the Battle Mountain VHF Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigational Aid (VORTAC) navigation aid, Battle Mountain, NV, to facilitate vectoring of Instrument Flight Rules...

  18. 75 FR 12975 - Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR Part 71 Establishment of Class E Airspace; Battle Mountain, NV... establish Class E airspace at Battle Mountain, NV, to accommodate aircraft using the VHF Omni-Directional... Battle Mountain Airport. This will improve the safety and management of Instrument Flight Rules...

  19. Military Preparedness (United States)


    answer to that question provides a benchmark of confidence in the military leadership’s ability to address threats to national security interests. For...force appears logical, but bias and misrepresentations can creep in based on the methods used to aggregate data from lower echelons to higher ones...operations is its evanescence and self - destruction. … Operations overheat the system.”57 How much training is sufficient before it drains human energy

  20. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military History Journal, No. 9, September 1987 (United States)


    veterans, the work of museums, the view- ing of military-historical films as well as much else. Due to proper leadership by the commanders and staffs...District, as well as forces from the Black Sea Fleet and the Azov Naval Flotilla. The C-in-C was MSU S.M. Budennyy. Abolished on 19 May 1942. Prior...specific battle tasks. Widely employed were individual talks, assemblies, meetings, the showing of films , the presenting of decorations and

  1. Security vs. Nations: a lost battle?

    CERN Multimedia

    Computer Security Team


    “Know the enemy” is one of the basic recommendations of the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (544–496 BC). In the cyber-world, the usual suspects are not only script kiddies, criminals and hacktivists, but also nation states.   Companies worldwide have prepared their defences to fight off the first three. Likewise, CERN, despite its wish for academic freedom, is constantly considering how best to prevent successful attacks. But when nation states are the antagonists, defence is impossible (unless you have plenty of money). Today, the most popular computing services in the western hemisphere are run from the US. We already know that the US and the UK are tapping into Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others (see our Bulletin article on “Prison or “Prism”? Your data in custody”). But what about one level down? Nowadays, IT hardware (routers, laptops, smartphones, etc.) is built in China. How can we be sure that these ...

  2. True Stories of Censorship Battles in America's Libraries (United States)

    Nye, Valerie, Ed.; Barco, Kathy, Ed.


    Intellectual freedom is a core value of librarianship, but fighting to keep controversial materials on the shelves can sometimes feel like a lonely battle. And not all censorship controversies involve the public objecting to a book in the collection--libraries are venues for displays and meetings, and sometimes library staff themselves are tempted…

  3. Seuss's Butter Battle Book: Is There Hidden Harm? (United States)

    Van Cleaf, David W.; Martin, Rita J.


    Examines whether elementary school children relate to the "harmful hidden message" about nuclear war in Dr. Seuss's THE BUTTER BATTLE BOOK. After ascertaining the children's cognitive level, they participated in activities to find hidden meanings in stories, including Seuss's book. Students failed to identify the nuclear war message in Seuss's…

  4. "The Butter Battle Book": Engaging Children's Thoughts of War. (United States)

    Barone, Diane


    Discusses how "The Butter Battle Book" by Dr. Seuss can be used to introduce the moral issue of war to young children. Studies the written responses of 1,187 children in grades kindergarten to 6 to the story. Notes that only the fourth- through sixth-grade students (who felt themselves beyond Dr. Seuss) understood the allegorical nature of the…

  5. School Finance 2005?06. Budget Sets Off Public Battle (United States)

    Perry, Mary


    For the past year, the issue of public education funding has been particularly contentious in California. A pitched political battle between education advocates and the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger began with a December 2004 preview of the governor's budget proposal for 2005?06. The fight continued through a spring filled with…

  6. Operationalizing Air-Sea Battle in the Pacific (United States)


    systems. 35. Chris Anderson, " Agricultural Drones ,• MIT ’Technology Review 117, no. 3 (May/June 2014): 58. 36. Van Thl et al., AirSea Battle: A Point...communications are re- established. These systems are vulnerable to antiair weapons; how- ever, 11relatively cheap drones with advanced sensors and

  7. The Battle for Crete (Operation Mercury): An Operational Analysis (United States)


    London: Hodder and Stoughton , 1981), 152. iv “Part IV. The Mediterranean Theater,” 129. v Ibid. vi Ibid., 132. vii Department of the...1941. London: Hodder and Stoughton , 1981. Spencer, John H. Battle for Crete. London: White Lion Publishers Ltd., 1976. Tata, Anthony. “The

  8. Enacting Informal Science Learning: Exploring the Battle for Informal Learning (United States)

    Clapham, Andrew


    Informal Science Learning (ISL) is a policy narrative of interest in the United Kingdom and abroad. This paper explores how a group of English secondary school science teachers, enacted ISL science clubs through employing the Periodic Table of Videos. It examines how these teachers "battled" to enact ISL policy in performative conditions…

  9. Deficiencies in Current and Emerging Rear Battle Doctrine. (United States)


    CLASS. (of duoe repo"t) *Unclassified SCM EDL 1S. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT (of this Report) Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. 17...resouring a third command post from active components . The VII US Corps has conducted the airland battle using a three command post concept (TAC, MAIN

  10. Automotive IC reliability: Elements of the battle towards zero defects

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kuper, Fred G.


    The battle towards zero defects consists of fast response to PPM signals, prevention of incidents and continuous improvement. In this paper elements of all three branches are treated. A PPM analysis tool called quality crawl charts is introduced that enables prediction of customer complaint levels b

  11. Details of the battle to control Campeche Bay spill

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Details of the battle to control Campeche Bay spill from Petroleos Mexicanos' well at Ixtoc 1 are given, including the poor performance of ''Operation Sombrero'' and air and surface monitoring of spill transport, particularly by the US Coast Guard.

  12. Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space—A vision for virtual military amputee support

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashley Fisher, MA


    Full Text Available The war in Iraq is the largest and longest sustained combat operation by the U.S. military since the Vietnam war. An estimated nearly 2 million U.S. military personnel have been deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom [1]. Dr. Chuck Scoville, Col. Ret., Chief of Amputee Patient Care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, stated that as of November 2009, 937 war fighters have suffered an amputation as a result of a battle injury. The successful recovery from a traumatic injury resulting in an amputation largely depends on care from clinical providers as well as peer support.

  13. General George S. Patton, Jr: Master of Operational Battle Command. What Lasting Battle Command Lessons Can We Learn From Him? (United States)


    each soldier receive one pair of dry socks per day. It was also during this time that the Third Army had as many non battle casualties due to the...same perspective on his units in combat if he does not see them. General Patton was notorious for slipping into subordinate headquarters and simply

  14. Cultural Construction of Military Patients Ward%谈军人病区文化建设

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    闫军峰; 周文斌; 李丹


    More and more attentions have been paid to the military grassroots culture and hospital culture . As a special unit of military hospital serving the army , military patients ward focused on building culture , promoting the physical and mental health of patients and a speedy recovery , ensuring battle effectiveness, increasing the mili-tary patients’satisfaction.%部队基层文化和医院文化都受到越来越多的重视。军人病区作为部队医院为部队服务的一个特殊单元,建设军人病区文化,促进伤病员的身心健康和早日康复,保障部队战斗力,提高部队满意度,本院作了一些初步的尝试和探索。

  15. German battle casualties: the treatment of functional somatic disorders during World War I. (United States)

    Linden, Stefanie Caroline; Jones, Edgar


    World War I witnessed the admission of large numbers of German soldiers with neurological symptoms for which there was no obvious organic cause. This posed a considerable challenge for the military and medical authorities and resulted in an active discussion on the etiology and treatment of these disorders. Current historiography is reliant on published physician accounts, and this represents the first study of treatment approaches based on original case notes. We analyzed patient records from two leading departments of academic psychiatry in Germany, those at Berlin and Jena, in conjunction with the contemporaneous medical literature. Treatment, which can be broadly classified into reward and punishment, suggestion, affective shock, cognitive learning, and physiological methods, was developed in the context of the emerging fields of animal learning and neurophysiology. A further innovative feature was the use of quantitative methods to assess outcomes. These measures showed good response rates, though most cured patients were not sent back to battle because of their presumed psychopathic constitution. While some treatments appear unnecessarily harsh from today's perspective and were also criticized by leading psychiatrists of the time, the concentration of effort and involvement of so many senior doctors led to the development of psychotherapeutic methods that were to influence the field of psychiatric therapy for decades to come.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacques Bezuidenhout


    Full Text Available Modern Military Geography is a new text that explores the relationship between geography and military conflict. As such, it covers many different scenarios and operational theatres and brings perspective to the link between local topography, hydrographical settings, climate, coastal conditions and military operations. The text goes further by examining the influence of secondary factors, which include, biological, health and environmental issues on military operations. The unique interaction between physical conditions and the geopolitical realities of different geographical settings are well illustrated. This book is therefore an excellent addition to the fields of military geography and military history, as well as other related military disciplines.

  17. Disseny d'un Battle Chess 3D (2)


    Monné Roca, Marc; Ganyet, Josep M.


    Aquesta memòria descriu el projecte de final de carrera anomenat "Disseny d'un Battle Chess 3D (2)", que tracta de la creació, modelat i animació de peces per a un joc d'escacs en 3 dimensions amb certes temàtiques, i que posteriorment s'integren amb el projecte "Disseny d'un Battle Chess 3D (1)" per a formar un joc interactiu d'escacs en un applet de Java. Es descriuen les eines utilitzades, les fases de creació, tècniques simbòliques, mètodes més emprats, proves sotmeses, limitacions, i fin...

  18. A quantum relativistic battle of the sexes cellular automaton (United States)

    Alonso-Sanz, Ramón; Situ, Haozhen


    The effect of variable entangling on the dynamics of a spatial quantum relativistic formulation of the iterated battle of the sexes game is studied in this work. The game is played in the cellular automata manner, i.e., with local and synchronous interaction. The game is assessed in fair and unfair contests. Despite the full range of quantum parameters initially accessible, they promptly converge into fairly stable configurations, that often show rich spatial structures in simulations with no negligible entanglement.

  19. Air-Sea Battle Concept: Back to the Future? (United States)


    Merill B. Twining, No Bended Knee: The Battle For Guadalcanal. (Novato, Ca: Presidio Press, 1996), 46 21 James D. Hornfischer, Neptune’s Inferno ...NY: Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company, 1978), 22 23 James D. Hornfischer, Neptune’s Inferno : The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal. (New York: Random...Marine Corps University, 2011. 25 Hornfischer, James D., Neptune’s Inferno : The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal. New York: Random House, Inc, 2011

  20. The Battle of Prairie Grove: Civilian Recollections of the Civil War. Teaching with Historic Places. (United States)

    Montgomery, Don; Baker, Lea Flowers

    Julia West was 14 years old when she viewed the carnage and destruction of the battle field at Prairie Grove, Arkansas. She was not the only young spectator at the battle, but she had one of the best views of the conflict. From her home on West Hill (AK), Julia beheld the horror and splendor of battle when the men of the Union Army of the Frontier…

  1. Computer Modelling of a Tank Battle with Helicopter Support

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chatter Singh


    Full Text Available The paper attempts to model a tank versus tank battle scenario in which the defender is provided an armed helicopter unit support, against surprise advance of the attacker towards an important place. The stochastic and dynamic nature of the battle system has been handled by means of Monte Carlo simulation. In that activities like move, search, fire, hit and kill are simulated and their effects generated in the model. The game has been repeated for parameters relating to (i fire power (ii mobility (iii intervisibility (iv blind shooting (v defender/attacker force ratio and (vi helicopter unit support with the defender. Then, average numerical effects in each case have been analysed.Although the results are based on tentative data, the. trend seems to suggest that a battalion of Centurion tanks or 2 coys with a helicopter unit support stand fairly good chance to defeat the attack by M-47/48 tanks equivalent to 4 coys. Neyertheless, the methodology provides an effective basis to systematically approach realistic situations and quantitatively assess weapon systems effectiveness under tactical alternatives and battle field environments.

  2. Barbarossa, Soviet Covering Forces and the Initial Period of War; Military History and Airland Battle. (United States)


    34Voennotekhnicheskais literatura po voprosam kharaktera budushchei voiny i operativnogo iskussstva," (March-April 1934), pp. 112-117. The point is also made is a...both Soviet and foreign works on the topic. See: N. Ivanov, "Voenno-tekhnicheskaia literatura po voprosam kharaktera budushchei voiny i operativnogo

  3. Battling the War for Talent: An Application in a Military Context (United States)

    Schreurs, Bert H. J.; Syed, Fariya


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to introduce a comprehensive new recruitment model that brings together research findings in the different areas of recruitment. This model may serve as a general framework for further recruitment research, and is intended to support Human Resource managers in developing their recruitment policy. To highlight…

  4. The Battle of Cognition Against the Tyranny of Information Overload (United States)


    PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER Joint Military Operations Department Naval War College 686 Cushing ...process instead of improving it. It demonstrates the cognitive capability of the human brain is limited and the disparity between the finite ability...of the brain and the almost infinite flow of new information is overtaxing the human brain . In addition, it explains how military information

  5. National Military Family Association (United States)

    ... 931.6632 © 2016 - National Military Family Association Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Charity Navigator Four Star Charity GuideStar Exchange Better Business Bureau Charity Watch Independent Charity of America nonprofit ...

  6. China's Military Diplomacy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    He Qisong; Li Baowen


    Since the end of the Cold War, China's military diplomacy has displayed an omni-directional and multi-level form, and with an increasing transparency which has increased trust and reduced doubt. China has enhanced its conventional military functions and strengthened its military soft power. This has helped China develop into a responsible state on the world stage. Through military exchanges with other countries, the Chinese military has gradually strengthened its ability to undertake a variety of tasks. The Chinese military has to make greater efforts to counter the perception of a "China threat." There is also a need to establish a system of military spokesmen and to develop a theory of military diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.

  7. Families in the Military (United States)

    ... Families Guide - Search Spanish Facts for Families Guide Military Families No. 88; updated March 2017 Global conflict ... have led to deployment of large numbers of military personnel (active duty, Reserves, National Guard). As a ...

  8. TRICARE, Military Health System (United States)

    ... Claim Get Proof of TRICARE Coverage View My Military Health Record Less State of Emergency in North ... Disaster Information Download a Form Go Paperless My Military Health Records Multimedia Center Plan Information Kits Recoupment ...

  9. Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    Avsenev, Ye. Bold Girl 5 Azov , D. And in Turkmenian—"Dost" 14 Alekseyev, Ye. Not for Titles—For Battle 23 Andryushkov, A. "Master" of the Pair 2...Did Not Meet the Standard 7 Sergeyev, S. The Chlorinator Room Requires Improvement 12 Sizikov, A. Heat Protects.. . Film 8 Stefyuk, N. Are the

  10. 76 FR 72025 - Noise Compatibility Program Notice for W.M. Kellogg Airport, Battle Creek, MI (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration Noise Compatibility Program Notice for W.M. Kellogg Airport, Battle Creek... Administration (FAA) announces its determination that the noise exposure maps submitted by the City of Battle... Safety and Noise Abatement Act, herein after referred to as ``the Act'') and 14 Code of...

  11. Battle Stations: An Analysis of Design, Development, Implementation, and Training Effectiveness. (United States)


    Positive Motivation . c. Core Values. .9 Discuss the criteria for Battle Stations failure and procedures for dealing with specifically: a. Refusal to Train...for prebriefing and debriefing each Battle Stations scenario with specific emphasis on: a. Teamwork/Team-Building. b. Positive Motivation . c. Core

  12. Battling Obesity in K-12 Learners from an Exercise Physiology Perspective (United States)

    Rattigan, Peter; Biren, Greg


    Physical education practitioners and programs have the opportunity and obligation to help children become physically educated, healthy, and active adults. This article discusses the battle against obesity in K-12 learners from an exercise physiology perspective and focuses on the fact that practitioners have all the tools they need to battle this…

  13. The Battle of Honey Springs: The Civil War Comes to Indian Territory. Teaching with Historic Places. (United States)

    Adkins, Mike; Jones, Ralph

    Union Army troops marched south through Indian territory on July 17, 1863, to face the Confederate Army forces in a battle that would help determine whether the Union or the Confederacy would control the West beyond the Mississippi River. The Confederate troops that these soldiers faced in the Battle of Honey Springs concealed themselves among the…

  14. 3 CFR 8465 - Proclamation 8465 of December 15, 2009. 65th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 2009 (United States)


    ... Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 2009 8465 Proclamation 8465 Presidential Documents Proclamations Proclamation 8465 of December 15, 2009 Proc. 8465 65th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 2009By the... the Bulge, a grateful Nation remembers the fallen who gave their lives in that critical battle, and...

  15. Enhanced Battle Dynamics for the Force Evaluation Model. (United States)


    34 ON AVAILABILTY 0; ABSTRACT 21 ABSTRACT SECURITY CLASSIFICATION -"" %CASSVC’jNLMiTED 0 SAME AS RPT CTIC USERS UNCLASSIFIED V " 22a ’.AME OF (7) Number of weapon categories by air missions and aircraft type. (8) Artillery munition usage table. (9) Global air munition usage table. (b... usage summary. (4) Global air munition usage summary. (5) Forward Edge of the Battle Area summary plot. (c) Reports printed at end of simulation. (1

  16. Defeating Mechanisms of Armours for Main Battle Tanks

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Manfred Held


    The fundamental protection principles of the new armours for main battle tanks against kinetic energy projectiles (KE) and chemical energy weapons (CE)--shaped charges are shortly described and their efficiency against both threats discussed. The armour topics can be split into: "perpendicular or zero-degree armours", such as rolled homogeneous armour (RHA), also with extremely high strength, ceramics, glass, liquid filled columns and explosive filled cells,"inclined armours", as spaced RHA plates with their corner effects, bulging armour, additive and integrated explosive reactive armours (ERA) and "hard kill active defence possibilities" in different defeating distances.

  17. Threat to AIDS funding continues past fiscal 1996 budget battles. (United States)

    Barnes, M


    AIDS community advocates face an ongoing battle to gain funding for AIDS research, care, and prevention within the upcoming 1997 fiscal year. The level of uncertainty experienced by the advocates has never been this high. The Democrats' and Republicans' call for a balanced budget will hurt AIDS programs, and domestic discretionary spending will be severely restricted in fiscal years 1996 to 2002. The challenge to AIDS advocates is to try to preserve the integrity of vital programs and safeguard the already fragile AIDS care infrastructure.

  18. Interaction among the Criteria Affecting Main Battle Tank Selection: An Analysis with DEMATEL Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yavuz Gazibey


    Full Text Available Main battle tanks (MBTs have always been in the heart of all military campaigns and have enabled armies to fight across the full spectrum of war. Countries need to consider the complex interactions between subsystems of MBTs in the decision phase of a design process or MBT acquisition. In order to define the interaction among the subsystems of ‘system of systems’, which is MBT system for this case, this study aims to determine the criteria and their sub criteria affecting MBT selection problem and to analyse the cause and effect relations among these criteria. The criteria and the complex interaction among them have been determined by consulting a group of experts. Because of multiple complex criteria interactions in MBT selection problem, decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL method is used as a multiple criteria decision making method. DEMATEL method is applied on the main and the sub criteria separately to understand the cause and effect relations. The results show that Survivability main criterion has the strongest central role among the main criteria for MBT selection, while the followers are firepower, mobility and command and control (C2. It is also shown that, in terms of sub criteria for MBT selection, ballistic protection, a sub criterion of survivability main criterion, has the highest degree of influence over most of the other sub criteria. However, physical dimensions/silhouette, another sub criterion of survivability, is the most affected sub criteria. The top five sub criteria in terms of central role are determined as physical dimensions/silhouette, ballistic protection, power/weight ratio, ground pressure and suspension system.

  19. Reflections on the Legal Battles Over Prisoners with Gender Dysphoria. (United States)

    Levine, Stephen B


    Momentum has shifted in the legal battles over the provision of sex reassignment surgery (SRS) for male prisoners. In 2015, two court decisions granted the operation and were not appealed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The author, who has participated in some of these battles as an expert, analyzes the strengths and limitations of the medical illness, developmental, and minority rights paradigms for Gender Dysphoria that are used to reach psychiatric opinions about medical necessity. Courts are influenced by the recommendation of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) that inmates should be treated as are individuals in the community. This is a compassionate assertion, but one not fully informed by practical experience with SRS among prisoners. Most inmates requesting SRS through litigation are serving very long or life sentences. Their backgrounds are quite unlike most transgendered individuals encountered in the community. If long-term prisoners are provided with SRS, the study of their adaptations may enable future decisions to be based on adaptation data rather than the competing opinions of experts. Gathering such data may be challenged as an experiment, however, and viewed as unethical.




    Growth of Military StatesAs late as 1961 the African image had not been tarnished to any great extent by the incidence of military coups. Indeed, a field study tour conducted in 1960- 1 - the year of independence as it has been called - to investigate the place of the armed forces in societies in Africa did not provide the evidence on which to forecast the eventual spate of coups. Togo was the first country in West Africa to experience a military coup when on 13 January 1963 Togolese soldiers...

  1. Military Advice and Civil-Military Relations (United States)


    Ballinger Publishing Company, 1985. Builder, Carl H. The Masks of war: American Military Styles in Strategy and Analysis. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins...9 Carl H. Builder, The Masks of war: American Military Styles in Strategy and Analysis (Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins...11 Carl von Clausewitz, On War, ed. Michael Howard and Peter Paret (New York, New York: Everyman’s Library , 1993), 733. 6 importance and thus the

  2. Military Surgeon and Humanity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LU Lu; WANG Yiran


    Military surgeons are a special group of doctors. They are both medical workers and soldiers.Their mission is to serve the wounded on the battlefield.And there is no doubt that military surgeons will save our comrades in the army. However,should a military surgeon save the wounded enemy? It is indeed a dilemma.Some may save the wounded enemy because military surgeons are doctors after all and they can't possibly abandon anybody to his fate,but some refuse to do so because military surgeons are soldiers.Therefore,some situations on the battlefield are discussed and advice is suggested for military surgeons,with heartfelt anticipation for there being less casualties on the battlefield as well as alleviating human suffering caused by war.

  3. Military Surgeon and Humanity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LU; Lu; WANG; Yiran


    Military surgeons are a special group of doctors.They are both medical workers and soldiers.Their mission is to serve the wounded on the battlefield.And there is no doubt that military surgeons will save our comrades in the army.However,should a military surgeon save the wounded enemy?It is indeed a dilemma.Some may save the wounded enemy because military surgeons are doctors after all and they can’t possibly abandon anybody to his fate,but some refuse to do so because military surgeons are soldiers.Therefore,some situations on the battlefield are discussed and advice is suggested for military surgeons,with heartfelt anticipation for there being less casualties on the battlefield as well as alleviating human suffering caused by war.

  4. Mass Organizations and Battle in Wanyuan in Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Region%川陕苏区群团组织与万源保卫战

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘长江; 陈显川


    The Battle in Wanyuan was a crucial fighting in the anti-"Six-road Siege" because the survival of Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet regions depended on the victory of the defense fighting. Fortunately, the Red Army won the war although the material, transportation and military force in the Red Army were weaker than the enemy. Factually, the hard-won victory had much to do with the contributions from the mass organizations. Under the leadership of CPC, the organizations actively motivated the public to produce and transport the military materials, especially to join the Red Army or to help fighting, which provided the urgently needed materials and forces for fighting. So it can be said that the supports from the mass organizations was a key factor for the victory in the Battle in Wanyuan.%万源保卫战是川陕苏区反"六路围攻"的关键之战,其胜败关乎川陕苏区的生死存亡.当时红军虽然在物资储备、运输、兵力等各个方面都处于劣势地位,但最终还是取得了战斗的胜利. 这场来之不易的胜利与群团组织的贡献密切相关. 群团组织在苏区党的领导下大力动员和组织苏区群众为红军生产和运输军需物资,积极号召群众参加红军、辅助红军战斗,为万源保卫战提供了急需的物资和兵员. 因此,群团组织的支持是万源保卫战取胜的重要因素.

  5. The Professional Military Ethic (United States)


    while fighting under less than ideal environmental conditions. It seems paradoxical that we expect them in battle to deal with the most to be a vice. Our society values indulgence. We do so to such a great extent that we have a massive obesity crisis.31 If we were to presume that...31According to the recent HBO documentary, “Weight of the Nation,” over one third of Americans are obese , with another third classified as merely

  6. Iraqi Military Academies


    Nodar Z. Mossaki


    The article analyzes the system of training of officers in military academies in Iraq – in Zakho, Qalacholan, ar-Rustamiyah and an-Nasiriyah. The author describes the history of creation, process of evolution, challenges and features of training in these colleges. Particular attention paid to military academies in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which actually do not obey the central government of Iraq, however, have the highest level of training. Currently, Iraq's military academies operat...

  7. Vedr.: Military capacity building

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Josefine Kühnel; Struwe, Lars Bangert


    Kühnel Larsen and researcher Lars Bangert Struwe of CMS had organized a seminar in collaboration with Royal Danish Defense Colleg and the East African Security Governance Network. The seminar focused on some of the risks involved in Military capacity building and how these risks are dealt with from......Military capacity building has increasingly become an integral part of Danish defence. Military capacity is a new way of thinking Danish defence and poses a new set of challenges and opportunities for the Danish military and the Political leadership. On the 12th of december, PhD. Candidate Josefine...

  8. About Military Sexual Trauma

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... out why Close About Military Sexual Trauma Veterans Health Administration Loading... Unsubscribe from Veterans Health Administration? Cancel Unsubscribe Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 12, ...

  9. The "Battle" of Managing Language Barriers in Health Care. (United States)

    Steinberg, Emma M; Valenzuela-Araujo, Doris; Zickafoose, Joseph S; Kieffer, Edith; DeCamp, Lisa Ross


    Providing safe and high-quality health care for children whose parents have limited English proficiency (LEP) remains challenging. Reports of parent perspectives on navigating language discordance in health care are limited. We analyzed portions of 48 interviews focused on language barriers from 2 qualitative interview studies of the pediatric health care experiences of LEP Latina mothers in 2 urban US cities. We found mothers experienced frustration with health care and reported suboptimal accommodation for language barriers. Six themes emerged relevant to health care across settings: the "battle" of managing language barriers, preference for bilingual providers, negative bias toward interpreted encounters, "getting by" with limited language skills, fear of being a burden, and stigma and discrimination experienced by LEP families. Parents' insights highlight reasons why effective language accommodation in health care remains challenging. Partnering with families to address the management of language barriers is needed to improve health care quality and safety for LEP patients and families.

  10. The battle for centre stage: Women's football in South Africa

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engh, Mari Haugaa


    From when the first official South African Women's National Football team was established in 1993, Banyana Banyana have been 'making it happen' for women's football in South Africa. National team players have become inspirational icons and role models for thousands of South African women and girls....... This Focus draws on academic research, media reports and interviews with national team players to highlight the struggles and victories of South African women footballers over the last 40 years. Despite numerous challenges and setbacks, womenB football has experienced immense growth over the past 15 years....... Highlighting examples of battles for power and leadership, homophobic attitudes and attempts to feminise the bodies of women footballers, this Focus illustrates the hard fought victories and disappointing losses in the history of South African women's football....

  11. The copyright wars three centuries of trans-atlantic battle

    CERN Document Server

    Baldwin, Peter


    Today’s copyright wars can seem unprecedented. Sparked by the digital revolution that has made copyright—and its violation—a part of everyday life, fights over intellectual property have pitted creators, Hollywood, and governments against consumers, pirates, Silicon Valley, and open-access advocates. But while the digital generation can be forgiven for thinking the dispute between, for example, the publishing industry and Google is completely new, the copyright wars in fact stretch back three centuries—and their history is essential to understanding today’s battles. The Copyright Wars—the first major trans-Atlantic history of copyright from its origins to today—tells this important story. Peter Baldwin explains why the copyright wars have always been driven by a fundamental tension. Should copyright assure authors and rights holders lasting claims, much like conventional property rights, as in Continental Europe? Or should copyright be primarily concerned with giving consumers cheap and easy ac...

  12. Capital versus talent. The battle that's reshaping business. (United States)

    Martin, Roger L; Moldoveanu, Mihnea C


    For much of the twentieth century, labor and capital fought bitterly for control of the industrialized economy. The titans of industry ultimately won a resounding victory over the unions, but the story doesn't end there. In today's economy, value is largely the product of knowledge and information. Companies cannot generate profits without the ideas, skills, and leadership capabilities of knowledge workers. It's these factors--not technologies, not factories, and certainly not capital--that give the most successful companies their unique advantages. As knowledge workers come to realize this, and see that the demand for their talent outstrips the supply, they are steadily wresting more and more of the profits from shareholders. This time the battle is between the sources of capital and the producers of value, and how it will end is far from clear. The roots of the current conflict lie in the twentieth-century shift from industrial to managerial capitalism and the creation of a new class of professional talent, the authors explain. Since the arrival of the information-based economy in the past decade, tensions have escalated. The dramatic rise of CEO pay--and the public fire it has drawn--is a telling symptom. With this new battle, we're also witnessing a fundamental change in the political alignment of capital. The Left is now siding with "the common shareholder" against the well-compensated top tier of the labor pool. Shareholders seeing an unprecedented proportion of the return on their investments siphoned off to employees may well ask, is there no end to it? Increasingly, it's human capital that is the basis of value, and financial capital has become far more generic than shareholders would like to believe. The growing tensions between shareholders and managers cannot be ignored, and capitalism is at a crossroads--again.

  13. The Trumpet and the Wolf: Noises of Battle in Old English Poetry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alice Jorgensen


    Full Text Available Descriptions of battle in Old English poetry frequently refer to noise: clattering weapons, howling beasts, and general clamor. Noises are particularly prominent in the type-scenes of the approach to battle and the beasts of battle, and they help evoke the psychological dimension of fighting, especially the mounting excitement and terror before the clash of armies. Further, beast-cries are often depicted as song; this is heavily ironic, but it also refers self-reflexively to the role of the poet. In _Exodus_ a contrast between trumpets and wolves articulates the drama of the Israelites’ struggle of faith. Trumpets are associated with courage, initiative, and communication, wolf-song with terror, paralysis, and loss of speech. The noisiness of the poem also helps to highlight, however, the poet’s mastery of a complex allegory. An exploration of battle noises enables us to relate Old English poetry to Elaine Scarry’s comments on language and war.

  14. USSR Report, Military Affairs. (United States)


    watermelons, tobacco and grain on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov for many years. A distinctive characteristic of theirs was a virtually zero forward...military-patriot- ic films and books, debates, trips to historic places, meetings with veterans, "Me- morial Shifts" and military sport

  15. Transforming Military Leaders (United States)


    McGraw Hill, 2005), 608. 41 Peter Guy Northouse , Leadership : Theory and Practice (New York: Sage Publications Inc, 2004), 151. 42 Ibid, 151. 43...KEY TERMS: Globalization, Military Transformation, Leadership CLASSIFICATION: Unclassified A phrase that captures the challenges associated with the... leadership competencies to fully execute our National Security Strategy across the parochial elements of diplomatic, information, military and economic

  16. Improving Military Ties

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China and the United States appear poised to strengthen their troubled military exchanges Vice Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Xu Caihou kicked off his 10-day-long official visit to the United States in a bid to

  17. Pitfalls of Technology: A Case Study of the Battle on Takur Ghar Mountain, Afghanistan (United States)


    8217 fall onto Takur Ghar. Predator. Due to the availability of a Predator feed at the various Tactical Operations Centers, higher headquarters assumed...have been, and continue to be, documented at the unit level. As one of the first battles of the Twenty-first century, the story of Takur The battle itself was a story of courage and sacrifice, one in v-trch seven Americans died fighting for their country - and for each other. It

  18. Iraqi Military Academies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nodar Z. Mossaki


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the system of training of officers in military academies in Iraq – in Zakho, Qalacholan, ar-Rustamiyah and an-Nasiriyah. The author describes the history of creation, process of evolution, challenges and features of training in these colleges. Particular attention paid to military academies in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which actually do not obey the central government of Iraq, however, have the highest level of training. Currently, Iraq's military academies operate on the basis of the NATO standards. Iraqi military academies paid miuch attention to the specifics of the military and political situation in Iraq – counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations, patrolling cities, fighting in an urban environment etc. Significant place in the curriculum take the courses contributing to the formation of pro-Western sentiment.

  19. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    If the military were a business, would you buy shares? Over recent years, Western armed forces, particularly the US, have been costing more yet achieving less. At the same time, austerity measures are reducing defence budgets. This book uses defence data to examine the workings of modern Western...... militaries and explore what kind of strategies can overcome this gap between input and output. Instead of focusing on military strategy, Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen seeks to draw on the ideas of business strategy to assess alternative business cases - reforming military HR to combat instability in the 'Global...... South' or utilising new technologies to overcome the prohibitive costs of current systems. Analysing the philosophical, strategic and budgetary underpinnings of these alternatives, he concludes that a more radical break from current military organisational practices is needed which would allow them...

  20. Battle-Wisdom. Improving Cognitive Performance in Network Centric Warfare (United States)


    One problem is that it has less flexibility in its ability to offer variable forms of compensation (e.g. bonuses, stock options , etc.) because its...senior levels), and stock options . While it is difficult for the military to match such compensation, it does not have to do so in order to retain its

  1. Influence: The New Weapon in the Battle for Southeast Asia (United States)


    interests. With the emergence of terrorist groups, bombings in Bali , Philippines, Thailand and Jakarta, and al-Qaeda affiliated links in Southeast...too much credit for the programs it provides. From making sure all USAID programs are branded with the USAID logo, to military aid given only when

  2. The Battle of Warsaw, 1920: Impact on Operational Thought (United States)


    Poles believed earnestly that they were fighting for the most sacred possessions of man: freedom, language, traditions, and religion .4 2 SECTION IV THE...York: St. Martin’s Press, 1972.) p. 51. Quoted from, Historia Polski, Vol. IV, Pt 1. Warsaw (1966), p. 258. 7 J.F.C. Fuller, A Military History of the

  3. Shrinking the Civil-Military Divide: A Military Perspective (United States)


    Government, the United States Military resides . If the government is a behemoth, it is in no small part due to the size of the military. As one...Department’s future military leaders. See no evil , hear no evil , speak no evil is the curriculum when it comes to civil- military relations, partisan

  4. 3rd International Scientific Conference “Military History of Russia: Problems, Searches, Solutions” Dedicated to the 160th Anniversary of the End of the Crimean War of 1853-1856 (September 23-24, 2016, Volgograd

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey G. Sidorov


    Full Text Available This article provides information about the 3rd International Scientific Conference “Military History of Russia: problems, searches, solutions”, dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the Crimean War of 1853-1856. This conference was held in Volgograd on September 23-24, 2016. The conference was held at the Volgograd State University. Conference was organized by Volgograd State University, Centre for collective use “Military History of Russia”, Centre for the Study of the Battle of Stalingrad, The State Historical and Memorial Museum “Battle of Stalingrad”, State Archive of Volgograd Region, the Volgograd regional Division of the Academy of Military Sciences, the Volgograd Regional Branch of the Russian Military-Historical Society. The conference was informative and representative in its composition: more than 100 representatives of scientific institutions of the Academy of Sciences, universities, archives, museums and libraries from 20 cities of Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine. 22 doctors of sciences and 40 candidates of sciences were among the participants. Together with respected professors and lecturers the conference was attended by young scientists: assistants, postgraduate students, master students and students. The article analyzes the work of the plenary sessions and 10 sections, the central section of which was “The Crimean War: Russia and the World”. The permanent sections were presented by the reports: on Military History in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages, in New and Recent History; on social protection of the population in wartime; on the military-political conflicts as a threat to the security of society and state; on the international aspects of military conflicts; on the art of war in the methodology of the international “wargame” research; on the results of work of the Centre for the Study of the Battle of Stalingrad.

  5. Colonel Blotto Games and Lancaster's Equations: A Novel Military Modeling Combination (United States)

    Collins, Andrew J.; Hester, Patrick T.


    Military strategists face a difficult task when engaged in a battle against an adversarial force. They have to predict both what tactics their opponent will employ and the outcomes of any resultant conflicts in order to make the best decision about their actions. Game theory has been the dominant technique used by analysts to investigate the possible actions that an enemy will employ. Traditional game theory can be augmented by use of Lanchester equations, a set of differential equations used to determine the outcome of a conflict. This paper demonstrates a novel combination of game theory and Lanchester equations using Colonel Blotto games. Colonel Blotto games, which are one of the oldest applications of game theory to the military domain, look at the allocation of troops and resources when fighting across multiple areas of operation. This paper demonstrates that employing Lanchester equations within a game overcomes some of practical problems faced when applying game theory.

  6. The battle for meaning: A cross-national film reception analysis of The Battle Cry of Peace in Switzerland and the Netherlands during World War I

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Zwaan, K.; gerber, adrian


    This article offers a cross-national analysis of the historical reception of the American war film The Battle Cry of Peace (J. Stuart Blackton and Wilfred North/Vitagraph, 1915) in the neutral countries of the Netherlands and Switzerland during World War I. Treating propaganda as a mode de lecture,

  7. Marshal Jean Lannes in the Battles of Saalfeld, Pultusk, and Friedland, 1806 to 1807: The Application of Combined Arms in the Opening Battle (United States)


    opening battle. 117 1Britt, Wars of Napoleon, 42. 2 Chandler, Capaigns, 331. 3 Otto von Pivka , Armies of the Naooleonic Era, (New York: Taplinger...Petre, F. Loraine. NaRoleon’s Conquest of Prussia-1806. London: Lional Leventhal Limited, 1993. Pivka , Otto. Armies of the Naploeonic Era. New York

  8. A Light Infantry Division for Airland Battle-Future (United States)


    infantry with modern high technology . SCHOOL OF ADVANCED MILITARY STUDIES MONOGRAPH APPROVAL Major Mark Van Drie Title of Monograph: A Light Infantry...tre reauirements of the f uturG’ batt lef ield. It conJcludes m -at 7h miisersed, Moble sml unit tactics of lgtifnr i dominate the future batt...tactical success: technical means are simply one factor in the combat power eqation. High technology weapons and equipment provide both advantages and - 7

  9. Optimal Facility Location Tool for Logistics Battle Command (LBC) (United States)


    Per- 14 A-25 haps using a specific facility will result in a tax credit or a public relations advantage. Maybe the cost of using that facility is...are shipped as green and purple, respectively, with some arcs supporting flow at both echelons. Using the graphic solution for each instance along with...2012. Logistics Quotes. Tech. rept. UK Foreign Travel. html,Accessed:2015-01-19. 26

  10. Bullet dents – “Proof marks” or battle damage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Williams, Alan


    Full Text Available

    It is well known that the breastplates of many armours from the later 16th century and the 17th century bear the hemispherical dents generally known as proof marks. It has been taken as axiomatic that these marks were made in order to demonstrate the armours’ effectiveness against firearms. If however some of these dents are compared with dents which are the result of battle damage, it appears that they were made by energy levels of a different order of magnitude, and offer little guarantee as to the “proof” of the armour.

    Como es bien sabido, muchos petos de armaduras de finales del siglo XVI y del XVII tienen abolladuras semiesféricas conocidas como pruebas de arcabuz. Se ha considerado axiomático que estas abolladuras fueron hechas para demostrar la efectividad de las armaduras frente a las armas de fuego. Sin embargo, si se comparan con otras debidas a daños en combate, parece que fueron producidas por energías de diferente orden o magnitud, al tiempo que ofrecen pocas garantías como “pruebas” de las armaduras.

  11. Clinical Application of Shenque (CV 8) plus Eight Battle Points for Obesity

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Xiao-hui; HANG Guo-qi


    In order to observe the therapeutic effect of Eight Battle Points for simple obesity.Methods:In the treatment of 98 cases of the patients with obesity by the oblique puncture of long needles into Eight Battle Points,the body weight,body weight index (BWI),waist circumference,buttock circumference and fat distribution rate of the patients were measured and assessed respectively before and after the treatments.And the changes of complications of obesity were observed before and after the treatments.Results:There were significant differences (P<0.05) in various indexes of obesity before and after acupuncture treatment.Conclusion:Acupuncture by puncturing Shenque(CV 8) plus Eight Battle Points is positive in the treatment of obesity and has a better therapeutic effect for complications of obesity.

  12. Battling Bullying in the British Army 1987 – 2004

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James K. Wither


    Full Text Available This article explores the attempts by the UK MOD to eradicate bullying in the British Army. Although British recruits are not confronted by mistreatment that compares with the phenomenon of dedovshchina, the Army has struggled to eliminate incidents of bullying from the ranks, which have tarnished the image of the British Army. The article examines the nature and extent of the problem, the efficacy of official policy to combat it, and suggests reasons why bullying persists even in a long- standing professional army. It also seeks to provide instructive insights for those militaries of the successor states of the Soviet Union that are currently blighted by dedovshchina.

  13. Energy Efficient MANET Protocol Using Cross Layer Design for Military Applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mamata Rath


    Full Text Available In military applications mobile adhoc network plays very important role because it is specifically designed network for on demand requirement and in situations where set up of physical network is not possible. This special type of network which takes control in infrastructure less communication handles serious challenges tactfully such as highly robust and dynamic military work stations, devices and smaller sub-networks in the battle field. Therefore there is a high demand of designing efficient routing protocols ensuring security and reliability for successful transmission of highly sensitive and confidential military information in defence networks. With this objective, a power efficient network layer routing protocol in the network for military application is designed and simulated using a new cross layer approach of design to increase reliability and network lifetime up to a greater extent.Defence Science Journal, Vol. 66, No. 2, March 2016, pp. 146-150, DOI:

  14. Intelligent UAV-Assisted Localisation to Conserve Battery Energy in Military Sensor Networks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P.Shunmuga Perumal


    Full Text Available Wireless sensor networks (WSNs are extensively used in military applications for border area monitoring, battle-field surveillance, tracking enemy troops, where the sensor nodes run on battery power. Localisation of sensor nodes is extremely important to identify the location of event in military applications for further actions. Existing localisation algorithms consume more energy by heavy computation and communication overheads. The objective of the proposed research is to increase the lifetime of the military sensor networks by reducing the power consumption in each sensor node during localisation. For the state-of-the-art, we propose a novel intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle anchor node (IUAN with an intelligent arc selection (IAS-based centralised localisation algorithm, which removes computation cost and reduces communication cost at every sensor node. The IUAN collects the signal strength, distance data from sensor nodes and the central control station (CCS computes the position of sensor nodes using IAS algorithm. Our approach significantly removes computation cost and reduces communication cost at each sensor node during localisation, thereby radically extends the lifetime and localisation coverage of the military sensor networks.Science Journal, Vol. 64, No. 6, November 2014, pp.557-563, DOI:

  15. The Makings of an Event: Encountering the Battle of Kadesh through Time


    McCandless, Lindsey June


    This dissertation examines the packaging and presentation of the Battle of Kadesh as a meaningful Event to both a local Egyptian and a wider Near Eastern audience at pivotal moments in time. In 1275 BCE the Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses II, faced off against the Hittite king, Muwatalli, at the northern Levantine citadel of Kadesh along the border between the two great empires. This confrontation remains one of the most well studied battles of pre-classical times as a result of the lavish attenti...

  16. 实验与实战:七三一部队在诺门罕战争%Experiment and Combat:Unit 731 in Battle of Khalkhin-Gol?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    During World War II, the Japanese military developed biological weapons, which size at the time the world's advanced level.In 1939, in battle of Khalkhin-Gol, the Japanese carried out germ warfare in trench warfare for the first time.Through a comprehensive analysis of the statements of post-war criminals in germ war-fare and after-war related profiles ,it explore Unit 731 joined in Battle of Khalkhin-Gol and the historical facts of carrying out bacteriological weapons, meanwhile discusses Battle of Khalkhin-Gol reference significance that Unit 731 extend bacteria weapons research and applications of epidemic water battlefield.%第二次世界大战期间日本军大力发展细菌武器,堪称当时世界“先进武器”。在1939年的“诺门罕战争”中日军首次在阵地战中实施了细菌战。本文通过综合分析战后日本细菌战犯的口供及战后相关档案资料,探讨七三一部队参加诺门罕战争并实施细菌武器的历史事实的同时论述诺门罕战争对七三一部队扩展细菌武器研究、防疫给水战场应用的借鉴意义。

  17. Academic and Military Instructional Technology. (United States)

    Branson, Robert K.

    This paper examines the practices and accomplishments of the military in the area of instructional technology. An examination of historical background is used to increase the precision of the definition of instructional technology. Specific contributions of the military are described and then uses of instructional technology in the military and…

  18. Syria’s Military Capabilities and Options for Military Intervention

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pradhan-Blach, Flemming


    This background paper does not endorse any military action towards Syria. The document does not reflect or express any official Danish policy or a position of the University of Copenhagen or the Centre for Military Studies. The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe military capabilities...... and options in order to provide a factual background for the ongoing discussion on possible military intervention in the Syrian conflict and Denmark’s possible participation in such an intervention. The paper is primarily based on the Military Balance published by the International Institute for Strategic...

  19. Autonomous military robotics

    CERN Document Server

    Nath, Vishnu


    This SpringerBrief reveals the latest techniques in computer vision and machine learning on robots that are designed as accurate and efficient military snipers. Militaries around the world are investigating this technology to simplify the time, cost and safety measures necessary for training human snipers. These robots are developed by combining crucial aspects of computer science research areas including image processing, robotic kinematics and learning algorithms. The authors explain how a new humanoid robot, the iCub, uses high-speed cameras and computer vision algorithms to track the objec

  20. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    If the military were a business, would you buy shares? Over recent years, Western armed forces, particularly the US, have been costing more yet achieving less. At the same time, austerity measures are reducing defence budgets. This book uses defence data to examine the workings of modern Western...... South' or utilising new technologies to overcome the prohibitive costs of current systems. Analysing the philosophical, strategic and budgetary underpinnings of these alternatives, he concludes that a more radical break from current military organisational practices is needed which would allow them...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Georgel RUSU


    Full Text Available To bring together the word operation and opera and/or accomplishing an opera is not at all improper. Defining a (military operation as ”the total amount of the military actions performed by large operative and strategic units, according to an unique plan, for attaining an operative or strategic objective....”[1], coldly and exhaustively developed along almost two pages, may provide sufficient arguments for correctly anchoring the action within the domain of military practice, in spite of the shortcoming of not having a more synthetic form, with valid landmarks for other disciplines, as well. Frequently, both the medical and the military operations exceed their routine, deserving artistic appreciations. It is not accidental that analysis and preparation of any military combat includes the field of military art, defined as ”a compounding part of the military science, a specialized domain of organization and management of armed conflicts. It includes both the principles, methods, procedures and rules for the preparation and development of military actions, and the personal endowments (talent, mastership, skill expected from the part of leaders and troops for attaining success in the battle...”[2] More than that, the operative art is defined as ”a component of military art ... created and developed as an intermediary domain between strategy and tactics...”[3]. Continuing to lay stress on the parallelism to which the study is devoted, the author considers that actions that may be related to or may be appreciated as possessing artistic characteristics occur even beyond the field of aesthetic or reparatory surgery. The definitions provided by medical dictionaries do not eliminate, yet encourage similarities. The operation is ”s.f./operation, (Lat. operatio, -onis = work, operation, derived from operari = to work, and opus, operis = labour, work, a medical act performed by the surgeon with his hands, by means of adequate instruments, for

  2. Rainfall extremes: Toward reconciliation after the battle of distributions. (United States)

    Serinaldi, Francesco; Kilsby, Chris G


    results from the analysis of short time series. Citation: Serinaldi, F., and C. G. Kilsby (2014), Rainfall extremes: Toward reconciliation after the battle of distributions, Water Resour. Res., 50, 336-352, doi:10.1002/2013WR014211.

  3. [Paskal Joseph Ritter von Ferro, the Reformer of the Austrian Public Health. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his death in consequence of the battle of Wagram against Napoleon]. (United States)

    Flamm, Heinz


    Paskal Joseph Ferro, born on June 5th, 1753 in Bonn, Germany, in the course of his military service as a surgeon graduated medicine in 1777 in Strasbourg and Vienna. Here initially he worked as a private physician in a hospital. In 1785 he became an assistant to the leading municipal physician, in 1793 he was appointed director of the district hospitals and in 1793 medical official in charge of Lower Austria. In 1795 Ferro was the first on the now created position of "Protomedicus" (director of the health administration) of an Austrian country. His most important acts were the creation of the first medical cold water bath in Austria, the foundation of institutions for the salvation of casualties, the introduction of rooms to lay out the dead in the communities, the organization of dispersed health regulations and their publications for common knowledge and especially the introduction of the smallpox vaccination in 1799 first time outside the UK. After the battle of Wagram (north to Vienna) in the Napoleonic war (July 6th, 1809) he had to care for the wounded and 56,000 dead soldiers on the battle field. In this action he contracted typhoid fever and consequently died on August 21st, 1809.

  4. 中央红军会理攻坚战述论%Presentation and Discussion on the Battle of the Central Red Army in Hui-li County

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘财富; 景志明


    During the Long March period,the battle of the Central Red Army in Hui-li county of Si-chuan province was an important one.Because casualties were too serious,so many criticisms occurred in the Party or the Red Army.Based on the relevant historical documents,the author thinks the military action taken by the Red Army in Hui-li county had favorable and unfavorable factors.Though the battle didn’t win,it still had positive significance in which the Red Army went north rapidly and broke though the Da Du-he river defence set by the army of Kuomingtang.%会理攻坚战是中央红军长征在四川时的一场重要战斗。因红军伤亡过大且攻城失利,所以当时党内军内非议颇多。本文通过相关史料的梳理,分析红军攻城的有利与不利因素,从而说明这次战斗的失利对于中央红军迅速北上并突破国民党大渡河防线仍有积极的影响。

  5. ‘Scientific’ nationalism : N-VA and the discursive battle for the Flemish nation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Maly, Ico


    This paper investigates how the discursive battle for the Flemish nation is waged in the Flemish mass media by politicians of the Flemish nationalist party, the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). I focus on the ‘new nationalism’ that N-VA politicians advocate as a means to ‘banalise’ a hot Flemish nationa

  6. 2010 Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) Workshop: Extending BML to Crisis Management (United States)


    Functions 100% INCIDENT Increase Efficency Increase Robustness Increase Societal Functions Per M. Gustavsson MSG-079 – 2010 Coalition Battle...Administration (SNRA) • Energy Utility Companies • Local Transportation (Västtrafik) • Swedish Railway Administration (SRA) • National Defence TSUNAMI

  7. Battle of Konotop (1659 in the Нistoriography and the Historical Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gennady G. Matishov


    Full Text Available The successor to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the new hetman of Army of Zaporozhye Ivan Vygovsky in 1658 switched sides Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and entered into an alliance with the Crimean Khan. To suppress the rebellion came to Ukraine by Russian troops of Prince Alexey Trubetskoy. His support of the Ukrainian Cossacks. In Ukraine flared up a real civil war (Ruin. June 28, 1659, near Konotop Russian cavalry under the command of Prince Semen Pozharsky defeated. Trubetskoi had to retreat. But Vygovsky failed to take full advantage of the results of the battle. The article examines the historiography of Konotop battle about the politics of memory. Historiographical sources are pre-revolutionary, Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian, studies and textbooks of history. The authors show how one of the battles of Russian-Polish war (1654–1667 focus has been placed under the influence of political circumstances. Konotop battle was seen in Ukrainian historiography as one of the most significant victories of the Ukrainian people in the struggle for independence. This is reflected in the Ukrainian history textbooks and other forms of historical memory.

  8. Seventh Fleet field training exercise : Fleet Battle Experiment Kilo : fires initiatives final report


    Schacher, G. E.; Pilnick, Steve; Irvine, Nelson; Gallup, Shelley


    Fleet Battle Experiment Kilo was conducted during Seventh Fleet exercise Tandem Thrust 03. During the Field Training Exercise phase, testing of Time Sensitive Targets processes using the Joint Fires Network was carried out. This report contains results obtained on contributions made by the Joint Fires Network to Navy Time Sensitive Targeting and experiment lessons learned. NA

  9. Racial Battle Fatigue for Latina/o Students: A Quantitative Perspective (United States)

    Franklin, Jeremy D.; Smith, William A.; Hung, Man


    Previous literature demonstrates that as a result of racial microaggressions and hostile campus racial climates, Latina/o students often state they experience psychological, physiological, and behavioral stress responses during and after racialized incidents on campuses. The purpose of this study is to quantitatively test the racial battle fatigue…

  10. RED Versus REDD: The Battle Between Extending Agricultural Land Use and Protecting Forest

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dixon, Peter; Meijl, van J.C.M.; Rimmer, Maureen; Tabeau, A.A.


    This paper analyses the complex battle between RED and REDD policies and the resulting global consequences on land use, agricultural production, international trade flows and world food prices. A key methodological challenge is the representation of land use and the possibility to convert forestry l

  11. Guerrilla War at UCLA: Political and Legal Dimensions of the Tenure Battle. (United States)

    Minami, Dale


    Shows how political campaigning and legal action won a three-year battle (beginning in 1986) for tenure by an Asian Pacific American professor, D. Nakanishi, at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Describes the case's academic context, explains the legal alternatives, and analyzes the legal/political strategy adopted. (JB)

  12. Adding Reports to Coalition Battle Management Language for NATO MSG-048

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pullen, J.M.; Corner, D.; Singapogo, S.S.; Clarc, N.; Cordonnier, N.; Menane, M.; Khimeche, L.; Mevassvik, O.M.; Alstad, A.; Schad, U.; Frey, M.; Reus, N. M. de; Krom, P.P.J. de; Grand, N.P. le; Brook, A.


    The NATO Modeling and Simulation Group Technical Activity 48 (MSG-048) was chartered in 2006 to investigate the potential of a Coalition Battle Management Language for multinational and NATO interoperation of command and control systems with modeling and simulation. Its initial work in defining and

  13. Command and Control of the U.S. Tenth Army During the Battle of Okinawa (United States)


    30 Appleman, et al, 498. 31 Nichols and Shaw, 271. 32 Ibid., 261. 33 Ibid., 263. 34 Craig M. Cameron, American Samurai : Myth, Imagination...Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1987. Cameron, Craig M. American Samurai : Myth, Imagination, and the Conduct of Battle of the First Marine

  14. An Analysis Of “The Gymnastics Battle At Stockholm Elementary Schools”



    Introduction. In order to examine the consequences that a changed view of the child had on early twentieth-century teaching in Sweden, this article analyses a battle that erupted when a proposal for new lesson content for Swedish school gymnastics was presented.

  15. Which Battle of the Somme? War and neutrality in Dutch cinemas, 1914-1918

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    K. Dibbets; W. Groot


    While the Netherlands tried to maintain neutrality during World War I, the belligerent nations watched the country and its public opinion closely. At the same time, the French, English, and German authorities used propaganda to influence Dutch public opinion. The famous documentary film The Battle o

  16. An Analysis Of “The Gymnastics Battle At Stockholm Elementary Schools”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wanneberg Pia Lundquist


    Full Text Available Introduction. In order to examine the consequences that a changed view of the child had on early twentieth-century teaching in Sweden, this article analyses a battle that erupted when a proposal for new lesson content for Swedish school gymnastics was presented.

  17. Cementing Military Bonds

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China and the United States incorporate military cooperation into their strategic dialogue The recently concluded fifth round of the China-U.S.Strategic Dialogue with its special focus on defense was an instrumental first step for the two countries to advance their mili- tary relations through formal discussions,

  18. The Transgender Military Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Dietert


    Full Text Available Although there have been studies that focus on the experiences of the gay and lesbian population serving in the United States military, few have focused on the experience of active duty transgender service members. Transgender individuals transgress the binary conception of gender by deviating from societal gender norms associated with assigned sex at birth. The Department of Defense has set policies and standards that reflect a binary conception of gender, with a focus on conformity. We argue that able-bodied gender variant service personnel are just as capable of serving their country as anyone else. Because of the repercussions associated with active duty transgender military personnel, our sample is small and involves nine clandestine service members and two international service members who wanted to share their stories from a different perspective. Snowball sampling was aimed at finding current active duty and reserve transgender service members. Using a combination of telephone interviews and questionnaires, data were collected from active duty transgender service personnel throughout the United States and two from international militaries that allow transgender people to serve. Data collection focused on the overall experiences of the participants along with questions regarding workplace discrimination, suggestions for policy changes, and their views about the overturn of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Our findings add to a growing source of information about the transgender military experience in the U.S. armed forces and the importance of overturning discriminatory workplace policies that negatively impact transgender service members.

  19. On Military Theory (United States)


    sciences and philosophies are based on dubious premises or are in fact pseudosciences. Modern military theory was heavily influenced by empiricism and...determinism. Empiricism is described as a logical process based on pursuing knowledge through observation and experiments. One can make sensible

  20. USSR Report Military Affairs (United States)


    good job of selecting cadets and to avoid errors. For example, a group of scientists at the Donetsk Higher Military Political School of Engineer...Troops and Signal Troops imenl Army General A.A. Yepishev, together with colleagues from the Donetsk State Medical Institute imeni Maxim Gorkiy, did a

  1. USSR Report, Military Affairs. (United States)


    blunders of Hitler as a political and military leader, now by our country’s climatic and weather conditions.which were "unfavorable" for the German...Portugal, over Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. (According to other data, including the French press, American aircraft "cut short" this route by a

  2. Modernization of the Military

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China’s armed forces emphasize development and transformation,says national defense white paper China issued a white paper on national defense on March 31.The document,the seventh of its kind the Chinese Government has issued since 1998,says China will never seek hegemony or adopt the approach of military expansion

  3. Resilience among Military Youth (United States)

    Easterbrooks, M. Ann; Ginsburg, Kenneth; Lerner, Richard M.


    In this article, the authors present their approach to understanding resilience among military connected young people, and they discuss some of the gaps in their knowledge. They begin by defining resilience, and then present a theoretical model of how young people demonstrate resilient functioning. Next they consider some of the research on…

  4. Medical expertise of young people of military age with mitral valve prolapse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuznetsova M.A.


    Full Text Available The last decade is characterized by a sharp decrease in psychosomatic health of young people of military age and growth of level of cardiovascular pathology. It is promoted by social and economic transfor¬mations in the country, growth of a psychoemotional pressure, decrease in level of the material income of the population, food of non-full value, alcoholism and drug addiction, health system destruction. The special place in the structure of cardiovascular pathology of young men of military age is occupied by the prolapse of the mitral valve (PMV. In health system PMV is considered as pathology of young able-bodied age and most often is not treated as pathology in general, until cardiac violations (violations of heart rhythm and conductivity, clinically significant mitral regurgitation, etc. develop. This position is unacceptable relative to recruits, whose daily activity is entailed with influence of a complex of extreme factors of the military and professional environment. In specific conditions of military service (a strict regulation of mode of work and rest, high degree of a physical and psychoemotional pressure, elements of hypovitaminosis, etc., possibilities of adaptation of the young man with PMV are significantly complicated. Any minor changes of the environment can gain critical importance, lead to exhaustion of reserve potential of an organism, decompensation of bodies and systems responsible for adaptation. In the absence of a significant arrhythmic syndrome and/or signs of cardiac insufficiency, recruits with pathology of cardiovascular system (CCC, as a rule, are admitted fit for military service. However level of functional condition of an organism of this category of persons does not allow them to fulfill official duties in full measure. They lag behind in the program of educational battle training, differ in lowered ability to work, absence of motivation in performance of the official duties, constant complaints on a health

  5. A Model for Valuing Military Talents

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Hong-sheng


    The method of collocating military talents is a difficult problem. It is different from other talents, for the characteristic of military talents. This paper presents a model for valuing military talents,which can assists the military leaders to collocate military talents properly.

  6. 14 CFR 61.73 - Military pilots or former military pilots: Special rules. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Military pilots or former military pilots... Ratings and Pilot Authorizations § 61.73 Military pilots or former military pilots: Special rules. (a... a disciplinary action involving aircraft operations, a U.S. military pilot or former military...

  7. Military display performance parameters (United States)

    Desjardins, Daniel D.; Meyer, Frederick


    The military display market is analyzed in terms of four of its segments: avionics, vetronics, dismounted soldier, and command and control. Requirements are summarized for a number of technology-driving parameters, to include luminance, night vision imaging system compatibility, gray levels, resolution, dimming range, viewing angle, video capability, altitude, temperature, shock and vibration, etc., for direct-view and virtual-view displays in cockpits and crew stations. Technical specifications are discussed for selected programs.

  8. Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    18 Mar 87 p 2 [Editorial on "Measures Taken" in the "Answers, Responses, Results" section: "False Chords "] [Text] The correspondence entitled...34False Chords " that was. published on 3 January told about violations allowed while dismissing a group of military construction workers into the reserves...which hinder our movement forward are also especially noticeable. It is impossible not to see that INDIVIDUAL OFFICERS, WHO VOCALLY COME OUT FOR

  9. USSR Report, Military Affairs. (United States)


    notorious questionnaire method, haste and thoughtlessness lead to sad results. For example, in one unit in the Northern Group of Forces a person...the Komsomol member and how they worried that he was military, cocky and sharp-tongued! And his shoulders were squared and his craving to dare, to...examples in this work and make a contribution to the implementation of the nation’s Food Pro- gram. This year too, working in the kolkhoz and sovkhoz

  10. Restructuring Military Medical Care (United States)


    personnel—rapid deployment physicians, general or specialized surgeons from all services (including the reserves), senior medics, and nurses —would...for more than 1,500 medical personnel—such as nurses or physicians—assuming that about 12 military medical personnel are rotated annually at each...Displacement Without Myelopathy, Lumbar 21. Calculus of Gallbladder with Other Cholecystitis 22. Alcohol Dependence, Other and Unspecified, Unspecified Use

  11. USSR Report, Military Affairs. (United States)


    was due in part also to the fact that the class was con- ducted by someone other than the individual indicated in the schedule. Inci- dentally , the...Col V. Filatov, KRASNAYA ZVEZDA special correspondent, Chernobyl AES-Kiev-Moscow, under the rubric "Military Character": "At a Time of Trial"] [Text...1. He learned about the accident at the Chernobyl AES almost as soon as it happened, but he did not know and could not imagine how it would

  12. Sound Military Decision (United States)


    out its continuance. Habitual and studied adherence to the chain of com- mand in administrative matters, in consultation, in the ex- change of...each other. The Fundamental Military Principie , as a va!id guide, encounters no exception in the field it purports to cover. As a practical guide, with the characteristic operations of the command, rather thhan of the commander; they there- fore relate to such matters as routine administration

  13. USSR Report, Military Affairs (United States)


    and leading seaman and honor student. The brothers Giya and Guliver Nikolaishvili of Sukhumi, Dato Metreveli of Kutaisi, who is at the Kiev higher...policy is closely related to its domestic and foreign policy and the strategy of accelerating social and economic development based on scientific...and special informational publications and become acquainted with patent materials. There is yet one more important concept in our military lexicon

  14. Soviet Military Power (United States)


    vaned uber -as copoiteprpelans, lsofo imroingth.e.e.i.ees of dis.*~’ - "- .. ’ Soviet industrial modernization programs quire computer technology...Greenland C 1 NORTH , S ATLANTIC OCEAN Mexicos oU.. 3 OOCEAN Gas NOITMLTRPRONLARA * Lt~ Aeula InludngCua).......................A Svit nn Trantr 117I...are larger than those of Canada, island neighbors have little or no armed Brazil or Mexico . With Soviet assistance forces of their own. Cuban military

  15. Applying Advanced Imaging and Visualization Technology to the Battle of the Atlantic Shipwrecks between 20110531 and 20110821 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2008, the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary (MNMS) commenced a multiyear project focusing on shipwreck sites associated with the Battle of the Atlantic. During...

  16. Triage in military settings. (United States)

    Falzone, E; Pasquier, P; Hoffmann, C; Barbier, O; Boutonnet, M; Salvadori, A; Jarrassier, A; Renner, J; Malgras, B; Mérat, S


    Triage, a medical term derived from the French word "trier", is the practical process of sorting casualties to rationally allocate limited resources. In combat settings with limited medical resources and long transportation times, triage is challenging since the objectives are to avoid overcrowding medical treatment facilities while saving a maximum of soldiers and to get as many of them back into action as possible. The new face of modern warfare, asymmetric and non-conventional, has led to the integrative evolution of triage into the theatre of operations. This article defines different triage scores and algorithms currently implemented in military settings. The discrepancies associated with these military triage systems are highlighted. The assessment of combat casualty severity requires several scores and each nation adopts different systems for triage on the battlefield with the same aim of quickly identifying those combat casualties requiring lifesaving and damage control resuscitation procedures. Other areas of interest for triage in military settings are discussed, including predicting the need for massive transfusion, haemodynamic parameters and ultrasound exploration.

  17. The Engagement of Military Voice (United States)


    valuable, rare, inimitable, and or- ganizationally integrated ( VRIO ) capabilities of the firm are necessary for competitive advantage.4 Transferring...challenging for any large organization.5 This ex- pertise is developed through education and deliberate practice in the appli- cation of military force to...the military to the nation can be captured in the term SMART power.7 Some scholars are concerned that these VRIO competencies give the military undue

  18. Conversion of Abbandoned Military Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daiva Marcinkevičiūtė


    Full Text Available The article analyses the situation of abandoned military sites, their value and significance of their conservation. It also reviews their impact on their environment and their potential in tourism, environmental, economic and social spheres. Further the positive experiences in military sites' conversion are studied. The importance of society's involvement in the conversions is discussed. The situation of XIX-XX age's military object's, the significance of their conservation and their potential in tourism market is separately analysed. The results of two researches are introduced, one of which inquires about the Lithuanian military objects' potential in tourism sphere, another one explores the possibilities of conversion. Article in Lithuanian

  19. Structural Integrity Analysis of a Battle Tank Gun Barrel during Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahnawaz Ahmad


    Full Text Available In the present investigation, failure assessment diagram (FAD using R6 approach has been established for structural integrity analysis of a battle tank gun barrel. FEM based modelling was carried out to evaluate maximum stresses in the barrel section during firing. A detailed sensitivity analysis of various geometres, service and material parameters has been performed to assess their criticality on overall safety of the structures. The study has been carried out using actual material and firing data of a battle tank gun barrel and therefore it can give useful insight to a designer while selecting a material and designing a similar component.Defence Science Journal, Vol. 65, No. 1, January 2015, pp.83-89, DOI:

  20. Novecentism: Battle Against the Devil. Notes about Bontempelli’s Cultural and Aesthetic Project.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrizia Farinelli


    Full Text Available This article, with reference to theoretical and polemical essays collected in L’Avventura novecentista (1938, retraces Bontempelli’s perspective on the project of cultural renewal (the Novecentism, which he himself promoted in the 1920’s. This article presents not only the battles he sustained and his farsightedness, but also the problems or rather the challenges of this project. Along these challenges came the utopian battle against relativism, the tendency to defend the autonomy of art and the contemporary requirement that this autonomy be open to the necessities of that time, as well the attempt to conciliate an artistic work, inclined to break the norms and expectations, with a concept of popular literature and art.

  1. IA and PA network-based computation of coordinating combat behaviors in the military MAS (United States)

    Xia, Zuxun; Fang, Huijia


    In the military multi-agent system every agent needs to analyze the dependent and temporal relations among the tasks or combat behaviors for working-out its plans and getting the correct behavior sequences, it could guarantee good coordination, avoid unexpected damnification and guard against bungling the change of winning a battle due to the possible incorrect scheduling and conflicts. In this paper IA and PA network based computation of coordinating combat behaviors is put forward, and emphasize particularly on using 5x5 matrix to represent and compute the temporal binary relation (between two interval-events, two point-events or between one interval-event and one point-event), this matrix method makes the coordination computing convenience than before.

  2. Impulsivity in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gamers: Preliminary Results on Experimental and Self-Report Measures


    Nuyens, F; Deleuze, J; Maurage, P; Griffiths, MD; Kuss, DJ; Billieux, J


    Background and aims: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have become the most popular type of video games played worldwide, superseding the playing of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and First-Person Shooter games. However, empirical studies focusing on the use and abuse of MOBA games are still very limited, particularly regarding impulsivity, which is an indicator of addictive states but has not yet been explored in MOBA games. In this context, the objective of the p...

  3. Of hopes, villains and Trojan horses – Open Access academic publishing and its battle fields


    Šimukovič, Elena


    During its growth Open Access academic publishing has become a complex construction with sophisticated terms and modalities built into it. Multiple actors and interests involved make it to a value-laden field with different ideologies and tensions or even battles between them. However, taken-for-granted assumptions are rarely questioned or made explicit. Therefore, the overall aim of the PhD project is to capture the dynamics of the Open Access movement, the role it plays in anticipated chang...

  4. AirSea Battle: A Point-of-Departure Operational Concept (United States)


    advanced foreign ASCMs available on the market. See fact_display.asp? cid =2200&tid= 200&ct=2. The US Navy had 250 nm...No. 2 (Spring 2008), pp. 79–95. AirSea Battle: A Point-of-Departure operational Concept 77 interception operations ( MIO ) against ships bound for...priority taskings, and thus would not generally be available to support MIO operations. However, Air Force bombers with their large payloads and long

  5. Aiming Airsea Battle: An Operational Concept To Counter China’s Maritime Area Denial Capabilities (United States)


    AirLand Battle and Corps 86: Tradoc Pamphlet 525-5 (Fort Monroe, Virginia : United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, 1981), 2. 10 Ibid., 28. 37...F. Woolf , Conventional Prompt Global Strike and Long-Range Ballistic Missiles: Background and Issues (Washington, D.C.: Congressional Research...Corps 86: Tradoc Pamphlet 525-5. Fort Monroe, Virginia : United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, 1981. Baldwin, Hanson W. Sea Fights and

  6. The Battle Command Sustainment Support System: The Army’s Command and Control System for Logistics (United States)

    2009-05-21 CISOBOX=1&REC=6 (accessed 15 Jan 09). 91 Donald Wright and Timothy Reese , On... Carol A. Wortman, ―Inefficient Battle Command Results from Unique Commanders Solutions,‖ (Carlisle Barracks, PA: Strategy Research Project), http...Dissertations. 7 th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007 Wright, Donald P. and Timothy R. Reese . On point II: Transition to the new

  7. Global comparison of warring groups in 2002-2007: fatalities from targeting civilians vs. fighting battles.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Madelyn Hsiao-Rei Hicks

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Warring groups that compete to dominate a civilian population confront contending behavioral options: target civilians or battle the enemy. We aimed to describe degrees to which combatant groups concentrated lethal behavior into intentionally targeting civilians as opposed to engaging in battle with opponents in contemporary armed conflict. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We identified all 226 formally organized state and non-state groups (i.e. actors that engaged in lethal armed conflict during 2002-2007: 43 state and 183 non-state. We summed civilians killed by an actor's intentional targeting with civilians and combatants killed in battles in which the actor was involved for total fatalities associated with each actor, indicating overall scale of armed conflict. We used a Civilian Targeting Index (CTI, defined as the proportion of total fatalities caused by intentional targeting of civilians, to measure the concentration of lethal behavior into civilian targeting. We report actor-specific findings and four significant trends: 1. 61% of all 226 actors (95% CI 55% to 67% refrained from targeting civilians. 2. Logistic regression showed actors were more likely to have targeted civilians if conflict duration was three or more years rather than one year. 3. In the 88 actors that targeted civilians, multiple regressions showed an inverse correlation between CTI values and the total number of fatalities. Conflict duration of three or more years was associated with lower CTI values than conflict duration of one year. 4. When conflict scale and duration were accounted for, state and non-state actors did not differ. We describe civilian targeting by actors in prolonged conflict. We discuss comparable patterns found in nature and interdisciplinary research. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Most warring groups in 2002-2007 did not target civilians. Warring groups that targeted civilians in small-scale, brief conflict concentrated more lethal

  8. Detecting Usability Problems with Eye Tracking in Airborne Battle Management Support (United States)


    UNCLASSIFIED Defense Technical Information Center Compilation Part Notice ADPO10701 TITLE: Detecting Usability Problems with Eye Tracking in Airborne...problems with eye tracking in airborne battle management support Frank Ole Flemisch Reiner Onken Universitdt der Bundeswehr MiInchen a ided factors analysis offering them a full mission replay in the simulator S ituation and analysis of behavior cannot including the eye tracking records

  9. The Airland Battle Doctrine and The Maritime Strategy: A Mixed Marriage, (United States)


    as its principal goal a continuance of deterrence, .. recognizing that, at this neophyte stage of the conflict, avoidance if possible is the most...most likely location of Europe or elsewhere. Throughout this phase the Maritime Strategy calls for, as necessity must dictate, continued emphasis on...communications across the Atlantic to Europe must always be protected; the Soviet Navy will most certainly attempt to interdict them. The rear battle in a

  10. Investigation of Severe Craniomaxillofacial Battle Injuries Sustained by U.S. Service Members: A Case Series (United States)


    treatment options, surgical procedures, and outcomes were collected and detailed. Case Reports Patient 1 Patient 1 is a 22-year-old male soldier injured...were also placed in the temporal bone to support ear prosthesis . Patient 4 currently suffers from microstomia, recurrent ectropion, decreased...injuries ► reconstruction ► surgical complications ► surgical outcomes Abstract This case series describes craniomaxillofacial battle injuries

  11. Beyond the Theatre of Military Operations: the Monuments of the Crimean War in Simferopol and Bakhchisaray

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolay A. Syedin


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the events that took place on the Crimean peninsula during the Eastern War (1853-1856 beyond the main battle fields. The author describes overall picture of what was happening in the Crimean cities on the background of heroic defense of Sevastopol, names cities which experienced invasion and tells about the consequences of their occupation. The article mainly focuses on Simferopol and Bakhchisaray as the front-line cities that played a significant role in defense of Sevastopol and experienced all the consequences of military actions on the Crimean peninsula. The author names the famous participants of the Crimean War whose lives were closely connected with those cities, and tells about historical monuments related to the events of those years. The aforementioned participants include the famous writers L. N. Tolstoy and N. V. Berg, who spent significant amount of time in those cities during the war. Another personality that draws the author’s close attention is N.I. Pirogov, a surgeon whose professional activity on the peninsula at that time was tightly connected with Simferopol. The article also tells about active participants of military operations – generals P.A. Vrevskiy and P.V. Veimarn who lost their lives during the battle at the Chornaya river and were buried in Bakhchisaray. The author believes that knowledge of events that were happening on the entire territory of the Crimean peninsula substantially improves our understanding of the scale of the Crimean War, reveals the drama of the War and its impact on nations, cities and individuals – whether well-known to us or not – and provides additional material for patriotic education. The article describes in detail the work on preservation of memorials of the Crimean War and promotes the attitude of care towards the monuments located all over the Crimean peninsula.

  12. The Importance of Military Cultural Competence. (United States)

    Meyer, Eric G; Writer, Brian W; Brim, William


    Military cultural competence has recently gained national attention. Experts have posited that limited outcomes in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in the military may be related to limited familiarity with the military. National surveys have indicated low military cultural competence among providers and limited educational efforts on military culture or pertinent military pathology in medical schools and residency training programs. Military families, with their own unique military cultural identity, have been identified as a population with increased risks associated with deployment. In response to these findings, several curricula regarding military culture have been established and widely distributed. Assessments of military cultural competence have also been developed. The clinical impact of enhanced cultural competence in general has thus far been limited. The military, however, with its highly prescribed cultural identity, may be a model culture for further study.

  13. Organizational Culture and the Military (United States)


    This project reviews key concepts of organizational culture and examines how our military culture may change as a result of various social and...of the society it is sworn to defend. This study examined the military’s organizational culture through the use of an organizational culture /climate

  14. Military Implications of Global Warming. (United States)


    U.S. environmental issues also have important global implications. This paper analyzes current U.S. Policy as it pertains to global warming and climate...for military involvement to reduce global warming . Global warming and other environmental issues are important to the U.S. military. As the United

  15. Transformation - Revolution in Military Logistics (United States)


    adopted by the logistics community as part of the Army’s Revolution in Military Logistics ....operations." To support this vision, Army logistics requires a quantum leap in strategic responsiveness. This change is called "Revolution in Military ... Logistics ," to know what the customer, the Warfighter, needs before he requests it. This study examines proposed improvements in automation

  16. Military Deception Reconsidered (United States)


    There is a sucker born every day.1 P.T. Barnum A. THESIS OVERVIEW –PROBLEM DEFINITION This thesis explores the elements of military deception and...of war through the ages . In recent times, however, deception has often been undervalued, as evidenced by the removal of Field Manual (FM) 90-2...beliefs and values. In psychology, a “motivated bias” or rather the enemy reads into a situation what he wants to and chooses to see what he wants

  17. Military Mail Radio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bîlbîie Răduţ


    Full Text Available Cultural and scientific personalities from the army, military experts and creators of the doctrine have collaborated with the radio from the beginnings of radiophony, the educational role of this new, persuasive communication channel being evident not only for Romania or the Romanian army but also for all the countries that had radiophony services. This happens in the context of the end of the crisis and the start of economic and social development, promoting culture, creating a solid class of peasants with a certain social status, in villages, together with the priest, teacher and gendarme, increasing of the number of subscriptions and development of the Romanian radiophony.

  18. Experience of US Army Military Transportation Combined Training and Its Enlightenments%美军军事运输联合训练经验及对我军的启示

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙协胜; 李利兴; 曲晓峰


    From the view of the combined battle requirement, this paper implements the combined training to integrate of supporting and implementing combined training, which is a basic approach to generate the military transportation capability model. Based on the paramilitary research on US military transportation combined training to provide reference for Chinese military transportation combined training development.%着眼联合作战需求开展联合训练,做到保障联合训练和实施联合训练有机结合,是军事运输保障能力生成模式转变的基本途径。通过对美军军事运输联合训练的初步研究,为我军军事运输联合训练发展提供有益借鉴。

  19. 中国古代军事地理禁忌略论%A Study of Taboo of the Ancient Chinese Military Geography

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王光华; 李秀茹


    传世与出土兵家文献保留了大量军事地理禁忌的内容,表明军事地理禁忌是中国古代军事理论的重要组成部分.观念形态的地理禁忌表现为阴阳基础上衍生的系列成对概念,与兵阴阳学说有密切关系.在实战过程中,要求对一些特殊地形加以避忌.军事地理禁忌既有古代军事经验总结的合理成分,又包含很多的迷信思想,是一定历史时期的特殊文化现象.古代军事地理禁忌研究是古代军事与文化研究的有益补充.%The military documents handed down from ancient times and from excavation reserve a lot of military geography taboos, which shows that geography taboo is a very important part of the ancient Chinese military theories.The geography taboo on ideology shows concepts in pairs generated on the basis on yin-yang and is closely related with the military yin-yang theory.In the process of battles, some special terrain should be avoided.The ancient military taboo has both the reasonable summary of the ancient military experience and some superstitious ideas.It is the special cultural phenomenon during some historical period.The study of the ancient military geography taboo is beneficial to the research of the ancient military and culture.

  20. The Canadian Armed Forces “YouTube War”: A Cross-Border Military-Social Media Complex

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tanner Mirrlees


    Full Text Available The goal of this paper is to conceptualize, contextualize, and critically analyze the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF use of YouTube to promote itself, recruit soldiers, and frame its role in the post-9/11 U.S.-led NATO war in Afghanistan. The first section of this paper engages with scholarship on war and the media, the military-industrial-communications complex (MICC, and YouTube War to conceptualize YouTube as a tool and contested battle-space of 21st century new media wars. The second section contextualizes the rise of the CAF’s YouTube channels—Canadian Forces and Canadian Army—with regard to post-9/11 Canadian foreign policy, the growth of the Canadian military publicity state, the creeping militarization of culture, and the CAF’s “social media policy”. The third section conceptualizes the CAF’s two YouTube channels as tools and spaces of its publicity front; then, through a synoptic critical overview of numerous CAF-generated YouTube videos, it shows how the CAF uses YouTube to recruit personnel and frame its role in the war in Afghanistan. The conclusion discusses the characteristics of this cross-border military-social media complex and its contradictions, namely, the spread of pacifist and veteran-generated videos that contest the war in Afghanistan. Overall, the paper offers an initial political-economy of communication of the CAF’s foray into the global battle-space of the Internet and its use of YouTube for publicity.

  1. On Military Innovation: Toward an Analytical Framework


    Ross, Andrew L


    What is military innovation? How should we think about Chinese military innovation? By developing an analytical framework that captures both the components of military innovation (technology, doctrine, and organization) and the continuum of change, we can better assess the nature, extent, and importance of contemporary Chinese military innovation.

  2. The Military and the Transition to Adulthood (United States)

    Kelty, Ryan; Kleykamp, Meredith; Segal, David R.


    Ryan Kelty, Meredith Kleykamp, and David Segal examine the effect of military service on the transition to adulthood. They highlight changes since World War II in the role of the military in the lives of young adults, focusing especially on how the move from a conscription to an all-volunteer military has changed the way military service affects…

  3. The Ambiguity of Foreign Military Assistance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Laugesen, Henrik

    This study tests the argument that Foreign Military Assistance and the consequently professionalizing of the recipient military has a positive effect on the process of democratization in Kenya.......This study tests the argument that Foreign Military Assistance and the consequently professionalizing of the recipient military has a positive effect on the process of democratization in Kenya....

  4. 31 CFR 29.333 - Military service. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military service. 29.333 Section 29... Satisfied by June 30, 1997 § 29.333 Military service. (a) For employees who entered on duty on or before June 30, 1997, and whose military service was performed prior to that date, credit for military...

  5. 32 CFR 575.1 - Military Academy. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military Academy. 575.1 Section 575.1 National... MILITARY ACADEMY § 575.1 Military Academy. (a) Organization and administration. (1) The United States Military Academy is under the general direction and supervision of the Department of the Army....

  6. Military Reform:Full Steam ahead

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wan Wei


    @@ Military strength has long been designed as a pillar for India's national strategic goal of striving for the status of a world big power through control over the Indian Ocean with a solid groundwork in South Asia. At a time of IT-centered global military revolution the country aims at becoming a global military power by the year 2015 through military reforms geared to her military and national conditions in the following ways:

  7. Army Military Land Tracts (AMLT) (United States)

    Federal Geographic Data Committee — This data set is part of a collection of real estate data concerning current and historic military installations whose real property interests are managed by the...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor DOBBIN


    Full Text Available Military communities differ in how they implement ethics training.Some have well developed programmes while others have only a few stand-alone presentations. For this reason it is difficult to produce a template to suit every situation.Leadership training within the Military is generally of a very high standard and it is particularly important in relation to the development of high moral standards, whereas the training in ethics various considerably throughout the military world.Therefore, even though we regard our ethics programme to be of a very high standard there is always the need to review what we have in place and update it. Codes of Ethics need to be revised from time to time and we can gain valuable insight from sharing and comparing our training programmes with other militaries.

  9. Contact dermatitis in military personnel. (United States)

    Dever, Tara T; Walters, Michelle; Jacob, Sharon


    Military personnel encounter the same allergens and irritants as their civilian counterparts and are just as likely to develop contact dermatitis from common exposures encountered in everyday life. In addition, they face some unique exposures that can be difficult to avoid owing to their occupational duties. Contact dermatitis can be detrimental to a military member's career if he or she is unable to perform core duties or avoid the inciting substances. An uncontrolled contact dermatitis can result in the member's being placed on limited-duty (ie, nondeployable) status, needing a job or rate change, or separation from military service. We present some common causes of contact dermatitis in military personnel worldwide and some novel sources of contact dermatitis in this population that may not be intuitive.

  10. Battle for the Enlightenment: Neoliberalism, Critical Theory and the Role of Circumvential Education in Fostering a New Phase of the Enlightenment (United States)

    Letizia, Angelo


    Higher education is one of the last democratic institutions in society and it is currently under attack by advocates of neo-liberalism. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how this "battle" can be framed as a battle over the direction of the Enlightenment. Critical Theory and neoliberalism both emerged from academia in response to…

  11. Advancing Military Professionalism in Africa (United States)


    its control of the economic sphere from basic items, such as bottled water and furniture, to larger infrastructure, energy, and technology projects. 23...Andrzejewski posited that “an unoccupied military, with no external threat to address, was more likely to interfere in domestic politics.”61 This rings ...military leaders political, social, and economic justifications for the defense budget. By the same token , political leaders should seek the expertise

  12. Cohesion in the US Military (United States)


    footsteps in the trench behind me rec,’ll me at a bound from the terrible loneliness and fear of death by which I had been almost destroyed. They are more to...2-12. 29. Morris Janowitz, ed. The new military: Changing patterns of organization. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1964. 30. Morris Janowitz...establishment. In The new military: Changing patterns of organization, edited by M. Janowitz, pp. 39-81. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1964. (Impact of new

  13. Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) (United States)


    Space and Missile Systems Center Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) Lt Col James “Mutt” Wilson Program Manager 29 Apr 15 Information contained in...SUBTITLE Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK...SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES Presented at the GPS Partnership Council 2015 (GPSPC15), held April 29 to May 1, 2015, at the Los Angeles AFB, CA. 14. ABSTRACT

  14. Military Civic Action in Colombia (United States)


    this act provided the American nations (except for Panamg and Argentina ) with military materiel and services valued at $460 million. 30 Additionally...rural living conditions. In Argentina and Mexico the military played an important role in economic development by opening up new roads and constructing...assistance to the settlers. Then, on 1 September 1953, Rojas established the Coffee Grower’s Bank (Banco Cafetero y de Exportaciones ), with capital

  15. Neutron back scattering for the search of the Battle of Anghiari

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bom, V.R. [Delft University of Technology, Department of Applied Physics, Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB Delft (Netherlands)], E-mail:; Cosentino, A.; Seracini, M. [Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, University of California San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093 (United States); Rosa, R. [ENEA, Casaccia Research Center, Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome (Italy)


    The 'Battle of Anghiari' is a wall painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci around 1505. Its present day location is unknown but some indications suggest that the mural might be concealed behind a brick wall. Test measurements are presented demonstrating that neutron back scattering (NBS) can be used to search through the wall for the painting. NBS is a non-destructive technique to establish the presence of the hydrogen contained in the painting materials that were probably used by Da Vinci.

  16. Comparison of Balance and Out of Balance Main Battle Tank Armaments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David J. Purdy


    Full Text Available It has been commonly thought that stabilising an out of balance gun on a moving platform (tank or ship is very difficult or impossible to achieve. Using models of a balanced and out of balance gun on a main battle tank this is shown not to be the case. The models of the guns used, include the effect of non-linear friction and out of balance. To improve the stabilisation of the out of balance gun, trunnion vertical acceleration feedforward is used.

  17. Feature Abstracting and Identification of Acoustic Target in the Battle Field Based on EMD

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CAI Shao-chuan; ZHANG Guo-wei


    The method of empirical mode decomposition(EMD) was used for the signal processing and feature abstracting of acoustic target of battle field.According to the signal's characteristics of different targets, some feature vectors in token of the target properties were constructed and abstracted.In the basis of feature abstracting and statistic analysis for large amount of sample signal of the targets, using the maximum subjection classification method based on the fuzzy synthesis judgment, the three typical acoustic target helicopter, tank and traffic vehicle were recognized.

  18. Turf battles in radiology: how to avoid/how to fight/how to win

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schnyder, P.; Capasso, P.; Meuwly, J.Y. [Dept. of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital, Lausanne (Switzerland)


    Turf battles have always existed in radiology although recently, we have observed an increase in their numbers and sometimes in their virulence. The main reasons for this increase include the relative plethora of physicians especially in industrialized areas, and the rapid progress and development of medical technology and minimally invasive techniques. These turf battles risk interfering with the overall medical costs of local health care systems as they will inevitably lead to an increase in the concentration of complex medical devices controlled by different specialties which, in turn, will lead to an increase in number of invasive and noninvasive, diagnostic and therapeutic examinations. The only way that radiologists can hope to maintain control of today`s techniques will be if they are willing to offer qualitative expertise in their procedures with full clinical, academic and technological backing similar, or superior to that presented by our respective clinical and surgical colleagues. Furthermore,they should be fully involved in the decisional process and actual purchase of the technological equiment of their entire institution. (orig.) With 1 fig., 1 tab., 37 refs.

  19. Reconstructing Rebellion: Digital Terrain Analysis of the Battle of Dussindale (1549

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Hodgkins


    Full Text Available On 27 August 1549, the popular East Anglian insurgency known as 'Kett's Rebellion' was defeated in a bloody confrontation with loyalist forces at the valley of Dussindale, just outside Norwich, England. Despite the battle's significance, and its vital implications for the study of mid-16th-century warfare, its exact site has yet to be determined conclusively, hampering attempts to analyse the conflict further and to record its location accurately for archaeological and heritage purposes. This article will demonstrate how geographical information systems can be utilised alongside historic maps and written sources to identify the 1549 battlefield within the modern landscape. To do this, it will employ methodologies of map regression, similar to those used at Towton (1461, Bosworth (1485, and Edgehill (1642, as a means of testing and advancing the findings of Anne Carter, who in 1984 suggested the most credible theory regarding the engagement's location. With the help of these tools, the article will not only ascertain where the battle took place, but will also reconstruct its historic terrain, fulfilling an essential requirement for considering its tactical aspects. By doing so, it will demonstrate the ways in which digital technologies can be applied to broaden and support traditional research.

  20. [War Relief of Japanese Red Cross Nurses in the Lost Battle of Burma]. (United States)

    Kawahara, Yukari


    This paper aims to reveal changes in the relief support of the Japanese Red Cross relief units dispatched to Burma during the Second World War, from the beginning of fighting in Burma to the Japanese withdrawal. Japanese Red Cross relief units began their relief support when Japan invaded Burma in February of 1942. Counterattacks by the British, Indian and Chinese armies from December 1942 caused an increase in the number of patients. There were also many cases of malnutrition and malaria due to the extreme shortage of medical supplies as a result of the Battle of Imphal, which began in March of 1944. Bomb raids became even more intense after the battle ended in July 1944, and patients were carried into bomb shelters and caves on a daily basis. Just prior to invasion by enemy troops, they were ordered to evacuate to neighboring Thailand. Nurses from the Wakayama group hid their identity as members of the Red Cross and evacuated, with 15 out of 23 dying or being reported missing in action.

  1. Optimizing Military Logistics Distribution Transport Support%优化军事物流配送运输保障

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈兵; 陈晨


    For the war under the condition of information, it not only is a contest in soldier and weapons, but also is the test of transport support capacity. Only transport support capacity is good, the troop has strong fighting capacity, and wins in the battle. Military logistics transportation is an important way to support army daily training and life, and is the key of war.%信息化条件下的战争,不仅是对人和武器最佳组合的较量,更是对运输保障能力的考验.运输保障跟得上,部队才能有战斗力,才能打得赢.军事物流配送运输是保障军队平时训练、生活等军事活动的重要方式,更是军队战时的大动脉.

  2. 14 CFR 65.117 - Military riggers or former military riggers: Special certification rule. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Military riggers or former military riggers: Special certification rule. 65.117 Section 65.117 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION... Riggers § 65.117 Military riggers or former military riggers: Special certification rule. In place of...

  3. 78 FR 5717 - Safety Zone; Military Ocean Terminal Concord Safety Zone, Suisun Bay, Military Ocean Terminal... (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Military Ocean Terminal Concord Safety Zone, Suisun Bay, Military Ocean Terminal Concord, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Interim rule and... Suisun Bay near Military Ocean Terminal Concord, CA in support of military onload and offload...

  4. Military Retirement: Background and Recent Developments (United States)


    Military Retirement: Background and Recent Developments David F. Burrelli Specialist in Military Manpower Policy Barbara Salazar Torreon...00-00-2014 to 00-00-2014 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Military Retirement: Background and Recent Developments 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c...Recent Developments Congressional Research Service Summary The military retirement system is a noncontributory, defined benefit system that has

  5. Struggling for Brazil : Dutch, Portuguese and Spaniards in the 1640 Naval Battle of Paraíba

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Münch, Miranda S.; Salvado, J.P.


    Over the years the 1640 naval battle of Paraíba (Brazil) has attracted the attention of several historians, including F.A. Varnhagen, H. Wätjen and J.C. Warnsinck, who made extensive use of Dutch sources. By combining the Dutch and Portuguese accounts, C.R. Boxer and, more recently, M.J. Guedes shed

  6. Tarnished Victory: Divided Command in the Pacific and its Consequences in the Naval Battle for Leyte Gulf (United States)


    requests for help. Halsey was unaware how 46 significantly MacArthur’s edict that all Seventh Fleet message traffic pass through Manus degraded...75, USSBS No. 378, 1945. 16 June 2009. Vego, Milan . The Battle for Leyte, 1944: Allied and

  7. Battling Data Breaches: For Higher Education Institutions, Data Breach Prevention is More Complex than for Industry and Business (United States)

    Patton, Madeline


    Data breach prevention is a battle, rarely plain and never simple. For higher education institutions, the Sisyphean aspects of the task are more complex than for industry and business. Two-year colleges have payrolls and vendor contracts like those enterprises. They also have public record and student confidentiality requirements. Colleges must…

  8. Interest Groups Vie for Public Support: The Battle Over Anti-Affirmative Action Initiatives in California and Michigan (United States)

    Hinz, Serena E.


    Although affirmative action in college admissions has not been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the consideration of race in admissions has been banned in nine states--in six of them by public vote. This article analyzes the campaigns to ban affirmative action in California and Michigan as a battle between interest groups. The…

  9. 78 FR 53675 - Safety Zone; Lake Erie Heritage Foundation, Battle of Lake Erie Reenactment; Lake Erie, Put-in... (United States)


    ... Lake Erie Reenactment; Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay, OH AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule... vicinity of Put-In-Bay, OH. This safety zone is intended to restrict vessels from a portion of Lake Erie during Battle of Lake Erie Reenactment near Put-In-Bay. This temporary safety zone is necessary...

  10. The Importance of National Ethos in Military Victories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eyal Lewin


    Full Text Available When nations are violently threatened, the choices that they make in order to cope with the challenge of war reflect different alternative possible reactions. They may choose to fiercely fight their battles; they may prefer to surrender, and sometimes the options lay in-between. One puzzle is, therefore, what makes nations fight, and more importantly—what causes them eventually to win or to lose the war. In search for an answer, this study inquires through secondary sources three historical case studies from World War II: Britain, France and Germany, and reviews how each of these major European powers acted throughout the war. After each historical description, the study examines the part that national ethos played in the manner in which each state handled war in moments of crisis. The national ethos of a people is the creed formed from the shared values and traditions through which the nation views its past, present and future; it is the integrating element that defines a nation’s identity and bonds it into a coherent social group. The study reveals how national ethos is intertwined with another phenomenon of social psychology that turns it into a crucial factor in the management of international campaigns: war enthusiasm. Since national ethos is so crucial for the results of the war that a country might lead in order to survive or prosper, it is imperative for decision makers to bear in mind that it is also subject to a process of shaping and reshaping, as the Soviets have proved in relation to their Russian national ethos during World War II. A word of caution, however, is noteworthy: a wide historical perspective shows that even though the right kind of national ethos is essential for winning a war it is far from being enough. Hence national ethos proves, at the end of the day, to be a necessary condition for military victory but certainly not a sufficient one.

  11. General Military Training: Standardization and Reduction Options (United States)


    military training HIV human immunodeficiency virus HQ USAF/A1 Headquarters U.S. Air Force Manpower and Personnel IA information assurance Abbreviations...Management System MEO military equal opportunity MOS military occupational specialty MT mandatory training MWR morale, welfare, and recreation NATO...responsible sexual behavior, stress management, suicide prevention, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and other health initiatives” (no periodicity given

  12. The Barracks Subculture of Military School Students (United States)

    Poliakov, R. Iu.


    The subcultures that develop among military students have a powerful influence on their values and behavior, and in some situations are more influential than the official, military culture. Any attempt to improve levels of discipline in the military cannot afford to ignore these subcultures. [This article was translated by Kim Braithwaite.

  13. 5 CFR 831.301 - Military service. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Military service. 831.301 Section 831.301...) RETIREMENT Credit for Service § 831.301 Military service. (a) Service of an individual who first became an... is not receiving military retired pay awarded for reasons other than (i) service-connected...

  14. 5 CFR 842.306 - Military service. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Military service. 842.306 Section 842.306... EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM-BASIC ANNUITY Credit for Service § 842.306 Military service. (a) Except as...' Retirement System Act of 1986, an employee's or Member's military service is creditable if it was...

  15. 32 CFR 1602.17 - Military service. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military service. 1602.17 Section 1602.17 National Defense Other Regulations Relating to National Defense SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM DEFINITIONS § 1602.17 Military service. The term military service includes service in the Army, the Navy, the Air...

  16. A Framework for NGO-Military Collaboration (United States)


    the roles of various actors involved in postconflict reconstruction ” (Gheciu 2011, 96). Blurred boundaries, in the case of increasing NATO military...Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OE Operational Environment OFDA Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance PRT Provincial Reconstruction Team SAR...military units are now tasked with a broad range of stability missions, from peacekeeping to post-conflict reconstruction . Military units

  17. China’s Military Potential (United States)


    Chinese strategist Sun Tzu into English . In a 1964 essay on the subject of China’s military potential General Griffith told us that: One need not labor the...discussion of China’s modernization efforts in English may be found in Joseph C. Anslemo, "China’s Military Seeks a Great Leap Forward," Aviation Week and...the general staff of the PLA. 17. Jiang Zemin, "Gaoju Deng Xiaoping Lilun Weida Qizhi, ba Jianshe you Zhongguo Tesi Zhehui Zhuyi Shiye Quanmian Tuixiang

  18. Chemical Ingredients of Cordyceps militaris


    Hur, Hyun


    Medicinal mushrooms, including Cordyceps militaris, have received attention in Korea because of their biological activities. In the fruiting body and in corpus of C. militaris, the total free amino acid content was 69.32 mg/g and 14.03 mg/g, respectively. In the fruiting body, the most abundant amino acids were lysine, glutamic acid, proline and threonine. The fruiting body was rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which comprised about 70% of the total fatty acids. The most abundant unsaturated a...

  19. Military Observers 1815-1975 (United States)


    1345. 456>Waldo Charles Potter 1?07.Field Artillery A~s a Major, at Paris, France, student officer -At th:? Ecole Superieure de Guerra from July 22...As a Colonel. Paz , Bolivia, as military attache from Sept-emoer 1944, to /c.emoer., 1946; At Damascus, Syria as military and Army attache ’n Z94...As a Lieutenant Colonel, at Lima, Pe’u as adviser to Escuela Superior de Guerra and Direcion de Artilienia in VF46. 9125 Frank Arthur Bogart 1931

  20. Professor M. M. Zagorulko’s school of economic and military history of Russia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redkina Olga Yurievna


    Full Text Available Maxim Matveyevich Zagorulko is the first rector of Volgograd State University, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, the Honorable Citizen of Volgograd. He is the founder and the head of the scientific school studying various aspects of the Fatherland’s history. In the 1960s, M.M. Zagorulko united researches in the field of an economic history of Russia and the Great Patriotic War history. He had chosen as a subject of his doctoral dissertation a history of operation of economy of temporarily occupied territories of the USSR by fascists. In 1970, M.M. Zagorulko in a co-authorship with the Moscow scholar, the active participant of guerrilla movement A.F. Yudenkov published the monograph “Crash of Economic Plans of Fascist Germany on Temporarily Occupied Territory of the USSR”. Soon it was translated into the Czech language. In 1974, there was the second, added and modified edition of the book by M.M. Zagorulko and A.F. Yudenkov – “Crash of the «Oldenburg» Plan”. The third edition of this book was issued in 1980 in the Russian and Czech languages in Moscow and Bratislava. In 1975, Maxim M. Zagorulko defended his doctoral dissertation in the Dissertation Council of Leningrad State University on the subject “Economic Policy of Fascist Germany in the Occupied Territory of the USSR and Its Crash”. M.M. Zagorulko, his pupils and adherents conduct scientific researches in the field of an Economic History of Russia, History of military captivity in the USSR, History of the Battle of Stalingrad and so forth. Under his management multivolume collections of documents were published, monographs were written and dissertations were defended. The fundamental Encyclopedia of the Battle of Stalingrad created by him was declared in 2010 as “The best book of Russia”. In all these projects, theses and monographs M.M. Zagorulko is the organizer and inspirer of scientific researches.

  1. Battling Obesity (United States)

    Kennedy, Mike


    At the Gates Chili High School near Rochester, New York, the cafeteria and kitchen are getting an overdue overhaul. Deep fryers and the fat-soaked foods that come dripping out of them are no longer welcome in the kitchens and dining halls of a growing number of the nation's schools and universities. Likewise, heavily marketed sugary soft drinks…

  2. Battling Graft

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Communist Party of China intensifies anti-corruption efforts In recent years,a two-digit number of provincial-and ministerial-level officials in China have been investigated and punished on corruption charges,triggering

  3. 建设我军远程口腔医疗系统的初步研究%Preliminary Research on Military Telemedicine System of Stomatology in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李广文; 王军; 李刚


    Objective To construct military telemedicine system of stomatology ao that we can utilize the military and civilian oral medical resources to support the forces in remote areas or complicated battle environment. Methods Military telemedicine system of stomatology between China and foreign countries were compared. The perspective and problems of military telemedicine system of stomatology were analyzed. Results In reference of a great deal of literature, the construction of telemedicine system of stomatology was analyzed and military telemedicine system of stomatology was supposed to construct. Conclusion Due to various factors, there is still little research on military telemedicine system of stomatology. Weshould speed up the study and put it into use as soon as possible.%目的:建设远程口腔医疗系统可以有效利用军内和民间口腔医疗资源,为偏远或战时复杂危险战场环境的部队提供精良的口腔卫生勤务保障服务.方法:对比国内外远程口腔医疗系统建设情况,对前景和存在的问题进行初步分析.结果:通过参考大量国内外文献,对建设远程口腔医疗系统进行了全方位的分析,初步构想了军内未来远程口腔医疗系统.结论:由于各种因素,军内远程口腔医疗系统研究还处于迟滞状态,还需要加紧加快研究,并尽早投入应用.

  4. Pushing the Limits of Military Coercion Theory

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jakobsen, Peter Viggo


    The centrality of military coercion in contemporary Western crisis and conflict management constitutes a major policy problem because the United States and its allies are poor at translating their overwhelming military superiority into adversary compliance. The standard explanation provided...... military coercion works and how the practical problems involved could be addressed. Our understanding of military coercion would be increased markedly if only coercion theorists would make a greater efforts to do three things, namely (1) provide clear operational definitions of key concepts and variables...... the principal theoretical propositions with a firmer empirical foundation and make military coercion theory more useful for policy makers....

  5. Anomalous finite-size effects in the Battle of the Sexes

    CERN Document Server

    Cremer, Jonas; Frey, Erwin


    The Battle of the Sexes describes asymmetric conflicts in mating behavior of males and females. Males can be philanderer or faithful, while females are either fast or coy, leading to a cyclic dynamics. The adjusted replicator equation predicts stable coexistence of all four strategies. In this situation, we consider the effects of fluctuations stemming from a finite population size. We show that they unavoidably lead to extinction of two strategies in the population. However, the typical time until extinction occurs strongly prolongs with increasing system size. In the meantime, a quasi-stationary probability distribution forms that is anomalously flat in the vicinity of the coexistence state. This behavior originates in a vanishing linear deterministic drift near the fixed point. We provide numerical data as well as an analytical approach to the mean extinction time and the quasi-stationary probability distribution.

  6. Military Influence in Russian Politics (United States)


    sindrom 41-go." Novoe vremya, No. 8 (February volunteers over conscripts, and the Navy 1991); Maj. Gen. V.G. Strekozov, "Zakony ob oborone i statuse...for the military was 35 per of servicemen had such "backward" cent ( down from 44 per cent in political view•.iii One tends to agree December, 1989

  7. 'Military Thinkers and Academic Thinkers'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Haugegaard, Rikke

    Culture analysis seems to create friction when we try to introduce academic concepts relating to culture to military planners. This friction might be related to the fact that officers and academics do their thinking in different 'spaces'. This paper argues the interface or overlapping space between...

  8. Military Applications of Augmented Reality (United States)


    This chapter reviews military benefits and requirements that have led to a series of research efforts in augmented reality (AR) and related systems...Battlefield Augmented Reality System at the Naval Research Laboratory, which was the first system developed to meet the needs of the dismounted warfighter

  9. Military Review: SOF/LIC (United States)


    capability. By modernizing the significantly demonstrated that when SEAL delivery vehicles and swimmer life sup- SOF and conventionalforces are port systems...has a d Imt pupose amd 1987 and January 1988 editions) states that the wquuw .d,,C cofre military role in LIC is indirect and supports the image ofi

  10. Will the Communist Party of China Be Able to Win the Anticorruption Battle?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinghao Zhou


    Full Text Available Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC in 2012, the CPC has made great efforts to implement Xi Jinping's blueprint for achieving the “China Dream”. The on-going anticorruption campaign is part of the road map towards the “China Dream”. There has been impressive progress in fighting corruption, but the CPC recognizes that the anticorruption campaign faces a huge challenge and is at a crucial stage. The anticorruption campaign is a life-and-death battle that the CPC cannot afford to lose. The critical question is: How can the CPC win the battle in the current Chinese political system? The intention of this paper is not to offer specific measures, but to discuss policy implications by elucidating why some existing anticorruption measures do not work through examining the relationship between corruption and Chinese market economy and the political system. The basic assumption of this paper is that corruption is universal, but the characteristics of China’s corruption are different from other nations due to the nature of the Chinese economic, political and cultural systems. The key to anticorruption is to find and deal with the real causes of China’s corruption in order to make effective anticorruption measures. There are two opposite perspectives concerning the causes of corruption: While one suggests that the primary source of corruption is the political system, the other contends that corruption has nothing to do with the socialist political system. This paper attempts to argue that either denying or overemphasizing the roles of the current political system in spreading corruption is one-sided.

  11. Culture and Remembrance of War: the Battle of Vukovar and Its Social Repercussions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mateo Žanić


    Full Text Available Considering the dynamic character of memory in modern times, this paper analyzes the ways of forming the culture of memory of the Battle of Vukovar in Croatia and the key discussions about it. It is assumed that remembrance is still important for the members of society, but its meaning and values are changing in response to the change in social relations. The content of remembrance has multiple layers that intertwine, but in critical periods, there is still a desire to code the significant events in the same manner. With that understanding of remembrance as a starting point in modern society, a question is posed about the existence of change in the remembrance culture of the Battle of Vukovar in the last 25 years and the way those changes can be interpreted. Cultural sociology developed an interpretative approach which can be used to investigate this research topic. Interpreting the changes in the production and reception of cultural remembrance is based on available scientific papers, media articles, interpretation of key parts of cultural remembrance (books, movies, memorial services, and on the results of an interview-based empirical research. It is found that there are three stages in which the culture of memory was actualized in different ways. In the first stage, which encompasses the period of exile (from 1991 to 1998, it was important to remember the Battle and the city before the war, so it could be restored when the citizens return. Various exhibitions and memorial services were organized, many statues built in this period. It is interesting to note that some of the Croatian most famous painters painted the motifs of Vukovar, thus encouraging the symbolic reconstruction of the city as well as keeping the memory alive. The Wall of Pain was built in in Zagreb in 1993 and some consider it the most authentic monument of the Croatian War of Independence, next to which the banished citizens of Vukovar often organized different commemorations

  12. 32 CFR 635.17 - Military Police Report. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military Police Report. 635.17 Section 635.17... CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORTING Offense Reporting § 635.17 Military Police Report. (a... received or observed by military police. (2) Serve as a record of all military police and military...

  13. Hybrid Warfare: A Military Revolution or Revolution in Military Affairs? (United States)


    warfare intersect and blend to create a new form of warfare. This thesis uses the Williamson Murray and McGregor Knox definitions of Military...irregular warfare intersect and blend to create a new form of warfare. This thesis uses the Williamson Murray and McGregor Knox definitions of...understand new concepts. Douglas C Lovelace. Director Strategic Studies Institute has this insight to offer regarding the importance of

  14. Military Gay Ban Revisited: Is our Military Ready for Change? (United States)


    Lesbian , Gay , Bi-sexual, Transgender] (LGBT) rights is exploited by those seeking to divide us. But at its core, this issue is about who we are from the lesbian , gay , bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) community and in return made several campaign promises along the way. One of the campaign...and Daniel Stone. Gay Man for Navy Secretary?. Newsweek. 18 December 2008. Bromberg, S. E. Homosexuality , Ethics and Military Policy. <http

  15. Applying Culture to Military Operations: A Review of Foreign Militaries (United States)


    perspective on cultural awareness as a consequence of its own indigenous Maori culture. During initial or basic training, the military examines its own...organizational culture. Two of the services, the New Zealand Army and Navy, utilize elements of the Maori culture in order to establish a common...experience within the island nations and their own Maori culture and language has some commonalities. For missions in less familiar surroundings, the NZDF

  16. Old Wine in New Bottles? The Theoretical Shift Towards Decisive Battle (United States)


    Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 1996). Baker, G.P. Hannibal, (New York: Cooper Square Press, 1999). Bernstein , Peter. Against...Conduct of War, (New York: Basil Blackwell Ltd., 1989). Patrick, John J. "Reflections on the Revolution in Military Affairs", (Project on Defense

  17. The Joint Air Land Battle System: An Alternative to the Air Ground Operations System (United States)


    doctrine for modern war. "The Sovieat.kad Forces maintain over one hundred higher military * choo ’#t-With courses ranging from four to five years" (42:IV...Terms. Public Affairs Press, 1963. 21. E:-ae,o Eugene M. The Impact of Air Power. New York; D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1959 22. Employment of

  18. Battle-Wise: Seeking Time-Information Superiority in Networked Warfare (United States)


    such technol- ogy. The British, Australian, Canadian, Dutch, Swedish , French, and Finn- ish militaries, among others, have made networking the...moves as they go. An expert gymnast , despite sharing some physical and mental traits with a rock climber—flexibility, strength, balance, muscle control

  19. Military training and personality trait development: does the military make the man, or does the man make the military? (United States)

    Jackson, Joshua J; Thoemmes, Felix; Jonkmann, Kathrin; Lüdtke, Oliver; Trautwein, Ulrich


    Military experience is an important turning point in a person's life and, consequently, is associated with important life outcomes. Using a large longitudinal sample of German males, we examined whether personality traits played a role during this period. Results indicated that personality traits prospectively predicted the decision to enter the military. People lower in agreeableness, neuroticism, and openness to experience during high school were more likely to enter the military after graduation. In addition, military training was associated with changes in personality. Compared with a control group, military recruits had lower levels of agreeableness after training. These levels persisted 5 years after training, even after participants entered college or the labor market. This study is one of the first to identify life experiences associated with changes in personality traits. Moreover, our results suggest that military experiences may have a long-lasting influence on individual-level characteristics.

  20. Military Construction of British against Germany alone in World War II%二战英国单独抗德的军事建设

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    自1940年6月法国战败至1941年6月德军入侵苏联的一年里是英国在单独抵抗德军的进攻。在此生死存亡之际,首相丘吉尔领导下的英国政府通过调整军队部署、租借美国战舰、发展军事科技、完善防空体系、加强海空军建设等准备措施筑起了保卫不列颠的钢铁长城,并取得了大西洋海战、不列颠空战的胜利,同时也为盟国提供大量军事援助,为赢得世界反法西斯战争胜利做出了突出贡献。其合理的指挥部署、灵活的军事外交手段以及先进的军工科研理念都是非常值得我们学习借鉴的成功经验。%Since the year's defeat of France in June 1940 to June 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union in the German re-sistance to the British in a separate attack.On this occasion of life and death,the British government under the leadership of Prime Minister Winston Churchill by adjusting military deployment,US warships lease,the development of military technology, improve the air defense system,strengthen the construction of Navy and Air Force to prepare measures to defend the British e-rected a steel wall,and made the Atlantic naval battle,the Battle of Britain victory,while also providing a large number of mil-itary aid to allies,to win the World Anti -Fascist War has made outstanding contributions.Reasonable command of deploy-ment,flexibility and advanced military and diplomatic means to military research ideas are very worthwhile to learn from our successes.

  1. Military Retention. A Comparative Outlook

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasile Sminchise


    Full Text Available One of the main goals for human resources management structures and for armed forces leaders is to maintain all necessary personnel, both qualitatively and quantitatively for operational needs or for full required capabilities. The retention of military personnel is essential to keep morale and unit readiness and to reduce the costs for recruiting, training, replacement of manpower. Retention rates depend not only on money or other social measures. The goal for retention is to keep in use the most valuable resource that belongs to an organization: the human beings and their knowledge. The aim pf this paper is to provide a comparative analysis of retention measures in various countries based on Research and Technology Organisation report released in 2007 and, thus, provide more examples of retention measures as far as the Romanian military system is concerned.

  2. Organizational commitment of military physicians. (United States)

    Demir, Cesim; Sahin, Bayram; Teke, Kadir; Ucar, Muharrem; Kursun, Olcay


    An individual's loyalty or bond to his or her employing organization, referred to as organizational commitment, influences various organizational outcomes such as employee motivation, job satisfaction, performance, accomplishment of organizational goals, employee turnover, and absenteeism. Therefore, as in other sectors, employee commitment is crucial also in the healthcare market. This study investigates the effects of organizational factors and personal characteristics on organizational commitment of military physicians using structural equation modeling (SEM) on a self-report, cross-sectional survey that consisted of 635 physicians working in the 2 biggest military hospitals in Turkey. The results of this study indicate that professional commitment and organizational incentives contribute positively to organizational commitment, whereas conflict with organizational goals makes a significantly negative contribution to it. These results might help develop strategies to increase employee commitment, especially in healthcare organizations, because job-related factors have been found to possess greater impact on organizational commitment than personal characteristics.

  3. A Qualitative Exploration of Factors Affecting Group Cohesion and Team Play in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs)


    Taylor, Jacqui


    Previous research examining the social psychology of video-gaming has tended to focus on Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) environments, such as World of Warcraft. Although many online group processes have been examined using this game, this genre does not enforce cooperative play and studies tend to be based on very large groups. Newer genres are being developed and played which have so far not been studied. The genre known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) ar...

  4. What caused the rise of water level in the battle of Luermen bay in 1661? Tsunami, Storm surge, or Tide? (United States)

    Wu, Tso-Ren; Wu, Han; Tsai, Yu-Lin


    In 1661, Chinese navy led by General Zheng Chenggong at the end of Ming Dynasty had a naval battle against Netherlands. This battle was not only the first official sea warfare that China confronted the Western world, but also the only naval battle won by Chinese Navy so far. This event was important because it changed the fate of Taiwan until today. One of the critical points that General Zheng won the battle was entering Luermen bay unexpected. Luermen bay was and is an extreme shallow bay with a 2.1m maximum water depth during the high tide, which was not possible for a fleet of 20,000 marines to across. Therefore, no defense was deployed from the Netherlands side. However, plenty of historical literatures mentioned a strange phenomenon that helped Chinese warships entered the Luermen bay, the rise of water level. In this study, we will discuss the possible causes that might rise the water level, e.g. Tsunami, storm surge, and high tide. We analyzed it based on the knowledge of hydrodynamics. We performed the newly developed Impact Intensify Analysis (IIA) for finding the potential tsunami sources, and the COMCOT tsunami model was adopted for the nonlinear scenario simulations, associated with the high resolution bathymetry data. Both earthquake and mudslide tsunamis were inspected. Other than that, we also collected the information of tide and weather for identifying the effects form high tide and storm surge. After the thorough study, a scenario that satisfy most of the descriptions in the historical literatures will be presented. The results will explain the cause of mysterious event that changed the destiny of Taiwan.

  5. Dental Epidemiology of Military Operations (United States)


    acute oral did separate out maxillofacial injuries , but the more recent infections, to control life-threatening oral conditions (hemor- study did not...caries"-de- fines caries to include decay, periapical abscesses. and defec- Maxillofacial Injuries tive restorations. The results show that in all...deployment. TABLE I[ COMPARISON OF STUDIES OF MAXILLOFACIAL INJURIES OF DEPLOYED MILITARY PERSONNEL Percent Percent Percent Hostile Missle Due to Wounds

  6. Nuclear Weapon and Military Equipment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Natarajan


    Full Text Available Military equipment must survive a, nuclear attack if enough personnel required to operate them remain combat effective. To achieve this goal, the criteria that determine equipment survivability should be established and any new design should incorporate these criteria to evolve a hardened design. An analysis of the overall response by considering the response to each individual nuclear environment can result in a balanced overall hardened system. The paper discusses the criteria required to be known.

  7. The Military Immunization Communication Handbook (United States)


    now preventable through vaccination.10 Other diseases such as poliomyelitis , tetanus, measles, mumps, and chickenpox, which were once commonplace in U.S...could have stumbled due to its use of a live- virus vaccine or its mandatory nature. But leaders and healthcare providers were effective in delivering...reactions involved spread of vaccine virus elsewhere in the body. ▼ With the first 850,000 military smallpox vaccinations through August 2005, few

  8. Military Suicide Research Consortium (MSRC) (United States)


    military, impact unit morale, and take a large emotional toll on the involved friends, family, and commanders. There is significant stigma...Identifying Behavioral and Neural Markers of Active Suicidal Ideation: Effects of Cognitive and Emotional Stress on Working Memory in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans...doi:10.1007/s10862-009-9131-7 Brenner, L. A., Terrio, H., Homaifar, B. Y., Gutierrez, P. M., Staves, P. J., Harwood, J. E. F., Reeves , D., Adler

  9. Military Review: Training the Force. (United States)


    sin our- tmat eapnnon sto coff the for that the woridat next mori aocfne fustiure bcretaiellc ads ronflit asou ton techooy wudiFos nhis arie widns...with newly released animosities fragmenting by a newly tyrannical Gorbachev or by military the grand coalition of Americans, East Asians , and rule...and now be- bility that a new ideology will challenge democratic tween Russians and Central Asians . . . " He capitalism. He contends that, "One may

  10. Transforming America’s Military (United States)


    information era is different from the industrial era, the rich experiences of the past century provide useful guidelines for thinking about how to...central mil- itary lesson of the Cold War’s final climactic years. Managing Change: Transformation for the Information Era Today, the U.S. military...formations. It might not robustly pursue joint operations, information - era networking, and new doctrines. It might overlook opportunities to strengthen U.S

  11. Trial by Jury in Russian Military Courts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolai P. Kovalev


    Full Text Available One of peculiar features of the military criminal justice system in Russia is that in some cases military defendants may apply for trial by jury. Unlike the existing U.S. court-martial jury and the Russian military jury of the early 1900s (World War I period which were comprised of the members of the armed forces, in modern Russia jurors trying military defendants are civilians. This article aims to provide a brief history of military jury in Russia and identify issues of independence and impartiality in Russian military courts with participation of lay decision-makers. In particular, the article will analyze two high-profile cases which resulted in acquittals of Russian officers accused of killing several Chechen civilians during counter-terrorist operations in Chechnya.

  12. Study of Educational Adjustment and Educational Motivation in Military and Non-Military Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khodabakhsh Ahmadi


    Full Text Available Students abilities to transfer from the community colleges into baccalaureate granting colleges and universities have become a global issue. The rise in students’college attendance has brought about new challenges in the area of academic motivation depriving them from educational pursuit despite proper qualifications. This comparative-descriptive study has been designed in order to compare between military and non-military students in terms of educational adjustment and motivation power and their related subscales. Subjects were selected from four colleges in Tehran.100 students from each college were selected through random sampling, subsequently the total sample were 400 college students. Half of whom were military college students and the other half was non-military college students. In order to collect data the Bell’s adjustment questionnaire and the questionnaire of educational motivation were used. Comparison between military and non-military students in terms of various aspects of adjustment showed that there is a meaningful difference between military and non-military students in terms of familial adjustment, hygienic adjustment and total adjustment (p≤0.01. Comparison between military and non-military students in terms of educational motivation power showed that there is meaningful difference in the level of p≤0.01 and was higher in military college students. Unlike non-military students, military students will definitely be working in areas relevant to their field of study. On one hand the motive to serve their country is stronger and that is why military students’ academic motive in meaningfully stronger than non-military students, maybe we need to increase motivation in non-military students with providing them job relevant to their field of study. The women Army population is not too high in IRAN so the problem related to this issue is not very serious at the moment. In order to prevent the upcoming problems in this issue we

  13. Recent Military Operations on Urban Terrain (United States)


    significance of the battle, description of the enviroment , combatants’ resources, the tactical situation, concepts of operations, tactical plan, operations... tic defensive plan developed. The IDF doctrine for MOUT relied heavily on the use of armor in built- up areas in both 1967 and 1973. This reliance...forces in the Jerusalem area. One consequence was that he had no direct communication with any of these detachments but could only learn of their

  14. USSR Report, Military Affairs, No. 1781. (United States)


    freedom and -dependence of the socialist Especially severe tests had to be experienced-at the start of the war when the immense previously mobilized army...pilots were giving their all to the battle, were performing assertively and with good tactical skill. It became especially tense in the air, when...bonds link the airman to earth, and all feelings for the earth are intensified. The wings are powerful because of their earthly origen . They are no

  15. Textual Research on the Site of the Battle of Guandu%官渡地望考辨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    崔军红; 冯艳艳


    The battle of Guandu is one of the most famous examples in Chinese history .In the past,people generally believed that the battle of Guandu occurred in ZhongMou , Henan, seems to have nothing to do with YuanYang , Henan.In fact,according to historical documents and the early period of Ming and YuanYang local historical re -cords ,as well as YuanYang Ming dynasty stele “The royal inscriptional record” and Qing dynasty “Rebuild inscrip-tional record” found recently ,we can assume that the village Matou in YuanYang is the main battleground of the battle of Guandu .%官渡之战是中国历史上最著名的战例之一。过去,人们一般认为官渡之战发生在河南中牟,似乎与河南原阳无关。根据早期史料和明清时期原阳地方史料的记载,以及近年在原阳发现的明代石碑《皇经碑记》和清代《重修碑记》,认定原阳马头村一带,就是官渡之战的主战场。

  16. Developing the PLA critical care medicine is critical for advancing the level of battle wound treatment in the new era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wei-qin LI


    Full Text Available Critical care medicine is an emerging unique specialty developed from the later 20th century, since then, it has been enriched with theoretical and practical experiences and becomes the most active subject in the field of clinical medicine. Critical care medicine of the PLA has attained significant achievements in the treatment and research of severe trauma, sepsis, severe heat stroke, multiple organ failure and severe acute pancreatitis. Besides, it stands in the leading position in the organ function maintenance of critically ill patients, continuous hemofiltration and nutrition support in China. Furthermore, critical care medicine plays an important role in the rescue of critically ill patients, medical support and disaster relief. As the relationship between battle wound rescue system and critical care medicine has been increasingly close, transition in the form of war in the new period brings new tasks to battle wound treatment constantly. Combined with the characteristics of information-oriented war condition in the future, developing the PLA critical care medicine and advancing the level of battle wound treatment in the new period point out the direction for the future work of critical care medicine. DOI: 10.11855/j.issn.0577-7402.2017.02.01

  17. Research on 6R Military Logistics Network (United States)

    Jie, Wan; Wen, Wang

    The building of military logistics network is an important issue for the construction of new forces. This paper has thrown out a concept model of 6R military logistics network model based on JIT. Then we conceive of axis spoke y logistics centers network, flexible 6R organizational network, lean 6R military information network based grid. And then the strategy and proposal for the construction of the three sub networks of 6Rmilitary logistics network are given.

  18. Regulation of human cytokines by Cordyceps militaris


    Yong Sun; Yani Shao; Zhiguo Zhang; Lianfen Wang; Alfred M. Mariga; Guangchang Pang; Chaoyu Geng; Chi-Tang Ho; Qiuhui Hu; Liyan Zhao


    Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) exhibits many biological activities including antioxidant, inhibition of inflammation, cancer prevention, hypoglycemic, and antiaging properties, etc. However, a majority of studies involving C. militaris have focused only on in vitro and animal models, and there is a lack of direct translation and application of study results to clinical practice (e.g., health benefits). In this study, we investigated the regulatory effects of C. militaris micron powder (3 dos...

  19. The Professional Military and War Toleration (United States)


    is forced by law into military service from one to three years and become reservists after trainings. In a conscription system the fluctuation is...NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited THE PROFESSIONAL MILITARY AND WAR...PROFESSIONAL MILITARY AND WAR TOLERATION 5. FUNDING NUMBERS 6. AUTHOR(S) Laszlo Tar 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) Naval Postgraduate

  20. Methodology of Military-Scientific Research (United States)

    The book gives an analysis of the methodology used in military- scientific research. The authors examine the characteristics of such research and the...Marxist dialectic method , logic and statistical method used in it; also discussed is the process of military-scientific research and recommendations...on the literary finalization of a scientific work and on the preparation of a manuscript for the press; the methodology for organizing military-scientific work is discussed in detail.

  1. The United States Military and Humanitarian Operations (United States)


    stated that, "The wave of the future will be putting together task forces that will be able to respond to crisis management or humanitarian...examine three options for the military’s role in humanitaria operations at home and abroad. Option 1: Virtually Eliminate Anv Military Role This is the...humanitarian aid in almost any crisis .36 The military resists the creation of specially designated units because such specialization reduces the

  2. New Technology Applications for Military Logistics (United States)


    This paper is a preliminary examination of the relationship between various new technologies and modern military logistics . A brief overview of...Canadian military logistics is given together with a list of important factors such as defence policy and geography that play a significant role in...number of leading-edge technologies are listed and their potential relationships with military logistics are highlighted. Finally, a short discussion of the opportunities and risks contained in these relationships is presented.

  3. Should Military Officers Study Policy Analysis? (United States)


    academic experi- ence. Indeed, many question whether military officers need to engage in the dissection and discussion of national if the graduates of the country’s professional military education (PME) institutions decided to take this knowledge and use it to become policy... education places great emphasis on the study and application of strategy, and “senior military officers, first and foremost, must be knowledgeable about

  4. Maxillofacial injuries in military personnel treated at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine June 2001 to December 2007. (United States)

    Breeze, J; Gibbons, A J; Opie, N J; Monaghan, A


    Since its formation in June 2001, the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) at Birmingham University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has treated most of the British military personnel who have sustained serious maxillofacial injuries while serving abroad. We retrospectively analysed all recorded maxillofacial injuries of personnel evacuated to the RCDM between June 2001 and December 2007. We know of no existing papers that describe oral and maxillofacial injuries of military personnel, or workload in the 21st century. During the period 119 personnel with maxillofacial injuries were evacuated to the RCDM for treatment 83% of whom were injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. In total 61% (72/119) of injuries were caused by improvised explosive devices, 9% (11/119) were gun shot wounds, and 1% were caused by aircraft incidents. A further 29% (35/119) of patients had injuries not associated with battle. The most common injuries were facial lacerations (106/119). There were 54 facial fractures of which 17 primarily affected the maxilla, and 15 the mandible. Associated injuries were to the brain (24%), torso (26%), upper limb (39%), and lower limb (31%). The number of maxillofacial injuries has risen over the last 7 years, and has also increased in proportion to the total number of injured soldiers evacuated between 2005 and 2007.

  5. 78 FR 28461 - Military Spouse Appreciation Day, 2013 (United States)


    ... military spouses are at the core of our Armed Forces, and on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we celebrate... certification process, we can help ensure the financial stability of our military families, strengthen our...

  6. Training MSSW Students for Military Social Work Practice and Doctoral Students in Military Resilience Research (United States)

    DuMars, Tyler; Bolton, Kristin; Maleku, Arati; Smith-Osborne, Alexa


    The demand for social workers with military-related practice and research experience exceeds the current supply. To advance military social work education, we developed an interlevel master's of science in social work (MSSW) field practicum and doctoral research practicum that provides military social work field experiences and contributes to…

  7. Effects of extreme-duration heavy load carriage on neuromuscular function and locomotion: a military-based study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jordane G Grenier

    Full Text Available UNLABELLED: Trekking and military missions generally consist of carrying heavy loads for extreme durations. These factors have been separately shown to be sources of neuromuscular (NM fatigue and locomotor alterations. However, the question of their combined effects remains unresolved, and addressing this issue required a representative context. PURPOSE: The aim was to investigate the effects of extreme-duration heavy load carriage on NM function and walking characteristics. METHODS: Ten experienced infantrymen performed a 21-h simulated military mission (SMM in a middle-mountain environment with equipment weighing ∼27 kg during battles and ∼43 kg during marches. NM function was evaluated for knee extensors (KE and plantar flexors (PF pre- and immediately post-SMM using isometric maximal voluntary contraction (MVC measurement, neural electrical stimulation and surface EMG. The twitch-interpolation method was used to assess central fatigue. Peripheral changes were examined by stimulating the muscle in the relaxed state. The energy cost, mechanical work and spatio-temporal pattern of walking were also evaluated pre-/post-SMM on an instrumented treadmill in three equipment conditions: Sportswear, Battle and March. RESULTS: After the SMM, MVC declined by -10.2±3.6% for KE (P<0.01 and -10.7±16.1% for PF (P = 0.06. The origin of fatigue was essentially peripheral for both muscle groups. A trend toward low-frequency fatigue was detected for KE (5.5%, P = 0.08. These moderate NM alterations were concomitant with a large increase in perceived fatigue from pre- (rating of 8.3±2.2 to post-SMM (15.9±2.1, P<0.01. The SMM-related fatigue did not alter walking energetics or mechanics, and the different equipment carried on the treadmill did not interact with this fatigue either. CONCLUSION: this study reports the first data on physiological and biomechanical consequences of extreme-duration heavy load carriage. Unexpectedly, NM function



    Cárdenas poveda, Margarita


    The legal institution of military jurisdiction has been constantly questioned by considering that it has been used to abuse and it has worked as a source of impunity in front of serious human rights violations. Before the discredit of Military Justice, the military jurisdiction has been traditionally restricted, but recently it suffered an amendment that has motivated critics from many sectors, reform which established new Military Justice bodies with functions that overlap their powers toget...

  9. Battling malaria iceberg incorporating strategic reforms in achieving Millennium Development Goals & malaria elimination in India. (United States)

    Sharma, V P


    Malaria control in India has occupied high priority in health sector consuming major resources of the Central and State governments. Several new initiatives were launched from time to time supported by foreign aids but malaria situation has remained static and worsened in years of good rainfall. At times malaria relented temporarily but returned with vengeance at the local, regional and national level, becoming more resilient by acquiring resistance in the vectors and the parasites. National developments to improve the economy, without health impact assessment, have had adverse consequences by providing enormous breeding grounds for the vectors that have become refractory to interventions. As a result, malaria prospers and its control is in dilemma, as finding additional resources is becoming difficult with the ongoing financial crisis. Endemic countries must contribute to make up the needed resources, if malaria is to be contained. Malaria control requires long term planning, one that will reduce receptivity and vulnerability, and uninterrupted financial support for sustained interventions. While this seems to be a far cry, the environment is becoming more receptive for vectors, and epidemics visit the country diverting major resources in their containment, e.g. malaria, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fevers, and Chikungunya virus infection. In the last six decades malaria has taken deep roots and diversified into various ecotypes, the control of these ecotypes requires local knowledge about the vectors and the parasites. In this review we outline the historical account of malaria and methods of control that have lifted the national economy in many countries. While battles against malaria should continue at the local level, there is a need for large scale environmental improvement. Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has provided huge funds for malaria control worldwide touching US$ 2 billion in 2011. Unfortunately it is likely to decline to US$ 1

  10. Is Pluto a planet? Student powered video rap ';battle' over tiny Pluto's embattled planetary standing (United States)

    Beisser, K.; Cruikshank, D. P.; McFadden, T.


    Is Pluto a planet? Some creative low income Bay-area middle-schoolers put a musical spin on this hot science debate with a video rap ';battle' over tiny Pluto's embattled planetary standing. The students' timing was perfect, with NASA's New Horizons mission set to conduct the first reconnaissance of Pluto and its moons in July 2015. Pluto - the last of the nine original planets to be explored by spacecraft - has been the subject of scientific study and speculation since Clyde Tombaugh discovered it in 1930, orbiting the Sun far beyond Neptune. Produced by the students and a very creative educator, the video features students 'battling' back and forth over the idea of Pluto being a planet. The group collaborated with actual space scientists to gather information and shot their video before a 'green screen' that was eventually filled with animations and visuals supplied by the New Horizons mission team. The video debuted at the Pluto Science Conference in Maryland in July 2013 - to a rousing response from researchers in attendance. The video marks a nontraditional approach to the ongoing 'great planet debate' while educating viewers on a recently discovered region of the solar system. By the 1990s, researchers had learned that Pluto possessed multiple exotic ices on its surface, a complex atmosphere and seasonal cycles, and a large moon (Charon) that likely resulted from a giant impact on Pluto itself. It also became clear that Pluto was no misfit among the planets - as had long been thought - but the largest and brightest body in a newly discovered 'third zone' of our planetary system called the Kuiper Belt. More recent observations have revealed that Pluto has a rich system of satellites - five known moons - and a surface that changes over time. Scientists even speculate that Pluto may possess an internal ocean. For these and other reasons, the 2003 Planetary Decadal Survey ranked a Pluto/Kuiper Belt mission as the highest priority mission for NASA's newly created

  11. Improving Cultural Awareness in the U.S. Military (United States)


    gallant fighting mixed with occasional racial challenges during this war, the assumption that American Blacks were uniquely immune to tropical ...17 Rick Atkinson addressed the U.S. Army War College presenting excerpts from his new book, The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943...1944, on 29 November 2007. 18 Rick Atkinson, The Day of Battle: the War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2007), 383

  12. Avenging the General Sherman: The 1871 Battle of Kang Hwa Do (United States)


    that the government of Corea is determined to resist all innovations and intercourse with all the power at its command, without regard to nationality... Corea : The Hermit Kingdom (New York: Charles Scribners and Sons, 1902) 369-376. 2 Dr. Suh In-han , Research Historian at the Institute for Military...Department Dispatch, No. 69. 19 Report of Rear Admiral John Rodgers, No. 38, onboard the USS Colorado, Boissee Anchorage, Salee River, Corea , June 3

  13. Message in a Battle: An Analysis of Presidential Communication Since 9/11 (United States)


    combat the terror threat, an effective approach largely has remained an enigma within the national security strategy of the United States. Lacking such...coverage, and the rise of social media, vigilance about foreign attitudes and views of America is as important as its military strength.16 However, U.S...President Barack Obama had an additional audience of tens of millions through television, internet, and social networking).22 Only the president is the

  14. The Second Cold War: AirSea Battle and the Struggle for Power (United States)


    Australia and Japan will remain active and effective coalition partners with access to key ports and land bases throughout the region.22 Key ASB...researchers believe profoundly that the legacy of Chinese civilization is fundamentally pacifist , they are nevertheless very willing to employ force...Pacific Oceans. American military ports and airfields within these island chains, specifically bases in Korea, Guam, and Japan , are all within range of

  15. Evolution or Revolution: Mobility Requirements for the AirLand Battle Future Concept (United States)


    to be made in motion rather than after coming to a complete halt.* (11) The Union army experimented with the "lying column’, a French organization...attacking infantrymen. The lessons of the Boer War and the Russo-Japanese War were lost on the European military leaders prior to World War I. Although...Unit teamwork and espirit - Unit equipment capabilities - Unit equipment maintenance - Unit mobility stills (29) With an understanding from the combat

  16. The Battle of Aschaffenburg: An Example of Late World War 2 Urban Combat in Europe (United States)


    briage still uncamageo over the river. Awaiting them on this Palm Sunday were the five thousand comnatants of Kamzfkommando Aschaffenbura (KKA) ana German...William Sanders (former Corporal , M/3/157th IR). conversation with author June 1985. U.S Army, 45th Infantry Division. "Operations of the 45tn infantry...of the few civilians left In the city and their military defenders. 7 Henderly, ’Operations of Company D." 12. According to jr- Force Comnat Units of

  17. Causal reasoning versus associative learning: A useful dichotomy or a strawman battle in comparative psychology? (United States)

    Hanus, Daniel


    The debate about whether or not one could/should ascribe reasoning abilities to animals has deep historical roots and seems very up-to-date in the light of the immense body of new empirical data originating from various species and research paradigms. Associative learning (AL) seems to be a ubiquitous low-level contender for any cognitive interpretation of animal behavior, mostly because of the assumed mechanistic simplicity and phylogenetic prevalence. However, the implicit assumption that AL is simple and therefore the most parsimonious mechanism to describe seemingly complex behavior can and must be questioned on various grounds. Using recent empirical findings with chimpanzees as an example, I argue that at times inferential reasoning might be the most likely candidate to account for performance differences between experimental and control conditions. Finally, a general conclusion drawn from the current debate(s) in the field of comparative psychology could be that a dichotomist battle of 2 conceptual camps-each of which is lacking a clear and homogeneous theoretical framework-is a scientific deadlock. (PsycINFO Database Record

  18. Chronic Heart Failure: We Are Fighting the Battle, but Are We Winning the War?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John J. Atherton


    Full Text Available Heart failure represents an end-stage phenotype of a number of cardiovascular diseases and is generally associated with a poor prognosis. A number of organized battles fought over the last two to three decades have resulted in considerable advances in treatment including the use of drugs that interfere with neurohormonal activation and device-based therapies such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy. Despite this, the prevalence of heart failure continues to rise related to both the aging population and better survival in patients with cardiovascular disease. Registries have identified treatment gaps and variation in the application of evidenced-based practice, including the use of echocardiography and prescribing of disease-modifying drugs. Quality initiatives often coupled with multidisciplinary, heart failure disease management promote self-care and minimize variation in the application of evidenced-based practice leading to better long-term clinical outcomes. However, to address the rising prevalence of heart failure and win the war, we must also turn our attention to disease prevention. A combined approach is required that includes public health measures applied at a population level and screening strategies to identify individuals at high risk of developing heart failure in the future.

  19. Impulsivity in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gamers: Preliminary Results on Experimental and Self-Report Measures. (United States)

    Nuyens, Filip; Deleuze, Jory; Maurage, Pierre; Griffiths, Mark D; Kuss, Daria J; Billieux, Joël


    Background and aims Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have become the most popular type of video games played worldwide, superseding the playing of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and First-Person Shooter games. However, empirical studies focusing on the use and abuse of MOBA games are still very limited, particularly regarding impulsivity, which is an indicator of addictive states but has not yet been explored in MOBA games. In this context, the objective of the present study is to explore the associations between impulsivity and symptoms of addictive use of MOBA games in a sample of highly involved League of Legends (LoL, currently the most popular MOBA game) gamers. Methods Thirty-six LoL gamers were recruited and completed both experimental (Single Key Impulsivity Paradigm) and self-reported impulsivity assessments (s-UPPS-P Impulsive Behavior Scale, Barratt Impulsiveness Scale), in addition to an assessment of problematic video game use (Problematic Online Gaming Questionnaire). Results Results showed links between impulsivity-related constructs and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement. Findings indicated that impaired ability to postpone rewards in an experimental laboratory task was strongly related to problematic patterns of MOBA game involvement. Although less consistent, several associations were also found between self-reported impulsivity traits and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement. Conclusions Despite these results are preliminary and based upon a small (self-selected) sample, the present study highlights potential psychological factors related to the addictive use of MOBA games.

  20. Solving Battle Management/Command Control and Communication Problem using Modified BIONET

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Thamarai Selvi


    Full Text Available This paper proposes and implements a neural architecture to solve the weapon allocationproblem in the multi-layer defense scenario using modified BIONET neural network architecture.The presynaptic layer of the modified BIONET reduces the dimensionality of the principal stateequation by partitioning the state space. The post-synaptic layer of the modified BIONET includesthe perceptron Q-learning rule. The cortical layer incorporates L-learning scheme to providebetter exploration over action space. Thus, action selection is effectively made with quickerconvergence of training. The reward scheme in the reinforcement learning is obtained bycalculating the measure of probability of survival. The decision module has been enhanced byincorporating the features corresponding to the battle weapons for effective representation ofthe environment. Thus, the modified BIONET neural architecture is used to increase the efficiencyof assets saved in the simulation and the time complexity is reduced due to the state-spacepartitioning scheme involved in the neural network. The proposed modified BIONET isimplemented in MATLAB and the percentage of assets saved is increased. Also, the trainingtime is drastically reduced. Thus, the modified BIONET resulted in saving more assets with fasterconvergence of learning.

  1. Measurements of Gun Tube Motion and Muzzle Pointing Error of Main Battle Tanks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter L. McCall


    Full Text Available Beginning in 1990, the US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC began testing a prototype cannon mounted in a non-armored turret fitted to an M1A1 Abrams tank chassis. The cannon design incorporated a longer gun tube as a means to increase projectile velocity. A significant increase in projectile impact dispersion was measured early in the test program. Through investigative efforts, the cause of the error was linked to the increased dynamic bending or flexure of the longer tube observed while the vehicle was moving. Research and investigative work was conducted through a collaborative effort with the US Army Research Laboratory, Benet Laboratory, Project Manager – Tank Main Armament Systems, US Army Research and Engineering Center, and Cadillac Gage Textron Inc. New test methods, instrumentation, data analysis procedures, and stabilization control design resulted through this series of investigations into the dynamic tube flexure error source. Through this joint research, improvements in tank fire control design have been developed to improve delivery accuracy. This paper discusses the instrumentation implemented, methods applied, and analysis procedures used to characterize the tube flexure during dynamic tests of a main battle tank and the relationship between gun pointing error and muzzle pointing error.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leopold Scholtz


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to examine the standard of research about the so-called Battle of Cuito Cuanavale. After examining what objectivity for the academic researcher should mean, two categories of researchers are looked at. The first is called the “non-researchers”. They are those who do no or virtually no real research into the events at Cuito Cuanavale, but uncritically copy what politicians and politically correct academics have to say about the subject. The focus also falls on one particular historian, Italian-American Professor Piero Gleijeses. On the basis of several articles (his book about Cuba‟s role in Africa until 1976 is judged to be good, the conclusion is that his evident admiration for Cuba and its dictator, President Fidel Castro, and his revulsion at apartheid South Africa brings about a one-sided and distorted picture of what went on at Cuito Cuanavale and the Border War in general. The last category is the “serious researchers”, whose work is based on good research. Although their work displays certain gaps in the sense that they had no access to Cuban or Angolan sources, they generally are much more reliable in their facts than the “non-researchers” and Professor Gleijeses.

  3. US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 4. The Services: Quartermaster, Medical, Military Police, Signal Corps, Chemical Warfare, and Miscellaneous Organizations, 1919-41 (United States)


    35-1 Jul 36 62nd Cavalry Division Quartermaster Train Organized Reserve Maryland/Virginia HQ-Not initiated 1921-22; Towson , MD, the 62nd Cavalry Division, and allotted to the Third Corps Area. Headquarters initiated in June 1922 at Towson , MD. Headquarters relocated about...RAI Commanders: Organized Reserve officers. 36th Quartermaster Regiment (Light Maintenance) (V Corps) Regular Army Inactive HQ-Fort Wayne

  4. Research progress in military ration%军用食品研究进展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗丽华; 杨昌林; 杜鹏


    Objective To analyze and overview the latest research and development of foreign military rations so as to provide ideas and references to our aviation and space military ration.Literature iesources and selection Foreign theses,research articles,reviews and U.S.government AD reports in the food related fields.Literature quotation Twenty-three pieces of thesis.paper article and review were cited.Literature synthesis The researches of military ration have been rapidly developed in recent years.Many high-technologies,such as ultra-high pressure sterilization technology,microwave technology,microcapsule embedding technology,self-heating ration technology and new food packing materials,including high-separating packing materials,oxygenabsorbing materials and food storage technology,which brought a great deal of innovations for military food have been adopted.The main aims of these researches are to increase the food acceptance for long time consumption.upgrade packing to prolong the shelf life in order to make rations more suitable to eat in different battle-field environments.Moreover,although it still needs time to step in practical application,but researching on new concept ration,such as delivery system of the nutrients under subcutaneous,is providing brand-new idea for military ration research and development.The new research of military ration also focused on food functions,such as anti-fatigue and immune enhancing function,and the development of more food menus to guarantee the military requirement in different battle fields. Conclusions High technologies have been used in military ration development to constantly improve its applicability.The main research issues have been focused on high acceptability,longer shelf life,new concept ration,self-heating ration and nutriment pack.Special attention has been paid to develop more menus to the ration and more special purpose-ration as well as add the components with physiological function to ration.All these

  5. Senior Military Colleges Meet At Virginia Tech


    Lovegrove, Richard L.


    Representatives from the nation's six senior military colleges will hear from the Department of Defense and national Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) commanders during the annual Senior Military Colleges Conference at Virginia Tech on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 17 and 18 at the Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center.

  6. Military GP training-the future. (United States)

    Herod, T P; Johnson, G A


    There is clearly a significant step from being a well-supported GP Registrar to being a fully independent GP in the NHS and this is even more apparent for a newly qualified Military GP There are many additional duties and responsibilities placed upon a Military GP that the current training curriculum and exams do not cover and which must be learnt post-CCT, whilst undertaking independent practice for the first time. Having a Military First 5 initiative for support during this time would no doubt be of some use, but having a dedicated period of training to re-militarise newly qualified Military GPs would provide an opportunity to improve and make more efficient the initial transition from training to independent practice. In the long term, incorporating as much as possible of this proposed period of post-CCT Military training into a 4th year of GP training would be the ideal. However, discussions between Surgeon General, the Defence Deanery and the RCGP would be required to define which training elements would be acceptable to be incorporated and there will no doubt be some aspects (e.g. weapons handling) that might be deemed unacceptable by the RCGP, and thus a period of post-CCT Military training may still be a key component of a longer term solution. The options for enhancing Military GP training warrant thorough exploration as they have the potential to provide significant benefit not only for future trainees but also for the military in general.

  7. Stuxnet: Cyberwar Revolution in Military Affairs (United States)


    normally unplugged from the computer when it is ready for use. So, for example, if he wants to run centrifuges at a faster rate, he attaches the PLC to...will soon take up a position teaching computer science at the U.S. Military Academy. He holds a BS from the U.S. Military Academy and an MS from the

  8. The European Union and Military Conflict Management

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rodt, Annemarie Peen

    This book provides the first comprehensive review of the European Union’s role in military conflict management beyond its borders and makes an important contribution to debates on the EU’s role in global security governance. The EU has launched five military operations within the framework of its...

  9. Military logistics and its application in missions



    This thesis deals with the problems of logistics and its application in the military. There are mentioned various areas of using logistics in the military. It also describes the implementation of support for foreign missions, especially in the area of supply. Because of the difficultness of transport tasks it is used linear programming for the solution.

  10. Parsing Chinese-Russian Military Exercises (United States)


    music festival.154 ASSESSMENT These joint Russian-Chinese military exercises serve several important national security purposes for both governments...exaggerated last year when he said that, “After a decade of cooperation, I am confident that the two militaries are absolutely able to conduct joint

  11. Fostering Constructive Dialogue on Military Sexual Assault (United States)


    military.html>. 10 “Members panels” in the military justice system take the place of a civilian “jury.” 11 United States v. Lamb, 2010 CCA LEXIS 334 (N...M. Ct. Crim. App. 2010). 12 United States v. Peterson, 2010 CCA LEXIS 336 (N-M. Ct. Crim. App. 2010). 13 The term black out refers to an alcohol

  12. Military Engagement with Social Media (United States)


    social media . There has never been a better opportunity for an organization to instantly communicate with millions of people, yet the Department of Defense has spent the last several years struggling to establish or use a viable networking platform. We have the potential for over a million military members to become part of a social network, receiving both operational and strategic information; not by maintaining numerous and redundant databases and accounts, but by simply having a social media site. Operational information could be shared with


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Military tactical network is one of the most important applications of ad hoc network. Currently the existing routing protocols are put forward based on the simple and universal network model which has the ability of multi-hop routing but cannot work efficiently in the special military applications. The narrow bandwidth and limited energy of the wireless network make general routing protocols seem to be more redundant.In order to satisfy military needs properly, this letter makes a detailed analysis of physical nodes and traffic distribution in military network, uses cross-layer design concept for reference, combines traffic characteristic of application layer with routing protocol design. It categorized routing problem as crucial routes and non-crucial routes which adopted separate maintenance methods. It not only realizes basic transmission function but also works efficiently. It is quite fit for military application.

  14. “Keeping Solid Memoirs About the Performed Exploits”: a Case for the Caucasus Military-Historical Department’s Role in the Establishment of the Regimental Historiography in the Late XIX c

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tatyana A. Kolosovskay


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to consider the experience of saving the military sector of the historical memory. It is particularly concern with the issue of the foundation of so-called ―regimental historiography‖ – a corpus of investigations, performed by the militaries about their regiment’s deeds. The article attempts to bring in a number of general questions, related to the history of the troops of the Caucasus Army of the XIX c. The investigation is devoted specifically to the role of the Military-Historical department of the Caucasus Military District General Stuff. The research is based on either newspapers (as the ―Caucasus Journal‖ or primary sources, collected in Federal and regional archives with a particular focus on published ―regimental histories‖ of certain troops. Based on the approach offered by research direction of the ―intellectual history‖, the author came to the conclusions, that all regiment histories were written by non-professional historians. Their historical plot was determined by the official ideological background and by the wish for keeping the memory about the war exploits and traditions of their regiment. The work existence depended not only on the author subjective will, but either on financial issues – money need for the papers printing. The Caucasus Military-Historical department’s participation in this process allowed achieving extremely high results. Many printed and edited papers contained much more than making the dry roll-call of battles and military events. They included either reviews of political, historical, cultural and ethnological context, making some shift to mastering the base for the further scientific Caucasus studies.

  15. 41 CFR 51-6.4 - Military resale commodities. (United States)


    ... potential of military resale commodities. (4) Establish policies and procedures which reserve to its agency... 41 Public Contracts and Property Management 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military resale... PROCEDURES § 51-6.4 Military resale commodities. (a) Purchase procedures for ordering military...

  16. 5 CFR 846.303 - Crediting military service. (United States)


    ... § 842.209 of this chapter; (v) The military reserve technician retirement provisions under § 842.210 of... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Crediting military service. 846.303... Become Subject to FERS § 846.303 Crediting military service. (a) Military service performed before...

  17. 32 CFR 575.6 - Catalogue, United States Military Academy. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Catalogue, United States Military Academy. 575.6... ADMISSION TO THE UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY § 575.6 Catalogue, United States Military Academy. The latest edition of the catalogue, United States Military Academy, contains additional...

  18. The Korean Military Advisory Group -- Developmental Challenges during Ongoing Conflict (United States)


    to indigenous Korean military forces has direct applicability to current military operations in Afghanistan. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Korean...Korean military forces has direct applicability to current military operations in Afghanistan. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to firstly...and equipping under “Operation BAMBOO ” prior to the initiation of hostilities with North Korea. Developed in December of 1945, this program

  19. 32 CFR 637.4 - Military Police and the USACIDC. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military Police and the USACIDC. 637.4 Section... ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS MILITARY POLICE INVESTIGATION Investigations § 637.4 Military Police and the USACIDC. (a) The military police or the USACIDC are authorized to investigate allegations...

  20. 20 CFR 212.3 - Crediting of military service. (United States)


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Crediting of military service. 212.3 Section... MILITARY SERVICE § 212.3 Crediting of military service. In determining an individual's entitlement to an... of a calendar month during which the individual was in the active military service of the...

  1. 20 CFR 614.21 - Findings of Federal military agency. (United States)


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 3 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Findings of Federal military agency. 614.21... UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION FOR EX-SERVICEMEMBERS Responsibilities of Federal Military Agencies and State Agencies § 614.21 Findings of Federal military agency. (a) Findings in military documents....

  2. 20 CFR 226.61 - Use of military service. (United States)


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Use of military service. 226.61 Section 226... § 226.61 Use of military service. (a) Claim for use of military service. An employee is deemed to have filed a claim for the use of military service and earnings as service and compensation under...

  3. Remembrance, trauma and collective memory: the battle for memory in psychoanalysis. (United States)

    Bohleber, Werner


    In contemporary clinical theory in psychoanalysis, remembering life-historical events and reconstructing the past have lost the central therapeutic function that they had for Freud. The author describes this development and demonstrates the way in which trauma and its remembrance resist it. He discusses the problem of the truth status of memories. Traumatic memories are not subject to transformation by the present when they are retrieved. They constitute a kind of foreign body in the psychic-associative network, but rather than forming an exact replica of the traumatic experience they undergo specific remodellings. The author describes some of the psychic processes in this encapsulated realm. Resolving its predominant dynamics and extricating phantasy from traumatic reality require a remembrance and reconstruction of the traumatic events in the analytic treatment. The author goes on to describe the vital importance of social discourse concerning historical truth for both the individual concerned and society in connection with disasters defined as man-made. A reluctance to know often sets in here that stems from the desire to avoid confronting the crimes, the horror and the victims' suffering. With the Holocaust in particular, the further problem arises of how to avoid its subjugation in historical description to defining categories that eliminate the horror and traumatic nature of the events. Remembering crimes unfolds a special set of dynamics. The author describes both these dynamics and their transgenerational effects on post-war German society. He concludes that, in order to confront the problems posed by a multifaceted traumatic reality, it is also necessary to battle to restore memory to an appropriate place in psychoanalysis.

  4. Preliminary report on self-healing minefield (frogs) concepts and utility in battle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Greenwalt, R J; Magnoli, D


    The purpose of this study is to determine battlefield effectiveness of the self-healing minefield (''Frogs'') concept system compared to basecases of the standard AP/AT (anti-personnel/anti-tank) mixed minefield, the AT (anti-tank) pure minefield, and no minefields. This involves tactical modeling where a basecase with and without mines is compared to the concept system. However, it is first necessary to establish system characteristics and behavior of the Frog mine and minefield in order to do the tactical modeling. This initial report provides emerging insights into various minefield parameters in order to allow better program definition early in the conceptual development. In the following sections of this report, we investigate the self-healing minefield's ground pattern and several concepts for movement (''jump'') of a mine. Basic enemy breaching techniques are compared for the different mine movement concepts. These results are then used in the (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation) JCATS tactical model to evaluate minefield effects in a combat situation. The three basecases and the Frogs concept are used against a North Korean mechanized rifle battalion and outcomes are compared. Preliminary results indicate: (1) Possible breaching techniques for the self-healing minefield were proposed and compared through simulation modeling. Of these, the best breaching counter to the self-healing minefield is the ''wide-lane'' breach technique. (2) Several methods for mine movement are tested and the optimal method from this group was selected for use in the modeling. However, continued work is needed on jump criteria; a more sophisticated model may reduce the advantage of the breach counter. (3) The battle scenario used in this study is a very difficult defense for Blue. In the three baseline cases (no mines, AT mines only, and mixed AT/AP minefield), Blue loses. Only in the Frog case does Blue win, and

  5. Building the Will to Fight -- Prerequisite to Winning the AirLand Battle, (United States)


    are considered to be synonymous with America itself. In their critique of Stouffer’t° American Soldier studies, Merton and Lazarsfeld concluded that...Janowitz, The New Military, p. 2)4. 27. Kellett, Combat Motivation, pp. 147-148. 28. Richard A. Gabriel and Paul L. Savage, "Cohesion and Disintegration in...131-132. 71. Stouffer, p. 1.4. 4T .r".r r 46 32. Stouffer, p. 132. 33. Stouffer, p. 133. 34. Stouffer, p. 132. 35. Stouffer, p. 132. 36. Paul F

  6. Real Time Information Fusion in Military Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Bhagiratharao


    Full Text Available With the proliferation of sensors on platforms like battle ships and aircraft, the information to be handled by the battlefield commanders has significantly increased in the recent time. From a deluge of information flowing from sensors, the battlefield commander is required to make situation assessment in real-time and take appropriate action. Recent studies by cognitive scientists have indicated that decision making by individuals as well as a team suffer from several biases. For these two reasons, the battlefield commanders need assistance of real-time information fusion systems to take objective assessment of highly dynamic battle situation in real-time information fusion systems to take objective assessment of a highly dynamic battle situation in real-time. The real-time information fusion systems at a single platform level as well as that applicable for geographically distributed platforms is discussed in detail in this paper. It was concluded that by carrying out these activities at the platform level as well as at 'global' level involving several platforms, the limitations in performance of any sensor due to propagation effects or due to enemy counter measures can be significantly minimised or totally eliminated. At the same time the functional effectiveness of each sensor onboard different platforms, becomes better than when it had to operate autonomously within the real-time information fusion facility. By carrying out global real-time information fusion activity in a theatre of war, all the platforms operating in the area will have the benefit of the best sensor in that area on each aspect of the capability. A few examples of real-time information fusion system are also discussed.

  7. Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) 2000: Will ABDR Become the Logistics Center of Gravity by the Year 2000 (United States)


    damage repair comes from the conflict in Southeast Asia CSEA ) and data available from the Arab-Israeli 1973 Yom Kippur war. Battle damage experience data...Performance." Air Force Journal of Loglutics, Vol. VIII, No. 4. Fall 1984, p. 9. 3. Department of the A~r Forcei Headquarters U.S. Air Force. "R&M 2000...Key to Combat Strength." 1.jr Force Journal of Logistl, Winter 1988, pp. 5-6. 17. Kitfield, James. "Concern Over Composites." ° Forum, January-February

  8. Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Highlights from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study (United States)


    prevalence and nature of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the military. Detailed results, including recommendations, are documented in four...assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination in the military. The resulting study, the RAND Military Workplace Study (RMWS), invited close to...takes a new approach to counting individuals in the military who experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination in the

  9. Cooperative Extension Training Impact on Military Youth and 4-H Youth: The Case of Speak Out for Military Kids (United States)

    Edwin, James; McKinley, Steve; Talbert, B. Allen


    Extension needs new venues to promote their programming skills to unfamiliar audiences. One new audience Extension is currently reaching is military children. By partnering with Operation: Military Kids to offer a Speak Out for Military Kids training, Extension supports military children and document changes in the behavior of this audience.…

  10. Experimental study on neuroendocrinological and immunological characteristics of the military-trained artillerymen

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Xin; HUANG Wen-xu; LU Ju-ming; YANG Guang; MA Fang-ling; LAN Ya-ting; MENG Jun-hua; DOU Jing-tao


    Background Over one million soldiers were treated for battle- or training-fatigue during World War II.Of all groundcombat troops,37% were discharged for psychiatric reasons due to fatigue.The neuroendocrinological and immunological systems played important roles in the work-related fatigue of military personnel.The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of fatigue associated with military operations,and we observed changes in the regulatory functions of the neuroendocrinological and immunological systems that may provide theoretical support for improving the combat effectiveness of armies.@@Methods A total of 240 soldiers from the Field Artillery regiment were selected as subjects.Researchers and subjects received training before participating in the study.Data of the subjects' medical histories,physical examinations,scores on a fatigue assessment scale,and assessments of pituitary-adrenal hormones (adrenal cortical hormone (ACTH),cortical hormone (F),and 24-hour urine-free cortisol (UFC)),pituitary-gonadal hormones (luteinizing hormone (LH),follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH),testosterone,estradiol (E2),and prolactin (PRL)),pituitary-thyroid hormones (thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH),thyroxine (-I-r4),triiodothyronine (I-T3),free thyroxine (FT4),and free triiodothyronine (FT3)),and cellular immune parameters (CD3+,CD4+,CD8+,CD4+/CD8+,B,and NK cells) were investigated before and after large-scale and high-intensity field exercises.Data were statistically analyzed with Student's ttest using SPSS software (version 13.0),and Pvalues <0.05 were deemed to be significant.@@Results After the high-intensity military training,the scores on the fatigue scale reflected significant increases of feeling of unpleasantness among soldiers.Additionally,the symptom checklist showed notable increases in somatization scores and significant decreases in psychoticism scores.After intensive military work,levels of plasma ACTH,F,and UFC of soldiers were decreased (P <0

  11. Civil-Military relations and democratization in Guatemala


    Berrios, Carlos G.


    The purpose of this thesis is to examine civil-military relations in Guatemala and their effect on democratic consolidation. The issue of civil- military relations in Guatemala is one of particular importance as political and military leaders as well as members of civil society attempt to redefine the role of the military after 36 years of civil war. Applying Felipe Aguero's theory of civilian supremacy, this thesis argues that since 1982, the Guatemalan military has evolved into a profession...

  12. The Private Military Industry: Economic Analysis, Uses & Considerations (United States)


    SUBJECT TERMS Private Military Industry, Private Military Company, Private Military Firm, Mercenary, Five Forces Analysis, Transaction Cost Economics...industry and its implications, a focused examination of industrial analysis, Transaction Cost Economics (TCE), entrepreneurship, and problematic areas is...02/11/2007). 273 J. E. Fredland, “Outsourcing Military Force: A Transaction Cost Perspective on the Roles of Military Companies,” Defense and Peace

  13. Overseas Military Bases: Understanding Host Nation Support (United States)


    complex nature of host nation interests. Camp Lemonier , a combined joint base leased by the US from the Government of Djibouti, encompasses the primary...Joseph. “U.S. military plans to expand Camp Lemonier in Djibouti.” Stars and Stripes, 9 July 2006. Gordon, Michael R...Concept, 11-12. 9. CRS, U.S. Military Overseas Basing, 2-3. 10. Giordono, “U.S. Military Plans to expand Camp Lemonier in Djibouti.” 11. US

  14. Meaning and Function of Military Experience (United States)


    ARI Research Note 86-75 NMEANING AND FUNCTION OF MILITARY EXPERIENCE 0 Fred E. Fiedler Va’s University of Washington r*% YE for Contracting Officer’s...Military Experience Final Report March 83-May 85 6. PERFORMING ORG. REPORT NUMBER 7. AUT4OR(a) •. CONTRACT OR GRANT NUMBER(*) Fred E. Fiedler M DA 903-83...Contract #: MDA 903 83-M-3668 Principal Investigator: Fred E. Fiedler University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195 MEANING AND FUNCTION OF MILITARY

  15. Does Peacetime Military Service Affect Crime?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Albæk, Karsten; Leth-Petersen, Søren; le Maire, Christian Daniel

    Draft lottery data combined with Danish longitudinal administrative records show that military service can reduce criminal activity for youth offenders who enter service at ages 19-22. For this group property crime is reduced for up to five years from the beginning of service, and the effect...... is therefore not only a result of incapacitation while enrolled. We find no effect of service on violent crimes. We also find no effect of military service on educational attainment and unemployment, but we find negative effects of service on earnings. These results suggest that military service does...

  16. Does Peacetime Military Service Affect Crime?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Albæk, Karsten; Leth-Petersen, Søren; le Maire, Daniel


    Draft lottery data combined with Danish longitudinal administrative records show that military service can reduce criminal activity for youth offenders. For this group property crime is reduced, and our results indicate that the effect is unlikely to be the result of incapacitation only. We find...... no effect of military service on violent crime, on educational attainment, or on employment and earnings, either in the short or the long run. These results suggest that military service does not upgrade productive human capital directly, but rather impacts criminal activity through other channels...

  17. Does Peacetime Military Service Affect Crime

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Albæk, Karsten; Leth-Petersen, Søren; le Maire, Daniel

    is therefore not only a result of incapacitation while enrolled. We find no effect of service on violent crimes. We also find no effect of military service on educational attainment and unemployment, but we find negative effects of service on earnings. These results suggest that military service does......Draft lottery data combined with Danish longitudinal administrative records show that military service can reduce criminal activity for youth offenders who enter service at ages 19-22. For this group property crime is reduced for up to five years from the beginning of service, and the effect...

  18. Military Personnel: DOD Needs to Take Further Actions to Prevent Sexual Assault During Initial Military Training (United States)


    supervisory or command position who uses or condones any form of sexual behavior to control, influence , or affect the career, pay, or job of a the armed forces must have signed parental consent prior to age 18. Page 37 GAO-14-806 Sexual Assault during Initial Training...MILITARY PERSONNEL DOD Needs to Take Further Actions to Prevent Sexual Assault during Initial Military Training

  19. [Turning points in world history: urological comments on pathography of famous people: did Napoleon Bonaparte have a cystitis during the battle of Waterloo and was the battle lost because of that?]. (United States)

    Hatzinger, M; Stastny, M; Haferkamp, A


    Apparently unimportant diseases of some prominent figures can have a considerable effect on the course of time at turning points in world history. It is quite conceivable that the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815 had been lost by France because Napoleon was not in full possession of his powers, because he was suffering from acute cystitis. Adverse weather conditions with continuous rain and coldness in advance of the battle, extremely primitive hygienic conditions and more than simple quarters for the night led to the development of cystitis. Based on the records of his biographers, his personal physician and the letters to his brother, we know that Napoleon was not able to give the command to attack in the early morning as intended, but in the early noon, only because of his bad general condition. This delay of several hours led, as we all know, to the intervention of Prussia and the devastating defeat of France. Thus it appears that a relatively unimportant urological disease influenced the course of world history crucially.

  20. [Gas gangrene: a military disease?]. (United States)

    Pailler, J L; Labeeu, F


    Gas gangrene is a general toxi-infection, which is mostly the result of a contamination of the muscles from traumatic or post-operative origin. Muscular necrosis expands very quickly, causes mutilations, hits several organs and leads to shock. The spontaneous evolution is mostly mortal within a couple of hours. For a long time it was considered to be a typical military disease: during World War I some 100,000 German soldiers lost their lives as a direct result. It represented then 10 to 12% of all deads of wounds. This mortality rate decreased between 0.3 and 1.5% during World War II and to 0.016% during the Vietnam WAr. Although gas gangrene is no longer a typical military disease, the holy principles of war surgery must be respected. All war wounds, and in particular those caused by high velocity missiles are contaminated, a.o. by clostridium spores. An immediate suture of those wounds, through which necrotized tissue is covered (an ideal anaerobic environment), furthers the development of gas gangrene. The only prevention consists of debriding those wounds, leaving them opened, followed by a delayed primary suture between the 4th and 7th day after the debridement. Not properly treated will gas gangrene always be mortal. In some instances, an emergency amputation will be the only way to save the patient's life. Antibiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygenotherapy and most of all surgery from the medical triade which is imperative to treat this disease. Thanks to these measures, the mortality rate decreased from 70% before 1960 to 41%. Nonetheless the most important act remains the early, complete, rational and rigorous debridement of the wounds. Far from being an obsolete attitude, this is one of humility, wisdom ... and with future prospects.


    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Center for Military Biomechanics Research is a 7,500 ft2 dedicated laboratory outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for 3-D analysis of movement, measurement...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Svirezhev C.A.


    Full Text Available Integration of the Russian Federation in the international community, to find the most effective ways to implement the military and land reforms require a comprehensive study. The paper identifies the main problems that hinder the effective implementation of the reform of the conversion, the ways of their solutions, including use of the experience of the advanced countries of the European Union. Identified military objects to be conversion, shown combining them into groups according to various criteria. Proposed a typology of ex-military territories. Notes the role of the organization of effective land use conversion in the areas of land use planning, identifies the main documents required for the implementation of planned activities. The problems of land use planning conversion ex-military territories.

  3. Future trends in commercial and military systems (United States)

    Bond, F. E.

    Commercial and military satellite communication systems are addressed, with a review of current applications and typical communication characteristics of the space and earth segments. Drivers for the development of future commercial systems include: the pervasion of digital techniques and services, growing orbit and frequency congestion, demand for more entertainment, and the large potential market for commercial 'roof-top' service. For military systems, survivability, improved flexibility, and the need for service to small mobile terminals are the principal factors involved. Technical trends include the use of higher frequency bands, multibeam antennas and a significant increase in the application of onboard processing. Military systems will employ a variety of techniques to counter both physical and electronic threats. The use of redundant transmission paths is a particularly effective approach. Successful implementation requires transmission standards to achieve the required interoperability among the pertinent networks. For both the military and commercial sectors, the trend toward larger numbers of terminals and more complex spacecraft is still persisting.

  4. International Military Practice Amidst Ethical Heterogeneity (United States)


    within military academies delivering PMEE. How can Christians, Jews , humanists, Muslims, Hindus, and nontheists represented in these institutions...Romania Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Togo Turkey

  5. JP-8 and Other Military Fuels (United States)


    Army systems. Unclassified Military Fuel Additives Unclassified • Antioxidants (AO) - Required in fuels that have hydrotreated components...Deoxygenation & Hydrotreating Selective Hydrocracking Product Separationtallow fats wood waste & by-products agri-wastenon-food crops algae

  6. Military and aerospace applications of FCC (United States)

    Swanson, C.


    Military and NASA programs are discussed in which FCC were used. Included are Saturn 4, Pegasus satellites solar, array for Skylab orbital workshop, Poseidon missiles, MK 48 torpedo fire control, and Lunar Surveyor.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catalin ANTON


    Full Text Available Abstract A long list of allied or coalition type military actions against entities declared as aggressors, failed or terrorist states/organizations has been recorded for the past 25 years. To reach an end state for any action planned by the military or established at any decagon making level, usually the political one, all information must be shared throughout all coalition/ allied components. That is mainly done by specialized elements that play the role of primary structures in charge of analyzing all information necessary for the military commander’s decision-making process. In this context, the article aims to outline the importance of the decision-making process for military commandants, as part of large /important coalition / allied structures and the level of training required of the latter to use the intelligence cycle to fulfill their main mission in their area of responsibility.

  8. Nanosecond Neutron Analysis for the search of the lost Leonardo's masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuznetsov, A.V.; Gorshkov, I.Yu.; Evsenin, A.V.; Osetrov, O.I.; Vakhtin, D.N. [Applied Science and Technology Center (APSTEC Ltd.), Office 213, Gzhatskaya, 27, Saint-Petersburg 195220 (Russian Federation); Cosentino, A., E-mail: tonycosentino@yahoo.i [CISA3, Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093-0436 (United States); Seracini, M. [CISA3, Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093-0436 (United States)


    Between 1505 and 1506 Leonardo Da Vinci painted his masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari, in Palazzo Vecchio's Hall of 500 in Florence. The unfinished mural remained visible until 1563, when architect Giorgio Vasari undertook a renovation of the Hall and all traces of the Battle of Anghiari were lost. However, scholarly interpretation and scientific evidence suggest that the mural could be on the eastern wall, hidden behind a brick wall built in 1563 by Vasari. This paper discusses the possibility of using NNA/APT (Nanosecond Neutron Analysis/Associated Particle Technique) to establish the presence of the masterpiece by identifying behind the Vasari's wall chemical elements from the gesso preparation layer of the mural and possibly from its pigments. This paper reports on the experiments run with a simple NNA/APT system and the Monte Carlo simulations that have been carried out in order to outline the experimental setup of an advanced NNA/APT able to detect and locate the tiny amount of gesso and pigments.

  9. Nanosecond Neutron Analysis for the search of the lost Leonardo’s masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari (United States)

    Kuznetsov, A. V.; Gorshkov, I. Yu.; Evsenin, A. V.; Osetrov, O. I.; Vakhtin, D. N.; Cosentino, A.; Seracini, M.


    Between 1505 and 1506 Leonardo Da Vinci painted his masterpiece, the Battle of Anghiari, in Palazzo Vecchio's Hall of 500 in Florence. The unfinished mural remained visible until 1563, when architect Giorgio Vasari undertook a renovation of the Hall and all traces of the Battle of Anghiari were lost. However, scholarly interpretation and scientific evidence suggest that the mural could be on the eastern wall, hidden behind a brick wall built in 1563 by Vasari. This paper discusses the possibility of using NNA/APT (Nanosecond Neutron Analysis/Associated Particle Technique) to establish the presence of the masterpiece by identifying behind the Vasari's wall chemical elements from the gesso preparation layer of the mural and possibly from its pigments. This paper reports on the experiments run with a simple NNA/APT system and the Monte Carlo simulations that have been carried out in order to outline the experimental setup of an advanced NNA/APT able to detect and locate the tiny amount of gesso and pigments.

  10. Are we losing the battle against cardiometabolic disease? The case for a paradigm shift in primary prevention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krämer Alexander


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cardiovascular and diabetic disease are the leading and preventable causes of death worldwide. The currently prognosticated dramatic increase in disease burden over the next two decades, however, bespeaks a low confidence in our prevention ability. This conflicts with the almost enthusiastic reporting of study results, which demonstrate substantial risk reductions secondary to simple lifestyle changes. Discussion There is a case to be made for a disregard of the difference between statistical significance and clinical relevance of the reported data. Nevertheless, lifestyle change remains the main weapon in our battle against the epidemic of cardiometabolic disease. But along the way from risk screening to intervention to maintenance the compound inefficiencies of current primary preventive strategies marginalize their impact. Summary Unless we dramatically change the ways in which we deploy preventive interventions we will inevitably lose the battle. In this paper we will argue for three provocative strategy changes, namely (a the disbanding of screening in favor of population-wide enrollment into preventive interventions, (b the substitution of the current cost utility analysis for a return-on-investment centered appraisal of interventions, and (c the replacement of standardized programs modeled around acute care by individualized and perpetual interventions.

  11. Defense Downsizing and Blacks in the Military (United States)


    8217IIa NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Monterey, California AD-A272 415 THESIS DEFENSE DOWNSIZING AND BLACKS IN THE MILITARY by Roy L. Nixon June 1993 Thesis...include security classification) DEFENSE DOWNSIZING AND BLACKS IN TIE MILITARY 12 Plersonal Author(s) Roy L. Nixon 1 3a Type of Report I13b Time Covered...end of the draft. However. the armed forces are now engaged in the process of downsizing , and there is some speculation that blacks may be

  12. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    of different national- ities in military councils, political bodies, party commit- tees , and Komsomol committees, bringing new recruits from the...organizations, DOSAAF commit- tees , the Znaniye Society, public education agencies, military commissariats, and the mass media. Where actions are directed...under their T- shirts , shiver with chills from fever contracted in Afghanistan... But then it is not a matter of inconspicuousness, but indifference

  13. Homosexuality and the U.S. military.


    McIntyre, Michael Thomas


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited The U.S. military services presently restrict homosexual individuals from entering the armed forces, and discharge gay service members once they have been discovered to be homosexual. As a result of recent social, judicial and political change within the United States, increasing pressure has been placed on the U.S. military to reevaluate and change its homosexuality-related regulations. This paper summarizes recen...

  14. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs (United States)


    the sending of troops into by the parliament, unless generals savaging perestroika Baku, pointing out a number of crimes committed by and JPRS-UMA-90-026 36 MILITARY MANPOWER ISSUES 19 November 1990 Uzbek Presidential Decree on Draft, Military the Ministry of Health of the Kara ...of the Kara -Kalpak Republic Youth, 4 Sep 90] ASSR, the oblispolkoms, the Tashkent gorispolkom, [Text] To assure the rights and liberties of Uzbek SSR

  15. Morphological Characteristics of Conidiogenesis in Cordyceps militaris


    Shrestha, Bhushan; Han, Sang-Kuk; Yoon, Kwon-Sang; Sung, Jae-Mo


    Conidial development of Cordyceps militaris was observed from germinating ascospores and vegetative hyphae through light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Ascospores were discharged from fresh specimens of C. militaris in sterile water as well as Sabouraud Dextrose agar plus Yeast Extract (SDAY) plates. We observed ascospore germination and conidial formation periodically. Under submerged condition in sterile water, most part-spores germinated unidirectionally and conidia were developed...

  16. Exploring Cultural Predictors of Military Intervention Success (United States)


    AU/ACSC/Wade, E/AY15 AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY EXPLORING CULTURAL PREDICTORS OF MILITARY INTERVENTION SUCCESS by facto exploration of predictors of military intervention success . As such, the research examined pre- and post-intervention political conditions as...qualitative analysis to identify cultural factors that might predict intervention success . The study concluded that Central American former Spanish

  17. Next generation estrategic airlift military transport




    The overall goal of this project is to design a next generation strategic airlift military transport for entry in 2030. The design must follow specific rules and specifications required by the AIAA Foundation Undergraduate Team Aircraft Design Competition. Carsí De La Concepción, P. (2015). Next generation estrategic airlift military transport. Archivo delegado

  18. Military Specification Updates & Deicing Working Group Initiatives (United States)


    Air Force Petroleum Agency I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e Military Specification Updates & Deicing Working Group...00-2011 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Military Specification Updates & Deicing Working Group Initiatives 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c...Corrosion Runway Deicing Fluid Partnership with Battelle Memorial Institute (lead agency), AFRL/ ASC, Army (CRREL), Navy (NAVAIR), Octagon, AMIL

  19. Military Leadership in the Kenya Army. (United States)


    109011"dt agency. USAWC MILITARY STUIES PRGRAM PAPER MILITARY LEADERSIP IN THE KENYA ~IMW INDIVIEUAL sIUD PROJTECT by Brigadier Jackson Munyao, IS Colonel...DO supervising and evaluating . k. Motivate. o. Applying principles of motivation, such as develop- ing morale and esprit in your unit; teaching...orders and make sure they are followed. Make any correction where required. This can be done if you evaluate the effectiveness of the plan by

  20. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    American officer: "Let’s go in there, Comrade Major." Worth’s brows rose . Viktor also realized his inadvert- ence. What could he do? He was accustomed...It can be straightened out only by applying social and governmental solutions. What are the current provisions pertaining to housing for... Nikola - yevich Tukhachevskiy and an entire galaxy of Soviet military leaders who had been tempered in the crucibles of military ordeals of World War

  1. Evaluation of Military Service Youth Advertisements (United States)


    the military, and to realign the market research program to better support military advertising . In Fiscal Years 2000 and 2001, a two-pronged...efforts and advertising campaigns that are based on sound market research. The Joint Recruiting Advertising Program (JRAP) and Joint Market Research...assess levels of support provided by advertising agencies, and to recommend improved marketing strategies. The Eskew-Murphy Advertising Review made a

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs (United States)


    ZVEZDA, 6 Apr 90] 50 PRE-DRAFT TRAINING AND THE DRAFT Draft Evasion Problem Addressed 51 Rayon Military Commissar Notes Cases [A. Gritsenko ...Cases 90UM0361A Moscow VOYENNYYE ZNANIYA in Russian No 2, Feb 90 pp 6-7 [Letter by Captain A. Gritsenko , section chief of Per- vomayskiy Rayon...Comrade Gritsenko , his work colleagues in the military commissariats, and many, many Komsomol leaders and DOSAAF activists should ponder what must be

  3. Civilian Combatants, Military Professionals? American Officer Judgments (United States)


    respectively. 25 Volker Franke and Marc von Boemcken offer a five-category typology of armed opera- tional combat support, armed security...Any job that requires them to be armed or they may be exposed to enemy fire .’ A third offered: ‘ALL MILITARY FUNCTIONS. THERE SHOULD NOT BE PRIVATE...Industry (Ithaca, NY: Cornell UP 2003) p.41. 5 Gary Schaub, Jr. and Volker Franke, Contractors as Military Professionals?’ Parameters 39/4 (2009/2010

  4. The Validity of Soviet Military Power (United States)


    produced widely divergent viewpoints. The Library Journal endorsed the volume: "Gervasi provides evidence that President Reagan’s claims have no...10Finnegan, Richard B. "A Review of The Myth of Soviet Military Supremacy" Library Journal , June 1, 1986, p. 114. l"Jones, David R. "A Review of The Myth of...Soviet Military Supremacy," Library Journal , June 1, 1986, p. 114. Friedman, Norman "The Soviet Fleet in Transition" U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

  5. Nurses speak out for home care: winning the last great civil rights battle. (United States)

    Halamandaris, Val J


    In closing, it is clear that home care nurses are a very special breed. They are missionaries, committed to the goal of helping vulnerable Americans manage their health care needs and to preserving the freedoms and the independence that everyone cherishes. As is clear from the vignettes above, their first and last thoughts each day are for the well-being of their patients. They are so busy providing sophisticated care for a raft of complex medical problems common to their patients and filling out Medicare forms that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. There is no doubt that they make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Historically, nurses have been reluctant to take time away from caring for patients to take part in politics. As is evident from the summaries above and the stories of nurses from all 50 states that follow, nurses have had a change of heart. They have reached the conclusion that they must advocate for the aged, infirm, disabled and dying patients because patients cannot speak out for themselves. More and more nurses are becoming involved. One out of every 44 voters today is a nurse. Nurses show up at the polls; home care nurses have made it their responsibility to help make sure that homebound person vote by absentee ballot. They are also committed to march, to speak out for home care and hospice in what more and more are coming to call The Last Great Civil Rights Battle. They are also pushing for the inclusion of home and community based long-term care as part of national health care reform. They believe that home care is the answer to keeping the 12 percent of Americans who suffer from multiple chronic diseases and generate 75 percent of U.S. health care costs out of the hospital. The historian Arnold Toynbee put all these issues in perspective when he wrote that it is possible to measure the longevity and the accomplishment of any society by a common yardstick. I heard President John F. Kennedy quote Toynbee in

  6. Effects of Rest Interval Length on Acute Battling Rope Exercise Metabolism. (United States)

    Ratamess, Nicholas A; Smith, Charles R; Beller, Noah A; Kang, Jie; Faigenbaum, Avery D; Bush, Jill A


    The purpose of this study was to quantify and compare the acute metabolic responses to battling rope (BR) exercise using 2 different rest intervals. Twelve men and 10 women (age = 20.8 ± 1.3 years) performed a control protocol and 2 BR exercise protocols on separate days (48-72 hours) in random order while connected to a metabolic system. The BR protocol consisted of 8 sets of 30-second intervals (15 seconds of single-arm waves and 15 seconds of double-arm waves) using either a 1-minute (1RI) or 2-minute (2RI) rest interval length. A metronome was used to standardize repetition number/frequency for each exercise, that is, 15 waves for each arm for single-arm waves and 15 repetitions of double-arm waves. The mean oxygen consumption (VO2) values for the entire protocol were significantly higher during the 1RI than 2RI protocol, and values in men were 11.1% (1RI) and 13.5% (2RI) higher than women, respectively, and equated to 52.8 ± 5.5% (men) and 50.0 ± 11.2% (women) of VO2max during 1RI and 40.5 ± 4.5% (men) and 37.7 ± 11.0% (women) of VO2max during 2RI. Energy expenditure values were significantly higher during the 1RI than the 2RI protocol in men (11.93 ± 1.4 vs. 8.78 ± 1.4 kcal·min) and women (7.69 ± 1.3 vs. 5.04 ± 1.7 kcal·min) with values in men statistically higher than women. Blood lactate, mean protocol minute ventilation, and heart rate were significantly higher during the 1RI protocol than the 2RI protocol, and these data were significantly higher in men compared with women. These data demonstrate that BR exercise poses a significant cardiovascular and metabolic stimulus with the mean effects augmented with the use of a short rest interval.

  7. Regulation of human cytokines by Cordyceps militaris

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yong Sun


    Full Text Available Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris exhibits many biological activities including antioxidant, inhibition of inflammation, cancer prevention, hypoglycemic, and antiaging properties, etc. However, a majority of studies involving C. militaris have focused only on in vitro and animal models, and there is a lack of direct translation and application of study results to clinical practice (e.g., health benefits. In this study, we investigated the regulatory effects of C. militaris micron powder (3 doses on the human immune system. The study results showed that administration of C. militaris at various dosages reduced the activity of cytokines such as eotaxin, fibroblast growth factor-2, GRO, and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1. In addition, there was a significant decrease in the activity of various cytokines, including GRO, sCD40L, and tumor necrosis factor-α, and a significant downregulation of interleukin-12(p70, interferon-γ inducible protein 10, and macrophage inflammatory protein-1β activities, indicating that C. militaris at all three dosages downregulated the activity of cytokines, especially inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. Different dosages of C. militaris produced different changes in cytokines.

  8. The Current State of Global Military Security

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The world military security situation has entered a period of readjustment and transformation following the events of 9/11 and the ensuing war against terror. The "arc of crisis" in peripheral areas of the Eurasian continent and other regions is unsettled or tumultuous. Confronted by these new situations and challenges, military forces throughout the world have reassessed their respective strategic environment and adopted new transforming measures, which have brought about a dramatic change in military circumstances, thinking and operation in every country. More specifically, the U.S. unipolar military power has expanded, while at the same time is constrained by various internal and external factors. Worldwide military competition is becoming more complicated. Nuclear proliferation and upgrading has steadily developed, paving the way for an arms race on land, sea and in the air. Thus, the world's military situation is becoming more complex, with various factors-conflicts between unilateral and multilateral poles, cooperation and competition,readjustment and transformation, stability and instability-all interconnected.

  9. Counseling and Connecting with the Military Undergraduate: The Intersection of Military Service and University Life (United States)

    Bonar, Ted C.; Domenici, Paula L.


    The majority of military undergraduates at universities are National Guard and Reserve personnel and prior-service military veterans, all difficult to identify on campus. These students face unique cultural challenges. Though the academic literature primarily addresses disability services and administrative programs often focus on "wounded…

  10. Arms and the University: Military Presence and the Civic Education of Non-Military Students (United States)

    Downs, Donald Alexander; Murtazashvili, Ilia


    Alienation between the U.S. military and society has grown in recent decades. Such alienation is unhealthy, as it threatens both sufficient civilian control of the military and the long-standing ideal of the "citizen soldier." Nowhere is this issue more predominant than at many major universities, which began turning their backs on the…

  11. Shaping the Environmental Attitude of Military Geography Students at the South African Military Academy (United States)

    Smit, Hennie A. P.


    Globally there is a growing environmental awareness among all segments of society, but research on the effect of environmental education in shaping the attitude of military students is lacking. Tertiary environmental education to officers of the South African Department of Defence is seated in the Department of Military Geography at the South…

  12. 50 Div in Normandy: A Critical Analysis of the British 50th (Northumbrian) Division on D-Day and in the Battle of Normandy (United States)


    was slower in its adoption. Despite the efforts of armor advocates J.F.C. Fuller, Basil Liddell-Hart, and Percy Hobart, senior army leadership...Staff College, 1984. Isby, David C., ed. The German Army at D-Day. Mechanicsburg: Stackpole Books, 2004. Jackson , W.G.F.. The Battle for North

  13. Communication Interface of Dots and Boxes Battle Platform in Computer Game%点格棋计算机博弈平台通信接口

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张利群; 曹杨; 李厦


    针对传统计算机博弈方式存在的不足,构建点格棋计算机博弈平台.将点格棋计算机博弈平台和博弈程序客户端置于网络环境中,通过博弈平台中的通信接口模块完成各种信息的传送,实现博弈平台与博弈程序之间的信息交互,进而达到对博弈双方的控制,实现自动博弈.实验结果表明这种通信接口的设计安全可靠,通信性能好.%In view of the deficiencies of traditional computer games, a dots and boxes battle platform in computer game was built. The dots and boxes battle platform in computer game and the clients of computer game program are placed in network environ-ment.The transmission of all kinds of information is through the communication interface module of the battle platform in comput-er game to achieve the information interaction between the battle platform and game programs, thereby controlling both sides of the game programs and realizing the automatic game.Test results show that the design of this communication interface is safe, reliable and having a good communication performance.

  14. 新媒体涉军舆情管理策略研究%Research on New Media Management Strategy of Public Opinion Related to Military

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李东; 杜柯柯; 张忠强


    新媒体时代涉军舆情呈现出虚拟性与现实性相互交织、互动性和失衡性同时存在、无序性和难控性不断凸显等显著特点。在分析新媒体涉军舆情管控矛盾的基础上,提出加强教育引导,筑牢思想“防火墙”;完善管控机制,打好防范“主动仗”;讲究方法策略,形成应对“组合拳”等对策建议。%In new media age, the character of public opinion related to military include virtuality and reality being intertwined closely, interactivity and unbalance being exist at the same time, and the situation of the disorder and uncontrolled being highlighting continually. Based on the analysis of conflicts of new media controls on public opinion related to military, authors propose to strengthen the education and guidance, and build a strong ideological firewall firstly. Secondly, the mechanisms of management and control are improved to prevent the initiative lay. Thirdly, the methods and strategies should be played attention to take the initiative battle.

  15. The Enlightenment of the American Military Contractor System on the Building of Our Military Transportation Support%美军承包商制度对我军交通保障建设的启示

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李晓庆; 周永山; 张雷


    The contractor system is the only way for our army for the implementation of socializing our military logistic support. Upon the basis of our learning the many-year experience from the battle field contractor system of the American Army,the fea-sibility and necessity of the implementation of the contractor system in our army are explored in the paper,with the building ways of implementing the contractor system in the transport field analyzed:establishing a perfect legal system and improving the standards of the access system,bettering the contract system and improving the supervision mechanism,and carrying out profes-sional induction training.The paper may be of certain value for the deep development of our military logistical support system for both peacetime and wartime.%承包商制度是我军实施后勤社会化保障的必由之路。借鉴美军多年的战场承包商制度,探讨我军实施承包商制度的必要性和可行性,分析交通保障领域施行承包商制度的建设手段:建立完善的法律体系和标准的准入体系,改进合同体系和监管机制,进行专业的入职培训。对于深入发展具有我国我军特色平战时后勤保障体系具有重要意义。

  16. Lev Shestov as a Theologian and the Theology of the Great and Ultimate Battle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalya Bonetskaya


    Full Text Available Lev Shestov’s early period in which he developed his religious views is the subject of this article. Shestov was a well-known Russian thinker. The author sheds some light on the furtive character of his thought as well as attempts to reconstruct the sources of his religious consciousness. He was formed at the border between two religious worlds — that of Judaism and that of Christianity. Traces of Jewish free-thinking typical of the end of the nineteenth century color his Weltanschauung together with the infl uence of Nietzsche and the Bible, the last as it was interpreted by the western tradition. Shestov understands God in a way akin to that of anthropomorphic psychology, an understanding which develops the concept of the deity into a form of radical apophatic ignorance or the complete absence of the ability to know God. The author points out that Shestov’s God is not the God of life and religious experience but rather a product of a kind of radicalized rationality. This notwithstanding, the original theological perceptions of Shestov were generated by his search for an authentic philosophical life. The author concentrates her attention on two main tendencies in Shestov’s understanding of life — a holistic tendency and a personalistic tendency. From a reading of Shestov’s first book (Shakespeare and his critic Brandes published in 1898 it becomes clear that the personalistic tendency won out. The concept of rebellion takes first place in Shestov’s thought as well as that of the great and ultimate battle. As a result Shestov’s thought becomes dominated by anthopology rather than theology and the concept of God gives way to that of man as the rebel. Shestov’s thought, particularly in his works dating from the second half of the twentieth century, falls under the influence of Nietzsche and the man from the underground of Dostoevsky. His God becomes the God of Manichaeism, on the far side of neither good nor evil, and his

  17. Is Lifecycle Analysis Unconstitutional? New Frontiers in the Legal Battle Over Climate Science (United States)

    Cullenward, D.; Weiskopf, D.


    Recent federal court decisions have established that judges should not second-guess government agency findings related to basic climate change science [1,2]. Nevertheless, the legal battle over climate science is far from over. In the absence of federal legislation, climate policy opponents are developing new arguments to challenge the authority of states to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation describes a recent challenge to California's climate policy and provides an example of a strategic scientific response. In December 2011, a federal district court ruled that California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard ("LCFS") is unconstitutional [3]. The LCFS regulations employ lifecycle analysis to set a limit on the carbon intensity of fuels sold in California. According to the court, however, the policy's use of lifecycle analysis "facially discriminates" against interstate commerce. Because the court found that nondiscriminatory alternatives were available, it held the policy unconstitutional. If upheld, this reasoning would severely limit the ability of states to address climate change. On appeal to the Ninth Circuit, the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic represented climate scientists [4] and lifecycle analysis scientists [5] in support of upholding the LCFS. These briefs addressed the necessity of lifecycle analysis in the context of transportation fuels, and also presented evidence from the climate impacts literature that supports the state's interest in pursuing climate policy. Although written for the court and targeted at specific legal questions, both briefs were developed in the style of scientific assessments, based on published literature [6,7] and feedback from reviewers. Because courts lack the expertise to evaluate arguments about scientific issues, there is an ongoing need for climate scientists to participate in litigation. Perhaps most importantly, an effective response requires interdisciplinary collaboration between lawyers and scientists

  18. Lower extremity stress fractures in the military. (United States)

    Jacobs, Jeremy M; Cameron, Kenneth L; Bojescul, John A


    Stress fractures of the lower extremities are common among the military population and, more specifically, military recruits who partake in basic training. Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors play a role in the development of these injuries, and it is important to identify those individuals at risk early in their military careers. Some of these factors are modifiable, so they may become preventable injuries. It is important to reiterate that one stress fracture places the soldier at risk for future stress fractures; but the first injury should not be reason enough for separation from the military, as literature would support no long-term deficits from properly treated stress fractures. Early in the process, radiographic analysis is typically normal; continued pain may warrant advanced imaging, such as scintigraphy or MRI. Most stress fractures that are caught early are amendable to nonoperative management consisting of a period of immobilization and NWB followed by progressive rehabilitation to preinjury levels. Complete or displaced fractures may require operative intervention as do tension-sided FNSF. Improving dietary and preaccession physical fitness levels may play a role in reducing the incidence of stress fractures in the active-duty military population. It is important to keep in mind when evaluating soldiers and athletes who present with activity-related pain that stress fractures are not uncommon and should be given significant consideration.

  19. New York Operation: Military Kids Afterschool Universe Cosmic Camps (United States)

    Schaff, N.


    The Cornell Center for Radiophysics and Space Research education and public outreach program and the New York State Operation: Military Kids program partnered to plan four weekend "Cosmic Camps" for youth from military families using the NASA Afterschool Universe program.

  20. JP-8 and Other Military Fuels (2014 UPDATE) (United States)


    Statement A. Approved for public release. Military Fuel Additives Unclassified • Antioxidants (AO) - Required in military fuels that have hydrotreated ...traditional petroleum JP-8 Production Deoxygenation & Hydrotreating Selective Hydrocracking Product Separationtallow fats wood waste & by

  1. Where’s BattleTech in MechWarrior Online? A Case Study in Game Adaptation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Backe, Hans-Joachim


    from its predecessors. As with all online games, there is a lively discussion among players on both official and unofficial forums about the game, especially about the balancing of units. The most heavily contested issue is the upcoming first major expansion to the game, the Clan invasion. While...... this event means little more than additional units to players without a background in BattleTech, to veterans of the board game, it must appear highly problematic: Within the fictional world of the board game, set forth in dozens of rule books and over a hundred works of fiction, the invading Clans use...... technology which is vastly superior to that of the defenders. The implementation of these forces will, therefore, mean one of two things: introducing massively overpowered units which break the game balance, or introducing balanced units and completely deviate from established lore. This paper presents...

  2. A stochastic spatial model of HIV dynamics with an asymmetric battle between the virus and the immune system (United States)

    Lin, Hai; Shuai, J. W.


    A stochastic spatial model based on the Monte Carlo approach is developed to study the dynamics of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. We aim to propose a more detailed and realistic simulation frame by incorporating many important features of HIV dynamics, which include infections, replications and mutations of viruses, antigen recognitions, activations and proliferations of lymphocytes, and diffusions, encounters and interactions of virions and lymphocytes. Our model successfully reproduces the three-phase pattern observed in HIV infection, and the simulation results for the time distribution from infection to AIDS onset are also in good agreement with the clinical data. The interactions of viruses and the immune system in all the three phases are investigated. We assess the relative importance of various immune system components in the acute phase. The dynamics of how the two important factors, namely the viral diversity and the asymmetric battle between HIV and the immune system, result in AIDS are investigated in detail with the model.

  3. A stochastic spatial model of HIV dynamics with an asymmetric battle between the virus and the immune system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lin Hai [Department of Chemical Biology, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005 (China); Shuai, J W, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005 (China)


    A stochastic spatial model based on the Monte Carlo approach is developed to study the dynamics of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. We aim to propose a more detailed and realistic simulation frame by incorporating many important features of HIV dynamics, which include infections, replications and mutations of viruses, antigen recognitions, activations and proliferations of lymphocytes, and diffusions, encounters and interactions of virions and lymphocytes. Our model successfully reproduces the three-phase pattern observed in HIV infection, and the simulation results for the time distribution from infection to AIDS onset are also in good agreement with the clinical data. The interactions of viruses and the immune system in all the three phases are investigated. We assess the relative importance of various immune system components in the acute phase. The dynamics of how the two important factors, namely the viral diversity and the asymmetric battle between HIV and the immune system, result in AIDS are investigated in detail with the model.

  4. Battling a diploma mill: the early fight to preserve the osteopathic principles of A.T. Still. (United States)

    Jordan, Laura


    Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, founded the first school of osteopathy, the American School of Osteopathy (ASO), in 1892. Two graduates from the second class of the ASO, Elmer and Helen Barber, opened the "second school of osteopathy," the National School of Osteopathy (NSO), in 1895. The guiding principles of the NSO were vastly different than those of the ASO, and Still saw the Barbers as a threat to his founding osteopathic philosophy and their school as a "diploma mill." In the present article, the author uses primary historical documents to detail the battle between the ASO and the NSO and thus provides a snapshot of the early fight to gain respect within the medical community.

  5. Back to the metal age: battle for metals at the host–pathogen interface during urinary tract infection (United States)

    Subashchandrabose, Sargurunathan


    Urinary tract infection (UTI) represents one of the most common bacterial infections in humans and uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) is the major causative agent of UTI in people. Research on UPEC and other bacterial pathogens causing UTI has now identified the critical role of metal transport systems in the pathogenesis of UTI. Here we review the major effectors of metal transport in bacteria and host proteins that impair metal acquisition by bacterial pathogens. In particular, we describe the studies that identified iron, zinc and nickel import and copper export as key virulence and fitness determinants during UTI. Various metal transport systems and mechanisms that govern the expression of metal transport systems are also presented here. Specific examples from UPEC and other uropathogens, when available, are presented to depict the battle for metals at the host–pathogen interface during UTI. PMID:25677827

  6. [The transformation of the dental services market and the battle over a monopoly in 19th century dental practice]. (United States)

    Carvalho, Cristiana Leite


    The article analyzes the process by which dentistry acquired the status of a profession. The setting is the mid-nineteenth-century United States, where the West's first professional dental organizations were founded, and the focus is on some aspects of the development of a dental market and on the professional disputes among practitioners of the dental trade, who wanted a monopoly within this field of knowledge. Certain outside factors played a major role in the emergence of the profession, including changes in patterns of sugar consumption (which spread dental caries disease throughout society) as well as the expansion of the dental service market. The subsequent proliferation of distinct groups of dental practitioners--both qualified and unqualified to practice dentistry--and their competition for a place in the dental market reflect the battle waged to establish jurisdiction in this field and the emergence of dentistry as a 'modern profession'.

  7. "God save us from psychologists as expert witnesses": the battle for forensic psychology in early twentieth-century Germany. (United States)

    Wolffram, Heather


    This article is focused on the jurisdictional battle between psychiatrists and psychologists over psychological expertise in legal contexts that took place during the first decades of the 20th century. Using, as an example, the debate between the psychologist William Stern, the psychiatrist Albert Moll, and the jurist Albert Hellwig, which occurred at the International Congress for Sexual Research held in Berlin in 1926, it aims to demonstrate the manner in which psychiatrists' responses to psychologists' attempts to gain admittance to Germany's courtrooms were shaped not only by epistemological and methodological objections, but also by changes to expert witnessing that had already encroached on psychiatrists' professional territory. Building upon recent work examining the relationship between psychologists and jurists prior to the First World War, this article also seeks to examine the role of judges and lawyers in the contest over forensic psychology in the mid-1920s, arguing that they ultimately became referees in the increasingly public disputes between psychiatrists and psychologists.

  8. Between History and Myth: The Figure of Ramesses II against Enemies in Reliefs and Texts of the Battle of Kadesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Héctor Horacio Gerván


    Full Text Available According to what has been called “history of sense” (Assmann, 2005, every society has a cultural form that is inherent and it is precisely in here where historical events become meaningful, understandable only through the discourses produced. The reliefs and inscriptions from Battle of Kadesh, during the reign of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC are a clear example of remembrance and manifestation of these discourses. In this paper, we propose to analyze them as examples of the construction process of the “cultural memory” (Assmann, 2008, taking as categories of analysis the postulates of semiotics of Umberto Eco (1994 [1973]; 2013 [1968] and the image analysis of Martine Joly (2012 [1993]. As a basic premise, we consider the reliefs and inscriptions accompanying them as a narrative total unity, as speeches complete and complement, to be effective.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jari Eloranta


    Full Text Available This article explores the complicated phenomenon of military spending among a sample of eight Western democracies in the interwar period by analyzing especially the possibility of economic and/or military competition between the Western Great Powers and the ensuing impacts on the smaller states included here. The hegemonic paradigm suggested by e.g. Paul Kennedy predicts that the economic leader in a system will increasingly invest on maintaining security; thus eventually bringing economic growth to a halt. The military spending patterns respective of economic growth at first seem to suggest that not only the totalitarian states, as is the traditional view, but also the UK and France stepped in to fill the void created by the lack of American leadership. However, the military expenditures of these nations were too low to warrant the conclusion that they had any impact on their respective economic performance. This result is also verified here by employing Granger non-causality tests between the military spending and economic growth variables. Moreover, regression analysis on the military spending variables for the UK and France points towards competition on the level. The smaller states, respectively, seemed to follow the UK and France fairly closely in their military spending decisions.

  10. [The current state and development prospectives of military nephrology]. (United States)

    Nagibovich, O A; Golota, A S; Krassiĭ, A B


    This article is dedicated to the current state and prospectives of military nephrology. Using as examples the nephrology services of the armed forces of Serbia, France, Great Britain and USA it is shown that this branch of military healthcare plays an important role abroad. The brief review of military nephrology formation and development history demonstrates the growing significance of military nephrology in the general system of medical care at the battlefield.

  11. Enhanced job performance: a new role for military compensation



    This study concentrates on aspects of military and civilian compensation that motivate employees and provide incentives upon which job performance and productivity may depend. The study achieves its end by applying successful attributes of civilian compensation to military remuneration systems. Its main purpose is to judge whether military pay is structured toward a modern view of performance-based compensation and whether it is comparable to civilian pay. At issue is a military pay system th...

  12. Personality Factors Underlying Suicidal Behavior Among Military Youth


    Soltaninejad, Abdollah; Fathi-Ashtiani, Ali; Ahmadi, Khodabakhsh; Mirsharafoddini, Hediye Sadat; Nikmorad, Alireza; Pilevarzadeh, Motahare


    Background: Suicidal behavior is one the most significant mental health problems in the military. Militaries are closed systems that operate in particular situations. Military service is associated with certain stressful conditions. On this basis, there is likely of trauma in the military environment. Measures of suicidal behavior are pathologically complex. A range of biological, psychological, social, and institutional factors are involved in the incidence and prevalence of these behaviors....

  13. [Haemovigilance and blood safety in overseas military]. (United States)

    Sailliol, A; Plang, S; Martinaud, C; Pouget, T; Vedy, S; Clavier, B; Cellarier, V; Roche, C; Civadier, C; Ausset, S


    The French military blood institute (FMBI) is the only military blood supplier in France. FMBI operates independently and autonomously under the Ministry of Defense's supervision, and accordingly, to the French, European and NATO technical and safety guidelines. FMBI is in charge of the collection, preparation and distribution of blood products to supply transfusion support to armed forces, especially during overseas operations. In overseas military, a primary physician is responsible for haemovigilance in permanent relation with an expert in the FMBI to manage any adverse reaction. Additionally, traceability of delivered or collected blood products during overseas operation represents a priority, allowing an appropriate management of transfusion inquiries and assessment of practices aiming to improve and update procedures and training. Transfusion safety in overseas operation is based on regular and specific training of people concerned by blood supply chain in exceptional situation.

  14. Delivery Time Variance Reduction in the Military Supply Chain (United States)



  15. The Evolving Military Learner Population: A Review of the Literature (United States)

    Ford, Kate; Vignare, Karen


    This literature review examines the evolving online military learner population with emphasis on current generation military learners, who are most frequently Post-9/11 veterans. The review synthesizes recent scholarly and grey literature on military learner demographics and attributes, college experiences, and academic outcomes against a backdrop…

  16. 7 CFR 3550.158 - Active military duty. (United States)


    ... include participation in a military reserve or the National Guard unless the borrower is called to active... 7 Agriculture 15 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Active military duty. 3550.158 Section 3550.158... AGRICULTURE DIRECT SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING LOANS AND GRANTS Regular Servicing § 3550.158 Active military...

  17. 32 CFR 154.15 - Military appointment, enlistment, and induction. (United States)


    ... active duty of any officer or enlisted regular/reserve military retiree or Individual Ready Reserve who... 32 National Defense 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military appointment, enlistment, and induction... Requirements § 154.15 Military appointment, enlistment, and induction. (a) General. The appointment,...

  18. 5 CFR 842.210 - Military reserve technicians. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Military reserve technicians. 842.210... reserve technicians. (a) A military reserve technician as defined in 5 U.S.C. 8401(30) who is separated from civilian service because of ceasing to qualify as a member of a military reserve component...

  19. Characteristics of the Social Status of Students at Military Centers (United States)

    Karlova, E. N.


    Research on the motivations of Russian college students in military training centers and military departments, and cadets enrolled in military service academies shows that the first two occupy a marginal position. This is reflected in the ambiguity of their status and the fact that they are at the interface between two cultures, manifested in…

  20. 32 CFR 635.20 - Military Police Codes (MPC). (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military Police Codes (MPC). 635.20 Section 635... ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORTING Offense Reporting § 635.20 Military Police... attached military police units are notified for mobilization, relocation, activation, or inactivation....

  1. 75 FR 2114 - Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC); Meeting (United States)


    ... Office of the Secretary Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC); Meeting AGENCY: Office of the... announces that the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC) will meet from February 10-12, 2010... Military Leadership Diversity Commission to continue their efforts to address congressional concerns...

  2. 75 FR 81244 - Military Leadership Diversity Commission Meeting (United States)


    ... of the Secretary Military Leadership Diversity Commission Meeting AGENCY: Office of the Under...: Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC). 2. Date: January 13, 2011 through January 14, 2011. 3...: The purpose of the meeting is for the commissioners of the Military Leadership Diversity Commission...

  3. Military Veterans' Midlife Career Transition and Life Satisfaction (United States)

    Robertson, Heather C.; Brott, Pamelia E.


    Many military veterans face the challenging transition to civilian employment. Military veteran members of a national program, Troops to Teachers, were surveyed regarding life satisfaction and related internal/external career transition variables. Participants included military veterans who were currently or had previously transitioned to K-12…

  4. 5 CFR 842.307 - Deposits for military service. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Deposits for military service. 842.307... Deposits for military service. (a) Eligibility to make a deposit. (1) An employee or Member subject to FERS may make a deposit for any distinct period of military service by filing an application in a...

  5. 32 CFR 634.16 - Reciprocal state-military action. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Reciprocal state-military action. 634.16 Section... Reciprocal state-military action. (a) Commanders will recognize the interests of the states in matters of POV... formal military reciprocity, the procedures below will be adopted: (1) Commanders will recognize...

  6. 32 CFR 644.522 - Clearance of military scrap. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Clearance of military scrap. 644.522 Section 644... Excess Land and Improvements § 644.522 Clearance of military scrap. Military scrap can contain or be... determining whether scrap metal will be removed should be the safety of persons coming on the land in...

  7. Life Journey through Autism: A Guide for Military Families (United States)

    Alexander, Katie C.; Clemens, Erin M.; Gilbert, Marilyn; McBreen, Joseph


    Autism presents parents and families with many challenges under normal circumstances. Autism in a military family magnifies many of those challenges and adds a few more that are unique to the demands of military life and service, further complicating an already complex neurobiological disorder. Military sources indicate that more than 13,000…

  8. Genetic Analysis of Pigmentation in Cordyceps militaris


    Shrestha, Bhushan; Choi, Sung-Keun; Kim, Ho-Kyoung; Kim, Tae-Woong; Sung, Jae-Mo


    Pigmentation of ascospore-derived isolates from seven different natural specimens of Cordyceps militaris EFCC C-5888, EFCC C-7159, EFCC C-7833, EFCC C-7991, EFCC C-8021, EFCC C-8023 and EFCC C-8179 was observed on the plates of Sabouraud Dextrose agar plus Yeast Extract at 25℃ under continuous illumination (500 lux). Pigmentation of the wild-type isolates of C. militaris was diverse ranging from yellowish white to orange, while white color was believed as a mutant. Inheritance of pigmentation...

  9. Growth of Military Operational Research in India .

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N.K. Jaiswal


    Full Text Available Operational Research has contributed substantially to decisions on cost-effective induction of weapon systems, evaluation of tactical plans, development of computerised war games for training, realistic formulation of General Staff Qualitative Requirements, performance and reliability evaluation of military hardware under design and development, force structure, planning and other tactical and strategic issues in Indian defence. This paper reviews the work in Military OR initiated by Professor DS Kothari, the first Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence, and brings out the role it can play in defence decision making.

  10. Military Review: NATO, US Army Europe (United States)


    MILITARY REVIEW Rusnw Casudw alef r-mod em d €nf Rws~ ~~owIM 18Md MdUF~l While the children of Charlemagne have-been the primary belligerents in the...Wellington had chosen to of the French emperor . Even the method for make6 himself available for field duty. He was this proved contentious, so the...required to defeat the French emperor . protection of his lines of communication was as Despite refusing to assume the overall military much to allow

  11. Military Service in the United States (United States)


    of ending the draft. American Economic Review 59:239-54, June 1969. Reply with rejoinder, B.P. Klotz 60:970-83, December 1970. Fligstein, Neil... Economic Review 61:195-6, March 1971. Bradford, Zeb B., Jr. American ground power after Vietnam. Military Review 52:4-13, April 1972. Brooke, Edward W...Blumenthel, Michael. Of arms and men. New York Times, p. E25:3, 11 January 1981. Borcherding, T. E. Neglected social cost of a voluntary military. American

  12. Psychiatry and the military: an update. (United States)

    Ritchie, Elspeth Cameron; Benedek, David; Malone, Ricky; Carr-Malone, Rosemary


    The United States has historically been concerned about the successful adjustment of its military members returning from war. These concerns are based on the recognition that war-zone exposures may have considerable negative emotional or behavior consequences. As the global war on terror continues, the United States military medical system will be required to address issues at the interface of psychiatry and the law. Despite clinical advances within the theater of war and at tertiary facilities in the United States, some military members will develop chronic and disabling mental illness as a result of traumatic exposure and exacerbated by the demands of the austere and dangerous operational environment. The extent to which violent and aggressive behavior in the aftermath of deployment can be attributed to combat experience remains an area of debate and ongoing investigation. However, experience suggests that a very small subgroup of the hundreds of thousands of war veterans deployed in conjunction with the current conflict in Iraq has already been involved in violent crimes. For this group, military forensic psychiatrists will be called on to make determinations of competency and criminal responsibility and to inform the courts about the potential contributions of war-related distress or disorder to criminal behavior. Though the overwhelming majority of war veterans will not be involved in criminal proceedings, a minority will develop career-ending (and in rare instances, life-ending) disabilities as a result of mental illness. For those who are no longer fit for duty, the military Physical Disability Evaluation System must make determinations of the extent to which future military performance and future civilian social and occupational function have been compromised. For a small yet highly visible minority of returning veterans, questions about the cause, precipitants, and manner of death will necessitate psychological autopsies. This article highlighted recent


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia V. V.


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the topical issues of the search and detention of the military personnel who has avoided the military service. On the basis of official information, the author gave a short historical digression, the analysis of a current state of the problem of evasion of the military personnel from military service is carried out and possible ways of its solutions are proposed

  14. Military Ethnomusicology: Understanding the Positive Impact of Music on the United States Military within the American Society (United States)


    and the pride it generates in Marines is anything but comical . Like "The National Anthem," the enduring strength of"The Marines’ Hymn" lies not just...heroism during the Mexican War of 1847. U.S. forces under General Winfield Scott had battled across Mexico towards Mexico City. A former palace on the

  15. Military Bankers: Fact or Fiction? The Role of the Military in Reestablishing a Banking System during a Military Stability Operation (United States)


    ACRONYMS AFHQ Anglo-American Allied Forces Headquarters AMGOT Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory AMIK Association of Microfinance ...of licensing procedures of the CBK.134 The second area of assistance by the World Bank supported the Association of Microfinance Institution of...Kosovo (AMIK) and others in developing microfinance industry in Kosovo. This consists of training in technical issues, management, planning and

  16. Physiological assessment of military professional adaptation and organism functional status of higher military schools resident students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kondrashov V.V.


    Full Text Available The results of the study of organism functional status of resident students of military medical higher schools in different situations and modes of professional education (during their study day, round-the clock shifts in a clinic, duties, and an examination period in the process of military professional adaptation have been analyzed. The technique of functional body status optimization which takes into account both psycho-physiological specificity of military professional training as well as the regularities of psycho-physiologic reserve-capacity changes and military professional adaptation has been worked out. It constitutes the sum total of physiologically proved structural and functional components such as adaptation improvements, correction and recreation of functional body status

  17. Marketing: applications in a military health care setting. (United States)

    Roark, G A; Tucker, S L


    Military health care leaders must recognize the importance of satisfied consumers. As part of this recognition, the focus of military medicine must change from a coercive-power to a reward-power system. This change highlights the need for business practices such as marketing. Encouraging military health care administrators to learn and understand the applications of the marketing variables will enhance demand management and health care delivery for beneficiaries. This paper describes some applications of marketing variables, informs the military health care administrator about the process of marketing, and describes the utility of marketing in the current paradigm shift in military health care delivery.

  18. USSR Report, Military Affairs, No. 1788, Military History Journal, No. 5, May 1983 (United States)


    commonwealth nations and by propaganda actions to disrupt military-political unity. The overt ideological subversion has been elevated to the rank of U.S... propaganda activities by imperialism which has endeavored to also refute or "revise" the Marxist-Leninist teachings about war and the army, to justify the...of Peace and Socialism], Voyenizdat, 1980, pp 174, 175; VOENNOISTORICHESKI SBORNIK [Military History Collection], No 4, 1981, p 237. 18 " Droga do

  19. Military Munitions Waste Working Group report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This report presents the findings of the Military Munitions Waste Working Group in its effort to achieve the goals directed under the Federal Advisory Committee to Develop On-Site Innovative Technologies (DOIT Committee) for environmental restoration and waste management. The Military Munitions Waste Working Group identified the following seven areas of concern associated with the ordnance (energetics) waste stream: unexploded ordnance; stockpiled; disposed -- at known locations, i.e., disposal pits; discharged -- impact areas, unknown disposal sites; contaminated media; chemical sureties/weapons; biological weapons; munitions production; depleted uranium; and rocket motor and fuel disposal (open burn/open detonation). Because of time constraints, the Military Munitions Waste Working Group has focused on unexploded ordnance and contaminated media with the understanding that remaining waste streams will be considered as time permits. Contents of this report are as follows: executive summary; introduction; Military Munitions Waste Working Group charter; description of priority waste stream problems; shortcomings of existing approaches, processes and technologies; innovative approaches, processes and technologies, work force planning, training, and education issues relative to technology development and cleanup; criteria used to identify and screen potential demonstration projects; list of potential candidate demonstration projects for the DOIT committee decision/recommendation and appendices.

  20. Military Assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa (United States)


    the American democratic system of government, as well as to our non-political military operating under civilian control. They are instructed in the...or government, and it is anticipated that their exposure to the American democratic system will influence these leaders to promote or maintain

  1. Brain performance enhancement for military operators

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Erp, J.B.F.; Reschke, S.; Grootjen, M.; Brouwer, A.-M.


    Performance of military operators depends on both physical and cognitive aspects. Enhancement of operator performance should therefore address both the body and the brain. This paper focuses on the latter. We provide an extended list of areas where neuroscientific knowledge may be important like tra

  2. Preventing Genocide: A Framework for Military Planners (United States)


    liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law; (f) Torture; (g) Rape, sexual slavery , enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy... sexual slavery , enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, as defined in article 7, paragraph 2 (f), enforced sterilization, or any other form of...military objectives; (v) Pillaging a town or place, even when taken by assault; (vi) Committing rape, sexual slavery , enforced prostitution, forced

  3. Military Reference Books: A Selective Bibliography. (United States)


    RIBBONS AND MEDALS; THE WORLD’S MILITARY AND CIVIL AWARDS. Rev. ed. New York, NY: Doubleday, 1974. 359 p. UB435 .G7 D71 1974 4 4 I Dornbusch , Charles...Emil. HISTORIES, PERSONAL NARRATIVES: UNITED STATES ARMY; A CHECK LIST. Cornwallville, NY: Hope Farm, 1967. 399 p. 11>104 .Dll 1967 Dornbusch , Charles

  4. Stem cell applications in military medicine. (United States)

    Christopherson, Gregory T; Nesti, Leon J


    There are many similarities between health issues affecting military and civilian patient populations, with the exception of the relatively small but vital segment of active soldiers who experience high-energy blast injuries during combat. A rising incidence of major injuries from explosive devices in recent campaigns has further complicated treatment and recovery, highlighting the need for tissue regenerative options and intensifying interest in the possible role of stem cells for military medicine. In this review we outline the array of tissue-specific injuries typically seen in modern combat - as well as address a few complications unique to soldiers--and discuss the state of current stem cell research in addressing each area. Embryonic, induced-pluripotent and adult stem cell sources are defined, along with advantages and disadvantages unique to each cell type. More detailed stem cell sources are described in the context of each tissue of interest, including neural, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and sensory tissues, with brief discussion of their potential role in regenerative medicine moving forward. Additional commentary is given to military stem cell applications aside from regenerative medicine, such as blood pharming, immunomodulation and drug screening, with an overview of stem cell banking and the unique opportunity provided by the military and civilian overlap of stem cell research.

  5. Resource Management in Tactical Military Networks (United States)



  6. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Military Affairs. (United States)


    problems in military didactics . I also experimented for many years, and I will tell you that often it is not a matter of theoretical foundations, but of...change even obsolete instructions. But I do support the newspaper’s stand: Universal computer literacy can’t be achieved without computers

  7. USSR Report: Military Affairs, No. 1762 (United States)


    courage conducted at the initiative of the party activists have now become traditional in the military unit in which Major V. Golovin is a member of...remembered very well how in 1940 that army had invaded Belgium and then entered Paris. "With such an army," Hitler boasted, "we could storm the skies

  8. The Military Leader and Effective Rhetorical Skills (United States)


    use of words in the form of nouns and adjectives allude to time-honored military values and provide a structure for the consistent rhythm of “duty...consistently reverberated with the three melodic words. In the final three sentences, General MacArthur successfully accomplishes three things. First, a

  9. Occupational Medicine Model and Asthma Military Recruitment. (United States)

    Brooks, Stuart M


    Medical evidence hints that asymptomatic recruits with a history of childhood asthma, quiescent since their 13th birthday, are still at risk for adverse changes in their clinical status following unfavorable environmental exposures during military deployment or combat. Asthmatic persons, claiming none or few symptoms, may still manifest airflow obstruction and display biomarkers of airway inflammation even when they are relatively asymptomatic and experience few if any respiratory complaints. The occupational medicine model offers a credible foundation for acknowledging the importance of personal susceptibility in the pathogenesis of military-associated asthma. It is appropriate to re-explore the current military standard for recruits with asymptomatic childhood asthma (≥12 months) not prescribed antiasthma medications. Raising the acceptance age for these recruits may be a consideration. Unfortunately, there is no effectual screening test that recognizes such susceptible soldiers at risk for future asthma attacks. Nevertheless, there is general support for evidence-based, scientifically valid medical screening that judges fitness for military service. Screening tests comprising asthma biomarkers and genetic indices may better verify vulnerable soldiers destined to suffer future asthma reactivation.

  10. Historical Overview of Racism in the Military (United States)


    highest military award, the Croix de Guerre was awarded to 170 individual soldiers as well as the unit itself. The 370th and 271st also received the... Croix . However, the AEF leaders were concerned about the French commending the Black American troops too highly, and urged them not to spoil the

  11. Military Service and Parkinson’s Disease (United States)


    influences the association between military employment and PD (cigarette smoking, caffeine consumption , alcohol intake, sociodemographic characteristics...and quantity of tobacco exposure; pack-years of smoking), caffeine intake (frequency and quantity of consumption ), alcohol exposure (type of alcohol...exposure, frequency and quantity of consumption ), demographic variables (education, socioeconomic status, income) and other important covariates

  12. Adult Attitudes Toward the Military: Poll Two (United States)


    of Defense’s recruitment advertising and market research programs. • The Research Methodology section provides details on the design of the...components of the recruitment- advertising program– market research, creative approaches, media tactics, contract management and program oversight. The...2000, the Department of Defense expanded its market research efforts to (1) understand attitudes of key audiences toward the military, in general, and

  13. Deaths from Adenovirus in the US Military

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Joel Gaydos, science advisor for the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, and Dr. Robert Potter, a research associate for the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System, discuss deaths from adenovirus in the US military.  Created: 3/26/2012 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 3/29/2012.

  14. Declarative Terrain Modeling for Military Training Games

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smelik, R.M.; Tutenel, T.; De Kraker, K.J.; Bidarra, R.


    Military training instructors increasingly often employ computer games to train soldiers in all sorts of skills and tactics. One of the difficulties instructors face when using games as a training tool is the creation of suitable content, including scenarios, entities, and corresponding terrain mode

  15. Military Justice: Courts-Martial, an Overview (United States)


    alleged source of leaked classified material through the organization WikiLeaks , have raised questions regarding the mental capacity of the accused...classified material through the organization WikiLeaks , have raised questions regarding the mental capacity of the accused and how the military justice

  16. Continuing Professional Education in the Military (United States)

    Gleiman, Ashley; Zacharakis, Jeff


    The military relies on continuing professional education as a key component to the success of its organization. With decreasing budgets and increasing importance for a force that operates efficiently and thinks critically, the cognitive tension among training, education, and learning comes center stage.

  17. User Interface Design for Military AR Applications (United States)


    SI: AUGMENTED REALITY User interface design for military AR applications Mark A. Livingston • Zhuming Ai • Kevin Karsch • Gregory O. Gibson Received...several visual representations fundamental to SA. The UI M. A. Livingston (&) Z. Ai K. Karsch G. O. Gibson Naval Research Laboratory, Washington

  18. Ethical Dilemmas Involving the Military Awards Process (United States)


    with the regulation and history ofmilitary awards. We must ensure that as Senior Leaders we do not put our subordinate leaders in these ethical...and not in keeping with the regulation and history of military awards. We must ensure that as Senior Leaders we do not put our subordinate leaders

  19. The Impact of Stressors on Military Performance (United States)


    in military operations: Effect of a Zolpidem-slow release caffeine combination. Actas de Fisiologia , 7, 288. Belenky, G. COL (1997). Sleep, sleep...associated with behavioural resilience to stress UNCLASSIFIED DSTO-GD-0780 UNCLASSIFIED 80 exposure in an animal model of post-traumatic stress disorder

  20. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs (United States)


    initiators were Some 10.2 percent of the cooked sausage , 29.5 percent of activists of the Christian Democratic Union, the Society the frankfurters, 48.5...into decay so rapidly quarter? The workers at military construction sites and in the ferment of political passions that someone even enterprises have

  1. A military home with a heart. (United States)

    Cowper, Andy


    A classically inspired and iconic building by the Thames in south west London, the Royal Hospital Chelsea is home to the equally iconic Chelsea pensioners--retired ex-military staff who have come to live in this unique retirement community. Now the nursing needs of this special group are being met in a new wing of the site, called the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary.

  2. The Nexus of Military Missions and Means (United States)


    is being published to formally record the state of the Missions and Means Framework (MMF) circa 2002. However, since that time, the MMF has...continued to evolve and has been presented in updated forms at various conferences. See, for example, the "Military Missions and Means Framework " paper

  3. Military Children from Birth to Five Years (United States)

    Osofsky, Joy D.; Chartrand, Molinda M.


    Because most research on military families has focused on children who are old enough to go to school, we know the least about the youngest and perhaps most vulnerable children in these families. Some of what we do know, however, is worrisome--for example, multiple deployments, which many families have experienced during the wars in Iraq and…

  4. Declarative terrain modeling for military training games

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smelik, R.M.; Tutenel, T.; Kraker, J.K.. de; Bidarra, R.


    Military training instructors increasingly often employ computer games to train soldiers in all sorts of skills and tactics. One of the difficulties instructors face when using games as a training tool is the creation of suitable content, including scenarios, entities, and corresponding terrain mode


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aditya Kurniawan


    Full Text Available Nowadays, the barometer of the strength of a country is a military force that is owned by the state. To produce a good military force in a country, it would require an easy, fast and accurate military resource management. This study utilized geographic data as a reference for the location of the logistics resources to help simplify the management of military data using spatial data in Geographic Information System (GIS. The system development approach used JSON Service technology framework and HTML 5 to improve system performance. The features development of the management of military resources associated with military operations are conducted. Results of this study generate e-resource military operation system which is swift and in accordance with the W3C web standards.

  6. Development of a model of moral distress in military nursing. (United States)

    Fry, Sara T; Harvey, Rose M; Hurley, Ann C; Foley, Barbara Jo


    The purpose of this article is to describe the development of a model of moral distress in military nursing. The model evolved through an analysis of the moral distress and military nursing literature, and the analysis of interview data obtained from US Army Nurse Corps officers (n = 13). Stories of moral distress (n = 10) given by the interview participants identified the process of the moral distress experience among military nurses and the dimensions of the military nursing moral distress phenomenon. Models of both the process of military nursing moral distress and the phenomenon itself are proposed. Recommendations are made for the use of the military nursing moral distress models in future research studies and in interventions to ameliorate the experience of moral distress in crisis military deployments.

  7. Losing the Quality Battle in Australian Education for Librarianship: A Decade on. (An Update on the Original Article by Ross Harvey, "Losing the Quality Battle in Australian Education for Librarianship". "The Australian Library Journal", 50 No. 1, 2001: 15-22.) (United States)

    Harvey, Ross


    The Editor of "ALJ" has invited me to comment on my 2001 article "Losing the quality battle in Australian education for librarianship" (Harvey 2001). The article was prompted by a period I spent as a visiting professor in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA (the University of California Los Angeles) and was written while I was there.…

  8. Cultural intelligence support for military operations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guthormsen, Amy M. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; MacKerrow, Edward P [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Merritt, Terence M [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Morgart, Ruth E [INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY


    It has long been recognized that military success relies on knowledge of the enemy. In the context of standard warfare, adequate knowledge of the enemy may be gained by analyzing observable, measurable data. In the context of modern counterinsurgency operations and the global war on terror, the task of predicting the behavior of the enemy is vastly more complex and difficult. Without an understanding of the ways individuals in the host nation interpret and react to events, no amount of objective information can provide the insight required to accurately predict behavior. US military doctrine has begun to recognize the importance of the many ways that local culture can affect operation success. Increasingly military decision makers use cultural information in the service of operation planning, and troops are provided with pre-deployment cultural training. However, no amount of training can cover the breadth and depth of potentially useful cultural information, and no amount of careful planning can avoid the need to adapt as situations develop. Therefore, a critical challenge is to provide useful tools to US personnel in their efforts to collect, analyze, and utilize cultural information. Essential functions for cultural support tools include the following: (1) to narrow down a broad range of available data and focus the user's attention on context-relevant information, (2) to present cultural information in an easily understood form, (3) to prompt the user to seek relevant information in the environment, (4) to synthesize information, and (5) to predict outcomes based on possible courses of operation. In this paper, we begin by reviewing the ways in which military operations can benefit from cultural intelligence. We then discuss frameworks for analyzing cultural information in the context of a military operation. We conclude with a demonstration of our current efforts to develop a tool that meets the aforementioned functional challenges.

  9. Sixty years of the Military Technical Courier: Origins of the military technical thinking in the military printing of the Kingdom of Serbia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan B. Mijatović


    Full Text Available The article sheds light on the origins of the military technical thinking in the military publishing of the Kingdom of Serbia with a view to marking a jubilee - the sixtieth anniversary of the Military Technical Courier. 'Vojin', the first military review, printed in the middle of 19th century as a private venture, covered a wide scope of military issues, among which a special place was given to 'the science of weapons'. No sooner had this review ceased to exist than The Headquarters of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbia started publishing a new military review, 'Ratnik', which, apart from the art of war and war literature, dealt with the science of weapons in order to inform officers about the latest achievements in military technology and to educate them as well. Serbian military thinking, including its technical aspect, did not fall behind modern trends in its European and world counterparts until 1914. The development of weaponry in Europe and the world was regularly covered on the pages of military reviews.

  10. Evaluation of Computer-Aided System Design Tools for SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) Battle Management/C3 (Command, Control and Communications) Architecture Development (United States)


    Ft. Meade, MD 20755-6000 Lee Cooper 1 copy Advanced Technology 2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 200 Arlington, VA 22202 Larry Cox I copy TRW 1950 Sunwest...Richmond Street Providence, RI 02903 " - Mr. Larry Christina, Jr. 1 copy Technology Branch, CSSD-H-SBY Battle Management Division U.S. Army Strategic...copy ’_ Advanced System Architectures Johnson House 73-79 Park Street GU 15 3PE, United Kingdom s. - .%° N. % S CSED Review Panel Dr. Dan Alpert

  11. How Can Maneuver Brigades Train and Educate Excellence in the Execution of Twenty-First Century Battle Command at Home Station? (United States)


    Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic successfully battled the much larger British Airways for market share. 136 Virgin Atlantic closely watched their...Gabel, 88. 88 Richard M. Ketcham, "Warming Up on the Sidelines for World War II," Smithsonian, Sept. 1991,100. 89 Gabel, 89. 90 Gabel, 89. 91...competition between well- established British Airways and the new and innovative Virgin Atlantic airline illustrates valuable lessons in

  12. 赤壁之战后的周瑜考论%On Zhou Yu After The Chibi Battle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    周瑜等在赤壁之战获胜后发动江陵之战,并最终迫使曹仁撤走。占领南郡江陵等地使得孙权后来在与刘备就荆州问题的交涉中处于较为有利的地位。刘备赴江东谈判“都督荆州”之事,周瑜、吕范劝孙权借机留下刘备。不过孙权接受了鲁肃的建c义,对刘备采取笼络、联合的立场,但又力求从刘备那谋取一定实际利益。周瑜向孙权提出先攻取巴蜀、汉中而后进占襄阳的战略规划。他或想到刘备以后会染指益州.因此主张先西进益州,这样可挤压刘备未来的战略发展空间,实现“二分天下”的目标。他的病逝使这一战略规划未能实现。赤壁之战后的周瑜是江东方面向外扩张的急进派,而且他抓住了向荆州扩张的机会。%Zhou Yu and other commanders launched the Jiangling Battle after their victory in the Chibi Battle, and later forced Cao Ren to retreat. After occupying Jiangling and some other places in Nanjun, Sun Quan strengthened his position in the negotiation on Jingzhou with Liu Bei. Liu Bei went to Jiangdong to carry on negotiations on his controlling Jingzhou, but Zhou Yu and Lu Fan advised Sun Quan to detain him. However, Sun Quan was persuaded by Lu Su to ally with Liu Bei, though with seeking certain benefits from the latter. Zhou Yu produced a strategic planning to capture Ba, Shu and Hanzhong, and then occupy Xiangyang. Perhaps at that time he realized Liu Bei would attack Yizhou later, so he argued for marching westwards to Yizhou in advance in order to squeeze the future strategic space of Liu Bei, and achieved his objectives of "dividing the empire into two parts". This strategic planning was not carried out because of his death. Zhou Yu belonged to the radical expansionists in Jiangdong after the Chibi Battle, and he seized the chance to expand into Jingzhou.

  13. Battling for History: The Impact of War upon Modern South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bill Nasson


    Full Text Available I should like to start this talk with two disclaimers. The first is that I am acutely aware of standing in the shadow of last year's highly distinguished Turner lecturer, Professor Jeffrey Grey. Professor Grey's presence with us on this gracious occasion is a telling reminder of his professional stature as a military historian, and of my own lesser scholarly pedigree in the field. That is, being by background and inclination more of a Heinz Foods kind of historian, guilty of 57 varieties from oral history to cultural history, with a dash of war thrown in as light seasoning. The second disclaimer is the alleged topic for this brief lecture. If ever there was a case for chewing off more than one can bite, 'the impact of war upon modern South Africa' must be it. Ideally, one would need to be an A.J.P. Taylor or a John Keegan to really be able to pull this off. It must be said that I had initially considered addressing the question of the impact of the Anglo-Boer or South African War upon South African history. That would have made for some easily acceptable, straightforward verdicts. Just as A.J.P. Taylor thought memorably that the Second World War was wonderful, so we can all agree on simplicity of understanding. Boiled down to its essence, what is there to be said about the Anglo-Boer clash? In the long run, South Africa's Great War of 1899- 1902 was as crucial to the historical formation of modern South Africa as were the decisive Civil Wars of England, the United States of America, and Spain to the construction of those societies. And again, in the long run, cultivated memories of that war have fed successive nationalist illusions: firstly, the partisan fires of a resentful Afrikaner nationalism, more recently a post-apartheid South African narrative of shared white and black suffering under the heel of British imperialism. Going beyond this case study to the sweeping question of war and South Africa may risk substituting presumption for

  14. The Defeat of Sino-Japanese Naval Battle in 1894 from the Perspective of The Art of War%从《孙子兵法》看清王朝甲午海战失败

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In the Sino‐Japanese War from 1894 to 1895 ,the Beiyang Navy of the Qing Dynasty was defeated in the naval battles of Feng‐tao ,Yellow Sea and Wei‐hai Port ,which eventually led to the complete collapse of the Beiyang Navy Fleet .Reviewing the cause of the failure ,we can find that the Japanese aggressor’s conducting of war preparing and carrying out were in accordance with Sun Tzu ’s series of military principles .The main manifestation was “knowing yourself as well as the enemy” in the aspect of intelligence ,reaching full combat readiness that“fighting after assured winning” ,being adept at “deception” and combining “special and normal tactics” .However , the Qing Dynasty’s intelligence incapability ,poor war preparing ,rigid war strategy and tactics ,etc resulted in the failure of the war .%1894至1895年的甲午战争中,清朝北洋海军在丰岛、黄海及威海卫三次海战中均告失败,并最终导致北洋舰队覆灭。考察清王朝甲午海战失败原因,可以发现日本侵略者在战备与作战方面与孙子诸多军事原则相一致,主要表现在情报上做到“知彼知己”,战备充分而达成“先胜而后求战”,战法上擅用“诡道”“奇正”,而清王朝则因情报无能、战备不力、战略战术僵化等方面原因导致失败。当前,学习研究《孙子兵法》对我国建设强大的人民海军、创新发展海战战法具有极强的理论和现实意义。

  15. "Mont Aug Event"at Huanglue and the Last Battle over Guangzhouwan%黄略“门头事件”及广州湾最后的战役

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Joel Montague[美; 肖丹


    On November 12,1899,two French sub-lieutenants doing a reconnaissance for a planned in-vasion and occupation of Guangzhouwan by the French on land and sea were killed in a dramatic and violent surprise attack at Fort Mont Aug,Huanglue,Suixi.The event justified and led to massive military and naval retaliation as well negative anti-Chinese press coverage in France describing the deaths of the two patriotic and brave sub-lieutenants.The event and the last battle over Guangzhouwan are covered in un-likely ephemera by images in the photograph album of a naval lieutenant (Pierre Alexis Ronarc'h)and the day to day diaries of two ordinary solders involved in the conquest:Silbermann and Francois Morlat.%1899年11月12日,两名法国海军中尉在为法军侵占广州湾计划做准备而勘测地形时在遂溪黄略奥克山炮台遇当地人袭击身亡,这次事件成为法国向中国出兵的借口,导致了大规模的军事行动,他们在海上对中国实施了军事报复,法国媒体对两个“英勇爱国”的海军军官死亡事件作了负面报道,引起法国国内的反中国情绪。法国海军中尉皮耶·阿力士·河那克的相册,士兵里昂·苏伯曼和副官方施华·摩列的日记这些非正式文献分别记录了此次事件及广州湾最后的战役。

  16. Analysis of Factors that have Influenced Outcomes of Battles and Wars: A Data Base of Battles and Engagements. Volume 3. Wars from 1805 through 1900. Part 1. Wars of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. (United States)


    Government Agencies only; Software Documentation; 6 Nov 1984. Other requests referred to: Dir/USACAA, 8120 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814-2797...16 Janary. 1809 In reaction to aseries of French military disasters an the Peninsula, Napoleon crossed the Pyrenees in November 1808 at the head of...pursued the. defeated army into ** the highlands east of Lima, Bolivar entered Lima and established a government . Source: D.14.3. 81 THE LATIN AMRICAN WARS

  17. Energy Efficient Military Mobile Base Station Placement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saikat Ray


    Full Text Available This research deals with an energy efficient network for military mobile base station placement. Theproposed method is based on minimizing the energy loss of military communication networks where thebase station is moving along a preset path and the users are constantly moving in an independent speedand direction. It takes into account the free space loss and the knife edge effect for the energy loss toestablish a path weight for the shortest path model. Then, it evaluates the neighboring points to the basestation for the energy loss of the network in order to find the position at which the minimum energy lossoccurs. The results show a clear energy saving advantage when compared to Lloyd-Max’s method

  18. Military housing foam application and analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Torres, J. J.


    Sandia and Forest City have established a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), the partnership provides a unique opportunity to take technology research and development from demonstration to application in sustainable communities. This project consists of two activities conducted in Hawaii that focus on performance, integration and application of energy saving technologies. Hawaii has many energy challenges, making this location an excellent testbed for these activities. Under this project, spray foam technology was applied at military housing on Oahu and the consumption data collected. A cost benefit and operational analysis of the foam was completed. The second phase of this project included design, integration, and analysis of photovoltaic systems at a military community on Oahu. This phase of the project was conducted as part of Forest City's second Solar America Showcase Award.

  19. Renewable energy technology handbook for military engineers (United States)


    Renewable energy applications are introduced that are considered promising for military use in the 1980s. These are: solar hot water for buildings, active solar hot water and space heating for buildings, passive solar heating and cooling of buildings, solar industrial process heata, solar ponds, photovoltaic power for homes, photovoltaic power for remote applications, parabolic dish solar systems for remote applications, wind energy for buildings, wind energy for central power plants, wind energy for water pumping, biomass energy systems for buildings, biomass energy systems for central power plants, geothermal energy for process heat, and geothermal energy for central power plants. For each of these is given: a brief history of the technology and information on how the technology works; a detailed technical and economic profile of an operating system; and a summary listing of operating civilian and military systems that are open for public viewing.

  20. The History of Turkish Military Health Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muharrem Ucar


    Full Text Available One of the main objectives of military health services is to prevent suffering, injuries and death caused by wars which lead to great destructions on societies as much as possible. If the subject is considered for Turkish history, it is noted that personnel and duty processes of health services had an institutional feature and that duty was controlled by the government at Ottoman Empire. Public health practices, as a main component of military health services at both peace and war, has great importance. These practices should be determined thoroughly at peacetime by managers and preparations in that direction should be done and implemented. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2012; 11(1.000: 103-118

  1. A plastic surgical nurse's military experience. (United States)

    Booth, Debby


    The author thanks Rachelle Springer for her great editing skills, Marcia Spear in showing how to upload in editorial manager, and Amanda Bailey for converting the pictures to JPEGs. Have you ever entertained the idea of serving in the military? Has your sense of patriotism ever made you feel some regret that you never served your country in uniform? It was this deep spirit of patriotism and my sense of adventure that moved me to take the oath of commitment and to give 22 years of my life in service to our country. This article is my personal experience of serving in the military as a flight nurse and a commander. It provides a brief overview of the aeromedical evacuation system, different job classifications, requirements of a flight nurse, stresses of flight, and the type of aircraft used in aeromedical transport.

  2. Battle between influenza A virus and a newly identified antiviral activity of the PARP-containing ZAPL protein (United States)

    Liu, Chien-Hung; Zhou, Ligang; Chen, Guifang; Krug, Robert M.


    Previous studies showed that ZAPL (PARP-13.1) exerts its antiviral activity via its N-terminal zinc fingers that bind the mRNAs of some viruses, leading to mRNA degradation. Here we identify a different antiviral activity of ZAPL that is directed against influenza A virus. This ZAPL antiviral activity involves its C-terminal PARP domain, which binds the viral PB2 and PA polymerase proteins, leading to their proteasomal degradation. After the PB2 and PA proteins are poly(ADP-ribosylated), they are associated with the region of ZAPL that includes both the PARP domain and the adjacent WWE domain that is known to bind poly(ADP-ribose) chains. These ZAPL-associated PB2 and PA proteins are then ubiquitinated, followed by proteasomal degradation. This antiviral activity is counteracted by the viral PB1 polymerase protein, which binds close to the PARP domain and causes PB2 and PA to dissociate from ZAPL and escape degradation, explaining why ZAPL only moderately inhibits influenza A virus replication. Hence influenza A virus has partially won the battle against this newly identified ZAPL antiviral activity. Eliminating PB1 binding to ZAPL would be expected to substantially increase the inhibition of influenza A virus replication, so that the PB1 interface with ZAPL is a potential target for antiviral development. PMID:26504237

  3. ACE-inhibition and angiotensin II receptor blockers in chronic heart failure: pathophysiological consideration of the unresolved battle. (United States)

    Simko, F; Simko, J; Fabryova, M


    Reducing the effects of angiotensin II by blockade of AT1-receptors may be superior to inhibition of angiotensin II formation by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients. However, the results of several trials did not fulfil this expectation. In both ELITE II with symptomatic CHF patients and in OPTIMAAL involving high risk patients after acute myocardial infarction, angiotensin II type I (AT1) receptor blocker (ARB) losartan did not prove to be superior to captopril. There are several potential reasons, why ARBs did not fare better than ACE inhibitors. Although AT1-receptor blockade may block the effects of non-ACE pathways of tissue angiotensin II formation, no clinical evidence is available that a more powerful inhibition of the tissue renin-angiotensin system brings improved survival. The choice of patients for clinical trials of HF therapy is not based on the level of neurohumoral activation. Thus, the more effective attenuation of angiotensin II action with ARBs may not bring additional benefits. The potential antiremodeling effect of ARBs through the stimulation of AT2 receptors by angiotensin II could be counterbalanced by a failure of AT1-receptor blockers to enhance bradykinin, nitric oxide and prostacyclin formation with antigrowth properties. Although ACE-inhibitors seem to have slightly better results at present than AT1 blockers in the battle on heart failure patient, future trials will decide which is the definitive winner.

  4. WE-EF-BRD-02: Battling Maxwell’s Equations: Physics Challenges and Solutions for Hybrid MRI Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Keall, P. [University of Sydney (Australia)


    MRI-guided treatment is a growing area of medicine, particularly in radiotherapy and surgery. The exquisite soft tissue anatomic contrast offered by MRI, along with functional imaging, makes the use of MRI during therapeutic procedures very attractive. Challenging the utility of MRI in the therapy room are many issues including the physics of MRI and the impact on the environment and therapeutic instruments, the impact of the room and instruments on the MRI; safety, space, design and cost. In this session, the applications and challenges of MRI-guided treatment will be described. The session format is: Past, present and future: MRI-guided radiotherapy from 2005 to 2025: Jan Lagendijk Battling Maxwell’s equations: Physics challenges and solutions for hybrid MRI systems: Paul Keall I want it now!: Advances in MRI acquisition, reconstruction and the use of priors to enable fast anatomic and physiologic imaging to inform guidance and adaptation decisions: Yanle Hu MR in the OR: The growth and applications of MRI for interventional radiology and surgery: Rebecca Fahrig Learning Objectives: To understand the history and trajectory of MRI-guided radiotherapy To understand the challenges of integrating MR imaging systems with linear accelerators To understand the latest in fast MRI methods to enable the visualisation of anatomy and physiology on radiotherapy treatment timescales To understand the growing role and challenges of MRI for image-guided surgical procedures My disclosures are publicly available and updated at:

  5. Military Retirement: Background and Recent Developments (United States)


    a choice between two options (High-Three or Career Status Bonus/Redux) based on career expectations and the individual’s financial situation. Reserve...Military retirees, families , and veterans’ service organizations closely monitor potential future changes to the retirement system. When considering...facilities and programs. The active component retirement system provides a choice between two retirement options based on career expectations and

  6. Military Reengineering Between the World Wars (United States)


    The tabula rasa is a myth. I can state, categorically, that in none of the interwar reengineerings did the military leaders start with a blank sheet... role played by maverick individuals among technologists and strategists, against the grain of tradition and bureaucracy. Innovators must walk a fine...organiza- tions through information technology. In the interwar era this most prominently concerned radio, radar, and electro-mechanical tabula - tion

  7. The Full Cost of Military Personnel (United States)


    enlisted member for each Service  This may not accurately reflect marginal cost  Variation in mix of ranks. A rifle company is relatively cheap...keep people with marketable skills 4 Indirect military personnel costs are high ($M 2007) Medical Support 8,029 Schools for Dependents 1,586...hand  Indirect costs are important  Personnel cost much more than is generally recognized  Much of the cost is deferred  Some is not in the DoD

  8. Military Retirement Reform: An Australian Perspective (United States)


    ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS ADF Australian Defence Force COLA cost of living adjustment CPI consumer price index CSB career status bonus CSS...will help you build a Lego city; however, mum will still need to change the nappies. xvi THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK 1 I. Disney and Johnson (2001) and the World Bank (Pordes, 1994). There have also been various papers and reviews about Australian and U.S. military

  9. Reintegration Difficulty of Military Couples Following Deployment (United States)


    characteristics, and difficulty with reintegration . Our recruitment procedures were so successful that we are working to double our sample to take...AWARD NUMBER: W81XWH-14-2-0131 TITLE: Reintegration Difficulty of Military Couples Following Deployment PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Leanne K...TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS. 1. REPORT DATE July 2015 2. REPORT TYPE Annual 3. DATES COVERED 1July2014 - 30June2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Reintegration

  10. A Study of Causality in Military Planning (United States)


    Regional and local governance established Establish police forces training Counter organized crime Integrate trained police into operations...richer way to think about causality in military planning and operations. Uncovering an ontology has become an increasingly employed tactic in...political theory.21 In this context, an ontology is simply a way in which the world is viewed, “the most basic conceptualizations of self, other, and

  11. US Military Strategy in Four Dimensions (United States)


    bases in Western Europe .” Global “F-22 Raptor History.” http://www. security arena. Riots and rebellion in the Middle East and North Africa, and a series of incredible natural disasters such as the Haitian...technological dimension of strategy relies on three goals: a) prevent US forces from fighting 21 Ibid., 977. 22 David Crane. “F-22 Raptor Program

  12. Children of Military Service Members Resource Guide (United States)

    2012-01-01 developed by military pediatricians and adolescent- medicine specialists, this animated film, hosted by mr. poe, is designed to provide...reported missing in action in vietnam. dove song K.L. Franklin Publisher: Prometheus Books Year: 2007 isbN: 978-1591025344 Pages: 56 this book...adolescent- medicine specialists, this film is designed for older children and adolescents to help them learn coping strategies for dealing with

  13. Regulation of private military companies in Iraq



    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited This thesis examines problems that states face when using private military companies (PMCs) and possible solutions for solving those problems. The main argument of this thesis is that the problems and their solutions are not the same for all states. They change mainly because of the capability of state institutions such as the Ministry of Defense, national laws, and public armed forces. For that reason, the problems and solutions a...

  14. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    archery , charioteering, writing and mathematics, the six arts. The "six arts" were the curriculum of Western Zhou’s government science. Western Zhou...ruling class and control the people, and certain military skills ( archery and charioteering), in order to wage war and suppress the masses...of specific texts for archery , charioteering, writing and mathematics in the "Analects." 74 According to one delegate, Confucius’ curriculum

  15. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    muddy water ," and of political adventurers of various stripes. JPRS-UMA-90-014 14 June 1990 MILITARY-POLITICAL ISSUES However, it seems that I... earth except the problems of those who were quite recently proudly referred to as loyal sons of the people but almost have people spitting at them...Aleksandrovich Koshelev; date and place not specified: "Protectionism: ’ Apparition ’ or Reality?"] [Text] Protectionism... This ugly social phenomenon

  16. Japan: Implications of an Expanded Military Role, (United States)


    Unfortunately... protectionism and expansionist militarism have often come as parts of one terrible package.’ That package is labeled OPandora’ and they’re...welcome an end to isolationism by the United States and they’d like to see U.S. military influence return to their region. They * ’ are somewhat concerned...that over the longer term this isolationism may fade, especially as perception of a Soviet threat become more widespread. A major buildup of the

  17. Weight Change Following US Military Service (United States)


    greater prevalence of overweight and/or obesity than non-veterans of similar age and sex.4 - 7 This paradox suggests that the rate of weight gain...SylveSt~ Road . ... Stm Diego, Caljfomia 92106-3521 . . . International Journal of Obesity (20 1 2) 1 10 © 2012 Macmillan Publishers Umited All rights...Powell3 and TC Smith3 for the Millennium Cohort Study Team BACKGROUND: Although overweight and obesity are less prevalent among active-duty military

  18. Regulation of Private Military Companies in Iraq (United States)


    paper presented as part of the policy dialogue on issues pertaining to the core mission of Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces...Marina Caparini. “Privatizing Security: Law, Practice and Governance of Private Military and Security Companies,” paper presented as part of the policy ... dialogue on issues pertaining to the core mission of Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), Geneva, March 2005

  19. Evaluation of a Prototype Military Backpack (United States)


    79-25 DREO TN 79-25 EVALUATION OF A PROTOTYPE .,MILITARY BACKPACK by B. farnworth ’LL4 ca= S.... •J;. A S A NOVEMBER 1979 OTTAWA CAUTION This...9 iii ABSTRACT prototype backpack under development by DCGEM has been tested by human subjects running an obstacle course. It was found to be...of subjecting clothing to extreme abrasion and stretching and so is not entirely appropriate to the testing of backpacks . Nevertheless many of the

  20. Political Stability and Military Intervention in Egypt

    CERN Document Server

    Friedman, Casey; Bar-Yam, Yaneer


    Policy choices in the wake of recent mass protests in Egypt will determine the likelihood of civil war in the short run and the prospects for democracy in the long run. Economic conditions can be improved by international action to reduce grain-based biofuel production and finance employment generation. Creating the conditions for stable democracy requires accepting power-sharing mechanisms in which the military will have an important role.

  1. Economic Value of Army Foreign Military Sales (United States)


    are realized are program budgets necessarily reduce in future years? The government needs to determine which DOD organizations are value added for...SPONSORED REPORT SERIES Economic Value of Army Foreign Military Sales December 2015 MAJ James P. Allen, USA MAJ Scott A. Bailey, USA CPT...and public value . Once the cases were analyzed and compared against each other, advantages or trends in cost savings, cost avoidance, and public value

  2. Engaging Students via Innovative Military Useful Technologies (United States)


    technique called SoNIC Steganography , which is made possible because SoNIC can control and modify the line encoding in real-time in Approved for Public...Unlimited. 13 There were three areas in particular that the SoNIC research group was studying during this project: 1) Network steganography . SoNIC...time in an undetectable manner. SoNIC Steganography allows the military (e.g. AFRL) to detect, suppress, or even instigate covert channel attacks as

  3. Improving Military Integration in Coalitions in Africa (United States)


    military operations (i.e., drone strikes, hostage rescues), but rather efforts geared towards long-term national stability. To examine these issues...human rights, rule of law, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, demining, agriculture , emergency food and shelter, and education.45 Figure sector via EUTM and EUCAP, and to the transportation, agriculture , water & energy, economic, and migration sectors through the EU Delegation

  4. Demand for Health Insurance by Military Retirees (United States)


    dollars, it lowers OOP expenses, and they are financially risk averse. Insurance choice can be viewed as a three-step process. First, determine the...Journal of Public Economics 3 (1974): 303–328. 30 William H. Greene, Econometric Analysis (New York: Macmillan, 1990), 696. 17 expect the...population weights from the HCBSs with STATA software. 26 Table 7. Logit Model of Health Insurance Choice for Military Retirees Variable

  5. Handbook For Military Justice and Civil Law (United States)


    entire class—that he was a real bad dude. Apparently, while at the reformatory, he was diagnosed as having a schizoid personality with alternating...deterioration of the brain, mental retardation, or psychiatric disorders . Personality disorders not rising to the level of mental illness do not...para. 6105. a. Basis: personality disorder (1) Correct Naval Justice School Rev- 2/96 Publication IV-46-7 Handbook for Military Justice

  6. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs (United States)


    October revolution—Imprisoned. Yes, there was such a stage in the biography of the future marshal. He was held prisoner by the Germans for 2 and a...Republic brilliant victories over its enemies on the Eastern and Caucasian fronts...." Tukhachevskiy’s military biography included more than just...Moussorgsky, Mozart and Scriabin, Chopin and Mendelssohn, Tolstoy and Shakespeare. Everything new in science, technology and art interested him. He

  7. JPRS Report, Soviet Union Military Affairs. (United States)


    then we were transferred to the Transcaucasus Military District. We ended up in a good city. Live and be happy , it would seem. The sea is nearby...having reached the same speed, and only a stream of water, gurgling furiously , rushed between the sides of the ships. At this moment Sr Warrant...the happiness of the Afghan people. Along the entire route, here and there are bent, burnt frames, cabs and wheels. Who knows whether the driver

  8. Military Nurses’ Experience in Disaster Response (United States)


    Known” versus “Unknown,” “ Structured ” versus “Chaos,” “Prepared” versus “Making Do,” “Strength” versus “Emotionality,” and “Existential Growth...preparedness, military nurses need instruction in dealing with media during crises, and psychological support teams should be included in disaster...better pre-deployment disaster training and preparedness. It also identifies the need for psychological support during and after disaster responses to

  9. Military Hybrid Vehicle Optimization and Control (United States)


    and energy security, as well as reduce overall energy u ’C the concept of a microgrid has been introduced [7 ]. A microgricl is defined as an...vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology has been show to have the ability to upport the microgrid ru a source, but also a storage device for excess energy [9...understood. The scope of this proposal includes introducing the concept of regarding a military hybrid vehicle as a microgrid and utilizing battery state

  10. Military Innovation in the New Normal (United States)


    use of force during the conduct of war. Unless survival is at stake or an idealistic “ evil incarnate” threat exits, the U.S. demonstrates significant...limits of military power would clearly help alleviate tensions between the policy and strategy mismatches resident in the American way of war...strategies, capabilities, and doctrine resident in the pre-9/11 era that remain sufficient in meeting the emergent demands of the new normal. The

  11. Chinese Military Reforms: A Pessimistic Take (United States)


    Similarly, recent changes to the organizational structure of China’s military have made clear improvements, but do nothing to address its most... organizational structure of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). One change has been the dismantling of the four “general depart- ments” that formerly served... changes have rightly been recog- nized as significant steps toward resolv- ing some longstanding problems caused by the PLA’s previous organizational

  12. [Efficacy of pneumococcal vaccine in military units]. (United States)

    Zhogolev, S D; Mosiagin, V D; Demidovich, V U; Mel'nichenko, P I; Ogarkov, P I


    Pneumococcal vaccine Pneumo-23, used for specific prophylaxis of pneumonia and other pneumococcal infections, was tested in military training units of the North Western, Central and Far Eastern Military Districts. The vaccine used for immunization of servicemen, was shown to have high immunogenicity with no adverse reactions. In the training group of the North Western Military District the epidemiological effectiveness of the vaccine was particularly high a month after immunization and amounted to 83.7%. During the period between month 2 and month 5 after immunization pneumonia morbidity among the immunized servicemen was 6.12 times lower than among the non-immunized ones. In the training units of the Central and Far Eastern Military Districts, where the period of the formation of postvaccinal immunity coincided with the peak of the outbreak of pneumonia, the protective properties of the used batches of the vaccine could be observed as early as during the first month after immunization, which made it possible to recommend this vaccine for urgent prophylaxis in the foci of pneumococcal infection. During the period of 5 months the effectiveness of the vaccine with respect to pneumonia was 62.1-66.2% for all three districts. The effectiveness of the combined immunization of conscripts with vaccines Pneumo-23 and Vaxigrip with respect to pneumonia was higher (78.54%) and the index of effectiveness (4.66) was 1.58 fold greater than in monoimmunization (2.95). The epidemiological effectiveness of the pneumococcal vaccine was high also with respect to other pneumococcal infections: acute bronchitis, acute respiratory diseases of pneumococcal etiology, cases of acute sinusitis and acute otitis. The use of the vaccine for the immunization of servicemen yielded the economic effect equal to 92 US dollars per person.

  13. Use of Hearsay in Military Commissions (United States)


    Fed. Reg. 549 (Jan. 16, 1945). 10 the decision was made to use an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg that would not rely on the...procedure that would be workable, expeditious and fair.” Robert H. Jackson, Nuremberg in Retrospect: Legal Answer to International Lawlessness, 35 A.B.A...CRIMINAL TRIBUNAL FOR THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA 9-10 (1995)). See also TELFORD TAYLOR, THE ANATOMY OF THE NUREMBERG TRIALS 63-64 (1992). 69

  14. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    Springfield, Virginia 22161. In order- ing, it is recommended that the JPRS number, title, date and author, if applicable, of publication be cited...Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia 22201. JPRS 83369 29 April 1983 CHINA REPORT POLITICAL, SOCIOLOGICAL AND MILITARY AFFAIRS No, 414 CONTENTS...paintings that can be advantageously reprinted in newspapers. The paper’s supplement " Satire and Humor" has been well received. It should continue to

  15. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    describing man as a slender reed. Unlike Kant, Hegel seemed more dispassionate and realistic. As a result of an assiduous study of British classic...Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and Feuerbach to accuse Hegel of contemptuously viewing manas merely a tool of the universal mentality and a symbol of the...writers to create something which Hegel would have called "a true epic." I said earlier that military literature must express our national spirit, a

  16. The Russian Military in the Year 2000 (United States)


    Svechin was evident in the discussions ponducted 65 Additionally the lengthy debates between M.V. Frunze, Ye. Vorishilov, Leon Trotsky , and Alexander...Major Alexander Svechin. Another key figure in the debate was the People’s Commissar of War, Leon Trotsky . Both had similar views on military...supported by a broad network of local militia formations."b Savinkin’s arguments were similar to those of Trotsky which were based on ideology and

  17. Military Aptitude Testing: The Past Fifty Years (United States)


    Enhanced Computer-Administered Testing ECFA Examen Calificacion de Feurzas Armadas EST Enlistment Screening Test ETP Enlistment Testing Program GAO...qualification standards and in part on the needs of the Service. Qualification standards are more complex than just mental standards; they also include medical...and moral standards. Mental standards include educational level as well as aptitude test scores. The military testing program (MTP) began with the

  18. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs (United States)


    specialists in the realm of ideology, and they do not have enough purely method- ological skills. All right, they are not docents or candi- dates of...8217 letters. "It is gratifying," writes, for example, Col A. Vayner, candidate of military sciences, docent , "that on the threshold of the conference...scien- tists and pedagogues, candidates and doctors of science, docents and professors are being trained." Colonels G. Sirosh and V. Ivanov share

  19. Dynamic Spectrum Management for Military Wireless Networks (United States)


    information society . The term “dynamic spectrum management” (DSM) covers a range of different subjects areas like dynamic channel allocation (DCA...the potential for the military to share spectrum spatially and temporally with multiple devices, 2003 (European Union) Information Society Technologies...E2ER) Project initiated in Information Society Technologies, 2005 (United States): DARPA XG and NSF projects complete a series of spectrum occupancy

  20. Exporting Democracy to Haiti: A Military Perspective (United States)


    agencies, including customs tariff-collecting agencies in the coastal towns. A Marine officer who was a veteran of other Banana Wars noted in his diary...source for the term Banana Wars. United was so successful in Haiti that they exploited the graft system and 79 Paul W. Drake, Money Doctors, Foreign...the shell of government institutions created by American specialists from the State Department and Haiti now fielded the most professional military