Sample records for automobiles for the physically handicapped

  1. 36 CFR 910.34 - Accommodations for the physically handicapped. (United States)


    ... physically handicapped. 910.34 Section 910.34 Parks, Forests, and Public Property PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE... § 910.34 Accommodations for the physically handicapped. (a) Every development shall incorporate features which will make the development accessible by the physically handicapped. The standards in the...

  2. Making Facilities Accessible to the Physically Handicapped. (United States)

    State Univ. Construction Fund, Albany, NY.

    Guidelines on performance criteria for the State University of New York consider two main types of handicapped: the ambulant and semi-ambulant, including some physically handicapped, the visually and aurally handicapped, and persons with cardiac conditions; and persons confined to wheel chairs. The handicapped and planning for them are discussed.…

  3. Outdoor Recreation for the Physically Handicapped. A Handbook of Design Standards. (United States)

    New York State Council on Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Albany.

    Public outdoor recreational facilities and the needs of the physically handicapped are overviewed with guidelines to develop such facilities. Circulation and access provisions for wheel chairs and the semi-ambulatory are emphasized, including requirements for parking lots, pathways, resting areas and public bathrooms. Standard dimensions and…

  4. 24 CFR 235.331 - Increased maximum mortgage amount for physically handicapped persons. (United States)


    ... for physically handicapped persons. 235.331 Section 235.331 Housing and Urban Development Regulations... maximum mortgage amount for physically handicapped persons. If the mortgage relates to a dwelling unit to be occupied by a handicapped person as defined in § 235.5(c)(2), the otherwise applicable...

  5. Assessment Strategies for the Handicapped. (United States)

    Guidubaldi, John; And Others


    This review of assessment strategies for handicapped populations is intended to provide counselors with assessment perspectives as well as specific suggestions. The review emphasizes the counselor's role as a member of a diagnostic team and the need to consider a variety of information in formation of meaningful intervention strategies. (Author)

  6. 75 FR 30373 - Elimination of Form ITA-362P, Information on Articles for Physically or Mentally Handicapped... (United States)


    ... Physically or Mentally Handicapped Persons Imported Duty-Free AGENCY: Import Administration, International..., which importers of articles for the handicapped were required to complete in order to receive duty-free... of articles for the use or benefit of physically or mentally handicapped persons, as well as for...

  7. Information Prosthetics for the Handicapped. Final Report. (United States)

    Papert, Seymour A.

    The paper describes the successful use of the LOGO System (an interactive graphics, computer based learning environment) with 12 severely physically handicapped adolescents with cerebral palsy. Five goals were set forth concerning the opportunity to work with microcomputers in interesting ways, the assessment of the students' spatial competence,…

  8. 36 CFR 701.6 - Loans of library materials for blind and other physically handicapped persons. (United States)


    ... consultation with persons, organizations, and agencies engaged in work for the blind and for other physically... for blind and other physically handicapped persons. 701.6 Section 701.6 Parks, Forests, and Public Property LIBRARY OF CONGRESS PROCEDURES AND SERVICES § 701.6 Loans of library materials for blind and...

  9. Library Resources for the Blind and Physically Handicapped: A Directory with FY 1993 Statistics on Readership, Circulation, Budget, Staff, and Collections. (United States)

    Library of Congress, Washington, DC. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

    The first part of this National Library Service (NLS) for the Blind and Physically Handicapped directory lists NLS network libraries and machine-lending agencies, arranged alphabetically by state. The information for each library includes its address, telephone number, librarian, hours of operation, book collection, assistive devices, special…

  10. Library Resources for the Blind and Physically Handicapped: A Directory with FY 1994 Statistics on Readership, Circulation, Budget, Staff, and Collections. (United States)

    Library of Congress, Washington, DC. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

    The first part of this directory of National Library Service (NLS) resources for the blind and physically handicapped lists NLS network libraries and machine-lending agencies, arranged alphabetically by state. The information for each library includes its address, telephone and fax numbers, librarian, hours of operation, book and special…

  11. Library Resources for the Blind and Physically Handicapped: A Directory with FY 1992 Statistics on Readership, Circulation, Budget, Staff, and Collections. (United States)

    Library of Congress, Washington, DC. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

    The first part of this National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) directory lists NLS network libraries and machine-lending agencies arranged alphabetically by state. The information about each library includes address, telephone number, hours of operation, book collection, special collections, assistive devices,…

  12. Information Booklet for the Handicapped. Revised Edition. (United States)

    University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Office of Handicapped Student Services.

    This handbook is prepared by the University of Southern California for its handicapped students. It contains a description of the facilities located on campus, including accessibility of buildings, restrooms, telephones, ramps, and designated parking spaces. Also included is a description of student services available and solutions to problems…

  13. Aids for Handicapped Readers. (United States)

    Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Div. for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

    The reference circular provides information on approximately 50 reading and writing aids intended for physically or visually handicapped individuals. Described are low vision aids, aids for holding a book or turning pages, aids for reading in bed, handwriting aids, typewriters and accessories, braille writing equipment, sound reproducers, and aids…

  14. An Age and Body Mass Handicap for the Marathon (United States)

    Vanderburgh, Paul M.


    An age and body mass handicap has been previously developed and validated for the 5-kilometer (5K) run. The purpose of this study was to develop a similar handicap for the marathon but with a different age adjustment based on deviations from age group world best marathon times within each sex. The resulting handicap allowed finish time comparisons…

  15. The Canadian Human Rights Act. Physical Handicap and Employment = Loi canadienne sur les droits de la personne. Le handicap physique et l'emploi. (United States)

    Canadian Human Rights Commission, Ottawa (Ontario).

    This booklet presents administrative criteria for implementation of the Canadian Human Rights Act to be used by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to evaluate employment decisions affecting physically handicapped individuals. They are of value to employers who need to know how the Commission will analyze employer arguments that they have not…

  16. The Dance Within: A Pilot Project in Dance for the Handicapped and Teaching Dance for the Handicapped: A Curriculum Guide. (United States)

    Michigan Dance Association, Lansing.

    The Michigan Dance Association's Dance Project for the Handicapped is the subject of the two pamphlets that make up this document. The first pamphlet, "The Dance Within," describes the history, nature and goals of the Jackson Pilot Project, the first handicapped dance program in Michigan; it also offers suggestions on how to set up similar…

  17. Toy Libraries for the Handicapped: An International Survey. (United States)

    Juul, Kristen D.

    A brief history of the toy library movement is offered. Programs for both handicapped and nonhandicapped children in 15 countries are described and the effectiveness of such programs is considered. Two types of toy library programs are defined--the Scandinavian model, or lekotek (designed exclusively for handicapped children and their families and…

  18. A Career Counseling Model for the Mentally Handicapped. (United States)

    Solly, David C.


    A model for career counseling for the mentally handicapped is proposed that addresses goals, method, process, interview techniques, assessment, occupational information, and materials. The process is highly structured and directive, provides predictive and prescriptive information and involves the mentally handicapped individual's parents.…

  19. Comfort model for automobile seat. (United States)

    da Silva, Lizandra da; Bortolotti, Silvana Ligia Vincenzi; Campos, Izabel Carolina Martins; Merino, Eugenio Andrés Díaz


    Comfort on automobile seats is lived daily by thousands of drivers. Epistemologically, comfort can be understood under the theory of complexity, since it emerges from a chain of interrelationships between man and several elements of the system. This interaction process can engender extreme comfort associated to the feeling of pleasure and wellbeing or, on the other hand, lead to discomfort, normally followed by pain. This article has for purpose the development of a theoretical model that favours the comfort feature on automobile seats through the identification of its facets and indicators. For such, a theoretical study is resorted to, allowing the mapping of elements that constitute the model. The results present a comfort model on automobile seats that contemplates the (physical, psychological, object, context and environment) facets. This model is expected to contribute with the automobile industry for the development of improvements of the ergonomic project of seats to increase the comfort noticed by the users.

  20. Horticulture for Secondary Level Handicapped Adolescents: The Cherokee County Model. (United States)

    Frith, Greg H.; And Others


    The Cherokee County (Alabama) horticulture training program provides 40 mildly mentally retarded adolescents with vocational training in a marketable skills. The broad spectrum of vocational skills makes horticulture ideal for the handicapped. (DB)

  1. Swimming for the Handicapped: A Manual for the Aide. (United States)

    Priest, Louise

    Presented is the American National Red Cross Swimming for the Handicapped Program manual designed for volunteer aides. The program's aims, scope, and value are described in the introduction. It is noted that the nonswimming aides can play a vital role in transportation, dressing room assistance, record keeping, and as safety assistants, while…

  2. The ergonomics simulation and evaluation architecture for the automobile (United States)

    Wu, Jianfeng; Yang, Ying; Sun, Shouqian; Liu, Tao


    The architecture of ergonomics simulation and evaluation for the automobile was described. Ergonomics analysis and evaluation is one of the most important processes in product design at present. This ergonomics simulation system based on the elements of ergonomics analysis and evaluation can provide an excellent solution to take human element into account earlier in the design phase and make proactive choices in automobile design than those traditional methods. Thinking of the characteristics of the automobile industry, this system adopted the anatomy-based and parameterized human model for Chinese, the simulation technique using motion editing and the mathematical models of ergonomics to solve real ergonomic design problems in the design phases.

  3. Curricular Guidelines for Dental Hygiene Care for the Handicapped. (United States)

    Journal of Dental Education, 1984


    The American Association of Dental Schools' guidelines for dental hygiene curriculum cover the scope and definitions of care for the handicapped, interrelationships between disciplines and courses, a curriculum overview, primary educational goals, prerequisites, a core content outline, specific behavioral objectives, sequencing, faculty, and…

  4. Analysis for the Dynamic Characteristic of the Automobile Transmission Gearbox

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fujin Yu


    Full Text Available Automobile transmission gearbox, as one of the major components, which will inevitably bring about the vibration and noise of automobile vehicle. The objective of this study to reduce the noise and vibration of automobile transmission by structural optimization of the gearbox in order to better control its functional operation and improve its performance. For this purpose, based on the working characteristics of the gearbox, modal analysis of automobile transmission gearbox is formulated using 3D graphics software Pro/E together with Finite Element Method. In addition, the modal test of gearbox is conducted also. Through comparing model analysis results to test results, test results verify the correctness of the finite element analysis results, thus provide the theoretic basis to analyze its dynamic characteristics of the gearbox structure as well as its improvement to reduce vibration and noise.

  5. Maryland Public Library Services for the Handicapped. A Survey for Handicapped Accessibility to Public Library Facilities. (United States)

    Maryland State Dept. of Education, Baltimore. Div. of Library Development and Services.

    Prepared as a part of an ongoing effort to make Maryland public libraries readily accessible to the handicapped, this directory identifies equipment, services, and facilities available to library users who are confined to wheel chairs and others who have difficulty with steps or stairs. Supplied by the administrators of Maryland's 24 public…

  6. Museums and Handicapped Students: Guidelines for Educators. (United States)

    Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. National Air And Space Museum.

    Presented are guidelines drawn from surveys of programs and services provided for handicapped persons in U.S. museums. An initial section which reviews literature on museum programs for handicapped visitors focuses on problems and misconceptions regarding blind, deaf, physically handicapped, learning disabled and emotionally disturbed, and…

  7. Educational Technology for the Severely Handicapped: A Comprehensive Bibliography. (United States)

    Gaines, Debby, Comp.; And Others

    The bibliography presents approximately 650 references (1955-1975) on educational programs for the severely handicapped. Citations are listed alphabetically by author's name in the following areas: behavior management, curriculum guides, medico-prosthetic aids, motor development, parent training (including aspects of parent involvement in school…

  8. Early Childhood Program for the Handicapped in France. (United States)

    Zucman, Elisabeth


    Early intervention in France begins with compulsory screening of all infants at birth, nine months, and at two years. Problems remain, especially in the availability of adequate support and of services for the handicapped child. Interdisciplinary teams operate from "early medico-social activity centers" to provide a variety of…

  9. 48 CFR 552.238-70 - Identification of Electronic Office Equipment Providing Accessibility for the Handicapped. (United States)


    ... Electronic Office Equipment Providing Accessibility for the Handicapped. 552.238-70 Section 552.238-70... Equipment Providing Accessibility for the Handicapped. As prescribed in 538.273(a)(1), insert the following clause: Identification of Electronic Office Equipment Providing Accessibility for the Handicapped...

  10. Benefits for handicapped children

    CERN Multimedia


    The introduction of long-term care benefits within the CERN Health Insurance Scheme requires the coordination of the benefits foreseen for handicapped children. Measures were adopted by the Management following the recommendation made by the Standing Concertation Committee on 26 March 2003. A document clarifying these measures is available on the Web at the following address: Social Affairs Service 74201




  12. Library Services for the Handicapped in Maine; A State-of-the-Art Report. (United States)

    Martin, Patrick A.

    The purpose of this state-of-the-art report is to describe how handicapped readers in Maine receive their special library services as part of the national network. Handicapped readers are defined as those persons who are unable to read conventional print or handle conventionally printed materials because of some visual or physical impairment. The…

  13. Hydrogen storage for automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Strickland, G.


    Results of an analysis of hydrogen-fueled automobiles are presented as a part of a continuing study conducted by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL) on Energy Storage Systems for Automobile Propulsion. The hydrogen is stored either as a metal hydride at moderate pressure in TiFe/sub 0/ /sub 9/Mn/sub 0/ /sub 1/H/sub x/ and at low pressure in MgH/sub x/ catalyzed with 10 wt % Ni, or it is stored in hollow glass microspheres at pressures up to about 400 atm. Improved projections are given for the two hydrides, which are used in combination to take advantage of their complementary properties. In the dual-hydride case and in the microsphere case where Ti-based hydride is used for initial operation, hydrogen is consumed in an internal-combustion engine; whereas in the third case, hydrogen from Ti-based hydride is used with air in an alkaline fuel cell/Ni-Zn battery combination which powers an electric vehicle. Each system is briefly described; and the results of the vehicle analysis are compared with those for the conventional automobile and with electric vehicles powered by Pb-acid or Ni-Zn batteries. Comparisons are made on the basis of automobile weight, initial user cost, and life-cycle cost. In this report, the results are limited to those for the 5-passenger vehicle in the period 1985-1990, and are provided as probable and optimistic values.

  14. The association of physical activity, cognitive processes and automobile driving ability in older adults: A review of the literature. (United States)

    Miller, Sally M; Taylor-Piliae, Ruth E; Insel, Kathleen C


    As the number of older adults in the United States grows, the number of automobile drivers over the age of 65 will also increase. Several cognitive processes necessary for automobile driving are vulnerable to age-related decline. These include declines in executive function, working memory, attention, and speed of information processing. The benefits of physical activity on physical, psychological and particular cognitive processes are well-documented; however few studies have explored the relationship between physical activity and driving ability in older adults or examined if cognitive processes mediate (or moderate) the effect of physical activity on driving ability. The purpose of this paper is to review the existing literature regarding physical activity, cognition and automobile driving. Recommendations for further research and utility of the findings to nursing and the health care team are provided.

  15. Innovative Methods for Serving Rural Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Latham, Glenn; Burnham, Julia


    Some innovative methods of serving the rural handicapped population are described: volunteers; telecommunications for home instruction; SPECIALNET electronic mail; and resources for parents. Three cases involving Utah's Cooperative Extension Project for the Handicapped summarize services for handicapped and Indian students. (GDC)

  16. On the automobile lightweight

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ma Mingtu; Yi Hongliang; Lu Hongzhou; Wan Xinming


    The significance, description parameters, evaluation method, implement way and design for lightweight of au- tomobile are comprehensively reviewed. The relationship among the performances of auto parts & components, the prop- erties of materials and application of advanced technologies is also elaborated. According to recently related progress of lightweight and authors' research and developing work, lightweight of automobile is comprehensively and systematically overviewed.

  17. 49 CFR 393.128 - What are the rules for securing automobiles, light trucks and vans? (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false What are the rules for securing automobiles, light... automobiles, light trucks and vans? (a) Applicability. The rules in this section apply to the transportation of automobiles, light trucks, and vans which individually weigh 4,536 kg. (10,000 lb) or...

  18. Problems Faced by Physical Handicapped Students in Educational Institutions in District Kohat (United States)

    Hussain, Ishtiaq; Bashir, Muhammad; ud Din, Muhammad Naseer; Butt, Muhammad Naeem; Akhter, Shagufa; Inamullah, Hafiz


    The purpose of the study was to explore the problems faced by physical handicapped students in normal educational institutions and to find solutions to the problems faced by physical handicapped students. All the physical handicapped students studying in educational institutions in District Kohat constituted the population of the study. The study…

  19. Selecting Toys and Gifts for Severely Mentally and Physically Handicapped People. (United States)

    Georgia Learning Resources System/Child Serve, Scottdale.

    Suggestions are given regarding selection of gifts and toys for severely handicapped persons. General principles (such as safety and durability) are followed by specific suggestions about clothes, food, toys (including musical instruments and balls), books and records, and various types of equipment (such as blenders for food preparation, tape…

  20. 伦理人性——残疾人群众体育价值的归宿%Ethics and Humanity——Value Destination of Mass Physical Culture for the Handicapped

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The aim of mass physical culture for the handicapped was to help them to recovery to health, to excavate their potentialities, to supply them a stage to participate in social activities, achieve self realization and enjoy equal opportunity. Humanity is the root of mass physical culture, which gets rid of the pursuit of utilitarian, but emphasizes the positive experience of self - presence and participation, focuses humanistic concern, reflects the human nature of the handicapped and their aspiration for returning to normal life.%开展残疾人群众体育目的就是使残疾人的体质尽可能地康复,挖掘他们自身的潜力,为他们提供一个走向社会、实现自我、享受平等机会的舞台.人性是残疾人群众体育产生的根,一切残疾人群众体育活动摒除了功利性的追逐,强调肯定自我存在与参与体验,注重人性关怀思想,反映残疾人人性的本身需要和回归现实的生活追求.

  1. Placing Handicapped Students in the Least Restrictive Environment: An Adapted Model for Decision Makers. (United States)

    Makuch, Gary; And Others

    Intended for local school district personnel, the document suggests a model for assisting decision makers in placing handicapped students in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Basic considerations of a multidisciplinary team in determining the appropriate placement for the handicapped students are listed (including the nature and degree of…

  2. Uses of the HOME Inventory for Families with Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Bradley, Robert H.; And Others


    The usefulness and validity of the 3 versions (Infant-Toddler, Early Childhood, and Middle Childhood) of the HOME Inventory were studied with 261 children with cognitive, hearing, vision, or orthopedic handicaps. The Inventory in its original form and a modified form was subjected to analysis of reliability, construct validity, and criterion…

  3. 38 CFR 21.44 - Extension of the basic period of eligibility for a veteran with a serious employment handicap. (United States)


    ... period of eligibility for a veteran with a serious employment handicap. 21.44 Section 21.44 Pensions... Extension of the basic period of eligibility for a veteran with a serious employment handicap. (a... extend the basic period of eligibility of a veteran with a serious employment handicap when the...

  4. The automobile after tomorrow

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guzzella, L. [Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology (ETH), Zurich (Switzerland)


    This talk discusses the technical options available for automobiles within the next 5 to 10 years. With the objective to reduce consumption and pollution, several alternative approaches are presented and analyzed using simplified but realistic calculations. Main emphasis is laid on CO{sub 2} emission of the complete energy transformation path from the primary energy carrier to the energy dissipated in test cycles. It is shown that no single optimal solution exist but that a trade-off between consumption, pollution and cost must be made for each specific situation. (author) 17 figs., 2 tabs.

  5. The Gifted-Visually Handicapped Child: A Review of Literature. (United States)

    Lin, Shang-Ping; Sikka, Anjoo

    This literature review examines and integrates research addressing visual handicap and giftedness and provides suggestions for the identification and education of gifted students with visual handicaps. The review addresses definitions of visual handicap and giftedness, characteristics of the gifted visually handicapped child, the problem of…

  6. Alternative propulsion for automobiles

    CERN Document Server

    Stan, Cornel


    The book presents – based on the most recent research and development results worldwide - the perspectives of new propulsion concepts such as electric cars with batteries and fuel cells, and furthermore plug in hybrids with conventional and alternative fuels. The propulsion concepts are evaluated based on specific power, torque characteristic, acceleration behaviour, specific fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The alternative fuels are discussed in terms of availability, production, technical complexity of the storage on board, costs, safety and infrastructure. The book presents summarized data about vehicles with electric and hybrid propulsion. The propulsion of future cars will be marked by diversity – from compact electric city cars and range extender vehicles for suburban and rural areas up to hybrid or plug in SUV´s, Pick up´s and luxury class automobiles.

  7. Thermal energy storage for the Stirling engine powered automobile (United States)

    Morgan, D. T. (Editor)


    A thermal energy storage (TES) system developed for use with the Stirling engine as an automotive power system has gravimetric and volumetric storage densities which are competitive with electric battery storage systems, meets all operational requirements for a practical vehicle, and can be packaged in compact sized automobiles with minimum impact on passenger and freight volume. The TES/Stirling system is the only storage approach for direct use of combustion heat from fuel sources not suitable for direct transport and use on the vehicle. The particular concept described is also useful for a dual mode TES/liquid fuel system in which the TES (recharged from an external energy source) is used for short duration trips (approximately 10 miles or less) and liquid fuel carried on board the vehicle used for long duration trips. The dual mode approach offers the potential of 50 percent savings in the consumption of premium liquid fuels for automotive propulsion in the United States.

  8. 77 FR 29922 - Guides for the Rebuilt, Reconditioned and Other Used Automobile Parts Industry, Request for Comments (United States)


    ... CFR Part 20 Guides for the Rebuilt, Reconditioned and Other Used Automobile Parts Industry, Request... FTC's ``Guides for the Rebuilt, Reconditioned and Other Used Automobile Parts Industry.'' DATES... used parts (e.g., engines and transmissions). The Commission first addressed the used automobile...

  9. Analysis of Triwheeler for Handicapped Person

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Onkar Wadkar


    Full Text Available Solar plays a vital role in day to day life. In this project we have discussed that how solar tri-wheeler will help to reduce the eff ort of handicapped person. All the designs specification considered after analyzing the problems from the handicapped person. Comfort of the person in the tri-wheeler is an important and we have given importance to it. The main content of the tri-wheeler is Solar PV panel, Brushless PMDC motor, Charge controller and battery. In this project we have discuss about the main idea of this project and to get a larger picture on what is the problem in the current technologies, what that we want to achieve in this project and the area that will cover on this project. This project is divided into some categories that are project background to describe the reasons to do this project, problem statement to inform about the problem or weakness of the existing technology, objective to make sure what actually this project must achieve and scope of this project to specify what will be used in this project. In automobile sector, the need for alternative fuel as a replacement of conventional fossil fuel, due to its depletion and amount of emission has given way for new technologies like Electric vehicles. Still a lot of advancement has to take place in these technologies for commercialization. The gap between the current fossil fuel technology and zero emission vehicles can be bridged by this technology. The electrical power is used to achieve either better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle, better performance and it cause less pollution. Driving mode selectivity improves this system more economical, stable and more efficient

  10. Creating aesthetically resonant environments for the handicapped, elderly and rehabilitation: Sweden

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brooks, Tony; Hasselblad, Stefan


    CARE HERE (Creating Aesthetically Resonant Environments for the Handicapped, Elderly and Rehabilitation) was realised as a full European IST (Information Society Technologies) project, involving adults and children with learning disability, PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disability...

  11. [The concept of handicap]. (United States)

    Hamonet, C; Magalhaes, T


    The notion of disability appears recently in the medical and medico-legal field. It is the origin of a fundamental discussion about the health, and an ethical debate about human person. Indeed it drives to identify among the health users a particular group: disabled persons for whom the methods used with success in the field of diseases are not convenient. For ethical point of view: it is the identity of the person in a situation of disability, its dignity, its self-esteem and the respect through the regard of others which are in question. The debate was amplified when the project of a classification of handicap, as consequences of diseases, (Wood, WHO) was published, in 1980. Two tendencies were in opposition: one of them is "medicinal", following the opinion of Wood, the second is "anthropological and social", supported by scientific and disabled associations. The first proposition of Wood, after a long discussion, is abandoned. It is replaced by a "Classification of functioning, disability and health", adopted by the Mondail assembly of WHO in May 2002. This device is a compromise between the precedent tendencies. This document is heavy, confusing, imprecise and very difficult to use. We suggest a definition with dimensions, separating clearly the body modifications, the universal functional capacities for a human person and the situations of life. The subjectivity is individualised as a special dimension of assessment.

  12. Horticultural therapy--aspects of land use for the mentally handicapped. A system of planning for the requirements of the mentally handicapped gardener. (United States)

    Spurgeon, T; Underhill, C


    An increasing number of facilities for the mentally handicapped use horticulture, agriculture and gardening in their training programmes. This paper contains a review of: (1) some aspects of land use as a medium for leisure, rehabilitation, therapy and training for the mentally handicapped, (2) employment, both sheltered and open, in land use as reflected in a recent survey, (3) the variety of knowledge available through the medium of land use. The main emphasis of the paper deals with: (1) the need for planning, (2) a suggested planning system that assists the instructor in understanding the requirements of the mentally handicapped gardener when he approaches a given job, (3) some problems peculiar to land use work with the mentally handicapped. In conclusion the authors briefly examine: (1) the need for assessment, (2) the need to distinguish between production and training, (3) suggestions towards an expansion of the planning system to take in other areas of the horticultural unit than were originally described, (4) social activities connected with the horticultural activities described, (5) the hierarchy identified through the use of a particular planning system.

  13. Evaluating the non-English Speaking Handicapped. (United States)

    Fineman, Carol A.; Ross, Amparo

    The project titled "Evaluating the non-English Speaking Handicapped" was established to research existing evaluation instruments in language other than English, validate the tests as well as additional translations where needed, and develop a procedural manual for distribution to utilize in evaluating non-English speaking handicapped students. The…

  14. Designing Instructional Activities for Young Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Kaczmarek, Louise A.; Dell, Amy Glasser


    Proposed are several new directions that encourage the variety and flexibility of haphazard teaching and the precision of one objective-one activity teaching in the design of activities for handicapped preschoolers. Journal availability: see EC 133 846. (Author)

  15. Siblings of Handicapped Children: Assessing the Need for and Impact of Their Early Education. Final Report. (United States)

    Lobato, Debra; Miller, Carol T.

    The project examined the psychosocial functioning of preschool-aged siblings of handicapped children in comparison to a matched control group of siblings of non-handicapped children. The project then examined the psychosocial effects of increasing sibling understanding of and involvement with the handicapped child via participation in a 6-week…

  16. The construction of a Danish automobile culture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wagner, Michael

    The aim of this article is to discuss the way the automobile was introduced and promoted as a vehicle for modern leisure life in Denmark 1900-1970., and to demonstrate how automobilism was constructed around an ideology of consumption for leisure and recreation.......The aim of this article is to discuss the way the automobile was introduced and promoted as a vehicle for modern leisure life in Denmark 1900-1970., and to demonstrate how automobilism was constructed around an ideology of consumption for leisure and recreation....

  17. The development of a nursing assessment instrument for the mentally handicapped individual

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lily van Rhyn


    Full Text Available Because mental handicap is a lifelong condition, mentally handicapped individuals and their families experience unique needs and problems, which require sound assessment by the nurse to enable her to intervene effectively.

    Vanwee die feit dat geestesgestremdheid 'n lewenslange toestand is, ervaar geestesgestremde persone en hul families unieke behoeftes en probleme wat deeglike beraming deur verpleegkundiges vereis, ten einde effektiewe ingn'ping te verseker. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.

  18. Vocational Education for the Handicapped: A Model for Appropriate Placement and Effective Teaching. (United States)

    Arko, Carl; And Others

    Three papers discuss issues in providing vocational education services to handicapped children. In the first, "Vocational Education Speaks to Special Education," G. Rackliffe and N. Pearson consider aspects of appropriate placement and describe a handbook produced to address vocational issues for special educators. The handbook covers such topics…

  19. He Will Lift Up His Head: A Report to the Developmental Disabilities Office on the Situation of Handicapped Navajos and the Implications Thereof for All Native Americans. (United States)

    Haskins, James S.; Stifle, J. M.

    Issues involved in education of handicapped Navajo children are examined. Background sections contrast the history of treatment for the handicapped in America with the treatment received by handicapped Navajos. Unemployment, substandard housing, lack of accessibility within the reservation, overpopulation, language barriers, and the relationship…

  20. A comparative study of the physical development and motor performance of mentally non-handicapped children and children with intellectual and development disabilities. (United States)

    Szabó, E; Erdei, N; Bene, Sz


    Several studies state that there might be a difference in the physical development and the motor performance of the mentally non-handicapped children and those with intellectual and development disabilities. The aim of our research was to compare the two groups from these aspects. The study included the assessment of the physical development and motor performance of altogether 225 primary school pupils (mentally non-handicapped and with intellectual and development disabilities) aged 8-11. The following indicators of physical development and build were examined: body height, body weight and body mass index (BMI), musculoskeletal plasticity index, biceps and triceps skinfold thickness. The motor tests included: 20 m dash, standing long jump, medicine-ball throwing, six minutes continuous running, obstacle race-test and a match test. We also examined the children's chronological (decimal) and morphological age. Data were analysed with SPSS programme. The differences between the averages were calculated with ANOVA and Fisher's LSD tests. The results show that the children with intellectual and development disabilities are in general less developed physically than non-handicapped children of the same age and sex. It is also concluded that in most motor tests the children with intellectual and development disabilities fall behind the non-handicapped ones.

  1. Workshops on Communication Networks That Promote Opportunities in Postsecondary Education for the Handicapped. (United States)

    Cutcher, Bertha N., Ed.; Shworles, Thomas R., Ed.

    The book contains the major addresses, workshop findings, and materials from a 2 day workshop on communication networks designed to promote opportunities for the handicapped in higher education. The book is arranged in sections following the format of the conference program, with each segment prefaced by a brief introduction indicating the content…

  2. An Instructional Playground for the Handicapped Using Tires as Inexpensive Playground Equipment: Activity and Construction Manual. (United States)

    New York State Education Dept., Albany. Special Education Instructional Materials Center.

    The manual explains how special education students in an occupational program used tires to construct an inexpensive instructional playground for handicapped elementary school pupils. Presented in two sections with accompanying pictures or diagrams are activity ideas for using the tires in a variety of configurations (Part 1) and construction and…

  3. The Three Bears and Other Plays: Six Easy Plays Especially Written for Educationally Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Cassie, Dhyan

    This booklet contains six easy plays written for educationally handicapped children. The plays are brief, use few characters and simple language and plots, and are based on fairy tales. Titles are: (1) "The Three Bears'" (2) "The Gingerbread Boy'" (3) "Little Red Riding Hood'" (4) "The Three Billy Goats Gruff'" (5) "Hansel and Gretel'" and (6)…

  4. Reevaluation of the Amsterdam Inventory for Auditory Disability and Handicap Using Item Response Theory (United States)

    Hospers, J. Mirjam Boeschen; Smits, Niels; Smits, Cas; Stam, Mariska; Terwee, Caroline B.; Kramer, Sophia E.


    Purpose: We reevaluated the psychometric properties of the Amsterdam Inventory for Auditory Disability and Handicap (AIADH; Kramer, Kapteyn, Festen, & Tobi, 1995) using item response theory. Item response theory describes item functioning along an ability continuum. Method: Cross-sectional data from 2,352 adults with and without hearing…

  5. Energy autonomous sensors in the automobile; Energieautarke Sensorik im Automobil

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuehne, Ingo [Hochschule Heilbronn (Germany). Studiengang Energieoekologie; Schreiter, Matthias [Siemens AG, Muenchen (Germany); Li, Xiaoming [Daimler AG, Sindelfingen (Germany); Hehn, Thorsten [Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft fuer angewandte Forschung e.V., Freiburg (Germany). HSG-IMIT, Inst. fuer Mikro- und Informationstechnik; Thewes, Marcell; Scholl, Gerd [Helmut-Schmidt-Univ., Univ. der Bundeswehr, Hamburg (Germany); Wagner, Dieter [Continental Automotive GmbH, Regensburg (Germany); Manoli, Yiannos [Univ. Freiburg (Germany). IMTEK; Frey, Alexander [Hochschule Augsburg (Germany). Fakultaet Elektrotechnik


    A brief outline of energy autonomous sensors in the automobile is given. For this purpose the variety of sensors in today's automotive vehicles is reported. The rationale for the deployment of energy autonomous sensors is given. In addition the potential of using environmental energy and the possibilities of their energy conversion are presented. As part of the funded project ASYMOF, two pioneer applications - a tire pressure monitoring and an anti-theft alarm system - are studied and discussed.

  6. 38 CFR 17.156 - Eligibility for automobile adaptive equipment. (United States)


    ... automobile adaptive equipment. 17.156 Section 17.156 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL Automotive Equipment and Driver Training § 17.156 Eligibility for automobile adaptive equipment. Automobile adaptive equipment may be authorized if the Under Secretary for Health...

  7. Protect Rights and Interests of the Handicapped

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ Yuncheng is a city in the southwestern part of North China's Shanxi Province. It has a handicapped population of 223,000 or 4.5% of the total population of 4.985 million. The city has made big progress in protecting the rights and interests of handicapped people since the handicapped associations were set up at the city and county levels.

  8. 76 FR 44402 - Proposed Information Collection (Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive... (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS Proposed Information Collection (Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive...' eligibility for automobile adaptation equipment or other conveyance allowance. DATES: Written comments and... techniques or the use of other forms of information technology. Title: Application for Automobile or...

  9. Handbook for Teaching Emotionally Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Silberman, Al

    The handbook is intended to assist school districts in Arizona establish effective educational programs for emotionally handicapped children. Information on policies for initiation, organization, and operation of programs is provided, as are recommendations for academic programing, use of ancillary personnel, and behavior management techniques.…

  10. The Linguistic Features of English Automobile Advertisements

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Household cars are largely demanded today, stimulating the economic development throughout the automobile industry. To enlarge market, all automobile producers pay great efforts to advertisements which result in a large quantity of automobile advertisements. Due to the rare analysis on the linguistic features of automobile advertisements, this essay makes a specific study on this. Analysis will be done through the perspectives of the lexical level, the syntactic level and the rhetoric level. Hence, valid references could be offered to future automobile advertisers.

  11. Thermal energy storage for the Stirling engine powered automobile. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Morgan, D T [ed.


    A detailed design of a thermal energy storage (TES) system for use with the Stirling engine as an automotive power system has been developed. The gravimetric and volumetric storage densities are competitive with electric battery storage systems. The TES/Stirling engine system meets all operational requirements for a practical vehicle and can be packaged in compact-sized automobiles with minimum impact on passenger and freight volume. The TES/Stirling system is the only storage approach for direct use of combustion heat from fuel sources not suitable for direct transport and use on the vehicle. The particular concept developed in this study is also useful for a dual-mode TES/liquid fuel system in which the TES (recharged from an external energy source) is used for short-duration trips (approx. 10 miles or less) and liquid fuel carried onboard the vehicle used for long-duration trips (as in current automobiles). The dual-mode approach permits an automobile with the convenience and flexibility of current automobiles while offering the potential of 50% savings in the consumption of premium liquid fuels for automotive propulsion in the United States. Relative to the TES-only vehicle, the dual mode approach also reduces the TES cost significantly because of the much smaller TES capacity required.

  12. Train in vain: the role of the self in claimed self-handicapping strategies. (United States)

    Finez, Lucie; Sherman, David K


    Two field studies investigate the role of self in the tendency of athletes to engage in claimed handicapping strategies during training (anticipatively claiming that handicaps may interfere with their performance). Study 1 tested the relationship between trait self-esteem and athletes' engagement in claimed self-handicapping. As hypothesized, low physical self-esteem athletes claimed more handicaps than high physical self-esteem athletes. For stronger evidence for the causal role of the self, Study 2 tested whether securing athletes' self-worth through self-affirmation would lead to decreased claimed self-handicapping by using a mixed model design that allows for both between-subjects (affirmation vs. control condition) and within-subject comparisons (before vs. after self-affirmation intervention). Self-affirmed athletes had decreased levels of claimed self-handicapping. Studies 1 and 2 also demonstrate that athletes engage in claimed self-handicapping during training, which could have deleterious effects on subsequent performance. Discussion centers on theoretical implications and applications for coaches, sport teachers, and sport psychologists.

  13. Abnormal Noise Source Identification and Control for Automobile Transmission in the Neutral Idle Condition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongxiang Li


    Full Text Available Aiming at the abnormal noise of a domestically-made automobile transmission in the neutral idle condition, seriously affecting the vehicle market competitiveness and the riding comfort ability for customers, the objective of this study to reduce the noise and vibration of the automobile transmission by accurately identifying the noise source of the transmission in the neutral idle condition. For this purpose, based on the working characteristics of the transmission, modal analysis of automobile transmission housing is formulated using 3D graphics software Pro/E together with Finite Element Method. In addition, the calculation of meshing frequency of gear pair is conducted also. Finally, through comparing model analysis results to the calculation results, it is indicated that the gear meshing impact noise of the third gear pair was identified as the noise resource of the automobile transmission in neutral idle condition, which will provide the theoretic basis to analyze its dynamic characteristics of the transmission as well as its improvement to reduce vibration and noise.

  14. Horses: An Introduction to Horses: Racing, Ranching, and Riding for Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals. (United States)

    Cylke, Frank Kurt, Ed.

    This annotated bibliography of materials focuses on horses, racing, ranching, and riding. Two articles are presented in full. They are: "Diary of a Blind Horseman: Confidence Springs from a Horse Named Sun" (Richard Vice and Steve Stone) and "Young Rider: Her Horses Show the Way" (Helen Mason). Each article tells the true story…

  15. [Psychosocial adjustment of the handicapped child--possibilities and problems of rehabilitation]. (United States)

    Eulitz, R


    A successful childhood is to be striven after particularly for a handicapped child. Habilitation and rehabilitation, only carefully adapted to one another referring to medical specialties in colaboration with the family, may rise to the demand of the individuality of every one handicapped child. On prior conditions children with chiefly physical handicaps may be integrated into the polytechnical secondary school providing general education in the home town. The total-body examination of these children remains to be the basis for all paediatric actions.

  16. Examining the relationship between authenticity and self-handicapping. (United States)

    Akin, Ahmet; Akin, Umran


    Self-handicapping includes strategies of externalization in which people excuse failure and internalize success, but which also prevents them from behaving in an authentic way. The goal was to investigate the relation of authenticity with self-handicapping. The study was conducted with 366 university students (176 men, 190 women; M age = 20.2 yr.). Participants completed the Turkish version of the Authenticity Scale and the Self-handicapping Scale. Self-handicapping was correlated positively with two factors of authenticity, accepting external influence and self-alienation, and negatively with the authentic living factor. A multiple regression analysis indicated that self-handicapping was predicted positively by self-alienation and accepting external influence and negatively by authentic living, accounting for 21% of the variance collectively. These results demonstrated the negative association of authenticity with self-handicapping.

  17. 体育处方锻炼干预残疾大学生群体体质健康的实证性研究%Physical Exercise Prescription Intervention for the Handicapped Students Physical Health of Empirical Research

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Summary:Physical factors of the status quo of college students with disabilities and students with disabilities to participate in physical exercise constraints of. In this study, based on different physical and individual differences of students with disabilities. Using internationally accepted evaluation and metabolic equivalents and SCL-90 self-rating scale. The mental , physical health assessment and exercise prescription Students with disabilities organically combined into one teaching. The results showed that not only highlights the exercise prescription teaching people-centered teaching philosophy. Physical exercise to stimulate the enthusiasm of students. And college students with disabilities improved in varying degrees and improve the physical, psychological, physical condition, motor skills and social adaptability aspects. To effectively help guide college students with disabilities to exercise the autonomy of science, to develop the habit of lifelong physical activity. Inside and outside the university to promote the integration of class “movement at the way ”.Teaching provides a theoretical basis.%针对我国残疾大学生群体的体育现状及制约残疾学生参加体育锻炼的因素,本研究根据残疾大学生不同体质及个体差异,采用了国际上通用的代谢当量测评及SCL-90自评量表,将残疾大学生的心理、体质健康评价与运动处方教学有机结合为一体。结果显示运动处方教学不仅突出了以人为本的教学理念,激发了学生体育锻炼的积极性,而且使残疾大学生在生理、心理、体质状况、运动技能及社会适应能力方面得到不同程度的改善与提高。为有效地帮助指导残疾大学生科学的自主锻炼、养成终生体育锻炼的习惯,高校推广课内外一体化的“运动处方式”教学提供了理论依据。

  18. Future possibilities for energy-storage automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    O' Connell, L.G.


    Because of the potential threat of a future petroleum shortage, there is increased interest in developing alternative propulsion systems for automobiles, systems that will allow the nation to reduce its demand for petroleum by this part of the transportation sector. A four-year study which assessed the future of energy storage devices for use in automobile propulsion systems has been completed. Results of the energy storage device evaluation are presented. This includes projections of future device characteristics. In addition, the results of the propulsion system analysis are given. Future energy storage automobiles were conceptually designed and they are compared to each other and the baseline internal combustion engine vehicle for several levels of performance.

  19. Learning Experiences for Mentally Handicapped Students in a School Store. (United States)

    David, Carol

    A supermarket chain supplies a small grocery store in an elementary school in Jefferson County, Kentucky. The store program seeks to provide learning experiences for students, as they make selections, spend their earnings, and save for later purchases. Students with multiple handicaps and students with severe/profound handicaps shop in the store…

  20. Applications of Environmental Psychology in Programming for Severely Handicapped Persons. (United States)

    Baker, Dixie Branner


    Theory and research from the field of environmental psychology are reviewed and implications regarding environmental programing for severely handicapped individuals are discussed. A challenge is issued to design for severely handicapped persons environments which are both manageable and consistent with normalization tenets. (Author)

  1. The Hybrid Automobile and the Atkinson Cycle (United States)

    Feldman, Bernard J.


    The hybrid automobile is a strikingly new automobile technology with a number of new technological features that dramatically improve energy efficiency. This paper will briefly describe how hybrid automobiles work; what are these new technological features; why the Toyota Prius hybrid internal combustion engine operates on the Atkinson cycle…

  2. The Philosophy behind a (Danish) Voice-controlled Interface to Internet Browsing for motor-handicapped

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brøndsted, Tom


    The public-funded project "Indtal" ("Speak-it") has succeeded in developing a Danish voice-controlled utility for internet browsing targeting motor-handicapped users having difficulties using a standard keyboard and/or a standard mouse. The system underlies a number of a priori defined design...... criteria: learnability and memorability rather than naturalness, minimal need for maintenance after release, support for "all" web standards (not just HTML conforming to certain "recommendations"), independency of the language on the websites being browsed, allowance for multimodal control along...

  3. The Fuzzy and Compartment System Concept for the Communication System Taking Account of the Handicapped Situation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masahiro Aruga


    Full Text Available In the previous papers the process of structuring the Life support system to consider the essential meaning of the ubiquitous system has been presented. There the Life support system is shown as it is synthesized from the Expanded EMR and on the basis of such an essential concept of the ubiquitous system as it is in the recovery of lost functions of ordinary persons. The Life support system has been described to be synthesized with embedding the communication system for the handicapped people as a module, and as such an example of the embedded comunication system as a module the "YUBITSUKIYI" system has been described. Considering the synthesis of the Life support system the transmission structure of information of this system has been needed to be studied, and there some concepts over the ordinary Shannon

  4. Book Holder And Page Turner For The Elderly And Handicapped (United States)

    Kerley, James; Eklund, Wayne


    Device holds reading matter and facilitates page turning for person not having use of arms and hands. Accommodates variety of publication formats, whether book, magazine, or newspaper. Holder sits on hospital-bed table and adjusted to convenient viewing angle. Includes flat upright back support for reading matter, hinged base, and main bracket with bent-wire page holders. Top support on back extended for such large items as newspapers. Wings on back support extended for oversize materials. Reader turns page by gripping special rod via mouthpiece, applying friction cup at its tip to page, and manipulating rod. Mouthpiece wide and tapered so user grips with teeth and uses jaws to move it, rather than using tongue or lips. Helpful to older people, whose facial and mouth muscles weak.

  5. "Euthanasia" of Persons with Severe Handicaps: Refuting the Rationalizations. (United States)

    Lusthaus, Evelyn


    The article examines two common rationalizations for euthanasia of persons with severe handicaps and presents arguments to refute them. The article calls for parents, professionals, and friends of persons with severe handicaps to be vocal in refuting euthanasia and its rationales. (Author/CL)

  6. Development of the Arabic Version of Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI). (United States)

    Farahat, Mohamed; Malki, Khalid H; Mesallam, Tamer A; Bukhari, Manal; Alharethy, Sami


    The Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI) is a 25-item self-administered questionnaire. It is a noninvasive tool for measuring the handicapping effect of dysphagia on the physical, functional, and emotional aspects of people's lives. The purposes of the present study were to develop an Arabic version of the DHI and to evaluate its validity, consistency, and reliability in the normal Arabic population with oropharyngeal dysphagia. This was a prospective study that was carried out at the Communication and Swallowing Disorders Unit, King Saud University. The generated Arabic DHI was administered to 94 patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia and 98 control subjects. Internal consistency and test-retest reliability were evaluated. The results of the patients and the control group were compared. The Arabic DHI showed excellent internal consistency (Cronbach's α = 0.95). Also, good test-retest reliability was found for the total scores of the Arabic DHI (r = 0.9, p = 0.001). There was a significant difference between the DHI scores of the control group and those of the oropharyngeal dysphagia group (p DHI is a valid tool for self-assessment of the handicapping effect of dysphagia on the physical, functional, and emotional aspects of patients and can be used by Arabic language speakers.

  7. The Handicap Principle for Trust in Computer Security, the Semantic Web and Social Networking (United States)

    Ma, Zhanshan (Sam); Krings, Axel W.; Hung, Chih-Cheng

    Communication is a fundamental function of life, and it exists in almost all living things: from single-cell bacteria to human beings. Communication, together with competition and cooperation,arethree fundamental processes in nature. Computer scientists are familiar with the study of competition or 'struggle for life' through Darwin's evolutionary theory, or even evolutionary computing. They may be equally familiar with the study of cooperation or altruism through the Prisoner's Dilemma (PD) game. However, they are likely to be less familiar with the theory of animal communication. The objective of this article is three-fold: (i) To suggest that the study of animal communication, especially the honesty (reliability) of animal communication, in which some significant advances in behavioral biology have been achieved in the last three decades, should be on the verge to spawn important cross-disciplinary research similar to that generated by the study of cooperation with the PD game. One of the far-reaching advances in the field is marked by the publication of "The Handicap Principle: a Missing Piece of Darwin's Puzzle" by Zahavi (1997). The 'Handicap' principle [34][35], which states that communication signals must be costly in some proper way to be reliable (honest), is best elucidated with evolutionary games, e.g., Sir Philip Sidney (SPS) game [23]. Accordingly, we suggest that the Handicap principle may serve as a fundamental paradigm for trust research in computer science. (ii) To suggest to computer scientists that their expertise in modeling computer networks may help behavioral biologists in their study of the reliability of animal communication networks. This is largely due to the historical reason that, until the last decade, animal communication was studied with the dyadic paradigm (sender-receiver) rather than with the network paradigm. (iii) To pose several open questions, the answers to which may bear some refreshing insights to trust research in

  8. The Feasibility Study of the Waste Heat Air—Conditioning System for Automobile

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Gui-pingLin; Xiu-ganYuan; 等


    In this paper,the feasibility of application of a solid-absorption system using ammonia and chlorides as working pair to automobile air-conditioning system is investigated.This system has the advantages of minimum environmental problem and utilizing waste heat from the automobile engine as thermal energy input.Analyses show that the main problem associated with the application of solid-absorption system is the size of the reactors.Techniques to solve this problem are discussed.

  9. Active Engine Mount Technology for Automobiles (United States)

    Rahman, Z.; Spanos, J.


    We present a narrow-band tracking control using a variant of the Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm [1,2,3] for supressing automobile engine/drive-train vibration disturbances. The algorithm presented here has a simple structure and may be implemented in a low cost micro controller.

  10. Voice handicap and health-related quality of life after treatment for small laryngeal carcinoma. (United States)

    Killguss, Helen; Gottwald, Frank; Haderlein, Tino; Maier, Andreas; Rosanowski, Frank; Iro, Heinrich; Psychogios, Georgios; Schuster, Maria


    Treatment of small carcinoma of the larynx may lead to voice handicap and restricted quality of life. The relationship between the two is revealed. Sixty-five patients aged 62.1 ± 10.0 years rated their voice handicap and quality of life after treatment of T1 (n = 35) or T2 (n = 30) laryngeal carcinoma during regular out-patient examinations. For the self-assessment of the voice, the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) and the disease-independent Short Form-36 Health Survery (SF-36) questionnaires were used. Voice handicap (total score 38.9 ± 26.0) did not differ in the two tested groups, T1 and T2, and the data of SF-36 (physical score 43.0 ± 10.7; mental score 50.2 ± 9.1) showed significant differences for the mental score. Patients rated their voice handicap worse than healthy persons did after treatment of laryngeal carcinoma. VHI and SF-36 data were strongly correlated. Voice handicap is significantly related to the quality of life, especially affecting the mental domain. Thus, the rehabilitation of voice disorders should have a beneficial impact on quality of life.

  11. Minimum Competency Testing and the Handicapped. (United States)

    Wildemuth, Barbara M.

    This brief overview of minimum competency testing and disabled high school students discusses: the inclusion or exclusion of handicapped students in minimum competency testing programs; approaches to accommodating the individual needs of handicapped students; and legal issues. Surveys of states that have mandated minimum competency tests indicate…

  12. Bundled automobile insurance coverage and accidents. (United States)

    Li, Chu-Shiu; Liu, Chwen-Chi; Peng, Sheng-Chang


    This paper investigates the characteristics of automobile accidents by taking into account two types of automobile insurance coverage: comprehensive vehicle physical damage insurance and voluntary third-party liability insurance. By using a unique data set in the Taiwanese automobile insurance market, we explore the bundled automobile insurance coverage and the occurrence of claims. It is shown that vehicle physical damage insurance is the major automobile coverage and affects the decision to purchase voluntary liability insurance coverage as a complement. Moreover, policyholders with high vehicle physical damage insurance coverage have a significantly higher probability of filing vehicle damage claims, and if they additionally purchase low voluntary liability insurance coverage, their accident claims probability is higher than those who purchase high voluntary liability insurance coverage. Our empirical results reveal that additional automobile insurance coverage information can capture more driver characteristics and driving behaviors to provide useful information for insurers' underwriting policies and to help analyze the occurrence of automobile accidents.

  13. Challenges in the development of sensors for monitoring automobile emissions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glass, R.S.; Pham, A.Q.


    A new generation of on-board automotive sensors are needed for diagnosis and control of engines and catalytic converters. With regard to catalytic converters, the intent of these regulations is to ensure that the vehicle operator is informed when emission control system are no longer performing adequately. In order to be commercialized, sensors for emission control must meet certain criteria, including low cost, reliability, and manufacturability. We have been developing solid state electrochemical sensors for emission control. Most recently, our work has focused on the development of hydrocarbon sensors for monitoring catalytic converter performance. Previous work was concerned with the development of an oxygen sensor having appropriate sensitivity for lean-burn engines. Operational limits for oxygen sensors have been defined and new materials have been developed for hydrocarbon sensors. Technical results are presented here as well as challenges to be met in the development of materials and designs for new chemical sensors for monitoring automotive emissions.

  14. Personality traits, age and sex as predictors for self-handicapping tendency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Čolović Petar


    Full Text Available Self-handicapping is one of the strategies people use when facing potential failure. Paper presents new scale for assessing self-handicapping tendency as relatively stable trait, as well as its relations with personality traits, sex and age. Self-handicapping questionnaire and shortened form of Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire were administered to 230 participants of both sexes, age 18 to 59. Confirmatory factor analysis shows that model with four latent dimensions, encompassed by a higher-order latent dimension, fits the data well. Those lower order dimensions correspond to originally created scales: External handicaps in interpersonal area, Internal handicaps in interpersonal area, Internal handicaps in achievement area and External handicaps in achievement area. Results of MANCOVA shows that Neuroticism is predictor of all dimensions of self- handicapping. Impulsive sensation seeking predicts choice of external handicaps in interpersonal area, as well as internal handicaps in achievement area. Latter is predicted also by low Activity. Younger subjects show significantly higher tendency to use internal handicaps, and men in general show more self-handicapping tendency than women, except in choosing internal handicaps in achievement area, where sex shows no significant effect.

  15. The Representation of the Handicapped in Literature. (United States)

    Ogamo, Hideo

    The paper summarizes results from an analysis of 276 Japanese literary works which include the handicapped. Works dealing with the blind and haiku written by a poet with cerebral palsy are described. (CL)

  16. Arte en la Clase para Personas Incapacitadas (Art in the Classroom for Handicapped Persons). (United States)

    National Committee, Arts for the Handicapped, Washington, DC.

    The Spanish translation contains a collection of arts strategies intended to stimulate, motivate, and teach basic skills to handicapped children. The lessons involve one or more of the basic art forms (movement, music, drama, and art) and are further divided into five levels of aesthetic development: awareness, imitation, self-initiation, skill…

  17. High performance LED lamps for the automobile: needs and opportunities (United States)

    Pohlmann, Wolfgang; Vieregge, Thomas; Rode, Martin


    Light emitting diodes have been an option in automotive lighting for more than 15 years now. The capacities and colours of LEDs available in the recent past were sufficient to realize interior lighting and rear signalling functions. In the meantime, series applications, such as position or daytime running lights, using white LEDs for signal functions in headlamps, are no longer a rarity. The next step - realizing main lighting functions for series applications - is imminent. LED will offer a multitude of styling options in rear and front lighting, as well as a light colour which differs considerably from that of the previous halogen and xenon headlamp systems. The further advantages of the LED compared with conventional light sources with regard to service life, power efficiency and package space requirements can thus only be sensibly exploited by means of suitable structural and connection techniques. Increasing complexity and installation conditions in an often rough environment are demanding challenge to realize the hardware of LED lamps. In this paper at first the requirements on LEDs and LED modules in automotive exterior lighting will be discussed. Furthermore the status of industrialization and modular concepts for signal lamps and full LED headlamps will be presented. The paper will finish with a discussion of new headlamp active lighting functions like maker light or glare free high beam, implemented in hybrid or with pure LED technology. In the subsequent headlamp integration, from about 2012, freely-addressable LED-Arrays will possibly enable these new types of lighting functions.

  18. A Classical Conditioning Procedure for the Hearing Assessment of Multiply Handicapped Persons. (United States)

    Lancioni, Giulio E.; And Others


    Hearing assessments of multiply handicapped children/adolescents were conducted using classical conditioning (with an air puff as unconditioned stimulus) and operant conditioning (with a modified visual reinforcement audiometry procedure or edible reinforcement). Findings indicate that classical conditioning was successful with 21 of the 23…


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    To develop cruise control system of an automobile with the metal pushing V-belt type CVT, the dynamic model of automobile travelling longitudinally is established, and the fuzzy controller of control system is designed. Considering uncertainty system parameter and exterior resistance disturbances, the stability of controller is investigated by simulating. The results of its simulation show that the fuzzy controller designed has practicability.

  20. The Handicapped Can Dance Too! (United States)

    Lloyd, Marcia L.


    A program of dance therapy activities can offer handicapped individuals positive experiences in such areas as body image, spatial awareness, self-confidence, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, visual focusing, balance and social relations. (Author/MJB)

  1. 13 CFR 113.3-3 - Structural accommodations for handicapped clients. (United States)


    ... handicapped clients. 113.3-3 Section 113.3-3 Business Credit and Assistance SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION... ADMINISTRATOR General Provisions § 113.3-3 Structural accommodations for handicapped clients. (a) Existing... by handicapped clients. Where structural changes are necessary to make the recipient's goods...

  2. Should Museums Serve the Visually Handicapped? (United States)

    Toll, Dove


    The National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution undertook a research project to determine what could be done to enable visually handicapped persons to benefit from the museum's resources. (Author)

  3. The community deals with the child who has a handicap. (United States)

    Bullard, I D; Dohnal, J T


    Exclusion messages, however subtle, are interwoven into the community of the child who is handicapped. The subsystems of family, religion, neighborhood, education, health care, and financial assistance agencies have good intentions but frequently communicate poorly with the child and the parents. What is meant as a help becomes a hindrance for the child who must adapt to a limitation while continuing to move toward self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and skills that will enhance productivity and employability. No one negative message will destroy a handicapped child: it is the "history of learned inferiority" that cripples the child who is handicapped. Only when able-bodied individuals within the subsystems recognize the cumulative effect of these messages will the community be responsive to the real needs of the child who has a handicap. Nurses, schooled in sensitivity for the person, should resolve to be in the vanguard in this movement, becoming ever more sensitive to the needs of the handicapped. Such a giant step will begin a fresh and long-needed approach toward understanding those needs central to the well-being of the child who resides in the community and is also handicapped.

  4. 49 CFR 536.9 - Use of credits with regard to the domestically manufactured passenger automobile minimum standard. (United States)


    ... manufactured passenger automobile minimum standard. 536.9 Section 536.9 Transportation Other Regulations... domestically manufactured passenger automobile minimum standard. (a) Each manufacturer is responsible for..., the domestically manufactured passenger automobile compliance category credit excess or shortfall...

  5. (1) H-NMR with Multivariate Analysis for Automobile Lubricant Comparison. (United States)

    Kim, Siwon; Yoon, Dahye; Lee, Dong-Kye; Yoon, Changshin; Kim, Suhkmann


    Identification of suspected automobile-related lubricants could provide valuable information in forensic cases. We examined that automobile lubricants might exhibit the chemometric characteristics to their individual usages. To compare the degree of clustering in the plots, we co-plotted general industrial oils that were highly dissimilar with automobile lubricants in additive compositions. (1) H-NMR spectroscopy was used with multivariate statistics as a tool for grouping, clustering, and identification of automobile lubricants in laboratory conditions. We analyzed automobile lubricants including automobile engine oils, automobile transmission oils, automobile gear oils, and motorcycle oils. In contrast to the general industrial oils, automobile lubricants showed relatively high tendencies of clustering to their usages. Our pilot study demonstrated that the comparison of known and questioned samples to their usages might be possible in forensic fields.

  6. The Automobiles as Indoors.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Songul Acar Vaizoglu


    Full Text Available In this review we aimed to attract attention to toxic chemicals in cars and their effect on health. People spend most of their times in indoors such as houses, workplaces, malls, sport centers, train, transportation vehicles (train, plane, cars. In US, citizens spend nearly 100 minutes in cars per day. There are safety problems in cars except than seatbelt and airbag. Some of these are seats, furnishing, cushions for arm and head, floor covering, accessories and plastic parts. In a study conducted in Japan, more than 160 volatile organic compounds (VOC had been determined in new cars and a three years old car. Some of the pollutants are formaldehyde, toluen, xylene, ethylbenzene and styrene. Also Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs, which may be degradated by sunshine in hot seasons are measured within the outomobiles. There is a big gap of studies about the pollutants in cars and researches have to be conducted. Manufacturers should use nonhazardous material or less toxic chemicals to reduce exposure of VOCs, PBDEs and phthalates. Drivers can reduce the these chemicals by using solar reflectors and avoiding to park under sunlight. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2010; 9(6.000: 665-672


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Researches about child’s intellectual development in the psychology has started in the 19th century and the first step has been made by Tiedemann in “ Observation of the development of the mental abilities of the children”. His work caused a great interest in the circles of doctors and psychologists. Their interpretation of intelligence was different, but the most acceptable is the performance of complicated activities for getting knowledge and skills and getting over the obstacles in the development of the person”.The social ability do not correspond with the intelligence. The two aspects are tested and a complete picture of their functioning can be seen. The developmental principle is determined from general to the separate as functionally connected.In the period when a child does not accept the higher level of intelligence and thinking , in relation to which are effectuated by sense-motor activities, than we say that a child is mentally handicapped. The widest approach of the educational system should be treated as a functional, institutional and organizational, that takes part in the realization of the social aims and tasks.Not getting into viewing of the curriculum's and programs for preparatory groups in the preeducational period, we may say that the justification for the existence of these group in the regular schools, is maturation of the perceptive motor coordination and learning. With the maturing the function of the "ego" is increasing.As a child adapts better he can learn better, and the maturity comes sooner. In this way these groups are justified.Mentally handicapped child has not the opportunity to attend an organized prepared education which provides:-forming of the speech, self-control, which can be achieved in the process of learning through a direct contact with other children;· regulation of the lateralization through re-education of the psycho-motor abilities, and in general neuro-motor experienced maturation

  8. 38 CFR 17.152 - Devices to assist in overcoming the handicap of deafness. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Devices to assist in overcoming the handicap of deafness. 17.152 Section 17.152 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT... in overcoming the handicap of deafness. Devices for assisting in overcoming the handicap of...

  9. Reliability-based design for automobiles in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yimin ZHANG


    The level of automobile design and manufac-turing is an important sign of leadership in science and technology and economic power. The achievements of theories and methods for reliability-based design of auto-mobiles in China are reviewed. For reliability-based design, the theories and practices, optimization, sensitiv-ity, and robustness are estimated. The techniques of reli-ability-based design for automobiles are developed. The techniques service to the "hollow" phenomena of kernel technology, product innovative power, and independent development power can be solved.

  10. Questionário Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly - Screening version (HHIE-S: estudo da sensibilidade e especificidade Questionnaire Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly - Screening version (HHIE-S: sensitivity and specificity study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Carolina Argondizo de Rosis


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Investigar a sensibilidade e especificidade do questionário Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly - Screening version (HHIE-S na triagem auditiva de idosos que procuram diferentes serviços de atenção à saúde (clínica audiológica e outras clínicas. MÉTODOS: Foi avaliada a audição de 78 idosos - 23 atendidos na disciplina de Geriatria e Gerontologia da instituição de origem, que não tinham, necessariamente, queixas relacionadas à audição, e 55 atendidos no Ambulatório de Audiologia da mesma instituição, com queixas relacionadas aos sistemas auditivo e/ou vestibular. Foi aplicado o HHIE-S, cujo escore total foi dividido em três categorias, de acordo com a percepção do handicap. RESULTADOS: Houve relação estatisticamente significante entre handicap e grau de perda auditiva no grupo de pacientes do Ambulatório de Audiologia (p=0,009, e no grupo de pacientes do Ambulatório de Geriatria (p=0,002. No primeiro grupo, o questionário HHIE-S revelou baixa sensibilidade (23,5% e alta especificidade (73,7%. No grupo de pacientes do setor de Geriatria, foram altos os valores de sensibilidade (94,7% e de especificidade (75%. CONCLUSÕES: Há associação positiva entre o grau de perda auditiva e o handicap referido em ambos os grupos. O questionário HHIE-S é um instrumento de triagem auditiva com alta especificidade e sensibilidade na identificação de perdas auditivas em idosos que procuram serviços de saúde que não são específicos para atendimentos relacionados às alterações auditivas.PURPOSE: To investigate the sensitivity and specificity of the questionnaire Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly - Screening version (HHIE-S in the hearing screening of elderly people who seek for different health care services (audiological clinic and other clinics. METHODS: The hearing of 78 elderly - 23 attended at the Discipline of Geriatrics and Gerontology of the institution who did not, necessarily, have

  11. 49 CFR 529.4 - Requirements for incomplete automobile manufacturers. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Requirements for incomplete automobile... AUTOMOBILES § 529.4 Requirements for incomplete automobile manufacturers. (a) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, §§ 529.5 and 529.6, each incomplete automobile manufacturer is considered,...

  12. Strategies for the enhancement of automobile shredder residues (ASRs) recycling: results and cost assessment. (United States)

    Ruffino, Barbara; Fiore, Silvia; Zanetti, Maria Chiara


    With reference to the European regulation about the management of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs), Directive 2000/53/EC imposes the achievement of a recycling target of 85%, and 95% of total recovery by 2015. Over the last few years many efforts have been made to find solutions to properly manage the waste coming from ELVs with the aim of complying with the targets fixed by the Directive. This paper focuses on the economical evaluation of a treatment process, that includes physical (size and density), magnetic and electrical separations, performed on the light fraction of the automobile shredder residue (ASR) with the aim of reducing the amount of waste to dispose of in a landfill and enhancing the recovery of valuable fractions as stated by the EU Directive. The afore mentioned process is able to enhance the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of an amount equal to about 1% b.w. (by weight) of the ELV weight, and to separate a high energetic-content product suitable for thermal valorization for an amount close to (but not higher than) 10% b.w. of the ELV weight. The results of the economical assessment led to annual operating costs of the treatment ranging from 300,000 €/y to 350,000 €/y. Since the considered plant treats about 13,500 metrictons of ASR per year, this would correspond to an operating cost of approximately 20-25 €/t. Taking into account the amount and the selling price of the scrap iron and of the non magnetic metal recovered by the process, thus leading to a gain of about 30 €/t per ton of light ASR treated, the cost of the recovery process is balanced by the profit from the selling of the recovered metals. On the other hand, the proposed treatment is able to achieve the fulfillment of the targets stated by Directive 2000/53/EC concerning thermal valorization and reduce the amount of waste generated from ELV shredding to landfill.

  13. Investigating the feasibility of a BCI-driven robot-based writing agent for handicapped individuals (United States)

    Syan, Chanan S.; Harnarinesingh, Randy E. S.; Beharry, Rishi


    Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) predominantly employ output actuators such as virtual keyboards and wheelchair controllers to enable handicapped individuals to interact and communicate with their environment. However, BCI-based assistive technologies are limited in their application. There is minimal research geared towards granting disabled individuals the ability to communicate using written words. This is a drawback because involving a human attendant in writing tasks can entail a breach of personal privacy where the task entails sensitive and private information such as banking matters. BCI-driven robot-based writing however can provide a safeguard for user privacy where it is required. This study investigated the feasibility of a BCI-driven writing agent using the 3 degree-of- freedom Phantom Omnibot. A full alphanumerical English character set was developed and validated using a teach pendant program in MATLAB. The Omnibot was subsequently interfaced to a P300-based BCI. Three subjects utilised the BCI in the online context to communicate words to the writing robot over a Local Area Network (LAN). The average online letter-wise classification accuracy was 91.43%. The writing agent legibly constructed the communicated letters with minor errors in trajectory execution. The developed system therefore provided a feasible platform for BCI-based writing.

  14. Integrated studies for automobile wastes management in developing countries; in the concept of environmentally friendly mechanic village. (United States)

    Nwachukwu, Michael Amamechi; Feng, Huan; Achilike, Kennedy


    More cities in developing countries now consider mechanic village (MV) as superior to the city wide auto-workshop practice following the increasing influx of used or waste automobile from industrialized nations. This is because of the numerous advantages of the mechanic village concept as a capacity building, and in poverty alleviation. Nevertheless, mechanic villages are poorly developed with no waste management plan. They are now identified with severe to excessive heavy metal soil pollution, causing ecological and public health hazards. This paper has a wider explanation of what it takes for a mechanic village to be environmentally friendly based on spectroscopic analysis and physical measurements conducted in three MVs. Heavy metal concentrations (mg kg( -1)) above background levels in the upper 100 cm soil profiles of the Okigwe, the Orji, and the Nekede MVs in the Imo River basin collectively range 748-70,606 for Fe; 99-1,090 for Pb; 186-600 for Mn; 102-1,001 for Cu; 8-23 for Cd; 4-27 for Cr; and 3-10 for Ni. The most abundant metals of environmental concerns are Pb, Mn, and Cu, in the order of Pb > Mn > Cu. Three-phase storm water treatment, emission testing, minimum safe farming distance (350 m), extended producer responsibility for disposal or recycling of used motor oil, phyto-remediation using local plants, groundwater monitoring wells, and continuous education of mechanics are recommended. Exporters of waste automobiles to developing countries and the United Nations may assist developing countries in establishing environmentally friendly MVs.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Nonlinear control methods are presented based on theory of sliding mode control (SMC) or variable structure control (VSC) for application to active automobile suspensions. Requirements of reducing manufacturing cost and energy consumption of the active suspension system may be satisfiedby reasonable design of the sliding surface and hydraulic servo system. Emphasis is placed on the study of the discrete sliding mode control method (DSMC) applicable for a new sort of speed on-off solenoid valves of anti-dust capability and low price. Robustness and effectiveness of the feedback linearized controller in typical road conditions are demonstrated by numerical results fora quarter-car suspension model.

  16. [The smokers voice self assessment based on Voice Handicap Index (VHI)]. (United States)

    Wiskirska-Woźnica, Bozena; Wojnowski, Waldemar


    Complex voice assessment due to European Laryngeal Society proposals (2000) contains voice self estimation based on the Polish version of the Voice Handicap Index (VHI). This study focuses on the relation between voice handicap and smoking in dysphonic patients, who are using voice professionally. Thirty outpatient (25 female and 5 male, aged 40 to 55 years) voice department attendees suffering from professional dysphonia took part in this study. All patients after phoniatric examination completed the Polish version of the Voice Handicap Index (VHI). The questions concern functional, emotional and physical complains due to dysphonia. Most of smokers did not complain of dysphonia related problems comparing to non smokers. Even the scores of functional and emotional scales of VHI in smokers shown better results (less handicap) than in nonsmokers. Smoking does not affect patients handicap due to dysphonia measured in the Voice Handicap Index.

  17. A Study of the Translation of Automobile Trademark

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Name is an interesting thing, almost everything has its name. Nowadays along with the rising of consumption levels in China, the brand name of the car becomes an important topic. And the translation of the name of the automobile is the primary task for establishing the global image of the brand. In this paper, I summarize the translation methods for automobile trademarks and point out the importance of the translation of automobile’s trademarks. In addition, this paper explores the trend in the trans-lation of automobile names in China.

  18. 40 CFR 600.311-86 - Range of fuel economy for comparable automobiles. (United States)


    ... automobiles. 600.311-86 Section 600.311-86 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY... Regulations for 1977 and Later Model Year Automobiles-Labeling § 600.311-86 Range of fuel economy for comparable automobiles. (a) The Administrator will determine the range of city and the range of highway...

  19. 76 FR 31467 - Guide Concerning Fuel Economy Advertising for New Automobiles (United States)


    ... CFR Part 259 Guide Concerning Fuel Economy Advertising for New Automobiles AGENCY: Federal Trade... Advertising for New Automobiles (``Fuel Economy Guide'' or ``Guide'') pending completion of ongoing review by... prevent deceptive fuel economy advertising for new automobiles and to facilitate the use of fuel...

  20. 40 CFR 600.311-08 - Range of fuel economy for comparable automobiles. (United States)


    ... automobiles. 600.311-08 Section 600.311-08 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY... Regulations for 1977 and Later Model Year Automobiles-Labeling § 600.311-08 Range of fuel economy for comparable automobiles. (a) The Administrator will determine the range of combined fuel economy values...

  1. Illustrating Newton's Second Law with the Automobile Coast-Down Test. (United States)

    Bryan, Ronald A.; And Others


    Describes a run test of automobiles for applying Newton's second law of motion and the concept of power. Explains some automobile thought-experiments and provides the method and data of an actual coast-down test. (YP)

  2. 20 CFR 416.1218 - Exclusion of the automobile. (United States)


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Exclusion of the automobile. 416.1218 Section..., BLIND, AND DISABLED Resources and Exclusions § 416.1218 Exclusion of the automobile. (a) Automobile; defined. As used in this section, the term automobile includes, in addition to passenger cars,...

  3. Expediency substantiation of company’s product policy changes for ensuring the competitiveness of automobile enterprises products

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O.V. Yurynets


    Full Text Available The aim of the article. The aim of article is creating of justification method of the management decisions to change company’s product policy depending on the level of competitiveness of the products within a competitive group of the vehicle that was a subject of analysis according to its stage of the life cycle. The results of the analysis. Authors made an analysis of the components of competitiveness of the automobile enterprises. They defined a priority of the categories of technical performance products for the consumer. The practical value consists in proposing of the procedure to determine the competitiveness of the market and the stage of its life cycle. Scientific value consists in creating the calculation mathematical model of competitiveness of automotive companies within a group of competitors. The methodology of risk reduction for the management actions to change the product policy of domestic automobile companies was proposed. The necessity to develop decision-making process for the management of products policy of the automobile enterprises was justified. An optimal approach in order to determine the greatest competitors in the automobile market according to the criteria’s that are most important to the consumer was introduced. Method of determining the competitiveness of automobile enterprises products, regardless the level of the model range, which is considered as most appropriate for the consumers, was created. An example of the usage of the developed approach in real market conditions was shown. The options of management decisions based on the results of the research of competitiveness of automobile enterprises were introduced. The practical value consists in approach developing, which provides the possibility of competing cars from different classes, which complicates the process of determining the real competitiveness of the products. This method takes into account the qualitative component of the evaluation of the

  4. 34 CFR 75.610 - Access by the handicapped. (United States)


    ... 34 Education 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Access by the handicapped. 75.610 Section 75.610... by a Grantee? Construction § 75.610 Access by the handicapped. A grantee shall comply with the Federal regulations on access by the handicapped that apply to construction and alteration of...

  5. Leaking Methane from Natural Gas Vehicles: Implications for US Greenhouse Gas Reductions from the Automobile Sector


    Victor, D.G.


    A model of the US automobile market is used to test the role that natural gas vehicles (NGVs) might play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Since natural gas (methane) emits less CO2 per unit of energy than petroleum products, NGVs are an obvious pathway to lower CO2 emissions. High and low demand scenarios are used to forecast the emissions from unrestricted growth and a modest program of conservation, respectively. Based on these scenarios, a reference scenario is developed that projects...

  6. Directory of Services for the Multiply Handicapped Deaf and/or Hearing Impaired. Resources for the Rubella Deaf Child. (United States)

    Gallaudet Coll., Washington, DC.

    The directory contains information on centers, facilities, and schools which provide some services or programs suitable to the needs of the deaf or hearing impaired who have additonal handicaps (adults as well as children). A brief description of the facility, the clients served, and the services offered accompanies the listing of each facility's…

  7. Information, complexity and efficiency: The automobile model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Allenby, B. [Lucent Technologies (United States)]|[Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (United States)


    The new, rapidly evolving field of industrial ecology - the objective, multidisciplinary study of industrial and economic systems and their linkages with fundamental natural systems - provides strong ground for believing that a more environmentally and economically efficient economy will be more information intensive and complex. Information and intellectual capital will be substituted for the more traditional inputs of materials and energy in producing a desirable, yet sustainable, quality of life. While at this point this remains a strong hypothesis, the evolution of the automobile industry can be used to illustrate how such substitution may, in fact, already be occurring in an environmentally and economically critical sector.

  8. A Model of Services for Young Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Jelinek, Janis A.


    The paper describes a model of services for 38 infants and young children whose primary handicap was a communication disorder or for whom a communication disorder was a related problem. Data indicated that the model was effective in producing child growth in receptive and expressive language, as well as other developmental areas. (Author/CL)

  9. Signal modulation as a mechanism for handicap disposal (United States)

    Gavassa, Sat; Silva, Ana C.; Gonzalez, Emmanuel; Stoddard, Philip K.


    Signal honesty may be compromised when heightened competition provides incentive for signal exaggeration. Some degree of honesty might be maintained by intrinsic handicap costs on signalling or through imposition of extrinsic costs, such as social punishment of low quality cheaters. Thus, theory predicts a delicate balance between signal enhancement and signal reliability that varies with degree of social competition, handicap cost, and social cost. We investigated whether male sexual signals of the electric fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio would become less reliable predictors of body length when competition provides incentives for males to boost electric signal amplitude. As expected, social competition under natural field conditions and in controlled lab experiments drove males to enhance their signals. However, signal enhancement improved the reliability of the information conveyed by the signal, as revealed in the tightening of the relationship between signal amplitude and body length. Signal augmentation in male B. gauderio was independent of body length, and thus appeared not to be curtailed through punishment of low quality (small) individuals. Rather, all individuals boosted their signals under high competition, but those whose signals were farthest from the predicted value under low competition boosted signal amplitude the most. By elimination, intrinsic handicap cost of signal production, rather than extrinsic social cost, appears to be the basis for the unexpected reinforcement of electric signal honesty under social competition. Signal modulation may provide its greatest advantage to the signaller as a mechanism for handicap disposal under low competition rather than as a mechanism for exaggeration of quality under high competition. PMID:22665940

  10. Considerations regarding tax optimization in implanted multinational enterprises through external growth for the automobile industry in Central Eastern Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nitu Antonie Renata


    Full Text Available The business strategy of multinational enterprises (MNEs from the automobile industry implanted in Central-Eastern European (CEE countries (Poland, Czech Republic and Romania is an offensive one, global from operational perspective. Mainly it aims the extension of market share through horizontal growth, generally external type single-domain (Mergers and Acquisitions and internal type (Greenfield investments in a lower degree. These enterprises put in practice also a defending strategy for the owned market shares through increasing the efficiency of the production network at global level. This paper aims to present the less evident aspects of tax optimization of the applied business strategy by implemented MNEs in the automobile industry in CEE, and in this context, the necessity to establish transfer prices in accordance with the OECD recommendations, as an obligation assessed by the tax legislations of the considered countries, but also from the necessity of efficient run of these enterprises.

  11. A Plan for Itinerant Educational Consultant Services for Preschool Visually Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Allegheny County Schools, Pittsburgh, PA.

    A demonstration project was conducted involving itinerant educational consultant services for preschool visually handicapped children with the objective of preventing social and sensory deprivation and of developing personal independence. Channels were established for referral of applicable visually handicapped preschool children to the program.…

  12. Opportunities for energy harvesting in automobile factories (United States)

    Adegoke, E. I.; Edwards, R. M.; Whittow, Will; Bindel, Axel; Peca, Marco


    This paper investigates the opportunities of deploying distributed sensors within the manufacturing environment of a large scale automobile plant using energy harvesting techniques. Measurements were taken in three domains at the plant in order to characterize ambient energy. Due to the location of the plant, the RF power density for radio access technologies present varied between -127 dBm/cm2 and -113 dBm/cm2. The maximum temperature difference measured within accessible distance from machine parts on the production lines surveyed was 10°C. Indoor lighting was dominant at the plant via fluorescent tubes, with average irradiance of 1 W/m2. The results obtained from this measurement campaign showed that indoor lighting was the most suitable ambient source for energy harvesting.

  13. Mind the gap; The vicious circle of measuring automobile fuel use

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schipper, L.; Figueroa, M.J.; Price, L. (Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB, NE (United States). Aircraft Engineering Div.); Espey, M. (California Univ., Davis, CA (United States). Dept. of Agricultural Economics)


    We review the circularity between estimates of automobile use, fuel consumption and fuel intensity. We find that major gaps exist between estimates of road gasoline, the quantity most often used to represent automobile fuel use in economic studies of transport fuel use, and the actual sales data of gasoline, diesel and other fuels used for automobiles. Significant uncertainties exist in values of both the number of automobiles in use and the distance each is driven, which together yield total automobile use. We present our own calculations for total automobile fuel use for a variety of OECD countries. We comment briefly on the impact of these gaps on econometric estimates of the price and income elasticities of automobile fuel use. (author)

  14. Automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment certificate of eligibility for veterans or members of the armed forces with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Interim final rule. (United States)


    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is amending its adjudication regulation regarding certificates of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment. The amendment authorizes automatic issuance of a certificate of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment to all veterans with service-connected amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty with ALS.

  15. A Comparison of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised and Leiter International Performance Scale for a Group of Educationally Handicapped Adolescents. (United States)

    Ratcliffe, Melanie Walton; Ratcliffe, Kevin J.


    Compared the WISC-R and Leiter International Performance Scale IQs for a sample of educationally handicapped adolescents. Results indicated positive correlations between WISC-R Verbal, Performance, and Full Scale scores and Leiter scores. Findings suggest the same pattern exists for the WISC-R and Leiter as for the WISC and Leiter. (Author)

  16. School-to-Work Transition for Handicapped Youth: Perspectives on Educational and Economic Trends. (United States)

    Repetto, Jeanne B., Ed.

    This compilation of papers focuses on the economic and educational considerations required for planning transitional services for handicapped youth, and was developed from the second and third annual forums sponsored by the Transitional Programming for Handicapped Youth: Interdisciplinary Leadership Preparation Program at the University of…

  17. The Doman-Delacato Treatment of Neurologically Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Exceptional Parent, 1983


    The policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics on the Doman-Delacato approach to treating children with neurological handicaps cites lack of reseach support for the method and concludes that its demands may overburden families without achieving progress that would not be accounted for by growth and development. (CL)

  18. A Comparison of the Diagnostic Assessment for the Severely Handicapped-II (DASH-II) and the Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC). (United States)

    Paclawskyj, Theodosia R.; Matson, Johnny L.; Bamburg, Jerald W.; Baglio, Christopher S.


    A study of 233 individuals with severe mental retardation examined the validity of the Diagnostic Assessment for the Severely Handicapped-II (DASH-II) through correlation with the Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC). DASH-II as a whole was found to have a high degree of convergent validity with the ABC total score. (CR)

  19. Seroepidemiology of hepatitis A and B and vaccination status in staff at German schools for the handicapped. (United States)

    Claus, Matthias; Kimbel, Renate; Schöne, Klaus; Letzel, Stephan; Rose, Dirk-Matthias


    This study aims to assess serostatus and vaccination status of hepatitis A and B among staff at schools for the handicapped. We also wanted to investigate factors associated with serostatus, number of infections with hepatitis A/hepatitis B at work, and factors influencing being vaccinated or not. The cross-sectional study was carried out between August 2010 and August 2012 at 13 German schools for severely handicapped. Data were analyzed using blood samples, vaccination documents, and questionnaires. A total of 395 persons participated in our study (response: 59.7%), information on 367 could be used for analysis. Two respondents have been infected with HAV at work, 53.4% were anti-HAV seropositive. Vaccination against hepatitis A was influenced by information about infectious diseases before starting to work, level of education, and marital status. One person got infected with hepatitis B during work, 53.2% were anti-HBs-seropositive. Vaccination against hepatitis B depended on perceived burden by nursing activities, and vaccination costs being paid by employer. Immunity to hepatitis A and B in our sample is insufficient and does not correspond to the infectious risks. Two persons got infected with hepatitis A and one person with hepatitis B during work at school, indicating an urgent need for preventive actions. J. Med. Virol. 89:825-833, 2017. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  20. Summer School for the Handicapped: A Review of the Literature. Supplementary Report to "Special Education Mandates: A Preliminary Report." (United States)

    Helmich, Edith

    This report analyzes the literature on the issues involved in providing summer school services to handicapped students (3-21 years old) in Illinois. Introductory sections examine the state legislative history regarding summer school and judicial decisions from across the country on the topic. A review of the literature is presented followed by…

  1. A new silver robot platform for the elderly and the handicapped: Spiderbot TM-posture balancing and muscle strengthening exercises (United States)

    Pervez, Aslam; Farahani, Hossein S.; Jeong, Seung-Gweon; Kim, Hyunho; Ryu, Jeha


    By using a new type of silver robot called SpiderBot TM, posture balancing and muscle strengthening exercises were presented. Unlike mobile robots on a floor, SpiderBot TM is conceptualized to generate full mobility in a room and to have higher payload while generating six degrees-of-freedom for assisting daily lives of the elderly and the handicapped. A preliminary prototype of SpiderBot TM has been constructed by using incompletely restrained wire mechanism and simple control algorithms were implemented for two types of exercises for elderly people's health improvement. One is a posture balancing exercise that prevents from falling to any directions. And the other is muscle strengthening exercise that uses the SpiderBot TM as a weight lifting mechanism. Preliminary experimental results show that the proposed new silver robot platform is used for such exercises.

  2. Resource Catalogue for Teachers of Severely Handicapped Students. Program Assistance Report No. 10. (United States)

    Wenner, Lynette; And Others

    Intended for teachers and other personnel working with severely/multiply handicapped students, the catalogue lists books and journal articles (1975-1981) related to special education for severely/multiply handicapped students. Following an introduction discussing definitional issues, entries are alphabetized by title and arranged according to one…

  3. 41 CFR 50-201.1102 - Tolerance for apprentices, student-learners, and handicapped workers. (United States)


    ..., student-learners, and handicapped workers. 50-201.1102 Section 50-201.1102 Public Contracts and Property... REGULATIONS § 50-201.1102 Tolerance for apprentices, student-learners, and handicapped workers. (a... standards and procedures as are prescribed for the employment of apprentices, student-learners,...

  4. Exceptional Children Conference Papers: Education of the Educable Mentally Handicapped. (United States)

    Council for Exceptional Children, Arlington, VA.

    Nine conference papers focus on education of educable mentally handicapped (EMH) children. A prototype evaluation of procedures for teaching reading comprehension involves assessment of 96 EMH or normal students' skills in identifying main and supporting ideas in connected discourse. Described is the Lincoln School's behavioral management system…

  5. Development and validation of the Dutch version of the London Handicap Scale

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Groothuis-Oudshoorn, C.G.M.; Chorus, A.M.J.; Verrips, G.H.W.; Detmar, S.B.


    BACKGROUND: The London Handicap Scale (LHS) was found to be a valid and reliable scale for measuring participation restrictions in adults. OBJECTIVE: This paper describes the development and assesses the construct-related validity of a Dutch version of the London Handicap Scale (DLHS). METHODS: The

  6. The Origin of the Term Handicap in Games and Sports – History of a Concept

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hansen Jørn


    Full Text Available Words and concepts may change in time, and this has certainly been the case with the term handicap. From the establishment of modern sports in the middle of the 19th century and up until the middle of the 20th century, handicap had an entirely different meaning within sports. Thus, handicap was understood as a disadvantage imposed on talented contestants to make the competition more equal in sports. Later the term handicap became much closer related to the concepts invalid and crippled than to concept originally employed within sports, With the gradual introduction of the welfare state measures to the political agenda the politicians in Denmark also started to take an interest in invalids and cripples and in 1925 the National Association of the Crippled and Maimed was founded. By the end of the 20 century the term crippled was seen by many as outdated and in 1988 the name was changed to the Danish Association for the Disabled (Dansk Handicap Forbund and already in 1971 this organization helped to found The Danish Disabled Sports Association (Dansk Handicap Idræts-Forbund. The article tells the story of how the concept of handicap, which originally was an aim to provide equal opportunities, today has become a synonym for disability, while in the Paralympics and competitive disability sports, the original sports term handicap has been replaced by classification.

  7. 32 CFR 220.11 - Special rules for automobile liability insurance and no-fault automobile insurance. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special rules for automobile liability insurance and no-fault automobile insurance. 220.11 Section 220.11 National Defense Department of Defense... OF REASONABLE CHARGES FOR HEALTHCARE SERVICES § 220.11 Special rules for automobile...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    González, Eduardo


    Full Text Available This paper evaluates product efficiency in the Spanish automobile market. We use non parametric frontier techniques in order to estimate product efficiency scores for each model. These scores reflect the minimum price for which each car could be sold, given the bundle of tangible features it offers in comparison to the best-buy models. Unlike previous research, we use discounted prices which have been adjusted by car dealerships to meet sale targets. Therefore, we interpret the efficiency scores as indicators of the value of the intangible features of the brand. The results show that Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen and Mercedes offer the greatest intangible value, since they are heavily overpriced in terms of price/product ratios. Conversely, Seat, Kia, Renault and Dacia are the brands that can be taken as referent in terms of price/product ratios.

  9. Como Trabajar y Vivir en la Realidad: Pasos Basicos Para Jovenes con Incapacidades, sus Padres y sus Profesores (How to Work and Live in the Real World: Basic Steps for Youth with Handicaps and Their Parents and Teachers). (United States)

    Patton, Patricia L.; And Others

    This Spanish version of "How to Work and Live in the Real World: Basic Steps for Youth with Handicaps and Their Parents and Teachers" is for young people with handicaps who are getting ready to graduate from high school and begin working and living in the adult world. The booklet places a special focus on individuals with cultural…

  10. 28 CFR 41.32 - Qualified handicapped person. (United States)


    ... 28 Judicial Administration 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Qualified handicapped person. 41.32..., NONDISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF HANDICAP IN FEDERALLY ASSISTED PROGRAMS Standards for Determining Who Are Handicapped Persons § 41.32 Qualified handicapped person. Qualified handicapped person means: (a) With...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Factors which contribute the appearance of handicaps are numerous and complex. By their nature they are inherited or determined by factors of outer environment, mostly as a result of interaction of both. In the broad sense the genetic factors are located in 46 chromosomes in the human cell, before all in the female and male fertilized cell e.i. the genes located in the chromosomes which determine the function of the central nervous system. The chromosome aberrations e.i. the visible aberrations of the chromosome structure presents the cause for the appearance of handicaps mostly together with some syndrome. That’s the case with Dawn’s syndrome( mongolism where we can find trisomy of 21 chromosome.Relatively, the great number of examinees (176 which we discovered in a period of 10 years from all the places of R. Macedonia confirm the need for further investigations. The newborns with this syndrome are children with prenatal development finished in not adequate way. The presence of different physical appearance on the birth and later on, more or less, speaks about indefinite mixture of pathological factors in the growth of the child and the difference. The symptoms that are discovered in these children indicate that they are retarded in their psychological and physical development from the normal children, and the further growth and development are on a lower level. The psychological, pediatrics and psychiatric researches show that the level of intelligence of our examinees is low, where as the social adjustment is far more better.The examination of our examinees was made up of taking an anamnesis from the parents, mostly from the mother. Every examine was under taken an caryological test. Ten of them showed an translocative type of Down’s syndrome where one of the parents is the carrier of the heterological balanced translocation. The heterological balanced translocations can be discovered only through affected newborn child. Our researches




  13. Voice-controlled Internet Browsing for Motor-handicapped Users

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brøndsted, Tom; Aaskoven, Erik


    The public-funded project "Indtal" ("Speak-it") has succeeded in developing a Danish voice-controlled utility for internet browsing targeting motor-handicapped users having difficulties using a standard keyboard and/or a standard mouse. The system has been designed and implemented in collaboration...... with an advisory board of motor-handicapped (potential) end-users and underlies a number of a priori defined design criteria: learnability and memorability rather than naturalness, minimal need for maintenance after release, support for "all" web standards (not just HTML conforming to certain "recommendations......"), independency of the language on the websites being browsed, etc. These criteria have lead to a primarily message-driven system interacting with an existing browser on the end users' systems...

  14. BEGA-a biaxial excitation Generator for automobiles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scridon, S.; Boldea, Ion; Tutelea, L.


    This paper presents the design and test results for a biaxial excitation generator/motor for automobiles (BEGA), which has a three-phase stator and a salient-pole excited heteropolar rotor with multiple flux barriers filled with low-cost permanent magnets (PMs). For this new generator, the low...

  15. Development of a Mobility Training Program for Young Adult Trainable Mentally Handicapped Clients at the Ray Graham Training Center. Maxi II Practicum Report. (United States)

    Jordan, Ellen M.

    Provided is a practicum report on a travel training program initiated at the Ray Graham Training Center (Chicago, Illinois) for 40 trainable mentally handicapped young adults. The center is described in terms of the geographic area and clients served, staff roles, parent role, and curriculum. It is noted that a prime impetus for the development of…

  16. Longitudinal Studies of the Effects and Costs of Early Intervention for Handicapped Children. Annual Report 1987-88. (United States)

    Utah State Univ., Logan. Early Intervention Research Inst.

    The 1987-88 annual report reviews progress on 17 longitudinal studies to determine the efficacy of early intervention with handicapped children. The overview chapter reviews previous research on this topic; considers ethical, practical, and scientific considerations of randomized experiments in early childhood special education; examines benefits…

  17. Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1990, P.L. 101-476: A Summary. CRS Report for Congress. (United States)

    Aleman, Steven R.

    This summary of the Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1990, Public Law 101-476, identifies how these Amendments extend and expand special education research, demonstration, and training programs of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA authorizes three state formula grant programs and several discretionary grant…

  18. Electromyographic Analysis of the Lower Limb Muscles in Low- and High-Handicap Golfers (United States)

    Marta, Sérgio; Silva, Luís; Vaz, João R.; Castro, Maria António; Reinaldo, Gustavo; Pezarat-Correia, Pedro


    Purpose: The aim of this study was to compare the electromyographic patterns of the lower limb muscles during a golf swing performed by low- and high-handicap golfers. Method: Ten golfers (5 low- and 5 high-handicap) performed 8 swings using a 7-iron. Surface electromyography (EMG) was recorded for the following lower limb muscles on both sides:…

  19. The handicap principle and the argument of subversion from within. (United States)

    Baron, Christian


    This paper examines the very disparate positions that various actors have taken towards the argument of subversion from within (a classical argument against the evolution of altruism by group selection) in a set of related debates on group selection, altruism and the handicap principle. Using this set of debates as a case study, this paper argues that different applications of epistemic values were one of the factors behind the disagreements between John Maynard Smith and Amotz Zahavi over a number of important evolutionary issues. The paper also argues that these different applications were connected to important epistemological differences related in part (but not solely) to their disciplinary background. Apart from conflicting evolutionary views concerning the theoretical feasibility of the handicap effect, these antagonists both differed in the confidence they ascribed to mathematical modeling and over the hereditary basis for altruistic behavior.

  20. Hysteretic Current Controlled Zvs Dc/Dc Converter For Automobile

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cernat, M.; Scortarul, P.; Tanase, A.


    A novel bi-directional dc-dc converter with ZVS and interleaving for dual voltage systems in automobiles is presented. A variable frequency extended band hysteretic current control method is proposed. In comparison with classical fixed frequency current control PWM, the reverse polarity peak curr...

  1. 77 HHz radar for automobile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. M. Lyashuk


    Full Text Available Modern requirements to safety and comfort of drivers and passengers of a car cause continuous development of corresponding technical facilities. Technologies that provide implementation of these requirements are on the first place for the developers of cars. One of the most important requirement is an analysis of road situation, where various sensors are used. One of them is radar. Principle of action, basic parameters and application of radar RS-200 is considered in this article. Radar is used in modern cars of brand Mersedes Benz and works on frequency 77 HHz. It uses the LFM (linear frequency modulation with the programmatic setting of resolution for distance.

  2. [Wisconsin Administrative Practice Scale: Special Education. A Survey of Selected Administrative Practices Used in the Coordination of Diagnostic Units for Handicapped Children. Test and Manual.]. (United States)

    Lietz, Jeremy Jon

    The Wisconsin Administrative Practice Scale: Special Education (WAPS) is a self-administering survey instrument designed to measure implementation of 162 selected administrative practices and policies used to coordinate diagnostic units for handicapped children. One hundred thirty-five items are grouped into seven subscales each consisting of…

  3. Counseling Special Students: An Activity Book for Encouraging Positive Interaction Between Non-Handicapped and Handicapped Students. (United States)

    Loucks, Hazel

    The activity book is designed to assist school counselors in preparing nonhandicapped persons to interact in a positive manner with the handicapped. An introductory section defines the term handicapped, offers program management guidelines, considers needs assessment, and describes three counseling models (peer helper, classroom guidance, and…

  4. 广西残疾人竞技体育现状及发展对策研究%A Study on the Current Situation of Athletic Sports for Handicapped People in Guangxi and Measures for Its Development

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    唐飚; 唐枫; 钟文


    Based on a comprehensive analysis of the history and current situation of the development of handicapped sports in Guangxi, this paper points out that the handicapped sports in Guangxi is faced with a series of difficulties and crises, such as descending results, aging athletes, inadequate reserve forces, insufficient input, out-of-date training conditions, inferior quality of equipment, imperfect management, shortage of teachers and administering staff. It offers 7 proposals to promote the development of handicapped sports in Guangxi, e. G. Collecting funds, tapping event resources, innovating the administering system, inventing training system of physical education teachers for the handicapped and others.%通过对广西残疾人竞技体育的发展历史和现状的综合分析,指出了广西残疾人竞技体育正面临着成绩下滑、运动员队伍老化,后备力量跟不上、投入严重不足、训练条件滞后、运动器材科技含量不高、管理机构不健全、管理人才和体育师资严重短缺等一系列困难和危机,并提出了筹措资金、挖掘项目资源、创新残疾体育竞技管理体制、建立残疾体育师资培养体制等7项对策,以促进广西残疾人竞技体育的发展.

  5. Exploratory factor analysis of the Dizziness Handicap Inventory (German version

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Bruin Eling D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI is a validated, self-report questionnaire which is widely used as an outcome measure. Previous studies supported the multidimensionality of the DHI, but not the original subscale structure. The objectives of this survey were to explore the dimensions of the Dizziness Handicap Inventory - German version, and to investigate the associations of the retained factors with items assessing functional disability and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS. Secondly we aimed to explore the retained factors according to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF. Methods Patients were recruited from a tertiary centre for vertigo, dizziness or balance disorders. They filled in two questionnaires: (1 The DHI assesses precipitating physical factors associated with dizziness/unsteadiness and functional/emotional consequences of symptoms. (2 The HADS assesses non-somatic symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition, patients answered the third question of the University of California Los Angeles-Dizziness Questionnaire which covers the impact of dizziness and unsteadiness on everyday activities. Principal component analysis (PCA was performed to explore the dimensions of the DHI. Associations were estimated by Spearman correlation coefficients. Results One hundred ninety-four patients with dizziness or unsteadiness associated with a vestibular disorder, mean age (standard deviation of 50.6 (13.6 years, participated. Based on eigenvalues greater one respectively the scree plot we analysed diverse factor solutions. The 3-factor solution seems to be reliable, clinically relevant and can partly be explained with the ICF. It explains 49.2% of the variance. Factor 1 comprises the effect of dizziness and unsteadiness on emotion and participation, factor 2 informs about specific activities or effort provoking dizziness and unsteadiness, and factor 3 focuses on self

  6. Effect of automobile operating condition on the subjective equivalence of steering wheel vibration and sound



    For the manufacturers of automobiles, automobile components and fuels, subjective equivalence relationships between vibration and sound can be used as a reference against which to plot the results from simulations or tests of specific operational conditions. The research described here was performed to define curves of subjective equivalence between steering wheel rotational vibration and sound using stimuli from different automobile operating conditions. The steering wheel acceleration stimu...

  7. The role of the different aspects of academic motivation and competitiveness in explaining self-handicapping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Damjan Šimek


    Full Text Available In the present research on self-handicapping, the goal was to examine the role of different types of academic motivation according to the level of self-determination. Since the existing research on self-handicapping has examined only the role of interpersonal competition, we also aimed to explore the role of different kinds of competition, i.e., the role of the reasons that motivate people to participate in competition, and the role of the reasons for the avoidance of competition. 748 high school students participated in the study. Regarding the role of academic motivation in self-handicapping the prevailing role of amotivation stood out. Intrinsic motivation predicted self-handicapping negatively, but extrinsic motivation proved to be a positive predictor. The factor structure of the Academic Motivation Scale only enabled differentiation of the reasons for education on the level of three basic types. With regard to the role of the different dimensions of competitiveness in self-handicapping, results show that those denoted by fear of failure and self-worth protection proved to be more characteristic of self-handicapping than those defined by a high valuation of the importance of quality of task accomplishment. Among others, our research suggests that by diverting students away from hypercompetitive values, functionality of self-handicapping can be decreased.

  8. Divorce your car: ending the love affair with the automobile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alvord, K.


    This book is a guide for people wishing to liberate themselves from their addiction to cars and the automobile culture. It is a repository of examples and actions that individuals and communities can take to reduce dependence on the automobile. The range of possibilities run from using cars less to not owning one at all. The book provides a humorous yet clear-headed approach to a greener world and maps out the road to how people can live happily ever after by breaking free of 'auto-cracy', without insisting on people in car-dependent countries quit their automotive addiction instantly. Nevertheless, it clearly articulates the connection between automobiles, their arteries (i.e. highways) and effluents (i.e. greenhouse gases and particulate emissions), and the increasing number and severity of natural disasters between the urban renewal and freeway construction that, in the author's view, helped ignite the riots in Watts, Newark and Detroit. The disastrous societal and geophysical effects of the automobile are demonstrated in great abundance, and the mountain of evidence of the systematic abuse of the planet that the book provides is a stunning refutation of the notion that technology is neutral. The automobile is accused of being not only the linchpin of Western and primarily American industrialism and resource extraction, it is also accused of being the chief suspect in a century-long theft of time, conviviality and beauty. How to bring about a change in people's love affair with their cars is difficult to comprehend but this author has a multitude of useful suggestions which seem to suggest that it is possible. There is a list of 104 'selected references' and an extensive list of 'other resources'.

  9. The association between back pain and trunk posture of workers in a special school for the severe handicaps

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee Raymond YW


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The present study aims to determine the time spent in different static trunk postures during a typical working day of workers in a special school for the severe handicaps. Methods Eighteen workers with low back pain (LBP and fifteen asymptomatic workers were recruited. A cross-sectional design was employed to study the time spent in different static trunk postures which was recorded by a biaxial accelerometer attached to the T12 level of the back of the subjects. Results The results of ANCOVA revealed that subjects with LBP spent significantly longer percentage of time in static trunk posture when compared to normal (p Conclusion An innovative method has been developed for continuous tracking of spinal posture, and this has potential for widespread applications in the workplace. The findings of the present investigation suggest that teachers in special schools are at increased risk of getting LBP. In order to minimise such risk, frequent postural change and awareness of work posture are recommended.

  10. 32 CFR 552.73 - Minimum requirements for automobile insurance policies. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Minimum requirements for automobile insurance policies. 552.73 Section 552.73 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY... Military Reservations § 552.73 Minimum requirements for automobile insurance policies. Policies sold...

  11. Competence: sciences, clean engines: the automobile safety; Competences: sciences, moteurs propres: le salut de l'automobile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Quiret, M.


    In the framework of the greenhouse gases emission reduction in the automobile sector, this paper presents the possible technological innovations for the engines: an optimization prior to the combustion hopeful the electronic of the injections, the consumption decrease and the electromagnetic valves. (A.L.B.)

  12. 19 CFR 148.39 - Rented automobiles. (United States)


    ... 19 Customs Duties 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Rented automobiles. 148.39 Section 148.39 Customs... automobiles. (a) Importation for temporary period. An automobile rented by a resident of the United States... (HTSUS) (19 U.S.C. 1202), without payment of duty. The automobile shall be used for the transportation...

  13. Strength Check Analysis for Gear Shaft of Automobile Transmission

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongxiang Li


    Full Text Available As the main drive components of the automobile transmission, the performance of gear shaft plays an important role on transmission performance. Aiming at the existing problems of the traditional strength check method of gear shaft, the objective of this study is to take a five-speed transmission as an example, to accomplish the strength analysis of gear shaft of the automobile transmission based on the MASTA software. Furthermore, the simulation modeling of the transmission is built completely to simulate the actual load conditions and complete the process of analysis for the gear shaft. Analytical results show that all gear shafts can fully meet the strength requirements, in addition to the input shaft which has any further improvements. Hence, it is indicated that a new design concept is put forward, that is, using specialized software MASTA for transmission modeling and simulation analysis can heavily improve the design level of the gear shaft, provide the theoretic basis to analyze the dynamic characteristics of gear shaft as well. Finally, it can provide references for the development and application of gear shaft of the automobile transmission.

  14. Delegating to the automobile: experimenting with automotive restraints in the 1970s. (United States)

    Wetmore, Jameson M


    This article explores the attempts in the United States in the 1970s to implement a new paradigm for automobile safety-crashworthiness, the idea that automobile passengers should be protected in the event of a crash. A large number of strategies were proposed, including air bags, seatbelt modifications, mandatory belt-use laws, and ignition interlocks. Many of these did not initially come to fruition, but they did give the automobile safety community a chance to experiment with different ways of distributing responsibilities between automobile occupants, automobile manufacturers, and, to a lesser extent, government agencies. These experiments helped pave the way for the successful implementation of a number of new strategies in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

  15. An Evolutionary Comparison of the Handicap Principle and Hybrid Equilibrium Theories of Signaling. (United States)

    Kane, Patrick; Zollman, Kevin J S


    The handicap principle has come under significant challenge both from empirical studies and from theoretical work. As a result, a number of alternative explanations for honest signaling have been proposed. This paper compares the evolutionary plausibility of one such alternative, the "hybrid equilibrium," to the handicap principle. We utilize computer simulations to compare these two theories as they are instantiated in Maynard Smith's Sir Philip Sidney game. We conclude that, when both types of communication are possible, evolution is unlikely to lead to handicap signaling and is far more likely to result in the partially honest signaling predicted by hybrid equilibrium theory.

  16. Coatings Manufacturing Technology for China's Automobile Industry Conference

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China's automobile industry is experiencing continued phenomenal growth with the first 11 months of 2003 seeing an output of over 4 million units.This has lead to a huge growth in the consumption of automotive coatings with a 30% growth expected in 2004,reaching 200,000 tons-compared to a 7% average growth for the coatings industry as a whole.Output is predieted to reach 300,000 tons by 2010!

  17. 130 Modeling of the automobile suspension by the functional model


    桐山, 啓; 角田, 鎭男; 長松, 昭男; 御法川, 学; 岩原, 光男; Kiriyama, Akira; Sumida, Shizuo; Nagamatsu, Akio; Minorikawa, Gaku; Iwahara, Mitsuo


    Modeling for an action simulation is performed focusing on the suspension system of a car using the modeling technique called the functional model that had been developed by one of the authors. Simulation analysis of the suspension system of a car was performed in the three dimensional field. It was shown that the method based on the modeling concept of functional model can express the general dynamic characteristic of the automobile suspension.

  18. A Formative Evaluation of Me Now, Unit I, Digestion and Circulation, Life Sciences for the Educable Mentally Handicapped Intermediate Grades (11-13 years). (United States)

    Robinson, James T.; Tolman, Richard R.

    In order to evaluate Unit I (Digestion and Circulation) of the Me Now series of Life Sciences for the Educable Mentally Handicapped, 139 students in an experimental group (mean IQ 72.04; mean CA 144.9 months) and 154 control subjects (mean IQ 70.2; mean CA 148.3 months) were pre- and post-tested following instruction in the Me Now series…

  19. 77 FR 63917 - WTO Dispute Settlement Proceeding Regarding China-Certain Measures Affecting the Automobile and... (United States)


    ... Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (``SCM Agreement''). In addition, it appears that China has failed to... Measures for the Administration of National Export Bases of Automobiles and Parts and Components (for Trial... Administration of National Export Bases of Automobiles and Parts and Components (Revised Draft); MOFCOM,...

  20. 有效且经济的汽车可靠性试验方法探讨%A Study on the Tests for the Reliability of the Effective and Economical Automobile

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    文章介绍了汽车可靠性试验的定义和汽车可靠性试验方法种类,通过实际的汽车开发项目,探讨了进行经济有效的汽车可靠性试验的方法.%The article introduces the definition of the tests for the automobile reliability and the classification of it. Based on the practical automobile invention programs, the testing methods for the reliability of the effective and economical automo-bile are discussed.

  1. Education for All the Handicapped Children Act, Hearing Officer and the Labor Arbitrator. (United States)

    Fox, M. J., Jr.; Stack, William B.


    The authors review the qualifications for hearing officers required in Public Law 94-142 and suggest that practicing labor arbitrators in the public and private sectors be considered for use as hearing officers. (Author/IRT)

  2. Trait self-esteem and claimed self-handicapping motives in sports situations. (United States)

    Finez, Lucie; Berjot, Sophie; Rosnet, Elisabeth; Cleveland, Christena; Tice, Dianne M


    We examined the relationship between physical self-esteem and claimed self-handicapping among athletes by taking motives into consideration. In Study 1, 99 athletes were asked to report their tendency to engage in claimed self-handicapping for self-protective and self-enhancement motives (trait measures). Low self-esteem athletes reported a higher tendency to engage in claimed self-handicapping for these two motives compared with high self-esteem athletes. Neither low nor high self-esteem athletes reported a preference for one motive over the other. In Study 2, 107 athletes participated in a test that was ostensibly designed to assess high physical abilities - and thus to encourage self-handicapping for self-enhancement motives (success-meaningful condition) - or to assess low physical abilities, and thus to encourage self-handicapping for self-protective motives (failure-meaningful condition). Before starting the test, athletes were given the opportunity to claim handicaps that could impair their performance. Low self-esteem athletes claimed more handicaps than high self-esteem athletes in both conditions. Findings suggest that low physical self-esteem athletes engage more in claimed handicapping regardless of motives, relative to high physical self-esteem athletes.

  3. Gastrointestinal problems in the handicapped child. (United States)

    Chong, S K


    Gastrointestinal issues are a major chronic problem in 80 to 90% of children with cerebral palsy and in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities who are at special risk of developing malnutrition because of uncoordinated swallowing, gastroesophageal reflux, and constipation. In addition to poor linear growth, there is a decrease in muscle strength and coordination, impaired cerebral function leading to decreased motivation and energy. Significant neurodevelopmental progress can be achieved with improved nutritional status. A multidisciplinary approach, with input from neurologists, gastroenterologists, nurses, occupational therapists, and dieticians, can make a major contribution to the medical wellbeing and quality of life of these children. Different neurological diseases ( eg, spinal dysraphism, syringomyelia, tethered cord syndromes) can give rise to gastrointestinal dysfunction and symptoms that may need different gastrointestinal or surgical management. The introduction of new drugs, including proton pump inhibitors and innovative endoscopic and surgical techniques in the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease and constipation also may have an impact on the treatment of neurologically handicapped children in the future.

  4. Application of mechatronics in the automobile; Mechatronik im Automobil

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lange, P.; Herrmann, R.


    The automotive electronics of the 90`s suffers from increasing performance and economical pressure. New solutions are necessary if the target `better performance at lower cost` has to be fulfilled in the future, as the integration of sub-assemblies on the mechanical and electronical levels is essentially exhausted. The mechatronics as a form of integration of mechanical and electronical functions appears to be one approach to this problem. Hella works on mechatronics mainly in the field of illumination and electro-mechanics/electronics. The article shows that mechatronics integration is possible with standard electronics design as well as PCB technology, but also with new technologies such as MID and microsystems technology. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Automobilelektronik der neunziger Jahre steht unter starkem Leistungs- und Kostendruck. Um der Zielsetzung`bessere Produkte zu niedrigen Preisen` kuenftig gerecht zu werden, bedarf es neuer Loesungswege. Die Baugruppenintegration auf mechanischer und elektronischer Ebene ist weitestgehend ausgereizt. Die Mechatronik, Integration mechanischer und elektronischer Funktionen, scheint ein Loesungsansatz fuer diese Problemstellung zu sein. Bei Hella wird deshalb vorrangig auf den Gebieten der Beleuchtung und der Elektromechanik/Elektronik and Mechatonik-Loesungen gearbeitet. Sowohl mit Standard-Aufbautechniken der Elektronik wie der Leiterplattentechnik als auch mit neuartigen Techniken wie der MID- und Mikrosystemtechnik ist eine Mechatronikintegration moeglich. (orig.)

  5. Polímeros e a indústria automobilística Polymers and the automobile industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos A. Hemais


    Full Text Available Gradativamente, devido a razões econômicas e tecnológicas, nos últimos trinta anos, os plásticos passaram a ocupar um lugar de destaque como um dos materiais mais utilizados pela indústria automobilística. Este trabalho tem por objetivo identificar a intensidade do uso de polímeros pela indústria automobilística brasileira. Inicialmente é apresentada uma classificação dos polímeros, de acordo com suas características técnicas e econômicas. Em seguida, é feita uma breve explanação sobre a indústria de polímeros no Brasil, bem como sobre a indústria automobilística, com seu grande potencial de atrair inovações tecnológicas. São apresentados, também, os principais polímeros com aplicação no automóvel. Por último, é discutida a questão da inovação tecnológica na indústria brasileira de polímeros, tendo como fator catalisador a indústria automobilística.Gradually, owing to economic and technological reasons, in the last thirty years, plastics have gained an increasing presence in automobiles. This paper examines the use of plastics in the Brazilian car industry. First, polymers are classified according to their technical and economic characteristics. The paper then reports briefly on the Brazilian polymer industry, as well as on the auto industry, focusing on its great potential for attracting technological innovations. The main applications for plastics in cars are also outlined. Finally, the paper discusses the question of technological innovation in the Brazilian polymer industry, with the auto industry as a catalyst.

  6. Application of high-strength steel sheets for automobiles in Japan; Utilisation des aciers a haute resistance dans l'industrie automobile au Japon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takita, M.; Ohashi, H. [Nippon Steel Corporation (United Kingdom)


    In Japan, automobile and steel engineers are working together for automotive body weight reduction. They are focusing on weight reduction from the point of view of both body structure and material. In order to meet the increasingly severe requirements for weight reduction, aiming at the limitation of the fuel consumption, an expansion in the range of application of HSS is vital. To realize further reduction, joint research by steelmakers and automobile manufacturers will become increasingly important. (authors)

  7. Access to English Language Acquisition in Ghana Schools for the Deaf: Are the Deaf Students Handicapped? (United States)

    Obosu, Gideon Kwesi; Opoku-Asare, Nana Afia; Deku, Prosper


    This paper primarily discusses the challenges deaf students in Ghana are likely to grapple with as they access education provided for them in English language. The arguments discussed in this paper are supported by findings from a multiple site case study of five Schools for the Deaf purposively sampled from four regions of Ghana. Observations…

  8. Study on the Fuzzy COntrol Strategy of Automobile with CVT

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HuJianjun; QINDatong; 等


    In order to study the dynamic characteristics of automobile with a CVT system, a bond graph analysis model of continuously variable transmission is established.On the base of the simulation state space equations that are established with bond graph theory,a fuzzy control strategy with an expert system of starting process has been introduced.Considering uncertain system parameters and exterior resistance disturbing,the effect of the profile of membership function and the defuzzification algorthm on the capacity of the fuzzy controller has been studied.The result of simulation proves that the proposed fuzzy controller is effective and feasible,Such controller has been employed in the actual control and has proved practicable.The study lays a foundation for design of the fuzzy controller for automobile with a CVT system.

  9. 45 CFR 1151.12 - Qualified handicapped person. (United States)


    ... 45 Public Welfare 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Qualified handicapped person. 1151.12 Section 1151... AND THE HUMANITIES NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS NONDISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF HANDICAP Standards for Determining Who Are Handicapped Persons § 1151.12 Qualified handicapped person....

  10. Edge determination algorithm of game road for intelligent automobile based on plane array CCD

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Zhi-kun; WANG Fu-bin; PAN Xiao-di; LIU Jie; HUANG Chang-fa


    The contribution factor of automobile movement stability on the structure feature of seek road intelligent automobile chassis was analyzed. The kinematic model of linear two-degree freedom for intelligent automobile was established. The noise influence to the image of game road on the image rebuilding of different acquisition data of game road was analyzed. The threshold for image division was determined by the statistical analysis to grey histogram of game road image. This method indicates its adaption to CCD image of low distinguish ability.

  11. The Knowledge of Nurses and Midwives Related to Mentally-Handicapped Children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice Yildirim Sari


    Full Text Available AIM/BACKGROUND: The purpose of this research is to determine the knowledge of nurses and midwives who are working at primary health care services. METHODS: The information regarding the research has been given to the nurses and midwives working at primary health centers of Manisa, and 70 nurses and midwives have accepted to attend the research. In collecting the data, two questionnaire forms prepared by the researchers have been used and these forms are composed of two parts. In the first part of the questionnaire, there are questions about the sociodemografhic characteristics of midwives and nurses; in the second one the questions are related to the symptoms and causes of mental-handicap and the attempts regarding the mentally-handicapped child and his family. RESULTS: The nurses and midwives have stated that the most important cause of mental handicap is marriages among relatives (92.9%. and that in a situation of not being able to fullfill mental motor skills in relation to age, they suspect mental handicap (90%. They have also stated that they mostly have or can have difficulty in communucating with the mentally-handicapped child (64%. CONCLUSION: As a result, the nurses and midwives have adequate knowledge about the causes and symptoms of mental handicap. On the other hand, their knowledge regarding the services to be planned in care of mentally-handicapped children is limited. At the primary health care services, educational studies can be planned in order to give better health service for mentally-handicapped individuals. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2008; 7(2.000: 127-132



    Beuren, Ilse Maria; Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB; Guth, Sérgio Cavagnoli; Universidade Regional de Blumenau - FURB


    The durability of business strategies is diminishing at the same rate as the rhythm of environmental changes is increasing, which implies the necessity for uninterrupted transformations and processes of restructuring within organizations. From this perspective, this work’s objective is to demonstrate the management tools that were, are or will be used in those automobile industries established in Brazil. To this purpose, an empirical descriptive study, in the form of a survey, was conducted e...

  13. Hierarchical functional model for automobile development; Jidosha kaihatsu no tame no kaisogata kino model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sumida, S. [U-shin Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Nagamatsu, M.; Maruyama, K. [Hokkaido Institute of Technology, Sapporo (Japan); Hiramatsu, S. [Mazda Motor Corp., Hiroshima (Japan)


    A new approach on modeling is put forward in order to compose the virtual prototype which is indispensable for fully computer integrated concurrent development of automobile product. A basic concept of the hierarchical functional model is proposed as the concrete form of this new modeling technology. This model is used mainly for explaining and simulating functions and efficiencies of both the parts and the total product of automobile. All engineers who engage themselves in design and development of automobile can collaborate with one another using this model. Some application examples are shown, and usefulness of this model is demonstrated. 5 refs., 5 figs.

  14. Strength Check Analysis for Gear Shaft of Automobile Transmission


    Yongxiang Li; Weiqiang Xia; Liwen Nan; Youjia Zhao; Fujin Yu


    As the main drive components of the automobile transmission, the performance of gear shaft plays an important role on transmission performance. Aiming at the existing problems of the traditional strength check method of gear shaft, the objective of this study is to take a five-speed transmission as an example, to accomplish the strength analysis of gear shaft of the automobile transmission based on the MASTA software. Furthermore, the simulation modeling of the transmission is built completel...

  15. Translation of Automobile Brands from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘竹林; 王俊


    With the steady growth of the Chinese economy, more and more countries are focusing on China. A great number of brands are entering the Chinese market and auto brand is one of them. Brand translation plays an important role for success of opening international market. This paper applies the Skopos theory to automobile brand translation, so as to provide a new angle to translation practice.

  16. 49 CFR Appendix A to Part 609 - Elderly and Handicapped (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Elderly and Handicapped A Appendix A to Part 609..., DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION FOR ELDERLY AND HANDICAPPED PERSONS Pt. 609, App. A Appendix A to Part 609—Elderly and Handicapped The definitions of the term elderly and handicapped as applied...

  17. The handicap principle and the argument of subversion from within

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Baron, Christian


    This paper examines the very disparate positions that various actors have taken towards the argument of subversion from within (a classical argument against the evolution of altruism by group selection) in a set of related debates on group selection, altruism and the handicap principle. Using...... connected to important epistemological differences related in part (but not solely) to their disciplinary background. Apart from conflicting evolutionary views concerning the theoretical feasibility of the handicap effect, these antagonists both differed in the confidence they ascribed to mathematical...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afonso Carneiro Lima


    Full Text Available This work addresses an entrepreneurial phenomenon of strategic administration within the automobile industry: the creation of the automaker Troller Veículos Especiais (TVE. The case study at hand is justified by the positioning of this company around two market niches and its relative success in an industry characterized by few and powerful players. Our aim was to analyze the entrepreneurial and strategic process of discovering opportunity, the analysis used for internal and external factors, and the adoption of its strategic positioning in exploring two automobile market niches: in the B2B market, vehicles adapted to specific operational functions; and in the B2C, off-road vehicles with a strong appeal to consumers’ life styles. This case study allowed us to visualize the challenging path of a genuinely Brazilian small company in a sector dominated by large multinational groups, besides demonstrating decision-related dilemmas and aspects related to managerial creativity.Key-words: Automobile industry. Case study. Strategic entrepreneurship. Discovery theory. Strategic positioning.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Customers are the center of an organization’s universe: they define quality. They expect performance, reliability, responsiveness, competitive prices, on-time delivery, service, clear and correct transaction processing and more. Customer satisfaction/Service quality management has become a strategic imperative for most firms. In the present circumstances, it is vital to measure customer perceptions and how well the company delivers on the critical factors/dimensions of the business. The main objective of this paper is to be acquainted with customer importance rating of service quality dimensions or Voice of Customers for an Automobile service centre. A questionnaire has been used for the purpose.

  20. Nitric oxide-assisted atmospheric pressure corona discharge ionization for the analysis of automobile hydrocarbon emission species. (United States)

    Dearth, M A; Komiski, T J


    Nitric oxide reagent gas has been found to improve the sensitivity and robustness of the atmospheric pressure corona discharge ionization (APCDI) process. Sensitivity has been increased by a factor of 20-100, depending on the compound, over APCDI without nitric oxide. The robustness (defined as the sensitivity to matrix interferences) of APCDI in the presence of water has been improved by a factor of 3 over normal APCDI. These improvements are due in part to a modification of the commercial inlet system and ionization chamber that allows the chamber and sample gases to be heated to 100 and 350°C, respectively. Nitric oxide was chosen as the reagent gas because of the variety and selectivity of its interaction with hydrocarbons with differing functional groups. Product ions of nitric oxide ionization and their subsequent tandem mass spectra are presented and discussed for selected alkanes; alkenes, alkylbenzenes, alcohols; aldehydes, and an ether. A tandem mass spectrometry (unique parent ion-daughter ion transition) method was developed to quantify compounds of specific interest in vehicle emissions. The absolute sensitivity for these compounds, under ideal conditions, was determined and ranges from 0.006 ppb for xylene (most sensitive) to 80 ppb for C8 (or larger) normal alkanes. Routine sensitivity for real-world samples was in the single parts per billion range for aromatic and olefinic species. Potential applications include the real-time, on-line monitoring of selected hydrocarbons in automobile exhaust.

  1. Learning Problems in Connection with Special Information Media for the Visually Handicapped - A Selected Bibliography. (United States)

    Ostberg, Ann-Mari; Lindqvist, Bengt

    The bibliography was compiled with the intent to cover areas of special interest with regard to a research program at the Teachers College of Uppsala, Sweden dealing with problems in connection with the special information media for the blind which serve as substitutes for ink-print. Entered in the first section - an introduction to blindness -…

  2. Education of the Handicapped and Its Implications for Elementary Industrial Arts. ACESIA Monograph 7. (United States)

    Calder, Clarence R., Jr.; Horvath, Lester J.

    The purpose of this monograph is to illustrate the implications of Public Law 94-142 on public education at the state and local levels. The first section illustrates the importance for all educators to be aware of the administrative design used in this piece of permanent legislation. The second section describes the major provisions of Public Law…

  3. 农村社区康复问题研究%Investigation on the CBR services for the handicapped in rural Beijing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李若旸; 齐鹏; 胡勇


    The CBR (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services) services for the handicapped are currently carried out with an integrated rehabilitation mode based on the concepts of broad coverage, low cost and full service, so as to locally and conveniently provide the rehabilitation service on medical treatment, education, society and occupational to the handicapped. The implementing the rural comprehensive rehabilitation services is an effective supporting way to the highly destitute group from suburb Beijing. The major goal of CRS For All could be truly achieved by taking the handicapped as the centre and taking government support and social support as the major to establish a multi-entirety comprehensive-support network with multiple levels from health facilities to community to family, and doing best various rehabilitation service assurance systems, as well as solving effectively the problems that rehabilitation is hard to carry out to the handicapped in rural areas.%目前中国针对农村残障人士开展的社区康复服务,基于广覆盖、低成本、全方位的理念,采取一体化的康复模式,就近就便为残障人士提供医疗、教育、社会以及职业的康复服务.从京郊农村的实际来看,开展农村社区综合康复服务是针对这一特困群体的有效的扶助途径.只有以残障人士为中心,以政府和社会支持为主体,构建起医疗机构—社区家庭多层次、多元一体化的综合支持网络,健全多样化的康复服务保障体系,切实解决了农村残障人士的康复难问题,才能够达到全民享有康复服务的重要目标.

  4. The challenges of automobile-dependent urban transport strategy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovanović Miomir


    Full Text Available The fundamental aims of sustainable urban development and the pro-automobile oriented economic development are on a collision course. It is obvious that automobile-dependent urban development is under heavy/powerful influence of the automobile lobby (automobile and oil industries, along with construction. In this domain famous land-use-transportation studies (or ‘grand transportation studies’ are, unfortunately, still prevailing - a vicious circle of self-fulfilling prophecy of congestion, road building, sprawl, congestion and more road building. Until recently, it was commonly thought that investment in public transport was not economically sustainable and that focusing on the development of the automobile industry and financing the construction of roadways stimulated economic growth. In this paper we clearly show that automobile industry is now overcapitalized, less profitable than many other industries (and may become even less profitable in the future, that transport market is characterized with huge distortions (more than a third of motor-vehicle use can be explained by underpriced driving, while new road investment does not have a major impact on economic growth (especially in a region with an already well-developed infrastructure, and that pro-automobile transport strategy inexorably incurs harmful global, regional and local ecological consequences. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 37010

  5. A Data Based Multidimensional Oral Hygiene Curriculum for the Severely and Profoundly Handicapped. (United States)

    Feldman, David; Elliott, Thomas A.

    A multidimensional oral hygiene curriculum appropriate for the moderately to profoundly retarded and composed of tooth brushing, flossing, and gum stimulation/massage is proposed. Task analyses are included for manual tooth brushing, utilizing an oral irrigation appliance, manual flossing, and use of an adaptive aid for flossing. Also provided are…

  6. The Yellowstone Plan: Individualized Education Program for Emotionally Handicapped Boys and Girls. (United States)

    Bryngelson, Jim

    This paper presents an educational program for seriously emotionally disturbed students at the Yellowstone Ranch, a residential treatment facility and school focusing on the enhancement of each student's self esteem. Located in Montana, which in 1965 created a special school district to serve the needs of special needs children, the school has as…

  7. Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment Certificate of Eligibility for Veterans or Members of the Armed Forces With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Connected to Military Service. Final rule. (United States)


    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published an Interim Final Rule on February 25, 2015, to amend its adjudication regulations to provide a certificate of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment for all veterans with service-connected amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and servicemembers serving on active duty with ALS. The amendment authorized automatic issuance of a certificate of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment to all veterans with service-connected ALS and members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty with ALS. The intent of this final rule is to confirm the amendment made by the interim final rule without change.

  8. Main factors influencing the fall of sales in the Russian automobile market

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anastasiya A. Kurilova


    Full Text Available Objective to identify the negative factors affecting the development of the Russian automobile market. Methods systemic approach generalization and comparison of results method of induction. The findings are based on the research results and observations obtained with the comparativehistorical dialecticalsynthetic and abstractlogical methods. Results basing on data of the International organization of motor vehicle manufacturers OICA the rate of vehicles overproduction worldwide was determined the analysis of motorization index in various countries allowed to form the forecast for the development of automotive fleet in Russia basing on the analysis of macroeconomic data the main factors influencing the development of the Russian automobile market were determined. Scientific novelty the regularities of dynamics of development of the global and Russian automobile markets were revealed. The factors influencing the Russian car market were identified. Practical significance the Russian car manufacturers can use information about the development of the global and Russian automobile markets to create plans for their activities. nbsp

  9. A Multidimensional Oral Hygiene Curriculum for the Severely and Profoundly Handicapped. (United States)

    Feldman, David; Elliott, Thomas A.


    The field tested, data based, criterion referenced curriculum includes procedures for individualized education programs, data collection and recording, formative and summative evaluation, a transdisciplinary component, as well as a comprehensive discussion of content and methodology. (Author)

  10. Wireless Monitoring of Automobile Tires for Intelligent Tires. (United States)

    Matsuzaki, Ryosuke; Todoroki, Akira


    This review discusses key technologies of intelligent tires focusing on sensors and wireless data transmission. Intelligent automobile tires, which monitor their pressure, deformation, wheel loading, friction, or tread wear, are expected to improve the reliability of tires and tire control systems. However, in installing sensors in a tire, many problems have to be considered, such as compatibility of the sensors with tire rubber, wireless transmission, and battery installments. As regards sensing, this review discusses indirect methods using existing sensors, such as that for wheel speed, and direct methods, such as surface acoustic wave sensors and piezoelectric sensors. For wireless transmission, passive wireless methods and energy harvesting are also discussed.

  11. Wireless Monitoring of Automobile Tires for Intelligent Tires

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akira Todoroki


    Full Text Available This review discusses key technologies of intelligent tires focusing on sensors and wireless data transmission. Intelligent automobile tires, which monitor their pressure, deformation, wheel loading, friction, or tread wear, are expected to improve the reliability of tires and tire control systems. However, in installing sensors in a tire, many problems have to be considered, such as compatibility of the sensors with tire rubber, wireless transmission, and battery installments. As regards sensing, this review discusses indirect methods using existing sensors, such as that for wheel speed, and direct methods, such as surface acoustic wave sensors and piezoelectric sensors. For wireless transmission, passive wireless methods and energy harvesting are also discussed.

  12. Standardization Boosts the Development ofCHANGAN AUTOMOBILE

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In the past two decades,CHANGAN AUTOMOBILE has been sticking to its core value of "technology innovation and consistent care" and dedicating to lead the automobile culture by technology innovation.Till now,it has a complete product range of micro vehicles,passenger cars,buses,trucks,SUV,MPV,etc.,and engineplatforms ranging from 0.8L to 2.5L.CHANGAN AUTOMOBILE brand output ranked 13th in the world and first in China in 2009.Its brand value reached 30.515 billion RMB in 2011,among most valuable brands in China.

  13. The Focus of Attention Is on the Handicapped College Student (United States)

    Zaitsev, D. V.


    As a social institution, higher education constitutes one of the most important factors that enable an individual's mobility. In the past few years, both specialists and the broader public have been addressing the problem of how people with health limitations and handicaps can acquire an education. In part this is because society and the state…

  14. Providing a more appropriate education for severely handicapped persons: increasing and validating functional classroom tasks. (United States)

    Reid, D H; Parsons, M B; McCarn, J E; Green, C W; Phillips, J F; Schepis, M M


    We evaluated a teacher training and supervision program for increasing the involvement of severely handicapped adolescents and adults in functional educational tasks. The program, consisting of a brief in-service followed by supervisory prompts and feedback, was accompanied by large increases in functional tasks in three classrooms. In addition, generalized increases occurred during nontargeted times in the classroom and the changes during both the targeted and nontargeted times were maintained over a 44-45 week period. In two subsequent experiments, surveys provided social validation for the criteria for functional versus nonfunctional tasks in that: (a) relevant individuals reliably categorized functional tasks as representing typical living, work, social, and leisure situations and (b) experienced clinicians consistently rated tasks previously categorized as functional as being more useful for severely handicapped persons than tasks categorized as nonfunctional. Results are discussed in terms of the relationship of functional classroom tasks in the overall provision of appropriate educational services for severely handicapped students.

  15. Self-Healing Concept for Damaged Composite Structure of Automobile Bonnet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Park Hyunbum


    Full Text Available In this work, a structural design and analysis on automobile bonnet using natural flax fiber composite is performed. Through the structural analyses using commercial FEM software, it is confirmed that the designed automobile bonnet using natural composite is acceptable for structural safety. And also, the damage is a critical problem in composites during their service in structural applications. Therefore, study on self-healing concept of bonnet structure was performed.

  16. The computer simulation of automobile use patterns for defining battery requirements for electric cars (United States)

    Schwartz, H. J.


    A Monte Carlo simulation process was used to develop the U.S. daily range requirements for an electric vehicle from probability distributions of trip lengths and frequencies and average annual mileage data. The analysis shows that a car in the U.S. with a practical daily range of 82 miles (132 km) can meet the needs of the owner on 95% of the days of the year, or at all times other than his long vacation trips. Increasing the range of the vehicle beyond this point will not make it more useful to the owner because it will still not provide intercity transportation. A daily range of 82 miles can be provided by an intermediate battery technology level characterized by an energy density of 30 to 50 watt-hours per pound (66 to 110 W-hr/kg). Candidate batteries in this class are nickel-zinc, nickel-iron, and iron-air. The implication of these results for the research goals of far-term battery systems suggests a shift in emphasis toward lower cost and greater life and away from high energy density.

  17. Disadvantages for the renewable energies; Course a handicap pour les energies renouvelables

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    If on the whole the Europe the renewable energies expand, some countries remain hesitant in their project of development. The author takes stock on the energy policies of some european countries and the investments to develop these clean energies. (A.L.B.)

  18. Simple Justice: A Case for Mainstreaming the Severely Emotionally Handicapped Bilingual Preschool Child. (United States)

    O'Neill, Stephania; Levy, Linda

    The paper deals with a mental health program designed to treat the 2 1/2 to 5 year old Mexican American child with severe emotional or behavioral problems. Components of the program included a mutual agreement with Parent Child Centers (Headstart) in the community; staff who had expertise to evaluate, diagnose, design, and implement an individual…

  19. Nutritional ecology of insect-plant interactions: persistent handicaps and the need for innovative approaches

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Loon, van J.J.A.; Casas, J.; Pincebourde, S.


    Quantifying the flow of matter and energy in food webs is indispensable when assessing the effects of increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, ozone level and temperature as a result of global climate change. In insect nutritional ecology, quantification of digestive and metabolic efficiency is perf

  20. Intrinsic Motivation and Learning Performance: Implications for Individual Educational Programming for Learners with Mild Handicaps. (United States)

    Switzky, Harvey N.; Schultz, Geoffrey F.


    The implications of current theories of intrinsic motivation for educational practices for mildly handicapped learners are reviewed. The interaction of classroom demand environments, the effects of teacher reward and punishment, and individual differences in intrinsic motivation are discussed in relation to behavioral effectiveness and to academic…

  1. Curricula and Instruction for Young Handicapped Children: A Guideline for Selection and Evaluation. (United States)

    DuBose, Rebecca; Kelley, Jean

    The paper examines the theoretical constructs that underlie currently used curricula for young handicapped children and suggests guidelines for selecting and evaluating curricula. Three developmental perspectives are reviewed: the age related developmental milestones identified by A. Gesell and adhered to by diagnostic prescriptive advocates, the…

  2. The Marriott Philosophy at Work: A Study of Corporate Success with the Handicapped. Project TROPHY. Transition Research on Problems of Handicapped Youth. (United States)

    Burgess, Charles; Zhu, Guangli

    This monograph examines the Marriott Corporation, which has won numerous awards for its involvement in creating employment situations for the handicapped. Part 1 examines the Marriott Corporation in its wider economic, political, and religious contexts, including its founding by a Mormon family. Part 2 addresses central features of the Marriott…

  3. The use of used automobile tyres in a partitioning bioreactor for the biodegradation of xenobiotic mixtures. (United States)

    Tomeia, M Concetta; Angeluccia, Domenica Mosca; Daugulis, Andrew J


    Waste tyres were utilized as the sorption phase in a two-phase partitioning bioreactor (TPPB) for the biodegradation of a binary mixture of 2,4-dichlorophenol (DCP) and 4-nitrophenol (4NP). These compounds are extensively used in the chemical industry and are found in many industrial effluents. Although both compounds are toxic and are on the EPA list of priority pollutants, a higher inhibitory effect on microorganisms is exerted by DCP, and our experimental tests were focused on strategies to reduce its negative impact on microbial activity. Sorption/desorption tests for the DCP-4NP mixture were first performed to verify the related uptake/release rates by the tyres, which showed that the tyres had a higher capacity for DCP uptake and practically no affinity for 4NP. An acclimatized mixed culture was then utilized in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) operated in conventional and two-phase mode. For the binary DCP-4NP mixture a significant reduction in DCP toxicity, and a concomitant enhancement in substrate removal efficiency (up to 83%for DCP and approximate 100% for 4NP) were clearly seen for the TPPB operated with 10% and 15% v/v tyres, for influent concentrations up to 180 mg/L, with practically negligible biodegradation in the conventional single phase reactor. The long-term utilization of tyres was confirmed at an influent loading of 180 mg/L with a test performed over 20 work cycles showing an improvement of the removal performance for both compounds.

  4. Measuring the environmental impacts and sustainability of automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lave, L.B.; Cobas Flores, E.; McMichael, F.C.; Hendrickson, C.T.; Horvath, A.; Joshi, S. [Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    In the paper the following topics are discussed: - the need for public education and involvement in the decision process, - the difficulty of defining sustainability, - the occasional difference between the goals of sustainability and environmental quality, - the need for life cycle analysis to analyze the sustainability and environmental quality implications of a product, process, or material. The importance of environmental input-output analysis is stressed. This new tool can provide the life cycle information cheaply, quickly, and with much less uncertainty. Examples are presented for making an automobile, a seat out of plastic or aluminium, and an electric vehicle. (author) 4 tabs., refs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Since the 1970-ties, in the USA and Western and Eastern Europe, the model of segregated education has been abandoned, and nowadays the handicapped children attend regular schools all together with other healthy pupils. This , so called Integrative Pedagogy, proceeds from the mental hygiene aspects according to which the restrictive environment in special schools has not been a favorable one for the development of those children.The integrational process of these children in preschool institutions and schools has rather been difficult due to a number of reasons. As one of them, already mentioned and found in literature , has been the negative attitude of non-handicapped children parents towards those handicapped in their development.The problem of this research is to check and test the attitude of healthy children parents towards handicapped children at preschool age. This research shall also tend to analyze the origin of the such attitudes i. e. , whether they have been a result of an insufficient information and ignorance of the obstacles during development, or been produced by imitation of the environment, or due to an empathy, or even because of the fear that “ such a thing better never enter their home”, etc.We sincerely believe that, revealing the above parents’ attitudes and their origin, would certainly bring finding ways of their successful socialization and making the integrational process of handicapped children with their normal mates in preschool institutions easier.

  6. Subjective Voice Assessment after Endoscopic Surgery for an Obstructive Reinke Edema Using Voice Handicap Index

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bassel Hallak


    Full Text Available Voice disorders exert a dramatic influence on patients’ quality of life (QOL. The physical, functional, and emotional impact can be accurately assessed using the conventional questionnaire of “voice handicap index” (VHI or its shorter version, the VHI-10. We evaluated the VHI scores of patients suffering from obstructive Reinke’s edema, a benign laryngeal disorder, before and after endoscopic treatment. Comparison of pre- and postoperative VHI scores showed the treatment efficacy. The scores achieved were similar to asymptomatic individuals (control group, thus improving their quality of life. Furthermore, both VHI and VHI-10 tests yielded similar scores. We suggest routine systematic incorporation of the VHI-10 test for pre- and postoperative routine evaluation of patients with Reinke’s edema. The results are faster and reliable.

  7. Synchronic Distance Education from the Perspective of a Handicapped Person (United States)

    Karal, Hasan; Cebi, Ayca; Turgut, Yigit Emrah


    Nowadays knowledge and communication technologies are developing rapidly and changing people's lives. With the help of the developing technologies, people can access knowledge independent of time and place and distance education technologies offer handicapped students a range of opportunities in order that they may access a better level of…

  8. Claudius, the handicapped Caesar (41-54 A.D.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francois P. Retief


    Full Text Available Claudius, fourth Caesar of the Roman Empire, proved himself an able administrator, but physically and emotionally handicapped from birth. His parents, members of the imperial family, considered him mentally deficient and he was isolated from the general public and put in the care of an uneducated tutor who firmly disciplined the youngster. The historians report that he had a weak constitution caused by frequent illness, and when he appeared in public he was muffled in a protective cloak. To avoid possible embarrassment the ceremony of the toga virilis, at approximately 14 years of age, was a secretive affair held at midnight and devoid of the traditional procession. His grandfather, Augustus Caesar, had some sympathy for the young lad, but did not consider him capable of managing any position of public office appropriate for his age and position. This would also be the approach of the succeeding emperor, Tiberius. Claudius spent the fi rst four decades of his life in relative idleness, isolated from his family and upper class Romans, consorting with the lower classes, playing dice and revelling in excessive eating and drinking. He did, however, also involve himself seriously in a study of the sciences, literature, Greek and history – his role model in the latter being Livy. During his life time he published quite extensively, including dramas, an autobiography, a work in defence of Cicero, histories of Rome, Carthage and Etruria, and a book on dice. His first public office (besides an augurship under Augustus was at the age of 47 years when the new emperor, Gaius (Caligula made him a consul for two months. The Knights and a section of Senate now warmed towards Claudius, but Gaius and the majority of aristocratic Romans still despised him as dull-witted. After the assassination of Gaius, the Praetorian Guard in an extraordinary step, proclaimed a protesting Claudius (50 years old as emperor, and convinced an astounded Senate to endorse

  9. Relation between change of hearing and (modified) Amsterdam Inventory for Auditory Disability and Handicap Score

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meijer, AGW; Wit, HP; Albers, FWJ


    This study investigates the test-retest distributions and the interval for true score change of the (modified) Amsterdam Inventory for Auditory Disability and Handicap [(m)AIAD], when the latter is used to measure the effect of an intervention. In a previous study the reliability and validity of the

  10. Validation of the Swedish Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (Screening Version) and Evaluation of Its Effect in Hearing Aid Rehabilitation. (United States)

    Öberg, Maria


    Self-reports of subjective hearing difficulties by people with hearing loss may be a useful complement to audiometry in hearing aid rehabilitation. To be useful, such self-reports need to be reliable. This study investigated the reliability and the validity of the Swedish Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (Screening Version; HHIE-S). Sixty-nine participants completed a questionnaire before hearing aid rehabilitation. Of these individuals, 49 completed hearing aid rehabilitation (aged between 23 and 94 years), and 41 of these 49 participants completed the questionnaire after completing the rehabilitation. The Swedish HHIE-S exhibited good internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha coefficient of .77). The questionnaire was effective for evaluating hearing aid rehabilitation, and a statistically significant reduction in hearing difficulties was observed. The clinicians found the questionnaire easy to administer and effective in hearing aid rehabilitation. The findings from the study support the use of the HHIE-S in clinical practice.

  11. Materials on Creative Arts (Arts, Crafts, Dance, Drama, Music, Bibliotherapy) for Persons with Handicapping Conditions. Revised. (United States)

    American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Washington, DC. Information and Research Utilization Center.

    Intended as a resource guide for persons who include such subjects as arts, crafts, dance, and music in programs for the handicapped, resources are listed for printed materials, audiovisual materials, resource persons and organizations, and material and equipment suppliers. Brief literature reviews sum up the state of the art in the specific art…

  12. Use of powered electric vehicles in automobile fleets. Help elements for decision; Utilisation de vehicules electriques dans les flottes automobiles. Elements d`aide a la decision

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    One of the primary causes of degradation in the quality of urban life is automobile transportation. The introduction of electric vehicles within automobile fleets can help mitigate some of the associated impacts. This guide has assembled a set of technical tools vital to all fleet managers, whether they be with public-sector agencies or companies, who are involved in vehicle-purchasing decisions. It deals with the specific issues related to the use, maintenance and acquisition of electric vehicles. Besides those elements intended to convince both decision-makers and users alike, the automobile fleet manager will find herein, as a conclusion, some examples of comparative economic assessments. These serve to highlight the opportunities available for using electric vehicles in a wide variety of situations. (authors) 18 refs.

  13. [Complex voice assessment--Polish version of the Voice Handicap Index (VHI)]. (United States)

    Pruszewicz, Antoni; Obrebowski, Andrzej; Wiskirska-Woźnica, Bozena; Wojnowski, Waldemar


    The aim of this work was to present own modification of Jacobson's The Voice Handicap Index, the self-estimation scale of the voice as a one part of the complex voice evaluation. The VHI contains three groups of questions of physical, emotional and functional subscales, which specify complaints during phonation scored in 4 points (0-4). The presented our own modification of the VHI may be useful in everyday clinical practice.

  14. A Pilot Study of Language Facilitation for Bilingual, Language-Handicapped Children: Theoretical and Intervention Implications. (United States)

    Perozzi, Joseph A.


    A within-subject design involving three Spanish speaking and three English speaking preschoolers with language handicaps provided support for the practice of initial language intervention in the native language when bilingualism is a goal and for transference/facilitation theories of second language learning. (CL)

  15. A knowledge-based system for controlling automobile traffic (United States)

    Maravas, Alexander; Stengel, Robert F.


    Transportation network capacity variations arising from accidents, roadway maintenance activity, and special events as well as fluctuations in commuters' travel demands complicate traffic management. Artificial intelligence concepts and expert systems can be useful in framing policies for incident detection, congestion anticipation, and optimal traffic management. This paper examines the applicability of intelligent route guidance and control as decision aids for traffic management. Basic requirements for managing traffic are reviewed, concepts for studying traffic flow are introduced, and mathematical models for modeling traffic flow are examined. Measures for quantifying transportation network performance levels are chosen, and surveillance and control strategies are evaluated. It can be concluded that automated decision support holds great promise for aiding the efficient flow of automobile traffic over limited-access roadways, bridges, and tunnels.

  16. The the presentation of the model and primary index for identification and measuring the effective factors on customer satisfaction and loyalty in the automobile industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nastaran Dehghani Samani


    Full Text Available Awareness of the customer satisfaction always been a scientific and practical major issue in the marketing because of it’s the cause of loyalty. This study aimed to identifying factors that influence the customer satisfaction in the automobile industry and eventually provided a model. Therefore, after reading the relevant literature, the variables were determined and 11 hypothesis assigned. For data gathering used a questionnaire which completed by the staff of the Central Bank. Data analyzed with the technique of structural equation modeling and used the LISREL and SPSS software. The results showed that the index and model for measuring customer satisfaction in the automotive industry, is appropriate. Factors affecting customer satisfaction can be expressed this way: quality, expectations, perceived value, image But service had no effect on satisfaction. In addition, satisfaction, was a factor that had the most influence on customer loyalty.

  17. New techniques of the mechanical properties assessment for Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) in automobile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fang Jian [Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shanghai (China)


    Based on the mathematical polynomial and differentiate processing onto tensile stress-strain curve, the experimental technique to monitor the trace of working hardening exponent against strain was established, with the hope of linking the characterization of the mechanical properties to the insight into the microstructure behavior of AHSS. The features of a significant strain hardening peak with slow decaying followed was obtained existing on the n value trace of strain during uniform deformation, which may be the predominant contribution to the outstanding combination of strength and plasticity of AHSS. In comparison, for conventional high strength steel as quench and temper prepared, the form of n value trace was changed into the monotonous decreasing tendency within overall uniform extension. As regards the dynamic loading response of AHSS, the recorded impact force-displacement curve by instrumented impact testing with characteristic force points subdivided the absorbed impact energy into distinct components, corresponding to the crack initiation and propagation. Combined with the quasi static tensile, the concept of toughness parameters including J{sub d}, J-{delta}a and so-called ''local strain toughness, LST'' were proposed, which implies that the stable plastic deformation and pronounced energy consumption may lead to the excellent material response against cracking and rupture under various loading conditions. (orig.)

  18. Technology Demonstration of General Black box Standard for Automobiles (GBSA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kishor R


    Full Text Available GBSA is an upcoming proposal towards Automobile industry and to the federal governing bodies around the world. Here we are intent to create a disciplinary system to save city sons from accident death and to abolish insurance piracy. The proposal is actually developed from the loss of mankind in society but pulled by technology and humanity facts..

  19. 76 FR 61779 - Agency Information Collection (Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive... (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS Agency Information Collection (Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive... refer to ``OMB Control No. 2900-0067.'' SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title: Application for Automobile or..., servicepersons and their survivors complete VA Form 21-4502 to apply for automobile or other conveyance...

  20. Image and Video Processing for Visually Handicapped People

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dimitrios Tzovaras


    Full Text Available This paper reviews the state of the art in the field of assistive devices for sight-handicapped people. It concentrates in particular on systems that use image and video processing for converting visual data into an alternate rendering modality that will be appropriate for a blind user. Such alternate modalities can be auditory, haptic, or a combination of both. There is thus the need for modality conversion, from the visual modality to another one; this is where image and video processing plays a crucial role. The possible alternate sensory channels are examined with the purpose of using them to present visual information to totally blind persons. Aids that are either already existing or still under development are then presented, where a distinction is made according to the final output channel. Haptic encoding is the most often used by means of either tactile or combined tactile/kinesthetic encoding of the visual data. Auditory encoding may lead to low-cost devices, but there is need to handle high information loss incurred when transforming visual data to auditory one. Despite a higher technical complexity, audio/haptic encoding has the advantage of making use of all available user's sensory channels.

  1. Image and Video Processing for Visually Handicapped People

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bologna Guido


    Full Text Available This paper reviews the state of the art in the field of assistive devices for sight-handicapped people. It concentrates in particular on systems that use image and video processing for converting visual data into an alternate rendering modality that will be appropriate for a blind user. Such alternate modalities can be auditory, haptic, or a combination of both. There is thus the need for modality conversion, from the visual modality to another one; this is where image and video processing plays a crucial role. The possible alternate sensory channels are examined with the purpose of using them to present visual information to totally blind persons. Aids that are either already existing or still under development are then presented, where a distinction is made according to the final output channel. Haptic encoding is the most often used by means of either tactile or combined tactile/kinesthetic encoding of the visual data. Auditory encoding may lead to low-cost devices, but there is need to handle high information loss incurred when transforming visual data to auditory one. Despite a higher technical complexity, audio/haptic encoding has the advantage of making use of all available user's sensory channels.

  2. Okoliš i automobil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nada Štrumberger


    Full Text Available Constant increase of the number of automobiles causes demand for individual materials to get on the rise, thus giving an impulse to the development of recycling logistics. Used automobiles get disassembled and individual parts which can be used as raw materials or additives get recycled. Automobile tires can be reclaimed or vulcanized. In July 1978 the environmental-friendly "Blauer Engel" or "Blue Angel" symbol was first introduced for reclaimed tires. Later, emblems were introduced for other recycled automobile pans. The awarding of the emblem is being controlled and approved by authorized institutes, because the emblem rightfully designates traffic safety.

  3. A Practicum-Based Teacher Training Program for Preschool Handicapped Children. Final Report. (United States)

    Colarusso, Ronald P.

    Described in the final report is a 3-year project which prepared 25 teachers at Master's degree level in a practicum based teacher training program for preschool handicapped children. Stressed are the program's objective of developing effective teachers able to cope with behavioral and educational problems irrespective of purported etiologies or…

  4. Wireless hydrotherapy smart suit for monitoring handicapped people (United States)

    Correia, Jose H.; Mendes, Paulo M.


    This paper presents a smart suit, water impermeable, containing sensors and electronics for monitoring handicapped people at hydrotherapy sessions in swimming-pools. For integration into textiles, electronic components should be designed in a functional, robust and inexpensive way. Therefore, small-size electronics microsystems are a promising approach. The smart suit allows the monitoring of individual biometric data, such as heart rate, temperature and movement of the body. Two solutions for transmitting the data wirelessly are presented: through a low-voltage (3.0 V), low-power, CMOS RF IC (1.6 mm x 1.5 mm size dimensions) operating at 433 MHz, with ASK modulation and a patch antenna built on lossy substrates compatible with integrated circuits fabrication. Two different substrates were used for antenna implementation: high-resistivity silicon (HRS) and Corning Pyrex #7740 glass. The antenna prototypes were built to operate close to the 5 GHz ISM band. They operate at a center frequency of 5.705 GHz (HRS) and 5.995 GHz (Pyrex). The studied parameters were: substrate thickness, substrate losses, oxide thickness, metal conductivity and thickness. The antenna on HRS uses an area of 8 mm2, providing a 90 MHz bandwidth and ~0.3 dBi of gain. On a glass substrate, the antenna uses 12 mm2, provides 100 MHz bandwidth and ~3 dBi of gain.

  5. Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of the Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    faezeh asadollahpour


    Full Text Available Introduction: The Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI is one of the instruments used for measuring a dysphagic patient’s self-assessment. In some ways, it reflects the patient’s quality of life. Although it has been recognized and widely applied in English speaking populations, it has not been used in its present forms in Persian speaking countries. The purpose of this study was to adapt a Persian version of the DHI and to evaluate its validity, consistency, and reliability in the Persian population with oropharyngeal dysphagia.   Materials and Methods: Some stages for cross-cultural adaptation were performed, which consisted in translation, synthesis, back translation, review by an expert committee, and final proof reading. The generated Persian DHI was administered to 85 patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia and 89 control subjects at Zahedan city between May 2013 and August 2013. The patients and control subjects answered the same questionnaire 2 weeks later to verify the test-retest reliability. Internal consistency and test-retest reliability were evaluated. The results of the patients and the control group were compared.   Results: The Persian DHI showed good internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha coefficients range from 0.82 to 0.94. Also, good test-retest reliability was found for the total scores of the Persian DHI (r=0.89. There was a significant difference between the DHI scores of the control group and those of the oropharyngeal dysphagia group (P‹0.001.   Conclusion:  The Persian version of the DHI achieved Face and translation validity. This study demonstrated that the Persian DHI is a valid tool for self-assessment of the handicapping effects of dysphagia on the physical, functional, and emotional aspects of patient life and can be a useful tool for screening and treatment planning for the Persian-speaking dysphagic patients, regardless of the cause or the severity of the dysphagia.

  6. (Handicapped) caregiver: the social representations of family members about the caregiving process. (United States)

    de Azevedo, Gisele Regina; Santos, Vera Lúcia Conceição de Gouveia


    This study aimed to analyze what looking after physically disabled persons with spinal cord injury by trauma means to their caregivers and family members. The analysis of the testimony of eight caregivers, obtained in open interviews, which was methodologically based on the Social Representations Theory (SR), pointed out two main routes: coping with the suffering process in care practice and the troubled waters that permeate this suffering process. These two routes, characterized as SR Central Core and Peripheral System, respectively, consisted of themes like the way of looking at impairment, affectivity, religiosity, social-economical changes and (lack of) technical and institutional support. The results show a handicapped caregiver dedicated to look after someone who is physically disabled, considered incapacitated, and who leads his or her chores with distress and privations, based on guilt and religiosity, supported by ambiguous affection and affected by deteriorating social-economical changes and (lack of) technical and institutional support to practice an activity that implies so many peculiarities. The transformation alternatives of these caregivers' daily life principally lead to a symbiosis of disability with the patient - to live for the physically disabled - or yet, for a few, a sketch to restart personal life projects - to live with the physically disabled.

  7. The Review of Design Methods for Lightweight of Automobile Structure%汽车结构的轻量化设计方法综述

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李传博; 谢然; 郭琳


    Lightweight of automobile structure is important for vehicle emissions reduction and fuel consumption. It can be realized by using lightweight-high-strength materials, relative advanced forming process for automobile structure parts, connection technology and structure optimization or other innovation methods. This article describes a few representative research projects on automotive structural lightweight; elaborates the use of high strength steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, plastics and other lightweight- high-strength materials in the lightweight of body structure; analyzes advanced forming process for new materials, such as tailored blanks, hydraulic and pneumatic forming, hot stamping, and advanced connectivity technology of the self-pierce riveting. It also presents the relative methods for structural optimization and innovative design. Finally, it prospects the development trend of design method for lightweight of automobile structure.%汽车结构轻量化对降低汽车排放和油耗具有重要意义.文章介绍了汽车结构轻量化的几个代表性研究项目;对高强度钢板、铝镁合金及塑料等轻质高强度材料在车身结构轻量化中的应用进行了阐述;围绕新材料的先进成形工艺,如激光拼焊板、液压和气压成形,热冲压工艺等成形工艺,以及自冲铆接等先进连接工艺进行了分析;同时还介绍了有关的汽车结构优化和创新设计方法,最后对汽车结构轻量化设计方法的发展动向进行了展望.

  8. Handicapped Infants and Euthanasia: A Challenge to Our Advocacy. (United States)

    Smith, J. David


    The issue of pediatric euthanasia for handicapped newborns is examined and contrasting viewpoints emphasizing the quality and the sanctity of life are considered. The author asserts that advocacy for handicapped children involves decisions regarding the euthanasia question. (CL)

  9. The handicap process favors exaggerated, rather than reduced, sexual ornaments. (United States)

    Tazzyman, Samuel J; Iwasa, Yoh; Pomiankowski, Andrew


    Why are traits that function as secondary sexual ornaments generally exaggerated in size compared to the naturally selected optimum, and not reduced? Because they deviate from the naturally selected optimum, traits that are reduced in size will handicap their bearer, and could thus provide an honest signal of quality to a potential mate. Thus if secondary sexual ornaments evolve via the handicap process, current theory suggests that reduced ornamentation should be as frequent as exaggerated ornamentation, but this is not the case. To try to explain this discrepancy, we analyze a simple model of the handicap process. Our analysis shows that asymmetries in costs of preference or ornament with regard to exaggeration and reduction cannot fully explain the imbalance. Rather, the bias toward exaggeration can be best explained if either the signaling efficacy or the condition dependence of a trait increases with size. Under these circumstances, evolution always leads to more extreme exaggeration than reduction: although the two should occur just as frequently, exaggerated secondary sexual ornaments are likely to be further removed from the naturally selected optimum than reduced ornaments.

  10. Recreational drug use and fluctuating asymmetry: testing the handicap principle. (United States)

    Borkowska, Barbara; Pawlowski, Boguslaw


    Zahavi's handicap principle suggests that only organisms with good genetic quality can afford to engage in costly behaviors. Recreational drug use can be harmful to one's health and therefore might be viewed as a costly signal of one's genetic quality. One of the measurements of genetic quality is bodily symmetry assessed by fluctuating asymmetry. If unhealthy drug use is a behavioral example of Zahavi's handicap principle, then men who use different stimulants or recreational drugs should be more symmetrical than men who do not use them at all or use them only in low quantity. The aim of this study was to examine the relationships between drug use and fluctuating asymmetry. The subjects were 190 young women and 202 young men. Six bilaterally symmetrical traits were measured: length of II-V digits, wrist breadth, and ear height. Questionnaires included questions about smoking, alcohol drinking, drug use, and designer drug use. There was no relationship between bodily symmetry and smoking frequency, alcohol drinking frequency, drug or designer drug use, total substance use, age of smoking initiation, or reason of this initiation. The results indicate that drug use does not reflect genetic quality and does not necessarily relate to the handicap hypothesis.

  11. A Proposal for the Development of a Robot-Based Physical Distribution and Transportation Network for Urban Environments

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thompson, Mary Kathryn; Brooks, Andrew G.


    to the consideration of specialized systems for realizing quantum leaps in efficiency. We therefore propose a novel variant of an automated transportation system: a dedicated network of transportation robots for delivering small-to-medium scale physical objects within the range of commuter automobiles for use...

  12. The Professional Education of Handicapped People in Moscow: Opportunities and Obstacles (United States)

    Chadova, T. A.


    In Moscow, one priority area of urban social policy has focused on the formation of equal opportunities for handicapped people and those with impaired health in the process of their integration into all spheres of life and activity, including professional education. The year 2009 was declared to be the Year of Equal Opportunities. The…

  13. Speech intelligibility index predictions for young and old listeners in automobile noise: Can the index be improved by incorporating factors other than absolute threshold? (United States)

    Saweikis, Meghan; Surprenant, Aimée M.; Davies, Patricia; Gallant, Don


    While young and old subjects with comparable audiograms tend to perform comparably on speech recognition tasks in quiet environments, the older subjects have more difficulty than the younger subjects with recognition tasks in degraded listening conditions. This suggests that factors other than an absolute threshold may account for some of the difficulty older listeners have on recognition tasks in noisy environments. Many metrics, including the Speech Intelligibility Index (SII), used to measure speech intelligibility, only consider an absolute threshold when accounting for age related hearing loss. Therefore these metrics tend to overestimate the performance for elderly listeners in noisy environments [Tobias et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 83, 859-895 (1988)]. The present studies examine the predictive capabilities of the SII in an environment with automobile noise present. This is of interest because people's evaluation of the automobile interior sound is closely linked to their ability to carry on conversations with their fellow passengers. The four studies examine whether, for subjects with age related hearing loss, the accuracy of the SII can be improved by incorporating factors other than an absolute threshold into the model. [Work supported by Ford Motor Company.

  14. American Automobile and Light Truck Statistics Update (United States)

    Feldman, Bernard J.


    Given that transportation is an essential topic in any Physics and Society or Energy course, it is necessary to have useful statistics on transportation in order to have a reasoned discussion on this topic. And a major component of the transportation picture is the automobile. This paper presents updated transportation statistics for American…

  15. Estimating the Costs of Educating Handicapped Children: A Resource-Cost Model Approach-Summary Report. (United States)

    Hartman, William T.


    The resource cost model approach makes the programmatic aspects of special education explicit and links these with associated costs. It facilitates planning for education of handicapped children. An effective cost estimation plan was necessary because of recent political and legal mandates which established the educational rights of the…

  16. Comparison of energy-storage devices for use in future automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    O' Connell, L.G.


    The Transportation System Research Program of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) conducted a study over a four year period to determine which energy-storage devices and their associated propulsion systems are likely to be capable of providing credible alternatives to current type automotive propulsion systems between now and the year 2000. It was found that a complete spectrum of automotive performance levels can be achieved by energy storage automobiles during this time period. These range from automobiles with general-purpose performance equivalent to internal combustion engine (ICE) performance to performance suitable for vehicles with specific missions. These automobiles will likely be more expensive to purchase than their ICE counterparts. Large scale introduction of such vehicles can be constrained not only by the development of energy storage technology, but also by the abailability of the required manufacturing capability and service infrastructure.

  17. Nutritional Considerations for Severely Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Sobsey, Dick

    Children and adults with severe disabilities may have nutritional problems due to the effects of the primary disability (including such syndromes as phenylketonuria, galactosemia, and Hurler's Disease), effects related to medications (including anticonvulsants, tranquilizers, and laxatives), effects of food preferences (restrictive food…

  18. Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Voice Handicap Index into Croatian. (United States)

    Bonetti, Ana; Bonetti, Luka


    This article presents preliminary results of cultural adaptation and validation of the Croatian version of Voice Handicap Index (VHI). The translated version was completed by 38 subjects with voice disorders and 30 subjects without voice complaints. Compared with the subjects in the control group, subjects with voice disorders had significantly higher average total VHI score and scores in each of the three VHI domains (functional, physical, and emotional). Cronbach alpha for total VHI was .94, and coefficients obtained for the three VHI subscales were as follows: α = .87 for functional, α = .88 for physical, and α = .85 for emotional subscales. Intraclass correlation coefficient estimation was also high, for both total VHI (0.92) and subscales (0.85 for functional subscale, 0.87 for physical subscale, and 0.81 for emotional subscale). The overall VHI score positively correlated with auditory perceived grade of dysphonia. In the group with voice disorders, age was not correlated to the total VHI or the subscales. Also, there was no significant difference between male and female voice subjects in total VHI or the subscales. Preliminary findings of this research indicate that the Croatian VHI could provide a reliable and clinically valid measure of patient's current perception of voice problem and its reflection on the quality of life.





    Factors which contribute the appearance of handicaps are numerous and complex. By their nature they are inherited or determined by factors of outer environment, mostly as a result of interaction of both. In the broad sense the genetic factors are located in 46 chromosomes in the human cell, before all in the female and male fertilized cell e.i. the genes located in the chromosomes which determine the function of the central nervous system. The chromosome aberrations e.i. the visible aberratio...

  20. Six changes with the new Regulations on Automobile Loans

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    <正> On Aug 16, 2004, the People’s Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) jointly issued the new version of the Regulations on Automobile Loans. Due to be put into implementation on Oct 1, the new Regulations change radically compared with the previous version in terms of creditors, possible borrowers, rate of down payments, loan periods, etc.

  1. An Experimental Investigation of the Flow Over the Rear End of a Notchback Automobile Configuration (United States)

    Jenkins, Luther N.


    An experimental investigation of the flow over the rear end of a 0.16 scale notchback automobile configuration has been conducted in the NASA Langley Basic Aerodynamics Research Tunnel (BART). The objective of this work was to investigate the flow separation that occurs behind the backlight and obtain experimental data that can be used to understand the physics and time-averaged structure of the flow field. A three-component laser velocimeter was used to make non-intrusive, velocity measurements in the center plane and in a single cross-flow plane over the decklid. In addition to off-body measurements, flow conditions on the car surface were documented via surface flow visualization, boundary layer measurements, and surface pressures. The experimental data show several features previously identified by other researchers, but also reveal differences between the flow field associated with this particular configuration and the generally accepted models for the flow over a notchback rear end.

  2. Performance evaluation of effluent treatment plant for automobile industry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ansari, Farid [Department of Applied Science and Humanities, PDM College of Engineering, Bahadurgarh (Haryana) (India); Pandey, Yashwant K. [School of Energy and Environmental Studies, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (India); Kumar, P.; Pandey, Priyanka [Department of Environmental Science, Post Graduate College Ghazipur (IN


    The automobile industry’s wastewater not only contains high levels of suspended and total solids such as oil, grease, dyestuff, chromium, phosphate in washing products, and coloring, at various stages of manufacturing but also, a significant amount of dissolved organics, resulting in high BOD or COD loads. The study reveals the performance, evaluation and operational aspects of effluent treatment plant and its treatability, rather than the contamination status of the real property. The Results revealed that the treated effluent shows most of the parameters are within permissible limits of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India and based on the site visits, discussion with operation peoples, evaluation of process design, treatment system, existing effluent discharge, results of sample analyzed and found that effluent treatment plant of automobile industry are under performance satisfactory.

  3. The impact of vocal rehabilitation on quality of life and voice handicap in patients with total laryngectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Tiple


    Full Text Available Background: Health-related quality of life (HRQL and voice handicap index (VHI of laryngectomies seem to be relevant regarding voice rehabilitation. The aim of this study is to assess the impact on HRQL and VHI of laryngectomies, following voice rehabilitation. Materials and Methods: A retrospective study done at the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department of the Emergency County Hospital. Sixty-five laryngectomees were included in this study, of which 62 of them underwent voice rehabilitation. Voice handicap and QOL were assessed using the QOL questionnaires developed by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC; variables used were functional scales (physical, role, cognitive, emotional, and social, symptom scales (fatigue, pain, and nausea and vomiting, global QOL scale (pain, swallowing, senses, speech, social eating, social contact, and sexuality, and the functional, physical, and emotional aspects of the voice handicap (one-way ANOVA test. Results: The mean age of the patients was 59.22 (standard deviation = 9.00 years. A total of 26 (40% patients had moderate VHI (between 31 and 60 and 39 (60% patients had severe VHI (higher than 61. Results of the HRQL questionnaires showed that patients who underwent speech therapy obtained better scores in most scales (P = 0.000. Patients with esophageal voice had a high score for functional scales compared with or without other voice rehabilitation methods (P = 0.07, and the VHI score for transesophageal prosthesis was improved after an adjustment period. The global health status and VHI scores showed a statistically significant correlation between speaker groups. Conclusion: The EORTC and the VHI questionnaires offer more information regarding life after laryngectomy.

  4. Process for the separation and recovery of palladium and platinum from spent automobile catalyst leach liquor using LIX 84I and Alamine 336. (United States)

    Reddy, B Ramachandra; Raju, B; Lee, Jin Young; Park, Hyung Kyu


    Spent catalysts from automobile industry contain environmentally critical and economically valuable metals such as Pt, Pd, Fe, Ni, Mn, and Cr. In this paper, we present a process for the selective separation and complete recovery of palladium (Pd) and platinum (Pt) from hydrochloric acid leach liquors of spent automobile catalyst employing solvent extraction method. Typical composition of leach liquor used for the present study contains (mg/L): Pd-150, Pt-550, Mn-500, Ni-1000, Fe-1500, Cr-100 and 3 M HCl. Selective separation of Pd from the leach liquor is achieved with 0.5 vol.% LIX 84I (2-hydroxy-5-nonylacetophenone oxime in a mixture with a high flash point hydrocarbon diluent) in kerosene at an aqueous to organic (A/O) ratio of 3 in 2 stages, with an enrichment factor of three. Quantitative stripping of Pd from loaded organic is achieved with 0.5 M thiourea and 1 M HCl. Co-extraction of Fe and Pt with 5 vol.% Alamine 336 (tertiary amine of mixed tri-octyl/decyl amine) in kerosene followed by selective scrubbing of Fe with dilute HCl and complete stripping of Pt from loaded organic was proposed with 0.5 M thiourea and 0.1 M HCl. Purity of Pd and Pt strip solutions are 99.7%. Finally, the present process can solve environmental related issues and at the same time recover valuable metals in pure form.

  5. Hopes in the Crisis——Chinese Automobile Market in the World Auto manufacturing Industry Shuffle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Gao Shurong


    @@ Global automobile markets shuffle against the economic crisis The economic crisis spread rapidly around the world,making automobile industry one of the victims who are shocked hardest,leading to an industrial shuffle in global automobile industry.USA,EU and Japan,the traditional top three leading countries in global automobile industry,could not have their lucks to escape from the crisis.The weak global automobile market forces these transnational auto companies to be more cautious about the future than ever.As reflected in the latest performance reports,though governments took measures to maintain the market,the sharp decline in global automobile sales volume continued in the first quarter.Automobile market bottomed out in the second quarter.US auto industrywas affected the most,with two out of the top three manufacturers getting bankrupt and regrouped.

  6. The EU Offshore Safety Directive and its potential effects. Opportunity or handicap?; Die EU Offshore Safety Directive und ihre moeglichen Auswirkungen. Chance oder Handicap?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schwiederowski, Claudia [RWE Dea AG, Hamburg (Germany)


    The purpose of the EU Offshore Safety Directive, which took effect on 18 July 2013, is to define minimum requirements for the prevention of severe accidents in connection with offshore crude oil or natural gas activities of any kind and the containment of the follow-on effects of such accidents. This is without question a logical consequence of the offshore incidents seen around the globe over the past decades. An interesting question in this context is for whom the EU Offshore Safety Directive has become an opportunity and for whom a handicap. [German] Ziel der am 18. Juli 2013 in Kraft getretenen EU Offshore Safety Direktive ist die Festlegung von Mindestanforderungen fuer die Verhinderung schwerer Unfaelle bei Offshore-Erdoel- bzw. - Erdgasaktivitaeten und die Begrenzung etwaiger Unfallfolgen. Nach den weltweiten Offshore- Ereignissen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte ist dies ohne Zweifel eine logische Entwicklung. Nun stellt sich die Frage: Fuer wen entwickelt sich die EU Offshore Safety Directive zur Chance, fuer wen zum Handicap?.

  7. The 'Overly-Broad' Selden Patent, Henry Ford and Development in the Early US Automobile Industry

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Howells, John; Katznelson, Ron D

    A current policy concern is that the alleged uncertainty over the enforceability of “overly-broad” patents of “dubious validity” may retard innovation. We take the Selden patent on the automobile as a classic of this type of patent. We review the evidence of commercial development during its term...... not support the broad construction of those claims. Ford’s and the Ford Motor Co.’s confidence in their understanding was powerfully illustrated by their Company’s public offer to indemnify purchasers of Ford automobiles against the threatened suits for infringement under the Selden patent. This and other...

  8. Ethanol as an Alternative Fuel for Automobiles: Using the First Law of Thermodynamics to Calculate the "Corn-Area-per-Car" Ratio (United States)

    Pietro, William J.


    Students will use the first law of thermodynamics to determine the feasibility of using corn ethanol as an alternative to fossil fuels in automobiles. Energy flow is tracked from the Sun, to photosynthesized carbohydrate, to ethanol through fermentation, and finally to work in the combustion engine. Feasibility is gauged by estimating a…

  9. 38 CFR 21.58 - Redetermination of employment handicap and serious employment handicap. (United States)


    ... employment handicap and serious employment handicap. 21.58 Section 21.58 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans... of employment handicap and serious employment handicap. (a) Prior to induction into a program. A determination as to employment handicap, serious employment handicap, or eligibility for a program of...

  10. The Modification of Educational Equipment and Curriculum for Maximum Utilization by Physically Disabled Persons. Educational and School Equipment for Physically Disabled Students. (United States)

    Yuker, Harold E.; And Others

    Special education and school equipment for handicapped students, particularly for those in wheel chairs, are outlined with suggestions for increasing the quality and effectiveness of special education instruction. Guidelines are given for the provision of an adequate learning environment for handicapped students. Special furniture and equipment is…

  11. Organizational and economic aspects of benchmarking innovative products at the automobile industry enterprises

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.M. Taraniuk


    Full Text Available The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to determine the nature and characteristics of the use of benchmarking in the activity of domestic enterprises of automobile industry under current economic conditions. The results of the analysis. The article identified the concept of benchmarking, examining the stages of benchmarking, determination the efficiency of benchmarking in work automakers. It is considered the historical aspects of the emergence of benchmarking method in world economics. It is determined the economic aspects of the benchmarking in the work of enterprise automobile industry. The analysis on the stages of benchmarking of innovative products in the modern development of the productive forces and the impact of market factors on the economic activities of companies, including in the enterprise of automobile industry. The attention is focused on the specifics of implementing benchmarking at companies of automobile industry. It is considered statistics number of owners of electric vehicles worldwide. The authors researched market of electric vehicles in Ukraine. Also, it is considered the need of benchmarking using to improve the competitiveness of the national automobile industry especially CJSC “Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant”. Authors suggested reasonable steps for its improvement. The authors improved methodical approach to assessing the selection of vehicles with the best technical parameters based on benchmarking, which, unlike the existing ones, based on the calculation of the integral factor of technical specifications of vehicles in order to establish better competitive products of companies automobile industry among evaluated. The main indicators of the national production of electric vehicles are shown. Attention is paid to the development of important ways of CJSC “Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant”, where authors established the aspects that need to pay attention in the management of the

  12. Nutritional Needs of the Child with a Handicap or Chronic Illness. Manual II: Clinical Nutrition. Presentations from a National Interdisciplinary Symposium. (United States)

    Ekvall, Shirley M.; Wheby, Elizabeth A.

    The following papers were presented at a symposium on clinical nutrition for the child who is chronically ill or handicapped: (1) "Food Allergy"; (2) "Anemia and the Chronically Ill or Handicapped Child"; (3) "Nutrition and Neurotransmitters--Clinical Implications"; (4) "The Importance of Lipid Type in the Diet after Burn Injury"; (5) "Advances of…

  13. 38 CFR 21.51 - Determining employment handicap. (United States)


    ... handicap. 21.51 Section 21.51 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS.... Chapter 31 Initial and Extended Evaluation § 21.51 Determining employment handicap. For the purposes of § 21.50, an employment handicap will be found to exist only if a CP or VRC determines that...

  14. Optimization of Thermoelectric Components for Automobile Waste Heat Recovery Systems (United States)

    Kumar, Sumeet; Heister, Stephen D.; Xu, Xianfan; Salvador, James R.


    For a typical spark ignition engine approximately 40% of available thermal energy is lost as hot exhaust gas. To improve fuel economy, researchers are currently evaluating technology which exploits exhaust stream thermal power by use of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) that operate on the basis of the Seebeck effect. A 5% improvement in fuel economy, achieved by use of TEG output power, is a stated objective for light-duty trucks and personal automobiles. System modeling of thermoelectric (TE) components requires solution of coupled thermal and electric fluxes through the n and p-type semiconductor legs, given appropriate thermal boundary conditions at the junctions. Such applications have large thermal gradients along the semiconductor legs, and material properties are highly dependent on spatially varying temperature profiles. In this work, one-dimensional heat flux and temperature variations across thermoelectric legs were solved by using an iterative numerical approach to optimize both TE module and TEG designs. Design traits were investigated by assuming use of skutterudite as a thermoelectric material with potential for automotive applications in which exhaust gas and heat exchanger temperatures typically vary from 100°C to over 600°C. Dependence of leg efficiency, thermal fluxes and electric power generation on leg geometry, fill fractions, electric current, thermal boundary conditions, etc., were studied in detail. Optimum leg geometries were computed for a variety of automotive exhaust conditions.

  15. Solar powered automobile automation for heatstroke prevention (United States)

    Singh, Navtej Swaroop; Sharma, Ishan; Jangid, Santosh


    Heatstroke inside a car has been critical problem in every part of the world. Non-exertional heat stroke results from exposure to a high environmental temperature. Exertional heat stroke happens from strenuous exercise. This paper presents a solution for this fatal problem and proposes an embedded solution, which is cost effective and shows the feasibility in implementation. The proposed system consists of information sharing platform, interfacing of sensors, Global System Mobile (GSM), real time monitoring system and the system is powered by the solar panel. The system has been simulated and tested with experimental setup.

  16. Mind the Gap: The Vicious Circle of Measuring Automobile Fuel Use

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Figueroa, Maria; author), L. Schipper (main; Price, L.


    of OECD countries. We comment briefly on the impact of these gaps on econometric estimates of the price and income elasticities of automobile fuel use. We show that improper use of the circularity often leads to gross errors in estimating fuel intensity and other indicators of energy use for personal...

  17. Voice handicap in singers. (United States)

    Murry, Thomas; Zschommler, Anne; Prokop, Jan


    The study aimed to determine the differences in responses to the Voice Handicap Index (VHI-10) between singers and nonsingers and to evaluate the ranked order differences of the VHI-10 statements for both groups. The VHI-10 was modified to include statements related to the singing voice for comparison to the original VHI-10. Thirty-five nonsingers with documented voice disorders responded to the VHI-10. A second group, consisting of 35 singers with voice complaints, responded to the VHI-10 with three statements added specifically addressing the singing voice. Data from both groups were analyzed in terms of overall subject self-rating of voice handicap and the rank order of statements from least to most important. The difference between the mean VHI-10 for the singers and nonsingers was not statistically significant, thus, supporting the validity of the VHI-10. However, the 10 statements were ranked differently in terms of their importance by both groups. In addition, when three statements related specifically to the singing voice were substituted in the original VHI-10, the singers judged their voice problem to be more severe than when using the original VHI-10. The type of statements used to assess self-perception of voice handicap may be related to the subject population. Singers with voice problems do not rate their voices to be more handicapped than nonsingers unless statements related specifically to singing are included.

  18. Public health, autonomous automobiles, and the rush to market. (United States)

    Kelley, Ben


    The USA has the worst motor vehicle safety problem among high-income countries and is pressing forward with the development of autonomous automobiles to address it. Government guidance and regulation, still inadequate, will be critical to the safety of the public. The analysis of this public health problem in the USA reveals the key factors that will determine the benefits and risks of autonomous vehicles around the world.

  19. The Inherited Traditional Culture of Automobile Molding DNA Design Research

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Song Qiang


    Full Text Available Design of automobile modeling DNA is the core that makes enterprises establish a good and unique brand image to win on market. This paper described the definition and meaning of production DNA, also discussed the composition of production DNA and researched the design ideas of production DNA from both macro and micro aspects. Finally, it recommended would research the traditional culture into the past, present and future of three periods, explored the idea of traditional culture that the automobile modeling DNA inherited under these three periods and analyzed with the red flag car as an example. This research provided a guideline to help automotive corporations to implement brand strategies, and helped to design autos with Chinese elements, sense of the times and fashion trends and can perform the modern mental outlook of Chinese people.

  20. The Correlation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory with Depression and Anxiety in Veterans with Tinnitus


    Jinwei Hu; Jane Xu; Matthew Streelman; Helen Xu; O’neil Guthrie


    Objective. The mechanisms of tinnitus are known to alter neuronal circuits in the brainstem and cortex, which are common to several comorbid conditions. This study examines the relationship between tinnitus and anxiety/depression. Subjects and Methods. Ninety-one male veterans with subjective tinnitus were enrolled in a Veterans Affairs Tinnitus Clinic. The Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) was used to assess tinnitus severity. ICD-9 codes for anxiety/depression were used to determine their p...

  1. The impact of fixed and variable cost on automobile demand: Evidence from Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mulalic, Ismir; Rouwendal, Jan


    and derive an expression for the full willingness to pay for characteristics that takes into account the impact on fixed as well as variable costs. We apply the model to the demand for automobiles using rich Danish register data. Estimation reveals considerable heterogeneity and a non-negligible contribution...

  2. Mould for the seal strip joint of automobile door%汽车车门头道密封条接角模设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The structure feature and forming process of the seal strip joint of an automobile door were analyzed, and then the whole structure and design feature of a mould for the shaping of the strip joint with variable cross-section were presented.%分析了汽车车门头道密封条接角部位的结构特点及成型工艺,针对制品变截面的特殊结构形式,详细介绍了接角模整体结构及其设计要点.模具结构有一定特色,可为其他同类汽车车门密封条接角模设计提供参考依据.

  3. [Partnership and role of the psychiatrist beside the mentally handicapped persons and their families]. (United States)

    Lecuyer, R


    Partnership and role of the psychiatrist beside the mentally handicapped persons and their families. The author analyses his 35 years long collaboration with parents and their associations, and the follow up of mentally handicapped persons themselves. The author questions:--the generalisation of debatable theories without enough explicativity, which makes difficult the "therapeutic alliance" with the parents--the deficiency of educative projects--the doubtful reactions from the responsibles of parents associations in the scientifical spheres, and their refusal to make up their mind with some incomplete results of education. However, the collaboration with most of the parents is usually efficient and pleasant. It seems difficult to manage the psychopedagogy with the toddlers and the polyhandicapped persons without them. Finally, the author insists on the necessity of a patient psychological preparing of the handicapped person, in order he becomes conscience of his difference. Argument for a reflexion about each one role and responsibility, for a real partner-ship, with harmony and complementarity.

  4. Development Trend of China’s Automobile Industry and the Opportunities and Challenges of Steels for Automobiles%中国汽车发展趋势及汽车用钢面临的机遇与挑战

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    康永林; 朱国明


    首先对中国汽车发展的现状与趋势进行了分析预测,2020年中国汽车产量可能达到3600万辆。伴随汽车迅速发展的同时,汽车用钢也面临安全、环境、资源、能源及成本等方面的挑战。中国汽车的高速增长和庞大的市场为汽车用钢的发展带来重大机遇,同时冶金行业也面临来自非钢材料的激烈竞争和用户方面的挑战。就汽车用钢的发展潜力和钢铁行业可能采取的应对方案进行了讨论,分析了近年汽车用高强钢合金含量的发展、新型高强钢的组织性能精细控制及应用技术、超高强双相钢及新型淬火配分钢的精细组织、冷轧高强钢中的纳米粒子析出控制、热成形钢的工艺与组织性能以及先进高强钢的成形应用技术等。最后,举例介绍了汽车用钢供应商的先期介入(EVI)服务体系的加强与完善。%Firstly, the current situation and development trend of China's automobile industry were analyzed and predict-ed, the auto production is likely to reach around 36 million in 2020. With the rapid development of auto, automotive steels are also facing challenges such as safety, environment, resource, energy, cost, and so on. The rapid growth of auto and huge market in China bring great opportunities for the development of automotive steel, while the metallurgical industry is also facing fierce competition from the non-steel material and challenges of users. The development potential of automo-tive steels and the response options that may be taken by steel industries are discussed. The recent development of alloy content in high strength automotive steels, the fine control and application technology of microstructure and properties in new high strength steel, the fine microstructure of ultra-high strength dual phase steel and quenching-partitioning steel, the control of nanoparticle precipitation in cold rolled high strength steel, the process and microstructure and

  5. Keep the driver in control: Automating automobiles of the future. (United States)

    Banks, Victoria A; Stanton, Neville A


    Automated automobiles will be on our roads within the next decade but the role of the driver has not yet been formerly recognised or designed. Rather, the driver is often left in a passive monitoring role until they are required to reclaim control from the vehicle. This research aimed to test the idea of driver-initiated automation, in which the automation offers decision support that can be either accepted or ignored. The test case examined a combination of lateral and longitudinal control in addition to an auto-overtake system. Despite putting the driver in control of the automated systems by enabling them to accept or ignore behavioural suggestions (e.g. overtake), there were still issues associated with increased workload and decreased trust. These issues are likely to have arisen due to the way in which the automated system has been designed. Recommendations for improvements in systems design have been made which are likely to improve trust and make the role of the driver more transparent concerning their authority over the automated system.

  6. The Development of Concepts of Handicap in Adolescence: A Cross-Cultural Study-Part I. (United States)

    Doherty, Jim; Obani, Tim


    Reports the results of quasi-experimental study of 155 Nigerian and 151 British boys' and girls' understanding of handicaps. Presents information regarding the content of the questionnaire, which posed both direct and indirect questions regarding causality, effects, rehabilitation and interaction of handicapped persons. (JDH)

  7. The structural rationalization of post-warJapanese automobile industry and its significance for China%战后日本汽车工业的产业组织合理化及其借鉴

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    曾昭诚; 成志明


    本文在详细分析日本汽车工业产业组织合理化经验的基础上,分析了我国汽车工业的产业组织现状,对我国汽车工业产业组织合理化的目标、步骤及其形式作了一些探讨。%The government's Guideline for China's Automobile Industry issued in 1994 sets the target ofdeveloping China's automobile industry into one of the major industries of this country by the year 2010.Over the past five years the industry has developed to some extent and its structure has simultaneouslybeen improved; however, the achievements are far from adequate. A close analysis of the experience ofJapan's rationalization of the structure of its post-war automobile industry is beneficial for designing thetarget, steps and form of the rationalization of the structure of China's automobile industry.

  8. Fatigue Properties of Supersteel for Automobiles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DU Lin-xiu; ZHANG Zhong-ping; TIAN Yu-wei; LIU Xiang-hua; WANG Guo-dong


    The fatigue properties of 400 MPa grade supersteel, plain low carbon steel SS400 and microalloyed steel Q340TM were investigated through tensile-compression fatigue experiment with R=-1. The results indicate that the fatigue limit of the 400 MPa supersteel is higher than that of SS400 steel and close to that of the 340TM steel. According to the analysis of fatigue fracture, the fatigue striations of supersteel SS400 is thinner than that of SS400 steel and 340TM steel, and grain refinement can increase the fatigue limit.

  9. Euthanasia of Severely Handicapped Infants: Ethical Issues. (United States)

    Cohen, Libby

    Ethical decisions are involved in life and death decisions for severely handicapped infants. Although it has become common practice for physicians not to treat severely handicapped infants, the ethical considerations involved in euthanasia are complex. A review of the literature reveals that concerns center around the quality of life of the…

  10. [Application of near infrared sensor to the technology of automobile transformation]. (United States)

    Wang, Song-de; Han, Yun-xia; Zhu, Xiao-long; Yang, Jie-hui


    Using reflective near infrared sensor and voice record-reproducing assembly, the present article studies the voice anticollision-prompting device for backing an automobile. If there is a man or an object within a certain distance behind the backing automobile, part of the infrared signal will be reflected by the man or the object, and received by the photosensitive tube installed with a transmitting tube, and transformed to a similar frequency electric signal. The electric signal will be amplified, demodulated, and shaped by the circuit of module. After comparing and processing, the control signal will be output, which controls the work of voice record-reproducing assembly, and reminds the driver that there is a man or an object behind the backing automobile. With both the near infrared sensor and voice record-reproducing assembly being integrated, the distance-warning device has the advantages of low costs, simple wiring, strong anti-detonation ability, precise measuring, and working stability. It is suitable for being installed and used on the automobile.

  11. Survey on Attitudes towards Accepting Regular Higher Education for the Youth with Visual Handicapped%视障青年对接受普通高等教育的态度调查

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈光华; 郭黎岩; 王峥


    To understand the attitude towards accepting Regular Higher Education of the youth with visual handicapped, questionnaires and interviews were used to study the 70 youth from Shenyang and Qingdao school for the visual handicapped. The results show as following, 1. The conflict between dream and reality restrict the subject choosing of youth with visual handicapped, more of them have to accept the subjects of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Music;2.Though most youth with visual handicapped confirm the significance of accepting regular higher education positively, they have little confidence to pass the examination, the factors affected their confidence is lacking of experience and information affording.%为了了解真正面临高考或就业选择的视障青年对于接受"普通高等教育"的态度和想法,我们采用问卷法、访谈法调查了沈阳盲校和青岛盲校的70名视力残疾青年,结果表明:1.在高等教育的专业选择上,现实的单一化与对未来职业的期望多元化之间的矛盾制约了更多的视障青年只能选择中医和音乐专业。2.尽管绝大部分视障青年积极地肯定了接受普通高等教育的重要意义,但是他们对于自己考上普通大学缺乏信心,客观的教育经验和充足的信息来源是影响其自信心的决定性因素。

  12. Self-Assessed Hearing Handicap in Older Adults with Poorer-than-Predicted Speech Recognition in Noise (United States)

    Eckert, Mark A.; Matthews, Lois J.; Dubno, Judy R.


    Purpose: Even older adults with relatively mild hearing loss report hearing handicap, suggesting that hearing handicap is not completely explained by reduced speech audibility. Method: We examined the extent to which self-assessed ratings of hearing handicap using the Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (HHIE; Ventry & Weinstein, 1982)…

  13. Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the voice handicap index into Greek. (United States)

    Helidoni, Meropi E; Murry, Thomas; Moschandreas, Joanna; Lionis, Christos; Printza, Athanasia; Velegrakis, George A


    The objective was to culturally adapt and validate the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) to the Greek language. The study design used was a psychometric analysis. The VHI was translated into Greek with cultural adaptations to accommodate certain words. The translated version was then completed by 67 subjects with various voice disorders and by a control group of 79 subjects. All the participants also completed a self-rating scale regarding the severity of their voice disorder. Statistical analyses demonstrated high internal consistency and high test-retest reliability both for the overall VHI score and for the functional, physical, and emotional domains of the VHI. A moderate correlation was found between the VHI and the self-rating severity scale. The subjects in the control group had lower scores compared to the subjects with voice disorders for the overall VHI score and for the three domains. Based on the internal consistency values and the test-retest reliability, the Greek version of VHI is a valid and reliable measure for use by Greek subjects with voice disorders.

  14. Mobility of people and goods in the urban environment: mobility of the handicapped and elderly. Second year final report. [Methodology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Falcocchio, J.; Santimataneedol, S.; Horwitz, L.; Stephanis, B.


    An evaluation methodology for the analysis of alternative transportation improvements for the handicapped and elderly is proposed. The approach is based on the ability to incorporate the qualitative attributes of transportation systems which are particularly significant to the handicapped and elderly groups. These attributes include comfort and convenience, security and safety, and accessibility. In addition, this study addresses the issues of demonstration projects planning and offers guidelines for the design of demonstration experiments which can produce results that are capable of objective analytical interpretation.

  15. Aurally Handicapped - Programs: Exceptional Child Bibliography Series. (United States)

    Council for Exceptional Children, Reston, VA. Information Center on Exceptional Children.

    The bibliography, one in a series of over 50 similar listings related to handicapped and gifted children, contains 89 references selected from Exceptional Child Education Abstracts dealing with programs for the aurally handicapped. Bibliographic data, availability information, indexing and retrieval descriptors, and abstracts are given for all…

  16. Projections of automobile, light truck, and bus stocks and sales, to the year 2000

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knorr, R.; Millar, M.


    Future stocks and sales of automobiles, light trucks, and buses are projected in this document. Automobile projections are developed for fleet and non-fleet sectors. Total auto stock is projected as a function of the number of households and of personal income, with adjustment for present and anticipated shifts from automobiles to light trucks. Automobile stocks and sales are projected to increase steadily through the year 2000 with a slightly larger growth rate associated with fleet autos. Projections of light-truck stocks and sales are developed for personal, service/utility, agriculture, manufacturing, government, wholesale/retail, and other uses based on anticipated employment and output for each of the use sectors. Projections anticipate the largest growth area to be that of personal light trucks. Bus stocks and sales are projected as a function of user populations, existing fleet characteristics, and anticipated usage patterns. School, intercity, and transit buses are included in the study. School buses are projected to have the largest percentage of growth in this sector.

  17. Tendency to self-handicapping in the situation of expected failure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smederevac-Stokić Snežana


    Full Text Available The basic objective of this research is to determine what type of self-handicapping strategies subjects will use when they face potential failure, under the condition that they have the possibility of strategy choice. Another research objective is directed to the research of relation between the selected self-handicapping strategy and personality characteristics. 120 student of the second and third year of the Department of psychology, University of Novi Sad has been taken into sample. In the first research stage, all students administrated a series of personality self-report tests. In the second experiment stage, the participants were divided into four groups, on the basis of two criteria: the solvability of intelligence test tasks and the presence of hampering factors during task solving. The research results show that there are at least two types of self-handicapping strategies. One type is used by the majority of people when found in the situation where potential failure is expected. It refers to searching for alibis in external circumstances and it is probably the reflection of sound tendencies of facing possible consequences of information on one’s own incompetence. Another type of strategies presents consistent behaviour pattern, determined by the higher degree of adverse affectivity and negative image of oneself, and it is manifested in the use of poor psychophysical condition as the alibi for failure.

  18. 白城市下岗残疾人再就业问题的思考%The Consideration on the Handicapped Reemployment in Baicheng

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Caring for the handicapped is an important symbol for civilization and progress of the society.The handicapped,a disadvantaged group with special difficulties,need special support from the whole society.The supply and demand for employment of the handicapped is significantly imbalanced in the new era,social security and medical security are short,and the society is not enthusiastic enough for undertakings of the handicapped,so the whole society shall further create a dense atmosphere of helping the handicapped,and make efforts to solve the social security problem of the handicapped,intensify occupational skill training for the handicapped,expand the employment information channel of the handicapped,strengthen the incentive system,and develop undertakings of the handicapped and economy in harmony.%关心残疾人是社会文明进步的重要标志。新时期残疾人就业问题凸显,表现在缺少社会保障和医疗保障,社会对残疾人事业的热心不够等。全社会要进一步营造"扶残助残"的浓厚氛围,着力解决残疾人社会保障问题,加强残疾人职业技能培训,拓宽残疾人就业信息渠道,增强激励机制,推进残疾人事业与经济社会协调发展,

  19. Calcineurin activity in children with Mental handicap. (United States)

    Bindu, L Hema; Rani, P Usha; Reddy, P P


    Calcineurin, a Ca(2+)-Calmodulin dependent protein phosphatase, is important for Ca(2+) mediated signal transduction. The main objective of this study was to examine the potential role of calcineurin in idiopathic mental handicap. Calcineurin levels were estimated in 20 children in the age group of 5-16 years with idiopathic mental handicap attending the Special. Education Centre for the Mentally Handicapped in Hyderabad. The results of the present study showed decreased activity of serum calcineurin in children with idiopathic mental handicap compared to those of normal subjects in the same age group. The observations thus suggest impaired calcineurin activity in children with mental handicap. Calcineurin that is involved in biosynthesis and release of neurotransmitters at the synaptic terminal brain is affected thereby causing brain damage and leading to mental handicap. Impaired calcineurin activity was already indicated in many human diseases such as Down's syndrome, Alzheimers, Brain ischemia, cardiac hypertrophy etc. It is therefore necessary to check the calcineurin levels in children with mental handicap to understand the role of calcineurin in the causation of Mental handicap.

  20. Feasibility of operating a solid-liquid bioreactor with used automobile tires as the sequestering phase for the biodegradation of inhibitory compounds. (United States)

    Tomei, M Concetta; Daugulis, Andrew J


    Finding new uses for waste or discarded material is an important environmental goal; being able to use a waste material to treat another waste is an even more attractive objective, and this was the purpose of the present work. We previously showed that used automobile tires have an affinity for a toxic contaminant, dichlorophenol (DCP), absorbing and releasing it based on concentration driving forces. Here we have exploited this phenomenon by using used tires as the sequestering phase in a Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactor (TPPB) to treat otherwise-toxic levels of DCP, far out-performing single phase operation in a sequencing batch bioreactor. A comprehensive examination of substrate loading, reactor exchange ratio, and tire fraction used, demonstrated that the tire-TPPB system could handle a 40% higher influent substrate loading and an increase of the exchange ratio value from 0.5 (prohibitive for single phase operation) to 0.7. Such improvement was obtained with a tire fraction ≤9%, comparable to that for commercial polymers previously employed in TPPBs. This study has opened the door to the identification of other waste plastics suitable for use in TPPBs for the treatment of recalcitrant organic contaminants.

  1. Consensus report of the XI Congress of the Spanish Society of Odontology for the handicapped and special patients. (United States)

    Machuca-Portillo, Guillermo; Cabrerizo-Merino, Carmen; Cutando-Soriano, Antonio; Giménez-Prats, María-José; Silvestre-Donat, Farncisco-Javier; Tomás-Carmona, Inmaculada


    This article summarizes the findings of consensus of the XI congress of the SEOEME. All of these conclusions are referring to the review articles responsible to the general rapporteurs in order to bringing up to date knowledge with regard to the use of implants in patients medically compromised and with special needs and, in the dental management of autism and cerebral palsy, in the dental treatment of patients with genetic and adquired haematological disorders, the dental implications of cardiovascular disease and hospital dentistry.

  2. Consensus Report of the XI Congress of the Spanish Society of Odontology for the Handicapped and Special Patients


    Machuca Portillo, Guillermo; Cabrerizo Merino, María del Carmen; Cutando Soriano, Antonio; Giménez Prats, María José; Silvestre Donat, Francisco Javier; Tomás Carmona, Inmaculada


    This article summarizes the findings of consensus of the XI congress of the SEOEME. All of these conclusions are referring to the review articles responsible to the general rapporteurs in order to bringing up to date knowledge with regard to the use of implants in patients medically compromised and with special needs and, in the dental management of autism and cerebral palsy, in the dental treatment of patients with genetic and adquired haematological disorders, the dental implications of car...

  3. Roadway Automobile Stability. A Numerical Study


    Nikolov, Svetoslav; Nedev, Valentin; Bachvarov, Stefan


    A mathematical model of the roadway automobile motion is numerically analyzed. This model is intended to describe the roadway automobile stability. A previous paper [6] described the model in detail and the general method of qualitative analysis. In the present paper, we continue the discussion of stability by numerical simulations and the specific question we attempted to answer is: which parameter(s) of automobile geometry and quality of the roadway can serve as a reliable predictor(s) for ...

  4. Assessment of Lateral Driving Stability of Automobiles Passing by the Pylon Zone under Cross Wind


    Dalei Wang; Airong Chen


    In order to explore the reason of lateral instability of automobile passing by the pylon zone of cablesupported bridge under cross wind, a new evaluation method of lateral driving stability of automobile considering alternative cross wind is established based on multi-objective driving stability criteria and subjective assessment. Typical driving control process and dynamic response of automobile passing by the pylon zone is given by numerical simulation based on steering wheel fixed-control ...

  5. Validity and reliability of the Persian version of the dizziness handicap inventory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sadegh Jafarzadeh


    Full Text Available Background: Dizziness as a common symptom affecting many aspects of the patient′s life and it is hard to be fully evaluated. The dizziness handicap inventory (DHI is a reliable self-perceived questionnaire in the evaluation of dizziness impacts. The purposes of this study are translation of the DHI to Persian language and measuring its psychometric properties, including face, content, discriminate and construct validity, internal consistency and reliability. Materials and Methods: The English version of the DHI is translated to Persian language based on international quality of life assessment protocol. 97 participants, including 57 patients with mean age of 44.5-year-old and 40 healthy people (mean age of 34.1 participated in this study during the period of November 2012 to June 2013 in audiology clinics of Tehran University of medical sciences. Results: The Persian version of DHI showed good face and content validity. The internal consistency of DHI-P was good, the Cronbach′s alpha was 0.79, 0.82, 0.83, and 0.90 for total and emotional, physical and functional subscales; respectively, in reliability, There was a high correlation between test re-test scores (r = 0.90, P = 0.000. Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC was 0.96 for total score and 0.92, 0.92, and 0.96 for emotional, physical and functional subscales; respectively. Conclusion: Considering good psychometric properties, we suggest that DHI-P can use for evaluating the dizziness effects on quality of life in Persian population.

  6. Water-related fixtures specially designed for the elderly and the handicapped; Koreisha shogaisha wo hairyoshita mizumawari setsubi kiki

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tatsuguchi, R. [Toto Ltd., Kitakyushu (Japan)


    Thanks to the energetic practice for 'New Gold Plan' made by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, various institutions such as 'Special nursing homes', 'Senior health centers' and 'Sickbeds for medical treatment' have been established. Even after the introduction of 'Public Nursing Insurance' in 2000, the special policy tentatively named 'Super Gold Plan' will be practiced, and we are going to have more complete institutions of such kind in the near future. We have been seeing the remarkable improvement of medical institutions recently, and it is said that the innovation of water-related fixtures has been taking a great part in their improvement. Then, this time, we would like to introduce the latest trends on water-related fixtures specially designed for medical institutions. (author)

  7. Eligibility of disabled veterans and members of the armed forces with severe burn injuries for financial assistance in the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment. Final rule. (United States)


    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) adopts as a final rule its proposal to amend its adjudication regulation concerning a certificate of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of an automobile or other conveyance and adaptive equipment, which was published in the Federal Register on November 5, 2012, and republished for minor technical corrections on November 26, 2012. The amendment is necessary to incorporate statutory changes made by the Veterans' Benefits Act of 2010.

  8. Gear Meshing Transmission Analysis of the Automobile Gearbox Based on the Software MASTA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongxiang Li


    Full Text Available As the main drive components of the automobile manual gearbox, the effect of gear meshing plays an important role on transmission performance. Aiming at the existing problems of the traditional gear meshing analysis, the study take a five-speed gearbox as an example, based on the MASTA software, a professional CAE software for simulating and analyzing the gearbox, to accomplish the gear mesh analysis of the automobile gearbox. Further more, the simulation modeling of the gearbox is built to simulate the actual load conditions and complete the process of analysis for the gear. It is indicated that a new design concept is put forward, that is, using specialized software MASTA for transmission modeling and simulation analysis can heavily improve the design level of the gearbox, reduce the test times and shorten the period of research and development as well. Finally, it can provide references for the development and application of new transmission gear.

  9. The Failure of Legalization in Education: Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975. (United States)

    Goldberg, Steven S.


    A federal statute provided that parents may use the judicial process to challenge educators' decisions. Describes the intent of legalization; how reaction to an adversarial system led to the use of mediation in most states; and why this alternative model is not appropriate for resolving education questions. (MLF)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor NORDIN


    Full Text Available The transport industry development in the Russian Federation makes urgent the problem of transportation security, rendering qualitative services in the goods (passengers transportation field, checkup and repairing motor transport vehicle and etc. Certification is the basic mechanism the work of which should be directed not only at the conformity of service assessment at automobile transport to the specified requirements but also be a regulator of preventing negative developments due to implementing services quality and security improvement. Particularities and stages of conformity assessment are considered in the article also it is offered to differentiate transportation services in levels according to the value of their complex quality level.

  11. Consumer protection issues in energy: a guide for attorneys general. Insulation, solar, automobile device, home devices

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cohen, Harry I.; Hulse, William S.; Jones, Robert R.; Langer, Robert M.; Petrucelli, Paul J.; Schroeder, Robert J.


    The guide attempts to bring together two important and current issues: energy and consumer protection. Perhaps the most basic consumer-protection issue in the energy area is assuring adequate supplies at adequate prices. It is anticipated, though, that consumers will want to consider new ways to lower enegy consumption and cost, and will thus be susceptible to fraudulent energy claims. Information is prepared on insulation, solar, energy-saving devices for the home, and energy-saving devices for the automobile.

  12. Mechanical behavior of plastic materials for automobile cockpit module (United States)

    Woo, Changsu.; Park, Hyunsung.; Jo, Jinho.


    Engineering plastics are used in instrument panels, interior trims, and other vehicle applications, and the thermo-mechanical behaviors of plastic materials are strongly influenced by many environmental factors such as temperature, sunlight, and rain. As the material properties change, the mechanical parts create unexpected noise. In this study, the dynamic mechanical property changes of plastics used in automobiles are measured to investigate the effect of temperature. Visco-elastic properties such as the glass transition temperature and storage modulus and loss factors under temperature and frequency sweeps were measured. The data results were compared with the original ones before aging to analyze the behavioral changes. It was found that as the temperature increased, the storage modulus decreased and the loss factor increased slightly.

  13. Development of High-Temperature Superconducting DC Motor for Automobiles (United States)

    Oyama, Hitoshi; Shinzato, Tsuyoshi

    In recent years, electrification of automobiles is in progress. Following the advent of passenger electric vehicles, large size commercial vehicles with electric drive are also being developed. One of the problems in the development of large electric vehicles is the heavy weight which leads to short driving distances. Energy saving by the use of high-efficiency motors will be a solution. The authors have developed a prototype electric vehicle equipped with a high-temperature superconducting (HTS) motor and a refrigerator. The test results showed that the motor has torque of 136 Nm and an output of 30 kW, and the prototype vehicle obtains the maximum speed of 80 km/h.

  14. Principles and Methods of Adapted Physical Education. (United States)

    Arnheim, Daniel D.; And Others

    Programs in adapted physical education are presented preceded by a background of services for the handicapped, by the psychosocial implications of disability, and by the growth and development of the handicapped. Elements of conducting programs discussed are organization and administration, class organization, facilities, exercise programs…

  15. 汽车产业商业模式分析%Analysis on Business Model for Automobile Industry

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王伟; 杨一帆; 魏云捷; 季梦晨; 乔晗; 汪寿阳


    汽车产业是我国国民经济的支柱产业。在能源日益短缺、节能环保标准日趋严格,以及“互联网+”的不断冲击和“工业4.0”方兴未艾的背景下,我国汽车产业亟需进行转型升级,因此对其商业模式的研究具有重要的意义。本文从汽车制造、销售和售后的3个环节对传统汽车产业的商业模式进行了分析,将现代汽车产业的商业模式总结为信息化、服务化和绿色化的发展趋势,并针对汽车产业商业模式创新提出相关建议。%Automobile industry is the pillar industry of our national economy. In this era of "Internet +" and "industry 4.0", when energy shortage, energy saving and environmental protection standards are becoming increasingly stringent, Chinese automobile industry is urgent for transformation and upgrading. In such circumstance, it has great importance to investigate the business model of automobile industry. This paper analyzes the business model of the traditional automobile industry from the aspects of automobile manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, and summarizes the developing trend of the modern automobile industry’s business model as informatization, servitization and greening. Finally, our paper puts forward several suggestions on the innovation of business model of automobile industry.

  16. A Review of Voiture Minimum. Le Corbusier and the Automobile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christoph Schnoor


    Full Text Available Here is a full-on celebration of cars and someone’s addiction to cars. In its midst drives Le Corbusier. The book, Voiture Minimum. Le Corbusier and the Automobile (Cambridge, Mass. and London: MIT Press, 2011, has recently been published by Spanish architect and academic Antonio Amado. What a curious book. It is something between a detective story circling around determining the date of a single drawing (1928 or 1936 and, simultaneously, it is “Everything you always wanted to know about Le Corbusier and cars but were afraid to ask”.

  17. Energy efficient--advanced oxidation process for treatment of cyanide containing automobile industry wastewater. (United States)

    Mudliar, R; Umare, S S; Ramteke, D S; Wate, S R


    Destruction of cyanide (CN) from an automobile industry wastewater by advance oxidation process (AOP) has been evaluated. The operating conditions (in an indigenously designed photoreactor) for three different treatment strategies have been optimized. The treatment strategies involved use of, ultra violet light (UV), hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) and ozone (O(3)) in various combinations. Treatment of automobile industry wastewater (250 mg/L CN) showed fastest CN destruction, which was significantly (Pwater bodies. The specific energy consumption by the photoreactor following this treatment was comparable to that obtained by conventional treatments, which use photocatalyst. Since the present treatment does not use catalyst, it provides an excellent energy efficient and economical option for treatment and safe disposal of CN containing industrial wastewater.

  18. You Should be Dancin:! The Role of Performing Arts in the Lives of the Severely and Profoundly Handicapped. (United States)

    Barringer, Mary Dean

    The manual presents a program planning framework and teaching units for teaching dance and movement to severely and profoundly handicapped individuals. The planning framework contains four components: (1) aesthetic perception/multisensory integration; (2) creative expression; (3) dance heritage/historical and cultural; and (4) aesthetic…

  19. Suitability of Recycled Polyethylene/Palm Kernel Shell-Iron Filings Composite for Automobile Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I.A. Samotu


    Full Text Available A recycling aimed research was carried out to produce a new composite material and proffer suggestion for the possible use of the newly developed composite material. The empty water sachet (commonly called pure water nylon in Nigeria, was used as a matrix, which was reinforced by carbonized palm kernel shell (CPKS particulate and iron fillings. The percentage composition of iron fillings was maintained at 5 wt%, while that of palm kernel shell ash was varied from 5 wt% - 20 wt% at an interval of 5 %. The composites were compounded and compressively moulded. Physical and mechanical properties of the composites were tested for alongside three conventional car bumper samples, and the results obtained shows that the composite material could be used to produce a car bumper among other parts of automobile like dashboard due to their impact strength and low density. Impact strength - density ratio for the materials gave prime information on the possible application of the developed material. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM was used to examine the distribution of the reinforcement within the matrix. After results analysis, materials with 5 wt% of CPKS and that with 10 wt% of CPKS were recommended for the car bumper production following their high impact strength - density ratio of 0.26 and 0.19 respectively, which are higher as compared to that of a conventional bumper material measured alongside the composite materials.

  20. 40 CFR 52.2301 - Federal compliance date for automobile and light-duty truck coating. Texas Air Control Board... (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Federal compliance date for automobile... PROMULGATION OF IMPLEMENTATION PLANS (CONTINUED) Texas § 52.2301 Federal compliance date for automobile and..., automobile and light-duty truck coating operations were to have complied with final control limits of §...

  1. 41 CFR 301-10.220 - What requirements must I meet to operate a Government automobile for official travel? (United States)


    ... meet to operate a Government automobile for official travel? 301-10.220 Section 301-10.220 Public... ALLOWABLE TRAVEL EXPENSES 10-TRANSPORTATION EXPENSES Government Vehicle Government Automobiles § 301-10.220 What requirements must I meet to operate a Government automobile for official travel? You must...

  2. 40 CFR Table 1 to Subpart B of... - Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content Limits for Automobile Refinish Coatings (United States)


    ... Limits for Automobile Refinish Coatings 1 Table 1 to Subpart B of Part 59 Protection of Environment... Automobile Refinish Coatings Pt. 59, Subpt. B, Table 1 Table 1 to Subpart B of Part 59—Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content Limits for Automobile Refinish Coatings Coating category Grams VOC per liter...

  3. An Analysis of the Automobile Sales Occupation. (United States)

    Bohac, Robert D.; Vernon, Robert C.

    The general purpose of the occupational analysis is to provide workable, basic information dealing with the many and varied duties performed in the auto sales occupation. The analysis follows the salesperson through the essential everyday performance of the tasks in the occupation. The duties involve the process of obtaining the prospects and…

  4. On the hazard-controllability of distance-warning systems for automobiles; Shakan kyori keiho sochi no anzensei kojodo no hyoka

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sato, Y. [Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine, Tokyo (Japan); Kato, E.; Machida, K. [Hino Motors, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    A distance warning system for automobiles with the use of an infrared laser beam has been put to practical use, but the effect has not been clarified for the prevention of accidents with the system equipped. This paper reports the verification of the effect based on a deductive methodology. Accidents caused by human errors without the system equipped were classified as a primary hazard, and those caused by the malfunction or human errors with the system equipped were classified as a secondary hazard. Then, each cause and effect model was prepared on a fault tree (FT). For instance, the mechanism of occurrence of accidents was structured such that the event of a `driver`s error in maneuvering` was `dozing`(or `wrong handling` or `wrong judgment`) with the warning system `not equipped`. An evaluation was made on the frequency of the top event by quantifying each basic event and checking the minimal cut set of FT; and as a result, it was assessed that the outbreak of a rear-end collision was reduced to 1/4 to 1/6 by the equipment of the system. 9 refs., 2 figs.

  5. 38 CFR 3.808 - Automobiles or other conveyances; certification. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Automobiles or other....808 Automobiles or other conveyances; certification. (a) Entitlement. A certificate of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of one automobile or other conveyance in an amount not exceeding...

  6. Home teaching for pre-school handicapped children - a cognitive approach. (United States)

    Skidmore, R


    A case study was carried out to investigate and evaluate a home-teaching scheme, with a cognitive bias, for parents of pre-school handicapped children. The scheme linked teaching at the pre-school assessment unit with teaching by the parents in the home. A speech therapist, acting as home-teacher, demonstrated activities to the parents of a Down's syndrome child during weekly visits. The follow-up assessment areas of development. As a result of this study the scheme is to be extended and finance sought.

  7. Le Droit de Votre Enfant a une Education: Un Guide pour les Parents d'Enfants Handicapes de l'Etat de New York (Your Child's Right to an Education: A Guide for Parents of Handicapped Children in New York). (United States)

    New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.

    The handbook is a French translation of "Your Child's Right to an Education" published by the New York State Education Department, Office for Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions. The following topics are among those considered: eligibility for special education, program types, alternative placements (such as residential settings),…

  8. Le Droit de Votre Enfant a une Education: Un Guide pour les Parents d'Enfants Handicapes de l'Etat de New York (Your Child's Right to an Education: A Guide for Parents of Handicapped Children in New York). (United States)

    New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.

    The handbook is a French translation of "Your Child's Right to an Education" published by the New York State Education Department, Office for Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions. The following topics are among those considered: eligibility for special education, program types, alternative placements (such as residential…

  9. The promise of fuel cell-based automobiles

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A K Shukla; C L Jackson; K Scott


    Fuel cell-based automobiles have gained attention in the last few years due to growing public concern about urban air pollution and consequent environmental problems. From an analysis of the power and energy requirements of a modern car, it is estimated that a base sustainable power of $ca$. 50 kW supplemented with short bursts up to 80 kW will suffice in most driving requirements. The energy demand depends greatly on driving characteristics but under normal usage is expected to be 200 Wh/km. The advantages and disadvantages of candidate fuel-cell systems and various fuels are considered together with the issue of whether the fuel should be converted directly in the fuel cell or should be reformed to hydrogen onboard the vehicle. For fuel cell vehicles to compete successfully with conventional internal-combustion engine vehicles, it appears that direct conversion fuel cells using probably hydrogen, but possibly methanol, are the only realistic contenders for road transportation applications. Among the available fuel cell technologies, polymer–electrolyte fuel cells directly fueled with hydrogen appear to be the best option for powering fuel cell vehicles as there is every prospect that these will exceed the performance of the internal-combustion engine vehicles but for their first cost. A target cost of $ 50/kW would be mandatory to make polymer–electrolyte fuel cells competitive with the internal combustion engines and can only be achieved with design changes that would substantially reduce the quantity of materials used. At present, prominent car manufacturers are deploying important research and development efforts to develop fuel cell vehicles and are projecting to start production by 2005.

  10. [Basis for information transmission with biosignals for development of technical communication aids for handicapped patients]. (United States)

    Wiebe, P


    For the design of communication aids controlled by biosignals for the handicapped, an analysis of the aspects of the significance of information is mandatory. The definition of information in its five aspects statistics, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and apobetics, enables us to conclude that the transmission of information is possible only with voluntarily influenceable biosignal components. The voluntary influencing of the biosignal may be interpreted as a modulation of the amplitude density of the Fourier integral. By calculating the highest possible statistical information content of a biosignal, it is possible to estimate the technical complexity of a biosignal-based communication system. The construction of efficient communication aids is possible when many biosignal components that can be readily and rapidly controlled voluntarily are to be found.

  11. 29 CFR 779.371 - Some automobile, truck, and farm implement establishments may qualify for exemption under section... (United States)


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Some automobile, truck, and farm implement establishments... OR SERVICES Exemptions for Certain Retail or Service Establishments Automobile, Truck, Farm Implement, Trailer, and Aircraft Sales and Services § 779.371 Some automobile, truck, and farm...

  12. Achieving deep cuts in the carbon intensity of U.S. automobile transportation by 2050: complementary roles for electricity and biofuels. (United States)

    Scown, Corinne D; Taptich, Michael; Horvath, Arpad; McKone, Thomas E; Nazaroff, William W


    Passenger cars in the United States (U.S.) rely primarily on petroleum-derived fuels and contribute the majority of U.S. transportation-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Electricity and biofuels are two promising alternatives for reducing both the carbon intensity of automotive transportation and U.S. reliance on imported oil. However, as standalone solutions, the biofuels option is limited by land availability and the electricity option is limited by market adoption rates and technical challenges. This paper explores potential GHG emissions reductions attainable in the United States through 2050 with a county-level scenario analysis that combines ambitious plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) adoption rates with scale-up of cellulosic ethanol production. With PHEVs achieving a 58% share of the passenger car fleet by 2050, phasing out most corn ethanol and limiting cellulosic ethanol feedstocks to sustainably produced crop residues and dedicated crops, we project that the United States could supply the liquid fuels needed for the automobile fleet with an average blend of 80% ethanol (by volume) and 20% gasoline. If electricity for PHEV charging could be supplied by a combination of renewables and natural-gas combined-cycle power plants, the carbon intensity of automotive transport would be 79 g CO2e per vehicle-kilometer traveled, a 71% reduction relative to 2013.

  13. Advice of the Italian CCTN on the health risk assessment relative to exposure to automobile emissions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Camoni, I. [ed.] [Istituto Superiore di Sanita`, Rome (Italy). Lab. di Tossicologia Applicata; Mucci, N. [ed.] [ISPESL, Monteporzio Catone, Roma (Italy). Dip. di Medicina del Lavoro; Foa`, V. [ed.] [Milan Univ. (Italy). Clinica del lavoro Luigi Devoto


    The period 1990-1995 are reported, they concern the health impact of exposure to benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), resulting from automobile exhaust products, for Italian general and occupationally exposed populations. The first recommendation takes into consideration the possible long-term effects of the unleaded gasoline, recently introduced in Italy. The latter two recommendations concern the quantitative evaluation of the risk of leukaemia and of the risk of lung cancer from exposure to benzene and PAHs, resulting from automobile exhaust. [Italiano] Sono riportati i pareri espressi dalla Commissione Consultiva Tossicologica Nazionale (CCTN) nel periodo 1990-1995 riguardanti la valutazione del rischio cancerogeno per esposizione a sostanze contenute nelle emissioni autoveicolari. In particolare, viene stimato il rischio aggiuntivo di leucemia per esposizione a benzene e di cancro polmonare per esposizione a idrocarburi policiclici aromatici (IPA), sia per la popolazione generale che per quella professionalmente esposta.

  14. Influence of complaints and singing style in singers voice handicap. (United States)

    Moreti, Felipe; Ávila, Maria Emília Barros de; Rocha, Clara; Borrego, Maria Cristina de Menezes; Oliveira, Gisele; Behlau, Mara


    The aim of this research was to verify whether the difference of singing styles and the presence of vocal complaints influence the perception of voice handicap of singers. One hundred eighteen singing voice handicap self-assessment protocols were selected: 17 popular singers with vocal complaints, 42 popular singers without complaints, 17 classic singers with complaints, and 42 classic singers without complaints. The groups were similar regarding age, gender and voice types. Both protocols used--Modern Singing Handicap Index (MSHI) and Classical Singing Handicap Index (CSHI)--have specific questions to their respective singing styles, and consist of 30 items equally divided into three subscales: disability (functional domain), handicap (emotional domain) and impairment (organic domain), answered according to the frequency of occurrence. Each subscale has a maximum of 40 points, and the total score is 120 points. The higher the score, the higher the singing voice handicap perceived. For statistical analysis, we used the ANOVA test, with 5% of significance. Classical and popular singers referred higher impairment, followed by disability and handicap. However, the degree of this perception varied according to the singing style and the presence of vocal complaints. The classical singers with vocal complaints showed higher voice handicap than popular singers with vocal complaints, while the classic singers without complaints reported lower handicap than popular singers without complaints. This evidences that classical singers have higher perception of their own voice, and that vocal disturbances in this group may cause greater voice handicap when compared to popular singers.

  15. Quantitative analysis and reduction of the eco-toxicity risk of heavy metals for the fine fraction of automobile shredder residue (ASR) using H2O2. (United States)

    Singh, Jiwan; Yang, Jae-Kyu; Chang, Yoon-Young


    Automobile shredder residue (ASR) fraction (size <0.25mm) can be considered as hazardous due to presence of high concentrations of heavy metals. Hydrogen peroxide combined with nitric acid has been used for the recovery of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Ni, Pb, Cd and Cr) from the fine fraction of ASR. A sequential extraction procedure has also been used to determine the heavy metal speciation in the fine fraction of ASR before and after treatment. A risk analysis of the fine fraction of ASR before and after treatment was conducted to assess the bioavailability and eco-toxicity of heavy metals. These results showed that the recovery of heavy metals from ASR increased with an increase in the hydrogen peroxide concentration. A high concentration of heavy metals was found to be present in Cbio fractions (the sum of the exchangeable and carbonate fractions) in the fine fraction of ASR, indicating high toxicity risk. The Cbio rate of all selected heavy metals was found to range from 8.6% to 33.4% of the total metal content in the fine fraction of ASR. After treatment, Cbio was reduced to 0.3-3.3% of total metal upon a treatment with 2.0% hydrogen peroxide. On the basis of the risk assessment code (RAC), the environmental risk values for heavy metals in the fine fraction of ASR reflect high risk/medium risk. However, after treatment, the heavy metals would be categorized as low risk/no risk. The present study concludes that hydrogen peroxide combined with nitric acid is a promising treatment for the recovery and reduction of the eco-toxicity risk of heavy metals in ASR.

  16. Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Special Needs Education: A Case Study of an Art Project with the Multiple/Severe Handicapped (United States)

    Murayama, Taku


    This paper focuses on a project in teacher education through art activities at the undergraduate level. The main theme is art activities by university students and multiple and severe handicapped students. This project has two significant points for the preparation of special education teachers. One point is the opportunity for field work. Even…

  17. The Detroit Approach to Adapted Physical Education and Recreation. (United States)

    Elkins, Bruce; Czapski, Stephen

    The report describes Detroit's Adaptive Physical Education Consortium Project in Michigan. Among the main objectives of the project are to coordinate all physical education and recreation services to the handicapped in the Detroit area; to facilitate the mainstreaming of capable handicapped individuals into existing "regular" physical…

  18. Other solutions for the plastic residue from the automobile industry and used as additives in the asphaltic bitumens; Alternativas de los residuos plasticos de la automocion y su empleo como aditivos de los betunes asfalticos. Parte I

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopez-Vidriero, E.; Castillo, F. [CEDEX. Ministerio de Fomento. Madrid (Spain)


    This article forms part of an investigation which aims to achieve two adjectives. The first is to cooperate in the improvement of the environment by decreasing the amount of plastic residue from the automobile industry. The second is to improve the characteristics of asphaltic bitumens used in roofing and waterproofing in civil engineering, through the addition of plastic residue from the automobile industry. (Author) 4 refs.

  19. The Swiss automobile industry - Situation, structure, trends, challenges and chances; Automobilindustrie Schweiz. Branchenanalyse 2008

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schulze, A.


    This paper presented at the Swiss 2008 research conference on traffic takes a look at the situation of the Swiss automobile industry in 2008. The results of the study are presented and include figures on the automobile industry, its history, structure, turn-over, employment and its position from the international point of view. Research and development in the sector, investments and challenges faced are discussed. The products and services offered are looked at and the relevant strategies examined. The sector's competitive environment and possibilities for growth are looked at and the advantages offered by strategic partnerships and geographical location are noted. Finally, interviews with important actors in the business are presented.

  20. Environmental practices of the auxiliary companies to the Spanish automobile industry (United States)

    González-Torre, Pilar L.; González, Beatriz A.; Gupta, Surendra M.


    The automobile manufacturing industry plays a very important role in a country's economy. The importance of automobile manufacturing industry lies in its sheer size and complexity in terms of the direct and indirect influence it commands across many other industries. While millions of people are employed in the automobile manufacturing industry, it is estimated that more than two and half times that number are employed in the auxiliary companies that supply parts to the automobile manufacturing companies. The auxiliary companies represent a group of businesses of various sizes, types, and geographical locations, producing a vast variety of products ranging from the very simple to the extremely intricate. In this study, the current environmental practices of management in the core Spanish auxiliary companies that do business with the automobile manufacturing industry (and thus form a large part of the automobile manufacturing industry's supply chain) are investigated. We show that while automobile manufacturing companies are under scrutiny to become more and more environmentally friendly, not only at their manufacturing stage but also at their products' useful and EOL stages, there appears to be no such burden on the auxiliary companies. Our conclusion is based on an elaborate survey conducted during the fall of 2004 of Spanish auxiliary companies with questions about the characteristics, environmental practices and reverse logistics related activities carried out by the companies.

  1. The voice handicap of student-teachers and risk factors perceived to have a negative influence on the voice. (United States)

    Thomas, George; Kooijman, Piet G C; Donders, A Rogier T; Cremers, W R J; de Jong, Felix I C R S


    A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was performed. The objectives of the study were to assess the psychosocial impact of current voice complaints as perceived by student-teachers with voice complaints in comparison with student-teachers without voice complaints, and to observe the pattern of risk factors in relation to their voice handicap. Subjects in the general population without a voice-demanding profession were selected as a reference group for limited comparison with the total group of student-teachers (future professional voice users). The respondents to the questionnaires were anonymous. Among the student-teachers, 17.2% reported current voice complaints in comparison with 9.7% of the reference group, and the odds ratio was 1.94, which showed the relative risk. Student-teachers had significantly greater total Voice Handicap Index (VHI) scores than the reference group (P = 0.034). The VHI subscale scores were not significantly different (P > 0.05). Student-teachers who reported current voice complaints had a significantly higher total VHI and subscale scores than student teachers without voice complaints (P VHI scores greater than the 75th percentile. These persons may be neglecting their voice handicap and probably represent the false-negative cases in the estimation of voice complaints. Logistic regression analysis of each of the given risk factors with the VHI as the independent variable showed that the perceived negative influence of the given risk factors on their voices was significantly greater with increasing VHI scores across the VHI range. A significant correlation was observed between the number of perceived risk factors and increasing VHI scores across the VHI range. An increased awareness of risk factors in relation to their voice handicap would serve to motivate student-teachers to change factors that contributed to their voice problem. Attention to all risk factors, which the subjects perceive to be a risk, would aid in effective management

  2. 41 CFR 101-26.701 - Purchase of products and services from the blind and other severely handicapped persons. (United States)


    ... and the Department of Defense § 101-26.701 Purchase of products and services from the blind and other... for Purchase of Products and Services of the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped. Products and... 41 Public Contracts and Property Management 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Purchase of products...

  3. Recovery of precious metals from low-grade automobile shredder residue: A novel approach for the recovery of nanozero-valent copper particles. (United States)

    Singh, Jiwan; Lee, Byeong-Kyu


    The presence of precious metals (PMs) in low-grade automobile shredder residue (ASR) makes it attractive for recycling. This study investigated the leaching and recovery characteristics of two PMs (Cu and Ag) and two heavy metals (Mn and Co) from ASR. The effects of H2O2, leaching temperature, liquid to solid (L/S) ratio, and particle size on metal leaching were determined in an aqueous solution of 0.5M nitric acid. The metal leaching rate was increased with increasing nitric acid concentration, amount of H2O2, L/S ratio and temperature. The leaching kinetics was analyzed by using a second-order reaction model. In the analysis of leaching kinetics, the metal leaching data were well fitted (R(2)⩾0.99) with the second-order reaction model. The activation energy (kJ/mol) for metal leaching was 39.6 for Cu, 17.1 for Ag, 17.3 for Mn and 29.2 for Co. Metal recovery was carried out by fractional precipitation with the addition of advanced Fenton's regent. Metal recovery efficiency was increased to 99.95% for Cu, 99.8% for Mn, 90.0% for Ag and 96.46% for Co with the advanced Fenton's regent. In particular, a novel finding of the PM recovery is that Cu can also be recovered directly from the leachate of ASR in the form of zero-valent copper (ZVC) nanoparticles (NPs). Hydrometallurgical recovery of the metals from ASR using nitric acid is highly efficient.

  4. Utility of the Type D Scale 16 and Voice Handicap Index to assist voice care in student teachers and teachers.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Thomas, G.; Jong, F.I.C.R.S. de; Kooijman, P.G.C.; Cremers, C.W.R.J.


    An epidemiological cross-sectional survey study was performed among female student teachers and teachers for primary education, using a general questionnaire, the Type D Scale 16 (DS16) and Voice Handicap Index (VHI). Type D personality is the combination of high 'negative affectivity' and high 'soc

  5. A statistical model including age to predict passenger postures in the rear seats of automobiles. (United States)

    Park, Jangwoon; Ebert, Sheila M; Reed, Matthew P; Hallman, Jason J


    Few statistical models of rear seat passenger posture have been published, and none has taken into account the effects of occupant age. This study developed new statistical models for predicting passenger postures in the rear seats of automobiles. Postures of 89 adults with a wide range of age and body size were measured in a laboratory mock-up in seven seat configurations. Posture-prediction models for female and male passengers were separately developed by stepwise regression using age, body dimensions, seat configurations and two-way interactions as potential predictors. Passenger posture was significantly associated with age and the effects of other two-way interaction variables depended on age. A set of posture-prediction models are presented for women and men, and the prediction results are compared with previously published models. This study is the first study of passenger posture to include a large cohort of older passengers and the first to report a significant effect of age for adults. The presented models can be used to position computational and physical human models for vehicle design and assessment. Practitioner Summary: The significant effects of age, body dimensions and seat configuration on rear seat passenger posture were identified. The models can be used to accurately position computational human models or crash test dummies for older passengers in known rear seat configurations.

  6. 19 CFR 123.51 - Commercial samples transported by automobile through Canada between ports in the United States. (United States)


    ... 19 Customs Duties 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Commercial samples transported by automobile... Commercial samples transported by automobile through Canada between ports in the United States. (a) General... samples by automobile through Canada to another place in the United States without displaying the...

  7. Performance of Multilevel Contact Oxidation in the Treatment of Wastewater from Automobile Painting Industry (United States)

    Zhu, Tong; Zhu, Yufang; Fienko, Udo; Yuanhua, Xie; Kuo, Zhang


    A multilevel contact oxidation system was applied in a pilot-scale experiment to treat the automobile painting wastewater, which had poor biodegradability and contained high concentration of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). The wastewater used for this experiment study was the actual painting wastewater which had been pre-treated by the physic-chemical process, and its Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD5)/COD was less than 0.1,COD concentration was 800∼1500mg/L. The results showed that the multilevel contact oxidation system could efficiently degrade the COD of the painting wastewater. When the experimental system kept stable operation, the total removal rate of COD and suspended solid (SS) were 84% and 82.5% respectively with the Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) of 8 hours. Meanwhile, this system had a strong ability to resist the impact of COD concentration change. The COD concentration of final treated wastewater was less than 500 mg/L, which could reach the factory discharge requirement for the paint shop. Besides, this system with simple structure was able to reduce the excess sludge production greatly, which would reduce much cost for the treatment of painting wastewater.

  8. Moving to Inclusion. Active Living through Physical Education: Maximizing Opportunities for Students with a Disability = Integration en Mouvement. La vie active par l'education physique: Multipliez les possibilities offertes aux eleves ayant un handicap. (United States)

    Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability, Gloucester (Ontario).

    This document is composed of 10 manuals which provide both general and specific guidelines to facilitate the inclusion of Canadian students with disabilities in physical education programs. An introductory manual identifies general concepts, strategies, and practical approaches that can be used in an inclusive physical education program. It…

  9. The Effect of Colour Psychodynamic Environment on the Psychophysiological and Behavioural Reactions of Severely Handicapped Children. Effects of Colour/Light Changes on Severely Handicapped Children. (United States)

    Wohlfarth, H.; Sam, C.

    The effects of varied lighting and coloring in the classroom environment were examined on the behavior of seven severely handicapped 8 to 11 year olds with behavior problems. Analysis of changes in systolic blood pressure indicated that Ss were more comfortable and relaxed in the experimental room (in which the fluorescent lights were replaced by…

  10. 19 CFR 123.52 - Commercial samples transported by automobile through the United States between ports in Canada. (United States)


    ... 19 Customs Duties 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Commercial samples transported by automobile... Commercial samples transported by automobile through the United States between ports in Canada. (a) General... sealed samples in his automobile without further sealing in the United States, upon compliance with...

  11. The rise of citizen competence: asset or handicap for the French authorities during post-accident management?; La montee en competence citoyenne, atout ou handicap pour les autorites francaises en cas de gestion post-accidentelle?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villers, A. [Association Environnement et Developpement Alternatif (EDA), 59 - Lille (France)


    EDA is a non-profit association of volunteer members aware of the limits of the planet's capacities and motivated to prepare a future based on sustainability and solidarity. The ability to plan in advance the measures to be taken in a post-accident situation, adapting them to the territory concerned and making full use of active and responsible involvement by local participants, is highly valuable. Naturally, this must not take precedence over all the preventive measures to ensure that an accident does not occur. We did not think that after 40 years of practical experience and after 20 years of observation of the seriousness of the consequence of Chernobyl we were so unprepared today. The CLIs (local information committees) attached to basic nuclear installations are indisputably the crucial links to be used to provide the necessary training of selected citizens to help manage the emergency phase and above all the post-accident phases, on condition that they receive financial resources commensurate with the challenges to be faced. It is also important to consider increasing the competence of citizens over the whole territory. Nothing can be achieved under satisfactory conditions if the citizens are not prepared well in advance: this must begin at school, so that the population knows how to behave in these situations. We appreciate being associated with the work of CODIRPA in 'calm' phases and we try to make an active contribution at our level. The accounts from Norway and Belarus are there to prevent us from forgetting that we are all concerned. From 2008 we hope to play a constructive and committed role in confronting the challenges to be faced and thank ASN for allowing us to take part in the work of CODIPPA. (author)

  12. 29 CFR 779.409 - Handicapped workers. (United States)


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Handicapped workers. 779.409 Section 779.409 Labor... Students, Learners, and Handicapped Workers § 779.409 Handicapped workers. Regulations have been issued... handicapped workers at wages lower than the minimum wage applicable under section 6 of the Act....

  13. Innovative Developmental Physical Activities for Early Childhood and Special Education Students. (United States)

    Marsallo, Michael


    The document provides information on physical activities for handicapped and young nonhandicapped children. Activities are explained to include individual, small group, and large group experiences. Entries for five activities provide information on equipment needed; areas of concern (motor, perceptual motor, or physical skills); procedures; rules;…

  14. Wind power demonstration and siting problems. [for recharging electrically driven automobiles (United States)

    Bergey, K. H.


    Technical and economic feasibility studies on a small windmill to provide overnight charging for an electrically driven car are reported. The auxiliary generator provides power for heating and cooling the vehicle which runs for 25 miles on battery power alone, and for 50 miles with the onboard charger operating. The blades for this windmill have a diameter of 12 feet and are coupled through to a conventional automobile alternator so that they are able to completely recharge car batteries in 8 hours. Optimization of a windmill/storage system requires detailed wind velocity information which permits rational sitting of wind power system stations.

  15. The Adaptive Physical Education Program: Its Design and Curriculum. (United States)

    Henn, Joan M.

    The booklet describes a program designed to improve the play skills of seriously disturbed, multiply handicapped children (5 to 13 years old) through gross motor skill development. A six step process is described for the adaptive physical education program: assessment, development of interdisciplinary goals, interventions, development of goals for…

  16. The Effect of Biological Movement Variability on the Performance of the Golf Swing in High- and Low-Handicapped Players (United States)

    Bradshaw, Elizabeth J.; Keogh, Justin W. L.; Hume, Patria A.; Maulder, Peter S.; Nortje, Jacques; Marnewick, Michel


    The purpose of this study was to examine the role of neuromotor noise on golf swing performance in high- and low-handicap players. Selected two-dimensional kinematic measures of 20 male golfers (n = 10 per high- or low-handicap group) performing 10 golf swings with a 5-iron club was obtained through video analysis. Neuromotor noise was calculated…

  17. Globalization of the automobile industry in China. Dynamics and barriers in the greening of road transportation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gan, Lin


    This article describes the state of the automobile industry and urban road transportation management in China. It reviews how the automobile industry is evolving to respond to challenges in economic development, environmental regulations, and technological change. The dynamics and barriers resulting from technological change of the automobile in response to reduction of exhaust emissions and energy-efficiency improvement are analyzed. It is argued that consideration of externality costs should be integrated in automobile industrial policy making and transport management. This paper questions the current government policy of encouraging private car ownership, and suggests that improvement in public transportation systems and stronger emissions control would be relevant to China's drive toward sustainable transportation development. (author)

  18. Carotenoid maintenance handicap and the physiology of carotenoid-based signalisation of health (United States)

    Vinkler, Michal; Albrecht, Tomáš


    Despite a reasonable scientific interest in sexual selection, the general principles of health signalisation via ornamental traits remain still unresolved in many aspects. This is also true for the mechanism preserving honesty of carotenoid-based signals. Although it is widely accepted that this type of ornamentation reflects an allocation trade-off between the physiological utilisation of carotenoids (mainly in antioxidative processes) and their deposition in ornaments, some recent evidence suggests more complex interactions. Here, we further develop the models currently proposed to explain the honesty of carotenoid-based signalisation of heath status by adding the handicap principle concept regulated by testosterone. We propose that under certain circumstances carotenoids may be dangerous for the organism because they easily transform into toxic cleavage products. When reserves of other protective antioxidants are insufficient, physiological trade-offs may exist between maintenance of carotenoids for ornament expression and their removal from the body. Furthermore, we suggest that testosterone which enhances ornamentation by increasing carotenoid bioavailability may also promote oxidative stress and hence lower antioxidant reserves. The presence of high levels of carotenoids required for high-quality ornament expression may therefore represent a handicap and only individuals in prime health could afford to produce elaborate colourful ornaments. Although further testing is needed, this ‘carotenoid maintenance handicap’ hypothesis may offer a new insight into the physiological aspects of the relationship between carotenoid function, immunity and ornamentation.

  19. Clinical assessment of prognostic factors for long-term pain and handicap after whiplash injury: a 1-year prospective study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kasch, H; Qerama, E; Kongsted, Alice


    of non-painful complaints and active neck mobility [active cervical range of motion (CROM)]. All 458 high-risk patients and 230 low-risk patients received mailed questionnaires after 3, 6 and 12 months. Two examiners examined all high-risk patients (n = 458) and 41 consecutive low-risk patients at median......BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Physical mechanisms are the possible factors involved in the development and maintenance of long-term handicaps after acute whiplash injury. This study prospectively examined the role of active neck mobility, cervical and extra-cervical pains, as well as non...

  20. "A Sense of Pride." Establishing a Foxfire Adapted Model of Experientially Based Career Education for Handicapped Youth. Final Report. (United States)

    Institutional Development and Economic Affairs Service, Inc. Nederland, CO.

    The progress and achievements are detailed of three sites that implemented a modified Foxfire approach (a community-based experiential learning model invloving students in community research, interviewing, writing, publishing, and marketing their own magazine). Handicapped high schoolers interviewed and photographed successful handicapped adults,…

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of Parents and Schools in the Education of Handicapped Children = Derechos y Responsabilidades de los Padres de Familia y los Distritos Escolares en la Educacion de los Ninos Incapacitados. (United States)

    Arizona State Dept. of Education, Phoenix. Div. of Career and Vocational Education.

    The booklet is intended to help Arizona parents understand their role in the education of handicapped children. A question and answer format draws upon contents of P.L. 94-142, The Education for All Handicapped Children Act; Arizona revised statutes; and the State Board of Education rules and regulations. Four main topics are covered: (1)…

  2. Voice and speech range profiles and Voice Handicap Index for males--methodological issues and data. (United States)

    Hallin, Anna Eva; Fröst, Karin; Holmberg, Eva B; Södersten, Maria


    Reference data for speech range profiles (SRP), voice range profiles (VRP), and Voice Handicap Index (VHI) are presented for Swedish males (n = 30). For comparisons, individual data for four male contact granuloma patients are also reported. For the vocally healthy group mean values were: speaking fundamental frequency 123 Hz (SD 12.1), speaking equivalent level, Leq, 72.2 dB (SD 2.1), SRP area 142 ST*dB (SD 24.1), and VRP area 1,706 ST*dB (SD 340). Mean VHI was 5 (SD 4.8). Test-retest recordings of VRP and SRP for three subjects suggested good reliability. SRP and VRP values for three of the patients fell more than 2 SD outside the reference values. Protocols and results are discussed and standardized recording and analyses procedures are suggested.

  3. A research on the anxiety levels of parents who have mentally handicapped children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Selahattin Avşaroğlu


    Full Text Available In this research, it is aimed to specify the anxiety levels of parents who have mentally handicapped children. For this purpose, the state anxiety levels of parents with mentally handicapped children that the parents will have when they spend time with their children in social environments (visiting neighbours, shopping centres, restaurants and communication in terms of reactions and the anxiety levels they always have are studied. In this study Spielberger’s “Trait-state Anxiety Inventory” and the Identity Survey developed by the researchers are used as data gathering devices. 264 mothers and 51 fathers, totally 315 parents, whose children attend a special education institution in Meram, Karatay and Selçuklu, the central districts of Konya, and Akşehir, Yunak, Ilgın, Doğanhisar and Kadınhanı, districts of Konya, form the sample of this study. According to the findings, it is seen that, state and trait anxiety levels of mothers are significantly higher than fathers’. In relation to the levels of education, there is a significant differentiation in level of state anxiety whereas there is not a significant difference in trait anxiety levels, in relation to the levels of income, there is a significant difference in trait anxiety and state anxiety.

  4. Environmentally Benign Automobiles


    Sperling, Daniel; Schipper, Lee; Deluchi, Mark; Wang, Quanlu


    His dream has come true. There's now more than one vehicle for every licensed driver in the United States, and other developed countries are not far behind. But has the car's success created the conditions for its own demise? Conventional wisdom of market researchers, consultants, and other experts is that the automobile and its petroleum-powered internal combustion engine will be with us for a long time and that any energy and environmental problems can be readily solved. T...

  5. Treatment or Involuntary Euthanasia for Severely Handicapped Newborns: Issues of Philosophy and Public Policy. (United States)

    Powell, T. Hennessy; And Others


    Recent reports have indicated that parents and/or physicians occasionally decide not to provide life-sustaining treatment (referred to as involuntary euthanasia), thus ensuring that the severely handicapped newborn will die. The issues involved relative to treatment or involuntary euthanasia are reviewed from two opposing perspectives…

  6. Technologies and policies for controlling greenhouse gas emissions from the U. S. automobile and light truck fleet.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Plotkin, S.


    The message conveyed by the above discussion is that there are no shortages of technologies available to improve the fuel efficiency of the U.S. fleet of autos and light trucks. It clearly is technically feasible to improve greatly the fuel economy of the average new light-duty vehicle. Many of these technologies require tradeoffs, however, that manufacturers are unwilling or (as yet) unable to make in today's market and regulatory environment. These tradeoffs involve higher costs (that might be reduced substantially over time with learning and economies of scale), technical risk and added complexity, emissions concerns (especially for direct injection engines, and especially with respect to diesel engine technology), and customer acceptance issues. Even with current low U.S. oil prices, however, many of these technologies may find their way into the U.S. market, or increase their market share, as a consequence of their penetration of European and Japanese markets with their high gasoline prices. Automotive technology is ''fungible'' that is, it can be easily transported from one market to another. Nevertheless, it probably is unrealistic to expect substantial increases in the average fuel economy of the U.S. light-duty fleet without significant changes in the market. Without such changes, the technologies that do penetrate the U.S. market are more likely to be used to increase acceleration performance or vehicle structures or enable four wheel drive to be included in vehicles without a net mpg penalty. In other words, technology by itself is not likely to be enough to raise fleet fuel economy levels - this was the conclusion of the 1995 Ailomar Conference on Energy and Sustainable Transportation, organized by the Transportation Research Board's Committees on Energy and Alternative Fuels, and it is one I share.

  7. 40 CFR 600.315-82 - Classes of comparable automobiles. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 29 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Classes of comparable automobiles. 600... 1977 and Later Model Year Automobiles-Labeling § 600.315-82 Classes of comparable automobiles. (a) The Secretary will classify automobiles as passenger automobiles or light trucks (nonpassenger automobiles)...

  8. 40 CFR 600.315-08 - Classes of comparable automobiles. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 29 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Classes of comparable automobiles. 600... 1977 and Later Model Year Automobiles-Labeling § 600.315-08 Classes of comparable automobiles. (a) The Secretary will classify automobiles as passenger automobiles or light trucks (nonpassenger automobiles)...

  9. Future high school teachers' difficulties and alternatives found to planning electromagnetism activities designed for visual handicapped students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eder Pires de Camargo


    Full Text Available We report here partial outcomes of a study aimed to verify future High School teachers' performance when, during the development of a called "Teaching Practice" undergraduate course, were asked to plan, elaborate and teach, in classroom situations, electromagnetism topics to a students class which included visual handicapped pupils. Data analyzed show that the main difficulties presented by the future Physics High School teachers are related to the approach to know physics phenomena as dependent of vision and to break with some elements of the traditional pedagogy. By other hand, as alternatives, future teachers showed creativity in order to surpass passive aptitudes related to this educational problem, working out methodological strategies deprived of the relation knowing/seeing, as well as, the work with orality in a physics education context.

  10. New technologies for the reduction of the use of fossil fuels in automobiles; Nuevas tecnologias para la reduccion del uso de combustibles fosiles en automoviles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maya Violante, A.; Dorantes Rodriguez, R. [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Azcapotzalco, Departamento de Energia, Mexico D. F. (Mexico)


    The new technologies developed for the reduction of the use of fossil fuels in automobiles can be classified by the way these try to reduce the use of energy. In the search for the technologies for the conservation of it the environmental problem is added, that although it is not the subject of this presentation results decisive for the evaluation of the performance of type of technology. The development of technologies in this field has followed three basic tendencies. First: The efficient improvement of internal combustion motors, which consist in the control and constant monitoring the functioning of these motors in order to determine the strictly necessary consumption for the motor operation in accordance with its load conditions. Second, the development of a system that utilizes alternate fuels, as is the case of hybrid vehicles, that utilize gas turbines that can burn these fuels. Third the development of electric driven and energy regeneration systems avoiding the use of fossil fuels. A fourth tendency could be considered, which consists in determining the best way of controlling and using the transportation time, with all the implicit benefits. The purpose of this paper is to answer all these questions beginning with a detailed revision of the main technological innovations developed by the leading car manufacturers at world level, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, etc. concerned in bringing to the market the best vehicles that burn less or none fossil fuels and at the same time comply with the every day more strict standards on the environmental pollution subject. Through these innovations the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them are set forth, with special emphasis in the technologies that, to our concern, will be the most convenient to promote in the years to come. [Espanol] Las nuevas tecnologias desarrolladas para la reduccion del uso de combustibles fosiles en automoviles se pueden caracterizar por la manera en que estas tratan de reducir

  11. [Validation of the German version of the Vertigo Handicap Questionnaire (VHQ) in patients with vestibular vertigo syndromes or somatoform vertigo and dizziness]. (United States)

    Tschan, Regine; Wiltink, Jörg; Best, Christoph; Beutel, Manfred; Dieterich, Marianne; Eckhardt-Henn, Annegret


    The Vertigo Handicap Questionnaire (VHQ) by Yardley (1992) assesses physical and psychosocial impairments of vertigo or dizziness. Our study examines the structure, reliability, and aspects of validity of the German version of the VHQ. 98 vestibular vertigo syndromes vs. 90 patients with somatoform vertigo and dizziness were evaluated with the VHQ, symptom severity (VSS), distress (GSI), anxiety and depression (HADS), catastrophizing beliefs (ACQ), fear of body sensations (BSQ), and quality of life (SF-36). For diagnostic classification detailed clinical neurological, neuro-otological and psychosomatic testing were conducted. Principal components analysis identified two factors, which could be confirmed by confirmatory factor analyses: 'handicapped activity'(VHQ-ACT) and 'anxiety' (VHQ-ANX). The VHQ had good internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha: 0.92). Test-retest reliability was r = 0.80. We noted close relations between the VHQ, the VSS and measures of emotional distress as aspects of good construct validity. Together with the VSS, the VHQ completes a comprehensive diagnostic screening tool for vertigo or dizziness.

  12. 26 CFR 1.190-1 - Expenditures to remove architectural and transportation barriers to the handicapped and elderly. (United States)


    ... 26 Internal Revenue 3 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Expenditures to remove architectural and transportation barriers to the handicapped and elderly. 1.190-1 Section 1.190-1 Internal Revenue INTERNAL REVENUE... transportation barriers to the handicapped and elderly. (a) In general. Under section 190 of the Internal...

  13. A global simulation approach to optics, lighting, rendering, and human perception for the improvement of safety in automobiles (United States)

    Delacour, Jacques; Fournier, Laurent; Menu, Jean-Pierre


    In order to provide optimum comfort and safety conditions, information must be seen as clearly as possible by the driver and in all lighting conditions, by day and by night. Therefore, it is becoming fundamental to anticipate in order to predict what the driver will see in a vehicle, in various configurations of scene and observation conditions, so as to optimize the lighting, the ergonomics of the interfaces and the choice of surrounding materials which can be a source of reflection. This information and choices which will depend on it, make it necessary to call upon simulation techniques capable of modeling, globally and simultaneously, the entire light phenomena: surrounding lighting, display technologies, the inside lighting, taking into consideration the multiple reflections caused by the reflection of this light inside the vehicle. This has been the object of an important development, which results in the solution SPEOS Visual Ergonomics, led by company OPTIS. A unique human vision model was developed in collaboration with worldwide specialists in visual perception to transform spectral luminance information into perceived visual information. This model, based on physiological aspects, takes into account the response of the eye to light levels, to color, to contrast, and to ambient lighting, as well as to rapid changes in surrounding luminosity, in accordance with the response of the retina. This unique tool, and information now accessible, enable ergonomists and designers of on board systems to improve the conditions of global visibility, and in so doing the global perception of the environment that the driver will have.

  14. Robot Vision System for Coordinate Measurement of Feature Points on Large Scale Automobile Part

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Pongsak Joompolpong; Pradit Mittrapiyanuruk; Pakorn Keawtrakulpong


    In this paper, we present a robot vision based system for coordinate measurement of feature points on large scale automobile parts. Our system consists of an industrial 6-DOF robot mounted with a CCD camera and a PC. The system controls the robot into the area of feature points. The images of measuring feature points are acquired by the camera mounted on the robot. 3D positions of the feature points are obtained from a model based pose estimation that applies to the images. The measured positions of all feature points are then transformed to the reference coordinate of feature points whose positions are obtained from the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Finally, the point-to-point distances between the measured feature points and the reference feature points are calculated and reported. The results show that the root mean square error (RMSE) of measure values obtained by our system is less than 0.5mm. Our system is adequate for automobile assembly and can perform faster than conventional methods.

  15. Jordanian teachers' perceptions of voice handicap. (United States)

    Marie, Basem S; Natour, Yaser S; Haj-Tas, Maisa A


    This study aimed to investigate if Jordanian school teachers perceive their voice as handicapped using the Voice Handicap Index (VHI)-Arab. The effect of teachers' age, gender, years of teaching, class taught, and education level on VHI was examined. A total of 289 teachers and a control group of 100 participants took part in the study. The teachers' group differed significantly from the control group in the physical, emotional, and functional subscales and the total score of the VHI-Arab. There was no significant difference among teachers in any of the three VHI subscales or total regarding gender, age, years of teaching experience, education level, and classes taught. Jordanian teachers have a strong perception of voice handicap. Thus, preventive and treatment vocal programs are strongly advised.

  16. 汽车文化进高校的价值分析%The Value Analysis of Automobile Culture Entering the Colleges and Universities

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张建珍; 李璇


    With the advent of automobile era, the public is increasingly demanding the knowledge about the automobile culture. The essay firstly analyzes the necessity of introducing the automobile culture into universities. It will be a great measure for popularizing the automobile cuture, improving the cultural quality among the college students and even the public's cultural quality on cars. Then, the essay further elaborates how to introduce the automobile cuture into universities. The purpose of the essay is to strengthen the construction of the relative courses and the university culture and the propaganda team of the automobile culture. Moreover, the essay can help the theoretical study on the car culture.%  随着汽车时代的到来,人们对汽车文化知识的需求日益增长。首先分析了汽车文化进高校的必要性,汽车文化进高校是推进汽车文化普及,提高大学生文化素质,提升社会汽车文化素养的有力举措。进一步阐述了汽车文化进高校的方式,有利于加强课程建设,校园文化建设,汽车文化宣传的队伍建设和理论研究。

  17. In what sequence are information sources consulted by involved comsumers? The case of automobile pre-purchase search

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rijnsoever, F.J. van; Castaldi, C.; Dijst, M.J.


    This study investigates the relationship between involvement and use of multiple information sources in the case of pre-purchase information search for automobiles. We consider the moderating role played by the sequence in which information sources are consulted. We explore our theoretical framework

  18. The scheme of SCM for heavy duty automobile%重卡SCM建设方案策划

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    According to actual status of part supply,a building scheme of suppy chain management system is proposed.The architecture of SCM,the procurement planning process,the supplier evaluation index system is detail discussed in this scheme.The software platform of SCM has already run.%根据陕汽重卡板块的零部件供应现状,提出符合公司现状的供应链系统总体架构,详细描述了公司采购计划的多种生成模式和计划执行流程,描述了面向供应商的绩效评价流程和评价指标体系,并初步介绍陕汽供应商门户应包含的主要功能。

  19. The relation of vocal fold lesions and voice quality to voice handicap and psychosomatic well-being

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smits, R.; Marres, H.A.; Jong, F. de


    BACKGROUND: Voice disorders have a multifactorial genesis and may be present in various ways. They can cause a significant communication handicap and impaired quality of life. OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of vocal fold lesions and voice quality on voice handicap and psychosomatic well-being. METH

  20. Psychometric properties of the Persian version of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI-P

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mir Mohammad Jalali


    Full Text Available Introduction: Tinnitus can have a significant effect on an individual’s quality of life, and is very difficult quantify. One of the most popular questionnaires used in this area is the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI. The aim of this study was to determine the reliability and validity of a Persian translation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI-P.   Materials and Methods: This prospective clinical study was performed in the Otolaryngology Department of Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. A total of 102 patients aged 23–80 years with tinnitus completed the (THI-P. The patients were instructed to complete the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI. Audiometry was performed. Eight-five patients were asked to complete the THI-P for a second time 7–10 days after the initial interview. We assessed test–retest reliability and internal reliability of the THI-P. Validity was assessed by analyzing the THI-P of patients according to their age, tinnitus duration and psychological distress (BDI and STAI. A factor analysis was computed to verify if three subscales (functional, emotional, and catastrophic represented three distinct variables.   Results: Test–retest correlation coefficient scores were highly significant. The THI-P and its subscales showed good internal consistency reliability (α = 0.80 to 0.96. High-to-moderate correlations were observed between THI-P and psychological distress and tinnitus symptom ratings. A confirmatory factor analysis failed to validate the three subscales of THI, and high inter-correlations found between the subscales question whether they represent three distinct factors. Conclusion:  The results suggest that the THI-P is a reliable and valid tool which can be used in a clinical setting to quantify the impact of tinnitus on the quality of life of Iranian patients.

  1. Environmental Effects of Driving Automobiles in the University of Malaya Campus: A Pilot Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.Y. Kong


    Full Text Available With the increase of human population there has been an evident increase in per capita automobile use and ownership, significantly to a point that almost every urban university campus faces serious challenges from the heavy traffic movement as well as the associated parking shortages. Multiple factors, including lack of land for new parking lots, high cost of building parking structures and the desire to preserve the air quality and campus green spaces are leading many educational institutions towards a new vision based upon expanded transit access, better bicycle and pedestrian facilities and financial incentives for students and staff to drive less. (Toor and Havlick, 2004 This is in stark contrast to the traditional approach to campus transportation planning of the University of Malaya (UM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that allows students, staff and visitors to drive in the campus. The objective of this study is to investigate the related issues and environmental impact of allowing automobile driving in the campus. Studies will also be done to analyse the relationship between university campus planning and traffic condition. Air quality and noise pollution data of 3 selected sites in the campus will be recorded. Subsequently, the air pollutant index and noise pollution level will be identified and data analyses will be done on the data samples. Simultaneously, a survey questionnaire will be conducted to gauge the student’s attitude and degree of awareness with air and noise pollution in the campus. This pilot study reveals that the increasing use of automobiles within the campus has a negative impact on local environment and the quality of life in campus

  2. The Physics Prospects for CLIC

    CERN Document Server

    ELLIS, J.


    Following a brief outline of the CLIC project, this talk summarizes some of the principal motivations for an e+e− collider with ECM = 3 TeV. It is shown by several examples that CLIC would represent a significant step beyond the LHC and ILC in its capabilities for precision measurements at high energies. It would make possible a complete study of a light Higgs boson, including rare decay modes, and would provide a unique tool to study a heavy Higgs boson. CLIC could also complete the studies of supersymmetric spectra, if sparticles are relatively light, and discover any heavier sparticles. It would also enable deeper probes of extra dimensions, new gauge bosons and excited quarks or leptons. CLIC has unique value to add to experimental particle physics, whatever the LHC discovers.

  3. Development of Low and Middle Carbon Martensite Spring Steel with High Strength and Toughness for Automobile

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Li Ye-sheng; Wu Zi-ping; Zhu Yin-lu; Chen Hui-huang


    The conventional middle and high carbon spring steels have some drawbacks in properties, production and application. In order to meet the demands of rapid development of automobile, a new low and middle carbon spring steel35Si2CrMnVB, C0.34, Sil.66, Mn0.80, Cr0.67, V0.13, B0.001, P0.011, S0.014 wt.%, has been developed. Comparison between the new spring steel 35Si2CrMnVB and the conventional spring steel 60Si2MnA, C0.61, Sil.75, Mn0.76, P0.021,S0.018 wt.%, shows that the new spring steel has not only high strength, good ductility, good comprehensive mechanical properties, but also low decarbonization tendency, sufficient hardenability and high elastic sag resistance, etc.. The microstructure change in quenched steel caused by the decreasing of carbon contents is detected through metallographic observation, the new low and middle carbon spring steel 35Si2CrMnVB after quenching is composed of almost lath martensite with high dislocation density and only a little martensite with twin structure. It is testified that to develop low carbon spring steel with more excellent properties for automobile is feasible.

  4. Automobile technology in a CO{sub 2}-constrained world

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kypreos, S.; Barreto Gomez, L.; Dietrich, Ph. [Paul Scherrer Inst. (PSI), Villigen (Switzerland); Schafer, A.; Jacoby, H.D. [MIT, Cambridge (United States)


    This study identifies the environmental conditions under which less CO{sub 2}-emitting and more expensive automobile technology might enter the North American transportation sector. For that purpose, different exogenous CO{sub 2}-reduction targets are imposed and the resulting market shares of hypothetical future automobile technologies calculated. The criteria for the selection of different types of automobiles/fuels is the minimisation of discounted, cumulative transport sector costs over the scenario time horizon. (author) 1 tab., 6 refs.

  5. Estimating the Costs of Educating Handicapped Children: A Resource-Cost Model Approach. Final Report. (United States)

    Hartman, William T.

    The research described in this report attempts to estimate the costs of providing an appropriate education to all school-aged handicapped children by 1980-81. The study begins by addressing the aspects of special education that will help to predict future costs--patterns of growth to the present, legal and political mandates, the nature of various…

  6. Social acceptance of handicapped people in Mongolia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jargalmaa Bayarsaikhan


    Full Text Available The social integration of people with handicaps is an important social task. Their equal participation in social life cannot only be reached by law, but the acceptance of the social environment is an essential basic condition. Experiences, attitudes and behaviours of non-handicapped people towards people with handicaps are very important. The situation of people with handicaps has been confronted with a lack of understanding prejudices and refusal up to today. This study investigates how the mongolian citizens think about handicapped people. The adults were asked about subjects like social acceptance, refusal or even depreciation of people with handicaps.

  7. Status Quo of Sports Activities of Handicapped College Students and Physical Exercise Participation Values%我国残疾大学生体育现状及其参与锻炼的价值研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘辉; 刘利江; 唐军


    Analysis is conducted to study the status quo of handicapped college student about their participation in sports,obstacles against participation and values of participating in physical exercises on their part,to emphasize the importance of developing sport activities of handicapped college students in times of constructing socialist harmonious society.%对我国残疾大学生体育现状、制约残疾大学生参加体育锻炼的因素和残疾大学生参与体育运动的价值进行分析,提出在构建社会主义和谐社会中发展残疾大学生体育的重要性.

  8. Factorial Validity of the Chedoke-McMaster Attitudes towards Children with Handicaps Scale (CATCH) (United States)

    Bossaert, Goele; Petry, Katja


    The Chedoke-McMaster Attitudes towards Children with Handicaps Scale (CATCH) has been developed to measure the attitudes of children toward peers with disabilities. The present study aims to evaluate the factorial validity of the CATCH in a sample of 2396 students in 7th grade, including 179 students with disabilities and 2217 typically developing…

  9. Comparative Study of Rehabilitation Needs of the Family for Mentally Handicapped Children in Different Stages of Development%弱智儿童不同发展阶段家庭康复需求比较研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In this paper, through the questionnaire for mentally handicapped children of different age groups, family status and needs rehabilitation to investigate the training needs in respect of family rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation needs, psychological rehabilitation needs, family needs rehabilitation-related content analyzed and discussed the findings and recommenda- tions on the findings.%本文通过问卷对不同年龄组弱智儿童家庭康复的现状及需求进行调查,分别就家庭康复训练需求、职业康复需求、心理康复需求、家庭康复相关内容需求调查结果进行分析讨论,并就调查结果提出建议。

  10. Investigating the Relationship between Self-Handicapping Tendencies, Self-Esteem and Cognitive Distortions (United States)

    Yavuzer, Yasemin


    The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between cognitive distortions, self-handicapping tendencies, and self-esteem in a sample of students studying in a school of education. The sample of the study was comprised of 507 volunteer students chosen through random sampling from a total of 4,720 students who were studying teaching at…

  11. Lessons from China’s automobile industry

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Two controversies have emerged in the development of China’s automobile industry.The first is the role of government approval in economy of scale,industrial concentration and redundant construction.Second is the role of foreign-funded companies in the growth of China’s automobile industry.Correct understanding of these matters offers a unique"intellectual asset"for approaching the institutional and policy matters of China’s automobile industry and other sectors.It also serves as guidance in the selection of growth patterns.

  12. Item reduction of the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) based on European translations.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nawka, T.; Leeuw, de I.M.; DeBodt, M.; Guimaraes, I.; Holmberg, E.B.; Schindler, A.; Woisard, V.; Whurr, R.; Konerding, U.


    Objective: Constructing an internationally applicable short-scale of the Voice Handicap Index (VHI). Methods: Subjects were 1,052 patients with 5 different types of voice disorder groups from Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, and the USA. Different 9- and 12-item su

  13. [Political-academic discourse and integration of handicapped people: from appearances to the senses]. (United States)

    de França, Inacia Sátiro; Pagliuca, Lorita Marlena; de Sousa, Rosiléa Alves


    Our aim was to analyze law no. 3.298/99 and course plans in undergraduate nursing programs in order to confirm the inclusion of the item for participation of nurses in the Handicapped People (HP) integration process. We read the plans of courses from four universities; identified the courses in common and distributed them according to the level of health care. The proposals of the law are universal, equal, and democratic; the plans of courses analyzed adopt most of the actions recommended by the Ministry of Health in order to prevent deficiencies. Nevertheless, academic practice exercises prevention/treatment of diseases, silencing concern over the insertion of nurse in the HP integration process.

  14. Solar Energy Automobile


    He, Jianhua


    The thesis was to design a solar energy automobile, which is using solar power as energy re-source. At the moment, Finland was chosen as an example place. It was necessary to calculate the related data, which are the solar angle and the day length when designing the solar energy automobile. Also the seats and dashboard to improve the performance. Actually, in Finland it is possible to use solar energy automobile in summer. But in winter, the day length is so short and the solar constant i...

  15. The automobile air conditioning. Impacts consumption and pollution; La climatisation automobile. Impacts consommation et pollution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gagnepain, L.


    This document evaluates the over-consumption caused by the utilization of the air cooling in function of the trip (town, route, motorway) and the effects on the climatic change. It provides also some recommendations on the subject, to decrease the energy consumption. (A.L.B.)

  16. Preparation of the microemulsion for automobile polishing wax%一种微乳液型汽车上光蜡的制备

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王冬美; 张建中; 肇薇; 张颖; 安磊


    The microemulsion of automobile polishing wax was prepared with Brazil camauba wax,beeswax, paraffin and surfactant as materials.The effect of selection and the amount of the emulsifier, the emulsifying time, the emulsifying temperature, the water of the emulsification and the stirring speed were studied.The results showed the optimal conditions were as follows: the emulsifier was complex 1, the emulsifying time was 30 min, the emulsifying temperature was 90 ℃, the water of the emulsification was 70% , the stirring speed was 1000 r/min.%以巴西棕榈蜡、蜂蜡、石蜡和表面活性剂为原料,制备微乳液型汽车上光蜡,考察了乳化剂选择及用量、乳化时间、乳化温度、乳化用水量、搅拌转速等因素对乳化反应的影响.结果表明,最佳乳化条件为:乳化剂为复配1型,乳化剂的用量为6%,搅拌转速1 000 r/min,乳化时间30 min,乳化温度90℃,乳化用水量为70%.

  17. Application of Silent Chain Drive in the Gearbox and Transfer Case for Automobile%齿形链传动在汽车变速箱及分动箱中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    叶斌; 王洪军; 王丹


    新型的不同结构形式、不同啮合机制的齿形链产品已经逐渐进入汽车变速箱和分动箱领域.在论述齿形链传动重要技术特性的基础上,着重介绍了其在汽车变速箱、分动箱上的应用优势,分析了混合动力汽车的发展现状及四轮驱动汽车的良好市场前景,对链条行业的产业结构调整具有重要的参考价值.%New silent chains with diverse structures and diverse meshing mechanisms are used in gearbox and transfer case for automobile gradually. On the basis of discussing the important technical characteristics of silent chain, the application advantages of silent chain drive in automotive gearbox and transfer case are emphatically introduced and the development status of the hybrid car and good market prospect of four - wheel drive automobile are analyzed. It has an important reference value for the chain industrial restructuring.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hu Ping; Gong Kejia; Bao Yidong


    A physical value mapping (PVM) algorithm based on finite element mesh from the stamped part in stamping process to the product is presented. In order to improve the efficiency of the PVM algorithm, a search way from the mesh of the product to the mesh of the stamped part will be adopted. At the same time, the search process is divided into two steps: entire search (ES) and local search (LS), which improve the searching efficiency. The searching area is enlarged to avoid missing projection elements in ES process. An arc-length method is introduced in LS process. The validity is confirmed by the results of the complex industry-forming product.

  19. Anyuan Automobile:Moving Steadily Towards the Global Market An Interview with Su Liqian, General Manager of Wuxi Anyuan Automobile Co., Ltd

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Wuxi Anyuan Automobile Co., Ltd, located in Wuxi,China's Jiangsu Province,receives investment from Wuxi Anyuan Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd as an R&D (research and development)center and as a production base for the export of luxurious passenger buses.The company's facilities cover a large area of 90,000 square meters. During the first phase of construction, factory buildings with a floor area of 15,000 square meters were erected, enabling an annual production capacity of 1,500 buses, worth of RMB 0.5 billion. During the second phase, another 20,000 square meters were allocated for use as factory buildings, which brought the company's annual production capacity to 5,000 buses, worth of RMB 1.5 billion. Among the company's 1,200 employees, 196 are working as technical or managerial personnel.

  20. Study of the damage processes induced by thermal fatigue in stainless steels F17TNb and R20-12 for automobile application; Etude de l'endommagement en fatigue thermique des aciers inoxydables F17TNb et R20-12 pour application automobile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bucher, L.


    Thermal cycling is the main cause of fatigue failure in automobile exhaust manifolds for which the use of stainless steel now rivals that of cast iron which has been traditionally used. An original fatigue test has been developed by Ugine and ALZ, a stainless steel producer, so as to be able to compare different grades of stainless steel alloys. This test is representative of the thermal conditions encountered in the critical zones of exhaust manifolds. However, it has revealed significant differences in damage processes in the ferritic and austenitic grades tested. The subject of this thesis is the damage processes induced by thermal fatigue in stainless steels used for automotive exhaust manifolds. Two stainless steels were studied: a ferritic grade, F17TNb (17%Cr and stabilized with Ti and Nb), and an austenitic grade, R20-12, containing 20% Cr and 12% Ni. The first objective was to understand the different damage processes induced by thermal fatigue in the ferritic and austenitic grades. The second was to develop a numerical design tool of the thermally tested structures. (author)

  1. Automobile tires--a potential source of highly carcinogenic dibenzopyrenes to the environment. (United States)

    Sadiktsis, Ioannis; Bergvall, Christoffer; Johansson, Christer; Westerholm, Roger


    Eight tires were analyzed for 15 high molecular weight (HMW) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), using pressurized fluid extraction. The variability of the PAH concentrations determined between different tires was large; a factor of 22.6 between the lowest and the highest. The relative abundance of the analytes was quite similar regardless of tire. Almost all (92.3%) of the total extractable PAH content was attributed to five PAHs: benzo[ghi]perylene, coronene, indeno[1,2,3-cd]pyrene, benzo[e]pyrene, and benzo[a]pyrene. The difference in the measured PAH content between summer and winter tires varied substantially across manufacturers, making estimates of total vehicle fleet emissions very uncertain. However, when comparing different types of tires from the same manufacturer they had significantly (p = 0.05) different PAH content. Previously, there have been no data available for carcinogenic dibenzopyrene isomers in automobile tires. In this study, the four dibenzopyrene isomers dibenzo[a,l]pyrene, dibenzo[a,e]pyrene, dibenzo[a,i]pyrene, and dibenzo[a,h]pyrene constituted automobile tires may be a potential previously unknown source of carcinogenic dibenzopyrenes to the environment.

  2. 汽车覆盖件模具切削物理数据库研究%Research on Physical Database of Automobile Panel Die Cutting

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴雪峰; 冯高成


    近年来我国汽车制造业的迅速发展,导致汽车覆盖件模具需求很大.目前,很多发达国家学者进行了金属切削数据库的开发和研究,然而我国针对于汽车覆盖件模具切削加工的先进切削数据库系统比较少.本文以汽车覆盖件模具切削为研究对象,通过研究模具加工中的基础切削问题与基本加工工艺,以服务的角度出发,采用大数据、云计算技术建立汽车用淬硬钢模具切削基础数据库云平台,挖掘机床性能、加工工艺、刀具选择与加工质量的基本关系,提供标准模具工艺查询、工艺参数优化、刀具优选等服务,为智能机床装备的使用提供基础数据支持.%In recent years,the rapid development of Chinese automobile manufacturing industry causes great needs of automobile cover die. At present,many developed country scholars have conducted the research and development of metal cutting database,however,there are less advanced die machining cutting database sys-tem for automobile panel die cutting in our country. Aiming at automobile panel die cutting,automotive hard-ened die steel cutting cloud database platform is established through the study of basic cutting problem and the basic processing technology of die processing by big data and cloud computing technology. According to the service starting,the basic relationship between the performance of the machine tool is studied,and machining process and tool selection with processing quality,services of standard die technology query and optimization of process parameters and tool selection are provided to offer basic data support for the use of intelligent machine tool equipment.

  3. An Innovative Approach to Enhancing the Sustainable Development of Japanese Automobile Suppliers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chia-Nan Wang


    Full Text Available The Japanese automobile industry has been hit sharply by the economic downturn of recent decades. The rise in costs and decline in sales have led to serious problems in the auto industry. In order to address these issues, most companies engage in downsizing and redesigning production operations. It is crucial to investigate the time wasted by replacing assembly boards occurring in manufacturing lines. Therefore, the aim of this study was to provide an integrated approach, Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskih Zadatch (TRIZ, to providing efficient solutions for the automobile industry. The first step of this methodology is to detail the technical problems using the Function and Attribute Analysis (FAA model. Secondly, a contradiction matrix and the inventive principle were applied to find the solutions. In this study, an auto part supplier named Sumi-Hanel located in Hanoi, Vietnam, was taken as a case study; the empirical results showed that waste time had been reduced to 67%, nearly 8400 square meters was saved, and a 20% cost reduction was achieved by reusing old frames. The research proves that the combination of TRIZ and lean manufacturing successfully increases production performance and reduces waste due to technological advancements.

  4. Vibrational Analysis and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composite Material for Automobile Leaf Spring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Prabhakaran


    Full Text Available The composites have found extensive application in various fields. The aim of this work is to analyze the mechanical properties and damping effect of the laminates of the composites. The vibration in the composite material that to be used in the application of automobiles for the purpose of leaf spring has to be reduced. So the damping capacity of the composites was found out. Also the tensile and impact properties were studied using existing ASTM standard testing procedures and the results are reported. Based on the experimental study, it is observed that the tensile and impact strength are similar to that of steel. After studying the tensile strength, impact strength, damping capacity and water absorption of the composite, it is useful in suggesting the different types of composites, may be hybrid or may be with uni-directional fiber or with some other fibers, so that the required mechanical properties is achieved.

  5. Estimation of Gasoline Price Elasticities of Demand for Automobile Fuel Efficiency in Korea: A Hedonic Approach

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Sung Tae [Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul (Korea); Lee, Myunghun [Keimyung University, Taegu (Korea)


    This paper estimates the gasoline price elasticities of demand for automobile fuel efficiency in Korea to examine indirectly whether the government policy of raising fuel prices is effective in inducing less consumption of fuel, relying on a hedonic technique developed by Atkinson and Halvorsen (1984). One of the advantages of this technique is that the data for a single year, without involving variation in the price of gasoline, is sufficient in implementing this study. Moreover, this technique enables us to circumvent the multicollinearity problem, which had reduced reliability of the results in previous hedonic studies. The estimated elasticities of demand for fuel efficiency with respect to the price of gasoline, on average, is 0.42. (author). 30 refs., 3 tabs.

  6. Gender-specific risk factors for virologic failure in KwaZulu-Natal: automobile ownership and financial insecurity. (United States)

    Hare, Anna Q; Ordóñez, Claudia E; Johnson, Brent A; Del Rio, Carlos; Kearns, Rachel A; Wu, Baohua; Hampton, Jane; Wu, Peng; Sunpath, Henry; Marconi, Vincent C


    We sought to examine which socioeconomic indicators are risk factors for virologic failure among HIV-1 infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A case-control study of virologic failure was conducted among patients recruited from the outpatient clinic at McCord Hospital in Durban, South Africa between October 1, 2010 and June 30, 2012. Cases were those failing first-line ART, defined as viral load >1,000 copies/mL. Univariate logistic regression was performed on sociodemographic data for the outcome of virologic failure. Variables found significant (p automobile ownership was a risk factor among males, while variables of financial insecurity (unemployment, non-spouse family paying for care, staying with family) were risk factors for women. In this cohort, financial insecurity among women and automobile ownership among men were risk factors for virologic failure. Risk factor differences between genders demonstrate limitations of generalized risk factor analysis.

  7. Colon cancer incidence among modelmakers and patternmakers in the automobile manufacturing industry. A continuing dilemma. (United States)

    Swanson, G M; Belle, S H; Burrows, R W


    Modelmakers and patternmakers in an automobile manufacturing corporation located in the Detroit metropolitan area expressed concern about cancer incidence in their work group. In particular, previous studies among woodworking patternmakers and modelmakers employed in the automobile manufacturing industry found excesses in the incidence of cancers of the colon and rectum. To determine cancer incidence among the study corporation's woodworkers, a computerized record linkage study was performed. Cancer incidence data from the Michigan Cancer Foundation Division of Epidemiology's Metropolitan Detroit Cancer Surveillance System (MDCSS) were linked with corporate records for their woodworkers. In this group of 316 workers, ten cancers were found, four of which were colon cancers. A standard morbidity ratio analysis revealed a statistically significant excess of colon cancer in the woodworkers, compared with a general population group matched for race, gender and age (SMR = 487.0, p less than .01). These results are consistent with observations made in previous studies. The question raised by these findings is whether an occupational exposure contributes to this excess occurrence of colon cancers or whether these groups share some other common attributes, such as dietary habits.

  8. The applicability of the dysphonia severity index and the voice handicap index in evaluating effects of voice therapy and phonosurgery. (United States)

    Hakkesteegt, Marieke M; Brocaar, Michael P; Wieringa, Marjan H


    The objective was to investigate the applicability of the Dysphonia Severity Index (DSI) and the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) in evaluating effects of intervention between groups of patients and for intrasubject differences and whether DSI and VHI are complementing measurements. Analyses of measurement data before and after intervention of 171 patients with voice disorders. The voice quality was measured objectively with the DSI. The perceived voice handicap was measured with the VHI. Three groups of patients were used: patients who had voice therapy, phonosurgery, or no intervention. DSI and VHI improved significantly after intervention in the voice therapy and the surgery group (median difference DSI 1.19 and 3.03, VHI -8 and -26, respectively). The intrasubject results were analyzed based on the test-retest variability of DSI and VHI. Significant better DSI and VHI scores after intervention were found in, respectively, 22% and 38% of the patients with voice therapy, and 56% and 78% of the patients with surgery. In the no intervention group, this was 11% and 12%. In 37% of the patients, the differences before and after intervention in DSI and VHI were in discordance. The DSI and VHI are able to show significant differences after intervention for voice disorders between groups of patients. The DSI and VHI can be used to determine a significant intrasubject result of intervention. The DSI and VHI measure each different aspects of the voice and are complementing measurements. The DSI is therefore applicable in clinical practice for objective evaluation of voice quality and the VHI for subjective evaluation of the perceived handicap by the patient self.

  9. Information searches by consumers of miniature automobiles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Dao-ping; LIU Wei


    We studied the information search behaviors of Chinese consumers of miniature automobiles. First, we identified the main sources where consumers acquire or seek information about miniature automobiles and discussed their extent of information search. Then, based on logistic regression and optimal scaling regression of statistics, we studied the influences of characteristics of consumers of miniature automobiles on the extent of information search and on Internet usage. The results indicate that consumers often utilize four sources to obtain information about miniature automobiles. The dominant information source for consumers is their friends/family, followed by dealers, newspapers, and TV. Age, occupation, education and income significantly affect the extent of information search, but gender and city of residence do not have significant impacts. Age, city of residence, occupation, education and income produce significant influences on Internet usage. Gender has an insignificant influence on whether a consumer uses the Internet to search for information.

  10. China's Automobile:Walk into Africa

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The press conference and flag presentation ceremony of the 6th China Auto International fAlgeria & Egypt)Exhibition Tour was held on November 3,2008 at China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT),Beijing.An international exhibition automobile team,which is composed of China's independent brands and represents the independent research,development and manufacturing level of Chinese automobile industry,is ready to set out for Africa.

  11. Determination of minimum sample size for fault diagnosis of automobile hydraulic brake system using power analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. Indira


    Full Text Available Hydraulic brake in automobile engineering is considered to be one of the important components. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of such a component is very essential for safety of passengers, vehicles and to minimize the unexpected maintenance time. Vibration based machine learning approach for condition monitoring of hydraulic brake system is gaining momentum. Training and testing the classifier are two important activities in the process of feature classification. This study proposes a systematic statistical method called power analysis to find the minimum number of samples required to train the classifier with statistical stability so as to get good classification accuracy. Descriptive statistical features have been used and the more contributing features have been selected by using C4.5 decision tree algorithm. The results of power analysis have also been verified using a decision tree algorithm namely, C4.5.

  12. Cross-Border Labor Organizing in the Garment and Automobile Industries: The Phillips Van-Heusen and Ford Cuautitlan Cases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ralph Armbruster


    Full Text Available The globalization of the world economy has created new opportunities for cross-border labor organizing. In this paper I examine two case studies of cross -border labor organizing. One case involves Phillips Van-Hernen (PVH workers in Guatemala City, and the other Ford automobile workers in Cuautitlan, Mexico. The PVH case illustrates the potential for cross-border labor organizing in the highly mobile garment industry. The PVH workers' union and their cross-border allies adopted a "strategic cross-border organizing model" that included consumer and trade pressure, an active international trade secretariat, and several other strategies, to achieve an amazing victory. However, the Ford Cuautitlan case demonstrates that corporatist state-labor relations and internal union conflicts have limited cross-border organizing in the automobile industry. These two case studies and their different outcomes have many important lessons for academics and activists interested in cross-border labor organizing.

  13. Microcomputer Useage for Data Based Psychomotor Performance Measures in Adapted Physical Education. (United States)

    Powers, P. J.

    The paper describes Project RISPE (Rural/Remote Interdisciplinary Special Physical Education) and its data-based psychomotor curriculum for profoundly/severely handicapped children ages 0-21. The curriculum, divided into five diagnostic/prescriptive areas (placement, baseline, instruction, post-test, and maintenance), includes over 300 specific…

  14. The social representation about handicapped students in inclusive education: the view of children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karina Mendonça Vasconcellos


    Full Text Available Historically excluded, handicapped people have been socially included through new standards guided by egalitarian principles. The Social Representation Theory, which studies how the common sense builds “theories” about relevant objects, was used to answer how this situation affects children socially and psychologically in inclusive schools. We use a multimethodological approach with free associations, drawings and focus groups to study the social representations of 39 third and fourth grade students about their handicapped colleagues, all the children being from a state school in Recife, Pernambuco. The data were submitted to content analysis and analysis using the EVOC software, and the results indicate that handicapped children are seen as people limited by a temporary or permanent shortage or disability; they learn differently from others and disrupt classes; they require constant care and protection; they are allowed to join the group, but not to be part of it. The group seems to be outlining the contours of otherness, which shows a representation under construction.

  15. La Educacion Especial para Ninos con Impedimentos Desde Recien Nacidos Hasta Cinco Anos de Edad = Special Education for Handicapped Children Birth to Five. (United States)

    New York State Education Dept. Albany. Office for the Education of Children with Handicapping Conditions.

    The manual, in Spanish, describes programs and resources available for preschool handicapped children and their families in conjunction with the New York State Education Department. Section 1 on assistance in securing services, reviews the service provided by Early Childhood Direction Centers, and outlines the role of local Committees on the…

  16. Assessment of Lateral Driving Stability of Automobiles Passing by the Pylon Zone under Cross Wind

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dalei Wang


    Full Text Available In order to explore the reason of lateral instability of automobile passing by the pylon zone of cablesupported bridge under cross wind, a new evaluation method of lateral driving stability of automobile considering alternative cross wind is established based on multi-objective driving stability criteria and subjective assessment. Typical driving control process and dynamic response of automobile passing by the pylon zone is given by numerical simulation based on steering wheel fixed-control model and straight driving ideal-driver model. Finally, taking a medium-size commercial bus as an example, the reason of its lateral instability is interpreted and the influence of cross wind speed and driving speed on its lateral driving stability is shown by parameter study.

  17. 41 CFR 301-10.453 - What is my liability for unauthorized use of a rental automobile obtained with Government funds? (United States)


    ... unauthorized use of a rental automobile obtained with Government funds? 301-10.453 Section 301-10.453 Public... ALLOWABLE TRAVEL EXPENSES 10-TRANSPORTATION EXPENSES Special Conveyances Rental Automobiles § 301-10.453 What is my liability for unauthorized use of a rental automobile obtained with Government funds?...

  18. Aging Workforce Management in the Automobile Industry : Defining the Concept and its Constituting Elements

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Streb, Christoph; Voelpel, Sven; Leibold, Marius


    This paper presents the results of a grounded theory study on the automobile industry aimed at developing a concept of aging workforce management by identifying and constructing its constituting elements. Through an in-depth research investigation, it answers the question of how the challenge of an

  19. The automobile of the future: engine technologies and automotive fuels developed by IFP; l'automobile du futur: les technologies moteurs et carburants developpes par l'IFP

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Appert, O.; Pinchon, Ph.


    In front of the challenges of climate change and depletion of petroleum reserves, in front of the continuous strengthening of pollution regulations applied to automobile (Euro IV and V) and the advances of R and D, several ways of research can be explored to answer the mobility needs of the coming decades. The IFP takes stock of these topics in this press kit which comprises 11 documents: the synthesis of O. Appert and P. Pinchon's talk about 'the cleaner and multi-energies automobile of the future', the slides of this presentation, the future evolutions of automobiles motorizations, the long-term evolutions of engines/fuels (brief for the Panorama 2004 colloquium), diesel fuel in the USA (brief for the Panorama 2004 colloquium), bio-fuels in Europe (brief for the Panorama 2004 colloquium), diesel pollution abatement: efficient results from the IFP's diesel combustion process 'NADI'(TM), the presentation of the IFP scientific meeting of September 22-23, 2004 'which fuels for low CO{sub 2} engines?', the strategic positioning of IFP in the world energy and environmental context, the brochures 'IFP engines and fuels: a competitive advantage' and 'innovating for a sustainable development in the domain of energy'. (J.S.)

  20. Correlational research on influencing factors of sports self-handicapping for sports college students and scholastic attainment%体育教育专业大学生运动自我设限影响因素及与学业成绩的相关研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐立彬; 李安民


    采用问卷调查和心理测量的研究方法,探讨了体育教育专业大学生运动自我设限的影响因素以及运动自我设限对学业成绩的预测作用。结果表明,男女同学的运动自我设限差异不显著;免试同学与未免试同学运动自我设限差异显著;不同自评任务难度等级之间运动自我设限差异显著;身体自尊总体与运动自我设限存在显著负相关;控制身体自尊变量后,运动自我设限与学业成绩存在显著负相关。%By questionnaire survey and mental measurement,discussing influencing factors of sports self-handicapping for sports college students and how to predict scholastic attainment.The results show:differences between the male and female students are not significant on sports self-handicapping;there are significant differences betweew the students who are excused from the examination and those who are not;sports self-handicapping among different task difficulties have significant differences;there is significant negative correlation between physical self-esteem and sports self-handicapping;if controlling the variable of physical self-esteem,there is significant negative correlation between sports self-handicapping and scholastic attainment.

  1. Is oxidative status influenced by dietary carotenoid and physical activity after moult in the great tit (Parus major)? (United States)

    Vaugoyeau, Marie; Decencière, Beatriz; Perret, Samuel; Karadas, Filiz; Meylan, Sandrine; Biard, Clotilde


    In the context of sexual and natural selection, an allocation trade-off for carotenoid pigments may exist because of their obligate dietary origin and their role both in the antioxidant and immune systems and in the production of coloured signals in various taxa, particularly birds. When birds have expended large amounts of carotenoids to feather growth such as after autumn moult, bird health and oxidative status might be more constrained. We tested this hypothesis in a bird species with carotenoid-based plumage colour, by manipulating dietary carotenoids and physical activity, which can decrease antioxidant capacity and increase reactive oxygen metabolite (ROM) concentration. Great tits were captured after moult and kept in aviaries, under three treatments: physical handicap and dietary supplementation with carotenoids, physical handicap and control diet, and no handicap and control diet. We measured plasma composition (antioxidant capacity, ROM concentration, and vitamin A, vitamin E and total carotenoid concentrations), immune system activation (blood sedimentation) and stress response (heterophil/lymphocyte ratio) and predicted that handicap treatment should influence these negatively and carotenoid supplementation positively. Coloration of yellow feathers was also measured. Carotenoid supplementation increased total plasma carotenoid concentration, decreased feather carotenoid chroma and marginally increased ROM concentration. Handicap increased blood sedimentation only in males but had no clear influence on oxidative stress, which contradicted previous studies. Further studies are needed to investigate how physical activity and carotenoid availability might interact and influence oxidative stress outside the moult period, and their combined potential influence on attractiveness and reproductive investment later during the breeding season.

  2. Japanese version of voice handicap index for subjective evaluation of voice disorder. (United States)

    Taguchi, Aki; Mise, Kazuyo; Nishikubo, Kaori; Hyodo, Masamitsu; Shiromoto, Osamu


    Recently, the Voice Handicap Index (VHI), developed in the United States, has been highlighted as a means to assess a patient's perceptions of the severity of his or her voice disorder. The VHI is based on a self-administered questionnaire that quantifies the degree of a patient's disability related to his/her voice disorder. The questionnaire was translated into Japanese and applied to Japanese patients with various kinds of disordered voice or dysphonia. The results were analyzed and the usefulness discussed. In this study, 546 patients (281 males and 265 females) were included. Mean VHI scores were 36.2/120 in males and 44.1/120 in females. In the male patients, VHI scores were the highest among teens. However, VHI scores did not vary with age in the female patients. Patients with vocal fold paralysis, functional dysphonia, psychological dysphonia, and spasmodic dysphonia showed relatively high VHI scores, whereas those with laryngeal granuloma and laryngopharyngeal reflux disease showed low scores. In most diseases, functional and physiological scores were higher than emotional scores. In any treated patients, those with vocal nodule, vocal polyp, polypoid vocal fold, and recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis, VHI scores decreased after therapeutic intervention. These findings suggest that the Japanese VHI is a useful tool for monitoring a patient's psychological status, choosing appropriate treatment, and assessing the therapeutic outcome.

  3. Analysis on the Employment Situation of the Handicapped in Baicheng and Countermeasures%白城市残疾人就业现状分析与对策

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Solving the employment of the handicapped who are able to work is a fundamental way to achieve their social value.Governments at all levels and competent authorities shall improve the policy of stimulating employment for the handicapped,formulate protective industrial policy,perfect the method of levying guarantee fund for the handicapped,strengthen the administrative execution,reinforce the existing training system,and assist the handicapped to be socially reintegrated better.%切实有效地解决有劳动能力的残疾人就业,是实现残疾人走向生活的基本途径。各级政府和残联应该逐步完善残疾人就业促进政策,制定保护性的产业政策,完善残疾保证金的征收方法,加强行政执行力度,健全现有的培训制度,促进残疾人融入社会

  4. The Relationship of Academic Courses to Skills Required of Automobile Repair Technicians (United States)

    Freund, Stephen H.


    The primary objective was to show the important need of academic skills, specifically general education coursework, to the effectiveness of the technician's expertise in the field of automobile repair. Additionally, I emphasized that one of the keys to the quality of the technician's education is the method of instruction analyzed…

  5. The Relationship of Academic Courses to Skills Required of Automobile Repair Technicians (United States)

    Freund, Stephen H.


    The primary objective was to show the important need of academic skills, specifically general education coursework, to the effectiveness of the technician's expertise in the field of automobile repair. Additionally, I emphasized that one of the keys to the quality of the technician's education is the method of instruction analyzed through…

  6. The Effect of Changes in World Crude Oil Prices on U.S. Automobile Exports

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maksim Belenkiy


    Full Text Available This study describes an export model where consumers differentiate between different types of automobiles by the distance they can travel on one dollar’s worth of fuel. The model predicts that the overall demand for vehicles falls as crude oil prices rise, and that the demand for less fuel-efficient vehicles falls relatively more. In particular, we estimate that between 2007 and 2008, when the crude oil prices increased by 32 percent, the export demand for the SUVs manufactured in the United States declined by over $700 million. This implies that the relatively less fuel-efficient U.S.-model vehicles will tend to suffer a competitive disadvantage worldwide when crude oil prices are high. We discuss the potential role of the proposed CAFÉ standards in improving fuel-efficiency and growing exports of the U.S. vehicle fleet.

  7. Access National Parks: A Guide for Handicapped Visitors. (United States)

    National Park Service (Dept. of Interior), Washington, DC.

    The manual provides information on accessibility of facilities, services, and interpretive programs in approximately 300 areas of the U.S. National Park System. Details are arranged alphabetically within each state and usually include a brief historical description, parking, entrance and restroom accessibility, and special adaptations for the…

  8. Coagulation-flocculation as pre-treatment for micro-scale Fe/Cu/O3 process (CF-mFe/Cu/O3) treatment of the coating wastewater from automobile manufacturing. (United States)

    Xiong, Zhaokun; Cao, Jinyan; Yang, Dan; Lai, Bo; Yang, Ping


    A coagulation-flocculation as pre-treatment combined with mFe/Cu/O3 (CF-mFe/Cu/O3) process was developed to degrade the pollutants in automobile coating wastewater (ACW). In coagulation-flocculation (CF) process, high turbidity removal efficiency (97.1%) and low COD removal efficiency (10.5%) were obtained under the optimal conditions using Al2(SO4)3·18H2O and CaO. The effluent of CF process (ECF) was further disposed by mFe/Cu/O3 process, and its key operating parameters were optimized by batch experiments. Optimally, COD removal efficiency of ECF obtained by the mFe/Cu/O3 process (i.e., 87.6% after 30 min treatment) was much higher than those of mFe/Cu alone (8.3%), ozone alone (46.6%), and mFe/Cu/air (6.1%), which confirms the superiority of the mFe/Cu/O3 process. In addition, the analysis results of UV-vis, excitation-emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence spectra and GC/MS further confirm that the phenol pollutants of ECF had been effectively decomposed or transformed after CF-mFe/Cu/O3 process treatment. Meanwhile, B/C ratio of ACW increased from 0.19 to 0.56, which suggests the biodegradability was improved significantly. Finally, the operating cost of CF-mFe/Cu/O3 process was about 1.83 USD t(-1) for ACW treatment. Therefore, the combined process is a promising treatment technology for the coating wastewater from automobile manufacturing.

  9. Emancipation trough the Artistic Experience and the Meaning of Handicap as Instance of Otherness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robi Kroflič


    Full Text Available The key hypothesis of the article is that successful inter-mediation of art to vulnerable groups of people (including children depends on the correct identification of the nature of an artistic act and on the meaning that handicap—as an instance of otherness—has in the life of artists and spectators. A just access to the artistic experience is basically not the question of the distribution of artistic production (since if artistic object is principally accessible to all people, it will not reach vulnerable groups of spectators, but of ensuring artistic creativity and presentation. This presupposes a spectator as a competent being who is able to interact with the artistic object without our interpretative explanation and who is sensible to the instance of otherness (handicap is merely a specific form of otherness. The theory of emancipation from J. Ranciere, the theory of recognition from A. Honneth, and the theory of narration from P. Ricoeur and R. Kearney, as well as our experiences with a comprehensive inductive approach and artistic experience as one of its basic educational methods offer us a theoretical framework for such a model of art inter-mediation.

  10. The Correlation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory with Depression and Anxiety in Veterans with Tinnitus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinwei Hu


    Full Text Available Objective. The mechanisms of tinnitus are known to alter neuronal circuits in the brainstem and cortex, which are common to several comorbid conditions. This study examines the relationship between tinnitus and anxiety/depression. Subjects and Methods. Ninety-one male veterans with subjective tinnitus were enrolled in a Veterans Affairs Tinnitus Clinic. The Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI was used to assess tinnitus severity. ICD-9 codes for anxiety/depression were used to determine their prevalence. Pure tone averages (PTA were used to assess hearing status. Results. Descriptive analyses revealed that 79.1% of the 91 tinnitus sufferers had a diagnosis of anxiety, 59.3% had depression, and 58.2% suffered from both anxiety/depression. Patients with anxiety had elevated total THI scores as compared to patients without anxiety (p<0.05. Patients with anxiety or depression had significantly increased Functional and Emotional THI scores, but not Catastrophic THI score. Significant positive correlations were illustrated between the degree of tinnitus and anxiety/depression (p<0.05. There were no differences in PTA among groups. Conclusions. A majority of patients with tinnitus exhibited anxiety and depression. These patients suffered more severe tinnitus than did patients without anxiety and depression. The data support the need for multidisciplinary intervention of veterans with tinnitus.

  11. Interior Noise Prediction of the Automobile Based on Hybrid FE-SEA Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. M. Chen


    created using hybrid FE-SEA method. The modal density was calculated using analytical method and finite element method; the damping loss factors of the structural and acoustic cavity subsystems were also calculated with analytical method; the coupling loss factors between structure and structure, structure and acoustic cavity were both calculated. Four different kinds of excitations including road excitations, engine mount excitations, sound radiation excitations of the engine, and wind excitations are exerted on the body of automobile when the automobile is running on the road. All the excitations were calculated using virtual prototype technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD, and experiments realized in the design and development stage. The interior noise of the automobile was predicted and verified at speed of 120 km/h. The predicted and tested overall SPLs of the interior noise were 73.79 and 74.44 dB(A respectively. The comparison results also show that the prediction precision is satisfied, and the effectiveness and reliability of the hybrid FE-SEA model of the automobile is verified.

  12. Acessibilidade a benefícios legais disponíveis no Rio de Janeiro para portadores de deficiência física Accessibility of legal benefits available in Rio de Janeiro for physically handicapped people

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margareth Pereira Elias


    to health and education, these legal benefits are not always obtained or respected. To better understand and address the problem, the process for obtaining three of these legal benefits was studied among disabled pediatric patients with myelomeningocele in a specialized Institute in Rio de Janeiro. Results show a low achievement rate. Bureaucracy and the expenses with locomotion were main constrains worsened by lack of time and resources in families struggling with poverty. Other difficulties were lack of professional attention and confidence in the system, problems related to documents, unqualified educational system and locomotion constrains.

  13. Building Surface Science Capacity to Serve the Automobile Industry in Southeastern Michigan, final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shen, Weidian


    This project, “Building Surface Science Capacity to Serve the Automobile Industry in Southeastern Michigan” was carried out in two phases: (1) the 2009 – 2012 renovation of space in the new EMU Science Complex, which included the Surface Science Laboratory (SSL), a very vigorous research lab at EMU that carries on a variety of research projects to serve the auto and other industries in Michigan; and (2) the 2013 purchase of several pieces of equipment to further enhance the research capability of the SSL. The funding granted by the DoE was proposed to “renovate the space in the Science Complex to include SSL and purchase equipment for tribological and electrochemical impedance measurements in the lab, thus SSL will serve the auto and other industries in Michigan better.” We believe we have fully accomplished the mission.

  14. Virtual Collaboration Readiness Measurement a Case Study in the Automobile Industry (United States)

    Ziarati, Koorush; Khayami, Raouf; Parvinnia, Elham; Afroozi Milani, Ghazal

    In end of the last century information and communication technology caused a veritable evolution in the world of business and commerce. Globalization has changed all the commerce equations and business plans. Old companies have to change their strategies if they want to survive after this technological revolution. A new form of collaboration between the distributed and networked organizations has emerged as the "Virtual Organization" paradigm. A company can not join a virtual organization before obtaining a virtual maturity. This maturity shows the readiness of the company to begin a virtual collaboration. In this paper, based on the coherent and formal definition of virtual organizations, the criteria for measuring the readiness of companies are proposed. Our criteria are confirmed, modified or combined by using the factor analysis method on a sufficient number of virtual companies in the automobile manufacturing industry.

  15. The Orthopaedically Handicapped and Computer Usage: The Case of TRNC (United States)

    Dincyurek, Sibel; Arsan, Nihan; Caglar, Mehmet


    Although various studies have been conducted in the field of orthopaedic impairment, research regarding computer education for orthopaedically impaired individuals remains insufficient. This study aimed to evaluate the use of computers by orthopaedically impaired individuals from a wider perspective. The findings of the study emphasise the…

  16. Political philosophy, ethnology, and time: a study of the notion of historical handicap

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Feres Jr


    Full Text Available This article starts by identifying the crucial importance of the notion of historical handicap for the present-day social sciences of Latin America. Such notion is not an original invention made by Latinamericanists. On the contrary, I demonstrate that the genealogy of the notion of historical handicap must be sought in the tradition of Western political philosophy. Such genealogy must take into account the way it was integrated into ethnological descriptions. When and how did the Other become the backward, the primitive? While this relation was secondary for ancient Greek thought, theories of historical development became the main source of ethnological categories in the modern era. Interestingly enough, this modern synthesis suited the practical purpose of justifying two successive waves of European imperialistic: the era of discoveries, and 19th century colonialism. The article concludes by raising questions about the present role and application of the social sciences.Esse artigo começa por identificar o papel central da noção de incapacidade histórica para a literatura de Latin American studies produzida no pós-guerra. Tal noção não foi criada pelos Latinoamericanistas contemporâneos. É possível identificar o embrião da noção de incapacidade histórica nos mitos primitivistas da antiguidade clássica e, a partir daí, examinar as várias maneiras com que ela foi recebida e rearticulada pela tradição filosófica ocidental. Esse estudo é feito tendo em vista a incorporação da noção de incapacidade histórica a teorias etnológicas. Quando e como o "outro" passou a ser visto como o "atrasado", o "primitivo"? Se na antiguidade clássica essa identificação era incompleta, na era moderna teorias de desenvolvimento histórico se tornaram a fonte principal de categorias etnológicas. É importante notar que a síntese moderna dessas teorias também serviram para justificar as aventuras imperialistas Européias: a era dos

  17. The impact of the inclusion of students with handicaps and disabilities in the regular education science classroom (United States)

    Donald, Cathey Nolan

    This study was conducted to determine the impact of the inclusion of students with handicaps and disabilities in the regular education science classroom. Surveys were mailed to the members of the Alabama Science Teachers Association to obtain information from teachers in inclusive classrooms. Survey responses from teachers provide insight into these classrooms. This study reports the results of the teachers surveyed. Results indicate multiple changes occur in the educational opportunities presented to regular education students when students with handicaps and disabilities are included in the regular science classroom. Responding teachers (60%) report omitting activities that formerly provided experiences for students, such as laboratory activities using dangerous materials, field activities, and some group activities. Also omitted, in many instances (64.1%), are skill building opportunities of word problems and higher order thinking skills. Regular education students participate in classes where discipline problems related to included students are reported as the teachers most time consuming task. In these classrooms, directions are repeated frequently, reteaching of material already taught occurs, and the pace of instruction has been slowed. These changes to the regular classroom occur across school levels. Many teachers (44.9%) report they do not see benefits associated with the inclusion of students with special needs in the regular classroom.

  18. Providing Consumers with Web-Based Information on the Environmental Effects of Automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saulsbury, J.W.


    The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provide consumers with web-based information on the environmental effects of automobiles so that individuals can make informed choices about the vehicles they use or may purchase. DOE and EPA maintain a web site ( that provides users with information about fuel economy [as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution emissions] for the cars and trucks they use or may consider purchasing. EPA also maintains a separate web site ( that offers similar information, with the focus on air pollution emissions rather than fuel economy. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ( and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) ( also maintain web sites that provide consumers with information on the environmental effects of automobiles. Through the National Transportation Research Center (NTRC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DOE has supported some initial qualitative research with people who are interested in purchasing a new or used vehicle and whose actions identify them as at least somewhat concerned about the environment. The purpose of this research was to explore and understand how these people respond to the different ratings and measurements of environmental effects provided by the four web sites. The goal of the research is to optimize the communication of information provided on the DOE/EPA web site ( Working with a private marketing research firm (The Looking Glass Group of Knoxville, Tennessee), NTRC staff initiated this research by meeting with two focus groups in Knoxville on February 27, 2001. To obtain information for comparison, staff from the NTRC and the Looking Glass Group also met with two focus groups in Los Angeles, California, on August 13, 2001.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Kryvokon


    Full Text Available Research of strategy and prospects of Ukrainian automobile motor industry development has been done: the measures of public policy, which must be realized for the development of national automobile industry, a car production volume and expected working place in motor industry under state support have been described.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Worsfold


    Full Text Available The aim was to determine the rotational torque occurring at the shoe-natural grass interface during golf swing performance with different clubs, and to determine the influence of handicap and golf shoe design. Twenty-four golfers (8 low 0-7; 8 medium 8-14; and 8 high 15+ performed 5 shots with a driver, 3-iron and 7-iron when 3 shoes were worn: a modern 8 mm metal 7-spike shoe, an alternative 7-spike shoe and a flat soled shoe. Torque was measured at the front and back foot by grass covered force platforms in an outdoor field. Torque at the shoe- natural turf interface was similar at the front foot when using a driver, 3-iron and 7-iron with maximum mean torque (Tzmax 17-19 Nm and torque generation in the entire backswing and downswing approximately 40 Nm. At the back foot, torque was less than at the front foot when using the driver, 3-iron and 7-iron. At the back foot Tzmax was 6-7 Nm, and torque generation was 10-16 Nm, with a trend for greater torque generation when using the driver rather than the irons. The metal spike shoe allowed significantly more back foot torque generation when using a driver than a flat- soled shoe (p 0.05, although back foot mean torques generated tended to be greater for the metal spike shoe. The golf shot outcomes were similar for low, medium and high handicappers in both metal and alternative spike shoes (metal: 87%; 76%; 54%; alternative: 85%; 74%; 54% respectively. The better, low handicap golfers generated significantly more back foot torque (metal spike: 18.2 Nm; alternative: 15.8 Nm; p < 0.05 when using a driver. Further research should consider back foot shoe-grass interface demands during driver usage by low handicap and lighter body-weight golfers

  1. Analysis on the R-R interval time series of automobile long distance drivers; Kosoku doro no chojikan soko ni yoru R-R kankakuji keiretsu kaiseki

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moyoshi, M.; Takata, K. [Daido Institute of Technology, Nagoya (Japan); Yokoyama, K. [Nagoya Municipal Women`s College, Nagoya (Japan); Yoshioka, T.; Watanabe, Y. [Toyota National College of Technology, Aichi (Japan)


    Analyses were performed on change in living body information as time elapses while driving a car, the differences between automobile drivers and fellow passengers, and between automobile drivers and motorcycle drivers. A comparison on body temperatures in automobile drivers and motorcycle drivers shows sharper changes in the motorcycle drivers. Motorcycles, being different from automobiles, put the drivers exposed to atmosphere during driving, applying larger living body load. Adrenalin increases its concentration when a human is under mental load, so does noradrenalin when under physical load. Both of adrenalin and noradrenalin showed an increasing trend in the afternoon as compared with in the morning. From the comparison with the normal daily life, fellow passengers have also large mental living body load, who were found to have concentration change of nearly two times or more than that in normal conditions. A subject who rode in a car in the first experiment and drove a motorcycle in the second experiment was discovered to have his right hand grasping power decreased remarkably after the second experiment. Fatigue factors unique to motorcycle driving are thought the engine vibration, the hot air, the need of taking balance of the motorcycle attitudes, and stress from noise. 14 refs., 8 figs.

  2. Evaluation of headache intensity in migrainous patients with visual handicap through the tactile analogical scale (TAS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piovesan Elcio Juliato


    Full Text Available The tactile analogue scale (TAS was elaborated to be used in blind subjects or those who can not use the vision during their crises. The objective of this study was to characterize, from TAS, the architecture of migraine attacks in subjects with visual disability. For that, 11 migrainous with visual disturb (MVD subjects were studied and 22 migrainous subjects with no visual disability as a control group. All patients fulfilled the criteria for migraine and the patients of the group studied showed visual acuteness less than 20/200. To evaluate the results, the patients of the group MVD were subdivide within two groups, according to their visual acuteness: subgroup A subjects with subnormal vision and subgroup B amaurotic ones. In subgroup A measurement 46 attacks with average of the migraine attacks of the 56.50 mm, in the subgroup B 45 attacks with average of the 59.58mm and in the control group 92 attacks with average of the 49.88mm. When subgroup B and control group were compared there was a significant statistic difference (p=0.022. Through these outcomes we can observe that the migrainous subjects with no visual afference show a higher pain intensity during the migraine crises comparing to those subjects with no visual handicap. The study suggests that, as in other forms of sensibility, the total visual loss can also interfere in the nociceptive control of the pain during the migraine attacks.

  3. Educational Services for Handicapped Children: Confrontation with Retrenchment. (United States)

    Steer, M.


    Because planning systems long used by Canadian administrators no longer serve to formulate a restraint plan, a carefully considered retrenchment theory is needed for personal and organizational decisions to achieve successful management of planned retrenchment in services to exceptional students. (MC)

  4. A research on the anxiety levels of parents who have mentally handicapped children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Selahattin Avşaroğlu


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false TR X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Normal Tablo"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} In this research, it is aimed to specify the anxiety levels of parents who have mentally handicapped children. For this purpose, the state anxiety levels of parents with mentally handicapped children that the parents will have when they spend time with their children in social environments (visiting neighbours, shopping centres, restaurants and communication in terms of reactions and the anxiety levels they always have are studied. In this study Spielberger’s “Trait-state Anxiety Inventory” and the Identity Survey developed by the researchers are used as data gathering devices. 264 mothers and 51 fathers, totally 315 parents, whose children attend a special education institution in Meram, Karatay and Selçuklu, the central districts of Konya, and Akşehir, Yunak, Ilgın, Doğanhisar and Kadınhanı, districts of Konya, form the sample of this study. According to the findings, it is seen that, state and trait anxiety levels of mothers are significantly higher than fathers’. In relation to the levels of education, there is a significant differentiation in level of state anxiety whereas there is not a significant difference in trait anxiety levels, in relation to the levels of income, there is a

  5. Stereotypes concerning normal and handicapped children. (United States)

    Parish, T S; Dyck, N; Kappes, B M


    Individuals' attitudes were assessed toward various groups of children. In study 1 the respondents were 65 male and female teachers from across the state of Kansas. In study 2 the respondents were 89 men and women in attendance at the 1978 International Conference of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities. In both studies the evaluations of the labels "gifted children," "normal children," and "physically handicapped children" were found to be significantly more positive than the evaluations of the labels "mentally retarded children," "learning disabled children," and "emotionally disturbed children." These results seem to indicate that definite negative stereotypes are held toward the latter three groups of children. In study 1 these findings were found to occur generally regardless of the respondents' sex, age, educational level attained, and amount of previous mainstreaming experience.

  6. Achievement report for fiscal 1998 on the research and development of environmental technologies such as recycling. 2. Technology for reducing automobile running noise; 1998 nendo recycle nado kankyo gijutsu kenkyu kaihatsu seika hokokusho. 2. Jidosha sokoon teigen gijutsu

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Experiments and studies are conducted for reducing along-the-road automobile running noise. In the study of noise generation due to tire vibration, it is found that the main mechanism of noise generation on a well-drained pavement is the vibration of tires. A calculation model is built for estimating the vibration of the tire belt from the characteristics of the road surface and the tire. In the study of air column resonance in the tread groove, a method is studied of measuring fluctuations in the sound pressure in the tread groove. Measurement is conducted, and it is found that the generally accepted explanation, in which air column resonance is attributed to tread vibration generated upon collision of the tire with the road surface, needs further study for substantiation. In a model experiment, it is found that air column resonance hardly occurs on a well-drained pavement. In the study of hydroplaning, it is found that, even when the total volume of the tread longitudinal grooves is the same, the hydroplaning performance tends to improve when the groove arrangement and crown curvature are proper. (NEDO)

  7. Biomonitoring of exposure to N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone in workers of the automobile industry. (United States)

    Meier, Swetlana; Schindler, Birgit K; Koslitz, Stephan; Koch, Holger M; Weiss, Tobias; Käfferlein, Heiko U; Brüning, Thomas


    N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) is an important organic solvent for varnishes in industry. NMP has been previously shown to be a developmental toxicant in rodents. This study reports current exposures to NMP in the spraying department of an automobile plant using biological monitoring. Two specific metabolites, 5-hydroxy-N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (5-HNMP) and 2-hydroxy-N-methyl-succinimide (2-HMSI), were analyzed in 69 urine samples of 14 workers exposed to NMP and 9 nonexposed controls. Three different working tasks ('loading' and 'cleaning' of the sprayer system and 'wiping/packing' of the sprayed materials) and three sampling times (preshift, postshift, and preshift of the following day) were studied in exposed workers. Median exposures of 5-HNMP and 2-HMSI in postshift urine of exposed workers were 0.91 and 0.52mg g(-1) creatinine, respectively, whereas median levels in controls were below the limit of detection. Decreased levels of 5-HNMP were observed in preshift urine samples on the following day (0.39mg g(-1) creatinine) in exposed workers, while the concentration of 2-HMSI did not change (0.49mg g(-1) creatinine). Highest exposures occurred during sprayer cleaning with a maximum level of 8.31mg g(-1) creatinine of 5-HNMP in postshift urine. In contrast to 'wipers/packers', no decrease in 5-HNMP could be observed in preshift urine samples on day 2 of the 'loaders' and 'cleaners'. Overall, exposure in terms of 5-HNMP postshift and 2-HMSI preshift of the following day were well below the current biological limit values of the European Union (70 and 20mg g(-1) creatinine). Our results provide initial data on NMP exposure in the automobile industry and suggest that the analysis of 5-HNMP in preshift samples also provides essential information, particularly in situations involving direct handling of liquid NMP-containing formulations.

  8. Notable signs observed in the growth process of “siblings" of handicapped children : their cause and mother's care of ""siblings"



    The purpose of this study was to elucidate anxiety symptoms (hereafter referred to as “signs") observed in the growth process of brothers and sisters of handicapped children (hereafter referred to as “siblings"), their cause, and the special attention of the mother in bringing up the siblings by interviewing handicapped children's mothers and “siblings". The results of the investigation revealed that 12 of 32 siblings of handicapped children brought up by 20 mothers showed some signs, and 10 ...

  9. The competitive strategies of the automobile construction enterprises: european experience and ukrainian realities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Okhrimenko Oksana Onufriivna


    Full Text Available The article provides a comparative evaluation of the strategic doctrines of Ukraine and the EU. On the basis of the development of the automotive industry trends tracked achievement and identifies problem areas. Factors that have a positive and a negative impact on the performance of automobile construction companies have disclosed. Components of success automobile construction industry of the EU countries analyzed. The role of national regulators in the protection and development of car manufacturers is considered. The attention focuses on the imperfect strategic goals of the domestic automotive industry. Suggestions on current strategies of Ukrainian enterprises are provided. The expediency of creation strategic alliances between Ukrainian and European automotive companies in order to attract innovative technology and promotion of products on the international markets has substantiated.

  10. Polish translation and validation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory and the Tinnitus Functional Index

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Małgorzata Wrzosek


    Full Text Available The need for validated measures enabling clinicians to classify tinnitus patients according to the severity of tinnitus and screen the progress of therapies in our country led us to the translation into Polish and the validation of two tinnitus questionnaires, namely the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI and the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI. Design: The original English version of questionnaires were translated into Polish and translated back to English by three independent translators. These versions were then finalized by the authors into a Polish THI (THI-Pl and a Polish TFI (TFI-Pl. Participants from three laryngological centers in Poland answered anonymously the THI-Pl (N=98 and the TFI-Pl (N=108 in addition to the Polish versions of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D as a measure of self-perceived level of depression, and the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS to assess self-perceived quality of life. Both were used to determine discriminant validity. Two Visual Analog Scales (VAS were used to measure tinnitus annoyance and tinnitus loudness in order to determine convergent validity. Results: Similar to the original version of the THI, the THI-Pl showed a high internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha=0.93. The exploratory factor analysis revealed that the questionnaire has a three-factorial structure that does not correspond to the original division for functional, catastrophic and emotional subscales. Convergent and discriminant validity were confirmed. The TFI-Pl showed high internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha=0.96 with the reliability ranging from 0.82 to 0.95 for its different subscales. Factor analysis confirmed an eight-factorial structure with factors assigning all items to appropriate subscales reported in the original version of the questionnaire. Discriminant and convergent validity were also confirmed for the TFI-Pl. Conclusions: We translated and validated the Polish versions of the THI and the TFI

  11. Polish Translation and Validation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory and the Tinnitus Functional Index (United States)

    Wrzosek, Małgorzata; Szymiec, Eugeniusz; Klemens, Wiesława; Kotyło, Piotr; Schlee, Winfried; Modrzyńska, Małgorzata; Lang-Małecka, Agnieszka; Preis, Anna; Bulla, Jan


    Objective: The need for validated measures enabling clinicians to classify tinnitus patients according to the severity of tinnitus and screen the progress of therapies in our country led us to translate into Polish and to validate two tinnitus questionnaires, namely the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) and the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI). Design: The original English versions of the questionnaires were translated into Polish and translated back to English by three independent translators. These versions were then finalized by the authors into a Polish THI (THI-Pl) and a Polish TFI (TFI-Pl). Participants from three laryngological centers in Poland anonymously answered the THI-Pl (N = 98) and the TFI-Pl (N = 108) in addition to the Polish versions of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale as a measure of self-perceived level of depression, and the Satisfaction With Life Scale to assess self-perceived quality of life. Both were used to determine discriminant validity. Two Visual Analog Scales were used to measure tinnitus annoyance and tinnitus loudness in order to determine convergent validity. Results: Similar to the original version of the THI, the THI-Pl showed a high internal consistency (Cronbach’s α = 0.93). The exploratory factor analysis revealed that the questionnaire has a three-factorial structure that does not correspond to the original division for functional, catastrophic, and emotional subscales. Convergent and discriminant validities were confirmed. The TFI-Pl showed high internal consistency (Cronbach’s α = 0.96) with the reliability ranging from 0.82 to 0.95 for its different subscales. Factor analysis confirmed an eight-factorial structure with factors assigning all items to appropriate subscales reported in the original version of the questionnaire. Discriminant and convergent validities were also confirmed for the TFI-Pl. Conclusion: We translated and validated the Polish versions of the THI and the TFI to make them

  12. Polish Translation and Validation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory and the Tinnitus Functional Index. (United States)

    Wrzosek, Małgorzata; Szymiec, Eugeniusz; Klemens, Wiesława; Kotyło, Piotr; Schlee, Winfried; Modrzyńska, Małgorzata; Lang-Małecka, Agnieszka; Preis, Anna; Bulla, Jan


    Objective: The need for validated measures enabling clinicians to classify tinnitus patients according to the severity of tinnitus and screen the progress of therapies in our country led us to translate into Polish and to validate two tinnitus questionnaires, namely the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) and the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI). Design: The original English versions of the questionnaires were translated into Polish and translated back to English by three independent translators. These versions were then finalized by the authors into a Polish THI (THI-Pl) and a Polish TFI (TFI-Pl). Participants from three laryngological centers in Poland anonymously answered the THI-Pl (N = 98) and the TFI-Pl (N = 108) in addition to the Polish versions of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale as a measure of self-perceived level of depression, and the Satisfaction With Life Scale to assess self-perceived quality of life. Both were used to determine discriminant validity. Two Visual Analog Scales were used to measure tinnitus annoyance and tinnitus loudness in order to determine convergent validity. Results: Similar to the original version of the THI, the THI-Pl showed a high internal consistency (Cronbach's α = 0.93). The exploratory factor analysis revealed that the questionnaire has a three-factorial structure that does not correspond to the original division for functional, catastrophic, and emotional subscales. Convergent and discriminant validities were confirmed. The TFI-Pl showed high internal consistency (Cronbach's α = 0.96) with the reliability ranging from 0.82 to 0.95 for its different subscales. Factor analysis confirmed an eight-factorial structure with factors assigning all items to appropriate subscales reported in the original version of the questionnaire. Discriminant and convergent validities were also confirmed for the TFI-Pl. Conclusion: We translated and validated the Polish versions of the THI and the TFI to make them suitable

  13. Learning Achievement Packages in Social Studies. Procedimientos para Manejar. Mantenimiento del Automovil. Llantas. (Procedures for Driving. Maintenance of an Automobile. Tires.) (United States)

    Rendon, Rene

    This publication presents three suggested social studies curriculum units designed for the bilingual Spanish-English classroom, but which would also be useful in advanced Spanish language classes for English speakers. The units, developed for grades 7-11, are entitled, "Procedures for Driving,""Maintenance of an Automobile,"…

  14. Active-flux based motion sensorless vector control of biaxial excitation generator/motor for automobiles (BEGA)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Coroban-Schramel, Vasile; Boldea, Ion; Andreescu, Gheorghe-Daniel


    This paper proposes a novel, active-flux based, motion-sensorless vector control structure for biaxial excitation generator for automobiles (BEGA) for wide speed range operation. BEGA is a hybrid excited synchronous machine having permanent magnets on q-axis and a dc excitation on daxis. Using...... the active-flux concept the estimated rotor position is given by the sum of the active flux angle and torque angle. The active flux is calculated by subtracting the term Lq i s from the estimated stator flux vector. The experimental results validate the active flux-principle and show good performance...

  15. Desempenho funcional de crianças com deficiência visual, atendidas no Departamento de Estimulação Visual da Fundação Altino Ventura Functional outcome of visually handicapped children cared for at the Department of Visual Stimulation - "Fundação Altino Ventura"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliana Malta


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Traçar o perfil funcional de crianças portadoras de deficiência visual. MÉTODOS: Foram avaliadas 27 crianças. Dezessete com acuidade visual normal (que freqüentavam a Escola Municipal Alto do Maracanã, em Recife, e dez portadoras de deficiência visual (que recebiam estimulação visual no Departamento de Estimulação Visual da Fundação Altino Ventura, Recife. Foi utilizado o teste funcional padrão PEDI. RESULTADOS: As crianças portadoras de deficiência visual apresentaram desempenho significantemente inferior nas áreas de autocuidado e mobilidade que as crianças do grupo controle. CONCLUSÃO: A deficiência visual traz conseqüências limitantes para o desempenho de atividades de autocuidado, locomoção, compreensão, comunicação e tarefas domésticas, na faixa etária estudada.PURPOSE: To analyze the functional outcome of visually handicapped children. METHODS: Twenty-seven children were evaluated using the standard functional PEDI test. Seventeen who attended school at "Escola Municipal Alto do Maracanã", Recife - Pernambuco, Brazil, had normal visual acuity and the other ten had visual handicap, and were cared for at Stimulation Visual Department - "Fundação Altino Ventura", in the same city. RESULTS: The children who had visual handicap showed significantly worse performance in self-care and mobility than normal children. CONCLUSION: Visual handicap may have limited the performance regarding self-care, mobility, understanding, communication, home works, in the studied group.

  16. Epilepsy: Impact upon Severely and Profoundly Handicapped Persons. (United States)

    Spooner, Fred; Dykes, Mary K.


    The paper synthesizes information about epilepsy (definition and categories of seizures, types of seizures, and treatment) and notes its impact upon persons with severe/profound handicaps. The need for a transdisciplinary team in case management is cited. (CL)

  17. An Informal Paper: Teaching the Profoundly Handicapped Child. (United States)

    Silverrain, Ann

    The paper outlines the operative principles for understanding learning and discusses how these principles can help in planning a functional program for a severely or profoundly brain-damaged child. Discussed are: (1) the role of memory in learning; (2) simple associative learning (Pavlovian Conditioning and Operant Conditioning); (3) Piaget's…

  18. 浙江省汽摩配企业员工培训现状与对策%The Present Situation and Countermeasures for Employee Training of Automobile Enterprises in Zhejiang Province

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘晓宁; 罗福建; 丁康辉


    随着金华地区汽车、摩托车制造业产业群的形成,员工培训问题凸显而出,通过对员工培训问题的深入调查分析,明确了员工培训重要性。并在此基础上,提出加强金华地区汽车、摩托车制造企业员工培训的对策及建议。%With the forming of Jinhua automobile,motorcycle manufacturing industry group,the employee training issue becomes increasingly serious.The importance of employee training is indicated by deep investigation and analysis.Finally,the countermeasures and suggestions is proposed to strengthen the employee training of Jinhua automobile and motorcycle manufacturing enterprises.

  19. Handicap, Architecture & Design

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Cd-rommen er et visuelt projekteringsværktøj for byggeriets parter. Den viser nogle af de problemer mennesker med handicap har ved at færdes i de fysiske omgivelser, men peger også mulige løsninger for at gøre omgivelserne tilgængelige for alle.......Cd-rommen er et visuelt projekteringsværktøj for byggeriets parter. Den viser nogle af de problemer mennesker med handicap har ved at færdes i de fysiske omgivelser, men peger også mulige løsninger for at gøre omgivelserne tilgængelige for alle....

  20. Maximum Power Point Tracking with Dichotomy and Gradient Method for Automobile Exhaust Thermoelectric Generators (United States)

    Fang, W.; Quan, S. H.; Xie, C. J.; Tang, X. F.; Wang, L. L.; Huang, L.


    In this study, a direct-current/direct-current (DC/DC) converter with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is developed to down-convert the high voltage DC output from a thermoelectric generator to the lower voltage required to charge batteries. To improve the tracking accuracy and speed of the converter, a novel MPPT control scheme characterized by an aggregated dichotomy and gradient (ADG) method is proposed. In the first stage, the dichotomy algorithm is used as a fast search method to find the approximate region of the maximum power point. The gradient method is then applied for rapid and accurate tracking of the maximum power point. To validate the proposed MPPT method, a test bench composed of an automobile exhaust thermoelectric generator was constructed for harvesting the automotive exhaust heat energy. Steady-state and transient tracking experiments under five different load conditions were carried out using a DC/DC converter with the proposed ADG and with three traditional methods. The experimental results show that the ADG method can track the maximum power within 140 ms with a 1.1% error rate when the engine operates at 3300 rpm@71 NM, which is superior to the performance of the single dichotomy method, the single gradient method and the perturbation and observation method from the viewpoint of improved tracking accuracy and speed.

  1. The Voice Handicap Index with Post-Laryngectomy Male Voices (United States)

    Evans, Eryl; Carding, Paul; Drinnan, Michael


    Background: Surgical treatment for advanced laryngeal cancer involves complete removal of the larynx ("laryngectomy") and initial total loss of voice. Post-laryngectomy rehabilitation involves implementation of different means of "voicing" for these patients wherever possible. There is little information about laryngectomees'…

  2. Counseling the Handicapped Client: A Series of Training Modules. (United States)

    Humes, Charles W., II, Ed.

    Intended as a tool for staff development and inservice education of guidance and counseling personnel, the document includes modules and information on staff development. Each of the six modules includes rationale, training/learning objectives, training/learning activities, resources, and a bibliography. Modules have the following authors and…

  3. The SKI*HI Model: A Comprehensive Model for Identification, Language Facilitation, and Family Support for Hearing Handicapped Children Through Home Management, Ages Birth to Six. Third Edition. (United States)

    Clark, Thomas C.; Watkins, Susan

    The SKI HI program, a home intervention model for hearing impaired infants and their families, is described. An overview of the program is provided, followed by separate sections on administrative, direct service, and support service topics (sample subtopics in parentheses): child identification and processing (statewide hearing screening model,…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicoleta ISAC


    Full Text Available The paper aims to form an overview of the current situation of the car market in Romania and based on this to highlight trends and directions towards which this important branch of manufacturing industry seen through the eyes of consumers. The consumer always seeks to compare the performance of the product, with certain standards and they have required to inform themselves and to reflect upon purchasing the product. In order to ensure business success and minimize the risk, entrepreneurs must pay major attention to defining and knowledge of the market or markets they want to act, as well as the segment of consumers that their it proposes to conquer the products and services offered. To a better analyze of the consumer behaviour we implemented a model based on a questionnaire that allows us to detect the main objectives: Identifying the attributes of an ideal car; Establishing the importance of these attributes for current and potential customers; The Dacia brand in comparison to major competing brands; Determining the factors influencing the choice of consumer. The reason I chose the automobile market is the fact that manufacturing (which includes engineering sector, whose part is the construction industry of cars is the main component industry in Romania, covering about 80% of the volume of activity in which are covered about 1.5 million people.

  5. Platinum levels in natural and urban soils from Rome and Latium (Italy): significance for pollution by automobile catalytic converter. (United States)

    Cinti, D; Angelone, M; Masi, U; Cremisini, C


    Platinum concentrations in topsoil samples collected in 1992 (48) and in 2001 (16) from the urban area of Rome have been determined by ICP-MS. Concentrations in 47 soil samples collected in 1992 from natural sites of Latium (an area around Rome) have been determined for a first assessment of natural background levels. The Pt concentrations in Rome urban soils collected in 1992 range from 0.8 to 6.3 ng/g (mean = 3.8 +/- 1.0) overlapping the concentration range of natural soils from Latium (mean = 3.1 +/- 2.1 ng/g). No significant correlation has generally been found between Pt contents in the 'natural' soils and related bedrock or major pedogenetic parameters. These results suggest that there is no evidence of Pt pollution in Rome urban soils at that time, because the massive use of the automobile catalytic converter has only just started. Higher (up to six times more) Pt concentrations, than those measured in the 1992 samples, have been measured, in some cases, in Rome urban soils collected in 2001, suggesting a possible start of Pt accumulation because of the large-scale use in the last decade of automobile catalytic converters. At the same time, a clear decrease of lead levels in Rome urban soils with respect to the levels measured in 1992 has been observed, paralleling the decreasing number of lead gasoline-fuelled cars. Here we present one of the first systematic studies for defining background levels of Pt in Italian natural soils, thus allowing for monitoring, in the future, should any possible Pt pollution caused by the use of automobile catalytic converter, especially in urban soils, occur.

  6. Platinum levels in natural and urban soils from Rome and Latium (Italy). Significance for pollution by automobile catalytic converter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cinti, D.; Masi, U. [Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Universita ' La Sapienza' , 00185 Rome (Italy); Angelone, M.; Cremisini, C. [ENEA, TEIN CHIM, C.R.Casaccia, V. Anguillarese 301, 00060 S. M. Di Galeria, Rome (Italy)


    Platinum concentrations in topsoil samples collected in 1992 (48) and in 2001 (16) from the urban area of Rome have been determined by ICP-MS. Concentrations in 47 soil samples collected in 1992 from natural sites of Latium (an area around Rome) have been determined for a first assessment of natural background levels. The Pt concentrations in Rome urban soils collected in 1992 range from 0.8 to 6.3 ng/g (X=3.8{+-}1.0) overlapping the concentration range of natural soils from Latium (X=3.1{+-}2.1 ng/g). No significant correlation has generally been found between Pt contents in the 'natural' soils and related bedrock or major pedogenetic parameters. These results suggest that there is no evidence of Pt pollution in Rome urban soils at that time, because the massive use of the automobile catalytic converter has only just started. Higher (up to six times more) Pt concentrations, than those measured in the 1992 samples, have been measured, in some cases, in Rome urban soils collected in 2001, suggesting a possible start of Pt accumulation because of the large-scale use in the last decade of automobile catalytic converters. At the same time, a clear decrease of lead levels in Rome urban soils with respect to the levels measured in 1992 has been observed, paralleling the decreasing number of lead gasoline-fuelled cars. Here we present one of the first systematic studies for defining background levels of Pt in Italian natural soils, thus allowing for monitoring, in the future, should any possible Pt pollution caused by the use of automobile catalytic converter, especially in urban soils, occur.

  7. Simulation of press-forming for automobile part using ultra high tension steel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tanabe I.


    Full Text Available In recent years, ultra high tension steel has gradually been used in the automobile industry. The development of press-forming technology is now essential by reason of its high productivity and high product quality. In this study, tensile tests were performed with a view to understanding the material properties. Press-forming tests were then carried out with regard to the behaviors of spring back and deep-drawability, and manufacturing a real product. The ultra high tension steel used in the experiments had a thickness of 1 mm and a tensile strength of 1000 MPa. Finally, simulations of spring back, deep-drawability and manufacturing a real product in ultra high tension steel were conducted and evaluated in order to calculate the optimum-press-forming conditions and the optimum shape of the die. FEM with non-linear and dynamic analysis using Euler-Lagrange’s element was used for the simulations. It is concluded from the results that (1 the simulations conformed to the results of the experiments (2 the simulations proved very effective for calculating the optimum press conditions and die shape.

  8. Predictors of Choral Directors' Voice Handicap (United States)

    Schwartz, Sandra


    Vocal demands of teaching are considerable and these challenges are greater for choral directors who depend on the voice as a musical and instructive instrument. The purpose of this study was to (1) examine choral directors' vocal condition using a modified Voice Handicap Index (VHI), and (2) determine the extent to which the major variables…

  9. Cost of Poor Quality Analysis for Automobile Industry: A Case Study (United States)

    Teli, S. N.; Majali, V. S.; Bhushi, U. M.; Gaikwad, L. M.; Surange, V. G.


    The high competitiveness makes the quest for production cost reduction a constant in the market, but it is necessary to reduce costs without compromising quality. When a product is in the manufacturing and this has to be scraped, we have more cost than the raw material used, it is necessary to consider the manpower and operations, thus to calculate the cost added to the product. Continuous quality improvement is a key factor in the strategy for competitiveness. Quality cost is one tool, among many others, that can help in continuous quality improvement. Properly applying quality cost techniques is critical to these efforts. Initially, a complete quality cost study could provide awareness and guidance to a steering committee on what cross-discipline teams and improvement projects should be started. The cross discipline teams also can use quality cost special studies to help in focusing efforts. In this paper cost of poor quality analysis has been done using different techniques which are currently applying in automobile industry to assess quality cost.

  10. Physics Case for the International Linear Collider

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fujii, Keisuke; /KEK, Tsukuba; Grojean, Christophe; /DESY /ICREA, Barcelona; Peskin, Michael E.; Barklow, Tim; /SLAC; Gao, Yuanning; /Tsinghua U., Beijing, CHEP; Kanemura, Shinya; /Toyama U.; Kim, Hyungdo; /Seoul Natl U.; List, Jenny; /DESY; Nojiri, Mihoko; /KEK, Tsukuba; Perelstein, Maxim; /Cornell U., LEPP; Poeschl, Roman; /LAL, Orsay; Reuter, Juergen; /DESY; Simon, Frank; /Munich, Max Planck Inst.; Tanabe, Tomohiko; /Tokyo U., ICEPP; Yu, Jaehoon; /Texas U., Arlington; Wells, James D.; /Michigan U., MCTP; Murayama, Hitoshi; /UC, Berkeley /LBNL /Tokyo U., IPMU; Yamamoto, Hitoshi; /Tohoku U.


    We summarize the physics case for the International Linear Collider (ILC). We review the key motivations for the ILC presented in the literature, updating the projected measurement uncertainties for the ILC experiments in accord with the expected schedule of operation of the accelerator and the results of the most recent simulation studies.

  11. Controller for computer control of brushless dc motors. [automobile engines (United States)

    Hieda, L. S. (Inventor)


    A motor speed and torque controller for brushless d.c. motors provides an unusually smooth torque control arrangement. The controller provides a means for controlling a current waveform in each winding of a brushless dc motor by synchronization of an excitation pulse train from a programmable oscillator. Sensing of torque for synchronization is provided by a light beam chopper mounted on the motor rotor shaft. Speed and duty cycle are independently controlled by controlling the frequency and pulse width output of the programmable oscillator. A means is also provided so that current transitions from one motor winding to another is effected without abrupt changes in output torque.

  12. Automobile accessories: Assessment and improvement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jackson, M. [Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV (United States)


    With mandates and regulatory policies to meet both the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV), designing vehicles of the future will become a difficult task. As we look into the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, reduction of the required power demand by influential automobile components is necessary in order to obtain performance and range goals. Among those automobile components are accessories. Accessories have a profound impact on the range and mileage of future vehicles with limited amounts of energy or without power generating capabilities such as conventional vehicles. Careful assessment of major power consuming accessories helps us focus on those that need improvement and contributes to attainment of mileage and range goals for electric and hybrid vehicles.

  13. Measurement of BSR noise of cockpit module materials for automobiles (United States)

    Woo, C.; Park, H.


    Today, the interior noise perceived by occupants is becoming an important factor driving design standards for the design of most of interior assemblies in an automotive vehicles. BSR(Buzz, Squeak and Rattle) is a major contributor towards the perceived noise of annoyance to vehicle occupants. One method of minimizing the possibility of squeak and rattle is by making use of the judicious selection of mating materials pairs. In this paper, the BSR test system was designed and built. Also described is a test instrument that has been developed for such material pair compatibility studies.

  14. Global Production Sharing and FDI-Trade Nexus: New Evidence from the Japanese Automobile Industry


    Shuhei Nishitateno


    The growing importance of global production sharing makes the analysis of the nexus between outward foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade in intermediate goods ever more important. This study examines the substitution hypothesis that FDI by upstream firms replaces intermediate exports from home, using the case of the Japanese automobile industry. In analysing newly-constructed product-level data covering 37 products and 49 host countries over the period 1999 to 2008, this study finds a co...

  15. The Research of Scrapped Automobiles Recycling and Disassembling Industry Development Based on Auto Industry Chain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    linhua Pang


    Full Text Available The number of China’s scrapped car is on an explosively growing trend, and the development of scrapped car recycling industry has a golden prospect. The current scrapped car recycling system is not perfect in our country, because related industries driven by market develop slowly, and there are some outstanding problems such as potential safety risks, environmental pollution and resource waste. The paper analyzes and studies the existing problems and countermeasures to investigate the development strategy of scrapped car recycling industry according to the whole automobile industry chain construction, technology and equipment conditions, policy guidance, etc. and at last explore the new industrial development pattern of serving automobile reverse design.

  16. Manganese concentrations in the air of the Montreal (Canada) subway in relation to surface automobile traffic density

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boudia, Nacera; Gareau, Lise; Zayed, Joseph [GRIS Interdisciplinary Health Research Group, University of Montreal (Canada); Halley, Renee [Transport Montreal Society (Canada); Kennedy, Greg [Department of Engineering Physics, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Montreal (Canada); Lambert, Jean [Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal (Canada)


    Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) is an organic derivative of manganese (Mn), used since 1976 in Canadian gasoline as an octane enhancer. Its combustion leads to the emission of Mn particles. Several studies carried out by our research group have established a correlation between atmospheric Mn concentrations and automobile traffic density, suggesting that MMT in gasoline could play a significant role. This study aims to measure Mn concentrations in the air of the underground subway in Montreal (Canada) and to examine the relation with nearby surface automobile traffic density and, by extension, with the use of MMT in gasoline. Three subway stations were chosen for their location in different microenvironments with different traffic densities. Respirable (MnR<5 {mu}m) and total Mn (MnT) were sampled over two weeks, 5 days/week, 12 h/day. For the station located in the lower traffic density area, relatively low levels of MnR and MnT were found, with averages of 0.018 and 0.032 {mu}g/m{sup 3}, respectively. These concentrations are within the range of the background levels in Montreal. For the other two stations, the average concentrations of MnR were twice as high and exceeded the US EPA reference concentration of 0.05 {mu}g/m{sup 3}. Although there may be several sources of Mn from different components of the subway structure and vehicles, no correlation was found between subway traffic and atmospheric Mn in the subway. Since the air in the underground subway is pumped directly from outside without filtration, our findings strongly suggest that the combustion of MMT in automobiles is an important factor. (author)

  17. A Low-cost, Installable Intelligent Helper Module for Automobiles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shadman Sakib


    Full Text Available Ground vehicles are being intelligent day by day. But in today’s market the price of an autonomous, which is still in its experimental phase, or a semi-autonomous intelligent vehicular system is too high. Apart from the usage of expensive sensors, previously proposed vehicular networking systems for intelligent vehicles need network provider and communication towers like cellular communication networks which is both time consuming and costly to implement. Moreover, the mechatronics part, which controls the vehicle is very much different from a traditional intra-vehicular mechanism making it very difficult to convert a regular vehicle, e.g. a car, into an intelligent one. Due to these facts, these overpriced systems are not suitable for the underdeveloped countries where, these are somewhat more needed. In this paper, I have developed a very cheap intelligent system for providing guidance to the driver while driving. This module will not be connected to the hardware directly, which made it an easy-to-install ―helper module‖ for any kind of ground vehicles. However, this module will reduce the accident rate by collecting and analyzing surrounding data, communicating with nearby vehicles (peer to peer while overtaking and providing continuous guidelines for safe driving. Unlike other systems this could easily be deployed in the underdeveloped countries because of its ultra-low cost

  18. Late onset polio sequelae : Disabilities and handicaps in a population-based cohort of the 1956 poliomyelitis outbreak in The Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ivanyi, Barbara; Nollet, E; Redekop, WK; De Haan, R; Wohlgemuht, M; van Wijngaarden, JK; de Visser, Marianne


    Objective: To investigate the prevalence of new neuromuscular symptoms, disabilities, and handicaps in a group of polio survivors. Design: A self-constructed health questionnaire about neuromuscular complaints and disability and handicap levels during the stable period after recovery from polio and

  19. Solar-Powered Cooler and Heater for an Automobile Interior (United States)

    Howard, Richard T.


    The apparatus would include a solar photovoltaic panel mounted on the roof and a panellike assembly mounted in a window opening. The window-mounted assembly would include a stack of thermoelectric devices sandwiched between two heat sinks. A fan would circulate interior air over one heat sink. Another fan would circulate exterior air over the other heat sink. The fans and the thermoelectric devices would be powered by the solar photovoltaic panel. By means of a double-pole, double-throw switch, the panel voltage fed to the thermoelectric stack would be set to the desired polarity: For cooling operation, the chosen polarity would be one in which the thermoelectric devices transport heat from the inside heat sink to the outside one; for heating operation, the opposite polarity would be chosen. Because thermoelectric devices are more efficient in heating than in cooling, this apparatus would be more effective as a heater than as a cooler. However, if the apparatus were to include means to circulate air between the outside and the inside without opening the windows, then its effectiveness as a cooler in a hot, sunny location would be increased.

  20. Hydrogen as fuel carrier in PEM fuelcell for automobile applications (United States)

    Sk, Mudassir Ali; Venkateswara Rao, K.; Ramana Rao, Jagirdar V.


    The present work focuses the application of nanostructured materials for storing of hydrogen in different carbon materials by physisorption method. To market a hydrogen-fuel cell vehicle as competitively as the present internal combustion engine vehicles, there is a need for materials that can store a minimum of 6.5wt% of hydrogen. Carbon materials are being heavily investigated because of their promise to offer an economical solution to the challenge of safe storage of large hydrogen quantities. Hydrogen is important as a new source of energy for automotive applications. It is clear that the key challenge in developing this technology is hydrogen storage. Combustion of fossil fuels and their overuse is at present a serious concern as it is creates severe air pollution and global environmental problems; like global warming, acid rains, ozone depletion in stratosphere etc. This necessitated the search for possible alternative sources of energy. Though there are a number of primary energy sources available, such as thermonuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy etc, in contrast to the fossil fuels in most cases, these new primary energy sources cannot be used directly and thus they must be converted into fuels, that is to say, a new energy carrier is needed. Hydrogen fuel cells are two to three times more efficient than combustion engines. As they become more widely available, they will reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In a fuel cell, hydrogen and oxygen are combined in an electrochemical reaction that produces electricity and, as a byproduct, water.

  1. Automobile shredder residue: some recycling, resource recovery and disposal options

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Day, M. [National Research Council of Canada, Inst. for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, Ottawa, ON (Canada)


    Obsolete automobiles are the most recycled high-volume consumer product, with a recovery rate of between 75 and 80 per cent by weight. Ferrous scrap metal from old automobiles in North America amounts to about 10 million tons per year. However, each ton of steel that is recovered, produces about 300 kg of automobile shredder residue (ASR), comprised of plastics, rubber, glass, foam, and textiles, contaminated by oil and other fluids. All combined, this represents about 0.3 million tons of waste materials from the 22 shredders in Canada. This amount is likely to increase as the amount of steel in automobiles decreases due to downsizing and weight reduction, emphasizing the need for new resource recovery and application techniques to deal with the ASR problem. This paper describes a number of new initiatives primarily in two areas: separation technologies, ranging from selective disassembly to physical/mechanical/chemical separation processes, and pyrolysis techniques for the recovery of valuable hydrocarbon resources contained in the plastics in the ASR. Recycling of the material into high performance composite materials, such as additives to concrete for increased tensile strength, shrinkage and crack resistance, without adverse effect on other properties such as durability and workability, also received attention. Energy recovery options and engineered landfilling wherein ASR is used as a landfill day cover material, are some other techniques that show considerable promise. In landfill applications the high absorption capacity of ASR for heavy metals such as lead, its high compressibility, erosion resistance, and good traction make it a highly desirable choice for use as day cover material. 25 refs.

  2. An investigation of thermal comfort inside an automobile during the heating period

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kaynakli, Omer; Kilic, Muhsin [Uludag Univ., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Bursa (Turkey)


    This paper describes a combined theoretical and experimental study of thermal comfort during the heating period inside an automobile. To investigate the effects of thermal conditions on the human physiology and thermal comfort during the heating period, temperature, humidity and air velocity were measured at a number of points inside the automobile, so thermal conditions were accurately determined. The human body was divided into 16 sedentary segments, and the change of temperature was observed both experimentally and theoretically. During transient conditions of the heating period, heat and mass transfer between the human body and the interior environment of an automobile were simulated by a computational model, and predictions were compared with the measured data. It is shown that there is a good agreement between the model predictions and experimental results. By means of the present model, the effects of the fast transient conditions of the heating period on the sensible and latent heat transfer from the body, body segments skin temperatures and thermal sensation were investigated in detail. (Author)

  3. Increasing Physical Activity during the School Day through Physical Activity Classes: Implications for Physical Educators (United States)

    Adkins, Megan; Bice, Matt; Bartee, Todd; Heelan, Kate


    Across the nation schools are adopting health and wellness policies, specifically physical activity (PA) initiatives that aid healthy long-term lifestyles. Interest has been generated about the inclusion of physical activity classes to complement existing physical education classes. Furthermore, discussion has evolved as to if additional…

  4. The Voice Symptom Scale (VoiSS) and the Vocal Handicap Index (VHI): a comparison of structure and content. (United States)

    Wilson, J A; Webb, A; Carding, P N; Steen, I N; MacKenzie, K; Deary, I J


    Self report measures of voice function are in frequent use, but have had inadequate psychometric evaluation. We aimed to perform a substantial factor analysis of two measures of voice impairment, the Voice Symptom Scale (VoiSS) and the Voice Handicap Index (VHI). Both the 30-item questionnaires were completed by 319 dysphonic voice clinic attenders (99M, 220F). Principal components analysis confirmed that both instruments reflected general voice abnormality. The VoiSS comprised three factors - impairment (15 items), emotional (8 items) and related physical symptoms (7 items) - each with a good internal consistency. Analysis of the VHI suggested that it contains only two subscales. When a three-factor solution was imposed on the data, analysis failed to support the currently advised three 10-item subscale interpretations. Instead, we found a physical (voice impairment) domain (8 items), a psychosocial domain (14 items) and a factor with 8 items related to difficulty in being heard. The VHI requires further statistical refinement to identify its subscale structure. The VoiSS was developed from 800 subjects and is psychometrically the most robust and extensively validated self report voice measure available.

  5. 提高汽车从业人员法律素养%Improving Legal Literacy for Practitioners of Automobile Industry

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    为了实现汽车产业技术创新和品质提高的战略决策,应培育从业人员法律意识和安全环保精神;完成这个使命,科技精英应起草新能源汽车法律条文、编制技术政策和制修订试验认证技术法规;汽车人应弘扬爱国奉献、勤学苦练、忠于职守、廉洁诚信和守护宪法精神,应遵守和维护汽车法律、法规规定,以将汽车工业打造成绿色循环国民经济支柱产业。%In order to realize strategic decisions of technical innovation and improving quality for automobile industry, practitioners should be cultivated legal consciousness and spirits of safety environmental protection; to complete this mission, scientific and technological elites should draw up new energy vehicles law provisions and compile technical policy and revise technical regulations for test certifications, automobile practitioners should carry forward spirts of patriotic dedication, study and practice hard, loyal to their duties, honesty integrity and protect the constitution, should comply with and maintain provisions of vehicle legal and regulation, that automobile industry will be made as pilar industries of green circle national economy.

  6. Pollution control and metal resource recovery for low grade automobile shredder residue: a mechanism, bioavailability and risk assessment. (United States)

    Singh, Jiwan; Lee, Byeong-Kyu


    Automobile shredder residue (ASR) is considered as hazardous waste in Japan and European countries due to presence of heavy metals. This study was carried on the extraction characteristics of heavy metals (Mn, Fe, Ni, and Cr) from automobile shredder residue (ASR). The effects of pH, temperature, particle size, and liquid/solid ratio (L/S) on the extraction of heavy metals were investigated. The recovery rate of Mn, Fe, Ni, and Cr increased with increasing extraction temperature and L/S ratio. The lowest pH 2, the highest L/S ratio, and the smallest particle size showed the highest recovery of heavy metals from ASR. The highest recovery rates were in the following order: Mn > Ni > Cr > Fe. Reduction of mobility factor for the heavy metals was observed in all the size fractions after the recovery. The results of the kinetic analysis for various experimental conditions supported that the reaction rate of the recovery process followed a second order reaction model (R(2) ⩾ 0.95). The high availability of water-soluble fractions of Mn, Fe, Ni, and Cr from the low grade ASR could be potential hazards to the environment. Bioavailability and toxicity risk of heavy metals reduced significantly with pH 2 of distilled water. However, water is a cost-effective extracting agent for the recovery of heavy metals and it could be useful for reducing the toxicity of ASR.

  7. Fuel economy and range estimates for fuel cell powered automobiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Steinbugler, M.; Ogden, J. [Princeton Univ., NJ (United States)


    While a number of automotive fuel cell applications have been demonstrated, including a golf cart, buses, and a van, these systems and others that have been proposed have utilized differing configurations ranging from direct hydrogen fuel cell-only power plants to fuel cell/battery hybrids operating on reformed methanol. To date there is no clear consensus on which configuration, from among the possible combinations of fuel cell, peaking device, and fuel type, is the most likely to be successfully commercialized. System simplicity favors direct hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but infrastructure is lacking. Infrastructure favors a system using a liquid fuel with a fuel processor, but system integration and performance issues remain. A number of studies have analyzed particular configurations on either a system or vehicle scale. The objective of this work is to estimate, within a consistent framework, fuel economies and ranges for a variety of configurations using flexible models with the goal of identifying the most promising configurations and the most important areas for further research and development.

  8. ATLAS Searches for Beyond the SM Physics

    CERN Document Server

    Stelzer, Bernd; The ATLAS collaboration


    Since 2015, the LHC is operating at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV and the ATLAS detector has collected data very efficiently during this time. The increased centre-of-mass energy provides a unique opportunity to find new Physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) at the LHC. This talk will summarize the latest ATLAS results on BSM searches in a large number of final states which target searches for new massive particles, searches for dark matter, searches for supersymmetric partners and searches for new physics with unconventional signatures.

  9. 后发企业的破坏性创新战略研究--以奇瑞汽车为例%Research on Disruptive Innovation Strategies for the Entrant Enterprises--- A Case Study of Chery Automobile

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙启贵; 刘世芳


    在梳理相关文献的基础上,提出后发企业破坏性创新战略分析框架,以奇瑞汽车作为案例,从技术、市场、组织和政策等角度探讨后发企业破坏性创新战略的影响因素与演进过程,以期为破坏性创新理论发展提供新的实证证据,同时为我国后发企业实践和应用破坏性创新战略提供一些有益的启示。%On the basis of summarizing related literatures,this article firstly puts forward the analytical framework of dis-ruptive innovation strategies for the entrant enterprises. Then the article regards Chery Automobile as a case to analyze the key impact factors and evolution process of disruptive innovation strategies for the entrant enterprises from the perspectives of technology,market,and government and intra-organization levels in order to provide new empirical evidence for the de-velopment of disruptive innovation theory and to give the entrant enterprises some inspiring significance for their implemen-tation of the disruptive innovation strategies.

  10. Mixité sociale : les handicapés dans la société britannique 

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marie-Hélène Adveille


    . Previously seen as mere objects of charity, disabled people acquired the right to be considered as individuals benefitting from the same rights as ordinary people, thanks to the action of numerous associations. However, despite changes in the perception of the disabled by able-bodied people, people with handicaps are still confronted with a wide range of problems in their daily lives. There has been progress in aid for the physically handicapped such as access to public buildings and public transport. The difficulties visually-impaired and deaf people experience have been taken into account with the introduction for example of warning sounds and the acceptance of dogs for the blind. However access to fundemental rights for the mentally handicapped (intellectually or psychologically impaired remains undeveloped. This study will concentrate on the integration and inclusion policies for people with mental handicaps. Firstly, the legislation enacted with a view to increasing their insertion in British society will be examined. Secondly, the way in which children are integrated into the school sytem is surveyed. Finally, the arguments surrounding the importance of successful integratio for the adult and society at large will be raised.

  11. Infrastructure and automobile shifts: positioning transit to reduce life-cycle environmental impacts for urban sustainability goals (United States)

    Chester, Mikhail; Pincetl, Stephanie; Elizabeth, Zoe; Eisenstein, William; Matute, Juan


    Public transportation systems are often part of strategies to reduce urban environmental impacts from passenger transportation, yet comprehensive energy and environmental life-cycle measures, including upfront infrastructure effects and indirect and supply chain processes, are rarely considered. Using the new bus rapid transit and light rail lines in Los Angeles, near-term and long-term life-cycle impact assessments are developed, including consideration of reduced automobile travel. Energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants are assessed, as well the potential for smog and respiratory impacts. Results show that life-cycle infrastructure, vehicle, and energy production components significantly increase the footprint of each mode (by 48-100% for energy and greenhouse gases, and up to 6200% for environmental impacts), and emerging technologies and renewable electricity standards will significantly reduce impacts. Life-cycle results are identified as either local (in Los Angeles) or remote, and show how the decision to build and operate a transit system in a city produces environmental impacts far outside of geopolitical boundaries. Ensuring shifts of between 20-30% of transit riders from automobiles will result in passenger transportation greenhouse gas reductions for the city, and the larger the shift, the quicker the payback, which should be considered for time-specific environmental goals.

  12. Cumulative asbestos exposure for US automobile mechanics involved in brake repair (circa 1950s-2000). (United States)

    Finley, Brent L; Richter, Richard O; Mowat, Fionna S; Mlynarek, Steve; Paustenbach, Dennis J; Warmerdam, John M; Sheehan, Patrick J


    We analyzed cumulative lifetime exposure to chrysotile asbestos experienced by brake mechanics in the US during the period 1950-2000. Using Monte Carlo methods, cumulative exposures were calculated using the distribution of 8-h time-weighted average exposure concentrations for brake mechanics and the distribution of job tenure data for automobile mechanics. The median estimated cumulative exposures for these mechanics, as predicted by three probabilistic models, ranged from 0.16 to 0.41 fibers per cubic centimeter (f/cm(3)) year for facilities with no dust-control procedures (1970s), and from 0.010 to 0.012 f/cm(3) year for those employing engineering controls (1980s). Upper-bound (95%) estimates for the 1970s and 1980s were 1.96 to 2.79 and 0.07-0.10 f/cm(3) year, respectively. These estimates for US brake mechanics are consistent with, but generally slightly lower than, those reported for European mechanics. The values are all substantially lower than the cumulative exposure of 4.5 f/cm(3) year associated with occupational exposure to 0.1 f/cm(3) of asbestos for 45 years that is currently permitted under the current occupational exposure limits in the US. Cumulative exposures were usually about 100- to 1,000-fold less than those of other occupational groups with asbestos exposure for similar time periods. The cumulative lifetime exposure estimates presented here, combined with the negative epidemiology data for brake mechanics, could be used to refine the risk assessments for chrysotile-exposed populations.

  13. The Elderly's Need for Physical Activity. (United States)

    Foret, Claire M.; Clemons, James M.


    This article provides: information on the importance of physical activity for older adults and guidelines to ensure safe and successful activity. It discusses the need for activity, risk levels, prescription of exercise intensity, determination of entry level fitness and monitoring of improvement, and the role of the professional. (SM)

  14. A Study of Structural Stress Technique for Fracture Prediction of an Auto-Mobile Clutch Snap-Ring

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Ju Hee [Korea Military Academy, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Myeong, Man Sik [Samsung Display, Suwon (Korea, Republic of); Oh, Chang Sik [KINS, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Yun Jae [Korea Univ., Sejong (Korea, Republic of)


    The endurance reliability assessment of a highly complex mechanism is generally predicted by the fatigue life based on simple stress analysis. This study discusses various fatigue life assessment techniques for an automobile clutch snap ring. Finite element analyses were conducted to determine the structural stress on the snap ring. Structural stress that is insensitive in regards to the mesh size and type definition is presented in this study. The structural stress definition is consistent with elementary structural mechanics theory and provides an effective measure of a stress state that pertains to fatigue behavior of welded joints in the form of both membrane and bending components. Numerical procedures for both solid models and shell or plate element models are presented to demonstrate the mesh-size insensitivity when extracting the structural stress parameters. Conventional finite element models can be used with the structural stress calculations as a post-processing procedure. The two major implications from this research were: (a) structural stresses pertaining to fatigue behavior can be consistently calculated in a mesh-insensitive manner regardless of the types of finite element models; and (b) by comparing with the clutch snap-ring fatigue test data, we should predict the fatigue fractures of an automobile clutch snap ring using this method.

  15. Quantile regression modeling for Malaysian automobile insurance premium data (United States)

    Fuzi, Mohd Fadzli Mohd; Ismail, Noriszura; Jemain, Abd Aziz


    Quantile regression is a robust regression to outliers compared to mean regression models. Traditional mean regression models like Generalized Linear Model (GLM) are not able to capture the entire distribution of premium data. In this paper we demonstrate how a quantile regression approach can be used to model net premium data to study the effects of change in the estimates of regression parameters (rating classes) on the magnitude of response variable (pure premium). We then compare the results of quantile regression model with Gamma regression model. The results from quantile regression show that some rating classes increase as quantile increases and some decrease with decreasing quantile. Further, we found that the confidence interval of median regression (τ = O.5) is always smaller than Gamma regression in all risk factors.

  16. Knowledge based Supplier Quality Management System for Automobile Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. N. Teli


    Full Text Available A large industrial products component manufacturer was challenged to reduce supplier quality issues in response to changing market dynamics. The manufacturer faced increased competition in their core product segments and needed to reduce their overall costs and improve product quality to stay ahead. After a detailed analysis, the manufacturer identified supplier quality as one of the three key operational improvement opportunities. Supplier quality management has emerged as one of the leading business practices in the past few years. World-class manufacturers are making significant investments in systems and processes to improve supplier quality. This paper briefly outlines some of the best practices implemented by such manufacturers in supplier quality management.

  17. The automobile steel of the third generation in B-pillar reinforced panel

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Du Huijun; Li Shuli; Yang Jie; Yang Hongxin; Bai Kebin


    The fundamental research and industry, trials of the third generation automobile steel QP980 were introduced in this paper, including chemical ingredient, mechanical properties, microstructure, forming limit and basic perform- ance parameters. The application of QP steel of the B-pillar was researched, and the QP980, DP600 and hot forming steel were compared in the aspect of formability, safety and cost. The resuhs showed that the QP980 replacing DP600 steel single piece carl reduce the weight by 2.4 kg. The security and performance is basically the same as that of hot forming steel using 22MnB5, and the cost is reduced by 30 %.

  18. Academic Self-Handicapping: The Role of Self-Concept Clarity and Students' Learning Strategies (United States)

    Thomas, Cathy R.; Gadbois, Shannon A.


    Background: Self-handicapping is linked to students' personal motivations, classroom goal structure, academic outcomes, global self-esteem and certainty of self-esteem. Academic self-handicapping has yet to be studied with respect to students' consistency in self-description and their description of themselves as learners. Aims: This study…

  19. The External Effects of Automobile Exhaust Pollution and Regulations%汽车尾气污染的外部效应及政府规制

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The great increase of the number of motor vehicles exacerbates China's urban air pollution, and will pose a huge threat to human health. To solve the negative impact of the development of the automobile industry not only is the needs of protecting environment and building a harmonious society, but also is the inevitable requirement for the sustained and healthy development of the automobile industry. This paper briefly introduces the external effects of automobile exhaust pollution and the current research situation, and focuses on the government regulations for external effects of automobile exhaust pollution.%机动车数量的猛增加剧了我国城市的空气污染,对人体健康构成巨大威胁。解决汽车产业发展带来的负面影响,既是保护环境构建和谐社会的需要,也是该产业健康持续发展的必然要求。文章简要介绍了汽车尾气污染的外部效应及当前的研究状况,重点阐述了针对汽车尾气污染外部效应的政府规制。

  20. Special Needs in Education (E241): Biology and Handicap, Unit 11. (United States)

    Potts, Patricia

    One of 16 booklets designed for use in an Open University course on the education of handicapped students in the United Kingdom, this document considers biological factors involved in handicapping conditions. An initial chapter examines the portrayal of disabled persons in drama, literature and film. Genetic involvement (autosomal dominant…