Sample records for australites

  1. Ti K-edge EXAFS and XANES study on tektites from different strewnfields (United States)

    Wang, L.; Furuta, T.; Okube, M.; Yoshiasa, A.


    The concentration and local structure of each element may have various kinds of information about the asteroid impact and mass extinction. Farges and Brown have discussed about the Ti local structure by XANES, and concluded that Ti in tektite occupies 4-coordinated site. EXAFS can be analyzed to give precise information about the distance from Ti to near neighbors. The XAFS measurement of Ti local structure was preformed at the beamline 9C of the Photon Factory in KEK, Tsukuba, Japan. The specimens of tektites are from different strewnfields, they are: indochinite, bediasite, hainanite, philippinite, australite and moldavite. Sample for comparison are Libya desert glass and suevite. The k3χ(k) function was transformed into the radial structure function (RSF) for Ti K-edge of six tektites. The RSF for the Ti atom in indochinite and bediasite are similar; hainanite, australite and philippinite are similar; and moldavite is discriminated from others. It indicates that they have the same local atomic environmental around the Ti atoms and extended structure respectively. Coordination numbers and radial structure function are determined by EXAFS analyses (Table 1). We classified the tektites in three types: in indochinite and bediasite, Ti occupies 4-coordinated tetrahedral site and Ti-O distances are 1.84-1.81 Å; in hainanite, australite and philippinite, Ti occupies 5-coordinated trigonal bi-pyramidal or tetragonal pyramidal site and Ti-O distances are 1.92-1.87 Å; in moldavite, Ti occupies the 6-coordinated octahedral site and Ti-O distance is 2.00-1.96 Å. Formation of tektites is related to the impact process. It is generally recognized that tektites were formed under higher temperature and high pressure. But through this study, local structures of Ti are differing in three strewnfields and even different locations of the same strewnfield. What caused the various local structures will be another topic of tektite studies. Local structure of Ti may be changed in